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Full text of "American Library Directory 1923 A Classified List Of 9200 Libraries With Names Of Librarians"

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Bindery of St. Louis Public Library 

Bindery of Kansas City Public Library 

Bindery of Carnegie Library of Pittsburg 

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Northwestern Bindery 

Wageuvoord & Co. (2) 


Mutual Library Bindery, Inc. 


National Library Bindery Co. 


National Library Bindery Co. 

National Library Bindery Co, 

F. J. Barnard & Co. (3) 


B. J. Schaefer Co. (2) 

Bindery of New York Public Library, 

3>ess & Talan Co. 

' NEWARK, N. J. 
Wm. H. Ratiemaekers & Son Co. (2) 


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The AMERICAN LIBRARY DIRECTORY, 1923, is an effort to supply a much 
needed reference volume in the library field. Such a list was the principal feature 
of the American Library Annuals, issued in past years, the last volume in 1917- 
1918. The present list is more than double the length of that list, and endeavors 
to cover more types of libraries while omitting detailed statistics in regard to their 

The headquarters of the American Library Association placed its address 
lists unreservedly at the disposal of the editors, and equal thanks are due to its 
officials and to the several state commissions which have so cheerfully given help 
as to the entries in their respective fields. 

All lists are arranged alphabetically by state, territory or province, and, under 
these headings, alphabetically by city or town. 

The division of public libraries includes the state libraries and library com- 
missions, which are printed at the head of each state list. County libraries are 
listed under the place where centered, with cross references from niame of the 
,cqunty. In such a state as California where the county system has reached its 
highest development this plan of entry leads to the omission of the names of some 
important towns whose libraries are branches of the county system. The list 
includes all public libraries which serve a population of over 1,000 people. In 
some cases service goes beyond the town in which the library is located. The 
limitation to i,oop population is arbitrary and causes the omission of some 
progressive libraries, but some limitation was necessary. The name of each 
library is intended to be that by which it is incorporated and by which it should 
be addressed. Librarians' names are given when the information was furnished. i 
In cities of the larger size, the heads of departments are listed. 

The section of libraries of Colleges and Normal Schools includes all institu- 
tions of higher education. In some cases, libraries of this character find their 
entry under the classification of^ Special Libraries, and to this list, also, reference 
should be made. Especially this is true as to the department libraries of large 
universities which may be scattered under various roofs and even in different 

For the High School list the editors are largely indebted to the work of 
Charlotte E. Smith, librarian of the Carter Harrison High School, Chicago, who 
had recently completed a survey of this field in the interests of the National Educa- 
tion Association and the School Libraries Department of the American Library 
Association, As in the section of Public Libraries, the populations of cities and 
towns are given as an indication of the size and importance of the schools. Legis- 
lation and other cause** have brought great variations in the development of High 
School libraries in the different states. 

The Special Library in the field of business is of recent growth -and provides 
more difficulties for the editors than any of the other groups. In addition to 
using the survey made by the Special Libraries Association, under the general 
direction of Dorsey W. Hyde, Jr., the list has had the benefit of revisions in the 
large cities from iassociations of special librarians. 

The group of Miscellaneous Libraries includes largely the charitable and 
correctional institutions and other collections reported from various states which 
could not be accurately classified under the main divisions. 

It is expected that this Directory will have extensions and revisions in the 
future and other library material such as bibliographies or library work may be 
then included, as in the old Library Annuals, or made the basis of other handbooks. 




National and Regional. 



Serving over 1000 population, and including state and 
county libraries. 



And other institutions of higher education. 


Including schools of similar grade. 


Business, Law, Medicine, History, Art, Music, Newspaper 
and all collections in special fields. 


Hospitals, Prisons, Clubs, Y, M; C. A.'s, etc. 




Selected in competition and giving satisfactory service in the 
majority of the important universally, college and* public libraries in 
this country. 


All parts immediately accessible for cleaning. 
No inaccessible dust pockets. 

Compuob. stack uprights of grey iron providing greater book 
capacity per ^iven length of slack. 

"Open Car" adjustable shelves, lighter, collects less dust and more 
easily adjusted than any other* shelf. 

The use of "oversize" adjustable shelves at any desired height. 

All fixed parts -of, the construction, finished after erection "with air 
< frying enamel. 

Finished to match your particular Conditions. 

Stacks can he taken down and reused in any re-arrangement with- 
out alteration or reinforcement 

Greater adaptability to future extension hoth horizontal and 

The interlocking steel Look support, the most rigid and satisfactory 
support in use. 

We particularly recommend our "oversi/e" 1 fixed hottom shelf 
construction arranged to accommodate larger volumes and the protected 
vertical deck slit; see Figures 2 and IOf>'V>f our catalogue. 

Let us help you \vilh your stack problems. No obligation for any 
service we can render. 

Our 271 |KK*e eloi!ih>u>d catalogue contains many plans arid 
illustrations of library building anil technical articles on libniry and 
slack construction written hv lending experts. This book will be sent 
free on request to the Librarians, Arehilerts aticT Owners who have need 
for same. 


Founded 181-9 

Canadian Branch: 250 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada 



American Library Association 

President, George B. Utley, Newberry Li- 
brary, Chicago 

Secretary, Carl H. Milam, 78 E. Washing- 
ton St., Chicago 

League of Library Commissions 

President, W. R. Watson, Library Extension 
Division, University of the State of New 
York, Albany, N. Y. 

Secretary, Anna May Price, Library Exten- 
sion Division, Illinois- State Library, 
Springfield, 111. 

American Association of Law Librarians 

President, Andrew H. Mettee, Library Com- 
pany of Baltimore Bar, 329 Court House, 
Baltimore, Md. 

Secretary, Mary S. Foote, New Haven 
County Bar Library, New Haven, Conn. 

National Association of State Librarians 
President, Mrs. Jessie P. Weber, State His- 
torical Society Library, Springfield, III. 
Secretary, Herbert O. Brigham, Rhode Isl- 
and State Library, Providence, R. I. 

Special Libraries Association 
President, Rebecca B. Rankin, Municipal 

Reference Library, New York, N. Y. 
Secretary, Alfred B, Lindsay, Bureau of 

Railway Economics Library, Homer 

Building, Washington, D. C 

American Library Institute 

President, Clement Walker Andrews, John 

Crerar Library, Chicago, 111. 
Secretary, Theodore Wesley Koch, North- 
western University Library, Evanston, 111. 

Bibliographical Society of America 
President, William Warner Bishop, Uni- 
versity of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, 

Secretary, Augustus H. Shearer, Grosvcnor 
Library, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Medical Library Association 
President, Dr. C. F. Wyldc, Montreal, Can. 
Secretary, Dr. John Ruhrii'h, Baltimore, Md, 

Association of American Library Schools 

President, Ernest J. Reece, Library School 

of the N. Y. P. L., New York 
Secretary, Margaret S. Williams, New York 

State Library School, Albany, N". Y. 

Library Workers' Association 
President, Catherine Van Dyne, c/o Bam- 

berger's, Newark, N. J. 
Secretary, Marion C. Manley, c/o Public 
Library, Sioux City, Iowa 

National Education Association, Library De- 

President, Martha C. Pritchard, Teachers' 

College, Detroit, Mich. 
Secretary, Delia F, Northey, Indiana P. L. 

Commission, Indianapolis 


Alabama Library Association 

President, J. R. Rutland, Alabama Poly- 
technic Institute, Auburn 

Secretary, Mary R. Mullen, State Dept of 
Archives and History, Montgomery 

Arkansas Library Association 
President, George B. Rose, Little Rock 
Secretary, Beatrice Prall, Public Library, 
Little Rock 

California Library Association 

President, Susan T. Smith, City Library, 

Secretary, Hazel Gibson, Sacramento County 

Public Library, Sacramento 

Special Libraries Association of Southern 

President, Mrs. Vivian G. Smith, Security 
Trust and Savings Bank, Los Angeles 

Secretary, Mrs. Mary E. Irish, Barlow 
Medical Library, Los Angeles 

Colorado Library Association 
President, Lucretia Vaile, Denver Public 

Secretary, Mary Weaver, Rocky Ford 

Connecticut Library Association 

President, Arthur Adams, Trinity College, 

Secretary, Helen Scarth, Public Library, 


District of Columbia Library Association 

President, Dorsey W. Hyde, Jr., National 
Civics Bureau, Chamber of Commerce of 
the U. S., Washington, D. C 

Secretary, Mary F. Carpenter, Library, 
Dept of Agriculture, Washington 

Florida Library Association 
President, Helen Virginia Stelle, Public Li- 
brary, Tampa 

Secretary, Serena C. Bailey, Public Library, 

Georgia Library Association 

President, Miss Tommie Dora Barker, Car- 
negie Library, Atlanta 

Secretary, C. Seymour TKbmpson, Public 
Library, Savannah 

Hawaiian Library Association 

Secretary, Laura Robson 

Idaho Library Association 

President, Ruth Cowgill, Public Library, 

Secretary, Marion Orr, Public Library, 

Idaho Falls 
Illinois Library Association 

President, Ida Faye Wright, Evanston Pub- 
lic Library 

Secretary, Nellie E. Parham, Bloommgton 


Indiana Library Association 

President, Saliie C Hughes, Public Li- 
brary, Tcrre Hiautc 

Secretary, William J. Hamilton, Public 

Library, Gary 
Iowa Library Association 

President, Grace Shellenberger, Public Li- 
brary, Davenport 

Secretary, Ruth Gibbons, Public Library, 

Kansas Library Association 

President, W. H. Kerr, Kellogg Library, 
Kan. State Nor. School, Empt>ria 

Secretary, Mary E. McCoy, Public Library, 

Kentucky Library Association 

President, Mrs. A S. 'Gardner, ScotLsville 
Secretary, Mary Robert Loyd, Winchester 

Maine Library Association 

President, Raymond L. Walkley, University 
of Maine Library, Orono 

Secretary, Marion* Brainerd, State Library, 

Massachusetts Library Club 

President, Harold T. Dougherty, Public Li- 
brary, Nowton 

Secretary, Orlando C. Davis, Public -Library, 

Michigan Library Association 

President, Constance Bcmcnl, Public Li- 
brary, Port Huron 

Seere.tary, Charlotte M, Jackson, State Li- 
brary, Lansing 

Michigan Upper Peninsular Library Asso- 

President, Helen Le Fcvrc, Spies Public 
Library, Me. nominee 

Secretary, Gertrude Kelly, Public School 

Library, Hancock 

Michigan State Teachers' Association, Li- 
brary Section 

Secretary, Rdith A. King, TH#h School Li- 
brary, Jackson 

Minnesota Library Association 

President, Frank FC Walter, University of 

Minnesota, Minneapolis 
Secretary, Sophia Lammers, Public Library, 


Missouri Library Association 
President, I. R. Bundy, Missouri ll.ihrary 

Commission, Jefferson City 
Secretary, Jane Morcy, Missouri library 

Commission, Jefferson City 

Mississippi library Association 

President, Whitman Davis, Agricultural 
College T . 

Secretary, Mrs, W. F, Marshall, State Li- 
brary, Jackson 
Montana Library Association 

President, Laura ook, Public Library, 
Mil en Gty 

Secretary, Clara Main, Public Ubrary, 
Lewi si on 

Nebraska Library Association 

President, Lulu Home, Lincoln City Li- 
brary, Lincoln 

Secretary, Ethel Langdon, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University, University Place 

New Hampshire 'Library Association 

President, Willard P. Lewis, N. II. State 
College Library, Durham, N. H. 

Secretary, Winifred Tuttle, City Library 
Manchester, N. H. 

New Jersey Library Association 

President, Louise G. Hinsdale, Public Li- 
brary, East Orange 

Secretary, Lynda .Phillips, Public Library 

New Jersey School Librarians' Association 

Secretary, Mrs. Florence C. Cate, lligl 
School, Lon^ Branch 

New York Library Association 

President, Augustus 11. Shearer, Grosvenoi 
^ Library, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Secretary, Margery C. Quigley, Free Li- 
brary, Endicott, N. V. 

New York State Teachers' Association, Li 
brary Section 

President, Klla Green, Jamestown Hig 

School, Jamestown, N. Y. 
Secretary, (Irace Vi( k le, BufTnlo Nonna 

School, Buffalo, N. Y. 

North Carolina Library Association 

President, Mrs. Kthel Critlenden, \Vak< 

Secretary, Carrie L. Broughton, ^tate Lr 

brary, Raleigh 

North Dakota Library Association 

President, "Mary 1C. Downey, Slate C'apitol 

Secretary, Inga Rynnintf, Public Library 


Oklahoma Library Association 

President* J, L. Kader, University of Okla 
homa Library, Norman 

Secretary, Ruth E. Ilanmmntl, Pul>lic Li- 
brary, Muskof'ee 

Ohio Library Association 
President, Elizabeth S. Lorain 
Secretary, Lillie Wulpkotrtter, Public Li 
brary, Cincinnati 

Pacific Northwest Library Association 
President, Ethel R. Sawy*r, Pviblic I-ihrary 

Portland, Ore. 
Secretary, Ralph Mtinn, Public Library 


Pennsylvania Library Association 
President, George P. Uonehoo, State Li 

hrary,- Harrisburpf 
Secretary, Hckn G. Betterly, Wilkes-Barr 



Rhode Island Library Association 

President, George L. Hinckley, Redwood 
Library, Newport 

Secretary, Gertrude E. Robson, John Car- 
ter Brown. Library, Providence 

South Carolina Library Association 

President, R. M. Kennedy, University of 
South Carolina Library, Columbia 

Secretary, Louise McMasters, Public Li- 
brary, iTarlington 

South Dakota Library Association 
President, Ethel C. Jacobsen, Public Li- 
brary, Pierre 

Secretary, Maud Russell Carter, State Nor- 
mal School, Spearfis'h 

Tennessee Library Association 

President, Nona Grimms, Chattanooga 
Secretary, Adelaide Rowell, Chattanooga 

Texas Library Association 

President, Eilva L. Bascom, University of 
Texas Library School, Austin 

Secretary, Le Noir Dimmitt, Extension Li- 
brarian, University of Texas, Austin 

Utah Library Association 

President"; Julia Lynch, Public Library, Salt 

Lake City 
Secretary, Minnie Margetts, <L D. S. High 

School, Salt Lake City 
Vermont Library Association 
President, Elizabeth McCarthy, Springfield 
Secretary, Florence H. Moses, Bennington 

West Virginia Library Association 
President, Sally Scollay Page, Public Li- 
brary, Clarksburg 

Secretary, Bessie J. Reed, High School Li- 
brary, Fairmount 
Wisconsin Library Association 
President, Edith Van Eman, Public Li- 
brary, Oshkosh 
Secretary, Leila Janes, Public Library, Fond 

du Lac 

Wyoming Library Association 
President, Bertha K. Van Deyender, Basin 
Secretary, Agnes Wright Spring, P. O. Box 
930, Cheyenne 


British Columbia Library Association 

President, Herbert Killam, Public Library, 

Secretary, Margaret Clay, Public Library, 

Maritime Library Association 

President, Miss E. M. A. Vaughn, Public 
Library, St. John^N. B. 

Secretary, Miss M. K. Ingraham, Acadia 

University Library, Wolfville, N. S. 
Ontario Library Association 

Secretary, E. A. Hardy, 81 Collier St., To- 
ronto, Ont 

Conference of Southeastern Librarians 

Chairman, Ruth M. Barber 
Conference of State Normal School Teachers 

of Massachusetts 

Chairman, Elizabeth Hardman Furst, Libr~- 
rian, Adams (Mass.) P. L. 

Conference of College Librarians of tie 

Middle West 

President, Ada M. Nelson, Knox College, 
Galesburg, 111. 

Conference of Normal School Librarians 
Chairman, Margaret Dunbar, Library Sci- 
ence Dept., State Normal School, Kent, 0. 

Conference of University Librarians of the 
Middle West 

Secretary, Theodore W. Koch, Northwes- 
tern University Library, Evanston, 111. 

Akron (Ohio) Library Club 

President, Fannie M. Slabaugh, Akron Pub- 
lic Library 

Secretary, Hesper Buckingham, Goodyear 
Rubber Company Library 

Ann Arbor (Mich.) Library Club 
President, Vivian Baker, 643 Oakland St., 

Ann Arbor 

Secretary. Constance Winchell, 1027 Forest 
St., Ann Arbor 

Bay Path Library Club 
President, Emily Haynes, Worcester Poly- 
technic Institute, Worcester, Mass. 
Secretary, Mabel E. Knowlton, Free Pub- 
lic Library, Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Indian Orchard Library Art Club 
President, Alice G. Chandler, Lancaster, 


Secretary, Beatrice E. Kelliher, City Li- 
brary, Springfield, Mass. 

Berkshire Library Club 
President, Edith 0. Fitch, Lenox Libraly, 
Lenox, Mass. 

Cape Cod Library Club 
President, C. E. Harris, Hyannis, Mass. 
Secretary, Mrs. Maurice Crocker, Osterville, 

Chicago Library Club 

President, Mary L. Watson, Newberry Li- 
brary, Chicago 

Secretary, Margaret E. Ely, Chicago Public 

Cleveland Club of Special Librarians 
President, Alta B. Claflin, Federal Reserve 

Bank of Cleveland. 
Columbia (Mo.) Library Club 
President, Grace Barnes, University of Mis- 
souri Library 

Secretary, Inez Spicer, University of Mis- 
souri Library 



LOCAL CLUBS Continued 
Des Moines (Iowa) Library Club 

President, Lavinia Steele, Iowa State Li- 

Secretary, Miriam Smith, Iowa State Li- 

Iowa City (Iowa) Library Club 

President, Lola Shepard, State University 

Secretary, Alice Gay, State University Li- 

Missouri Valley Library Club 
President, Ward Edwards, William T <>well 

College Library, Liberty, Mo. 
Secretary, Miss Frank Dclehant, Swinney 

Branch Library, Kansas City, Mo. 

New York High School Libraiians Asso- 

Secretary, Kalherine Christopher, Julia 
kiehinan H. S., New York City 

New York Library Club 

President, Theresa H itchier, Brooklyn Pub- 
lic Library 

Secretary, Marion Schwab, Brooklyn Public 

New York Special Libraries Association 

President, Frances Cox, t Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Company Library, i Madison 
Ave,, New York 

Secretary, Margaret C, Wells, American In- 
ternational Corporation, 120 Broadway, 
New York 

Northern New York Library Club 
President, Eva G. Frederick, Carthage, 

N, Y. 
Secretary, Minnio A. Bodman, Philadelphia, 

N. Y, 

Old Colony Library Club 
President, Joshua K. Crane, Public Library, 

Ta union, Mass. 

Secretary, Helen A. Brown, Branch Library, 
Montello, Mass. 

Pasadena (Calif.) Library Club 

President, Helen 1C. Haincs, 1175 N. Mentor 
Ave., Pasadena 

Secretary, Francos L. Spining, California 
Institute of Technology Library, Pasa- 

Pennsylvania Library Club 
President, Dr. A, S. W. Roseubach, Phila- 

Secretary, Martha Lee Coplin, Free Library, i 
Philadelphia [ 

Puget Sound Library Cltib 
President, Annabel Porter, Public Library, | 

LOCAL CLITBS ^Continued 
Rochester (N. Y.) District Library Club 
President, Donald B. Gilchrist, University 

of Rochester Library 

Secretary, Fern B. Wall, Rochester Public 
Library, Exposition Park Branch 

San Antonio (Calif.) Library Club 
Secretary, Lee L. J. Sumner 

Southern Tier (N. Y.) Library Club 
President, Mrs. M. A. Summers, Moore Me- 
morial Library, Greene, N. Y. 
Secretary, Margery Quigley, Free Library, 
Endicott, N. Y. 

Southern Worcester (Mass.) Library Club 

President, Mary Murph" Millyille, Mass. 
Secretary, Rosalie E. Williams, East 
Douglas, Mass. 

Southwest (Mo.) Library Club 
President, Alice R. Gladden, Carthage, Mo. 
Secretary, Blanche Trigg, Public Library, 

Special Libraries Association of Boston 

President, Harriet E. Howe, Simmons Col- 
lege Library School, Boston, Mass. 

Secretary, Margaret Wilhiugton, Social 
Service Library, 18 Somerset St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Special Libraries Association of Rochester 

(N. Y.) 
President, Gladys E. Love, Business Branch, 

Rochester Public Library 
Secretary, Kthcl Shields, Business Library, 

Eastman Kodak Company 

Special Libraries Council of Philadelphia 
President, R. Louise Keller, Independence 
Bureau, 137 S. 5th St. 

Tv/in City Library Club 

President, ^Catherine D. Steele, University 
of Minnesota Library, Minneapolis 

Secretary, Elizabeth Robinson, Public Li- 
brary, St. Paul 

University of Illinois Library Club 
President, Amelia Kreig, mo West Spring- 
field Ave., Urhana 

Secretary, Lucilo. Warnuck, mo West Cali- 
fornia Ave., Urbana 

Wayne County Library Club 
President, Lucy L, Morgan, Public Library, 

Detroit, Mich. 
Secretary, Katharync Slencau, McGregor 

Public Library, Highland Park, Mich, 

Western Masachusetts Library Club 
President, Harold A. Wooster, Athenaeum, 


Secretary, Mcrebah Kcefe, City Library, 





Library School of the University of Cali- 
Harold L. Leupp, Dir. 

Los Angeles 

Library School of the Public Library of 

Los Angeles 
Marion Horton, Prin. 


Library School of the Public Library of 

Chades F. Woods, Dir. 



School for Business (Librarians, "Washing- 
ton School for Secretaries 
Adelaide R. Hasse, Dir. 



Carnegie Library School, Atlanta 
Tommie Dora Barter, Dir. 


Library School of the University of Illi- 
Phincas L. Windsor, Dir. 


School of Library Science of Simmons Col- 
June R, Donnelly, Dir, 


St. Louis 

St. Louis Library School of the St. Louis 

Public Library 
Arthur E. Bostwick, Dir. 
Mrs, Harriet P. Sawyer, Prin. 


New York State Library School 
James L Wyer, Dir. 
Edna M. Sanderson, Vice-Dir, 


Pratt Institute School of Library Science 
Edward F. Stevens, Dir. 
Josephine A. Rathbone, Vice-Dir. 

NEW YORK Continued 

Library School of the University of Buf- 
Dr. A. H. Shearer, Dir. 

Mary E. Downey,"Dir, 

Chautauqua Library School 
E. 7 

New York 

New York Public Library School, 476 Fifth 

Ernest J. Reece, Prin. 


Library School! of the University of Syra- 
Elisabeth G. Thome, Dir. 



Western Reserve University Library School 
Alice S. Tyler, Dir. 


Drexel Institute School of Library Science 
Anne Wallace Rowland, Dir. 


Carnegie OUiibrary School, Carnegie Insti- 
Nina C. Broherton, Principal 


Library School of tKe University of Texas 
Elva L. Bascom, Dir. 



Library School of the University of Wash- 
William E. Henry, Din 



Library School of the University of Wis- 
Mary E. Hazel-tine, Preceptor 


Riverside, Cal. 

* Riverside Library Service School 
Chas. F. Woods 

Athens, Georgia 
University of Georgia Summer Library 

Duncan Burnet 

Urbana, 111. 

* University of Illinois Summer Library 

Phiucas L. Windsor 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Indiana Library Commission Summer 

W. J- Hamilton 

Iowa City, Iowa 

Iowa University Summer School for Li- 
brary Training 
Jane K. Roberts 

Boston, Mass. 

* Simmons College of Library Science 
June K. Donnelly 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

University of Mich iff an, Summer School 

of Library Methods 
William W. Bishop 

Durham, N. H, 

New Hampshire Library Commission Sum- 
mer Library School 
Grace K, Kitigsluml 

Navesink, N. J. 
New Jersey Library Commission Summer 

Sarah R Askew 

* Sec also previous 

for regular courses. 

Albany, N. Y. 

* New York State Library School. 
Edna M. Sanderson 

New York, N. Y. 

Columbia University Library Economy 

Harriet E. iiowe 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Summer School of the University of North 

Louis R. Wilson 

State College, Pa. 

Summer School for Library Workers 
Robert P. Bliss 

Oklahoma City, Ok, 
University of Oklahoma, Summer Library 

Jesse L. Racier 

Galveston, Texas 
University of Texas, Department of Library 

Elva L. Ba scorn 

Burlington, VL 

Vermont Library Commission Summer 

Julia C. Carter 

Madison, Wis. 

* University of Wisconsin Library School 
Mary E. Hazcltine 

Montreal, Canada 
Me Gill University Summer School 
Gerhart Lomcr 

Part II 


City, Town and Township Libraries 

State and County Libraries and 

Library Commissions 


The figures signify population served by the library. 

All libraries are entered under cities and towns where located. State libraries and com- 
missions at the head of each state list. 

ALABAMA 2,348,174 
Montgomery State Capital 

Alabama State Department of Archives and 

Mrs. Marie Bankhead Owen, Director 

Alabama City 5,432 
Nicholas Memorial Library 
Frank Stewart 

Andalusia 4,023 

Library Association 

Anniston 17,734 

Anniston Public Library 
Mildred Goodrich 

Bessemer 18,674 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. W. T. Warlick 

Birmingham 1 78,806 

Birmingham Public Library 
Lloyd W. Josselyn 

Ensley Carnegie Library 

Avondale Public Library 
Mrs. J. D. Ellis 

Decatur 4,75* 
Carnegie Library 
Louise ILeadingham 

Dothan 10,034 
Dothan Public Library 
Eva Malone 

Enterprise 3,013 

Enterprise Library Association 
Sue Mizelle 

Eufatila 4,939 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. W. E. Barren 

Fairfield 4,998 

Fairfield Public Library 
Mrs. Margaret Davis 

Florence 10,5.29 
Southern Library Association 
Mrs. Garrit H. Smith 

ALABAMA Continued 

Gadsden 14,737 
Carnegie Public Library 
Lena Martin 

Geneva 1,581 
Geneva Public Library 
Mrs. W. K. Kenan 

Greensboro 1,809 
Greensboro Public Library 
Annie Locke 

Huntsville 8,018 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. J. L. Darwin 

Virginia Hall Library 
Mrs. J. L. Darwin 

Lee County. See> Opelika 

Livingston 1,050 
Livingston Public Library 

Mobile 60,777 

Mobile Association Public Library 
Leila E~. Aunspaugh 

Mobile Public Library 
Mrs. Emma L. Sinclair 

Mobile Library 
Addie C. Moses 

Montgomery 43,464 
Montgomery Library Association, Carnegie 


Laura M. Elmore 
See, first Alabama entry for State Archives 

Opelika 32,821 (County pop.) 

Lee County" Library 
Mary Yarbrough 

Selma 15,589 
Selma Public Library 
Bettie Keith 

Talladega 6,546 

Talladega Public Library 

Tuscaloosa 53,680 (County pop.) 

Tuscaloosa County Library, Court House 


ALABAMA Continued 

Tuscumbia 3,855 
Helen Keller Library 
Mrs, J. -N. Thompson 

Union Springs 4,125 
Union Springs Public Library 
Mollie Norman 

ARIZONA 334,162 

Phoenix Stale Capital 
Arizona State Library 
Con P. Cronin 

Bisbee 9,205 
Copper Queen Library 
Kate A. Goodrich 

Clifton 4,163 
Reading Room 


Douglas 9,916 

Copper (Juccn Library 
Kate Goodrich 

Flagstaff 3,186 
Flagstaff Public Library 
Mrs. A. 0. Jones 

Globe 7,044 

Old Dominion Library 
Dayton W. Eunis 

Mesa 3,036 
Mesa Public Library 

Carnegie Public Library 
Maude L Hiatt 

Prescott 5,010 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, Florence G. Emerson 

Tucson 20,293 
Carnegie Free Library 
Mrs. Mary IJrcathitt 

Little Rock State Capital 

Arkansas State Library 
J, B. Binley 

Arkansas Library Commission 
George R. Rose 

Arkadelpfcia 3,311 
Arkadclphia Public 'Library 

ARKANSAS Continued 
/ Blytheville 6-^47 

Blytheville Public Librar> 

Gamden 3,238 
Camdcn Public Library 

Corning 1,564 
Corning Public Library 
Alyrlle Moore 

DeQueen -2,517 
De-Queen Public Library 

Eldorado 3,887 

Eldorado Public Library 

Eureka Spring 2,429 
Carnegie Public Library 

V Fayetteville 5,362 

Fuydleville Public Library 
Lila G. Rollston 

"^Fort Smith 28,870 

Carnegie Free Public Library 
Ethel B. Kellar 

\ Harrison 3,477 

Harrison Public Library 

* Helena 9,112 

Helena Public Library 
Mrs. W. C Myers 

Hot Springsi 1,695 

Hot Springs Public Library 
Evelyn Lemly 

Jonesboro 9,384 

Jonesboro Public Library 


Lecsburg- Public Library 

Little Rock 65,142 

Little Rock Public Library 
Beatrice Prall 


Mona. Public Library 
Mrs. Ida H. Robins 

Mirrilton 3,010 

Pathfinder Library 
Mrs. J. I. Ellis 

Nashville Public Library 



ARKANSAS Continued 
Osceola 1,755 

Osceola Public Library 
,/ Pine Bluff 19,280 

Pine Bluff Public Library 
Mrs. C. W, Bishop 

,'.., Rogers 3,318 

Rogers Public Library 

Searcy 2,836 
Searcy Public Library 

Sulphur Springs 

Sulphur Springs Public Library 

Thornton 1,312 

Thornton Public Library 

Wilson Public Library 

Wynne 2,933 

Wynne Public Library 

CALIFORNIA 3,426,86! 

Sacramento State Capital 
California State Library 
Milton J. Ferguson 

Alameda 28,806 
Alameda Free Public Library 
Mrs, Marcella H. Krauth 

Alameda County. See Oakland 

Alhambra 9,096 
Alhambra Public Library 
Artena M. Chapin 

Alturas. 5,425 (County pop.) 

Modoc County Free Library 
14 branches 
Anna L. Williams 

Amador County. See Jackson 

Anaheim 5,526 

Anaheim Public Library 
J. Elizabeth Calnon 

Auburn 4,289 

Auburn Free Public Library 
Mrs, Madeline Krieohbaum 

Azusa 2,460 
Ajzusa Public Library 
Helena F. Curtis 

Bakersfi eld 1 8,638 
Beale Memorial Library 
Mrs, Miriam C. Post 

Bakersfield. 54,843 (County pop.) 
Kern County Free Library 
151 Branches 
Mrs. Julia G. Babcock 

Benicia 2,693 

Benicia Free Public Library 
May Houlahan 

Berkeley 56,036 
Berkeley Public Library 
Carlton B. Joeckel . 

Burlingame 4,107 
Burlingame Public Library 
Mrs. Mary T. Gervais 

Butte County. See Oroville 

Chico 9,339 
Chico Public Library 
Laura A. Sawyers 

Colusa. 9,290 (County pop.) 
Colusa County Free Library 
54 Branches 
Mrs. Dorothy C. Worden 

Contra Costa County. See Martinez 

Corning 1,449 

Corning Free Public Library 
Winona Isaac 

Coronado 3,289 
Coronado Beach Public Library 
Gabrielle Morton 

Co vina 1,999 
Covina Public Library 
Mrs. Henrietta M. Faulder 

Eagle Rock 2,256 
Eagle Rock Public Library 
Mrs, Blanche A. Gardiner 

El Centro. 43,383 (County pop.) 
Imperial County Free Library 
66 branches 
Mrs. Thomas B. Beeman 

Escondido 1,789 

Escondido Public Library 
Everett Cooper 

Eureka 12,923 
Eureka Public Library 
Mr. H. A. Kendal 


Eureka* 37,413 (County pop.) 
Huniboldt County Free Library 
150 branches 
Ida M. Reagan 

Fairfield. 40,602 (County pop.) 
Solano County Free Library 
64 branches 
Clara B. Dills 

Fort Bragg 2,616 
Fort Bragg Public Library 
Mrs. Bertie F. Wright 

Fresno. 1*8,779 (County pop.) 
Fresno County Free Library 

rc)8 branches 
Sarah E. McCardle 

FuUerton 4,4*5 
Fulkrton Public Library 
Minnie Maxwell 

Gilroy 2,862 
Gilrny Public Library 
Patil G. Levin 

Glendale (Los Angeles County) 13,536 
Glendorn Public Library 
Mrs. Alma J, Danford 

Glendora 2,028 

Glnuloni Public Library 
Harriet Gifford 

Glenn County. .SV<> Willows 

Grass Valley (Nevada County) 4,006 

Grass Valley Public Library 
Frances Doom 

Hanford. 32,031 (County pop.) 
Kings County Free Library 
60 branches 
Eleanore Kyle 

Hcaldsburg 3,41 a 

Hftalrtsburg Carnfgie Public Library 
Christal Fox 

Hollialer. 8,995 (County pop.) 
Sun Bito County Free Library 
58 branches 
Mrs. Ora M. Regtmrt 

Humboldt County. $e** Kureka 

Huntingtott Beach 1,6^7 
Hutrtington Beach Public Library 
Bertha 1). Proctor 

Impeiial County, ,SVr El Centro 
Independence. 7,03* (County pop.) 
Inyo Cmwty Free Library 

44 branches 

Anne Margrave 

Inyo County. Sec IndcpcndeiLce 

Jackson. 7,793 (County pop.) 

Amador County Free Library 
20 branches 
Frances M. Burkct 

Kern County. Sec Bakcrsficld 
Kings County. Sec Hanford 

Lakeport 1,024 

Lakcport Public Library 
Mrs. Ella M. Clark 

I/a*sen County. See Susanville 

Lincoln (Placer County) 1,325 

Lincoln Free Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha C. Landis 

Long Beach 55,593 

Long Beach Public Library 
Zaidcc Brown 

Los Angeles. 936,438 (County pop,) 

Los Angeles County Free Library 

317 branches 
Celia Gleason 

Los Angeles 576,673 
Los Angeles Public Library 
Kverett R Perry, Librarian ^ 
Guy E. Marion, Ass't Librarian 
Albert C. Read, Order L>i*it. 
Francos R. Footc, C'atalo^ LVpt. 
Bessie H. C'arrick, Bindery Dcpt. 
George HtTzoft, Shelf Dept. 
Hess McCrea, Registration & I^oan Dcpt 
Gertrude K. Darlow, Literature Dept, 
Blanch L. Unterkircher, Kirtitm D**pt. 
Mrs, Maryettc G. Mackey. Foreign Book 

Blanche E. McKown, Periodical Dept. 
Stjsanna C, Ott, Reference Dcpt, 
(iladys Caldwcll, Art & Music Dept 
Grace M. White, Sociology Dept. 
Marion Horton, Library School 
Faith K, Smith, Work with Schools 
JK'Iun T. Kennedy, Branches I)(*i;t 
Mr"*, Gladys S. Case* Dept. of Children's 

to Gatoa 2,3x7 
Los Gatos PuMic Library 
Caroline IL Builcy 

i,ao3 (Couaty pof ' 
64 branches 
Julia Steffa 


Martinez. 53,889 (County pop.) 
Contra Costa County Free Library 
93 branches 
Mrs. Alice G. Whitbeck 

Marysville 5,461 
Marysville City Library 
Mary E. Subers 

Mendocino 1,250 

Mendocino Library Association Reading 
Paul A. Schulz 

Merced. 24,579 (County pop.) 
Merced County Free Library 
74 brandies 
Winifred H. Bigley 

Mill Valley 2,554 
Mill Valley Public Library 
Sybil Nye 

Modesto. 43557 (County pop.) 
Stanislaus County Free Library 
62 branches 
Bessie B. Silverthorn 

Modoc County. See Alturas 

Monrovia 5,480 
Monrovia Public Library 
Anne L. Crews 

Monterey 5,479 
Monterey Free Public Library 
Etta Eckhardt 

Monterey County. See Salinas 

Napa 6,757 
Goodman Library 
Minnie C Shreve 

Napa. 20,678 (County pop.) 
Napa County Free Library 
6 1 branches 
Estella De Ford 

National City 3,116 
National City Free Public Library 
Susie Moore 

Nevada City 1,782 
Nevada City Free Library 
Annie James 

Oakland 216,361 
Oakland Free Library 
Charles S. Greene, Librarian 
Mabel W. Thomas, Ass't Librarian 
Caroline K. Louderback, Circulation Dept. 
Florence E. Browne, Children's Dept. 
Lucie C Nye, Branch Dept. 
Florence M. Van Gaasbeek, Catalog Dept. 

Oakland. 344,*77 (County pop.) 

Alameda County Free Library 
73 branches 
Mary Barmby 

Oceanside 1,161 
Oceanside Public Library 
H. D. Brodie 

Ontario 7,280 
Ontario Public Library 
K. A. Monroe 

Orange 4,884 

Orange Free Public Library 
Claire Bonnell 

Orange County. See Santa Ana 

Oroville. 30,030 (County pop.) 

Butte County Free Library 
97 branches 
Blanche Chalfant 

Oxnard 4,4 17 
Oxnard Public Library 
Ethel Carroll 

Pacific Grove 2,974 

Pacific Grove Public Library 
Jessie W. Nichols 

Palo Alto 5,900 
Palo Alto Public Library 
Frances D. Patterson 

Pasadena 45,354 

Pasadena Public Library 
Jeannette M. Drake 

Paso Robles 1,919 

Paso Robles Public Library 
Edith Allen Phelps 

Petaluma 6,226 

Petaluma Public .Library 
Sarah Frances Cassiday 

Placerville 1,650 
Placerville Free Public Library 
Mrs. Jessie M. Maynard 

Plumas County. See Quincy 

Pomona 13,505 

Pomona Public Library 
Sarah M. Jacobus 

Placentia 3,619^ 

Placentia Library District Library 
Mrs. Olive Bailey 

Quincy. 5,681 (County pop.) 

Plumas County Free Library 
67 branches 
Carmelita Duff 



Red Bluff 3,104 
Herbert Kraft Free Library 
Frances Walker 

Red Bluff. 12,882 (County pop.) 
Tehama County Free Library 
72 branches 
Elizabeth Stevens 

Redding 2,962 
Redding Carnegie Library 
Mrs. Jennie Taylor 

Redondo Beach -4,913 
Redondo Beach Public Library 
Lola A. Clegg 

Redlands 9,571 
A. K. Smiley Public Library 
Gwendolen M. Tinker, Acting Librarian 

Redwood City. 36,781 (County pop.) 

San Mateo County Free Library 
52 branches 
Edna Holroyd 

Richmond 16,843 
Richmond Public Library 

Riverside 19,341 
Riverside Public Library 
Chaw. F. Woocls 

Riverside. 50,297 (County pop.) 

Riverside County Free Library 
68 branches 
Chas. F. Woods 

Rosevillc 4,477 
Roscville Public Library 
Cioorgianna R. Willits 

Sacramento. 90,978 (County pop.) 
Sacramento County Free Library 
95 branches 
Cornelia I). Province 

Sacramento* 65,908 
Sacramento Free Public Library 

Susan T, Smith 
See first California entry for State Library 

St. Helena~~i,346 

St. Helena Public Library 
Mrs. G. B. Anderson 

Satinaa. 27,980 (County pop.) 
Monterey County Free Library 
r40 branches 
Anne Haddun 

San Ajtiaelmo M75 
San AnsMmo Free Public Library 
Bdk Meagor 

San Benito County. Sec Hollistcr 

San Bernardino. 73,401 (County pop.) 
San Bernardino Free Public Library 
May Coddington 

San Bernardino. 73,401 (County pop.) 

San Bernardino County Free Library 
138 branches 
Caroline S. Waters 

San Diego 74,683 
San Diego Public Library 
Altlica H. Warren 

San Diego. 112,248 (County pop.) 
San Diego County Free Library 
143 branches 
Eleanor Hitt 

San Francisco 506,676 
Free Public Library of the City and County 
of San Francisco 

Robert Rea, Librarian 
Mary Aloysia Byrne, Reference Dept 
Alice M. Healy, Catalog Dept. 
Mary M. Murphy, Order Dept. 
Anita Murray, Registration Dept 
Bertha ITafncr, Periodical Dept 
Mary Doyle, Newspaper Dept. 
Jessie Fredericks, Music Dept. 

Mechanics* Mercantile Library 
57 Post St. 
Francis B. Graves 

San Joaquin County, 


San Jose (Saint Clara County) 39,0^ 
San Jose Free Public Library 

San Jose. ioo.?88 (County pop.) 
Santa Clara County Free Library 
too branches 
Stella Himtingtnn 

San Luis Obisqo. 21,893 (Countv pop.) 

San Luis Obispo Free Public Library 
Mrs. K, L. Kellogg 

San Luis Obispo 21,893 
San Luis Obispo O inty Free Librar> 
72 branches 
Flo A. Gantz 

San Mateo 5,979 

San Mateo Free Public Library 
Inez M, Crawford 

San Mateo County. Sec Redwood City 

San Rafael 5,51* 

San Rafael Public Library 
Margaret McDonald 


Santa Ana 15,485 
Santa Ana Free Public Library 
Jeannette E. McFadden 

Santa Ana. 61,375 (County pop.) 
Orange County Free Library 
9 branches 
Margaret Livingston 

Santa Barbara. 41,097 (County pop.) 
Santa Barbara County Free Library 
124 branches 
Mrs. Frances B. Linn 

Santa Clara 5,220 

Santa Clara Free Public Library 
Mary A. Mulhall 

Santa Clara County. See San Jose 

Santa Cruz 10,917 

Santa Cruz Public Library 
Minerva H. Waterman 

Santa Cruz. 26,269 (County pop.) 
Santa Cruz County Free Library 
83 branches 
Minerva H. Waterman 

Santa Monica 15,252 
Santa Monica Public Library 
Elfie A. Mosse 

Santa Paula 3,967 
Dean Hobbs Blanchard Memorial 
Public Library 
Mary Boynton 

Santa Rosa 8,758 

Santa Rosa Free Public Library 
Margaret Adelle Barnett 

Sausalito 2,790 
Sausalito Free Public Library 
Bertha Wosser 

Sebastopol 1,493 
Sebastopol Free Public Library 
Mrs. R. C. Murphy 

Sierra Madre 2,026 

Sierre Madre Public Library 
Elsie W. Rogers 

Siskiyou County. See Yreka 
Salona County. See Fair-field 

Soaora- 7,768 (County pop.) 
Tuolurane County Free Library 
54 Branches 
Helen M. Rowland 

South Pasadena 7,652 

South Pasadena Free Public Library 
Nellie E. Keith 

CALIFORNIA -Continued 
Stanilaus County. See Modesto 

Stockton. 79,905 (County pop.) 
San Joaquin County Free Library 

75 branches 

H. 0. Parkinson 

Sunnyvale 1,675 

Sunnyvale Free Public Library 
Ellen Ballard 

Susanville. 8,507 (County pop.) 
Lassen County Free Library 

76 branches 
Lenala A. Martin 

Sutter County. See Yuba City 
Tehama County. See Red Bluff 
Trinity County. See Weavervillc 
Tulare County. See Visalia 
Tuolumne County. See Sonora 

Ukiah 2305 

Ukiah Free Public Library 
Mrs. Mary L. Surrey 

Venice 10,385 

Venice Free Library and Reading Room 
Mrs, M. Matter 

Ventura. 28,724 (County pop.) 
Ventura County Free Library 
67 branches 
Elizabeth R. Topping 

Visalia. 59,031 (County pop.) 
Tulare County Free Library 
136 branches 
Gretchen Flower 

Watsonville 5,013 

Watsonville Public Library 
Belle M. Jenkins 

Weaverville. 2,551 (County pop.) 

Trinity County Free Library 
56 branches 
Lila G. Dobell 

Whittier 7,997 

Whittier Public Library 
Jessie A. Harris 

Willits 1,468 (1920) 
Willits Public Library 
Mrs. Sarah R Livermore 

Willows. 11,853 (County pop.) 
Glenn County Free Library 
82 branches 
Maude Middleton 


Woodland 1 7,105 
Yolo County Free Library 
79 branches 
Nancy C. Laugenour 

Yolo County. See Woodland 

Yoiba Linda 3,000 

Yorba Linda Library District Library 
Mrs. Theo Theis 

Yicka. 18,545 (County pop,) 
Siskiyou County Free Library 
120 branches 
Thehna Bracket 

Yuba City. 10,115 (County pop.) 
Suiter County Free Library 
52 branches 
Edna J. Hewitt 

COLORADO 939,629 

Fort Collins 
Colorado Library Commission 

Elfrcda Stcbbins 

Denver Suite Capital 
Colorado State Library 

Mrs. J. B. Hyder 

Colorado Traveling Library Commission 
Mrs. Fannie I). Galloway, Fres. 

Akron 1,461 
Akron Public Library 
Bess Aunahle 

Alamosa Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha E. Roberts 

Boulder 11,006 
Boulder Public Library 
Lena K. Fenian 

Brighton 51,715 
Brighton Public Library 
Alice O'liricn, Jr. 

Brush -2,103 
Urush Public Library 
Mrs. Minnie James 

Canon City 4,551 
Oman City Public Library 
Katherin? Sartor 

Colorado City~-4,333 
Colonial City Public Library 
Klismor A. Smclscf 

Colorado Springs 30,105 
Colorado Springs Public Library 

Lucy W. Baker 
Craig 1,397 
Cnutf Public Library 
Mr*. K, W. MdCwney 

COLOR AD 0Continued 
Del Norte 1,007 
Del Norte Public Library 
Mrs. Adam We is 

Delta 2,623 
Delta Public Library 
Anna Nutter 

Denver 256,491 
Denver Public Library 

Chalmers Hadley, Librarian. 

Rena Reese, ist Asst. and Director of 
Training Class 

Lticretia Vaile, Reference Dept 

Agnes Hall, Catalog Dept. 

May Wood Wiggiuton, Order Dept. and 
Open SheU Room 

Ina Anlis, Circulation Dept, 

Helen Ingersol, Supervisor of Branches*. 

June Linn, Extension Dept. 

Florence Briber, Juvenile Dept. 

Janet Jerome, VVork of the Schools 

Olive FJensley, Technical Division 

Helen Hlack, Document Division 
.SVr first Colorado entry for State Library 

Durango 4,u6 

Durango Public Library 
Sadie 1C. Sullivan 

Eaton i, 289 
Raton Public Library 
Kdith L. Coffman 

Florence 2,629 
Florence Public Library 
Jessie Luclwick 

Fort Collins 8,755 
Fort Collins Public Library 

Klfreda Stebbins 

,SVi" third Colorado fntry for State library 

Fort Lupton 1,014 
Fort Lupton Public Library 
Mrs. Ruby Davis 

Fort Morgan 3,8*8 
Fort Morgan Public Library 
Mrs. Kstclb McCutcheon 

Fowler 1,062 
Fowler Pubtic Library 
W. M. Hcrry 

Golden Public Library 
Anna. Patterson 

Grand Junction 8,665 
Gram! Junction Public Library 
Camilla Wallact* 


COLORADO Continued 

Greeley 10,958 
Greeley Public Library 
Elizabeth Welch 

Idaho Springs 1,292 
Idaho Springs Public Library 
Mrs. Margaret Robins 

Julesburg 1,320 

Julesburg Public Library 
Mrs. Chas. V, Parker 

La Junta 4,964 
La Junta Public Library 
Mabel Healy 

Lamar 2,512 
Lamar Public Library 
Josephine Silver 

Las Animas 2,252 
Las Animas Public Library 
Mary Bedford 

Leadville 4,959 
Leadville Public Library 
Marion Clune 

Littleton 1,636 
Littleton Public Library 
Velma Hoskins 

L ongmont 5,848 
Longmont Public Library 
Gcnevieve Dorset 

Loveland 5,065 
Loveland Public Library 
Mrs. Anna V. Duffield 

Mancos 906 

Mancos Public Library 
Mrs. Anna R. Elkins 

Manitou 1,129 
Manitou Public Library 
Clotilde Reichmuth 

Meeker 935 

Public Library 
Mrs. R. H. Taylor, Secretary 

Monte Vista 2484 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. M. S. Murphy 

Montrose 3,581 
Montrose Public Library 
Mrs. Helen C. Diesher 

Ouray 1,165 
Walsh Public Library 
Mary L. Davis 

COLORADO Continued 
Pueblo- 43,050 
McClelland Public Library 
Mary L. Strang 

Rocky Ford 3,746 
Rocky Ford Public Library 
Mary M. Weaver 

Salida 4,689 

Salida Public Library 
Mrs. H. I. Cook 

Silverton 1,150 
Silverton Public Library 
Mary Hollingsworth 

Steamboat Springs 1,249 
Public Library 
Mrs. Fred Hughes 

Sterling 6,415 
Sterling Public Library 
Katherine Marvin 

Telluride 1,618 
Telluride Public Library 
Emily Robertson 

Trinidad 10,906 
Trinidad Public Library 
Andrew J. Floyd 

CONNECTICUT 1,380,631 
Hartford State Capitol 
Connecticut State Library 
George S. Godard 

Conn. Public Library Committee 
Caroline M. Hewins, Secretary 
Not a library, but a committee, with 
office in the State Capitol. 

Avon 1,534 

Avon Free Public Library 
Mrs. Clinton B. Hasdell 

Berlin 4*298 
Berlin Free Library 
Emily S. Brandegee 

Bethel 3.201 

Bethel (Township) Free Public Library- 
Mrs. Frances Coulter 

Bloomfield a,394 
Prosser Library 
Grace L. Hayes 

Branford 6,627 

James Blackstone Memorial Library 
Charles N. Baxter 



Bridgeport 143,555 
Bridgeport Public Library 
Henry N. Sanborn 

Bristol 20,620 

Bristol (Free) Public Library 
C L. Wooding 

Broad Brook 3,158 

Broad Brook (East Windsor Township) 
Library Association 
Alma Arnold 

Brooklyn a, 358 
Brooklyn Library Association 
Mrs. A, S. Field 

Cheshire 2,855 

Cheshire (Township) Public Library 
Ruth Van de Bogart 

Chester 1,675 

Chester (Township) Public Library 
Mrs. Theodore Foster 

Clinton 1,217 

Clinton (Township) Public Library 
Mrs. Charlotte Poet 

Colchester 2,050 

Crngin Memorial (Township) Library 
Mrs. Chas. F, Bccbe 

Collinaville 2,549 
Canton (Township) Public Library 
Julia Parish 

Cromwell 1,454 

Belclen (Cromwell Township) Library As- 
Isabella Milliez 

D anbury 22,325 
Danbury Library 
Mary P, Wiggin 

Danbury R, F. IX 1,315 
Long Ridge (Redding Township) Library 
Mrs, George Johnson 

Dauielson 8,17$ 

Killin^Iy Township Free Public Library 
Harry E, Back 

Barien 4,184 

Daricn (Township) Free Library Associa- 
Clara ScofieM 

Deep River* 2,325 

I)fp River (Saybrook Township) Public 
Nfrs, Lena A. Bailey 

Derby 11,238 

Harcourt Wood Memorial Library 
Emma Lessey 

Derby 11,238 
Derby Neck Library 
Alary .-V. Hurley 

East Berlin -4,298 

East Berlin (Berlin Township) Public 
Mrs. Philip Lotz 

East Hampton 2,394 
East Hampton Public Library 
Rachel Bulkley 

East Hartford 11,648 
East Hartford (Township) Public Library 
Jessie W. Hay den 

East Haven 3,520 

Kast Haven Free Public Library 
Lottie E. Street 

East River 1,518 

Kast River (Madison Township) Library 
Mrs. Louise S. Werner 

East Woodstock 1,767 
East Woodstock (Woodstock Township) 
Mrs, Ellen C. Hibbard 

East Windsor Hill 2,14* 
South Windsor (Township) Public Library 
Elvira C Clapp 

Ellington 2,127 
Hall Memorial Library 
Alice E. Pinney 

Essex 2,815 
Essex Public Library 
Grace Goddard 

Fairfield -11,475 
Fair field Memorial Library 
Florence Burr 

Falls Village 56* 

David M, Hunt (Canaan Township) Library 
Mrs. Wm. R. Hubbell 

Farmingtoa x,ofc* 

Village Library 

Helen Scarth 

Gale's Ferry $x i 

Gale's Ferry (Ledyard Township) Library 
Grace E. Povey 


Georgetown R. F. D. 1,315 

Mark Twain (Reading Township) Library 
W. E. Grumman 

Glastonbury 1,500 

Glastonbury (Township) Free Public 
Grace Penn 

Granby 1,342 

Granby (Township) Public Library 
Elizabeth Clark 

Greenwich 5,939 
Greenwich Public Library 
Ella M. Brush 

Groton 4,236 
Bill Memorial Library 
Abby M. Clark 

Guilford 1,612 
Guilford Free Library 
Mrs. Martha G. Cornell, President 

Haddam- 1,736 
Brainerd Memorial Library 
Mrs. G. A. Dickinson 

Hamden 8,611 
Hamden Library Association 
Rev. Albert Jones 

Hartford 135,036 
Hartford Public Library 

Caroline M. Hewins 

See first Connecticut entry for State Library 
and Library Committee. 

Ivoryton 2,815 

Ivoryton (Essex Township) Circulating 
Mrs. Hattie B. Parmelee 

Jewett City 4220 

Slater (Griswold Township) Library 
Mabel E, Wilcox 

Kensington 4,298 

Peck Memorial (Berlin Township) Library 
Marjorie Moore 

Kent 1086 

Kent Library Association 
Helen Bull 

Lebanon- 1,343 
Jonathan Trumbull Library 

Litchfield 3,180 

Wolcott and Litchfield (Township) 
culating Library 


Madison 1,857 

E. C Scranton Memorial Library 
Evelyn M, Meri wether 

Manchester 18,370 
Manchester Public Library 
Mrs. Gertrude G. Boynton 

Mansfield Center 2,574 

Mansfield Center (Township) Library 
Elsie G. Marsh 

Meriden 29,867 
Curtis Memorial Library 
Corinne A. Deshon 

Middle Haddam 2,394 
Middle Haddam (East Hampton Township) 
Public Library 
Dr. G. N. Lawson, Secretary 

Middlebury 1,067 
Middlebury Library 

F. S. Chamberlain 

Middlebury 1,067 
Bradleyville Library Association 
Mrs. W. P. Johnson 

Middlefield 1,047 
Levi E. Coe Library Association 
Alice E. Watrous 

Middletown 22,129 
Russell Free (Township) Library 
Edna H, Wilder 

Milford 10,193 
Taylor Library 
Rev. H. C. Meserve 

Moodus 2,312 

East Haddam (Township) Public Library 
Mrs. Chas. H. Rogers 

Moosup 1,926 

Aldrich (Plainfield Township) Free Library 

G. H, Sanderson 

Mt. Carmel 8,61 1 

Mt, Carmel (Hamden Township) Free Pub- 
lic Library 
Laura L. Dickerman 

Mystic 3,000 

Mystic and Noank (Groton Township) 
Genevra E. Ricker 

Naugatuck 15,051 

Howard Whittemore Memorial Library 
E. M. Goodyear 

New Britain 59,316 
New Britain Institute Library 
Greta Brown 

New Canaan -3,895 
New Canaan Circulating Library 
Ella H. Stevens 


New Hartford 1,781 
New Hartford Public Library 
Mrs. F. B. Munn 

New Haven 162,537 
New Haven (Free) Public Library 
Willis K. Stetson 

West Haven Library 
ii)3 Basset St. 
Mrs. Robert H. Lewis 

New London 25,688 
New London Public Library 
Frederick W. Kdftcrton 

N e wington 2,38 1 
NewhiKton Free Public Library 
Ida L. Ki'llojLg 

New HiUord 4,781 
New Milford Public Library 
Elizabeth II. Noble 

Newtown 2,751 

Beach Memorial (Newtown Township) 
Abbie L. Peck 

Niantic z,agx 

Niantic (East Lyme Township) Public 
Anne M. Bond 

Nichols 2,597 

Trtnnbull Township Free Library 
Edith Couch 

Norfolk 1,229 

Norfolk (Township) Library 
Mary C. Seymour 

Northfieid 3,180 

Gilbert (IJtch field Township) Library 
Rev, W. L). Iliunison 

North Granby 1,341 

Frederick H. Cossitt ((iranby Township) 
Mabel Allen 

North Haven 1,968 
Bradley Memorial Library 
Clara E. Bradley 

North Stonington 1,144 
Wheeler Library 
Mrs, G<u>r#e \V. Tryon 

Nor walk 27,743 
Norwalk Public Library 
Dotha Stone Pinnco 

Norwich 23,304 

Ottv library 

o A. Cash 

Norwich R. F. D. 3 3,743 
Preston Township Public Library 
Miss C E. Hallett 

Norwich R. F. I). 6 1,161 

Letlyard Township Library 
Mrs. Ursula E. Avcry 

Oakville 3,100 

Oakvillc (Watertown Township) Library 
Marion K. Cooper 

Plainfield 7,926 
Plainfield Library Association 
Edith JM. Birtwistle 

Plainville 4,114 

Pl.'iinville Public Library 
Frances E. Bunnell 

Plymouth 5,942 

Plymouth Library Association 
| A. Jane way Hills, President. 

I Pomfret 1,454 

Pomfrt't Library 
Marion L. Harvey 

I Portland 3,644 
Buck Library 
Mrs. W. J. Robinson 

Putnam 7,711 

Putnam Free Public Library 
Emma J. Kinney 

Ridgefield 3,707 
Rid KC ft eld Library 
Jennie Smith 

Rockville 8,898 

Rockville (Vernon Tmvnahip) Public 
Edith M Feck 

Rocky Hill 1,633 
! Rocky Hill Library Association 
j Mrs* Newton Warner 

: Salisbury 2,497 

j Scovillc Memorial Library 

j Charlotte IJ, Norton 

Sandy Hook 4,751 
Sandy Honk (XVwlown Town>hip) Free 

Mrs* H. HirdM*y SniflVtn 

Saybrook 1,463 
Acton Library 
Anna Sheffield 



Seymour 6,781 

Seymour Public Library 
Elizabeth M. Lovering 

Sharon 1,585 

Hotchkiss Library 
Mary C, Mackey 

Sharon R. F. D. 3 1,585 

Everitt (Sharon Township) Library 
Olive Johnson 

Shelton 9,475 

Plumb Memorial Library 
Jessamine Ward 

Simsbury 2,958 

Simsbury Free Library 
Julia Pattison 

Somera 1,673 

Somers Free Public Library 
Mrs, R. S. Bugbee 

South Britain 1,093 

South Britain (Southbury Township) Pub- 
lic Library 
Mrs. C. P. Williams 

South Coventry R. F. D. 1,582 

Porter (Coventry Township) Library 
Mrs L. J. Loomis 

South Coventry 1,583 

Booth and Dimock Memorial (Coventry 
Township) Library 
E. Gertrude Colburn 

Southington 5,085 

Southington Free Public Library 
Elizabeth Williams 

South Manchester 18,370 
South Manchester (Manchester Township) 
Free Library (Cheney Brothers) 
Jessamine Smith 

South Norwalk 6,591 

South Norwalk Public Library 
Mrs. Abiathar Blanchard 

Southport 1,100 

Pequot (Fairfield Township) Library 
Nellie Bradley 

Stafford Springs 5,407 

Stafford Library Association 
Mabel Myers 

Stamford 35,086 
Ferguson Library 
Alice M. Colt 

Stonington 2,100 

Stonington Free Library 
Mrs. Kate Hahn 

Stratford 1 2,347 
Stratford Library 
Frances B. Russell 

Suffield 4,070 

Suffield (Township) Free Public or Kent 
Memorial Library 
Madeline H. Spencer 

Terryville 5,942 

Terryville (Plymouth Township) Library- 
Gertrude E. Ells 

Thomaston Township 3,993 

Thomaston Public or Laura Andrews' Free 
Mrs. Clara Florian 

Thompson 5,055 
Thompson Library- 
Harriet R. Lewis 

Thompson ville 11,719 

Enfield (Township) Free Public Library 

Tolland 1,040 

Tolland Public Library 
Bertha M. Place 

Torrington 20,623 
Torrington Library Association 
Louise T. Mason 

Torrington 2,020 

Theodore Hungerford Memorial (Harwin- 
ton Township) Library 
Mrs. Ella Catlin 

TTncasville 3,41 1 

Raymond (Montville Township) Library 
Mrs. Lucy P. Scholfield 

TTnionvillc i ,800 

Unionville (Farmington Township) Library 
Elizabeth Bridgeman 

TTnionvillc 1,109 

Burlington (Township) Public Library 
John A. Reeve 


Wallingford 9,648 (Borough) 
Wallingford Public Library 

Wapping 2,143 

Sadd Memorial (South Windsor Township) 
Mrs. Gertrude A. Foster 


"Warehouse Point 3,741 
Warehouse Point (East Windsor Town- 
ship) Library Association 
Mrs. M. A. Judd 

Warehouse Point 3,741 

East Windsor Township Library Associa- 
S. W. Bissell 

Washington 1,619 
Gunn Memorial Library 
Fannie P. Brown 

Waterbury 91,715 
Silas Bronson Library 
Helen Sperry 

Watertown 6,050 
Watertown Library Association 
Jennie M. Smith 

West Cornwall 834 

West Cornwall (Cornwall Township) 
Library Association 
Olive Oliver 

West Hartford 8,854 
West Hartford (Free) Public Library 
Alary S. Ellsworth 

West Woodstock 1,767 
West Woodstock Township Library Asso- 
Mrs. Calvin C. Foster 

Weatport 5,114 

Westport Public Library (Jessup-Sherwood 
Mrs. Edith V. Sherwood 

Wethersfield 4,34* 
WethtTsfu'W Public Library 
Frances Shedd 

Willimantic 12,330 

VVillimantic (Wintlham Township) Free 
Mrs. Wm. IX, Terry 

Dunham Hall Library (American Thread 
Mr. Hattie B. Gates 

Wilton x,a84 

Wilton Library Association 
Ethel Hart 

Windham * 1,471 
Windham Free Library 
Grace P. Bates 

Windsor 5>6fco 

Windsor (Township) Frer Public Library 
Kate Putnam Safford 

Windsor Locks 3,554 

Windsor Locks Library Association 
Alice Coffin 

Winsted 8,248 

Gilbert School and Public Library 
Lucy B. Proctor 

Winsted 9,019 

Beardsley (Winchester Township) Library 
Elizabeth Tiffany 

Woodbury 1,698 

Wooclbxirv Library Association 
Rev. J.'L. R. Wyckoff 

Woodstock 1,767 

Woodstock Library Association 
Mrs. Louise L. Child 

DELAWARE 223,003 
Dover State Capital 
Dover State Library 
Earte I). Willey 

State Library Commission 
1. V. Culbfeth 

Dover 4*042 
The Dover Free Library 
L. B. Mast and M. L. Fulton 

Georgetown 1,710 
New Centurv Club Library 
Ethel Waples 

Laurel 2,253 

New Century Club Library 
Mrs. E. R Smith 

Lewe 32,074 

Lewes Town Library 
Miss Nichols 

Milford 2,703 

Boys* and Girls' Club Library 
Mrs. Mary E. Brown 

Newark 2,183 
Newark Subscription Library 

New Castle 3,854 
New Custli* Subscription Library 
Ruth Laxnhsun 

Seaford *,M* 
N>w Century Huh Library 
Mary L. Hopkins 

Smyrna 1,953 

Smyrna Subscription Library 
Anna Hough 



DELAWARE -Continued 
Wilmington 1 10, 168 

Wilmington Institute Free Library 
Arthur L. Bailey 


Public Library of the District of Columbia 
George F. Bowerman, Librarian 
Clara W. Herbert, Ass't Librarian 
Grace B. Finney, Circulation Dept. 
Emma Hance, Reference Dept. 
Louis P. Latimer, Children's Dept. 
Frances S. Osborne, Order and Acces- 
sions Dept. 

Julia H. Laskey, Catalog Dept. 
Elizabeth P. Gray, Binding Dept. 

Carroll Institute Reading and Reference 
Room, 912 loth St., N. W. 

Peabody Library Association of George- 
town, 3233 St. 
Eva Nelson Gilbert 

Bartow 4,203 

Bartow Public Library 
Samuel S. Green 

Bonifay 1,230 

Public Library 
Mrs. E. D. Sessions 

Bradentown 3,868 
Public Library 
Lucic H. Strong 

Clearwater 2,427 

Clearwater Library Association 
Grace E. Moase 

Cocoa 1,445 
Cocoa Public Library 
Mrs. J. D. Trafford 

Cocoanut Grove 1,396 

Cocoanut Grove Library Association 

Daytona 5,445 

Woman's Club Library 
Mrs Abbott 

DeFuniak Springs 2,097 
Defuniak Springs Public Library 
Alice Fellows 

D eland 3,324 
Deland Public Library 
Gerturde F. Mann 

Debray 1,051 

Delbray Library 
Edna Copeland 

Eustis 1,193 
Eustis Public Library 
M. B. Bishop 

Fernandina 5,437 
Fernandina Public Library 
Francis Carris 

Fort Myers 3,678 
Fort Myers Public Library 
Cora B. Darnell 

Gainesville 6,860 

Gainesville Public Library 
Mrs. Jessie White 

Jacksonville 91,558 

Jacksonville Public Library 
Joseph F. Marron 

Key West 18,749 
Library Association 
Mrs. M. H. Lake 

Kissimmee 2,722 
Kissimmee Library 
Lena Lord 

Leesburg 1,835 

Leesburg Public Library 
Mrs. J. H. Julian 

Lemon City 1,052 
Lemon City Library 
Mrs. E. T. Higgs 

Live Oak 3,103 
Live Oak Library Association 
Mrs. Dennis 

Miami 29,371 
Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. A. Leight Monroe 

New Smyrna 2,007 
New Smyrna Library Association 
Marie W. Frost 

Ocala 4,914 
Ocala^ Public Library 
Louise Gamsby 

Orlando 9,282 
Orlando Public Library 

Palatka 5,102 
Palatka Public Library 
Serena C. Bailey 

Palmetto 2,046 

Mrs. Frankie Howze 


FLORIDA Continued 

Pensacola 31,935 
Pciisacola Library Association 
Lottie Flinn 

St Augustine 6,192 

St. Augustine Public Library 
Elizabeth Monk 

St. Petersburg 14,237 
St. Petersburg Library Association 
Emma M. Williams 

Sanford 5,588 
Sanford Public Library 
Mrs. A. D. Key 

Sarasota. 2,149 
Sarasota Public Library 
Janet Ashby 

Tallahassee 5,637 
Walker Memorial Library 
Miss Williams " 

Tampa 51,608 
Tampa Public Library 
Hel'ju V. Stclie 

Tarpon Springs 2,103 
Tarpon Springs Public Library 
Webster Little 

Titusville 1,361 

Progressive, Culture Club 
Kmma Reed 

Weat Tampa 8,463 

Carnegie Library 

Rita I. Castillo 

Winter Haven 1,597 
Winter Haven Public Library 
Mrs, Skivington 

GEORGIA 2,895,832 

Atlanta- -State Capital 
Georgia State Library 
Mrs. Maud Darker Cobb 

Georgia Library Commission 
( Ihurlolte Temple ton 

Acworth 1,1x7 
Carnr Dyer Library 
Hattic Mitchell 

Albany 11,555 
C,*mn*gi Public Library 
Mrs. Kmm;i Mcnko 

GEORGIA Continued 
Atlanta 200,616 

Atlanta Carnegie Public Library 
Tommie Dora Barker, Librarian 
Fanny 1). Hinton, Reference Dcpt. 
Louis Smith, Catalog Dcpt. 
Fannie Cox, Lending Dept 

Sec first Georgia entry for state library and 

Bainbridge 4,792 
Bainbridge Public Library 
Mrs. F. S. Bard well 

Barnesville 3,059 

Carnegie Public. Library 
Iris Ingram 

Ben Hill County. Sw Fitzgerald 
Bibb County. Sec Macon 

Boston 1,640 

Carnegie Public Library 
j Carolyn II. Harmon 

i Brunswick 14,413 

I Brunswick Public Library 

I Eva Mycldleton 

' Carrollton 4,363 

i Carroll ton City .Library 
; Lulu Ha skin 

Cartersville 4,350 
Mum ford Memorial Library 

Mrs. W. W. Daves 


! Ccdartown 4,053 
! Hawkcs Library 
j Alice Wray 

Colquitt County. ,SW M< ml trie 

Columbus 44,195 

Muscr>gec County Carnegie Library 
Mrs. ('. L, Clordy 

Cordele 18,914 

Crisp County Carnegie Public Library 
Louifit* D. Bcrcaw 

Covington 3,203 
C!ovingtcm Public t-ibrary 
Ethel Williams 

Crisp County, $re Cordclc 

Cuthbert- 3,022 

Cuthbert Oarnegie Public Library 
Ida Domingos 

Dawson 3,504 
Dawsmi Cfirnctgte Public Library 

County Cnrwi{ic Public Library 

Dublin 7,707 

Dublin Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. J. A, CarsweH 



GEORGIA Continued 

Eatonton 2,519 

Eatonton Carnegie Public Library 
Alice Wardwell 

Fitzgerald 14,599 

Ben Hill County Carnegie Public Library 
Louise Smith 

Fort Valley 3,223 
Fort Valley Public Library 
Parmalee Cheves 

Gray 13,269 
Jones County Library 
Lois Sammons 

Griffin 8,240 
Grifnin Public Library 
Mrs. A. P. Longdon 

Hawkins ville 3,070 
Hawkinsville Public Library 
Lily Martin 

Jones County. See Gray 

La Grange 17,038 
La Grange Public Library 
Jeannette Wilhoit 

Lavonia 1,644 
Carnegie Public Library 

Macon 71,304 

Bibb County Price Public Library 
Mrs. Minnie Rice 

Marietta 6,190 

Marietta Clarke Library Association 
Sally M. Akin 

Milledgeville 4,619 
Milledgeville Public Library 
Sallie Lockhart 

Montezuma 1,827 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, Rufus Forehand 

Moultrie 29,33* 

Colquitt County Carnegie Public Library 
Lois Adams 

Muscogee County. See Columbus 

Newnan 7,037 

Newnan Carnegie Public Library 
Katherine Powel 

Pelham 3,640 

Pelham Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, A, J, Barrow 

GEORGIA Continued 
Quitman 4,393 
Quitman Public Library 
Jennie Denmark 

Rome 13,252 

Rome Carnegie Public Library 
Helen Eastman 

Sandersville 2,695 

Sandersville Public Library 
Sadie Tarbutton 

Savannah 83,252 

Savannah Carnegie Public Library 
C. Seymour Thompson 

Sumter County. See Americus 

Thomasville 8,196 
Thomasville Public Library 
Mary Hansell 

Valdosta 10,783 

Valdosta Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth Havenkotte 

Washington 4,208 
Mary Willis Public Library 
Mrs. Hardeman T. Wood 

Waycross 18,086 

Waycross Public Library 
Elisabeth Blackshear 

West Point 2,138 
Hawkes Library 
Mrs. Mary P. Dixon 

IDAHO 431,866 

Boise State Capital 
Idaho State Library 
Pearl B. Tyer 

Idaho Free Traveling Library 
Margaret S. Roberts 

American Falls 1,547 
American Falls Public Library 
Delia Reed 

Blackfoot 3,937 
Blackfoot Public Library 
Edna Gillespie 

Boise 21,393 
Carnegie Public Library 
Doris Crawford 

See first Idaho entry for state library 

Hurley 5,408 
Burley Public Library 
Catherine Ceenty 

Caldwell 5,106 
Caldwell Public Library 
Mrs. Olive Bess 



IDAHO Continued 
Coeur D'Alene 6,477 
Cueur D'Alenc Public Library 
Helen G. Norton 

Idaho Falls 8,064 

Idaho Fulls Public Library 
Marion Orr 

Lewiston 6,574 
Carnegie Library 
Margaret G. Guyer 

Malad 2,598 

Malad Public Library 
Cassie Jenkins 

Moscow 3,596 
Moscow Public Library 
Ktta H. McBryde 

Mountain Home 1,644 
Canifftio Public Library 
Mary I. Bricgleb 

Mullan 3,320 
Public Sdiool Library 
Frank Greene 

Nampa 7,621 
Nampa Public Library 
Mrs. E. L, NettUiton 

Payette -7,071 
Pay<ttc Public Libra* y 
Mrs. T. 0. London 

Pocatello 15,001 
Commie Public Library 
Edith Gnatt 

Rupert 2,372 

Kupert Public Library 
Mrs, Dana Tempi in 

St. Maries 1,960 

St. fvfanV.s Public Library Association 
Mrs. T, J. O'Donnc'l 

Shoshcme 14,250 

Shoshnn^ Public Library 
Mrs. C R. Whfolcr 

Twin Falls 8,324 

Twin Falls Public Library 
Jessie Frascr 

Wallace *,8rfi 
Wallace Public Library 
Mrs. AMiti R. Carpenter 

ILLINOIS 6,485,280 

Spr m^ri^ltl -State Capital 
Illinois State Library, General Division 
Mrs. llattic M. Skogh 

Illinois State Library, Extension Division 
Anna May Price, Suj>t. 

Abingdon 2,721 
Abingdon Public Library 
Mrs. Mollic Dyer 

Albion 4,000 

Albion Public Library Association 
Mrs. W. O. Shewmaker 

Ale do 2,8 10 

Mercer Township Free Public Library 
Mrs. Flora B. Winger 

Altamont 1,352 

Altamont City Libra rj r 
Osca Redding 

Alton 24,682 

JrimiV IX Mauler Publi** Liliraiy 
Harriot C. Dolbee 

Amboy 1,944 

Amboy Public Library 
Josephine Kgan 

Anna 3,019 

Stinson Memorial Public Library 
HenU-n Louise (ircar 

Arcola 1,831 

Arcola Public Library 
Mary 1C. Midm'uiU-r 

Argo 4,500 

Sumniit-ArKo J'ublic Library 
Marie Hogaa 

Assumption i,8$a 

Assiiniplion J'uMic Library 
1/jiiise AbctH 

Atlanta 1,170 

Atlanta Public Library 
Mrs, Kdu H. Quisr 

Augusta 1,085 

Augusta (Tnwnihi 
Ktht-1 A. Bacon 

Public Library 


Outlook Public Library 
Olive Lacey 

; Aurora 36,397 

j Aurora Public Library 
! James Shaw 


ILLINOIS Continued 
Barry 1,647 

Brown Public Library 
Irene Crawford 

Batavia 4,395 
Batavia Public Library 
Cassie W. Stephens 

Beardstown 7,111 

Beardstown Public Library 
Hallie J. Seeger 

Belleville 24,823 

Belleville Public Library 
Bella Steuernagel 

Belvidere 7,804 
Ida Public Library 
Elizabeth Ballard 

Bent on 7,201 
Benton Public Library 
Emma R. Kerr 

Bloomington 28,725 
Withers Library 
Nellie Parham 

Blue Island 11,424 
Blue Island Public Library 
Louise Dentou 

Braid wood 1,400 
Braidwood Public Library 
Antonc Reeva 

Brookfield 3,589 

Brookfield Public Library 
Ella Camp 

Bunker Hill 1,279 
Bunker Hill Public Library 
Mrs. Josephine Mize 

Bushnell 2,716 
Bushnell Public Library 
E. Mabel Miner 

Cairo 15,203 
Cario Public Library 
Erne Lansden 

Cambridge 1,335 

Cambridge Township Public Library 
Bertha Stoughton 

Camp Point 1,260 
Camp Point Public Library 
Senorita Hardin 

Canton 10,9^8 

Parlin Public Library 
Mrs. Josephine H. Reso< 

ILLINOIS Continued 
Carbondale 6,267 
Carbondale Public Library 

Carlinville 5,212 

Carlinville Library Association 
Elfie M. Keas 

Carpentersville 1,500 
Carpentersville Public Library 
Rosalind Mitchell 

Carpentersville Literary and Library Asso- 
Lucia A. Gorom 

Carmi 3,000 
Carmi Public Library 
Etta Brandt 

Carrollton 3,020 
Carrollton Public Library 
Laura L. Wright 

Carthage 2,500 
Carthage Public Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Pennock 

Centralia 12,491 
Centralia Public Library 
Cecia M. Miles 

Champaign 15,873 
Champaign Public Library 
Ethel G. Kratz 

Charleston 6,615 

Charleston Carnegie Public Library 
Margaret A. Gramesly 

Chatsworth 1,087 
Chatsworth Public Library 
Mrs. L. J. Haberkorn 

Chester 2,904 

Tecumseh Library Association 
Wilma Allen 

Chicago 2,701,705 
Chicago Public Library 
Carl B. Roden, Librarian 
Reidar Arentz, Periodical Dept. 
Elizabeth Barnes, Circulation Dept. 
Caroline Bernhardt, Accessions Dept. 
May I. Carroll, Loan Desk 
Katharine Donovan, Registration Dept. 
Carrie L. Elliott, Reference Dept 
Bessie Goldberg, Catalog Dept. 
Nathan R.' Levin, Deposits Dept. 
Charles Lhotka, Civics and Documents 


J. Ritchie Patterson, Binding Dept. 
John F. Phelan, Branches 
William A. Purer, Stations 
Lydia G. Robinson, Publications Dept. 
Benjamin M. Smith, Evening and Holiday 
Christian Sonne, Stacks 
Frank E. Waska, Arts and Crafts 
Adah F. Witcomb, Dir, of Training Class 



ILLINOIS Continued 
Chicago Continued 

John Crerar Library, Michigan Ave. and 
Randolph St. 
Clement W. Andrews 

Newberry Library, Waltin PI. and N. Clark 
G. B. Utlcy 

Pullman Public Library 
Bertha S. Ludlam 

Sec Part 1 for American Library Association 

Chicago Heights 19,653 
Chicago Heights Township Public Library 
May Donaldson 

Chillic othe i ,9 86 

Chillicothe Township Public Library 
Gladys E, Carroll 

Cicero 44,995 
Cicero Public Library 
William Teal 

Clinton 5,898 
Vespasian Warner Library 
Lillian Kent 

Danville 35,000 
Danville Public Library 
Belle Seiwell 

Decatur 43,8*8 
Decatur Public Library 
Mrs. Alice G. Evans 

DeKalb 9,071 
DKalb Public Library 
Mrs. E. B, Murray 

D eland 1,452 

DeLand Township Carnegie Library 
Mabel Rodman 

Delavea 1,1:91 

Ayers (Township) Public Library 
Edith M. Pitlsford 

a' 3,45* 
DesPlamcs Public Library 
Mrs. Harriet B. Cook 

Dixon 8,191 
Dixon Public Library 
Mary F, Wynn 

Downers Grore-~-3,543 

Grove Public Library 
M, Bryce 

ILLINOIS Continued 
Dundee 2,000 

Dundee Township Public Library 
Mrs. Janet Morse 

DuQuoin 7,285 
DuQuoin Public Library 

Earlville 1,012 

Earlville (Township) Public Library 
Fannie M. Burlingame 

East Moline 8,675 
East Moline Public Library 
Virginia H. Edwards 

East St. Louis 80,000 
East St. Louts Public Library 
J. I.yon Woodruff 

Edwardsville 5,336 
Edwardsvillc Public Library 
Sarah Coventry 

Effingham 4,024 

EffmRhnm Ladie's Library Association 
Agnes Sudbrink 

Elgin 30,000 

Gail Rorckn (Township) Library 
Kathcrine Abbott 

Elmburst 4,594 
Klmhtirst Public Library 
Mrs. Kathcrine Brcitenbach 

Elmwood 1,242 
Elmwood Public Library 
Mrs. Ella K. Walton 

El Paso 1,638 
Kl Paso Public library 
Hortcnsc Fcrrcll 

Evanston 37,334 
Kvanston Public Library 
Ida F. Wright 

Fairbiiry 2,533 
Downing Memorial Library 
Mildred G. McCorrnack 

Farmer City -a T ooo 
Farmer City Public Library 
KstcIIa Wecclamn 

Farmington Public Library 
Mintu Schrtonover 

Flora 3,558 
Flora Public Library 

Mary L. Hanna 


ILLINOIS Continued 
Forest Park 10,768 
Forest Park Public Library 
Florence M. Barry 

Freeport 19,669 
Freeport Public Library 
Ruth P. Hughes 

Fulton 2,445 
Fulton Public Library 
Laura C. Loomis 

Galena 6,000 
Galena Public Library 
Anna P. Hughlett 

Galesburg 23,834 
Galesburg Public Library 
Anna F. Hoover 

Galva 2,974 

Galva Township Public Library 
Blanche Morgan 

Geneseo 2,375 

Genesep (Township) Public Library 
Sophia Grant 

Geneva 2,803 

Geneva (Township) Public Library 
Katie Lee Hawkins 

Gibson City 2,500 

Moycr Public Library 
Mrs. Lucy Cutler 

Gilman 1,448 

Douglas (Township) Public Library 
Frances Perkins 

Glencoe 3,381 
Glcncoe Public Library 
Sarah S. Hammond 

Glen Ellyn -2,851 
Glen Ellyn Public Library 
Grace McMahon 

Granite City 14,757 
Granite City Public Library 
Mrs. O. B. Stallings 

Grayville 1,749 

Grayville Carnegie Public Library 
Delia Miller 

Greenfield 1,149 
Greenfield Public Library 
Harriet Vandaveer 

Greenup 1,230 

Greenup (Township) Public Library 
Mrs. Bonnie Kelly 

ILLINOIS Continued 

Greenville 3,091 
Greenville Public Library 
Mrs. Bettie Harris 

Griggsville 1,343 
Griggsville Public Library 
Mary Gibbs 

Hamilton 1,698 
Hamilton Public Library 
Mrs. Lizzie Lane 

H arr isburg 1 0,000 
Mitchell Carnegie Public Library 
Mona M. Goodrich 

Harvard 3,294 
Delos F. Diggins Library 
Ida LuGehrig Dickson 

Harvey 9,216 
Harvey Public Library 
Mrs. Sarah E. Daniels 

Havana 3,614 
Havana Public Library 
Rubie F. Aubere 

Herrin 10,986 
Herrin Public Library 
Mrs. Charles Campbell 

Highland Park 7,000 
Highland Park Public Library 
Helen Welch 

Hillsboro 5,074 
Hillsboro Public Library 
Bertha Welge 

Hinsdale 4,042 

Hinsdale Public Library 
Mrs. Ella F. Ruth 

Homer 1,080 
Homer Public Library- 
Josephine Hardesty 

Hoopeston 5,451 
Hoopeston Public Library 
L. E. Southwick 

Jacksonville 15,713 

Jacksonville Public Library 
Mrs. Nathalie Scribner 

Jergeyville 4,113 

Jerseyvilie Carnegie Public Library 
Lou D. McGrady 

Johnston City 7,137 

Johnston City Public Library 
M. A. Pillow 


ILLINOIS -Continued 
Joliet 38,442 
Joliet Public Library 
Mrs. Rina Barrickman 

Kankakee 21,340 
Kiiiilcakcc Public Library 
Dorothy Brown 

Kewanee 1 6,026 

Kewanee (Township) Public Library 
Harriet P, Turner 

Knoxville 1,708 
Knoxville Public Library 
Mrs. Charity Pcnu 

Lafayette 5,700 
Ira C. Need Public Library 
Mrs. Kthel Riggs 

LaGvange G 525 
LpGratitfe Public Library 
Louise DcWilt 

LaHarpe 1,323 
LaHarpe Canu^io Library 
Charity Shrier 

Lake Forest 4,107 
Lake Forest Public Library 
Frances F,. Kemp 

LaSalle -13,050 
LaSalle Public Library 
Katharync Cok-man 

Lawrenceville 4,71 3 
Lruvrenee Township Library 
Lois Hifth smith 

Lena 1,500 
Luna Public Library 
Katharine Krapc 

Lewis I own 2,600 
Lc:\vi'>tmvn Public Library 
Mary MrCumbur 

Lexington '1,30 1 
Lexington Public Library 
Lois I. Mi: I/aria ml 

Libortyvillc 2,125 
Libertyville Public Library 
Mrs. Qiarlrs Jarnftt 


Lin<-nhi Pu?lic 
Ida M, Webster 

l Public Library 
Anna L. Davis 

ILLINOIS Continued 
McLean 1,927 

Mt. Hope (Township) Library 
Thelma J. Van Ness 

McComt) 6,714 
McCumb Public Lil>rary 
Mahala Phclps 

Malta 1,091 

Malta Township Library 
Bculah Harrington 

Manhattan 1,118 

Manhattan Township Public Library 
Mrs. C. M. Baker, Pres. 

Marengo 1,758 

Marongo Public Library 
Nellie Fillmore 

Marion 9,582 
Marion Public Library 
Marie Mysch 

Marseilles 3,391 
Marseilles Public Library 
Lyclia Hignall 

Marshall 2,569 
Marshall Public Library 
Margaret Shaw 

Mason City 1,880 
Mason City Public Library 
Mrs. Jessie, P. Stewart' 

Mattoon 13,552 
Mattoon Public Library 
Blanche CJray 

May wood 12,072 
Maywuod Public Library 
Mrs. Klizabflh M, Southward 

Molrose Park 7,147 
Melrosc Parlc Public Library 
Mrs. Harriet Munton 

Mendota 3,934 
Graves Public Library 
Sadie !v WiU'ox 

Metroplis 6*670 
Motropi^lis Public Library 
Mrs. Dai.y NVulsh 

Milford 1,466 

Mil ford (Township) Pnhlic Library 
Kthrl Patterson 

Minonk 2,icx) 
Fil^r Library 
Edith Ford 


ILLINOIS Continued 
Moline 30,734 
Moline Public Library 
Minnie Kohler 

Momence 2,218 

Edward Chipman Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha A. Durham 

Monmouth 9,128 
Warren County Public Library 
Winnifred Wenneistroum 

Monticello 2,280 

Allterton Public Library 
Lena Bragg 

Morgan Park 2,329 
Geo. C Walker Library 
Clara L. German 

Morris 4,505 
Morris Public Library 
Gertrude Andrews 

Morrison 3,000 
Odell Public Library 
Anna E. Corcoran 

Mt. Carmel 7,456 
Mt. Carmel Public Library 
Mrs. Clara Foster 

Mt. Carroll 1,806 

Mt. Carroll Carnegie Public Library 
Floy Orr 

Mt. Sterling 1,932 
Mt. Sterling Public Librarv 
Eva M. Brewer 

Mt. Vernon 11,000 
Mt. Vernon Carnegie Public Library 
Gertrude Moller 

Naperville 3,830 
Nichols Public Library 
M. B. Egermann 

Nauvoo 1,321 

Nanvop Public Library 
Marie Masberg 

North Chicago 5,839 

North Chicago Public Library 
Marian E. Nelson 

Oak Park 39,858 

Scoville Institute Public Library 
Helen A. Bagley 

Odell 1,069 

Odcli Township Public Library 
Harriet Shiveley 

ILLINOIS Continued 

Oglesby 4,135 
Oglesby Public Library 
Mrs. O. L. Jones 

Olney 6,000 
Olney Public Library 
Cora B. Morris 

Onarga 1,302 
Onarga Public Library 
Mrs. Edna F. Stratton 

Oregon 2,227 

Oregon (Township) Public Library 
Emily H. Cartwright 

Orion 1,400 

Western Township Public Library 
Esther V. Samuelson 

Ottawa 12,000 
Reddick Public Library 
Vilda Beem 

Pana 8,000 

Carnegie-Schuyler Library 
Mrs. Nellie Russell 

Paris 7,985 

Paris Carnegie Public Library 
Leota Price 

Park Ridge 3,383 
Park Ridge Public Library 
Frances E. Holbrook 

Paxton 3,033 

Paxton Carnegie Public Library 
Emma Meharry 

Pekin 12,086 
Pekin Public Library 
Anna M. Smith 

Peoiia 76,121 
Peoria Public Library 
Edwin Wiley 

Peru 9,010 
Peru Public Library 
Fanny Snyder 

Petersburg 2,432 
Petersburg Public Library 
Nelle M. Smith 

Pinckneyville 2,649 
Pinckneyville Public Library 
Carrie E. Carlson 

Pittafield 3,000 
Pittsfield Public Library 
Helen S. Shadel 


ILLINOIS Continued 
Piano 1,473 

Little Rock Township Public Library 
Mrs. Maud E. Hcmiing 

Polo 2,632 

Buffalo Free (Township) Public Library 
Edith C. McCoy 

Pontiac 8,000 

Pontiac Public Library 
Nell Thornton 

Princeton 4,126 

Mat son Public Library 
Agues M. Robinson 

Quincy 36,750 
(Juincy Free Public Library 
Margaret Ringicr 

River Forest 4,358 
River Forest Public Library 
(JiU'cuic A. Barker 

Robinson 3,375 
Robin ton Carnegie (Township) Public 

ICrtna Dunkam 

Rochelle 3,310 

Flag (Township) Public Library 
Minnie J. Simons 

Rockford 65,651 

Rock ford Carnegie Public Library 
Jane P, riubbell 

Rock Island 35>i77 
Rock Island Public Library 
Ellen Gale 

Rockton 9,361 

Talcoft Free (Township) Public Library 
Mary C Forward 

Rushville 2,600 
Rushville Public Library 
Rosa Jackson 

St. Charles 5,627 

St. Charles (Township} Public Library 
Mary M, Stewart 

Salem 3,457 

Bryan Bennett Public Library 
Mary Davenport 

Sandwich a,49 
Sandwich Public Library 

Savanna 5,237 

Savanna Township Public Library 
Hat tie L. Grevt: 

ILLINOIS Continued 
Sheffield 1,265 
Sheffield Public Library 
Inez Pervicr 

Shelbyville 4,500 
Shclbyvillc Public Library 
Onia Stewardson 

Sheldon 1,182 

Sheldon (Township) Public Library 
Ramon a Ross 

Springfield 59,183 

Lincoln Library 
Martha Wilson 

S\v first Illinois entry for state library 

Spring Valley 8,000 

Spring Valley Public Library 
Margaret Woods 

Staunton 6,027 

Staunton Public Library 
Mrs. K. J. Lancaster 

Sterling 8,182 

Sterling Public Library 
Sadie F. Murphy 

Streator 18,000 
Streator Public Library 
Clara lloadlcy 

Sullivan 2,532 
Sullivan Public Library 
Lucy Jennings 

Sycamore 3,962 
Sycamore Public Library 
Julia S. Osbornc 

Taylorville 7,000 
Taylorvillc Public Library 
Aline K. Kmery 

Toulon 1,235 
Toulon Public Library 
Elizabeth L, I, yon 

Tuscola 3,000 
Tuscola Public Library 
Kate E. Moore 

Urbana 10,244 
Urbana Public Library 
Ida B. Hsiiu's 

Vandalia 3,316 
Vawlalia Public Library 
Mrs, S. H. Murray 

Vienna 'i2i7 
Vienna Public Library 
Kate Gray 


ILLINOIS Continued 

Virgina 1,600 
Virginia Public Library 
Mrs. Alice Martin 

Warren 1,723 

Warren (Township) Public Librai : 
Mrs. Rhoda Spoftord 

Warsaw 2,254 
Warsaw Public Library 
Mrs. Clara Mills 

Waterloo 2,200 
Waterloo Public Library 
Mrs. M. R. Hoener 

Waterman 1,129 
Clinton Township Public Library 
Mrs. W. S. Andrews 

Watseka 2,817 
Watseka Public Library 
Mrs. Josephine M. Yount 

Waukegan 19,226 
Waukcgan Public Library 
Laura J. Perrin 

Waverly 1,510 
Wavorly Public Library 
Goldia M. Cline 

White Hall3,873 
White Hall Public Library 
Nell Strang 

Wilmette 8,000 
Wilniette Public Library 
Sue Osmothcrly 

Wilmington i ,597 
Wilmington Public Library 
Eva Cassingham 

Winchester 1,600 
Winchester Public Library 
Mrs. Jessie M, Henry 

Winnetka 6,694 
Winnetka Public Library 
Mary E. Hewes 

Woodstock 5,523 

Woodstock Public Library 
Lura M. Wandrack 

Wyoming 1,506 
Wyoming Public Library 
Mrs. Lucy D. Graves 

Wheaton 4,137 
Adams Memorial Library 
Vivian Marie Reber 

Wenona 1,442 

Bond Library 
Frances Kleiber 

Indianapolis State Capital 
Indiana State Library 
Demarchus C. Brown 

Public Library Commission of Indiana 
Wm. J. Hamilton, Sec. 

Albion 1,142 
Public Library 
Lutie Earle 

Alexandria 4,172 

Public Library 
Mrs. Ralph Bertsche 

Anderson 29,767 

Public Library 
Margaret A, Wade 

Andrews '1,071 
Public Library 
Mrs. Olive Glaze 

Angola 2,650 

Public Library 
Irma Garrett 

Attica 3,392 

Public Lib'rary 
Katherine Fisher 

Auburn 4,650 
Public Library 
Mrs, Virginia Emanuel 

Aurora 4,299 
Public Library 
Constance Wilder 

Bedford 9,076 

Public Library 
Minta Stone 

Bloomfield 1,872 

Public Library 
Mary Lamb 

Bloomington 11,595 

Public Library 
Mrs. Katherine G. Poulson 

Bluffton 5,391 
Public Library 
Mrs. Ida Ashbaucher 

Boonville 4,451 
Public Library 
Mrs. Anna Isley 

Brazil 9,293 

Public Library 
Mrs. Gerna Gunnison 

Brookville 2,220 

Public Library 
Mrs. Martha B. Kimble 



INDIANA Continued 
Lafayette 22,480 

Public Library 
Flora Rugcr 

Lagrange 1,610 

Public" Library 
Mrs. G. l. Herbert 

Laporte 15,158 

Public Library 
Mrs. Jennie B. Jcssup 

Lavrenceburg 3,464 
Public Library 
Corinne Tebbs 

Public Library 
Mrs. Cora O. Bynum 

Liberty 1,292 

Public Library 
Ksther Hamilton 

Ligonicr 2,037 

Public Library 
Mrs. Lena W. Stansbury 

L niton 5,845 
Public Library 
Adria D. Humphreys 

togansport 2 
Public Library 
Alice D. Stevens 

Lowell 1,197 

Public Library 
Mrs. Mary L. Davis 

Lyons 894 

Lyons Association Library 
J. K. McCartcr 

Madison -6,7*1 

Public Library 
Nellie G. Harper 

Marion 23,747 
Public Library 
Daisy Springer 

Marion County. .SY* 1 Indianapolis 

MartinsviUe* 4,895 

Pnblir Library 

INDIANA Continued 
Miahawaka 15,195 
Public Library 
Lyndcll Ma riling 

Mitchell 3,025 
Public Library 
Grace E. Mitchell 

Monon 1,357 
Public Library 
Emma A. Pogue 

Monticello 2,536 
Public Library 
Nora (J. ( larduer 

Public Librarv 
Bt-llc I. Shull 

Mooresville 1,781 
Public Library 
Mrs, Morris Tallcy 

Mt. Vcrnon 5.284 

Public Library 
Lola Nolle 

Muncie 36,524 
Public Library 
Mary Torrancc 

Nappanec 2,678 

Public Library 
Rachel Sticr 

Nashville 323 

Public Library 
Mrs. ClroorKc Allison 

New Albany 22,992 
Public Library 

L, Clark 

Township Library 
Susii* H. Dowtrman 

g 1,295 
Public Library 
Mrs. Kilwunl Jones 

New Castle *4,4$8 
PuMi<? Library 
1-ulu Chrihtncr 

New Harmony i, i so 
Public Library 
Mrs. Nora (", FreU 

City 1 
Public Library 
Mary 1J. Snyo'er 

Public Library 
Lulu M. Mie^ 


INDIANA Continued 
North Judson 1,189 

Public Library 
Dr. G. B. Corbitt, Pres. 

North Manchester 2,711 

Public Library 
Marie N. Creager 

North Vernon (County) 12,280 
Jennings County Library 
Mrs. Isaac P. Caldwell 

Oakland City 2^270 
Public Library 
Retta McCullough 

Orleans 1,408 
Public Library 
Mabel Wallace 

Osgood 1,093 

Public Library 
Mrs. Clara B. Jones 

Owenaville 1,239 
Public Library 
Mrs. Jessie B. Mauck 

Paoli 1,520 
Public Library 
Mabel Hollowcll 

Pendleton 1,244 

Public Library 
Evangeline E. Lewis 

Peru 12,410 

Public Library 
Mrs. May Hurst Fowler 

Picrceton 1.018 

Public Library 
Marie Shanton 

Plainfield 1,303 
Public Library 
Orrell Negus 

Plymouth 4,338 
Public Library 
Mrs. Edna S. Baker 

Portland 5.958 

Public Library 
Louise Timmonds 

Princeton 7,132 
Public Library 
Anna F. Embree 

Remington 1,044 

Public Library 
Mollie Shearer 

INDIANA Continued 
Rensselaer 2,912 
Public Library 
Antoinette Price 

Richmond 26,765 

Public Library 
Mrs. Ada L. J3ernhardt_ 

Ridge ville 1,942 
Public Library 
Mrs. Florence GrafTg 

Rising Sun 1,411 

Public Library 
Jane North 

Rochester 16,478 

Public Library 
Grace Stingly 

Ro-ckport 2,581 

Public Library 
Jessie G. Harrison 

Rockville 1,968 

Public Library 
Mary E. Lambert 

Rushrille 5,498 

Public Library 
Mary A~ Sleeth 

Salem 2,836 
Public Library 
Bertha Mayfield 

Scottsburg (County) 7,424 
Scott County Library 
Kate Morrison 

Public Library 
Katharine Frazee 

Shelbyville 9,701 

Public Library 
Bertha Bowlby 

Sheridan 1,761 
Public Library 
Nellie Pettijohn 

Shoals 1,034 

Public Library 
Mrs. Marie Brown 

South Bead 70,983 

Public Library 
Virginia M. Tutt 

South Whitley 1,074 
Public Library 
Mrs. Anne Metzger 



INDIANA Continued 

Spencer 2,066 
Public Library 
Blanche Barr 

Sullivan 4,489 

Public Library 
Mrs. Alice M. Burns 

Syracuse 1,171 

Public Library 
Helene Bowld 

Tell City 4,086 
Public Library 
Mrs, Emma B. Phillij 

Terre Haute 66,083 
Public Library 
Airs. Sallic C. Hughes 

Thorntown 1,432 

Publir Library 
Ruth M. Cox 

Tipton 4,507 

Public Library 

Mrs. Sam Matthews 

Union City 3,400 
Public Library 
Jessie L. Kerr 

Public Library 
Xada M. Carr 

Vcvay 1,175 

Public Library 
Maytne C, Snipes 

Vinccnncs -i 7,2 10 
Public Library 
P!lla Davidson 

Wafcash 9,873 

Public Library 
Kffic Roberts 

Walkerton 1,031 

Public Library 
M n belle Conrad 

Warren 1,510 
Public Library 
Ine* Black 

INDIANA Continued 
Waterloo 1,172 
Public Library 
Leora Veagy 

Whiting 10,145 
Public Library 
Adah Shelly 

Williamsport 1,088 

Public Library 
Mina Dannccker 

Winamac 1,684 

Public Library 
Joanna O'Coimell 

Winchester 4,021 
Public Library 
Mary J. Uiggs 

Woi thington '1,853 
Public Library 
Dorothy Slrouse 

IOWA 2,404,021 
DCS Aloinrs State Capital 

Iowa Library Cow mission 
Julia A. Robinson 

I own State Library 
Johiibon Brighain 

Adel 1,455 

Add Public Library 
Pearl De Reus 

Afton 1,178 

Afton Library Assncintion 
Bertha C. Mailed y 

Albia 5,067 

Carncftic Public Library 
Mrs. Latira M. Duncan 

Algona 3.724 
Canu'^ic Public Library 
Gertrude I, Sheridan 

Allcrton 950 

AlU-rt'm Public Library 
El In Lowry 

Alta 1,290 
Alta PuMic Li)>rary 
Grace Clemons 

Warsaw 5,478 
Public Library 
Miriam Nctter 

Washington #,743 
Public Library 


Public Library 
Kittle B. Freed 

Anamosa 2 t 88)t 
Anamosa Public Library 
Mac Birk 


IOWA Continued 
Anita 968 

Anita Public Library 
Ida Biggs 

Atlantic 5,329 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mary N. Adams 

Audubon 2,108 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Gertrude Nelson 

Avoca 1,482 

Avoca P'ublic Library 
Mrs. W. A. Maxwell 

Bedford 2,073 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. "C. B. Beafl 

Belle Plaine 

Belle Plaine Library Association 
Mrs. Ida Rank 

Belmond 1,797 
Belmond Public Library 
Mrs. Annie B. Case 

Bloomfield 2,064 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mary H. Hinkle 

Boone 12,451 

Bonne Ericson Public Library 
Bessie MofFat 

Britt 1,619 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Grace Smith 

Brooklyn 1,533 
Brooklyn Public ILibrary 
Gertrude A. Newkirk 

Burlington 24057 
Burlington Public Library 
Mrs. C. P. Millard ' 

Carroll 4,354 

Carnegie Public Library 
Sadie R. Stevens 

Cedar Falls 6,316 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary 0. Stuart 

Cedar Rapids 45,566 
Carnegie Public Library 
E. Joanna Hagcy 

Centerville 8,486 
Drake Public Library 
Mrs. Ada Peavey 

IOWA Continued 

Chariton 5,175 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. A. L. Leonard 

Charles City 7,350 

Carnegie Public Library 
Belle Caldwell 

Cherokee 5,824 
Carnegie Public Library 
Ruth Gibbons 

Clarinda 4,511 
Carnegie Public Library 
Harriet Foster 

Clarion 2,826 

Evarts Public Library 
Mrs. Belle P. Birdsall 

Clear Lake 2,804 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs^M. J. Bowman 

Clinton 24.151 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary A. Egan 

Golf ax 2,504 
Carnegie Public Library 
Josephine Logsdon 

Coon Rapids 1,328 
Coon Rapids Public Library 
Mrs. M. Schlotterback 

Corning 1,840 
Rawson Public Library 
Idclle Riddile 

Correctionville 1,010 

Correctionville Library Association 
Mrs, F. W. Woodruff 

Corydon 1,867 

Carnegie Public Library 
Gertrude Rew 

Council Bluffs 361,162 
Carnegie Public Library 
Cora Hendee 

Gresco 3,195 
Carnegie Public Library 
Abbie J. Converse 

Creston 8,034 
Creston Public Library 
Bella Aldefson 

Davenport 56,727 

Carnegie Public Library 
Grace Shellenberger 



IOWA Continued 
Decorah 4,039 

Decorah Public Library 
Katherinc Jewell 

Denison 3,581 
Carnegie Public Library 
Grace E. Meyers 

Des Moines 1,26,468 
DCS Moincs Public Library- 
Grace n. Rose 

Sec first Iowa entry for state library and li- 
brary commission 

De Witt 1,849 
Carnegie Public Library 
Elsie F. Saxton 

Bow City 1)^45 
Dow City Library Association 
Kllen (Joddarcl 

Dubuque 39,141 
Carnegie-Stout Public Library 
May M. Clark 

Dunlap 1,455 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, H. B. Craft 

Eagle Grove 4,433 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Alrbic Lukensmeyer 

Eldon 2,091 

Carnegie Public Library 
Rcva Hughes 

Eldora 3,189 
Carnegie Public Library 
Fannie R. Wilson 

Emmetsburg 2,762 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Lillian Appleby 

Estherville 4,699 
Can ic Kit-' Public Library 
Lucilc Peterson 

Fairfield 5,948 
Carnoffio Public Library 
Emma L Kirk 

Forest City i>x45 
Forest City Public Library 
Mrs. A. V, F-rricson 

Fort Dodge 10,347 
Carnegie Pnblir Library 
Isabella C Hopper 

Fort Madison 1 2,066 
fatlrruvile Public Library 
Rt'brtTn Ursser 

IOWA Continued 
Garner -1,311 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. F. M. Spayde 

Glenwood 3,862 
Carnegie Public Library 
Neva Russell 

Greenfield 1,707 
Carnegie Public Library 
Isabelle Sidey 

Greene 1,375 

Greene Library Association 
Mrs. C. V. Cave, Pres. 

Gririnell 5,862 
Stewart Public (Library 
Mrs. Evelyn Bray 

Grundy Center 1,749 
Carnegie Public Library* 
Mrs, \V. R, Haldcn 

Hamburg 2,017 
CanuCfiY Fnblic Library 
Mrs. F. F. Beal 

Hampton 2,993 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mary K, Kingslmry 

Harlan 2,831 
Harlan Public Library 
Mrs. Minnie Brazie 

Hawarden 2,491 
Carnegie Public Library 
Klsie Macomber 

Humboldt 2,232 
Carnegie Public Library 
N'ellie F. Pinney 

Humeston 1,214 
Hnmeston Public Library 
Mrs. Susie WalU-tU' 

Ida Grove 2,020 
Ida (Jroyi* Public Library 
Alice MeWilliams 

Independence -3,672 
Mtms^n Public Library 

Indianola 3,6 

Cjirnetjii' Public Library- 
Mary Mc 

Iowa City n r 2G7 

k* Public Library 


IOWA Continued 
Iowa Falls 3,954 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Florence Anders 

Jefferson^ 3,416 
Carnegie Public Library 
Nellie Hopper 

Kcokuk 14,423 
Rice Public Library 
Nannie P. Fulton 

Keosauqua 1,117 
Keosauqua Public Library 
Mrs. Josie B. Shermand 

Knoxville 3,523 

Carnegie Public Library 
Ruthe E. "Browne 

Lake City 2,110 

Carnegie Public Library 
Blanche I. Hackett 

Lamoni 1,787 
Lamoni Public Library 
Mrs. G. A. Plate 

Lansing 1,447 

Lansing Public Library 
Martha Hemenway 

Le Mars 4.683 
Carnegie Public Library 
Ada Richards 

Leon 2,193 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, Sacfa Forbes Stout 

Logan 1,637 
Carnegie Public Library 
Winifred McCoid 


Young Men's Library Association 
Jeannette F. Balch 

McGregor 1,289 
McGregor Public Library 
Mrs. Lena D. Myers 

Malvern 1,195 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. A Keckley 

Manchester sVm 
Carnegie Public Library 
Margaret E. Lindsey 

Maquoketa 3,626 
Carnegie Public Library 
Helen Morse 

IOWA Continued 
Marengo 2,048 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. M. A. Raney 

Marion 4,138 

Carnegie Public Library 
Lenna Huffman 

Marshallto wn 1 5,73 1 
Carnegie Public Library 
Callie Wieder 

Mason City 20,065 
Carnegie Public Library 
Lydia M. Barrette 

Missouri Valley 3,985 
Carnegie Public Library 
Bessie Fensler 

Montezuma 1,273 

Carnegie Public Library 
Ida B. 'Gordon 

Monticello 2,257 
Carnegie Public Library 
Janet Harzard 

Morning Sun 948 
Morning Sun Public Library 
Lemma Beck 

Mt. Ayr '1,738 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. 'Luella T. Tidrick ' 

Mt. Pleasant 3,987 
Carnegie Public Library 
Elena E. Budde 

Mount Vernon 1,466 
Mount Vernon College and Public Library 

Muscatine 16^068 
Musser Public Library 
Ellen G. Stocker 

Nashua 1,317 
Carnegie Public Library 
Fannie V. Eastman 

Nevada 2,668 

Sill'iman Public Library 
Alice L. Lewis 

New Hampton 2,539 
Carnegie Public Library 
Isabella Powers 

Newton 6,627 
Carnegie Public Library 
Gypsie Patten 


IOWA Continued 
Northwood 1,597 

NorUuvood Library Association 
Mrs. A. K. Trustem 

Odebolt 1,445 

Carnegie Public Library 
Grace Hanson 

Oelwein 7,455 
Oelvvcin Public Library 
Mrs. G. Gleason 

Ona-wa 2,256 

Carnegie Public Library 
Helen K. Allen 

Orange City 1,632 
Orange Citv Public Library 
Mrs. B. 1L Vancle Wan 

Osage 2,878 

Canu'Rie Public Library 
Keua Gray 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. 1 1 den Inghrum 

Oskaloosa 9,427 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary B. Lee 

Ottumwa 23,003 
Carman 4 Public Library 
May B, Ditch 

Panora 958 

Punora Public Library 
Mrs. A. W. MeBrkle 

Parker sburg 1,108 
Parkerslmrtf Public Library 
Mrs. K A. lictx 

Pelta 3,338 

Curnt'KUr Public Library 
Atfnr.s Bosquet 

Perry 5,642 

CariN'KiV Public Library 
Flora B. Baiky 

Poatvillc 1,039 
Postvill*' Public Library 

Red Oak 5,578 

Carnr^ir Public Library 
Sarah Palmer 


unuM'i'* Public Library 
Thclnui Davi.s 

IOWA Continued 
Rockford 1,031 
Rock ford Public Library 
Mrs. Jennie Fullerton 

Rock Rapids 2,172 

Public Library 
Mrs. N. M. Wilson 

Rockwell City ^039 
Carnegie Public Library 
Ross Vontrees 

Sac City 2,630 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. II. K. Kluve 

Sanborn 1,497 

Carnegie Public Library 
/a idee McCullow 

Sheldon 3,488 

C'.inu'gic Public Library 
Mrs. Elect ra M chili re 

Shenandoak 5,255 

Canute Public Library 
M. Kerdina Jay 

Sibley i ,803 

Carnegie Pul)lic Library 
Mrs. II. J. Harvey 

Sigourney 2,2x0 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Orel M. Cracker 

Sioux City 71,227 
Carurt;ie Public Librnry 
C. W. Sunnier 

MornSn,t^:ifU' CcilU^c Library 
Mrs. Jessie II. J ark sou 

Spencer 4,599 
Omn'KH 1 Public Library 
Mrs. Olds 

Spirit take 1,701,. 
< ztrnct'ir Public Library 
Mrs. Ruth Marble 

Storm Lake 3,058 

Librar> 4 

Stuart 1,7*6 
Otrwtfie Pt 
Mrs. C, 11, Leiw 


Tama 3,601 

CanH'tfi*' Put>lic, Librnry 
Mrs. II C Woods 


IOWA Continued 
Tipton 2,142 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mayme Walters 

Toledo 1,604 
Toledo Public Library 
Mrs. Velma Harlow 

Traer 1,329 

Carnegie Public Library 
Ainslie Law 

Villisca 2,111 
Carnegie Public Library 
Frances J. Barker 

Vinton 3,381 

Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth F. Williams 

Washington 4,697 
Jane A. Chilcote Public Library 
Eve G. Denny 

Waterloo 36,230 

Carnegie Public Library 
Maria C. Brace 

Waukon 2,359 
Waukon Public Library 
Jennie M. Jones 

Waverly 3,352 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. E. L. Kenney 

Webster City 5,657 
Kendall Young Public Library 
E. D. Burgess 

West Liberty 1,834 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Adelaide Stober 

Winterset 2,906 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Blanche Howard 

Woodbine 1,463 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Belle H. True 

KANSAS 1,769,257 


^ Topeka State Capital 

Winfield Freeman 
Kansas State Travel. Libr. Comm. 
Louise McNeal, Secretary 

Abilene 5,026 

Public Library 
Lida Romig 

Altoona 1,016 
Memorial Library, Young Women's Club 

KANSAS Continued 
Anthony 2,839 
Public Library 
Lora Orr 

Arcadia 1,175 

Public Library 

Arkansas City 11,253 
Public Library 
Mrs. A B. Ranney 

Ashland 1,147 

Public Library 

Atchison 12,630 
Public Library 
Jessie G. Isbell 

Augusta 4,219 

Public Library 
Daisy D. Fenton 

Baxter Springs 3,608 
Johnston Public Library 
Lotta Smith 

Beloit 2,359 
Beloit Public Library 
Mrs. J, M. Hamilton 

Blue Rapids 1,100 
Library Association 

Burlington 2,236 
Public Library 
Mrs. Delia Hall 

Caldwell 3,191 

Carnegie Library 
Ditha A, Lay 

Caney 3,47 

Caney Public and High School Library- 
Mrs. Eva Jarvis 

Chanute 10,286 
Carnegie Public Library 
Lydxa Sain 

Cherokee 1,091 
Public Library 

Cherryvale 4,698 
Cherryvale Public Library 
Mrs. Nora Yockey 

*Clay Center 3,715 
Public Library 
Nannie Reed 



KANSAS Continued 
Clyde 1,063 

Research Club Library 

Coffeyville 13,452 

Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth 2. Hull 

Colby 1,114 
Colby Public Library 

Coldwater 1,207 
Public Library 
Mrs. S. K. Holmes 

Columbus 3,155 
Public Library 
Saydie L, Harninelt 

Concordia 4,705 
Public Library 
Mrs. Ella R. Cox 

Conway Springs 1,120 
Public Library 
Mamie, V*, Gilbert 

Council Grove ^857 
Fri'i* Public Library 
Winifred Nicholson 

Dodge City 5,061 
Public Library 
Mrs. S, F, Fox 

Douglass i ,010 
Public Library 
Mrs, C/co, C Sncll 

Downsi ,508 
Carnegie Library 
C, IX Jones, Sec'y of Board 

El Dorado 10,905 
Public Library 
Mildred Kilgore 

Ellsworth 2,065 
Robbing Memorial Library 

Emporia--x 1,273 
Free Public Library 
Nora Daniel 

Eureka 3,606 
Public Library 
Emma L Smith 

Fort Scott xa,839 
Public Library 
Mary L Barlow 

KANSAS Continued 
Frankfort -1,314 
Public Library 
Mrs. I 7 . PI. Lmvrey, Sec'y 

Fredonia 3,954 

Fredonia Public Library 
Mrs. Viola M. Wilson 

Galena 4,712 
Public Library 
Luni Ames 

Garden City 3,148 
Public Library 

Garnett 2,329 
Garnetl Public Library 
Nannie B. Hunter 

Girard 3,161 
Carnegie Library 
Blanche Warren 

Goodland 2,664 
Goodland Public Library 
Mrs. Bculah Grant 

Great Bend- 4,460 
Public Library 
BXna Deighton 

Halstead 1,163 

Public Library 
Mrs, A. Nclligan 

Harper 1,770 

Public Library 
Ada 1C. Crocker 

Haven 1,301 
Haven Frw* Library 
Mary Hardesty 

Hays 3,165 

(,'unu'Kit! Public Library 
Katlicrinc Mcl-ain 

Public Library 
Mrs, Roberta McKowan 

Hiawatha 3,aaa 
M(rrill Free F*ublic Library 
Rebecca D. Kincr 

Horton -4,009 
Free Library 

Howard 1,079 
Free Library 
Mrs. J. A, Benson, Chairman Ubr. Com. 



KANSAS Continued 
Holton 2,703 
Public Library 

Hutchinson 23,298 
Hutchinson Public Library 
Ida M. Day 

Independence 1 1,920 
Independence Public Library 
Anna M. Gemmell 

lola 8,513 
lola Public Library 
Mrs. Florence P. Cass 

Junction City 7,533 

George Smith ublic Library 
Mary H. Barker 

Kansas City 101,177 
Kansas City Public Library 
Mrs. Sara Judd Greenman 

Kingman 2,407 
Public Library 
Ethel Summers 

Kiowa 1,539 

Public /Library 

LaCygne 1,028 

Public (Library 

Lamed 3,139 

Cummins Memorial Public Library 
Mrs. Sara T. Seiple 

Lawrence 14,474 
Public Library 
Lillian J. Constant 

Lea venworth 1 6 } g 1 2 
Free Public Library 
Elsie Evans 

Liberal 3,613 
Liberal Public Library 

Lincoln 1,613 
Public Library 
Nellie M. Hawkins 

Lyndon 1,004 
Lyndon Public Library 

Lyons 3,516 
Lyons Public Library 
Anna Lasley 

KANSAS Continued 
McPherson 21,845 
Public Library 
Lillian Barber 

Manhattan 7,989 
CarnegieFree Public Library 
Mary Cornelia Lee 

Mankato 1,326 

Public Library 

Marion 22,923 
Public Library 

Meade 5,542 

Public /Library 

Medicine Lodge 1,305 
Lincoln Library 

Minneapolis 1,842 

City Library 
Henrietta Elliott 

Mulvane 1,239 
Mulvane Public Library 

Neodesha 5,673 

Neodesha Public Library 
Marie Hallenberg 

Newton 9,781 
Free Library 
Mrs. Lydia A. McGaughey 

Nickerson 1,049 
Nickerson Public Library 

Norton 2,186 

Norton Public Library 

Oberlin 1,247 
Public Library 

Olathe 3,268 
Carnegie Public Library 
Lillian M. Bell 

Osawatpmie 4,700 
Public Library 
'Mrs. Ada L, Jackson 

Osborne 1,635 
Osbornc Public Library 
Juliet Odgen 



KANSAS Continued 

Oskaloosa 1,009 
Public Library 

Oawego 2,407 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. Anna Nafus 

Ottawa 9,018 

Carnegie Free Public Library 
Alice C. Graham 

Paola 4,500 
Free Public Library 
Issic B. Potts 

Parsons 16,028 
Public Library 
Mrs. Belle Curry 

Peabody 1,369 
Public Library 

Phillipsburg 1,285 
Phillipsburg Public Library 

Pittsburg 18,05* 
Public Library 
Mrs. Theresa G. Randolph 

Plain ville 1,004 
Plain ville Public Library 

Plcasanton '1,097 
Library Club 

Pratt 5,183 
Pratt Public Library 

Protection 1,109 

Public Library 

Russell 1,700 
Russell Public Library 
Mrs. Nellie Kirkman 

Sabetha 3,001 
Mary Cotton Public Library 
Vina Newman 

Public Library 
Mrs, Delia R. Brown 

St. John x $7* 
Public Library 

KANSAS Continued 
Sedan 1,067 
Public Library 

Seneca 1,885 
Free Library 
Ruth Al. Collins 

Smith Center 1,567 
Public Library 
Rose K. Hadclen 

j Stafford 1,752 

Larabee Memorial Library 

Sterling 2,116 
Sterling Public Library 
Annie Walton 

Stockton 1,324 

Stockton Public Library 
Airs. Anna Jacobs 

Topeka 50,022 
Free Public Library 

Caroline F. Mcclicott 

AVt* first Kansas entry for state library and 
trnvelliuK library commission 

Troy 1,013 
Public Library 

Washington 1,406 
Washington Public Library 
Laura Miller 

Weir City -1,945 

Public Li!>rary 

Klla Dodsnn 

Wellington 7,048 
Public Library 
Katlmrint* Hackney 

Wichita 72,217 
Wichita ( "ity Library 
Julius Ludit 

Wilson 1,020 
Public Library 

Winficld 7,933 
Carnegie Public Library 
\ Mrs, Jessie D, Fluston 

Public Lif>rary 
Mrs. Clara A. Wharton 



KENTUCKY 2,416,630 k 
Frankfort State Capital 

Kentucky State Library^ 
Grace Garett Hendrix 

Kentucky Library Commission 
Fannie C. Rawson 

Ashland 14,729 

Ashland Library Association 
Sallie Martin 

Bardstown 1,717 

Bardstown Public Library 
Mrs, Laura Summers 

Clinton 10,244 

Hickman County Library 
Mrs. J. M. Browder 

Columbia 1,022 
Columbia Library 
Minnie Triplett 

Corbin 3,406 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. W. C. Hayward 

Covington 57,121 
Covington Public Library 
Mrs. Anne M. Spears 

Danville 5,099 

Danville Public Library 
Elizabeth Tunis 

Earlington 3,652 
Earlington Public Library 
Mrs. Dixie Fawcett 

Elizabethtown 24,287 

Hard in County Free Library 
Virginia Marriott 

Frankfort 9,805 

Frankfort Public Library 

Nina M. Visscher 

Sec first Kentucky entry for state library 
and library commission 

Fulton 3,415 

Frankfort Public Library 
Mrs. Eli Bynurri 

Georgetown 3,903 
Chambers Avenue Colored Library 
Betty Webb Davis ; 

Georgetown 15,318 

Scott County Free Library 
Mrs. H, G. Henderson 

Glasgow 2,559 
Glasgow, Public Library 

KENTUCKY Continued 
Greenville 1,917 
Greenville Public Library 
Mrs. John F. Reynolds 

Hardin County. See Elizabethtown 

Harrodsburg 3,765 
Harrodsburg Public Library 
Margaret Thomas 

Henderson 12,169 
Carnegie Public Library 
Lillian S. Clay 

Hickman 2,633 
Carnegie Public Library 
J. M. Calvin 

Hickman Oounty. See Clinton 

Hopkinsville 9,690 
Hopkinsville Public Library 
Mrs. Virginia Lipscombe 

Jenkins 4,707 
Jenkins Public Library 
Ida Wade 

LaGrange 1,152 
Public Library 
Mrs, W. J. Crowe 

Lancaster 2,166 

Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. Lucy F. Ballew 

Laurel County. See London 

Lawrenceburg 1,8 1 1 

Lawrenceburg Public Library 
Russell Chambers 

Lexington 41,534 
Lexington Public Library- 
Florence Dillard 

Lincoln County. See Stamford 

London 19,814 

Laurel County Public Library 
Carrie Pennebaker 

Louisa 2,011 
Everybody's Library 
Earl J. Justice 

Louisville 234*891 

Louisville Free Public Library 
George T. Settle, Librarian 
Clara L. Behrens, Order and Accession 


Marion I. Warden, Catalog Dept. 
Jennie M. Flexner, Circulation Dept. 
Caroline Q. Fullerton, Reference Dept 
Bernice W. Bell, Children's Dept. 





Jennie O. Cochran, Stations and Extcn- 

tion Dept. 
Thomas F. Blue, Colored Branch 

Madisonville 5,030 

Madisonvillc Public Library 
Julia Springfield 

Maysville 17,760 

Maysville and Mason County Public Library 
Mary Richeson 

Middlesboro 8,041 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. T. D. Arnold 

Mt, Sterling 3,995 
Athenaeum Library 
Mrs. Lela (iilhspie 

Newport ^9,317 
Newport Public Library 
Henrietta Litzcntlorf 

Nicholas ville 2,786 
Withers Memorial Library 
Mrs. W. R. Porter 

Owcnsboro * 7,424 
(hvensboro Public Library 

Paducah 4,735 
Carnegie Public Library 
Harriett Bos well 

Paris 6,310 

Paris Public Library 
Airs, Mary Kith Ian 

Princeton 3,689 
IVincoJon I^iblic Library 
JVrlc Hawthorn*? 

Scottsvillc 1,327 
(Jivic Loaftue Library 
Sallic IvlnioiuLs 

Scott County. AVt* (Jcorgetown 

Somerset 4,672 
Carnegie Public Library 
Grace C Propiit 

She J by villc 3,760 
Shelbyvilltr Public, Library 
Miss Oay Willis 

Stanford x6^8i 
Lincr>ln County Library 
Hcttifi Paxton 

Springfield 1,529 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. C F. Bosk-y 

Versailles 2,061 
LoRnn Holm Memorial Library 
Airs. M. \V. Edwards 

LOUISIANA 1,798,509 

Ntnv Orleans --Stnto Capital 
Louisiana Stato Law Library 
Alice M. Magco 

Louisinna Library C'ommission 
Dr. David Ricinnan, Chairman 

Abbeville 3,467 
Public Librarv Association 
Mrs. \V. P.'Kdwards, Trcas. 

Alexander 17,510 
Alexander Public Library 

Baton Rouge 31,783 

Baton Rouge Public Library 
Mae I iarmw 

Covington 5^942 
M. C. B. Library 
Mrs. Elmer K, Lyon 

Jennings 3,824 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. M. L. Roberts 

Lake Arthur -1,882 
Carnegie I'ublic: Library 
Ruby (iray 

Lake Charles 13,088 
Carnegie I > ti)>lic Library 
Mrs. C. M. Uee.s 

Monroe 1^,675 
Monroe Public Library 
Mrs. Lillian II Mitrhdl 

New Orleans 387,219 
Public Library 
Henry \\ f . (iill, Librarian 
Mrs, L. I)t'SM>nns, As.Vt Librariatt 
C'oriniu* Doll, CatiU'^t n-pt. 
(,'lrmenrr (iallier, < 'in'ttlating Dept. 
Mrs. M. <*. Jones, Stacks 
Anita MclJinty, Children'* Dept, 

Memorial Library 
Will turn Beer 

.S'<v first L*i!jisia;j entry for ^itt 
and library cf>nuiii<sinn 

Slireveport 43^74 
Pcoj>k**s Library Association 
Claud iu Billin 



MAINE Continued 
MAINE 768,014 

Augusta State Capital 
Maine State Library 
H. E. Dunack 

Addison 1,059 

Mayhew Library Association 
Minnie G. Wass 

(North) Anson 2,593 
Stewart Public Library 
Guy Williams, Prin. Anson Academy 

Ashland 2,391 

Library Association 
Mrs. Delia M. Seeley 

Auburn 16,985 
Public Library 
Georgiana Lunt 

Augusta 14,114 

Lithgow Library and Reading Room 

Julia M, Clapp 
Sec first Maine entry for state library 

Baileyville 2,243 
Woodland Public Library 
Mrs. W. H. Stewart 

Bangor 25,978 
Public Library 
Elmar T. Boyd 

Bar Harbor 2,000 
Jesup Memorial Library 
Inez Suminsbey 

Bath 14,731 
Patten Free Library 
Margaret R. Foote 

Belfast 5,083 
Free Library 
Florence E. Dunton 

Belgrade 1,058 

Grange Library 
Mrs. Bertha B. Thing 

Bethel 1,835 

Bethel Public Library 
Maud L. Thurston 

Biddeford 18,008 

McArthur Library 
Emma Hatch 

Bluehill 1,828 
Ladies Social Library 
Etnrna J. McHowell 

Boothbay Harbor 1,756 
Public Library 
Mrs. Allie L. Orne 

MAINE Continued 
Bradford 954 

John B. Curtis Public Library 
Annie M. Salley 

Brewer 6,064 
Public Library 
Frances H, Aiken 

Bridgeton 2,546 

Public Library 
Agnes M. Haskell 

(North) Bridgeton 2,546 
North Bridgeton Public Library 

Brownville 1,743 

Public Library 
Mrs. Annie Davis 

Brownfield 1,019 
Public Library 
Linna A. Allen 

Brunswick 5,784 
Curtis Memorial Library 
Mary G. Gilman 

Buckfield 1,140 
Zadoc Long Free Library 
Mrs. Minerva E. Allen 

Bucksport 1,906 
Buck Memorial Library 
Alice B. Gardner 

Calais 6,084 
Free Public Library 
Bertha E. Boyd 

Camden 3,403 
Public Library 
Mrs. Emma J. Hosmer 

Cape Elizabeth 1,534 
Thomas Memorial 'Library 
L. L. Jordan 

Caribou 6,018 

Caribou Public Library 
Mrs. Ada M. Britton 

Cherryfield 1,304 
Public Library 
Ida E. Wakefield 

Clinton 1,230 
Brown Memorial Library 
Mrs Lottie W. McNally 

Corinna 1,394 
Stewart Free Library 
Edna A. Hutchins 

Cumberland Center 1,150 
Prince Memorial Library 
Mrs. Cecil Adams 


MAINE Continued 

Danforth r,2oi 
Free Library 
Lois Springer 

Dexter 4,113 
Town Library 

Lizzie S. Springall 

Dixfield 1,134 
Public Library 
Ada L. llammons 

East Livermore 2,636 
Livermore Falls Library 
Cora A. Wynun 

Dover 1,979 
Thompson Free Library 
Mary K. Avcrill 

East Boothbay 1,756 
East Boothbay Free Library 
Mrs. S. I)." Murray 

East Lebanon 1,192 
Public Library 
Mrs. Fred Chamberlain 

East Machias 1,353 
Public Library Association 
Linnie S, Harris 

Eaatport 4,494 
Pcavey Memorial Library 
Mrs. Maude: M. Uogrette 

Eliot x,53o 
William Fotftf Library 
M. Louise Foye 

Ellsworth 3,058 
City Library 
Mary A, Hndgkins 

Lawrence Library 
Mrs, Anna R. Rood 

CutkT Memorial Public Library 
Mrs. Mora A. Brooks 

Port Fairfield 1,093 
Public Library 
Mrs, Kale 1C Kstcs 

Frankfort i,2tt 
Waldo Pierce Reading Room 
Ida Tait 

Freeport 1,075 
Public Library 
Annette H. Aldrich 

g 1,376 
Womun's i'ltib Library 
Mrs, Lucia H, Lukin 

MAINE Continued 
Gardiner 5,475 
Public Library 

Mrs. B. C. "Berry 
Garfield (?. 0.) 2,391 
(larfk'M Public Library 
Mr. Kmilte Bartlett 

Gorham 2,870 
Baxter Memorial Library 
Victoria A.. Magnus son 

Gouldsboro 1,282 

Prospect Harbor Free Public Library 

Grace W. Clark- 
Gray 1,139 
Stimson \fcniorial Library 

Helen L Merrill 

Greenville 1,550 
Public Library 
Mrs. John Brown 

Guilford 1,687 
Free Public Library 
Krnc.stinc Hale 

Hallowell 2,764 
Ilubbard Free Library 
Annie F. Page 

Hai risen 969 
Cuswell Public Library 
Josephine P. Ricker 

Harpswell 1,750 
Orr's Ishuul Library 
C'ecilc Scriptor 

Harrington 1,024 

Public Library 

Luc i an A. 

Hartland 1,140 
l : n*c Public Library 
NVl!i \V. Hairy' 

Hirarn 1,015 
Soldiers' Mrmoriitl Library 

IfoIIis (VmT Library 
Ruth T.'irJujx 

Houlton 6,if>x 

( ? ary Memo rial I^re** Public Library 
Anna Barnes 

Jefferson ^155 

Kichnnlsuti Library 
Winifred IJ. Ladtl 



enbody Memnrinl f^uhlic Library 
Mrs. I), IX Kclky 


MAINE Continued 
Kennebunkport i ,43 1 
Public Library Association 
Mrs. Agnes McCartney 

Kennebunk 3,138 
Parsons Memorial Public Library 
Mrs. Mary R. M. Ross 

First Parish Library 
Mrs. J. E. Ross 

Kittery 4,763 
Rice Public Library 
Eleanor L. Lovell 

Lewiston 31,791 
Public Library 
Annie L. Barr 

Limestone 1,506 
Public Library 
Mrs. Marshall Sharpe 

Limington 1,001 
Davis Memorial Library 
Myra E. Whitney 

Lincoln 1,586 
Public Library 
J. Fred Clark 

Livermore 1,064 

Washburn Memorial Library 
Mrs. Frank Dingley 

Public Library 
Florence A. Nelson 

Lubec 3,371 

Public Library 
I. W. Case 

Machias 2,152 
Porter Memorial Library 
Mary O. Longfellow 

Madison 2,729 

Public Library 
Emm F. Clark 

Mechanic Falls 1,614 

Public Library 
Kate L. Denison 

Milbridge 1,196 
Public Library 
F. S, Nash 

Milliaocket 4,528 
Public Library 
Carl W. Hull 

Milo 2,894 

W. C. T. U. Public Library 
Florence N. Cotter 

MAINE 'Continued 
Monmouth 1,372 
Cumstom Public Library 
Carolyn P. Sherman 

Monson 1,079 
Public Library 
Dorothy Lord 

Mount Desert (Somesville) 1,569 
Somesville Library (summer only) 
Mrs. Pearl Smith 

Mount Desert (Northeast Harbor) 1,569 
N. E. H. Public Library (summer subscrip- 
tion library) 
Sophia Lee 

Mount Desert (Seal Harbor) 1,569 
Seal Harbor Public Library 
Mary Mae Naughton 

New Gloucester 1,384 
Public Library 
Mrs. Louise E. True 

Newport 1,709 
Public Library 
Mina S. Cary 

Norridgewock 1,532 

Public Library 
Mrs. E. E. Whiting 

North Berwick 1,652 
Reading Club 
Emma Leighton 

(North) Jay 3,152 

Public Library 
Susie M. Crafts 

(North) Newport 1,709 
N. N. Library 
Mrs. A. E. Smart 

Norway 2,208 
Public Library 
Helen H. Holmes 

Oakland 1,913 
Free Public Library 
Helen A. Smiley 

Old Orchard 1,164 
Free Public Library 
Clara M, Yates 

Oldtown 6,956 
Public Library 
Amy S. Wood 

Orland 1,251 
Town Library 
Ernest O. Sugden 




Orono 3,257 

W. C T, U. Free Public Library 
E. F. Ilitchings 

Oxford 1,331 

Freeland Holmes Library 
Kate Star bird 

Paris 3,656 

Hamlin Memorial Hall Library 
Clintic E. Shaw 

Parsonsfield 1,062 
Kezur Falls Library 
Grace E. Ridlon 

North Parsons field Library 
Mrs. S. M, Boothby 

Parsonsiicld Public Library 
Mrs. Clara M. Lord 

Passadumkeag 354 
Public Library 
Mac Kiio\vlton 

Patten 1,500 
Public Library 
Mrs. Nora Palmer 

Phillips 1,399 
Free, Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha Boston 

Pittsfteld 2,146 
Carnegie labile Library 
Minnie, Porter 

Portland (Peak's Island) 69,272 

Public Library Recreational Association 
Mrs, J. 1C. Clancy 

Portland 69,272 
Public Library 
Alice C. Furbish 

Preaque Isle 3,452 
Public Library 
Luanda IJ< Marston 

Rangeley 1,02$ 
Public Library 
Mrs, Geneva R. Ambe.r 

Richmond 3,049 

Public Library Association 
J. W. KandielU: 

Rockland 8,109 
Curnetfie Public Library 
Martha 8. Barllclt 

Itockport 11,774 
Public Library 
Mrs, K, M, D unbar 

Round Pond 1,419 
Round Pond Library Association 
Mrs. W. C. Thompson 

Rumford 8,576 

Public Library 
Grace Hall 

Saco 6,817 

Dyer Library Association 
Jane Burbank 

St. Albans 1,200 

Crocker Library 
Mrs. Nettie Mower 

Town Library 
Freeman Mills 

St. George -1,654 

Port Clyde Free Library (Port Clyde) 
Mrs. Frances W. Roberts 

Sanford ro,<5gr 
Public Library 
Bentley Aveyard 

Sanford (Springvale) 6,078 
Sprinpfvale Public Library 
Mrs. Angic CJile 

Scarboro 1,832 
Free Public Library 
Annie L, Libby 

Searsport 1,373 
Carver Memorial Library 
Mildred It. Shute 

Skowhegan 5,981 
Free Public Library 
Lizzie T. Hussey 

Solon 1,054 
Public Library 
Mrs. Alston kmvell 

South Berwick 2,955 
FotfK Memorial Library 
J. If. Goodwin 

South Brewer 4,835 
South Brewer Library Association 
Marian L. Fi field 

(South) Paria3,656 
Paris Public Library 
Mrs. KUu A. Wight 

(South) Penobscot x,r$6 
South Penob.scut Library 
A* P. Griudle 


MAINE Continued 
(South) Poland 1,399 
Poland Spring Library 
Frank Carlos Griffith 

Standiah 1,735 
Public Library 
Mary Whitcomb 

Standish (Steep Falls) 1,735 

Steep Falls Library 
Martha H. Tucker 

Stetson 427 
Public Library 
Mrs. D. W. Sheldon 

Thomaston 2,688 
Public Library 
Ella K. Gilchrest 

Tremont 1,029 

Bass Harbor Library (Bernard) 
Mrs. E. B. Rccd 

Union 1,133 
Public Library 
Ida Hughes 

Vassalboro (East) 1,936 
Public Library 
Mrs. L. P. Cates 

Vinalha ven i ,965 
Carnegie Public Library 
Linda A. Jones 

Waluoboro 2,426 

Public Library 
Anne G. Gay 

Washburn 1.870 
Public Library 

Mrs. G. M. Cartel- 
War r en 3,500 
Free Public Library, 
Elizabeth E. Burgess 

Waterville 13,351 
Free Public Library 
Jennie M. Smith 

Woman s Ass'n. Library 
Miss E, L. McLain 

Wells 2,007 

Free Mem. Library (Ogunquit) 
Marion Littlefield 

West (Paris) 3,656 

Prentiss Library 
A. T. Hollis 

West Paris Public Library 
Mrs, Mary E. Emery 

MAINE Continued 
Westbrook 9,453 
Memorial Libary 
Jennie G. Andrews 

West (Brooksville) 1,171 
West Brooksville Library 
Mrs. Oscar L. Tapley 

Whitefield 1,156 
Preble Public Memorial Libary 
Eva Turner 

Wilton 2,505 
Public Library 
Mrs. Mary E. Newport 

Windham (Center) 1,932 
Circulating Library Assn. 
Mrs. A. B. Rogers 

Winslow 3,280 
Public Library 
Jennie P. Howard 

Winterport 1,433 
Public Library 
Mrs. M. C. Haley 

Wmthrop 1,902 
Bailey Public (Library 
Mrs. Lulu A. Clifford 

Wiscasset 1,192 
Public Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth Lane Webb 

Yarmouth 2,358 

Merrill Memorial Library 
Ellen S. Mitchell 

York (Village) 2,802 

Publics Library 
Myrtie E. Banks 

York (Harbor) 4,802 

York Library- 
Florence Varrell 

Boston State Capital 
Massachusetts State Library 
Edward H. Redstone 

Abington 5,787 
Abington Public Library 
Ida MeKenney 

North Abington Library 
Mrs. Marion McDougall 

Acton 2,162 

Memorial Library- 
Arthur F. Davis 

West Acton Citizens Library Association 
Mrs. William Costello 


Acushnet 3,075 
Acushnct Free Public Library 
Emma L. White 

Adamsi 2,967 
Adams Free Library 
Mabel L. Moore 

Agav/am 5,023 
Agawam Free Public Library 
Mrs. George Kendall 

Amesbury 10,036 
Amesbury Public Library 
Alice C. Follansbec 

Amherst 5,550 
Jones Library 
Chas. R. (Jrcon 

North Ainberst Public Library 
Mary 1C. Harrington 

Andover 8,268 
Memorial Hall Library 
F.dna A, lirowu 

Arlington 18,665 
Rohbins Library 
Klixabeth J. Newton 

Ashburnham ?,oxa 
Stephens Public Library 
JMr.s. Kvelyn L. Crandall 

Ashland 2,287 

Ashland Free Public Library 
Mr.s. (irace S. 

Athol 9,792 
Athol Public Lil)rary 
Pearl L, Mason 

Attleboro 19,731 
Attleboro Public Library 
Mrs, Lucinda F. Sp 

Auburn 3,891 

Auburn Free Public Library 
Ahby li. Sbute 

Avon- 2,176 

Avon Free Public Library 
Mrs. Celia J. Damon 

Ayer 3,052 
Aycr Public Library 
"Mrs, Jennie M. McLean 

Bam stab! e~~4,836 
Sturjjis Library 

Kliisabeth C Nye 

Cnitrrvillt' Public Library Association 
I.abelk Childs 

Barnstable (Continued 
Cotuit Public Library 

Grace Dottridge 
Hyannis Free Public Library 

Mrs. Ora A. Hinckloy 
Marstons Mills Public Library 

Airs. Caroline L). Coleman 
Oaterville Free Library 

Kntberine K. Hi nek ley 
West Barnstable Linder Library 

Carrie P. Bursley 

Barre 3,357 
Burro Town Li?>rary 
Carrie K. Read 

Bedford 1,362 

Bedford Free Public Library 
Fannie A. Wood 

Belchcrtown 2,058 
Clapp Memorial Library 
Marion E. Bartlctt 

Bellingham 2,102 

Bellintfhnni I ? roc Public Library 
Mrs. A. Suckett 

Belmont 10,749 
Behnont Public Library 
Lucy I). Luard 

Beverly 22,561 
Beverly Public Library 
Martha P. Smith 

Billerica 3,646 
Bennett Public Library 
Rnuna M. \Vhitford 

Blackstone ^4,259 

Blacksloiu: Free Public Library 
Peter I*'. Malom:y 

Boston 748,060 

Boston PubliV Library 
Charles if. I). Brldnt, Lihruririii 
Otto I ; lei:.chnvr, A^-t. Librarian 
Saniui'l A. ChevaliiT, Catal>^ 
Thendosia l f *. Maetirdy, Ordrr I 
Frank H. Cluc.r, liatfs ll.dl l 

Pit-rev K. Buckley, Patent uiul Xt*w*'iKi 

Wiuthrup 11, t/l^'iHTv, Special Lihrarks 


Fratieis J, Hanni^an, Periudtral Room 
Frank (\ Hlaistlrll, Ivur Dt-pt. 
Ivlith (lurrritT, Cin-ul;iti>n f)'jt, 
Alice M. Jordan, \V*rk with Children 
A. lVnnc<% Knurrs, K+*^istraiion I)*,M>t, 
H(*racc L. Wheeler, Statistical njjt. 
,S>' Massachusetts entry Cor State Li* 


Bourne 3,530 

Jonathan Bourne Public Library 
June Storms 


Boylston 794 

Boylston Free Public Library 
Geo. L. Wright 

Braintree 10,580 
Thayer Public Library 
Lucretia F. Hatch 

Bridgewater 8,438 
Bridgewater Public Library 
Lucia L. Christian 

Briinfield 778 

Brimfield Public Library 
M. Anna Tarbell 

B r ockton 66,254 
Brockton Public Library 
Frank H. Whitmore 

Brookfield 2,059 

Mcrrick Public Library 
Mrs. C. O. Dean 

Brookline 37>748 
Brookline Public Library 
Louisa M. Hooper 

Buckland 1,433 
Buckland Free Public Library 
Mrs. May H. Hunt 

Cambridge 109,694 

Cambridge Public Library 
Thos, H. Cummings 

Canton 5,945 
Canton Public Library 
Miss Gertrude C. Ryan and Mrs. Rose 

S. Holmes 

Canton High School Library 
Mrs. Rose S. Holmes 

Carver 891 

Carver Public Library 
Charlotte M. Atwood 

Charlemont 808 
Charlemont Free Town Library 
Ruth Rice 

Charlton 1,995 

Charlton Free Public Library ' 
Mrs, Ella M. Robbins 

Chatham 1,737 
Eldredge Public Library 

Edna M. Hardy 

South Chatham: Pilgrim Library Associa- 
L. Eugenie Eldridge 

Chelmsford -5,682 

Adams Library 

Katherine Hall 

Chelmsford 5,682 

North Chelmsford Public Library 
Anna C. Mackay 

Chelsea 43,184 
Chelsea Public Library 
Esther C. Johnson 

Cheshire 1,476 
Cheshire Library Association 
Emma E, Martin 

Chester 1,302 

Chester Free Public Library 
Emma J. Smith 

Chester Center Library Association 
Mrs. Mary E. Foote 

Chicopee 36,214 

Chicopee Public Library 
Anne A. Smith 

Clarksburg 1,136 
Town Library 
Ruth Lyman 

Clinton 12,979 

Bigelow Free Public Library 
Helen A. Thissell 

Cohasset 2,639 

Paul Pratt Memorial Library 
Sarah B. Collier 

Colrain 1,607 

Griswold Memorial Library 
Bertha L. Read 

Concord 6,461 

Concord Free Public Library 
Sarah R. Bartlett 

Conway 961 
Field Memorial Library 
Mrs. H. Maybel Park 

Dalton 3,752 

Dalton Free Public Library 
Mrs. Caroline R. Flickinger 

Danvers 11,108 

Peabody Institute Library 
Bessie F, Ropes 

Dartmouth 6,493 
Dartmouth Free Public Library 

Mary A. Tucker 

North Dartmouth Free Public Library 
Elizabeth "E. Gidley 

South Dartmouth: Apponegansett Library 

Mrs. Albert F. Myers 
South Dartmouth': Southworth Library 

Thedosia E Chase 



Dedham 10,792 
Dedham Public Library 
Anna P. Holland 

De.erfieldf 2,803 
Dickinson Library 
Jane Trait 

Fonimtuck Valley Memorial Assoc. Lihr. 
George Sheldon 

South Den-field: Tilton Library 
Mrs. Ellen S. Billings 

Dennis 1,536 

Jacob Seats Memorial Library 

Mrs. Julia F. Sears 
Kast Oi'imis Library Association 

South Dennis Library 

Mrs. I). L. Matthews 
West Dennis Library 

Airs. "Louise J. Darling 

Dighton 2,574 

Di^bfon Public Library 
Mrs, Lyclia J, Cole 

Dracut 5,280 
Draeitt Public Library 
NTrs. Mary L. Hamhlelt 

Dudley 31,70*1 

Dudley Free Public 'Library 
Margaret 1). Crawford 

Conant Library 
Leora I. Du#ar 

Duxbury 1,553 
Dtixbury Free Library 
Sara 1 

East Bridgewater -3,486 
Kast IJridwwjitrr Public Library 
Lucy L. Sidclall 

East Douglas~2,x8r 
Simon Fairfielrl -Public Library 
Rosalie R Williams 

East Longmeadow 2,352 
FCast .IxMtwrneiulow Public library 
Mary R. McYntosh 

Public Library As.sociation 
II. Parsons 

ICd^artown Free Publii* Library 
Mrs. L(-na L. Wimpenney 

Erving 1,295 

Ervinpf Free Public Library 
Airs. Lilla L. \V. Drown 

Essex 1,478 

T. O. IL P. Buniham Public Library 
I^lhelyn 15. Stury 

Everett 40,1,20 

Frederiek E. Parlin Memorial Library 
Mrs. Klizabeth H. Furst 

North F.vm'tt: ShtUe Memorial Library 
(iertrnde L. Smith 

Fairhaven 7 ?gi 
Milliceiii Lihrarv 
IK-U'ii W. liifi " 

Fall River 120^485 
Fall River Public I-ibrary 
(iiu>. VV, Kankin 

Falmouth 3,500 

Falmouth I'rcc Public Library 
Ida 1C. KersIi;L\v 

West Fnlmouth Library 
Albert S. Bowerman 

North Ffilmnuth: Church Lii^rary 
Mrs. Mabelle Shaituck 

"Woods Hole Public Library 
Mrs. Ernest KohmctiuK 

Fitchburg 41,029 

Public Library 

Foxborough 4,136 

Poyden Library 
Mary I). Torrey 

Framingham 17,033 
Town Library 
Susan W. Curtis 

Franklin ' 
I'rankHn Library . 
Mrs, MHu (i. 

Freetown 1,532 

GniJfonrMf. Hatbaway Library 
Mrs. Gertrude W. Uavis 

East Freetown Circulating Library 
Mrs, RacTivl A. Allen 

Gardner 16,<)7 1 

Lfvi Hoywdod Memorial Library 
Barbara IL Smith 



Georgetown 2,004 
Peabpdy Library 
Lois P. Noyes 

Gilbertville 1,800 
Gilbertville Public Library 
Mary P. Colvin 

Gloucester 22,947 
Sawyer Free Library 
Rachel S. Webber ^ 

Magnolia Library Association 
Otis W. Richardson 

Grafton 6,887 

Grafton Public Library 
Nellie J. Ainswortn 

Granville 665 

Granville Public Library 
Mrs. Mabel R. Henry 

Great Harrington 6,315 
Mason^ Memorial Library 
Jennie K. Tompson 

Housatonic: Rams3ell Public Library 
Lydia A. Fuller 

Greenfield 15,462 

Greenfield Public iLibrary 
May Ashley 

Groton 2,185 
t/roton Public Library 
Emma F. Blood 

Groveland 2,650 
Lahgley Adams Library 
Mrs. Ednah B. Dorr 

South GroveTaml: Hale Library 
Edward L. Sides 

Hadley 2,784 

Goodwin Memorial Free Library 
Grace A, Crosier 

Hamilton 1,631 
Hamilton Free Public, Library 
Mrs. Lydia L. Haraden 

Asbury Grove: L. B. Bates Memorial Li- 
Ida B. Jofmson 

Hanover 2,575 
John Curtis Free Library 
Bernard Stetson 

Hanson 1,910 
Hanson Free Library 
Mrs. Julia M. Brown 


Hanson Library Association 
Julia M. Brown 

Hardwick 3,085 
Paige Memorial (Library 
Nettie C. Bridges 

Gilbertville Public Library 
Mary P. Colvin 


Harvard Public Library 
Helen F. T*age 

Harwich 1,846 
Brooks Library 
Lulu B. Tobey 

Harwichport Library Association 
Mrs. A. H. Matson 

West Harwich: Chase Library 
Mrs. Ruth M. Nickerson 


HatHeld'Free Public Library 
Ellen AT"Waite 

Haverhill 53,884 
Haverhill Public Library 
Donald K. Campbell 

Hingham 5,604 
gham Pu 
lbert L. Stephenson 

Hingham Public 'Library 

Hinsdale 1,065 

Hinsdale Public Library Association 
Mrs. Cora Lovell 

Holbrook 3,161 
Holbrook Public Library 
Mabel F. Porter 

Holden 2,970 
Gale Free Library 
Mrs. M. Addie Holden 

Holliston 2,707 
Holliston Public Library 
Prances J. Hayes 

Holyoke 60,203 
Holyoke Public Library 
Frank G. Wilcox 

Hopedale 2,777 

Bancroft Memorial Library 
Harriet B. Sornborger 

H opkint on 2,289 
Hopkinton Public Library 
Anna K. Sheriden 



Housatonic i ,200 
RiimscMl Public Library 
Lyclia A. Fuller 

HtuVbardston 1,045 
Huhbardstmi Free Public Libiary 
Mrs. Lucy IT. Clou&h 

Hudson 7,607 

Hudson Public Library 
Mrs. Grace M. Whittcmore 

Hull 1,771 
Hull Public Library 
Kli/abt'th J. Sirovich 

Huntington -1,425 
Uuntinjtiw Fm> Public Library 
Gertrude C'hilds 

Hyannis -1,400 
ll.vannis Public, Library 
'Mrs. Ora A. 

Upawieh 6,201 

Ipswich Fret* Public '1 ibrary 
Mrs. Mary U. Maine 

ICin#H ton 2,505 

Frorirric C Adams Public Library 
Mrs. Jt>nni<* F. McLanthlcn 

Lakevillc- 1,419 
Lakevilb* Public Library 
Hannah K. Nelson 

Lancaster 2,4(31 
Lancaster Town Library 
Virginia M, Keyes 

h 1,054 

Newton M^mnrial Library 
Anna M. Sturpj's 

Lawrence 94,270 
Lavvrrnrc Free Public Library 
William A, Wafsh 

Lcc- 4,085 

Lcc ifj'brary Association 
Mury Stallnian 

Leicester 3,635 
LriYrstcr Public Library 
Mary 1). Tlwrston 

Lenox a,69t 
Lcnrjtf Li)rarv A 
Kdith 0. Fitch 

K. C 


Lcominster 1 9,745 
LcominstiT Public Library 
Florence E. Wheel cr 

Lexington 6,350 
Cary Nfcniorial Library 
MTTrian P, Knkland 

Lincoln 1,042 

Lincoln Public Lilirary 
'Lyclia J. Chapm 

Ut-ubrn Hoar Library 
Margaret M. ThachtT 

Longmeadow ^2,618 
Richard v^altcr Storrs Library 
Mrs. Lucy A. J?ou:h 

Lowell ua759 
("Itv Library 
Frederick A. Chase 

Ludlow 7,470 
Ifubbard Memorial l.j'rtr; 
Ruth T, Abbott 

I Uittcr Memorial Library 
j L. Frances Jones 

Lynn 99,148 
Lynn Public Library 
Cianmct 1 K. Shcramaii 

Lynnfield 1,165 
Lynnfit-Id Public Library 
Klixabeth W. Green 


Malrli'n PnMio Library 
Herbert \V, Fi^;n 

Manchester 2,460 
MunclxsU-r Public Library 
Jane <', Sa 

Ma nsfield 0,255 
MaU'-firlfl PuMir Lif>rary 
' ' 

Ma rblehead 7,394 

Ablinf Pu!>lic Library 
Mrs, Sarah K, 

Marion 1 

Marion Library Ass*,viutu- 
Alice A, Ryih*r 

Mtrlborou#h 15,028 
Marl'<rnnj,!i I v ubHc Library 
Jolw P. Mc^irr 



Marahfield 1,379 
Ventress Free Library 
Josephine A. Baker 

Marshfield Hills: Clift Rogers Free 
Marjorie C. Purdy 

Mattapoisett 1,277 
Mattapoisett Free Public Library 
Grace A. Tilden 

Maynard 7,086 

Mayunrd Public Library 
Mrs. Sarah F. Nyman 

Medfield 3,595 
Medfield Public Library 
Mrs. Clara A. Emery 

Medford 39,038 
Medford Public Library 
Abby L. Sargent 

Medway 2,956 
Dean Library Association 
Mrs. Bertha C. Hunt 

West Medway Free Public Library 
Mrs. Anna Fales 

Melrose 18,204 
Mclrose Public Library 
Elsie M. Hatch 

Mendon 961 

Taft Public Library 
Mrs. Helen A. Hemond 

Merrimac 2, 1 73 

Merrimac Public Library 
Susanna I. Sayre 

Merrimacport Library Association 
Mrs. Marie A. B'lanchard 

Methuen 15,189 

Nevins Memorial Library 
Beatric N. Weibel 

Middleborough 8,453 
Middleborough Public Library 
Mary M. Eddy 

Middleton 1,195 
Flint Public Library 
Edith L, Fletcher 

Milford 13,471 
Town Library 
Nathaniel F. Blake 

Military 5*653 
Millburv Public Library 
Carolyn C Waters 

Button Free Library 
Mrs. E. Florence Freeland 

Millis 1,485 
Millis Public Library 
Gertrude A. Stevens 

MiUville 2^24 
MillvIIle Public Library 
Mary V. Murphy 

Milton 9,382 
Milton Public Library 
Carrie S. Allen 

Mons on 4,826 
Monson Free Library 
Mrs. M. A. Hibbard 

Montague 7,675 
Town Library 
Mrs. Kate A. Hayden 

(Montague) Miller Falls 900 
Miller Falls Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lawrence 

Montague City Library 
Harriet L. Burnham 

(Montague) Turner Falls 4,200 

Carnegie Public Library 
Louise S. Partenhemer 

Nahant 1,318 

Nahant Public iLibrary 
May W. Perkins 

Nantucket 2,797 
Nantuck'et Atheneum 
Clara Parker 

Natick 10,907 
*Morse Institute Library 
Mira R. Partridge 

South Natick: Bacon Free Library 
Mrs. Adelaide Williams 

Needham 7,012 
Needham Free Public Library 
Grace W. Thompson 

New Bedford .121,217 
New Bedford Free Public Library 
George H. Tripp 

New Marlborough 1,010 
Town Library ,_ Mill River 
Nellie P. Sisson 

Southfield : Seymour Library Association 
Mrs. Almon Heath 

Newburyport 15,618 
, Newburyport Public Library 

John D. Parsons 
South End Reading Room Association 

Ethel B. Gurney 


Newton 46,054 
Newton Free Library 
Harold T. Dougherty 

Norfolk 1,159 
Norfolk .Public Library 
Airs. A label L. Adams 

North Abington 2,200 
North Abintflon Public Library 
Mrs. Marion McDougall 

North Adams 22,282 
North Adams Public Library 
Mabel Temple 

North An dovcr 6,263 
Stevens Memorial Library 
li M. Pond 

North Attlcboro 9,238 
Richards Memorial Library 
Ada M. Perry 

North Brookfield 2,810 
North MrookfieM Free Public Library and 

"Reading Koom 
Katharine K. Smith 

North Easton 5,041 
Ames Free Library 
Mary L. Lamprey 

North Reacting 1,286 
Flint Library 
Ad die W. Go wing 

Northhampton 21,951 
Forbes Library 
Joseph L. Harrison 

Florence: Lilly Library 
Mrs. Mary W. Field 

Northborough 1,753 

Northboroutfh Km: Library 
JML Kvelyn Potter 

Northbridge 10,174 
\Vhitinsville Social .library 
Alary K. Clarke 

Nortfcfield 1,775 
Dickinson Memorial Library 
Mrs. Clarence A, Kandall 

Northfield Farms Library Association 
Mrs. Nettie R Perry 

Norton' 2*374 
Norton Public Library 
Marion 1C, Qapp 

Norwell 1,348 

J aines Library 

Marion G. Merritt 

Accord: Ridj^c Hill Libraiy 
Airs. Pnuline \V. Lemiard 

Norwood 12,627 
Alorrill Memorial Library 
Jane A. HevvcLt 

Oak Bluffs 1,047 
Oak HlutTs Public Library 
Mrs. Mae 0, Gorham 

\Vheclrr Memorial Library 
X. Gertrude 

Orleans 1,012 
Snow Library 
Mary S. 


Oxford l<Y</e Public Library 
Harriet II. Kilton 

Palmer 9,896 

^ r (lH^iJf Men's Library Association 
Mary I-, RobinMm 

Peabody 19,55* 

I 4 *beu Dale Suttnn Reference Library 
Kranccs M. Carroll 

Vffibody Institute Lil>rary 
John K. Kecfe 

Pembroke 1,358 
Tetnlirnke b'rce 
Kilen F, Cox 


Mrs. Julia \V. 

PopporeU 2,468 

<' M< 4 ntoria 
M. \\ilt-y 



Marian M. Hulian! 

J'lairn i!l<' PttMir Library 
Tln-otlnre f'*, A, FuIIvr 

Plymouth 13,045 
I'l.vm'Mith PuMie 
Lillian C, K<MT 


Library An 
,\frs, Kmnia Ml Hurtlett 



Provincetown 4,246 

Provincetown Public Library 
Abbie C. Putnam 

Quincy 47,876 

Thomas Crane Public Library 
Truman R. Temple 

Randolph 4,756 
Turner Free Library 
Alice M. Belcher 

Raynham 1,695 

Raynham Public Library 
Lucy W. Thompson 

Reading 7,439 

Reading Public Library 
Bertha L. Brown 

Rehoboth 2,065 

Blanding Free Public Library 
Annie C. Goff 

Revere 28,823 
Revere Public Library 
Harriet T. Fenno 

Rochester 1,047 
Rochester Free Public Library 
Mrs. Annie T. Wilbur 

Rockland 7,544 

Rockland Memorial Library 
Mrs. Lida A. Clark 

Rockport 3,878 

Rockport Public Library 
Mabel L. Woodfall 

Pigeon Cove Library 
Mrs. Martha D. F. Mitchell 

Rowley 1,249 

Rowley Free Public Library 
Mrs. Mary E. Perley 

Phineas S, Newton Library 
Mrs. Emeline E. Mackenzie 

Russell 1,237 

Russell Free Public Library 
Mrs. Margaret Walkinshaw 

Rutland 1,743 

Rutland Free Public Library 
L. Edna Wheeler 

Salem Public Library 
Gardner M, Jones 

Salisbury 1,701 

Salisbury Public Library 
Mrs. A. Frances Pow 

Sandwich 1,458 
Weston Memorial Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Burbank 

Saugus 10,874 
Saugus Free Public Library 
Mrs. Laura A, Taylor 

Scituate 2,534 
Allen Memorial Library 
Edith A. Manson 

North Scituate: Pierce Memorial Library 
Mrs. Mary L. Lee 

Seekonk 2,808 

Seekonk Public Library 
Mrs. Grace B, McLean 

Sharon Public Library 
Isadora B. Paine 

Sheffield 1,435 
Sheffield Free Town Library 
Nellie M. Nelson 

Shelburne 1,436 

Shelburne Public Library 
Mrs. Carrie M. Dinsmore 

Shelburne Falls 1,500 

Pratt Memorial Library 
Mrs. S. A. Field 

Sherborn 1,558 
Dowse Library 
Elizabeth D. Coolidge 

Shirley 2,260 

Shirley Public Library 
Grace M. Kilburn 

Shrewsbury 3,708 
Shrewsbury Free Public Library 
Mabel E. Knowlton 

Somerset 3,520 
Somerset Free Public Library 
Flora B. Wood 

Somerville 93,091 

Public Library of the City of Somervillc 
George H. Evans 

South Hadley 5,527 

Gaylord Memorial Library 
Gertrude E. Gaylord 

South Hadley Falls 3,500 

South Hadley Falls Free Public Library 
Lottie I. Judd 



Southampton 814 

Southampton Public Library 
Mrs. Elbert L. Clark 

Southborough 1,838 
Fay Library 
Sarah V. Stivers 

iSouthbridge 14,245 
Jacob Edwards Library 
Ella E. Mierscfi 

Southwick 1,194 

Southwick Public Library 
Mrs. Harold J. Anderson 

Spencer 5,930 

Richard' Sugden Public Library 
Mrs. Dora W. Hodgdon 

Springfield 129,614 

The City Library Association of Spring- 
Killer C Wellman 

Sterling 1,305 
Conant Free Public Library 
Mrs. Fanny T. Lent 

Stockbridge 1,764 
Stockbridge Library Association 
Agnes J. Goodwin 

Stoneham 7,873 
Stoneham Public Library 
Julia L. Crocker 

Stoughton 6,865 
Stoughton Public Library 
Alice G. Leary 

Stow i!,ioi 

Randall Memoml Library 
Eleanor L. Smith 

Sturbridge 1,573 
Joshua Hyde Public Library 
Susan L. Haynes 

South Sudbury -1,121 
Goodnow Free Public Library 
Mrs. Mabel S. Gohlke 

Sunderland 1,289 

Sunderland Public Library 
Mrs. Mary B. Pomeroy 

Sutton 2,578 

Sutton Free (Library 
Mrs. E. Florence Freeland 

Swampscott 8, 101 
Swampscott Free Public Library 
Sarah L, Honors 

Swansea 2,334 
Swansea Free Public Library 
Julia R. Wellington 

Taunton 37,137 

Taunton Public Library 
Joshua E. Crane 

Templeton 4,019 

Boynton Public Libary 
Grace E. Blodgett 

Tewksbury 4,450 
Tewksbury Public Library 
Abbie M. Blaisdell 

Tisbury 1,275 

Vineyard Haven Public Library 
Bessie H. Stanton 

Topsfield -goo 
Topsfield Town Library 
Annie P. Gleason 

Townsend 1,575 

Townsend Public Library 
Mrs. Evelyn L, Warren 

Turners Falls 4,200 
Turners Falls Carnegie Public Librar. 
Louise S. Partenhemer 

Tyngsborough 1,044 
Littlefield Library 
Jennie J. Bancroft 

Upton 1,693 
Upton Town Library 
Helen A. Fay 

Uxbridge 5,384 
Uxbridge Free Public Library 
Mrs. Beatrice P, Sprague 

Wakefield 13,025 
Beebe Town Library 
H. Gertrude Lee 

"Walpole 5,446 

Walpale Public Library 
Margaret B. Forster 

Waltham 30,915 
Waltham Public Library 
Orlando C. Davis 

Ware 8,525 

Young Men's Library Association 
Mary L. Smith 

War ham 4,415 
Wareham Free Library 
Mrs. Mae C Miller 



Warren 3,467 
Warren Public Library 

Joseph G. Hastings 
West Warren Library 

Arthur A. Nelson 

Watertowa 21,457 
Watertown Free Public Library 
Lydia W. Masters 

Wayland 1,935 

Wayland Free Public Library 
Margaret E. Wheeler 

Webster 13,258 
Webster Free Public Library 
Mrs. Phoebe P. Kingsbury 

Wellesley 6,224 

Wellesley Free Library 
Kathleen A. Kennedy 

Wellfleet 626 

Wellfleet Public Library 
Mrs. Annabelle S. Linnell 

Wendell 346 

Wendell Free Public Library 
Marion E. Whitney 

Wenham 1,090 
Wenham Public Library 
Mary R, Batchelder 

West Boylston. 1,624 
Beaman Memorial Public Library 
Annie M. Waite 

West Bridgewater 2,908 

West Bridgewater Public Library 
Miss Louise Williams 

West Brookfield 1,281 
Merriam Public Library 
Helen P. Shackley 

West Newbury 1,492 
West Newbury Public Library 
Mrs. Sarah O. Bailey 

West Springfield 13,443 

West Springfield Public Library 
Marion Bowler 

West Stockbridge 1,058 

West Stockbridge Public Library 
Mrs. Susan W. Blake 

Westfcorough -5,789 
Westborough Public Library- 
Mrs. Abbie F. Judd 

Westfield 18,604 
Westfield Atheneutn , 
Harold A. Wooster 

Westford 3,170 
J. V. Fletcher Library 
May E. Day 

Westminster 1,343 
Forbush Memorial Library 
Sarah F. Greene 

Weston 2,282 
Weston Public Library 
Maude M. Pennock 

Westport 3,115 
Westpprt Free Library 

Annie R. Howland 
Head of Westport : Westport Public Library 

Emily F. Sisson 
Westport Point Library 

Katharine S. Hall 

Westwood 1,358 
Westwood Public Library 
Annie L. Richardson 

Weymouth 15,057 
Tufts Library 

Abbie L. Loud 
South Weymouth: 

Ruth N. Tower 

Fogg Library, Inc. 

Whatley 1,234 
Whatley Public Library 
Arlene I. Roote 

Whitman 7,147 
Whitman Public Library 
Ellena S. Spilsted 

Wilbraham 2,780 
Wilbraham Free Public Library 
Mrs. Jennie T. Abbott 

Williamsburg 1,866 
Meekins Memorial Library 

Jennie D. Baker 
Haydenville Public Library 
Maud Warren 

Williamstown 3,707 
Williamstown Public Library 
Alma J. Brookman 

South Williamstown Public Library 
Minnie A. Torrey 

Wilmington 2,58 1 

Wilmington Public Library 
Anna T. Sheldon 

Winchendon 5,904 
Winchendon Public Library 
Ida J. Knight 

Winchester 10,485 
Winchester Public Library 
Cora A. Quimby 




Winthrop 15,455 

Winthrop Public Library 
Dorothy L. Kinney 

Woburn 16,574 
Woburn Public Library 

William N. Seaver 

North Woburn: Eunice Thompson Memor- 
ial Library 

Andrew R. Linscott 

Worcester 179,574 
Worcester Free Public Library 
Robert K. Shaw 

Wrentham 2,808 
Fiske Public Library 
Mary A. Smith 

Yarmouth 1,229 
Yarmouth Library Association 

Mrs. Lydia C. Matthews 
West Yarmouth Library 

Mrs. Prescott H. Baker 
South Yarmouth : Free Social Library 

Mrs. George B. Sears 

MARYLAND 1,449,661 
Annapolis State Capital 
Maryland State Library 
Mary E. Shearn 

Towson 826 

Maryland Public Library Commission 
Mrs. M. A. Newell, Sec'y. 

Aberdeen 1,067 

Subscription Library 
Ruth Houston 

Annapolis 1 1,214 
Annapolis Public Library 

Eliza Gracie Suydam 
See first Maryland entry for State Library 

Baltimore 733,826 
Enoch Pratt Free Library 

Enoch Pratt Free Library 
Bernard G Steiner, Librarian 
Lawrence C. Wroth, Asst. Librarian 
Louise T. Starklorr, Asst. Librarian 
Baltimore City Library 

Benjamin S. Applestein 
Baltimore New Merchantile Library 

Margaret F. Watkins 

Peabody Institute Library, Charles & Mon- 
ument St. 
John Parker 

Belair 29,291 
Hartford County Library 
Priscilla Forwood 

MARYLAND Continued 

Berlin 1,366 
Berlin Public Library 
Margarette Purnell 

Cambridge 29,184 
Dorchester County Library 
Edna Smith 

Centreville 1,765 
Centreville Public Library 
Matilda B. Keating 

Chestertown 2,537 
Chestertown Public Library 
Blanche Constable 

Denton 1,570 

Denton Community Library 
Anne M. Lewis 

Dorchester County Sec Cambridge 

East New Market 1,267 
Public Library 
Mary F. Millard 

Frederick 52,541 
Frederick County Library 
Mary Newman 

Hagerstown 59,694 
Washington County Public Library 
Mary L. Titcomb 

Hartford County Sec Belair 

Hurlock 1,075 
Public Library 
Hope S. Barber 

Hyattsville 2,675 
Hyattsville Public Library 
Agnes L. Espey 

Laurel 2,239 
Laurel Public Library 
Mrs. C. J. Halverson 

Oakland 1,225 
Oakland Public Library 
Mrs. Nettie Thrasher 

Prince Fredericktown 9,744 
Calvert County Free Public Library 
W. W. Duke 

Rockville 1,145 

Rockville Public Library 
Mrs. Smith 

Salisbury 7,553 
Subscription Library 
Miss Wailes 



MARYLAND Continued 
Snow Hill 1,684 
Snow Hill Public Library 
Mr. Purnell 

Washington County See Hagerstown 

Westminister 3,521 
Westminister Public Library 
Frank Mather 

MICHIGAN 3,663,412 
Lansing State Capital 
Michigan State Library 
Mrs. Mary C. Spencer 

Adrian 11,878 
- Adrian Public Library 
Margaret F. Jewell 

Albion 8,354 
Albion Public Library 
L. Ruth French 

Algonac 1,303 
School Library 
Marguerite Beatty 

Allegan 3,637 
Allegan Public Library 
Leonora E. Porter 

Alpena 11,101 
Alpena Public ^ Library 
Emily E. Oliver 

Alpha 1,492 

Alpha Township Library 
Irene H. Olin 

Ann Arbor 19,516 

Public Library 
Nellie S. Loving 

Bad Axe 2,140 

Subscription Library 
Mary Morgan 

Battle Creek 36,164 
Willard Memorial Library 
Elizabeth C. Ronan 

Bay City 47,554 
Sage Public Library 
Molly Gilbert 

Bay City 47,554 
Bay City Public Library 
' Isabel A. Ballou 

B elding 3,911 
Belding Public Library 
Mary S, Barnes 

Bellevue 2,007 

Township Library 
Mrs. M. W. De Puy 

MICHIGAN Continued 
Benton Harbor 12,223 

Benton Harbor Public Library 
Thedosia Falkingham 

Bessemer 5,482 
Bessemer Public Library 
Carrie A. Davis 

Big Rapids 4,588 

Phelps Public Library 
Mary Morrissey 

Birmingham. 3,694 
Baldwin Public Library 
Marjorie Allen 

Bronson 1,257 
Bronson Public Library 
Mrs. Maude Rich 

Buchanan 3,187 
Township Library 
Irenus Sparks 

Cadillac 9,750 
Carnegie Public Library 
Wm. F. Sanborn 

Calumet 25,000 

Public Library of the Calumet & Hecla 
Mining Co. 
Mrs. E. S. Grierson 

Caro 2,704 
Public Library 
Mrs. T. O. Watrous 

Cassopolis 1,385 
La Grange Township Library 
Mrs. Stella Kingsbury 

Centreville 1,510 
Township Library 
Mrs. Ada Jacox 

Charlevoix 2,218 
Carnegie Public Library 
Minnie E. Payton 

Charlotte 5,126 
Charlotte Public Library 
Emily B. Robb 

Chatham 1,450 

Rock River Township Library 
Otto Maienknecht 

Chatham 1,450 
Carnegie Public Library 
Amy M. Bell 

Chelsea 2,079 
Public School Library 
H. B. Snook 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Clare 1,462 

School Library 
Mrs. S. H. Lampman 

Clio 1,256 

School Library 
Beatrice Woolson 

Coldwater 6,114 
Coldwater Public Library 
Elizabeth M. Warren 

Colon 1,513 
Township Library 
Carrie A. Snyder 

Corunna 1,571 
Ladies' Library 
Harriet E. Holt 

Croswell 1,678 
Croswell Public Library 
Lillian Rosenstiel 

Crystal Falls 3,394 
School Library 
Nina Packard 

Decatur 1,270 
School Library 
E. R. Washburn 

Detroit 993,678 
Detroit Public Library 
Adam Strohm, Librarian 
Grade Krum, Burton Historical Collec- 

Adelaide Evans, Catalog Dept 
Elizabeth Knapp, Children's Dept 
Marion Service, Circulation Dept 
William Webb, Extension Dept 
Lucille Seed, Fine Arts Dept 
Amy Meyer, 'Musk & Drama Dept 
Rosalie Mumford, Order Dept 
D. Ashley Hooker, Technology Dept 
Helen Bates, Reference Dept 
Sarah Munson, Bindery Div 
Grace England, Civics Div 
Helen Boyer, Perodical Div 
Edna Moore, Publicity Div 
Jessie Tompkins, Schools Div 
Jessie Chase, Information Asst 
Lucy Lovisa Morgan, Inst of Apprentices 
Mrs. Madelene Hirth, Staff Sec 
Lydia Kinsley, Librarian, Downtown An- 
Loleta Dawson, County Librarian 

Dowagiac 5,440 
Dowagiac Public Library 
Grace Reshore 

Durand 2,672 
School Library 
Grace Taylor 

MICHIGAN Continued 

East Jordan 2,428 
East Jordan Public Library 
Harriet Empey 

East Tawas 1,398 
School Library 
C. C Callan 

Eaton Rapids 2,379 
Eaton Rapids Public Library 
Jeanette Hosier 

Escanaba 13,103 
Carnegie Public Library 
Marion Dahl 

Evart 1,326 
Township Library 
Versa Mody 

Fenton 2,507 
Phillips Public Library 
Mrs. Cora Pettis 

Flint 91,559 
Flint Public Library 
William V. Smith 

Flushing 1,169 
Flushing Public Library 
Sadie Greenfield 

Ford (P. O. Wyandotte) 4,294 
School Library 
C. F. Pike 

Frankenmuth. 1,944 
Township Library 
John M. List 

Frankfort 1,244 
School Library 
Mrs. Ada R. Lewis 

Gaylord 1,701 
Public Library 
Mrs. E. E. Kinne 

Gladstone 4,953 
School Library 

Grand Haven 7,205 
Grand Haven Public Library 
Isabel M. Thomson 

Grand Ledge 3,043 
Grand Ledge Public Library 
Mrs. Addie M. Lord 

Grand Marais 1,000 
Township Library 
B. H. Belknap 


MICHIGAN Continued 
Grand Rapids 137,634 
Grand Rapids Public Library 
Samuel H. Ranck 

Greenville 4,304 
School Public Library 
Alice Fuller 

Hamtramck 48,615 

Public Library 

Julia Garst 

Hancock 7,527 

Hancock School and Public Library 
Gertrude Kelly 

Harbor Beaclt 1,927 
Harbor Beach Public Library 
Mrs. H. G. Warne 

Harbor Springs 1,600 
Christian Association Library 
Sarah C Judd 

Hartford 1,361 
Subscription Library 
Nellie Smith 

Hastings 5,132 
School and Public Library 
Jean Barnes 

Highland Park 46,499 
McGregor Public Library 
Katharyne Sleneau 

Hillsdale 5,476 
Mitchell Public Library 
Mary Pratt 

Holland 12,183 
Holland Public Library 
Dora Schermer 

Holly 2,678 
Township Library 
Mrs. Agnes Mosher 

Hopkins 1,789 
School Library 
C. C. Wodruff 

H ought on 4,466 

Houghton Public and School Library 
Isabel Douglas Farrand 

Howell 2,951 

Carnegie Public Library 
M. Winnifred Brown 

Hudson 2,404 
Hudson Public Library 
Mamie E. Hayens 

MICHIGAN Continued 
Imlay City 1,211 
School library 

lona 6,935 

Hall-Fowler Public Library 
Ella E. Smith 

Iron Mountain 8,251 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Leonore Carpenter 

Ironwood 15,739 
Carnegie Public Library 
Esther Kronlund 

Ishpeming 10,500 * 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Nellie E. Brayton 

Jackson 48,374 
Jackson Public Library 
Earl W. Browning 

Jonesville 1,274 
Ladies Library 
Mrs. May C Collins 

Kalamazoo 48,487 
Kalamazoo Public Library 
Flora B. Roberts 

Kawkawlin i ,47 1 
Township Library 
Louis Sylvester 

L'Anse 2,757 
Township Library 
Arthur E. Cross 

Lansing 57,327 
Public Library 

Mrs. E. Jennie McNeal 
See first Michigan entry for State Library 

Lawrence 1,596 
Township Library 
Mabel H. Jennings 

Lawton 1,073 
School Library 
Dorothy Nicholson 

Leslie 1,789 
Public School Library 
Grace Fisher 

Lowell 1,730 

Lowel Public and School Library 
Audrie E. Post 

Ludington 8,810 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. -Etta M. Vivian 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Mancelona 1,214 
Township Library 
Leonora M. Belding 

Manchester 1,746 
Township Library 
Mrs. Bennett C. Root 

Manistee 9,694 
Carnegie Public Library 
Angie Messer 

Manistique 6,380 

Manistique School and Public library 
Dorothy M. Shipman 

Marcellus 1,650 
Township Library 
Dora Schall 

Marine City 3,731 
Public School Library 
Enrique Beetnan 

Marquette 12,718 
Peter White Public Library 
Alma A. Olson 

Marshall 4,270 

Marshall Public Library 
Victoria Monk 

Mason 1,879 
School Library 
Ethel Baldwin 

Mendon 1,305 

Public Library 
Nellie E. Strickland 

Menominee 8,907 
Spies Public Library 
Helena Le Feure 

Midland 5,483 
Midland Public Library 
Mrs. F. A Tousley 

Milan 1,557 

Milan Public and School Library 
Mrs. Jacob Ferman 

Monroe 11,573 
Dorsch Memorial Library 
Mrs. Jennie S. Wallace 

Mt. Clemens 9,488 
Mt Clemens Public Library 
Mrs. Louis T. Place 

Mt. Pleasant 4,819 

Mt. Pleasant Public Library 
Mary M. Osgood 

MICHIGAN Continued 
Munising 6,048 
Township Library 
Lucille Buckley 

Muskegon 36,570 
Hackley Public Library 
Harold L. Wheeler 

Negaunee 7,419 

Negaunee Public Library 
S. E. Wellet 

Newaygo 1,16 
Newaygo Public Library 
Florence Truman 

Newberry 2,172 
McMillan Township Library 
Mrs. Mary C. Seymour 

Niles 7,311 

Niles Public Library 
Orrill P. Coolidge 

North ville 1,738 
Association Library 

Norway 4,533 
School Library 
Frieda Thorelius 

Onaway 2,789 

Onaway School and Public Library 
Martha A. Caldwell 

Ostego 3,168 
Ostego Public Library 
Carrie W, French 

Owosso 12,575 
Owosso Public Library 
Frances A. Jones 

Oxford 1,668 
Oxford Public Library 
A. D. DeWitt 

Paw Paw 1,556 
Paw Paw Public Library 
Clara S. A. Rennie 

Pentwater 1,018 
Township Library 
E. L. Bates 

Petoskey 5,064 
Petoskey Public Library 
Amy Lusk 

Plainwell 2,049 
Plainwell Public Library 
Mrs. Mary A. Travis 


MICHIGAN Continued 
Plymouth 2,857 
School Library 
Florence Whitburn 

Pontiac 34,273 
Ladies Library 
Florence S. Broad 

Port Huron 25,944 
Port Huron Public Library 
Constance Bement 

Portland 1,899 

Public Library 
Edna J. Bandfield 

Quincy 1,251 
Quincy Public Library 

Mary Bell Dove 
Township Library 

Mrs. Maude S. Barnes 

Reading 1,036 
School Library 
Gladys Gaskill 

Redford 1,389 
School Library 
Eudora Champlin 

Reed City 1,803 
Reed City School Library 
U. U. Gumser 

Republic 2,074 
Township Library 
Agnes Lamoon 

River Rouge 9,822 
School Library 
Ethel E. Armlin 

Rogers 2,648 
Township Library 
H. H. Gilpin 

Romeo 2,102 
Romeo Public Library 
Mrs. Genevieve Chapman 

Royal Oak 6,077 
Royal Oak Public Library 
Elizabeth V. Briggs. 

Saginaw 61,903 

Saginaw Public Library 

Blanche D. Topping 
Hoyt Library Building 

Mary E. Dow. 
Butman-Fish Public Library 

Anna Benjamin 

St. Clair 3,204 

Ladies Library Association 
Bessie J. Howell 

MICHIGAN Continued 
St. Johns 3,925 

Ladies Subscription Library 
Sara Pouch 

St. Johns School and Public Library 
Mrs. Nellie Marshall 

St. Joseph 7,251 
St. Joseph Public Library 
Marion B. Truscott 

Saulte Ste. Marie 12,096 

Carnegie Public Library 
Alice B. Clapp 

Sebewaing 1,446 
Thorpe Public Library 
Christ Shultz 

Shelby 1,288 

Shelby Public Library 
Mrs. C. E. Ellis 

South Haven 3,829 
City & Township Public Library 
Nellie D. Stewart 

Sparta 1,502 
Township Library 
Grace I. Beeby 

Spring Lake 2,091 

Township Library 
Egbert Winter 

Stambaugh 2,263 
Stambaugh Public Library 
Mrs. Ernest Richards 

Stephenson 2,828 
Township Library 
A. A. Ellsworth 

Sturgis 5,995 

Carnegie Free Public Library 
Alida Patterson 

Tawas City 1,0x8 
School Library 
Minnie Carpenter 

Tecumseh 2,432 

Tecumseh School and Public Libra* v 
Edith L. Ingersoll 

Three Oaks 2,020 
Three Oaks Public Library 
Mary Schraeder 

Three Rivers 5,209 
Three Rivers Public Library 
Sue L Sillman. 

Traverse City 10,925 
Traverse City Public Library 
Alice M. Wait 



MICHIGAN Continued 
Trenton 1,682 
School Library 
Mary Affolter 

Union City 1,268 
Township Library 
Pearl Bates 

Vassar 1,453 
Bullard Public Library 
Mrs. Florence J. Lane 

Vicksburg 1,712 
Ladies Library 

Wakefield 4*151 
School Library 
Mary Fitzgerald 

Wayne 1,899 
School Library 
Leah M. Porter 

Wells 1.731 
Township Library 
Andrew Bredahl 

White Pigeon 1,510 
Township Library 
Mrs. Charles W. Hotchin 

Whitehall 1,307 
Township Library 
Mrs. M. G. Hollis 

Williamstown 1,060 
Public Library 

Minnie M. Heald 
School Library 

Hazel A. Wigle 

Wyandotte 13,851 

Wyandotte Public Library 
Effie Hurst 

Yale 1,223 

School Library 
Mrs. A. T. Greenman 

Ypsilanti 7,413 
Public Library 

Mrs. Lucy B. Loomis 
School Library 

Helene Fairchild 

. MINNESOTA Continued 
St. Paul State Capital 
Minnesota State Library 

E. J. Lien 

Library Division, Minnesota Department 
of Education 
Clara F. Baldwin 

MINNESOTA 2,387,125 
Aitken 1,490 
Carnegie Free Library 
Esther L. Seavey 

Albert Lea 8,656 
Albert Lea Public Library 
Henryetta Armstrong 

Alexandria 2,388 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. Margaret A. McCord 

Anoka 4,207 
Anoka Public Library 
Mrs. Georgia A. Cross 

Appleton 1,579 
Appleton Public Library 
Mrs. M. H. Thornton 

Aurora 2,804 
Aurora Public Library 
Sadie Ruikka 

Austin 10,118 
Carnegie Public Library 
Tanye Burgess 

Bemidji 7,086 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Jessie Phillips 

Belle Plaine 1,251 
Belle Plaine Public Library 
Harriette Irwin 

Benson 2,111 
Benson Public Library 
Nina Brown 

Blue Earth 2,568 

Blue Earth Public Library 
Alta M. Cummings 

Brainerd 9,591 
Brainerd Public Library 
Mrs. Clara T. Jones 

Breckenridge 2,401 
Breckenridge Public Library 
Mrs. G. W. Mangskau 

Browns Valley 1,073 
Browns Valley Public Library 
Mrs. M. F. Mulroy 

Buffalo 1,438 
Buffalo Public Library 
Clara A. Oakley 

Buhl 2,007 
Buhl Public Library 
Nelle Olson 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Cale donia i ,570 
Caledonia Public Library 
Celia Bouquet 

Cass Lake 2,109 
Cass Lake Public Library 
Miss Towe 

Chatfield 1,382 

Chatfield Public Library 
Annette Johnson 

Chiskolm - 9,939 
Chisholm Public Library 

Cloquet 5,127 
Cloquet Public Library 
Eda Tanke 

Coleraine 1,300 

Carnegie Library 
Ruth Van Dyke 

Crookston 6,825 
Crookston Public Library 
Elizabeth Lommen 

Crosby 3,500 
Crosby Public Library 
Mrs. H. Ingalls 

Dawson 1,511 
Dawson Public Library 
Elsie Trotter 

Detroit 3,426 
Detroit Public Library 
Eva L. Furber 

Duluth 98,917 
Duluth Public Library- 
Alice M. Dunlap 

Eveleth 7,205 

Eveleth Public Library 
Margaret Hickman 

Farhnont 4,630 

Fairmont Public Library 
Mrs. Agnes M. Searle 

Faribault 1 1,089 
Faribault Public Library 
Julia M. Fink 

Fergus Falls 7,581 
Fergus Falls Public Library 
Amy A. Lewis 

Glencoe 1,747 

Glencoe Library Association 
R. F. Allen 

MINNESOTA Continued 
Glenwood 2,187 
Glenwood Public Library 
Frances E. Peterson 

Graceville 1,022 
Graceville Public Library 
Mrs. Anna E. Crowe 

Grand Rapids 2,914 

Carnegie Library 
Helen Callaghan 

Granite Falls 1,101 
Granite Falls Public Library 
Mrs. Frances Feley 

Hastings 4,571 
Hastings Public Library 
Stella Telford 

Hibbing 15,089 
Hibbing Public Library 
Dorothy Hurlbert 

Hopkins 3,055 

Hopkins Public Library 
Mrs. Lillian Wheeler 

Hutchinson 3,379 
Hutchinson Public Library 
Ella J. Adams 

International Falls 3,448 
International Falls Public Library 

Ironton 1,165 
Ironton Public Library 
Pauline Hofmeister 

Jackson 2,144 
Jackson Public Library 
Elizabeth McMartin 

Janesville 1,269 
Janseville Public Library 
Eva Harrington 

Jordan 1,106 
Community Club 
Mary Kagermeier 

Kasson 1,150 

Kasson Public Library Association 
Ida C. Cornell 

Keewatin 1,879 
Keewatin Public Library 
Helen Young Prall 

Kenyon 1,362 
Kenyon Public Library 
Mrs. R. Leland 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Lake City 2,846 
Lake City Public Library 
Jennie E. Baker 

Lake Crystal 1,204 
Lake Crystal Public Library 
Mrs. M. Frauchere 

Le Sueur 1,795 
Monday Club Library 
Carrie M. Cadwell 

Litchfield 2,190 
Litchfield Public Library 
Mrs. Alice A. Lamb 

Little Falls 5,500 
Little Falls Public Library 
Mrs. Jennie L. Blanchard 

Long Prairie 1,346 

Long Prairie Public Library Association 
Marion Lewis 

Luverne 2,782 

Luverne Free Public Library 
Mrs. D. E. Halbert 

Madison 1,838 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. H. L. Borgendale 

Mankato 12,469 

Mankato Public Library 
Sophia J. Lammers 

Marshall 3,092 
Carnegie Public Libraiy 
Elizabeth L. Rank 

Minneapolis 380,582 
Minneapolis Public Library 
Gratia L. Countryman, Librarian 
Arabeil Martin, Circulation Dept. 
Ruth Rosholt, Catalog JDept. 
Blanch Sely, Branch Dept. 

Montevideo 4,419 
Montevideo Public Library 
Blanche Spooner 

Monticello 1,024 
Monticello Public Library 
Mina Cadwell 

Moorhead 5,720 
Moorhead Public Library 
Ethel S. McCubrey 

Morris 2,320 
Morris Public Library 
Agnes Torpey 

Mountain Iron 1,546 
Mountain Iron Public Library 
Stella Stebbins 

MINNESOTA Continued 
Nashwauk 2,414 
Nashwauk Public Library 
Margaret Gilpin 

North Mankato 1,840 
North Mankato Public Library 
Mrs. H. Arnold 

North St. Paul 1,979 
North St. Paul Public Library 
Mrs. C. R. McKenny 

Northfield 4,023 
Northfield Public Library 
Mary L. South worth 

Olivia 1,488 
Olivia Public Library 
Mrs. N. Coucheron 

Ortonville 1,758 
Ortonville Public Library 
Hester J. Clark 

Owatonna 7,252 
Owatonna Free Public Library 
Maud VanBuren 

Park Rapids 1,603 
Park Rapids Public Library 
Maude R. Ressler 

Paynes ville 1,060 
Paynesville Public Library 
Victoria Gale 

Pipestone 3,325 
Pipestone Free Public Library 
Mrs. May Funk 

Plainview 1,370 
Plainview Public Library 
May Belsheim 

Preston 1,227 
Preston Public Library 
Mrs. Blanche Hovelson 

Princeton 1,685 
Princeton Public Library 
Mrs. Lulu E. Owens 

Red Wing 8,637 
Carnegie-Lawther Library 
Grace L. Meyer 

Redwood Falls 2,421 
Redwood Falls Public Library 
Marie Tolzman 

Robbins dale i ,369 
Robbinsdale Library Club 
Mrs. E. N. Russ 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Rochester 13,722 
Rochester Public Library 
Edna Emerick 

Rushford 1,142 
Rushford Public Library 
Emma Crampton 

St. Charles 1,351 
St. Charles Public Library 
Maria L. Keeville 

St. Cloud 15,873 

St. Cloud Public Library 
Mrs. Marie E. Brick 

St. James 2,673 
St. James Public Library 
Miss E. Williams 

St. Louis Park 2,281 
St Louis Park Public Library 
Ethel Baston 

St. Paul 234,698 
St. Paul Public Library 
Webster Wheelock, Librarian 
Jennie T. Jennings, Asst. Librarian 
Amy C. Moon, Catalog and Order Div. 
Katharine Dame, Reference Div. 
I. Charlotte Campbell, Periodical Div. 
Delia McGregor, Juvenile Div. 
Elizabeth W. Clute, Circulation Div. 
Myra W. Buell, Branch Div. 
Elizabeth Robinson, School Div. 

James Jerome Hill Reference Library 

Joseph G. Pyle 
Sec> first Minnesota entry for State Library 

St. Peter 4,335 
St. Peter Public Library 
Marion Tyler 

Sandstone 1,200 
Sandstone Public Library 
Jean B. Robey 

Sauk Center 2,699 

Bryant Library 
Eva M. Davis 

Shakopee 1,988 

Shakopee Public Library Association 
Agnes Tomczak 

Sleepy Eye -2,449 
Dyckman Free Library 
Lydia S. Sasse 

Spring Valley 1,871 
Carnegie Library 
Edna Albro 

Staples 2,570 

Staples Public Library 
Mrs. E. G. Hall 

MINNESOTA Continued 
Stillwater 7,735 
Stillwater Public Library 
Gertrude Glennon 

Thief River Falls 4,685 
Carnegie Public Library / 
Mrs. C. Frissell 

Two Harbors 4,546 
Two Harbors Public Library 
Mildred Breiden 

Virginia 14,022 
Virginia Public Library 
Grace M. Stevens 

Wabasha 2,249 
Wabasha City Library 
Clara E. Hornbogen 

Wadena 2,186 
Wadena Public Library 
Jean P. Stewart 

Warren 1,772 
Warren Public Library 
Mrs. A. L. Robinson 

Waseca 3,908 
Waseca Public Library 
Ella Dibble 

Water ville 1,211 

Waterville Public Library Association 
Mrs. Jennie Foster 

White Bear Lake 2,022 

White Bear Lake Public Library 
Ada Palmer 

Willmar 5,892 
Willmar Free Public Library 
Amy Hanscom 

Windom, 2,123 
Windom Public Library 
Mrs. T. C. Collins 

Winnebago 1,641 
Wmnebago Public Library 
Blanche C. Seger 

Winona 19,143 

Winnona Free Public Library 
Jeannette A. Clarke 

Worthington 3,481 

Worthington Public Library 
Mrs. Margaret Hoffmapi 

Zumbrota 1,265 
Carnegie Public Library 
Edith L. Farwell 


MISSISSIPPI 1,790,618 
Jackson State Capital 
Mississippi State Library 
Mrs. W. F. Marshall 

Biloxi 10,937 
King's Daughters Library 
M. T. Rodenbcrg 

Brookhaven 4,706 
Brookhaven Public Library 
Laurie Penn 

Clarksdale 7,552 
Carnegie Library 
Hoyland Lee Wilson 

Columbia 2,826 

Columbia Public Library 
Jennie Watts 

Columbus 10,501 

Columbus Public Library 

Greenwood 7,793 
Greenwood Public Library 
Mrs. T. R. Henderson 

Gulfport 8,157 
Gulfport Public Library 
Mrs. Williams 

Hattiesburg 13,270 
Hattiesburg Public Library 

Hazclhurst 1,762 
Hazelhurst Public Library 
Mrs. S. Sokolski 

.Holly Springs 2,113 

Holly Springs Public Library 

Houston 1,408 

Carnegie Public Library 
L. B. Reid, Sec'y 

Jackson 22,817 

Jackson Public Library 

Annie M. Parker 
Sea first Mississippi entry for State Library 

Kosciusko 2,258 

Public School and Public Library 
Fannie Newell 

Laurel 13,937 

Public School and Public Library 
Zellie Curry 

Meridian 23,399 
Meridian Public Library 
Mrs. A. K. Hamm 

Natchez 12,608 
Carpenter Library 
Josephine Davis 

Fisk Memorial Library 
M. B. Montgomery 

Okolona 3,852 
Okolona Public Library 
May McDowell 

Vicksburg 18,072 
Vicksburg Public Library 
Mrs. Cclestine W. Foster 

West Point 4,400 
Carnegie Library 
Lucy Heard 

Yazoo 5,244 

Fannie Ricks Memorial Library 
Mrs. F. Barksdale 

MISSOITRiI 3,404,055 

Jefferson City State Capital 

Missouri State Library 
A. J. Menteer 

Missouri Library Commission 
*I. R. Bundy, Secretary 

Albany 2,016 
Carnegie Public Library 
May "Erskine 

Aurora 3,575 
Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth Ryker 

Bevier 1,868 
Bevier Public library 
Mrs. W. P. Rowland 

Bolivar 1,180 
Carnegie Public Library 
Grace McDaniel 

Bonne Terre 3,815 
Memorial Public Library 
Frances Stevens 

Braymer 1,018 
Braymer Public Library 
Mrs. P. W. Hawk 

u/Brookfield 6,304 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mae Snow 

Cape Girardeau 10,252 
Carnegie Public Library 
Margaret Baugh 


MISSOURI Continued 
Carthage 10,068 
Carnegie Public Library 
Alice R. Gladden 

Columbia 10,392 
Columbia Public Library 
Lelia B. Willis 

Excelsior Springs 4,165 
Carnegie Public Library 
Bernice Luckett 

Farmington 2,685 
Farmington Public Library 
Ruby Sutton 

Fayette -2,381 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. CX F. Burton 

Fredericktown 3,124 
Public Library 
Mrs. C. A. Coles 

Fulton 5,595 
Carnegie Public Library 
Sallie Coons v ' 

Glasgow 1,351 

Lewis Memorial Public Library 
Bessie Henry 

Hamilton 1,689 
Memorial Public Library 
Mrs. Lois McFadden ' 

Hannibal 19,306 
Memorial Public Library 
Helen D_ Birch 

Hunts vilte 2,126 

Carnegie Public Library . 
Mrs, Hobbs Heether 

Independence 11,686 * 

Independence Public Library 
Carrie Wallace 

Jefferson City 14,490 

Carnegie Public Library 

Julia Andrae 

See first Missouri entry for State Library 
and -Library Commission 

Joplin 29,902 
Carnegie Public Library 
Frances H. Sw-nwick 

Kahoka 1,624 
Kahoka Public Library 
Mrs. F: M. Waggener 

'Kansas City 324,410 

Kansas City Public Library 
Purd B. Wright, Librarian 
Irene Gentry, Sec'y 

MISSOURI Continued 
Kansas City Continued 

Grace Hill, Catalog Dept. 

Agnes F. P. Greer, Branch Dept. 

Training Class 

Mary A. Ayres, Children's Dept. 
Helen S. Read, Order Dept. 
Grace F. Hudson, Administration 
Minnie Neale, Circulation Dept. 
Mabel McClure, Periodical Dept, 

Lebanon 2,848 

Lebanon Free Library 
Emma Kellerman 

Lexington 4,695 
Lexington Public Library 
Mrs. J. G. Crenshaw 

Louisiana 4,060 
Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth Irwin 

Mac on 3,549 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Richard Holtzclaw 

Marceline 3,760 
Carnegie^ Public Library 
Mrs. Flo Carr 

Marshfield 1,371 
. Ccurnegie Public Library 
Ella Dickey 

Maryville 4,711 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary Grace Langan 

Mexico 6,013 
Carnegie Public Library 
Tine C. Houston 

Moberly 12,808 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Bessie S. Lee 

Monroe City 1,941 
Carnegie Public Library 
Fay Delaney 

Mound City 1,472 
Mound City Public Library 
Mrs. W. F. Vance 

Nevada 7,139 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary E. Barr 

Paris 1,431 

Memorial Public Library 
Mayme Craig 

Poplar Bhifi 8,042 
Poplar Bluff Public Library 
Irean Withworth 



MISSOURI Continued 
Richmond 4,409 
Richmond Public Library 
Mrs. C. M. Rucker 

St. Joseph 77,939 

St. Joseph Public Library 
Jesse Cunningham 

St. Louis 772,897 

Public Library 

Arthur E. Bostwick, Librarian 
C. H. Compton, Ass't. Librarian 
Lulu M. Wescoat, Auditor 
Mary E. Ensign, Bookbinding and Repair 


John L. Parker, Buildings and Grounds 
Sula Wagner, Catalog and Order Dept. 
Alice I. Hazeltine, Children's Work 
Mrs. Jessie S. McNiece, Circulation Dept. 
Mrs. Harriet P. Sawyer, Prin., Library 


Mary H. Crocker, Open Shelf Dept. 
Mrs. M, Myers, Periodical Reading Room 
Katherine T, Moody, Reference Librarian 
Mary V. Roemer, Applied Science Dept. 
Mary M. Powell, Art Dept. 
Laura M. Janzow, Registration Dept. 
Leonard Balz, Stations Dept 
Julia Krug, Traveling Library Dept. 

Mercantile Library 
Wm. L. R. Gifford 

Salisbury 1,757 
Salisbury Public Library 
Kate B. Jennings 

Sedalia 21,144 
Carnegie Public Library 
Jean E. Cameron 

Shelbina 1,809 
Carnegie Public Library 
Gladys Powers 

Springfield 39,632 
Carnegie Public Library 
Harriet M, Horine 

Trenton 6,951 
Trenton Public Library 
Bevah Maxey 

Vandalia 2,158 
Vandalia Public Library 
Mrs. Murray Merrell 

Warrensburg 4,724 
Public Library 
Mrs. R. L. Webb 

Webb City 7,807 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary Mitchell 

Webster Groves 9,474 

Webster Groves Public Library 
Jean E. Morrison 


MISSOURI -Continued 
West Plains 3,178 
Pease Memorial Library 
J. Will Pierce 

Bowling preen 1,965 
Cubl Library 
Mrs. M. B. Lincoln 

Centr alia 2,071 
Centralia Public Library 
Leonora Kirk 

Clarksville 843 (1900) 
Public Library 
Mrs. T. J. Simonds 

Lebanon 2,125 
Shakespere Club Library 
Mrs. R. A. Todd 

Savannah 1,831 

Savannah Public Library 
Ethel Carr 

MONTANA 548,889 
Helena State Capital 
Montana State Law Library 
Ashburn K. Barbour 

Anaconda 11,688 
Hearst Free Library 
Elizabeth L. Thompson 

Big Horn County. See Hardin 

Big Timber 1,282 
Big Timber Public Library 
Caroline Carns 

Billings 15,100 

Parmly Billings Memorial Library 
Mrs. Henry E. Garber, Jr. 

Bozeman 6,183 

Bezeman Free Public Library 
Geneva Cook 

Butte 41,611 

Butte Free Public Library 
Gertrude Nichols 

Chinock 4,229 

Blainee County Public Library 
P. M. Kamps 

Couteau County. See Fort Benton 

Deer Lodge 3,780 

William K. Kohr's Memorial Library 
Rhea M. Johnson 

Dillon 2,701 
Dillon Public Library 
Mary L. Innes - 


MONTANA Continued 
East Helena 1,109 
Public Library 

Eureka 1,082 
Public Library 

Forsythe 4,993 
W. E. Fearis 

Fort Benton 11,051 
Couteau County Free Library 
Pauline Madden 

Glasgow 2,059 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Anna MacDonald 

Great Falls 24,121 
Great Falls Public Library 
Louise M. Fernald 

Gluidive 3,816 
Public Library 
Mrs. I, Reinbold 

Hamilton 1,700 
Hamilton Public Library 
Carrie Pond 

Hardin 7,015 
Big Horn County Library 
W. E. Rearis 

Harve 5,429 
Harve Public Library 
Mrs. M. F. Homans 

Hedgesville 2,017 

Helena 12,307 
Helena Public Library 
Josephine M. Haley 
Sec first Montana entry for State Capital 

Htrnlay 1,705 
Public Library 

Kalispell 5,147 
Carnegie Free Public Library 
Harriet E. Hall 

Lewistown 6,120 
Carnegie Public Library 
Clara M. Main 

Libby 1,522 

Libby Public Library 

Livingston 6,311 
Carnegie Public Library 
Ruth V. Steadman 

Laurel 1,443 
Public Library 
Mrs. C. Bro 

MONTANA Continued 
Libby 3,624 

. Lincoln County Library 
Olga Swool 

Malta -9,311 
Phillips County Library 
Mrs. Mae White 

Miles City 7,937 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. Laura Zeek 

Missoula 12,688 
Missoula Free Public Library 
Elizabeth B. Powell 

Missoula 24,041 
Missoula County Free Library 
Ruth Worden 

Phillips County. See Malta 

Philipsburg 1,200 
Philipsburg Free Library 
Mrs. William E. Albright 

Plentywood 13,847 

Sheridan County Free Library 

Poison 1,132 
Poison Public Library 

Red Lodge 4*5*5 
Public School Library 
Mrs. M. A. Smith 

Roudu 2,434 

Public Library 

Sheridan County. Sec Plentywood 

Sidney 1,400 
Literary Club Library 
Mrs. H. Johnston 

Three Forks 1,071 
Library Association 

NEBRASKA 1,296,372 
Lincoln State Capital 

Nebraska Public Library Commission 
Nellie Williams 

Nebraska State Law Library 
H. C. Lindsay 

Ainsworth 1,508 
Ains worth Public Library 
Mrs. Anna I. Tolliver 

Arcadia 1,125 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Jennie Gradon 


NEBRASKA Continued 
Alliance 4,591 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Blanche Prettyman 

Alma 1,058 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Jennie Taylor 

Ansley 1,319 

(Township) Public Library 
Mrs. H. L. Fowler 

Arcaria 1,125 

(Township) Public Library 
Mrs. P. I. Cromwell 

Arnold 1,692 

(Township) Public Library 
Laura C. Peterson 

Ashland 1,725 
Carnegie Public Library 
Dorothea Scott 

Atkinson 1,300 

Atkinson Public Library Association 
Mrs. Deck 

Auburn 2,863 
Auburn Public Library 
Lillian Scofield 

Aurora 2,962 
Carnegie Public Library 
Lillian Moore 

Bayard 2,127 
Bayard Public Library 
Mrs. Viola Shepherd 

Beatrice 9,664 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. C. A. Anderson 

Blair 2,702 

Carnegie Public Library 
May McQuarrie 

Bloomfield 1,431 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mae Durbin 

Bridgeport 1,235 

Bridgeport Public Library 
Mrs. M. R. Hackler 

Broken 60^2,567 

Carnegie Public Library 
Dorothy Maulick 

Burwell 1,214 
Carnegie Public Library 
Lulu Walker 

NEBRASKA Continued 
Central City 2,410 
Central City Public Library 
Margaret Anderson 

Chadron 4,412 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth O'Linn Smith 

Chappell 1,131 
Chappell Public Library 
Mrs. Herbert R. Busse 

Clarks 1,457 

(Township) Public Library 
Mrs. Fern A. Beardsley 

College View 2,249 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary R. Welch 

Columbus 5,410 
Carnegie Public Library 
Rose Riddell 

Cozad 1,293 
Carnegie Public Library 
Edith I. Allen 

Crawford 1,646 

Crawford Public Library 
Mrs. C. J. Hornsby 

Creighton 1,446 
Creighton Public Library 
Mrs. Adelia Horn 

Crete 2,445 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. C F. Baker 

David City 2,216 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Ella V. Meyer 

Fairbury 5,454 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary C. McQuaid 

Falls City 4,930 

Lydia B. Woods Memorial Public Library 
Mary Hutchings 

Franklin 1,055 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mamie Humphrey 

Fremont 9,605 
Carnegie Public Library 
Alice M. Hughes 

Friend 1,263 
Friend Public Library 
Rotha Doner 




NEBRASKA Continued 
Fullerton 1,595 
Fullerton Public Library 
Mrs. Howard Downing 
Mrs. Ida Ripley 

Gibbon 1,432 

Carnegie (Township) Public Library 
Mrs. C. E. Bartlett 

Gordon 1,581 

Gordon Public Library Association 
Mrs. Frank Hummel 

Gothenburg 1,754 

Carnegie Public Library 
S. Frances Botkin 

Grand Island 13,947 
Carnegie Public Library 
Daisy Houck 

Hartington 1,467 
Hartington Public Library 
Kate S. Bryant 

Hastings 1 1,647 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mae P. Hermle 

Havelock 3,602 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Susie G. Smith 

Hebron 1,513 
Hebron Public Library 
Lou Leymaster 

Holdrege 3,108 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Catherine Wills 

Hooper 1,014 
Hooper Public Library 
Joel Warner 

Humfcoldt 1,277 
Brunn Memorial Public Library 
Mrs. J. K. Liggett 

Kearney 7,702 V 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mary E. O'Brian 

Kimball i,62j 
Kimball Public Library 
Mrs. Alice Hansen 

Lexington 2,327 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary Kelley 

Lincoln 54,948 
Carnegie Public Library. 
Lulu Home 

See first Nebraska entry for Library Commis- 
sion and State Law Library 

NEBRASKA Continued 
Long Pine 1,200 

Long Pine Public Library Association 
Mrs. M. J. Potter 

Loup City 1,364 

Carnegie (Township) Public Library 
Mrs. Dan McDonald 

McCook 4,303 
Carnegie Public Library 
Grace Willetts 

Madison 1,735 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Anna D. Johnson 

Merna 1,368 

(Township) Public Library 
Mrs. H. K. Atkisson 

Minden 1,527 

Minden Public Library 
Mrs. Helen E. Slusser 

Mitchell 1,298 

Mitchell Public Library Association 
Mrs. C. H. Spieth 

Nebraska City 6,279 
Nebraska City Public Library 
Anna Stevenson 

Neligh 1,724 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Carrie M. Jones 

Newman Grove 1,260 
Newman Grove Public Library 

Norfolk 8,634 
Carnegie Public Library 
Laura Durland 

North Bend 1,087 
Carnegie (Township) Public Library 
Laura Roump 

North Platte 10,466 
Carnegie Public Library 
Eleanor M. Wheeler 

Oakland 1,356 
Oakland Public Library 
Ethel Hanson 

Ogallala 1,062 

Ogallala Public Library Association 
Helen Sheffield 

Omaha 191,601 
Omaha Public Library 
Edith Tobitt 


NEBRASKA Continued 

O'Neill 2,107 

Carnegie-Gratton (Township) Public Libra- 
Mary McLaughlin 

Ord 2,143 
Ord Public Library 
H. W. Travis, Sec'y Library Board 

Orleans 1,414 

Cordelia Preston (Township) Public Library 
Dorothy Mahn 

Osceola 1,209 
Osceola Public Library 
Mrs. C. G. Timm 

Pawnee City 1,595 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Flora Fullerton 

Pierce 1,105 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, J. A. Andrew 

Plainview 1,199 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. P. H. Parker 

Plattsmouth 4, 190 
Carnegie Public Library 
C. Olive Jones 

Ponca 1,014 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mary Lipe 

Randolph 1,338 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. S. Buchanan 

Ravenna 1,703 
Carnegie Public Library 
Nellie V. Clark 

Red Cloud 1,856 

Red Cloud Public Library 
Yola Schwartz 

Schuyler 2,636 
Schuyler Public Library 

Scottsbluff 6,912 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, Robert Deraorest 

Scribner 1,021 
Scribner Public Library 
Edna D. B. Ehlers 

Seward 2,368 
Carnegie Public Library 
M. Belle Schick 

NEBRASKA Continued 
Shelton 1,037 

Carnegie Sheldon (Township) Public Li- 
Mrs. C. S. Burkerd 

' Sidney 2,852 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Constance .Corbett 

Silver Creek 1,006 
(Township) Public Library 
Mrs. W. D, Smith 

Spencer 1,380 

Carnegie Spencer (Township) Public Library 
Mrs. Frances Hollstien 

Stanton 1,487 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. J. D. Elmore 

St. Paul 1,615 

St. Paul Public Library Association 
Mrs. E. C. Luick 

Stromsburg 1,361 
Carnegie Public Library 
Marie Shaw 

Superior 2,719 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Lucy Conn 

Sutton 1,603 
Carnegie Public Library 
Sybil B. Jarrett 

Tecumseh 1,688 
Carnegie Public Library 
Le-nora Douglas 

Tekamah 1,811 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Grace Houston 

Tilden 1,101 

Tilden Public Library Association 
Grace Stanton 

"University Place 4,112 
Carnegie Public Library 
Katharine C. Wood 

Wakefield 1,114 
Wakefield Public Library 
Ruth Collins 

Watisa 1,039 

Lincoln (Township) Public Library 
Rose Banks 

Wayne 2,115 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. E. S. Blair 



NEBRASKA Continued 
Weeping Water 1,084 
Weeping Water Public Library 
Grace Countryman 

West Point 2,002 

West Point Public Library 
Minnie L. Frahm 

Wisner 1,210 
\Visner Public Library 
Jessie Kay 

Wymore 2,592 
Carnegie Public Library 
Gladys Pirie 

York 5,388 

Carnegie Public Library 
Ada Haggard 

NEVADA 77,407 
Carson City State Coital 
Nevada State Library 
Frank J. Pyne 

Reno 12,016 
Free Public Library 
E. N. Damon 

Tonopah 4,144 

Tonopah Public Library 
Mrs. Addie Depew 

Concord State Capital 

Public Library Commission of New Hamp- 
Grace Kingsland, Secy. 

New Hampshire State Library 
Arthur H. Chase 

Allenstown 1,213 

Allenstown Public Library 
Mrs. Grace S. Martson 
P. O. Suncook 

Alton 1,221 
Alton Public Library 
Annie A. Wheeler 

Andover 1,121 

Andover Public Library 
Ella Carr 

Antrim 1,952 

J. A. Tutle Memorial Library 
Mrs. J. E. Kerkins 

Ashland 1,325 
Town Library 
Mrs. Edna C. Goddard 

Bartlett 1,059 
Bartlett Public Library 
Delia F. George 

Bedford 1,118 

Woodbury Public Library 
Mrs. Minnie F. King 

Belmont 1,194 

Belmont Public Library 
Mrs. William E. Phillips 

Berlin 16,104 
Berlin Public Library 
Ethel Goss 

Boscawen 1,260 
Boscawen Public Library 
Mrs. Eliza J. Bent 

Bristol 1,428 
Minot Sleeper Library 
Mrs. M. A. Dodge 

Campton 1,928 
Campton Free Public Library 
Mary E. Avery 

Canaan 51,236 
Town Library 
Mrs. Fanny L. Fleetharn 

Charlestown 1,505 
Silsby Free Public Library 
Anna Louise Webber 

Claremont 9,524 
Fiske Free Public Library 
Mrs. Mary S. Ide 

Colebrook iy8n 
Colebrook Public Library 
Sarah E. Rolfe 

Concord 122,167 

Concord Public iLibrary 

Grace Blanchard 

See first New Hampshire entry for Library 
Commis'sion and State Library 

Contoocook 1,200 

Contoocook Branch Library 
Mrs. Clara O. George 

Conway 3,102 
Conway Public Library 
Alice S. Pollard 

Derry 5,382 

Derry Public Library 
Elsie Gaskin 

Dover 13,029 
Dover Publk Library 
Caroline H. Garland 



Durham 749 

Hamilton Smith Public and New Hampshire 

College Library 
Willard P. Lewis 

East Jaffrey 
Jaffrey Public Library 
Winifred M. Cooledge 

Enfield 1,577 

Enfield Free Public Library 
Ella M. Pattee 

Epping 1,276 

Free Public Library 
B. Helena Brown 

Exeter 4,614 
Exeter Public iLibrary 
Carrie W. Byington 

Farmington 2461 

Farmington Public Library 
Mrs. Nellie M. Davis 

Franklin -6,318 

Franklin Public Library 
Mrs. Barren Shirley 

Goffstown 2,391 
Goffstown Public Library 
Alma B. Whipple 

Gotham 2,734 
Gorham Public Library 
Mrs. V. W. Warfield 

Greenville 1,346 
Chamberlin Free Library 
Josephine M. Taft 

Hampton 1,251 
Hampton Public Library 
S. Albert Shaw 

Hanover 21,264 

Hanover Town Library 
Mrs. Nettie J. Praddex 

Howe Library 
Etta M. Clark 

Henniker 1,344 

Tucker Free Library 
Mrs. Fannie W. Bennett 

Hillsborough 2,239 

Fuller Public (Library 
Mrs. Ada H. Brown 

Hinsdale 1,773 

Hinsdale Public Library 
Ellen I. Brown 

Hooksett 1,828 
Arah W. Prescott Library 
Jennie B. Abbott 

Hopkinton 1,438 

Hopkinton Public Library 
Sarah U. Kimball 

Hudson 1,954 
Hills Memorial Library 
Mrs. Mary U. Abbott 

Keene 11,210 

Keene Public Library 
Mary Lucina Saxton 

Laconia 19,897 

Laconia Public Library 
Olin S. Davis 

Lancaster 2,819 

Lancaster Public Library 
Martha W. Brackett 

Lebanon 6,162 
Lebanon Public Library 
Emma M. Morris 

Lincoln 1,473 

Lincoln Public Library 
Carrie E. Moore 

Lisbon 2,288 

Lisbon Public Library 
Nettie L. Kelsea 

Litleton 4,239 

Littleton Public Library 
Jennie E. Smith 

Londonderry 1303 
Leach Library 
Martha M. Anderson 

Manchester 78,384 

Manchester City Library 
F. Mabel Winchell 

Marlborough 11,380 
Frost Free Library 
Orpha C. Sias 

Meredith 1,680 

Meredith Public Library 
Mrs. Lillian Wadleigh 

Merrimack 1,022 

Merrimack Public Library 
Emma A. Cross 

Milford 3,783 
Milford Free Library 
Annabell C. Secombe 



Milton 1,428 

Milton Public Library, Milton Mill 
John U. Simes 

Nute Library 

Mrs. Sarah P. Haley 

Nashua 28,379 

Nashua Public (Library 
Alice T. Rowe 

Newmarket 3,181 
Newmarket Public Library 
Evelyn McWhinney 

Newport 4 I( >9 
Richards Free Library 
Mrs. !N. H. Miller 

North Conway 1,000 
North Conway Public Library 
Edna Eastman 

Northumberland 12,567 
Groveton Public Library 
Mrs. Curtis 

Ossipee 1,122 
Ossipee Public Library 
Helen Pearl 

Pembroke 2,563 
Pembroke Public Library 
M. Henry Knox 

Peterboro 2,615 
Peterhoro Town Library 
Martha Cutler 

Pittsfield 1,914 
Carpentr^.Public Library 
Frank S.~~Jenkins 

Plaistow 11,368 
Piaistow Free Public Library 
Mrs. Margaret T. Ryder 

Plymouth 2,363 
Plymouth Public Library 
Mrs. Marie A. Hodge 

Portsmouth 13,569 
Portsmouth Athenaeum 
Portsmouth Public Library 
Hannah G. Fernaed 

Raymond 1,959 
Dudley-Tucker Library 
Mrs. Edith Tilton 

Rochester 9,673 

Rochester Public Library 
Lillian E. Parshley 

Rye- -1,196 

Rye Public Library 
Htlen C. Drake 

Salem 2,318 

Salem Free Public Library 
Hattie T. Abbott 

Seabrook 1,537 
Brown Memorial Library 

Somersworth 6,688 
Somersworth Public Library 
Mrs, Leona E. Savithes 

Suncook. See Allenstown 

Tilton 2,014 

Hall Memorial Library 
Mrs. Mary A. Locke 

Troy 1,444 

Troy Public (Library 
Rena F. Maddox 

Wakefield Public Library 
Alice C. Milliken 

Walpole 2,553 
Walpole Town Library 
Frances M. Sab in 

Warner 1^,051 
Pillsbury Free Library 
Mrs. Arthur W, Sargent 

Weare -1,173 
Weare Free Library 
Eva B. Simons 

West Lebanon 1,600 

West Lebanon Library Association 
Florence S, Watson 

West Swanzey 1,593 
Stratton Free Library 
Mrs. E. B. Holbrook 

Whitefield 1,935 

Whitefield Public Library 
Mrs. A. QU Lowry 

Wilton 1,546 
Wilton Public Library 
Bessie F. Bales 

Winchester 3,267 

Winchester Public Library 
Abbie F. Thompson 



Wolfsboro 2,178 

Brewster Free and Town Library 
Elizabeth Brewster 

Woodsyille 2,000 
Woodsville Free Library 
Mrs. S. M. Chamberlin 

NEW JERSEY 3,155,900 
Trenton-estate Capital 

N. J. Library Commission 
Sara'h B. Askew 

New Jersey State Library 
F. E. Croasdale 

Allendale 1,165 

Public Library 
Mrs. Wm. Lee 

Asbury Park -12,400 
Free Public Library 
Josephine W. Porter 

Atlantic City 50,707 
Free Public Library 
Jessie French Adams 

Atlantic Highlands 1,629 

Public Library 
Mrs. Lillian Harris 

Audubon 4,740 

Public Library 

Barrington 15333 
Public Library 

Bayonne 76,754 
Free Public Library 
Mary G. Peters 

Belleville 15,660 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Shattuck 

Belmar 1,987 
Public (Library 
Mabelle L. Clark 

Belvidere 1,793 
Public Library 

c/o Public School 
Jessie B. Edmondson 

Bergenfield 3,667 
Public Library 
Gertrude Hautan 

Berlin 12,093 
Brotherhood Library 

NEW JERSEY Continued 
Bernardsville 4,243 
Library Association 
Clara Ormiston 

Beverly 2,562 

Public (Library 
Mrs. H. A. Stees 

Bloomfield 22,019 

Jarvie Memorial Library 
Mrs. Metta R. Ludey 

Bogota 3,906 

Public Library 
Helen Felter 

Boonton 5,372 

Holmes (Library 
Anna E. Thibou 

Bordentown 4,371 

Public Library Association 
Ellen Allen 

Bound Brook 5,906 
Public Library 
Robertta Doxsee 

Bradley Beach 2,307 
Public Library 
Josephine Stiles 

Bridgeton 14,323 

Public (Library 
Madeline F. Powell 

Burlington 91,049 
Burlington Library 
Lydia We s ton 

Caldwell 3,993 
Public Library 
Lillian Riker 

Camden -116,309 
Free Public Library 
William H. Ketler 

Pine Poynt Library 
Mary Anderson 

Cape May 2,999 
Free Public Library 

Cape May Court House 1,000 

Public Library 
Wm. H, Shipe 

Cedar Grove -3,181 

Public Library 
Mrs. C D. Wood 



NEW JERtSEY Continued 

Cedarville 1,549 

Public Library 
Mrs. H. E. Sheppard 

Chatham 2,421 

Public Library 
Lynda Phillips 

Chester 7,273 

Public Library 
Mabel V. Drake 

Chrome 4,000 

Public Library 
Philip Wardle 

Cinnaminson 1,587 

Westfield Public School Library 

Clayton 1,905 
Free Public Library 
Mabel V. Drake 

Cliffside 5,709 
Public Library 
Nancy Bowman 

Clifton 26,470 
Public Library- 
May Tommins 

Collingswood 8,714 

Public Library 
Mrs. George De Ginther 

Cr anbury 1,083 

Public Library 
Mrs. H. Stonaker 

Cranford 51,986 

Public Library 
Mary D. Bradley 

Public Library 

Dover 9,803 

Public Library 
Martha Burnet 

Dumont 2,537 

Public Library 
Mrs. Evelyn R. Ingram 

Dunellen 3,394 

Public Library 
Mrs. Carrie Todd 

East Newark 3,057 
Free Public Library 
Thomas J. Carey 

NEW JERSEY Continued 
East Orange 50,710 
Free Public Library 
Louise G. Hinsdale 

East Rutherford 5,463 
Public Library 
Emma B. Ver Nooy 

Eatontown 2,682 
Public Library 
Mrs. A. C Mosby 

E dgewater 3,530 
Free Library 
Mrs. M. W. Huntley 

Egg Harbor City 2,622 

City Library 

Elizabeth 95,783 

Public Library and Reading Room 
Charles A. George 

Elmer 1,115 
Public Library 
Mrs. P. S. Foster 

Englewood 1 1,627 
Free Public Library 
Florence Finney 

Fair Haven 1,295 

Public School Library 

Flemington 2,590 

Public Library- 
Charlotte Miller 

Florence 7,100 
Wood Library 

Fort Lee 5,676 
School Library 

c/o Public School 
Minnie Willershausen 

Franklin 4,075 

Neighborhood House Library 
Elsie Newpher 

Freehold 4,768 
Freehold Township Library 
Mrs. Nell L. Myers 

Garwood 2,084 
Public Library 
W. N. Halsey 

Glasshoro 3,073 

Public Library 
S. S, Cullen 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Glen Ridge 4,620 
Glen Ridge Library 
Beatrice Downs 

Glen Rock 2,181 
Public Library 
Mrs. Frederick Hopkins 

Hackensack 17,667 
Johnson Public Library 
Mary Boggan 

Hackettstown 2,936 
Public Library 
Jane Rice 

Haddonfield 5,646 
Library Co. 
Anna L. Cawley 

Haddon Heights 12,950 

Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha Frost 

Hammonton 6,41 7 

Circulating Library 

Harrison 15,721 

Public Library 

Alma Lewis 

Hasbrouck Heights 2,895 
Borough League Library 
Miss C. L. Pope 

Hawthorne 5,135 
Public Library 

High Bridge 1*795 

Public Library 
Mrs. M. M. Flowers 

Highland Park 4,866 

Public School Library 
Mrs. J. T. Green 

Highlands 1,731 

Public Library 
Mary Trask 

Hightstown 3,674 
Free Public Library 
Esther Schenck 

Hilton 1,200 
Public Library 
F. W. Stevens 

Hoboken 68,166 
Free Public Library 
Thomas F. Hatfield 

NEW JERSEY Continued 

Hopewell 1,339 

Public Library 
Eleanor Weart 

Irvington 25,480 
Public Library 
May Baillet 

Jersey City 298,103 
Free Public Library 
Edmund W. Miller 

Kearney 26,724 

Free Public Library 
N. Belle Kilgour 

Keyport 4,415 
Public Library 
Josephine A. Brown 

Lakewood 6, no 

Public Library 
Miss K. L. Hinsdale 

Lambertville 4,660 
Stryker Free Library 
Almira Holcombe 

Leonia 2,979 

Public Library 
Mrs. H. Elizabeth Billings 

Little Falls 3,310 

P'ublic Library 
Myra La Foy 

Livingston 1,126 

Public Library 
Mrs. Edward R, Vincent 

Long Branch 13^,521 
Free Reading Room and Circ. [Library 
Mary Clarkson 

Lyndhurst 9,515 
Public 'Library 
Miss M. E. Wilcox 

Madison 5,623 
Public Library 
Norma B, Bennett 

Malrwah 2,081 
Bugg Memorial Library 
Helen North 

Manasquan 1,705 
Public Library 
Mabel Milliken 

Mansfield Square 1,517 
Public Library 


NEW JERSEY Continued 
Maple Shade -1,000 

Public Library 

Maple wood 3,000 
Public Library 
Mabel Langton 

Matawan 1,910 

Public Library 
Ida E. Slater 

Merchantville 2,749 
Public Library 
Mrs. Gertrude Helmick 

Metuchen 3,344 

Public Library 

Julia Bogart 

Middletown 5,917 
Public Library 
Mary Holmes Taylor 

Midland Park 2,230 

Public Library 
Mrs. John Fogg 

Millburn 4,633 

Public School Library 
Dorothy Constantine 

Millville 14,691 
Public Library 
Hannah Kates 

Minotola 3,647 
Free Library 

Montclair 28,810 
Free Public Library 
Alta M. Barker 

Moorestown 7,273 
Free Library 
Mabel Hollingshead 

M or rist o wn 1 2,548 
Library and Lyceum 
Mary P. Parsons 

Mt. Royal 1,483 

Public Library 

Netcong 1,800 
Public Library 
Mrs. Geo. E. Keech 

New Brunswick 32,779 
Free Public Library 
Harold F. Brigham 

NEW JERjSEY Continued 
New Providence 1,203 
Public Library 
Mrs. Florence Spicer 

Newark 414,524 
Newark Free Public Library 
John Cotton Dana, Librarian 
Beatrice Winser, Asst. Librarian 
Emma A. Grady, Lending Dept. 
Lucile Kelling, Periodical Dept. 
Marie L. Prevost, Catalog Dept. 
Alice Wilde, Art Dept. 
Marguerite L. Gates, Pamphlet Dept 
Ruth Wright, School and Children's Dept. 
Jersey City Free Public Library 
Edmund W. Miller, Librarian 
Dorothea Schroind, Reference Librarian 
Mrs. Edith Gordon, Children's Dept. 

Newton 4,125 
Dennis Library 
Elizabeth Case 

North Bergen 23,344 

Public Library 
Mrs. E. L. Mallory 

Northfield 1,127 
Public Library 

Mrs. Mary H. Shupe 

Ntttley 9,421 
Public Library 
Irene C. Phillips 

Ocean City 12,512 
Free Public Library 
Edith Jefferies 

OradeU 1,500 

Delford Free Library Association 
Mrs. M. V. Whiting 

Orange 33,268 
Free Library 
Elizabeth H, Wesson 

Oxford 2,035 

Public Library 
Miss Grace L. Hoagland 

Palisades 3,833 

Public Library 

Mrs. Pruden 

Palisades Faxi 2,633 

Public Library- 
Mrs. Lena "Tracy 

Park Ridge 1,48 1 

Public Library 
Mrs. C. W. 'Lawes 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Parlin 1,200 

Public Library 
J. D. Shiels 

Passaic 63,841 
Public Library 
Maud Stulj 

Paterson 135,875 

Free Public Library 
George F. Winchester 

Paulsboro 4,352 
Public Library 
Irma Lodge 

Pennsgrove 6,060 
Public Library 
J. O. R. Corliss 

Perth Amboy 41,707 

Public Library 
Edith Crowell 

Philiipsburg 16,923 

Public Library 

Pitman 3,385 
Free Public Library 
Miss A. Collins 

Plainfield 27,700 

Public Library and Reading Room 
Florence M. Bowman 

Pleasantville 5,887 
Public Library 
Mrs. M. E. Chattle 

Point Pleasant 1,575 
Public Library 
Mrs. J. W. Strong 

Pompton Lakes 2,008 
Einstein Memorial 'Library 
Mary L. Jacobs 

Pompton Plains 1,200 
Public Library 
Mrs. J. N. Lanthier 

Princeton 5,917 

Public Library 
Agnes Miller 

Ralrway 1 1,042 
Rahway Library Association 
Miss H. B. 'Gibbons 

Ramsey ^,090 

Public Library 
Mrs. A. V. Dater 

NEW JERSEY Continued 
Red Bank 9,251 

Public Library 
Mrs. H. G. Capen 

Ridgefield Park 8,575 

Public Library 
Mrs. Muriel Kern 

Ridgewood 7,580 
Public Library 

Riverton 2,341 
Free Library 
Elizabeth B. Campbell 

Rockaway 2,655 
Public Library 
Etta Davey 

Roebling 2,800 
Public Library 
Sarah Simpson 

Roselle 5,737 

Public Library 
Mrs. M. C. Thyng 

Rutherford 9,497 

Public Library 
Dorothy E. Burrowcs 

Salem 7,435 

Salem Library 
Cornelia Prior 

Scotch Plains 2,343 

Public Library 
Frank H. An son 

Somerville 6,718 
Public Library 
Marie F. Wait 

Shrewsbury 1,944 
Public Library 
Mrs, A V. Jennings 

South Amboy 7,897 

Public Library ' 
Mrs, E. B. Bostwick 

South Orange 7,274 

Free Public Circulating Library 
Julia Schneider 

South River 6,596 

Free Public .Library 
Margaret Raksanyi 

Sparta 1,017 

Public Library 
Mrs. W. L. Shuman 


NEW JERSEY Continued 
Spring Lake 1,009 
Public Library- 
Florence Miller 

Summit 10,174 

Free Public Library 
Emilie Hill 

Tenafly 3,585 
Public Library 
Mrs. H. F. York 

Titusville 1,100 
Public Library 
Mrs. Long 

Toms River 3,000 
Public Library 
Miss Xydias 

Town of Union 

P. O. Weehawken, N. J. 
Free Public Library 
Louise Macpherson 

Trenton 1 1 9,289 
Free Public Library 
Howard L. Hughes 

See first New Jersey entry for Library Com- 
mission and State Library 

Tuckahoe 1,400 

Public Library 
Mrs. S. G. iLangley 

Tuckerton 1,106 

Public Library 
Eleanor B. Price 

Verona 3,039 

Public Library 
Eva S. Rich 

Vine ent o wn i ,000 
Public Library 

Vineland 6,799 
Free Public Library 
Doris W. Tripp 

Washington 3,341 

Public Library 
Mrs. Daisy Beavers 

West Caldwell 1,085 
Potwin Memorial Library 
Isabel Doll 

West Hoboken 40,074 > 
Free Public Library 
Paul M. Konert 

NEW JERSEY Continued 
Westfield 9,063 

Westfield Public Library 
Virginia Gale 

West New York 29,926 

Public Library 
May Garton 

West Orange 15,573 
Tory Corner Library 

Westville 2,380 
Public Library 
Marie Gallagher 

Westwood 2,597 

Free Public Library 
Bessie Gregg 

Wharton 21,877 

Public Library 
Anne E. Carpenter 

Wildwood 2,790 
Free Public Library 
Edith M. Brineshults 

Williamstown 2,000 
Public Library 
Mrs. P. S. Camp 

Woodbridge 13,423 
Barren Public Library 
Anthony Schroder 

Woodbury 5,801 
Deptford Institute Free Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Johnson 

Woodstown 1,589 
Pilesgroye Library Association 
Francis D. Fogg 

NEW MEXICO 360,350 

Santa Fe < State Capital 
New Mexico State Library 

Alamogordo 2,363 
Alamogordo Public Library 
Mary Darbyshire 

Albuquerque 15,157 
Albuquerque Public Library 
Mrs. H. F. Dixon 

Carlsbad 2,205 

Carlsbad Public Library 

Deming 3,212 
Deming Public Library 
Mrs. Maud C. Hqffman 


NEW MEXICO Continued 
East Las Vegas 3,755 
Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth Cooley 

Gallup 3,920 
Gallup Public Library 
Jennie Gonzales 

Las Vegas 3,902 
Carnegie Library 
Rebecca Roland 

Portales 1,154 
Portales Public Library 

Raton 5,544 

Raton Public Library 
Evelyn Shuler 

Roswell 7,033 
Roswell Public Library 
Mrs. E. H. Skipworth 

Santa Fe 7,236 

Santa Fe Public Library 

Nannie Simmons 

See first New Mexico entry for State Li- 

NEW YORK 10,385,227 

AlbanyState Capital 
New York State Library 
Jas. I. Wyer, Director 
Walter Stanley Biscoe, Senior Librarian 

Library Extension Division, New York 
State Educational Department 
Wm. R. Watson, Chief of Division 

Adams 1,557 
Adams Free Library 
Mrs. Mary K. Rhodes 

Addison 1,699 
Addison Public Library 
Mrs. Eva Allen 

Albany 113,344 

Union Free Library 

Agnes McCarthy 
See first New York entry for State Library 

and Library Extension Division 

Albion 4,683 
Swan Library 
Lillian A. Achilles 

Alexandria Bay 1,649 
Holland Library 
Muriel McArthur 

Amityville 3,265 
Amityville Free Library 
Helen E. Badger 

Amsterdam 33,544 
Free Library 
S. Pauline Reid 

NEW YORK Continued 
Andover 1,132 
Andover Free Library 
Mrs. A. R. Baker 

Antwerp 1,029 
Free Library 
Ettie J. Marsh 

Arcade 1,372 
Arcade Free Library 
Mrs. J. H. Howard 

Arlington 1,300 
Arlington Free Library 
Hilda Spross 

Athens 1,844 
D. R. Evarts Library 
Mrs. Mary B. Van Loan 

Attica 1,785 

Stevens Memorial Library 
Laura E. Leland 

Auburn 36,192 
Seymour Library 
Theodora Kellogg 

Avoca 1,019 
Avoca Free Library 
Ory Wagner 

Avon 2,585 
Avon Free Library 
Minnie E. Hoctner 

Babylon 2,523 

Babylon Library Association 
Gladys W. Conklin 

Bainbridge 1,259 
Bainbridge Free Library 
Maude A. Mosher 

Ballston Spa 4,103 
Ballston Spa Public Library 
Charlotte B. Newton 

Bath 4,795 
Davenport Library 
Edna J. Dinwiddie 

Bay Shore 3,025 
Bay Shore Free Library 
Bessie Smith 

Beacon 10,996 
Rowland Public Library 
Nancy M. Lamont 

Belmont 1,021 

Free Library 
Ella Sortore 



NEW YORK Continued 

B inghamt on 66,800 
Public Library 
William Foote Seward 

Bolivar 1,146 
Bolivar Free Library 
Mrs. Ella Williams 

Bridgehampton 1,394 

Hampton Library 
May T. Van Scoy 

Brocton 1,383 

Ahira Hall Memorial Library 
Mary E. Mathews 

Bronxville 3,055 

Bronxville Public Library 
Mrs. Mary D. Sherman 

Buffalo 505,775 

Buffalo Public Library 
Walter L. Brown, Librarian 
Ellen M. Chandler, Catalog Dept. 
Pauline D. Lansing, Order Dept. 
Emma Meyer, Binding Dept. 
Frederick J. Shepard, Reference Dept 
Harry N. Parsons, Circulating Dept. 
Emma G. O'leary, Desk 
Helen A. Becker, Open Shelf 
Margaret H. Evans, Children's Dept 
Cecelia Lewis, School Dept. 
Edna A. Holzaepfiel, Branches Dept 

Grosvenor Library 
Augustus H. Shearer 

Caledonia 1,170 
Caledonia Library Association 
Anna Mullin 

Cambridge 1,559 

Cambridge Public Library 
May Carpenter 

Camden 1,941 
Camden Library Association 
Mrs. 0, A. Manzer 

Canaj oharie 2,415 
Canajoharie Library 
Mrs. Anna M. Fox 

Canandaigua 7,350 
Wood Library Association 
Sara N. Lee 

Canastota 3,995 
Canastota Public Library 
Mrs. Nellie H. Willis 

Canisteo 2,201 

Wimodaughsian Free Library 
Mary Mills 

NEW YORK Continued 
Camden 1,941 

Public Library 
Mrs. O. A. Manzer 

Canton 2,631 
Canton Free Library 
Florence S. Hall 

Castile 1,013 
Greene Library 
Helen L. Daily 

Carthage 5,986 

Carthage Free Library 
Eva Gaudin Frederick 

Castleton 1,595 
Castleton Public Library 
Frances H. Bortle 

Castleton 1,595 
Castleton Public Library 
Frances H. Bortle 

Catskill 4,728 
Catskill Public Library 
Emily F. Becker 

Cazanovia 1,683 
Public Library 
Elizabeth S. Jackson 

Chatham 2,710 
Chatham Public Library 
Frances M. Samuel 

Chester 1,049 

Chester Free Public Library 
Laura A. Kerner 

Clayton 1,849 
Clayton Free Library- 
Mrs. Fannie H. Williams 

Clinton 1,270 

Kirkland Town Library 
Ruth W. Raymond 

Cobleskill 2,410 
Cobleskill Free Library 
Mrs. June Lambert 

Cohoes City 22,987 
Cohoes City Library 
Elmer E. Bell 

Cold Spring Harbor 1,433 
Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement 

Society Library 
Eva J. Wright 

Cooperstown 2,725 
Village Library 
Bertha M. Kramer 



NEW YORK Continued 
Corning 15,820 

Public Library 
Mary L. McCabe 

Cortland 13,294 
Hatch Library 
Margaret H. Force 

Cornwall 1,755 
Cornwall Public Library 
H. C. Woodworth 

Cornwall-on-Hudson 1,669 
Cornwall-on-Hudson Public Library 
Florence E. Lancaster 

Coxsackie 2,121 
Heermance Memorial Library 
Alma L. Jones 

Cuba 1,611 

Cuba Circulating Library Association 
Maude T. Grove 

D ans ville 4,68 1 
Dansville Public Library 
Margaret Magee 

Delhi 1,669 
Cannon Free Library 
Pauline Farrington 

Dehnar 1,340 
Delmar Free Library 
Mrs. Ethel A. Blake 

Dobba Perry 4,401 
Free Library 
Louise V. Miller 

Bolgeville 2,488 
Dolgeville Public Library 
Mrs. Emily C. Small 

Dundee 1,143 
Dundee Free Library 
Mrs. Roy L. Robinson 

Dunkirk 19,336 
Free Library 
Carlina M. Monchow 

East Aurora 3,70^ 
East Aurora Free Library 
Annabel Chandler 

East Hampton 2,835 

East Hampton Free Library 
Ettie C. Hedges 

East Rockaway-~i,2oo 

Baiseley Free Library 
Amelia Davison 

NEW YORK Continued 
Ellen ville 3, 1 1 6 
Ellenville Public Library 
Mrs. Elinor Demarest 

Elmira 45,393 
Steele Memorial Library 
Mrs. Kate Deane Andrew 

Fairport 4,626 
Fairport Public Library 
Helen B. Fuller 

Endicott 9,500 
Endicott Free Library 
Margery C. Quigley 

Falconer 2,742 
Falconer Public Library 
Mrs. Kate E. Davis 

Fayetteville 1,584 
Free Library 
Christina McLennan 

Fort Edward 3,871 
Fort Edward Free Library 
Elsie N. Hill 

Fort Plain 2,774 
Williams Library 
Ella R. Zielley 

Frankfort 14,189 
Frankfort Free Library 
Anna B. Piper 

Franklin ville 2,015 
Blout Library 
Alice V. A. Wilcox 

Fredonia 6,051 
D. R. Barker Free Library 
Annie L. Craigie 

Freeport 8,599 

Public Library 
Alice B. Rogan 

Friendship i,oo 
Friendship Free Library 
Agnes L. Jordan 

Fulton 13,043 
Public Library 
Florence E. Baker 

Genese 02,157 

Wadsworth Library 
Ethel M. Frazer 

Geneva 14,648 
Free Library 
Margaret A. 




NEW YORK Continued 

Glen Cove 8,664 
Glen Cove Public Library 
Eugenia C, Thorne 

Glens Falls 16,638 
Crandall Free Library 
Gertrude Ferguson 

Gloversville 22,026 
Gloversville Free Library 
Lucy Edel 

Goshen 2,843 

Library and Historical Society 
Bertha M. Borland 

Gouverneur 4,143 
Gouverneur Free Library 
Mollie L. Parker 

Gowanda 2,673 
Free Library 
Mrs. Clara Vosburgh 

Granville 3,024 
Pember Library 
Irving Wynkoop 

Great Neck 4,445 
Great Neck Library Association 
Mrs. Harrison Warwick Craver 

Greene 1,297 
Moore Memorial Library 
Mary Summers 

Greenport 3,122 
Floyd Memorial Library 
Elizabeth L. Deale 

Greenwich 2,384 
Greenwich Free Library 
Eva G. Shanks 

Groton 2,235 
Groton Public Library 
Ellen E, Brown 

Hamburg 3,185 
Hamburg Free Library- 
Amanda C. Michael 

Hamilton 1,505 
Hamilton Public Library 
May Coman 

Hammondsport 1,617 

Hammondsport Public Library 
Laura Ide Bailey 

Harrison 4,650 
Harrison Free Library 
Eva Burger 

NEW YORE Continued 
Hastings-on-Hudson 5,526 
Hastings-on-Hudson Free Library 
Bertha M. Stetson 

Haverstraw 5,226 
King's Daughters Library 
Mary E. Van Orden 

Hempstead 6,383 
Hempstead Free Library 
Fanny A. Mulford, pres. 

Herkimer 10,453 
Free Library 
Edith M. Sheaf 

Highland 2,290 
Highland Free Library 
Adaline Tenvilliger 

Highland Falls 2,588 
Highland Falls Free Library 
Marie Nelson 

Homer 2,356 

Phillips Free Library 
Mrs. Robert Redfield 

Honeoye Falls 1,107 
Honeoye Falls Free Library 
Louise Loti 

Hoosick 4,896 

Hoosick Falls Public Library 
Michael J. Dillon 

Hornell 15,025 
Public Library 
Helen G. Thacher 

Hudson 11,743 

Hendrick Hudson Library 
Lydia C. Tremper 

Hudson Falls 5,761 
Free Library 
Genevieve Clark 

Huntington 8,000 
Huntington Library Association 
Mary F. Gaines 

Ilion 10,169 
Free Public Library 
Nellie Mae Cheney 

Irvington-on-the-Hudson 2,701 

Guiteau Library 
Emma Knodel 

Islip 1,700 

St Marks Public Library 
Florelle Smith 



NEW YORK Continued 

Ithaca 17,004 

Cornell Library Association 
Anna Elsbree 

Jamestown 38,917 

Prendergast Free Library 
Lucia Tiffany Henderson 

Johnson City 8,587 
Your Home Library 
Harriet Jane Stiles 

Johnstown 1 0,908 

Johnstown Public Library 
Katharine M. Seaman 

Keeseville 1,524 

Lee Memorial Library 
Jane M. Garfield 

Kenmore 3,160 
Kenmore Free Library 
Katherine Brainard 

Kingston 26,688 

City Library 
Marion Herbert 

Ponckhockie Public Library 
Sadie E. Schutt 

Lake Placid 2,099 
Lake Placid Public Library 
Meta M. Babbitt 

Lancaster 6,059 
Public Library 
Anna E. Thatcher 

La Salle 3,813 
La Salle Free Library 
Elfreda M. Walker 

Le Roy 4,203 

Le Roy Library Association 
Charlotte J. Carman 

Liberty 2,459 
Liberty Public Library 
Laverne Misner 

Little Palls 13,029 
Little Falls Public Library 
Mabel E. Richards 

Liverpool 1,831 
Liverpool Public Library 
Mrs. Adasa A. H. Gray 

Lockport 47,720 
Lockport Public Library 
Claire Nelson Atwater 

NEW YORK Continued 
Lynbrook 4,275 

Lynbrook Free Library 
Mrs. Ella E. Cook 

Lowville 3,127 
Lowyille Free Library 
Alice E. Allen 

Lyons 4,253 
Civic Club Free Library 
Mrs. Ella Leonard 

McGraw 1,032 

Lamont Memorial Free Library 
Mrs. Florence B, Walter 

Manlius 1,296 
Manlius Free Library 
Gertrude E. Hewes 

Marathon 1,092 
Peck Memorial Library 
J. W. Livingston 

Marion 1,000 
Marion Free Library 
Alice M. Curtis 

Massena 5,993 

Massena Public Library 
Helen M, Andrews 

Mattituck 1,305 
Mattituck Free Library 
Cora Jackson 

Mechanicville 8,166 
L. B. Blakeman Library 
Grace E. Bennett 

Middletown 18,420 
Thrall Library 
Mary Kain Van Keuren 

Millbrook 1,097 
Millbrook Free Library 
Dorothy M. Emmel 

Milton 1,107 

Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library 
Mrs. George S. Clarke 

Mohawk 2,919 
Weller Library 
L. Irene Munger 

Monroe 1,527 
Monroe Free Library 
Mrs. J. T. Howell 

Montour Falls 1,560 
Montour Falls Memorial Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Hopkins 



NEW YORK Continued 
Moravia 1,331 
Powers Library 
Elizabeth Y. Fulton 

Mt Kisco 3,901 
Public Library 
Alice M. Siggelkow 

Mount Morris 3,312 
Mount Morris Free Library 
Jennie A. Rockfellow 

Mount Vernon 42,726 

Mt. Vernon Public Library 
Frances D. Thompson 

New Berlin 1,070 
New Berlin Library 
Mary I. White 

New Paltz 1,056 
Elting Memorial Library 
Mrs. Catherine Schoonmaker 

New Rochelle 36,213 
Public Library 
Mary E. Huntington 

New York 
Brooklyn Borough 2,018,356 

Brooklyn Public Library 
Frank P. Hill, Librarian 
John A. Lowe, Asst. Librarian 
Mary Casamajor, Secretary 
Theresa Hitchler, Catalog Dept. 
Clara W. Hunt, Children's Dept, 
Lemuel N. Martin, Supplies 
Joseph P. Connor, Bursar 
Louis N. Feipel, Editor of Publications 
Julia A. Hopkins, Staff Instruction 
Charles E. Farrington, Book Order Dept. 
Calvin W. Foss, Reference Librarian 
Mary J. Thackray, Library Extension 

Friends Library, no Scharmertorn St. 
Arina L. Curtis 

Pratt Institute Free Library 
Edward F. Stevens 

Manhattan & Bronx Boroughs 3,016,119 

New York Public Library, 476 Fifth Avenue 

Edwin H. Anderson, Director 

I. Ferris Lockwood, Bursar 

Robert R. Finster, Secretary to the Direc- 

Edmund L. Pearson, Editor 
Reference Department 

H. M. Lydenberg, Chief Reference Li- 

Keyes D. Metcalf, Executive Asst. 

Charles F. McCombs, Main Reading 

Robert W. Henderson, Stack Division 

Frank A. Waite, Information Division 

Wilberforce Eames, Bibliographer 

NEW YORK Continued 
New York Continued 

Frank Weitenkampf, Art and Prints Di- 

Victor H. Paltsits, American History Di- 
vision and Manuscripts 
Otto Kinkeldey, Music Division 
Henry C. Strippel, Genealogy Division 
Paul N. Rice, Preparation Division 
Axel Moth, Chief Cataloguer 
Carl L. Cannon, Acquisition Division 
Avrahrn Yarmolinsky, Ph.D., Slavonic 


A. S. Freidus, Jewish Division 
Richard Gottheil, Oriental Division 
Rollin A. Sawyer, Jr., Economics Divi- 

Miss Carolyn F. Ulrich, Periodicals Di- 
W. B. Gamble, Science and Technology 


Louis H. Fox, Newspaper Division 
John Archer, Printing Office and Bindery 
John H. Fedeler, Building Superintendent 

Circulation Department 
Franklin F. Hopper, Chief 
Florence Overton, Supervisor of Bran- 
Dorothy A. Goodrich, Secretary to the 

Annie Carroll Moore, Supervisor of Work 

with' Children 

E. F. Cragin, Superintendent of the Cata- 
loging Office 

Mary Frank, Extension Division 
Alice Bunting, Interbranch Loan Office 
Mabel Williams, Work with Schools 
Miss Mabel Williams, Work with Schools 
H. J. Grumpelt, Accountant 
LeRoy Jeffers, Book Order Office 
Rose G. Murray, Binding 
Thomas A. Batterbury, Repairs 
Lucille Goldwaite, Library for the Blind 
Isabella M. Cooper, Central Circular 


Lenore Power, Central Children's Room 
Stanley S. Garnis, Supplies 
Edwin W. Gaillard, Special Investigator 
Rebecca B. Rankjn, Librarian Municipal 

Reference Branch 
Ernest J. Reece, Principal, Library School 

Mercantile Library Association 

Charles H. Cox 
Bethany Memorial Library, 400 E. 67th St. 

A. B. Churchman 
De Witt Memorial Free Library, 286 Riv- 

ington St. 

Malcolm R. Birnie 
Friends Library, 221 E. I3th St. 

Anna L. Curtis 

General Society of Mechanics and Trades- 
men See Mechanics Institute 
Huntington Free Library and Reading 

Room, 9 Westchester Sq., Bronx 
Emma K. Volz 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York Continued 
Mechanics Institute Free Library, 16-18 W. 

44th St. 
Henry W. Parker 

Richmond Borough. 116,531 

See New York Public Library 

Queens Borough 469,042 

Queens Borough Public Library, Jamaica, 

L. I. 

John C. Atwater, Director 
Mabel L. Otis, Branches Dept 
H. M. Parsons, Finance & Equipment 

Olive Hamilton Whisenant, Traveling 


Eva A, Gorham, Catalog Dept. 
Margaret S. Green, Book Order Dept. 
Mary W. Early, Interchange Dept. 

Newark 6,964 

Newark Free Public Library 
Mrs. Louise E. Van Duser 

Newburgh 30,366 

Balmville Free Circulating Library 
Sarah E. Schoonmaker 

Newburgk 30,366 

City Library 
Lillian 0. Estabrook 

Newfane 1,075 
Newfane Free Library 
Mrs. B. L. Colton 

Niagara Falls 50,760 
Public Library 
Bertha M. Cudebec 

North Tonawanda 15,482 
Public Library 

Norfolk 1,500 
Hepburn Library 
A. Blanche Creighton 

Northport 1,977 
Northport Public Library 
Sarah S. Davey 

Norwich 8,268 
Guernsey Memorial library 
Louise N. Ruckteshler 

Norwood 1,808 
Norwood Free Library 
Mrs. Ella Pease 

Nunda 1,152 
Bell Memorial Library 
Mrs. Clyde Kernahan 

Nyack 6,781 
Nyack Public Library 
Helen L. Powell 

NEW YORK Continued 
Ogdensburg 14,609 
Public Library 
Mary K. Hasbrouck 

Olean 20,506 
Olean Public Library 
Maud D. Brooks 

Oneonta 11,582 
Huntington Memorial Librar- 
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Blackall 

Ontario 1,080 
Ontario Free Library 
Mrs. Celia A. Brown 

Ossining 10,739 
Ossining Public Library 
Katharine C. Gorton 

Oswego City 23,626 
Oswego City Library 
Robert S. Kelsey 

Owego 4,147 
Coburn Free Library 
Nane G. Loring 

Oxford 1,590 
Oxford Memorial Library 
Lillian J. Emerson 

Oyster Bay 5,280 
Oyster Bay Free Library 
Luie P. Sammis 

Patchogue 4,031 
Patchogue Public Library 
Mrs. Alma D. Custead 

Palmyra 2,480 
King's Daughters Library 
Esther Westfall 

Peekskill 15,868 
Field Free Library 
Dudley C. Hasbrouck 

Pelham 3,063 
Pelham Public Library- 
Mrs. Mary A. Dickinson 

Penn Yan 5,215 
Penn Yan Public Library 
Mrs, Henrietta H. Kimball 

Perry 4,717 
Perry Public Library 
Mrs. Jenny Nobles 

Phelps 1,200 
Phelps Public Library 



NEW YORK Continued 

Philmont 1,919 
Philmont Public Library 
Mrs. Frank F. Harder 

Piermont 1,600 
Piermont Public Library 
Mrs. E L. Brodhead 

Plattsburg 10,909 

Public Library 
Ernest S. Hale 

Port Chester 16,578 
Port Chester Library 
Clara S. Merritt 

Pleasantville 3,590 
Pleasantville Public Library 
Henry C. Sharpe 

Port Jervis 10,171 
Port Jervis Free Library 
Margaret B. Marsh 

Port Jefferson 1,935 
Free Library 
H. N. W. Magill 

Port Henry 2,183 
Sherman Library 
Anna L. Walton 

Port Washington 3,000 
Port Washington Free Library 
Wilhelmina M. Mitchell 

Potsdam 4,039 
Potsdam Public Library 
Mrs. Sadie Bixby 

Poughkeepste 35,000 
Adriance Memorial Library 
Marion F. Dutcher 

Randolph 1,310 
Dow Free Library 
Mrs. Harriet F. Rogers 

Ravena 2,093 
Ravena Free Library 
Mrs. Grace P. McKay 

Rensselaer 10,823 
Bath-on-Hudson Library 
Alice Ashton 

Rensselaer 10,823 
City Public Library 
Mary Dower 

Rhinebeck 1,397 

Starr Institute Library 
Mrs, Ray Traver 

NEW YORK Continued 
Richfield Springs 1,388 
Public Library 
E. L. Winne 

Riverhead 2,285 
Riverhead Free Library 
Mrs. Carrie M. C. Terry 

Rochester 295,850 
Rochester Public Library 
William F. Yust, Librarian 
Bernice E. Hodges, Secretary 
Grace B. McCartney, Book Order & Cat- 

alog Dept. 
Julia L. Sauer, Children's Dept. & Ex- 

tension Division 
Mechanics' Institute Library 

Eleanor Gleason 
Reynolds Library 
Anne Ross Collins 

Rockville 6,262 

Rockville Center Public Library 
Mrs. Alice H. Decker . 

Rome 26,341 

Jervis Library 
Clara W. Bragg 

Rouses Point 1,700 
Dodge Memorial Library 
Mary A. Spear 

Roslyn 4,440 

Neighborhood Association Library 
Mary P. Lynch 

Rye Free Library 
Marcia Dalphin 

Sackett Harbor 1,094 
Hay Memorial Library 
Mrs. Maude Ilingworth 

Salem 1,083 
Bancroft Public Library 
Frances F. Leighton 

Sayville 3,535 
Sayville Free Library 
Mrs. L. E. Thurston 

SI, Johnsville 2,469 
Reaney Memorial Library 
Kate Hough 

Sag Harbor 2,993 
John Jermain Memorial Library 
Mrs. Olive Pratt Young 

Salamanca 9,276 

Salamanca Public Library 
Muriel Jackson 



NEW YORK Continued 

Saranac Lake 5,174 

Free Library 
Stella C. Norton 

Saratoga Springs 13,181 

Saratoga Athenaeum Library 
Mrs. Elma S. Hodges 

Saugerties 4,013 
Public Library 
Anna C. Voerg 

Schenectady 88,723 
Free Public Library 
Henry Glen 

Schuylerville 1,625 
Free Library 
Mary E. C Gow 

Seacliff 2,108 
SeaclifT Public Library 
May Dibbel 

Seneca Falls 6,389 

Mynderse Library 
Ellen F. Wickes 

Setauket 1,300 
Clark Memorial Library 
Josephine Elberson 

Sherburne 1,104 
Sherburne Public Library 
Adelaide E, Harrington 

Sherrill 1,635 
Sherrill Free Library 
Florence McDonald 

Sidney 2,670 

Public Library 
Mrs. Mitta C Smith 

Skaneateles 1,635 

Skaneateles Library Association 
Lydia A Cobane 

Sodua 1,329 

Sodus Circulating Library 
Mrs. Carrie R. Colvin 

Solvay 7,352 

Solvay Carnegie Public Library 
Cornelia Mertens 

S outhampt on 2,635 
Rogers Memorial Library 
Julia W. Foster 

Scmthold 1,305 

Southold Free Library 


NEW YORK Continued 
Spring Valley 3,500 
Spring Valley Free Library 
Mrs. M. S. Schram 

Springville 2,33 1 

Springville Public Library 
Lucy A. Bensley 

Syracuse 171,647 
Public Library 
Paul M. Paine 

Tarrytown 5,807 
Young Men's Lyceum Library 
Flora C Millard 

Ticonderoga 2,103 

Ticonderoga Carnegie Public Library 
Mabel F. Malcom 

Tompkins Cove 1,200 
Tomkins Cove Public Library 
Loretta Coons 

Tonawanda 1 0,068 
Public Library 
Mrs. Ada M. Rork 

Troy 72,013 
Troy Public Library 
Mary L. Davis 

Tuckahoe 3,509 
Tuckahoe Free Library 
Helen D. Riley 

Tupper Lake 2,508 
Tupper Lake Library Association 

Tuxedo 2,455 

"Tuxedo Park Free Library 
Hannah Patterson 

TTnadilla 1,157 
Unadilla Library 
Janet Cornish 

Utica 94,156 
Public Library 
Caroline M. Underhill 

Walden 5,493 

Josephine-Louise Public Library 
Ethel S. Leeming 

Walton 3,598 
Ogden Free Library 
Mrs, Flora E. Bassett 

Wappingera Falls 3,235 
Grinnell Library 
Jessie Blythe 


NEW YORK- Continued 
Warrensburg 1,465 
Richards Library 
Mary S. Crandall 

Warsaw 3,622 
Warsaw Public Library 
Helen M. Cameron 

Waterford 2,637 
Waterford Public Library 
Mrs. S. M. Boughton 

Waterloo 3,809 

Waterloo Library and Historical Society 
Lula M. Clark 

Watertown 31,285 

Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library 
S. A. Hayt 

Watertown Route 3 31,285 
East Hounsfield Free Library 
Kate H. Warren 

Waterville 1,255 
Waterville Public Library 
Elizabeth M. Clarke 

Watkins 2,785 
Watkins Public Library 
Mrs. Harriet R. Noble 

Wayland 1,790 
Wayland Free Library 
Lula M. Curtis 

Weedsport 1,379 

Weedsport Free Library 
Jennie M. Lament 

Wellsville 5,046 
David A. Howe Public Library 
Fannie E. Crittenden 

Weatfield 3,413 
Patterson Library 
Emma W. Piehl 

White Plains 21,031 
Public Library 
Clara F. Hopper 

Whitehall 5,258 
Whitehall Free Library 
Esther L. Adams 

Williamsville 1,753 
Williamsville Free Library 
Margaret J. Best 

Yonkers 100,176 
Yonkers Public Library 
Helen M. Blodgett 

Raleigh State Capital 
North Carolina Library Comm. 

Mary B. Palmer, Sec'y and Director 

North Carolina State Library 
Carrie L. Broughton 

Albemarle 2,691 

Albemarle Public Library 
Mrs. T. P. Bumbardner 

Andrews 1,634 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Emma Huskin 

Asheville 28,504 

Pack Memorial Public Library 
Ann Talbot Erwin 

Beaufort 2,968 
Beaufort Library 
Thos. S. Martin 

B elhaven i ,8 1 6 
Belhaven Library 
Mrs. J. N. Bynum 

Benson 1,123 
Young People's Library 
Mrs. W. H. Royal 

Brevard 1,658 
U. D. C Library 
A. Lila Riley 

Burlington 5,952 
Burlington Public Library 
Clara M. Crawford 

Canton 2,584 

Champion Y. M. C. A. Library 
Sara L. Garrison 

Charlotte 46,338 
Carnegie Library 
Anne Pierce 

Charlotte Colored Library 
Lydia Schenck 

Clinton 2,110 

Clinton Public Library 
Rebecca Herring 

Concord 9,903 
Concord Public Library 
Mrs, Richmond Reed 

Durham 42,219 

Durham Public & County Library 
Mrs. A. F. Griggs 

Durham Colored Library 
Mrs. Hattie B. Wooten 



Fayetteville -8,877 
Civic Association Library 
Mrs. Charles Pearce 

Forsyth County 

See Winston Salem 

Gastonia 12,871 
Gastonia Public Library 
Lottie E. Blake 

Goldsboro 11,296 
Goldsboro Public Library 
Mary Faison DeVane 

Guilford County. See Greensboro 

Greensboro 79,272 
Guilford County Public Library 
Nellie M. Rowr 

Greenville 5,772 
Greenville Public Library 
Mrs. Belle Hodges 

Hendersonville 3,720 
Hendersonville Carnegie Public Library 
Anna Sample 

Hickory 5,076 

Worth Elliott Carnegie Library 
Ruby McWhorter 

Highlands 1,062 
Hudson Library 
Mrs. Luther W. Rice 

Hillsboro 1,180 
Hillsboro Public Library 

Kinston 9,771 
Kinston Public Library 
Dora Miller 

Marion 1,784 
Florence Thomas Library 
Margaret Winslow 

McAdenville 1,162 
R, Y. McAden Memorial Librarv 
Mary G. Ray 

Mooresville 4>3i5 
Mooresville Public Library 
Mrs. J. J. McNeely 

New Bern 12,198 

New Bern Library Association Library 
Frances J. Howerton 


Oriental 607 

Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. W. F. Midyett 

Oxford 3,606 
Oxford Public Library 
Helen White 

Raleigh 24,418 
Olivia Raney Public Library 
Mrs. J. S. Atkinson 

Sec first North Carolina entry for Library 
Commission and State Library 

Reidsville 5,333 
Reidsville Public Library 
Mrs. W. T. Walker 

Rockingham 2,509 
Rockingham Public Library 
Mrs. A. L. McDonald 

Rocky Mount 12,742 
Rocky Mount Public Library 
Mrs. Nell G. Battle 

Rutherfordton 1,693 
Rutherfordton Library 
Susan W. Norris 

Salisbury 13,884 
Salisbury Public Library 
Marguerite Putnam 

Sanford 2,977 
Sanford Public Library 
Mrs. J. P. Monroe 

Scotland Neck-^2/>6i 

Scotland Neck Public Library 
Mrs, Stuart Smith 

Shelby 3,609 
Shelby Public Library 
Marion Hull 

Smithfield 1,895 
Woman's Club 
Mrs. H. L. Skinner 

Southport 1,664 
Southpprt Public Library 
Carrie Dosher 

Statesville 7,895 
Woman's Club 
Mrs, D. S. Couway 

Tarboro 4,568 
Edgecombe Public Library- 
Mrs. R. M. Davis 


Tryon 1,067 
Lanier Library 
Rachel L. Oliver 

Washington 6,314 
Washington Public Library 
Mrs. E. L. Betts 

Waynes ville i ,942 
Waynesville Library 
Louise Beville 

Whiteville 1,664 
Whiteville Public Library 
Mrs. H. C. Moffitt 

Wilmington 33,372 
Wilmington Public Library 
Frances L. Jewett 

Wilson 36,813 

Wilson County Public Library 
Mrs. Willard Moss 

Winston-Salem 77,269 
Forsyth County Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Marie F. Kilburn 

Bismarck State Capital 
State Library Commission 
Mary E. Downey 

Ashley 1,009 
Ashley Public Library 
Mrs. H. D. Piper 

Bismarck 7,122 
Bismarck Public Library 
Mrs. Florence Davis 

See first North Dakota entry for State Li- 
brary Commission 

Bottineau 1,172 
Bottineau Public Library 

Cando 1,111 
Cando Public Library 
Mrs. James V. Brooks 

Carrington 1.420 
Carrington Public Library 
Hazel A. Johnson 

Casselton. 1,538 
Casselton Public Library 
Mrs. Emir D. Scott 

Devils Lake 5,140 
Devils Lake Carnegie Public Library 
Marie E. O'Brien 

Dickinson 4,122 
Dickinson Public Library 
Mrs. Sadie B. Calkins 

Ellendale 1,334 
Bllendale Public Library 
Mrs. Edward Hamar/Frcd Blumcr, jr. 

Enderlin 1,919 
Enderlin Public Library 
Dorothy E. Danielson 

Fargo 21,961 
Fargo Public Library 
Inga Rynning 

Grafton 2,512 
Grafton Public Library 
Mary Morris 

Grand Forks 14,010 

Grand Forks Carnegie Public Library 
Jessie Budge 

Hankinson 1,477 
Hankinson Public Library 
Mrs. D. S. Ryan. Mrs. L. E. Kinney 

Harvey 1,590 
Harvey Public Library 
Lillian Randabaugh 

Ja meai own 6,027 

Alfred Dickey Public Library 
Gertrude M. Edwards 

Kenmare 1,446 
Kenmare Public Library 
Supt C. H. Wright 

Langdon 1228 
Langdon Public Library 
Mrs. D. W. Barker 

Larimore 1,089 

Larimore Public Library 
Mrs. Henry 

Lidgerwood 1,065 
Lidgerwood Public Library 
Marion L. Eckes. Mrs. Clara McKessor 

Lisbon 1,855 
Lisbon Public Library 
Mrs. H. S. Oliver 

Mayville 1,218 
Mayville Public Library 
Oscar Erickson 

Mandan 4,336 
Mandan Public Library 
Mrs. J. A. Biggs 

Minot 10,476 

Minot Carnegie Public Library 



Oakes 1,637 
Oakes Public Library 
Anna B. Fay 

Park River 1,114 
Park River Public Library 
Bertha B. Farup 

Rugby 1,4*4 
Rugby Public Library 
Mrs. Eva O. Crockett. Mrs. Hattie S. Sikes 

Wahpeton 3,069 
Wahpeton Public Library 
Jessie C. Searing 

Valley City 4,686 
Valley City Carnegie Public Library 

Williston 4,178 

James Memorial Public Library 
Bessie R. Baldwin 

OHIO 5,759,394 

Columbus State Capital 
Ohio State Library 
Herbert S. Hirshbcrg 

Akron 408,435 
Akron Public Library- 
Maude Herndon, Librarian 
Fanny Slabaugh, Catalog Dept. 
Dorothy Tobin, Children's Dept. 
Louise Grant, ,( Acting) Reference Dept. 
Catherine Henry, Loan Dept. 

Athens 6,418 

Carnegie Library, Ohio University 
Charles G. Matthews 

Ashtabula 22,082 
Ashtabula Public Library 
Ethel J. McDowell 

Ashland 9,249 
Ashland Public Library 
Mrs. C J. Kenny 

Archbold 1,125 
Archbold Public Library 
Sarah Levy 

Arcanum 1,311 
Arcanum Public Library 
Mrs. Pearl Miller 

Amherst 2,485 
Amherst Public Library 
Maud Nieding 

OHIO Continued 
Alliance 21,603 

Carnegie Free Library 
Dorothea D. Doane 

Bellaire 15,061 

Bellaire School Library 
J. V. Nelson, Supt. 

Bucyrus 10,425 
Bucyrus Public Library 
Grace J. Fuller 

Bowling Green 44,892 
Wood County Public Library 
Mrs. Grace Haylor 

Bryan 4,252 
Free Public Library 
Julia Struble 

Brookville 1,336 

Brookville Public Library 
Elizabeth L. Weaver, Sec'y 

Bethel 1,340 
Bethel Public Library 

Brecksville 1,053 
Brecksville Township Library 

Belle vue 5,776 
Carnegie Stahl Library , 

Belief ontaine 9,336 
Free Public Library 
Laura Morgan 

Barberton 18,81 1 
Barber Public Library 
Mrs. Tallulah M. Kirk 

Batavia 1,088 
Batavia Public Library 
Mrs. A. M. Jeffries 

Cadiz 2,084 
Cadiz Public Library 

Cambridge 13,104 
Cambridge Public Library 
Martha G. Robins 

Canton 87,091 
Canton Public Library 
Mary P. Martin 

Cardington 1,349 
Cardington Public Library 




Carey 2,488 
Dorcas Carey Public Library 

Cedar ville i ,028 
Township Public Library 
Mary J. Williamson 

Celina 4,226 

Gelina Public Library 
Mary B, Howick 

Char don 1,566 
Chardon Public Library 

Chillicothe 41,556 

Chillicothe Public and Ross County Library 
Burton E. Stevenson 

Cincinnati 493,678 

Cincinnati Public and Hamilton Co. Library 
N. D. C. Hodges, Librarian 
Laura Smith, Catalog and Refrence Dept. 
E. Gertrude Avey, Children's Dept. 
Sophie M. Collmann, Foreign Literature 


Mary J. Hirst, Civics Dept. 
Caroline Reinke, Useful Arts Dept. 
Lillie Wulfekoetter, Branch Librarian 
Sallie Owens, Art Dept. 

Young Men's Mercantile Library Association 
Mrs. Secrest 

Circleville 7,049 
Circleville Public Library 
Mary Wilder 

Cleveland 796,841 
Cleveland Public Library 
Linda A. Eastman, Librarian 
Louise Prouty, Vice Librarian 
Bessie Sargeant Smith, Branches Dept 
Effie L. Power, Children's Dept. 
Annie S. Cutter, School Dept. 
Edythe A. Prouty, Stations Dept. 
Leta E. Adams, Oorder Dept. 
Sophie KL Hiss, Catalog Dept. 
Mary E. Wheelbdc, Binding Dept 

Case Library 
Dr. John W. Perrin 

Cleveland Heights 15,^36 
Cleveland Heights Public Librarv 
Helen R. Keeler 

Clyde 3,099 

Clyde Public Library 
Chella Hutchinson 

Columbus 237,031 
Columbus Public Library 

John J. Pugh, Librarian 

Robert W. Stevenson, Circulation Div. 

Blanche C. Roberts, Juvenile Div. 

Alice Comstock, Reference Div. 
See first Ohio entry for State Library 

OHIO Continued 
Conneaut 9,343 
Conneaut Public Library 
Marie T. Brown 

Coahocton 10,847 
Coshocton Public Library 
Mrs. Clara B. Olney 

Covington 1,885 

Covington Public Library 
Ella Engle 

Cuyahoga 10,200 
Taylor Memorial Library 
Mary Graham 

Dayton 152,559 
Dayton Public Library 
Electra C Doren 

Defiance 8,876 
Defiance Public Library 
Mrs. A. K. Maag 

Delaware 8,756 
Delaware City Library 
Delia Weiser 

Delphoa 5,745 
Delphos Public Library 
Miss Rosselit 

Delta 1,543 
Delta Public Library 
Mrs. A. M. Barren 

Dennison 5,524 
Dennison Public Library 
Maude Porter 

Dover 8,101 
Dover Public Library 
Vivien McCarthy 

Dover Center i,roi 
Dover Center Public Library 

East Cleveland 27,292 
East Cleveland Public Library 
Edith L. Eastman 

-East Liverpool 21,411 

East Liverpool Public Library 
Mary H. Hall 

East Palestine 5,750 
East Palestine Public Library 
J. I. Ryan 

Eaton 3,210 
Eaton Public Library 
Johephine Hunt 



OHIO Continued 

Elyria 20,474 
Elyria Public Library 
Grace M. Petersen 

Findlay 17,021 
Findlay Public Library 
Mary S. Morrison 

Franklin 3,071 
Free School and Public Library 

Fremont 12,468 
Birchard Library 
Elsie Pack 

Hayes Memorial Library and Museum 

Gallipolis 6,070 
Gallipolis Public Library 
Mrs. Addie A, Vanden 

Gallon 7,374 
Gallon Public Library 
Estella B. Coyle 

Gambler 751 

Kenyon College and Public Library 
Mrs. Ellen D. Devol 

Geneva 3,081 

Spencer Memorial Library 

Georgetown 1,670 
Georgetown Public Library 
Eliza O'Hara 

Germant own* i ,827 
Germantown Public Library 
Mrs. Adelaide Taylor 

Girard 6,556 

Gerard Free Public Library 
Geraldine Knapp 

Granville 1,440 
Gran vi lie Public Library 
Mrs. Susan T. Bawden 

Greene County. See Xenia 

Greenville 7,104 

Greenville Carnegie Public Library 
Minnie J. Routzong 

Hamilton 39,675 

Lane Public Library 
Mrs. Hattie S. James 

Hillsbor 04,356 
Hillsboro Public Library 
Frances H. Detwiler 

OHIO Continued 
Hudson 1,134 
Hudson Library and Historical Society 

Ironton 14,007 
Briggs Public Library 

Jackson 5,842 
Jackson Public Library 

Jefferson 1,532 
Citizens' Library Association 
Mrs. Anna L. Herold 

Kent 7,070 
Kent Free Library 
Jennie A. Shoeman 

Kenton 7,690 
Kenton Public Library 
Keziah N. Moore 

Lakewood 41,732 
Lakewood Public Library 
Roena A Ingham 

Lancaster 14,706 
Lancaster Public Library 

Lebanon 3,396 

Lebanon Public Library 
Julia Sellers 

Lima 41,326 

Lima Public Library 
Martha Gamble 

Lisbon 3,113 
Lepper Public Library 
Luella Osborne 

Logan 5,493 

Logan Public Library 
Christine L. Frasch 

London 4,080 

Carnegie Library 
Hattie D. Smith 

Lorain 37,295 

Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth K. Steele 

Loudonville 1,887 
Loudonville Public Library 
Bertha L. Scott 

Loveland 1,557 
Public Library 
Mrs. Ed. Donnelly 



OHIO Continued 
Lucas County. See Maumee 

Manchester i ,824 
Manchester Public Library 
Mrs. Harry Carroll 

Mansfield 27,824 

Mansfield Public Library 
Helen J. Fox 

Marietta 15,140 
Marietta Public Library 
Willa D. Cotton 

Marion 27,891 
Marion Public Library 
Helen L. Kramer 

Marysville 3,635 
Marysville Free Public Library 
Lillian Robb 

Massillon 17,428 

McClymonds Public Library 
Florence Hulings 

Maumee 275,721 
Lucas County Library 
Victoria Bronson 

Medina 3,430 

Frankiln Sylvester Public Library 
Evangel ine Johnson 

McConnellaville 1,825 
Public Library 

Milford 1,525 
Milford Public Library 

Minerva 2,261 
Minerva Public Library 

Middleport 3,772 

Carnegie Public Library 
Alpha Sommerville 

Middletown 23,594 
Middletown Free Public Library 
Emma E. Hale 

Miamisburg 4,383 

Miamisburg Public Library 
Clara Shuler 

Mount Sterling 1,113 
Mt. Sterling Public Library 
Miary Davis 

Mount Vernon 9,237 

Mount Vernon Public Library 
Ada Cooper 

OHIO Continued 
Mount Gilead 1,831 
Free Public Library 

Napoleon 4,143 

Carnegie Free Public Library 
Ora Sheffield 

Newark 26,718 
Newark Public Library 
Gertrude Sook 

New Lexington 3,157 
New Lexington Public Library 

New London 1,470 

New London Public Library 
Elizabeth N. McConnell 

New Philadelphia 10,718 
New Philadelphia Public Library 
Helen Hoover 

New Straitsville 2,208 
New Straitsville Public Library 
Mrs. Marie E. Martin 

Niles 13,080 
Niles Public Library 
Ida E. Sloan 

North Baltimore 2,439 
Public Library 
Mary Fowles 

Norwalk 7,379 
Young Men's Library and Reading Room 

Bertha M. Butler 

Oak Harbor 1,858 
Oak Harbor Public Library 
Mrs. Bitter 

Oberlin 4,236 

Oberlin College Public Library 
A S. Root 

Painesville 7,272 
Matthews Public Library 
Margaret Kilbourne 

Paulding 18,736 
Paulding County Library 
Marianne Yager 

Perrysburg 2,429 
Way Public Library 
Eleanor Moderwell 

Piqua 15,044 

Schmiddlapp Free School and Public Library 
Gertrude Irwin 


OHIO Continued 
Pomeroy 4,394 
Pomeroy Public Library 

Port Clinton 3,928 
Port Clinton Public Library 
Mrs. Mabel Anderson 

Portage County. See Revenna 

Portsmouth 33,01 1 
Portsmouth Public Library 
Nana A. Newton 

Ravenna 36,269 

Portage County Library 
Mrs. Sarah E. Lawrence 

Ricawood 1,601 
Richwood Public Library 

Ripely 1,529 

Union Township Public Library 
Lulu D. Buchanan 

Rockf or d 1,075 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mary E. Kinder 

Salem 10,305 
Salem Public Library 
Mrs. Frank Lease 

Sandusky 22,897 
Sandusky Library Association 
Ruth Judson 

Shelby 5,578 

Marvin Memorial Library 
Ella Askew 

Shreve 1,094 

Shreve Public Library 

Sidney 8,590 
Sidney Public Library 
Emma Graham 

Springfield 60,840 
Warder Public Library 
Alice Burrowes 

Steubenville 38,508 
Steubenville Public Library 
Laura Parks 

Tiffin 14,375 
Tiffin Public Library 
Jessie Hershiser 

"OHIO Continued 
Toledo 243,164 
Toledo Public Library 
Carl Vitz, Librarian 
Jessie Welles, Assistant Librarian and 

Circulating Dept. 

Elizabeth A. Gassaway, Reference Dept. 
Marguerite Ainsworth, Order Dept, 
Winifred Riggs, Catalog Dept. 
Ethel Wright, Children's Dept. 
Marie A. Newiberry, Training Class Dept. 

Troy 7,260 

Troy Free School and Public Library 
Blanche Mitchell 

TThrichsville 6,428 

Twin City Library 
Marvilla Cummings 

Urbana 7,6*1 
Urbana Public Library 
Harriet C. Milne 

Upper Sandusky 3,708 
Carnegie Public Library 
Cora Kenan 

Utica 1,658 

Kings' Daughters Library 
Mrs. Mary V. Hall 

Van Wert 8,100 
Brumback Public Library 
Mary Hardy 

Vermillion 1,436 
Vermillion Public Library 

Warren 27,050 
Warren Public Library 
Josephine Lyttle 

Washington C. H. 7,96* 
Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth Johnson 

Wauseon 3,035 
Wauseon Public Library 
Mrs. M. J. Border 

Wellington 2,245 
Herrick Public Library 
Edith E. Robinson 

Wellsville 8,849 
Wellsville Public Library 
Sara Moore 

West Jefferson 1,170 
Public Library 

Mrs. Mary Paxton 


OHIO Continued 
Willard 3,889 

Willard Public Library 
Elizabeth Sykes 

Willoughby 2,656 

Willoughby Public Library 
Georgia Crobaugh 

Wilmington 5,037 
Carnegie Public Library 
Minnie Parren 

Wood County. See Bowling Green 

Woodsfield 2,394 
Woodsfield Public Library 

Wooster 8,204 
Wooster Public Library 
Myrtle M. Allen 

Xenia 31,221 

Greene County Library 
Etta G. McElwain 

Youngstown 132,358 
Reuben McMillan Free Library 
Joseph L. Wheeler 

Yellow Springs 1,264 
Yellow Springs Public Library- 

Zanesville 29,569 
Sloan Library 
Mrs. Ora Hall 

John Mclntyre Public Library 
Mary E. Elder 

OKLAHOMA 2,028,283 
Oklahoma City State Capital 
Oklahoma Library Commission 
Mrs. J. R. Dale 

Oklahoma State Library 
E. G. Spilamn 

Alva 3,913 
Alva Public Library 
Mrs. G. M. Lisk 

Altus 4,522 

Altus Public Library 
Mrs. W. R. Kimberlin 

Anadarko 3,116 
Anadarko Public Library 
Mrs. Sarah Allphin 

Ardmore 14,181 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Myrtle Jones 

OKLAHOMA Continued 
Atoka 2,038 
Atoka Pioneer Library 
Mrs. A. Telle 

Bartlesville 14,417 
Carnegie Public Library 
Ruth Brown 

Bixby 1,249 
Bixby Club Library 
Mrs. Emma Adair 

Blackwell 7,174 
Blackwell Public Library 
Sibyl Neal 

Bristow 3,460 
Bristow City Library 
Burnett Jackson 

Broken Arrow 2,086 
Broken Arrow Club Library 
Mrs. M. L. Sanders 

Cherokee 2,017 
Cherokee Public Library 
Mrs. J. W. Howard 

/Chickasha 10,179 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Sybella Bilbo 

Claremore 3,435 
Claremore Public Library 
Jennie Hopkins 

Clinton 2,596 
Clinton Public Library 
Mrs. P. J. Alvord 

Collinsville 3,801 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Lawson Hughes 

Cardell 1,855 
Carnegie Public Library 
Sadie Kizer 

dishing 6,326 
Cushing Public Library 
Mrs. E. W. Doran 

v Drumright 6,470 

Drumright Public Library 
Fannie Whitaker 

Duncan 3,463 
Duncan Public Library 
Mrs. Louis Browder 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Maggie Wood 



OKLAHOMA- Continued 

El Reno 7,737 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. John Threadgill 

Enid 16,576 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Cora Case Porter 

Eufaula 2,286 
Eufaula Club Library 
Mrs. C H. Tully 

Fairview 1,751 
Fairview City Library 
Eula Frost 

Frederick 3,822 

Frederick Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Birdie Robinson 

Garber 1,446 

Garber Free Public Library 
George Mattison 

Guthrie 11,757 

Guthrie Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Williams 

Excelsior (Colored) Library 
Mrs. Elmira Johnson 

Haskell 2,196 
Haskell Public Library 

Henryetta 5,889 
Henryetta Public Library 
Margaret Walters 

Hobart 2,936 

Hobart Carnegie Public Library 
Eleanor Hartzog 

Homony ^,875 
Osage Library 
Delphian Club 

Hugo 6,368 
Hugo Public Library 
Miss Minnie Gafford 

Idabel 3,067 
Idabel Public Library 
Gertrude Van Matre 

Keota 1,200 

Keota Free Library 
Mrs. VanMeter 

Lawt on i 5,000 

Lawton Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mamie Small 

M c Aleater 12,095 

McAlester Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Phoebe Hayden 

OKLAHOMA Continued 

Madill 2,717 

Madill Public Library 
Mrs. Doyle Rollins 

Marlow 2,276 
Marlow Public Library 
Mrs. J. W. Lawrence, Sec'y 

Miami 6,802 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs, T. C. Young 

Morris 1,926 

Morris Free Public Library 
Mrs. Robert Ward 

Muskogee 30,277 
Carnegie Public Library 
Ruth Hammond 

Muskogee (Colored) Library 
Belzora A. Malvin 

Newkirk 2,533 

Newkirk Public Library 
Mrs. Edith M. Roberson 

Nowata 4,435 
Nowata Public Library 
Miss Gladys Witt 

Oklahoma City 91,295 
Oklahoma City Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Mabel Peacock 
Dunbar (Colored) Public Library 

Mrs. Lilian Youngblood 

See first Oklahoma entry for Library Com- 
mission and State Library 

Oknrulgee 17,430 
Okmulgee Public Library 
Mrs. Izora Ground 

Pawhuska 6,414 
Pawhuska Club Library 
Mrs. Frank Beaurman 

Picher 9,676 

Picher Club Library 
E. E. Sanders, Sec'y 

Perry 3,154 

Perry Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Emilie LeBus 

Ponca City 7,051 
Carnegie Public Library 
Leah Buchheimer 

Pryor 1,767 
Pryor Public Library 
Mrs. O. H. Graves 

Rofi 1,138 
Rof? Club Library 

Mrs. C J. Morton, Sec'y 



OKLAHOMA Continued 
Sand Springs 4,076 

Sand Springs Public Library 
Amy Gottry 

Sapulpa 11,634 
Carnegie Public Library 
Pauline Vaughn 

Sayr 61,703 
Sayre Public Library 
Mrs. W. L. LaRue 

Shawnee 15,348 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Trimmer Sloane Funk 

Stigler 1,797 

Stigler Club Library 
Mrs. Guy A. Curry, Sec'y 

Tahlequah 3,271 

Carnegie Public Library 
Rev. J. F, Thompson 

Tonkawa 1,448 
Tonkawa Free Public Library 
Mrs. H. M. Stricklen, Sec'y 

Tulsa 72,075 

Carnegie Public Library 
Alma Reid McGlenn 

Wagoner 3,436 
Carnegie Public Library 
Leona Bateman 

Walters 3,500 

Walters Public Library 

Watonga 1,678 
Watonga Free Library 
Mrs. Grace Marshall 

Waurika 3,204 
Waurika Free Public Library 
Mrs. Gail Durham, Sec'y 

Wilson 2,286 
Wilson Public Library 
Mrs. Alice Lawrence 

Woodward 3,849 
Carnegie Public Library 
Metta M. Woodward 

Wyona 2,749 

Wyona Free Public Library 
Mrs. M. E. Dunlap 

Yale 3,601 
Yale Public Library 
Mrs. P. B. Mitchell 

OKLAHOMA Continued 
Yukon 1,01 6 

Canadian Public Library- 
Mrs. Belisle 

OREGON 783,389 

Salem State Capital 
Oregon State Library 
Cornelia Marvin 

Albany 4,840 
Albany Public Library 

Ashland 4,283 
Ashland Public Library 
Blanche E. Hicks 

Astoria 14,027 
Astoria Public Library 
Katherine C Barker 

Baker 7,729 
Baker Public Library 
Marguerite Entler 

Bandon 1,440 

Bandon Public Library 
F. Amelia Henry 

Bend 9,622 

Deschutes County Library 
Helen Johns 

Burns 1,022 

Burns Public Library 
Annie M. McKenzie 

Cottage Grove 1,919 
Cottage Grove Public Library 
Stella Baker 

Corvallis 5,752 
Corvallis Public Library 
Mrs. Adnah F. Sweeney 

Dallas 14,181 
Polk County Library 
Frank H. Hout 

Dalles, The 13,648 
* Wasco County Library 
Flora F. Carr 

Deschutes County. See Bend 

Enterprise 1,895 

Enterprise Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha Millard 

Eugene 10,593 

Eugene Public Library 
Mrs. Adelaide Lilley 



OREGON Continued 
Forest Grove 1,915 
Forest Grove Public Library 
Mrs. S. C. Sanford 

Grants Pass 3,151 
Grants Pass Public Library 
Ethel B. Gibson 

Hillsboro 2,468 
Hillsboro Public Library 
Mrs. Florence Ewing Dodge 

Hood River 8,315 
Hood River County Library 
Mrs. Anne C. Haxby 

Jackson County. See Medford 

Klamath Falls 11,413 
Klamath Falls Public Library 
Adele Sherman 

Klamath -11,413 
Klamath County Library 
Irene E, Anderson 

La Grande 16,636 
Union County Library 
Mary A. Nichols 

Lebanon 1,805 
Lebanon Public Library 
Mrs, Lula Everett 

McMinnville 2,767 
McMitmville Public Library 
Inez E. Benedict 

Malheur County. See Ontario 

Marshfield 4,034 
Marshfield Public Library 
Georgia Donnell 

Medford 20,405 
Jackson County Library 
E. Fay Woolsey 

Newberg 2,566 

Newberg Public Library 
Jennie D. Miller 

North Bend 3,268 
North Bend Public Library 
Bessie Hindi 

Ontario 10,907 

Malheur County Library 
Elinor E. Randall 

Oregon City 5,686 
Oregon City Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha Adams 

OREGON Continued 
Pendleton 25,946 

Umatilla County Library 
Sabra L. Nason 

Polk County. See Dallas 

Portland 258,^88 

Library Association of Portland 
Anne Morton Mulheron, Librarian 
Nelly Fox, Branch Dept 
Lena V. Brownell, Catalog Dept. 
Jessie Hodge Millard, Children's Dept. 
Margaret MacLachlan, Circulation Dept. 
Caroline L. B. Sigrist, Municipal Refer- 
ence Div. 

Alice Williams, Order Dept 
Alice Maud Taylor, Periodical Dept. 
E. Ruth Rockwood, Reference Dept. 
Ruth Paxon, School Dept. 
Nellie Mignon Fisher, Technical Dept. 
Ethel R. Sawyer, Training Class Dept. 

Rainier 1,287 
Rainier Public Library 
Mrs. Frances Hollihan 

Roseburg 4,388 
Roseburg Public Library 
Agnes Grinstead 

Saint Helens 2,220 

Saint Helens Public Library 
Mrs. Susie B. Dillard 

Salem 17,679 
Salem Public Library 

Flora M. Case 
See first Oregon entry for State Library 

Silverton 2,25 1 

Silverton Public Library 
Mrs. H. B. Latham, Sec'y 

Springfield 1,855 

Springfield Public Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth C Page, Sec'y 

Tillamook 1,964 

Tillamook Public Library 
Mrs. M. Kiger, Sec'y 

Umatilla County. See Pendleton 
Union County. See La Grande 
Wasco County. See The Dalles 

Woodburn 1,656 
Woodburn Public Library 
Mrs. Susan A. Livesley 

Harrisburg > State Capital 

Pennsylvania State Library 
George P. Donehoo 

Library Extension Division, State Library 
R. P. Bliss 



Albion 1,549 
Albion Free Library 
Jessie B. Thornton 

Allentown 73,502 
Allentown Free Library 
Isabel McC. Turner 

Altoona 60,331 
Altoona Circulating Library 
Mrs. Paul Kreutzpointner 

Ambler 3,094 
Union Hill Library 
Eliza J. Davis 

Ambridge 12,700 
Ambridge Free Library 
Sarah Mengel 

Apollo 3,227 

Apollo Free Library 
Agnes Mullen 

Ardmore 1,000 

Ardmore Free Library 
Joan Wollaston 

Athens 4,384 

Spalding Memorial Library 
Helen Thurston 

Avonmore 1,242 
Avonmore Public Library 
Mrs. Albert Baird 

Bangor 5,402 
Bangor Public Library 
Mrs. N. E. Masters 

Beaver 4,135 
Beaver Free Library 
Laura Marquis 

Beaver Falls 12,802 
Beaver Falls Carnegie Library 
Elsie Rayle 

Ben Avon -2,198 
Ben Avon Public Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Hill 

Berwick 12,181 
Berwick Free Library 
Mrs. Edith W. Beaumont 

Bessemer 1,417 
Bessemer Public Library 
Jane Manewal 

B ethlehem 50,358 
Bethlehem Free Library 
Elizabeth D. Burrows 

Black Lick 1,489 
Black Lick Library 
Elizabeth Stoneback 

Blairsville 4,391 
Blairsville Public Library 
M. L. Ransom 

Bloomsburg 7,819 

Bloomburg Public Library 
Marion Mauser 

j Braddock 20,879 

Carnegie Free Public Library 
George Lamb 

Bradford 15,525 
Carnegie Public Library 
Grace Steele 

Bristol 10,275 
Bristol Free Library 
Mary P. Rogers 

Bryn Mawr 3,000 

Community Center Library 
Fanny E. Arthur 

Butler 23,778 
Butler Public Library 
Susan E. Sherman 

Canton 2,154 

Green Free Library 
Sadie L. Parsons 

Carbondale 18,640 
Young Men's Library Association 
Grace Copeland 

Carlisle 10,916 

J. Herman Bosler' Memorial Library 
W. Homer Ames 

Carnegie 11,516 
Andrew Carnegie Library 
Mary B. Harris 

Chambersburg 1 3,1 71 
Public Library 
Christine King 

Chester 58,030 
Chester Free Library 
Gertrude Hewes 

Chester 58,030 
West End Free Library 
Anna A. Hannum 

Clairton 3,264 
Clairton Public Library 
Anna O'Tool 



Clarion 2,793 
Clarion Free Library 
Sarah A. Smally 

Connellsville 13,804 
Connellsville Carnegie Free Library 
Eleanor Olney 

Conshohocken 8,481 
Conshohocken Free Library 
Nancy McLachlan 

Corry 7,228 
Corry Public Library 
Mrs. Emma A. Deans 

Cresson 2,170 
Cresson Public Library 
Mercedes Buck 

Coudersport 2,836 
Coudersport Free Public Library 
Fannie Doerner 

Cynwid 8,804 

Bala-Cynwid Library 
Mrs. W. A. Melcher 

Danville 6,952 
Thos. Beaver Free Library 
Janet Bird 

Darby 7,922 
Darby Library Co. 
Mrs. Georgie E. Warner 

Downington 4,024 
Downington Library Co. 
Hettie A. Zittel 

Doylestown 3,837 
Melinda Cox Free Library 
Lucie Price 

Dubois 13,681 
Dubois Public Library 
Inez Crandle 

Duquesne 19,01 1 
Duquesne Carnegie Free Library 
Charles E, Wright 

Easton 33,813 
Easton Public Library 
Henry F. Marx 

Edgewood 3,181 
C. C. Mellon Memorial Library 
Hannah F. Gillender 

Elkland 1,703 
Elkland Public Library 
Florence C. Magee 

Ellwood City 8,958 
Ellwood City Public Library 
Mrs. Catherine M. Charles 

Emporium 3,036 
Emanuel Free Library 
Mrs. Lizzie M. Hinkle 

Erie Public Library 
Jean A. Hard 

Franklin 9,970 
Franklin Public Library 
Mary H. Clarke 

Galeton 2,969 
Galeton Free Library 
Lucile Hartman 

Germantown. See Philadelphia 

Girard 1,242 
Wilcox Library 

Greencastle 2,271 
. Greencastle Public Library 
Alice Brown 

Greenville 8,801 
Greenville Public Library 
Katherine H. Rock 

Grove City 4,944 

Grove City College Carnegie Free Library 
Mabel K. Muller 

Hallstead 1,261 

Hallstead Public Library 
Lu Eggleston 

Hamburg 2,764 
Hamburg Public Library 
Bertha E. Shomo 

Hanover 8,664 

Young Memorial Library 
Mrs. Mabel C. Wollcott 

Harrisbur g 75,91 7 
Harrisburg Public Library 

Alice R. Eaton 
See first Pennsylvania entry for State Library 

Hatboro 1,102 
Union Library Company 
Charles Yerkes 

Hazelton 32,277 
Hazelton Public Library 
Alice Willegerod 



Hershey 2,000 

Hershey Free Public Library 
Anna Z. Baker 

Homer City 1,802 
Homer City Public Library 
Mrs. J. M. Snyder 

Homestead 20,452 
Homestead Carnegie Library 
W. F. Stevens 

Hyndman 1,179 

Hyndman Public Library 
Anna Myers 

Indiana 7,043 
Indiana Free Library 
Lillian D. Thompson 

Ingram Boro 2,900 

Ingram Boro Free Library 
Adda E. Hainer 

Jenkintown 3,366 

Abington Library Society 
Florence M. Ridpath 

Johnstown 67,327 

Cambria Library Association 
L. Helen Berkey 

Kane 7,283 

Kane Public School Library 
Mary G. Kime 

Kennett Square 2,398 
Bayard Talyor Memorial Library 
Florence N. Cleaver 

Kittann ing 7, 1 53 
Kittanning Free Library 

Annie Hal-lenbeck Ross Library 

Lancaster 53,1 50 
A. Herr Smith Memorial Library 
Helen B. Umble 

Langhorne 1,067 

Langhorne Library Association 
Mrs. Edith Satterthwaite 

Lansdowne 4,797 
Lansdowne Free Public Librarv 
Mrs. R. Gertrude Van Zandt 

L ewisburg 3,204 

W. D. Himmelreich Memorial Library 
Emily Clingen 

Lewistown 9,849 

Lewistown Public Library 
Kate Swan 

Lock Haven 8,557 
Annie Hallenback Ross Library 
Mary E. Crocker 

McDonald 2,751 

McDonald Free Library 
Sue J. Johns 

McKecsport 46,781 
Carnegie Free Library 
Araminta McLane 

Malvern 1,286 
Malvern Public Library 
Elsie E. Todd 

Mansfield 1,609 
Mansfield Carnegie Library 
Mary S. Shepard 

Marietta 1,735 
Community House Library 
Marion Borden Nail 

Mauch Chunk 3,666 
Dimrnick Memorial Library 
Clara B. Mcjunkin 

Meadville 14,568 

Meadville Free Public Library and Art and 
Historical Association 
Helen Dermitt 

Media 4,109 

Media Free Library Association 
E. Louise Kruse 

Mercer 1,932 
Mercer Free Library 
Lovina Barton 

Mercer sburg 1,663 
Mercersburg Public Library 
Anna M. Fallon 

Midland 5,452 

Carnegie Free Library 
Marie M. Murphy 

Milroy 1,483 
Milroy Public Library 
Mrs. E. S. Sherman 

Monongahela 8,688 
Monongahela Free Library- 
Mrs. Rebecca R. Mcllvain 

Montgomery 1,798 
Montgomery Free Public Library 
Mrs. Levi Horn 

Montrose 1,661 

Susquehanna County Historical and Free 
Fannie L. Bunnell 



Morton 1,212 
Morton Public Library 
Mrs. L. T. Davison 

Mt. Holly Springs 1,109 
Amelia S. Givens Free Library 
Stella Goodyear 

Mt Union 4,744 
Mt. Union Free Library 
Mrs. Mary A. Kuyper 

New Castle 44,938 
New Castle Free Public Library 
Alice M. Sterling 

New Hope 1,670 

Free Library of New Hope and Solebury 
Edith Smith 

Newport 1,972 
Newport Free Public Library 
Mrs. Delphine Pennell 

Newtown 1,703 
Newtown Library Company 
W. I. Martindale 

Norristown 23,319 
William McCann Library 
Helen Bomberger 

Norristown Library Company 
Bessie Crotheis 

North East 3,481 
McCord Memorial Library 
Bessie M. Janes 

Oakmont 4,512 
Oakmont Free Library 
Blanche Mcllvaine 

Oil City 21,274 

Oil City Carnegie Public Library 
Ethel I. Berry 

Palmerton 7, 1 68 
Neighborhood House Library 
Ruth P. Snyder 

Pennsburg 1,404 

Perkiomen Seminary and Public Library 
Maude R. Kuenlc 

Philadelphia 1,823,779 

">ee Library of Philadelphia 
John Ashhurst, Librarian 
...Sarah E. Coding, First Asst. 
E, M. Bache, Catalog Dept. 
Louise B. Cooper, Circulation Dept. 
JearxJE. Graffen, Periodical Dept 
Marguerite H. Connolly, Reference Dept 
Anna R. 'Dougherty, Art Dept, 

Phila d elphia C ontinued 

Emma R. Neisser Delimo, Traveling 
Libraries Dept. and Dept for Philadel- 
phia Free Library for Blind 

Jean E. Walker, Supplies Dept. 

Emma R. Engle, Children's Dept. 

Martha L. Coplin, Public Documents Dept. 

Frank D. Baugher, Public Lectures Dept. 

Gilbert D. Emerson, Binding- Dept. 

Franklin H. Price, Shipping Dept. 

Friends Free Library, Germantown 
Hannah M. Jones 

Friends Library, 142 N. i6th St. 
Linda A. Moore 

Lovett Memorial Free Library, Mt Airy 
Robert C Gavett 

Mercantile Library Company, 16 So. loth St. 
J. Wilson Hedley 

Philadelphia City Institute Free Library, 
1737 Chestnut St. 
Mary E. Hoffman 

Phoenixville 10,484 

Phoenixville Public Library 
Ida M. Wagoner 

Pittsburgh 588,193 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 
John H. Leete, Director 
Waller I. Bullock, A.dult Lending Dept. 
Grace Endicott, Children's Dept. 
C. Tefft Hewitt, Order Dept. 
Frances Kelly, Schools Dept. 
E. H. McClelland, Technology Dept. 
Mary E. Baker, Catalogue Dept. 
Arthur D. Scott, Printing & Binding 


Irene Stewart, Reference Deot. 
M. V. Wirth, Secretary 

Reading 197,784 
Reading Public Library 
E. A. Howell 

Ridgway 6,037 
Ridgway Public Library 
Elizabeth Thompson 

Ridley Park 2,313 
Ridley Park Public Library 
Alma Deppich 


Royersford Free Public Library 
Elsie DeWalt 

St Marys 6,967 
St. Marys Free Public Library 
Ruth E, H. Sweeny 



Saltsburg 1,022 
Saltsburg Free Library 
E. M. Pearce 

Sayre 8,078 

Mary Packer Cummings Free Library 
Rev. W. N. Weir 

Scottdale 5,768 
Scottdale Free Public Library 
Edna L. Krouse 

Scranton 137,783 
Scranton Public Library 
Henry Carr 

Sewickley 4,955 

Sewickley Public Library 
Cornelia Stroh 

Sharon 21,747 

Public School and P. L. 
Adele Sarver 

Shenandoah 24,726 
Free Public Library 
P. W. Bierstadt 

Shinglehouse i ,169 
Shinglehouse Public Library 
Mary S. Terwilliger 

Somerset 3,121 
Somerset Public Library 
Elizabeth Baush 

Spring City 2,944 
Spring City Free Prblic Library 
Elizabeth Rogers 

State College 2,405 
State College Public Library 
Mary V. Roop 

Steelton 13,428 

Steelton Free Library 
L. E. McGinnis 

Stroudsburg 5,278 

Stroudsburg Public Library 
Hattie Phillips 

Susquehanna 3,764 
Susquehanna Library Association 
Mrs. Alice Graves 

Swisavale 10,908 
Public Library 
Mrs. C Teft Hewitt 

Taylor 9,876 
Taylor Public Library 
Louise E. Jones 

Tidioute 1,083 
Public Library 
Harriet Gardner 

Titusville 8,432 

Benson Memorial Library 
Jean Thompson 

Pittsburgh, N. S. 588,193 
Carnegie Free Library 
E. E. Eggers 

Point Marion 1,607 
Point Marion Public Library 
Jean Leonard 

Port Allegheny 2,356 
Port Allegheny Free Library 
Martha Hilton 

Pottstown 17,451 
Pottstown Public Library 
Amelia T. Pickett 

Pottsville 21,876 
Pottsville Free Public Library 
Edith Patterson 

Punxatttawney 10,31 1 
Punxsutawney Free Library 
Beatrice Williams 

Qnakertown 4,391 
Richland Library Company 
Florence Kinsey 

Towanda 4,260 

Towanda Public Library 
Mrs. U. T. Hall 

Troy 1,419 

Troy Free Public Library 
Jane Parsons 

Tunkhannock 1,736 
Tunkhannock Free Public Library 
Martha D. Tompkins 

Turtle Creek 8,138 

Carnegie Library 
Ada Long 

Union City 3,850 
Union City Free Public Library 
Pearl B. Monroe 

Vandergrift 9,531 
Vandergrift Public Library 
Jennie MacKenzie 

Wanamie 1 0,992 

Newport Township Free Library 
George W. Coxe 



Warren 14,256 
Public Library 
Mary C Weiss 

"Washington 21,480 
Citizens Free Library 
Janet M. Clark 

Wayne 3,000 
George W. Child Library 
Mrs. Frances Brown 

Waynesboro 3,332 
Wayne sboro Free Library 
Ella M. Sheeley 

Wellsboro 3,452 
Green Free Library 
Mabel Dean 

West Chester 11,717 
West Chester Library Association 
Sarah P. Bedford 

West Pittston 6,968 

West Pittston Free Public Library 
Antoinette L. King 

Wilkes-Barr 678,833 
Osterhout Free Library 
Myra Poland 

Wilkinsburg 24,403 
Wilkinsburg Carnegie Library 
Fred S. Evans 

Williamsport 36,198 
James V. Brown Library 
0. R. Howard Thomson 

Winburne 1,480 
Winburne Free Public Library 
Max Crane 

Woodlawn 12,495 
Woodlawn Free Library 
Susan Himmelright 

Wyomiasing 2,062 
Wyornissing Public Library 
Alice W. Roeder 

Yardley 1,262 
Yardley Library 
Mrs. Helen A. Cook 

York 47,499 
York Public Library 
Mai A, Clinedinst 

Zelienople 1,870 

Zelienople Free Library 
Mrs. Lydia C. Pringle 


Providence State Capital 
Rhode Island State Library 
Herbert O. Brigham 

Rhode Island State Board of Education, 

Library Division 
Mrs. Anne W. Congdon 

Anthony 1,500 
Free Library 
Myra S. Anthony 

Apponaug 1,290 
Apponaug Free Library 
Mrs. Maude E. Compton 

Arlington 1,000 
Arlington Public Library 
Mary F. Walker 

Ashaway 1,200 
Ashaway Free Library 
Rev. Everett P. Mathewson 

Ashton 1,400 

Ashton Library Association 
Anne Caldwell 

Auburn 4,500 

Auburn Public Library Association 
Cora L. V. Drake 

Barrington 3,897 
Barrington Public Library 
Emma S. Bradford 

Block Island 1,038 

Island Free Library 
E. Mildred Rose 

Bristol 11,375 
Rogers Free Library 
George U. Arnold 

Centerdale 1/250 

Union Free Library 
Frank C. Angell 

Central Falls 24,174 
Free Public Library 
E* G. Davidson 

Chepacnet 1,389 
Manton Free Public Library 
Mrs. Minnie M. Brown 

Crompton 1,800 
Crompton Free Library 
Edith Barton 

East Greenwich- 3,290 

East Greenwich Public Library 

Mrs. Ella D. Chapman 


RHODE ISLAND' Continued 
East Providence 21,793 

East Providence Free Library 
Bessie D. Paul 

East Providence 21,793 
Watchemoket Free Public Library 
Harriet M. Briggs 

Exeter 1,033 
Manton Free Library 
Mrs. Minnie T. Knight 

Georgia ville 1,000 
Bernon Library 
Mrs. Flora M. Corey 

Harrisville 2,200 

Jessie M. Smith Memorial Library 
Mrs. J. Maude Archer 

Hope Valley 1,450 
Langworthy Public Library 
Gladys Segar 

Jamestown i ,633 
Jamestown Philomenian Library 
Mrs, L. C. Hammond 

Little Compton 1,382 

Little Compton Free Public Library 
Ida P. Wilbur 

Lonadale 4>ooo 
Library and Reading Room 
Dennett Morris 

Man ville 2,100 
Manville Library 
Lionel Bissonnette 

Middletown 2,094 
Middletown Free Library 
Charlotte A. Chase 

Narragansett Pier 1,431 
Narragansett Pier Free Library 
Mrs. Nellie S. Howell 

Natick 5,000 

Natick Free Library 
Sarah Tillinghast 

Newport 3 2 55 
People's Library 
May V. Crenshaw 

North Scituate 1,050 
North Scituate Public Library 
Julia A. Harrington 

Peace Dale 1,550 

Narragansett Library . 
Alice P. Albro 

Pascoag 3,000 
Pascoag Free Library 
Stella M. Bates 

Pawtucket 64,248 

Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library 
William D. Goddard 

Phenix 2,400 

Pawtuxet Valley Free Library 
Vilna I. Phillips 

Pontiac 1,900 
Pontiac Free Library 
Mrs. Jennie A. Johnson 

Portsmouth 2,590 
Portsmouth Free Public Library 
Hattie G. Anthony 

Providence 237,595 

Providence Public Library, Washington St 
William E. Foster, Librarian 
Clarence E. Sherman, Asst. Librarian 
Marion L. Arnold, Registration Dept. 
Marian F. Bonner, Periodical Dept. 
Ruth C. Coombs, Circulation Dept 
Mary C. Essex, Catalog Dept. 
Ethel Garvin, Special Libraries Dept. 
Bertha H. Lyman, Reference Dept 
Laurence M. Shaw, Order Dept. 
Mrs. Marguerite R. Wetmore, Foreign 

Audubon Society Free Library 

Roger Williams Park 

Marie E. Gaudette 
Calvary Public Library 

Stanwood M. Broad 

Mrs. Lucia C. MacMaster 

Cranston S street Community Library 
Emma F. Read 

Elmwood Public Library 

Jean Butterworth 

See first Rhode Island entry for State Li- 
brary and Library Division of Board of 

Riverside 2,000 

Riverside Free Public ^Library 
Mrs. Elmer Knowlton 

Tiverton 3,894 
Whitridge Hall Library 
Mrs. Mary J. Stimson 

Valley Falls 2,400 
Valley Falls Free Public Library 
Lucia A. Dana 

Warren 7,841 
George Hail Free Library 
Mary E. Cady 



Warwick 13,481 
League Library 
Rev. W. H. Lane 

Westerly 9,952 
Westerly Public Library 
Basil B. Wood 

Wickford 3,397 

North Kingston Free Library 
Annie E. Merithew 

Woonsocket 43,496 
Harris Institute Library 
Ama H. Ward 

Colombia State Capital 
South Carolina State Library 
Mrs. Virginia G. Moody 

Abbeville 4,570 

Abbeville City Library 
Mrs. J. M. Harden 

Aiken 4,103 

Aiken Public Library 
M. Edgerton 

Anderson 10,570 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. G. H. Geiger 

Beaufort 2,831 
Beaufort Public Library 
Adeline Scheper 

Camden 3,930 
Camden Public Obrary 
T. N. Trotter 

Charleston 67,957 
Charleston Library Society 
Ellen M. FitzSinions 

Cheater 5,557 

Patterson Public Library 
Julia Spratt 

Columbia 37,524 

Timrod Public Library 
Mrs. Eugene Cramer 
See* first South Carolina entry for Stale 


D arlingtoa 4,669 
Darlington Public Library 
Mrs. Catsin Spain 

Edgefield 1,865 
Edgefield Free Library, 
Marie Abrey 

Gaffney 5,065 

Carnegie Free Library 
Mrs, Pratt Pierson 


Greenville 23,427 

Neblett Free Library 
Mrs. Rebecca Deal 

Honea Path 1,900 
Honea Path Public Library 
Caroline McGee 

Latta 1,079 

Latta Public Library 
Mrs. Wessie Braddy 

Manning 3,022 

Manning Library 
Bessie Harvin 

Marion 3,892 
Marion Public Library 
Mrs. Nellie Ellerbe 

Rock Hill 8,809 
Rock Hill Library 

St. Matthew's 1,780 

St. Matthew's Public Library 
Mrs. F. C. Cain 

Spartanburg 23,638 
Kennedy Free Library 
Mary M. Baugham 

Sumter 9,508 

Carnegie Library 

Union 6,141 

Carnegie Free Library 
Neely Sartor 


Pierre State Capital 
Free Library Commission 
Leora J. (Lewis 

State Library 
Doane Robinson 

Aberdeen 19,537 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. A. H. Drum 

Armour 1,045 
Armour Public Library 
Mrs. Fred Ricketts 

Belle Pourche 1,616 
Belle Fourche Library 
Mrs. Carrie McCumsey 

Britton 1,105 
Public Library 
Mrs. Glenn Cooley 


B r cokings 3,924 
Carnegie Public Library 
Abigail D. Lyon 

Canton 2,225 

Carnegie Public Library 
Nellie Brenner 

Chamberlain i ,303 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Ada B. Gray 

Clark 1,392 

Public Library 

Mrs. Amy Radcliffe 

Deadwood ^2,403 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. E. S. Phelps . 

Dell Rapids 1,677 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. A. S. Potter 

Flandreau 1,929 

Flandreau Library 
Mrs. E. Barren 

Frederick 1^02 

Public Library 

Mrs. H. F. Burnham 

Highmore 3,315 

Hyde County Library 
Jennie A. Hulce 

Hot Springs 2,141 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Ruth Wood Burton 

Howard 1,325 
Howard Public Library 
Mrs. W. F. Shove 

Huron 8,302 

Carnegie Public Library 
Harriet Dickson 

Hyde County, Set Highmore. 

Ipswich 909 

Public Library 
Mrs. Bina Allen 

Lead 5,013 
Hearst Free Library 
M. E, Livingstone 

lemmon 1,126 

Public Library 
Mrs. Alice Clauson 

Madison 4,144 
Carnegie Public Library 
Sarah Lawson 

Milbank 2,215 
Carnegie Public Library 
Minnie Shannon 

Miller 1,478 

Public library 
Airs. Mary Redmond 

Mitchell 8,478 
Carnegie Public Library 
Edla (Laurson 

Molridge 3,517 

Public Library 
Mrs. Marguerite Jones 

Parker 1,288 
Parker Library 
Mrs. Fannie Cotton 

Pierre 3,209 

Carnegie "Public Library 

Mrs. Ethel C Jacobsen- 
Se& first South Dakota entry for Library 
Commission and State Library 

Rapid City 5,777 
Carnegie Public Library 
Marjorie Smith 

Redfield 2,755 

Carnegie Public Library 
Pearl Donohay 

Scotland 1,234 
Scotland Public Library 
Mrs. Wm. H. Miller, 

Sioux Falls 25,202 
Carnegie Public Library 
Alberta Caille 

Sisseton 1,431 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs* Charles Williams 

Sturgis 1,250 
Sturgis Library 
Meta N. Keffeler 

Tripp County. See Winner 

Vermillion 2,590 
Carnegie Public Library 
Viola Basom 

Tyndall 1,405 
Carnegie Public Library 
Elizabeth Barber 

Wagner 1,236 

Public Library 
Laura I. Patton 




Watertown 9,400 
Carnegie Public Library 
Ethel Else 

Wessington Springs 1,618 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Clara A. Dunham 

Winner 11,970 
Tripp County Library 
Mrs. Kathryn Evans 

Woonaocket 1,368 

Woon socket Public, Library 
Olive Stuart 

Yankton 5,024 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Jessie Bartholomew 

TENNESSEE 337,885 

Nashvilleestate Capital 
Tennessee State Library 
John Trotwood Moore 

Athena 2,580 

Athens Public Library 
Mrs. Edith Hornsby 

Brownsville 3,062 

Brownsville Public (Library 

Chattanooga 57,895 
Chattanooga Public Library 
Margaret S. Dunlap 

Clark sville 8, no 
Clarksville Library Association 

Columbia 5^526 

Columbia Public Library 
L. S. Duke 

Greeneville 32,824 
Green County Library 
Madge C. Wilson 

Harriman 4,019 

Harriman Public Library 
Mrs. M. L. Givan 

Jackson 18,860 
Jackson Public Library 
Alice Drake 

Johnson City 12,442 

Johnson City Public (Library 
Mayes Arnell 

Knoxville 77,818 
Lawson McGhee Library 
Mary U. Rothrock 

TENNESSEE Continued 
Memphis 162,351 
Cossitt Library 
Charles D. Johnston 

Goodwyn Institute 
Marilla Waite Freeman. 

Nashville 1 18,342 
Carnegie Library 
G. H. Baskette 

See* first Tennessee entry for State Library 

Paris 4,730 
Paris Public Library 

Ripley 2,010 
Ripley Public Library 
B. Hathorn 

Union City 4,412 
Union City Library 
Willo Whitson 

TEXAS 4,663,228 
Austin State Capital 
Texas State Library 
Elizabeth H. West 

Abilene 10,274 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. W. 1L, Grogan 

Alice 1,880 
Booklovers Library 

Alto i, 08 1 
Reading Room 

Amarillo 16,710 
Potter County Free Library 
Lois White Henderson 

Arkansas Pass 1^69 
Subscription Library 

Athens 28,327 
Henderson County Memorial Library 

Ballinger ,767 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. George Pearce 

Bastrop 1,828 

Subscription Library 

Bay City 3,454 
Bay City Library 
Mrs. A. L. Williams 

Beeville 3,063 
Mrs. A. B. McLeary 



TEXAS Continued 

Belton 5,048 
Carnegie Library 
Loulie Meyer 

Big Spring 4,270 
Big Spring Public Library 

Bonham 6,008 

Bonham Library Association 

Borne 3,179 
Monday Club Library 

Brenham 5,066 
Brenham Public Library 
Annette Ray 

Brownwood 8,223 

Carnegie Library 
Pink Noel 

Bryan 6,307 
Carnegie Library 
, Willie L. Rogers 

Carthage 1,366 

Current Literature Club Library 
Mrs. J. C. Jenkins 

Chillicothe 1,351 

Public Library 
Chamber of Commerce 

Cisco 7,422 
Cisco Public Library 
Mrs. A. B. Johnson 

Cleburne 12^20 

Carnegie Library 
Rebecca Royall 

Coleman 2,868 

Coleman Public Library 
Mrs. Cole Lewis 

Cooper 2,563 

Cooper Library Association 
Mrs. Jennie A. Young 

Corpus Chiistiio,522 
La Retama Library 
Mabel Smith 

Corsicana 1 1,356 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. Mattie C. Houston 

TEXAS Continued 

Dalhart 4,528 

Dallam County Free Library 
Mrs. Kate Inman 

Dallas 158,976 

Dallas Public Library 
Betsey T. Wiley 

Denison 17,065 

XXI Club Library 
Jennie Short 

Donna 1,579 
Donna Library 
Mrs. B. E. Shepperd 

Eastland 9,368 

Eastland Public Library 

Edinburg 1,406 
Edinburg Library 
Onata Klossner 


Century Club Library- 
El Paso 77,560 

El Paso Public Library 
Mrs. Maud D. Sullivan 

Fort Worth 106,482 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. Charles Scheuber 

Franklin 1,131 
Franklin Public Library 
Emma B'echerd 

Gainesville 25,667 
Cooke County Free Library 
Lillian Gunter 

Galve ston 44,255 
Rosenberg) Library 
Frank C. Patten 

Giddings 1,650 
'Giddings Public Library 

Greenville 14,384 ' 
Carnegie Library 
Ida Pennington 

Haskell 2,300 
Haskell Public Library 
Club Members 

Hereford 1,696 
Hereford Library 
Mrs. F. T. Robeson 



TEXAS Continued 

H oust oa 186,667 
Harris County Public Library 
ILucy T. Fuller 

Lyceum and Carnegie Library 
Julia Ideson 

Colored Carnegie Library 
Bessie B. Osborne 

Jacksboro 1,373 
Jacksboro Library 
Club Members 

Jefferson 2,549 
Carnegie Library 

Kingsville 4,770 
Public Library 
Cora Hayt 

LaGrange 1,669 

Etaerio Club Library 
Mrs.X V. Vanek 

Lampasas 2,107 
Lampasas Public Library 

Laredo 22,710 

Laredo Public Library 
Woman's Club 

Lockhart 3,731 

Dr. Eugene Clark Library 
Mae Camp 

McAllen 5,331 
McAllen Public Library 

McGregor 2,081 
McGregor Public 1 Library 
Mrs. Lillie Christie 

Marshall 14,271 

Marshall Library 
Mrs. Armory R. Starr 

Memphis 2,839 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. Jet Fore 

Mercedes 3,414 

Mercedes Public Library 
Grace McClelen 

Meridian 1,024 
U. D. C. Public Library 
Minnie McGill 

Mexia 3,482 

Mexia Public Library 

TEXAS Continued 
Mineral Wells 7,890 

Mineral Wells Public Library 

Mission 3,847 
Mission Public Library 
Civic League Women 

Nacogdoches 3,546 

Nacogdoches Public Library 
Constance Burrows 

Navasota 5,060 
F. U. N. Public Library 
Clara Lang 

Palestine 11,039 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. B. R. Ferguson 

Paris 15,040 
Paris Public^ Library 
Mrs. Mary"B. Johnson 

Pecos 1,445 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. W. Looby 

Pittsburg 2,540 
Carnegie Library 
Margaret Hirschbaum 

Piahrview 3,989 
Plainview Public Library- 
Mrs. W. E,. Armstrong 

Port Arthur 22,252 

Gates Memorial Library 
- Mrs. Edwarcl S. Carter 

Ranger 16,205 
Ranger Public Library 

Rosenberg 1,279 

Rosenberg Public Library 
Irene E. Mulcahy 

San Antonio 161,379 
Carnegie Library 
Kate F. Devine 

San Benito 5,070 
San Benito Free LiBrary 
Club Women 

San Marcos 1,527 

Public Library 
Chamber of Commerce 

Seymour 2,121 

Seymour Public Library 


TEXAS Continued 

Sherman 15,031 

Sherman Public Library 
Mrs. Nora Key Weems 

Stamford 3,704 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. J. D. Green 

Stephenville 3,891 
Stephenville Public Library 

Sulphur Springs 5,558 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs. W. M. White 

Taylor 5,965 

Taylor Public Library 

Terrell 8,349 

Carnegie Library 
Mrs. Preston Cobb 

Tyler 12,085 
Carnegie Library 
Caroline F. Gates 

Uvalde 3,885 
El Progresso Library 

Vernon 5,142 
Carnegie Library 
Lillian Newton 

Victoria 5,967 
Bronte Club Library 

Victoria Library Association 
Mrs. A. B. Peticolas 

Waco 38,500 

Carnegie Library 
Gladys Allison 

Waxanachie 7^958 

Nicholas P. Sims Library 
Mrs. Musa Dunn 

Weatherford 6,203 
Weatherford Public (Library 
Business and Professional Women's Club 


Public Library 
Lena Pickard 

Wichita Falls 40,079 
Kemp ,Public_Library 
Vera L. DcTdge 

TEXAS Continued 
Winnsboro 2,184 

Carnegie Library 
Mrs. Titus U. Bozeman 

Denton 7,626 

Reading Room 

UTAH 449,396 

Salt Lake City State Capital 
Utah State Library 
H. W. Griffith 

Library Secretary, Utah Dept. of Public 

American Fork 2,763 
American Fork Public Library 

Beaver 1,827 
Beaver Public Library 
Hattie Whornham 

Brigham 5,282 
Brigham Public Library 
Iretta Peters 

Cedar City 2,462 
Cedar City Public Library 
Mrs. E. Crane Watson 

Ephraim 2,287 
Ephraim Public Library 
Mrs. Theodore Anderson 

Eureka 3,608 
Eureka Public Library 
Laula Tomlinson 

Garland 1,000 
Garland Public Library 
Iris Rhodes 

Grantsville 1^,213 
Grantsville Public Library 
F. G. Eselson 

Heber 1,931 
Heber Public Library 

Huntington 1,285 
Huntington Public Library 
M. J. Blackburn 

Kanab 1,102 
KanabTPublic Library 

Lehi 3,078 
Lehi Public Library 
Mrs. Martha Bushman 



UTAH Continued 

Lewiston 1,645 
Lewiston Public Library 

Logan 9,439 

Logan Public Library 
Dora Wright 

Manti 2,412 
Manti Public Library 
Edna Lars en 

Monroe 1,719 
Monroe Public Library 

Moroni 1,355 
Moroni Public Library 
Erwin Gee 

Mt. Pleasant 2,415 
Ml. Pleasant Public Library 
Mrs. E. S. Carter 

Murray 4,584 
Murray Public Library 
Vivian Wallace 

Nephi 2,603 
Nephi Public Library 

Ogdea 32,804 
Carnegie Free Library 
Grace W. Harris 

Panguitch 1,473 
Panguitch Public (Library 
0. G. Anderson 

Park City 3,393 
Park City Public Library 
Mrs. Louis Gerard 

Parowan 4640 
Parowan Public Library 
Bell Connell 

Pay son 3,031 
Payson Public Library 
Mabel Wilson 

Pleasant Grove 1,682 

Pleasant Grove Public Library 

Price 2,364 
Price Public Library 
Mary Mathis 

Provo 10,303 

Provo Public Library 
Eveline Bean 

UTAH Continued 

Richfield 3,262 

Richfield Public Library 
Mrs. F. A. Robinson 

Richmond 1,396 
Richmond Public Library 
Christene Larson 

Roosevelt 1,054 
Roosevelt Public Library 

St. George 2,215 
St. George Public Library 
Ida Mills 

Salina 1,451 
Salina Public Library 

Salt Lake City 118,110 
Salt Lake City Free Public Library 
Joanna H. Sprague 

Set first Utah entry for State Library 

Smithfield 2,42 1 

Smithficld Public Library 

Springville 3,010 
Springville Public Library 
Louise Rowland 

Tooele 3,602 

Tooele Public Library 
Effie Mafsden 

Vernal 1,309 

VernafTublic Library 

VERMONT 352,428 

Montpelier State Capital 
Vermont Free Public Library Commission 
Julia C. Carter, Secretary 

Vermont State Library 
George W. Wing 

Alburgh Township Library 
Mrs. J, R. Lewis 

Arlington 1,307 
Arlington Circulating Library 
Mrs. Geo. Rice 

Bakersfield 1,079 

Bakersfield Public Library 
Mrs. Pamelia Potter 

Barnet 1,685 
Barnet Public Library 
Mrs. Henrietta Willev 



VERMONT Continued 
Barre 10,008 
Aldrich Public Library 
Ruth M. Parker 

Barton 3,506 

Barton Public .Library 
Mrs, Flora Plunkett 

Orleans Public Library 
Ruth E. Richmond 

Bellows Falls 6,234 
Rockingham Free Public 'Library 
Iva M. Young 

Bennington 9,982 
Benningtoh Free Library 
Mrs. H. S. Moses 

Old Academy Library 
Ellen S. Anderson 

Berkshire 1,286 

East Berkshire Association Library 
Grace Sykes 

Berlin 1,079 

Dog River Valley Library 
Mrs. J. H. Fiddock 

Bethel 1,782 
Bethel Public Library 
Mrs. A. L. Cady 

Bradford 1,422 
Bradford Public Library 
Mrs. M; G. Carr 

Brandon 2,874 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. F. E. Kingsley 

B rattleboro^,332 

Brattleborb Free Public (Library 
Florence L. Pratt 

Brighton 21,280 
Island Pond Public Library 
Mrs. Rose Stott 

Bristol 1,952 

Lavrcence Memorial Library 
Kate I. Stewart 

Brookfield 1,008 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. A. B. Whittier 

Burke 1,041 

Burrington Public Library 
Mrs. J. A. Magill 

Burlington 22,779 
Fletcher Frjee Public Library 
George Dana Smith 

VERMONT Continued 
Cabot 1,036 
Cabot Public Library 
Mrs. Marion Burbank 

Cambridge 1,593 

Cambridge Free Library 
Hattie Hopkins 

Wilson Memorial Librarv 
A. M. Rice 

Castleton Free Library 
Minnie A. Rice 

Cavendish 1,319 
Fletcher Town Library 
E. G. White 

Charlotte 1,163 
Breezy Point Library 
Tina Deyette 

Chelsea 1,074 
Chelsea Public Library 
Mary J. George 

Chester 1,633 
Whiting Public Librarv 
C. Ginevra Pollard 

C olchestei 6,627 
Colchester Free Library 
Mrs. A. McNeil 

Winooski Free Library 
Anna L. Welsh 

Concord 1,102 
Concord PuBTic Library 
Mrs. Viola L. Stacy 

Corinth 1^005 
Corinth Public Library 
Mrs. Anna L. Hodge 

Craftsbury, East 1,042 
John Woodruff Simpson Memorial Library 
Myrtie J. Bailey 

Craftsbury 1,042 
Craftsbury Free Library 
Mary P. Duston 

Danby 1,001 

S. L, Griffith Memorial Library- 
Mrs. M. L. Griffith 

Danville 1,484 
Ladies' Library Association 
Mrs. A. C Currier 

Derby ^2,201 
Haskell Free Library 
O. M. Carpenter 




Dorset 1,326 
Village Public Library 
Hattie M. Gray 

Enosburg 2,231 
Enosburg Public Library 
Mrs. Sylvia McMullen 

Essex 2,449 
Essex Free Library 
Mrs. C E. Greene 

Essex Junction^Mio 
Essex Junction Library 
Mrs. C. B. Metcalf 

Fair Haven 2,540 

Fair Haven Free Library 
Mrs. Margaret Colville 

Fairfax 1,244 
Fairfax Free Library 
George S. Bascom 

Fairfield 1,532 

Fairfield Township Library 
W. H. Fairchild 

Worth Ferrisburg 1,338 
Robinson Free Library 
Dorothy J. Dubuke 

Franklin 1,108 
Hasten Library 
C. W. Pow.ell 

Georgia -1,075 

Georgia Free Library 
Mrs. Carrie W. Ladcl 

Groton 915 

Groton Free Public Library 
Mrs. N. A. Hadlock 

Hardwick 2,641 
Jeudevine Memorial Library 
Dorothy Estell 

Hartford 4,739 

Hartford Public Library 
Fannie L. Wright 

Quechee Association Library 
Mary M. Kane 

West Hartford Library 
Mrs. D. K. Handy 

Gates Memorial Library 
Mrs. Chas. Cummings 

Hartland 1,212 
Hartland Public Library 
Mrs. R. C. Lansing 


VERMONT Continued 
Highgate 1,528 

Highgate Public Library 
Josephine H. Lyon 

Hinesburg 1,042 

Hinesburg Public Library 
Mary A. Miles 

Hyde Park ^1,323 
Lam>her Memorial Library 
Mrs. N. A. Scofield 

Island Pond 1,837 

Island Pond Public Library 
Mrs. Carr 

Jericho 1,138 

Jericho Township Library 
Mrs. J. W. Hart 

Johnson 1,478 
Johnson Public Library 
Rev. F. W. Hazen 

Manchester 2,057 

Mark Skinner Library 
Anna B. Buck 

Lowell i ,086 
Lowell Public Library 
Elizabeth Curtis 

Ludlow 2,421 

Fletcher Memorial Library 

Lyndon 3^558 

Cobleigh Public Library 
Angie L. Hunter 

Middlebury 2,914 

Middletmry Public Library 
Carrie E. Damon 

Middlebury, East 12,914 

Ladies' Association Library 
Mrs. C. E. Russell 

Milton 1,523 
Milton Public Library 
F. S. Morgan 

Montgomery 1,658 

Montgomery Free Library 
Gladys McElroy 

Morristown 2,813 

Morristown Centennial Library 
Anna L. Mower 

Montpelier 7,125 

Kellogg-Hubbard Library 

Evelyn S. (Lease 

SCP first Vermont entry for State Library 
and Library Commission 


VERMONT Continued 
Newbury 1,908 

Tenny Memorial Library 
Frances M. Atkinson 

Newport 4,976 
Goodrich Memorial Library 
Elizabeth M. Sargent. 

North Bennington 1,818 
McCullough Library 
Mrs. E. G. Phillips 

Norwich 1,092 

Norwich Public Library 
Mrs. Ellen Knight 

Northfield 3,096 

Brown Public Library 
Abba Averill 

Pawlet 1,413 

Pawlet Public iLibrary 
Nellie M. Bushee 

Pittsford 2,098 

Maclure Public Library 
Mrs. Mary R. Allen 

Florence Free Library 

Poultney ,868 
Poultney Free Library 
Frances R. Fenton 

Proctor 3,789 
Proctor Free Library 
Mary K. Norton 

Proctorsville 950 
Fletcher Town Library 
E. G. White 

Randolph 3,010 
Kimball Public Library 
Desier C. Moulton 

Richmond 1,419 

Yonas Barber Free Library 
Mrs. Carolyn Field 

Londonderry 962 

Londonderry Association Library 
Mary A. Pierce 

Readsboro 1,173 
Readsboro Public Library 
'G. P, Bishop, 

Richford 2,842 

A. A, Brown Library 
Mrs. Lucy Hamilton 

VERMONT Continued 
Rochester 1,397 
Rochester Free Library 
Mrs. S. H. Erskine 

Rockingham 6,207 
Rockingham Free Library 
Iva M. Young 

Royalton 1,452 
Royalton Free Library 
Mary E. Whitney 

South Branch Library 
Bernice S. Flint 

Rutland 14,954 
Rutland Free Library 
Lucy D. Cheney 

H. H. Baxter Memorial Library 
Mrs. A. P. Riker 

Klyegate 1,194 
Ryegate Public Library 
Mrs. M. E. Titus 

St. Albans 7,588 
St. Albans Free Library 
Bertha C. Jennison 

St. Johnsbury 8,701 

Athenaeum Library 
Cornelia T. Fairbanks 

Shaftsbury 1,534 

S'hafts-bury Free Library 
Isabelle Cole 

Shellrarne 997 
Shelburne Free Library 
Mrs. George Collier 

Sheldon 1^473 

Sheldon Free Public Library 
Ruth Leach 

Shoreham 1,925 
Platt Memorial Library 
Mrs. F. H. Witherell 

iSpringfield 7,202 

Springfield Township Library 
Elizabeth M. McCarthy 

Stowe i ,800 
Stowe Free Library 
Mrs. Carrie R Straw 

Swanton 3,343 

Swanton Public Library 
Kathryn "Lapelle 



VERMONT Continued 

Thetford 1,089 

Peabody Library 
Elsie C Heaton 

[Latham Memorial Library 
Emma E. Coombs 

Troy 1,869 

Troy Township Library 
Mrs. Carrie Abel 

Troy, North 1,072 
Troy Free Library 
Mrs. C. C. Toof 

Vergennes 1,609 
Bixby Memorial Free Library 
Mrs. Elsie Giatterton 

Wallingford 1,581 
Gilbert Hart Library 
Mrs. Iva W. Hawkins 

Waterbury 3,542 
Waterbury Public Library 
Bernice T. Price 

W either sfield 1,092 

Proctor Library 

Mrs. Gertrude Fitch 

West Rutland 3,391 
West Rutland Library 
Mrs. C R. Thrall 

Westminster^i ,289 

Westminster Social Library 
Eva M. Larkin 

Westminster, West 
Ladies' Aid Society 
Mrs. Mary Harlow 

White River Junction 1,600 

Gates Memorial Library 
Mrs. Charles Cutnmings 

Williamstowa 1,526 
WilHamstown Public Library 
Mrs. Anne E. Randall 

Williston 929 
Williston Public Library 
Sylvia A. Warren 

Wilmington 1,483 

Pettee Memorial Library 
Helen M. Buell 

Windsor 3,687 

Windsor Association Library 
Jennie C. Penniman 

VERMONT Continued 
Winooski 4,932 
Winnooski Free Library 
Anna Welch 

Wolcott 1,049 
Wolcott Free Library 
Mrs. Harriet Hubbell 

Woodstock 2,370 

Norman Williams Library 
Alice L. Eaton 

VIRGINIA 2,309,187 
Richmond State Capital 

Virginia State Library 
H. R. Mcllwaine 

Abingdon 2,532 

Abingdon Public (Library 
Minnie Baugh 

Alexandria 18,260 

Alexandria Library 
Alice J. Green 

Bedford 3,243 
Bedford Library 
Mrs. W. C. Willcox 

Buena Vista 3,911 
Buena Vista Public Library 
Mrs. R, B. Umholt. 

Charlottesville 10,688 
Charlottesville Library 
Ava Taylor 

Christiansburg 1,641 
Christiansburg Free Public Library 
Miss E. Sheltman 

Danville 21,539 
Danville Library Association 
Mrs. J. L. Hagan 

Falls Church 4,759 

Falls Church Woman's Club (Library 
Mrs. S. H. Styles 

Farmville 2,58$ 
Farmville Public Library 
Martha Blanton 

Fredericksburg 5,882 
Wallace Memorial Library 
Sally N. Gravatt 

Hampton 6,138 

Esther Burdick Library 
Mrs, F. L. Burdick 



Herndon 953 

Fortnightly Club Library 
Mrs. Russell A. Lynn 

Hot Springs 1,000 

Virginia Hot Springs Public Library 
Mrs. L. K. Sterrett 

Leesburg 1,545 
Leesburg Public Library 
Virginia Aldridge 

Lynchburg 30,070 
George M. Jones Memorial Library 
Miss J. Maud Campbell 

Manasses 11,305 
Ruff ner- Carnegie Library 

Marion 3,253 

Marion Library Association 
Florence Tell 

Newport News 35,596 

Newport News Public Library 
'Gwendolyn Evans 

Norfolk 115,777 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary D. Pretlow 

Orange 1,078 

Orange Free Library 
Leslie Mclntoch 

Portsmouth 54,387 

Portsmouth Public Library 
Esther Wilson 

Richmond '171,667 

Grace Arents Public Library 
Fannie B. Bull 

Rosemary Library, John Marshall High 

Mary S. Drew 

John B. Tabb Memorial Library for Chil- 
Elizabeth Knox 

See* first Virginia entry for State Library 

Roanoke 50*842 

Roanoke Public Library 
Ruth Cowgill 

South Boston 4,338 

South Boston Public Library 
Lizzie Penick 

Warrenton 1,54$ 
Warrenton Public Library 
Ida P. Evans 

VIRGINIA Continued 
Waynesboro 1,594 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary L. Peele 

Williamsburg 2,642 
Bisland Memorial Library 
Mrs. G. P. Coleman 

Williamsburg Free Public Library 

Winchester 6,883 
Handley Memorial Library 
C. Vernon Eddy 


Wytheville Public Library 
Mrs. Robert L. Peirce 

WASHINGTON 1^356,621 
Olympia State Capital 

Washington Library Commission 
J. M. Hitt 

Washington State Library 
J. M. Hitt 

Washington State Traveling Library 
Mrs. L. G. Diven 

Aberdeen 15,337 

Aberdeen Public Library 
Lilian Collins 

Anacortes 5,284 
Anacortes Public Library 
Mrs. E. Luella Howard 

Arlington 2,000 
Public Library 
Queenie iL. Morris 

Auburn 3,000 
Public Library 
Mary Fife Smith 

Bellingham 25,585 
Bellingham Public Library 
Edith B. Carhart 

Blaine 2,254 
Elaine Pub'lic Library 
Frankie Hunter 

B r emerton 8,9 1 8 

Bremerton Public Library 
Abbie G. Phillips 

Buckley 1,1x9 

Buckley Public Library 
Edith S. Davis 

Burlington 1,360 
Burlington Public Library 
Dorris Bayley 




Gentralia 7,549 
Centralia Public (Library 
Mrs. Bessie B. Barton 

Chehalia 4,558 

Chehalis Public Library 
Anna C. Koontz 

Chelan 20,906 
Chelan Public Library 
Mrs. Hattie Larsen 

Clar kston i ,500 
Clarkston Public Library 
Mrs. L. Windus 

Ole Elum 2,661 
Cle Elum Public Library 
Mrs. Parker 

Coif ax 3,027 
Colfax Public Library 
Mrs. Mary F. Smith 

CoMlle 1,718 

Colville Public Library 
Belle Lee 

Concrete- 924 

Public Library 
Frederica Wolfe 

Edmonds 936 

Public Library 
Madge F. Pence 

Ellenstmrg 3,967 
Ellensburg Public Library 
Mrs. H. L, Stowell 

Everett 27,644 

Everett Public Library 
Mabel Ashley 

Goldendale 1,074 
Goldendale Public Library 
Gladys Lawson 

Hoquiam 1 0,058 

Hoquiam Public Library 

Kennewick 1,684 
Kennewick Public Library 
Mrs. C E. McKane 

Kent 2,282 
Kent Public Library 
Mrs. Charlotte McGregor 

Lynden 1,241 

'Lynden Public Library 
A. B. Plummer 

Marysville 1,244 

Marysville Public Library 
W. E. Mansfield 

Monroe 1,675 

Monroe Public Library 
Mrs. Georgia Sanders 

Montesano 2,158 

Montesano Public Library 
Mrs. Etta B. McNeill 

Mount Vernon 3,341 
Mount Vernon Public Library 
Minnie S. Nelson 

Olympia 7V795 
Olympia Public Library 
Elizabeth Satterthwaite 

Se& first Washington entry far Library Com- 
mission, State (Library and Traveling Li- 

Pasco 3,362 

Pasco Public Library 
Tessie Maxfield 

Port Angeles 5,351 
Port Angeles Public Library 
Geneva' M. '.Sewell 

Port Townsend 2,847 
Port Townsend Public Library 
Blanche Y. Smith 

Prosser 1,697 
Prosser Public 'Library 
Melanie R. Verity 

Puyallup 6,323 

Puyallup Public Library 
Emma P. Mills 

Raymond 4,260 

Raymond Public Library 
Mary Arney 

Renton 3,301 
Renton Public Library 
Jennie Isaacson 

RitzviUe 1,900 

Ritzville Public Library 
Mrs. Claire L. Miller 

Roalyn 2,673 
Public Library 
Wilmotj G. Whitfield 

Seattle Public Library 
Judson Toll Jennings, (Librarian 
Helen B. Gracie, Order Dept. 



Seattle Continued 

Kate M. Firmin, Catalog Dept 

Sarah Virginia Lewis, Circulation Dept. 

Ralph Munn), Reference Dept. 

Lillian A, Sutherland, Children's Dept 

Josephine 'G. Faber, Branches Dept. 

Agnes Hansen, Foreign; Div. 

Ruth B. Calkins, General Reference Div. 

Annie H. Calhoun, Fine Arts Div. 

Florence M. Waller, Technology Div. 

Eva W. Graves, Periodical Div. 

Louretta C. Cole,' Schools Div. 

Ella R. McDowell, Municipal Reference 

Fanny E. Reynolds, Dept. for Blind 

Sedro-Woolley 3,389 

Sedro-Woolley Public Library 
Blanche P. Dorsey 

Shelton 984 

Public Library 
Mrs. M. F, Knight 

Snohomish 2,985 
Snohomish Public Library 
Mrs. Mary Mitchell 

South Bend 1,948 

South B,end Public Library 
Mrs. Eva S. Henderson 

Spokane 104,437 

Spokane Public Library 
George W. Fuller 

Sunnyside 1,809 
Sunnyside Public iLibrary 
Grace E, Brown 

Tacoma 96^965 
Tacoma Public Library 
John B. Kaiser 

Vancouver 12,637 
Vancouver Public Library 
Mrs. Marian M. Pirkey 

Walla Walla 15,503 
Walla Walla Public Library 
Ellen Garfield Smith 

Wapato 1,128 
Wapato Public Library 
"Mrs. A. DeVries 

W enat chee 6,324 
Wenatchee Public Library 
AJta M. Chambers 

Yakhaa 18,539 

Yakirna Public Library 
Lucile James 

WEST VIRGINIA 1,463,701 
Charleston State Capital 
West Virginia State Library 

B. H. Oxley 

Bluefield 15,282 

Bluefield Public Library 
Gertrude Oliver 

Charleston- 39,608 

Charleston Public Library 

Mrs. B. Von Schlechtendahl 
Sec first West Virginia entry for State Li- 

Clarksburg 27,889 
Clarksburg Public Library 
Miss S. Scollay Page 

Hinton 3,912 

Carnegie library 
Nellie Gwin 

Huntington 50,177 
Huntington Public Library 
Miss Lewis Harvey 

Mannington 3,673 
Mannington Public Library 
Bessie Mackler 

Martinsbur g 1 2,5 1 5 

Martinsburg Public Library 

Parkersburg 201,050 

Carnegie Library 

Anne E. Taylor 

Point Pleasant 3,059 

Point Pleasant Public Library 
Lillian As her 

Ronceverte 2,319 
Ronceverte Public Library 
Miss R, McDowell 

Sistersville 5,238 
Sistersville Public Library 
Bertha E. Chadderton 

Wellsburg 4,91 8 
Wellsburg .Public Library 
Iscar Fillinger 

Wheeling 52,208 

Wheeling Public Library 
Etta M. Roberts 

Madison State Capital 
Wisconsin State Library 
Gilson G. Glasier 

Wisconsin Free Library Commission. 

C. B. Lester, Secretary 


WISCONSIN Continued 

Algoma 1,911 

Public Library 
Mrs. Fred Leischow 

Antigo 21,471 

Langlade County Public Library 
Edith A. Rechcygl 

Appleton 19,561 
Free Public Library 
Florence C. Day 

Arcadia 1,418 
Free Public Library 
Florence Hess 

Ashland 11,334 
Vaughn Public Library 
Cecile M. Fennelly 

Augusta 11,407 
Augusta Public Library 
Mrs. Flora Wilson 

Baraboo 32,548 
Sank County Public Library 
Kate M. Potter 

Hdqrs. County Trav. Lib. System 

Barren 1,623 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Josephine Anderson 

Bay field '1,441 
Public Library 
Mrs. Winnie Robison 

Beaver Dam 7,992 
Williams Free Library 
Hattie A. Doolittle 

Beloit 21,284 
Public Library 
Nellie B. McAIpin 

Berlin 4,400 

Public Library- 
Margaret Biggert 

Black River Falls 1,796 
Public Library 
Annie C. Wylie 

Bloomer 1,648 

Public Library 
Hazel Scovell 

Boacobel 1,670 

Public Library 
Mrs. Freda Meller 

Brodhead 1,600 
Free Public Library 
Jessie E. Sprague ' 

WISCONSIN Continued 
Burlington 3,626 
Public Library 
Alma Neuhaus 

Cedarburg 1,738 

Public Library 
Elva, S. Weber 

Chippewa Falls 9,130 

Public Library 
Marion E. Bryant 

Clintonvllle 3,275 
Free Library 
Mrs. G. M. Goodrich 

Columlms 2,460 
Public Library 
Nellie A. Loomis 

Crandon -1,632 
Public Library 
Mrs. Clara Raymond 

Cudahy 6,725 

Public Library 
Irma Oelmann 

Cumberland i ,528 

Public Library 
Mrs. S. B. Poukey 

Darlington 1,798 
Public Library 
Hattie B. Greene 

Delavan 3,016 
Aram Public Library 
Agnes T. Buckmaster 

Be Pere 5,165 
Public Library 
Helen, S. Ma-thews 

Dodge County. See Juneau 

Dodgeville 1,896 
Public Library 
Mrs. Annie ToplifT 

Douglas County. See Superior 

Durand 1,517 
Free Public Library 
Anna Alkire 

East Troy 1,513 
East Troy Public Library 
Mrs. George Brewster 

Eau Claire 35,771 
Eau Claire County Public Library 

Laura M. Olsen 
Hdqrs. County Trav. Lib. System 



WISCONSIN Continued 

Edgerton 2,688 
Public Library 
Mrs. Effie L. Henderson 

Elkhorn 1,991 

Chas. E. Sprague Free Library 
Mrs. Chas. E. Wilson 

Elroy 11,713 
Public Library 
Edna L. Roberts 

Evansville 12,209 

Eager Free Public Library 
Mae G. Phillips 

Fennimore 1,383 

Public Library 
Mrs. Frank Roach, Pres. 

Fond Du Lac 23,427 

Public Library 
(Leila A. Janes 

Fort Atkinson 4,915 
Public Library 
Elizabeth M. Short 

Fox Lake 1,012 

Public Library 
Mary E. Collins 

Green Bay 31,017 
Kellogg Public Library 
Deborah B. Martin 

Hartford 4,515 

Public Library 
H. Juno Goetz 

Hayward 1,302 
Hayward Free Library 
Mrs. Sylvia Bridges 

Horicon 2,134 
Public Library 
Anna Yankey 

Hudson 3,014 
Public Library 
Lucille Mehkey 

Hurley 3,188 
Free Public Libraty 
Mrs. W. C. Trezona 

Janesville 18,293 

Public Library 
Jennie A. Hulce 

WISCONSIN Continued 
Jefferson 35,022 
Jefferson County Free Public Library 

Hazel H. Haberman 
Hdqrs. County Trav. Lib. System 

Juneau 1,159 
Public Library 
Mrs. Paul Henning, Pres. 

Dodge County Traveling Library Head- 
Emma Tozer 

Kaukauna 5,951 
Free Public Library 
Lillian E. Bell 

Kenosha 40,472 

Gilbert M. Simmons 'Library 
Cora M. Frantz 

Kewanee 1,865 

Public Library 
Minnie Sappert 

Kilbourn 1,206 

Public Library 
Lillian F. Ramsey 

La Crosse 44,355 
La Crosse County Public Library 
Lilly M. E. Borresen 

Ladysmith 1 6,403 

Rusk County Carnegie Public Library 
Mattie 'L McMahon 

Lake Geneva 2,632 

Public Library 
Gertrude J. Noyes 

Lake Mills 1,754 
L. D. Fargo Free Public Library 
Ada Mansfield 

Lancaster 2,485 

Public Library 
Bessie McNair 

Langdale County. See Antigo 

Lodi 1,077 
Public Library 
Belle Tirrell 

Madison 38^378 
Free Public Library 
Mary A. Smith 

Se& first Wisconsin entry for State Library 
and Library Commission 

Manitowoc 17,563 
Public Library 
Martha E. Pond 



WISCONSIN Continued 
Marinette County. See Stephenson 

Marshfield 7,394 
Public Library 
Alice J. Mifrerd 

Mauston 11,966 
Public Library 
Marguerite 1. Comer 

Mayville 3,011 
Public Library 
Etta Barott 

Medford 1,881 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. Sophia M. Schulz 

Menasha 7,214 
E. D. Smith Library 
Harriet Northrup 

Menomonee Falls 1,019 

Free Library 
Maude B. Schlafer 

Menomonie 5,104 
Tainter Memorial Free Library 
Mrs. E, C. Nickerson 

Merrill 8,068 
Public Library 
Mrs. Nathalie H. Scribner 

Milwaukee 539,449 
Milwaukee 'Public Library 

Matthew S. Dudgeon, Librarian 

J. V. Cargill, Asst. Librarian and Circu- 
lation Dept. 

S. A. McKillop, Extension Div. 

S. J. Carter, Reference Dept. 

Margaret Mclntosh, Book Selection and 
Order Dept. 

Jessie B. Weston, Instruction Dept. 

(Lillian M. Carter, Catalog Dept. 

Ovid B. Blix, Municipal Reference Dept. 

Mineral Point 2,569 

Public Library 
Margaret A, Crawford 

Mondovi 1,554 
Free Public Library 
Mabel _Farrington 

Monroe 4,788 

Arabut Ludlow Memorial Library 
Mrs. Nellie W. Kohli 

Moainee 1,161 

Joseph Dessert Public Library 
Marian Jones 

Mt. Hore"b 1,350 

Public Library 
Anna Helland 

WISCONSIN Continued 
Neenah 7,171 

Public Library 
Ida B. Kellogg 

Neillsville 2,160 
Free Library 
Mrs. Frances Button 

Nekoosa 1,639 
Public Library 
Dorothy Cammack 

New London 4,667 

Public Library 
Melda R. Pelzer 

New Richmond 21,248 

Public Library 
Bertha 0. Wollum 

North Fond Du Lac 2,150 
Public Library 
(La Verne Thorson 

North Milwaukee 3,047 

Free Public Library 

Anna G. Godfrey 

Oconomowoc &3oi 
Public Library 
Anna R. Jones 

Oconto 27,104 
Oconto County Public Library 

Gwenn Perry 
Hdqrs. County Xrav. Lib. System 

Oconto Falls 1,914 

Public Library 
Mrs, James Morrissey 

Oshkosh 63,897 

Winnebago County Public Library 

Edith K. Van Eman 
Hdqrs. County Trav. Lib. System 

Owen 1,083 
Public Library 
Mrs. Harry Stoker 

Park Falls 2,676 
Public Library 
Edna C. Smith 

Phillips 1,973 
Public Library 
Marie Fraser 

Platteville 4,353 
Public Library 
Mrs. Carrie Nicklas 



WISCONSIN Continued 
Plymouth 3,415 
Public Library 
Mrs. Harriet Corbett 

Port Washington 3,340 
Public Library 
Mrs. Minnie Koenen 

Portage 5,582 
Free Public Library 
Mary E. Porter 

Columbia County Free Public Library 
Portage County. See Stevens Point 

Prairie du Chien 3^,537 
Public Library 
Lydia E. Hesse 

Rjacine 58,593 
Public Library 
Frances A. Hannum 

Randolph 1,183 
Public Library 
Emma Howitt 

Reedsburg 2,997 
Public Library _ 
Mrs. N. A. Cushman 

Rhinelander 6,654 
Public Library 
Jessie W. Bingham 

Rib Lake 1,020 
Free Library 
Mrs. J. F. Brown 

Rice Lake 4,457 
Free Library 
Helen Smith 

Richland Center 3,409 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. Helen Caddell 

Ripon 3,929 

Public Library 
Blanche Thompson 

Rusk County. See Ladysmith 

Sauk City 1,162 
Public Library 
Josephine Merz, Pres. 

Sauk County. See Baraboo 

Seymour 1,280 
Public Library 
Mrs. R. R. Uttomark 

WISCONSIN Continued 
Shawano 3,544 

Shawano Public Library 
Viola Raisler 

Sheboygan 30,955 

Public Library 
Bertha Marx 

Shullsburgu- 1,158 

Public Library 
Mrs. J. J. Leahy, Pres. 

South Milwaukee 7,598 
Public Library 
^Catherine Smith 

Sparta 4,466 
Public Library 
Minnie Knudson 

Spooner 2,293 
Public Library 
Mrs. Alma Denslow 

Stanley 2,577 
Public Library 
Sadie Cole 

Stephenson 34,361 

Marinette County Public Library 

Gladys M. Andrews 
Hdqrs. County Trav. Lib. System 

Stevens' Point 33,649 
Portage County Public Library 
Amy Anderson 

Stoughton 5,101 
Free Public Library 
Myrtle Page 

Sturgeon Bay 4,553 
Free Public -Library 
Marion G. Lown 

Sun Prairie 1,236 
Sun Prairie Free Public Library 
Mrs. L. B. Cobb 

Superior 49,771 

Douglas County Public Library 
Gertrude A. Schwab 

Tomah 3,257 
Public Library 
Caroline W. D. Voswinkel 

Public Library 
Esther 1 Venue 

Trempealian County. See Whitehall 


WISCONSIN Continued 
Two Rivers 7,305 
Two Rivers Public Library 
Mrs. Frank J. Kracha 

Viroqua 2,574 

Public Library 
Katherine Smith 

Washbura 3,707 

Public Library 
Mrs. May M. 'Greenwood 

Waterloo -1,262 

Public Library 
Jessie Andrews 

Watertown 9,299 
Free Public Library 
Edna D. Otr 

Waukesha 12,558 
Public Library 
Mary E. Corson 

Waupaca 2,839 
Public Library 
Mary Benlick 

Waupun 4,440 

Public Library 
Clara L. Lindsley 

Wausau 18,661 

Free Public Library 
Cora I. Lansing 

Wauwatosa 5,818 
Public Library 
Grace E. Loveland 

West Allis 13,745 
Public Library 
Winifred Bailey 

West Bend 3,378 
Public Library 
Marie Weller 

Westby* 1,228 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. M. Frederickson 

Whitewater 34,215 
White Memorial Library 
Ella A. Hamilton 

Whitehall 24,506 
Trempealeau County Traveling Library 

A, F. Chaffee 

Winnebago County. See Oshkosh 

WISCONSIN Continued 
Wisconsin Rapids 7,243 
T. B. Scott (Wood County) Public Library 
A. RuthHutzen 

Hdqrs. County Trav. Lib. System 
Wood County. See Wisconsin Rapids 

WYOMING 194,402 
Cheyenne State Capital 
Wyoming State Library 
Genevra Brock 

Albany County. See Laramie 

Basin 12,105 

Big Horn County Library 
M. G. Brown 

Big Horn County. See Basin 

Buffalo 4,617 

Johnson County Library 
Mrs. Clara W. Bond 

Casper 14,635 

Nalrona County Public Library 
Mrs, E. E. Rogers 

Cheyenne 20,699 

Laramie County Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Louclla Moore 

Se& first Wyoming entry for State* Library 

Cody -7,298 

Park County Free Library 
Mrs. E. B. Pierce 

Converse County. See Douglas 

Douglas 7,871 

Converse County Carnegie Public Library 
Florence Hawley 

Evanston 6^6 u 

Unita County Library 
Hester Bonham 

Fremont County. See Lauder 

Green R,iver 13,640 

Sweetwater County Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth Fairchild 

Greybuli 2,692 
Public Library 
H. E. Williams 

Hot Springs County. See Thennopolis 
Johnson County. See Buffalo 

Lander 11,820 

Fremont 'County Public Library 
Carrie Brown 



WYOMING Continued 

Laramie 91,283 

Albany County Carnegie Public Library 
Loueva Montgomery 

Laramie County. See Cheyenne 

Lusk 6,321 

Niobara County Carnegie Public (Library 
Mrs. Kate Fowler 

Natrona County. See Casper 

Newcastle 4,631 

Weston County Public Library 
Mrs. Anna C. Miller 

Niobara County. See Lusk 
Park County. See Lusk 
Platte County* See Wheatland 

Rock Springs 6,456 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mary A. Clark 

Sheridan 1 8,i8a 

Sheridan County Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Florence Marshall 

Sweetwater County. See Green River 

Thermopolis 5,164 
Hot Springs County Library 
Mrs. J. F. Divine 

Unita County. See* Evanston 

WYOMING Continued 
Weston County. See Newcastle 

Wheatland 7,421 
Platte County Public Library 
Beatrice 'Lucas 

Thane 421 

James R. Whipple Memorial Library 


Hilo 10,431 
Hilo Library 


Library of- Hawaii 
Edna I. Allyn 

Marie County Library 

Panama Canal Library 
Mrs. C. M. Lupfer 

Manila 219,928 
Philippine Library 
James A. Robertson 


San Juan 71,443 
Carnegie Library 



ALBERTA 588,454 
Calgary 63,305 

Public Library 
Alexander Calhoun 

Edmonton 58,821 
Provincial Library 

J. A. Jaffrey 
Public & Strathcona Library 

E. L. Hill 

Medicine Hat 9,634 

Public Library 
E. C. Warner 


Nelson 5,236 
Public Library 

New Westminster 14,495 
Public Library 

Prince Rupert 6,378 
Public Library 

Vancouver 117,217 

Public Library 

Victoria 38,727 

British Columbia P. L. Commission 
Herbert Kiliam, Secy. 

Provincial Library 

Public Library 
Helen G. Stewart 

MANITOBA 610,118 
Brandon 15,397 

Public Library 
Mrs. E. E. Belyea 

Portage la Prairie 6,766 
Public Library 
Gillivray McRae" 

Selkirk 3,726 

Public Library 
E. Comber 

Virdin 1,361 

Public Library 
Queenie Thompson 

Winnipeg 179,087 
Public Libraries 
J. H. McCarthy 

Provincial Library 
W. J. Healy 

Chatham 2,289 

Public Library 


Legislative Library 
Mrs. Allen 

Moncton 17,488 

Public Library 
Mrs. Lottie Bishop 

St. John 47,166 
Free Public Library 
Estelle M. A. Vaughan 

Portland F. Library 
Mary E. Kirkpatrick 

Woodstock 3,380 
L. P. Fisher Memorial Library 
Edith Starratt 

NOVA SCOTIA 492,338 

Amherst 9,998 
Public Library 

Baddeck 1,000 
Public Library 

Halifax 58,372 
Citizens Free Library 

Liverpool 2,294 

Public Library 

Sydney 22,545 

Public Library 

Yarmouth 7,073 
Public Library 

ONTARIO 2,933,662 

Division of Public Libraries, Dept. of Edu- 
cation, Province of Ontario 
W. 0. Carson, Supt 

Acton 1,722 
Public Library 

Alliston 1,376 
Public Library 

Almonte 2,426 

Public Library 

Amhersiburg 2,769 
Public Library 



Arnprior 4,077 
Public Library 

Artlnir 1,104 
Public Library 

Aurora 2,307 

Public Library 

Aylmer 2,194 
Public Library 

Barrie 6,936 
Public Library 

Beamsville 1,256 
Public Library 

Belleville 12,206 

Free Public Library 

Blenheim i ,565 
Public Library 

Bowman ville 3,233 
Public Library 

Bracebridge 2,45 1 
Free Public Library 

Brampton 4,527 
Free Public Library 

Brantford 29,440 
Free Public Library 

Bridgeburg 2,401 

Public Library 

Brighton 1,411 

Public Library 

B r o ckville 1 0,040 
Free Public, Library 

Burlington 2,709 

Public Library 

Campbellford 2,890 
Public Library 

Cardinal 1,241 
Public Library 

Carleton Place 3,841 
Free Public Library 

Chatham 13,230 . 
Public Library 

Chesley 1,708 
Free Public Library 

ONTARIO Continued 

Clinton 2,018 
Free Public Library 

Cobourg 5,327 
Public Library 

Collingwood 5,882 
Free Public Library 

Coppercliff 2,597 

Public Library 

Cornwall 7,419 
Free Public Library 

Deseronto 1,847 

Public Library 

Dresden 1,339 

Public Library 

Dundas 4,978 
Carnegie Library 

Dunn ville 3,224 
Public Library 

Durham 1,494 
Public Library 

Elmira 2,016 
Free Public Library 

Elora i,iq6 
Public Library 

Essex 1,588 
Public Library 

Exeter 1,442 
Public Library 

Fergus 1,796 
Public Library 

Forest 1,422 
Free Public Library 

Fort Erie 1,546 
Public Library 

Fort Frances 3,109 

Public Library 

Fort William 20,541 
Public Library 

Gait 13,216 
Carnegie Library 

Gananoque 3,694 
Public Library 



ONTARIO Continued 

Georgetown 2,061 
Free Public Library 

Goderich 4,107 
Public Library 

Gravenhurst 1,478 
Public Library 

Grimsby 2,004 
Free Public Library 

Guelph < 18,128 
Public Library 

Hagersville 1,169 
Public Library 

Haileybuiy 3,743 
Public Library 

Hamilton 114,151 
Public Library 
Adam Hunter 

Hanover 2,781 
Public Library 

Harriston 1,263 
Free Public Library 

Hawkesbury 5,544 
Public Library 

Hespeler 2,777 
Free Public Library 

Htintsville 2,246 
Public Library 

Ingersoll 5,150 
Free Public Library 

Kempt ville i ,204 
Free Public Library 

Kenora 5,407 
Public Library 
Rat Portage 

Kincardine 2,077 
Free Public Library 

Kingston 21,753 

Public Library 

Kingsville 1,783 
Public Library 

Kitchener 21,763 
Public Library 

ONTARIO Continued 

Lakefield 1,189 
Public Library 

Leamington 3,675 
Free Public Library 

Lindsay 7,620 

Public Library 

Listowell 2,477 
Free Public Library 

London 60,959 
Free Public Library 

Madoc 1,058 
Public Library 

Meaford 2,650 
Public Library 

Merritton 2,544 
Public Library 

Midland 7,016 
Free Public Library 

Milton 1,873 
Public Library 

Mimico 3,751 
Public Library 

Mitchell 1,800 
Free Public Library 

Morrisburg 1,444 
Public Library 

Mount Forest 1,718 
Public Library 

Napanee 3,083 
Public Library 

New Hamburg 1,351 
Public Library 

New Liskeard 2,268 
Public Library 

Newmarket 3,626 
Free Public Library 

Niagara 1,357 
Public Library 

Niagara Palls 14,764 
Free Public Library 

North Bay 10,692 
Free Public Library 



ONTARIO^ Continued 

Norwich 1,176 
Public Library 

Oakville 3,298 
Public Library 

Orangeville 2,187 
Free Public Library 

Orillia 8,774 
Public Library 

Oshawa 1 1,940 
Free Public Library 

Ottawa 107,843 
Carnegie Library 
V. J. Sykes 

Owen Sound 12,190 
Public Library 

P aimer st on 1,523 
Free Public Library 

Paris 4,368 
Public Library 

Parkhill 1,152 
Public Library 

Parry Sound 3,546 

Free Public Library 

Pembroke 7,875 
Public Library 

Penetanguishene 4,037 
Carnegie Library 

Perth 3,790 
Free Library 

Peterborough 20,994 

Public Library 
Frederick M. Dela Fosse 

Picton 3,356 
Public Library 

Port Arthur 14,886 
Public Library 

Port Colborne 3,415 

Public Library 

Port Credit 1,123 
Public Library 

Port Dover 1462 

Public Library 

ONTARIO Continued 

Port Elgin 1,291 
Public Library 

Port Hope 4,456 

Public Library 

Port Perry 1,143 
Public Library 

Prescott 2,636 
Free Public Library 

Preston 5,423 

Public Library 

Renfrew 4,906 
Free Public Library 

Richmond Hill 1,055 
Public Library 

Ridgetown 1,855 
Public Library 

St. Catherines 19,881 

Public Library 

St. Mary's 3,847 
Free Public Library 

St. Thomas 16,026. . . 

Public Library 

Sarnia 14,877 
Public Library 

Saulte Ste. Marie 21,092 
Public Library 

Seaforth 1,829 
Free Public Library 

Shelbume 1,072 
Free Public Library 

Simcoe 3,953 
Public Library 

Smith's Falls 6,790 
Public Library 

Southampton 1,537 
Public Library 

Stouffville 1,053 
Public Library 

Stratford 16,094 

Public Library 

Strathroy 2,691 

Public Library 


ONTARIO Continued 
Sudbury 8,621 
Public Library 

Thorold 4,825 

Free Public Library 

Tilsonburg 2,974 
Public Library 

Toronto 521,893 
Public Library 
George H. Locke 

Trenton 5,902 
Free Public Library 

Tweed 1,339 
Public Library 

Vankluk Hill 1,499 
Public Library 

Victoria Mines (Coniston P. O.)i,5PP 

Public Library 

Walkerton 2,344 
Public Library 

Walkerville 7,059 
Public Library 

Wallacefcurg 4,006 
Free Public Library 

Waterford 1.123 
Public Library 
Public Library 

Waterloo 5,883 
Public Library 

Watford 1,059 

Free Public Library 

Welland 8,654 

Weston 3,166 
Public Library 

Whitby 2,800 
Public Library 

Wiaxton 1,726 
Free Public Library 

Winchester 1,126 
Public Library 

Windsor 38,591 
Public Library 

Wingham 2,092 
Public Library 

Woodstock 9,935 

Public Library 


Charlottetpwn 12,347 
Dodd Library 

QUEBEC 2,361,199 
Granby 6,785 
Public Library 

Montreal 618,506 
Freaser Inst. Free Library 
Pierre B. Decrevecoeur 

Civic Library 
Hector Garneau 

Sherbrooke 23,515 

Public Library 

Westmount 17.;93 
Westmount Public Library 
Mary S. Saxe 



"Open Shelf Library" (Provincial) 
Miss E. Pithie 

Travelling Libraries (Provincial) 
Miss M. MacDonald 

Battleford 1,229 

Mechanics' and Literary Institute library 
W. W. Smith, Secy. 

Estevan 2,290 

Mrs, Margaret H. Sissons 

Moose Jaw 19,285 
Public Library 
A. H. Gibbard 

North Battleford 4,108 
Public Library 
Alice S. Card 

Prince Albert 7,558 
Public Library 
Thomas Parker 

Regina 34,432 
Public Library 
J. R. C. Honeyman 

Saskatoon 25,7^0 
Public Library 
David M. P. Murray 

Swift Current ^,5x8 
Public Library 
J. S. S. Treliving 


St. John34,045 
Public Library 





Birmingham-Southern College Library 
Lillian Gregory 

Howard College Library, East Lake Station 
Marie Bost 


State Normal School Library 
H. H. Holmes, Prin. 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. M. I. Hoskins 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. C R. Wood 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. C, R. Moon 


Carnegie Library of Judson College 
Frances Pickett 


Library of the School of Medicine, Uni- 
versity of Alabama 
Kathryn McKee 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. George Doak 

Woman's College of Alabama 
Marion Shivers 


Carnegie Library, Agricultural and Me- 
chanical College 

St. Bernard 

St. Bernard College and High School Li- 
Rev. Bernard Meuges, Pres. 


Talladega College Library 
Mary E. Lane 


State Normal Library 
Evelyn Sommerville 


University of Alabama Library 
Alice Wyman 


Carnegie Library, Tuskegee Institute 
M. Ernestine Saurez 



Northern Arizona Normal School Library 
L B. McMullen, Prin. 


State Normal School Library 
Thos. Jerome Cookson 


" University of Arizona Library 
Estelle Luttrell 


Ouachita Baptist College Library 
Flossie Singleton 


Arkansas College Library 
E. R. Long 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. W. 0. Wilson 

Hendrix College Library 
G. A. Simmons 


University of Arkansas Library 
Julia Vaulx 

Little Rock 

Medical Department Library, University of 

Miss A. Murphy 

Litlte Rock College Library 
Rev. Herbert A. Heagney 

Alameda County See Oakland 

Alpine County See Markleeville 


Modoc Company Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Nettie B. Harris 

Amador County See Jackson 


Placer County Teachers' Library 
Irene Burns 





Kern Company Teachers' Library 
L. E. Chenoweth 


California School of Arts and Crafts Li- 
Eleanor Stout 

Pacific School of Religion Library 
Geo. T. Tolson 

Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry 

Lilian Burt 

University of California Library 
Harold L, Leupp 

University of California, Bancroft Library, 

Academy of Pacific Coast History 
H. J. Priestly 

University of California, Law Library 
Mary K. Ray 

University of California, Bealt Hall of Law 

Rosamond Parma 


Mono County Teachers' Library 
Mildred Gregory 

Butte County Sec Oroville 
Calaveras County See San Andreas 


State Teachers* College Library 
Alice Andreson 


Pomona College Library 
Victor E. Marriott 


Colusa County Teachers' Library 
Perle Sanderson 

Contra Costa County Sec Martinez 

Crescent City 

Del Norte County Teachers' Library 
A. E. Moore 


University Farm ^School Library 
Dorothy Deming 

Del Norte County See Crescent City 


Sierra County Teachers' Library 
Belle Alexander 

El Centro 

Imperial County Teachers' Library 
H. C. Coe 

El Dorado County See Placerville 


Humboldt County Teachers' Library 
Robert A. Bugbee 


Solano County Teachers' Library 
Dan H. White 


Fresno County Teachers' Library 
C. W. Edwards 

State Teachers' College Library 
Agnes Tobin 

Glen County See Willows 


Kings County Teachers' Library 
M. L. Richmond 


San Benito County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Dorothy Slavin 

Humboldt County See Eureka 
Imperial County See El Centro 


Inyo County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. M. A. Clarke 

Inyo County See Independence 


Amador County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Sarah Greenhalgh 

Kern County See Bakersfield 
Kings County See Hanford 
Lassen County See Susanville 

Los Angeles 

Immaculate Heart College Library 
Sister Margaret Mary 

Krotona Institute of Theosophy Library 
C J. Van Vliet 

Southwest University School of Law Li- 
J. J, Schumacher, Sec. 


Los Angeles County Teachers' Library 
Mattie Fargo 


Los Angeles Continued 
Southern Branch California Librae 
Elizabeth H. Fargo 

University of Southern California, College 
of Dentistry, George H. Cushing Li- 
Dr. J. Endelman 

University of Southern California, College 

of Law Library 
Frank M. Porter, Dean 

University of Southern California, College 

of Liberal Arts Library 
Charlotte M. Brown 

University of Southern California, College 

of Music Library 
Irene Janette Nonhof 

University of Southern California, Library 
of the College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, 516 E. Washington St. 
Helen Mason 


Lake County Teachers' Library 
Minerva Ferguson 


Madera County Teachers' Library 
Craig Cunningham 

Mar in County. Sec San Rafael 


Mariposa County Teachers' Library 
John L. Dexter 


Alpine County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Eugenia Bruns 


Contra Costa County Teachers' Library 
W. H, Hanlon 


Yuba County Teachers' Library 
Jennie Malaley 

Mendocino County See Ukiah 


Merced County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Belle S. Gribi 


Stanislaus County Teachers' Library 
A. G. Elmore 

Modoc County See Alturas 
Mono County See Bridgeport 

Monterey County See Salinas 


Napa County Teachers' Library 
Lena A. Jackson 

Nevada City 

Nevada County Teachers' Library 
Elizabeth Richards 


Alameda County Teachers' Library 
Dave Martin 

Margaret Carnegie Library, Mills College 
Mrs. Elizabeth Gray Potter 

Polytechnic College of Engineering Library 
W. W. Fogg, Prin. 

Vander Naillen School of Engineering Li- 
John L. Winter 

Orange County See Santa Ana 


Butte County Teachers' Library 
Irvin Passmore 


California Institute of Technology Library 
Frances H. Spining 

Pasadena University Library 
Rev. A. 0. Hendricks, Pres. 

Placer County See Auburn 


El Dorado County Teachers' Library 
E. J. Fitzgerald 

Plumas County See Quincy 


Plumas County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Kate L. Donnelley 

Red Bluff 

Tehama County Teachers' Library 
Mamie B. Lang 


Shasta County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Charlotte Cunningham 


University of Redlands Library 
Eleanor A. Symmes 

Redwood City 

San Mateo County Teachers' Library 
Roy W. Cloud 




Riverside County Teachers' Library 
Ira Landis 


Sacramento County Teachers' Library 
Carolyne M. Webb 

St Helena 

Pacific Union College Library 
Harry A. Washburn 


Monterey County Teachers' Library 
James G. Force 

San Andreas 

Calaveras County Teachers' Library 
Teresa Rivara 

San Anselmo 

San Francisco Theological Seminary Li- 
Rev. Lynn T. White, D.D. 

San Benito County See Hollister 

San Bernardino 

San Bernardino County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Grace C. Stanley 

San Diego 

San Diego County Teachers' Library 
Ada York 

San Diego Commercial College Library 
F. W. Kelsey and C. L. Jenney, Prins. 

State Teachers College Library 
Mrs. Charlotte G. Robinson 

University of California, Library of Scripps 

Institute for Biological Research 
Dr. Christine E. Essenberg 

San Francisco 

California School of Mechanical Arts Li- 
Geo. A. Merrill, Prin. 

Church Divinity School of the Pacific Li- 
Rt. Rev. Win. F. Nicholas, D.D., Prin. 

Cogs-well Polytechnical College Library 
Marie Padkin 

People's Institute Library 
Ruth Epperson Kennell, Sec. 

San Francisco County Teachers' Library 
Alfred Roncovieri 

Stamford University, Lane Medical Library, 

Wilston & Sacramento Sts. 
Eva West 

San Francisco Continued 

State Teachers' College Library 
Edna Wightman 

University of California, College of Dentis- 
try Library 
Dr.'R. E. Keys 

University of California, College of Phar- 
macy Library 
F. T. Green, Dean 

University of California Freight Tariff Li- 
Miss I. Sinai 

University of California, Medical School 
and Hospitals Library, Parnassus and 
2d Aves. 
Eva West 

University of St. Ignatius Library 
Jos. W. Riordan, SJ. 

Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts Li- 
Geo. A. Merrill, Director 

San Joaquin County See Stockton 

San Jose 

College of Notre Dame Library 
Sister M. Veronica, Pres. 

College of the Pacific Library 
Harriet E. Boss 

Santa Clara County Teachers' Library- 
Agnes Howe 

State Teachers' College Library 
Helen Evans 

San Luis Obispo 

San Luis Obispo County Teachers' Library 
Robert L. Bird 

San Moto County See Redwood City 

San Rafael 

Dominican College Library 
Mother M. Louis, Prin. 

Marin County Teachers' Library 
Jas. B. Davidson 

Santa Ana 

Orange County Teachers' Library 
R. P. Mitchell 

Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara County Teachers' Library 

A. S. Pope 

State Teachers' College Library 
Aldine Winham 




Santa Clara 

University of Santa Clara Library 
Joseph Sasia, SJ. 

Santa Clara County See San Jose 

Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz County Teachers' Library 
Cecil M. Davis 

Santa Rosa 

Sonoma County Teachers' Library 
Ben Ballard 

Shasta County See Redding 
Sierra County See Downieville 
Siskiyou County See Yreka 
Solono County See Fairneld 
Sonoma County See Santa Rosa 


Tuolumne County Teachers' Library 
G. P. Morgan 

Stanford University 

Leland Stanford Junior University Library 
George T. Clark 

Stanislaus County See Modesto 


San Joaquin County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Effie S. Anderson 

Susan ville 

Lassen County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. Julia A. Norwood 

Sutter County See Yuba 


Mendocino County Teachers' Library 
Roy Good 

Tehama County See Red Bluff 
Trinity County See Weaverville 
Tulare County See Visalia 
Tuolumme County See Sonora 


Ventura County Teachers' Library 
Mrs. James Reynolds 


Tulare County Teachers' Library 
J. E. Buckman 


Trinity County Teachers' Library 
Lucy M. Young 


Whittier College Library 
Anna L. Tomlinson 


Glen County Teachers' Library 
S. M. Chaney 


Yolo County Teachers' Library 
Harriett S. Lee 

Yolo County, See Woodland 


Siskiyou County Teachers' Library 
W. L. Kleaver 

Yuba City 

Sutter County Teachers' Library 
Lizzie Vagedes 

Yuba County See Marysville 



Buckingham Library, University of Colo- 
rado Library 
C. Henry Smith 

Municipal Reference Bureau, University of 

Arnold J. Lien 

Colorado Springs 
Coburn Library, Colorado College 
Manley D. Ormes 


Sacred Heart College Library 
John Golden 

Matthew Hall Theological Seminary Li- 
Rt. Rev. Irving P. Johnson 

Colorado Woman's College Library 
Maude Ditmars 

University of Denver Library 
Linda M. Clatw^rthy 

Denver Law School Library, University of 

Charles L. Andrews 

Fort Collins 

Colorado Agricultural College Library 
Charlotte A. Baker 


State Industrial School Library 
Fred L. Paddelford 

State School of Mines Library 
Tima V. Downs 



COLORADO Continued 


State Teachers' College Library 
Albert F. Carter 


State Normal School Library 
Emily Ethell 


Soretta Heights College Library 
Sister M. Bernadita 

D anbury 

State Normal Training School Library 
Ruth Shattuck 


Case Memorial Library, Theological Sem- 
Charles Snow Thayer 

School of Religious Pedagogy Library 
Alice M. Richardson 

Trinity College Library 
Arthur Adams 


Berkeley Divinity School Library 
Mrs. H. H. Buckman 

Wesleyan University Library 
Wm. J. James 

New Britain 

State Normal School Library 
Esther Pihl 

New Haven 

Yale University Library 
Andrew Keogh 

State Normal School Library 
A. Blanche Chase 

New London 

Connecticut College for Women 
Mary Royce Crawford 


Connecticut Agricultural College Library 
Edwina Whitney 


Willimantic State Normal School Library 
Mrs. Eliza Rawson Spencer 


Wesley Collegiate Institute Library 
Mrs. Everett Pettijohn 

Wilmington Conference Academy Library 
Rev. Henry G. Budd 

DELAWARE Continued 


University of Delaware 
Dorothy L. Hawkins 

Womens' College Library of University of 

Martha Barrow 



American University, Massachusetts & Ne- 
braska Aves. 
Dr. Frank W. Collier 

School of Diplomacy Library, American 

University, 1907 F St., N.W. 
Frank P. Myers 

Catholic University of America Library, 

MacMahon Hall, Brookland 
Joseph Schneider 

Apostolic Mission House Library, Catholic 

University of America, Brookland 
Rev. Walter Elliott 

Dominican College of the Immaculate Con- 
ception, 487 Michigan Ave., N.E. 
Rev. Basil Savior 

Franciscan Monastery, Quincey St., Brook- 
Father Godfrey Hunt 

Galleaudet College Library 

General Library, George Washington Uni- 
versity, 2023 G St., N.W. 
Prof. A. F. W. Schmidt 

Law School Library, George Washington 

University, 1435 K St., N.W. 
Frances E. Park 

Medical School Library, George Washing- 
ton University, 1335 H St. 
William B. King 

National College of Pharmacy Library, 
George Washington University, 808 1 St. 

Riggs Memorial Library, Georgetown Uni- 
versity, 37th & Sts. 
Rev. Henry J. Shandelle 

Morgan Colonial and District of Columbia 
Library, Georgetown University, 37th 
& O Sts. 
Rev. Francis Barnum 

Hirst Students Library, Georgetown Uni- 
versity, 37th & Sts. 
Joseph O'Brien 

Astronomical Library, Observatory Heights, 

Georgetown University 
Rev. Peter Archer 



Washington Continued 

Law School Library, Georgetown Univer- 
sity, 506 E St. 
William Manger 

Medical and Clinical Library, Georgetown, 

University, 35th & N Sts. 
P. A. Corrigan 

Philosophic Library, Georgetown Univer- 
sity, 37th & O Sts. 
Rev. Edmund A. Walsh 

Gonzaga College Library, ipth & I Sts. 
Charles J. Davey 

Holy Cross College, Harewood Road, N. E. 
J. Ray Clancy 

Marist College Library Harewood Road, 

Rev. A. Bellwald 

National University, Law School, 816 I3th 

John L. Cass 

Saint John's College Library, 1225 Vermont 

Brother Maurice 

Commerce and Finance School Library, 
Saint John's College, 1311 Massachu- 
setts Ave. 
William A. Tierney 

Saint Thomas College Library, Brookland 

Trinity College Library, Michigan Ave., 

Sister Mary Patricia 

Washington College of Law Library, 1315 

K St., N. W. 
Helen E. Jamison 

Wilson Normal School, Teachers' Library, 

nth and Harvard Sts., N. W. 
Mrs. Dorothy DeMuth Watson 



Sampson Library, J. B. Stetson University 
Sarah Elizabeth Bangs 


University of Florida Library 
Cora Miltmore 


Florida State College Library 
Louise Richardson 

State College for Women Library 
Ruth Woolman 

FLORIDA ^Continued 
Winter Park 
Rollins College Library 
Mabel O'Neal 



Agricultural College Library 
Nelle Reese 

State Normal School Library 
Frances R. Archer 

University of Georgia Library 
Duncan Burnet 


Morris Brown University Library 
Mrs. L. M. Lee 

Clark University Library 
Harry A. King, President 

Emory University 
Margaret Jemison 

Gammon Theological Seminary Library 
Charles H. Haine 

Georgia School of Technology Library 
Laura Hammond 

Graves Library, Atlanta University 
L. M. Agard 

Marist College Library 
James A. Hortin 

Georgia Medical College Library, Univer- 
sity of Georgia 
Mrs. G. C. Bentley 

College Park 
Cox College Library 
C. Lewis Fowler 


Andrew College Library 
Mrs. F, G. Branch 


North Georgia Agricultural College Library 
Gustavus R. Glenn, President 


Agnes Scott College Library 
Genevieve White 


Piedmont College Library 
Anna Davidson 


Georgia Normal College and Business Insti- 
tute Library 
W. A. Little 



GEORGIA Continued 

Bessie Tift College Library 
Joshua H, Foster 


Brenau College Library 
Hay\vard J. Pearce 


Southern Female College Library 
Irene Dillard 


Mercer University Library 
Sallie G. Boone 

St. Stanislaus College Library 
Julius Remy 

Wesleyan College Library 
W. F. Quillian 

Georgia Normal and Industrial College 

Marvin M. Parks 


Oglethorpe University Library 
Alma Jameson 


Emory College Library 
Harry H. Stone 


Shorter College Library 
A. W. Van Hoose 


South Georgia Normal School Library 
Edith Patterson 

Young Harris 

Young Harris College Library 
K. England 

Territorial Normal School Library 

University of Hawaii Library 
Frances S. Wiggin 


State Normal School Library 
Belle Donahue 

College of Idaho Library 


State Normal School Library 
Edith A. Hibbard 


IDAHO Continued 

University of Idaho Library 
Mary Belle Sweet 


Idaho Technical Institute Library 
John R. Richards 



Hedding College Library 
Elizabeth Clark 


Shurtleff College Library 
Sarah E. Blair 


Aurora College Library 
O. R. Jenks 


Illinois Wesleyan University Library 
Helen M. Dean 


St. Viator College Library 
J. R. Plante 


Wheeler Library, Southern Illinois State 

Normal University 
Margaret E. Browne 


Carthage College Library 
C, A. Earnhardt 


Eastern Illinois State Normal Library 
Mary J. Booth 


Armour Institute of Technology Library 
Rev. Howard M. Raymond, Pres. 

Chicago Law School Library, 53 W. Jack- 
son Blvd. 
J. J. Tobras, Chancellor 

Chicago Normal School Library, 68th and 

Stewart Sts. 
Flora J. Bates 

Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy 

Library, 2559 S. Michigan Ave. 
Graham Taylor, President 

Hammond Library Chicago Theological 

Seminary, 5757 University Ave. 
Rev. Harry Thomas Stock 

Hahnemann Medical College Library, 2817 

Cottage Grove Ave. 
Wm. F. Harpel 


ILLINOIS Continued 

Chicago Continued 
Loyola University, Medical Department 

Library, 1076 W. Roosevelt Road 
, Mary Unseld 

La Salle Extension University Library, 

4046-58 Michigan Ave. 
Julia Rupp 

Lewis Institute Library, Madison and 

Robey Sts. 
Frances S. Talcott 

Virginia Library, McCortnick Theological 

Seminary, 2330 Hals ted St. 
Rev. John F. Lyons 

National Kindergarten and Elementary 

College Library, 2944 Michigan Ave. 
Elizabeth Harrison, President 

Northwestern University Law School 

Library, Dearborn and Lake Sts. 
Frederick B. Crossley 

Northwestern University Medical School 

Library, 2431 S. Dearborn St. 
Selma Schneider 

St. Cyril's College Library, 6413 Star Ave. 
C. J. Anderson 

St. Ignatius College Library, 1076 Roose- 
velt Rd., W. 
Rev. James Preuss, SJ. 

St. Stanislaus' College Library, 1456 Divi- 
sion St. 

A. P. Bocian 

General Library, University of Chicago, 

58th St. and Ellis Ave. 
Ernest Burton 

University of Chicago, School of Commerce 
and Administration Library, s8th St. 
and Ellis Ave. 
Dorothea C. Schmidt 

Rush Medical College Library, University 

of Chicago, 1748 W. Harrison St. 
Miss C A. McAuleff 

Quine Library, College of Medicine, Univer- 
sity of Illinois, Congress and Honore 
Metta M, Loomis 

Western Theological Seminary Library, 
2726 Washington Blvd. 

B. S. Easton 


Decatur College and Industrial School 
Library, James Milliken University 


ILLINOIS Continued 

Haish Library, Northern Illinois State Nor- 
mal Library 
Josephine Marie Jandell 


Eureka College Library 
J. E. Smith 


Northwestern University Library 
Theodore W. Koch 

Garrett Bible Institute Library 
S. G. Ayres 


Ewing College Library 
Lillie Florence Allen 


Galesburg Knox College Library 
Ada M. Nelson 

Lombard College Library 
Katherine Reed 


Greenville College Library 
Edna F. Goodhew 

Teachers' Library, Illinois School for the 

Elsie L. Brown 

Illinois Woman's College Library 
Adelle E. P. McQuiston 

Lake Forest 
A, S. Reid Memorial Library, Lake Forest 

Mabel Powell 


McKendree College Library 
Jane H. Abbott 


Lincoln College Library 
A. E. Turner, President 

Me Comb 

Western Illinois State Normal Library 
Fanny R. Jackson 


Evangelical Lutheran Seminary Library 
Elmer F. Kraus 


Monmouth College Library 
Rev. Thomas H. McMichael, President 


Mt. Morris 

Mt. Morris College Library 
J. F. Noffsinger 


Northwestern College Library 
Edith Ryther 


State Normal University 
Angeline V. Milner 


Bradley Polytechnic Institute Library 
Lillian M. Guinn 


St. Bede's College Library 
Rev. Wencel Sholar 


Rockford College Library 
Mary Bell Nethercut 

Rock Island 

Denkman Memorial Library, Augustana 

College Library 
Ira Oliver Northstein 


St. Joseph Seraphic College Library 
Rev. Alovsius Fromm 


University of Illinois, General Library 
Phineas L. Windsor 

University of Illinois, Agricultural Library 
Mary G. Burwash 

University of Illinois, Bureau of Municipal 

Research Library 
Prof. John A. Fairlie 

University of Illinois, Chemical Library 
Marion E. Sparks 

University of Illinois, Economics and Soci- 
ology Library 
Hazel Yearsley Shaw 

University of Illinois, Engineering Library 
Hilda J. Alseth 

University of Illinois, Illinois Historical 

Survey Library 
Clarence W. Alvord 

University of Illinois, Illinois State Labor- 
atory of Natural History Library 

University of Illinois, Law Library 

University of Illinois, Ricker Library of 

Winifred Fehrenkamp 


' Angola 

i Tri-State College Library 
| Mrs. Winifred Waugh 

! Bloomington 

1 Indiana University Library 
William A. Alexander 


Wabash College Library 
Harry S. Wedding 


Central Normal College Library 
C. A. Hargrave 


Evansville College Library 
Johanna Klingholz 

Fort Wayne 

Concordia College Library 
F. Zucker 


Franklin College Library 
Rachel Ogle 


Goshen College Library 

E. J. Zook 

De Pauw University Library 

F. C. Tilden 


Hanover College Library 
Thos. F. Campbell 


Huntington College Library 
O, A. Bump 


Butler College Library 
M. D. Baumgartner 

Indiana Central College Library 
Mrs. Charlotte F. Zink 

Indianapolis Normal College Library 
Anna Hoesterey 

Indiana Law Library 
James A. Rohback, Dean 

Indiana University, School of Medic i 
Mrs. B. S. Barnes 

Teachers' College Library 
Edith M. Fountain 


Purdue University Library 
Wm. M. Hepburn 


Marion College Library 
G. Tremaine McDowell 





Indiana State Normal School Library 
Barcus Tichenor 

North Manchester 
Manchester College Library 
Olive Miller 

Oakland City 

Oakland City College Library 
Mrs. Dove Lockhart 


Earlham College Library 
Harlow Lindley 

St. Meinrad 

St. Meinrad' s Abbey Library 
Rev. Paul Thomas 

St. Mary 

St. Mary-of-the-Woods Library 
Sister M. Providentia 

South Bend 

Notre Dame University Library 
Rev. Paul J. Folk 

St. Mary's College Library 
Sister M. Edith 

Terre Haute 

Indiana State Normal School Library 
Arthur Cunningham 

Rose Polytechnic Institute Library 
Albert A. Faurot 


Taylor University Library 
Adeline E. Stanley 


Valparaiso University Library 
Helen Kull 


Vincennes University Library 
W. Halnon, President 



Iowa State College of Agriculture Library 
M. Gladys Rush 

Cedar Falls 

Iowa State Teachers' College Library 
Anne Stuart Duncan 

Cedar Rapids 
Coe College Library 
Jessie B. Western 

IOWA Continued 

Wartburg College Library 
^ Wm. J, H. Knappe 


Luther College Library 
Karl T. Jacobsen 

Des Moines 

Des Moines College Library 
Mrs, Eva M. Page 

Drake University Library 
Irene Engle 

Grand View College Library 
C. P. Hajbjeig, President 

Highland Park College Library 
George P. Magill 


Columbia College Library 
Rev. John C. Stuart, President 

Wartburg Theological Seminary Library 
George J. Fritschel 


Parsons College Library 
Alice Kirk 


Upper Iowa University Library 
Dora F. Carter 

Forest City 

Waldorf College Library 
Jessie B. Doersam 


Grinnell College Library 
Isabelle Clark 


Lenox College Library 
Anna Maud Earhart 


Simpson College Library 
Ellen Creek 

Iowa City 

Iowa State University Library 
Jane E. Roberts 

Iowa University, Bureau of Municipal 

0. E. Klingaman 

Iowa Falls 

Ellsworth College Library 
Delia Croot 



IOWA Continued 


Graceland College Library 
Lyda Elefson 

Mount Pleasant 

Iowa Wesleyan College Library 
Mrs. Florence McKibbin 

Mount Vernon 
Cornell College Library 
May L. Fairbanks 

Mt. Vernon College Library 

Orange City 

Rapelye College Library 
Thomas E. Wilmers 


Penn College Library 
May Hunt 


Central College Library 
Marie Greiner 

Storm Lake 

Buena Vista College Library- 
Arthur M. Boyd, President 


Tabor College Library 
Gail Hamil 

University Park 

Central Holiness University Library 
Irene Biesecker 


Western Theological Seminary Library 
Prof. J. F. Krueger 

St. Benedict's College Library 
L. Martin Veth 


Barker University Library 
Hattie Osborn 

Kellogg Library, Kansas State Normal 

Willis Holmes Kerr 

Anderson Memorial 

Mary B. Nethercut 

Library, College of 


Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Library 
Lulu M. Bice 


Highland College Library 
J. L. Howe, President 

KANSAS Continued 
Kansas City 

Kansas City University Library 
Harriet Ensminger 

Baptist Theological Seminary Library 
N. W. Smith 

,. ' Spooner Library, University of Kansas 

1 Earl Manchester 


j Haskell Institute Library 
j Helen W. Ball 


! Lindsborg 

i Bethany College Library 

j C. F. Carlbert 

j* McPherson 

McPherson College Library 
Daniel W. Kentz, President 


Kansas State Agricultural College Library 
Arthur B. Smith 


Bethel College Library 
Helen Riesen 


Ottawa University Library 
L. H. Higgins 


Kansas State Manual 

School Library 
Odella Nation 

Training Normal 



University of Kansas School of Medicine 

Sarah E. Stanton 


Kansas Wesleyan University Library 
M. M. Stolz 

St. Marys 

St. Mary's College Library 
Geo. H, Worpenberg 


Washburn College Library 
Jessie Dean 

College of the Sisters of Bethany Library 
Miranda Davis 


Friends' University Library 
W. O. Mendenhall, President 

Morrison Library, Fairmount College 
M. Alice Isely 


KANSAS Continued 

Winfield ! 

Southern College Library 
Dr. Albert E. Kirh, President 

St. John's Lutheran College Library I 

Prof. A. W. Meyer j 


B arbour ville < 

Speed Stevenson Library, Union College 
Abigail E. Weeks ; 


Berea College Library j 

Euphemia K. Corwin j 


Bowling Green j 

Ogden College Library j 

John H. Clagett i 


Western State Normal Library I 

Florence Ragland | 

Buckhorn I 

Buckhorn Mission I 

E. E. Gabbard | 


Danville j 

Centre College Library I 

Edward Flaig, Jr. 

Kentucky College for Women 
Mrs. Charles McDowell 


Georgetown College Library 
Mrs. Eva F. Fisher 


Transylvania College Library 
Mrs. Chas. Norton 

University of Kentucky Library 
Margaret I. King 


Lucy- Stites Barret Library, Presbyterian 

Theological Seminary 
Rev. Edward L. Warren 

Southern Baptist Theological Library 
John R. Sampey, D.D. 


Eastern State Normal Library 
Mary Estelle Reid 


Bethel College Library 
Thos. W. Page 

St Mary 

St. Mary's College Library 
Rev. Francis Freiburger 

KENTUCKY Continued 

Gethsemane College Library 
Rev. F. M. Dunne 


Cumberland College Library 
Bertha Snyder 


Asbury College Library 
Alzina Dickinson 


Kentucky Wesleyan College Library 
Mary Robert Loyd 

Banton Rouge 

Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State 

Anne M. Beale 


Silliman Collegiate Institute Library 
M. Wicker 


Jefferson College Library 
Rev. James Carroll, S.M. 


Jackson Centenary College Library 
Mrs. E. L. McLain 

La Fayette 

South Western Industrial Institute Library 
Mrs. Louise G. Clegg 


Natchitoches State Normal Library 
Charles Russell 

New Orleans 
College of the Immaculate Conception 

Rev. R. Brooks 

Loyola University Library 
Rev. J. J. O'Brien, SJ. 

New Orleans University Library 
Annie J. Parker 

Normal Training School Library 
Grace Leeds 

Straight University Library 
Emily Nichols 

Tulane University Library 
Minnie Marie Bell 


Tulane University 

Jane Grey Rogers 

School of Medicine 


LOUISIANA Continued 
New Orleans Continued 
H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women 

Library, Tulane University 
Airs, E. "F. Harvey 

Louisiana Polytechnic Institute Library 


Centenary College of Louisiana Library 
Prof. Pierce Cline 



Theological Seminary Library 
Rev. Fred T. Parsons 


Bowdoin College Library 
Gerald G. Wilder 

Bowdoin College, Municipal Research Li- 
Prof. O. C. Hornell 


Eastern State Normal School Library 
William D. Hall, Prin. 


Normal School Library 
W. G. Mallet, Prin. 

Fort Kent 

Madoaska Training School Library 
Mary P. Nowland, Prin. 


Western Normal School Library 
W. E. Russell, Prin. 


Bates College Library 
Mrs. Blanche W. Roberts 


Washington Normal School Library 
William L. Powers, Prin. 


Maine University Library 
Raymond L, Walkley 

Pres<jue Isle 

Aroostook State Normal School Library 
Ida M. Folsom 


Colby College Library 
Chas. P. Chipman 



Ammendale Normal Institute Library 
Brother Tabrician 

! MARYLAND Continued 


St. John's College Library 
: Roscoe E. Grove 

; U. S. Naval Academy Library 
A. N. Brown 


Baltimore City College Library 
Alice W. Reins 

Calvert Hall College Library 
Brother Alfred 

Goucher College Library 
Eleanor W. Falley 

John Hopkins University, General Library 
Dr. M. Llewellyn Rainey 

John Hopkins University, School of Hy- 
giene and Public Health Library 
Elizabeth S. Thies 

Loyola College Library 
A. J. Bleicher, SJ. 

Maryland Institution for Promotion of 

Mechanical Arts 
Thomas B. Everist 

Morgan College Library 
Eva May Kendrick 

Mt. St. Joseph's College Library 
Brother Philip 

Notre Dame College Library 
Sister Mary Dillon 

Saint Mary's Industrial School Library 
Xaverian Brothers 

St. Mary's University Library 
Rev. J. A. Baisnee 

University of Maryland Library, Schools of 

Medicine, Law and Dentistry 
Mrs. Ruth L. Briscoe 


Saint Charles College Library 
Eugene F. Harrigan 


Washington College Library 
E. C. Woodman 

College Park 

University of Maryland Library 
Miltanna Rowe 

Ellicott City 

Rock Hill College Library 
Brother Blandin 



MARYLAND Continued 

Mount St. Mary's College Library 
Rev. E. F. McSweeny 


Hood College Library 
Miriam R. Apple 

Luther ville 

Maryland College for Women Library 
Gladys Gordy 

New Windsor 

Blue Ridge College Library 
Mrs. Sara F. Murphy 


State Normal School Library 
Mary Osborn 


Theological Seminary Library 
Rev. C. E. Forlines 

Western Maryland College Library 
Dorothy S. McDaniel 


Woodstock College Library 
Henry A. Coffey, S J. 


Amherst College Library 
Robert S. Fletcher 

Massachusetts Agricultural College Library 
Henry S. Green 


Boston College Library, University Heights 
William M. Stinson, SJ. 

Boston University, College of Business 
Administration Library, 525 Boylston St. 
Margaret S. Locke 

Boston University, College of Liberal Arts 

Library, 688 Boylston St. 
Mabel F. Barnum 

Boston University, College of Law Library, 

ii Ashburton Place 
James N. Carter 

Boston University, School of Medicine 
(Evans Memorial) Library, 80 E, Con- 
cord St. 
Gertrude L. Hodges 

Boston University, School of Religious 

Education and Social Service Library, 

607 Boylston St. 

Elizabeth Sherman 

Boston Continued 

Boston University, School of Theology 

Library, 72 M~t. Veruon St. 
Dr. George F. Butters 

Emerson College of Oratory, 30 Huntington 

Professor Walter B. Tripp 

General Theological Seminary, 53 Mt. Ver- 

non St. 
Mary M. Pillsbury 

Harvard University, Arnold Arboretum 

Library, Jamaica Plain 
Ethelyn M. Tucker 

Harvard University, Bussey Institution 

Library, Jamaica Plain 
Miss C A. O'Neill 

Harvard University, Dental School Library 

Longwood Ave. 
Dr, Waldo E. Board 

Harvard University, Medical School Li- 
brary, Longwood Ave. 
Frances N. A. Whitman 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Shep- 

pard Library, 179 Longwood Ave. 
Ethel J, Heath 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, De- 
partment of Architecture Library, 491 
Boylston St. 
Ida Loring 

St. John's Ecclesiastical Seminary Library, 

Rev. John E. Sexton 

Bridge water 

State Normal School Library 
Ethel Marjorie Knapp 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Library, 222 Charles River Road 
Dr. Robert P. Bigelow 

Episcopal Theological School Library 
Edith D. Fuller 

Harvard University, Widener Memorial 

Building Library 
Dr. Wm. C. Lane 

Harvard University, Andover-Harvard The- 
ological Library, Francis Ave. 
Dr. Owen H. Gates 

Harvard University, Astronomical Observa- 
tory Library, Huron Ave. 
H. W. Winkley 

Harvard University, Bureau for Research 
in Municipal Government, Widener 
Memorial Building 
Joseph Wright 

1 60 


Cambridge- Continued 

Harvard University, Chemical Laboratory 

Library, Boylston Hall 
Dr. Grmnell Jones 

Harvard University, Department of Music 

Prof. W. R, Spalding 

Harvard University, Division of Educa- 
tion Library, Lawrence Hall 
Emily Davies 

Harvard University, 

Miss M. E. Oilman 

Fogg Art Museum 

Harvard University, Gray Herbarium Li- 
brary, Garden St. 
Mary A. Day 

Harvard University, Law School Library, 
Langdell Hall 

Harvard University, Mineralogical Labor- 
atory Library, Geological Museum 
Dr. Charles Palache 

Harvard University, Museum of Compara- 
tive Zoology Library, Oxford St. 
Samuel Henshaw 

Harvard University, Peabody Museum of 
American Archaeology and Ethnology 
Library, Oxford St. 
Dr. Roland B. Dixon 

Harvard University, Robbins Library of 

Philosophy, Emerson Hall 
Dr. Benjamin Rand 

Harvard University, School of Architec- 
ture Library, Robinson Hall 
Ruth V. Cook 

School of Business Administration Library, 

Widener Memorial Library 
Mr. Eaton 

Harvard University, School of Engineering 

Library, Pierce Hall 
Josephine Frost 

Harvard University, School of Landscape 

Architecture Library, Robinson Hall 
Theodora Kimball 

Harvard University, Semitic Museum Li- 
brary, Divinity Ave. 
Prof. D. G, Lyon 

Harvard University, Social Ethics Depart- 
ment Library, Emerson Hall 
Ruth Carrol 

Radcliffe College Lirbary 
Rose Sherman 


State Normal School Library 
Cora M. Hossell 


State Normal School Library 
Maude B. Gerritson 


State Normal School Library 
William A. Baldwin, Prin. 


1 Lowell Textile School Library 
Florence M. Lancey 

State Normal School Library 
Ethel E. Kimball 


Tufts College Library 
Ethel M. Hayes 

Tufts College, Universalist Historical Soci- 
ety Library 
Lee S. McCollester 

Newton Center 

Hills Library, Newton Theological Insti- 
Henry K. Rowe 

Smith College Library 
Josephine A. Clark 

SchaufHer Memorial Library, Mount Her- 

mon School 
Anna L. Miller 


Wheaton College Library 
Alice E. Burnham 


State Normal School Library 
H. L. Martin 

South Hadley 

Mount Holykoe College Library 
Bertha E. Blakely 


Wellesley College Library 
Ethel Dane Roberts 


State Normal School Library 
Clarence A, Brodeur, Prin, 


Williams College Library 
W. N. C. Carleton 





Clark University Library 
Louis N. Wilson 

State Normal School Library 
Anna P. Smith 

Holy Cross College Library 
Robert Swickerath 


Adrian College Library 
Carrie Gregory 


Albion College Library 
Rose Ball 


Alma College Library 
Annette P. Ward 

Ann Arbor 

University of Michigan, General Library 
William Warner Bishop 

University of Michigan, Architecture De- 
partment Library 

University o Michigan, Bureau of Refer- 
ence and Research In Government 
Gertrude E. Woodward 

University of Michigan, Civil Engineering 

Department Library 
Harriet E. Lampert 

University of Michigan, Library Exten- 
sion Service 
Edith Thomas 

Big Rapids 

Ferris Institute Library 
G. Masselink 


Detroit College of Law Library 

University of Detroit Library 
Edward S. Bergin, SJ. 

University of Detroit, School of Commerce 
and Finance Library 

East Lansing 

Michigan Agricultural College Library 
Mrs. Linda Landon 

Grand Rapids 
Theological School Library 


Hillsdale College Library 
Caroline G. Dudley 

MICHIGAN -Continued 

Graves Library, Hope College 
Magdalene M. DePree 

Western Theological Seminary Library 
E. J. Blekkink 


Michigan College of Mines Library 
Frances H. Scott 


Kalamazoo College Library 
Eugenia Dunsmore 

Western Normal School Library 
Anna L. French 


Northern State Normal Library 
Lydia M. Olson 

Mt. Pleasant 

Central State Normal School Library 
M. Louise Converse 


Olivet College Library 
Blanche Tuttle 


Ypsilanti State Normal College Library 
Genevieve M. Walton 


St. John's University Library 
Rev. Alexius Hoffman 


College of St. Scholastica 
Sister K. McCarthy 

State Normal School 
Ruth Ely 


Seabury Divinity School Library 
Frederick Kramer 

Shattuck School Library 
Dorothy Pattee 


State Normal School Library 
Alice N. Farr 


Augsburg Seminary Library 
John Evjen 

University of Minneapolis Library 
Frank K Walter 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Minneapolis Continued 
University of Minneapolis Law Library- 
Arthur G. Pulling 


State Normal School Library 
Sarah Houghan 

Concordia College Library 
Ethel S. McCubrey 

New Ulm 

Dr. Martin Luther College Library 
E. R. Bliefernicht 

Scoville Memorial Library, Carleton Col- ' 

Walter M. Patton 

St. Olaf College Library 
0. G. Felland 

St. Cloud 

State Normal School Library 
Edith E. H. Grannis 

St. Paul 
College of St. Catherine Library, Cleveland 

and Randolph Sts. 
Sister Marie Cecilia 

College of St. Thomas Library 
Mary Griffin 

Hamline University Library 
Anna Maria Davis 

Lutheran Theological Seminary Library 
O. E. Brandt 

Edward Neill Library, Macateser College 
Frederick G. Axtell 

St. Paul Seminary Library 
John Seliskar 

Seminary of the United Norwegian Luth- 
eran Church Library 
E. K. Johnson 

State School of Agriculture Library, St. 

Anthony Park 
H. W. Sewell 

St. Peter 

Gustavus Adolphus College Library 
Edith Knock 


State Normal School Library 
Mary Grant 


Agricultural College 

Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical 
College, School of Agriculture Library 
Laura Hall 


Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege for Negroes Library 
L. J. Rowan, President 

Bay St. Louis 

St. Stanislaus College Library 
Brother Lambert, Prin. 


Whitworth Female College 
Rev. I. W. Cooper, Pres, 


Hillman College Library 
W. T. Lowrey, Pres. 

Mississippi College Library 
Mrs. A. J. Avon 


Mississippi State College for Women 
Beulah Culbertson 


Greenville Public Library 
Amanda Worthington 

Holly Springs 

Rust University Library 
M. S. Davadge, Pres, 


Millsaps College Library 
Dr. A. A. Kern 


Tougalee University Library 
Mrs. W. T. Holmes 


University of Mississippi Library 
Alice Mayes 


Palmer College 
Letha McGuire 


Southwest Baptist College Library 
J. Frank Smay 


\ Missouri Wesleyan College Library 
Carrie F. Shepard 


; Culver-Stockton College Library 
Claude E. Spencer 



MISSOURI Continued 
Cape Girardeau 

State Teachers' College Library 
Sadie T. Kent 


Christian College Library 
Lucy R. Laws 

Stephens College Library 
Mrs. P. Beauchamp 

University of Missouri Library 
Henry O. Severance 

University of Missouri Law Library 
Percy A. Hogan 


Central College Library 
H. C Penn 

Howard-Payne College Library 
Mrs. J. C. Elkins 


Synodical College Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth Larmer 

Westminster College Library 
Mrs. Lee W. Rood 

William Woods College Library 
Fannie W. Booth 


Iberia Academy Library 
G. Byron Smith 

La Grange 

La Grange College Library 
D. J. Scott 


Central College Library 
Arene S. Davis 


Missouri Valley College Library 
Stella B. Hicks 


State Teachers' College Library 
C. Edwin Wells 


Har-din College Library 
Jeannette Oakley 


Cottey College Library 
Emma N. Shackelford 


Park College Library 
Mrs. Virginia Bacon 

MISSOURI Continued 

! Rolla 

I Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy 
I ; Library 

Harold L. Wheeler 

St. Louis 

Concordia Seminary Library 
George Mejges 

Eden Theological Seminary Library 
S. D. Press 

,/ Washington University Library 
James A. McMillen 

St. Louis University Library, Grand & W. 

pine Blvd. 
C. D. Cloud 

The Principia School Library, 5539 Page 

Beatrice C. Gamble 


** State Teachers' College Library 
Grace Palmer 

Drury College Library 
Mrs. Belle Thompson 


^ Tarkio College Library 
Jesse Marlin 


; State Teachers' College Library 
Helen Grey 

St. Charles 
Lindenwood College Library 

^ William Jewell College Library 


State Teachers' College Library 
Ward Edwards 


Central Wesleyan College Library 
H. Vosholl 


Montana State College of Agriculture Li- 
Elizabeth Forrest 


Montana School of Mines Library 
Charlotte Russell 



MONTANA Continued 

State Normal School Library 
Airs. Lillian R. Tree 


Montana Wesleyan College Library 
Wm. A. B arbour 


University of Montana Library 
Gertrude Buckhous 


Cotner College Library 
Ernest Lundeen 


Dana College Library 
V. C. Mengers 


State Teachers' College Library 
Lillie Cilley 

College View 
Union College Library 
Mertie Wheeler 


Doane College Library 
Nora Hjelm 


Nebraska School of Agriculture Library 
C. V. Williams, Dir. 

Grand Island 

Grand Island College Library 
Gertrude M. Suess 


Hastings College Library 
Flora Fisher 


State Teachers' College Library 
Anna V. Jennings 


University of Nebraska Library 
Malcolm G. Wyer 


Creighton University Library 
W. T. Kinsella 

Creighton Medical College Library 
Helen McMahon 

Presbyterian Theological Seminary Li- 
Rev. A. B. Marshall, Pres. 

NEBRASKA Continued 
Omaha C ontinued 

University of Nebraska, College of Med- 
icine Library 
Hattie Wilson 


State Teachers' College Library 
Mabel E. Marshall 

ITniversity Place 
Nebraska Wesleyan Library 
Ethel M, Langdon 


Luther College Library 
Erik Wohlstrom 


State Teachers' College Library 
Jessie Jenks 


York College Library 
Charles Bisset 


Nevada State University Library 
Joseph D. Layman 


Hamilton Smith Public and New Hamp- 
shire College Library 
Willard P. Lewis 


Dartmouth College Library 
Nathaniel L. Goodrich 


State Normal School Library 
Mabel R. Brown 


St. Anselm's College Library 
Rev. Ernest Heimstetter, Prin. 


State Normal School Library 
Gertrude I. Shaw 



Bloomfield Theological Seminary Library 
H. E. Richards, Pres. 


Stevens Institute of Technology Library 
Enid Hawkins 

Jersey City 

St. Peter's College Library 
Henry J. Roche, S. J. 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Upsala College Library 
Fritz Soderberg 


Drew Theological Seminary Library 
Elizabeth L. Foote 


State Normal School Library 
Emma V. Patterson 

New Brunswick 
Rutgers College Library 
George A. Osborne 

Gardner A. Sage Library, Theological 

Seminary of the Reformed Church 
John C. Van Dyke 


State Normal School -Library 
Nancy I. Thompson 


Princeton Theological Seminary Library 
Joseph H. Dulles 

Princeton University Library 
James Thayer Gerould 

South Orange 

Seton Hall College Library 
Rev. John L. Sheerin 


State Normal and Model School Library 
Lily M. Dodgen 


University of New Mexico Library 
Wilma Ley Shelton 

Las Vegas 

State Normal University .Library 
Arthur Van Horne 

Santa Fe 
School of American Research, Museum of 

New Mexico, Library 
Edgar Lee Hewett 

St. Michael's College Library 
Brother Patrick 

Silver City 

New Mexico Normal School Library 
Martha Pistrowsky 


New Mexico School of Mines Library 
Blanche Reed 

NEW MEXICO Continued 
State College 

New Mexico College of Agriculture and 

Mechanic Arts Library 
Floy E. French 

| Albany 

i New York State College for Teachers' 

| Mary Elizabeth Cobb 


i Alfred 

j Alfred University Library 
C. R. Clawson 


Hoffman Library, St. Stephen's College 
I. F. Davidson 


Auburn Theological Seminary Library 
John Q. Adams 

I Aurora 

Cleveland Library, Wells College 
Alice E. Sanborn 


State Normal School Library 
S. Janette Reynolds 


Catholic Institute Library 
Emelie M. Boechat 

Buffalo State Normal Library 
Grace Viele 

University of Buffalo Medical Department 

Grace A. Persch 


St. Lawrence University Library 
Dorothy K. Cleaveland 


Hamilton College Library 
Joseph D. Ibbotson 


State Normal School Library 
Marguerite Robinson 


Elmira College .Library 
Mary Gilbert Brown 


State Normal School Library 
Ira D. Sitterly 


State Normal School Library 
Mary C. Richardson 



NEW YORK Continued 


Hobart College Library 
M. H, Turk 


Colgate University Library 
Charles W. Spencer 


Cornell University Library 
\Villard Austen 

Cornell University Law Library, Board- 
man Hall 
E. E. Willever 

Cornell University, State Agricultural Col- 
lege Library 

Cornell University, Veterinary College Li- 
t)r. George B. Shattuck 

New Paltz 

State Normal School Library 
Emily Z. Liebergeld 

New York 
Brooklyn Borough 

Adelphi College Library, St. James and 

Clifton PL 
Mabel Farr 

Brooklyn College Library, 1125 Carrol St. 
Rev. Joseph A. Farrell, S. J., Pres. 

Brooklyn College of Pharmacy Library, 

265 Nostrand Ave* 
Katharine A. D. Henderson 

Brooklyn law School Library, 305 Wash- 
ington St. 
Stella B. Frederick 

Long Island College Hospital, Hoagland 

Laboratory Library, 335 Henry St. 
Archibald A. Murray 

Maxwell Training School for Teachers, 

Park PI. near Nostrand Ave. 
Esther M. Davis 

Polytechnic Institute Library, 85 Livings- 
ton St. 
Prof. Marion Tucker 

St Francis College Library, 41 Butler St. 
Esther Giblin 

St. John's College Library, 75 Lewis Ave. 
John J. Cloonan 

Manhattan and Bronx Boroughs 

Alexander Hamilton Institute Library, 8 

Astor PI. 
Esther Wright 

NEW YORK Continued 
New York Continued 

Barnard College Library, ngth St. and 

Margaret Plumb 

Bible Teachers' Training School Library, 

541 Lexington Ave. 
Clara M. Clark 

College of St. Francis Xavier, Students' 

Library, 30 W. i6th St. 
Rev. William F. X. Sullivan, S. J. 

Columbia University Library, n6th St. and 

William H. Carpenter 

Columbia University Applied Science Li- 
Emma Lee 

Columbia University Teachers' College, 

I20th St. near Broadway 
Elizabeth G. Baldwin 

Columbia University, Butler Library of 

Philosophy, n6th St. and Broadway 
Felicin Vexler 

Columbia University, College of Pharmacy 
of New York, Library, 115. W. 68th St. 
Dr. H. V. Arny 

Columbia University, College of Physicians 
and Surgeons Library, 435 W. 59th St. 
Dr. Alfred L. Robert 

Columbia University, Geology and Miner- 
alogy Library 
Amy L. Hepburn 

Columbia University, Journalism Library 
Mrs. Alice M. Hitchcock 

Columbia University Law School Library 
Frederick Hicks 

Columbia University Maison Franchise, 419 

W. ii;th St 
Mile. Blanche Prenez 

Columbia University School of Business 

Lola Sullivan 

Cornell University Medical College Library, 

477 First Ave. 
Mrs. Josephine G. Nichols 

Cooper Union Library, Fourth Ave. and 

8th St. 
Mr. Curtis 

Fordham University Library, Fordham 
Father Hargabon 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York Continued 
Fordham University Boys Library, Ford- 
Bernard Shay 

Fordham University Law School Library, 

233 Broadway 
Charles H. Benn 

Fordham University Medical Library, 

Bathgate Ave. and Fordham Road 
Marion J. James 

General Theological Seminary Library, 175 

Ninth Ave. 
George Dobbin Brown 

Hunter College, Ella Weed Library, Park 

Ave. and 68th St. 
Margaret Barclay Wilson, Hon. Libr. 

Jewish Theological Seminary of America 

Library, 531 W. I23d St. 
Alexander Marx 

Manhattan College Library, Broadway and 

i3ist St. 
Mr. Dalton 

Mechanics' Institute Library, 18 W, 44th 

H. W. Parker 

New School for Social Research Library, 

465 W. 23d St. 
Lurene McDonald 

New York College of Dentistry, 209 E. 

23d St. 
Charles Vetter 

New York Homeopathic Medical College 

Library, 63d St. and Ave. A 
Frances Holly 

New York Law School Library, 215 W. 

23d St. 
A. A. Clarke 

New York School of Applied Design for 

Women Library, 160 Lexington Ave. 
Anabel Campbell 

New York Training School for Teachers* 
Library, iipth St. west of Seventh Ave. 
Sarah L. Baker 

New York University Library, University 

Belle Corwin 

New York University and Bellevue Hos- 
pital Medical College, The Egbert Le 
Fevre Memorial Library, ist Ave. and 
26th St. 
H. D. 'Senior 

NEW YORK Continued 
New York Continued 
New York University, School of Com- 
merce, Wall Street Division, 90 Trin- 
ity PL 
Helen Johnston 

New York University Veterinary College, 
Alexander Liautard Library, 331-333 E. 
26th St. 
May Hanft 

New York University Washington Square 
Library of the School of Commerce, 
Accounts and Law Library, 32 Wav- 
^erly PL 
Nelson McCombs 

Rand School of Social Sciences Library, 

7 East isth St. 
Alice} E. Van Tuyl 

Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research 

Library, Ave. A and 66th St. 
Lillie M. D. Trask 

Union Theological Seminary, Broadway 

and isoth St. 
Henry Preserved Smith 

Queens Borough 

Jamaica Training School for Teachers' Li- 
brary, Flushing Ave. 
Mary K. Smith 

Niagara Falls 

Niagara University Library 
Felix Dronet 


State Normal School Library 
Jessica C. Alden 


State Normal School Library 
Bessie L. Eldridge 


Normal School 'Library 
Anne J. O'Brien 


Garkson College of Technology Library 
John P. Brooks, Pres. 

State Normal School Library 
A. Evelyn Abel 


Thompson Memorial Library, Vassar Col- 
lege Library 
Adelaide Underbill 



NEW YORK Continued 

City Normal School Library 
Mildred R. Forward 

St. Bernard's Seminary Library 
Rt. Rev. Mons. James J. Hartley, Pres, 

University of Rochester Library 
Donald B. Gilchrist 

Rochester Theological Seminary Library 
Glenn B. Ewell 

St. Bonaventure 

St. Bonaventure Seminary and College Li- 
Rev. Thomas Plassman, Pres. 

Saratoga Springs 
Skidmore School of Arts Library 
" Margaret E. Smith 

Union College Library 
Wharton Miller 


Syracuse University Library 
Elizabeth C Thome 


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Library 
Harriet R. Peck 

Russell Sage College Library 
Portia M. Conkling 

West Point 

United States Military Academy Library 
Margery Bedinger 


Normal and Industrial Institute Library 
Eva Rupert 


Normal and Collegiate Institute Library 
Florence B. Ogg 


St. PauTs_ School Library 
E. V. Apperson 


St. Mary's College (Abbey) Library 
Rev. F. Thomas 


Appalachian Training School Library 
Mrs, Emma H. Moore 

Chapel Hill 

University of North Carolina Library 
L. R. Wilson 

Chapel Hill Continued 
University of North Carolina, Archibald 

Henderson (private) Library 
Archibald Henderson 


Biddle University Library 
J. W. Seabrook 


Concordia College "Library 
Martin H. Coyner 

Cullowhee Normal -and Industrial School 

Mrs. Eddie W. Wilson 


Union Library, Davidson College 
Cornelia Shaw 


Trinity College Library 
J. P. Breedlove 

Elizabeth City 

State Colored Normal School Library 
Lillian D. Quarles 

Elon College 
Elon College Library 
Minnie Edge 


Greensboro Agricultural and Mechanical 

College Library 
Martin Coins 

Greensboro College for Women 
Mrs. R. R. Alley 

North Carolina College for Women Library 
Charles B. Shaw 

Negro Agricultural and Technical College 

F. D. Bluford 


Bennett College Library 
Rev. Frank Trigg, Pres. 


East Carolina Teachers' College Library 
Ola S. Ross 


Guilford College Library 
Julia S. White 


Lenoir College 
M. Lela Miller 



Mara Hill 

Montague Library, Mars Hill College 
Beulah Bowden 


Catawba College Library 
Mary C. Stahr 


Meredith College Library 
Margaret Forgeus 

Shaw University Library 
Alice M. Emerson 

State College of Agriculture and Engi- 
neering Library 
Mrs, Charlotte Williamson 

Red Springs 

Flora McDonald College Library 
Margaret F. Dupuy 

Rutherford College 

Rutherford College Library 
Venie Wilson 


Livingston College Library 
D. C. Suggs, Pres. 

Wake Forest 

Wake Forest College Library 
Mrs. Ethel T. Crittenden 


Atlantic Christian College Library 
Myrtie L. Harper 


Salem Academy .and College Library 
Rosannah G. Blair 



School of Forestry Library 
Vernon L. Mangum, Pres. 


State Normal School Library 
S. T. May, Pres. 


State Normal Industrial School Library 
Carrie Tuttle 


Fargo College Library 
F. E. Stratton 

North Dakota Agricultural College Library 
Mrs. Ethel McVeety 


Grand Forks 
Wesley College Library 
Rev. E. P. Robertson, Pres. 


Jamestown College Library 
Stella Ebersole 


State Normal School Library 
Edith V. Davis 


State Normal School Library 
Huldah L. Winstad 


University of North Dakota Library 
Alfred D. Keator 

University of North Dakota, Bureau of 

Municipal Reference Library 
Pauline Serumgard 

Valley City 

State Normal School Library 
Bess Lowry 


North Dakota State School of Science 

Lillian Mirick 



Ohio Northern University Philanatheafc 

Andrew Scott Stauffer 


Carnegie Library, Ohio University 
Charles G. Matthews 


Ashland College Library 
Dr. E. E. Jacobs, Pres. 


Mount Union College Library 
Robert E. Stauffer 

Bowling Green 

State Normal College Library 
Mabel E. Marshall 


Bluffton College Library 
F. Pannabecker 


Baldwin-Wallace College Library 
Ruth Fullmer 


Saint Charles Borromeo Theological Sem- 
inary Library 
Rev. Paulinus Trost 


OHIO Continued I 

OedarviHe ! 

Cedarville College Library j 

Mary I. Williamson I 

Cincinnati j 

Bernheim Library, Hebrew Union College, i 

Clifton Ave. j 

Adolph S. Oko I 

Smith Memorial Library, Lane Theological 

Seminary, 2800 Gilbert Ave. 
Prof. F. K. Fair 

Timothy C Day Technical Library, Ohio 

Mechanics' Institute 
Fredericka Miller 

St. Xavier College Library, Sycamore and 

;th St. 
Rev. Daniel M. O'Connell, S. J. 

Van Wormer Library, University of Cin- 
Julian S. Fowler 

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Law 

School Library, gth and Race Sts. 
Julian S. Fowler 


Case School of Applied Science Library 
Karl L. Thompson 

Western Reserve University, Adelbert Col- 
lege Library 
George F, Strong 

Western Reserve University, Cleveland Col- 
lege for Women 
Caroline E. Waters 

Western Reserve University, Franklin T. 
Backus Law School Library, 1470 E. 
Ii6th St. 
A. C. Brightman 

Western Reserve University Medical 

School Libraries, 1353 E. pth St. 
Herbert A. Hitchcock, Registrar 

Saint Ignatius College Library, 191 1 W. 

30th St 
Rev. J, A. Kleist 


Capitol University Library 
Rev. Gustav Gast 

Ohio State University Library 
Olive Jones 

Josephinum Library, Pontifical College 

Rev. C, Conrardy 
Bonebrake Theological Seminary 

L. B. Harmon, Asst Ln. 

OHIO Continued 
Dayton Continued 
Central Theological Seminary 
Delia Hause 

University of Dayton Library 
Brother Francis Ruhlman 


Defiance College Library 
Estella F. Cratty 

Charles Elihu Slocum Library, Ohio Wes- 

leyan University 
R. B. Miller 


Findlay College Library 
E, F. Loucks 


McClean Public Library 
Mrs. S. E. Faulhaber 


Denison College Library 
Mrs. Kate S. Hines 


Hiram College Library 
Jessie B. Smith, 


State Normal College Library 
Margaret Dunbar 


Marietta College Library 
George J. Blazier 

New Athens 

Franklin College Library 
Jessie L. Horton 

New Concord 
Muskingum College Library 


Oberlin College Library 
Azariah S. Root 


Miami University Library 
S, J. Brandenburg 

Oxford College Library 
Eleanor X. Adams 

Western College for Women Library 
'Grace E. Herrick 

Lake Erie College Library 
Harriet G. Brown 



OHIO Continued 


Richmond College Library 
Rev, Charles Helliwell, Pres. 

Rio Grande 

Rio Grande College Library 
S. H. Bing, Pres. 

St. Martin 

Ursulines, School of the, Brown County 


Wittenberg College Library 
Grace Prince 


Heidelberg College Library 
Albert David Keller 


St. John's University Library 
Father Dolan 

Toledo University Library 
Mrs. Richard Gillum 


Urbana University Library 
Rev. Russell Eaton, Pres. 


Otterbein College Library 
Tirza L. Barnes 

Wilberforce University Library 
Grace E. Perkins 


Wilmington College Library 
Marguerite Mitchell 


Wooster College Library 
Elizabeth Bechtel 

Yellow Springs 
Antiooh College Library 
Emfly Turner 



Northwestern Normal School Library 
J. P. Battenberg, Pres. 


East Central Teachers' College Library 
E. C Wilson 

Muskagee (Bacone P. O.) 
Bacone College^ Library 
Mrs. Frances^A. Sharp 



College for Women Library 
Eliza Jane Rule 


Oklahoma Presbyterian College for Girls 
Emma Stephenson 

Southeastern State Teachers' College 
Mrs. Hattie _MacIntyre 


Central State Teachers' College 
Ruby Canton 


Phillips University Library 
Alice See 


Panhandle State School of Agriculture Li- 
Isaac O'Neil 


Kingfisher College Library 
D. F. Miller 


Cameron State School of Agriculture Li- 
A. E. Wickhouser 

IvT jl T^ flriin^ 

Mangum Western Baptist College Library 
Eugene Smith 

Miami School of Mines Library 

Oklahoma City 
Oklahoma City College 
Bertha McBride 

Sacred Heart College Library 
Rev. M. M. Fuerstenberg 


Catholic University of Oklahoma 
Rev. D. Blaise, Pres. 

Baptist University Library 
Elizabeth Naylor 


Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical Col- 
lege Library 
Mrs. Elsie D. Hand 


Tahlequah State Teacher's College 
Flora Allison 


OKLAHOMA -Continued 

Murray State School of Agriculture 
Christine Wilson 


University of Tulsa 
L. S. McLoed 


Connor State School of Agriculture Library 
Gladys Patterson 


Weatherford State Normal School Library 
Mrs. Eula Froman 


School of Mines and Metallurgy Library 
A. W. Henzell 



Albany College Library 
Grace Leslie 


Oregon Agricultural College Library 
Lucy M. Lewis 


University of Oregon Library 
M. H. Douglass 

Forest Grove 
Pacific University Library 
Lottie S. Peters 

Linfield College Library 
W. B. Frerichs 


Oregon Normal School Library 
Maud Macpherson 


Pacific College Library 
MurJ Clarke 


Oklahoma University Library 
Jesse L. Rader 


Columbia University Library 
Father Frances Maher 

Reed College Library 
Ruth E. Compton 

University of Oregon, Medical School Li- 
Bertha B. Hallam 


OREGON Continued 

Willamette University Library 
Dr. F. G. Franklin 


Eugene Bible University Library 
Mary D. Ben ton 


Muhlenburg College Library 
Stephen G. Simpson 


Lebanon Valley College Library 
Helen E. Myers 


St. Vincent College Library 
Rev. Gerard Bridge 


Beaver College Library 
Horace B. Haskell 

Beaver Falls 
Geneva College Library 
Edna M. George 


Moravian College Library 
W. V. Moses 


State Normal School Library 
Gladys Hadley 

Bryn Mawr 

Bryn Mawr College Library 
Lois A. Reed 


Southwestern State Normal School Library 
Anna M. Shtitterly 


Dickinson College Library 
Lydia M. Gooding 

Wilson College Library 
Mary Louise Erskine 


Crozier Theological Seminary, Bucknell Li- 
F. G. Le\vis 


Cheyney Training School Library 
Evangeline King 


State Normal School Library 
Janet E. Hileman 



Ursinus College Library 
Calvin D. Yost 


Lafayette College Library 
Maurice A. Filson 

East Stroudsburg 
State Normal School Library 
Edith Brown 


State Normal School Library 
Ivan Case . 


Elizabethtown College Library 
L. D. Rose 

George School 

George School Library- 
Mary A. Gatchell 


Lutheran Seminary Theological Library 
M. Coover, D.D. 

Gettysburg College Library 
K. J. Grimm 


Thiel College Library 
Elinor Morrison 

Grove City 

Grove City College Carnegie Library 

Mabel K. Mueller 

Haverford College Library 
Helen Sharpless 

St. Fidelis College Library 
Rev. Boniface 


Juniata College Library 
Lillian W. Evans 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. Katherine J. Brew 


Keystone State Normal School Library 
Harriet K. Avery 

of the Reformed 

Theological Seminary 

Church Library 
Prof. I. H. DeLong 

Franklin Marshall College, De Peyster Li- 
Mrs. Sichtenberger 



Bucknell University Library 
Eliza J. Martin 

Lincoln University 
Vail Memorial Library 
Rev. James Carter 

Lock Haven 

Central State Normal School Library 
Jessie R. Avery 


State Normal School Library 
Stella Doane 


Allegheny College Library 
Edith Rowley 

Meadville Theological Seminary Library 
Walter C Green 

Irving College Library 
Katherine Wheelock 


State Normal School Library 
Helen A. Ganser 

New Wilmington 
Westminster College Library 
Elizabeth Cameron Whiteman 


College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Li- 
brary, 19 S. 22d St. 
Charles Perry Fisher 

Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church, Library, soth & Woodland Aves. 
Rev. E. M. Robinson 

Drexel Institute Library, 32d & Chestnut 

Dropsie College Library, Broad & York 

Dr. Cyrus Adler 

Franklin Institute Library, 15 South ?th 

Alfred J. Rigling 

Girard College Library, Corinthian & Gi- 

rard Aves. 
Mary McCutchen 

Hahnemann Medical College Library, 224 

N. Broad St. 
Mrs. Irma Hering Evans 

Jefferson Medical College Library, roth & 

Walnut Sts. 
Joseph J. Wilson 


Philadelphia Continued 
Lutheran Theological Seminary, Krauth 

Memorial Library, Mt. Airy 
Dr. Luther D. Reed 

Peirce School Library, Pine St., West of 

Horace O. Wells 

Pennsylvania Museum and School of In- 
dustrial Art, Library, 320 S. Broad St. 
Katede \V. Berg 

Pennsylvania School for Social Service Li- 
brary, 1302 Pine St. 
Mrs. Henry E. Pearson 

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sci- 
ence Library, 145 N. loth St. 
F. P. Stroup 

Philadelphia Normal School Library, I3th 

& Spring Garden Sts, 
Elizabeth G. Gendell 

St. Joseph's College Library, i;th & Stiles 

Rev. Edmond J. Walsh, Pres. 

Teachers' Institute of the City and County 
of Philadelphia Library, Locust St., 
above Broad 
Anne E. Lindsay 

Temple University Library, Broad & Berk 

AUda Gardner 

Temple University, Department of Medicine 

Library, i8th & Buttonwood Sts. 
Rebecca S. Sharp 

Theological Seminary of St. Charles Bor- 

rome Library (Overbrook) 
F. P. Siegfried 

University of Pennsylvania Library, 34th 

below Walnut St 
Asa Don Dickinson 

University of Pennsylvania, Biddle Law Li- 
brary, 3400 Chestnut St. 
Mrs. Margaret C. Klingelsmith 

University of Pennsylvania, Medical De- 
partment Library, 34th St. & Wood- 
land Ave. 
Frances R. Houston 

University of Pennsylvania, School of Fine 

Arts Library, 33d St., above Spruce 
Deborah Morris 

Wagner Free Institute of Science Library, 

17th & Montgomery Ave. 
John G* Rothermel 

Wister Institute of Anatomy and Biology 
Clara N. Perine 

Philadelphia Continued 

Library, 36th & Woodland Ave. 
Women's Medical College Library, 21 st St 

& North College Ave. 
Charlotte D. Gracie 


Pennsylvania College for Women Library 
Georgia Proctor 

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Library 
Harry E. Kelsey 

University of Pittsburgh Library, 310 State 

J. Howard Dice 

University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Obser- 
vatory Library 
Frank C. Jordan 

University of Pittsburgh, Mellon Institute 

Clara M. Guppy 

University of Pittsburgh, School of Medi- 
cine Library 
Ethel Metzger 

University of Pittsburgh, Pharmacy College 

Thelma G. Carr 

Western Theological Seminary Library 
Rev. Frank Eakin 


Susquehanna University Library 
F. P. Manhart 

Cumberland Valley State Normal School 

Ida B. Quigley 

Slippery Rock 

State Normal School Library 
Rose D. Stewart 

South Bethlehem 
Lehigh University Library 
John L. Stewart 

State College 

Pennsylvania State College library 
E. W. Runkle 


Swarthmore College Library 
J. Russell Hayes 


Villanova College Library 
Francis A. Driscoll, Pres. 




Washington & Jefferson College Library 
Fannie E. Lowes 


Wa3*nesburg College Library 
Mary Dinsmore 

West Chester 

State Normal School Library 
Alice Cochran 

Manila University of Santo Tomas Library 

University of the Philippines Library 



University of Porto Rico, College of Agri- 
culture and Mechanic Arts Library 

Rio Piedras 
University of Porto Rico Library 


Rhode Island State College Library 
Mabel D. Eldred 


United States Naval War College Library 
Arthur R. Blessing 


Brown University. Ann Mary Brown Me- 
morial library 
Margaret B. Stillwell 

Brown University. John Carter Brown Li- 
Gertrude E. Robinson 

Brown University, John Hay Memorial Li- 
Harry L. Koopman 

Rhode Island College of Education 
Mary E. Makepeace 

Rhode Island School of Design Library 
Mrs. Mary S. Puech 



College of Charleston Library 
Ellen Jervey 

Clemson College 

Clemson Agricultural College Library 
K, B. Trescott 


Presbyterian College Library 
Rev. W. S. Bean 

Nellie Scott Library, Thornwell College for 

Ella Bell 


Carnegie Library, Benedict College 
M. Virginia Ashton 

Columbia Theological Seminary Library 
Thornton Whaling, Pres. 

Presbyterian College for Women, Library 
S. C. Byrd, Pres. 

University of South Carolina Library 
Robert M. Kennedy 

Due West 
Euphemian Literary Society Library, Ers- 

kine College 
Rev. James S. Moffat, Pres. 

Female College Library 
Nellie Stack 


Furman University Library 
Alberta Malone 

Greenville College for Women, Library 
Rev. David M. Ramsay, Pres. 


Lander College Library 
Mary Player 


Newberry College Library 
Caroline Cromer 


Lee Library, Claflin University 
Mrs. J. E. Wallace 

Rock Hill 

Carnegie Library, Winthrop Normal Indus- 
trial College 
Ida J. Dacus 

Conerse College Library 
Robert P. Pell, Pres. 

Wofford College Library 
H. N. Snyder, Pres. 


Northern Normal and Industrial School 

Esther Wendell 





State College of Agriculture Library 
William H. Powers 

Lutheran Normal Library 


Huron College Library 
Ella Mclntyre 


Eastern Normal Library 
Mrs. L. M. Tolles 


Dakota Wesleyan College Library 
Frances Warner 

Rapid City 

State School of Mines Library 
Delia M. Haft 

Sioux Falls 

Sioux Falls College Library 
Professor Martini 

Augustana College Library 
Professor A. Keiser 


State Normal Library 
Mrs, Maud Russel Carter 


Southern Normal Library 
Gilbert Fites 


University of South Dakota Library 
Mabel K. Richardson 


Yankton College Library 
Helen Miner 


Kings College Library 
Dr. W. N. Mebane 


University of Chattanooga Library 
Mildred Hart 

Southwestern Presbyterian University 

Dr. C W. Sommerville 

Cumberland Gap 

Lincoln Memorial University Library 
Charles Southern 


TENNESSEE Continued 


Dickson College Library 
Ida Reynolds 


Greeneville and Tusculum College Library 
Mrs. Frank C. Grannis 


Lane College Library 
George F. Porter 

Union University Library 
Mrs. M. M, Summar 

Jefferson City 

Carson and Newman College Library 
Joseph Robinson 

Kimberlain Heights 
Johnson Bible College Library 
Ashley S. Johnson, Pres. 


Knoxville College Carnegie Library 
Harriet A. Kerr 

University of Tennessee Library 
Lucy E. Fay 


Cumberland University Library 
E. L. Stockton 


Lamar Memorial Library, Maryville Col- 
Mrs. Lida P. Snodgrass 


Christian Brothers College Library 
Rev. Brother Edward, Pres. 

LeMoyne Normal Institute Library 
Clara B. Davis 

Tennessee College Library 
Emily H. Dutton 


Carnegie Library, Fisk University 
Katherine M, Marvin 

George Peabody College Library 
Charles H. Stone 

Roger Williams University Library 
Lily Carmichael Evans 

Vanderbilt University Library 
Dora L. Sanders 



TENNESSEE Continued 


University of the South Library 
Louise Finley 


Burritt College Library 
H. E. Scott, Pres. 


Simmons College Library 
Rosabel Breedlove 


Sul Ross Normal College Library 
Roberta Dulin 


Grubbs Vocational College Library of the 
Agricultural and Mechanical College of 
M. L. Williams, Dean 


St. Edward's College Library 
Father James O'Brien 

Samuel Houston College Library 
J. A. Wilson 

University of Texas Library 
John E. Goodwin 

University of Texas, Bureau of Government 

Mrs. Sarah B. Edwards 

University of Texas, Extension Loan Divi- 
Lenoir Dimmitt 


Baylor College Library 
Jessie Louise Kennedy 


Blinn Memorial College Library 
C. F. Schmitt 

Daniel Baker College Library 

F. W. Thompson, Pres. 
Howard Payne College Library 

L. J. Mims, Pres. 

Canyon City 

West Texas State Normal School Library 
Tennessee Malone 


Clarendon College Library 
Nora Headrick 


Clebarro College Library 

TEXAS Continued . 
College Station 

Agricultural and Mechanical College Li- 
J. F, Gulledge 


East Texas Normal College Library 
Bess Malone 


St. Mary's College Library 
Miss M. Schutt 

Southern Methodist University Library 
Dorothy Amann 

Dent on 

College of Industrial Arts Library 
Caroline Meyer 

North Texas State Normal School Library 
Mrs. Pearl C. McCracken 

Fort Worth 
Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary 

Rev. L. M. Sipe's 

Texas Christian University College 
Nell Andrew 

Texas Woman's College Library 
Mrs. Goodman 

University of Texas, Medical Department 

Kate Feuille 

Ursuline Convent Library 
Anabel Norwood 


Southwestern University Library 
Mrs. M. McKennon 


Burleson College Library 
W. I. Thames, Pres. 


Rice Institute Library 
Alice C. Dean 

Peabody Memorial Library, Sam Houston 

Normal Institute 
Mrs. Beatrice Craig 


Cotte House Library 


Cumberland College Library 
R. W. McCulloch 



TEXAS Continued 

Bishop College Library 
Mariet D. Barker 

Wiley University 

Rev. M. W. Dogan, Pres. 


Peniel University Library 
Pauline Nickels 

San Antonio 

St. Louis College Library 
Rev. J. C Canning 

San Marcos 

Southwest Texas State Normal School Li- 
Blanche Hawk 


Austin College Library 
C. E. Allen 


Stamford College Library 
Rev. J. G. Miller, Pres. 

John Tarleton Agricultural and Mechanical 

Claude Lawson 


Westminster College Library 
J. C Williams, Pres, 


Baylor University Library 
F. K Strecker 


Trinity University Library 
John H. Burma, Pres, 



Brigham Young College Library 
Mary E. S or ens en 

Utah Agricultural College Library 
Hattie Smith 


Brigham Young University Library 
Annie L. Gillespie 

Salt Lake City 
University of Utah Library 
Esther Nelson 

Westminster College Library 
Rev. H. W, Reherd, Pres. 


Billings Library, University of Vermont 
Helen B. Shattuck 

University of Vermont, College of Medi- 
cine Library 
May O. Boynton 


Egbert Starr Library, Middlebury College 
Laila McNeil 


Carnegie Library, Norwich University 
Helen A. Cramton 

Randolph. Center 

State School of Agriculture Library 
Rollin H, Barrett, Principal 


Episcopal Theological Seminary Library 
Miss M. B. Worthington 


Randolph- Macon College Library 
Mrs. C. E. Hartsook 


Virginia Polytechnic Institute Library 
Eleanor I. Jones 


Bridgewater College Library 
John Click 


University of Virginia Library 
John S. Patton 


Randolph-Macon Institute Library 
Charles G. Evans, Pres. 

Roanoke Female College Library 


Emory and Henry College Library 
Charles A. Krummel 

Fortress Monroe 

Coast Artillery Training School Library 
Lt. Col. F. S. Clark 


Normal School Library 
Louise McGovern 


Normal School Library 
Dora Dadmun 



VIRGINIA Continued 
Hampdon-Sidney College Library 
Asa D. Watkins 


Hampton Normal and Agricultural Insti- 
tute Library 
Leonora E. Herron 


State Normal School Library 
Mary I. Bell 


Cocke Memorial Library, Hollins College 
Marian S. Bayne 


Virginia Military Institute Library 
Nellie T. Gibbs 

Washington and Lee College 
Anne Robertson White 


Randolph-Macon Woman's College Library 
Georgia Faison 

Virginia Christian College Library 
Ella K. Anderson 


Normal and Industrial Institute Library 
Mamie J. Harrison 


State Normal School Library 
J. P. McConnell, Pres. 


Medical College of Virginia Library 
Florence McCrae 

Richmond College Library 
Marion G. Ryland 

Union Theological Seminary Library 
Thomas C. Johnson 

Virginia Mechanics Institute Library 
H. L. Davison 

Virginia Union University Library 
William J. Clark 


Roanoke College Library 
W. F. Morehead 


College of William and Mary Library 
Earl G. Swem 


Belingham State Normal School Library 
Mabel Zoe Wilson 


State Normal School Library 
Mabel M. Reynolds 


Washington State Normal School Library 
Grace M. Leaf 


St. Martin's College Library 
Bernard Neary 


Washington State College Library 
W. W. Foote 


University of Washington Library 
William E. Henry 


Gonzaga College Library 
J. E. Malone 

Spokane University Library 
Cora Utz 

Whitworth College Library 
Edna M. Robinson 


Tacoma College of Puget Sound Library 
Dorothy Day 

Walla Walla 

Walla Walla College Library 
Walter Irvine Smith, Pres. 

Whitman College Library 
Harriet L. Carstensen 


State Normal School Library 
Sallie Tuggle 


Morris Harvey College Library 
D. W. Shaw 


Bethany College Library 
Isabel F. Starbuck 

Wesleyan University, Adelaide Tompkins 

Cecilia Alexander 


Davis Elkins College Library 
Mrs. K. J. Brew 





Fairmont Public Library 
Mrs. C. M. Ritchie 

State Normal School Library 
Mrs. Emory F. McKinney 


State Normal School Library 
E. G. Rohrbough, Prin. 

Harper's Ferry 
Storer College Library 
Marion E. Green 

Marshall College, State Teachers' College 

Elizabeth F. Myers 


West Virginia University Library 
Lonna Dennis Arnett 


Salem College Library 
Mabel L. West 

Shepherd College, State Normal School 

W. H. S. White, Pres. 

West Liberty 

State Normal School Library 
John C. Shaw 



Lawrence College Library 
Zelia Anne Smith 


Northland College Library 
A. C. Warfield 


Beloit College Library 
Iva M. Butlin 

Eau Claire 

Normal School Library 
Winifred Winans 


Kemper Hall Library 
Sister Mary Adelaide 

La Crosse 

Normal School Library 
Florence S. Wing 


University of Wisconsin Library 
Walter M. Smith 

WISCONSIN Continued 
Madison Continued ; 

University of Wisconsin College of Agri- 
culture Library 
C. S. Hean 

University of Wisconsin, College of Engi- 
neering Library 
F. E. Volk 

University of Wisconsin Law School Li- 
Sophie M. Briggs 


Stout Institute Library 
Mar j one Beale 


Milton College Library 
Mabel Maxson 


Marquette University Library 
C. J. Roemer 

State Normal School Library 
Delia C. Ovitz 

Milwaukee-Downer College Library 
Maude Mitchell 

Concordia College Library 
Otto F. Hattstaedt 

Mount Calvary 
Capuchin Monastery Library 
Rev. Corbinan Vieracker 

Nashotah House Theological 

Rev. M. Bowyer Stewart 


State Normal School Library 
Malvina C. Clausen 


State Normal Library 
Bee A Gardner 


Mission House Library 
John W. Groshuesch 

Prairie du Cliien 
Campion College Library 
Rev. Patrick Dolan 


Ripon College Library 
Josephine R. Hargrave 

River Falls 
State Normal Library 
Lovila M, Mosher 




WISCONSIN Continued 

St. Francis 

Pio Nono College Library 
John Ruebling 

Stevens Point 

State Normal School Library 
Eleanor W. Welch 


State Normal School Library 
Harriet L. Eaton 


Northwestern College Library 
J. H. Ott 


Voorhees Library, Carroll College 
Gynifred Bibby 


Lutheran Theological Seminary Library 
John P. Koehler 


State Normal School Library 
Lucy E. Thatcher 




University of Alberta Library 
D. E. Cameron 



McGill University College of British 
Columbia Library 


University of New Brunswick Library 



Sit, Francis Xavier College Library 
Mary C Macdonald 


Dahousie University Library 

Nova Scotia Technical College Library 
Harry Piers 


Provincial Normal School Library 
David Soloan, Prin. 

NOVA SCOTIA Continued 

Kings College Library 


Acadia College Library 
Mrs. M. K. Ingraham 


McDonald Institute Library 

Massey Library, Ontario Agricultural College 
Jacquetta G. Ardiner 

Normal College Library 


Queens University Library 
Lois Saunders 

Normal School Library 

University of Ottawa Library 


Knox College Library 

McMaster University Library 
Miss McGregor 

Ontario Agricultural College Library 
Ontario Veterinary College Library 
Provincial Normal School Library 
St. Michael's College Library 

Trinity College Library 
Prof. Kitteridge 

University of Toronto Library 
H. H. Langton 

Victoria College Library 
Prof. Laing 

Wycliffe College Library 



Prince of Wales College Library 
Maude A, Louson - 


University of Bishops College Library 


McGill University Library 
Dr. G. H. Lomer 

Laval University Library 


QUEBEC Continued 
M ontreal C ontiaued 
McGill University Medical Library 

Montreal College Library 
St. Mary's College Library 


Laval University Library 

Morin College Library 

QUEBEC -Continued 
Sainte Anne de Belle vue 

MacDonald College Library 


Regina College Library 
Miss Strangways 


University of Saskatchewan Library 
Prof. A. S. Morton 




and Other Schools of Similar Grade 


Ashland 22,645 

Clay County High School Library 
J. B. Gibbons, Prin. 

Athens 3,323 

Athens College Library 
Ella Mae Jones 

Eighth District Agricultural School Library , 
J. M. Atkinson, Pres. | 


Attalla 47,275 

Etowah County High School Library 
J. I. Riddle, Prin. 

Auburn 2,143 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute Library 
Mary Martin 

Bibb County 

See Centreville 

B irmingham 

Blessed Sacrament Academy Library 
Sister M. Ernestine 

Central High School 
Louise Roberts 

Ensley High School 
Gladys Le Baron Poole 

Woodlawn High School Library 
Fanny Partlow 

Blountsville 427 

Ninth District Agricultural School 
J. B. Pennington, Pres. 

Brewton 2,682 

Downing Industrial School Library 
Laura E. Davis 

Brundidge 31,631 
Pike County High School 
V. V. Norton 

Calhoun 1,865 

Calhoun Colored School Library 
Charlotte R. Thorn, Prin. 

Camp Hill 952 

Southern Industrial Institute Library 
Lyman Ward, Prin. 

Centreville 23*144 
Bibb County High School Library 
R. C Thomas 

ALABAMA Continued 
Chambers County 
See Milltown 

Chilton County 
See Clanton 

Clanton 22,270 

Chilton County High School Library 
S. E. Alverson 

Clay County. See Ashland 
Coosa County. See Rockford 

Cullman 33,034 

Cullman County High School Library 
H. G. Dowling, Prin. 

Etowah County. See Attalla 

Ft Deposit 25,406 

Lowndes County High School Library 
C. A. Buffington, Prin. 

Guin 22,008 

Marion County High School Library 
Dexter L. Hovater, Prin. 

Jasper 50,593 

Walker County High School Library 
Minnie McDonald 

Laurence County. See Moulton 

Lineville 1,507 

State Secondary Agricultural School 
Mrs. J. T. Manning 

Lowndes County. See Ft. Deposit 
Macon County. See Notasulga 

Marion 35,373 

Perry County High School Library 
Mary Hoover 

Marion 2,035 
Marion Institute Library 
U. L. Murfee, Supt 

Marion County. See Guin 

Milltown 41,201 

Chambers County High School Library 
L. Liftwrich- 



ALABAMA Continued 

Mobile 60,777 
Barton Academy 
Elizabeth Moffatt 

Monroeville 28,884 
Monroe County High School Library 
James A. York 

M ont e vallo 850 

Alabama Girls Technical Institute Library 
Frances Tabor 

Montgome ry 43,464 

Booker T. Washington School Library 
Alabama Sunday School Library 
Bell Building 

Moulton 24,307 

Lawrence County High School Library 
Mrs. Margaret Davis 

Notasulga 23,561 

Macon County High School Library 
Thomas S. Bugg 

Perry County, See Marion 
Pickens County. See Reform 
Pike County. See Brundidge 

Reform 25,353 

Pickens County High School Library 
F. S. Ward 

Rockford 14,839 

Coosa County High School Library 
Curtis Mathews 

Spring Hill 200 

Spring Hill College High School Library 
Rev. George A. Rittmeyer, S. J. 

Thorsby 5x3 

Thorsby Institute Library 
Christena Maclntyre 

Tuscaloosa 1 1,996 
Central College Library 
Col. W. D. Fonville, Pres. 

Stillman Institute Library 
Paul H. Moore, Supt 

Walker County, See Jasper 


Bisbee 9,205 

High School Library 
E. Q. Snyder, Prin. 

Florence 1,161 
High School Library 
E. A, Brock, Prin. 

ARIZONA Continued 

Globe 7,044 
High School Library 
W. G. Warner, Prin. 

Mesa 3,036 
High School Library 
S. H. Martin, Prin. 

Negales 5,199 
High School Library 
G. H. Madden, Prin. 

Phoenix 29,053 
High School Library 
D. F. Jantzen, Prin. 

Prescott 5,010 
High School Library 
Alice D. Adams. Prin. 

Tucson 20,292 
High School Library 
Edward Vander Vries, Prin. 

Winslow 3,730 

High School Library 
Charles C. Grover, Prin. 

Yuma 4,237 

Union High School Library 
Grant Van Hoose, Prin. 

Fort Smith 28,870 

High School Library 
H. C. Morrison, Prin. 

Helena 9,112 
High School Library 
P. N. Bragg, Prin. 

Hot Springs 11,695 
High School Library 
Trilla Reed, Prin. 

Jonesboro 9,384 
High School Library 
R. H. Moore, Prin. 

Little Rock 65,142 
Senior High School Library 
Frances O'Connell 

High School Library 
J. A. Larson, Prin. 

Pine Bluff 19,280 
High School Library 
J. R. Allen, Prin. 

Subiaco 400 

New Subiaco Abbey Library 

Rev. Geo. Binkert 


ARKANSAS Continued 
Texarkana 8,275 
High School Library 

E. H. Turner, Prin. 


Alameda 28,806 

Academy of Notre Dame Library 
Sister Mary of St. Aloysius, Prin. 

Alameda High School Library 
Elizabeth Dorn 

Alhambra 9,096 

Alhambra City High School Library 
Clara M. Willits 

Anaheim 5,526 

Anaheim Union High School Library 
Lillian L. Hutchinson 

Anderson 1,390 

Anderson Union High School Library 
Miss Willson 

Antioch 1,936 

Riverview Union High School Library 
W. F. Ellis, Prin. 

Arcata 1,486 

Arcata Union High School Library 
A. 0. Cooperrider, Prin. 

Auburn 2,289 

Placer Union High School Library 
Frances V. Snowden 

Azusa 2,460 
Citrus Union High School Library 

F. S. Hayden, Prin. 

Bakersfield 54,843 

Kern County Union High School Library 
H. A. Spindt, Prin. 

Banning 1,810 

Banning Union High School Dist. Library 
Elizabeth Hendricks 

Benicia 2,693 
Benicia High School 
A. W. Miller, Prin. 

Berkeley 56,036 
Berkeley High School Library 
Mrs. Gertrude H. Mathewson 

Boone's University School Library 
H. H. Boone 

Miss Head's School Library 
Mary Elizabeth Wilson, Prin. 

Washington Lower High School Library 
H. H. Glessner, Prin. 

Wellesley School Library 
Adelaide Smith, Prin. 

j CALIFORNIA Continued 

! Blythe 1,622 

Palo Verde Valley Union High School 
Geo. W. Scott, Prin. 

Brawley 5,389 

Brawley Union High School Library 
Geo. R. Momyer, Prin. 

Burbank 2,913 
Burbank Union High School Library 

Calexico 6,223 

Calexico Union High School Library 
J. A. Raitt, Prin. 

Carpinteria 1,260 

Carpinteria Union High School Library 
Emil Lange, Prin. 

Centerville 1,000 
Washington High School Library 
G. W. Wright, Prin. 

Chico 9,339 

Chico High School Library 
James Ferguson, Prin. 

Chino 2,132 

Chino High School Library 
Frank D. Aid, Prin. 

Coalinga 2,934 

Coalinga Union High School Dist. Library 
Mrs. Annie J. Ogden 

Colton 4,282 

Colton High School Library 
G. H. Jantzen, Prin. 

Colusa 1,846 

Colusa High School Library 
F. B. Smith, Prin, 

Compton 1,478 

Compton Union High School Library 
0. S. Thompson, Prin. 

Corcoran 1,101 

Corcoran Union High School Library 
Roger S. Phelps, Prin. 

Corning 1,449 

Corning Union High School Library 
Sherman L. Brown, Prin. 

Corona 4,129 

Corona High School Library 
Glen D, Wight, Prin. 

Coronado 3,289 
Coronado High School Library 
Wm. A. Pratt, Prin. 



Covina 1,999 

Covina Union High School Library 
M, Irene Patterson 

Crockett 1,400 

John Swett Union High School Library 
W. H. Weslar, Prin. 

Crescent City 2,759 
Del Nortc County High School Library 
Orris S. Imhof, Prin. 

Dinuba 3,400 

Dinuba Union High School Library 
Emma J. Park 

Dunsmuir 2,528 
Dunsmuir High School Library 
Harry Burch, Prin. 

El Ceutro 5,464 

El Centro Union High School Library 
J. L. House, Prin. 

Escondido 1,789 

Escondido Union High School Library 
M. W. Perry, Prin. 

Eureka 12,923 

Eureka High School Library 
Kathleen Hacker 

Exeter 1,852 

Exeter Union High School Library 
Hugh A. Owen, Prin. 

Fairfield 1,008 
Arijo Union High School Library 

Fillmore 1,597 

Filltnore Union High Scho^lLibrary 
J. Wm. Gastrich, Prin. 

Port Bragg 2,616 

Fort Bragg Union High School Library 
J. S. Cotton, Prin. 

Fowler 1,528 

Fowler Union High School Library 
Wm. A. Otto, Prin. 

Fresno 45,086 

Fresno High School Library 
Dorotha Davis 

Fnllerton 4^15 

Fullerton Union High School and Junior 
College Library 
Nelle M. Bate 

Gait 1,000 

Gait Joint Union High School Library 
Wm. Bland, Prin. 


Gilroy 2,862 

Gilroy High School Library 
E. E. Brownell, Prin. 

Glendale 13,536 

Glendale Union High School Library 
Estelle D. Lake 

Gonzales 1,000 

Gonzales Union High School Library 
Bess M. Hoagland 

Grass Valley 4,006 
Grass Valley High School Library 
John G. Curtis, Prin. 

Gridley 1,636 

Gridley Union High School Library 
G. T. Kern, Prin. 

Half Moon Bay 1,100 

Half Moon Bay Union High School Library 
Guy J. Roney, Prin. 

Hanford 5,888 

Hanford Union High School Library 
Edith M. Church 

Hayward 3,487 

Hayward Union High School Library 
Frederick Perley Johnson, Prin. 

Healdaburg 4,412 
Healdsburg High School Librae 
Gertrude Bonham 

Hemet 1,480 

Hemet Union High School Library 
Oren B. Waite, Prin. 

Holliater 8,995 

San Benito Co. High School Library 
James P. Davis, Prin. 

Hughson 640 

Hughson Union High School Library 
Frank F. Otto, Prin. 

Huntington Beach 1,687 
Huntington Beach Union High School 
M. G. Jones, Prin. 

Imperial 1,885 

Imperial Valley Union High High School 
C. B. Collins, Prin. 

Inglewood 3,286 

Inglewood Union High School Library 
Helen M. Ryan 

Jackson x,6oi 

Jackson Joint Union High School Library 
L. A. Thomas, Jr., Prin. 


King City 1,048 

King City Union High School Library 
F. E. McReynolds, Prin. 

Kingsburg 1,316 

Kingsburg Joint Union High School Library 
T. O. Renfrew, Prin. 

Lakeport 1,024 

Clear Lake Union High School Library 
Wm. R. McNair, Prin. 

La Verne 1,698 

Bonita Union High School Library 
Abbie H. Doughty 

Lemoore 1,355 

Lemoore Union High School Library 
Rose E. Collins 

Lincoln 1.025 

Lincoln Union High School Library 
Richard A. Lee, Prin. 

Lindsay 2,576 
Lindsay High School Library 

0. S. Hubbard, Prin. 

Livermore 1,916 

Livermore Union High School Library 
Minnie R. Snorin 

Lodi 4*850 

Lodi Union High School Library 
Wm. Inch, Prin. 

Lompoc 1,876 

Lompoc Union High School Library 
Lillian P. Williams, Prin. 

Long Beach 55,593 
Heald's Business College Library 

D. G. Boleyn, Prin. 

Long Beach Polytechnic High School Library 
Helen B. Courtright 

Los Banos 1,276 

West Side Union High School Library 
B. W. Painter, Prin. 

Los Gatos-Ha,3i7 
Los Gatos High School Library 

1. W. Snow, Prin. 

Montezuma Mt. Ranch School Library 

E. A. Rogers, Pres. 

Los Angeles 57^,673 

Cathedral High School for Girls Library 
Sister M. Redetnpta, Prin, 

Harvard Military School Library 
Jane G. Badenhausen 

Los Angeles Continued 

Hollywood High School Library 
Static M. Weber - 

Lincoln High School Library 
Ella S. Morgan 

Los Angeles City School Library 
Jasmine Britton 

Los t Angeles Free Methodist Seminary 
J. A Howard, Prin, 

Los Angeles High School Library 
Marjorie Van Deusen 

try jt 

Walter J. Bailey, Prin. 

Manual Arts High School Library 
Mabel S. Dunn 

Marlborough School Library 
Mrs. Mary S. Caswell and Miss Edith 
Stoner, Prins. 

Occidental College and Academy Library 
Geo. F. Cook 

Owensmouth High School Library 
G. Walter Monroe, Prin. 

Page Military Academy Library 
Robert A. Gibbs, Prin. 

Polytechnic High School Library 
Margaret Glassey 

Sacred Heart Academy Library 
Sister M. Louise, Prin. 

St. Mary's Academy Library 
Sister Ignatia 

San Pedro High School Library 
Mabel W. Corey 

Van Nuys Hieii School Library 
Jean Doan 

Westlake School for Girls Library 
F. de Laguna, Prin. 

Wilmington High School Library 
W. I* Travis, Prin. 

He Arthur na 

Fall River Joint Union High School Library 
J. C Stanley, Prin. 

Madera 3,444 

Madera Union High School Library 
Mrs. Barta E. Billiard 

Maricopa 1,121 

Maricopa High School Library 
J. R. Cookman, Prin. 



Maricopa Continued 
Mariposa County High School Library 
C C Childress, Prin. 

Martinez 3,858 

Alhambra Union High School Library 
Maurice H. Rowell, Prin. 

De La Salle Institute Library 
Brother V. Leo, Prin. 

Marysville 5,461 

Marysville High School Library 
L/P. Farris, Prin. 

Mendocino 1,250 

Mendocino Union High School Library 
Miss C. Grubb 

Merced -3,974 

Merced Union High School Library 
A. W. Meaner, Prin. 

Mill Valley 2,554 

Tamalpais Union High School Library 
Ruth Seymour 

Modesto 9,241 

Modesto High School Library 
Esther L, Ramont 

Monrovia 5,480 
Monrovia High School Library 
Vere LaB. Cone 

M ontebetto 3,000 
Montebello High School Library 
Mark R. Jacobs, Prin. 

Monterey 5,479 

Monterey Union High School Library 
Jas. Mclntosh, Prin. 

Morgan Hill 646 

Live Oak Union High School Library 
Lewis H. Britton, Prin. 

Mountain View 1,888 
Mountain View High School Library 
W. E. Hester, Prin. 

Napa 6,757 

Napa High School Library 
J. S. Denton, Prin. 

National City 3,116 
Sweetwater Union High School Library 
Mrs. Fanny Taylor 

Nevada City 1,782 
Nevada City High School Library 
F. E. Tuck, Supervising Prin. 

Newman 1,251 

Orestimba Union High School Library 
L. E. Richards, Prin. 

; CALIFORNIA Continued 

j Oakdale 1,745 

j Oakdale Union High School Library 

C. E. Overman, Prin. 

Oakland 216,261 

The John C. Fremont High School Library 
Mary Ives 

Oakland High School Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth Madison 

Oakland Technical High School Library 
Evelyn A. Steel 

St. Mary's College and High School Library 
Rev. Brother Cornelius 

University High School Library 
Helen L. Price 

Vocational High School Library 
W, A. Tenney, Prin. 

Oceanside 1,161 

Oceanside-Carlsbad Union High School 
Geo. A. Dickson, Prin, 

Ontario 7,280 

Chaffey High School and Junior College 
Wilbur A. Fiske 

Orange 4,884 

Orange Union High School Library 
Mrs. Margaret G. Scott 

Orland 1,582 
Orland Joint Union High School Library 

D. M. Durst, Prin. 

Oroville 3,340 

Oroville Union High School Library 
J. B. Hughes, Prin. 

Oxnard 4,417 

Oxnard Union High School Library 
W. D, Bannister, Prin. 

Pacific Grove 2,974 
Pacific Grove High School Library 
A. B. Ingham, Prin. 

Palo Alto 5,900 
Manzanita Hall Library 
W. A. Shedd, Prin. 

Miss Harkers School Library 

Catherine Harker, Prin. 
Palo Alto High School Library 

Margaret Girdner 

Pasadena 45,354 
Orton School Library 
Anna B. Orton, Prin* 



Pasadena Continued 

Pasadena High School Library 
Winifred Skinner 

Paso Robles 1,919 
Paso Robles High School Library 
Phoebe H. Hill 

Petaluma 6,226 

Petaluma High School Library 
Bruce H. Painter, Prin. 

Piedmont 4,282 

Miss Ransom and Miss Bridges School 
Marion Ransom, Prin. 

Placerville 6,426 

El Dorado County High School Library 
H. J. Wilcox, Prin. 

Pomona 13,505 
Pomona High School Library 
Edna Adell Hester 

Porter ville 4,097 

Porterville Union High School Library 
W. A. Ferguson, Prin. 

Puente 1,000 

Puente High School Library 
Geo. M. Hargrave 

Quincy 5,681 

Plumas County High School Library 
L. R. Switzer, Prin. 

Ramona 1,000 

Ramona Union High School Library 
John H. Wilson, Prin. 

Red Bluff 3,104 

Red Bluff Union High School Library 
Robert R. Hartzell, Prin. 

Redding 2,962 

Shasta Union High School Library 
J. O. Osborn, Prin. 

Redlands 9,571 

Redlands High School Library 
Hope L. Potter 

Redwood City 4,020 
Sequoia Union High School Library 
Anna W. Neff 

Redondo Beach 4,913 
Redondo Union High School Library 
Edith M. Schulze 

Reedley 2,447 

Reedley Joint Union High School Library 
Sanford L. Stoner, Prin. 

Richmond 1 6,843 

Richmond Union High School Library 
B. X. Tucker, Prin. 

Ripon 250 
Ripon Union High School Library 

Rio Vista 1,104 

Rio Vista Joint Union High School Library 
J. W. Douglass, Prin. 

Riverside 19,341 

Boys' Polytechnic High School and Junior 
College Library 
Rosa B. Cage 

Riverside City Girls' High School Library 
Jean Urquhart 

Roseville- 4,477 

Roseville Union High School Library 
A, G. Grant, Prin. 

Sacramento 65,908 
Sacramento High School Library 
Jean F. Ross 

St. Helena 1,346 

Elmhurst Ursuline Academy Library 
Mother Agatha, Prin. 

St. Helena Union High School Library 
J. R. McKillop, Prin. 

Salinas 4,308 

Salinas Union High School Library 
Beatrice Y. Gawne 

San Andreas 1,500 

Calaveras Union High School Library 
Jas. Keith, Prin. 

San Bernardino 18,721 

San Bernardino Polytechnic High School 
Christal Thode 

San Diego 74,683 

Francis W. Parker School of San Diego 
Mrs. Adele Meyer Outcalt, Prin. 

San Diego High School Library 
Florence Behr 

San Fernando 3,204 
San Fernando Academy Library 
H. G. Lucas, Prin. 

San Fernando Union High School Library 
Clara Walker 

San Francisco 506,676 
Girls' High School Library 
Dr. A. W. Scott, Prin. 



San Francisco Continued 
Hamlin School Library 
Sarah D. Hamlin, Prin. . 

High School of Commerce Library ; 

Qias. H. Murphy, Prin. ! 

Lowell High School Library I 

F. H. Clark, Prin. | 


Mission High School Library j 

Wm. J. Drew, Prin. i 

North Beach Evening High School Library | 

Polytechnic High School Library 
James E. Addicott, Prin. 

Sacred Heart College Library 
Brother N. Timothy, Prin, 

St. Peter's Academy Library 
Sr. M. Liguori 

Trinity School Library 
Leon H. Rogers, Prin. 

San Jose 39,642 
San Jose High School Library 
Lillian Williams 

San Luis Obispo 5,895 
California Polytechnic School Library 
R. W. Ryder, Director 

San Luis Obispo 5,895 
San Luis Obispo High School Library 
Arthur H. Mabley, Prin. 

San Mateo 5,979 

San Mateo Union High School Library 
Mary Parkinson 

San Rafael 5,512 

Mount Tamalpais Military Academy Library 
N. F. Vanderbilt, Commandant 

Hitchcock Military Academy Library 
Rev. W. Sherer, Prin. 

San Rafael High School Library 

D. R. Jones, Prin. 

Sanger 2,578 

Sanger Union High School Library 

E. G. Thompson, Prin. 

Santa Ana 15,485 

Santa Ana High School and Junior College 
Mary L. Harris 

Santa Barbara 19,441 
Santa Barbara High School Library 
Homer Martin, Prin. 

Santa Clara 5,220 
Santa Clara High School Library 
Chas. W, Townsend, Prin. 

Santa Cruz 10,917 
La Salle Parochial School Library 
Brother Paul, Prin. 

Santa Cruz High School Library 
G. A Bond, Prin. 

Santa Maria 3,943 

Santa Maria Union High School Library 
A. A. Bowhay, Jr., Prin. 

Santa Monica 15,252 
Santa Monica High School Library 
Mary L. McKinley 

Santa Paula 3,967 

Santa Paula Union High School Library 
F. K. Jones, Prin, 

Santa Rosa 8,758 
Santa Rosa High School Library 
E. H. Barker, Prin, 

Sebastapol 1,493 

Analy Union High School Library 
Osman R. Hull, Prin. 

Selma 3,158 

Selma Union High School Library 
J. K. McKillop, Prin. 

Sonoma 801 

Sonoma Valley Union High School Library 
L. H. Golton, Prin. 

Sonora 1,684 

Sonora Union High School Library 
V. A. Dunlavy, Prin. 

South Pasadena 7,652 
South Pasadena High School Library 
John E. Alman, Prin. 

South San Francisco 4,411 
South San Francisco High School Library 
L. E. Adams, Prin. 

Sto ckton 40,296 
Stockton High School Library 
Mildred Smith 

Susan ville 8,507 

Lassen County High School Library 
John S. Landrum, Prin. 

Taft 3,317 

Taft Union High School Library 
Robert Floyd Gray, Prin. 




Tehachapi 54,843 

Southern Kern County High School Library 
R. Y. Glidden, Prin. 

Torrence 2,500 

Torrence High School Library 
T. W. Barnett, Prin. 

Tracy 2,450 

West Side Union High School Library 
George Wads worth, Prin. 

Truckee 1,400 

Meadow Lake Union High School Library 
P. V. Knowles, Prin. 

Tulare 3,539 

Tulare High School Library 
Will L. Frew, Prin. 

Tuohnnne 1,200 

Summerville Union High School Library 
C. A. Smith, Prin. 

Turlock 3,394 

Turlock Union High School Library 
J. Perry Ratzell, Prin. 

Ukiah 2,305 

Ukiah Union High School Library 
C. Schoer, Jr., Prin. 

Vacaville 1,254 

Vacaville Union High School Library Dis- 
trict Library 
Nan Reese 

Vallejo 21,107 
Vallejo High School Library 
C. S. Brown, Prin. 

Venice 10,385 

Venice Union Polytechnic High School 
E. Lee Holden, Prin. 

Ventura 4,342 

Ventura Union High School Library 
H. O. Wise, Prin. 

Visalia 5,753 

Visalia High School Library 
Fletcher Ayres, Prin. 

Watsonville 5,013 
St. Francis School Library 
George Barron 

Watsonville High School Library 
Ida McAdam 

Weaverville 2,551 
Trinty County High School Library 
J. Arthur Young, Prin. 

Westwood 1,825 

Westwood High School Library 
A. H. Voegelein, Prin. 

Whittier 7,997 

Whittier State School Library 
Nellie Tucker 

Whittier Union High School Library 
Olney C. Albertson, Prin. 

Willits 1,468 

Willits Union High School Library 
J. N. Miano, Prin. 

Willows 11,853 

Glenn County High School Library 
W. H. Hooper, Prin. 

Woodland 4,147 
Holy Rosary Academy Library 
Sister M. Remigin, Prin. 

Woodland High School Library 
Win. M. Hyman, Prin. 

Yreka 1,277 

Siskiyou Union High School Library 
Katherine Gerette 


Boulder 11,00$ 

McKenzie Library, State Preparatory School 
Mrs. R. L. Morton 

Brighton 2,715 
High School Library 
E. G. Baker, Supt of Schools 

Cheyenne Wells 3,746 
County High School Library 

Colorado Springs 30,105 
Colorado Springs High School Library 
Vanita Trovinger 

Denver 256,491 

North Side High School Library 
Patience Pegan 

West Side High School Library 
Dora P. Finney 


Bridgeport 143,555 
Bridgeport High School Library 
Frances H. Bickford 

Danbury 22,325 
D anbury High School Library 
Bessie M, Cudworth 



Greenwich 5,939 
Ely School Library 
Miss S. E. Parsons 

Hartford 138,036 

Hartford Public High School Library 
Anna L. Bates 

Meriden 29,867 

Meriden High School Library 
Clarise Stowell 

Middletown 22,129 
High School Library 
Laura C. Batchelder 

New Haven 162,537 

New Haven High School Library 
Clara E. Bradley 

Norwich 22,304 

Peck Library of Norwich Free Academy 
Helen Marshall 

Stamford 35,096 
Stamford High School Library 
Gertrude Rhodes 

Wallingford 9,648 
Wallingford High School Library 
Amy Chase 

Waterbury 91,715 
Crosby High School Library 
Mary Pagan 

Leavenworth High School Library 
Elsie Carroll 

Wilby High School Library 
Mrs. Katharine G. Wilby 

Windsor High School Library 
Florence Mills 

Washington 437,571 

Business High School Library, gth St. and 
Rhode Island Ave. 
Margaret D. Davies 

Central High School, I3th and Clifton Sts, 
Laura N. Mann 

Dunbar High School, First and N Sts. 
J, Brandon 

Eastern High School, 7th and C Sts., S. E. 
Dorothea \V. Boyd 

Fairmount School Library, 2400 igth St,N.W. 
Mrs. Robert H. Adams 

Georgetown Visitation Convent Library, 
1524 ssth St., 
Sister Jane Frances 

Washington Continued 

Holy Cross Academy Library, Upton St. 
near Connecticut Ave. 
Sister M. Berthilde 

Immaculate Seminary Library, Nebraska 
and Wisconsin Ave. 

McKinley Manual Training School Library, 
7th St. and Rhode Island Ave. 
Jennie Grady 

Marist Seminary Library, Fort Drive and 
2d St., N. E. 
Rev. Dr. R. Butin 

Mount Vernon Seminary Library, Nebraska 
Ave. near Massachusetts Ave. 

Sidwells Friends School Library, 1811 I St. 
Alberta Wilson 

Western High School Library, 35th and R 
Sts., N. W. 
Elizabeth Dessez 


Athens 16,748 

Public High School, Branson Library 
The Teachers 

Atlanta 200,616 

Quarles Library, Spellman Seminary 
Miss L. A. Dickinson 

Mallpn Library, Girls High School 
Suie M. Sergeant 

Commercial High School 
Mary Matthews 

Augusta 52,548 
Tubman High School 
Mrs. Mary Owen 

Mt. Berry- 
Berry School Library 
Alice Davis 

Honolulu 83,327 
McKinley High School Library 

Punahou School Library 


Boise 21,393 
Boise High School 
M. Grace Reely 

Idaho Falls 8,064 
High School Library 
E. E. Crawford, Prin. 



IDAHO Continued 
Midvale 278 
High School Library 
Mrs. Leo Dullea 

Preston 1,500 
Oneida State Academy 
Thomas Romney, Prin. 

Twin Falls -8,324 
Twin Falls High School 
Constance Page 

Amboy 1,944 

Township High School Library 
Lena M. Johnson 

Aurora 36,397 
West High School Library 
A. A. Rea, Prin. 

Centralia 12,491 

Centralia Township High School Library 
Hazel Henderson 

Chicago 2,701,705 

Austin High School Library, Fulton St. and 
Lotus Ave, 
Annie Batchelder 

Carter H. Harrison Technical High School 
Library, 24th and Marshall Blvd. 
Charlotte E. Smith 

Englewood High School Library, Stewart 
and 62d Sts. 
Muriel Dunne 

John Marshall High School Library, Adams 
and Kedzie Sts. 
Charlotte E. Hartman 

Lake View High School Library, Ashland 
and Irving Park Blvd. 
Helen La Berge 

Robert Lindblom High School Library, 6ist 
and S. Lincoln Sts. 
Ada Cole 

Francis W. Parker School Library, 68th and 
Stewart Sts. 
Mrs. Mary H. Topping 

Pullman Free School of Manual Training 
Library, 250 E. nith St. 
Urban G. Willis, Prin. 

St. Patrick's Academ- Library, 2303 Park 
L. Matthias 

Nicholas Senn High School Library, Glen- 
wood and Ardmore Aves. 
L. Nordica Fenneraon 

ILLINOIS Continued 
Chicago Continued 

University of Chicago High School Library, 
58th and Kenwood Sts. 
Hannah Logasa 

Cicero 44,995 

J. Sterling Morton High School Library 
Clara GJ Sullivan 

Decatur 43,818 
Senior High School Library 
Clara June Hadley 

Effingham 4,024 
Public High School Library 
E. R. Mullins, Prin. 

Freeport 19,669 
HighlSchool Library 
Margaret Davenport 

Elgin 27,454 
High School Library 
Carrie E, Williford 

Highland Park 7,000 
Deerfield Shields High School Library 
Rachel Baldwin 

Joilet 38,442 

Township High School Library 
Mary M. Spangler 

Kenilworth 1,188 

New Trier Township High School Library 
Mary S. King 

Knoxville 1,708 
St. Mary's School Library 
Louise Humphrey 

Lacon -1,464 

Union High School Library 
Edgar F. Nichols, Prin. 

La Grange 6,525 

Lyons Township High School Library 
Ethel Frances Edes 

Lake Forest 4007 
Ferry Hall Library 
Eloise Tremain, Prin. 

La Salle 13,050 

Peru Township High School Library 
J, T. McCormick, Prin. 

Maywood -i 2,072 

Proviso Township High School Library 
Wilma E. Ponder 

Moline 30,734 
Public High School Library 
E. P. Nutting, Prin. 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Mt. Carroll 1,806 

Frances Shimer Academy of the University 
of Chicago 
William Parker McKee, Dean 

Mt. Yemen 9,815 
Township High School Librar- 
Mildred Warren 

Oak Park 39,858 

Oak Park and River Forest Township High 
School Library 
Bertha Carter 

Rockford 65,651 
High School Library 
Ruth M. Lathrop 

Rock Island 35,177 
Rock Island High School Library 
Bessie A. Bladell 

St Charles 4,099 

St. Charles Community High School Library 
May E. Jordan 

Springfield 59,183 
Concordia Seminary Library 
John Herzee 

TFrbana 10,244 

University of Illinois High School Library 
Ruth Sankee 

Wheaton 4^37 
Wheaton Academy Library 
Julia R Blanchard 


Anderson 29,767 
Anderson High School Library 
Lois M. Ringo 

Bloomington 1 1,595 
Bloomington High School Libre ry 
Oneta Illingworth 

Columbus 8,990 
Columbus High School Library 
Alma Davis 

Culver 1,080 

Culver Military Academy Library 
Mrs. J. R. Phinney 

Evansville 85,254 
Central High School Library 
Margaret McLeish 

F. J. Reitz High School Library 
Bernice B. Johns 

Ferdinand 600 

Immaculate Conception Convent Library 
Sister M. Augusta 

INDIANA Continued 
Fort Wayne 86,549 
Fort Wayne High School Library 
H. S. Voorhees, Prin. 

Frankfort 11,585 
Frankfort High School Library 
Lois M. Carter 

Greensburg 5,345 
Greensburg High School Library 
Mrs. Margaret Bussell 

H ammond 36,004 

Hammond High School Library 
Olive M. Rathbun 

! Howe 700 

Howe School Library 
John McKenzie, Pres. 

Huntington 14,000 
Huntington High School Library 
Florence Weilford 

Indianapolis 314,194 

Emmerich Manual Training High School 
E. H. K. McComb, Prin. 

Shortridge High School Library 
Mrs. Nell R. Sharp 

St. Agnes Academy Library 
Sister Mary Josephine, Prin. 

Technical High School Library 
Lyle Harter 

Tudor Hall Library 
Fredonia Allen, Prin. 

Indiana Girls School Library 
Mildred Tabor 

Lebanon 6,257 

Lebanon High School Library 
Ruth Campbell 

Marion 23,747 
Marion High School Library 
Helen Tukey 

Mishawaka 15,195 
Mishawaka High School Library 
Myrtle B. Sloan 

Muncie 36,524 
Muncie High School Library 
June M. Jones 

Oldenburg 957 

Immaculate Conception Academy Library 
Sister Mary John 



INDIANA Continued 
Plainfield 1,303 

Indiana Boy's School Library 
R. S. McCullough 

Richmond 26,765 
Richmond High School Library 
Florence Ratliff 

Rising Sun High School Library 
Alma H. Downey 

Slielbyville 7,169 

Shelbyville High School Library 
Mildred E. Blakely 

South Bend 70,983 
South Bend Hisrh School Library 
Sylvia Oakley 

Terre Haute 66,083 
Wiley High School Library 
Mrs. May C. Dodson 

Vincennes 17,210 
St. Rose Academy Library 
Sister Camilla, Prin. 


Davenport 56,727 

Academy Immaculate Conception Library 
Sister Mary Saint Catherine 

High School Library 
Anna Jorgensen 

St. Katherine's School Library 
Sister Saint Mary 


Bes Moines 126,468 
East High School Library 
Audrine Patterson 

North High School Library 
Alice Story 

West High School Library 
Vera Dixon 

Dubuque 39,141 
High School Library 
Irene Matthews 

Epworth 549 

Ep worth Seminary Library 
Mrs. E. P. Fogg 

Mapleton 1,099 

Mapleton Consolidated School Library 
Fred A. Wright, Supt. 

Mason City 20,065 
High School Library 
Bernice Reid 

IOWA Continued 
j Sioux City 71,227 
! Senior High School Library 
Ethel Hedenbergh 

' Tama 2,601 

' Tama High School Library 

j Airs. Ethel Carpenter, Prin. 


Augusta 4,219 

Augusta High School Library 
Wanda J. Dobson 

Emporia 11,273 
High School Library 
Elizabeth Powell 

Enterprise 975 
Enterprise Academy Library 
Lester 0. Knowlton 

Hutchinson 23,298 
Senior High School Library 
Mabel Parks 

McPherson 21,845 
Central Academy Library 
C. A. Stoll, Prin. 

Parsons 16,028 
High School Library 
Helen Bartlett 

Wichita 72,217 
Senior High School Library 
Hazel Howes 


Bowling Green 9,638 
Bowling Green High School Library 
Mrs. Theodore Patterson 

Harlan 2,647 

Harlan High School Library 
W. D. Jones 

Louisville 234,891 
Girls High School Library 
Ella Churchill Warren 

Male High School Library 
Edna Grauman 


Nazareth Academy Library 
Sister Adelaide 

Shreyeport 43874 
Shreveport High School Library 
Weiss Amanda Howell 




North Bridgton 350 

Bridgton Academy Library 
Florence Gray 

Hebron -652 

Hamlin Memorial Library of Hebron Acad. 
Ralph Hunt, Prin. 

Kent's Hill (Readfield P. 0.) 100 
Kent' s Hill Seminary Library 
Mrs. Ella D. Morse 

Pittsfield 2,146 

Maine Central Institute Library 
H. R. Oldham, Prin. 

Portland 69,272 
Deering High School Library 
Pricilla Bancroft 

Portland High School Library 
Hazel Hutchins 

Portland (Woodyards P. 0.) 
Westbrook Seminary Library 
Marian B. Healey 

Saco 6,817 

Thornton Academy, Memorial Library 
Emily B. Morris 

South Berwick 2,955 
Berwick Academy Library 
Homer E, Crocker, Prin. 

Vassalboro 1,936 
Oak Grove Seminary Library 
Mrs. Eva Pratt Owen 

Waterville 13,3s 1 
Coburn Classical Institute Library 
Drew T. Hathorne, Prin. 


Baltimore 733,826 

Eastern High School Library, North Ave. 
and Broadway 
Carrie Josselyn 

Western High School Library 
Ina C. McMullen 

Berlin 1,700 
High School Library 

St. Mary's Seminary Library 
Father Blanc 

Clinton 100 

Surrottsvalle School Library 
Alma Blandford 

MARYLAND Continued 
Forest Glen 70 

Miller Library, National Park Seminary 
Harriett Freeby 

Hagerstown 28,064 
! High School Library 
j Elizabeth Clever 

! Port Deposit 1,090 

Jacob Tome Institute Library 
Jessie A. Campbell 

St. James 50 

Irvington Society Library, St. James School 
A. H. Onderdonk 


Amesbury 10,036 
High School Library 
Suzanna I. Say re 

Andover 8,268 
Abbot Academy Library 
Dorothy Hopkins 

Phillips Academy Library 
Sarah L. Frost 

Arlington 1 8,665 
High School Library 
Martha S. Gray 

Attleboro 19,731 
High School Library 
Margaret Brewer 

Atrtmrndale 2,400 
Las sell Seminary Library 
Grace F. Austin 

Belmont 10,749 
High School Library 
Mildred Blennerhassett 

Beverly 22,561 
High School Library 
Ethel L. Harris 

Boston 748,060 

Brighton High School Library 
Mary G. McEvoy 

Girls' High School Library 
Francis A. Smith 

Latin School Association Library 
Henry Pennypacker 

Brookline -37*748 
High School Library 
Mary H. Davis 



Cambridge 109,694 
High and Latin School Library 
Martha L. Babbitt 

Clinton 12,979 

High School Library 
Susan D. Smith 

Danvers 1 1,108 

St. John's Preparatory School Library 
Brother Aubert 

Easthampton 1 1,261 
Williston Seminary Library 
Sidney N. Morse 

Fair ha ven 7,29 1 
High School Library 
George C Dickey, Prin. 

Fall River 120,485 
Durfee High School Library 
George W. Rankin 

Fitchburg 41,029 
High School Library 
Bertha L. Sherwin 

Groton 3,185 
Groton School Library 
Irving C. Gladwin 

H a verhill 53,884 

Haverhill High School Library 
Elizabeth E. Tuck 

Bradford Academy Library 
Ellen S. Davison 

Holyoke 60,203 
High School Library 
Lillian W. Fay 

Lynn 99,148 

English High School Library 
Ruth Kelley 

Medford 39,038 
High School Library 
Mabel G. Gannett 

Milford 13,471 
High School Library 
Hannah E. Callanan 

Newton (P, O. Newtonville) 46,000 
Newton High School Library 
Gladys Bigelow, Technical 
Bertha Hackett, Classical 

North Attleboro 9,*38 
High School Library 
Gertrude A. Shaw 

Plymouth 13,045 
High School Library 
Alice A. Preston 

Quincy 47,876 
High School Library 
Edith K. Coalman 


Somerville 93,091 

High School JOtbrary 
Miss Edna Woodbury 

Southboro 1,838 
St. Mark's School Library 
George B. Fernald 

Taunton 37,137 
Taunton High School Library 
Marion Chutter 

Walpole 5,446 
High School Library 
Helen G. Gindele 

Waltham 30,915 
Senior High School Library 
Althea Currin 

North Junior High School Library 
Ruth H. Stretton 

Wilbraham 2,780 

Wilbraham Academy Library 
D. W. Douglas, Headmaster 

Woburn 16,574 
High School Library 
Nellie Hammond 

W or cester 1 79,574 
Classical High School Library 
Martha Faterstrom 

High School Library (School of Commerce) 
Anna T. Kelley 

Nelson Wheeler Library, Worcester Acad. 
Mrs. Warren R. Sargent 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Emily M. Haynes 


Algonac 1,303 
High School Library 
Madeleine Thomas 

Ann Arbor 19,516 
High School Library 
Bertha M. Krogh 

Bay City 47,554 
Central High School Library 
Mabel L. Asman 


MICHIGAN Continued 
Clare 1,462 

Clare High School Library 
Mrs. S H, Lampman 

Clio 1,256 

Clio High School Library 
Dorothy Covert 

Detroit 993,678 

Barbour Intermediate School Library 
Grace Mochlman 

Cass Technical High School Library 
Mrs. Ellen Linton 

Central High School Library 
Florence M. Hopkins 

Condon Intermediate School Library 
Mabel Levins 

Eastern High School Library 
Mrs. Louise Chamberlain 

Hutchins Intermediate School Library 
Marion Lovis 

Northern High School Library 
Eva W. Bowen 

Northeastern High School Library 
Ainiela Poray 

Northwestern High School Library 
Grace E. Winton 

Southeastern High School Library 
Faye Beebe 

Southwestern High School Library 
Viola Robinson 

Western High School Library 
Lillian Stewart 

Grand Rapids 137,634 
Central High School Library 
Fanny D. Ball 

South High School Library 
Clara Mast 

Union High School Library 
Verna Herold 

Hamtranck 48,61 5 
High School Library 
Julia C. Garst 

Hancock 7,527 
High School Library 
Gertrude Kelly 

Highland Park 46,499 
High School Library 
J. L. Brown 

MICHIGAN Continued 
Jackson 48,374 
Jackson High School Library 
Edith A. King 

Leslie 1,089 

Leslie High School Library 
Grace Fisher 

Manton 895 

Manton High School Library 
Ruth Campbell 

Monroe 11,573 
High School Library 
Selma Gilday 

Muskegon 36,570 
Muskegon High School Library 
Ethel H. Misner 

Nortaville 1,738 
High School Library 
Helen Cunningham 

Norway 4,533 

Norway High School Library 
Freeda Thorelius 

Onekema 274 

Onekema High School Library 
Olive Hughes, Librarian 

Pontiac 34,273 
High School Library 
Mrs. Florence S. Broad 

Quincy 1,251 

Quincy High School Library 
Bessie Hillman, Librarian 

Reading 1,036 

Reading High School Library 
Gladys Gaskill 

Tawas City 1,018 
Tawas City High School Library 
Travers Ousterhout 

Three Rivers 5,209 
High School Library 
Frail McCann 

Union City 1,268 
Union City High School Library 
Pearl Bates 


Ada 1,411 

High School Library 
Blanche Olsen 



MINNESOTA Continued 
Aitken 1,490 
High School Library 
Edna M. Carr 

Albert Lea 8,656 
High School Library 
Edna M. Cottrell 

Anoka 4,207 

High School Library 
Hazel L. Roche 

Aurora 2,804 
High School Library 
Constance Spencer 

Benson 2,111 
High School Library 
Myra Ward 

Biwabik 2,024 
High School Library 
Helen Stratte 

Buhl 2,007 
High School Library 
Josephine Guy 

Cannon Falls 1,315 
High School Library 
Orpah Moe 

Chisholm 9,939 
High School Library 
Winifred Lewis 

Duluth 91,917 

Central High School Library- 
Alice J. Foster 

Ely 4,092 

High School Library 
Mabel Franklin 

Eveleth 7,205 
High School Library 
Mabel J. Lyons 

Fairmont 74,630 

High School Library 
Olga Anita Mayer 

Faribault 1 1 ,089 
St. Mary's Hall Library 
Mary L. Small 

High School Library 
Gertrude Carver 

Farmington 1,449 

High School Library 
Eunice Hummell 

MINNESOTA Continued 
Gilbert 3,510 
High School Library 
Ethel Binney 

Hastings 4,571 
High School Library 
Stella Telford 

Hibbing 15,089 
High School Library 
Beatrice A. Finn 

Hopkins 3,055 
High School Library. 
Gladys Miller 

Janes ville 1,269 
High School Library- 
Eva Harrington 

Kasson 1,150 
High School Library 
Caroline Whitcomb 

Keewatin 1,879 
High School Library 
Helen Young Prall 

Lakefield 1,346 
High School Library 
Ada Harriman 

Little Falls 5,500 
High School Library 
Fay Cuzner 

Long Prairie 1,346 
High School Library 
Blanche M. Spooner 

Mankato 12,469 
High School Library 
Eva Squire 

Marshall 3,092 
High School Library 
Anne S. Halsor 

Milaca 1,347 
High School Library 
Muriel Stoke 

Minneapolis 380,582 
Central High School Library 
Margaret R. Greer 

East High School Library 
Elizabeth Scripture 

Girls Vocational High School Library 
Margaret Campbell 

Minnesota College Library 
J. T. Sellin 



MINNESOTA Continued 
Minneapolis Continued 
North High School Libray 
Thryza McClure 

South High School Library 
Lois C Davidson 

West High School Library 
Clara B. Leet 

Monticello 1,024 
High School Library 
Mary A. Sweeney 

Moorhead 5,720 
High School Library 
Xina Grant 

Mora 1,106 
High School Library 
Mary King 

Nashwauk 2,414 
High School Library 
Mary L. Ober 

New TJlm 6,745 
High School Library 
Mrs. Emmy Steinhauser 

N orthfield 4,023 
High School Library 
Nina C Stewart 

Ortonville 1,758 
High School Library 
Hester J. Clark 

Owatonna 7,253 

Pillsbury Academy Library 
Milo B. Price, Pres. 

Paynesville 1,060 
High School Library 
Edith Emery 

Pine City 1,303 
High School Library 
Thomas E. Roberts 

Pipestone 3,325 
High School Library 
Mrs. Margaret Dauffenbach 

Proctor 2,578 

High School Library 
Eliza Remfrey 

Red Lake Falls 1,549 
High School Library 
Gladys Hudley 

Red Wing 8,637 

Red Wing Seminary 
Mrs. Henrietta P. Taber 

MINNESOTA Continued 

Rochester 13,722 
High School Library 
Marion V. Baker 

St. Paul 234,098 
Johnson High School Library 
Mary Leonard 

Central Hieh School Library 
Laurie Johnson 

Humboldt High School Library 
Margaret S. Candless 

St. Peter 4,355 
High School Library 
Zita Kasper 

Slayton 1,045 
High School Library 
Mrs. Alice M. Grass 

South St Paul 6,860 
High School Library 
Mary Kimball 

Thief River Palls 4,685 
High School Library 
Minnie Leavitt 

Thomson 1,463 

Township High School Library 
Mabel Rawlings 

Tracy 2,463 
High School Library 
Grace Thomas 

Two Harbors 4,546 
High School Library 
Ethel Saure 

Wells 1,894 
High School Library 
Jennie C. Craven 

Winnebago 1,641 
Parker College Library 
Rev. J. D, McCortnick, Pres. 

Wittona 19,143 
High School Library 
Alma J. TrielofT 

Worthington 3,48 1 
High School Library 
Stella M. Anderson 

Zumbrota 1,265 
High School Library 
Abba Osterlund 




Bay St. Louis 2,500 

St. Joseph's Academy Library 
Sister Clair 

Grenada 2,814 

Grenada Collegiate Institute Library 
Rev. J. R. Countiss, Pres. 

Greenville 1 1,560 
Greenville High School Library 
L. Hume, Jr., Prin. 

Holly Springs 2,113 
Mississippi Synodical College Library 
T, W. Raymond, Prin. 

Jackson 22,817 

Public High School Library 
J. L. Roberts, Prin. 

Kosciusko 2,258 
Public High School Library 
Pearl Layten, Prin. 

Meridian 23,399 
Meridian College Library 
Z. J. Edge, Pres. 

Meridian High School Library 
T. E. Rawls, Prin. 

Natchez 12,608 
High School Library 
W. H. Braden 


Boonville 4,451 

Kemper Military School Library 
M. B. Kinsman 

Clinton 5,098 

Clinton High School Library 
Artie West 

De Sota 5,003 
High School Library 
W. L. Smith 

Excelsior Springs 4,165 
High School Library 
Hazel Pfeiffer 

Joplin 29,902 

High School Library 
Hildred Jarvis 

Kansas City- 324,410 
Kansas City Junior College Library 
Bertha Ferguson 

Manual Training High School Library 
Ether Peers 

Westport High School Library 
Jeannette Maxwell 

MISSOURI Continued 
Kidder 357 

Kidder Institute Library 
Grace E. Reed 

Lamar 2,255 

Lamar High School Library 
Sarah A. Dawson 

Lexington 4,695 

Wentworth Military Academy Library 
Mrs. Kate McDowell 

Lexington High School Library 
Clark Fegert 

Neosha 3,968 

Neosha High School Library 
C C Hearne 

St. Joseph 77,939 
Central High School Library 
Jean Trowbridge 

Springfield 39,632 
High School Library 
Roberta B. Kintrea 

Webster Grove 9,474 
Webster Grove High School Library 
Mildred K. Allen 


Anaconda 1 1,688 
High School Library 
H. H. Blanchard, Prin. 

Beaverhead County. See Dillon 

Billings 15,100 
High School Library 
M. C Dietrich, Prin. 

Bozeman 6,183 
High School Library 
J. A. Woodward, Prin. 

Butte 41,611 

Public High School Library 
Ruth King 

Custer County. See Miles City 

Dillon 7,369 

Beaverhead County High School Library 
LeRoy Beam, Prin. 

Fergus County. See Lewistown 
Flathead County* See Kalispill 

Fort Benton 1,965 
High School Library 
C. M. Luce, Prin, 



MONTANA Continued 

Glendive 3,816 
High School Library 
C. G. Hook, Prin. 

Great Falls 24,121 
High School Library 
Louis G. Cook, Prin. 

Hamilton 1,700 
High School Library 
Cecelia Wehrs, Prin. 

Harlowtown 1,856 
High School Library 
Mrs. F. E. Martin 

Havre 5,429 
High Schools Library 
Grace M, Easter, Prin. 

Helena 12,307 
High School Library 
Albert J. Roberts, Prin. 

Kalispell 21,705 

Flathead County High School Library 
Ruth C. Blake 

Lewistown 28,344 

Fergus County High School Library 
F. L. Cummings, Prin. 

Libby 1,522 
High School Library 
Inez Murphy, Prin. 

Livingston 6,311 
High School Library 
C. V. Brown, Prin. 

Miles City 12,194 
Custer County High School Library 
John A. Woodward, Prin. 

Missoula 24,041 

Missoula County High School Library 
Ruth Worden 

Poison 1,132 
High School Library 
Grace Leary, Prin. 

Red Lodge 4,515 
High School Library 
C. W. Thompson, Prin. 

Roundup 1,513 
High School Library 
Irvin B. Collins, Prin. 


Lincoln 54,948 

Lincoln High School Library 
Jessie J. Glass 

NEBRASKA Continued 
Lincoln Continued 

University o Nebraska, Teachers' College 

High School Library 
Mabel Harris 

Omaha 191,601 
Central High School Library 
Zora Shields 

South High School Library 
Clare Mackin 

Technical High School Library 
May Ingles 


Carson City 1,685 
High School Library 
E. L. McKeown, Prin. 

Churchill County. See Fallen 
Douglas County. See Gardnerville 

Elko 8,083 

Elko County High School Library 
Bertha C. Knemeyer, Prin. 

Ely 2,090 

High School Library 
A, S. Kubitz, Prin. 

Eureka 1,350 

Eureka County High School Library 
Joseph Dickinson, Prin. 

Fallon 4,649 

Churchill County High School Library 
L. E. Pringle 

Gardnerville i ,825 

Douglas County High School Library 
T. S. Hook, Prin. 

Goldfield 1,558 

High School Library 
A. W. Armitage, Prin. 

Humboldt County. See Winnemuca 

Las Vegas 2,304 
High School Library 
G, T. Beach, Prin. 

Lovelock 1,164 
High School Library 
H. W. B. Baker, Prin. 

Lyon County. See Yerington 

Reno 12,016 
High School Library 
E. 0. Vaughn, Prin. 



NEVADA Continued 

Sparks 3,238 

High School Library 
C. M. Meeker, Prin. 

Tonopah 4,144 
High School Library 
George H. Dilworth, Prin. 

Winnemuca 3,743 

Humboldt County High School Library 
J. D. Scott, Prin. 

Yerington 4,078 

Lyon County High School Library 
B. G. Bleasdale, Prin. 


Concord 22,167 
Senior High School Library 
Cora M. Hassell 

Sheldon Library, St. Paul's School 
Rev. Samuel S. Drury, Rector 

Derry 5,382 

Pinkerton Academy Library 
Sylvia Clark 

Exeter 4,604 

Phillips Exeter Academy Library 
Mildred M. Vroom 

Manchester 78,384 
High School Library 
Susan H. James 

Meriden 250 

Kimball Union Academy Library 
Charles Alden Tracy, Prin. 

New London 805 
Colby Academy Library 
Gaius H. Barrett, Prin. 

Pembroke 2,563 
Pembroke Academy Library 
Henry S. Blount, Prin. 

Portsmouth 13,569 
High School Library 
Lee T. Gray, Prin. 

Tilton 2,014 

Tilton Seminary Library 
Mary M. Emery 


Atlantic City 50,707 
High School Library 
Laura Leona Fans 

Bayonne 70,754 
High School Library 
Mary A. Clark 

; NEW JERSEY Continued 

i East Orange 50,710 

': High School Library 

; Marjorie N. Peel 

Fort Lee 5,761 

Institute of the Holy Angel's Library 
Sister Mary Nouna, Supr. 

Hackensack 1 7,667 
High School Library 
Mrs. Harriet B. Cornish 

Hightstown 2,674 

Longstreet Library, Peddie Institute 
Mabel F. McCarnes 

Lawrenceville 207 
Lawrenceville School Library 
M. A. Abbott, Headmaster 

Leonia 2,979 

High School Library 
Martha G. Knight 

Morristown 12,548 
High School Library 
Sallie B. Kappes 

Newark 414,524 
Barringer High School Library 
Madaline Dow 

Central Efigh School Library 
Ruth L. Ward 

East Side High School Library 

Louise G. Johnson 
South Side High School Library 

Helen J. Wolfe 

Passaic 63,841 
High School Library 
Altie J. Schooley 

Plainfield 27,700 
High Schol Library 
lole Moore 

Red Bank 9,251 
High School Library 
Helen B. Straughn 

Trenton 119,289 
Senior High School 
Mr. Bullock 

Junior School No. i 
Bertha Northwood 

Westfield 9,063 
High School Library- 
Alice M. Bible 




Albuquerque 1 5,157 
High School Library 
Mrs. Ella M. LeBar 

Carlsbad 2,205 
High School Library 
Bess Chancy, Prin. 

Colfax. See Raton 

Las Cruces 3*969 
High School Library 
Fannie French, .Prin. 

Las Vegas 3,902 
High School Library 
E. C. Ringer, Prin. 

Raton 21,550 

Colfax County High School Library 
W. L. Trimble, Prin. 

Roswell 7,033 

New Mexico Military Institute Library 
Col. James W. Wilson, Supt. 

Santa Fe 7,236 

High School Library 
Oscar Marinoff, Prin. 

Silver City 2,662 
High School Library 
Lela Manville, City Supt , 


Albany 113,344 
High School Library 
Celia M. Houghton 

Albion 4,683 
High School Library 
Lillian A, Achilles 

Allegheny 1,350 
High School Library 
Dorothy G. Stone 

Auburn 36,192 
High School Library 
Marie C. Hoefer 

Avon 2,585 

High School Library 
Cecilia O'Connor 

Baldwinsville 3,685 
Baldwinsville Academy Library 
Bessie Morton Reynolds 

Ballaton Spa 4,103 
High School Library 
Julia A, Stever 

NEW YORK Continued 
Batavia 13,541 
Richmond Memorial Library 
Batavia High School 
Julia May Booth 

Binghamton 66,800 
Central High School Library 
Ellen F. Chamberlayne 

Bronxville 3,055 

Concordia Collegiate Institute Library 
Richard W. Heintze 

Buffalo 505,775 
Hutchinson-Central High School Library, 

Chippewa & Elmwood Ave. 
Alice H. Stafford 

Masten Park High School Library 
Mabel E. Barnes 

Technical High School Library, Eagle St. 
Anna Halloran 

Burnt Hills 189 
Ballston Lake School of Agriculture & 

Homemaking Library 
Mrs. Elsie B. Chatterton 

Chautauqua 3,533 
Canandaigua Academy Library 
C. Elta Van Norman 

Chatham 2,710 
Union High School Library 
Francis M. Samuel 

Chautaugua 3,533 

High School Library 
Celestine Loney 

Chazy 2,607 

Central Rural School Library 
Ruth Bradley Drake 

Cohoes 22,987 
High School Library 
Adelaide F. Koonmaan 

Dansville 4,631 
High School Library 
Theda Leete 

Deposit 1,943 
High School Library 
Gladys Glover 

Dobba Ferry 4,401 
High School Library 
Edith H. Pearson 

Dunkirk 19,336 
High School Library 
Annie E, West 



NEW YORK Continued 

Elmira 45,393 

Elmira Free Academy Library 
Mrs. Mabel L. Loomis 

Falconer 2,742 
High School Library 
Mrs. Kate E. Davis 

Gouverneur 4,143 
High School Library 
Blanche Hodgkin 

Groton 2,235 
High School Library 
Ellen A. Brown 

Hartwick Seminary 
Hartwick Seminary Library 
Prof. J. L. Kistler 

Hastings-TJpon-Hudson 5,226 
High School Library 
Kate De F. Crane 

Hornell 15,025 
High School Library 
Marion Celestia Van Arnam 

Hudson 11,745 
High School Library 
Anna Clark Kennedy 

Hudson Falls 5,761 
High School Library 
N. Agnes Vaughn 

Ithaca 17,004 
High School Library 
Hazel E. Manville 

Jamestown 38,917 

Public High School Library 
Ella W. Green 

Lowville 3,127 

Union High School Library 
A. Veronica Schramp 

Malone 7,556 
Franklin Academy Library 
Louisa F. Merritt 

Mechanicville 8,166 
Mechanicville High School Library 
Grace E. Bennett 

Medina 6,011 
High School" Library 
Grace L. Rug 

Mount Vernon 42,726 
High School Library 
Rosalind Greene 

NEW YORK Continued 
New Rochelle 36,213 
High School Library 
Mildred H. Lawson 

New York 5,620,048 
Brooklyn Borough 2,018,356 

Adelphia Academy Library, Clifton & St. 

James PI. 
Mabel Farr 

Bay Ridge High School Library, 67th St. 

& 4th Ave. 
Elizabeth B. McKnight 

Boys* High School Library, Marcy Ave. & 

Madison St. 
S. Ridley Parker 

Bushwick High School Library, Irving Ave. 

& Madison St. 
Jane B rower 

Commercial High School Library, Bergen 

& Dean Sts. 
Carson Brevoort 

Eastern District High School Library, 

Ave. & Rodney St. 
Laura M, J. Bertemy 

Erasmus Hall High School Library, Flat- 
bush & Church Aves. 
Mary A. Kingsbury 

Girls High School Library, Nostrand Ave. 

& Halsey St. 
Mary E. Hall 

Manual Training High School Library, 7th 

Ave. & 4th St. 
Ella M. Hazen 

Packer Collegiate Institute Library, Jorali- 

mon St. & Court St. 
Marion Morse 

Manhattan & Bronx Boroughs 3,016,119 
Brearley School Library, 60 E. 6ist St 
Mary E. Herr 

DeWitt Clinton High School Library, 59th 

St. & loth Ave. 
Harriet Arden 

Ethical Culture School Library, Central 

Park West & 6$d St 
Miss E. Rockwell 

Evander Childs High School Library, i84th 

St & Fields PL 
Daisy B. Sabin 

Hebrew Technical Institute, Stuyvesant & 

E. 9th St. 
Marie Smith 



NEW YORK Continued 
New York Continued 
High School of Commerce Library, 15; W. 

6sth St. 
Ethel Savacol 

Horace Mann School for Bovs Library. 

W. 246th St. 
Jessie Florence Brainard 

Hunter College High School, Park Ave. & 

68th St. 
Edith Rice 

Julia Richtnan High School Library, 60 W. 

I3th St. 
Katherine M. Christopher 

Lincoln School Library of Teachers Col- ! 
lege, 646 Park Ave. 

Annie T. Eaton i 


Morris High School Library, i6$th St. & ! 

Boston Road I 

Bertha F. Hathaway | 

Scudder School Library, 244 W. 72d St. ; 
Irene A. Hackett " | 

Stuyvesant High School Library, I5th St. & : 

ist Ave. ' 

Marguerite Boardman ' j 

Theodore Roosevelt High School Library, | 

Mott Ave. & I44th St. i 

Marjorie V. O'Donnell 

Townsend Harris High School Library, j 

I35th St. & St. Nicholas Ave. 
Margaret James 

Wadleigh High School Library, H4th St. & l 

7th Ave. ! 

Florence A. Dowden ] 

Washington Irving High School Library, [ 
Irving PI. ; 

Sarah E. Annett 


Queens Borough 469,042 i 

Bryant High School Library, Raddle St. 
" Wilbur Ave., Long Island City 
Annie M. Thayer 

Flushing High School Library, Sanford 

Ave., Flushing 
Jean Ely 

Jamaica High School Library, Hillside Ave., 

Rosamond Joslyn 

Newton High School Library, Elmhurst 
Julia Ida Bedell 

Richmond Hill High School Library, Elm 

St., Richmond Hill 
Julia G. Rohison 

NEW YORK Continued 
Richmond Borough 
Curtis High School Library, Hamilton Ave., 

New Brighton 
Julia Tracey Phillips 

Niagara Falls 50,760 
High School Library 
Maud A. Cathcart 

North Tonawanda 15,482 
High School Library 
Margaut E. Batcheller 

Norwich 8,268 
Guernsey Memorial Library, Norwich High 

N. Louise Ruckteshler 

Olean 20,506 

Olean High School Library 
Anna S. Phillips 

Oneida 10,541 
High School Library 
Adaline B. Rockwell 

Oswego 23,626 
High School Library 
R. Loretta Flanagan 

Painted Post 2,170 
High School Library 
Mabel Wells 

Port Henry 2,183 
High School Library 
Mabel Heslin 

Rochester 235,850 
East High School Library 
Irene D. Winans 

Jefferson Junior High School Library 
Ruth Norton 

Washington Junior High School Library 
Ruth Norton 

West High School Library 
Margaret E. Weaver 

Roslyn 1,500 
High School Library 
Christine Pride 

Scarsdale 3.506 

Lodrwood Collegiate School Library 
The Misses Lockwood, Prins. 

Scheaectady 88,723 
High School Library 
Ada V. A. Edwards 



NEW YORK Continued 

Scotia 435 8 

High School Library 
Ida M. Van Deusen 

Sherrill 1,761 
High School Library 
Muriel Rauscher 

Silver Creek 3,260 

Silver Creek High School Library 
Amy A. Wilcox 

Silver Springs 1,155 
High School Library 
Alice E. Daldry 

Syracuse 171,717 

Blodgett Vocational High School Library 
Gertrude R. Hewitt 

Central High School Library 
Lillian R. Gilbert 

North High School Library 
Katherine N. Hewitt 

Troy 72,013 

Lansingburg High School Library 
Marion F. Fraser 

Troy High School Library 
Julia F. McGahan 

Unadilla 1,157 

High School Library 
Gertrude Church 

mica 94,156 
Free Academy Library 
Grace F. Lyman 

"Watertown 3 J > 28 5 
High School Library 
Katherine S. Perine 

High School Library 
Margaret E. Lettis 

Waverly 5*270 
High School Library 
Effie L. Scott 

Westfield 3*413 
High School Library 
Mrs. Jessie R. RufBn 

White Plains 21,031 
High School Library 
Clara L. Overton 

Yonkers 100,176 
High School Library 
Ruby E. Bell 


Mt, Pleasant 1,777 
Mt. Pleasant Collegiate Institute 
W. W. Holman 

Franklinton 1,058 
Albion Academy Library 
E. L. Davis 

Oak Ridge 161 
Oak Ridge Institute Library 
T. E. Whitaker, Prin. 

Raleigh 24,418 
Peace Institute Library 
Mrs. W. H. Davis 

St. Augustine's School Library 
Bertha Richards 

St. Mary's School Library 
Elsie Fox 

Winston-Salem 48,395 
Winston-Salem High School Library 
Ruth H. Koos 


High School Librarv 
Ruth Staley 

Fargo 21,961 

Woodrow Wilson High School Library 
Greta Lagro 

Valley City 4,686 
High School Library 
Mrs. F. C Spalding 


Canton 87,091 

McKinley High School Library 
Howard B. Sohn 

Cincinnati 4<>*>247 
East High School Library 
Mary Helen Pooley 

Hughes High School Library 
Mary Banes 

Mount Saint Mary's Seminary Library 
H. J. Walsh 

Ohio Military Institute Library 
Colonel A. M. Henshaw, Head. 

Sacred Heart College & Academy 
Madame Dunn 

Woodward High School Library 
Stella Hier 




Cleveland 796,841 

Brownell Junior High School Library 
Helen M. Burgess 

Central High School Library, E. 55th St. 
Edith M. Hill 

Detroit Junior High School Library 
Mildred Harrington 

East High School Library, E. 82d St. 
Helen M. Watterson 

East Technical High School Library, E. 

55th St. 
Edith L. Cook 

Empire Junior High School Library 
Mary F. Stibbins 

Fairmount Junior High School Library 
Pauline Yager 

Glenville High School Library, Parkwood 

Helen B. Lewis 

Kennard Junior High School Library 
Clara E. Campbell 

Lincoln High School Library, Scranton Rd. 
Sarah Louise Lewis 

Longwood High School of Commerce Li- 
brary, E. 35th St. 
Cora Augusta Van Natten 

South High School Library, Broadway 
Margaret Clearland 

West Commerce High School Library, Ran- 
dall Rd. 
Blanche M. Coveney 

West High School Library, Franklin Ave. 
Leora M. Cross 

West Technical High School Library, W. 

93d St. 
Mabel M. Wood 

Cleveland Heights High School Library 
Adeline C Merrill 

Columbus 337/331 
East High School Library 
Alice L. Norris 

High School of Commerce Library 
Marguerite V. Doggett 

North High School Library 
Florence Josephine Kelly 

South High School Library 
Jessie Piersol 

West High School Library 
Sarah D. Davis 

OHIO 'Continued 
Columbus Continued 
St. Joseph's Academy Library 
Sister Josephine Ignatius 

Dayton 152,559 
Parker High School Library 
A. E. Clagett, Prin. 

Steele High School Library 
Frances Hunter 

Stivers High School Library 
Nellie McCampbell 

Notre Dame Academy Library 

Greenfield 4,344 

Greenfield High School Library 
F. R. Harris, Prin. 

Lake wood 41,732 
Lakewood High School Library 
Phoebe G. Pomeroy 

Mt. Saint Joseph 
Mount Saint Joseph-on-the-Ohio Academy 

Sister Evelyn, Directress 

Reading 4,540 

Mount Notre Dame Academy Library 
Sister Agnes Aloysia, Prin. 

Toledo 243,164 
Scott High School Library 
Ada Ritchie 

Waite High School Library 
Pauline Brown 

Woodward High School Library 
Eloise Witker 

Youngstown 1 32,358 
South High School Library 
Maud McLaughlin 


Ardmore 14,181 
Ardmore High School Library 
C. H. Woodruff, Prin. 

Chikasfca 10,179 

Chikasha Senior High School Library 
L. D. Mitchell, Prin. 

Claremore 3,435 

Oklahoma Military Academy 
W. S. Bryan 

Dnunright 6,460 

Drumright High School Library 
Fannie Wnitaker 



OKLAHOMA -Continued 

Elk City 2,814 
Elk City High School Library 
Mrs. Maggie Wood 

Miami 6,802 

Miami High School Library 
Mrs. T. C Young 

Muskogee 30,277 
Muskogee High School Library 
Stella N. Callahan 

Norman 5,004 

Norman High School Library 
Gretchen Mitchell 

Nowata 4,435 

Nowata High School Library 
Gladys Witt 

Oklahoma City 91,295 
Oklahoma City High School Library 
Eva Channing 

Tonkawa 1,448 

New Oklahoma Business Academy 
Mrs. Dorsia Norris 

Tulsa 72,075 

Tulsa High School Library 
Mrs. J. T. Homer 


Astoria 14,027 
Astoria High School Library 
Grace Gayton 


Eugene High School Library 
Mrs. Marie Fletcher 

Gresham 1,103 
Union High School Library (branch of Li- 

brary Assoc. of Portland) 
Norma Lee Peck 

Marshfield High School Library 
Georgia Downell 

Medford 5,756 

Medford High School Library 
Mrs. Burton Strock 

Milton 1,747 

Columbia Junior College Library 
Alice Howard 

Mount Angel 936 
Mount Angel Academy Library 
Sister Thomasine Gibson 

OREGON Continued 
Ontario 2,039 

Ontario High School Library 
Mrs. J. W. Springer 

Portland 258,288 

Benson Polytechnic High School Library, 
Branch of Library Assoc. of Portland 
Katherine Kiemle 

Franklin High School Library, Branch of 

Library Assoc. of Portland 
Nettie V. Drew 

High School Library of Commerce, Branch 

of Library Assoc. of Portland 
Ruth Hall 

James John High School Library, Branch of 

Library Assoc. of Portland 
Dorothea Smith Glass 

Jefferson High School Library, Branch of 

Library Assoc. of Portland 
Alma S. Jonson 

Lincoln High School Library, Branch of 

Library Assoc. of Portland 
Pearl Durst 

Washington High School Library, Branch of 

Library Assoc. of Portland 
Hilda Lancefield 

St. Mary's Academy Library 
Sister Mary Ethelind 

Salem 17,679 

Salem High School Library 
Lucile Crockett 


Altoona 60,331 
High School Library 
Maud Minster 

Bethlehem 50,358 
High School Library 
Agnes M. Ross 

Brryn Athyn 392 

Academy of the New Church Library 
Reginald W. Brown 

Butler 23,778 

Senior High School Library 
Georgia Mechling 

Chester 58,030 
Senior High School Library 
Mrs. Mary Pedlow 

Coatesville 14,515 

Senior High School Library 
Mary V. Baldwin 



Corry 7,228 

Senior High School Library 
Ruth Thomas 

Dunmore 20,250 
High School Library 
Martha A. Perry 

Erie 93,372 

Academy High School Library 
Mrs. Mary Binney 

Central High School Library 
Alary Reed 

Villa Maria Academy Library 
Mother M. Eugenia, Prin. 

Kingston 8,952 
Wyoming Seminary Library 
Helen Hahn 

Latrobe 9,484 
High School Library 
Alice Fries 

Mercerburg 1,663 

Mercersburg Academy Library 
Anna M. Fallen 

Pennsburg 1,404 
Perkiomen Seminary Library 
Maude R. Kuenle 

Philadelphia 1,823,779 
High School for Girls Library 
E. W. Massinger 

South Philadelphia High School for Girls 

Frieda Mendelstab 

West Philadelphia High School for Girls 

Miriam Miracle 

William Penn High School Library 
Edith Brinkmann 

Pittbsurgh 588,1 93 

Allegheny High School Library, 810 Sher- 
man Ave. 
Mary R. Moorhead 

Schenley High School Library, Center Ave. 

& Bigelow Boulevard 
Clara E. Howard 

Pottstown 1 7,431 
High School Library 
Alice W. Emerson 

Reading 197,784 
Girls High School Library 
Mrs. Anna Allen 

Riegelsville 600 

Riegelsville Academy Library 
E. C Brinker, Jr. 

Scranton 137,783 
Technical High School Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth Kuschke 

Central High School Library 
Mrs. George Howell 

West Chester 11,717 
High School Library 
Sara Evans 

Williamsport 36,198 
Dickinson Seminary Library 
S. Edith Adams 

York 47,512 
High School Library 
Mai A. Clinedinst 

Collegiate Institute Library 
C. H. Ehrenfeld 


Auburn 29,407 

Cranston High School Library 
Miss A. W. Carpenter 

East Providence 21,793 
High School Library 
Mabel E. Razous 

Newport 30,255 
Rogers High School Library 
Eleanor M. Barker 

Pawtucket 64,248 
Pawtucket High School Library 
Edith H. Mason 

Providence 237,595 

High School of Commerce 
Hilda A. Coornbe 

Hope Street High School Library 
Stella Whittaker 

Moses Brown School Library 
Edith Buffum 

Technical High School Library 
Mrs. Helen M. Searle 

W oonsocket 43,496 
High School Library 
Florence P. Mowry 


Aberdeen 14,537 
Central High School Library 
Joseph T. Glewn, Supt 



SOtJTH DAKOTA Continued 
Huron 8,302 

Junior-Senior High School Library 
Susan Conkey 

Junior-Senior High School Library 
Helen M. Hummer 

Lead 5,013 
High School Library 
Mrs. Gladys B. Bendure 

Mitchell 8,478 
Senior High School Library 
Mary Wallis 

Sioux Falls 25,202 
High School Library 
Miss Lee 

All Saints School Library 
H. Delia Ellirtwood 

Water town 9,400 
High School Library 
Ethel E. Else 

Yankton 5,024 
High School Library 
Marion B. Jones 


Athens 2,580 

Foster Library, Athens School of Univer- 
sity of Chattanooga 
E. C Ferguson 

Belle Buckle 665 

Webb School Library 
William R. Webb, Jr. 

Clarksville 8,1 10 
High School Library 
Bertha Marshall 

Columbia 5,526 

Columbia Institute Library 
Naomi Clark 

Cumberland City 490 
Academy Library 
J. H. Beyer 

Knoxville 77,818 

Knoxville High School Library 
Etta L. Matthews 

Lebanon 4,084 . 

Rutherford Park Library, Castle Heights 

Military Academy 
Ruth Buchanan 

Nashville 118,342 
St. Cecilia's Academy .Library 
Mother Hesula, Prin. 

TENNESSEE Continued 
Nasttville Continued 
Ward-Belmont School Library 
J. D. Blanton, Pres. 


Austin 34,876 

Austin High School Library 
Alice S. Harrison 

Cliburne 12,820 
Cliburne High School Library 
Mita Dalton 

El Paso 77,560 

El Paso High School Library 
Emily Wyndham Kenny 


Beaver City 1,827 
Murdock Academy Library 
Reinhard Maeser, Prin. 

Castle Dale 693 
Emery Academy Library 
G. F. Hickman, Prin. 

Ephrain 2,287 
Snow Academy Library 
Newton E. Noyes, Prin. 

Logan 9,439 

New Jersey Academy Library 
Mary H. Martin, Prin. 

Ml Pleasant 2,415 
Wasatch Academy Library 

C. L. Johns, Prin. 

Ogden 32,804 

Sacred Heart Academy Library 
Sister M. Colsus, Superior 

Weber Academy Library 
Joel Ricks, Prin. 

Provo 10,303 
Proctor Academy Library 
F. C. Buck, Prin. 

Salt Lake City n8,rio 
Rowland Hall Library 
Alice V. McDonald, Prin. 

Latter-Day Saints' High School Library 
Minnie I. Margetts 

St. Mary's Academy Library 
Sister Superior 

Vernal i,3J9 

Uintah State Academy Library 

D. A. Jacobsen, Prin. 




Burlington 20,468 
Bishop Hopkins Hall Library 
Ellen Seton Ogden, Ph.D., Prin. 

Montpelier 7,135 
Montpelier Seminary Library 
Rev. John W, Hatch, M. S., Prin. 

Saxtons River 350 
Vermont Academy Library 
Mrs. Mabel Fowler 


Bellevue 27 

Bellevue High School Library 
C M. Abbott 

Richmond 171,667 
Rosemary Library 
John Marshall High School Library 
Mary S. Dew 


Eaumclaw 1,378 
Emimclaw High School Library 
Ethelda Burge 

Seattle 315,312 
'Ballard High School Library 
Hazel H. Erchinger 

Broadway High School Library 
Mary Lytle 

Franklin High School Library 
Lois E, Caughey 

Queen Anne High School Library 
Grace Jean Mclntosh 

Roosevelt High School Library 
Beatrice Mercer 

West Seattle High School Library 
Jean P. Lane 

Spokane 104^37 
Lewis and Clark High School 
Elizabeth T. Stout 

North Central High School Library 
Lucile F. Fargo 

Xacoma 96,965 
Lincoln High School Library 
Lillian Anderson 

Stadium High School Library 
Mary Kobetich 

Vancouver 12,637 
Vancouver High School Library 
Pansy Hutchinson 

Wenatchee 6,324 
High School Library 
Elizabeth Murray 


Bluefield 15,282 

Bluefield Colored" Institute Library 
! R. P. Sims, Prin. 

| Clarksburg 27,889 

i Washington Irving High School Library 
j Orie McConkey, Prin. 

j Fairmont 17,851 
j High School Library 
Bessie J. Reed 

Hinton 3,912 

High School Library 
j J. D. Mays 

Institute 125 

West Virginia Collegiate Institute Library 
John W. Davis, Pres. 

Martinsburg 12,515 
High School Library 
M. L. Wachtel 

Morgantown 12,127 
High School Library 
Don Hammond 

Parkersburg 20,050 
High School Library 
Ida M. Peters 

Point Pleasant 3,059 
High School Library 
B. G. Moore 

Sutton 1,121 
High School Library 
Margaret Fisher 

Wheeling 52,208 
Mt. De Chantal Academy Library 
Sister M. Berchmans, Direc. 

Williamson 6,819 
High School Library 
A. C. Davis 


Algoma 1,911 

High School Library 
Elizabeth B. Jackson 

Amery 1,203 
High School Library 

Lorena Kuehl 


WISCONSIN -Continued 
Antigo 8,451 
High School Library 
Erma Bloss 

Appleton 19,561 
High School Library 
Ruth Meilke 

Arcadia 1,418 
High School Library 
Ruth Crook 

Ashland 11,334 
High School Library 
Charlotte Staley 

Augusta 1,407 
High School Library 
Lucy Smith 

Baraboo 5,538 
High School Library 
Leila Johnson 

Barren 1,623 

Barron High School Library 
Ruth Hinman 

Bayfield 1,441 
High School Library 
Delia Mathys 

Beaver Dam 7,992 
High School Library 
Lelia Barber 

Beloit 21,284 

Beloit High School Library 
Fannie Rosenberg 

Berlin 4,400 

Berlin High School Library 
Mrs. J. H. Thorngate 

Black River Palls 1,796 
Black River Falls High School Library 
Alice M. Rush 

Bloomer i ,648 
High School Library 
Hazel Scovell 

Boscobel 1,670 

Boscobel High School Library 
Hazel Jones 

Brillion 1,102 
High School Library 
Hannah Haroldson 

Brodhead 1,600 

High School Library 
Mrs. Delia Larkin 

| WISCONSIN Continued 

i Burlington 3,626 

i High School Library 

f Lillian Froggatt 

! Cedarburg 1,738 

! High School Library 

| Adaline Bertschey 

Chetek 1,154 
High School Library 
Annabel Ritchie 

Chilton 1,833 
High School Library- 
Florence I. Smiley 

Chippewa Falls 9,130 
Chippewa Falls High School Library 
Margaret Haight 

Clintonville 3,275 
High School Library 
Blanche Schoonover 

Columbus 2,460 
High School Library 
Frances Wilson 

Crandon 1,632 

Crandon High School Library 
Genevieve R. Quinn 

Cuba City 1,175 
High School Library 
Fava Goan 

Cudahy 6,725 
High School Library 
Elizabeth Bird 

Cumberland i ,528 
High School Library 
Helen Lamp son 

Darlington 1,798 
High School Library 

Delavan 3,016 
High School Library 
Frances McNulty 

DePere 6,165 

High School Library 
Henrietta Crabbe 

Dodge ville 1,896 
High School Library 
Blanche Rowe 

Durand 1,517 

High School Library 
Stella R. O'Brien 



WISCONSIN Continued 
Claire 20,906 
High School Library 
Ruth A. Sorenson 

Edge rt on 2,688 
High School Library 
May Hitchcock 

Elkhorn 1,991 

Elkhorn High School Library 
Amelia W, Kuhnhenn 

Ellsworth 1,043 
Ellsworth High School Library 
Julia M. Mangan 

Elroy 1,713 

High School Library 
Winifred Harvey 

Evansville 2,209 

Evansville High School Library 
Lillian B. Ludington 

Fenimore 1,383 
High School Library 
Armintha Blanchard 

Fond du Lac 23427 
High School Library 
Evelyn Osborne 

Fort Atkinson 4,915 
High School Library 
Marion E. Griswold 

Fox Lake 1,012 
High School Library 
Eva I. Mathison 

Green Bay 31,017 
East Side High School Library 
Julia Shea 

West Side High School Library 
Millie Bock 

Hartford 4,515 
High School Library 
Elizabeth Warner 

Hayward 1,302 
Hayward High School Library 
Sylvia J. Bridges 

Highland 1,024 
High School Library 
Mary E. Murphy 

Eoricon 2,134 

Horicon High School Library 
Evangeline Keenan 


WISCONSIN Continued 
Hudson 3,014 
High School Library 
Jennie Lee 

Hurley- 3,188 
High School Library 
Margaret Chiono 

Janes ville 18,393 
High School Library 
Irene Bull 

Jefferson 2,572 
High School Library 
MajTne Trager 

Juneau 1,159 
High School Library 
Leonora Treanore 

Kaukana 5,951 
High School Library 
Marcella Thompson 

Kenosna 40,472 

Kenosha Junior High School Library 
Dorothy Slater 

Lincoln High School Library 
Elsa Dietrich 

McKinley High School Library 
Edith Hastings 

Washington High School Library 
Marietta Baker 

Kewaunee i ,865 
Kewaunee High School Library 
Emroy C. Walker 

Kiel 1,599 
High School Library 
Alice Barton 

Kilbourn 1,306 

Kilbourn High School Library 
Lillian Ramsay 

La Crosse 30,421 
High School Library 
Maude V. Dickinson 

Ladysmith 3,58 1 
High School Library 
Marg-aret Scott 

Lake Geneva 2,632 
High School Library- 
Mrs. Lillian Johnson 

Lake Mills 1,754 
High School Library 
Elsie F. Schmidt 



WISCONSIN Continued 
Lancaster 2,485 
High School Library 
Margaret Roeske 

Little Chute 2,017 
High School Library 
Margaret Scannell 

Lodi 1,077 
High School Library 
Almyra Stuve 

Madison 38,378 
High School Library 
Ruth C. Rice 

East Side High School Library 
Anna Gebhardt 

Manitowoc 17,563 
Washington High School Library 
Edith L. Ruddock 

Marinette 13,610 
High School Library 
Ruba Marion Ashmore 

Marshfield 7,394 

McKinley Senior High School Library 
Mary Scott 

Mauston 1,966 
High School Library 
Alta Yeoman 

Mayville 3,011 
High School Library 
Dorothy Elmgren 

Medford 1,881 
High School Library 
Isabel Greenslade 

Mellen 1,981 
High School Library 
Mary Williams 

Menasha 7,214 
High School Library 
Alice I. Bonnell 

Menomonee 5,104 
High School Library 
Mrs. Minda Docker 

Menomonee Falls 1,019 
High School Library 
Clarence Zimmerman 

Merrill 8,068 
High School Library 
Mabel Burr 

WISCONSIN Continued 
Milwaukee 457,147 
Riverside High School Library 
Louise Chamberlin 

Washington High School Library 
Miriam D. Tompkins 

West Division High School Library 
Anna Klipstein 

Mineral Point 2,569 
High School Library 
Lillian Wallace 

Mondovi 1,554 
High School Library 
Roberta Jones 

Monroe 4,788 
High School Library 
Margaret Schiesser 

Montello 1,112 
High School Library 
Josephine Halsor 

Mosinee 1,161 
High School Library 
Cecelia Rebmann 

Mount Horeb 1,350 
High School Library 
Edna S. Gramm 

Neenah 7,171 
High School Library 
Norma Cass 

Neillsville 2,160 
High School Library 
Mrs. Frances Button 

Nekoosa 1,639 

High School Library 
Lillian Wieslander 

New Holstein 1,373 
High School Library 
Laura J. Reinke 

New London 4,667 
High School Library 
Geneva Oium 

New Richmond 2,248 
High School Library 
Bertha 0. Wollum 

Niagara 1,946 
High School Library 

Regina Beckmire 


V7ISCONSIN Continued 

North Fond Du Lac 2,150 
High School Library 
Julia DeLaney 

Oconomowoc 3,301 
High School Library 
Mary Hart 

Oconto 4,920 
High School Library 
Agnes Churchill 

Omro 1,042 
High School Library 
Julia Long 

Onalaska i ,066 
High School Library 
Elsie Morrow 

Oshkosh 33,162 
High School Library 
Nellie B. Jones 

Owen 1,083 
High School Library 
Madeline Alleman 

Park Falls 2,676 
High School Library 
Alary Edgington 

Peshtigo 1,440 
High School Library 
Kathryn Hornibrook 

Phillips 1,973 
High School Library 
Anna Lowe 

Platteville 4,353 
High School Library 
Ruth Shepherd 

Plymouth 3,415 
High School Library 
Gladys Snyder 

Port Washington 3,340 
High School Library 
Marie O'Brien 

Portage 5,582 
High School Library 
Helen A. Rhyme 

Prairie du Chien 3,537 

High School Library 

Dorothy Pfluegner 

Princeton 1,275 
High School Library 
Violet Kresge 

WISCONSIN Continued 

Racine 58,593 
High School Library 
Mary El. Pugh 

Randolph 1,183 
High School Library 
Millie Wright 

Red granite 1,012 
High School Library 
Carolyn Newell 

Reedsburg 2,997 
High School Library 
Catharine Alvord 

Rhinelander 6,654 
High School Library 
Ma\ r me Calkins 

Rib Lake 1,020 
High School Library 
Doris M. Hendrickson 

Rice Lake 4,457 
High School Library 
Helen E. Schroder - 

Richland Center 3,409 
High School Library 
Alvina Brennecke 

Ripon 3,929 
High School Library 
Grace E. Bailey 

River Falls 2,273 
High School Library 
Christine Pederson 

Sank City 1,162 
High School Library 
Elanore Cronson 

Seymour 1,280 
High School Library 
Margaret L. Carey 

Shawano 3,544 
High School Library 
Mabel M. Liner 

Sheboygan 30,955 
High School Library 
Mary C Heronymus 

Sheboygan Palls 2,002 
High School Library 
Lucile Dobson 

Shullesburg 1,158 
High School Library 
Bertha J. Merriam 


WISCONSIN Continued 
South Milwaukee 7,598 
High School Library 
Frances M. Jamieson 

Sparta 4,466 
High School Library 
Esther E. Roberts 

Spooner 2,293 
High School Library 
Elizabeth Gullord 

Stanley 2^77 
High School Library 
Laura Olsen 

Stevens Point 11,371 
High School Library 
Elizabeth Battin 

EJtoughton 5,101 
High School Library 
Alma Burull 

Stratford 1,014 
High School Library 
Gudrun Jahr 

Sturgeon Bay 4,553 
High School Library 
Anna D. C. Gropp 

Sun Prairie 1,236 
High School Library 
Margaret McMeans 

Superior 39,671 
High School Library 
Mrs. Bessie Rossiter 

Toman 3,257 
High School Library 
Margaret Luce 

Tomahawk 2,898 
High School Library 
Margaret Clark 

Two Rivers 7,305 
High School Library 
Louise Marie Newman 

Viroqua 2,574 
High School Library 
Marion Dahl 

Washburn 3,707 
High School Library 
Frances E. Morgan 

Waterloo 1,262 
High School Library 
Pearl Pidd 


WISCONSIN Continued 

Watertown 9,299 
High School Library 
Marion Thomas 

Waukesha 1 2,558 
Public High School Library 
Esther M. Berry 

Waupaca 2,839 
High School Library 
Edna West 

Wauptm 4,440 
High School Library 
Meribah Hazen 

Wausau 18,661 
High School Library 
Lucille Nichols 

Wautoma 1,046 
High School Library 
Winifred Heron 

Wauwatosa 5,818 
High School Library 
Dorothy Dorr 

West Allis 13,745 
Lincoln High School Library 
Leone Bryhan 

West Bend 3,378 
High School Library 
L. Irene Backey 

West Salem 1,027 
High School Library 
Lillian Villand 

Westby 1,228 
High School Library 
Bertha Schoonover 

Whitewater 3,21 5 
High School Library 
Dorothy Fenton 

Wisconsin Rapids 7,243 

High School Library 

Agnes Eichinger 


Afton 350 

Star Valley High School Library 
Principal of School, Verne P. Thorpe 


Manila 466,943 
Government School Library 
Florence R. Curtis 




Jefferson County Medical Library, City 

Lloyd W. Josselyn 

Jemison & Co. Library 


Library of the School of Medicine, Uni- 
versity of Alabama 
Kathryn McKee 


Alabama State and Supreme Court Library 
Junius Riggs, Librarian 


Geological Survey of Alabama Library 
Dr. Eugene Smith 


Commercial Club Library 



College of Agriculture Library, Arkansas 
Margaret Galloway 

Little Rock 

Pulaski County Medical Society Library 
Beatrice Prall 

Medical Dept. Library, Univ. of Arkansas 
Miss A. Murphy 



Modoc County Law Library 
Judge Clarence A. Raker 

Placer County Law Library 


Kern County Law Library 
Julia G. Babcock 


University of California, 
lege Libraries 

See under Col- 


Geographical Society of the Pacific Library 

R. S. Holway, Asst Sec. 
Mono County l Law Library 


Colusa County Law Library 
Judge Ernest Weyand 

Crescent City 

Del Norte County Law Library 
E. C. Hersch, Dist. Att'y 

Sierra County Law Library 

El Centro 

Imperial County Law Library 
Franklin, J. Cole 


Humboldt County Law 'Library 
Asst. Dist. Attty. Kennett Hewlett 


Solano County Law Library 
Louise Morrill 


Chinese > Public Library of Central Cali- 
C. King Young 

Fresno County Law Library 
Sarah E. McCardle 


Kings County Law Library 
E, F. Pickerill 


San Benito County iLaw Library 
Geo. W. Jean, Sec. 


Amador County Law Library 
William Going 

Los Angeles 

Barlow Medical Library, 742 N. Broadway 
Mrs. Ida D. Fellows 

California State Fisheries Laboratory 
Will F. Thompson 

Chamber of Mines and Oil, Mining and 

Scientific Library, 224 S. Spring St 
G. &. Swindell, Secy. 

Directory Library, Los Angeles Directory 
Co., Broadway Central Building 
R. L. Polk 

District Court of Appeals, 3d Dist. -Library 
J., H. Crumrine 



Los Angeles Continued 

Historical Society of Southern California 
Library, Historical Bldg,, Exposition 
R. D. Hunt, Pres. 

Los Angeles County Hospital Medical Li- 
brary, iioo Mission Road 
E. Hamilton 

Los Angeles County Law Library, Inter- 
national Savings Bank Bldg. 
Thomas \V. Robinson 

Los Angeles Railroad Library, Div. No. 2, 

nth and Broadway 
Mrs. Mary A. Parker 

Metaphysical Circulating Libr. and Read- 
ing Room, 357 S. Hill St. 
Eleanor Reesberg 

Polish Library Association Library, 4410 

Lima St. 

Mrs, K. Skoverski 
Security Trust and Savings Bank Library, 

5th St., cor. Spring St. 
Mrs. Vivian G. Smith 

Sons of the Revolution Society and Cali- 
fornia Society of Colonial Wars Libr., 
424 S. Broadway 
Willis Milnor Dixon 

SoutHern California Edison Co. Library, 

Broadway and 3d St. 
Margaret Richter 

Southern California Academy of Sciences 

Library, 719 San Fernando Bldg. 
Holdridge O. Collins, Pres. 

Southwest Museum, Munk Library of Ari- 
zoniana, Marmion Way opp. Sycamore 
Grove Park 
Cora Hatch 

Theosophical Society Libr., 233 S. Broad- 
Mrs. Ruth Emery 

Theosophical Society Reading Room (Kro- 

tona Institute), 5444 Hollywood Blvd. 
C. J. Van Vliet 

United States Circuit Court Library 
Wm. M. Van Dyke, Clerk of U. S. Cir- 
cuit Court 

University of Southern California, 
under College Libraries 


White Memorial Hospital (Library, 304 N. 

Boyle Ave. 
Mrs. R, D. Thompson 


Madera County Law Library 
Julia Steffa 


Mariposa County Law Library 
Judge J. J. Trabucco, trustee 


Alpine County Law Library 
Fred S. Dunlap 


Contra Costa County iLaw Library 
J. T. Barkley, Sec., Bd. of Trustees 


Yuba County Law Library 
E. P. McDaniels, Judge 


Merced County Law Library 
Winifred H. Bigley 


Stanislaus County Law Library 
J. W. Hawkins 

Mount Hamilton 
Lick Observatory Library 
Dr. R. G. Aitken 


Napa County Law Library 
Henry C. Gasford, Superior Judge 

Nevada City 

Nevada County Law Library 
Geo. L. Jones 


Alameda County Law Library 
Eloise B. Cushing 

Kalifornia Esperantista Biblioteko 
L. D. Stockton 

Medical Library of Alameda County, 3105 

Grove St 
Lillian McKinnon 

Oakland Directory Library 

Polytechnic College of Engineering Library 
W. W. Fogg, Prin. 

Theosophical Society Library 
Mrs. Clara J. Rider 

Van Der Naillen School of Engineering 

John L. Winter 




Butte County Law Library 
Jas. A. McGregor 

Pacific Grove 

Pacific Grove Museum Association Library 
Laura Duncan 


California Institute of Technology Library 
Frances H. Spining 

Mount Wilson Solar Observatory .Library 
Elizabeth Connor 


El Dorado County Law Library 
Abe Darlington 


Plumas County Law Library 
J. D. McLaughlin 

Red Bluff 

Tehama County Law Library 
John F. Ellison, Pres. 


Shasta County Law Library 
Judge J.-E. Barber, Pres. 

Redwood City 

San Mateo County 'Law Library 
Geo. H. Buck 


Citrus Experiment Station Library 
Margaret Buvens 

Riverside County Law Library 
A. M. Haynes, Sec. 


Finnish Library 
Richard Kesti 


Catholic Library of Sacramento 
Mrs. N. E. White 

District Court of Appeal, 3d Dist. Library 
John T. Stafford, Clerk 

Sacramento County (Law Library 
Markham Johnston 

State Dept. of Agriculture Library 
G. H. Hecke, Sec. 

State Forestry Library 
G. M. Homans, State Forester, in charge 


Monterey County Law Libraoy 
M. J. Smith 

San Andreas- 

Calaveras County Law Library 
J. A. Smith, Superior Judge 

San Bernardino 

San Bernardino County Law Library 
Jerome B. Kavanaugh 

San Diego 
Directory Library 
Wm. Tomkins 

San Diego Medical Library Association 
Mrs. Alice H. Merritt 

San Diego County Law Library 
J. V. Hicks 

Scripps Institution for Biological Research 

of the University of California 
Dr. Christine E. Essenberg 

University of California, Scripps Institution 

for Biological Research 
Dr. Christine E. Essenberg 

San Francisco 

American Institute of Banking, San Fran- 
cisco Chapter, 126 Post 
John S. Wilson, Secy. 

Art Association of San Francisco Library, 

California cor. Main 
J. R. Marin, Asst. Sec. and Ln. 

Astronomical Society of the Pacific. See 
Sutro Branch 

Bar Association of San Francisco Library, 

928 Pacific Bldg. 
Geo. J. Martin, 

Builders' Exchange Patent Library, 180 

S. A. D. Schenck, 

California Academy of Sciences Library, 

Golden Gate Pa-rk 
Dr. Joseph Grinnell 

California Development Board Library, 

Ferry Bldg. 
Mrs. E. M. Van Frank, Sec. 

California Genealogical Society Library. 
See Sutro Branch 

California Historical Society Library. See 
Sutro Branch 

California Society, Sons of the American 
Revolution Library. See Sturo Branch 

Cogswell Polytechnical College Library, 

26th and Folsom Sts. 
Marie Padkin 



San Francisco Continued 
Common Avealth Club of Cal. Library, 153 

Kearney St. 
Miss I. O. Drewitz 

First Hungarian Society of San Francisco 

Library, 273 Golden Gate Ave. 
Max Roth 

Federal Reserve Bank Library 
Lois Howe 

General Electric Office Library 
Minnie A. Lewis 

John Hays Hammond Public Mining Libr., 

State Mining Bureau, Ferry Bldg. 
Charles Gregory Yale, Trustee 

Heald Commercial Library. See Sutro Br. 

Irish Historical and Literary Society of 
San Francisco Libr., 1133 Mission St. 
Frank S. Drady 

The Koster Company (Export) Library, In- 
surance Exchange Bldg. 
E. G. Abbott 

Lane Medical Library of Stanford Univ., 

Sacramento and Webster Sts. 
Louise Uphuls 

Machinists' Library, 228 Oak St. 
Chas. Watson 

Mrs. May Stansbury Mansfield Library. 
See Sutro Branch 

Mercantile Trust Co. Library, 464 California 
Annette Windele 

Metaphysical Library, 165 Post 
Eloise U. Wilson 

Mills Building Law Library, 1102 Mills 

R, C Young 

Pacific Coast Gas Ass'n Library, 445 

Sutter St. 
W. M. Henderson 

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (Law Library, 

445 Sutter St 
W. B. Bosley 

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Library, 445 

Sutler St. 
Helen Fellows 

James Hugh Wise Library, Pacific 'Gas and 

Electric Co-., 445 Sutter St. 
Joseph P. Baloun, Sec. 

San Francisco Continued 
The Henry Pierce (Unitarian) Library, 

Geary and Franklin Sts. 
Ruth B. Turner 

San Francisco Chronicle Library, Market 

and Kearney Sts. 
Alice Swain 

San Francisco County Medical Society Li- 
brary, 909 Hyde St. 
Leo Eloesser 

San Francisco Law Library, 436 City Hall 
James H. Deering 

San Francisco Stamp Society Library 
Oliver G. Beardslee 

Shell Oil Company Library, 343 Sansome 

John A. Dean 

The Sierra Club Library, 402 Mills Bldg. 
Wm. E, Colby, Bres. 

Southern Pacific Company Library, 65 Mar- 
ket St. 
Julia Evans 

Southern Pacific Law Dept. Library, 841 

Flood Bldg. 
J. E. Powers 

Standard Oil Company Library, 200 Bush 
Margaret Hatch 

State Mining Bureau Library, Ferry Bldg. 
Emma Cooney 

Sutro Branch, California State Library, 

Lane Medical Library Bldg. 
Mrs. Laura S. Suggett 

Supreme Court Library, Wells Fargo Bldg. 
Thos. F. Dunn 

Swedish Society of San Francisco Library, 

2174 Market St. 
Harry Mentzer, Sec. 

Theosophical Society Library, 414 Mason 

J. E. Allison, Sec. 

United Railroads of San Francisco Law 

Library, 58 Sutter St 
Wm. M. Abbott, Gen. Atty. 

United States Circuit Court of Appeals, gth 
Circuit, Library, U. S. P. 0., 7th and 
Mission Sts 1 . 
0. W. Yeargain 


U. S. Forest Service Library, Ferry Bldg. 
Paul G. Redington, Dist. Forester 


San Francisco Continued 

U. S. Geological Survey Library, 305 Cus- 
tom House 
Chas. Gregory Yale, Special Agent 

University of California, 
lege Libraries 

See under Col- 

Wells Fargo Nevada 'Bank Library, Mont- 
gomery and Market Sts. 
Miss Stayner 

Workmen's Circle Branch Yiddish Library, 

566 Fulton St. 
S. Rosofif 

Western Philatelic Ass'n Library 
Oliver G. Beardslee 

San Jose 

San Jose Law Library 
L. Jennie Spencer, Sec. 

Santa Clara County Medical Society Libr. 
Dr. J. L. Pritchard, Sec. 

San Luis Obispo 

San, Luis Obispo County (Law Library 
F. A. Norton, Superior Judge 

San Rafael- 

Marin County Law Library 
C. S. Whitaker 

Santa Ana 

Orange County Law Library 
J. C. Burke, Sec,. 

Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara County Law Library 
A. R. Edrnondson, Sec. 

Society of Natural History Library 
Rev. Geo, Philip Goll, Curator 

San Jose 

Santa Clara County Medical Library 
Jacob L. Pritchard 

Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz County Law Library 
Harry E. Miller, Sec. 

Santa Rosa- 

Sonoma County Law Library 
W. W. Felt, County Clerk 


Shasta Forest Reserve Library 
John S. Everitt 


Tuolumne County Law Library 
Judge G. W. Nkol 


San Joaquin County Law Library 
Laura Klench 


Lassen County Law Library 
Judge H. D. Burroughs 


Mendocino County Law Library 
J. M. Mannon, Sec. 


Ventura County Law Library 
J. C. P. Moore, Sec. 


Tulare County Law Library 
Gretchen Flower 

Catholic Library 
Katie T. WeinKeimer 

Trinity County Law Library 
Horace R. Given 


Glenn County Law Library 
Ben F. Geis 


Yolo County Law Library 
W. A. Anderson 

Ynba City- 

Sutler County Law 'Library 
K. S. Mahon 


Siskiyou County Law Library 
Judge J. F. Lodge 


Municipal Reference Bureau, University of 

Arnold J. Lien 

Colorado Springs 

El Paso County Medical Society Library 
George A. Boyd 


Colorado Medical Liberty League Library, 
Enterprise Bldg. 

Colorado Scientific Society Library 

Denver Bar Association Library 
Mrs. Lena M. Bangs 



COLORADO Continued 
Denver Continued 
Empire Zinc Company Library 
W. Prescott 

Gates Rubber Company Library 

Great Western Sugar Company Library 
Mrs. Gretchen S, Boyle 

Italian Library, 2454 ipth St. 
Law Library, A. C. Foster Bldg. 
Law Library, Symes Bldg. 

Matthew Hall Theological Seminary Libr. 
Rt. Rev. Irving P. Johnson 

Medical Society of the City and County of 

Denver Library, 1620 Court PI. 
Elinor Hensley 

State Historical Society Library 
Mrs. E. McN. Galbraith 

Supreme Court .Library 
Win. D. Latshaw 

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Library 
A. Lincoln Fellows 

Law School Library, Univ. of Denver 
Charles L. Andrews 

Fort Collins 

Colorado Agricultural College Library 
Charlotte A. Baker 


State School of Mines Library 
Irma V. Downs 


Pueblo County Medical Society Library 
Cruia Epler 



Fairfield County iLaw Library 
Charles S. Evans 


Wile Library, Danbury Hospital 
Mary Durnin 


Baa: Association Library 
'Gladys Judd Day 

Aetna Life Insurance Company Library 
Miss Eddy 

Connecticut Historical Society Library 
Albert C. Bates 


| Hartford Continued 

Hartford Electric Light Co. Library 
Miss A. M. Baker 

Hartford Medical Society Library, 38 Pros- 
pect St. 
Walter R. Steiner 

National Fire Insurance Co. Library 
Mary A. Bowen 

Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. Library 
Grace A. Child 

School of Religious Pedagogy Library 
Alice M. Richardson 

Case Memorial Library Theological Sem- 
Charles Snow Thayer 

Travelers Insurance Co. Library 
Emily C. Coates 

Watkinson Library of Reference 
Frank B. Gay 


Berkeley Divinity School Library 
Rev. W. P. Ladd, Dean 

New Haven 

Connecticut Street Railway Co. Library 
I. A, May 

N,ew Haven Bar Library 
Mary S. Foote 

New Haven Colony Historical Society Libr. 

New Haven Medical Society Library, 234 

Church St. 
Gustavus Eliot 

Southern New England Telephone Co.. 

Jessie Ames Mix 

U. S. Public Health Service Hospital 

United States Rubber Co. Library 
Eunice E. Peck 

Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Library 
Lillian F. Nisbet 

Norwalk Tire and Rubber Co. Library 


New 'London County Bar Library 
Andrew B. Davis 


Windham County Law Library 
Edgar B. Warner 



Sidney Blumenthal and Co., Inc., The Shel- j 

ton Looms Library 
Dorothy Finney 

South Coventry 
Hale Library for Clergymen 
Rev. H. C/Beebe 

South Manchester 

Cheney Brothers Library 
Margery Abell 


Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co. 

Minnie E. Burke 


American Brass Co. Library 
Eulalia M. Madden 

Mattuck Historical Society Library 
Walter W. Holmes 

Scoville Manufacturing Co. Library 

Waterbury Bar Library 
Miss M. A. Seiners 



Delaware State Library (law) 
Earle D. Willey 

Delaware Public Archives Commission 
Walter S. Tatnall 

Henry Clay 
Du Pont de Nemours and Company, E. L, 

Experimental Station Library 
Hazel Braman 


New Castle County Law /Library 
Rozdla Curlett 

Joseph Bancroft and Sons Co. Library 
U. C. Rubridge, in charge 

Historical Society of Delaware Library 
Christopher L. Ward, Sec'y 

Du Pont de Nemours and Co. Technical 

Elizabeth TCruse 

Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Jackson 

Charlotte G. Noyes 

Hercules Powder Company Library 
Frances Fairbanks 


1 Washington 

Library of Congress 
Herbert Putnam 

Bibliography Division 
H. H. B. Meyer 

Documents Division 
Henry John Harris 

Law Library 
Walter H. McClenon 

Legislative Reference Division 
Walter H. McClenon 

Manuscripts Division 
Charles Moore 

Maps and Charts Division 
Philip Lee Phillips 

Music Division 
Walter R. Whittlesey 

Prints Division 
Richard Austin Rice 

Supreme Court Library (of the Library 

of Congress) The Capitol 
Charles W. Collins 

Semitic Division 
Israel Schapiro 

Government Department Libraries are ^ ar- 
ranged alphabetically under the various 
department headings. 

United States Department of Agriculture 

Department Library, United States Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, 1358 M St., S.W. 
Claribel R. Barnett 

Bureau of Animal Industry Library, I2th 

& B Sts. f S.W. 
Florence Thompson 

Biological Survey Library, 1358 St., S.W. 
William H. Cheesman 

Bureau of Chemistry Library, 216 I3th St., 

Louise Duvall 

Bureau of Crop Estimates Library, I3th & 

K Sts. 
Mrs. Ellen H. Painter 

Bureau of Entomology Library, I2th & B 

Sts., S.W. 
Mabel Colcord 

Forest Service Library, 930 F St., N.W. 
Helen E. Stockbridge 




Office of Farm Management and Farm 
Economics Library, 200 i4th St., S.W. 
Marie E. Fisher 

Bureau of Markets Library, 1358 B St., 

Mary G. Lacy 

Bureau of Plant Industry Library, I4th & 
B Sts., S.W. 

Bureau of Public Roads Library, 515 I4th 

St., N.W. 
Orrena Louise Evans 

States Relations Service Library, 220 I4th 

St., S.W. 
Martha L. Gericke 

Weather Bureau Library, 24th & M Sts., 

Prof. C Fitzhugh Talman 

Solicitor of the Agriculture Department, 

Library, 1316 B St 
Francis D. Scott 

United States. Department of Commerce 
Department Library, United States Depart- 
ment of Commerce, ipth St. & Penn- 
sylvania Ave. 
Anna G. Cross 

Bureau of Standards Library, Connecticut 

Ave. & Pierce Mill Road 
A. Fanti 

Bureau of Fisheries Library, 6th & B Sts., 

Rose M. MacDonald 

Coast and Geodetic Survey Library, 205 

New Jersey Ave., S.E. 
W. A. Masker, Jr. 

Solicitor of Commerce Department Library, 

ipth St. & Pennsylvania Ave. 
J. J. O'Hara 

United States. Department of the Interior 

Geological Survey Library, iSth & F Sts., 

Julia L. V. McCord 

Bureau of Mines Library, i8th & F Sts., 

Edith F. Spofford 

Bureau of Education Library, 5th & F Sts., 

John D. Wolcott 

Patent Office Scientific Library, 8th & F 

Sts., N.W. 
H. H. Brogan 

Washington Continued 
Patent Office Law Library, 8th & F Sts., 

T. A. Hostetler 

Pension Bureau Library, 5th & F Sts., N.W. 
Newton A. Strait 

Office of Indian Affairs Library, i8th & 

F Sts, N.W. 
Mrs. W. E. Allen 

General Land Office Library, ipth & F 

Sts., N.W. 
Mary Grace NcVey 

Reclamation Service Engineering Library, 

Interior Building 
Charles A. Bissell 

Reclamation Service Law -Library, Inter- 
ior Building 
Thomas F. Jordan 

United StatesDepartment of Justice 
Department Library, Vermont Ave. & K 

Sts., N.W. 
George Kearney 

United States Department of Labor 
Department Library, Department of Labor, 

1912 G St., N.W. 
Laura A. Thompson 

Solicitor of the Department of Labor, Li- 
brary, 1712 G St., N.W. 
Mrs. L. C, Burlew 

United States Civil Service Commission 

Library, 1724 F St., N.W. 
Arthur R. Butler 

United States fuperintendent o Docu- 
ments Library, H - Sfcand North Capitol 

St. '*V 

Sarah Ambler *%. 

United States Bureau of Efficiency jKbrary, 

i;th & F Sts., N.W. 
Gladys E. Weaver 

Federal Board for Vocational Education 

Library, 200 New Jersey Ave, 
Charles F. Cochran 

Federal Power Commission, Library, i8th 

& F Sts., N.W. 
Maude Rippier 

Federal Reserve Board Library, isth & H 

Sts, N.W. 
Elsie Rackstraw 

Federal Trade Commission Library, 2000 

D St., N.W. 
Thomas P. Ayer 




Washington Continued 
Interstate Commission Library, i8th St. & 

Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. 
Leroy S Boyd 

United States Navy Department 
Department Library, United States Navy 
Department, i;th & Pennsylvania Ave., 
Capt. W. D. MacDougall 

Hydrographic Office Library, i8th & B Sts. 

United States Naval Medical School Li- 

brary, foot of 24th St., N.W. 
Miss F. L. Francis 

Naval Medical School Library, 25th & E 

Caroline E. Peterson 

Naval Observatory Library, Observatory 

Heights, Massachusetts Ave., N.W. 
William D. Horigan 

United States Post Office Department 
Solicitor of the Post Office Department Li- 

brary, I2th & Pennsylvania Ave. 
J. J. Sutherland 

United States-iSenate Library 
Senate Wing of Capitol 
Edwin C. Goodwin 

United States Department of State 

Division of Publications Library, i;th & 

Pennsylvania Ave. 
John A. Tonner 

United States State Department 

Solicitor of the State Department, [Library, 

State, War and Navy Building 
Bertha Hall 

United States Treasury Department 
Department Library, United States Treas- 
ury Department, I5th St. & Pennsyl- 
vania Ave. 
Mrs. Emma M. V. Xriepel 

Internal Revenue Library, igth and F Sts. 
Rowena U. Compton 

Bureau of Mint Library, Pennsylvania 

Mary O'Reilly 

Public Health Service Library, 3 B St., 

Margaret Doonan 

Hygienic Laboratory Library, 25th & E 

M. G. Motter 

Solicitor of the Treasury Library, 

U Sts. 
James S. Maddux 


Washington Continued 

Supervising Architect's Office Library, igth 

St. & Pennsylvania Ave. 
Arthur L. Blakeslee 

War Risk Bureau, Vermont Ave. & H St., 

T. K Enge 

United States War Department 

War College Library, War College Build- 
Nannie C. Barndollar 

Surgeon General's Library, ;th & B Sts., 

Brig. Gen. Robert E. Noble 

Engineer School Library, Washington Bar- 
Henry E. Haferkorn 

Quartermaster General's Library, Munitions 

Herbert F. Keyser 

Judge Advocate General's Library, State, 

War and Navy Building 
Nancy C. Morrison 

Army Medical School Library, 462 Louis- 
iana Ave. 
Isaac Yanov 

Walter Reed Hospital Post Library, Post 

Building, Georgia Ave. 
Mary E. Schick 

Air Service Library, ipth & B Sts. 
Edith Ware 

United States Foreign Trade Advisor 

Library, State, War and Navy Building 
Bertha E. Pierce 

United States House of Representatives 

House Wing of Capitol 
John K. Parish 

Columbia Institution for the Deaf Library, 

7th St. & Florida Ave., N.E, 
Edith M. Nelson 

Howard University Library, 6th St. & 

Howard PI. 
Edward C Williams 

Saint Elizabeth's Hospital Library, Ana- 

Qara Willard 



Washington Continued 
Recorder of Deeds of the District of Co- 
lumbia, Library, 412 5th St. 
Robert W. Dutton 

Corporation Counsel of the District of 
Columbia, Library, District Building 
James C Wilkes 

Smithsonian Institution Library, The Mall 
Paul Brockett 

United States National Museum Library, 

B St. and the Mall 
Paul Bro-ckett 

Bureau of American Ethnology Library, 

B & jotfa Sts., S.W. 
Ella Leary 

Astrophysical Observatory Library, B & 

loth Sts., S.W. 
Paul Brockett 

National Gallery of Art Library, B & 

loth Sts., S.W. 
Paul Brockett 

National Zoological Park Library, Rock 

Creek Park 
" Ned Hoilister 

United States Soldier's Home Library, 
Scott Building, Soldier's Home Grounds 
Grace V. Evans 

United States Tariff Commission Library, 

1322 New York Ave. 
Cornelia Notz 

United States Court of Customs Appeals 
Library, National Savings and Trust 
Alexander H. Clark 

United States Court of Claims Library, 

17th St. & Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. 
James Ward 

American Council of Education Library, 

818 Connecticut Ave. 
Dr, Samuel P. Capen 

American Federation of Labor Library, 

pth St. & Massachusetts Ave. 
Edmund M. Duffley 

American Forestry Association Library, 

1214 Sixteenth St. N.W. 
P. S. Ridsdale 

American Patent Law Association Library, 

Washington Loan and Trust Bldg. 
A M. Parkins 



Washington Continued 
American Red Cross Library, i/th & D 

Robina Rae 

Associated Charities Library, 923 H St. 
Walter S. Ufford 

Bahai Assembly of Washington Library, 

2602 Wisconsin Ave. 
Mrs. Egerton R. Boyle 

Bar Association Library of the District of 

Columbia, D St. opp. 4^ St. 
J. S, Pheland 

Bureau of Railway Economics Library, 

Homer Building, I3th & F Sts. 
Richard H. Johnston 

Carnegie Endowment for International 

Peace, 2 Jackson PI. 
M. Alice Matthews 

General Headquarters Library, Carnegie 
Institution of Washington, i6th & P 

Sts., N.W. 

Carnegie Institution of Terrestrial Mag- 
netism Library, 36th St. & Broad 
Branch Road 

Division of Historical Research, Carnegie 
Institution Library, Woodward Bldg. 
J. Franklin Jameson 

CEamber of Commerce of the United States 

Library, Mills Building 
Beata V. Drake 

Columbia Historical Society, 622 F St. 
Maude Burr Morris 

Community Service Library, 918 loth St. 
Miss N. Scott 

Congressional Index and Service Bureau, 

Bliss Bldg. 
Myrta B. 'Goodman 

Corcoran Gallery of Art Library, I7th St. 

and New York Ave. 
G. Powell Minnegerode 

Daughters of the American Revolution Me- 
morial Library, Continental Hall 
Alice Griggs 

Geophysical Laboratory Library, 2801 Up- 
ton St 
Dr. R. B. Sosman 

Hygienic Laboratory Library, 25th and E 

Sts., N. W. 
Murray Gait Motter 



Washington Continued 
George Washington University. See under 
College Libraries 

Georgetown University. See under College 

Institute for Government Research, 818 

Connecticut Ave. 
M. A. Matthews 

Institute of Industrial Research, 1845 B St. 
P. H. Butler 

International Reform Bureau, 206 Pennsyl- 
vania Ave. 
Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts 

Masonic Library of the Grand Lodge, F. A. 
A. M. of D. C, I3th St. and New York 
Horace S. Naylor 

Medical Society of the District of Columbia, 

1718 M St. 
J. Russell Berbrycke 

Metcalfe's Musical Library, 901 Ingraham 

F. J. Metcalfe 

Missionary Library of the Diocese of Wash- 
ington, 912 isth St. 
Rev. William T. Sneyder 

Mulford Russian Collection, 1731 Columbia 

J. B. Mulford 

National Catholic Welfare Council Li- 
brary, 1314 Massachusetts Ave., N. W. 
EditH Wright 

National Conservation Association Library, 
15th and H Sts. 

National Education Association Library, 

MOI i6th St. 
Harriet M. Chase 

National Genealogical Society, 1020 Monroe 

St., N. W. 
Cora C. Curry 

National Geographic Society, i6th and M 

Sts., N. W. 
Kathleen Hargrave 

National Popular Government League Li- 
brary, Munsey Bldg. 
Judson King 

National University Law School, 816 I3th 

John L. Cass 

Washington Continued 

National Research Council, 1701 Massachu- 
setts Ave. 
Dr. E. E. Slosson, Dir. 

Columbus Memorial Library, Pan American 

Unio-n, Pan American Bldg. 
Charlies E. Babcock 

Commerce and Finance School Library, St 
John's College, 1311 Massachusetts Ave, 
William A. Tierney 

Scottish Rite, Supreme Council, Library, 

i6th and S Sts., N. W. 
William L. Boyden 

Seventh Day Advent ists' Library, Eastern 
Ave., Tacoma Park 

Sons of the American Revolution, i6th and 

S Sts., N. W. 
William L. Boyden 

Southern Railway Company Law Library, 
I3th and Pennsylvania Ave, 

Swedenborgian Library of the National 
New Jerusalem Church, i6th and Cor- 
coran Sts. 
Fred W. Swanton 

Tax Reform Association Library, 1464 Bel- 

mont St 
Mrs. Lucy R. Swanton 

Teachers' Library, Franklin School, I3th 
and K Sts. 

Theosophical Society Library, Washington 

Lodge, Pennock Bldg. 
Millard F. Hudson 

Volta Bureau Library, 1601 35th St 
Gerry Leuterio 

Washington College of Law Library, 1315 

K St., N. W. 
Helen E, Jamison 


Supreme Court Library 



Emory University School of Medicine 
Miss A. G. Nicholassen 

Fourth National Bank Library 
R. L. Foreman 

Fulton County Law Library 
Katherine Lovett 



GEORGIA Continued 
Atlanta 'Continued 

Georgia School of Technology Library 
Laura Hammond 

Medical Department Library, University of 

Mrs. G. C, Bentley 

Ma con 

Public Library and Historical Society 
Martha Sparks 


Georgia Medical Society Library of Chat- 
ham County, 612 Dray ton St. 
V. H. Basset 

Historical Ass'n Library 
William Harden 

Library of the Municipal Hygienic Labora- 
tory, Board of Sanitary Commissioners, 
City Hall 
V. H. Bassett 



Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology 

and Natural History Library 
Miss E. B. Higgins 

Hawaiian Historical Society Library 

Kalawao, Molokai 
United States Leprosy Investigation Station 

John A. Kluge 


American Express Co. LiErary 
William D. Heath 

American Medical Association Library, 535 
N. Dearborn St. 

Armour and Company Library, Union Stock 

Ina Matt son 

Armour Institute of Technology Library 
Rev H. M. Raymond, Pres. 

Ryerson Library, Art Institute of Chicago 
Sarah Louise Mitchell 

H. M. Byllesby and Co. Library, 210 S. 

La Salle St. 
Louise B. Krause 

Chicago Academy of Sciences Library, Lin- 
coln Park 
Mary A. Hardman 

ILLINOIS Continued 
Chicago Continued 

Chicago Bureau of Public Efficiency Li- 
brary, 315 Plymouth Court 
Harris S. Keeler 

Chicago Historical Society Library, Dear- 
born Ave. & Ontario St. 
Caroline M. Mcllvaine 

Chicago Law Institute Library, 1025 County 

Oliver H. Miller 

Commonwealth Edison Company Library, 

72 W. Adams St. 
Helen Norris 

Continental and Commercial National Bank 

Library, 210 S. La Salle St. 
Sue M. Wuchter 

Reuben H. Donnelley Corporation Buyer's 

Service, 652 S. State St. 
Louise Ayers 

A. L. Drum and Company Library, W. Mon- 
roe St. 

Edison Electric Appliance Co., Inc., Li- 
M. B. Stack 

Federal Reserve Bank Library 
Ruth G. Nichols 

Field Museum of Natural History Library 
Elsie Lippincott 

Fire Underwriters Assn. of the Northwest 

Library, 175 Jackson Blvd. 
Janet McFarland 

W. A. Gilchrist Library, 1225 Michigan 

Ann D. White 

Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, Li- 
brary, Railway Exchange Bldg. 
Jennie Dillard 

Grain Dealers Journal Library, 305 S. La 

Salle St. 
Frances E. Barnes 

Hahnemann Medical College Library, 2817 

Cottage Grove Ave. 
William F. Harpel 

Harris Trust and Savings Bank Library, 

Harris Trust Bldg. 
E. M. Chandler 

Illinois Steel Company, Inspection Dept., 

Library, 208 S. La Salle St. 
P. E. Carhart 



ILLINOIS Continued 
Chicago Continued 

International Harvester Company, Agricul- 
tural Extension Division Library, 606 S. 
Michigan Ave. 
Gladys Sutherland 

International Harvester Company, Indus- 
trial Relations Division Library, 606 S. 
Michigan Ave. 
Anne Hathaway 

Medical Department Library, Loyola Uni- 
versity, 1076 W. Roosevelt Road 
Mary Unseld 

McCormick Historical Association Library, 

675 Rush St. 
Herbert A. Keller 

Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad 

Co. Library, 72 W. Adams St. 
H. A. Johnson 

Municipal Reference Library, 1005 City Hall 
Frederick Rex 

National Safety Council Library, 168 N. 

Michigan Ave. 
Mary B. Day 

Northern Trust Co. Library, La Salle & 

Monroe Sts. 
Elizabeth Wood 

Northwestern University Law School Li- 
brary, Dean, Dearborn & Lake Sts. 
Fred'k B. Crossley 

One Hundred Per Cent: The Efficiency 

Magazine Library, 5 S. Wabash Ave. 
Harold P. Gould 

Peoples Gas, Light and Coke Co. Library, 

Michigan Av, 
Oscar E. Norman 

Portland Cement Association Library 
Pyrrha Sheffield 

Michael Reese Hospital Medical Library, 

2900 Ellis Ave. 
Emily K. Bufe 

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Library 
Vivien Diefenderfer 

A. W. Shaw Co. Library, Cass, Huron & 

Erie Sts, 
Byrl A. Jorgensen 

Economics Research Dept. Library, Sin- 
clair Refining Company, in W, Wash- 
ington St. 
T. W. Huntington, Jr. 

Swift and Company Library, General Of- 
fices, Union Stock Yards 

ILLINOIS Continued 

Western Society of Engineers Library 
Virginia Savage 

Wilson and Company Library, 4100 S. Ash- 
land Ave. 
Myrtle A. Haught. 

National Catholic Welfare Council Library, 

22 E. Ontario St. 
Dr. John A. Lapp 

Hospital Library and Service Bureau, 22 E 

Ontario St. 
Donelda R. Hamlin. 

La Salle Extension University Library, 

4046-58 Michigan" Ave. 
Julia Rupp 

Rush Medical College Library, 1748 W. 

Harrison St. 
Miss C. A. McAuliff 

Northwestern University Medical 

Library, 2431 S. Dearborn St. 
Selma Schneider 


Qunie Library, College of Medicine, Uni- 
versity of Illinois, Congress & Honore 
Metta M. Loomis 

Northwestern University Law School, Dear- 
born & Lake Sts. 
John H. Wigmore, Dean 

Chicago Law School Library, 53 W. Jack- 
son Blvd. 
J. J. Tobias, Chancellor 

Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy 

Library, 2559 S. Michigan Ave. 
Graham Taylor, Pres. 

University of Chicago, School of Commerce 

and Administration Library 
Dorothea C. Schmidt 

Western Theological ^Seminary Library, 

2726 Washington Blvd. 
B. S. Easton 

Hammond Library, Chicago Theological 

Seminary, 5757 University Ave. 
Rev. Harry Thomas Stock 

Virginia Library, McCormick Theological 

Seminary, 2330 N. Halsted St. 
Rev. John F. (Lyons 


Chamber of Commerce Library 

Macon County Medical Society Library 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Mineral Point Zinc Company Library 
C C Nitchie 


Evanston Historical Society Library 
William C. Levere 


Morgan County Medical Society 'Library 
David W. Reid 

Teachers Library, Illinois School for the 

Elsie L. Brown 


LaSalle-Peru Medical Library 
E, W. Weis 


Illinois State Historical Library 
Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber 

Illinois State Law Library 
Ralph H. Wilkin 

Illinois Supreme Court Law /Library 
R. H. Wilkin 


University of Illinois, Agricultural Library 
Mary G. Burwash 

Univ. of 111. Bureau of Municiuai Research 

Prof. John A, Fairlie 

Univ. of 111. Chemical Library 
Marion E. Sparks 

Univ. of 111. Economics and Sociology Li- 
Hazel Yearsley Shaw 

Univ. of III Engineering Library 
Hilda J. Alseth 

Univ. o>f 111. Illinois Historical Survey 

Clarence W. Alvord 

Univ. of 111. Illinois State Laboratory of 
Natural History Library 

Univ. of 111. Law Library 

Univ. of 111. Ricker Library of Architec- 
Winifred Fehrenkamp 




Medical School Library, Indiana University 
W. E. Jenkins 

Evansville Law Library 

Fort Wayne 

Allen County Law Library 
Edith White 

General Electric Co. Library 
X. J. Divens 


Business Data Bureau Library 
W. R. Aldred 

Indiana Law Library 
Charles E. Edwards 

Indiana Law School Library 
James A. Rollback, Dean 

Indiana Legislative Reference Department 

Charles Kettleborough 

John Herron Art Association Library 
Anna E. Turrell 

Indianapolis Bar Association Library 
Mrs. P. L. Wolfe 

Indiana University, School of Medicine 

Mrs, B. S. Barnes 

Lilly, Eli, and Company Library 
Lucile A, Carter 

South Bend 

Studebaker Corporation Library 
Florence Fowler 

' Chamber of Commerce Library 
Betty Lord 

Northern Indiana Historical Society Li- 
Frank A. Stover 

Medical Department, Public (Library 
Virginia Tutt 

Terre Haute 
Vigo County Medical Society Library (In 

Emeline Fairbanks Mem. Library) 
Mrs. Sallie C. Hughes 




Historical Department of Iowa Library 
Edgar A. Harlin 


Davenport Academy of Science Library 
E. K. Putnam 

Mercy Hospital Library 
Edward F. Strohbehn 


Dr. O. M. Norlie Information Service 

Library (Lutheran) 
Dr. 0. M. Norlie 


Wartburg Theological Seminary Library 
George J. Fritschel 

Iowa City 
University of Iowa, Bureau of Municipal 

0. E. Klingarnan 

Medical Library, State 
Jane E. Roberts 

S. U. I. (Law Library 
E. A. Wilcox 

State Historical Society 
Ruth A. Gallaher 

Sioux City 

National Bank of Commerce Library 
Louise Bristow 


Stormont Medical Library, State House 
Winfield Freeman 



Western Theological Seminary Library 
Prof. J. F. Krueger 

Kansas City 

Baptist Theological Seminary Library 
N. W. Smith 

Federal Reserve Bank 
Mary P. Billingsley 

Kansas University, Municipal Reference 

John A. Stutz 

Kansas University, School of Engineering 

Mrs. Anna D. Learned 

KANSAS Continued 

Kansas State Agricultural College Library 
Arthur B. Smith 


Mennonite Historical Association Library 
Rev. H. B. Z. Krehbiel 

School of Medicine Library, University of 

Sarah E. Stanton 


Kansas State Historical Library 
Clara Francis 

Kansas State Library, Legislative Refer- 
ence Department 
H, G. Larimer 



Kentucky State Historical Society Library 
Mr, Railley 


Agricultural Experiment Station Library 
Grace iL. Snodgrass 

Transylvania Library 
Mrs. Charles F. Norton 


Educational Library 

Jefferson County Medical Society Library 
of the University of Louisville, Medical 
Dept, 101 W. Chestnut St. 
Mary E, Buehner 

Louisville Law Library 
Susan Fleming 


New Orleans 
Louisiana Bar Association Library 

Louisiana State Law Library 
Alice M. Magee 

Louisiana State Museum Library 
Dr. Robert Glenk, Dir. 

School of Medicine Library, Tulane Uni- 
versity, 1551 Canal St. 
Jane Grey Rogers 

Orleans Parish Medical Society Library, 

141 Elk PI. 
Dr. S. E. Jamison 





U. S. Naval Academy Library 
A. N. Brown 


Archbishop's Library 
Lewis O'Donovan 

Department of Legislative Reference 

Library, City Hall 
Horace E. Flack 

Diocesan Library 
Frank M. Gibson 

Engineers Club of Baltimore Library, 107 

E. Redwood Ave. 
H. H. Tunis 

Maryland Casualty Company, Engineering 

and Rating Bureau (Library 
Blanche Keen 

John's Hopkins University, School of Hy- 
giene and Public Health Library, 310 
W. Monument St. 
Elizabeth S. Thies 

Johns Hopkins University Medical Depart- 
ment Library 
M. L. Raney 

Library Company of Baltimore Bar, 329 

Court House 
Andrew H. Mettee 

Maryland Historical Society Library 
Robert F. Hayes 

Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Mary- 
land Library, 121 1 Cathedral St. 
Marcia C. Noyes 

Methodist Protestant Historical Society 

Rev. J. H. Straughn 

United Railways and Electric Company 

W. Dwight Burroughs 

University of Maryland, School of Medicine, 

Law and Dentistry Libraries 
Mrs. Ruth L. Briscoe 


Theological Seminary Library 
Rev. C. E. Torlines 



Kennebec Historical Library 
P. S. Mooney 

MAINE Continued 
Augusta Continued 
Maine State Library 
H. E. Dunack 

Legislative Reference Bureau Library 
Anna Barr 


Bangor Historical Society Library 
Edward M. Blanding 

Bowdoin College, Bureau of Research in 

Municipal Government Library 
Prof. O. C. Hormell 

Bowdoin Medical School Library 
Gerald G. Wilder 


Piscataquis County Law Librarv 
Clerk of Courts 


Hancock County Law Library 
Clerk of Courts 


Aroostock County Law Library 
Clerk of Courts 


Maine Charitable Mechanical Ass'n Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Chandler 

Maine Genealogical Society Library 
Florence W. Kaler 

Maine Historical Society Library 
Evelyn L. Gilmore 

Maine Medical Association Library 

Society of Natural History Library 
Arthur H. Norton 


Sumerset County Law Library 
Clerk of Courts 


Knox County Bar and Library 
O. H. Tripp 


Lincoln County Law Library 
Clerk of Courts 



Massachusetts Agricultural College Library 

Henry S. Green 



Aberthaw Construction Company, 27 School 

Miss Leslie R. French 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences 

Library, 28 Newberry St. 
Arthur G. Webster 

American Agricultural Chemical Company 
Agricultural Service Bureau Library, 
92 State St. 
Miss E. J. Watson 

American Photographic Publishing Com- 
pany Librar 
F. R. Fraprie 

pany Library, 221 Columbus Ave. 
, Fr 

Appalachian Mountain Club Library, 1050 

Tremont Building 
Alice G. Higgins 

Associated Industries of Massachusetts, 18 

Tremont St. 
Christine L. Beck 

Boston City Planning Board Library, 47 

City Hall 
Elizabeth M. Herlihy 

Department of Public Works Library, 908 
Dr. Grover M. Allen 

City Hall Annex 
Charles S. Parsons 

Dept. of Statistics Library, 73 City Hall 
Edward M. Hartwell 

Boston Bar Association, Federal Building 
Mary Linda Black 

Boston City Hospital Medical Library, 818 

Harrison Aye. 
John J. Dowling 

Boston Elevated Railway Company Library, 

1 08 Massachusetts Ave. 
Lewis A. Armistead 

Boston Evening Transcript Library, 324 

Washington St. 
Frederick W. Ford 

Boston Globe Library, 244 Washington St. 
Esther C Tomelius 

Boston Medical Library, 8 Fenway 
Dr. John W. Farlow 

Boston Society of Civil Engineers Library, 

715 Tremont Temple 
S. Everett Tinkham 

Boston Society of Natural History Library, 
234 Berkeley St 

Boston University. See under College 

B oston Continued 

Chamber of Commerce Library, 177 Milk St. 
Mr. Heaton 

Children's Museum Library, Olmstead Park 
Jamaica Plain ' 

Miss M. D. Petts 

Christian Science Monitor Library, 107 Fal- 

mouth St. 
W. Frederic Berry 

Congregational Library (American Congre- 
gational Ass'n) 14 Beacon St. 
William H. Cobb 

Directory Library, 246 Summer St. 

Edison Electric Illuminating Company of 
Boston Library, 1165 Massachusetts Ave. 
Vaudrey L. Voigt 

Fay, Spofford & Thorndike Library, 15 

Beacon St. 
Miss E. Louise Sheehan 

Federal Reserve Bank Library 
Marion Eaton 

First National Bank Library, Federal and 

Franklin Sts. 
Harold A. Lyon 

French, Hollis and Allen Hubbard, 210 
South St. 

General Electric Company, 84 State St. 
Miss Blanche G. Swett 

General Theological Seminary, 53 Mt Ver- 

non St. 
Mary M. Pillsbury 

Gillette Safety Razor Company Library 
Mildred W. Jenkins 

Harvard University* Arnold Arboretum 

Library, Jamaica Plain 
Ethelyn M. Tucker 

Harvard University. Bussey Institution 

Library, Jamaica Plain 
C. A. O'Neill 

Harvard University. Dental School Library, 

Longwood Ave. 
Dr. Waldo E. Board 

Harvard Medical School Library, 240 Long- 
wood Ave. 
Frances N. A. Whitman 

Harvard Musical Association Library, 7A 

Chestnut St. 
Ernest O. Hiler 

Insurance Library Association of Boston, 

141 Milk St. 
Daniel N. Handy 



Boston Continued 
Jackson and Moreland Library, 389 Wash- 
ington St. 
Dorothy G. Bell 

Kidder, Peabody & Company Library, 115 

Devonshire St. 
Robert H. Storer 

Lee, Higginson & Company Library, 15 

Exchange St. 
Stewart Southgate 

Lockwood, Greene & Company Library, 60 

Federal St. 
Ruth A. Phillips 

State of Massachusetts. Department of 

Labor and Industries Library, State 


Phoebe Shirley 

Massachusetts. Department of Public 

Health Library, State House 
C B. Cole 

Massachusetts. Public Utilities Department 

Library, State House 
Charles E. Mann 

Massachusetts. State Department of Agri- 
culture Library, State House 
Mrs. Sarah H. Holland 

Massachusetts. State Forester Library, 

State House 
W. A. L. Bazeley 

Massachusetts State Library, State House 
Edward H. Redstone 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Shep- 

pard Library, 179 Longwood Ave. 
Ethel J. Heath 

Massachusetts Forestry Asociation Library, 

4 Joy St. 
Harris A. Reynolds, Sec'y 

Massachusetts General Hospital, Treadwell 

Library, Blossom St. 
Mrs. Grace W. Myers 

Massachusetts Historical Society Library, 

1154 Boylston St 
Julius H. Tattle 

Massachusetts Horticultural Society 

Library, 300 Massachusetts Ave. 
William P. Rich 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. De- 
partment of Architecture Library, 491 
Boylston St. ; 

Ida Loring ' 

Boston Continued 

Massachusetts New-Church Union (Sweden- 
borgian) Free Library, 134 Bowdoin St. 
B. A. Whittemore 

Massachusetts Society for Mental Hygiene 

Library, 18 Tremont St. 
Bernice Woodcock 

Massachusetts Society for Social Hygiene 

Library, 20 Beacon St. 
Edna L. Meloney 

Merchants National Bank Library, 28 State 

J. Porter Crosby 

Metcalf and Eddy Library, 14 Beacon St. 
Ruth Canavan 

Museum of Fine Arts Library, 479 Hunting- 
ton Ave. 
Ashton Sanborn 

National Fire Protection Association 

Library, 141 Milk St 
Franklin H. Wentworth 

National Shawmut Bank, Publicity De- 
partment Library 
George P. Tilton 

New England Baptist Library, 15 Ash- 
burton Place 
Rev. Charles H. Watson 

New England Conservatory of Music 
Library, Huntington Ave. and Gains- 
borough St. 
Mary A Thayer 

New England Historic Genealogical Society 

Library, 9 Ashburton PI. 
Wm. P. Greenlaw 

New England Methodist Historical Society 

Library, 36 Bromfield St. 
Rev. George F. Durgin 

Old Colony Trust Company Library, 17 

Court St. 
Irene Gibbons 

Pilgrim Publicity Association Library, 257 

Washington St. 
Jennette Gold 

Psychic Research Library, 25 Marlborough 

Mrs. Lena B. Chaffee 

Rollins, E. H. & Sons Library, 200 Devon- 
shire St. 
Abbie Dunks 



Boston Continued 
St. John's Ecclesiastical Seminary Library, 

Rev. John E. Sexton 

Sampson & Murdock Library, 246 Summer 

C. W. Hawkes 

Scovell, Wellington & Company Library, 

no State St. 
Ann Clark 

Social Law Library, Court House, Pember- 

ton Square 
Howard L. Stebbins 

Social Service Library, 18 Somerset St. 
Mrs. Bertha V. Hartzell 

Stone & Webster Library, 147 Milk St. 
George Winthrop Lee 

Tel-U-Where Company of America, 142 

Berkeley St. 
Laura R. Gibbs 

Tenny, Charles H. & Company Library, 201 

Devonshire St 
E. Belle Battis 

Town Room Library, 3 Joy St. 
Florence A. Johnson 

Tufts College, Medical and Dental School 

Library, 416 Huntington Ave. 
G. M. Hibb 

United Drug Company Library, 63 Leon St. 
Viola H. Durham 

United States Army, First Corp Area, 
Library Subsection, E & R Branch, 
Army Supply Base, South Boston 
Henry S, Green 

United States Navy. Navy Yard and First 

Naval District Library, Navy Yard 
Mary C. Sherrard 

Whipple's Technical Libraries, 44 Harvard 
Ave., Allston 

Women's Educational and Industrial Union 

Library, 264 Boylston St. 
Mrs. Bertha V. Hartzell 

Youths' Companion Library, 88 1 Common- 
wealth Ave. 
Dorothy M. Sargent 


Episcopal Theological School Library 
Edith D. Fuller 

Harvard University. 

See under College 

Cambridge Continued 
Arthur D. Little, Inc. 
Florence G. Finley 

Middlesex Law Library Association 
Grace Hastings Parker 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Library, 222 Charles River Road 
Dr. Robert P. Bigelow 

Keith Company Library 

Chicopee Falls 

Fisk Rubber Company Library, Office 
Manager's Department 


Danvers State Hospital Library 
Custis Roche 


Dedham Historical Society Library 
Walter Austin 

Fall River 

Fall River Medical Society Library 
George L. Richards 


Court House Library 
Gardner K, Hudson 


Dennison Manufacturing Company Library 
Frederick A. Mooney 


Franklin County Law Library 
Clerk of the Court 


American Writing Paper Company, Busi- 
ness Library 
Sarah McCarthy 

American Writing Paper Company, Techni- 
cal Library 
Anna K. McGrath 


Flanders Medical Library, Lawrence Gen- 
eral Hospital 
J. Forrest Burnham 

Lawrence Law Library 
Mrs. Mary L. Jordan 


Lowell Textile School Library 
Florence M. Lancey 

General Electric Company Library 




Tufts College. Universalist Historical So- 
ciety Library- 
Lee S. McCollester 


Thurber Medical Association Library 
J. M. French 


Hills Theological Institute Library 
Henry K. Rowe 


Hampshire County Law Library 
Clerk of the Court 

North Plymouth 
Loring Reading Room Library, Plymouth 

Cordage Company 
M. B. Cokord 


Berkshire County Law Library 
Clerk of the Court 

General Electric Company Library 
Mrs. M. W. Tollerton 


Harvard University. Blue Hill Meteorolog- 
ical Observatory 
Prof. Alexander McAdie, Director 


Charitable Mechanic Association 
G. Arthur Bodwell 

Essex County Law Library 
Sumner Y. Wheeler 

Essex Institute Library 
Geo. Francis Dow 


American Bosch Magneto Corporation 

Hampden County Law Library 
Claribel H. Smith 


Old Colony Historical Society Library 
Frank Walcott Hurt 


McLean Hospital Medical Library 
Mildred W. Page 

Wellesley Hills 

Babson Statistical Organization Library 
Myra Parker 

West Lynn 

Ri ^ er WorksLibrary, General Electric Co. 
D. M. McKillop 


Woods Hole 

Marine Biological Laboratory Library 


American Antiquarian Society Library 
Clarence S. Brigham 

Norton Company Library 
Isabelle L. Chaffin 

Worcester County Law Library 
T. S. Johnson 

Worcester County Mechanics' Association 

Mrs. L. J. White 

Worcester District Medical Library 
Albert C Getchell, M.D. 

Ann Arbor 

University of Michigan. See under College 

Battle Creek 

Physicians Library, Sanitarium St. 
Lillian Davis 


Historical Society Library of Branch 

Rev. H. P. Collin 


Albee Company, William N. Marquette Co. 
Louise C. Grace 

Bureau of Governmental Research Library 
Dr. Lent Upson 

Burroughs Adding Machine Company 

W. K Lever 

Detroit Bar Association, 648 Penabocot 

Olin C. Lathrop 

Detroit College of Law Library 

Detroit Edison Company Library 
Maud A. Carabin 

Detroit News Library 
G. B. Catlin 

Detroit Public Library, Technology Dept 
D. Ashley Hooker 

Detroit Public Library, Civics Dept. 
Grace A. England 

Detroit University. School of Commercial 
and Finance Library 

Employers' Association of Detroit Library 
Elva E. Clark 


MICHIGAN Continued 
Detroit Continued 

Ford Motor Car Company Library 

General Motors Corporation, Research De- 
partment Library 
Clara Canham 

Harper Hospital Library 
Alice L. Bone 

Packard Motor Car Company, Transporta- 
tion Engineering Division Library 
Wm. C. Greany 

Parke Davis & Company Library 
B. Ortwine 

H. O. Walker Memorial Library, 250 St. 

Antonio St. 
Beatrice Carmichael 

Wayne County Medical Society Library, 33 

E. High St. 
Ethel L. Goff 

East Lansing 

Michigan Agriculture College Library 
Mrs. Linda Eoline Landon 

Grand Rapids 
Grand Rapids Law Library 

Theological School Library 


Western Theological Seminary Library 
E. J. Blikknih 


Michigan College of Mines Library 
Frances H. Scott 


Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine Library 
Blanche N. Epler 


Michigan Historical Commission Library 
George N. Fuller 

State Board of Health Library 
Elizabeth Jarrard 


Germania Institute Library 
Frank M. Lietzow 


Bar Association Library 
Emma Hicks 


Seabury Divinity School Library 
Frederick Kramer 

MINNESOTA Continued 

Bar Association Library 
S. D. Klapp 

Bureau of Municipal Research, Civic and 
Commerce Association, 1254 McKnight 
F. L. Olsen 

Hennepin County Medical Society Library 
Mrs. Carrie C. Jones 

McMartin Advertising Agency Library, 

Security Building 
Mary A. Cosgrove 

Minneapolis Board of Education Library 
Alice Charlton 

Minneapolis Public Library, Bureau of Re- 
search in Government 
William Anderson 

Minneapolis Public Library, Business and 

Municipal Branch 
Mary W. Dietrichson 

Minneapolis Public Library, Engineering 

Gertrude Veblen 

Minneapolis Public Library, Municipal Ref- 
erence Bureau 
Joseph C. Taylor 

Minneapolis Public Library, Technology 

Elizabeth Thorson 

Munsingwear Corporation Library 

University of Minnesota Law Library 
Arthur G. Pulling 


Mayo Clinic Library 
Mrs. Helen M. Tiesler 

Physicians, Surgeons Library 

Y, M. C. A. Building 
Alma M. Mundt 

St. Paul 
Legislative Reference Bureau, Minnesota 

State Library 
Josephine Norval 

Lutheran Theological Seminary Library 
0. E. Brant 

Minnesota Board of Health Library 
Minnesota Tax Commission Library 

Public Affairs Division, Saint Paul Asso- 
Ruth F. Eliot 



MINNESOTA Continued 
St Paul Continued 
Ramsay County Medical Society Library, 

Lowry Building 
Irene Goette 

Seminary of the United Norwegian Luth- 
eran Church Library 
E. K. Johnson 

St. Paul Seminary Library 
John Seliskar 

State School of Agriculture Library, St. 

Anthony Park 
H. W. Sewell 

West Publishing Company Law Library 
A. M. Hendrickson 

Minnesota Historical Society Library 
Solon J. Buck 

Agricultural College 

Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical 
College, School of Agriculture Library 
Laura Hall 


Mississippi Department of Archives and 

Dunbar Rowland 


State Historical Society Library 
Floyd C Shoemaker 

University of Missouri Law Library 
Percy A. Hogan 

Kansas City 

Court of Appeals Library 
T. C. Stean 

Kansas City Bar Association Library 
Alice M. Smart 

Kansas City Medical Library Club, Rialto 

Mrs. Rosa M. Hibbard 

Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy 

Harold L. Wheeler 

St. Joseph 

Bar Association Library 
Catheryn Henley 

St. Louis 

Academy of Science Library 
Mary J. Klem 

Edin Theological Seminary Library 
S. D. Press 

MISSOURI Continued 

St. Louis Continued 

J Engineers Club Library 
J. W. Peters 

Law Library Association Library, 1726 

Pierce Building 
Gamble Jordan 

Missouri Botanical Garden Library 
Dr. E. A. Burt 

\' Missouri Historical Society Library 
Stella M. Drumm 

St. Louis Medical Society Library, 3525 

Pine St. 
Nelka V. Casey 

St. Louis Municipal Medical Library, City 

S. B. Leathe 

St Louis University. School of Medicine 

Library, 1402 S. Grand St. 
Anna E. Keuthan 

Washington University. Medical School 
Library, Euclid Avfc. and Kings High- 
Ella B. Lawrence 


Court of Appeals Library 
Helen Bartlett 


Montana State College of Agriculture 

Elizabeth Forrest 


Montana School of Mines Library 
Charlotte Russell 

Silver Bow County Law Library 


State Historical and Miscellaneous Li- 
W. Y. Pemberton 

Montana State Law Library 
Ashburn K. Barbour 


Forestry Service Library 
Eva Ammen 



Nebraska School of Agriculture Library 
C. V. Williams, Director 



NEBRASKA Continued 

Legislative Reference Bureau 
Edna D. Bullock 

State Historical Society Library 
Mrs. C. S. Paine 

Creighton College of Law Library, 210 S. 

i8th St. 
Hugh F. Gillespie 

Creighton Medical College Library 
Helen McMahon 

Douglas County Law Library 
Mrs. Mary Montague 

University of Nebraska. College of Medi- 
cine Library 
Hallie Wilson 

Nebraska State Medical Association Li- 
brary, 42nd St. and Dewey Ave. 
W. P. Wherry 

Presbyterian Theological Seminary Library 
Rev. A. B. Marshall, President 


Nevada Historical Society 
Jeanne E. Wier 


Research Department, Brown Company 
Gordon L. Cave 


New Hampshire Historical Society Library 
Otis G. Hammond 


Dartmouth Medical School Library 
C. C. Stewart 


Manchester Historical Association, Carpen- 
ter Memorial Public Library 
Frtd W. Lamb 

Bridge Memorial Hospital Library 


Ministerial Library 
J. F. Kimball 


Du Pont de Nemours & Company Chemical 
Department Library, Delta Laboratories 
G. M. Rodemeyer 

NEW JERSEY Continued 

Bloomfield Theological Seminary- Library 
H. E. Richards, President 

New Jersey Zinc Company 

D. E. Van Aucken 

Bergen County Historical Society, Johnson 

Public Library 
C. V. B. Bogert 


Edison Lamp Works, Engineering Depart- 
ment Library 
Clara A. Singer 

Edison Lamp Works, Department of Publi- 
city Library 
N. C. Reynaud 


Stevens Institute of Technology Library 
Enid M. Hawkins 

Jersey City 

American Typefounders Company, Typo- 
graphic Library and Museum, 300 Curn- 
munipaw Ave. 
Henry L. Bullen 


Drew Theological Seminary 
Elizabeth L. Foote 

Mount Holly 

Burlington County Lyceum of History and 
Natural Science 

New Brunswick 
Gardner A. Sage Library 
John C. Van Dyke 

Essex County Law Library 

General Motors Corporation, Hyatt Bear- 
ings Division 

E. R. Gordon 

Medical Library Association of Newark, 

i -i i Washington St. 
John Cotton Dana 

New Jersey Historical Society, 16 W. Park 

A. V. D. Honeyman 

New Jersey State Library Chamber of 

Newark Public Library 
Business Branch, 26 Beaver St. 
Linda A. Morley 



NEW JERjSEY Continued 
Newark Continued 
Prudential Insurance Company of America 

Dr. Frederick L. Hoffman 

Public Service Corp, Library 
Alma A. Michell 

Trinity Land Credit Society, 671 Broad St. 
M. W. Garton 


Thomas A Edison, Inc., Personnel Depart- 
ment Library 
Jessie G. Smith 

William Piersqn Memorial Library, Free 

Library Building 
Edwin N. Riggins 


Princeton Theological Seminary Library 
Joseph H. Dulles 

Princeton University. Pliny Fisk Statisti- 
cal Library 
Florence Hurd 


Salem County Historical Society Library 
George W. Price 


New Jersey State League of Municipalities, 

Bureau of Legislative Information 
Sedley H. Phinney 

New Jersey State Library, Legislative Ref- 
erence Department 
John P. Dullard 


Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Soci- 
ety Library 
Frank D. Andrews 

Sante Fe 

New Mexico Historical Society 
L. Bradford Prince 

Taxpayers Association of New Mexico 

School of American Research Library 
Edgar Lee Hewett, Director 


New Mexico School of Mines Library 
Blanche Reed 

State College 
New Mexico College of Agriculture and 

Mechanic Arts Library 
Floy E. French 


Chamber of Commerce Library 
Roy S. Smith 

New York State Conference of Mayors, 

Bureau of Municipal Information 
William P. Capes 

New York State Laboratories Library 
Mary Williams 

New York State Law Library 
John T. Fitzpatrick 

New York State ^ Medical Library, State 

Education Building 
Frances K. Ray 


Binghamnton Law Library 
Mary B. Lee 


Auburn Theological Seminary Library 
John Q. Adams 


Buffalo Historical Society Library 
Frank H. Severance 

Grosvenor Library, 383 Franklin St. 
Augustus H. Shearer 

John C. Lord Library 

Larkin Company Library 
S. B. Wilkes 

Law Library Eighth Judicial District 
George D. Crofts 

National Aniline & Chemical Co., Inc., 

Research Library 
Julian F. Smith 

Society of Natural Science Library 
Augustus H. Shearer 

University of Buffalo, Medical Library 
Grace A. Persh 

Clifton Springs 

Clifton Springs Sanitarium Medical Library 
Alice T. Thayer 


Delaware Supreme Court Library 
Louise Gleason 


New York Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion Library 
J. D. Luckett 


Cornell University. See under College 



NEW YORK Continued 

Supreme Court Law Library 
Edger E. Ougheitree 


Second Judicial District Law Library 

Brooklyn Borough 
Brooklyn College of Pharmacy Library, 

265 Nostrand Ave. 
Katherine A. D. Henderson 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Library, Washington 

Alfred J. Aubrey 

Brooklyn Edison Company Library, 306 

Pearl St 
Alice C. Lippincott 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 
Botanic Garden Library, 978 Washing- 
ton Ave. 
Ray Simpson 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 
Children's Museum Library, Brooklyn 
Aye. and Park Place 
Miriam S. Draper 

Brooklyn Instute of Arts and Sciences, 
Museum Library, Eastern Parkway and 
Washington Ave. 
Susan A. Hutchinson 

Brooklyn Law School^ Library, 305 Wash- 
ington St. 
Stella B. Frederick 

Brooklyn New Church (Swcdenborgian) 

Library, 108 Clark St. 
Miss M. L. Warner 

Law Library, Court House, Court Square 
Otto Wetzel 

Long Island College Hospital, Hoagland 

Laboratory Library, 335 Henry St. 
Archibald A. Murray 

Long Island Historical Society Library, 

130 Pierrepont St. 
Emma Toedteberg 

Medical Society of the County of Kings 

Library, 1313 Bedford Ave. 
Charles Frankenberger 

New York Supreme Court, Appellate Divi- 
sion 2d Department Library, Borough 
Herbert A. Briggs 

Manhattan Borough 
Actuarial Society of New York, 256 Broad- 

John S. Thompson, Secy. 

NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 
Alexander Hamilton Institute Library, 13 

Astor PI. 
Esther Wright 

The American Architect (Magazine) Li- 
brary, 243 W. 3Qth St. 
Mr. Crocker 

American Art Association Library, Ameri- 
can Art Galleries, Madison Ave. & 57th 

American Association Labor Legislation 

Library, 131 E. 23rd St. 
Dr. J. B. Andrews 

American Bankers Association Library, 

5 Nassau St. 
Miss Frey 

American City Bureau Library, 154 Nassau 

Charles B. Ford, Jr. 

American Committee of Russian Co-opera- 
tive Union Library, 136 Liberty St. 
A. J. Zelenko 

American Cotton Oil Company Library, 65 

Lenore A. Tafel 

American Electric Railway Association Li- 
library, 8 W. 40th St 
Julia Kelly 

American Exchange National Bank Library, 

128 Broadway 
Rega Barzelay 

American Exporter, Translation Bureau Li- 
brary, 7th Ave. & 3ist St. 
Stephen Nast 

American Game Protective Association Li- 
brary, 233 Broadway 
Ethel M. Quee 

American Geographical Society Library, 

I56th St. & Broadway 
John K. Wright 
American Hard Rubber Company Library, 

ii Mercer St. 
Stanley H. Renton 

American Institute Library, 322 W. 23rd St. 

Dr. J. W. Bartlett, Sec'y. 

American Institute of Accounts Library, 

135 Cedar St. 
Louise S, Miltimore 

American International Corporation Libra- 
ry, 120 Broadway 
Margaret C Wells 



NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
American Iron and Steel Institute Library, 

40 Rector St. 
James J. McCleary 

American Jewish Historical Society Libra- 
ry, 38 Park Row 
Albert M. Friedberg 

American Mathematical Society Library, 
Columbia University Library 

American Milk Products Corporation Li- 
brary, 71 Hudson St. 
Vivian P. Swerig 

American Museum of Natural History li- 
brary, W. 77th St. & Central Park West 
Dr. R. W. Tower 

American Numismatic Society Library, 

i$6th St. & Broadway 
Sidney P. Noe 

American Petroleum Institute Library, 17 

W. 44th St. 
Beta Kaessman 

American Prison Association Library, 135 

E. isth St 
0. F. Lewis 

American Railway Association Library, 75 

Church St. 
J. E. Fairbanks 

American Tied Cross, New York County 
Chapter, Bureau of Health Information 
Flora Tong 

American Relief Administration Library, 42 

Suda L. Bane 

American Scandinavian Foundation Libra- 
ry, 25 W. 45th St. 
Anna C. Reque 

American Social Hygiene Association See 
National Health Library 

American Society for Prevention of Cruelty 
to Animals Library, Madison Ave. nr. 
26th St 
William K. Horton 

American Steel and Wire Company of N. J. 

Library, 30 Church St. 
Jeannette Brouver 

American Sugar Refining Company Library, 

117 Wall St. 
Howard Elliott 

American Telephone and Telegraph Co., 

General Library, 195 Broadly 
Mary de J. Cox 


NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 

American Telephone and Telegraph Libra- 
ry, Engineering Library, 195 Broadway 
Mary A. Rogers 

American Telephone and Telegraph Libra- 
ry, Legal Library, 195 Broadway 
Gertrude Peterkin 

Art Student's League, Isidor Library, 215 

W. 57th St. 
Margaret J. Mersereau 

Asphalt Association Library, 25 W. 43d St. 
J. E. Pennybacker 

Associated Advertising Clubs Library, no 

W. 40th St. 
Mrs. Mary S. Thayer 

Association of Life Insurance Presidents 

Library, 165 Broadway 
Ida M. Thiele 

Association of National Advertisers, Inc., 

17 W. 44th St. 
Helen A. Taylor 

Association of Railway Executives Library, 

61 Broadway 
Mrs. Helen I. Johnson 

Association of the Bar of the City of 'New 

York, 42 'W. 44th St. 
Franklin Osborne Poole 

Bankers Trust Company Library, 16 Wall 

Miss N. De Muth 

Barrett Company (Chemical) Library, 17 

Battery PI. 
Marie D. Allemaud 

Barton, Durstine and Osborn, Inc. (Adver- 
tising) Library, 25 W. 45th St. 
Mary Louise Alexander 

Batten, Geo. and Company (Advertising) 

Library, 381 4th Ave. 
Harriet Elias 

Bellevue Hospital Medical College, Egbert 
Le Fevre Memorial Library, ist Ave. & 
26th St. ^ 
H. D. Senior 

Bellevue Hospital 
Martha Wirth 

Bible Teachers Training School Library, 

541 Lexington Ave, 
Clara M. Clark 

Blair Securities Corporation Library, 24 

Broad St. 
Florence S. Spelman 


NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
R. R. Bowker Company (Publishers) Li- 
brary, 62 W. 45th St. 
Mary E. Ball 

Boy Scouts of America Library, 200 5th Ave. 
Franklin K. Mathews 

British Library of Information, 44 White- 
hall St. 
Miss A. G. F. Aylmer 

British Empire Chamber of Commerce Li- 
brary, 25 Broadway 
Robert M. Munro 

Bronx (Borough) Municipal Library, Tre- 

mont & 3d Aves. 
Bertram Sendit 

Brown Brothers and Company (Financial) 

Library^ 59 Wall St. 
Miss Jennings 

Bureau of Customs Information Library, 

Customs House 
E. C. Hawkins 

Bureau of Educational Experiments Libra- 
ry, 144 W. I3th St. 
Jean Lee Hernt 

Bureau of Industrial Research Library, 

289 4th Ave. 
Savel Zimand 

Bureau of Jewish Social Research Library, 

114 5th Ave. 
Ludwig B. Bernstein 

Bureau of Municipal Research Library, 261 

Sarah Greer 

Bureau of Vocational Information, 2 W. 

43d St. 
Emma P. Hirth 

Business Bourse International, Inc. Libra- 
ry, 15 W. 37th St, 
N. V. McCarren 

Canadian Pacific Railway Company Li- 
brary, 344 Madison Ave. 
Miss Brooks 

Carrere and Hastings (Architectural) Li- 
brary, 52 Vanderbilt Ave. 
Raymond Farrelly 

Carter, Ledyard and Milburn Law Library, 

54 Wall St. 
Alice I. Vail 

Central Union Trust Company Library, 80 

Miss E. W. Routledge 

Chamber of Commerce of the State of New 

York Library, 65 Liberty St. 
Elsa Loeber 

NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
Chase National Bank Library, 57 Broadway 
Helen Van Nostrand 

Company Library 

Bank Library, 270 

Chemical Catalogue 

i Madison Aye. 
D. D. Berolzheimer 

Chemical National 

Mary Allen Agnew 

Chemists' Club Library, 52 E. 4rst St 
Emily J. Fell 

Art Department Library, Cheney Bros., 4th 

Ave. & i8th St. 
Mary L. Osborn 

Citizens Union Library, 41 Park Row 
Eleanor Ethier 

City Clerks Library, Municipal Bldg. 
Mrs. Peck 

City History Club of N. Y. Library, 105 W. 

40th St. 
Mrs. Carr Van Anda 

Class Journal Company (Publishers) Li- 
brary, 231 W. 3Qth St. 
Cora D. Robertson 

Columbia University Libraries See under 
College Libraries 

College of St. Francis Xavier Faculty Li- 
brary, 30 W. i6th St. 
Rev. William F, X. Sullivan, SJ. 

Combustion News Service Library, 43 Broad 

Helen M. Allyn 

Community Hospital in the City of New 
York, George Carleton Dominick New 
Memorial Library, 19 W. xoist St. 
Emma Dunkel 

Community Motion Picture Service, Inc. 

Library, 46 W. 24th St. 
Caroline Weiner 

Compton, W. R. Company Library, 14 Wall 

Eleanor Kerr 

Community Service Library, i Madison Ave 
Robert F. Lovett 

Compensation Inspection Rating Board Li- 
brary, 370 7th Ave. 
Helen Anne Sweeney 

Packard Library, Broadway & 3Qth St 

Consumers League of City of New York 

Library, 289 4th Ave. 
Nelle Swartz 



NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued" 
Cornell University, Medical College, 477 ist 

Mrs. Josephine Genung Nichols 

Corporation Counsel's Library of the Law 
Dept of the City of New York (restric- 
ted vise) Municipal Bldg. 

Cravath, Henderson, Leffingwell and De 
Gersdoff Law Library, 52 Williams St. 
Mrs. H. C. Mathews 

Crowell Publishing Company Library, 381 

4th Ave. 
Katherine Vermilye 

Henry L. Doherty and Company (Financial) 

Library, 60 Wall St. 
Mr. Finney 

Reuben H. Donnelly Corporation Buyer's 

Service Library, 28 W. 23d St. 
Mildred A. Bates 

Engineering Societies Library, 29 W. 39th 

Harrison W. Craver 

Equitable Life Insurance Society Library, 

120 Broadway 
Grace W. Morse 

Erickson Company (Advertising) Library, 

381 4th Ave. 
Mr. Livermore 

Erie Railroad Library, 50 Church St. . 
Mrs. Mary K. Holloran 

Farmers Loan and Trust Company Library, 

22 Williams St. 
Geneva Byron 

Federal Reserve Bank Library, 120 Broad- 
Marguerite Burnett 

Fidelity and Casualty Company, Law Li- 
brary, 92 Liberty St. 
Raoul H. de Raismeo 

Fifth Avenue Bank Library, 256 W. 9?th St. 
Mrs. Mary C. Percy 

Fleischmann Company (Yeast) Library, 701 

Washington St. 
Helen Stern 

Forbes Magazine Library, 120 5th Ave. 
Herbert Donohoe 

Ford, Bacon and Davis (Engineering) Li- 
brary, 115 Broadway 
J. Henry Parr 

Fordham University See under College Li- 


NEW, YORK -Continued 
New York City Continued 

Foreign Commerce Corporation Library, 120 

Miss N. R. Niven 

French Institute in the U. S. Library, 597 

5th Ave. 
Robert A. Hug 

General Electric Company Libra^, 120 

Aline A. Heitkamp 

General Motors Acceptance Corporation 

Library, 224 W. 57th St. 
Mr. L. H. Kurtz 

General Society of Mechanics and Trades- 
men See Mechanics Institute 

General Theological Seminary of the Pro- 
testant Episconal Church, 175 9th Ave. 
George Dobbin Brown 

German Kali Works Library, 42 Broadway 
L. L. Costigan 

Goldwyn Picture Corporation Library, 469 

5th Ave. 
Charlotte Ford 

W. T. Grant Company (Department stores) 

Library, 28 W. 23d St. 
Grace D. Aikenhead 

Grolier Club Library, 47 E. 6oth St. 
Ruth Granniss 

Guaranty Trust Company Library, 142 Lib- 
erty St. 
Jeanne M. Buhmer 

Guggenheimer, Untermeyer and Marshall 

Law Library, 120 Broadway 
Jane Henderson 

Halsey, Stuart and Company (Financial) 

Library, 14 Wall St. 
Miss M. Schenck 

Harris Forbes and Company (Financial) 

Library, 56 William St. 
L. Booth 

Haskins and Sells (Accounting) Library, 37 

W. 39th St. 
Anna Burns 

Hawkins, Delafield and Longfellow, Law 

Library, 20 Exchange PL 
J. Stockwell Painton 

Hendrick's Commercial Library, 70 5th Ave. 
Sylvia Moskowitz 

Hispanic Society of America Library, is6th 

St. & Broadway 
A. D. Savage 


NEW YORK- Continued 
New York City Continued 
Hoggson Brothers (Architectural) Library, 

485 sth Ave. 
Estelle T. Weeks 

India Rubber World (Publication) Librar} r , 

23 W. 45th St. 
W. M. Morse 

Ingersoll-Rand Company (Engineering) Li- 
brary, ii Broadway 
H. G. Terwilliger 

Institute for Crippled and Disabled Men 

Library, 245 E. 2$d St. 
Johanna Olschewsky 

Institute for Public Service Library, 1125 

Amsterdam Ave. 
Miss Gross 

Institute of Musical Art, Circulating Libra- 
ry, 120 Claremont Ave. 
Mrs. Blanche C. Jacobs 

Institute of Musical Art, Reference Library, 

120 Clermont Ave. 
Miss V. E, Coleman 

Insurance Society of N. Y. Library, 84 Wil- 
liam St. 
Mabel B. Swerig 

International Buyers Club Library, 130 W. 

42d St. 
Mary Deegan 

International Ladies Garment Workers 

Union Library, 3 W. i6th St. 
Alexander Trachtenberg 

Investors Agency, Inc. (Financial) Library, 

177 Broadway 
Lillian A. Koechlmg 

Irving National Bank Library, 233 Broad- 
Elsie L. Baechtold 

Kidder, Peabody and Company (Financial) 

Library, 18 Broad St. 
Jane Barnitz 

Knoedler, M. and Company Art Library, 

556 Fifth Ave 
Lelia M. Wittier 

Kountze Brothers (Financial) Library, 141 

E. A., Erickson 

Kuhn, Loeb and Company (Financial) Li- 
brary, 52 William St. 
Mrs. Jeanne B. Foster 

Laundry Board of Trade Library, 1204 

Times Bldg. 
H. K/ Wilder 

NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
Law Reporting Company Library, 17 E. 

36th St. 
F. W. Allen 

Legal Aid Society Library, 239 Broadway 

Leslie Woman's Sucrage, Inc. Library, 171 

Madison Ave. 
Alice Halsey 

La Liberia Mercantile Library, 116 Nassau 

Lesman, F. J., Company, Financial Library, 

61 Broadway 
L. L. Lubin 

Locomotive Superheater Company Library, 

17 E. 42d St. 
Chas. Hilferty 

McKinley and Morris, (Financial) Library, 

6q Wall St. 
Emily A. Berry 

Manufacturers Aircraft Ass. Library, 501 

5th Ave. 
Florence Wagner 

Mechanics Institute, 16 W. 44th St 
Henry W. Parker 

Mercantile Bank of the Americas, Inc. Li- 
brary, 44 Pine St. 
Elsie George 

Merchants Association of New York Libra- 
ry, 233 Broadway 
Miss M. Wilson 

Metal and Thermit Corporation Library, 120 

Mrs. H. E, Hepner 

Methodist Episcopal Church Board of For- 
eign Missions Library, 150 Sth Ave. 
Elizabeth W. Lott 

Metropolitan Hospital, Guernsey Library, 

Blackwell's Island 
William Hopcroft 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Li- 
brary, I Madison Ave. 
Frances S. Cox 

Metropolitan Museum of Art Library, 5th 

Ave. & 8oth St. 
William Clifford 

Military Service Institute of the U. S. Li- 
brary (deposited in the New York Pub- 
lic Library) 
Edmund Banks Smith, Governor's Island 

Missionary Research Library, 25 Madison 

Hollis W. Hering 



NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
Montifiore Hospital Medical Library, E. 

2ioth St. near Jerome Ave. 
Lena Funt 

Moody' s Investor's Service Information Li- 
brary, 28 Nassau St. 
C. Chamberlain 

J. P. Morgan and Company (Financial) Li- 
brary, 23 Wall St. 
Bessie Brown 

Morgan, Pierpont (Private) Library, 33 E. 

36th St. 
Belle DeCosta Greene 

Municipal Art Society Library, 119 E. igth 

Mrs. H. B. Keen 

Municipal Reference Library 
Rebecca B. Rankin 

Civic Art Division, Municipal Reference Li- 
brary, City Hall 
Alice S. Clark 

Municipal Reference Library, Public Health 

Division, 505 Pearl St. 
Sarah Halliday 

Murphy-Ray, Inc. Library, 165 Broadway 
J. O'Neil 

Museum of the American Indian, Heye 
Foundation Library, i$6th St. & Broad- 
John K Wright 

Mutual Life Insurance Company Library, 

32 Nassau St. 
James J. Dillon 

National Academy of Design Library, 175 

W. xoQth St. 
George W. Maynard 

National Aniline and Chemical Company 

Library, 21 Burling Slip 
Grace Cars ten sen 

National Association of Cost Accountants, 

Research Dept, 130 W. 42d St. 
Gould L. Harris 

National Association of Credit Men Libra- 
ry, 41 Park Row 
J. H. Tregoe 

National Association of Manufacturers Li- 
brary, 50 Church St. 
Mrs. A. S. Perkins 

National Association of Purchasing Agents 

Library, 19 Park PI. 
L. F. Boffey 

NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
National Automobile Chamber of Com- 
merce Library, 366 Madison Ave. 
W. L. Powlison 

National Bank of Commerce in New York 

Library, 31 Nassau St. 
Elinor Bedlow 

National Board of Fire Underwriters Li- 
brary, 76 William St. 
Ira H. Woolson 

National Bureau of Casualty and Surety 

Underwriters, 120 W. 42d St. 
Mildred Pressman 

National Child Labor Committee Library, 

105 E. 22d St. 
Owen R. Lovejoy 

National Child Welfare Assoc. Library, 70 

5th Ave. 
Chas. F. Powlison, General Sec'y. 

National City Financial Library, 60 Wall 

Alice L. Rose 

National Civil Service Reform League Li- 
brary, 8 W. 40th St. 
H. E. Kaplan 

National Cloak and Suit Company Library, 

207 W. 24th St. 
Edith Le Quesne 

National Committee for Constructive Immi- 
grant Legislation Library, 105 E. 22d 
Dr. S. L. Gulick 

National Committee for Mental Hygiene 
See National Health Library 

National Committee for the Prevention of 

Blindness Library, 130 E. 22d St. 
Mrs. Winifred Hathaway 

National Council on Workmen's Compen- 
sation Insurance Library, 16 E. 40th St. 
Edith R. Daly 

National Electric Light Association, Li- 
brary, 29 W. 30th St. 
Pauline S. Petrie 

National Health Library, 370 Seventh Ave. 
Janet Melvain 

National Historical Society Library, 37 W. 

39th St. 
M. T. R. Washburn 

National Housing Association Library, 105 

E. 22d St. g 
Lawrence Veiller 



NEV7 YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
National Industrial Conference Board Li- 
brary, 10 E. 3Qth St. 
J. H. Friedel 

National Information Bureau Library, I 

Madison Ave. 
Barry C. Smith 

National Lutheran Council of the Lutheran 
Bureau, Reference Library, 437 5th Ave. 
Emma A. Licht 

National Marine League o U. S. A. Li- 
brary, 268 Pearl St. 
A. B. Walsh 

National Municipal League Library, 261 

Lillian Henley 

National Organization for Public Health 
Nursing See National Health Library 

National Personnel Association, 20 Vesey 

W. J. Donald 

National Retail Dry Goods Association Li- 
brary, 200 5th Ave. 
Arthur Wiesenberger 

National Tuberculosis Association See 
National Health Library 

National Wholesale Lumber Dealers Asso- 
ciation Library, 41 E. 42d St. 
E. F. Perry 

Naval History Society Library, 33 W. 42d 

Alice M. Kyte 

New Jersey Zinc Company Library, 160 

Front St. 
Katharine C. Ashman 

New York Academy of Medicine Library, 

17 W. 43<i St. 
Dr. J. S. Browne 

New York American and Evening Journal 

Library, 238 William St. 
A. E. Englehart 

New York American Weekly Library, 238 

William St. 
Louis Bolander 

New York Aquarium Library, Battery Park 
Dr. Chas. H. Townsend 

New York City. Board of Aldermen and 
City Clerk, Room 357, Municipal Bldg. 
Philip Baer 

New York City, Board of Education. Bur- 
eau of Libraries, 500 Park Ave. 

NEW YORK Continued 
New Yoik City Continued 
New York City. Board of Education. Li- 
brary, 500 Park Ave. 
Claude G. Leland, Supt. 

New York City. Board of Education. Di- 
vision of Reference and Research Li- 
brary, 500 Park Ave. 
E. A. Nifenecker 

New York City. Department of Foods and 
Markets Library, 90 W. Broadway 

New York City. Department of Health, Li- 
brary of the Bureau of Laboratories, 
Foot of E. i6th St. 
Julia T. Harding 

District Attorney's Office Library, Criminal 

Courts Bldg., 32 Franklin St. 
Eugene McAuliffe 

New York Botanical Barden Library, Bronx 

Sarah H. Harlow 

N. Y. County Lawyers Association Library, 

165 Broadway 
Richard Crump 

N. Y. Edison Company Library, 130 E. I5th 

St., Room 818 
Josephine I. Greenwood 

New York Evening Post Library, 20 Vesey 

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary Library, 

218 2d Ave. 
John C. Lester 

New York Genealogical and Biographical 

Society Library, 226 W. 58th St. 
Abraham Hatfield, Jr. 

New York Historical Society Library, 170 

Central Park West 
Alexander J. Wall 

New York Homeopathic Medical College 

Library, 63d St. & Avenue A 
Frances Holly 

New York Journal Library, 238 William St. 
William A. Englehart 

New York Law Institute Library, 120 

John F. Couillou 

New York Law School Library, 215 W. 23d 

A. A. Clarke 

New York Life Insurance Company Libra- 
ry, 320 Broadway 
William A. Callanan 



NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
New York Port Society Library, 166 nth 

K. P. Miller 

New York Produce Exchange Library, 8 

James H. Patrick 

New York School of Applied Design for 

Women Library, 160 Lexington Ave. 
Anabel Campbell 

New York Society Library, 109 University 

Frank Barna Bigelow 

New York State Transit Commission Li- 
brary, 49 Lafayette St. 
Pauline Hartzheim 

New York Supreme Court, Appellate Di- 
vision, First Department Library, Mad- 
ison Ave. & 25th St. 
G. T. Campbell, Clerk of the Court 

New York Supreme Court Law Library, 
First Judicial District, 51 Chambers St. 
Harry E. Griswold 

N. Y. Tax Reform Association Library, 140 

Nassau St. 
A. C. Pleydell 

New York Times Library, Times Annex, 

29 W. 43d St. 
Jennie Welland 

New York University. See tinder College 

New York World Library, Pulitzer Bldg. 
F. C. Foster 

Official Information Bureau of Switzerland 
Library, 241 Fifth Ave. 

Pace and Pace (Accounting) Library, 30 
Church St. 

Pennie, Davis, Marvin and Edmonds Law 

Library, 35 Nassau St. 
Isabelle Brokaw 

Pharmaceutical Era Library, 3 Park PI. 

Chas. A. Platt Library (Architectural), 

1 01 Park Ave. 
Ruth Simmons 

Playground and Recreation Association of 

America Library, i Madison Ave. 
H. S. Braucher 

Polk's Directory Library, 133 Church St. 
W. J. Maxwell 

Poor's Publishing Co., 33 Broadway 
Carlos C. Houghton 

NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 

Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions 

Library, 156 Fifth Ave. 
Susie A. Pinder 

Presbyterian Hospital, Bull and Hartley 
Surgical Library, 70th St. & Madison 

Presbyterian Hospital, E. G. Janeway 
Memorial Library, ;oth St. & Madison 
Gertrude Mueller 

Price, Waterhouse and Company (Account- 
ing) Library, 56 Pine St. 
Audiene Graham 

Printer's Ink Publishing Co. Library, 185 

Madison Ave. 
Edward B. Weiss 

Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Yeshivah Library, 

301-303 t E. Broadway 
Mosel Seidel 

Psychiatric Institute Library, Ward's Is- 
Carrie Junge 

Railway Age Library, 233 Broadway 
Lillian McDermott 

Reinhardt, Henry and Son, 606 Fifth Ave. 

Retail Research Association Library, 223 

Fifth Ave. 
Dr. P. J. Nystrom 

Robinson and Company (Financial) Li- 
brary, 26 Exchange PI. 
Beatrice E, Carr 

Rockefeller Foundation Library, 61 Broad- 
Edyth L. Miller 

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research 

Library, 66th St. & Ave. A 
Lillia M. D. T-rask 

The Ronald Press Co. Library, 20 Vesey St. 
Irene C Komova 

Roosevelt Memorial Association, Inc., Li- 
brary, i Madison Ave. 
R. W. G. Vail 

Russell Sage Foundation Library, 130 E. 

22d St. 

Frederick W. Jenkins 

Safety Institute of America Library, 141 E. 

29th St. 
Harriet E. Dart 



NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
Sanderson and Porter (Engineering) Li- 
brary, 52 William St. 
E. H. Smith 

Sanford, Smith and Griffin (Law) Library, 

27 William St. 
Mrs. F. A. Ballard 

Seligman, T. and W., and Co. Library, 54 

Wall St. 
Florence Fritz 

Silk Association of America Library, 354 

Fourth Ave. 
Miss A. M. Ampike 

Co. Library, 45 

Sinclair Exploration 

Nassau St. 
Edith M. Flagg 

Social Service Commission, Lending Li- 
brary, Diocese of New York, 416 La- 
fayette St. 
Rev. Charles K. Gilbert, Exec. Secy. 

Society for Electrical Development, Inc., 

Library, 522 Fifth Ave. 
Margaret Smieton 

Spectator Company Library, 135 William 

Speyer and Co. (Financial) Library, 24 

Pine St. 
Ella Genung 

Spragttc Works Electrical Library, 527 W. 
34th St. 

Standard Statistics Co. Library, 47 West 

Eleanor S. Cavanaugh 

Sun-Herald Corporation, 280 Broadway 

Tarns, Arthur W., Music Library, 318 W. 

46th St. 
Charles Rizzotti 

Texas Company Library, 17 Battery PI. 
Sophie 'Gruenbaum 

Theosophical Society of New York Lodge, 

2228 Broadway 
Franklin B. Bissell 

Thompson, J. Walter, Co. Library, 242 

Madison Ave. 
Winifred Best 

Tobacco Merchants Association Library, 
5 Beekman St. 

Trailer Manufacturers Assn. of America 

Library, 160 W. 87th St. 
H, W. Perry 


NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 

Spencer Trask and Co. (Financial) Li- 
brary, 25 Broad St. 
Miss B. N. MacDonald 

Union Carbide and Carbon Corp. Library, 

30 E. 42d St. 
Grace E. Schultz 

Union Theological Seminary Library, 

Broadway & I20th St. 
Henry Preserved Smith 

United States Brewers Association Li- 
'brary, 50 Union Sq. 

United States Circuit Court of Appeals, 
U. S. Court House Bldg., Broadway 
& Park Row 
Mary F. Taber. 

United States Rubber Co. Library, 1791 

Elizabeth B. Wray 

United States Testing Co. Library, 316 

Hudson St. 
Fleurida Poulin 

United States Veteran's Bureau Library, 

23 W. 43d St. 
Edith S. Canning 

Vedanta Society Library, 34 W. 7*st St. 
Ada L. Stuart 

Warren and Wetmore (Architectural) Li- 
brary, 16 E. 47th St. 
Francois Mellot 

Western Electric Co. Engineering Library, 

463 West St. 
Gratia Prouty 

Western Electric Sales Dept. Library, 195 

Christine M. Phelps 

Western Union Telegraph Co. Library, 

195 Broadway, Room 2208 
Edith L. Shearer 

White and Case (iLaw) Library, 14 Wall 

Mary E. McDermott 

White and Kemble (Financial) Library, 

55 Liberty St. 
Florence Stewart 

White, J. G. Engineering Corporation Li- 
brary, 43 ExcFange PI. 
Miss Hamilton 

Working Women's Protective Union Li- 
brary, 289 Fourth Ave. 
Elizabeth Ogilby 


NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Continued 
World Outlook (Publication) Library, 150 

Fifth Ave. 
Miss Morton 

Y. M. C. A. International Committee Li- 
brary, 347 Madison Ave. 
Katherine Beakes 

Richmond Borough Tompkinsville 
Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences 

Library, Stuyvesant PI. 
Agnes L. Pollard 

Niagara Falls 
Chamber of Commerce Library 


Chenango County Medical Society Library 
N. Louise Ruckteshler 

David L. Follett Memorial Supreme Court 

N. Louise Ruckteshler 

Port Jervis 

Minisink Valley Historical Society Library 
W. L. Cuddeback 


Clarkson College of Technology Library 
John P. Brooks, Pres. 


Dutchess-Putnam Medical Society Library 
A. L. Peckham, Chairman 


Appellate Division Law Library 
Fred E. Rosbrook 

Bureau of Municipal Research Library 
James W. Routh 

Chamber of Commerce Library 

Eastman Kodak Company Business Library 
Ethel Shields 

Eastman Kodak Company, Kodak Park Li- 
Gertrude Reissmann 

Historical Society Library 

Rochester Academy of Medicine Library, 

33 Chestnut St. 
Miss Sibley 

Reynolds Library Medical Dept. 
Anne R. Collins 

Rochester Theological Seminary Library 
Glenn B. Ewell 

NEW YORK Continued 
Rochester Continued 
Saranac Lake 

Saranac Laboratory Librarj r 

Trudeau Sanitorium Medical Library 
L. Isabel Ross 


General Electric Company Library 
William F. Jacob 

General Electric Company Research Library 
Mrs. L. C. Krueger 


Medical Library of Craig Colony for Epi- 
William T. Shanahan 


Court of Appeals Librarv 
George N. Cheney 

College of Medicine Library, Syracuse Uni- 
Frank W. Marlow 

Court of Appeals Library 
George N. Cheney 

Gaylord Brothers Library 
Forrest B. Spaulding 

H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company 

Cora M. Pritz 

Semet-Solvay Company, Chemical Develop- 
ment Department Library 
E. C. Curtis 

Solvay Process Company Library 
J. L. Wiley 


Oneida Historical Society Library 
George Fenton 

Utica Law Library Assn. 
John F. Rogers 

Law Library 
Edith M. Coan 

West Point 

United States Military Academy Library 
Margery Bedinger 

Yonkers Bureau of Municipal Research Inc. 

Benjamin Swartz 




Historical Commission of North Carolina 

R. D. W. Connor 

Legislative Reference Department Library 
H. M. London 

Supreme Court Library 
Marshall DeL. Haywood 


Legislative Reference Department 

State Historical Society Library 

State Law Library 
Joseph Coghlan 


School of Forestry Library 
Vernon L. Mangum, Pres. 


North Dakota Agricultural College Library 
Mrs. Esther McVeety 


University of North Dakota Biological and 

Medical Library 
A. D. Keator 

University of North Dakota, Bureau of 

Municipal Reference 
Pauline Serumgard 



Summit County Medical Society Library, 

People's Hospital 
A, S. McCormick 

Akron Law Library 
Mrs. Jessie Hoover 

Bierce Library, Municipal University 
Rena B. Findley 

Bureau of Municipal Research iLibrary 
Don C Sowers 

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Library 
George R. Lamson 

B. F. Goodrich Company Chemical Library 
Francis Me Govern 

B. F. Goodrich Company General Library 
Grace Manning 

'Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Gen- 
eral Library 
Mary E. Yoder 

OHIO Continued 

American Association for the Advancement 
of Science Library, Van Wormer Li- 
brary Bldg. 
Charles A. Read 

Art Museum Library, Eden Park 
Elizabeth R. Kellogg 

Chamber of Commerce Library, 4th and 

Vine Sts. 
C. R. Hebble, Secy. 

Cincinnati Academy of Medicine Library, 
25 K 8th St. 

Cincinnati Hospital Medical Library, Bur- 
net Ave. 
Eva Kyte 

Cincinnati Law Library, Court House 
Colwin Gholson 

Cincinnati Law School Library, Clifton 

Ave. west of Ohio Ave. 
Julian S. Fowler 

Cincinnati Society Natural History Library, 

312 Broadway 
L. D. Collier 

Cincinnati Traction 

Traction Bldg. 
Caroline Hein 

Company Library, 

Reuben H. Donnelley Corp. Library, 402 

Neave Bldg. 
Ann M. Hewetson 

Eclectic Medical College Library, 630 W. 

6th St. 
J. K. Scudder 

Bernheim Library, Hebrew Union College, 

Clifton Ave. near Dixmyth Ave. 
Adolph S. Oko 

Van Wormer Library, Historical and Phil- 
osophical Society of Ohio, Burnet 
Woods Park 
L. Belle Hamlin 

Smitfi Memorial Library, Lane Theological 

Prof. F. K. Farr 

Lloyd Library and Museum of Botany and 

Pharmacy, 309 W. Court St. 
Edith Wycoff 

Lunkenheimer Company Library, Waverly 

Ave. and Beekman St. 
Mrs. Louise Grace 

Timothy C Day Technical Library, Ohio 

Mechanics Institute 
Fredericka Miller 



OHIO Continued 

Cincinnati Continued 
Proctor & Collier Company Library, Com- 
mercial Tribune Bldg. 
Elsie Flynn 

Richey, Halsted & Quick Co., 702 Traction 

Rosemary Cowen 

Union Central Life Insurance Co. Library, 

Union Central Bldg." 
E. Earl Kirkpatrick 

United States Circuit Court of Appeals Law 

Caroline C. Collins 

University of Cincinnati, Municipal Refer- 
ence Bureau Library 
Mary Louise Rutter 

Williams Directory Company Library, 3rd 
and Vine Sts. 

University of Cincinnati, Ohio-Miami Med- 
ical College, Eden Ave. 
Frances Currie 

Y. M. C. A. Law Library 
C W. Medley 


Case School of Applied Science Library 
Karl L. Thompson 

Cleveland Clinic Library, Euclid and East 

93rd St. 
Mrs. Ashmun 

Cleveland Illuminating Company Library, 
78 Public Square 

Cleveland Law Library Association, New 

Court House 
E. A. Feazel 

Cleveland Medical Library Association, 

2318 Prospect Ave. 
J. C. Harding 

Cleveland Orchestra Library, Caxton Bldg. 

Cleveland Plain Dealer 
Mr. Wilson 

Cleveland Public Library, Municipal Refer- 
ence Library, City Hall 
Mary L. Claris" 

Cleveland Trust Company Library, Euclid 

and gth 
Dr. L. P. Ayers, Vice-Pres. 

EasL Ohio Gas Company Library, 1405 East 

6th St. 
W. J. Rogers 

OHIO Continued 

Cleveland C ontinued 

Federal Reserve Bank Library, Williamson 

Alta B. Claflin 

General Electric Company Research Li- 
Nela Payk 

Hydraulic Steel Company Library, 1878 E. 

59th St. 
Edythe Dans 

Joseph & Teiss Company, 2149 W. 53rd St. 
Alice Lang 

Museum of Art Library, East Blvd. and 

Wade Park 
Nellie G. Si'll 

Museum of Natural History Library, 2717 

Darthula Lindberg 

National Lamp Works Electrical Library 

The Press Library (newspaper), Rockwell 

and East gth 
Lenore Lingan 

Otis & Co. Library, Cuyahoga Bldg. 
Mrs. Western 

Western Reserve University. 
College Libraries 

See under 

Western Reserve Historical Society Li- 

'brary, Euclid Ave. and E. I07th St. 
Wm. H. Cathcart 

White Motor Company Library, 842 E. 

79th St. 
Nellie M. Allbridge 


Franklin County Law Li'brary Association 
Rudolph Wittenmeier 

Ohio Institute for Public Efficiency Library 
R. E. Miles, Director 

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical 

Society Library 
C. B. Galbreath 

Supreme Court Law Library 
John W. Shaw 

Old No-rthwiest Genealogical Society 

H. Warren Phelps 


Bonebrake_Theological Seminary Library 
L. B. Harmon, Asst. Lib. 

Central Theological Seminary Library 
Delia House 



OHIO Continued 
Dayton 'Continued 

Bureau of Research Library 
Charles B. Greene 

Dayton Law Library 
John Roehm 

Engineers' Club Library 
'George Buvinger 

General Motors Research Corp, Library 
Katherine Schulz 

Montgomery County Medical Society Li- 
brary, Fidelity Medical Bldg. 
H. S. Jewett 

National Cash Register Company Library 
Henbert F. May 

United States Air Service, Engineering Di- 
vision^ Library, McCook FiefcT 
Olive Z, Morrow 

Y. M. C A. Bible Reference Library 
Rodney Teed 


Richardson Company (paper) Library 
Miss Farrish 


Commission of Publicity and Efficiency, 

Municipal Reference Library 
C. A. Crosser 

Law Association Library 
Mary V. Fiske 

Toledo Museum of Art Library 
Eula Anderson 


Republic Iron and Steel Company Library 
Mrs. T. H. Bulla 


Panhandle State School of Agriculture Li- 

Isaac O'Ncil 


Cameron State School of Agriculture Li- 
A. E. Wickhouser 


Miami School of Mines Library 


Chemical Foundation Library 

Geological Survey Library 
Miss D'ell Slaughter 

OKLAHOMA Continued 
Norman Continued 

University of Oklahoma, Medical Depart- 
ment Library 
Jesse Lee Rader 

University of Oklahoma Library, Municipal 

Reference Bureau 
Dr. F. F. Blachly 

Oklahoma City 

Oklahoma Historical Society Library 
W. P. Campbell 

University Hospital School of Medicine 
H. D. Morris 


Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical Col- 
lege Library 
Mrs. Elsie D. Hand 


Murray State School of Agriculture 
Christine Wilson 


Connor State School of Agriculture Library 


School of Mines and Metallurgy Library 
A. W. Henzell 



Oregon Agricultural College Library 
Lucy M. Lewis 


Eugene Bible University Library 
Mary D. Benton 


Library Association of Portland, Municipal 

Reference Library Department 
Caroline B.^Sigrist 

Oregon Historical Society Library 
Nellie B. Pipes 

Multnomah Law Library, Court House 
Fred R. Salway 

Portland Railway, Light and Power Co. 
Beatrice Hawkins 

University of Oregon Medical School Li- 
brary, Marquam Hill 
Bertha B. Hallam 

Whitfield, Whitcomb & Co. Library 
Ethel Lars en 


Supreme Court Library 
E. N. Gillingham 



Lehigh County Historical Society Library 


Mechanics Library and Railroad Ass'n 
Miss E. L. Snyder 


Hamilton Literary Association 
S. M. Goodyear 


American Baptist Historical Society Li- 
brary, Crozier Theological Seminary 
Frank G. Lewis 


Bucks County Historical Society Library 
Warren S. Ely 


Oliver Chemical Laboratory Library 
Edward Hart " 

East Pittsburgh 
Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co, Library, 

Works Manager's Dept. 
Miss E. H. Dryer 


Erie County Medical Society Library, Pub- 
lic Library Bldg. 
Fred E. Ross 

General Electric Company, Publicity Dept. 

Library, Eas^ Lake Road 
Albert H. Richardson 


Lutheran Historical library, Lutheran The- 
ological Seminary 
A. R. Wentz 


Harrisburg Academy of Medicine Library, 

319 N. 2nd St. 
Carson Coover 

Pennsylvania Bureau of Municipalities Li- 
Sarah Dickinson 

Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Instruction 

Ruth Hull 

Pennsylvania Legislative "Reference Bureau 
James N. Moore 

Pennsylvania State Chamber of Commerce 

Library, Telegraph Bldg. 
Leonard P. Fox 

Lancaster City and County Medical Society 

Library, 16 S. Prince St. 
Lottie Bausman 

Lancaster County Historical Society Li- 
Harry Stehman 


MifHin County Medical Society Library 
J. A. C. Clarkson 


Chamber of Commerce Library, 502 Fifth 

B. W. Grills, Secy. 


Delaware County Institute of Science Li- 
H. K. Broomall 

New Kensington. 
Aluminum Company of America, Experi- 

mentaFLaboratories Library 
'Gertrude L. Woodin 

Historical Society Library 

Palme rton 

New Jersey Zinc Company Library 
P. A. Bartholomew 


Academy of Natural Sciences Library, 1900 

Race St. 
William J. Fox 

American Catholic Historical Society Li- 
brary, 715 Spruce St 
P. A. Kingsley 

American Baptist Publication Society, Li- 
brary of Religious Education, 1701 
Chestnut St. 
Dr. E. M. Stephenson 

American Entomological Society Library, 

1900 Race St. 
E. Z. Cresson, Jr. 

American Philosophical Society Library, 104 

South 5th St. 
I. Minis Hays 

American Sunday School Union Library, 

1816 Chestnut St. 
Jarnes McConaughy 

Anthracite Bureau of Information, 437 

Chestnut St. 
Edward W. Parker 

Apprentice's Free Library, 

Brandywine Sts. 
Bessie Graham 

Broad and 



Philadelphia Continued 

Atlantic Refining Company Library, 1211 

Chestnut St. 
W. J. MacBride 

Atlas Powder Company Library, 140 North 

Broad St. 
Harry Shelley 

Bell Telephone Company Library, 1631 Arch 

Victor Egbert 

Board of Education Pedagogical Library, 

ipth St. above Chestnut 
Ada F. Liveright 

Bureau of Municipal Research Library, 1422 

Chestnut St. 
Mabel Inness 

Carpenters Company Library, 320 Chestnut 

Thomas H. Marshall 

Chamber of Commerce Library, Chestnut 
and Juniper Sts. 

Child Federation Library, 200 South Juni- 
per St. 
Helen Cross 

College of Physicians of Philadelphia Li- 
brary, 19 South 22nd St. 
Charles Perry Fisher 

Corn Exchange National Bank Library, 2nd 
and Chestnut Sts. 

Curtis Publishing Company Library of the 
Division of Commercial Research, 6th 
and Walnut Sts. 
Mary G. Shomier 

Day & Zimmerman, Inc., Library, 611 Chest- 
nut St. 
Lee H. Rothrock 

Diocesan Library and Reading Room, I2th 

and Walnut Sts. 
Mrs. James E. Bryant 

Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church Library, 5oth and woodland 
Rev. E. M. Robinson 

Dropsie College Library, Broad and York 

Dr. Cyrus Adler 

Engineers' Club of Philadelphia Library, 

1317 Spruce St. 
H. E. Hopkins, Secy. 

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Li- 
Dorothy Bemis 


Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company 

Library, 112 North Broad St. 
Frank H. Sykes 

Franklin Institute Library, 15 So. 7th St. 
Alfred J. Rigling 

Friends Free Library, Germantown 
Hannah M. Jones 

General Electric Company Library, Wither- 

spoon Bldg. 
D. C. Spooner, Jr. 

German Society of Pennsylvania Library, 

Marshall & Spring Garden Sts. 
Lina Hertzog 

Hahnemann Medical College Library, 224 

North Broad St. 
Mrs. Irma Her ing Evans 

Hirst Law Library, 901 Drexel Building 
Elizabeth N. Cope 

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, I3th & 

Locust Sts. 
Dr. Thomas L. Montgomery 

E. F. Houghton & Co., Library, 240 West 

Somerset St. 
Stella Heim 

Independence Bureau Library, 137 South 

5th St. 
R. Louise Keller 

Jackson's Philadelphia Yearbook, Broad & 

Chestnut Sts. 
Joseph Jackson 

Jefferson Medical College Library, loth & 

Walnut Sts. 
Joseph J. Wilson 

Lutheran Theological Seminary, Krauth 

Memorial Library, Mt. Airy 
Dr. Luther D. Reed 

Law Association of Philadelphia Library, 

600 City Hall 
Luther E. Hewitt 

Law Library of Stephen Girard Building 

Lefax, Inc., gth & Sansom Sts. 
Mr. Wells 

Miller Lock Company Library, 4533 Ta- 
cony St., Frankford 




Philadelphia Continued 
Municipal Court Sociological Library, 2ist 

& Race Sts. 
Mrs. Evelyn Paxton 

New Church Book Association Library 
and Reading Room, 2129 Chestnut St. 
Rev. John W. Stockwell 

Numismatic and Antiquarian Society 

Philadelphia, 1300 Locust St. 
Ernest SpofTord 


Pennsylvania Compensation Rating and In- 
spection Bureau Library 105 South 
I2th St. 
Josephine B. Carson 

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Library, 

606 Finance Building 
David Rust 

Pennsylvania Hospital Medical Library, 8th 

&" Spruce Sts. 
Milton M. Bergey 

Pennsylvania Museum Library, Memorial 

Hall, Fairmount Park 
Daisy Fansler 

Pennsylvania Museum and School of Indus- 
trial Art Library, 320 South Broad St. 
Kate deW. Berg 

Pennsylvania School for Social Service Li- 
brary, 1302 Pine St. 
Mrs. Henry E, Pearson 

Philadelphia Bourse Library, 4th & 5th Sts. 
O. G. Bachman 

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sci- 
ence Library, 145 North loth St. 
F. P, Stroup 

Philadelphia Commercial Museum Librar}% 

3d St., below Spruce 
John L. McFarlane 

Philadelphia Electric Company Library, 

10th & Chestnut Sts. 
E. Mae Taylor 

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company Li- 
brary, 1520 Spruce St. 
Anna S. Bonsall 

Presbyterian Historical Society Library, 

520 Witherspoon Building 
Dr. Louis Benson 

Provident Life and Trust Company Library, 

4th & Chestnut Sts, 
Mary S. Allen 

Public Ledger Library, 6th & Chestnut Sts. 
Joseph Kwapil 

Philadelphia Continued 

Site and Relic Society Reference Library, 

Dr. I. Pearson Willits 

William B. Stephens Memorial Library, 146 

Krams Ave., Manayunk 
Katherine H. Shoemaker 

Strawbridge & Clothier Library 
Mrs. Emily E. McKean 

Teachers' Institute of the City and County 
of Philadelphia Library, Locust St. 
above Broad 
Anne E, Lindsay 

Temple Universitv. Department of Medicine 

Library, i8th & Buttonwood Sts. 
Mrs. Rebecca S. Sharp 

United Gas Improvement Company Library, 

Broad & Arch Sts. 
William E. Saunders 

University of Pennsylvania Sec under 
College Libraries 

Wagner Free Institute of Science Library, 

1 7th & Montgomery Ave. 
John G. Rothermel 

Wister Institute of Anatomy and Biology 

Library, 36th & Woodland Ave. 
Clara N. Ferine 

Women's Medical College Library, 21 st & 

North College Ave. 
Charlotte D. Gracie 


Allegheny County Law Library, City-Coun- 
ty Building 
J. Oscar Emrich 

Bank of Pitsburg Library 
W. L. Dunn 

Carnegie Institute of Technology, Division 

of Arts Library 
Blanche K. S. Wappat 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Technology 

Department, Shenley Park 
E. H. McClelland 

Engineers Society Library of Western 
Pennsylvania, 568 Union Arcade Build- 
K. F. Treschow 

Historical Society Library of Western 
Pennsylvania, Bigelow Boulevard 
Parkman Ave. 
Burd S. Patterson 

Morris Knowles, Inc. (Engineering) Libra- 
Eva Abrams 



Pittsburgh Continued 

Pitsburgh Academy of Medicine Library, 

322 N. Craig St. 
Charles B. Maits 

Pennsylvania Railroad System Library, 

Room 820 Pennsylvania Station 
Elizabeth C. Cameron 

Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory Library 
Mary E. Handy 

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Library 
Harry E. Kelsey 

University of Pittsburgh See under College 

United States Bureau of Mines, Experi- 
ment Station Library 
Kenneth Walker 


Schuylkill County Medical Library Associ- 
G. R. S. Corson 


Berks County Historical Society Library 
Cyrus T. Fox 


Lackawanna County Medical Society Li- 
R P. Hollister 


Swarthmore Friends Historical Library 
Laura Beardsley 


Bradford County Historical Society Library 
O. L. Heverly 


County Historical Society Library 
Jane S. Hall 


Luzerne County Medical Society Library 
Lewis H. Taylor 

Wyoming Historical and Geological Society 

Christopher Wren 


York County Medical Society Library 
W. C. Stick 

Bureau of Mines Library 

Bureau of Science Library 
Mary K. Polk 


Newport Historical Society Library 
Lloyd M. Mayer 


Gorham Manufacturing Company (Silver- 
smiths) Library, Elmwood Ave. 
George Streeter 

Grinnell Company, Inc., 275 W. Exchange 

Miss M. F. Wood 

George L. Shepley (historical) Library 
Howard M. Chapin 

Rhode Island Historical Society Library 
Howard M. Chapin 

Rhode Island Medical Society Library, 106 

Francis St. 
Grace E. Dickerman 

Rhode Island State Law Library 
Clarence F. Allen 

Clemson College 

Clemson Agricultural College Library 
K. B. Trescott 


Columbia Theological Seminary Library 
Thornton Whaling, Pres. 

Historical Commission of South Carolina 
A. S. Salley 


Banking Law Investment Library 
Esther Royall 

Medical College of the State of South Caro- 
lina Library 
Maude L. Lynch 


Wyniah Indigo Society Library 
H. L. Oliver 



State College of Agriculture Library 
William H. Powers 


State Historical Society of South Dakota 
Doane Robinson 

Supreme Court Library 
Jas. Sebree 

Rapid City 

State School of Mines Library 
Delia M. Hoft 



Grand View 
Presbyterian Memorial Library 


Knoxville County Teachers' Circulating Li- 
Charlotte Ford 

Goodwyn Institute 
Marilla Waite Freeman 

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 

Mrs. Pearl C. Hedges 

Bar Association Library 

University of Tennessee College of Medi- 
cine Library 
Emily H. McCurdy 



Court of Civil Appeals Library, 7th District 
J. M. Oakes 


Court of Civil Appeals Library, 3d District 
R. H. Connerly 

Court of Criminal Appeals Library 

Supreme Court Library 
Lawrence K. Smoot 

Texas State Library, Legislative Reference 

Octavia F. Rogan 

University of Texas, Bureau of Government 

Mrs. Sarah B. Edwards 


Court of Civil Appeals Library, pth Dis- 
W. G. Woodward 


Civic Federation of Dallas Library, Dallas 

County State Bank Building 
Gaynell Hawkins 

Court of Civil Appeals Library, 5th District 
George W. Blair 

Federal Reserve Bank Librarv 
Erin Humphreys 

College of Medicine Library, Baylor Uni- 
versity, 720 College Ave. 
Bertha McElvany 

TEXAS Continued 
El Paso 

Court of Civil Appeals Library, 8th Division 
J. I. Driscoll 

El Paso County Medical Society Library 
E. B. Royers 

Fort Worth 

Court of Civil Appeals, Library, 2d District 
J. A. Scott 

Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary 

Rev. L. M. Sipes 


Court of Civil Appeals Library, ist District 
H. L. Garrett 

University of Texas Medical Department 

Kate Fercille 

San Antonio 

Bexar County Medical Library 
Mrs. Josephine S. Brin 

Court of Civil Appeals Library, 4th District 
Joseph Murray 


Court of Civil Appeals Library, 6th District 
E. T. Rosborough 


Salt Lake City 

University of Utah Medical Library 
Esther Nelson 

Utah-Idaho Sugar Company 

Utah State Historical Society 
J. R. Letcher 



University of Vermont, College of Medicine 

May O. Boynton 


Montpelier Historical Society Library 
Herbert Denio 

Vermont Legislation Reference Bureau 
John M. Avery 

Vermont Law Library 

St. Johnsbury 

Museum Library 
Mabel A. Shields 




Episcopal Theological Seminary Library 
Miss M. B. Worthington 


United States Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion Library 
Frances M. Benson 

University of Virginia, Medical Department 

John S. Patton 


Advertising Club of Richmond Library 

Federal Reserve Bank Library 
Nancy Sydnor 

Medical College of Richmond Library, I2th 

& Clay Sts. 
E. C. L. Miller 

Medical College of Virginia Library 
Florence McCrae 

Virginia Historical Society Library 
William G. Stanard 

Virginia Legislative Reference Bureau, 

Capitol Building 
C H. Morrissett 

Union Theological Seminary Library 
Thomas C. Johnson 

Virginia Baptist Historical Society Library 



State Law Library 
Wm. J. Millard 


University of Washington Law School 
John T. Condon 

Washington Medical Library Association, 

Cobb Bldg. 
Mrs. Irene A Ross 


Tacoma Academy of Medicine Library, Na- 
tional Realty Bldg. 
Thomas R. Steagall 

Washington State Historical Society Li- 
W. P. Bonney 


West Virginia Dept. of Archives and His- 
Wilson W. Foulk 

Charleston Continued 

Legislative Reference Bureau, West Vir- 
ginia Dept. of Archives & History 
Clifford R. Myers 


University of West Virginia Medical Li- 
L. D. Arnett 

Wheeling Medical Library Association, 

Ohio Valley General Hospital 
Frank LeMoyne Hupp 



Bureau of Municipal Information Library 
Ford H. MacGregor 

Forest Products Laboratory Library 
Sarah D. Kinney 

Legislative Reference Library 
E. E. Witte, Chief 

State Historical Society Library 
Dr. Joseph Schafer, Supt. 

University of Wisconsin. See under College 

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and 

Walter M. Smith 


American Appraisal Company Library 
Helen McElroy 

First Wisconsin National Bank Library 
Margaret Reynolds 

Milwaukee Academy of Medicine Library 
Dr. Carl H. Davis 

Law Library Association 
W. W. Wright 

'Milwaukee Municipal Reference Library 
Ovid B. Blix 

Public Museum Library 
Carl Thaw 


Nashota House Theological Seminary Li- 
Rev. M. Bowyer Stewart 


Lutheran Theological Seminary Library 
John P. Koehler 



State Law Library 
Genevra Brock 






Law Society of Alberta, Court House Li- 
John L. Fawcett 


Law Society of Alberta, Edmonton Library 
Miss L. Smith 

Legislative Library 



Law Library 
Mr. Chaffey 

Manitoba Agricultural College Library 
Mary G. Wood 

Manitoba Department of Education Library 
Miss Lewis 

Winnipeg University of Manitoba Library 
F. E. Nuttall 


Legislative Library 
Mrs. George Allen 

St. John 
Law Library 


Legislative Library 

Nova Scotia Historical Society Library 
Dr. William D. Forrest, Library Com- 

Nova Scotia Institute of Science Library 
Harry Piers 

Provincial Science Library 



Canadian Advisory Council of Industrial 
Research Library 

Commission of Conservation Library 
Thomas Adams 

Department of Labor Library 

ONTARIO Continued 
Ottawa Continued 

Dominion Observatory Library 
J. H. L. Abbe 

Geologic Survey Library, Dept. of the Inter- 

Forestry Branch Library, Department of the 

International Institute of Agriculture Li- 

Library of Parliament 
J, de la Broguerie Tache 
Hon. Martin Murrill 

Mines Branch Library, Dept. of Mines 
Mrs. O. P. R. Ogilvie 

Natural Resources Intelligence Bureau, De- 
partment of the Interior 
F, C. C. Lynch 

Public Archives of Canada 

Victoria Memorial Museum Library 
Mrs. F. E. Torsey 


Academy of Medicine Library, Queen's 

Miss M. E. N. Poole 

Bureau of Municipal Research, 

Church St. 
C. C. Wyatt 

Canadian Institute Library, 198 College St. 

Carswell & Co. Ltd. (Publishers) Library 
C. R. Brown 

Law Society of Upper Canada Library, Os- 

goode Hall 
J. J. Daley 

Legislative Library of Ontario 
A, T. Wilgress 

Library of Education Department 

Municipal Library, City Hall 
Zetta Harper 

Royal Astronomical Society Library, 198 
College St. 


Legislative Library 


Paul Holland Memorial Museum Library 



QUEBEC "Continued 
McGill University Medical Library 

Montreal Bar Library 
National Art Gallery Library 

Natural History Society of Montreal Li- 

St. Sulpice Library (rare and historical) 
Mons. Tauteux 


Legislative Library 

Museum of Public Instruction Library 
Quebec Bar Library 


Saskatchewan Legislative Reference Library 
John Hawkes 






Birmingham Association for the Blind 
Mrs. Margaret B. Homan 

South Highlands Infirmary Library 
Ella McWhorter 

South Side Baptist Church Library 
Mrs. J. W. Hardie 


Y. M. C A. Library 
A. C. Hart 



U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 50 Library 
Emma Butcher 

Railroad Y. M. C. A. Library 

North Little Rock 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 78 Library 
Mrs. Minnie D. Miller 


Railroad Y. M. C. A. Library 
A. S. Laird 



Agnew's State Hospital Library 
Leonard Stocking, Med. Supt. 


Santa Fe Library 
Geo. W. McCauley 

California School for the Deaf and the 

Blind (Ink-Print) Library 
Mrs. Chas. S. Perry 

Newman Club Library 


Sonoma State Home Library 
Mabel Sassenrath 


Armenian Young Men's Library Club 
Manoog G. Abkarian, Sec, 


Graton W. C T. U. Library 
Mrs. H. B, Churchman 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles Railroad Library, Division 

No. 2 
Mrs. Mary A. Parker 

Masonic Library, Pico and Figuerva Sts. 
Thos. S. Southwick, Sec. 

Neighborhood Settlement Library, 1320 Wil- 
son St. 
Alvina Davidson 

Polish Library Association Library 
Mrs. K. Skoverski 

St. Vincent's Parish Library 
Maintained by Young Ladies' Sodality 

Santa Fc Coast Lines Hospital Association 

N. H. Morrison, Chief Surgeon 

Shelley Club Library and Reading Room, 
326 W. 3d St. 

Universal New Thought Library, 527 W. 
7th St. 

Vedanta Center Library, 213 S. Broadway 
Y. M. C, A. Library 

McCloud Club Library of the McCloud 

River Lumber Co. 
Chas. Ford 


Presidio of Monterey, Post Library 
Edward C Saunders, Post Lib'n, 


Santa Fe Library 
Mrs, J. L. Davis 

Newcastle Library 
Maintained by Good Templars Lodge 


Jack Boyd Club Library 
W. C. Hendrickson, Sec. 

Palo Alto 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 24 Library 
Mrs. Nettie K. Gravett 


Southern California State Hospital Library 
K. M, Boyle 





Folsom State Prison Library 
J. J. Smith, Warden 

Santa Fe Library 
Mrs. Essex 


Southern Sierras Power Co. Library 
Cora E. Wise 


Finnish Library 
Richard Kesti 

San Francisco 

B'nai B'rith Library, 149 Eddy St. 
I. J. Aschheim, Sec. 

Boys' and Girls' Aid Society Library, 460 

Baker St. 
Sophie Louder, Matron and Lib'n. 

Bohemian Club Library, Post and Taylor 

Frank W. Smith, Mgr. 

California Camera Club Library, 833 

Market St. 
F. H. Hornell, Secy. 

Chinese Reading Society Room (news- 
Wong Kin, Sec. 

Dante Library, 678 Green St. 

Letterman General Hospital Library 
Mrs. Inez G. McConnell 

Native Sons of the Golden West Library 

and Reading Room, 414 Mason St. 
J. C. Clement 

Naval Training Station Library 

Pacific Philatelic Society Library of the 

Mechanics Institute 
Henry C. Marcus, Sec'y, ?n Mission St. 

St. Andrew's Society Library, 414 Mason St. 
Donald Mowat 

San Francisco Assn. for the Blind, 1120 

Folsom St. 
Edna S. Risley, Sec. 

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Library, Van 

Ness Ave. and Sutter St. 
John R. Ruckstell 

Seamen's Church Institute Library, 242 

Stewart St. 
Chas. P. Deems, Supt. 

Society of Cal, Pioneers Library, 402 Mills 

H. L. Byrne, Sec. 

San Francisco Continued 
Union League Club Library, O'Farrell and 
Stockton Sts. 

Y. W. C A. Library, 620 Sutter Ave. 
Elvira A. Golden, Sec. 

San Jose 

Coffee Club Library 
Mrs. Fred Stewart 

San Quentin 

San Quentin Prison Library 
Rev. Oliver C. Laizure, Chaplain 

Santa Clara 

Sodality Debating Society Library 
J. J. Sassenrath, Sec. 

Soldiers' Home 

Soldiers' Home Library 
C. J. Byles 


Standish Literary Club Library 
Mrs. Nettie S. Doyle 


Coffee Club Library 
E. Fox 


Mendocino State Hospital Library 
Bertha M. Boy 

Ukiah Farmers' Club Library 
C. A. Bernhard, Sec. 

Veterans' Home, Napa County 
Veterans' Home Library 
R. E. Jenkins 


Preston School of Industry Library 
Mrs. Nellie Natham Snyder 


I. O. 0. F. Westminster Free Library 
Willis H. Werner, Sec. 


Whittier State School Library 
Nellie Tucker 



Fitzsimons General Hospital Library 
Mabel Woodruff 

Canon City 

Canon City State Prison Library 
J. G. Blake 

Colorado Springs 
Y. M. C. A. Library 



COLORADO Continued 

Young Men's Christian Association Library 
G. A. Young 

Las Animas 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 80 Library 
Harriet Lane 


Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. G. H. Turner 


Woman's Club Library 
Frances Hudgel 


Y. **" C. A. Library, 829 Main St. 

New Haven 

U. S. Veterans, Hospital No. 41 Library 
Mary F. Webster 

Young Men's Institute Library 
Abigail Dunn 

Y. M. C. A. R. R. Dept. Library 
A. H. Hayes 


Baptist Church Library 
W. O. Rathbun 


Wethersfield State Prison Library 
Rev. W. B. Carv. Chaplain 



Army and Navy Club Library, Connecticut 

Ave. and I St., N. W. 
Col. J. R. H. Taylor 

Christian Science Reading Room, I4th and 

G Sts. 
Mrs. Mildred M. Peacock 

Cosmos Club Library, 1520 H St. 
Henry E. Lower 

Esoteric Brotherhood Library, 1314 No. 5, 

N. W. 
Miss L. C. Leavett 

Government Hospital for the Insane Li- 
brary, Congress Heights 

Library, Masonic and Eastern Star Home, 
Sligo Ave. near Eastern Ave. 

Metropolitan Club Library, I7th and H Sts. 
Albert S. Kenny 

Washington Continued 

National Library for the Blind, 1800 D St. 
Etta Josselyn Griffin 

National Press Club, Riggs Bldg. 
John Lorance 

Odd Fellows Association, 419 7th St. 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 32 Library 
Ruth E. Rodier 

University Club Library, isth and I Sts., 

Dr. D. W. Shea 

Y. W. C. A. Library, 1333 F St., N. W. 

Y. M. C. A. Library, 1736 G St., N. W. 
Florence J. Lacy 



Young Men's Library Association Library 
Mrs. J. M. Johnston 

Fort McPherson 
Fifth Corp Area Library 
Anne May 


Seabord Air Line Railway Co. Free Travel 

Library System 
Mrs. James V. Swift, Supt. 


Twentieth Century Club Library 
Lolla Holder 


St. Anthony 

State Industrial Training School for Delin- 
quents Library 
W. D. Vincent, Supt. 



Chicago and Alton R. R. Employees Library 
Margaret C. Fenton 


Alliance Frangais Library 
Vesta M. Shannon 

Marshall Field & Co. Library, State, Wash* 

ington and Wabash Sts. 
Mary M. Farley 

Pullman Library 
Bertha S. Ludham 


ILLINOIS Continued 
C hi c ago Continued 
Union League Club Library 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 30 Library 
Mrs. Katharine T. Steele 

University Club Library 

Y. M. C. A. Library 

Central Y. M. C. A. Schools Library 

National Home Disabled Volunteer Soldiers 

Major H. E. Rines, Treas. 

Railroad Y. M. C. A. Library 

Illinois Northern Hospital Library 


Woman's Club Library 
Mattie Evans 


Illinois School for the Deaf Library 
Anne Wakelt Jackson 


Illinois State Penitentiary Library 
A. J. Patrick 

Steel Works Club Library 
Maud A. Parsons 


U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 76 Library 
Mary Moser 


Southern Illinois Penitentiary Library 
W. N. Rutledge 


State Reformatory Library 
George Butter worth 


Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. Sarah C. Holaday 


Southern Hospital for the Insane Library 
Louise Brucker 

Fart Wayne 

Indiana School for Feeble Minded Youth 
William Druckemiller 

INDIANA Continued 
Fountain City 
W. C. T. U. Library 
Mrs. O. M. Huff 


Economic Club Community Library 
Clara Downs 


Indiana Woman's Prison Library 
Mary M. Elliott, Supt. 

Indiana School for the Blind Librar 
Geo. S. Wilson, Prin. 

Indiana School for the Deaf 
O. M. Pittenger, Principal. 

Jewish Communal Library 
Louis Bernstein 


Indiana Reformatory Library 
Levi H. Scott 


Indiana Soldiers* and Sailors' Orphans 
Home Library 

Myrtle Kitts 

Michigan City 

Indiana State Prison Library 
Aaron W. Wood 

Milford, Decatur County, Clifty P. 0. 
M. E. Church Library 
Rev. R. S. Hendricks 


Morocco Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. Tennis Deardurff 

New Castle 

Indiana Village for Epileptics -Library 
Dr. Geo. Van Nuys, Supt. 


Country Home Improvement Club Library 
Frances Sheviak 



State Reformatory Library 
J. M. Baumel, Warden 

Cedar Rapids 
Iowa Masonic Library 
Newton R. Parvin 


State Hospital Library 
Dr. Geo, Donohoe, Supt. 


IOWA Continued 

State Hospital Library 
Dr. Max E. Witte, Supt. 


Soldiers* Orphans' Home Library 
Harriet R. Rowles 

Des Maine s 

State Board of Control, State Institution 

A. M. McCall, Chairman 


Training School for Boys Library 
O. S. Vonkrog, Supt. 

Fort Madison 

State Penitentiary Library 
T. P. Hollowell, Warden 


Institution for Feeble Minded Children 
Dr. Geo. Mogridge, Supt. 


Griswold Civic Club Library 
Mrs. E. C McCarthy 

State Hospital Library 
Dr. R. A. Stewart, Supt. 

Iowa Soldiers* Home Library 

B. C. Whitehall, Com. 


State Industrial School for Girls 
Mrs. Lucy M. Sickles, Supt. 

Mount Pleasant 
State Hospital Library 
Dr. W. C. Mackin, Supt. 

Rockwell City 

Woman's Reformatory Library 
Dr. Lena M. Beach, Supt. 


Juvenile Home Library 
Dr. E. A. Kepford, Supt. 


Iowa College for the Blind Library 
George D. Eaton, Supt. 


Hospital and Colony for Epileptics Lirrary 
Dr. N. M. Voldeng, Supt. 



Community Children's Library 

KANSAS Continued 

State Industrial School Library 
Etta Joe McCoy, Supt. 

Santa Fe Railroad Library 

Con way Springs 
Conway Springs Y.M.C.A. Library 

Bodge City 
Santa Fe Reading Room 

Masonic Library 
J. C. Bigger 

State Industrial Reformatory Library 
James Bigelow, Supt. 

Kansas City 

State Institution for Blind Library 
Thomas Chandler, Supt. 


State Penitentiary Library 
Harmon Allen 


U. S. Penitentiary Library 
F. J. Leavitt 

National Soldiers* Home, Hancock Library 


W.C.T.U. Library 
Mrs, E. D. Lewis 


State School for Deaf Library 
E. A, Stevenson, Supt. 

Elk's Club Library 

Masonic Lodge Library 

Tourist Club Library 


Y. M. C A. Library 


Dawson Springs 

U. S. Veterans* Hospital, No. 79, Library 
Edwin Sue Goree 


Blue Grass Sanatorium Library 
Edward J. Murray 




U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 27, Library 
Mrs. Mary M. Snushall 

New Orleans 

Masonic Grand Lodge Library 
John A. Davilla 

Saint Benedict 

Saint Joseph's Abbey Library 
Rev. Odilo Alt, 0. K S. 

Saint Alphonsus Circulating Library 
Rev. Henry Schubert 



Good Will Home Library 
Edmund A. Freeman 

National Home for Disabled Soldiers 
Soldiers' Home Library 

Westbrook (Cumberland Mills) 
Cumberland Mills Library 
Mary T. Goodell 



Aberdeen Post Library 
Sergt. M. G. Evatt 

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company's 

Employees' Free Circulating Library 
Mrs. E. P. Irving 

I.O.O.F. Library 
Benjamin F. Cooper 

John Hopkins Hospital Library, North 

Minnie W. Blogg 

Pythian Library 
James M. Hendrix 

State Penitentiary Library 
W. D. Beall 

Y.M.C.A. Library 


Reformation House Library 
John B. Pyles 

Fort McHenry 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 56, Library 
Mrs. Russell MacDuff 

MARYLAND .Continued 

State School for the Deaf Library 
Emma Kelly 


U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 42, Library 
Harriot Hassler 



Appalachian Mountain Club Library, 73 

Tremont St. ^ 
Alice G. Higgins 

Boston Athenaeum Library, 10^2 Beacon St. 
Chas. Knowles Bolton 

Boston City Hospital, Library ^of the Chil- 
dren's Dept., 818 Harrison "Ave. 
T. W. Davis 

Library of the Children's Dept., 818 Harri- 
son Ave. 
Elizabeth Reed 

Boston Correction House Library 
Joseph T. Wilson 

Boston Library Society, 114 Newbury St. 
Luella M. Eaton 

Boston Masonic Library, Masonic Temple, 

51 Boylston St. 
T. W. Davis 

Boston Y.M.C.A. Library, 312-320 Hunting- 
ton Ave, 
Myra White 

Boston Y.M.C.U. Library, 49 Boylston St. 
Richard Ray 

William Filene's Sons Company Employees' 

Massachusetts General Hospital, Warren 

Warren Library 
Mrs, Lydia M. Jewett 

Fred P. Gould Library for the Blind, 49 
Dorchester St. 

Norfolk House Center Library, 12 John 
Eliot Square 

Seaman's Friend Society Library, 287 Han- 
over St. 

State Prison Library, Charlestown 
Rev. Michael J. Murphy, Chaplain 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No, 36, Library 
Carrie Williams 


Boston Continued 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 44, Library, 

West Roxbury 
Marjorie Martin 


Harvard University, Fly Club Library 
Ross T. Whistler 

Harvard University, Harvard Union Library 
Arthur S. Crowley 

Social Union Library 
Catherine P. Leonard 

Concord Junction 

Massachusetts Reformatory Library 
Rev. Robert Walker, Chaplain 


Reformatory for Women, Sherborn 
Florence B. Lathrop, Chaplain 


Athenaeum Library 
Mrs. Alice H. Stone 


International Y.M.C.A. College Library 
Jacob T. Boone 


Perkins Institute and Mass. School for the 

Laura M. Sawyer 


McLean Hospital Library 
Laura F. Philbrook 


State Hospital for the Insane Library 



Michigan School of the Deaf Library 


Fergus Falls 

State Hospital for Insane Library 
Mrs. Boyden 


School for the Blind Library 
Ruth Burgess 

School for the Deaf Library 
Louis C, Tuck 

School for the Feeble-Minded Library 
Lucy Hatfield 

MINNESOTA Continued 

Library, U. S. Public Health Hospital, No. 
68, 914 Elliott Ave. 

Y.M.CA Library 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 68, Library 
Helen F. Letson 


State Public School for Defective Children 

Margaret Leake 

Red Wing 

State Training School Library 
Mrs. Middlemass 

St. Cloud 

State Reformatory Library 
G. E. Rockwood 

St. Paul 

State Hospital for Crippled Children Li- 
Vivian Mcllree 

St. Peter 

State Hospital for the Insane Library 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 65, Library 
Mrs. Ada Pratt Pillow 

Sauk Center 

Home School for Girls Library 
Vera Corson 


State Reformatory for Women Library 
E. Kelley 

State Prison Library 


State Sanitorium Library 
Ruth Erikson 


State Asylum Library 
M. E. StepKenson 



State School for Deaf and Blind Library 
H. E. Thompson 

Columbia Falls 
Soldiers' Home Library 




Mississippi State Industrial Training 

School Library 
N. W. Jacobs, Supt. 


Jefferson City 

State Penitentiary Library 
Rev. A Sterling 

St. Louis 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 35, Library 
Annie L. Craigie 


Home for Feeble-Minded Library 

Soldiers' Home Library 

Girls' Industrial School Library 

State Hospital for the Insane 

Boys' Industrial School Library 

Hospital for Tuberculosis Library 

Orthopedic Hospital Library 

State Hospital for Insane Library 
State Penitentiary Library 

Industrial Home for Women Library 

Soldiers' Home Library 

State Hospital for the Insane Library 

School for the Deaf Library 



Miners' Union Library 
William O'Leary 


North Baptist Church Library 

NEW JERSEY Continued 
Fort Hancock 
Army Y.M.CA Library 
Alfred W. Kutz 

Civic Club Library 

Soldiers Home Library 

Half Hour Read Club Library 

Lawyers' Club Library 

Cliosophic Hall Library 

Union Library 

Civic Club Library 


Fort Bayard 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 55, Library 
Vivian Mackenzie 

Santa Fe 

Woman's Board of Trade Library 
Mrs. H. S. Kaune 


Young Men's Association Library 
Elizabeth Smith 

Y.M.CA. Library 
Bert G. Tracy 

Y.W.CA. Library 
Harriet A. Gurney 


Soldiers and Sailors Home Library 
Major Frank W. Tryon 


Y.M.CA. Library 
Ralph R. Blackney 

Clifton Springs 
Pierce Library, Y.M.CA. 
L. H. Williamson 

Clifton Springs Sanitarium Library 


Woman's Study Club and Library 
Mrs. May L. Robinson 


NEW YORK Continued 


State Reformatory Library 
Abram Deyo 


Lenora S. Bolles Memorial Library State 
Homeopathic Hospital 

New Rochelle 
Fort S locum Post Library 
Helen Edna Foley 

New York 
Brooklyn Borough 
Hebrew Orphan Asylum Library, Ralph 

Ave. and Bergin St. 
A. L. Jacoby, Supt. 

Underbill Society Library, 248 Maple St. 
Lucinda Harris Underhill 

Y.M.CA. Central Branch Library, 55 Han- 
som PL 
Ethel Seymour Brown 

Y.W.CA. Library, Schermerhorn St. and 

Flatbush Ave. 
Georgia W. Rathbone 

Manhattan Borough 

Authors' Club Library, Carnegie Hall, s6th 

St. and Seventh Ave. 
Gustave Simonson 

Bellevue Hospital, Benjamin and Townsend 

Library, E. 26th St. and First Ave. 
Alexander Kennedy 

Camera Club Library, 121 W. 68th St. 

Catholic Club Library, 120 Central Park 

Elizabeth S. Toohey 

Century Association Library, 7 W. 43d St. 
Charles W. Gordon 

City Club of New York Library, 55 W. 44th 

William F. Howes 

Colonial Dames Library, 105 W. 4th St. 

Explorer's Club Library, 47 W. 76th St. 
Evelina Tripp 

Harmonic Club Library, 10 E. 6oth St. 

Harvard Club Library, 27 W. 44th St. 
Earle F. Walbridge 

Hebrew Orphan Asylum of the City of N. 

Y Library, Amsterdam Ave., and 137 


S. Lowenstein, Supt. 

NEW YORK Continued 
New YorkContinued 
Holland Society of N. Y. Library, 90 West 


Frederick R. Keator 

Hudson Guild (Society for Ethical Culture), 

436 W. 27th St. 
Mrs. L, F. Mentz 

Huguenot Society of America Library, 2 W. 

45th St. 
Mrs. Quincy Gillmore, Chairman 

Institution for the Improved Instruction of 
Deaf Mutes Library, 904 Lexington 

Italian Library, 395 Broome St. 
Lamb's Club Library, 128 W. 48th St. 

Liederkranz Club Library, in E. 58th St. 
Hans W T olkwitz 

Masonic Library, 46 W. 24th St. 
Elmer B. Silver 

New York Athletic Club Library, 58 W. 

59th St. 
Henry S. Upton 

New York Caledonian Club Library, 846, 
Seventh Ave* 

New York County Penitentiary Library, 

Blackwell's Island 

N. Y. Institute for the Education of the 

Blind Library, 412 Ninth Ave. 
Delphine Charles 

N. Y. Institution for the Instruction of the 
Deaf and Dumb Library, 99 Fort 
Washington Ave. 
Thomas Francis Fox 

New York Press Club Library, 21 Spruce 

Clarence E. Swezey 

New York Turnverein Library, 1253 Lex- 
ington Ave. 
Lionel A. Steeg 

New York Yacht Club Library, 37 W. 44th 

Pennsylvania Society Library, 249 W. I3th 

Barr Ferreo, Dir. 

Player's Club Library, 16 Gramercy Park 
G'uy Nichols 

Salmagundi Club Library, 47 Fifth Ave. 
Tappan Bowne 



NEW YORK Continued 
New York Continued 
Seamen's Library, 25 South St. 

Seventh Regiment Library, 643 Park Ave. 

Union League Club Library, i E. 3Qth St. 
William B. Child 

Union Settlement Library, 237 E. I04th St. 
Isabel E. Molumphy 

University Club Library, Fifth Ave. and 

54th St. 
Arthur W. Colton 

Vedanta Society Library, 117 W. 72d St. 
Ada L. Stuart 

Yale Club Library, 44th St. and Vanderbilt 

Charles P. Tuttle 

Young Men's Hebrew Association Library, 

Lexington Ave. and 926. St. 
Rose L. Robinson 

Y.M.CA, Railroad Branch, Library, 309 

Park Ave. 
Wilbert McKinley 

Y.M.CA, 23d St. Branch, Library, 215 W. 

23d St. 
A. A. Clarke 

Y.M.CA, West Side Branch, Library, 318 

W. 57th St. 
Flora R. Petrie 

Young Men's Hebrew Association, 148 E. 

92d St. 
Rose L. Robinson 

Y.W.CA, Central Branch Library, 610 

Lexington Ave. 
Millicent F. Blair 

Richmond Borough 


U. S. Marine Hospital Library 
Marjorie H. Martin 


Sing Sing Prison Library 
W. N. Cashin 


Workmens Circle Library 

Western N. Y. Institution for Deaf Mutes 

Polish Peoples Library 


Young Woman's Association Library 
Bessie L. Fisk 

NEW YORK Continued 
Troy Continued 

New York Catholic Protectory 

White Plains 

Bloomingdale Hospital Library 
Helen F. Letson 


Hollywood Inn Club Library 
Margaret W. Couzens 

Woman's Institute Library 
Margaret L. Cumming 



St. Geneveve-of-the-Pines 
M. MacSwiney 


U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 45. Library 
Martha Keliey 


Library of the Presbyterian Church 
Cornelia Shaw 


S.A.L. Railroad Y.M.C.A. Library 
Mrs. J. H. Bowen 


United States General Hospital, No 19. 

Helen Harris 

State School for Blind Laura Bridgman 

H. C. Griffin 

Spencer ' 

Y.M.C.A. Library 
B. F. Stevenson 



School for the Blind Library 


State Penitentiary Library 
L. L. Starr, Warden 

Devils Lake 

School for the Deaf Library 
Burton W. Driggs, Supt 


Florence Crittendon Home Library 

Grand Lodge Library N.D.A.F. of A.M. 
Clara A. Richards 




Institution for Feeble Minded Library 
A. R. T. Wylie 


Hospital for the Insane Library 
Mrs. A. W. Guest 


Soldiers Home Library 
Dr. H. G. Rowe, Supt. 


State Training Schooil Library 
W. F. McClelland, Supt. 


Masonic Library Association, Third and 

Walnut Sts. 
Frank S. Bonham 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the 

U. S. Library Ohio Commandery 
Laura A. Pavy 

Lakeside* Hospital Library, Lakeside and 

E. I2th. 
Grace Hamilton 


Rowfant Club Library, 3028 Prospect Ave. 
George F. Strong 


State Penitentiary Library 
T. O. Reed, Chaplain and Librarian 

State School for the Blind Library 
Ethel Whipp 


Putnam & Thomas Library, National Mili- 
tary Home 
Miss Carson 


Lucas County Sunday School Assn, Library 
Le Rynder 


Woman's Club Library 


School for the Blind 
Olive Leeper 


Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. Gale Durham 



LO.O.F. Reading Room at 333 Worcester 

Mr. Kerns 


U. S. Army, Panama Canal, Department 

Ruth E. Rodur 




Allegheny County Workhouse Library 
Rev. T. Ewing Duffield 

Y.M.C.A, Library 
Mark N. Wickert 


State Hospital Library 
W. J. Anderson 


Art Club of Philadelphia Library, Broad 
St. near Spruce St. 

Athenaeum of Philadelphia, 219 South 6th 

Rev. Lewis K. Lewis 

Civic Club Library, 1300 Spruce St, 

Colonial Dames of America Library, Penn- 
sylvania Society, 1429 Land Title Bldg. 
Mrs. James Starr 

Eastern Penitentiary Library 

Grand Lodge Library F. and A. M. of 

Pennsylvania, Broad and Filbert Sts. 
Dr. J. E. Burnett Buckenham 

Keneseth Israel Library, 717 North Broad 

Jennie Gerson 

Library Association of Friends, 140 North 

I5th St 
Gertrude Holt 

Library Company of Philadelphia, Locust 

and Juniper Sts. 
George M. Abbot 

Manufacturer's Club Library, Broad and 

Walnut Sts. 
Samuel Goforth 

Mariner's Library, 332 South Front St. 
R. Simonson 



Philadelphia ontinue d 
Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane Li- 
brary, 4401 Market St. 
M. Sophronia Beatty 

Pennsylvania Institute for the Deaf Library, 

Mount Airy 
M. Leona Archibald 

Philadelphia County Prison Library, loth & 

Reed Sts. 

Starr Center Association Library 

Union League Club Library, Broad and 

Sansom Sts. 
Alfred Lee 

United States Naval Home Library, 24th 
and Gray's Ferry Road 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 49, Library 
Mary R, Lingenfelter 

University Club of Philadelphia Library 

Y.M.C.A. Central Library, 1421 Arch St. 
Catherine F, Bugbee 


Buhl Club Library 
Eleanor Carver 

TTniontown 15,692 
Book Club Library 


U. S. Army Education and Recreation, Dept. 

of the Philippines, Library 
Ellyn Chapin Broomell 



Redwood Library and Athenaeum 
George L. Hinckley 


State Prison Library 
Charles E. Linscott, Warden 

Butler Hospital Library, 305 Blackstone 

Caroline Morton 

Providence Athenaeum 
Grace F. Leonard 

Rhode Island Hospital Library, Eddy St 
Lois Burden 


Charleston Orphan House Library 

South Carolina Citadel Library 
Inez B. Parry 


U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 26, Library 
Eleanor M. Baggor 


Masonic Library Association 

National Soldiers Home, Carnegie Library 
Byron W. McLain, Ph.D. 


State Epilectic Colony Library 


Confederate Home Library 
W. J. Honnell 

State Lunatic Asylum Library 

Texns Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institute for 
the Colored Library 

Texas Confederate Woman* s Home Library 

Texas School for the Blind Library 
Lulu Parker 

Texas School for the Deaf Library 
Audie Rogers 


State Tuberculosis Hospital Library 

State Orphan's Home Library 

Girls' Training School Library 


State Juvenile Training School Library 
H, E. Luck 


U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 25, Library 
Valeria Easton 

Hunts ville 

State Prison Library 
W. T. McDonald 

State Prison Library 



TEXAS 'Continued 
San Antonio 

Southwestern Insane Asylum 
Isabel Hampton 

North Texas Insane Asylum Library 



Crescendo Club Library 
Carrie P. Carroll 


Wilder Club Library 
Margaret Campbell 



National Home for Volunteer Disabled 
Soldiers Library 

Y.M.C.A. Library 

Y.M.C.A. Library 



U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 59, Library 
Elizabeth Herrington 



Parker sburg Literary Association Library 
Carrie Shrewsbury 


Chippewa Falls 

Home for the Feeble-Minded Library 
Mrs. Gretta E. Dalton 


School for the Deaf Library 
Ida Dunn 

Green Bay 

State Reformatory Library 
Mr. O. E. Bickford 


School for the Blind Library 
Theresa Duda 


Industrial School for Girls 
Miss M. J. Berry, Supt 

National Home 

Disabled Volunteer Soldiers' Library 
Emmet F. Phelps 

WISCONSIN Continued 


State School for Dependent Children Li- 
Dr. L. H, Prince 


State Tuberculosis Sanatorium Library 
Margaret Christensen 


Tomahawk' Lake Camp Library 
F. A. Reich, Supt. 

Union Grove 

Southern Wisconsin Home 
Dr. H. C Werner 


State Prison Library 
Henry Coles, Warden 


Industrial School for Boys 
C. H. Froemming 

U. S. Veterans' Hospital, No. 37, Library 
Julia C Stockett 


Central Hospital for the Insane Library 
Dr. J. S. Brown 


Northern Hospital for Insane Library 
Emma Austin 


Union Pacific Reading Room 

Rock Springs 
Labor Temple Library 
A. G. Griffiths 


New Brunswick 

St. Johns 

Church of England Institute Library 
Minnie Simpson 

Baron De Hirsh Institute Library 

Mechanics Institute Library 
Mr. Hamilton 

Y.M.CA. Library 
Y.W.C.A. Library 


Literary & Scientific Society Library 



Supplies the 


To Public, University, School and Club Libraries 



Service, Personal and Painstaking, Our Specialty 
Orders, Small and Large, Receive the Same Careful Attention 

Charles Scribner's Sons New York 



SINCE 1821 

Binders for 600 Public Libraries. Books sewed on Oversewing 
Machines, the SAME method which is used in the New York, 
Pittsburgh, Detroit, St. Louis, and Kansas City Public Library 

Samples Bound Free Pnces on Request 


j r Y 368 Congress Street 

"BARCO" Boston, 

Mark Mass. 



din Industry of the Library Profession 

Since 1896, Gay lord Bros, has served the Library 
Profession. In an annual catalog sent free are 
listed and illustrated, supplies essential to the ad- 
ministration of the modern library. The monthly 
"Gaylord's Triangle/' also sent free on request, 
contains announcements of new library devices and 
economies and much current news of interest to 
those in library work. 



, More Than A Supply House, 
/ A Library Service Institution. 

If you are particular about the appear- 
ance and wearing qualities of your binding, 
send to 

Lansing, Michigan 





A Grosset edition of "Freckles," in our leather back binding, was loaned ONE 
HUNDRED AND NINETY TIMES. It is still in fairly good condition. It has 
been sent to us by a librarian for exhibition purposes. 

Another librarian writes : "EVERY ONE OF THE TWO HUNDRED AND 

Send for our latest schedule of prices for binding books and magazines in 
'Native Tanned Niger Leather and also in Holliston Buckram. 


In supplying new books to Public Libraries we deduct from the published 
price the usual discount and add the cost of the binding, depending on the size 
of the book and the style of binding ordered. We bind new books in half leather; 
in full Holdiston buckram, and in our reinforced method a combination of our 
sewing and the original publishers' covers. 

Send for our catalog and special lists. 

WE supply NEW FICTION in our binding on the day of publication, if the 
order reaches us at least one week in advance of -date of issue. 



"The House of a Million Books" 

Special Library Service 

This firm offers unrivaled facilities to Public Libraries, 
Schools and Colleges when seeking out-of-print material. Want 
lists mailed to us are checked over by our seven large second- 
hand stores in Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Des Moines, and Los 
Angeles. Condition of all books supplied by us guaranteed satis- 
factory. Correspondence solicited. 

The Charles T. Powner Co. 

Book-Sellers and Publishers 
177 West Madison Street, Chicago, III. 




the first wholesale book house 
in the country to establish and conduct a sepa- 
rate department developed exculsively to the 
special interests of Public Libraries, Schools, 
Colleges and Universities. We specialize in 
library service* 

A. C. McClurg & Co. 

Library Department 

330 East Ohio Street * Chicago 

Holliston Library Buckram 

is the recognized standard for library bindings for it has been proven 
conclusively the best wearing binding fabric to be had. 

Librarians may further lengthen its life and maintain the neatness 
of their books by the application of BARCO, the new book varnish, 
Covers so treated are waterproof, mar proof and scratch proof. 

Reference and shelf numbers applied in ink and covered with 
Barco will not wash or rub off but are "on for keeps/' 

Ask your Holliston representative 

BOSTON 531 Atlantic Avenue /JJjjjjJi&]$6 > * t \\ 

CHICAGO-^ Plymouth Court SiBM 

NEW YORK 62 West i4trrStreet ]3s NonvooAMass 






Be it the pronunciation of Bolshevik! 
or soviet, the spelling of a puzzling 
word the meaning of Mighty, fourth 
arm, etc., this Supreme Authority 




contains an accurate, final answer. 
400,000 Words, 2700 Pages. 6000 Illus- 
trations. Regular and India-Paper 

Springfield, Mass. 

Write for specimen pages, prices, etc., 
and FREE Pocket Maps if you name 
this Directory. 


We have just the Librarian you need 
for that vacancy on your staff! Save 
time and labor by taking advantage of 
our free aid in securing assistants. 
Prompt and efficient service promised. 

Librarian, are you satisfied with your 
present position? If not, enroll with 
us and let us help you secure a better 
position! Many good opportunities in 
all parts of U. S. A. 


Delays are dangerous. Write today 




Our gummed cut to shape paper 
letters and figures will enable you 
to letter signs, charts, shelves and 

Now in use at hundreds of 

We also make 

Changeable Bulletin and Sign 
Boards for wall and lobby use. 

Samples and Circular on Request 


160 N. Wells St., Chicago, III. 


Ninety-two years of 
wholesale bookselling 
result in unexampled 
efficiency in filling mis- 
cellaneous orders for 
the books of all pub- 

The Baker & Taylor Co. 

WholcsaltDealersto AeBoobofallPublldcn 

354 4th Are. NEW TORK *t 26th St. 



The H. R. Huntting Co., Springfield, Mass. 

Are the Makers of the 


the most practical and efficient of all Magazine Lock Binders. 
Obtainable bound full Hdlliston Library Buckram, Half Leather 
and Buckram, full Fabrikoid or with flexible covers of genuine 
Black Leather. 


made stronger and better than others of its type. Bound full 
Holliston Library Buckram, Half Leather and Buckram, or 
full Fabrikoid. 


an accumulating file-binder for thin publications, daily news- 
papers, pamphlets or loose sheets. Well made and low in price. 

Portfolios, Scrap Books, Photograph 
Albums and other Filing Devices 

of all kinds for Library Use. We will gladly send samples 
with full particuflars of styles and prices on request 

The H. R. Huntting Co., Springfield, Mass. 



offers its service to libraries in the following capacities : 

A. The supply, from the largest stock in the United States, of back 
files and odd numbers of American and English periodicals, and Transactions 
of Societies. 

B. The handling of library subscription lists to American, English, 
and French periodicals, with special attention to service. Estimates on library 
lists will be cheerfully furnished. 

C. The publication of bibliographies, books and indexes of special 
interest to librarians in their work with the public. Our catalog of books 
now available will be sent on request. 





Library Magazine Holders 

This Type of Cover is the most successful and well known 
Magazine Holder for Reading Rooms and Libraries. 

Strongly and firmly built, they withstand 
the wear of long and continued usage. 

Made in all sizes and styles of binding. Write for Catalog 

William a Johnston Company $? Ave " 


International Trade Helpers that Increase Foreign Sales 

Bentley Phrase Code, universally used best copy ................................ $8.60 

Same, Traveler's Complete Pocket Size ........................ ..................... 7.50 





A. B. C. 6th, Latest, Engl ........................................................... 19.50 

A. B. C. sth, called IMPROVED, Engl., Span ...................................... 18.00 

Same, Identical Text with Five Letter Condenser ................................ 12.00 

Baltimore Grain Code Editions ................................. ..................... 15.00 

Lieber's Standard and Five Letter, Eng., Fr., Span ............................... 15.00 

Peterson International Banking Code .............................................. 15.00 

Scott's zoth Edition Shippers Code ................................................. 25.00 

Western Union Five Letter, $30.00 Universal ................. , .................... 20,00 

Add Postage to Destination, 40^. These Copies Are Absolutely Guaranteed the Best. 

A. L. BEN SINGER CODE CO. Cables: Multigraph, N. Y. 
Most Widely Known Tele-Code Distributors 
15 Whitehall St., New York City 
We Sell All Codes Published 

The Leading Periodical of the whole Library Field 



Its text gives a comprehensive survey of the activities and interests 
of the library profession. It is indispensable for those who want to keep 
abreast with the developments in library administration. 

The Library Journal advertising section also is important because 
it is, in fact, a current directory of business firms which serve continu- 
ously and consistently special library needs. 
Subscription price $5.00 per year. Advertising rates upon application. 

Sample copy gladly sent upon request 

R. R. BOWKER GO. Publishers 62 W 45th St. New York 




Nearly half of a century in exper- 
iencing the needs and requirements 
of Libraries. 

We qualify in the Knowledge. 



Sample binding in Holliston Library 
Buckram or Half Vici leather on 


5o6 N. Entaw St., Baltimore, Md. 




Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Sample Binding 
on Request 

Lokke Bookbinding Co. 

Bloomington, Indiana 

Established 1863 



322 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio 

We are especially well equipped 
to handle library work, either maga- 
zines or fiction, in both large or 
small lots. 

Send us one volume and we will 
bind it free as a sample. 


Send Your Next Shipment 

Juvenile or Fiction and Magazines 




Des Moines, Iowa 

Where we are now located in our new 
fireproof building with most modern 
equipment and efficient help, which 
enables us to produce good binding, 
promptly, at mo-derate prices. 


22nd and East Grand Ave. 
Des Moines, Iowa 




62 West 45th Street, New York 

The Publishers' Weekly (Established 
1872) The American Book Trade 

Recognized as the representative journal of 
the bookselling and publishing interests in 
the United States. Contains full weekly 
record of American publications, all the news 
of interest concerning the book trade ; discus- 
sions of vital problems, lists of "Books 
Wanted" and "Books for Sale," etc., etc. 
Subscription, $5 a year in zones 1-5 ; $5.50 a 
year in zones 6-8 and Canada; to foreign 
countries $6 a year. 

The Library Journal (Established 1876) 

The representative periodical in the field of 
library work and development. Published 
twice-a-month. Subscription, $5 a year; 
$5.50 to foreign countries; single numbers, 
25 cents, 
Special subscription rate for small libraries. 

The American Library Directory 

(Succeeding the American Library Annual) 
The volume for 1923 contains lists of over 
9,000 public and special libraries in the 
U. S. and Canada. 8vo, cloth, $8. . 

The Publishers' Trade List Annual 

Containing the catalogs of upwards of 
400 American publishers, contributed by 
themselves and arranged alphabetically by 
the firm-names, with smaller lists in the 
front of the volume. Indispensable to every 
one who has any interest in the sale or pur- 
chase of current books. Thick 8vo, thumb 
index, cloth, $4.50. 

Whitaker*s Reference Catalog of 
Current Literature, 1920 

Containing the catalogs of British publishers 
bound in two volumes with a separate Index 
volume. The set of 3 vols. bound in half 
leather, $12. Issued at irregular periods, the 
previous set in 1913, the next probably in 

The Bookman's Manual: A Guide to 

By Bessie Graham. An introduction to book 
knowledge with discussions of editions and 
their makers. Founded on the series of 
"Home School of Bookselling" that appeared 
of print. New revised edition ready Oct. 

The Bookman's Journal and Print 
Collector (Monthly) 

An illustrated magazine of literature re- 
lating to rare books and prints. Issued 
jointly in London by the Bookman's Journal 
Company, and in New York by the R. R. 
Bowker Co. Single copies, 50 cents; Sub- 
scription, $6 a year. 

American Book Trade Manual 1922 

Containing directories of Publishers and 
Booksellers in the United States; a list of 
Booksellers in Canada; lists of trade papers 
and organizations, best papers for reviewing 
books, etc. 8vo, cloth, $5. 

Directory of Book Publishers 

In the United States (in "The American 
Book Trade Manual"), $5- 

Directory of Booksellers 

In the principal towns of the United States 
and Canada (in "The American Book Trade 
Manual"), $5. 

The Literary Year Book 1923 

An English vade mecum especially designed 
for Authors, Editors and Bookmen; an 
omnibus in which is gathered an extremely 
useful array of important facts, information, 
data and suggestions not obtainable in any 
other work of reference. Thick 8vo, cloth, 

Private Book Collectors in the 
United States 1922 

The addresses of more than 2000 private 
book collectors with their hobbies mentioned, 
etc. 8vo, half cloth, $15. 

English Catalog of Books (Annual) Tfae Amfiricai| Educational List 

Containing a complete index list of all the 
books published in Great Britain and Ireland 
in the calendar year. 8vo, cloth, $4. 

English Catalog of Books 19164920 

The latest five-yearly cumulative volume. 
8vo, half morocco, $42.50. 

Contains a price-list of the school text- 
books in use in the United States, arranged 
alphabetically by author's or editor's name, 
and a detailed subject-index referring from 
each specific subject to authors of books on 
that subject. Bound in leatherette boards, 
red edges, $i.