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R„.™d SEP 2 D 1925 

THE , 

















Copyright t 1915, by The American Law List Publishing Company 

SEP 2 § 1925 


The 1915 EDITION of The American Law 
List contains in addition to the compilations for 
the United States, Canada, England, Scotland 
and Ireland, a selected list of representative 
solicitors practising in the principal cities and 
towns of Africa, Central and South America, 
Asia, Australasia and Europe. The foreign cor- 
respondents whose names have been included 
in this edition have been recommended and in- 
dorsed by American, Canadian or English con- 
cerns which have advised us as the result of 
personal knowledge and experience. Eminent 
members of the bar, and the leading foreign 
banking institutions, and other sources have 
been consulted, as well, in the selection of coun- 
sel in these various foreign countries. 

In consequence of the European War we 
have eliminated the compilation for Belgium, 
and we present the names of correspondents 
in France and Germany with the degree of 
uncertainty that is unavoidable under the 
present conditions. We believe that the solici- 
tors whose names are given for Great Britain 
are in active practice at the time of publication 
of this volume; at least, we have received no 
information to the contrary. 

The present edition of The American Law 
List has been carefully revised and corrected, 
and many additional American towns have been 



included. The correspondents of The American 
Law List are representative lawyers of ability 
and experience in general, corporation and in- 
ternational practice. The compilation of The 
American Law List, as a whole, is the result 
of conscientious and painstaking investigation, 
supplemented with the judgment and advice of 
those who are competent to so aid and direct us. 
We acknowledge, once again, our indebted- 
ness to members of the bar, officers of banking 
institutions, and the legal departments of insur- 
ance, railway and industrial corporations, and 
to those law firms practising in the principal 
cities of the United States, Canada, Great 
Britain, Europe, Asia and Africa, whose names 
are presented in this publication, all of whom 
have freely and graciously given their aid and 
co-operation in the compilation of The Amer- 
ican Law List. 


Associated Offices of Counsel Represent- 
ing THE American Law List in the United 
States, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, 
Asia, Africa. 



United States of America ^T^^i? 

Cuba 248 

Mexico 249 

Canada 250-274 

England and Wales 275-298 

Ireland 299-305 

Scotland 306-310 

Africa 311-312 

South Africa 313-315 

Central America 316 

Bermuda 316 

South America 317-319 

Asia 320-322 

Australasia 323-328 

Europe 329-336 

United States of America 

Alabama 19 

Alaska 24 

Arizona 25 

Arkansas 26 

California 30 

Colorado 34 

Connecticut 37 

Delaware 40 

District of Columbia 41 




Florida 42 

Georgia 45 

Hawaiian Islands 51 

Idaho 52 

Illinois 54 

Indiana 63 

Iowa 70 

Kansas 79 

Kentucky 85 

Louisiana 90 

Maine 93 

Maryland 96 

Massachusetts 99 

Michigan 105 

Minnesota 112 

Mississippi 118 

Missouri 123 

Montana 131 

Nebraska 133 

Nevada 138 

New Hampshire 139 

New Jersey 142 

New Mexico 146 

New York 147 

North Carolina 160 

North Dakota 165 

Ohio 169 

Oklahoma 178 

Oregon 184 

Pennsylvania 186 

Philippine Islands 196 

Porto Rico 197 

Rhode Island 198 

South Carolina 200 

South Dakota 203 

Tennessee 207 

Texas 212 



Utah 223 

Vermont 225 

Virginia 227 

Washington 233 

West Virginia 237 

Wisconsin 241 

Wyoming 247 

Havana 248 


Mexico City 249 

Dominion of Canada 
(including Newfoundland) 

Alberta 250 

British Columbia 253 

Manitoba 255 

New Brunswick 257 

Newfoundland 258 

Nova Scotia 259 

Ontario 261 

Prince Edward Island 268 

Quebec 269 

Saskatchewan 272 

Yukon 274 

Egypt 311 

Gold Coast Colony 311 

Southern Nigeria 312 

Sierra Leone 312 

Uganda 312 

Zanzibar 312 


South Africa 


Cape Colony 313 

Natal 313 

Orange Free State 314 

Rhodesia 314 

Transvaal Province 315 

Central America 

Costa Rica 316 

Republic of Guatemala 316 

Republic of Honduras 316 

British Honduras 316 

Republic of Salvador 316 

South America 

Argentine Republic 317 

Bolivia 317 

Brazil 317 

British Guiana 317 

Chile 317 

Republic of Colombia 318 

Ecuador 318 

Panama 318 

Paraguay 318 

Peru 318 

Uruguay 319 

Venezuela 319 


Ceylon 320 

China 320 

Hong Kong 320 

India 320 

Japan 321 



Java (Dutch East Indies) 322 

Siam 322 

Straits Settlements 322 


New South Wales 323 

Queensland 323 

South Australia 324 

Tasmania 325 

Victoria 325 

West Australia 326 

Fiji 326 

New Zealand 326 

Papua (British New Guinea) 328 


Austria-Hungary 329 

Channel Islands 329 

Denmark 330 

France 330 

Germany 331 

Greece 332 

Holland 333 

Italy 333 

Luxemburg 333 

Malta 333 

Norway 334 

Portugal 334 

Roumania 334 

Russia (and Finland) 334 

Spain 335 

Sweden 335 

Switzerland 335 

Turkey 336 



Whitaker & Nesbit Birmingham 

Clarke & Brown Mobile 

Barnett E. Marks Phcenix 

KiNswoRTHY & Henderson Little Rock 


Gurney E Newlin Los Angeles 

Fitzgerald Abbott & Beardsley Oakland 

Butler & Swisler Sacramento 

Hamilton & Lindley San Diego 



Franklin E. Brooks Colorado Springs 

Henry J. Hersey Denver 

Miles G. Saunders Pueblo 


Hill & Boardman Bridgeport 

ScHUTZ & Edwards Hartford 

Eliot Watrous New Haven 

Kenealy & Kenealy Stamford 

Robert H. Richards Wilmington 

District of Columbia 
Henry P. Blair Washington 




Daniel & Boggs Jacksonville 

Joseph W. Frazier Tampa 


Watkins & Latimer Atlanta 

C. Henry & R. S. Cohen Augusta 

David C. Barrow Savannah 


Richards & Haga Boise 

Dwight E. Hodge Lewiston 


Frank G. Plain Aurora 

Alden, Latham & Young Chicago 

Farthing, Oehmke & Farthing East St. Louis 

McDougall & Chapman Ottawa 

Kirk & Shurtleff Peoria 

Stevens & Herndon Springfield 


Walker & Walker Evansville 

Sol a. Wood Fort Wayne 

John H. Gillett Hammond 

Pickens, Moores, Davidson & Pickens . .Indianapolis 
RoYSE, Dix & Cooper Terre Haute 


Huston, Holsteen & Hill Burlington 

Redmond & Stewart Cedar Rapids 

Isaac N. Flickinger Council Bluffs 

Cook & Balluff Davenport 

Coffin & Hippee Des Moines 

Brown & Lacy Dubuque 

Boardman & Lawrence Marshalltown 

Pickett & Swisher Waterloo 





Charles A. J. Walker Covington 

Brown & Nuckols Frankfort 

Clinton M. Harbison Lexington 

Blakey, Quin & Lewis Louisville 

Berry & Grassham Paducah 

Henriques & DucHAMP New Orleans 


William H. Fisher Augusta 

Peabody & Peabody Portland 

Hinklby, Hisky & Burger Baltimore 


BoYDEN, Palfrey, Bradlee & Twombly Boston 

Peters, Cole & Tilton Haverhill 

John C. Leggat Lowell 

Michael L. Sullivan Salem 

Clinton E. Bell Springfield 

Derby & Lincoln Worcester 


Leland H. Sarin Battle Creek 

Hall, De Foe & Hall Bay City 

Carey, Armstrong & Weadock Detroit 

Thornton, Fuller & Starr Grand Rapids 

Wilson & Cobb : . . .Jackson 


Cotton, Neukom & Colton Duluth 

Mercer, Swan & Stinchfield Minneapolis 

Briggs, Thygeson & EvERALL Saint Paul 



Wells, May & Sanders Jackson 

Warren L. Scott Meridian 


Mercer Arnold Joplin 

BowERsocK, Hall & Hook Kansas City 

George W. Groves St. Joseph 

Holland, Rutledge & Lashly St. Louis 


Carl J. Christian Butte 

Veazey & Veazey Great Falls 

Day & Mapes Helena 


Strode & Beghtol Lincoln 

Brown, Baxter & VanDusen Qbiaha 

Harwood & Springmeyer Reno 

Neta Hampshire 
Charles W. Hoitt Nashua 

New Jersey 

H. Starr Giddings Atlantic City 

Jess & Rogers Camden 

Abe J. David Elizabeth 

Roe, Runyon & Autenrieth Jersey City 

Willard W. Cutler Morristown 

Colby & Whiting Newark 

HuNziKER & Randall Paterson 

Vroom, Dickinson & Bodine Trenton 

New York 
Randall J. Le Boeuf Albany 


Sparks, Fuller & Stricker Brooklyn 


Mitchell & Albro Buffalo • 

Herendeen & Mandeville Elmira 

Charles W. Walton Kingston i 

Graham Witschief Newburgh 

Root, Clark, Buckner & Howland..New York City 

Cohn, Chormann & Franchot Niagara Falls 

James M. E. O'Grady Rochester 

Daniel Naylon, Jr Schenectady 

Lewis, Meatyard & Lewis Syracuse 

Shaw, Bailey & Murphy Troy 

Merwin K. Hart Utica 

North Carolina 
S. Brown Shepherd Raleigh 

North Dakota 

Lawrence & Murphy Fargo 

Bangs, Netcher & Hamilton Grand Forks 


Allen, Waters, Young & Andress Akron 

Kinkead & Rogers Cincinnati 


Webber, McCoy, Jones & Schoedinger .... Columbus 

Murphy, Elliff & Leen Dayton 

Hughes & Tripplehorn Lima 

Addison C. Lewis Steubenville 

Brown, Hahn, Sanger & Froehlich Toledo 

Hine, Kennedy & Manchester Youngstown 


Stevens & Myers Lawton 

RossER & Cochran Muskogee 

Douglas B. Crane Oklahoma 

Edward Howell Shawnee 

Stott & Collier Portland 



Fred B. Gernerd Allentown 

Isaiah Scheeline Altoona 

Roberts & Mason Erie 

Edward F. Doehne Harrisburg 

Horace R. Rose Johnstown 

Charles G. Baker Lancaster 

Martin & Martin New Castle 

William F. Dannehower Norristown 

Mason & Edmonds Philadelphia 

Seymour, Patterson & Siebeneck Pittsburg 

Daniel W. Kaercher Pottsville 

Joseph R. Dickinson Reading 


William W. Ryon Shamokin 

Acheson & Crumrine Washington 

Walter C. Gilmore Williamsport 

Ray P. Sherwood York 

Porto Rico 
Henry G. Molina San Juan 

Rhode Island 

BuRDicK & MacLeod Newport 

Green, Hinckley & Allen Providence 

South Carolina 

Huger & Wilbur Charleston 

Barron, McKay, Frierson & Moffatt Columbia 

Haynsworth & Haynsworth Greenville 

South Dakota 

Tom C. McNamee Pierre 

Bailey & Voorhees Sioux Falls 


Finlay, Campbell & Coffey Chattanooga 

James B. Wright Knoxville 

Lehman, Gates & Martin Memphis 

Edward J. Smith Nashville 



LiGHTFOoT, Brady & Robertson Austin 

Smith, Crawford & Sonfield Beaumont 

Thompson, Knight, Baker & Harris Dallas 

Jones & Jones El Paso 

Hume & Hume Houston 

Hertzberg, Barrett & Kercheville .... San Antonio 
O. M. Weatherbv Waco 


Joseph E. Evans Ogden 

Stewart, Stewart & Alexander Salt Lake City 

Powell & Powell Burlington 


J. R. & H. B. Caton Alexandria 

Pbatross & Savage Norfolk 

Williams & Mullen Richmond 

Caldwell & Chaney Roanoke 

Armistead C. Gordon Staunton 


W. P. Bell Everett 

Tucker & Hyland Seattle 

Cannon, Ferris & Swan Spokane 

Hayden, Langhorne & Metzger Tacoma 

West Virginia 

Conley & Johnson Charleston 

Robert R. Wilson Clarksburg 

Campbell, Brown & Davis Huntington 

Glasscock & Glasscock Morgantown 

Merrick & Smith Parkersburg 

George Thurman Knote Wheeling 

Greene, Fairchild, North, Parker & McGillan 

Green Bay 


Charles G. Riley Madison 

Kronshage, Hannan & McMillan Milwaukee 

BoucK & Hilton Oshkosh 


Lee & Stewart Cheyenne 



LouGHEED, Bennett, McLaws & Company Calgary 

Short, Cross, Biggar, Sherry & Field. . .Edmonton 
Short, Woods, Biggar & Collisson Edmonton 

British Columbia 

Martin, Craig, Parkes & Anderson Vancouver 

Eberts & Taylor Victoria 

Hudson, Ormond & Marlatt Winnipeg 

New Brunswick 
Barnhill, Ewing & Sanford Saint John 

Nova Scotia 
Maclean, Paton, Burchell & Ralston Halifax 


Belcourt, Ritchie & Chevrier Ottawa 

Macdonell & Boland Toronto 

Prince Edward Island 
McLeod & Bentley Charlottetown 


Atwater, Duclos & Bond Montreal 

Moraud & Savard Quebec 

Balfour, Martin, Casey & Blair Regina 



Reynolds & James Birmingham 

Finch, Johnson & Company Blackpool 


FiTZ Hugh, Woolley, Baines & Woolley ..Brighton 

Osborne, Ward, Vassall & Company Bristol 

Greene & Greene Bury St. Edmunds 

Lewis Morgan & Box Cardiff 

Clutterbuck, Trevenen & Steele Carlisle 

Sharpe & Davison Chester 

Steavenson Sons & Plant Darlington 

Taylor, Simpson & Mosley Derby 

IvESON & Son Gainsborough 

Hatten, Winnett & Hatten Gravesend 

Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe Huddersfield 

RoLLiT & Company Hull 


Booth, Wade, Farr & Lomas-Walker Leeds 

Parsons & Squire Leicester 

Burton, Scorers & White Lincoln 

Stanton & Hudson London 

Thomas William Stuchbery Maidenhead 

Addleshaw, Sons & Latham Manchester 

Stevens, Miller & Jones Norwich 

J. & A. Bright Nottingham 

BoRLASE & Venning Penzance 

Bond & Pearce Plymouth 

Jackson & Company Rochdale 

Henry Vickers, Son & Brown Sheffield 

Newlands & Newlands South Shields 

Archer, Parkin & Archer Stockton-on-Tees 

Edward Theodore Alms Taunton 

TozER & Dell Teignmouth 

Stqne, Simpson & Mason Tunbridge Wells 

Crump & Crump Walsall 

Henry Greenall & Company Warrington 

R. Bell & Son West Hartlepool 

MusGRAVE & McKelvie Whitehaven 



George Crozier Armagh 

Thomas Dillon-Leetch Ballyhaunis 

Wilson MacKeown & Son Ballymena 

Greer & Hamilton Ballymoney 

Wellington Young & Son Belfast 

Thomas J. Gowan Carrickmacross 

Thomas R. Wright & Son Clonakilty 

Edward J. Malone Cookstown 

J. C. & A. Blake Cork 

H. Wallace & Company Downpatrick 

John J. McDonald Dublin 

Martin, King, French & Ingram Limavady 

Miller & Babington Londonderry 

Robert H. Parke Monaghan 

James O'Brien Nenagh 

T. C. G. Mackintosh Newtownards 

Thomas Huggard Tralee 

Daniel Dunford & Company Waterford 


John, W. & G. Lockhart Ayr 

John L. M'Naughton Buckie 

Stark, Thomson & Fergusson Dumfries 

W. & W. G. D. Simpson Dunfermline 

Robert Gray Edinburgh 

Grigor & Young Elgin 

Robert Walker & Orr Glasgow 

Hay, Cassels & Frame Hamilton 

D. & D. Carruthers Kilmarnock 



Burns & Roger Motherwell 

Macnab & Gordon Perth 

John Norrie Anderson Stornaway 



Gold Coast Colony 
Charles James Bannerman Accra 


Cape Colony 
Syfret, Godlonton & Low Cape Town 

Honey & Blanckenberg Salisbury 

Lunnon & Nixon Pretoria 


Republic of Guatemala 
Federico Saenz de Tejada Guatemala 

British Honduras 
WooDs^ Slack & Franco Belize 


Antonio Marc6 Oruro 

EuGENio V. Catta-Preta Rio DE Janeiro 

A. RoMo Leroux Quito 

Dr. M. Nemesio Vargas Lima 

William Wilson Monte Video 


Drs. Natera & Delgado Ciudad Bolivar 


Hong Kong 
George K. Hall Brutton Victoria 


Little & Company Bombay 

Watkins & Company Calcutta 



Straits Settlements 
Drew & Napier Singapore 


New South Wales 
Minter, Simpson & Company Sydney 

New Zealand 

George Harper, Son & Pascoe Christchurch 

John Wilkinson Dunedin 

Guinness & Kitchingham Greymouth 

Carlile, McLean, Scannell & Wood Napier 

Wray & Brown Wanganui 

Menteath & Ward Wellington 


NicoL Robinson, Fox & Edwards Brisbane 

Born & Hayes Ipswich 

J. F. Fitzgerald, Walsh & McLaughlin 

Roberts, Leu & Barnett Townsville 


McCay & Thwaites Castlemaine 

Western Australia 
Keenan & Randall Kalgoorlie 



Dr. Sigmund Lacks Cracow 

Dr. Walter Perlmann Reichenberg 

Ulf Hansen Copenhagen 


Sam Maxwell Bordeaux 

Henri Gautier Marseilles 

MuNTON, Morris, King, Gavan Duffy & Company 



Otto Hurler & Levinus Kastner Dresden 

Dr. Oswald Barber Hamburg 

M. F. Baerwinkel & Fritz Hoffmann Leipzig 

Dr. Otto Simon Mannheim 

Alexandra Giulea Crajova 

Georg Strandberg Malmo 

Dr. M. Schneeli & Dr. D. Schindler Zurich 

Alexander A. Mango Constantinople 



{Cities y Towns marked with Asterisks are County Seats) 

Cities &• Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abbeville Henry James L. Pollard 

Abner Clay Refer to Ashland 

Albertville Marshall A. E. Hawkins 

Alexander City Tallopoosa George A. Sorrell 

Altoona Etowah Refer to Gadsden 

Andalusia * Covington W. L. Parks 

Anniston * Calhoun Willett & Willett 

Ashland * Clay Lackey & Rowland 

Ashville * St. Clair James A. Embry 

Athens* Limestone . . . .James E. Horton, Jr. 

Attalla Etowah Refer to Gadsden 

Avondale Jefferson Refer to Birmingham 

Barfield Clay Refer to Ashland 

Bay Minette* Baldwin Leslie Hall 

Bellwood Geneva Refer to Geneva 

Bessemer Jefferson Goodwyn & Ross 

Birmingham * Jefferson 

Whitaker & Nesbit 

American Trust Building 

Spier Whitaker 
Valenti ne J. Nesbit 

W. F. BdT 
J. H. Willis 



Black; Geneva Refer to Geneva 

Boaz Marshall Refer to Albertville 

Brewton * Escambia G. W. L. Smith 

Bridgeport Jackson Refer to Scottsboro 

Butler * Choctaw J. D. Lindsey 

Calera Shelby Refer to Centerville 

Camden *..... Wilcox Bonner & Miller 

Carbon Hill. Walker Z. P. Shepherd 

Carrollton * Pickens Patton & Patton 

Carson Washington Refer to Chatom 

Center * Cherokee Hugh M. Reed 

Centerville * Bibb Jerome T. Fuller 

Chatom * Washington Wallace P. Pruitt 

Childersburg Talladega Refer to Talladega 

Clanton * Chilton . . * Tipton Mullins 

Clayton * Barbour T. M. Patterson 

Coal City St. Clair Refer to Pell City 

Coffee Springs Geneva Refer to Geneva 

Collinsville De Kalb R. H. Smith 

Columbia Houston Lee & Tompkins 

Columbiana * Shelby Haynes & Wallace 

Copeland Washington Refer to Chatom 

Courtland Lawrence Charles M. Sherrod 

Cragford Clay Refer to Ashland 

Cullman * Cullman George H. Parker 

Dadeville * Tallapoosa Jere C. Dennis 

Decatur * Morgan E. W. Godbey 

Delta Clay Refer to Ashland 

Demopolis Marengo . . . McDaniel & Whitfield 

Dothan* Houston Lee & Tompkins 

Double Springs * . . .Winston Z. McVay 

Ed wardsville Cleburne Refer to Heflin 

Elba * Coffee Riley & Carmichael 

Ensley Jefferson Refer to Birmingham 

Enterprise Coffee R. H. Arrington 

Eufaula Barbour Charles S. McDowell 

Eutaw* Greene James T. Denson 

Evergreen * Conecuh • James A. Stallworth 


Faunsdale Marengo George Pegram 

Fayette * Fayette W. L. Harris 

Florala Covington G. W. Reeves 

Florence* Lauderdale. . . Ashcraft & Bradshaw 

Fort Deposit Lowndes Refer to Greenville 

Fort Payne * De Kalb Hunt, Hunt & Wolfes 

Fruitdale Washington Refer to Chatom 

Gadsden * Etowah Hood & Murphree 

Geneva * Geneva J. F. Johnson 

Girard Russell George C. Porter 

Goodwater Coosa John A. Darden 

Greensboro * Hale Evins & Jack 

Greenville * Butler Powell & Hamilton 

Grove Hill * Clarke Quincey W. Tucker 

Guntersville* Marshall Oliver D. Street 

Hacoda Geneva Refer to Geneva 

Haleyville Winston . . . Refer to Double Springs 

Hamilton * Marion C. E. Mitchell 

Hartford Geneva Refer to Geneva 

Hartsells Morgan John R. Sample 

Hayneville * Lowndes R. L. Goldsmith 

Headland Henry Refer to Abbeville 

Heflin * Cleburne Barker & Stephens 

HoUins Clay Refer to Ashland 

Huntsville * Madison David A. Grayson 

Hurtsboro Russell Refer to Seale 

Ironaton Talladega Refer to Talladega 

Jackson Clarke John S. Graham 

Jacksonville Calhoun Refer to Anniston 

Jasper* Walker Ernest Lacey 

Jenifer Talladega Refer to Talladega 

Lafayette * Chambers Hines & Fuller 

Leroy Washington Refer to Chatom 

Lincoln Talladega Refer to Talladega 

Linden* Marengo . . . .William Cunninghame 

Lineville Clay Refer to Ashland 

Livingston * Sumter T. F. Seale 

Louisville Barbour A. A. Macdonald 


Luverne * Crenshaw Frank B. Bricken 

Marion * Perry William F. Hogue 

Millry .Washington Refer to Chatom 

Mobile * Mobile 

Clarke & Brown 

Van Antwerp Building 

Norborne R. Clarke 
Leo. M. Brown 

Monroeville* Monroe H. H. McClelland 

Montgomery * Montgomery 

RusHTON, Williams & Crenshaw 

Bell Building 

Ray Rushton 
William M. Williams 
H. F. Crenshaw 

Moulton * Lawrence Chenault & Downing 

Munford Talladega Refer to Talladega 

New Decatur Morgan E. W. Godbey 

Odenville St. Clair Refer to Pell City 

Oneonta * Blount W. A. Weaver 

Opelika * Lee G. P. Harrison 

Ozark* Dale H. L. Martin 

Pell City* St. Clair .. . . M. M. & V. H. Smith 

Phoenix Lee Refer to Opelika 

Piedmont Calhoun T. B. Kerr 

Pineapple Wilcox J. A. Matheson 

Pyriton Clay Refer to Ashland 

Prattville * Autauga Eugene Ballard 

Ragland St. Clair Refer to Pell City 

Roanoke Randolph Refer to Lafayette 

Rockford * Coosa Felix L. Smith 

Russellville * Franklin W. H. Key 

St. Stephens Washington Refer to Chatom 

Samson Geneva Refer to Geneva 


Scottsboro * Jackson J. H. Gregory 

Seale * Russell Glenn & de GrafFenreid 

Selma * Dallas . . . Pettus, Fuller & Lapsley 

Sheffield Colbert J. L.Andrews 

Slocomb . . : Geneva Refer to Geneva 

Stevenson Jackson Refer to Geneva 

Summerdale. / Baldwin Foster & Foster 

Sycamore Talladega Refer to Talledega 

Sylacauga Talladega Refer to Talladega 

Talladega* Talladega Harrison & Welch 

Thomasville Clarke A. S. Johnson 

Troy * Pike E. R. Brannen 

Tuscaloosa* Tuscaloosa . . . .Marvin T. Ormond 

Tuscumbia * Colbert . . Kirk, Carmichael & Rather 

Tuskegee * Macon William P. Cobb 

Union Springs * . . . . Bullock J. D. Norman & Son 

Uniontown Perry William H. Tayloe 

Vernon * Lamar Walter Nesmith 

Wedowee * Randolph H. T. Burns 

West Blocton Bibb E. M. Bishop 

Wetumpka * Elmore J. M. Holley 

Woodlawn Jefferson Refer to Birmingham 

Wylam Jefferson Refer to Birmingham 

Yellow Pine Washington Refer to Chatom 


Ciiies &* Towns Lawyers 

Fairbanks John L. McGinn 

Haynes Refer to Juneau 

Juneau * Shackelford & Bayless 

Ketchikan Charles E. Ingersoll 

Nome Frederic E. Fuller 

Sitka Refer to Juneau 

Skagway Refer to Juneau 

Valdez T. J. Donahoe 



Cities &• Towns Counties Lawyers 

Bisbee Cochise Joseph M. O'Connell 

Clifton Graham L. Kearney 

Douglas Cochise Cass & Sames 

Flagstaff* Coconino J- E. Jones 

Florence * Pinal E. W. Coker 

Globe * Gila Rawlins & Little 

Holbrook * Navajo Thorwald Larson 

Jerome Yavapai Heyward M. Gibbes 

Kingman * Mohave C. W. Hemdon 

Mesa Maricopa G. W. Silverthom 

Nogales * Santa Cruz Frank J. Barry 

Phoenix * Maricopa 

Barnett E. Marks 
Fleming Block 

Prescott * Yavapai John J. Hawkins 

St. Johns * Apache F. W. Nelson 

Safford Graham W. K. Dial 

Snow Flake Navajo Refer to Holbrook 

Solomonsville * Graham Refer to SafFord 

Tempe Maricopa W. J. Kingsbury 

Tombstone * Cochise Lee O. Woolery 

Tucson * Pima Frank E. Curley 

Willcox Cochise CO. Anderson 

Williams Coconino Refer to Flagstaff 

Winslow Navajo Refer to Holbrook 

Yuma * Yuma Peter T. Robertson 



Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Alpena Pass Boone Refer to Harrison 

Altus Franklin Refer to Ozark 

Argenta Pulaska Joseph F. Wills 

Arkadelphia * Clark Calloway & Huie 

Arkansas City* Desha J. Bernhardt 

Ashdown * Little River J- T"- Cowling 

Atkins Pope J- H. Johnson 

Augusta.* Woodruff. J. F. Summers 

Batesville* Independence Samuel M. Casey 

Beebe White J. R. Linder 

Bellefonte Boone Refer to Harrison 

Belleville Yell J» R* Sangster 

Benton * Saline W. R. Donham 

Bentonville * Benton McGill & Lindsey 

Berry ville* Carroll H. N. Pittman 

Bigelow Perry T. B. Vance 

Black Rock Lawrence Poindexter & Irby 

Blackville Conway Refer to Morrilton 

Blytheville Mississippi R. A. Nelson 

Booneville Logan Ben B. Griffey 

Brinkley Monroe C. F. Greenlee 

Camden Ouachita Gaughan & Sifford 

Casa Perry Refer to Bigelow 

Center Point Howard W. D. Lee 

Charleston * Franklin T. A. Pettigrew 

Cherry Valley Cross Refer to Wynne 

Clarendon * Monroe Thomas, Lee & Thomas 

Clarksville * Johnson J» W. Coffman 

Clinton * Van Buren Fraser & Fraser 

Coal Hill Johnson J. D. Hunt 

Conway * Faulkner P. H. Prince 

Corning * Clay Jerry L. Taylor 

Cotter Baxter Allyn Smith 

Cottonplant Woodruff A. F. Maberry 

Danville* Yell T. D. Patton 



Dardanelle * Yell H. M. Jacoway, Jr. 

De Queen * Sevier Collins & Collins 

Dermott Chicot Refer to Lake Village 

Des Arc * Prairie F. E. Brown 

Devall BluflF. Prairie Th weatt & Thweatt 

De Witt* Arkansas Rasco & Botts 

Dumas Desha T. R. Jacobs 

Earl Crittenden Giles S. Dearing 

El Dorado * Union Neill C. Marsh 

Everton. Boone Refer to Harrison 

Eudora Chicot H. F. Holt 

Eureka Springs *. . . . Carroll F. O. Butt 

Evening Shade*. . . .Sharp Refer to Pocahontas 

Fayetteville * Washington Walker & Walker 

Fordyce Dallas T. B. Morton 

Foreman Little River James O. Livesay 

Forrest City * St. Francis . Mann, Rollwage & Morrow 

Fort Smith* Sebastian Winchester & Martin 

Glenwood Pike F B. Murphv 

Green Forest Carroll Kinney & Hill 

Greenwood* Sebastian Holland & Holland 

Hamburg* Ashley George Norman 

Hampton * Calhoun C. L. Poole 

Hardy* Sharp David L.King 

Harrisburg* Poinsett Mardis & Mardis 

Harrison * Boone A. M. Crump 

Hattieville Conway Refer to Morrillton 

Heber Springs Cleburne J- P- Wood 

Helena * Phillips P.O. Thweatt 

Hope Hempstead Oscar A. Graves 

Horatio Sevier J- W. Everett 

Hot Springs * Garland Wood & Wood 

Houston Perry Refer to Bigelow 

Huntington Sebastian Refer to Mansfield 

Huntsville* Madison Refer to Rogers 

Jasper * Newton Spears & Smith 

Jonesboro* Craighead Gordon Frierson 

Judsonia .White Henry P. Cleveland 


Lake Village* Chicot N. B. Scott 

Lead Hill Boone Refer to Harrison 

Leslie Searcy Refer to Marshall 

Lewisville * LaFayette Searcy & Parks 

Little Rock * Pulaski. 

KiNSwoRTHY & Henderson 

314^ West Markham Street 

E. B. Kinsowrthy 
G. D. Henderson 

Lockesburg Sevier Refer to De Queen 

Lonoke* Lonoke Trimble & Williams 

McGehee Desha Refer to Arkansas City 

Magazine Logan W. B. Rutherford 

Magnolia * Columbia W. H. Askew 

Malvern* Hot Springs William R. Duflfie 

Mammoth Spring . . . Fulton C. E. Elmore 

Manila Mississippi R. L. Williford 

Mansfield Sebastian W. R. Alexander 

Marianna * Lee H. F. Roleson 

Marion * Crittenden L. P. Berry 

Marked Tree Poinsett. . . . Cornelius T. Carpenter 

Marshall* Searcy Mills & Barr 

Maynard Randolph .... Refer to Pocahontas 

Melbourne * Izard J. B. Baker 

Mena* Polk E. J. Lundy 

Monticello* Drew Williamson & Williamson 

Morrillton* Conway Lewis E. Hutchins 

Mountain Home *. . . Baxter Horton & South 

Mountain View*. . . . Stone B. F. Williamson 

Mount Ida* Montgomery Witt & Witt 

Murfreesboro * Pike Langley & Steel 

Nashville* . Howard W. C. Rodgers 

Newport * Jackson Stuckey & Stuckey 

Omaha Boone Refer to Harrison 

Osceola* Mississippi W. Wathen Prewitt 

Ozark * Franklin L. R. A. Wallace 


Paragould * Greene Block, Kirsch & Block 

Paris* Logan Anthony Hall 

Perry Perry Refer to Bigelow 

Perryville * Perry Refer to Bigelow 

Piggott* Clay H. W. Moore 

Pine BluflF* Jefferson W. B/Alexander 

Pocahontas* Randolph Witt & Schoonover 

Prescott * Nevada H. E. Rouse 

Quitman Cleburne... .Refer to Heber Springs 

Rector Clay Z. B. Harrison 

Rison * Cleveland George F. Brown 

Rogers Benton W. W. Sikes 

Russellville * Pope A. S. Hays 

Salem * Fulton H. A. Northcutt 

Searcy * White Brundidge & Neely 

Sheridan * Grant Refer to Benton 

Siloam Springs Benton Williams & Williams 

Springdale Washington I. M. Davis 

Springfield Conway Refer to Morrilton 

Stuttgart Arkansas Robert E. Holt 

Texarkana* Miller James D. Head 

Van Buren * Crawford E. L. Matlock 

Waldron* Scott T. N. Sanford 

Walnut Ridge * Lawrence Ponder & Ponder 

Warren * Bradley E. E. Williams 

Wynne * Cross O. N. Killough 

Yellville* Marion Williams & Owens 

Zinc Boone Refer to Harrison 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Alameda Alameda H. K. James 

Alhambra Los Angeles... William M. Northrup 

Alturas * Modoc N. A. Cornish 

Anaheim Orange F. C. Spencer 

Angels Camp Calaveras Snyder & Snyder 

Auburn * Placer B. P. Tabor 

Bakersfield* Kern C. L. Claflin 

Benicia Solano J. S. Stevens 

Berkeley Alameda J. Arthur Elston 

Bishop Inyo P. W. Forbes 

Bridgeport * Mono Parker & Parker 

Calistoga Napa Elmore M. Billings 

Chico Butte Samuel J. Nunn 

Colusa * Colusa I. G. Zumwalt 

Corona Riverside G. R. Freeman 

Crescent City* Del Norte G. A. Webb 

Dinuba Tulare J. E. Greene 

Downey Los Angeles. . . . Refer to Los Angeles 

Downieville * Sierra James F. Hunt 

East San Diego San Diego Charles Hatton 

El Centro * Imperial D. V. Noland 

Eureka * Humboldt George W. Hunter 

Exeter Tulare Refer to Visalia 

Fairfield * Solano W. W. Goodman 

Femdale Humboldt A. W. Blackburn 

Fowler Fresno Refer to Fresno 

Fresno * Fresno L. L. Cory 

Glendale Los Angeles . . . Refer to Los Angeles 

Grass Valley Nevada L. P. Larue 

Hanford * Kings J. L. C. Irwin 

Haywards Alameda Refer to Oakland 

Healdsburg Sonoma E. M. Norton 

HoUister * San Benito Gilmore Agnew 

Hollywood Los Angeles A. E. Merrill 

Imperial Imperial H.N. Dyke 

Independence * Inyo Frank C. Scherer 

Ingle wood Los Angeles . . . Refer to Los Angeles 



Jackson * Amador W. J. McGee 

Lakeport* Lake CM. Crawford 

La Mesa San Diego Refer to San Diego 

Livermore Alameda Clarke & Clarke 

Lompoc Santa Barbara. . .C. K. Hardenbrook 

Long Beach Los Angeles Haskell & Keeler 

Los Angeles* Los Angeles 


Title Insurance Building 

Los Gatos Santa Clara R. F. Robertson 

Madera * Madera R. L. Hargrove 

Mariposa * Mariposa Refer to Merced 

Martinez *. , Contra Costa M. R. Jones 

Marysville * Yuba W. Dinsmore 

Merced* Merced F. W. Henderson 

Modesto* Stanislaus Lewis L. Dennett 

Monrovia Los Angeles Walter F. Dunn 

Monterey Monterey... Hudson, Treat & Martin 

Mountain View Santa Clara Arthur Free 

Napa * Napa C. E. Trower 

Nevada City*. Nevada Nilon & Arbogast 

Oakland * Alameda 

Fitzgerald, Abbott & Beardsley 

Oakland Bank of Savings Building 

Robert M. Fitzgerald 
Carl H. Abbott 
Charles A. Beardsley 

Ocean Park Los Angeles . . .Tanner, Taft & Odell 

Oceanside San Diego David Rorick 

Ontario San Bernardino J R. Pollock 

Orange Orange William M. Brown 

Oroville * Butte W. E. Duncan, Jr. 

Oxnard Ventura I. W. Stewart 

Palo Alto Santa Clara Charles & Schneider 

Pasadena Los Angeles C, J. Willett 

Petaluma Sonoma Charles F. Fury 


Placerville* Eldorado George H. Thompson 

Pleasanton Alameda Donahue Sc Gale 

Pomona Los Angeles Nichols & Pitzer 

Portersville Tulare George G. Murray 

Quincy * Plumas L. N. Peter 

Red BlufF* Tehama McCoy & Gans 

Redding* Shasta W. D. Tillotson 

Redlands San Bernardino . . . Halsey W. Allen 

Redwood City * San Mateo Ross & Ross 

Richmond Contra Costa. . . . Refer to Oakland 

Riverside * Riverside Purington & Adair 

Sacramento* Sacramento 

Butler & Swisler 

Bryte Building 

J. W. S. Butler 
Charles A. Swisler 

Salinas * Monterey Wallace M. Pence 

San Andreas* Calaveras Snyder & Snyder 

San Bernardino * . . . San Bernardino . . .Herbert H. Chase 

San Diego * San Diego 

Hamilton & Lindley 

Union Building 

Fred E. Lindley 
Robert R. Hamilton 

San Francisco * . . . City and County of 

McCutchen, Olney & Willard 

Merchants Exchange Building 

Edward J. McCutchen 
Warren Olney, Jr. 
P. J. MuUer 
Ira A. Campbell 
J. M. Mannon, Jr. 
A. Crawford Greene 
Charles W. Willard 


San Jose* Santa Clara . . . .James S. McGinnis 

San Luis Obispo* . . San Luis Obispo... Charles P. Kaetzel 

San Mateo San Mateo Ross & Ross 

San Pedro Los Angeles Jesse E. Stephens 

San Rafael * Marin James W. Keyes 

Santa Ana* Orange Scarborough & Forgy 

Santa Barbara* Santa Barbara . . .Richards & Carrier 

Santa Cruz * Santa Cruz W. P. Netherton 

Santa Maria Santa Barbara . . .Preisker & Preisker 

Santa Monica Los Angeles 

Tanner, Odell, Odell & Taft 

Santa Paula Ventura Arthur H. Blanchard 

Santa Rosa * Sonoma James W. Oates 

Sausalito Marin O. F. Meldon 

Selma Fresno W. B. Good 

Sonoma Sonoma R. A. Poppe 

Sonora * Tuolumne F. P. Otis 

Stockton * San Joaquin R. C. Minor 

Suisun City Solano Frank R. Devlin 

Susanville Lassen Frank A. Kelley 

Truckee Nevada Frank M. Rutherford 

Tulare Tulare Calvin L. Russell 

Turlock Stanislaus Andrew Johnston 

Tustin Orange Refer to Santa Ana 

Ukiah* Mendocino Thomas J. Weldon 

Vallejo Solano Frank R. Devlin 

Ventura * Ventura Merle J. Rogers 

Visalia * Tulare Farnsworth & McCIure 

Watsonville Santa Cruz David F. Maher 

Weaverville * Trinity H. R. Given 

Whittier Los Angeles Owens & Wingert 

Willow* Glenn Frank Moody 

Woodland* Yolo Hurst & Hurst 

Yreka * Siskiyou Tapscott & Tapscott 

Yuba City * Sutter M. E. Sanborn 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Akron* Washington . . . Chalkley A. Wilson 

Alamosa Conejos James D. Pilcher 

Aspen * Pitkin Thomas A. Rucker 

Boulder* Boulder Tedrow & Fitzgerald 

Breckenridge * Summit Barney L. Whatley 

Brighton * Adams Refer to Lamar 

Brush Morgan Refer to Fort Morgan 

Buena Vista * Chaffee Gilbert A. Walker 

Burlington * Kit Carson Louis Vogt 

Canon City * Fremont Jeffrey & Stinemeyer 

Castle Rock* Douglas Refer to Denver 

Central City * Gilpin Leroy J. Williams 

Cheraw Otero Refer to Rocky Ford 

Cheyenne Wells * . . .Cheyenne. A. E. Bowe 

Colorado City EI Paso... Refer to Colorado Springs 

Colorado Springs *. El Paso 

Franklin E. Brooks 

Bennett Building 
Frankli n E. B rooks 
George W. Bierbauer 

Cortez* Montezuma William F. Mowiy 

Cripple Creek *..... Teller Boughton & Alter 

Del Norte* Rio Grande George P. Wilson 

Delta* Delta R. A. King 

Denver* Denver 

Henry J. Hersey 
Continental Building 

Durango* La Plata Mollette & Clements 

Eads * Eliowa Cowles & Hughes 

Englewood Arapahoe W. M. Morgan 



Fairplay * Park M. I. O'Mailia 

Florence Fremont George H. Wilkes 

Fort Collins * Larimer Frank J. Annis 

Fort Morgan* Morgan Robert M. Work 

Fowler Otero Refer to Rocky Ford 

Georgetown * Clear Creek . . . Williiam S. McGintie 

Glenwood Springs *. . Garfield C. W. Darrow 

Golden * Jefferson J. W. Barnes 

Grand Junction * Mesa Logan & Miller 

Greeley* Weld Charles E. Southard 

Gunnison* Gunnison Nourse & Halderman 

Hillrose Morgan Refer to Fort Morgan 

Holyoke* Phillips J. H. Painter 

Hugo Lincoln William H. Crow 

Idaho Springs Clear Creek F. L. Collom 

Julesburg* Sedgwick Rolfson & Hendricks 

LaFayette Boulder Miller & Barnd 

La Junta * Otero Fred A. Sabin 

Lake City * Hinsdale Henry A. Avery 

Lamar* Prowers James K. Doughty 

Las Animas* Bent H. G. Bell 

Leadville* Lake James T. Hogan 

Limon Lincoln Refer to Hugo 

Littleton * Arapahoe Daniel Prescott 

Longmont Boulder F. P. Secor 

Louisville Boulder Miller & Barnd 

Loveland Larimer John H. Simpson 

Mancos Montezuma S. W. Carpenter 

Manzanola Otero Refer to Rocky Ford 

Meeker * Rio Blanco J. C. Gentry 

Montclair Denver Warwick M. Downing 

Monte Vista Rio Grande Corlett & Corlett 

Montrose* Montrose Catlin & Blake 

Ordway Crowley Refer to Rocky Ford 

Ouray* Ouray Story & Story 

Pagosa Springs*. . . . Archuleta A. M. Emigh 

Paonia Delta Baxter & Stone 



Pueblo * Pueblo 

Miles G. Saunders 
Opera House Block 

Rocky Ford Otero Paul M. North 

Saguache * Saguache Palmer & True 

Salida ChafFee George D. Williams 

Silverton * San Juan Frank L. Ross 

Steamboat Springs . . Routt Whitakei Brothers 

Sterling * Logan McConley & Hinkley 

Sulphur Springs * . . .Grand Refer to Boulder 

Telluride * San Miguel Allen & Woy 

Trinidad * Las Animas 

McChesney & McChesney 

Vallery Morgan Refer to Fort Morgan 

Victor Teller Charles D. Gumey 

Walsenburg* Huerfano Charles Hay den 

Weldona Morgan Refer to Fort Morgan 

Wiggins Morgan Refer to Fort Morgan 

Wray* Yuma M. M. Bulkley 

Yampa Routt £. H. Godfrey 

Yuma Yuma Refer to Wray 


Cities &r* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Ansonia New Haven Refer to Derby 

Branford New Haven Edmund Zacher 

Bridgeport* Fairfield 

Hill & Boardman 
Security Building 
George E. Hill 
William B. Boardman 

F. H. Cogswell 

Bristol Hartford Pierce & Pierce 

Canaan Litchfield J. Henry Roraback 

Clinton Middlesex Charles A. Pelton 

Collinsville Hartford Refer to Winsted 

Danbury * Fairfield Ives & Keating 

Danielson Windham Arthur G. Bill 

Darien Fairfield Refer to Stamford 

Deep River Middlesex... Edward Garfield Burke 

Derby New Haven Howard B* Peck 

East Haddam Middlesex .... Refer to Deep River 

East Hartford Hartford Refer to Hartford 

Enfield Hartford Refer to Hartford 

Essex Middlesex Thomas D. Coulter 

Fairfield Fairfield Refer to Bridgeport 

Granby Hartford T. M. Maltbie 

Greenwich Fairfield Charles D. Burnes 

Groton New London... Refer to New London 

Guilford New Haven George E. Beers 

Haddam Middlesex .... Refer to Middletown 

Hartford * Hartford 

ScHUTz & Edwards 

36 Pearl Street 
Walter S. Schutz 
Stanley W. Edwards 

Clarence S. Zipp 



Jcwctt City New London Arthur M. Brown 

Litchfield * Litchfield Thomas F. Ryan 

Meriden New Haven Fay & Clark 

Middletown* Middlesex. .Edward Garfield Burke 

Milford New Haven George M. Gunn 

Mystic New London . . . .Herbert W. Rathbun 

Naugatuck New Haven William Kennedy 

New Britain Hartford Kirkham & Cooper 

New Canaan Fairfield Refer to Stamford 

New Hartford Litchfield F. A. Jewell 

New Haven* New Haven 

Eliot Watrous 

Exchange Building 

Eliot Watrous 

Henry F. Parmelee 
Edward A. Powers 

New London* New London Nathan Belcher 

New Milford * Litchfield Frank W. Marsh 

Norwalk Fairfield Walsh & Hubbell 

Norwich *. New London Charles F. Thayer 

Portland Middlesex Charles W. Cramer 

Putnam * Windham Searls & Russell 

Ridgefield Fairfield George P. Ingersoll 

Rockville Tolland John E. Fisk 

Salisbury Litchfield Warner & Landon 

Saybrook Middlesex Refer to Deep River 

Seymour New Haven C. J. Atwatcr 

Shelton Fairfield Refer to Derby 

Simsbury Hartford G. P. McLean 

Southington Hartford Thomas F. Welch 

South Manchester . . .Hartford William S. Hyde 

South Norwalk Fairfield J. H. Light 

Southport Fairfield Refer to Bridgeport 

South Windsor Hartford Lewis Spcrry 

Stafford Springs Tolland Robert H. Fisk 


Stamford Fairfield 

Kenealy & Kenealy 

Stamford Trust Company Building 

Michael Kenealy 
Matthew H. Kenealy 

Stratford Fairfield Refer to Bridgeport 

Thomaston Litchfield Refer to Torrington 

Tompsonville Hartford William H. Leete 

Torrington Litchfield Thomas J. Wall 

WalUngford New Haven . . . .Oswin H. D. Fowler 

Waterbury * New Haven. . Bronson, Lewis & Hart 

Watertown Litchfield S. McL. Buckingham 

Westport Fairfield Harry R. Sherwood 

Willimantic * Windham William A. King 

Winsted* Litchfield Smith & Munn 

Woodbury Litchfield George R. Sturges 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Angola Sussex Refer to Georgetown 

Bridgeville Sussex Refer to Georgetown 

Camden Kent Refer to Dover 

Clayton Kent Refer to Dover 

Delaware City New Castle T. Bayard Heisel 

Dover* Kent Richard R. Kenney 

Frederica Kent Refer to Dover 

Georgetown * Sussex Whiley & Jones 

Harrington Kent Refer to Dover 

Laurel Sussex Refer to Georgetown 

Lewes Sussex Refer to Georgetown 

Middletown New Castle Martin B. Burris 

Milford Sussex Refer to Georgetown 

Milton Sussex Refer to Georgetown 

Newark New Castle Charles B. Evans 

New Castle New Castle Refer to Wilmington 

Newport New Castle . . . Refer to Wilmington 

Odessa New Castle . . . Refer to Wilmington 

Seaford Sussex Refer to Georgetown 

Smyrna Kent L. Irving Handy 

Wilmington * New Castle 

Robert H. Richards 

Du Pont Building 
Robert Haven Richards 
Aaron Finger 

Wyoming Kent Refer to Dover 



Ciiies &* Towns Lawyers 

Anacostia Refer to Washington 

Bennings Refer to Washington 

Brookland Refer to Washington 

Congress Heights Refer to Washington 

Georgetown Refer to Washintgon 

Good Hope Refer to Washington 

Mt. Pleasant Refer to Washington 

Takoma Park Refer to Washington 

Tennallytown Refer to Washington 


Henry P. Blair 

Colorado Building 
Cable Address: "Blath" 

Henry P. Blair 

Arthur Hellen 



Cities &• Towns Counties Lawyers 

Altha Calhoun Refer to Chipley 

Apalachicoia * Franklin . . . Refer to Crawfordville 

Arcadia * De Soto Treadwell & Treadwell 

Aycock Jackson Refer to Chipley 

Bartow* Polk Wilson & Boswell 

Blountstown * Calhoun Refer to Chipley 

Bonifay * Holmes Refer to Chipley 

Bradentown * Manatee Singletary & Reaves 

Bristol * Liberty Refer to Marianna 

Bronson * Levy John R. Willis 

Brooksville* Hernando Francis B. Coogler 

Campbellton Jackson Refer to Chipley 

Carrabelle Franklin Refer to Apalachicoia 

Cedar Keys Levy Refer to Bronson 

Chipley Washington L. D. McRae 

Clearwater Pinellas John U. Bird 

Crawfordville * Wakulla N. R. Walker 

Dade City Pasco O. L. Dayton 

Daytona Volusia Fitzgerald & Oates 

De Funiak Springs*. Walton W. T. Bludworth 

De Land* Volusia Landis & Fish 

Ehren Pasco Refer to Dade City 

Esto Holmes Refer to Chipley 

Fernandina * Nassau James E. Calkins 

Fort Myers* Lee F. C. Alderman 

Fort Ogden De Soto John H. Hancock 

Fort Pierce * Saint Lucie Parker & Johnson 

Gainesville * Alachua C. R. Layton 

Graceville Jackson Refer to Chipley 

Green Cove Springs *.Clay Refer to Jacksonville 

Greer Pasco Refer to Dade City 

Inverness * Citrus G. W. de Muro 



Jacksonville * Duval 

Daniel & Boggs 


Atlantic National Bank Building 

Richard P. Daniel, Jr. 
Lucien H. Boggs 

Jasper * Hamilton C. A. Stephens 

Key West * Monroe George W. Allen 

Kissimmee* Osceola W. J. Sears 

Lake Butler Bradford Refer to Starke 

Lake City* Columbia Arthur J. Henry 

Lakeland Polk Refer to Bartow 

Leesburg Lake C. N. Chesshyre 

Live Oak* Suwanee J. B. Johnson 

Madison* Madison R. H. Rowe 

Marianna * Jackson Cephas L. Wilson 

Mayo * Lafayette Hal W. Adams 

Miami* Dade Hudson & Boggs 

Millville Bay Refer to Chipley 

Milton * Santa Rosa Laird & Lee 

Monticello * Jefferson D. A. Finlayson 

Noma Holmes Refer to Chipley 

Ocala * Marion R. A. Burford 

Orange City Volusia Refer to De Land 

Orlando * Orange Massey & Warlow 

Palatka * Putnam. . .... Hilburn & Merryday 

Palmetto Manatee E. F. Wilson 

Panama City Bay Kehoe & Stevens 

Pasco Pasco Refer to Dade City 

Pensacola Escambia . Blount & Blount & Carter 

Perry*.. Taylor Davis & Calhoun 

Plant City Hillsboro Refer to Tampa 

Port St. Jo Franklin Refer to Chipley 

Quincy * Gadsden E. C. Love 

St. Andrews Bay Refer to Chipley 

St. Augustine * St. John David R. Dunham 

St. Petersburg Pinellas William G. King 

Sanford Orange . . . .Thomas Emmet Wilson 



South port Bay 

Starke * Bradford . 

Tallahassee * Leon . /. . . 

. Refer to Chipley 

D. E. Knight 

.McCord & Johnston 

Tampa * Hillsboro 

Joseph W. Frazier 
Hampton Block 

Tavarcs * Lake H. C. Duncan 

Titusville * Brevard Minor S. Jones 

Trilby Pasco Refer to Dade City 

Vernon * Washington Refer to Chipley 

Wausau Washington Refer to Chipley 

West Palm Beach *. . Palm Beach George G. Currie 

Westville Holmes Refer to Chipley 

Wewauhitchka Calhoun Refer to Chipley 

Williston Levy Refer to Bronson 


Cities fir* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abbeville* Wilcox M. B. Cannon 

Acworth Cobb J. J. Northcutt 

Adel Berrien C. E. Parrish 

Adrian Emanuel A. E. Smith 

Albany* Dougherty Thomas H. Milner 

Alpharetta Milton G. B. Walker 

Americus * Sumpter E. A. Hawkins 

Aragon Polk Refer to Rockmart 

Arlington .Calhoun E. B. Askew 

Ashburn * Turner John B. Hutcheson 

Athens * Clarke A. H. Woodyard 

Atlanta * Fulton 

Watkins & Latimer 

Fourth National Bank Building 

Edgar Watkins 
W. Carroll Latimer 

Albert E. Mayer 

Augusta * Richmond 

C. Henry & R. S. Cohen 

Dyer Building 

C. Henry Cohen 
Rodney S. Cohen 

Bainbridge* Decatur Albert H. Russell 

Bamesville Pike Curtis Barrett 

Barney Brooks Refer to Quitman 

Baxley* Appling Parker & Highsmith 

Blackshear * Pierce R. G. Mitchell, Jr. 

Blairsville * Union W. E. Candler 

Blakely * Early Glessner & Collins 

Blue Ridge * Fannin O. R. Duprec 



Boston Thomas Refer to Thomasville 

Bremen Haralson Refer to Buchanan 

Brunswick * Glynn Daniel W. Krauss 

Buchanan * Haralson C. B. Weatherly 

Buena Vista* Marion W. B. Short 

Buford Gwinnett Emmett O. Dobbs 

Butler * Taylor W. E. Steed 

Cairo* Grady R. C. Bell 

Calhoun* Gordon F. A. Cantrell 

Camilla * Mitchell Peacock & Gardner 

Canton * Cherokee George I. Teasley 

Camesville * Franklin W. R. Little 

Carrollton Carroll R. D. Jackson 

Cartersville * Bartow John T. Norris 

Cedartown * Polk W. W. Mundy 

Clarkesville * Habersham J. C. Edwards 

Claxton Tattnall J. Saxton Daniel 

Clayton * Rabun Joseph T. Davis 

Cleveland * White J. W. H. Underwood 

Clinton Jones Refer to Gray 

Cochran Pulaski Refer to Hawkinsville 

Colquitt* Miller Bush & Stapleton 

Columbus * Muscogee Hatcher & Hatcher 

Commerce Jackson. . R. L. J. & S. J. Smith, Jr. 

Conyers * Rockdale Refer to Lithonia 

Cordele * Crisp Whipple & McKenzie 

Cornelia Habersham John J. Kimsey 

Covington* Newton Charles C. King 

Crawford Oglethorpe Refer to Lexington 

Cra wfordville * Taliaferro Alvin G. Golucke 

Cumming * Forsyth C. L. Harris 

Cusseta* Chattahoochee C. C. Minter 

Cuthbert * Randolph James W Harris 

Dahlonega * Lumpkin O. J. Lilly 

Dallas * Paulding Refer to Rockmart 

Dalton* Whitfield 

Maddox, McCamy & Shumate 
Danielsville * Madison B. T. Moseley 


Darien * Mcintosh Charles M. Tyson 

Dawson * Terrell James G. Parks 

Dawsonville * Dawson A. W. Vandiviere 

Decatur* De Kalb J. H. Green 

Doerun Colquitt Refer to Moultrie 

Douglas * Coffee Levi O'Steen 

Douglasville Douglas Shirley C. Boykin 

Dublin * Laurens Burch & Burch 

Eastman * Dodge J. Herrman Milner 

Eatonton * Putnam W. F. Jenkins, Jr. 

Elberton * Elbert Worley & Nail 

EllaviUe* Schley E. J. Hart 

Ellijay* Gilmer A. H Burtz 

Fairburn * Campbell J* H. Lv^ngino 

Fayetteville * Fayette W. N. D Dixon 

Fitzgerald * Ben Hill Leon Kennedy 

Forsyth * Monroe Persons & Persons 

Fort Gaines* Clay King, Castellow & Arnold 

Fort Valley Houston Louis L. Brown 

Franklin * Heard D. B. Whitaker 

Gainesville* Hall J. G. Collins 

Garfield Emanuel Refer to Swainsboro 

Gibson * Glasscock B. F. Walker 

Gray * Jones R. N. Hardeman 

Graymont Emanuel Refer to Swainsboro 

Greensboro * Green Lewis, Davison & Lewis 

Greenville * Meriwether . . . McLaughlin & Jones 

Griffin* Spalding. . .William E. H. Searcy, Jr. 

Guyton Effingham .... Refer to Springfield 

Hagan Tatnall Refer to Claxton 

Hamilton * Harris J. R. Lunsford 

Hartwell* Hart Arthur S. Richardson 

Hawkinsville * Pulaski Marion Turner 

Hazlehurst * JeflF Davis J. C. Bennett 

Helena Telfair Refer to McRae 

Hiawassee* Towns John M. Johnson 

Homer Banks Refer to Commerce 

Homerville * Clinch S. L. Drawdy 


Irwinton Wilkinson Lindsey & Carswell 

Jackson * Butts W. Ernest Watkins 

Jacksonville Telfair Refer to McRae 

asper * Pickens F. C. Tate 

efFerson * Jackson J. S. Ayers 

efFersonville * Twiggs M. J. Carswell 

Jesup* Wayne James W. Poppell 

Jonesboro * Clayton W. M. Wright 

Knoxville * Crawford R. H. Culverhouse 

La Fayette* Walker Shattuck & Shattuck 

La Grange * Troup A. H. Thompson 

Lawrenceville * Gwinnett O. A. Nix 

Leesburg Lee W. G. Martin 

Lexington * Oglethorpe . . . Sibley & McWhorter 

Lincolnton * Lincoln C. J. Ferryman 

Lithonia De Kalb D. P. Phillips 

Louisville * Jefferson R. N. Hardeman 

Lumber City Telfair Refer to McRae 

Lumpkin * Stewart George Y. Harrell 

Lyons * Toombs Thomas J. Parrish 

McDonough * Henry J. F. Wall 

McRae * Telfair W. S. Mann 

Macon* .Bibb 

Ryals & Anderson 

American National Bank Building 

T. E. Ryals 
R. L. Anderson 

Madison* Morgan E. W. Butler 

Marietta * Cobb D. W. Biair 

Milledgeville * Baldwin D. B. & D. S. Sanford 

Millen * Jenkins R. P. Jones 

Monroe* Walton Walker & Roberts 

Montezuma Macon Jule Felton 

Monticello* Jasper Greene F. Johnson 

Morgan * Calhoun Refer to Blakely 

Moultrie* Colquitt James L. Dowling 


Mount Vernon * Montgomery J. B. Geiger 

Nashville * Berrien W. D. Buie 

Newnan * Coweta W. C. Wright 

Newton * Baker A. S. Johnson 

Ocilla * Irwin Hendricks J. Quincey 

Oglethorpe * Macon R. L Greer 

Palmetto Campbell Refer to Fairbum 

Pelham Mitchell Refer to Camilla 

Perry * Houston J* P* Duncan 

Quitman* Brooks William A. Hassell 

ReidsviUe* Tattnell J. V. Kelley 

Ringgold Catoosa Refer to Dalton 

Roberta Crawford Refer to Knoxville 

Rochelle Wilcox Refer to Abbeville 

Rockmart Polk Mundy & Mundy 

Rome * Floyd Lipscomb & Willingham 

Royston Franklin Adams & Johnson 

Sandersville * Washington Hardwick & Wright 

Savannah * Chatham 

David C. Barrow 

Savannah Bank ^ Trust Company Building 

Scotland Telfair Refer to McRae 

Social Circle Walton Refer to Monroe 

Sparta* Hancock W. H. Burwell 

Springfield * Effingham J. H. Smith 

Spring Place * Murray C. N. King 

Statenville * Echols R. G. Tison 

Statesboro * Bulloch Fred T. Lanier 

Stillmore Emanuel Refer to Swainsboro 

Summerville* Chattooga J. M. Bellah 

Summit Emanuel Refer to Swainsboro 

Swainsboro * Emanuel Williams & Bradley 

Sylvania* .Screven J. W. Overstreet 

Sylvester* Worth Hay & Hay 

Talbotton * Talbot A. J. Ferryman 

Tallapoosa Haralson Refer to Buchanan 


Taylorsville Bartow Refer to Rockmart 

Temple Carroll Refer to Douglasville 

Thomaston * Upson Claude Worrill 

Thomasville * Thomas Lebbeus Dekle 

Thomson* McDuffie J. B. Burnsides 

Tifton* Tift John S. Ridgdill 

Toccoa * Stephens George G. Allen 

Trenton* Dade... Refer to Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Union Point Greene Samuel H. Sibley 

Valdosta * Lowndes Woodward & Smith 

Vidalia Toombs Pattillo & Jackson 

Vienna * Dooly L. L. Woodward 

Villa Rica Carroll Refer to Douglasville 

Warrenton * Warren E. P. Davis 

Washington* Wilkes James M. Pitner 

Watkinsville * Oconee Refer to Athens 

Waycross* Ware.. . Wilson, Bennett & Lambdin 

Waynesboro * Burke H. J. FuUbright 

West Point Troup Benjamin H. Hill 

Winder Jackson • . . William H. Quarterman 

Wrightsville * Johnson A. Lee Hatcher 

Zebulon * Pike G. D. Dominick 


Cities & Towns Counties Lawyers 

Honolulu * Honolulu 

Frear, Prosser, Anderson & Marx 

Stangenwald Building 

Walter F. Frear 
Mason F. Prosser 
Robbins B. Anderson 
Benjamin L. Marx 



Ciiies 6r* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Albion * Cassia Refer to Oakley 

Blackfoot * Bingham John W. Jones 

Bliss Lincoln Refer to Gooding 

Boise* Ada 

Richards & Haga 

Idaho Building 

James H. Richards 
Oliver O. Haga 

Buhl Twin Falls Ostrom & Green 

Burley Cassia T. Bailey Lee 

Caldwell * Canyon Griffiths & Griffiths 

Cambridge Washington Devaney & Carter 

Challis * Custer L. E. Glennon 

Coeur d'Alene * Kootenai McNaughton & Berg 

Council Adams Freehafer & Stinson 

Emmett Canyon Finley Monroe 

Gooding Lincoln George W. Padgham 

Grangeville * Idaho W. N. Scales 

Hagerman Lincoln Refer to Gooding 

Hailey * Blaine. . . Sullivan, Sullivan & Baker 

Harrison Kootenai Refer to Cceur d'Alene 

Idaho City* Boise O. R. Woods 

Idaho Falls Bingham H. J. Hasbrouck 

Jerome Lincoln Barclay & Hall 

Lewiston * Nez Perce 

DwiGHT E. Hodge 
Thiessen Building 

Malad City* Oneida T. D. Jones 

Montpelier * Bear Lake D. M. Austin 

Moscow* Latah C. J. Orland 

Mountain Home *. . . Elmore Daniel McLaughlin 


Nampa Canyon Frank Estabrook 

Nezperce * Lewis Refer to Lewiston 

Oakley Cassia W. L. Dunn 

Orofino * Clearwater Refer to Lewiston 

Paris * Bear Lake .... Refer to Montpelier 

Payette Canyon Robert E. Haynes 

Plummet Kootenai Refer to Coeur d'Alene 

Pocatello * Bannock Clark & Budge 

Post Falls Kootenai. . . . Refer to CcEur d'Alene 

Preston Oneida Smith & Condie 

Rathdrum Kootenai Refer to CcEur d'Alene 

Rupert Minidoka E. R. Dampier 

St. Anthony* Fremont Thomas R. Hamer 

St. Maries Kootenai Taylor & Hull 

Salmon* Lemhi G. B. Quarles 

Sandpoint* Bonner Edmund W. Wheelan 

Shoshone* Lincoln James R. Bothwell 

Silver City * Owyhee Refer to Boise 

Twin Falls* .Twin Falls James H. Wise 

Wallace* Shoshone A. G. Kerns 

Weiser* Washington Frank D. Ryan 

Wendell Lincoln Refer to Gooding 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abingdon Knox Refer to Galesburg 

Albion * Edwards H. J. & J. H. Strawn 

Aledo * Mercer W. J. Graham 

Alton Madison W. P. Boynton 

Amboy Lee P. M. James 

Anna Union A. N. Sessions 

Areola Douglas Refer to Tuscola 

Arenzville Cass Refer to Virginia 

Arthur Douglas Refer to Tuscola 

Assumption Christian M. J. Fitzgerald 

Atlanta Logan Bevan & Bevan 

Augusta Hancock Sterling P. Lemmon 

Aurora ICane 

Frank G. Plain 

Coulter Block 

Barrington Cook Howard P. Castle 

Barry Pike Refer to Pittsfield 

Batavia Kane Horace N. Jones 

Beardstown Cass Milton McClure 

Belleville * St. Clair Turner & Holder 

Belvidere * Boone Richard V. Carpenter 

Bement Piatt George M. Thompson 

Benton * Franklin Hickman & Hickman 

Berwyn Cook Refer to Chicago 

Bloomington * McLean Bracken & Young 

Blue Island Cook Refer to Chicago 

Bridgeport Lawrence C. H. Martin 

Brighton Macoupin Spencer G. Brown 

Bushnell McDonough George S. Dougherty 

Cairo * Alexander Miles Frederick Gilbert 

Camargo Douglas Refer to Tuscola 

Cambridge * Henry Chester M. Turner 



Canton Fulton . . . Chiperfield & Chiperfield 

Carbondale Jackson Andrew S. Caldwell 

Carlinville * Macoupin Charles H. Woods 

Carlyle * Clinton William Johnston 

Carmi* White J. R. Williams 

Carriers Mills Saline Refer to Harrisburg 

Carrollton * Greene Rainey & Jones 

Carterville Williamson J- L. Gallimore 

Carthage * Hancock 

O'Harra, O'Harra, Wood & Walker 

Centralia Marion Samuel L. Dwight 

Champaign Champaign . . . Dobbins & Dobbins 

Charleston * Coles A. C. Anderson 

Chester* Randolph A. E. Crisler 

Chicago * Cook 

Alden, Latham & Young 

Corn Exchange Bank Building 
Cable Address: *' Aldenlayon** 

William T. Alden 
Carlton R. Latham 
Hobart P. Y oung 

Charles Martin 
T. A. Sheehan 

Chicago Heights .... Cook Refer to Chicago 

Chillicothe Peoria H. C. Pettett 

Chrisman Edgar Refer to Paris 

Clayton Adams Refer to Quincy 

Clinton * DeWitt Herrick & Herrick 

Collinsville Madison R. Guy Kneedler 

Cowden Shelby Refer to Shelby^ille 

Danville* Vermilion.Lindley,Penwell&Lindley 

Decatur * Macon Mills Brothers 

DeKalb DeKalb A. G. Kennedy 

Delavan Tazewell J. O. Jones 

Des Plaines Cook Ning Eley 


Dixon * Lee Edward H. Brewster 

DuQuoin Perry B. W. Pope 

Dwight Livingston C. J. Ahem 

Earlville La Salle Geonge S.Wiley 

East Dubuque Jo Daviess D. E. Maguire 

East Moline Rock Island Refer to Moline 

East St. Louis ... St. Clair 

Farthing, Oehmke & Farthing 

Cahokia Building 

W. D. P. Farthing 
Mai tin F. Oehmke 
Chester H. Farthing 

Edwardsville * Madison 

Warnock, Williamson & Burroughs 

Effingham *. Effingham Guy P. Denton 

Elburn Kane Refer to Geneva 

Eldorado Saline Refer to Harrisburg 

Elgin Kane Russell & McNerney 

Elizabeth town * Hardin H. R. Fowler 

Elmhurst Du Page Edgar B. Fischer 

Elmwood Peoria Refer to Peoria 

El Paso Woodford Horace Baker 

Eureka * Woodford E. E. Robeson 

Evanston Cook Refer to Chicago 

Fairbury Livingston Robert Henning 

Fairfield * Wayne . . . Boggs, Boggs & Heidinger 

Farmer City DeWitt Herrick & Herrick 

Farmington Fulton A. A. Luckey 

Flora Clay H. W. Shrinei 

Forreston Ogle Frank Wertz 

Freeport * Stephenson Robert P. Eckert 

Fulton Whiteside McMahon & Rogers 

Galatia Saline Refer to Harrisburg 

Galena * Jo Daviess D. & T. J. Sheean 

Galesburg* Knox Carney '&^Carney 

Galva Henry A. E. Bergland 


Geneseo Henry Henry Waterman 

Geneva * Kane J. D. Miller 

Georgetown Vermilion Refer to Danville 

Gibson City Ford A. L. Phillips 

Girard Macoupin C. C. Terry 

Glencoe Cook Refer to Chicago 

Golconda* Pope John W. Browning 

Granite City Madison Morgan Le Masters 

Grayson Saline Refer to Harrisburg 

Grayville White W. A. Mussett 

Greenup Cumberland.. .William H. McDonald 

Greenville * Bond C. E. Hoiles 

Hamilton Hancock Wallace G. Humphrey 

Hardin * Calhoun T. J. Selby 

Harrisburg* Saline W. F. Scott 

Harvard McHenry Calvin J. Hendricks 

Harvey Cook F. R. De Young 

Havana * Mason Nortrup & Nortrup 

Hennepin * Putnam J. E. Taylor 

Henry Marshall Fred W. Potter 

Herrin Williamson Ambert D. Morgan 

Highland Madison J* P* Streuber 

Highland Park Lake Refer to Chicago 

Hillsboro * Montgomery .... Hill & BuUington 

Hindsboro Douglas Refer to Tuscola 

Hoopeston Vermilion !• H. Dyer 

Jacksonville * Morgan 

Worthington, Reeve & Green 

Jersey ville *' Jersey Charles S. White 

Joliet* Will....O'Donnell, Donovan & Bray 

Jonesboro * Union James Lingle 

Kankakee* Kankakee William R. Hunter 

Keithsburg Mercer Refer to Aledo 

Kenilworth Cook Refer to Chicago 

Kewanee Henry Robert C. Morse 

Kinmundy Marion Refer to Salem 

Knoxville Knox E. A. Corbin 

Lacon * Marshall Barnes & Magoon 


La Grange Cook Refer to Chicago 

Lake Forest Lake Refer to Chicago 

Lanark Carroll C. W. MiddlekaufF 

La Salle La Salle .Duncan, Doyle & O'Connor 

Lawrenceville * Lawrence Gee & Barnes 

Lebanon St. Clair C. E. Chamberlin 

Ledford Saline Refer to Harrisburg 

Lemont Cook Refer to Lockport 

LeRoy McLean Refer to Bloomington 

Lewistown * Fulton Harvey H. Atherton 

Lexington McLean J- M. Weakley 

Libertyville Lake Paul MacGuifin 

Lincoln * Logan Beach & Trapp 

Litchfield Montgomery David R. Kinder 

Lockport Will Fred W. Waltei 

Louisville * Clay J- H. Smith 

Lovington Moultrie Refer to Sullivan 

McLeansboro* Hamilton Isaac H. Webb 

Macedonia Hamilton . . . Refer to McLeansboro 

Macomb * McDonough Vose & Creel 

Marengo McHenry J. E. Barber 

Marion * Williamson Rufus Neely 

Marshall* Clark J. W. Graham 

Martinsville Clark Refer to Marshall 

Mascoutah St. Clair Lill & Lill 

Mason City Mason W. A. Covey 

Mattoon Coles Bryan H. Tivnen 

Maywood Cook Refer to Chicago 

Mendota La Salle C. P. Gardner 

Metropolis * Massac J« D. Bristow 

Milford Iroquois Thomas G. Vennum 

Minonk Woodford Thomas Kennedy 

Moline Rock Island. ..J. B. & J. L. Oakleaf 

Momence Kankakee E. P. Harney 

Monmouth * Warren SafFord & Graham 

Monticello * Piatt Carl S. Reed 

Morris * Grundy Frank H. Hayes 

Morrison* Whiteside McCalmont & Ramsay 


Mound City* Pulaski Wall & Martin 

Mount Carmel * Wabash P. J. Kolb 

Mount Carroll * Carroll George L. Hoffman 

Mount Olive Macoupin L. M. Harlan 

Mount Pulaski Logan Refer to Lincoln 

Mount Sterling*. . . . Brown R. E. Vandeventer 

Mount Vernon * . . . . Jefferson Kirby Smith 

Moweaqua Shelby S. S. Clapper 

Murdock Douglas Refer to Tuscola 

Murphysboro * Jackson James H. Martin 

Naperville Du Page Joseph A. Reuss 

Nashville* Washington H. H. Hosmer 

Nauvoo Hancock George A. Bruegger 

Newark Kendall A.M. Sweetland 

Newman Douglas Refer to Tuscola 

Newton * Jasper George W. Fithian 

Nokomis Montgomery W. G. Webster 

Norwood Park Cook Refer to Chicago 

Oakland Coles Frank C. Winkler 

Oak Park Cook Refer to Chicago 

Olney * Richland H. G. Morris 

Oquawka Henderson Everett L. Werts 

Oregon * Ogle Franc Bacon 

Oswego Kendall O. A. Burkhart 

Ottawa La Salle 

McDouGALL & Chapman 

National City Bank Building 

Duncan McDougall 
C. B. Chapman 

Palestine Crawford A. L. MacHatton 

Pana Christian McQuigg & Dowell 

Paris * Edgar Shepherd & Trogdon 

Paw Paw Lee Charles F. Preston 

Paxton* Ford Cloud & Thompson 

Pckin * Tazewell 

l^ Prettyman, Velde & Prettyman 


Peoria * Peoria 

Kirk & Shurtleff 

Central National Bank Building 

Long Distance Telephone 6oi 

Cable Address: "Kirkleff" 

Walter H. Kirk 

George A. ShurtlefF 

Peru La Salle Charles W. Helmig 

Petersburg * Menard Smoot & Laning 

Pinckneyville * Perry W. O. Edwards 

Piper City Ford M. H. Scott 

Pittsfield * Pike Edward Doocy 

Plainfield Will Refer to Joliet 

Piano Kendall C. A. Darnell 

Polo Ogle Fred Zick 

Pontiac * Livingston . . . Harry G. Greenebaum 

Princeton* Bureau Jay L. Spaulding 

Prophetstown Whiteside Harry H. Waite 

Quincy * Adams Wilson & Wall 

Rantoul Champaign J. F. Clark 

Riverside Cook Refer to Chicago 

Robinson * Crawford Bradbury & Gaines 

Rochelle Ogle W. B. McHenry 

Rock Falls Whiteside Refer to Sterling 

Rockford * Winnebago 

Edward P. & Robert Lathrop 

Rock Island* Rock Island 

Jackson, Hurst & Stafford 

Roodhouse Greene J- W. Starkey 

Roseville Warren J. B. Brown 

Rushville * Schuyler B. O. Willard 

St. Anne Kankakee W. G. Brooks 

St. Charles Kane Harry G. Hempstead 

Salem* Marion L. M. Kagy 

Sandwich De Kalb John W. Blee 

Savanna Carroll Frank J. Stransky 

Saybrook McLean James E. WyckofF 


Shawneetown * Gallatin D. M. Kinsall 

Shelbyville * Shelby George B. Rhoads 

Somerset Saline Refer to Harrisburg 

South Chicago Cook Refer to Chicago 

Sparta Randolph R* J* Goddard 

Springfield * Sangamon 

Stevens & Herndon 

A. D. Stevens 
Gray Herndon 

Spring Valley Bureau C. N. Hollerick 

Staunton Macoupin T. A. Snell 

Sterling Whiteside A. A. Wolfersperger 

Stockton Jo Daviess W. S. Eaton 

Stonefort Saline Refer to Harrisburg 

Streator .La Salle W. H. Boys 

Sullivan * Moultrie Raymond D. Meeker 

Sumner Lawrence Thomas S. Gerhart 

Sycamore * De Kalb Jones & Rogers 

Taylorville* Christian George T. Wallace 

Toledo * Cumberland L. N. Brewer 

Toluca Marshall Tracey & Tracey 

Toulon* Stark W. W. Wright, Jr. 

Trenton Clinton W. S. Louden 

Tuscola * Douglas Guy R. Jones 

Urbana * Champaign . . . Refer to Champaign 

Vandalia * Fayette Brown & Bumside 

Vienna * Johnson O. R. Morgan 

Villa Grove Douglas Refer to Tuscola 

Virden Macoupin H. H. Cowen 

Virginia * Cass Neiger & Gordley 

Walnut Bureau M. A. Stiver 

Warren Jo Daviess Refer to Galena 

Warsaw Hancock Truman Plantz 

Washburn Woodford John R. Tweddale 

Washington Tazewell A. R. Rich 

Wasson Saline Refer to Harrisburg 


Waterloo * Monroe Charles Morrison 

Watseka * Iroquois A. F. Goodyear 

Waukegan * Lake William C. Upton 

Waverly Morgan Elijah Etter 

Wenona Marshall D. H. Gregg 

West Chicago Du Page John W. Leedle 

Westville Vermilion J- E. Thomas 

Wheaton * Du Page Jay P. Smith 

Whitehall Greene H. O. Tunison 

Wilmette Cook Refer to Chicago 

Wilmington Will Refer to Joliet 

Winchester* Scott R. M. Riggs 

Winnetka Cook Refer to Chicago 

Woodstock * McHenry David R. Joslyn 

Yorkville Kendall John Fitzgerald 

Ziegler Franklin Refer to Benton 

Zion City Lake V. V. Barnes 


Cities &• Towns Counties Lawyers 

Akron Fulton R. R. Carr 

Albion* Noble Grant & Foote 

Alexandria Madison James A. May 

Ambta Benton » . Refer to Fowler 

Anderson * Madison Kittinger & Diven 

Angola * Steuben . . . Bratton & Heckenlively 

Attica Fountain J. W. Whickcar 

Atwood Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Auburn*. De Kalb James E. Pomeroy 

Aurora Dearborn.... McMullen & McMullen 

Avilla Noble Weir D. Carver 

Batesville Ripley M. F. Bohland 

Bedford * Lawrence James A. Zaring 

Berne Adams Amos Hirschy 

Bloomfield * Greene Claude E. Gregg 

Bloomington * Monroe Miers & Corr 

Blufiton * Wells Simmons & Dailey 

Boonville * Warrick Gough & Gough 

Bourbon Marshall Refer to Plymouth 

Brazil * Clay Holliday & Horner 

Bremen Marshall Refer to Plymouth 

Bristol Elkhart Harry W. Kantz 

Brook Newton Frank Davis 

Brooklyn Morgan Refer to Martinsville 

Brookville* Franklin George E. Mullin 

Brownstown * Jackson Branaman & Branaman 

Burket Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Butler De Kalb William P. Endicott 

Cambridge City Wayne .Alonzo R. Feemster 

Cannelton * Perry Oscar C. Minor 

Carlisle Sullivan Refer to Sullivan 

Cayuga Vermilion M. W. Coffin 

Charlestown Clark G. H. D. Gibson 

Chesterton Porter G. R. Williams 

Churubusco Whitley George W. Kichler 



Cicero Hamilton Refer to Noblesville 

Claypool Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Clinton Vermilion Mark E. Nebeker 

Columbia City * . . . . Whitley . . . .McNagny & McNagny 

Columbus* Bartholomew . . . .Baker & Richman 

Connersville * Fayette Florea & Broaddus 

Converse Miami Refer to Peru 

Corydon * Harrison H. C. Hays 

Covington * Fountain Court W. Dice 

Crawfordsville* . . . .Montgomery. . .Robert W. Caldwell 

Crown Point * Lake J- B. Peterson 

Dana Vermilion George D. Sunkel 

Danville* Hendricks 

Harvey, Harvey & Harvey 

Decatur * Adams Erwin & Erwin 

Delphi * Carroll Hanna & Hall 

Dillsboro Dearborn. . . Refer to Lawrenceburg 

Dunkirk Jay John T. Sutton 

East Chicago Lake J. D. Kennedy 

Edinburg Johnson WilUam M. Pruitt 

Elberfeld Warrick J. M. Kohlmeyer 

Elkhart Elkhart Perry L. Turner 

Elwood Madison R. F. Broadbent 

English * Crawfoid John H. Luckett 

Etna Green Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 


Walker & Walker 

2/7 Upper Third Street 

James T. Walker 
Henry B. Walker 

Fairmount Grant Charles T. Parker 

Fort Wayne * Allen 

Sol a. Wood 

Wayne and Clinton Streets 

Fowler* Benton Saunderson & Hawkins 

Frankfort * Clinton Sheridan & Gruber 


Franklin * Johnson White & Owens 

Frankton Madison J- M. Farlow 

French Lick Orange Refer to Paoh* 

Galveston Cass B. B. Richards 

Garrett De Kalb Mountz & BrinckerhofF 

Gary Lake Greenlee & Call 

Gas City Grant Refer to Marion 

Geneva Adams William B. Drew 

Goodland Newton..A. D. Babcock & Company 

Goshen* Elkhart Deahl & Deahl 

Greencastle * Putnam Jackson Boyd 

Greenfield * Hancock Cook & Cook 

Greensburg * Decatur Bennett & Davidson 

Greenwood Johnson E. A. McAlpin 

Hagerstown Wayne B. F. Mason 

Hammond Lake 

John H. Gillett 

Ruif Building 

Hartford City * Blackford L. B. Simmons 

Hebron Porter George C. Gregg 

Hillsboro Fountain John F. Davidson 

Hobart Lake Roscoe R. Peddicord 

Huntingburg Du Bois Leo H. Fisher 

Huntington * Huntington Lesh & Lesh 

Indiana Harbor Lake Willard B. Van Home 

Indianapolis* Marion 

Pickens, Moores, Davidson & Pickens 

Fletcher Trust Building 
Cable Address: " Champicmo 

Samuel O. Pickens 
Charles W. Moores 
Robert Franklin Davidson 
Owen Pickens 

Allan P. V^l 
Paul G. Henderson 



Jamestown Boone Darnell & Darnell 

Jasper* Du Bois Cox & Hunter 

JefFersonville * Clark Wilmer T. Fox 

Kendallville Noble Prickett & Carver 

Kentland * Newton William Darroch 

Knightstown Henry Newby & Newby 

Knox * Starke C. H. & G. D. Peters 

Kokomo* Howard Bell Willits & Jessup 

Ladoga Montgomery 

Refer to Crawford sville 

La Fayette * Tippecanoe Wilson & Quinn 

La Grange * La Grange 

Hanan, Ewbank & Hanan 

La Porte* La Porte Hickey & Wolfe 

Lawrenceburg * Dearborn Givan & Givan 

Lebanon * Boone Samuel M. Ralston 

Leesburg Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Liberty * Union L. H. Stanford 

Ligonier Noble Frank P. Bothwell 

Linton Greene Alfred M. Beasley 

Logansport * Cass Robert C. Hillis 

Loogootee Martin Wood & Smith 

Lowell Lake J. Will Belshaw 

Lynn Randolph S. C. Westlake 

Madison * Jefferson S. E. Leland 

Marion* Grant.. St. John, Charles & Gemmill 

Martinsville * Morgan J. C. McNutt 

Matthews Grant J. W. McClellan 

Mentone Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Michigan City La Porte W. W. Pepple 

Middletown Henry F. A. Wisehart 

Milan Ripley James H, Connelley 

Milford Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Mishawaka St. Joseph Parks & Parks 

Mitchell Lawrence John H. Edwards 

Monroeville Allen Harvey C. Crabill 

Monrovia Morgan Refer to Martinsville 

Monticello * White Charles C. Spencer 


Montpelier Blackford . . . Refer to Hartford City 

Mooresville Morgan Refer to Martinsville 

Morgantown Morgan Refer to Martinsville 

Morocco Newton Fred G. Richmire 

Mount Vernon * . . . . Posey Walter S» Jackson 

Muncie * Delaware Warner & Warner 

Nappanee Elkhart * . . . Jacob O. Kantz 

Nashville * Brown George W. Long 

New Albany * Floyd Stotsenburg & Weathers 

Newburg Warrick A. J. Rutledge 

Newcastle* Henry Barnard & Jeffrey 

New Harmony Posey Refer to Mount Vernon 

Newport* Vermilion Conley & Conley 

Noblesville * Hamilton Kane & Kane 

North Judson Starke Harry C. Miller 

North Manchester.. .Wabash I. E. Gingerick 

North Vernon Jennings F. E. Little 

North Webster Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Oakland City Gibson J. M. & S. L. Vandeveer 

Orleans Orange Refer to Paoli 

Osgood Ripley Refer to Versailles 

Owens ville Gibson Alfred W. Sprague 

Oxford Benton R. W. McConnell 

Paoli * Orange S. R. Lambdin 

Pendleton Madison Lawrence V. Mays 

Pennville Jay Refer to Portland 

Peru* Miami Cole & Cole 

Petersburg Pike J. W. Wilson 

Pierceton Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Pittsboro Hendricks I. H. Palmer 

Plainfield Hendricks H. L. Hanna 

Plymouth * Marshall H. A. Logan 

Portland * Jay Frank B. Jaqua 

Princeton * Gibson Harvey Harmon 

Redkey Jay Refer to Portland 

Rensselaer* Jasper John A. Dunlap 

Richmond * Wayne B. C. Robbins 

Rising Sun * Ohio Charles B. Matson 


Rochester * Fulton Frank H. Terry 

Rockport * Spencer A. Stevenson 

Rockville* Parke White & White 

Rossville Clinton John C. Rogers 

Rushville * Rush W. M. Sparks 

Salem * Washington Mitchell & Mitchell 

Scottsburg * Scott Lawson N. Mace 

Seymour Jackson Oscar H. Montgomery 

Shelbyville * Shelby Myron E. Cole 

Sheridan Hamilton George W. Osborn 

Shirley Hancock Refer to Newcastle 

Shoals * Martin J. B. Marshall 

Sidney Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Silver Lake Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

South Bend * St. Joseph. .Howell, Jones & Devme 

South Whitley Whitley Francis B. Moe 

Spencer * Owen Homer Elliott 

Sullivan * Sullivan Hays & Hays 

Syracuse Kosciusko Refer to Warsaw 

Tell City Perry Refer to Cannelton 

Terre Haute * Vigo 

RoYSE, Dix & Cooper 

Terre Haute Trust Building 

Clarence A. Royse 
George Oscar Dix 
James A. Cooper, Jr. 

Tipton * Tipton GifFord & GifFord 

Troy Perry Isaac Bramel 

Union City Randolph Samuel R. Bell 

Valparaiso * Porter Walter J. Fabing 

Veedersburg Fountain Refer to Covington 

Versailles * Ripley C. H. Willson 

Vevay * Switzezerland F. M. Grifl&th 

Vincennes Knox. . Cullop, Downey & La Plante 

Wabash * Wabash Pettit & Switzer 

Wakarusa Elkhart CO. Bechtel 


Walkerton St. Joseph Slick & Curtis 

Warren Huntington Levi L. Simons 

Warsaw* Kosciusko Wood & Gochenour 

Washington * Daviess . . Hastings, Allen & Hastings 

Waterloo De Kalb George W. Crooks 

West Lebanon Warren Refer to Williamsport 

Westport Decatur John W. Holcomb 

Whiting Lake Frank N. Gavit 

Williamsport* Warren Stansbury & Billings 

Winamac * Pulaski Frank L. Dukes 

Winchester* Randolph Marsh & Jaqua 

Worthington Greene Fred E. Dyer 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abingdon Jefferson Refer to Fairfield 

Ackley Hardin F. J. McGreevy 

Adair Adair F. E. Gates 

Adel* Dallas White, Clarke & Clarke 

Afton Union Refer to Creston 

Akron Plymouth W. T. Kidd 

Albia* Monroe John T. Clarkson 

Algona * Kossuth Jesse L. Bonar 

Allison * Butler W. S. Montgomery 

Alta Buena Vista . . . Refefr to Storm Lake 

Alton Sioux G. W. Pitts 

Ames Story J* Y. Luke 

Anamosa * Jones Remley & Remley 

Anita Cass . . , J. E. Bruce 

Anthon Woodbury H. B. Walling 

Athelstan Taylor Refer to Bedford 

Atlantic * Cass C. A. Meredith 

Audubon * Audubon Cosson & Ross 

Aurelia Cherokee Refer to Storm Lake 

Avoca Pottawattamie Turner & Cullison 

Bancroft Kossuth Jesse L. Bonar 

Batavia Jefferson Refer to Fairfield 

Bayard Guthrie M. J. Hallinan 

Bedford * Taylor Crum, Jaqua & Crum 

Belle Plaine Benton C. W. E. Snyder 

Bellevue Jackson J. C. Campbell 

Belmond Wright Refer to Clarion 

Birmingham Van Buren W. S. Allen 

Blairstown Benton P. H. Lynch 

Blockton Taylor Refer to Bedford 

Bloomfield * Davis H. C. Taylor 

Boone* Boone Goody koontz & Mahoney 

Britt Hancock John Hammill 

Brooklyn Poweshiek Talbott & Talbott 


IOWA 71 

Burlington * Des Moines 

Huston, Holsteen & Hill 

Parsons Block 

Emory S. Huston 
Fred. S. Holsteen 
George E. Hill 

Carroll * Carroll Reynolds & Meyers 

Carson Pottawattamie Ira R. Stitt 

Casey Guthrie A. M. Fagan 

Cedar Falls Blackhawk J. B. Newman 

Cedar Rapids Linn 

Redmond & Stewart 

Cedar Rapids Savings Bank Building 

John M. Redmond 
John D. Stewart 

Centerville * Appanoose Porter & Greenleaf 

Chariton * Lucas J. A. Penick 

Charles City* Floyd Frank Lingenf elder 

Cherokee * Cherokee McCulla & McCulla 

Cincinnati Appanoose J. C. McDonald 

Clarence Cedar S. S. Crittenden 

Clarinda * Page Stipe & Stevens 

Clarion * Wright Ladd & Rogers 

Clarksville Butler C. G. Burling 

Clearfield Taylor Refer to Bedford 

Clear Lake Cerro Gordo Ira W. Jones 

Clinton* Clinton Wolfe & Wolfe 

Colfax Jasper Cragan Brothers 

Columbus Junction. .Louisa F. M. Molsberry 

Conway Taylor Refer to Bedford 

Coon Rapids .Carroll Charles C. Browning 

Coralville Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Coming * Adams Ray Maxwell 

Correctionville Woodbury Earl Edmunds 

Corydon * Wayne Poston & Murrow 

72 IOWA 

Council Bluffs * .. . Pottawattamie 

Isaac N. Flickinger 
Shugart Block 

Cresco * Howard Edwin A. Church 

Creston * ... Union P. C. Winters 

Daven1*ort* Scott 

Cook & Balluff 

220 Main Street 

Reuel B. Cook 
Walter M. BallufF 

Decorah * Winneshiek E. W. Cutting 

Denison* Crawford Conner & Lally 

Des Moines * Polk 

Coffin & Hippee 

Hippee Building 

Nathan E. Coffin 
Hernandon P. Hippee 

S. Robert Hazard 
De Witt Clinton . . . .Pascal, Pascal & Pascal 

Dubuque * Dubuque 

Brown & Lacy 

Lincoln Building 

Glenn Brown 
Frank R. Lacy 

Dunlap Harrison M. B. Baily 

Dyersville Dubuque John B. & A. M. Utt 

Dysart Tama Refer to Traer 

Eagle Grove Wright McGrath & Archerd 

Earlville Delaware W. I. Millen 

Eddyville Wapello Refer to Oskaloosa 

IOWA 73 

Eldon Wapello Daugherty & Taylor 

Eldora * Hardin E. H. Lundy 

Elkader* Clayton A. J. Palas 

Elkhart Polk Ralph A. Clark 

Elliott Montgomery' Refer to Red Oak 

Ellsworth Hamilton. . . . Refer to Webster City 

Elma Howard H. L. Spaulding 

Emmetsburg* Palo Alto Davidson & Burt 

Estherville * Emmet James W. Morse 

Exira Audubon T. M. Rasmussen 

Fairfield * Jefferson Thoma & Thoma 

Farmington Van Buren W. D. McCormick 

Fayette Fayette O. W. Stevenson 

Fonda Pocahontas .... Refer to Storm Lake 

Fontanelle Adair Charles T. Launder 

Forest City* Winnebago Jensen & Jensen 

Fort Dodge * W^ebster 

Healy, Bumquist & Thomas 

Fort Madison Lee E. C. Weber 

Garden Grove Decatur S. H. Amos 

Gamer* Hancock Ramsay & Biackstone 

Garwin Tama R. P. Fitzgerald 

Gladbrook Tama Refer to Toledo 

Glasgow Jefferson Refer to Fairfield 

Glen wood * Mills Genung & Genung 

Grand Junction Greene W. W. Turner 

Gravity Taylor Refer to Bedford 

Greene Butler Moulton Hartness 

Greenfield* Adair Harry J. Chapman 

Grinnell Poweshiek Raybum & Lyman 

Griswold Cass W. C. Bryant 

Grundy Center*. . . .Grundy... Williamson & Willoughby 

Guthrie Center*. . . -Guthrie Sayles & Taylor 

Guttenberg Clayton A. H. Borman 

Hamburg Fremont T. S. Stevens 

Hampton * Franklin E. P. Andrews 

Harlan * Shelby Byers & Byers 

Hartley O'Brien J- T. Conn 

74 IOWA 

Hawarden Sioux Clarence A. Plank 

Hills Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Holstein Ida Refer to Manchester 

Humboldt Humboldt Prouty & Prouty 

Humeston Wayne , . . . . Refer to Corydon 

Ida Grove* Ida M. M. White 

Independence * Buchanan Cook & Cook 

Indianola * Warren Berry & Watson 

Iowa City* Johnson Otto & Otto 

Iowa Falls Hardin Bryson & Bryson 

Jefferson * Greene Wilson & Albert 

Jewell Hamilton . . . Refer to Webster City 

Keokuk * Lee Hollingsworth & Blood 

Keosauqua* Van Buren Walker & McBeth 

Keota Keokuk Frederick Smith 

Kingsley Plymouth J. M. Wormley 

Knoxville * Marion Crozier & Welch 

Lake City Calhoun J. W. Jacobs 

Lake Mills Winnebago . . . Thomas A. Kingland 

Lake Park Dickinson ^ . W. J. Bock 

Lamoni Decatur B. M. Russell 

Lansing Allamakee J- P* Conway 

Laporte City Blackhawk W. E. Hauger 

Le Mars * Plymouth . . . Roseberry & Roseberry 

Lenox Taylor Refer to Bedford 

Leon * Decatur C. W. Hoffman 

Lewis Cass Frank J. Macomber 

Liberty ville Jefferson Refer to Fairfield 

Lineville Wayne C. W. Elson 

Lisbon Linn E. A. Johnson 

Little Sioux Harrison L. H. Bassett 

Logan * Harrison C. A. Bolter 

Lone Tree Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Lyons Clinton W. H. Childs 

McGregor Clayton M. X. Geske 

Malvern Mills A. E. Cook 

Manchester* Delaware W. H. Norris 

Manning Carroll Douglas Rogers 

IOWA 75 

Manson Calhoun V. P. McManus 

Mapleton Monona T. B. Lutz 

Maquoketa* Jackson F. D. Kelsey 

Marcus Cherokee Benjamin RadclifFe 

Marengo * Iowa Popham & Havner 

Marion * Linn F. L. Anderson 

Marshalltown * . . . Marshall 

BoARDMAN & Lawrence 

12 East Main Street 

C. H. E. Boardman 
G. W. Lawrence 

Mason City* Cerro Gordo Cliggitt & Smith 

Mechanicsville Cedar C, J. Lynch 

MediapoHs Des Moines . . . William J. McConnell 

Milford Dickinson J. L. Bascom 

Missouri Valley Harrison Clarence W. Kellogg 

Monroe Jasper George Kipp 

Montezuma * Poweshiek R. J. Smith 

Monticello Jones Herrick & Reed 

Morning Sun Louisa Courts & Tomlinson 

Moulton Appanoose H. P. Powers 

Mount Ayr * Ringgold Fuller & Fuller 

Mount Pleasant* .. . .Henry T. M. McAdam 

Mount Vernon Linn C. W. Kepler & Son 

Muscatine* Muscatine Jackson & Jackson 

Nashua Chickasaw J. A. Yarger 

Neola Pottawattamie Riley Clark 

Nevada * Story Edward M. McCall 

Newell Buena Vista . . . Refer to Storm Lake 

New Hampton * Chickasaw M. E. Geiser 

New Market Taylor Refer to Bedford 

New Sharon Mahaska J- C. Heitsman 

Newton * Jasper John E. Cross 

North English Iowa Swift & Bryson 

North Liberty Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Northwood * Worth M. H. Kepler 


76 IOWA 

Oakland Pottawattamie George B. Clark 

Oasis Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Odebolt Sac William A. Helsel! 

Oelwein Fayette Guy W. Backus 

Ogden Boone Refer to Boone 

Onawa * Monona C. E. Cooper 

Orange City * Sioux. . . . Van Oosterhout & Hospers 

Osage * Mitchell George E. Marsh 

Osceola * Clarke Lloyd Thurston 

Oskaloosa * Mahaska Irving C. Johnson 

Ottumwa * Wapello Work & Work 

Oxford Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Packwood Jefferson Refer to Fairfield 

Panora Guthrie Refer to Guthrie Center 

Parkersburg Butler W. T. Evans 

Pella Marion George G. Gaass 

Perlee Jefferson Refer to Fairfield 

Perry Dallas William H. Winegar 

Pocahontas* Pocahontas Ralston & Shaw 

Postville Allamakee Burling & Burling 

Prairie City Jasper 

Clements, Arnold & Clements 

Preston Jackson Frank Wells 

Primghar* O'Brien O. H. Montzheimer 

Randolph Fremont John C. Shockley 

Red Oak * Montgomery Paul W. Richards 

Remsen Plymouth Kass Brothers 

Riceville Mitchell B. N» Hendricks 

Richland Keokuk P. L. Moorman 

Rock Rapids* Lyon C. J. Miller 

Rock Valley* Sioux W. C. Leonard 

Rockwell City * Calhoun M. W. Frick 

Rolfe Pocahontas Robert Bruce 

St. Charles Madison W. A. Tris 

Sabula Jackson G. E. Hilsinger 

Sac City* Sac R. L. McCord 

Salina Jefferson Refer to Fairfield 

Sanborn O'Brien Refer to Sheldon 

IOWA 77 

Scranton Greene Refer to Jefferson 

Seymour Wayne D. H. Kerby 

Sharpsburg Taylor Refer to Bedford 

Sheffield Franklin C. F. Johnson 

Sheldon O'Brien W. D. Boies 

Shell Rock Butler L. G. Artherholt 

Shellsburg Benton Charles F. Stookey 

Shenandoah Page Jennings & Mattox 

Shueyville Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Sibley* Osceola W. C. Garberson 

Sidney * Fremont R. F. Hickman 

Sigourney * Keokuk Stockman & Baker 

Sioux City* Wood bury.. Shull, Sammis & Stilwell 

Sioux Rapids Buena Vista . . . Refer to Storm Lake 

Slater Story S. O. Wald 

Sloan Woodbury Buckley & Calderhead 

Solon Johnson Refer to Iowa City 

Spencer* Clay Buck & Kirkpatrick 

Spirit Lake * Dickinson Francis & Owen 

Springdale Cedar Charles E. Mather 

Stanhope Hamilton . . . Refer to Webster City 

Storm Lake * Buena Vista Bailie & Edson 

Stratford Hamilton .... Refer to Webster City 

Strawberry Point Clayton B. W. Newberry 

Stuart Guthrie F. O. Hinkson 

Sumner Bremer Dawson & Wehrmacher 

Swea City Kossuth Joseph M. Dye 

Tama Tama William S. Gallagher 

Tipton * Cedar J. C. France 

Toledo * Tama Struble & Stiger 

Traer Tama Charles A. Pratt 

Union Hardin Frank K. Long 

Ute Monona Crary & Crary 

Vail Crawford Maurice O'Connor 

Valley Junction Polk Refer to Des Moines 

Villisca Montgomery E. C. Gibbs 

Vinton * Benton Kirkland & White 

Walnut Pottawattamie L. J. Neff 

78 . IOWA 

Wapello * Louisa H. O. Weaver 

Washington Washington W. M. Keeley 

Waterloo * Black Hawk 

Pickett & Swisher 

S2oi Commercial Street 

Charles E. Pickett 
Benjamin F. Swisher 

Waukon* Allamakee William S. Hart 

Waverly * Bremer M. M. Kingsley 

Webster City Hamilton E. J. Lund 

West Branch Cedar George C. Hoover 

West Liberty Muscatine Robert Brooke 

West Union* Fayette Willard J. Ainsworth 

What Cheer Keokuk Refer to Sigourney 

Whittemore Kossuth Refer to Algona 

Williams Hamilton . . . Refer to Webster City 

Williamsburg Iowa R. W. Pugh 

Wilton Junction Muscatine Refer to Muscatine 

Winfield Henry . . . Refer to Mount Pleasant 

Winterset * Madison J. P. Steele 

Woodbine Harrison H. F. Johns 

Wyoming Jones R. M. Corbit 

Yale Guthrie L. M. Swindler 


Cities 6r* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abilene * Dickinson Robert H. Seeds 

Achilles Rawlins Refer to Atwood 

Alma * Wabaunsee C. E. Carroll 

Anthony * Harper A. C. Beeman 

Argentine Wyandotte H. J. Smith 

Arkansas City Cowley J* M. Love 

Arlington Reno Refer to Hutchinson 

Ashland * Clark F. C. Price 

Atchison* Atchison. . .W. W. & W. F. Guthrie 

Attica Harper J- D. Bradley 

Atwood * Rawlins C. A. P. Falconer 

Augusta Butler N. A. Yeager 

Baxter Springs Cherokee Refer to Galena 

Beardsley Rawlins Refer to Atwood 

Beattie Marshall G. T. Helvering 

Belleville* Republic J. M. Livingood 

Beloit * Mitchell Lutz & Jordan 

Blakeman Rawlins Refer to Atwood 

Blue Rapids Marshall J. G. Strong 

Bonner Springs Wyandotte . . . Refer to Kansas City 

Buffalo Wilson Elmer A. Runyan 

Burlingame Osage J- "'^- Pringle 

Burlington * Coffey L. H. Hannen 

Caldwell Sumner Refer to Wellington 

Caney Montgomery George Wark 

Cawker City Mitchell CM. Higley 

Chanute Neosho Farrelly & Evans 

Chardon Rawlins Refer to Atwood 

Cherokee Crawford Refer to Girard 

Cherry vale Montgomery Sullivan Lomax 

Chetopa Labette Refer to Oswego 

Chicopee Crawford Refer to Pittsburg 

Cimarron Gray Refer to Dodge City 

Clay Center* Clay F. L. Williams 

Clyde Cloud C. W. Van De Mark 



CofFeyville Montgomery Charles D. Welch 

Colby * Thomas E. H. Benson 

Coldwater * Comanche Dick H. Rich 

Columbus * Cherokee Al. F. Williams 

Concordia * Cloud Kennett & Hunter 

Cottonwood Falls*. .Chase Johnston Brothers 

Council Grove * Morris C. A. Crowley 

Dighton * Lane J. A. Simmons 

Dodge City * Ford Scates & Watkins 

Downs Osborne Refer to Cawker City 

Eldorado * Butler C. L. Aikman 

Ellis Ellis E. C. Flood 

Ellsworth * Ellsworth Ira E. Lloyd 

Emporia * Lyon Hamer & Ganse 

Erie * Neosho W. R. Cline 

Eskridge Wabaunsee J. R. Moreland 

Eureka * Greenwood . . . Howard J. Hodgson 

Fort Scott* Bourbon Austin M. Keene 

Frankfort Marshall Gregg & Gregg 

Fredonia * Wilson J. T. Cooper 

Galena Cherokee Sapp & Wilson 

Garden City * Finney Wm. Easton Hutchison 

Garnett* Anderson W. O. Knight 

Girard * Crawford Daniel G. Smith 

Glen Elder Mitchell Refer to Cawker City 

Goodland * Sherman E. F. Murphy 

Gove * Gove O. B. Jones 

Great Bend * Barton Russell & Russell 

Greensburg * Kiowa L. M. Day 

Grenola Elk J. F. Deal 

Hanover Washington . . . Refer to Washington 

Harper Harper Washbon & Washbon 

Haven Reno Refer to Hutchinson 

Hays* Ellis CM. Holmquist 

Herington Dickinson F. D. Carman 

Hemdon Rawlins Refer to Atwood 

Hiawatha * Brown Ryan & Ryan 

Hill City* Graham F. D. Turck 


Holton * . . Jackson Hursh & Sloan 

Horton Brown Refer to Hiawatha 

Howard* Elk A. F. Sims 

Hoxie* Sheridan William H. Clark 

Humboldt Allen Refer to lola 

Hutchinson * Reno Ray H. Tinder 

Independence * Montgomery S. H. Piper 

lola * Allen Bennett & Cullison 

Ionia Jewell Refer to Cawker City 

Jetmore * Hodgeman W. S. Kenyon 

Jewell Jewell R. C. Postlethwaite 

Johnson * Stanton Refer to New Ulysses 

Junction City* Geary James V. Humphrey 

Kansas City * Wyandotte 

Angevine, Cubbison & Holt 

Kingman * Kingman George L. Hay 

Kinsley * Edwards W. E. Broadie 

Kiowa Barber F. F. Perry 

La Crosse * Rush Henry L. Anderson 

La Cygne Linn C. F. Trinkle 

La Harpe Allen C. L. Evans 

Lakin * Kearney A. R. Hetzer 

Langdon Reno Refer to Hutchinson 

Larned * Pawnee H. S. Rogers 

Lawrence * Douglas Ord Clingman 

Leavenworth * Leavenworth . . . William W. Hooper 

Leoti * Wichita W. C. Dickey 

Le Roy CofFey C. T. High 

Liberal* Seward V. H. Grinstead 

Lincoln * Lincoln E. A. McFarland 

Logan Phillips T. M. Sullivan 

Ludell Rawlins Refer to Atwood 

Lyndon * Osage J* H. Stavely 

Lyons * Rice BrinckerhofF & Stahl 

McPherson* McPherson D. P. Lindsay 

Madison Greenwood Refer to Eureka 

Manhattan * Riley R. P. Evans 

Mankato * Jewell W. R. Mitchell 


Marion * Marion D. W. Wheeler 

Marysville * Marshall T. H. Polack 

Meade * Meade H. Llewellyn Jones 

Medicine Lodge * . . . Barber Noble & Tincher 

Minneapolis * Ottawa F. D. Boyce 

Molinc Elk Owtn S. Myers 

Mound City* Linn J. O. Morse 

Neodesha Wilson C. W. Shinn 

Ness City* Ness A. S. Foulks 

Newton * Harvey H. C. Bowman 

New Ulysses * Grant T. W. Marshall 

Nickerson. . Reno Refer to Hutchinson 

Norton * Norton L. H. Thompson 

Oberlin* Decatur J. P. Noble 

Olathe * Johnson Little & Little 

Osage City Osage J. E. Jones 

Osawatomie Miami Frank M. Sheridan 

Osborne * Osborne Hawkes & Else 

Oskaloosa * Jefferson H. T. Phinney 

Oswego * Labette Stanton J. Mattox 

Ottawa * Franklin Pleasant & Pleasant 

Paoli* Miami B. T. Riley 

Parsons Labette Glasse & Burton 

Perry Jefferson J. C. Mitchell 

Phillipsburg Phillips C. Mansfield Mills 

Pittsburg Crawford John M. Wayde 

Pleasanton Linn A. M. Kent 

Pratt * Pratt Barrett & Turner 

Richfield * Morton Refer to New Ulysses 

Rosedale Wyandotte . . . Refer to Kansas City 

Russell * Russell L. B. Beardsley 

St. Francis* Cheyenne J* L. Finley 

St. John* Stafford Ray H. Beals 

St. Marys Pottawatomie Maurice Murphy 

Salina * Saline David Ritchie 

Scammon Cherokee Refer to Columbus 

Scott* Scott H. A. Russell 

Sedan * Chautauqua J. E. Brooks 


Sedgwick Harvey C. L. Foster 

Seneca * Nemaha Wells & Wells 

Sharon Springs * . . . . Wallace D. R. Beckstrom 

Smith Center * Smith E. S. Rice 

Stafford Stafford Refer to St. John 

Sterling Rice J« H. Smith 

Stockton * Rooks 0.0. Osborne 

Syracuse * Hamilton George Getty 

Thayer Neosho J. M. Dunsmore 

Tipton Mitchell Refer to Cawker City 

Tonganoxie Leavenworth 

McNaughton & McNaughton 

ToPEKA * Shawnee 


Mulvane Building 

David W. Mulvane 
Charles E. Gault 

Toronto Woodson . . . .Refer to Yates Center 

Tribune * Greeley William M. Glenn 

Troy * Doniphan A. C. Bell 

Ulysses Grant Refer to New Ulysses 

Valley Falls Jefferson Refer to Oskaloosa 

Wa Keeney * Trego I. T. Purcell 

Wamego Pottawatomie . Refer to Westmoreland 

Washington * Washington J« W. Rector 

Waverly Coffey J. L. Senior 

Weir Cherokee F. A. Walker 

Wellington* Sumner Charles E. Elliott 

Westmoreland * Pottawatomie . . Challis & Brookens 

Wichita* Sedgwick 

Stanley, Vermilion & Evans 
11'/ East Douglas Avenue 
W. E. Stanley 


R. R. Vermilion 


Wichita* Sedwick (Continued) 

Stanley, Vermilion & Evans (Continued) 

iiy East Douglas Avenue 

Earle W. Evans 
Joseph G. Carey 

W. F. Lilleston 
Hal M. Black 

Wilson Ellsworth A. J. Moore 

Winfield * Cowlev Buckman & Bloss 

Yates Center* Woodson J- C. Culver 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Adairville Logan J. B. Grubbs 

Albany * Clinton S. G. Smith 

Alexandria * Campbell Refer to Newport 

Annville Jackson Granville Riley 

Ashland Boyd Proctor K. Malin 

Augusta Bracken Refer to Brooksville 

Barbourville * Knox J- D- Tuggle 

Bardstown* Nelson John A. Fulton 

Bardwell * Carlisle John E. Kane 

Beatty ville * Lee J. K. Roberts 

Beaver Dam Ohio Refer to Hartford 

Bedford* Trimble D. L. Bell 

Bentley Pike Refer to Pikeville 

Benton * Marshall E. L. Cooper 

Booneville * Owsley J« C. Eversole 

Bowling Green*. . . .Warren Max. B. Harlin 

Brandenberg* Meade J- M. Richardson 

Brooksville * Bracken M.J. Hennessy 

Brownsville * Edmonson . Refer to Bowling Green 

Burkesville * Cumberland J. O. Ewing 

Burlington * Boone S. W. Tolin 

Cadiz* Trigg Denny P. Smith 

Calhoun* McLean J. H. Miller 

Campbellsville * Taylor J- T. Moss 

Campton * Wolfe Refer to Frenchburg 

Carlisle * Nicholas Swinford & Swinford 

Carrollton * Carroll Winslow & Howe 

Catlettsburg * Boyd John F. Coldiron 

Central City Muhlenberg James Stroud 

Clinton * Hickman Joe W. Bennett 

Columbia* Adair W. W. Jones 

Corbin Whitley Charles Walker 

Covington Kenton Charles A. J. Walker 

Cynthiana * Harrison Hanson Peterson 

Danville * Boyle Charles C. Fox 



Dixon * Webster Hunt & Bennett 

Dorton Pike Refer to Pikeville 

Eddyville* Lyon Newton W. Utley 

Edmonton* Metcalfe J- W. Kinnaird 

Elizabethtown * Hardin J* R* Layman 

Elkatawa Breathitt Refer to Jackson 

Elkton* Todd Petrie & Standard 

Eminence Henry D. A. Sachs, Jr. 

Erlander Kenton Refer to Covington 

Falmouth * Pendleton E. S. Clarke 

Flemingsburg* Fleming J. P. McCartney 

Frankfort* Franklin 

Brown & Nuckols 

United American Insurance Building 

Eli Huston Brown, Jr. 
Lewis Allen Nuckols 

Franklin* Simpson G. T. Finn 

Frenchburg* Menifee Caudle & Day 

Fulton Fulton Herschel T. Smith 

Georgetown * Scott Bradley & Bradley 

Glasgow * Barren C. H. Hatchett 

Grayson * Carter Wilhoit & Wilhoit 

Greensburg* Green J. Henry 

Greenup * Greenup E. E. Fullerton 

Greenville* Muhlenberg Taylor & Eaves 

Hardinsburg* Breckinridge Allen R. Kincheloe 

Harlan * Harlan Elmore Bradley 

Harrodsburg * Mercer R. W. Keenon 

Hartford Ohio Ernest Woodward 

Hawesville * Hancock J« R« Higdon 

Hazard * Perry Wootton & Morgan 

Hazel Green Wolfe Refer to Campton 

Hellier Pike Refer to Pikeville 

Henderson * Henderson Yeaman & Yeaman 

Hickman * Fulton H. F. Remley 

Hindman * Knott Smith & Combs 


Hodgcnville * Larue Otis M. Mather 

Hopkinsville * Christian Hunter Wood & Son 

Hyden* Leslie Cleon K. Calvert 

Inez* Martin M. C. Kirk 

Irvine * . '. Estill Riddell & Friend 

Jackson* Breathitt O. H. Pollard 

Jamestown * Russell Joseph H. Stone 

Jamboree Pike Refer to Pikeville 

Jellico Whitley Refer to Williamsburg 

Kewanne. Pike Refer to Pikeville 

Kirksville . Madison Refer to Richmond 

Kuttavva Lyon Refer to Eddyville 

La Grange* Oldham D. H. French 

Lancaster* Gerrard Lewis L. Walker 

Lawrenceburg * Anderson Lillard Carter 

Lebanon * Marion Hugh P. Cooper 

Leitchfield * Grayson W. O. Jones 

Lexington * Fayette 

Clinton M. Harbison 

Security Trust Building 

Liberty * Casey E. C. Moore 

London * Laurel Hazlewood & Johnson 

Louisa * Lawrence W. D. O'Neal 

Louisville* Jefferson 

Blakey, Quin & Lewis 

Inter-Southern Building 
Cable Address: "Blalew" 

Clayton B. Blakey 
Huston Quin 
Leon P. Lewis 

Ludlow Kenton Herbert Jackson 

McKee* Jackson C. P. Moore 

Madisonville * Hopkins C. J. Waddill 

Manchester * Clay Rawlings & Wright 


Marion * Crittenden C. S. Nunn 

Mayfield *. Graves Aubrey L. Hester 

Maysville* Mason A. D. Cole 

Middlesboro Bell W. E. Cabell 

Monticello* Wayne W. R. Cress & Son 

Morehead * Rowan J. W. Riley 

Morganfield * Union Drury & Drury 

Morgantown * Butler G. V. Willis 

Mount Olivet * Robertson Robert Buckler 

Mount Sterling* Montgomery Henry R. Prewitt 

Mount Vernon * . . . . Rock Castle J. W. Brown 

Mouthcard Pike Refer to Pikcvillc 

Munfordville * Hart Watkins & Cardcn 

Murray * Colloway Coleman & Wells 

Newcastle * Henry R. D. Jackson 

Newport Campbell Charles P. Carothers 

Nicholasville * Jessamine N. L. Bronaugh 

Olive Hill Carter H. L. Woods 

Owensboro * Daviess R. A. Miller 

Owenton* Owen Refer to Walton 

Owingsville * Bath C. W. Goodpaster 

Paducah * McCracken 

Berry & Grassham 

City National Bank Building 

W. A. Berry 
C. C. Grassham 

Paintsville * Johnson Fogg & Kirk 

Paris * Bourbon E. M. Dickson 

Penny Pike Refer to Pikcvillc 

Pikeville * Pike Horatio S. Howard 

Pine Knot McCreary . . . Refer to Williamsburg 

Pineville * Bell Patterson & Ingram 

Praise Pike Refer to Pikeville 

Prestonsburg* Floyd Harkins & Harkins 

Princeton * Caldwell J. C. Gates 

Richmond * Madison . . . Greenleaf & Herrington 


Robbins Breathitt Refer to Jackson 

Russellville * Logan G. W. Merritt 

Salyersville * Magoffin E. B. Arnett 

Sandy Hook* Elliott J. A. Gray 

Scottsville * Allen Goad & Oliver 

Shelbyville * Shelby J. C. Beckham & Son 

Shepherdsvillc * Bullitt J. F. Combs 

Smithland* Livingston C. H. Wilson 

Somerset * Pulaski Waddle & Waddle 

Springfield* Washington W. C. McChord 

Stanford * Lincoln J. N. Saunders 

Stanton * Powell Anthony H. Norton 

Taylorsville * Spencer L. W. Ross 

Tompkinsville * Monroe Henry L. Harlan 

Valley View Madison Refer to Richmond 

Vanceburg* Lewis R. D. Wilson 

Versailles * Woodford F. McLeod 

Walton Boone Charles Strother 

Warsaw* Gallatin R. B. Brown 

West Liberty* Morgan W. M. Gardner 

Whitesburg* Letcher S. C. Tyree 

Whitley City McCreary . . . Refer to Williamsburg 

WickliflFe* Ballard Henry F. Turner 

Williamsburg* Whitley Tie & Siler 

Williamstown * Grant C. H. Beasley 

Winchester* Clark J- M. Stevenson 


Cities 6* Towns Parishes Lawyers 

Abbeville* Vermilion Kitchell & Bailey 

Adeline St. Mary Refer to Franklin 

Alexandria* Rapides 

Blackman, Overton, Mims & Dawkins 

Amite* Tangipahoa C. Elliott 

Arcadia * Bienville J* E- Reynolds 

Baldwin St. Mary Refer to Franklin 

Bastrop * Morehouse Fred M. Odom 

Baton Rouge* E. Baton Rouge . . . Kernan & Wall 

Benton * Bossier Joannes Smith 

Berwick St. Mary Refer to Franklin 

Bogalusa Washington Bascom D. Talley 

Centerville St. Mary Refer to Franklin 

Clinton * E. Feliciana . . . Kilbourne & Walker 

Colfax* Grant J. B. Roberts 

Columbia* Caldwell C. P. Thornhill 

Coushatta * Red River Nettles & Teer 

Covington * St. Tammany ...... Ellis & White 

Crowley * Acadia Philip S. Pugh 

De Ridder Beauregard 

Stewart, Powell & Ferguson 

Donaldsonville * . . . .Ascension Walter Lemann 

Eden La Salle Refer to Jena 

Farmerville * Union H. E. Dawkins 

Floyd * West Carroll . . Munholland & Reeves 

Franklin * St. Mary Borah & Himel 

Franklinton* Washington Ott, Johnson & Ott 

Frierson De Soto Refer to Mansfield 

Garden City St. Mary Refer to Franklin 

Grand Cane De Soto Refer to Mansfield 

Greensburg * St. Helena W. T. Holland 

Gretna * Jefferson F. A. Middleton 

Hammond Tangipahoa Refer to Amite 

Harrisonburg* Catahoula M. C. Thompson 

Homer * Claiborne Thomas T. Land 



Houma* Terre Bonne H. M. Wallis, Jr. 

Jena * La Salle Francis E. Jones 

Jennings Calcasieu Modisette & Adams 

Jonesboro Jackson W. L. Bagwell 

Keatchie De Soto Refer to Mansfield 

Lafayette* Lafayette Charles D. CafFery 

Lake Arthur Calcasieu Refer to Lake Charles 

Lake Charles* Calcasieu Robert R. Stone 

Lake Providence * . . . E. Carroll Snyder & Gilfoil 

Leesville * Vernon Monk & O'Neal 

Logansport De Soto Refer to Mansfield 

Mansfield * De Soto Parsons & Craig 

Many * Sabine J- H. Boone 

Marksville * Avoyelles J. W. JoflFrion 

Minden * Webster Stewart & Stewart 

Monroe * Ouachita... Stubbs, Russell & Theus 

Morgan City St. Mary Refer to Franklin 

Napoleonville * Assumption Guion & Talbot 

Natchitoches * Natchitoches . Scarborough & Carver 

New Iberia * Iberia Burke & Burke 

New Orleans* Orleans 


Weis Building 

Edouard F. Henriques 
Charles A. Duchamp 

New Roads * Pointe Coupee Hewes & Smith 

Opelousas * St. Landry Lewis & Lewis 

Patterson St. Mary Refer to Franklin 

Plaquemine * Iberville Paul G. Borron 

Pointe a la Hache* .. Plaquemines John Dymond, Jr. 

Ponchatoula Tangipahoa F. W. Sherman 

Rayne Acadia Refer to Crowley 

Rayville * Richland C. J. Ellis 

Ruston * Lincoln H. B. Warren 

St. Bernard* St. Bernard... Refer to New Orleans 

St. Francisville *. . . .West Feliciana. . S. McC. Lawrason 



St. Joseph* Tensas Young & Young 

St. Martinville* St. Martin R. Martin 

Shreveport* Caddo D. C. Scarborough, Jr. 

Standard La Salle Refer to Jena 

Tallulah * Madison Snyder & Gilfoil 

Thibodaux * Lafourche J* A. Coignet 

Vidalia* Concordia Calhoun & Calhoun 

Washburn De Soto Refer to Mansfield 

Winnfield * Winn Grisham & Oglesby 

Winnsboro * Franklin C. L. Berry 


CUies 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Auburn * Androscoggin John A. Morrill 

Augusta * Kennebec 

William H. Fisher 
20/ Water Street 

Bangor* Penobscot Morse & Cook 

Bar Harbor Hancock Deasy & Lyman 

Bath * Sagadahoc Arthur J. Dunton 

Belfast* Waldo Dunton & Morse 

Berwick York Edward F. Gowell 

Bethel Oxford Herrick & Park 

Biddeford York .Cleaves, Waterhouse & Emery 

Blue Hill Hancock Refer to Ellsworth 

Booth Bay Harbor. . .Lincoln John W. Brackett 

Bridgton Cumberland D. E. Chaplin 

Brownville Piscataquis Hiram Gerrish 

Brunswick Cumberland . . . Edward W. Wheeler 

Bucksport Hancock T. H. Smith 

Calais Washington . . . .James M. Beckett 

Camden Knox Reuel Robinson 

Caribou Aroostook Cyrus F. Small 

Cornish York Walter P. Perkins 

Damariscotta Lincoln Howard E. Hall 

Dexter Penobscot Freeman D. Dearth 

Dixfield Oxford John S. Harlow 

Dover* Piscataquis Guernsey & Hall 

Eastport Washington Irvin G. McLarren 

Ellsworth * Hancock Peters & Knowlton 

Fairfield Somerset Weeks & Weeks 

Farmington * Franklin E. E. Richards 

Fort Fairfield Aroostook Powers & Guild 

Fort Kent Aroostook Dana L. Theriault 

Foxcroft Piscataquis Charles W. Hayes 

Freeport Cumberland Robert E. Randall 



Fryeburg Oxford E. E. Hastings 

Gardiner Kennebec G. W. Heselton 

Gorham Cumberland John A. Waterman 

Guilford Piscataquis Hudson & Hudson 

Hallowell Kennebec Refer to Augusta 

Houlton * Aroostook Willard S. Lewin 

Kennebunk York Walter L. Dane 

Kittery York Refer to York Village 

Lewiston Androscoggin . McGillicuddy&Morey 

Limerick York J. Merrill Lord 

Lisbon Falls Androscoggin . . . Henry E. Coolidge 

Livermore Falls Androscoggin LB. Clary 

Lubec Washington James H. Gray 

Mckinley Hancock . Refer to Southwest Harbor 

Machias * Washington . . C. B. & E. C. Donworth 

Madison Somerset W. B. Brown 

Mechanic Falls Androscoggin J. M. Libby 

Millbridge Washington H. H. Gray 

Millinocket Penobscot Stevens & Stevens 

Milo Piscataquis Refer to Dover 

Newport Penobscot William H. Mitchell 

North Berwick York E. P. Spinney 

Norway Oxford A. J. Stearns 

Oakland Kennebec George W. Field 

Old town Penobscot. .William H. Waterhouse 

Orono Penobscot C. J. Dunn 

Paris Oxford See South Paris 

Phillips Franklin Timberlake & Noble 

Pittsfield Somerset Manson & Coolidge 

Portland* Cumberland 

Peabody & Peabody 

Union Mutual Building 

Clarence W. Peabody 
Henry A. Peabody 

Presque Isle Aroostook Charles F. Daggett 

Readfield Kennebec .... Ellsworth E. Peacock 


Richmond Sagadahoc CD. Newell 

Rockland* Knox S. T. Kimball 

Rumford Oxford Bisbee & Parker 

Saco York James O. Bradbury 

Sanford York George W. Hanson 

Sangerville Piscataquis Refer to Dover 

Skowhegan * Somerset George W. Gower 

South Berwick York CD. Varney 

South Paris * Oxford Walter L. Gray 

Southwest Harbor . . .Hancock George R. Fuller 

Springvale York Howard Frost 

Thomaston Knox J- E. Moore 

Van Buren Aroostook P. C Keegan 

Waldoboro Lincoln . . .Refer to Booth Bay Harbor 

Washburn Aroostook Greene & Beck 

Waterville Kennebec Johnson & Perkins 

Westbrook Cumberland William Lyons 

Wilton Franklin C N. Blanchard 

Winterport Waldo Refer to Belfast 

Winthrop Kennebec H. E. Foster 

Wiscasset * Lincoln Refer to Bath 

York Village York John C Stewart 


Cities 6r» Towns Counties Lawyers 

Aberdeen Harford Septimus Davis 

Annapolis* Anne Arundel... .James M. Munroe 



2i§ North Charles Street 
Cable Address: "Hinkley" 

John Hinkley 
Thomas Foley Hisky 
Louis J. Burger 
Frederick J. Singley 

George J. Tinsley 
Alexander L. Seth 

Barton Allegany Refer to Cumberland 

Bel Air* Harford Henry A. Whitaker 

Bennings Prince George... Refer to Hyattsville 

Berlin Worcester Calvin B. Taylor 

Berwyn Prince George. . Refer to Hyattsville 

Bladensburg Prince George 

Marion Duckett & Son 

Brentwood Prince George. . Refer to Hyattsville 

Brunswick Frederick Refer to Frederick 

Cambridge * Dorchester.. . . Emerson C. Harrington 

Cardiff Harford Refer to Bel Air 

Centerville * Queen Anne J. Frank Harper 

Chestertown * Kent L. W. Wickes 

Cockeysville Baltimore Refer to Towson 

Crisfield Somerset Clarence P. Lankford 

Cumberland Allegany Albert A. Doub 

Darlington Harford Refer to Bel Air 

Denton * Caroline Fred R. Owens 

Easton* Talbot T. Hughlett Henry 

Eckhart Allegany Refer to Cumberland 

Edgewood Harford Refer to Bel Air 



Elkton * Cecil William T. Warburton 

Ellicott City * Howard James Clark 

Emmitsburg Frederick Refer to Frederick 

Fallston Harford Refer to Bel Air 

Federalsburg Caroline Refer to Denton 

Forest Hill Harford Refer to Bel Air 

Frederick* Frederick Jacob Rohrback 

Frostburg Allegany Refer to Cumberland 

Girdietree Worcester Refer to Snow Hill 

Hagerstown * Washington . . Wagaman & Wagaman 

Hancock Washington John T. Mason 

Havre de Grace Harford P. L. Hopper 

Hyattsville Prince George 

Marion Duckett & Son 

Jarrettsville Harford Refer to Bel Air 

La Plata * Charles Walter J. Mitchell 

Laurel Prince George Ogle Marbury 

Leonard town * St. Mary Combs & Loker 

Liberty town Frederick Refer to Frederick 

Lonaconing Allegany Refer to Cumberland 

Middletown Frederick Refer to Frederick 

Midland Allegany Refer to Cumberland 

Mount Savage Allegany Refer to Cumberland 

Mt. Ranier Prince George. . Refer to Hyattsville 

Oakland* Garrett Julius C. Renninger 

Perrymans Harford Refer to Bel Air 

Pocomoke City Worcester L. Paul Ewell 

Port Deposit Cecil Refer to Elkton 

Prince Fredericktown * Calvert John B. Gray 

Princess Anne * Somerset H. Fillmore Lankford 

Rising Sun Cecil Refer to Elkton 

Riverdale Prince George. . Refer to Hyattsville 

Rockville* Montgomery John A. Garrett 

St. Denis Baltimore Refer to Towson 

St. Michaels Talbot W. D. J. Morris 

Salisbury * Wicomico 

Ellegood, Freeny & Wailes 
Smithsburg Washington. . Stonebraker & Spessard 


Snow Hill * Worcester John W. Staton 

Stockton Worcester Refer to Snow Hill 

Thurmont Frederick Refer to Frederick 

Towson * Baltimore T. Scott OfFutt 

Upper Marlboro * . . . Prince George 

Thosmas Vervan Clagett 

Van Bibber Harford Refer to Bel Air 

Walkersville Frederick Refer to Frederick 

Western Port Allegany Horace P. Whitworth 

Westminster* Carroll J. Milton Reifsnider 


Cities 6t» Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abington Plymouth Coughlan Brothers 

Adams Berkshire Shaw & Harrington 

Amesbury Essex A. W. Reddy 

Amherst Hampshire John Hamlin 

Andover Essex W. Odiin 

Arlington Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Athol Worcester A. Foster Hamilton 

Attleboro Bristol Frank I. Babcock 

Ayer Middlesex John M. Maloney 

Baldwinsville Worcester Refer to Fitchburg 

Barnstable * Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Barre Worcester E. Bert Johnson 

Belchertown Hampshire Refer to Amherst 

Belmont Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Beverly Essex Albert Boyden 

Blackstone Worcester Francis N. Thayer 

Boston * Suffolk 

Boyden, Palfrey, Bradlee & Twombly 

84 State Street 
Cable Address: ''Boybly" 

Albert Boyden 
John G. Palfrey 
Edward C. Bradlee 
Howland Twombly 

Frank S. White 
Richard H. Wiswall 
Rodney E. Ross 

Bourne Barnstable Edward S. Ellis 

Braintree Norfolk Refer to Boston 

Brewster Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Bridgewater Plymouth G. W. Folsom 

Brockton Plymouth.... Chamberlain & Fletcher 



Brookfield Worcester A. F. Butterworth 

Brookline Norfolk Refer to Boston 

Cambridge Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Cambridgeport Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Campello Plymouth Refer to Brockton 

Canton Norfolk Refei to Boston 

Charlestown Suffolk Refer to Boston 

Chatham Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Chelsea Suffolk Refer to Boston 

Chicopee Hampden Refer to Springfield 

Chicopee Falls Hampden Refer to Springfield 

Clinton Worcester Walsh & Walsh 

Cohasset Norfolk Refer to Hingham 

Concord Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Dalton Berkshire Refer to Pittsfield 

Danvers Essex Jackson & Jackson 

Dedham * Norfolk Refer to Boston 

Dennis Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

East Bridgewater Plymouth Herbert C. Thorndike 

East Brookfield Worcester Refer to Worcester 

Eastham Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Easthampton Hampshire Refer to Northampton 

East Weymouth .... Norfolk Refer to Weymouth 

Edgartown * Dukes C. G. M. Dunham 

Essex Essex Refer to Salem 

Everett Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Fall River* Bristol . Jennings & Brayton 

Falmouth Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Fitchburg* Worcester Walsh & Walsh 

Foxboro Norfolk Ezra C. Comey 

Framingham Middlesex 

Meiriam, Hooper & Milton 

Franklin Norfolk Refer to Boston 

Gardner Worcester Owen A. Hoban 

Georgetown Essex Harry E. Perkins 

Gloucester Essex Lincoln S. Simonds 

Grafton Worcester Refer to Worcester 

Great Barrington. . . .Berkshire Collins & Giddings 


Greenfield* Franklin . . . .William A. Davenport 

Hadley Hampshire Refer to Amherst 

Hanover Plymouth Refer to Hingham 

Harwich Barnstable Clenric H. Cahoon 

Haverhill Essex 

Peters, Cole & Tilton 

IQ^ Merrimack Street 

W. Scott Peters 
Harry J. Cole 
Frederick H. Tilton 

Hingham Plymouth Elmer L. Curtiss 

Hingham Center. . . . Plymouth Refer to Hingham 

Holliston Middlesex J. P. Dexter 

Holyoke Hampden Refer to Springfield 

Hudson Middlesex H. Harding Hale 

Hull Plymouth Refer to Hingham 

Hyannis Barnstable Charles C. Paine 

Hyde Park Norfolk Refer to Boston 

Ipswich Essex George H. W. Hayes 

Lawrence * Essex Rowell & Clay 

Lee Berkshire James O'Brien 

Lenox Berkshire Refer to Lee 

Leominster Worcester Harry C. Bascom 

Leverett Franklin Refer to Amherst 

Lexington Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Lowell* Middlesex 

John C. Leggat 
Traders Bank Building 

Lynn Essex Hannan & Healey 

Maiden Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Manchester Essex Refer to Salem 

Mansfield Bristol Refer to Boston 

Marblehead Essex E. B. O'Brien 


Marlboro Middlesex J. J. Shaughnessy 

Marshfield Plymouth Refer to Plymouth 

Medford Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Melrose Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Merrimac Essex T. H. Hoyt 

Methuen Essex Christopher H. Rogers 

Middleboro Plymouth G. W. Stetson 

Milford Worcester Williams & Vincent 

Millbury Worcester Thomas H. Sullivan 

Milton Norfolk Refer to Boston 

Nantasket Plymouth Refer to Hingham 

Nantucket* Nantucket Refer to New Bedford 

Natick Middlesex W. R. Bigelow 

Needham Norfolk Refer to Boston 

New Bedford * Bristol Perry, Jenney & Potter 

Newburyport * Essex Ernest Foss 

Newton Middlesex Refer to Boston 

North Adams Berkshire P- J* Ashe 

Northampton * Hampshire Charles N. Clark 

North Andover Essex Refer to Lawrence 

North Attleboro .... Bristol Cornelius E. Hale 

North Brookfield. . . .Worcester Refer to Worcester 

Norwood Norfolk Sanborn & Squires 

Orange Franklin Henry S. Ames 

Orleans Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Palmer Hampden Ernest E. Hobson 

Peabody Essex Refer to Salem 

Pelham Hampshire Refer to Amherst 

Pittsfield Berkshire 

Burns, Cummings & Rosenthal 

Plymouth * Plymouth George C. Peterson 

Provincetown Barnstable Walter Welsh 

Quincy Norfolk J* W. McAnarney 

Randolph Norfolk Asa P. French 

Reading Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Revere Suffolk Refer to Boston 

Rockland Plymouth John G. Owens 

Rockport Essex James M. Marshall 


Salem * Essex 

Michael L. Sullivan 
252 Essex Street 

Sandwich Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Scituate Plymouth Refer to Hingham 

Sharon Norfolk Refer to Stoughton 

Shelburne Falls Franklin J* F- Manning 

Sherborn Middlesex Robert H. Leland 

Shutesbury Franklin Refer to Amherst 

Somerville Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Southboro Worcester Charles F. Choate, Jr. 

South Brain tree Norfolk Philip H. Sullivan 

Southbridge Worcester H. B. Montague 

South Framingham. . Middlesex . . . Refer to Framingham 

South Weymouth . . . Norfolk Refer to Weymouth 

Spencer Worcester J. R» Kane 

Springfield* Hampden 

Clinton E. Bell 

Carr Building 

Stockbridge Berkshire Refer to Lee 

Stoneham Middlesex J. A. Stockwell 

Stoughton Norfolk E. F. Leonard 

Sunderland Franklin Refer to Amherst 

Taunton * Bristol Fuller & Davison 

Truro Barnstable Refer to Harwich 

Tyringham Berkshire Refer to Lee 

Uxbridge Worcester Dodge & Taft 

Wakefield Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Waltham Middlesex .... Michael J. Connolly 

Ware Hampshire George D. Storrs 

Wareham Plymouth Nathan Washburn 

Warren Worcester Carl M. Blair 

Watertown Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Webster Worcester A. R. Greeley 

Wellesley Norfolk Refer to Boston 


Wellesley Hills Norfolk Refer to Boston 

West Acton Middlesex A. Brooks Parker 

Westboro Worcester Warren P. Jackson 

Westfield Hampden Harold P. Moseley 

Weston Middlesex G. M. Palmer 

West Quincy Norfolk Refer to Quincy 

West Stockbridge . . . Berkshire Refer to Lee 

Weymouth Norfolk A. P. Worthen 

Whitinsville Worcester Arthur E. Seagrave 

Whitman Plymouth Charles H. Edson 

Williamstown Berkshire .... Sanborn Gove Tenney 

Wilmington Middlesex Refer to Lowell 

Winchendon Worcester. . . . Sidney W. Armstrong 

Winchester Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Winthrop Suffolk Refer to Boston 

Wobum Middlesex Refer to Boston 

Worcester * Worcester 

Derby & Lincoln 

Slater Building 

Charles Henry Derby 
Daniel W. Lincoln 

Yarmouth Barnstable Refer to Harwich 


Cities fir* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Addison Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Adrian * Lenawee Henry R. Jewett 

Ahmeek Keweenaw Refer to Calumet 

Albion Calhoun E. R. Loud 

Allegan * Allegan Charies R. Wilkes 

Alma Gratiot W. A. Bahlke 

Almont Lapeer F. P. Andrus 

Alpena* Alpena Joseph H. Cobb 

Ann Arbor* Washtenaw Otto E. Haab 

Armada Macomb Bert C. Preston 

Atlanta * Montmorency Elmer G. Smith 

Au Sable Iosco Refer to Tawas City 

Bad Axe Huron Charles D. Thompson 

Bangor Van Buren Lynn J. Lewis 

Baraga Baraga Refer to L'Anse 

Battle Creek Calhoun 

Leland H. Sabin 
Post Building 
Bay City* ...Bay 

Hall, De Foe & Hall 

Shearer Block 

• De Vere Hall 
Fred W. De Foe 
Ray A. Hall 

Belding Ionia F. L. Warner 

Bellaire*../ Antrim Charles S. Guile 

Benton Harbor Berrien Cady & Andrews 

Berrien Springs Berrien .... Refer to Benton Harbor 

Bessemer* Gogebic William S. Baird 

Big Rapids * Mecosta . . . Broomfield & Worcester 

Blissfield Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Boyne City Charlevoix Harris & Ruegsegger 


Brighton Livingston Benjamin T. O. Clark 

Britton Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Buchanan Berrien A. C. Roe 

Burr Oak St. Joseph A. M. Graham 

Cadillac* Wexford 

GafFney, Miltner & Millington 

Calumet Hough ton...Galbraith & McCormack 

Caro* Tuscola . . » Quinn, Wixson & Quinn 

Carson City Montcalm Refer to Stanton 

Cass City Tuscola Brooker & Corkins 

Cassopolis * Cass CM. Lyle 

Centerville * St. Joseph Hugh P. Stewart 

Charlevoix* Charlevoix Robert W. Kane 

Charlotte* Eaton G. C. Fox 

Cheboygan* Cheboygan V. D. Sprague 

Chelsea Washtenaw Stivers & Kalmbach 

Chesaning Saginaw Devereaux & Quinn 

Clare Clare Carlos A. Reading 

Clayton Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Clinton Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Coldwater * Branch . . . Palmer, Palmer & Palmer 

Coleman Midland Refer to Saginaw 

Constantine St. Joseph Fred W. Knowlin 

Corunna* Shiawassee A. E. Richards 

Croswell Sanilac W. H. Aitkin 

Crystal Falls * Iron Charles H. Watson 

Deerfield Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Detroit* Wayne 

Carey, Armstrong & Weadock 

Ford Building 
Cable Address: "Carmock** 

Archibald Carey 
Harold H. Armstrong 
Paul Weadock 

Dowagiac Cass James H. Kinnane 

Dundee Monroe B. J. Corbin 


Durand Shiawassee E. S. Atherton 

Eagle River * Keweenaw Refer to Calumet 

East Jordan Charlevoix Dwight H. Fitch 

East Tawas Iosco Albert W. Black 

Eaton Rapids Eaton Joseph B. Hendee 

Elk Rapids Antrim F. R. Wilh'ams 

Escanaba* Delta Arthur H. Ryall 

Evart Osceola Dan Youngs 

Fairfield Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Fenton Genesee Clarence Tinker 

Flint * Genesee . . . Carton, Bray & Stewart 

Fowlerville Livingston Arthur E. Cole 

Frankfort Benzie Refer to Manistee 

Fremont Newaygo Milo A. White 

Gaylord Otsego W. L. Townsend 

Gladstone Delta Refer to Escanaba 

Gladwin* Gladwin Campbell & Foster 

Grand Haven * Ottawa Walter I. Lillie 

Grand Ledge Eaton Raymond A. Latting 

Grand Marais Alger Refer to Marquette 

Grand Rapids* Kent 

Thornton, Fuller & Starr 

Michigan Trust Company Building 

Wesley W. Hyde, Counsel 
Glenwood C. Fuller 
Raymond W. Starr 

Grandville Kent Refer to Grand Rapids 

Grayling* Crawford George L. Alexander 

Greenville Montcalm Milo Lewis 

Hancock Houghton Hanchette & Lawton 

Harbor Beach Huron Charles L. Hall 

Harrison * Clare John Quinn 

Harrisville* Alcona Frederick A. Beede 

Hart* Oceana Leslie E. Greene 

Hartford Van Buren George Merriman 

Hastings * Barry Colgrove & Potter 


Hesperia Oceana Refer to Hart 

Hillman Montmorency .... Refer to Atlanta 

Hillsdale* Hillsdale . . . .Frankhauser & Cornell 

Holland Ottawa 

Diekema, KoUen & Ten Cate 

Holloway Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Holly Oakland Sylvester J. Pheney 

Homer Calhoun M. H. Nichols 

Houghton * Houghton .... Joseph F. Hambitzer 

Howard City Montcalm Refer to Greenville 

Howell * Livingston L. E. Howiett 

Hubbell Houghton Refer to Calumet 

Hudson Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Ionia * Ionia George E, Nichols 

Iron Mountain* Dickinson Cook & Pelham 

Iron River Iron I. W. Byers 

Ironwood Gogebic Belmont Waples 

Ishpeming Marquette W. T. Potter 

Ithaca * Gratiot John T. Mathews 

Jackson * Jackson 

Wilson & Cobb 

Union Bank Building 

Thomas A. Wilson 
William S. Cobb 

Jonesville Hillsdale Victor Hawkins 

Kalamazoo * Kalamazoo. . . 

Kalkaska* Kalkaska Ernest C. Smith 

Lake City * Missaukee 

GafFney, Miltner & Millington 

Lake Linden Houghton Refer to Calumet 

Lake Odessa Ionia Thomas Johnson 

Lake View Montcalm S. F. Kennedy 

L'Anse* Baraga Mason & O'Connor 

Lansing Ingham Cummins & Nichols 

Lapeer* Lapeer. . . .Geer, Williams & Halpin 

Laurium Houghton Refer to Calumet 


Lawton Van Buren Carleton W. Benton 

Leland* Leelanau C. L. Dayton 

Leslie Ingham Refer to Mason 

Lexington Sanilac Refer to Croswell 

Lowell Kent Robert E. Springett 

Ludington * Mason H. G. Reek 

Luther Lake Hal L. Cutler 

Lyons Ionia E. S. Fuller 

Mancelona Antrim N. C. Weter 

Manchester Washtenaw . . A. J. Waters 

Manistee* Manistee Charles N. Belcher 

Manistique * Schoolcraft Carey W. Dunton 

Manton Wexford I. C. Wheeler 

Marcellus Cass F. Otis HufF 

Marine City St. Clair Refer to Port Huron 

Marion Osceola W. L. Kinney 

Marlette Sanilac D. Stuart McCIure 

Marquette* Marquette William S. Hill 

Marshall * Calhoun Louis C. Miller 

Mason* Ingham L. B. McArthur 

Mayville Tuscola T. J. Eveland 

Mears Oceana Refer to Hart 

Mendon St. Joseph Refer to Centerville 

Menominee* Menominee A. L. Sawyer 

Middleville Barry Milton F. Jordan 

Midland * Midland W. D. Gordon 

Milan Washtenaw George S. Wright 

Milford Oakland D. F. Noble 

Millington Tuscola E. L. Evans 

Mio* Oscoda Robert Kittle 

Mohawk Keweenaw Refer to Calumet 

Monroe * Monroe Thornton Dixon 

Mount Clemens * Macomb Oscar C. Lungerhausen 

Mount Pleasant * Isabella Francis McNamara 

Munising* Alger David E. Simmons 

Muskegon * Muskegon 

Cross, Vanderwerp, Foote & Ross 
Negaunee Marquette J- M. Edgerton 


Newaygo * Newaygo George E. Luton 

New Baltimore Macomb Floyd E. Andrews 

Newberry* Luce A. L. Sayles 

Niles Berrien Wilber N. Burns 

North Branch Lapeer R. V. Langdon 

Northville Wayne C. C. Yerkes 

Norway Dickinson J» C Knight 

Onaway Presque Isle. . . .Refer to Cheboygan 

Ontonagon* Ontonagon Arthur H. Brown 

Orion Oakland Neal & Wieland 

Oscoda Iosco Refer to Tawas City 

Ovid Clinton B. V. Soule 

Owosso Shiawassee . . . Kilpatrick & Pierpont 

Oxford Oakland Frank E. Jenkins 

Paw Paw* Van Buren David Anderson 

Pellston Emmet Frank L. Keating 

Pentwater Oceana Refer to Hart 

Petoskey * Emmet Halstead & Halstead 

Plainwell Allegan E.J. Anderson 

Plymouth Wayne Paul W. Voorhies 

Pontiac* Oakland Patterson & Patterson 

Port Huron * St. Clair Lincoln Avery 

Quincy Branch W. H. Lockerby 

Reed City Osceola B. N. Savidge 

Riga Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Richmond Macomb David Carl 

Rochester Oakland Refer to Pontiac 

Rogers * Presque Isle Griffin Covey, Jr. 

Romeo Macomb William T. Hosner 

St. Charles Saginaw Willard J. Nash 

St. Clair St. Clair Hugh H. Hart 

St. Ignace * Mackinac Henry Hoffman 

St. Johns * Clinton Walbridge & Kelley 

St. Joseph * Berrien Stratton & Evans 

St. Louis Gratiot Refer to Ithaca 

Saginaw* Saginaw Weadock & Weadock 

Sandusky* Sanilac. .. Fred A. Farr 

Saranac Ionia J. Clyde Watt 


Saugatuck Allegan Refer to Holland 

Sault Ste. Marie *. . .Chippewa Warner & Sullivan 

Sebewaing Huron Olin Pengra 

Shelby Oceana Refer to Hart 

South Haven Van Buren Cook & Chandler 

Standish* Arenac B. J. Henderson 

Stanton * Montcalm L. C. Palmer 

Sturgis St. Joseph Theodore T. Jacobs 

Tawas City * Iosco C. A. Jahraus 

Tecumseh Lenawee Refer to Adrian 

Three Rivers St. Joseph... B. E. & E. H. Andrews 

Traverse City* Grand Traverse Parm. C. Gilbert 

Vassar Tuscola Refer to Caro 

Vicksburg Kalamazoo . . . Refer to Kalamazoo 

Walkerville Oceana Refer to Hart 

West Branch * Ogemaw James B. Ross 

White Cloud Newaygo Everett & Riblet 

Williamston Ingham William T. Webb 

Wyandotte Wayne Charles H. Marr 

Yale St. Clair E. H. Drake 

Ypsilanti Washtenaw D. C. Griffin 


Cities fir" Townii Counties Lawyers 

Ada * Norman Brattland & Andrews 

Aitkin * Aitkin E. H. Krelwitz 

Alberta Stevens Refer to Morris 

Albert Lea* Freeborn John F. D. Meighen 

Alexandria* Douglas Gunderson & Leach 

Amboy Blue Earth Charles Thompson 

Anoka * Anoka Will A. Blanchard 

Appleton Swift T. J. McElIigott 

Argyle Marshall Edward A. Brekke 

Austin * Mower French & Sasse 

Bagley * Clearwater. . .William A. McGlennon 

Barnesville Clay N. B. Hanson 

Baudette Beltrami Sigvard M. Koefod 

Bemidji* Beltrami Graham M. Torrance 

Benson * Swift S. H. Hudson 

Bird Island Renville Frank Murray 

Blomford Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Blue Earth * Faribault Putnam & Carlson 

Bodum Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Bovey Itasca Refer to Coleraine 

Braham Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Brainerd * Crow Wing Mantor & Ebner 

Breckenridge * Wilkin E. H. Elwin 

Browns Valley Traverse Daniel J. Leary 

Buffalo* Wright John T. Alley 

Caledonia * Houston O.K. Dahle 

Cambridge * Isanti Godfrey G. Goodwin 

Canby Yellow Medicine... Johnson & Lende 

Cannon Falls Goodhue T. R. Johnson 

Carlton * Carlton H. Oldenburg 

Carmody Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Cass Lake Cass Fred W. Smith 

Center City* Chisago Alfred P. Stolberg 

Chaska* Carver Refer to Shakopee 

Chatfield Fillmore Refer to Preston 



Chisholm St. Louis Austin & Austin 

Chokio Stevens Refer to Morris 

Cloquet Carlton Walter L. Case 

Coleraine Itasca McQuat & Peterson 

Crookston* Polk James E. Montague 

Crosby Crow Wing .... Refer to Deerwood 

Cuyuna Crow Wing .... Refer to Deerwood 

Dalbo Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Dawson Lac qui Parle . . . Refer to Madison 

Deerwood Crow Wing H. E. Peterson 

Delano Wright Refer to BuflFalo 

Detroit * Becker Johnston & Dennis 

Donnelly Stevens Refer to Morris 

DuLUTH * St. Louis 

Cotton, Neukom & Colton 

Alzvorth Building 
Cable Address: ^^ Cotton'' 

Joseph B. Cotton 
John W. Neukom 
Chauncey C. Colton 

Eagle Bend Todd Refer to Long Prairie 

East Grand Forks . . . Polk Bronson & Rasmussen 

Elbow Lake * Grant R« J. Stromme 

Elk River * Sherburne .... Charles S. Wheaton 

Ely St Louis A. J. Thomas 

Eveleth St. Louis J. C. McGilvery 

Fairfax Renville Frank Hopkins 

Fairmont* Martin A. R. Allen 

Faribault* Rice Thomas H. Quinn 

Farmington Dakota Arthur E. Rietz 

Fergus Falls * Otter Tail .... Hilton & Thompson 

Foley* Benton Refer to Sauk Rapids 

Fosston Polk J. Albert Hendricks 

Gaylord Sibley George A. McKenzie 

Glencoe* McLeod F. R. Allen 

Glenwood * Pope E. M. Webster 


Graceville Bigstone M. S. Stevens 

Grand Marais * Cook George H. Durfee 

Grand Rapids * Itasca R. A. McQuat 

Grandy Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Granite Falls* Yellow Medicine . . . H. P. Bengtson 

Hallock * Kittson Yetter & Blethen 

Hancock Stevens Refer to Morris 

Hastings* Dakota Charles S. Lowell 

Hector Renville O. A. Allen 

Henderson * Sibley , W. H. Leeman 

Heron Lake Jackson Refer to Jackson 

Hibbing St. Louis Robert Stratton 

Hinckley Pine William H. Lamson 

Houston Houston Dwight A. Buell 

Hutchinson McLeod S. G. Anderson, Jr. 

International Falls* . Koochiching . . . George S. Langland 

Ironton Crow Wing .... Refer to Deerwood 

Isanti Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

[vanhoe * Lincoln R. F. Schulz 

Jackson* Jackson T. J. Knox 

Janesville Waseca L. D. Rogers 

Jordan Scott F. J. Leonard 

Karmel Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Kasson Dodge S. Lord 

Kenyon Goodhue Andrew Finstuen 

Lake Benton Lincoln Refer to Ivanhoe 

Lake City Wabasha J. E. Phillips 

Lake Crystal Blue Earth C. S. Strom 

Lakefield Jackson O. Thoreson 

Lamberton Redwood A. J. Praxel 

Lanesboro Fillmore Sydney Anderson 

Le Roy Mower Refer to Austin 

Le Sueur Le Sueur Ora J. Parker 

Le Sueur Center* . . .Le Sueur L. W. Prendergast 

Litchfield* Meeker March Brothers 

Little Falls* Morrison A. H. Vernon 

Long Prairie* Todd Arthur B. Church 

Luverne * Rock E. H. Canfield 


Mcintosh Polk Charles Martin 

Madelia Watonwan J. E. Haycraft 

Madison * Lac qui Parle Arthur W. Ewing 

Mahnomen * Mahnomen J. E. Van Metre 

Mankato* Blue Earth . .H. L. & J. W. Schmitt 

Mantorville * Dodge G. A. Norton 

Mapleton Blue Earth Refer to Mankato 

Marshall * Lyon V. B. Seward 

Melrose Stearns Donahue & Stephens 

Milaca Mille Lacs R. Vaaler 

Minneapolis * Hennepin 

Mercer, Swan & Stinchfield 

Security Bank Building 
Cable Address: "Mer field'' 

Hugh V. Mercer 
James G. Swan 
Frederic k H. Stinchfield 

Claude G. Krause 

Minneota Lyon B. B. Gislason 

Montevideo * Chippewa Fosnes & Fosnes 

Montgomery Le Sueur Francis J. Hanzel 

Monticello Wright H. S. Whipple 

Moorhead * Clay Edgar E. Sharp 

Mora * Kanabec J» C. King 

Morris* Stevens William H. Cherry 

Nashwauk Itasca John C. Lewis 

New Prague Le Sueur E. W. Komarek 

New Ulm * Brown 

Somsen, Dempsey & Mueller 

Northfield Rice William W. Pye 

Olivia * Renville George F. Gage 

Ortonville * Bigstone Cliff & Purcell 

Osakis Douglas F. H. Borchert 

Owatonna * Steele F. A. Alexander 

Park Rapids * Hubbard F. A. Vanderpoel 

Pelican Rapids Otter Tail Charles L. Alexander 


Perham Otter Tail A. Shannon 

Pine City * Pine S. G. L. Roberts 

Pine River Cass Eugene L. Forbes 

Pipestone* Pipestone... Janes, Howard & Janes 

Plainview Wabasha James A. Carley 

Preston* Fillmore Gray & Thompson 

Princeton* Mille Lacs E. L. McMillan 

Red Lake Falls * . . . . Red Lake Fred L. Farley 

Red Wing* Goodhue Green & Putnam 

Redwood Falls * . . . . Redwood A. C. DolifF 

Renville Renville J)aly & Barnard 

Rochester * Olmsted Burt W. Eaton 

Roseau * Roseau G. M. Stebbins 

Royalton Morrison C. Rosenmeier 

St. Charles Winona Eugene Miller 

St. Cloud * Stearns Ripley B. Brower 

St. James * Watonwan Seager & Seager 

Saint Paul * Ramsey 

Briggs, Thygeson & Everall 

Germania Life Building 
Cable Address: "Briar 

Asa G. Briggs 
Nels M. Thygeson 
John Everall 
Charles H. Weyl 
Earl J. Frisbee 

St. Peter* Nicollet Davis & Olson 

Sauk Center Stearns Refer to Osakis 

Sauk Rapids Benton J. A. Senn 

Shakopee * Scott J. A. CoUer 

Sherburn Martin A. G. T. Broun 

Slayton * Murray W. J. McLeod 

Sleepy Eye Brown L. G. Davis 

Springfield Brown A. Frederickson 

Spring Vale Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Spring Valley Fillmore R. J. Parker 


Staples Todd Richard N. Gardner 

Stillwater* Washington. .Manwaring & Sullivan 

Thief River Falls.. . .Red Lake Theodoie Quale 

Tracy Lyon Robinson & English 

Two Harbors * Lake B. F. Fowler 

Tyler Lincoln John H. Brown 

Virginia St. Louis Otto A. Poirier 

Wabasha* Wabasha John W. Murdoch 

Wadena* Wadena John H. Mark 

Walbo Isanti Refer to Cambridge 

Walker * Cass Edward L. Rogers 

Warren * Marshall A. N. Eckstrom 

Waseca * Waseca Moonan & Moonan 

Waterville Le Sueur M. R. Everett 

Wells Faribault Byron Hughes 

Wheaton* Traverse V. E. Anderson 

Willmar * Kandiyohi George H. Otterness 

Windom * Cottonwood N. L. Glover 

Winnebago Faribault W. H. Hodgman 

Winona* Winona Webber & Lees 

Winthrop Sibley Young & Quandt 

Worthington * Nobles George W. Wilson 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Aberdeen * Monroe Paine & Paine 

Ackerman Choctaw Adams & Dobbs 

Amory Monroe Refer to Aberdeen 

Ashland * Benton W. A. McDonald 

Baldwyn Lee W. M. Cox 

Bassfield JeflPerson Davis .... Refer to Prentiss 

Batesville* Panola L. B. Lamb 

Bay Springs Jasper G. N. Brown 

Bay St. Louis* Hartcock . . . McDonald & Marshall 

Belen * Quitman Refer to Marks 

Belzoni Washington N. W. Sumrall 

Biloxi Harrison Rushing & Guice 

Bond Harrison Refer to Wiggins 

Booneville* Prentiss James A. Cunningham 

Brandon * Rankin W. E. Mclntyre 

Brookhaven * Lincoln Cassedy & Sumrall 

Calhoun City Calhoun Dunn & Patterson 

Canton * Madison H. B. Greaves 

Carrollton * Carroll . . . Hughston & McEachern 

Carson JeflPerson Davis. . . . Refer to Prentiss 

Carthage* Leake W. A. Ellis 

Charleston* Tallahatchie. .. .Dinkins & Caldwell 

Clarksdale * Coahoma . . . Maynard & FitzGerald 

Cleveland * Bolivar . . . Somerville & Somerville 

CoflFeeville* Yalobusha Creekmore & Stone 

Collins* Covington W. U. Corley 

Columbia * Marion Mounger & Mounger 

Columbus * Lowndes J. I. Sturdivant 

Corinth * Alcorn J- M. Boone 

Crystal Springs Copiah Refer to Hazlehurst 

Decatur * Newton Foy & Banks 

De Kalb* Kemper John A. Clark 

Edwards Hinds William A. Montgomery 

EUisville * Jones Refer to Laurel 

Enterprise Clarke H. C. Dear 



Estabutchie Jones Refer to Laurel 

Eupora Webster Refer to Walthall 

Fayette * Jefferson JeiFerson Truly 

Forest Scott A. W. Cooper 

Friar Point * Coahoma Refer to Clarksdale 

Fulton* Itawamba M. C. Benson 

Gloster Amite J- T. Lowery 

Greenville* Washington H. C. Watson 

Greenwood * Leflore Pollard & Hamner 

Grenada * Grenada Roane & Roane 

Gulfport Harrison Hanun Gardner 

Hattiesburg * Forest Stevens & Cook 

Hazlehurst* Copiah H. J. Wilson 

Heidelberg Jasper Edgar A. White 

Hernando * De Soto F. C. Holmes 

Hickory Newton George C. Tann 

Holly Springs* Marshall Fant & Fant 

Houston * Chickasaw . L. P. Haley 

Hushpuckena Bolivar Refer to Shelby 

Indianola * Sunflower Baker & Sims 

Itta Bena Leflore J. W. Bradford 

luka* Tishomingo Candler & Sweat 

Jackson * Hinds 

Wells, May & Sanders 

Merchants Bank Building 

Ben H. Wells 
George W. May 
J. O. S. Sanders 

Kosciusko* Attala J. A. Niles 

Lake Scott Refer to Forest 

Lake Como Jasper Refer to Bay Springs 

Laurel Jones R. E. Halsell 

Leakesville* Greene H. P. Heidelberg 

Leland Washington .... Refer to Greenville 

Lexington * Holmes H. H. Elmore 

Liberty * Amite Jackson & Gordon 


Louisville * Winston Jones & Jones 

Lucedale* George Oscar Backstrom 

Lumberton Lamar W. A. Shipman 

McComb Pike Holden & Hewitt 

McHenry Harrison Refer to Wiggins 

Macon* Noxubee George Richardson 

Magnolia * Pike Price & Price 

Marks Quitman W. M. Donaldson 

Mayersville * Issaquena J. D. Farish 

Meadville * Franklin R. E. Bennett 

Mendenhall * Simpson Bee King 

Meridian* Lauderdale 

Warren L. Scott 
Citizens National Bank Building 

Monticello * Lawrence G. Wood Magee 

Montrose Jasper Refer to Bay Springs 

Moss Point Jackson Refer to Pascagoula 

Mount Olive Covington Edwin L. Calhoun 

Natchez* Adams William C. Martin 

Nettleton Lee Refer to Aberdeen 

New Albany * Union C. Lee Crum 

New Augusta * Perry Refer to Hattiesburg 

Newton Newton Refer to Hickory 

Ocean Springs Jackson ...... Refer to Pascagoula 

Okolona * Chickasaw L. P. Haley 

Oxford * Latayette James Stone & Son 

Pascagoula * Jackson Ford, White & Ford 

Pass Christian Harrison Refer to Gulfport 

Philadelphia * Neshoba H. L. Austin 

Pittsboro* Calhoun Haman & Bates 

Pontotoc* Pontotoc A. M. Mitchell 

Poplarville* Pearl River James M. Shivers 

Port Gibson * Claiborne J- N. Brashear 

Powers Harrison Refer to Wiggins 

Prentiss* Jefferson Davis... C. Earl Thompson 

Pulaski Scott Refer to Forest 


Purvis* Lamar T. W. Davis 

Quitman * Clarke Samuel H. Terral 

Raleigh* Smith Wills & Guthrie 

Raymond* Hinds Paul D. RatlifF 

Richton Perry Refer to Hattiesburg 

Ripley * Tippah Spight & Street 

Rolling Fork* Sharkey W. H. Clements 

Rosedale * Bolivar .... Somerville & Somerville 

Ruleville Sunflower Refer to Indianola 

Sandersville Jones Refer to Laurel 

Sardis * Panola A. W. Shands 

Scranton Jackson Refer to Pascagoula 

Senatobia * Tate Harper Johnson 

Shaw Bolivar J. C. Walker 

Shelby Bolivar Wilkinson & Roberts 

Shubuta Clarke D. W. Heidelberg 

Starkville* Oktibbeha W. W. Magruder 

Stillmore Harrison Refer to Wiggins 

Stringer Jasper Refer to Bay Springs 

Summit Pike John B. Holden 

Sumner * Tallahatchie 

Dinkins, Caldwell & Ward 

Sumrall Lamar D. H. Hudson 

Tunica* Tunica.. Montgomery &Montgomery 

Tupelo * Lee Anderson & Long 

Tylertown Pike Thomas Mitchell 

Vaiden* Carroll F. M. Glass 

VicKSBURG* Warren 

McLaurin, Armistead & Brien 
Merchants National Bank Building 

Robert L. McLaurin 
Amos A. Armistead 
E. L. Brien 

Walthall* Webster Dunn & Gould 

Water Valley * Yalobusha R. F. Kimmons 

Waynesboro* Wayne M. L. Heidelburg 


Wesson Copiah Refer to Hazlehurst 

West Point * Clay J. J. McClellan 

Wiggins Harrison Wyatt C. Batson 

Winona*. Montgomery Vernon D. Rowe 

Woodville* Wilkinson... Bramlette & Bramlette 

Yazoo City* Yazoo Barbour & Henry 


Cities fir* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Adrian Bates A. J. Smith 

Albany* Gentry D. D. Reeves 

Alton * Oregon E. P. Dorris 

Anderson McDonald W. R. Lipscomb 

Appleton City St. Clair W. W. Chapel 

Archie Cass Refer to Harrisonville 

Ash Grove Greene Refer to Springfield 

Ashland Boone Eli Penter 

Aurora Lawrence John L. McNatt 

Ava* Douglas J. S. Clarke 

Belton Cass William P. Houston 

Benton * Scott Albert De Reign 

Bemie Stoddard W. E. Edmonds 

Bethany * Harrison Carlton S. Winslow 

Bevier Macon C. F. Hale 

Billings Christian W. P. Sullivan 

Bloomfield * Stoddard E.J. Williams 

Blue Springs Jackson D. C. Herrington 

Bolivar* Polk Rechow & Pufahl 

Bonne Terre St. Francois J- H. Malugen 

Boonville * Cooper Roy D. Williams 

Bosworth Carroll Crane Torrence 

Bowling Green * Pike J« D. Hostetter 

Braymer Caldwell B. W. Spry 

Breckenridge Caldwell Refer to Hamilton 

Brookfield Linn Bailey & Hart 

Browning Linn E. B. Fields 

Brunswick Chariton Benecke & Benecke 

Bucklin Linn R. S. Kathan 

Buffalo* Dallas O. H. Scott 

Burlington J unction.. Nodaway Jesse F. Robertson 

Butler * Bates Silvers & Dawson 

Gainesville Harrison M. F. Oxford 

California * Moniteau Samuel C. Gill 

Cameron Clinton E. T. Harris 



Campbell Dunklin R. J. Smith 

Canton Lewis R. W. Ray 

Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau. ..Davis & Hardesty 

Carrollton * Carroll Lozier & Morris 

Carterville Jasper Refer to Carthage 

Carthage* Jasper Thomas & Hackney 

Caruthersville* Pemiscot Duncan & McCarty 

Cassville * Barry W. A. Wear 

Centerville * Reynolds CM. Buford 

Centralia Boone Arthur Bruton 

Chadwick Christian Charles Farrar 

Chaffee Scott Refer to Benton 

Chamois Osage J. Richard Garstang 

Charleston * Mississippi . . . Russell, Deal & Joslyn 

Chillicothe * Livingston J. M. Davis & Son 

Clarence Shelby H. A. Wright 

Clarksville Pike Frank J. Duvall 

Clayton * St. Louis Richard H. Stevens 

Clinton * Henry Parks & Parks 

Cole Camp Benton D. Brunjes 

Collins St. Clair W. H. Plaster 

Columbia * Boone McBaine & Clark 

Commerce Scott Refer to Benton 

Crane Stone J. William Cook 

Creighton Cass R. H. Ross 

Cuba Crawford L. H. Lewis 

Dawn Livingston A. T. Weatherby 

Desloge St. Francois T. M. Jackson 

De Soto Jefferson Samuel Byrns 

Dexter Stoddard Charles Liles 

Dixon Pulaski Refer to Vienna 

Doniphan* Ripley Charles O. Borth 

Eagleville Harrison O. W. Curry 

Edina* Knox L. F. Cottey 

Eldon Miller Refer to Tuscumbia 

Eldorado Springs Cedar D. Walker Smith 

Elsberry Lincoln J. R. Palmer 

Eminence * Shannon . . . Orchard & Cunningham 


Excelsior Springs. . . .Clay Craven & Moore 

Farmington * St. Francois Marbury & Hensley 

Fayette* Howard S. C. Major 

Ferguson St. Louis Refer to Clayton 

Flat River St. Francois . . . Refer to Farmington 

Florisant St. Louis Refer to Clayton 

Forsyth* Taney W. R. Adams 

Fortuna Moniteau William Wendleton 

Fredericktown * Madison Robert H. Davis 

Fulton* Callaway Charles M. Hay 

Gainesville * Ozark George W. Boone 

Galena * Stone William E. Renfro 

Gallatin * Daviess Gillihan & Gillihan 

Gilman City Harrison Refer to Bethany 

Glasgow Howard James H. Denny 

Granby Newton Refer to Neosho 

Grant City* Worth Du Bois & Miller 

Greencastle Sullivan Charles E. Johnson 

Green City Sullivan R. E. Ash 

Greenfield* Dade Neale & Newman 

Greenville * Wayne V. V. Ing 

Hale Carroll CM. Hudson 

Hamilton Caldwell William McAfee 

Hannibal Marion Mahan, Smith & Mahan 

Harris Sullivan Odneal & Son 

Harrisonville * Cass W. D. Summers 

Hartville * Wright J- W. Jackson 

Hayti Pemiscot B. L. Guffey 

Hermann* Gasconade Robert Walker 

Hermitage * Hickory J. W. Montgomery 

Higginsville Lafayette James P. Chinn 

Hillsboro * Jefferson Clyde Williams 

Holden Johnson . . . .Refer to Warrensburg 

Hopkins Nodaway S. E. Brown 

Houston * Texas Dooley, Hiett & Scott 

Humansville Polk W. W. Wood 

Huntsville* Randolph John N. Hamilton 

Iberia Miller Refer to Tuscumbia 


Illmo Scott J. R. Young 

Independence * Jackson John W. Clements 

Ironton Iron Charles B. Damron 

Jackson * Cape Girardeau David B. Hays 

JeflFerson City * Cole Irwin & Peters 

Jonesburg Montgomery A. H. Drunert 

JoPLiN Jasper 

Mercer Arnold 

Frisco Building 

Kahoka * Clark T. L. Montgomery 

Kansas City Jackson 

BowERsocK, Hall & Hook 

Fidelity Trust Building 
Cable Address: *^ Flower** 

Justin D. Bowersock 
Lester W. Hall 
Inghram D. Hook 

George T. Aughinbaugh 
Robert B. Fizzell 

Kennett* Dunklin J. P. Tribble 

Keytesville* Chariton John D. Taylor 

King City Gentry J. W. Sullinger 

Kingston* Caldwell L. R. Kautz 

Kirksville Adair Campbell & Ellison 

Kirkwood St. Louis Refer to St. Louis 

Knobnoster Johnson E. C. Littlefield 

La Belle Lewis Noah W. Simpson 

Laclede Linn O. F. Libby 

Laddonia Audrian E. C. Kennen 

La Grange Lewis Leslie E. Edwards 

Lamar* Barton H. W. Timmonds 

Lancaster* Schuyler Higbee & Mills 

La Plata Macon Joseph W. Park 

Lathrop Clinton P. T. Cross 


Lawson Ray Refer to Richmond 

Lebanon * Laclede Don O. Vernon 

Lees Summit Jackson T. J. Hackler 

Lexington * La Fayette William Aull 

Liberty * Clay Ralph Hughes 

Linn * Osage .... Ryors, VoshoU & Monroe 

Linn Creek * Camden S. C. Roach 

Linneus * Linn A. L. Pratt 

Lockwood Dale S. D. McMillen 

Louisiana Pike Pearson & Pearson 

Lucerne Putnam T. B. Davis 

Macon* Macon Guthrie & Franklin 

Maiden Dunklin Ira M. Morris 

Mansfield Wright N. J. Craig 

Marble Hill* Bollinger W. K. Chandler 

Marceline Linn CM. Kendrick 

Marshall * Saline Reynolds & James 

Marshfield * Webster Smith & Cox 

Maryville * Nodaway 

Cook, Cummings & Dawson 

Maysville* De Kalb Williams & Robison 

Memphis * Scotland J. M. Jayne 

Mexico* Audrain Fry & Rodgers 

Milan* Sullivan John W. Clapp 

Moberly Randolph Hunter & Chamier 

Monett Barry . . . Mayhew, Sater & Gardner 

Monroe City Monroe Robert S. McClintic 

Montgomery City. . . Montgomery H. W. Johnson 

Monticello* Lewis Marchand & Rouse 

Montrose Henry ". . . .N. B. Conrad 

Morehouse New Madrid B. L. Kelly 

Mound City Holt Robert L. Minton 

Mountain Grove Wright E. H. Famsworth 

Mount Vernon* Lawrence W. B. Skinner 

Neosho * Newton M. E. Benton 

Nevada * Vernon Scott & Bowker 

New London* Ralls J. O. Allison 

New Madrid * New Madrid Brown & Gallivan 


Norborne Carroll Guy Whiteman 

Odessa Lafayette Refer to Higginsville 

OTallon St. Charles Ora A. Keithly 

Oregon * Holt R. B. Bridgeman 

Osceola * St. Clair J. C. Hargus 

Owensvllle Gasconade C. G. Baxter 

Ozark * Christian Barrett & Moore 

Pacific Franklin James Booth 

Palmyra * Marion John W. Boulware 

Paris * Monroe Frank W. McAllister 

Parkville Platte Refer to Kansas City 

Parma New Madrid W. J. Webb 

Perry ville * Perry Edward Robb 

Pickering Nodaway Refer to Maryville 

Piedmont Wayne Z. C. Smith 

Pierce City Lawrence Refer to Monett 

Pineville* McDonald O. R. Puckett 

Platte City * Platte James H. Hull 

Plattsburg * Clinton W. S. Herndon 

Pleasant Hill Cass T. H. Cloud 

Poplar BlufF* Butler Stuart L. Clark 

Portageville New Madrid . . Refer to New Madrid 

Potosi* Washington E. M. Dearing 

Princeton * Mercer Ira B. Hyde & Son 

Queen City Schuyler Rolston & Rolston 

Republic Greene F. T. Stockard 

Rich Hill Bates Templeton & Hales 

Richland Pulaski C. H. Davis 

Richmond * Ray Lavelock & Kirkpatrick 

Rockport * Atchison James F. Gore 

Rolla * Phelps Lorts & Breuer 

St. Charles St. Charles Charles W. Wilson 

Ste. Genevieve* Ste. Genevieve C. J. Stanton 

St. James Phelps Refer to Rolla 

St. Joseph * Buchanan 

George W. Groves 
Cor, Seventh and Felix Streets 


St. Louis 

Holland, Rutledge & Lashly 

Central National Bank Building 
Cable Address: " Jorut" 

Robert A. Holland, Jr. 
Thomas G. Rutledge 
Jacob M. Lashly 

Salem* Dent E. W. Bennett 

Salisbury Chariton Fred Lamb 

Sarcoxie Jasper J- T. Norton 

Savannah * Andrew Booher & Williams 

Sedalia * Pettis James T. Montgomery 

Senath Dunklin T. H. Bradley 

Seneca Newton Harry E. Shepherd 

Seymour Webster A. H. Davis 

Shelbina Shelby N. E. Williams 

Shelbyville * Shelby Enoch M. O'Bryen 

Sikeston Scott George E. Kannard 

Skidmore Nodaway W. M. Howden 

Slater Saline C. P. Storts 

South St. Joseph. . . . Buchanan Refer to St. Joseph 

Southwest City McDonald S. A. Robinson 

Spickard Grundy Refer to Trenton 

Springfield * Greene Roscoe Stewart 

Stanberry Gentry F. J. McCaslin 

Steelville * Crawford A. H. Harrison 

Stewartsville De Kalb J. N. York 

Stockton * Cedar Foulke & Brown 

Sturgeon Boone D. C. Carter 

Tarkio Atchison John A. Gerlash 

Thayer Oregon Refer to Alton 

Tipton Moniteau W. F. Quigley 

Trenton * Grundy Hubbell Brothers 

Troy * Lincoln O. H. Avery 

Tuscumbia* Miller Walter S. Stillwell 

Union* Franklin W. L. Cole 

Unionville * Putnam J- C. McKinley 


Valley Park St. Louis R. F. Ralph 

Van Buren * Carter Garry H. Yount 

Vandalia Audrain Refer to Laddonia 

Versailles * Morgan R. M. Livesay 

Vienna * Maries J. W. Terrill 

Warrensburg* Johnson J. W. Suddath & Son 

Warrenton * Warren Emil Roehrig 

Warsaw * Benton Lay & Lay 

Washington Franklin Jesse H. Schaper 

Waynesville * Pulaski Fred L. Scott 

Webb City Jasper Refer to Joplin 

Webster Groves .... St. Louis Samuel D. Hodgdon 

Wellston St. Louis Refer to Clayton 

Wellsville Montgomery J* L. Barker 

Westboro Atchison J- W. Peck 

Weston Platte Refer to Platte City 

West Plains * Howell M. E. Morrow 

Willow Springs Howell Refer to West Plains 

Windsor Henry Walter G. Davis 

Winona Shannon Refer to Eminence 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Anaconda * Deer Lodge .... Rodgers & Rodgers 

Baker Custer P. C. Comish 

Belt Cascade Refer to Great Falls 

Big Timber* Sweet Grass Reuben S. Steiner 

Billings * Yellowstone Charles A. Taylor 

Boulder* Jefferson Kelly & Kelly 

Bozeman* Gallatin G. D. Pease 

Bridger Carbon Merrill & Merrill 

Butte * Silverbow 

Carl J. Christian 

Hennessy Building 

Chinook Chouteau W. B. Sands 

Chouteau* Teton P. I. Cole 

Columbus Yellowstone M. J. Heily 

Conrad Teton R. F. Ferguson 

Culbertson Valley Frank M. Catlin 

Deer Lodge * Powell Edward Scharnikow 

Dillon * Beaverhead Edmund J. Callaway 

Eureka Lincoln H. G. Pomeroy 

Fairview Dawson Refer to Sidney 

Fishtail Carbon Refer to Columbus 

Forsyth * Rosebud 

Loud, Collins, Brown, Campbell & Wood 

Fort Benton * Chouteau Herschel F. Miller 

Glasgow * Valley . . . Norris, Hurd & McKellar 

Glendive* Dawson Anderson & Foss 

Great Falls * Cascade 

Veazey & Veazey 
Parker Veazey 
Parker Veazey, Jr. 

Hamilton * Ravalli James D. Taylor 

Harlowton Meagher William C. Husband 

Havre Chouteau Henry S. Kline 



Helena* Lewis & Clarke 

Day & Mapes 

Collins Building 

Edward Cason Day 
Thomas Arthur Mapes 

Kalispell* Flathead J. H. Stevens 

Laurel Yellowstone Arthur W. Stow 

Lewistown * Fergus Charles J. Marshall 

Libby * Lincoln Montgomery G. Rice 

Livingston * Park O. M. Harvey 

Malta Valley J. A. Tressler 

Medicine Lake Valley C. E. Comer 

Miles City * Custer George W. Farr 

Missoula * Missoula Harry H. Parsons 

Moore Fergus S. E. Peterson 

Pfiilipsburg* Granite D. M. Durfee 

Plains Sanders L R. Blaisdell 

Poison Flathead Paul M. Wishon 

Ronan Missoula Albert Sutherland 

Red Lodge * Carbon R. G. Wiggenhorn 

Roundup Fergus C. H. Tyler 

Sidney Dawson Homer A. Hoover 

Stevensville Ravalli George T. Baggs 

Thompson * Sanders A. S. Ainsworth 

Townsend * Broadwater Kanouse & Schmitz 

Twin Bridges Madison .... Refer to Virginia City 

Virginia City * Madison M. M. Duncan 

Whitehall Jefferson Ike E. O. Pace 

WhitelSulphurSprings * . Meagher N. B. Smith 

Wibaux Dawson Stephen J. Leahy 


Cities 6r* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Ainsworth * Brown William M. Ely 

Albion * Boone Frank D. Williams 

Alliance* Box Butte Boyd & Barker 

Alma *. . : Harlan O. E. Shelburn 

Ansley Custer J* R- Rhodes 

Ashland Saunders T. B. Wilson 

Atkinson Holt Refer to O'Neill 

Auburn * Nemaha Kelligar & Ferneau 

Aurora * Hamilton John A. Whitmore 

Bancroft Cuming Allen G. Burke 

Bartlett* Wheeler A. L. Bishop 

Bassett* Rock !• A. Douglas 

Beatrice* Gage Rinaker& Kidd 

Beaver City * Furnas Lambe & Butler 

Benkelman * Dundy RatclifFe & RatclifFe 

Bertrand Phelps Refer to Elwood 

Blair * Washington Clark O'Hanlan 

Bloomfield Knox W. D. Funk 

Bloomington * Franklin W. C. Dorsey 

Blue Hill Webster A. N. Walters 

Brewster* Blaine E. H. Riggs 

Bridgeport * Morrill Williams & Williams 

Broken Bow * Custer Edwin F. Myers 

Burwell* Garfield G. Laverty 

Butte * Boyd John A. Davies 

Cambridge Furnas Lambe & Butler 

Cedar Rapids Boone E. L. Sargent 

Central City * Merrck J. C. Martin 

Chadron * Dawes D. B. Jenckes 

Chappell* Deuel L. O. Pfeiffer 

Clay Center* Clay Ambrose C. Epperson 

Columbus* Platte A. M. Post 

Cozad Dawson S. W. Schooley 

Crawford Dawes B. P. McKelvey 

Creighton Knox Joseph F. Green 



Crete Saline Hastings & Ireland 

Curtis Frontier W. H. Latham 

Dakota * Dakota F. A. Wood 

Davenport Thayer M. S. Gray 

David City * Butler E. A. Coufal 

Dawson Richardson Dan J. Riley 

Decatur Burt Thomas R. Ashley 

Dewitt Saline C. A. Fowler 

Edgar Clay Refer to Clay Center 

Elmwood Cass William Deles Dernier 

Elwood* Gosper O. E. Bozarth 

Emerson Dixon Orville C. Wisdom 

Fairbury * Jefferson Heasty & Barnes 

Fairfield Clay Charles H. Epperson 

Fairmont Fillmore Refer to Geneva 

Falls City * Richardson C. F. Reavis 

Franklin Franklin A. R. Peck 

Fremont* Dodge Loomis & Laird 

Friend Saline R. M. Proudfit 

Fullerton * Nance Critchfield & Rose 

Geneva * Fillmore F. B. Donisthorpe 

Genoa Nance George F. Rose 

Gering * Scotts Bluff F. A. Wright 

Gordon Sheridan Robert G. Dorr 

Gothenburg Dawson Refer to Lexington 

Grand Island * Hall Horth & Ryan 

Grant * Perkins B. F. Hastings 

Greeley * Greeley James P. Boler 

Gretna Sarpy Refer to Papillion 

Haigler Dundy Charles L. Jenkins 

Harrison * Sioux A. L. Schnurr 

Hartington * Cedar H. E. Burkett 

Harvard Clay Refer to Clay Center 

Hastings* Adams 

Tibbets, Morey, Fuller & Tibbets 

Hayes Center* Hayes C. A. Ready 

Hebron * Thayer M. H. Weiss 

Hemingford Box Butte Refer to Alliance 




Holdrcge * Phelps G. Norberg 

Humboldt Richardson I. E. Smith 

Humphrey Platte R. P. Drake 

Imperial * Chase P. W. Scott 

Indianola Redwillow Harlow W. Keyes 

Kearney* Buffalo John N. Dryden 

Kimball * Kimball D. L. Regione 

Lexington * Dawson W. A. Stewart 

Lincoln * Lancaster 

Strode & Beghtol 

Bankers Life Building 

Edmund C. Strode 
Max V. Beghtol 

Long Pine Brown J. S. Davisson 

Loup City * Sherman Lamont L. Stephens 

Lyons Burt E. D. Wigton 

McCook * Redwillow W. S. Morlan 

Madison * Madison M. B. Foster 

Merriman Cherry Refer to Gordon 

Minden * Kearney Lewis C. Paulson 

Mitchell Scotts Bluff W. W. Quivey 

Morrill Scotts Bluff A. A. Kearney 

Mullen* Hooker. A. G. Humphrey 

Nebraska City * Otoe W. W. Wilson 

Neligh * Antelope O. A. Williams 

Nelson * Nuckolls Cole & Brown 

Newman Grove Madison H. Halderson 

Niobrara Knox E. A. Houston 

Norfolk Madison Mapes & McFarland 

North Loup Valley Babcock & Babcock 

North Platte * Lincoln 

^-'•'■> ■■ vV Wilcox, Halligan & Mothersead 

Oakland Burt Refer to Tekamah 

Ogallala* Keith L. A. DeVoe 


Omaha * Douglas 

Brown, Baxter & VanDusen 

Omaha National Bank Building 
Cable Address: " Baxvan" 

Norris Brown 
I rvin g F. B axt er 

M. L. Donovan 
R. C. Hunter 

O'Neill* Holt E. H. Whelan 

Ord * Valley Clements Brothers 

Orleans Harlan C. T. Simpson 

Osceola * Polk King & Bittner 

Oxford Furnas Refer to Cambridge 

Papillion * Sarpy James T. Begley 

Pawnee City* Pawnee Story & Story 

Pender* Thurston .Curtis L. Day 

Peru Nemaha J. D. Graves 

Pierce * Pierce Douglas Cones 

Plainview Pierce Fred H. Free 

Plattsmouth* Cass C. A. Rawls 

Ponca * Dixon C. A. Kingsbury 

Prosser Boone Charles K. Hart 

Randolph Cedar C. B. Willey 

Red Cloud* Webster Lewis H. Blackledge 

Rushville* Sheridan J. H. Edmunds 

St. Paul* Howard T. T. Bell 

Schuyler* Colfax B. F. Farrell 

Scotia Greeley B. F. Griffith 

Scotts BlufF Scotts BlufF F. A. Wright 

Seward * Seward J. J. Thomas 

Shelton Buffalo J. F. Walker 

Sidney * Cheyenne Leroy Martin 

South Omaha Douglas Refer to Omaha 

Springview* Keyapaha Lear & Lear 

Stanton * Stanton W. W. Young 

Sterling Johnson E. Ross Hitchcock 


Stockville * Frontier. . . L. H. Cheney 

Stromsburg Polk V. E. Wilson 

Superior Nuckolls Refer to Nelson 

Sutton Clay L. B. Stiner 

Taylor* Loup A. S. Moon 

Tecumseh * Johnson Hugh La Master 

Tekamah * Burt Walter M. Hopewell 

Thedford * Thomas J* H. Evans 

Trenton * Hitchcock C. W. ShurtlefF 

University Place ^ . . .Lancaster Refer to Lincoln 

Valentine * Cherry Walcott & Walcott 

Wahoo * Saunders }• H. Barry 

Walthill Thurston Harry L. Keefe 

Wausa Knox P. H. Peterson 

Wayne * Wayne A. R. Davis 

Weeping Water Cass C. E. TefFt 

West Point* Cuming P. M. Moodie 

Wilber * Saline J. L. Grimm 

Wilson ville Furnas Charles Mousel 

Winside Wayne Harry E. Siman 

Wisner Cuming A. R. Oleson 

Wood River Hall Refer to Grand Island 

Wymote Gage E. N. KaufFman 

York* York Power & Meeker 


Cities 6r* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Austin* Lander A. J. Maestretti 

Caliente Lincoln Refer to Pioche 

Carson City* Ormsby Samuel Piatt 

Dayton * Lyon John Lothrop 

Delamar Lincoln Refer to Caliente 

Elko * Elko Henderson & Caine 

Ely* White Pine William McKnight 

Eureka * Eureka Refer to Austin 

Fairview Churchill Refer to Fallon 

Fallon* Churchill Eli Cann 

Genoa * Douglas D. W. Virgin 

GoldHeld * Esmeralda W. D. Hatton 

Hazen Churchill Refer to Fallon 

Las Vegas * Clark W. R. Thomas 

Lovelocks Humboldt Refer to Reno 

Pioche * Lincoln Charles L. Horsey 

Rawhide Esmeralda Refer to Fallon 

Reno * Washoe 

Harwood & Springmeyer 

Clay Peters Building 

Cole Leslie Harwood 
George Springmeyer 

Rhyolite Nye Refer to Tonopah 

Searchlight Clark Leon L. French 

Sparks Washoe Refer to Reno 

Stillwater Churchill Refer to Fallon 

Tonopah * Nye Hugh H. Brown 

Virginia City * Storey Refer to Dayton 

Winnemucca * Humboldt W. S. Bonnifield 

Wonder Churchill Refer to Fallon 

Yerington* Lyon E. E. Hull 



CUies 6r* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Alstead Cheshire Refer to Keene 

Andover Merrimack George W. Stone 

Ashland Grafton Refer to Plymouth 

Bartlett Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Bemis Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Berlin Coos Sullivan & Daley 

Bristol Grafton Ira A. Chase 

Burley ville Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Canaan Grafton Refer to Lebanon 

Center Conway Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Center Efl&ngham . . . Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Center Ossipee Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Center Sandwich. . . . Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Chocorua Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Claremont Sullivan Henry S. Richardson 

Colebrook Coos J. H. Dudley 

Concord * Merrimack 

Streeter, Demond, Wood worth & Sulloway 

Conway. Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Derry Rockingham. .G. K. & B. T. Bartlett 

Dover* Strafford Kivel & Hughes 

Enfield Grafton John H. Noonan 

Exeter * Rockmgham 

Eastman, Scammon & Gardner 

Farmington Strafford Samuel S. Parker 

Fitzwilliam Cheshire A. J. Blake 

Franklin Franklin Thomas F. Clifford 

Franklin Falls Merrimack Refer to Franklin 

Freedom Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Glen Carroll Refer to North Conway 

GofFstown Hillsboro Refer to Manchester 

Gorham. Coos Rich & Marble 

Greenville Hillsboro H. J. Taft 

Groveton Coos Refer to Lancaster 

Hanover Grafton Roland E. Stevens 



Haverhill Grafton Refer to Woodsville 

Hillsboro Hillsboro... Refer to Hillsboro Bridge 

Hillsboro Bridge Hillsboro Samuel W. Holman 

Intervale Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Jackson Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Keene * Cheshire Joseph Madden 

Laconia * Belknap Shannon & Tilton 

Lancaster * Coos 

Drew, ShurtlefF, Morris & Oakes 

Lebanon Grafton Fred A. Jones 

Lisbon Grafton George W. Pike 

Littleton Grafton Harry Bingham 

Madison Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Manchester Hillsboro 

Taggart, Burroughs, Wyman & McLane 

Melvin Village Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Meredith Belknap Bertram Blaisdell 

Milford Hillsboro Charles L. Luce 

Moultonboro Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Mountainview Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Mount Whittier Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Nashua * Hillsboro Charles W. Hoitt 

Newmarket Rockingham Irving T. George 

Newport* Sullivan F. O. Chellis 

North Conway Carroll Walter D. H. Hill 

Ossipee * Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Pasaconway Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Pembroke Merrimack Refer to Suncook 

Penacook Merrimack Willis G. Buxton 

Pequaket Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Peterboro Hillsboro James F. Brennan 

Pittsfield Merrimack Edward A. Lane 

Plymouth Grafton A. F. Wentworth 

Portsmouth Rockingham 

Frink, Marvin & Batchelder 

Rochester Strafford Felker & Gunnison 

Salem Rockingham L. Wallace Hall 

Sanborneville Carroll Refer to North Conway 


Sandwich Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Silver Lake Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Somersworth Strafford William F. Russell 

South Tamworth. . . . Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Sunapee Sullivan George Dodge 

Suncook Merrimack A. F. Burbank 

Tamworth Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Tilton Belknap W. B. Fellows 

Troy Cheshire Refer to Keene 

Tuftonboro Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Union Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Wakefield Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Walpole Cheshire Refer to Keene 

Whiteface Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Whitefield Coos Refer to Lancaster 

Wilton Hillsboro George E. Bales 

Winchester Cheshire Refer to Keene 

Wolfeboro Carroll Refer to North Conway 

Woodsville * Grafton Raymond U. Smith 


Cilies &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Allentown Monmouth Harvey R. Bergen 

Asbury Park Monmouth R. V. Lawrence 

Atlantic City Atlantic 

H. Starr Giddings 
Bartlett Building 

Atlantic Highlands. . .Monmouth John L. Sweeney 

Audubon Camden Refer to Camden 

Bayonne Hudson Refer to Jersey City 

Belleville Essex Refer to Newark 

Belvidere* Warren George M. Shipman 

Berlin Camden Refer to Camden 

Blackwood Camden Refer to Camden 

Bloomfield Essex Refer to Newark 

Boonton Morris Thomas J. Hillery 

Bordentown Burlington John P. Hutchinson 

Bound Brook Somerset H. C. Suydam 

Bridgeton * Cumberland .... Hampton & Fithian 

Burlington Burlington .... Branch & Eastwood 

Butler Morris Refer to Paterson 

Camden * Camden 

Jess & Rogers 

Jessup Building 

Frank B. Jess 
Harold E. Rogers 

Cape May Cape May Samuel F. Eldredge 

Cape May C. H. * .... Cape May Refer to Cape May 

Cedarville Cumberland . . . Benjamin T. Powell 

Chatham Morris Refer to Morristown 

Clementon Camden Refer to Camden 

Clinton Hunterdon Johnson V. AUer 


N|Ejw jer;sey 143 

Closter Bergen David D. Ackerman 

CoUingswood Camden Refer to Camden 

Cranford Union B.C. Austin 

Dover Morris U. G. Davenport 

East Orange Essex Refer to Orange 

Egg Harbor City Atlantic Refer to Atlantic City 

Elizabeth Union 

Abe J. David 

215 Broad Street 

Englewood Bergen . . . Raymond P. Wortendyke 

Flemington* Hunterdon . . . .George H. Large, Sr. 

Freehold * Monmouth R. V. Lawrence 

Frenchtown Hunterdon Hagaman & Able 

Glen Ridge Essex Refer to Newark 

Gloucester City Camden Refer to Camden 

Hackensack * Bergen Marinus Contant 

Hackettstown Warren James Fisher 

Haddonfield Camden Refer to Camden 

Haddon Heights . . . .Camden Refer to Camden 

Hammonton Atlantic . . . .Refer to Atlantic City 

Harrison Hudson Refer to Jersey City 

Hoboken Hudson Weller & Lichtenstein 

Jersey City * Hudson 

Roe, Runyon & Autenrieth 

IS Exchange Place {Opposite Tunnel Station) 

Charles J. Roe 
Henry W. Runyon 
Joseph F. Autenrieth 
Edmund S. Johnson 

Keyport Monmouth George W. Brown 

Lakewood Ocean Harry E. Newman 

Lambertville Hunterdon A. D. Anderson 

Long Branch Monmouth Henry S. Terhune 

Madison Morris Refer to Morristown 


Magnolia Camden Refer to Camden 

Manasquan Monmouth. . .Halsted H. Wainright 

Matawan Monmouth John P. Lloyd 

Mays Landing* Atlantic Refer to Atlantic City 

Merchantville Camden Refer to Camden 

Metuchen Middlesex George S. Silzer 

Millville Cumberland Louis H. Miller 

Montclair Essex John A. Hines 

Moorestown Burlington . , . .William D. Lippincott 

MoRRisTowN * Morris 

WiLLARD W. Cutler 

Morristown Trust Company Building 

Mount Holly * Burlington George M. Hillman 

Newark* Essex 

Colby & Whiting 

Essex Building 
Cable Address: " Somcolwhit ** 

Everett Colby 
Borden D. Whiting 

Ira C. Moore, Jr. 

New Brunswick * Middlesex Theodore Strong 

Newton * Sussex Theodore Simonson 

Oaklyn Camden Refer to Camden 

Ocean City Cape May Albert A. Howell 

Orange Essex... Smith, Schenck & McDavitt 

Passaic Passaic Watson & Watson 

Paterson * Passaic 

HuNziKER & Randall 

United Bank Building 

Gustav A. Hunziker 
Edmund B. Randall 


Pemberton Burlington... . Refer to Mount Holly 

Pennington Mercer Theodore D. Durling 

Perth Amboy Middlesex Leo Goldberger 

Phillipsburg Warren Smith & Brady 

Plainfield Union William Newcorn 

Point Pleasant Ocean Fred S. Wack 

Princeton Mercer Bayard Stockton 

Rahway Union Orlando H. Dey 

Red Bank Monmouth Alston Beekman 

Ridgewood Bergen Refer to Paterson 

Riverside Burlington . . . Refer to Mount Holly 

Riverton Burlington . . . Refer to Mount Holly 

Rockaway Morris Refer to Dover 

Rutherford Bergen . . .E. J. Luce & W. A. Kipp 

Salem* Salem William T. Hilliard 

Somerville * Somerset Frederick A. Pope 

South Amboy Middlesex John A. Coan 

South Orange Essex Refer to Orange 

Summit Union C. N. Williams 

Sussex Sussex A. W. Slockbower 

Toms River * Ocean George C. Low 

Trenton * Mercer 

Vroom, Dickinson & Bodine 

Mechanics Bank Building 

Garret D. W. Vroom 


John M. Dickinson 
Joseph L. Bodine 

Vineland Cumberland Henry S. Alvord 

Washington Warren William A. Stryker 

Westfield Union Codding & Oliver 

West Orange Essex Refer to Orange 

Wildwood Cape May Jonathan Hand 

Woodbridge Middlesex Ephraim Cutter 

Woodbury * Gloucester Refer to Camden 

Woodstown Salem Refer to Camden 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Alamogordo * Otero James L. Lawson 

Albuquerque * Bernalillo Vigil & Jamison 

Artesia Eddy J. G. Osburn 

Carlsbad* Eddy John W. Armstrong 

Carrizozo Lincoln George B. Barber 

Cimarron Colfax George E. Remley 

Clayton * Union Oliver P. Easterwood 

Clovis * Curry W. A. Havener 

Dayton Eddy Refer to Artesia 

Deming * Luna Amos W. Pollard 

East Las Vegas San Miguel Herbert W. Clark 

Estancia * Torrance Fred H. Ayers 

Gallup* McKinley John A. Young 

Hagerman Chaves Refer to Roswell 

Hillsboro * Sierra H. A. Wolford 

Lake Arthur Chaves Refer to Artesia 

Lakewood Eddy Refer to Carlsbad 

Las Cruces * Dona Ana R. L. Young 

Las Vegas * San Miguel . Refer to East Las Vegas 

Lincoln * Lincoln George B. Barber 

Lordsburg Grant A. W. Morningstar 

Nara Visa Quay A. Paul Siegel 

Portales * Roosevelt G. L. Reese 

Raton* Colfax Howard L. Bickley 

Roswell * Chaves Alexander J. Nisbet 

Santa Fe * Santa Fe Catron & Catron 

Santa Rosa * Guadalupe C. E. McGinnis 

Silver City* Grant R. P. Barnes 

Socorro Socorro J. G. Fitch 

Springer Colfax Refer to Raton 

Texico Curry Refer to Portasle 

Tucumcari * Quay Alldredge & Saxon 

White Oaks Lincoln Hewitt & Hudspeth 



Cities £?• Towns Counties Lawyers 

Adams Jefferson L. E. Pruyne 

Addison Steuben E. C. Smith 

Afton Chenango George A. Haven 

Akron Erie J. E. Paxon 

Albany* Albany 

Randall J. Le Boeuf 
Albany Trust Company Building 

Albion * Orleans W. C. Ramsdale 

Alexandria Bay Jefferson Wiltse & De Young 

Allegany Cattaraugus W. C. Overton 

Altamont Albany E. C. Sturges 

Amityville Suffolk S. P. Hildreht 

Amsterdam Montgomery . . . Charles E. Hardies 

Andover Allegany Refer to Wellsville 

Angelica Allegany D. D. Dickson 

Antwerp Jefferson Refer to Watertown 

Arcade Wyoming G. A. Barnes 

Arena Delaware . . . Refer to Margaretville 

Argyle Washington John B. Conway 

Arkville Delaware . . . Refer to Margaretville 

Athens Greene E. A. Gifford 

Attica Wyoming . . . O. H. & W. E. Hopkins 

Auburn * Cayuga Teller & Hunt 

Aurora Cayuga Refer to Auburn 

Au Sable Forks Essex Fred A. Torrance 

Avon Livingston John G. Carpenter 

Babylon Suffolk Le Roy M. Young 

Bainbridge Chenango Julien Scott 

Baldwinsville Onondaga James R. Shea 

Ballston Spa * Saratoga James W. Verbeck 

Batavia Genesee Safford E. North 

Bath * Steuben Thomas Shannon 

Bayport Suffolk Refer to Patchogue 

Bayshore. ,^,^,^ Suffolk William H. Robbins 



Bayside Queens Refer to Jamaica 

Bedford Station Westchester Charles Haines 

Belfast Allegany J. S. Smith 

Bellport Suffolk Refer to Patchogue 

Belmont* Allegany Reynolds & Ackerman 



Kilmer Building 

Cortland A. Wilber 
Harry A. Yetter 

Blue Point Suffolk Refer to Patchogue 

Bolivar Allegany Refer to Olean 

Boonville Oneida Benjamin A. Capron 

Bradford Steuben A. J. Wright 

Brewster Putnam F. S. Barnum 

Bridgehampton Suffolk Refer to Sag Harbor 

Brockport Monroe Morgan & Pallace 

Brockton Chautauqua Franz C. Lewis 

Bronxville Westchester J* ^' Horan 

Brookhaven Suffolk Refer to Patchogue 

Brooklyn * Kings 

Sparks, Fuller & Stricker 

44 Court Street 

Frederick W. Sparks 
Jesse Fuller, Jr. 
John F. Stricker 

Buffalo * Erie 

Mitchell & Albro 

Fidelity Building 

Roscoe R. Mitchell 
Preston M. Albro 

Callicoon Sullivan James H. Curtis 

Cambridge Washington Hill & Westfall 


Camden Oneida. Da vies, Johnson & Wilkinson 

Canajoharie Montgomery N. J. Herrick 

Canandaigua* Ontario Short & Hamlin 

Canaseraga Allegany William C. Windsor 

Canastota Madison Fitch & Kiley 

Candor Tioga J* T. Gridley 

Canisteo Steuben Almon W. Burrell 

Canton * St. Lawrence Joseph F. Brown 

Cape Vincent Jefferson Refer to Watertown 

Carmel * Putnam Clayton Ryder 

Carthage Jefferson W. B. Van Allen 

Castile Wyoming E. B. Windsor 

Catskill* Greene . Osborn, Bloodgood & Wilbur 

Cattaraugus Cattaraugus Albert A. Bird 

Cazenovia Madison M, H. Kiley 

Cedathurst Nassau Percy C. Vandewater 

Central Bridge Schoharie Wallace H. Sidney 

Ceres Allegany Refer to Olean 

Champlain Clinton Wilmer H. Dunn 

Charlotte Monroe Refer to Rochester 

Chateaugay Franklin Thomas J. Fitzpatrick 

Chatham Columbia John C. Dardess 

Cherry Creek Chautauqua Edgar W. Curtis 

Cherry Valley Otsego Barnum Brothers 

Chestertown Warren Refer to Warrensburg 

Chittenango Madison Charles A. Hitchcock 

Clayton Jefferson John O'Leary 

Cleveland Oswego James Gallagher 

Clifton Springs Ontario F. A. De Graw 

Clinton Oneida Refer to Utica 

Clyde Wayne Refer to Lyons 

Cobleskill Schoharie Charles H. Holmes 

Cohoes Albany Fellows & McElwain 

Cold Spring Putnam Refer to Peekskill 

College Point Queens Morris L. Strauss 

Coney Island Kings Refer to Brooklyn 

Cooperstown * Otsego Arnold & Cooke 

Corinth Saratoga Tibbitts Walker 


Coming Steuben Herbert A. Hemingway 

Corona Queens Refer to Jamaica 

Cortland * Cortland James F. Dougherty 

Coxsackie Greene Refer to Catskill 

Cuba Allegany J* C. Leggett 

Dansville Livingston Robert Pratt 

Dayton Cattaraugus James E. Bixby 

Delhi * Delaware M. M. Palmer 

Deposit Broome E. D. Cumming 

De Ruyter Madison H. D. Preston 

Dobbs Ferry Westchester Ellery E. Albee 

Dolgeville Herkimer George W. Ward 

Douglaston Queens Refer to Flushing 

Downsville Delaware Refer to Walton 

Dryden Tompkins George E. Goodrich 

Dundee Yates . . . H. C. & H. B. Harpending 

Dunkirk Chautauqua John L. Hurlbert 

Earlville Madison Sidney B. Cloyes 

East Aurora Erie Wells W. Parker 

East Hampton Suffolk Harry G. Stephens 

East Rochester Monroe Refer to Rochester 

Edmeston Otsego U. G. Welch 

Egypt Monroe Refer to Rochester 

Elizabethtown * Essex Dudley & Brewster 

Ellenville Ulster H. W. Coons 

Ellicottville Cattaraugus John W. Ellis 

Elmhurst Queens Clarence Edwards 

Elmira* Chemung 

Herendeen & Mandeville 

Robinson Building 

Hubert C. Mandeville 
E. W. Personius 

B. L. Newman 
Walter B. Herendeen 
William P. Rodgers 
John J. Conroy 


Endicott Broome Refer to Binghamton 

Fairport Monroe Refer to Rochester 

Falconer Chautauqua Edson & Crosby 

Far Rockaway. .... .Queens Willett & Willett 

Fayetteville Onondaga Refer to Syracuse 

Fillmore Allegany R. L. Richardson 

Fishkill-on-the-Hudson. Dutchess. . . .Schlosser & Donnelly 

Flushing Queens Harrison S. Moore 

Fonda * Montgomery. . . Refer to Amsterdam 

Forestville Chautauqua Walter Record 

Fort Edward Washington F. A. Bratt 

Fort Hunter Montgomery... Refer to Amsterdam 

Fort Plain Montgomery... Wendell & Sponable 

Frankfort Herkimer E. La Grange Smith 

Franklin Delaware E. A. Mackey 

Franklinville Cattaraugus George E. Spring 

Fredonia Chautauqua W. S. Stearns 

Freeport Nassau Johnson & Johnson 

Friendship Allegany J* ^- Ward 

Fulton Oswego . . . Piper, Rice & Pendergast 

Fultonville Montgomery... Refer to Amsterdam 

Geneseo Livingston George B. Adams 

Geneva Ontario John G. Farwell 

Germantown Columbia Amasa P. Disher 

Glen Cove Nassau E. T. Payne 

Glens Falls Warren Jenkins & Barker 

Gloversville Fulton Horton D. Wright 

Goshen * Orange Bacon & Rorty 

Gouvemeur St. Lawrence . . . .Arthur T. Johnson 

Gowanda Cattaraugus Ward J. Wilber 

Granville Washington Clarence E. Parker 

Great Neck Nassau Refer to Jamaica 

Greene Chenango Charles Clinton 

Green Island Albany Refer to Troy 

Greenport Suffolk Frederick H. Tasker 

Greenwich Washington . . . Van Ness & Russell 

Greenwood Steuben W. G. Kellogg 

Groton Tompkins G. M. Stoddard 


Hagaman Montgomery... Refer to Amsterdam 

Halcottsville Delaware . . . Refer to Margaretsville 

Hamburg Erie Perry M. Thorn 

Hamilton Madison Carlos J. Colemaa 

Harrison Westchester. . . . Refer to Port Chester 

Haverstraw Rockland William McCauley 

Hempstead Nassau Maxson & Jones 

Herkimer* Herkimer George H. Bunce 

Hicksville Nassau Joseph Steinert, Sr. 

Highland Ulster A. D. Lent 

Hobart Delaware . . . O'Connor & O'Connor 

Holley Orleans Refer to Albion 

Homer Cortland E. W. Hyatt 

Hoosick Falls Rensselaer George E. Greene 

Hornell Steuben Milo M. Acker 

Horseheads Chemung Refer to Elmira 

Hudson * Columbia L. Royce Tilden 

Hudson Falls*. .-. . . .Washington Fisk & Lewis 

Huntington Suffolk George C. Hendrickson 

Ilion Herkimer James Gilchrist 

Islip Suffolk Refer to Bayshore 

Ithaca* Tompkins George S. Tarbell 

amaica * Queens Gillen & Weller 

amestown Chautauqua Harry R. Lewis 

efferson Schoharie Charles E. Nichols 

ohnstown * Fulton Dudley & Dennison 

Ceeseville Essex Nathan T. Hewitt 

Kinderhook Columbia Charles M. Bray 

Kingston * Ulster 

Charles W. Walton 
Savings Institution Building 

Lake George * Warren Daniel F. Imrie 

Lake Placid Essex Refer to Saranac Lake 

Lancaster Erie H. B. Van Peyma 

Lawrence Nassau Refer to Jamaica 

Leonardsville Madison Brown & Brown 


Le Roy Genesee Scott W. Skinner 

Lestershire Broome Refer to Binghamton 

Lewiston Niagara J* B. Scovell 

Liberty Sullivan D. S. Hill 

Lima Livingston George W. Atwell 

Lisle Broome Milo C. Paige 

Little Falls Herkimer Abram Zoller 

Little Valley* Cattaraugus Refer to Salamanca 

Livonia Livingston Scott W. Crane 

Lockport Niagara Stockwell & Campbell 

Long Island City. . . . Queens Eugene N. L. Young 

Lowville * Lewis Frederick C. Schraub 

Lyons* Wayne Charles P. Williams 

Malone* Franklin George J. Moore 

Mamaroneck Westchester 

Meighan & Necarsulmer 

Margaretville Delaware William H. Allaben 

Marathon Cortland Refer to Cortland 

Massena St. Lawrence B. S. O'Neill 

Matteawan Dutchess Samuel K. Phillips 

Mattituck Suffolk Frank C. Barker 

Mayville* Chautauqua . . . .William G. Martin 

Mechanicsville Saratoga Robert Frazier 

Medina Orleans Sherwood & Cooper 

Mexico Oswego George W. Johnson 

Middleburg Schoharie Dow Beekman 

Middleport Niagara... . Judson, HoUey & Caton 

Middletown Orange A. C. N. Thompson 

Milford Otsego Refer to Cooperstown 

Milbrook Dutchess Elijah T. Russell 

Millerton Dutchess F. L. Conklin 

Milton Ulster John B. Ball 

Mineola * Nassau Eugene W. Denton 

Mohawk Herkimer Refer to Herkimer 

Monroe Orange Refer to Warwick 

Montgomery Orange J- M. Wilkin 

Monticello * Sullivan John D. Lyons 

Montour Falls Schuyler Frank Johnson 


Moravia Cayuga Joel B. Jennings 

Morris Otsego Merritt Bridges 

Morrisville Madison John A. Johnson 

Mount Kisco Westchester Joseph E. Merriam 

Mount Morris Livingston John F. Connor 

Mount Vernon Westchester Odell D. Tompkins 

Naples Ontario C. E. Koby 

Nev^ark Wayne B. C. Williams 

New Berlin Chenango H. J. Mosher 

New Brighton Richmond.. Refer to Port Richmond 

Newburgh Orange 

Graham Witschief 
44 Smith Street 

Nev7 Kingston Delaware . . . Refer to Margaretville 

New Paltz Ulster J. N. Vanderlyn 

Newport Herkimer C. L. Fellows 

New Rochelle Westchester... Samuel F. Swinburne 

New York City *. . . New York 

Root, Clark, Buckner & Rowland 

ji Nassau Street 
Cable Address: "Erootlazv" 

Elihu Root, Jr. 
Grenville Clark 
Emory R. Buckner 
Silas W. Rowland 

Niagara Falls Niagara 

CoHN, Chormann & Franchot 

44 Falls Street 

Morris Cohn, Jr. 
Frederick Chormann 
Edward E. Franchot 

North Collins Erie Ernest F. Kruse 

Northport Suffolk Ackerly & Miles 


North Tonawanda. . .Niagara Norman D. Fish 

Northville Fulton Refer to Johnstown 

Norwich * Chenango Howard D. Newton 

Nunda Livingston Ernest C. OIney 

Nyack Rockland . . . Mortimer B. Patterson 

Ogdensburg St. Lawrence 

Waterman & Waterman 

Olean Cattaraugus .... Hastings & Larkin 

Oneida Madison Daniel C. Burke 

Oneonta Otsego J. Lee Tucker 

Orwell Oswego A. S. Barker 

Ossining Westchester Milton C. Palmer 

Oswego * Oswego Coon & Coon 

Otego Otsego W. D. Van Derwerken 

Ovid * Seneca Francis C. Allen 

Owego* Tioga Clark & Truman 

Oxford Chenango Charles W. Brown 

Oyster Bay Nassau Refer to Freeport 

Palmyra Wayne Frederick E. Converse 

Patchogue Suffolk Frank W. Shaw 

Pawling Dutchess Downing & Blessing 

Peekskill Westchester James W. Husted 

Penfield Monroe Refer to Rochester 

Penn Yan* Yates Huson & Lincoln 

Perry Wyoming W. D. Olmsted 

Phelps Ontario John B. Parmelee 

Phoenix Oswego Reilly & Sullivan 

Pittsford Monroe Refer to Rochester 

Plattsburg* Clinton Charles H. Signor 

Pleasantville Westchester Wilson R. Yard 

Port Byron Cayuga Refer to Auburn 

Port Chester Westchester... William A. Davidson 

Port Henry Essex Berne A. Pyrke 

Port Jefferson Suffolk Refer to Patchogue 

Port Jervis Orange Frank Lybolt 

Port Richmond Richmond 

De Groot, Rawson & Stafford 
Port Washington Nassau Refer to Freeport 


Potsdam St. Lawrence Frank L. Cubley 

Poughkeepsie * Dutchess Charles F. Cossum 

Pulaski Oswego Miller & Bentley 

Randolph Cattaraugus Refer to Salamanca 

Rensselaer Rensselaer Ernest L. Boothby 

Rhinebeck Dutchess A. Lee Wager 

Richfield Springs Otsego L. S. Henry 

Riverhead* Suffolk Nathan O. Petty 

Rochester * Monroe 

James M. E. O'Grady 

EUtvanger ^ Barry Building 

Rockaway Beach .... Queens T. C. McKennee 

Rome Oneida John E. Mason 

Rondout Ulster Refer to Kingston 

Rosendale Ulster Refer to Kingston 

Roslyn Nassau George W. Eastman 

Rouse's Point Clinton James B. Stearns 

Roxbury Delaware R. S. Ives 

Rye Westchester... Refer to Port Chester 

St. James Suffolk Refer to Patchogue 

St. Johnsville Montgomery George C. Butler 

Sag Harbor Suffolk William C. Greene 

Salamanca Cattaraugus W. K. Harrison 

Salem Washington Robert N. Wilson 

Sandy Creek Oswego H. L. Wallace 

Saranac Lake Franklin J- C. Little 

Saratoga Springs Saratoga Salisbury & Rowe 

Saugerties Ulster Refer to Kingston 

Sayville Suffolk Joseph Wood 

Scarsdale Westchester . . . Refer to White Plains 

Schenectady* Schenectady 

Daniel Naylon, Jr. 

Myers Block 


Schenevus Otsego Oscar F. Lane 

Schoharie * Schoharie Clyde H. Proper 

Schuylerville Saratoga... Refer to Saratoga Springs 

Seneca Falls Seneca Daniel Moran 

Setauket Suffolk Refer to Patchogue 

Sharon Springs Schoharie A. B. Coons 

Sherburne Chenango Fuller & Truesdell 

Sherman Chautauqua Freeman L. Morris 

Sidney Delaware Refer to Unadilla 

Silver Creek Chautauqua . , . Towne & Livermore 

Skaneateles Onondaga F. E. Stone 

Sodus Wayne Kelly & Kelly 

Southampton Suffolk Refer to Sag Harbor 

Spencer Tioga CO. Scab ring 

Spring Valley Rockland Refer to Nyack 

Springville Erie A. C. Bates 

Stamford Delaware C. L. Andrus 

Stapleton Richmond George W. Stake 

Suffern Rockland Refer to Nyack 

Syracuse * Onondaga 

LEWIS9 Meatyard & Lewis 

White Memorial Building 

Ceylon H. Lewis 
Joseph M. Meatyard 
Edmund H. Lewis 

Tarrytown Westchester Frank V. Millard 

Theresa Jefferson William D. Morrow 

Ticonderoga Essex F. B. Wickes 

Tompkinsville Richmond . . Refer to Port Richmond 

Tonawanda Erie Harrington & Hackett 

Tribes Hill Montgomery. . . Refer to Amsterdam 

Troy* Rensselaer 

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Troy* Rensselaer 

Shaw, Bailey & Murphy 

Keerian Building 

H. D. Bailey 
Edward Murphy, 2d 
Charles S. Aldrich 

Trumansburg Tompkins O. G. Noble 

Tuckahoe Westchester. .Refer to White Plains 

Tupper Lake Franklin Francis H. Slater 

Unadilla Otsego Charles C. Flaesch 

Union Broome Refer to Binghamton 

UncA * Oneida 

Merwin K. Hart 

Utica City National Bank Building 

Waddington St. Lawrence Sellar Leishmann 

Walden Orange A. J. Fowler 

Wallkill Ulster Refer to Walden 

Walton Delaware . . . .Neish, Moore & Neish 

Warrensburg Warren Lewis E. Crandall 

Warsaw * Wyoming Woodworth & GrefF 

Warwick Orange Kane & Stage 

Waterford Saratoga Francis A. Martin 

Waterloo * Seneca Clarence Ten Eyck 

Watertown * Jefferson. ..Carlisle, Carlisle & Brown 

Waterville Oneida L. P. Fuess 

Watervliet Albany Benjamin W. Knower 

Watkins *. . Schuyler Charles M. Woodward 

Waverly Tioga Frederick E. Hawkes 

Wayland Steuben H. V. Pratt 

Webster Monroe Refer to Rochester 

Weedsport Cayuga John F. Kingston 

Wellsville Allegany Church & Waid 

Westfield Chautauqua Gibbs & Williamson 

West Winfield Herkimer Myron M. Crandall 


Whitehall Washington Otis A. Dennis 

White Plains * Westchester 

Ffarrington M. Thompson 

Whitestone Queens Clinton T. Roe 

Whitney Point Broome David L. Maxfield 

Wolcott Wayne E. T. Brown 

Worcester Otsego Refer to Cooperstown 

Yonkers Westchester .... William C. Kellogg 


Cities 6r» Towns Counties Lawyers 

Aberdeen Moore Johnson & Johnson 

Ahoskie Hertford Refer to Winton 

Albermarle* Stanly R. L. Smith 

Angier Harnett Refer to Dunn 

Apex Wake Percy J. Olive 

Ashboro * Randolph John T. Brittain 

Asheville* Buncombe Lee & Ford 

Bailey Nash Refer to Nashville 

Bakersville * Mitchell W. L. Lambert 

Battleboro Nash Refer to Nashville 

Beaufort* Carteret Abemethy & Davis 

Belhaven Beaufort Refer to Washington 

Benson Johnston Barbour & Barbour 

Bethania Forsyth Refer to Winston-Salem 

Boone * Watauga F. A. Linney 

Brevard* Transylvania Robert L. Gash 

Bryson City * Swain Bryson & Black 

Buies Creek Harnett Refer to Dunn 

Burgaw* Pender J* "^* Bland 

Burlington Alamance W. H. Carroll 

Burnsville * Yancey J« B. Ray 

Carthage * Moore Robert L. Burns 

Castalia Nash Refer to Nashville 

Chapel Hill Orange William S. Roberson 

Charlotte * Mecklenburg Tillett & Guthrie 

Clayton Johnston Refer to Smithfield 

Clemmonsville Forsyth Refer to Winston-Salem 

Clinton * Sampson Faison & Wright 

Coats Harnett Refer to Dunn 

Columbia * Tyrrell T. H. Woodley 

Columbus * Polk Edgar B. Cloud 

Concord * Cabarrus J. L. Crowell 

Dallas * Gaston Refer to Gastonia 

Danbury * Stokes J- D. Humphreys 

Dennis Polk Refer to Winston-Salem 

1 60 


Dillsboro Jackson Joseph J. Hooker 

Dobson * Surry W. L. Reece 

Donnoha Forsyth Refer to Winston-Saleir 

Dunn Harnett Robert L. Godwin 

Durham * Durham Guthrie & Guthrie 

East Bend Yadkin Benbow & Bcnbow 

Eden ton * Chowan Bond & Bond 

Elizabeth City *. . . .Pasquotank Ward & Thompson 

Elizabethtown .... Bladen R. S. White 

Elkin Surry Joseph F. Hendren 

Fayetteville * Cumberland Robinson & Lyon 

Four Oaks Johnston Refer to Benson 

Franklin * Macon Johnston & Horn 

Gastonia Gaston O. F. Mason 

Gatesville * Gates Smith & Banks 

Goldsboro * Wayne M. T. Dickinson 

Graham * Alamance Parker & Parker 

Greensboro * Guilford King & Kimball 

Greenville * Pitt Harry Skinner 

Halifax * Halifax Refer to Scotland Neck 

Hayesville* Clay O. L. Anderson 

Henderson* Vance T. T. Hicks 

Hendersonville * . . . . Henderson Staton & Rector 

Hertford * Perquimans Charles Whedbee 

Hickory Catawba Councill & Yount 

High Point Guilford .... Roberson & Barnhart 

Hillsboro* Orange Graham & Graham 

Hope Mills Cumberland . . .Refer to Fayetteville 

ackson* Northampton Gay & Midyette 

acksonville * Onslow Frank Thompson 

efFerson * Ashe R. L. Ballou 

onesboro Lee Refer to Sanford 

Kenansville * Duplin Thad Jones 

Kenley Johnston Refer to Wilson 

Kernersville Forsyth . . . Refer to Winston-Salem 

Kings Mountain Cleveland E. L. Campbell 

Kinston * Lenoir Rouse & Land 

Laurinburg* Scotland M. L. John 


Leaksville Rockingham . . . Refer to Reidsville 

Lenoir* Caldwell W. C. Newland 

Lewiston Bertie Refer to Windsor 

Lewisville Forsyth .... Refer to Winston-Salem 

Lexington * Davidson Emery E. Raper 

Lillington * Harnett Robert L. Godwin 

Lincolnton* Lincoln C. E. Childs 

Littleton Halifax Joseph P. Pippen 

Louisburg * Franklin... Bickett, White & Malone 

Lumberton * Robeson... 

Mclntyre, Lawrence & Proctor 

Madison Rockingham . . . Humphreys & Sharp 

Manteo * Dare B. G. Crisp 

Marion * McDowell Pless & Winborne 

Marshall* Madison C. B. Mashburn 

Maysville Jones Refer to Trenton 

Maxton Robeson Sylvester B. McLean 

Middlesex Nash Refer to Nashville 

Mocksville * Davie E. L. Gaither 

Monroe* Union Stack & Parker 

Mooresville Iredell Albert L. Starr 

Morgantown * Burke Samuel J. Ervin 

Mount Airy Surry Edward M. Linville 

Mount Olive Wayne Refer to Goldsboro 

Murfreesboro Hertford . . . Winborne & Winborne 

Murphy* Cherokee J. N. Moody 

Nashville * Nash Austin & Davenport 

Newbern * Craven Thomas D. Warren 

Newton * Catawba W. C. Feimster 

North Wilkesboro. ...Wilkes Frank D. Hackett 

Oxford * Granville B. S. Royster 

Pilot Mountain Surry Refer to Mount Airy 

PineblufF. Moore Refer to Aberdeen 

Pinehurst Moore Refer to Aberdeen 

Pittsboro* Chatham Hayes & Bynum 

Plymouth * Washington A. O. Gay lord 

Polloksville Jones Refer to Trenton 

Raeford Hoke Shaw & Currie 


Raleigh* Wake 

S. Brown Shepherd 

Commercial National Bank Building 

Red Springs Robeson Refer to Lumberton 

Reidsville Rockingham .... Ira R. Humphreys 

Richlands Onslow Refer to Trenton 

Robbinsville * Graham R. L. Phillips 

Robersonville Martin J« C. Smith 

Rockingham * Richmond . . Lowdermilk & Dockery 

Rocky Mount Edgecombe L. V. Bassett 

Roxboro* Person W. D. Merritt 

Rural Hall Forsyth .... Refer to Winston-Salem 

Rutherford ton* Rutherford... McBrayer & McBrayer 

Salisbury * Rowan Clement & Clement 

Sanford * Lee Clawson L. Williams 

Scotland Neck Halifax Kitchin & Smith 

Selma Johnston Refer to Smithfield 

Shelby* Cleveland Ryburn & Hoey 

Siler City Chatham . . , Siler & Milliken 

Smithfield * Johnston . . . ., John A. Narron 

Snow Hill * Greene J. P. Frizzelle 

Southern Pines Moore Refer to Aberdeen 

Southport* Brunswick Cranmer & Davis 

Sparta * .Alleghany R. A. Doughten 

Spencer Rowan J. Giles Hudson 

Spray Rockingham Refer to Reidsville 

Spring Hope Nash Refer to Nashville 

Statesville * Iredell R. T. Weatherman 

Stoneville Rockingham . . . Refer to Reidsville 

Swanquarter* Hyde Mann & Jones 

Tarboro * Edgecombe W. O. Howard 

Taylorsville * Alexander J« H. Burke 

Thomasville Davidson Refer to High Point 

Trenton * Jones Julien K. Warren 

Troy * Montgomery Robert T. Poole 

Wadesboro Anson. . Robinson, Caudle & Pruette 


Wake Forest Wake E. W. Timberlake & Son 

Walkertown Forsyth .... Refer to Winston-Salem 

Wallace Duplin George R. Ward 

Warrenton * Warren T. O. Rodwell 

Warsaw Duplin Johnson & Johnson 

Washington * Beaufort Edward L. Stewart 

Waynesville Haywood Smathers & Morgan 

Webster* Jackson 

Crawford, Alley & Buchanan 

Weldon Halifax E. T. Clark 

Wentworth * Rockingham . . . Refer to Reidsville 

Whiteville * Columbus Jackson Greer 

Wilkesboro* Wilkes Finley & Hendren 

Williamston * Martin... Martin, Critcher & Martin 

Wilmington * New Hanover Kenan & Stacy 

Wilson * Wilson W. A. Lucas 

Windsor* Bertie Gillam & Davenport 

Winston-Salem Forsyth... Watson, Buxton & Watson 

Winton * Hertford James R. Mitchell 

Yadkinville * Yadkin D. M. Reece 

Yanceyville* Caswell A. E. Henderson 


Cities 6r* Tonmis Cowilies Lawyers 

Abercrombie Richland Refer to Wahpeton 

Alexander McKenzie Robert Norheim 

Almont Morton Refer to Glen Ullin 

Ambrose Williams G. W. Baker 

Anamoose McHenry ^« J* Funke 

Aneta Nelson Albert V. A. Peterson 

Ashley* Mcintosh Franz Shubeck 

Baker Bebson Refer to Leeds 

Beach Billings . Keohane, Gallagher & Jones 

Belfield Stark H. E. Haney 

Bismarck * Burleigh Hyland & Madden 

Bottineau* Bottineau John H. Kirk 

Bowbells * Burke F. E. Heckel 

Bowman * Bowman F. E. Diehl 

Brinsmade Benson Refer to Leeds 

Brocket Ramsey Refer to Devils Lake 

Burnstad Logan D. L. Anderson 

Cando * Towner Kehoe & Moseley 

Carrington* Foster George H. Stillman 

Carson Morton Refer to Flasher 

Casselton Cass J. F. Callahan 

Cavalier* Pembina Hilem B. Spiller 

Church's Ferry Ramsey Refer to Devils Lake 

Cooperstown * Griggs A. M. Baldwin 

Crary Ramsey Refer to Devils Lake 

Crosby * Divide George P. Homnes 

Devils Lake Ramsey 

Middaugh, Cuthbert, Smythe & Hunt 

Dickinson * Stark L. A. Simpson 

Douglas Ward Refer to Ryder 

Edgeley Lamoure Refer to La Moure 

Edmore Ramsey T. W. Morrissey 

Egeland Towner Refer to Cando 

Elgin Morton Refer to Flasher 

Ellendale * Dickey E. E. Cassels 



Enderlin Ransom Pierce & Tenneson 

Esmond Benson Asa J. Styles 

Fairmount Richland Refer to Wahpeton 

Fargo * Cass 

Lawrence & Murphy 

Aubrey Lawrence 
M. W. Murphy 

Fessenden* Wells John A. Layne 

Fillmore Benson Refer to Leeds 

Finley Steele Peter O. Sathre 

Flasher Morton Robert F. Nash 

Forman * Sargent McKenzie & Leslie 

Garrison McLean R. L. Fraser 

Glen UUin Morton John J. Garrity 

Goodrich Sheridan O. P. Jordal 

Grafton * Walsh H. C. De Puy 

Grand Forks* Grand Forks 

Bangs, Netcher & Hamilton 

First National Bank Building 

Tracy R. Bangs 
A. L. Netcher 
H. N. Hamilton 

Granville McHenry C. W. Hookway 

Hampden Ramsey Refer to Devils Lake 

Hankinson Richland J- A. Dwyer 

Hansboro Towner Refer to Devils Lake 

Harlow Benson Refer to Leeds 

Harvey Wells Aloys Wartner 

Hebron Morton Refer to Glen Ullin 

Hettinger* Adams Boehm & Jackson 

Hillsboro* Traill P. G. Swenson 

Hope Steele Refer to Casselton 

Jamestown * Stutsman Thorp & Chase 

Kenmare Ward Gray & Stoudt 


Knox Benson Refer to Leeds 

Kulm Lamoure P. J. Burfening 

Lakota * Nelson Frick & Kelly 

La Moure* La Moure Knopp & Coyne 

Langdon * Cavalier George M. Price 

Lansford Bottineau Morton & Mohr 

Larimore Grand Forks D. Proyer Bates 

Lawton Ramsey Refer to Devils Lake 

Leeds Benson Victor Wardrope 

Leith Morton Refer to Flasher 

Lidgerwood Richland A. L. Parsons 

Linton * Emmons Charles S. Lane 

Lisbon * Ransom Rourke & Kvello 

McClusky * Sheridan Peter A. Winter 

McHenry Foster Clyde E. Scott 

Maddock Benson .... Refer to Minnewaukan 

Makoti Ward ... Refer to Ryder 

Mandan * Morton L. H. Connolly 

Manning* Dunn William A. Cams 

Max McLean Refer to Ryder 

Mayville Traill Francis W. Ames 

Milnor Sargent Oliver S. Sem 

Minnewaukan * Benson Torger Sinness 

Minot* Ward Thompson & Wooledge 

Minto Walsh J. D. Phelps 

Mohall * Renville Swenson & Rodsater 

Mott * Hettinger Jacobsen & Murray 

Munich Cavalier Norris H. Nelson 

Napoleon* Logan William A. O'Donnell 

New Leipzig Morton Refer to Flasher 

New Rockford* Eddy James A. Manly 

New Salem Morton Oliver Leverson 

Oakes Dickey Arthur P. Guy 

Park River Walsh G. W. Young 

Parshall Mountrail Refer to Ryder 

Pembina * Pembina E. W. Conmy 

Plaza Mountrail Refer to Ryder 

Pleasant Lake ...... Benson Refer to Leeds 


Raleigh Morton Refer to Flasher 

Ray Williams George H. Moellring 

Rolette Rolette Albert L. Nelson 

Rolla* Rolette Harry E. Plymat 

Rugby * Pierce Albert E. Coger 

Ryder Ward Johnson & Mielke 

St. Thomas Pembina A. L. & T. A. Miller 

Schafer* McKenzie Charles C. Converse 

Sheldon Ransom Refer to Lisbon 

Sherbrooke * Steele George Murray 

Sherwood Renville Charles O. Lee 

Shields Morton Refer to Flasher 

Stanley * Montraille Ray O. Miller 

Stanton * Mercer George L Reimestad 

Starkweather Ramsey Refer to Devils Lake 

Steele * Kidder Rees L. Phelps 

Sykeston Wells A. G. Covell 

Towner* McHenry John H. Ulsrud 

Turtle Lake McLean John E. Williams 

Underwood McLean J* T. Hoge 

Valley City* Barnes Herman Winterer 

Velva McHenry J« R* Meagher 

Wahpeton * Richland .... Forbes & Loundsbury 

Washburn * McLean James T. McCulloch 

Webster Ramsey Refer to Devils Lake 

Westhope Bottineau Spule & Cooper 

Williston* Williams... Palmer, Craven & Burns 

Wishek Mcintosh Harry W. Piatt 

Wolford Pierce Refer to Leeds 

Wyndmere Richland Martin Scramstad 

York Benson Refer to Leeds 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Ada Hardin Henry A. Clark 

Akron * Summit 

Allen, Waters, Young & Andress 

Hamilton Building 

George G. Allen 
Frank H. Waters 
William E. Young 
Harry E. Andress 
Chester G. Wise 
G. B. Motz 

Alliance Stark Hart & Koehler 

Andover Ashtabula F. J. Bishop 

Antwerp Paulding Mervin Day 

Ashland* Ashland McCray & McCray 

Ashtabula Ashtabula Mott G. Spaulding 

Ashville Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Athens* Athens. .Grosvenor, Jones & Worstell 

Atlanta Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Attica Seneca Refer to Tiffin 

Barberton Summit S. A. Decker 

Bamesville Belmont Smith & Howard 

Batavia * Clermont Nichols & Nichols 

Beach City Stark Refer to Massillon 

Bedford Cuyahoga Pierce D. Metzger 

Bellaire Belmont Charles J. Lynch 

Bellefontaine * Logan John E. West 

Bellevue Huron Parkhurst & Vickery 

Bellville Richland C. B. Hines 

Berea Cuyahoga J. M. Patton 

Bethel Clarmont Charles A. Brannock 

Blanchester Clinton Savage & Savage 

Bloomfield Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Bloomville Seneca J» W. Snyder 


170 OHIO 

BlufFton Allen Welty & Downing 

Bowling Green * Wood N. R. Harrington 

Brewster Stark Refer to Massillon 

Bridgeport Belmont J- C. Heinlein 

Bryan* Williams R. L. Starr 

Bucyrus * Crawford Finley & Gallinger 

Cadiz * Harrison B. W. Rowland 

Caldwell* Noble Harry A. Smith 

Cambridge * Guernsey Robert T. Scott 

Canal Dover Tuscarawas Wilkin & Fernsell 

Canal Fulton Stark Refer to Massillon 

Canal Winchester. . . .Franklin W. H. Lane 

Canton* Stark Lynch & Day 

Cardington Morrow W. P. Vaughan 

Carey Wyandot H. G. Chambers 

Carrollton* Carroll McDonald & Oglevee 

Celina * Mercer H. A. Miller 

Centerburg Knox > Charles D. Hayden 

Chardon * Geauga C. A. Wilmot 

Chicago Huron Refer to Norwalk 

Chillicothe * Ross Wilby G. Hyde 

Cincinnati * Hamilton 

KiNKEAD & Rogers 
Traction Building 


Cable Address: " Kinrogers 

Ellis G. Kinkead 
H. Kenneth Rogers 

Circleville* Pickaway Barton Walters 

Cleveland * Cuyahoga 

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OHIO 171 

Cleveland* Cuyahoga 


Cuyahoga Building 
Cable Address: ** Buhaxin'* 

Robert J. Bulkley 
H. Austin Hauxhurst 
Richard Inglis 
Wilford C. Seager 
Robert H. Ja mison 

I. Walter Sharp 
Frank X. Cull 

Cleves Hamilton Stanley Struble 

Clyde Sandusky Homer Metzgar 

Collinwood Cuyahoga Refer to Cleveland 

Columbiana Columbiana W. O. Wallace 

Columbus * Franklin 

Webber, McCoy, Jones & Schoedinger 

Chamber of Commerce 

Karl T. Webber 
Robert W. McCoy 
William Harvey Jones 
Fred H. Schoedinger 

Columbus Grove. . . . Putnam Refer to Ottawa 

Commercial Point. . . Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Conneaut Ashtabula M. R. Smith 

Coshocton * Coshocton F. E. Pomerene 

Covington Miami J. Guy O'Donnell 

Crestline Crawford Refer to Galion 

Cuyahoga Falls Summit Charles McCuskey 

Dalton Wayne Refer to Massillon 

Danville Knox Refer to Mount Vernon 

Darby ville Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

172 OHIO 

Dayton * Montgomery 

Murphy, Elliff & Leen 

Schwind Building 

Barry S. Murphy 
Chailes W. ElliflF 
Arthur E. Leen 

Defiance * Defiance T. T. Ansberry 

Delaware * Delaware Overturf & Hough 

Delphos Allen B. J. Brotherton 

Delta Fulton George A. Everett 

Dennison Tuscarawas . . . Refer to Uhrichsville 

Derby Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Deshler Henry L. E. Long 

Dresden Muskingum Paul Bainter 

East Liverpool Columbiana... McGarry & McGarry 

East Palestine Columbiana Lyon & Stevenson 

Eaton * Preble Hugh R. Gilmore 

Elmore Ottawa Thomas J. Sadler 

Elyria * Lorain Frank A. Stetson 

Felicity Clermont C. H. Woodmansee 

Findlay * Hancock Burket & Burket 

Five Points Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Forest Hardin Price & Price 

Fostoria Seneca George E. Reed 

Frankfort Ross Refer to Chillicothe 

Franklin Warren J. D. Miller 

Fremont * Sandusky Hunt & Garn 

Galion Crawford William J. Geer 

Gallipolis* Gallia Roscoe J. Mauck 

Garrertsville Portage Webb & Webb 

Geneva Ashtabula Charles J. Ford 

Genoa Ottawa Ira A. Clark 

Georgetown * Brown Parkei & Markley 

Germantown Montgomery... Refer to Miamisburg 

Gibsonburg Sandusky J. L. Hart 

Girard Trumbull Wade R. Deemer 

OHIO 173 

Glouster Athens Refer to Athens 

Greenville * Darke .... Bickel, Baker & Murphy 

Grover Hill Paulding Thomas E. Parks 

Hamersville Brown H. B. Whiteman 

Hamilton* Butler Shotts & Millikin 

Harrison Hamilton George B. Goodhart 

Hicksville Defiance George D. Simmons 

Hillsboro * Highland Smith & Morrow 

Hubbard Trumbull J. J. Boyle 

Hudson Summit H. A. Sullivan 

Ironton * Lawrence A. R. Johnson 

ackson * Jackson D. H. Armstrong 

amestown Greene W. A. Paxson 

Jefferson* Ashtabula Hiram E. Starkey 

Kent Portage C. H. Curtiss 

Kenton* Hardin Thomas C. Mahon 

Lancaster* Fairfield M. A. Daugherty 

Lebanon* Warren Brandon & Ivins 

Leetonia Columbiana John B. Morgan 

Leipsic Putnam A. A. Slaybaugh 


Lima* Allen 

Hughes & Tripplehorn 

Times Building 

Kent W. Hughes 
Dan R. Tripplehorn 

Lisbon * Columbiana 

Billingsley, Moore & Van Fossan 

Lockland Hamilton Refer to Cincinnati 

Logan * Hocking Elmer O. Pettit 

London* Madison Murray & Emery 

Lorain Lorain D. H. Williams 

Loudonville Ashland W. J. Weirick 

Louisville Stark Refer to Canton 

Loveland Clermont H. S. Stevenson 

Lynchburg Highland E. M. Wiggins 

174 OHIO 

McArthur* Vinton J- W. Darby 

McConnelsville * Morgan M. E. Danford 

Madisonville Hamilton Refer to Cincinnati 

Manchester .Adams Refer to West Union 

Mansfield* Richland W. S. Kerr 

Marietta * Washington Thomas J. Summers 

Marion * Marion Copeland & Bartram 

Martins Ferry Belmont Gordon D. Kinder 

MarysviUe* Union John H. Willis 

Massillon Stark Warren E. Russell 

Mechanicsburg Champaign Thomas B. Ware 

Medina* Medina Nathan H. McClure 

Miamisburg Montgomery W. A. Reiter 

Middletown Butler W. K. Rhonemus 

Milford Clermont Daniel W. Murphy 

Millersburg * Holmes Maxwell & Sharp 

Montpelier Williams I. W. Pressler 

Morgan Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Mount Eaton Wayne Refer to Massillon 

Mount Gilead* Morrow S. C. Kingman 

Mount Vernon * Knox Frank V. Owen 

Napoleon * Henry J. R. Linthicum 

Navarre Stark Refer to Massillon 

Nelsonville Athens Charles W. Juniper 

Newark * Licking Jones & Jones 

New Bremen Auglaize Refer to St. Marys 

Newcomerstown . . . .Tuscarawas E. E. Lindsay 

New Holland Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

New Lexington *. . . . Perry C. A. Donahue 

New London Huron E. M. Palmer 

New Philadelphia*. .Tuscarawas Louis Welty 

New Richmond Clermont Refer to Batavia 

Niles Trumbull Refer to Warren 

North Baltimore Wood W. H. McMillen 

North Lawrence .... Stark Refer to Massillon 

Norwalk* Huron G. Ray Craig 

Norwood Hamilton Refer to Cincinnati 

Oak Harbor Ottawa John DufF 

OH I O 175 

Oberlin Lorain Charles R. Summers 

Orrville Wayne Refer to Massillon 

Ottawa * Putnam Bailey & Leasure 

Oxford Butler Refer to Hamilton 

Painesville Lake Alvord & Blakely 

Paulding * Paulding Snook & Wilcox 

Peebles Adams J. R. B. Kessler 

Periysburg Wood D. K. Hollenbeck 

Piqua Miami Lindsay & Berry 

Plymouth Richland E. K. Trauger 

Pomeroy * Meigs Manning S. Webster 

Port Clinton* Ottawa George A. True 

Portsmouth * Scioto Oscar W. Newman 

Quaker City Guernsey L E. Stubby 

Ravenna * Portage W. J. Beckley 

Ripley Brown Chambers Baird 

Rockford Mercer E. E. Jackson 

Sabina Clinton Refer to Wilmington 

St. Clairsville* Belmont A. W. Kennon 

St. Marys Auglaize Anthony CuUiton 

St. Paris Champaign Charles E. Buroker 

Salem Columbiana . . . Carey & Armstrong 

Salineville Columbiana S. E. McCormick 

Sandusky * Erie King & Ramsey 

Sebring Mahoning Refer to Alliance 

Shelby Richland George W. Coble 

Sidney* Shelby Marshall & Marshall 

Somerset Perry E. P. Walser 

Spencerville Allen R. R. Kennedy 

Springfield * Clark John L. Zimmerman 

Steubenville * Jefferson Addison C. Lewis 

Strasburg Tuscarawas Refer to Massillon 

Tarlton Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Tiffin * Seneca R. L. De Ran 

Tippecanoe City Miami E. H. & R. A. Kerr 

Toledo * Lucas 

(See next page) 

176 OHIO 

Toledo * Lucas 

Brown, Hahn, Sanger & Froehlich 

Nicholas Building 

Walter F. Brown 
George P. Hahn 
Sigmond Sanger 
Edmund C. Froehlich 

Toronto Jefferson Refer to Steubenville 

Troy * Miami L. H. Shipman 

Uhrichsville Tuscarawas . . . .William B. Stevens 

Upper Sandusky* Wyandot. . . .Carter, Carter & Carter 

Urbana * Champaign W. F. Ring 

Van Wert * Van Wert Dailey & Hoke 

Wapakoneta * Auglaize Lay ton & Vaubel 

Warren * Trumbull Charles Fillius 

Washington C. H. *. . Fayette Post & Reid 

Wauseon * Fulton Fred H. Wolf 

Waverly * Pike F. E. Dougherty 

Wellington Lorain J- T. Haskell 

Wellston Jackson E. H. Willis 

Wellsville Columbiana. Refer to East Liverpool 

West Milton Miami Refer to Troy 

West Salem Wayne J- V. Keeler 

West Union * Adams Stephenson & Mahaffey 

Williamsburs:. .... .Clermont H. L. Britton 

Williamsport Pickaway Refer to Circleville 

Wilmington* Clinton John C. Martin 

Wilmot Stark Refer to Massillon 

Woodsfield * Monroe Matz & Kremer 

Wooster* Wayne A. D. Metz 

Xenia* Greene W. L. Miller 

YouNGSTowN * Mahoning 

{See next page) 

OHIO 177 

YouNGSTOWN* Mahoning 

HiNE> Kennedy & Manchester 

The Wick Building 

Cecil D. Hine 
James B. Kennedy 
Curtis A. Manchester 
Leroy A. Manchester 

Stephen S. Conroy 
Robert J. Nicholson 

Zanesville * Muskingum Edward R. Meyer 


Cities 6r» Towns Counties Lawyers 

Ada * Pontotoc Reuben M. Roddie 

Afton Ottawa John J. Hubbard 

Albion Pushmataha John T. Bailey 

Altus * Jackson Robinson & Hamilton 

Alva* Woods E. W. Snoddy 

Anadarko* Caddo L. E. McKnight 

Antlers * Pushmataha A. J. Arnote 

Arapaho * Custer Phillips & Mills 

Arcadia Oklahoma J. J. Mitchell 

Ardmore * Carter Johnson & McGill 

Amett* Ellis C. B. Leedy 

Atoka* Atoka J. G. Ralls 

Bartlesville * Washington . . Sompayrac & Spengler 

Beaver* Beaver Claude T. Smith 

Beggs Okmulgee Homer A. Cole 

Bennington Bryan Refer to Durant 

Blackwell Kay H. S. Gurley 

Blair Jackson Refer to Altus 

Bokoshe Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Boswell Choctaw Refer to Hugo 

Boynton Muskogee Refer to Muskogee 

Brazil Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Bristow Creek J. E. Thrift 

Broken Arrow Tulsa J. S. Severson 

Buffalo Harper E. J. Dick 

Caddo Bryan Refer to Durant 

Calvin Hughes W. T. Anglin 

Cameron Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Center Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Chandler* Lincoln.. .Rittenhouse & Rittenhouse 

Checotah Mcintosh Charles R. Freeman 

Chelsea Rogers Samuel H. Glassmire 

Cherokee * Alfalfa A. C. Beeman 



Cheyenne * Roger Mills T. L. Turner 

Chickasha* Grady Charles M. Fechheimer 

Claremore * Rogers Harry Jennings 

Cleveland Pawnee George T. Graves 

Clinton Custer Andrew J. Welch 

Coalgate * Coal Fooshee & Brunson 

Comanche Stephens Refer to Duncan 

Copan Washington . . . Refer to Bartlesville 

Cordell * Washita Massingale & Duff 

Coweta Wagoner Refer to Wagoner 

Crescent Logan Refer to Guthrie 

Cushing Payne Refer to Stillwater 

Davis Murray W. N. Lewis 

Dewey Washington . . . Refer to Bartlesville 

Dolberg Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Duke Jackson Refer to Altus 

Duncan * Stephens Womack & Brown 

Durant * Bryan Charles C. Parker 

Edmond Oklahoma John Roaten 

Eldorado Jackson W. C. Austin 

Elk City Beckham R. L. Linville 

Elmer Jackson Refer to Altus 

El Reno ♦ Canadian M. D. Libby 

Enid * Garfield Parker & Simons 

Eufaula * Mcintosh K. B. Turner 

Fairview* Major Frank W. Madison 

Fitzhugh Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Fort Towson Choctaw Refer to Hugo 

Francis Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Frederick * Tillman W. C. Lukenbill 

Frisco Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Gage Ellis Refer to Shattuck 

Garvin McCurtain Refer to Idabel 

Geary Blaine J- P» Wishard 

Goodwell Texas Refer to Guymon 

Granite Greer B. F. Van Dyke 

Grove * Delaware A. V. Coppedge 

Guthrie * Logan Charles G. Homor 


Guymon * Texas Wallace G. Hughes 

Hartshorae Pittsburg W. J. Hulsey 

Haskell Muskogee Refer to Muskogee 

Headrick Jackson Refer to Altus 

Hennessey Kingfisher W. L. Moore 

Henryetta Okmulkee A. G. Axline 

Hill Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Hobart * Kiowa Morse & Standeven 

Holdenville* Hughes Witty & Myer 

Hollis * Harmon Cox & Miller 

Hominy Osage Refer to Pawhuska 

Hooker Texas Refer to Guymon 

Howe Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Hugo * Choctaw Stewart & McDonald 

Idabel * McCurtain Newton W. Gore 

Keltner Texas Refer to Guymon 

Kingfisher* Kingfisher George L. Bowman 

Kiowa Pittsburg Refer to McAlester 

Lawton* Comanche 

Stevens & Myers 

First National Bank Building 

Walter C. Stevens 
Charles M. Myers 

Lexington Cleveland Refer to Purcell 

Lindsay Garvin C. L. McArthur 

Lula Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Luther Oklahoma Refer to Oklahoma 

McAlester * Pittsburg Clayton & Clayton 

Madill Marshall William M. Franklin 

Mangum* Greer Thacker & Thacker 

Marietta * Love Eddleman & Graham 

Marlow Stephens George T. Putty 

Medford * Grant F. G. Walling 

Miami * Ottawa J. W. Swarts 

Midland Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Mill Creek Johnston Refer to Madill 


Muldrow Sequoyah Refer to Sallisaw 

Mulhall .' . . . Logan Refer to Guthrie 

Muskogee* Muskogee 

RossER & Cochran 

Barnes Building 

Malcolm £. Rosser 
William S. Cochran 

Mutual Woodward L. A. Foster 

Newkirk* Kay J. F. King 

Norman * Cleveland J. B. Dudley 

Nowata * Nowata W. A. Chase 

Oaklodge Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Ochelata Washington . . . Refer to Bartlesville 

O'Keene Blaine Refer to Watonga 

Okemah * Okfuskee C. T. Huddleston 

Oklahoma* Oklahoma 

Douglas B. Crane 
Lee Building 

Okmulgee* Okmulgee B. T. Buchanan 

Oleta Ellis Refer to Shattuck 

Olustee Jackson Refer to Altus 

Panama Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Paul's Valley* Garvin O. W. Patchell 

Pawhuska * Osage Leahy & MacDonald 

Pawnee * Pawnee Orton & McNeill 

Perry * Noble Henry S. Johnston 

Ponca Kay W. K. Moore 

Pond Creek Grant Charles S. Ingersoll 

Porum Muskogee... Daniel E. Herschelman 

Poteau * Le Flore W. H. Harrison 

Prague Lincoln Wells & Lee 

Pryor * Mayes J. H. Langley 

Purcell * McClain . . Rennie, Hocker & Moore 

Quinton Pittsburg Refer to Stigler 


Ramona Washington . . . Refer to Bartlesville 

RofF Pontotoc A. L. Bullock 

Ryan Jefferson Refer to Waurika 

Sallisaw* Sequoyah Curtis & Pitchford 

Sapulpa * Creek Burke & Harrison 

Sawyer Choctaw Refer to Hugo 

Sayre * Beckham T. R. Wise 

Seminole Seminole Henry C. Thompson 

Shattuck Ellis Refer to Arnett 

Shawnee Pottawatomie 

Edward Howell 
Elks' Building 

Skiatook Tulsa Refer to Tulsa 

Snyder Kiowa O. B. Riegel 

Soper Choctaw Refer to Hugo 

South McAlester Pittsburg Refer to McAlester 

Spiro Le Flore J. Wesley Smith 

Stigler* Haskell Guy A. Curry 

Stillwater* Payne John W. Reece 

Stilwell Adair E. B. Arnold 

Stroud Lincoln W. G. Pardoe 

Sulphur* Murray George M. Nicholson 

Tahlequah * Cherokee J. L Coursey 

Talihina Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Taloga * Dewey Robert E. Adams 

Tecumseh * Pottawatomie . . . George A. Outcelt 

Texhoma Texas Refer to Guymon 

Thomas Custer Refer to Arapaho 

Thomasville Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Tishomingo* Johnston P. B. H. Shearer 

Tulsa* Tulsa Gray Carroll 

Tyrone Texas Refer to Guymon 

Vanoss Pontotoc Refer to Ada 

Vera Washington . . . Refer to Bartlesville 

Vinita * Craig Joseph A. Gill 

Wagoner Wagoner Watts & Watts 


Wakita Grant Benjamin L. Strifler 

Walter Comanche H. F. Tripp 

Wapanucka Johnston CM. Crowell 

Warner Muskogee Referjto Porum 

Watonga * Blaine Seymour Foose 

Waurika * Jefferson N. C. Peters 

Weatherford Custer T. W. Jones, Jr. 

Webbers Falls Muskogee Refer to Porum 

Weleetka Okfuskee Refer to Okemah 

Westville * Adair Refer to Stilwell 

Wetumka Hughes John E. Turner 

Wewoka * Seminole John W. Willmott 

Wilburton * Latimer Jones & Lester 

Williams Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Wister Le Flore Refer to Poteau 

Woodward * Woodward Charles W. White 

Wynne Wood Garvin J- T. Wheeler 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Albany * Linn C. E. Sox 

Ashland Jackson E. D. Briggs 

Astoria * Clatsop Frank J. Taylor 

Athena Umatilla Peterson & Bishop 

Baker * Baker Joseph J. Heilner 

Bandon Coos G. P. Topping 

Bend Crook C. S. Benson 

Brownsville Linn A. A. Tussing 

Burns* Harney Charles W. Ellis 

Canyon City * Grant J. E. Marks 

Condon * Gilliam G. W. Parman 

Coquille* Coos A. J. Sherwood 

Corvallis* Benton McFadden & Clarke 

Cottage Grove Lane J« E. Young 

Dallas * Polk Oscar Hayter 

Elgin Union Lewis Denham 

Enterprise * Wallowa Sheahan & Cooley 

Eugene * Lane L. M. Travis 

Forest Grove . . .Washington Refer to Hillsboro 

Fossil * Wheeler Refer to Condon 

Grants Pass * Josephine W. C. Hale 

Heppner* Morrow C. E. Woodson 

Hilgard Union Refer to La Grande 

Hillsboro* Washington Bagley & Hare 

Hood River* Hood River George R. Wilbur 

Imbler Union Refer to La Grande 

Independence Polk Refer to Salem 

Island City Union Refer to La Grande 

Jacksonville * Jackson Herbert K. Hanna, Jr. 

Klamath Falls* Klamath J. H. Carnahan 

Kamela Union Refer to La Grande 

La Grande * Union Turner Oliver 

Lakeview * Lake W. L. Thompson 

Lebanon Linn S. M. Garland 

McMinnville Yamhill Lange, Hewitt & Nott 



Marshfield Coos Harry G. Hoy 

Medford Jackson Mahlon Purdin 

Milton Umatilla S. D. Peterson 

Moro * Sherman W. C. Bryant 

Myrtle Point Coos Pulford & Pierson 

Newberg Yamhill Clarence Butt 

North Bend Coos A. H. Derbyshire 

North Powder Union Refer to La Grande 

Ontario Malheur W. E. Lees 

Oregon City* Clackamas J* E. Hedges 

Pendleton * Umatilla William M. Peterson 

Perry Union Refer to La Grande 

Portland * Multnomah 

Stott & Collier 

Yeon Building 

Edmund Plowden Stott 
Frank Thomas Collier 

Prineville Crook M. R. Elliott 

Redmond Crook G. A. McFarlane 

Roseburg* Douglas Oliver P. Coshow 

St. Helen* Columbia Dillard & Da^ 

St. Johns Multnomah Refer to Portland 

Salem * Marion George G. Bingham 

Silverton Marion Refer to Salem 

Summerville Union Refer to La Grande 

The Dalles * Wasco Bennett & Sinnott 

Tillamook * Tillamook H. T. Botts 

Toledo * Lincoln C. E. Hawkins 

Union Union Refer to La Grande 

Vale * Malheur Charles M. Crandall 

White Lake City. . . . Klamath Refer to Klamath Falls 

Woodburn Marion E. P. Morcom 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Alburtis Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Allegheny Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Allentown * Lehigh 

Fred B. Gernerd 
Fifth and Hamilton Streets 

Altoona Blair 

Isaiah Scheeline 

Altoona Trust Building 

Ambler Montgomery . . . Refer to Norristown 

Ambridge Beaver Refer to Beaver 

Apollo Armstrong Refer to Kittanning 

Ardmore Montgomery . . . Refer to Norristown 

Ashland Schuylkill S. M. Enterline 

Ashley Luzerne Refer to Wilkes-Barre 

Athens Bradford Charles E. Mills 

Austin Potter F. E. Baldwin 

Bangor Northampton . . Smith, PafF & Laub 

Barnesboro Cambria William F. Dill 

Beaver* Beaver W. S. Moore 

Beaver Falls Beaver Refer to Beaver 

Bedford* Bedford Frank E. Colvin 

Bellefonte* Center W. Harrison Walker 

Bellevue Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Berwick Columbia James L. Evans 

Bethlehem Northampton . . . .Robert S. Taylor 

Big Run Jefferson H. L Wilson 

Blairsville Indiana Charles H. Moore 

Bloomsburg* Columbia George M. Tustin 

Blossburg Tioga Refer to Wellsboro 

Braddock Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Bradford McKean William E. Burdick 

Bristol Bucks Refer to Langhorne 



Brockwayville Jefferson . . . .H. Boyd McCullough 

Brookville*. Jefferson Carmalt & Strong 

Brownsville Fayette Refer to Uniontown 

Butler * Butler Jackson & Troutman 

Cambridge Springs. .Crawford John A. Bolard 

Canton Bradford Stone & Brooks 

Carbondale Lackawanna E. A. DeLaney 

Carlisle* Cumberland.. .Edward M. Biddle, Jr. 

Carnegie Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Catasauqua Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Catawissa Columbia Refer to Bloomsburg 

Cedarville Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Cementon Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Chambersburg* Franklin Sharpe & Elder 

Charleroi Washington Hugh E. Fergus 

Chester Delaware Alexander B. Geary 

Clarion * Clarion Geary & Hindman 

Claussville Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Clearfield * Clearfield A. M. Liveright 

Coatesville Chester W. P. Harlan 

Columbia Lancaster Alfred C. Bruner 

Connellsville Fayette. .Sterling, Higbee& Ma thews 

Conshohocken Montgomery Henry M. Tracy 

Coopersburg Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Coplay Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Coraopolis Allegheny W. T. Tredway 

Corry Erie Kincaid & Kincaid 

Coudersport* Potter Jones & Lewis 

Crafton Allegheny O. P. Robertson 

Crum Lynne Delaware Refer to Chester 

Curwensville Clearfield Roland D. Swoope 

Danville * Montour James Scarlet 

Darby Delaware Refer to Media 

Dayton Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

Dickson City Lackawanna . . . .Refer to Olyphant 

Donora Washington Refer to Charleroi 

Doylestown * Bucks Swartley & Bunting 

Dubois Clearfield W. C. Pentz 


Dunmore Scranton Refer to Scranton 

Duquesne Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Dushore Sullivan Refer to La Porte 

East Bangor .Northampton Refer to Bangor 

Easton * Northampton. Kirkpatrick & Maxwell 

East Texas Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Ebensburg* Cambria Philip N. Shettig 

Eddystone Delaware Refer to Chester 

Edwardsville Luzerne Refer to Wilkes-Barre 

Egypt Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Elizabeth Allegheny William D. McBryar 

Elizabethtown Lancaster Refer to Lancaster 

Emaus Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Emporium * Cameron Green & Felt 

Ephrata Lancaster Refer to Lancaster 

Etna Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Erie* Erie 

Roberts & Mason 

Baker Block 

Robert L. lloberts 
George M. Mason 

Ewing Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

Fogelsville Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Ford City Armstrong Refer to Kittanning 

Forest City Susquehanna F. M. Gardiner 

Franklin* Venango Robert F. Glenn 

Freeland Luzerne Refer to Hazleton 

Freeport Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

Fullerton Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Galeton Potter Virgil D. Acker 

Gettysburg* Adams John D. Keith 

Girardville Schuylkill Refer to Ashland 

Greencastle Franklin William R. Davison 

Greensburg* Westmoreland . . . Gaither & Whitten 

Greenville Mercer Harry L. Keck 

Grove City Mercer F. S. Wagenseller 


Guths Station Lehigh Refer to AUentown 

Hamburg Berks !• E- Miller 

Hanover York Thomas F. Chrostwaite 

Harrisburg '*' Dauphin 

Edward F. Doehne 

TeUgraph Building 

Hazleton Luzerne Carr & Benner 

Hokendauqua Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Hollidaysburg Blair Oliver H. Hewit 

Homestead Allegheny Fayette J. Tyrrell 

Honesdale* Wayne Mumford & Mumford 

Houtzdale Clearfield Harry Boulton 

Hughesville Lycoming W. E.Crawford 

Hummelstown Dauphin F. J. SchafFner 

Huntingdon * Huntingdon . . . Charles C. Brewster 

Indiana * Indiana Cunningham & Fisher 

Trwin Westmoreland John C. Silsley 

Jenkintown Montgomery . . . J. B. Larzelere, Jr. 

Jermyn Lackawanna H. D. Carey 

Jersey Shore Lycoming John T. Hyatt 

Jessup Lackawanna . . . .Refer to Olyphant 

Johnetta Armstrong . . . .Refer to Kittanning 

Johnsonburg Elk Refer to Ridgway 

Johnstown Cambria 

Horace R. Rose 

Title, Trust ^ Guarantee Company Building 

Kane McKean J. E. MuUin 

Kingston Luzerne Fred B. Davis 

Kittanning* Armstrong Alfred L. Ivory 

Knoxville Tioga C. H. Ashton 

Kutztown Berks James H. Marx 

Lancaster * Lancaster 

Charles G. Baker 
48 North Duke Street 


Langhome Bucks J- B. Stackhouse 

Lansdale Montgomery . . . Edmund J. Bennett 

Lansdowne Delaware A. Culver Boyd 

Lansford Carbon W. G. Thomas 

La Porte* Sullivan E. J. Mullen 

Latrobe Westmoreland... Refer to Greensburg 

Lebanon* Lebanon Howard C. Shirk 

Leechburg Armstrong . . . .Refer to Kittanning 

Lehighton Carbon George E. Gray 

Lewisburg* Union William R. Follmer 

Lewistown* Mifflin R. C. Elder 

Linesville Crawford A. M. Fenner 

Lock Haven * Clinton Henry Hippie 

Luzerne Luzerne Refer to Wilkes-Barre 

McConnellsburg*. .*. Fulton John P. Sipes 

McKeesport Allegheny A. M. Simon 

McKees Rocks Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Macungie Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Mahanoy City Schuylkill T. H. B. Lyon 

Manorville Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

Mansfield Tioga Harvey B. Leach 

Marcus Hook. . . Delaware Refer to Chester 

Mauch Chunk* Carbon 

Freyman, Thomas & Branch 

Meadville * Crawford George F. Davenport 

Mechanicsburg Cumberland H. H. Mercer 

Mechanicsville Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Media * Delaware John M. Broomall 

Mercer* Mercer Virgil L. Johnson 

Middleburg* Snyder M. L Potter 

Middletown Dauphin Aaron E. Brandt 

Midland Beaver Refer to Beaver 

Mifflinburg Union Glover & Glover 

Mifflintown* Juniata F. M. M. Pennell 

Milford* Pike . Harry T. Baker 

Millersburg Dauphin Simon S. Bowman 

Milton Northumberland 

William H. Hackenburg 


Minersville Schuylkill John B. McGurl 

Monessen Westmoreland . . . Refer to Charleroi 

Monongahela Washington Vance & Gibson 

Montoursville Lycoming W. W. Champion 

Montrose* Susquehanna... William D. B. Ainey 

Mooies Delaware Refer to Chester 

Mount Carmel Northumberland W. B. Faust 

Mount Jewett McKean H. S. Rogers 

Mount Pleasant Westmoreland. .Lightcap & Warden 

Muncy Lycoming R. K. Reeder 

Nanticoke Luzerne 

Thomas D. & Charles A. Shea 

Natrona Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Nazareth Northampton . . . Smith, PafF & Laub 

New Bloomfield*. . . Perry James M. Bamett 

New Brighton Beaver W. B. Cuthbertson 

Newcastle* Lawrence 

Martin & Martin 

Citizens National Bank Building 

J. Norman Martin 
Norman A. Martin 

New Kensington Westmoreland. . . . Horace G. Durbin 

New Tripoli Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Newville Cumberland W. H. McCrea 

New Wilmington.. . .Lawrence William McElwee, Jr. 

Nicholson Wyoming . . . Refer to Tunkhannock 

NoRRisTOWN* Montgomery 

William F. Dannehower 

Houpt Building 

North East Erie D. R. Cushman 

Northumberland Northumberland. .Refer to Sunbury 

Oakland Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

Oakmont Allegheny Refer to Pittsburgh 

Oak Ridge Armstrong Refer to Kittanning 


Oil City Venango Trax & Parker 

Olyphant Lackawanna . . . .James J. O'Malley 

Oswayo Potter Refer to Coudersport 

Oxford Chester G. B. Johnson 

Palmyra Lebanon Refer to Lebanon 

Parkers Landing. . . .Armstrong . . . .Refer to Kittanning 

Patton Cambria R. Somerville 

Peckville Lackawanna .... Refer to Olyphant 

Pen Argyl Northampton Refer to Bangor 

Perkasie Bucks Harry E. Grim 

Philadelphia* Philadelphia 

Mason & Edmonds 

Franklin Building 
Cable Address: *^ Masoned** 

William Clarke Mason 
Franklin Spencer Edmonds 

Daniel W. Stewart 
Leon J. Obermayer 
Howard Schell Baker 

Phillipsburg Center George W. Zeigler 

Phoenixville Chester H. H. Gilkyson 

Pine Grove Schuylkill F. V. Filbert 

Pittsburg* Allegheny 

Seymour, Patterson & Siebeneck 

Farmers Bank Building 
Cable Address: ''Sepal** 

Harry Howard Patterson 
Henry King Siebeneck 

Paul Killiam 
Thomas A. Miller 

Pittston Luzerne William H. Gillespie 

Plymouth Luzerne John A. Opp 

Port Allegany McKean Samuel W. Smith 


Pottstown Montgomery Henry D. Saylor 

Potts ville * Schuylkill Daniel W. Kaercher 

Punxsutawney Jefferson Jacob L. Fisher 

Quakertown Bucks Calvin F. Heckler 

Reading* Berks 

Joseph R. Dickinson 
Berks County Trust Building 

Renovo Clinton W. E. Shaffer 

Reynoldsville Jefferson G. M. McDonald 

Ridgway * Elk Paul T. Arnold 

Ridley Park Delaware Refer to Chester 

Rochester Beaver G. A. Baldwin 

Royersford Montgomery.... Refer to Norristown 

Rural Valley Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

Saegersville Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Sagamore Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

St. Clair Schuylkill Refer to Pottsville 

St. Marys Elk D. J. Driscoll 

Sayre Bradford Harper H. Mercereau 

Schaefferstown Lebanon A. S. Brendle 

Schuylkill Haven. . . . Schuylkill C. E. Berger 

Scottdale Westmoreland J- R* Smith 

ScRANTON * Lackawanna 

W. H. Jessup 
Connell Building 

Selins Grove Snyder Charles P. Ulrich 

Shamokin Northumberland . . . William W. Ryon 

Sharon Mercer Roy Neville" 

Sharpsburg Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Shenandoah Schuylkill Burke & Burke 

Shippensburg Cumberland . . . William R. Johnston 

Siegersville Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Siegfried Northampton Edgar C. Nagle 

Slatedale Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Siadngton Lehigh Frank Jacobs 


Smethport* McKean T. D. Gallup 

Somerset * Somerset ... A. C. & F. A. Holbert 

South Bethlehem .. . .Northampton. . . .Refer to Bethlehem 

Spring Grove York Ref^r to York 

Steelton Dauphin W. F. Darby 

Stetlersville Lehigh Refer to Allen towij 

Stockertown Northampton Refer to Bangor 

Stroudsburg* Monroe Shull & Shull 

Sunbury* Northumberland. Knight & Taggart 

Susquehanna Susquehanna Miller & Miller 

Swarthmore Delaware Refer to Media 

Tamaqua Schuylkill John J. Kelley 

Tarentum Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Tatamy Northampton Refer to Bangor 

Taylor Lackawanna Refer to Scranton 

Throop Lackawanna .... Refer to Olyphant 

Tioga Tioga H. L. Baldwin 

Tionesta * Forest M. A. Carringer 

Titusville Crawford Samuel Grumbine 

Towanda * Bradford A. C. Fanning 

Trainer Delaware Refer to Chester 

Tremont Schuylkill R. S. Bashore 

Trevorton Northumberland A. G. Shoener 

Trexlertown Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

Troy Bradford David J. Fanning 

Tunkhannock Wyoming H. S. Harding 

Tyrone Blair Stevens & Pascoe 

Union City Erie W. O. Morrow 

Uniontown * Fayette 

Reppert, Sturgis & Morrow 

Upland Delaware Refer to Chester 

Warren * Warren W. E. Rice 

Washington* Washington 


First National Bank Building 

C. L. V. Acheson 
J. Boyd Crumrinc 


Watsontown Northumberland . . . William F. Shay 

Wayne Delaware Refer to Media 

Waynesboro Franklin . . .Refer to Chambersburg 

Waynesburg* Greene J. B. Donley & Son 

Wellsboro* Tioga . .Watrous, Marsh & Channel! 

Wernersville Berks Leonard G. Yodcr 

West Bethlehem .... Lehigh Refer to Allentown 

West Chester * Chester L Newton Wynne 

Westfield Tioga Hugh B. Strang 

Wicksboro Armstrong .... Refer to Kittanning 

Wilkes-Barre * Luzerne John T. Lenahan 

Wilkinsburg Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 


Walter C. Gilmore 

West Branch National Bank Building 

Walter Charles Gilmore 
Charles Edmond Gilmore 

Williamstown Dauphin L. C. Carl 

Wilmerding Allegheny Refer to Pittsburg 

Windber Somerset John A. Hartman 

Womelsdorf Berks Refer to Reading 

Worthington Armstrong . . . .Refer to Kittanning 

York* York Ray P. Sherwood 


Cities 6* Towns Lawyers 


Haussermann, Cohn & Fisher 
No, p, Plaza Cervantes 

John W. Haussermann 
Charles C. Cohn 
Frederick C. Fisher 



Cities 6* Towns Lawyers 

Arecibo Refer to San 

Mayaguez Refer to San 

Ponce Refer to San 


San Juan 

Henry G. Molina 

Cable Address: *' Henryltna" 

Corporation, commercial and general practice in all 
courts — United States District Court for Porto Rico and 
Insular Courts. Correspondence in English and Spanish, 
New York Agent: Perry Allen, Wool worth Building. 



Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Anthony Kent Refer to Providence 

Apponaug Kent Refer to Providence 

Ashaway Washington Refer to Westerly 

Barrington Bristol Refer to Providence 

Bristol * Bristol Refer to Providence 

Centerville Kent Refer to Providence 

Central Falls Providence Refer to Pawtucket 

Cranston Providence Refer to Providence 

East Greenwich * Kent Refer to Providence 

East Providence Providence Refer to Providence 

Hope Providence Refer to Providence 

Hopkinton Washington Refer to Westerly- 
Kingston * Washington Refer to Westerly 

Narragansett Pier Washington Refer to Westerly 

Newport * Newport Burdick & MacLeod 

North Scituate Providence Refer to Providence 

OIneyville Providence Refer to Providence 

Pascoag Providence Refer to Woonsocket 

Pawtucket Providence Henry E. Tiepke 

Phenix Kent Refer to Providence 

Providence * Providence 

Green, Hinckley & Allen 

Industrial Trust Company Building 

Theodore Francis Green 
Frank L. Hinckley 
Arthur M. Allen 
Frederick W. Tillinghast 
• Abbott Phillips 
Rush Sturges 
Chauncey E. Wheeler 
Richard S. Aldrich 

Riverpoint Kent Refer to Providence 

Slatersville Providence Refer to Woonsocket 



Wakefield Washington Refer to Westerly 

Warren Bristol Refer to Providence 

Warwick Kent Refer to Providence 

Westerly Washington George R. McKenna 

Wickford Washington .... Refer to Providence 

Woonsocket Providence John J. HefFernan 


Cities 6r* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abbeville* Abbeville Robert S. Owens 

Aiken * Aiken Gunter & Gyles 

Allendale Barnwell Refer to Barnwell 

Anderson * Anderson Geiger & Wolfe 

Angelas Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 

Baldock Barnwell Refer to Barnwell 

Bamberg* Bamberg James A. Wyman 

Barnwell * Barnwell R. A. Ellis 

Batesburg Lexington Refer to Lexington 

Beaufort * Beaufort Thomas Talbird 

Bennettsville * Marlboro 

Stevenson, Stevenson & Prince 

Bishopville * Lee R. W. McLendon 

Blacksburg Cherokee Refer to GafFney 

Blackville Barnwell Refer to Barnwell 

Branchville Orangeburg Refer to St. George 

Camden * Kershaw L. A. Wittkowsky 

Charleston * Charleston 

HuGER & Wilbur 
3S Broad Street 

Alfred Huger 

Walter Bowie Wilbur 

Cheraw Chesterfield. . . Philip A. Murray, Jr. 

Chester* Chester Henry & McLure 

Chesterfield * Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 

Clinton Laurens H. L. Scaife 

Columbia Richland 

Barron, McKay, Frierson & Moffatt 
National Loan ^ Exchange Bank Building 

Charles H. Barron 

Douglas McKay 

J. Nelson Frierson 

Thoma s H. MofFa tt 

M. G. McDonald 



Conway* Horry R. B. Scarborough 

Darlington * Darlington ...... George E. Dargan 

Denmark Bamberg Refer to Bamberg 

Dillon * Dillon Gibson & Muller 

Edgefield* Edgefield Edwin H. Folk 

Fairfax Barnwell Refer to Barnwell 

Florence * Florence Hicks & Muldrow 

Fort Mill York Refer to Rock Hill 

GafFney * Cherokee Butler & Hall 

Georgetown * Georgetown Walter Hazard 

Greenville * Greenville 

Haynsworth & Haynsworth 

Masonic Temple 

Henry John Haynsworth 
Clement Furman Haynsworth 
H. C. Miller 
Stephen Nettles 

Greenwood * Greenwood..Featherstone & McGhee 

Greer Greenville A. H. Miller 

Hampton Hampton Randolph Murdaugh 

Hartsville Darlington . . . .E. Earle Thornwell 

Jefferson Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 

Kershaw Lancaster E. D. Blakeney 

Kingstree * Williamsburg . . , Stoll & Stoll 

Lake City Williamsburg. Philip H. Arrowsmith 

Lamar Darlington Refer to Darlington 

Lancaster* Lancaster Williams & Williams 

Laurens * Laurens John M. Cannon 

Lexington* Lexington Efird & Dreher 

Liberty Pickens John F. Keown 

McBee Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 

Manning* Clarendon Charlton Du Rant 

Marion * Marion M. C. Woods 

Middendorf Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 

Monks Corner * Berkeley H. K. Jenkins 

Mount Croghan Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 


Mullins Marion Harrelson & Harrelson 

Newberry* Newberry Johnstone & Cromer 

Orangeburg* Orangeburg . . . .Raysor & Summers 

Pageland Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 

Patrick Chesterfield Refer to Cheraw 

Pickens * Pickens J* P* Carey 

Rock Hill York Dunlap, Dunlap & Hollis 

St. George Dorchester J. A. Hiers 

St. Matthews * Calhoun J. A. Merritt 

Saluda * Saluda B. W. Crouch 

Snelling Barnwell Refer to Barnwell 

Spartanburg* Spartanburg Carlisle & Carlisle 

Summerville Dorchester T. R. Tighe 

Sumter* Sumter Lee & Moise 

Sycamore Barnwell Refer to Barnwell 

Timmonsville Florence Refer to Florence 

Union * Union J. Ashby Sawyer 

Walhalla* Oconee E. L. Herndon 

Walterboro* Colleton Howell & Gruber 

Williston Barnwell Refer to Barnwell 

Winnsboro * Fairfield Douglas & Douglas 

Woodruff Spartanburg CM. Drummond 

Yorkville* York W. W. Lewis 


Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Aberdeen * Brown Corrigan & Darling 

Alcester Union Charles A. Frost 

Alexandria * Hanson Henry J. Mohr 

Alpena Jerauld . Refer toWessington Springs 

Andover Day Refer to Webster 

Armour* Douglas Edwin P. Wanzer 

Ashton Spink Refer to Redfield 

Athol. Spink . Refer to Redfield 

Belle Fourche Butte W. E. Benedict 

Bemis Deuel Refer to Watertown 

Beresford Union August Frieberg 

Bison * Perkins Daniel R. Perkins 

Bonesteel Gregory Patrick J. Donohue 

Bowdle Edmunds F* J* Ham 

Bridgewater McCook George E. Todd 

Britton* Marshall Otto L. Kaas 

Brookings* Brookings G. A. Mathews 

Bryant Hamlin L. A. Gage 

Buffalo* Harding George H. Jackson 

Canton * Lincoln A. B. Carlson 

Castlewood* Hamlin ........ Refer to Watertown 

Centerville Turner. Bogue & Bogue 

Chamberlain * Brule James Brown 

Clark* Clark Oliver H. Ames 

Clear Lake * Deuel C. A. Mead 

Colome Tripp. M. W. Bauer 

Colton Minnehaha Ransom L. Gibbs 

Conde Spink L. C. Van Ornum 

Custer * Custer F, W. Sellers 

Dallas. Gregory N. D. Burch 

Davis Turner Refer to Lennox 

Deadwood * Lawrence Martin & Mason 

Dell Rapids Minnehaha. .Robertson & Dougherty 

De Smet * Kingsbury Warren & Warren 

Doland Spink Harold O. Webb 



Draper Lyman Refer to Murdo 

Dupree Ziebach ' L. W. Henderson 

Elk Point * Union Charles Stickney 

Elkton Brookings F. W. Cuckow 

Estelline Hamlin M.S. Liebenstein 

Eureka McPherson Thomas J. P. Geidt 

Fairfax * Gregory Charles A. Davis 

Faulkton* Faulk F. E. Snider 

Flandreau * Moody Rice & Benson 

Florence Codington Refer to Watertown 

Fort Pierre Stanley Philip & Waggoner 

Gann Valley* Buffalo. Refer to Wessingtbn Springs 

Garretson Minnehaha Ransom L. Gibbs 

Geddes Charles Mix Thomas F. Ward 

Gettysburg* Potter Fisk & Sargent 

Gregory Gregory W. J. Hooper 

Groton Brown F. E. Campbell 

Hartford Minnehaha Refer to Sioux Falls 

Hay ti Hamlin Refer to Watertown 

Hazel Hamlin Ezra Adams 

Hecla Brown William H. Morgan 

Henry Codington Refer to Watertown 

Herrick Gregory C. H. Williamson 

Highmore* Hyde M. Harry O'Brien 

Hill City Pennington . . . Refer to Rapid City 

Hot Springs * Fall River .... Lawrence H. Hedrick 

Howard * Miner Caldwell & Baldwin 

Huron * Beadle Ernest D. Ede 

Ipswich * Edmunds M. Plin Beebe 

Iroquois Kingsbury C. C. Fritzel 

Isabel Dewey P. C. Hvistendahl 

Kennebec Lyman J. W. Jackson 

Keystone Pennnigton C. J. Patton 

Kimball Brule Refer to Chamberlain 

Lake Andes Charles Mix Harry Hardman 

Lake Preston Kingsbury James O. Berdahl 

Lead Lawrence Kellar & Stanley 

Lemmon Perkins R. J. Murphy 


Lennox Lincoln William B. Malloiy 

Lcola * McPherson C. S. Acker 

Mcintosh * Corson N. B. Bartlett 

Madison * Lake Charles J. Porter 

Mellette Spink Refer to Redfield 

Milbank* Grant George S. Rix 

Miller* Hand J.H.Cole 

Mitchell * Davison T. J. Spangler 

Mobridge Walworth William M. Potts 

Montrose McCook M. A. Butterfield 

Mound City Campbell Frank Alexander 

New Underwood Pennington . . . Refer to Rapid City 

Oacoma * Lyman Refer to Chamberlain 

Onida * Sully J. H. Gropengieser 

Parker* Turner Edwin Lewis Brown 

Parkston Hutchinson William H. Glynn 

Pennington Pennington . . . Refer to Rapid City 

Philip Stanley Philip & Waggoner 

Pierre * Hughes 

Tom C. McNamee 

Hilger Block 

Plankinton * Aurora Bakewell & Bakewell 

Platte Charles Mix W. F. McCall 

Presho Lyman Frank C. Wederath 

Rapid City* Pennington.. Buell, Gardner & Denu 

Redfield * Spink Morris & Moriarty 

Reliance Lyman Refer to Kennebec 

Salem * McCook E. H. Wilson 

Scotland Bonhomme Refer to Tyndall 

Selby * Walworth Brown & Smith 

Sioux Falls * Minnehaha 

Bailey & Voorhres 
Bailey^lidden Building 
Charles O. Bailey 
John H. Voorhees 
Peter G. Honegger 
Theodore M. Bailey 


Sisseton * Roberts C. H. Babcock 

Springfield Bonhomme Theodore N. Treat 

Sturgis * Meade Harry P. Atwater 

Timber Lake Dewey Alexander W. Stow 

Tripp Hutchsion L. F. Kintz 

Tyndall * Bonhomme W. L. Redden 

Vermilion * Clay Payne & Olson 

Wagner Charles Mix Harry D. James 

Watertown * Codington Case & Case 

Waubay Day C. C. Bush 

Webster * Day Clarence A. Wells 

Wessington Beadle Archie C. Talboy 

Wessington Springs *. Jerauld Alden Cutler 

Wheeler* Charles Mix James H. Exon 

White Lake Aurora Refer to Plankinton 

White Rock Roberts N. N. Powell 

Willow Lakes Clark Refer to Watertown 

Wilmot Roberts John A. Munro 

Winner Tripp Windsor Doherty 

Wolsey Beadle Refer to Huron 

Woonsocket * Sanborn J- E- Whiting 

Yankton * Yankton French & Orvis 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Adams Robertson Refer to Springfield 

Alamo * Crockett Eugene Casey 

Algood Putnam Refer to Cookeville 

Altamont* Grundy L. V. Woodlee 

Ashland City * Cheatham L. J« Pardue 

Athens * McMinn Jones & Davis 

Baxter Putnam Refer to Cookeville 

Bells Crockett Eugene Casey 

Benton* Polk R. M. Copeland 

Blountville * Sullivan H. H. Smith 

Bluff City Sullivan W. D. Lyon 

Bolivar * Hardeman Charles A. Miller 

Bristol Sullivan C. J. St. John 

Brownsville * Haywood J- R« Taylor 

Byrdstown * Pickett A. H. Roberts 

Camden * Benton S. L. Peeler 

Carthage * Smith L. A. Ligon 

Celina * Clay W. C. Davidson 

Centerville * Hickman Douglas T. Bates 

Charlotte* Dickson R. E. Corlew 

Chattanooga * Hamilton 

FiNLAY, Campbell & Coffey 

James Building 

James Ferguson Finlay 
Paul Campbell 
Charles Shelby Coffey 

Clarksville * Montgomery Savage & Fort 

Cleveland * Bradley Jobn C. Ramsey 

Clinton * Anderson Xen. Hicks 

Coal Creek Anderson H. M. Madden 

Columbia* Maury . . . .Greenlaw & Whitthorne 

Cookeville * Putnam E. W. Capshaw 

Covington * Tipton W. M. Simonton 



Crossville'^ Cumberland Smith & Mitchell 

Cumberland Gap Claiborne J. H. S. Morison 

Dandridge * Jefferson Park & Park 

Dayton * Rhea Miller & SwafFord 

Decatur* Meigs J. W. Lillard 

Decaturville * Decatur Fisher & White 

Dickson Dickson J. A. Clement 

Dover* Stewart Reynolds & Brandon 

Dresden * Weakley . . .Lewis, Garrett & Harris 

Ducktown Polk G. G. Hyatt 

Dunlap * Sequatchie Stewart & Stewart 

Dyer Gibson W. S. Coulter 

Dyersburg* Dyer Ashley & Campbell 

Elizabethton * Carter Allen & Clark 

Erin * Houston J. C. Hobbs 

Erwin * Unicoi Refer to Johnson City 

Etowah McMinn. .McCroskey, Peace & Kelso 

Fayetteville* Lincoln Lamb & Lamb 

Franklin * Williamson McCorkle & White 

Gainesboro * Jackson D. B. Johnson 

Gallatin * Sumner Baskerville & Collier 

Greeneville * Greene James F. Swingle 

Greenfield Weakly Refer to Dresden 

Halls Lauderdale W. C. Patton 

Harriman Roane . Cassell & Harris 

HartsVille *. Trousdale J. D. McMurray 

Henderson * Chester John W. Robertson 

Hohenwald * Lewis F. L. Schubert 

Humboldt Gibson Thomas J. Walsh 

Huntingdon* Carroll P. W. Maddox 

Huntsville * Scott Willard Keen 

Jacksboro* Campbell E. H. Powers 

Jackson* Madison Biggs & Spragins 

Jamestown * Fentress Conatser & Case 

asper * Marion A. L. Robertson 

efferson City Jefferson Park & Park 

ellico Campbell John Jennings, Jr. 

ohnson City Washington Harr & Burrow 


Jonesboro * Washington... Samuel S. Kirkpatrick 

Kenton Obion Refer to Union City 

Kingston * Roane . . . . , O. T. Tindell 

KInoxville * Knox 

James B. Wright 

East Tennessee National Bank Building 
Jame s B. W right 

James G. Johnson 
William M. Cox 
C. E. Gore 

La Fayette * Macon W. A. Smith 

La FoUette Campbell Owens & Taylor 

Lawrencebu rg * Lawrence R. B. Williams 

Lebanon* Wilson Sanders & Williams 

Lenoir City Loudon Refer to Loudon 

Lewisburg* Marshall Marshall & Armstrong 

Lexington * Henderson T. A. Lancaster 

Linden * Perry J» A. Greer 

Livingston * Overton William J. Chilton 

Loudon * Loudon James L. Nicholas 

Lynchburg* Moore Parks & Bean 

McEwen Humphreys Refer to Waverly 

McMinnville * Warren A. R. Hammar 

Madisonville * Monroe McCroskey & Peace 

Manchester* Coffee J* L. Ewell 

Martin Weakley L. C. Hannings 

Maryville * Blount Gamble & Crawford 

Maynardville * Union Evans & Beeler 

Memphis * Shelby 

Lehman, Gates & Martin 
Exchange Building 
Leopold Lehman 
Elias Gates 
John D. Martin 

Charles V. Runyon 
John W. Spence 


Milan Gibson J. P. Rhodes 

Monroe Overton B. C. Ramsey 

Monterey Putnam Refer to Cookeville 

Morristown* Hamblen Carriger & Stephens 

Mountain City* Johnson Donnelly & Donnelly 

Mount Pleasant Maury Percy S. Chandler 

Murfreesboro * Rutherford A. L. Todd 

Nashville * Davidson 

Edward J. Smith 
Noel Block 

Newbem Dyer Henry Adrian Roop 

Newport* Cocke W. J. & W. D. McSween 

Oakdale Morgan I. J. Human 

Obion Obion E. J. Green 

Oliver Springs Roane R. H. Ward 

Ooltewah * James J- C. Heaton 

Paris * Henry A. B. Lamb 

Petros Morgan .... Refer to Oliver Springs 

Pikeville * Bledsoe L. S. Pope 

Pulaski* Giles John B. Wilkes 

Ripley* Lauderdale... John Edmond Pierson 

Rockwood Roane John F. McNutt 

Rogersville * Hawkins Bowen & Thompson 

Rutledge * Grainger Bryan & Grove 

Savannah * Hardin Ross & Ross 

Selmer* McNairy Abernathy Brothers 

Sevierville* Sevier Zirkle & McMahon 

Sharon Weakley G. M. Terry 

Shelbyville * Bedford Coldwell & Greer 

Smithville* DeKalb J. E. Drake 

Sneedville* Hancock Jesse M. Harris 

Somerville * Fayette H. C. Moorman 

South Pittsburg. . . , .Marion John T. Raulston 

Sparta * White Robinson & Fancher 

Spencer* Van Buren J.^^M.' Brady 

Spring City Rhea Refer to Dayton 


Springfield * Robertson W. D. Sugg 

Sweetwater Monroe David C. Young 

Tazewell * Claiborne Hughes & Davis 

Tiptonville * Lake Burnett & Donaldson 

Tracy City Grundy C. H. Garner 

Trenton * Gibson Walker & Landrum 

Tullahoma Coffee .... Crownover & Chumbley 

Union City* Obion F. J. Smith 

Wartburg * Morgan James A. Monroe 

Watertown Wilson Claude C. Davis 

Waverly * Humphreys !• F. Shannon 

Waynesboro * Wayne Frank Boyd 

Whitwell Marion W. E. McCurry 

Winchester * Franklin.. . .Harvey M. Templeton 

Woodbury* Cannon Jesse Davenport 


CUies &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abilene * Taylor Cunningham & Oliver 

Alanreed Gray W. B. Hardin 

Alba Wood W. W. Campbell 

Albany * Shackleford Walter L. Morris 

Alexander Erath Refer to Stephenville 

Alice Nueces W. R. Perkins 

Alpine * Brewster L.N. Halbert 

Alvarado Johnson W. H. Spinks 

Alvin Brazoria George A. Byers 

Amarillo * Potter A. S. Rollins 

Anahuac * Chambers A. L. Beason 

Anderson ''^ Grimes . . . .Bufiington & Buffington 

Angleton * Brazoria Louis J. Wilson 

Anson * Jones Robert C. Chambers 

Aransas Pass San Patricio Refer to Rockport 

Archer City * Archer W. E. Forgy 

Aspermont * Stonewall J* M. Carter 

Athens * Henderson 

Richardson, Watkins & Richardson 

Atlanta Cass O'Neal & Allday 

Axtell McLennan Refer to Waco 

Austin * Travis 

LiGHTFOOT, Brady & Robertson 

Scarhrough Building 

Jewel P. Lightfoot 
John W. Brady 
E. B. Robertson 

Baird * Callahan F. S. Bell 

Ballinger * Runnels Wade & Doss 

Bandera * Bandera J. A. Eames 

Barstow * Ward T. F. Slack 

Bartlett Williamson Stanton Allen 

Bastrop * Bastrop Jack Jenkins 


TEXAS 213 

Bay City * Matagorda ..... .Thomas H. Lewis 

Beaxjmont* Jefferson 

Smith, Crawford & Sonfield 

Gilbert Building 

Stuart R. Smith 
Walter J. Crawford 
Leon Sonfield 

Beeville * Bee Cox & Cox 

Bellville * Austin 

Johnson, Matthaei & Thompson 

Belton *. Bell Tyler, Hubbard & Tyler 

Benjamin * Knox D. J. Brookreson 

Big Spring* Howard Little & Penix 

Blanco Blanco Percy T. Brigham 

Bluff Dale Erath Refer to Stephenville 

Boeme * Kendall W. F. Hays 

Bonham * Fannin . . . McMahon & Cunningham 

Bowie Montague J. Speer 

Brackettville * Kinney W. L. Clamp 

Brady* McCulloch .... Shropshire & House 

Brazoria Brazoria Walter L. Wilson 

Breckenridge * Stephens Fred W. Frost 

Brenham * Washington R. E. Pennington 

Bridgeport Wise Refer to Decatur 

Bronson Sabine Refer to Hemphill 

Brookeland Sabine Refer to Hemphill 

Brownfield * Terry George W. Neill 

Brownsville* Cameron Rich & Searle 

Brownwood* Brown Wilkinson & Baugh 

Bruceville McLennon Refer to Waco 

Bryan * Brazos V. B, Hudson 

Burnet* Burnet Dayton Moses 

Caldwell* Burleson J. R. Heslep 

Calvert Robertson Refer to Franklin 

Cameron* Milam W. T. Hefley 

Campbell Hunt Refer to Greenville 

214 TEXAS 

Canadian * Hemphill Fisher & Palmer 

Canton* Van Zandt M. G. Sanders 

Canyon * Randall Refer to Amarillo 

Carizzo Springs *. . . . Dimmit F. Vandervoort 

Carthage * Panola J. H. Long 

Castroville Medina Refer to Hondo 

Celeste Hunt J. A. Stone, Jr. 

Center * Shelby Davis, Davis & Davis 

Centerville * Leon Joseph H. Seale 

Childress* Childress John W. Davidson 

Chillicothe Hardeman L. W. Allred 

Cisco Eastland J. J. Butts 

Clarendon * Donley A. T. Cole 

Clarksville*. Red River .Lennox & Lennox 

Claude * Armstrong W. A. Wilson 

Cleburne * Johnson H. P. Brown 

Cleveland Liberty C. N. Smith 

Coldspring* San Jacinto W. M. McMurray 

Coleman * Coleman Woodward & Baker 

Collinsville Grayson P. T. Shores 

Colorado * Mitchell Royall G. Smith 

Columbus* Colorado H. A. Townsend 

Comanche* Comanche G. H. Goodson 

Commerce Hunt Refer to Greenville 

Conroe * Montgomery A. L. Kayser 

Cooper* Delta James A. Patterson 

Corpus Christi* Nueces Pope & Sutherland 

Corsicana * Navarro Nash & Lovett 

Cotulla * Lasalle John W. Wilson 

Crawford McLennan Refer to Waco 

Crockett * Houston D. A. Nunn 

Crowell * Foard Robert Cole 

Cuero * Dewitt Davidson & Bailey 

Daingerfield * Morris J« M. Henderson 

Dalhart* Dallam W. B, Chauncey 

Dallas * Dallas 

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TEXAS 215 

Dallas * Dallas 

Thompson, Knight, Baker & Harris 

Commonwealth Bank Building 

William Thompson 
Robert E. L. Knight 
Rhodes S. Baker 
William R. Harris 

Dayton Liberty Mark M. Carter 

Decatur * Wise McMurary & Gettys 

De Kalb Bowie Refer to New Boston 

De Leon Comanche A. E. Hampton 

Del Rio* Valverde Jones & Thurmond 

Denison Grayson W. J. Mathis 

Denton* Denton J. W. Sullivan 

Devine Medina John T. Briscoe 

Dickens * Dickens B. D. Glasgow 

Downsville McLennan Refer to Waco 

Dublin Erath Refer to Stephenville 

Eagle Lake Colorado W. S. Strickland 

Eagle Pass * Maverick J. R. Sandford 

Eastland * Eastland Earl Conner 

Eddy McLennan Refer to Waco 

Edna * Jackson W. W. McCrory 

El Campo Wharton George P. Willis 

El Dorado* Schleicher W. F. Ford 

Elgin Bastrop C. W. Webb 

El Paso * El Paso 

Jones & Jones 
Caples Building 

Thomas Marion Jones 
Cyrus Houston Jones 

Emma * Crosby Refer to Dickens 

Emory* Rains W. H. Clendenin 

Ennis Ellis John H. Sharp 

Fairfield * Freestone J» G. Anderson 

2i6 TEXAS 

Falfurrias Brooks John C. North 

Farmersville Collin R. L. Moulden 

Floresville * Wilson O. A. McCrackcn 

Floydada* Floyd T. F. Houghton 

Fort Stockton * Pecos Lee Fowler 

Fort Worth* Tarrant 

Flournoy, Smith & Storer 

Continental Bank Building 

Robert W. Flournoy 
Leroy A. Smith 
Webster Storer 

Franklin * Robertson Perry & Woods 

Fredericksburg*. . . .Gillespie A. W. Moursund 

Gainesville * Cooke Davis & Davis 

Galveston * Galveston Williams & Neethe 

Gatesville * Coryell J. R. McClellan 

Georgetown * Williamson Cooper Sansom 

Giddings* Lee Watson & Simmang 

Gilmer* Upshur Warren & Briggs 

Glen Rose * Somervell Refer to Cleburne 

Goidthwaite* Mills E. B. Anderson 

Goliad * Goliad J» C. Burns 

Gonzales* Gonzales J. W. Rainbolt 

Gorman Eastland W. E. Vaught 

Graham* Young Arnold & Arnold 

Granbury * Hood J. J. Hiner 

Grand Saline Van Zandt Refer to Canton 

Grandview Johnson Thomas H. Haynie 

Granger Williamson W. L. Taylor 

Greenville * Hunt Bowman & Kemp 

Groesbeck * Limestone W. T. Jackson 

Groveton * Trinity H. Nelms 

Hallettsville * Lavaca Patton & Schwartz 

Hamilton * Hamilton Eidson & Eidson 

Hamlin Jones Refer to Anson 

Harbin Erath Refer to Stephenville 

TEXAS 217 

Haskell* Haskell H. G. McConnell 

Hearne Robertson Refer to Franklin 

Hemphill * Sabine Hamilton & Hamilton 

Hempstead * Waller McDade & Harvey 

Henderson* Rusk W. M. Futch 

Henrietta* Clay Wantland & Parrish 

Hereford * Deaf Smith Knight & Slaton 

Hico Hamilton H. E. Trippett 

Hidalgo Hidalgo Refer to Brownsville 

Higgins Lipscomb E. C. Gray 

Hillsboro * Hill Newton J. Smith, Jr. 

Hondo * Medina V. H. Blocker 

Honey Grove Fannin James M. Baldwin 

Houston * Harris 

Hume & Hume 

First National Bank Building 

F. Charles Hume 
F. Charles Hume, Jr. 

Hubbard Hill Refer to Waco 

Huckaby Erath Refer to Stephenville 

Hughes Springs Cass Henry D. Nelson 

Huntsville* Walker... Dean, Humphrey & Powell 

Itasca Hill M. S. Wood 

acksboro* Jack S. Stark 

ackson ville Cherokee John C. Box 

asper * Jasper Garland Smith 

Jefferson* Marion T. D. Rowell 

Johnson City * Blanco N. T. Stubbs 

Jourdanton Atascosa W. M. Abemethy 

Junction * Kimble Horace E. Wilson 

Karnes City * Karnes . . .Williamson & Klingemann 

Kaufman * Kaufman James Young 

Kerrville* Kerr W. G. Garrett 

Kingsville Nueces Claude Pollard 

Klirbyville Jasper Refer to Jasper 

Kountze * Hardin Singleton k Nail 

2i8 TEXAS 

Ladonia Fannin Refer to Wolfe City 

La Grange * Fayette George E. Lenert 

Lampasas* Lampasas . . . ; W. B. Abney 

Lancaster Dallas Refer to Dallas 

La Porte Harris Albert O. Blackwell 

Laredo* Webb Greer & Hamilton 

Liberty * Liberty Marshall & Harrison 

Lindale Smith James A. Mallory 

Linden * Cass E. E. Brougher 

Lingleville Erath Refer to Stephenville 

Livingston* Polk Hill & Hill 

Llano * Llano J» H. McLean 

Lockhart * Caldwell Edgar R. Yellott 

Lockney Floyd J. N. Stalbird 

Longview* Gregg Young & Stinchcomb 

Lorena McLennan Refer to Waco 

Lubbock * Lubbock R. A. Sowder 

Lufkin * Angelina M. M. Feagin 

Luling Caldwell Refer to Lockhart 

McGregor McLennan Refer to Waco 

McKinney * Collin R. C. Merritt 

Madisonville * Madison E. A. Berry 

Manor Travis James M. Harris 

Marfa * Presidio R. H. Hays 

Marlin * Falls E. M. Eddins 

Marshall * Harrison Young & Abney 

Mart McLennan Refer to Waco 

Mason * Mason Rudolph Runge 

Matador * Motley T. T. Bouldin 

Memphis* Hall H. E. Deaver 

Menard* Menard S. C. Rowe 

Mercedes Hidalgo Robert J. Smith 

Meridian * Bosque Cureton & Cureton 

Merkel * Taylor Refer to Abilene 

Mexia Limestone W. M. White 

Miami * Roberts W. R. Ewing 

Midland* Midland Charles Gibbs 

Miles Runnels Refer to Ballinger 

texa;s 219 

Mineola Wood Jones & Jones 

Mineral^Wells Palo Pinto Penix & Eberhart 

Montague * Montague L. Walker 

Moody McLennan Refer to Waco 

Mount Calm Hill Refer to Waco 

Mount Pleasant*. . .Titus Rolston & Rolston 

Mount Vernon * . . . . Franklin R. T. Wilkinson 

Munday Knox Refer to Benjamin 

Nacogdoches* Nocogdoches Arthur A. Seale 

Navasota Grimes H. L. Lewis 

New Boston Bowie Robert M. Hubbard 

New Braunfels * . . . . Comal Henne & Fuchs 

Newton * Newton J. B. Forse 

Nocona Montague Refer to Henrietta 

Normanna Bee Refer to Beeville 

Oakville * Live Oak F. H. Church 

Ochiltree * Ochiltree W. F. Shipp 

Odessa * Ector Frank A. Judkins 

Orange * Orange Tom L. Cruse 

Ozona* Crockett Charles E. Davidson 

Paducah* Cottle J. M. Whatley 

Palacios Matagorda Perry & Perry 

Palestine* Anderson . . . .Thomas B. Greenwood 

Palo Pinto * Palo Pinto J. T. Ranspot 

Paris * Lamar Moore & Hardison 

Pearsall * Frio M. Maney 

Pecos * Reeves Buck & Starley 

Pilot Point Denton Refer to Denton 

Pineland Saline Refer to Hemphill 

Pittsburg* Camp C. G. Engledow 

Plainview* Hale W. B. Lewis 

Piano Collin \ J. D. Cottrell 

Pleasanton* Atascosa F. H. Burmeister 

Port Arthur Jefferson A. M. Rutan 

Port Lavaca * Calhoun Willett Wilson 

Post * Garza Horace G. Smith 

Purves Erath Refer to Stephenville 

Quanah* Hardeman M. M. Hankins 

220 TEXAS 

Quitman * Wood Harris, Suitor & Britton 

Refugio * Refugio Refer to Beeville 

Richmond * Fort Bend . . . . D. Rugely Peareson 

Rio Grande * Starr E. L. Gammage 

Robert Le« * Coke S. B. Kemp 

Roby* Fisher L. McCrea 

Rockdale Milam J. W. Garner 

Rockport* Aransas W. H. Baldwin 

Rock Springs * Edwards Refer to Uvalde 

Rockwall * Rockwall E. D. Foree 

Rogers Bell Lewis H. Jones 

Rosebud Falls Refer to Waco 

Rotan Fisher Refer to Roby 

Royse City Rockwall A. H. Mount 

Rusk * Cherokee 

Perkins, Imboden & Perkins 
San Angelo * Tom Green Hill, Lee & Hill 

San Antonio * Bexar 

Hertzberg, Barrett & Kercheville 

Prudential Life Building 

Harry Hertzberg 
A. P. Barrett 
J. L Kercheville 

San Augustine * San Augustine Foster & Davis 

San Benito Cameron Samuel Spears 

Sanderson * Terrell J. B. Ross 

San Diego * Duval James O. Luby 

Sanger Denton J* W. Koons 

San Marcos * Hayes R. E. McKie 

San Saba* San Saba G. A. Walters 

Santa Anna Coleman Refer to Coleman 

Sealy Austin W. L Hill 

Seguin * Guadalupe H. E. Short 

Seminole * Gaines Refer to Del Rio 

Seymour * Baylor D. F. Goss 

TEXAS 221 

Shamrock Wheeler Reynolds & Hill 

Sherman * Grayson 

Head, Smith, Maxey & Head 

Sherwood * Irion Refer to San Angelo 

Silverton * Briscoe J. E- Daniel 

Sinton * San Patricio James G. Cook 

Skidmore Bee Refer to Beeville 

Smithville Bastrop S. L. Staples 

Snyder* Scurry Arthur Yonge 

Somerville Burleson Refer to Caldwell 

Sonora* Sutton Cornell & Wardlaw 

Sour Lake Hardin Refer to Beaumont 

Stamford Jones W. T. Andrews 

Stanton * Martin A. L. Green 

Stephenville * Erath B. E. Cook 

Sterling City * Sterling J. D. Ayres 

Stratford * Sherman John H. H. Stahl 

Sulphur Springs* . . .Hopkins Frank E. Scott 

Sweetwater* Nolan Douthit & Smith 

Tahoka Lynn G. E. Lockhart 

Taylor Williamson C. V. Compton 

Teague Freestone A. B. Geppert 

Temple Bell W. W. Hair 

Terrell Kaufman Robert L. Warren 

Texarkana Bowie. .Glass, Estes, King & Burford 

Texas City Galveston Refer to Galveston 

Throckmorton * Throckmorton T. J. Wright 

Tilden* McMulIen F. H. Burmeister 

Timpson Shelby Stephen Chamness 

Trinity Trinity Clegg & Embry 

Troupe Smith Refer to Tyler 

Tulia * Swisher Martin & Zimmerman 

Tyler* Smith Marsh & Mclllwaine 

Uvalde* Uvalde G. B. Fenley 

Van Alstyne Grayson Refer to Sherman 

Velasco Brazoria E. P. Hoefle 

Vernon* Wilbarger W. D. Berry 

Victoria * Victoria C. F. Carsner 

222 TEXAS 

Waco* McLennan 

O. M. Weatherby 
Amicable Building 

Waxahachie * Ellis J. L. Gammon 

Weatherford * Parker Lanham & O'Neal 

Wellington * Collingsworth 

Templeton & Templeton 

West McLennan Refer to Waco 

Wharton * Wharton H. A. Cline 

Wheeler* Wheeler Melvin M. Miller 

Whitewright Grayson W. Z. Spearman 

Wichita Falls* Widiita Mathis & Kay 

Willis Montgomery S. A. Crawford 

Wills Point Van Zandt 

Wynne, Wynne & Gilmore 

Winnsboro Wood Howell & Nabors 

Wolfe City Hunt J. R. Knight 

Woodville* Tyler J* W. Thomas 

Wortham Freestone Refer to Fairfield 

Yoakum Dewitt . ^ D. T. Price 

Yorktown Dewitt J. L. Boal 


Cities fir* Towns Counties Lawyers 

American Fork Utah Refer to Provo 

Beaver*. . .• Beaver William F. Knox 

Bingham Canyon. . .Salt Lake... Refer to Salt Lake City 

Bountiful Davis Refer to Salt Lake City 

Brigham * Boxelder Call & Jenson 

Castle Dale * Emery A. D. Dickson 

Cedar City Iron E. H. Ryan 

Centerville Davis William H. Streeper, Jr. 

Ephraim San Pete E. Hansen 

Eureka Juab Refer to Provo 

Farmington * Davis Refer to Salt Lake City 

Fillmore* Millard Refer to Milford 

Heber * Wasatch A. C. Hatch 

Huntington Emery William Howard 

Kanab * Kane John F. Brown 

Lehi Utah Refer to Provo 

Logan * Cache . .Nebeker, Thatcher & Bowen 

Manti* San Pete Lewis Larson 

Milford Beaver Refer to Beaver 

Morgan Morgan Refer to Ogden 

Mount Pleasant Sanpete J. W. Cherry 

Murray Salt Lake David W. Moffat 

Nephi* Juab W. A. C. Bryan 

Ogden* Weber 

Joseph E. Evans 
First National Bank Building 

Panguitch * Garfield Refer to Beaver 

Park City Summit L. B. Wight 

Parowan * Iron Refer to Beaver 

Payson Utah Refer to Provo 

Price * Carbon L. O. Hoffmann 

Provo * Utah J. W. N. Whitecotton 

Richfield * Sevier E. E. Hoffmann 


224 UTAH 

St. George * Washington David H. Morris 

Salt Lake City*.. .Salt Lake 

Stewart, Stewart & Alexander 

Judge Building 

Samuel W. Stewart 
Barnard J. Stewart 
Daniel Alexander 

Spanish Fork Utah Refer to Provo 

Spring City Sanpete. . . Refer to Mount Pleasant 

Springville Utah Refer to Provo 

Tooele * Tooele William S. Marks 

Vernal * Uinta Thomas W. O'Donnell 

Woods Cross Davis Refer to Salt Lake City 


Cities fir* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Arlington Bennington . . . Refer to Bennington 

Bakersfield Franklin Herbert F. Brigham 

Barre Washington S. HoUister Jackson 

Barton Orleans Frank D. Thompson 

Bellows Falls Windham Ryder & Graham 

Bennington* Bennington Collins M. Graves 

Bethel Windsor Wallace Batchelder 

Bradford Orange David S. Conant 

Brandon Rutland Frank W. Williams 

Brattleboro Windham ... . H. G. & F. E. Barber 

Bristol Addison Refer to Burlington 

Burlington* Chittenden 

Powell & Powell 

i66 College Street 

Max L. Powell 
George W. Marks 

Canaan Essex H. W. Lund 

Chelsea * Orange Stanley C. Wilson 

Chester Windsor Refer to Springfield 

Craftsbury Orleans Horace F. Graham 

Derby Orleans Refer to Newport 

East Fairfield Franklin I. N. Chase 

Enosburg Falls; Franklin Emmet McFeeters 

Essex Junction Chittenden Martin & Bailey 

Fairfax Franklin W. D. Stewart 

Fairfield Franklin Refer to St. Albans 

Fair Haven Rutland E. D. Raymond 

Hardwick Caledonia Melvin G. Morse 

Hartford Windsor 

Refer to White River Junction 

Highgate Franklin D. W. Steele 

Hyde Park* Lamoille Roger W. Hulburd 

Island Pond Essex H. B. Amey 



Jamaica Windham Refer to Brattleboro 

Jericho Chittenden .... Refer to Burlington 

Johnson Lamoille Refer to Hyde Park 

Ludlow Windsor . Stickney, Sargent & Skeels 

Lyndonville Caledonia Cook & Norton 

Manchester * Bennington 

Refer to Manchester Center 

Manchester Center. . . Bennington F. C. Archibald 

Middlebury* Addison Ira H. La Fleur 

Milton Chittenden Leon D. Latham 

Montpelier * Washington E. H. Deavitt 

Morrisville Lamoille T. C. Chenev 

Newport* Orleans Young & Young 

Northfield Washington Plumley & Plumley 

North Troy Orleans O. S. Annis 

Poultney Rutland W. H. Rowland 

Proctor Rutland Refer to Rutland 

Proctorsville Windsor Refer to Ludlow 

Randolph Orange M. M. Wilson 

Richford Franklin S. R. Boright 

Rochester Windsor E. H. Edgerton 

Rutland* Rutland Moloney & Piatt 

St. Albans* Franklin Hogan & Hogan 

St. Johnsbury * Caledonia Simonds & Searles 

South Royalton Windsor Tarbell & Whitham 

Springfield Windsor Blanchard & Tupper 

Swanton Franklin Furman & Webster 

Vergennes Addison F. W. Tuttle 

Waterbury Washington George H. Dale 

Wells River Orange Raymond U. Smith 

White River Junction. Windsor Roland E. Stevens 

Wilmington Windham Refer to Brattleboro 

Windsor Windsor Bert E. Cole 

Winooski Chittenden Refer to Burlington 

Woodstock * Windsor 

Refer to White River Junction 


Cities &• Towns Counties Lawyers 

Abingdon* Washington . . . H. Emory Widener 

Accomac* Accomac John S. Parsons 

Accotink Fairfax Refer to Fairfax 

Alexandria Alexandria 

J. R. & H. B. Caton 

III South Fairfax Street 

James R. Caton 
Harry B. Caton 
James R, Caton, Jr. 

Amelia C. H.* Amelia T. R. Hardaway 

Amherst* Amherst O. L. Evans 

Appalachia Wise Morton & Parker 

Appomattox* Appomattox S. L. Ferguson 

Arlington Nelson Brown & Brown 

Ashland Hanover Samuel Carter 

Basic City Augusta Refer to Staunton 

Bedford City * Bedford Landon Lowry 

Berkley Norfolk Refer to Norfolk 

Benyville * Clarke R. S. Blackburn Smith 

Bigstone Gap Wise W. S. Mathews 

Blacksburg Montgomery 

Refer to Christiansburg 

Blackstone Nottoway Epes & Epes 

Bland* Bland Arthur R. Porterfield 

Bowling Green* Caroline W. E. Ennis 

Boyce Clarke Harrison & Lewis 

Boydton * Mecklenburg . . . Reekes & Bedinger 

Bristol Washington C. J. St. John 

Broadway Rockingham . . . Charles R. Winfield 

Buchanan Botetourt William R. Allen 

Buckingham * Buckingham John R. Moss 

Buena Vista Rockbridge A. W. Robertson 

Burkeville Nottaway Refer to Blackstone 



Cape Charles Northampton Refer to Eastville 

Charlotte C. H.* Charlotte Watkins & Watkins 

Charlottesville* Albemarle 

Perkins, Perkins & Walker 

Chase City Mecklenberg .... Refer to Boydton 

Chatham * Pittsylvania Joseph Whitehead 

Chesterfield Chesterfield . . . Refer to Manchester 

Christiansburg * Montgomery .... Harless & Calhoun 

Clarksville * Mecklenberg .... Refer to Boydton 

Clifton Fairfax Refer to Fairfax 

Clifton Forge Alleghany Floyd W. King 

Clintwood* Dickinson W. H. Rouse 

Coeburn Wise A. P. Crockett 

Colonial Beach Westmoreland James O. Heflin 

Courtland* Southampton William Shands 

Covington* Alleghany R. L. Parrish 

Crewe Nottoway Refer to Blackstone 

Cripple Creek Wythe Refer to Wytheville 

Crockett Wythe Refer to Wytheville 

Crozet Albemarle Russell Bargamin 

Culpeper * Culpeper Hiden & Thurlow 

Cumberland* Cumberland William M. Smith 

Cumnor King and Queen R. N. Pollard 

Danville Pittsylvania Julian Meade 

Dendron Surry Refer to Surry 

Dinwiddie* Dinwiddie Refer to Petersburg 

Disputanta Prince George Thomas Temple 

East Radford Montgomery H. C. Tyler 

Eastville * Northampton John T. Daniel 

Emporia * Greensville . . . W. Samuel Goodwyn 

Fairfax * Fairfax 

Moore, Barbour, Keith & McCandlish 

Falls Church P'airfax Refer to Fairfax 

Farmville * Prince Edward ... . A. B. Armstrong 

Fincastle * Botetourt Benjamin Haden 

Floyd* Floyd B. G. Howard 

Franklin Southampton Barclay Pretlow 

Fredericksburg Spottsylvania Alvin T. Embrey 


Front Royal* Warren Downing & Weaver 

Galax Grayson J. H. Rhudy 

Gate City * Scott S. W. Coleman 

Gloucester* Gloucester Cary & Cary 

Goochland * Goochland Refer to Richmond 

Graham Tazewell Refer to Pocahontas 

Grundy * Buchanan Williams & Combs 

Hampton Elizabeth City . . . W. C. L. Taliaferro 

Hanover * Hanover Robert T. Winston 

Harrisonburg* Rockingham Sipe & Harris 

Heathsville* Northumberland . . . .E. Hugh Smith 

Herndon Fairfax Refer to Fairfax 

Hillsville* Carroll Walter S. Tipton 

Honaker Russell Refer to Lebanon 

Hot Springs Bath Joseph T. McAllister 

Houston * Halifax B. W. Leigh 

Independence* Grayson J. S. Bourne 

Ivanhoe Wythe Refer to Wytheville 

Irvington Lancaster Frank G. Newbill 

Jonesville* Lee Pennington Bros. 

Keller Accomac Mapp & Mapp 

Kenbridge Lunenburg Refer to Victoria 

Kilmarnock Lancaster Walter E. Hathaway 

King and Queen * . . . King and Queen . . .Francis W. Smith 

King George * King George Hunter & Tayloe 

Lancaster * Lancaster R. O. Norris, Jr. 

Lawrenceville * Brunswick Marvin Smithey 

Lebanon * Russell Henry A. Routh 

Leesburg * Loudoun Edwin E. Garrett 

Lexington * Rockbridge Glasgow & White 

Louisa* Louisa William C. Bibb 

Lovingston* Nelson S. B. Whitehead 

Luray * Page Walton & Brother 

Lynchburg Campbell 

Coleman, Easley & Coleman 

Madison * Madison James Hay 

Manassas* Prince William. Robert A. Hutchison 

Manchester Chesterfield .... Refer to Richmond 


Marion * Smyth John P. Buchanan 

Martinsville * Henry George H. Marshall 

Mathews * Mathews G. Y. Hunley 

Max Meadows Wythe Refer to Wy theville 

Meherrin Lunenburg ...... Refer to Victoria 

Monterey * Highland .... Charles P. Jones & Son 

Montross* Westmoreland Refer to Warsaw 

Mount Jackson Shenandoah Robert J. Walker 

Newcastle* Craig G. W. Layman 

New Kent * New Kent M. H. Barnes 

Newmarket Shenandoah R. H. Williamson 

Newport News Warwick Lett & Massie 

Norfolk Norfolk 

Peatross & Savage 
2j6 Granby Street 

Richard W. Peatross 
Toy D. Savage 

North Emporia Greenesville Refer to Emporia 

Norton Wise John Roberts 

Nottoway * Nottoway Epes & Epes 

Oak Grove Westmoreland 

Frederic W. Alexander 

Onancock Accomac S. K. Powell 

Orange * Orange Williams & Browning 

Palmyra * Fluvanna E. A. Gray 

Parksley Accomac John R. & J. H. Rew 

Pearisburg* Giles Bernard Mason 

Pennington Gap .... Lee Pennington Bros. 

Petersburg Dinwiddie. . . .William B. Mcllwaine 

Phoebus Elizabeth City W. H. Power 

Pinners Norfolk H. C. Sherritt 

Pocahontas Tazewell Sexton & Roberts 

Portsmouth * Norfolk Watts & Hatton 

Powhatan * Powhatan Milton P. Bonifant 

Princess Anne* Princess Anne V. H. Kellam 

Pulaski * Pulaski Roop & Phlegar 


Purcellville Loudoun Refer to Leesburg 

Purdy Greenesville Refer to Emporia 

Radford Montgomery Longley & Jordan 

Richlands Tazewell W. B. Spratt 

Richmond * Henrico 

Williams & Mullen 

Mutual Building 

Lewis Catlett Williams 
James Mullen 

Robert W. Stump 

Roanoke Roanoke 

Caldwell & Chaney 

Watt y Clay Building 

Manley M. Caldwell 
George W. Chaney 

Rocky Mount* Franklin B. A. Davis 

Rosslyn Alexandria Refer to Alexandria 

Roxbury Charles City L. M. Nance 

Rural Retreat Wythe Refer to Wytheville 

Rustburg* Campbell Frank Nelson 

Salem * Roanoke Refer to Roanoke 

Saluda* Middlesex W. D. Evans 

Scottsville Albemarle C. H. Patteson 

Shipman Nelson Refer to Lovingston 

Smithfield Isle of Wight E. H. Williams 

South Boston Halifax Samuel L. Adams 

Speedwell Wythe Refer to Wytheville 

Spottsylvania * Spottsylvania 

Refer to Fredericksburg 

Stafford * Stafford . . . Refer to Fredericksburg 

Stanardsville * Greene J. S. Chapman 

Staunton * Augusta Armistead C. Gordon 

Strasburg Shenandoah A. C. Stickley 

Stuart* Patrick J. M. Hooker 


SufFoIk* Nansemond James H. Corbitt 

Surry* Surry James G. Bohannan 

Sussex Sussex Refer to Waverly 

Tappahannock * . . . . Essex Henry C. Deshields 

Tazewell* Tazewell Chapman & Gillespie 

Toano James City . Henley, Garnett & Hal! 

Tunstall New Kent R. T. Gregory 

Urbanna Middlesex Walter H. Ryland 

Victoria Lunenburg N. S. TumbuU, Jr. 

Vienna Fairfax Refer to Fairfax 

Wakefield Sussex Temple & Howerton 

Walkerton King & Queen John D. Mitchell 

Warm Springs* Bath J. W. Stephenson & Son 

Warrenton * Fauquier Keith & Richards 

Warsaw* Richmond J. W. Chinn, Jr. 

Washington * Rappahannock H. G. MofFett 

Waterford Loudoun Refer to Leesburg 

Waverly Sussex Thomas H. Howerton 

Waynesboro Augusta Paul B. Woodfin 

West Point King William W. A. Willeroy 

Whitestone Lancaster .W. E. Hathaway 

Wilburn Lunenburg Refer to Victoria 

Williamsburg * James City Frank Armistead 

Wilson Dunwiddie Refer to Blackstone 

Winchester * Frederick John M. Steck 

Windsor Isle of Wight Parke P. Deans 

Wise* Wise Dotson & Kelly 

Woodstock * Shenandoah Walton & Walton 

Wytheville * Wythe E. Lee Trinkle 

Yorktown * York M. E. Bristow 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Aberdeen Chehalis John C. Hogan 

Anacortes Skagit Quinby & Beagle 

Arlington Snohomish Refer to Everett 

Asotin * Asotin George W. Bailey 

Auburn K^'fig !• B. Knickerbocker 

Bellingham* Whatcom Newman & Kendall 

Blaine Whatcom John J. Pinckney 

Bremerton Kitsap Thomas Stevenson 

Brewster Okanogan A. J. O'Connor 

Buckley Pierce W. B. Osbourn 

Cashmere Chelan Refer to Wenatchee 

Castle Rock Cowlitz Joseph O'Neill 

Cathlamet* Wahkiakum William Stuart 

Centralia Lewis H. C. Camp 

Chehalis* Lewis H. E. Donohoe 

Cheney Spokane Refer to Spokane 

Clarkston Asotin E. E. Halsey 

Cle Elum Kittitas Robert A. Wilcox 

Colfax * Whitman R. L. McCroskey 

Colville * Stevens StuU, Wentz & Bailey 

ConconuUy * Okanogan Charles A. Johnson 

Coupeville * Island James Zylstra 

Cunningham Adams Refer to Lind 

Davenport* Lincoln Freece & Pettijohn 

Dayton * Columbia H. E. Hamm 

Edmonds Snohomish Refer to Everett 

Ellensburg* Kittitas Hovey & Hale 

Elma Chehalis E. S. Avey 

Ephrata* Grant George M. Ryker 

Everett * Snohomish W. P. Bell 

Friday Harbor * San Juan .... Frank P. Christensen 

Goldendale * Klickitat W. T, Darch 

Granite Falls Snohomish G. W. Hinman 

Hatton Adams Refer to Lind 

Hillyard Spokane S. L. Americus 



Hoquiam.. Chehalis Sidney M. Heath 

Kalama * Cowlitz Inus & Gore 

Kelso Cowlitz P. P. Brush 

Kennewick Benton Clarence L. Holcomb 

Kent King Frank B. Churchill 

Kettle Falls Stevens Webb & Atwood 

La Conner Skagit Refer to Mount Vernon 

Leavenworth Chelan Lewis J. Nelson 

Lind Adams F. E. Allison 

Loomis Okanogan W. E. Grant 

Lynden Whatcom Charles B. Sampley 

Monroe Snohomish E. P. Walker 

Montesano* Chehalis B. G. Cheney 

Mount Vernon * . . . . Skagit Coleman & Gable 

Newport Stevens Sheldon & Leavy 

North Yakima * Yakima Fred Fontaine 

Oakesdale Whitman R. J. Neergaard 

Odessa Lincoln Frederick J. Hoagland 

Okanogan Okanogan . . . .Reper to Conconully 

Olympia* Thurston Thomas M. Vance 

Oroville Okanogan Charles F. Sigrist 

Othello Adams Refer to Lind 

Palouse Whitman W. E. McCroskey 

Pasco * Franklin Driscoll & Leonard 

Pomeroy * Garfield E. V. Kuykendall 

Port Angeles * Clallam James Stewart 

Port Orchard * Kitsap CD. Sutton 

Port Townsend *. . . . JefFeison T. W. Holman 

Prosser * Benton Linn & Boyle 

Pullman Whitman D. C. Dow 

Puyallup Pierce M. F. Porter 

Quincy Grant A. E. Jonson 

Raymond Pacific Refer to South Bend 

Renton King Paul W. Houser 

Republic * Ferry Charles P. Bennett 

Ritzville * . . Adams Adams & Naef 

Riverside Okanogan F. V. Brock 

Roslyn Kittitas Harry L. Brown 


Seattle * King 

Tucker & Hyland 

Lowman Building 

Wilmon Tucker 
Ivan L. Hyland 

Sedro-WooIIey Skagit Coleman & Gable 

Shelton* Mason T. P. Fisk 

Snohomish Snohomish Refer to Everett 

South Bend * Pacific Lockerby & Couden 

Spokane * Spokane 

Cannon, Ferris & Swan 

Old National Bank Building 

Edward J. Cannon 
George M. Ferris 
Charles E. Swan 

Sprague Lincoln Samuel P. Weaver 

Sultan Snohomish Refer to Everett 

Sumner Pierce R- J- Burglehaus 

Sunnyside Yakima Stephen E. Chaffee 

Tacoma* Pierce 

Hayden, Langhorne & Metzger 

Tacoma Building 

Elmer M. Hayden 
Maurice A. Langhorne 
Frederic D. Metzger 

Tekoa Whitman J. P. Burson 

Toppenish Yakima Roscoe Maddox 

Vancouver* Clarke... McMaster, Hall & Drowley 

Waitsburg Walla Walla M. O. Pickett 

Walla Walla* Walla Walla Rader & Barker 


Warden Grant Refer to Lind 

Washtucna Adams Refer to Lind 

Waterville* Douglas Arthur McGuire 

Wena tehee* Chelan Whitney & Hughes 

White Salmon Klichitat Refer to Goldendale 

Wilbur Lincoln E. A. Hesseltine 

Wilson Creek Grant C. J. Lambert 


Ciiies 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Alderson Monroe Refer to Union 

Barboursville Cabell Refer to Huntington 

Bayard Grant Refer to Petersburg 

Beckley * Raleigh M. C. Brackman 

Belington Barbour Refer to Philippi 

Berkeley Springs * . . . Morgan H. W. Bayer 

Beverly Randolph Refer to Elkins 

Bluefield* Mercer Harold A. Ritz 

Bridgeport Harrison Refer to Clarksburg 

Buckhannon* Upshur J, M. N. Downes 

Burns ville Braxton Refer to Sutton 

Charleston * Kanawha 

CoNLEY & Johnson 

Union Building 

William G. Conley 
Clyde B. Johnson 

Charlestown* Jefferson Frank Beckwith 

Chester Hancock 

Refer to East Liverpool, Ohio 

Clarksburg* Harrison 

Robert R. Wilson 
Empire National Bank Building 

Clay* Clay B. C. Eakle 

Crumpler McDowell Refer to Keystone 

Davis Tucker R. D. Heironimus 

Elizabeth* Wirt James L. Smith 

Elkins* Randolph A. M. Cunningham 

Fairmont* Marion W. S. Meredith 

Fayetteville * Fayette Payne & Hamilton 

Follansbee Brooke Refer to Wellsburg 

Franklin * Pendleton H. M. Calhoun 



Gassaway Braxton Refer to Sutton 

Glenville * Gilmer. .Linn, Brannon & Craddock 

Gormania Grant Refer to Petersburg 

Grafton* Taylor Warder & Robinson 

Grantsville * Calhoun J- M. Hamilton 

Guyandotte Cabell Refer to Huntington 

Hamlin ♦ Lincoln D. E. Wilkinson 

Harrisville* Ritchie Thomas J, Davis 

Hinton * Summers Thomas N. Read 

Huntington * Cabell 

Campbell, Brown & Davis 
825 Fourth Avenue 
Charles W. Campbell 
Douglas W. Brown 
Cary N. Davis 

Keyser* Mineral . .Taylor Morrison 

Keystone McDowell Ira J. Partlow 

Kimball McDowell Refer to Keystone 

Kingwood * Preston A. G. Hughes 

Lewisburg* Greenbrier S. Nelson Pace 

Littleton Wetzel... Refer to New Martinsville 

Logan * Logan Ira P. Hager 

Lumberport Harrison Refer to Clarksburg 

Madison* Boone. .Leftwich, Byrnside & Shaffer 

Mannington Marion L. S. Schwenck 

Marlinton* Pocahontas William A. Bratton 

Martinsburg* Berkeley H. H. Emmert 

Maysville Grant Refer to Petersburg 

Middleboume* Tyler Boreman & Carter 

Montgomery Fayette C. T. Dyer 

Moorefield* Hardy G. W. McCauley 

morgantown* monongalia 

Glasscock & Glasscock 

Blackstone Building 
William E. Glasscock 
S. F. Glasscock 


Moundsville *. Marshall Charles A. Showacre 

Mullens Wyoming Refer to Pineville 

Newburg Preston Refer to Kingwood 

New Cumberland *. . Hancock E. A. Hart 

New Martinsville*. .Wetzel Hall & Hall 

Northfork McDowell Refer to Keystone 

Parkersburg* Wood 

Merrick & Smith 

331 Juliana Street 

Charles D. Merrick 
Levin Smith 

Parsons* Tucker A. Jay Valentine 

Pennsboro Ritchie Refer to Harrisville 

Petersburg * Grant L. J. Forman 

Philippi* Barbour Staubly & Watson 

Piedmont Mineral Refer to Keyser 

Pineville* Wyoming Frank E. Shannon 

Point Pleasant * Mason .... Somerville & Somerville 

Princeton* Mercer J. M. McGrath 

Ravenswood Jackson N. C. Prickitt 

Richwood Nicholas Craig & Wolverton 

Ripley* Jackson T. J. Sayre 

Romney * Hampshire H. B. Gilkeson 

Ronceverte Greenbrier Refer to Lewisburg 

Rowlesburg Preston Refer to Kingwood 

St. Marys * Pleasants Craig & Wells 

Salem Harrison Refer to Clarksburg 

Shepherdstown Jefferson 

George M. Beltzhoover & Son 

Shinnston Harrison Refer to Clarksburg 

Sistersville Tyler Kimball & Sugden 

Spencer* Roane Thomas P. Ryan 

Summersville* Nicholas Alderson & Breckinridge 

Sutton * Braxton Hall Brothers 

Terra Alta Preston Refer to Kingwood 

Thomas Tucker Refer to Davis 


Tunnelton Preston Refer to Kingwood 

Union* Monroe John L. Rowan 

Wayne* Wayne D. B. Hardwick 

Webster Springs * . . . Webster Morton & Wooddell 

Welch * McDowell. .Strother, Taylor & Taylor 

Wellsburg* Brooke Frank A. Chapman 

Weston * Lewis Robert L. Bland 

West Union * Doddridge P. M. Ireland 

Wheeung* Ohio 

George Thurman Knote 
1226 Chapline Street 

Williamson * Mingo 

Sheppard, Goodykoontz & Scherr 
Winfield * Putnam Alexander & Bamhart 


Ciiies fir* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Algoma Kewaunee J. H. McGowan 

Alma * Buffalo Refer to Winona, Minn. 

Ameiy Polk W. T. Kennedy 

Antigo * Langlade Henry Hay 

Appleton * Outagamie Frank S. Bradford 

Arcadia Trempealeau J- C. Gaveney 

Ashland* Ashland George F. Merrill 

Augusta £au Claire... I. B. & £. M. Bradford 

Baldwin St. Croix £. B. Kinney 

Baraboo Sauk . Grotophorst, Evans & Thomas 

Barron * Barron Charles A. Taylor 

Bayfield Bayfield John J. Fisher 

Bay View Milwaukee Refer to Milwaukee 

Beaver Dam Dodge Healy & Healy 

Beloit Rock H. W. Adams 

Benton Lafayette Refer to Shullsburg 

Berlin Green Lake John J. Wood 

Black River Falls*... Jackson G. M. Perry 

Blanchardville Lafayette M. J. Cleary 

Bloomer Chippewa Joseph G. Prueher 

Boscobel Grant Howe & Gilman 

Brandon Fond du Lac ....George E. Dickinson 

Brodhead Green Refer to Monroe 

Bruce Rusk A. N. Andersen 

Burlington Racine George W. Waller 

Carter Forest Refer to Wabeno 

Chilton* Calumet J. E. McMullen 

Chippewa Falls * . . . . Chippewa Dajrton E. Cook 

Clintonville Waupaca Olen & Olen 

Colby Marathon R. B. Salter 

Columbus Columbia E. E. Brossard 

Crandon * Forest Warde A. Wescott 

Cuba Grant S. E. Smalley 

Cumberland Barron H. S. Comstock 

Darlington* Lafayette Edward F. Conley 



Delavan Walworth E. L. Von Suessmilch 

De Pere Brown Refer to Green Bay 

Dodgeville * Iowa James E. O'Neill 

Durand * Pepin C. A. Ingram 

Eagle River* Vilas George E. O'Connor 

Eau Claire * Eau Claire Bundy & Wilcox 

Edgerton Rock L. H. Towne 

Elkhorn * Walworth Page & Ferris 

Ellsworth * Pierce George Thompson 

Elroy Juneau Henry C. Rowan 

Evansville Rock Fred L. Janes 

Fennimore Grant Refer to Lancaster 

Florence * Florence Max Sells 

Fond du Lac * Fond du Lac Ecke & Hughes 

Fort Atkinson Jefferson Frank H. Rogers 

Fox Lake Dodge William C. North 

Frederic Polk Morris E. Yaget 

Friendship* Adams C. H. Oilman 

Galesville Trempealeau . .William S. Wadleigh 

Gillett Oconto George Crawford 

Glenwood St. Croix H. H. Dean 

Grand Rapids* Wood William E. Wheelan 

Grantsburg * Burnett Stephen F. Grover 

Green Bay * Brown 

Greene, Fairchild, North, Parker & McGillan 

Kellogg National Bank Building 

George G. Greene 
H. O. Fairchild 
Jerome R. North 
Barton L. Parker 
James H. McGillan 
John W. Gauerke 
Walter T. Bie 

Green Lake Green Lake Refer to Berlin 

Hartford Washington Sawyer & Sawyer 

Hayward * Sawyer J. C. Davis 


Highland Iowa Piatt Whitman 

Hudson * St. Croix S.J. Bradford 

Hurley * Iron A. L. Ruggles 

Independence Trempealeau Refer to Arcadia 

Ingram Rusk A. N. Andersen 

lola Waupaca H. J. Severson 

Iron River Bayfield Charles F. Morris 

Janesville* Rock George G. Sutherland 

Jefferson * Jefferson Mistele & Smith 

Juneau * Dodge Eugene A. Clifford 

Kaukauna Outagamie Refer to Appleton 

Kenosha * Kenosha Albert £. Buckmaster 

Kewaunee * Kewaunee O. H. Bruemmer 

Kilboum Columbia W. S. Stroud 

La Crosse* La Crosse James Thompson 

Ladysmith * Rusk McGill & Williams 

La Farge Vernon A. F. Drew 

Lake Geneva Walworth Franklin J. Tyrrell 

Lake Mills Jefferson N. H. Falk 

Lancaster* Grant Meyer & Burgess 

Laona Forest Refer to Wabeno 

Lodi Columbia Andrews & Palmer 

Madison* Dane 

Charles G. Riley 

First National Bank Building 

Maiden Rock Pierce Walter C. Owen 

Manitowoc * Manitowoc Hougen & Brady 

Marinette * Marinette 

Eastman, Goldman & Fairchild 

Markesan Green Lake George E. Dickinson 

Marshfield Wood Refer to Grand Rapids 

Mauston * Juneau Veeder & Veeder 

May ville Dodge Husting & Brother 

Medford * Taylor E. H. Schweppe 

Mellen Ashland D. E. Bowe 

Menasha. . ^ > Winnebago Max M. Schoetz 


Menomonie Dunn J* R- Mathews 

Menomonie Falls. . .Waukesha Refer to Milwaukee 

Merrill * Lincoln. . Curtis, Van Doren & Curtis 

Milwaukee * Milwaukee 

Kronshage, Hannan & McMillan 

Wells Building 

Theodore Kronshage, Jr. 
Timothy J. Hannan 
John W. McMillan 

John J. Devos 

Mineral Point Iowa C. Spensley 

Mondovi Buffalo C. W. Oilman 

Monroe* Green John D. Dunwiddie 

Montello * Marquette D. W. McNamara 

Monticello Green W. A. Loveland 

Mount Horeb Dane O. A. Stolen 

Necedah Juneau C. E. Babcock 

Neenah Winnebago Refer to Oshkosh 

Neillsville * Clark Spencer M. Marsh 

Nekoosa Wood Refer to Grand Rapids 

New Lisbon Juneau Hughes & Hughes 

New London Waupaca . G. H. Putnam 

New Richmond St. Croix Smith & Oakes 

Oconomowoc Waukesha , J. A. Kelly 

Oconto * Oconto A. V. Classon 

Omro Winnebago Wilbur E. Hurlbut 

Oregon Dane Norris Getts 

Osceola Polk Carl M. Lynn 

Oshkosh * Winnebago 

BoucK & Hilton 

New German American Bank Building 

George Hilton 
John F. Kluwin 
William C. Bouck 
Edward J. Dempsey 


Park Falls Price Holland & Lovett 

Phillips * Price Barry & Barry 

Pittsville Wood Refer to Grand Rapids 

Plainfield Waushara Buchanan Johnson 

Platteville Grant J. W. Murphy 

Plymouth Sheboygan Hugh J. Rooney 

Portage * Columbia H. E. Andrews 

Port Washington *. . .Ozaukee Collins & Collins 

Prairie du Chien *. . . Crawford Graves & Earll 

Prairie du Sac Sauk Refer to Baraboo 

Princeton Green Lake Philip Lehner 

Racine* Racine 


Robinson Block 

Christopher C. Gittings 
A. R. Janecky 

Reedsburg Sauk James A. Stone 

Rhinelander* Oneida H. F. Steele 

Rice Lake Barron James Robbins 

Richland Center *, . . Richland Bumham & Black 

Rio Columbia H. S. Hendrickson 

Ripon Fond du Lac Carter & Pedrick 

River Falls Pierce White & Skogmo 

St. Croix Falls Polk Refer to Osceola 

Sauk City Sauk Bentley, Kelley & Hill 

Shawano * Shawano E. V. Werner 

Sheboygan * Sheboygan Bowler & Bowler 

Sheboygan Falls Sheboygan Refer to Sheboygan 

Shell Lake* Washburn L. H. Mead 

Shullsburg Lafayette M. A. O'Brien 

Sparta * Monroe 

Masters, Graves & Masters 

Spooner Washburn Refer to Shell Lake 

Spring Green Sauk Thomas W. King 

Spring Valley Pierce Thomas M. Casey 

Stanley Chippewa Clarence B. Culbertson 


Stevens Point* Portage David I. Sicklesteel 

Stoughton Dane Henry A, Ruber 

Sturgeon Bay * Door Refer to Green Bay 

Superior* Douglas Louis Hanitch 

Theresa Dodge Refer to Mayville 

Tomah Monroe Naylor & McCaul 

Tomahawk Lincoln G. M. Sheldon 

Two Rivers Manitowoc Fred W. Dicke 

Viroqua* Vernon J. Henry Bennett 

Wabeno Forest Joseph T. Sims 

Walworth Walworth Refer to Delavan 

Washburn * Bayfield John Walsh 

Waterford Racine William Sanders 

Waterloo Jefferson Refer to Watertown 

Watertown Jefferson Skinner & Thauer 

Waukesha * Waukesha Tullar & Lockney 

Waupaca * Waupaca John C. Hart 

Waupun Fond du Lac R. D. Tillotson 

Wausau * Marathon Hurley & Jones 

Wausaukee Marinette James C. Morgan 

Wautoma * Waushara E. F. Kileen 

West Bend * Washington . . G. A. Kuechenmeister 

Weyauwega Waupaca Refer to Waupaca 

Whitehall * Trempealeau R. S. Cowie 

Whitewater Walworth J. G. Kestol 


C'Uies 6* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Basin * Bighorn Winfield S. Collins 

Bonanza Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Bryon Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Buffalo * Johnson Robert Rose 

Burlington Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Casper* Natrona W. O. Wilson 

Cheyenne * Laramie 

Lee & Stewart 
Suite 404, Citizens Bank Building 

Ray E. Lee 

Douglass Stewart, Jr. 

Cody Park William L. Simpson 

Cowley Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Douglas* Converse Harvey & Hawley 

Evanston Vinta Payson W. Spaulding 

Green River* Sweetwater W. B. Dunton 

Greybull Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Hyattville Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Kemmerer Uinta Ivan S. Jones 

Lander* Fremont Loren E. Winslow 

Laramie* Albany Gibson & Sullivan 

Lovell Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Manderson Bighorn Refer to Basin 

Meeteetse Park Refer to Cody 

Newcastle * Weston D. A. Fakler 

Powell Park Refer to Cody 

Rawlins * Carbon N. R. Greenfield 

Riverton Fremont Refer to Lander 

Rock Springs Sweetwater W. B. Dunton 

Sheridan * Sheridan James J. Rowen 

Shoshoni Fremont Refer to Lander 

Sundance* Crook E. C. Raymond 

Thermopolis Fremont C. W. Axtell 

Torrington Goshen John L. Sawyer 

Wheatland Laramie Kline & Natwick 

Worland Bighorn Refer to Basin 



Cities &* Towns Lawyers 


Ernest Lee Conant 

(AU communications should he addressed to Mr, Conant' s 
office in New York City, Mutual Life Building, 34 Nassau 



Cities &* Towns Lawyers 

Mexico City 

William Wochatz 
Apartado $157 

Monterey Lie. N. M. Berazaluce 




The Asterisks indicate the cities and towns in which court 
offices for the several districts are located 

Cities 6r* Towns Judicial Districts Lawyers 

Athabaska Landing. . Athabaska James C. Hendry 

Bassano Calgary Refer to Calgary 

Blairmore Macleod Campbell & Gillis 

Calgary * Calgary 

LouGHEED, Bennett, McLaws & Company 

Clarence Block 

Hon. James A. Lougheed, K.C. 
Richard B. Bennett, K.C. 
William H. McLaws 
John R. S. Black 
J. B. Roberts 
C. H. Lougheed 

Camrose Wetaskiwin Burgess & McKay 

Cardston Lethbridge C. E. Cameron 

Carmangay Macleod Andrew B. Hogg 

Carstairs Calgary Charles W. Moore 

Castor Wetaskiwin R. Clarke Murphy 

Claresholm Macleod H. O. Haslam 

Coronation Wetaskiwin Lloyd A. Corey 

Daysland Wetaskiwin .... Barnett & Graham 

Didsbury Calgary Henry S. Patterson 



Edmonton* Edmonton 

Short, Cross, Biggar, Sherry & Field 
Short, Woods, Biggar & Collisson 

Merchants Bank Building 

Hon. William Short, K.C. 
Hon. Charles W. Cross, K.C. 
Sydney B. Woods, K.C. 
Oliver Mowat Biggar, K.C. 
James T. J. Collisson 
John C. Sherry 
S. W. Field 

Edson Edmonton Refer to Edmonton 

Fort Saskatchewan. . Edmonton Corbett & Harper 

Frank Macleod Refer to Macleod 

Gleichen Calgary B. S. Corey 

Granum Macleod Thomas Gillespie 

Grouard Athabaska Omer St. Germain 

High River Calgary . . . Ballachey & MacKenzie 

Innisfail Wetaskiwin .... Barnett & Graham 

Lacombe Wetaskiwin 

MacDonald & McBride 

Leduc Edmonton Refer to Edmonton 

Lethbridge* Lethbridge .... Johnstone & Ritchie 

Lloydminster Edmonton H. C. Lisle 

Macleod * Macleod 

McDonald, Martin & MacKenzie 

Mannville Edmonton A. W. Ebbett 

Medicine Hat Calgary . . . Begg, McLarty & Evans 

Okotoks Calgary Refer to Calgary 

Olds Calgary Hazelton & Austin 

Pincher Creek Macleod 

Kemmis, Thomson & Jackson 

Ponoka Wetaskiwin . . . Refer to Wetaskiwin 

Red Deer Wetaskiwin Greene & Payne 

Stettler Wetaskiwin J» T. Costigan 

Strathcona Edmonton 

Rutherford, Jamieson & Grant 


Tabcr Lethbridge Prowse & Lyons 

Tofield Edmonton Edward Brice 

Vegreville Edmonton .... Frederic A. Morrison 

Vermilion Edmonton J. W. G. Morrison 

Wainwright Wetaskiwin Refer to Edmonton 

Wctaskiwin* Wetaskiwin E. D. H. Wilkins 


The Asterisks indicate the cities and towns in which court 
offices for the several districts are located 

Cities 6* Towns Judicial Districts Lawyers 

Ashcroft Cariboo James Murphy 

Chilliwack Westminster Joseph H. Bowes 

Coquitlam Westminster . . . Refer to Vancouver 

Cranbrook Kootenay 

Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet 

Fernie Kootenay .... Herchmer & Martin 

Fort George Cariboo E. J. Avison 

Grand Forks Yale Miller & Cochrane 

Greenwood Yale Isaac H. Hallett 

Kamloops* Yale F* J* Fulton, K.C. 

Kaslo Kootenay Refer to Nelson 

Kelowna Yale Refer to Penticton 

Lady smith Nanaimo Refer to Nanaimo 

Merritt Yale M. L. Grimmett 

Nanaimo * Nanaimo . . Bird, Leighton & Darling 

Nelson * Kootenay Hamilton & Wragge 

New Westminster* . .Westminster . . .McBride & Kennedy 

Penticton Yale. . . Bume, Temple & Tunbridge 

Prince Rupert Atlin Patmore & Fulton 

Quesnel * Cariboo Refer to Fort George 

Revelstoke Kootenay 

Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham 
Rossland Kootenay Eldon S. H. Winn 

Vancouver * Vancouver 

Martin, Craig, Parkes & Anderson 

44S Granville Street 

Joseph Martin, K.C. 
Charles W. Craig 
Robert B. Parkes 
William G. Anderson 

Vernon Yale Billings & Cochrane 



Victoria * Victoria 

Eberts & Taylor 
614 Belmont House 

David McEwen Eberts, K.C. 
William John Taylor, K.C. 


The Asterisks indicate the cities and towns in which court 
offices for the several districts are located 

Cities 6* Towns Judicial Districts Lawyers 

Austin Central Refer to MacGregor 

Beausejour Eastern J. D. Crawford 

Binscarth Northern William Wilson 

Birtle Northern... Lewis St. George Stubbs 

Boissevain Southern John Morrow 

Brandon* Western Adolph & Blake 

Caiberry Central .... Gregory Barrett, K. C. 

Carman Central F. J. Butcher 

Cartwright Southern John B. Laughlin 

Crystal City Southern Oliver D. Garbutt 

Dauphin Central Harvey & Bowman 

Deloraine Southern John A. Mather 

Elgin Western Refer to Boissevain 

Elkhorn Western Reginald N. Scotney 

Emerson Southern David Forrester 

Fox Warren Northern Refer to Birtle 

Gilbert Plains Central J. G. Cory 

Gladstone Central David Smith 

Glenboro Central Frank H. Mitchell 

Grand View Central Campbell & Simpson 

Hamiota* Northern F. C. Bennest 

Hartney Western Refer to Deloraine 

Holland Central... Refer to Portage la Prairie 

Killamey Southern Arthur G. Hay 

MacGregor Central J. Percival MacKinnon 

Manitou Southern Ellis & Armstrong 

Melita Western John Crerar 

Minnedosa Northern Maulson & Harrison 

Morden Southern A. W. Bowen 

Neepawa Central Fred L. Davis 

Pilot Mound Southern Richard Cole 

Portage la Prairie*. .Central 

McPherson, Williams & Ormond 


Rapid City Northern . . . .Thomas W. Neelands 

Reston Western A. K. Gates 

Rivers Northern Refer to Brandon 

Roblin Central Refer to Dauphin 

Russell Northern Henry P. Reed 

St. Boniface Eastern Refer to Winnipeg 

Selkirk * Eastern Refer to Winnipeg 

Shoal Lake Northern M. C. Markle 

Souris Western CM. Boswell 

Stonewall Eastern Refer to Winnipeg 

Swan River Central S. R. Wright 

Treherne Central Andrews & Company 

Virden Western Goulter & Chalmers 

Wawanesa Western Claude L. Atkinson 

Winnipeg * Eastern 

Hudson, Ormond & Marlatt 

Merchants Bank Building 

Albert B. Hudson 
Horace Ormond 
Egerton W. Marlatt 
Horace Victor Hudson 
Herbert Edward Swift 


Cities 67* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Andover Victoria T. J. Carter, K.C. 

Bath Carleton James R. H. Simms 

Bathurst * Gloucester James P. Byrne 

Buctouche * Kent R. A. Irving 

Campbellton Restigouche...John McAIister, K.C. 

Chatham Northumberland 

Robert Murray, K.C. 

Dalhousie * Restigouche . . . Refer to Campbellton 

Dorchester Westmorland 

Emmerson, Friel & Clark 

Edmundston* Madawaska Stevens & Lawson 

Fairville St. John Refer to St. John 

Fredericton * York Slipp & Hanson 

Gagetown * Queens Refer to Fredericton 

Grand Falls * Victoria Refer to Andover 

Hampton Kings Refer to St. John 

Moncton * Westmorland 

Robert W. Hewson, K.C. 

Newcastle* Northumberland 

Allan A. Davidson, K.C. 

Petitcodiac Westmorland J. H. Yeomans 

Port Elgin Westmorland Thomas J. Allen 

Richibucto Kent F. J. Robidoux 

St. Andrews * Charlotte..F. Howard Grimmer, K.C. 

St. John * St. John 

Barnhill, Ewing & Sanford 
Pugsley's Building 
Alexander P. Barnhill, K.C. 
William A. Ewing, K.C. 
Charles F. Sanford 

St. Stephen Charlotte . . ..George J. Clarke, K.C. 

Sackville Westmorland 

Powell, Bennett & Trites 

Shediac Westmorland W. A. Russell 

Sussex Kings Fowler & Freeze 

Woodstock* Carleton A. B. Connell, K.C. 



Cities &• Tevms Counties Lawyers 

St. John's *. St. John's Morison & Hunt 



Cities &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Amherst * Cumberland 

Rogers, Milner & Purdy 

Annapolis Royal * . . Annapolis Owen & Owen 

Antigonish * Antigonish . . . Joseph A. Wall, K.C. 

Arichat * Richmond Allan J. Cameron 

Baddeck * Victoria A. J. Macdonald 

Bear River I^igby Frank Jones 

Bridgetown* Annapolis. Refer to Annapolis Royal 

Bridgewater Lunenburg McLean & Margeson 

Digby * Digby. . . . Harry L. Dennison, K.C. 

Glace Bay Cape Bieton. Gordon S. Harrington 

Guysboro* Guysboro J* A. Fulton 

Halifax * Halifax 

Maclean, Paton, Burchell & Ralston 

Chronicle Building • 

A. K. Maclean, K.C. 
V. J. Paton, K.C. 
Charles J. Burchell, K.C. 
J. Layton Ralston 

Inverness Inverness .... Daniel McNeil, K.C. 

Kentville * Kings William P. ShalFner 

Lawrencetown Annapolis.. Refer to Annapolis Royal 

Liverpool * Queens William L. Hall 

Lunenburg* Lunenburg R. C. S. Kaulbach 

Middleton Annapolis. Refer to Annapolis Royal 

Musquodoboit Halifax Refer to Halifax 

New Glasgow Pictou . . . Macdonald & Macdonald 

New Waterford Cape Breton Refer to Sydney 

North Sydney Cape Breton Robert F. Phalen 

Oxford Cumberland Refer to Amherst 

Parrsboro Cumberland Refer to Amherst 

Pictou * Pictou John U. Ross, K.C. 

Port Hawkesbury . . . Inverness G. Ormond Forsyth 



Port Hood* Inverness... Daniel McLellan, K. C. 

Port Wade Annapolis. Refer to Annapolis Royal 

St. Peters Richmond . . . .George W. Kyte, K.C. 

Shelbume* Shelbume White & Blanchard 

Stellarton Pictou Refer to New Glasgow 

Sydney * Cape Breton Crowe & Ross 

Sydney Mines Cape Breton Refer to Sydney 

Trenton Pictou Refer to New Glasgow 

Truro * Colchester . Rufus A. Tremain, K.C. 

Westville Pictou Refer to New Glasgow 

Weymouth Digby J. A. Grierson 

Windsor* Hants W. M. Christie, K. C. 

Wolfville Kings E. Sydney Crawley 

Yarmouth* Yarmouth Lewis R. Chipman 


Cities b* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Acton Halton A. J. Mackinnon 

Alexandria Glengarry. Macdonell & Costello 

Alliston Simcoe Bell & Brown 

Almonte Lanark Harold Jamieson 

Alvinston Lambton Refer to Sarnia 

Amherstburg Essex F. A. Hough 

Ancaster Wentworth Edward Kenrick 

Arnprior Renfrew R« J- Slattere 

Athens Leeds T. R. Beanl 

Aurora York Refer to Toronto 

Aylmer Elgin Miller & Backuy 

Bancroft Hastings William Famham 

Barrie * Simcoe ... . A. E. H. Creswicke, K.C. 

Beamsville Lincoln Refer to St. Catharines 

Beaverton Ontario M. H. Roach 

Belleville * Hastings . . . .Stewart Masson, K.C. 

Berlin * Waterloo . . . Millar, Sims & Gregory 

Blenheim Kent Gosnell & Shillington 

Blind River Algoma George J. McArthur 

Bolton Peel Refer to Brampton 

Bothwell Kent W. R. Hickey, K.C. 

Bowmanville Durham D. B. Simpson, K.C. 

Bracebridge * Muskoka Dist. . . . Thomas Johnson 

Bradford Simcoe Scanlon & Scanlon 

Brampton * Peel W. H. McFadden, K.C. 

Brantford * Brant Brewster & Heyd 

Brighton Northumberland . . . George Drewry 

Brockville* Leeds Hutcheson & Driver 

Bruce Mines Algoma N. H. Peterson 

Brussels Huron W M. Sinclair 

Burks Falls Parry Sound... Refer to Bracebridge 

Burlington Halton E. H. Cleaver 

Caledonia Haldimand Lewis & Arrell 

Campbellford Northumberland G. A. Payne 

Carleton Place Lanark Patterson & Findlay 



Cayuga * Haldimand Murphy & Colter 

Chatham Kent Houston & Clark 

Chesley Bruce C. J. Mickle 

Chesterville Dundas Lawson & Cass 

^Clinton Huron Wi.Iiam Brydone 

Cobalt Temiskaming Dist . . . .George Ross 

Cobourg* Northumberland Alfred J. Armstrong 

Cochrane Temiskaming Dist. 

S. Alfred Jones, K. C. 

Colborne Northumberland 

William L. Payne, K.C. 

Coldwater Simcoe Refer to Orillia 

Collingwood Simcoe William T. Allan 

Cornwall* Stormont Robert Smith, K.C. 

Creemore Simcoe Refer to AUiston 

Dashwood Huron Refer to Exeter 

Drayton Wellington J. M. Keams 

Dresden Kent G. E. Weir 

Dundalk Grey Refer to Markdale 

Dundas Wentworth W. E. S. Knowles 

Dunnville Haldimand . . . .William D. Swayze 

Durham Grey John P. Telford 

Dutton Elgin Refer to St. Thomas 

East Toronto York Refer to Toronto 

Eganville Renfrew Walter Lawson 

Elk Lake Temiskaming Dist. . . . H. E. McKee 

Elmvale Simcoe Refer to Barrie 

Elmira Waterloo Refer to Berlin 

Elora Wellington Henry Wissler 

Emo Rainy River Dist. 

Refer to Fort Frances 

Essex Essex F. B. Geddes 

Exeter Huron .', Gladman & Stanbury 

Fenelon Falls Victoria Refer to Lindsay 

Fergus Wellington J* A. Wilson 

Flesherton Grey Refer to Markdale 

Forest Lambton William J. Porte 

Fort Erie Welland Refer to Welland 


Fort Frances. Rainy River Dist.. .Arthur D. George 

Fort William Thunder Bay Dist. . . Morris & Babe 

Gait Waterloo Dalzell & Barrie 

Gananoque Leeds W. B. Carroll, K.C. 

Georgetown Halton W. A. F. Campbell 

Glencoe Middlesex Elliott & Moss 

Goderich * Huron. . Proudfoot, Hays & Killoran 

Gore Bay * Manitoulin Dist F. E. Titus 

Gow Ganda Temiskaming Dist.... H. F. Williams 

Grand Valley DufFerin Refer to Orangeville 

Gravenhurst Muskota Refer to Bracebridge 

Grimsby Lincoln Refer to St. Catharines 

Guelph * Wellington Macdonald & Drew 

Hagersville Haldimand Samuel E. Lindsay 

Haileybury .Temiskaming Day & Gordon 

Hamilton * Wentworth . Gibson, Levy & Gibson 

Harriston Wellington James H. Shannon 

Hastings Northumberland 

Refer to Campbellford 

Havelock Peterboro Charles A. Ghent 

Hawkesbury Prescott H. W. Lawlor 

Hensall Huron Refer to Exeter 

Huntsville Muskoka D. M. Grant 

IngersoU Oxford James C. Hegler, K.C. 

Iroquois Dundas G. H. Davy 

Jarvis Haldimand Refer to Cayuga 

Jordan Lincoln Refer to St. Catharines 

Kemptville Grenville.. George H. Ferguson, K.C. 

Kenora * Kenora Dist Allan McLennan 

Kincardine Bruce P. A. Malcomson 

Kingston * Frontenac King & Smy the 

Kingsville Essex W. A. Smith 

Lakefield Peterboro O. A. Langley 

Lancaster Glengarry John S. Macdonald 

Latchford Temiskaming Refer to Cobalt 

Leamington Essex W. T. Easton 

Lindsay * Victoria Moore & Jackson 

Listowel Perth H. B. Morphy, K.C. 


Little Current Manitoulin Dist. . . . C. R. Atkinson 

London * Middlesex Meredith & Fisher 

L'Original * Prescott Edmond Proulx 

Lucan Middlesex Refer to London 

Lucknow Bruce Refer to Kincardine 

Madoc Hastings William Cross 

Maple York Refer to Toronto 

Markdale Grey Lucas, Raney & Henry 

Markham York A. F. Wilson 

Marmora Hastings J. F. Wills, K.C. 

Meaford Grey John S. Wilson 

Merrickville Grenville A. E. Baker 

Merritton Lincoln Refer to St. Catharines 

Midland Simcoe Frederick W. Grant 

Millbrook Durham A. A. Smith 

Milton * Halton J. W. Elliott, K.C. 

Mitchell Perth F. H. Thompson, K.C. 

Morrisburg* Dundas Irwin Hilliard, K.C. 

Mount Forest Wellington J. A. McMullen 

Napanee * Lennox 

Herrington, Warner & Grange 

Newcastle Durham Evan H. McLean 

New Hamburg Waterloo Refer to Stratford 

New Liskeard Temiskaming Dist.M. F. Pumaville 

New Market York Thomas J. Robertson 

Niagara Falls Welland 

Hon. Richard Harcourt, K.C. 

Niagara-on-the-Lake.Lincoln Refer to St. Catharines 

North Bay * Nipissing Dist... Gould & McDonald 

Norwich Oxford John Rowe 

Oakville Halton W. A. Chisholm 

Oil Springs Lambton Cowan & Company 

Orangeville* DufFerin C. R. McKeown, K.C. 

Orillia Simcoe F. G. Evans 

Oshawa Ontario J« F. Grierson 


Ottawa * Carleton 

Belcourt, Ritchie & Chevrier 

Castle Building 

Hon. Napoleon Antoine Belcourt, K.C. 

John Almon Ritchie 

Edgar Rodolphe Eugene Chevrier 

Owen Sound* Grey Middlebro & Spereman 

Paisley Bruce David Forrester 

Pakenham Lanark Refer to Almonte 

Palmerston Wellington William N. Munro 

Paris Brant James R. Layton 

Parkhill Middlesex A. A. McTavish 

Parry Sound * Parry Sound Dist . F. R. Powell, K.C. 

Pembroke* Renfrew White & Williams 

Penetanguishene Simcoe A. B. Thompson 

Perth* Lanark F. W. Hall 

Peterboro * Peterboro Daniel O'Connell 

Petrolea Lambton MoncriefF & Willson 

Picton * Prince Edward... Thomas Walmsley 

Porcupine Temiskaming Dist . Cook & Mitchell 

Port Arthur* Thunder Bay District 

Langworthy & McComber 

Port Colborne Welland G. S. Macdonald 

Port Dalhousie Lincoln Refer to St. Catharines 

Port Elgin Bruce William Burgess 

Port Hope Durham H. A. Ward, K.C. 

Port Perry Ontario Hubert L. Ebbels 

Port Rowan Norfolk Refer to Simcoe 

Prescott Grenville J« K. Dowsley, K.C. 

Preston Waterloo C. R. Hanning, K.C. 

Rainy River Rainy River Dist. 

Refer to Fort Frances 

Renfrew Renfrew T. W. McGarry, K.C. 

Ridgetown Kent O. K. Watson 

Rodney Elgin John D. Shaw 

St. Catharines * Lincoln 

Lancaster, Campbell & Lancaster 


St. Mary's Perth A. W. Ford 

St. Thomas * Elgin C. St. Clair Leitch 

Sarnia * Lamb ton.. Pardee, Burnham & Gurd 

Sault Ste. Marie*. . .Algoma Dist J. Ewart Irving 

Seaforth Huron J. M. Best 

Shelburne DufFerin Refer to Orangeville 

Simcoe * Norfolk Slaght, Slaght & Agar 

Smith's Falls Lanark Hall & Hunter 

Smithville Lincoln .... Refer to St. Catharines 

South Porcupine .... Temiskaming Dist . Cook & Mitchell 

Stayner Simcoe Refer to CoUingwood 

Steelton Algoma . . . Refer to Sault Ste. Marie 

Stirling Hastings G. G. Thrasher 

StoufFville York McCuUough & Button 

Stratford * Perth McPherson & Davidson 

Strathroy Middlesex Ross & Bixel 

Stratton Rainy River Dist. 

Refer to St. Frances 

Sturgeon Falls Nipissing Dist Jesse Bradford 

Sudbury Sudbury Dist. .McKessock & Miller 

Sutton York A. Crozier 

Tara Bruce C. E. Start 

Teeswater Bruce Refer to Walkerton 

Thamesville Kent John Coutts 

Thessalon Algoma Dist. . . .T. E. Williams, K.C. 

Thornbury Grey T. H. Dyre 

Thorold Welland Refer to Welland 

Tilbury Kent Refer to Chatham 

Tilsonburg Oxford John Carruthers 

Toronto * York 


2 Toronto Street 

A. C. Macdonell, K.C. 
W. J. Boland 
J. F. Boland 

Tottenham Simcoe James Eraser 

ONTi\RIO 267 

Trenton Hastings S. J. Young 

Tweed Hastings Refer to Belleville 

Uxbridge Ontario W. S. Ormiston 

Vankleek Hill Prescott Raoul Labrosse 

Walkerton * Bruce Robertson & McNabb 

Walkerville Essex J- H. Coburn 

Wallaceburg Kent J. S. Fraser, K.C. 

Warkworth Northumberland. . Refer to Colborne 

Waterloo Waterloo . . . McBride & Mackenzie 

Watford Lambton Cowan & Company 

Welland* Welland 

Hon. Richard Harcourt, K.C. 

Wellandport Lincoln Refer to St. Catharines 

West Lome Elgin Refer to St. Thomas 

Weston York Refer to Toronto 

Westport Leeds William M. Ewart 

Whitby* Ontario Arthur E. Christian 

Wiarton Bruce Refer to Owen Sound 

Williamstown Glengarry Refer to Cornwall 

Winchester Dundas George C. Hart 

Windsor Essex Kenning & Cleary 

Wingham Huron J. A. Morton 

Woodbridge York Refer to Toronto 

Woodstock* Oxford W. T. McMullen 

Wood ville Victoria Refer to Lindsay 


Ciiies &* Towns Counties Lawyers 

Alberton Prince Refer to Charlottetown 

Charlottetown Queens 

McLeod & Bentley 

Bank of Nova Scotia Chambers 

Duncan C. McLeod, K.C. 
William E. Bentley, K.C. 

Crapaud Queens .... Refer to Charlottetown 

Georgetown * Kings Refer to Charlottetown 

Malpeque Prince Refer to Summerside 

Montague Kings Refer to Charlottetown 

Mount Stewart Queens Refer to Charlottetown 

O'Leary Prince George M. Matthews 

Souris Kings Eraser & McQuaid 

Summerside * Prince McQuarrie & Arsenault 



The Asterisks indicate the cities and towns in which court 
offices for the several districts are located 

Cities & Towns Judicial Districts Lawyers 

Acton St. Hyacinthe 

Refer to St. Hyacinthe 

Amqui Rimouski Refer to Rimouski 

Arthabaska* Arthabaska . . . Perrault & Perrault 

Baie St. Paul Saguenay Emile Gagnon 

Beauharnois Beauharnbis . . . Refer to Valleyfield 

Bedford * Bedford George Capsey 

Berthierville * Joliette Victor Allard 

Black Lake Arthabaska A. H. Chabot 

Bryson Pontiac Roland Millar 

Buckingham * Ottawa Refer to Hull 

Chicoutimi* Chicoutimi . . . .Onesime Tremblay 

Coaticook* St. Francois W. L. Shurtleff, K.C. 

Cookshire * St. Francois L. E. Charbonnel 

Cowansville Bedford Refer to Sweetsburg 

Danville St. Francois Refer to Richmond 

Disraeli St. Francois 

Refer to Thetford Mines 

Drummondville * Arthabaska Napoleon Garceau 

Famham Bedford J. E. Lefebvre 

Fraserville * Kamouraska .... Potvin & Langlais 

Granby Bedford George H. Boivin 

Grand Mere Three Rivers August Desilets 

Hull* Ottawa 

Achins, Langlois & de Grandpre 

Huntingdon * Beauharnois Refer to Valleyfield 

Joliette * Joliette Renaud & Guibault 

Knowlton * Bedford J. E. Fay 

Lachute Terrebonne 

George E. Bampton, K.C. 

Lake Megantic St. Francois J. A. Gaudct 

L'Assomption * Joliette. . J. Edouard Faribault, K.C. 



Levis * Levis Refer to Quebec 

Louiseville * Three Rivers Gedeon Beland 

Magog St. Francois A. Tourigny 

Malbaie Saguenay D'Auteuil & Simard 

Maniwaki Ottawa Refer to Hull 

Marieville* St. Hyacinthe J. E. Ostiguy 

Montmagny * Montmagny Joseph A. Bender 

Montreal* Montreal 

Atwater, Duclos & Bond 

Guardian Building 

Albert William Atwater, K.C. 
Charles Albert Duclos, K.C. 
William Langley Bond, K.C. 
Edward Goff Trevor Penny 

Murray Bay Saguenay Refer to Malbaie 

Napierville Iberville Emile Merizzi 

New Carlisle Gaspe John H. Kelly, K.C. 

Nicolet Three Rivers Wilfred Camirand 

Papineauville Ottawa C. B. Major 

Perce* Gaspe A. S. Garneau, K.C. 

Plessisville Artha.baska L. J. Houde 

Quebec * Quebec 


Moraud & Savard 

8s Su Peter Street 

Lucien Moraud 
Alfred Savard 

Richmond* St. Francois.. Mackenzie & D'Artois 

Rimouski * Rimouski Fiset & Tessier 

Riviere du Loup Kamouraska . . . .Refer to Fraserville 

Roberval* Roberval Thomas Lefebvre 

Rock Island St. Francois. .Horace M. Hovey, K.C. 

St. Anne de la Perade.Three Rivers . .Refer to Three Rivers 

St. Eustache Terrebonne 

Hector Champagne, K.C. 


St. Francois du Lac* . Richelieu Refer to Sorel 

St. Gabriel de Brandon. Berthier Refer to Joliette 

St. Georges Beauce Refer to St. Joseph 

St. Hyacinthe* St. Hyacinthe . . . .Lusser & Guimont 

St. Terome Terrebonne , . . Prevost & Marchand 

St. Johns* Iberville Jacques Cartier 

St. Joseph Beauce Pacaud & Morin 

St. Marie Beauce Refer to St. Joseph 

St. Scholastique * Terrebonne ... . J. A. C. Ethier, K.C. 

Shawinigan Falls.. . .Three Rivers 

Arthur E. Paquette, K.C. 

Sherbrooke* St. Francois 

Lawrence, Morris & Mclver 

Sorel* Richelieu Lanctot & Magnan 

Stanstead* St. Francois M. F. Hackett, K.C. 

Sweetsburg Bedford W. H. Lynch 

Thetford Mines Arthabaska Samuel Deschamps 

Three Rivers* Three Rivers 

Bureau, Bigu6 & Lajoie 

Valleyfield * Beauharnois Numa E. Brossoit 

Victoriaville Arthabaska Wilfred Laliberte 

Waterloo * Bedford . . . Charles A. Nutting, K.C . 


The Asterisks indicate the cities and towns in which court 
offices for the several districts are located 

Cities &* Towns Judicial Districts Lawyers 

Alameda Cannington Refer to Oxbow 

Areola Cannington A. E. Vrooman 

Balcarres Melville Fergus Imlach 

Balgonie Regina Refer to Regina 

Battleford * Battleford William Laurie 

Biggar Saskatoon W. E. Thorneloe 

Bridgeford Moose Jaw .... Refer to Moose Jaw 

Broadview Moosomin H. W. McDonald 

Brownlee Moose Jaw . . . Refer to Moose Jaw 

Canora Yorkton E. L. McLaren 

Carlyle Cannington W. H. Williams 

CamdufF. Estevan E. J. Campbell 

Caron Moose Jaw. Refer to Moose Jaw 

Craik Regina Watkins & Blain 

Davidson Regina A. W. Routledge 

Duck Lake Prince Albert .Refer to Prince Albert 

Dundurn Saskatoon Refer to Saskatoon 

Elbow Moose Jaw Refer to Moose Jaw 

Elfros Saskatoon David McKenzie 

Esterhazy Moosomin A. N. Grant 

Estevan Estevan N. J. Lockhart 

Eyebrow Moose Jaw . . .Refer to Moose Jaw 

Gainsborough Estevan Refer to CarndufF 

Govan Saskatoon John Hancock 

Grenfell Moosomin Woolnough Peel 

Gull Lake Swift Current . Refer to Swift Current 

Hanley Saskatoon J. O. Baldwin 

Herbert Swift Current . Refer to Swift Current 

Humboldt Saskatoon A. D. Mcintosh 

Indian Head Regina H. G. W. Wilson 

Kerrobert Saskatoon J. M. Hanbidge 

Kinistino Prince Albert Refer to Melfort 



Lang Regina Refer to Moose Jaw 

Lanigan Saskatoon 

Bence, Stevenson & McLorg 
Lashburn Battleford 

Refer to North Battleford 

Lloydminster Battleford Henry Claude Lisle 

Lumsden Regina Watkins & Blain 

McTaggert Regina Refer to Regina 

Maple Creek Swift Current Arthur Burnett 

Melfort Prince Albert F. B. Goodwillie 

Melville Melville Louis T. McKim 

Milestone Regina Refer to Regina 

Moose Jaw Moose Jaw 

Knowles, Hare & Benson 
Moosomin * Moosomin 

Wylie, Mundell & Proctor 

Morse Swift Current. Refer to Swift Current 

Mortlack Swift Current... Refer to Moose Jaw 

Nokomis Saskatoon . . . G. A. W. Braithwaite 

North Battleford . . . Battleford Alder Brehaut 

Outlook Moose Jaw , . . .H. Mortimer Nelson 

Oxbow Cannington James D. Murphy 

Pense Regina Refer to Regina 

Prince Albert Prince Albert Thomas Murray 

Radisson Battleford W. J. Gold 

Regina * Regina 

Balfour, Martin, Casey & Blair 

Darke Block 

James Balfour 
William M. Martin 
Avery Casey 
George F. Blair 
Charles W. Hoffman 
L. L. Dawson 
G. A. Colquhoun 
G. S. Kennedy 
S. F. Arthur 


Rosthern Prince Albert .Refer to Prince Albert 

Rouleau Moose Jaw Refer to Moose Jaw 

Saltcoats Yorkton Lionel R. Lordly- 
Saskatoon Saskatoon 

Maclean, Hollinrake, Moxon & Squires 

Scott Saskatoon Refer to Saskatoon 

Sintaluta Regina Refer to Wolseley 

Swift Current Swift Current Begg & Hayes 

Tugaske Moose Jaw Refer to Moose Jaw 

Tuxford Moose Jaw . . .Refer to Moose Jaw 

Wadena Saskatoon J. H. Hearn 

Watrous Saskatoon Elliott & Elliott 

Weyburn Weyburn . . . Black, Hilliar & Moon 

Wilcox Moose Jaw Refer to Rouleau 

Wilkie Saskatoon Ernest Lay cock 

Wolseley Moosomin 

Thomson, Kennedy & Hord 

Wynyard Saskatoon S. M. Creelman 

Yellow Grass Regina Refer to Regina 

Yorkton Yorkton Patrick & Doherty 


Cities 6r* Towns Lawyers 

Dawson J« P- Smith 

White Hor e W. L. Phelps 


Cities 6* Toions Counties Solicitors 


Stanton & Hudson 

io8a, Cannon Streety E. C 
Cable Address: ** Engulf Cannon, London** 
Arthur W. Stanton 
Arthur G. Hudson, LL.B. 

Aberavon Glamorganshire ...D. E. Jones & Son 

Aberdare Glamorganshire 

Thomas Phillips & Son 

Abergavenny Monmouthshire. Hodgens & CunlifFe 

Abergele Denbighshire 

Thomas Henry Morgan & Company 

Aberystwith Cardiganshire. .Joseph Da vies & Son 

Abingdon Berks Challenor & Son 

Accrington Lancashire . . .D. L. Sprake & Son 

Alfredton Derbyshire Wilson & Son 

Alnwick Northumberland 

W. T. Hindmarsh & Hardy 

Altrincham Cheshire.. Nicholls, Lindsell & Harris 

Ambleside Westmorland... George Gatey & Son 

Andover Hants Lamb & Son 

Appleby Westmorland ... .E. & E. A. Heelis 

Arundel Sussex ...Arnold, Cooper & Tompkins 

Ashbourne Derbyshire . . . Cull, Brett & Osborne 

Ashby-de-la-Zouche . Leicestershire Sherard Joyce 

Ashford Kent ...Hallett, Creery & Company 

Ashton-under-Lyne. . Lancashire Hurst & Hewitt 

Atherstone Warwickshire William Armishaw 

Axminster Devonshire Canning & Kyrke 

Aylesbury Bucks J. & T. Parrott 

Aylsham Norfolk Purdy & Holley 

Bacup Lancashire 

Whitaker, Hibbert & Evans 
Bakewell ......... Derby Goodwin & Cockerton 



Bala Merioneth . . ..John Richard Jordan 

Banbury ...Oxfordshire Pellatt & Pellatt 

Bangor Carnarvonshire 

William Thornton Jones 

Barmouth Merioneth 

William Griffith, Adams & Williams 

Barnard Castle Durham . . .Joseph Hanby Holmes 

Bamsley Yorkshire Tyas & Son 

Barnstable Devonshire Ffinch & Chanter 

Barrow-in-Furness. .Lancashire 

H. Garencieres Pearson & Son 

Barry Glamorganshire 

Frederick Propert Jones-Lloyd 

Barton-upon-Humber . Lincolnshire Brown & Hudson 

Basingstoke Hants Bayley & Jones 

Bath Somersetshire 

Adam, Thring & Sheldon 

Batley Yorkshire 

W. W. Young, Son & Ward 

Beccles Suffolk .... Frederick William Brown 

Bedford Bedfordshire . . .Mark Whyley & Son 

Beeston Nottinghamshire 

William Herbert Redgate 

Belper Derbyshire . . .E. G. & F. J. Jackson 

Berwick-upon-Tweed . Northumberland 

Edgar Watson Stiles 

Bettwsycoed Carnarvonshire.William Twigge Ellis 

Beverley Yorkshire Silvester & Son 

Bewdley Worcestershire 

Philip William Whitcombe 

Bexhill Sussex . . .Langham, Son & Douglas 

Bicester Oxfordshire 

Holiday, Linnell & Murphy 

Bideford Devonshire 

Bazeley, Barnes & Bazeleys 

Bilston Staffordshire 

Rowland, Tildesley & Harris 
Birkenhead Cheshire Solly & Marshall 



Birmingham Warwickshire 

Reynolds & James 

27, Temple Row 

Cah.e Address: ''Convey, Birmingham 

Francis Jubal Reynolds 

Frederick Charles James 

Birstall Yorkshire . . .Scatcherd & Company 

Bishop Auckland . . .Durham Trotter, Bruce & Loft 

Bishop's Stortford. . .Herts William Gee & Sons 

Bishop's Waltham.. .Hants .. ..Charles Warner & Kirby 
Blackburn Lancashire . . .Malam Brothers & Son 

Blackpool Lancashire 

Finch, Johnson & Company 

Old Bank Chambers 
Talbot Square 

John James Johnson 
William Gerard Finch 
John Richard Johnson 

Blandford Dorsetshire 

W. E. Brennand & Wilson 

Bly th Northumberland . Guthrie & Guthrie 

Bognor Sussex.. Arnold, Cooper & Tompkins 

Bolton Lancashire 


2S Wood Street 
Cable Address: " Fullagarsy Bolton, England'* 

Walter Palmer Fullagar 
Jessop Henry Fletcher Hulton 
Charles Edward Hulton 

Boston Lincolnshire Staniland & Son 

Bourne Lincolnshire 

Benjamin Smith & Company 
Bournemouth Hants Guillaume jc Sons 


Bradford Yorkshire 

Gordon, Hunter & Duncan 
J^, Piccadilly 
William Bonnalie Gordon 
Frederic Thomas Hunter 
Henry Hunter Duncan 
Stephen Jefferson Gordon 
Peter Ormerod Ashworth 

Brampton Cumberland 

Henry Studholme Cartmell 

Brecon Brecknockshire 

David Williams Evan & Molyneux Frederick Thomas 

Brentwood Essex Taylor & Smith 

Bridgend Glamorganshire .Randall & Company 

Bridgnorth Salop NichoUs & Taylor 

Bridgwater Somersetshire... James Trevor & Son 

Bridlington Yorkshire ...Moss, Lowe & Company 

Bridport Dorsetshire . . .Nantes & Maunsell 

Brigg Lincolnshire . . .George Shaw Sowter 

Brighouse Yorkshire ..Jubb, Booth & Helliwell 

Brighton Sussex 

Frrz Hugh, Woolley, Baines & Woolley 
J, Pavilion Parade 
Cable Address: ''Fitzhugh^ Brighton" 
Athelstan Arthur Baines 
Charles Webster Rede Gell- Woolley 
Francis Alfred Woolley 

Bristol Gloucestershire 

Osborne, Ward, Vassall & Company 
41 f Broad Street 
Robert Lowe Grant Vassall 
Jeremiah Osborne 
Harry G. Vassall 

Broughton-in-Furness . Lancashire . .Thomas Butler & Son 
Buckingham Bucks Heam & Heam 


Builth Brecknockshire 

Hugh Vaughan Vaughan 

Burnley Lancashire. .Creeke, Son & Parker 

Burslem Staffordshire Heaton & Son 

Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire .Henry Goodger & Son 

Bury Lancashire 

Samuel Woodcock & Sons 

Bury St. Edmunds. . Suffolk Greene & Greene 

Buxton Derbyshire Taylor & Brown 

Camborne Cornwall Alfred Walters 

Cambridge Cambridgeshire .Francis & Company 

Campden Gloucestershire 

Geoffrey & Oliver New 

Canterbury Kent 

Kingsford, Arrowsmith & Wightwick 

Cardiff Glamorganshire 

Lewis Morgan & Box 
jj, High Street 
Cable Address: " Title, Cardiff" 
Lewis Morgan 
H. T. Box 
D. E. S. Browne 

Cardigan Cardiganshire .George, Son & Davies 

Carlisle Cumberland 

Clutterbuck, Trevenen & Steele 

Bank Street 

Cable Address: '^Steele, Solicitor, Carlisle" 

Richard Irvine Steele 

Carmarthen Carmarthenshire 

Morgan GrifRths, Son & Prosser 

Carnarvon Carnarvonshire. Charles Alfred Jones 

Chapel-en-le-Frith. . . Derbyshire .... Bennett & Company 

Chard Somersetshire .... Canning & Kyrke 

Chatham Kent Percy Thomas Baker 

Chatteris Cambridgeshire . . .John Stanley Nix 


Cheadle Staffordshire Cull & Brett 

Chelmsford Essex Walter Hilliard & Ward 

Cheltenham Gloucestershire 

Rickerby & Company 

Chepstow Monmouth 

Colborne, Coulman & Lawrence 
Chesham Bucks Francis & How 

Chester Cheshire 

Sharpe & Davison 

J2, Ahhey Square 

Cable Address: *^ Magistrates y Chester** 

George Davison 

Sydney George Sharpe 

Chesterfield Derbyshire. William & Alfred Glossop 

Chichester Sussex . . Arnold, Cooper & Tompkins 

Chippenham Wiltshire . . .Keary, Stokes & White 

Chipping Norton.. . .Oxfordshire. .Thomas & A. E. Mace 

Chorley Lancashire ..Thomas Halliwell Kevill 

Cirencester Gloucestershire . .Sewell & Rawlins 

Clacton-on-Sea Essex Young & Sons 

Clitheroe Lancashire Robinson & Sons 

Coalville Leicestershire 

Granville Augustus & Ernest William Wilkins 

Cockermouth Cumberland . ..Waugh & Musgraves 

Colchester Essex Goody, Sons & Weatherall 

Coleford Gloucestershire 

George Brocklehurst Taylor 

Colne Lancashire Alfred Shaw 

Colwyn Bay Denbighshire 

Thomas Henry Morgan & Company 

Congleton Cheshire . . .Henry Edward Fumival 

Consett Durham Booth & Lazenby 

Conway Carnarvonshire 

John Williams Hughes 

Coventry Warwickshire Twist & Sons 

Cowbridge Glamorganshire 

Samuel Henry Stockwood 


Cowes Isle of Wight. James Eldridge & Sons 

Crawley Sussex . . ..... Rawlison & Butler 

Crediton Devonshire Dunn & Baker 

Crewe Cheshire . . .Frederick Cooke & Son 

Crewkerne Somersetshire 

Frederick Eustace Swabey 

Cricklade Wiltshire Harry Bevir & Son 

Cromer Norfolk Frederick W. H. Keith 

Dalton-in-Furness . .Lancashire Major & Son 

Darlington Durham 

Steavenson Sons & Plant 
CabU Address: " Steavensons, Darlington " 
Francis Raymond Steavenson 
Henry Gordon Steavenson 
George Gosling Plant 

Dartmouth Devonshire 

William Stanley Richards 

Darwen Lancashire . . Hindle, Son & Cooper 

Daventry Northamptonshire . . Burton & Snell 

Deal Kent Brown & Brown 

Denton Lancashire 

Hibbert, Westbrook & Pennington 

Derby Derbyshire 

Taylor, Simpson & Mosley 

55, Su Mary's Gate 

Cable Address: " Taylor Sy Solicitor Sy Derby'' 

Godfrey Mosley 

S. Grim wood Taylor 

Dereham, East Norfolk. .Cooper, Norgate & Hood 

Devizes Wiltshire 

Wansbroughs, Robinson, Tayler & Taylor 

Devonport Devonshire .Albert Gard & Company 

Dewsbury Yorkshire Scholefield & Son 

Dolgelly Merionethshire 

William Griffith, Adams & Williams 
Doncaster Yorkshire Atkinson & Sons 


Dorchester Dorsetshire Symonds & Sons 

Dorking Surrey Hart, Scales & Hodges 

Douglas Isle of Man Ring & Moore 

Dover Kent Lewis & Pain 

Downham Market .Norfolk Seppings & Wilkin 

Driffield Yorkshire Blakeston & Brown 

Droitwich Worcestershire 

George Whitworth Hobson & Company 

Dudley Worcestershire.. Hooper & Fairbaim 

Dunstable Bedfordshire Benning & Son 

Durham Durham Booth & Lazenby 

Eastbourne Sussex .... Hillman, Burt & Warren 

East Grinstead Sussex Edward P. W. Hughes 

Eccleshall Staffordshire 

Middleton, Nor r is & Wynne 

Ely Cambridgeshire Evans & Sons 

Emsworth Hants. George H. King & Franckeiss 

Evesham Worcestershire 

Geoffrey & Oliver New 

Exeter Devonshire 

Dymond, Findeisen & Tosswill 

Exmouth Devonshire 

Sparkes, Pope & Thomas 

Fakenham Norfolk E. B. Loynes & Son 

Falmouth Cornwall Jenkins & Polglase 

Fareham Hants. George H. King & Franckeiss 

Faringdon Berks Alan George Haines 

Famham Surrey Holiest, Mason & Nash 

Faversham Kent Smith & Payn 

Felixtowe Suffolk Jennings & Thompson 

Flint Flintshire Boydell & Taylor 

Folkestone Kent George Warden Haines 

Frome Somersetshire. . . .E. G. Ames & Son 

Gainsborouqh Lincolnshire 

IvEsoN & Son 

Cable Address: "Ivesons" 

Lancelot Crooke Iveson 


GilHngham Dorsetshire Rutter & Rutter 

Glastonbury Somersetshire. . .F. &. A E. Chubb 

Gloucester Gloucestershire C. Scott & Son 

Godalming Surrey Robert Henry Mellersh 

Goole Yorkshire England & Son 

Grantham Lincolnshire 

Aubrey Henry Malim & Son 
Gravesend Kent 

Hatten, Winnett & Hatten 

Court House 
Cable Address: ^* HatteUy Gravesend** 

Charles E. Hatten 
Howard Winnett 
Geoffrey Hatten 

Grimsby Lincolnshire .... Bates & Mountain 

Guernsey Channel Islands ...Carey & Ridgway 

Guildford Surrey Potter & Crundwell 

Halifax Yorkshire ...Jubb, Booth & Helliwell 

Halstead Essex Surridge & Smith 

Hanley Staffordshire Paddock & Sons 

Harrogate Yorkshire Raworth & Company 

Hartlepool Durham R. Bell & Son 

Haslingden Lancashire 

Alexander Wright & Company 

Hastings Sussex . . . Young, Coles & Langdon 

Havant Hants Edward Roy Longcroft 

Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire 

Eaton Evans & Williams 

Hebden Bridge Yorkshire Longbotham & Sons 

Hereford Herefordshire 

Henry Child Beddoe & Son 

Hertford Hertfordshire . Herbert Spense Hawks 

Hexham Northumberland 

L. C. & H. K. Lockhart 

Hey wood Lancashire James Isherwood 

High Wycombe Bucks Reynolds & Son 

Hinckley Leicestershire ...Clay, Atkins & Cocks 


Holbeach Lincolnshire Mossop & Mossop 

Holyhead Anglesey . Moreton Prichard & Jones 

Holywell Flintshire 

Harry Alexander Cope & Company 

Honiton Devonshire Every & Phillips 

Horley Surrey Henry H. S. Ross 

Horsham Sussex Medwin & Company 

Horwich Lancashire Winders 



Jj, Westgate 
Cable Address: " Armitagesy Solicitors'* 

James Sykes 

Arthur Edward Townend HinchclifFe 

Hull Yorkshire 

RoLLiT & Company 

Bowlalley Lane 

Arthur RoUit 
Thomas F. Farrell 

Huntingdon Huntingdonshire.George Dennis Day 

Hyde Cheshire 

Thomas & Alfred Lever Brownson 

Ilford Essex Forbes & Son 

Ilfracombe Devonshire Ffinch & Chanter 

Ilkeston Derbyshire 

Francis George Robinson 

Ilkley Yorkshire Hamilton Turner 

Ipswich Suffolk ...Cobbold, Sons & Company 

Jarrow Durham 

Newlands & Newlands 

4y Grange Road West 
Cable Address: '^Newlands, Jarrow'* 

Charles William Newlands 
Robert Welch Cockburn Newlands 


Keighley Yorkshire 

Spencer, Clarkson & Company 

Kendal Westmorland Moser & Sons 

Keswick Cumberland 

Hayton, Simpson & Fisher 

Kettering Northamptonshire Lane & Son 

Kidderminster. .... .Worcestershire... Alfred S. Thursfield 

Kidsgrove Staffordshire John James Nelson 

Kingsbridge Devonshire William Da vies 

Kington Herefordshire... Douglas C. Delfosse 

Kingston-upon-Thames . Surrey 

Wilkinson, Howlett & Wilkinson 

Kirkby Lonsdale. . . . Westmorland Frank Pearson 

Knaresborough Yorkshire Kirby & Son 

Knighton Radnorshire ...Edmund Lamb Wallis 

Knutsford Cheshire 

Sedgley, Caldecutt & Company 

Lancaster Lancashire 


2y Castle Hill 
Cable Address: "Holden^ fFhelon, Lancaster" 

Lawrence Neville Holden 
Herbert Duckworth Wilson 

Langport Somersetshire . . . Came Hill & Wedd 

Launceston Cornwall . Cowlard, Grylls & Cowlard 

Leamington Priors. .Warwickshire Fielde & Sons 

Ledbury Herefordshire 

Frederick Russell & Company 

Leeds Yorkshire 

Booth, Wade, Farr & Lomas-Walker 
Infirmary Street 
Cable Address: '^Wafery Leeds" 
William Mercer Wade 
William E. Farr 
G. B. Lomas-Walker 


Leek Staffordshire Hacker & Allen 

Leicester Leicestershire 

Parsons & Squire 

i6f Friar Lane 
Cable Address: ^^ LeXy Leicester" 

John Parsons 
Charles Squire 

Leigh Lancashire . . Marsh, Son & Calvert 

Leighton Buzzard . . . Bedfordshire 

Pettit, Walton & Company 

Leominster Herefordshire Henry Gosling 

Lewes Sussex... Ernest W. Hobbs & Young 

Leyland Lancashire . . . Finch, Johnson & Co. 

Lichfield Staffordshire. Herbert Russell & Son 

Lincoln Lincolnshire 

Burton, Scorers & White 

Cable Address: "Burtons, Lincoln*' 

Charles Scorer 
Edward White 
Ernest Montague Burton 
Charles Reynolds Scorer 
Eric West Scorer 

Liskeard Cornwall John Allen Eliott 

Littlehampton Sussex Arthur Shelley 

Liverpool Lancashire 

Weightman, Pedder & Company 
i8, Water Street 
William Arthur Weightman 
John Pedder 

Septimus Rigby Weightman 
Wilfred Charles Cafferata 


LlandafF Glamorganshire 

William Williams & Son 

Llandilo Carmarthenshire. Thomas H. Powell 

Llandovery Carmarthenshire • . . . Rhys W. Price 

Llandudno Carnarvonshire 

Ernest Edgar Bone & Son 

Llanelly Carmarthenshire John Lewis Phillips 

Llangefni Anglesea ... William Thornton Jones 

Llangollen Denbighshire... Minshall & Company 

Llanidloes Montgomeryshire . Llewelyn Phillips 

London London 

Stanton & Hudson 

loSa^ Cannon Street^ E. C 

Cable Address: ** Engulf Cannon^ London'^ 

Arthur W. Stanton 
Arthur G. Hudson, LL.B. 

Long Sutton Lincolnshire Mossop & Mossop 

Longton Staffordshire . . . Hawley & Jackson 

Loughborough Leicestershire 

Woolley, Beardsley & Bosworth 

Louth Lincolnshire 

Wilson, Bell & Ingoldby 

Lowestoft Suffolk. . .Norton, Peskett & Norton 

Ludlow Shropshire . Anderson, Son & Tyrrell 

Luton Bedfordshire. . . Camp, Ellis & Kelly 

Lutterworth Leicestershire Pulman & Dean 

Lymington Hants Coxwell & Pope 

Lynn Norfolk Sadler & Woodwark 

Lytham Lancashire . . Joseph William Turner 

Macclesfield Cheshire Barclay & Company 

Maidenhead Berks 

Thomas William Stuchbery 
J, Park Street 
Cable Address: *^ Stuchbery y Solicitor ^ Maidenhead" 


Maidstone Kent Monckton, Son & Collis 

Maldon Essex Crick & Freeman 

Malmesbury Wiltshire 

Forrester, Moir & Company 

Malton Yorkshire Samuel Ridge 

Malvern Worcestershire 

Frederick Russell & Company 

Manchester Lancashire 

Addleshaw, Sons & Latham 
iSy Norfolk Street 
Cable Address: *' Addleshaws, Manchester" 
John William Addleshaw 
Harold Pope Addleshaw 
John W. H. Addleshaw 
Henry Edmunds Latham 

Mansfield Nottinghamshire . Robert H. Wiggins 

March Cambridgeshire Frank Wise 

Margate Kent Boys & Maughan 

Market Bosworth . . . Leicestershire 

S. H. & W. J. Pilgrim 

Market Drayton Salop Warren, Upton & Garside 

Market Weighton. . .Yorkshire . . . Henry Sydney Powell 

Marlborough Wiltshire . . . .Arthur Richard Pain 

Maryport Cumberland. Lightfoot & Lightfoot 

Melton Mowbray . . . Leicestershire 

Latham, New & Smyth 

Merthyr Tydfil Glamorganshire . Frank James & Sons 

Middlesbrough Yorkshire... John Vivian Nancarrow 

Middlewich Cheshire. John Henry Cooke & Sons 

Midhurst Sussex . . .Albery, Lucas & Beresford 

Milford Pembrokeshire. Williams & Williams 

Minehead Somersetshire... Incledon & Newbery 

Mold Flintshire Boydell & Taylor 

Monmouth Monmouthshire Vizard & Son 

Morecambe Lancashire Johnson & Tilly 

Morley Yorkshire 

E. O. Wooler, Burrows & Burton 


Morpeth Northumberland 

Cuthbert Bainbridge 

Morriston Glamorganshire.. .John E. Rowlands 

Nantwich Cheshire Speakman & Hill 

Narberth Pembrokeshire 

Morgan Griffiths, Son & Prosser 

Neath Glamorganshire 

Reginald Pendrill St. John Charles 

Nelson Lancashire Edward Horley 

Newark Nottinghamshire 

Tallents & Company 

Newbury Berks Pitman & Bazett 

Newcastle-under-Ly me. Staffordshire Joseph Griffith 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne . Northumberland 

Gibson, Pybus & Pybus 

Newmarket Suffolk Greene & Greene 

New Mills Derbyshire Johnsons 

Newport Isle of Wight Fardells 

Newport Monmouthshire 

Morgan, Francis, Stanton & Parnell 

Newport Shropshire . . . John Scott Underbill 

New Quay Cornwall Francis Carpmael 

Newton Abbot Devonshire 

Watts, Wooll combe & Watts 

Newtown Montgomeryshire 

Powell, Jarvis & Jeudwine 

Northallerton Yorkshire . . .William Charles Trevor 

Northampton Northamptonshire . . Browne & Wells 

North Shields Northumberland 

Bramwell, Bell & Clayton 

Norwich Norfolk 

Stevens, Miller & Jones 

Bank Chambers 

Cable Address: " Stevens, Solicitor y Norwich *' 

Walter George Stevens 

Louis Charles Miller 

Arthur Wansbrough Jones 


Norwood Surrey Lamb, Son & Prance 

Nottingham Nottinghamshire 

J. & A. Bright 

J, Pepper Street 

Cable Address: '^Bright, Nottingham, England" 
Sir Joseph Bright 
Horace Dickinson Bright 
Alfred Stanley Bright 

Nuneaton Warwickshire. Clay, Atkins & Cocks 

Okehampton Devonshire Dunn & Baker 

Oldbury Worcestershire Wright & Hollins 

Oldham Lancashire. ..Tweedale, Sons & Lees 

Ormskirk Lancashire 

Brighouse, Jones & Company 

Oswestry Salop C. Richards & Sons 

Otley Yorkshire Barret & Curtis 

Oxford Oxfordshire Davenport & Rose 

Paignton Devonshire Smith & Kenny 

Parkstone Dorsetshire 

Dickinson, Gwatin & Manser 

Pembroke Pembrokeshire Stokes & Stokes 

Penarth Glamorganshire .... Guy & Gribble 

Penistone Yorkshire . Dransfield & Hodgkinson 

Penrith Cumberland... . Arnison & Company 

Penzance Cornwall 

BoRLASE & Venning 

5<y, Morrah Road 

Cable Address: "Borlase, Penzance, j<?" 
Walter Henry Borlase 
Charles Edgcombe Venning 

Pershore Worcestershire 

Leofwine R. Seymour 

Peterborough Northamptonshire . Henry C. Gaches 

Petersfield Hants Hobbs & Brutton 


Plymouth Devonshire 

Bond & Pearce 

16, Princess Square 

Cable Address: '*Bond, Solicitor, Plymouth" 

John Thomas Bond 

Percy Trevarthian Pearce 

Pocklington Yorkshire Thomas Robson 

Pontefract Yorkshire 

Claude Leatham & Company 

Pontypool Monmouthshire Bowen & Son 

Pontypridd Glamorganshire 

John & Charles Rowland Morgan 

Poole Dorsetshire 

Dickinson, Gwatin & Manser 

Porth Rhondda Valley 

Wayne Morgan & Roberts 

Portmadoc Carnarvonshire 

Lloyd-George & George 

Portsmouth Hants Bramsdon & Childs 

Prestatyn Flintshire.. .Arthur Foulkes-Roberts 

Preston Lancashire... .Finch, Johnson & Co. 

Pudsey Yorkshire Beaumont & Croft 

Putney Surrey John Charles Potter 

Pwllheli Carnarvonshire 

Lloyd-George & George 

Ramsgate Kent Percy Edward Sankey 

Rawtenstall Lancashire 

Alexander Wright & Company 

Reading Berks Blandy & Chambers 

Redditch Worcestershire 

Tunbridge & Company 

Redruth Cornwall 

Jenkins, Graham & Cooke 

Reigate Surrey . . . .Morrisons & NightingaL* 

Retford East Nottinghamshire 

Bescoby & Williamson 
Rhayader Radnorshire Hugh V. Vaughan 


Rhyl Flintshire John Roberts Jones 

Richmond Surrey William F. O. Edmonds 

Richmond Yorkshire 

Wensley Barclay & Cecil Hunton 
Ripon Yorkshire. . . Edmundson & Gowland 

Rochdale Lancashire 

Jackson & Company 

Lower Gates 

Cable Address: '* Jago^ Rochdale** 
Robert Godby 
George Lissant Collins 
Alfred Hosegood 

Rochester Kent . . . Hayward, Smith & Challis 

Rochford Essex Francis Templer Fisher 

Romford Essex Walter Young 

Ross Herefordshire. .W. H. & F. S. Collins 

Rotherham Yorkshire. Parker Rhodes & Company 

Rugby Warwickshire. Frederick Fuller & Son 

Rugeley Staffordshire Landor & Orgill 

Runcorn Cheshire . . George Frederick Ashton 

Ryde Isle of Wight . Fardells 

Rye Sussex Dawes, Son & Prentice 

Saffron Walden Essex Wade & Lyall 

St. Albans Herts 

Longmoie, Sworder & Longmore 

St-Annes-on-the-Sea . Lancashire Woodcock & Sons 

St. Austell Cornwall Graham & Graham 

St. Columb Cornwall . . .Arthur Edward Murray 

St. Helen's Lancashire Brewis & Sons 

St. Ives Cornwall Edward Boase 

St. Ives Huntingdonshire. John Stanley Nix 

St. Neot's Huntingdonshire 

Wade-Gery & Brackenbury 
Salford Lancashire 

Crofton, Craven & Worthington 
Salisbury Wiltshire Hodding & Jackson 


Sandbach Cheshire. . .Alfred Edward Stringer 

Sandwich Kent. Emmerson & Company 

Scarborough Yorkshire . . .Birdsall, Cross & Black 

Seaham Harbour. . . .Durham Walter Angus Ellis 

Selby Yorkshire 

Bowlings^ Firth & Company 

Settle Yorkshire 

George Marshall Robinson 
Shaftesbury Dorsetshire. . .Henry Calcraft Wyld 

Sheffield Yorkshire 

Henry Vickers, Son & Brown 

50, Bank Street 
Cable Address: " FihraUy Sheffield'' 

Charles Edmond Vickers 

Robert Montagu Brown 

Henry Reginald Vickers 

George Alexander Irvine Huntsman 

Sherborne Dorsetshire Ffooks & Grimley 

Shipley Yorkshire 

Wright, Morgan & Company 
Shipston-on-Stour. . .Worcestershire. . .Thomas S. Barkes 

Shoreham Sussex Gates & Gates 

Shrewsbury Salop Corser & Son 

Sittingbourne Kent Harris & Harris 

Skipton Yorkshire 

George Marshall Robinson 
Sleaford Lincolnshire 

Millington, Simpsons & Giles 

Smethwick Staffordshire . Shakespeare & Vernon 

Sodbury Gloucestershire. .John W. Trentfield 

Southall Middlesex . Ruston, Clark, & Ruston 

Southampton Hants 

Moberly & Wharton 
High Street 
John Cornelius Moberly 
John H. T. Wharton 


Southend-on-Sea Essex Gregsons & Powell 

Southgate Middlesex Hugh Pettitt 

South Molton Devonshire Riccard & Son 

Southport Lancashire 

Buck, Cockshott & Cockshott 
Southsea Hants Addison & Son 

South Shields Durham 

Newlands & Newlands 

West Keppel Street 
Cable Address: '* Newlands y J arrow** 
Charles William Newlands 
Robert Welch Cockburn Newlands 

Spalding Lincolnshire Mossop & Mossop 

Spilsby Lincolnshire . . . John E. H. Sergeant 

Stafford Staffordshire Hand & Company 

Staleybridge Cheshire Robert Innes 

Stamford Lincolnshire Stapleton & Son 

Stockport Cheshire Johnsons 

Stockton-on-Tees. . Durham 

Archer, Parkin & Archer 

77, High Street 
Charles John Archer 
Agar Hooper Parkin 
Ronald Hedley Archer 

Stoke-upon-Trent . . . Staffordshire W. & H. Bishop 

Stone Staffordshire . . . Charles R. A. Birch 

Stonehouse Devonshire . Richard Robinson Rodd 

Stourbridge Worcestershire .... Charles H. Collis 

Stowmarket Suffolk Greene & Greene 

Stratford-upon-Avon.Warwickshire . . Stanley C. Warden 

l^trood Kent Richard Evans Prall 

Stroud Gloucestershire 

Winterbotham & Sons 

Sudbury Suffolk Greene & Greene 

Sunderland Durham Wright & Son 


Surbiton Surrey 

Hamlins, Grammer & Hamlin 

Sutton Surrey John Herbert Bell 

Sutton Coldfield .... Warwickshire Eddowes & Son 

Swadlincote Derbyshire Dewes & Musson 

Swanage Dorsetshire... Charles Henry Beavan 

Swansea Glamorganshire . Strick & Bellingham 

Swindon Wiltshire Alfred Ernest Withy 

Swinton Lancashire Dendy & Paterson 

Tadcaster Yorkshire Bickers & Peters 

Tamworth Warwickshire John Hunt Dewes 

Taunton Somersetshire 

Edward Theodore Alms 
/, Church Square 

Teddington Middlesex... Frederick Hugh Munby 

Teignmouth Devonshire 

Tozer & Dell 

Cable Address: ''Tozers^ Teignmouth" 
Edward John Francis Tozer 
Alfred P. Dell 

Tenby Pembrokeshire Robert Lock 

Tenterden Kent Arthur Herbert Latter 

Tewkesbury Gloucestershire... Herbert W. Brown 

Thame Oxfordshire 

Robert Samuel Wood & Company 

Thirsk Yorkshire. . . .Richardson & French 

Thombury Gloucestershire. . .Thurstons & Jolly 

Tiverton Devonshire Hole & Pugsley 

Torquay Devonshire .... Hooper & Woolen 

Totnes Devonshire . . . Windeatt & Windeatt 

Towyn Merionethshire 

Lloyd-George & George 

Tredegar Monmouthshire . . Edward H. Davies 

Tregaron Cardiganshire 

Smith, Davies & Evans 


Trowbridge Wiltshire Ernest John White 

Truro Cornwall Chilcott & Son 

Tunbridge Kent Gorham, Warner & Son 

TuNBRiDGE Wells.. Kent 

Stone, Simpson & Mason 

25, Church Road 
Cable Address: *' Stone, Solicitor y Tunbridge- fFells" 

Frank William Stone 
Alfred Thomas Simpson 
Neville Roper Stone 
Harold Percy Mason, 

Tunstall Staffordshire Llewellyn & Son 

Ulverston Lancashire Hart Jackson & Son 

Upton-upon-Severn.. Worcestershire.. Francis W. Romney 

Usk Monmouthshire Bowen & Son 

Uxbridge Middlesex Bird & Lovibond 

Ventnor Isle of Wight ..... Buckell & Drew 

Wakefield Yorkshire 

Harrison, Beaumont & Smith 
Wallingford Berks George F. Slade & Son 

Walsall Staffordshire 

Crump & Crump 

27, Leicester Street 

Eldon Annesley Crump 
Bertram Eversley Crump 

Waltham Abbey . . . .Essex Jessopp & Gough 

Walton-on-Naze .... Essex Young & Sons 

Wantage Berks Jotcham & Son 

Wareham Dorsetshire William Hatton Budge 

Warrington Lancashire 

Henry Greenall & Company 

Warwick Warwickshire 

Campbell, Brown & Ledbrook 
Watford Hertfordshire Broad & Riggall 


Wath-upon-Deame. . Yorkshire • . . Nicholson & Company 

Watton Norfolk Robinson & Sons 

Wednesbury Staffordshire. John Henry Stockdale 

Wellingborough Northamptonshire. Simpson & Mason 

Wellington Salop Lander & Son 

Wells Somerset 

Francis & Alfred Everard Chubb 

Welshpool Montgomeryshire 

Howell, Yearsley & Reed 
Wem Salop Lucas, Salt & Glover 

West Hartlepool. . Durham 

R. Bell & Son 

64f Church Street 
Cable Address: ** LeXy West Hartlepool*' 

Herbert W. Bell 

Weston-super-Mare. .Somersetshire 

J. L. Dickinson & Sons 

Weybridge Surrey Henry Spawforth Holt 

Weymouth Dorsetshire 

Andrews, Barrett & Wilkinson 

Whitby Yorkshire . . . .William Seaton Gray 

Whitchurch Shropshire Lee & Sharman 

Whitehaven Cumberland 


Union Hall 
George Lockhart McKelvie 

Widnes Lancashire 

Robert William Hughes Thomas 

Wigan Lancashire Arthur Smith 

Wigton Cumberland Rigg & Strong 

Willenhall Staffordshire 

Rowland Tildesley & Harris 

Wimbledon Surrey George Arthur Whitfield 

Wimborne Minster. .Dorsetshire Luff & Raymond 


Winchester Hants Bowker & Sons 

Windermere Westmorland .... Watson & Chorley 

Windsor Berks Ryland & Ryland 

Wirksworth Derbyshire . . Hubert A. Wheatcroft 

Wisbech Cambridgeshire . Southwell & Dennis 

Witham Essex Bawtree & Sons 

Witney Oxfordshire. .Henry Temple Ravenor 

Woking Surrey John Smyth 

Wolverhampton .... Staffordshire 

Neve, Thorney croft & Company 

Woodbridge Suffolk Francis J. W. Wood 

Woodford Essex G. & M. Goodman 

Wood Green Middlesex Debenham & Sugar 

Woodstock Oxfordshire Adolphus Ballard 

Wooler Northumberland . . James G. Stainer 

Worcester Worcestershire . Charles T. E. Clarke 

Workington Cumberland 

Paisley, Falcon, Skerry & Highet 

Worksop Nottinghamshire 

Harold Van der Gucht 

Worthing Sussex Bennett & Marsh 

Wrexham Denbighshire 

Evans, Lloyd & Evans 

Wymondham Norfolk . . Newton, Pollard & Wilson 

Yarmouth, Great. . . Norfolk Ferrier & Ferrier 

Yeovil Somersetshire 

Newman, Paynter, Gould & Newman 
York Yorkshire W. H. Cobb & Son 


Cities 6* Towns Counties Solicitors 

Dublin Dublin 

John J. McDonald 

Ii6y Grafton Street 
Cable Address: " Cicero,^ Dublin *' 

Abbeyfeale Limerick Daniel Leahy 

Abbeyleix Queen's . . . C. O'Connell FitzSimon 

Antrim Antrim Luke J. Holmes 

Ardee Louth John Quinn 

Arklow Wicklow Hamilton & Craig 

Armagh Armagh 

George Crozier 

Cable Address: ** Crozier ^ Solicitor ^ Armagh 


Athlone Westmeath... Patrick V. C. Murtagh 

Athy Kildare T. F. Monks 

Aughnacloy Tyrone Hamilton & M'Minn 

Bagnalstown Carlow Thorp & Son 

Bailieborough Cavan T. Y. Chambers 

Balbriggan Dublin . . . .William Smyth & Son 

Ballina Mayo Henry C. Bourke 

Ballinamore Leitrim William J. Devlin 

Ballinasloe Galway Hutchinson Davidson 

Ballinrobe Mayo E. P. M. OTlanagan 

Ballybay Monaghan Refer to Monaghan 

Ballycastle Antrim Refer to Ballymoney 

Ballyclare Antrim T. & D. C. Beggs 

Ballyhaunis Mayo Thomas Dillon-Leetch 

Ballymahon Longford James Garrahan 



Ballvvena Antrim 

Wilson MacKeown & Son 

Wellington Chambers 

Wilson MacKeown 
Richard Bryan MacKeown 

Ballymoney Antrim 

Greer & Hamilton 
Thomas Macgregor Greer 
James Brown Hamilton 

Ballynahinch Down Richmond A. E. Evans 

Ballyshannon Donegal Lipsett & Ramage 

Baltinglass Wicklow Harris & Greene 

Banbridge Down Andrew M'Clelland 

Bandon Cork Patrick M'Carthy 

Bantry Cork James Flynn 

Belfast Antrim 

Wellington Young & Son 

25, Chichester Street 
Cable Address: " Wellington, Belfast*' 

Wellington Young 
Ivan H. Young 

Belturbet Cavan Thomas Gilsenan 

Boyle Roscommon... Edward J. M'Morrow 

Bray Wicklow Hamilton & Craig 

Cahir Tipperary Walter Purcell 

Cahirciveen Kerry Michael J. O'Sullivan 

Carlow Carlow John J. Duggan 

Carrickfergus Antrim Robert J. Porter 

Carrickmacross — Monaghan 

Thomas J. Gowan 
Cable Address: "Gowan, Carrickmacross" 


Carrick-on-Shannon . Leitrim Michael M'Keon 

Carrick-on-Suir Tipperary James J. O'Shee 

Cashel Tipperary Richard Connolly 

Castlebar Mayo Kelly & M'Gonigal 

Castleblaney Monaghan . . . .Refer to Monaghan 

Castleisland Kerry Richard C. Meredith 

Castlepollard Westmeath Arthur G. Riggs 

Castlerea Roscommon Maurice Staunton 

Cavan Cavan Samuel Jones 

Charleville Cork James Binchy 

Clifden Galway Henry G. Connolly 

Clogher Tyrone Joseph Smith 

Clonakilty Cork 

Thomas R. Wright & Son 
Thomas W. Wright 
Charles T. Kennedy 

Clones Monaghan .... Refer to Monaghan 

Clonmel Tipperary .... Mackenzie & Skehan 

Coleraine Londonderry 

Crookshank, Leech & Davies 

Cookstown Tyrone Edward J. Malone 

Cootehill Cavan Charles E. Murphy 

Cork Cork 

J. C. & A. Blake 
27 y Marlboro^ Street 
Cable Address: '' BlakeSy Cork*' 
Alfred Blake 
Frederick L. Blake 

Crossmaglen Armagh Corr & O'Connor 

Dingle Kerry John O'Connell 

Donegal Donegal Patrick M. Gallagher 

DowNPATRicK Down 

H. Wallace & Company 

Cable Address: ** Wallace ^ Downpatrick** 
Robert H. Wallace 
George T. Harley 


Draperstown Londonderry Henry O'Neill, Jr. 

Drogheda Louth Gerrard & Company 

Dromore Down M'William & Wallace 

Dublin Dublin 

John J. McDonald 

Ii6^ Grafton Street 
Cable Address: '* Cicero, Dublin'' 

Dundalk Louth Charles MacMahon 

Dungannon Tyrone 

Longfield, Kelly & Armstrong 

Dungarvan Waterford Edward P. Williams 

Dungiven Londonderry 

Martin, King, French & Ingram 

Dunmanway Cork James H. Powell 

Edenderry King's Thomas CK. White 

Ennis Clare Lynch & Lynch 

Enniscorthy Wexford O'Flaherty & Son 

Enniskillen Fermanagh Herbert C. Gordon 

Ennistymon Qare John J. Daly 

Fermoy Cork Rice & Carroll 

Galway Galway Golding & Sheil 

Gorey Wexford Huggard & Brennan 

Kanturk Cork Edward A. Bey tagh 

Kells Meath Fottrell & Sons 

Kildare Kildare Brown & M'Cann 

Kilkenny Kilkenny James Poe & Son 

Killarney Kerry Eugene J. Downing 

Kilmallock Limerick John J. Power 

Kilrea Londonderry Robert Liddle 

Kilrush Clare Thomas Kelly 

Kingstown Dublin John Simmons 

Kinsale Cork Michael R. Hegarty 

Lame Antrim James W. M'Ninch 

Letterkenny Donegal 

Edward M'Fadden & Company 


LiMAVADY Londonderry 

Martin, King, French & Ingram 
2j, Catherine Street 

Cable Address: " Ingram, Limavady ** 
John Alexander French 
William Alexander Ingram 
John ffolliott Young 

Limerick Limerick . P. S. Connolly & Company 

Lisbum Down Hugh Mulholland 

Lismore Waterford Refer to Youghal 

Lisnaskea Fermanagh W. W. M. Knight 

Listowel Kerry M.J. Byrne 

Londonderry Londonderry 

Miller & Babington 

J5, Shipquay Street 
Cable Address: " Miller, Solicitor, Londonderry " 

Julian T. E. Miller 
Humphrey Babington 

Longford Longford G. F. Montgomery 

Loughrea Galway Charles S. Graham 

Lurgan Armagh Moore & Johnston 

Macroom Cork Charles W. Ashe 

Maghera Londonderry . . . Patrick J. Agnew 

Magherafelt Londonderry John Harbison 

Mallow Cork O'Connor & Dudley 

Manorhamilton Leitrim Patrick OTlynn 

Maryborough Queen's William Xavier White 

Middleton Cork John Maloney 

Millstreet Cork Refer to Cork 

Mitchelstown Cork William E. O'Brien 

Mohill Leitrim Joseph Delany 


Robert H. Parke 

North Road 

Cable Address: ^* Parke, Monaghan" 


MountiBellewjBridge.Galway Anthony F. J. Fallon 

Mountmellick Queen's.. Rupert J. Fetherstonhaugh 

Mountrath Queen's Daniel J. Treacy 

MuUingar Westmeath . ...William Mooney & Son 

Naas Kildare Brown & M'Cann 

Navan Meath John Clark & Company 


James O'Brien 

24y Castle Street 
Cable Address: *^ Coroner, Nena^h'* 

Newbridge Kildare Charles P. Tracy 

Newcastle West .... Limerick Robert Cussen 

New Ross Wexford Thomas A. Golfer 

Newry Down & Armagh 

Alexander Gartlan 
I2f Needham Place 

Newtownards Down 

T. C. G. Mackintosh 
High Street 

Oldcastle Meath George Baxter 

Omagh Tyrone Dickie & Carson 

Parsonstown King's Richard F. Barry 

Portadown Armagh John S. Bright 

Portarlington Queen's Richard C. E. Long 

Queenstown Cork Refer to Cork 

Ramelton Donegal John Mackey 

Raphoe Donegal David Wilson 

Rathfriland Down Fryar & M'Spadden 

Rathkeale Limerick Patrick T. Liston 

Roscommon Roscommon . . . Joseph Burke & Son 

Roscrea Tipperary W. J. Menton & Co. 

Skibbereen Cork Patrick J. Collins 

Sligo Sligo Michael Howley 

Stewartstown Tyrone John P. Harris 


Strabane Tyrone Robert Burke 

Swinford Mayo Patrick O'Connor 

Thurles Tipperary James Ryan 

Tipperary Tipperary William Frewin 

Tralee Kerry 

Thomas Huggard 
8y Denny Street 

Trim Meath Montgomery & Chay tor 

Tuam Galway Conway & Quinn 

TuUamore King's . . . Alfred & Lewis Groodbody 

Tullow Carlow Roche & Mackay 

Waterford Waterford 

Daniel Dunford & Company 

23y ffConnell Street 
Cable Address: ''Dunfordsy Solicitorsy Waterford*' 

Daniel Dunford 
Peter O'Connor 

Westport Mayo Edmond Barry 

Wexford Wexford Huggard & Brennan 

Wicklow Wicklow Hamilton & Craig 

Youghal Cork J. Hodnett & Son 


CUies 6* Towns Counties Solicitors 

Edinburgh Edinburgh 

Robert Gray 
4Sy Frederick Street 

Aberdeen Aberdeen Grigor & Young 

Aberfeldy Perth Kippen & Ritchie 

Airdrie Lanark 

Motherwell, M'Murdo & Mitchell 

Alexandria Dumbarton 

McArthur, Brown & Robertson 

Alloa Clackmannon . . . Ewing & Cuthbert 

Alyth Perth Japp & Yeaman 

Annan Dumfries . . . Scott & Cunningham 

Anstruther Fife Mackintosh & Watson 

Arbroath Forfar Dewar & Webster 

Ardrossan Ayr . . . Thomas Kirkhope & Gilmour 

Ayr Ayr 

John, W. & G. Lockhart 

Bank Chambers 

211, High Street 

Cable Address: "Lockhart, Ayr" 

John Lockhart 

William M. Lockhart 

George M. Lockhart 

Banff Banff Grigor & Young 

Bathgate Linlithgow CuUen & Wright 

Beith Ayr William Stewart 

Brechin Forfar C. & W. Anderson 

Buckie Banff 

John L. McNaughton 

4, Cluny Square 

Cable Address: ** Indemnity, Buckie" 



Castle-Douglas Kirkcudbright 

Lidderdaie & Gillespie 

Clydebank Dumbarton Refer to Glasgow 

Coatbridge Lanark 

Bishop, Milne, Boyd & Russell 

Crieff Perth Colville & Drysdale 

Cupar-Fife Fife Pagan & Osborne 

Dalkeith Edinburgh 

Thomas & John Chesser Sturrock 

Dingwall Ross Grigor & Young 

Dumbarton Dumbarton 

M* Arthur, Brown & Robertson 

Dumfries Dumfries 

Stark, Thomson & Fergusson 

ySy Buccieuch Street 

William J. Stark 
David Fergusson 

Dunbar Haddington 

Ferme, Ferme & Williamson 

Dundee Forfar 

James Thomson 

J, West Bell Street 
Cable Address: " Thomson^ Solicitor, Dundee'^ 

Dunfermline Fife 

W. & W. G. D. Simpson 

24, New Row 

William G. D. Simpson 

Dunoon Argyll Stewart & Bennett 

Duns Berwick . . . Alexander N. M'Dougal 

Edinburgh Edinburgh 

Robert Gray 
4S9 Frederick Street 


Elgin Elgin 

Grigor & Young 
W. C. Young 
Donald Mustard 
Robert Young 

Elie Fife Alexander J. Raebum 

Falkirk Stirling Russel & Aitken 

Forfar Forfar . . . MacHardy & Alexander 

Forres Elgin Grigor & Young 

Fort William Inverness . . . Macniven & Macnlven 

Fraserburgh Aberdeen Grigor & Young 

Galashiels Selkirk Cramond & Thomson 

Glasgow Lanark 

Robert Walker & Orr 

iS4t West George Street 

John Neil Orr 
James K. Walker 

Greenock Renfrew W. W. & J. M'CIurc 

Haddington Haddington 

Ferme, Ferme & Williamson 

Hamilton Lanark 

Hay, Cassels & Frame 

Cable Address: *'Hay, Hamilton" 

John Cassels 
Arthur H. Frame 

Hawick Roxburgh . . . George & James Oliver 

Huntly Aberdeen Grigor & Young 

Invergordon Ross Grigor & Young 

Inverness Inverness Grigor & Young 

Irvine Ayrshire.. . Murray, Gillies & Wilson 

Jedburgh Roxburgh John M'Dougall 

Johnstone Renfrew James Richardson 

Kelso Roxburgh.James & David W. B. Tait 


Kilmarnock Ayr 

D. & D. Carruthers 

Market Lane 

Cable Address: "fFrity Kilmarnock" 

David Carruthers 

David Carruthers, Jr. 

Kinross Kinross ... G. & J. Bogie & Anderson 

Kirkcaldy Fife Beveridge & Aitken 

Kirkcudbright Kirkcudbright 

Howman & Williamson 

Kirkwall. . , Orkney... Thomas P. & John L. Low 

Kirriemuir Forfar William Ogilvy 

Lanark Lanark Davidson & Shirley 

Lerwick Shetland Isles 


Cable Address: *' Stevwrighty Lerwick'* 
J. C. Grierson 

Linlithgow Linlithgow Glen & Henderson 

Lockerbie Dumfries 


Royal Bank Buildings 
James R. Byers 
David Cormack 

Macduff Banff Grigor & Young 

Melrose Roxburgh Curie & Erskine 

Montrose Forfar Myers & Wills 

Motherwell Lanark 

Burns & Roger 

iS, Clyde Street 
Cable Address: '* Burns, MotherwelV* 
James Burns 
Thomas Roger 
James Rattray Bums 


Nairn Nairn Grigor & Young 

Newton-Stewart. . . .Wigtown . . .Alexander S. Morton 

Oban Argyll Hosack & Sutherland 

Paisley Renfrew Wright & Crawford 

Partick Lanark 

Archibald Hamilton & Ballantine 
Peebles Peebles J. & W. Buchan 

Perth Perth 

Macnab & Gordon 

11^ High Street 

Duncan Macnab 
Charles Henry Gordon 

Peterhead Aberdeen Grigor & Young 

Pitlochry Perth Charles Henry Gordon 

PoUokshaws Renfrew Prentice & Frew 

Port Glasgow Renfrew Lade & Hood 

Renfrew Renfrew John Adam & Sons 

Rothesay Bute Macbeth & Maclagan 

St. Andrews Fife Thomson & Cantley 

St. Monance Fife Mackintosh & Watson 

Selkirk Selkirk Lang & Steedman 

Stirling Stirling Morrison & Taylor 

Stonehaven Kincardine .... Kinnear & Falconer 

Stornoway Ross 

John Norrie Anderson 
Cable Address: "Jnderson^ Stornoway'* 

Stranraer Wigtown . . . Andrew Fleming Smith 

Tain Ross Grigor & Young 

Thurso Caithness Brims & Mackay 

West Kilbride Ayr George M'Nec 

Wick Caithness Grigor & Young 

Wigtown Wigtown John Black 

Wishaw Lanark 

William B. Thomson & McLean 

Note : The lawyers named on this and the follow- 
ing pages are representative members of the bar in 
their several cities and countries^ engaged in Inter- 
nationaly General^ Company ^ Real Estate^ Patent^ 
Trade-mark and Copyright Practice. In the sea- 
board towns y the Counsel whose names are presented 
are experienced in Admiralty Practicey and those 
named in the mining countries y inMining Practice, 




Arthur Sansome Preston 
J7, Rue Nehi Daniel 
Avocat a la Cour (TJppeL Cable Address: '* Preston, 
Alexandria " 


George Spencer Harris Gottlieb 

Avocat a la Cour d^Appel, Legal Adviser to American 
Consulate-General, Cable Address: ** Gottlieb, Cairo 


Gold Coast Colony 

Accra (Eastern Province) 

Charles James Bannerman 

Westgate Chambers, St, Edmund's, Jamestown 

Cable Address: " Westgate, Accra" 

Cape Coast (Central Province) 

Gabriel Hugh Savage 
Belvedere House 



Seccondee (Western Province) 

Giles Hunt & Company 
Frederick Giles Hunt 
John Dewar McKay 
Guy Thomhill Kingsford 

Southern Nigeria 

Lagos (Western Province) 

Sir William Nevill M. Geary 

Sierra Leone 

J. FowELL Boston 
Oxford Street 


Kampala Burn & Company 

JiNjA Refer to Kampala 

Zanzibar {East Africa) 
Zanzibar Mead & Wiggins 




Cape Colony 
Cape Town 

Syfret, Godlonton & Low 
28y Shortmarket Street 
Arthur George Syfret 
D'Urban Godlonton 
William Henry Low 

General, International^ Patent Practice, etc. Solicitors 
of the Supreme^ Court, Notaries Public and Convey^ 
ancers. Parliamentary Agents, etc. Cable Address: 

East London 

Drake, Flemmer & Orsmond 

Cambridge Street 
Cable Address: *^ Drake, East London 
Marius Toger Flemmer 
Everet George Orsmond 


Denoon Duncan & Brown 
Cable Address: ^^ Schedule, Kimberley 
James Denoon Duncan 
Euston Bridgman Brown 

King William's Town 

C. R. Atherstone 
Cable Address: ^* Atherstone, King William's Town 

Port Elizabeth Dyason, Hazell & Wilson 


Thomas H. Broke nsha 

Victoria Street 

Cable Address: '* Brokensha, Dundee" 







Shepstone & Wylie 

557, Smith Street 
Cable Address: ** Shepstone, Durban 

James Scott Wylie 

Harold Graham Mackeurtan 


R. F. MoRcoM & Company 
Richard Francis Morcom, K.C. 
Horace Beauchamp Morcom 

Orange Free State 

Bloemfontein Fichardt & Daniels 

Kroonstad Francis George Hill 


BuLAWAYO Cecil Roberts & Letts 

Gatooma Bell & Holdemess 

GwELO Max Danziger 

Hartley Refer to Gatooma 

Livingstone Refer to Bulawayo 


Honey & Blanckenberg 

Manica Roady P. 0. Box 8s 

Cable Address: " Yenoh, Salisbury " 

Codes: Bedford McNeill {igo8 Edition) 

Broomhalls Imperial Combination, A.B.C, (jth Edition) 

William Streak Honey 
William Rousseau Blanckenberg 

General Practice, Solicitors, Notaries, Conveyances, 
Patent and Trade-mark Agents 


Transvaal Province 

Germiston Purves & Hattingh 

Johannesburg Mulligan & Routledge 

Krugersdorp Refer to Johannesburg 

PoTCHEFSTROOM Vander HofF & du Toit 


LuNNON & Nixon 

Bank oj Africa Chamhers^ P, 0. Box 400 
Cable Address: " Fas *\ Code: A.B.C, (jth Edition) 

Frederic John Lunnon 
Walter H. Y. Reid 

Solicitors, Notaries and Conveyancers 
RooDEPOORT Refer to Johannesburg 



Costa Rica 
San Jose Ricardo Pacheco 

Republic of Guatemala 

Federico Saenz de Tejada 

2*. Ave. Sur jj" 
Cable Address: " Santejada** 
Practice in all branches. Patents and Trade^Marks. 
Incorporation of Foreign Companies or Firms. Cor^ 
respondence in English, French and Spanish. 

Livingston Adolfo Moreno 

Puerto Barrios Refer to Livingston 

Republic of Honduras 
Tegucigalpa Emilio Mazier 

British Honduras 

Woods, Slack & Franco 
W. J. Slack 
J. J. Franco 

General, Corporation and Patent Practice. Notaries 
Public. Practice in Supreme and All Other Courts. 
Members of English Bar. Correspondence in English, 
German, French and Spanish. Cable Addresses: " Fia 
New Orleans, Logwood, New Orleans:" "Fia Payo 
Obispo, Lawslack, Belize." London Agents: Norris, 
Aliens y Chapman 

Republic of Salvador 
San Salvador Ricardo Moreira, hijo 


Hamilton* Gray & Patton 



Argentine Republic 

Buenos Aires Armstrong & de Marval 

RosARio .... Studdert & Company 

La Paz Dr. Arturo Loaiza 


Antonio Marc6 

Calle Washington No, j 

Cable Address: " Marco " 

Code: Moreing ^ Neal 


Bahia Antonio Calmon du Pin e Almeida 

Para Demetrio Bezerra 

Pernambuco Antonio Francisco Pereira de Carvalho 

Rio de Janeiro 

EuGENio V. Catta-Prbta 

57 Rua da Quitanda 
General Practice, Correspondence in English^ French^ 
Portuguese^ etc. Legal Adviser to H. B. M's. Legation 
and Consulate General. Cable Address: "Cattapreta, 

British Guiana 

Georgetown Joseph A. Kbg 


Santugo Julio Philippi 

Valparaiso ^Luis Sinn 



Republic of Colombia 

Barranquilla Daniel Carbonnell 

Bogota Eduardo Rodriguez Pineres 

Cali Dr. M. August© Vemaza 

Cartagena Dr. Bustillos 

Manizales Dr. Juan Pinzon 

Medellin Dr. Francisco E. Tobar 

PoPAYAN Dr. Iragoni Isaacs 

San Gil Dr. Elias Jaimes 

Guayaquil Arizaga, Palacios & Astudillo 


A. RoMO Leroux 

Calle Venezuela No, 28 y 10 
Cable Address: " Lerouxy Quito " 
Codes: Libers and A,B,C, (jth Edition) 
Patenty Privileges and Concessions, Trade-mark and 
General Practice, Correspond in English and Spanish. 


Colon W. H. Carrington 

Panama Hinkley & Ganson 

Asuncion. Dr. Manuel Dominguez 

Callao Dr. R. Goyburu 


Dr. M. Nemesio Vargas 
Trujillo 314 
General Practice, Correspondence in Germany English 
French, Italian and Spanish, Cable Address: ** Far- 
tract, Lima** 


MoNTB Video 

William Wilson 

Calle Cetfito 327 

All Branches of Practice, Long Experience in Maritime 
Cases. Correspondence in All Languages, Legal Ad' 
tfiser to H. B. M*s. Legation and Consulate^General 

Caracas J. B. Bance 

CiuDAD Bolivar 

Drs. Natera & Delgado 
Dr. Luis A. Natera Ricci, LL.D. 
Dr. Antonio M. Delgado, LL.D. 

General, Corporation, Commercialy Patent and Probate 
Practice, Practice in All Courts. Correspondence in 
English, French and Spanish 

Maracaibo Jose Vicente Matos 



Colombo F. J. & G. de Saram 


Teesdale & Godfrey 

j^, Peking Road 
Cable Address: " Jeandah^ Shanghai 

John Herman Teesdale 
Edward Walter Godfrey 

Tientsin Kent & Mounsey 

Hong Kong 

George K. Hall Brutton 

York Buildingy Chafer Road 

Cable Address: " Brutton, Hongkong " 

Codes: A. B.C. (jth Edition), Ai and Western Union 
Solicitor, Proctor and Notary Public, Patent and Trade^ 
mark Agent, Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme 
Courts of China and Korea 


Little & Company 
Old Secratariat, Apollo Street 
Cable Address: ** Legal, Bombay** 
E. Ferrers Nicholson 
J. C. G. Bowen 
E. Cecil B. Acworth 
A. Kirke-Smith 

London Agents: Rawle, Johnstone ^ Company and 
Wyatt y Company 



ASIA 321 


Watkins & Company 

2 Old Post Office Street 
Cable Address: " Legist^ Calcutta 
Code: A.B.C. (jth Edition) 

W. H. Edwards 
L. M. MuUick 
N. P. Seal 
J. V. Watkins 

Solicitors, Notaries Public, Patent Agents and Privy 
Council Agents, Correspond in Englishy Germany 
French, Hindustani and Bengali* 

Madras Short, Bewes & Company 

Kobe Masujima, Fukushima & Kimura 


Masujima & Fukushima 

5, Uchisaiwaicho Itchome, Kojimachi-ku 
Cable Address: ** Patenginer, Tokio** 

Rokuichiro Masujima 
Yasusaburo Fukushima 

Solicitors and Barristers, Practice in Japanese and Fof^ 
eign Laws, Patent, Copyright and Registration Agents, 
Correspondence in English, French and Japanese, 


DE Becker, Gadsby & Nakamura 

Board of Trade Buildings, Yamashitacho 
Cable Address: "Debecker, Yokohama 

J. E. de Becker 
John Gadsby 
H. Nakamura 


322 ASIA 


{Dutch East Indies) 

Samarang. . Drs. S. J. Bergsma, J. H. van Hasselt, J. S. G. 

Scheltema & L. J. C. Kasteiyn 

Bangkok. Telllke & Gibbins 

Straits Settlements 
Penang Adams & Allan 


Drew & Napier 

lOi Collyer Quay 

Cable Address: ** Drew^ Singapore ** 
Evelyn C. Ellis 
Donald Yerbury Perkins 
Maurice John Upcott 

Solicitors^ Advocates and Notaries Public. 

Commonwealth of Australia 

New South Wales 

Albury Emerson & Tietyens 

CuLCAiRN Refer to Albury 

Germantown Refer to Albury 

Newcastle Julian Windeyer 


MiNTER, Simpson & Company 
Union Bank Chambers, Hunter Street 
Cable Address: " Sanguaccto, Sydney " 
Code: Western Union 
Alexander Robert Minter 
Edward Percy Simpson 
Alfred Woodward Nathan 
Attorneys, Solicitors, and Proctors of the Supreme Court 
of New South Wales, Notaries Public, 

Wagga Wagga Heath & Mitchelmore 


NicoL Robinson, Fox & Edwards 
272 Queen Street 
Cable Address: " Hoftaal " 
James Nicol Robinson 
Charles Bennett Fox 
Maldwyn M. Edwards 
Solicitors. London Agents: Messrs, Wigan, Champer- 
nowne ^ Prescott, Victoria Embankment, 

Cairns MacDonnell, Hannam & Hamlyn-Harris 

Chillagoe Refer to Cairns 


Born & Hayes 

DeacorCs Chambers, Nicholas Street 

Jacob Ambrose Born 

James Francis Hayes 




KiNGAROY Refer to Maryborough 

Maryborough Morton, Gordon & Morton 

Nanango Refer to Maryborough 


J. F. Fitzgerald, Walsh & McLaughlin 

SSi East Street 
Cable Address: " McLaughlin^ Solicitor 
James Francis Fitzgerald 
Johp Ambrose Walsh 
Joseph Daniel McLaughlin 
Practice in all courts. General^ Patent, Trade-mark and 
Copyright Practice, Correspond in English, French and 

Rosewood Refer to Ipswich 


Roberts, Leu & Barnett 

Denham Street 
Cable Address: " Roberts " 
Jacob Leu 
J. V. S. Barnett 
G. V. Roberts 
Solicitors and Notaries Public, London Agents: Messrs, 
Kirby Millett l^ Ayscough, 2 and j, The Sanctuary^ 
Westminster, S. W, 

South Australia 

Symon, Rounsevell & Cleland 

Gladstone Chambers, Pirie Street 
Cable Address: "Symon, Adelaide" 
Hon. Sir Josiah Henry Symon 
Horace Vernon Rounsevell 
Edward Erskine Cleland 
Charles James Ballaarat Symon 
London Agents: Bridges, Sawtell ^ Company 

Port Darwin J. J. Symes 



HoBART Butler, Mclntyre & Butler 

Launceston Law & Weston & Archer 



Alexandra Akehurst, Blackbourn & Macdonald 

Ballarat Nevett & Nevett 

Bendigo Cohen, Kirby & Woodward 


McCay & Thwaites 


Barker Street 
Cable Address: " Yacarny Castlemaine " 

James Whiteside McCay 
William Thwaites 

Correspond in English, French and German. Mr. 
Thwaites Commissioner of Supreme Court of Victoria. 

CoLAC Refer to Geelong 

Daylesford Refer to Melbourne 

Geelong Harwood & Pincott 

Hamilton Sidney L Silberberg 

Horsham J. Weldon Power 

Maldon Refer to Castlemaine 


MouLE, Hamilton & Kiddle 

S5y Market Street 
Cable Address: "Moule, Melbourne** 
Frederick Arthur Moule 
Harvie Cavendish Hamilton 
John Kiddle 
Robert Leslie White 

London Agents: Blyth, Button, Hartley i^ Blyth 

MiLDURA Percy T. Park 

Shepparton William McClure Abemethy 


Yarck Refer to Alexandra 

Yea Refer to Alexandra 

West Australia 

Albany Refer to Perth 


Keenan & Randall 

Rialto Chambers, Maritana Street 
Cable Address: " Trio, Kalgoorlie " 

Norbert Keenan, K.C. 
Eugene Thomas Randall 
Reginald Fortescue Cook 


Nicholson & Hensman 

Surry Chambers^ St, George's Terrace 
Cable Address: ''Lex, Perth'' 

John Nicholson 

Harold William Hensman 

Edinburgh Agents: Menzies, Bruce^Low i^ Thomson 

PiNGELLY Thomas Whateley Rose 

Southern Cross Refer to Perth 

York E. H. Neville 

Suva Crompton & Muspratt 

Nezv Zealand 

William Coleman 

42, Queen Street 

Cable Address: ** Coleman, Solicitor , Auckland" 

London Agents: Shaen, Roscoe, Massey ^ Company 



George Harper, Son & Pascoe 
Christchurch Chambers^ J57 Hereford Street 
George Harper 
Guy Dobree Pascoe 
Eric Tristram Harper 

John Wilkinson 
2(5, Dowling Street 
Cable Address: " Wilkinson^ Solicitor^ Dunedin " 
Barrister and Solicitor, Probate y Conveyancing and 
General Practice 

Feilding Refer to Marton 

Gisborne Elirk, Bumard & Sievwright 


Guinness & Kitchingham 
Henry William Kitchingham 
Frederick Arthur Kitchingham 
Company, Mining and Commercial Lazoy Conveyancing 
and Practice in all Courts, 

Hastings (Hawkes Bay) 

Carlile, McLean, Scannell & Wood 

Hyde Refer to Naseby 

Invercargill .Longuet & Robertson 

Leeston Refer to Christchurch 

LvrrLETON Refer to Chrictshurch 

Macraes Refer to Naseby 

Marton Fullerton-Smith, Miles & Cook 


Carlile, McLean, Scannell & Wood 
Offices at both Napier and Hastings 
Cable Addresses: " Carlistas, Napier " 

" CarlistaSy Hastings " 
Patrick Stirling McLean 
David Fidelis Scannell 
William George Wood 
Walter L. C. McLean 


Naseby J. J. Fraser 

Nelson Fell & Atkinson 

New Plymouth Govett & Quilliam 

Ophir Refer to Naseby 

Opotiki Refer to Auckland 

Patearoa Refer to Naseby 

Ranfurly Refer to Naseby 

Reefton Referto Westport 

St. Bathans Refer to Naseby 

Taihape Refer to Marton 

Te Kuiti Broadfoot & Finlay 

TiMARU Periy, Pery & Kinnemcy 


Wray & Brown 

Rtdgtoay Street 

Cecil James Wray 
Cyril Palmer Brown 

London J gents: Garrard James fcf Wolfe 


Menteath & Ward 

Ballance Street 
Cable Address: " Counsel^ Wellington " 

Andrew A. S. Menteath 
Frederick Egmont Ward 

Barristers and Solicitors. Correspond in English and 


{British New Guinea) 
Port Moresby Refer to Cairns, Queensland 



Dr. Imre de Pekar 
6y Dorottya-utcza 

Carlsbad Dr. Carl Deutsch 

Cracow (Krakau) 

Dr. Sigmund Lachs 

Grodgasscy 60 
Landes und Gerichts-AdvokaU Sworn Translator of the 
English^ French and German Languages at the Law Court. 
Corresponds in Polish^ Germany English^ French and 

Fiume Dr. Enrico Sachs 

Lemberg Dr. Edward Liiien 

Prague Dr. Ludwig Bendiener 


Dr. Walter Perlmann 

Kreuikirchgasse No. 5 
General, Corporation and Banking Practice. 

Salzburg Dr. Anton Jaeger 

Trieste Dr. Giovanni Martinolich 


Dr. J. DE Griez 

/ GiselastraseCy i 

Channel Islands 

St. Heliers G. F. Durell Le Gallais 


St. Peter's Port Carey & Ridgway 




Aarhus Jacob Brandt 


Ulf Hansen 

50, Knahfostraede 
Cable Address: ** Advocates y Copenhagen 
All Branches of General^ International^ Patent Practice^ 
etc. Admitted to all Courts of Denmark, Legal Adviser 
to H. M. British Legation, Correspondence in English^ 
French and German. 

Odense P. P. Gram 


Sam Maxwell 

5, rue Lafaurie de Monhadon 

Correspondence in English and French, Legal Adviser 
to the British and American Consulates, 

Boulogne M. A. Michaux 

Calais Auguste Petit 

Cherbourg Gustave Feron 

Dieppe M. A. Roger 

Dunkirk M. Alfred Dumont 

Havre Frank Basset 

Limoges M. Soulignac 

Lyon M. Paul Trillat 


Henri Gautier 

40y Rue Montgrand 
Cable Address: "Henri Gautier y Avocat, Marseilles" 
General, Maritime, Patent Practice, etc. Legal Adviser 
to Russian Consulate General, Correspondence in 
English, French, Italian and Spanish* 



Rene Neven 

48^ Rue Gioffredo 

MuNTON, Morris, King, Gavan Duffy & Company 

J7, Rue iAfcole 

Richard King 
George Gavan DufFy 
William Francis Morris 
H. p. Gisborne 

Rouen Paul Baudoin 


Aix-la-Chapelle Dr. August Thomas 

Baden Refer to Carlsruhe 


Dr. Paul Marcuse 

Schillstrasse iia 

Bremen Dr. T. H. Dierkes 

Carlsruhe Wilhelm Handel 

Cologne Dr. Edmund Wirtz III & Carl Custodis 

Crefeld Dr. Jur. Alfred Bruckner 

Danzig Justizrat Dr. Meyer 


Otto Hijbler & Levinus Kastner 

Waisenhausstrasse 2g 

General, International Practice, etc. Practitioners and 
Barristers in the Supreme Court of Saxony and the PrO" 
vincial and County Courts, Correspondence in Germanf 
English and French. Cable Address: " Rechtsanwalte 

DussELDORF Dr. Ferd. Presser 

Frankfort-on-the-Main Dr. H. Lion 


Freiburg Gustav Fromherz 

GiESSEN Dr. Jung 


Dr. Oswald Barber 

Kleine Rosenstrasse 3 
General^ International Practicey etc. Solicitor at the 
Amtsgerichty the Landgericht, and the Hanseatic Court of 
Appeal at Hamburg. Correspondence in Germany Eng" 
lish and French, Cable Address: ** Jacabary Hamburg " 

Hanover Justizrat Dr. Rcichert 


M. F. Baerwinkel & Fritz Hoffmann 

Burgstrasscy 3s 
Generaly Corporation, Patenty Trade-Mark and Copyright 
Practice, This firm was founded in 1832 by the late 
Oberjustizrat Fr, E, Baerwinkel, Correspondence in 
Englishy Cable Address: " Rechtsanwalty Baerwinkely 


Dr. Otto Simon 

Generaly International Practicey etc. Solicitor and Bar" 
rister. Correspondence in Englishy French and German, 

Munich Dr. Walter von Panwitz 

Nuremberg Everhard von Praun 

Pforzheim Refer to Carlsruhe 

Stettin Dr. Waldow 

Stuttgart Dr. Karl KaufFmann 

WiTTEMBURG August Bartholdi 


VTHENS E. Lycondis 

Patras Georges Canelopoulos 



Alkmaar Dr. A. M. de Lange 

Amsterdam Drs. Boerlage & Mulder 

Rotterdam J. J. Heerma Van Vos 

The Hague Dr. S. K. D. M. Van Licr 


Bologna Alberto Cugini 

Castellamare di Stasia Catello Gaeta 

Cernusco Refer to Milan 

Florence Antonio Sannini 

Genoa Enrico Bensa 

Gragnano Colucci Gaetano 

Leghorn Tommaso Chiappe-Sansoni 

Milan Dr. H. St. John-Mildmay 


Spirito Francesco 

Via Carlo Poerio 4 

Palermo Cav. Biagio di Pietra 

Rome Edgar Betts 

Torre Annunziata Federico Orsini 

Trapani Cav. Ignazio Giacalone 

Turin Badini Confalonieri 

Venice Cav. Prosper© Ascoli 


Dierirch Fritz Francois 

Luxemburg Leon Richard 

l(^ Valetta George Alfred Page 


Bergbn Kristcn & Jorgcn Fayc 


Seip, Lundh & Rygh 
Akergaden 8 

Haugesund Ole Bertelsen 

Stavanger Erling Aarstad 


Dr. Antonio Amaro Conde 
Rua Augustay ^7, j® 

Oporto Dr. Antonio Pinto de Mesquita 


Bucharest Dr. Adolf Stem & Dr. Michael Stem 

CpNSTANZA George D. Benderly 

Crajova Alexandra Giulea 

Galatz Alexandru Gussi 

{and Finland) 

Abo (Finland) Alfred Holmstrom 

Archangel G. J. Tarasoff 

Helsingfors (Finland) George Poppius 

Ekaterinoslaw Refer to Warsaw 

Kalisz Refer to Warsaw 

Kiev Refer to Warsaw 

Lodz Refer to Warsaw 




Mylnikoff P€reulok 14 
Odessa Felix Dominikovich Bogatski 

Petrograd (St. Petersburg) 

Anatoly Winterhalter 
Goncharnaia, 11 

Riga Baron Ch. Freytag von Loringhoven 

Warsaw Hieronim Heyman 


Barcelona Buenaventura Grases 

Blanes Refer to Barcelona 


Manuel Garcla Prieto 
Plaza Santo Domingo^ 5 

Malaga Dr. Enrique J. Huelin 

Seville Jose Domingo G)nradi y Pineda 


Gothenburg Otto Mannheimer 

Malmo Georg Strandberg 

Norrkoping Anders Nordstrom 

Stockholm Olof Larsson 

Sundsvall Groth & Mauritzon 


Basle Dr. Adolf Bieder 

Berne Emil Hugli 

BiEL-BiENNE W. Tenger 

Geneva E. Privat 

Interlaken Dr. Michel & Allenbach 

Lausanne Ch. Pilicier & Ed. Bourgeois 


Lucerne Dr. L. F. Meyer 

Neuchatel Francis Mauler 

St. Gall Hoffmann & Forrer 


Dr. M. Schneeli & Dr. D. Schindler 

Rdmistrasse, 2 

Cable Address: " Schneelius, Zurich '* 
Advocatur Bureau, Correspond in English, German, 
French and Italian 


The publishers of The American Law List recommend 
that subscribers send all legal business or litigation for 
the Turkish Empire to the correspondent at Constantinople, 

Adrianople C. Alexiades 

Aleppo (Syria) Toros efFendi Charadavian 

Alexandretta (Syria) Edmond efFendi Bali 

Bagdad Abdul Jabar Pasha Khayat 

Beirut (Syria) Selim & Albert Achou 


Alexander A. Mango 

Omar Abed Han, Galata 
Company, Admiralty and General Practice, Practitioner 
in British Supreme Consular Court, etc. Correspondence 
in English, French, Italian and Greek. Cable Address: 
** Legal, Constantinople.*' London Agents: Millet ^ 

Damascus (Syria) Jobran Louis 

Jaffa David Moyal 

Jerusalem Anton Thomas Gelat 

Salonica Raphael Modiano & Papageorgiou 

Sbiyrna George Boubli 

Trebizond Lazarakis Keticoglous 


Price JOS. 6d. net {postage is. 6d. extra) . 


Comprising the 

Judges and Officers of the Courts of Justice; 

Counsel, with their Circuits; 

Special Pleaders, Conveyancers, Solicitors, Proc- 
tors, Notaries, etc., in England and Wales; 

Circuits, Judges, Treasurers, Registrars and High 
Bailiff's of the County Courts; 

Metropolitan and Stipendiary Magistrates; 

Official Receivers under the Bankruptcy Act; 

Law and Public Offices; 

Commissioners to Administer Oaths, Perpetual 

Town Clerks, Qerks of the Peace, Coroners; 

Colonial and Foreign Lawyers, with their English 
Agents, etc., etc. 


Special Pleaders, Conveyancers, Solicitors , Proctors and 


%p JFreHetidt 9lttetiittrp» €•%• 

C<mtroller of stamps and Registrar of Joint-stock Companies, 

And Published by the Authority of the Commissioners of Inland 
Revenue and of the Law Society. 


Sato ptiliUjBl|fr0, VonkuUfTS, and &qtitrtfr«, 
119 and 120, Chancery Lane, London. 

Complete Catalogue of Law Works Post Free. 


Sntrex ^ntihitnsi 


Scottish Law List 


Legal Directory 

Contains Official Information regarding the Court of Session 
and the various Offices and Registers connected therewith: 
Complete Certificated Lists of Advocates, Solicitors, Commission- 
ers, Notaries Public, and Accountants in Scotland, with full 
details as to their appointments; Lists of Law Societies; detailed 
County Court and County Information and Officials; List of 
Landowners, Public Bodies, and Joint-Stock Companies with 
their Agents; of Mortgage and other Companies, Banks, &c.; of 
Law Agents in England and in the Colonies and Foreign parts, 
&c.: and other Legal information. The Insurance 2>irectory 
(Incorporated in the volume) gives detailed information with 
regard to Scottish Offices and English Offices having Scottish 

As the only Law Directory in Scotland 
recognised by the Courts, it circulates 
largely, and is in constant request in the 
Scottish Law Offices. It is therefore the 
most reliable and most direct medium for 
bringing any professional card or notice 
imder the eyes of Practitioners in Scotland. 

The Publishers wiU be glad to send particulars as 

to Fees for Insertion, etc. 

The Sixty-seventh Edition will be published in 

January, 1914. 

PRICE NINE SHILLINGS, Post Fr99 to America 


T. C. & E. C. JACK 

Grange Publishing Works. Edinburgh, Scotland 

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