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Full text of "American Library Directory 1927"





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F>* mted *n the United States of America, 
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The AMERICAN LIBRARY DIRECTORY has been revised thruout for 1927, 
with much additional information not included in the issue of 1923. Libraries 
within the United States have been classified in the following categories, the 
list of Canadian libraries following in a single alphabet: 

(1) Public Libraries. This section includes public libraries and also general 
libraries which are more or less accessible to the public thru subscription or under 
restrictions as the Boston Athenaeum, and the John Crerar and Newberry Libra- 
ries in Chicago; such private collections as the Huntington. Library, accessible for 
special students or specific research only , the surviving Mercantile Libraries ; and 
the libraries of governmental departments and bureaus in Washington. 

The arrangement is alphabetical, first by states and thereunder by cities and 
towns Each state list is headed by the state commission or its equivalent, if there 
be such, and the state library, which latter is also entered in the list below under 
the city of its location. The public libraries listed are chiefly those of towns of 
over a thousand inhabitants, below which figure a- real library is rarely practicable, 
but the section does include some below this limit in exceptional cases. 

County libraries have been entered under the name of the town where the 
main library is located, with cross reference from the name of the county ; 
branches are separately entered only when libraries of individual character or 
importance The governmental libraries in Washington have been grouped under 
departments as far as possible, this semi-classified arrangement here seeming 

Entries for the larger libraries include names of the chief librarian and heads 
of departments , numljer of branches , number of volumes, specifying as to books 
and pamphlets where these are separately reported , total income or expenditure, 
with specific expenditure for salaries, for books, and for periodicals ; and brief 
mention of special collections as noted below Library statistics are for the library 
or fiscal year 1926 when reported directly from the library or elsewhere recorded; 
otherwise they are from the most recent figures available. 

Less detailed in formation is given in the case of the smaller libraries, for it 
did not seem practicable or desirable to attempt a general questionnaire, for which, 
under an) Circumstances, the replies are a] it to be both tardy and inadequate. 
Information in such cases has usually been obtained from state commissions or 
other authorities most available and satisfactory 

(2) Educational and Professional Libraries. This section includes the 
libraries of universities, colleges, and normal schools, but not high school libraries ; 
law, medical, theological and other special schools; professional societies, as the 
American Bar Association and the New York Academy of Medicine ; art museums ; 
historical societies, and cognate organizations Professional schools which are 
attached to universities have been entered in this division under the university 
instead of in the list of special libraries 

(3) High School Libraries. This section includes high school libraries 
and those of preparatory schools ranking with them. The development of libra- 
ries in such institutions .has been so rapid and the turnover in personnel is so fre- 
quent, as demand increases, that this list cannot be considered as even approxi- 
mately complete. It is, however, the most inclusive list of high school libraries 
which has yet been published. 

(4) Business and Other Special Libraries. Thi,s section, as its title indi- 
cates, has been limited to libraries connected with business concerns or cognate 
organizations. The libraries of professional schools and associations, sometimes 


classed with special libraries, will be found in Section (2). This list is, of course, 
to be supplemented by reference to the special collections noted in the lists of 
public, educational and professional libraries. Cross-references have not been 

(5) Miscellaneous Libraries. This section groups all the libraries which 
do not lend themselves to classification in any of the other sections, as those of 
private clubs, hospitals (except medical reference libraries, which are included 
among the Professional Libraries of Section 2) , army posts, prisons and like pub- 
lic institutions. 

(6) Libraries in U. S. Territories and Dependencies. This section includes 
libraries in the outlying regions over which the United States has jurisdiction, so 
far as these have been reported in response to inquiries. No attempt has been 
made to include in the previous sections the few libraries of special character 
scattered throughout these regions, all being here grouped in the one section. 

(7) Libraries of Canada. In this section an especial endeavor has been 
made, in view of the American Library Association conference at Toronto, to 
include as fully as possible the libraries of the' Canadian provinces. In this list the 
libraries in each province, of whatever character, have been included in a single 
alphabet under the name of the province. In the province of Ontario, the work of 
Inspector Carson, corresponding to that of the executive secretary of a library 
commission or division in our States, has been so effective that this one province 
includes many more libraries than the eight provinces of Canada together. 
Of the five hundred public libraries developed -in that province more than half 
are small rural libraries and are therefore -not included. 

Special Collections Within Libraries. An important feature of the present 
volume is the entry, under each library from which such information was obtained, 
of the special collections it possesses. This feature is of especial importance, in 
view of the co-operative efforts now being made to bring the whole library system 
into full knowledge of its treasures and into co-ordination in their use These 
efforts are based on the underlying principles that it is desirable to bring to the 
knowledge of every librarian and research worker the location of special collections 
in any particular subject , to make these available through inter-library loans to 
the student who really needs particular volumes ; to avoid duplication where this 
is unnecessary and wasteful; and to co-ordinate library facilities into regional 

It may -be noted that one of the great advances in this specialization of icfer- 
ence collections has been achieved in the growth of business libraries and the 
development of the Special Libraries Association 

The initial endeavor in this direction was made in the Johnston-Mudge work 
(Bulletin 1912, No. 23 of the U. S. Bureau of Education) on "Special Collections 
in Libraries in the United States," giving detailed information, classified under 
subjects, as to collections in the libraries on which information was then available 
In the present year, Prof. E. C. Richardson, as Consultant in the Library of Con- 
gress, has indexed the variously recorded information relating to special collec- 
tions in two alphabets, one arranged geographically by libraries, the other by 

In the present directory, general subjects such as art, Europe, geography, 
German, history, etc., have not been entered as special collections; instead, the 
entries have been confined to more specific subjects as individual authors, periods 
of history, or unusual languages. It has been taken for granted that theological 
literature will be looked for in theological seminaries, medical literature in medical 
colleges, etc., so that the list of educational and professional libraries, as well as 
the list of special libraries, should be consulted in respect to such large divisions. 


It has been impracticable without undue delay to include in this volume an 
index to the special collections by subjects, but this may be attempted later, either 
in a supplementary issue or in a revision and extension of the present list in a 
future year, for which additions and revisions, including information from libra- 
ries not recording their statistics, are invited. 

Library Organizations and Schools. The main lists of the directory are 
followed by a record of library commissions and associations and by full informa- 
tion, supplied by the schools themselves, as to library schools accredited by the 
A. L. A. Additional material /chiefly 'based on A. L A. data, and covering the 
many short summer courses given in all parts of the country, is also here pre- 
sented in view of the growing 'importance of this feature of technical' education, 
and the recognition of the value added to their communities by professionally 
trained librarians. 

It is planned to continue the publication of the AMERICAN LIBRARY DIRECTORY 
at regular intervals, and to include in it other features which will make it of 
increasing value to the library profession and to all having to do with libraries. 

It is, therefore, especially desired that any users of the volume who note 
omissions or errors will send us their additions and corrections, and as new libra- 
ries are organized or minor libraries grow in importance in growing towns, that 
prompt information should be sent for inclusion in future issues of the directory. 

R. R. B. 


PUBLIC LIBRARIES ..... ......... ..... 17 

Serving over 1000 population, and including state and 
county libraries, and government libraries in Washington 
4,603 entries. 


Universities, colleges, normal schools and other pro- 
fessional schools ; also professional societies, medical 
collections in hospitals, museums, and cognate institutions 
2,618 entries 


Including preparatory schools of similar grade 
2,490 entries 


Chiefly those connected with business organizations 
843 entries 


Clubs, Y M C A 's, prisons, seamen's circulating libra- 
ries, patients* collections in hospitals, etc. 
258 entries 


37 entries. 


454 entries. 


National, regional, state and provincial, and local 
147 entries. 

LIBRARY SCHOOLS ...................... 467 

Part I : Schools with full year courses 23 entries. 
Part II : Summer Courses 1927 67 entries. 


Public Libraries in the United States 

This public library list includes semi-public libraries of which general use is 
permitted under restrictions Libraries are alphabeted under each state by name of 
city or town. Each state list is headed by the library commission, or similar agency, 
and state library, with the name of the individual to whom correspondence should be 

Population figures are from the 1920 federal census, except when marked with (*), 
designating 1925 state or other census figures as compiled by the J. Walter Thompson 
Co, or with (**), designating still more recent figures from local census. Library 
statistics are for the calendar or library year 1926, when reported, otherwise from 
most recent available figures. 


Alabama Department of Archives and 
History, Division of Library Extension: 
Mrs. Marie B. Owen, Director, Montgomery 

State Library, Montgomery: Junius M. 
Riggs, Librarian 

Alabama City 5,432 

Nichols Memorial Library 

George Gritman 
3,000 v 

Anniston 20,531* 
Carnegie Library 

Mildred Goodrich 
12,143 v Inc $4,131, bks, per, $769 

Athens 3,323 

Athens Public Library 

Bessie Sykes 
1,225 v Inc $325 

Bay Minette 1,000 
Public Library 

Mrs T J Gilmer, pres 

Bessemer 2 1 ,075* 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs W T Warhck 
7,042 v Inc $1,500 

B irmmgham 440,644** 

Birmingham Public Library, 1909 

Director Lila May Chapman 

Catalog Kathleen Thompson 

Children'sMary E Foster 

Circulation Marian Potts 

ReferenceMrs. Caroline P Engstfeld 

Technical Grover C. Maclin 
Library located Park Avenue and 2ist 

Street, Birmingham 
Branches: 9 (3 Carnegie) 

Jefferson County Freje Library with 56 

"7,473 v. Salaries, $66,500; bk exp, $12,000 
Spec. Coll.: Southern history and litera- 
ture. (Tutwiler) 

Decatur 4,752 

Carnegie Library 

Louise Leadingham 
4,055 v. Inc. $1,000 

Enterprise 3,013 
Enterprise Library Association 
Sue Mizelle 

Eufaula 4,939 

Carnegie Library 

Jennie McRae 
7,300 v. Inc. $650 

Fairfield 5,003 

Fairfield Library Association 

Mrs Margaret Davis 
2,300 v. Inc $1,380 

Fairhope 853 
Public Library 

Mrs Mary Heath Lee 
9,430 v. Inc. $600 

Florence 1 2,702* 

Southern Library Association 

Mrs Garnt H. Smith 
3,600 v. 

Gadsden 19,604* 
Public Library (C) 

Lena Martin 
8,429 v. Inc $2,662 ; bks , per , $757 

Geneva 1,581 
Public Library 

Mrs W. K Kenan 
3,000 v. Inc. $100 ; bks, per., $6* 

Greensboro 1,809 
Public Library 

Annie Locke 
2,000 v. 

Huntsville 8,018 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs J. L. Darwin 
8,000 v. Inc. $1,592 

Jefferson County Free Library. See Birming- 
ham Public Library 



ALABAMA Continued 

Livingston 968 

Public Library 

W L. Bitting 
2,000 v. 

Association Public Library 

Leila E Aunspaugh 
22,000 v. 

Spec, Coll : Newspapers. 

Public Library 

Mrs. Emma C. Harris 
38,000 v. 

Montgomery 46,481* 

Montgomery Library Association (C) 

Laura M Elmore 
15,000 v. 

State and Supreme Court Library 

Junius M Riggs 
52,000 v Inc $2,700 

State Department of Archives and History 
Mrs Mane Bankhead Owen, Director 
200,000 v. 

Spec. Colls Biography Genealogy. 
History Library Economy Periodicals 

Oxford i, 1 08 
Public Library 
2,000 v. 

Selma 16,987* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Bcttie Keith 
12,000 v Inc. $3,057; bks, per., $813 

Talladega 6,546 
Carnegie Library 

Mr* L B Groce 
17,685 v Inc $2,300 , bks , per , $540 

Troy 5,696 

Carnegie Library 

Joseph A Boyd 
6,000 v 

Tuscaloosa 13,083* 

Tuscaloosa County Library 

Mrs J S. Pon 
9,000 v. Inc $1,010, bks, per, $250 

Tuscumbia 3,855 

Helen Keller Library Association 

Mrs J. N Thompson 
2.OOO v 

Union Springs 4,125 

Public Library (C) 
Mollie Norman 
5 9 ooo v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks.. per.. $2iQ 

Uniontown 1,359 

Ferdinand Meyer Memorial Library 

Mrs. J. E. Ware 
923 v. Inc. $200 


State Library, Phoenix: Con P. Cronin, 

Bisbee 9,205 
Copper Queen Library 
Mrs M. L Bowers 
16,522 v Inc $363 

Clifton 4,163 
Reading Room 

J C. Mitchelmore 
1,500 v 

Douglas 9,916 

Copper Queen Library 

Mrs Kate Goodrich 
8,950 v 

Flagstaff 3,186 
Flagstaff Public Library 

Mrs Lucina De Vaney 
5,000 v Inc $4,000. bks, per, $1,800 

Globe 7,044 

Old Dominion Copper Company Library 

Mrs O J Tuschka 
5,500 v Bks. per, $600 

Spec Colls Mining and Geolog\ 

J Nogales 5,*99 
Nogales Public Library 

Eleanor C Davis 
2,300 v Inc $1,200 

| Phoenix 38,669* 

> Phoenix Public Library (C) 

Mrs Mary Christy Lambert 
I 48,790 v Inc $24,400, bks, per. $6,500 
| Spec Colls Law Legislative reference 

! State Library 

Con P. Cronin 
I7,5oo v. Inc $14,300, bks, per, $6,500 

Prescott 5,010 
Carnegie Library 

I Mrs Bessie H 

! 5.250 v. 


Tucson 26,733* 

Carnegie Free Library 

Mrs. J. B Breathitt 
35.ooo v. Inc. $12,000, bks, 

Yuma 4,237 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Addie I. Kline 
7.300 v. Inc. $3,000 

Per, $5,700 



Arkansas Free Library Service Bureau, 
State Department of Education, Little Rock: 
Gladys Allison, Librarian 

State Library, Little Rock: J. B. Binley, 

Arkadelphia 3,31 z 

Arkadelpfaia Public Library 
Mrs. C. E. Arnett 

Blytheville 6,447 
Blytheville Public Library 
Mrs J. D. Swift 

Camden 3,238 

Camden Public Library 

Blanche Jackson 
7,000 v Inc. $556; bks, per, $217 

Clarendon 2,638 

Clarendon Public Library 
Inc. $616, bks., per, $416 

1 Dorado 3,887 

El Dorado Public Library 
Mrs H. V. N. Cordcll 
3,969 v Inc $3,107, bks, per, $1,534 

Eureka Springs 2,469 

Eureka Springs Public Library (C) 

Mary Lena Barnes 
3,207 v Inc $256, bks , per , $20 

Fayetteville 5,362 

Fayetteville Public Library 

Lila G Rollston 
7,150 v Inc $1,500 , bks . per , $473 

Fort Smith 31,643* 

Fort Smith Public Library (C) 

Mrs K L Pardew 
15,000 v Inc $3,700 

Helena 9,112 

Helena Public Library 

Christine Sanders 
8,940 v Inc. $4,710 

Hot Springs 11,695 

Hot Springs Public Library 

Jonesboro 9,384 
- Jones'boro Public Library 
Mattie Stevens 

Little Rock 74,216* 

Arkansas History Commission 

Dallas H. Herndon 
25,000 v. 

Little Rock Continued 

Little Rock Public Library (C) 
Vera G. Snook 

Branches, i (negro); 8 school, 2 other 

38,000 v. Inc. $20,235; salaries, $9,422; bks., 
Per., $3,374 

Spec. Coll.: French. 

State Dcpt of Education, Free Library 
Service Bureau 

Gladys Allison 
5,000 v. 

State Library 

J B. Binley 
200,000 v. 

Mananna 3,895 

Marianna Public Library 

Morrilton 3,010 

Morrilton Public Library (C) 

Mrs James I Ellis 
7,000 v Inc $2,100 

Pine Bluff 21,611* 

Pine Bluff Public Library 

Mrs Carroll Bishop 
21,611 v Inc $4,480, bks, per, $900 

Russellville 4,505 

Russellville Public Library 

Hortense Hickman 
1,767 v Inc $672 ; bks , per., $57 

Searcy 2,836 
Searcy Public Library 
Winifred Tapscott 

Texarkana 19,737 
Texarkana Public Library 
Mrs Vivian Smith 

Van Buren 5,224 
Van Buren Public Library 
Clara Eno 


California State Library, Sacramento: 
Milton J. Ferguson, Librarian 

Alameda 31,876* 

Alameda Free Public Library (C) 
I Mrs Marcella H. Krauth 

! 74,423v. Inc $45,215 
Spec. Coll . California 

| Alameda County Free Library. See Oakland 

Alhambra 9,096 

Alhambra Public Library 

Marian P. Greene 
28471 v. Inc. $28,192 




Alturas 979 

Alturas Public Library (C) 

Anna L. Williams 
(Included in Modoc County Library statistics) 

Modoc County Free Library (36 br county 
pop. 5,425; C) 

Anna L. Williams 
12,895 v Inc. $3,989 

Anaheim 5,526 

Anaheim Public Library (C) 

J. Elizabeth Calnon 
9,106 v. Inc. $15,486 

Arcadia 2,239 

Arcadia Free Public Library 

Mrs F W Treen 
1 6,101 v. 

Arcata 1,846 

Arcata Free Public Library 

Mrs Virginia Todd Smith 
1,850 v. 


Auburn Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Madeline Knechbaum 
7,129 v. 

Azusa 4,460 

Azusa Public Library (C) 

Mary Y Bonner 
6,560 v Inc $3.223 

Bakerafield 23,487* 

Kern County Free Library (196 br county 
pop 54,843) 

Mrs Julia G Babcock 
227,045 v. Inc. $93,7" 

Banning x,8zo 

Banning Union High School District Li- 

Helen B Hummer 
1,843 v 

Benicia 2,693 

Benicia Free Public Library 

May Houlahan 
3,300 v. 

Berkeley 66,209* 

Berkeley Free Public Library (C) 

Carleton B Toeckel 
Branches* 6 

103,851 v Inc. 1925-26, $147,251 (ind. $65,3*8 
bldg. fund); salaries $48,906, bks , $14,736, 
per , $1,754 

Burlingame 4,107 
Burlingame Public Library 
Mrs. Mary T. Gervais 
I5,98ov. Inc. $7,761 

Butte County Free Library See Oroville 

Calexico 6,223 

Calexico Free Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Bess Wofford 


Chico 9,339 

Chico Free Public Library (C) 

Laura A Sawyers 
11,630 v Inc. $5,173 

Chula Vista 1,718 

Chula Vista Public Library (C) 

Mrs Ida R Collar 
5,581 v Inc $7,771 

Colton 4,282 

Colton Public Library (C) 

Mrs Anna Enright Spragms 
12,131 v Inc $5,392 

Colusa 1,846 

Colusa County Free Library (45 brs. 
county pop 9,290) 

Ella Packer 
39,199 v Inc $10,970 

Colusa Free Public Library (C) 

Belle Crane 
6,038 v. 

Colusa County Free Library See Colusa 

Contra Costa County Free Library See Mar* 

Corning 1,449 

Corning Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Phoebe D Camp 
4,534 v. 

Corona 4,129 

Corona Public Librarj* (C) 

E Leone Fink 
14,090 v Inc. $7,271 

Coronado 3,289 

Coronado Beach Public Library 

Gabnelle Morton 
10,712 v. Inc $5,609 

Covina 1,999 

Covma Public Library (C) 

Mrs Henrietta M Faulder 
n,595 v Inc $4,026 

El Centre 5,464 

El Centro Public Library (C) 

Agnes F Ferris 
22,543 v Inc $15,362 




1 Centre Continued 

Imperial County Free Library (79 brs 

county pop. 43*383) 

Evalyn Boman 
58,936 v. Inc. $17,701 

Spec. Colls.: Agriculture. California. 

Escondido 1,789 

Escondido Public Library (C) 

Mary N Adams 
6,763 v Inc $4,017 

Eureka 13,533* 

Eureka Public Library (C) 

H A Kendal 
17,083 v Inc $11,055 

Humboldt County Free Library (152 brs 
county pop 37.413) 

Ida M Reagan 
94,851 v. Inc $27,728 


Solano County Free Library (66 brs 

county pop 40,602) 

Clara B Dills 
71,987 v Inc $23,442 

Spec Coll Phonograph records 

Fort Bragg 4,616 
Fort Bragg Public Library 
Mrs Bertie F. Wright 
901 v 

Fresno 58,485* 

Fresno County Free Library (260 brs 
county pop 128,779; Q 

Sarah E McCardle 
369,865 v Inc $150,040 

Fresno County Free Library See Fresno 

Fullerton 4,415 

Fullerton Public Library (C) 

Minnie Maxwell 
17,597 v. Inc $11,853 

Gilroy 2,862 

Gilroy Public Library (C) 

Pearl G Lavin 
5,082 v Inc $2,540 

Glendale 21,290* 

Glendale Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Alma J Danford 
39,36i v. Inc $37,555 

Glendora 2,028 

Glendora Public Library 

Harriet Gifford 
8,048 v. Exp. $1,980 

Glenn County Free Library See Willows 

Gridley 1,636 

Gridley Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Emma Sligar 
3,700 v. Inc. $1,723 

Hanford 5,888 

Hanford Free Public Library (C) 

Marion L. Gregory 
9,900 v. Inc. $6,660 

Kings County Free Library (57 brs. 
county pop. 22,031) 

Marion L. Gregory 
100,850 v. 

Hayward 3,487 

Hayward Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Elizabeth Creelman 
4,654 v. Inc $3,043 

Healdsburg 2,412 

Healdsburg Carnegie Public Library 

Chnstal Fox 
7,066 v Inc $2,523 

Hemet 1,480 

Hemet Public Library (C) 

Mabel A Spencer 
6,289 v Inc $2,982 

Hollister 2,781 

Hollister Free PuMic Library (C) 

Mrs Anna J Nolte 
4.705 v Inc $1,630 

San Benito County Free Library (76 brs 
county pop 8,995) 

Florence J Wheaton 
10,632 v Inc $9,504 

Humboldt County Free Library. See Eureka 

Huntington Beach 1,687 

Huntington Beach Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Bertha Proctor Reynolds 
13,684 v . Inc $6,285 

Imperial 1,885 

Imperial Public Library (C) 

Mrs D W. Hatch 
4.811 v Inc. $2,261 

Imperial County Free Library See El Cen- 

Jackson 1,601 

Amador County Free Library (39 brs. 
county pop. 7,793) 
Bertha S Taylor 
15,475 v. 

Kern County Free Library See Bakersfield 

King City 1,048 

King City Public Library 

Mrs E. L. Mansfield 
1.430 v 



King! County Free Library. See Hanford 

Lakeport 1,024 

Lakeport Riblic Library 

Mrs. Ella M Clark 
5,403 v. Inc. $1,383 

Lassen County Free Library See Susan ville 

Lincoln 1,325 

Lincoln Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Bertha C Landis 
6,345 v. Inc $1,696 

Livermore 1,916 

Livermore Free Public Library (C) 

Myrtle E. Harp 
5,124 v. Inc $1,075 

Lodi 4,850 

Lodi Public Library (C) 

Amy L Boynton 
12,815 v Inc $10,041 

Lompoc 1,876 

Lompoc Public Library (C) 

Mrs Stella G. White 
'4,624 v Inc. $1,862 

Long Beach 91,182* 

Long Beadi Public Library (C) 

Mrs Theodora R Brewitt 
Branches: 5 

96,119 v. Exp $150,000, salaries, $83,075 , bks , 
$18,417, Per., $2,275 

Los Angeles 925,143* 

Los Angeles County Free Library (314 brs. 
county pop 936,438) 
Helen E Vogleson 
,535,134 v Inc. $300,897 

Los Angeles Public Library (C), 1874 
Librarian Everett R Perry 
First Assistant Librarian Althea War- 
Second Assistant Librarian Helen T. 


Adult Education Louise E Jones 
Art and Music Gladys Caldwell 
Bindery Bessie Carrick 
Branches Althea Warren 
Catalog Frances R Foote 
Children's Work Eva G Leslie 
Fiction Van Tyne Smith 
General Literature Katherme Kendig 
Library School Marion Horton 
Order Albert C Read 
Publicity Faith Holmes Hyers 
Periodical Blanche M McKown 
Reference Susan C Ott 
Registration and Receiving Blanche L 


Science and Industry Nancy Vaughan 
Shelf Hubert Frazier 
Sociology Grace M White 

Los AngelesContinued 

Work with Schools (Including Juvenile 

Dept.) Rosemary Livsey 
Second Group of Branches Betsey M. 


Suburban Branches Rhoda Williams 
Branches * 43 (8 Carnegie), 86 stations 
643,977 v Inc $1,027,280; salaries, $488,194; 
bk. exp $120,885 

Spec Colls California. Chess Gene- 
alogy Shorthand Special Reference 

Los Gatos 2,317 

Los Gatos Public Library (C) 

Grace A Smith 
11,095 v Inc $3,700 

Madera 3,444 

Madera County Free Library (70 brs 
county pop 12,203) 
Blanche Galloway 
77,120 v Inc $21,746 " 

Madera County Free Library See Madera 
Marin County Free Library See San Rafael 

Mariposa 425 

Mariposa County Free Library (new coun- 
ty pop 2,775) 

Martinez 3,858 

Contra Costa County Free Library (98 brs 
county pop 53,889) 

Mrs Alice G Whitbeck 
137,741 v. Inc. $55,421 

Marysville 5,461 

Marysville City Library 

Clara Tietjen 
9,3i8 v 

Merced 3,974 

Merced County Free Library (82 brs 
county pop 24,579) 

Mmette L Stoddard 
102,215 v 

Merced Free Public Library 

Mmette L Stoddard 

(Included in Merced County Library statis- 

Merced County Free Library See Merced 

Mill Valley 3,554 
Mill Valley Public Library (C) 
Sybil Nye 

Modesto 9,241 

McHenry Public Library 
Bessie B Silver thorn 
25,374 v Inc $15,038 

Stanislaus County Free Library (71 brs.- 
county pop. 43.557) 

Bessie B Silverthorn 
78,250 v Inc $26,684 



Modoc County Free Library. Sqe Alturas 

Monrovia 5,480 

Monrovia Public Library (C) 

Anne L Crews 
12,254 v Exp. $8,000 

Monterey 5,479 

Monterey Free Public Library (C) 

Etta Eckhardt 
10,675 v Inc $5,115 

Mountain View 1,888 

Mountain View Public Library 

Arthur L. Palmer 
5,912 v. Inc. $1,703 

Napa 6,757 

Goodman Library 

Minnie C Shreve 
17,383 v. Inc $8,687 

Napa County Free Library (77 brs coun- 
ty pop. 20,678) 

Estella DeFord 
23,915 v Inc $11,212 

Napa County Free Library See Napa 

National City 3,116 

National City Free Public Library (C) 

Susie Moore 
9.153 v Inc $2,400 

Nevada City 1,782 

Nevada City Free Library (C) 

Mrs Iva Williamson 
7,555 v Inc $1,588 

Oakland 261,000** 

Alameda County Free Library (91 brs 
county pop 344.127) 

Mary Barmby 
108.740 v Inc $53.689 

Oakland Free Library, 1868, 1878 (C) 
Librarian John Boynton Kaiser 
Assistant Librarian Mabel W Thomas 
Branches Lucie C Nye 
Catalog Edith O Stetson 
Children's Nettie V Morgan 
Circulation and Registration (vacant) 
Reference and Documents Mabel W 


Mam Library Fourteenth and Grove Sts 
Branches. 12 (4 Carnegie), 7 stations 
Museums. The Oakland Museum, Snow 
African Museum, Oakland Art Gallery, with 
curators directly in charge, are under Li- 
brary Board of Directors. Total income for 
four (1925-26) $188,702 
M5,982 v. Inc. (1925-26) $164,921, salaries, 

$111,666, bks, exp, $20,092 
Spec Colls California Municipal 

Oceanside x,i6z 

Oceanside Public Library 

Edith A. Whiting 
7,366 v. 

Ontario 7,280 
Ontario Public Library 
Miss K. A. Monroe 
12,840 v Inc $7,827 

Orange 4,884 

Orange Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Mabel E. Faulkner 
16,773 v Inc. $1,244 

Orange County Free Library. 

See Santa 

| Orland 1,582 

i Orland Free Public Library (C) 

I Valerie Magnenat 

j 2,117 v. 

I Oroville 3,340 

j Butte County Free Library (88 
j county pop 30,030) 

Blanche Chalfant 
! 61,121 v. Inc $18,241 

| Oroville Free Public Library (C) 
, Mrs Edith Simons 

7,649 v Inc $5,595 

Oxnard 4,417 

Oxnard Public Library (C) 

Ethel Carroll 
20,347 v Inc $8,512 


Pacific Grove 2,974 

Pacific Grove Public Library (C) 

Jessie W Nichols 
14,603 v Inc $5,444 

Palo Alto 5,900 

Palo \lto Public Library (part Q 

Frances D Patterson 
21,875 v Inc $17,636 

Pasadena 56,732* 

Pasadena Public Library 

Jeannette M Drake 
H5,93i v Exp $107,106 
Spec. Coll : California. 

Paso Robles 1919 

Paso Robles Public Library (C) 

Edith Allen Phelps 
7,754 v. Inc $4,220 

Petaluma 6,226 

Petaluma Public Library (C) 

Sara Frances Cassiday 
15.922 v 



Placer ville x ,650 

Placerville Free Public Library 

Esther Mahler 
2,183 v 

Pomona 1 5,372* 

Pomona Public Library (C) 

Sarah M Jacobus 
67,000 v Inc $29,538 

Porterville 4,097 

Porterville Free Public Library (C) 

Sarah Louise Templeton 
5,751 v Inc $4,942 

Ramona 1,000 

Ramona Public Library 

Mrs H A Miles 
1,820 v 

Red Bluff 3,104 

Herbert Kraft Free Library 

Mrs James Feeley 
10,336 v Inc $3,613 

Red Bluff 3,104 

Tehama County Free Library (87 brs 

county pop 12,882) 
39.073 v Inc $11,192 

Redding 2,962 

Redding Carnegie Library 

Mrs Lizzie B Ross 
4,690 v Inc $2,572 

Redlands 9571 

A K Smilcv Public Library 

Mabel Inness 
70,890 v 

Spec Coll Indians 

Redondo Beach 

Redondo Beach Public Library 

Emma E, Catey 
15,903 v Inc $10,540 

Redwood City 4,020 

Redwood City Iree Public Library (C) 

Laura E Barton 
7,439 v Inc $4.562 

San Mateo Free Library (64 brs county 
pop 36,781) 

Edna Holroyd 
37,545V Inc $21.974 

Richmond 22,530* 

Richmond Free Public Library 

Norah McNeill 
76,766 v Inc $27,752 

Riverside 21,679* 

Riverside County Free Library (80 brs. 
county pop 50,297) 

Charles F Woods 
(Statistics included with Public Library) 

Riverside Public Library (C) 

Charles F Woods 
118,005 v Inc $48,037 

Spec Colls Botany Citrus industry. 


Riverside County Free Library. See River- 


Rosenlle Public Library (C) 

Georgiana R Willits 
6,576 v Inc $3,901 

Sacramento 1 01 ,942** 
-California State Library, 1850 
Milton J Ferguson 

Branch Sutro Branch, San Francisco, 

q v 

262,553 v , 19477 embossed books for blind 
Inc 1925-27, $253,490 

Spec Colls California (mcl index to 
newspapers, i846-datc) State 1 libraries. 
California Genealogical Society deposit coll. 

City Free Library (C) 
Susan T. Smith 

Branches 3, I station 

120,000 v Exp, $45.554, salaries, $32,160, 
bk exp, $8,500 

Spec Coll California Sacramento 

Sacramento County Free Library (no brs 
county pop 90,978) 

Cornelia D Pro vines 
71,090 v. Inc $40,326 

Saint Helena 1,346 

Saint Helena Public Library (C) 

Mrs G B Anderson 
7,514 v Inc $1,595 

Salinas 4,308 

Monterey County Free Library (140 brs 

county pop 27,980) 

Anne Hadden 
76472 v Inc $120,268 

Spec Colls Monterey county history. 
Music and music records 

Salinas City Public Library (C) 

Mrs Carrie E Stnening 
7,525 v Inc $2,207 

San Anselmo 2,475 

San Anselmo Free Public Library (C) 

Belle Meagor 
7,008 v. Inc $3,046 

San Benito County Free Library See Hol- 



San Bernardino 22,823* 
San Bernardino County Free Library (136 
brs county pop 734Oi) 

Caroline S Waters 
89,956 v Inc $37,722 

San Bernardino Free Public Library (C) 

May Coddington 
30,335 v Inc $20,000 

San Bernardino County Free Library See 
San Bernardino 

San Diego 106,047* 

-San Diego County Free Library (145 brs 
county pop 112,248) 

Eleanor Hitt 
80,970 v Inc $37,109 

San Diego Public Library 

Cornelia D Plaister 
Branches ^ 5 (i Carnegie), 8 sub- 

branches, 5 stations 

125,753 v Inc, $116,738, salaries, $63,062; 
bk exp, $17,367 

Spec Colls California Bibliography, 
San Diego county place names Theosophy 

La Jolla Library Association Lilhrary 
10,810 v. 

San Diego County Free Library See San 

San Francisco 733,462** 

California State Library, Sutro Branch 
(located in Public Library, Civic Center) 

Helen M Bruner, asst in charge 
94,938 v 

Spec Colls Mexico Spanish 
Also houses Cal Genealogical Society 
L Cal Society Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion L Astronomical Society of the Pacific 
L Mrs W D Mansfield's private Library 

Mechanics'-Mercantile Library 

Francis Barnum Graves 
98,700 v Inc $125,189 

San Francisco Public Library, 1878 

Chief Librarian Robert Rea 

Controller and Secretary George A 

Branches Belle A Goldman 

Catalog Alice M Healy 

Children's Pauline Ro> 

Circulation Helen J Dawson 

Music Jessie Fredncks 

Newspaper Mary Doyle 

Order Marv F Murpiiv 

Periodical "Eleanor T Fleming 

Reference Mary A Byrne 

Registration Anita Murray 
Administrtation Offices Civic Center ! 
Branches 15 (7 Carnegie), 12 stations 
378.781 v Inc ^1926-27, $283,000; salaries, 
$157,000, bk exp, $70,000 

San Francisco Continued 

Spec Colls Fine bindings and printing 
Music Spanish literature 

Sutro Library See above, California State 
Library, Sutro Branch 

San Joaquin County Free Library. See 

San Jose 43,551* 
San Jose Free Public Library (C) 
Mrs Edith Daley 

Branches 2 C 
29, 7Q9 v Inc $20,231 

Spec Coll : California 

Santa Clara County Free Library (95 brs 
county pop 100,588) 

Mrs Elizabeth Smgletary 
11,262 v Inc $28,276 

San Leandro 5703 

San Leandro Free Public Library (Q 

Mary Brown 
5,952 v Inc $3,929 

San Luis Obispo 5,895 

-San Luis Obispo County Free Library (96 
brs county pop 21,893) 

Flo A Gantz 
43,455 v Inc $15,369 

San Luis Obispo Free Public Library (Q 

Mrs E L Kellogg 
15,796 v 

San Luis Obispo County Free Library See 
San Luis Obispo 

San Marino 

Henry E Huntmgton Library and Art 

Leslie Edgar Bliss 

Private library Incunabula (over 5,000) , 
American and English literature from begin- 
ning of printing in England to present time, 
American history (discovery to World War) 
Large collections printed Cahforniana, Amer- 
ican Civil and Revolutionary War materials, 
Washingtoniana, Lmcolmana Rare, unpub- 
lished mss 

Use restricted , written approval by libra- 
rian necessary 

San Mateo 5,979 

San Mateo Public Library 

Inez M Crawford 
18,060 v Inc $10,597 

San Mateo County Free Library See Red- 
wood City 

San Rafael 5,512 

Marin County Free Library (Est Aug, 
1926 county pop 27,342) 

San Rafael Public Library (C) 
Margaret MacDonald 
. Inc 




Santa Ana 19,481* 

Orange County Free Library (63 brs. 
county pop 61,375) 

Margaret Livingston 
63.001 v Inc $25,955 

Santa Ana Free Public Library (C) 

Jeannette E. McFadden 
39.311 v. Inc. $26,961 

Santa Barbara 24,038* 
Santa Barbara County Free Library (106 
brs county pop 41,097) 
Mrs. Frances B Linn 
(Statistics included with Public Library) 

Santa Barbara Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Frances B. Linn 
92,682 v. Inc $115,582 

Santa Barbara County Free Library See 
Santa Barbara 

Santa Clara 5220 

Santa Clara Free Public Library 

Mary A Mulhall 
1,500 v 

Santa Clara County Free Library See San 

Santa Cruz 10,917 

Santa Cruz County Free Library (87 brs 
county pop 26,269) 

Minerva H Waterman 
(Books counted with P. L) Inc $8,892 

Santa Oruz Public Library (C) 

Minerva H Waterman 
Branches 3 Carnegie 
63,173 v Inc $17,373 

Santa Maria 3,943 

Santa Maria Public Library (C) 

Mrs Minnie Stearns 
4,291 v. Inc $3,574 

Santa Monica 19,445* 

Santa Monica Public Library (C) 

Elfie A. Mosse 
Branch i Carnegie 
46,161 v. Inc $25,645 

Santa Paula 3,967 

Dean Hobbs Blanchard Memorial Library 

Mary Boynton 
16,764 v Jnc $10,440 

Spec Colls . Music. California 

Santa Rosa 8,758 

Santa Rosa Free Public Library (C) 

Margaret Adelle Barnett 
32,050 v Inc $8,756 

Sausalito 2,790 

Sausalito Free Public Library 

Caroline L Fiedler 
6,140 v Inc. $2,437 

Sebastopol 1,493 

Sebastopol Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. R. C Murphy 
4,608 v. Inc./$i,489 

Sierra County Free Library (9 brs county 
pop. 1,783) 
(Operated by Plumas County F. L) 

Sierra Madre 2,026 

Sierra Madre Public Library 

Lulu Moore 
10,820 v. 

Siskiyou County Free Library See Yreka 
Solano County Free Library See Fairfield 

Sonora 1,684 

Sonora Public Library 

Esther E -Shaw 
35,451 v. Inc $1,059 

Tuolumne County Free Library (53 brs 
county pop 7,768) 
Muriel Wright 
23,513 v Inc $9,374 

South Pasadena 7,652 

South Pasadena Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Nellie E Keith 
26,066 v. 

South San Francisco 

South San Francisco Free Public Library 

Mrs Ruby Pache 
8,104 v. Inc $3,240 

Stanislaus County Free Library See Modesto 

Stockton 47,287* 

-San Joaquin County Free Library (136 brs. 
-Bounty pop 79,905) 

Ida E Condit 
(Books counted with PL) Inc $32,076 

Stockton Free Public Library 

Ida E Condit 
187,936 v Inc $57,535 

Spec Coll California 

Sunnyvale 1,675 

Sunnyvale Free Public Library 

Ellen Ballard 
3,930 v Inc $1,847 

Susanville 918 

Lassen County Free Library (76 brs 
county pop 8,507) 

Lenala A Martin 
36.615 v Inc $13,075 

Sutter County Free Library. See Yuba City 



Tebama County Free Library See Red 

Trinity County Free Library. See Weavcr- 

Tulare 3,539 

TuUre Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Rosa D Reardon 
8,842 v. Inc. $4,119 

Tulare County Free Library. See Visaha 
Tuolumne County Free Library. See Sonora 

Turlock 3,394 

Turlock Public Library (C) 

Mrs J H. Love 
7,639 v. Inc. $3,993 

Ukiah 2,305 

Ukiah Free Public Library (C) 
Mrs Mary L Burrey 

7,721 v Inc $1,524 

Upland 2,912 

Upland Public Library (C) 

Mrs. F. H Manker 
8,277 v. Inc. $3,458 

Vacaville 1,254 

Vacaville Union High School Library Dis- 
trict Library (C) 

Nan Reese 
2,7107 v Inc $2,826 

Vallejo 26,641* 

Vallejo Public Library (C) 

L Gertrude Doyle 
23,910 v Inc $15.369 

Ventura 4,342 

Ventura County Free Library (93 brs 
county pop '28,724) 

Elizabeth R Topping 
70,922 v. Inc $28,089 

Ventura Public Library 

Elizabeth R Topping 
7,068 v Inc $5,344 

Visalia 5,753 

Tulare County Free Library (127 brs 
county pop 59tO3i) 
Gretchen Flower 
117,682 v. Inc $54,915 

Visalia Free Library (C) 

Mrs M J McEwen 
8.733 v Inc. $7,102 

Watsonville 5013 

Watsonville Public Library (C) 

Belle M Jenkins 
11,323 v Inc $4.802 

Weaverville 624 

Trinity County Free Library (58 brs 
county pop. 2,551) 

Mrs Lila G Adams 
15,683 v. Inc $5,038 

Westwood 1,825 

Westwood Free Library 

Mrs R Green 
1,300 v. 

Whittier 7,997 

Whittier Public Library (C) 

Ruth Ellis 
20,007 v Inc. $26,051 

Wilhts 1,468 

Willits Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Sarah R. Livermore 
3,270 v Inc. $070 

Willows 2,190 

Glenn County Free Library j[6i brs county 
pop 11,853) 

Mrs Faye K. Russell 
41,451 v Inc $15,311 

Willows Free Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth Eubank 
8,134 v Inc $4,985 

Woodland 4,147 

Yolo County Free Library (76 brs 
county pop 17,105) 

Nancy C Laugenour 
83,088 v Inc $30,009 

Yreka 1,277 

Siskiyou County Free Library (156 brs 
county pop 18,545) 

Ellen B Frink 
62,292 v Inc $i8,473 

Yreka Free Public Library (C) 

Nellie Dowlmg 
3,177 v Exp $1,779 

Yuba City 1,708 

Sutter County Free Library (42* brs 
county pop 10,115) 

Frances M Burket 
38.153 v Inc $14,634 


Colorado State Library Commission: 
Elfreda Stebbins, Secretary, Public Library, 
Fort Collins 

Colorado State Library, Denver: Annie 
P Hyder, Librarian 

Akron 1,401 

Washington County Free Library 

Bess Annable 
2.500 v 


COLORADO Continued 

AlamoBA 3,171 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Roberts 

Archuleta County Library. See Pagosa Springs 

Boulder 11,837* 
Public Library (C) 
Lena R. Fenton 
14,000 v. Inc. $5,400; bks., per., $775 

Brighton 2,715 
Public Library 

Dorothea Cheney 
4,900 v. Inc. $2,180; bks., per., $1,000 

Brush 2,103 

Brush Public Library (C) 
Mrs Minnie James 


Buena Vista 903 
Public Library 

Mrs. Thomas Frank 

Burlington 991 
Public Library 

Mrs Arthur Wilson 

Canon City 4,551 

Canon City Public Library (C) 

Alice Felton 
8,200 v. Inc $2,425 ; bks., per., $500 

Colorado Springs 30,105* 
Public Library (C) 

Margaretta Boas 
Branches: i Carnegie 
42,000 v. Inc. $16,700, bks, per, $3,300 

Craig 1,297 

Craig Public Library 

Mrs. R. W. McKinney 
2,900 v Inc $800 

Cripple Creek 2,325 

Public Library 

Mrs Grace C Hassenplug, chmn. 
3,100 v. Inc $500 

Del Norte 1,007 
King's Daughters Library 
Mrs. Adam Weiss 

Delta 2,623 
Public Library (C) 

Anna Nutter 
6,200 v. Tnc $1,500 

Denver 300,000** 

Colorado State Library 

Annie P. Hyder 
150,000 v. Inc. $2,300; bks., per., $354 

Spec Colls. : Blind. Genealogy. General 
literature Government documents Patents. 
State reports. 

Denver Public Library, 1898 (C) 

Chief Librarian Malcolm Glenn Wyer 
First Assistant Rena Reese 
Branches Helen F. Ingersoll 
Catalog Agnes S. Hall 
Children's Kathenne W. Watson 
Circulation Ina T. Aulls 
Extension Martha Levy 
Fine Arts Drusilla Rutherford 
Order May Wood Wiggmton 
Reference Lucretia Vaile 
Schools Florence Briber 
Secretary Kathleen R. Campbell 
Technical Olive Hensley 
Training Class Rena Reese 
Branches n (8 Carnegie); 44 stations ^ 

288,920 v Inc 1026, $217,079, salaries, 

$134,008; bk exp, $38821 

Spec Colls Architecture Colorado 

Engineering Genealogy. 

Durango 14,116 
Public Library (C) 

Sadie K Sullivan 
12,200 v. Inc $3,550; bks , per , $375 

Eaton 1,289 

Public Library 

Edith L Coffman 
4,000 v Inc $0oo 

Englewood 4,356 
Public Library 

Mrs Osa Burt 

Florence 2,629 
Public Library (C) 
Jessie Ludwick 
3,650 v. Inc. $1,600; bks , per , $450 

Fort Collins 6,755 

Fort Collins Public Library (C) 

Elfreda Stebbins 
17,500 v. Inc. $5,800; bks, per, $1,500 

Fort Lupton 1,014 

Fort Lupton Public Library 

Norma Hardenburg 
1,500 v. Inc. $1,200 

Fort Morgan 3,818 
Public Library (C) 
Elizabeth Welch 
6*500 v. Inc $2,700 

Fowler 1,062 
Fowler Public Library 
W. M. Berry 


COLORADO Continued 

Glenwood Springe 2,073 

Public Library 

Mrs. F. H. Wiltse 

Golden 2,484 
Public Library 

Anna Patterson 
4,500 v. Inc. $600 

Colorado Traveling Library Commission 

Mrs Fanny M. D Galloway, Pres. 
10,500 v. Inc $2,000; bks., per., $250 

Grand Junction 8,665 

Carnegie Public Library 

Camilla Wallace 
8,500 v. Inc $3,300; bks., per, $735 

Greeley 12,531 

Pulblic Library 

Mrs. E. M Pfutzenreuter 
18,000 v Inc. $7,500 

Holyoke 1,205 

Phillips County Public Library 
Mrs Hattie Cole Lingo 

Idaho Springs 1,192 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs Margaret Robbins 
6,000 v. Inc. $1,000, bks , per., $200 

Julesburg 1,320 
Julesburg Public Library 
Mrs Grace A Theiss 

La Junta 4,964 

Woodruff Memorial Library 

Otero Beelbe 
30,000 v. Inc. $2,500 

Lamar 2,512 

Carnegie Public Library 

Josephine Silver 
4,800 v. Inc. $1,200 

Lai Animas 2,252 
Las Animas Public Library 
Mrs. Mary G Barclay 


Leadville 4959 
Public Library (C) 

Marion Clune 
8,000 v. 

Littleton 1,636 
Public Library (C) 

Gertrude Nicholas 
4,500 v. 

Longmont 5,848 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Mary K. Kiteley 
7,8oo v. Inc $3,800; bks , per., $550 

Loveland 5,065 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Anna V. Duffield 
5,000 v. Inc. $3,70Q; bks., per., $420 

Mancos 906 

Mancos Public Library 
Mrs. Anna R. Elkins 

Manitou 1,129 
Public Library (C) 

Clothilde Reichmuth 
4,400 v Inc $1,350; bks., per, $400 

Meeker 935 

Public Library 

Mrs R H. Taylor, secretary 
2,200 v. Inc $900 

Monte Vista 2,484 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs Isabella O. Murphy 
5,000 v Inc $2,200; bks , per , $400 

Montrose 3,581 
Public Library 
S,ooo v Inc $1,500 

Oak Creek 967 

Public Library 

Mrs Benjamin Snyder 

Ouray 1,165 

Walsh Public Library 

Mrs Mary L. Davis 

Pagosa Springs 1,032 
Archuleta County T-ihrary 
Mrs Welch Hyler 

Phillips County Public Library See Holyoke 

Pueblo 143,787* 

McClelland Public Library (C) 

Mary L Strang 
35,000 v Inc $10,100; bks, per, $2,000 

Rocky Ford 3,746 
Public Library (C) 

Carrie L Munkres 
5,500 v Inc $1,700; bks, per, $420 

Sahda 4,689 
Public Library (Q 

Mrs Ida Frisch Neddermann 
7,300 v Inc $2,100; bks, per., $265 

Silverton 1,150 

Silverton Public Library (C) 
Mary Hollingsworth 

Steamboat Springs 1,249 
Public Library 

Mrs F. L. Colley 


COLORADO Continued 

Sterling 694x5 
Public Library (Q 
Kathryn Marvin 
7,000 v. Inc. $5,000; bks, per., $1,330 

Trinidad 11,019* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Andrew J. Floyd 
25,000 v. Inc. $5,800; bks, per., $2,000 

Victor 1,777 
Public Library 

Mrs. Clara Barr 

West Colorado Springs 4,333 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Helen Ellenwood 

Wray 1,538 

Public Library 

Frances Hudgel 
1,500 v. 


Connecticut Public Library Committee: 
Mrs. Belle Holcomb Johnson, Visitor and 
Inspector of Libraries, Room 96, State Capi- 
tol, Hartford 

Connecticut State Library, Hartford: 
George S. Godard, Librarian 

Ansonia 19,052* 

Ansonia Public Library 

Anne G Richards 
22,700 v. Inc. $11,086; bks, per, $2,794 

Avon 1,534 

Avon Free Public Library 

Mrs. C B Hadsell 
3,680 v. Inc $210; bks., per., $68 

Beacon Falls 1,593 

Beacon Falls Public Library 

Daisy Rogers 
2,908 v. Inc. $440, bks., per., $54 

Berlin 4,298 

Berlin Free Library 

Emily S. Brandegee 
Inc. $206; bks., per., $49 

Bethel 3,261 

Bethel Free Public Library 

Mrs. Frances Coulter 
6,092 v. Inc. $1,091 , bks , per , $126 

Bloomfield 4,394 
Prosser Library 

Grace L. Hayes 
7,958 v. Inc. $063; bks., per, $395 

Branford 6,627 

Blackstone Memorial Library 

Charles N. Baxter 

42,584 v. Inc. $21,844; bks., per., $2,605 
Spec. Coll.: Connecticut history. 

Bridgeport 150,000* 

Bridgeport Public Library and Reading 

Orlando C. Davis 

Branches: 6 (2 Carnegie) 
232,95ov. Inc $189,318; salaries, $80,273, bk 
exp , $35,610 

Bristol 24,652* 

Free Public Library 

Charles L Wooding 
24,652 v. Inc. $16,342, bks, per, $3,220 

Broad Brook 1,386 

Broad Brook Library Association 

Alma Arnold 
1,342 v. Inc. $108, bks, per., $145 

Brooklyn 1,655 

Brooklyn Library Association 

Mrs. A S Field 
7,732 v. Inc $609 , bks , per , $202 

Burlington 1,109 

* Burlington Public Library (Union ville R. 
F D 2) 

John A Reeve 
2,023 v. Inc $51, bks, per, $15 

Chester 1,675 

Chester Public Library 

Mrs Theodore Foster 
7,058 v Inc $765, bks, per, $256 

Clinton 1,217 

Clinton Public Library 

Mrs Charlotte Peet 
4,287 v Inc $2,197, bks, per, $401 

Colchester 913 

Cragin Memorial Library 
Mrs Charles F Beebe 
7,450 v. Inc $1,842, bks, per, $177 

Colhnsville 3,009 

Canton Public Library 

Julia Parish 
4,406 v. Inc $1,608, bks , per , $405 

Coventry 1,582 

Porter Library Association (South Coventry 
R F D I) 

Mrs. L J Loomis 
1,053 v. Inc $387, bks, per, $139 

Cromwell 2,454 

Belden Library Association 

Isabella Milliez 
5,263 v. Inc. $321 , bks., per , $75 



Danbury 18,943 
Danbury Library 

Mary P. Wiggin 

29,277 v. Inc $17,080; bks, per., $2,706 
Spec. Coll.: Danbury. 

Danielwm -3,130 

Free Public Library 

Harry E Back 
15,000 v. Inc. $1,775, bks., per., $29 

Darien 4,184 

-Danen Free Library Association 

Clara Scofield 
6,768 v. Inc. $747 

Deep River 1,916 

Deep River Public Library 

Mrs Clara Moore 
4,809 v. Inc $1,104, bks, per, $410 

Derby 12,509* 

Derby Neck Free Library (C) 

Mary A Hurley 
21,375 v Inc $3,882, bks, per, $1,744 

Harcourt Wood Memorial Library 

Emma Lessey 
6,768 v Inc $0,693 , bks , per , $1,173 

Durham 959 

Durham Library 

Mrs Albert L Hall 
7,565 v Inc $578, bks, per, $131 

East Granby 1,056 
East Granby Library 

Elsie Reed 
1,349 v Inc $188, bks, per, $113 

East Hampton 1,490 

East Hampton Public Library 

Mary N Gates 
8,481) v Inc $270, bks, per, $183" 

East Hartford 13,635* 

East Hartford Public Library 

Jessie W Hayden 
13,361 v. Inc $10,458; bks, per, $i,349 

East Haven 3,520 
Free Public Library 
Lottie E Street 
Inc $585; bks, per, $140 

East Windsor 3,741 

East Windsor Library Association (Ware- 
house Point R F. D ) 

S. W Bissell 
5,249 v Inc. $1,518; bks., per., $64 

Ellington 2,127 

Hall Memorial Library 

Alice E. Pmney 
7,735 v. 

Fairfield 14,501* 

Fairfield Memorial Library 

Eleanor Morehouse 
9,608 v. Inc $6,561 ; bks , per , $506 

Farmmgton 3,844 
Village Library 

Alice O'Connor 

v. Inc. $5,085, bks, per, $535 




Glastonbury 5,592 

Free Public Library 

Mrs Grace S. Penn 
7,683 v. Inc $1,718, bks, pen, $607 

Granby 1,342 

Frederick H Cossitt Library (North 
Granby P O ) 

Lillian Carlson 
14,100 v 

Granby Public Library 

Elizabeth Clark 
3,065 v. Inc $499; bks, per, $93 

Greenwich 25,329* 

Greenwich Public Library 

Elizabeth P Clarke 
18.348 v Inc $13,050, bks, per., $3,208 

Groton 9,227 

Bill Memorial Library 

Abby M Clark 
8,284 v Inc $2,833; bks, per, $253 

Guilford 2,803 
Guilford Library 

Martha G Cornell 
5,044 v 

Haddam 1,736 

Bramerd Memorial Library 

Mrs G A Dickerman 
5,044 v. Inc $1,401 , bks , per , $58 

Hamden 8,6x1 

Hamden Free Public Library 

Arthur M Pelton 
1,720 v 

Hartford 160,197* 
Connecticut State Library 

George S. Godard 
260,000 v., 600,000 pam, 1,600,000 Mss. 

Public Librarv 

Truman R Temple 
Branches. 3 

160,755 v. Inc. $64,000; salaries, $42,000; bk. 
exp $18,500 



Hartford Continued 

Spec. Colls.: Early children's books. 
(HewinsV Bibliography. Genealogy. Con- 
gregationalism. Connecticut. Coins (Michel- 
son). European war. Law. Legislation. 

Watkinson Library of Reference 

Frank B. Gay 
100,000 v. 

Spec Colls.: Book illustration (Prime). 
Psalmody and hymnology. American Indian 
languages. Early wood engraving. Incuna- 
bula. American poetry, early literature and 
periodicals. Astrology. Language. 

Harwinton 2,020 

Theodore Hungerford Memorial Library 
(Tornngton R.F. D 2) 

Mrs Ella Cathn 
4,209 v. 

Hebron 915 

Hebron Library Association 

Caroline E Kellogg 
3,602 v Inc. $826, bks , per. $108 

Jewett City^ 3,196 
Slater Library 

Mabel E. Wilcox 
4,992 v Inc. $2,264; bks , per , $430 

Kensington 1,882 

Peck Memorial Library 

Mrs Lulah Upson 
3,998 v. Inc. $854; bks , per , $250 

Kent 1,882 

Kent Library Association 

Helen R. Bull 
2.890 v. Inc. $173 ; bks , per , $19 

Lebanon 1,286 

Jonathan Trumbull Library 

Mrs. Dorothy Bishop 

Litchfield 707 

Wolcott and Litchfield Circulating Library 

Mildred Turkington 
16,300 v Inc. $3,300, bks , per , $000 

Lyme 790 

Phoebe Griffin Noyes Memorial Library 

Bessie Connolly 
10451 v. Inc. $3,905 , bks., per , $605 

Maditon 1,857 

E. C. Scranton Memorial Library 

E. M. Meriwether 
13,891 v. Inc. $7,069, bks, per, $1,288 

Manchester 21,049* 
Manchester Public Library 

Mrs G. G. Boynton 
6,288 v. 


Mansfield Center Library 

Elsie G. Marsh 
3405 v. Inc. $250, bks., per., $77 

Meriden 36,292* 

Curtis Memorial Library 

Cormne A. Deshon 
30,341 v. 

Middlebnry 1,067 
Middlebury Library 

Mrs G L. Dexter 
2,857 v. Inc $91 ; bks , per , $56 

Middlefield 1,047 

Levi E Coe Library Association 

Mrs Sarah Pendleton 
8,746 v. Inc $374, bks, per, $m 

Middletown 22,91 1* 
Russell Free Library 

Nathaly E Newton 
26,369 v. Inc $14,810, bks, per $2 144 

Milford 13,493* 
Taylor Library 

Rev H C Meserve 
11,796 v. Inc $3,347, bks, per, $641 

Montville 1,390 

Raymond Library (Uncasville R F D ) 

Mrs L P Scholfield 
8,015 v. Inc. $1,389, bks, per, $352 

Moodua 1,225 

East Haddam Public Library 

Blanche R. Boyd 
7,700 v. Inc. $1,100 ; bks , per , $75 

Moorap 2,965 
Aldnch Free Library 
G. H. Sanderson 
4,1 18 v. Inc. $791 , bks , per , $87 

Mystic 4,100 

Mystic and Noank Library 

Gen^vra E. Ricker 
8,006 v. 

Naugatuck 16,370* 

Howard Whittemore Memorial Library 

Miss E M Goodyear 
17,000 v. Inc. $7,500, bks., per., $1,000 

New Britain 68,039* 
New Britain Institute Library 
Greta E Brown 

Branch: i 

96,412 v. Inc $46,932; salaries, $21,835; 
exp, $9,3^2 

Spec. Coll : Elihu Burritt. 

New Canaan 1,918 

New Canaan Circulating Library 

Ella H. Stevens 
14,169 v. Inc. $2,694 



New Hartford 1,781 

New Hartford Public Library 

Mrs M K. Snyder ' 
5,810 v Inc. $520, bks., per. $19 

New Haven 178,927* 

New Haven Free Public Library 

Willis K. Stetson 

Branches 4 (3 Carnegie), 2 sub-branches 
190,196 v Exp. $117,173, salaries, $64,513, 
bks, $23,205 

Young Men's Institute 

Abigail D Dunn 
28,797 v Inc $7,000, bks, per., $1.600 

New London 29,103* 

Public Library of New London 

Frederick W. Edgerton 
45,153 v Bks , per , $2,788 

Spec Colls Almanacs Arctic Ne\\ 

New Milford 4,781 

New Mil ford Public Library 

Elizabeth H Noble 
14,010 v Inc $3,412, bks, per, $1,076 
Spec Coll Chess (Schroedcr) 

Niantic 1,175 

Niantic Public Library 

Anne M Bond 
5,001 v Inc $441 , bks , per , $203 

Norfolk 1,229 

Norfolk Library 

Mrs Dorothy Terrell 
23,551 v. 

North Haven 1,968 

Bradley Memorial Library 

Clara E Bradley 
7,001 v Inc $784 , bks , per , $212 

North Stonmgton i,xoo 
Wheeler Library 

Mrs George W Tryon 
6,800 v Inc. $1,400, bks , per , $180 

Norwalk 29,743* 

Norwalk Public Library (C) 

Margaret Wilson 
15,670 v. Inc $7,645 , bks., per , $1,082 

Norwich 23,1 18* 

Circulating Library 

James H Myers 
10,000 v. 

Otis Library 

Mrs. Rosina Hamilton 
43,698 v. Inc. $41,489; bks., per, $2,527 



Plainfield 7,926 

Plamfield Library Association 

Edith M. Birtwhislle 
1,983 v. Inc. $208, bks., per., $147 

Plain ville 4,114 
Public Library 

Frances E. Bunnell 
5,093 v Inc $226 , bks , per , $24 

Plymouth 5,942 

Pl> mouth Library Association 

Cynthia Dcwell 
Jnc $2,098, bks, per., $398 

Pomfret 1,454 
Pomfret Library 

Marion L Harvey 
Inc $106 

Portland 3,644 
Buck Library 

Mrs W J Robinson 

7.123 v Inc $539, bks, per., $138 

Preston 1,917 

Preston Public Library (Norwich R F. D.) 
Miss C E Hallett 

2.124 v 

Putnam 8,397 

Putnam Free Public Library 

Emma J Kinney 
9,426 v Inc $1,940; bks, per, $780 

Ridgefield 2,707 

Ridgefield Library 
Marion Nash 
13,825 v Inc $3,814; bks, per., $775 

Rockville 7,726 

Rockville Public Library 

Edith M Peck 
17,000 v. 

Salisbury 2,497 

Scoville Memorial Library 

Charlotte B Norton 
15,066 v Inc $2,439, bks, per, $261 

Saybrook 1,325 
Acton I ibrary 

Anna Sheffield 
8,091 v Inc. $697, bks, per., $119 

Seymour 6,78 1 

-Seymour Public Library 

Elizabeth M Lovermg 
9,593 v Inc $3,968, bks., per, $366 

Sharon 1,585 

Hotchkiss Library 

Mary C Mackey 
9,388 v. 



Shelton Qj475 

Plumb Memorial Library 

Jessamine Ward 
20,428 v. Inc. $7,349; M., per., $1,068 

Simabury 2,958 

Simsbury Free Library 

Julia E. Pattison 
13,997 v Inc. $3,588; bks. f per., $1,016 

Westminster Reading Room 

Edwin Lefevre, Jr. 
1,500 v. 

Somers 1,673 

Somers Free Public Library 

Mrs R. S Bugbee 
4,757 v. Inc. $447; bks., per., $117 

South Coventry 1,582 

Booth and Dimock Memorial Library 

E Gertrude Colburn 
5,739 v 

Southington 8,440 

Southington Free Public Library 

Martha H. Jackson 
10,583 v. Inc $5,682, bks., per, $1,109 

South Manchester 8,036 

South Manchester Free Library 

Jessamine M. Smith 
17,053 v. 

South Norwalk 

South Norwalk Public Library (C) 

Ella C Lindeberg 
17,670 v Inc $8,000, bks., per., $1,834 

Southport 1,479 
Pequot Library 

Edna M. Werrey 
45,579 v 

South Windsor 2,140 
South Windsor Public Library 

Elizabeth Pelton 
5,005 v. Inc $524; bks, per., $142 

Stafford Springs 3,383 

Stafford Library Association 

Mabel Myers 
8,204 v. 

Union Free Public Library 
3,6oo v. 

Stamford 40,737* 
Ferguson Library 
Alice M. Colt 
48,250 v. Inc. $27,774; bks , per., $6,557 

Stonington 10,847* 
Stonington Free Library 
Mrs Kate Hahn 

Stratford 16,104* 

Stratford Library Association 
Frances B. Russell 

22.372 v. Inc. $7,972; bks., per., $1,292 

Suffield 4,070 
Kent Memorial Library 
Alexina P Burgess 
21,751 v. Inc. $5,257. bks, per, $1,078 

Thomaaton 3,993 

Laura Andrews Free Library 

Mrs Clara L. Florian 
7,024 v. Inc. $480, bks, per., $162 

Thompson 5,055 
Thompson Library 

Sarah A Munyan 
6,751 v Inc. $1,180, bks, per., $131 

Thompsonville 3,5x5 
Enfield Public Library 

Mrs Marion A Cook 
9,515 v Inc $4,003; hks, per., $654 

Tolland 1,040 

Tolland Public Library 

Lucile Agard 
3,716 v Inc $140 

Torrmgton 24,533* 
Torrington Library Association 
Kate W Sanford 

16.373 v. Inc. $1,468 

Trumbull 2,597 

Nichols Library (Bridgeport R. F D. 4) 

Frances Suchy 
1,755 v Inc. $235, bks , per., $120 

Unionville 2,090 

Unionville Library (Q 

Elizabeth Bridgeman 
4,614 v Inc $5,085, bks, per, $535 

Vernon 8,898 

Rockville Public Library 

Edith M Peck 
17,633 v Inc $8,397. bks, per, $1,566 

Wallingford 12,010 

Wallingford Library 
16,556 v Inc $10,513 , bks , per , $2,771 

Wapping 986 
Sadd Memorial Library 
Mrs Annie V. Collins 

Warehouse Point 1,390 

Warehouse Point Library Association 

Sarah V. Price 
3,383 v. 



Washington 1,6x9 

Gunn Memorial Library 

Fannie P. Brown 
8,382 v. 

Waterbury 91,715 

Prospect Public Library 

Silas Bronson Library 
Lindsey Brown 

Branches 3 sub-brandies 
127,626 v Exp. $68,461; salaries $35,422; 
bk. exp $10,598 

Spec Coll . Genealogy. Industrial Arts 

Watertown 6,050 

Watertown Library Association 

Jennie M Smith 
8,953 v 

West Hartford 8,854 

West Hartford Free Library 

Marger\ Burditt 
8,091 v Inc $3,917 , bks , per., $1,023 

West Haven 12,369 
West Haven Library (C) 
Mrs Robert H Lewis 
5,105 v 

Westport 875 

Westport Reading Room and Library Asso- 

Mrs E V. Sherwood 
12,143 v Jnc $6,459 . bks , per , $1,316 

Wethersfield 4,342 

Wethcrsfield Public Library 

Frances Shedd 
6,668 v Inc $1,496 , bks , per , $738 

Willimantic 12,330 
Willimantic Free Library 
Mrs William B Terry 
11,601 v Inc $3,500, bks, per., $1,017 

Wilton 1,284 

Wilton Library Association 

Ethel Han 
6,203 v Inc $1,059; bks, per, $108 

Winchester 9,019 
Beardsl ey Library 

Elizabeth Tiffany 
14,716 v Inc $4,998; bks, per, $765 


Wmdham Free Library 

Miss E. C. Neale 
3,826 v. 

Windsor 5,620 
Windsor Free Library 

Kate Putnam Safford 
5,098 v Inc. $884 , bks , per , $175 

Windsor Locks 3,554 

Windsor Locks Library Association 

Alice Coffin 
5,666 v Inc. $1,718; bks., per., $292 

Winsted 8,248 

Beardsley Library 

Dorothy Whiting 
15,000 v. Inc $5,ouo; bks , per., $1,000 

Woodbury 1,698 

Woodbury Library Association 

Rev J L R Wyckoff 
5,1/3 v Inc $457, bks., per., $250 

Woodstock 1,767 

Howard Bracken Memorial Library 

Mrs Louise L Child 
4,052 v Inc $209, bks, per, $111 


Delaware State Library Commission: 
Mrs. E. D. Willey, Secretary, State House, 

State Library, Dover: Mrs. E. D. Wil- 
ley, Librarian 


Delaware State Library 

Mrs E D Waller 
100,000 v. 

Spec Coll Law 

Dover Free Library 

L Beatrice Mast 

Mary E Fulton 
6,000 v. 

State Librarv Commission 

Ida V. Culbreth 
15,000 v. Inc $6,000 

Georgetown 1,710 
New Century Club Library 
Ethel Waples 

Lewes 2,074 

-Town Library 

Miss Nichols 
1,000 v. 

Milford 2,703 
Milford Library 

Mrs Charles Prettyman 
1,000 v. 


DELAWARE Continued 

Newark 2,183 
Town Library 

Mrs. E. A. Evans 
4.400 v. 

New Castle 3,854 
New Castle Library 
Ruth E. Stewart 


Smyrna 1,953 
Smyrna Library 
Anna Hough 
1,500 v. 

Wilmington 122,049* 

Wilmington Institute Free Library, 1788 

Arthur Low Bailey 

Branches: 3; stations, 2, school agen- 
cies, 29 

131,120 v Inc. $76,446; salaries, $44468; 
bks., $14,377; per., $035 


Washington 525,240** 

Federal Government Libraries 

Library of Congress, 1800 

Librarian Herbert Putnam 

Chief Assistant Librarian Frederick 

W. Ashley 
Executive Assistant Allen Richards 


Secretary Jessica Louise Farnum 
Reading Rooms Martin Arnold Rob- 
erts, acting superintendent 
Consultant m Bibliography and Re- 
search Ernest C. Richardson 
European Representative W. Dawson 


Accessions Nathan Van Patten, ap- 
pointed acting chief 
Bibliography William Adams Slade 
Binding Arthur R Kimball, m charge 
Card Charles Harris Hastings 
Catalogue Charles Martel 
Classification Clarence W Perley 
Documents James B Childs 
Legislative Reference Herman H B. 

Meyer, acting director 
Mail and Delivery Samuel M. Croft, 

in charge 
Manuscripts Charles Moore, acting 


Maps and Charts Lawrence Martin 
Music Carl Engel 
Periodicals Henry S Parsons, acting 


Print* David E Roberts, in charge 
Semitic Israel Schapiro, in charge 
Slavic Peter A. Speek, in charge 
Smithsonian Deposit William Lee 

Washington Continued 

Corbin, custodian (office at Smith- 
sonian Institution) , Frederick E. 
Brasph, assistant in charge 
Law Library John T. Vance, Jr 
Copyright Office Thorvald Solberg, 
register; William Lincoln Brown, 
assistant register 

Building and Grounds Mrs Harriet de 
Krafft Woods, administrative as- 

3,420,345 v , 985,390 maps and views, 1,007,- 
007 v and pieces of music; 458,132 pnnts; 
mss. not counted Inc 1026, $1,396,406, sal- 
aries : library, $864,244 , building and grounds, 
$111,752, bk exp , $08,000 

Spec Colls American history. Chinese. 
Incunabula Economics Indica Japanese. 
Law Learned society proceedings Manu- 
script papers of American statesmen Maps 
Music Prints Russian Scandinavian 
Semitica. Whistlenana 

Senate Library, Senate Wing of Capitol 

Edward C Goodwin 
275,000 v 

Special field Legislative history Bound 
copies all Senate and House documents 

House of Representatives Library, House 

Wing of Capitol 
John K Parish 
265,000 v 

Scope- Largely U S documents, 50 
copies of each being received 

Executive Departments 

United States Department of Agriculture 
Department Library, the Mall between 12th 

and I4th Sts 

Clanbel P Barnett 
200,000 bks. and pam, 3,000 current per 

One of the richest collections of agricul- 
tural literature in the world 

Agricultural Economics Bureau Library, 

1369 C St, S W. 
Mary G Lacy 
25,000 bks , 5,000 pam , 1,200 per 

Special fields- Statistics of agricultural 
crops, co-operation, marketing, rural eco- 
nomics, land and rent, labor and wages; 
finance; commerce 

Free for refeience to public 

Animal Industry Bureau Library, I2th and 
B Sts., S W 

Florence Thompson 

Few books , maintains a number of important 
special indexes 

Chemistry Bureau Library, 216 I3th St, 

S. W. 

Minerva G Beckwith 
9,700 v. 

General scope: Chemistry and allied 
subjects, including food. 




Washington Continued 
Dairy Industry Bureau Library 
Carrie B. Sherfy 

Entomology Bureau Library, I2th and B 
Sts, S W 

Mabel Colcord 
8,800 bks., 11,200 pam 

Experiment Stations Office Library, 214 ; 
!4thSt,S. W. I 

Cora L. Feldkamp 

3,800 v. comprising approximately 54,000 
pam , complete set of publs. of state agricul- 
tural experiment stations 

Farm Management and Farm Economics 

Office Library, 200 I4th St, S W. 
957 bks , 11,000 pam , maps, 320 per 

General scope Rural economics, agricul- 
tural history and geography, rural life studies 

Fixed Nitrogen Research Laboratory 

Mrs. Mildred S. Sherman 
2,800 bks , 54 per. 

Forest Service Library, 930 F St , N W 

Helen E Stockbndge 
2 5.335 bks and pam u 88 per 

Home Economics Bureau Library 
Mrs. Eva T. Shively 

Horticultural and Pomological Investiga- 
tions Library 

Magdalene R Newman 
250 bks , 24,000 pam 

Spec Coll Horticultural trade publica- 
tions, probably largest in world 

Plant Industry Bureau, I4th and B Sts. 
S W 

Jessie M. Allen 
1,500 v. 

Public Roads Bureau Library, 515 I4th St, 
N. W 

Orrena Louise Evans 
6,000 bks , 10,000 pam , 304 per 

Solicitor of the Department, Library, 1316 
B St 

Francis D. Scott 
4,000 v. (law exclusively) 

States Relations Service Library, 220 I4th 

St, S. W 

Martha L Gericke 

3,ooo bks., 8,000 pam, 796 periodicals, much 
mimeographed material. 

Practically a complete record of Ameri- 
can agricultural experiments and extension 

Weather Bureau Library, 24th and M Sts., 

N. W. 

C F. Talman 
45,000 v 

Spec, fields: Meteorology, climatology, 

United States Department of Commerce 

Department Library, 1 9th St and Pennsyl- 
vania Ave 

Anne G. Cross 
110,000 bks and pam, 2,000 per., clippings 

Special fields . Commerce , Shipping ; 
Census , Economic conditions , Industry , Com- 
mercial law, Statistics; Marriage and di- 
vorce, Taxation; Telephone and telegraph; 
Finance , Transportation 

Bureau of Standards Library 

A Fanti 
32,000 v 

Spec field: Physical sciences and their 

Patent Office Scientific Library, 8th and F 

Sts , N W 

Miles O. Price 
85,000 bks , 1,000 pam boxes, 400 current per. 

Spec Colls U S. patents and trade 
marks, complete, Foreign patents, nearly 

U S Coast and Geodetic Survey Library, 
205 New Jersey Ave., S. E 

W A Masker 

40,000 bks and pam, 90,000 survey records, 
55,000 maps, charts, and blueprints, 1,500 office 
records and reports, 6,000 photographs 

United States Dcpt of Interior 

Department Law Library, Room 5013, In- 
terior Bldg 

Mabel Sheldon 
15,000 v 

Special fields Public lands Indian af- 

Use of books restricted to building. 

Education Bureau Library, 5th and F Sts , 

N W 

John D Wolcott 
125,000 bks , 500 per , 100 lantern slides 

Spec Colls American and foreign text- 
hooks, Card indexes to educational and so- 
ciety periodicals and publications 

Federal Power Commission Library, In- 
terior Department Bldg , i8th and F Sts , 
N W. 

Maud Rippier 
2,400 bks, 3,000 pam, per, clippings, maps 

General scope* Water power, including 
hydroelectric irrigation; Laws and legisla- 
tion; Taxation, Accounting and finance, 
Public utilities; Fuels, Consular reports on 
hydroelectric projects 



Wahington Continued 

General Land Office, Law Library, loth and 

F Sts., N. W. 

Mary Grace McVey 

Geological Survey Library, i8th and F Sts. 

Julia L. V. McCord 

192,000 bks., 115,000 pam., 39ooo maps, 300 per. 
Spec, fields: Geology; Mineral resources 
of the world; Engineering; Map surveying. 
File of mining company and government min- 
ing departments publications. 

Indian Office Library, i8th and F Sts., N.W. 

Winifred E. Allen 

Pension Bureau Library, 5th and F Sts, 
N. W. 

C. O. Howard 
10,000 bks., 500 pam., 100 maps 

Reclamation Bureau Library, Interior De- 
partment Bldg., 501 iQth St., N. W. 
W. I Swanton, engineer in charge 
3,200 bks., 3*800 pam., 1,000 magazines, 2,000 
clippings, 25,000 photographs, 7*000 lantern 
slides, 40,000 feet (negative) and 140,000 feet 
(positive) of films. 

Special fields: Irrigation, Electric 
power; Engineering. 

United States Department of Justice 
Department Library, Vermont Ave and K 
Sts., N. W 

George Kearney 
64^54 bks. and pam. 

United States Department of Labor 

Department Library, 1912 G St., N. W. 

Laura A. Thompson 
115,000 v. 

United States Navy Department 

Naval Records and Library Office, Navy 
Department Bldg., i8th and B Sts., N. W. 
Mrs. Constance D. Lathrop 

60,000 v., 10,000 pub. docs , 10,500 photographs 
Spec, fields : Naval history , Science. 
For personnel of Navy and Army, and 

department employees, also civilian writers 

and societies interested in naval matters. 

Hydrographic Office Library, Navy De- 
partment Bldg. 

Mrs. N. H. Crocker 
4,000 bks., 2,000 pam., 20 per. 

Judge Advocate General of the Navy, Li- 
brary, Navy Department Bldg. 

Major R. H. Tebbs 
2,500 v. (law) 

Naval Medical School Library, E St. be- 
tween 23rd and 24th Sts., N. W. 

Jean C. Baxter 
22,000 v. 

Naval Observatory Library. Observatory 
Heights, Massachusetts Ave , N. W. 

William D. Horigan 
31,466 bks., 6,000 pam , 80 per. 

Navigation Bureau Library, Navy Depart- 
ment Bldg. 

Isabel DuBois 
2,000 v. 

Navy Aeronautics Bureau Library, Navy 
Department Bldg. 

Miss K. A Michaelis 
1,000 bks and pam. 

Navy Construction and Repair Bureau Li- 

Maud E Cissel 
3,000 bks. and pam. 

Navy Engineering Bureau Library, Navy 

Department Bldg 
2,000 v 

General scope: Steam engineering, elec- 

Navy Yards and Docks Bureau Library, 

foot 8th St., S E 
3,000 v. 

Spec, fields: Civil engineering. Naval 
shore construction. 

United StatesPost Office Department 

Solicitor, Post Office Department, Library 

No librarian 
2,921 v. (law) 

Restricted to department. 

United States Department of State 

Department Library, Pennsylvania Ave, 
and I7th St. 
M. L. Gericke 


Special fields: Political science, Inter- 
national law; Diplomatic history. 

Political and Economic Information Divi- 
sion Library 

Bertha E. Pierce 
(now in process of organization) 

Solicitor of the Department, Library 

United States^Department of the Treasury 
Department Library, isth St and Pennsyl- 
vania Ave. 

Emma M. V. Triepel 

10,500 bks., 3,000 panL, 125 scrapbooks of clip- 
pings, 6 per., public documents. 




Washington Continued 

Budget Bureau Library, I5th St. and Penn- 
sylvania Ave., N. W. 
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rmker 

3 f ooov. 

Scope: Finance; Law. 

Bureau of the Mint Library, Pennsylvania 

Mary O'Reilly 
1,500 v. 

Federal Reserve Board Library, Treasury 

Department Bldg. 
Elsie Rackstraw 
14,000 bks. and pam., 1,200 per 

General scope: Banking, Finance, Eco- 
nomics; Statistics. 

Hygienic Laboratory Library, 25th and E 


Carrie Myers 
12,703 bks , 10,000 pam , 150 per 

Special field Medicine and allied topics 

Internal Revenue Bureau Library, ipth and 


John H. Donovan 
5,ooo v 

Scope: Law, especially relating to taxes 

Public Health Service Library, 3 B St , S.E 

Margaret Doonan 
",500 v, 5,4*) pam. 

Special field- Medicine 

Solicitor of Treasury Department, Library, 

Walker-Johnson Bldg. 

James S. Maddux 
8,000 v (law) 

Restricted to government employees. 

Treasury Supervising Architect's Office 
Library, 15th St and Pennsylvania Ave. 
Arthur L Blakeslee 

2,000 v., 500 pam., 20 per. 

Special fields : Construction and building 

materials, Architectural design. 

United States Department of War 

Air Corps Library 

Ada D. Coventry 
4,000 bks , 25,000 docs. 

Army Air Service, igth and B Sts. 

Edith Ware, acting 

3,300 bks., 400 pam., 250 per., 100,000 photo- 
graphs, 1,000 lantern slides, 680 reels of films, 
75,000 blueprints 

Special fields: Military and commercial 
aeronautics ; Aeronautical engineering ; Aerial 
navigation; Radio; Meteorology; Aerial his- 
tory of the War. 

Army War College Library, War College 

Nannie C. Barndollar 
250,000 bks , per., and clippings 

Army Ordnance Library, ipth and B Sts., 

N. W. 

Sarah L. Howe 
10,000 v. 

General scope: Chemistry; Engineering; 
Mathematics; Metallurgy, Military science; 
Naval science; Physics. 

Bureau of Insular Affairs Library, i8th 

and E Sts , N W. 

Newton A. Woodson 
3,800 v., 4,000 photographs, 600 lantern slides 

An office collection of official gazettes, 
court reports, bulletins, etc., relating to Cuba, 
Porto Rico, the Philipmes, Hawaii, Alaska, 
Guam, Canal Zone and the Samoan 

Chief of Engineers Office Library, 2Oth 

and B Sts, N. W. 
George W. Freas 
4,500 v , 47 per., 5,000 photographs 

General scope Military engineering; 
Camouflage; Sound ranging; Mechanical, 
Electrical, Civil, Mining, and Structural en- 

Engineer School Library. Washington Bar- 

Henry E. Haferkorn 
60,000 v. 

Judge Advocate General of the War De- 
partment, Library, 1 7th St. and Pennsyl- 
vania Ave f N. W. 
Nancy C Morrison 

33,000 bks , 300 per , 12 special data files on 


Quartermaster General's Library, Munitions 
Bldg, igthand B Sts., N W. 

Blanche Butler Brown 
6,000 v , 20,000 v. of trade catalogs 

Surgeon General's Library, 20th and B Sts., 
N W. 

Brig. Gen. Robert E. Noble, Ibn. 
H J. Councilor, asst Ibn. 
281,139 bks., 390,822 pam, 1,608 per., 7472 

The leading medical library of the world. 

Walter Reed Hospital Library, 6900 Georgia 
Ave., N. W. 

Mary E. Schick 
21,000 v. (16,000 general; 5,000 medical) 


Washington Continued 

Other Government Offices 
Civil Service Commission Library, 1724 F 

St., N. W. 

&ooo bks., 5,000 pam., 15 per., 5,000 clippings 
every year 

Efficiency Bureau Library, i;th and F Sts , 

N. W. 

Gladys E. Weaver 
850 bks., 1,500 pam., 5 per., clippings 

Special fields. Government activities; 
Current legislation 

Federal Board for Vocational Education 
Library, 200 New Jersey Ave , N W. 

Helen Ellis Wheeler 
7,500 bks., and pam , 340 per. 

Federal Trade Commission Library, 2000 D 
St., N. W. 

Howard R. Eliason 

20,000 bks. and pam., 250 per , 50,000 clippings, 
2,000 misc. pieces 

Interstate Commerce Commission Library, 
i8th St. and Pennsylvania Ave., N W 

Leroy S. Boyd 
16,000 v., 25,000 misc items 

Soldiers' Home Library, Scott Bldg t Sol- 
diers' Home Grounds 

Mrs. Faith Stoek Daskam 
Branches : i 

18,500 v., 43 per, 34 newspapers 

Superintendent of Documents Library, 
Government Printing Office, H St and 
North Capitol St. 
Sarah Ambler 

306,435 bks. and pam., 31,169 maps 

Scope : Official depository for all Federal 

government publications. 

Tariff Commission Library, 1322 New York 


Cornelia Note 
7,300 bks., 485 pam , 250 per 

Spec fields: Tariff treaties, Finance, 
Statistics; Foreign trade. 

United States Shipping Board Library 
Mrs. Alice S Murray 

30,000 v. 

Special fields: Law; Merchant shipping 
Restricted to Shipping Board personnel 

and other government agencies. 

Veterans' Bureau Library, Vermont Ave 
and H St. 

Miss M. E. Peters 
3^00 v. (law) 

Veterans' Bureau Library, Medical Service, 
Vermont Ave. and H St 

Ethelwyn B. Hall 
500 v. (medical) 

United States Veterans' Bureau, Diagnostic 
Center, Mt. Alto 
Ruth E. Rodier 

Public and Semi-public Libraries 

American Red Cross Library, 17th and D 

Robina Rae 

3,400 bks., 2,200 pam., 107 per., 27 cases photo- 
graphs, 27 special data files on Red Cross 

Pan American Union. Columbus Memorial 
Library, I7th and B Sts . N W. 
Charles E Babcock 

50,400 bks and pam , 1,400 per 
Special field- Latin America 

Peabody Library, 3243 O St , N W 

Eva Nelson Gilbert 
9,000 v. (fiction and English literature) 

Public Library of the District of Columbia, 
1896, 1903 (C) 

Chief Librarian George F Bowerman 
Assistant Librarian Clara W Herbert 
Binding Elizabeth P. Gray 
Catalog Julia H Laskey 
Chief Clerk and Assistant to Librarian 

Helen L Cavanagh 
Children's Louise P Latimer 
Circulation Grace B Finney 
Industrial Ruth H. Todd 
Order Ralph L. Thompson 
Reference Emma O Hance 
Schools M Ethel Bubb 
Central Library 8th and K Streets, N W 
Branches 4 (3 Carnegie), 2 sub-branches, 

9 stations 

307,780 v , 61,601 mounted pictures Inc 1927, 
$300420, salaries, $211,520, bk exp f $35,000 
Spec Colls Illustrators. Mounted pic- 
tures Music. Washingtoniana 


Apalachicola 3,066 
Philaco Library 

Mrs. B. W. Morris 

Bartow 8,000** 

Bartow Public Library (C) 

Samuel S. Green 
9,000 v. Inc $3,600; bks, per., $861 

Bonifay 1,230 
Public Library 

Mrs. K D. Sessions 


FLORIDA Continued 

Bradentowfe 7,364* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Julia M. Esterlmg 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $500 

Brookiville 1,01 z 
Women's Club Library 

Clearwater 2,427 
Public Library (C) 
Grace . Moase 
6,500 v. Inc. $2,500, bks., per., $550 

Cocoa 1,445 

Cocoa Library Association 
Mrs. J. T. Trafford 

Cocoanut Grove 1,396 
Public Library 

Bade City 1,296 
Women's Club Library 
Emily A. Greeman 

Daytona 9,594* 
Public Library 

Mrs. M . Bamter 

De Funiak Springs 2,097 
Public Library 

Alice Fellows 
4,000 v Inc $400; bks., per, $100 

De Land 10,000** 
Public Library 

Gertrude E Mann 
10,000 v. Inc. $6,000, bks, per., $1,124 

Delray 1,051 

Public Library 

Edna Copeland 

Eustis 1,193 

'Memorial Public Library 
Mrs F. M Wight 

Fernandma 5457 
Public Library 

Francis Carris 
3,500 v Inc $500; bks, per., $50 

Fort Myers 6,635* 
Public Library 

Mrs. L. C. Gebbart 

Fort Pierce 2,115 
Women's Club Library 

Mrs. Fannie Hallowes 

Gainesville 8,469* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. J. S. White 

Jacksonville 135,866** 
Public Library (C) 

Joseph F. Marron 
75,649 v. Inc. $53,400; bks., per., $1,700 

Spec. Colls.: Florida. Lee. Lincoln. 

Key West 13,701* 
Key West Public Library 
Mrs M H. Lake 

Lake Helen 978 
Hopkins Library 

Mrs Laura E. Bunger 

Lakeland 25,000** 

Lakeland Public Library 

Eunice Coston 
4,300 v Inc. $14,000; bks., per., $5,200 

Lake Worth 1,106 
Public Library 

Mrs T. E" Butler 

Leesburg 1,835 
Public I ibrary 

Mrs J. L Julian 

Live Oak 3,103 
Public Library 
Mrs Dennis 

Marianna 2,499 
Public Library 
Miss Harris 

Miami 131,286** 

Flagler Memorial Library 

Margaret Ann Fife 
24,037 v Inc. $30,000; bks., per., $8,500 

Monticello 1,704 
Public Library 

Mrs J C Bishop 

New Smyrna 5,500** 
Public Library 

Marie W. Frost 
2.500 v Inc $3,000, (under city management) 

Ocala 7,500** 

(tola Public Library (C) 

Louise Gansby 
16.500 v Inc. $200;" bks , per., $680 

Orange City 4,917 
Dickenson Memorial Library 
Ruth Whitaker 

Orlando 32,000** 

Albertson Public Library 

Olive Brumbaugh 
36,723 v. Inc. $41,432; *>ks., per., $8,411 


FLORIDA Continued 

Palatka 9,500** 
Palatka Library 

Bess Mac Gill 
8,000 v. Inc. $3,250; bks., per., $1,190 

Palmetto 2,046 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. F. A. Hows* Gillette 

Pensacola 38,000** 

Pensacola Library Association 

Lottie G. Flmn 
8,500v. Inc. $848 

U. S. Navy Air Service Library 

Punta Gorda 1,295 
Public Library 

Mrs F. D. Robinson 

Saint Augustine 10,190* 
Public Library 

Elizabeth Monk 
10,000 v Inc. $2,500, bks , per., $300 

Saint Cloud 2,011 
Public Library 

Saint Petersburg 80,000** 
Public Library (Q 

Mary Bright 
18,000 v. Inc. $18,341 ; bks , per., $6,000 

Sanford 13,050** 

Sanford Public Library 

Mrs. Anne Van Ess Brown 
8,000 v. Inc. $9,000; bks, per, $2,050 

Saraiota 5,510* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Janet Asby Farmer 
3,500 v. Inc. $500 

Tallahassee 64x5* 
Carnegie Library 
4,000 v. 

Walker Memorial Library 
Margaret Williams 

Tampa 94,743** 

Tampa Public Library (C) 

Helen Virginia Stelle 
Branches: 2 (i Carnegie, I negro): 10 


45,000 v. Inc. $60,000; salaries, $28,919; bks., 
per., $16,650 

Titusville 1,361 

Library Association 
Mrs. W, H Ford 

West Palm Beack 50,000** 
Memorial Library 

Maude E. Clarke 
12,293 v. Inc. $7,375; Mre., per., $921 

West Tampa 8,463 
Carnegie Library 
Rita I. Castillo 

Winter Haven 8,000** 
Public Library 

Hester Bonham 
6,669 v. Inc. $4,570; bks., per., $1,120 

Winter Park 4,500** 

Public Library. See under Educational 


State of Georgia Library Commission: 
Beverly Wfaeatcroft, Secretary, State Capitol 

State Library, Atlanta: E1U Mae Thornttm* 

Abbeville 1,119 

Abbeville Library 
Belle Vaughn 

Acworth 1,117 
X^arne Dyer Library 
Hattie Mitchell 
1,000 v. 

Add 1,720 

Adel Library 

Mrs J. E. Pitts 

Albany 13,451* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs E. W Menko 
10,664 v Inc $4,780; bks, per $943 

Americas 9,010 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs L P. Merntt 
7000 v. Inc. $1910; bks., per. $512 

Ashburn a,i 16* 
Public Library 

Mrs K P. Baker 
400 v. Inc. $262 

Athens 18,787* 
Public Library 

(Undergoing reorganization) 

Atlanta 200,616** 

Carnegie Library, 1899 

Librarian Tommie Dora Barker 
Assistant Librarian Jessie Hopkins 
CatalogClyde Pettus 
Children's Mary Frances Cox 
Circulation Fannie Cox 
Reference Fanny D. Hinton 



GEORGIA Continued 

Atlanta Continued 

Branches: 9 (3 Carnegie), 13 school 

124,888 v. Inc. 1926, $103,557; salaries, $60,- 
521; bk. exp., $22,000 

Spec. Colls.: Georgia. Southern 

Department of Archives and History 
Ruth Blair 

Georgia Library Commission 

Beverly Wheatcroft 
10,777 v. Inc. $10,000; bks., per. $3,506 

State Library 

Ella May Thornton 
100,000 v. Inc. $12,000; bks., per. $3,500 

Augusta 55,345* 

Young Men's Library Association 

Mrs J. M. Johnson 
9,000 v. Inc. $1,165; bks, per. $1,061 

Bainbridge 4,792 
Public Library 

Sadie' Des Vergers 
3000 v. Inc., $584; bks, per. $150 

Barnesville 3,059 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs Augusta Lambdin 
5239 v. Inc. $1,066; bks., per. $249 

Boston 1,640 

Carnegie Library 

Carolyn Harmon 
3350 v. Inc $625; bks., per. $136 

Brooks County Library. See Quitman 

Brunswick 14,413* 
Brunswick Library 

Mrs J M Jackson 
2,500 v. Inc. $500 

Cairo 1908 

Public Library 

Mrs J S. Weathers, chmn. 
1,332 v. 

Camilla 2,136 

Camilla Public Library 

Mrs Charles Watt, Jr. 
908 v. Inc. $300 

Carrollton City 4,363 
Carrollton City Library 
Lula Baskin 

2,000 V. 

Carterivill* 4450 

Mary Mumford Memorial Library 

Mrs. J. P. Adair 
2,600 v. Inc. $486; bks., per. $75 

Cedmrtown 4^53 

Hawkes Children's Library 

Mary Hammond 
5,171 v. Inc. $1,500 

Columbus 44,244 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. C. L. Gordy 
25,950 v. Inc. $7,800; bks., per., $2,695 

Conye re 1,817 

Nancy Gumn Library 

Mary Stansell 
i f ooo v. Income $160 

Cordele 6,538* 
Carnegie Library 
Martha Fox 
8,520 v. Inc $3,727; bks., per. $1,528 

Covmgton 3,203 
Public Library 

Mrs C A- Sockwell 


Cuthbert 3,022 
Carnegie Library 

Ida Dommgos 
3,625 v. Inc $1,210; bks., per. $278 

Dalton 5,222 

Robert Loveman Memorial Library 

Cora Henderson 
2,000 v Inc $84 

Dawson 3,504 

Carnegie Library 

Fannie Cheatham 
10,041 v Inc. $949; bks., per. $165. 

Decatur 6,150 
Public Library 

Mary G Kehrer 
2,148 v Inc $2,655; bks, per. $1,269 

Douglas 3,401 
Public Library 

Mrs. J M. Hamm, chmn. 
650 v. 

Dublin 7,707 

Carnegie IJbrary 

Mrs Josie A. Cars well 
5,000 v Inc. $1,500; bks, per., $200 

Eatonton 2,519 
Carnegie Library 

Alice M. Wardwell 
5,783 v. Inc. $713; bks., per. $190 


GEORGIA Continued 

Elberton 0*75 

Harris-Allen Library 

Mrs. Pauline Brown 
i v ooo v. Inc. $326 

Fayetteville 952 
Public Library 

Mrs. W. W. Allen 
1,110 v. 

Fitagerald 6,870 
Carnegie Library 
Louise Smith 
7,238 v. Inc. $2,733; bks., per., $1,009 

Forsyti 2,241 
Public Library 

Mrs. Charles Brown 
2,725 v. Inc. $480; bks., per., $150 

Fort Valley^ 3,223 
Thomas Public Library 

Gene Riley 
3,113 v. Inc. $1,144; bks., per. $350 

Griffin 8,240* 

Hawkes Free Children's Library 

Mrs. Mary E. Longdon 
5,133 v. Inc. $3,100; bks., per. $737 

HawkiniYille $070 

Public Library 

Mrs. M. E. Roden 
2,000 v. 

Jackson 2,027 

Hawkes Children's Library 

Zula Belle Hill 
1,350 v Inc. $556; bks , per. $400 

La Grange 23,5^3* 

World War Soldiers' Memorial Library 

Jeanette Wilhoit 
3,679 v Inc $1,538; bks., per. $215 

Lavonia 1,644 
Carnegie Library 

Ruth Maret 
i>356 v Inc. $500; bks., per. $320 

Lithonia 1,269 

Lithonia Library 

Mrs. Caroline McConnell 
1,500 v. 

Macon 58,237* 
Price Free Library 
Minnie F Rice 

Washington Memorial Library 

Sally M Akin 
10,000 v. Inc. $7,258, bks., per. $1,287 

Maditon 2,348 
Public Library 

Mrs. M. F. Brooks, chmn. 
1,600 v. 

Manchester 4,776 

Public Library 

Mrs. J. W. Stubbs, chmn. 
679 v. 

Mariette 6,190 

Clarke Library Association 

Mrs. R. M. Reeser, acting Ibn. 
7,000 v. Inc. $1,831 ; bks., per. $290 

Milledgeville 4,619 
Milledgeville Library 

Sallie Lockhart 
1,000 v. 

Monteiuma 1,827 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Rufus Fourland 
7,007 v. Inc. $1,143; bks, per. $350 

Moultrie 6,789 

Carnegie Free Library 

Velma Goode 
5,000 v. Inc $2,173; bks., per. $439 

Newnan 7,037 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs Ellen Wilkinson 
10,300 v. Inc $1,850; bks., per. $556 

Norcross 993 
Public Library 

Lola Key 
3,200 v. Inc. $55 

Pelham 2,640 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs A J Barrow 
5,489 v- Income $969; bks, per $247 

Quitman 4,393 

Brooks County Library 

Jennie Denmark 
6,025 v Inc. $1,183; bks., per. $423 

RichUnd 1,529 

World War Memorial Library 

Ruth Caffin 
995 v. 

Rome 13,905* 

Carnegie Library 

Helen Eastman 
8,672 v. Inc $2,698; bks, per. $870 

SandersYille 2,695 

Public Library 

Sadie Tarbutton 
1,807 v. Books, per. $171 



GEORGIA Continued 

Savannah 93,134* 

Savannah Public Library (C) 

Ola M. Wycth 
Branches: 2 (i Carnegie) 
37,504 v. Exp. $33,8io; salaries, $20,357; bks., 
per., $7,214 

Sparta 1895 

Woinan's Club Library 

Mrs R. B. Wiley, chmn. 

200 V. 

SUteiboro 3,807 

Public Library 

Myrtle Wilson 
550 v. Inc. $120 

Tcnnillc 1,768 

Woodrow Wilson Library 

Alice Smith 
364 v. 

ThomaiYille 8,196 

Public Library 

Mary Hansell 
7,000 v. Inc. $2,1 16; bks, per., $570 

Tifton 3,005 

Twentieth Century Club Library 

Lolla Hilder 
2,581- v. 

ValdoiU 10,783 

Carnegie Library 

Elizabeth Havencotte 
5,298 v. Inc. $3,142; bks , per $1,370 

Warrenton 1,407 

Public Library 

Mrs. W. F. Wilhoit, chmn 

2,000 V. 

Washington 4,208 

Mary Willis Memorial Library 

Kathleen Colley 
10,368 v. Inc. $1,400 

Waycrots 18,068 

City Library 

Elizabeth Blackshear 
7,198 v. Inc. $745. bks., per. $126 

Wet Point 9,138 

Hawkes Children's Library 

Mrs. Mary Oslin 
2,872 v. Inc. $778, bks., per. $176 


Idaho Free Traveling Library, Boise: 
Margaret 8. Roberts, Librarian 

Idaho State Library, Boise: Pearl L. 
Tyer, Librarian 

American Falls 1,547 
American Falls Public Library 

Delia Reed 
1,592 v. Inc. $2,409; bks., per., $279 

Blackfoot 3,937 

Blackfoot Public Library 

Edna Gilhspie 
6,000 v. Inc. $2,700; bks., per., $700 

Boise 23,042 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mary D. Rams 
38,119 v. Inc. $17,500 

Idaho Free Traveling Library 

Margaret S. Roberts 
33,188 v Inc. $12,453 

Idaho State Library 

Pearl L Tyer 
42,000 v (law) 

Barley 5,408 

Burley Public Library 

Mrs N. O. Slindee 
5,500V. Inc. $400 

Caldwell 5,106 

Caldwell Public Library (C) 

Lola Bedford 
5,000 v. Inc $4,907; bks, per., $1,227 

Coeur d'Alene 6,477 
Coeur d'Alene Public Library 
Helen G Norton 

Idaho Falls 8,064 

Idaho Falls Public Library (C) 

Marion C Orr 
10,523 v Inc $10^370; bks., per., $2.463 

Lewiaton 6,574 
Carnegie Library 

Margaret G. Guyer 
14,000 v. Inc $4,000; bks., per, $1,500 

Malad City 2,598 
Public Library 

Cassie Jenkins 

Montpelier 2,984 

Montgeher Public Library 

3,000 v. Inc. $100 

Moscow 3,596 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. T. B. McBride 
5,30ov. Inc $2,710 


IDAHO Continued 

Mountain Ho 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mary I. Briegleb 


If ampa 7,621 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Kate Yant 
7,ooo v. Inc. $3,400; bks., per., $731 

Payette 7,021 
Payette Public Library 
Mrs. Albert White 
8,500 v. Inc., $550 

Pocatello 18,337* 

Public Library (C) 

J. Elizabeth Olson 
17,500 v. Inc. $12,350; bks., per, $3,800 

Preston 3,235 
Carnegie Library 
Minnie Bain 
3,984 v. Inc. $1,250, bks., per , $250 

Rupert 2,372 
Public Library 

Mrs Anna La Rue 
4,000 v. Inc. $1,400 

St Anthony 2,957 
Public Library 

Mrs. Ira W. Moore 
4,163 v. Inc. $800; bks., per,, $300 

St. Marie* 1,960 
Public Library 

Mrs. T. J. O'Donnel 
2,700 v. Inc. $500 

Sandpoint 2,876 
Public Library 
7,034 v. Inc. $730; bks., per., $250 


Shoshone Public Library 
Mrs. Hazel Haddock 
6,000 v. 

Twin Falls 9,000** 
Public Library 

Jessie Fraser 
8,393v. Inc. $8,656, bks., per., $2,236 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Addie R. Carpenter 

-Outlook Public Library 
Hazel Mclntire 



Illinois State Library, Library Extension 
Division: Anna May Price. Superintendent, 

Illinois State Library, Springfield: Louis 
L. Emmerson, Librarian 

Abingdon 2,72 1* 

John Mosser Public Library 

Mrs Anna M. Bowton 
7,721 v. Inc. $2,704; bks., per., $599 

Albion 1,281* 
Public Library 

Julia L. Brosman 
2,665 v. Inc. $1,458, bks., per., $325 

Aledo 2,905* 

Mercer Township Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Flora B. Winger 
6,248 v. Inc. $5,932, bks., per., $773 

Alton 26,797* 

Jennie D. Hayner Free Library Association 

Mrs Jane W. Bassett 
22,209 v. Inc. $6,980, bks., per., $692 

Altona 1,103* 
Ransom Public Library 
Mrs. Nettie Austin 
4,000 v. Inc. $465; bks , per., $115 

Amboy 1,944 
Amboy Public Library 
Sue Hanson 

Anna 3,019* 

Stmson Memorial Library 

Mrs. Carita Spann Alden 
8,183 v. Inc. $6,979, bks., per , $408 

Arcola 1,831* 
Public Library (C) 

Mary . Midwinter 
3,873 v. Inc. $1,052; bks., per., $191 

Argo 4*019* 

Summit Argo Public Library 

Juanita Engstrand 
2,808 v. Inc. $3,824; bks., per., $839 

Arlington Heights 3,250* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Frances Jenkinson 

Arthur 998* 
Public Library 

Ethel Wright 
3,346 v. Inc. $1,687; bks., per., $447 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Assumption 1,852* 
Public Library 

Eleanor E. Lacharite 
2,090V. Inc. $309 

Atkinson 1,354* 

Atkinson Soldiers' Memorial Library 

Mrs. Cora Lloyd 
2,424 v. Inc. $3,980; bks., per., $630 

Atlanta 1,173* 
Public Library 

Mrs. E Gail Haines 
6,046 v. Inc. $1,528; bks., per., $226 

Augusta 1,750* 

Augusta Township Public Library 

Minnie Mabel Swanson 
5,897 v. Inc. $1,329, bks , per., $387 

Aurora 45,000* 

Public Library (C) 

Julia Fink, acting 
50,449 v Inc $27,771 , bks , per . $4,548 

Spec Coll : Illinois 

Barrington 1,743* 
Public Library 

Jennie Lines 
3,793v Inc $1,000 

Barry 1,490* 
Public Library 

Irene Crawford 
3,772 v Inc $1,020, bks., per., $147 

Batavia 5,985* 

Batavia Township Public Library 

Cassie W Stephens 
12,882 v Inc $5,083 , bks , per., $200 

Beardstown 7,1 1 i* 
Public Library (C) 
Hallie J Seeger 
4,482 v Inc $2,666, bks , per , $315 

Belleville 26,969* 
Public Library (C) 
Bella Steuernagel 
38,423 v Inc $13,205 , bks., per , $2,779 

Belvidere 7,804* 

Ida Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth Ballard 
13,912 v Inc $3,627; bks., per., $574 

Bement 1,530 
Woman's Club Library 
Club members 

Benton 7,201* 
Public Library 

Helen S Dickson 
3,539 v. Inc $3,484; bks., per., $1,118 (16 mos.) 

Berwyn 18,856* 
Public Library 

Margaret Ely 

BlandinsYille 987 
Blandinsville Community Library 
D. B. Eager 

Bloomington 30421* 
Withers Public Library 

Nellie E Parham 
38,573 v. Exp $20,271 ; bks., per., $4,438 

Blue Island 13,184* 
Public Library (C) 
Louise Denton 
11,091 v Inc $5,446; bks , per., $837 

Brookfield 3589* 
Public Library (C) 
Dr. Ella Camp 
4,842 v Inc $2,690; bks , per., $569 

Bunker Hill 977* 
Public Library 

Josephine Mize 
2,182 v. Inc., $353, Per., $40 

Bushnell 2,716* 
Free Public Library 
E Mabel Miner 
4,278 v. Inc $4,204; bks , per , $585 

Cairo 15,572* 
Public Library 

Effie A Lansden 
29,506 v Inc $n,379, bks., per., $3.040 

Cambridge 2,00$* 

Cambridge Township Public Library 

Bertha Stoughton 
9,136 v. Inc $4,209; bks, per, $616 

Camp Point 994* 
Public Library 

Senonta Hardin 
2,926 v. Inc. $1,014, bks , per , $226 

Canton- 11,027* 

Par 1 in Public Library 

Mrs Josephine H. Resor 
13,934 v. Inc $9,949; bks., per., $721 

Carbondale 6,267* 
Public Library 

Julia C. Errett 
2,675 v. Inc. $1,712; bks., per., $693 

Carlin villa 5,2x2 
Carlinville Library 
Elfie M. Keas 

Carml 2,667* 
Public Library (C) 

Etta Brandt 
3,422 v. Inc. $1,110 : bks., per.. $185 



CarpentoriYille 1,036 

Literary and Library Association 

Rosalind D Mitchell 

Carrollton a,oao 
Public Library (C) 

Laura L. Wright 
4434 v Inc $1,847 1 bks , per . $345 

Carthage 2,129* 
Free Public Library 

Julia Scoficld 
7,317 v Inc $2,716; bks , per , ^883 

Centralia 14,082* 
Public Library (C) 
Celia M. Miles 
8,518 v Inc $5,012, bks., per , $536 

Champaign 21,233* 
Public Library 

Ethel G Kratz 
38,183 v. Inc. $14,056, bks , per., $3,901 

Charleston 6,615* 

Free Carnegie Library (C) 

Louise Bennett 
11,082 v. Inc $4,603 , bks , per , $237 

Chatiworth 1,087* 

Public Library 

Mrs Mary Hafcrkorn 
v. Inc. $2,044, bks, per, $04 

Chenoa Free Public Library 
Ida L. Lord 

Chester 4,904* 
Public Library 

Minnie F. Adams 
3^00 v. Inc. $583; bks., per., $137 

Chicago 3,048,000** 

Chicago Public Library 

Librarian Carl B. Roden 

Assistant Librarian Nathan R Levin 

Secretary* of Board and Financial Of- 

ficerHarry G. Wilson 
Accessions Caroline Bernhardt 
Binding J. R. Patterson 
Branches John F. Phdan 
Catalog Mrs Emily T. Larson 
Circulation Mrs. Elizabeth Lipkau 
-s Civics and Documents Charles Lhotka 
Evening and Holiday Benjamin M. 

Patents and Newspapers Edward M. 


Publications Lydia G. Robinson 
Readers' Bureau Alice M. Farquhar 
Reference Carrie L. Elliott 

Chicago Continued 

Registration Katharine V. Donovan 
Schools Adah F. Whitcomb 
Stations William A. Purer 
Training Class Agnes F. P. Greer 
Branches: 43; stations 274 
M54,232 v. Inc. $1,751,367 , bks , per , $262,754 
Spec Colls. . Art industries Civil War. 
Costume English drama. Music Northwest 

John Crerar Library 

Clement W Andrews 3 C-- ^ . _ 

520,000 v , 300,000 pam , 16,500 maps and plates. 
Inc. 1926, $360,374, salaries, $97,763, bks, 
$27,084, per, $13,946 

Spec Colls : Amsterdam Aviation 
(Chanute) Chinese literature. Electricity. 
Floriculture Medicine Political economy 
Public Documents Military science Orni- 
thology Economics Technology Woman. 
Trade catalogs 

Newberry Library, 1887 Devoted to the 
humanities, with special application to the 
fields of History and Literature 

George B Utley 
443,757 v. and "pam 

Spec Colls North American Indian 
(also aboriginal races of Hawaiian and Phil- 
ippine Islands), much source material, gen- 
eral Americana (Ayer) Printing history 
and development (Wing Found) 1,300 in- 
cunabula European linguistics (Prince 
Louis-Lucien Bonaparte) 

Other subjects in which the library is 
strong: American history (including Ameri- 
can family history) English literature of 
i6th, i/th, and early i8th centuries (including 
small but choice group of English prose ro- 
mances and good working collection on Ed- 
mund Spenser). Music, with about 5,500 vol- 
umes of scores 

Chicago Heights 22,1x7* 
Free Public Library (C) 

May L Donaldson 
13,669 v "Inc $8,811; bks., per, $1,880 

Chillicothe 3,374* 

i Chillicothe Township Free Public Library 

Mrs Helen B. Alder 
| 5,376 v. Inc $3,335; bks., per, $594 

Cicero 65,000* 
Cicero Public Library 

William Teal . 

20,425 v. Inc. $22,438; salaries, $8352; hk. 
cxp., $3,625 

Cisco 1,133* 

Willow Branch Township Library 

Mrs. Bess Hitchins 
2,542 v. Inc. $3t<M6; bks., per., $277 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Clinton 5,898* 

-Vespasian Warner Public Library 

Lillian Kent 
15,992 v Inc. $6,014, bks , per , $778 

Collinsville 9,753* 
-Public Library 

Mrs. Loretta M. Collins 
1,600 v. Inc. $9,506; bks., per., $1,200 

Crystal Lake 1,242 
Crystal Lake Public Library 
Bertha M. Dolle 

Danville 41,000* 
Public Library (Q 

Sara Belle Seiwell 
Branches: 2 Carnegie 
40,626 v Inc $17,631; bks., per, $6,392 

Decatur 53,859* 

Free Public Library (C) 

Minnie Dill 
54,826 v Inc $51,126; bks, per, $7,547 

De Kalb 7,871* 
Public Library 

Mrs. E. B. Murray 
14,150 v. Inc $9,003, bks, per, $688 

De Land 1,441* 

Township Carnegie Library (C) 

Mabel Rodman 
6,046 v. Inc. $3,794; bks, per, $443 

Delavan 1,983* 

Ayer Public Library (C) 

Edith Pittsford 
7,867 v. Inc. $3,444; bks, per, $455 

Des Plaines 3,451* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Harriet Cook 
4,410 v. Inc. $2,601; bks., per, $195 

Public Library 

Mary W. Morgan 
22^19 v. Inc. $7,129; bks, per., $579 

Downers Grove 3,543* 
Free Public Library (C) 

Jessie M. Bryce 
5.849 v. Inc. $5.<M5; Mcs., per., $360 

Township Public Library 
Helen L. Bollman 
v. Inc. $a,34i; bks-, Pr., $473 

EarlTilte 1,608* 
Earl Public Library 

Fannie M. Burlingame 
9,171 v. Inc. $4,547; bks., per., $521 

East Moline 10,653* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Virginia A. Edwards 
4,506 v. Inc. $3,464; bks, per., $843 

East Saint Louis 71,423* 
Public Library 

J Lyon Woodruff 

36,393 v. Inc. $26,942; salaries, $9,148; bk. 
exp. $1,873 

Edwardsville 5,336* 
Carnegie Public Library (C) 

Sarah Coventry 
5,204 v Inc. $3,183; bks, per., $768 


Ladies Library 

Mrs. C. E. Bellchamber 

Elgin 28,291* 

Gail Borden Public Library 

Katherine L. Abbott 
62,162 v. Inc $23,992; bks, per, $3,331 

Elmhurst -4,594* 

Public Library 

Grace Murray 
6,975 v Inc $10,751 ; bks , per., $1,161 

Elmwood i ,391* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Charles F. Johnston 
2,382 v. Inc. $1,045; bks , per , 

Public Library 

Mrs. Clyde L. Martin 
1.653 v. 

El Paso 1,638* 
Public Library (Q 

Hortense Ferrell 
5,127 v. Inc $1,353; bks -> P cr - *344 

Evanston 60,000* 
I Public Library (Q 
! Ida F. Wright 

97,372 v. Inc. $56,962; bks, per., $12^615 
Spec Coll.: Music 


Dominy Memorial Library 

Nelle Carithers 
6.832 v. Inc. $3,122; Mcs., per., $197 

Public Library 

Lila L. Stonemetz 
2,901 v. Inc. $W6i; bks., per., $347 

Farmer City 1,67** 
-Public Library 

Mrs. Estella Weedman 
4,125 v. Inc. $1,028; bks., per., $521 


ILLINOIS Continued 

Farmington 2,631* 
Public Library (C) 

Minta' Schoonover 
6,289 v. Inc. $1,894; bks, per., $372 

Plora 3,558* 

Carnegie Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary L. Hanna 
4,030 v. Inc. $1,191 J bks. t per., $89 

Forest Park 13,133* 
Public Library 

Florence M. Barry 
6,501 v Inc. $5,892, bks, per, $1,135 

Freeport 30,688* 
Public Library (C) 
Ruth P. Hughes 
45,084 v Inc $18,926; bks, per, $3,590 

Fulton 2,445* 

Public Library (C) 

Laura C. Loomis 
5,779 v. Inc. $1.961 ; bks , per , $497 

Galena 4*742* 
Public Library (C) 

Anna P Hughlett 
1 1,093 v Inc. $4,907 , bks , per , $775 

Galesburg 24,822* 

Free Public Library (C) 

Anna F Hoover 

66.070 v Inc . $26,259, bks., per., $4,004 
Spec Coll Civic material 

Galva 3,557* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Amy Houghton 
8,354 v Inc. $5,777 , bks , per., $652 

Geneseo 4,152* 

Hammond Public Library 

Sophia J Grant 
15,038 v. Inc $4,887, bks, per, $791 

Geneva 3,939* 
Public Library (C) 

Katie Lu Hawkins 
9,455 v. Inc , $5,150 ; bks., per , $637 

Gibson City 2,234* 

William Moyer Library 

Mrs. Lucy Culter 
5,487 v. Inc. $2,108, bks , per., $676 

Gillespie 4,063 

Gillespie Public Library 
Harriet B. Hornsby 

Gilman 2,259* 

Douglas Township Library (C) 

Clara Louise Wurdell 
6,478 v. Inc. $5,801 , bks , per , $746 

Glencoe 3,381* 
Public Library 

Sarah S. Hammond 
8,992 v. Inc. $9472; bks., per., $1,313 

Glen Ellyn 2,851* 

Free Public Library (C) 

Grace McMahon 
7,491 v. Inc. $4,902, bks., per., $943 

Granite City 18,166* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Olive B Stall ings 
8,324 v. Inc $9,186, bks., per., $1,054 

GrayviUe 1,749* 

Carnegie Library (C) 

Delia Miller 
2,511 v Inc. $631 , bks , per , $82 

Greenfield 1,149* 
Public Library 

Mrs Jennie Short 
2,666 v Inc $748, bks , per , $60 

Grecnup 2,699* 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs Bonnie Kelly 
5,197 v Inc $1,261 , bks , per , $185 

Greenville 3,091* 
Free Public Library (C) 

Louisa W Casey 
4,914 v Inc $2,466. bks, per, $421 

Gnggsville i ,343* 
Public Library (C) 

Mary Gibbs 
3,068 v Inc $1,174, bks , per , $247 

Hamilton 1,608* 

Public Library 

Teanette Ciess 
3,509 v Inc $1,382; bks, per, $271 

Harriiburg 7,125* 
Mitchell-Carnegie Public Library (C) 

Bernice Wiedemann 
4,993 v Inc $5,421 ; bks., per., $1,055 

Harvard 3,294* 

Delos F. Diggins Library 

Mrs. Ida Lou G. Dickson 
7,972 v. Inc., $6,1 18; bks., per., $305 

Harvey 9,931* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Sarah E. Daniels 
7,423 v. Inc. $4,821 ; bks., per., $478 

Havana 3,6x4* 

Public Library CO 
Ruby F. Aubere 
5,538 v. Inc. $3,407; bks., per., $575 


ILLINOIS Continued 

Henry 1,687 
Henry Public Library 
Mattie Evans 

Herrin 13,500* 

Herrin Library Association 

Mona Gosnell 
2,908 v. Inc. $7,825; bks., P^ $74O 

Highland Park $,167* 
Public Library (C) 

Cora Hendee 
14,875 v. Inc. $14,858, bks , per., $2,206 

Hillftboro 5,074* 
Public Library (C) 

Lois Lyerla 
5,237 v Inc. $2,820; bks , per , $480 

Hiaadale 4,043* 
Public Library 

Martha Hayes 
9,778 v Inc. $6,656; bks , per., $493 

Hoopeston 7,000* 
Public Library (C) 

Lilhe Southwick 
12,121 v. Inc $5,791 , bks , per., $264 

Jacksonville 15,931* 
Public Library (C) 
Luc lie Nordyke 
30,883 v. Inc.^12,245; bks., per, $1.979 

Jerieyville 3,839* 
Free Library (C) 

Mrs. Lou D. McGready 
6,928 \ Inc. $4,408 ; bks., per . $486 

Johnston City 7*137* 
Public Library 
Cora Felts 
1,288 v Inc $2,106; bks, per., $963 

Joliet 40,578* 

Public Library 

Mrs. Rena M. Barickman 
57,229 v. Inc $40,556. bks.. per, $3,819 

Kankakee 18,470* 
Public Library 

Dorothy Brown 
17,472 v. Inc. $15,898, bks, per., $3,054 

Kewanee 21,133* 
Public Library (C) 
Helen C. Clears 

20,195 v. Inc $10,085 ; bks., per., $2.201 
Spec Coll Art 

Knoxviile 1,708* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Charity A. Penn 
5,374 v Inc. $1,000; bks., per., $331 

Lacon 1,464* 
Public Library 

Nellie Thompson 
1,966 v. Inc. $i,75i ; bks., per., $528 

La Grange 6,525* 

Public Library (C) 

Louise E. De Witt 
12,048 v Inc $9,943; bks., per., $1,579 

La Harpe 1,323* 
Carnegie Library (C) 

Mrs Charity Shrier 
6,202 v Inc. $i,in ; bks., per., $166 

Lake Forest 3,657* 
Public Library 

Stella R Glasgow 
22,664 v. Inc. $5,274; bks., per., $2,904 

La Salle 13,907* 
Public Library (C) 

Kathryn McDonald 
12,006 v Inc $7,221 ; bks., per., 

Lawrenceville 6,469* 
Township Library- 
Lois Highsmith 
5,224 v Inc. $7,989; bks., per., $2,182 

Lena 1,149* 

Public Library 

Katharine Krape 
4,657 v Inc $728; bks , per.. $227 

LeRoy 1,680* 
Crutnbaugh Library 
Clara Kline 

Lewiatown 2,279* 
Carnegie Library 

Mary McCumber 
4.500 v Inc $1,544; bks., pen, $85 

Lexington 1,301* 
Smith Public Library 

Mrs Daisy Bishop 
3,466 v Inc. $1,306; bks., per., $321 

Libertyville 2,125* 

Cook Memorial Library 

Mrs Blanche A. Mitchell 
6,241 v. Inc. $6,975; bks., per., $1,974 

Lincoln 12,443* 
Public Library (C) 
Ida M Webster 
23,875 v Inc $7,877, bks., per., $1,052 

Litchfield 6,215 

Carnegie Public Library 

Anna L. Davis 
5,846 v. Inc $3,994; bks., per., $1,029 




Lockport Public Library 

Woman's Club members 

Loda x,x6a* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Winifred Rotcher 
2,725 v. Inc. $1,528; bks , per., $176 

McLean 1,497* 

Mt. Hope'Township Public Library 

L. D. Van Ness 
3,850 v. Inc. $1,101 ; bks., per., $485 

McLeansboro 1,927* 
McCoy Public Library 

Mrs Fannie F. Benson 
3,302 v. Inc. $2,348, bks., per, $161 

Macomb 6,714* 
Public Library (C) 
Mahala Phelps 
15,393 v. Inc. $5,44i ; bks , per , $1487 

Public Library 

Mrs. Sadie Crawford 
2,356 v. Inc $3,383, bks, per, $08o 


Township Library 

Beulah Harrington 
2,524 v. Inc. $537, bks., per., $121 

Manhattan 1,146* 
Free Public Library 

Mrs C. M Baker 
2,833 v. Inc. $1,765, bks., per, $185 

Mansfield 1,586* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Ruth Tilford 
856 v. Inc $813; bks., per, $245 

Marengo 1,758* 
Public Library 
5,258 v. Inc. $4,660 , bks , per , $602 

Marion 11,122* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Nannie G Parks 
6,856 v. Inc. $6,335 ; bks , per , $1,474 

Maroa 1,160 
Maroa Public Library 
Kathryn Wheeler 

Marseille* 3,391* 
Public Library (C) 
Lydia Bignall 
6,051V. Inc. $2,674; bks., per, $374 

Marshall 2,222* 

Public Library 

Margaret Shaw 
3,122 v. Inc. $1,457; bks , P er - 5509 

Mason City x,88o* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Garnet Chesnut 
4,755 v. Inc. $2,457 , bks , per , $233 

Mattoon 14,739* 
Public Library (C) 

Blanche Gray 
11,654 v Inc. $5,211 ; bks , per , $903 

Maywood 22,000* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Elizabeth M Southward 
11,756 v. Inc $9,092; bks , per., $1,883 

Melrose Park 7,147* 
Public Uibrary 

Mrs Harriet Munton 
5,290 v. Inc $2,652; bks, per, $419 

Mendota 3,934* 

Graves Public Library (C) 

Sadie E Wilcox 

v. Inc. $3,293; bks., per, $547 

Metropolis 5,055* 

Public Carnegie Library 

Mrs Daisy Walsh 
4,526 v. Inc $2,344, bks , per , $599 

Milford 2,258* 

Township Public Library (C) 

Ethel Patterson 
8,891 v. Inc. $2,828; bks , per , $654 

Minonk 2,109* 

Filger Library 

Edith H Ford 
6,778 v Inc $i,n i, bks, per, $219 

Moline 33,910* 
Public Library (C) 
Alice Williams 
34,285 v. Inc $18,428 ; bks , per , $2,888 

Momence 2,218* 

Edward Chipman Library 

Mrs Bertha A. Durham 
3,087 v. Inc $1,879; bks , per , $382 

Monmouth 21,488* 

Warren County Public Library 

Luther E. Robinson 
39,252 v Inc $15,768; bks , per., $3,172 

Spec. Coll.: Local newspapers 1846-1908. 

Monticello 3,130* 

Allerton Public Library 

Lena Bragg 
11,672 v. Inc. $6,277; bks., per, $1,580 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Morris 4,505* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Luzetta Hutchinson 
6,456 v. Inc. $3,543; bks., Per., $458 


Odell Public Library 

Anna . Corcoran 
6,545 v. Inc. $8,670; bks., per., $410 

Morton 1,179* 
Public Library 

Mrs. L. H. Drexler 
1,186 v. Inc. $870; bks., per., $301 

Mount Carmel 7,456* 
Carnegie Library 

Mabel Murray 
6,231 v. Inc. $2,089, bks., per., $448 

Mount Carroll 1,785* 

Township Public Library (C) 

Alice I. Clark 
3,702 v Inc. $4,384; bks., per., $296 

Mount Morris 1,132 
Current Events Club Library 
Ella Rohner 

Mount Pnlaski 1,511 
Mt Pulaski Public Library 
May O'Connor 

Mount Sterling 1,932* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Julia T. Clark 
2,882 v. Inc. $1,861 ; bks., per., $607 

Mount Vernon 12,000* 
Public Library (C) 

Gertrude Moller 
7,427 v. Inc. $5,569; bks., per., $1,288 

Moweaqua 1,591 
Moweaqua Public Library 
Mollie Moss 

Murphysboro 10,703 
Public Library 

Woman's Club members 

Naperville 3,830* 
Nichols Library 

M, B. Egermann 
7,557 v. Inc. $3,204; bks., per., $366 

Nauvoo 972* 
Public Library 

Marie Masberg 
2,839 v. Inc. $615; bks., per., $104 

Nokomit 3,465 

Nokomis Public Library 

Mrs. Mary V. Webster 

North Chicago 5,839* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Virgalus G. Neahaus Staranowicz 
4,234V. Inc. $5,304; bks., per., $307 

Oak Park 53,144 
Public Library 

Elsie McKay 
53,376 v. Inc. $32,308; bks, per., $6,585 

Odell 1,069* 

Odell Public Library 

Elizabeth T. Bronson 
3,845 v. Inc. $1,194; bks., per., $223 

Oglesby 4,135* 
Public Library 

Minnie C. Jones 
2,537 v. Inc. $2,047; bks., per., $417 

Olney 4*91* 

Carnegie Library 

Cora Belle Morris 
5,545 v. Inc $2,541 ; bks , per., $367 

Onarga 1,302* 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Edna Stratton 
5,325 v. Inc. $1,896; bks., per., $380 

Oregon 2,740* 

Township Public Library (C) 

Emily H Cartwnght 
10,927 v. Inc. $3,084; bks., per., $402 

Orion 1,390* 

Western Township Public Library 

Florence Johnson 
5,296 v. Inc. $2,954; bks., per., $347 

Ottawa 1 1,542* 
Reddick's Library 
Vilda P. Beem 
19,135 v. Inc. $8,799; bks., per., $1,133 

Palatine 1,210* 
Public Library 

Lottie E. Hart 
1,430 v. Inc. $1,015 J bks., per., $226 

Pana 6,122* 

Carnegie Schuyler Library 

Mrs. Jennie Long 
i<W6i v. Inc. $3,393; bks., per., $422 


Carnegie Public Library 

Leota Price 
13,028 v. Inc. $5,469; bks., per, $1,017 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Park Ridge 3,385* 
Public Library (C) 

Frances E Holbrook 
6,034 v. Inc. $3,721 ; bks , per , $465 

Paxton 3,033* 

Carnegie Library 

Emma Meharry 
8,949 v. Inc. $3,165; bks., per , $499 

Pekin 13,324* 

Public Library (C) 

Eileen Velde, acting 
14,647 v Inc $7,321 ; bks , per.. $1,179 

Peoru 81,564* 

Peoria Public Library 

Earl W. Browning 
Branches: 2 (i Carnegie) 
157,252 v. Inc., $74^94 ; bk exp , $14,852 
Spec Coll.- Music 

Public Library (C) 
Fanny Snyder 
6,245 v. Inc $2,798; bks , per , $556 

Petersburg 2,432* 
Public Library (C) 
Nelle M Smith 
6,028 v. Inc. $2,931 , bks , per , $1,219 

Pinckneyvillc 2,649* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Jennie Fullerton Zeller 
1,475 v. Inc $1,154; bks , per , $228 

Pitttfield 2,129* 
Public Library (C) 

Helen S. Shadel 
5,538 v Inc $2,539; bks , per., $254 

Plainfield 1,147* 

Mimmons-MacClester Public Library 

Mrs Eugenia Hadlock 
Inc. $2,500 

Piano 2,061* 

Little Rock Township Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Maude E. Henning 
8,634 v. Inc $4,467; bks., per., $948 

Polo 2,621* 

Buffalo Township Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Edith C. McCoy 
6,808 v. Inc. $871 ; bks , per , $175 

Pontiac 6,664* 
Public Library 

Nell Thornton 
13,977 v. Inc. $5,414; bks., per., $1,419 

Princeton 4,1*5* 
Matson Public Library 
Agnes M Robinson 
13,536 v. Inc. $7,531 ; bks., per., $799 

Quincy 37,478* 

Free Public Library and Reading Room 

Margaret Rmgier 

48,037 v Inc $20,977; bks , per., $3,521 
Spec Coll.. Illinois 

Ridge Farm 1,835* 
Township Carnegie Library 
i Florence Newhn 

6,135 v. Inc $3,396; bks., per, $272 

River Forest 4,358* 
Public Library 

Queen ic A. Barker 
9,157 v Inc $12,056; bks., per , $999 

Roanoke 1,3x1 

Community and City Library 
Woman's Club members 

Robinson 5,924* 

Township Carnegie Library 

Erma L. Dunham 
9,036 v. Inc $6,885; bks., per., $857 


Flagg Township Library (C) 

Minnie J. Simons 
6,170 v Inc. $4,769 ; bks , per , $458 

Rockford 76,462* 
Public Library (C) 
Jane P. Hubbell 

Branches: 4 

97,739 v Inc. $65,917; salaries, $36,360, bks, 
per , $11,648 

Spec Coll.- Art 

Rock Island 40,073* 
Public Library 
Ellen Gale 
46,080 v. Inc. $27,660 , bks , per , $6,174 

Rockton 2,923* 

Talcott Free Library 

Mary Forward 
6,177 v. Inc $1,356; bks., per , $346 

RoMville 1,422 
Public Library 

Mrs. Ella Cunningham 

Rusnville 2,275* 
Public Library (C) 

Rosa Jackson 
3,727 v. Inc. $1,323; bks., per, $140 

Saint Charles 5,890* 
Public Library (C) 

Mary M. Stewart 
8,503 v Inc $6,243; bks., per , $535 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Salem 3457* 

Bryan-Bennett Library 

May Davenport 
3,469 v. Inc. $3,028; bks , per., $1,077 

Sandwich 2,709* 
Public Library 

Pauline Newton 

Savanna 5,5x3* 
Public Library (C) 
Hattie L. Greve 
7,295 v. Inc. $4,528, bks., per., $716 

Sheffield 996* 
Public Library (C) 

Inez Pervier 
3,766 v. Inc. $1,416; bks, per, $143 


Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Carrie M Lowe 
10,237 v Inc $3,806, bks, per., $1,112 

Sheldon 1,881* 

Township Public Library (C) 

lone Amos 
4,637 v Inc $3,495, bks, per, $575 

Silvia 2,541 

Public Library 

Mrs Jessie E. Knox 
1,160 v Inc $1,015 , bks , per , $355 


Lincoln Library (C) 

Martha Wilson 
Branches: 2; stations, 21 

103,951 v Exp, $60,615, salaries, $19,19?. ' 
bk. exp, $12,471 I 

State Historical Library 

Georgia Osborne ! 

80,000 v Inc. $59,ooo, bks, per and news- 
papers, $4,000 

Spec. Coll Illinois. 

State Library 

Louis L. Emmerson 
Archives Division 

Margaret Norton, Supt. 
State papers. Inc $9,650 
General Library Division 
Harriet M. Skogh, Supt 
97,ooo v mcl. docs Inc $30,465, bks, per, 
Library Extension Division 

Anna May Price, Supt. 

40,000 v 12,730 pictures. Inc $28,860 , bks , 
per., $7,000 

Spec. Coll Art 

Spring Valley 6*93* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Mary Reese 
4,800 v. Inc. $2,000; bks , per , $212 j 

Staunton 6,537* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Harvey T. White 
2,600 v. Inc. $925 ; bks , per , $180 

Sterling 8,838* 
Public Library (C) 

Carolyn G. Immel 
8,709 v Inc. $5,663 , bks., per., $2,108 

Stockton 1,096 
Stockton Public Library 
Carrie Hanson 

Streator 15,076* 
Public Library (C) 
Clara Hoadley 
16,716 v. Inc. $7,761 , bks., per , $1,301 

Sullivan 2,532* 

Public Library 

Lucy Jennings 
5,286 v. Inc $2,671 ; bks., per , $404 

Summit Sec Argo 

Sycamore 3,602* 
Public Library (C) 

Julia S Osborne 
8,705 v. Inc. $3,7541 bks., per, $418 

Taylorville 5,806* 

Public Library (C) 

Hortense Eggman 
8,856 v Inc $3,485; bks., per., $484 

Tistalwa 915* 
Public Library 

Henry Thomas 
5,039 v. Inc $950, bks , per., $239 

Tolnca 2,503 
Toluca Public Library 
Mildred Litchfield 

Toulon 1,235* 
Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth L. Lyon 
4,883 v Inc $2,268; bks, per, $673 

Tremont 1,694 

Tremont Free Public Library 
Ida Jeanpert 

Tuscola 2,564* 
Public Library (C) 
Elsie Williams 
5,405 v. Inc $2,395; bks., per, 

Urbana 13,000* 
Free Library 

Mrs Bertha Putney 
28,530 v Inc. $6,896; bks , per , $762 
Spec Coll Civic material 


ILLINOIS Continued 

Vandalia 3,316* 
City Library 

Mrs S. B Murray 

Mrs. Willa F. McCord 
3,804 v. Inc $2,891; bks., per., $189 

Villa Grove 3,493* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Ida M. Capehart 
895 v. Inc. $1,112; bks. f per., $459 

Virden 4,682* 
Public Library 

Maxie M. Warren 
1,763 v. Inc. $690, bks., per., $190 

Virginia 1,501* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Alice Martin 
2,793 v. Inc. $i,377; bks., per., $374 

Warren 1,641* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Mary B Hilliard 
6,071 v. Inc. $3,720; bks., per., $203 

Warren County Public Library. See Mon- 

Warsaw 2,031* 
Free Public Library 

Ellen Bell 
7,236 v. Inc. $1,462 ; bks , per , $192 

Waterloo 1,930* 

Morrison-Talbott Free Library 

Ed. Bode 
6,055 v Inc. $99 16, bks , per., $46 

Waterman 1,090* 

Clinton Township Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Anna Cox 
2,324 v. Inc. $1,066; bks., per., $258 

Wataeka 2,817* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Josephine M. Yount 
5,534 v. Inc. $2,984; bks., per., $316 

Wankegan 22,023* 
Public Library (C) 

Laura Pernn 
18,148 v. Inc. $17,709; bks., per., $2,344 

Waverly- 1,510* 
Public Library (C) 

Goldia M. Cline 
3,670 v. Inc $1,164; bks , per., $352 

Wenona 1,203* 
Bond Library 

Genevieve Hallam 

Western Springs 1,258* 
Public Library 

Mrs. D. K. Shore 
Inc. $1,900 

Wheaton 4,137* 

Adams Memorial Library 

Vivian Marie Reber 
8,092 v. Inc. $4,062; bks., per., $909 

White Hall 3,940* 
Township Library 

Mrs. Ethel Ross 
3,069 v. Inc. $3,678; bks., per., $889 

Wilmette 7,814* 
Free Public Library (C) 
Anne L. Whitmack 
11,247 v. Inc. $11,288; bks., per., $2,917 

Wilmington 1,924* 

Township Public Library 

Eva L Cassmgham 
4^49 v. Inc. $3,005, bks., per., $326 

Winchester 1,540* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. A. T. Markillie 
3,627 v. Inc. $1,972, bks., per., $102 

Winnetka 6,694* 
Free Public Library 
Mary E. Hewes 
15,641 v. Inc. $16,362, bks , per., $1,948 

Wood River 3,476* 
Public Library 

Mrs. William E. Wolf 
1,952 v. Inc. $3,143; bks., per., $968 

Woodstock 5,523* 
Public Library 

Lura M. Wandrack 
8,794^. Inc. $3,887; bks., per., $732 

Wyoming 1,376* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Lucie D. Graves 
4,727 v. Inc. $1,920; bks., per., $375 

Yates City 1,360* 

Salem Township Library 

Clara Batdorf 
2,207 v. Inc. $3,270; bks., per., $564 


Indiana State Library, Indianapolis: Louie 
J. Bailey, Director 

Akron 930 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. P. TLA Ferry 
5,577 v. Inc. $3,114; bin., per., $682 



INDIANA Continued 

Albion 1,142 
Public Library (C) 

Lutie Earl 
6,053V. Inc. $1,872; bks, fier., $427 

Alexandria 4,172 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs Ralph Bertsche 
7,988 v. Inc $4,573; bks, per., $1,029 

Allen County Public Library. See Fort 

Anderson 33,854* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Margaret A. Wade 
28,362 v Inc , $9,445 J bks , per., $4,393 

Andrews 1,100 
Women's Library Club 
Mrs Olive Glaze 

Angola 2,650 

Carnegie Public Library 

Irma L Garrett 
6,641 v. Inc $2,248; bks., per, $535 

Attica 3,392 
Public Library (C) 

Katharine Fisher 
8,893v. Inc., $2,773 ; Ma* per., $665 

Auburn 4,650 

Eckhart Public Library 

Mrs. Alice M. Weeks 
7,701 v. Inc. $4,763; bks., per., $912 

Aurora 4^299 
Public Library 

Constance L Wilder 
7,040 v. Inc $3,461 , bks., per., $522 

Bartholomew County Library See Columbus 

Bedford 9,076 
Public Library (C) 
Minta E. Stone 
15,765 v. Inc. $7,224; bks., per., $1,384 

Benton County Public Library. See Fowler 

Bickuell-7,635 . 

Bicknell Civic Association Library 

Mrs. W. C. Perkins 
Inc. $8,500 

Bloomfield 2,872 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mary Lamb 
5,6i6 v. Inc. $1,868; bks., per., $948 

Bloomington 12,589* 
Public Library (C) 

Bertha Ashby 
7,283 v. Inc. $8,649; bks., per., $2,486 

Bluffton 5,391 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Ida Ashbaucher 
13,843 v. Inc. $5,i ; bks., per., $1,242 

BoonviUe 4,451 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Anna Isley 
10,386 v. Inc. $5,719; bks., per., $987 

Brazil 9,293 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Gerna Gunnison 
13,069 v. Inc. $3,550; bks., per, $1,084 

Bremen 2,084 

Bremen Library Association 
Edna Ellis 

Brook 975 

Public Library (C) 

Vera Cunningham 
4,434 v Inc. $1,911 ; bks., per., $373 

Brookvffle 2,220 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Norma Corya 
5,462 v. Inc. $3,309; bks., per., $823 

Brown County Public Library. See Nashville 

Brownsburg 1,063 
Public Library (C) 

Ottie Roberts 
5,859 v Inc $1,852; bks , per., $462 

BrownBton 1,554 
Public Library 

Kitty Robbins 
2,344 v. Inc. $538; bks., per., $341 

Butler 1,745 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Nora Rudd 
5,237 v. Inc. $1,242; bks., per., $215 

Cambridge City 1,963 
Public Library 

Nellie L. Jones 
13,182 v. Inc. $5,096; bks., per., $1,352 

Cannelton 2,008 
City Library 

Annie E. W. Ellison 
2,913 v. Inc. $281; bks., per, $23 

Carlisle 973 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Luella Wagner 
4,ooov. Inc. $2,202; bks., pen, $401 

Carthage 902 

Henry Henley Public Library 

Mattie Clark 
6,586 v. Inc. $1,665 ; bks., per., $193 


INDIANA Continued 

CAM County Public Library, 

Danville 1,729 
Public Library (C) 
See Logans- Lou Robinson 

I 11,550 v. Bks., per. 

Centerville 917 

-Centerville Library 

Mrs. Minnie Wright 
2,543 v. Inc. $1,217 ; bks., per., $620, 

Churubutco 916 

Public Library 

Mrs Emma Pressler 
4,161 v. Inc. $1,343; bks., per., $551 


Carnegie Public Library 

Esther Rohner 
20,148 v. Inc $10,964, bks, per, $3,941 

Columbia City 3,499 

Peabody Free Library 

Mayme C. Snipes 
15,7^0 v. Inc. $6,033; *>ks., per , $1,680 

Columbui 8,990 

Bartholomew County Library (C) 

Gladys Walker 
21,736 v. Inc $n,oSi ; bks , per , $3,652 

Connoraville x 2,454* 
Public Library (C) 

Isabel Ball 
11,282 v Inc $6,305; bks., per, $1,452 

Converse--! ,049 

Public Library (C) 

Charles B. Newby 
4,286 v. Inc $1,670; bks., per., $401 

Corydon 1,785 
Public Library (C) 

Georgia A. Stockslager 
3,735 v Inc. $2,436; bks , per., $600 

Covington z ,945 
Public Library (C) 

Katie Diffenderfer 
5,894 v. Inc. $1,838; bks , per., $588 

CrawfordtYille 10,530* 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs Vera Leonard 
18,229 v. Inc $9,492; bks., per., $2,187 

Crown Point 3,232 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs May Burge Homeir 
8,816 v Inc $4,838, bks , per., $069 

Culver 1,080 
Public Library (C) 

M*s. C F. White 
4^66 v. Inc. $2,056; bks., per., $410 

Decatur 4,762 
, Public Library (C) 
! Annette L. Moses 

9,708 v. Inc $3,920, bks , per., $653 

Delphi 2,087 

Public Library (C) 
Mary Cochrane 
9,725 v. Inc., $1,713 , bks , per., $868 

Dublin 630 

Public School Library 

Mrs. Richard Kenworthy 
4,908 v Inc $423 , bks , per., $152 

Dugger 1,679 
Dugger Library 
Ottie Silvers 
1,450 v Inc $2,943; bks , per., $202 

Dunkirk 2,532 
Public Library 

Lucille Painter 
3,674 v. Inc. $868; bks, per, $436 

East Chicago 45,580* 
Public Library (C) 

Frank H Whitman 
Branches- 2 Carnegie 
26,627 v Inc $39.050, bks , per , $6,937 

Edinburg 2,376 
Edinburg Library 

Mary E Howell 
3,328 v Inc $1.968, bks , per , $512 

Elkhart 27,104* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Ella F Corwm 
36,039 v. Inc $21,493 , bks , per., $4,844 

Elwood 10,790 

Public Library (C) 

Natalie Johnston 
12,462 v Inc $7,831 f bks., per., $1,532 

Evansville 109,529** 

Public and Vanderburg County Library (C) 
Ethel Farquhar McCollough 

Branches- 6 (3 Carnegie; i negro) 
125,525 v Exp., $107,331; salaries, ?59.55-2, 
bk. exp., $20,193 

Spec Coll : Business. 

Willard Library 

Katharine M. Imbush 
63,006 v 


INDIANA Continued 

Fairmont 2,155 
Fairmont Library 

Mrs. Bessie Nolder 
2,106 v. Inc $843, bks , per., $183 

Flora 1,441 
Public Library (C) 

Ruth Dawson 
5,315 v. Inc. $2,070, bks, 

per, $040 

Fort Branch 1,339 
Public Library (C) 
Mattie Holcomb 
3,738 v Inc $995, bks., per., $469 

Fortville 1,213 

Carnegie Public Library j 

Thelma Alford 
5,168 v. Inc $2,716, bks., per., $649 

Fort Wayne 97,846* 

Fort Wayne and Allen County Public 
Library (C) 

Margaret M Colerick 
Branches, n (5 city, 2 high school, 3 


144,133 v. Inc $124,923, salaries, $65,500, bk 
exp, $19,856 

Spec Coll Indiana history. 

Fowler 1,442 

Fowler-Benton County Public Library (C) 

Mrs Kate B. Hay 
11,714 v Inc $8,061 , bks , per , $2,156 

Frankfort 13,051* 
Public Library (C) 

Edith Thompson 
10,862 v Inc $8,703 , bks , per , $2,613 

Franklin 4,909 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs Marie LaGrange 
16,245 v Inc $8,463 , bks , per , $2,486 

French Lick 1,980 
French Lick Library 

Mrs. Grant Beatty 
2,248 v. Inc $1,957; bks, per. $429 

Fulton County Public Library See Roches- 

* Ga City 2,870 
Public Library (C) 

Dorothy Eisenhardt 
6,675 v. Inc. $3,3"; bks, per., $788 

| Goodland 1,120 
! Public Library 

Mrs. Ethel Kennedy 
| 2,228 v. Inc. $2,387; bks., per., $110 

Goshen 9,525 
1 Carnegie Public Library 

Elizabeth L. Rockwell 
17,274 v Inc $13,256; bks., per., $2,090 

! Greencattle 3,780 

: Carnegie Public Library (C) 

KM T^~1-l_l_ Tl_ 

Mrs. Delilah Thomas 
15,951 v Inc $2,322; bks., per., $386 

Greenfield 4,168 
Public Library (C) 
Vernie Baldwin 
11,662 v. Inc. $3,414; bks , per., $396 

Greenaburg 5,345 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs Ida L Ewing 
10,384 v Inc $4,326 ; bks , per , $795 

Greentown 1,163 
Greentown Library 

Ethel Clark 
2,381 v Inc. $930; bks , per., $236 

Greenwood 1,907 
Public Library 

Mayme Hanson 
4,233 v Inc $2,323, bks, per., 

Gary 76,870* 

Gary Public Library, 1908 (C) 

William J Hamilton 
Branches 13 (2 Carnegie), 
v - 


Hagerttown 1,238 

Hagerstown and Jefferson Township Library 

Mrs Laura A. Hines 
4,759 v. Inc $1,079; bks., per., $357 

Hammond 50,385* 
Public Library (C) 

Albert R. Nichols 
42,555 v. Inc $40,031 , bks , per $7,213 

Hartford City 6,183 
Public Library (C) 

Mary Knott 
16,405 v. Inc $2,694, bks., per , $792 

Huntingburg 3,261 
Public Library 

Genevieve M Williams 
3,133 v. Inc. $3,3i8; bks., per, $86 1 

Spec. Coll : 

Huntington 15*9x4* 
Exp. $87,404, salaries, $43.52* , bk j City Free Library (C) 

Pnscilla T MacArthur 
35.486 v Inc. $10,773 ; bks., per , $3,539 

Indiana Iron and steel. 



INDIANA Continued 

Hymera 1,599 

Hymera Library Association 
Lucy Sargent 


Indianapolis Public Library, 1873 (C) 
Librarian Charles E Rush 
Assistant Librarian Eliza G. Browning 
Art and Music Gretta Smith 
Binding Edna M. Kennedy 
Branches Cerene Ohr 
Catalog Ruth Wallace 
Children's Carrie E. Scott 
Circulation Marcia M. Furnas 
Order Grace Ken- 
Periodicals Frieda L. Woerner 
Publications Mary Dyer Lemon 
Readers' Assistant Catherine Bailey 
Reference Florence L. Jones 
School Libraries Elizabeth Ohr 
Stations Atta L. Hairy 
Technology Amy Winslow 
Branches : 20 (5 Carnegie), 46 stations 
Business Branch Ethel Cleland 
Teachers Special Kate E. Dinsmoor 
Dunbar (colored) Lillian H Childress 
Attucks High "(colored) 

430,700 v. Inc. 1926, $376,701 ; salaries, $198,- 

664; bk. exp., $53,528 

Spec. Colls : James Whitcomb Riley 

Andrew Lang. Indiana history. Cooking 

Medicine. Sheet music. 

Indiana State Library 

Louis J. Bailey 

128^789 v. Inc. $72,849; bks., per, $18,182 
Spec. Colls.: Civil War. Education 

Jasonville 4461 
Jasonville Library 

Mrs. Marshall Barrick 
2,035 v. Inc. $1,492; bks., per., $610 

Jeffertonville 10^098 
Township Public Library (C) 

Bertha F. Poindexter 
14*570 v. Inc. $7,081; bks., per., $2,134 

Jennings County Public Library. See North 

Ktndallville 5,273 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. G. B. Bunyan 
8,803V. Inc.$4&>5;bks., per., $2,593 

Ktntlaad 1,283 
Public Library (C) 

Virginia Rinard 
5,305 v. Inc. $2^50; bks., per., $598 

Knightetown 1,918 
Public Library (C) 
Evalyn Waller 
6,920 v. Inc. $2,259; bks., per., $433 

Knox 1,577 
Knox Library 

Mrs. Amy H. Kelley 
2,380V. Inc. $435; bks., per., $347 

Kokomo 36,855* 

Carnegie Public Library (C) 
Mrs. D. H. Sollenberger 
36,388 v. Inc. $14,035; bks., per., $3,776 

Ladoga 1,010 
Public Library 

Mary L. Foxworthy 
7,727 v. Inc $3,053; bks., per, $761 

Lafayette 23,790* 
Public Library 

Florence G. Ruger 
43,120 v Inc $8,220 

LaGrange i,6xo 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. G. E Herbert 
5,402 v. Inc. $2,710; bks., per., $654 

La Porte 17,540* 
Public Library (C) 
Flora M. Case 
24,142 v. Inc. $12,530; bks., per., $2,913 

Lawrencebnrg 3,466 
Public Library (C) 

Corinne F. Tibbs 
7,439 v. Inc. $5,310, bks., per., $663 

Lebanon 6^257 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Cora O. Bynum 
24,645 v Inc. $6,047 ; bks., per., $1,819 

Liberty 1,992 

Public Library (C) 

Esther Hamilton 
7,277v. Inc. $4,799; bks, per., $1,160 

Ligooier 2,037 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Lena Stansbury 
8,720 v. Inc. $4,396; bks., per., $596 

Linton 5,856 

Carnegie Public Library 

Margaret Cooper 
8,452 v. Inc. $4,693; bks., per., $2,337 

Loganaport 23,120* 

Public Library and Cass County (C) 

Alice D. Stevens 
49^47v. Inc. $20763; bks., per., $4,820 

Spec. Colls,: Mississippi Valley history. 



INDIANA Continued 

Lowell 1,197 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary L. Davis 
3,203V. Inc. $3,282; bks., per., $850 

Madison 6,711 
Public Library 

Nellie G. Harper 
12,844 v. Inc. $6,437; bks., P er ' 

Marion 26*274* 
Public Library (C) 
Daisy Springer 
46,987v. Inc. $20,529 

Martinsvffle 4,895 

Public Library (C) 

Erma Cox 
10,558 v. Inc. $5,396; bks., per , $1,594 

Michigan City 20,399* 
Public Library 

Marie Wilcox 
17,472 v. 

Mishawaka 16,671* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Florence Ford 
14,433 v. Inc $13,331 , bks., per., $4,713 

Mitchell 3,025 
Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth Ewing 
3,857 v. Inc. $2,533 . bks , per , $523 

Monon 1,357 
Public Library (C) 

Margaret D. McCord 
4,058 v. Bks., per., $204 

Monticello 2,536 
Public Library (C) 

Nora G. Gardner 
9,055 v. Inc $3,673 ; bks , per , $614 

Montpeher 2,297 
Public Library (C) 
Belle L Shull 
10,231 v. Inc., $3,750, bks., per, $1,055 

Mooresville 1,781 
Free Public Library (C) 

Helen Stone 
5,988 v. Inc $2,353; bks, per, $758 

Mount Vernon 5,284 

Free Public Library (C) 

Lola E. Nolte 
10,832 v. Inc. $5,077 ; bks , per , $733 

Muncie 4*^91* 
Public Library (C) 
Mary Torrance 
55,636 v. Inc., $22,59$; bks., per., $6,120 

Nappenws 2,678 
Public Library 

Blanche McKee 
4,575 v. Inc., $5,136; bks., per., $1,002 

Nashville 323 

Brown County Public Library (county pop. 


Mrs. Helen M. Allison 
5,822 v. Inc., $2,112; bks., per., $1,067 

New Albany 22,992 
Public Library (C) 

Annette L. Clark 
26,704 v. Inc $10,657; bks., per., $1,582 

Newbnrgh 1,295 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Anna Allen 
5,340 v. Inc. $i,476; bks., per., $756 

Newcastle 16,955* 
Public Library (C) 

Lulu M. Christner 
11,828 v Inc $7,499; bks., per., $2,418 

New Harmony 1,126 

Workmgmen's Institute Library 

Mrs. Nora Fretageot 
25,078 v Bks , per., $476 

Noblesville 4,758 
Public Library (C) 

Lulu M Miesse 
14,223 v. Inc $5,850; bks, per., $1,225 

North Jndaon 1,189 
North Judson Library (C) 

Minnie Miller 
1,952 v. Inc $1,489; bks., per., $627 

North Manchester 2,7x1 
Free Public Library (C) 

Marie M Creager 
6,039 v. Inc $2,829, bks , per., $982 

1 North Vernon 3,084 

Jennings County Public Library (C) (county 
pop 13,280) 

Dorothy Wightman 
10,354 v Inc $7,385, bks., per., $1,391 

Oakland City 2,270 
, Public Library 

Retta McCullough 
4.380 v. Inc. $1,611 ; bks., per., $506 

Odon 985 

Public Library 

Zella Ackerman 
I 2,865 v. Inc. $910; bks., per., $349 



INDIANA Continued 

Orleans 1,408 
Public Library (C) 
Mabel Wallace 
2,766 v. Inc. $1,608, bks , per , $333 

Osffood 1,093 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Clara B. Jones 
3.379 v. Inc. $1,228, bks., per, $155 

Owensrille 1,339 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Jessie M Mauck 
6,281 v. Inc. $2,623, bks., per., $948 

Oxford 950 

Carnegie Library 

Mabel L. Deeds 
5,932 v. Inc. $2,950, bks, per, $998 

Paoli 1,520 
Public Library (C) 

Mabel Hallowell 
4,015 v. Inc. $1,251 ; bks., per., $841 

Pendleton 1,244 
Public Library (C) 

Evangel ine E Lewis 
6,604 v. Inc. $2,743 1 bks , per , $540 

Peru 12,683* 
Public Library (C) 

Inez Colby, acting 
26,145 v. Inc. $7,744. bks., per, $928 

Petersburg 2,367 
Petersburg Library 

Mrs Margaret L Jean 
2,764 v Inc $2,045 , bks., per., $932 

Pierceton 1,018 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs Will Booth 
3,956 v Inc $1,594, bks., per., $414 

Plainfield 1,373 
Public Library (C) 
Frances Jones 
8,069 v. Inc. $3.014 ; bks , per , $755 

Public Library (C) 

Jane B. Aspmall 
11,254 v. Inc. $5,747 , bks , per , $1,236 

Portland 5,958 
Carnegie Free Library 
Louise Timmonds 
4,782 v. Inc $3,888; bks., per, $005 

Princeton 7,132 
Public Library (C) 
Julia A. Mason 
16,234 v. Ipc. $i7,995; bks., per., $1,612 

Remington 1,044 

Mollie Shearer Library (C) 

Mollie Shearer 
3,754 v. Inc. $2,136; bks , per., $407 

Rensselaer 3,9x2 

! Public Library (C) 

Ida Milhken 
16,040 v. Inc. $6,737 J bks , per . $3.213 

Richmond 30,495* 

Morrison-Reeves Library 

Mrs. Ada L Bernhardt 
58,440 v. Inc. $16,164; bks., per. $2,712 

Ridgeville 1,042 

Public Library 

Mrs. N W Ferguson 
2,869 v. Inc $574 , bks., per , $403 

Rising Sun MIX 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs Nettie V. McConnell 
6,039 v. Inc. $3,076, bks., per , $551 

Rochester 3,720 

Rochester-Fulton County Library (C) 

Grace M Stmgly 
13,892 v Inc $9,887 , bks , per , $2,017 

Rockport 2,581 

Rockport Library (C) 

Sara M Hill 
3,875 v Inc. $2,137 , bks . per , $641 

Rockville 1,968 
Public Library (C) 

Mary E Lambert 
6,208 v. Inc $2,636; bks., per., $551 

Ruahville 5,498 

Public Library 

Mary Agnes Sleeth 
8,229 v. Inc. $4,418; bks , per., $1,021 

Salem 2,836 

Carnegie Library 

Lucille E. Winegar 
8,314 v. Inc. $3,263 ; bks., per , $538 

Scotttburg 1,609 

Scott County Public Library (C; county 
pop. 7,424) 

Mrs Kate Morrison Johnson 
8,834 v Inc $4,187; bks., per , $1,265 

Scott County Public Library. See Salem 

Carnegie Public Library 
Katherme B. Frazee 
12,163 v. Inc $7,167; bks, per., $2,116 



INDIANA Continued 

Shelbjnralle 9,701 

Carnegie Public Library 

Bertha Bowlby 
16*465 v. Inc. $6,239; bks., per., $1,586 

Sheridan 1,761 
Public Library (C) 
Nellie Pettijohn 
6,434v. Inc. $1,990, bks., per., $477 

Shoala 1,034 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Marie Brown 
3,696 v Inc. $1,661 ; bks , pw\, ?288 

South Bend 80,091* 
Public Library 
Branches 2 
83,000 v Salaries, $37,275, l>k cxp, $10,000 

South Whitley 1,074 

Public Library 

Mrs Anne Metzger 
6,536 \ Inc $3,344, bks, per, $1,031 

Spencer 2066 
Public Library (C) 

Hazel Burk 
8,231 v Inc $3,524, bks , per , $891 

Sullivan 4,489 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Alice M Burns 
8,092 v Inc $3,700, bks , per f $822 


Switzerland County Library See Veva\ 

Syracuse 1,171 
Public Library (C) 

Helen M Bowld 
3.559 v Inc $1,210, bks , per , $141 

Tell City 4,086 j 

Public Library (C) I 

Mrs Emma B Phillips ! 
5,087 v. Inc. $2,553, bks., per, $552 

Terre Haute 71,071 

Emehne Fairbanks Memorial Library 
Florence Crawford 

Branches. 23 (22 in schools, some part 
time; i hospital, part time) 
83,409 v Inc $58,888, salaries. $39,5OO, bk 
exp, $6,000 

Spec Colls * Americana (Mississippi 
valley) Byron 

Thorntown 1,432 
Public Library (C) 

Ruth M. Cox 
6,376 v Inc $2,228 , bks , per., $408 

Tipton 4,507 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Sam Matthews 
14.703 v Inc. $4,988; bks , per.. $947 

Union City 3,406 
Public Library (C) 
Jessie L. Kerr 
6,463v. Inc. $1,896; bks M per., $424 

Valparaiso 6,518 

Public Library (C) 
Zada M. Carr 
ii,6i6v. Inc. $8,437; bks., per., $1,802 

Vevay 1,175 

Switzerland County Library (C) 

Jane M North 
10,665 v. Inc. $6,308; bks., per., $1,443 

Vincennet 18,271* 
Public Library (C) 

Bonnie Elliot 
18,822 v Inc $9,891 ; bks., per., $4,200 

Wabash 9,872 
Carnegie Library 
Delia Tilman 
9,488 v Inc $5,071 , bks., per., $923 

Walkerton i ,031 
Public Library 

Mrs Mabel Conrad Keck 
2,534 v Inc $783 , bks., per , $204 

Warren 1,520 

Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Inez Black Wilson 
5,344 v Inc $1,934, bks., per, $513 

Warsaw 5,478 
Public Library (C) 
Miriam Netter 
14,145 v Inc. $10,502; bks., per, $3,106 

Washington 8,743 

Carnegie Public Library* 

Hazel Lett 
13,987 v Inc. $9,688 ; bks , per., $i,335 

Waterloo 1,172 
Public Library (C) 

Leora Yeagy 
3.39Q v. Inc $1,904; bks , per., $453 

West Lafayette 3330 
West Lafayette Library 

Mrs. Eva Dickey 
3,490v. Inc. $2,845 

Whiting 12,158* 
Public Library (C) 
Hazel F. Long 
18,881 v. Inc $15,647; bks , per , $1,681 

Williamsport 1,088 
Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Ida Evans 
3,080 v. Inc. $1,509; bks., per., $476 


INDIANA Continued 

Winamac 1,684 
Public Library (C) 

Alma Doyle 
4,048 y. Inc. $2,042; bks., per., $617 

Winchester 4yoai 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Agnes Hunter 
9,955v. Inc. $2,363 

Worthington 1,853 
Public Library (C) 

Maud Owen 
5.339 v. Inc $2,404, bks , per , $336 

ZioasYille 957 
Public Library 

Grace Sparks 
2,675 v. Inc $1,000 ; bks , per., $168 


Iowa Library Commission: Julia A. Robin- 
ton, Executive Secretary, Historical Bldg., 
Dei Moines 

Iowa State Library, Des Moines: Johnson 
Brigham, Librarian 

Adel 1,566* 

Adel Public Library 

Pearl De Reus 
1,951 v. Inc $1,500, bks., per, $102 

Alton 1,016* 
Library Association 

Mrs Bertha Maneely 
2,000 v. 

Akron 1,224* 
Akron Public Library 
A. L MacMillan 

Albia 5,166* 

Albia Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. L M. Duncan 
7,338 v. Inc. $3,355 ; bks , per., $1,246 


s Alden Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Kittie Catlin 
3,403 v. Inc. $1,190; bks., per., $309 

Algona- 3,913* 

Algona Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Lura Sanders 
9,246 v. Inc. $3,700; bks., per., $334 

Alta 1,195* 

Alia. Public Library 
Grace demons 
v. Inc. $1,116; bks., per., $474 

Alton 1,0x7* 
Alton Public Library 
Elizabeth V. Pitts 


Ames Public Library (C) 

Grace Hill 
14,188 v. Inc. $9,952; bks., per., $1,829 

Anamosa 2,377* 

Anamosa Free Public Library 

Maye Birk 
7,227 v. Inc. $1,600; bks., per , $358 

Anita 1,160* 

Library Association 

Mrs Ruby Biggs 

Atlantic 5,524* 

Carnegie Library 

Gertrude Barnard 
8,252 v. Inc. $3,391 , bks , per., $699 

Audubon 2,124* 

Audubon Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Gertrude Nelson 
7,262 v. Inc. $2,452 , bks , per , $868 

Avoca 1,548* 

Library Association 

Mrs. Walter Davis 
2,750 v. 

Bedford 2,042* 
Bedford Public Library (C) 
Mrs. C. F. Beall 
v. Inc. $2,164, bks., per , $427 

Belle Plaine 3,595* 

Library Association 

Mrs. Ida H Rank 
2,809 v. 

Belle vue 1,926* 

Bellevue Library Association 

Nettie B. Lenz 
1,709 v. 

Btlmond 1,736* 

Belmond Public Library 

Mrs. J. E. Wallace 
3,009v. Inc. $1,949; bks., per, $393 

Bloomfield 2,370* 

Bloomfield Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary H. H inkle 
5,182 v. Inc. $2,587; bks., per , $608 

Boone 12,81 a* 

Ericson Public Library 

Bessie Moffatt 
21,937 v. Inc. $9,396 , bks , per , $1.036 


IOWA Continued 

Britt 1,587* 

Britt Public Library (C) 

Ada Chaplin 
3,539 v Inc. $1,067 , bks , per , $269 


Brooklyn i,-so* ; 

Columbian Club Library ! 

Gertrude Newkirk 

Burlington 26,375* 

Burlington Free Public Library 

Mrs. Cora Poor Millard 
46,983 v. Inc $18,215; bks., per, $2,966 

Spec Colls . Iowa. United States (Civil 

Carroll 4,480* 

--Carroll Free Public Library (C) 

Sadie Stevens ! 

Inc $2,706, bks, per, $271 . 

Cedar Falls 6,841* 

Cedar Falls Free Public Library (C) 

Mary O. Stuart 
13,634 v. Inc. $4,235 , bks , per , $1,086 

Cedar Rapida 50,561* 

Cedar Rapids Free Public Library (C) 

Joanna Hagey 
58,328 v Inc $33,732 , bks , per , $6,308 

Center ville -8,611* 

Drake Free Public Library 

Mrs Lillian Hays 
10,180 v Inc $3,023, bks, per, $632 

Chanton 5,226* 

Chariton Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Ida B Leonard 
7,454 \ Inc $2,764 . bks , per , $605 

Charles City 6*35* 

Charles City Public Library (C) 

Mrs F E Byers 
14,561 v Inc $4,428, bks , per , $1,122 

Cherokee 4,807* 

Cherokee Public Library (C) 

Bessie Fensler 
11,183 v Inc $5,739, bks, per, $1.289 

Clarinda 4,683* 

Clarmda Public Library (C) 

Harriet Foster i 

15,304 v. Inc $5,046, bks., per, $520 | 

Clarion 2,743* 
Clarion Public Library 

Mrs B B Birdsall 
6,786 v. Inc $2,554; bks., per, $327 

Clearfield 648* 

Library Association 

Mrs Amy Townsend 
1.099 v 

Clear Lake 2,884* 

Clear Lake Public Library (C) 

Mrs. M. J Bowman 
6,857 v. Inc. $3,142, bks., per., $617 

Clinton 26*436* 

Clinton Free Library (C) 

Mary A. Egan 
32,598 v. Inc. $20,446; bks, per., $5,935 

Colfax 2,541* 

Colfax Free Public Library (C) 

Josephine Logsdon 
5,276 v Inc $767 ; bks , per., $412 

Coon Rapida 1,234* 

Coon Rapids Public Library 

Mrs. M. Schlotterback 
2,727 v. Inc. $608, bks., per., $205 

Corning 1,889* 

Corning Free Public Library 

Idelle Riddle 
7,301 v Inc. $850; bks., per, $396 

Correctionville 1,025* 
Library Association 

Mrs F W Woodruff 
3,475 v 

Corydon 1,746* 

Corydon Public Librar> (C) 

Gertrude Rcw 
4J77 v Inc $1,600, bks., per, $356 

Council Bluffs 39,795* 

Council Bluffs Free Public Library (C) 

Eva T Canon 
39,184 v Inc $29,858, bks , per, $5,112 

Cresco 3,114* 

Cresco Public Library (C) 

Abbie Converse 
9,361 v Inc. $3,121 , bks , per , $476 

Creeton 8,160* 
Public Library 

Bella Anderson 
5,300 v 

Davenport 32,469* 

Public Library (C) 

Grace Shellenberger 

Branches 8 sub-branches. 
101,933 v Exp $52,919, salaries, $23,619, bk. 
exp.. $13,971 

Spec Coll : Rare books and incunabula. 

Decorah 4,141* 

Decorah Public Library 

Kathenne Jewell 
3,908 v Inc $2,075; bks, per., $724 

Denison 3,437* 

Denison Free Public Library (C) 
Margaret Hunt 


IOWA Continued 

Mollies 141,441* 
Iowa Library Commission and Traveling 


Julia A. Robinson, secretary 
60,097 v. 

Iowa State Library (including Law and 


Johnson Brigham 
X93.994 v. 

Spec. Coll. . Iowa. 

Public Library 

Grace D. Rose 

Branches- 8 
195.500 v. Exp. $124,111; salaries, $70,072; 
bk. exp., $24,026 

Spec. Colls.: Agriculture. Life insur- 
ance. Municipal documents. 

State Traveling Library 

Grace C. Murphy 
69,097 v 


DeWitt Free Public Library (C) 

Elsie F. Saxton 
3,668 v. Inc. $1,872; bks., per , $291 

Dubuquc 40,996* 

Carnegie-Stout Free Public Library 

May M. Clark 

47,635 v- Inc. $21,352: bks , per , $5,708 
Spec. Coll : Political science 

DunUp 1,5*0* 

Dunlap Public Library (C) 

Mrs. B. K. Manchester 
4.893 v. Inc. $1,730; bks., per , $107 

Eagle Grove 4,322* 

Eagle Grove Public Library (C) 

Mrs. A. Lukensmeyer 
4,865 v. Inc. $4,025 , bks., per., $536 

Eldon Free Public Library (C) 

Reva Hughes 
4,581 v. Inc. $l,8i6;bks., per., $414 

Eldora 2,832* 

Eldora Public Library (C) 

Gladys Peterson 
9490V. Inc. $2,530; bks, per, $402 

burg 2,688* 
Emmetsburg Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Lillian Appleby 
6,568 v. Inc. $2,144; bks., per., $312 


Estherville Public Library (C) 

Ludle Peterson 
11,203 v. Inc. $3,325 ; bks., per., $800 


Fairfield Free Public Library (C) 

Emma L. Kirk 
21,631 v. Inc. $6,082; bks., per., $1,262 

Farmington 1,091 
Library Association 

Erea C. Humphrey 

Forest City 2,037* 

Forest City Free Public Library 

Dr. Blanche Neil 
4,30iv. Inc. $1,783; bks., per., $785 

Fort Dodge 21,702* 

Fort Dodge Free Public Library (C) 

Isabella Hopper 
27,893 v. Inc. $16,614, bks., per., $3,123 

Fort Madison 11,229* 

Cattermole Memorial Library 

Rebecca Hesser 
12,640 v. Inc. $5,481 ; bks , per., $2,935 

Garner 1,312* 

Garner Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. F. M. Spayde 
4,275 v. Inc. $1,670, bks , per , $324 

Glenwood 2,614* 

Glenwood Public Library (C) 

Emma L* Hanna 
5,343 v. Inc. $1,722; bks., per., $43 

Grand Junction 1,008* 

Grand Junction Free Public Library 

Georgia Dawson 
887v. Inc. $420 

Greene 1,299* 

Greene Public Library 

Delphia Wilder 
2,779 v. 

Greenfield 1,774* 
Greenfield Public Library (C) 

Isabel Sidey 
4,857 v. Inc. $1,946, bks., per , $871 

GrianeU 4,662* 

Stewart Public Library 

Mrs. E. S. Bray 
17,172 v. Inc. $3,414; bks , per., $1,177 

GrUwold 1,106* 
Civic Club Library 

Mrs. Guy De Witt 
1,000 v. 

Gmndy Center 1,776* 

Grundy Center Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. W. R. Halden 
6,555 v. Inc. $1,837; bks., per., 


IOWA Continued 

Guthrie Center 1,824* 
Woman's Club Library 

Ina Bates 
675 v. 

Hamburg 1,903* 

Hamburg Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Ruth Holmes 
4,340 v Inc $2,305; bks. f per., $786 

Hampton 3,351* 

Hampton Free Public Library (C) 

Mary . Kingsbury 
8,478 v. Inc $3,610, bks., per., $786 

HarUn 2,811* 

Harlan Public Library (C) 

Mrs Minnie Brazie 
4,934 v. Inc $2,706, bks., per., $534 

Hawarden 2,61 2* 

Hawarden Free Public Library (C) 

Elsie Macomber 
3,810 v. Inc $2,001 ; bks , per., $475 

Humboldt 2,2 1 7* 

Humboldt Free Public Library (C) 

Nellie F. Pinney 
6,123 v Inc $2,689, bks, per, $486 

Humciton i ,036* 
Humeston Public Library 
Mrs Ruth C. Culmsee 
1,771 v. Inc $381, bks, per, $44 

Ida Grove 2,073* 

Ida Grove Public Library 

Mrs Frank Reed 
2,020 v Inc $562 , bks , per., $214 

Independence 3,409* 

Independence Free Public Library 

Neva M Tabor 
9,265 v Inc $1.618; bks, per, $1,085 

Indianola 3,581* 

Indianola Public Library (C) 

Mary McCoy 
12,885 v. Inc $4,985. bks., per., $1,085 

Iowa City 15,289* 

Iowa City Public Library (C) 

Mrs Jessie B Gordon 
25,628 v. Inc $11,752, bks., per., $3,027 

Iowa Fall* 4,128* 

Iowa Falls Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Vivian K. Ellis 
6,378 v. Inc $4,318, bks., per., $1,108 

Jefferson 3,133* 

Jefferson Public Library (C) 

Nellie Hopper 
7,183 v. Inc $2,532; bks., per., $265 

Keoknk 14,501* 

Keokuk Public Library 

Nannie P. Fulton 
33,482 v. Inc. $0,402; bks., per., $2,927 

Spec. Colls.: Local authors. Sociology. 

Keoaangna 956 

Library Association 

Mrs. Estelle B Walker 
2,309 v. 

Knozville 3,801* 

Knoxville Free Public Library (C) 

Ruth E Browne 
7,428 v. Inc $2,367; bks., per., $228 

Lake City 1,405* 

Lake City Free Public Library (C) 

Blanche I. Hackett 
4,721V. Inc. $1,405; bks., per., $301 

Lake Mills 1,588* 
Lake Mills Public Library 
Mrs. O. J Sheldon 

Lake View 886* 
Lake View Public Library 
Doris Mann 

Lamom 1,643* 
Library Association 
Audentia Kelley 
1,754 v. 

LeMars 4,553* 

LeMars Public Library (C) 

Ada Richards 
7,823 v. Inc $780 

Leon 1,990* 

Leon Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Sada F Stout 
5,193 v Inc $1,423, bks., per, $325 

Logan 1,432* 

Logan Public Library (C) 

Winifred McCoid 
4,563 v. Inc. $1,385, bks., per., $87 

McGregor 1,200* 
Library Association 

Mrs. Lena D. Myers 
802 v. 

Malvern 1,257* 

Malvern Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Alice B. Keckley 
3,346 v. Inc. $1,015; bks., per., $270 

Manchester 3,45$* 
Manchester Public Library (C) 

Margaret Lindsay 
",959 v. Inc. $2,721; bks., per., $697 


IOWA Continued 

Manly 1,475* 

Library Association 

Mrs. J. H. Schafer 

MaquokeU 3,643* 

Maquoketa Free Public Library (C) 

Helen M. Morse 
11346 v. Inc. $3,581; bks., per, $650 

Hanson 1,429* 

Woman's Club Library 

Mary E. Horton 
1,035 v. 

Marengo 2,118* 

Marengo Free Public Library (C) 

Ruth Beem 
7,602 v. Inc. $2,123; bks, per, $226 

Marcus 1,056* 

Library Association 

Myrtle Willey 
1,891 v. 

Marion 4,530* 

Marion Free Public Library (C) 

Lenna Huffman 
7,602 v. Inc. $2,489, bks., per., $428 

Marahalltown 16,868* 

Marshalltown Public Library (C) 

Alice Story 
19,813 v. Inc. $11,072, bks., per, $2,542 

Mason City 92,682* 

Mason City Public Library (C) 

Lydia M. Barrette 
19,813 v. Inc $21,784; bks, per., $5,564 

Milford 1,103* 
Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. Q C Guthne 


Miuonri Valley 4,283* 

Missouri Valley Free Public Librar> (C) 

Estella Turner 
5,838 v. Inc. $2,961, bks., per, $454 

Montezuma i ,323* 

Montezuma Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Marion H. Clark 
5,838 v. Inc. $2,952; bks., per, $522 

Monticello 2,215* 

Monticello Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Hilah Hutton 
6*495 v. Inc. $2,404, bks, per., $348 

Mount Ayr 1,677* 

Mount Ayr Public Library (C) 

Louise Askren 
4^228 v. Inc. $2,144; bks , per., $291 

Mount Pleasant 4445* 

Mount Pleasant Free Public Library (C) 

Elena E. Budde 
4,228 v. Inc. $3,683; bks., per., $1,126 

Mnscatine 16,82 1* 

P. M. Musser Public Library 

Ellen G. Stocker 
2,168 v. Inc. $11,478; bks., per., $2,147 

Spec. Coll.: Meteorological Record 1839- 
1906. Muscatine County. 

Nashua 1,227* 

Nashua Public Library (C) 

Fannie V. Eastman 
5,317 v. Inc. $1,362; bks., per., $312 

Nevada 2,811* 

Nevada Public Library 

Golda Ausbury 
4,443 v. Inc $3,312; bks., per, $494 

New Hampton 2,486* 

New Hampton Public Library (C) 

Isabella Powers 
8,628 v Inc. $3,761 , bks , per , $233 

New London 1,333* 
Ricardo Club Library 

Clara B Kongable 
1,240 v. 

New Sharon 1,090 
Woman's Club Library 
Mrs C W. Phillips 
1 ,600 v 

Newton 765* 

Newton Free Public Library (C) 

Gypsie N Patton 
15,475 v Inc , $7,195 , bks , per., $1,670 

Northwood 1,499* 

Northwood Public Library 

Odebolt 1,294* 

Odebolt Free Public Library (C) 

Grace Hanson 
5,562 v. Inc. $2,100, bks., per., $584 

Oelwein 8,058* 

Oelwein Free Public Library 

Mrs E. D. Gleason 
7,429 v. Inc. $1,764, bks, per, $549 

Onawa 2,043* 

Onawa Public Library (C) 

Mrs. A. W Burgess 
12,722 v. Inc $3,855; bks., per., $960 

Orange City 1,620* 
Orange City Public Library 
Mrs B. H. Vande Waa 
1,443 v. Bks., per., $189 


IOWA Continued 

Oaage 2,953* 

Sage Free Public Library (C) 

Rena Gray 
8,972 v. Inc. $4,263; bks. f per, $989 

OsceoU 2,727* 

Osceola Free Public Library (C) 

Clarice J. Baird 
5,702 v. Inc. $2,083; bks., per., $360 

Oikaloosa 10,331* 

Oskaloosa Free Public Library (C) 

Mary B. Lee 
23,070 v Inc. $0,224, bks, per., $2,356 

Ottumwa 26,075* 

Ottumwa Public Library (C) 

May B. Ditch 
47,679 v. Inc. $14,762; bks., per., $6,035 

Panora 904* 

Woman's Club Library 

Ethie Boblett 
1,258 v 

Parkersbnrg z,i 10* 

Parker sburg Public Library 

Mrs. L F. Chamberhn 
3,729 v Inc $782, bks, per, $313 

Paton 1,211* 

Paton Public Library 

Mrs W. S Grant 
2,477 v Inc $375 

Paullma 999* 

Paullina Free Public Library 

Evelyn Cowan 
2,470 v Inc. $700, bks f per , $343 

Pella 3,079* 

Pella Free Public Library (C) 

Katherme De Koning 
8,625 v Inc $2.685 ; bks , per , $731 

Perry 5,642* 

Perry Free Public Library (C) 

Flora B Bailey 
11,897 v Inc $2,518. bks, per, $828 

Pocahontaa x ,353* 

Woman's Club Library 

Mrs W C Ralston 

Postville i ,030* 

Library Association 

Amy Maier 
2,000 v. 

Red Oak 5,668* 

Red Oak Public Library (C) 

Sarah Palmer 
",I75 v Inc. $4,743, bks., per., $1,680 

Reinbeck 1,417* 
Rembeck Public Library (C) 
! Sara Brown 

3,002 v. Inc. $1,572; bks., per, $160 

Riceville 972* 
Library Association 
Mrs Eva Morey 

Rockford 996* 

Library Association 

S Jennie Fullerton 
1,246 v. 

Rock Rapida 2,098* 

Rock Rapids Free Public Library 

Mrs. Nellie M. Wilson 
6,554 v. Inc. $1,554; bks., per., $630 

Rockwell City 2,183* 

Rockwell City Public Library (C) 

Florence Griffith 
5,218 v Inc. $3,306; bks., per., $620 

Sac City 2,682* 

Sac City Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. H R. Klove 
6,745 v. Inc $3,002; bks., per., $1,163 

Sanborn 1,373* 

Sanborn Free Public Library (C) 

Zaidee McCullow 
4,871 v. Inc. $10,090, bks., per., $846 

Scranton 953* 

Library Association 

Grace Lewis 
1,257 v. 

Sheffield 1,026* 

Library Association 

Mrs M C Pernn 
816 v. 

Sheldon 3,048* 

Sheldon Free Public Library (C) 

Lora Shipley 
7,095 v. Inc $2,969; bks., per., $637 

Shenandoah 5,194* 

Shenandoah Free Public Library (C) 

M. Berdena Jay 
10,418 v. Inc. $4,308; bks., per., $702 

Sibley 1,823* 

Sibley Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. H. J. Harvey 
3,429 v Inc. $2,372; bks., per, $157 

Sidney z,izz* 
Library Association 

Mrs. Hugh S. Jackson 


IOWA Continued 

Sijonrney 2,278* 

Sigourncy Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Orel M. Crocker 
6,136 v. Inc. $2,645; bks,, per., $762 

Sioux City 76,411* 

Sioux City Public Library (C) 

Mildred H. Pike 
Branches: 6 (i Carnegie) 
80,723 v. Inc. $53,126; salaries, $31,935; bk 
exp., $7,135 

Sioox Rapids 936* 

Library Association 
DeNora Skinner 
i,55i v. 

Spencer 4,689* 

Spencer Public Library (C) 

Mrs. O. M. Olds 
9,863 v. Inc. $2,822; bks., per., $624 

Spirit Lake 1,723* 

Spirit Lake Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. H. G. Gramstad 
5,224 v. Inc $2,988, bks., per., $841 

Storm Lake 3,906* 

Storm Lake Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth Walpole 
11,344 v. Inc. $5,028, bks, per, $1,290 

Story City M59* 
Library Association 

Mrs. C. J. Ristvedt 
1,674 v. 

Stuart 1,631* 

Stuart Free Public Library (C) 

Alice E Peters 
6,684 v. Inc. $1,443; bks., per., $484 

Tarna 2,656* 

Tama Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs H C. Woods 
6,284 v. Inc $1,790, bks., per., $596 

Tipton 2,109* 

Tipton Free Public Library (C) 

Mayme Walters 
9,604 v. Inc. $3,586; bks., per, $520 

Toledo 1,650* 
Toledo Public Library 

Mrs. Vehna Harlow 
5,878 v. Inc $861; bks., per., $697 

Timer 1,400* 

Traer Free Public Library (C) 

Ainslie Law 
3,733 v. Inc. $1,328; bks., per, $241 

Villisca 2,044* 

Villisca Free PubKc Library (C) 

Frankie J. Barker 
6,507 v. Inc. $2,214; bks, per., $925 

Vinton 3,239* 

Vinton Free Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth F. Williams 
11,134 v. Inc. $2,060, bks., per., $594 

Wapello 1,419* 
Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. V. L Christie 

819 v. 

Washington 4,288* 
Chilcote City Library 

Eva G. Denny 
IM59 v. Inc. $2,471, bks, per, $615 

Waterloo- 36^771* 

Waterloo Public Library (C) 

Calhe Wieder 
48,289 v. Inc. $37,443, bks., per, $8,079- 

Waukon -2,662* 

Waukon Public Library 

Jennie M. Jones 
4,007 v. Inc. $i,944; bks, per, $471 

Waverly 3,599* 

Waverly Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs E L Kenney 
9,738 v. Inc $3,204, bks, per, $936 

Webster City 6,649* 

Kendall Young Library 

E. D. Burgess 
3,214 v. 

Wellman 882* 

Well man Public Library 

Ella Weller 
3,214V Inc. $795, bks., per, $233 

West Liberty 1,710* 

West Liberty Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs A Stober 
5,855 v. Inc. $2,571 ; bks., per., $502 

What Cheer 1,805* 
Thursday Club Library 
Mrs. P. F. Madden 

Wmterset 3,063* 

Wmterset Public Library (C) 

Mrs.,B. E Howard 
10,765 v. Inc. $1,825; bks., per., $294 

Woodbine 1,383* 

Woodbine Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Belle H. True 
4,724 v. Inc. $i,549; bks , per., $302 



Kansas Traveling Library Commission, To- 
peka: Henrietta Alexander, Secretary 

Kansas State Library, Topeka: Louise Mc- 
Neal, Librarian 

Abilene 5,354** 

Abilene Free Public Library (C) 

Lida Romig 
11,893 v. Inc. $4,194; bks., per., $675 

Altoona 1,016 

Memorial Library, Young Women's Club 

Anthony 2,539* 

Anthony Free Public Library (C) 

Lora Orr 
4,654 v Inc $3,109, bks., per., $647 

Arkansas City 14,003* 

Arkansas City Public Library (C) 

Mrs A B Ranney 
9,057 v. Inc. $8,064, bks, per, $734 

Atchison 1 5,020* 

Atchison Public Library 

Jessie G. Isbell 
15,397 v. 

Augusta 4,219 

Public Library 

Daisy D Fenton 
5,400 v. Inc $2,054, bks, per, $895 

Baldwin 1,243* 

Community Children's Library 

Anna Mae Shumaker 
Inc $312 

Baxter Springs 3,591* 
Johnston Public Library 

Lotta M Smith 
5,566 v. Bks , per , $406 

Beloit 3,032 

Beloit Public Library 

Mrs J M. Hamilton 
1,500 v. Inc. $1,547 , bks , per , $261 

Blue Rapids 1,570* 

Blue Rapids Library Association 

Mrs Carrie V Sheldon 
7,000 v. Inc. $185, bks., per, $25 

Burlington 2,533* 

Burlington Free Public Library (C) 

Delia Hall 
8,000 v. Inc. $1,378; bks., per, $612 

Caldwell 1,954 
Carnegie Library 

Ditha Lay 
3,513 v. Inc. $ft6; bks., per., $135 

Caney 2,801* ' 

Caney Public Library 
Mrs. Eva Jarvis 
2,835 v. Inc. $1,730; bks., per., *$6oo 

Canton 1,141 

Canton Public Library (C) 

Mayme Kalb 
1,000 v. Inc. $750; bks., per., $54 

Chanute -9,829* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Roberta J. McKowan , 
10,511 v. Inc. $5,646; bks., per., $893 ' 

Cherokee 1,091 
Public Library 

Cherryvalc 4,698* 

Cherryvale Public Library (C) 

Mrs Nora Yockey 
4,093 v Inc. $3,145; bks., per., $806 

Clay Center 4,315* 

Clay Center Public Library (C) 

Nannie Reed 
3,500 v 

Coffeyville 16,229* 

Coffeyville Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth Hull 
1 1,839 v Inc. $8,807, bks., per, $1,376 

Colby 1,665* 
Colby Public Library 
Vera Smith 

Coldwater 1,042* 
Coldwater City Library 
Mrs S E Holmes 
3,200 v. Inc. $750, bks., per, $375 

Columbus 3,327* 

Columbus Public Library (C) 

Sadie L Hammett 
5,427 v. Inc $2,542, bks, per., $441 

Concordia 5,488* 

Concordia Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs Ella R. Cox 
8,607 v Inc $4,548; bks., per, $1,000 

Conway Springs 1,120 
Public Library 

Mamie E. Gilbert 

Council Grove 2,406* 
Carnegie Library 

Winifred Nicholson 
4,520 v. Inc. $1464; bks., per, $234 

Dodge City 6,009* 

Dodge City Public Library (C) 

Ora Vawter 
7,503 v. Inc. $4,000; bks., per., $1,589 


KANSAS Continued 

Donglata 1,010 
Public Library 

Mrs. George C Snell 

Down! 1,618* 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. D. J. Nicholas 
3,361 v. Inc. $926, bks , per., $119 

El Dorado 10,995 
Public Library (C) 
Mildred Kilgdre 

Ellsworth 1,954* 

J H. Robbins Memorial Library 

Marie Bower 
4,390 v. Bks., per., $330 

Emporia 12,000* 

Emporia Free Public Library (C) 

Nora Daniel 
18,999 v Inc. $0,794. bks , per., $1,652 

Eureka 3,575* 

Eureka Public Library (C) 

Emma S Smith 
6,354 v. Inc. $2,142, bks, per., $360 

Florence 1,777* 

Florence Public Library 

Mrs George B. Keech 
2,151 v Inc $2,596; bks, per, $295 

Fort Scott 11,763* 

Fort Scott Public Library (C) 

Miss M. L Prichard 
7,500 v Inc. $4,059 

Frankfort 1,314 
Public Library 

Mrs F. H. Lowrey, Secretary 

Fredoma 3,463* 

Fredonia Public Library 

Lydia M. Clark 
3,500 v. Inc $1,000 

Galena 4,786* 

Galena Public Library 

M. R. Dunham 
3,000 v 

Garden City 4,099* 

Gardea City Public Library (C) 

Mrs Minnie Hanna 
6,000 v. Bks., per., $364 

Garnett 2464* 
Public Library 

Nannie B. Hunter 
3^44 v. 

| Girard 3,102* 
Girard Carnegie Library 

Blanche Warren 
6,000 v. Inc $2,162, bks., per, $403 

I GoodUnd 2,887* 

. Carnegie Public Library 

Beulah Grant 
4^59 v. Inc. $2,870, bks, per, $1,181 

Great Bend 5,389* 

Great Bend City Library (C) 

Bina Deighton 
8,268 v. Inc $8,711, bks., per., $1,049 

Halitead 1,238* 
| Halstead Public Library (C) 

Julia Coons 
2,094 v. Inc. $903; bks, per, $198 

Harper 1,527* 

Harper Free Library 

Ada E Crocker 
1,500 v. 

Haven 1,301 

Haven Free Public Library 

Flora Hardesty 
2,062 v Bks, per, $107 


Carnegie Public Library 

Mr*. S. M Fields 
4,265 v. Inc $1,800; bks, per, $385 

Herington 4,500** 

Carnegie Free Public Library 

Mrs Ethel M Ragland 
6,703 v Inc $2,776 , bks., per , $766 

Hiawmtha 3,202* 

Morrill Free Public Library (C) 

Rebecca D Kiner 
14,284 v Inc $4,080, bks, per, $769 

Holton 2,668* 
Public Library 

Mabel H Wenner 
3,060 v Inc. $1,800. bks, per., $223 

Morton 4,214* 

Horton Public Library 

Mrs Pressey 
1,500 v. 

Howard 1,079 
Free Library 

Mrs J A Benson, chairman 

Hutchinson - 25,970* 

Hutchinson Public Library (C) 

May Chapman 
10,000 v. Inc. $15,432; bks., per., $4,035 


KANSAS Continued 

Independence 12,480** 

Independence Public Library (C) 

Anna M Getnmell 
15,440 v. Inc. $12,414; bks, per., $2,066 

lola 8,513** 

lola Public Library (C) 

Luella Varner 
9,654 v Inc $2,721 

Junction City 6,699* 

George Smith Public Library 

K. F Humphrey, acting 
17,204 v Inc $7,500, bks, per, $500 

Kansas City 116,055* 

-Kansas City Public Library (C) 

Mrs Bertha Ransom McMann 
Branches * i Carnegie ; 4 sub-branches ( i 

negro) , 18 stations 

52.065 v Exp 1926, $34,757 , salaries, $14.847 . 
bks , $10,268 

Kingman 2,403* 

Kingman Public Library (C) 

Ethel Summers 
5,414 \ Inc $1,219; bks, per, $330 

Kinsley 1,917* 

Kinsley Public Library 

Jessie Fravel 
1,080 v Bks , per., $86 

Kiowa 1,539 
Public Library 

La Cygne 1,028 
Public Library 

Mrs J T Goss 
1,250 v Inc $115, bks, per, $30 

Larned 3,141* 

Cummins Memorial Library 

Mrs Sara T. Seiple 
6,664 v Inc $1.041 , bks , per , $475 

Lawrence 1 2,341* 

Lawrence Free Public Library (C) 

Lillian J Constant 
20.391 v Inc $9,718, bks, per, $1,009 

Leavenworth 20,889* 

I-eavenworth Free Public Library (C) 

Elsie Evans 
32,451 \ Inc $8,445 , bks., per , $1,684 

Liberal 3,372* 
'Liberal Public Library 

E Strickhn 
2,475 v Bks , per., $405 

Lincoln 1,630* 
Carnegie Library 

L W. Wait 
4,000 v. Inc. $900; per., $50 

Lyons 2,648* 

Lyons Public Library (C) 
I Anna Lasley 

i 4,803 v. Inc. $2,202; bks., per., $612 

McPhenon 4,172** 
, McPherson City Library (C) 
Lillian Barber 
v. Inc $3,700; bks., per., $917 

Manhattan 10,1 12* 

Carnegie Free Library 

Mary Cornelia Lee 
11,600 v. Inc. $6,659, bks, per.,,$i,o8i 

Mankato 1,508* 

Mankato City Library 

Esther Roslard 
4,602 v Inc $800, bks., per., $95 

Marion 1,884* 

Marion Public Library 

Lucy Burkholder 
j 2,980 v Inc $1,125, bks., per., $123 

Minneapolis i ,842 

Library Club Library 

Henrietta Elliott 

Muhrane 1,143* 
, Mulvane Public Library 

Myrtle Russell 
1,583 v Bks , per., $166 

Neodesha 3,636* 

Neodesha Public Library 

6,977 v Inc $2.293, bks, per., $452 

i Ness City 1,003* 
' Ness City Public Library 
Elta Mane Nye 

1 Newton 9,831* 
Newton Free Library (C) 

Mrs Lydia A McGaughey 
11.536 v Inc. $6,962; bks, per, $1,298 

Norton 2,522** 

Norton City Library 

Mrs A. C Lee 
3.000 v Bks , per , $350 

; Oberhn 1,404 

1 Decatur Community Library 

Lillian Clear 
j 2,600 v Inc $800, bks., per, $200 

OUthe 3,372* 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs Elizabeth Arthur 
10.000 v. Inc $3,444; bks., per., $986 

Osawatomie -3,560* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs Ada Jackson 
3,550 v. Inc. $2,764; bks., per., $700 



KANSAS Continued 

Otboxne - 1,816* 
-Osborne Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Florence Mitchell 
3,448 v. Inc. $1,394; bks., pen, $302 

Oawego a,039* 

Carnegie Free Public Library 
Mrs. Annie Nafus 
v. Inc. $1,394; bks., per., $302 

Ottawa 8,498* 
Carnegie Free Library 

Grace R. Meeker 
16,000 v. Inc. $6,565; bks, per, $1,051 

PaoU 3,425* 

Paola Free Public Library 

Issie B. Potts 
I44SO v. Inc. $2,885; bks., per., $1,467 

Parsons 14^39* 

Parsons Public Library (C) 

Mrs Belle Curry 
17,121 v. Inc. $10,975; bks, per, $1,994 

Peabody 1,786* 

Peabody Public Library (C) 

Mrs. J E. Mulliken 
7,000 v. Inc. $2,200, bks, per, $500 

Phillipsburg 1,582* 

Phillipsburg Public Library 

Louise Carmen 

Pittsburg 19,182* 

Pittsburg Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Theresa G Randolph 
21,102 v. Inc. $9,158; bks., per., $2,567 


Public Library 
5,ooo v. 

Protection 1,01 z 
Protection Public Library 
Mrs. Lucretia Hillman 

Rnasell 2,452* 

Russell Public Library (C) 

Miss Kirkman 
5,434 v. Bks., per., $250 

Sabetha 2,001 

Mary Cotton Public Library 

Vina Newman 

Salina 16,216** 

Salina Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Delia E. Brown 
20,125 v. Inc. $13,000; bks., per., $1,499 

Scott City 1^73* 

Scott County Library (county pop. 3,521) 

Mrs. Elrod 
2,018 v. Inc. $2,984; bks., per., $112 

Scott County Library. See Scott City 

Sedan 1,556* 
Sedan City Library 
Mrs. Reich 

Seneca 1,931 

Seneca Public Library 

Ruth M. Collins 
3,175 v. Inc. $1,100 ; per., $40 

Smith Center 1,5x3* 

Smith Center Public Library 

Rose E. Hadden 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,732; bks., per., $309 

Stafford 1,752 

Larabee Memorial Library 

Sterling 1,832* 

Sterling Public Library (C) 

Annie Walton 
5,511 v. Inc. $2,300, bks, per., $657 

Stockton 1,440* 

Stockton Public Library (C) 

Anna Jacobs 
3,685 v. Inc $1,018, bks, per, $159 

Topeka 55,411* 
State Library 

Louise McNeal 
10,700 v Inc $21,150, bks, $2,300 

State Traveling Library 

Henrietta Alexander 
89,432 v Inc $9,550, bks . $4,000 

Topeka Free Public Library 

Caroline F. Medhcott 
45.355 v Inc. $19,802, bks , per , $5,729 

Washington 1,419* 

Washington Public Library (C) 

Ruth Griffin 
3,500 v. 

Weir 1,675 

Weir Public Library 

Ella Dodson 
2,000 v. Bks., per., $310 

Wellington 4,984* 
Wellington Public Library (C) 

Mrs. H. Lucy Nichols 
8,611 v. Inc. $4,300; bks., per, $1,320 

Wichita 94,179** 

Wichita Public Library (C) 

Ruth E. Hammond 

48,222 v. Exp. $34,052; salaries, $19,107, bk. 
exp., $7,000 

Wilson 1,025 
Wilson Public Library 
Lucile McCoy 



KANSAS Continued 

Winfield 11,483* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Jessie D. Huston 
I2 f o3 v. Inc. $4,751 J bks., per., $452 

YatM Center a,i8a* 

Yates Center Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Clara A. Wharton 


Kentucky Library Commission: Fannie C. 
Rawson, Secretary and Director of Library 
Extension, The Capitol, Frankfort 

Kentucky State Library, Frankfort: Mrs. 
J. Campbell Cantrill, Librarian 

Allen County Library. See Scottsville 
Ashland 34,285* 
Public Library 

Sallie Martin 
4,546 v. Inc. $667 

Bardstown 1,7x7 

Public Library 

Mrs Laura Summers 
1,040 v. 

Bowling Green 9,638 

Subscription and High School Library 

Frances Honninger 
2,350 v Inc. $1,250 

Clinton 1,455 

Hickman County Library (co pop 8,589) 

Mrs Jennie M. Browder 
2,236 v. Inc $1,267 

Columbia 1,076 
Columbia Library 

Minnie Triplett 
1,023 v. 

Corbin 3,406 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. W. C. Bryant 
6,941 v. Inc. $1,804 
CoTington 58,309* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Anne M. Spears 
35,000 v. Inc. $13,51? 

Danville 5,099 
Danville Library 

Elizabeth Tunis 
6,429V. Inc. $867 

Dayton 7,646 
Public Library 

Katherine Mullen 
2,500 v. 

Eliiabethtown 8,530 

Hardin County Free Library (county pop 


Virginia Marriott 
1,559 v. 

Fleming County Library. See Flemingsburg 

Flemingsbnrg 1,562 

Fleming County Library (co. pop. 15,614) 

J. J. Dickey 
1,050 v. 

Frankfort 9,805 

Kentucky Library Commission 

Fannie C. Rawson 
21,320 v. Inc. $9,000 

Kentucky State Library 

Mrs. J. Campbell Cantrill 
141,945 v Inc. $7^17 

Public Library 

Rebecca Gayle 
9,100 v. Inc. $1,464 

Fulton 3,415 

Public Library 

Dorothy Cranberry 
1,709 v Inc $1,644 

Georgetown 3,903 

Charles Steele Library (negro) 

Betty Webb Davis 
625 v. 

Scott County Free Library (co. pop. 15,318) 

Mrs H G. Henderson 
5,185 v Inc $1,300 

Glasgow 2,559 

Library Association 

Bettie Bybee 

Greenville 1,917 

Public Library 

Mrs John T. Reynolds 
1,076 v 

Hardin County Library. See Elizabethtown 

Harrodsburg -3,765 

Public Library 

Margaret Thomas 
8,655 v. Inc $1,000 

Henderson 1 2,574* 
Public Library (C) 

Susan S Towles 
13,701 v Inc $4,515 

Spec Colls : John James Audubon. 
Kentucky Negro in America. 

Hickman 2,633 

Hickman Public and Community Library 


J M Calvin 
4,165 v. Inc. $1,000 

Hickman County Library. See Clinton 
Hodgenville 1,100 

Lincoln League Library 

Mrs. H. D. Lame 
3,180 v. Inc. $600 ' 




KENTUCKY Continued 

Uopkiiuville 9,696 

Public Library (C) j 

Mrs. Virginia Lipscomb \ 

7,343v. Inc. $1,650 | 

Jenkins 4,707 i 

Public Library j 

Eura McKmney I 
2,345 v. 

Knott County Free Library See Pippapass | 

La Grange 1,060 
Public Library 

Mrs. W. J. Crowe 

1,012 V. 

Lancaster 2,166 
^-Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. G. W. Ballew 

Laurel County Library. See London 

Lawrenceburg 1,81 1 

Carnegie Public Library 

Russell Chambers 
4,361 v. Inc. $1,423 

Lebanon 3^39 

Marion County Free Public Library 

Lillie Jacob 
1,823 v. 

Lexington 46,895* 

Public Library (C) 

Florence Dillard 
36,821 v. Inc. $11, 860 

Spec. Coll.: Kentucky Gazette 1787-1820 

Lincoln County Library See Stanford 

London 1707 

Laurel County Library (county pop 19*814) I 
Mrs. Emily Buchanan ! 


Louiiville 305,935* 

Louisville Free Public Library, 1902 (C) 
Chief Librarian George T. Settle 
Secretary Jessie S. Diefenbach 
Order Clara L. Behrens 
Catalog Marion I. Warden 
Circulation Jennie M. Flexner 
Reference Edna J. Grauman 
Children's Bernice W. Bell 
Stations Jennie O. Cochran 
Training Class Cora M. Beatty 
Colored Thomas F. Blue (colored) 
Main Building 301-333 Library Place 
Branches : 15 (8 Carnegie) ; 88 station:. ; 
375 classroom collections. 

275,892 v Inc. 1925-26, $189,124; salaries, 

$101,493, bk. exp, $30,267 

Spec. Colls.: Kentucky. Confederate. 

Music. Watterson. Art 

Maditonville 5,030 
Public Library 

Mrs. W. C. Morton 
2469 v 

Marion County Library. See Lebanon 
Mason County Library See Maysville 

Maysville 6, 107 

Maysville and Mason Count} Library 
(county pop 17,760) 
Mary E Richeson 
12,641 v Inc $1,478 

Middlesboro 8,040 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs Thomas Arnold 
4,281 v. Inc. $1,500 

Mount Sterling 3,995 
Athenaeum Library 

Mrs J. M Jones 
4*139 v. Inc. $631 

Newport 29^17* 
Public Library (C) - 

Henrietta Litzendorf 
16,090 v. Inc. $8,000 

Nicholaaville 2,786 
Withers Memorial Library 

Mrs. W. R. Porter 
6,824 v. Inc $1,700 

Owenaboro 22,027* 
Public Library (C) 

Susannah Bishop 
11,114 v. Inc $5,482 

Paducah 25,852* 
Public Library (C) 

Parmelee Cheves 
22,113 v. Inc $13,731 

Paris 6,310 

Carnegie Public Library 

Margaret Hill 
9,558 v Inc. $1,600 


Knott County Free Library (co pop 11,655) 

June Buchanan 
24,000 v. 

Princeton 3,689 
Public Library 

Perle Hawthorne 
4,265 v. Inc $i,ooo 

Richmond 5,622 
Public Library 

Mrs W. H Grider 

I, IIO V. 

RnMellville 3,124 
Free Library 

Margaret Clarke 
500 v. 



KENTUCKY Continued 
Scott County Library. See Georgetown 

Scottsville 2,179 

Allen County Civic League Library 

Mrs. A. S. Gardner 
1,087 v. 

Shelbyville 3,760 
Public Library (C) 

Katherine P Nicholas 
4,951 v Inc. $814 

Somerset 4,672 

Carnegie Public Library 

Grace C. Propst 
7,606 v Inc $1,640 

Springfield 1,529 

Free Public Library 

Mrs C F Bosley 
2,606 v. 

Stanford 1,397 

Lincoln County Public Library ( count} pop 

Bettie Paxton 

Versailles 2,061 

Logan Helm Memorial Library 

Emma Railey 
3,052 v Inc $700 


Louisiana Library Commission: Essae M. 
Culver, Secretary, State Capitol, Baton Rouge 

Louisiana State Library (Law), New 
Orleans: Alice Magee, Librarian 

Abbeville 3,461 

Public Library Association 

Mrs W P Edwards 
1,305 v 

Alexandria 17,5x0 
Public Library (C) 

Lillie J Thornton 
2,500 v. Inc. $1,625 

Amitc 1,854 

Amite Public Library 

Mrs W H. McClendon 

Baton Rouge 27,832* 

Baton Rouge Public Library 

Mae Barrow 
7,550 v. Inc $1,250, bks., per., $300 

Louisiana Library Commission, State 

Essae M. Culver 
9,618 v. Inc $15,000 

Bogalus*- 4,245 
Bogalusa City Library 
Mrs. Louise Peters 
3,800 v. 

i Covington 2,942 
I M C B. Circulating Library 
! Blanche Frederick 


Gueydan 1,233 
Little Library Association 
Mrs. R. M. Montague 
1,200 v. Inc. $500 

Hammond 3,855 

Round Table Club Library 

Mrs. Moore 
1 ,000 v 

Jennings 3,824 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mercy F Ellis 
| 3,597V Inc $1,015 

Lake Arthur 1,882 

Lake Arthur Public Library 

Ruby Gray 
1,000 v 

Lake Charles 13,088 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs C M Dees 
8.000 \ Inc $1,500, bks, per., $272 

Monroe 12,675 

Monroe Public Library 

Mrs Lillian Herron Mitchell 
7,508 v Inc $2,685 , bks , per., $760 

| New Orleans 4x4, 493* 

! Howard Memorial Library 

I Robert J. Usher 

55,000 v 

Rayville M99 

Richland Parish Library (parish pop 

Mrs Lillian Morris 
Inc $1,400 

New Orleans 4x4,493* 

New Orleans Public Library, 1843 
Chief LibrarianHenry M. Gill 
Assistant Librarian Mrs Louis Des- 


Catalog Corinne Doll 
Children's Anita H. McGinity 
Reference Mrs. Louis Dessommes 
Secretary Samuel H. Livaudais 
Stack Dept HeadMrs. Mary G. Jones 
Branches: 5 Carnegie, (i negro) 

226,783 v. Inc. 1926, $90482; salaries, $54*338: 

bk exp., $18,605 



LOUISIANA Continued 

Centenary Library 

Mrs. John A. Hardin 
Inc. $4,689 

Shrevc Memorial Library 

Mrs. Lois White Henderson 
14.759 v. Inc. $18,800 

Thibodaux 3,526 
Thibodaux Public Library 

Mrs. R. M. Evans 
1,575 v. 


Maine State Library, Augusta: Henry E. 
Dunnack, Librarian 

Maine State Library, Bureau of Library 
Extension: Theresa C. Stuart, Director 

Alfred 738 

Parsons Memorial Library 

Mary C Emerson 
9,288 v. Inc. $274 

Andover 767 
Public Library 

Mrs. Alice B Thurston 
7,450 v. Inc. $219 

Anton 2,564 

Stewart Public Library 

John M. Getchell 
3,75ov. Inc. $239 


^-Ashland Library Association 

Mrs. Delia M. Seeley 
1,630 v. 

Auburn 18,073* 
Public Library (C) 

Georgiana Lunt 
2^493 v. Inc. $8,500 

Augusta 14^25* 
Lithgow Library 

Elizabeth M. Andrews 
I4,599v. Inc. $2,697 

Augusta 14^x4 
Maine State Library 

Henry E. Dunnack 
180,000 v. Inc. $47,700; bks., per , $15,000 

Spec. Colls.: Maine authors. Mosher 

Baileyville 2^43 

Public Library (P. O. Woodland) 

Lena D. Weeks 
2,50ov. Inc. $870 

Bangor 26^44* 
Public Library 

Elmar T. Boyd 
103,385 v. Inc. $15,500 

Spec. Colls.: American history (Civil 
War, Maine). Microscopy. Photography. 

Bar Harbor 3,622 

Jesup Memorial Library 

Inez M. Summsbey 
I4,ioov. Inc. $549 

Bath 17,751* 
Patten Free Library 

Margaret R. Foote 
27,432 v. Inc. $3,325 

Belfait 5,083 
Free Library 

E. Frances Abbott 
20,621 v. Inc. $549 

Bethel 1,792 
Bethel Library 

Maud L. Thurston 
5,888 v. Inc. $439 

Biddeford 18,532* 
Public Library 

Emma Hatch 
22,221 v. Inc. $3,845 

Bingham 829 

Bingham Union Library 

Mrs Alice M Goodrich 
3,000 v. Inc. $556 

Blue Hill 1,564 
Ladies 1 Social Library 
Imogen McHowell 
3,800 v. 

Boothbay Harbor 2,025 

Public Library 

Mrs. Allie Orne 
6,023v. Inc $998 

Bradford 738 

J. B. Curtis Library 

Mrs. Annie M. Salley 
1,700 v. 

Brewer 6,064 
Free Public Library 

Frances H. Aiken 
6,487 v. Inc $1,318 

Bridgton 1,545 

Bridgton Public Library 

Mrs. Georgie Douglass 

BrUtol (Round Pond) 14x9 
Library Association 

Mrs. Mary E. Thompson 



MAINE Continued 

BrooUin 856 

Robert A. Friend Memorial Library 

Annie M. Bollard 
6,150 v. Inc. $200 

Brown ville 1,743 

Public Library 

Mrs Lizzie Moulton 

Brunswick 7,261 

Captain John Curtis Library 

Mary G. Gilman 
18,000 Y. Inc $1,977 

Bnekfield 957 

Zadoc Long Library 

Minerva E Allen 
7,ooo v. Inc $271 

Bnckaport i ,906 

Buck Memorial Library 

Alice B Gardner 

Calait 6^064 

Free Library 

Bertha E Boyd 
13,700 v. Inc $1.826 

Camdea 3,403 

Public Library 

Mrs Ada R. Dyer 
10,746 v. Inc. $1,318 

Prescott Free Library 

Mrs. Elsie Salisbury 
2,113 v. Inc. $102 

Cape Elizabeth 1,534 

Thomas Memorial Library 

Mrs. Eva F Brown 
2,650 v Inc. $274 

Caribou 6,018 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Ada M. Britton 
10,448 v. Inc. $2,283 

Cattine 743 

Witherle Memorial Library, 1801 

Katharine Davenport 
6,752 v Inc $550 

Cherryfield 1,100 
Public Library 

Ida E. Wakefield 
2,680 v Inc. $55 

Clinton -1,330 

Brown Memorial Library 

Mrs. Lottie W. McNally 
4,272 v. Inc. $584 

Corinna 1,394 

Stewart Free Library 
Edna A. Hutchins 
14,960 v. Inc. $54 

Damaritcotta 849 

Skidompha Library (maintained jointly with 

Josephine Wright 
3,028 v. Inc. $219 

Danforth 1,201 

Library Corporation 

Averill McKechnie 
1,970 v. Inc. $110 

Dennyaville 434 

Lincoln Memorial Library 

Jennie W. Kelly 
4,021 v. Inc. $150 

Dexter 4,113 
Town Library 

Abbie H. Hamilton 
15,254 v. Inc. $2,546 

Dizfield 1,134 

Public Library 

Mrs. A. B Root 
Inc. $329 

Dover-Foxcroft 3,150 
Thompson Free Library 

Mary E. Averill 
13,940 v. Inc. $1,872 

East Livennore (P. O. Livermore Falls) 

Livermore Falls Library Association 

Cora M. Wyman 
5,946 v. Inc. $1,298 

Bast Machiaa 1,353 

Public Library Association 

Lmnie S. Harris 
2,471 v. 

Bastport 4,494 

Peavey Memorial Library 

Maude M. Bogrette 
14,145 v. Inc. $580 

Eliot 1,530 

William Fogg Library 
Blanche Liebman 
10,036 v. Inc. $329 

Ellsworth 3,058 
City Library 

Mary A. Hodgkins 
7,50ov. Inc. $1,085 

Fairfield -1,240 

Lawrence Library 

Alice S. Totman 
10,226 v. Inc. $2,148 



MAINE Continued 

Fabnoutlfc -1,542 

Piscataqua Public Library 

Fannington 3,197 

Cutler Memorial Library 

Rena H. Adams 
19,870 v. Inc. $1,648 

Fort Fairfield 4451 
Free Public Library (C) 

Kate K. Estes 
6,500 v. Inc. $2,064 

Frankfort 624 

Waldo Peirce Reading Room Library 

Ida M. Tait 
7,005 v. 

Fretport 2,488 

B. H. Bartol Library 

Annette H. Aldrich 
5,813 v. Inc $1,072 

Gardiner 5*75 
Public Library (C) 

Martha S. Bartlett 
12,015 v. Inc. $2,046 

Garfield 2,391 

Garfield Public Library 
Helen McNalley 


Gorham 2,870 

Baxter Memorial Library 

Victoria A. Magnusson 
12,680 v. Inc. $1,777 

Gray 1,139 

Stimson Memorial Library 

Helen I. Merrill 
2,160 v. Inc. $175 

Greenville 1,550 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. Nora Brown 
4,375V. Inc. $549 

Guilfo-rd 1,687 

Memorial Library (C) 

Ernestine Hale 
6,679 v. Inc. $824 

HaUowell 2,764 

Hubbard Free Library 

Abby L. Eveleth 
15,000 v. Inc. $274 

Harpawell 1,750 

Orr's Island Library 

Mrs. Lillian Younger 

Harrington 1,024 

Gallison Memorial Library 

Clara L. Shackford 
5,000 v. 

Harrison 901 

Caswell Library 
j Josephine P. Ricker 

I 3,032 v. Inc $220 

| Hartland 1,140 
I Free Library 
I Mary.Coston Smith 

4,227v. Inc. $329 


Good Will Library 

15,000 v 

Hollis Center 1,092 
Hollis Center Library 
, Ruth V. Tarbox 

2,065 v. Inc. $54 

! Houlton 6,191 

> Cary Memorial Library (C) 

I Anna Barnes 

1 I4,444v. Inc. $2,746 

IslMboro 637 
, Free Library 
, Marion Kimball 

I 4,450 v Inc $755 

Jackman 902 

Association Library 

Evelyn G. Doughty 
2,387 v. Inc $109 

Jefferson 1,155 
Richardson Library 
Winifred B Ladd 

Jonesport 2,129 

Peavey Memorial Library 

Mrs. D D. Kelley 
2,000 v Inc. $549 

Kennebunk 3, 138 
Free Library 

Mrs. Mary R 
G. Bennett 
10,449 v. Inc. $549 

M Ross and Mrs Alice 

Parsons Memorial Library 

Helen L. Follansbee 
7,058 v. 

Kennebunkport 1,431 

Louis T. Graves Memorial Library 

Mrs. Agnes V. McCartney 
7,66o v. Inc. $439 



MAINE Continued 

Webster Library Association 

Mrs. Nellie Vaughn 
3,150 v. 

Kittery 1,065 

Rice Public Library 

Eleanor L. Lovell 
15,200 v. Inc $1,810; bks, per., $277 

Lewiston 34,932* 

Public Library (C) 
Annie L Barr 
31,845 v. Inc. $9,000 
Spec Coll.: Maine 

Limestone 1,506 
Public Library 

Mrs. H M Long 
3,400v. Inc. $234 

Lincoln 2,452 

Lincoln Memorial Library 

Mary E Buzzell 
1,082 v. Inc. $2,033 

Livermore 1,046 
Public Library 

Florence A Nelson 
1,700 v 

Lubec 3,371 

Lubec Public Library 

I W. Case 
1,500 v 

Machiai 2,152 

Porter Memorial Library 

Mrs Lucy H Crocker 
6,015 v Inc $549 

Madison 3,700 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Emma F. Clark 
6,500 v. Inc $2,197 

Mechanics Falls 1,614 
Public Library 

Kate L Denison 
4,653 v. Inc. $536 

Millbridge 1,196 

Public Library 

F. S. Nash 

1,200 V. 

Millinocket -4,528 
Memorial Library 

Lora D. Gagnon 
6,402 v. Inc. $4,943 

Milo 2,894 

Free Public Library (O 
Mrs. Florence Cotter 
4,306 v. In'c. $1,098 

Monmouthr 1,372 

Cumston Public Library 

Mrs Carolyn Sherman 
4,621 v. Inc. $429 

Monson 1,079 
Public Library 

Marjorie LeClair 
1,750 v. Inc. $55 

Mount Desert 1,497 

Somesville Library (summer only) 

4,000 v. Inc. $165 

Mount Desert (Northeast Harbor) 625 

N E H Public Library (summer subscrip- 
tion library) 
Sophia Lee 
7,900 v. 

Mount Desert (Seal Harbor) 319 

Seal Harbor Public Library 

Ina Jordan 
2,500 v. 

.Newcastle. See Damanscotta. 

New Gloucester 1,384 
Public Library 

Mrs Louise E. True 
7,500 v. Inc. $520 

Newport 1,709 
Public Library 
Myrtle Day 
3,534 v Inc. $274 

Norridgewock 1,532 
Free Public Library 

Mrs Josie B Whiting 
5,350 v. Inc. $315 

North Anson 1,250 

North Anson Public Library 

E S. Baker 
1,550 v. 

North Berwick 1,652 

Public Library 
E K Hobbs 

1,200 V. 

North Jay 3,152 
Niles Memorial Library 
Mrs. Carolyn Miller 
1,614 v. Inc. $549 

Norway 2,969 
Public Library 

Mrs. Eva M. Kimball 
9,054 v. Inc. $879 

Oakland 2,473 
Public Library (C) 

Helen A. Smiley 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,648 



MAINE Continued 

Old Orchard 1,164 
Free Public Library 

Elizabeth A House 
7,523 v. Inc. $440 

Old Town 6,956 
Public Library (C) 
Amy S Wood 
7,953 v Inc. $2,207 

Orland 1,351 
Town Library 

Ernest O. Sugden 

Orono 3,133 
W. C. T U. Librarv 
E. F HitchmRs 
2,848 v. Inc $714 

Oxford 1,079 

Freeland Holmes Library 

Kate Starbird 
5,141 v Inc. $272 

Paris 3,656 

Hamlin Memorial Hall 

Jennie Hubbard 

Parsonafield 1,062 
Kezar Falls Library 

Alice E. Gran vi lie 
3,100 v Inc $100 

Parsonsfield Public Library 
Mrs. Kathafryn P Gale 
5,039 v Inc. $27 

Patten 1,498 

Community Railroad Library 

Mrs. Nora Palmer 
2,372 v Inc $324 

Phillips 1,353 
Phillips Library 

Bertha Boston 
6,410 v. Inc. $494 

Pittsfield 2,700 
Public Library (C) 

Minnie Porter 
8,482 v. Inc. $2,467 

Poland 1,399 

Poland Spring Library 

Frank Carlos Griffith 
6,000 v. 

Portland 75,333* 
Public Library 

Jane L Burbank 
89,558 v. Inc. $20,500 

Preoqne Ide 5,581 
Free Library (C) 

Lucinda B. Marston 
7,200 v. Inc. $1,812 

Rangeley 1,028 
Public Library 

Mrs Geneva B Amber 
9,050 v Inc. $1,320 

Richmond 1,724 

Richmond Library Association 

Mary F. Osborne 
7,500 v 

Rockland 8,109 

Public Library (C) 
Kathleen Snow 
13,873 v Inc $7,843 

Rockport 1,774 

Public Library 

Mrs Kathryn Dunbar 
3,960 v Inc $539 

Round Pond 1,419 

j Round Pond Library Association 
! Mrs W C Thompson 


Rumford 8,576 

Public Library (C) 
Frances Brown 
9,775 v Inc. 4.845 

Saco 6,817 

Dyer Library Association, 1790 

Ruth E Proctor 
25,000 v. 

Saint Albans 1,200 
Crocker Library 

Mrs Nettie Mower 

I Town Library 

I Freeman Mills 

| Sanford 
Public Library (P O Springvale) 

Angle H Gile 
3,300 v Inc $549 

Sangerville i ,246 
Public Library 

Add ic M Hamilton 
1,626 v. Inc $159 

Scarboro 1,832 

Free Public Library 

Lena Skill ins 
2,200 v 

Searaport 1,373 

Carver Memorial Library 

Mildred E Shute 
3,865 v. Inc. $384 


MAINE Continued 

Skowhegan - 5,981 
Free Public Library 
Lizzie T Hussey 
17,420 v Inc. $1,648 

Solon 1,054 

Public Library 

Mrs F A. Ray 
2,554 v. Inc $109 

South Berwick 2,955 

Fogg Memorial Library 

John H. Goodwin 
8,989 v. Inc $110 

South Brewer 4,835 

South Brewer Library Association 

Marian L Fifield 
2,300 v. 

South Paria 1,793 
Public Library 

Mrs Ella A 
5,500 v Inc $550 


South Penobscot 1,156 
South Penobscot Library 

A P Grindle 
800 v 

South Portland 9,254 

Pleasantdalc Library Association 

Fred Dingley 
800 v 

South Thomaston 947 

South Thomaston Free Library 

Louise Butler 
1,200 v 

Southwest Harbor 824 

Southwest Harbor Library 

Mrs Lida Cousins 
4.900 v Inc $IOQ 

Standish 1,735 
Public Library 

Mrs James Renfrew 
800 v 

Standish (Steep Falls) 1,735 
Steep Falls Library 

Martha H. Tucker 

Stonington i ,353 
Public Library 

Fannie W Crockett 
1,620 v. Inc $299 

Thomaston 2,0x9 
Public Library 

Ella Gilchrist 
8,117 v Inc $219 

Tremont 1,029 

-Bass Harbor Library (Bernard) 

Mrs. Ryder Wallace 
1,500 v. 

Union 1,133 

Public Library 

Bessie F Crowell 

Vassalboro 1,926 
Public Library 

Mrs. L P. Gates 
2,566 v Inc $219 

Vinalhaven 1,965 
Public Library (C) 

Clara G Calderwood 
5,600 v Inc $649 

Waldoboro 2,462 
Public Library 

Anna G Gay 
4,300 v Inc $192 

Warren 1,500 

Free Public Library 

Julia Watts 
3,364 v Inc $109 

Washburn 1,870 
Public Libiary 

Myrtle L Smith 
1,184 v Inc $422 

Waterville 14^24* 
Free Public Library 
Jennie M Smith 
18,752 v Inc $6,500 

Spec Coll Medicine 

, Woman's Association Library (C) 
| ~ Miss E L McLam 
I 3,500 v 

Weld 521 

Free Public Library 

Emma A Dummer 
5,350 v Inc $164 

Wells 2,007 

Conarroe Memorial Library (Ogunquit) 

Mrs Carrie Leonard 

Westbrook 9,453 
Cumberland Mill Library 

Mary T Goodell 
8,000 v. 

Memorial Library 

Jennie G. Andrews 
18,685 v. Inc. $5,283 


MAINE Continued 

West Paris 3,656 

Prentiss Library 

A. T. Hollis 

West Pans Public Library 
Mrs. Mary E. Emery 

Whitefield 1,156 

Preble Public Memorial Library 

Eva Turner 
250 v. 

Wilton 2,505 

Goodspeed Memorial Library 

Mrs. Mary E. Newport 
5,975 v. Inc. $1,098 

Windham Center 1,932 

Circulating Library Association 

Mrs. A. B. Rogers 
1,250 v. 

Wintlow 3,280 
Public Library 

Jennie P. Howard 
5,053 v. Inc. $549 

Winterport 1,433 

Free Library Association 

Mrs. Annie B. Clement 
5,014 v. Inc. $630 

Winthrop 1,902 

Charles M. Bailey Public Library 

Mrs. E R Clifford 

Wiscasaet 1,192 
Public Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth Webb 
3,100 v. Inc. $219 

Woodstock 765 

Whitman Memorial Library (P. O Bryant's 

Mrs. Stella B. Bacon 
2,082 v. 

Yarmouth 2,2x6 

Merrill Memorial Library 

Ina Russell 
10,148 v. Inc. $1,326 

York Harbor 2,802 
York Library 

Mrs. R. F. O'Neill 

York Village 2,727 

Public Library 

Myrtie E. Banks 
2,600 v. Inc. $825 


Maryland Public Library Advisory Com- 
mission, 530 North Charles St., Baltimore: 
Adelene J. Pratt, Director 

Maryland State Library, Annapolis: Mary 
B. Shearn, Librarian 

Annapolis 12,633* 

Maryland State Library 

Mary E. Shearn 
100,000 v. Inc. $5,8oo; bks., per, $1,500 

Public Library of Annapolis and Anne 
Arundel County 

Eliza G. Suydam 
6,881 v. Inc. $864; bks., per., $117 

Anne Arundel County Library See Annapolis 

Baltimore 819,01 1** 

City Library 

John A Slowik 

24,000 v. Inc $1,500, bks, per, and old pic- 
tures $1,400 

Enoch Pratt Free Library, 1886 

Chief Librarian Joseph L Wheeler 
First Assistant Librarian George D 


Second Assistant Librarian and Super- 
visor of Branches Bessie L Shaffer 
Assistant to Librarian Pauline Mc- 

Accounts and Statistics Louise M. 


Bindery Susanna A Forsyth 
Catalog Mary L Williams 
Children's Mary S. Wilkinson 
Circulation Anna M Doerksen 
Fine Arts Sarah M Grimes 
Order C Rosalie Trader 
Outside Delivery Louise MacLellan 
Reference Catherine Jamison 
Teachers' Alice B. Biggs 

Administrative Offices- 106 W Mulberry 
St, with Central Departments also in three 
adjoining houses. 

Branches : 26 (14 Carnegie) 
497,901 v. Income 1926 $348,332, salaries, 
$191,935: book exp, $56,471 

Spec Colls : Civil war Printing Also 
strong in : American history. European War. 

New Mercantile Library 

Fanny Stewart 
40,000 v. Inc. $6,506; bks., per, $1,440 

Peabody Institute Library 

Louis H. Dielman 
215,548 v., 35,683 pam., 1,579 maps 

Bel Air 1,091 

Harford County Public Library 

Priscilla Forwood 
3,364 v. Inc. $3.960 


MARYLAND Continued 

Berlin 1,366 

Berlin Public Library 

Margaretta . Purnell 
3,ooo v. 

Cambridge 7,467 
Dorchester County Public Library 

Edna Smith 
2,508 v Inc $577 , bks , per , $78 

Centemlle 1,765 

Centerville Public Library 

Matilda B Keating 
3,239 v. Inc. $257 

Chestertown 2,537 

Chestertown Public Library 

Blanche Constable 
2,165 v. Inc $330; bks , per, $200 

Crisfield 4,116 

Crisfield Public Library 

Mrs Sadie E. Bradshaw 

Cumberland 33,741* 

Cumberland Free Public Library 

Mary G Walsh 
5,600 v Inc $5,8i9, bks, per., $1,518 

Dorchester County Public Library. See 

Eastern 3,442 

Talbot County Free Library 

Frances C. Spence 
2,500 v Inc. $4,295 , bks , per , $1,371 

Ellrton 2,660 

Elkton Public Library 

Jennie Realey 
1,910 v Inc $435 , bks , per , $73 

Frederick 12,035* 

Frederick County Free Library 

Mary Newman 
5,695 v Inc $2,065 ; bks., per , $573 

Frederick County Free Library See Fred- 

arrett County Public Library See Oakland 

Hagerstown 31,357* 

Washington County Free Library 

Mary L Titcomb 
39,346 v. inc. $16,576: bks, per, $2,507 

Harford County Public Library. See Bel Air 

Havre de Grace 4,377 

Havre de Grace Public Library 

Sallie P. Galloway 
1,209 v. Inc. $910; bks., per., $202 

Huilock 1,075 

Hurlock Free Library 

Hope S. Barber 
1,427 v. Inc. $80; bks., per., $17 

Hyattsville 2,675 

Hyattsville Public Library 
Mrs. Florine C Steele 
3,585 v Inc $304; bks., per., $303 

Kensington 674 

Noyes Memorial Library 

Isabel Rand 
3,000 v. 

Laurel 2,239 

Laurel Public Library 

M. E. Nuzum 
3,1 18 v Inc $378, bks, per, $58 

Oakland 1,225 

Garrett County Public Library 

Mrs Nettie Thrasher 
2,352 v. Inc. $300 

Princess Anne 968 
Public Library 

Amanda E Lankford 
1,200 v 

Rockville 1,145 

Rockville Public Library 

Mrs C N Bouic 
2,922 v Inc $238, bks, per, $180 

Salisbury 7,553 

Wicomico County Free Library 

Mrs S King White 
Inc $2,259, bks, per, $250 

Savage 1,050 

Carroll Baldwin Memorial Library 

Eloise M Oliver 
1,546 v Inc $1,376, bks, per., $103 

Talbot County Free Library. See Easton 

Washington County Free Library See Ha.- 

Westernport 3,977 

Westernport Public Library 

Mrs E Allen Mays 
1,200 v Inc. $317, bks., per., $11 

Westminster 3,52 1 
Westminster Free Library 
Mrs Martha S. Shaw 
1,435 v. Inc. $223: bks., per., $199 

Wicomico County Free Library See Salis- 




Massachusetts Department of Education, 
Division of Public Libraries, E. Kathleen 
Jones, General Secretary, State House, Boston 

State Library of Massachusetts, Boston: 
Edward H. Redstone, Librarian 

Abington 5,882* 

Abington Public Library 

Ida H. McKenney 
24,742 v. Inc. $5,340; bks , per , $1,653 

Acton 4,387 

Acton Memorial Library 

Arthur F Davis 
16,753 v. Inc. $i,347, bks., per., $590 

Acushnet 4,135* 

Acushnet Free Public Library 

Emma L White 
4,564 v. Inc $1,046, bks., per, $530 

Adams 13,525* 

Adams Free Library - 

Mrs Elizabeth H Furst 
31,489 v Inc $10,024, bks, per, $2,007 

Agawam 6,290* 

Agawam Free Public Library 

Mrs. Arthur Rudman 
6,584 v. Inc. $1,545, bks, per, $470 

Amesbury x 1,229* 

Amesbury Public Library 

Alice C. Follansbee 
21,359 v. Inc $8,190, bks, per, $1,160 

Amherst 5,972* 
Jones Library 

Charles R. Green 
15,965 v. Inc. $42,954; bks, per., $4,426 

Andover 8,268 

Memorial Hall Library 

Edna A. Brown 
25,564 v. Inc. $9,867; bks, per, $1,541 

Arlington -24,943 
Robbins Library 

Frances Hubbert, associate Ibn 
34,971 v Inc $17,934, bks, per, $3,742 

Ashburnnam. 2,1 59* 

Stevens Public Library 

Mrs. Evelyn Crandall 
8,700 v. Inc $1,225 ; bks , per , $659 

Ashby 907 

Ashby Free Public Library 

Mrs. Florence Pope 
6,885 v. Inc. $700; bks., per., $168 

Aahfield 919* 

fielding Memorial Library 

Mrs. May G. Boice 
HM35 v. Inc. $1,491 J bks , per., $294 

Ashland 2,52 x* 

Ashland Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Grace S Bragg 
10,705 v. Inc. $1,500; bks, per, $433 

Athol 9,602* 

Athol Public Library (C) 

Gladys C Greene 
16,247 v Inc $6,100, bks, per, $1,483 


Attleboro Public Library 
Mrs L F. Spofford 
28,612 v Inc. $16,304, bks, per., $2,778 

Auburn 4,927* 

Auburn Free Public Library 

Abby B Shute 
6,300 v Inc $1,561 , bks , per., $421 

Avon 2,360* 

Avon Free Public Library 

Mrs Cclia J. Damon 
6,382 v Inc $820, bks, per, $451 

Ayer 3,032* 

Ayer Public Library 

Mrs Jennie McLean 
13,000 v Inc $2,582 , bks , per , $555 

Barnstable 5,774* 
Sturgis Library 

Elizabeth C Nye 
17,000 v Inc $900 , bks , per , $100 

Barre 3,329* 

Barre Town Library 

Carrie E Read 
17,154 v Inc $3,753, bks., per, $663 

Becket 778* 

Becket Athenaeum 

H Fannie Prentice 
3,625 v Inc. $250 , bks , per , $72 

Bedford 1,514* 

Bedford Free Public Library 

Clara H Hartwell 
15,154 v Inc. $872, bks, per, $520 

Belchertown 2,905* 

Clapp Memorial Library 

Mrs Doris Squires 
12,083 v Inc $802, bks, per, $115 

Bellingham 2,877* 

Bellingham Free Public Library 

Mrs Mane P. Cooke 
4,000 v. Inc $500 , bks , per , $256 

Belmont 1 5,256* 

Belmont Public Library 

Lucy D. Luard 
23,906 v Inc. $11, 800, bks, per., $1,888 

Berkley 1,1 18* 

Berkley Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Florence Williams 
3,396 v. Inc $500, bks., per., $76 



Berlin 1,071* 

Berlin Free Public Library 

Mrs Helen Sawyer 
4^50 v. Inc $442; bks., per, $221 

Bernardston 844* 
Cufchman Library 

Ellen S. Birks 
13,000 v. Inc $1,103; bks, per, $443 

Beverly 22,685* 

Beverly Public Library 

Mar j one Stanton 
60,974 v Inc. $27,839, bks, per, $6,101 

Billerica 4,9x3* 

Bennett Public Library 

Mrs Mary A B Snell 
7,000 v. Inc. $1,568, bks, per, $306 

Blackstone 4,802* 

Blackstone Free Public Library 

Peter F Malone> 
9,281 v Inc $500 , bks , per , $269 

Bolton 801* 
Bolton Public Library 
Fidelia C Newton 
7,278 v Inc $923, bks, per, $118 

Boston 779,620* 

Boston Athenaeum 

Charles Knowles Bolton 

304.502 v Inc 1926, $139,876, salaries, $39,- 
751 , hks , $18,810 

Spec Colls Books owned by George 
Washington Editions of Byron Photo- 
graphs of famous paintings Vie\vs of old 
houses in U S Confederate States imprints 
First editions, American authors Early Bos- 
ton newspapers King's Giapel Library, 1698 
Early U S documents International law 
Gypsy literature Broadsides Manuscripts 
Roxburghe publications Dre\fus affair 
Victorian children's books 

Boston Library Society 

Luella M Eaton 
50,000 v Inc. $5,000; bks, per, $800 

Public Library of the City of Boston 
Director Charles F. D Belden 
Auditor Helen Schubarth 
Bates Hall Reference Frank H Chase, 

Reference Librarian 

Genealogical Div Agnes C. Doyle 
Bates Hall Centre Desk Pierce E 


Newspaper Division Frederic Serex 

Patent Division William J. Ennis 
Bindery James W. Kenney 

Branch Edith Guerner, Supervisor 

Issue Division Alice V. Stevens 
Binding Div. Marian A McCarthy 
Catalogue Samuel A Chevalier 
Card Division T. Francis Brennan 
Shelf Division Michael McCarthy 
Children's Alice M Jordan, Supervisor 
of Work with Children 
Children's librarian Mary C Toy 
Editor of Publications Zoltan Haraszti 
Executive Secretary to Director Delia 

Jean Decry 

Information Office John H. Reardon 
Issue Frank C Blaisdell 
Ordering Theodosia E. Macurdy 
Periodical Francis J. Hannigan 
Printing Francis Watts Lee 
Registration A. Frances Rogers 
Spec Libs Winthrop Holt Chenery 
Barton-Ticknor Div. Harriet Swift 
Music Division Richard G. Appel 
I Technology Div George S Ma\nard 

| Statistical Horace L Wheeler 

| Stock Timothy J Mackin 

Branches 31 (9 separate buildings, 9 in 
| municipal buildings, i school, 12 rented 
i quarters), deposits in schools, institutions, 
| etc, 306) 

. 1,388,439 v Inc (1926) $1,027,981, salaries, 
i $679,605 , bks , per , newspapers and photo- 
1 graphs $145,161 

! Spec Colls Americana (me libraries of 

President John Adams and Rev. Thomas 

| Prince) Browning Civil War Franklin 

j History of women Landscape gardening 

Autographs and manuscripts Mathematics 

I and astronom> Prayer books Shakespeare 

Spanish and Portuguese literature Walt 

Whitman Subjects in which the library is 

| strong (exclusive of the more obvious sub- 

I jects) Almanacs, Architecture, Broadsides, 

, Christopher Columbus, Cookery, Drama, 

I Genealogy , Ireland , Negro , Posters , Slavery 


Cathedral Church of St Paul Library 
I Margaret Walker 

! 2,000 v , 22 per 

; Congregational Library, 14 Beacon St. 
i Frederick T Persons 

75,000 v 

State Library of Massachusetts 

Edward H Redstone 
458,914 v Inc $50,052; bks., per., $ICM79 

Boylston 970* 

Boy Is ton Public Library 

George L Wright 
9,256 v. Inc $1,961 ; bks , per , $321 

Braintree 13,193* 

Thayer Public Library 

Alice Holbrook 
20,195 v Inc. $6,249; bks., per., $2,075 



Bridgewater 9,468* 

Bridgewater Public Library 

Edith M. Ames 
23,500 v. Inc. $4.30); bks., per., $058 

Brimfield 840* 

Brimfield Public Library 

M. Anna Tarbell 
I0,8oo v. Inc. $1,1 1 1 ; bks , per., $203 

Brockton 65,343* 
Brockton Public Library (C) 
Harold A Wooster 

Branches : 2 

98,170 v. Inc. $37,561; salaries, $21,112; bk. 
exp., $6,455 

"pec. Coll. : Local genealogy and history 

Brookfield 1,401* 

Merrick Public Library 

Mrs C. O. Dean 
16,605 v. Inc. $2,988; bks., per., $595 

Brookline 43,681* 

Brookline Public Library 

Louisa M Hooper 
121,268 v. Inc $66,248, bks., per, $10,722 

Spec. Colls.: Fungi. Laws of South- 
ern States Massachusetts towns. Music 

Buckland 1,555* 

Buckland Free Public Library 

Grace E. Gould 
5,119 v. Inc. $382 , bks , per , $53 

Burlington 1,431 

Burlington Free Public Library 

Mrs Nettie R. Foster 
4,000 v. Inc $500 ; bks., per., $100 

Byfield 1,432* 

Newbury Library 

Mrs Orin Arhn 
(Just organized) 

Cambridge 1 19,669 
Cambridge Public Library 
Leo R. Etzkorn 

Branches 5 

I35.8io v. Inc. $77,309; salaries, $49,122, bk 
exp , $15,936 

Spec. Colls.: Cambridge authors. Gene- 
alogy and local history (Saunders). Mexico, 
Central America, Southwest, etc (Whorf). 
Music (Wool son). New England. 

Canton 5,896* 
Canton Public Library 
Gertrude C Ryan 
22,474 v. Inc $4,932; bks., per., $745 

Spec Coll Massachusetts town his- 

Carver 1,306* 

Carver Public Library 

Mrs. Viola B. Hidden 
4^252 v. Inc. $314; bks., per., $148 

Charlton 2,295* 

Charlton Free Public Library 

Mrs Ellen M. Robbins 
7,732 v. Inc. $527; bks., per., $127 

Chatham 1,741* 

Eldredge Public Library 

Edna M. Hardy 
8,500 v. Inc. $2,261 ; bks., per., $397 

Chelmsford 6,573* 

Adams Library, 1,794 

Mrs Ida Jefts 
11,778 v. Inc $2,009 , bks , per , $757 

Chelsea 47,247* 

Chelsea Public Library (C) 

Esther C Johnson 
35,275 v. Exp. $29,061 , bks , per , $6,081 

Cheshire 1,842* 

Cheshire Library Association 

Emma E Martin 
9,271 v. Inc $561 ; bks , per., $328 

Cheater 1,514* 

Hamilton Memorial Library 

Mrs. Maria L Ripley, acting 
6,402 v. Inc $693 ; bks , per , $185 

Chicopee 44,882* 

Chicopee Public Library 

Anne A. Smith 
66,000 v. Inc. $22,200; bks., per., $6,501 

Clarksburg 1,222* 
Clarksburg Town Library 

Ruth Lyman 
1,438 v. Inc $50; bks, per, $50 

Clinton 14,180* 

Bigelow Free Public Library (C) 

Helen A. Thissell 
47,315 v. Inc. $11,000 ; bks., per, $1,002 

Cohasaef 2,913* 

Paul Pratt Memorial Library 

Hazel Randall 
18,803 v. Inc. $6,464, bks., per., $1,313 

Colrain 1,562* 

Griswold Memorial Library 

Bertha L Read 
6,005 v. Inc. $2,048; bks., per., $304 

Concord 7,056* 

Concord Free Public Library 

Sarah R. Bartlett 

58,480 v. Inc. $16,816 ; bks., per., $3,069 
Spec. Coll.: Concord. 



Field Memorial Library 

Mrs Lulu M. Ralston 
10,350 v Inc. $3,543. bks., per., $387 

Dalton 4,092* 

Dalton Free Public Library 
15,717 v. Inc $4,304, bks., per, $1,073 

D anvera z i ,798* 

Peabody Institute Library 

Bessie P. Ropes 
25,866 v. Inc $11,966; bks., per, $1,446 

Dartmouth- 9,026* 

Dartmouth Free Public Library 

Mary A Tucker 
6,425 v Inc $529, bks , per , $300 

Dedham 13,918* 

Dedham Public Library 

Anna P Holland 
35,798 v. Inc $17,556; bks, per., $3,150 

Spec Coll : Dedham imprints and his- 

Deerfield 2,968* 

Dickinson Library 

Jane Pratt 
5,004 v Inc $294 , bks., per , $253 

Dennis 1,749* 

Jacob Sears Memorial Library 

Mrs B C Hall 
2,143 v Inc $153 ; bks , per , $39 

Dighton 3,208* 

Dighton Public Library (C) 

Mrs Lydia J Cole 
6,570 v Inc $1,100, bks , per., $437 

Douglas 2,363* 

Simon Fairfield Public Library 

Rosalie Williams 
5,700 v Inc $1,764. bks, per, $402 

Dover 1,044* 

Dover Town Library 

Emily E dickering 
8,691 v Inc $1,000; bks, per, $521 

Dracut 6400* 

Moses Greeley Parker Library 

Mrs Harriet L. Cotter 
14,799 v. Inc $2,500; bks., per., $817 f 

Dudley 4,594* 

Dudley Free Public Library 

Margaret Crawford 
8,240 v. Inc. $1,200; bks., per , $674 

Duxbury 1,688* 

Duxbury Free Library 

Sara B Higgins 
13,900 v. Inc. $6,781; bks, per, $1,011 

East Bridf ewmter 3,53** 

East Bridgewater Puolic Library 

Lucy L. Siddall 
11,725V. Inc. $2,049 

BasthamptOB * 19587* 

Easthampton Public Library Association, 

1792, 1869 

Emma H. Parsons 
15,000 v. Inc. $5,939; bks., per., $1,858 

East Lomgmeadow 3x34* 

East Longmeadow Public Library 

Mary R. Mclntosh 
5,000 v. Inc. $910; bks., per., $483 

Edgartown 1,235* 

Edgartown Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs L. E Wimpenney 
5,537 v. Inc $2,194; bks., per., $1,031 

Erving 1,334* 

Erving Free Public Library 

Mrs. Lilla L. Brown 
4,05ov. Inc. $725; bks. f per., $570 

Essex 1,403* 

T O H P. Burnham Public Library 

Mrs Seola F. Perkins 
6,701 v Inc. $941 ; bks., per., $313 

Everett 42,171* 

Frederick E Parlin Memorial Library 

Georgia W. Rathbone 
26,805 v Inc $21,833, bks., per., $3,658 

Fairhaven 10,827 
Millicent Library 

Louis Felix Ranlett 
32,253 v. Inc. $1^,853; bks., per., $2,842 

Fall River 128,993* 

Fall River Public Library 

T Harrison Cummings 
Branches 3 

146,620 v. Exp $90,000; salaries, $48,812; bk., 
exp, $12464 

Falmouth 4,694* 

Falmouth Free Public Library 

Ida E Kershaw 
14,557 v Inc. $4,055, bks., per., $793 

Fitchburg 43,609* 

Fitchburg Public Library 

George E Nutting 

70401 v Inc. $16434: bks, per., $3,985 
Spec. Coll.: Music. Handel 

Florence 2490 
Lilly Library 

Mrs Mary W. Field 
8,040 v. Inc. $2460, bks., per., $241 



Foxborongh -4,934* 
Boyden Library 

Ida F. Carpenter 
7,000 v. Inc $2,719; bks., per., $356 

Framingham - 21,078 

Framingham Town Library 

Edith B. Hayes 
53,912 v. Inc. $24,661 ; bks., per., $6,172 

Franklin 7,055* 

Franklin Library Association, 1785 

M. R. Daniels, acting 
12,895 v. Inc $1,813; bks., per , $715 

Freetown 1,663* 

Guilford H. Hathaway Library 

Addie M Wing 
2,700 v. Inc $410, bks, per, $82 

Gardner 18,730* 

Levi Heywood Memorial Library 

Barbara H. Smith 
25,155 v. Inc $16,916; bks , per , $5,229 

Georgetown 1,888* 
Peabody Library 

Lois P. Noyes 
10,000 v. Inc $1,717, bks, per., $360 

Gilbertville 2,760 

Gilbertville Public Library 

Mary P. Colvm 
5,406 v. Inc $2,240, bks , per , $847 

Gill 918* 

Prentice Slate Memorial Library 

Mrs. Helen M. Boyle 
2,127 v. Inc $550; bks., per., $219 

Gloucester 23.373* 
Sawyer Free Library 
Rachel S. Webber 
26,612 v. Inc $8,393 1 bks , per , $2,118 

Grafton 6,973* 

Grafton Public Library 

Nellie Amsworth 
16,381 v"* Inc. $5,576, bks, per., $2,013 


Granby Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. M. C Eastman 
7,207V. Inc. $687, bks., per., $283 

Great Harrington 6,405* 
Mason Memorial Library 
Jennie K. Thompson 
22,151 v. Inc. $5,600; bks., per., $298 

Greenfield 15*246* 

Greenfield Public Library 

May Ashley 
34,500 v. Inc. $15,754; bks., per., $4,200 

Groton 2,428* 

Groton Public Library 

Emma F Blood 
16,321 v Inc $3,7o8; bks per., $351 

Groveland 2,485 
Langley Adams Library 
Mrs Ednah B Dorr 
6,848 v Inc $1,202, bks , per , $324 

Hartley 2,888* 

Goodwin Memorial Free Library 

Grace A Crosier 
7,ooo v Inc $1,072; bks, per, 

Hamilton 2,018* 

Hamilton Free Public Library 

Mrs. Lydia Haraden 
10,360 v Inc $2,422_, bks , per , $903 

Hanover 2,755* 
John Curtis Free Library 

Mrs Bernard Stetson 
11,000 v Inc $1.651, bks, per, $561 

Hanson 2,166* 

Hanson Free Public Library 

Abbie J Clark 
18,306 v Inc. $1,587 , bks , per , $764 

Hardwick 3,046* 

Paige Memorial Library 

Nettie C Bridges 
7,572 v Inc $1,625 , bks , per., $564 

Harvard 996 

Harvard Public Library 

Helen F Page 
10,370 v Inc $3,547 , bks , per , $661 

Harwich 2,077* 
Brooks Library 

Miss S L Underwood 
6,211 v Inc. $1,049, bks., per, $250 

Hatfield 2,702* 

Hatfield Free Public Library 

Ellen A Waite 
6,000 v Inc $862 ; bks., per , $519 

HaverhiU 49,232* 
Ha verb ill Public Library 
Donald K Campbell 

126,000 v. Inc. $50,758, salaries, $22.779, bks , 
per, $9,988 

Spec. Colls.: Genealogies Haver lull 
Leather. Whittier. Pictures (N. E history) 

Hingham 6,158* 

Hingham Public Library 

Helen Whiton 
20,000 v. Inc. $4,853; bks., per., $908 


Hmidale 1,044* 

Hinsdale Public Library Association 

Mrs Cora Love 11 
10,000 v. Inc $773, bks , per., $162 

Holbrook 3,273* 

Holbrook Public Library 

Mrs Abbie French 
13,049 v Inc $2,074, bks , per., $510 

Holden 3,436* 

Gale Free Library 

Mrs M Addie Holden 
8,926 v. Inc. $2,718, bks , per , $197 

Holland 2,079 

Holland Free Public Library (R. F D 

Delia M. Blodgett 
Inc $164; bks , per , $44 

Holliaton 2,812* 

Holhston Public Library (C) 

Frances J Hayes 
69,311 c. Inc $40,849, salaries, $22,785, bks, 

Holyoke 60,892* 

Holyoke Public Library 

Frank G. Willcox 

69311 c Inc. $40,849, salaries, $22,785, bks, 
per, $7,720 

Hopedale 3,165* 

Bancroft Memorial Library 

Walter R Meade 
15.483 v Inc $5,657 , bks , per , $683 

Hopkmtqn 2,580* 
Hopkmton Public Library 
Anna K Sheridan 

Housatomc 3,010 

Ramsdell Public Library 

Helen Brown 
11,215 v Inc $3,500, bks., per, $448 

Hnbbardston 1,067* 

Hubbardston Free Public Librar> 

Mrs Lucy H. Clough 
6,580 v Inc $1,386; bks., per, $230 

Hudson 8,130* 
Hudson Public Library (C) 
Mrs. G M Whittemore 
15.774 v. Inc. $5,164., bks , per , $1,251 

Hull 2,652* 

-Hull Public Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Sirovich 
6,605 v. Inc. $3,910; bks , per., $676 

| Huntington 1,543* 

1 Huntmgton Free Public Library 

! Marian Childs 

I 2,872 v Inc $635, bks per., $219 

Hyannis 1,555 

| Hyannis Free Public Library 
1 Mrs Ora A Hinckley 

, 8,000 v Inc $1,891 , bks., per., $481 

! Ipswich 6,055* % 

i Ipswich Free Public Library 

Mrs Grace . Baxter 
! 13,344 v. Inc $2,620, bks, per., $732 

1 Kingston 2,524* 

1 Frederick C Adams Public- Library 

Mrs J F McLauthlen 
11,431 v. Inc $2,700, bks , per., $500 

Lakeville 1,439* 

Lakeville Public Library (C) 

Hannah K Nelson 
3,900 v. Inc $725 ; bks., per., $137 

Lancaster 2,678* 

Lancaster Town Library 

Virginia M. Keyes 
45,118 v Inc $3.739 \ bks, per, $925 
Spec Coll . Lancaster 

Lanesborough i ,i 8 1* 

Newton Memorial Library 

Anna M Sturgis 
3,034 v Inc $343 , bks , per , $82 

Lawrence 93,5*7* 

Lawrence Free Public Library 

William A Walsh 
98,000 v Inc $56,372, bks, per, $9,617 

Lee 4,058* 

Lee Library Association (C) 
Mrs Flora Saunders 
11,779 v Inc $2,460, bks , per , $270 

Leicester 4,110* 

Leicester Public Library 

Mrs. Anna M. Collyer 
18,666 v Inc. $3,519, bks., per., $381 

Lenox 2,895* 

Lenox Library Association 

Edith O Fitch 
24.048 v Inc $8,574; bks, per., $1,007 

, Leominster 22,120 

i Leominster Public Library (C) 

Florence E. Wheeler 
44,975 v" Inc $11,875, bks., per, $2,447 

| Lexington 77*5* 
! Cary Memorial Library 
Marian P. Kirkland 
i 35,689 v Inc. $11,224; bks., per., $1,463 



Lincoln 1,306* 
Lincoln Public Library 
Elizabeth J. Chapm 
11,642 v. Inc. "$2,348; bks , per., $226 

Littleton 1,411* 

Reuben Hoar Library 

Margaret E. Thacher 
15,545 v. a Inc. $2,092, bks, per., $627 

Longmeadow 3,333* 

Richard Salter Storrs Library 

Mrs. Lucy Booth 
10,501 v. Inc. $1,604, bks., per., $890 

Lowell z 10,296* 
City Library 

Frederick A. Chase 
i?7,730 v. Inc. $34.979; bks., per, $5,517 

Ludlow 8,802* 

Hubbard Memorial Library 

Ruth Abbott 
7,090 v Inc. $5,462; bks , per., $1,737 

Lynn 103,081* 
Lynn Public Library 
Joyce G. Bisbee 

Branches: 4 (2 Carnegie) 
127,881 v. Exp. $66,629, salaries, $37,464; 
bks. exp, $8,166 

Spec. Colls. : Genealogy. Town histories 
Blind. Shoe manufacturing 

Lynnfield Centre 1,331* 
Lynnfield Public Library 
Elizabeth W. Green 
Branches : I 
8,000 v. Inc. $1,200; bks, per., $300 

Malden- 5 x,78g* 
Maiden Public Library 

Herbert William Fison 

Branches . 2 

81,774 v. Inc. $47,211; salaries, $24,289, bk 
exp., $8,141 

Spec. Colls : Americana. Music. 

Manchester 2,499* 
Manchester Public Library 

Jane C. Sargent 
22,803 v Inc. $3,007; bks., per., $1,124 

Mansfield 6,590* 

Mansn-ld Public Library 

Ethel F. Wood 
9,806 v. Inc. $5,198; bks., per., $1,570 

Marblehead 8,214* 
Abbot Public Library 

Anna B. Cole 
17,557 v. Inc. $10,241 ; bks., per., $i,973 

Marion 1,271* 

Marion Library Association 

Alice A. Ryder 
11,000 v. Inc. $3,546; bks., per., $813 

Marlborougfc 16,236 

Marlborough Public Library (C) 

John P. McGee 
38,000 v. Inc. $9,884; bks., per., $1,810 

Marshficld 1,777* 
Ventress Library 

Josephine A. Baker 
6400 v. Inc. $1,000, bks , per., $284 

Mattapoiaett 1,556* 

Mattapoisett Free Public Library 

Grace A Tilden 
8,814 v. Inc. $MI4; bks , per., $494 

Maynard 7,857* 

Maynard Public Library 

Mrs Sarah F. Nyman 
11,041 v Inc $3,280; bks, per, $747 

Medfield 3.867* 

Medfield Public Library 

Mrs Clara A Emery 
9,000 v. Inc. $2,156, bks , per, $569 
Spec Coll . Massachusetts 

Medford 47,627* 

Medford Public Library 

Abby L Sargent 
72,022 v. Inc. $23,000, bks , per., $5,183 

Melroae 20,165 

Melrose Public Library (C) 

Elsie M Hatch 
35,7o8 v. Inc. $16,577, bks , per , $3,300 

Mendon 1,030* 

Taft Public Library 

Mrs. Verena R Daley 
7,066 v. Inc. $672 ; bks , per , $95 

Menimac 2,349 

Merrimac Public Library 

Susanna I. Sayre 
6,000 v. Inc. $750; bks., per , $345 

Methuen 20,606 

Nevins Memorial Library 

Beatrice N. Weibel 
25,129 v. Inc $8,648; bks., per., $1,139 

Middleborongh 9,136* 

Middleborough Public Library 

Mrs. Mertie E. Witbeck 
28,610 v. Inc $9,477, bks., per., $1,930 

Middfcton 1,667* 
Flint Public Library 
Edith L. Fletcher 
9,254 v. Inc. $1,076, bks., per., $201 



Milford 14,781* 

Milford Town Library 

Ethelwvn Blake 
21,737 v. Inc. $3,800; bks. ( per, $816 

Millbury 6,441* 

-Millbury Public Library (C) 

Carolyn C. Waters 
12,000 v. Inc $2,552; bks., per, $485 

Millers Falls 2,050 
Millers Falls Library 

Mrs E A. Lawrence 
4,oiiv. Inc. $1,268, bks., per., $349, 

Millis 1,791* 

Millis Public Library 

Carrie D Hammond 
2,000 v ^Inc. $565; bks, per, $359 

Milton 12,861 
Milt* Public Library 

Carrie S. Allen 
36,789 v. Inc $22,868, bks, per., $2,781 

Millville 2,366* 

Millville Public Library 

Mary V. Murphy v 

2,590 v Inc. $614, bks, per, $504 

Monson 5,089* 
Monson Free Library 
Mrs. Etta Lewis 
16,531 v. Inc $2,822, bks , per., $794 

Montague 7,973* 
Montague Town Library 
Mrs. Kate A. Hayden 
8400 v. Inc $843; bks , per , $381 

Nahant 1,630* 

Nahant Public Library 

May W. Perkins 
30,949 v. Inc. $4.350. bks., per , $1,288 

Nantocket 3,152* 

Nantucket Atheneum 

Clara Parker 
25,608 v. Inc. $4,389; bks . per , $831 

Natick 12,871* 

Morse Institute Library 

Mira R. Partridge 
34,291 v. Inc. $14,882, bks., per., $2,293 

Needham -8,977* 

Needham Free Public Library (C) 

Barbara Abbott 
24,000, v. Inc. $7,671 ; bks , per., $2,030 

New Bedford 1 19,539* 
Free Public Library 
George H. Tripp 
Branches: 3 

New Bedford Continued 

207,000 v. Exo. $83,333, salaries, $41,031 , bk. 

exp., $I3 A 679 

Spec. Colls. : Quakers. Textiles. Whal- 
ing. Genealogy. Cotton Industry 

Newburjport 15^656* 

Newburyport Public Library 

John D. Parsons 
62,087 v." Inc. $14,848; bks, per, $2,381 

Newton 53,003* 

Newton Free Library 

Julius Lucht 
126,025 v. Inc. $80,061; bks, per., $19,954 

Norfolk 1,213* 
Norfolk Public Library 
Mrs Lucy MacKay 
2,000 v Inc $450, bks, per., $170 

North Abington 2,850 
North Abington Library 

Mrs M G. McDougall 
9,000 v Inc $2,329, bks , per , $318 

North Adams 22,717* 

North Adams Public Library 

Mabel Temple 
46,529 v. Inc. $14,352; bks., per., $3,916 

Northampton 24,145* 
Forbes Library 

Joseph L. Harrison 
184,320 v. Inc $42,000; bks., 
Spec. Colls.: Coolidge. 
Pomeroy C E. Forbes. 
European rare books. War 
Connecticut Valley. 

per, $11,000 
Japan. Seth 
Art. Music. 

North Andover 6*839* 

Stevens Memorial Library 

Elizabeth M. Pond 
16,735 v. Inc. $7,902, bks., per., $893 

North Attleborough 9,790* 
I Richards Memorial Library 

Ethel M Rix 
24,294 v. Inc $6,390; bks., per, $2,120 

Northborough 1,968* 

Northborough Free Library 

M. Evelyn Potter 
18,000 v. Inc. $3,867; bks., per, $847 

North Brookfield 3,046* 

North Brookfield Free Public Library 

Katharine E. Smith 
10,500 v. Inc. $2,500; bks., per, $559 

North Dartmouth 1,831 

North Dartmouth Free Public Library 

Alice W. Gidley 
3,712 v. Inc $700; bks., per., $350 




North Barton 5,333* 

Ames Free Library 

Mary L. Lamprey 
18,651 v. Inc. $6,949; bks, per., $1,249 

North Everett 

Smite Memorial Library 

Mrs. Gertrude S MacAdam 
14,288 v. Inc. $9,140; bks., per, $2,599 

Northfield i,8ai* 

Dickinson Memorial Library 

Mrs. C. A. Randall 

v. Inc. $1,171 ; bks., per , $322 

North Reading 1,689 

Flint Library 

Addie W. Cowing 
5,983 v. Inc. $591 ; bks., per , $210 

North Scituate 1,070 

Pierce Memorial Library 

Mrs C. B. Stoddard 
5,920 v. Inc. $938, bks., per, $234 

North Wobnrn 3,036 

Eunice Thompson Memorial Library 

Dorothea Blue 
2,825 v. Inc. $1,898; bks., per., $193 

Norton 2,769* 

Norton Public Library 

Lora Hopkins 
10,405 v Inc. $1402; bks, per. $608 

Norwell 1,466* 
James Library 

Marion G. Merritt 
4,500 v. Inc $880, bks., per, $06 

Norwood 14*151* 

Morrill Memorial Library, 1790 

Jane A. Hewett 
29,500 v Inc $12,758, bks, per., $2,223 

Oak Bluffs 1,314* 

Oak Bluffs Public Library 

Mrs. M A Mayhew 
4,000 v. Inc. $1,154; bks., per $229 

Orange 5,141* 

Wheeler Memorial Library 

Miss N. G. Hendrickson 
16,142 v. Inc. $5,067; bks, per, $1,071 

Orleans 1,078 

Snow Library 

Mary S Cummings 
8,082 v. Inc. $1,211 ; bks., per., $308 

Oxford 4/>a6* 

Charles Larned Memorial Library 

Harriet B. Kilton 
12,198 v. Inc. $2,151 , bks , per , $560 

Palmer 11,044 

Young Men's Library Association 

May L Robinson 
18,549 v. Inc. $4^90; bks, per, $1,506 

Peabody 19,870* 

Eben Dale Sutton Reference Library 

Frances M. Carroll 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,300; bks., per., $34 

Peabody Institute Library 

John E. Keefe 
52,000 v. Inc. $9,438; bks., per, $1,678 

Pembroke 1,480* 

Pembroke Free Library 

Ellen F. Cox 
3,600 v. Inc $300, bks, per, $184 

Pepperell 2,779* 

Lawrence Memorial Library 

Helen M Wiley 
19,913 v. Inc $2,705, bks, per, $393 

Pittsfield 46,877* 

Berkshire Atheneum 

Harlan H. Ballard 
79,122 v. Inc. $32,571 , bks , per , $3,490 

Spec Colls Agassiz Assn Agriculture 
French Genealogy Hymnology Massa- 
chusetts Newspapers Pittsfield Shay's 
Rebellion Williams College 

Plamville 1,512* 

Plamville Public Ltbrarv 

Theodore Fuller 
6,000 v Inc $875 ; bks., per , $431 

Plymouth 13,176* 
Plymouth Public Library 

Mrs John Figmic 
18,667 v Inc $7,88i , bks , per , $1,660 

Spec. Colls.* Colonial furniture Local 

Provincetown 3,787* 

Provincetown Public Library 

Abbie C. Putnam 
16,699 v. Inc $1,301 ; bks., per , $329 

Quincy 60,055* 

Thomas Crane Public Library 

Galen W. Hill 

Branches : 10 

67,228 v. Inc., $44,055; salaries, $22,906; bk 
exp., $10,143 

Spec. Coll.: Adams family. 


Turner Free Library 
Sarah C. Belcher 
29,771 v. Inc $2,525; bks., per., $535 



Raynham 2,128* 
Raynham Public Library 

Lucy W. Thompson 
3,645 v. Inc. $630, bks, per, $235 

Reading 8,693* 

Reading Public Library (C) 

Bertha L. Brown 
13,880 v. Inc. $6,800; bks., per., $2,001 

Rehoboth 2,332* 
Blandmg Free Public Library 
Mrs. Charles Fuller 

Revere 33,261* 

Revere Public Library (C) 

Harriet T Fenno 
17,678 \ Inc $8,395, bks v per., $1,926 

Rochester i,xoo* 

Rochester Free Public Library 

Mrs Annie Wilbur 
Inc $356, bks, per, $246 

Rockland 7,966* 

Rockland Memorial Library (C) 

Mrs. Lida A Clark 
16,146 v Inc $4,802, bks., per, $1,299 

Rockport 3,949* 

Rockport Public Library (C) 

Mabel L Woodfall 
7,000 v Inc $2,500, bks, per., $516 

Rowley 1,408* 

Rowley Free Public Library 

Mrs Mary E Perley 
6,341 v Inc $655, bks., per, $465 

Russell 1,398* 

Russell Free Public Library 
Mrs James Walkmshaw 
3,500 v Inc $700, bks., per., $443 

Rutland 2,236* 

Rutland Free Public Library 

L Edna Wheeler 
4,927 v Inc. $524, bks., per., $270 

Salem- 42,821* 

Salem Athenaeum 

30,000 v. 

Salem Public Library 
Gardner M Jones 

79,734 v Inc $35,358; bks., per, $5,448 
Spec Colls Shorthand Cookery 

Salisbury z ,820* 
Salisbury Public Library 

Mrs Frances L. Pettengill 
4,400 v. Inc $857; bks , per., $410 

Sandwich 1,479* 

Weston Memorial Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Burbank 
9,350 v. Inc. $2,212; bks., per., $309 

Sangus 12,743* 

Saugus Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Laura H. Taylor 
17,787 v. Inc. $4,595 ; bks., per., $1,647 

Scituate 2,7x3* 
Allen Memorial Library 
Edith A. Manson 

Seekonk 4,191* 
Seekonk Public Library 
Alice E. Woodbury 
4,639 v Inc $500; bk*., per, $353 

Sharon 3,119* 

Sharon Public Library (C) 

Mrs Edith Hodsdon 
7,990 v Inc. $2,699; bks., per., $533 

Sheffield 1,614* 

Sheffield Free Town Library 

Nellie M Nelson 
5,385 v. Inc. $248, bks , per, $174 

Shelburne Falls 1,538 
Arms Library 

Mrs S A. Field 
11,200 v Inc $1,821, bks, per, $798 

Sherborn 929* 
Dowse Library 

Mrs Francis Bardwell 
8,666 v. Inc $1,819 

Shirley 2,394* 
Shirley Public Library 
Grace M. Kilburn 
8,404 v. Inc. $1,349, bks, per, $567 

Shrewsbury 5,819* 

Shrewsbury Free Public Library 

Mabel E. Knowlton 
18,457 v Inc $5,904, bks, per, $962 

Somerset 4,818* 

Somerset Free Public Library 

Flora B Wood 
4,448 v. Inc $1,897, bks , per., $327 

Somerville 99,032* 
Public Library (C) 

George Hill Evans 
123,988 v. Exp. $64,016; 
bk. exp., $13,984 

Spec Coll.: Music. 

Southampton 9x6 
Edwards Library 

Mrs. E. L. Clark 
7,200 v. Inc. $547; bks., per., $200 

salaries, $41,954? 



Southborougfe 2,053* 
Fay Library 

Sarah V. Stivers 
16,212 v. Inc. "$1,864; bks., per. t $284 

Southbridge 15,489 

Jacob Edwards Library 

Ella E. Miersch 
26,143 v. Inc. $12,408; bks., per., $2,339 

South Dartmouth 1,628 
Apponegansett Library 

Mrs. Alice D. Myers 
1,150 v. Inc. $1,216, bks., per, $261 

South Deerfidd 

Tilton Library 

Mrs. Ellen Billings 
5,118 v. Inc. $1,186; bks., per., $574 

South Hadley 6^09* 

Gaylord Memorial Library (C) 

Gertrude E. Gaylord 
9,802 v. Inc. $3,744; bks., per., $527 

South Htdley Falls 3425 
Free Public Library 

Lottie I. Judd 
7,893 v. Inc. $2,415 J bks , per , $463 

South Nfttick 925 
Bacon Free Library 
Mrs. Ella Karb 
6,938 v. Inc. $1,812; bks., per, $220 

South Weymouth 4,236 
Fogg Library 

Mary A. Fogg 
11,600 v. Inc. $3,240; bks., per., $1,025 

Southwick 1,267* 

Southwick Public Library 

Mrs. Musetta Phelps 
4,509 v. Inc. $559; bks., per., $119 

Spencer 4523* 
Richard Sugden Library 

Mrs. Dora N. Hodgdon 
13,500 v. Inc. $5,880; bks., per. $525 

Springfield 142,065* 
City Library Association (C) 
' Killer C. Wellman 

Branches: 3 (Carnegie) 

Museums: 2 (Art, and Natural History, 

cxp. $21,360) 

340,244 v Exp. $190,380; salaries, $102,344; 
bk. exp.. $30,105 

Spec. Colls.: Social science. Theology, 
exegetical, practical and systematic. Art and 
decoration, local and New England town 
histories and genealogies. Music (scores and 
phonograph records). Wood engravings 

Springfield Continued 

(Aston). Early church. Economics Pho- 

Sterling 1,516* 

Conant Free Public Library 

Mrs. Fannie T. Lent 
8,648 v. Inc. $1,095; bks., per, $385 

Stockbrid^ 1,830* 

Stockbridge Library Association 

Olga M. Wilcox 

13,000 v. Inc. $3,250; salaries, $1,620, bks.,. 
per., $660 

Spec Colls. : Stockbridge history and im- 
prints. Stockbridge Indians. Berkshires. 

Stoneham 9,084* 

Stoneham Public Library (C) 

Martha A Jackson 
14,240 v. Inc. $6,290, bks., per., $1,360 

Stonghton 7,857* 

Stoughton Public Library 

Alice G. Leary 
21,350 v. Inc. $5,472; bks., per , $1,488 

Stow 1,185* 

Randall Memorial Library 

Eleanor L. Smith 
6,500 v. Inc. $632; bks., per, $129 

Stnrbridge 1,845* 

Joshua Hyde Public Library 

Susan L Haynes 
10,658 v. Inc $957, bks., per, $330 

Sudbury 1,394* 

Goodnow Free Public Library 

Mrs. Mabel Gohlke 
14,000 v Inc $1,237, bks., per., $434 

Snnderland 1,290* 

Sunderland Public Library 

Mrs. Mary Pomeroy 
7,069 v. Inc. $881 ; bks., per., $448 

Sutton 2,174* 

Sutton Free Library 

Mrs E. F Freeland 
11,000 v. Inc. $693, bks., per., $444 

Swampacott 8053* 

Swampscott Free Public Library 

Lucy Eveleth 
12,919 v. Inc. $7,631 ; bks., per., $1,866 

Swansea 3,250* 

Swansea Free Public Library 

10^391 v. Inc. $1,014; bks., per. $270 

Taunton 39t55* 

Taunton Public Library (C) 

Joshua E. Crane 
88,269 v. Inc. $19345; bks., per., $5,642 




Templeton 4,368* 

Boynton Public Library 

Grace E Blodgett 
12,730 v. Inc. $2,921 , bks , per., $1,253 

Tewksbury 4,985* 

Tewksbury Public Library 

Abbie M. Blaisdell 
14,000 v. Inc. $1,386, bks., per., $809 

Topsfield 915* 
Topsfield Town Library 
Mrs George F. Dow 
13,720 v. Inc $667; bks, per, $244 

Townsend 1,895* 

Townsend Public Library 

Mrs. Evelyn Warren 
9,580 v Inc $1,351 , bks., per., $589 

Turners Falls 5,860 

Carnegie Public Library 

Edith L Barber 
14,085 v. Inc $5,937, bks, per., $1,248 

Tyngsboro 1,107* 
Littlefield Library, 1791 
Jennie J. Bancroft 
9,344 v Inc. $1,118, bks, per., $204 

Upton 1,988* 

Upton Town Library 

Helen A Fay 
9,015 v. Inc. $955 , bks , per , $425 

Uxbndge 6,172* 

Uxbridge Free Public Library 

Mrs Beatrice Sprague 
17,177 v Inc $4,538, bks, per, $691 

Vineyard Haven 1,431 

Vineyard Haven Public Library 

Bessie H Stanton 
7,000 v Inc. $875 , bks., per , $300 

Wakefield 15,611 

Lucius Beebe Memorial Library 

Helen F Carleton 
30,156 v. Inc $23,540, bks, per. $8,402 

Walpole 6,508* 

Walpole Public Library (C) 

Dorothy Annable 
17,879 v. Inc $7,050; bksj per, $3,064 

Waltham 34,746* 

Waltham Public Library 

Leslie T. Little 
76,884 v k Inc $37,592, bks., per., $7,809 

Spec. Colls.. Local history. Clocks and 

Ware 8,629* 

Young Men's Library Association 

Mary L. Smith 
15,797 v. Inc. $6,195; bks., per., $1,805 

Wareham 5,594* 
Wareham Free Library 
Mrs Mae C. Miller 
8,556 v Inc. $3,612, bks., per, $714 

Warren 3,950* 
Warren Public Library 
Ada L. Wetherbee 
12,000 v Inc $2,328, bks, per, $335 

Watertown 25,480 
. Watertown Free Public Library 

Lydia W. Masters 
; 57,189 v Inc $23,633; bks, per, $4,638 

1 Wayland 2,255* 

1 Wayland Free Public Library 

Margaret Wheeler 
23,000 v Inc $4,975, bks, per., $1,032 

Webster 13,389* 

Chester Corbm Public Library 

Mrs P P Kmgsbury 
17,000 v Inc $9,075 , bks , per , $1^893 

, Wellesley 9,049* 

Wellesley Free Library . 

| Kathleen A Kennedy 

I 30,805 v Inc $14,805 , bks , per , $2,051 

Wenham 1,145* 
j Wenham Public Library 
! Margaret B Batchelder 

9,317 v. Inc $1,500, bks, per, $916 

West Boylston 1,916* 

Beaman Memorial Public Library 

Annie M Waitc 
12,492 v Inc $4,927, bks, per, $341 

West Bridgewater 3,121* 

West Bridgewater Public Library 

Charlotte L Williams 
10,000 v. Inc. $1,692, bks. per, $573 

West Brookfield 1,314* 
Merriam Public Library 

Helen P Shackley 
8,370 v" Inc $1,954; bks, per., $442 

West Medway MOO 

West Medway Free Public Library 

Mrs. L W. Esten 
4,462 v. Inc. $750; bks., per , $300 

West Newbury 1,337* 

West Newbury Public Library 

Mrs. Sarah Bailey 
7,000 v. Inc. $717; bks, per., $112 



Wwt Springfield 15,326* 

West Springfield Public Library (C) 

Marion Bowler 
16,929 v. Inc. $9,940; bks., per., $2,347 

WMt Stockbridge i,aia* 

West Stockbridge Public Library 

Mrs. Susan W. Blake 
4,290 v. Inc. $450; bks., per., $155 

Weit Warren 1,035 
West Warren Library 

Rose T. Faneuf 
Inc. $968; bks, per, $182 

Wettborough 6,348* 

Westborough Public Library 

Mrs. Abbie F. Judd 
20,500 v. .Inc. $3,515; bks., per., $712 

Wertfield 19,343* 
Westfield Atheneum 

Kenneth J. Boyer 
40,230 v. Inc. $16,223; bks , per., $3,031 

Westf ord 3,57 i* 

J. V Fletcher Library 

May E. Day 
18,868 v. Inc. $3,005; bks , per., $841 

Westminster 1,884* 

Forbush Memorial Library 

Sarah F Greene . 
11,410 v. Inc $2,186, bks, per, $387 

Weston 2,906* 
Weston Public Library 
Maude M Pennock 
27309 v Inc. $9,147; bks., per., $2,504 

Wevtport 3,115 

Westport Public Library 

Emily F. Sisson 
2^95 v. Inc. $457, bks., per., $186 

Wettwood 1,706* 

Westwpod Public Library 

Anne Richardson 
8,114 v. Inc $1,357; bks., per, $523 

WeymonUt 17,353* 
Tufts Library 

Abbie L Loud 
40,303 v Inc. $15,166; bks., per., $3.814 

Whately 1,229* 

Whately Public Library 

Arlene I. Roote 
Inc. $3,216; bks., per., $210 

WhitinsviUe 5,877 

Whitinsville Social Library 

Ethel M. Pope 
17,929 v. Inc. "$9,283: bks., per., $3,035 

Whitman 7,837* 
Whitman Public Library 

Grace W. Holbrook 
18,500 v. Inc. $3400, bks., per., $1,186 

Wilbraham 2,833* 

Wilbraham Free Public Library 

Mrs. J. T. Abbott 
4,945 v. Inc. $1403; bks., per., $321 

Williamsbiirg 1493* 

Meekins Memorial Library 

Lizzie Bisbee 
8,300 v. Inc. $1,735, bks., per., $415 



Williams town Public Library 

Elizabeth K. Whelden 
11,000 v. Inc $2,684; bks., per, $963 

Wilmington 3^15* 

Wilmington Public Library 

Anna T Sheldon 
5,564 v. Inc $837 , bks , per , $350 

Winchendon 6,173* 

Deals Memorial Library 

Anna G. Rockwell 
11,929 v. Inc. $4,267 , bks , per , $1,308 

Winchester 1 1,565* 

Winchester Public Library 

Cora A Quimby 
30,415 v. Inc. $7,265 , bks , per , $2,488 

Winthrop 16,158* 

Winthrop Public Library 

Dorothy L. Kmney 
19,466 Y. Inc $8,680; bks., per., $2,024 

Woburn 18,370** 

Woburn Public Library 

William D. Goddard 
30,900 v. Inc $18,075 ; bks., per , $2,751 

Spec. Colls.- Genealogy. Local history. 

Worcester 192,242* 

Free Public Library 

Robert K Shaw 

Branches- 3 (Carnegie) 
285,492 v. Inc $151,999, salaries, $102,442; 
bk. exp., $20,705 ; per exp $2,259 

Spec. Colls. : Art (reproductions). Wor- 
cester, Eng. 

Worcester County Mechanics Association 


v. Bks., per., $275 

Wrealhiun 3,214* 

Fiske Public Library 

Ernest A. Hall 
7,726 v. Inc. $1,329; bks., per., $280 




Yarmouth 1,339 

Yarmouth Library Association 

Mrs. L. C. Matthews 
11,000 v. Inc. $1,089; bks., pen, $329 


Michigan State Library, Laming: Mn. 
Mary B. Frankbanaer, Librarian 

Adrian 13,000* 

Adrian Public Library (C) 

Margaret F. Jewell 
29,050 v. Inc. $7,100; bks., $600 

Albion 9,000* 

Albion Public Library (C) 

L. Ruth French 
11,070 v. Inc $6,250, bks, $1,130 

Allegan 4,000* 

Allegan Public Library (C) 

Lenora Porter 
10,195 v. Inc $2,200, bks., $200 

Alma 7,500* 
Public Library 

Lucy B Alverson 
5,748 v Inc. $3,384. bks., $850 

Almont 900* 

Henry Stephens Public Library 

Lois M Stannard 
2,500 v. Inc. $1,321 ; bks., $228 

Alpena 11,101* 

Alpena Public Library 

Emily E Oliver 
9,000 v. Inc $3,557, bks., $500 

Ann Arbor 27*322* 

Ann Arbor Public Library (C) 

Samuel W McAllister 
33,050 v. Inc. $18,557; bks., $2,000 

Armada 2,806* 
Township Library (C) 
Mabel . Blackney 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,564, bks., $350 

Bad Axe 2,500* 

Subscription Library 

Battle Creek 40,000* 

Willard Memorial Library 

Leila Williams 
40,160 v. Inc. $11,674; bks., $3,878 

Bay CitjF-33,000* 

Bay City Public Library (C) 

Isabel A. Ballou 

51,247 v Inc $17,737; bks., $4,523 
Spec. Colls.: Americana. Art. 

Bay City Continued 
Sage Public Library 
Molly M. Gilbert 
44,863 v. Inc. $13,463; bks., 


fielding 4,270* 
Alvah N. Belding Library 
Mrs. Mary S. Barnes 
7,974 v. Inc. $3,300; bks., per., $1,400 

Bellevue 1,000* 
Township Library 

Jeanette Sackett 
1,000 v. 

Bonton Harbor 12,000* 

Benton Harbor Public Library (C) 

Theodosia Falkingham 
13,555 v. Inc. $5,691, bks., $213 

Berrien Spring* 1,150* 
Public Library 

Mary F. Kelley 
2,250 v. Inc. $553, bks., $432 

Bessemer 4^50* 

Bessemer Public Library 

Mrs. Agnes Knight 
3,000 v. Inc. $1,257; bks., $218 

Big Rapida 4,558* 
Phelps Free Library 

Myrtle Wessel 
11,474 v Inc. $2,288, bks , $200 

Birmingham 6,000* 
Baldwin Public Library 

Blanche Kerns 
6,306 v. Inc $4,096; bks., $518 

Boyne Qity^-4/ioo* 
Public School Library (C) 

Mrs. Lena B. Cook 
4,823 v. Inc. $2,800; bks , $499 

Bridgeport 1,200* 
Township Library 

Mrs. Floyd Weston 
2,500 v. 

Bronson 1,300* 
Township Library (C) 
Mrs Maude Rich 
2,000 v. Inc. $1,200; bks., $400 

Buchanan 4,000* 
Township Library 
Irenus Sparks 
3,000 v. Inc. $00 ; bks., $300 

Cadillac 12,000* 

Carnegie Public Library (C) 

William F. Sanborn 
10,048 v. Inc. $5,870; bks., $422 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Public Library of the Calumet & Hecla 
Mining Company 

Mrs. M. F. Grierson 
47,162 v 

Caspian 2*000* 
Community House Library 

Mrs. W. M. Berry 
568 v. 

Cassopoli* z ,350* 

La Grange Township Library (C) 

Stella Kmgsbury 
5,010 v. Inc $1,641 , bks., $360 

Charlevoix 2,2 18* 
Public School Library (C) 

Minnie Earle Payton 
6,000 v. Bks., $398 

Charlotte 5,126* 

Charlotte Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Edith Biggs 
8,886 v. Inc. $2,336; bks , $514 

Cheboygan 5,642* 
Public School Library (C) 
Mrs. Orpha Berry 

9.168 v. Inc. $2,935; bks., $278 

Clare 2,000* 

Public Library 

Mrs. F. E Hochstetter 
1,680 v. 

Clinton 1,000* 
Public School Library 

Ella F. Bostedoe 
3,000 v. Inc. $1,270, bks , $212 

Coiawater 7,222* 

Coldwater Public Library 

Elizabeth M. Warren 
15,975 v. Inc. $3,761 ; bks., $605 

Colon 1,000* 

Township Library 

Carrie A. Snyder 
4,873 v. Inc. $1,500 

Constantino 1,200* 
Township Library 

Josephine Benham 

2.169 v. Inc. $1,576 

Coopersville 1,000* 

Public Library 

Maude Streeter 
2,986 v. Inc. $390 

Corunna 1,800* 
Subscription Library 
Harriet E. Holt 
2,025 v. 

Covert 1,800* 

Township Library 

Mrs Orion Reed 
1,200 v Inc $181 ; bks , $30 

Croiwell 1,600* 
Public Library 
Verna Niles 

Dearborn 1 2,500* 

Dearborn Public Library 

Isabella L Chaffin 
9,374 v Inc $22,223, bks, $2,018 

Decatur 1,500* 

Public Library 

Mrs. Marinda Bishop 
1,200 v. Inc. $50 

Detroit 1,535,964** 

Detroit Public Library 

Librarian Adam Strohm 

Burton Historical Collection Gracie B. 


Business & Commerce Christine Haller 
Catalog Adelaide F Evans 
Children's Elisabeth Knapp 
Circulation Marion R Service 
Civics Grace England 
Downtown Annex Mabel True 
Extension William Webb 
Fine Arts Lucille Seed 
Medical Science Marjorie Darrach 
Music and Drama Elizabeth K Steele 
Order (acting) Blanche M. Tate 
Periodical Gertrude Ernst 
Publications Isa L Partch 
Reference Helen C Bates 
Schools Jessie E Tompkins 
Staff Secretary Mrs Helen J Boyer 
Sub Branches Ninevah Edwards 
Technology Ernest W Chapm 
Training and Personnel Luc> L. Mor- 

Administration Offices. Mam Library, 
Woodward and Kirby 

Branches: 21 (8 Carnegie), n sub- 
branches, 22 deposit stations 

Room for the blind, Lothrop Branch 
Mrs Grace Davis 

Spec. Coll : Americana, especially De- 
troit and Old Northwest (Burton). 

Wayne County Public Library (C; county 
pop. 1,177,645) 

Mrs. Loleta I. Dawson Fyan 
23,048 v. Inc. $40.792, bks., $15,000 

Dowmgiac 5,300* 

Dowagiac Public Library (C) 

12,500 v. Inc. $3,901 ; bks., $526 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Dnrand 3,006* 

Subscription Library 

Mrs Harriet Izor, pres 

East Jordan 3,000* 

East Jordan Public Library (C) 

Harriet Empey 
4,000 v Inc. $2,016, bks., $200 

Bast Lansing 3,000* 
East Lansing Library 

Mrs Howard Johnson 

Mrs. Harold Childs 
500 v Inc $183 , bks , $63 

Baton Rapids 2,750* 

Eaton Rapids Public Library 

Bessie A. Hyde 
3,500 v Inc $1,577, bks., $188 

Blk Rapids x,ooo* 
Public School Library 
Ethel M. Kramer 
1,800 v. 

Escanaba 15,600* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs Nancy B Thomas 
13,046 v Inc $8,978 , bks., $1,600 

Bvart 1,300* 

Township Library 

R Lucy Kirschbaum 
3,000 v Inc. $419 , bks , $191 

Farmington 1,300* 
Township Library 
Mary Kennedy 
1,700 v. Inc. $200 

Fenton 3,000* 

A J Phillips Public Library 
Mrs. Cora Pettis 

Flint 130,000* 
Public Library (C) 

Ralph Munn 
Branches: 4 

100,000 v Exp. $53,300, salaries, $30.900, bk 
exp., $15,000 

Flushing 1,000* 
Flushing Public Library 
Sadie Greenfield 

Frankfort 1,550* 
Public School Library 
Mrs. Ada A. Lewis 
4,150V. Inc. $470; bks., $149 

Fremont 2,0x5* 
Fremont Public Library 
Mrs Mildred Reddy 
1,570 v. Inc. 1,033 

Gaylord 0,000* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Emily E. Kinnee 
5,000 v Inc. $500 

Gladstone 5,000* 
Public School Library 

Cornelia Henderson 
6,058 v. Inc. $2,850 

Grand Haven 7,205* 

Grand Haven Public and School Library (C) 

Helen de Young 
5,989 v Inc $3,608; bks., $385 

Grand Ledge 3,500* 
Grand Ledge Public Library 

Mrs. Addie M. Lord 
4,500 v Inc. $2,865; bks., $417 

Grand Rapids 153,698* 
Grand Rapids Public Library 
Samuel H Ranck 

Branches 24, 24 stations 
275,696 v Exp $172,421; salaries, $114,620; 
bk exp, $30,358 

Spec Colls : Michigan history (Stuart). 
American painters (Coit). Family and indus- 
trial relations (Foster Welfare Foundation). 
Furniture and interior decoration. Dutch 

Grayling 2,700* 
Township Library 

Mrs John Speck 
1.570 v Inc $300, bks, $128 

Greenville 5,000* 

Public School Library 

Alice Fuller 
10,381 v. Inc. $1,679; bks., $729 

Gwinn 2,500* 

Forsyth Township Public School Library 

Florence Fenske 
2,500 v. Inc $1,000 ; bks., $500 

Hamtramck 87,800* 
Public Library 

Julia C. Garst 
12,384 v. Inc. $11,647; bks., $3,866 

Hancock 8,000* 

Hancock Public School Library 

Grace E. Wagner 
7,oo5v. Inc. $3,775; bks-, $843 




Harbor Beach 2,000* 
Public School Library 

Myrtle Cook 
7,683 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks., $500 

Harbor Spring* 1,700* 
Harbor Springs Public Library 

Mary Rpusc 
8,000 v. Inc. $1,540 

Hartford 1,500* 
Subscription Library 
Lotta Nicholson 
3,500 v. Inc. $583; bks., $100 

Hastings 6,000* 
Hastings Public Library 

Jean Barnes 
7,224 v. Inc. $3,338; bks., $914 

HigUand Park 60,000* 
McGregor Public Library 
Katharyne G Sleneau 
Branches: 2 (i in Ford factory, Frances 
Delahant, Lbn ) 

40,000 v Inc $53,590; salaries, $34,590; bk 
exp. f $12,000 

Mitchell Public Library 

Nelle Rowley 
14,723 v. Inc. $4,100; bks , $500 

Holland 14,750* 
Holland Public Library 

Dora Schermer 
14,093 v. Inc. $6,500, bks, $Q53 

Holly 2,200* 

Township Library 

Mrs. Agnes Mosher 

4,050 v. Inc. $496; bks., $175 

Houghton 5,000* 

Houghton Public Library (C) 

Lucille McDonough 
13,281 v. Inc. $6,230; bks, $1,133 

Hawaii 3,200* 

Carnegie Free Public Library 
Mrs. Minnie L. Van Slyke 
9,800 y. Inc. $3,150; bks , $200 

Public School Library 

Mrs. Carrie Goodnow 
4,274 v. Inc $1,000, bks , per , $625 

HlldftOft 200* 

Hudson Public Library (C) 

Mamie E. Havens 
12,123 v. Inc. $3,3; bks., $551 

linlay City ^250* 
Imlay City Public Library 
Mrs. Orville Weese 

1,200 V. 

Caro 2,800* 

Township Library 

Mary E. Hawley 
4,140 v. Inc. $1,560; bks, $144 

Ionia 10,000* 

Hall-Fowler Memorial Public Library 

Mrs. Ella E. Smith 
12,000 v. Inc, $5,749; bks. t $1,013 

Iron Mountain 18,000* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Lenore C. Carpenter 
17,350V. Inc. $8,247; bks., $1,103 

Iron River 4,295 
Public Library 
6,500 v. 

Ironwood 18,000* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Elsie M. Medlyn 
16,500 v Inc. $19,320, bks., $810 

Ishpeming 10,500* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Nellie E Brayton 

Jackson 59,000* 

Jackson Public Library (C) 

Ralf P. Emerson 
55,073 v. Inc , $24,816 , bks , $4,700 

Jonesville 1,400* 

Public Library 

Mrs. May C. Smith 
5,562 v. Inc. $100 ; bks., $75 

Kalamazoo 55,000* 
Public Library 

Flora B. Roberts 

Branches* 3; 2 sub-branches, 6 stations 
80,000 v. Exp. $65,750; salaries, $39*200, bk. 
exp , $14,700 

Spec. Coll.: Horsemanship (Dimock) 

L'Anse 3,500* 
Township Library 
H. S. Denison 
2,325v. Inc. $877; bks., $506 

Laming 73,200* 

Michigan State Library 

Mrs. Mary E. Frankhauser 
280,000 v. Inc. $78,000; bks., $18,379, per., 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs. E. Jennie McNeal 
47,582 v. Inc. $45,964; bks., $9,223 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Lapecr 5,000* 

Public School Library (C) 
Margaret E. Marshall 
4,000 v. Inc. $2,682; bks., $348 

Lawton 1,400* 

Lawton Public Library 

Grace Harwick 
3,000 v. Inc. $300; bks., $75 

Lowell 1,800* 

Public Library 

Audie E Post 
2,631 v. Inc. $1,121 , bks , $352 

Ludington 9,000* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Etta M. Vivian 
12,467 v Inc $3,878, bks , $765 

Mancelona 2,000* 
Township Library (C) 

Lenora fielding 
1,892 v. Inc $1,667, bks , $275 


ster 1,024* 

Public Library 

Florence A Case 
Inc. $318 

Manistee 1 1,000* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Angle Messer 
28,218 v Inc $12,669, bks, $4,154 

Manistique 6,000* 

Manistique School and Public Library 

Mrs. Dorothy M. Shipman 
6,666 v. Inc $2,758, bks, $1,271 

Marcellua 950* 

Township Library 

Dora Schall 
3,000 v. Inc $925 ; bks , $250 

Marine City 3,800* 

Marine City Library 

Kathenne Cottrell 
5,368 v. Inc $880 

Marlette 1,200* 
Township Library (C) 

Mrs Kate P McGill 
4,000 v. Inc. $1,550, bks., $500 

Marquette 15,602* 

Peter White Public Library 

Margaret Smith 
34,640 v. Inc. $18,318, bks., $3,238 

Marshall 4,270* 
Marshall Public Library 

Marguerite Geer 
9,318 v. Inc. $2,881 ; bks , $638 

Martin 1,900* 

Township Library 

Mrs. C. C. Murray 
2,797 v. Inc. fctfo; bks., $320 

Spies Public Library 

Ethel Binney 

29,190 v. Inc. $13,402; bks., $4,219 
Spec. Coll.: Michigan 

Michigamme 1,000 
Michigamme Township Library 
Mrs. George Karpinsky 

Midland 5,480* 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. F. A. Towsley 
5,500 v Inc. $2,800, bks., $500 

Milan 1,557* 

Milan Public and School Library 
Cleo Talbot 

Monroe 15,000* 

Dorsch Memorial Library 

Mary Crowther 
15,000 v Bks , $3,000 

Mount Clemeni 12,000* 

Mount Clemens Public Library (C) 

Ann Crocker 
16,273 v Inc $10,218 

Mount Pleasant 4,819* 

Mount Pleasant Public Library 

Mary M. Osgood 
9,100 v. Inc. $4,500, bks., $000 

Muniaing 5,037* 

Public School Library 

Brynhild Oas 
2,790 v. Inc $1,182, bks, $962 

Muskegon 43,088* 
Hackley Public Library 
Harold L Wheeler 
75,524 v. Inc $61,317, bks, $14,970 

Nashville 1,370* 

Nashville Public Library 

Mrs. Eva Deane 
2,456 v Inc $735, bks., $201 

Negaunee 7,409* 

Negaunee Public Library 

Sezenne E. Wellet 
16,814 v. 

Newaygo 1,300* 

Newaygo Public Library (C) 

Florence Truman 
4,792 v. Inc. $3,560; bks. f $60 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Newberry 2,172* 
McMillan Township Library 

Mrs. Mary C Seymour 
5,050 v. Inc. $1,476, bks., $92 

Niles 11,000* 

Niles Public Library (C) 

Orril P. Coohdge 
10,733 v. Inc $6,500, bks, $850 

North Branch 1,300* 
Township Library 

Dorothy Barnes 
2,500 v. Inc. $975; bks., $500 

Northville 2,800* 

Ladies' Library Association 

Mrs. Jennie Cousins 
6,000 v 

Onaway 2,780* 
Public Library 

Mrs Hattie Yager 
800 v. Inc $1,100; bks., $68 

Otiego 3,300* 

Township Library 

Carrie M. French 
4,685 v. Inc. $1,122; bks, $282 

OWOMO 14*000* 

Owosso Public Library (C) 

Winifred Rank 
,262 v. Inc. $7,020; bks , $7,000 

Oxford 1,700* 

Township Library 

1,700 v. Inc. $658; bks , $521 

Painesdale 2,000* 

Paine Memorial Library 

Mrs. C. L. Clark 
3,Zpo v Inc. $4,250; bks , $1,094 

Paw Paw 1,689* 
Paw Paw Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Clara S. A. Rennie 
9,596 v. Inc $2,727; bks., $400 

Petoskey 6,500* 

Petoskey Public Library (C) 

Amy Lusk 

Plainwell 9,100* 
Plamwell Public Library 
Mrs. Mary A. Travis 
6,424 v. Inc. $2,085, bks., 

Pontiac 49,800* 
City Library 

Adah Shelly 
9,138 v. Inc. $18,566; bks., $2,695 

Port Huron 3*407* 

Port Huron Public Library (C) 

Leila B. Wilcox 
32,378 v. Inc. $18,520, bks, $2,934 

Spec. Colls : Michigan Local history 

Portland 2,100* 

Public Library (C) 

Edna J. Bandfield 
4,343 v Inc $1,533 J bks , $140 

Quincy 1,250* 

Qumcy Free Public Library 

Mrs. Bella Dove 
10,000 v. Inc $3,905, bks, $437 

Reed City 1,800* 

Public School Library 

M. J Crawford 
1,500 v Inc. $112 , bks , $50 

Republic 2,300* 
Public School Library 
4,000 v Inc $1,200, bks , $874 

River Rouge 16,000* 
' Public School Library 
Phyllis M. Norris 
9,865 v Inc $10,535 ; bks , $7,459 

Rochester 3,500* 
Township Library 

Florence A Comstock 
2,306 v Inc $3,301 ; bks , $405 

Romeo 2,400* 

Free Public Library 

Mrs Genevieve Chapman 
9,225 v. Inc $3,010, bks., $253 

Royal Oak 18,000* 
Royal Oak Public Library 

Elizabeth V. Briggs 
12,203 v Inc $18,997, bks, $3,277 

Saginaw 70,000* 

Public Libraries (consolidated) 

Beatrice Prall 

80.000 v (East Side Library, 25.660 v.; Hoyt 
Library, 30,233 v , Butman-Fish, 24,107 v.) 
Inc $45.000; salaries, $27,000; bks., $10,000 

Germania Institute Library 

Frank M. Leitzow 
10,000 v. 

Saint John* 3,925* 
Public School Library 
Nellie H. Marshall 
8,090 v. Inc $1,881; bks., $552 



MICHIGAN Continued 


Stint Joseph xotooo* 
Public Library (C) 

Florence G. Warne 
11,062 v. Inc. $3i99J t>ks. f 

Sault Samte Marie 12,096* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Alice B. Clapp 

18,515 v. Inc $10,642; bks, $2,302 
Spec. Coll . Local history 

Sebewaing 1,600* 

Township Library 

Christ Schultz 

Shelby 1,400* 

Shelby Public Library 

Mrs. W. D. Adams 

South Haven 5,000* 

South Haven Public Library (C) 

Isabel Bauer 
7,517 v Inc. $8,358, bks., $244 

Sparta 2,698* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Grace I. Beeby 
3,207 v Inc $1,536, bks , $440 

Spring Lake 978 

Township Library 

Egbert Winter 
1,200 v 

Stambaugh 7,000* 

Carnegie Public Library 
7,500 v Inc $3,600, bks, $1,369 

Sturgis 7,800* 
Carnegie Free Library 
Hannah J Kelley 
6,oou v Inc $3,221 , bks , 


Tecumseh 2,500* 
Public Library (C) 

Edith L. Ingersoll 
8,722 v Inc $2,088 , bks., $276 

Three Oaks 1,500* 
Township Library 

Mary Schrader - 
1,500 v. Inc $200 

Three Riven 7,000* 

Three Rivers Free Public Library (C) 

Sue I Silhman 
23,000 v Inc. $7,5i6; bks., $898 

Traverse City 13,000* 

Traverse City Public Library (C) 

Alice M. Wait 
25,074 v Inc. $9,664; bks., $1,172 

Union City 1,260* 
Township Library 

Pearl Bater 
2,969 v. Inc. $400; bks., $74 

Vassal- 1,900* 

Bullard Public Library 

Florence J. Lane 
1,550 v. Inc. $540; bks., $125 

Vicluburg 1,712 
Ladies Library 

Ruth Ramsdell 
1,000 v. 

Schoolcraft Township Library 

C. L Van Antwerp 
1,250 v. 

Wayne County Public Library. See Detroit 

West Branch i,aoo* 

West Branch Public Library 

Edith Donovan 
2,159 v Inc $308, bks., $44 

Whitehall 1,230 
Township Library 

Mrs. M. G. Hollis 
1,700 y. 

Wyandotte 30,000* 

Wyandotte Public Library (C) 

Effie Hurst 
6,872 v Inc $4,215 , bks , $823 

Ypsilanti 1 1,000* 
Ladies' Library 

Lotta Coombs 
14,180 v Inc $2,600; bks, $603 

Zeeland 2,500* 

Public School Library 

Chris De Jonge 
2,500 v 


Minnesota Department of Education, Li- 
brary Division: Clara F. Baldwin, Director, 
St Paul 

Minnesota State Library, St Paul: Paul 

Aitkin MOO 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. H. H. Allison 
4,089 v Inc $822; bks., per., $27 

Albert Lea 8,056 

Albert Lea Public Library (C) 

Henryetta Armstrong 
9,243 v. Inc. $6,592; bks., per., $698 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Alexandria 3,388 
Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Margaret A. McCord 
9,902 v. Inc. $3,045 ; bks , per , $353 

Anoka 4,287 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Georgia A. Goss 
6,767 v. Inc. $2,640; bks., per, $181 

Public Library 

Mrs. M. H. Thornton 
2,544 v. Inc. $442; bks., per , $230 

Aurora 2,809 

Aurora Public Library 

Sadie Ruikka 
2473 v. Inc. $1,514, bks., per , $426 

Austin 11,906* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Tanye Burgess Hines 
9,935 v. Inc. $9,569. bks , per , $2,131 

Bemidji 7,086 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Florence F Netzer 
5,611 v. Inc $3,538, bks, per, $1,033 

Benson 2,111 
Public Library (C) 

Nina Brown 
6,024 v. Inc. $1459; bks., per, $262 

Blue Earth 2,568 

Etta C. Ross Memorial Library 

Alta M. Cummings 
5,997 v. Inc. $3,151 ; bks., per., $612 

Brainerd 9,591 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Clara T. Jones 
8,093 v. Inc $3,400; bks, per, $684 

Breckenridge 2,401 
Public Library 

Browns Valley 1,073 
Public Library (C) 
2^67 v. 

Buffalo 1,438 
Public Library 

Clara L. Oakley 
2,963 v. Inc. $747; bks., per., $410 

Buhl 2,007 
Public Library 

Wilda Barnes 
13,129 v- Inc. $12,308; bks., per, $2,050 

Public Library 

Celia Bouquet 
3,135 v. Inc. $860; bks., per., $351 

Chatfield 1,382 
Public Library (C) 

Annette Johnson 
6,346 v. Inc., $2,506; bks., per, $151 

Chisholm 40,287 
Public Library 

Agnes V. Johnson 
18,368 v. Inc. $37,998; bks., per, $3,591 

Cloqvet 5,127 
Public Library 

Maude Grogan 
8,961 v. Inc $11,460; bks., per, $1,762 

Coleraine 1,300 
Public Library (C) 
Ruth Vandyke 
5,790 v Inc $6,070, bks , per , $1,562 

Crookston 6,825 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Clara C. Bordwell 
6,700 v. Inc $4,7io, bks, per, $1.096 

Crosby 3,500 

Crosby Public Library 

Mrs H. Ingalls 
3,407 v. Inc $1,379, bks f per. $395 

Dawaon 1,511 
Public Library (C) 

Elsie Mae Trotter 
3,555 v Inc $1,643 J bks , per , $360 

Detroit 3,426 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. W. H McCart 
5,183 v. Inc. $2,146, bks., per., $495 

Duluth 1 10,502* 
Public Library (C) 
Edna G. Moore 

Branches- 4 (2 Carnegie) 
107,906 v Exp. $93,185; salaries, $49,636, ok. 
exp., $12,414 

Spec Coll.: Early Americana and local 

Public Library 

Mrs. Ruth King 
2,158 v. Inc. $2,263; bks., per., $1,363 

Kveleth 7,205 
Public Library (C) 

Lillie C. Lilliequist 
15,572 v. Inc. $20.247; bks, per, $6,357 



MINNESOTA Continued 
Fairfax 1,066 
Fairfax Public Library 
Mrs. Leone Vaughn 
1,092 v. Inc. $531 J bks., per., $67 



Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Agnes M. Serle 
7,805 v. Inc. $3,926, bks., per., $1,217 

Faribault 12,272* 
Public Library 

Florence D. Love 
33,355 v. Inc. $9,239; bks., per., $1,612 

Fergus Falls 7,581 
Carnegie Public Library 

Amy A. Lewis 

13,468 v. Inc. $4,623, bks., per., $595 
Spec. Coll.: Government documents 

Glencoe 1,747 

Glencoe Public Library 

Glenwood 2,187 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Cassa B. Seines 
3,852 v. Inc. $1,237; bks., per, $123 

Graceville 1,022 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Anna E. Crowe 
5,142 v. "Inc. $1,239, bks, per, $410 

Grand Rapids 2,914 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mata C. Bennett 
9,402 v. Inc. $5,236; bks, per, $1,205 

Granite Falls x,6xi 
Public Library 

Mrs. Frances Feley 
2,801 v. Inc $973 , bks, per , $238 

Hastings 447 1 
Public Library 

Stella Telford 
6,672 v. Inc $1,495: bks, per, $367 

Hibbing 17,955* 
Public Library (C) . 
Dorothy Hurlbert 
47,757 v. Inc $49,7Qi; bks, per, $11,162 

Hill City 928 
Public Library 

Leila M. Stewart 
853 v Inc. $390 

Hopkins 3,055 
Public Library 

Mrs. Lillian Wheeler 
4,055 v. Inc. $1,300; bks., per., $340 

Hutchinson 3,379 
Free Public Library \C) 

Ella J. Adams 
6,725 v. Inc. $4,829; bks., per., $756 

International Falls 3,448 
Public Library 

Winnie Foster 
15,767 v. Inc. $11,378; bks., per, $1,320 

Ironton 1,165 
Public Library 

Pauline Hofmeister 
2,214 v. Inc. $2,121 ; bks., per., $365 

Jackson 2,244 
Public Library 

Nellie R. Rouse 
3,063 v. Inc $1,053; bks., per, $136 

Janesville 1,261 
Public Library (C) 
Eva Harrington 
3.369 v. " Inc $1,173 1 bks., per., $100 

Kasson 1,150 
Public Library 

Ida C. Cornell 
2,046 v Inc $653; bks., per., $02 

Keewatin i ,879 

Keewatin School and Public Library 

Clara B Marsh 
7,185 v Inc $3,280; bks., per, $970 

i Kenyon 1,36* 
! Public Library 

Mrs R Leland 
1,254 v Inc $159; bks., per, $25 

Lake City 2,846 

Carnegie-Tryon Library^ 

Jennie E. Baker 
6,206 v Inc $2,138, bks, per, $475 

Lake Crystal 1,204 

Lake Crystal Public Library 

Mabel E Thomas 
2,000 v. 

Le Sueur 1.795 
Monday Club Library 
Carrie M. Cadwell 
1,477 v Inc $300 

Litchfield 2,790 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Alice A. Lamb 
5,635 v Inc $3,407; bks., per., $369 

Little Fall* 5,500 
Carnegie City Library 

Mrs. Jenny Lind Blanchard 
7,479 v Inc $3,823; bks., per., $500 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Long Prairie 1,346 
Public Library 

Marion Lewis 
1,924 v. Inc. $113; bks., per, $i 15 

Lnverne 2,782 
Public Library (C) 
Mabel Birkett 
5,501 v. Inc. $4,529; bks., per., $378 

Madison 1,838 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. H. L. Borgendale 
5,092 v. Inc. $1,728; bks , per , $932 

Mankato 13,659* 

Free Public Library (C) 

Edith Rechcygl 
20,565 v Inc $10,254; bks, per., $2,843 

Mapleton 857 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Jennie B. Johnston 
3.237 v Inc $1,029; bks, per, $136 

Marble 742 
Public Library 

Delia Eriksen 
2,348 v. Inc. $2,711 ; bks , per., $1,249 

Marshall 3,092 

Carnegie Public Library 

Elizabeth L. Rank 
3,919 v. Inc. $2,931 ; bks , per t $660 

Minneapolis 434,000** 

Minneapolis Public Library 

Chief Librarian Gratia A Countryman 

Art Marie A Todd 

Branch Blanche M Seely 

Catalog Ruth Rosholt 

Children's Louise F Encking 

Circulation Arabel Martin 

Music Mahel Abbott 

Office Director Clara E Fanning 

Order -Lois M Jordan 

Reference Lura C Hutchinson 

School Marv A Tawney 

Technical Elizabeth Thorson 
Central Library, Hennepin Avc and 
Tenth St 

Branches- iq (4 Carnegie, 6 in library 
buildings, 2 in field houses, $ in Junior High 
Schools) : 15 stations. 

Business and Municipal, 508 Second 
Ave. South Mrs. Mary W Dieterich- 
son, Ibn. 

463.078 v. Exp 1926, $434,813 (City and 
Atheneum): bks, per, $40,831 (City), $5,883 
(Atheneum) ; salaries, $316487 (Library), 
$2,687 (Art Gallery and Museum) 

Spec. Colls.: Business. Fine arts 
Scandinavia. Science. 

Public Library (C) 
; Mabel Manning 

j 7,312 v. Inc. $2,831 ; bks., per , $294 

| Monticello 1,024 
i Public Library 

Mina Cadwell 
I 2,560 v. Inc. $1,162, bks., per., $38 

1 Moorhead 5,720 
Public Library (C) 

Ethel S McCubrey 
12,931 v Inc. $4,635, bks., per, $1,342 

Morris 2,320 
Public Library (C) 

Agnes E. Torpey 
8449 v. Inc. $4,200 , bks , per , $748 

Mountain Iron 1,546 
Public Library (C) 

Fern Gavin 
9,865 v Inc. $12,961 ; bks.. per , $2,022 

Naihwank 2,414 

Nashwauk School and Public Library 

Ruth Weeding 
6,990 v Inc. $3,080, bks , per , $725 

Northfield 4,023 

Public Library (C) 

Mary L Southworth 
7,832 v "Inc $2,886, bks , per , $704 

North Mankato 1,840 
Public Library 

Charlotte B Culp 
2,840 v. Inc $644; bks, per, $148 

North Saint Paul 1,979 

Public Library 

2,237 v Inc. $2,211 ; bks , per., $494 

Olivia 1,488 
--Public Library 

Mrs N Coucheron 
2,335 v. Inc $719; bks., per., $172 

Ortonvillc 1,758 
Public Library (C) 
Hester J Clark 
4,201 v Inc $1.845 ; bks , per., $533 

Owatonna 7,252 
Public Library 

Maud van Buren 
19,640 v. Inc $0,949; bks., per., $2,343 

Park Rapids 1,603 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Cora C. Wade 
6,506 v. Inc. $1,395; bks., per, $312 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Payneiville 1,060 
Public Library 

Victoria Gale 
1,612 v. Inc $501, bks., per., $140 

Pine bland 954 
Public Library 

Mrs. Claude C. Perkins 
4,792 v. Inc. $3,762, bks., per., $477 

Pipestone 3,325 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. May C. Funk 
9,292 v Inc $2,853 . bks , per., $620 

Plain view i ,370 
Public Library 

Mrs. Mary Belshiem 
2,702 v. Inc. $1,025; bks., per., $118 

Preston 1,227 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Blanche Hovelson 
4,896 v. Inc. $2,564; bks , per., $359 

Princeton -x ,685 
Public Library 

Mrs Lulu E. Owens 
3,872 v Inc $1,946; bks., per., $758 

Red Wing 8,637 

Carnegie-Lawther Library 

Grace L. Meyer 
10,908 v Inc $6,664; bks , per., $1,347 

Redwood Falls 2,421 

Carnegie Public Library 

Marie Tolzman 
4,782 v Inc $2,341 ; bks , per , $337 

Rochester 17,050* 
Public Library 

Margaret Hickman 
18,355 v Inc $19,631 , bks , per . $3,333 

Rushford 1,142 
Public Library 

Emma Crampton 
2,868 v. Inc. $819; bks , pen, $251 

Saint Charles 1,351 . 
Public Library 

Maria L. Keeville 
2,842v. Inc. $1,065; bks., per., $134 

Saint Cloud 18,860* 
Public Library (C) 
Mary V. Hale 
14,617 v. Inc. $7,627; bks., per., $1,691 

Saint Jamefrr-2,673 

Public Library 

Clara A Olsen 
2,668 v. Inc. $2,779 . bks , per , $243 

Saint Paul 297,000** 

Minnesota Free Traveling Library 

Clara F. Baldwin 
40,000 v. Inc. $20,000; bks., per., $6,000 

Minnesota Department of Education, Li- 
brary Division 
Director Clara F. Baldwin 
Schools Harriet A. Wood 
Traveling Mildred L. Methven 
Reference Helen Cornell 

Minnesota State Library 

Paul Dansmberg 
100,000 v Inc. $12,000 

Spec Colls . Law. Legislative reference 

St. Paul Public Library, 1857, 1882 
Librarian Webster Wheelock 
Assistant Librarian Mrs. J. T. Jen- 

Branch Myra W. Buell 
Catalog Amy C. Moon 
Circulation Maria C. Brace 
Juvenile Delia McGregor 
Periodical I Charlotte Campbell 
Reference Katharine Dame 
School Elizabeth Robinson 
, tranches 4 (3 Carnegie) , 76 stations 

351,537 v Salaries, $170418; bk. per., and 

binding exp , $20,843 

Spec Coll,- Mississippi River. St Paul 

Saint Peter 4,335 
, Public Library (C) 

Marian Tyler 
6,935 v Inc $3,929 ; bks, per, $403 


i Sandstone 1,200 
Public Library 

Mrs Anna C Schmitz 
I 1,827 v. Inc $388, bks, per, $45 

1 Sank Center 2,699 
! Bryant Library (C) 

Eva M Davis 
11,676 v Inc $3,829; bks, per, $1,041 

Sleepy Eye 2,549 

! Dyckman Free Library 

! Lydia S Sasse 

I 3,289 v Inc $1,606; bks, per, $342 


South Saint Paul 6,860 

South Saint Paul Public Library 

Grace A, Dorival 
3,914 v. Inc., $6,539; bks, per., $1,807 

Spring Valley 1,871 
Carnegie Public Library 

Edna Albro 
3,795 v. Inc. $1,968; bks., per., $222 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Public Library 

Carrie Mayer 
2,335 v. Inc. $755; bks., per., $290 

Stillwater 7,735 
Carnegie Public Library 

Gertrude Glennon 
18,177 v." Inc $7,412; bks., per., $1,700 

Thief River FaU*-4t6&5 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Hazel Halgrim 
5,713 Y. Inc. $3,805; bks., per., $672 

Two Harbors 4,546 
Carnegie Public Library 
" Mrs. Ethel C. Tuttle 
4,938 v. Inc $3,274; bks., per., $583 

Virginia 16,030* 
Public Library (C) 

Grace M. Stevens 
32.045 v. Inc $39.853; bks P" 

Wabasha 2,249 
Public Library 

Clara E Hornbogen 
5,642 v. Inc. $924; bks., per., $239 

Wadena a,i86 

Public Library 

Jean P. Stewart 
3,180 v. Inc. $1,667; bks., per., $350 

Walker 785 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. W. R. McMurray 
3,638 v Inc $663; bks, per., $140 

Warren 1,772 
Public Library 

Waseca 3,908 

Waseca Public Library 

Ella Dibble 

Waterville 1,311 

Waterville Public Library Association 

Mrs. Jennie Foster 
4,005 v. Inc. $675 

White Bear Lake 2,022 
Public Library (C) 
Ada M. Palmer 
5,656 v. Inc. $2,301 ; bks , per., $220 

Public Library (C) 
Any xiMiscoin 
<5>3I4 v.'lnc. $3*897 : bks. f per., $724 

Windom 2,123 

Windpm Public Library 

Mrs. C. T. Collins 
2,172 v. Inc. $372 

Winnetago - 1,641 
Public Library 

Mrs. Minnie G Evans 
3,513 v. Inc. $1,634; bks., per., $165 

Winona 19*57* 
Free Public Library 

Jeannette A. Clarke 
4,7S9 v. Inc. $24,941 ; bks., per., $3,662 

Worfhington 3,481 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Leo R. Kraft 
6,537V. Inc. $1,978; 'bks., per, $202 

Zumbr ota i ,265 

Carnegie Public Library 

Nora E Koehler 
3,650 v. Inc- $1,552; bks., per., $265 


Mississippi Library Commission: Whitman 
Davis, Chairman, Agricultural and Mechan- 
ical College 

State Library, Jackson: Mrs. W. F. Mar- 
shall, Librarian 

Aberdeen 4,071 

Public Library 

Mrs. Nellie P Johnson 
3.000 v. Inc $100 ; bks, per., $25 

Biloxi 12,571* 
Public Library 

Miss. V. E Fayard 
3J50 v. 

Brookhaven 4,706 
Public Library 

Ethel Hardy 
4,954 v. Inc. $600; bks, per, $581 

Canton 3,252 
Canton Public Library 
Miss M. E. Cassell 
1,780 v. Inc. $1,100 ; bks., per, $300 

Clarksdale 71552 
Public Library (C) 

Miss H. L. Wilson 
24,000 v Inc. $",554; bks., per., $3,819 

Columbia 2,826 
Public Library 

Mrs. Jennie Watts 
1,250 v. Inc. $175; bks., per., $76 

Columbus 10,501 
Public Library 
2,350 v. 




Public Library 
Mabel Ray 

Greenville 15,165* 
Public Library 

Miss A. Worthington 
19,000 v. Inc. $6,051 ; bks., per., $1,649 

Greenwood 7,793 
Public Library (C) 

Miss R Humphreys 
9,343 v. Inc. $2,557; bks., per., $1,137 

Gulfport 8,157 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs J. W. Bradley 
6^500 v. Inc $3,000, bks., per, $1,500 


Public Library 

Mrs. S. Sokoloski 
1,250 v. 

Holly Springs 2,113 
Public Library 

Miss L B. Craft 
2,800 v 

Houston 1,408 
Public Librar* (C) 

Miss L. S Griffin 
1,910 v Bks , per., $85 

Jackson 23,698* 

Jackson Public Library (C) 

Mrs. A. M. Parker 
10,426 v. Inc $6,000; bks. t per., $2, 145 

Mississippi State Library 
Mrs. W. F. Marshall 
100,000 v Inc $7,5>; bks, per., $2,200 

State Department of Archives and History 
Dr Dunbar Rowland, Director 

Laurel 15,513* 

Eastman Memorial Foundation 

Ella Bradley 
6,710 v. Bks., per., $4,43$ 

Laurel Library Association 

Victoria Gray 
8,636 v Inc. ?3,548; bks, per., $1,170 

McComb 7,775 

Public Library 

Elsie Riegger 
1,800 v. Inc $350; bks., per., $325 

Marks 1,020 
Public Library 

Mrs. C. P Smith 
2,143 v. Inc. $480; bks., per., $300 

Marks Continued 


Public Library No. 2 (negro) 

Flossie Trotter 
3,000 v. Inc. $800; bks., per., $36 

Meridian 24,312* 
Public Library No. I (C) 

Mrs. A. K. Hamm 
24,000 v. Inc. $6,000 

Natchez 13,070* 

Fisk Memorial Library 

Lily T. Carson 
4,000 v. Inc. $230, bks., per, $85 

Okolona 3,852 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs W. McGehee 
3,500 v. Bks., per., $60 

Picayune 2,479 
Public Library 

Gertrude E. Treat 
007 v. Inc. $1,020; bks., per, $1,020 

Port Gibson 1,691 
Public Library 

Harriette Person 
3,000 v. 

Tupelo 5,055 
I Public Library 
| Mrs R. H. Mullen 

700 v. Bks , per , $60 

Vicksbnrg 18,072 v 
Public Library (C) 

Miss M. H. Birchett 
11,700 v Inc. $4,651 , bks., per., $1,392 

West Point 4,400 
Public Library (C) 

Miss L. E. Heard 
4,800 v. Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $239 

Yazoo City 5,244 
Ricks Memorial Library 
Mrs. M. P. Derden 
10,000 v. Inc. $2,500; bks., per., $425 


Missouri Library Commission: Jane 
Morey, Secretary, Jefferson City 

Missouri State Library: A. J. Menteer, 

Albany 2,010 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Bea McFall 
4,947 v. Inc. $2,095; bks., per., $72 



MISSOURI Continued 

Appleton City 1,262 

Appleton City Public Library 

Ada Laney 
1,663 v. Inc. $395 

Aurora 3,575 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. E. E. Hughes 
3,395 v. Inc. $1,105 , bks., per , $20 

Bethany a,o8o 

Bethany Public Library 
Mrs. Glen Attebery 
3,873 v. Inc. $539 

Bevier 1,868 
Bevier Library 

Alice K. Rowland 
1,056 v. 

Bolivar 1,980 

Carnegie Public Library 

Grace McDamel 
4,014 v. Inc. $1,286, bks., per, $186 

Bonne Terre 3,815 

Bonne Terre Memorial Public Library 

Nannie Hobbs 
4.515 v. 

Boonville 4,665 

Boonville Public Library 

Annie B. Smiley 
1,374 v Inc $355 

Bowling Green 1,965 
Bowling Green Public Library 
Mrs. Margaret Lincoln 

Braymer x,oi8 
Braymer Public Library 
Mrs. P. W. Hawk 

Brookfield 6,384 
Carnegie Library 

Mae Snow 
5410 v. Inc. $5,946, bks, per, $792 

Butler 2,702 

Butler Public Library 

Mrs. Fannie B. Kern 

Cape Girardeau 14,258* 
Public Library (C) 
Lenore Rafferty 
7,590 v. Inc. $6,033; bks., per , $1,362 

Carthage 10,438* 
Public Library (C) 

Jessie Stemmons 
14,091 v. Inc. $5,437; bks, per, $1,378 


Carutheriville 4,750 
Caruthersville Library 

Zula Stephens 
3,377 v. Inc. $2,532, bks., per, $220 

Central!* 2,071 

Centraha Public Library 

Lenora Kirk 
1,500 v. Inc. $248 

Chilhcothe (Livingston County) 
Memorial Library 

Mrs Olive T Davis 
6,193 v. Inc $509 

Columbia 10,634* 
Public Library 

Pearl Clarkson 
7,599 v Inc $4,301, bks., per, $1,178 

Eldon 2,636 
Eldon Library 

Doris Sniffer 

Elsberry 1,255 

Elsberry Public Library 

Mrs Millie M Lewis 
1,958 v. 

Excelsior Springs 4,165 
Carnegie Public Library 

Margaret Scott 
5,704 v. Inc $2,177, bks, per, $433 

Farmington 2*685 
Free Library 

Esther A. Wilson 
Inc $794 . bks, per, $191 

Fayette 2,381 

Carnegie Public Library 

Alfred P Warren 
5,448 v Inc $1,005, bks, per, $145 


Fredencktown Public Library 

Mrs C A Cedes 
2,500 v. 

Fulton 5,595 

Carnegie Public Library 

Sallie Coons 
6,256 v. Inc. $2,609; bks, per, $863 

Glasgow 1,351 
Lewis Memorial Library 
Mrs. H. P. Hawkins 
5,410 v. Bks., per., $58 

Grant City (Worth County) 1,305 
Grant City Public Library 

Mrs Kate M Lewis 
2,007 * Inc. $263 


MISSOURI Continued 
Hamilton 1,689 
Memorial Public Library 

Mrs. Lois M. McFadden 
6,051 v. Inc. $430; bks., pe~r., $70 

Hannibal 1^851* 

Dulany Memorial Library 

Helen D. Birch 
21,897 v. Inc. $7,078; bks., per., $1,7*2 

HvntiriUe 3,126 

Huntsville Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Hobbs Heether 
2,761 v. Inc. $1,217; bks., per., $182 

Independence 1 1,686 
Public Library 

Came Wallace 
7,690 v. Inc. $2,682; bks., per., $498 

Jackion 2,114 
Jackson Library 

Bess Litzelfelner 

Jeffenon City 15*843* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Julia Andrae 
13,520V. Inc. $4.972, bks, per, $955 

Missouri State Library, 1829 

A J. Menteer 
72,210 v Inc $6,650; bks., per., $2,234 

Missouri Library Commission 

Jane Morey 

27,244 v. Inc $22,000 (2 yrs); bks, per, 
$6,000 (2 yrs ) 

Jophn 29,902* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Frances Swanwick 
44,856 v. Inc $13,108, bks., per. $3,487 

Kahoka 1,624 

Kahoka Public Library 

Lctitia 1 Nccper 
1,900 v. 

Kansas City 375,000** 

Kansas City Public Library, 1873 

Chief librarian Purd B. Wright 
Acting assistant, to librarian Irene 

Branch and training class Mary A 


Catalog Nouvart Tashjian 
Children's Vera J. Prout 
Circulation Minnie Neale 
Order Helen S. Read 
Reference Florence S. Smith 
Staff Grace F. Hudson 
Branches:' 16 

Lincoln branch (negro), Mrs. Priscilla 
P. Burd, Ibn. 

Kmnut City Continued 

413.186 v. Inc. 1926-27, $267,380; salaries, 
$163.500; bks., per., $68,500 

Spec. Colls.: Western material. Gene- 

Kirkwood 4*22 
Public School Library 

Elvira McLean 
5,353 v. 

Lebanon 2,84* 
Lebanon Public Library 

Mrs. R. A. Todd 
1,798 v. Inc. $31 

Lexington 4,695 
Lexington Public Library 

Elizabeth J. Young 
4,590 v. Inc. $617 


Carnegie Public Library 

Elizabeth Irwm 
7,832 v Inc $1,697, bks, per., $362 

Macon 3,549 

Public Library 

Mrs. R Holtzclaw 

| 12,304 v. Inc. $2,540; bks., per., $377 

Marceline 3,760 
Carnegie Library 
Mrs Flo Carr 
| 4,870 v Inc $2,490, bks, per., $212 

MarBnfield 1,371 

Marshfield Library (C) 

Ella Dickey 
2,340 v Inc $916; bks, per., $118 

Maryville 4,711 

Free Public Library (C) 

Grace Langan 
8417 v. Inc. $2,960; bks., per., $777 

Mexico -6^13 
Public Library (C) 

Tine C. Houston 
12,092 v Inc. $2,448 , bks., per , $861 

Moberly 13,875* 

Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Carrie H. Elsea, acting 
9,891 v. Inc. $4,201 ; bks , per. $567 

Monett 4,206 
Monett Public Library 
Mrs. 1). B. Meador 
2,468 v. Inc. $621 

Monroe City 1,941 
Monroe City Library (C) 

Fay Delaney 
3,103 v. Inc. $1,591 ; bks., per., $747 



MISSOURI Continued 

Mound City 1,472 

Mound City. Public Library 

Maude W. Vance 
2,900 v. Inc. $133 

Mountain Grove 2,212 

Mountain Grove Public Library 

Mrs. Carl A. Swenson 
915 v. Inc. $30 

Nevada 7,139 
Nevada Library (C) 

Mrs. Ann H. Williams 
4804 v. Inc. $3,024; bks, per, $601 

Odessa 1,786 

Odessa Public Library 

Myrtle Downs 
350 v. Inc. $7$ 

Paris 1,431 

Dulany Public Library 

Mayme Craig 
4,401 v. Inc. $2,684; bks, per, $674 

Poplar Bluff 8,042 
Public Library 

Mrs. J. L Lindsay 
11,631 v. Inc. $6,758, bks, per, $1,702 

Richmond 4409 

Richmond Public Library 

Mrs. C. M. Rucker 
2,645 v. 

Saint Charles 8,503 
Public Library 

Kathryn Linneman 
4415 v. 

Saint Joieph-78,34** 
Saint Joseph Public Library (C) 
I. R. Bundy 

Branches: 3 (2 Carnegie) 
111,358 v. Exp $52,766, salaries, $27,566; 
bks , $19,514 

Spec. Colls.- Eugene Field Local 
newspapers since 1845 

Saint Louis 842,614** 
St. Louis Public Library, 1865, 1893 (C) 
Librarian Arthur E Bostwick 
Assistant Librarian Charles H. Comp- 


Applied Science Mary V Roemer 
Art Antoinette Douglas 
Auditor Lulu M. Wescoat 
Blind Edward F. Endicott 
Bookbinding and Repair Mary E 

Buildings and Grounds John L. 

Catalog and Order Sula Wagner 

Saint Louit Continued , 

Children's Work Alice I. Hazeltine 
Circulation Mrs. Jessie '5. McNiece 
Library School Principal Mrs. Har- 
riet P. Sawyer 

Open Shelf Mary H. Crocker 
Periodical Reading Room Mrs. A. P. 

George ;,,i l i , 

Reference Librarian Katherine* T. 

Readers' Advisory Service Margery 


Registration Laura M. Janzow 
Stations Leonard Balz 
Traveling Library Julia Krug 
Branches : 16 (7 Carnegie) ; 65 stations 
Municipal Reference Library Lucius 

H. Cannon 

691.055 v Inc 1926, $513*485; salaries, 
$284,238, bks, $85,450, per., $9,896; binding, 

Spec Colls Genealogy and local his- 
tory. Music Wm. Marion Reedy. St Louis 
Academy of Science. Denton J Snider 

Saint Louis Mercantile Library 

William R Gifford 
163,000 v 

Spec Colls Mississippi valley. British 
patents Alchemy 

Salisbury 1,757 

Salisbury Public Library 

Mrs. Kate B Jennings 
937 v. 

Savannah i ,83 1 

Savannah Public Library 

Jane L Frodsham 
4,500 v. 

Sedaha 22,745* 
Public JLibrary (C) 

Bessie M. Landfear 
24,238 v. Inc $10,784, bks, per, $1,700 

Shelbina 1,809 

Shelbma Public ^Library (C) 

Gladys G. Powers 
3,086 v. Inc. $1,223 ; bks , per , $257 

Springfield 42,140* 
Public Library (C) 

Harriet M. Horine 
31,574 v. Inc. $25,251 ; bks , per , $6,761 

Tarlrio 1,870 
Tarkio Library 

Ethel Lininger 
2,74iv. Inc. $1,038; bks, per., 


j Trenton 6,951 
Jewett Norris Free Public Library 

Mrs. Ida Gallup 
7,867 v. Inc. $4,240; bks. t per., $363 



MISSOURI Continued 

TJnionville (Putnam County) 1,765 
Unionville Public Library 
Mrs. R. J. Loughridge 
2,314 v. Inc. $754 

Warrenaburg 4,811 
Public Library 

Mrs. Temple McCammert 

Washington 3,123 
Washington Public Library 

Louise C. Busch 
1,700 v. Inc. $232 

Webb City 7,807 

Free Public Library (C) 

Florence Helm 
6756 v. Inc. $3,939; bks., per., $699 

Webster Groves 9,474 
Public Library 

Mrs. G B. Morrison 
7,500 v Inc $1,080 


State Law Library, Helena: Aahburn K. 
Barbour, Librarian 

Anaconda 12,537* 
Hearst Free Library 

Florence E Catlm 
18,000 v. 

Spec. Coll : Medicine 

Big Horn County Free Library See Hardm 

Big Timber 1,282 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. E. O Clark 
1,500 v. 

Billings 17,971* 

Parmly Billings Memorial Library 

Mrs. Henry, E. Garber, Jr 
34,000 v Inc. $11,000; bks , per., $2,000 

Spec Colls.: Montana birds Philippine 
birds and snakes. Beetles Coral 

Blaine County Free Library See Chinook 

Bozeman 6,183 

Bozeman Free Library (C) 

Geneva Cook 
13,230 v. Inc. $5,000; bks., per., $869 

Butte 42,867* 
Free Public Library 
Eleanore Horgan 
60,000 v. Inc. $26,995; bks., per, $1,412 

Spec. Colls. . Mining. Western literature 

Chinook 1,217 * ' * " 

Blaine County Free Library .(C) ; county 
pop. 9,057) 
Lucille Stmeburg 

Chouteau County Free Library. See Fort 

Deer Lodge 3,780 

William K. Kohr's Memorial Library 
5,500 v. 

Dillon 2,701 

Dillon Public Library (C) 

Mary L. Innes 
10,000 v. 

Eureka 1,082 
Public Library 

Forsyth 1,838 

Rosebud County Free Library (county pop. 


| Mrs. A. J. Freeman 

5,ooo v. 

Fort Benton 1,065 

Chouteau County Free Library (C; county 

pop 11,051) 

: Mrs. Ethel Jones 

i 15,000 v. Inc $7,000; bks., per., $1,000 

Spec. Coll.: Northwest history, including 
! relics. 

| Glasgow 2,059 
Carnegie City Library 

Mrs. Anna McDonald 
2,000 v. 

Glendive 3,816 
Glendive Public Library 
Mrs. J. P. Rinehard 
4,100 v. 

Great Falls 29,883 

Great Falls Public Library (C) 

Louise M. Fernald 
30,000 v. Inc. $21,000; bks., per., $3,500 

Hamilton 1,700 

Hamilton Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Carrie Pond 
5,000 v Inc $1,300; bks., per., $330 

Hardin 1,312 

Big Horn County Free Library (C; county 
pop. 7,015) 

Hazel W. Rennie 
4,500 v. 

Havre 5*29 

Havre Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Benson 


MONTANA Continued 

Edema xs,037 
Helena Public Library 
Josephine M. Haley 

65,000 v. Inc. $12,000; bks., per.. $2,500 
Spec. Colls.: Helena. Montana. 

Kalispell 5,147 
Carnegie Public Library 

Anna G. Donovan 
10,500 v. Inc. $6,200; bks., per., $1,000 

Laurel 1,443 
Public Library 
Mrs. C. Erb 

Lewistown 6,125 
Carnegie Public Library 

Clara M. Main 
7,900 v. Inc. $6,500; bks., per., $700 

Libby i^aa 

Lincoln County Free Library (county pop. 


Bertine Larson 
6,000 v. 

Lincoln County Free Library, See Libby 

Livingston 6flii 
Carnegie Public Library 

Lucille M. Peat 
11,400 v. Inc. $6,640 

MalU- M a 7 

Phillips County Free Library (C; county 
pop. 9,3") 

Mrs. Mary Fuller Roman 
5,500 v. Inc. $3,500 

Miles City 7,937 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Laura Zook 
10,000 v. Inc. $4,100; bks., per., $350 

MissouU 12,668 

Missoula County Free Library (county pop. 


Lena Partoll 
10,371 v. Inc. $5,856; bks., per, $1,766 

Missoula Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth B. Powell 
33,600 v. Inc. $14,000; bks., per., $1,700 

Poison 1,133 
Poison Public Library 

Philiprirarg 1,7*4 

Philipsburg Free Library 

Mrs. William . Albright 
600 v. 

Phillip* County Free Library. See Malta 

Sheridan County Free Library (county pop. 


Frances E. Wheeler 
3,300 v. Inc. $3,500; bks., per., $1,000 

Red Lodge 4,515 

Carnegie Library 

5,400 v. Inc. $2450; bks., per., $350 

RoMtad County Free Library. See Forsyth 


Roundup Public Library 
3,000 vf 

Sheridan County Free Library. See Plenty- 

Sidney MOO 

Sidney Public Library 

Mrs. Ailing 

Three Forks 1,071 

Library Association 

Twin Bridget 755 

Twin Bridges Public Library 

Lucille Mountjoy 
2,200 v. 


Nebraska Public Library Commission: 
Nellie Williams, Secretary, Lincoln 

Nebraska State Library, Lincoln: H. C. 

Aintworth 1,508 

Ainsworth Public Library 

Mrs. F. R. Galbraith 
4,087 v. Inc. $891 ; bks , per., $104 

Albion 1,978 

Albion Public Library CQ 

Mrs. Jennie Gradon 
4,700 v. Inc. $1,200; bks., per., $168 

Alliance 4^91 

Alliance Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Blanche E. Prettyman 
11,731 v. Inc. $3,88i; bks., per., $512 

Alma M9* 

Township Library (C) 
Mrs. Jennie Taylor 
3,300 v. Inc. $1,025; bks., per., $204 

Ansley 1,319 
Township Library 

Mrs. F. L. Dewey 
2,511 v. Inc. $800; bks, per., $150 



NEBRASKA Continued 


Arapahoe Public Library 

Mrs. L. Stevens 
2,872 v. Inc. $540; bks., per., $500 

Arcadia 1125 

Arcadia Township Library (C) 

Mrs. Sue Tucker 
3,208 v. Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $270 

Arnold 1,699 

Arnold Township Library 

Laura C. Peterson 
1,753 v Inc. $1,700; bks., per , $540 

Aihland 1,725 

Ashland Public Library (C) 

Margaret Godden 
3,692 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks., per., $227 

Township Library 

Mrs. Leroy Richards 
1,200 v. Inc. $1,000 

Auburn 2,863 

Auburn Public Library 

Mrs. Lillian Mastm 
7,483 v. Inc. $2,500, bks, , per., $716 

Aurora -2,962 

Aurora Public Library (C) 

Lillian Moore 
6,268 v. Inc. $1,725; bks , per., $404 

Bayard 2,127 

Bayard Public Library 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Garrison 
3,000 v. Inc. $1,286 , bks , per., $230 

Beatrice 9^64 

Beatrice Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. C. A Anderson 
17,901 v. Inc. $6,632, bks., per., $1,634 

Blair 2,702 

Blair Public Library (C) 

May McQuarne 
4,825 v. Inc. $2,000, bks., per.. $428 

Bloomfield 1,431 

Bloomfield Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mae Durbin 
2,539 v. Inc. $1,400; bks., per., $229 

Bridgeport 1,235 
Bridgeport Public Library 

Louise Estill 
2,300 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks., per , $600 

Broken Bow 2,567 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. C. L. Gutterson 
3,795 v. Inc. $2,500; bks., per., $459 

Burwell 1,2x4 

Burwell Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Hattie D. Hill 
2417 v. Inc. $572; bks., per., $230 

Central City 2,410 
Central City Public Library 
! Mrs. Eva 'Hard 

5,713 v. Inc. $1^50; bks., per., $530 

Chadroa 4,412 

Chadron Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Elizabeth O'Linn Smith 
7,106 v. Inc. $2,511; bks., per., $548 

Chappell 1,131 

Chappell Public Library 

Mrs. H. R. Busse 
2,201 v. Inc. $1,000; bks., per., $372 

Clarks MS; 
Township Library (C) 
Elizabeth McLean 
2,281 v Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $79 

Clay Center 965 

Clay Center iPublic Library (C) 
i Bertha F. Jessup 

I 2,621 v. Inc $1,195; bks, per., $57 

College View 2,249 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mary R Welch 
, 4,741 v Inc $i,8ooj bks , per , $222 

| Columbus 5,410 

! Columbus Public Library (C) 

Rose Riddell 
, 9,129 v Inc. $5,146, bks., per, $853 

' Cozad 1,293 

, Cozad Public Library (C) 

Edith Allen 

| 2,875 v Inc $1,800; bks., per.. $773 

! Crawford 1,646 
I Crawford Public Library 

Mrs Maude Smeak 
3,006 v. Inc $650; bks , per , $265 

Creighton 2,1 16 
Township Library 

Mrs Adela Horn 
2,500 v 

Crete 2,445 

Crete Public Library (C) 

Mrs C. F. Baker 
8,028 v Inc. $1,042; bks , per., $295 

David City 2,216 

David City Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Laura V. Paul 
2,600 v Inc. $1,000 ; bks., per., $131 



NEBBASKA Continued 

Fairbnry 5*54 

Fairbury Public Library (C) 

Mary C. McQuaid 
10,065 v. Inc. $5,987; bks, per., $1,044 


Lydia Bmnn Woods Library 

Mary Hutchings 
14,428 v. Inc, $4400; bks., per., $1,274 

Franklin 1,055 

Franklin Public Library (C) 

Josephine Peck 
7,239 v. Inc. $600; bks., per., $121 

Fremont 9^05 

Fremont Public Library (C) 

Dorothea Mortensen 
15,340 v. Inc. $6,000; bks., per , $1,504 

Friend 1,263 

Friend Public Library 

Rotha Doner 
2,085 v. Inc. $1,200; bks., per., $200 

Fullerton 1,595 

Fullerton Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Bfernice E. Downing 
6,135 v. Inc. $1,726; bks , per., $518 

Geneva 1,768 

Geneva Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Isabel Bixby 
5,037 v. Inc. $2,250; bks., per, $560 

Genoa 1,069 

Genoa Public Library 

Ella Munson 
2,200 v. Inc. $305 , bks , per , $162 

Gering 2,508 

Gering Public Library 

Mrs. H. M. Thornton 
3,000 v. Inc. $1,250; bks , per., $225 

Gibbon 1,432 
Township Library (C) 

Mrs. Florence H. Smith 
3,035 v. Inc. $1,164; bks., per, $265 

Gordon 1,581 

Gordon Public Library 

Mrs. Frank Hummel 
2448 v. Inc. $700; bks., per., $146 


Gothenburg Public Library (C) 

S. Frances Botkin 
2,884 v. Inc. $2400; bks., per., $1,000 

Grand ItUnd 15,602* 

Grand Island Public Library (C) 

Daisy Houck 

v. Inc. $7,000; bks., per., $1,183 

Hartingtoa 1,467 

Hartington Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Kate S. Bryant 
6,000 v. Inc. $2,000; bks., per., $780 

Harvard 991 

Harvard Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Edith K. Decatur 
2,486 v. Inc. $1,030; bks., per., 153 

Hastings 12,954* 
Carnegie Library 

Nellie M. Carey 
10,276 v. Inc. $5,220, bks., per., $1,776 

Havelock 3,602 

Havelock Public Library (C) 

Mrs Susie G. Smith 
5,669 v Inc $2,500; bks., per., $273 

Hebron 1,5x3 

Hebron Public Library 

Mrs Floy Talbott 
1,967 v. Inc $1,193, bks, per, $307 

Holdrege 3,108 

Holdrege Public Library (C) 

Mrs Georgia S Potter 
7,463 v Inc $2,635; bks, per, $525 

Hooper 1,014 

Hooper Public Library 

Mrs. L. G. Fauss 
2,350 v. Inc. $371 ; bks , per , $161 

Humboldt 1,277 

Brunn Memorial Library 

Mrs. J. K. Liggett 
3,500 v. Inc. $860; bks., per., $252^ 

Kearney 7,702 

Kearney Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary E. O'Brian 
13,268 v. Inc. $4,500; bks, per, $929 

Kimball 1,620 

Kimball Public Library 

Alice Armstrong 
2,575 v. Inc. $1,339; bks , per , $304 

Lexington 2,327 

Lexington Public Library (C) 

Mary Kelley 
3,622 v. Inc. $2,500; bks., per., $250 

Lincoln -60,941* 

Lincoln Public Library (C) 

Lulu Home 
62,044 v. Inc. $29,336; bks., per., $11,064 

Public Library Commission 
Nellie Williams 



NEBRASKA Continued 

State Library, 1855 
H. C. Lindsay 
88,221 v. 

Spec. Colls.: Law. Government publi- 

"Long Pine 1,200 

Long Pine Public Library 

Mrs. M. J. Potter 
700 v. Inc. $336; bks., per, $112 

Loup City 1,958 
Township Library (C) 

Mrs. Dan McDonald 
3,224 v. Inc. $2,939; bks., per., $372 

Lyons 1,025 
Lyons Public Library 
Frankie L. Smith 
1,500 v. Inc $450 

McCook 4,303 

McCook Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Bessie M Wright 
5,060 v. Inc. $3,500, bks , per , $805 

Madison 1,735 

Madison Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Anna D. Johnson 
4,873 v. Inc. $1,590, bks , per , $643 

Merna 1,368 

Township Library 

Mrs H K. Atkisson 
7,230 v Inc. $1,500, bks , per , $303 

Minden 1,527 

Minden Public Library 

Mrs. Helen . Slusser 
4,785 v. Inc $900, bks, per, $276 

Mitchell 1,298 
Mitchell Public Library 

Mrs A B Lord 
3,025 v. Inc. $1,000, bks , per , $201 

Nebraska City 6,279 

Nebraska City Free Public Library 

Anne Stevenson 
9,500 v. Inc. $2,400; bks., per., $550 

Neligh 1,724 

Neligh Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Carrie M. Jones 
4,770 v. Inc. $1,351 J bks., per., $208 

Nelson 955 

Nelson Public Library 

Alice E. Ruddell 
2,900 v. Inc. $506; bks., per., $123 

Newman Grove i,a6o 

Newman Grove Public Library 

Mrs. Margaret Dillman 
1,135 v. Inc. $740; bks., per., $253 

Norfolk 4,634 

Norfolk Public Library (C) 

Laura Durland 
8,256 v. Inc. $3,553; bks., per., $1,005 

North Bend 4449 

North Bend Township Library (C) 

Laura Roump 
2,718 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks., per., $244 

! North Platte 13,679* 

North Platte Public Library (C) 
; Eleanor M. Wheeler 

| 9,792 v. Inc $3,719; bks, per., $795 

1 Oakland 1,356 
Oakland Public Library 

Lydia Hill 
I 2,221 v Inc. $1,200, bks., per, $258 

1 Ogallala 1,062 

1 Ogallala Association Library 


! Omaha 211,768* 

I Omaha Public Library 

Edith Tobitt 

1 Administration offices . Harney and Nine- 
teenth Sts. 
! Branches . 4, 21 deposit stations, 45 other 


173,547 v Inc $110,009, salaries, $51,698; 
bk exp , $20,148 

I O'Neill 2,521 
Carnegie-Grattonan Township Library (C) 

Mary McLaughlm 
3,676 v Inc $2,000, bks, per., $205 

1 Ord 2,143 

i Ord Public Library 
Nina Smith 

1 Orleans MM 
Township Library, Cordelia B. Preston 


: Dorothy M Mahn 

: 4,209 v Inc. $1,983; bks., per., $536 

Osceola 1,209 

Osceola Public Library 

Mrs Jessie C. Marquis 
2,212 v. Inc. $400; bks., per., $289 

Pawnee City 1,595 
Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs. Flora M. Fullerton 
2,000 v. Inc. $1,100 ; bks., per., $276 



NEBRASKA Continued 

Fender Public Library 

Doris Weller 
3,350 v. Inc. $100 

Pierce 1,105 

Pierce Public Library (C) 

Mrs. J. A. Andrew 
3,511 v. Inc. $1,000 

Plainview 1,199 

Plainview Public Library (C) 

Mrs. P. H Parker 
2,525 v. Inc. $850; bks., per., $181 

Plattsmoittit 4,190 

Plattsmouth Public Library (C) 

C. Olive 'Jones 
14,000 v. Inc. $4,500; bks., per, $618 

Ponca 1,014 

Ponca Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary Lipe 
5,000 v. Inc. $509; bks. f per , $287 

Randolph 1,338 

Randolph Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Carrie A Kerr 
2,800 v. Inc. $600; bks , per , $203 

Ravenna 3,019 
Township Library (C) 

Nellie V. Clark 
3,990 v. Inc. $1,100 ; bks , per , $180 

Red Cloud 1,856 

Red Cloud Public Library 

Yola Swartz 
4,863 v. Inc $1,400, bks, per, $150 

Rushville Public Library 

Margaret E. Young 
2,340 v. Inc. $378, bks., per., $125 

Saint Edward 1,002 

Saint Edward Public Library 

Gertie A. Anderson 
847 v. Inc $392; bks.. per, $120 

Saint Paul 1,615 

Saint Paul Public Library Association 

Mrs. E. C. Luick 

Sargent 1,625 
Township Library 

Roy Hicks 
Inc. $1,000 

Scfevrler 2,636 

Schuyler Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Alice Carl 
6,000 v. Inc. $1,400; bks., per., $240 

Scottsbluff 6*13 

Scottsbluff Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Nellie Wilson 
6,689 v. Inc. $4,451 J bks., per., $1,723 

Scribaer 1,021 

Scribner Public Library 

Anna Dierks 
1,980 v. Inc. $602; bks., per., $84 

Seward 2,368 

Seward Public Library (C) 

M. Belle Schick 
5,160 v. Inc. $1,989; bks., per., $374 

Shelton 1,512 
Township Library (C) 
Mrs. C. S. Burkerd 
5,135 v. Inc. $308; bks , per , $783 

Sidney 2,852 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Constance Corbett 
13,072 v. Inc. $2,276; bks., per, $668 

Silver Creek 1,006 
Township Library 

Mrs. Mary Cobel 
1,600 v Inc $1,000, bks, per, $150 

Spencer 1,380 

Spencer Township Library (C) 

Mrs A F. Hollstien 
2,500 v Inc. $1,264; bks., per , $320 

Stanton 1,487 

Stanton Public Library (C) 

Mrs J. D Elmore 
3.957 v. Inc. $1,455 , bks , per . $198 

Stromaburg 1,361 

Stromsburg Public? Library (C) 

Mane Shaw 
2.500 v Inc. $1,000, bks , per . $230 

Superior 2,719 

Superior Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Lucy Conn 
Q.450 v Inc. $2,100, bks , per . $329 

Sutton 1,603 

Sutton Public Librar> (C) 

Sibyl B. Jarrett 
3,272 v. Inc $945 ; bks , per , $250 

Tectunieh 1,688 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs Nora Campbell 
3,500 v Inc $980 ; bks., per , $176 



NEBRASKA Continued 

Tekamafc- 1,811 
Carnegie Public Library 

Elizabeth Latta 
4,422 v. Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $369 

Tilden 1,101 

Tilden Public Library 

Mrs. Mattie Cunningham 
1,739 v. Inc. $1,000 

University Place 4,112 

University Place Public Library (C) 

Katherme C. Wood 
11,383 v. Inc. $4,871; bks., per., $756 

Wahoo 2,338 
Wahoo Public Library 

Mrs. Grace E Oldham 
2,700 v. Inc. $1,500; bks., per , $907 

Wakefield 1,114 

Graves Public Library 

Ruth Collins 
4,759 v. Inc. $580; bks , per., $370 

Walthill 1,145 
Walthill Public Library 
Mrs. L B Clement 
1,414 v Inc $240, bks., per, $116 

Wausa 1,039 

Township Librarv 

Rose Banks 
2,248 v Inc $1,500 , bks , per , $212 

Wayne 2,115 

Wayne Public Library (C) 

Mrs. E. S Blair 
4,418 v Inc $3,000, bks , per , $644 

Weeping Water 1,084 
Weeping Water Public Librarx 

Grace Countryman 
5,326 v Inc. $1,350, bks , per . $joo 

West Point 2,002 

West Point Public Librarx 

Minnie L Frahm 
2,800 v Inc. $1,000, bks , per , $405 

Wisner 1,210 

Wisner Public Library 

Jessie B Kay 
1.553 v. Inc. $325 . bks , per . $165 

Wymore 2,59* 

Wymore Public Library (C) 

Gladys Pirie 
4,087 v. Inc. $2,500; bks., per, $457 


York Public Library 

Ada Haggard 
13,225 v. Inc. $3,861 ; bks.. per , $1,506 


Nevada State Library, Carson City: Frank 
J. Pyne, Librarian 

Carton City 1,685 
Nevada State Library 

Frank J. Pyne 
103,165 v. Inc. $6,000; bks., per., $8,400 

La* Vegas 2,304 

j Public Library 
5,042 v. Inc. $000 

Reno 12^65* 
Free Public Library 
Henry W. Miles 
18,000 v Inc $8,218; bks., per., $3,033 

Tonopah 4,144 
Tonopali Public Librarj 
Mrs. Addic Depew 

Virginia 1,200 
Miners' Union Librar> 
William O. Leary 
i 3,000 v. 


I, New Hampshire Public Library Commis- 
sion: Frances Hobart, Secretary, Concord 

New Hampshire State Library, Concord: 
Robert M. McCurdy, Librarian 

I Allenstown 1,213 

Public Library (P. O Suncook) 
1 Mrs Grace S Marston 

2,959 v Inc $287 

i Alstead 672 

Shedd-Portcr Memorial Library 
, Lina L Batchelder 

I 5,464V. Int $1,506 

' Alton 1,221 
; Public Library 
" Anna A Wheeler 

5,392 v Inc $409 

: Andover 1,121 

Town Library 
Ella Carr 

! 5.300 v Inc $185 

! Antrim 1,052 
i James A Tuttle Library 
i Mrs. J. E Perkins 

6,065 v. Inc $1,004 

Ashland 1,325 
Town Library 

Mrs. Edna C. Goddard 
4,513 v Inc $300 




Thayer Public Library 

Bertha F. Ball 
1,800 v. Inc. $897 

Bartlett 1,059 
Free Public Library 
Delia F. George 
1,306 v. Inc. $48 

Bath Free Public Library 

Mrs. Bessie F. Randall 
3,515 v. Inc. $200 

Bedford 1,1 18 

Woodbury Memorial Library (P O Man- 

chester R. F. D.) 

Mrs. W. B French 
3,547 v. Inc. $202 

Belmont 1,194 

Public Library 

Mrs. Etta B. Dearborn 
4,000 v. Inc. $300 

Bennington 568 

G. E P. Dodge Library 

Mrs Emma G. Bartlett 
8,086 v. Inc. $200 

Berlin 18,553 
Free Public Library (Q 
Agnes F. Mailman ' 
9,490 v. Inc. $8,731 

Bethlehem 466 
Bethlehem Public Library 

Cynthia A. Kidder 
4,199 v. Inc $561 

Boacawen i ,260 
Public Library 

Mrs. Marjorie G. Emery 
4,180 v. Inc. $350 

Bow 568 

Baker Free Library 

Arthur M. Case (P. O. Concord) 
5,400 v. Inc. $586 

Bristol 1,4*8 

Minot-Sleeper Library 

Mary A. Rogers 
9,607 v. Inc. $1,029 

Campion 1,028 

Town Library (P. O. Plymouth, R. 3) 

Mrs. Abbie K. Ewins 
1,625 v. Inc. $99 

Canaan 1,236 
Town Library 

Mrs. Effie W. Olds 
6,651 v. Inc. $595 

Charlestown 1,505 

Silsby Free Public Library 

Anna Louise Webber 
10,121 v. Inc $990 

Chatham 1,920 

Eagle Grange Library 

Susie W. Charles 
600 v. 

Chester 601 

Free Public Library 
Isabelle S. Fitz 
4,132 v. Inc. $220 

Claremont 9,524 

Fiske Free Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary S Ide 
16,139 v. Inc. $6,160 

Colebrook z,8i i 
Public Library 

Mrs. L F. French 
6,599 v. Inc $200 

Concord 22,546* 
Public Library 

Grace Blanchard 
36,383 v. Inc. $11,000 

Public Library Commission of New Hamp- 

Frances Hobart, Secretary 
7,000 v. Inc. $7,150 

State Library 

Robert M. McCurdy 
181,000 v. Inc $17,550. bks, per, $4,720 
Spec. Coll . New Hampshire 

Conway 3,103 
Public Library 

Alice S. Pollard 
5,213 v. Inc. $1,752 

Derry 5,382 
Public Library 

Elsie Gaskin 
8,108 v. Inc., $2,801 

Dover 13,029 
Public Library (C) 

Caroline H. Garland 
51,981 v. Inc. $10,450 

Spec. Colls. : Book plates. Local history 

Dublin 408 

Dublin Public Library 

Mrs. Minnie E. Leffingwell 
8,079 v. Inc. $600 



East Dcrry 590 

Taylor Library 

C. Louise Bachelder 
8,767v. Inc. $775 

East Jaffrey 1,765 

Jaffrey Public Library 

Winifred M. Cooledge 

Enfield 1,577 
Public Library 

Ella M. Pattee 
4,500 v. Inc. $983 

Epping 1,276 

Free Public Library 

B. Helena Brown 
4,486 v. Inc. $534 

Exeter 4^04 
Public Library 

Carrie W. Byington 
23,794 v. Inc $5.276 
Spec. Coll . Music 

Farmington. 2,461 
Public Library 

Ethel B. Nason 
4,431 v Inc $647 

Fitzwilliam 962 
Town Library, I7Q7 
Annie L Colby 
7,235 v Inc. $1,726 

Franklin 6,318 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Barren Shirley 
15,784 v. Inc. $6,589 

Gilmanton 8x4 
Corner Library 

Dr Anna B. Parker 
1,977 v. Inc. $240 

Goffstown 2,391 
Memorial Library 

Louise E. Marden 
5,500 v. Inc. $1,062 

Gorham 2,334 
Public Library 

Helen Libby 
4,986 v. Inc. $1,116 

Greenville 1,346 

Chamberlin Free Public Library 

Josephine M. Taft 
5,230 v. Inc. $500 

Groreton 1,880 
Groveton Public Library 
Mrs. Mary L. Curtis 
3,826 v. Inc. $1,000 


Hampton 1,251 
Public Library 

S. Albert Shaw 
7,391 v. Inc. $1,598 

Hancock 531 

Whitcomb Town Library 

Mrs. Annie L. Putnam 
8,405 v. Inc. $1,000 

Hanover 2,264 
Howe Memorial Library 
Grace . Kingsland 
| 12,998 v. 

HaverhiU 3,406 

Library Association 

Miss H F Morrison 
5,448 v Inc $496 

Henniker 1,344 

Tucker Free Library 

Mrs. Fannie W. Bennett 
7,821 v. Inc $2,200 

Hillsboro 2,229 
Fuller Public Library 

Mrs. Lulu B Gaddas 
7,034 v. Inc $645 

Hinsdale 1,773 
Public Library 

Mrs. L. M C Streeter 
9,000 v. Inc $645 

Holha 775 

, Social Library, 1799 
i M. Louise Stratton 

| 5,465 v Inc $825 

I Hooksett 1,828 

I Arah W. Prescott Library 

. Jennie B. Abbott 

I 4,063 v. Inc. $166 

! Hopkinton 1,438 

! Free Public Library 
* Sarah U. Kimball 

j 4,306 v. Inc. $306 

Hudson 1,954 

Hills Memorial Library 

Mrs Hazel E. Buxton 
7,515 v. Inc. $853 

Jaffrey 2,303 

Public Library (P. O. East Jaffrey) 

Mrs. Edna H. Wilkins 
6,483 v. Inc. $2,959 

Keene 11,855 
Public Library 

Mary Lucina Saxton 
25,550 v. Inc. $11,192 


NEW HAMPSHlRE-Continued 

LaeoaiA 11,300* 
-Public Library 

Hazel J. Clark 
31,174 v. Inc. $9,815 

Lancaster 2^19 

Public Library 

Martha W. Brackett 
9,202 v. Inc. $2,548 

Lebanon 6,i6a 
Public Library (C) 

Emma M. Morris 
8,892V. Inc. $3,755 

Lincoln 1,473 
Public Library 

Esther L. Morgan 
3456 v. Inc. $1,550 

Lisbon 3,288 
Public Library 

Nettie L. Kelsea 
6,191 v. Inc. $2,000 

Littleton 4,239 
Public Library (C) 

Katie G. Danforth 
15,596 v. Inc. $3,482 

Londonderry 1,303 
Leach Library 

Edmund G. Anderson 
7,274 v. Inc. $156 

chester 83,097* 

City Library 

F. Mabel Wmchell 

102,300 v. Inc. $50,623, salaries, $28,092, 1/k 
cxp. $7,433 

Spec. Coll.. Manchester, England, and 
its cotton industry 

Marlboro 1,380 

Frost Free Library 

Mrs. Elfreda K. Cheeseman 
6,124 v. Inc. $497 

Meredith 1,680 

Public Library 

Mrs. Lillian Wadleigh 
6,750 v. Inc. $1,789 

Merrimack x t oaa 
Public Library 

Emma A. Cross 
5,206 v. tine. $1,143 


Free Library 

Annabell C. Secoipbe 
14,492 v. Inc. $3,051 

Spec. Coll.: Local town histories 

Milton 1,4*1 
Nute Library 

Mrs. Sarah P. Haley 
4,867 v. Inc. $175 

Nashua 39,723* 

Hunt Memorial Library 

Clara E. Smith 
39,518 v. Inc. $14,020 

Nashua Public Library 
Alice T. Rowe 

New Hampton 708 
Gordon-Nash Library 

Ina A. Bickford 
17,560 v. Inc. $7,287 

New Ipswich 869 
Town Library 

Mrs. Frances L. 
9,158 v. Inc $3,000 


New London 701 
Tracy Memorial Library 

Mildred J. Peaslee 
5,422 v Est. inc. (1928) $7,000 

Newmarket 3,1^1 
Public Library 

Evelyn McWhmme 
6,023 v. Inc $2,014 

Newport 4,109 
Richards Free Library 
Mrs. N H. Miller 
11.446 v. Inc. $2,599 

North Conway i,ooo 

North Conway Public Library 

Elizabeth L. Lewis 
10,000 v. 

Oasipee 1,122 

Public Library (P. O. Center Ossipee, R. i) 

Rev. F. H Baker 
1,900 v. Inc. $196 

PeUuun 974 
Free Public Library 
Mary E. Hobbs 
5,888 v. Inc. $412 

Pembroke 2,890 

Public Library 

Mrs. Nellie Baker Osgood 
3,130 v. Inc. $323 

Peterborough 2,615 

Town Library, 1833 

Martha E. Cutler 
20,118 v. Inc $4,329 



PitUfield 1,915 

Carpenter Public Library 

F. S. Jenkins 
8,617 v. Inc. $2,036 

PUinfield 853 

Philip Read Memorial Library 

Mrs. Harriet M. Jenney 
2,650 v. Inc. $170 

Plaistow 1,368 
Public Library 

Mrs. Margaret T. Ryder 
4^69 v. Inc. $367 

Plymouth 2,353 

Public Library 

Mrs. Martha M. Shute 
6,608 v. Inc. $1,790 

Portsmouth 14,871 

Portsmouth Athenaeum 
20,000 v. 

Langdon Public Library 

6,036 v. Inc. $610; bks., per., $212 

Public Library 

Hannah G. Fernald 
29,208 v. Inc $7,152 

Raymond 1,050 

Dudley-Tucker Library (C) 

Mrs. Edith L. Tilton 
1,991 v. Inc $450 

Ingalls Memorial Library 

Ella M. Brigham 
5,302 v. Inc. $824 

Rochester 9^73 
Public Library (C) 

Lillian E. Parshley 
24,961 v. Inc. $7,393 

Byron G. Merrill Library 

Alice E French 
4,933V. Inc. $676 

Rye 1,196 

Public Library (P. O. West Rye) 

Helen C^ Drake 
5,ooov. Inc. $1,274 

Salem 2,318 

Salem Free Public Library 

Alice L. Hall 
4,500 v. Inc. $632 

Sandwich 1,175 

Samuel H. Wentworth Library (P. O. Cen- 
ter Sandwich) 

Mrs. Walter Atwood 
8,500 v. Inc. $873 

Seabroofe 1,537 

Brown Memorial Library 

Annie M. Perkins 
3,510 v. Inc. $948 

Someriworth 6,708 
Public Library 

Mrs. Leona Savithes 
15,593 v. Inc $2,937 

Stewmrtstown 1,128 
Public Library 

Mrs. Frank Richards 
1,020 v. Inc. $94 

Snnapee 898 

Abbott Memorial Library 
Mrs. Mary C. Haven 
4,000V. Inc. $437 

Swanzey 1,593 

Stratton Free Library (P. O. West Swan- 

Virginia Ide 
4,047 v Inc. $269 

Tamworth 945 

Chocorua Public Library (P. O Chocorua) 

Lucy Weeks 
3,841 v. Inc $223 

Tilton 2,014 

Hall Memorial Library 

Mrs. Mary A. Locke 
8,441 v. Inc $2,652 

Troy 1,444 

Public Library 

Mrs Annie M. Clark 
2,275 v. Inc. $301 

Wakefield 1,335 

Wakefield Public Library 

Alice C. Milhkcn 
8,700 v Inc. $950 

Walpole 2,553 
Town Library 

Frances M. Sabm 
13,129 v. Inc. $822 

Warner 1,051 

Pillsbury Free Library 

Mrs Dolhe M. Sargent 
7,829 v Inc. $1,082 

Weare 1,173 

Paige Memorial Library 

Eva B. Simons 
4,020 v Inc. $500 





West Lebanon x,6oo 

West Lebanon Library Association 

Florence S. Watson 
3,000 v. Inc. $700 

Weit Swaniey 1,593 
Stratton Free Library 
Mrs. E. B. Holbrook 

Whitefield 1,935 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Jennie B. Shores 
11,020 v. Inc. $750 

Wilton 1,546 
Public Library 

Bessie F. Bales 
9,723 v. Inc. $2,064 

Winchester 2,267 
Conant Library 

Mrs. R. E. Hammond 
5,300 v. Inc. $2,059 

Wolfeboro 2,178 

Brewster Free and Town Library 

Elizabeth Brewster 
8,394 v Inc. $1,016 

Woodsville 3,000 

Woodsville Free Library 
Mrs. S. M. Chamberlin 


New Jersey Public Library Commission: 
Sarah B. Askew, Librarian and Organizer, 
Trenton ! 

New Jersey State Library, Trenton: John i 
P. Dullard, Librarian ! 

Allendale 1,165 
Free Public Library 

Mrs Mary K Lee 
4,387 v. Inc. $519 

Asbury Park 13,674* 
Free Public Library 

Josephine W. Porter 
21,458 v Inc. $11,621 

Atlantic City- 53,a7* 
Free Public Library (C) 

Jessie F. Adams 
70,000 v. Inc., $55,5oo 

Atlantic County Library. See May's Landing 

Atlantic Highlands 1,269 
Free Public Library 

Annie A. Woodward 
4,000V. Inc. $854 

Audubon 4,740 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. W. J. Kilton 
8,000 v. 

Barnegat z,oo6 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. C. Van Vorst 
4,350 v. 

Basking Ridge-tyo 
Free Public Library 
Mary Berkalow 
5,000 v. Inc. $500 



Free Public Library (C) 

Mary G. Peters 
Branches. 5 

105,000 v Inc. $68,959, salaries, $34,863'. 
exp. $18,662 

Beach Haven 

Free Public Library 

Leona M Murphy 
5,270 v. Inc. $1,000 

Belleville 18,927* 
Free Public Library (C) 
Mrs E A Shattuck 
20,000 v. Inc. $8,500 

Belmar 1,987 

Free Public Library (C) 

Lillian Davis 
7,J09 v. Inc $5,250 

Belvidere 1,793 

Free Public Library 

Florence E. Yetter 
2,930 v. 

Bergenfield 3,667 
Free Public Library 

Gertrude E. Hautau 
5,000 v. Inc. $4,000 

Bernardaville 1,050 
Free Public Library 

Clara E. Ormiston 

Beverly 2,562 
Free Public Library 
Mrs. H. A Stees 


Bloomfield 25,955* 
Free Public Library 
Janet R. Melvain 
28,692 v. Inc. $20,472 

Bogota 3,906 
Free Public Library 
Helen L. Feltcr 
5,838 v. Inc. $2,400 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Boonton 5,372 
Free Public Library 

Anna . Thibou . 
7,150 v. Inc. $3,643 

Bordentown 4,371 
Free Public Library 

Ellen Allen 
5,000 v. 

Bound Brook 5,906 

Free Public Library 

Roberta M. Doxsee 
8,351 v. Inc. $5,500 

Bradley Beach 2,307 
Free Public Library 
Mabelle L Clark 
7,000 v. Inc $2,500 

Bridgeton 14,387* 
Free Public Library 
May W. Carton 
10,017 v. Inc. $9,000 

Burlington 9,049 
Free Public Library 

Lydia Weston 
23,000 v. Inc. $1,500 

Burlington County Library See Mount 

Caldwell 3,993 

Free Public Library (C) 

Lillian M. Riker 
8,000 v Inc. $2,700 

Camden 128,642* 

Camden County Library (county pop 

Mildred G Brown 

32,383 v. Inc. $18,558 (plus local appropria- 

Camden Free Public Library (C) 

William H. Ketler 
Branches: 3 

74,762 v. Inc. $52335. salaries, $24,778; bk 
exp., $9^40 

Camden County Library. See Camden 

Cape May 2,999 
Free Public Library 

Edith M. Edwards 
5,200 v. Inc. $1,685 

Cape May County Library 
Court House. 

See Cape May 

Cape May Court Homo 
Cape May County Library (county pop. 

Sarah A. Thomas 

17,798 v. Inc. $12,143 (plus local appropria- 

Carteret 14,027* 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Lillian M. Phillips 
3,i43 v. Inc. $4*000 

Cedar Grove 3,187 
Free Public Library 

Hedda C. Del Fosse 
2,000 v. 

Cedarvillc 1,286 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. H S. Peterson 
600 v 

Chatham 2,42 1 
Free Public Library 

Margaret Jackson 
8,055 v Inc. $3,865 

Chester 7,273 
Free Public Library 
Mabel V. Drake 

2,000 V. 

Clayton 1,905 
Free Public Library 
Mr*. J M Wick 
3,000 v. 

Clementon 3,491 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. F Evans 
1,500 v. 

Chffside Park 5,709 
Free Public Library 

Nancy F. Bowman 
6,000 v. Inc. $2,200 

Clifton 34,742* 

Free Public Library 

Helen M. Bachant 
6,500 v. Inc. $5,095 

Clinton 950 
Grandin Library 
Carrie Todd 
4,700 v. Inc. $2,000 ' 

Closter 1,840 
Free Public Library 
Mary M. Staples 
2,742 v. Inc $1,200 



HEW JERSEY Continued 

Colliaftwood 8,714 
Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. G. M. PC Gimkey 
13*999 v. Inc $6,991 

Grantor? 1,083 
Free Public Library 

Margaret G. Bergen 

Grantor* 5,986 

Free Public Library (C) 

May D. Bradley 
11,428 v. Inc., $5,000 

Dover- 9*803 

Free Public Library 

Martha A. Burnet 
13,000 v. Inc. $6,000 

Dnmont 2,537 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Millie G. Jenkins 
3,266 v. Inc. $2,653 

Dunellen 3,394 

Free Public Library 

Jacmtha B Frescoln 
1,100 v. 

Eatt Newark 3,057 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Sadie A. Carey 
11,844 v. Inc. $1,500 

East Orange 5*967* 
Free Public Library (C) 
Adeline T. Davidson 
Branches : 3 (2 Carnegie) 
77,458 v. Inc $64,500; salaries $42,399, bk 
exp. $8,582 

East Rutherford 

Free Public Library 

Emma B. Van Nooy 
4,645 v. Inc. $1,500 


Free Public Library 

Ella Dunham 
900 v. 

Edgewater 3,530 

Free Public Library (C) 

Edna J. Dinwiddie 
8,809 v. Inc. foo52 


Free Public Library 
Jennie M. Hunt 
6,000 v. 



Free Public Library (C) 
Charles A. George 

Branch: i (Carnegie) 

96,661 v. Exp. $58,787; salaries, $34^81; bk. 
exp., $12^55 

Spec. Coll.: Prints. 

Englewood 12,590* 
Free Public Library (C) 

Florence G. Finiiey 
23,661 v. Inc. $14,330 

Flemington 2,590 
Free Public Library 

Kathenne Kinney 
4,500 v. 

Florence 7,100 
R. D. Wood Library 
C. C. Reeves, Jr. 
1,500 v. 

Fort Lee 5,761 

Free Public Library 

4,000 v. Inc $783 

Freehold 4,768 

Free Public Library (C) 

Nell L Meyers 
7,512 v Inc. $3,600 

Monmouth County Library (county pop 


Edith S John, acting 

36,557 v. Inc. $22,250 (plus local appropria- 

Gmrfield 24,574* 
Free 'Public Library 

Anne M. Ciccone 
5,715 v. Inc. $7,000 

Glauboro 3,073 
Free Public Library 

Rev.J M Huntling 
1,500 v. 

Glen Ridge 4,620 

Free Public Library 

Helen M. Grannis 
15,187 v. Inc $9,768 

Glen Rock 

Free Public Library 

Jane Badgett 
2,786 v. Inc. $644 

Gloucester City 13,692* 
Free Public Library 

Beatrice Purrington 
6,000 v. Inc. $6,075 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Hackentack 19,715* 
Free Public Library 

Mary Boggan 
30,954 v. Inc. $16,083 

Hackettstown 2,936 
Free Public Library 

Jane Rice 
5,300 v. Inc. $1,560 

Haddonfield 5,643 

Free Public Library 
Anna L Cawley 
12,000 v. Inc $8,000 

Haddon Height* 2,950 
Free Public Library 
Bertha W. Frost 
6,000 v. Inc. $3,051 

Harrison 16414* 
Free Public Library 
Alma M. Lewis 
12,000 v. Inc. $7,846 

Haabnmck Heights 2,895 
Free Public Library 

Susan Dixon 
7,487 v Inc. $1,785 

Hawthorne 5,135 

Free Public Library 

Harriet d'Archambaud 
5,201 v. Inc. $1,200 

High Bridge 1,795 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. Mary Flowers 
1,427 v Inc. $300 

Highland Park 
Free Public Library 

Bertha . Skennglon 
4,000 v. Inc. $3,700 

Hightatown 2,674 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Margaret V. Johnson 
1,150 v. Inc. $1,115 

Free Public Library 

Irma Hatficld 
00,000 v. Inc. $40,500 
Spec. Coll.: Law. 

Hopewell 1,339 
Free Public Library 

Eleanor L. Weart 
5,400 v. Inc. $1,353 

Irvington 33,186* 
Free Public Library 
May E. Baillet 
18,620 v. Inc. $15,000 

Jersey City 318,000** 
Free Public Library, 1891 

Chief Librarian Edmund W. Miller 
Assistant Librarian Mrs. Nellie K. 


Catalog Margaret O'Rourke 
Children's Mrs. Edith L. Gordon 
Order Florence Birch 
Reference Dorothea Schwind 
Secretary Grace L. Edwards 
Central Library, Jersey Avenue, Mont- 
gomery & Mercer Streets 
Branches 10 (3 school; I hospital); 

stations, 8. 

280,785 v Inc $237,810; salaries, $145,724: 
bk exp, $33,375 

Spec. Colls : Shakespeare. New Jersey 
history. Law. 

| Kearny 31,291* 
i Free Public Library (C) 
! M. Belle Kil Gour 

28,761 v Inc $227,625 

; Keyport 4,415 
Free Public Library 

Josephine A Brown 
7,300v Inc $2,000 


; Lakewood 6,110 

i Free Public Library (C) 

Katherme L Hinsdale 
14,754V. Inc $8,000 

\ Lambertville 4,660 
Free Public Library 

Almira C Holcombe 
, 3,500 v Inc $1,440 

j Leonia 2,979 

i Free Public Library 

! H Elizabeth Billings 

i 6,500 v. Inc. $2,250 

| Little Falls 

! Free Public Library (C) 
i Ruth Morehouse 

\ 6,800 v. Inc. $2,500 

Little Ferry 2,715 

Free Public Library 
( Lewis Pfiester 

| 2,400 v. 

i Lodi 8,175 

! Free Public Library 

Susan Hunderman 
I 2,617 v. 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Long Branch 13,646* 
Free Public Library (C) 

Mary Clarkson 
10,800 v. Inc. $6,500 

Free Public Library 

M. E. Wilcox 
6,000 v. Inc. $3,080 

Madiaon 5,5*3 

free Public Library 

Norma B. Bennett 
I44I3 v. 

Manatquaa 1,705 
Free Public Library 

Mabel R. Milliken 
6 t ooo v. Inc. $990 


Free Public Library 

Mabel F. Langton 
13400 v Inc. $10,518 

Matawan 1,910 
Free Public Library 
M. B. Dominick 
3,764 v. Inc. $1,200 

May'i Landing 

Atlantic County Library (countv pop 


Jane H. Brown 

11*3^5 v. Inc. $14,892 (plus local appropria 

Mendham 969 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. E H. Eyrick 
4,000 v. Inc. $800 

Merchantville 2,749 

Free Public Library 

Gertrude ft Helmick 
5,ooo v 

Metuchen 3,334 

Free Public Library 

Julia T. Bogert 
4,200 v. Inc. $1,870 

Middletown 5,917 

Middletown Township Library 

Usilla Speer 
8,410 v. Inc. $3,100 

Maitown 2,323 
Free Public Library 

Alice Heyl 
3,000 v. Inc $350 

- I 

Millville 15*60* 
Free Public Library 

Sue H. Davis 
9,579 v. Inc. $2,000 

Monmouth County Library. See Freehold 

Montclair 32,922* 
Free Public Library (C) 
Margery C. Quigley 
51,770 v. Inc. $34^30 

Moorettown 2,826 
Free Public Library 
Hannah Severns 
7,350 v. 

Morrii County Library. See Morristown. 

Morrirtown 12,570* 
Free Public Library 
| Grace D Rose 

36,494 v. Inc. $23,965 

Morris County Library (county pop 82,- 


Edith L. Smith 

30,144 v. Inc $16,933 (plus local appropria- 

Mountain Lakes 

Free Public Library 

Gladys L Muchmore 
3.936 v. 

Mount Holly 

Burlington County Library (county pop 

Adelene J Pratt 

39,066 v. Inc $13,092 (plus local appropria- 

Newark 455,020 

Newark Public Library, 1888 

Librarian John Cotton Dana 
Assistant Librarian Beatrice Wmser 
Art Marcelle Frebault 
Bindery Marion Buchanan 
Catalog Marie Prevost 
Extension and Branches Vivian Can- 

Lending Marguerite L Gates 
Order Isabel McD. Howell 
Publications Catherine Van Dyne 
Registration Vivian Canneld 
School and Children Marguerite Kirk 
Main Library, 5 Washington Street 
Branches: 5, 27 agencies; 841 class- 
room libraries 
Business Branch, 34 Commerce Street 

M. C. Manley 

344.000 v. Inc. 1026, $340,000; salaries, $212,- 
157, bk. and per. exp. f $66,229 

Spec. Colls.: Finely printed books 



HEW JERSBY-Continned 
New Brunswick 37,984* 
Free Public Library (C) 

John B. Fogg 
32,162 v. Inc. $24,559 

Mew Providence 1,198 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. J. F. Wahl 

. Inc. $700 

Newton 4,125 
Free Public Library 
A. Elizabeth Case 
1^300 v. Inc. $4,544 

Nutley 9*ai 

Free Public Library (C) 

Irene C Phillips 
13,245 v - Inc - $15,350 

Ocean City 3,513 
Free Public Library 
Hazel C. Clark 
4,252 v Inc. $8,227 

Ocean County Library See Toms River 

Oradell 900 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. Mabel S. Whiting 
4,552 v Inc. $8,227 


Free Public Library 

Elizabeth H. Wesson 
57,558 v. Inc. $19,918 

Oxford 3,035 
Free Public Library 

Grace L. Hoaglancl 
3,500 v. 

Palisades Park 2,633 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Lena H. Tracy 
7,360 v. Inc. $1,000 

Park Ridge 1*81 
Public Library 

Mrs. C. W. Lawes 
4,500 v. 


Passaic Public Library 

Maud I. Stull 
Branches. 5 

53,082 v. Exp., $39,733, salaries, $22,347, > 
exp., $8,150 

Paterion 141,695* 
Free Public Library 

George F. Winchester 
Branches: 5 


Museum : i (separate maintenance) 
93,68o v. Exp. $79,<^9; salaries, $48,645; bk. 
exp., $11,129 

PanUboro 4,359 
Free Public Library 

Irma C. Lodge 
6,000 v. Inc. $1,317 

Pennington 965 
Free Public Library 

Mrs D. C. Chatten 
5,ooo v. Inc. $731 

PennB Grove 6,060 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. R. Campbell 
2,730 v Inc. $747 

Perth Amboy 47,136* 
Free Public Library (C) 

Edith H. Crowell 
25,931 v. Inc. $25,500 

Phillipsburg 18,633* 

Free Public Library 

Edna Woodroffe 
4,000 v. Inc. $5,700 

Pitman 3,385 

Free Public Library 

Alice Collins 
2,500 v Inc. $600 

PUinficld 31,748* 
Free Public Library (C) 
Florence O. Bowman 
84,626 v Inc $26,981 
Spec Coll.: Music 

. Pleasantville 5,887 
1 Free Public Library 

Mrs B H. Wilson 
2,000 v Inc. $500 

Point Pleasant Beach 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Harry Reed 
10,000 v. Inc.. $434 

Pompton Lakes 3,008 
Free Public Library 
Mary L Jacobs 
7,000 v. Inc. $3,775 

Port Norris 1,520 
Free Public Library 

Mrs George Fagan 
475 v. Inc. $270 

Princeton 5,917 

Free Public Library 

Agnes Miller 
14,000 v. Inc $7,000 



HEW JERSEY Continued 

Rahway 12,007* 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Agnes Sexton 

Ramsey 2,090 

Free Public Library 

Edith L. Christopher 
2,500 v. Inc. $250 

RAriian 4457 

Township Library 

Red Bank 9,251 
Free Public Library 

Mrs H. Gertrude Capen 
12,400 v. Inc.. $5,600 

Ridgefield Park 8,575 

Free Public Library 

Muriel Kern 
9,000 v. Inc. $6,635 

Ridgewood 7,5*0 

Geprge L. Pease Memorial Library 

Elizabeth Butcher 
15,430 v. Inc. $16,141 

Rirerton 4,341 
Free Public Library 

Elizabeth B. Campbell 
7,730 v. Inc. $2,400 

Rockaway 2,655 
Free Public Library 

Etta Davey 
5,898 v. Inc. $735 

Rotelle 5,737 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. M. C. Thyng 
7,506 v. Inc. $5,000 

Ruinson 1,658 
Free Public Library 
N. Esther Bruce 
7,600 v. 

Rutherford $497 
Free Public Library 

Dorothy E. Burrows 
I37a5 v. Inc. $9,986 


Free Public Library 

Cornelia Prior 
10,000 v. Inc. $2,725 


Free Public Library 

H. H. Daniels 

Shrewsbury 1,944 

Public Library 

Mrs. A. V. Jennings 
3,000 v. 

Somenrille 6,718 
Free Public Library 

Bessie H. Newkirk 
9*042 v. Inc. $4,945 

Sooth Amboy 7,897 
Free Public Library 

Sadie Dowdell 
6,000 v. Inc. $1,800 

South Orange 7,294 
Free Public Library 

Julia Schneider 
11,565 v. Inc. $5,700 

South River 6496 
Free Public Library 

Sarah T. M. Brown 
6,000 v. Inc. $1,800 

Soarta 1,017 

Free Public Library 

Elizabeth F. Seaver 
1,900 v. 

Spotswood 704 

Free Public Library 

Elizabeth Howard 
3,890 v. 

Spring Lake Beach 1,009 
Free Public Library 

Florence M. Miller 
i 4,751 v. Inc. $2,320 

| Stanhope 1,031 

I Free Public Library 

Mrs. Joseph McMockle 
500 v. Inc. $200 

I Summit 11,687* 
Free Public Libary (C) 

Emilie Hill 
27,500 v. Inc. $13,440 

Sussex- 1,318 
Public Library 

Leola Robinson 
1,100 v. 

Township Library 

Tenmfly 5,650 
Free Public Library 

C. D. York 
"457 v. Inc. $6,150 



Vineland 6,799 

Free Public Library (C) 

Doris W. Tripp 
9,259 v. Inc. $s,54i . 

Washington 3,341 
Free Public Library 

S. D. Beavers 
4,800 v. Inc. $1,600 

Weehawken 14,485 

Free Public Library 

13,000 v. Inc. $600; bks., per , $275 

Wenonah 918 
Free Public Library 
Mortie L. Stokes 
5,000 v. Inc. $820 

NEW JERSEY Continued 

Toma River 1,800 
Free Public Library 

Bertha M. Chambers 
4,500 v. Inc. $1,200 

Ocean County Library (county pop 22,155) 

Elizabeth R. Wurts 

14^41 v. Inc $8,697 (plus local appropria- 

Trenton 132,020* 

Free Public Library 

Howard L. Hughes 

Branches: 4 

130,898 v Exp. $130,832, salaries, $49.108 , 
bk. exp. $26,832 

Spec. Colls : Ceramics Trenton. 

Hamilton Township Library 

Alice M. Jones 
15,000 v. Inc. $7,625 

New Jersey Public Library Commission 
Sarah B. Askew 

New Jersey State Library 

John P. Dullard 
160,000 v 

Spec Colls I egislative reference Gene- | 
alogy. ! 

Tuckerton 1,106 : 

Public Library . 

Eleanor B. Price ! 

1,300 v ! 

Union City 63,117* 
Free Public Library (C) 

Paul M. Konert 
43,206 v. Inc $30,300 

Verona 3,039 j 

Free Public Library (C) ; 

Jennie A Rich 

5,410 v. Inc. $4,824 : 

WestCaldwell , . 

Free Public Library 

Isabel Doll 
4,500 v. Inc. $600 

Westfield 9063 

Free Public Library (C) 

Mary V. Gale 
1^567 v. Inc. $6,000 

Weit Long Branch 966 
Free Public Library 

Charlotte C. Slocum 
3,000 v. Inc. $500 

West New York 39,197* 
Free Public Library 

Jennie Thompson 
14,400 v. Inc. $18,000 

Westville 4,380 
Free Public Library 

Ethel Jordan 
2,000 v. 

Weatwood 2,597 
Free Public Library 
Florence V Post 
4,000 v. Inc $1,641 

Whartoa 2,877 

Free Public Library 

Olive M Champion 
3,227 v. Inc $550 

Wildwood 2,790 
Free Public Library 

Yetta Baker 
1,500 v 

Whippany 969 

Roberts Memorial Library 

M E. Shipman 
1,500 v. 

Williamstown 1,536 
Free Public Library 

Stella Sykes 
500 v. 

Woodbine 1,406 
Public Library 
2,500 v. 

Woodbridge -13,423 
Barron Library 

Matilda Chogan 
5,000 v. 

Township Library 

Woodbury 5,801 

Deptford Institute Free Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Johnson 
9,000 v 



HEW JERSEY Continued 

Woodttown 1,589 
Free Public Library 
Frances D. Fogg 


State Law Library, Santa Fe: Mra. Anita 
J. Chapman, Librarian 

Alamogordo 2,363 

Alamogordo Public Library 

Mary Darbyshire 
3,968 v. Inc. $300; bks , per., $125 

Albuquerque 17,500* 

Albuquerque Public Library 

Mrs. N. F. Dixon 
10,200 v. Inc. $10,000, bks, per, $1,500 

Arteaia 1,115 
Artesia City Library 
Mrs. Ella Hewitt 
3.500 v. Inc $56; bks , per, $144 

Clayton 2,157 

City Library (serves county within 8o-mile 

Twentieth Century Club members 
1,000 V. 

Clovii 4,904 

Clovis Public Library 

Mrs. R. R. Stalhngs 
3,600 v. Inc. $4,500, bks , per., $1,500 

Deming Public Library 

Anna W. Buckingham 
6,000 v. Bks., per., $209 

Bait Laa Vegaa 4,304 
Carnegie Public Library 

Elizabeth Cooley 
7,000 v. Inc. $1,200; bks., per., $320 

EiUncU 57* 

Estancia Library 

Mrs. B. D. Freilinger 
1,600 v. 

Fannington 728 
Public Library. 

Mrs. L. Mahany 
too v. 

Galhp 30*0 

Gallup Public Library 

Mrs. William Elfring 
2 f ooov. Inc. $2,500 

Portalet 1,154 

Portalcs Public Library 

Raton 5.544 

Raton Public Library (C) 

Evelyn Shuler 
10,211 v. Inc. $4,256; bks., $690; per., $112 

Roiwell 7,033 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. T. E. Whitney 
7,000 v. Inc. $3,403; bks., $790; per., $193 

Santa Fe 7,236 
State Law Library 

Mrs. Anita J Chapman 
20,000 v. Bks., per., $2,500 

Woman's Board of Trade and Library Assn 

(Miss) Edwin Sue Goree 
12,000 v. Inc. $6,500, bks., $1,000, per, $150 

Socorro 1,256 

Socorro Public Library 

Mrs E H Wells 
2,700 v. 

Wagon Mound 875 

Public Library 

Mrs A.~R. Farquer 
1 ,000 v. Inc. $300 


The Univeraity of the State of New York, 
Library Extension Division: Frank L. Tol- 
man, Director, State Education Bldg., Albany 

New York State Library, Albany: Jamea 
Ingenoll Wyer, Librarian 

Adam*- 1,568* 

- Adams Free Library 

Mrs. Mary K Rhodes 
4,602 v. Inc. $2,196; bks., per, $267 

Addison 1,736* 
Addison Public Library 
Mrs. Susan D. Perry 
5,000 v. Inc. $936, bks., per., $100 

Albany 1 1 7,820* 

Albany Public Library 
Elizabeth M. Smith 
Branches: 4 

Business branch, John V. L. Pruyn Li- 
brary; Mabel McKay, Urn. 

81486 v. Exp. $70,953; salaries, $3M; bk. 

exp. f $17,521 

N. Y. State Library 

James L Wyer 
537,483 v. Inc. $193,879; bks., per., $45.652 

Spec. Colls.: Shakers. Arctic explora- 
tion. Indians. Genealogy. Books for blind. 
American session laws. Bibliography. 



NEW YORK Continued 

Albany Continued 

Library Extension Division, Traveling 
Libraries Section 

Frank L. Tolman, Director 
15,803 v. Inc. $17,300; bks., per., $15,600 

Union Free Library 
Agnes McCarthy 
10,390 v. Inc. $6,440, bks, per., $1,160 

Albion 5,206* 
Swan Library 

Lillian A. Achilles 
15,373 v Inc 7,245, bks, per, $965 

Alexandria Bay 2,130* 

Holland Memorial Library 

Florence McDonell 
6,000 v Inc $3,393 , Mcs , per., $325 

Amenia 1,560 
Amenia Free Library 
Alice MacDougall 
2,568 v Inc $1,186, bks, per, $222 

Amityville 4,245* 

Amityville Free Library 

Helen E Badger 
5.409 v. Inc $4,307 , bks , per , $215 

Amsterdam 35,260* 
Amsterdam Free Library (C) 

Laura M Warner 
30,536 v Inc $11,039, bks., pei., $2,967 

Andover 1,151* 
Andover Free Library (C) 
Mrs Margaret Baker 
6,795 v Inc $1,444, bks, per, $277 

Angelica 962* 

Angelica Free Library 

Mrs. Lucile T Newman 
9,ni v. Inc. $1,246; bks, per., $221 

Angola M75* 

Angola Public Library 

Mrs.' Flora A. Gould 
2,267 v. Inc. $986; bks., per., $361 

Antwerp 927* 
Crosby Public Library 

Ettie Marsh 
4^197 v. Inc. $2,044; bks., per., $569 

Arcade 1,604 
Arcade Free Library 
Anna J. Edman 
3,895 v. Inc. $662; bks., per., $283 


D. R. Evarts Library 

Jennie H. Van Woert 

v. Inc. fe26o; bks., per., $380 

Attica 2,125* 

Stevens Memorial Library 

Ruth L. Lawrence 
9,ooo v. Inc. $1,504; bks., per., $141 

Auburn 35,677* 
Seymour Library 

Theodora Kellogg 
344" v. Inc. $21,760; bks., per., $2,580 

Spec. Colls.: Electricity (Case). Chem- 
istry (Case). Medicine and Surgery (Chees- 
man). Music. Books for blind. 

Avon 2,470* 
Free Library 

Gertrude L. Hocmer 
3,371 v. Inc. $1,281 ; bks., per., $393 

Babylon 2,523 

Babylon Library 

Gladys W Conklin 
6,881 v. Inc $3,927; bks., per., $302 

Bainbridge 1,339* 
Free Library 

Maude A. Mosher 
5,239 v. Inc. $1,536, bks , per. $586 

Ballston Spa 4,476* 
Public Library 

Charlotte B. Newton 
| 4.524 v. Inc. $2,128; bks, per., $491 

Bath 4,048* 

Davenport Library 

Clara H. Hopkins 

11,510 v. Inc. $5,342, bks , per., $647 
Spec Coll : Local history 

Bay Shore 4,080* 
Free Library 

Marion T. Allen 
7,247 v Inc. $1,792, bks., per., $169 

Beacon 11,621* 

Rowland Circulating Library 

Nancy M. Lament 
10,645 v. Inc $2,367; bks., per., $462 

Bedford Hills 1,000* 
Free Library 

Edna M Adams 
2,996 v. Inc. $614; bks., per., $72 

Public Library 

Mrs Bertha H. Ford 
3,242 v. Inc. $7375 bks., per., $153 

Belmont 1,021* 

Belmont Literary and Historical Society 
Free Library 

Ella Sartore 
7,174 v. Inc. $1,615; bks., per., $250 



NEW YORK Continued 

Berkshire 1,160* 
Berkshire Free Library 
Winnifred G. Smith 
2,130V. Inc. $7.624, bks, per, $247 

Berlin i,6ao 
Free Town Library 

Fanny E. Streeter 
1,836 v Inc. $431 ; bks. f per , 


Brocton 1,366* 

Ahira Hall Memorial Librar\ 

Jessie D. Allen 
5,056 v. Inc $1,690, bks, per, 

Bronxville 4,040* 
Public Library 

M. Elma Krumwiede 
12.523 v Inc. $12,109; bks, per., $1,078 

Binghamton 71,915* 
Binghamton Public Librar> (C) 
William F. Seward 

Branches: 2 

62447 v. Inc. $38,947, salaries, $20,656, bk 
exp $8,198 

Spec. Colls.: Broome County authors 
Business and technical. City directories and 
newspapers from first issue. Foreign (Arabic, 
Rutheman, Ukranian, Yiddish) Home eco- 
nomics and cookery Music. Text books 

Black River 1,031* 
Free Library 

Mrs. Bertha H Stearns 
2,055 v. Inc. $755; bks , per , $248 

Bolivar 1,385* 

Bolivar Free Library (C) 

Mrs. Ella Williams 
6,417 v Inc. $1,381 ; bks , per , $268 

Boonville 2,096* 
Erwm Library and Institute 
Margaret R. McCalhan 
5,964 v Inc. $4,859; bks , per , $360 

Brewster 1,569* 
Brewster Library 
Hattie J Cox 
5,139 v Inc $2,744, bks, per, $359 

Briarchff Manor 1,451* 
Briarcliff Free Library 

Elizabeth Kelly 
3,615 v Inc $1,127, bks, per, $266 

Bridgehampton 1,394* 
Hampton Library 

May T. Van Scoy 
I3.58B v. Inc $1,973 . bks , per , $252 

Brooklyn. See New York Brooklyn Borough 

Buffalo 538,0x6* 

| Buffalo Public Library, 1836, 1807 
, Librarian Walter L. Brown 

Vice-Librarian Lloyd W. Josselyn 
| Treasurer Henry Bull 

j Circulation Harry N. Parsons 

Open Shelf Helen Becker 

Children's Margaret H. Evans 
| Branches Edna A. Holzaepfel 

School Ruth Schmidt 


Catalogs-Ellen M Chandler 

Order Pauline D. Lansing 
! Branches 10, depositories 12, class room 
I libraries 1,430 

i 500,489 v. Inc 1926, $330,444, salaries, $155.- 
I 283, bk exp. $68,149 
! Spec coll Local history 

1 Grosvenor Public Library 
Augustus H. Shearer 
186,100 v Inc $76,000 

Spec Colls . American poetry and songs 
Architecture Dentistry (periodicals) Gene- 
alogy. Maps. Modern drama Music Ni- 
agara Ophthalmology Stenography 

Caledonia 1,170 
Library Association 
Anna B Mullm 
4,960 v Inc $3,486, bks , per , $290 

Cambridge 1,626* 
Public Library 

May Carpenter 
7,370 v. Inc $1,219, bks, per, $284 

Camden 3,105* 

Camden Free Library 

Charlotte E. Colburn 
6,383 v. Inc $906, bks , per , $267 

I Camillas 1,032* 
! Camillus Library 

Mrs. Mary E Maxwell 
3,380 v. Inc $1,037, bks, per, $506 

Canajoharie 2,793* 

I Canajohane Library 

i Carrie T Reno 

j 4,202 v Inc $3,543, bks, per, $501 

| Canandaigua 7,686* 
Wood Library 

Sara N. Lee 
9,660 v Inc $3,188, bks , per , $408 

Canastota 4,223* 
Public Library ( 
Mrs Nellie 
10,941 v Inc $4,110, bks, per, $470 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs Nellie H. Willis 



NEW YORK Continued 

Caniatoo -4,452* 

-Wimodaughsian Free Library 

Mary Mills 
5,110 v. Inc. $1,185; bks., per., $160 

Canton 3,704* 
Canton Free Library 
Florence S. Hall 
18763 v. Inc. $6,497; bks., per, $1,190 

Carthage 4,535* 

Carthage Free Library 

5,099 v. Inc. $5,014; bks , per , $388 

Castile 1,0x3 

Cordelia A. Greene Free Library 

Flora F. Bogart 
6,265 v. Inc. $2,030; bks, per, $170 

Castleton 1,681* 

Castleton Public Library 

Virginia A. Lasher 
3,784 v. Inc. $1,439, bks, per, $266 

Catskill 5,307* 

Catskill Public Library (C) 

Emily F. Becker 
11,433 v Inc. $4,512. bks , per., $505 

Cattarangus 1,359* 

Cattaraugus Free Library 

Bess C. Mowry 
1,181 v Inc. $1,342, bks, per, $497 

Cazenovia 1,776* 

Cazenovia Public Library 

Elizabeth S Jackson 
17,025 v Inc. $4,281 ; bks., per , $883 

Champlain 1,273* 
Chaniplam Free Library 
Mrs. Elsa Washburn 
1,409 v Inc $463; bks., per, $161 

Chatham 2,415* 

Chatham Public Library (C) 

Margaret G Chambers 
9,930 v. Inc. $2,556 ; bks , per , $399 

Chaster 1,186* 
Chester Free Library 
Laura A. Kerner 
4,226 v. Inc $i,773, bks , per, $186 

Clayton 1,94** 
Free Library 

Mrs. Fannie H. Williams 
2,306 v. Inc. $260; bks., per., $164 

Clayville 1,049* 

Clayville Library Association 

Mrs. Edith C. Lindsay 
958 v. Inc. $521 ; bks , per , $141 

i Clifton Spring* 1,776* 

i Peirce Free Library 

j Ralph O. Stratton 

i 2,665 v. Inc. $713; bks., per., $185 

! Clinton 1,443* 

. Kirkland Town Library 

Ella G. Ernst 
> 8,470 v. Inc., $1,889; bks., per., $488 

I Cobleakill 2,585 

. Cobleskill Public Library 

, Mrs. Dorothy P. Mann 

I 2,762 v Inc. $2,301 ; bks., per., $164 

! Cohoea 23,345** 

| Cohoes City Library 

Elmer E Bell 
7.30' v. Inc. $700; bks., per, $576 


( Cold Spring Harbor 983* 

i Cold Spring Harbor Free Library 

Eva J. Wright 
1 6,714 v Inc. $1,966, bks, per., $236 

i Cooperstown 2,725 

i Village Library 

! Bertha K. Walrath 

i 7,133 v 

Corning 15,722* 

Corning Public Libiary 

Mary L. McCabe 
12,476 v Inc $7,127, bks, per, $1,552 

Cornwall 2,033* 
Public Library 

H. C Woodworth 
2,658 v Inc $314; bks, per, $216 

C ornwall-on-the-Hudson 
Public Library 

Florence E Lancaster 
5,182 v. Inc $2,570, bks., per, $410 

Cortland 13,879* 
Cortland Free Library 
Margaret H Force 
6,568 v Inc $1,652 

Cozsackie 2,434* 

Heermance Memorial Library 

Margaret V. S Wallace 
9,640 v. Inc $4,995; bks , per , $592 

Crown Point 978* 
Hammond Library 

Mrs Lilly M Graham 
3,362 v Inc $574; bks., per., $160 

Cuba 1,496* 

Cuba Circulating Library Association 

Elisabeth W. Robie 
4,983 v Inc. $2,285; bjcs.,*per., $391 



NEW YORK Continued 

Dansville Public Library 
Mrs. Rena S. Kramer 
6,358 v. Inc. $2,346; bks - P** 

Cannon Free Library 

Pauline Farrington 
7,406 v. 

Dexter 1,155* 
Dexter Free Library 

Mrs. Harry V. Liddy 
1,495 v. Inc. $697; bks., per , $203 

Dobbi Ferry 5,020* 

Dobbs Ferry Free Library 

Elizabeth Ackerman 
10,247 v. Inc. $3,396; bks, per. $359 

Dolgeville 3,239* 

Dolgeville Public Library 

Mrs. Emily C. Small 
4,235 v. Inc. $2,819, bks, per, $433 

Dundee 1,163* 

Woman's Study Club and Library 

Mrs R. L. Robinson 
3,888 v. Inc. $703; bks , per., $247 

Dunkirk 19,912* 
Dunkirk Free Library (C) 

Carlina M. Monchow 
1^324 v Inc. $6,417; bks., per , $937 

East Aurora 4,641* 

East Aurora Free Library 

Annabel Chandler 
6,457 v Inc. $2,904, bks., per, $419 

East Hampton 1,848* 

East Hampton Free Library 

Ettie C. Hedges 
14,244 v. Inc. $4,997; bks., per., $821 

Bait Rochester 3,883* 

East Rochester Public Library 

Laura J. Whittleton 
2,608 v. Inc. $1,161 ; bks., per., $384 

East Rockaway 3,264* 

Baiseley Free Library 

Mrs. George Guichard 
6,013 v. Inc. $3,362; bks., per., $237 

Eaat Syracnie 4,492* 
East Syracuse Free Library 

Blanche M. Ries 
1,004 v. Inc. $i,6fe; bks., per., $202 

Baitwood 2,194* 
Eastwood Frjee Library 

Lois M. MacBain 
1,591 v. Inc. $3,683; bks., per., $670 

Bllenrille 3,316* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Elinor Demarest 
11,142 v. Inc. $1,327; bks., per., $420 


-Steele Memorial Library (C) 

Mrs. Kate D. Andrew 
40,916 v. Inc. $30,502, bks., per., $7,522 

Bndicott 15,627* 

Endicott Free Library 

Mrs. Evelyn C Eldredge 
14.196 v. Inc. $25,817, bks., per., $2,181 

Fairport 4*41* 

Fairpqrt Public Library 

Helen P De Land 
7,528 v. Inc. $2,326; bks , per, $266 

Falconer 3,352* 

Falconer Public Library 
Gertrude E. Mosher 
4J52 v. Inc. $2,112, bks, per, $440 

Fanningdale 3,044* 
Free Library 

Emma A. Nelson 
1,604 v Inc $886, bks , per, $115 

Fayette ville x,8 1 3* 

Fayetteville Free Library 

Ella M Brush 
5,842 v. Inc $4,609, bks, per, $618 

Floral Park 2,097 

Floral Park Public Library 

Ada I. Hendrickson 
1,849 v. Inc $3,140; bks, per., $06 

Fort Edward 3,631* 

Fort Edward Free Library 

Dorothy Wing 
3,304 v. Inc. $1,382; bks., per., $289 

Fort Plain 2,906* 
Williams Memorial Library 

Ella R. Zielly 
5,069 v. Inc. $1,105; bks., per., $238 

Frankfort 4,416* 

Frankfort Free Library 

Anna B. Piper 
6,050 v. Inc. $1,907; bks., per., $327 

Franklinyille 2,117* 
Blount Library (C) 

Mrs. Alice V. A. Wilcox 
4JQ0 v. Inc. $3,899; bks., per., $206 



NEW TORE Continued 
Fredonia 6,293* 
Darwin R Barker Library 

Mrs. Mary Duke 

v. Inc. $3,886; bks. f per., $778 

Freeport 13,093* 

Freeport Memorial Library 

Alice B. Rogan 
4,593 v. Inc. $4,576; bks., per, $465 

Friendship 1,139* 

Free Library 

Agnes L. Jordan 
7,266 v. Inc. $1,326, bks, per.. $212 

Fulton 12,571* 
Fulton Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Lillian M. Brown 
10,336 v Inc. $5,571 ; bks., per., $934 

Geneseo 2,157* 

Wadsworth Library 

Ethel M Frazer 
22,745 v. Inc $5,576, bks, per, $602 

Geneva 15,908* 

Geneva Free Library 

Margaret A. Hayes 
17,232 v Inc. $3,257 , bks , per , $550 

Glen Cove 10,822* 

Glen Cove Public Library 

Eugenie C Thorne 
13,867 v. Inc $3,603 , bks , per , $976 

Glens Falls 17,851* 

- Crandall Free Library 

Inez M. Bissell 
23,140 v. Inc. $15,098, bks , per , $1,114 

Gloveriville 22,1 zo* 
Free Library (C) 

Lucy Edel 
35,699 v. Inc. $13,528, bks, per, $2,061 

Goihen 2,945* 

Goshen Library and Historical Society 

Bertha M. Borland 
6,708 v. Inc. $3,696; bks., per., $375 

Gouverneur 4,111* 

Gouverneur Reading Room Association 

Alice E. Wilcox 
8,032 v. Inc. $3,969; bks., per., $656 

Gowmnda 2,751* 

Gowanda Free Library 

Mrs. Clara J. Vosburgh 
5,022 v. Inc. $1,597; bks., per., $376 

Granville 3^47* 

Pember Library and Museum 

Irving Wynkoop 
9,385 v. Inc. $6,811; bks., per., $513 

Gnat Neck a,6 7 8* 
Great Neck Library 
L. Valeta King 
10,521 v. Inc. $9,468: bks., per., $1,044 

Greene 19363* 

Moore Memorial Library 

Mrs. Mary A. Summers 
7,412 v. Inc $3,081 ; bks., per.. $304 
Spec Coll.: American Indians 

Greenport 2,991* 

Floyd Memorial Library 

Elizabeth L. Deale 
4,181 v. Inc $3,539; bks., per, $533 

Greenwich 2,398* 

! Greenwich Free Library 
! Mrs J W Hamilton 

5,654 v Inc. $2,821 ; bks., per., $496 

Groton 2,072* 
Public Library 

Ellen A Brown 
7,877 v. Inc $3.865; bks, per., $282 

Hamburg 2,932* 
Free Library (C) 

Elizabeth R Seelbach 
10,151 v Inc. $5,172 , bks , per., $852 

Hamilton 1,668* 
Public Library 

May Coman 

7,997 v Inc $2,667, bks, per., $158 
Spec Coll : Baptist history 

Hammondsport 1,053* 
Hammondsport Public Library 

Laura I. Bailey 
5,631 v. Inc $762; bks , per., $481 

Harrison 1,490* 

Harrison Free Library 

Eva Burger 
4,105 v. Inc. $2,410; bks., per, $495 

H*itingi-on-Hudion 6,311* 

Hastings-on-Hudson Free Library 

Bertha M. Stetson 
7,502 v. Inc. $3,5i6; bks., per., $228 

Haverstraw *,236* 

Kings Daughters Public Library 

Mary E Van Orden 
10,450 v. Inc. $5,122; bks., per., $477 

Hempsttmd M5** 
Hempstead Library 

Adelaide M. Faron 
8,445 v. Inc. $10,600; bks., per., $1,127 



NEW YORK Continued 

Hftridmer 10410* 

Herkimer Free Library 

Edith M. Sheaf 
15,450 v. Inc $7,517, bks, per., $906 

Hicks vffle 2,500 

Hicksville Free Public Library 

209 v. 

Highland 1,570* 
Highland Free Library 

Carrie W. Sears 
4.435 v. Inc. $1,909; bks., per, $212 

Highland Falls 3,071* 
Highland Falls Library 

Marie Nelson 
3,697 v Inc $1,150, bks., per, $96 

Hillburn 1,139* 
-Hillburn Public Library 
Mrs. J. B Strong 

Homer 2,553* 

Phillips Free Library 

Cora J. Bard 
8,706 v. Inc. $3,656, bks. f per ,$481 

Honeoye Falls 1,204* 

Honeoye Falls Free Library 

Louise B Austin 
3,278 v. Inc $1,064, bks , per , $263 


Hoosick Falls 5,050* i 

Cheney Free Public Library and Historical | 

Rooms | 

Edith S Engquist I 

5,922 v. Inc $6,120, bks, per, $821 

Inrington-pn-Hudson- -3,296* 
Irvington Public Library, Guiteau Founda- 

Emma Knodel 
11,967 v. Inc. $7,450, bks, per, $891 

Islip- 2,240 

Islip Public Library 

Mrs Clara R. Allen 
3,036 v. Inc. $2,082; bks, per., $694 

Ithaca 18,948* 

Cornell Library Association 

E. T. Turner 
35,165 v Inc. $10,854, bks, per, $2,3507 

Jamestown 43,414* 

James Prendergast Free Library 

Lucia T Henderson 
20,744V. Inc $18,781; bks., per, $1,792 

Johnson City 11,169* 

Your Home Library Association 

Jane Stiles 
12,691 v Inc $9,94i; bks., per, $1,752 

Johnstown 10,712* 
Public Library (C) 

Katharine M Seaman 
19,041 v Inc $6,713, bks, per, $962 

Jordan 1,128* 

Jordan Free Library 

Mrs. Jessica Bramley 
2,730 v. Inc. $654, bks, per, $444 

Hornell 15,784* 
Public Library (C) 

Helen G. Thacher 
23,002 v Inc. $4,045 J bks., per , $850 

Hudson 11,755* 

D. A. R., Hendrick Hudson Chapter, Free 
Miss Maud Q Rice 


Hudson Falls 6^66* I 

Hudson Falls Free Library Association | 

Genevieve Clarke j 

7,235 v Inc $4,435 , bks , per , $303 j 

Huntington 6,200 1 

Huntington Library Association 

Irene A. Hackett 
14,115 v. Inc. $5,131 ; bks , per , $658 

Ilion 10,426* 

Free Public Library 

L. Marion Moshier 
19,157 v. Inc. $12,796, bks, per, $2,317 

Keeseville 1,716* 
j Keeseville Free Library 
1 Jane M Garfield 

i 4,127 v Inc. $729, bks, per, $144 

! Kenmore 6,521* 
! Kenmore Public Library 
Margaret Hershlser 
4,462 v Inc $5,207, bks, per, $1,289 

Kingston 28,099* 
Kingston City Library (C) 
Cornelia K. Goodrich 
13,415 v. Inc. $10,721 ; bks , per , $1,602 

Ponckhockie Public Library 

Sadie E Schutt 
2,609 v. Inc. $66 

I Lackawanna 20,196* 

i Lackawanna Public Library (C) 

Jasmine L. Hardleben 

5,329 v. Inc. $6,327, bks., per, $1,145 

| Lake Placid 2,473* 

! Lake Placid Public Library 

; Meta M Babbitt 

j 5,314 v. Inc $2,150, bks., per, $467 



NEW YORK Continued 

Lancaster 6,748* 

Public Library 

Anna E. Thatcher 
6,260 v. Inc. $2,133; bks, per., $491 

Larchmont 3,915* 

Larchmont Public Library 

Alice L. Jewett 
5.535 v. Inc. $15,165 , bks , per , $5,879 

La Salle 6*258* 

La Salle Free Library 

Elfreda M. Walker 
3,507 v. Inc. $3,090; bks., per, $882 

I* Roy^4, 3 84* 

Le Roy Library Association 

Katharine Cameron 
5,649 v. Inc. $690; bks , per , $83 

Liberty 3,075* 
Liberty Public Library 

Mrs. M B. Lambert 
2,461 v. Inc $725 ; bks., per , $200 

Luna 981* 

Lima Public Library 
Mamie T. Beale 
4,412 v. Inc $1,392; bks, per $318 

Little Falls 12,428* 
Little Falls Public Library 

Mabel E Richards 
14,280 v Inc. $5,940, bks., per, $914 

Little Valley 1,340 

Memorial Library of Little Valley 

Miriam C Older 
1,662 v. Inc $503; bks., per, $316 

Liverpool 1,998* 
Liverpool Public Library 
Mrs. Adasa H. Gray 
4,842 v. Inc. $M98; bks., per , $310 

Lockport 21,676* 
Lockport Public Library 
Helene M. Prudden 
I5,6i7 v. Inc. $8,934; bks , per , $3,112 

Free Library 

Alice E. Allen 
6,863 v. Inc. $1,776; bks, per, $329 

Lynbrook Free Library 
Mrs. Ella E. Cook 
2,908 v._ Inc. $4,377; bks., per, $;o6 

McGraw 1,032* 

Lament Memorial Free Library 

Mrs. Florence B. Walter 
3,540 v. Inc. $4,019; bks , per , $399 

Madrid 980* 

Hepburn Library of Madrid 

Mrs. Lawrence Lee 
3,408 v. Inc. $2,430; bks., per., $209 

Malone 8,820* 

Wadhams Reading Circle Library 

Louise E. Kelley 
6,000 v. Bks , per., $300 

Mamaroneck 10,153* 

Mamaroneck Free Library 

Gnnton I. Will 
5,3O7 v. Inc $16,012; bks., per, $806 

Manlin 1,669* 

Manlius Reading Room 

Mrs. Frank Sass 
3,912 v Inc $1,341 , bks., per., $377 

Marathon 955 

Peck Memorial Library Association 

J. W. Livingston 
7,600 v. Inc. $1,236; bks., per., $352 

Marcellua 1,1 10* 
Free Library 

Mrs. N C Edwards 
4,365 v Inc. $1,646, bks , per , $344 

I Ma 


Public Library 

Helena A Taylor 
5,376 v Inc $4,156, bks, per., $730 

Mattitnck 1,550* 

Mattituck Free Library 

Catherine Phillips 
4,488 v Inc $1,689, bks, per, $401 

Mayville 1,287* 
Tuesday Club Library 

Lucile Green 
5,124 v. Inc $1,913; bks., per, $169 

Mechanicsville 8,5x4* 

L B Blakeman Library 

Grace Bennett 
8,189 v Inc. $2,600; bks., per., $566 

Menands x,440* 

Menands Public Library 

Mrs. Mary L. Sullivan 
2,221 v Inc $1,700, bks., per, $276 

Middletown 20,412* 

Thrall Library 

Helena S. Le Fevre 
19,054 v. Inc. $19,842; bks, per, $5,55 

Middleville 947* 
Middleville Free Library 
Mrs. Henry Betzing 
2,752 v. Inc. $1,246; bks , per , $255 


HEW TOM Continued 

Millbrook W4* 
Millbrook Free Library 
Mary Lillian Dodd 
8,5*3 v. Inc. $5,394. bks., per., $519 

Milton 1,267 

Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library 

E. Eleanor McManus 
4,277 v. Inc. $i,5Q4; bks., per., $153 

Mineola Library 

Mrs. Carlotta Schmidt 
1,997 v. Inc. $1,128; bks., per., $175 

Mohawk 3,017* 

Wellcr Library 

Mrs. Hilda Pearce 
6,696 v. Inc. $7,147; bks, per, $569 

Monroe 1,653* 
Free Library 

Mrs. J. T. Howell 
3,439 v. Inc. $1,367, bks., per., $242 

Montf ornery 946* 

Free Library 

Elizabeth Van Alst 
3,083 v. Inc. $788, bks., per., $2 

Montour Fall* 1,361* 

Montour Falls Memorial Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Hopkins 
4,044 v. Inc. $1,198; bks., per., $220 

Moravia 1,434* 
Powers Free Library 

Alta L. Atwood 
9,876 v. Inc. $1,636, bks., per., $349 

Mount Kiaco 4,161* 
Public Library 

Alice M. Siggelkow 
8,639 v. Inc. $6,314; bks, per, $329 

Mount Moriii-3,555* 
Mount Morris Library 

Jennie A. Rockfellow 
9,508 v. Inc. $1,797; bks., per., $148 

Mount Vernon 50,382* 

Mount Vernon Public Library (C) 

Frances D. Thomson 
66,053V. Inc. $74,393, bks., per., $11,366 

Newark 7,309* 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Louise E. Van Dusen 
12,331 v. Inc. $5363 , bks., per., $1,013 

Now Berlin 1,035* 
New Berlin Library 

Alice C. Pope 
8363 v. Inc. $2,150; bks., per., $216 

Hewbmrgfc 90,119* 
Free Library 

Lillian O. Estabrook 
46,280 v. Inc. $11,024; bks., per. $3,039 

Newfane 1,739 
Free Library 

Mrs. B. L. Colton 
2,107 v. Inc. '$341 ; bks., per., 


New Palte i,a6* 
Free Library 

Mrs. Catharine Schoonmaker 
4,147 v. Inc. $1,585; bks., per, $308 

New Rochelle 44,222* 

Public Library (C) 

Mary E Huntmgton 
04,oi5v. Inc $47,144; bks., per., $11,197 

New York City Brooklyn Borough 2,018,356 
Brooklyn Public Library, 1878, 1897 
Chief Librarian Frank P. Hill 
Assistant Librarian John A. Lowe 
Bursar Joseph P. Connor 
Catalog Theresa Hitchler 
Children's Clara W. Hunt 
Extension Mary J. Thackray 
Order Charles E. Farrington 
Publications Louis N. Feipel 
Reference Calvin W. Foss 
Secretary Isabel L. Henderson 
Staff Instruction Julia A Hopkins 
Supplies Lemuel N. Martin 
Administration Offices 280 Washington 


Branches: 31 (21 Carnegie), 13 stations 
Reference Division, Montague Branch 
960,953 v. Inc 1926. $953,398, salaries, $491,- 
951; bk. exp., $173,080 

Spec. Colls . Carlyle Chess and check- 
ers. Civil War. Costume. Music 

Friends' Library, 110 Schermerhorn St 

Anna L. Curtis, secy. 
1,000 v. 

Pratt Institute Free Library 

Edward F. Stevens 
135,000 v Bks., per., $9,134 

Spec. Colls. : Technology. Fine Arts. 

New York City Manhattan, Richmond and 
Bronx Boroughs 3,264,368 

American Institute of the City of New 
York, (1829) 322-324 West 23rd St 

J. W. Bartlett, M.tt 
15,000 v 

Bethany Memorial Library, 400 East 67th 

A. B. Churchman 
2,000 v. 



NEW YORK-Contiaued 

New York 

DcWitt Memorial Free Library, 280 Riving- 

ton St. 

Malcolm R. Birnie 

Free Library of the General Society of 
Mechanics and Tradesmen (Mechanics 

Henry W. Parker 

99,098 v. (Circulating 86,933, spec, colls. 12,- 
165) Bks. and maintenance, $20,984 

Spec. Colls.: Architecture Engineering 
Useful arts. Drawing and perspective. Fine 
arts. Decoration. 

Friends' Reference Library, 221 East 15th 

Anna L. Curtis, secy. 
1,300 v. 

Hudson Guild Library (Society for Ethical 

Culture), 436 West 27th St 

Mrs L. F. Mentz 
5,000 v. 

Huntington Free Library and Reading 

Room, 9 Westchester Sq, The Bronx ! 

Emma K Volz ! 

6,126 v. I 

Mercantile Library Association, 13 Astor i 


Florence S Garing 

218,889 v. Inc. $33,178; salaries, $13,246, bks 
$5,802; per, $455 

Specializes in all new books. 

The New York Public Library, 1895. Astor 
(1849), Lenox (1870), and Tilden (1886) 
Director Edwin H. Anderson 
Bursar Harry J Gruinpelt 
Editor Robert R. Finster 
Special Investigator Edwin W. Gail- 

Training Class Alice G Higgins 

Reference Department 
Chief Reference Librarian Harry M. 


Executive Assistant Charles J. Shaw 
Acquisition Carl L. Cannon 
Preparation Keyes D. Metcalf j 

Chief Cataloger Axel Moth I 

Information Frank A. Wake 
Main Reading Room Charles F. Me- j 

Combs ' 

Stacks Robert W. Henderson 
American History and Manuscripts 

Victor H. Paltsits 
Art Pauline V. Fullerton 
Bibliographer Wilberforce Eames 
Current Periodicals Carolyn F. Ulrich ; 
Economics Rollin A. Sawyer 
Genealogy Henry C. Strippel 

New York City-Contiatttd 

Jewish Joshua Bloch 
Music Amy Meyer (acting) 
Newspapers Louis H. Fox 
. Oriental Richard Gottheil 
Prints Frank Weitenkampf 
Science and Technology William B. 


Slavonic Avrahm Yarmolinsky 
Printing Office and Bindery John 

Superintendent of the Building John 

H. Fedeler 

Municipal Reference Library 
Municipal Building Rebecca B. 

Circulation Department 
Chief Franklin F. Hopper 
Supervisor of Branches Florence 

Secretary to the Chief Dorothy A. 


Accountant Stanley Haines 
Binding Rose G. Murray 
Book Order Carl L Cannon 
Catalog Emma F. 'Cragin 
Interbranch Loan Alice Bunting 
Children Anne Carroll Moore 
Extension Ruth Wellman 
Picture Collection Ellen F. Perkins 
Schools, Work with Mabel Williams 
Blind. Library for Lucille Goldthwaite 
Central Circulation Branch Esther 

Central Children's Room Leonore St 

John Power 

Circulation Branches 

43 (38 Carnegie), 31 in Manhattan, 8 in 
The Bronx, 4 in Richmond; also the Music 
Library at the s8th Street Branch, the Schom- 
burg Negro Collection at the I35th Street 
Branch, and the Czechoslovak Collection at 
the Webster Branch. 

Central Building completed 1911. Cost 
$9,000,000. Contains Reference Department, 
the books of which, under the terms of the 
Foundation, are confined to use within the 
building, the headquarters of the Circulation 
Department, the Central Circulation Branch; 
the Central Children's Room; the Library for 
the Blind; and the Extension Division. 
2,971,209 v. and pam. (Reference Department, 
1,819,316, Circulation Department, 1,151,893). 
Expenditures, 1926, $2,814,250 (Reference 
Department, $1,285,766; Circulation Depart- 
ment, $1,528,483). Books (excluding binding), 
$411,041 (Reference Department, $155337; 
Circulation Department, $256,104). Salaries, 
$1,971,059 (Reference Department, $902,170, 
Circulation Department, $1,068,889). 

Spec. Colls.: Aeronautics. African lan- 
guages. Almanacs. American history. Amer- 
ican literature. Arabia and the Arabs Army 




New York City Continued 
lists : American and British. Art Art (Muni- 
cipal, Mun. Rcf. Br.). Balkans. Banking. 
Bibles. Bindings (fine; Spencer coll.). 
Bridges. Bunyan. Ceramics. Cervantes 
(Prime, coll.). Charities. Chemistry. Civics 
(Mun. Rcf. Br.). Constitutions. Cook books 
Criminology. Dime novels. Drama. Eco- 
nomics. Egypt. Engineering. Finance. Folk- 
lore. Fraternities Free thought. Furniture. 
Genealogy. German-Americans. Gift books. 
Illumination. Illustrated books. Incunabula 
Indians. Ireland Jews. Journalism. Labor. 
Lace. Magic. Manuscripts. Maps. Mar- 
riage and divorce. Meteorology. Mexico 
Military science. Milton. Mohammedanism 
Money. Mormons Mountaineering. Muni- 
cipal reports. Music. Naval history. Negro 
slavery. Newspapers. New York City 
New York State Numismatics Pamphlets. 
Patents. Penmanship. Periodicals Politics. 
Poultry. Prints Prohibited books. Pro- 
venial. Public documents. Railroads Scan- 
dinavian literature. Science Scotland 
Semitic languages and literature. Seventh 
Day Adventists. Shakers. Shakespeare 
Shooting* Shorthand Single tax. Slavic 
languages and literature Social sciences 
Socialism. Spinoza. Sports (baseball, bicy- 
cling). Statistics. Statute law Technology 
Temperance. Theater. United States. Wal- 
ton (Izaak Lenox Library) Witchcraft 

New York Society Library, 1754 

Frank B. Bigelow 

125,000 v. Inc $29,894, salaries, $11,248, bks , 
$4,588; per., $262 

Spec. Colls. : Fine arts. Americana Out 
of print fiction, 1750-1850 (Free for refer- 
ence; circulation for members only). 

Riverdale Library 

Grace A. Thompson 
5,397 v. Inc. $2,285; bks., per , $145 

New York City Queens Borough 714,647 
The Queens Borough Public Library, 1898, 

Director Owen J. Dcver 
Adult Circulation Eva A. Gorham 
Catalog Vacancy 
Children's Grace E. Cokeley 
Extension Olive H. Whisenant 
Finance and Equipment Harrison M 


Interchange Mary W. Early 
Reference Margaret S. Green 
Secretary Mary A. Gibbons 
Staff Instruction Isabella M. Cooper 
Administration Offices 150-24 Jamaica 

Avenue, Jamaica, N. Y. 
Branches : 20 (7 Carnegie) ; 23 stations 
Borough Reference Division 153-01 
Jamaica Avenue 

New York CityContinued 

298,988 v Inc., 1926, $229,688; salaries, $202,- 

147; bk, exp., $47,309 

Spec. Coll : Long Island. 

Niagara Fall* 57,033* 

Niagara Falls Public Library (C) 

Bertha M. Cudebec 
Branches: 2 * 

58,000 v. Inc $35,270, salaries, $17,227; bk. 
exp. $9,970 

Norfolk 1,570* 

Hepburn Library of Norfolk 

A. Blanche Creighton 
5,912 v. Inc. $2,466; bks., per., $246 

Northport 2,587* 
Public Library (C) 
Sarah S Davey 
6,304 v Inc $1,783 , bks , per , $252 

North Tonawanda 17,356* 
Public Library (C) 

H. Pauline Van Voorhees 
25,597 v. Inc. $17,524; bks, per., $2,482 

Norwich 8,345* 

Guernsey Memorial Library 

Gertrude S Cobb 
19,684 v. Inc. $9,360, bks., per, $1,638 

Norwood 1,971 
Norwood Library 

Mrs. Ella Pease 
3,490 v. Inc. $1,342, bks , per., $244 

Nunda 1,152 
Bell Memorial Library 
Carolyn D. Wood 
6,520 v. Inc $1,461 , bks , per., $229 

Nyack 4,917 
Nyack Library (C) 
Helen L Powell 
13,811 v. Inc. $8,066; bks., per, $524 

Ogdenaburff 17,047* 

Ogdensburg Public Library 

Margaret C Gillis 
21,811 v. Inc $ii,743, bks, per., $1,248 

Olean 21332* 
Public Library (C) 

Maud D. Brooks 
18,474 v. Inc $17,819, bks., per., $1,805 

Oneida 10,656* 
Oneida Library 

Nellie Mirick 
4,530 v. Inc. $3,039, bks., per., $524 



NEW YORK Continued 

Oneonta 12,057* 

Huntington Memorial Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth W. Blackall 
22,522 v. Inc. $33,618; bks., per., $3,672 

Public Library (C) 

Blanche L. Davis 
11,898 v. Inc. $6,849, bks., per., $1,044 

Oswego 22,369* 

Oswego City Library 

Robert S. Kelsey 
13,666 v. Inc., $6,935 

Owgo 4,723* 

Coburn Free Library 

Nano Loring 
15,301 v. Inc. $3,265 ; bks., per , $749 

Oxford 1,695* 

Oxford Memorial Library 

Lillian J. Emerson 
7,325v. Inc. $1,450, bks., per, $338 

Oyster Bay 3,700 
Free Library 

Luie P. Sammis 
9,101 v Inc. $1,505; bks, per, $217 

Palmyra 2,664* 

Kings Daughters Free Library 

Mrs. Elsie Westfall 
7,512 v. Inc. $3,092, bks., per , $510 

Patchogue 5,1 16* 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Alma D. Custead 
10,767 v. Inc $8,753 bks, per, $1,279 

Pawling 1,069* 
Pawling Free Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Taber 
2,278 v. Inc. $926; bks., per, $216 

Peeksloll 17,993* 
Field Library 

Ella F. Fowler 
15,644 v. Inc. $10,228; bks , per , $648 

Pelhmm 1,734* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Mary A. Dickinson 
6,034 v. Inc. $3,848; bks., per., $314 

Penn Yan 5,326* 
Public Library (C) 

Margaret R. Durry 
11,803 v. Inc. $3,080; bks., per, $438 

Perry 4,636* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Jenny Nobles 
6,854 v Inc. $2,808; bks., per, $304 

Phelpf MOO 
Public Library 

Dora E. McGillivray 
3,390 v. Inc. $112; bks, per, $171 

Philmont 1,956* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Frank F. Harder 
3.064 v. Inc. $412; bks., per., $202 

Phoenix 1,711* 

Phoenix Public Library 

Alice L. Kinney 
3,256 v. Inc. $997 

Piermont 1,539* 
Public Library 

Mrs E. L. Brodhead 
6409 v Inc $1,475, bks, per, $121 

Pine Plaint 1,600 
Free Library 

Mrs. Clarissa T. Cole 
4,086 v. Inc. $271 , bks , per., $69 

PitUford M54* 

Pittsford Community Library 

Margaret Hutch inson 
1,878 v. Inc $1,818; bks, per, $295 

PUttsbnrg i 1,552* 
Public Library 

Helen E Hale 
22,061 v Inc $5,759, bks, per., $1,332 

Pleasantville 3,674* 

Pleasantville Public Library 
Mrs. Charlotte H Yuille 
5,425 v. Inc. $5,644; bks., per., $1,108 

Port Chester 19,283* 

Free Library and Reading Room 

Clara S Merritt 
10,089 v. Inc. $22,169; bks, per., $7,316 

Port Henry 2,072* 
Sherman Free Library 

Anna L Walton 
11,101 v Inc. $2,206; bks., per., $518 

Port Jefferson 2,200 
Free Library 

H N. W. Magill 
4,621 v. Inc. $2,455; bks., per., $266 

Port Jenrit 10,507* 
Free Library (C) 
22,910 v. Inc. $15,381 ; bks., per., $1,235 

Portvillc $37* 
Free Library 

Mrs. Lillian McG. Rogers 
7,633V. Inc. $10,921; bks., per., $712 



NEW YORK Continued 

Port Washington 3,000 
Public Library 

Helen B. Curtice 
ICM30 v. Inc. $7,947; bks. ( per., $555 


Public Library and Reading Room 

Mrs. George W. Bixby 
9,400 v. Inc. $5.006; bks., per., $047 

Povghkaepiie 35,670* 

i Adriance Memorial Library 

Marion F. Dutcher 
66,761 v. Inc. $20,937; bks., per, $5,883 

Spec. Coll.* Local history 

Randolph 1,498* 

A G Dow Free Library 

Mrs. Harriet F. Rogers 
5,681 v. Inc. $1,759; bks, per., $280 

Raven* 1,944* 
Public Library 

Marjory 1. Purdy 
1,764 v. Inc $218; bks, per., $129 

Red Hook 945* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Edith Halloch 
3,065 v Inc $533; bks . per., $110 

Rensselaer 1 1,394* 

Bath-on-Hudson Public Library 

Alice Ashton 
4,727 v. Inc $773, bks, per, $270 

City Library 

Margaret M. Lynch 
5,751 v. Inc. $7<>5; bks., per, $232 

Rhinetack 1,5*0* 
Starr Institute Library 

Mrs Ray Traver 
9,298 v. Inc. $4,386; bks , per , $470 

Richfield Springs i, 3 W 
Richfield Springs Public Library 

Ella L. Winne 
6,094 v. Inc. $z,54o; bks., per., $340 

Rochester 316,786* 

Rochester Public Library 

Chief Librarian William F. Yust 
Assistant Librarian Bernice E. 


Book Order and Catalog Ada J. White 
Children and Extension Julia L Sauer 
Administration Offices: Edgerton Park 
Branches : n ; 9 sub branches, 72 stations, 

673 grade school colls. 

200,226 v. Exp., $265,606; salaries, $112,110; 
bk. exp., $61,132 

Rochester Continued 

Reynolds Library 

Anna R. Collins 
90,875 v. Bks., per., $3,912 
Spec. Coll.: America. 

Sockville Center 10,316* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Alice H. Decker 
7,301 v Inc $2,684; bks., per., $382 

Rome 30,328* 

Jervis Library Association 

Helen Salzmann 
28,226 v Inc $30,326, bks , per., $3,394 

Roicoe i,xoo 

Roscoe Free Library 

Mrs Erwin Davis 
1,155 v Inc $454; bks., per., $298 

Roilyn 2,900 

Bryant Circulating Library 

Mary A Drake 
5,710 v Inc. $3,758; bks.. per, $99 

Rouaea Point 1,757* 

Dodge Memorial Library 

Mary A Spear 
6.314 v Inc $784, bks., per, $253 

Rye 6,698* 
Free Reading Room 
Marcia Dalphin 
10.764 v Inc $10.825 . bks , per . $M17 

Sag Harbor 2,903 

John Jermain Memorial Library 

Alida L Dutcher 
15,987 v Inc $9,536, bks, per.. $1.163 

Spec. Colls. Indians Long Island 

St Johnsville 2,568* 

Margaret Reaney Memorial Library 

Kate M. Hough 
11,073 v Inc $3.213. bks. f per, $764 

Salamanca 9378* 

Salamanca Public Library (C) 

Alice C Engdahl 
5,500 v Inc $4,274, bks, per, $846 

Salem i ,041* 
Bancroft Public Library 
Frances F. Leighton 
11,947 v. Inc $925; bks, per, $315 

Saranac Lake 6,579* 
Free Library 

Stella C. Norton 
10,100 v. Inc. $4.868; bks., per., $1,181 

Public Library (C) 
Anna C. Voerg 
14,025 v. Inc. $4,113; bks, per., $855 


NEW YORK Continued 

Sayville 3*40* 
Sayvillc Library 

Anna Westerbeke 
6,391 v. Inc $3,914; bks., per., $518 

Schenecfcdy 92,786 
Free Public Library (C) 
Henry Glen 

Branches : 3 

68,003 v Exp. $39,187, salaries, $18,835, bk 
exp , $14,065 

Spec Coll Local newspapers 

Schnylerviile 1,620* 
Free Library 

Mrs. Mary E. Gow 
6,239 v Inc $2,736; bks, per., $343 

Scottsville 929* 
Free Library 

Alice B Budlong 
2,347 v Inc $1,572, bks, per, $650 

Sea Cliff 3,101* 

Stenson Memorial Public Library 

May Dibbell 
5,882 v. Inc. $1,565 

Seneca Falls 6,477* 
Mynderse Library 

Ellen F Wickes 
7,138 v. Inc $15,010, bks , per., $673 

Shelter Iiland 1,200 

Shelter Island Public Library Society 

Dorothy B. Payne 
8,006 v Inc $7,483 , bks., per , $313 

Sherburne 1,151* 
Public Library 

Adelaide E Harrington 
9,877 v Inc $8,370; bks , per , $627 

Sherrill 2,082* 

Sherrill-Kenwood Public Library 

Florence McDonald 
4,893 v. Inc. $3,207 ; bks , per., $908 

Sidney 3*499* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Mitta C. Smith 
9,317 v. Inc $2,140; bks., per., $637 

Silver Bay 

Richard C. Morse Hall Library 

Florence E. Branton 
7,587 v Bks., per., $41 

Silver Creek 3,278* 
Lee Library 

Marion E. Baird 
4,394 v. Inc. $2,260; bks., per., $383 I 

Library Association 
A. G. Petheram 
18,430 v. Inc. $4,077; bks., per., $343 

Soda* 1,361* 
Free Library 

Mrs. Carrie R. Colvin 
4,739V. Inc. $1,304; bks., per., $221 

Solvay 7,562* 
Public Library (C) 

Cornelia Mertens 
10,823 v Inc. $7,387; bks , per., $1,000 

Southampton 3,952* 

Rogers Memorial Library 

Grace Hamilton 
13.517 v. Inc $10,271; bks., per., $673 

Southold 1,526* 
Free Library 

Mrs Eva Booth 
7,220 v Inc. $2,685 , bks., per., $500 

Spencerport 1,157* 

Farmers Library Company of Town of 

Mrs Mina A. Lapp 
3,485 v Inc $1,717; bks., per., $254 

Spring Valley 3,779* 

Spring Valley Free Library 

Mrs M S. Schram 
2,261 v Inc $660, bks., per., $96 

Springville 2,340 

Springville Public Library 

Lucy A Bensley 
11,781 v. Inc $5,025; bks., per, $548 

Stamford 1,151* 
Village Library 

Mrs Adaline Stewart 
5,054 v Inc $1,305, bks., per., $256 

Suffern 3,349* 

Suffern Free Library 

Camille C Watson 
3,053 v Inc $2,295; bks., per., $436 

Syracuse 182,003* 
Syracuse Public Library 

Paul M Paine 
Branches: 4 (i Carnegie) 
154,854 v. Exp $120^31; salaries $69,032; bk 

Spec. Colls : History of printing, with 
Mss (Smith) Local history. Syracuse au- 

Tarrytown 6,199* 

Young Men's Lyceum Library 

Flora C. Millard 
18,176 v. Inc. $6,462; bks, per., $2,721 


NEW YORK Continued 

Ticonderoga 3,858* . 
Public Library (C) 

Mabel F. Malcolm 
5,677 v. Inc. $989; bks., per, $110 

Tomkins Cove 1,300 
Public Library 

Sara L. Odell 
1,651 v. Inc. $191; bks., per., $112 

Tooawanda i 1,392* 
Public Library 

Katharine M. Kohler 
8,024 v. Inc. $1,543; bks, per., $303 

Troy 72,223* 
Troy Public Library 
Fanny C. Howe 
Branches: I sub-branch 
5^737 v. Inc. $44,648; salaries, $13,355, bk. 
exp. t $2,589 

Young Woman's Association Library 
Sarah C. Salmson 


Tuckahoe 5,033* 
Crestwood Library 

Helen F. Thompson 
2,843 v. Inc. $506; bks., per., $140 

Free Library 

Olive C. Riley 
4,654 v. Inc. $1,076; bks., per , $132 

Unadilla I,HI* 

Unadilla Public Library 

Janet Cornish 
3,704 v. Inc. $3,615; bks., per , $274 

Utica 101,604* 
Public Library 

Laure C. Foucher 
Branches: 2 
110,129 v. Inc. $96,025; bks , per., $10,083 


Josephine-Louise Public Library 

Ethel S. Leeming 
3,616 v. Inc. $2,708; bks., per., $>2i 

Walton 3,511* 

W. B. Ogden Free Library 

Mrs. J. Beckwith 
8*851 v. Inc. $3,185; bks., per, $1,074 

Wappinger Falli 3,351* 
Grinnell Library 

Jessie D. Blythe 
5,171 v." Inc. $4,175, bks, per., $443 

Warrentburg 2,000 
Richards Library 

Mary S. Crandall 
7,109 v. Inc. $4^94; bks., per., $497 

Warsaw 3404* 
Public Library (C) 

Helen M. Cameron 
8,829 v. Inc. $3,201 ; bks , per., $424 

Waterford 3,239* 
Public Library 

Mrs. S. M. Boughton 
4,188 v. Inc. $925 ; bks., per , $266 

Waterloo 3,921* 

Library and Historical Society Library 

Lura Lerch 
8,298 v. Inc. $2,315; bks., per, $638 

Watertown 32,836* 

Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library 

Rev. S. A. Hayt 
35,914 v. Inc $27,269; bks., per., $3,208 

Spec Coll : New York State Medicine 

Watcrville 1,327* 
Public Library 

Nellie Martin 
7,275 v. Inc $771 , bks., per , $247 

Watkina Glen 2,919* 

Watkms Public Library 

Mrs. Loretta C. Gillette 
5,209 v. Inc $1,281 , bks., per , $195 

Wayland 1,767* 
Free Library 

Augusta Piatt 
3,486 v Inc. $1,035, bks, per., $237 

Weedsport 1,440 
Free Library 

Jennie M Lament 
4,686 v Inc $4,">5; bks, per, $255 

WelliviUe 4,853* 

David A. Howe Public Library 

Fannie E. Crittenden 
17,007 v. Inc. $2,735; bks., per, $412 

Westfield 3,587 
Patterson Library 

Emma W. Piehl 
21,326 v. Inc. $36,664; bks., per., $1,301 

Whitehall 5^62* 
Whitehall Free Library 

Elizabeth L. Buell 
4,631 v. Inc $2,296; bks., per., $341 

White Plains 27>4>8* 

Public Library (C) 

Clara F. Hopper 
31,595 v. Inc. $35,277; bks., per, $5,763 

Williamson 1,753* 

Williamson Free Public Library 

Alinda N. Brundige 
2,165 v. Inc. |703; bks., per., $188 


NEW YORK Continued 


Williamsville Free Library 

Mrs. R. C. Harmon 
4,223 v. Inc. $1,245; bks.. per, $200 

Worcester 1,220 
Free Library 

Fannie Sloan 
3,135 v. Inc. $532; bks., per., $65 

Yonkers 1 13,647* 
Public Library (C) 

Helen M. Blodgett 
Branches: 2 

85,608 v. Inc. $56,244, salaries, $22,697; bks., 
per., $12,782 


North Carolina Library Commission: Mrs. 
Lillian B. Griggs, "Secretary and Director, 

North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: 
Carrie L. Bronghton, Librarian 

Aberdeen 458 

Page Memorial Library 

Bertie Goodwyn 
2,801 v Inc $308, bks, per, $152 

Albermarle 3,691 
Albermarle Public Library 
Mrs T P. Bumgardner 

Andrews 1,634 

Andrews Carnegie Library 

Mrs A. B Chandler 
2,67$ v Inc. $500; bks , per., $454 

Anson County Librarv See Wadesboro. 

Asheville 31,474* 
Pack Memorial Library 
Ann Talbot Erwin 
15,838 v. Inc. $14.000, bks., per., $8,107 

Beaufort 2,968 
Beaufort Library 

Lottia V. Sanders 
663 v Inc. $150; bks, per, $150 

Belhaven 1,81* 

Belhaven Public Library 

Mrs. T. H. Blount 
205 v. Inc. $200; bks., per., $168 

Br0rard 1,05* 
U. D. C. Library 
A. Lila Riley 

Burlington 953 
Burlington Public Library 

Lily Moore 
4320 v. Inc $2,576; bks., per., $2,064 

Carthage 963 
Woman's Club Library 
Mrs. R. L. Phillips 
4,275 v. Inc. $170; per., $72 

Charlotte 53,318* 

Charlotte Public Library (C) 

Anne Pierce 

23,000 v. Inc $29,506; salaries, $16,320; bks., 
$10,000, per., $416 

Charlotte Negro Library 

Annie F. Hayes 
9,329 v. Bks., per., $720 

Concord 9^03 

Concord Public Library 

Mrs. Richmond Reed 
5,248 v. Inc $2,816; bks., per., $1,993 

Durham 43,358* 

Durham Public Library (C) 

Clara M. Crawford 
16,640 v. Inc. $11,905; bks., per., $8,583 

Durham Negro Library 

Hattie B. Wooten 
5,532 v. Inc. $1,322; bks., per, $650 

Edenton 3,777 

Shepard Pruden Memorial Library 

Mrs. S M. McMullan 
3,128 v Inc $1,435; bks, per., $889 

Fayetteville 8,877 

Civic Association Library 

Mrs. Charles Pearce 
1,869 v. 

Gastonia 16,899* 

Gastonia Public Library 

Charlotte E. Blake 
6409 v. Inc. $3,396, bks., per., $2,692 

Goldsboro M.a34* 
Goldsboro Public Library 
Mary Faison DeVane 
7,518 v. Inc $4,5531 bks., per., $2,466 

Graham 3,366 

L. Banks Holt Library 

Nina Holt 

Greensboro ^47,133* 

Greensboro Public Library (Guilford 
county service) (C) 

Nellie M. Rowe 
22.500 v. Inc. $17^04; bks., per., $14,135 




Greensboro Continued 
Carnegie Negro Library 
Martha O. Sebastian 
2,178 v. Inc. $1.500; bks., per., $600 

Greenville 5,772 

Greenville Public Library 

Ora E. Fullen 
2,590 v Inc. $1,572; bks., per, $1,450 

Guilford County. See Greensboro. 

Henderson s^aa 

H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library 

Bertie H. Craig 
4,973 v. Inc. $6,325, bks., per , $4,176 

Hendertonville 3,720 

Hendersonville Public Library (C) 

Anna Sample 
4,399 v. Inc. $1,480; bks , per , $1,113 

Hickory 5,076 

Worth-Elliot Carnegie Library 

Emma C. Bonney 
4,505 v Inc $3,112; bks., per, $2,127 

Highlands 1,062 

Hudson Library Association Library 

Mrs. S. T. Marett 
3,883 v. 

Hillftboro 1,180 
Hillsboro Library 
2,250 v. Inc. $104 

Kinvton 9,77* 

Kinston Public Library 

Dora Miller 
2,751 v. Inc $357 , bks , per , $180 

Lanrinburg 2,643 

Launnburg Negro Library 

Pearl G. Johns 
3,008 v. 

Lexington 5,254 

Woman's Club Library 

Kate T. Mays 
680 v. Inc $349; bks, $189 

Lincoln County Memorial Library See 

Lincolnton 3,390 

Lincoln County Memorial Library (county 
pop. 17,862) 

Frances Fair 
1,215 v. Inc. $411; bks., per., $214 

Marion 1,784 
Marion Public Library 
Margaret Wmslow 
1,000 v. Per., $48 


Cora A. Stone Memorial Library 

May H. Darragh 
3,968 v. Inc $242; bks., per., $77 

Mooresville 4315 

Mooresville Public Library 

Mrs J. J. McNeally 
2,126 v. Inc. $100 ; bks, per, $36 

Morganton 23,297 

Morganton Public Library 

Emily C. Smith 
1,921 v. Inc $1,949, bks, per, $1,665 

Murphy 1,313 

Murphy Public Library (C) 

Josephine Heighway 
i,435 v Inc. $489 

New Bern 12,198 

New Bern Library Association 

Frances J. Howerton 
5,617 v Inc $1,454, bks, per, $752 

Oxford 3,606 

Oxford Subscription Library 

Helen White 
1,087 v Inc $140, bks, per, $125 

Raleigh 30*271* 

Olivia Raney Library 

Mrs. J. S Atkinson 
19,161 v Inc. $10,429, bks., per, $6,095 

North Carolina Library Commission 
Mrs. Lillian B Griggs, secretary 
43,000 v. Inc. $25,000; bks , per , $15,149 

North Carolina State Library 

Carrie L. Broughton 
58,085 v. Inc $12,500, bks, per. $12,340 

Reidoville 5,333 
Reidsville Public Library 
Mrs E. H. Wrenn, Jr 
4,000 v Inc $300, bks, per, $220 

Rockingliam 3,509 

Rockingham Public Library 

Mrs A. L McDonald 
2,450 v Inc. $1,500; bks, per., $900 

Rocky Mount 15,115* 

Thomas Hackney Braswell Memorial Lib 

Mrs. Nell G. Battle 
5,339 v. Inc $5,853; bks, per, $3,908 



Rntherfordton 1,693 
Rutherfordton Library 
Mrs L H Reveley 
1,519 v. 

Salisbury 17,696* 

Salisbury Public Library 

Adelaide Bennett 
3,694 v. Inc. $1,200, bks. f per., $1,350 

Sanford 2,977 

Sanford Public Library 
Mrs. Flora P. Lane 
1,526 v. Inc $1,091 ; bks , per , $653 

Scotland Neck 2,061 
Scotland Neck Library 
Mrs. Stuart Smith 
1,406 v Inc. $253; bks , $108 

Shelby 3,609 

Shelby Public Library 

Carobel Lever 
1,501 v Inc $240, per, $120 

Smithfield 1,895 

Woman's Club Library 

Mrs W M Lawrence 
i ,000 v. 

Southern Pines 743 
Southern Pines Library 

Mrs. E H. Lynch 
5,800 v Inc $850, bks, per, $192 

Southport 1,664 

Southport Public Library 

Carrie Dosher 
6,203 v Inc $136 

Stateiville 7,895 
Woman's Club Library 
Carrie Mae Watts 
1,696 v Inc. $734, bks, per, $276 

Tarboro 4,568 

Edgecombe Public Library 

Mrs. R. M. Davis 
2,521 v Inc $842 

Tryon 1,067 
Lamer Library 

Wadeiboro 2,648 

Anson County Library (county pop 28,334) 

Mrs. F. W Dunlap 

Warren County Memorial Library See 

Warrenton 21,953 

Warren County Memorial Library (county 
pop. 21,593) 

Mabel I Davis 
3,083 v. Inc $1,936; bks., per., $1,169 

Washington 6,313 

Public Library 

Mrs. E. L. Betts 
2,913 v. Inc. $2,592, bks., per., $1,069 

Wayneaville 1,942 
Waynesville Library 

Louise Seville 
5,167 v. Inc $610; bks, per, $434 

Weldon 1,872 
Weldon Public Library 
Virginia Lockhart 
1,056 v. Inc $1,444; bks., per., $916 

Whiteville 1,664 

Whiteville Public Library 

Mrs H C. Moffitt 
843 v. Inc. $120 

Wilmington 37,061* 

Wilmington Public Library 

Emma Woodward 
14,732 v Inc $5,722, bks, per, $4,600 

Wilmington Negro Library 

Fannie Blount 
Inc. $600 

Wilson 12,818* 

Wilson County Library (county pop. 

Mrs. W M. Moss 
3,803 v Inc $1,875; bks, per., $1,383 

Wilson County Library See Wilson 

Wmston-Salem 69,031* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Janet Carter Berkeley 
Branches, i (negro), 3 stations 
18,5-27 v Inc $16,415, salaries, $8,727 


North Dakota State Library Commission: 
Lillian E. Cook, Secretary and Director, Bis- 

Ashley 1,009 
Public Library 

Mrs. H. D Piper 
4,159 v. Inc. $171 ; bks., per , $87 

Beach 1,106 
Public Library 

Mrs. John Kochane 
1,700 v Inc. $62; bks., per., $50 




Biaaurck 7,122 
Public Library (C) 

Pauline Rich 
7,281 v. Inc $4,970; bks., per., $2,326 

State Library Commission 

Lillian E Cook, secretary 
19,842 v Inc. $12,070, bk&, per, $1,500 

Bowman 787 
Public Library 

Mrs. Emil Scow 
3,170 v. Inc. $1,219; bks., per., $131 

Cando x,xxx 
Public Library 

Mrs. C. J. Lord 
2,300v. Inc. $300, bks., per., $200 

Carringtoa 1,420 
Public Library 

Edna Parker 
4,520 v. Inc. $1,342; bks., per., $276 

Cassetton 1,538 
Public Library 

Mrs. E. D. Scott 
1,518 v. Inc. $300; bks., per., $148 

Devil's Lake 5,140 
Carnegie Library 

Marie O'Brien 
7,224 v. Inc. $5,185; bks., per., $1,005 

Dickinson 4,122 

Public Library (C) 
Gertrude Voldal 
v. Inc. $3,000, bks, per, $350 

Ellendato 1,394 

Public Library 

Mrs V D. Coleman 
2,945 v. Inc. $673, bks., per., $155 

Bnderlin 1,919 

Public Library 

Mrs E T. Danielson 
3,857 v. 

Public Library (C) 

Inga Rynning 
90,598 v. Inc. $12,871 ; bks., per., $2,745 

Orafton 2,512 
Public Library (C) 
Ruth Nollman 
2,292 v. Inc. $1,507; bks., per., $185 

Grand Fork* 14,811* 
Public Library (C) 

Ruth J3rown 
10,880 v Inc. $8,000, bks., per., $1,324 

Hantinson 1,477 

Public Library 

Mrs. George Schuett 
1,332 v. Inc. $257 

Jamestown 6,637 

Alfred Dickey Free Library 

Agnes Hassell 
8,831 v. Inc $4,476; bks., per, $1,785 

LakoU 969 
City Library 

Mrs. Frank Pierce 
2,154 v. Inc. $205; bks., per., $94 

La Moure 1,014 
Public Library 

Mrs. D. A. Marten 
2,399 v. Inc. $525; bks., per., $314 

Langdon 1,228 
Public Library 

Mrs. D. W. Barker 
2,569 v. Inc. $550, bks., per., $80 

Lidgerwood 1,065 
City Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kings 
3,286 v. Inc. $1,585, bks., per., $132 

Lisbon 1,855 
Public Library 

Mrs. H S. Oliver 
2,608 v Inc. $2,063 ; bks , per., $259 

Mandan 4^36 

Public Library 

Mrs. John Biggs 
4,500 v Inc. $104 

Marmarth 1,318 
Public Library 
Cleo Dixon 
482 v. Inc. $71 ; bks., per., $20 

Mayville 1,2x8 
Public Library 

Cora I. Ames 
2,967 v. Inc $1,000, bks., per., $195 

Minot 12,660* 
Free Public Library (C) 
Catherine McSherry 
11,678 v. Inc. $9,387; bks., per., $3,789 

New Rockford 2,111 
Public Library 

Mrs. E. R Davidson 
1,755 v. Inc $371 ; bks., per., $19 

Oakea 1,637 

Public Library 
Alice Craig 
3,663 v. Inc. $1,068; bks., per., $312 




Park River 1,114 
Public Library 

Mrs. Priscilla Overbye 
2,729 v. Inc $416; bks, per., $106 

Public Library 

Hattie S. Sikes 
1,757 v. Inc $300; bks, per., $102 

Valley City 4,686 
Public Library (C) 

Harriet Anfinson 
9,413 v. Inc. $6,209; bks , per., $1,622 

Wahpeton 3,069 

Leach Public Library 

Mrs Jessie Searing 
6,626 v. Inc. $3,878, bks., per., $2,015 

Williston 4,17* 
James Memorial Library 
Mrs. Ethel Kuennmg 
7,264 v Inc. $5,500; bks , per , $1,175 


Ohio State Library ,f Columbus: Herbert S. 
Hirshberg, Librarian 

Ada 2 t 32i 

Public Library 

Mary Campbell 
6,190 v. Inc. $321 ; bks., per., $121 

Akron 208,435* 

Akron Public Library (C), 1874 
Librarian Maude Herndon 
Catalog Nelle Morns 
Reference Louise Grant 
Secretary Florence Crellm 
Mam Library East Market Street at 

Art Institute Wilbur D. Peat, Director 
Branches: 3, 16 school stations 
58,758 v Inc $47,642; salaries, $32,364.49, bk. 
exp. $4314.28 

Alliance 24,979* 

Carnegie Free Library 

Howard'B Sohn 
19,798 v Inc $15.442, bks, per., $3,419 

Amber* 3,485 
Public Library 

Maud Nieding 
5.MO v. 

Arcanum 1,311 
Public Library 

Mrs. Pearl Miller 
5,675 v. Inc. $1,229; bks., per, $289 

f Closed June 30, 1907; biennial appropriation 
vetoed by Governor Donahey 

Archbold 1,125 
Public Library 
Sahra Levy 
6,600 v. Inc. $1,266, bks., per., $787 

Ashland 9^49 

Ashland Public Library 

Carrie Schreffler 
8,700 v. Inc. $3,571 ; bks., per., $1,982 

Ashtabula 25,066* 
Public Library (C) 

Ethel MacDowell 
19,508 v. Inc. $16,734; bks., per., $3,402 

Aihtabnla Harbor 
Public Library 

Mildred Brown 
6,400 v. Inc. $5,858; bks., per., $1,659 

Athens 6418 

(Served by Ohio University Library) 

Barberton 23,286 
Barber Public Library 
Tallulah M. Kirk 
9,000 v. Inc. $8,191 ; bks , per., $4,216 

Barnesville -4,865 
Public Library 

Emma E Laughhn 
4,977 v Inc $648; bks., per., $135 

Batayia 1,088 

Batavia Public Library 

J. P. Beaman 
3,542 v. Inc. $476, bks , per., $273 

Bellaire 15,061 
Public Library 

Elizabeth Rodefer 
2,150 v. Inc. $1,750 

Bellefontaine 9,336 
Carnegie Free Public Library 

Laura O. Morgan 
8,500 v. Inc. $7,637; bks., per., $1,424 


Carnegie-Stahl Free Public Library 

Frances Battles 
11,500 v. Inc. $8,749; bks., flcr., $2,172 

Bethel 1,340 

Bethel Public Library 

Mary A Milner 
1,663 v. 

Bexley 1,34* 
Public Library 

Mary Frances Viall, acting Ibn. 
4,623 v. Inc. $8,335; bks., per., $3,113 



OHIO Continued 

Bowling Green 5,788 

Wood County Public Library (county pop. 


Mrs. Grace Haylor 
6^00 v. Inc. $700; bks., per., $249 

Bromback County Library. See Van Wert. 

Bryan 4,25* 

Public Library (C) 

Julia Struble 
14,700 v. Inc. $7,76o; bks., per., $2,419 

Bucynw 11,729* 
Public Library (C) 
Grace J. Fuller 
19,000 v. Inc. $4,767; bks. t per, $1,275 

Cdic 2,084 

Public Library 

Mrs. Addie Garvin 
8,830 v. Inc. $1,300, bks , per , $505 

Cambridge 14,029* 

Public Library (C) 

Martha G. Robins 
11,368 v. Inc $5,363, bks, per, $1,372 

Camden 904 

Public Library 

Mrs. M. Belle Gilmore 
3,588 v. Inc. $786; bks., per, $351 

Canton 106,260* 
Public Library (C) 
Mary P. Martin 
35,38c, v. Inc $17,849, bks, per, $3,217 

Cardington 1,109 
Public Library 

Mrs Imogene Snider 

Dorcas Carey Public Library (C) 

Ruth Cole 
6,600 v. 

Cedarville 1,028 

Carnegie Library 

Mary I. Williamson 
6,794 v. Inc $1,034, bks, per., $108 

CelinA ^atf 

Public Library (C) 

Pauline Merkle 
5,104 v. Inc. $3,685, bks , per., $884 

Public Library 

Mrs. Mary F. Radcliff 

Chillicothe 16,649* 
Public Library (C) 

Burton E. Stevenson 
50,724 v. Inc. $7,045 , bks., per , $1,425 

Cincinnati 409,333* 

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton 

Chief Librarian Chalmers Hadley 
Executive Secretary Clarence L. Stan- 

Adult education Pauline J. Fihe 
Art Sophie M. Collman 
Branches and Extension Lilhe Wulfe- 


Catalog Laura Smith 
Children's Julia F Carter 
Circulation Ethel L. Hutchms 
Field representative E. Gertrude Avey 
Order Bess McCrea 
Publications Alice B. Coy 
Reference Etheldred Abbot 
Technical Caroline E. Remke 
Training class instruction Alice M 


Main building 629 Vine Street 
Branches: 31 (9 Carnegie) in city, 7 in 
county; 86 deposit stations, mcl 3 in hospitals 
Douglass Branch (negro) Mary Gor- 
don, Ibn. 
Stowe Branch (negro) Mrs. Hattie 

Walker, Ibn. 

700,028 v. Inc. 1926, $388,645; salaries. $177,- 
067 , book exp , $89,828 

Spec Colls . Local authors Local his- 
tory Genealogy. German. Lantern slides 

Young Men's Mercantile Library Associa- 

Natalie B Dohrmann 
96,000 v 

Circleville 7,049 
Public Library 

Mary Wilder 
22,220 v. Inc. $4,267 ; bks , per., $472 

Cleveland 960,000* 
Case Library, 1848 

George F. Strong 
110,000 v. 

Cleveland Public Library, 1869 

Librarian Linda A Eastman 
Vice Librarian Louise Prouty 
Librarian's Secretary Helen M. Nor- 

Accountant C. A. McLaughlm 
Binding Mary E Wheelock 
Branches Bessie Sargeant Smith 
Building Superintendent Robert M. 


Catalog Sophie K. Hiss 
Children's Work Effie L. Power 
County Libraries Margaret E. Wright 
Editor Mrs. Julia S. Harron 




Cleveland Continued 

Librarian of Main Library Manila 

W. Freeman 
Order Leta . Adams 
School Libraries Annie S Cutter 
Stations Edythe A. Prouty 
Supply Clarence S. Metcalf 
Main Library, 325 Superior Ave. 
Branches: 26 (15 Carnegie, 3 other 
owned buildings) ; 35 school ; 108 stations 

Municipal Reference Library Mary L 


Board of Education Helen B. Lewis 
School of Education Bertha Hatcli 
John G White Collection of Folklore 

and Orientaha Gordon W Thayer 
Division for Blind Annie E Carson 
1,050,617 v. Inc 1926, $1,713,405; salaries, 
$877,758; bks, $218,680, per., $12,461 

Spec Colls : Folklore Ethnology Pro- 
verbs Oriental literature. Gypsies. Ballads. 
Architecture Musical scores Bibliography. 
Patents. British history, 17th and i8th cen- 
turies. Arabic, Sanskrit and African lan- 

Cuyahoga County Library (county pop 


Margaret E Wright, supervisor 
80,458 v Inc. $82,524, bks., per, $40,520 

Cleveland Height* 22,194 
Public Library 

Helen R. Keeler 
48,602 v. Inc $127,184; bks, per, $16,042 

Clyde 3.090 
Public Library (C) 

Chella Hutchmson 
9,641 v Inc $1,377; bks, per, $523 

ColombuB 279,836* 
Public Library (C) 

John J Pugh 
144,211 v Inc. $78,460 

Holmes Hilltop Library 

Mrs. H S Currier 
Inc $1,400; bks , per , $75 

Ohio State Library,t 1817 

Herbert Hirshberg 
277,464 v Inc $85,120; bks., per, $25,000 

Conneaut 9,343 
Carnegie Public Library 

Marie T. Brown 
16,014 v. Inc. $8*141 J bks , per., $1,702 

Coshocton 11,55** 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Clara B. Olney 
i,2J7 v. Inc. $7,234; bks, per., $1,339 

t Closed June 30. 
vetoed by Governor T 

biennial appropriation 

Coviagton 1,885 
Public Library 

Mrs. R. L. Heiserman 
6351 v. Inc. $771 ; bks., per., $390 

Cretttine 4,313 
Public Library 

Marie Welshan 
1,857 v. Inc. $5,041; bks., per, $1,849 

Cnyahoga County Library. See Cleveland. 

Cuyahoga Falli 13,700* 
Taylor Memorial Library 

Laura Vaughn 
7,119 v. Inc. $1,550; bks., per., $350 


Dayton Public Library 

Paul North Rice 
Branches: n (2 Carnegie, 8 school), I 

sub-branch (medical) 
Museum * i 

196,822 v. Inc $230,838; salaries, $111,427; 
bks, $17,213, per, $3,075 

Defiance 8,876 

Public Library (C) 

Rena Weigerding 
19,071 v Inc $2,475; bks, per., $329 

Delaware 8,756 
City Library (C) 
Delia Weiser 
16,580 v. Inc $3,851 , bks , per , $693 

Delphoa 5,745 

Public Library (C) 

Hortense Metcalfe 

8.033 v Inc $2,698; bks., per., $1,078 

Delta 1,543 

Public Library 

Mrs A. M Barron 
1,600 v. Inc $1,729 

Denmson 5,524 

Public Library 

Lucile Campbell 

3.034 v Tnc $3,766 ; bks f per , $1,656 

Deshler 1,514 

Community and School Library 

Leslie Young 
3,101 v Inc. $i,497; bks., per., $751 

Dover 8,101 

Public Library 

Mrs P G Justice 
8,000 v. Inc. $3,780; bks. f per., $1,759 

Dover Center 1,754 

Porter Library and Literary Association 

Fay J. Winslow 
4,003 v. Inc. $177; bks, f per., $160 



OHIO Continued 

Dresden M34 
Public Library 

Mrs. C H. Aberond 

Xatt Cleveland 37,552* 
Public Library (C) 
Sarah E. Miller 
53,% v. Inc. $60,582; bks., per., $10,546 

Bait Liverpool 21,989* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mary H. Hall 
15,801 v. Inc. $5455; bks., per., $1,145 

Bast Palestine 5,750 
East Palestine Public Library 
J. I. Irwin 

Baton 3,1x0 

Public Library 

Josephine Hunt 
8,564v. Inc. $827; bks., per, $132 


Elyria Library 

Charlotte Brooks, acting 
v. Inc. $4,116; bks., per., $1,700 

Fairport Harbor 4^11 

Public Library 

Hazel Rugg 
2^23 v. Inc. $5,301 ; bks , per , $1,611 

Findlay 18,246* 

Public Library 

Mary B. Morrison 
17,460 v. Inc. $6,980; bks., per, $2,329 


McClean Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Ella Robbins 
10,926 v. Inc. $4^37; bks., per, $499 

Franklin 3,071 

Public Library 

Gene Bowman 
3,759 v. Inc. $3,766; bks., per., $1,063 

Fremont 13,898 

Birchard Library 

Mrs. Josephine J. Shumaker 
16,753 v. Inc. $10,392; bks., per., $1,351 
Hayes Memorial Library and Museum 

Mrs. Dorothy E Wright 
12.000 v , 3,000 pam. 

Spec. Colls : American history. Biogra- 
phy. Travel. 

Gallon 7,374 
Public Library (C) 

Estella B. Coyle 

v. Inc. $3,514; bks., pen, $500 


Gallipolis Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Addie A. Vanden 
11,472 v. Inc. $3,247; bks., per., $767 

Geneva 3,081 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs Bessie Palmer 
9,500 v Inc. $2,293, bks, per, $607 

Georgetown 1,670 
Mary P. Shelton Library 

Eliza E O'Hara 
4,723 v. Inc. $1,318, bks., per, $362 

Germantown 1,827 

Public Library (C) 
]&yra Bruner 
v. Inc $2,150, bks., per., $Qi8 

Girard 6,556 

Free Public Library 

Rachel Schenk 
5,622 v Inc. $1,655 ; bks., per , $821 

Glendale 1,759 

Glendale Lyceum Library 

Louise Halsted 
3,938 v. 

Grandview Heights 4,300 

Public Library 

6929 v Inc. $i(>77; bks., per, $3,065 

Granville 1,440 
Public Library 

Mrs. Susan T. Bawden 
14,000 v Inc $2,608; bks, per, $106 

Greene County Library. See Xenia 

Greenville 7,104 

Carnegie Library 

Minnie J. Routzong 
18*130 v. Inc. $7,898; bks., per, $1,210 


Jackson Township Public Library 

Irene Harper 
1,462 v. Inc. $1,627; bks., per., $710 

Hamilton 42,364* 

Lane Public Library 

Mrs. Hattie S James 
14,587 v. Inc. $19,184; bks., per., $500 

Hamilton County Library. See Cincinnati. 

Harrison 1,309 

Harrison Library 

Nellie Curran 
2,000 v. 

Hillsboro 4,356 

Public Library 

Mrs. Lane Williams 
6,057 v. Inc. $1,020; bks., per., $590 



OHIO Continued 
Hudson 1,134 
Hudson Library and Historical Society 

Mrs Helen L Evans 
Inc. $6,000 

Ironton 14492 

Bnggs Public Library 

10,204 v. Inc. $6,183; bks. f per, $439 

Jackson 5,842 
Public Library 

Jessie Hanna 
4,022 v. Inc. $282 

Jefferson 1,532 

Citizens' Library Association 

Mrs J. Alice Bollard 
8,000 v Inc. $688; bks., per., $231 

Jefferson Township Public Library See 
New Paris 

Kent 7,070 
Free Library (C) 

Jennie A. Shoeman 
9,408 v. Inc. $7,306; bks., per., $1,520 

Kenton 7,690 
Public Library (C) 

Keziah N. Moore 
7,279 v Inc $M52 ; bks , per , $308 

Kinsman 1,204 (Township) 
Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. B. C. Porter 
4,036 v. Inc. $1,819; bks , per, $196 

Lakewood 56,774 

Lakewood Public Library (C) 

Roena A. Ingham 

Branches, i; 4 school branches, 3 sta- 

49,749 v. Inc. $71,743; salaries, $43.892; bk 

exp , $0,245 

Lancaster 16,080* 
Public Library 
Ella Hite 
12,107 v. Inc $2,016 ; bks., per , $1,680 

Lebanon 3,396 
Public Library (C) 

Eva Lewis 
8,500 v. Inc. $1,130; bks., per , $112 

Leesburg 849 
Public Library 

Mrs Mary J. Overman 
2,800 v. Inc $300, bks., per, $25 

Lima 46,7 x 7* 
Public Library (C) 

Georgia G. McAfee 
23,999 v. Inc. $28,189; bks, per, $5,391 

Lisbon 3,113 

Lepper Library 

Mrs. Luella Osborne 
4,000 v. Inc. $1,118 

Public Library 

Christine L. Frasch 
4,700 v. Inc $1,642; bks., per., $646 

London 4,080 
Public Library (C) 

Hattie D. Smith 
9,874 v. Inc. $3,095; bks., per., $888 

Lorain 42,259* 

Free Public Library (C) 

Evelyn H. Yeaton 
17,467 v. Inc. $19,277; bks., per, $3,306 

Loudonville 1,887 
Public Library 

Bertha L. Scott 
4,547v. Inc. $1,670, bks., per, $968 

Loveland 1,557 

Loveland Library 

Mrs. Mary S. Donnelly 
4,300 v. Inc. $176 ; bks , per., $120 

Lucas County Library. See Maumee. 

McConnelsville 1,618 

Kate Love Simpson Library 

Hattie Eberlein 
2,930 v. Inc $3,563, bks, per $623 

Madison 893 

Township and Village Free Library (C) 

Lora Tobey 
8,000 v. Inc $2,630; bks., per, $206 

Manchester 1,824 
Public Library 

Mrs. Harry R. Carroll 
1,000 v. 

1 Mansfield 31,820* 
^Public Library (C) 
T Helen J. Fox 

35,584 v. Inc. $23,254; bks., per, $3,870 

Marietta 15,261* 
Public Library (C) 

Willia D. Cotton 
19372 v. Inc. $5,260; bks., per., $1,141 

Marion 324x1* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Helen L. Kramer 
13,088 v. Inc. $9,405; bks., per., $1,598 

Mmrysville 3,635 

Free Public Library (C) 

Lillian Robb 
7,504 v. Inc. $3,182; bks., per , $769 



OHIO Continued 

MaMiUon 19496* 

--City School District Library 

Florence Hidings 
27,462 v. Inc. $16,086; bks., per, $2,220 

Mamnee 3,195 

Lucas County Library (C) (county pop. 

Victoria Bronson 
i8,554 v Inc $17.000, bks, per., $6,077 

Medina 3^30 

Franklin Sylvester Library 

Katherme E Wilder 
4,320 v Jnc $3,000, bks, per., $977 

Mentor -851 

Village Library 

Frances Cleveland 
6,320 v Inc. $1,045 bks , per., $53 

MUmiiburg 4,383 
Free Public Library (C) 

Clara Shuler 
6,582 v. Inc $3,104; bks., per, $1,215 

Middleport 3,772 

Carnegie Library 

Alpha Somerville 
5,000 v. Inc $924; bks., per, $210 

Middletowu 30,823* 

Free Public Library (C) 

Emma E Hale 
20,072 v Inc. $13,554; bks., per., $2,600 

Milford 1,525 
Public Library 

Mane E. Armstrong 
4,950 v. Inc. $860; bks, per., $99 

Minerva 2,261 
Public Library 

Mrs C M. Hostetter 
3,852 v. Inc. $1,952; bks, per, $858 

Montpelier 3,052 

Public Library 

Mount Gilead 1,837 

Free Public Library 

Eva Gardner 
4,140 v. Ina $880 ; bks , per , $139 

Mount Sterling 1,1x3 
Public Library (C) 

Mary Davis 
4,728 v. Inc $1,462; bks., per., $201 

Mount Vernon 9,237 
Public Library 

Ada Cooper 
9,618 v. Inc. $5,995; bks., per., $1,404 


Carnegie Free Public Library 

Ora Sheffield 
7,5H v. Inc. $2480; bks., per., $734 

Newark 30461* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Mary H Pierce 
20,667 v. Inc $15,373; bks, per, $3,639 

New Carlisle 1,019 
Public Library 

Mrs. Harry C. Baker, secretary 
5,000 v. Inc $291 ; bks., per , $91 

New Lexington 3,157 

Public Library 

Margaret Kelly 

New London 1470 
Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth N. McConnell 
Inc. $3475, bks., per, $524 

New Philadelphia 12,001* 
Union Public Library 
Mrs Clara Foster 
15,924 v Inc $9,071 ; bks , per., $5,087 

New Paris 907 

Jefferson Township Public Library 

Mrs Nell McNeil Cockerill 
4426 v Inc $779; bks., per, $159 

New StraiUville 2,208 
Public Library 

Mrs Marie E Martin 
9,950 v Inc $2,164 

Niles 16,624* 

McKmley Memorial Library 

Ida Elizabeth Sloan 
14,187 v. Inc $7,950, bks, per., $1,714 

North Baltimore 2,439 
Public Library 

Mary Fowles 
2,683 v. Inc $3,070, bks, per, $1,143 

Norwmlk 7,379 

Norwalk City School District Public Li- 
brary (C) 

Bertha M. Butler 
12,625 v. Inc. $4,770; bks , per., $695 

Oak Harbor 1,858 
Public Library 

Mrs. Emma K. Bitter 
3,569 v. Inc. $575 

Oakwood 1,473 

Public Library 
Inc. $4,500 



Oberlin 4^36 

(Served by Oberlin College Library) 

Orrvilto 4,107 

Public Library 
Alma Frey 
2,000 v. Inc. $3,552, bks., per, $1,643 

Orwell 1,170 (Township) 
Public Library 

Velora Adams 
1,931 v Inc. $632; bks, per., $133 

Painesville 7,272 
Morley Library 

Margaret Kilbourne 
16,261 v Inc , $6,633 

Pauldmg 2,106 

Pauldmg County Carnegie Library (count} 
pop. 18,736) 

Vivien Jackson 
8,242 v. Inc. $3,884, bks., per, $67 

Pauldmg County Library. See Pauldmg 

Perrysburg 2,429 
Way Public Library 

Eleanor D Moderwell 
13,600 \ Inc $3,282, bks, per, $1,489 

Pickenngton 1,742 (Township) 

Violet Township Library (C) 

Mrs Effie Salee 
2,885 v. Inc $1,902, bks, per, $245 

Piqua 15,979* 

Schmidlapp Free School Library 

Gertrude L Irvin 
18,222 v Inc. $6,693 , bks , per , $1,362 

Plymouth 1,374 

Mrs H I Jeffrey 
1,475 v. Inc. $155 , bks , per , $70 

Pomeroy 4^94 
Public Library (C) 

Crile Crosbie 
7,406 v. Inc. $1,210 ; bks, per, $135 

Port Clinton 3,928 
Public Library 

Mrs Mabel M. Anderson 
6,355 v. Inc. $3,207; bks., per, $924 

Portunoutk 33,01 x 
Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Frank W. Moulton, acting Ibn 
41,624 v. Inc. $8,336; bks , per., $686 

Ravenna 7,219 
Public Library 

Blanche Watts 
4,892 T. Inc. $8,949; bks., per., $i,453 

Richwood 1,601 

Free Public Library 

Nora E. Lake 
3,056 v. Inc. $726; bks., per., $472 

Ripley 1,529 

Union Township Public Library (C) 
(Township, pop. 3,172) 

Katherine Scholter 
5,303 v. Inc. $i,537, bks., per., $145 

Rockford 1,075 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs Mary E. Kinder 
3,580 v. Inc. $1,486; bks., per., $122 

Saint Marys 5,679 

Community Library 
I Minnie Hotter 

! 2.500 v 

Salem 11,075* 
i Public Library (C) 

Alice R Gladden 
16,074 v Inc $7,600; bks., per., $1,277 

Sanduaky 24,542* 

Library Association (C) (Serves county 

pop, 39,789) 

Dorothy Keefe 
35,306 v Inc $12,442, bks., per., $2,578 

Shelby 5,578 

Marvin Memorial Library 

Elsa Koupat 
5,941 v Inc $9,730; bks., per., $1,570 

Shrevc 1,094 
Public Library 
Susan Tice 
1,974 v Inc $397, bks, per., $157 

Public Library 

Emma Graham 
13,200 v. Inc $4,482 

Springfield 68,725 
Warder Public Library 

Cormne A Metz 

40,000 v. Inc. $35,889; salaries, $13,256; bks., 
per, $7,009 

Stow 1,739 (Townahip) 

Community Library 

2,508 v. Inc. $4,623, bks., per., $953 

Steubenville 31,973* 
Public Library (C) 

Eleanor Neidengard 
16,652 v. Inc. $9,032; bks., per., $1,789 

Sylvania 1,222 
Public Library 
Amy Ramsey 



OHIO Continued 

Tiffin 15^52* 

Public Library (C) 

Jessie D. Hershiser 
14,000 v. Inc. "$4,188 ; bks , per , $728 

Tippecanoe City 2,426 
Public Library 

Lulu Cottmgham 
4,131 v. Inc. $2,022; bks., per, $586 

Toledo 287,380* 

Toledo Public Library, 1873 (C) 
Chief Librarian Carl Vitz 
Assistant Librarian Jessie Welles 
Catalog Winifred Riggs 
Children's Ethel Wright 
Circulating Jessie Welles 
Order Marguerite Ainsworth 
Reference Elizabeth Gassaway 
Technology Randall French 
Training Class Marie Newberry 
Branches: 12 (5 Carnegie), 2 sub- 
branches, 9 stations 

231,429 v. Inc. 1926, $240,025; salaries, 
$152,370; bk. exp., $40,260 

Spec. Colls.: Glass and glass industry. 

Troy 7,260 

Public Library 

Blanche Mitchell 
27,252 v. Inc. $8,117; bks, per., $2,634 

Uhrichtville 6,428 

Twin City Public Library 

Marvilla Cummmgs 
4,000 v. Inc. $398; bks, per, $115 

Union Township Public Library See Ripley. 

Upper Sanduiky 3,708 
Carnegie Public Library 

Cora M. Kenan 
4,267 v. Inc. $2,782; bks., per, $778 

Urbana 7,621 

Public Library 

Mrs Harriet C. Milne 
14,395 v. Inc $2,896; bks, per, $655 

Utica 1,658 

Kings Daughters Library 

Mary U. Hall 
1,439 v. Bks. $66 

Van Wert 8,100 

Brumback County Library (county pop 

Mary T. Hardy 
36,656 v. Inc. $12,757; bks., per., $1,707 

Vennilion 1,436 
Public Library 

Mrs. Cora A McQueen 
1,000 v. Inc. $1,153 , bks , per., $164 

Violet Township Library. See Pickenngton. 

Wadiworth 4,742 

Ella M. Everhard Public Library 

Mrs Alice V. Woodward 
4,341 v. Inc. $2,300 

Blume Memorial Library 

Mildred A. Mercier 
3,560 v. Inc. $4,080; bks., per, $2,001 

Warren 34,679* 
Public Library (C) 
Josephine Lytle 
27,436 v. Inc. $26,041; bks, per., $4,774 

Washington Court Houie 7,962 

Carnegie Public Library 

Elizabeth Johnson 
".003 v. Inc. $2,676; bks, per, $618 

Waweon 3,035 

Wauseon Public Library (C) 

Mrs. E. A. Scott 
$,328 v. Inc. $3,158, bks., per, $600 

Waverly^ 1,625 

Village Library 
3,ooo v. 

Waynesville 668 

Wayne Township Public Library (township 

pop. 2,289) 

Mrs Ada S. Courtney 
^725 v Inc. $1,594 , bks , per , $310 

Wellington 2,245 

Hernck Library 

Edith E Robinson 
13,458 v. Inc. $2,141 , bks , per , $329 

WellBville 8,849 

Carnegie Library 

Sarah D Moore 
9,431 v. Inc. $1,422; bks , per , $235 

Weit Jefferson 1,170 

Public Library 

Mrs. Carrie H. Miller 
2,031 v. Inc. $1,680; bks, per, $747 

WilUrd 3,889 

Memorial Library 

Elizabeth Sykes 
3,364 v. Inc. $797; bks, per, $125 

Willoughby 2,656 
Free Public Library (C) 

Georgia Crobaugh 
7,595 v. Inc. $4,812 

Wilmington 5,037 

Carnegie Library 

Minnie Farren 
8*500 v. Inc. $2,045; bks, per, $160 



OHIO Continued 

Wood County Public Library See Bowling 

Woodsfield 2,395 
Public Library 

Gone Cassil 
1,675 v. Inc. $28; bks. per., $29 

Wooster 8,204 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Eugenia W. Glenn 
14,688 v. Inc. $8,439! bks., per, $2,149 

Worthington 705 

Public Library 

Mrs. Rose Little 

v. Inc. $1,580; bks., per, $253 

Xenia 9,110 

Greene County Library (C) (county pop 


Mildred Sandoe 

22,107 v. Inc 1926, $3,208 ( for 1927, $10,000) , 
bks , per , $507 

Yonngsto wn 1 59,970 

Youngstown Public (Reuben McMillan 

Free) Library 
Clarence W. Sumner 

Branches. 2; 6 sub-branches, 13 stations 
119*259 v. Inc $88,639; salaries, $50,672, bk 
exp.. $14,548 

Zanesville 30,442* 

John Mclntire Public Library (C) 

Mary E Elder 
30,000 v. Inc $9,930, bks, per, $1,475 


Oklahoma Library Commission: Mrs. J. 
R. Dale, Secretary, State Capitol, Oklahoma 

Oklahoma State Library, Oklahoma City: 
Miles W. Judge, Librarian 

Altus 4,522 
Altus Library 

Mrs. M. B. Lloyd 
4,216 v. Inc. $2,195 

Alva 3,913 
Public Library 

Mrs. G. M. Lisk 
2,589 v. Inc. $4,000 

Anadarko 3,1 16 
City Library 

Mrs. Sarah Allphin 
3,725 v. Inc. $1,800 

Antlers 2,600 
Club Library 

Maurine Hargraves 
2,000 v. 

Ardmore 17,190 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Myrtle Jones 
17,355 v. Inc. $6,500 

Atoka 2,038 

Atoka Pioneer Library 
Mrs. A. Telle 

Bartlesville 19,182 
Free Public Library (C) 

Ruth W. Brown 
14,429V. Inc. $8,382 

Blackwell 7,174 

Blackwell Public Library 

Mrs R M Parkhurst 
5,475 v. Inc $8,162 

Bristow 3,460 
Bristow Library 

Bcrnett Jackson 
4,253 v. Inc $4,500 " 

Bntton 1,070 
Free Library 
Edwin L 
800 v 


Broken Arrow 2,500 
Public Library 

Helen Neibling 
2,093 v 

Cherokee 2,017 
Cherokee Library 

Etta G. Watkms 
2,225 v. Inc. $667 

Chickasha 10^x79 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. J. A. Thompson 
. Inc. $4,385 

Claremore 3t435 
Claremore Library 
Jennie Hopkins 
3,383V. Inc. $3,694 

Public Library 

Mrs. Perdita J. Alvord 
5,380 v. Inc. $3.200 



OKLAHOMA Continued 

CpUiaville 3ox 

Collinsvillc Library (C) 
Mrs Lucy C Pleas 
1,660 v Inc. $750 

CordeU 1,855 

Carnegie Public Library 

Sadie Kizer 
3,919 v Inc. $1,000 

Gushing 6,326 
Gushing Library 

Mildred Bernardine Brown 
3,523 v. Inc. $2.170 

Davis 1,609 

Public Library 

Claude Kenedy 
i ,000 v. 

Dnimright -6,460 
Drumright Library 

Lela Underwood 
5,000 v Inc. $400 

Duncan 3,463 
Duncan Library 

Mrs S O. Mosely 
4,047 v Inc. $2,050 

Dnrant 7,340 

Robert L. Williams Public Library 
Mrs Lester O'Riley 


Elk City 3,8x4 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs Margaret Wood 
6,256 v. Inc. $2,795 

El Reno 7*737 

Carnegie Library 

Mary Elizabeth Wilson 
10,647 v Inc $6,220 

Enid 18,150 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs Jessie L Parks 
19,044 v Inc $7,500 

Erick 1,784 

Community Library 

Mrs. C. J. Schmelzer 
811 v. 

BvfauU 2,286 

Eufaula Club Library 
Mrs. C. H Tully 

Fairfax 1,349 

Fairfax Public Library 

TOO v. 

Fairview 1,751 

Fairview Library 

Ula Frost 
2,890 v. Inc. $1,287 

Frederick 3,822 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs Birdie Robinson 
6,223 v Inc. $2,271 

Garter 2,000 

Public Library 
615 \ 

Gnthrie 11,813 
| Carnegie Library 
! Mrs. W N. Pattillo 

16,027 \ Inc. $3,374 

Excelsior Library (negro) 
! Mrs Elmira Johnson 

| Henryetta 5,889 

| Free Public Library 

Anne Caldwell 
i 0,974 v Inc $4,973 
1 Hobart 2,936 

; Public Library 

Mrs W A Phelps 
7,761 \ Inc $2,400 

Hollia 2,500 

Public Library 

Flla S Hostutler 
530 v 

Hominy 2,875 

Hominy City Library 
! Helen Kitchcl 

: 800 v 

I Hooker 946 
Hooker Free Library 

Mrs Edwin Dobson 

Hugo 6,368 

Hugo Public Library 

Mrs A B. C Dmwiddie 
1200 v 

Idabel 3,067 

Idabel Public Library 

Gertrude Van Matre 

Jennings 9x0 

High School and Public Library 

Dorothy Peek 
1,700 v. 

Kaw City 3,000 

World Book Study Club Library 

Mrs. R. M Wilson 
562 v. 



OKLAHOMA Continued 

Keota 1,200 
Keota Free Library 
Mrs Van Meter 

Lawton 8,935 

Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. Mamie Small 
5,900 v Inc. $5,900 

Me Alester 1 3,095 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Phoebe E Hayden 
12,630 v. Inc $4,243 

Madill 3,000 

Club Library 

Hazel Rabon 
1,544 v 

Mangum 3,405 
Mangum Library 

Mrs Mary T Bryan 
2,660 v Inc $1,000 

Marlow 2,276 

Marlow Public Library 
Mrs J W Lawrence 

Miami 6,802 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs T C. Young 
8,225 v Inc $2,000 

Morris 1,926 

Morns Free Public Library 
Mrs Robert Ward 

Muskogee 32,1 75* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Cora Case Porter 
25,710 v Inc. $20,215 

Colored Public Library 

Ethel M Tucker 
8,145 v. Inc f $1,208 

Newkirk 2,533 

Newkirk Public Library 

Mrs Anna L Wilson 
3,483 v. Inc $1,194 

Nowata 4,435 
City and School Library 
Nell Davis 

2,055 v - I c $I|200 

Oklahoma City 139,947* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs, Mabel H. Peacock 
Branches: 8 (i negro) 
54,000 v. Inc. $56320; salaries, $29,020, bks, 

Oklahoma Library Commission 

Mrs J. R Dale 
40,000 v 

Oklahoma State Library 

Miles W. Judge 
60,000 v. 

Spec Colls : Public documents. Geology. 

Okmnlgee 25,269* 
Public Library 

Mrs Izora Ground 
18,384 v Inc $8,283 

Pauls Valley 3,694 
Pauls Valley Library 

Mrs Monroe Osborne 

Pawhuska 6,414 
Pawhuska Public Library 
Mrs. Carrie V. Morris 
3,370 v Inc. $4,000 

Perry 3,154 
Perry Library (C) 

Mrs Emilie Le Bus 
6,023 v Inc $2,372 

Picher 9,676 
Picher Club Library 
Edna L Husted 

Ponca City 7,051 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs Violet Kohler 
11,922 v Inc $10,151 

Roff 1,138 

Civic League Club Library 

1,000 V 

Sand Springs-^ 4076 
Sand Springs Library 

Mrs Cosette Gottry 
3,943 v Inc S 1 ' 6 ^ 

Sapulpa 14^07 
Public Library (C) 

Bernice Mars 
11,221 v. Inc. $6,440 

Sayrc 1,703 
Sayre Library 

Mrs W B Rook 
2,524 v Inc. $1,312 

Shawnee 16,976 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Trimmier Sloane Funk 
22,975 v Inc. $9,894 



OKLAHOMA Continued 

Stigler Club Library 
Mrs. Guy A. Curry 

StillwAter 4,701 

Stillwater Free Library 

Mrs. Harriett Woodring 
2,557 v. Inc. $4.000 

Tahlequali 2,271 
Carnegie Library 
Essa Gladney 
2,325 v. Inc $1,500 

Tonkiwrn 1,448 
Public Library 

Lucy A Gresty 
4,048 v. Inc $3,600 

Tills* 124,478* 
Tulsa Public Library (C) 
Alma Reid McGlenn 

Branches: 2 

Greenwood Branch (negro), Lueda 
Meadows, Ibn. 

52,000 v. Inc $51,500, salaries, $25,000, bk 
exp., $10,000 

Spec Colls American Indians Oil, gas, 

Vinita 5,010 
Public Library 

Mrs. N K Warner 
5,196 v. Inc. $1,500 

Wagoner 3,436 
Carnegie Library 

Leona Bateman 
7,370 v Inc $1,825 

Walters 3,03* 
Walters Public Library 

Mrs. E Vogelem 
1,500 v. Inc $795 

Watonga 1,800 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. J. C. Boyce 

Wanrika 1,500 
Public Library 

Mrs. W. H. Gresham 
2,363 v. 

Wilbnrton 3,500 
Club Library 

Mrs. A. C Strong 
1,800 v. 

Wilson Library 

Mrs. Alice Lawrence 
2.429 v Inc. $1,000 

Woodward 849 

--Carnegie Library 

Metta M. Woodward 
8,561 v. 

Wyona 2,749 

Wyona Free Public Library 
Mrs. M. E. Dunlap 

Yale 2,601 

Yale Public Library 

Delana Elbertson Baker 
6,000 v. 

Yukon 1,500 
Club Library 

Mrs. Nora Belisle 
1,033 v. 


Oregon State Library, Salem: Cornelia 
Marvin, Librarian 

Albany 4^40 

Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth Merrill 
7,171 v Inc. $3,188, bks , per , $620 

Ashland 4,283 

Free Public Library (C) 

Blanche E Hicks 
10,984 v. Inc. $4,340, bks , per , $009 

Astoria 16,535* 

Astoria Free Public Library 

Katharine C Barker 
11,452 v. Inc $5,203 ; bks , per , $734 

Baker 7,729 
Public Library (C) 

Mary Louise Wieder 
13,294 v Inc $7,497, bks, per, $1,410 

Bandon 1,440 
Public Library 

F Amelia Henry 
4,178 v Inc $2,122, bks., per, $378 

Beaverton 950 

Public Library 

Mrs. Ward O Roberts 
1,200 v. Inc $854; bks, per, $68 

Bend 5,415 

Deschutes County Library (2 br county 
pop. 10,000) 

Mrs. Myra B. Lyons 
9,363 v Inc. $9,885; bks., per., $2,163 

Browniville 1,000 
Public Library 

Mrs. George Drinkard 
75 v. Inc. $210 



OREGON Continued 
Burns 1,022 
Public Library 

Annie M. McKenzie 
3,378 v- Inc. $1.062 , bks.. per., $80 

Clatskanie 1,171 
Public Library 

Mrs. M. . Sandlin 

Condon 1,127 

Gilliam County Library (county pop 4,100) 
Myrtle Ferguson 

Coquille 1,642 
Public Library 

Mrs. . P. Ellingson 
2,100 v. Inc. $480 

Corvallis 5,752 
Public Library 

Mrs Nellie L. Melvy 
6,182 v Inc $2,000, bks , per., $870 

Cottage Grove 1,919 

Public Library 

Mrs D. Hamant 
3,250 v. Inc. $673 , bks , per , $198 

Dallas 2,701 

Public Library (C) 

Mrs. U. S. Loughary 
5,269 v Inc. $2,486; bks., per, $289 

Elgin 1,463 

Public Library 

Mrs Hazel Lyon 
1,800 v. Inc. $265 

Enterprise x ,895 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Bertha Millard 
5785 v Inc $1,100, bks., per., $192 

Eugene 11,421* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Adelaide Lilley 
14,483^ Inc. $5,963; bks, per., $1,767 

Falls City 1,200 
Public Library 

Edna Worthington 
695 v Inc. $374; bks., per., $37 

Forest Grove 1,915 
Rogers City Library 

Mrs. S C. Sanford 
1,024 v. Inc $2,007; bks., per., $378 

Gladstone 1,069 
-^Public Library 

Mrs. R. D. Howell 
450 v. 

Grants Pass 3,151 

Josephine County Library (C) (6 br 
county pop 13,574) 
Ethel B. Gibson 
10,574 v. Inc. $3431 J bks , per , $996 

Heppner 1,324 

Heppner Public Library 
Laura Williams 

HiUsboro 2,468 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Florence Dodge 
4,449 v. Inc $2,134, bks., per., $691 

Hood River 3,195 

Hood River County Library (C) (county 
Pop. 8,315) 

Mrs Eliza Wait 
9.752 v. Inc $5,966, bks, per, $750 

Independence 1,143 
Public Library 

Mrs. Anna Owen 
2,649 v Inc $500 

Junction City z,ooo 
Junction City Public Library 
Mrs D. L. Webster 

Klamath Falls 4,801 

Klamath County Library (C) (county pop. 

Adele A Sherman 
4,027 v Inc $2,500 

Public Library 

Enola Hawkins 
3,586 v Inc $2,221 

La Grande 6,913 
Public Library (C) 
Mabel E Doty 
12^33 v. Inc. $8,979, bks, per, $1,161 

Lakeview 1,139 
Public Library 

Mrs R M. Corbett 
2,182 v. Inc. $1,035 , bks., per , $212 

Lebanon 1,805 
Public Library 

Mrs Lulu H Stewart 
Inc $392 

McMinnville 2,767 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs M L. Bardon 
6,000 v. Inc. $3,432, bks , per., $378 

Madras 3,211 

Jefferson County Public Library (county 
pop. 3^) 

Mrs Edith White 
Inc. $250 



OREGON Continued 

Marthfield -4^34 
Public Library (C) 

Eva Blood 
9,053 v. Inc. $4^87; bks., per, $1,164 

Milwmukie 1,17* 
Milwaukie Public Library 
Mrs. R R. Hazen 

Medford 5,75* 

Jackson County Library (C) (county pop 

E Fay Woolscy 
20,914 v. Inc. $12,918; bks, per., $5,187 

Myrtle Point 1,450 
Public Library 

Mrs. Lucy M Barker 
954 v. Inc. $200 

Newberg 2,566 
Carnegie Library 

Jennie D Miller 
4,569 v Inc $1,296, bks, per, $238 

Newport 1,600 
Public Library 

Mrs. Daisy Halleck 
2,693 v. Inc $176; bks., per., $105 

North Bend 3,268 
Public Library 

Ethelwyn Imhoff 
3,701 v Inc. $2,167, bks., per, $826 

Ontario -2,039 * 

Malheur County Library (C) (2 br. county 

pop. 12,073) 

Eleanor Davis 
10,886 v. Inc. $6,013; bks, per, $1,753 

Oregon City 5,686 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Bertha Adams 
6,016 v. Inc $4,657; bks., per, $537 

Pendleton 7,387 

Umatilla County Library (C) (10 brs 
county pop. 26,139) 

Anna G Hall 
31,882 v Inc $T5,7U, bks, per, $3,923 

Portland 482,383* 

Library Association of Portland 

Chief Librarian Anne M Mulheron 
Accountant Grace C Townsend 
Adult Education Virginia C. Bacon 
Branch Nelly Fox 
Catalog Lena V Brownell 
Circulation Constance Ewing 
Children's Jessie H Millard 
Order Helen McRaith 
Reference E. Ruth Rockwood 
School Dorothy E Smith 

Portland Continued 

Secretary Alberta Kirkwood 
Technical Nellie Mignon Fisher 
Branches 17 (7 Carnegie) ; 17 stations 

Municipal Reference Division, City Hall 
429,730 v. Inc. 1926, $311,613; salaries, $202,- 
625, bks, $52,293, binding, $17,557. Per., 

Spec. Colls : Art History "of book mak- 
ing India Oregon history Music (books 
and scores). T N. Cooke Rose coll 

Prineville i, 144 

Crook County Library (county pop 4,000) 

Rainier 1,287 

Public Library 

Mrs. Frances Hollihan 
2,258 v. Inc $570, bks, per, $91 

Roteburg 4,381 
Public Library 

Mrs. Hilda Reizcnstem 
4,926 v Inc $2,871 , bks , per , $726 

St. Helena 2,220 
Public Library 

Mrs Susie B. Dillard 
4,288 v. Inc $1,312; bks., per., $419 

Salem 19,709* 

Oregon State Library 

Cornelia Marvin 
242,663 v Inc $37,500, bks , per , $7,494 

Spec Colls Debate material Oregon 
and Oregon authors. Pacific Northwest. 

Public Library (C) 

Maud E. Covington 
20,751 v Inc $10,897, bks, per, $2,320 

Seaside 1,802 
Public Library 

Mrs. Sophie L. Johansen 
4,ooov Inc $478 

Sheridan 1,000 
Public Library 

Mrs Dora Shortridge 
1,823 v. Inc $278, bks, per, $186 

Silverton 2,251 
Public Library 

Mrs H . B Latham, secretary 
Inc. $175 

Springfield 1,855 

Public Library 

Mary Roberts 
2,151 v. Inc. $585; bks., per, $105 

Stayton 1,200 
Stayton Public Library 
Mrs. Nora Gardner 



OREGON Continued 

The Dalle* 13,648 

Wasco County Library (C) (county pop 


Nina M Moran 
27,200 v Inc. $12,661 ; bks , per , $2,775 

Spec. Coll Pacific Northwest 

Tillamook 1,964 
Public Library 

Madge Disney 
5,795 v. Inc. $1,929, bks , per., $876 

Toledo 2,500 
Public Library 

Mrs. Edith Howell 
400 v. 

Union 1,319 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs Minnie Baird 
4,000 v Inc. $660 

Vernonia 2,500 

Public Library 

Lois Malmsten 

Wallowa 1,200 
Public Library 

Mrs G. H. Feese 
2,083 v Inc $329, bks, per, $253 

Woodburn 1,656 

Carnegie Public Library 

Mrs Kathenne Powell 
5,356 v. Inc. $1,206; bks., per., $159 



Pennsylvania State Library and Museum, 
Hamsburg: Frederic A. Godcharles, Director 

Pennsylvania State Library, Library Exten- 
sion Division: Anna A. MacDonald, Chief, 

Alexandria (5-mile radius) 3,000 
Memorial Public Library 

Mary S Walker 
4,397 v Inc $4,327 

Allegheny. See ^Pittsburgh (North Side) 

Allentown 92,151 

Allentown Free Library 
Isabel McC Turner 
Branches 2, 2 stations 
35,000 v Inc $30,791 

Altoona 60,331 

Altoona Free Library 

25,000 v 

Ambler 3,094 

Union Library 

Eliza J. Davis 
1,395 v. 

Ambridge 16,993* 

Ambridge Free Library 

Mrs Claudine Bramble 
10,260 v. Inc. $7,238; bks., per, $2,023 

Apollo 3,235 

Apollo Free Library 

Agnes Mullen 
2,661 v. Inc. $630 

Ardmore 15,000 

Ardmore Free Library 

Emily C McKee 
12,000 v. Inc $5,669; bks., per, $1,310 

Avonmore 1,500 
Avonmore Public Library 
Mrs Albert J Baird 
1,005 v Inc. $300, bks, per., 


Bangor 6,000 

Bangor Public Library 

Mrs N. E Masters 
3,500 v. Inc $2,165; bks, per, $496 

Beaver 4,900 

Beaver Free Library 

Luella M Stevenson 
4,900 v Inc. $3,262 

Beaver Falls 13,147* 
Carnegie Free Library 

Elsie Kayle 
16,190 v Inc $9,i3, bks, per, $1,883 

Bedford 2,800 

Bedford Public Library 

Mrs John Cessna Smith 
2,804 v. Inc $1,094 

Ben Avon 3,000 
Ben Avon Public Library 
Mrs D. Elizabeth Hill 
4,700 v. Inc. $1,251 

Berwick 14,160* 

Berwick Public Library 

Mrs J H. Bowman 
2,917 v. Inc. $2,078; bks., per, $639 

Berwyn z,ooo 

Berwyn Free Library 

Mrs Edith W. Beaumont 
5333 v. Inc $769, bks., per, $116 

Bessemer 2,300 

Bessemer Public Library 

Jane Manewal 
2,542 v. Inc. $1,559; bks., per, $6il 




Bethlehem 62,828* 
Bethlehem Public Library 

Harriet T. Root 
Branches: 3 

32,000 v. Inc. $52,224; salaries, $11,501; bks., 
per., $63io 

Black Lick 1,000 

Black Lick and Burrell Township Free Li- 

Mrs. Marie P Widdowson 
600 v. Inc. $35 

Bloomtburg 7,819 

Bloomsburg Public Library 

Marian E. Mauser 

11,834 v. Inc. $7,175 , bks., per , $1,326 
Spec. Coll. : Music 

Braddock 2x,239* 

Carnegie Free Library 

Vincent DeW Kline 
50473 v. Inc. $28,000, bks., per, $7,813 

Bradford 15,796* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Grace Steele 
25,812 v. Inc. $11,735, bks, per., $2,325 

Bristol 12,849* 
Bristol Free Library 
Mary P. Rogers 

Bryn Mawr 8,000 

Bryn Mawr Memorial Library 

Fannie R. Arthur 
9,726 v. Inc. $3,089; bks,, per, $684 

Butter 25,230* 

Butler Public Library (C) 

Susan L. Sherman 
12,384 v Inc. $9,665; bks , per., $1,824 

Canton 2,154 

Green Free Library 

Sadie L. Parsons 
10,002 v Inc $3,772, bks , per., $177 

Carhondale 19,215 
Young Men's Library Association 
Grace Copeland 

Carlisle 11,438* 

J. Herman Bosler Memorial Library 

William Homer Ames 
10,148 v. Inc. $1,945; bks., per., $316 

Carnegie 12,369* 

Andrew Carnegie Free Library 

Mary B. Harris 
12,500 v. Inc. $10,812; bks., per., $2,680 

Catauqua 4,700 

Catasaqua Public Library 

Jennie S. Helman 
4,002 v. Inc. $1,127 

Chamberiburf 13,947* 
Coyle Free Library 

H. Maty Spangler 
5,865v. Inc. $4,562; bks, per., $895 

Cheiter 68,507* 

J. Lewis Crozer Library 

Gertrude Hewes 
15,900 v. Inc. $20,517, bks, per., $9.16 

West End Free Library 

Anna A. Hannum 
5490 v. Inc. $2,929; bks , per, $9S 

CUirton 13,063 

Public Library 

Alma Tramor 

Clarion 2,800 
Clarion Free Library 
Elizabeth Bigler 
3,788 v. Inc. $608 

Columbia 10^836 
Free Library 

Mrs Edna S Ycrgey 

Conneautville 969 

James A Stone Memorial Library 

Mrs. May Fnel 
3,145 v. Inc $463, bks, per, $08 

Connellaville 14,347* 
Carnegie Free Library 

Eleanor Olney 
16,164 v Inc $10,656; bks, per., 


Confthohocken 8,481 

Conshohocken Free Library 

Julia H. R Foley 
6,985 v. Inc $3,678; bks , per., $559 

Corry 8,000 

Corry Public Library (C) 

Marion J. Skidmore 
4,000 v. Inc. $2,500, bks, per., $1,400 

Coudersport 2,836 

-Couderspprt Public Library 

Fannie Mercedes Doerner 
9,700 v. Inc $1,672 

Cresaoa 4,500 
-Cresson Public Library 
Mrs Ralph Moore 
900 v. Inc. $225 ; bks., per , $50 

Cynwyd 14,000 

Bala-Cynwyd Library 

Mane D Thompson 
7,044 v. Inc. $3,604, bks., per., $874 




Danville 7,000 

Thomas Beaver Free Library 

Janet Bird 
20,383 v. Inc. $3,698; bks., per., $1,019 

Darby 10,000 

Darby Library Company, 1742 

Mrs. Georgia E. Warner 
8,348 v. Inc. $2,663; bks., per., $212 

Downington 4,500 

Downmgton Public Library 

Jane W. Boone 
6 f 70ov. Inc $1,751 

Doyleatown 3,837 
Melinda Cox Free Library 
Lucie Price 

Du Bois 14,279* 

Du Bois Public Library 

Edna J. Dinwiddie 
10.614 v. Inc. $0,538; bks., per, $2,188 

Duquesne 20,870* 
Carnegie Free Library 
Charles E. Wnght 
32,472 v. Inc $10,764, bks, per, $3,394 

Easton 33,813 

Easton Public Library (C) 

Henry F Marx 
49417 v. Inc $26,904; bks, per, $5,002 

Bbensburg 2,000 

Ebensburg Free Public Library 

Mrs. Alvm W. Evans, chairman 
4,200 v. Inc. $539 

Edgely 1,000 

Edgely Public Library 

E. S Thompson 
900 v. 

Ed gpwood 3,200 

C. E/Mellor Memorial Library (C) 

Hannah F. Gillender 
6,938 v. Inc. $5^08 

Blizabethtown 3,319 
Free Library 

Mrs Albert Abele 

Elkland 2,200 

Elkland Public Library 

Ava Weeks 
1,877 v. Inc. $485 

Bllwood City 9,000 
Public Library 

Mrs. Catherine M. Charles 
8,068 v. Inc. $7,014; bks , per., $2414 

Emporium 3,000 

Emanuel Free Library 

Myrtle K. Day 
1,706 v. 

Eric 135,620** 
Public Library 

Mrs. Jean A. Hard 
Branches: 5 sub-branches 
88474 v. Exp. $51443; salaries, $26,919; bk. 
exp. $7,505 

Everett 4,000 
Everett Free Library 

Elizabeth Pettigrew 
2,207 v. Inc. $234 


Weis Libraiy 

Mrs. J. H Phillips 
3,000V. Inc. $1,983 

FallBington 400 

Fallsington Free Library, 1803 

Mary Emma Kirby 
10,000 v. Inc. $3,939; bks, per., $246 

Foxburg 550 

Foxburg Free Library 

Lottie Koos 
6,000 v. Inc. $1,432; bks , per , $72 

Franklin 9,970 

Franklin Public Library 
Mary H Clarke 

Galeton 3,500 

-Galeton Public Library 

Julia Rugaber 
i ,860 vol Inc $496, bks., per., $84 

Girard 2,000 

Willcox Library 

MaudM Smith 
2,009 v. Inc. $450, bks, per, $93 

Greencattle 2,271 
Circulating Library 

Alice Brown 
4,250 v. Inc. $572; bks., per., $250 

Greenville 1 1,000 

Greenville Public Library 

Katharine H. Rock 
8,159 v. Inc. $5,587; bks., per, $2,375 

Grove City 4,944 

Grove City College Carnegie Free Library 

Isabel Forbes 
26,034 v. Bks., per., faso 

Spec. Colls.: Children's books. Civil 

Hamburg 2,764 

Hamburg Public Library (C) 

Bertha E. Schomo 
5,149 v. Inc. $1,576 




Hanover 8,664 
Hanover Public Library 
Mrs. Mabel Wolcott 
17,338 v. Inc. $4,797; bks., per, $1,809 

Harriaburg 83,422* 

Harnsburg Public Library 

Alice R. Eaton 
40,700V. Inc. $29,000; bks, per., $6 f 8oo 

Pennsylvania State Library and Museum, 

Frederic A Godcharles 

250,000 v. Inc. 1925-27. $180,000; bks., per, 

Pennsylvania State Library, Library Exten- 
sion Division 

Anna A. MacDonald 
46,500 v Bks , per., $1,200 

Spec Coll.: Pennsylvania. Law. Gene- 
alogy. Lantern slides 

Hatboro x,xo2 

Union Library Company 

Emma Mclntosh 
20,000 v. 

Hacleton 36,143* 

Hazleton Public Library 

Alice Willigerod 
25,091 v. Inc. $14,028, bks., per, $4438 

Herahey 2,025 

Hershey Free Public Library 

Anna Zelma Baker 
3,650 v. 

Homestead 21,437* 
Carnegie Library 

William Franklin Stevens 
38,097 v. Inc $14,360; bks., per, $2,540 

Honesdafc 2,756 

School and Public Library 

Mary H Foster 
4,974 v. Inc. $103 

Hyndman 1,179 

Hyndman School Public Library 

Mrs. James A. Caster 
814 v. Inc. $02; bks, per., $78 

Indiana -9,000 

Indiana Free Library 

Carl W Hull 
6,333 v. Inc. $3,066; bks , per., $1,345 

Ingram 3,000 

Ingram Borough Free Library 

Lillian Peters 
3,858 v. 

Jenkintown 4,000 

Abington Library Society 
Florence M Ridpath 
13,945 v. Inc. $3,824; bks, per. $552 

I Jersey Shore 6,103 
Free Library 

Mrs Dan Cassidy 

Johnitown 71,475* 

Cambria Library Association (C) 

L. Helen Berkey 

43,763 v. Exp $22,629; salaries, $8,159, bk. 
exp, $5,911 

Spec. Coll ' Swank Lib 

Kane Public and School Library 

Mrs Mary Grace Kime Bauman 
8424 v Inc $2442, bks, per, $874 

Kennett Square 3,500 

Bayard Taylor Memorial Library 

Florence N Cleaver 
7,000 v. Inc. $1,700 


Hoyt Memorial Library 

Margaret Jackson 

Kittanning 7,500 

Kittanning Free Library 

Martha Thompkins 
5,665 v. Inc. $4,094, bks, per, $1,254 

Lancaster 56,505* 

A Herr Smith Memorial Library 

Helen B Umblc 
24,829 v Inc $5,631, bks, per, $1,425 

Langhorne 1,067 

Library Association, 1791 

Rose P Newbold 

6, TOO V. 

Lanadowne 6,000 

Lansdowne Public Library 

Mrs R G Van Zandt 
11,221 v Inc $2,600, bks, per, $700 

Lansford 1,200 

Lansford Public Library 

Marion Herbert 
4,785 v. Inc $7,823; bks, per, $2,352 

Lebanon 25,207* 

Woman's Club Free Library 

Mrs. Spohre 

Leechburg 3,999 

School and Public Library 

Mildred L. Wallace 
1,959 v. Inc. $3,491, bks., per, $596 




Lewislrarg 3,204 

William D. Himmelreich Memorial Library 

Emily Chngan 
6,000 v. Inc $780, bks, per, $168 

Lewistown 9,849 
Public Library 
Kate Swan 
6 f ooo v. 

Lock Haven 8,557 

Annie Halenbake Ross Library* 

M E Crocker 
15,015 v. Inc $7,586, M f per, $1,074 

McDonald 2,000 

McDonald Free Library 

Hazel Speer 
1,800 v Inc. $400 

McKeesport 49,097* 

Carnegie Free Library 

Araminta M. McLane 
22,102 v Inc $12,381; bks, per, $2,597 

Malvern 1,200 

Malvern Public Library 

Elsie E. Todd 
4,500 v. Inc. $700 

Mansfield 1,600 

Mansfield Free Public Library (C) 

H J. Van Norman 
5,871 v Inc. $670 

Marcus Hook 5,200 

Marcus Hook Public Library 

Mary L. Smythe 
3,875 v Inc $4,863, bks., per, $938 

Manch Chunk 7,534 

Dimmock Memorial Library 

Clara B Mcjunkin 
12,000 v Inc $5,726; bks, per, $1,114 

Meadville 15,580* 

Meadville Public Library 

Helen Dermitt 
0.716 v. Inc $3,915; bks, per, $1,398 

Media 4,110 

Media Free Library Association 

E Louise Krusc 
8,544 v Inc $3,304; bks, per, $737 

Mercer 1,900 

Mercer Free Library 

Ida Kemm 
5,609 v. Inc $1,711; bks., per, $427 

Mercersbnrg 1,800 

Mercersburg Public Library 

Anna M Fallon 
2,000 v Inc $357 

Milroy 1,500 

Milroy Free Library 

Mrs Ned H. Thompson 
1184 v. Inc. $41 

Milton 8,638 

Milton Public Library 

Mary B. Snyder 
6,208 v Inc. $6,366; bks., per., $1,226 

Monongahela 9,081 
Free Library 

Mrs. Rebecca R. Riggs 

Montgomery 1,900 

Montgomery Public Library 

Mrs Lcvi Horn 
2,200 v Inc. $775 

Montrose 1,661 

Susquehanna County Historical and Free 
Library Association 

Fannie L. Bunnell, asst. Ibn. 
17,977 v Inc $4,448; bks, per, $1,442 

Moore 4,000 

Prospect Park Free Library 
Mrs Eleanor V Boots 
1,720 v Inc. $641 

Mornsville 6,000 

Mornsville Free Library 

Mrs. E. M. Smith 
6,500 v. 

Morton 1,212 
Public Library 

Mrs. L T Davison 
1,500 v 

Mount Holly Springs 1,109 
Amelia S Givin Free Library 

Stella Goodyear 
5,521 v Inc. $2,199; bks, per, $184 

Mount Union 5,000 
Mount Union Free Library 

Mrs Mary A Kyper 
1,746 v. Inc. $203; bks., per., $87 

Narberth 6,000 

Narberth Community Library 
Mrs Elizabeth K. Wood 
3,982 v. Inc $1,561 , bks., per., $1,270 

New Brighton 9,659 
New Brighton Public Library 
Celia Smith 

New Castle 49,842* 

New Castle Free Public Library 

Alice M. Sterling 
16,209 v. Inc. $36,392; bks, per., $2,042 




Hour Hope 1,100 

Free Library of New Hope and Solebury 

Edith Morley Smith 
4,000 v. Inc. $558; bks. f per., $63 

No* MBfort 624 
Pratt Memorial Library 

Ethel Finch 
3,250 v. Inc. $231 

Newport 2,500 

Newport Public Library 

Mrs. Anna L Bryner 
1,950 v. Inc. $81 ; bks., per., $30 

W ftwto WH - z ,703 

Newtown Library Company, 1760 

William E. Martindale 
9,792 v. Inc. $1,139; bks., per., $500 

Norriitown 34,836* 

Norristown Library Company 
Bessie Crothers 

William McCann Free Public Library 

Helen A. Bomberger 
8*783 v. Inc. $3,781; bks, per., $1,486 

North Eftit 3,500 

McCord Memorial Library 

Mrs. Jennie E. Bradt 
7,608 v. Inc. $2,559; bks, per., $704 

Northumberland 5,000 

Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library 

Jessie Wilson 
2,015 v. Inc. $3400 

North Wales 2^00 
North Wales Free Library 

Virginia B Morris 
2,267 v Inc. $836, bks, per, $213 

Oakmont 5,500 

Oakmont Carnegie Library 

Sarah U. Moot 
8,548 v. Inc. $6,000 

Oil City 23,260* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Florence G. Trosh 

20,867 v. Inc $11,207; bks., per., $1410 
Spec Coll : Sunday school (Raikes) 

Oxford 2,093 

Oxfprd Library Co. 

Mrs. E. Stanley Grier 

Palmerton 8,000 
Neighborhood House Library 
Mrs. Alice H. Flynn 

Paoli 3,000 

Paoli Library 

Florence Greenwood 
3.325 v. Inc. $523 

Parkeiburg 2^00 

Parkesburg Free Library 

Mary E. Lindberg 
3,942 v. Inc. $776; bks, per, $68 

Pennftburg 3,000 

Perkiomen School Public Library 

Maude R. Kneule 
6,000 v. Inc. $1,300 

Philadelphia 2,008,000* 

Apprentices' Free Library 

William R. Reinicke 
35,000 v. Inc. $9,152; bks., per., $665 

Athenaeum of Philadelphia 

Arthur C Carty 
60,000 v 

Spec. Coll : Philadelphia newspapers, 
complete files 

Subscription library 

Carpenters Library, Carpenters Hall 
Fred A. Havens 

Christ Church Library, 1697 
Dr Louis C Washburn 
Special fields: Theology. History. Classics 

(The) Free Library of Philadelphia, 1891, 

Chief Librarian John Ashhurst 
Assistant Librarian Franklin H. Pnce 
First Assistant Sarah E. Coding 
Bindery Charles Davis 
Bookkeeping Athaha Walker 
Books for the Blind Emma Del fin o 
Catalog Edith M Bache 
Children's Emma Robinson Engle 
Circulation Louise B Cooper 
Maps - 
Municipal Reference Division Helen M 


Music Daisy Pansier 
Order Emma L. Helhngs 
Pepper Hall (Art, Architecture, Arche- 
ology) Anna R. Dougherty 
Periodical Jean E. Graffen 
Public Documents Martha C Leister 
Reference Susanne S. Gates 
ShippingAlbert J. Davies 
Statistics Katharine H. Connolly 
Stenographic Eleanor Erskme 
Supplies Jean Walker 
Training Class Louise Horine 
Branches : 29 (23 Carnegie) ; 3 deposit 




Philadelphia Continued 

692,163 v. Inc ig26, $711,846; salaries, $443,- 
741 ; bk. exp. $116,065 

Spec. Colls Bibles Chess History of 
English law. Incunabula Costumes. Maps 
(Philadelphia and vicinity). Shakespeare. 

-Friends' Free Library (Germantown) 

Hannah M. Jones 

37,505 v Inc $6,381, bks, per, $2,142 
Spec Coll Quakers 

Friends' Library (1742), 142 North i6th St 

Mary B Church 

18,349 v. Jnc $2,033. bks., per, $348 
Spec Colls Quakers Theology 

Library Association of Friends 

Maude A Laws 

12,000 v Inc $991 , bks , per , $131 
Spec Coll.: History of Friends 

Library Company of Philadelphia, 1731 

George Maurice Abbot 
265,128 v Inc $63426 

Spec Colls American Revolution Chess 
Civil War and regimental histories. Old 
Philadelphia (picture coll ) Italian, chiefly 
archaeology (Brewster) Egyptology Broad- 
sides and playbills. Methodism Geology of 
U S Americana. Newspaper files Master 
of the Rolls series 

Lovett Memorial Free Library (Mount 

Robert C Gavett 
20,000 v. Inc $2,216, bks., per, $312 

Mariners' Library 

R Simonsen 
3,500 v 

Mercantile Lirary Company, 1821 

T Wilson Hedley 

Spec. Colls. : Irish literature. Shakespeare 
Juntas' letters. Newspaper files. Civil War 
history Incunabula; facsimiles 

Philadelphia City Institute Free Library 

Mary . Hoffman 
41,546 v. Inc $6,000 

Starr Center Library 

Violet Gordon Grey 
5,i9iv. Inc. $2,665; bks, per, $778 

Phoenixville 10,484* 

Phoenixville School District Public Library 

Marion K. Barton 
12,026 v. Inc. $4,508; bks., per., $881 

Pittsburgh 6B6,H 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 
DirectorJohn H. Leete 

Pittaurgh Continued 

Executive Secretary Martha V. Wirth 
Manager of Buildings R. B. Ambrose 
Assistant Treasurer Sarah . Weir 
Adult LendingWaller I. Bullock 
Catalog Clara Beetle 
Children Elva S. Smith 
Order C. Tefft Hewitt 
Printing and Binding Arthur D. Scott 
Reference Irene Stewart 
Schools Mary E. Foster 
Technology E. H. McQelland 
Carnegie Library School Frances H. 

Kelly, Principal 

Branches- n (8 C, I business); 27 sta- 
tions (9 school) ; 71 school libraries , 
273 class room collections. 
599,oi9 v. Inc. 1027, $5a>,75o; salaries, $367,- 
734J bk exp, $84,000 

Spec. Colls ' Architecture and decoration 
Ethics Gypsies. Local history. Music 
Philatelic. Single tax. Women. Patents 
Ferrous metallurgy. Chemistry. Technology 

Pittsburgh (North Side) 

Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny 

Chief Librarian Clifford B. Connelley 
Assistant Librarian Frances S Langfitt 
Cataloger Edith M. Tinkler 
Children's Librarian 
Staff Instruction 
Administration Offices Federal and Ohio 

Brandies i , 30 stations 

184,236 v Inc $101,121; salaries, $55,086 , bk 

exp, $18,500 

Pittston 19,759 

Pittston Public Library 

Sarah A Mason 
8,103 v. Inc. $3,086; bks., per., $495 

Point Marion 2,000 

Point Manon Public Library 

Dorothy H Porter 
2,240v. Inc. $554 

Pottitown 18,467* 

Pottstown Public Library 

Mary E Reutter 
7,066 v. Inc. $6,113 ; bks., per , $i,o8d 

Port Allegheny 2,356 
Free Library 

Martha Hilton 
870 v Inc. $176; bks., per, $70 

PottevUle 22,804* 

Pottsville Free Public Library 

Edith Patterson 
24,527 v. Inc $18,338; bks., per., $4,252 

Punxratawney 10,311 
Punxsutawney Public Library 
Mrs. Katharine J. Brew 
3,688 v. Inc. $4,118; bks., per., $1,028 




QvAkertown 4491 

Richland Library 

3,300 v Inc $316, bks, per., $64 

Reading 112,707* 

Reading Public Library, 1808 (C) 

Florence Hergesheimer, asst. Ibn. 
Branches: 3 

69420 v. Exp $34,300; salaries, $22,090; bk 
cxp., $6,073 

Ridgway 6,037 
Public Library 

Elizabeth Thompson 

Ridley Park 3,500 
Ridley Park Public Library 

Alma L. Dcppich 
7,286 v. Inc. $1,800 


Rochester 6,500 

Rochester Public Library 

Jessie B. Nesbitt 
4,589 v. Inc. $625; bks., per, $140 

RoMmont z f oao 

Conestoga Community Library 

Mrs. Janet B. Arthur 

Royeriford 3,300 

Royersford Free Public Library 

Elsie De Walt 
12,000 v. Inc $2,020 

SalUbnrg 1,022 

Saltsburg Free Library 

Anna K. Rupert 
3,900 v Inc. $951 ; bks , per., $58 

Saxton 1,165 

Saxton Public Library 

Mrs. Martha Hamilton 

Mary Packer Cummings Library 
3,100 v. Inc $150; bks, per., $120 

Scottdale 6,368 

Scottdale Free Public Library 

Edna L. Krouse 
14,354 v. Inc $6,731; bks, per, $1,166 

Scranton 143,000** 

Scranton Public Library 

Henry J. Carr 
Branches: 4 

96,588 v. Inc., $39,130; salaries, $18,708; bk 
cxp., $5,545 

Scwickley 4,954 

Sewiddey Public Library 

Caroline Lautnan 

19,630 v. Inc. $8,367; bks., per., $1476 
Spec. Coll.: Local history. 

Sharon Free Library 

Eleanor Carver 
",593 v. Inc $8,800; bks., per., $1,697 

Sheffield 3,981 

Sheffield Township Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston 
4,826 v. Inc. $2,508; bks., per., $675 

Shenandoalt 24,726 
Free Public Library 
P. W. Bierstem 
11,500 v. Inc $1,952, bks., per., $487 

Shinglehouse 1,500 

Shinglehouse Public Library 

Mrs. Earle S Harris 
i f 50ov. Inc $150 

Somerset 3,121 

Somerset Public Library 

Maye Irwm 
3415 v Inc. $691; bks, per., $161 


impton 1,379 

Free Public Library 

Mrs J W Noble 

Spring City 3,000 

^Spring City Free Public Library 

Elizabeth Rogers 
3,828 v Inc $1,063, bks, per, $301 

State College 3,500 

State College Public Library 

Mary V. Roop 
4,000 V Inc. $100 

Steelton 13,428 

Steelton Free Library 

L E. McGmnis 
2,500 v. 

Stroudsburg 5,278 

Stroudsburg Free Public Library 

B. K Conner 
4,000 v. Inc. $500 

Sunbnry 16,827* 
Sunbury High School and Public Library 

Agnes Leonhart 
3,565 v Inc. $1,688; bks., per., $69 

Susquthajina 3,764 

Susquehanna Library Association 

Mrs. Alice Graves 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,192; bks., per., $190 

Carnegie Free Library 

Mrs. C. Tefft Hewitt 
10,600 v. Inc $8*326; bks., per., $2,800 




Tarentum 9,000 

Public Library Association 

Caroline Lauman 
3,7**3 v Inc. $4,335; bks., per., $665 

Taylor 1,963 
Taylor Public Library 

Cathryn Davis 
4,741 v Inc. $1,172; bks., per, $351 

Tidionte 1,063 
Tidioute Public Library 
Harriet A. Gardner 
2,814 v Inc. $1,014 

Titusville 29,546 

Benson Memorial Library 

Jessie Dunn 
21,184 v. Inc $5,069; bks, per, $489 

Towanda 4,269 

Towanda Public Library 

Mrs U T Hall 
9,700 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks., per, $668 

Troy Mig 

Troy Free Library 

Jane Parsons 
4,558 v Inc $446 

Tunkhftnnock 2*000 

I) A R Public Library 

Esther Eysenbach 
4,122 v Inc $1,068, bks, per., $247 

Turtle Creek 9,270 

Public Library 

Elsie J Duncan 

Union City 4,000 

Union City Public Library 

Pearl B Monroe 
5,509 v Inc. $2,467, bks, per, $658 

Uniontown 1 5,692 
Book Club Library 
Catherine Howcll 

Vandergrif t 1 1,000 

Vandergnft Public Library 

Jennie MacKenzic 
7,031 v Inc $1,867, bks, per, $483 

Wanamie 10,992 

Newport Township Free Library 

George W. Coxe 
5.000 v 

Warren 15,116* 

Warren Library Association 

Mary C Weiss 
39,217 v. Inc $20,692; bks., per, $2,079 


Citizens Library 

Janet M. Clark 
20,132 v. Inc $4,726; bks., per., $1,469 

Wayne -3,000 

George W Child Library 
Mrs. Frances Brown 

Waynesboro- z<^6oo 

Waynesboro. Public Library 
I Mary Allen Davies 

I 6,669 v Inc. $5,578; bks., per., $2,053 

1 Wellsboro 4,000 

, Green Free Library 

Mabel Deans 
7,439 v Inc $5,309, bks , per., $1,912 

West Chester 11,717* 

West Chester Library Association 

Sarah P Bedford 
18,872 v Inc. $4,843, bks, per, $1,368 

West Grove 1,152 
! Public Library 
. Lydia C Hughes 

i West Newton 2,645 

1 Free Circulating Library 

Luclla Poore 
3,000 v 

West Pittston. See Pittston 

Wilkes-Barie 77,644* 
Osterhout Free Library 
Myra Poland 

Branches. 3 

69,722 v Exp. $53,717; salaries, $31420, bk 
exp, $9,586 

Spec. Colls Genealogy. Archaeology 
American history English heraldry Geology 

Wilkmsburg 27,392* 

Wilkmsburg Public Library 

Fred S. Evans 
17,238 v Inc $10,629; bks., per., $2,063 

Williamaport 42,656* 

James V. Brown Library 

O. R. Howard Thomson 
30,667 v. Inc. $20,198; bks., per., $2,989 

frilmerding 7,000 

Westinghouse Air Brake Free Library 

Mrs Capitola G Simpson 
5.000 v. 

Windber 10^000 

Windber Public Library 

Jean Garrett 
4,426 v. Bks., per., $450 




Wiaborae 1,500 

Winburne Free Public Library 

Sarah Ruling 
720 v. Inc. $366; bks., per, $92 

WoodUwn 18,882* 

Woodlawn Free Library 
Susan Himmelwright 
7,132V. Inc. $11,155; bks. f per., $2,147 

Wyomissing 3,500 
Public Library 

Alice E. Roeder 
4,000 v. Inc. $1,112; bks., per, $279 

Yardley 1,200 
Yardley Library 

Mrs. Elliot D. Cook 
4576 v. Inc. $1,554; bks., per, $261 

York 49,074* 
York Public Library 

Mai A. Ginedinst 
24,262 v. Inc. $3,840; bks, per, $1,268 

Zelienople 2,500 

Zelienople Public Library 
Mrs. C. W. Eichholtz 
1,200 v. Inc. $500 


Rhode Island State Board of Education, 
Library Division: Walter E. Ranger, Secre- 
tary, State House, Providence 

Rhode Island State Library, Providence: 
Herbert Olin Brigham, Librarian 

Anthony 2,810 

Anthony Free Library 

Myra S. Anthony 
4,130 v. Inc. $400 

Apponaug 1,4x0 

Apponaug Free Library 

Mrs. Maude . Compston 
10,129 v. Inc. $925 ; T)ks., per , $650 

Arlington 3,260 

Arlington Public Library 

Mary F. Walker 
9,106 v. 

Ashaway 620 

Free Library 

Rev. Everett P. Mathewson 
v. Inc. $675; bks., per., $250 

Auburn 5,880 
Auburn Public Library 
Annie B. Sherman 
10,592 v. 

Barrington 3,897 

Harrington Public Library 

Emma S. Bradford 
15,707 v. Inc. $2400 

Block Island 1,427 
Island Free Library 
E Mildred Rose 
635 v. (library recently burned) 

Bristol 11,375 

Rogers Free Library 

Esther J. Osterberg 
20,488 v. 

Carolina 651 
Public Library 

Walter E. Brooks 
6,162 v. 

Centerdale 3,830 

Union Free Library 

Arthur M. Sharp 
6,619 v. Inc. $400, bks , $150 

Central Falls 24,174 

Adams Memorial Library 

J. Eliot Davison 
16,199 v. Inc. $5,ioo, bks., per., $975 


Cross Mills Public Library 

Bessie M. Cross 
3,225 v. 

Chepachet 1,263 

Glocester-Manton Free Public Library 

Mrs. Minnie M. Brown 
3,030 v. 


Conimicut Public Library 

Mrs. Cora Davies 
1,095 v. 

Crompton 2,232 

Crompton Free Library 

Edith Barton 
7,011 v. 


Davisville Free Library 

Mrs. Lottie B. Straight 

2,475 v - 

East Greenwich 3,290 

East Greenwich Free Library 

Mrs. Ella D. Chapman 
13,934 v. Inc. $3,450; bks., per.. $500 

East Providence ai,793 

Watchemoket Free Public Library 

Mrs. Jennie E. Briggs 
11,306 v. 





William H. Hall Free Library 

Alice W. Morse 
18,089 v. Bks., per., $3,200 

Exeter 1,033 

Manton Free Library 

Mrs. Minnie T. Knight 
5,9" v. 

Georgiaville 4,345 

Bernon Library 

Anna M. McCabe 
2,960 v. 

Greene 609 

Greene Public Library 

Frederick Arnold 
2,683 v. 

Greenville 1,230 

Greenville Public Library 

Cora L. Burlingame 
7,189 v. Inc. $900; bks., per., $200 

Harrisville 1,802 

Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library 

Mrs. J. Maude Archer 
1,887 v. 

Hope Valley 1,269 

Laugworthy Public Library 

Clara A. Olney 
8,755 v. 

Jamestown 1,633 

Jamestown Philomeiuan Library 

Mrs. L. C Hammond 
9,409 v. 

Kingston 580 

'Kingston Free Library 

Isabella Eddy 
10,603 v Inc $1,100 ; bks, per, $300 

Lakewood 985 

Lakewood Free Library 

Alfred Ellis 
8,161 v. Inc. $625 ; bks , per., $200 

Little Compton 1,389 

Little Compton Free Public Library 

Ida P. Wilbur 
5,713 v. Inc. $430; bks., per., $230 

Manville 4,590 
Manville Library 

Frederick B. A Gower 
5,926 v. Inc. $525; bks., per, $325 

'Middletown Free Library 

Elizabeth Simmons 
3793 v. 

Moosup Valley 

Moosup Valley Free Library 

Mrs. Jessie K. Bennis 
5,184 v. 

Narragansett 1,431 
I Narragansett Pier Free Library 
I Nellie S. Howell 

4,430 v. 

Natak 5.488 

Natick Free Library 

Mrs Sarah Tilhnghast 
6,464 v Inc $166; bks., per., $15 

Newport 30^55 /* -~ 

People's Library 

May V. Crenshaw 
39,070 v. Inc. $10,800; bks., per., 


Robert Beverly Hale Memorial Library 

Mrs. Ruth H. Browning 

Redwood Library and Athenaeum, 1747 

George Lyman Hinckley 
74J97 v. Inc $15,200; bks., per., $4,650 

Spec. Colls.: Medicine. English poetry. 

North Scitnate 700 

Public Library 

Mrs. Julia A. Harrington 
6,339 v. 

Norwood 930 

Public Library 

Phoebe A. Moore 

4^21 V. 

Old Warwick 13,481 

League Library 

Mary A. S. Lane 
7,612 v. 

Paacoag 3,680 

Pascoag Free Public Library 

Elizabeth Stokes 
3,576 v. Inc. $1,950; bks., per., $60 

Pawtucket 69,760* 

Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library 

Henry S. Phillips 

49,103 v. Exp., $41,630; salaries, $17*001; bk. 
exp., $4,784 

Peace Dale 1,550 

Narragansett Library 

Mrs. Alice P. Albro 
17,725 v. Bks., per., $500 



Phenix 3,325 
Pawtuxet Valley Free Library 

Mrs. Vilna I. P. Bowen 
11,680 v. 

Pontiac 2,571 

Pontiac Free Library 

Mrs. Jennie A. Johnson 
4,602 v. 

Portsmouth 3,590 

Portsmouth Free Public Library 

Hattie G. Anthony 
6,736 v. Inc. $1,400 , bks , per , $300 

Providence 267,9x8* 

Audubon Society Free Library, Rogers 
Williams Park 

Marie E. Gaudette 
640 v. 

Calvary (Baptist Church) Public Library 
Leona Brown 

Cranston Street Community Library 
2,101 v. 

Elmwood Public Library 
Mrs. Sara Sherman 


Providence Athenaeum, 1753 

Grace F Leonard 
103,460 v. 

Spec Coll.: Art 

Providence Public Library, 1878 
Librarian William E. Foster 
Assistant Librarian Clarence E 



Art Marion L. Arnold 
Catalog Mary C. Essex 
Children (Central Lib.) Helen V. 

Circulation (Central Lib.) Ruth C 


Foreign Mrs Marguerite R. Wetmore 
Industrial Dorothy G Bell 
Order Laurence M Shaw 
Periodicals Marian F. Bonner 
Reference Bertha H. Lyman 
Young People's Reading Mary R 


Branches: 7; sub-branches, 4; stations, 13 
Business Branch Dorothy G Bell, Ibn 
339,767 v. Total expenditures, 1926; $253.595. 
salaries, $154.108; bk. exp., $436i8; per., 

Spec. Colls.: Architecture. Art, Fine 
Art, Industrial. Blind, Books for. Checkers 
Costume. Decorative design. Drama. Edu- 
cation. Folklore. Horticulture. Municipal 

Providence Continued 
affairs. Music. Patents. Pictures. Post- 
cards. Printing. Rhode Island. Slavery. 
United States (Civil War period). Whist 

Rhode Island State Library 

Herbert Olin Brigham 
59,529 v., 50,000 per. Inc. $5,500 

Slater Library (commercial circulating) 
16,000 v. 

Riverside 1,750 

Riverside Free Public Library 

Florence M Knowlton 
7,435 v. Inc $1,155; bks., $215 


East Providence Free Library 

Bessie D. Paul 
9,500 v. 


Willett Free Library 

Mrs. Susan L Carpenter 
6,026 v Inc $950; bks., per, $356 

Saylesville 1,416 

Sayles Free Public Library 

Fenno J. Porter 
4.932 v. 


Clarks Mills W C. T U. Free Library 

Mrs Harriet S Clark 
4,361 v. Inc $288, bks, per., $142 

Tiverton 3,894 

Whitndge Hall Library 

Mrs Mary J Stimson 
9,062 v 

Tiverton-Fonr Corners 
Union Public Library 

Esther J. Manchester 
7,400 v. 

Valley Falls 5,542 

Valley Falls Free Public Library 

Lucia A. Dana 
4,282 v Inc $544; bks. $134 

Warren 7,841 

George Hail Free Library 

Bertha Hanover 
10,638 v. 

Westerly 9,952 
Westerly Public Library 

Adele C Martin 
56,915 v. Inc. $41,000; bks., per., $4,600 

Spec Colls.* Almanacs America. In- 
dians Law Protestant churches. Local 




Wickford 1,065 

North Kingstown Free Library 

Annie S Merithew 
7,675 v. Inc. $ioo; bks., per., $350 

Woonsocket 43,496 
Harris Institute Library 

Grace H. Hall 
28,675 v. 


South Carolina State Library, Columbia: 
Mrs. Virginia Moody, Librarian 

Abbeville 4,570 

City Library 

Mrs. J M. Harden 
2,100 v. 

Aiken 4,103 
Aiken Library 

Mrs. Leon Holley 
4,600 v. Inc. $360 

Anderson- 1 1,087* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. G. H. Geiger 
7,000 v Inc $2,300 

Beaufort 2,831 

Beaufort Township Library (C) 

Adeline Scheper 
3,750 v Inc. $1,100 

Camden 3,930 
Carnegie Library 

Louise Nettles 
3,500 v. Inc. $750 

Charleston 73-"5* 
Charleston Library. 1748 (C) 

Ellen M Fitzsimons 
60,000 v Inc $9,000 

Spec Coll : Henry Timrod 

Chester 5,557 
Chester Free Library 

Mrs. S. E McFadden 

Clinton 3,767 

Clinton Public Library 

3,000 v. Inc. $263; bks., per, $27 

Columbia 41,225* 
Columbia Public Library 

Annie R. Locke 
0,000 v. 

South Carolina State Library 

Mrs. Virginia Moody 
75,000 v. 

Columbia Continued 
Timrod Public Library 

Mrs. Eugene Cramer 
12,000 v. 


Darlington Public Library (C) 

Louise McMaster 
6,000 v. Inc. $3,500 

Edgefield 1,865 
Free Library 

Marie Abrey 
1,000 v. 

Florence 13,182* 
Florence Public Library 

Mrs. Henry Buck 
6,500 v. 

Gaffney 5,065 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Pratt Pierson 
| 5.500 v. Inc. $2,000 

I Georgetown 4,579 
Winyah Indigo Society 

H. T ^ Oliver 
10,000 v. 

Greenville 27,311* 
Greenville Public Library 
Charlotte Templeton 
32,500 v. Inc. $32,400 

j Greenwood 8,703 

Greenwood Public Library (C) 
i Mary Ferguson 

I 6,200 v. Inc. $2,000 

1 Honea Path 1,900 
Carnegie Library 

Lizzie Gassaway 
8,000 v. Inc. $500 

Kingatree 2,074 
Carnegie Library 

Agnes Ercksnann 
i 2,500 v. Inc. $600 

Latta 1,079 

Latta Public Library (C) 
i Mrs. Wessie Braddy 

2,000 v. Inc $400 

Manning 2,022 
Manning Library 
Bessie Harvin 
1,000 v. 

Marion 3,892 

Marion Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Nellie Ellerbe 




Oraateburg 7,290 
Dixie Library 

May J. Riggs 
3,350 v. Inc. $750 

Mullin 2,379 

Mullins Public Library 

3,000 v. Inc. $316; bks., per., $289 

Pendleton i ,040 
Pcndleton Library 

Sarah M. Trescot 

Rock Hill 8,809 
Rock Hill Library 

Saint Matthew* 1,780 
Public Library 

Mrs. F. C. Cain 
1,000 v. 

SparUnburg 25,537* 
Kennedy Free Library (C) 

Mary M Baugham 
15,000 v. Inc. $11,000 

Summerville 2,550 
Timrod Library 

Mrs. A. Cornish 
3,600 v. 

Sumter 9,508 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. T. C. Reed 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,500 

Union 6,141 

Carnegie Library 

Miss Neely Sartor 
6,075 v. Inc, $1,400 

York 2,731 

Public Library 

8,075 v. Inc. $300; bks., per., $100 


South Dakota Free Library Commission: 
Lawrence K. Fox, Secretary, Pierre. Address 
letter* to Leora J. Lewis, Field Librarian, 

South Dakota State Library, Pierre: Law- 
rence K. Fox, Librarian 

Aberdeen 15,035 

Alexander Mitchell Library (C) 

Dorothea Heins 
12,116 v. Inc. $14^81 : bks., per., $1,982 

Armour Public Library (C) 

Ella M. Wallis 
2,978 v. Inc $1,710; bks., per, $378 

Belle Fonrche 1,344 

Belle Fourche Public Library 

Beresford 1,507 
Beresford Public Library 
Mrs. A. S. Severson 
1,429 v. Inc. $883; bks., per, $229 

Britton 1,113 

Britton Public Library (C) 

Maude Cooley 
917 v. Inc. $2,339; bks , per., $87 

Brookings 4,613 

Brookmgs Public Library (C) 

Ora Pultz 
6,022 v. Inc. $5,100; bks, per, $496 

Canton 2,562 

-^Canton Public Library (C) 

Nellie Brenner 
5,266 v. Inc. $3,359; bks., per., $578 

Chamberlain 1,521 

Chamberlain Public Library 

Ada B Gray 
2,569 v. Inc $2,559, bks, per, $324 

Clark 1,279 

Clark Public Library 

Fay Hurlbut 
1,661 v. Inc. $361 , bks., per , $50 

Clear Lake 976 

Clear Lake Public Library 

Mrs. Claude I. Force 
2,168 v. Inc. $915 ; bks., per , $221 

Deadwood 2,432 

Public Library (Q 

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Phelps 
6,411 v. Inc. $4,174; bks., per., $336 

Dell Rapids 1,582 
Carnegie Public Library 

Anna S. Potter 
3,905v. Inc. $1,893; bks., per., $350 

Edgemont 1,092 

Edgemont Public Library 

Dorothy Stafford 
1,268 v. Inc. $2,317; bks., per., $257 

FUndreau 1,850 

Moody County Public Library (county 
pop. 9.742) 
Mrs. Dell Smith 




Gedde 1,002 

Geddes Public Library 


Potter County Library (county pop. 5,052) 

Mrs. Marian N. Weidensee 
3,045 v. Inc. $6,979; bks., per, $1,592 

Hifhmore 1,022 

Hyde County Library (county pop 4,000) 

Luta Huston 
3,531 v. Inc. $4,193; bks., per., $846 

Hot Spring* 2,447 

Hot Snrmgs Public Library (C) 

Mrs Rhea Smith Roth 
4,375 v Inc. $3,161 , bks , per , $441 

Howard 1,120 
Howard Public Library 
Lawrence M. Hauge 
1,740 v. Inc. $909, bks , per , $09 

Huron 10,204 

Carnegie Free Public Library 

Caroline Orvis 
11,120 v Inc. $11,529, bks, per., $2,673 

Hyde County Library. See iHighmore 

Ipswich 918 
Public Library 

Lillian Witz 
4,045 v. Inc. $1,613; bks , per , $271 

Lead 6,8x0 

Homestake Free Library 

M. . Livingston 
16,627 v. 

Lemmon i ,077 

Lemmon Public Library 

Mrs. J. C. Stoner 
2,504 v. Inc. $1,570; bks , per., $194 

Madison 4,386 
Carnegie Free Library 

Abigail Lyon 
6,373V. Inc. $8,319; bks, per, $1,385 

Carnegie Library 

Minnie Shannon 
3,715 v Inc $2,422; bks., per., $304 

Miller 1,528 

Miller Public Library 

Mary Redmond 
Inc. $1,414; bks., per, $289 

Mitchell 10,119 
Carnegie Library 
Murle Bryan 
13,993 v. Inc. $14,005 ; bks., per f $1,397 

Mobridge a,8aa 

Mobridge Public Library 

Martha Jennings 
1,685 v. Inc. $4,476; bks., per., $289 

Moody County Public Library. See Flandreau 

Parker 1,309 

Parker Public Library 

Mrs. Fannie Cotton 
-1.844 v. Inc. $186; bks , per., $95 

Pierre 3,560 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Ethel C. Jacobsen 
9.045V. Inc. $3,603, bks., per, $931 

Free Library Commission 

Leora J. Lewis 
20,000 v Inc $11,250, bks, per, $2,248 

State Library 

Lawrence K Fox 
1 00,000 v. Inc. $8,880, bks, per, $440 

Potter County Library. See Gettysburg 

Rapid City-7,465 

Free Public Library (C) 

Marjone Smith 
7,474 v Inc. $8,443, bks , per , $2,303 

Redfield 2,751 

Carnegie Library 

Beryl Donahey 
5.397 v. Inc $1,966; bks, per, $424 

Scotland 1,186 
Scotland Public Library 

Mrs. William H. Miller 
2,000 v. Inc. $910; bks., per., $610 

Sioux Falls 30,127 

Carnegie Free Public Library 

Alberta Caille 
29,314V. Inc. $25,655; bks., per., $4,506 

Spec. Colls : Catholic books (O'Gorman) 
History and biography (Tuthill). Gledden 

Sisseton 1,468 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. C. Williams 
4,914 v. Inc. $1,802; bks., per., $178 

Sturgis 1,448 

Sturgis Public Library 

Nellie Hough Bradley 
2,404 v. Inc. $391 ; bks., per., $201 

Tnpp County Public Library. See Winner 




Tyndall 1,370 
Public Library (C) 

Elizabeth Barber 
3,890 v. Inc. $3,589; bks., per., $316 

Vermilion 3,410 
Public Library (C) 

Alvena B. Parrott 
5,069 v. Inc. |3,04i ; bks., per., $903 

Wagner 1,444 

Wagner Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Laura Patten 
2,068 v. Inc. $801 ; bks., per., $232 

Watertown 10,319 
Carnegie Library 

Ruth Longdon 
12,576 v. Inc. $8,605; bks., per, $2,317 

Waubay Public Library 

Mrs. L. J. Mathewson 
670 v. Inc. $242; bks , per , $134 

Webster 1,687 
Webster Public Library 

Wellington Springs 1,414 

Wessmgton Springs Public Library (C) 

Clara A. Dunham 
Inc. $2,297; bks, per., $431 

Winner 2,000 

Tripp County Public Library (county pop 


Kathryn Evans 
8,692 v. Inc. $7,689, bks, per, $1,732 

Woonsocket 1,203 

Woonsocket Public Library 

Olive Stuart 
1,473 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks , per., $108 

Yankton 5,57 

Yankton County Public Library (C) 

(county pop. 15,233) 

Jessie W. Bartholomew 
12,174 v. Inc. $7,351 , bks., per., $192 


Department of Public Instruction, Division 
of Library Extension: Emma Watts, Direc- 
tor, 227 War Memorial Bldg., Nashville 

Tennessee State Library, Nashville: John 
Trotwood Moore, Librarian 

Athens Public Library 

Mrs. Edith Hornsby 
1,000 v. 

Brownsville 3,062 
Carnegie Library 

Chattanooga 66,575* (county pop. 136,464) 
Chattanooga Public Library (C) 
Nora Crimmms 

Branches: 3 city (i negro), 10 county, 9 

88^05 v. Inc. $48,972; salaries, $21,547; bk. 
exp., $IV53 

Spec. Colls.: Genealogy Southern his- 
tory. Tennessee history 

CUrksville 8,110 

Clarksville Library Association 

2,000 v. 

Cleveland 6,522 

Cleveland Public Library 

3,400 v. 

Columbia 5,526 

Columbia Public Library 

L S. Duke 
1,200 v. 

Greene County Library See Greeneville 

Greeneville 3,775 

Greene County Library (C) (county pop. 

Madge Wilson 
2,500 v 

Harriman 4,019 

Carnegie Public Library 

2,000 v. 

Jackson 19,925* 
Jackson Free Library (C) 

Alice Drake 
11,000 v. 

Johnson City 14,362* 

Mayme Williams Library (C) 

Verne F. Willard 
6,000 v. Inc. $3,100, bks., per., $650 

Knoxville 95464* 
Lawson McGhee Library 
Mary U. Rothrock 

Branches- i (C negro, J H. Daves, 
Ibn.) ; 5 sub-branches, 9 stations, 20 school 
54,315 v. Exp. $47,762; bk. exp., $7,470 

Spec. Colls.: Early Western travel. 

McMinnville 2,814 
Soldiers' Memorial Library 



State Library 

John Trotwood Moore 
200,000 v. Inc. $11,000 

Public Library 

Ripley 2,070 

Ripley Public Library 

B. Hathorn 
1,000 v. 

Union City 4,412 

Union City Library (C) 

Willo Whitson 
i f ooo v. 

TENNESSEE Continued 

Maryville Public Library 
A. Belle Smith 

Memphu 174,533* 
Cossitt Library 

Jesse Cunningham i 

Branches: n I 

LeMoyne Institute, negro, Virginia 
Dare Young, Ibn. 
170,000 v. Salaries $46,550; bk exp., $16,126 

Goodwyn Institute Library 

Olive Mayes 
20,000 v. Inc. $15,500, bks, per, $3,000 

Southwestern Library 

Charles L. Townsend 
14^00 v. ; 

Nashville 144(377** | 

Carnegie Library j 

Branches 4 (3 Carnegie, I negro), i sta- ! 
tion (negro) 

121,339 v Inc $39,664, salaries, $19,604, bk ; 
exp., $6,828 j 

Spec. Colls Newspapers Public docu- 
ments Tennessee 



Texas Library and Historical Commis- 
sion: Octavia F, Rogan, Secretary, State 
Library, Austin 

Texas State Library, Austin: Octavia F. 
Rogan, Librarian 

Abilene 10,456* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. W. L. Grogan 
10,613 v. Inc $4,104; bks, per., $700 

Amarillo 17,780* 

Potter County Free Library (county pop. 

Mrs J. Robberson 
8,057v. Inc. $10,700; bks., per, $1,504 

Athens 28,327 

Henderson County Memorial Library 
(county pop. 28,237) 

Austin 34^76 

Texas Library and Historical Commission, 
State Library 

Octavia F Rogan 

72,000 v , 80,000 Mss , 30,000 pam. Inc $26,- 
522, bks., per, $5,200 

Ballmger 2,767 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs George Pearce 

Bay City 3,454 
Bay City Library 

Mrs A L Williams 

Beaumont 50,615* 
Public Library 
Lucy Fuller 

Beeville 3,063 
Beeville Library 

Mrs A B McLeary 

Belton 5,098 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. L C Meyer 
4,826 v Inc $1,366, bks, per., $562 

Big Spring 4,270 

Big Spring Public Library 

Bonham 6,008 

Bonham Library Association 

Brenham 5,006 
Public Library 

Sadie Hams 
2,500 v. 

Brownsville 12,512* 
Learners' Library 

Anna Kelly 
1,000 v. 

Brownwood 8,223 

Carnegie Library 
Mrs Ira Hall 

Bryan 6,307 
Carnegie Library 
Willie Rogers 
7,688 v. Inc. $2,225; bks., per., $3^7 



TEXAS Continued 

Chillicotfce 1,351 

Public Library, Chamber of Commerce 

Cisco 7,4" 

Cisco Public Library 

Cleburne 14,162* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. V. M. Fulton 
13,991 v. Inc. $4,453; bks., per., $1,154 

Coleman 2,868 
Coleman Public Library 
Mrs. J. A B. Miller 
Bks., per., $429 

Commerce 3,842 

W. L. Mayo Library 

R. G. Gray 
12,000 v. 

Coofce County Free Library. See Gaines- 

Cooper 9,563 

Cooper Library Association 
Mrs. Jennie A. Young 

Corpus Chriatir-io4*fl 
La Retama Library 
Mabel Smith 

Coriicana 12,364* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Mattie C. Houston 
16,736 v. Inc. $7,647 ; bks , per , $1,491 

Dftlhart 1,676 

Dallam County Free Library (county pop 

Mrs Ins C Albright 
3,844 v. Inc. $1,679; bks., per., $445 

Dallam County Free Library. See Dalhart 

Dallas 297,000** 

Dallas Public Library (C) 

Chief LibrarianCleora Clanton 
Assistant LibrarianAlice Moffat 
Reference Rose Hutchenrider 
Circulation Pauline Tittle 
Children's Marion Uhler 
Branches: i (C) 

6o0oo v. Inc. $35.ooo; salaries, $19,205 

Deniton 17,065 
XXI dub Library 
Jennie Short 

Donna 1,579 
Donna Library 

Mrs. B. E. Shepperd 

Eastland Public Library 

Kdinburg 1,406 
-Edinburg Library 
Onata Klossner 

Electra 4,744 
Electra Public Library 
Mrs. E. J. Torvie 
2,583V. Inc. $4,317; bks., per, $1,818 

El Paso 104,929* 

El Paso Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Maud Durhn Sullivan 

Branches: 2 stations (Mexican) 
34,779 v Inc. $40,356; salaries, $17,869; bk. 
exp, $4,807 

Spec. Colls.: Southwest (history and 
archaeology) Spanish art 

Ennia 7,224 ! 

1. C Watkins Library 

W. E. Edelen 
2,500 v. 

Port Worth 154^47* 

Carnegie Library and Tarrant County Free 

Library (county pop. 152,800) 
Mrs. Charles Scheuber 

Branches : I ; deposit stations, 10 
56,279 v. Inc. $46,006, salaries, $13,659; 
bks, $13,655; per., $M68 

Spec. Colls : Art (Ticknor). Egyptian 
architecture (Eaton). Art of Italian Re- 
naissance Texas 

Franklin 1,131 

Franklin Public Library (C) 
Emma Decherd 

Gainesville 8,648 

-Cooke County Free Library (C) (county 
pop 25,667)' 

Lillian Gunter 
13,044 v Inc $5,268, bks , per , $1,524 

GalveBton 48,375* 
Rosenberg Library 

Frank C Patten 
75,743 v Inc $34,207, bks., per, $2,362 

Spec Colls.: Galveston. Texas (Texas 
Historical Society of Galveston) 

Graham 2,544 
Public Library 

Mrs. J E. Dowdle 
1,963 v. Inc $1,299; bks, per., $389 

Greenville 14,386* 
Carnegie Library 

Ida Pennington 
15,450 v Inc. $4,153; bks, per., $1,000 



TEXAS Continued 
Harris County Free Library. See Houston 

Haskell 2,300 

Haskell Public Library 

Henderson County Memorial Library. See 

Hereford '1)696 
Hereford Library 

Mrs. F. T. Robesou 

Houston 164*954* 

-Harris County Free Library (county pop 

Ruth Underwood ' 

19,813 v Inc $17,000, bks, per. $5,666 


Houston Public Libiary, 1,848 
Julia Ideson 

Branches: 3 (i Carnegie, i negro), i 
sub-branch, i station > 

110,898 v. Inc. $64,603, salaries, $35.599, bks . 
$10,495, Per., $1,207 i 

Spec. Colls. Newspapers. Genealogy. ' 
Texas. Civil War 

Jacksonville 3,723 
Jacksonville Public Library 

Mrs O D Jones 
1,500 v. 

Jefferson 2,549 
Carnegie Library 

Kingsville 4,770 

Kingsville Public Library 

Cora Hayt 
4,000 v. Inc. $625 

Lampasas 2,107 

s Public Library 

Laredo 27,159* 

Cottie Hogue Library 

3,000 v. 

Lockhart 3,731 
Dr. Eugene Clark Library 
May Camp 

Lubbock 4,051 

Lubbock County Free Library (county pop 
Frances Hoyt Ford 

Lubbock County Free Library. See Lubbock 

Marshall 15,867* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Carrie D. Eads 

5,000 v. I 

HcAllen 5,331 
-McAllen Public Library 

McGregor 2,081 

McGregor Public Library 

Mrs. C. F. Smith 
1,000 v. 


Memphis Carnegie Library 

Bird Presler 
3,945V. Inc. $1,139; bks., per., $99 

Mercedes 3,414 

Mercedes Public Library 

Mer idian^i ,024 
--U. D C Public Library 
Minnie McGill 

Mexia -3,483 

Mexia Public Library 

Mrs. Charles Alderman 
3,243 v. Inc $3,146; bks., per., $578 

Mineral Wells 7,890 
Mineral Wells Public Library 

Mission 3,847 

Mission Public Library 

Nacogdoches 3,546 

Nacogdoches Library Association 

Mrs. T. . Baker 
2,500 v. 

Navasota 5,060 
F. U. N. Public Library 
Clara Lang 

Palestine 1 1,403* 
Carnegie Library 

Georgie McMeans 
5,847 v. Inc. $io,539; bks., per., $699 

Paris 15,040 

Paris Public Library 

Mrs. Mary B. Johnson 

Pecos 1,445 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Maggie Rose 
3,811 v. Inc. $863; bks., per., $326 

Pittsbnrg 2,540 
Carnegie Library 

Clara Robinson 
2,141 v. Inc. $54 

Plainview 3,989 
Plainview Public Library 
Mrs. W. E. Armstrong 



TEXAS Continued 

Port Aitliiir 32,5x4* 
Gates Memorial Library 
Mary E. Donaldson 
17,822 v. Inc. $10,539; bks., per., $3,057 

Potter County Public Library. See Amarillo 

Hanger 16^205 
Ranger Public Library 

SoMoberg 1,279 
Rosenberg Public Library 
Irene E. Mulcahy 

San Antonio 198,069** 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Frances R. Humphrey 
Branches: 3 (i negro) 
7&2C4 v. Inc. $44,3"; salaries, $18,849; bk. 
exp, $15,240 

San Benito07o 

San Bcnito Free Library 

San Marcos 1,527 

-^Public Library, Chamber of Commerce 

Seymour 9,121 

Seymour Public Library 

Sherman Public Library (C) 

Myrtice Morris 
7,389 v. Inc. $2,836; bks, per, $641 

Stamford 3,704 

Stamford Carnegie Library 

Blanche Baldwin 

v. Inc. $1,598, bks., per., $349 

Sulphur Springs 5,558 
Carnegie Library 

Fannie Hackney 
Inc. $1,808, bks., per., $230 

Tarrant County Free Library See Fort 

Taylor 5,965 

Taylor Public Library 

Temple 10*055* 
Carnegie Public Library 
Mrs. W. S. Banks 


Terrell 8,349 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Thomas P. Armfield 

Tyler "131037* 
Tyler Public Library (C) 
Mrs E. L. Marshall 
12^73 v. Inc. $5,796; bks., per., $1,061 

Public Library 

Florence Anthon 
Inc. $639 

Veraon 5,142 

Carnegie and Wilbarger County Library 
(county pop. 15,112) 

Lillian Newton 
6,088 v. "Inc. $2,861 . bks , per., $600 


Bronte Club Library 

Victoria Library Association 
Mrs. A. B. Peticolas 

Waco 43,9x2* 

Waco Public Library (C) 

Ethel Simmons 

30,204 v Inc. $20,730, bks , per , $4,946 
Spec. Coll : Texas 

Waxahachie 7,958 
Nicholas P. Simms Library 
Mrs. Musa Dunn 

Weatherford 6,203 

Weatherford Public Library 

Wharton 2,346 
Public Library 
Lena Pickard 

Wichita Falls 58,026* 
Kemp Public Library 
Lucia F Powell 
15,083 v Inc. $13,300, bks , per , $4,498 

Wilbarger County Library See Vernon 

Winnsboro 2,184 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs Titus U Bozeman 
3,168 v. Inc $410, bks., per, $200 


Utah Department of Public Instruction: 
Moziah Hall, Library Secretary, State School 
Office, Capitol'Bldg., Salt Lake City 

Utah State Library, Salt Lake City: H. 
W. Griffith, Librarian 

American Fork 2,763 

American Fork Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Emma Foster 
Inc. $1,324; bks, per, $77 



UTAH Continued 

Beaver 1,827 

Beaver County Library (C) (county pop 


Hattie Whornham 
7,838 v. Inc. $6,934; bks, per, $930 

Beaver County Library. See Beaver 

Blanding 875 
Public Library 

Mrs. Lucretia Ranney 
1,132 v. Inc. $275; bks., per., $79 

Brighjun 5,282 
Carnegie Free Library 

Iretta Peters 
7,000 v. Inc. $5,000, bks., per., $1,380 

Cache County Library. See Logan 

Cedar City 2,463 
--Carnegie Free Library 

Mrs. E. Crane Watson 
8,300 v. Inc $1,739, bks., per., $454 

Ephraim 0,287 

Ephraim Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Etta Johnson 
3,994 v. Inc. $2,021 ; bks , per , $344 

Eureka 3,608 

Carnegie Library 

La V. La Tomlmson 
7,979 v Inc. $4,000; bks f per., $900 


Public Library 

Mrs. C. W Evers 
4,500 v. Bks. $200 

Garland 1,000 

Garland Public Library (C) 

Delia Hall 
2,613 v. Inc. $1,049; bks., per., $25 

Grand County Public Library. See Moab 

Heber 1,931 

Wasatch County Library (county pop. 

Mrs. Millie Witt 
7,471 v. Inc. $2,000; bks, per, $551 

HwLtington 1,285 

Huntington Public Library 

Mrs. P. E. Johnson 
1,000 v. 

Kjrnab 1,102 

-Free Public Library 

Rose H. Hamblin 
3,000V. Inc. $200; bks., per, ITS 


Kaysville 809 
Kaysville Public Library 
Mrs. Bertha Millgate 
4,200 v. Inc. $1,400; bks., per., $457 

Lehi 3,078 
Public Library (C) 

Idella Bone 
4,466 v. Inc. $1,585; bks., per., $416 

Loa 499 

Wayne County Library (county pop. 2097) 

Mrs. Mary Maxfield 
4,000 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks., per., $340 

Logan 9,439 

Cache County Public Library (county pop., 

Dora Wright 
9,556 v. Inc. $6,960; bks., per., $671 

Manti 2,412 
Carnegie Library 
Tressa Allred 
2,972 v. Inc. $i,557; bks., per., $277 

Moab 856 

Grand County Public Library (county pop, 
i, 808) 

Mrs. Edna Shafer 
3,822 v. Inc. $1,899, bks , per., $498 

Morgan 995 

Morgan County Library (county pop. 2,542) 

Mrs. Abel J. Dickson 
6,000 v. Inc $2,400, bks., per, $672 

Moroni 1,355 

Moroni Public Library 

Ella Petersen 
1,300 v Inc. $100, bks , per., $100 

Mount Pleasant 2,415 
Carnegie Library 

Lydia T. Winters 
3,800 v. Inc $1,000, bks., per., $200 

Murray 4,584 

Murray Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Irene W. Robbms 
6,000 v. Inc. $2,000; bks., per , $663 

Nephi 2,603 

Nephi Public Library 

Mrs. Amy B. Grover 
3,725 v. Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $230 

Ogden 36,869* 
Carnegie Free Library 
W." Taylor Purdum 
29,500 v. Inc. $15,000; bks., per., $2,523 

Mound Fort Library 

Mrs. Emily Montgomery 
1,800 v. Inc. $1,200; bks., per., $172 


UTAH Continued 


Pangnitch Public Library (C) 

Mrs Lovisa Miller 
1,623 v. Inc. $525; bks., per, $95 

Park City 3,393 

Park City Public Library 

Evelyn Tuggle 
4,822 v. Inc. $1,553, bks., per, $366 

Parowan 1,640 

Parowan Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Elizabeth Heap 
4,063 v. Inc. $2,877; bks., per., $651 

Payion 3,031 
Payson Public Library 
Mrs. Ida A. Huish 
3,190 v. Inc. $1,500; bks , per , $415 

Pleasant Grove 1,682 
Pleasant Grove Library 

Stena Gayton 
3,692 v. Inc. $825 ; bks., per , $250 

Price 2,364 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Mary A. Cantrill 
4,850 v. Inc. $3.426; bks., per., $504 

Provo- 11,184* 

Provo Public Library (C) 

Eveline Bean 
'3.459 v. Inc. $6,500; bks, per. f $1.312 


-Richfield Public Library (C) 
Lila Barton 

[,000 V 

Richmond 1,396 

Richmond Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Maggie T. Merrill 
1.824 v Inc. $1,200: bks . per . $335 

looeevelt 1,054 
Roosevelt Public Library 

Mrs. Nora D. Mathews 
1,000 V. 

laiat George 2,215 

-Washington County Library (C) (county 

pop 6,764) 

Irs Roxey S. Romney 
0.000 v. Inc $3.000; bks., per.. $700 

lalina 1,451 

-Salina Public Library 

Hazel Allred 
,500 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks , per., $90 

Salt Late City 130,948* 
Public Library 

Joanna H. Sprague 

Branches: 3 (i Carnegie) 
135,275 v. Inc. $80,655; salaries, $44454; bk. 
exp., $13,216 

Spec. Coll.: Utah 

Utah State Library 
H. W. Griffith 
22,000 v. Bks., per., $2,250 ^ 

Smithfield Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Kate H. Cragun 
5,000 v. Inc. $2,000; bks , per , $550 

SpanUA Fork 4,036 

Spanish Fork Free Public Library 

Mrs. Rebecca Nelson Buster 
2,677 v. Inc. $896, bks , per., $142 

Springville 3,010 

Springville Public Library (C) 

Louisa Rowland 
4,700 v. Inc $1.787; bks., per, $1,034 

Tooele 3,602 

Free Public Library (C) 

Effie Marsden 
4,900 v. Inc. $1,800, bks, per., $250 

Tremonton 937 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. W. H. Stone 
6,000 v. Inc. $850; bks., per, $200 

Uintah County Library. See Vernal 

Vernal 1,309 

Uintah County Library (county pop. 8,470) 

Merle Massey 
5,000 v. Inc $1,115 

Waaatcfc County Library. See Heber. 

Washington County Library. See Saint 

Wayne County Library. See Loa 


Vermont State Board of Education, Free 
Public Library Department: Mildred C. 
Cook, Secretary, Moatpelier 

Vermont State Library, Montpelier: 
Harrison J. Conant, Librarian 

Alburg 1,491 
Village Free Library 

Mrs. Laura Cargill 
1,828 v. Inc. $139 



VERMONT Continued 

Arlington 1,370 
Martha Canfield Library 

H. W. Congdon 
2,200 v. Inc. $243 

Bakenfield 980 
Free Public Library 

Mrs. Arthur C. Wells 
1,083 v. Inc. $50 

Barnet 1,685 * 
Public Library 

Mrs. H. C. Rutledgc 
3,020 v. Inc. $180 

Barre 10*008* 

Aldrich Public Libraiy 

Mildred I. Phelps 
16,072 v. Inc. $5,355, bks., per, $400 

Barton 1,187 

Barton Public Library 

Mrs. W B Edwards, 
2,850 v. 

Bellows Falls 4,860 

Rockingham Free Public Library 

Iva M. Young 
16,669 v. Inc $6,131 

Bennington 9482 

Bennington Free Library 

Mrs. H. S. Moses 
15,516 v. Inc $5,026, bks, per, $800 

See also North Bennington 

Bethel 1,782 
Bethel Public Library 
Mrs. Lillian Cady 
2,460 v. Inc. $160 

Bradford 1,422 
Public Library, 1706 

Mrs. Minnie M. G. Carr 
5,200 v. Inc. $1,628 

Brandon 2,874 

Free Public Library 

Agnes B. Spooner 
9,000 v. Inc. $3,8oo, bks, per., $200 


Public Library 

Florence L. Pratt 
25,880 v. Inc. $9,664; bks., per., $1,200 

Brighton 2,280 
Island Pond Public Library 
Mrs. Eolia M. Thurston 
2,500 v. Inc. $160 

Bristol 1,952 

Lawrence Memorial Library 

5,000 v. Inc. $1,553; bks,, per., $150 


BYookfield 860 
Free Public Library 
Minnie A. Smith 

I 3,500 v. Inc. $167 


Burke 1,041 

; Burrington Free Library 
| Mrs. -Alvin Dodge 

1,330 v. Inc. $12 

j Free Village Library (West Burke) 

Mrs. W. L. Brown 
Inc. $75 

Burlington 24,089* 
Fletcher Free Library (C) 

George Dana Smith 
52,000 v. Inc. $10,606 

Cabot 1,036 

Public Library 

Mrs Anna G. McAllister 
3,707 v. Inc $668 

Cambridge 1,593 (townskip) 

i Free Library (Jeffersonville) 

Miss W A. Storey 
1,345 v. Inc $26 

; Castleton 1,919 

I Castleton Free Library 

I Minnie A. Rice 

' 6,846 v. Inc $273; bks., per., $150 


Cavendish 1,319 
Fletcher Town Library 
Miss M C. White 
8,000 v Inc. $500 

Charlotte 1,160 

Breezy Point Library 

Tina M. Deyette 
3,000 v. Inc. $491; bks., per., $100 

Chelsea 1,087 
Chelsea Public Library 

Mrs. Eunice A. Lewis 
9,598 v. Inc. $449; bks., per., $175 

Chester 1,633 
Whiting Library 

C. Ginevra Pollard 
5,596 v. Inc. $803 

Colchester 2,000 
J*ublic Library 

Mrs. ATA. McNeil 
1,000 y. Inc. $50 



VERMONT Continued 

Concord 1,102 
Public Library 

Jean F. Bedell 
1,600 v. Inc. $58 

CrafUbnry 1,042 (townihip) 
John Woodruff Simpson Memorial Library 
(East Craftsbury) 

Mrs. Mvrtie J. Finn 
2,200 v. Inc. $610 

Public Library (North Craftsbury) 

Mary P. Dunstan 
3 f ooov. Inc. $645 

Danby 1,007 

S. L. Griffith Memorial Library 

Mary L Griffith 
9,676 v. 

Danville -1,494 

Ladies' Library Association, Pope Me- 
morial Library 

Mrs. H. S. Dole 
5,000 r. Inc. $903 

Derby 2,201 

Haskell Free Library (Derby Line) 

Ora M. Carpenter 
9,975 v. Inc. $4,5*3 ' bks., per, $150 

Dortet 1,326 
Public Library 

Hattie M. Gray 
4,690 v. Inc. $792; bks., per , $150 

Eait Corinth 936 
Blake Memorial Library 

Mrs. S. A. Butterfield 
3,000 v. Inc. $700 

Bart Middlebury 671 
Community Club Library 

Mrs. Madeline Day 
1,301 v. Inc $26 

Bnoiburg Falls 2,231 
Public Library 

Mrs. Sylvia McMullen 
3,914 v. Inc. $510 


Essex Free Library 

Kate E. Wool 
959V. Inc. $53 

Ewex Junction 1,410 
Brownell Library 

Mrs. C. B Metcalf 
2,162 v. Inc $197 

Fairfax 1,244 
Fairfax Free Library 
George S. Bascom 

Fairfiftld 1,532 
Fairfield Township Library 
W. H. Fairchild 

Fair Haven 2,540 

Fair Haven Free Library (C) 

Mrs. Margaret Colville 
8,000 v. Inc. $1,471 ; bks., per., $425 

Femsburg 1,338 

Mt. Philo Free Library (North Ferrisburg) 
Emma Ball 


Franklin 994 
Hasten Library 

Mr. E. H. Chamberlain 
2,012 v. Inc. $369 

Georgia 1,075 

Georgia Free Library 

Mrs. Carrie W. Ladd 
1,000 v. Inc. $56 

Greensboro 905 
Greensboro Free Library 

Mrs. George E. Colby 
3,800 v. Inc. $174 

Groton 902 

-Free Public Library 

Mrs. Nellie A Hadlock 
1,113 v. Inc $120 

Hardwick 2,641 

Jeudevine Memorial Library 

Mrs. Edward Johnson 
5,395 v. Inc. $1,208 

Hartford 4,739 
Public Library 

Fanny L Wright 
3,929v. Inc. $300 

West Hartford Library 
Mrs G W. Handy 
3,000 v Inc. $126 

Wilder Club Library 

Mrs Inez M. Peavey 
1,500 v. Inc. $1,794 

Hartland 1,212 

Hartland Public Library 

Mrs. R. C. Lansing 
3,423 v. Inc. $706 

Higbgate 1,528 

Highgate Public Library 

Josephine H. Lyon 
1,960 v. Inc. $75 



VERMONT Continued 

Hineiburg 964 
Public Library 

Miss M. A. Miles 
2,021 T. Inc. $50 

Hyde Park 1,323 
Lanphcr Memorial Library 
Mrs. Nora A. Scofield 
2,500 v. Inc. $485 

Island Pond 1,387 
Public Library 

Mrs. Eolia Thurston 
^1,480 v. Inc. $250 

Jericho 1,138 
Jericho Library 

Mrs Eliza J. Thompson 
2,500 v. Inc. $100 

Johnson 1,478 
Johnson Public Library 

Mrs. H. R. Pearl 
2,500 v. Inc. $200 


South Londonderry Library 

George A. Coombs 
1,989 v. Inc. $6 

Lowell 1,005 
Lowell Public Library 
Mrs. N. E. Winget 
2,967 v Inc. $84 

Ludlow 2,421 

Fletcher Memorial Library 

Margaret Kanaly 
14050 v. 

Lunenberg 1,048 
Public Library 

Anna M Cole 
2,920 v. Inc $157 

Lyndon 3,558 

Cobleigh Public Library (Lyndonville) 

Angie L. Hunter 
7,163 v Inc. $3,617 

Manchester 2,057 
Mark Skinner Library 

Anna B. Buck 
23,517 v - Inc $3,039 


Jaquith Public Library 

Mrs. A. E. Lamberton 
5,758 v. Inc. $335 

Middldmry 2,914 
Public Library 

Carrie E. Damon 
10,500 v. Inc. $3,5*7; 1*8, P r -. $500 

Milton 1,5*3 
Free Library 

Harriet Rogers 
1,100 v. Inc. $100 

Monkton i,ooi 

Free Library 

Mrs. Harvey P. Russell 
1,319 v. Inc. $47 

Montgomery 1,658 

Free Library 

Mrs. Jay Lumbra 
1,100 v. Inc. $160 

Montpelier 8,200 

Free Public Library Dept. of the State 
Board of Education 

Mildred C. Cook, secretary 
26,000 v. Inc. $10,000; per., $6,000 

Kellogg-Hubbard Library 

Evelyn S. Lease 
35,530 v. Inc. $11,584; bks., per.. $1,500 

Vermont State Library 
Harrison J. Conant 
100,000 v. Inc. $2i,ooo7 bks., per., $4,000 

Morrisville 2,813 

Morns Centennial Library 

Anna L Mower 
5,200 v. Inc $7,199, bks. f per., $300 

Newfane 710 

Moore Free Library 

Mrs Ruth E Munroe 
4,000 v. Inc $460; bks., per., $100 

New Haven 942 
Public Library 

Mrs. Helen C. Bennett 
3,308 v. Inc. $111 

Newport 4,976 

Goodrich Memorial Library 

Elizabeth Sargent 
11,699 v. Inc $10,702; bks., per., $600 

North Bennington 8x8 

McCollough Library 

Mrs. E. G. Phillips 
7,000 v. Inc. $3,366; bks., per., $400 

Northfield 3,096 
Brown Public Library 

M. Abba Averill 
6,000 v Inc. $1,000, bks., per., $200 

North Troy 1,072 

William and Lucy F. Rand Memorial 

Mrs. W W. Wright 
3,765 v. Inc $306 



VERMONT Continue* 

Norwich 1,092 
Norwich Public Library 

Mrs. Ellen Knight 
3,807 v. Inc. $2,588 

Orleans 1,358 
Orleans Library 

Ruth E Richmond 
4^62 v. Inc. $1,667 

Orwell 942 
Free Library 

Addic M. Raymond 
1,202 v. 

Pawlet 1,413 
Pawlet Library 

Nellie M. Bushee 
3.365 v. Inc. $100 

Pittsford 2,098 

Maclure Library, 1797 

Mrs. Mary R. Allen 
9,748 v. Inc. $2,207; bks, per, $250 

Pomfret 732 

Pomfret Library 

Mrs. Edith S. Doten 
4,736 v. Inc $400 

Poultney a,868 

Free Public Library 
Esther M. Ripley 
. Inc. $1,084; bks., per., 


Proctor 4,789 
Proctor Free Library 
Priscilla Bancroft 

15,159 v. Inc. $6,022; bks , per., $1,100 
Spec. Colls.: Birds. Music. 

Free Public Library 

Mrs. Clara L. Ingalls 
3,000 v. Inc. $289 

Randolph 3^>io 

Kimball Public Library 

Mary Carr Tewksbury 
11,841 v. Inc. $2,030; bks., per., 

Readiboro 1,173 

Readsboro Free Library 

Stella R. Keith 
1400 v. Inc. $129 

RicMord M4* 

A. A. Brown Library 

Mrs. Nellie S. Brown 
3,126 v. Inc. $80 


Richmond 1,447 
Free Library 

Mrs. Carolyn Field 

Rochester 1,397 

Rochester Public Library 

Mrs. O.'G. Claflin 
2,000 v. Inc. $400 

South Royalton 1,175 

Royalton Memorial Library 

Mrs. E. M. Lovejoy 
3,700 v. Inc. $2,150; bks., per., $100 

Rutland 15,752* 
Rutland Free Library 
C. Minnie Gorton 
27,368 v. Inc. $7,009; bks., per., $1,500 

Ryegate 1,188 
Town Library 

Mrs. O. W. Stowell 

St. AIbans-7,558 
Free Library 

Bertha C. Jennison 
13,000 v. Inc. $2,535; bks., per, $1,000 

St Johnsbury 8,701 
Fairbanks Museum Library 

Mabel A. Shields 
1,285 v. Inc. $1,500 

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum 
Cornelia T. Fairbanks 
29,000 v. Inc $17,572; bks., per, $1,400 

Public Library 

Mrs. L. D. Cloyes 
4,626 v. Inc. $201 

Shelburne 997 
Pierson Library 

Mildred Marsett 
5,233 v. Inc. $2,669 

Sheldon M73 
Free Public Library 

Ruth Leach 
4,000 y. Inc. $240 

Shoreham 1,609 
Platt Memorial Library 
Mrs. S. R. Witherell 
I3i053 v. Inc. $8,305 

Springfield 7,202 
Town Library 

Gladys M. Dyer 
12,555 v. Inc. $6,161 ; bks., per., $1,000 



VERMONT Continued 
Stowe 1,800 
Stowc Free Library 

Mrs. Carrie E. Straw 
4,193 v. Inc. $98 

Swanton 3,343 

Swanton Free Library 

Adele Jones 
11,006 v. Inc $1,126 f bks, per, $300 

Thetford 1,089 

Latham Memorial Library 

Emma E. Coombs 
3,000 v. Inc. $150 

Peabody Library (Post Mills) 

Mrs. E. C Heaton 
5,000 v Inc. $200 

Wallmgford 1,581 
-^Gilbert Hart Library 

Mrs Iva Hawkins 
3,261 v Inc. $1,038 

Waterbury i 1,515 
Public Library 

Mrs Georgia Bullock 
5,000 v. Inc $2,400, bks, per, $725 

Waterbury Center 1,158 
Waterbury Town Library 

Mrs George M Wood 
779 v. Inc $213 

Weathersfield 1,087 

Proctor Library (in Ascutney) 

Ellen Birnie Rice 
1,814 v. Inc. $228 

Westminster 1,289 
Ladies Aid Society 

Mrs. Mary Harlow 
815 v. Inc $99 

West Rutland 3,391 
Public Library 

Mrs. Channie Thrall 
4,000 v. Inc. $434 

White River Junction 2,625 
Gates Memorial Library 
Mrs Grover Foster 
5,000 v. Inc $470 

w'iUiamstown 1,526 

Williamstown Public Library 

Mrs. Anne . Randall 
6,000 v. Inc. $532, bks., per, $100 

Williiton 929 
Public Library 

Sylvia A. Warren 
2,410 v. Inc. $185 

! Wilmington 1,483 

' Pettee Memorial Library 

j Helen M. Buell 

[ 5,500 v. Inc. $521 

: Windsor 3,687 

, Windsor Library Association 

| Jennie C Penniman 

1 18,000 v Inc. $1,483. bks, per., $joo 


1 Wmooski 5,932 
i Free Library 

Anna Welsh 
5,200 v. Inc $976 , bks., per , $200 

! Wolcott 932 

1 Wolcott Free Library 

Mrs. Sadie Laplant 
. 1,100 v Inc $75 

Woodstock 2,370 
. Norman Williams Public Library 

Alice L Eaton 
25,770 v Inc $6,079, bks, per, $700 


Virginia State Library, Richmond: H. R. 
Mcllwame, Librarian. Leslie W. Stevens. 
Library Organizer 

Abmgdon 2,532 
Public Library 

Alexandria 18,060 
Public Library 

Alice J Green 
6,020 v. 

Bedford 3,243 
Public Library 

Mrs W. C Willcox 
3,000 v Inc. $410 

Brunswick County Library See Lawrence- 

Buena Vista 3,911 
Public Library 

Mrs R B Umholtz 
1,335 v. 

Cape Charles 2,517 

Northampton Memorial Library 

Mrs R. A. McGuire 
2,600 v Inc $895 

Charlotteiville n,2ii 

Public Library 

John S. Patton 
8,000 v. Inc. $7,217 



VIRGINIA Continued 

Cfcriatianibiirg 1,641 
Public Library 

Miss E. Sheltman 
2,000 v. Inc. $400 

Danville 22,964* 

Library Association 

Mrs. J. L. Hagan 
6,187 v. Inc. $3,752 

Falls Church 4,759 
Falls Church Library 


Fannville 2,586 
Public Library 

Martha K. Blanton 
4,000 v. Inc. $420 

FredericUborg Si882 
Wallace Public Library 

Sally N. Gravatt 
5,500 v. 

Hampton 6,138 

Charles H. Taylor Memorial Library (for- 
merly the Esther Burdick Library) 

Bessie Lee Booker 
4,125 v. Inc. $3,600 

Herndon 953 
Fortnightly Club Library 

Mrs. F. A. Lynn 
4,000 v. Inc. $150 

Hot Spring* 1,010 
Public Library 

Mrs. L. K. Sterrett 
3,801 v. Inc. $533 

King William County Library. See West 

LawrenceviUe 1,439 

Brunswick County Library (county pop 

Mrs. F. N. Mallory 
2,000 v. Inc. $297 

Balch Library 

Rebecca Harrison 
35,ooo v. 

Lynchbnrg 30^395 

Jones Memorial Library 

J. Maud Campbell 
22,298 v. Inc. $42,582 

Ruffner-Carnegie Library 

Marion 3,253 

Marion Library Association 
Florence Tell 

Newport News 47,083* 
Public Library 

Gwendolyn Evans 
20,741 v.~ Inc. $3,539 

Norfolk 1 62^000** 
Norfolk Public Library (C) 
Mary D. Pretlow 

Branches: 6 (i Carnegie, I negro) 
56,304 v. Inc. $38,735; salaries, $21,473; bk. 
exp., $10,804 

Spec. Coll : Virginia 

Orange 1,078 
Free Library 

Leslie Mclntosh 
2,500 v. 

Petersburg 35,712 

W. R McKenney Library 

Theresa Hodges 
10,252 v. Inc. $10,668 

Portsmouth 59,029 
Public Library 

Esther M. Wilson 
11,226 v. Inc $3,234 

Richmond 186,403* 
Arents Free Library 

Fannie S Bull 
12,239 v. Inc. $1,800 

Richmond Public Library 
Thomas P. Ayer 

Branches: 2; 6 stations, in schoolroom 

30,000 v. Inc. $60,000; salaries, $33,ooo; bk. 
exp., $20,000 

Spec. Coll.: Poetry (Lanier) 

Virginia State Library 

H. R. Mcllwaine 
200,006 v. ; 1,500,000 Mss ; 10,000 maps 

Spec. Colls.: Civil War. Newspapers. 
American poetry, south. Local history. Voy- 
ages. Virginiana. 

Roanoke 58,208* 

Roanoke Public Library 

Pearl R. Hinesley 
Branches: I (negro); I station 
26,593 v. Inc. $26,670; salaries, $12392; bk. 
exp. $4,97* 

Smithfieia 1,181 

Public Library 
250 v. Inc $116 



VIRGINIA Continued 

South Boston -4,338 
Public Library 

Lizzie Penick 
1,986 v. Inc. $430 

Stannton 10,633* 

Y. M. C. A. Library 

Mrs. S. H. Scherrer 

Warrenton 1,545 

Warrenton Library 

Ida P. Evans 
4,601 v. 

Waverly 1,306 
Free Library 

Mrs. A. D. Seeds 
1,929 v. Inc. $236 

Wayneaboro 1,594 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. E. N. Brown 
5,950 v. Inc. $1,646 

West Point 1,635 

King William County Library (county pop 


Mrs. W. H Johnson 

Williamsburg 2,462 

Public Library 

Lucille Foster 
3,000 v. Inc. $250 

Winchester 6^83 

Handley Library 

C. Vernon Eddy 
17,868 v. Inc. $10,507 

Public Library 

Mrs. Roberta L. Peirce 


Washington State Library Committee: J. 
M. Hitt, Secretary, Olympia 

Washington State Library, Olympia: J. M. 
Hitt, Librarian 

Aberdeen 21,487* 
Public Library (C) 

Jessie A. Matson 
12,391 v. Inc. $11,697; bks , per., $2,618 

Anacorte* 6^000* 
Carnegie Library 

' Mrs. E. Luella Howard 
6,190 v. Inc. $2,762; bks., per., $549 

Arlington 1,418 

Public Library 

Mrs. Ford Baker 
2,000 v. Inc. $395 

Auburn 3,163 
Public Library (C) 

Rosamond P. McCredy 
4,230 v. Inc. $3,408; bks., per., $635 

Bellingham 37,168* 

Bellingham Public Library (C) 

Edith B. Carhart 
47,703 v Inc. $17,568; bks., per., $5,383 

Blaine 2,254 

Public Library 

Frankie Hunter 

Bremerton 8,918* 

Public Library 

Mrs. Florence Darling 
5,408 v. Inc. $3,938; bks., per., $999 

Buckley MOO* 

Public Library 

Mrs. Edith Davis 
1,919 v. Inc. $441 

Burlington 1,360 
Public Library (C) 

Centralia 7,549 

Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Bessie Beall-Barton 
7,069 v. Inc $4,329; bks, per, $1,048 

Free Public Library (C) 

Anna C. Koontz 
8,457 v. Inc. $6,627; bks, per., $1,048 

Chelan 1,000* 
Public Library 

Mrs Hattie Larsen 
1,096 v. Inc $154, bks., per., $65 

Clarkiton 4,500* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Louise L..Windus 
6,587 v. Inc. $3,785 J bks., per , $594 

Cle Blum -2,661 
Public Library 

Mrs. Parker 
i ,000 v. 

Colfax 3,027 
Public Library 

Mrs. F. M. Smith 
4,o98v. Inc. $M53; bks., per., $354 



WASHINGTON (State) Continued 

CoiYill* 1,718 
Public Library 

Concrete 1,500* 
Public Library 

Fredereka B. Wolfe 
1,799 v. Inc. $240; bks., per , $43 

Edmonds 1,000* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Clara Wilson 
4,974 v. Inc $076, bks , per, $172 

Ellenaburg 3,967* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. H. L. Stowell 
7,805 v. Inc. $2,891 , bks., per , $267 

Everett 32,000* 
Public Library (C) 

Mabel Ashley 

21,043 v Inc $13,539: bks, per., $2,048 
Spec Coll * Lumbering. 

Goldendale 1,300* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs Charles L Davis 
4,867 v. Inc $4,645 ; bks , per , $352 

Grandview 1,01 1 
Grandview Library 

Mrs. H. L. Wilson 
2,368 v." Inc. $1,362; bks., per., $158 

Hoqniam 12,000* 
Public Library (C) 

Helen D Corbitt 
11,951 v. Inc. $10,515, bks, per., $2,907 


Kennewick 2,000* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Cora L. McKain 
2,832 v. Inc. $693; bks , per., $68 

Kent a/xxj* 
Public Library 

Anna Fisher 
3,138 v. Inc. $870, bks , per , $298 

Leavenworth 1,791 

Public Library 

2,543 v. Inc. $921 ; bks , per., $400 


Public Library 

Helen Johns 
10,000 v 

Lynden a,ooo* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Mattie Anderson 
2,263 v. Inc. $495; bks., per., $116 

Maryiville 1,244 
Public Library 

W. E. Mansfield 

Monroe 3,500* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Alice Beckman 
3,554 v. Inc $1,624, bks , per , $330 

Monteiano 3,500* 
Public Library 

Mrs. Etta B. McNeill 
3,753 v. Inc. $2,806; bks , per., $399 

Mount Vernon 3,500* 
Public Library 

Minnie S. Nelson 
5,039 v. Inc $3,157 , bks , per., $587 

Olympia 10,000* 

Olympia and Thurston County Public Li- 
brary (C) (county pop 22,366) 

Mrs. W. A Gressman 
6,800 v. "Inc. $6,201, bks., per., $1,241 

Washington State Library 

J. M Hitt 

28,093 v. Inc (2 years) $13,000, bks, per. 
(2 years), $1,338 

Spec Coll Pacific Northwest Geneal- 
ogy. Newspapers, 1891 to date. 

Washington State Traveling Libraries 

Helen Remsberg 
43,876 v. Inc (2 years) $25,000 

Pasco 4,500* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs F. M Cole 
4,370 v. Inc $3,"3, bks, per., $950 

Port Angeles xo^ooo* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Florence M. Davis 
7,624 v Inc $3,704, bks, per, $646 

Port Townsend 2,847 
Public Library (C) 

Emilie A Rothschild 
6,190 v. Inc. $1,999, bks , per , $236 

Proiaer 3,050* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Dorothy L. Traughber 
6,027 v. Inc. $1,927; bks., per, $279 

Puyallup 7,000* 

Puyallup Library (C) 

7,304 v. Inc. $4,250; bks , per., $1,640 

Raymond 5,500* 
Public Library 

Georgia Donnell 
5,434 v. Inc $4.243; bks., per., $334 



WASHINGTON (State) Continued 
Rentoa 4,000* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Jennie I. Deem 
3,734 v. Inc. $2,871 J bks., per., $463 

Ritxville 1,900 
Carnegie Library 

Arliene Heinemann 
7,493V. Inc. $1,555; bks., per., $336 

Ro*lyn 3,125* 

Public Library Association 

L Forbes, Supt of Schools 
1,200 v. Inc. $142; bks., per., $142 

Seattle 367,711** 

Seattle Public Library, 1891, 1906 (C) 

Librarian Judson T. Jennings 

Art Annie H. Calhoun 

Blind Fanny . Howley 

Branch Josephine G. Taber 

Catalog Kate 'M. Firmin 

Children's Annabel Porter 

Circulation Sarah Virginia Lewis 


Municipal Reference Ella R. McDow- 

Order Florence . McLaughlin, asst 
in charge 

Periodical Eva W. Graves 

Reference, general Ruth H. Calkins 

Schools Louretta C. George 
-~ Technology Florence M. Waller 

Branches: 9 (7 Carnegie); 23 stations 
389,914 v. Inc. 1926, $311,064; salaries (total) 
$219,151; bks., $41,374 

Spec. Colls.: Canadian documents, 1876- 
1916. Pacific Northwest Books for the blind 
Geology and mining (Kimball) Seattle au- 

Sedro-Woolley 3*00* 

Woolley Public Library (C) 

Mrs. J. C La Plant 
5,165 v. Inc. $1,600; bks , per , $450 

Shelton 1,500* 

Public Library Association 

Florence Simpson 
3,364 v. Inc. $881 ; bks., per., $168 

Snohomiife 3,800* 
Carnegie Library 

Catharine McMurchy 
3,729 v. Inc $1,703; bks., per., $294 

South Bend ^ooo* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Eva Henderson 
6,021 v. Inc. $1,776; bks., per., $302 

Spokane 108,897* 
Spokane Public Library (C) 

George W. Fuller 
Branches: n (3 Carnegie) 

Spokane Continued 

115,143 v. Exp. 1926, $85,201; salaries, 

$15,187; bks., get., binding, $17,906 

Spec. Colls. : Pacific Northwest. History 
of printing. 

Sumner aooo* 
Public Library 

Mildred M. Huntamer 
2,822 v. Inc. $1,647; bks., per., $461 

Sunnyside 2,300* 
Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary J. O'Neill 
4,340 v. Inc. $1.049; bks., per., $100 

Tacoma x 10,000 

Tacoma Public Library (C) 

Librarian Jacqueline Noel 

Catalog Dorothy Richards 

Children Mary Hughes 

Circulation and Branch Mary A. Bat- 

Order Elena Clancy 

Reference Clara Van Sant 
Branches: 3; stations, 6 general, 12 fire, 
41 school 

1 09,955 v. Inc 1926, $60,000; salaries (total), 
$37,520, bks, "$9,598; per, $1,098 

Spec Colls : Northwest history. Tacoma 

Vancouver 1 5,579* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Marian M. Pirkey 
9,162 v. Inc $5,188; bks., per., $1,911 

Walla Walla 20,000* 
Free Public Library (C) 
Ellen Garfield Smith 
14,869 v. Inc $7,433 bks., per, $1,260 

Wapato 1,128 
Public Library 

Mrs A De Vries 
1 ,000 v. 

Wenatchee 8,000* 
Carnegie Public Library 

Alta A. Chambers 
10,450 v. Inc. $6,137; bks , per., $1,620 

Wilbur 1,200* 
Public Library 

Nina S. Reeves 
2,514 v. Inc. $239; bks., per., $113 

Yakuna 24,7x9* 
Public Library 

Esther Fleming 
17,123 v. Inc. $13453; bks, per., $2,899 




West Virginia Dept of Archives and Hia- 
tory, Charleston: Clifford R. Myers, Librarian 
West Virginia State Law Library, Charles- 
ton: B. H. Oxley, Librarian 

Bluefield 19,347* 

Bluefield Public Library 

Mrs. Frederick R. Dow 
p y 900v. Inc. $5,000 

Cameron 9,404 

Cameron Public Library 

Women's Club members 

Charleston 49,019* 
Charleston Public Library 

Mrs. B. von Schlechtendal 
15,000 v. Inc. $13400; bks., per., $3,500 

-West Virginia Department of Archives and 
History Library 

Clifford R. Myers 
82,000 v. Inc. $11,900; bks., pen, $1,500 

West Virginia State Law Library 

Benjamin H. Oxley 
35,000 v. Bks., per., $2,500 

Charles Town 2,527 
Community Library 

Katherine Riddle 
1,000 v. 

Clarksburg 30402* 
Clarksburg Public Library 

Sally Scollay Page 
6,708 v. Inc. $3,902 

Hinton 3,912 

Carnegie Library (discontinued; building 
used for school purposes) 

Huntington 63,485* 
Douglass Library (C) 
3,000 v. Inc. $500; bks., per., 


Huntington Public Library (C) 
Miss Lewis Harvey 

Branches: 2 
30,000 v. Inc. $9,358; bk. exp., $5.ooo 

Spec. Coll.: West Virginia and Virginia 

McMechen 3,356 

McMechen Public Library 

Anna Slippner 
1,500 v. 

Manaington 3i&73 

Mannington Public Library 

Bessie Mackler 


Martinsbwg 12,515 

Martinsburg Public Library 

Moundsville 11,660 

Moundsville Public Library 

Mrs. Ida M. Hawkins 
7,610 v. Inc. $1,610 

Parkersburg 21,299* 

Carnegie Public Library 

Anna E. Taylor 
25,000 v. Inc. $7,6io, bks , per , $600 

Literary Association Library 

Carrie Shrewsbury 
2,654 v. 

Point Pleasant 3,059 

Point Pleasant Public Library 

Lillian Asher 
1,500 v. 

Ronceverte 2,319 
Circulating Library 

Loula Wilson 
1,189 v. 

Ronceverte Public Library 
Miss R. McDowell 

Shepherdstown 1,063 

Shepherdstown Public Library 

Mrs. Winifred B Snyder 

Siatersville 3,238 

Sistersville Public Library 

Bertha Chadderton 
6,371 v. Inc. $1,600 

Wellsbnrg 4,918 
Wellsburg Public Library 
Oscar Fil linger 

Weston 5,701 

Louis Bennett Public Library (Lewis 
County county pop 20,455) 

Mrs. G. M Hamilton 
3,000 v. Inc. $7,500 

Wheeling 54*08* 

Wheeling Public Library 

Etta M. Roberts 

43,254 v. Exp , $24,250; salaries, $11,200; bks , 
$2,500; per., $700 

White Sulphur Springe 837 
Public Library 

Minnie Burdette 
1,782 v. Inc. $800 



Wisconsin Free Library Commiiaion: 
Clarence B. Letter, Secretary, Madiaon 

Wisconsin State Library, Madiaon: Gilaon 
G. Glaaier, Librarian 

Adama i,ng 
Adams Public Library 
Jean Coulter 

Algoma 1,9x1 

Algotna Public Library 

Mrs. F V. Leischow 
1,902 v. Bks., per., $408 

Antigo 8,451 

Antigo Public Library (C) 

Edith A. Rechcygl 
14,664 v. Inc. $20,949; bks , per , $2,328 

Appleton 21,140* 

Appleton Free Public Library 

Florence C. Day 

22,801 v Inc. $14,487, bks. per, $4,017 
Spec Coll . Latin 

Arcadia 1,418 

Arcadia Public Library (C) 

Florence L. Hess 
2,944 v. Inc $638; bks., per, $139 

Ashland 11,334 

Vaughan Public Library 

Cecile M. Fennelly 
12,530 v. Inc. $5,734; bks., per., $1,065 

Angnata 1,407 
Augusta Public Library 

Mrs. Flora Wilson 
1,062 v. Inc. $50 

Baraboo 5*538 

Carnegie Library 

Mary Cooper, acting 
11,748 v. Inc. $5,9731 bks., per., $1,438 

Barren - 1,623 

Barron Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Josephine Anderson 
4,857 v. Inc. $2,160; bks. t per.. $402 

Bayfield 1,441 
Carnegie Library 

Winnie Rpbison 
5,224v. Inc. $577;bks., ger., $61 

Beaver Dam 7,99* 
Williams Free Library 
Hattie A. Doolittle 
14,971 v. Inc. $6,743; bks., per., $866 . 

Beloit Public Library (C) 

Nellie B. McAlpin 
22,120 v. Inc.' $13,660; bks., per, $2,233 

Berlin 4400 

Berlin Public Library (C) 

Margaret Biggert 
7,476 v. Inc. $2,695; bks., per., $479 

Black River Palls 1,796 
Free Public Library (C) 

Annie C. Wylie 
6,449 v. Inc. $1,060; bks , per., $142 

Bloomer 1,648 

Bloomer Public Library 

Hazel Scovell 
2,973 v. Inc. $1,087; bks., per., $414 

BoMobel 1,670 

Boscobel Public Library 

Mrs. Freda T. Meller 
3,234 v. Inc. $1,116; bks, per, $248 

Brodhead 1,600 

Brodhead Public Library 

Jessie E. Sprague 
6,030 v. Inc. $2,131 , bks., per., $412 

Burlington 3,626 
Burlington Public Library 

Augusta Nielsen 
4,366 v. Inc. $4,354; bks , per., $570 

Cedarbnrg 1,738 

Cedarburg Public Library 

Mrs. J. H. Dunne 
2,267 v. Inc. $432; bks., per., $98 

Chippewa Falls 9,130 

Chippewa Falls Public Library (C) 

Marion . Bryant 
13,592 v. Inc. $7,047, bks, per., $1,590 

Clintonville 3,275 

Clintonville Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary L. Goodrick 
3,506 v. Inc. $1,770; bks., per., $215 

Colfax 905 

-Colfax Public Library 

Mrs. E. B. Rosenberg 
2,300 v. Inc. $2,487; bks., per., $63 

Cglnmbut M&> 

Columbus Free Public Library (Q 

Nellie A. Loottlis 
8,054 v. Inc. $4,191; bks., per., $582 

Crandon 1,632 
Crandon Public Library 
Mrs. Henry Hatkser 
2,536 v. Inc. $884; Mo., per* $131 


WISCONSIN Continued 

Cudahy-6,72 5 

Cudahy Public Library 

Gara Schrank 

Cumberland 1,528 
-Cumberland Public Library (C) 

Mrs. S. B. Poukey 
3,901 v. Inc. $2,541 ; bks., per., $436 

Darien 1,146 

Darien Public Library 

Mrs. C. H. Harrington 

Darlington 1,798 

Darlington Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mona Wright 
6,659 v. Inc. $1,710; bks , per., $236 

Ddafidd 1,672 

Delafield Public Library 

Amy M. Hahn 
2,110 v. Inc $283; bks, per., $85 

Delavan Public Library 

Mrs. Frank E. Miller 
8^80 v. Inc. $4,840; bks., per., $923 

De Pere 5,165 

De Pere Public Library 

Helen S. Mathews 
10,548 v. Inc. $3,800; bks , per., $1,024 

Dodge Comity Traveling Library. See Juneau 

Dodgerttle 1,896 

-Dodgeville Public Library 

Mrs. Annie Topliff 
.3,104 v. Inc. $827, bks., per., $205 

IDurand 1,517 

Durand Free Library (C) 

Mrs. E. W. Dunlap 
4,184 v Inc. $1,818; bks., per., $220 

Eau Claire 22,375* 

Eau Claire Public Library (C) 

Laura M. Olsen 

31,719 v. Inc. $I4*44<>; bks., per., $2,236 
Spec. Colls. : Wisconsin. Lumbering 



Edgerton Public Library (C) 
Mrs. Effie L. Henderson 
10,588 v. Inc. $11,817; bks., per., $977 

Charles E. Sprague Free Library 

Mrs. Calvin Barnes 
6,813 v. Inc. $1,743; bks n per., $500 

Elroy 1,713 

-Elroy Public Library (C) 

Edna L. Roberts 
3,388 v. Inc. $2,155; bks, per., $198 

Evanaville 2,209 

Eager Public Library 

Mae G. Phillips 
7,671 v. Inc. $2,745. bks, per, $129 

Fenmmore 1,383 

Fennimore Public Library 

Mrs. Frank Roach 
2,634 v. Inc $1,654, bks., per, $357 

Fond du Lac 26,049* 

Fond du Lac Public Library (C) 

Leila Janes 
38,043 v Inc $32,503; bks, per, $924 

Fort Atkinson 4,915 

Dwight Foster Public Library 

Mrs Elizabeth M Short 
11,023 v Inc $7,884, bks, pen., $1,407 

Fox Lake 1,0x2 

Fox Lake Public Library 

Mary E Collins 
5,778 v Inc. $2,906, bks , per., $278 

Galesville 946 

Galesville Public Library 

Ella D Kneeland 
2,877 v Inc $1,041 , bks , per , $316 

Green Bay 34,290* 
Kellogg Public Library (C) 

Deborah B. Martin 
53,485 v Inc $18,482, bks, per., $4,174 

Spec Colls Agriculture European 
War Wisconsin Art 

Hartford 4,515 
Hartford Public Library 

H. Juno Goetz 
3,825 v Inc. $1,237 , bks , per , $314 

Hayward 1,302 

Hayward Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Thomas Phelan 
63 v. Bks., per., $58 

Hilliboro 950 

Hillsboro Public Library 

Henry Shefton 
1,505 v. Inc. $408; per., $35 

Horicon 2,134 ' 

Horicon Public Library 

Anna Yankey 
3,762 v. Inc. $U55, bks, per, $360 


WISCONSIN Continued 

Hortonville 960 

Hortonville Public Library 

Tena J. Buck 
1,167 v. Inc. $347; bks., per., $108 

Hudson 3,014 

Hudson Public Library (C) 

Lucille C. Menkey 
7,476 v. Inc $2,900, bks., per., $489 

Hurley 3,188 
Hurley Public Library 
Frances M. Jewel 
2,955 v Inc $1.582; bks., per., $303 

Janesville 20,785* 

Janesville Public Library (C) 

Mrs Lydia C Gates 
22,381 v Inc $12,196] bks., per., $2,663 

Jefferson 2,572 

Jefferson Free Public Library (C) 

Hazel Haberman 
7,286 v Inc. $3,851 , bks , per., $3,969 

Juneau 1,159 

Dodge County Traveling Library (county 
pop f 28,207) 

Emma Tozer 
1,200 v Inc $150 

Lake Geneva 2,632 

Lake Geneva Public Library 

Gertrude J. Noyes 
8,982 v Inc $6,851, bks., per., $565 

Lake Mills 1,754 

L D Fargo Public Library 

Ada Mansfield 
6,178 v Inc. $2,597; bks., per., $536 

Lancaster 2,485 

Lancaster Public Library 

Bessie McNair 
4,916 v Inc $1,718; bks., per., $353 

Juneau Public Library 

Verna Vogler I 

475 v. j 

Kaukauna 5,951 I 

Free Public Library (C) 

Lillian E. Bell 
6,513 v Inc $3,720, bks, per., $565 j 

Kenosha 50,891 j 

Gilbert M Simmons Library ! 

Cora M Frantz i 

54,687 v Inc $93.783 , bks , per., $10,820 

Kewaunee x ,865 

Kewaunee Public Library j 

Minnie Sappert 

Kilbourn 1,206 

Kilbourn Public Library (C) 

Lillian F. Ramsay 
7,834 v. Inc. $3,618; bks., per, $591 

La Croase 30,363 
La Crosse Public Library 
Lilly M E Borresen 
37,713 v. Inc. $30,720; bks., per., $4,139 

Ladysmith 3,581 

Ladysmith Public Library (C) 

Helen Aten 
6,562 v. Inc. $4^42; bks., per., $1,093 

Laona 1,842 

Laona Public Library 

Mrs. Ambrose Evans 
3,830 v. Inc. $1,659; bks., per., $338 

Lodi 1,077 

Women's Club Library 

Belle Tirrill 
3,170 v Inc $172, bks., per., $366 

Madiaon 38,378 

Madison Free Library (C) 

Mary A Smith 
71,027 v Inc $56,087, bks, per, $9,101 

Wisconsin Library Commission Traveling 

Harriet C Long, chief 
100,000 v Inc $20,000, bks , per., $9,500 

Wisconsin State Library 

Gil son G Glasier 
80,000 v Inc $17,830; bks, per., $6,500 

Spec Colls . International law. Law. 
Political science 

Manitowae 22,132* 

Manitowac Public Library (C) 

Martha E. Pond 
22,411 v Inc $18,000, bks, per., $5,070 

Marinette - 13,610 

Stephenson Public Library 

Hazel D Laing 
19,687 v Inc $11,670; bks , per., $1,866 

Markeaan 959 

Markesan Public Library 

Mrs. John A. Card 
3,651 v. Inc. $1,076; bks , per., $49 

Marihfield 7,394 

Marshfield Free Library 

Alice J. Millerd 
13,389 v. Inc. $10,602; bks., per., $2,294 

Mauaton 1,966 
Mansion Public Library 
Marguerite Comer 



WISCONSIN Continued 


Mayville Public Library 

Etta Barott 
3,813 v. Inc. $1,873; bks., per., $408 

Medford 1,881 

Medford Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Sophia M. Schulz 
3,318 v. Inc. $2,343; bks., per., $573 

Menatha 7,214 

E. D. Smith Library 

Harriet Northrup 
15,730 v. Inc. $26,372; bks., per., $1,370 

Menomonee Falls 1,019 

Public Library 

Mrs. Maude S. Shunk 
1,904 v. Inc. $681 ; bks., per., $33 

Menomonie 5,104 

Tainter Memorial Free Library 

Mrs. Essie C. Nickerson 

Merrill 6,068 

T. B. Scott Free Library (C) 
Mrs Nathalie H Scribner 
15,368 v. Inc. $6,892; bks., per, $2,024 

Milwaukee 509,192* 

Milwaukee Public Library, 1878 (succeed- 
ed Young Men's Ass'n Library, 1847) 
Chief Librarian and Secretary of 

Board Matthew S Dudgeon 
Assistant Librarian -Joseph V. Cargill 
Branches and Extension Samuel A. 


Adult Education Miriam D. Tompkins 
Catalog Lillian M. Carter 
Children's Mary E. Dousman 
Hospital Service Mrs. Lillian Berry 
Municipal Reference Frederick N. 


Reference Sylvester J. Carter 
Schools Letha M. Davidson 
Selection and Order Margaret V. 

Administration Offices: Eighth Street 

and Wisconsin Avenue. 
Branches: 16 (3 municipal buildings) 
732,Q34 v. 

Milton Junction 1,761 
Public Library 

Mrs. Robert Johnson 
1,464 v. Inc. $429; bks., per., $134 

Milton College 834 

Milton College Public Library 

Mabel Maxson 
H434 v. Inc. $917; MM-, Per., $489 


Mineral Point Public Library 

Margaret A. Crawford 
7,279 v. Inc. $2,069; Bks., per., $492 

Mondovi 1,554 

Mondovi Public Library 

Mabel Farrington 
4,007 v. Inc. $1,691; bks., per., $247 

Monroe 4,788 

Arabut Ludlow Memorial Library 

Mrs. Nellie W. Kohh 
12,114 v. Inc. $4,692, bks., per, $1,169 

Moainee x,i6x 

Mosinee Public Library 

Gladys Justesen 
3,244 v. Inc. $3,062; bks., per., $452 

Mount Horeb 1,350 

-Mount Horeb Public Library 

Anna Helland 
1,744 v. Inc $772; bks., per, $34 

Neenah 7,171 

Neenah Free Public Library (C) 

Anna M. Hart, acting 
14,370 v. Inc $11,772, bks, per. $1,389 

NeillBville 2,160 

Neillsville Free Library (C) 

Sadie Cole 
5,498 v. Inc. $3,944; bks., per, $376 

Nekoosa 1,639 

Nekoosa Public Library 

Mrs. Maude Cammack 
2,743 v. Inc. $2,012; bks., per., $326 

New London 4,667 

New London Public Library (C) 

Melda R. Pelzer 
6,750 v. Inc. $3,813; bks., per., $852 

New Richmond 3,248 

New Richmond City Library 

Eunice K McGreane 
4,917V. Inc. $1,336; bks., per, $348 

Niagara 1,946 
Niagara Public Library 

Ada G. Strong 
1460 v. 

North Fond du Lac 2,150 

North Fond du Lac Public Library 

Mrs. Helen Colburn 
1,598 v. Inc $1,069; bks., per., $165 

North Milwaukee 3,047 

North Milwaukee Public Library 

Anna G. Godfrey 
4,046V. Inc. $2,366; bks., per., $375 



WISCONSIN Continued 

Oconomowoc 3,301 

Oconomowoc Public Library 

Anna R. Jones 
10,035 v. Inc. $4,77i , bks., per., $1,212 

Oconto 14,920 

Farnsworth Public Library 

Ruth R. Francis 
10,371 v. Inc. $4,900; bks, per., $489 

Oconto Falls 1,914 
Oconto Falls Public Library 

Julia O. Wood 
2,300 v. Inc. $877; bks , per., $80 

Oshkosh 33,2 17* 

Oshkosh Public Library 

Elizabeth Lathrop 
47,150 v. Inc. $29,075 ; bks , per . $5,539 

Owen 1,083 

Owen Public Library 

Mrs. Harry Stoker 
3,530 v. Inc. $1,280, bks., per., $96 

Park Fallfr-4,676 

Park Falls Public Library 

Edna C. Smith 
3,644 v. Inc $2,01 1 ; bks., per., $464 

Peafctigo 1,440 

Peshtigo Public Library 

Marie Scheldt 
1,350 v. 

Phillips 1,973 
Phillips Public Library 

Mane Frazer 
1,312 v. Inc. $387 , bks., per , $96 

Platteville 4,353 

Platteville Free Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Carrie Nicklas 
5,987 v. Inc. $3,317, bks , per, $390 

Plymouth 3,415 

Plymouth Public Library (C) 

Mrs. P. W. Wagner 
5,085 v. Inc. $JJW; bks., per, $451 

Portage 58fl 

Portage Free Public Library 

Mary E. Porter 
15,263 v. Inc. $3,987; bks., per., $592 

Port Washington 3,340 

'Port Washington Public Library 

Mrs. Minnie Koenen 
3,722 v. Inc. $1,060; bks., per., $395 

Prairie 411 Olden -3,537 
Prairie du Chien Public Library 
Lydia E. Hesse 
v. "Inc. $1,830; bks., per., $585 

Racine 67,707* 

Racine Public Library (Q 

M, Louise Hunt 
Branches: 5 (i Carnegie); stations, 13 

city, 87 county 

76,189 v. Exp. $58,877; salaries, $27,957; bk. 
exp. $20,872 

Randolph. 1,183 

Randolph Public Library 

Emma Howitt 
3,065 v. Inc. $.3,105; bks , per., $289 

Reedsburg 2,997 

Reedsburg Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Mary E. Cushman 
5,882 v. Inc $3,759, bks, per, $427 

Rhinelander 6,654 
Rhinelander Public Library (C) 

Jessie W. Bmgham 
10,069 v. Inc. $5,973; bks, per, $1,100 

Rib Lake 1,020 

Rib Lake Public Library 

Mrs. Kathrine Kennedy 
1,457 v. Inc. $605 ; bks., per., $100 

Rice Lake 4,457 

Rice Lake Free Public Library (C) 

Ailleen E. MacGeorge 
7,235 v. Inc. $3,498; bks., per., $495 

Richland Center 3,409 

Richland Center Public Library (C) 

Mrs. Helen R. Caddell 
4,831 v. Inc $2,003; bks., per., $288 

Ripon 3,929 

Ripon Public Library (C) 

Blanche Thompson 
10,358 v. Inc. $3,331 ; bks , per , $582 

River Falls 2,373 

River Falls Public Library 

Lou Copley 
1,660 v. Inc. $1*204; bks., per, $357 

Sank City 1,162 

Sauk City Public Library 

Josephine Merk 
1,121 v. Inc. $495; bks., per., $175 

Seymour 1,280 
Seymour Public Library 

Mrs. R. R. Uttormark 
2,089 v. Inc. $485; bks., per., $225 


WISCONSIN Continued* 

Shawano 3,544 

Shawano Public Library (C) 

Viola Raisler 
3,524 v. Inc. $2,331 ; bks., per., $515 

Sheboygan 33>535* 

Sheboygan Public Library (C) 

Bertha Marx 
20,098 v Inc. $15,287; bks , per., $3,359 

Shulltburg 1,158 

Shullsburg Public Library 
2,408 v. Inc $503 , bks., per., $127 

South Milwaukee 7,598 

South Milwaukee Public Library (C) 

Katherine Smith 
5,834 v. Inc $5,936; bks., per., $i,77<> 

Sparta 4466 

Sparta Free Library (C) 

Minnie Knudspn 
12,539 v. Inc. $4,629; bks, per., $1,187 

Supplier 2,993 

Spooner Public Library 
Mrs. Alma Dens low 
3,273 v. Inc $841 ; bks., per., $239 

Stanley 2,577 
Stanley Public Library 

Olga Anderson 
5,562 v. Inc $2,440; bks., per., $223 

Stcreni Point 12,889 

Stevens Point Public Library (C) 

Amy M Anderson 
io,937 v Inc $9,895; bks., per., $1,244 

Stoucbion 5,101 

Stoughton Free Public Library (C) 

Myrtle Page 
7,438 v. Inc $4,729, bks., per., $M35 

Sturgeon Bay 4,553 

Sturgeon Bay Free Library (C) 

M Grace Lown 
5,757 v. Inc. $3.596; bks., per., $469 

Sun Prairie 1,236 

Sun Prairie Public Library 

Mrs L. B Cobb 
1,341 v. Inc. $684; bks. f per., $127 

Superior 39^24 

Superior Public Library (C) 

Gertrude A. Schwab 
53,674 v. Inc. $43,884; bks., per.. $6,064 

Ttomah 3,257 

Tomah Public Library (C) 

Caroline W. D. Voswinkel 
5,777 v. Inc. $3,185; bks., per., $593 

Tomahawk Public Library 

Esther Venne 
7,272 v. Inc. $1,944; bks., per., $554 

Two Rivers 3,305 

Joseph Mann Library (C) 

Mrs. B. H. Knight 
7,011 v. Inc. $4,703; bks., per., $1,512 

Viroqua 2,574 

Viroqua Public Library (C) 

Lona Jacobson 
4,800 v. 

Wabeno 2,388 

Wabeno Public Library 

Margaret Pichotta 
1,410 v. 

Waahburn 3,707 

Washburn Free Public Library (C) 

May M Greenwood 
6,998 v. Inc. $2,018, bks., per, $76 

Waterloo 1,262 
Waterloo Public Library 

Jessie M. Andrews 
3,920 v. Inc. $933; bks, per., $206 

Watertown 9,299 

Watertown Free Public Library (C) 

Edna D Orr 
13,838 v. Inc $9,048; bks., per., $1,912 

Waukeiha 1 2,558 
Waukesha Public Library (C) 
Mary E Corson 

Waupoca 2,839 

Waupaca Free Public Library (C) 

Mary B$nlick 
4,719 v Inc. $2,457; bks., per., $505 

Waupun 4440 

Waupun Public Library (C) 

Clara L Lmdsley 
9,493 v. Inc. $8,628, bks , per., $690 

Wauaau 20,101* 

Wausau Public Library (C) 

Co/a I. Lansing 

l8>05i v." Inc. $8,089; bks., per, $1,634 
Spec. Coll.: Music. 

WauMukee -2,000 
Public Library 

Edna Nichol 
1,573 v. 

Wanwatou 5,8 18 

Wauwatosa Public Library (C) 

Grace E Loveland 
10,001 v Inc. $7,691 ; bks., per., $850 


WISCONSIN Continued 

West AUis 18,336* 

West Allis Public Library (C) 

Winnefred Bailey 
io,655v. Inc "$7,39i; bks, per., $3,220 

West Bend 3478 

West Bend Public Library 

Marie Weller 
5,735V. Inc. $2,715; bks., per, $501 


Westby Public Library 
Mrs. M, Fredricks 
984 v. Inc. $575 

White water 3,215 

White Memorial Library 

Helen Jqlley 
11,177 v. Inc. $4,985, bks, per, $678 

Wisconsin Rapids 7,243 

T. B Scott Public Library 

Margaret Ream 
13,146 v Inc $13,076, bks., per, $1,688 

Cody 1,017* 

Park County Free Library (C) (county pop. 

Mrs E. B. Pierce 
4,000V. Inc. $1,972; bks, per, $154 

Converse County Carnegie Library. 

Crook County Library. See Sundance 


Douglas 1,758* 

Converse County Carnegie Library (C) 
(county pop 7,871) 

Mrs Mary A. Pness 
10,726 v Inc $4,100, bks, per., $671 

Bvanston 3,479 

Umta County Public Library (C) (county 

pop 6,611) 
Ruth Cochran 
12,000 v. Inc $4,300, bks, per, $696 

i Fremont County Public Library See Lander 


i Qoshen County Library. See Torrmgton 


| Green River 2.326* 

1 Sweetwater County Carnegie Public Li- 

Wyoming State Library, Cheyenne: Mrs. j brary (county pop 13,640) 
Clare Ansherman, Librarian 

Albany County Carnegie Public Library See 

Basin 1,009* 

Big Horn County Library (C) (county pop 


Agnes Trost 
7,000 v. 

Big Horn County Library. See Basin 

Mrs Morten Joshn 
3,000 v. Inc $2,500, bks, per, $281 

Greybull 2,047* 
Library Association 
H Williams 

Hot Springs County Library. See Thermopo- 

Johnson County Public Library. See Buffalo 

Buffalo 1,650* ' L"der 1,739 

-Johnson County Public Library (C) (county , -Fremont County Public Library (C) (county 

imn xfir/k ' PP II 82 ) 

Mrt Clir* RonH , A1IlC DaV1S 

Mrs. Clara Bond . ^ v Inc $5^3, bks , per , $M7I 

Casper 33,228* Laramie 9,629* 

-Natrona County Public Library (C) (county | _ Albany County Carnegie Public Librar> (C) 

(county pop. 9,283) 

Mrs Millie Stewart 
; 22,000 v. Inc $7,252; bks, per, $1,789 

pop. 14,635) 

Mrs E. . Rogers 
26,500 v. 

Cheyenne 13,202* 

Laramie County Carnegie Public Library 
(C) (county pop. 20,699) 

Mrs Louella G. Moore 
23,000 v. 

Wyoming State Library 

Mrs. Clare Ausherman 
125,000 v. Inc. $15*800; bks., per., $15,620 

Laramie County Carnegie Public Library, 
gee Cheyenne 

Luak 929* 

Niobrara County Carnegie Library (C) 
(county pop. 6,321) 
Mrs Kate Fowler 

Natron* County Public Library. See Casper 




Newcastle 944 

Weston County Public Library (C) (county 
pop. 4,631) 
Mrs. Anna C. Miller 

Niobrara County Carnegie Library. See Lusk 
Park County Free Library. See Cody 

Platte County Public Library. See Wheat- 


Union Pacific Reading Room 

Rock Spring! 6,875* 
Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Mary A. Clark 

Labor Temple Library 
A. G. Griffiths 

Sheridan 8,436* 

Sheridan County Carnegie Public Library 
(C) (county pop. 18,182) 

Mrs. Florence S. Marshall 
15.500 v. Inc. $7,342; bks., per, $1,616 

Sundance 328 

Crook County Library (county pop. 5,524) 
Alta C Sluss 

Sweetwater County Carnegie Public Library. 
See Green River 

Thermopolis 1,606* 

Hot Springs County Library (C) (county 
pop. ,164) 

Mrs. E. Graveson 
5,000 v. Inc. $5>ooo, bks., per , $1,200 


Goshen County Library (county pop 8,064) 
Mrs. J. C Ballard 

Uinta County Public Library. See Evanston 

Weston County Public Library. See New- 

Wheatland 1,281 

Platte County Public Library (C) (county 
pop. 7,421) 

Crystal Hill 
5,175 v. Inc. $3,669, bks , per , $446 


Educational and Professional Libraries 

This list excludes high school libraries, recorded in the next section, but covers, besides 
universities, colleges, and normal schools, other professional schools, whether independent 
or associated with universities, in which latter case they are included with other depart- 
ments under the name of the university The list includes, also, professional societies and 
cognate institutions such as historical societies, art museums and the like, often classified 
as special libraries. 


Auburn 2,143 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute Library 

Mary Martin 
37,884 v Inc $3,700, bks , and per , $3,250 

Birmingham 205,670* 

Bar Association Librarj 

10,000 v Inc, $4,000 

Birmingham-Southern College. M Paul 
Phillips Library 

Lillian Gregory 
20,000 v. Inc $6,000, bks, per, $1,158 

Howard College Library 

Marie Bost 
18,000 v. 

Jefferson County Medical Library, City 

2,457 v. 

South Highlands Infirmary Library, lu/ 
South I2th St. 

Eula McWhorter 
1,500 v 


Daphne State Normal College 
D R Murphey, principal 


State Normal College Library 

Mrs M I Hoskins 
6.127 v. 


State Normal School Library 

Mrs. C R. Wood 
3,000 v Inc $1,210 


State Normal School Library 

Mrs. G W Brock 


Judson College Carnegie Library 

Dorothy Kyser 
11,034 v. 


University of Alabama, School of Medicine 

Virginia Donovan 
3,026 v 


Alabama College Library 

Fanny Taber 
",439 v Inc $7,872 


State and Supreme Court Library 

Jumus M Riggs 
53,961 v Inc $2,700 

State Normal School Library (negro) 

Olhe L Broun 
4,219 v Inc $500 

Women's College of Alabama Library 

Frances Pickett 
8,146 v Inc $1,318 


Agricultural and Mechanical College 

10,000 v 

Saint Bernard 

Saint Bernard College Library 

Rev Andrew Capesius, O S. B. 
11,000 v Inc $500 

Spec Coll . Theology. 

Spring Hill 

Spring Hill College Library 

Rev Charles J Quirk, S J. 
30,000 v Inc $400, bks , per., $130 


-Talladega College Library (negro) 

Marv E Lane 
26,000 v Inc $2,300 

Spec Coll Theology 


State Normal School Library (C) 

Lois Adams 
7,825 v. Inc $500 


Geological Survey of Alabama 

10,000 v. 




ALABAMA Continued 

University of Alabama, Amelia Gorgas 
Memorial Library 

Alice Wyman 

56,000 v. Inc. $6,000; bks., per., $2,790 
University School of Medicine Library. 
See Mobile. 



Northern Arizona Normal School Library 
Ida G. Wilson 

12,000 V. 


Arizona State Law and Legislative Refer- 
ence Library 

C. P. Cronin 
92,500 v. 


Tempe State Teachers College 

Thomas Jerome Cookson 
20,692 v. Inc. $1,600 


College Library 

Vessa Hauchette McGrath 
3,100 v. Inc. $900 


University of Arizona Library 

Estelle Lutrell 

65,000 v Inc $29,230; salaries, $14,000. bks t 
$8,700; ger., $2,300 

Spec Coll. Arizona and Southwest 



Henderson-Brown College Library 

Mrs. R. W. Huie, Jr. 

Ouachita College Library 

Grace Bussell 


Arkansas College Library 
Irene Fernll 



College of the Ozarks Library 

Clara Earle 



Arkansas State Teachers College Library 

Evie Shaw 

Central College Library 

Eliza J. Johnson 

Hendrix College Library 

Ethel K. Millar 
21,056 v. 


-Arkansas Agricultural College Library 

Margaret Gallaway 
3,085 v. 

University of Arkansas Library 

Julia R Vaulx 
58,000 v. 


Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical 
College (District i) Library 

Catheryne Slaughter 
2,532 v. 

Jonesboro College Library 

Blanche Ma>s 
3,600 v. 

Little Rock 

Arkansas Supreme Court Library 

J T. Castle 
30,000 v. 

Little Rock College Library 

William Crossley 
10,000 v 

Philander Smith College Library 

May Z Marshall 
2,800 v 

Pulaski County Medical Society Library, 
700 Louisiana St. 
Miss V. Snooks 

University of Arkansas, Medical School 

Miss Blake Beem 
3.500 v , 4,000 pam 


Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical 
College (District 3) Library 

Mrs J. J. Oglesby^ 
470 v. 


Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege (District 4) Library 

Mrs. J. W. McCain 





Harding College Library 

Rose Marie Lowry 

Mountain Home 

Mountain Home College Library 

Currin Davis 
1,200 v. 


Arkansas Polytechnic College Library 

J. R. Grant, president 


Galloway College Library 

Catherine Score 
6,228 v. 

Sfloam Springs 

John E. Brown College Library 

May F. Boudmot 
2,400 v. 

Sulphur Springs 

John E Brown University Library 

Mrs. Zoe Eubanks 
I.6oo v. 



Pacific Union College Library 

Elizabeth Evans 
8,608 v 


Humboldt State Teachers College Library 

C. E Graves 
9,028 v 


Placer County Law Library 

2,000 v. 

Placer County Teachers' Library 
1,107 v. 


Kern County Law Library 
Mrs. Julia G. Babcock 
6,805 v. 

College Notre Dame Library 
Sister Anthony 


Geographical Society of the Pacific Library, 
27 Library Bldgs., University of Cali- 
R. S. Holway, asst. sec. 

Pacific School of Religion Library 

George T. Tolson 
16,843 v. 


Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry 


Lillian Burt 
19.785 v. 

San Francisco Microscopical Society Li- 

brary (deposited in University of Cali- 
fornia Library) 
1,700 v. 

University of California, General Library 
Librarian Harold L. Leupp 
Accessions Frank M. Btunstead 
Catalog Agnes M. Cole 
Circulation John S. Richards 
ReferenceEdith M. Coulter 

638,093 v. Salaries $42,749? bk. exp., $42,749 
Spec. Colls.: Chinese Literature. Ger- 

man literature and philology (Weinhold Lib.) 


Special Libraries 

Bancroft Library 

Herbert E. Boiton, director 
76^000 v. 

Spec. Coll : Pacific Coast History. 

Bureau of International Relations Library 

Bureau of Public Administration Library 

Helen P. Bates 

Branch College of Agriculture Library, 


Nelle U. Branch 
i^ooo v 

Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate 

School of Tropical Agriculture Library, 
Marie Ppteet 
4,000 v. 

College of Dentistry Library, San 

Bessie McNab 
4,189 v. 

Law Library 

Rosamond Parma 
37,836 v 

Lick Observatory Library, Mount Hamil- 

G. Aitken, associate director 
9.083 v. 
Medical School Library, San Francisco 

Eva West 
18,133 v 

University of California at Los Angeles 
Library, Los Angeles 
John E. Goodwin 

Training School Library, Los Ahgeles 

Doris Rowlands 
2,000 v. 


Mono County Law Library 

1,000 v. 





State Teachers College Library 

Alice Anderson 
18,007 v. 


Pomona College Library (C) 

Willis H. Kerr 

50,656 v. Inc, $16,750; salaries, $8,300, bks, 
per., $3,650 

Spec. Colls.: California history Art 
Biology. Botany. 


Colusa County Law Library 

Judge Ernest Weyand, in charge 
3,100 v. 

Colusa County Teachers' Library 
2,374 v. 


University of California, College of Agri- 

culture Library 

Nelle U. Branch 
14,000 v. 

El Centro 

Imperial County Law Library 

Franklin J. Cole 
3,78i v. 


Solano County Law Library 

Louise Merrill 


Fresno County Law Library 

T. S Magee 
11,167 v. 

State Teachers College Library 

Agnes Tobin 
2,863 v. 


Kings County Law Library 

2,100 v. 


San Benito County Law Library, Court 


Atnador County Law Library 

William Going 

Loma Linda (San Bernardino County) 
College of Medical Evangelists 

Aliie R. Owen 
3,700 v. 

Long Beach 

Heald's Business College Library 
800 v. 

Los Angeles 

Architecture and Allied Arts Library, noi 
Citizens National Bank Bldg 

Lillian T. Burkman 
750 v. 

Barlow Medical Library, 742 North Broad- 

Mary E Irish 
12,292 v. Inc. $5,349 

College of Medical Evangelists, White 
Memorial Hospital, 304 North Boyle Ave. 

Mrs Howard A Ball 
2,107 v. 

District Court of Appeals, 2d District, 
Library, 1211 Sun Finance Bldg 

J. H. Crumrme 
11,072 v 

Historical Society of Southern California 

Library, Exposition Park 
2,176 v. 

Immaculate Heart College Library 
4,000 v 

Los Angeles City School Library, F W. 
Braun Bldg, 1240 South Main St 

Jasmine Britton 
676,901 v. 

Los Angeles County Law Library, Hall of 

Thomas W Rohm son 
72,000 v. 

Los Angeles County Museum Library, Ex- 
position Park 

Lenore Greene 
12,500 v Exp $11,274 

Los Angeles County Teachers' Library (br. 
Los Angeles County Free Library) 

Lilian Sabm 
14,070 v. Inc. $3,329 

Los Angeles Free Methodist Seminary 

2,705 v. 

Los Angeles General Hospital Medical Li- 
brary, noo Mission Road 

Eleanor Hamilton 
1,707 v. 

Los Angeles Theosophical Society Library, 
1801 Garfield Ave. 

Mrs. Mura Dalrymplc 
i f ooo Y. 




Los AngelesContinued 
Otis Art Institute Library, 2401 Wilshire 

Lenore Greene 
500 v. 

Repository of the Southwest Library, Cali- 
fornia Society, Sons of the Revolution, 
California Society of Colonial Wars, 
California Society of the Order of Found- 
ers and Patriots of America, 424 South 
Willis Milnor Dixon 

6,012 v 

Southern California Academy of Sciences 

Library, Ave. 64 and Marmion Way 

Southwest Museum Library 

Cora E Hatch 

Munk Library of Anzoniana 
15,000 v , 3,000 pam 

Lummis Librarj of Americana 
4,000 v , 2,000 pam 
Hector Alliot Memorial Library of 

2,000 v , 500 pam 

Charles Thompson Ornithological Col- 
300 v. 

Southwestern University, School of Law 

4,500 v 

United States Circuit Court Library 

William M Van D>ke 
207 v 

University of California at Los Angeles 
Sec under Bcikeley 

University of Southern California Library 

Librarian Charlotte M Brown 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
123,708 books and pamphlets, include the fol- 

College of Liberal Arts 
97,659 bks , pam. Salaries, etc , $26,789, bks , 
Architecture, School of, Library 

Mrs Eleanor Wheatley 

1501 v 2611 mounted plates and pictures 
Dentistry, College of, Library 

Edna M. Cameron 
1,350 v. 
Divinity, School of, Library 

Dr. R. A. Jernberg 
639 v. 
Law, School of, Library 

Glenn D. Whitney 
19,000 v Administration, $4,000 

LM Angeles Continued 
Metropolitan College Library 

Sarah Johnston 

1,593 v. Administration, $1,117 
Music, College of. Library 

Constance Bethke 
1,587 v. 200 records. 1,192 music. 
Social Welfare, School of, Library 

Mrs Margaret Burke Beggs 
1,538 v. 

Spectal Department Libraries 

Chemistry Library 

Alys Wix 

Philosophy (Hoose Memorial Library) 

Eva Fitch 
6515 v Inc $1,500 

White Memorial Hospital Library, 312 
North Boyle Ave 
Mrs Howard A. Ball 

2.109 v , 85 per , 1,362 pam 


Madera County Law Library 

Blanche Galloway 
2,741 v 


Mariposa County Teachers' Library 
1,025 v 


Alpine County Law Library 
Fred S Dunlap 


Contra Costa County Law Library 


Yuba County Law Library 

Halcyon Joyce 
3,500 v 

Menlo Park 

St Patrick's Seminary Library 

Rev E Godon 
9,500 v 


Merced County Law Library 

Minette L Stoddard 
2,005 v 

Mission San Jose 

Dominican Training School Library 

5.110 v. 


Modesto Junior College Library 

Mrs. Nell B. Fuller 
3,700 v. 




Mo*etto Continued 
Stanislaus County Law Library 
Henry I. Thomson 

Stanislaus County Teachers Library 

Mount Hamilton 

Lick Observatory Library 

Dr. R. G. Aitken 



Napa County Law Library 
3,890 v 

Nevada City 

Nevada County Law Library 

2,247 v 


Alameda County Law Library 

Eloise B. Cushing 
16,841 v. 

Alameda County Medical Society Library, 

Public Health Center, 3ist and Grove 

Anna P. Kennedy 
5,600 v. 

California School of Arts and Crafts 

1^00 v. 

College of the Holy Names Library 
6,000 v. 

Mills College, Margaret Carnegie Library 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gray Potter 

Polytechnic College of Engineering Library 

Saint Mary's College and High School 

Brother Clement 
17,691 v. 

Teachers Professional Library, City Hall 

Mrs. Elizabeth Madison 
1,739 v. 

Ojai (Ventura County) 

Krotona Institute of the Theosophical 


Grace S. Hall 
6,900 v. 


Butte County Law Library 

James A. McGregor 
2,638 v. 

Pacific Grove 

Pacific Grove Museum Association Library 

Laura Duncan 
2,364 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Botany 


California Institute of Technology Library 

Frances H. Spinning 
17,290 v. 

Mount Wilson Solar Observatory Library 

Elizabeth Connor 
14,260 v, 2,000 slides 

Spec. Colls.: Astronomy. Physics. 

Pasadena College Library 

Hulda Dambach 


El Dorado County Law Library 

Thomas Maul 
1,858 v 

El Dorado Teachers Library 
1,016 v. 


Plumas County Law Library 

J. D. McLaughlm 
1,350 v. 

Red Bluff 

Tehama County Law Library 

1,550 v. 


Shasta County Law Library 

Hiram R. Baker 
1,820 v. 

Shasta County Teachers Library 
1,056 v. 


University of Redlands Library 

Eleanor A. Syrames 
21,558 v. 

Redwood City 

San Mateo County Law Library 

Edmund Scott 

San Mateo County Teachers' Library 
3,084 v. 


Riverside County Law Library 




District Court of Appeal, 3d District 
Library, State Capitol 

Sacramento County Law Library 

M. W. Stewart 
6,237 v 

Sacramento Junior College Library 

Margaret Eastman 


Monterey County Law Library 

M. J Smith 
1,300 v 

Monterey County Teachers' Library 
2,500 v. 

San Andreas 

Calaveras County Law Library 

J A Smith 
560 v 

San Anselmo 

San Francisco Theological Seminary 


Rev Lynn T White 
19,484 v. 

San Bernardino 

San Bernardino County Teachers' Library 

San Diego 

San Diego County Law Library 

Harry S. Place 
6,285 v. 

San Diego County Teachers Library 
3,4" v. 

San Diego Medical Library Association 
Library, 1230 First National Bank Bldg. 

Mrs. Mildred S. Farrow 
4,086 v. 

State Teachers College Library 

Mrs Charlotte G. Robinson 

Miss W. F. Woods 
20,936 v. 

Union Law Library, Union Bldg. 

Helen M. Stevens 
6,500 v. 

University of California, Scripps Institution 

for Biological Research Library, La Jolla 

Tillie Center 
22,059 v. 

San Francisco 

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Library, 

634 Merchants Exchange 
9.4QO v. 

California Academy of Sciences Library 

Dr. Joseph Grinnell 
30,000 v. 

California Geneealogical Society Library 
(deposited with Sutro Branch, California 
State Library) 
Helen M. Bruner 

2,513 v. 

California School of Mechanical Arts and 
Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts 

4,625 v. 

Church Divinity School of the Pacific 

Rev. J. P. Lincoln 
10,000 v. : 

Henry Pierce Library, Unitarian Church, 
Geary and Franklin Sts. 

Ruth B. Turner 
556 v. 

Levi Cooper Lane Library of Medicine and 
Surgery. See Stanford University Lane 
Medical Library, below 

Mills Building Law Library 

Southall R. Pfund 
10,000 v. 

Sacred Heart College Library 

Brother V. Leo 
1,500 v. 

San Francisco Art Association Library, 
Institute of Art Bldg., Calif, and Mason 
J. R. Martin 

396 v. 

San Francisco Bar Association Library, 
928 Pacific Bldg. 

George J. Martin 
11,000 v. 

San Francisco County Medical Society 
Library, 909 Hyde St. 

Dr. Leo Eloesser 
10,000 v. 

San Francisco County Teachers' Library 
2,319 v. 




San Francisco Continued 

San Francisco Law Library 

James H. Deenng 
52,407 v. 

San Francisco Law School Library ~ 
2,000 v. 

Stanford University, Lane Medical Library 

Louise Ophuls 
65,000 v. 

State Teachers College Library 

Ruth Fleming 
49*294 v 

Supreme Court Library, State Bldg 

Thomas F Dunn 
i8,593 v. 

University of California, College of Den- 

tistry Library 
Bessie McNab 

University of California, College of Phar- 

macy Library 

University of California, Medical School 
and Hospitals Library 

Eva West 
18,133 v. 

University of St Ignatius Library 

Joseph W Riordan 

Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts Li- 

brary See California School of Mechan- 
ical Arts Library 

San Jose 

Santa Clara County Law Library, Hall of 


Louisa J Spencer 

Santa Clara County Medical Society Li- 
brary, 210 South First St 
Dr J L Piitchard, secretary 

State Teachers College Library 

Joyce Backus 
25,016 v. 

San LnU Obispo 

California Polytechnic School Library 
5,000 v. 

San Luis Obispo County Law Library 

A. E. Mallagh 

San Matoo 

San Mateo Junior College Library 

Katherine D. Steele 
i,535 v. 

San Rafael 

Dominican College Library 

Sister M Edward 
11,848 v. 

Mann County Law Library 

C. S. Whitaker 
1,009 v. 

Santa Ana 

Orange County Law Library 

830 v 

Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara County Law Library, 19 

Howard-Canneld Bldg 
3,722 v 

State Teachers College Library 

Katharine F. Ball 
7,102 v 

University of Santa Clara Library 

Joseph Sasia 
10,000 v. 

Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz County Law Librarj 

Harry E Miller 
3,350 v 

Santa Cruz County Teachers Library 
2,300 v 

Santa Rosa 

Sonoma Count> Law Library 
3.300 v 

Sonoma County Teachers Library 
2,300 v 

Ursulme College Library 

Sister Agatha 
5.528 v 


Tuolumne County Law Library 

Rowan Hardm 
i,944 v. 

Stanford University 

Stanford University Libraries 

DirectorGeorge Thomas Clark 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
481,000 books, with book expenditures (1025- 
1026) of $60,800, include the following 
General Library 

Director George Thomas Clark 
Catalog Helen B. Suthff 



Stanford University Continued 

Document Minna Stillman 

Loan and Shelf Charles V. Park 

Order Elizabeth Hadden 

Reference Alice N Hays 
321,000 v Salaries, $54,000, bks, $31,292 

Spec Colls . Railways (Hopkins) Bra- 
zil. Document collection, including nearly 
complete set of British parliamentary papers 

Education, School of, Library 

Margaret S Wells I 

10,000 v. Administration, $1,500 , bks , $500 , 

Hoover War Library j 

Nina Olmondt | 

55jOOO v Administration $I7.45<>, bks , $16,000 
Lane Medical Library (San Francisco) 

Louise Ophuls 
65,000 v Administration, $8,792 , bks , $8.320 

Law, School of. Library 

James E Brenner 
30,000 v Administration $3,000, bks, $5,000 


College of the Pacific Library 

Harriet E Boss 
15,000 v 

San Joaquin County Law Library 

Laura Klench 

San Joaquin Count} Teachers' Librar\ 
1.865 v 


Lassen County Law Library 
925 v 


Mendocino County Teachers' Library 
1,407 v 

Mendocino Law Library 
MQ2 v 


Ventura County Law Library 
1,500 v 


Tulare County Law Library 

Anna Haas 
4,919 v 

Tulare County Teachers Library 
1,276 v. 


Whittier College Library 

Anna L. Tomlinson 
10,768 v. 


Glenn County Law Library 

Mrs. M. Cadan 
2,375 v 

Glenn County Teachers' Library 
1,120 v. 


Yolo County Law Library 

W A Anderson 
2,220 v 


Siskiyou County Law Library 
800 v 



University of Colorado Librar> 

C Henry Smith 

170,429 v Exp, $60.762; salaries, $26,307, 
bks , $31,123 

Colorado Springs 

Colorado College, Coburn Library 

Manley D. Ormes 
86,000 v Inc $7,200, bks, per, $1,200 

Spec Colls Local and Western history 

El Paso County Medical Society Library, 
Carnegie Public Library 
George A Boyd, M D 
3,000 v 


Colorado Scientific Society Library 
3,000 v 

Colorado Woman's College Library 

R Maude Ditmars 
3.000 v 

Denver Bar Association Library 
7,000 v Inc $200, bks, per,, $100 

Denver County Medical Society Library 

Alta Ruth Jones 
15.368 v 

Denver Law School Library 

Charles L Andrews 
15,000 v bks , per., $600 

Fellows Library of Agricultural Engineer- 
ing, 301 Customs House 

A. Lincoln Fellows 
1,000 v., 5,000 pam. 

Iliff School of Theology Library 
9000 v. Inc $1,200; bks., per., $700 



COLORADO Continued 

Law Library, Court House 
Mrs. L. N. Bangs 

Matthew Hall Theological Library 
Rev. Irving P. Johnson 

Medical Society of the City and County of 
Denver, Library 

Minnie Goehring 
19,041 v. Inc. $5,150; bks., per., $1,400 

Mills Law Library 
10,000 v. 

Regis College Library 

Rev. E. T. Sandoval 
17,000 v. Inc. $1,700; bks., per., $1,000 

State Historical and Natural History So- 
ciety Library 
Mrs. Evelyn Lloyd 

3,700 v. Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $500 

Supreme Court Library 

Fred Y. Holland 
23,000 v Inc. $7,500; bks., per., $2,000 

Symes Law Library 
10,000 v. 

University of Denver Library 

Linda M. Clatworthy 

26,500 v., mam library; 21,000 v. in Schools 
of Law, Dentistry and Commerce Libraries. 
Salaries, $5,800; bks., per., $5,000 
School of Medicine, Charles Denison 

Memorial Library, 4200 East pth St. 

Esther M. Brunquist 
11,000 v. 


Agricultural Experiment Station, Reference 

4,900 v. 

Fort Collini 

State Agricultural College Library 

Charlotte A. Baker 

56,828 v. Salaries, $10,810; bks., $1,491; per, 


Colorado School of Mines Library 

Mary E. Hoyt 
19,000 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Geology 

State Industrial School Library 


Colorado State Teachers College Library 

Albert F. Carter 
60,300 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Colorado 


Western State College Library 

Cynthia Buck 
13,000 v. Bks., per., $1,825 


Loretto Heights College Library 
Sister M. Bernadita 


Central Block Law Library 
5,000 v. 

Pueblo County Medical Society Library, 
Royal Park, McClellan Library Bldg. 

George E. Rice, MD. 
4,000 v. 



Fairfield County Bar Library 
Charles S Evans 


Danbury Hospital, Wile Library 

Anna M Griffin 
1,800 v. 

State Normal School Library 
Margaret Critchfield 


Connecticut Historical Society Library 

Albert C. Bates 

50,000 v, 50,000 pam Inc $7,200, bks., per., 

Spec. Coll : Almanacs. America (im- 
prints). Connecticut. New England. Gene- 
alogy. Directories. 

Hartford Bar Library 
Gladys Judd Day 
13,200 v. Inc $4,000; bks , per., $1,500 

Hartford Medical Society Library 

Walter R. Steiner, M. D. 
10,000 v. Inc. $2,600; bks , per., $1,000 

Hartford Theological Seminary, Case Me- 
morial Library 
120,000 v. 

Spec. Colls. Hymnology Luther. Mis- 
sions. Bible. Schwenckfeldt. 

School of Religious Pedagogy Library 
Alice M. Richardson 

Trinity College Library 

Arthur Adams 

95.000 v., 45,000 pam. Inc. $10,100; bks., per., 

Spec. Colls.- Great Britain. Liturgies. 
Protestant Episcopal Church. 




Law Library, Court House 
John T. Hubbard 


Berkeley Divinity School Library 

Middlesex County Bar Library 
G. Ernest Hubbard 

Wesleyan University, Olm Memorial Li- 

William J. James 

156,500 v. Inc. $33,150; salaries, $18,287; 
bks, $7,616, per, $3,021 

New Britain 

New Britain State Normal School Library 

Katharine M. Strong 
15,000 v. 

New Haven 

Connecticut College of Pharmacy Library, 
150 York St. 

New Haven Colony Historical Society 

Ethel Lord Schofield, acting librarian 
8,700 v. 

New Haven County Bar Library, Court 
Albert F. Welles 

New Haven Medical Association Library, 
234 Church St. 

Walter R. Steiner, M D 
",055 v. 

State Normal Training School Library 
Alice Blanche Chase 

Yale University Library 

Librarian Andrew Keogh 
The librarians of the university, totalling 
1*775,077 books and pamphlets, with book ex- 
penditures (1925-26) $112,031, include the fol- 
lowing : 
General University Library 

Librarian Andrew Keogh 

Catalog Anna M. Monrad 

Order May Humphreys 

Reference Anne S. Pratt 
1^42,897 bks. and pam. Salaries, etc., $105,- 
024; bks., $76,876 

Spec. Colls.: American history: Con- 
necticut history; newspapers; Texas.- Amer- 
ican literature (Aldis). Bibles. Congrega- 
tionalism (Dexter). Classical language and 
literature (Curtius Lib.); Marcus Aurelius 
(Mason). Economics. Brown Statistical Li- 
brary. Penniman Memorial Library of Edu- 
cation. English history: Economic and 
political tracts, I7th and i8th cent. English 

New Haven Continued 

literature: i8th century literature; plays 
(Lagrange-Reade) ; ballads and broadsides 
(Lovat Fraser); Philobiblon (Cole-Beraent) ; 
Fielding (Dickson). Napoleon (Parker). 
Goethe (Speck). Incunabula (Andrews). 
Italian history: Risorgimento. Italian litera- 
ture, I5th and i6th centuries. Judaica (Kohut 
Memorial) ; Flavius Josephus (Merrill). 
Latin-Americana (Bingham and Wagner). 
Numismatics. Onentalia: Library of the 
American Oriental Society; Far East, Japan, 
China, Corea; Arabic manuscripts (Land- 
berg); Sanskrit (Salisbury). Russia (J. 
Sumner Smith). Scandinavian history and 
literature (Riant). 

Divinity School, Trowbridge Reference 

Roland H. Bainton 
9,848 v Bks., binding, $509 

Spec. Coll. : Charities and Correction. 
Fine Arts, School of, Library 

Harriet E. Wilkin 
2,473 v. Bks , binding, $423 
Forestry, School of, Library 

Frances Bolton 
25,576 v. Bks., binding, $823 
Law, School of, Library 

Edwin M Borchard 
87,605 v Bks, binding, $14,000 

Spec. ColU Statutory law (Cole). Brit- 
ish Civil Law. Roman Law (Wheeler) 
Medicine, School of, Library 

Marjorie Wildes 
17,950 v. Bks., binding, $1,724 
Music, School of. Library 

Eva Judd O'Meara 
5,196 v. Bks., binding, $1,035 

Spec. Coll.: Church music (Lowell Ma- 
son), 6,000 v. 

Nursing, School of, Library 
740 v. Bks , binding, $291 

Observatory, Library 
3,800 v. Bks., binding, $272 
Peabody Museum, Library 

Sally E. Harris 
34,075 v. Bks., binding, $250 

Special Libraries 
Babylonian Collection 
2,313 v., 10,000 tablets. Bks., binding, $3,379 

Spec Coll : Nies collection 
Classical Club 
4,877 v. Bks., binding, $103 
Day Missions Library 

John Clark Archer 
31,322 v. Bks., binding, $909 

Elizabethan Club 
Andrew Keogh 

Kirtland Hall: Economic geology, Min- 
eralogy, Petrology 
27,538 v. Bks., binding, $308 




New HavenContinued 

Hillhouse Mathematical Library 
10,000 v. 

Richard S. Sneath Memorial Library of 
Religious Education 
Luther A. Weigle 
2,715 v. Bks., binding, $495 
19 other departmental and special libraries, 

New London 

Connecticut College for Women Library 

Lavina Stewart 
25,000 v. Inc. $2,500; bks, per., $325 

New London and Norwich Bar Library 

Benjamin H Palmer 

New London County Historical Society 

2,300 v. 

New Milford 

Law Library, Court House 
John S. Addis 


Law Library, Court House 

Edgar M. Warner 


Tolland County Bar Library, Memorial 

Willis H Reed 


Connecticut Agricultural College Library 

Edwina Whitney 
16,000 v. 


Mattatuck Historical Society Library 

Rawson W. Haddon 
4,500 v 

Waterbury Bar Library, Court House 

May A. Somers 


Law Library, County Building 
Frank H Foss 

State Normal School Library 

Mrs. Eliza Rawson Spencer 
17,500 v. Inc. $2,500, bks , per , $1,200 


Law Library, Court House 

C Wesley Winslow 


Wesley Collegiate Institute Library 

Wilmington Conference Academy Library 
Rev. Henry G. Budd 


University of Delaware Library 

Dorothy L. Hawkins 
40,000 v. 

University of Delaware, Women's College 
Martha Barrow 


Historical Society of Delaware Library 

Walter G Tatnall 
6,000 v 



Holy Cross College Library 

Thomas F McAvoy, CSC 
9,100 v (theology) 

Marist College Library, Harewood Road 

A. Bellwald, S M 
12,000 v 

Special fields* Philosophy Theology 


American Nature Association Library, 1214 

i6th St 
500 v 

American Patent Law Association Library, 
Washington Loan and Trust Bldg 
A M Parkins 


Scope "The best collection of U S. Bills, 

Acts, and Hearings, relating to patents, trade 

marks, and designs" (beginning about 1900) 

American University Library 

Mrs. Sal lie Kappes Varrelman 
20,000 v 

Bar Association Library of the District of 
Columbia, D St opp. 4^ St 

E. W. Freeman 
21,000 v. (law) 

Catholic University of America Library 

Joseph Schneider 
160,000 v. 

Spec Coll.: Dante 
University Law Library 

Peter J McLoughlm 

Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, 
Mananna Library 

Rev. Bernard A. McKenna 
3,000 v. 




Columbia Historical Society Library 622 

F St 

Washington Topham 
4,500 v. 

Special field: Early history of District 
of Columbia 

Columbia Institution for the Deaf Library 

Edith Mabel Nelson 
8,500 bks , 2,000 pam 

Special field: Education of the deaf 

Corcoran Art Gallery Library 

Dr. G Powell Minnegerode 
3,000 bks., 5,000 pam, 2,000 per. 

Engineering School (War Dept, Wash- 
ington Barracks) 

Henry E Haferkorn 
60,000 v. 

Franciscan Monastery Library 

Fr Paschal Kmsel I 

15,000 v. I 

Spec Colls.: Franciscan and Holy Land j 
literatures, Canon law 

Georgetown University, Riggs Memorial 
Library, 1789 

P J Connican 
140,000 bks , 10,000 pam ? per , clippings 

Spec Colls Incunabula Religious 
polemics American Indian languages Fine 

Hirst Library (for students, general) 
12,548 v. 

University Foreign Service School Li- 

S A Dulany Hunter 
7,650 v , 76 per , 12 newspapers 

Spec field Foreign law and economic 
conditions. Far and Near East. Africa 
Latin America. 

University Law School Library 
Dr. Frederick J de Sloovere 
13,500 bks , 350 pam , 20 per 

Special field: Constitutional law 
University Medical School Library 

Dr. Francis Tondorf 
4,000 v 

University. Morgan Maryland Colonial 
History Library 
Joseph Himmel 

2,500 v., 380 pam., 2,000 clippings. 1,500 photo- 
graphs, 1,200 misc. items. 

George Washington University Library 

Librarian Prof. Alfred Francis Wil- 
liam Schmidt 
Assistant Librarian John Russell Ma- 

56,000 v. 


Washington Continued 

Spec. Colls. : German literature and phil- 
ology (Henzel). Classical literature and 
philology (Wachsmuth) 
University Law Library 
Emanuel M. Davidove 
12,000 v. 

Spec. Colls. : International law. Political 
University Medical School Library 

W. B. King, M D. 
2,000 bks , 1,000 pam , 50 per., 211 photographs 

College of Pharmacy Library 
2,500 v 

Howard University Library (negro) (C) 

Edward C Williams 

43,000 bks, 20,000 pam., 170 per., 40 v. of 

Spec field Negro Americana. Library 
has annual Carnegie grant $5,000 

University Law School Library 
3oo v 

University Medical School Library 
5.000 v 

Immaculate Conception College Library 

G B Stratemeier 
15,000 v 

Special fields- Philosophy. Theology 

Manst Seminary Library 

Dr Romanus Butin, S M 
4,000 v, 800 pam, 250 photographs, 100 lan- 
tern slides 

Special field Theology, English and 

Medical Society of the District of Colum- 
bia Library In the Surgeon General's 
Office Library 

National Education Association Library, 
1201 i6th St 

Mrs Margaret S Stimson 
1,000 v 

National Geographic Society Library 

Mrs. Kathleen Hargrave Frantz 
12,000 v 

Special subjects: Geography; explora- 
tion, travel and description. Primarily for 
editorial staff, Society members and direc- 
tors ; research workers upon request. 

National Library for the Blind 

E Josselyn Giffin 
10,624 v. (embossed type) 

National University Law School Library, 
816 I3th St 

Henry D. McLean 



Washington Continued 
Robert Brokings Graduate School of Eco- 
nomics and Government Library 

Alvern S. Webbink 

Saint Elizabeth's Hospital Medical Library 

Clara Willard 

10,000 v.; borrows from Surgeon General's 
Library and Library of Congress 
Spec, field : Neuropsychiatry 

Smithsonian Institution Library 

Assistant Secretary in Charge C. G. 


Librarian W. L. Corbin 
500,000 v. 

Volta Bureau Library. 1601 35th St 

Mrs. Laura Stovel 

10,000 bks., 500 pam., 20,000 per., 2,000 
clippings, 700 photographs, I motion picture 

Spec, field: All procurable works on 
education of deaf. 

Walter Reed General Hospital Library 

Mary E Schick 
2,000 v. (medical) 

Washington College of Law Library, 1315 
K St., N. W. 

John T. Slattery 

Washington Missionary College, General 
Conference of Seventh Day 'Adventists, 
Takoma Park 

Wilson Normal School. Teachers' Library, 
nth and Harvard Sts., N. W. 

Mrs. Dorothy DeMuth Watson 
10,000 v., 500 pam , 2,000 photographs, 200 per 


De Land 

John B. Stetson University, Sampson 
Spec. Coll.: Law. 


University of Florida Library 

Cora Miltimore 

46,341 v. Inc. $2,206; salaries, $9,638, bks, 
$7,000;. .per., $000 


Southern College Library 

Mildred E. Mays 
7,000 v. 


Agricultural and Mechanical College 
Library (negro) 
E. C. Weare 

Tallahassee Continued 

Florida State College for Women Library 

Louise Richardson 
25.000 v. Bks., per., etc., $9,900 

Supreme Court Library 
G. T. Whitfield 

Winter Park 

Rollins College Library (open to all 

J. F. Taintor 
14,814 v. 



3rd District Agricultural and Mechanical 
Library College 

Macy Gray 
2;o6o v. 


State Normal School Library 
Frances R. Archer 

State College of Agriculture Library 

Nelle Reese 
50,060 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks., per. $750 

University of Georgia Library 

Duncan Burnet 

62,500 v Inc $16,500; bks, per. $6,000 
Spec Coll : Georgia. 


Atlanta Theological Seminary Library 

5,600 v Bks , per $50. 

Spec Coll : Greek Russian Church. United 
States (South Church history). 

Atlanta University, Graves Library (negro) 

Alice Lee 
16,000 v. 

Clark University (negro) 

6,000 v. Inc. $400; bks., per. $260 

Fulton County Law Library 
Mrs. Mary L Cox 

Fulton County Medical Library 
Mrs. Mason 

Gammon Theological Seminary Library 


J. R. Van Pelt 
18,000 v. Inc. $675; bks., per. $500 

Georgia School of Technology Library 

Dorothy Murray 
22,315 v Inc. $10,000; bks., per. $1,036 


GEORGIA Continued 

Atlanta Continued 

Marist College Library 
15,000 v. 

Morehouse College Library (negro) 

Morris Brown University Library (negro) 

Mrs. L. M. Lee 
5,ooo v. 

Normal Training School Library 

Nina Morgan 
2,000 v. 


Paine College Library (negro) 


University of Georgia, Medical Depart- 
ment Library 

Mrs Dahlia Me Fall 
5,000 v Inc $1,351 , bks , per $1,087 


State Normal and Industrial College Li- 


Andrew College Library 
Mrs F F Wynn 


North Georgia 

Mattie Craig 
7,032 v, Inc $350 

Agricultural College 


Agnes Scott College Library 

Genevieve White 
17,452 v Inc $1,500; bks, per $1,409 


Piedmont College Library 

Edith H Valprey 
15,000 v. 


Georgia Normal College and Business 
Institute Library 
W A. Little 

Emory University 

Emory University, Asa Gnggs Candler 

Margaret M. Jemison 

80,000 v., 32,000 pam. Salaries, $19,650; bks, 
per., $14.000 

Spec Coll : Joel Chandler Harris 

W. Calhoun Medical Library, Wesley 
Memorial Hospital 
M. Myrtle Tye 
5,000 v. 


Bessie Tift College Library 

Mary A. Cabiness 
8,861 v. Inc. $2,000 


Brenau College Library 

Mrs. John Hendricks ' 

La Grange 

La Grange College, Rufus Wright Smith 
Memorial Library 

Carrie Benson 
8,019 v. Inc. $1,270; bks., per. $1,800 


Mercer University Library 

Salhe G. Boone 
18,805 v. 

St. Stanislaus College Library 
Julius Remy 

Wesleyan College Library 

Catherine P Carnes 
11.512 v Inc $3,400; bks, per. $1,242 


Georgia State College for Women Library 

Gertrude Anderson 
15,000 v. 

Oelethorpe University 

Oglethorpe University Library 

Myrta Thomas 

40.000 v Inc $160 ; bks , per $274 
Spec Coll English 


Shorter College Library 

Parthema George 
8,466 v Inc. $2,000 


Georgia Historical Society Library 

William Harden 
10,000 v 

Georgia Medical Society Library, c/o 
Public Library 

Georgia State Industrial College Library 

4,000 v. 


Georgia State Woman's College Librarv 

Edith Patterson 
6,800 v. 


Rmehardt College Library 
Colleen Shark 





State Normal School Library 

Belle D. Donnohue 
7,000 v. Inc $3492, bks, per., $1,900 

Spec. Coll.. Pacific Northwest history. 


College of Idaho Library 

H D. Blatchley 
10,000 v. 


State Normal School Library 

Edith A Hibbard 
10,000 v Inc. $5,205 ; bks , per , $1,200 


University of Idaho Library 

Mary Belle Sweet 

87,000 v. Inc. $19,000, salaries, $8,675, W , 
per, $7,409 


University of Idaho, Southern Branch 

(Idaho Technical Institute) Library 
9,500 v. Bks , etc , $5,123 



Hedding College Library 

Mary M Harmsh 
6,300 v. 


Teachers Seminary Library 


Shurtleff College Library 

Sarah E. Blair 
18,608 v. Bks , per., $949 


Aurora College Librarv 

Ruth D: Jenks 
9,833 v Bks., per , $713 
Spec. Coll.: Theology. 


Illinois Wesleyan College, Buck Memorial 

Helen M. Dean 
33,500 v. Bks , per., $4,000 


St. Viator's College Library 

Rev E W. Cardinal 
19,576 v. Bks., per., $425 


Southern Illinois State Normal Univer- 
sity, Wheeler Library 

Miriam Herron 
37,000 v Bks , per., $2,500 


Blackburn College Library 

Dons J Heyward 
5,000 v Bks., per, $600 


Carthage College Library 

Emily Pennock 
16,486 v Bks, per., $1,000 


Eastern Illinois State Teachers College Li- 

Mary J. Booth 
28,731 v. Bks , per , $3,500 


American College of Surgeons Library, 40 
East Erie St 

American Dental Association Library, 58 

East Washington St 
3J43 v. 

American Medical Association I ibrary, 

535 North Dearborn St 

Mar) one Hutch ins 
3.500 v 

No inter-library loans 

Armour Institute of Technology Library 

Nell Steele 
33750 v Bks , per , $2,500 

Art Institute of Chicago Library 
Sara'h Louise Mitchell 

Ryerson Library 

20,978 v, 24,135 lantern slides, 48,061 photo- 
graphs, 3,793 color prints, 23,115 postcards 

-Burnham Architectural Library 
4,520 v 

Association of Ameucan Geographers Li- 
brary, Rosenwald Hall, University of 

Chicago Academy of Sciences Library 
35.000 v. 

Chicago Bar Association Library, 160 
North La Salle St 
Charles P Megan 
24,000 v Bks , per , $7,269 

Chicago Historical Society, Gilpin Library, 

632 North Dearborn St 

Caroline M Mcllvame 
50,000 v., 50,000 Mss , 3,000 newspapers, 25,000 
pam , 3*000 maps 

Spec Colls : Chicago, Illinois; Miss- 
issippi Valley. Lincoln. 

Reference only 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Chicago Continued 

Chicago Law Institute Library. 1025 County 

Edward Maher 
75,000 v. Inc. $33,640; bks., per., $7,427 

Chicago Normal College Library 

Flora J. Bates 
31,000 v j 

Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy, j 

Library ' 

Graham- Taylor ! 

Chicago Theological Seminary, Hammond 

Matthew Spinka 
30,000 v Bks , per , $3,200 ! 

DePaul University Library 

Catharine A. Hynes 
16,000 \ Bks , per., $J,20o 

Field Museum of Natural History Library 

Elsie Lippincott 
84.000 publications 

General Medical Foundation library 
3,750 v. Bks , per , $426 

Hahnemann Medical College Library 

(affiliated with Valparaiso University) 
William F. Harpel 

LaSalle Extension Universit> Library, 4046 

Michigan Ave. 

Alice M. Hickel - 

9,700 v, 5,800 pam, 126 per I 

Special subjects- Law, Accounting, | 
Business administration. Factory manage- 
ment; Salesmanship; Traffic management, j 
Commercial correspondence; Personnel man- 
agement For instructors, students, em- 
ployees, and business men 

Lewis Institute, Madison and Robey Sts 

Frances S. Talcott 
26,000 v., 12,000 pam 

Loyola University Library 

M. Lillian Ryan 
45,000 v. bks, per, $2,000 
University School of Medicine Library, 
706 S Lincoln St 
Margaret Nash 
3,200 v. Bks., per , $1,250 

McCormick Theological Seminary, Virginia 

Library, 2330 Halstead St. 

Rev. John F. Lyons 
56,285 v. Inc. $7,500; bks., per. $2,200 

Spec. Coll.: Presbyterian Church his- 

Chicago Continued . 

Michael Reese Hospital Medical Library, 
c/o Nelson Morris Institute, 2900 Ellis 

Alice Shorman 
5,500 v. 


Moody' s Bible Institute Library 
Mabel Sprague 

Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitonum Li- 
brary, 561 North Crawtord St. (Medical) 

Ruth E. B Haach 
2,500 v 

National Kindergarten and Elementary 
College, Mrs John N. Crouse Memorial 
Library, 2044 Michigan Ave. 

3,073 v. Inc $333, bks, per, $380 

Northwestern University See under 
Evanston for the libraries of the School 
of Commerce, Dental School, Law 
School, and Medical School 

Rush Medical College Library, 1258 West 
Harrison St 

Catherine A MacAuhff 
40,000 v 

Saint Ignatius College Library 
C J Anderson 

Saint Stanislaus College Library 
A P. Bochian 

Saint Francis Xavier College Library 
14,000 v. 

St Luke's Hospital Medical Library, 1442* 
Indiana Ave 

Grace Enos 
2,643 v , 2,500 reprints, pam., monographs, etc. 

Society of Oriental Research Library, 273$ 

Washington Blvd 
1,420 v 

The University of Chicago Libraries 

Associate Director J. C. M. Hanson 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
739,213 volumes and in addition some 350,000 
unbound volumes and pamphlets, with book 
expenditures (1925-26) of $70,750, and salar- 
ies for staff (exclusive of student service) of 
$154,805, include the following: 

Harper Memorial Library 

Associate Director J C. M. Hanson 
Readers Department Edward A. Henry 
Bibliography Alfred T. Dorf 
Catalogue Eliza Lamb 
Classification Mary M. Melcher 
Acquisition Cora B. Perrine 
Cards Josephine C. Robertson 
Spec. Colls.: American Bible Union. 
American drama (Atkinson). Mss. (Bacon). 



ILLINOIS Continued 


Balzac. Berlin (Calvary). Medicine (Bill- 
ings). Early Kentucky newspapers (Boggs- 
Lyle). American statesmen, letters (Butler- 
Gunsaulus). Russian (Crane). Western and 
Southern history (Durrett). Puritan revolu- 
tion (Eckles). Mss (Farr). Medicine and 
bacteriology, pamphlets (Flugge). Medicine, 
anatomy, physiology, history (Frank) In- 
cunabula (Gunsaulus). Swedish (Gustaf 
Adolf). Sociology (Henderson). Theology 
(Hengstenberg) Literature and history 
(Hirsch-Bernays) City planning (Hooker) 
Marriage laws and customs (Howard) 
Music (Huber). Literature, history and art 
(Lane). Early textbooks (Littlefield). 
American literature (William Vaughn 
Moody) Napoleon (Phelps) Scandinavian 
history and literature (Stensland) 
Astronomy Library (Yerkes Observatory) 

Storrs B Barrett 
10,000 v and 5,000 pam. 
Biology Library 

Emma L Dickinson 
35,000 v. 

Classical Library (including Philosophy 
and Art) 

Walter R. Rathke 
70,000 v 
Divinity School Library 

Grace D Phillips 
50,000 v 
Education, School of, Library 

Ruth Abbott 
37,000 v 
Geology and Geography Library 

Margaret MacGregor 
45,000 v 
Law School Library 

Frederick W Schenk 
53.000 v 
Psychology Library 

Kwang S. Yum 
4,200 v 
Rush Medical College Library 

Catherine A MacAuliff 
40,000 v 

Other special libraries are. Chemistry, 
Physics , Mathematics and Astronomy 

University of Illinois, College of Medicine 
and Dentistry, Quine Library 

Mctta M Loomis 
34,397 v. Inc, $15,800, bks., per, $8,000 

Wesley Memorial Hospital Library, 2449 
South Dearborn St 
Maude A. Thompson 

Western Society of Engineers, Library of 
Science and Technology, 1735 Monadnock 
T. R. Cadwell 

13,500 v. , 275 per , pam. 

Chicago Continued 

Western Theological Seminary Library 

B S. Easton 

Spec Colls.: Egypt (Hibbard). Litur- 

Chicago (Woodlawn) 

St. Cyril College Library, 6413 Star Ave. 

C J Anderson 
9,000 v Inc $250; bks., per, $250 


James Millikin University Library 

Eugenia AH in 
21,000 v Inc. $4,500, bks, per, $4,000 

Northern Illinois State Teachers College 

Eva McMahon 
28,450 v. Exp , $8,309 


Elmhurst College Library 

Margaret Powell 
15,000 v Bks | per , $2,500 


Eureka College 
A C Gray 
17,200 v Bks , per , $2,400 


Evanston Historical Society Library 

5,000 v 

Medical Science Library (in Evanston P 

Ida Fayc Wright 
1,322 v. 

Northwestern University Library 

Librarian Theodore Wesley Koch 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
406,177 volumes and pamphlets, with book ex- 
penditures (1925-26) of $12,82653, include the 
Northwestern University Library 

Librarian Theodore Wesley Koch 

Assistant Librarian Effie A Keith 

Catalog Marjone Newton 

Loans Ethel B Kellar 

Order Eleanor Blake 

Periodicals Sadie Thompson 

Reference Eleanor Lewis 
305,041 bks and pam Salaries, etc, $43,806, 
bks. and per , $17,480 

Spec Colls Classics Greek and Latin 
(Greenleaf ) ; Homer German literature 
(Schneider) Latin America 
Commerce School Library, Chicago 

Helen M Thomas 

7,038 v Administration, $2,347, bks, $3,566 
Dental School Library, Chicago 

William Bebb 
11,017 v. Administration $2,010, bks, $1,510 


ILLINOIS Continued 

Bvanston Continued 
Law School Library, Chicago 

F. B. Crossley 

65,100 v Administration, $6,438, bks., $8,655 
Medical School Library, Chicago 

K Lanferman 

23,604 v. Administration, $1,966; bks, $6,731 
Library of Commerce and Economics, 

Sophia J Lammers 
7,637 v Administration. $4.912 

Garrett Biblical Institute Library 

S. G Ayres 
151,069 v. Bks , per , $1,800 

Swedish Methodist Episcopal Theological 

Seminary Library 
3,000 v 

Wesley Academy and Seminary Library 

Henry J Nylin 
5,000 v Bks , per , $300 


Ewmg College Library 

Lillie Florence Allen 
15,000 v 


Knox College Library 

L W Elder 
30,000 v Inc $4,969, bks, per, $2,850 

Lombard College Library 

Katharine Reed 
14.959 v Exp , $759 


Greenville College Library 

Clifford M Baldwin 
6,300 v Bks , per , $250 


Illinois College Library 

Myrtle G Hart 
21,000 v. Bks., per, $1,900 

Illinois School for the Blind, Teachers' 
Elsie L. Brown 

Illinois Woman's College Librar\ 

Eleanor Thompson 
15,000 v Bks , per , $2,215 

Morgan County Medical Society Library 
(in P. L) 

Thomas G McLin 

Lake Forest 

Lake Forest College Library 

Mabel Powell 
37^19 v. Bks., per., $1,601 


La Salle-Peru Medical Library, 151 Fifth St. 

Arlington Ailes, M.D. 


McKendree College, Benson Wood Library 

Alleen Wilson 
15,000 v. Inc. $2,050; bks., per., $1,842 


Berry Memorial Library 

3,ooo v 

Lincoln College Library 

Mrs Minnie R. Maltby 
7,150 v Bks , per , $700 


Western Illinois State Teachers College 

Fanny R. Jackson 
24,000 v Bks , per , $3,000 


Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary 

17,000 v. Bks , per , $500 


Monmouth College Library 

Mrs Jean MacC Elliott 
18.385 v Bks , per , $2,250 

Mt. Morris 

Mt Morns College Library 

J Emmert Stover 
9.840 v Bks , per , $1,093 


North Central College Library 

Mildred L Nienstedt 
12,700 v Bks, per, $1,800 


Illinois State Normal University 

Angelina V Milner 
48,766 v. 

Oak Park 

Concordia College Library 
6,073 v. 


Bradley Polytechnic Institute Library 

Lillian M Guinn 
18,000 v Bks , per , $2,500 


Saint Bede's College Library 

Father Mark Ragan 
10,000 v. Bks., per., $500 


Quincy College Library 

Rev. Richard Kiemen 
20,000 v. Bks., per., $3,000 


ILLINOIS Continued 

River Forest 

Concordia Teachers' College 
Prof. Paul Bretscher 

12,000 V. 

Rosary College Library 
Sister M. Reparata 
13,200 v. 


Rockford College Library 

Jean MacNeill Sharpe 
10,000 v. 

Rock Island 
Augustana College, Denktnann Memorial 

Ira Oliver Nothstem 
42,750 v. Bks., per., $2,400 


Concordia Theological Seminary Library 

Dr. Louis Wessel 
5,000 y. Bks., per., $200 

Illinois Law Library 
35*000 v. 

Illinois State Museum Library 

A. R. Crook 
10,000 v., 4,000 pam. 

State Historical Library 

Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber 
75,ooo v. 

Supreme Court Library 
45,000 v. 


Saint Joseph's College Library 
Rev. Aloysius Fromm 


Illinois State Natural History Survey Li- 

Charles E. Janvrin 
21,230 v. 

University of Illinois Library 

Director Phineas Lawrence Windsor 

Orders Willia K. Carver 

Cataloging Adah Patton 

Loans Emma R. Jutton 

Reference Margaret Hutchins, Alice 
S. Johnson, Fanny Dunlap 

Binding Josie B. Houchens 

Periodicals Katherine A. Doyle 
The general and departmental libraries of 
the University in Urbana and Chicago con- 
tain over 740,000 volumes, and 100,000 pam- 
phlets; expenditures for books, periodicals, 
and binding for 1925-26, in all these libraries 
were $117,235; for salaries, etc., $124,951. 

Urban* Continued 

Spec. Colls.: Western United States 
history. Illinois newspapers since 1910. 
Early English periodicals. United States 
municipal documents. 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Education 
Ida Todd 
16,000 v. 

Classics Library 
Mary E. Quick 
23,000 v. 

Modern Language Library 
Florence Marie Harding 
27,000 v. 

English Library 
16,400 v. 
History and Political Science Library 

Nelle Marie Signor 
20,600 v. 

Economics and Sociology Library 

Hazel Yearsley Shaw 

24,000 v. 
Natural History Library 

Charles Edwin Janvrm 
23,000 v. 

Law Library 

George Bates Weisiger 
32,000 v. 

Commerce Reading Room 
2,800 v. 

Architecture Library 

Mildred Camp 
5,300 v. 

Agriculture Library 

Mary Gladys Burwash 
12,000 v. 
Chemistry Library 

Marion Emiline Sparks 
11,000 v. 

Mathematics Library 

Engineering Library 

Hilda Josephine Alseth 
9,000 v. 

College of Medicine Library (Chicago) 

Metta B. Loomis 
34,000 v. 


Wheaton College Library 

Julia E. Blanchard 
17,000 v. Bks., per, $1,700 



Tri-State College Library 
Mrs. Winifred Waugh 
16,000 v. 



INDIANA Continued 


Indiana Historical Survey Library 
Logan Esarey 

10,000 V. 

Spec. Coll.: Indians. 

Indiana University Library 

Librarian W. A. Alexander 
The libraries of the university totalling 
185,051 books and pamphlets, include the fol- 
lowing : 

Indiana University Library 
Librarian W. A. Alexander 
Reference librarian Estella Wolf 
Catalog and shelf Winifred Knapp 
Classified Ida Wolf 
Order Dorothy Peters 
Spec. Colls.: Contemporary drama 
Dante Elizabethan literature. Goethe 
Greek and Latin authors. Grill Parzer. 
Indiana history. International relations 
Mathematics. Middle English. Moliere. 
Political pamphlets of the i8th century. 

Medicine, School of, Library, Indian- 

8,000 v Administration $1,73675 
Bks, $3,15459 
Law, School of. Library 

Rowena Compton 
16,270 v. Administration $3,380 
Bks., $2,700 

Fourteen special libraries in teaching de- 


St. Joseph's College Library 

Rev A. Linnemann 
16,090 v. Inc $690; bks , per , $305 


Wabash College Library 

H. S Wedding 
63,414 v. Bks , per., $975 


Central Normal College Library 

Mrs. Jessie Willoughby 
4415 v. Inc. $951 ; bks., per , $216 


Earlham College Library 

Harlow Lindley 
32,000 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Quakers. 


Evansville College Library 

Marjorie A. Porter 
11317 v. Inc. $4,368; bks, per., $1,000 

Fort Wayne 

Concordia College Library 

10,920 v. 


Franklin College Library 

Rachel Ogle 
28,134 v. Inc. $7,075; bks., per, $2,030 


Goshen College Library 

H. S. Bender 
7,846 v. Inc. $1,032; bks., per., $830 


DePauw University Library 

Francis C. Tilden 

66,829 v. Salaries, $8,160; bks., $1,726; per, 

Spec. Coll.: Rare early books (Whitman). 


Hanover College Library 

Henry M. Lee 
31,200 v. 


Huntington College Library 

Blanche I Johnson 
6,391 v. Bks, per., $1,000 


Arsenal Technical School Library 

Lyle Harter 
10,497 v. 

Art Association of Indianapolis Library 
Anna E Turrell 

-Butler College Library 

Milton D. Baumgartner 
24^81 v. 

Indiana Central College Library 

Willis Holiman 
6,321 v. Bks., per., $301 

Indiana University School of Medicine 

Allan Hendricks 
6,000 v. 

Indiana Law School Library 

Charle* . Edwards 
75,000 v. Bks., per., $3,000 

Indianapolis Bar Association Library 

Mrs. P. B. Wolfe 
23,000 v. 

John Herron Art Institute Library 

Sarah St. John 
2,755 v. Inc. $1,631 ; bks., per., $133 

Normal College of American Gymnastic 

Union Library 
1,298 v. Bks , per , $149 


INDIANA Continued 

Teachers' College Library 

Edith M. Fountain 
9,464 v. Inc $880 

University of Indiana, School of Medicine 
Library. See Bloommgton. 


Jasper College Library 

F Maurus 


Purdue University Library 

William M Hepburn 

75,000 v. Inc $22,050, salaries, $13*157; bks, 
$4,960, per., $2,982 

Spec Coll. Charles Major Library 
(Major mss, English history, general litera- 


Marion College Library 

Elizabeth Ayres 
3,952 v. Inc. $455 , Wcs , Per , $73 


Indiana State Normal School Eastern 
Division Library 

Barcus Tichenor 
19,000 v. Inc. $14,901 ; bks., per , $5,500 

North Manchester 
Manchester College Library 

L. W. Schultz 
I3,73i v Inc. $6,901 ; bks., per , $1,679 

Notre Dame 

St. Mary's College Library 

Sister M. Edith 
15,787 v. 

University of Notre Dame Library 

Paul R. Byrne 

128,145 v. Inc. $20,950, salaries, 13,178, bks., 
per., $7,772 

Spec Colls . Botany (Greene and Nieuw- 
land) Dante (Zahm) South America 

Oakland City 

Oakland City College Library 

Mrs. Cora Utz 
7,900 v. Inc. $2,500; bks., per., $600 


Wayne County Law Library 


Saint Mary's 

Saint Mary's of the Woods College Library 

Sister Gertrude 
28.601 v. 

Saint Mcdnrad 

Saint Meinrad Abbey Library 

Rev. Paul Thomas 
30,000 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Theology. 

South Bend 

Northern Indiana Historical Society 

Evelyn Hoffman 
5,ooo v. 

Terre Haute 

Indiana State Normal School Library 

Arthur Cunningham 
103,843 v. Inc $23,776; bks., per, $5,995 

Rose Polytechnic School Library 

Albert A Faurot 
16,000 v 


Taylor University, Mooney Library 

Miss Ivel Guiler 

9,365 v Inc. $3,600, bks., per, $650 
Spec Coll Theology. 


Valparaiso University Library 

Helen Kull 
19^287 v. Bks , per , $921 


Vincennes University Library 
Blanche Barr 


Iowa State College Library 

Charles H Brown 
144,800 v. Inc, $101,194, calanes, $47t&7o; 

bks , $3i,i43 . . 

Spec Colls : Bees. Veterinary medicine. 


Junior College Library 
Hazel Berquist 

Cedar Falls 

State Teachers College Library 

Anne S. Duncan 
82,951 v. Inc $31,500, bks , per , $15,000 

Cedar Rapids 

Coe College Library 

Betty H. Pritchett 
26^025 v. Inc. $4,000, bks , per., $3,076 


Wartburg College Library 
William J. H Knappe 



IOWA Continued 

Academy of Sciences Library, Brady and 

Seventh Sts 

J. H. Paarmann 
76,596 v. 

Spec Colls . Science Local and west- 
ern history (Putnam) 

Mercy Hospital Library, 2318 Marquette St 

Edward F Strohbehn, M.D. 
1,000 v 

Saint Ambrose College Library 
Rev J B Code 

10,000 V 


Lutheran College Library 

Karl T Jacobsen 
31,708 v Inc $7,221 , bks , per , $2,686 

Des Homes 

Drake Universitv Library 

Mary Bell Nethercut 

48,507 v Inc $20,100, salaries, $8,125, bks, 
per , $9,350 

Grand View College Library 

Alba Kroch 
8,000 v 

Spec Coll Theology 

Iowa State Historical Department Library 

Alice Marple 
30,515 v. 

Iowa State Medical Library, Historical Bldg 

Frances B van Zandt 
8,020 v 

Des Homes (Highland Park) 

Des Moines University Library 

Eva M Page 
23,852 v Inc. $3,000 


Columbia College Library 

L Kuenzel 
20,597 v 

University of Dubucfue Library 

Paul Elo 
12.000 v Inc. $10,960 

Wartburg Theological Seminary Library 
12,460 v 

Spec Coll Lutherans 


Parsons College Library 

Elva E Rulon 
15.925 v Inc $900, bks., per, $686 


Upper Iowa University Library 

Dora F. Carter 
10,000 v. 

Forest City 

Waldorf College Library 

Martha Wangberg 
1,400 v 


Grinnell College Library 

Isabella Clark 
74,330 v. Inc. $15,000; bks., per., $4,130 


Lenox College Library 

Mabel Brmey 
10,319 v 


Simpson College Library 
! Ellen Creek 

! 18,082 v. Inc. $2,300, bks, per., $1,300 

Iowa City 

State Historical Society of Iowa Library 

Ruth A Gallaher 
59,989 v 

State University of Iowa Library 
Grace Wormer, acting director 
250,363 v Inc $139,531, salaries, $59,698; 
bks, $42,833, per, $7,615 

Spec Colls Natural history, explora- 
tion voyage and travel (Talbot). American 

University Medical Library 

Emma Felsenthal 
15,000 v 

University Law Library 

Helen S Moylan 
41,736 v 

Iowa Falls 

Ellsworth College Library 

Novella O'Rourk 
10,175 v Inc $1,000 ; bks, per, $450 


Graceland College Library 

Lyda T. Elefson 
12,726 v Inc $1,280, bks, per., $313 

Le Mars 

Western Union College Library 

B F Zuehl 
6,740 v Inc 

Mount Pleasant 

Iowa Wesley an College Library 

Mrs Florence McKibben 
22,567 v 

Haunt Vernon 

Cornell College Library 

May L. Fairbanks 
56,549 v 

Spec Coll. : Architecture 




IOWA Continued 


Penn College Library 

Gladys M. Hunt 
12418 v. 


Central College Library 

Marie Greiner 
10,243 * Inc $250 

Sioux City 

Morningside College Library 

Maude A. Price 
24,700 v. Inc. $1,500, bks, per, $750 

Storm Lake 

Buena Vista College Library 

Blanche L Bailey 
14*224 v. 


.' Tabor College Library 
Frances A. Jewell 
18,000 v. 

University Park 
John Fletcher College Library 
Daisy Dean 


. Wartburg Normal College Library 

Magdalene K Guetzlaff 
A568 v. 



Saint Benedict's College Library 

Rev Colman Farrell 
40,000 v. 

Spec. Coll : Theology 

Baldwin City 

- Baker University Library 

Hattie D Osborne 
55^00 v. 

Spec Coll.: Bible. 


College of Emporia, Anderson Memorial 

Mrs. Lulu C. Hart 
16,000 v. 

Kansas State Teachers College, Kellogg 

Carroll PBaber 


^-Friends College Library 
Eli Wheeler 


-State Teachers College, Forsyth Library 

Floyd B. Streeter 
8,600 v. 


Hesston College and Bible School Library 
Mrs. Alta Mae Erb 


Highland College Library 
J L. Howe, president 

Kansas City 

Baptist Theological Seminary Library 
N. W. Smith 

Kansas City University Library 

Florence Pocock 
8,100 v 

Spec Coll : Theology 

University of Kansas. School of Medicine 
Library See Lawrence 


University of Kansas, Watson Library 

Earl N. Manchester 
170,000 v. 

Spec Coll. . Kansas 
Municipal Reference Library 

John G Sturtz 
15,000 v 
School of Engineering Library 

Anna D. Learned 
7,525 v , 5,000 pam 
School of Medicine Library, Kansas City 

Sarah E Stanton 
I 9,000 v. 


Saint Mary's Junior College and Academy 

Sister Mary Luke 
8,000 v 


Bethany College Library 

Hazel Mathis 
12,000 v 


McPherson College Library 

Margaret Heckethorn 
6,021 v. 


Kansas State Agricultural College Library 

Arthur B. Smith 

86,500 v. Inc. $31,875 ; salaries, $20,000 , bks , 


KANSAS Continued 


Bethel College Library 

Helen Riesen 
8,486 v. 


Ottawa University Library 

L R. Higgm* 
11,100 v. 


State Teachers College, Porter Library 

Odella Nation 
19,000 v. 

Saint Mary's 

Saint Mary's College Library 

Francis X Benoit 
32,000 v 


Mary mount College Library 
Sister Jane Frances 

Wesleyan University Library 

Winnie Williams 
30,000 v. 


Sterling College Library 
Rae M Wylie 


College of the Sisters of Bethany Library 
Miranda Davis 

State Historical Society Library 

Helen M. McFarland 
306,919 v 

Spec Colls . John Brown Newspapers 

Stormont Medical Library, State House 

Louise McNeal 
2,044 * 

Washburn College Library 

Jessie Dean 

Spec. Colls.: Law Sociology. 


Friends University Library 
Alice L Beach 

Wichita University, Morrison Library 
35.000 v 


Saint John's Lutheran College Library 
Prof. A. W. Meyer 

Southwestern College Library 

Allen B. Wilson 
10,780 v. 



Union College, Speed Stevenson Library 

Abigail E. Weeks 
2,835 v 


Berea College Library 

Euphemia Kipp Cor win 
49,353 v Inc $13,452 

Bowling Green 

Business University Library 

L T. Dickey 
1,171 v. Inc $1,140 

Ogden College Library 

Robert Allen Burton 
6,000 v 

Western Kentucky State and Normal 
School and Teachers College Library 

Margie Helm 
14,190 v Inc $7,664 


Lindsey- Wilson Junior College Library 

A P White 
2,360 v Inc $422 


Centre College Library 
Edward Flaig, Jr " 
34,964 v Inc $2,518 

Kentucky College for Women Library 

Mrs Lettie S McDowell 
3,026 v 


Kentucky State Historical Society Library 

Mrs Jouett Ta>lor Cannon 
2,673 v Inc. $5,720 

Normal and Industrial School Library 

Bonnie B Brown 
2,000 v 


Georgtown College Library 

Mrs Eva F. Fisher 
26,150 v Exp $4,000 


Agricultural Experiment Station Library 

Grace L Snodgrass 
11^970 v. 

Transylvania College Library 
Mrs. Charles F. Norton 
33,487 v. 

Spec. Colls.: Kentucky. Law. Theology. 

University of Kentucky Library 

Margaret I. King 

71,019 v Inc. $25,000; salaries, $12,800; bks., 
$7,700; per., $2,200 



KENTUCKY Continued 

Lincoln Ridge 

Lincoln Institute Library (negro) 

Mrs. Grace M Scott 
7,000 v. 


Sue Bennett Memorial College Library 
3,000 v Bks., per , $500 


Board of Education Library 

Camille Semonin 
4,362 v. 

Jefferson County and University of Louis- 
ville Medical Library 
9.500 v. Inc $1,000, bks , per, $575 

Louisville Law Library 

Susan A Fleming 
16,991 v. Inc $3,000 

Presbyterian Theological Seminary Library 

Edward L Warren 
22,183 v Inc $1,260 

Simmons University Library (negro) 

Pearl Harrington 

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 

John R Sampey 
31,830 v. Inc $5,250 

University of Louisville Library 

Evelyn J. Schneider 
8,509 v Inc $1,500 

Medical Library See under Louisville, 
Jefferson County Library 


Morehead State Normal School Library 

Mrs Nannie G. Faulconer 
3 t 356 v. Inc $3,486 


Murray State Normal School Library 

Margaret Bailey 
6,000 v Inc $6,375 


Columba Memorial Library 

Sister Adelaide 
12,039 v. 


Eastern Kentucky State and Normal School 
Teachers College Library 

Mary Estelle Reid 
18,000 v. Inc. $6,000 


Bethel College Library 

B. R. Baldwin 
8,573 v 

Saint Mary 

Saint Mary's College Library 

Rev. Joseph J. Dietnert 


Gethsemanc College Library 

Rev F. M Dunne 
17,000 v. 


Cumberland College Library 

Mane Stivers 
5,180 v Inc. $1,300 


Asbur> College Library 

10,000 v 


Kentucky Wesleyan College Library 

Olivia E Orr 
7,170 v Tnc $2,500 

Baton Ronge 

Louisiana State University, Hill Memorial 

Charles H Stumberg 
55,000 v Inc $9,000 


Silliman Collegiate Institute Library 

M Wicker 
1,600 v 


Jefferson College Library 

Rev J. Carroll 
8,900 v 


Jackson Centenary College Library 

J N Brown 
3,000 v 


Southwestern Louisiana Institute Library 
10,038 v Inc , $12,740 


Louisiana State Normal College Library 

Scharhe E. Russell 
20,559 v Inc. $11,074 

New Orleans 

Baptist Bible Institute Library 

Eloise C Snider 
70,000 v. 

Louisiana State Museum Library 

Miss C S Freret 
18,500 v , 70,000 pam. Inc. $1,685 

Spec. Colls . French, Spanish and Amer- 
ican archives. 



LOUISANA Continued 

Ifew Orleans Continued 
Loyola University Library 

Rev Father James O'Brien 
55,000 v. 

Tulane University Libraries (including 
Law and Medical Schools) 

M. M Bell, E F Harvey, J. G Rogers 
112,511 v Inc (excluding salaries) $15,311, 
bks., per, $12,558; salaries, $9,080 

Newcomb College Library 

Mrs E F. Harvey 
26,079 v Inc $7,040, bks, pers, $3,500 

New Orleans Normal School Library 

Grace Leeds 
2,854 v. 

Orleans Parish Medical Library 

Mary Louise Marshall 
11,570 v Inc $2,000; bks, per, $950 

Straight College Library 

C H Hale 
4,200 v Inc $290 


Louisiana College, Henry A 
Memorial Library 
Eleanor Kopman 
7,502 v Inc $2,200 



Louisiana Polytechnic Institute Library 

Kathleen Graham 
5,ooov Inc $7,500 

Saint Benedict 

Saint Joseph's Seminary Library 

14,000 v 



York County Bar Library 

5,000 v Inc $520, bks , per , $406 


Androscoggin County Law Library 

7,000 v Inc. $500, bks, pers, $500 


Kennebec Historical Library 

P. S. Mooney 
1.500 v. 


Bangor Historical Society Library 

Bangor Theological Seminary Library 

Alfred M Perry 
36,500 v. Inc $1,000 ; bks, per., $850 


Sagadahoc County Law Library 

4,000 v. Inc. $500, bks., per., $500 


Bowdom College Library, 1794 

Gerald G. Wilder 

138,500 v. Inc. $21,034; salaries $9*076; bks., 
$5,409; per., $1,350 

Spec. Colls.. Longfellow. Huguenots. 
German dialect. Abbott family. Maine. 
Bureau for Research in Municipal Gov- 
ernment Library 
Orren C Harwell, director 


Eastern State Normal School Library 

Nellie F. Harvey 
3,500 v 


Piscataquis County Law Library 

5,000 v Inc $500, bks, per, $450 


Hancock County Law Library 


Franklin County Law Library 

5,000 v Inc $500 

State Normal School Library 

Agnes P Mantor 
5,ooo v. 

Fort Kent 

Madoaska Training School Library 
Mary P Nowland 


Gorham Normal School Library 

Nellie M. Jordan 
2,000 v. 


Aroostook County Law Library 


Bates College Library 

Mrs Blanche W Roberts 
51,351 v Bks , per , $1,337 

Spec Colls ' Free Baptists. Theology 


Washington Normal School Library 
Earle D Merrill 


University of Maine Library 

Raymond L. Walkley 

82,000 v Inc $17,500; salaries $8,800; bks, 
$5,515; per, $2,050 


MAINE Continued 


Maine Charitable Mechanical Association 

Maine Genealogical Society Library 

Maine Historical Society Library 

Evelyn L. Gilmore 

Maine Medical Association Library, 79 

Bramhall St. 
1,500 v. 

Society of Natural History Library 

Arthur N. Horton 
9,000 v. 

Presqne lale 

Aroostook State Normal School Library 

Ardelle M. Tozier 
2,595 v 


Knox County Law Library 



Somerset County Law Library 


Colby College Library 

Ernest C Marrmer 
65,ooov Inc $5,000 

Spec Coll.: Elijah Parish Lovejoy. 

Waterville Historical Society Library 
4,100 v 


Lincoln County Law Library 



Saint John's College Library 

Lulu V. Ebaugh 
I5300 v. Bks. f per., $5,000 

United States Naval Academy Library 

Richard Johnson Duval 
65,064 v. Inc. $18,000; salaries, $13,000; bks., 
per , $4,000 

Spec. Coll.: Electricity (Benjamin). 
Naval art, science, history and biography. 
Log books of early United States ships of 


College of Notre Dame Library 


Engineers Club of Baltimore, 6 West Fay- 
* ette St. 

W. A. Wood, secretary 
1,500 v. 

Baltimore Continued 

Goucher College Library 

Eleanor W. Falley 

40,637 v. Exp., salaries $10,934; bks., and 
per., $6,573 

Spec. Coll.: Anglo Saxon 

The Johns Hopkins University Library 
Librarian M. Llewellyn Raney 
Assistant Librarian Johannes Mattern 
Cataloging and Classification William 

Gordon Shules 
Order Ethel Hubbard 
Periodicals and Binding August C. 

Munzner, Jr. 
General Reading Room Frieda C. 


The libraries of the university, totalling 
291,000 bound volumes, with book expendi- 
tures (1925-26) of $40,12256, and salaries, 
$39,735-20, include, besides the humanities and 
mathematics occupying Gilman Hall (where 
all ordering, cataloging, classifying, and 
binding are centralized), the following depart- 
mental collections- 

School of Medicine 

Hilda Frush" 

Administration, $1,500 ; bks , $i 1,289 62 ; 
24,600 v., including the following branches : 

Department of Anatomy, 400 v. 

Department of Medicine, 500 v 

Department of Obstetrics, 1,640 v. 
(1,100 on loan) 

Department of Ophthalmology (Wilmer 
Clinic), 1,400 v. 

Department of Pathology, 1,800 v. 

Department of Pediatrics, 1,570 v. 

Department of Pharmacology, 600 v 

Department of Psychiatry, 4400 v. 

Department of Surgery, 800 v. 

School of Hygiene and Public Health 

Elisabeth S. Thies 
10,000 v. Administration $2,760, bks, $3,561 

Department of Biology 
8,700 v. Administration, secretarial, not 
separately budgeted 

Department of Chemistry 
6,000 v. Same as biology 

Department of Civil Engineering in 

School of Engineering 

4,200 v. Administration, see Geology ; bks , 

Departments of Electrical, Gas and 
Mechanical Engineering in School of 

3,150 v Administration, secretarial; bks., 


Department of Geology (temporarily 
housed with Civil Engineering) 

Miss G. E. Reed 

18,000 v. Administration, $1,500; books, not 
separately budgeted 



MARYLAND Continued 


Department of Physics (temporarily 
housed with Electrical, Gas, and Me- 
chanical Engineering) 
6,450 v. Same as Biology 

Department of Psychology 
2,500 v. Same as Biology 

Spec. Colls.: English economics, 1750- 
1850 American trade unions. Edmund 
Spenser. Teratology (Ahlfeld coll.). Medi- 
cal classics (Warnngton Dispensary coll.) 

Library Company of the Baltimore Bar 

Andrew H. Mettee 
55,ooo v. 

Loyola College Library 

Justin J. Ooghe 
52,000 v. 

Maryland Academy of Sciences Library 
12,000 v 

Maryland Diocesan Library 

Frank M Gibson 
33,000 v 

(Primarily for bishops and clergy of P E 

Maryland Historical Society Library 

Charles Fickus 
35.ooo v 

Maryland Institute for the Promotion of 
the Mechanic Arts Library 

Charles Fickus 
45,150 v. 

Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Mary- 
land, 121 1 Cathedral St. 

Marcia C. Noyes 
40,000 v 

Morgan College (negro), Charles Edmund 
Young Library 

James H. Carter, secretary 
6,600 v. Bks , per., $350 

Mount St. Joseph's College Library, Carroll 


Saint Joseph's Seminary Library 
32,771 v. 

Saint Mary's Seminary Library, 1791 

P. J. Blanc 
40,000 v. Inc. $1,000 ; bks , per , $728 

University of Maryland Library 

Ruth Lee Briscoe 

24,601 v. Exp. $6,524, salaries, $3,830, bk 
exp., including binding, $1,761 

Spec Colls : Medicine. Law Dentistry. 

Baltimore Continued 

University of Maryland Library, College 
Park. (Formerly Maryland State Col- 

Grace Barnes 
20,543 v. Inc. $14,420, bks., per, $4,040 


Maryland Normal and Industrial School 
Library (negro) 
Martle Harris 


Saint Charles College Library 
19,000 v. 


Washington College Library 

Bahnie Wedekmd 

9,000 v Exp $1,250 , salaries, $650 ; bks., per., 

College Park 

Maryland State College. Now part of 
University of Maryland, Baltimore 

Saint Charles College Library 

Rev P Roux 
19,000 v. 


Mount Saint Mar>'s College Library 

J J. Tierney 
25,000 v 

Saint Joseph's College Library 
15.000 v. 


Hood College Library 
Miriam R Apple 

8,000 v. Exp. $2,400, salaries, $1,500; bks 
per., $800 


Maryland State Normal School Library 

Helen Y. Hough 
6,200 v. Bks., per , $2,500 


Maryland College for Women Library 

Lulu Watts 

Mount Washington 

Mount Saint Agnes College Library 

8,000 v. 

New Windsor 

Blue Ridge College Library 

Lewis H. Brumbaugh 
5,500 v. 


MARYLAND Continued 


Maryland State Normal School Library 

Minnie L. Kutz 
2,027 v. 


Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital Library 

Mary R Mornssey 

3,685 v (general, for patients) , 1,250 (medical, 
for resident staff only) 

Medical collection specializes in psychol- 
ogy and psychiatry. 

State Normal School Library 

Mary L Osborn 

8^100 v Inc. $5,499, salaries, $3,400; bks, 
per., $1,568 


Western Maryland College Library 

Minnie Marsden Ward 

17,115 v. Exp $1,700, salaries, $1,200, bks, 
per, $500 

Westminster Theological Seminary Library 

Dr C E. Forlmes 
3,000 v 


rWoodstock College Library 

Jphn T. Langan, S. J 
65,000 v. 



Amherst College, Converse Memorial Li- 
Robert S Fletcher 

147,019 v Inc $32,315, salaries, $17,679, 

bks, $8,845, per, $3,436 

Spec. Coll Lichenology (Tuckerman) 

Massachusetts Agricultural College Library 

Basil B. Wood 
75,000 v. Inc $19,000 , bks , per , $7,500 

Spec Coll Horticulture and botan> 
(Thurber-Woolson) Chemistry (Grossman) 


American Academy of Arts and Sciences 

Library, 28 Newbury St. 

Harry M. Goodwin 
40,000 v 

Spec. Colls Journals and transactions 
of scientific societies and foreign academies. 

Boston Bar Association Library 
17,000 v. Exp. $5,020, bks., per., $2,000 

Boston City Hospital, Medical Library 

Elizabeth Healey 
4,353 v. Inc. $1,634; bks., per, $1,452 

Boston Continued 

Boston Medical Library, 8 Fenway St. 

Dr. John W. 'Farlow 

147,000 v., 100,000 pam. Inc $33,000; bks, 
per, $11,676 

Spec Colls : Oliver Wendell Holmes 
Industrial hygiene. Medals (medical). Phar- 
macy. Public health. Suicide Vaccination. 
Veterinary medicine. 

Boston Society of Civil Engineers Library, 
715 Tremont Temple 

J. B. Babcock 
10,000 v. 

Boston Society of Natural History Library, 

234 Berkeley St 

Dr Glover M Allen 

50,000 v, 46,000 pam Inc $23,000, bks, per., 

Spec fields Zoology Botany, Geology 
Geography and travel 

Reference free to all , circulation to mem- 
bers only 

Boston University Library 

The libraries of Boston University with 
a total of 99,400 volumes, include the fol- 
College of Liberal Arts Library 

Mabel Flora Barnum 
33,ooo v 

College of Business Administration 

Margaret S Locke 
12,600 v 

College of Practical Arts and Letters 

Genevieve Ransom 
School of Theology Library 

Gertrude Lee Allison 
19,000 v 
School of Law Library 

James N Carter 
16,000 v 
School of Medicine Library 

Gertrude L Hodges 
7,500 v 

-School of Religious Education and Social 
Service Library 

Elizabeth P. Sherman 
8,000 v. 

Emerson College of Oratory Library 

General Theological Society Library 

Mary M Pillsbury 
40^000 v Inc $14,000, bks., per, $2,500 

Spec Colls.: Bibles. Hymnology. Mis- 
sions Sociology. Sunday schools Philoso- 
phy and ethics, 

Reference free; circulation to any or- 
dained clergyman in New England 



Boston Continued 

Harvard Musical Association Library, 5/A 
Chestnut St 

Mary Thaycr 
io t ooo v. 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Shep- 

pard Library 

Ethel J Heath 
8,000 v 

Spec Colls . Pharmacopoeias; Old 
works on medical botany 

Massachusetts General Hospital, Treadwell 

Ljbrary (medical) 

Carrie L Williams 
11,800 v Bks, per, $1,053 

Circulation restricted to hospital staff 
and members of Medical Library Assn 

Massachusetts Historical Society Library, 

1154 Boylston St 

Julius H Tuttle 

100,000 v , 100,000 pain , very large collection 
of mss Inc $50,000 , bks , per , $3,000 

Spec Colls New England North 
America United States 

Open to public 

Massachusetts Horticultural Society Li- 
brary, 300 Massachusetts Ave 
Dorothy St J Manks 

25,000 v Inc $2,000 

Spec Coll Landscape gardening 
Reference free, circulation for members 


Massachusetts New Church Union Free 
Library, 134 Bowdoin St 

Benjamin A Whittemore 
3,500 v. 

Massachusetts Normal Art School Library 
3,ooo v 

Museum of Fine Arts Library 

Ashton Sanborn 

60,000 v and pam, including 25,000 in 
Chinese and Japanese 

Spec Colls . Art in India, Ceylon, Java, 
China, Japan Chinese books on fine arts and 

Navy Yard and First Naval District 

600 v 

New England Conservatory of Music Li- 

Mary Alden Thayer 
6,000 v 

New England Historic Genealogical Society 
Library, 9 Ashburton Place 

William Prescott Greenlaw 
60.000 v. 50,000 pam Inc. $25,700, bks , per , 
$2,250 ! 

Boston Continued 

New England Methodist Historical Society 

Rev. Charles S. Nutter 
20,000 v 

Northeastern University Library, 316 Hunt- 
ington Ave. 
Myra White 

11,167 v. Inc. $4,790, bks, per., $800 


Saint John's Boston Ecclesiastical Seminary 

School Committee of the City of Boston, 
Administration Library, 15 Beacon St 
Elizabeth Burrage 

Simmons College Library, 300 The Fenway 

Alice L Hopkins 

41,172 v Salaries $7,273, bk exp, $2,002; 
per, $1,146 

Especially strong in household economics^ 
business and secretarial information and li- 
brary science 
Social Service Library, 18 Somerset St. 

Margaret Withington 

6,700 v, 61,300 pam Salaries, $3,017; bks, 
per , $202 

Strong in Americanization, child welfare, 
community organization, delinquency, eugen- 
ics, housing, immigration, labor, public health, 
penology, social hygiene 

Social Law Library, 18 Somerset St 

Howard L Stebbms 
80,000 v Inc $30,000, bks , per , $7,5" 

For members , as a courtesy, open to local 

Society for the Preservation of New Eng- 
land Antiquities Library, 2 Lynde St. 

George Parker Winship 
2,340 v , 5,759 Pam , 44573 photographs, etc. 

Teachers College Library, 625 Huntington 
Mildred W Wadsworth 

10,000 V 

Tufts College Medical and Dental School 
Library See Medford 

U S Circuit Court of Appeals Library, ist 

Circuit, Federal Bldg. 

M Linda Black 
17,000 v 

Special field Federal practice and pro- 

For U S Courts and Members of the 
Boston Bar Assn. 


State Normal School Library 

Julia C. Carter 
16,393 v. 





Episcopal Theological School Library 

Grace Littell 
27,000 v. Inc, $2,958, bks., per., $1,440 

Harvard University Library, 1638 

Director Archibald Cary Coohdge 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
2497,200 books and pamphlets, with book ex- 
penditures (1925-26) of $179,807, include the 
Harvard College Library 

Librarian William Coolidge Lane 
Bibliography George P. Winship 
Catalog and Shelf T. Franklin Currier 
OrderAlfred C Potter 
Reference Walter B. Bnggs 
1,282,500 bks and pam Salaries, etc, $i35r 
698; bks, $75,458 

Spec Colls.. American History: Eajrly 
newspapers, Western history, slavery; Lin- 
colon (Rothschild and Nolen colls.) ; naval 
history ; Mormomsm. British History . Local 
history , I7th and i8th cent, political and his- 
torical pamphlets. Canada. Catacombs 
Classics : Aristophanes, Horace, Per&ms, et al. 
Crusades; history of Latin East. English 
Literature: Shakespeare, Donne; Dryden, 
Herbert, Milton; Pope; Byron; Coleridge, 
Wordsworth . Shelley 4 Keats , Stevenson , 
Kipling Folklore and related subjects 
alchemy, witchcraft, mediaeval romances, 
chapbooks French History, Local historical 
societies, Jeanne d'Arc, French Revolution, 
Dreyfus affair. French Literature. Moliere, 
Montaigne ; . Rousseau , Bossuet German 
History Imitatio of Thomas a Kempis 
(Copinger coll.). Incunabula Italian Liter- 
ature: Dante. Ottoman Empire (Riant Lib.). 
Portuguese History and Literature. Siam 
Slavic History, Literature, and Art South 
American History: Chile; Venezuela, 
Bolivia; Paraguay. Theatre (colls of R G 
Shaw, Robert W Lowe, Evert J Wendell. 
Daniel P. Griswold, et al.). Tobacco. 
Architecture, School of, Library 

Ruth V. Cook 

3,600 v. Administration $3,077; bks., $530 
Landscape Architecture, School of, Li- 

Katherine McNamara 
10,800 v. Administration $3,107; bks , $624 

Business Administration, Graduate 
School of, Library 

Charles C Eaton 
54,100 v. Administration $39,395 , bks , $13,232 

Bussey Institution Library (applied 

Julia C Foley 
34,5oov. Bks. $731 

Dental School Library 
7,800 v Bks., binding, $246 

Cambridge Continued 
Education, Graduate School of, Library 

Dorcas M. Bishop 

25,600 v. Administration $5,688; bks., $1,379 
Engineering School Library 

Josephine Frost 
5,100 v. Bks. $1,542 
Law School Library 

Prof. Eldon R. James 

288,800 v. Administration $44,365. bks. r 

Spec Coll ' International law (Ohvart). 
Early English law (Geo Dunn coll ) Laws of 
South American republics. 
Medical School Library, Boston 

Frances N. A. Whitman 

145,200 v. Administration $7,593 , bks., $4,318 
Theological School Library 

Rev. Owen H. Gates 

187,900 v. Administration $5,137, bks , $1,584 
Arnold Arboretum Library, Boston 

Ethelyn M. Tucker 
44,900 v. 
Astronomical Observatory Library 

H W. Winkley 
60,000 v. Bks, binding, $309 
Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory Li- 
brary, Milton 
24,70ov. Bks, $55 
Gray Herbarium Library 

Prof B L Robinson 
34,100 v. Bks $1,002 

Museum of Comparative Zoology Li- 

Samuel Henshaw 
136,200 v. Bks , binding, $1,345 

Spec. Coll.- Entomology (Hagen). 
! Echmoderms Coelenterates Paleontology. 
Geological surveys 

Peabody Museum Library 

Prof R B. Dixon 
19,000 v Bks., binding, $574 
Spec. Coll.: Central America and Mexico, 
incl. reproductions of U S material. 

Special Libraries 

Bureau of Municipal Research 

Joseph Wright 
11,034 v. Bks, binding, $174 

Chemical Laboratory 

Miriam E. Smith 
18,969 v. 

Mineralogical Laboratory 

Prof. Charles Palache 
3,9O9 v. Bks., binding, $1,004 

Cryptogamic Botany (Farlow Library) 

Bertha E. Woods 
22,172 v. Bks., binding, $1,289 

Philosophy Library 

Benjamin Rand 
7,823 v. Bks., binding, $355 




Cambridge Continued 

Social Ethics Library 

Ruth E Carroll 
16,685 v Bks , binding, $665 

Semitic Library 

Prof. D G. Lyon 
2,180 v Bks , $20 

Music Library 
4,967 v Bks $75 

Fine Arts Library (Fogg Museum) 
4^29 v Bks , binding, $553 
30 other special libraries in teaching depart- 
ments, 40,400 v. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Li- 

Librarian William N Seaver 
Assistant Librarian Bertha P Trull 
The Institute Library includes the fol- 

Central Library 
Branch Libraries . 

Architecture (491 Boylston St, Boston) 

Civil Engineering 




Mining and Metallurgy 

Modern Languages 

Naval Architecture 

Walker Memorial (recreational reading) 
Also seven smaller departmental reading 

240,000 v f including cataloged pams Exp 
$41,580, bks f $6,802, per, $4,076 

Spec Colls Electrical engineering 
and aeronautics (Vail) Civil engineering, 
i8th and early igth century, on indefinite 
loan from Woburn Public Library (Baldwin) 
Glass, (Gaffield) Physics and general 
science (Derr) Naval history and architec- 
ture (Clark) Naval architecture (Bryant) 

Middlesex Law Library Association 

Grace H Parker 
40.872 v Inc $7,000 

New Church Theological School Library 
15,000 v 

Radcliffe College Library 

Rose Sherman 
65,000 v Inc $3,600 

Chestnut Hill 

Boston College Library, 140 Common- 
wealth Ave 

Rev William N. Stinson 
60,000 v Bks , per , $7,000 


Historical Society Library 

Charles Stearns 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,700 


Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association 

20,000 v 

Fall River 

Fall River Medical Society Library, 538 
Prospect St. 

Thomas F Gunning, M. D. 
700 v. 

Union Hospital Medical Library, 538 Pros- 
pect St. 

George L. Richards, M.D. 
604 v 


Fitchburg Historical Society Library 
7,000 v 

State Normal School Library 

Cora B. Hassell 
15,000 v 


State Normal School Library 

Ella C Ritchie 
5,126 v 


Franklin County Law Library 
13,000 v 


Essex County Agricultural School Library 

George E Gifford 
4,500 v, much bulletin material 

Danvers State Hospital Library 

Mrs Gertrude F Smith 


State Normal School Library 

Bessie Goff 

Jamaica Plain 

Children's Museum Reading Room Library 
400 v 


Lawrence General Hospital, Flanders Med- 

ical Library 

J Forrest Burnham, M D 
562 v 

Lawrence Law Library 
12,500 v 


State Normal School Library 
Marion J Meserve 


Lowell Textile School Library 




Tufts College, Eaton Memorial Library 

Ethel Munroe Hayes 

92,000 v Inc. $12,896; salaries, $5,708; bks., 
and per., $2,401 

Medical and Dental School Library, 

Sara E. Blake 
3,500 v. 

Universalist Historical Society Library (de- 
posited in Tufts College Library) 

Newton Center 

Newton Theological Institution, Hills Li- 

Rev. William J. Cloues 

North Adami 

State Normal School Library 

Grace Louise Donelson 
8,594 v. 


Hampshire County Law Library 

Smith College Library 

Mary Dunham 
158,000 v Inc. $10,800, bks, per., $10,600 

Spec. Colls . Early botany Early econom- 
ics and English guilds Rousseau Horace 


Mount Hermon School, Schauffler Memorial 


Wheaton College Library 
15,000 v Bks., per , $1,000 


Berkshire County Law Library 

15,000 v. Inc $2,300 


Pilgrims Society Library 

William C Whiting 
3,ooo v 

Plymouth County Law Library 
7,400 v. 


Essex County Law Library 

Sumner Y. Wheeler 
35,000 v. Inc. $7,6oo 

Essex Institute Library 
Harriet S Tapley 

116,000 v., 400,000 pam., 2,600 other v.; mss.; 
1,200 log books 

Salem Continued 

Spec. Colls.: New England. Genealogy. 
Marine commerce Newspapers. Numis- 
matics. Ward China Library 

State Normal School Library 

Lucy S Bell 
12,000 v. Bks., per., $1,500 

South Hadley 

Mount Holyoke College, Williston Memo- 
rial Library 

Bertha E Blakeley 

98,500 v. Inc $28,199, salaries, $13,5 17, bks, 
$4,398, per, $2,466 

South Lancaster 

Atlantic Union College Library 

4,500 v 


Hampden County Law Library 

17,000 v. Inc. $6,000 , bks , per , $2,150 

International Y. M C A College Library 
19,000 v Inc $2,050 


Bristol County Law Library 

8,300 v Inc $2,900, bks, per, $1,250 

Old Colony Historical Society Librar> 

Perkins Institution for the Blind Library 

Mary Esther Sawyer 
11,000 v letter press, 20,800 v. embossed 

Spec Coll . "Blmdiana" (finest in English 
in world) 

Circulation of embossed books throughout 
U S and Canada; regional library for New 
England for books in Grades i, i*A, and 2 

United States Arsenal, Library ol Tech- 
5,200 v 


McLean Hospital Medical Library 

Laura F Philbrook 
6,958 v 


Wellesley College Library 

Ethel Dane Roberts 

115,690 v. Exp. $39,636, salaries, $26,150, 
bks., per., binding, $12,077 

Spec. Colls. Italian .(Plimpton). Eng- 
lish poetry (first and rare editions) Ruskin 
Goethe Biblical history. 


State Normal School Library 

Gladys F. Pratt 
4,000 v. 





Adelphic Union Library 

10,000 v. 

Williams College Library 

W. N. C. Carleton 
115,000 v. Bks., per., $3,870 

Spec. Colls. . Incunabula. 
Physics. Rare books. 


Woodi Hole 

Marine Biological Laboratory Library 
14,000 v. f 25,000 monographs Inc. $200; bks , 
per., $1,100 


American Antiquarian Society Library 

Clarence S. Brigham 
161,612 v., 257,228 pam 

Spec Colls, (all Americana, many of first 
rank) : Newspapers. Imprints prior to 1820 
Spanish Americana and West Indies Period- 
icals Local history Genealogies School 
books. Civil War and slavery Almanacs 
Directories. Maps Bookplates College re- 
ports Printing and journalism. Library of 
the Mathers. 

Clark University Library 

Louis N. Wilson 
105,000 v Inc. $36,000, bks., per. $10,800 

Spec. Coll : European war. International 
relations. Geography Psychology. 

Holy Cross College Library 

Foster M. Stearns 
60,000 v. 

State Normal School Library 

Winifred C. Fitch 
13,000 v Inc. $2,750, bks, per, $1,250 

Worcester County Horticultural Society Li- 
Lucy M Coulson 

3,774 v. 

For members and students 

Worcester County Law Library 

G. E. Wire 
40,000 v. Inc. $9,600; bks., per, $3,800 

Worcester District Medical Library 

Albert C Getchell, M D. 
15,756 v.- Inc. $600 

Worcester Historical Society Library 
50,000 v. Inc. $4,7<x> 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Library 

Emily M. Haynes 
22,700 v. 

Special fields. Engineering; chemistry; 




Adrian College Library 

Carrie Gregory 


Albion College Library 

Rose Ball 
31,551 v. Bks., per., $1,592 

Alma College Library 
Annette P. Ward 
34,348 v. Bks , per , $1,417 
Spec. Coll : Bibles. 

Ann Arbor 

Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and 
Letters Library 
W. W. Bishop 

University of Michigan Library 

Librarian William Warner Bishop 
The libraries of the University, totalling 
619,508 books and pamphlets, with book ex- 
penditures (1926-27) of $114,286, include the 
following : 
General Library 

Associate Librarian F. L D. Goodrich 
Assistant Librarian Rudolph Gjelsness 
421,202 v 

Special Colls.: Political economy (Par- 
sons Lib) Shakespeare (McMillan). Goethe. 
Dutch history and literature sources. Greek 
and Latin manuscripts. Oriental manuscripts, 
chiefly Arabic, Persian and Turkish. Papyri, 
chiefly Greek 

William L. Clements Library of Ameri- 
can History 

Custodian Randolph G. Adams 
20,800 v 

Transportation Library 
Hazel B MacDonald 
35,000 bks. and pam 

Collegiate Libraries 

Business Administration, School of, Li- 

Delia L. Egly 
1,246 v. 
Dental Surgery, School of, Library 

Elana K. Taylor 
4,218 v 

Engineering and Architecture, Colleges 
of, Library 

Vivian D. Baker 
15,612 v. 

East Engineering Library 
(Departments of Chemical and Aero- 
nautical Engineering) 

F. Emerson Reed 
5,6i7 v. 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Ann Arbor Continued 

Law School, Library of 

Hobart R. Coffey 
69,683 v. 

Medical School, Library of 

Sue Biethan 
44,656 v 

Chemistry Library 

Mabel F. McLouth 


Richard W. Lenske 
2,790 v. 

Natural Science 

Florence D. Peters 
21,224 v. 


Marie Donegan 

Battle Creek 

Battle Creek College Library 

Helen Jordan 
13,500 v. Bks., $1,800. 

Battle Creek Sanitarium, Physicians' Library 

Mrs Edith E Wagner 
4,500 v. 

Bernen Springs 

Emanuel Missionary College Library 

Mrs. Florence Tuels-Dunn 
10,500 v Inc $1,849, bks, per, $2,259 

Big Rapids 

Ferris Institute Library 

3,000 v Inc. $300; ftlcs , per , $300 


Historical Society Library of Branch 



College of the City of Detroit Library 
Maude E Allen 

Detroit Bar Association 

Olive C. Lathrop 
25,500 v. Inc. $11,000, bks , per , $4,500 

Detroit College of Medicine and Surgery 

H. O. Walker Memorial Library, 1516 St. 

Beatrice Carmichael 

Detroit Institute of Arts Library 

Detroit Teachers College 
Eleanor M Dye 

Harper Hospital Library (medical) 

Alice L Bone 
12,000 v. 

Detroit Continued 

Henry Ford Hospital Library, W Grand 
Blvd. and Hamilton Ave 

Louise Sias 

University of Detroit Library 

Edward Bergin 

35,000 v Appropriations, $3,500, bks . $3,000; 
per., $200 

Commerce and Finance Library 

Engineering Library 
Genevieve Dooley 
2,506 v 

Law Library 

O W. Johnson 
15,000 v. 

East Lansing 

Michigan Agriculture College Library 

Mrs Linda E Landon 
49,098 v. Bks . per . $7,467 

Grand Rapids 

Calvin College Library 

8,200 v Inc $2,800, bks, per, $2,500 

Grand Rapids Law Library, 103*5 Michigan 
Trust Bldg 

Geta V Godwin 
13,166 v. 

Junior College Library 
10,400 v Inc $1,500 

Highland Park 

Junior College Library 
Ruth M Irwm 


Hillsdale College Library 

Lottie Nell Ingram 
26,200 v 


Hope College, Graves Library 
25,000 v. 

Western Theological Seminary Library 

E J Blekkmk 
20,000 v Inc $550, bks, per, $500 


Michigan College of Mines Library 

Virginia E. McKenney 
32,201 v. 


Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine Library 
305 South Rose St. 
R. J. Hubbell, M.D. 

1,200 V. 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Kalamazoo Continued 

Kalamazoo College Library 

Jean Betts 
16,146 v Inc $5.321 . bks , per , $2,047 

Western State Normal School Librar> 

Anna L French 
25,000 v 


Michigan Agricultural College Library 

Mrs Linda Eohne Landon 
50,000 v 

Michigan Historical Commission Lilrar> 


Northern State Nnrmal School Library 

Lydia M Olson 
26,000 v 


St Mary's College Library 
10,173 v Inc $300, bks, per, $1,668 

Mount Pleasant 

Central Michigan Normal School Libran 

Miss M L Converse 
24,087 v Bks , per , $2,000 


Olivet College Library 
Luella Gray Miller 
35,436 v Bks , per , $176 
Spec Coll Music 

Port Huron 

Junior College Library 
Addie Gilbert 


State Normal College Library 

denevieve M Walton 
53,000 v Inc $5,000 , bks , per , $4.000 


Saint John's University Library 
Rev Basil Stegmann, OSB 
42,000 v 


Bar Library Association 

Louise Hicks 
40,000 v 

-^College of St Scholastica Library 
Sister Athanasius Braegelmann 
9,700 v 

State Teachers College Library 

Mary L. Ober 
11,000 v 


Minnesota School for the Blind Library 

Miss Beauman 
9,227 v. 

Faribanlt Continued 

Minnesota School for the Deaf Library 

Louis C Tuck 
4,767 v. 

Seabury Divinity School Library 

Frank H Hal lock 
14*250 v 

Spec Coll * Protestant Episcopal Church 

-Shattuck School Library 

Dorothy Pattee 


Lutheran Normal School Library 
3,500 v 


State Teachers College Library 

Emma Wieckmg 
8,865 v Inc $3,000, bks, per, $2,348 


Augsburg Seminar} Library 

J L Nydahl 

15,000 v Inc $756, bks, per., $654 
Spec Coll Scandinavia 

Bar Association Librar> 

36,000 v Inc $8,898, bks, per., $3,864 

Hcnnepin County Medical Society Library 

Mrs Carrie C Jones 
9,221 v Inc $2,000 , bks , per , $630 

Minneapolis Academy of Sciences Library. 

See Public Library 

Minneapolis Board of Education Library 

Jessie M Budge 

Minnesota College Library 

John Calvin 
5,000 v Inc $500, bks, per., $347 

Minnesota College of Law Library 
4,000 v Bks , per , $330 

University of Minnesota Library 

University Librarian Frank K. Walter 

The university library, totaling 472,148 

volumes, with expenditures of $71,388 for 

books and periodicals, includes the following 

collections outside the main library. (The 

Agriculture, Law and University High 

School libraries and those of the agricultural 

substations at Crookston, Grand Rapids and 

Morris have separate budgets) 

General Library 

Librarian Frank K Walter 
Catalog Edna L. Goss 
Circulation Helen M. Smith 
Order and Binding Harold Russell 
Reference Ina Ten Eyck Firkins 
420,000 v Salaries $06460; bks and binding, 



MINNESOTA Continued 


Spec. Colls.: English history, i;th cen- 
tury. Biological serials, animal and plant, in- 
cluding medicine. French history (Monod). 
Latin and Romance philology (Bonnet). 
Scandinavia. Canadian history and politics. 
Agriculture Department Library 

Harriet W. Sewall 

37,500 v. Administration $u,75<>; bks., etc., 
Chemistry, School of, Library 

Kathryn E. Crowley 
7,085 v. 

Engineering and Architecture, College of, 

Gertrude Veblen 
19,710 v. 
Law, School of, Library 

Arthur C. Pulling 

41,966 v. Administration $6,415, bks, etc, 

Mines, School of, Library 
Elizabeth B. Henderson 
7,887 v. 
University High School Library 

Alma Penrose 
2,121 v. Administration $2,500, bks, $500 


Concordia College Library 

Carrie Braaten 
18,000 v. 

State Teachers College Library 

Sarah Chase Hougham 
16,846 v. 

New Ulm 

Dr. Martin Luther College Library 

A. Schaller 
4,000 v. Inc. $125; bks., pers , $144 


Carleton College Library 

Walter M Patton 
70,500 v. Inc. $22,000; bks., per.. $5,900 

Spec. Colls.: Mathematics. Astronomy. 

Saint Olaf College Library 

O. G. Felland 
25,3*1 v. 


Mayo Clinic Library 
Sabma Waterfield 
20,500 v. 

Saint Cloud 

State Teachers College Library 

Edith E. H. Grannis 
19,080 v. Bks., per., $1,981 

Saint Joaepn 

Saint Benedict's College Library 

14,000 v. Bks., per., $3,000 

Saint Paul 

College of Saint Catherine Library 

Sister Mary Cecilia 
20,500 v. Inc. $2,600; bks., per., $2,600 

Concordia College Library 

Dr. H. Wallaeger 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,018; bks., pers., $1,127 

College of Saint Thomas Library 

Bonnetta C McElmeel 
15,700 v. 

Hamline University Library 

Anna Constance Lagergren 
27,000 v. 

J. J Hill Reference Library 

J G Pyle 
35,000 v Inc. $54,000 

Luther Theological Seminary Library 

M. O. Wee 
27,000 v. 

Macalester College, Edward D. Neill Li- 

Frederic G Axtell 
17,300 v. Inc $4,622; bks, per., $1,475 

Minnesota Historical Society Library 

Gertrude Krausnick 

158,000 v Inc. $49,675 ; bks , per., $4,060 
Spec. Coll : Genealogy. Newspapers. 

Ramsey County Medical Society Library 

Irene Goette 
13,500 v. Inc $2,320, bks, per., $751 

Saint Paul Seminary Library 

John Sehskar 
33,000 v. Inc. $1,000, bks., per, $900 

Seminary of the United Norwegian Luth- 
eran Church Library 
E K. Johnson 

University of Minnesota, College of Agri- 
culture Library 

Miss H. W Sewall 
37,000 v. Inc. $15,908; bks., per., $3,866 

Saint Peter 

Gustavus Adolphus College Library 

Mrs Victoria Johnston 
20,000 v. Inc. $700 


College of Saint Theresa Library 
Sister M. Florence Rose 

22.000 V. 

State Teachers College Library 

Natalie T. Huhn 
i<M34 v. 


A. fc M. College P. O. 

Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical 
College Library 

Whitman Davis 
35,757 v. Inc. $10,396; bks., per, $2,465 


Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College 
Library (negro) 
I. S Sanders 
2,000 v. Bks., per., $700 

Blue Mountain 

Blue Mountain College Library 

Mrs Booth Lowrey 
11,260 v Inc $2,340, bks , per , $801 


Whitworth College Library 

Miss V Pepper 
7,000 v. Inc. $1,500; bks, per, $200 


Hillman College Library 

Mrs G W Riley 
3,000 v Bks , pers , $200 

Mississippi College Library 

Miss Bennett 
4,000 v. 


Mississippi State College for Women Li- 

Mis B. Culbertson 
20,645 v. Inc $7,000; bks., per., $3,515 


Grenada College Library 

Miss E F Gnffeth 
5,000 v. Inc. $1,300; bks, per, $250 


Gulf Coast Military Academy Library 

Mrs. L. H. Lmfield 
1,200 v. Bks , per , $400 


Mississippi State Teachers College Library 

Miss A. M Roberts 
9,346 v. Inc. $3,900; bks., per., $2,500 

Mississippi Woman's College Library 

Mrs A. L. O'Bnant 
9,000 v. Inc. $2,650; bks., per., $1,000 

Holly Springs 

Mississippi Synodical College Library 

1000 V. 

Fust College Library 
B. Estelle Nelson 
5,000 v. 


Belhaven College Library 

MOO v. 

Millsaps College Library 

A. G. Sanders 
15,000 v Inc. $1,500; bks., per., $750 


Tougaloo University Library (negro) 

Mrs. W. T. Holmes 
4,500 v. Bks., per., $125 


University of Mississippi Library 

Alice Mayes 

40,000 v. Inc. $6,892; bks. f per., $4,39* 
Spec. Colls.: Law Pedagogy. 


All Saints College Library 

1,500 v. 


Jefferson Military College Library 


Palmer College Library 
Mrs C L Larmer 
4,645 v Bks, per, $400 


Southwest Baptist College Library 
J Frank Smay . 


Missouri Christian College Library 
3,ooo v. 


Missouri Wesleyan College Library 

Carrie E Shepherd 
i2,444v Bks', per., $900 


Culver-Stockton College Library 

Claude E. Spencer 
16,196 v. Bks., per., $2,000 

Cape Girardeau 

Saint Vincent's College Library 
4,ooo v 

State Teachers College Library 

Sadie T. Kent 
42,687 v. 


Ozark Wesleyan College Library 

Mrs. L. M. Oswald 
3,500 v. Bks., per., $500 


MISSOURI Continued 
Christian College Library 

Luthera Woodbury 
5.76i v Bks , per , $500 

State Historical Society Library 

Floyd C Shoemaker 
173.650 v Bkb , pers . $1,300 

Stephens College Library 
Ruth E Bogart 

University of Missouri Library 

Librarian Henry Ormal Severance 
Assistant librarian Will H Collins 
Acquisitions S Blanche Hcdrick 
Catalog Florence B Curne 
Spec Colls Classics Comparative law 
France (mediaeval) Criminology 

The libraries of the University, totaling 
248,641 books, with book expenditures 1926 of 
$35.32-2 and salaries $37,555, beside the General 
Library include the following- 
Agricultural Lihrar> 

Jane Frodsham 

14,084 v Administration $1,850, bks . $1,450 
Engineering Library 

Jane A Hurty 
6,565 v Administration $1,100, bks, $1,000 

Journalism Library 

Julia Sampson 
2,353 v Administration $960 , hks , $579 

Law Library 

Percy A Hogan 
27,621 v Administration $2,400, bks, $2,520 

Medical Library 

Lula Testerman 
8,884 v Administration $900, bks, $1,740 

School of Mines and Metallurgy Library, 

Edith C Jones 
31,000 v 


Abbey Library 

20,000 v. 


Saint Paul's College Library 

5,500 v 


Central College Library 

H. C Penn 
20,167 v. Bks , per., $1,892 


Synodical College Library 

Meta Wood 
3*700 v. 

Westminster College Library 

Mrs Lee W. Rood 
13.274 v Bks , per , $1,000 

William Woods Junior College Library 

Fannie W Booth 
6,000 v Bks , per , $450 


Iberia Academy Library 
G Byron Smith 


Latter Dav Saints School Library 

C I Carpenter 
12,000 v Inc $255 

Jefferson City 

Lincoln University Library (negro) 

S E Pr>or 
5,634 v Bks- . per , $500 

Supreme Court Library 

A J Menteer 
73^55 v Bks , per , $2,500 

Kansas City 

Bar Library Association Library 

Alice M Smart 
19,000 v Bks , per . $3.000 

For members and students of the Kansas 
Cit\ School of Law only 

Court of Appeals Librar> 

T C Stean 
16000 v 

Jackson County Medical Society Library, 

Medical Arts BIdg / 

Mrs Rosa M Hihbard V 
15,000 v 

Open to all for reference, circulation for 
members only 

Junior College Library 

Bertha Ferguson 
10,579 v 

Kansas City Art Institute, Downing Library, 
3500 Warwick Blvd 
Jessie Dickcrson 
1,200 V. 

National Training School Librarj 

Mary F Smith 
2,632 v Bks j per , $150 

Saint Theresa Junior College Library 

Sister M Florentia 
9,525 v 

Teachers College Library 

Stella S Pierson 
3,850 v. Bks , per*, $1,500 


Kidder Institute Library 

Winifred Shaw 
2,822 v. Bks , per., $300 



MISSOURI Continued 
State Teachers College Library 

Ethel B McGinnis. acting 
18,000 v 

La Grange 

La Grange College Library 
A F Morris 

7,500 V 


William Jewell College Library 

J C Armstrong 
35.285 v Bks , per , $1,000 

Spec Coll Baptist history 


Missouri Valle> College Library 

Stella B Hicks 
24,000 v Bks , per , $600 


Maryville College of the Sacred Heart Li- 

-State Teachers College Library 

C Edwin Wells 
21,363 v 


Hardm College Librarv 

Jeanette Oaklc> 
3.774 v Bks, per, $411 


Cotte> College Librarj 

Lutie P Key 
3,626 v 

O'Fallon Park 

Saint Mary's Junior College Libran 

Sister M Borgia 
3.^70 v 


Park College Librarv 
Alice M Waldron 
33,080 v Bks , per . $1,300 


Saint Mary's Seminary Library 

J E Mclntyre 
6,500 v 


University of Missouri, School of Mines 

and Metallurgy Library See Columbia 

Saint Charles 

Lindenwood College Library 

Abi Russell 
9,240 v. 

Saint Louis 

Academy of the Sacred Heart Library 

10,000 v. 

Christian Brothers' College Library 
10,000 v 

City Art Museum and J. Clifford Richard- 
son Library, Forest Park 

Blanche A Archambault 
6,000 v 

College of Physicians and Surgeons t l " 


Concordia Theological Seminary, Pntzlaff 

Memorial Library, 801 De Mun Ave 
Prof Richard W Hemtze 

Foiitbcmnc College Library 

Catherine M Jones 
6,590 v Bks , per , $850 

Forest Park College Library 
3,000 v 

Law Library Association of St Louis 

Gamble Jordan 
42,000 v 

Missouri Botanical Garden Library 

Nell C Horner 
43,000 v , 60,800 pam , 331 mss 

Missouri Historical Society Library 

Stella M Drumm 
41,270 v Bks , per , $1,640 

Spec Colls Jefferson Genealogy. 
Earh western travels Indians. 

Municipal Medical Library 
3.200 v 

St Louis Academy of Science Library, c/o 

St Louis Public Library, Applied Science 

Mar> V Roemer 
17.000 v , 16.000 pam 

Saint Louis Medical Society Library, 3839 
Lmdell Blvd 

Lily C Hanvey 
-24.035 v Bks . per , $4,000 

Saint Louis Mercantile Library Association 

W L R Gifford 
165,557 v Bks, per, $11,000 

Saint Louis School of Fine Arts Library 
Helen L Williams 

Saint Louis Municipal Medical Library, 
1515 Lafayette Avc. 

S B Leathe 
4,000 v 



MISSOURI Continued 

Saint Louis Continued 

Saint Louis University Library 

Henry H. Regnet 
121,313 v. Bks. per., $14,061 

University College of Dentistry Library 
University Law School Library 

University School of Commerce Library 
University School of Divinity Library 
University School of Medicine Library 

Mrs. E. A. Washburn 
9,025 v. 

Teachers Library, 1517 South Theresa St 

Myrtle I. Smith 
30,000 v. 

Visitation Junior College Library 

Sister M. Gabriel Kane 
15,061 v. 

Washington University Library 

James A McMillen 

261,301 v Inc $110,000, salaries, $33,900, 
bks , per and binding, $69,550 ($27,339 Bixby 

Spec. Colls German (Preetorius). Rare 
books and Mss (Bixby). Scotland (Gregg) 

University, Law School Library 
30,000 v 
University, Medical School Library 

Ella B Laurence 
35,249 v 
University School of Fine Arts 

Helen L. Williams 
University Students' Library 
13,537 v. 

Xenia Theological Seminary Library, 6834 
Washington Ave 

Dr. J H. Webstci 
17,000 v. 


Court of Appeals Library 
6,000 v. 

Drury College Library 

William A. Daggett 
42,762 v. Bks , per., $1,500 

Southwest Missouri State Teachers College 

Grace Palmer 
28,160 v. Bks., per, $3,000 


Tarkio College Library 

Jessie Marlin 
11,246 v. Bks., per., $500 


State Teachers College Library 

Ward Edwards 
31,972 v. Bks., per., $5,500 


Central Wesleyan College Library 

Henry Vosholl 
13,190 v. Bks., per., $500 

Webster Groves 

Eden Theological Seminary Library, 475 
East Lockwood Ave 
Prof. J. Bicgeleisen 

Webster College Library 
Sister Frances Marie 
10,000 v. , pam , per. 



State Normal School Library 
Pauline H. Rich 


Montana State College Library 

Elizabeth Forrest 
30,465 v. Inc. $11,200, bks., per, $3,000 


Montana State School of Mines Library 

Agnes Hubbard 
10,000 v. Bks, per, $775 

Silver Bow County Law Library 

Geraldme Haggerty 
8,000 v. 


State Normal College Library 

Lillian R. Free 
16,000 v. 


Historical Society of Montana Library 

David Hilger 
31,340 v Inc. $4,800; Bks , per., $150 

Spec. Colls : Indians. Newspapers Yel- 
lowstone National Park. 

Intel-mountain Union College Library 

Robert G. Raymer 
7,000 v. Inc. $1,250; bks., per., $520 

State Law Library 

Ashburn K. Barbour 
35,000 v. Inc., $15,145; bks., per., $3,000 


State University of Montana Library 

M. Gertrude Buckhous 

98,900 v. Salaries, $16,315; bks., $4,559; per-, 

Spec. Coll. : Montana history 



MONTANA Continued 

MiMonla Continued 
Law School Library 

Charlotte Russell 
13,000 v. Bks., per., $2,000 

Spec. Coll.: American statutory law. 

United States Forest Service, District No 
i Library 

Eve Arnmen 
2,000 v. 



Cotner College Library 
Ernest W. Lundeen 
6,200 v. 


Dana College Library 

4,59 v. 

Spec. Coll : Theology 


State Teachers College Library 

Anna B. Bright 
8,270 v. 

College View 

Union College Library 
Blanche M. Wood 
9,000 v. 


Doane College, Whitin Library 

William B Hunt 
16,000 v. 


Nebraska School of Agriculture Library 
C. V. Williams 


Midland College Library 

Helene H. Harder 
15,000 v. 

Grand Island 

Grand Island College Library 

Esther Hile 
10,868 v. 


Hastings College Library 

Mrs. Ida E. Capps 


State Teachers College Library 

Anna V. Jennings 
25,000 v. 


Lincoln General Hospital, Winnett Memo- 
rial Library, 2315 South i;th St 

Mary E. Talcott 

1,900 v., 22 per. (medical) ; 500 v., 15 per. (gen- 

State Historical Society Library 

Mrs. C. S. Paine 
60,000 v. 

Teachers College Library 
Mabel Harris 

University of Nebraska Library 

Gilbert H. Doane 

211,000 v. Inc. $81,074; salaries, $41.074; bks , 
maintenance, $40,000 

Spec. Colls. : Entomqlogy. French revo- 
lution Woodrow Wilson. Newspapers. 
College of Medicine Library, 42nd St. and 
Dewey Ave , Omaha 

Madalene Hillis 
30,000 v , 15,000 pam. 

Winnett Memorial Library, I7th and Sewell 
Spec. Field. Medicine. 


Creighton University Library 

Francis E. Fitzgerald 
3^647 v 
Medical College Library 

Helen McMahon 
603 v. 

Nebraska State Medical Association 
brary, 42nd St and Dewey Ave 

W P. Wherry, M D. 


Presbyterian Theological Seminary Library 

University of Omaha Library 

Inez Chestnut 

University of Nebraska, College of Medi- 
cine Library. See Lincoln 


State Teachers College Library 

Grace M. Petersen 

University Place 

Nebraska Wesleyan University Library 

Ethel M. Langdon 
17,802 v. 


Luther College Library 
Mrs. Hulda Knock 
5,000 v. 



NEBRASKA Continued 


State Teachers College Library 

Nellie E Behm 
14,000 v 


York College Library 

Edith Cone 
5.ooo v 



State Historical Library 

Jeanne Elizabeth Weir, secretary 
5,000 v 

University of Nevada Library 

Joseph D Layman 

46,893 v Inc $8,597, salaries, $5,119, bk 
exp , $3.249 

Spec Coll Classics (Kirchoff) 
Agricultural College Library 
Agricultural Experiment Station Library 
Mining Library 
Mining Experiment Station Librar> 



New Hampshire Historical Society 

Otis G Hammond 
38,000 v., 20,000 pam Inc $30,000 
Spec Colls Mss 


University of Ne\v Hampshire, Hamilton 

Smith Library 

Willard P Lewis 

56,895 v Inc $16,689 . salaries, $9,200 , bks , 
per, etc, $7,014 

Spec Colls Durham authors New 


Dartmouth College Library 
Nathaniel L Goodrich 

225,000 v -Inc, $71.400, salaries, $32,000, bks , 
$18,600. per, $7,100 

Spec Colls Daniel Webster New 
Hampshire Newspapers (New Hampshire 
and Vermont) Romance linguistics. French 
humanistic literature especially Amyot 
Crystal physics Optics. French economic 

Medical School Library 

R. C. Syvertsen 
15,000 v 

Spec Coll Early medicine 

Observatory Library 


State Normal School Library 
Katherine Ball 


Manchester Historic Association 

Fred W Lamb 
3,ooo v. 

Saint Anselm's College Library 

Rev Ernest Heimstetter 
13,000 v. Inc $525 , bks , per , $100 


State Normal School Library 

Gertrude I Shaw 
6,000 v 



Blopmfield Theological Seminar} Library 
6,000 v 

Convent Station 

College of St Elizabeth Library 

13,200 v Inc $925 , bks , per , $325 

East Orange 

Upsala College Library 

A R Caiman 
5,ooo v 


New Jerse> State Normal School Library 
Louise A Horme 


Historical Societ} of Bergen County Li- 

Frances A Westervelt 
400 v 


Stevens Institute of Technology Library 

Enid May Hawkins 
18,000 v 

Jersey City 

St Peters College Library 

P M Collins 
50,000 v 


Drew Theological Seminary Library 

139,000 v. 

Spec. Colls. Africa Bibles Church 
Exegesis Great Britain Hymnology. Meth- 
odism. Missions Music, history Palestine 
Patristics Slavery. Tractanans 


State Normal School Library 

13.040 v 



' NEW JERSEY Continued 


Physiatnc Institute Library 
Rudolf Scharf, M. D. 

Mount Holly 

Lyceum of History and Natural Sciences 

Mrs E. H Scheetz 
5,631 v 


Academy of Medicine of Northern New 
Jersey Library, 91 Lincoln Park 

Gertrude Fitzgerald Stewart 
6,000 v 

Essex County Law Library 
12,000 v. 

Lawyers' Club of Essex County Library 

Philapena N Carner 
6,000 v. 

New Jersey Historical Society Library 

Rev Joseph F Folsom 
65,000 v 

New Jersey Law School Library 
3.700 v 

Prudential Insurance Co of America, Law 

Frederick B Walrath 
20,000 v 

State Normal School Library 
15,000 v 

Technical School and College of Engineer- 
ing Library 
5,000 v. 

New Brunswick 

Rutgers University Library 

George A Osborn 

141,889 v Inc, $45,975, salaries, $27,000, 
hks , per , $3,500 

Theological Seminary Reformed Church, 

Gardner A Sage Library 

John C Van Dyke 
58,000 v 

Spec Colls : Arabic Dutch Reformed 
Church Garfield Holland 

State Normal School Library 
Dorothy A Abrams 


William Pierson Medical Library Associa- 

Dr. Thontas W. Harvey 


Princeton Theological Seminary Library 

Joseph H. Dules 
120,056 v. 

Spec. Colls Baptists. Great Britain. 
Jansenists Presbyterians Puritan theology. 
Synod of Dort 

Princeton University Library 

Librarian James Thayer Gerould 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
about 600,000 books and 100,000 pamphlets, 
are administered as a unit The expenditure 
for books, periodicals and binding for the 
year 1925-26 amounted to $60,020, for salaries 

Assistant Librarian Henry Bartlett 

Van Hoesen 

Acquisitions Lawrence Heyl 
Catalog Linn Rudolph Blanchard 
Circulation G Vinton Duffield 
Reference Malcolm Oakman Young 
Special Collections George Mann Peck 
Spec Colls American history Civil 
war, Southern states, Woodrow Wilson. 
Aldrich \rabic manuscripts. Assynology. 
Chess Classics Horace; Vergil Cruik- 
shank Crusades Economics Foreign pub- 
lic nuance. Industrial relations. Railroad 
and corporation finance Egptology Fine 
Arts Christian and early medieval art, 
Manuscript illumination French literature. 
Alexander romances Balzac. Montaigne; 
Rabelais. Rousseau, plays (i8th and early 
roth century) , romances, (i7th and l8th 
century Geology German literature, late 
igth and 2Oth century Gryphius imprints 
International law Mathematics New Jersey 
imprints Papyri Strawberry Hill imprints 
Astronomy (Observatory) 

Prof R S Dugan 
3,000 v 

Guyot Hall Library (Biology and 

Earl Reinhold Carlson 
25,000 v 

McCormick Hall Library (Fine Arts, in- 
cluding architecture) 

Hazel M Whitworth 
15,000 v 

Mathematics (Palmer Laboratory) 
6,200 v 

Physics (Palmer Laboratory) 
3750 v 


Salem County Historical Society Library 
A A Pettit 

2,000 V. 

South Orange 

Seton Hall College -Library 

John J Sheerin 
20,000 v 



HEW JERSEY Continued 


State Normal School Library 

Lily M. Dodgen 
12,000 v. 


Historical and Antiquarian Society Library 

Frank D. Andrews 
11,300 v. 



University of New Mexico Library 

Wilma Loy Shelton 

29,024 v. Inc. $3,040; salaries, $5,065; bks., 
$1,589; per., $516 

Bait Las Vegat 

New Mexico Normal University Library 
44,500 v. Inc. $1,325 

Las Vegas 

State Normal University Library 

Vivian Hedgcock 
6,700 v. 


New Mexico Military Institute Library 

Capt Paul Horgan 
4,491 v. Inc. $2,560, bks , per , $1,100 

Santa Fe 

Museum Library 

6,025 v. 

Saint Michael's College Library 

Brother Patrick 
5,700 v. 

School of American Research, Museum of 

New Mexico Library 

Mrs. Bertha Van Stone 
10,000 v. 

Spec. Fields: Archaeology. Ethnology 

State Law Library 
18,000 v. 

Silver City 

State Teachers' College Library 
8,000 v. Bks , per., $1,500 


New Mexico School of Mines Library 

Blanche Reed 
6,000 v. 

State College 

New Mexico College of Agriculture and 

Mechanic Art Library 

Margery Bedmger 

19,914 v., 54,808 pam. Inc. $2,150; bks., per., 

Spec. Coll.: New Mexico. 



Albany Law School Library 

5,350 v. Bks., per., $1,013 

Court of Appeals Library 
100,000 v. 

New York State College for Teachers Li- 
6,599 v. Inc. $4,590 ; bks., per., $632 

New York State Law Library 
95,ooo v. 

New York State Medical Library, State 
Education Bldg. 

Frances K. Ray 
35,ooo v. 


Alfred University Library 

Cortez *R Clawson 
40,600 v Bks., per, $580 
Spec. Coll. : Theology 


Saint Bonaventure's College and Seminary 

30,000 v Bks., per., $1,865 


Saint Stephen's College, Hoffmann Library 

Grace A Littell 
40,000 v. Inc. $5,450; bks , per., $3,400 


Theological Seminary Library. 1818 

William J. Hinke 
43,382 v. Inc $3,877; bks, per, $1.525 


Wells College, Cleveland Library 

Alice Evelyn Sanborn 
44,862 v. Inc. $13,342; bks., per., $6,537 


Binghamton Law Library 

20,292 v Inc. $3,200; bks., per, $1,600 


Brockport State Normal School Library 

Elizabeth H. Sharley 
17,084 v. Bks., per. t $1,109 

Brooklyn. See New York City Brooklyn 


Buffalo Historical Society Library 

Anna W. Andrews 
40,000 v. 



NEW YORK Continued 

Buffalo Continued 

Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences Library 

Mary Burnham 

10,000 v. Inc. $3,020; bks., per., $656 
Spec. Coll.: Geology. 

Canisius College Library 
50,000 v. 

Spec. Coll Education 

De Lancey Divinity School Library 

State Institution for the Study of Malignant 

Disease, Library, 113 High St. 
3,500 v. 

State Normal School Library 
8,651 v. 

University of Buffalo Library 
Medical Department Library 

Grace A Persch 
17,500 v Inc $4,080, bks , per , $1,189 


Saint Lawrence University, Herring Li- 

Helen M Dnwd 
44,525 v Bks . per, $1,200 

Spec Colls Agriculture Bible The- 
ology Universalists 

Clifton Springs 

Clifton Springs Sanitarium and Clinic 
Medical Library 

Alice T Thayer 
3,572 v. 


Hamilton College Library 

Joseph D Ibbotson 
1 12,000 v. Inc $16,725 , bks , pers , $7,593 

Spec Colls Alexander Hamilton 
Geography German Greek vases. Inter- 
national law Mss. Milton. Romance 
Thucydides Syria and Palestine 


Cortland State Normal School Library 

Marguerite Robinson 
15,000 v. Inc $14,875 ; bks ? per , $12,350 


Delaware Supreme Court Library 

i6 L ooo v. Inc $1,500; bks., per., $600 


Elmira College Library 

Harriet G Brown 
22,175 v. Inc. $4,655, bks., per, $2,145 


Mount Saint Alphonsus Theological Semi- 
nary Library 
30,000 v. 


State Normal School Library 

6,000 v. 


State Normal School Library 

Mary Q. Richardson 
17,000 v. Bks., per., $1,500 


Hobart College Library 

M. H. Turk 

76,500 v. 25,000 pam. Inc. $8,226, bks<, per., 

Spec. Coll.: New York (history). 

New York Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion Library 
10,000 v. Inc $3,800, bks , per , $1,975 


Colgate University Library 

C. W Spencer 
110,000 v Inc $18,000, bks, per, $4,532 

Spec Coll. Baptist Historical coll. 

Hartwick Seminary Library 

Prof. J. L Kistler 
6,000 v. 

Spec. Coll Theology 


Cornell University Library 

Librarian Willard Austen 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
750,000 bound volumes, include the follow- 

General Library 

Librarian Willard Austen 
Assistant Librarian E. R. B. Willis 
Spec. Colls.: Classical languages and 
literature , history, general literature, 
(Anthon) Oriental languages, literature; 
comparative philology (Bopp). Classics, 
English and ancient, (Goldwin Smith). 
Architecture, (White) Mathematics, (Kelly). 
American history, (Sparks). Slavery, (May). 
Folk-lore, Russian history and literature, 
(Schuyler). History source material, (Refor- 
mation, English and French Revolutions, 
American Civil War); history of supersti- 
tion, (White). Spinoza, (White) Dante, 
(Fiske) Petrarch, (Fiske). Rhaeto-Roman- 
ic, (Fiske). Iceland, (Fiske). German 
philology and literature, (Zarncke). South 
America, (Herbert H. Smith). French and 
Italian society, I7th and i8th centuries, 
(Crane) Egyptology and Assyriology 
,(Eisenlohr) Bayard Taylor correspondence, 
journals and Goethe collection. Anglo- 
Saxon; Cowper, (Corson). English, (Hart). 
Insurance, (Guiteau). China, (Wason). Civil 
War, (Scaife). Naval biography and history, 
(Sinn). Mathematics, (Harris). Dramatic 

2 S 6 


NEW YORK Continued 
Ithaca Continued 

literature, freemasonry, autographs and por- 
traits, legal trials, (Loewy). Entomology. 
Architectural Library 

F T Johnson 
Administration $1,500 
Law Library 

E. E. Willever 

59*957 v. Admmmistration $3,500 
Flower Veterinary Library 

E C Williams 

New York State College of Agriculture 

W. W. Ellis 

42,784 v. Administration, $32,500 
Medical College Library See under New 
York City 


Brookwood Inc (Labor College) Library 

Cara Cook 
3,8oo v 

Kenka Park 

Keuka College Library 

Mane C Lyle 
4,700 v. Bks , per , $606 


Judicial District Law Library 

8,427 v. 

New Paltz 

State Normal School Library 

Emily Z Liebergold 
8,000 v 

New Rochelle 

College of New Rochelle Library 
8,000 v. 

New York City Brooklyn Borough 
Adelphi College Library 

Mabel Farr 

20,365 v Exp, $5,822, salaries, $3,900, bks , 
$1,723, per, $127 

Appellate Division, Supreme Court, Second 
Department Library, Borough Hall 

Herbert A Bnggs 
8,501 v Inc, $2,000, bks, per, $1,354 

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Library 

Miss Ray Simpson 

20,000 bks and pam , 840 serials currently 

Special field: Plant life and gardening 

Brooklyn Engineers Club Library, 117 Rem- 

sen St 
2,500 v. 
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 

Central Museum Library 

Susan A. Hutchinson 
19,296 v Bks., per., $2,781 

Spec. Colls : Art. Natural science Eth- 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 

Children's Museum Library 

Delia F^McCloskey 
9,000 v., 5,000 "pam. Bks, per, $336 

Spec Colls : Nature study History 
Geography. Travel 

Brooklyn Law School Library, 305 Wash- 
ington St 
Stella B Frederick 

College of Pharmacy Library 
4,100 v Bks., per, $200 

Law Library in Brooklyn, Room 201, Kings 
County Court House 
Otto Wetzel 

Long Island Historical Society Librar>, 

Pierrepont and Clinton Sts 

Emma Toedteberg 
97,032 v 

Special fields Local history, genealogy 

Long Island Hospital, Hoagland Laboratory 
Library, 335 Henry St 

Archibald A Murray, M D 
3,700 v 

Maxwell Training School for Teachers Li- 

Esther M. Davis 

Medical Society of the County of Kings 

Charles Frankenberger 
107,500 v Inc $11,684, bks, per, $2,570 

Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Spicer 
Memorial Library 

Jessie R Balston 
13,085 v 

Pratt Institute Free Library See Public 
Library list 

New York City Manhattan and Bronx Bor- 

Alexander Hamilton Institute Librarj 

LiIlianA Scardefield 
15,000 v 

Special field. Modern business 

American Geographical Society Library, 

Broadway at I56th St 

John K Wright 
86,000 v. 68,000 mans, 1,400 atlases. 

Reference only 

Spec. Coll : Maps. 

American Jewish Historical Society Li- 
brary, c/o Jewish Theological Seminary 
Library, 531 West I23rd St. 
Leon Huhner 


NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

American Museum of Natural History Li- 
Ida R. Hood, acting 

115,000 v 

Spec Colls Zoology. Paleontology 

Anthropology. Geology 

American Numismatic Society Library, 

1 56th St. and Broadway 

Sydney P. Noe 

Spec. Colls . Coins. Medals Decorations 

Art Students' League of New York Library, 
215 West 57th St 
Wilhelmme Weber, executive secretary 

Bellevue Hospital, Pathological Dept Li- 
brary, 400 East 2oth St 

Martha Wirth 

Biblical Semmarv in New York, Librar>, 
235 East 4Qth St 

Lucile Williams Bachman 
15,051 v Salaries $3,481 , bks , $410, per , $93 

College of the City of New York Library 

Homer C Newton 

98,000 v Inc $35,638, salaries, $26,750, bks. 
per , and binding, $7,818 

Spec Coll Mathematics (Newcomb) 

College of Mt St. Vincent, Elizabeth Seton 

Columbia University Librar>, 1763 

The libraries of the University contain 
i 055,000 books and pamphlets 

The total expenditure for books and period- 
icals in 1926-1927 was $115,746 

Director of Libraries Charles C Wil- 

Librarian Roger Howson 
Reference Isadore G Mudge 
Catalog Harriet B Prescott 
Order and Accessions (Miss) D B 


Spec Colls Accounting Anarchism. Ar- 
chaeology Biblical and Rabbinical literature 
(Temple Emanu El Library) Children's books 
Cookery books Drama. Engineering catalogs 
Foreign law (France, Germany, Belgium, 
Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy) Greek 
papyri. Grotius History of nursing His- 
tory of medicine International law and in- 
ternational relations Italy since the Risorgi- 
mento James Thomson Joan of Arc 
Mary Queen of Scots Moliere. Municipal 
reform and civil service Perfumery. Photo 
mechanical processes of reproduction. South- 
ern Americana^ Garden Library) Textbooks 
Trials (civil and criminal). 
Barnard College, Ella Weed Library 

Bertha L Rockwell 
25,119 v Administration, $0,550 ; bks., $8,000 

New York City Continued 

--Columbia College ("College Study") 

Ralph F. Miller 

20,500 v. Administration, $9,290, bks , $700 
Architecture, School of, Avery Library 

Winifred Fehrenkamp 

30,600 v. Administration, $7,345, bks, $2,805 
Business, School of, Library 

A. H. Stockder 

10,000 v. Administration, $8,300, bks., $2,000 
Dentistry, School of, Library 

Charles M Ford 
2,102 v. Bks , $1,500 
Engineering, School of, Library 

Miss Granville Meixel 
10,000 v. Administration, $4,995 ; bks., $862 
Journalism, School of, Library 

Alice M (Mrs. H A.) Hitchcock 
17,700 v Administration, $5,700, bks, $2,225 
Law School Library 
Frederick C Hicks 

128,404 v Administration, $19,200; bks., 

| Library Service, School of, Library 
, Mrs Gertrude P Thorpe 

1 4.500 v 

Medicine, School of, Library 
| Alfred L Robert 

! 46,366 v Administration, $5,393; bks., $4,610 
1 Mines, School of, Egleston Library 
6300 v Administration, $1,200, bks., $297 

Teachers College Library 
00,319 v 

Other Special Libraries 

Carpenter Library and Dramatic Museum 
12,313 v Administration, $1,800 
Chinese Collection 
John C." B Kwei 

10,000 v Administration, $1,500, bks, $3,313 
Crocker Institute of Cancer Research 

5,000 v. 

Fine Arts Collection 

2,475 v. Administration, $1,700; bks., $5,271 
| International Institute of Education, Li- 
7,125 v 

Marvyn Scudder Financial Library 
500,000 pam and clippings 

Montgomery Accounting Collection 
300 v 

Seidl Collection of Music Scores 

Fourteen other special libraries in teaching 
departments, 60,566 v. 

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Sci- 
ence and Art Library 

Frank A. Curtis 
58,000 v. 

2 5 8 


NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Cornell University Medical College Library 

Mrs. Josephine Genung Nichols 
11,500 v. Salaries, $3,000, bks., $250, per, 

Engineering Societies Library, 29 West 

Thirty-ninth St. 

Harrison W. Craver 

125,000 v. Inc., $39,ooo; salaries, $33><x>o, bks , 
$1,200, per $3,000 

Spec Colls . Electricity Mining. 

Ethical Culture School Library, 63d St and 
Central Park West 
' Ethel E Rockwell 
13,000 v 

Frrdham University Library 

Rev 1 Leo Hargadon 
100,000 v 

Spec. Coll Architecture 
College of Pharmacy Library 
Law School Librarv 
5,ooo v 

School of Medicine Library 
1,500 v. 

French Institute in the United States, 22 E 
6oth St 

Robert A Hug 

Fnck Art Reference Library 
Ethelwyn Manning 

General Theological Semmar> Library 

Burton Scott Easton, PhD 
77,229 v. Inc. $7,35468, salaries, $5,63975. 
bks, $4,36333, per, $76915 

Spec Colls Incunabula Bibles and 

Hispanic Society of America Librarj, 156th 
St., west of Broadway 

100,000 V 

Spec Colls. Spanish and Spanish Amer- 
ican, Portuguese and Brazilian, Catalan and 
Gallician literature. History Art 

Hunter College Library 
Margaret B. Wilson 
26,760 v Bks , per , $800 

Institute of Musical Art Reference Library 
3,260 v 

Spec Coll . Mss and autographs 

-j-Jewish Theological Semmar> of America 


Alexander Marx 

80,000 v. and gam , 6,000 mss. Salaries (staff 
excluding chief) $15.240; bks, $6,250 

Spec. Colls. : Hebrew incunabula Jewish 
liturgy. Anglo Judaica Judeo Spanish 
Judeo Persian Inquisition 

-Manhattan College Library 
30,000 v. 

Methodist Historical Society Library, 150 
Fifth Ave 
M Young, acting 

Metropolitan Museum of Art Library 

William Clifford 
53,887 v., 81,750 photographs. 

Montefiore Hospital, Medical Library, East 
2ioth St , The Bronx 

Alice Mackay Holmes 
5,000 v. 

Mount St Ursula Library, Bedford Park 

Museum of the American Indian, Heye 
Foundation, Library, Broadway at 1551(1 

Ruth L Games 
12,000 v 

Spec Colls Southeastern United States 
(Douglass) Southwestern United States 
(Hodge) Mexico, Central and South Amer- 
ica (Saville) 

National Academy of Design Library 
De Witt M Lockman. N A 


Use restricted to Academy members, 
faculty and students of Academy Art Schools 

New York Academy of Medicine Library 

Archibald Malloch. M D 
144,480 v, 106,939 P<*m Inc $57,<*>9, salaries, 
$25,737, bks, $5.285. per. $7.497 

Spec Colls Files of medical journals 
Old Medical Americans Medical classics 

New York Botanical Garden Librajcy. 

Bronx Park 

Sarah H Harlow 
35.5 I 3 v . many thousand pamphlets 

Specializes in botany, horticulture, land- 
scape gardening, etc 

New York County Lawyers' Assn Library, 

165 Broadway 

Richard L Crump 
3,600 v. (law) 

For members, their clerks, and guests 

New York District Attorney's Office. 137 
Centre St 

Eugene McAuIiffe 
30,000 v (law) 

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary Library, 
218 Second Ave 

John C. Lester 
1,200 v. 

New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society, 226 West 58th St 
Abraham Hatfield, Jr. (kmorary) 
Howard S. F. Randolph, assistant 
20,000 v 

Use of books free, slight charge to non- 
members for use of Mss. 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

New York Historical Society Library 

Alexander; Wall 

150,000 v , 200,000 pam., 8,000 old newspapers , 
also prints and photographs Old New York, 
engraved portraits, Mss 

New York Homeopathic Medical College 
and Flower Hospital Library, 1858 

Edith Betty Dowell 
8,000 v , 68 medical per , 4,200 reprints 

New York Institution for the Instruction of 

the Deaf and Dumb. Library 

Thomas Francis Fox 
12,480 v 

Spec Coll Education of deaf. 

New York Law Institute, 120 Broadway 

John F Couillou 
105,81 ? v 

Restricted to members and their clerks, to 
judges of the U S courts and courts of rec- 
ord and neighboring states, and to officers of 
the U S. Government 

New York School of Applied Design for 
Women, Library, 160 Lexington Ave 
Anabel Campbell 

New York Supreme Court, Appellate Divi- 
sion, First Dept, Madison Ave and 25th 
G T Campbell, clerk of the court 

New York Supreme Court Law Library, 
First Judicial District, 51 Chambers St 
Harry E Gnswold 

New York Training School for Teachers 
Edyth L. Miller 

New York University Libraries 

The libraries of the University have a total 
of 259,500 books and pamphlets The book 
expenditures for the year 1926-1927 totalled 
$54.450 The several library divisions in- 
cluded in the above figures are as follows : 
General Library, University Heights 
Director Prof. Theodore F Jones 
Assistant Director Isabel Reid 
125.000 v Salaries, $10,200; bks, per, $8,050 
Spec. Coll.: German Literature (Otten- 
dorfer Memorial Lib.) 
Washington Square Library (including 
collections for Law, Education, Liberal 
and Fine Arts) 

Librarian Nelson W. McCombs 
Acquisitions John H Knickerbocker 
Catalog Ann Fossler 
Readers Jackson E Towne 
75,000 v. Salaries, etc., $52,400, bks, per, 

Spec. Colls.: Johnson and Shepard col- 
lections of the School of Law. 

School of Commerce, Accounts and Fi- 
nance, and Graduate School of Business 
Library at Washington Square 

Elizabeth A. Haseltine 

36,000 v. Salaries. $7,000; bks., per, $14,100 
Spec Coll.: Oriental commerce and poli- 

Library at Trinity Place 

Helen M. Johnstone 

10,000 v Salaries. $2,100. bks., per., $3,250 
Medical College Library, 338 East 26th St. 

Lillian V Vaughn 
10,500 v Salaries. $1,500; bks., per., $2,100 

Spec Coll Egbert LeFevre Memorial 

College of Dentistry Library 
3,000 v. Salaries, $1,200 

Presbyterian Hospital Library (Columbia 
University, Edward G. Janeway Memo- 
Gertrude Mantheim 

9.000 v 

Spec Colls Medicine Surgery. 

Psychiatric Institute of the New York State 
Hospitals Library, Ward's Island 

Miss A Graham 
6,000 v 

Rand School of Social Science, 7 East I5th 


Elsa M Allen 
3.000 v , 200 labor per and papers 

Special fields Economics, Labor prob- 
lems. Trade unionism, Socialism 

Union Theological Seminary Library 

William Walker Rockwell 
163,933 v., 79,228 pam. 

Spec Colls English theology of the I7th 
century (McAlpin). Hymnology (Day). Mis- 
sions (Hall). 

United States Circuit Court of Appeals, 425 
U S Court House, Park Row 
Mary F Taber 

11,068 v 

Exclusively for use of U. S. Circuit and 

District Judges , temporary privileges to U S 

Attorney and his staff. 

Young Women's Christian Associations, 
National Board and National School Li- 

Sigrid Holt 

8,000 v Salaries, $2,850; bks., $510; per., $633 
Spec Colls : Woman movement. Ado- 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Queens Borough 

Training School for Teachers Library, 

Ruth Tillotson Miller 
9,026 v. 

New York City Richmond Borough 

Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences 

Library, Tompkinsville 

Agnes C Pollard 
5,000 v. t 10,000 pam. 

Spec. Colls. : Local history. 

Niagara Falli 

Niagara University Library 

John A. Garvin 
20,000 v. Bks , per , $100 
Spec Colls : Theology 


Chenango County Medical Society Library 

Gertrude M Sullivan 
547 v. 

Supreme Court Library (David L Follett 

9,100 v. 


State Normal School Library 

Jessica C Alden 
8,000 v. Bks , per., $700 


State Normal and Training School Library 

Mrs. Caroline R. Hahner 
7,850 v. 


State Normal School Library 

Anne J. O'Brien 
11,500 v. Bks., per., $610 

Port Jervii 

Minisink Valley Historical Society Library 

W. L. Cuddebach 


-rClarkson College of Technology Library 

Ethel M. Peabody 

Normal School Library 

A. Evelyn Abel 
8,000 v. 


Dutchess-Putnam Medical Society Library, 
54 Market St. 
A. L. Peckham, M.D. 

2,200 V. 

Poughkeeptie Continued 

Hudson River State Hospital Library 

6,625 v. 

Vassar College Library 
Adelaide Underbill 

146,489 v. Exp. $44,009, salaries, $25,739; 
bks , per , $11,792 

Spec. Colls.- Periodical press (Justice). 
Robert Owen. 


Appellate Division, Law Library 
50,184 v. Inc $13,400, bks, per, $3,800 

City Normal School Library 

Clara Louise Curtiss 
3,500 v Bks , per , $280 

Mechanics' Institute Library 

Mary C Havens 
6,500 v. 

Municipal Museum Library 

Arthur C. Parker 

3,000 v., 2,000 pam (includes library of Ameri- 
can Numismatic Assn) 

Special fields* Numismatics, Philatelies, 
Biology; Industrial Science and Art, includ- 
ing costumes, .ceramics, textiles and glass- 
ware; Archeology, Arms, American Indians, 
Pioneer activities 

Rochester Academy of Medicine Library, 13 
Prince St. 

Frances A Joiner 
5,728 v. 

Rochester Academy of Science Library 

7,000 v. 

Rochester Historical Society Library 

Edward R Foreman 
6,ooov Inc $4,739 

Rochester Theological Seminary Library 

Glenn B. Ewell 
51,834 v. 

Spec. Colls . Anabaptists Baptists. 
Hymnology. Reformation. Religion 

Saint Bernard's Seminary Library 
21,000 v. Inc. $600 

Spec. Colls.- Bollandists Canon law. 
Councils. Patrology. 


University of Rochester Library 

Librarian Donald B. Gilchrist 
The libraries of the university, totalling 

153,700 books,' with total expenditures (1925- 

1926) of $92,286 and book expenditures of 

$48,019, include the following: 
The University Library 

Librarian Donald B Gilchrist 
Loan M. Wynne Abell 
Catalog Elizabeth P. Jacobs 
Order Marie Hartung 

95,000 v. Administration, $28,035; bks., $12,175 



NEW YORK Continued 
Rochester Continued 
Memorial Art Gallery Library 

Mary McConnell 
3,000 v. 

School of Medicine and Dentistry Library 

Olga S. Schaffer 

27,000 v. Administration, etc., $6,200; bks., 

Sibley Musical Library, Eastman School 
of Music 

Barbara Duncan 

17,000 v. Administration etc. $10,131; bks., 

Saranac Lake 

Saranac Laboratory Library 

E. R. Baldwin, M D. 
3.500 v., per., pam 

Saratoga Springs 

Skidmore College Library 

Mary M. Shaver 
13,181 v. bks , per , $2,324 


Union College Library, 1795 

James Brewster 

62,200 v. Inc, $6,190, bks, per, $2,690 
Spec. Coll.: Education 


Craig Colony for Epileptics, Medical Li- 

William T. Shanahan, M D. 
4,424 v Bks., per.. $167 


Court of Appeals Library 
46,113 v 

New York State School of Forestry Li- 
6,000 v. 

Onondaga Historical Association Library 
5 l ooo v 

Syracuse University 
Wharton Miller 
120,438 v, 53,ooo pam. Inc $12,500 

Spec. Colls.: Forestry. Law History 
(Ranke lib.). Middle ages. Medicine. 

William C. Ruger Law Library 
6,139 v. 


Marymount College Library 
10,000 v. Inc. $2,010 


Wagner College Library 

3,50ov. Inc. $552 


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Library 

Harriet R. Peck 
15,000 v., 15,000 pam. 

Russell Sage College Library 
3,100 v. 


Trudeau Sanatorium Medical Library 

L. Isobel Ross 
3,600 v. Inc. $2,176; bks., per., $551 


Oneida Historical Society Public Library 

George Fenton 
8,500 v. 

Utica Law Library 

22,000 v. Inc. $4,975; bks, per,, $2,356 

West Point 

United States Military Academy Library 

1802, 1841 

Edward A. Everts 

100,000 v. Exp. $10423; salaries, $6,780; bks., 
$1,782; per., $524 

Spec. Coll.: Military. 


Supreme Court Law Library 

Edith M Coan 
7,757 v Inc , 2,500; bks., per , $1,604 

White Plains 

Bloommgdale Hospital Library 

Virginia D Frost 

4,020 v (general, for patients) ; 1,716 v. (med- 
ical, for staff and nurses only). 

Spec Colls . Psychiatry. Psychology. 

t Supreme Court Library 
' 10,000 v 


Saint Joseph's Seminary and College Li- 
brary, Dunwoodie 


Spec Colls.: Canon law. Liturgies. 

Patnstics Roman Catholics. 

Asheville Normal School Library 

Ebba Hammerlund 
5,152 v. Salaries, $1,800 


Saint Mary's College Library 

Rev. F. Thomas 
10,500 v. 


Appalachian Training School Library 

Mrs. E. H. Moore 
10,169 v. Salaries $1,020 




Bute's Creek 

Campbell Junior College Library 

Mrs. May Harris 
5.000 v. 

Chapel Hill 

Ehsha Mitchell Scientific Society Library 

James M. Bell, secretary 
10,000 v. 

University of North Carolina Library 

Librarian Louis Round Wilson 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
170,804 books and bound pamphlets, with an 
income of $80,583 (for 1926-27) , salaries, $34,- 
133.33; books, $25,55515, periodicals and 
bindings, $7,60485, include the following. 
Main Library 

Librarian Louis Round Wilson 
Assistant Librarian Charles Melville 


Reference Librarian George B. Logan 
Order Cornelia S Love 
Catalog Elizabeth H Thompson 
Circulation Georgia Faison 
Periodical and Binding Alma I. Stone 
Caroliniana Mary L Thornton 
Spec. Colls North Carolina The 
South in the Civil War Rural social eco- 
nomics Fungi. 
Applied Science, School of, Library 

Thelma Richardson 
Bks , pers. and binding, $2,100 

Botany, Department of. Library 

Etta Pierson 
Bks., pers and binding, $400 

Chemistry, Department of, Library 

Madge Kennette 
Bks., pers. and binding, $875 
Commerce, School of. Library 

Guelda Elliott 

Bks , pers and binding, $1.171 
Education, School of. Library 

Alma Jamison 

Bks , pers and binding. $650 
Geology, Department of. Library 

Professor Collier Cobb 
Bks , pers and binding, $350 
Law School, Library 

Lucile Elliott 

Bks, pers and binding, $8.450 
Medical School, Library 

Dr I H Manning 
Bks, pers and binding, $750 

Pharmacy, School of, Library 

Professor E V Howell 
Bks , pers and binding, $325 

Rural Social Economics Dept. Library 

Henrietta R Smedes 
Bks., pers and binding, $500 
Zoology, Department of, Library 

Professor H. V. Wilson 
Bks., pers. and binding, $650 


Cullowhee Normal and Industrial School 

Eleanor J. Gladstone 
4,120 v Inc. $2,828 


Davidson College Library 

Cornelia Shaw 
1,174 v Inc $3,940 


Duke University Library (formerly Trinity 


Joseph P Breedlove 

84,561 v Inc $49.5"; salaries $15,600, bks., 
$20,026, per, $2,675 

Spec. Coll Shakespeare. 


Johnson C Smith University Librar> 

Charles H Shule 
13*250 v. Inc. $2,260 


Concord i a College Library 

M H Coyner 
5,479 v 

Elizabeth City 
State Colored Normal School Library 

Lillian D Quarles 

Elon College 

Elon College Library 

Louise Savage 
12,000 v Inc $6,013 


Fayetteville State Normal School Library 

Mrs M P Lane 
-J.375 v 


Agricultural and Technical College Library 

Elizabeth H Hill 
4,205 v 

Bennett College Library (negro) 
Rev Frank Tngg 

East Carolina Teachers College Library 

Helen G. Grajr 
4,251 v Inc $3,573 

Greensboro Agricultural and Mechanical 
College Library (negro) 
Martin Goins 

Greensboro College Library 

Mrs R R Alley 
0,380 v Inc $3,340 

Immanuel Lutheran College Library (negro) 

F C Lankcran 
,309 v 
North Carolina College for Women Library 

Charles H Stone 
3,231 v. Inc $33,368 



Guilford College 
Guilford College Library 

Katharine C Ricks 
9,949 v Inc $2,341 


Lenoir-Rhyne College Library 

Ella B Shirey 
7,600 v Inc. $2,226 

Man Hill 

Mars Hill College, Montague Library 

Beulah Bowden 
5,440 v. Inc $2,040 


Chowan College Library 
4,023 v. 


Meredith College Library 

Margaret Forgeus 
12,408 v Inc $3,094 

North Carolina State College of Agricul- 
ture and Engineering Library 

Frank Capps, acting librarian 
17,231 v Inc $17,240 

North Carolina Supreme Court Library 

Marshall D Haywood 
25,617 v 

Peace Institute Library 

Harriet Brown 
3,703 v Inc $1.708 

Shaw University Library (negro) 

Anna C French 
9,132 v. 

Spec Coll Theology. 

Red Springs 

Flora MacDonald College Library 

Eleanor Sample 
8,000 v Inc $4.283 

Rutherford College 

Rutherford College Library (C) 

A R Reep 
3,000 v. 


Catawha College Library 

Emma L Wills 
Inc $i,gg6 

Livingston College Librar> (negro) 

Victoria Richardson 
8,372 v. 


Mitchell College Library 
Mary Gaither Watts 
2,616 v. Inc $1,150 

Wake Forest 

Wake Forest College Library 

Mrs. E. T. Crittcnden 
32,061 v Inc. $6,718 

Spec Colls. : North Carolina. Theology. 


Atlantic Christian College Library 

Myrtle L. Harper 
6,681 v Inc $2,500 

Spec Coll.- Theology. 


Salem College Library 

Clara L MacMillan 
0.445 v 



State Historical Society Library 

Mrs Florence Davis 
24.001 v 

State Law Library 

E J Taylor 
! 35,000 v 

I Bottmeau 

i Forestry School Library 

i L M Minkle 

i 1,500 v 


i Dickinson 

State Normal School Library 
; E C Purtee 

30ov Bks t per , $i ( ooo 


State Normal and Industrial School Library 

Carrie Turtle 
! 5.910 v 
i Fargo 

Agricultural College Library 
i Mrs Ethel McVesty 

I 40,248 v Inc $13.535; bks, per, $3,495 

( Grand Forks 

j University of North Dakota Library 
Alfred D Keator 

i 01,200 v Salaries, $12,875 ; bks , $10,096 
.i Spec Colls ' Railroads (Hill). 
! history and politics 

1 Jamestown 

Jamestown College Library 
Dean F B Taylor 


State Training School Library 
W F McClelland 



State Normal School Library 

Mrs. Hazel Webster Byrnes 
11,496 v. Bks., per, $1,790 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. tfabel W Ethendgc 
9,470 v. 

Valley City 

State Teachers College Library 

Mathilde Maier 
22,222 v. Bks., per., $1,440 


State School of Science Library 

Lillian Mirick 
3971 v. Bks., per., $323 


Ohio Northern University Library 

Mary E. Thomas 
10,000 v. Bks., per , $2,800 
Spec. Coll,: Law 


Akron Law Library 

Mrs Jessie A Hoover 
15,000 v. 

University of Akron, Bierce Library 

Josephine A Cushman 
20,000 v. Inc. $8,820, bks , per , $3,201 


Mount Union College Library 

Robert E. Stauffer 
27,000 v Inc. $6,500 
Spec. Coll.: Classics 

Ashland College Library 

Doris Stout 
4,000 v." 


Ohio University Library 

Anne C. Keajmg 

51,532 v. Salaries $9,800; bks, $7,966, per., 

Spec. Coll.: Late I7th and i8th century 
English literature. 


Baldwin- Wallace College, Memorial Library 

Annie Wilson 
37,250 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Theology. 


Bluffton College Library 

Edna Hanley 
7,181 v 


Saint Charles Borromeo Theological Semi- 
nar> Library 
Rev. Paulmus Trost 


Cincinnati General Hospital, Medical Li- 

Eva G. Kyte 
36,764 v , 26,208 pam 

Cincinnati Law Library Association 

Edwin Gholson 
65,000 v. 

Cincinnati Museum Library 

Elizabeth Kellogg 
6,000 v., 10,000 pam 

Cincinnati Society of Natural History Li- 
brary, 312 Broadway 
25,000 v 

College and Academy of the Sacred Heart 

8,000 v 

Eclectic Medical College Library, 630 West 
6th St 
J. K Scudder, M D 

1,200 V 

Engineers Club of Cincinnati Library, 27 

West Ninth St 
1,500 \ 

Hebrew Union College 

Adolph S Oko 
70,000 v Inc $21,500, bks per. $5,000 

Spec Coll Talmud Bibhogranhy 
Jews Jewish music Liturgy Spinoza 

Historical and Philosophical Society of 
Ohio Library 

L Belle Hamhn 
30,000 v Inc $6,085 , bks , per , $2,573 

Lane Theological Seminary (Presbyterian) 
Finis K Farr 


Spec Colls Church history Patristics 
Presbyterianism Semitics 

Mount Saint Mary's Seminary Library 
35.OOO v 

Ohio College of Dental Surgery Library, 
Seventh and Mound Streets 
Louise Newell 

Ohio Mechanics Institute, Timothy C Day 

14,000 v , 100 per. (technical, engineering and 




OHIO Continued 

Cincinnati Continued 

Saint Xavier College Library 

Alma L. Hommedieu 
108,000 v. 

United States Court of Appeals Libraiy, 
Federal Building 
Carolyn C Collins 

University of Cincinnati Library 
Librarian Julian S. Fowler 
Catalog Marguerite B Resor 
Loan Desk Roberta M. Gibson 
Order feertrude Wulfekoetter 
Reference Mary R Cochran 
The libraries of the university, totalling 
161,861 books, with book expenditures (1925- 
26) of $28,307 exclusive of Law, Medicine, 
Nursing and Health, and Observatory, in- 
clude the following 

Mam University Library building 
97,323 v Salaries, etc, $36,508, bks and 
binding, $9,520 
Applied Arts, School of, Library 

Irma Snyder 

2,409 v Administration $3,024 
Engineering and Commerce College Li- 

Mary Condit 

7,242 v Administration $1.557 
Law School Library 

Elizabeth Pingar 
15.000 v Administration $2.100 

Medical School Library 

Frances Currie 
14,000 v 

Observatory Library 

Speital Librane\ 

Chemistry Library 
Elizabeth Gates 
7,202 v Administration $1,665 
John Miller Burnam Library of Classics 
and Romance Philology 

Jessie Gregg 
5,551 v 

7 other special libraries in teaching depart- 
ments, 11,923 v. 

Y. M. C A. Night Law School Library 


Case School of Applied Science Library 

Karl O Thompson 
20,000 v., 20,000 pam. 

Cleveland Board of Education (Rockwell 
Branch of Public Library), Rockwell 
Ave and E. 6th St. 

Helen B. Lewis 
Spec Coll.- Education 

i Cleveland Continued 

1 Cleveland Clinic Library, Euclid Ave. and 

1 East 93rd St 

I Elizabeth E. Hipp 

I 2,500 v (medical) 

Cleveland Law Library 

45,ooo v. Inc $19,349; bks., per., $4,867 

! Cleveland Medical Library Association, 
I 11,000 Euclid Ave 

J. C. Harding 
I 40,000 v. 

Reference only, to public 

Cleveland Museum of Art Library 

Nell G. Sill 

; 7,650 v, 14,000 lantern slides, 12,500 photo- 
| graphs Inc. $9,575J bks., per, $2400 

! Cleveland Museum of Natural History Li- 

' brary 

I Minnie White Taylor 

I n,ooo bks and pam. 

General field: Natural history; strong- 
est in ornithology and geology. 

Reference, primarily for staff, but open 
to public 

Cleveland School of Art Library, 11,441 
Juniper Road 

Gladys R Haskin 
3,000 v , 50,000 pictures, 50 costumes 

| Cleveland School of Education Library 
i (Branch of Public Library), Stearns Rd. 

j and E logth St 
| Bertha Hatch 

n,739 v 

Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 
I 14,000 v 


Saint Ignatius College Library 
17,759 v 

Saint Stanislaus Novitiate Library 

10,000 V 

Western Reserve Historical Society Li- 
brar\, 10,700 Euclid Ave 

Wallace H. Cathcart, director; Ethel 
Irene Bur well, librarian 
150,000 v 

Spec Colls Civil War. Slavery 
Lincoln War of 1812. Loyalists Genealogy 

Western Reserve University Library 

The several libraries of the university 
totalling 191,6*00 volumes include the follow- 

Adelbert College Library 

Librarian George Franklin Strong 
Assistant Librarian Helen May Beale 



OHIO Continued 

Cleveland Continued 

126,500 v. f 35,000 pam Salaries $19,055 , bks , 

per. and bindings, $11,372 

Spec. Colls.. Germanic philology and 
literature (Scherer) Bookplates and engrav- 
ings by E. D French (Scherer). 

College for Women Library 

Elizabeth May Richards 
26,000 v Salaries $10,250; bks, per and 
binding, $4,200 

School of Medicine 
Torald Sollmann 
I2,ooo v 

Law School 

Alvin Collins Brightman 
l8,OOO v 

School of Dentistry 
1,300 v 

School of Library Science 
4,000 v 

School of Pharmacy 
1,100 v 

School of Applied Social Sciences 


School of Nursing 
700 v 


Capital University Library 

Dorothy Conrad 
9,500 v 

Spec Coll Theology 

Columbus Law Library Association 

Rudolph Wittenmeier 
14,000 v 

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical 
Ass'n Library, isth Ave and High St 
C B Galbreath 

20,000 V 

Ohio State University Library 
Librarian Olive Jones 
Accessions Gertrude S Kelhcott 
Catalog Bertha M Schneider 
Reference Maud D Jeffrey 

300.000 v Salaries $69,280, bks (2 years), 


Spec Colls Civil War Textbooks, old 

Geology Herd books 

Department Libraries 

Botany and Zoology Library 
5,800 v 

Brown Hall, Architectural Library 
2.330 v 

Chemistry Library 
3,360 v 

Columbus Continued 

Commerce Library 
16,000 v. 

Education Library 
6,000 v. 

Law Library 
25,000 v 

Lord Hall Ceramics and Metallurgy Li- 
3,28o v. 

Medical Library 

Miriam R Becks 
4,900 v 

Orton Memorial Geological Libran 
10,000 v. 

37 other special collections in teaching depart- 

Ohio Supreme Court Law Libran, State 

John W Shaw 
50,000 v Inc. $40,000, bks , per , $3,500 

"Old Northwest" Genealogical and Histori- 
cal Society Library, c/o Spahr and dlenn. 

H Warren Phelps 
5,ooo v 

Pontifical College Library 
20,000 v Bks. per, $500 


Bonebrake Theological Seminary Library 
65,000 v Inc $64,250, bks, per, $500 

Central Theological Seminary 

Delia Hause 
11,148 v Bks, per, $350 

Dayton Law Library 

Charlotte L Zeller 
18,566 v Inc $10.292, bks, per, $2344 

Davton Medical Library. 303 Fidelm Medi- 
cal Bldg 

H S Jewett, M D 
3.200 v 

Edmund Stafford Young Lihran of Legal 

Charlotte L Zeller 
615 v 

Engineers Club of Dayton Libran 

George A Buvinger 
1.400 v 

University of Dayton, Zehhler Libran 

Francis H Ruhlman 
16,000 v 

Young Men's Christian Association, Lin- 
den Kittredge Memorial Libran 

Harvey I Allen 
240 v 



OHIO Continued 


Defiance College Library 

Mrs Viola C Marlatt 
9,538 v Bks , per , $716 


Ohio Wesleyan University, Charles Ehhu 

Slocum Library 

Russell B Miller, Ph D. 
115,000 v Inc $28,650 . bks , $7,000 per , $2,200 

Spec Colls Browning memorabilia 
(Gunsaulus) Autographs of American states- 
men Mss and early books. Theology 


Findlay College Library 

Erastus F. Loucks 
6,000 v Bks , per , $214 
Spec Coll . Theology 


Kenyon College Library 

Eleanor Maude Hickin 
45,000 v Inc $1,000 . bks , per . $1,088 

Spec Colls Ohio (diocesan histoiy) 
Mathematics Thology 


Ohio Mililtary College Library 

3,350 v 


Demson University Library 

Mary E Downey 
60,000 v 


Hiram College Library 

Jessie J Smith 
23,000 v Inc $4,500; bks, per, $1,500 


State Normal School Library 

Margaret Dunbar 
22,000 v Inc $3,500, bks, per, $3,500 


Marietta College Library 

George J Blazier 

87,500 v Inc $4,783 , bks., per , $1,262 
Spec Coll Americana 

New Concord 

Muskmgum College Library 
Mrs Grace McClenahan 
12,000 v Inc $5,187 , bks , per , $2,740 


Oberlin College Library 

Azariah S Root 

280,000 v, 191,900 pam Inc $62,354, salaries, 
$34.647, bks per $15,351 

Spec Colls Anti-slavery Theology 


Miami University Library 

Edgar Weld King 

83,000 v. Inc, $12,100 ; bks, per, $4,200 
Spec. Coll : Ohio valley history. 

Oxford College for Women 

Mrs. Lucile Allen 
8,009 v Bks , per , $517 

Western College for Women 

Grace E Hemick 
23,000 v 


Lake Erie College Library 
Harriet Goss 


Richmond College Library 
Rev Charles Helhwell 

Rio Grande 

Rio Grande College Library 
Lillie Ammerman 


Wittenberg College Library 

Grace Prince 
31,150 v Inc $2,464 


Heidelberg University Library 

Albert D Keller 

21,000 v Inc $5,619, bks, per, $1,315 
Spec Coll Theology 


Saint John's University Library 
16,000 v Inc $900, bks, per, $900 

Toledo Law Association Library 

Mary V Fisk 
20,787 v Inc $2,580 , hks , per , $2,038 

Toledo Museum of Art Library 

Eula Lee Anderson 

University of Toledo Library 

Mrs Mary M Gillham 
11,200 v Inc $4,020; bks, per., $4,000 


Urbana University Library 
5750 v 


Otterbein College Library 

Tirza L Barnes 
24,000 v 


Wilberforce University, Carnegie Lihiaiy 

Grace E Perkins 

5,193 v Inc $1,513, bks, per, $295 
Spec Coll . Theology 


OHIO Continued 


Wilmington College Library 
Marguerite Mitchell 


College of Wooster Library 

Elizabeth Bechtel 
50,559 v. 

Wayne County Law Library 
4,000 v. Inc. $500; bks. f per., $475 

Yellow Springe 

Antioch College Library 

Emily Turner 
16,000 v. Inc. $5,500 


-East Central State Teachers College Li- 

E. C. Wilson 
11,000 v. Bks., per., $3,875 


Northwestern State Teachers College Li- 

William A. Ranck 
15,486 v. 


Bacone College Library 

Mary E. Mohler 
1,350 v. 


Bethany-Peniel College Library 
A. K. Bracken 


Oklahoma College for Women Library 

Blanche L. Hawks 
6,000 v. Bks., per., $2,232 


Oklahoma Military Academy Library 

J. J. Hill 
1,654 v. Bks , per., $950 


Christian College Library 

Ima Mae Pipkin 
1,200 v. 


Oklahoma Presbyterian College for Girls 

Mrs L. Fountain 
2,200 v. 

Dnrant Continued 

Southeastern State Teachers College Li- 

Paul B. Cullen 
7.300 v. Bks., per., $2,233 


Central State Teachers College Library 

Ruby Canton 
16,000 v. 


Phillips University Library 

Alice See 
",393 v. 


Panhandle School of Agriculture Library 

Mary E Kitchen 
2,500 v. 


Catholic College for Young Women Library 

Sister Mary Ignatia 
10,332 v. 


Colored Agricultural and Normal Univer- 
sity Library 


Cameron State School of Agriculture Li- 

Frances Spencer 
30ov Bks., per, $163 


Mangum Western Baptist College Library 
Eugene Smith 


Northeastern Oklahoma Junior College Li- 
brary (formerly State School of Mines) 

Sophia Kreter 
Bks , per $1,350 


University of Oklahoma Library 

Jesse L. Rader 
67,000 v. 

Spec Colls Engineering Geology 
Law Medicine. Zoology 
Chemical Library 
Law School Library 

A H. Huggins 

Medical School See Oklahoma City 
Municipal Research Library 

Harry A Barth 
i ,000 v. and pam 

Oklahoma City 

Oklahoma City University Library 
Mrs. W. J. Marable 

Oklahoma Historical Association Library 

Miss Dell Pemberton Slaughter 
15,000 v. 



OKLAHOMA Continue! 

Oklahoma City Continued 
Sacred Heart College Library 
Rev. M. M. Fuerstenbcrg 

University of Oklahoma, School of Medi- 
cine Library 

Helen 1*. Kendall 
3,485 v 

University of Oklahoma, Hospital Training 

School for Nurses Library 

Ruth Pomdexter 
Bks, per, $152 


Oklahoma Baptist University Library 
Mrs W D. Moorer 

Saint Gregory's College Library 

Rev Clement Dupont 
2,500 v 


Fulsom Training School Library 

Mrs Linda Lane Fowler 
1,200 v 


Agricultural and Mechanical College Li- 

Mrs Elsie D Hand 
34,739 v Bks , per , $6,286 


Northeastern State Teacheis College Li- 

Dorothy K Cleaveland 
4,767v Bks, per, $1,300 


Murrav State School of Agriculture Li- 

Dovie Thornton 
1.600 v Bks, per, $150 


Oklahoma State Business Academy Library 

Mrs. Lulu Doeuges 
Bks., per , $600 


University of Tulsa Library 
Gertrude Richards 


Connor State School of Agriculture Libraiy 

Jessie Chasteen 
977 v. 


Southwestern State Teachers College Li- 

Mrs. Eula C. Froman 
8,900 v. Bks., per., $2,300 


School of Mines and Metallurgy Library 

Florence Graves Miller 
2,000 v. Bks., per., $275 



Albany College Library 
A. D. Weage 

12,000 V. 


Southern Oregon Normal School Library 

Pearl Durst 
3,720 v 


Oregon State Agricultural College Library 

Lucy M Lewis 

75,6oo v Inc $47,175. salaries, $29,000, bks, 
$10,687, per, $3,513 

Spec Colls . History of horticulture 
Costume design Entomology. Herd books 


Bible University Library 

Mary D Benton 
6,500 v. 
Graduate Library 

Katherme Baker Barney 
1,500 v 

JJniversity of Oregon Library 

M H Douglass 

173,732 v Inc $77J26; salaries, $41,987, bks. 
per , binding, $32,898 

Spec Colls Oriental art (Warner) 
Historical fiction (with settings prior to 1066 
AD) (Dunn) Oregon and Pacific North- 
west Oregon newspapers Fine editions 
(Homer) Textbooks. Oriental art. 
University of Oregon Medical School Li- 
brary, Portland 

Bertha B Hal lam 
6,902 v Inc $7,300; bks., per, $4,000 

Forest Grove 

Pacific University Library 

Dorothy E. Dixon 
21,356 v 

Spec. Colls * Bibles. Classics. Pacific 


Lmfield College Library 

J. Kenneth Riley 
8,000 v Inc, $1,257; bks., per., $1,315 


Columbia Junior College Library 
Alice Howard 



OREGON Continued 


Oregon Normal School Library 

Maud Macpherson 
10,000 v. 

Mount Angel 

Saint Benedict College Library 
15,000 v. 


Pacific College Library 

Leona Watland 
6,200 v. 


Philomath College Library 

Ivadel Eaton 
7,5) v. 


Columbia University Library 
Father Francis Maher 

Multnomah Law Library 

F R. Selwa* 
25,000 v 

Spec Cojl : Procedure 

Oregon Historical Society Library 

Nellie B Pipes 
15,600 v Inc $11,353. bks, per, $600 

Spec Colls Railroads (local) Oregon 
boundar> question, 1814-1846 Early Oregon 

Portland Art Association Library 

Henrietta H Failing 
15,000 photographs 

Reed College Library 

Mary Silverthorn Clark" 
32.500 v. 

University of Oregon, Medical School Li- 
brary. See Eugene 


Kimball School of Theology Library 

Prof. C Murray Keefer 
8,000 v Inc $100, bks, per, $100 

Supreme Court Library 
Ed N. Gillingham 
48,000 v Inc $12,000; bks., per, $6,472 

Spec Colls : Canadian laws and reports 
Session laws of United States and the British 

Willamette University Library 

Dr. F. G Franklin 
18,000 v 

Cedar Crest College Library 

Gladys Jones 
5.000 v Inc $867; bks. per, $1,034 

Muhlenberg College Library 

Stephen G Simpson 
40,000 v Bks , per , $1,000 


Lebanon Valley College Library 

Helen E Myers 
8,000 v Bks , per , $1.140 


Saint Vincent College Library 

Rev Gerard Bridge 
60,000 v Bks , per , $1,000 

Spec Colls Canon law Liturgies 

Beaver Falls 

Geneva College Library 

Edna M George 
13,020 v Inc $517, bks, per, $517 


Lehigh University. Lucy Packer Linderman 
Howard Seavoy Leach 

168,383 v Inc $29,370, salaries 13.120, bks, 

$10.250, per, $2,500; binding, $2,500 

Spec Colls Civil War English books 

before 1640 Shakespeare (6 original folios) 

Metallurgy (Richards) Early science (Coxe) 

Voyages and travels 

Moravian Church Archives and Malm Li- 
Rev W N Schwarze 

10,000 v , mss 

Moravian College and Theological Sem- 
inary Library, 1749 

Walter Vivian Moses, acting 
25,000 v Bks , per . $200 

Spec Coll : Moravians 
Moravian Seminary and College for 
Women Library 

Emma B Hoch 
6,000 v. 


Bloomsburg State Normal School Libi ary 

Helen A. Russell 
11,000 v Inc $149 

Bryn Athyn 

Academy of the New Church Library 

Reginald W Brown 
36,826 v. Inc $8,973 , bks , per , $1,274 
Spec Coll : Swedenborgians 

Bryn Mawr 

Bryn Mawr College Library 

Lois A. Reed 

115,345 v Salaries, $14,674, bks, per and 
binding, $12,898 

Spec. Colls : Classical philology Se- 




Southwestern State Normal School Library 

Anna M Shutterly 
3,500 v Inc $500, bks., per , $450 

Cambridge Springs 

College of the Polish National Alliance Li- 
E Dolewczynski 


Cumberland County Law Library 
10,000 v. 

Dickinson College Library, 1785 

Dorothy Hammond 
39,8oo v Bks , per., $1,220 

Dickinson School of Law Library 

Samuel T Orlando 
6,500 v 


Franklin County Law Library 
6,000 v Inc $1,000, bks, per, $800 

Wilson College, John Stewart Memorial 

Mary L Erskine 
19,912 v Bks , per , $2,850 


American Baptist Historical Society Li- 
Frank G. Lewis 

6,500 v Inc $4,248 . bks , per , $234 

Spec Coll Hymnology (Jennings) 

Crozer Theological Seminary, Bucknell Li- 

Frank Grant Lewis 

35.000 v Bks , per . $1,55^ 

Spec Colls Baptists Church history 

Lindsay Law Library 

Mary T Leatherbury 

Pennsylvania Military College Library 

N* E McClure 
3.100 v Bks , per , $330 


State Normal School Library 
Evangelme M King 


Clarion State Normal School Library 

Margaret E Nesbitt 
5.000 v 


Ursmus College Library 

Calvin D Yost 
16,500 v Bks . per., $865 


Bucks County Historical Society Librar> 

Warren S. Ely 
10,000 v. 


Lafayette College, Van Wickle Library 

John R Crawford 

64939 v Inc. $10.600, salaries, $3,557, bfcs . 
per, $5^28 

Spec Coll Chemistry (Oliver) 

Northampton County Historical and Gene- 

alogical Society Library 

Horatio S Shull 
2,000 v 

East Strondsburg 

East Stroudsburg State Normal School Li- 


Nannie M Hiden 
5,000 v Inc $800. bks, per., $663 


Edmboro Stale Normal School Library 

Donna Sullivan 
11,834 v Inc $4.518; bks, per, $1,558 


Ehzabethtown College Library 

L D Rose 
5,472 v Bks , per , $750 


Erie Branch, Edmboro Normal School Li- 

Gladys Snyder 

Erie County Medical Society Library, St 
Vincent's Hospital 

Fred E Ross, M D 
1,000 v 

Farm School 

Farm School, Krauskoff Memorial Library 

Rebecca Churchman 

George School 

George School Library 

Marv Wilson 


Gettysburg College Library 

K J Grimm 
37,000 v. Bks , per , $1,500 

Historical Society of the Evangelical Lu- 

theran Church of America Library 
Prof Abdel Ross Wentz 

Lutheran Theological Seminary Library 

Prof. Abdell Ross Wentz 
40,000 v. 

Spec Coll.: Liturgies 




Messiah Bible School Library 
Clara E Hoffman 


Seton Hill College Library 
Sister M Electa Boyle 
12,000 v. Bks , per , $1,000 


Thiel College Library 
Eleanor Morrison 
10.000 v. Bks , per., $M7O 

Grove City 

Grove City College Carnegie Free Library 

Isabel Forbes 
26,034 v Bks , per., $350 

Spec Colls Children's books Civil 


Dauphin County Law Library 
10,000 v. 

Harrisburg Academy of Medicine Library, 
319 North 2nd St 
A H Bucher, M D 

2,000 V. 

Pennsylvania Department of Public In- 
struction Library 

Ruth S. Hull 


Haverford College Library 

Harriet P. Gooch 
100,000 v. Bks , per., $7,120 

Spec Colls.: Quakers Reformation 
Incunabula. Greek, Latin, Arabic, etc, mss 
Babylonian clay tablets. 


Saint Fidelis College Library 
5,000 v. Inc $250 


Law and Library Association 



Juniata College Library 

Lillian M. Evans 
34,000 v.' Bks.. per , $1,214 
Spec Coll.: Theology 

Villa Maria College Library 

Sister of I. H. M. 
7,000 v. Bks., per., $300 


Indiana State Normal School Library 

Leona G. Bryhan 


Keystone State Normal School Library 

Harriet K. Avery 
12,000 v. 


Franklin and Marshall College Library, 


Mrs Luttenberger 
50,000 v Bks , per . $1,584 

Spec. Coll. Pennsylvania. 

Lancaster City and County Medical Society 

Library, 16 South Prince St 
I,8l5 v. 

Lancaster County Historical Association 


William F Worncr 
3,000 v Inc, $1,606, bks , per, $1.041 

Lancaster Law Library Association 
20,000 v Inc, $600 

Theological Seminary of the Reformed 
Church in the U S , Library 

C N Heller 
21,000 v Inc $4,906, bks, per, $2,951 


Lebanon County Historical Society Library 

Charles D Weinick 
6,500 v. 


Bucknell University Carnegie Library 

Eliza. J Martin 
4.5,000 v Bks , per , $5,000 

Lincoln University 

Lincoln University, Vail Memorial Library 

Robert M Labaree 
20,000 v Bks , per . $1,026 
Spec Coll . Theology. 

Lock Haven 

Central State Normal School Library 

Irene MacDonald 
8,000 v. Inc $1,100, bks., per., $699 


Saint Francis College Library 

Paul Veigle 
7 t ooov. 


Mansfield State Normal School Library 

Stella T. Doane 
8,100 v. 



Allegheny College Librar> 

Edith Rowley 
64,000V Bks , per , $3,700 
Spec Coll Rare books 

Meadville Theological School Library 

Walter G Green 

Spec Coll Unitarians 

Irving College Library 
Abigail Hemmmger 
1,500 v. 


Delaware County Institute of Science Li- 


Henrietta K Broomall 
5.000 v. 


Mercersburg Academy Library 

Anna M Fallon 


Millcrsvillc State Normal School Lihran 

Helen A Ganser 
21,215 v Inc. $900, bks , per, $708 


Pennsylvania Training School Libraiy 
6,014 v Inc $250 , bks , per , $250 


Albright College Library 

D G Lubold 
17,046 v Bks,per,$8ii 


Moravian Historical Societx Library 

New Wilmington 

Westminster College Librar> 

Mildred A Ailman 
15,000 v Bks , per , $800 


Historical Society of Montgomery Count v 


William M Gearhart 
2,800 v. 

Schwenckfelder Historical Library 

Elmer E S Johnson 

Spec Colls Incunabula Mss Illu- 
minated mss Local parchment deeds Refor- 
mation, Mennonites, Schwenckfelder, Perki- 
omen religion Early rare prints 


Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadel- 
phia Library 

William J. Fox 
90,000 v Bks., per , $3,500 

American Catholic Historical Society Li- 
10,000 v. Inc $3,500 

American Entomological Society Library 

Ezra T Cresson, Jr 
5,ooo v 

American Philosophical Society Library, 


Reebecca E. Kirkpatnck, assistant sec'y 
70,000 v. 

Spec Colls. Science. Americana 

American Sunday School Union Library 

James McConaughty 
3,000 v 

Board of Education, Pedagogical Library 

Ada F Livenght 
21,335 v. Inc $1,500 

College of Physicians of Philadelphia Li- 
brary 1789 
Charles Perry Fisher 

146,998 v, 145,691 pam, 21,760 theses Inc 

$21,208, bks, per., $9,687 

Spec Coll Medical incunabula 

Diocesan Library 

Anna Kite 
8,000 v. 

Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church Library 

Rev L M Robinson 
I 25,000 v 

i Spec Colls Liturgies. Patristic and 
mediaeval literature Canon law. Codices 

Drexel Institute Library 

Mrs. Anne W. Howland 
! 45,000 v Bks , per , $3,705 
I Spec Colls Science. Classics (Stand- 

ish) Music scores (Jarvis). Incunabula 

Dropsie College Library 

Dr. Joseph Reider 
25,000 v Inc. $3,000 

Spec Colls.: Theology. Semitic lan- 
guages Incunabula. Jewish literature 

Engineers Club of Philadelphia 
Charles E Billin, secretary 
Restricted to members. 
4,000 v. Inc. $1,000 



Philadelphia- Continued 
Franklin Institute Library 

Alfred Rigling 
83,927 v. Inc. $14,089; bks., per, $2,670 

Spec. Colls.: Sugar. Windmills. Tech- 

Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania 

Ernest Spofford, secretary 

Geographical Society of Philadelphia, 400 
Witherspoon Building 

Josephine V. Mays, secretary 
2,000 v. 

German Society of Pennsylvania Library 

Lma Hertzog 
30,000 v. 

Spec Colls . Rare German Bibles. Bibles 
printed b> Saur German-American biogra- 
phies, etc 

Girard College Library 

Mildred H. Pope 
23,000 v. Inc. $2,500; bks., per., $2,306 

Hahnemann Medical College Library 

John W Tucker 
25,000 v. Inc. $598, bks., per., $408 

Henry Phipj>s Institute Library 

Katharine W. McCutcheon 

Hirst Free Law Library 

Emily Drummond 
21,000 v 

Historical Society of Pennsylvania Library 

Dr Thomas Lynch Montgomery 
150,000 v. 

Spec Colls * French Revolution. Colonial 
laws German Americans. 

Jefferson Medical College Library 

Joseph J. Wilson 
12,000 v. 

Lankenau Hospital Research Institute Li- 
Maude T. Shutt 

La Salle College Library 

Brother Emilian 
10,500 v. Bks., per w $500 

Law Association of Philadelphia Library 

Luther E. Hewitt 
72,600 v 

Spec Coll.: Patent law. 

Lutheran Theological Seminary, Krauth 
Memorial Library, Mount Airy 
Dr. Luther L. Reed 

32470 v. Inc. $4,318; bks., per., $576 

Spec. Colls.: Catechisms. Liturgies. 


Municipal Court of Philadelphia, Educa- 
tional Department Library 

Rita Langsfeld 
727 v. 

Numismatic and Antiquarian Society Li- 

Ernest Spofford, secretary 

Pedagogical Library 
Ada F. Liveright 

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 

Pennsylvania Hospital Medical Library, 


Florence M Street 
12,500 v 

Spec. Colls * Incunabula Old medical 

Pennsylvania Museum Library 

Jane Fakler 

10,000 v. Inc $1,200; bks., per, $1,100 
Reference only. 

Pennsylvania Museum and School of Indus- 
trial Art Library 

Eugene M. Fryer 
10,000 v and pam. 

Pennsylvania School of Social and Health 
Work Library 

Laura E. W. Benedict 
2,000 v, 

Philadelphia Art Alliance, Music Library 

Clare R. Mason 
600 v. 

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sci- 
ence Library 
Mrs Ada S Capwell 

20,000 v Bks , per , $500 
Reference only. 

Philadelphia County Medical Society Li- 
brary, 21 st and Spruce Sts 
Anne Harned 

Philadelphia General Hospital Laboratories 
Library, 1800 

Kathryn McManus 
6,000 v. 

Philadelphia Museums Library 
35,402 v. Bks., per., $2*107 

Philadelphia Normal School Library 

Elizabeth B. Gendell 



Philadelphia Continued 
Philadelphia School of Design for Women 


Virginia L. 

Pierce School Library 

Horace O. Wells 
3,542 v. Bks , per., $300 

Presbyterian Historical Society Library 

Rev. Dr Louis Benson 
Spec. Colls.. Alaska (Jackson). Hym- 

Saint Charles Borromeo Theological Sem- 

inary Library, Overbrook 

Rev Dr. Charles P. Bruehl 
60,000 v 

Spec Coll : Incunabula. 

Saint Joseph's College Library 

James A Mullene, Jr. 
30,000 v Bks., per., $2,000 
Spec Colls : Theology 

Site and Relic Society of Germantown Li- 

brary, Germantown 

Edward W. Hocker 

South Side Library (medical) 

I)r Henr> M Ray 

Spring Garden Institute Library 

M Ethel Burk 

Supreme and Superior Courts of Pennsyl- 

vania Library 
5,000 v 

Teachers' Institute Library 

Miss M A Robinson 
21,579 v 

Temple University Library 

Edith Cheney 
34.032 v 

Law School Library 

Medical School Library 

Charlotte E Coffman 

Spec Coll Ophthalmology (Reber Me- 
morial lib) 
Theological School Library 

University of Pennsylvania Library, 1749 

Librarian Asa Don Dickinson 
The Central library with the departmental 
libraries and the semi-independent allied li- 
braries (Museum, Law Dental) contained 
June 30, 1926, 615,325 volumes. Expenditures 
for books, binding and periodicals (1925-26) 
totaled $53,670. 

Philadelphia Continued 

University Library (central building) 
Librarian Asa Don Dickinson 
Assistant Librarian and Reference Li- 
brarian C. Seymour Thompson 
Cataloging Clifford Blake Clapp 
Circulation Lilian Guthrie 
Order V. I. Keys 
Periodical and Binding Nellie C. 


Reference Desks H. S. Crowne 
Shelf and Stack Ethel L. Dripps 
Spec Colls : Franklin, especially mss. 
and Franklin imprints. Roger Bacon. Educa- 
tion. Mediaeval history. Dante. Petrarch. 
Tasso. American drama. Spanish drama. 
Lope de Vega. Autographs of "the Signers." 
Spiritualism Cutaneous diseases. Semitics. 
Sanskrit Chinese. Greek. Latin Ameri- 
can Indian. Japanese Russian Welsh. 
History of religions. Lucretius. I7th cen- 
tury English books Horses and equitation. 
Political economy pamphlets before 1860. 
Architectural Library 

Deborah Morris 
3,800 v Administration, $3.987; bks M $600 

Botanical Library 

6,500 v. Administration, $750; bks., $600 
Dental Library (semi-independent) 

Louise Reazin 

6,680 v Administration, $1,700 
Engineering Library 

M Elizabeth Clayton 

8,500 v Administration, $1,060 , bks , $600 
Electrical Engineering Library 

Miss Quinn 
1,860 v. Bks , $300 
Henry Phipps Institute Library See 

under Henry Phipps 
Hygiene Library 
1,800 v 

Wharton School of Commerce, Lippin- 
cott Business Library (organizing) 

Dorothy Bemis 
Medical Library 

Frances R Huston 

6,500 v. Administration, $960, bks., $964 
Museum Library (semi-independent) 

Martha B. Thompson 
12,706 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Americana (Brinton) 
Biddle Law Library (semi-independent) 

Mrs M. C. Klingelsmith 
67,354 v. Administration, $6,500; bks., $6,000 
Spec Coll.: Early law books, mss., and 
Penniman Library of Education 

Florence Stimson 
27,000 v. Administration, $1,760; bks., $600 

Physics Library 
3,800 v Bks ,,$300 
Veterinary Library 



Philadelphia Continued 

Zoology Library 
0,OOO v. Bks., $300 

Wagner Free Institute of Science Library 

Carl Boyer 

24,076 v Inc $24,003, bks., per, $466 
Reference only 

William B Stephens* Memorial Library 
(146 Krams Avenue, Manayunk) 
Katherme H. Shoemaker 

7,710 v. 

Spec Coll.: Science 

Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology 
Clara N. Ferine 

Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania 
Library, 1850 

Mrs Winifred Scott 
4,000 v 

Zoological Society Library 
C Emerson Brown 


Allegheny County Law Library 

52,101 v Inc. $24,300 

Allegheny Observatory Library 

Frank C. Jordan 
4,500 bks., 3,000 pam. . 

Special fields: Astronomy, physics 
Working library for staff, open to University 
of Pittsburgh. 

Carnegie Institute of Technology Library 

Mrs Blanche K. S Wapp.it 
16,606 bks, 29,478 plates and photographs, 
9,721 lantern slides. 

Special fields Art , History , Technology 

Duquesne University Library 

John F. Malloy 
18,250 v. Bks., per., $1,000 

Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania 

Library, William Penn Hotel 
K W Treschow, secretary 

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania 

Emma D. Poole 
2,500 v. 

Mercy Hospital Library (medical) 

Mrs Mary A. McC Burke 
2,000 v. 

Pennsylvania College for Women Library 

Harriet D. McCarthy 


Pittsburgh Academy of Medicine Library 

Charles Howard Marcy, M D 
11,000 v. 

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary of the 
United Presbyterian Church Library 

Mary B. Clark 
3S,ooo v. 

Tuberculosis League of Pittsburgh Li- 
brary, 2,851 Bedford Ave 

Adeline M. Macrum 
2,500 v. 

University of Pittsburgh Library 

University Librarian J. Howard Dice 
The University of Pittsburgh Library 
comprises a General Library and a number of 
Departmental Libraries. The entire collec- 
tion includes approximately 110,000 books 
(pamphlets not estimated) exclusive of gov- 
ernment documents, with expenditure for 
books, periodicals and binding (1925-26) 
amounting to $32,753 
General Library 

Librarian J Howard Dice 
Head Cataloger and Assistant Libra- 
rian Emma Elizabeth Kinne 
55,000 v Salaries, etc, $28,555 Bks, per, 
and binding, $28,555 

Spec Colls Peter Alldred Memorial 
3,200 v of history, art and literature William 
M and Mary C Darlington Memorial 
11,000 v, mainly historical (Pennsylvania, 
bound newspapers) , early eds , Dickens, 
Thackeray , Audubon , rare miscellanies Eco- 
nomics and sociology (Woodhead). Chem- 
istry (Phillips) Constitutional development 
of the United States, 1776-1917 (Thorpe) 

Department Libraries 

Mellon Institute Library 

Lois Heaton 

8,000 v Administration, $3,300 Binding, $430 
Downtown Division Library 

Helen Howard Downs 

3,200 v Administration, $1,800, bks, $1,200 
School of Medicine Library 

Julia C. Wheeler 

10,000 v, 27,000 pam Administration, $1,620; 
bks., $600 

School of Pharmacy Library 
3,500 v 
School of Dentistry Library 

Edith Endicott 

8,000 v Administration, $1,800 ; bks . $500 
School of Law Library 

Marie G Lindsay 
7,000 v Administration, $250, bks., $1.600 

Allegheny Observatory 
5,ooov. Bks., $150' 

15 special libraries in teaching depart- 
ments, 15,300 v 



Pittsburgh Continued 
Western Theological Seminary Library 

Rev Frank Eakm 
45,ooo v Inc $1,636; bks., per, $1,482 

Spec Colls. : Hymnology Church music 
Mediaeval literature Papacy 

Pittsburgh (East Liberty) 

Pittsburgh Academy of Medicine Library 
9,040 v 


Schuylkill County Medical Library Associa- 

G R. S Corson 
900 v 


Berks County Law Library 
6,500 v 

Berks* County Medical Society Library 

Ralph L Reber, M. D 
2,000 v. 

Schuylkill College Library 


Lackawanna County Medical Society Li- 
brary, 130 Washington Ave 

Thomas Gore Killeen, M. D 
2,800 v 

Marywood College Library 

Sister M Michael 
15,000 v Bks, per, $1,000 

Saint Thomas College Library 
5,000 v 


Susquehanna University Library 

F P Manhart 
18.000 v Bks , per , $800 
Spec Coll Theology 


Cumberland Valley State Normal School 

Clara W Bragg 
1,017 v Inc $1,521 , bks , per , $160 

Slippery Rock 

Slippery Rock State Normal School Library 

Rose P. Stewart 
9.812 v. Inc. $1,600; bks , per, $1,300 

State College 

Pennsylvania State College Library (O 

Sabra W Vought 

102,121 v Inc $25,050, salaries. $16.850. 
bks . $S,ooo, per . $1.870 

State College Continued 

Spec. Colls. : Pennsylvania (Beaver). 
Railroad engineering mechanics (Coster) 

College Agricultural Library 
Kathryne M Stanford 

Swart nmore 

Friend's Historical Library 

Laura Beardsley 
7,000 v 

Swarthmore College Library 

Charles B Shaw 
62,000 v Bks , per , $6,265 

Spec. Colls Theology Quakers. 


Villanova College Library 

F E. Tourscher 
12,000 v Bks., per , $1,500 

Spec. Colls : Dublin Review, 1836 to date. 
Incunabula Theology 


Washington and Jefferson College Library 

Fanny E Lowes 
37,240 v Bks , per , $1,048 

Washington County Law Library 
6,000 v Inc $4.540, bks , per , $4,069 


Wiynesburg College Library 

L Garland McKahan 
10,000 v Bks , per , $950 

West Chester 

Chester County Law and Miscellaneous Li- 
brary Association 
25,000 v Inc $6,327; bks, per., $4,512 

West Chester State Normal School Library 

Alice A Cochran 
30,000 v. 

Spec Coll. : Chester county. 


Luzerne County Medical Society Library 

Lewis H Taylor, M D 
8,061 v 


Wyoming Historical and Geological Society 

Frances Dorrance 
| 40,000 v Inc $4,884; bks., per., $200 

Spec Colls ' Newspapers. Anthracite 
coal and coal mining. American Indians. 


Historical Society of York County Library 

4.000 v. Inc $900 

York County Medical Society Library, 
Court House 

A C Sorcnsen, M 1) 
800 v 




United States Naval War College Library 

Arthur R. Blessing 
50 f ooo v. Bks., per.. $5,000 


Brown University Library, 1767 

Librarian Harry Lyman Kpopman 
Assistant Librarian Francis K. W. 


Catalog Phebe Parker 
Reference Edith R. Blanchard 
336,117 bks. and pam. Salaries, $382,224; bks., 

Spec Cplls : American poetry and 
drama (Harris). Rhode Island history 
(Rider). International law (Wheaton) 
Latin American history (Church). Engineer- 
ing (Corthell) Dante (Chambers). Sociol- 
ogy (Ward). Napoleon (Hoffman) Lincoln 
(McLellan). United States Government 
documents Economics. State constitutions 
Botany (Olney). Education. Sheet music. 
Milton. Mathematics. German (ConanO 
History and antiquities of England and Wales 
Women's College Library 

Edith M L. Carlborg 
5,600 v. Bks , $873 
19 libraries in teaching departments, 65,000 v 

John Carter Brown Library 

Lawrence C. Wroth 

Spec Colls ' North and South America 
before 1800 Mexico Peru West Indies. 

Park Museum Library 

Providence College Library, River Ave 

Rhode Island College of Education Library 

Mary E. Makepeace 
27,600 v Bks . per., $150 

Rhode Island College of Pharmacy Library, 
235 Benefit St. 

Rhode Island Historical Society Library 

Howard M Chapm 

100,000 v, 200,000 mss. Inc $7,425; bks, 
per, $600 

Spec. Colls : Almanacs Brown Uni- 
versity Directories Genealogyi Mexico 
Newspapers Theaters 

Rhode Island Medical Society Library 

Grace E Dickermaii 
28,500 v 

Rhode Island School of Design Library 

Mrs Mary S Puech 
5,300 v 

Providence Continued 
State Law Library 

Clarence F. Allen 
40,000 v. 

South Kingston 

Rhode Island State College Library 

M. D. ElJred 
24,500 v. Inc. $2,550; bks., per, $100 



Anderson College 


Charleston Museum Library, 1773 
20,000 v. 

Citadel (The) Library 

Mrs. Watson Gaillard 
7,500 v. 

College of Charleston Library, 1785 

Ellen Jervey 
24,000 v. 

Spec. Colls : Classics. South Carolina 
newspapers, 17,87-1859 

Medical^ College of the State of South 

Jane S. Ball 
5,5oo v. 

South Carolina Historical Society 
4,000 v Bks , per , $1,200 

Clemson College 

Agricultural College Library 

Marguerite Doggett 
30,000 v. 


Presbyterian College Library 

R. Hartwell Hatton 
5,500 v. 

College Place 

Vera Young Thomas Memorial Lbirary 
4,020 v Bks , per , $400 


Benedict College, Carnegie Library 

Mrs Annie W Bevan 
7,000 v. Bks , per , $300 

Chicora College Library 

Columbia Theological Seminary Library 

Dr. R C. Reed 
33,200 v. 

Presbyterian College for Women, Library 
S. C. Byrd 




Columbia Continued 

South Carolina Supreme Court Library 

15,186 v. 

South Lutheran Theological Seminary Li- 
4,900 v. 

University of South Carolina Library 

Robert M. Kennedy 

75,000 v. (25,000 v. in dept libraries not in- 
cluded in report) Inc. $13,750; salaries, 
$6,250, bks, $7,000; per., $500 
Spec. Coll . South Carolina. 

Due West 

Erskme College Library 

Stella O'Brien 
5,000 v 


Limestone College Library 


Furman University Library 

Eva Wngley 
16,000 v 

Spec Coll - Baptists. 

Greenville College for Women Library 

Madeline Dilworth 
3,8oo v. 


Lander College Library 

5,6oo v 


Coker College for Women Library 

Ora Willis 
8,000 v 


Newberry College Library 

Carolyn Cromer 
12,000 v. 


Claflm University, Lee Library 

Mrs. Mayme Gray 

Rock Hill 

Winthrop College, Carnegie Library 

Ida J Dacus 
37,000 v Inc $2,000; bks, per, $2,000 


Converse College Library 

Mis* Waters 
12,500 v 

Sp*rtanburg Continued 
Wofford College Library 

Mary S. DuPrc 
15,000 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Classics. 



Northern Normal and Industrial School 

Mrs Celeste Barnes 
15,906 v. Inc. $4,000; bks., per., $3,500 


State College Library 

William G. Powers 
35,523 v. Inc $8,104; bks, per., $2,619 


Huron College Library 

Ella Mclntire 
Inc. $1,392, bks , per , $1,068 


Eastern State Normal School Library 

Pearl G. Carlson 
8,985 v. Inc $3,909, bks, per, $773 


Dakota Wesleyan Library 

Clara A Davies 
19,450 v Inc $4,486, bks, per, $1,245 


State Law Library 

James Sebree 
17^000 v. 

Rapid City 

State School of Mines Library 

Delia M Haft 
11,422 v. Inc $4,122, bks, per, $1,608 


Redfield College Library 

F W Schwager 
11,224 v Inc $797, bks, per., $157 

Sioux Falls 

August ana College Library 

Sioux Falls College Library 

M F Martini 
Inc $575, bks, per, $182 


Spearfish Normal School Library 

Mrs Maude Russell Carter 
6,046 v. Inc $3,200, bks, per., $1,990 


Southern State Normal School Library 

Gilbert'G Fites 
7,157 v Bks, per, $1,338 




University of South Dakota Library 

Mabel Kingley Richardson 
62,660 v. Inc $30,570; salaries, $12,570; bks , 
$13,000; per., $1,900 

Wellington Spring! 

Wesington Springs Junior College Library 

Helen Branch 


Yankton College Library 

Helen E. Miner 
15,073 v Inc. $7,920, bks, per, $812 



King College Library 

O R Post 
10,000 v 


University of Chattanooga Library 

Nita Marie Tansey 
12,000 v 


Southwestern Presbyterian University Li- 
Dr C W Sommerville 

17,000 v Inc $2,300, bks , per , $1.500 
Spec. Coll.: Theology. 

Cumberland Gap 

Lincoln Memorial University, Carnegie Li- 
Charles Southern 


Dickson College Library 

Ida Reynolds 
2,000 v 


Greeneville and Tusculum College Library 

Edith A MacCalum 
10,000 v Bks t per , $200 


Lincoln Memorial University Library 

Mrs Iris Grannis 
8,000 v 


Lane College Library 
Mrs C. C Owens 
3.500 v 

Union Universit\ Library 

Mrs M M Suinmar 
12,000 v Bks.. per., $400 

Jefferson City 

Carson and Newman College Library 

Mrs. E. W White 
8,000 v. Inc. $500; bks, per., $150 

Johnson City 
; East Tennessee State Normal School 

| Olive Taylor 

4,000 v. 


Kimberlin Height! 

Johnson Bible College, Erwm Library 

Ashley S. Johnson 


Knoxville College, Carnegie Library 

Harriet A. Kerr 

5.250 v Inc $1,900, bks, per, $350 
Spec Coll Theology 

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Divi- 
sion, Carnegie Library (C) 
Mary E Baker 

70,535 v Inc $33,3/2, salaries, $18,468; bks. 

$7.850; per, $2,000 

Spec Colls : Arthurian and Elizabethan 

literature (Bruce) 

| Lebanon 
Cumberland University Library 

Mattie Crowe 
5,000 v 

Spec Coll Theology 


Hiwassee College Library 

3.000 v 


Maryville College, Lamar Memorial Li- 

Horace Lee Ellis 
21,000 v 


Bar Law Library Association 

R. M Leach 
35,000 v Inc $500; bks , per , $2,850 

Christian Brothers' College Library 
900 v 

Goodwyn Institute Library 

Olive Mayes 
20,000 v. 

Spec Colls Agriculture Civics. Tech- 

LeMmne Institute Library (negro) 
(Branch of Cossitt Public Library) 
Virginia Dare Young 




Memphis Continued 

University of Tennessee, College of Medi- 
cine Library 

Emily Hoyt McCurdy 
6,631 v. Inc. $3,300, bks , per , $200 

MilUgan College 

Milligan College Library 

I " " 
! Sewanee 

I University of the South Library 


40 ooo v 


Middle Tennessee State Normal School 

6,500 v Inc $1,300, bks., per, $1,200 

Tennessee College Library 

Emily H Dutton 
3,100 v 


David Lipscomb College Library 
5.000 \ Inc , $600 , bks , per , $200 

Fisk University, Carnegie Library 

Olm C. Davis 
15,100 v Inc $3,500, bks . per , $1,300 

Spec Coll.: Theology 


Tennessee State Agricultural College Li- 

Washington College 

Washington College Library 

3.500 v 



Abilene Christian College Library 

8,200 v. Bks., per , $1,000 

McMurry College Library 

Mrs. W. B McKcon 

Simmons College Library 

Thelma Andrews 
12,760 v. 

j Alpine 

_.. r u T ' Sul Ross State Teachers College Library 
Georpe Peabody College for Teachers Li- \ Zona Peek 

brar - v ! 8,202 v. 

38,000 v I 

Meharr> Medical College Library 

Miss A B Kirk 
1,000 v 

Methodist Board of Missions Library 
5,ooo v 

Roger Williams University Library 

Essie McClendon 
2,500 v. 

School of Lau Library 

Mrs Theresa S Davidson 
14,000 v 
School of Religion Library 

Dr Henry Beach Carre 
15.500 v 
School of Medicine Library 

Mrs Pearle C Hedges 
15.000 v 

Vanderbilt University Library 

Mrs Stanley Johnson 

93,000 v Inc $21,850; salaries, $8,255; bks, 
$10,278, per, $1,600 

Walden College Library 

C F Garrett 
7,000 v 

Spec Coll Theo1og\ 


Court of Civil Appeals Library 

5,000 v Bks . per t $300 


North Texas Agricultural College Library 

Mrs B B. McClannahan 
4.138 v. 


\ustm Presbyterian Theological Seminary 

Robert G Gribble 

Saint Edward's College Library 

Rev Paul Joseph Foik 
7,000 v 

Samuel Houston College Library 

J. A. Wilson 
i 1.800 v 

Supreme Court Librarv 

L. K Smoot 
27,750 v. Inc, $2.000, bks, per, $1,800 

Tillotson College Library 
Caroline Hurd 

2.000 V 


TEXAS Continued 

University of Texas Library 
Ernest William Winkler 
416,533 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Texas State Historical 
Association lib. Economics. Mexico. Scan- 
dinavia. Southern states. American litera- 
ture (South). Texas. English literature. 
University Bureau of Government Re- 
Erin L. Mill 

11,000 V. 

University Extension Loan Library 

LeNoir Dimmitt 
University Law Library 
28,000 v. 

University Medical Department library, 

Elisabeth D. Runge 
13,230 v. Inc. $5,x> 


Baylor Female College Library 

Jessie Louise Kennedy 
16,000 v. 


Blinn Memorial College Library 

11,513 v. 

Brown wood 

Daniel Baker College Library 

8,000 v. 

Howard Payne College Library 

T. R. Havins 
12,360 v. 


West Texas State Teachers College Library 

Tennessee Malone 
17,000 v. 


Clarendon College Library 

Mrs Isaac W. Wade 
16,368 v. 

College Station 

Agricultural and Mechanical College Li- 

Thomas F. Mayo 
28,328 v 


East Texas State Teachers College Library 

Elizabeth Malone 
11,513 v. 


Baylor University, College of Medicine Li- 
brary. See Waco. 

Dallas Continued 

Saint Mary's College Library 

Louise Childress 

School of Theology Library 
Mrs. John H. Warwick 

Southern Methodist University Library 

Dorothy Amann 
50,000 v. 

University of Dallas Library 
10,000 Y. 


College of Industrial Arts Library 

Caroline Meyer 
24,000 v. 

North Texas State Teachers College Li- 

Mrs Pearl C. McCracken 
20,824 v. 

1 Paao 

Court of Civil Appeals Librarj- 

4,746 v. Bks, per, $750 

El Paso County Medical Societv Library, 
Martin Bldg 

W H Anderson, M. D 
6,000 v. 

Junior College Library 
Lee Hilhs 

University of Texas, College of Mines Li- 

Mrs M H Webb 
2,631 v. 

Fort Worth 

Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary 

Rev L M Sipe 
6,000 v. 

State Medical Association of Texas Li- 
brary, 207J4 West nth St 


Texas Christian University Library 

Arthur B. Curry 
24,848 v 

Spec. Coll : Theology 

Texas Woman's College Librar> 

Sarah Walton 
",553 v 


Court of Civil Appeals Law Library 

10,000 v 

University of Texas, Medical Department 
Library See Austin. 

Ursuline Convent Library 
Anabel Norwood 


TEXAS Continued 
Southwestern University Library 

Mrs. Margaret McKennon 
27,345 v. 


Burleson College Library 

Frances Melton 
8 f ooo v. 

Wesley College Library 

Mrs Kate A. Bremann 
3,448 v. 


Houston Academy of Medicine Library 

Inez R. Waters, M. D. 
2,770 v. 

Lawyers' Library Association 
10,715 v Inc $5400; bks. f per., $2,900 

Rice Institute Library 

Alice G. Dean 
50,000 v. 


Sam Houston State Teachers College Li- 

Beatrice Craig 
21,779 v. 


Alexander College Library 
3,000 v. 

Lon Morris College Library 

Mrs D. E. Hawk, Jr. 
3.700 v. 


South Texas State Teachers College Li- 

Ann L Kirven 
5,425 v. 


Cotte House Library 


Cumberland College Library 
R W. McCulloch 


Texas Technological College Library 

Elizabeth H. West 
6,717 v 


Bishop College Library 
Naomi Lindamood 
5,000 v. 

Spec Coll : Theology. 

Marshall Continued 

Marshall College Library 

John H. Hill 
4,000 v. 

Wiley University Library (negro) 


Meridian College Library 



Texas Presbyterian College Library 

Mary McGuire 
7,466 v. 


Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College 
Loulein Harris 


Peniel University Library 

Pauline Nichols 
Spec. Coll.: Theology. 

Prairie View 

Prairie View Normal and Industrial Col- 
lege Library 

Gertrude Williams 

San Antonio 

Bexar County Medical Library t 

Josephine S Brm 
5,000 v Bks , per , $439 

Cadet Technical Library, Kelly Field 

Incarnate Word College Library 

bister M. Frederica 
10,508 v. 

Our Lady of the Lake College Library 

Sister M Incarnata 
15,524 v. 

Saint Louis College Library 
Rev. J. C. Canning 

Saint Mary's College Library 

John Singer 
9,200 v. 

Scientific Society of San Antonio Library 

Westmoorland College, Whitsett Library 
3,150 v 

San Marcos 

Southwest Texas State Teachers College 

Ernest Bryan Jackson 
22,779 v. 



TEXAS Continued 

Lutheran College Library 
3,700 v. Bks., per., $350 

Seminary Hill 

Southwest Baptist Theological Library 

L R Elliott 
9,505 v 


Austin College Library 

Mrs R. R Howell 

Carr-Burdette College Library 
3,000 v Inc. $1,000, bks , per., $350 

Kidd Key College Library 

Lavilla C. Belger 
10,855 v 


Stamford College Library 

Rev. J G. Miller 


John Tarleton Agricultural College Library 

Dorothy Lee 
10,056 v. 


Westminster College Library 

Addie Mae Willis 


Court of Appeals Library 
3700 v. Bks., per , $500 

Thorp Spring 

Christian College Library 
3.300 v. 


Baylor University Library 

John K Strecker 

4353 v. Inc. $17,235; salaries, $9,980; bks, 
$8.845; per., $1,270 

Spec Coll.: Browning (Armstrong) 
Texas (Aynesworth). 
College of Medicine Library, Dallas 

Margaret Stuart Turrill 
4,500 v , 3.000 pam. 


Trinity University Library 

Thheresa Robert Simms 
0,300 v Inc $1.900. salaries, $1,000; bks., 
per . $725 


Cedar City 

Branch Agricultural College Library 

King Hendricks 
6,500 v. Inc. $2,200, bks, pers., $2,200 


Snow College Library 
Marjone Madsen 
> 6,000 v Inc $2,300, bks, per, $1,300 

! Logan 

I Utah Agricultural College Librarv 
Hattie Smith, acting 

41,070 v Inc excluding salaries. $3.960 , bks , 

per., $2,450 


Brigham Young University Library 

Anna Ollorton 

55,000 v Inc excluding salaries. $4.000, bks, 
per, binding, $3,000 

Spec. Colls.. Chemistry (Leland) His- 
I tory and literature (Whitecotton) 


Saint George 

Dixie College Library 

A M Woodbury 
5,000 v Inc $800 . bks , per s , $700 

Salt Lake City 

Genealogical Society of Utah Library 

7,700 v. Inc $4,800; bks , per , $3.200 

Latter-Day Saints University Library 

Minnie I. Margetts 

8,500 v Inc excluding salaries, $1,800, bks, 
per., $1,800 

University of Utah Librarj 

Esther Nelson 
85,527 v Inc $27,552; bks, per. $9,542 

Westminster College Library 
5,000 v Bks , per , $75 



University of Vermont, Billings Library 

Helen Barnes Shattuck 
118,716 v. Bks, per., $3,120 

Spec Colls Hawkins Rebellion Civil 
War (Howard) Scandinavian literature 
(Marsh Library) Vermont. 
University, College of Medicine Library 
May O. Boynton 


State Normal School Library 

3.500 v Bks , per , $1.000 



Middlebury College, Egbert Starr Library 

Laila A McNeil! 
50,000 v Bks., per , $2,800 

Spec Colls Vermont Education 


Vermont Historical Society Library 

Rebecca W. Wright 
16,000 y. Inc. $6,000 


Norwich University Library 

Ellen L Brown 
22,300 v Bks , per , $1,000 

Randolph Center 

State School of Agriculture Library 
Rollm H Barrett 

Winooski Park 

Saint Michael's College Library 
10,000 v. 


Stonewall Jackson College Library 

Ellen E Dill 
2,500 v Inc. $600 


Episcopal Theological Seminary Library 

Miss M B Worthmgton 
40,000 v. 

Bristol Continued 

Virginia Interment College Library 

Mrs H. G. Noffsinger 
5,250 v. 


University of Virginia 

John S. Patton 

140,000 v. Salaries $11,055; bks., $7ooo; per, 

Spec Colls. Virginiana. Negro question 
Civil War. Poetry. 


Daleville College Library 
J. P. Bowman 


Averettt College Library 

Avis Marshall 
2,350 v. Inc $1,650 

East Radford 

Teachers' College Library 

Pearl M Andrews 
6,950 v Inc $2,850 

| Emory 

| Emory and Henry College Library 

| Mary A Akers 

I 15,000 v Inc $2,517 


| Farmville 

I Teachers' College Library 
I Sarah MacDonald 

13,500 v Inc $3,4io 


Randolph-Macon College, Walter 

Page Library 

Nancy W Sydnor 
18,600 v. Inc $4.881 

Spec Colls Chemistry (Shepard lib) 
Classics (Walton) English (Darden) His- ! 
tory (Bennett). 

Fortress Monroe 

IT I Coast Artillery School Library 
HlneS I 39,000 v luc $2,400 


Virginia Polytechnic Institute Library 

Ralph M. Brown 
40,ooov. Inc $9,597 


Bridgewater College Library 

E. M. Starr 
10,000 v 


Sulhns College Library 

Dorothy Ross 
3,640 v. 


| Teachers' College Library 

Frances Thompson 
0,ooo v 


Hampden-Sidney College Library, 1776 

E C Venable 
16,000 v Inc $1,785 


Hampton Institute Library (negro) 

Caroline L Jones 
55,000 v Inc $10,800 


Teachers' College Library 
Virginia Harnsberger 
9,500 v. Inc $3,832 



VIRGINIA Continued 


Rollins College, Charles L. Cocke Memo- 
rial Library 

Marian S. Bayne 
13,000 v. 


Virginia Military Institute Library 

Nellie T. Gibbs 
27,183 v. Inc. $2,888 

Washington and Lee University Library, 


Blanche P. McCrum 
60,000 v. Inc. $11,150 

Spec. Coll : Law. 


Lynchburg College Library 

Mabel C Fuller 
7,500 v Inc. $2,800 

Randolph-Macon Women's College Library 

Leila G. Forbes 
30,000 v Inc $5,600 

Virginia Christian College Library 

Ella K. Anderson 
2,000 v 


Marion Junior College Library 

Harriet Teufel 
2,500 v Inc $625 


Norfolk County Medical Library 

Emily T. Allen 
3.000 v 


Virginia Normal and 
Library (negro) 

Beatrice O. Green 
7,691 v. Inc. $3,465 

Industrial Institute 


Bosher Library, Lombardy St. and Monu- 
ment Ave. 

Mrs. Gallic E. Foos 
1,691 v. (medical) 

Confederate Memorial Literary Society 

i ,000 v., 20,000 mss 

Hartshorn College Library (negro) 
Laura F. Parker 


Medical College of Virginia Library 

Florence McRae 
8,595 v. Inc. $3,377 

State Law Library 

W. W. Scott 
30,000 v. 


Union Theological Seminary, Spence Li- 

Dr. Thomas C. Johnson 
50,000 v. Inc. $1,018 

University of Richmond Library 

Marion Garnett Ryland 
35,ooov. Inc. $7,300 

Valentine Museum Library 
1,000 v. 

Spec. Coll.: Colonial Virginia. 

Virginia Baptist Historical Society Library 
Dr. W. A. Harris 


Virginia Historical Society Library 

William J. Stanard 
15,000 v. 

Virginia Mechanics Institute Library 
H. L. Davison 

Virginia Union University Library (negro) 

Mrs S R. J. Cain 
15,000 v. Inc $300 


Virginia Junior College Library 
Marion Ahearn 


Roanoke College Library 

Janet M. Ferguson 
20,283 v Inc $375 


Mary Baldwin College Library 

Abbie M. McFarland 
8,240 v. 

Sweet Briar 

Sweet Briar College Library 

Beverley Ruffin 
12,645 v Inc $4,966 


William and Mary College Library, 1693 

Earl G Swem 
50,000 v Inc $16,000 

Spec Coll.: Virginiana 



State Normal School Library 

Mabel Zoe Wilson 
35,000 v. Inc. $8,531; bks., per, $6,806 


State Normal School Library 

Theodore Norton 
22,000 v. Inc. $5,450; bks., $2725 


WASHINGTON (State) Continued 

State Normal School Library 

John S. Richards 
15,509 v. Inc. $4,304; bks., $1,412 


Saint Martin's College Library 

Lawrence Piotrzkowski 
5,340 v. Inc $400 


Pacific Lutheran College Library 

J. Xavier 
8,000 v. Bks.. per. f $335 


Washington State College Library 

W W. Foote 
120,000 v Bks , $10,144 

Spec Colls . Architecture. Herd books 


Washington Medical Library Association 

Mrs Kate D. Coburn 
7,000 \ Inc $1,167, bks , per, $229 

Universit} ot Washington Library 

The libraries of the university, totalling 
223,551 bound volumes, with book expendi- 
tures (1925-1926) of $69,4.93, include the fol- 

University of Washington Library (Gen- 

Librarian William E Henry 
Associate Librarian Charles W Smith, 

in charge of reference 
Acquisitions Marguerite E. Putnam 
Catalog Marie S Alfonso 
174,668 v Salaries, $54,74* . bks, $47,453 

Spec Colls Bookmakmg Constitu- 
tional conventions History of Pacific North- 
west and Alaska Early newspapers of 
Washington World War (Camp Lewis) 
Physics (Bouty Library) Pedagogy Fish- 
eries (Cohb). Forestry 
Law School Library 

Arthur S Beardsley 
48,883 v Bks , $22,040 


Gonzaga University Library 

James A. Rebmann 
12,000 v 

Spokane University Library 

Mrs Cora Utz 
8,650 v. Inc , $180 

Whitworth College Library 

Eleanor W. Stackett 
8,000 v. 


College of Puget Sound Library 

Lillian E. Collins 
8,091 v. Bks., $1,500 

Pierce County Medical Society Library, 
Puget Sound Bank Bldg. 

Blanche L. DeWitt 
2,400 v. 

Walla Walla 

Walla Walla College Library 

Whitman College Library 

Mrs. Harriet L. Carstensen 
36,000 v. Bks , per., $450 

Spec Coll : Pacific Northwest (Eel Is). 

Concord State Normal School Library 

Ora Peters 
6,000 v. Inc , $2,740; bks , per., $I,OQQ 


Morris Harvey College Library 

Winifred Bartlett 
6,000 v. 


Bethany College, Carnegie Library 

Anna Mary Kemp 
17,920 v Inc , $5,000 

Spec Coll Theology 


West Virginia Wesleyan College Library 

Cecelia Alexander 
15,000 v. 


State Department of Archives and History 

Clifford B Myers 
100,000 v 

State Law Library 

J. A Jackson 
35,000 v. 


Davis and Elkins College Library 

Virgie Harris 
5,000 v. Inc , $2,100; bks , per., $400 


State Normal School Library 
Mrs. Emory F. McKinney 
10,000 v. Inc., $3*065 


State Normal School Library 

Alma Arbuckle 
6,000 v. Inc., $2,500, bks., per., $500 



Harpers Ferry 

Storer College, Roger Williams Library 

Sarah Benedict 
7,ooo v. 


Marshall College, State Normal School Li- 

Louise M. Hoxie 
20,000 v Bks , per., $1,000 


West Virginia Collegiate Institute Library 
3,000 v. Bks , per., $500 


Greenbrier College for Women Library 

Mary Anne Justice 
1,500 v. 


New River State School Library 

Ada McVeigh 
8,000 v. 


-^-West Virginia University Library 

Lonna D. Arnett 

110,000 v Salaries, $17,000, bks , per, bind- 
ing. $20,600 
University Law Library 

Garnet Reeder 
16,000 v 


Broaddus College Library 

Arthur L Brandon 
3,000 v Inc $1,200 


Salem College Library 

Eva Lee Cole 
5,226 v. 


Shepherd College, State Normal School Li- 
Stewart E. Arnold 

4,500 v. Bks , per., $1,000 

West Liberty 

State Normal School Library 

Mary E Kitchen 
8,000 v Inc , $2,697 ; bks., per , $350 


Wheeling Medical Library Association 

H. F Spillers, M D. 
3,500 v 


Lawrence College, Samuel Appleton Library 

Anna M. Tarr 

50,000 v. Inc., $14,000, bks, per, $4,000, also 
$10,000 special gifts 


Beloit College Library 

Iva M. Butlm 
73,000 v. Inc , $11,500, bks , per , $3,000 

De Pere 

Saint Norbert's College Library 

F X J Exler, Ph D 
13,000 v Bk exp, $1,500 

Emu Claire 

State Normal School Library 

Winifred Winans 

24,500 v Inc, $8,000, sa(anes, $5,240, bks. 
per., $2,000 


Gale College Library 

3,000 v. 


Rural Normal School Library 

W P Hagman 
6,000 v. Inc , $800 , bks , per , $700 

La Crosse 

State Normal School Library 


State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 8iO 

State St 

Joseph Schafer 

245,000 bks. and newspapers, 310,000 pam. 
Bks , per , $10,200 

Spec Colls Civil War Dutch Wiscon- 
sin authors Labor Mormons Newspapers 
Public documents Trusts (Lloyd) Missis- 
sippi valley 

University of Wisconsin, General Library 

Walter M Smith 
370,000 v, 63,000 pam Bks, per, $60.000 

Spec Colls Railroads. Scandinavia 

University, College of Agriculture Li- 

C S Hean 

University, College of Engineering Li- 

F E. Volk 
University, Law School Library 

Mrs. Sophie M Briggs 
38,000 v. 
University, Library School Librarj 

Mary E. Hazeltme, Prm. 
9.000 v. Inc., $13.000, bks , per , $500 



WISCONSIN Continued 
Madison Continued 

University, Municipal Information Bureau 

Fred H. MacGregor 
12,500 bks and pam. 

University Woodman Astronomical Li- 
J. Stebbins 
3,500 v., 2,800 pam. 

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and 

Walter M Smith 
10,000 v. 


Stout Institute Library 
Lillian M Froggett 
13.500 v Inc $3,000, bks, per, $1,560 


Milton College Library 

Mabel Maxson 
12,031 v Inc , $775 , bks , per , $308 


Academy of Medicine Library 

Dr Eugene Smith 
12,200 v. Inc., $1,600, bks, per, $1,300 

Marquette School of Medicine Library 

Mrs Teresa Beckman 
7,500 v 

Marquette University Library 

Augustine Siebauer 
36.500 v. 

Milwaukee Academy of Medicine Library, 
153 Oneida St 

Eugene A Smith, M D 
11,729 v 

Milwaukee-Downer College, Elizabeth L 
Greene Memorial Library 

Maud Mitchell 
24,000 v Bks , per , $1,634 

Milwaukee Law Library Association 

W. W. Wight 
i6jOOO v. InCj $1,200, bks , per , $900 

Milwaukee Public Museum Library 

Carl Thai 
16,332 v Inc. $6,125 ; bks , per., $1,600 

State Normal School Library 

Delia G. Ovitz 
36,792 v. Bks., per., $2,454 
Spec. Coll.: Pictures 

Mount Calvary 

Saint Lawrence College Library 

Rev Lawrence Merten 
5,200 v. Bks , per., $150 


State Normal School Library 

Malvma C. Clausen 
15,000 v Inc, $12,720, bks., per. $6,500 


State Normal School Library 

Bee A Gardner 
17,584 v Bks , per., $1,800 


Mission House Library 

Prof J.'W. Grosshuesch 
18,000 v Inc $119, bks, per, $96 
Spec. Coll . Theology 

Prairie du Chien 

Campion College Library 

Saint Mary's College Library 

Sister Pamphilid 
12,464 v. Inc., $600, bks, per., $500 


Oneida County Normal School Library 

M V Boyce, prm 
2,500 v. Inc, $100, bks., per, $100 


Ripon College Library 

Josephine R. Hargrave 
28,592 \ Inc. $2,566, bks., per, $745 

River Falls 

State Normal School Librar> 

Mary B Kimball 
17,315 v Bks , per., $2,575 

Saint Francis 

Saint Francis Seminary Salzmann Library 

Rt Rev. Mgr A C Bneg 
27,911 v. Inc. $1,000, bks, per, $1,000 


Sheboygan Clinic Library, 1005 N 8th St. 

Myra Mueller 
1,476 v 


Santa Clara College, Saint Thomas Aquinas 

4,000 v. 

Stevens Point 

State Normal School Library 

Eleanor W. Welch 
18.673 v. Inc., $6,855; bks., per., $1,300 


State Normal School Library 

Harriet L. Eaton 
33,000 v Bks , per , $5,000 



WISCONSIN Continued 

Union Grove 

Racine- Kenosha Rural Normal School Li- 

Mildred McFarland 
5,179 v. Inc $700, bks ( per, $400 


Northwestern College Library 

J H. Ott 
12,956 v Inc $700, bks. per, $soo 


Carroll College, Voorhees Library 
Alice Palmer Morris 


Lutheran Theological Seminary Library 

John P Koehler 
6,500 v. 


State Normal School Library 

Lucy E Thatcher 
21,000 v. Bks., per , $2,205 

University of Wyoming Library 

Reba Davis 
65,000 v Inc $22.496, bks, per. $10,000 

Spec Coll Botany (regional) Missis- 
sippi valley Agriculture Law Civil and 
mining engineering 


High School Libraries 

This list includes, also, leading preparatory schools, but does not cover grade 
schools unless in exceptional cases. The list only approximates completeness, in 
view of the rapid increase of libraries within schools, and additions to the list are 
particularly invited for a future issue, which may also cover grade schools. 



Clay Countv High School Library 
A L Patterson, Prm. 


Athens College Library 
Ella Mae Jones 

Eighth District Agricultural School Library 
W H Johnson, Prm 


Etowah County High School Library 

W V Luckie, Prin 
4,000 v 


Blessed Sacrament Academy Library 
Sister M. Ernestine 

Central High School Library (branch of 
Public Library) 
Louise Roberts 

John Herbert Phillips High School Library 

Mary Estelle Bmford 
3,544 v 

Woodlawn High School Library (branch 
of Public Library) 
Pearl Sandefer 


State Secondary Agricultural School 

J B Penmngton, Prm. 
500 v. 


John H Snead Seminary Library 
3,000 v 


Downing Industrial School Library 

Estelle Moncrief 
1,400 v 


Pike County High School Library 

Jewel Parks 
700 v 


Calhoun Colored School Library 

Mrs Elsie B Allen 
6,326 v. 


Centerville High School Library 

Winnie Jones 
1,070 v. 


Cullman County High School Library 

Lilhe Cochran 
2,600 v. 


High School Library 

Gladys L Poole 
4,000 v 

Fort Deposit 

Lowndes County High School Librarj 
R L Bates, Principal 


Marion County High School Library 
R E Moore 


Walker County High School Library 

1,200 v 


State Secondary Agricultural School Li- 

Mrs J. T Manning 


Perry County High School Library 

Sallic Tucker 
1 ,800 v. 


Chambers Count} High School Library 

Pauline Sands 
571 v 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Moffatt 
3,755 v 



ALABAMA Continued 


McGill -Institute Library 

George Metzger 
1,100 v. 


Monroe County High School Library 

750 v. 


Alabama Girls Tech Inst Library 
Frances Tabor 


Booker T. Washington School Librarj 

Elizabeth Fountain 
700 v. 


Lawrence County High School Library 
Mrs. Margaret Davis 


Macon Count} High School Librar> 
Thomas S Bugg 


Pickens County High School Library 
F S Ward 


Lounty High School Library 
Curtis Mathews 


Thorsby Institute Library 

Christena Maclntyrc 
5,ooo v 


Stillman Institute Library (colored) 
Paul H Moore, Supt 


Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, 
Carnegie Library 

A La Perle Howard 
17,667 v. 


Lamar County High School 

J B Gibbons 
500 v 



Curley School Library 
3,233 v 

Bisbee School Library 
Jenevieve Clayton 
7,300 v. 

High School Library 
1,400 v. 


High School Library 
i ,000 v 


High School Library 
2,35 v 


High School Library 
3.8oo v 


High School Library 

1,118 v 


High School Librarv 
1,800 v 


High School Library 
Mrs Marie Butte 
900 v 


High School Library 
2,260 v 


High School Library 
! 657 v 

; Jerome 
High School Library 

Dorothy Summer vi lie 
2,935 v 


High School Library 
I Florence Teague 

785 v 

I Mesa 

j High School Library 
j Mrs D M Huston 

' 4.000 v 

I Miami 

! High School Library 
I Lottie L Crabtree 

' 2,400 v 

| Nogalea 

1 High School Library 

Mrs Josephine A Saxon 
I 3.070 v 



ARIZONA Continued 


Union High School Library 
' Mrs C. W Stabler 

12,000 V. 


-High School Library 

Lillian Savage 
2,100 v. 

High School Library 
944 v. 


High School Library 

M Maude Hansforcl 
3,281 v 


High School Library 

Leota V Browning 
1,350 v 


High School Library 

600 v. 


High School Library 

Leona Hall 
1,500 v 



High School Library 
Barbara Fezel 


High School Library 

R W Menard 

El Dorado 

High School Library 

Maurine Dumas 

Fort Smitb 

High School Library 
Mary Hines 

Hot Springs 

High School Library 

Miss Branson 

Little Rock 

Little Rock High School Library 

Frances O'Connell 


Pine Bluff 

High School Library 
Hazel Cornmesser 


Academy of Notre Dame Library 
4*878 v 

Alameda High School Library 

Helen Lyon 
4J37 v 


Alhambra City High School Library 

Clara M. Will, its 
3,75i v 


Modoc Union High School Library 
1,034 v 


Anaheim Union High School Library 

Mrs Cora Parker-Coyner 
8,619 v 


Anderson Union High School Library 

Lucile Keyt 

North Little Rock 

High School Library 

Mrs Russell Barham 

Angels Camp 

Bretc Hartc Union High School Library 
802 v 


Rwcrview Union High School Library 
-2.500 v 


Arcata Union High School Library 
1.150 v 


Placer Union High School Library 

Roberta Ingrum 
3.475 v 


Citrus Union High School and Junior Col- 
lege Library 

Helena F Curtibs 
3*210 v 


Kern County Union High School and 

Junior College Librar> 
H S Craig 


Banning Union High School Library 
i 232 v. 





Benicia High School Library 
1,500 v. 


Anna Head School Library, 2538 Channmg 

2,277 v 

Berkeley High School Library 

Mrs. Gertrude H Mathewson 

California School for the Blind Library 
2,000 v (embossed) 

California School for the Deaf Library 

Mrs Charles S Perry 

Edison Junior High School Library 

Garfield Junior High School Library 

Elizabeth I Patton 
2,350 v 

Washington Lower High School Library 
6^0 v. 


Biggs Union High School Library 

Vera V Mitchell 
1,025 v 


Carpintena Union High School Library 



Bishop Union High School Library 
1,850 v. 


Palo Verde Valley Union High School Li- 
1,01 6 v. 


BrawleA Union High School and Junior 
College Library 

Olixe M Potter 
2,000 v 


Libert} Union High School Library 
021 v 


Burbank Union High School Library 
Corne V Ziegler 



Burhngame High School Library 
Marion Harris 


Calexico Union High School Library 
960 v 


Washington High School Library 
2,000 v. 


Ceres High School Library 
1,300 v 


-hico High School Library 

Lilhe Earll 
3,310 v. 


Chmo High School Library 
1,243 v. 


Clovis Union High School Library 

Ottilia C Anderson 
1,042 v. 


Coahnga Union High School District Li- 

brary (C) 

Ella Louise Smith 
16,055 v. 

College City 

Pierce Joint Union High School Library 
1,629 v 


Colton High School Library 
2,511 v 


Colusa High School Library 
1,500 v 


Compton Union High School Library 

Elizabeth Neal 
800 v. 

j Concord 

j Mount Diablo Union High School Library 

j Corcoran 

j Corcoran Union High School Library 
1,735 v. 


Corning Union High School Library 
i,6>8 v 


Round Valley Union High School Library 

2,020 V 





Covma Union High School Library 

Lois V Blackburn 
2,290 v 

Crescent City 

Del Norte County High School Library 

1,170 v. 


John Swett Union High School Library 


San Ramon Valley Union High School Li- 
650 v 


Delano Union High School Library" 
1,300 v 


Dinuba Union High School Library I 

Edla Broman 
1,250 v ! 

Dizon | 

Dixon Union High School Library I 

1 ,080 v 

Dps Palos 

Dos Palos Joint Union High School Li- 
1,700 v 

El Centre 

Central Union High School and Junior 

College Library 
i,275 v 


Eureka High School and Junior College 

2,000 v 


-Ferndale Union High School Library 
2,443 v 


Fillmore Union High School Library 

Fort Bragg 

Fort Bragg Union High School Library 

2,000 v 


Fortuna High School Library 
2,759 v 


Fowler Union High School Library 

1,637 v. 


Fresno High School Library 

Dorothea Davis 
6,541 v 

Garden Grove 

Garden Grove Union High School Library 



Glendale Union High School Library 

Estelle D Lake 
8,150 v 


Gonzales Union High School Library 

2,300 v 


Gndley Union High School Library 
500 v 

Half Moon Bay 

Half Moon Bay Union High School Library 
1,050 v 

Hamilton City 

Hamilton City Union High School Library 


Hanford Union High School Library 

3,6i7 v 


Hayward Union High School Library 

Mary M Corbus 
1,421 v. 


Healdsburg High School Library 

Gertrude Bonham 
2,470 v 


San Benito County High School and Junior 
College Library 
Ruth Tiffany 
1,699 v 


Holtvillc Union High School Library 

3,413 v. 


Hughson Union High School Library 

1,580 v. 





Benicia High School Library 


Anna Head School Library, 2538 Channing 

2,277 v 

Berkeley High School Library 

Mrs Gertrude H Mathewson 
7,500 v 

California School for the Blind Library 
2,000 v (embossed) 

California School for the Deaf Library 

Mrs Charles S Perry 

Edison Junior High School Library 

Garfield Junior High School Library 

Elizabeth I Patton 
2,350 v 

Washington Lower High School Library 
670 v. 


Biggs Union High School Library 

Vera V Mitchell 
1,025 v 


Bishop Union High School Library 
1,850 v. 


Palo Verde Valley Union High School Li- 
1,016 v 


Brawle\ Union High School and Junior 
College Library 

Olive M Potter 
2,000 v 


Libert) Union High School Library 
921 v 


Burbank Union High School Library 

Corne V Ziegler 
2,500 v 


Burhngame High School Library 
Marion Harris 


Calexico Union High School Library 
060 v. 


-Carpmteria Union High School Library 
1,512 v. 


Washington High School Library 
2,000 v. J 


Ceres High School Library 
1,300 v 


HOiico High School Library 

Lilhe Earll 
3,310 v. 


Chmo High School Library 
1,243 v. 


Clovis Union High School Library 

Ottilia C Anderson 
1,042 v. 


I Coalinga Union High School District Li- 

' brary (C) 

| Ella Louise Smith 

I 16,055 v 

! College City 

Pierce Joint Union High School Library 
1,629 v 


Colton High School Library 
2,511 v 


Colusa High School Library 
1,500 v 


Compton Union High School Library 

Elizabeth Neal 
800 v. 


Mount Diablo Union High School Library 


Corcoran Union High School Librarv 
1,735 v. 


Corning Union High School Library 
1,678 v J 


Round Valley Union High School Library 
2,020 v J 





Covina Union High School Library 

Lois V Blackburn 
2,290 v 

Crescent City 

Del Norte County High School Library 

1,170 v 


John Swett Union High School Library 
1,905 v 


San Ramon Valley Union High School Li- 
650 v 


Delano Union High School Library" 
1,300 v. 


Dmuba Union High School Library 

Edla Broman 
1,250 v 


Dixon Union High School Library 
1,080 v 

Dps Palos 

Dos Palos, Joint Union High School Li- 
1,700 v 

1 Centre 

Central Union High School and Junior 

College Library 
1,275 v 


Eureka High School and Junior College 

2,000 v 


Ferndale Union High School Library 

2,443 v 


Fillmore Union High School Library 

Fort Bragg 

Fort Bragg Union High School Library 

2,000 v 


Fortuna High School Library 
2,759 v 


Fowler Union High School Library 
1,637 v. 


Fresno High School Library 

Dorothea Davis 
6,541 v. 

Garden Grove 

Garden Grove Union High School Library 


Glendale Union High School Library 

Estelle D Lake 
8,150 v. 


Gonzales Union High School Library 
2,300 v 


Gridley Union High School Library 
500 v 

Half Moon Bay 

Half Moon Bay Union High School Library 

1,050 v 

Hamilton City 

Hamilton City Union High School Library 


Hanford Union High School Library 
3,6i7 v 


Hayward Union High School Library 

Mary M Corbus 
1,421 v. 


Healdsburg High School Library 

Gertrude Bonham 
2,470 v 


San Benito County High School and Junior 

College Library 
Ruth Tiffany 
1,699 v 


Holtville Union High School Library 
3,413 v 


Hughson Union High School Library 
1,580 v 




Huntinfton Beach 

Huntington Beach Union High School Li- 
Edith Hubbart 

! Lincoln 

Lincoln Union High School Librarv 
3,000 v. 


Lindsay High School Library 
I 2,000 v. 


Hvntinfton Park 

Huntington Park Union High School 1,1- , 

Mrs. Gretchen Smith Boyle 
3,500 v. 

Imperial i Lodi Union High School Library 

Imperial Valley Union High School Library j _ J essie c - Boyd 
M75 v. ! 3,066 v 

! Livennorc 

Livermcire Union High School Library 
1,502 v. 



Inglewood Union High School Library 

Mary Came 
1,091 v. 


lone Union High School Library 
938 v. 


Hilmar Colony Union High School Library 

2.150 v 


Jackson Joint Union High School Library 
858 v. 

King City 

King City Union High School Library 

800 v. 


Kmgsburg Joint Union High School Li- 
2,031 v. 


Clear Lake Union High School Library 

2,000 v. 


Laton Joint Union High School Library 

La Verne 

Bonita Union High School Library 
1,991 v. 


Lompoc Union High School Librarx 
3,150 v 

Long Beach 

I Long Beach Polytechnic High School Li- 

Elizabeth Mattison 
| 16,88^ v 


I Loa Angeles 

Belmont High School Library 
, Marjone Van Detisen 

2,489 v 

Belvedere Junior High School Librai} 
Ruby Charlton 

Cathedral High School for (nrls Library 

1,340 v: 

Central Junior High School Librar\ 

Lillian C Ford 
5,787 v. 

David Starr Jordan High School Librarv 
Eleanor D Stewart 

Fairfax High School Library 
Helen F Estill 

Franklin High School Library 

Viola Estellc Stevens 
7,125 v. 

Gardena High School Library 

Clara E Purdum 
4,221 v 

Girls' Collegiate School Library 
1,450 v. 

Le Grand 

Le Grand Joint Union High School Library ! -.Harvard Mihtar> School Library 
2 - IO v - j .1.700 v. 


Lemoore Union High School Library 
2,383 v. 

Hollywood High School Library 

Static M. Weber 
i 9.000 v 




Loa AngelesContinued 
Jefferson High School Library 

Linnie Marsh Wolfe 
6,500 v. 

John C. Fremont High School Library 
Marian Gwinn 
Alice Phelps Walker 

Lincoln High School Library 
Ella S Morgan 

Los Angeles City School Library 

Jasmine Britton 
499,172 v Inc $26,000 

Los Angeles High School Library 

Mrs Ethel wyn Laurence 
10.557 v 

Los Angeles Military Academ> "Library 
5,ooo v 

McKmley Junior High School Library 

Emma R Domers 
6,013 v. 

Manual Arts High School Library 

Mabel S Dunn 
12,522 v. 

Marlborough School Library 
l,ooo v 

Nathaniel A Narbonne High School Li- 

Mary G Wyhe 

Occidental College and Acadenn Library 

George F. Cook 
22,315 v 

Owensmouth High School Library 

Page Mihtar\ Academy Librarx 
600 v 

Phmeas Banning High School Library 

Mrs Jean D Hodges 
2,750 v. 

Polytechnic High School Library 

Mrs Edith Wheat Locklin 
14,133 v 

Roosevelt High School Library 

Mrs Emma Lee Gilmount 

Sacret Heart Academy Library 
600 v. 

Saint Mary's Academy Library 

Sister Ignatia 
10,000 v 

San Pedro High School Library 

Mabel W Corey 
5,270 v. 

Van Nuys High School Library 

Gertrude Morton 
4,438 v. 

Venice Union Polytechnic High School 

Mrs J. W Hunter 
4.314 v 

Warren G Harding High School Library 
Mrs. Anne M. Beeman 

Westlake School for Girls Library 
2,000 v 

Los Gates 

Los Gatos High School Library 

Pauline Clark 
1,600 v. 

Montezuma Mountain Ranch School Li- 
1,180 v 


Madera Union High School Library 

Virginia L Short 
1,500 v 


Mariposa County High School Library 
820 v. 


Alhambra Union High School Library 
652 v. 


Marysville High School Library 

1,241 v. 


Maxwell Union High School Library 

Helen Rourke 
1,450 v. 


Mendocino Union High School Library 


Merced Union High School Library 

3,927 v 

Mill Valley 

Tamalpais Unjon High School Library 

Ruth Seymour 
3,500 v. 


Modesto High School Library 

Esther L Ramont 
4.004 v. 





Monrovia High School Library 
2,505 v. 


Montebello High School Library 

Ruby Carver 
1,511 v. 


Monterey Union High School Library 
1,100 v. 

Morgan Hill 

Live Oak Union High School Library 


Mountain View 

Mountain View High School Library 


Napa High School Library 

Kara Whitcher 
1,700 v. 

National City 

Sweetwater Union High School Library 
10,000 v 


Needles High School Library 

Adele Herdst 
939 v. 

Nevada City 

Nevada City High School Library 

1,000 v. 


Orestimba Union High School Library 
1,208 v. 


Oakdale Union High School Library 
1,368 v. 


Alameda County Teachers Library, Hall of 


David Martin, county supt 
3,5 v. 

Alexander Hamilton Junior High School 

John C. Fremont High School Library 

Dorothy M. Clark 
13,898 v. 

Lakeview Junior High School Library 

M. Genevieve Wilson 
4,713 v. 


McClymonds High School Library 

Mrs. Helen Hathaway White 
2,918 v. 

-Oakland High School Library 

Hazel Levy 
17,093 v. 

Oakland Public School Libraries 

Mrs Elizabeth S. Madison, supervisor 
(also in charge of Teachers' Profes- 
sional Library) 

-Oakland Technical High School Library 

Florence M Baker 
18,316 v. 

Prescott Junior High School Library 
Hazel Batchelor 

Roosevelt High and Junior High School 

Edna frowning 
2,425 v. 

University High School Library 

Helen L Price 
7,009 v 

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School Li- 

Lulu Shelton 
11,085 v. 

Oakland (Piedmont) 

Miss Ransom and Miss Bridges School 

2,885 v 


Oceans ide- Carlsbad Union High School 

1 ,000 v 


Thacher School for Boys, Kent Library 
1,200 v. 


-Chaffee High School and Junior College 

Wilbur A Fiske 
2,100 v. 


-rOrland Joint Union High School Library 
2,064 v. 


Oroville Union High School Library 

2,000 v. 

Pacific Grove 

Pacific Grove High School Library 

1,192 v. 




Palo Alto 

Miss Harker's School Library 
2,000 v. 

Palo Alto High School Library 

Myra Hoge 
8,000 v. 


John Muir Junior High School Library 

Katharine West 

Orton School Library 
1,000 v. 

Pasadena High School and Junior College 


Winifred Skinner 
17,694 v 

Paso Robles 

Paso Robles High School Library 

Jessie . Boyd 
2,062 v 


Patterson Union High School Library 


Piedmont High School Library 

Madalene Dow 
2,843 v. 


El Dorado County High School Library 

3,000 v 


Pomona High School and Junior College 


Edna Adell Hester 
3,8oo v 


Porterville Union High School Librar> 

Ina H. Stmer 
2.766 v 


Princeton Joint Union High School Li- 

550 v. 

Pucnte ; 

Puente High School Library j 
1,350 v. j 

Qnincy J 

Pknnas County High School Library 
2,271 v. 

Red Bluff 

Red Bluff Union High School Library 

1,126 v. 


Shasta Union High School Library 
2,719 v. 


Redlands High School Library 

Mary E. Pew 
6,974 v. 

Redondo Beach 

Redondo Union High School Library 

Rosalie A Wilson 
4,954 v 

Redwood City 

Sequoia Union High School Library 

Angelena Burns 
3,8oo v. 


Reedley Joint Union High School and 

Junior College Library 
2,616 v 


Richmond Union High School Library 

Gertrude Weatherby 
1,275 v 


Girls' Junior High School Library 

Jean Urquhart 
3,976 v 

Polytechnic High School and Junior Col- 
lege Library 

Rosa B Cage 
7,632 v 


Sacramento High School Library 

Essie White 
9,843 v. 

Saint Helena 

Elmhurst Ursulme Academy Library 

600 v 

Saint Helena Union High School Library 
2,125 v. 


Salinas Union High School and Junior Col- 
lege Library 

Miss B. Kennedy 
3,066 v. 

San Andreas 

Calaveras Union High School Library 

541 v. 




San Bernardino 

San Bernardino Polytechnic High School 
and Junior College Library 

Eleanor Kyle 
5,786 v. 

San Diego 

Francis W Parker School of San Diego 

S,ioo v. 

Roosevelt Junior High School Library 
Myrtle M Imhoff 

San Diego High School Library 

Ada M Jones 
15,084 v. 

San Fernando 

San Fernando Union High School Libran 

Mrs. Addie L Duprey Franz 
8,534 v 

San Francisco 

Girls High School Library 

2,575 v. 

Hamlin School Library 
3.000 v. 

High School of Commerce Library 
1,144 v 

Immaculate Conception High School Li- 
brar\, 1212 Guerrero St. 

Lowell High School Library 
2,000 v. 

Mission High School Library 
747 v 

Polytechnic High School Library 

800 v 

Saint Peter's Academy Library 

Sister M Liguori 
1,000 v 


Sanger Union High School Library 

801 v. 

San Joee 

San Jose High School Library 

Hennette Thomas 
8.079 v. 

San Lull Obispo 

San Luis Obispo High School Library 

Selina Sharpe 
2,027 v. 

San Mateo 

j San Mateo Union High School Lihrar> 
j Zula Andrews 

I 4450 v 

j San Rafael 

i San Rafael High School Library 
1 1,800 v. 

Tamalpais School Library 
i v ooov 

Santa Ana 

Santa Ana High School and Junior College 

Margaret Baker 
11,731 v 

Santa Barbara 

; Santa Barbara High School Library 

Maude Huse 
5.214 v 


1 Santa Barbara Junior High School Library 
Virginia Hall 

Santa Clara 

Santa Clara High School Librar> 
! 1,958 v. 

| Santa Cruz 

; Santa Cruz High School Lihrai\ 

Mrs M C Hale 
. 3.400 v 

Santa Maria 

Santa Maria Union High School and Junior 
College Library 
Ida M. Kriegel 
4.246 v. 

Santa Monica 

Santa Monica High School Library 

Jean Ross 
8,342 v 

Santa Paula 

Santa Paula Union High School Library 

1,500 v 

Santa Rosa 

Santa Rosa High School and Junior Col- 
lege Library 

! Marguerite L de Lonmier 

3,286 v 

Santa Ynez 

Santa Ynez Valley Union High School 

1,158 v. 


Analy Union High School Libra r> 

Alice A. Means 
M75 v 





Selma Union High School Library 

Nellie Christen sen 
3,ioo v 


Sonora Union High School Library 
2,500 v 

South Pasadena 

South Pasadena High School Library 

Hope L Potter 
3,975 v 


Stockton High School Librar\ 

Mildred Smith 
7,890 x 


Las sen County High School and Junior 

College Librar> 

Sutter Creek 

Gutter Lreek Lnion High Scluol Librarj 
1,200 \ 


West Side Union High School Libran 
J,8oo v 


Tulare High School Library 

Mrs Pearl Meyers 


Sinninerville bmon High School Librao 
1.935 v 


Turlock Union High School Libran 


Ukiah Union High School Librarj 

1,500 v | 

Vacaville j 

Vacaville Union High School Librar> 
2,172 v 


Vallejo High School Librar> 
1.400 v. 


Ventura Union High School and Junior 

College Library 

Carrie W. Egan 
1,950 v 


Victor Valley Union High School Library 

2,453 v. 


Visalia High School and Junior College Li- 


M Florence Thompson 
1,010 v 


Saint Francis School Library 

George Barron 

2.000 V 

Watsonville High School Library 

H Esther Crawford 
5,o8o v. 

West Alhambra 

Ramona Convent of the Holy Names Li- 


2,100 V 


Westwood High School Library 
1.600 v 


Whittier State School Library 
3.500 v 

Whittier Union High School Library 

Jessie A Harris 
4400 v 

Williams Union High School Library 
1,187 v. 


Wilhts Union High School Library 
600 v 


Glenn Count> High School Librar> 
980 v 


Holy Rosary Academy Library 
2,465 v 


Siskiyou Union High School Library 

Polly R Hatch 



Arvada School Library 
Isabel Weibelt 


Colorado State Preparatory School, Me- 
Kenzic Library 

Mrs Mabel G. Pryce 



COLORADO Continued 


High School Library 
E. G. Baker * 

Cheyenne Wells 

County High School Library 

Colorado Springs 

Colorado School for Deaf and Blind Li- 
6,000 v. 

High School Library 
Vanita Trovmger 

West Junior High School Library 
6,100 v. 


Aaron Gove Junior High School Library 
Frances Sims 

Ashland School Library 
Mrs Louise S Keller 

Baker Junior High School Library 
Elizabeth Ball 

Byers Junior High School Library 
Kathryne Mayer 

Cole Junior High School Library 
Marion Terry 

Columbian School Library 
Mrs Mildred Brmdley 

East High School Library 

Louisa Ward 
6,000 v. 

Ebert School Library 
Myrtle Metzger 

Edison School Library 

Mrs Blanda Thornberry 

Fairmount School Library 
Lydia Lort 

Garden Place School Library 
Margaret Wisherd 

Grant Junior High School Library 
Irma Reigel 

Lake Junior High School Library 
Edna Bibby 

Manual Training High School Library 
Patience Pegan 

Morey Junior High School Library 
Marietta Pattern 

North High School Library 

Irene Hamer 
4,000 v. 

Opportunity School Library 
Mrs. Marie G. Verhee 

Skinner Junior High School Library 
Vera Campbell 

South High School Library 
Nellie Higgins 

Washington Park School Library 
Mrs. Eva Tucker 

West Side High School Librarx 
Martha Kirkpatrick 

Fort Collins 

High School Library 

3,000 v 


High School Library 

13,100 v 


Loretto Heights Academy Library 

7,500 v. 


Centennial High School Library 
21,100 v 

Rocky Ford 

High School Library 



Public School Library 
7,000 v. 



Bridgeport High School Library 
Frances H Bickford 

Warren Harding High School Library 
Hazel Erschmger 


Bristol High School Library 
Mrs F V. Tanner 


Danbury High School Library 
Mabel Bannister 


Derby High School Library 
Mary Lathrop 


Enfield High School Library (Thompson- 
ville P. O.) 
Inez L Gay 





Ely School Library 

Miss S. E Parsons 

Greenwich High School Library 
M. Elizabeth Lockhart 

Rosemary Hall Library 

Mrs. Gertrude P. Hodson 


Bulkeley High School Library 
Margaret Shulze 

Hartford Public High School Library 
Anna Bates 

Thomas Weaver High School Library 
Margaret M. Kneil 


Kent School Library 

5,500 v 


Connecticut School for Boys Library 
3,100 v. 

Lincoln Junior High School Library 
W E Gardner 

Menden High School Library 

Clanse Stow ell 
8,000 v 


Middletown High School Library 
Alice B Nelson 

New Britain 

Central Junior High School Library 
Elizabeth Johnson 

Ehhu Burritt Junior High School Library 
Katharine A Mclntyre 

New Britain High School Library 
Mrs H. F. Smith 

New Haven 

New Haven Commercial High School Li- 
May O'Meara 

New Haven High School Library 

Clara Bradley 
6,000 v. 

Susan A Sheridan Junior High School Li- 
Margaret E. Lambert 

Troup Junior High School Library 
Ruth York Robinson 

North Stonington 
Wheeler School Library 
Mrs. George Tryon 


Norwich Free Academy, Peck Library 

Mary Eshbaugh 
19,000 v. 


Plainfield High School Library (Central 
Village P. O.) 
Josephine Armstrong 


Pomfret School Library 



Shelton High School Library 
Henrietta Ruggles 


Stamford High School Library 
Ruth McKmstry 

4,200 V. 


Stratford High School Library 
Rachel Wilcoxson 


Tornngton High School Library 


Choate School Library 

3,500 v. 

Lyman Hall High School Library 
Rita A Clark 


Crosby High School Library 

Mary J. Fagan 
3,000 v 

Leavenworth High School Library 
Elsie A Carroll 

Wilby High School Library 
Mrs Catherine C Wilby 

West Hartford 

William Hall High School Library 
Madeline Leonard 


Gilbert School Library 
Marion E. Allen 


Wmdham High School Library (Willi- 
mantic P. O.) 
Myrtice Tryon 




John Fitch High School Library 
Florence Mills 

-^-Gilbert School Library 
14000 v. 



Wesley Collegiate Institute Library 
Miss Mitchell 


High School Library 

Mrs. Margaret Ross 



Business High School Library 
Margaret D. Davies 

Central High School Library 
*Laura N. Mann 


Dunbar High School Library 

Mrs. Pearl N. Curtis 
2361 v. 

Eastern High School Library 

Dorothea W. Boyd 
4500 bks., 1,750 pam. 

McKinley High School Library 
Jennie Grady 


Western High School Library 

Elizabeth S. Dessez 

2500 bks., 150 pam., 1,000 photographs, 
lantern slides 


Fort Pierce 

High School Library 

Mrs. L. G. Hubbard 



Columbia High School Library 
Miss M. Engle 

Saint Leo 

Saint Leo Academy Library 
Francis Sadlier 

Anal Petersburg 
High School Library 
Mrs. E. W. Doran 



High School Library 

Lucy Cobb Institute 

Commercial High School, Slaton Library 
Julia McCullough 


Girls High School, Mallon Library 

Louise Sargent 
11,607 v. 

Spelman Seminary, Quarles Library (ne- 
Miss L. A Dickinson 

3,920 V. 


Academy of Richmond County Library 

June Rainsford 
2,600 v. 

Tubman High School Library 

Mrs Mary Owen 
1 ,000 v. 


6th District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 

Mary Woodall 
825 v. 


High School Library 


4th District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 

1,000 V. 


9th District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 

Mrs. M. S. Underwood 


I2th District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 
Marie Dykes 


High School Library 

Mrs. Annie P. Wooten 
600 v. 


nth District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 

Lucile Wheeler 
650 v. 



GEORGIA Continued 
Hawkes Children's Library (High School) 

Fort Valley 

High and Industrial School (negro), Car- 
negie Library 

Miss O. A. Carr 

Granite Hill 

loth District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 
Elizabeteh Prathcr 


High School Library 
Louise Vaughn 

High School Library 
Mrs. G. K. Bagwell 

1,000 V. 


Union High School Library 

Leila Ranew 
77^ v. 

Locust Grove 

Locust Grove Institute Library 

Nettie Gray 


Lanier High School for Boys Library 

Lanier High School for Girls Library 

8th District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 
Mrs. W. C. Dickinson 

Mount Berry 

Berry Schools Library 

Edith Johnston 
8,000 v. 

Mount Zion 

Mount Zion Seminary Library 

Elizabeth Wright 
2,150 v. 


Emory University Academy Library 

Harry H. Stone 

Powder Springs 

7th District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 

Ethel Brannon 
2,000 v. 


High School Library 

260 v. 


Nacoochee Institute Library 

Annie Campbell Bradwell 
3,ooo v. 

Tignall ' 

High School Library 
Frances Truitt 


High School Library 
Carrie Davenport 
1,000 v. 

Walker Park 

5th District Agricultural and Mechanical 
School Library 

Mrs. John Monroe 
1,800 v. 

Waverly Hall 

Nannie Schley Institute Library 

Hazel Humber 


High School Library 
Helen H. Miller 


Greenleaf Academy Library 
Will Altig 

1,200 V. 


Oneida State Academy Library 

Saint Anthony 

Idaho Technical Institute Library 


High School Library 

Edith Hendrie 


High School Library 
Laurette G. Paul 


Township High School Library 
Lena M. Johnson 


Hitle Township High School Library 
Lilly Aldridge 


ILLINOIS Continued 

High School Library 
Pauline Dnnkwater 


East Aurora High School Library 
Minnie A. Chauffet 

West Aurora High School Library 
Mrs. Marietta Earl 


Township High School Library 
Helen M. Phillips 


Township High School Library 
Anna E. Cosgrove 

High School Library 
Emma Onstolt 

Bine Island 

High School Library 
Cornelia Drolsom 


Notre Dame Convent Library 

4,798 v. 


High School Library 
Virginia Anerim 
6,650 v. 


High School Library 
Edith Whitehouse 


Public School Library 
3,000 v. 


Township High School Library 
Retha Miller 


Township High School Library 
Hazel Henderson 


High School Library 
Nellie F. Bates 


Iigh School Library 
Helen Holby 


Academy of Our Lady Librarv 
Sister M. Florentine, S. . 

Austin High School Library, Fulton St and 
Lotus Ave. 
Annie Batchelder 

Bowen High School Library 
Jean Blake 

Carter H. Harrison High School Library 
(branch of Public Library), Stewart and 
62nd Sts. 
Charlotte Smith 

Crane Technical High School Library 
Alice Griffin 

Engleuood High School Library 
Helen Behun 

Fenger High School Library 
Sarah J. Thomas 

Francis W Parker High School Library, 
6gth and Stewart Sts. 
Jane McDonald 

Hyde Park High School Library 

Mary B Herrick 
6,000 v. 

John Marshall High School Library 
(branch of Public Library), Adams and 
Kedzie Sts 
Annie Batchelder 

Lake View High School Library (branch of 
Public Library), Ashland and Irving 
Park Blvd. 
Dorothy Schumaker 

Nicholas Senn High School Library 
(branch of Public Library), Glenwood 
and Ardmore Aves. 
Clara G. Sullivan 

Phillips Senior High School Library 
Hedwig Schlotthauer 

Providence High School Library 
4,026 v. 

Pullman Free School of Manual Training 
Library, 250 East inth St. 
Urban G. Willis, principal 

Pullman High School Library 
Caroline Mott 

Robert Lmdbloom High School Library, 
6ist and South Lincoln Sts. 
Helen Butler 

Saint Elizabeth's High School Library 
3,450 v. 

Saint Ignatius High School Library 
19,000 v. 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Chicago Continued 

Saint Louis Academy Library, 11,715 State 

3,000 v. 

Saint Patrick's Academy Library, 2303 Park 

L. Matthias 

Schurz High School Library 
3.000 v 

Tilden High School Library 

Ethel Hedenbergh 

Tuley High School Library 
5,341 v 

University of Chicago High School Library, 

58th and Kenwood Sts 
Hannah Logasa 

Wendell Phillips High School Library 
Edna Campbell 

Chicago (Wicker Park) 

Holy Family Academy Library 

Chicago Heights 

Chicago Heights High School Library 

E Pearl Hess 


High School Library 
Alice Wilson 


J Sterling Morton High School Library 

Genevieve Darlington 


Township High School Library 
Emma Harris 


Golden Community High School Library 
Hope F Christ 

Crystal Lake 

High School Library 
Olive M Reid 

Dallas City 

Community High School Library 
Mrs Faith Mohr 


High School Library 
Bertram French 


High -School Library 
Ruth Sankee 

Decatur Continued 

Roosevelt Junior High School Library 
Mrs. C. R. Hale 

De Kalb 

Township High School Library 
Aileen Milhgan 

Des Plaines 

Maine Township High School Library 
Elsie Gray 

East Saint Louis 
High School Library 
Edna Abernathy 

High School Library 
Clara Martin 


Public High School Library 

i Eldorado 

Township High School 
Celestme Hemphill 


High School Library 

Carrie K Williford 


York Community High School Library 
Iva McAllister 


High School Library 
Reba Riddle 


High School Library 
8.969 v 


High School Library 
Bella Westwick 


Community High School Library 
Mrs William G Wilson 


High School Library 

Margaret Davenport 


High School Library 
Ethel J. Thompson 

Glen Ellyn 

Glenbord High School Library 
Ruth McLean 



Granite City 

Community High School Library 
Mrs. Carolyn Connors 


High School Library 
Helen Edwards 

High School Library 
Edna Robison 


Township High School Library 
Margaret A. Felts 


Thornton Township High School Library 
M. E. Gardner 


High School Library 
Maude A. McClasky 


High School Library 
Sophia Baker 

Highland Park 

Deerfield-Shields High School Library * 
Delia Whittmore 


High School Library 
Agnes Bowles 

Township High School Library 
Lillian D. Jones 

High School Library 
Lillian Hovenhill 

School for the Deaf Library 
1^950 v. 


Jersey Township High School Library 
Alice Louise Jacoby 


Junior College Library 
Pauline I. Dillman 

Township High School Library 
Mary M. Spangler 


High School Library 
Cora A. Scovill 


Community High School Library 
Mary S. King 


New Trier Township High School Library 
Ruth Sinclair 


Saint Mary's School Library 
Louise Humphrey 


Union High School Library 
Edgar F. Steele, principal 

La Grange 

Broadway College Library 
Mrs. Rhoda A. Sehto 

Lyons Township High School Library 
Emily Ethell 

Lake Forest 
Ferry Hall Library 

Eloise T remain, principal 

Lake View 

High School Library 
Jane Corngan 

La Salle 

La Salle Peru High School Library 
Lutie Beggs 

Peru Township High School Library 
Virginia Newcomb 


Township High School Library 
Blanche Wright 


High School Library 
Mrs. G. K. Cosine 


High School Library 
Frances McAuslow 


High School Library 



Township High School Library 
Mrs. W. H. Tague 


High School Library 
Anna Riddle 


Proviso Township High School Library 

Wilma E. Ponder 




ILLINOIS Continued 


East Moline Township High School Library 
Gladys Hoemen 

High School Library 
Mrs. Janet Ford 


High School Library 
Fannie G. Bradford 


High School Library 
Margaret Webster 

Mount Carroll 

Frances Shimer Academy of the University 

of Chicago 
William Parker McKee, dean 

Mount Sterling 
High School Library 
10,000 v. 

Mount Vernon 

Township High School Library 

Mildred Warren 


High School Library 
Lucille Miller 

High School Library 
Catherine Jones 


Community High School Library 

Nina M. Reason 

Oak Park 

Oak Park and River Forest Township High 
School Library 
Bertha Carther 


Township High School Library 
Kathryn Grant 


Township High School Library 
Mildred Gharst 


Township High School Library 
Mrs. Myrtle Sparks 


High School Library 

Mrs. Ella M. Jacobs 

High School Library 
Louis Fisher 

Peoria Continued 

Manual Training High School Library 
Adeline Wyatt 


Township High School Library 
Margaret Richards 


Township High School Library 
Clara Johnson 

Pullman. See Chicago 


Chaddock Boys School Library 

Senior High School Library 
Ruth C Holum 


Township High School Library 
Vera Carlisle 


Township High School Library 
Elizabeth Carter 

Rockford < 

High School Library 
Delia Mathys 

I Rock Island 

High School Library 

I Ann Bladel 

j Villa de Chantal Academy Library 
3,675 v 

Saint Charles 

I Saint Charles Community High School Li- 

1 brary 

I May . Jordan 

Saint Lawrence School Library 
Sister M. Kevin 


Township High School Library 
Mildred Mest 


Township High School Library 
June McGuire 


Concordia Seminary Library 
John Herzee 

Junior High School Library 
Blanche Denny 

Senior High School Library 
Maude K. Butler 



ILLINOIS Continued 


Township High School Library 
Mrs. Mane B. Coe 


High School Library 

5,000 v 


Township High School Library 
Ruth Emel 


Township High School Library 
Mrs. Grace Hill 


High School Library 
Nina G. Murray 


University High School Libram 
Helen M. Clark 


High School Library 
Arlme Pnchord 


Community High School Library 
Nellie Morris 


Township High School Library 
Edith Hastings 


Township High School Library 
Eva Meacham 

Weit Chicago 

Community High School Library 
Helen M. Koupal 

West Frankfort 
High School Library 
Avis Spragg 


Wheaton Academy Library 
Julia E. Blanchard 


New Trier High School Library 
Mary S. King 

Wood River 

Wood River-East Alton Community High 

School Library 

Ruth A. Anderson 


High School Library 
Julia Thomas 

Todd Seminary for Boys Library 

3.000 v. 


Anderson High School Library 

Mabelle Hilhgoss 
3,408 v 


Bloomington High School Library 

Ella Davidson 
9,805 v. 


Bluffton High School Library 
Claire Louise Johnson 


Brazil High School Library 

Gertrude L Andrews 
2,954 v 


Clinton High School Library 
Phoebe Connolly 


High School Library 

Alma Davis 
6,194 v 


Military Academy Library 

Norman B Johnson 
9,250 v 

East Chicago 

Washington High School Library 
Ruth Lucas 

3.001 v 


Benjamin Bosse High School Library 

Suzette Dunlevy 
6,934 v. 

Central High School Library 

Margaret McLeish 
5.615 v. 

Francis Joseph Reitz High School Library 
Frances M Kadel 


Immaculate Conception Convent Library 

Sister M Augusta 



INDIANA Continued 

Fort Wayne 

Central High School Library 
Erdean Frances McCloud 

South Side High School Library 
Margaret Schulze 


Goshen High School Library 

Berdine Thornton 
1,092 v 


Frankfort High School Library 

Colice M Shawhan 
2,543 v 


Greensburg High School Library 
Mrs Margaret Bussell 


Hammond High School Library 

Leona B Hauver 
2,845 v 


Howe School Library 
Theora Goodrich 


Huntington High School Library 

Florence Weiford 
845 v 


Attucks High School Library (negro, 
branch of Public Library) 

Indiana Girls' School Library 

Dorothy Fiske 
2,178 v 

Saint Agnes Academy Library 

Sister Marjr Geraldme 
2,96 v 

Indiana School for the Blind Library 

Indiana School for the Deaf Library 

Mrs Oscar M Pittenger 
4,840 v 

Shortndge High School Library 

Nell R Sharp 
7,480 v 

Manual Training High School Library 

Evelyn Sickles 
6,539 v. 

Technical High School Library 

Lyle Harter 
10,497 v. 

Tudor Hall Library 
Fredonia Allen 

La Porte 

High School Library 

Florence Erwm 
2,210 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs Gertrude L Cook 
4,322 v 


Linton High School Library 

Grace Lam 
516 v 


High School Library 

Flora Schultz 
2,098 v 


Marion High School Library 

Michigan City 
High School Library 

Mrs Louis H Krueger 
2,714 v. 


High School Library 
Margaret Leaird 


Weidner Institute Junior College Library 


High School Library 
Attenia Hutchms 
4470 v 


Immaculate Conception Academy, 
Francis de Sales Library 

Sister Mary John 
5,494 v 



Indiana Boys' School, William C Ball 
Memorial Library 

Mrs Hildreth Easterday 
6,924 v 


Morton High School Library 
Florence A Ratliff 


Rising Sun High School Library 
Alma H. Downey 

Saint Mary of the Woods 

Saint Mary of the Woods Academy Library 



INDIANA Continued 


High School Library 
Hazel D. Newton 
2*86 v. 

South Bend 

High School Library 

Sylvia Oakley 

John F. Nuner High School Library 
Blanche Stauffer 

Southeast High School Library 

Margaret Roeske 
1,371 v. 

Tern Haute 

Garfield High School Library 

Helen Bungard 
4.M7 v. 

Gerstmeyer Vocational High School Li- 
Mrs Naomi Crawford 

McLean Junior High School Library 
Mary Phillips 

Wiley High School Library 

May C. Dodson 
6,925 v. 


Saint Rose Academy Library 

Sister Camilla 
2,026 v. 


Warren High School Library 
Vera Strait 

Albert City 

Consolidated School Library 
Lydia L. Anderson 


St. Mary's Library 

Sister Mary Virginette 
4,371 v. 

High School Library 
Ethel Youts 


High School Library 
Blanche Maytag 
5,000 v. 


-High School Library 
Hazel Berquist 

Cedar Rapids 

Benjamin Franklin Junior High School Li- 

Janet Arie (also supervisor school li- 

Grant High School Library 
Effie Burton 

McKinley Junior High School Library 

Mrs. Ida Balkeim 

Roosevelt Junior High School Library 

Nelle M. Martin 

Washington High School Library 
Emma J. Fordyce 


High School Library 
Laura Fitch 


High School Library 

Eva M. Mahon 

Mount Saint Clare Academy Library 
4500 v. 

Council Bluffs 

Abraham Lincoln High School Library 

Martha Guenther 

Iowa School for the Deaf Library 

Thomas Jefferson High School Library 

Grace Gayton 


High School Library 
Anna Jorgensen 

Immaculate Conception Academy Library 
6,000 v. 

J. B. Young Intermediate School Library 

Emma Heden 

Ludlow Intermediate School Library 

Annette Hathaway 

Saint Katherine's School Library 
Miss Macy Rodman 

West Intermediate School Library 

Mrs Louise Nolte 

Des Moinea 

Amos Hiatt Junior High School Library 
Margaret Thone 

East High School Library 

Gladys Cavanaugh 
3,500 v. 

Lincoln High School Library 

Mrs. Frances F. Carhart 



IOWA Continued 

De* Moiaefr-Contiiuied 
North High School Library 
Grace Campbell 

Roosevelt High School Library 
Ruba M. Ashmore 

Warren Harding Junior High School Li- 
Kate Donovan 

Washington Irving Junior High School Li- 
Georgia. Quigley 

West High School Library 
Helen Pierce 

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School Li- 
Edith C. Beck 


Central Intermediate School Library 
Mary H. Becker 

High School Library 
Marion Murray 

Jefferson Junior High School Library 
Mrs. A. T. Roedell 

Visitation Academy Library 
3,8oo v. 

Washington Junior High School Library 
Mrs. John Inghram 


Training School for Boys Library 
3,125 v. 


Epworth Military Academy Library 

3,500 v. 

Fort Dodge 

High School Library 

Catherine Cruikshank 

Fort Madison 

Fort Madison High School Library 


Gilmore City 

High School Library 

17,000 v. 

Iowa Falls 

High School Library 

La Porte 

High School Library 
3,000 v. 


Consolidated School Library 
Iris Wilson 


High School Library 
Murl J. Pederson 


Training School for Girls Library 

1,842 v. 


Garfield School Library 
Marea Othmer 

High School Library 
F. J. Howe 

Lincoln Grade School Library 
Mary McDougal 


High School Library 
Mrs. Ada Tillotson 


High School Library 

Mrs. Fannie Maddy 

Sioux City 

Central High School Library 
Irene Engle 

East Junior High School Library 
Elsie Anderson 

North Junior High School Library 
Signie Larson 

Senior High School Library 
4,670 v. 

West Junior High School Library 
Mrs. Ethel Peterson 


Public School Library 

3,513 v. 


High School Library 
E. H. Nelson 


High School Library 
Mrs. Edna Luckey 


High School Library 

Alice Hunt 
6,000 v. 


West High School Library 
Mrs. J. L. Buechele 


High School Library 

Mrs. Martha F. Stillwell 



Arkansas City 
High School Library 
Edna L. Johnson 

Junior High School Library 
Vernele Anderson 

High School Library 
Grace Crumpacker 


High School Library 
Anna Van Vickie 


High School Library 

3.500 v 


Senior High School Library 

3.5W v. 


High School Library 
Mary Green 


High School Library 
3.000 v 


High School Library 

3,600 v. 


Enterprise Academy Library 


High School Library 
Amy Lark 


High School Library 
Caroline Harrison 


High School Library 
3.500 v. 


High School Library 
Carrie Jacks 


High School Library 
Mahala Clement 
3,100 v. 


Hutchinson High School Library 

Mabel B. Parks 

Hutchinson Continued 
Junior High School Library 
Ethlyn Flagg 


High School Library 
Pearl Russell "* 


Haskell Institute Library 

Dora Porterfield 
3,300 v 


High School Library 
Edna L Johnson 


Central Academy Library 
Mrs. Emma B Stoll 

Marys ville 

High School Library 

Marion P Broughton 


High School Library 

Mrs C H Bloomenshme 


High School Library 
La vina Sterling 


High School Library 

Mrs Helen G Smolt 


High School Library 

5,ooo v 


High School Library 


High School Library 
Helen Bartlett 


High School Library 

Mrs. J L. Hutchinson 


Junior High School Library 
Grace Wright 


High School Library 
R. E. Price 


High School Library 



KANSAS Continued 


High School Library 
Esther Wilson 


High School Library 
Vera Simpson 

High School Library 
Hazel Howes 


High School Library 
Evelyn Sears 

St John's Lutheran College Library (pre- 
4,725 v. 


Bowling Green 

Bowling Green High School Library 
Mrs. Theodore Patterson 

Brown's Valley 

St Anthony's Parochial School Library 

Sister M. Christina 
650 v. 


Notre Dame Library 

Sister Mary Josita 
2,079 v 


High School Library 

Nell Pntchett 
1,950 v 

Kentucky School for the Deaf Library 


High School Library 

S V Noe 
814 v 


Cardome Visitation Academy Library 
5,000 v. 

School Library (negro) 

Mrs. Betty Davis 
525 v. 


Public School Library 

W. D. Jones 
1,850 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs. J. P. W. Brown 
1,742 v. 


Fayette County School Library 

Mattie Dalton 
5,8oo v. 

St Catharine's Academy Library 


Girls' High School Library 
Ella Churchill Warren 
7,873 v. 

Male High School Library 

Edna Grauman 
7,371 v. 

J M Atherton High School Library 

Margaret Frazier 
1,944 v. 


Nazareth Academy Library 
",540 v. 

Saint Catharine 

Saint Catharine of Sienna Library 


Science Hill School Library 



High" School Library 


Southwestern Louisiana Institute Library 
Anna E Foster 

New Orleans 

Sophie B. Wright High School Library 
4,000 v. 


High School Library 

5,500 v 


Welsh Public School Library 


High School Library 
3,000 v. 


Hebron Academy, Hamlin Memorial Li- 
Ralph Hunt 

Kenta Hill 

Maine Wesleyan Seminary Library 

10,000 v. 


MAINE Continued 

North Bridftoo 

Bridgton Academy Library 

Florence Gray 
2,000 v. 


Maine Central Institute Library 
H. R. Oldham 


Deering High School Library 


Portland High School Library 

Helen Robinson 
5,000 v. 

Westbrook Seminary Library 


Thornton Academy Memorial Library 

Frances Wadlin 

South Berwick 

Berwick Academy Library 

Ella W. Rickcr 
6,800 v. 


Oak Grove Seminary Library 
Mrs. Eva Pratt Owen 


Coburn Classical Institute Library 




Baltimore City College Library (public 
high school) 

Alice W. Reins 
16,000 v. 

Clifton Park Junior High School Library 

Lily Matthews 
2*75 v. 

Eastern High School Library 

Mrs. Lois Tribolet 
3,158 v. 

Edgar Allan Poe Junior High School Li- 

Caroline Hayden 
500 v. 

Forest Park High School Library 

Mrs. Peter Carmichael 
3,000 v. 

Baltimore- Continued 

Frederick Douglass Senior-Junior High 
School (negro) 

Mrs. Ro'sa L. Clifford 
1,930 v. 

Friends School Library 

M. Eleanor Starr 
7,279 v. 

Gwynns Falls Park Junior High School 

Elizabeth Sharpies 
1,625 v. 

Western High School Library 

Ina C. McMullen 
5,800 v. 


Cambridge High School 

2,941 v. 


Allegany High School Library 

Mary I. Murphy 
2,813 v. 


Frederick High School Library 

Marcelene Kefauver 
1,541 v. 

Maryland School for the Deaf Library 
3,500 v. 


Beall High School Library 

Martha J. Thomas 
1,000 v. 


Hagerstown High School Library 

Mary Faust 
1,077 v. 

Indian Head 

Lackey High School Library 

J. H. Rice, principal 
3,812 v. 


Central High School Library 
Arthur F. Smith, principal 
3,000 v. 


Parkville High School Library 

Edward G. Stapleton, principal 
3,500 v. 


Tillard Memorial Free Library (high 

Ethel A. Parsons 



MARYLAND Continued 
Salisbury High School Library 

Alma Langford 
2,028 v. 

Port Deposit 

Jacob Tome Institute Library 

Adeline H. Coulson 
3,323 v. 

Abbot Academy Library 

Dorothy Hopkins 
7,ooo v. 

Phillips Academy Library 

Sarah L Frost 
19,000 v. 

' Arlington 
High School Library 

Martha S. Gray 
2,500 v. 


High School Library 

Helen Claflm 
1,714 v 


Lasell Seminary Library 

Grace F. Austin 
5,000 v. 


High School Library 

Mildred Blennerhasset 
2,500 v. 


High School Library 

Helen V. Gay 
4550 v. 


English High School Library, Montgomery 
Helen L. Cowles 

2,000 V. 

Girls' High School, West Newton St. 

Ruth M. E. Hennig 
4,500 v., pictures, pamphlets 

Public Latin School Library (school found- 
ed 1633) 

7,000 v. (including historical collection on 
early education in America) 

Winsor School Library 
Marian H. King 


High School Library 
Dorothy Hardy 



High School Library 

Mrs. Caroline M. Siebens 
3,450 v. 


Higlv School Library 

Fanny Louise Walton 
1,100 v. 

Chestnut Hill 

Beaver Country Day School Library 

Helen M. Burgess 
(Just being organized) 


St. John's Preparatory School Library 
6,000 v. 

East Boston 

High School Library 



Wilhston Seminary Library 
14,000 v. 

East Northfield 

Northfield Seminary, Talcott Library 

Virginia T. Smith 
10,100 v. 


High School Library 

Helen Gindele 
8,000 v. 


High School Library 

Winifred Hughes 
1,500 v. 

Fall River 

High School Library 

Lauretta F. Butler 
2,560 v. 

Junior High School Library 
Fred B. Wilcox 


-High School Library 

Bertha L. Sherwin 
2,230 v. 

Junior High School Library 
Mrs. J. T. Howarth 




Dean Academy Library 

Edna M. Trafton 
4,000 v. 


Groton School Library 
Irving C. Gladwin 


High School Library 

Louise S. Partenheimer 
996 v. 


Bradford Academy 
Ermine Stone 
10,000 v 

High School Library 

Elizabeth E Tuck 
i ,600 v. 


High School Library 

Lillian W. Fay 
3,500 v. 


High School Library 

3,ooo v. 

Mount Hermon 

Mount Hermon School, Schauffler Memorial 

Anna L. Miller 
13,000 v 

New Bedford 
High School Library 
Grace F. Lyman 
. 1339 v. 

North Junior High School Library 
Elvira L. Bianchi 

South Junior High School Library 
Jane E. Thuman 


Frank A. Day Junior High School Library 
Frances B Blake 

High School Library 

Gladys M. Bigelow 
12,500 v. 


Newton Technical High School Library 

5,ooo v. 


Northfield Seminary Library 

Ruth Hutchms 


Clarke School for the Deaf Library 
17,000 v. 


High School Library 

Mary F. Hubbard 
550 v. 


High School Library 


High School Library 

Edith K Coulman 
4,000 v. 

Junior High School Library 
Hazel S Vaughn 


High School Library 

Gladys B. Hastings 

Northeastern Junior High School Library 

Mrs. Gladys M Sheldon 


St Mark's School Library 
9,000 v 

South Boston 

High School Library 
4,600 v 


MacDuffic School Library 
3,000 v 


High School Library 

Edith B Seibel 



High School Library 

Dorothy K Kohl 
2,120 v. 


North Junior High School Library 

Mrs Anna Priest 

Senior High School Library 

H. Marguerite Marcher 
2,275 v. 

South Junior High, School Library 
Louise Bradford 





High School Library 

Stella Morse 
2,200 v. 


Dana Hall Library 

Mrs. Bertha V. Hartzell 

Wellealey Hills 

Academy of the Assumption Library 


West Newton 

Allen-Chalmers School Library 


West Springfield 

High School Library 
3,000 v. 


State Supervisor of School Libraries: 
Lois F. Shortess, State Library, Lansing 


Public School Library 
4 f ooo v. 


High School Library 
Kate Koons 

High School Library 

Mrs. M Estelle Moore 

Ann Arbor 

Ann Arbor High School Library 
Erma M. Bloss 

University High School Library 
C. Irene Hayner 

Battle Creek 
High School Library 
Helen Jordan 

Bay City 

Central High School Library 
Mabel L. Asman 


fielding Public School Library 

Mrs. Mary S. Barnes 
7,974 v. 

Benton Harbor 

Senior High School Library 

Hazel Crow 
5,000 v. 

High School Library 
Carrie A. Davis 

Big Rapids 

Ferns Institute Library 

Bloomneld Hills 

Cranbrook School for Boys Library 
Margaret Eraser 


High School Library 
Almeda Boulton 


High School Library 
Margaret Feeley 


High School Library 
Frances Bentz 

Crystal Falls 

High School Library 

Mrs. Frances Richards 


High School Library 
Delta M. Plowfield 


Detroit Public Schools, School Libraries 
Marion Lovis, supervisor 

Harbour School Library 

Grace Moehlmann 
4,102 v. 

Burroughs School Library 

Lillah Jennings 
1,686 v. 

Cass Technical High School Library 

Henrietta Pagelson 
5,365 v. 

Central High School Library 

Frances Clendenning 
1,793 v. 

College High School Library 
Maude Allen 

Condon School Library 
Kathleen Cosgrove 
2,138 v. 

Eastern High School Library 
Mrs. Louise Chamberlain 
5,210 v. 


MICHIGAN Continued 

Detroit Continued 
Foch School Library 

Elizabeth Brownson 


High School of Commerce Library 

Rosemary Matgen 
1,627 v. 

Hutchins School Library 

Edna Goodrich 
3,015 v 

Jefferson School Library 

Helen McCann 
2,816 v. 

Liggett School Library 

Miller School Library 

Lena Doll 
2,249 v 

Neinas School Library 

Ina Hill 
2,209 v. 

Northeastern High School Library 

Aniela Poray 
5,083 v. 

Northern High School Library 

Agnes Snovcr 
6,126 v 

Northwestern High School Library 

Grace E Winton 
6417 v. 

Redford High School Library 

Bertha Krogh 

Sherrard School Library 

Orah Hahn 
1,606 v 

Southeastern High School Library 

Viola Robinson 
5,512 v. 

Strathmoor-North High School Library 

Cora Ann Ballou 
046 v. 

Western High School Library 

Lillian Stewart 
3417 v. 


High School Library 
Lola Keatley 


Dundee School Library 
3,000 v. 

East Lansing 

High School Library 
Kathryn Haebech 

Eaton Rapid! 

High School Library 
Bessie A. Hyde 


High School Library 
Alta V. Prescott 


High School Library 

Mrs. Bessie Conroy 


High School Library 

W. S Shattuck 
4,000 v. 


Lincoln High School Library 
Frankie Waldrop 


Emerson Junior High School Library 
Lelah Everhart 

Senior High School Library 
Johanna Khngholz 

Michigan School for the Deaf 
3,000 v 

South Junior High School Library 
Sadie Richmond 

Whittier Junior High School Library 
Mrs Ora Williams Green 


High School Library 

Mrs Cora A Cummmgs (also super- 
visor of school libraries) 


High School Library 

Cornelia Henderson 

High School Library 
Ethel L Huyck 

Grand Haven 

High School Library 
Isabel Thompson 

Grand Maraia 

Public Schools Library 

3,000 v. 



MICHIGAN Continued 

Grand Rapids 
Burton School Library 
Marjone . Hind 

Central High School Library 
Fanny D Ball 

Creston High School Library 
Verna Harold 

South High School Library 

Mrs Dorothy T. Hagerman 

Union High School Library 
Elizabeth Miller 


High School Library 
Alice Fuller 


High School Library 
Florence Fenske 


High School Library 
Julia C. Garst 

Playfair School Library 
Jane G Doyle 

Whitney School Library 
Mildred Krise 


High School Library 
Grace Wagner 


High School Library 
Jean Barnes 

Highland Park 
High School Library 

J L. Brown 
35,000 v. 

Henry Ford Trade School Library 
Frances Delehant 


High School Library 

Winifred M Zwemer 


High School Library 

Mrs. Carrie Goodenow 

School Library 

Florence Dodd 
3,766 v. 


High School Library 

Edith A. King 
6,544 v 


Central High School Library 

Bessie Jane Reed 
4,367 v. 

Lincoln School Library 
Mrs Esther O. Hoek 


Calumet School District No 2 Library 


Lake Linden 

High School Library 
Ida A. Koepel 


French Junior High School Library 
Irene Fletcher 

Pattengill High School Library 
Lois Bell 

West Junior High School Library 
Lulu Hall 


High School Library 

Mrs Dorothy Shipman 

Marine City 

High School Library 

Mrs Margaret Fairclnld 


High School Library 

Mrs Bertha Greene 
3,500 v 


High School Library 
Cleo Talbot 


High School Library 
Selma Gilday 

Public School Library 
9,358 v. 

Mount Clemens 
High School Library 
Mary Beeman 


Mather Township High School Library 
Brynhild Oas 



MICHIGAN Continued 


Juniof High School Library 
Bernice Doran Bunker 

-Senior High School Library 
Esther M. Evans 

Xnakegon Heights 
High School Library 
Mrs. J. R. Parker 

New Baltimore 
High School Library 
I. R. Hoeder 


High School Library 

Mrs. Mary C. Seymour 


High School Library 

Mrs. Lawrence Rutz 


High School Library 

Florence M. Hector 
5,077 v. 


School Library 
Hattie Yager 


High School Library 

Mrs. P. H. Livingston 


High School Library 

Ethel Rohm 
4,000 v. 


Eastern Junior High School Library 
Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock 

High School Library 

Mrs. Florence S. Broad 

Port Huron 

Garfield Junior High School Library 
Julia E. Phillips 

High School Library 
Helen V. Barrett 

St. Stephens High School Library 
Sister Philippa 


High School Library 
Bertha M. Krogh 

River Rouge 
High School Library 
Phyllis M. Norris 


High School Library 
Helen Toles 

Royal Oak 

High School Library 
Helen Campbell 

Washington School Library 
Vera A. Stoutenburgh 


High School Library 

Saint Clair 

High School Library 
Ruth Wilson 

Saint Johns 
School Library 

Mrs. Nellie H. Marshall 

Saint Joseph 
High School Library 
Geraldme Kay 

South Haven 
High School Library 
Shirley Payne 


High School Library 
Mrs. F. H. Fisher 

Three Rivers 

High School Library 
3,000 v. 

Traverse City 
High School Library 
3,000 v. 


High School Library 
Helen Trenary 


Public School Library 



High School Library 
Mrs. Mabel Collins 


High School Library 

D. E. Howell 
4,960 v. 


Theeodore Roosevelt High School Library 
Mary J. Stewart 

Public School Library 
15,000 v. 



MICHIGAN Continued 


Public School Library 

Ruth White 
3 f ooov. 


Central High School Library 
Ethel A. McCrickett 


High School Library 

Mrs. Minnie Fairbanks 


Supervisor of School Libraries: Harriet 
A. Wood, Library Division, Minnesota De- 
partment of Education, St Paul 

Ada High School Library 
Blanche Olson 

Albert Lea 

High School Library 
Alice Stearns 


High School Library 
Ruth Burkland 


High School Library 
Lillian E. Olson 


High School Library 

Bernadette Gormley 


High School Library 
Eloise Truesdell 


High School Library 
Hazel Roche 


High School Library 
Blanche A. Aust 


High School Library 
Annette Johnson 


Junior High School Library 
Winifred Stephens 

Senior High School Library 
Dorothy Cornwell 


High School Library 
Maud Grogan 


High School Library 
Constance Logue 


High School Library 
Mrs. Marie Evans 


Central High School Library 
Helen Perry 

Denfeld High School Library 

Washington Junior High School Library 
Mollie Astell 


High School Library 
Faye Colhcott 


Junior High School Library 
Mabel Lyon 

Senior High School Library 
Marion Witter 


High School Library 
Clair Winzenberg 


High School Library 
Beulah Larson 

Minnesota School for the Blind Library 
8,000 v. 

Minnesota School for the Deaf Library 
4,725 v. 

St. Mary's Hall Library 

Mary Small 
S,ioo v. 

Fergus Falls 
High School Library 
Selma Hogenson 


High School Library 

Bernice M. Ensberg 


High School Library 
Inez Erickson 


High School Library 

Mrs. Cassa B. Seines 


High School Library 
Alberta Sommer 



MINNESOTA Continued 


High School Library 
Stella Telford 


School Libraries 

Beatryce A. Finn 


High School Library 
Beryl Anderson 


High School Library 
Doris G. Taylor 

International Falli 
High School Library 
Winnie Foster 


High School Library 
Christine Ludenia 


School Library 

Mary Kagermeier 


High School Library 
Clara Marsh 

Le Suenr 

High School Library 
Neville Alfken 

Little Falli 

High School Library 
Jean G. Smith 


High School Library 

Mrs. H. L. Borgendale 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Battin 


High School Library 
Mary J. Sommer 


High School Library 
Ora M. Rowell 


Board of Education Library 

Belle K. Middlekauff 
3,000 v. 

Minneapolis Continued 
Bryant Junior High School Library (branch 
of Public Library) 
Ceha Frost 

Central High School Library 
Margaret Greer 

Dunwoody Industrial Institute Library 
Marabeth Hobbs 

Edison High School Library 
Rhea Gibson 

Franklin Junior High School Library 
(branch of Public Library) 
Ruth Upton 

Hennepm County School Libraries 
Ethel Berry 

Jefferson Junior High School Library 
(branch of Public Library) 
Beatrice Wightman 

John Marshall High School Library 
Elizabeth Scripture 

Jordan Junior High School Library (branch 
of Public Library) 
Harriet Clark 

Lincoln Junior High School Library (branch 
of Public Library) 
Marion Crosby 

North High School Library 
Thryza McClure 

Roosevelt High School Library 
Augusta Bjeldanes 

St. Margaret's Academy Library 
4,200 v. 

Seward Junior High School Library (branch 
of Public Library) 
Olea Solheim 

South High School Library 
Lois Davidson 

University High School Library 

Alma Penrose 
2,121 v. 

Washburn High School Library 
Margaret Brown 

West High School Library 
Clara B. Leet 


High School Library 
Mabel Hanning 



MINNESOTA Continued 


High School Library 
Caroline Branae 


High School Library 
Agnes Torpey 


High School Library (branch of Hennepin 
County Library) 
Mrs J. E White 

Mountain Iron 
High School Library 
Anne Studnicka 


High School Library 
Ruth Weeding 

New TJlm 

High School Library 
Erna Holzmger 


High School Library 
Nina Stewart 


High School Library 
Hester Clark 


Steele County School Library 
Maude van Buren 

Pine Island 

Public and High School Library 
Mrs. Dorothy Higbie 


High School Library 
Mrs. Lulu Owens 


High School Library 
Eliza Remfrey 

Red Wing 

High School Library 

Mrs Amanda Anderson 

Lutheran Ladies' Seminary Library 
3,000 v. 

State Training School for Boys Library 

Mary C. Howard 
4,370 v. 

Redwood Falli 
High School Library 

Marie Tolzman 


High School Library 
Marion Baker 

Saint Cloud 

High School Library 

Mrs. Ethelyn Harrison 

Saint Louis Park 

High School Library (branch of Hennep 
County Library) 
Mrs Thomas Johnson 

Saint Paul 

Central High School Library 
Laurie Johnson 

Humboldt High School Library 
Margaret McCandless 

Johnson High School Library 
Mary Leonard 

Marshall Junior High School Library 
Phyllis Bastm 

Mechanic Arts High School Library 
Mrs. Nettie Dugas 

Monroe Junior High School Library 
Anna Guthormsen 

Roosevelt Junior High School Library 
Florence Vest 

Saint Joseph's Academy Library 
Sister Catharine 

Washington High School Library 
Blanche Spooner 

Sank Centre 
High School Library 
Eva M. Davis 

Sauk Rapids 

High School Library 
Marie Scheie 


High School Library 
Eunice L. Hummel 


High School Library 

Mrs. Alice M Grass 

Sleepy Eye 

High School Library 
Beatrice Bjeldanes 

South Saint Paul 
High School Library 
Beda Enckson 


MINNESOTA Continued 

Thief Hirer Falls 
High School Library 
Minnie Lcavitt 

Two Harbors 
High School Library 
Ethel Sauer 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Robinson 


High School Library 
Grace Stevens 


High School Library 
Jean Stewart 


High School Library 
Mildred Swennes 


High School Library 
Ruth Labbitt 


High School Library 
Myrtle E. Johnson 

White Bear 
High School Library 
Elizabeth Singleton 


High School Library 
Amy Hanscom 


High School Library 

Elizabeth Smith, acting 


Public School Library 

3,052 v. 


Bay St Louis 

St. Joseph's Academy Library 

Sister Clair 
2,000 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs. A. G. Lehman 
3,000 v. 


Central High School Library 

Mrs. John Kirk 
3,251 v. 

Jackson Contiaued 
Enochs Junior High School Library 
Aileen Miller 


Public School Library 

Fannie Newell 
5,000 v. 


Public School Library 

Zellie Curry 
5,500 v. 


Carpenter High School Library 

Mrs. Florence H. Kelly 
9,365 v. 

Pass Christian 
High School Library 

West Point 

Mary Holmes Seminary Library 

Miss C. S Johnson 
2,500 v. 

Kemper Military School Library 

Capt M B Kinsman 
3,395 v 

Cape Girardean 

Central High School Library 

Norma Regenhardt 
7,799 v. 


Public School Library 

May Hukill 
3,795 v. 


Public School Library (study hall) 
5,6oo v. 


Chaminade College Library 

N. J. Brost 
8,400 v 


High School Library 

Artie West 
4,065 v 


High School Library 

Mrs. Eliza H. Gibbany 
3,100 v 



MISSOURI Continued 

High School Library 


Excelsior Springs 
High School Library 
Hazel E. Pfeiffer 
3,193 v. 


Public School Library (study hall) 
8,000 v. 


School of the Ozarks Library 
3,000 v. 


Latter Day Saints School Library 

C. I. Carpenter 
12,000 v. 


High School Library 

Mildred L. Wilson 
2,600 v. 

Kansas City 

Manual Training High School Library 

Esther Peers 
4,200 v. 

Westport High School Library 

Jeanette Maxwell 
3,258 v. 


Public School Library 

2,000 v. 


High School Library 
3,100 v. 


Public School Library (study hall) 

3,267 v. 

Lees Summit 

Public School Library (study hall) 



Wentworth Academy Library 

Mary D. Wilson 
2,759 v. 


Public School Library 

3,200 v. 


High School Library 

Nelle Inwood 


High School Library (study hall) 
4,000 v. 

Saint Joseph 

Central High School and Junior College 

Jean Trowbridge 
4,978 v. 

Saint Louis 

Academy of the Sacred Heart Library 
10,000 v. 

Central High School Library 
6,500 v. 

Saint Elizabeth Academy Library 
7,500 v. 

Principia Library 

Beatrice C. Gamble 
9,491 v. 

Summer High School Library 
5,237 v. 

William McKmley High School Library 
4450 v. 

Yeatman High School Library 
9,377 v. 


Smith-Cotton High School Library 

Margaret Helen Harris 
2,625 v. 


Public School Library 

Gladys Powers 
3,000 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs. L H C Meador 
12,557 v 

University City 

University City High School Library 

Estelle D. Ellicock 
3,857 v. 

Webster Groves 
High School Library 
Mildred K. Allen 
2,500 v. 



Public School Library 
Lilah Irwm 


Public School Library 
Ruth Edsill 


High School Library 
M. C. Dietrich 


State School for the Deaf and Blind Li- 

3,500 v 


Gallatin County High School Library 

Mae Chapman 


Public School Library 
Amy Mattison 


High School Library 
Inez C Haskins 
5,700 v. 


Public School Library 
Gladys I. Rash 


Public School Library 
Verda E. Arnold 


Public School Library 

Alicia Sax 


Public School Library 

Lilian D. Obst 


Beaverhead County High School Library 

Sigrid Berg 


Public School Library 
Helen Lukens 


Public School Library 
Lina L. Linstad 

Fort Benton 
High School Library 
C. M. Luce 


Public School Library 
Eleanor McKenzie 


Public School Library 

Florence C. Sorenson 


Dawson County High School Library 
Helen Sivertson 

Great Falls 

High School Library 
Louis G. Cook 


Public School Library 
E R. Ormsbee 


Public School Library 
Elsie Haselwood 


Public School Library 
Jessie Moore 


High School Library 
Grace M Easter 


High School Library 
Albert J Roberts 


Flathead County High School Library 
Carolyn F Kapek 


Fergus County High School Library 

Agnes Trost 
3,000 v. 

Public School Library 
Bessie Stone 


High School Library 
Inez Murphy 


High School Library 
C. V. Brown 

Public School Library 
Muriel Edwards 

Miles City 

Custer County High School Library 
Dorothea K. Wenz 


MONTANA Continued 

Missoula County High School Library 

Zella Murray 
5,000 v. 

Saint Catherine's (High School) Library 

Sister Vincent 
3,000 v. 


District School No. 35, Miner Brown Li- 
2,000 v. 


Public School Library 
H. O. Dohlen 


High School Library 
Grace Leary 


Public School Library 
Madge McRae 

Red Lodge 

High School Library 
C W Thompson 


Public School Library 
Esther Nelson 


Public School Library 
Kathryn M Mills 


Public School Library 
Florence Phipps 


Public School Library 
J. H. Crowe 


Public School Library 
Hazel Alexander 


Public School Library 
Virginia Frost 

White Sulphur Spring! 
Public School Library 
Constance Swenson 


Wibaux County High School Library 
Laura Hanks 


Public School Library 
Adahne McAllister 



Saint Agnes Academy Library 

3,640 v. 


Beatrice Junior High School Library 

Miss M. A. Reid 
663 v. 


Saint Catherine's Library 

4,457 v. 


Fairbury High School 

Mrs. Ora Cox 
2,000 v 


Girls' Training School Library 

Lena E Ward 
1,174 v 

Grand Island 

Grand Island High School Library 

Alice E. Paine 
1,740 v. 

Grand Island R. J Junior High School Li- 

Mrs. Francis H Paustian 
1,000 v 

Grand Island Walnut Junior High School 

Anna M Donner 
1,007 v 


Boys' Industrial School Library 

R V. Clark 
1,239 v 

Kearney High School Library 

Lucile Hrubesky 
1,000 v. 

Kearney Junior High School Library 

Katharyn Major 
560 v. 


Lincoln High School Library 

Thelma Eaton 
4,800 v 

Lincoln Junior High School Library 
Emma E. Snyder 



NEBRASKA Continued 


University of Nebraska, Teachers' College 
High School Library 
Mabel Harris 


Omaha Central High School Library 

Zora Shields 
15,872 v. 

Omaha North High School Library 
Catherine L. Nichol 


Omaha South High School Library 

Clare Mackin 
6,785 v. 

Omaha Technical High School Library 

Anna McCague 
14,000 v. 

School for the Deaf Library 
1,640 v. 


Saint Mary's Academy Library 



High School Library 


Carson City 

High School Library 


Elko County High School Library 


High. School Library 


Eureka County High School Library 


Churchill County High School Library 
L. E Pringle 


Douglas County High School Library 


High School Library 

LM Vegas 

High School Library 


High School Library 


High School Library 


High School Library 


High School Library 


Humboldt County High School Library 


Lyon County High School Library 



Proctor Academy Library 
3,000 v. 


High School Library 

Georgia Coombs Poulin 


Senior High School Library 
Mary E. F. Melifant 

Saint Paul's School, Sheldon Library 
Rev. Samuel S. Drury, rector 

Derry Village 

Pinkerton Academy Library 

Sylvia Clark 
6,000 v. 


Phillips Exeter Academy, Davis Library 

Mildred M. Vroom 
15.930 v. 


High School Library 

Arlme Colton 
3,410 v. 


Kimball Union Acadentf Library 
Mrs Charles Alden Tracy 

New London 

Colby Academy Library 


Pembroke Academy Library 
Harold M. Smith 


High School Library 
Lee T. Gray 


Tilton School Library 

Mary M. Emery 
9,8oo v. 




Atlantic City 

Senior High School Library 

Laura Faus 
S f ooov. 


High School Library 

Mary A. Clark 
3,750 v. 


Mount Saint Dominic's Academy Library 

6,000 v. 

East Orange 

High School Library 
5,075 v. 


Junior High School Library 
Grace L. Aldrich 


High School Library 

3,750 v. 


Peddie School, Longstreet Library 

Mabel F. McCarnes 
9,700 v. 


Lawrenceville School Library 

Luella Colwell 
4,000 v. 


Public School Library 

Hanna Kates 


George Inness Junior High School Library 
Hilda Tangring 

High School Library 

Natalie V. Armstrong 

Hillside Junior High School Library 
Pauline Schmid 

Nishuane Junior High School Library 
Phyllis Raymond 


Public School Library 
Mamie J. Scott 


Barringer High School Library 

6,000 v. 

East Side High School Library 
6,100 v. 

South Side High School Library 
6,100 v. 

Perth Amboy 
High School Library 
Edna C. Oliver 


Ridgewood Public School Library 
H. S. Heermans 


Kent Place School Library 



Westfield High School Library 
Alice M Bible 


High School Library 
Mrs. Ella Le Bar 

Menoul School Library 


High School Library 
Claire W. Foster 
2,004 v. 

East Las Vegas 

High School Library 

Lucile Smelser 
2,500 v. 

Las Graces 

High School Library 
Elizabeth Waddill 

1,000 V. 


High School Library 
Helen E. Marshall 

2,000 V. 


New Mexico Military Institute Library 
Col. James W. Wilson 

Santa Fe 

High School Library 
Oscar Marinoff 

Silver City 

High School Library 




New York State Department of Education, 
Supervisor of School Libraries: Nell linger, 
State Education Bldg., Albany 


High School Library 
Ceha M. Houghton 

Saint Joseph's Academy Library 
3,550 v. 

Albany (Kenwood) 

Female Academy of the Sacred Heart Li- 
9,810 v. 


Queen of the Rosary Academy Library 



High School Library 
L. Pauline Reid 


High School Library 
Vera B. Fenn 


High School Library 

Dons W. Kirch 
4,000 v. 


Public School Library 

Ruth Eyerman 
3,900 v. 


Baldwinsville Free Academ> Library 


New York School for the Blind Library 

10,675 v 

Union School, Richmond Memorial Library 

Viola M Shedd 
21,000 v. 

Bay Shore 

High School Library 

E. Martha Wright 
3,500 v. 


Central High School Library 

Ellen F. Chamberlayne 
3,750 v. 


Academy of Saint Joseph Library 



Concordia Collegiate Institute Library 

12,600 v. 

High School Library 
Elizabeth T. Jones 


Buchanan Union School Library 

Margaret E. Welsh 
3,125 v. 


Bennett High School Library 
Justine Croll 

Buffalo Seminary Library 
3,6oo v 

Hutchmson Central High School 
Alice H. Stafford 

Lafayette High School Library 

Mabel Case 
8,600 v. 

Masten Park High School Library 

Mabel E. Barnes 
4.200 v. 

Saint Joseph's Collegiate Institute Library 
3,500 v. 

Technical High School Library 
Anna E Halloran 


High School Library 

Ruth E Bird 
6,400 v 


Canandaigua Academy Library 

C Elta Van Norman 
10,000 v 


Cazenovia Seminary Library 
3,535 v 


High School Library 

Margaret Chambers 


High School Library 

6,300 v. Bks , per , $1,098 


High School Libraty 
4000 v. 


High School Library 
4,500 v. 

Cold Spring 

Haldane High School Library 
4,700 v. 



NEW YORK Continued 


High School Library 

Kathenne Van Hoesen 
5,ooo v. 


Corning Free Academy Library 
Ruth Gaston 


High School Library 
Anna S Walrad 
5,275 v. 


High School Library 
Theda Leete Stull 


High School Library 
Esther L Heifer 

Dobbs Ferry 

-Dobbs Ferry High School Library 

Edith H. Pearce 
1,500 v 


High School Library 

Annie E West 
1,200 v 

Bast Rochester 
High School Library 
Paige Whitmarsh 

ast Syracuse 

High School Library 

Kathenne Tormey 
,.200 v 


Elmira Free Academy Library 
Rachel Woodworth 

-Souths ide High School Library 
Mabel L Loomis 


-High School Library 
Adona R. Sick 


-High School Library 
Mrs Kate E. Davis 


-High School Library 

Jean Ely 
.950 v 

p reeport 

-Junior- Senior High School Library 
Olive M. Swan 


High School Library 
Gertrude Johnston 

Garden City 

Cathedral School of Saint Mary Library 

3,500 v. 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Carroll 

Glens Falls 

High School Library 
Catherine M Love 


High School Library 

Martha E Wettlaufer 
3,400 v 


High School Library 

Lou Bucklyn 
3,350 v. 


High School Library 

Edith L. Vail 
5,300 v 


High School Library 
6,400 v 


Union High School Library 
Helen L. Haddon 


High School Library 
Kate de F Crane 
5,850 v 


High School Library 
Gertrude Rhodes 


Public School Library 
5,450 v 


High School Library 
Mary McDowell 


High School Library 

Marion C. Van Arnam 


High School Library 

Anna Clark Kennedy 
6,000 v. 



NEW YORK Continued 


High School Library 
Dorothy Stone 

Public School Library 

Mary H. McCormick 
7,300 v. 


High School Library 
Rosamond Joslyn 
3,450 v. 


High School Library 
Ella W. Green 

Jefferson Junior High School Library 
Evalina Cairns 

Lincoln Junior High School Library 
Delana T. Alden 

Washington Junior High School Library 
Lesbia A. Bentley 


High School Library 
Blanche Baker 


High School Library 

E. Gertrude Somes 
3,500 v. 


Palmer Institute-Starkey Seminary Library 

6,400 v. 


High School Library 
Kathryn Engelhard 


High School Library 
Ruth Barber 


Genesee Wesleyan Seminary Library 

6,565 v. 


High School Library 
Ruth Stein 


High School Library 
Alice Holmes 


Union School Library 

Mary Niles 

Franklin Academy, Wead Library 

Louisa Merritt 


High School Library 

Phyllis Reid Fenner 


High School Library 

Grace E. Bennett 


High School Library 

Grace L. Rugg 


Academy and High School Library 

F. I. Hungerford 
3,500 v. 


High School Library 

Florence A. Loomis 


High School Library 

Gertrude F. Kingsley 
3,ioo v. 


High School Library 

H. W. MacFarlane 
3,400 v. 

Mount Vernon 
High School Library 
Lucy B. Proctor 


High School Library 

Marjorie W. Allyn 
6,300 v. 

New Rochelle 

High School Library 

Mildred H. Lawson 
3,300 v. 

New York City 

City of New York, Board of Education, 
Bureau of Libraries 
C. G. Leland, superintendent 

New York City Bronx Borough 
Evander Childs High School Library, 
Street and Creston Avenue 

Daisy B. Sabin 
5,4i8 v. 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

James Monroe High School Library, I72nd 

Street and Boynton Avenue 

Agnes Cowing 

Morris High School Library, i66th Street 

and Boston Road 
Bertha F. Hathaway 

Theodore Roosevelt High School Library, 

1 44th Street and Mott Avenue 

Marjone V O'Donnell 
1,514 v 

Walton High School Library I4ist Street 

and Brook Avenue | 

Harriet Bircholdt i 

730 v j 

New York City Brooklyn Borough 

Alexander Hamilton High School Librar>, 

Albany Avenue and Dean Street 

Carson Brevoort 
7750 v 

Bay Ridge High School Library, Fourth , 

Avenue and 6/th Street 

Elizabeth B McKnight 
3,863 v. 

Boys' High School Library, Marc> and 

Putnam Avenues j 

S Ridley Parker 
16,663 v ' 

Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Spicer , 

Memorial Library 

Jessie R Balston . 

13,085 v. 

Brooklyn Technical High School Library, ' 
Flatbush Avenue and Concord Street 

William H Duncan ; 

2,857 v 

Bushwick High School Library, Irving 
Avenue and Woodbine Street 

Jane Brewer 
4.453 v. 

Eastern District High School Library, 
Marcy Avenue and Keap Street 

Laura Bertemy i 

2,836 v 

Erasmus Hall High School Library, Flat- j 

bush Avenue near Church Street | 

Mary Kingsbury 

7,665 v. ' i 

Franklin K Lane High School Library, 
Evergreen Avenue and Covert Street 

Gertrude Clark | 

827V. I 

New York City Continued 
Girls 1 Commercial High School Library, 
Classon Avenue near Union Street 

Mary Preston 
4,45i v. 

Girls' High School Library, Nostrand Ave- 
nue and Halsey Street 
Mary E Hall 

I2,OII V. 

James Madison High School Library, Bed- 
ford Avenue, Avenue P and Quentin 
Miss Sheldon Fletcher 

1,384 v 

Maxwell Training School Library, Park 
Place and Nostrand Avenue 

Esther M. Davis 
9,845 v 

Manual Training High School Library, 
Seventh Avenue and 4th Street 

Ella M Hazen 
8,987 v 

New Utrecht High School Library, 70th 
Street and Sixteenth Avenue 

Muriel A Crooks 
2,802 v 

Thomas Jefferson High School Library, 
Dumont and Pennsylvania Avenues 

Frances Burdick 
2,933 v 

New York City Manhattan Borough 

Brearley School, James J Higgmson Li- 
brarj, 60 East 6ist St 

Mary E Hcrr 
8.534 v 

Clason Military Academy, Clason Point 

-De La Salle Institute Library, 160 West 
74th St 

DeWitt Clinton High School Library, 
Tenth Avenue and 59th St. 

Mrs. I. M. Randall 
12,503 v. 

-^George Washington High School Library, 
West 191 st Street and Amsterdam Avenue 

Ruth Wilcox 
2,246 v 

Haaren High School Library. 120 West 

46th Street 
2,011 v. 

Hebrew Technical Institute Library, Stuy- 
vesant and Ninth Sts. 

Marie Smith 
5,944 v. 



NEW YORK Continued 

Hew York City Continued 

High School of Commerce Library, 65th 
St near Broadway 

Edith Savacool 
7,525 v. 

Horace Mann School Library, Teachers' 
Rachel Benson 

Hunter College High School Library 
Marion S Coan 

Julia Richman High School Library, Second 
Avenue and 67th Street 
Vera Elder 

6,200 V 

Lincoln School of Teachers' College, Li- 
brary, 425 West I23rd St. 

Anne T. Eaton 
6,044 v. 

New York Training School Library, I35th 
Street and Convent Avenue 

Edyth L. Miller 
9^69 v. 

Saint Walburga's Academy, 630 Riverside 

Scudder School for Girls, 66 Fifth Avenue 

Louise R. Miller 
1,000 v. 

Seward Park High School Library, Hester 
and Suffolk Streets 
Jerusha G Meigs 
3,200 v. 

Stuyvesant High School Library, isth St 
near First Ave 
Morris Zatz 
4,037 v. 

Textile High School Library, 60 West I3th 

Pauline Madden 
2,150 v. 

Wadleigh High School Library, Ii4th St. 
near Seventh Ave. 

Maude S. McClelland 
8,073 T - 

Washington Irving High School Library, 
I7th St and Irving Place 

Sarah E. Annett 
10,156 v. 

New York City Queens Borough 
Bryant High School Library. Wilbur Ave. 
and Academy St., Long Island City 

Annie M. Thayer 
6,710 v 

New York City Continued 
Far Rockaway High School Library, Dins- 
more and Nameoke Sts, Far Rockaway 
2,421 v. 

Flushing High School Library, Broadway 
and Whitestone Ave, Flushing 

Marguerite Entler 
5,550 v. 

Jamaica High School Library, Grand Ave 
near Hillcrest Ave., Jamaica 

Rosamond Joslyn 
3,925 v. 

Jamaica Training School Library, Flush- 
ing Ave., Jamaica 
Ruth T Miller 
7,845 v. 

Newtown High School Library, Chicago 

Ave. and Gerry St , Newtown 
7,160 v. 

Richmond Hill High School Library, H4th 
St and 89th Ave , Richmond Hill 

Julia Robeson 
3,6o8 v 

New York City Richmond Borough 
Curtis High School Library, Hamilton Ave , 
New Brighton 

Julia T. Phillips 
4,977 v 

Staten Island Academy, William Winter 
Memorial Library, Stuyvesant Place and 
Wall St, New Brighton 
Georgiana M Wheeler 

10,000 v 

Tottenville High School Library, Summit 

Ave., Tottenville 
615 v. 

Niagara Falls 
High School Library 
Maude A. Cathcart 

South Junior High School Library 
Marjorie F. Watson 

North Chili 

A. M. Chesbrough Seminary Library 
3,500 v. 

North Tanrytown 
High School Library 

Pauline K. Henshaw 
4,300 v. 

North Tonawanda 
High School Library 
Helen E. Sider 


Norwich High School Library 
Gertrude S Cobb 



NEW YORK Continued 


Ogdensburg Free Academy Library 
Eleanor C. Harris 


High School Library 

Margaret F Jackson 


High School Library 

Adahne B. Rockwell 
7 f ooov. 


High School Library 

H. Loretta Flanigan 


High School Library 
Ella L Chace 

Saint Mary's School Library 
11,000 v 


Memorial High School Library 
Helen E Stacy 


Union and Classical School Library 
Dora E McGilhvray 


High School Library 
Miriam Snow 

Port Chester 

High School Library 
Lucile Elwood 

Port Washington 

High School Library 

Mrs Dorothy C. Langdon 


Academy and Union School Library 

Sarah R. Ford 
5,000 v 


High School Library 

Bertelle S Wornham 

Saint John's Academy Library 
3,050 v 


Academy of the Sacred Heart Library 
3.150 v. 

Charlotte High School Library 
Helen M. Cashman 

Rochester Continued 

East High School Library 

Irene D. Wmans 
11,600 v. 

Jefferson Junior High School Library 
Edna E. Bayer 

Kodak High School Library 

Madison Junior High School Library 
Ruth Bidelman 

Monroe High School Library 
Clara Louise Curtiss 

Nazareth Academy Library 
4,100 v. 

Washington Junior High School Library 
Ruth G Gentles 

West High School Library 

Ruth Wheat Cooper 
6,100 v 

Western New York Institution for Deaf 

Mutes Library 
7,000 v 

Rockville Center 

High School Library 

Mary Emma Fraser 


High School Library 
Rulh E Bird 


Public School Library 

4,500 v. 


Public School Library 
3,200 v. 

Saranac Lake 
High School Library 
Helen Cummmgs 

Saratoga Springs 

High School Library 

Mrs Harriet E. Thompson 

Saint Faith's Academy Library 
25,000 v. 


High School Library 

Alice May Lawrence 


Central Park Junior High School Library 
Margaret V. Hoag 

High School Library 

Ada V. A. Edwards 
5.300 v. 



NEW YORK Continued 

SchenecUdy Continued 

McKmley High School Library 

Agnes E. Truax 

Washington Irving High School Library 

Alta L. Lapp 


High School Library 
Ida M. Van Deusen 


Blodgett Vocational High School Library 

Gertrude R. Hewitt 
3,400 v. 

Central High School Library 

Lillian R. Gilbert 
12,300 v. 

Lincoln Junior High School Library 

Elizabeth Peck Schleit 

North High School Library 

Katharine N. Hewitt 
3,000 v. 

Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School 
E. Margaret Higbee 

William Nottingham Junior High School 
Winifred L. Aylmg 


High School Library 

Lucille A. Van Der Meid 


High School Library 
Ruth Seaman 


Emma Willard School Library 
5,237 v. 

High School Library 

Julia McGahan 
5,500 v. 


High School Library 
Margaret M. Peck 


Endicott High School Library 
Adona R. Sick 


High School Library 
Constance Handler 

Utica Catholic Academy Library 
14,520 v. 

Utica Free Academy Library 

Constance Handler 
3,830 v. 


High School Library 

Antoinette K. Owens 
3,600 v. 


High School Library 

Katherme S. Penne 
3,400 v. 


High School Library 

Effie L Scott 
5,500 v. 


Public School Library 

Frances B Lawrence 


High School Library 

F. C Brown 
3,o6o v 

White Plains 

High School Librarj 
Clara E Overton 
3,400 v 

--Junior High School Library 
Margaret O'Rourke 


Charles E Gorton High School Library 
Priscilla D Edic 

High School Library 
Ruby E. Bell 

High School of Commerce Library 
Amy B. Home 

Nathaniel Hawthorne Junior High School 
Florence W. John 

Theodore Roosevelt High School Library 
Priscilla D. Edie 


Asheville High School Library 

Julia Maynard 
2,459 v. 

Saint Genevieve of the Pines Library 

M. MacSwmey 
15,090 v. 




Beaufort ' 

Saint Paul's School Library 
7,000 v. 


Burlington High School Library 
Ella Wells 


Charlotte High School Library (branch of 

Public Library) 
Florence Wilkie 

Queens College Library (boarding) 

Rena C. Harrell 
8,308 v. 


Durham High School Library 

Mrs. W. W. Shaw 

2,000 V 


Albion Academy Library (negro) 

E L. Davis 


Graham High School Library 

Nina Holt 
2,500 v 

High Point 

High Point High School Library 

Flossie Foster 
2,913 v 


Monroe High School Library 

Mrs W .H. Norwood 
1,800 v 

Mount Pleasant 

Collegiate Institute Library 



Laura Bndgman School Library (blind) 

Mrs. Olive B Webster 
3,ooo v 

Peace Institute Library 

Mary M Price 
3.763 v 

Saint Augustine School Library 

Pearl Snodgrass 
7,745 v. 

Saint Mary's School Library 

Ella Weedon 
4,678 v. 


Rockmgham High School Library 

Dovie Counts 
2,000 v. 


Salisbury High School Library 
M. T. Peacock 

2,000 V. 


New Hanover High School Library 

Mrs Frances L. Jewett Head 
3,305 v 


R J Reynolds High School Library 

Mrs. F. H Koos 
5,404 v. 



High School Library 
Ruth Staley 


High School Library 

4,000 v. 

Devil's Lake 

State School for the Deaf Library 

Burton W. Dnggs 
2.437 v. 


High School Library 

Esther Goudy 
3,200 v. 


School for the Feeble Minded, Library 

Maud Stewart 
202 v 


Sheyenne River Academy Library 

7,878 v. 


State Training School Library 
W F McClelland 

Valley City 

High School Library 

Mrs F. C. Spaldmg 


High School Library 

3.221 v. 



Harbor High School Library 

3,300 v. 


School Library 

Agnes Walker 
3,000 v. 



OHIO Continued 


High School Library 

3,176 v. 


McKmley High School Library 

4,200 v. 


East High School Library 

3,701 v. 

Hughes High School Library 
4473 v. 

Notre Dame Academy Library 
12,500 v. 

Pupils Library, 321 E 6th Street 


Addison Junior High School Library 
Ebba E. Zettersburg 

Audubon Junior High School Library 
Ruth Theobald 

Brownell Junior High School Library 
Dorothy M. Tobm 

Central High School Library 
Edith M. Hill 

Cleveland Trade School Library, Eagle 
Ave near East Qth St 
Ruth E. Elliott 

Coll in wood High School Library 
Helen L. Funnell 

Detroit Junior High School Library 
Florence Whitton Rodgers 

East High School Branch Library 
Blanche C Coveney 

East Technical High School Library 
Edith L, Cook 

Empire Junior High School Library 
Myra S Grosh 

Fairmount Junior High School Library 
Pauline M. Yager 

Glenville High School Library 
Althea M Currm 

Hathaway Brown School Library 
Helen Gilchrist 

John Adams High School Library 
Margaret Cleaveland 

Cleveland Continued 
John Marshall High School Library 
Gertrude E. Hall 

Kennard Junior High School Library 
Margaret E. Brewer 

Lincoln High School Library 
Sarah Louise Lewis 

Longwood Commerce High School Library 
Cora A. Van Natten 

Louis Kossuth Junior High School Library 
Eliza M. Wood 

Patrick Henry Junior High School Library 
Mildred P. Harrington 

South High School Library 
Norah M Clark 

Thomas Jefferson Junior High School Li- 

Edith A. Kurth 

University School, Sherman Library 
Lucy B. Collins 

West Commerce High School Library 
Alice Louise Le Fevre 

West High School Library 
Leora M. Cross 

West Technical High School Library 
Mabel Wood 


Ohio State School for the Blind Library 

6,121 v 

Public School Library (9 branches) 

Emma Schaub 
104,894 v. 


Public School Library 

4,000 v. 


Public School Library 
9,000 v. 


High School Library 

4,786 v. 


High School Library 

3,000 v. 


High School Library 
Sarah M. Findley 
6,000 v. 

La Rne 

High School Library 
6,OOO v. 



OHIO Continued 


High School Library 
3,165 v. 

Martin's Ferry 

High School Library 

3,600 v. 


Mentor Township High School Library 
Isabel Nolan 


Mount Notre Dame Academy Library 

Saint Martin 

Ursuhne Academy Library 


Saint Ursula's Student Library 
6,000 v. 

Scott High School Library 
Ada M Ritchie 

Waite High School Library 

Pauline Brown 
4,000 v. 


Free Public School Library 
20,291 v. 


South High School Library 
5,000 v. 



Ardmore High School Library 
C H Woodruff 


Chickasha Senior High School Library 
L. D. Mitchell 


Chilocco Indian School Library 

Mary E. Dissette 
5,160 v. 


Oklahoma Military Academy Librar> 
W. S. Bryan 


Drumnght High School Library 

Elk City 

Elk City High School Library 


High School Library 


High School Lirary 

5,050 v. 


High School Library 

12,000 v. 

High School Library 
3,000 v. 


Muskogee High School Library 
Stella N. Callahan 

Oklahoma State School for the Blind Li- 

Pearl P. Smith 
5,000 v (Braille) 

West Junior High School Library 
2,100 v 


Norman High School Library 
Gretchen Mitchell 


Nowata High School Library 

Oklahoma City 

Central High School Library 

Eva Chowning 
9,200 v. 


High School Library 
5,ooo v 


Oklahoma Business Academy Library 


Tulsa High School Library 
Anna R. Moore 


High School Library 

3,200 v 



Public School Library 

Mary Childs 
4,000 v 


High School Library 

4,000 v. 


Astoria High School Library 
Jean Sim 



OREGON Continued 


Baker High School Library 

Ella Moulton 
1,500 v. 


High School Library 

Mary Jane Dustin 
3,100 v. 


High School Library 
Dorothy Sayer 


High School Library 

Irma Martin 
3,800 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs Herbert Scheldt 


High School Library 
Edith N. Hawley 


Eugene High School Library 

Mrs Marie Fletcher 
10,547 v. 

Forest Grove 

High School Librar> 
Eula Black 


High School Library 
Mrs Z. L Riches 

Grants Pass 

High School Library 

Alice Horning 
800 v 


High School Library 

Alice Horning 
2,200 v. 

Hood River 

High School Library 

Cecelia Bell 
3,000 v. 


High School Library 
Mildred Ross 


High School Library 
Alicia Agnew 


High School Library 
Eulalia Titus 


Marshfield High School Library 

Ina Pear! Allen 
2,500 v 


Junior High School Library 

Winifred Andrews 
3,200 v 

Medford High School Library 

Myrna A. Barrett 
3,200 v 


High School Library 
C E Bennett 

Mount Angel 

Mount Angel Academy Library 
Sister Thomas me Gibson 


High School Library 
1 ,600 v 


Ontario High School Library 
Mrs J. W Springer 


Convent of the Holy Names Library 
4,300 v 


High School Library 
Bessie Andrews 


High School Library 
4,573 v. 


Albma Homestead Library (branch of 
Public Library) 

Harnette Thomas 
1,457 v 

Benson Polytechnic Library (branch of 
Public Library) 

Katherme Kiemle 
3,144 v 

Commerce High School Library (branch of 
Public Library) 

Leha Hazeltine 
2,213 v. 

Franklin High School Library (branch of 
Public Library) 

Nettie V. Drew 
4.352 v. 



OREGON Continued 
Portland Continued 

Girl's Polytechnic Library (branch of 1 
Public Library) 

M. Derlc Denney 
563 v 

Grant High School Library (branch of 
Public Library) 

Dorothy S Kelly 
3,274 v. 

Jefferson High School Library (branch of 
Public Library) i 

Alma Jonson ' 

3,754 v 


Lincoln High School Library (branch of ' 
Public Library) 

Ruth Hall 
3,476 v 

Parkrose School Library (branch of Public 

Harnette Thomas 

Riverdale School Library (branch of Public 

443 v 

Roosevelt High School Library (branch of 

Public Library) 

Alice W Marston 
1,712 v 

Union High School Libiary No I, Corbett 
(branch of Public Library) 

Harnette Thomas 
218 v 

Union High School Library No 2, Gresham 
(branch of Public Library) 

Vida I Smith 
812 v 

Washington High School Library (branch 
of Public Library) 

Hilda M Lancefield 
5,623 v. 

Prairie City 

High School Library 
Gretchen Clemens 


High School Library 

Mrs. Helen Whittes 


High School Library 

Maxine Lamb 
3,350 v. 

St Paul 

Union High School Library 
Dorothy Condon 


High School Library 
Ellen MacGregor 
12,546 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs. Bessie L Goetz 
3,214 v 


High School Library 
Roberta Williams 

The Dalles 

High School Library 

Mabel Turner 
5,000 v. 

St Mary's Academy Library 
4,260 v 

West Side 

High School Library 
F H Clayson 


High School Library 
Helen Andrews 


Pennsylvania Department of Public In- 
struction, Director School Libraries: Adeline 
B. Zachert, Harnsburg 


High School Library 

Charlotte Ajers 
2,063 v. 


East Huntingdon Township High School 

Florence Cramm 
i.ooo v 


High School Library 
Helen Spaulding 
500 v 


High School Library 

E Constance Harting 
2,095 v 
High School Library 

Maud Minster 
3,236 v. 





High School Library 
Francelia Osburn 


Montgomery Township High School Li- 

Mary J. Britt t 

500 v. 


Junior High School Library 

Mary Greiner 
530 v. , 

High School Library 
Henry C Africa 
1,500 v. 


High School Library 
Magdalene Austen 
3,763 v. 


High School Library 

Evelyn Reno 
1,256 v. 


Saint Xavier Academy Library 


High School Library 

Edith Sherrard 
1,875 v. 


High School Library 

Hester Shaw 
760 v. 


Liberty High School Library 

Myra Main 
3,502 v. 

Nitschmann School Library 
Helen Walton 

South Side High School Library 
500 v. 


High School Library 

Cora L. Handwerk 
746 v. 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Thomas 


High School Library 

Margaret Boyd 
500 v. 


High School Library 

Leslie Marsh 
1,805 v. 


High School Library 

Mary Hilton 
911 v. 

Bryn Mawr 

Baldwin School Library 

3,650 v. 


Hughes ian School Library 
3,600 v. 


High School Library 
Georgia Mechhng 
1,350 v. 


High School Library 
P F. McDonald 
2,500 v. 


High School Library 

Mary E. Myers 
1,192 v 


High School Library 

Margaret Laird 
1,300 v 

Junior High School Library 

Mina Houseman 
121 v. 


Senior High School Library 

Mrs. Mary Pedlow 

Smedley Junior High School Library 

Nita Howarth 
1,252 v. 


High School Library 

Reba Jeannerat 
1,422 v. 

Clarke Summit and Clarks Green 
Joint High School Library 
C. V. Bubb 

1,000 V. 





Columbia Avenue School Library 
^ Ruth Webb 

Craig Ridgway Junior High School Library 

Isabelle Troub 
492 v. 

High School Library 
Mary V. Baldwin 
2,630 v. 


High School Library 

Ethel Guenther 
800 v. 


High School Library 

Rebecca Sauber 
2,000 v 


High School Library 

Lillian Beech 
1,392 v. 


Junior High School Library 

Ethel McCray 
150 v. 

Senior High School Library 

Frances Storrs 


High School Library 

Frances Little 
478 v 


High School Library 

Margaret Mills 
1,253 v. 


Broad Township High School Library 

Helen Conlon 
310 v. 


High School Library 

Alta Kimmel 
3,000 v. 


High School Library 
Blanche Collins 

Bast Conemaugh 
High School Library 

Olga Kuntz 
725 v. 

East Greenville 

High School Library 

Lee Roeder 
836 v. 

East McKeesport 
High School Library 
Martina Oettmg 
500 v. 


High School Library 

Emma Greider 
3,179 v. 

S E Shull Junior High School Library 

Ada Fenner 
712 v. 

East Pittsburgh 
High School Library 
Esther Magnuson 
550 v. 

Eau Claire 

High School Library 

Mary Wilson 


High School Library 

Elsie Eisenhart 
ooo v. 

Elkins Park 

Cheltenham Township High School Li- 

Ethel Feagley 
2,886 v 


Training School Library (for defectives) 


High School Library 

E Belle Neely 
2,083 v. 


Academy High School Library 

Mrs Mary H Binney 
3,500 v. 

Central High School Library 

Jean E. Wilson 
1,075 v. 

East High School Library 

Mary E. Reed 
2,604 v. 




Erie Continued 

Roosevelt Junior High School Library 

Beatrice Farrell 
825 v. 

Evans City 

High School Library 

Margaret Roth 
300 v. 


Keystone Academy Library 

Farm School 

National Farm School Library 

5,000 v. 


High School Library 
Myrtilla E. Johns 
1,500 v. 

Forest City 

High School Library 
Lillian Alexander 
430 v. 

Forty Fort 

Junior-Senior High School Library 

Emily Campbell 
1,800 v. 


High School Library 

Dorothy Elliott 
5,000 v. 

George School 

George School Library 
4.734 v. 

Germantown. See Philadelphia 

Glen-Nor, Glen Olden 

Joint High School Library 

Earla Phillips 
991 v. 


High School Library 
Letitia B. Clark 
5,605 v 

Saint Joseph Academy Library 


Edison Junior High School Library 

Annie K. Laurie 
2,250 v. 

John Harris High School Library 

Mary H. McCormick 
2,919 v. 

Harrisbnrg Continued 

William Penn High School Library 

Ruth Hull 
1,025 v. 

High School Library 

Eleanor Paterick 


High School Librarv 

Elizabeth Metzger 
802 v. 


High School Library 

Helen Dickey 
1,200 v. 


High School Library 

Mary H. Foster 
5,050 v. 


High School Library 
Anna E Laughlm 
3,000 v 


High School Library 

Hazel Carmen 
1,650 v. 


Beechwood School Library 
8,000 v. 

, Johnsonburg 

1 High School Library 

Cecilia Cunneen 
600 v. 


Garfield Junior High School Librar> 

Helen Fisher Jones 
1,005 v. 

j Joseph Johns Junior High School Library 
Madeline Amberg 

Senior High School Library 

Elizabeth Hoge 
2,230 v. 

Southmont Boro High School Library 

Elizabeth Vaughan 
610 v. 

Westmont-Upper Yoder High School Li- 

M. Margaret Greer 
1,650 v. 


Johnstown Continued 

William Cochran Junior High School Li- 
Ruth Leach 


Boys High School Library 

J. Lawrence Strickler 
1,427 v. 

East End Junior High School Library 

Miriam Eyde 
734 v. 

Stevens High School for Girls Library 

Esther Risscr 
2,422 v 

West End Junior High School Library 

Emma G. Martin 
850 v 


High School Library 

Cora Sigafoos 
1,500 v. 


Upper Darby High School Library 

3,ooo v 


High School Library 
Bessie Landman 
4,300 v. 


High School Library 

Elizabeth Weidman 
600 v. 


High School Library 

Mabel Wallace 
2,065 v. 


Dunbar Township High School Library 

Florence Louden 
1.050 v. 


High School Library 
Esther Helfrecht 

2.IOO V. 


Bethel Township High School Library 

Lillian Fehr 
600 v. 


Linden Hall Seminary Library 



Branch Township High School Library 

Blanche Armstrong 
1,600 v. 

Lock Haven 

High School Library 

Gertrude Gillespie 
3,500 v. 

McKees Rocks 
High School Library 
Blanche Stewart 
300 v. 

Stowe Township High School Library 

Mabel E Moore 
932 v 


High School Library 
Isabel le Kanarr 
226 v. 

Mahanoy City 

High School Library 

Blanche Faust 
1,380 v. 

Mahanoy Township High School Library 

Helen Ruth 
-2,337 v 

I Mayfield 

1 High School Library 

Louise Cuningham 
j 719 v 

i Mercersburg 
Merccrsburg Academy Library 

Miss A. M Fallen 


High School Library 

Louise Glover 
1,200 v 


Manor Township High School Library 

Eunice Mellinger 
560 v. 


Cass Township High School Library 

Marie O'Neill 
603 v. 


High School Library 

Margaret McVicker 
2,000 v. 




Mount Joy 

High School Library 

Edna Master 
872 v. 


Public School Library 


High School Library 
Mary Baurys 



Junior High School Library 

Miriam Elsbree 


School Library 

U. S Wireback 
3.000 v 

New Castle 

Benjamin Franklin Junior High School Li- 

Bess Noble 
2,450 v 

High School Library 

Virginia McMaster 
4730 v. 

New Kensington 
High School Library 
Geraldme Kelly 
2,338 v. 


High School Library 
Helen Bomberger 


High School Library 

Laura Weed 
410 v. 

Norwm-Union, Irwin 

Norwin-Union Joint High School Library 

Carrie Sowash 
2,062 v. 


High School Library 

Audrey Kelly 
250 v. 

Ogonti School 
Ogontz School Library 


> High School Library 

Dorothy E. Ritter 
750 v. 


Academy of the Sacred Heart Library 
10,000 v. 

Central High School Library 
Edith Brinkmann 

Frankford High School Library 
Czarina Hall 

Germantown High School Library 
Theodore Blodget 

Harding Junior High School Library 
Helen Duffield 

High School for Girls Library 
Ellen Yoder 

Jones Junior High School Library 
Mrs G L Whitham 

Kensington High School Library 
Agnes Hutchmson 

Overbrook High School Library 
Meta Schmidt 

Philadelphia High School for Girls Library 
4,000 v 

Roman Catholic High School Library 
5,ooo v. 

Shaw Junior High School Library 
Marie McManus 

South Philadelphia High School for Boys 
Emilie B Prowattam 

South Philadelphia High School for Girls 
Mary P. Farr 

Stetson Junior High School Library 
Edith B Hanna 

Sulzberger Junior High School Library 
Irene Johnson 

West Philadelphia High School for Boys 
Marguerite Connolly 

West Philadelphia High School for Girls 

Miriam Miracle 
3,66o v. 

William Penn High School Library 

Dorothy Ward 

Philadelphia (Germantown) 

Saint Francis Assisi High School Library 

10,000 v. 


Philadelphia (Germantown) Continued 

Saint Vincent's Seminary Library 
17,000 v 


Allegheny High School Library 
Mary Moorhead 

Carrick High School Library 
Elizabeth Makm 

David B Oliver High School Library 
Katherme Wead 

Fifth Avenue High School Library 
Marie Mclnerney 

Gladstone High School Library 
Olive Loeffler Lamb 

Langley Junior-Senior High School Library 
Lida B Young 

La timer Junior High School Library 
Evelyn B Smith 

Mount Mercy Library 
10,000 v 

Peabody High School Library 
Phebe Pomeroy 

Perry Junior High School Library 
Bessie M Janes 

Schenley High School Library 

Clara E Howard 
4,500 v 

South High School Library 
Bella Goldstein 

South Hills High School Library 
Caroline Wakeneld 

Taylor Allderdice High School Library 
Ruth Van Kirk Sigman 

Westinghouse High School Library 
Helen McCracken 

Pittsburgh (Edgewood) 

Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf 

3,031 v. 


High School Library 
Mary McCollum 
1,000 v 


High School Library 
Anna B. Leanard 
1,400 v. 

Pottatown Continued 
Hill School Library 
Alice W. Emerson 


Douglas and Weiser Junior High School 


Lilhe F. Beeh 
722 v. 

High School for Boys Library 

Samuel M. Kerr 

High School for Girls Library 

Rena M. Carlson 
3,209 v 

Northeast Junior High School Library 

Marie Reagan 
2,322 v 

Southern Junior High School Library 

Stella Zartman 

Saint Clair 

High School Library 

Lulu Mcinhold 
3,ooo v 


Adams Township High School Library 

Elizabeth Stiffler 
475 v. 


Kiskimmctas Springs School Library 
5,000 v 

Sandy Lake 

High School Library 

Mary E Pernne 
600 v. 


Central High School Library 

Mary Anderson 
2,700 v. 

North Scranton Junior High School Li- 


Martha Perry 
1,125 v. 

Technical High School Library 

Elizabeth Griffith 
2,200 v 


High School Library 

Eva Herman 
400 v. 


High School Library 
Helen Hollenback 
3,ooo v. 





High School Library 
Grace McClenahan 


Sheffield Township High School Library 

Mary Davidson 
510 v. 


High School Library 

Mae Jacobs 
865 v. 


Ham 1 in School Library 
4,000 v. 


High School Library 

Josephine Grier 

State College 

High School Library 

Lillian Miles 
l,ooo v. 


High School Library 

Agnes Leonhart 
3,055 v. 


High School Library 

Ann S. Larkin 
1,700 v 


Academy of the Sacred Heart Library 

Tower City 

Public School Library 
1,500 v. 


High School Library 

Martha Schach 
1,700 v. 


High School Library 

Emma Sharer 
350 v. 

Turtle Creek 

High School Library 

Pauline Wilson 
1,511 v. 


High School Library 
Rosa E Ziegler 
1,800 v. 

Union City 

High School Library 
Pearl B Monroe 
5,005 v 


Benjamin Franklin Junior High School Li- 

Mary H. Adams 
1,100 v 

Lafayette Junior High School Library 

Ruth Hayden 
1,050 v. 

Senior High School Library 

Hannah Jeff ens 
1,000 v. 


Joint High School Library 

Ethel Jeffens 
1,730 v. 

Upper Darby 

Haverford Township High School Library 

Ahda Gardner 
3,000 v 

High School Library 
Elizabeth Turner 
3,012 v. 

1 Verona 

High School Library 
| Elizabeth Coulter 

I 3,000 v 

| Wananue 

\ Newport Township High School Library 

j Clara Guzofski 

! Wesleyville 

High School Library 
Mazie Green 

1,200 v 

West Chester 

High School Library 

Sara C Evans 
6,500 v. 


Westtown Boarding School Library 

6 f ooo v. 


G. A R. Memorial High School Library 

Frances E. Brooks 
800 v. 





Free School of Mechanical Trades Library 

3,2" v. 


Williamsport Dickinson Seminary Library 

S Edith Adams 
6,000 v. 


Harding High School Library 

Helen Klotz 
613 v 


Collegiate Institute Library 

C H Ehrenfeld 
4,000 v 

High School Library 

Mai A. Clmedinst 
7,39i v 



Rogers High School, Norman Library 
Eleanor M Barker 


English High School Library 
Mrs. James H Chase 

High School of Commerce Library 

Hilda Combe 

Hope Street High School Librarj 
Stella E. Whittaker 

Moses Brown School Library, 1784, 1819 
8 f ooo v 

Rochambeau School, Elodie Farnum Li- 
Ruth Shattuck 


Convent of Jesus and Mary Library 
3,000 v 



Memminger High School Library 

3,250 v. 

Mitchell High School Library 


Thornwell College for Orphans, Nellie 
Scott Library 
Ella Bell 

12,000 V. 

Due West 

Female College Library ((girls' boarding) 

Nelle Stack 
1,500 v. 


Neblett Library 

Mrs. Rebecca Deal 
9,800 v 


Central High School Library 

Alma Thomas 
5,000 v. 

Belle Fourche 

High School Library 

Bern ice Colby 
1,850 v 


High School Library 

Anna Dudack 
2,000 v 


High School Library 

Nellie Brenner 
1,347 v. 


High School Library 
3,900 v 


Junior-Senior High School Library 

Irma Foasberg 


High School Library 

Mary Avery 


High School Library 

Hazel Rosenberry 
1,200 v. 


High School Library 

Candus Bailey 


Senior High School Library 

Ruth Condon 
2,075 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs. Ethel Brown 
MOO v. 




High School Library 

Hazel Carson Cook 

1,200 V. 

Sioux Falls 

All Saint's School Library 
Katharine M. Pierce 

High School Library 

Jean Arneson 
7,591 v. 


High School Library 

Anna Holhster 
yarn v. 


High School Library 
Mrs F C Blodgett 


High School Library 

Margaret M Field 
3.500 v 


Athens School Library 

E C Ferguson 
12,000 v 

BeU Buckle 

Webb School Library 

William R Webb, Jr. 

5,200 V. 


School Library 

Mrs C L. Davidson 

McCalhe School Library 


High School Library 

Berta Marshall 
2,500 v 


Columbia Institute Library 
Mrs Octavia Z Bond 

2,000 V. 

Cumberland City 

Cumberland City Academy Library 

J. H. Beyer 
1,000 v. 

Johnson City 

Science Hill High School Library 


High School Library 
Etta L Matthews 
4&50 v. 


Castle Heights Military Academy Library 
Ruth Buchanan 


Central High School Library 


Mornstown High School Library 


Saint Cecilia's Academy Library 
Mother Hesula 

Tennessee School for the Blind Library 

Ward-Belmont School Library 
J D Blanton 

St. Elmo 

Lookout Mountain Junior High School Li- 


High School Library 
Madge Morrison 


Junior High School Library 
Altha Morton 

Senior High School Library 
Cora Avery 


High School Library 
J K Bentley 


High School Library 
Alice Harrison 

Junior High School 

Mrs Fannie Massie 


Colored High School Library 
Gladys Gray 

North Junior High School Library- 
Mrs. Estelle Fitch; Mary White, 
Florence Longman 

Senior High School Library 
Lillian Moore 

South Junior High School Library 

Irene Alford; Alice McCall; Katherine 



TEXAS Continued 


High School Library 

Mrs. Curtis L. Ferguson 


High School Library 
Sunshine Cole 

Allen Academy Library 
Major W. G. Martin 


High School Library 
Lou Davis 


High School Library 
Ina Watson 


Public School Library 
Marion Willis 


Bryan High School Library 
Mrs. Helen C Braack 

Forest High School Library 
Emma line Donohue 

North Dallas High School Library 
Mrs. Cleo Irish 

Oak Cliff High School Library 
Laura Alexander 

Sunset High School Library 
Phoebe W. Hens ley 

De Leon 

-De Leon High School Library 
Bertha Ross 


Senior High School Library 
Beatrice Skiles 

Junior High School Library 
Mrs. Inez Jones Turner 


-High School Library 

Lettie Davis 

El Paso 

Austin Junior High School Library 
Mrs. Allie J. Smith 

High School Library 

Mrs. Mamie Hall Lyles 

Morehead Junior High School Library 
Mrs. Ruby C. Miller 

Fort Worth 

Central High School Library 
Clara Stevens 

Junior High School Library 
Helen Crawford Pool 

North Side High School Library 
Nell E. Pryor 

Polytechnic High School Library 
Addie Lavender 


Junior High School Library 
Mrs Perry Clack 

High School Library 

Mrs. Mamie Dillard 


High School Library 
Gladys Moore 

Goose Creek 

High School Library 
Ophelia Samora 


Junior High School Library 
Helen McLam 

Milby Senior High School Library 
Mrs Minnie Ray 


High and Junior College Library 
Lunette Waller 


John H Reagan High School Library 
Mrs Ralph D. Looney 

Sam Houston High School Library 
Portia Owings 


High School Library 
Velma Fears 


Holding Institute Library 
Mae C Sells 


Junior High School Library 
Lula Elkin 

High School Library 
Mrs. Ernest Lee 


High School Library 
Helen Rogers 



TEXAS Continued 

If atonic Home 
High School Library 
Mrs. C B. Tillery 


High School Library 
Ruth Rudd 

'Mineral Wells 
High School Library 
Mrs. T. B. Lewis 


High School Library 
Gladys Milroy 

New Bxaunfela 
High School Library 
Ouida Kennedy 


High School Library 

Mrs. Grace Lattimore 


High School Library 

Mrs. Lester W. James 

Port Arthur 
High School Library 
Marvis Summers 


High School Library 

Hattie Will Alverson 


High School Library 

Mrs. Maurice Holperin 


High School Library 
Frances Corry 

San Antonio 

Brackenndge High School Library 
Georgia Armstrong 

Nathaniel Hawthorne Junior High School 
Olivia Baldesarele 

Sidney Lanier Junior High School Library 
Mane Von Blucher 

Edgar Allan Poe Junior High School Li- 
Edith Corey 

Joel Chandler Harris Junior High School 
Mrs. Lena Pirtle 

San Antonio Continued 
Mam Avenue High School Library 
Edith M. Schneider 

Mark Twain Junior High School Library 
Clara Mays 

Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School 
Mrs Charlotte Saucier 

Thomas Nelson Page Junior High School 
Elizabeth Fraley 

Washington Irving Junior High School Li- 
Daisy Scott 

San Benito 

High School Library 
Jones Walton 


High School Library 

Mrs Nora K Weems 

South Park 

College and High School Library 
Mrs E N Morris 


High School Library 
Gladys Hufstetler 


High School Library 
Lena Word 


High School Library 
Mary Pyles 


High School Library 
Mamie Antom 


West Junior High School Library 
Mrs Lucile Grant 

Senior High School Library 
Mrs Lula McCollum 

South Junior High School Library 
Mrs. John Reed 


High School Library 

Alice Mills, Luma Myers 


Senior High School Library 
Mrs. Grace B Dixon 



TEXAS Continued 

Weslaco Continued 
Junior High School Library 
R R Douglass 

Wichita Falls 

Reagan Junior High School Library 
Mrs. John Wilks 

Senior High School Library 
Mrs B T Adams 

Zundelwitz Junior High School Library 
Ima Works 


Ogden Senior High School Library 

Mrs Lilas Raymond 

Sacred Heart Academy Library 

Sister M John Francis, CSC 
5,000 v 

Weber Academy Library 
5.000 v 

Salt Lake City 

East High School Library 

Mrs May Baer 
2,600 v 

West High School Library 

Orpha Ann Riser 
4.400 v 

Rowland Hall Library 
Alice V McDonald 

Saint Mary-of-the-Wasatch Library 

Sister M Madeleva 
6,000 v 

Granite High School Library 

Villa F Schafer 
3,000 v 

Salt Lake County 

Grajiite High School Library 

Villa F Schafer 
3,000 v. 

Jordan High School Library 

Mrs E W. Robinson 
2,6oo v. 


Goddard Seminary Library 
5,ooo v 


Merrill Library (public school) 


Hopkins Hall Library 


Montpelier Seminary Library 
1,500 v 


Troy Conference Academy Library 

Mrs Frances Brayton 
7,000 v 

Saxtons River 

Vermont Academy Library 

Lois Jewell 
5,000 v. 



High School Library 

Eulalia Hanna 
1,100 v 


Bellevue High School Library 
C M Abbott 


Ingleside Seminary Library 

Evangel me Gormley 
1,500 v 


Lane High School Library 
Elizabeth Roberts 

Clifton Forge 
Public School Library 
Elizabeth Dnscoll 
1,850 v 


George Washington High School Library 

Ellen B Shelburne 
1,850 v. 

High School Library 
Mrs W N. Blake 

1,200 V 

Front Royal 

Randolph-Macon Academy Library 


High School Library 

3,000 v 


High School Library 
Norvell Craighill 
2,910 v. 



VIRGINIA Continued 


Industrial School Library 

Newport Newt 
High School Library 

Sue D. Brett 
3,600 v. 


Maury High School Library 


High School Library 

Anne Riddle 
4 f ooov. 


Woodrow Wilson High School Library 

2,226 v. 


High School Library 

Virginia M. Campbell 


John Marshall High School Library 

Jane A. Moss 
8,000 v. 


High School Library 


Robert E. Lee High School Library 

B. H. Payne 
700 v. 

Stuart Hall Library 

Staunton Military Academy Library 

Christine Hammond 


High School Library 

Irma Price 
350 v. 


High School Library 

Ruth O'Keefe 


Almira High School Library 

Etha Oglesby 
2,084 v. 


High School Library 

Guy E. Armantrout 
2,300 v. 


Fairhaven High School Library 

Gretchen Kaufman 
1,230 v. 

Whatcom High School Library 

Margaret Schumacher 


Benton City High School Library 

Frieda Lammers 
629 v. 


Blame High School Library 

Ida E. Sundquist 
700 v 


High School Library 

Harriot Wheehhan 
1,050 v. 


High School Library 

Miss Herndon Smith 
1,500 v. 

Cattle Rock 

Moses Brown Library 
3,500 v. 


High School Library 

Ada Wing 
2,000 v 


High School Library 

Elnora Stout 
1,300 v. 


High School Library 

C J Bangert 
3,000 v. 


High School Library 

Elsie Chandler 
600 v. 


School Library 

Vesper T. Smith 



WASHINGTON (State) Continued 


Custcr High School Library 

Gertrude Krause 
800 v. 


High and Grade School Library 

Miriam Fraser 
3,695 v. 

Lincoln County School Library 

Beryl W. Morgan 
3,000 v 


High School Library 

M Webb, principal 
1,600 v 


Mount Baker Union High School Library 

Pearl Hutchinson 


High School Library 

Erma Jacobson 


Edison Union High School Library 

F Mildred Butt 
1,150 v 


Edwall High School Library 

R W Keller 
1,500 v 


High School Library 

Carl Johnson 
800 v. 


Endicott School Library 

Marian Bush 
2,272 v 


Enumclaw High School Library 

Margaret Case 
1,360 v. 


High School Library 

Ada Davis 
1,250 v 


High School Library 

Emma Roscoe 
5,ooo v 

High School Library 
Marjone Atkinson 

1,020 V. 


Ferndale High School Library 
Helen Wells 

1,020 V. 


Fmley High School Library 

Lula Johnson 
622 v. 

Friday Harbor 

Friday Harbor High School Library 
V. W Talbott 

2,000 V 


High School Library 

James Egbert 


High School Library 

Vivian Burgess 
2,600 v. 


School Library 

Barbara Lou Stillman 
656 v. 


Hamilton Union High School Library 

1 ,000 v. 


Hanford High School Library 

Elsie Boie 
687 v 


Harmony High School Library (R. F. D. 
4, Bellingham) 

Anna F Lesher 
780 v 


Harrington High School Library 

Florence Schronover 
1,000 v. 


School Library 

Lillian Eckrem 
650 v 


Public School Library 

O V. Purnell 
614 v. 


WASHINGTON (State) Continued 


High School Library 

Mrs O B. Palsen 
1,306 v. 


Brown School Library 

Evelyn C Harris 

High School Library 

Olga Anderson 
2,000 v. 

La Conner 

La Conner High School Library 

Ruth E Keilholtz 
1,200 v 

La Croase 

Public School Library 

T L. Kinsman 
750 v. 


School Library 
2,357 v 


Lynden High School Library 
725 v 


Maiden High School Library 

Dorothy Bates 
402 v. 


School Library 

Eva Jean Ruddell 
600 v 

Medical Lake 

High School Library 

Mrs. Mary E. Waltz 
1,176 v 


Meridian High School Library (R. F 

Hazel Malmsten 

<XX> V. 


High School Library 

Amy Stickney 
950 v. 


High School Library 

H B. Antrim 
1,200 V. 

D 2 


Mottinger High School Library 

Vera M Lyons 
329 v. 


High School Library 

Willa Stellar 
710 v. 

Mount Vernon 

Union High School Library 

Lucretia Rodell 
4,500 v. 


High School Library 

Frances Clinton 
600 v. 


Nooksack High School Library 


Frances Roberts 


Oakesdale High School Library 

Helen Parsons 
1,600 v 


Odessa High School Library 

Miss Goodrich 
2,500 v. 


High School Library 

Hazel Loomis 
2,202 v 


High School Library 

Alice C Bringhurst 
ooo v 


School Library 
1,400 v. 


Pomeroy High School 

Cleone Dawson 
1,600 v. 

Pomeroy Grade School Library 

A. L Cabbage 
700 v. 

Port Angeles 

High School Library 

Edna Meyer 
1.600 v. 



WASHINGTON (State) Continued 


Benton County Circulating School Library 

Olaf Standwold 
2,200 v 

High School Library 

Rondeau Evans 
1,838 v 


High School Library 
Faith C Hubbard 


School Library 

Mrs Bernice Simpson 
600 v 


Rainier High School Library 

Mrs C S Van Vleet 
809 v. 


High School Library 

Mrs H E Anderson 
700 v 


Reardon High School Library 

Rose Sestak 
1,625 v 


Richland High School Library 

R H Fergm 
1,299 v 


High and Grade School Library 

Margaret M Barber 
1,100 v 


School Library 

825 v. 


Rochester High School Library 

Ingborg Ekberg 
745 v 


High School Library 
Lucile Williams 


Saint John 

High School Library 

Margaret Allen 
1,775 v. 


Ballard High School Library 

Mary Lytle 
3,746 v 

Broadway High School Library 

Leta Perry 
6,988 v. 

Cleveland High School Library 

Dora Leavitt 

Franklin High School Library 

Lois E Caughey 
4,757 v. 

Garfield High School Library 

Jessie Budge 
2,606 v 

Holy Names Academy Library 

Sister Mary Agnella 
6,470 v 

Lincoln High School Library 

Jessie Eastman 
4,682 v. 

Queen Anne High School Library 

Grace Jean Mclntosh 
4,306 v 

Roosevelt High School Library 

Mrs B M Guenther 
3,009 v 

West Seattle High School Library 

Jean P Lane 
2,808 v 

Sedro Woolley 

High School Library 

Lucile Kmkade 


High School Library 

1,500 v. 


Holy Names Academy Library 

Sister M Hyacinth 
6,750 v 

Lewis and Clarke High School Library 

Elizabeth T. Stout 
7,936 v. 

North Central High School Library 

Mary R. Bacon 
10,380 v 


Sprague High School Library 

Darcy Emerson 
1,789 v 


WASHINGTON (State) Continued 

High School Library 
LaRena Carpenter 
1,400 v. 


Sumas High School Library 

Eugenia Blue 
1,360 v. 


Annie Wright Seminary Library 

Lincoln High School Library 

Lilian Anderson 
4,775 v? 

Stadium High School Library 

Presley W. Ellis 
6,485 v. 


Public School Library 

Frances Havens 
2,890 v. 


Tenino High School Library 

Merle Ward 
1,612 v. 


School Library 

John Wagoner 
250 v. 


Public School Library 

Julia E. Gross 
840 v. 


High School Library 
Jessie M Kimball 
744 v. 


Public School Library 

Albert Graf 
976 v. 


Public School Library 

E. E. Wilkinson 
57S v. 


High School Library 

Edna McCordic 


High School Library. 

Edith Hatley 
1,500 v. 

School Library 

White Bluffs 

White Bluffs High School Library 

Faye Withrow 
698 v. 

Wilson Creek 

School Library 

Jeanette Wait 
1,912 v. 


High School Library 

Dorothy Porter 
750 v 


Public School Library 

Charles Auburg 
668 v. 


High School Library 

Anita Stolt 
600 v. 


High School Library 

Harriet Rogers 


Yelm High School Library 

Gertrude Livingstone 
974 v. 



Alderson Baptist Academy Library 

Emma C. Alderson 


Bluefield Colored Institute Library 

R P Sims 


High School Library 
Hester Golden 


Ceredo-Kenova High School Library 

Alice La Follette 


Charleston High School Library 
Mrs. Elizabeth Estill 




Charles Town 

St. Hilda's Hall Library 

Margaret Hester 
2,200 v. 


Victory High School Library 
Edith M. Smith 

Washington Irving School Library 
Alice R. Griffin 


Elkins High School Library 
Mary Louise Keplinger 


Fairmont High School Library 
Esther Hetherlm 


High School Library 
J. D. Mays 

2,000 V. 


Huntington High School Library 
Anna Love 

Junior High School Libraries (4) 
Icid E Hunter 


West Virginia Collegiate Institute Library 
John W. Davis 


Keyser High School Library 
Eloise Miller 

Potomac State School Library 

Mrs Ida Menefee 
3,050 v. 


Mannmgton High School Library 
Bessie Mockler 


High School Library 

M. L. Wachtel 
1,637 v. 


Morgantown High School Library 
Irene Collett 


Parkersburg High School Library 
Ida M. Peters 

Point Pleasant 
High School Library 
B. G. Moore 


Romney School for the Blind Library 

1,600 v. (1,000 embossed) 


High School Library 
Margaret Fisher 


Mount de Chantal Academy Library 
19,000 v. 

Tnadelphia District High School Library 
Helen E. Morris 


High School Library 
A C. Davis 


High School Library 
Gladys Beisuer 


High School Library 
Mane Mechler 

High School Library 
Norma Pelunek 

Alma Center 
High School Library 
Freda A. Zuehlke 


High School Library 
Angle Sheldon 


High School Library 
F E Raymon 


High School Library 
Ann Schwanzle 


High School Library 

Winifred R. Harvey 


High School Library 
Erma Bloss 


High School Library 

Ruth Mielke 
6,215 v. 



WISCONSIN Continued 


High School Library 
Margaret Bennett 


High School Library 
Winifred Warner 


High School Library 
Celia L. Samter 


High School Library 
Eva Olson 


High School Library 

5,ioo v 


High School Library 
Ceil Podruch 


High School Library 
Caroline Boles 


High School Library 
Frances Mooney 


High School Library 
Mildred I. Walter 


High School Library 
Evelyn M. Jerdee 


High School Library 
Signd Stark 


High School Library 
Lillian Jadack 


High School Library 
3450 v 


High School Library 
Ida Mae Horn 


High School Library 
Dorothy Vickery 

Bear Creek 

High School Library 
Bertille Rice 

Beaver Dam 

High School Library 
Frieda Elser 

Wayland Academy Library 


High School Library 

Fannie Rosenberg 


High School Library 

Alice Parmenter 


High School Library 

Clara Laughton 

Black River Falls 

High School Library 

Alice M. Rush 


High School Library 

Johanna Soland 


High School Library 

Winifred Ferguson 


High School Library 

Hazel Scovell 


High School Library 

F E Austin 


High School Library 
Hazel Jones 


High School Library 
Sigrid Rasmussen 


High School Library 
Roberta Shand 


High School Library 
Mrs. Delia Larkin 


High School Library 
Theda K. Powell 


Bruce School Library 

Evelyn Nelson 
3,800 v. 



WISCONSIN Continued 

High School Library 
Lillian Froggatt 


High School Library 
Lucelle O'Bnan 


High School Library 

Florence M. Alderson 


High School Library 
Modesta Elmer 


High School Library 

Mrs Julius A Kopphn 


High School Library 
Hortense Simmons 


High School Library 
Bernice P Landall 


High School Library 
Boyd L. Ferguson 


High School Library 
Mildred Wimmler 


High School Library 
Luella M. Erickson 


High School Library 
Florence I. Smiley 

Chippewft Falls 

Chippewa Falls High School Library 
Olive O Mills 


High School Library 
Helen Tuttle 

Clear Lake 

High School Library 
Marjorie Lind 


High School Lbirary 
Viola Buseth 


High School Library 
Blanche Schoonover 


High School Library 
Grace E Schneider 


High School Library 
Elma Messling 


High School Library 
Geraldme Rammer 


High School Library 
Ruth Thompson 


High School Library 
Verna C. Mulry 


High School Library 
Gertrude Coughlin 


High School Library 

Verna E. Baertschy 

Grand on 

-IJigh School Library 
Genevieve R. Qumn 


High School Library 
Sam L. Moreau 

Cuba City 

High School Library 
Alma M. Borah 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Bird 

High School Library 
Catharine Schlecht 


High School Library 
Miriam Burt 


High School Library 
Helen Collins 


High School Library 
Gertrude Kittelson 


WISCONSIN Continued 

De Forett 

High School Library 

Josephine M. Halsor 


High School Library 

Marie T. Schoeneman 

Wisconsin School for the Deaf Library 
Mrs. Ida Dunn 



High School Library 
Aurel B. Denson 

De Pere 

High School Library 
Fanny Warner 


High School Library 
Mabel McDonald 


High School Library 
Stella Pedersen 


High School Library 

Beatrice Van Wald 


High School Library 
Mrs Nell Dunlap 

Eagle River 

High School Library 
Ray C. Wolff 

East Troy 

High School Library 
Lillian Gaskell 

Eau Claire 

High School Library 
Ruth A. Sorenson 


High School Library 
May Hitchcock 


High School Library 
Floy Slauson 


Elkhora High School Library 
Ahda Beardsley 

Elk Mound 

High School Library 
Lorene Brackm 


High School Library 

Anne S. Halsor 
12,000 v. 


High School Library 
Gladys Ann Mason 


-High School Library 
Margaret Patterson 


High School Library 
Frances Magdanz 


High School Library 
Laura Little 

Fall Creek 

High School Library 
Hazel Ausman 

F ennimo re 

High School Library 
Bessie Garthwaite 


High School Library 
Valborg Fletty 


High School Library 

Bernice Olson 

Fond du Lac 

High School Library 
Evelyn Thelandcr 

Roosevelt Junior High School Library 
Helen Hazel Goodrich 

Fort Atkinson 
High School Library 

Marion Griswold 

Fountain City 
High School Library 
Kathryn Donovan 

Fox Lake 

High School Library 
Mildred Aspenwall 


High School Library 

M. Loraine Bradley 


High School Library (P. O. Kaukauna, 
R. I) 
Alice G. Wanish 



WISCONSIN Continued 
Gays Mill* 

High School Library 
Dorothy Littel 

Genoa City 

High School Library 
H. L. Van Ness 


High School Library 
Alice Zitelman 


High School Library 
Kathryn S. Davis 


High School Library 
Bertha Schoonover 


High School Library 
Carl W Handke 


High School Library 
Gertrude A Tonn 


High School Library 
Nina Kennedy 

Green Bay 

East High School Library 
Julia A. Shea 

West High School Library 

G Viola Birge McCombs 
4,035 v. 


High School Library 
Elsie M Wood 


High School Library 
Grace M Lowe 


High School Library 
Laila Schee 


High School Library 
Jessie Rutledge 


Hayward High School Library 
Sylvia J. Bridges 


High School Library 
Mary E. Murphy 

(P. O. Sheboygan 


High School Library 
Hazel Chilgren 


High School Library 

Marguerite Stenseth 


Horicon High School Library 
Evangel me Keenan 


High School Library 
Jennie Lee 

Howard's Grove 

High School Library 
R. 2) 
Dorothy Stangel 


High School Library 
Jenny Lee 


High School Library 
Marion P Graves 


High School Library 
Margaret Chiono 
3,012 v 

Iron River 

High School Library 
Lois Giddmgs 


High School Library 
Irene Bull 

Wisconsin School for the Blind Library 
Florence McKmnon 

4,561 v (embossed), 2,275 v. (letterpress) 


High School Library 
Mayme Trager 

Johnson Creek 

High School Library 
Hilma Laurence 


High School Library 
Leonora Treanore 


High School Library 

Ma reel la Thompson 


High School Library 
Genevieve Phillips 



WISCONSIN Continued 


High School Library 
Dorothy Slater 

Kemper Hall Library 

Lincoln High School Library 
Elsa Dietrich 

McKinley High School Library 
Edith Hastings 

Washington High School Library 
Marietta Baker 


Kewaunee High School Library 
Ruth M Leek 


High School Library 
Madeline Alleman 


High School Library 
Isabella Scott 


High School Library 
Dorothy Reiter 


High School Library 
Lucille Goggins 

La Crosse 

High School Library 
Genevieve Oium 
3,ioo v. 


High School Library 
Margaret Scott 

Lake Geneva 

High School Library 

Mrs. Lillian Johnson 

Lake Mills 

High School Library 

Fern Busby Parsons 


High School Library 
Edna E. Gillogly 

Lime Ridge 
High School Library 
Margaret Dobson 

Little Chute 
High School Library 
Margaret Scannell 


High School Library 

Lelia Skaife 


High School Library 

Helen M. Tierney 

Lone Rock 

High School Library 
Mildred Pederson 


High School Library 
Hedwig Anderegg 


High School Library 

Frances Gartland 


Central High School Library 

Dept of Instruction, Supervisor of School 

M H. Jackson 

East Side High School Library 
Anna Gebhardt 

Washburn School Library 
3,650 v 


Little Wolf High School Library 
Mary C. McDermott 


Washington High School Library 
Edith L Ruddick 


High School Library 

Winifred Lynch 


High School Library 
Fava E. Goan 


High School Library 
Edna Bohn 


High School Library 
Helen Hendnckson 



WISCONSIN Continued 


High School Library 
Alma Evans 

McKmley Senior High School Library 
Mary Scott 


High School Library 
Helena C Copp 


High School Library 
Dorothy Elmgren 


High School Library 
Kathcrme Gasser 


High School Library 
Owen Harrison 


High School Library 

Marv Lucille Davis 


High School Library 
Genevieve Goodell 


High School Library 
Alice Bonnell 

Menomonee Falls 

High School Library 

Dorothy McMahon 


High School Library 

Mrs Mmda Docker 


High School Library 
Letitia McQuillan 


High School Library 
Florence G Peck 


High School Library 
Anna Jean Plumb 


Bay View High School Library 
Mildred E. Rahr 

North Division High School Library 
9,758 v. 

Riverside High School Library 

Mrs. Alta V. Stevens 
9,772 v. 

St John's Cathedral High School Library 

South Division High School Library 
12,000 v 

Washington High School Library 
9,100 v 

West Division High School Library 
Anna Klipstein 

Mineral Point 
High School Library 
Nellie Jeuek 


j High School Library 
I Nettie Hocking 

i Minong 

i High School Library 

I Mar\ Nittenneyer 

| Mondovi 

i High School Library 

Borghild Haugland 

1 Monroe 

High School Library 

Margaret Schlesser 


High School Library 
Josephine Halsor 


High School Library 
Dolly Quick 


High School Library 
Avada Ostrum 

Mount Horeb 
High School Library 
Edna S Gramm 


High School Library 

Rosalind Kemmeter 


High School Library 
Margaret Hilton 


High School Library 
Lorena Kuehl 



WISCONSIN Continued 


High School Library 

Elizabeth Breitzman 


High School Library 
Alma Garthwaite 

New Glarus 
High School Library 
lona Giles 

New Holstem 
High School Library 
Margaret Jordan 

New London 

High School Library 
Geneva Oium 

New Richmond 
School Library 

Eunice McGreane 
4,648 v 


High School Library 
Rcgina Beckmire 

North Fond Du Lac 
High School Library 
Ann Jamieson 

North Freedom 
High School Library 
O T Melby 

North Milwaukee 
High School Library 
Edithe Calkins 


High School Library 
Laura Reinke 


High School Library 

Carol Vincent 
3,500 v 


High School Library 
Agnes Churchill 


High School Library 
Edna West 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Sachtjen 


High School Library 
Frances Biddick 


High School Library 
Florence Griffis 


High School Library 
Mrs E P. Boycjen 


High School Library 

Eva Holhday 
5,250 v 


High School Library 
Louise Bradle> 


High School Library 
Madeline Alleman 


High School Library 

Charlotte Dasenbrock 

Park Falls 

High School Library 
Mary Edgington 


High School Library 

Kathryn Hornibrook 


High School Library 
Elsa I Klokner 


High School Library 
Anna Lowe 


High School Library 

Margaret Dmgeldem 


High School Library 
Lucille Wilcox 


High School Library 
Ruth Shepard 


High School Library 
Vera Carlyle 


High School Library 
Helen A Rhyme 



WISCONSIN Continued 

Port Edwards 

High School Library 
Jennie Kissel 

Port Washington 

High School Library 
Mary J Richgels 
3.570 v 

Port Wing 

High School Library 
Fanny Richardson 


High School Library 
Marion Wolverton 

Prairie du Chien 

High School Library 

Edith Quinn 
3.795 v 

Frame du Sac 

High School Libiary 
Mary Do>le 


High School Library 

Ethel O Simmerman 


High School Library 
Helen Thompson 


High School Library 
Emma Ellmger 


High School Library 

Lillian Jones 
5-096 v 


High School Library 
Wilma Lee 

Random Lake 

High School Library 
Esther A Long 

Red Granite 
High School Library 
Alma Walter 


High School Library 
Helen Bechtolt 


High School Library 
Mary Kabat 


High School Library 
Helen Bickel 

High School Library 
Mayme Calkins 

Rib Lake 

High School Library 
Lavma Huston 

Rice Lake 

High School Library 
Aurora H Johnson 

Richland Center 

High School Library 

Mrs Kenneth Barnes 


High School Librar> 
Elsie Morrow 

| Ripon 

I High School Library 

Grace Bailey 
J 8,670 v 


| River Falls 
High School Library 
Christine Pederson 


High School Library 

Dons M Fredenckson 


High School Library 
Gladys Bestul 

Saint Croix Falls 
High School Library 
Nettie Walsh 

Saint Francis 

Pio Nono High School Library 

John Rueping 
6,000 v 

Sank City 

High School Library 
Mary Roberts 


High School Library 
V J Downey 


High School Library 
Mildred Doolittle 



WISCONSIN Continued 


High School Library 
Maude E. Guertlcr 


-High School Library 
Margaret L. Carey 


High School Library 
Mabel M Liner 


High School Library 

Mary C Heronymus 

Sheboygan Falls 

High School Library 
Lucile Dobson 

Shell Lake 

High School Library 
Lola Boettcher 


High School Library 
Esther Fergbt 


High School Library (P O Milwaukee) 
Ina Dunbar 


High School Library 
Agnes M. Walecka 

Soldiers Grove 
High School Library 
Agnes Moorehead 

South Milwaukee 

High School Library 
Dons Misselhorn 


High School Library 
Regma Sauer 


High School Library 
Elizabeth Adams 

Spring Valley 
High School Library 
Dorothy Foley 


High School Library 
Laura Olsen 

Stevens Point 

High School Library 
Margaret Rellahan 


High School Library 
Ernest Vesperman 


High School Library 
Alma Burrell 


High School Library 
Gudrun Jahr 

Sturgeon Bay 

High School Library 
Merlie Damerau 

Sun Prairie 

High School Library 

Margaret McMeans 


High School Library 

Mrs Bessie Rossiter 


High School Library 
Eva I Matthison 

Three Lakes 

High School Library 
Leona Burkhardt 


High School Library 
Margaret Luce 


High School Library 
Margaret Clark 


High School Library 
Helen Becker 


High School Library 
Winifred Mead 

Turtle Lake 

High School Library 
Esther Chronquibt 

Two Rivers 

High School Library 

Louise Marie Newman 





Union Grove 
High School Library 
Mary Dexter 


High School Library 
Ruth Ruediger 


High School Library 
Dons J. Weber 


High School Library 
Margaret Gibbs 


High School Library 

Bernice H Moeller 


High School Library 
Vivian Woodruff 


High School Library 
Car a Hames 


High School Library 
Gladys Topp 


High School Library 

Mary Tuohy 
4,276 v 


High School Library 
Mary McGill 


High School Library 
Menbah Hazen 

' Wausau 

High School Library 
Dorothy Paff 

5,355 v 


High School Library 
Alice Sunstrom 


High School Library 
Winifred Heron 


High School Library 
Ethel Weiss 


High School Library 
Rose M. Beranek 

West Allis 

Lincoln High School Library 
Ruth Lathrop 

West Bend 

High School Library 
Dorothy Burns 


>High School Library 
Dora T Johnson 

West De Pere 
High School Library 
Agnes C. Waters 


High School Library 
Marie Atwater 

West Salem 
High School Library 
Wmona Smith 


High School Library 
Mabel Lawrence 


High School Library 
Litha Gregor 


High School Library 
Minnie Barren 

White Lake 

High School Library 

Adelaide M Schulzc 


High School Library 
Pauline Davis 

Wild Rose 

High School Library 
Hazel Hobbs 

Williams Bay 

High School Library 
An si ne Ibson 


High School Library 

Berlin E Rivenburg 

Wisconsin Rapids 

Lincoln High School Library 

Sophie Bill 
3754 v. 





High School Library 
Mary Bel sky 

High School Library 
Ruby D. Tilleson 


Star Valley High School Library 
Beatrice Edwards 


Natrona County High School Library 
Nina R. Shaffer 


Cheyenne High School Library 

Dorothy Hale 
3,000 v 


High School Library 
Arvilla Dayton 


High School Library 
Cora B Johnson 


High School Library 
Helen Boyle 

Green River 

High School Library 


High School Library 
S M. Boucher 


High School Library 
Chnstel Thode 

Rock Springs 

High School Library 


High School Library 

Alice Louise Lmdsle\ 


High School Library 


High School Library 
Thora Sladc 


Business and Other Special Libraries 

This list covers chiefly libraries connected with business organizations, those of pro- 
fessional institutions being covered m previous sections. 


Jemison & Company Library 
1,000 v. 

Special subjects Accounting* Advertis- 
ing, Business administration, Banking and 

Polk Directory Library, Chamber of Com- 
750 v 


Geological Survey of Alabama Library 

A T. Donoho 
10,000 v 

Special subjects Geolog\ . Mmeralog\ 
Reference only 

1 Segnndo 

Standard Oil Company, El Scgmido Re- 
finery Library 

Byron E Edwards 
i.ooo v, 60 per 


Sun-Maid Raisin Growers, P O Box 1344 

Dorris H Simpson 
450 v For company use 


Lasky Studios Research Librarv, 1520 
North Vine St 

Helen Gladys Percy 
3,000 v 

William Fox Studio Librarv, 1401 North 

Western Ave 

Judith Ann Gilbert 
6.000 v , 500,000 clippings and pictures 

Specialties Travel , Architecture . Cos- 
tume For employees only. 

Los Angeles 

California State Fisheries Laboratory Li- 
brary, Terminal Island, San Pedro 

Ruth Miller Thompson 
2,500 v 

First National Bank of Los Angeles , 
Pacific Southwest Trust and Savings 
Bank, First Securities Co ; Library, 
Arcade Station, Box 160 
Margaret E Addison 
900 v , 10 newspapers. 75 per . 10 services 

Special fields Local business and fi- 
nancial conditions, Specific crops, mdus- 

Los Angeles Continued 

tries, professions; Banking theory and law, 
All courses of Amer Inst. of Banking For 
officers and employees only. 

General Petroleum Corporation Engineer- 
ing Librarv, 2525 East 37th St 

Nelle McKenzie 
1,400 v 

(joodyear Tire and Rubber Company 
Library. Arcade Station, Box 700 

Marion L Hollo way 
200 v For employees 

Hadlcy, Charles R., Company Library. 

530 "North Los Angeles St 

Howard E Noble 
150 v , 975 Pam , 625 per 

Special field Accounting and systema- 
tizing Primarily for employees occa- 
sional outside loans 

Los Angeles Bureau of Power and Light 
Librarv, 209 South Broadway 

Gertrude E Page 
500 \ 

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 
Library and Statistical Dept 

Guy E Marion 
oooo v 

Los Angeles Chamber of Mines and Oils, 
Mining and Scientific Library, Chamber 
of Commerce Bldg 
Rose Kaplow Mead 

2500 v 

Los Angeles Dircctor> Library, 221 East 

4th St 
750 v 

Los Angeles Examiner Library, nth St. 
and Broadway 

Mrs Gertrude Blackledge 
300 v 

Los Angeles Railway, 1060 South Broadway 

W B Rees 
500 v 

Special subjects* American history, Busi- 
ness. Electrical engineering; Labor, Home 
economics. For employees 

Los Angeles Realty Board Library, 621 
South Flower St 

Mrs. M A. Mathews 
500 v 





Los Angeles- Continued 
Los Angeles Times Library, First St. and 

Esther G Henes 
2400 v. 

Masonic Library, Masonic Temple, 706 
West Pico St. 

Thomas S. South wick 
5200 v., 9300 annuals bd into 1850 v 

Merchants National Trust and Savings 
Bank of Los Angeles Library 
George G Ellis, statistician 

400 v ; cross index information file (25,000 
Special subjects- Finance, Corporations, 

Crops ? Industries. Largely for reference use , 

small loan collection for employees. 

Municipal Reference Library 

Josephine B. Hollingsworth 
(To be opened early in 1928, in new City 

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company 
Library, 6th and Olive Sts 

Helen Ewmg 
300 v 

Screen Library Service, Inc, 5751 Holly- 
wood Blvd 

Security Trust & Savings Bank, Dept. of 
Research and Service, 5th and Spring 

E. Ruth Jones 
767 v 

Subjects. Banking, business and indus- 
trial conditions with especial reference to 
Southern California. Circulation restricted 
to employees 

Southern California Edison Co. Library, 301 
Edison Bldg 

Rose Marie Purcell 
2200 v 

Southern California Telephone Company 

Library, 740 South Olive St 
500 v. 

Western Precipitation Company Library, 
1016 West Qth St 
Anna F. Frey 
780 v 

Los Angeles (Wilmington) 

Union Oil Co of California Library 

Elizabeth H. Burroughs 
1400 v 

Mount ShjtsU 

Shasta Forest Reserve Library 

3175 v, 2020 pam., 500 serials, 500 maps, 250 


Special collection on forestry, for local 
Forest Service employees. 


Polk, R L, & Co. of California, Library, 
470 13th St 

Mrs. O E Gripp 
1000 directories. Free reference use 

Public Health Library of the Public Health 
Center of Alameda Count}, 121 East nth 

Marion H Clark 

1200 v, 5000 pam , also loan collections of 
magazines, posters, films, slides, and model 

Special field Public health and hygiene. 
Available to any responsible resident of Ala- 
meda County 


Edison Electric Appliance Company, Inc., 
Library, 301 South Lemon Ave 

George T Barr 
431 v, 31 per 


Dickie, Donald R , Library, 514 Lester Ave. 
Dorothy Bennett 


Standard Oil Company of California, Rich- 
mond Refinery, Development Library 
J F Cassidy 


Citrus Experiment Station Library See 
University of California, under Berkeley 

Southern Sierras Power Compan> Library 

Bern ice Loveland 

600 v, 50 per, 40 newspapers, 400 trade 

Special field Electrical engineering, 
especially hydro-electric power Primarily 
for employees , reference use open to outsiders 


California State Dept of Agriculture 
Library, 1015 L St 

Mrs Edna Willis Gaskill 
5000 v , all standard farm periodicals , all 
state dept and experiment station bulletins, 
miscellaneous foreign publications 

San Diego 

San Diego Consolidated Gas and Electric 
Company Library, 812 Electric Bldg. 

Ruth E Crevelmg 
1200 v. 

San Diego Scientific Library, California 
Bldg, Balboa Park 

Alice Barlow 
60,000 v. 




San Francisco 

American Trust Company Library, 464 

California St. 

Annette Wmdele 
1175 v 

Special fields : Resources and trade of the 
Pacific states , General banking for employees 
For officers, employees, and customers of the 

Associated Oil Company Library, 74 New 
Montgomery St 

J Ethel Pushie 
240 v , 21 per 

Bank of Italy Library, Powell and Eddy 


K Dorothy Ferguson 
830 v , pam , clippings 

Special subjects Branch banking. Agri- 
cultural credit , Trust department organization 
and activities Reference use, for officers, 
employees, and clients 

Builders Exchange Patent Library, 180 
Jessie St 

SAD Sclienck 

California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining 
Corporation Librar>, 215 Market St 

O W Wyatt, statistician 
Statistical source material only (Complete 
technical collection at Crockett) 

California Camera Club I ibrary, 45 Polk St 

Charles A Br>ant 
230 v, 8 per 

California Development Association, De- 
partment of Research Library, Ferrv 

Louis B Lundborg 

140 bd v , files of official reports of mam 
state and federal agencies, 51 per , maps, 
pam and clippings 

Special subjects Economic resources, ex- 
tractive and manufacturing industries, partic- 
ularly as applied to California For business 
research only. 

California Camera Club Library, 45 Polk 

Raymond V Wilson 

50 v, bd annuals and trade catalogs, per 

California Packing Corporation Librarv, 
joi California St 
Miss F M. Mariner 

California State Mining Bureau Library, 

Ferry Bldg 

Lloyd L Root, mineralogist in charge 
5000 v 

Subjects : Mining, Geology, Metallurgy 
For reference only 

Camera Craft (magazine) Library, Claus 
Spreckels Bldg 

San Francisco Continued 

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 


Hilda W Palache 
1500 v , 800 pam. 

Special field- Banking and finance For 
officers and employees, and also banking and 
business concerns and students of banking 

Fire Underwriters Association of the 
Pacific Library, 936 Merchants Exchange 

Mrs J P Moore 
5000 v, per, pam. 

Special field Insurance (mostly fire, 
some marine and casualty, no life) Refer- 
ence for all insurance men in vicinity, loans 
to members 

General Electric Office Library, 116 New 
Montgomery St 

Minnie A Lewis 
Chiefly clippings and statistics, 675 v 

John Hays Hammond Public Mining Li- 
brary, State Mining Bur, Ferry Bldg 
268 v 

1 League of California Municipalities Li- 
! brary, Pacific Bldg 
| William J Locke 

' 200 V 

McCann, H K . Company Library, 451 Mont- 
gomery St 

Miss M Eddy 
Collection on advertising, marketing, etc 

Market Street Railway Company Law 
Library, 56 Sutter St 

Clifford A Smith 

| Pacific Coast Gas Association Library, 812 
Howard St 

Clifford Johnstone 
2070 v 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Law Li- 
brarv, 245 Market St 

Agnes Raber Green 
6077 v 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Statis- 
tical Dept, 245 Market St 
W A Worthington, assistant engineer 
in charge 

21.000 V 

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company 
Library, 140 New Montgomery St 
C H Judson 

1150 v. 

For employees, and by courtesy to others 

in similar work 




San Francisco Continued 

Pike & West, Library, 74 New Montgom- 
ery St. 
Margaret Rooney 

500 v., 3000 pam. and misc. material 

Chemical engineering. For members of 

firm only. 

Polk Directory Library. 604 Mission St 
750 v. or more 

San Francisco Bulletin Library, 812 Mis- 
sion St. 
Margaret Hart 

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce 

Library, 451 California St 

Mrs. L C Willems 

500 v, including directories, standard refer- 
ence books, and govt. statistical publications 

For all members. 

San Francisco Chronicle Library, 5th and 
Mission Sts 

Bonnie Stanislawsky 

3000 v, 2000 govt pamphlets, 2,376,500 clip- 
pings, 1,075,200 photographs 43.500 cuts, 
bound files of Chronicle complete For staff 
use only 

San Francisco Real Estate Board Library, 

633 Hunter Dulin Bldg 

Blanche M. Dwmell 
60 v, national and state real estate journals 

For members only 

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Library, Slit- 
ter and Van Ness Ave 
John R Ruckstell 

1500 v 

Reference, for members only 

Shell Company of California, Library-In- 
formation Service 

John A Dean 

3500 v , 12,000 pam , reprints, etc , 50,000 clip- 
pings, 150 newspapers and per 

Special field Petroleum industry and re- 
lated subjects Primarily for company em- 
ployees but courtesies extended to anyone 

Southern Pacific Company Library, 65 

Market St 

Julia Evans 
5233 v and pam 

Combines employees' recreational library 
with scientific railroad reference collection 

Southern Pacific Law Dept. Library, 841 
Flood Bldg. 

J E Powers 
8290 v 

San Franciico -Continued 

Standard Oil Company of California Li- 
brary, Standard* Oil Bldg. 
Margaret Hatch 

3159 v 

Technical collection on the oil industry, 

for employees. 

United States Bureau of Mines Library, 

506 Custom House 

Helen Bntton 

2308 v. and pam., files of petroleum period- 

Special subjects- Natural gas. Petroleum 
Open for reference and research, occasional 

United States Department of Agriculture, 

Forest Service Library, Ferry Bldg 

Alma I. Oviatt 
5741 v , 256 mss in District Office here . 2800 

v in offices of Supervisors, National 

Forests in Dist 5 

Subjects Forestry and allied topics Free 
for reference, and limited loan 

U S. Dept of Commerce, Bureau of For- 
eign and Domestic Commerce Library, 
510 Custom House 

Goldie Grace Webber 

500 v and pam , per , , special commodity cir- 
culars; collation file 

A collection of government publications 
on trade promotion, domestic surve>s. statis- 
tical abstracts, census reports, etc , for sale 

U S Dept of the Interior, Geological Sur- 
vey Library, 303 Custom House 
H D McGlashan, district engineer in 


Complete set, topographic maps and geo- 
logical folios for ever> state in Union Free 
consultation in office 

Wells Fargo Bank & Union Trust Co. 

Market and Montgomery Sts 

Marion S Stayner 
375 v . 500 pam 

For officers and employees 

Stanford University 

Food Research Institute Library (in con- 
junction with Leland Stanford Univer- 
A. E Taylor, secretary 

1000 v 

Universal City 

Universal Film Co , Universal Cit> Library 

Mrs N Grant 
2500 v 

Wilmington. See Los Angeles 



Great Western Sugar Company, Technical 
Library, Sugar Bldg. 
Hazel M. Hoffman 
2000 v , pam., per , docs 

Special subjects Chemistry, Engineer- 
ing, Agriculture For employees, inter-li- 
brary loans 


-Itahana Library, Brookside Studio 

T W Huntmgton, Jr I 

1,000 v j 

Special field Rome and Italy 


Hartford i 

Aetna Life Insurance Company Library 

Clare G Osborn 

500 v , 1,000 pam i 

Special fields Compensation insurance, < 

Safety engineering For company use ! 

Casualty Actuarial Society. Branch Li- | 
brary, c/o Travelers Insurance Co 

Connecticut dcniral Life Insurance Co Li- ! 
brary. 55 Elm St 

Helen D Hertcll ! 

1,500 bks , 1,500 pam and clippings 


Fuller Brush Company Library, 1080 Wind- 
sor Ave i 

Mildred Erb 
250 v , periodicals 

General field* Business and salesman- 
ship Circulation to employees. ! 

Hartford Electric Light Company Library, i 

266 Pearl St 

Miss A M Baker ! 

2,000 bks and pam 

Special subjects* Public utilities (central j 
station practice, regulations, rates); Elec- 
tricity, Employer and employees; Business, 
Advertising For officers and employees only , 

Hartford Printing Company Library, 195 

Church St 
750 v or more (directories) 

Life Insurance Sales Research Bureau, 
Reference Dept Library, 6 Myrtle St 

350 v 

Chiefly for Bureau staff; occasional loans 

to member company representatives 

National Fire Insurance Company Library | 

Mary A Bowen I 

2,000 v and pam ; clippings ! 

Special subjects: Explosions; Earth- | 

quakes ; Chemical action. For company only. . 

Hartford Continued 

Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company 


Mrs. Grace Child Bevan 
5,500 v. , several thousand clippings and pam- 

For all company employees, wherever 

Souther, Henry, Engineering Company, n 
Laurel St 

Henry McDonald, Jr 
6,000 v For company use. 

Travelers Insurance Company, Actuarial 


Emily C Coates 
16.480 -bks and pam 

Special fields. Insurance, Law; Ac- 
counting Economics, Finance; Business. 
For all company employees. 

New Haven 

Connecticut Company Library 

Irville A May 
500 v 

Special field. Street railways (operating 
and accounting) For company employees 

Southern New England Telephone Com- 
pany Employees Library, Court St. 

Jessie Ames Mix 
600 v, per 

United States Rubber Company Library 
Eunice E. Peck 

Winchester Repeating Arms Company Li- 
Lillian F Nisbet 

2,200 v 

Special subjects- Explosives, Firearms; 

Chemistry, Steel. Employment management, 

Metallurgy, Paint 


Shelton Looms S Blumenthal & Co, Inc, 

Dorothy Fmney 
112 v (textiles) 

Sound Beach 

Agassiz Association Library, Arcadia 

2,800 v (nature) 

South Manchester 

Cheney Brothers, Reference Room 

Marger> Abell 
680 v , per 

Special subjects: Silk manufacture; 
Business For company use 


Yale & Towne Mfg. Company Library 

Eunice E Peck 
5,000 v (general) For employees 




American Brass Company Library 

Eulaha M. Madden 
5,000 bks and pam , 7,000 trade catalogs 

Special fields. Non-ferrous metals, In- 
dustrial For company executives, depart- 
ment heads, and engineering department 

Scovill Manufacturing Company Library 

Mary Miller 
1,250 v, 750 pam, 5,500 trade catalogs 

Special fields Machinery, Metallurgy, 
Patents . Automotive industry , Electrical en- 



Atlas Powder Company Library 

Harry Shelley 
2,000 v 

Organized to serve chemical and techni- 
cal divisions 

du Pont de Nemours, E I, & Co, Jack- 
son Laboratory, Library, Box 525 

Cecile Pajanovitch 

6,000 v , 800 pam , 1,500 govt docs , trade cata- 
logs of i. ooo maufacturers, 1,500 American, 
British, and German patents 

Special subjects Organic and Physical 
chemistry. Colloids, Dyes and dyeing, In- 
termediates; Rubber, Pharmaceutical chem- 
istry. Insecticides and fungicides, Plant 
pathology, Seed disinfection. Primarily foi 
the dyestuff department 

du Pont de Nemours, E I, & Co, Tech- 
nical Library, 7010 du Pont Bldg 
Mrs Marie Simon Goflf 

8.0OG bks and pam , 15,000 trade catalogs, 

12,000 patents 

Special fields Chemistry ; t Engineering 

For company employees and recommended 


Hercules Technical Library, 1121 Delaware 

Trust Bldg. 

Mrs Katherme Sparks Chase 
4,100 v and bd per, 2,500 pam , trade cata- 
logs from 4,302 manufacturers 

Special subjects Explosives; Chemis- 
try, Engineering, Naval stores, Safety, 
Mining. Paper, Industrial welfare; Business 
administration For use of all company de- 
partments and plants, limited inter-library 
and other outside service 

Wilmington (Henry Clay) 
du Pont de Nemours, E. I., & Co., Experi- 
mental Station Library 

Charlotte G Noyes 

6,500 v , many pam ; thousands of patents, U 
S and foreign 

Wilmington Continued 

Special field. Chemistry, pure and ap- 
plied Use restricted to employees, except by 
special arrangement, inter-library loans 



Albert Pike Consistory No i Library 


Henry Ernest Haferkorn 
2,500 v 

Scope Freemasonry and miscellaneous 

American Forestry Association Library, 

Lenox Bldg, 1523 L St, N. W 
900 v. 

American Genetic Association Library, 306 
Victor Bldg 

C E Leighty, secretary 
200 v For members only 

Associated Chanties Library, 1022 Eleventh 

St, N W 
Walter L Ulford, general secretarj 

"Modest reference library used by our 
own workers and volunteers " 

Bureau of Mines Library, i8th and F Sts , 

N W 

Louise Beitzell 
15,000 v and pam 

Special field Mineral technology Use 
restricted to employees of Bureau 

Bureau of Public Personnel Administration 

Library, Mills Bldg 

Small collection on public personnel prob- 
lems, primarily for office use, courtesies to 

Bureau of Railway Economics, Library, 

1002 Transportation Bldg 

Richard H Johnston 
150,000 bks , per , excerpts 

Special field Railway economics Read- 
ing room open to public Loans restricted to 
Bureau staff, rail way men with offices in 
Transportation Bldg, and to libraries 

Carnegie Endowment for International 
Peace Library, 2 Jackson Place 
M. Alice Matthews 

35,000 bks. and pam , 200 per 

Special fields. International law, Peace 

movements; American and European history; 

Biography; Bibliography, Law reports 

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Head- 
quarters Library, i6th and P Sts . N. W 
W. M Gilbert, administrative secretary 
2,000 y. (general reference) 



Washington- Continued 

Carnegie Institution, Geophysical Labora- 
tory Library, 2801 Upton St , near Conn 
Ave . N W . 

Prof Robert B Sosman 
"Several thousand volumes and about 50 
current scientific magazines on subjects re- 
lating to investigations made by Laboratory 
staff in the general field of Mathematics, 
Physics, Qiemistry, and Geology" 

Carnegie Institution, Historical Research 
Department Library, Woodward Bldg 

Dr J Franklin Jameson 
1,200 v , pam , 200 per 

General field American history and ar- 
chives, many publs of state and local his- 
torical societies 

Carnegie Institution, Terrestrial Magnetism 
Department Library, 36th St and Broad 
Branch Road 

John A Fleming 

15.000 bks and pam, 75 per, 10,000 photo- 
graphs and lantern slides 

Special subjects Terrestrial magnetism, 
Atmospheric electricity. Earth currents , Geo- 
physics , C usmical physics , Astronomy , Mag- 
netics, Physics, Geography 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States 
Library, Mills Bldg, H St and Con- 
necticut Ave 

Beata V Drake 

14,000 v , rmsc pamphlets and trade publica- 

Daughters of the American Revolution Me- 
morial Library, Continental Hall 
Alice Griggs 

17,163 bks and pam 

Special fields American Revolution , 

Local history, American genealogy and early 

biography , History of D A R 

Hibbs, W B , & Company Library, 725 15th 


Col F L Huidekoper 
500 v 

Special field Stocks and bonds 

Hymnological Library (Private) 

Frank J Metcalf 
i ,800 v 

Institute for Government Research Library, 
26 Jackson Place, N W 
Dr W F Willoughby, director 

3,000 v , 1,500 pam 

Institute of Economics Library, 26 Jackson 

Place, N. W. 

Karolme Klager 
15,000 v. 

Special subjects Finance. Commerce, 
Agricultural economics. Labor, Industry, 
Statistics ; Natural resources ; Transporta- 
tion , Money and banking. 

Washington Continued 

Institute of Industrial Research, Industrial 

Research Laboratory Library 
2,000 v 

Subjects- Industrial chemistry, Foods 
and drugs, Alcohol, Paints and varnishes. 
Metallurgy; Chemical engineering. 

Masonic Temple Library, I3th St and New 
York Ave 

H S Naylor 
5,000 v (mostly fiction , some on Masonry) 

National Catholic Welfare Council Library, 
1314 Massachusetts Ave, N W 

Charles N Lischka 
2,500 bks , 4,000 pam , 80 per 

Special field Catholic religion and lit- 

National Popular Government League Li- 
brary, Munsey Bldg 

Judson King, executive secretary 
500 bks , 2,000 pam , 700 per , 1,000 clippings, 
100 photographs 

Special fields Initiative and referen- 
dum, Public ownership of public utilities; 
Economic causes of war 

National Research Council Library, 1701 
Massachusetts Ave 

Dr Robert M. Yerkes, chairman 
(In process of organization) 

National Rivers and Harbors Congress Li- 
brary, 824 Colorado Bldg 

S A Thompson, secretary 
1,500 v (transportation) 

New Church Free Library, Swedenborgian, 
1611 i6th St,N W 

Alice F Spiers 
1,000 v. 

Polk. R L, & Company Library, 911 G St, 

N W 

750 v (city directories, mcl D C directories, 

Supreme Council 33d Degree Library 

William L Boyden 
50,000 bks , 45ooo pam 

Scope Chiefly Freemasonry Spec, colls 
on Folklore, Religion, Art and architecture, 
Americana, Philosophy, and Burns (largest 
in U. S.). 

Tax Reform Association Library 

Lucy R Swanton 
1,200 bks and pam , 12 per , 1,000 clippings 

Special fields: Taxation; Economics, 
Single tax, Assessments . 

Washington Evening Star Library, nth St 
and Pennsylvania Ave 

Samuel Burleigh Milton 
2,000 v. 




Washington Continued 
Washington Zoo Library 

Ora Sowerby 
400 v. 



Florida Engineering Society, C S. Ham- 
matt Library 

P. L. Reed, secretary 
Collection of material begun. 


Polk Directory Library, 204 Realty Bldg 

750 v. or more 


Miami Real Estate Board Library, Box 



Atlanta City Directory Library, 90 Cham- 
ber of Commerce 
750 v. or more 

Insurance Library Association of Atlanta, 

1332 Hurt Bldg 

Mary Lee Slaughter 
5,ooo v. 

Special field: Insurance, especially fire. 
Free to all members. 

Retail Credit Company Library, Box 1723 

Grace Stephens 
2,500 v 

Special subjects: Business, Insurance, 
Personnel management, Self development, 
For circulation to employees in all offices 


Municipal Laboratory Library, City Hall 

Conrad Kinyoun, director 
1 ,800 v 

Special fields: Bacteriology; Chemistry, 
Pathology; Public health Restricted to 
physicians, except for consultation 

Wymberley Jones De Renne Georgia Li- 

L. Leonard Mackall 
3,600 v. 


American Bakers Association Library, 1135 

Fullerton Ave 

3,000 v., 20,000 pam., folders, reprints, 175 
trade per. 

Field : Baking industry, including fermen- 
tation, raw materials, production and dis- 

Chicago Continued 

American Dry Milk Institute, Inc., Library, 
Room 716, 160 North La Salle St. 
Collection of material just started. 

American Institute of Baking, Louis Liv- 
ingston Library of Baking, 1135 Fullerton 

Rosabelle . Priddat 
6,000 v.; 10,000 pam ; clippings 

Special subjects: Baking, Yeast; Fer- 
mentation industries 

American Institute of Refrigeration, 5707 

West Lake St. 

J. F. Nicker son 
1,100 v 

Special field Production and application 
of refrigeration. Primarily for Institute 
members ; courtesies extended to anyone con- 
nected with the industry. 

American Railway Engineering Association. 
Library, 431 South Dearborn St 

E. H Fntch, secretary 

Collection on railway engineering and oper- 

Automatic Electric, Inc , Library 

Abigail E. Fisher 
Special field Telephony 

Byllesby, H M , & Co , 231 South La Salle 


Louise B Krause 
8,000 v , extensive vertical files 

Special fields Public utilities (finance, 
engineering, operating) , Investment banking. 
For company only, but do give mterhbrar\ 

Central Trust Company of Illinois, 125 
West Monroe St. 

Laura Jane Gage 
Banking and investments. 

Chicago Assn of Commerce, Research 
Dept , 10 South La Salle St 

Chicago Daily News Library. 15 North 
Wells St. 

Thomas V. Sayers 
20,000 v. 

Chicago Evening American and Chicago- 
Herald and Examiner, Hearst Building 
Palmer H. Wright 
8,500 v. 

Chicago Journal of Commerce Library 

Esther Deam 
1,000 v. 

Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanita- 
rium, Medical Research Laboratory, Li- 
brary, Crawford and Bryn Mawr Ave. 
Julia Rupp 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Chicago Continued 

2,500 v. General medicine and literature of 
tuberculosis. For use of doctors m sani- 
tarium and research workers in laboratory 

Chicago Rapid Transit Company Library, 

72 West Adams St 
Marie McNamara 
800 v 

Special subjects Transportation, Elec- 
tric railroads; Personnel, Accounting. Fi- 

Chicago Real Estate Board Library, 57 
West Monroe St 

Chicago Tribune, Tribune Tower, 24th floor 

Mildred A Burke 

10,000 v , Tribune file, i857-date, 5,000 re- 
ports, surveys, etc Separate Clipping Bur- 
eau, 125,000 items classified by subject 
Reference use open to all 

Chicago Trust Company Library, Monroe 
and Clark Sts 
C V McAlpme 

Commonwealth Edison Company Library, 
72 West Adams St 
Bdith L Mattson 

Continental & Commercial Bank Library. I 

208 South La Salle St ! 

Sue Wuchter j 

2,500 v , pam ; 

Dartnell Corporation Library, 4660 Ravens- 
wood Avc 

Frances M Cowan 

goo v , 20,000 pam , etc , complete file on all 
Dartnell publications 

Special fields Advertising and sales- 
manship (organization and methods) For 
use of editorial staff and Dartnell subscrib- 
ers, limited co-operation with other Chicago 
business and reference libraries. 

Donnelley, Reuben H , Corporation Li- 
brary, 652 South State St 

Louise Ayers 

3,000 trade directories and catalogs; 1,000 
trade magazines 

Drum, A & L, Co, Engineering Library, 

230 Clark St 
4,000 v 

Special fields- Transportation; Public 
utilities; Engineering. Primarily for own 

Crane Company, Product Engineering De- ] 
partment Library, 41 st and Kedzie Sts | 

E Lura Frame 
1,600 v 

Subjects Valves and steam fittings, Me- 
chanical engineering. Trade catalogs 

Chicago Continued 

Electric Steel Founders' Research Group 
Library, 541 Diversey Parkway 
"Well selected metallurgical library in 


Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund, 848 

North Dearborn St 

Mrs Mary Waldo Taylor 
10,000 bks and pam 

Special field* Child welfare Primarily 
for reference , duplicates circulate , loan pack- 
ages and bibliography service anywhere in 

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, P O. 

Box 834 

Ruth G Nichols 
7,000 v , also pamphlet and periodical files 

Special fields. Finance, Banking; In- 
dustries of Middle West Primarily for use 
of officers, employees, and member banks; 
also open to business men and students 

Fire Underwriters Association of the 
Northwest, 2132 Insurance Exchange, 175 
West Jackson Blvd 
Edith Y Wetmore 

6,000 v 

General Electric Company, Branch Office 

Library, 230 South Clark St 
Jessie L Stiles 

Collection of company publications and 
current periodicals for employee use 

Gilchnst, W A , Library, 122 South Michi- 
gan Ave 
Ann D White 

400 v , pam 

Special field * Lumber and lumbering ; 

Steam engineering, Furnaces and fuels 

Graham, Anderson, Probst, & White Li- 
brary. 1417 Railway Exchange 
1,500 v , 2,000 pam 

Architectural collection, including build- 
ing materials, heating and ventilating, fire- 
proofing, plumbing, acoustics 

Grain Dealers Journal Librar\, 305 South 

La Salle St 

Frances E Barnes 
3,200 v 

Special subjects. Insects and disease at- 
tacking grains and seeds; Grain handling 
elevators and equipment Primarily for edi- 
torial staff 

Griffenhagen and Associates Ltd, Library, 

155 East Superior St. 

E Weiland 
750 v 

Special subjects: Management engineer- 
ing; Accounting; Public finance and admin- 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Chicago Continued 

Halsey, Stuart & Company Library, 201 
South La Salle St 
Virginia Savage 
Investments and finance 

Hospital Library and Service Bureau of 
the American Conference on Hospital 
Service, 18 East Division St. 
Donelda R. Hamlin, director 
Janet M. Green, librarian 
2,823 v , 246 per ; 2,660 package libraries 

Special field Hospital organization, con- 
struction, equipment, and administration 
Service free, but limited to persons actively 
engaged in hospital or public health work 


Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Research , 

Dept , 35 East Wacker Drive | 

Mrs Jennie Lee Schram j 

Miscellaneous material on commerce. ! 

commercial arbitration, retail merchandising, | 

transportation legislation, and Illinois affairs ; 

in general Issues regular bulletins and ( 

special reports i 

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, 231 
South La Salic St 

Illinois Power & Light Corporation, Refer- 
ence Department, 15th floor, 231 South 
La Salle St 

Phyllis Cleaver 

750 v i 

Subjects Electric and gas utilities, ' 
Traction, Power plant construction and op- ' 
eration , Power transmissions , Rates Pn- , 
marily for company and subsidiaries 

Indexers Press. 19 West Jackson Boulevard | 

Julia E Elliott , 

500 v I 

Special subjects Bibliograph> , Amen- | 

cana; Business libraries, Cataloging and in- ' 

dexing, Private libraries; Subject headings, j 

Hospitals Libraries and records ; 

Institute of American Meat Packers Li- | 

brary, 509 Wabash Ave ! 

W W. Woods, executive secretary . 

Collection on meat packing and allied or j 

associated industries 

Insurance Library of Chicago, 2132 Insur- 
ance Exchange. 175 West Jackson St. 

Pyrrha B Sheffield 
Undergoing reorganization , specializes in 

fire and casualty insurance Free use to 


International Harvester Company Library, 
606 South Michigan Ave. 
Mrs. Kathryn D. Allen 

Chicago Continued 

McCutcheon-Gerson, 64 West Randolph St. 

Raymond Bennett 
2,000 v. 

General field* Business administration 
For clients and members of organization 

Marshall Field and Co, Employees* Li- 
brary, State and Washington Aves 

Buena Lindsay 

6,000 v (plus 1,000 deposit from Chicago 
Public Library) 

Special field Merchandising For em- 
ployees only; overnight loans 

Middle West Utilities Company Library, 

72 West Adams St 

Sophia Malicki 
700 v 

Special field- Public utilities Available 
to members of company in 17 states 

Municipal Reference Library, 1005 Cit\ 


Frederick Rex 
110,904 v. 

Free for reference 

National Association of Real Estate 
Boards, 310 South Michigan Ave 

Carrie Maude Jones 
500 v , 24 drawers pamphlets, 125 per 

Special fields Real estate. Economics 
(general, agricultural), Taxation, Property 
insurance. City planning, Law, salesman- 
ship, and advertising as related to real estate 
Primarily for members, responsible students 

National Safety Council, 108 East Ohio St 

Mary Bostwick Day 

500 v , extensive and important files of pam- 
phlets, clippings, photographs, blueprints, 
miscellaneous typed data 

Special fields Accident prevention, 
Health, Hygiene, Sanitation For members, 
and other serious students. 

Northern Trust Company Libran , 50 South 
La Salle St 
Mrs Helen Jensen 

Oriental Institute Library (University of 

7,000 v. (Near East) 

People's Gas Light and Coke Company, 122 

South Michigan Ave. 

Oscar E. Norman 
3,450 v. ; 900 pam. 

Scope: Technical (engineering, fuels, 
gas production and utilization) , Business 
(accounting, salesmanship, office manage- 
ment), Public utilities (valuation and rates, 
standards of service). Reference for both 
employees and public 



ILLINOIS Continued 

Chicago Continued 

Polk Directory Library, 538 South Clark 

750 v or more 

Portland Cement Assn, 33 West Grand 


Jean S Clark 

4,275 v, 9,131 pam, 10,524 clippings, 9,730 
trade catalogs 

Special subjects. Cement, Concrete, 
Steel reinforcement and building construc- 
tion generally. Practically no restrictions on 

Sears, Roebuck & Co Library, Arthmgton 

and Homan Sts 
L. D Stover 
5,250 v 

Special field Business, especially mail- 
order Circulation among employees 

Shaw, A W , Companv Library, 660 Cass St , 
Allen H Center ' 

1,300 v. 25 per 

Special fields Business and industrial 
For members of company, business asso- 
ciates, subscribers, etc 

Society of Industrial Engineers Library, 

608 South Dearborn St 

Ida Becker 
1,750 v i 

Subjects Management, Manufacturing, i 
Personnel, Business economics For mem- i 
bers only 

Swift & Company Library, Union Stock 


Marion J Reynolds 
9,000 v 

Special subjects Business, Agriculture, i 
Agricultural chemistn , Engineering. Open ' 
to public ! 

Union Trust Company Library, 7 SoiiJh j 
Dearborn St , 

Helen Whitfield ! 

Collection is largely a loan from members 

of bank and Chicago Public Library 

United Typothetae of America Library, 600 ! 

West Jackson Blvd. j 

Frances B. Greene | 

1,500 v., 1,000 pam I 

Special field : Printing history and tech- 
nique. Primarily for members, reference 
courtesies extended to others. 

Universal Portland Cement Company Li- 
brary, 208 South La Salle St. 

Annina M. Golden 
500 v. 

Specialty: Cement and its uses. Pri- 
marily for staff, but available to others 

Chicago Continued 

Western Electric Company, Works Library, 

Hawthorne Station 
Mary G Gillespie 
3,000 v. 

Special subjects: Telephones; Electric 
furnaces ; Steel , Iron ; Oils and waxes ; Non- 
ferrous alloys; Laboratory equipment. Pri- 
marily for company engineers. 

Western Society of Engineers Library, 53 

West Jackson Blvd 
Laura M Warner 
10,000 v 

Serves all engineers of Chicago and vi- 

Wilson and Co Library, 4100 South Ash- 
land Ave. 

Frances M Cowan 
700 v, 4,000 pam 

Special subjects. Agriculture, Livestock, 
Meat industry, Oleomargarine, Refrigera- 
tion, Fertilizers, Food (composition and 
regulations), Dairy products Serves all de- 
partments of the company 


Municipal Reference Bureau Library 
510 v, 40 per., pamphlets, clippings 

Primarily for city officials, but accessible 
to public 

North Chicago 

Abbott Laboratories Library 

Edith Joannes 
11,000 v 

Special subjects Alkaloids, Anesthetics, 
Bacteriology, Chemistry; Drugs, Immunity, 
Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmacy; Physi- 
ological chemistry, Syphilis; Tuberculosis; 
Veterinary medicine For staff use, inter- 
library loans. 


Franklin Life Insurance Co 

Helen L Allen 

Small collection on life insurance, for 
company employees. 

Illinois Legislative Reference Bureau 

Mrs Gladys H. Peterson 
15,000 v. 

For use of members of General Assembly 
and state officers. 


Fort Wayne 

General Electric Company, Works Library 

X. J. Divens 
200 v 


INDIANA Continued 

Fort Wayne Continued 
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company 

Polk Directory Library, in First National 

Bank Bldg 
750 v or more 


American Central Life Insurance Co 

Mary Jane Roach 
1,700 v, several hundred pam 

Primarily for Home Office employees and 
field representatives, occasionally used by 
outsiders for study. 

American Legion National Headquarters 

Mrs Verna B. Grimm 
1 ,000 v, many filing cases of pam, clippings 

Special fields World War, Veteran or- 
ganizations; Patriotic material 

Primarily for information and research 
at Headquarters, indirectly for all Legion- 

Business Branch, Indianapolis Public Li- 
Ethel Cleland 

6,249 v, 15,023 pam, 20659 clippings, 25,858 

unmounted pictures, 1,346 maps, 300 per , 400 

house organs 

Special subjects Economics, Finance, 

Business , Statistics , Special functions and 

types of business enterprises Both reference 

and circulation 

Indianapolis News 

Charles T Moore 
6,500 v 

Reference only, for News editorial staff 

Indiana Legislative Reference Bureau, 

State House 
Jessie P Boswell 

Largely pamphlets and ephemeral mate- 
rial, uncounted Laws of all states, and any 
subject under consideration in Legislature 

Polk Directory Library, 233 North New 

Jersey St. 
750 v or more 

South Bend 

Chamber of Commerce Library 

Dorothy M Crabb 

Studebaker Corporation Library 

Florence Fowler 
4,000 v. 

Special fields: Automobile manufacture; 
Office and factory methods and management. 
For employees 

Terre Haute 


Commercial Solvents Corporation, 

search Information Dept 

Frank M Crawford* 

2,000 v and bd journals, 20,000 abstracts; 
4,000 patent specifications 

Special fields Chemistry, Bacteriology; 
Patent law 


Standard Oil Co (Indiana) Library 

M Isabella Brokaw 
2,500 v ; 5,000 patents , clippings, pamphlets 

Special fields Petroleum industry, 
Chemistry, Engineering For company em- 

Cedar Rapids 

Iowa Masonic Library 

Charles C Hunt 
35,000 v 

Special fields Freemasonry (including 
museum material) , lowana Use not re- 
stricted to Masonic fraternity 


Norhe Reference Library 

O M Norlie 
5.000 v , 5,000 pam 

Special Coll Norwegian- Americana 
(practically the entire librarj) , affiliated with 
the National Lutheran Council Library, New 
York City 


Municipal Reference Library. University of 

John G. Sturtz 
15, ooo v 


Kansas State Board of Agriculture Library, 
State House 

J C Mohler 
1,000 V. 



Caron Directory Library, 127 South Third 

750 v. 


New Orleans 

Hibernia Bank & Trust Co Library, P. O 
Box 1540 

Luella Dunn 
100 v 

Soard's Directory Library, 615 Commercial 

750 v 





Portland Directory Library, 199 Federal St 
750 v 

Portland Evening Express Library 
Mrs Alice Nichols Lundberg 



Aberdeen Proving Ground Technical Li- 

Clara Chew 
3,213 v , 28 per . pam , clippings 

Special subjects Higher mathematics. 
Ballistics , Automotive research , Metallurgj , 
all applied to gun construction and automo- 
tive equipment Primaiily for use of officers 
and civilians on the post 


Baltimore Copper Smelting and Rolling 

Company Library, 4th Ave and 5th St 
Arline V Stallmgs 

For officers and employees 

Baltimore Ne\vs and American, Munsey 
Arthur Rideout Curly 

Baltimore Sun 

Wilbur F Cojle 

Bartlett-Hay\vard Company Libran 

Thomas Butterworth 
Technical information for officers and 

Consolidated Gas Electric Light and Power 

Company Library 

Madeline C Sweeney 

5.000 v, mcl repts of many public service 
commissions and public utilities companies 

Special subjects Public utility manage- 
ment, Corporation accounting and finance. 
Manufacture of gas and electricity, En- 
gineering, Emplovee training and industrial 
education Primarily for employees, inter- 
library loans 

Dept of Legislative Reference, 219 City 

Dr Horace E Flack, director 
8,289 v, 25,000 pam.; clippings, bd per 

Engineers Club of Baltimore Library, 6 

West Fa>ette St 

Howard H Tunis 

4,000 v., 1,500 maps and charts (technical and 

Use restricted to club members; inter- 
library courtesies. 

Baltimore Continued 

Hochschild-Kolm & Company Library, 

Howard and Lexington Sts 
Pauline Wisotski 

Recreational and educational collection 
for employees 

Hutzler Brothers Company Library 

Mrs. Ella Ulman 

Small collection on department store 

Insurance Society of Baltimore Library, 54 

Maryland Life Bldg 
Elizabeth J Hiss 
3,"3 v 

Reference use open to all , loans to mem- 
bers and students only 

Polk Directory Library, 253 Equitable Bldg 
750 v. 

United Railways and Electric Co of Balti- 
more, Library, 304 Continental Bldg 
Dwight Burroughs 

2,000 v 

Special field Street railways 

U S Fidelity and Guaranty Company Li- 

Dr Calvin S Slagle 
Special field Surety and casualty insur- 

Baltimore (Curtis Bay) 

Davison Chemical Company Library 

Miss M C Mundmg 

Technical reference collection for em- 

Baltimore (Roland Park) 

Maryland Casualty Company Library, 4oth 

St and Cedar Avc. 

I^aura A Woodward 
2,600 v , 125 per 

Special subjects Casualty insurance, 
Surfetyship For executives and employees of 
Home Office only 



Aberthaw Construction Co , 27 School St 

F. M. Hooper 

"Several hundred volumes" on construc- 
tion work 

American Board of Commissioners for 
Foreign Missions Library, 14 Beacon St 

Anne L Buckley 
7,000 v (reference) , 2,000 v (loan) 

Special field Congregational foreign 
missions and works in foreign languages pub- 
lished by the missions or missionaries of the 
A B C F.M 




Boiton Continued 

American Trust Company Library, 50 State 

Mrs. Edith L Libby 
Financial collection 

American Unitarian Association and Wom- 
en's Alliance, Circulating Library, 25 
Beacon St. 

2,000 v. 

Special subjects Religion , Education , 


Appalachian Mountain Club, 5 Joy St. 

Perceval Sayward 
4,500 v (mountaineering and travel) 

Associated Industries of Massachusetts, 950 
Park Sq Bldg , 31 St. James Ave 
Christine L Beck 

700 v.; clippings and subject letter files 
Special field. Industrial relations. 

Boston American Library, 80 Summer St 
Susan M. Meara 

-Boston City Planning Board Library, 47 ! 
City Hall 

Elizabeth M Herhhy 
300 v 

Boston Dept of Public Works, 908 City 
Hall Annex 

D E Sullivan 
2,500 v. (largely departmental archives) 

Boston Department of Statistics, 73 City 


James P. Balfe, chmn 
10,000 v 

For city officials. 

Boston Elevated Railway Library, Park 

Sq Bldg 

Lewis A Armistead 
4,800 v 

Special field Street railway transporta- 
tion. For company employees 

Boston Globe Library, 244 Washington St 

William Alcott 

5,000 v, 2,000 pam, 250,000 photographs, 
1,250,000 clippings, 75 00 cu ts 

Special subjects Boston, Massachusetts, 
and New England history , Harvard College , 
New England biographies. 

For Globe employees; available to public 
only through correspondence in People's 
Column (questions and answers department) 

Boston Herald Reference Library, 171 Tre- 

mont St 

Willard E. Keyes 
2,000 v.; 6,250,000 clippings and booklets 

Special fields: Current information, New 
England history. Chiefly for editorial use. 

Boston Continued 

Boston Post, 259 Washington St 

John F. H Mellen 

2,000 bks and pam, 400,000 clippings, 1,085,- 
ooo photos 

Scope: "Notable local, national, and in- 
ternational news-stories of facts in social, 
political, economic, religious, and scientific 
fields " 

For staff use and "public asking reason- 
able questions." 

Boston Society of Civil Engineers, 715 

Tremont Temple 
J B Babcock 
10,500 v., 4,000 pam 

Special field Engineering Restricted 
to members of affiliated technical societies of 

Boston Symphony Orchestra, Symphony 
L J Rogers 

Boston Transcript, 324 Washington St. 

Frederick W Ford 
3,000 v , clippings 

Christian Science Monitor, 107 Falmouth St. 

Gladys L Saville 
3,000 v . 71 per , 500 pam , 250,000 clippings 

Reference use primarily for editorial 
staff, open to all employees for use of non- 

Edison Electric Illuminating Company of 
Boston Library, 1165 Massachusetts Ave. 

Vaudrey L Voight 
2^200 v. (electricity and general reference) 

Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, 44 School St. 

E Louise Sheehan 
3,000 bks and pam. 

Special fields Bridges, Port develop- 
ments, River and harbor works, Industrial 
plants , Water and sewerage systems 

Federal Reserve Bank, 30 Pearl St 

Marion G Eaton 
3,500 v. 

Open to member banks and other serious 

Filene's, William, Sons Co, 426 Washing- 
ton St. 
Miss Jean Palica 

First National Bank of Boston Library, 67 
Milk St 
Dorothy Pollard 

French, Hollis & Allen Hubbard, 210 South 
Engineering collection, for employees. 




B otton Continued 

General Electric Co , 84 State St 

Blanche G Swett 

"Several thousand, principally bulletins, 
etc , covering our own manufacture " 
able to anyone interested 

Boston Continued 

Department Li- 

Massachusetts Forestry 
brary, 519 State House 

H O Cook 
400 bks , 2,000 pam 

Special subjects : Forestry in all phases, 
Avail- I including federal, state and foreign reports. 
1 Reference use, on premises only 

Ginn & Co Library, 15 Ashburton Place 

Winifred K St John 

Textbooks, especially in history, geOR- 
raphy, mathematics, literature, science, 
grammars and readers in English, French, 
and Spanish 

For private use of editorial department, 
company's critics, authors, and agents 

Insurance Library Association of Boston, 

18 Oliver St 

Daniel N Handy 

10,000 v , several thousand pam, clippings, 
typed items, 600 maps, photographs, early 
documents and Mss 

Special fields Insurance (laws, statis- 
tics, early history) , Fire insurance , Fire 
prevention , unusual collection insurance peri- 

Mainly for members, courtesies extended 
to any on proper introduction Information 
by mail, reference lists compiled with charge 
for clerical service 

Jackson & Moreland, 31 St James Ave 

Dorothea Collins 
2,500 v and per , 4,000 pam 

Special sifbjects Electrical engineer- 
ing, Public utilities, Cost data 

Kidder. Peabody & Co, 115 Devonshire St 
Robert H Storer 

Lockwood, Greene & Co, 24 Federal St. 

Ruth A Phillips 
5,000 bks and pam 

Special fields Textiles, Engineering 
Open to libraries of the S. L A 

Department of Labor and 
Reference Library, State 




Phoebe Shirley 
5,000 bks and pam 

Open to all for reference 

Massachusetts Department of Public 

Health, 546 State House 

Frances Klein 
600 v , 2,500 pam 

Special subjects. Health, Hygiene, 
Bacteriology; Food and drugs, Nutrition, 
Vital statistics, Sanitary engineering 

Massachusetts Forestry Association, 3 Joy 
Collection on forestry and conservation 

' Massachusetts New-Church Union (Swed- 

! enborgian) Free Library, 134 Bowdoin 

I St 

| Benjamin A Whittemore 

| 5,ooo v 

i Massachusetts Society for Mental Hygiene, 
I 5 Joy St 

Dons Van der Zee 
5,000 pam. and reprints , few books 

Special subjects Insanity, Feeble-mind- 
edncss, Epilepsy, Delinquency, Nursing 

! Massachusetts Society for Social Hygiene, 

I 20 Beacon St 

' Marguerite Ellis 

| 2,000 v 

, Special subjects Marriage , Motherhood 

and prenatal care, Eugenics, Child training; 

Heredity, Feeblemindedness, Sociology, Sex 

hygiene, Public health 

Merchants National Bank, 28 State St. 

Anna M Kelley 
600 v 

-Metcalf & Eddy, 1300 Statler Bldg, Park 


Ruth Canavan 

3,000 v. , also state and city reports and trade 

Special subjects Water supply and treat- 
ment, Sewerage and sewage treatment, Trade 
wastes disposal , Refuse disposal ; Valuation 

Primarily for staff, courtesies extended to 
qualified persons outside organization 

National Association of Wool Manufactur- 
ers Library, 80 Federal St. 

Walter Humphreys, secretary 
1,800 v (wool industry) 

National Fire Prevention Association Li- 
brary, 40 Central St , Boston 9 

500 v , 75,000 fire reports , clippings, mss , etc. 
Special field- Fire prevention and fire 


National Shawmut Bank Library, 40 Water 


R Edwaids Chambers, vice-president 
1,000 v 

For officers only 

New England Baptist Library, Ford Bldg. 

Charles H Watson 
12,000 v 

Special fields: History, Homilectics and 
preaching, Biography; Sociology; Construc- 
tive Bible study Open to all serious workers. 



Skinner, Sherman k Esselen, Inc, 276 

Stuart St 
2,000 v 

Special subjects Uicmistr\ and chemi- 
cal engineering Primarily for staff use , 
courtesies extended to other qualified persons 

Society for the Preservation of New Eng- 

land Antiquities, 141 Cambridge St 
Thomas G Frothmgham 
v, 0.515 pam, 95.385 views 
Special field New England antiquities 
Reference only, primarily for members 

Stone and Webster, Inc Library, 49 Federal 


George W Lee 
8,000 bks and pam 

Special fields Engineering, Construc- 
tion, Management, Investments Primarily 
for compam employees , outsiders b\ courtesy 

Sturtevant. B F, Co, Hyde Park 

H R MacEachen 
725 v 

Special subjects* Engineering, Building. 
Metallurgy . Paper-making ; Patents , Foreign 
trade, Administration of government 

Tenney, Charles H., & Co, 200 Devonshire 


E Belle Battis 
1,000 v 

Special fields: Accounting; Engineering 


Boston Continued 

New England Historic Genealogical Society 

Library, 9 Ashburton Place 

William Prescott Greenlaw 
60,000 v , 50,000 pam 

Special field Genealogy. Reference free. 

Old Colony Trust Co Library, 17 Court St. 

Marion Bowman 
3,500 v 

Special fields Banking, Business condi- 
tions , Finance Primarily for employees , oc- 
casional loans to outsiders 

Rollins, E H . & Sons, 200 Devonshire St 

G F Merrill 

Financial and statistical collection for use 
of clients or inends 

Sampson & Murdock Directory Library, 246 

Summer St 

Charles W Hawkes 
1,200 v 

Scovell, Wellington & Co, 110 State St 
1,500 v 

Special subjects Accounting. Industrial 
engineering Reference onlj 

Second National Bank of Boston, in ! 

Devonshire St I 

Marion G Todd I 

Boston Continued 
Town Room, 3 Joy St 
Mrs John Koren 
5,000 v , per , pam , clippings 

Special field Sociology Reference free 
to all, loans to members of Mass Civic 
League, Twentieth Century Club, and Mass 
Society for Mental Hygiene 

Trinity Parish Library, Trinity Church 
Florence D Snelling 

Religious and biographical largely No 
restrictions, either of location or parish, on 
their use 

United Drug Co , 63 Leon St 

Viola H Burnham 
1,800 v 

A center of general information on topics 
affecting the drug business For stockholders, 
executives, and members of the company 

Whipple Technical Library, 163 Brighton 
George F. Whipple, technology compiler 

World Peace Foundation, 40 Mt Vernon St 

Marie J Carroll 
5,000 v and pam 

Special subjects International relations 
(all publications of League of Nations, Inter- 
national Labor Office, and Permanent Court 
of International Justice) , Publications of 
peace organizations Reference only 


Olmsted Bros , 99 Warren St 
Stella Obst 

Zion Research Library, 6r Leicester St 

A Marguerite Smith 
I 3.700 v 
I Special subjects Bible, Histor> of 

Christian Church 


Little, Arthur D , Inc , 30 Charles River Rd 

William P Cutter 
5,000 v , 5,000 pam 50,000 special data items 

Special subjects Chemistry and chemi- 
cal engineering. Paper, Petroleum and fuel 
Use commonly restricted to building 


George E Keith Company Library 

Mabel F Howe 
175 v , 50 per 

Special subjects Shoe industry, Office 
and factory administration 


Edison Electric Illuminating Co Library, 
1165 Massachusetts Ave 
Vaudry L Voight 





Dennison Manufacturing Company Library 

Margaret Skinner 
2,500 v | 

General scope Business, ps \chologv, and 
biography For employees only 

Jamaica Plain 

Arnold Arboretum Libran of Harvard Uni- 

Ethelyn M Tucker 
37,144 v g,ooo pam 

Special fields Botany (descriptive, eco- 
nomic, medical) , Dendrology, Botanic gar- 
dens, arboretiims, herbariums , ArboriLulture , 
Patholog> , Entomology , Forestry , Biography 
and travel 

Chiefly reference, no periodicals loaned, 
books by special permission 


Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory I i- 

brary See Harvard University, under 



General Electric Compaii} Librar> 

Mrs M W Tollerton 
5.000 v 


American Bosch Magneto Corporation Li- 
brary (P O Brightwood) 

W F Sibley 
676 v. 441 per (technical and mechanical) 

Springfield Republican, 32 C> press St 

Mrs Bertha E Chandler 
2,000 v , the Republican files suite 1824 

Special field Biography, both local and 


Hood Rubber Co Librarv 

Miss J Hermistcm 
500 v , loo per , and index services 

Special fields Rubber, Chemical and 
plant engineering, Industrial management, 
Finance For Company employees 

Wellesley Hills 

Babson's Statistical Organization Library 

Lottie H Church 

3,000 v , 4,000 government reports, 400 per , 
clipping file covering some 4,000 industries, 
commodities and general economic subjects, 
file of over i.ooo corporations, with financial 
statements and clippings, files of leading 
financial and business services, etc 

Special field Financial and business re- 
search, conducted as a branch of Research 

West Lynn 

General Electric Co River Works 

Dugald M McKillop 
500 v 


Norton Company Library 

Ethel V Cary 
1,870 v , 800 pam 

Special subjects Mineralogy and metal- 
lurgy, Electric furnaces, Kilns, Grinding 
machines , Ceramics , Chemistry , Physics 

For use ot research laboratories 


Ford Motor Company, Research Library 

Jane L Hicks 
2,000 v , m isc per 

Devoted to aviation, chemistry and auto- 


Albet, Win N , Company, and The Albee 

Corporation, QUO Marquette Bldg 
600 v and pam , 1,000 trade catalogs 

Organized to serve staff and clients of ad- 
vertising agenc> 

Association of North American Directory 
Publishers Library, Polk Directory Bldg , 
431 Howard St 
H H Burdick 

Board of Commerce Library, Wayne and 

Lafayette Sts 
Christine H Haller 

Open to members of Board and general 
public also 

Burroughs Adding Machine Company, 6071 
Second Blvd 

Lauia E Ball 
1,550 v 

Campbell Ewald Advertising Agency Li- 
brary, General Motors Bldg 

Mildred Treat 
350 hks , 400 per 

Special field Advertising and merchan- 
dising For company and clients 

Detroit Bureau of Government Research, 

683 Prentis Ave 

Louise Thompson 
4,500 v . pam , bd per 

Special subjects- Social service. Muni- 
cipal administration Primarily for agencies 
within the Community Union. 

Detroit Edison Company Library 

Mrs Louise P. Dorn 
6,500 v and pam 

Scope Engineering (all branches) and 
construction , Science , Accounting For staff 


MICHIGAN Continued 

Detroit Continued 

Detroit News Library 

Lee A White, chief librarian 

G. B. Catlm, librarian 
20,000 v. 

Scope General reference, Journalism, 
Economics; Biography Open to public for 
reference, loans to employees only. 

Detroit Trust Company Library, 201 West 
Fort St 

Lavonda Gilbert 
400 v (established 1927) 

Employers' Association of Detroit, Library, 
2309 Book Tower , 
Elva E Clarke . 
Small collection of books, numerous pam- 
phlets and clippings, on industrial research I 
For members only j 

Evans-Wmtcr-Hebb, Inc, 818 West Han- i 

cock Ave i 

Clara Canham j 

Collection devoted to advertising, mer- ( 

chandismg, and the graphic arts For em- i 

ployees and clients; interhbrary co-operation ! 

whenever possible ; 

First National Bank Library 

Irene M Christie ' 

900 v , 12 per , newspapers, market reports, etc 
Special subjects Insurance, Banking. 

General Motors Corporation Library, Gen- 
eral Motors Bldg 

Caroline W Lutz 

7,500 bks. and bd per ; 

Special subjects Automotive engineer- j 
ing, Chemistry, Physics, Technology 

i * 
Grace & Holhday, Penobscot Bldg 

Louise C. Grace 

Books, pamphlets, and clippings pertaining to ! 
advertising and market research Reference, j 
for use of firm only 

Larrowe Milling Company Library, Box 68, j 
North End Station 

Dorothy M. Cosford I 

300 v, 5,000 Agnc. Exp Sta pam., 85 per ; 

Special field. Animal husbandry (breed- j 

ing, feeding, statistics), especially dairy cattle \ 

and poultry [ 


Parke Davis & Company Library, P. O. Box j 

488 I 

Barbara Ortwme , 

20,000 v. | 

Special subjects* Bacteriology; Chemis- | 

try; Physiology; Pathology; Parasitology ; 

Medicine (general and veterinary) ; Botany. 

Private, but special privileges occasionally ' 


Detroit Continued 

Polk Directory Library, Polk Directory 

Bldg , 431 Howard St 


A C Spark Plug Company, Research Li- 
H Ziebig 

1,200 v , 200 per 

Special field Automotive industries For 

staff use only. 

Highland Park 

Ford Motor Compan> Library 

Frances Delehant 

Special subjects Metallurgy, Machine 
tools, Chemistry, Automotive industry; 
Mathematics Circulating library for em- 


Michigan Dept of Health Library 

1,654 bks , 987 bd per 

Special field Public health Open to all. 

Saint Joseph 

American Societ} of Agricultural Engineers 

Raymond Olnev, secretary 
200 v 


Business and Municipal Branch, Minne- 
apolis Public Library 

Mrs trerhard Dietnchson 
5,6/4 v , 20,000 pam , 40,000 clippings 

Special subjects Business and muni- 
cipal problems Reference use open to all, 
loans to residents of Minneapolis only 

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Li- 
Pnscilla Lewis 

1.158 v 

Special fields Banking, Finance For 

officers and employees 

MacMartm Advertising Agencj Library, 
322 Security Bldg 

Mary A Cosgrove 
3,000 v. and pam. 

Minneapolis Directory Library, 902 North- 
western Bldg 
750 v 

Minneapolis Journal Library, 47 South 
4th St 
E. K. King 

Minneapolis Tribune, 61 South 4th St. 
Leola Fernandez 



MINNESOTA Continued 

Minneapolis Continued 

Mtmsmgwcar Corporation Library, 718 

Western Ave. 
Tryphena R. Anderson 

Collection includes books, trade journals, 
garments, and historical records of companv, 
with special reference to textile products (un- 
derwear and hosiery) For executives and 
officials of company 

Saint Paul 

Minnesota Tax Commission Librar>, Stale 

Zaha I Monce 
3,000 v Reference use only ' 

Polk Directory Library, 496 Endicott BIdg 
750 v 

Saint Paul Dispatch, St Paul Pioneer Press 

Harry L Pratt 

1,500 v , complete files of both papers ; 1,000,- 
ooo clippings, pamphlets, periodicals, 200,000 
cuts, 5,000 photographs, business correspon- 
dence and advertising order files 

Saint Paul Gas Light Company, 6th and 
Cedar Sts 

Henry R. Schmidt 
1,164 v. 

West Publishing Company Law Library 

E S Holmgren 
35,ooo v 

For use of employees in company work 



Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Li- 

Mary P Billmgsley 
1 ,000 v , pam 

Ferry-Hanly Advertising Company Library, 

1,110 Grtmd Ave 

N MaurmeVail 
425 v , clippings, periodicals, trade papers 

Special fields Advertising, Merchandis- 
ing, Statistics. Primarily for company and 

Polk Directory Library, 301 Delmam Bldg 
750 v 

Saint Louis 

D'Arcy Advertising Company Library, Mis- 
souri State Life Bldg., I5th and Locust 

Hazel Ludwig 
1,200 v , thousands of pam and clippings 

Scope* General reference adapted to ad- 
vertising agency use. 

Saint Louis Continued 

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 

Mary E Tolmie 
850 v 

Financial collection, for officers, em- 
ployees, and member banks 

Malhnckrodt Chemical Works Library 

Dr Charles Luedeking 
Small technical collection, reference only. 

Municipal Reference Library (branch of 
Public Library) 

Lucius H. Cannon 
20,000 v, pam 

Polk-Gould Directory Library, 505 North 

7th St 

Pnrma Mills Library, 835 South Eighth St 

Mabel Winter 

900 v (business and fiction) for circulation to 

Y M H A - Y W H A , David Sommers 
Memorial Library, Union and Ennght 
Ida M Afiruss 

2,300 v 

Special field Jewish reference material. 

No circulation department 



, Nebraska Legislative Reference Bureau 

Edna D Bullock, director 
30,000 pieces (bks , pam , clippings., etc ) 


| Berlin 

, Brown Company, Research Dept Library 
Gordon L Cave 

I 2,000 v reference and textbooks, large num- 

| ber of patents (especially paper-making) , in- 
dustrial chemistry serials from 1882, Research 

I Dept reports from 1913 

I Technological material, with mam em- 

1 phasis chemical Primarily for research de- 
partmet, occasional service to other depart- 
ments and to ouside workers. 


I Arlington 

! du Pont dc Nemours, E I , and Company, 

! Pyralin Laboratory 

j D M Hyatt 

i 1,000 v 

! Special subjects' Cellulose; Paper; Cel- 
luloid, Pyroxylin, Plastics. Bound periodi- 

i cals, i882-date Serves Chemical Department. 


i Lehn & Fink, Inc. 
j Dr. Jacobson 

I 1,000 v ; 1,240 bd. per. ; 1,600 pam 
j Special subjects: Chemistry; Printing; 
Medical management; Engineering; Biology, 
1 Physics, pharmaceutical 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Bloomfield Continued 

Westmghouse Lamp Co, Engineering De- 
partment Library 

Mary C McMahon 
2,000 v , pamphles, catalogs, clippings 

Special subjects Illumination, Radio, 
Tungsten, Rare metals, Glass, Vacuum, 
Rare gases. Physical chemistry. Physics 
Primarily for engineering and research de- 


American Brown Boveri Electric Corpora- 
tion, Technical Library 

Josephine B Carson 

2,000 v and pam , much unacccssioned ma- 

Special field Electrical engineering, par- 
ticularly railroad electrification and electric 
locomotives Primarily for company use, m- 
ter-librar> courtesies 

Victor Talking Machine Comqany Library 

T Coulson 

General collection, with special emphasis 
on radio, music, and sound Photostats fur- 
nished of material in library 


Standard Oil Company of New Jersey 

Robert L Sibley 
2,000 v 

Serves the engineering department 

Standard Oil Co (N J ) Development De- 
partment Library 
D F Brown 

1,700 v , 1,500 pam 

Special field Petroleum technology Not 

open to public 


General Electric Company, Edison Lamp 

Works Library 

Clara A Singer 
2,000 v 

Special subjects Lighting, Tungsten, 
Molybdenum, Vacuum, Glass, Gas, Adver- 
tising and selling, Population distribution. 
Chain stores. 

Primarily for engineering and research 
and publicity departments 

Jersey City 

American Type Founders Company, Typo- 
graphic Library and Museum, 300 Com- 
munipaw Ave 

Henry L Bullen 

60,000 titles, including collections of fine 
printing from Gutenberg period to date, also 
books of pre-typographic eras, on clay, palm 
leaves, papyrus, parchment, and vellum, in- 
cluding Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, and 
Dutch block books 

Scope- A very comprehensive collection 

Jersey City Continued 

actually covering the arts of the book from 
the invention of the inscribing art, medals 
and prints relating to printers and printing 
and associated arts? collections on paper- 
making journalism, engraving, geometrical de- 
sign, and repression of printing 

Open to students and visitors during busi- 
ness hours, on holidays and evenings (by 
special arrangement) to interested groups 

Polk Directory Library, Chamber of Com- 


Business Branch of the Public Library, 34 

Commerce St 

Marian C Manley 

1,625 duectones, 3,000 v, 26 pam, 600 maps, 
400 per 

Scope Business in all aspects , technical 
processes excluded, also elementary books on 
stenography, etc 

Reference for all, ciculation limited to 
Newark taxpayers and to non-residents pay- 
ing annual fee 

Celluloid Company, 200 Ferry St 
500 v 

Special field Nitrocellulose products 
and related subjects For emplo>ees onl> 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company Li- 
brary, 300 Broadway 

Helen M Walton 
500 v , pam , loose-leaf reports 

Special subjects Life insurance sales- 
manship, Training of life underwriters For 
members of Mutual Benefit organization 

Newark Evening News, 215 Market St 

Albert L Hunt 
3,500 v , 2,000 pam , clippings 

New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, 

20 Clinton St 

Eugene Dynner 
1,200 v 

For members of the Chamber *and others 
interested in problems affecting the state 

Price & Lee Company, 244 Market St 
City directories. 

Prudential Company of America Library 

Dr Frederick L Hoffman 
20,000 v 

Prudential Company of America, Law Li- 
Frederick B Walrath 

20,000 V 

Public Service Corporation of New Jersey 
Library, 80 Park Place 

Alma C. Mitchill 
6,000 v and pam. 



NEW JERSEY Continued 

Newark Continued 

Special subjects Business economics. 
Engineering (civil, electrical, i?as, illumi- 
nating, mechanical, railway) For officials 
ant! employees 

New Jersey Public Utility Commission Li- 
brary, 790 Broad St 
Helen D Woodruff 

20,000 V 

Special subjects Federal and state la\v 
and equity reports, U S Supreme Court re- 
ports. Rate making, Public utilities (Anno- 
tated annual reports) , Service investigations 


Brighton Mills Library 

J Van Hook 
800 v 

Special subjects Textiles, Engineering 
(electrical, civil, mechanical) , Traffic , Educa- 
tion, Business administration 


Pliny Fisk Collection on Railroads and 
Corporation Finance, Princeton Univtr- 

Florence L Hurd 

5,000 v, 17,990 pam, 48,750 circulars, 82,350 

Organized for the hanking house of Pliny 
Fisk & Sons and presented to Princeton Uni- 
versity in 1915 


New Jersey League of Municipalities, 
Bureau of Municipal Information, 606 
American Mechanics Bldg 

Sedley H Phmney 

Pamphlet files on municipal administra- 
tion problems For municipal officials of New 

New Jersey State Department of Health Li- 

Florence E Derbyshire 
9,000 v 


Albany Chamber of Commerce Library, Ten 
Eyck Bldg 

Katherme M Tracy 
1,000 v. 

John V L Pruyn Library (Business branch 
of Public Library) 
Mabel McKay 

Knickerbocker Press and Albany Evening 

News Library, 18 Beaver St 
1,500 v. 


Buffalo Evening News, 218 Main St 

600 v 

Florence M. Seibold 

Buffalo Continued 
Larkin Company Library 
S B Wilkes 

1,000 V 

Special field Business. For employees 

National Aniline and Chemical Compan>, 

351 Abbott Road 

Isabella M Brokaw 
4,500 v 

For use of technical research department 

Polk-Clement Directory Library, 62 Root 



Roberts Bros Directory Library, Board of 


New York City Bronx Borough 

American Bank Note Company, Lafayette 
Ave and Marida St 

Susie Harding 

1 ,000 v General collection for circulation 
among emplo>ees 

Bronx Municipal Reference Library, Tre- 

mont and Third Aves 

Bertram Send it 
3,500 v 

Special field Records and reports of 
NYC Depls and Boards Open to em- 
ployees and public 

New York City Brooklyn Borough 

American City Government League Librar>, 

8 Adelphi Place 

Leo Kenneth Mayer 
9,000 v 

Special fields City government. Public 
utilities. Taxation, Franchises (verv com- 
plete) Reference use on application 

BrookUn Daily Eagle Library, Eagle Bldg, 
Washington St 
Alfred J Aubrey, reference, Cecelia 

Kenney, circulation 
2,500 v (reference) , 5,000 v (circulation) 

Brooklyn Edison Company Library, 380 

Pearl St 

Anne Lincoln 
2,800 v, 60 per 

Special subject- Electricity Also cur- 
rent fiction for circulation to employees 

Brooklyn Society New Church Library, 108 
Clark St 
Mrs. Dorothy L. Gray 

2,000 V 

Special field. Swedenborg (Emanuel) 
Free loans for any reasonable time 


NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 
Brooklyn Standard-Union, 292 Washington 
Edwin Becker 


Pilgrim Steam Laundry, 633 i?th St 

Miss M. E Dann 
125 v , pam , clippings 
For officers mainly 

New York City Manhattan Borough | 

Actuarial Society of America, 256 Broadway ! 

John S Thompson, secretary ! 

200 v. (actuarial science) i 


Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of ; 
America, Inc , 300 Madison Ave 

Mrs Ruth B Ahouse 

800 v , extensive clipping file , photographs 
Reference only; not limited to members 


American Agricultural Chemical Co , Agri- j 
cultural Service Bureau Lihrar>, 419 I 
Fourth Ave 

Esther Josephine Watson 
Collection of books, bound periodicals, ' 
agricultural bulletin files, etc related to ciop , 
growing and soil fertility Reference only 

American Architect (Magazine) Library, 

243 West 3Qth St 

Reference collection for editorial staff j 

American Art Association, Inc. Art Ref- ! 

erencc Library 30 East 57th St 

Mary V Horgan 
1,000 v 

Not open to the public 

American Association for Labor Legisla- j 

tion, 131 East 23rd Street i 

Helen G Sternan ! 

Several thousand pamphlets on labor j 

problems j 

American Bankers Association Library, no ' 

East 42d St. * i 

Ethel L. Baxter j 

8,000 v , 10,000 pam and clippings j 

Special fields : Banking , Economics For i 

members only. ! 

American Child Health Association Library, - 
370 Seventh Avenue 
Mrs lone P. Hartford ! 

American City Bureau Library, 443 Fourth 

Anna L Manfrey 

American City Magazine Library, 443 
Fourth Ave. 
Martha Candler 

New York City Continued 
1,200 v ; 75 sections of vertical files (miscel- 

Special fields: All subjects of interest to 
municipal officials, as city government, public 
utilities, water supply, waste disposal, traffic, 
city planning, etc 

Maintains subscribers' information serv- 
ice; loans to subscribers from vertical files 

American Cotton Oil Company, 44 Beaver 


Reference collection on vegetable oils and 

American Electric Railway Assn Library, 

292 Madison Ave 

Julia Kelly 
1,500 v 

Special field Electric transportation 
(urban, mterurban, and electrified sections of 
steam roads) For association members 

American Exchange Irving Trust Company. 

233 Broadwa> 

Lyda Broomhall 
7,000 hks , 25,000 pam 

Special field Banking For employees 
and bank customers 

American Founders Trust Company Li- 
brary 5r Pine St 

Ruth'D Cruikshank 
Practically complete files, financial and 

economic, magazines and newspapers for 

Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America 

Inter librai v loans 

American Game Protective Association Li- 

brarv. 2^73 Wool worth Bldg 

Ethel M Quee 
3,000 v 

Special field Game birds and animals, 
their conservation, and protection. Game 

American Gas Association Library, 342 
Madison Ave 

Alexander Forward, secretary 
1,000 v 

American Hard Rubber Company, n Mer- 
cer St 
Stanley H Renton 

450 v 

Special subject Rubber 

American Institute of Accountants, 135 

Cedar St 

Louise S Miltimore 
6,500 v 

Primarily for members and associates, but 
open to non-members Reference only. 

American Institute of Banking, New York 
Chapter, 15 West 37th St 

A E Henderson, assistant secretary 
2,700 v 



American Milk Products Corporation, 71 
Hudson St 

American Relief Administration Librar>, 42 


Suda L Bane 
500 v 

Material on the countries where American 
Relief has operated, with reports Interhbrary 

American-Scandinavian Foundation, 25 W 

45th St 

Anna C Reque 
2,100 v , 1,500 pam , clippings, pictures 

Special field Scandinavian countries 
Reference only. 

American Society for Psychical Research, 

Inc., Library, 15 Lexington Ave. 
3,000 v 

American Society of Refrigerating En- 
gineers Library, 35 Warren St 

William H. Ross, secretary 
2,500 v 

American Telephone and Telegraph Com- 
pany, Development and Research Library, 
195 Broadway 
Ethel Rispm 

NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Special fields . Banking, Investment , Gen- 
eral finance Reference to all, loans only to 



American International Corporation, 120 > 

8,ooc v , pam , clippings, maps 

Special subjects Finance and foreign ! 
trade, several hundred publs in Spanish and ' 
Portuguese on Latin America 

Vivian P Swerig 

200 v , clippings and pam j 

General field Dairy industry, foreign i 
trade information For corporation only, m- 
terlibrary queries answered 

American Museum of Safety Lihrarj, 120 
East 28th St 
Collection on safety and health | 

American Oil Burner Association Librarj, 
350 Madison A\e ! 

Collection covers entire field of oil burn- j 

ing, also production and handling petroleum - 


American Paper and Pulp Association Li- 
brary, 18 East 41 st St 
1,500 v 

American Petroleum Institute, 250 Park , 

Beta Kaessmann i 

1,000 v ; periodicals, clippings 

New York City-continued 

7,000 v , 8,500 pam , government material and 

translations, 2,500 lantern slides, 185 per 

Special fields' Telephony; Telegraph} . 
Electrical engineering, Physics; Mathe- 
matics , Radio. For company use , interhbrary 
loans to other special libraries. 

American Telephone and Telegraph Co , 
Legal Department Library, 195 Broadway 

Gertrude D. Peterkm 
13,000 v , pam 

Special fields Public utility law, Cor- 
poration law. Primarily for department use; 
also available to other companies m Bell sys- 
tem, and occasionally to outsiders 

American Zinc Institute, Inc , Librarj , 27 
Cedar St 

Stephen S Tuthill 
700 v 

Architectural Forum (magazine) Library, 

383 Madison Avenue 
Mrs Tappy 

Specializing in building construction and 

Asphalt Association Library, 441 Lexington 


V B Vcrevkm 

500 v , clippings from 120 technical per U S 
and foreign 

Specializes on asphalt and asphalt paving, 
for members of the industry 

Associated Advertising Clubs of the World, 

420 Lexington Ave 
Emilie L Haley 
3,500 v 

For advertising clubs, the 22 members of 
the National Advertising Commission, and 
1,500 sustaining members. 

Associated Mountaineering Clubs of North 

America Library (in N Y P L ) 
1,300 v, 5.000- photographs 

Association of Life Insurance Presidents, 

165 Broadway 

Edith H Sillence 
6,000 v 

Special fields Life insurance, with statis- 
tics f Investments , Taxation For members 
and staff 

Association of National Advertisers, Gen- 
eral Data Dept , 17 West 46th St. 

Helen A. Taylor 
500 v. 

Bankers' Trust Company, 16 Wall St 

Gudrun Moe 
14,000 v. and pam., corporation files 

Special fields: Finance; Banking; Do- 
mestic and Foreign corporations. For officers, 
employees, and customers of the company. 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Barney, Charles D. f & Co , 65 Broadway 

Cecille Murray 
Financial collection. 

Barrett Company, 40 Rector St. 
E C Buck 

1,200 V. 

Restricted to officials and employees of 
the company 

Barton, Durstine and Osborn, 383 Madison 


Mary Louise Alexander 

4,000 v, 500 per, many thousand pamphlets, 
data file covering 3,000 subjects 

Special field Sales and advertising For 
company use (3 offices) and clients 

Batten, George, Company, Inc , Advertising 
Research Dept Library, 383 Madison Ave 
Mary E Martin 

2,000 v. ; clippings and reports 

Special field Advertising For employees 

and clients only. 

Bell Technical Laboratories, Inc , Technical 

Library, 463 West St 

Leah E Smith 
10,500 v 

Special field Electrical communication 

Bonbright & Company Library, 25 Nassau 

Catherine Callan 
Investments and finance 

Bowker, R R , Co , 62 West 45th St 

Dorothy Knight Crone 
1,000 v 

Special subjects* Bibliography; Publish- 
ing, Bookmaking, Bookselling 

Bo>d's City Dispatch Library, 114 East 23rd 

Lillian E. Hanf 

18,000 directories, telephone books and mailing 

Boy Scouts of America Library, 200 Fifth 


Franklin K Mathiews 

Special field. Books for boys and for 
Scout leaders 

British Empire Chamber of Commerce in 
the U S A , Inc , Library, 25 Broadway 

Mrs C Fletcher 

Collection of trade reports, statistics, 
tariffs, handbooks, etc, on the British Em- 
pire. Loans to members only, reference use 
open to all 

New York City Continued 

British Library of Information, 44 White- 
hall St. 
Mrs Phoebe Ross Kidd 

840 v. ; 175 file cases 

Special field British official publications 

Reference use largely Duplicates loaned 

Brookmire Economic Service, Inc, 570 

Seventh Ave 
Isabella B Smith 

Business and investment statistics For 
clients only 

Brown Brothers & Company, 59 Wall St. 

L L Jennings 
3,8oo v 

Subjects Banking, Finance, Invest- 
ments, Foreign trade 

Bureau of Customs Information Library, 
Customs House 

E C Hawkins 
200 v , and other material 

Bureau of Information Pro-Espana, c/o 
International Telephone and Telegraph 
Corporation, 41 Broad Si 
Z Evangel ma Antay 

300 v Open to public. 

Bureau of Municipal Research, 261 Broad- 

Sarah Greer 
18,000 bks and pain 

Special subjects Government research , 
Public administration, Budget, Accounting 
(government), Public health, Police adminis- 
tration , Fire protection , Taxation and finance , 
Civil service Open to public for reference 

Business Library of New York, Bush Ter- 
minal Sales Bldg , 130 West 42d St 

Daniel Mallett 
Special field Business Free use, no 


Carrerc & Hastings Library, 52 Vanderbilt 


Architectural collection, restricted to 
members of office staff 

Casualty Actuarial Society Library, c/o In- 
surance Society of New York, 100 William 

William Breiby (address 50 Broad St ) 
700 v , pam , and journals 

Spejcial subject Actuarial science ap- 
plied to casualty insurance and pension mat- 
ters Use restricted to members and candi- 
dates for membership 

Century Association Library, 7 West 43rd 

Theodore Bolton 

Special field: Fine arts. For use in 
library only 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Chamber of Commerce of the State of New 

York, 65 Liberty St 

L Elsa Loeber 

8,000 v. , Chambers of Commerce reports from 
all countries, current periodicals and pam- 

Special fields. Commerce. New York 
history. Primarily for reference, mterlibrary 

Chase National Bank Library, 57 Broadway 

Rosemary Edwards 

Primarily for officers of bank 

Chemical National Bank Library, 270 


Mary Allen Agnew 

Special fields Banking, Credit, Foreign 

Chemists' Club Library, 52 East 41 st St 

Emily J Fell 
30,000 v, 5,000 dissertations and pamphlets 

Cheney Brothers, Art Department Library, 

Fourth Ave and 34th St 

Small working collection on textile de- 
sign, silk, and Japanese and other color prints. 

Child Study Association of America, Inc , 
Library, 54 West 74th St 

Mrs Adelaide P Ehrich, secretary 
1,200 v (child study and parental education) 

Citizens' Union Library, 177 William St 

Assistant secretary in charge 
1,100 v , 15 file drawers pamphlets and other 
miscellaneous material, 12 drawers clippings, 
letters, etc , relating to persons in public life 
in N Y C , especially in politics 

Special field Government of N Y C 
Reference only, open to all 

City History Club of New York, Library, 

109 East 39th St 

Mary F. Smart, executive secretary 
500 v 

Field* N Y city history and govern- 
ment , civic problems No loans ; open to any- 
one interested for reference use. 

Class Journal Company Library, 239 West 
39th St. 

Cora D Robertson 
600 v. 

Community Motion Picture Service Library, 
46 West 24th St 

E. D. Foster 

3,000 v ; card index to all films known to have 
been produced. 

New York City^-Continued 

Compensation Inspection Rating Board, 370 

Seventh Ave. 

Rosemary Fowler 
300 v 

Special field: Workmen's compensation 

Compton, William R., Co., 44 Wall St. 

No books, but large data files on munici- 
pal finance. For employees. * 

Consolidated Gas Company of New York 
and Affiliated Gas and Electric Companies 
Library, 130 East I5th St 
Josephine I Greenwood 

12,000 v, per., textbooks, Assn. proceedings, 

Special fields . Electricity , Gas For ex- 
ecutives and employees only. 

& De Gersdorff, 52 

Cravath, Henderson, 

William St 

Anna M Baxter 
7.500 v 

Special field Law 

Daily News, 25 Park Place 

Maurice Symonds 

2,000 v, 1,000,000 photographs, 500,000 clip- 
pings, 100,000 cuts 

For editorial use only 

Dillon, Read & Co, 28 Nassau St 

Eleanor M Conradi 
Use restricted to organization 

Doherty, Henry L, & Company Library, 60 

Wall St 

Mrs Hester A Wetmorc 
8,000 v and pam 

Special subjects Gas, Petroleum; Per- 
sonnel, Electricity , Transportation 

For executives only, at present; research 
use Tnterlibrary loans 

Dommick & Dommick, Library, 115 Broad- 

Margaret B Allen 
Financial collection 

Donnelly, Reuben H , Corporation Library, 
79 Madison Ave 

K O'Connell 
i.ioo business directories. For company use 

Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U 

S , 120 Broadway 

Grace W Morse 
3,600 v ; 500 pam 

Special fields- Life insurance; Actuarial 
science, Pensions Reference only, to mem- 
bers of the society. 



NEW YORK Continued 

Mew York City Continued j 

Equitable Trust Company of N Y. Library, ! 

37 Wall St 

Mabel R Crowe 
4,000 v and pam 

Special subjects Banking, Finance, For- 
eign exchange, Investments For officers and 

Erickson Company, Library, 381 Fourth 

Mabel Goodrich 
800 v (advertising agency service) 

Explorers' Club, James H Ford Library, 47 

West 7th St 
10,000 v (exploration and travel) 

Fairchild Publications, 8 East I3th St. 

Frieda Jonas 
1,800 v , 500 pam , 200 per. 

For members of the organization (Wom- 
en's Wear, Men's Wear, etc ) 

Farmers Loan & Trust Company, Statis- 
tical Dept , 22 William St 
Marion R. Sawyer 

2,000 v 

Special subjects . Economics and finance , 

Investments, Credits, Money and banking. 

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Li- 
brary, 33 Liberty St 

Marguerite Burnett 
15,600 bks and pam 

Special fields Federal Reserve System, 
Economics, Banking For staff and repre- 
sentatives of member banks 

Fidelity & Casualty Company, Law Library, 
92 Liberty St. 

Raoul H de Raismes 

Fleischmann Company Library, 701 Wash- 
ington St 

Florence A Grant 

1,500 v , 25,000 clippings, pam. Ms reports, 

Sccial fields Yeast, Bread, Food in 
general For employees primarily , occasional 

Ford, Bacon & Davis, Inc. Librar>, 115 


John Henry Parr 
12,000 v , 250,000 clippings (80 drawers) 

Special fields Transportation facilities. 
Public utilities , Water power . Petroleum and 
gasoline, Geology, Silk, Sugar, Prices 

Foreign Language Information Service, 222 

Fourth Avenue 
Read Lewis, director 

No formal library, but a collection of 
books and pamphlets for staff use, mforma- 

New York City Continued 
tion service available to libraries . has special 
bureaus for Czechoslovak, Danish, Finnish, 
German, Hungarian, Italian, Jewish, Jugo- 
slav, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, 
Swedish, and Ukrainian people 

Foreign Missions Library, 156 Fifth Ave. 

Susie A Pmder 
12,887 v , pam 

Free to public for reference and loan 

Foreign Policy Association Library, 18 East 

41 st St 

Natalie Brown 
500 v , file of League of Nations documents 

Special field Foreign affairs, U. S for- 
eign relations Primarily for staff and mem- 
bers of F P. A ; questions from outside an- 
swered whenever possible 

Free Masons, Grand Lodge, Free and Ac- 
cepted Masons, Library, 50 West 24th St 

Elmer B Silver 
14,000 v 

General Educational Board and Interna- 
tional Education Board, 61 Broadway 

Ruth Savord 
2,300 v , 3.000 pam 

Special field Education (teacher train- 
ing and certification, school laws, reports of 
state departments) 

General Electric Company Library, 120 


Ahne A" Heitkamp 
1,000 v , 12,000 pam 

Special field Electrical engineering; 
G E Co publications Primarily for com- 
pany employees. 

Grant. W. T., Co , 455 Seventh Ave 

Grace D Aikenhead 
4,000 v, 20 trade per ; pamphlets 

Special field Retailing Primarily for 
organization staff, inter-library courtesies ex- 

Groher Club Library, 47 East 6oth St 

Ruth Shepard Granniss 
15.500 v , 2,000 pam 

Special field . The arts pertaining to book 
production Special collections Early printed 
books (Wolfe) , Microscopic books and other 
curiosities (Avery); Portraits of collectors, 
printers, engravers, etc ; American bookplates 
For members and guests 

Guaranty Company of New York, Refer- 
ence Library, 140 Broadway 

Jeanie M. Bulmer 

22,000 v ; files of domestic and foreign cor- 

Special field: Financial. For use of 
Guaranty Company and Guaranty Trust Com- 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Guardian Life Insurance Co., 50 Union Sq 

Robert Mohnari 
1,000 v 

Halsey, Stuart & Co, 14 Wall St 

Madeline A Schenck 
Financial Interhbrary courtesies 

Harris, Forbes & Co , 56 William St 

Gertrude T Halleran 
400 v , clippings 

Special field Financial. For members of 
the organization only. 

Haskins & Sells Library, 37 West 3Qth St 

Anna Burns 
4,000 v and pam (accounting) 

Haskins & Sells Library, 30 Broad St 

Elizabeth H. Baxter 
2,500 v , 5,000 pam 

Special subject: Accountancy. Restricted 
to own organization and clients. 

Hawkins, Delafield & Longfellow, 20 Ex- 
change Place 

Van C Smith 
15,000 v (law) 

New York City Health Department. Bureau 
of Laboratories Library, foot of East i6th 

Mrs Mabel D Parson 
4,128 v, 10,600 reprints and pam 

Special fields- Bacteriology, Biology, 
Chemistry, Hygiene, Histology, Immunity, 
Medicine, Pathology; Physiology. For labo- 
ratory workers 

Hoggson Brothers Library, 485 Fifth Ave 

Hilda M Stephens 
3,000 v and catalogs 

Special field Architecture and building 

Holland Society of New York, Library, 90 

West St 

Secretary is librarian 
1,200 v 

Special field: Genealogy Free to mem- 
bers ; small fee to non-members 

Horticultural Society of New York Library, 

598 Madison Ave 
Mrs Elizabeth Peterson, secretary 

Small new collection, in process of organ- 

Huguenot Society of America Library, 2 

West 45th St 

Mrs. Isabella De Puy Agnew 
2,000 v 

Special field : Huguenot history and biog- 

New York City Continued 
India Rubber World Library, 25 West 45th 
W W Morse 

Industrial Relations Counselors Inc, 165 
Linda H. Morley 

Ingersoll-Rand Co Library, n Broadway 
H G Terwilhger 

Devoted to engineering and compressed 
air , not open to public , reference aid to other 

Institute for Crippled and Disabled Men, 

Library, 245 East 23rd St 

Johanna L. Olschewsky 
12,000 bks, pam, clippings, photographs and 
lantern slides 

Special field Vocational rehabilitation of 
orthopedic cripples Open to all for reference 

Insurance Society of New York, 100 Wil- 
liam St 
Mabel B Swerig 

20,000 bks and pam 

General field Insurance (all kinds) 

Reference open to public, circulation for 

members only 

International Combustion Engineering Cor- 
poration Library, 200 Madison Ave 
Mrs Helen A Deichman 

600 bks , 1,000 pam , 7,000 clippings, trade per 
Special fields Combustion, mechanical 

engineering For employees only 

International Ladies' Garment Workers' 
Union Library, 3 West i6th St 
Collection on labor, problems, education, 

unemployment, immigration, etc , for use of 


-Kidder, Peabody & Co, 17 Wall St. 

Jennie Louise Barnitz 
2,000 v. 

Special fields- Banking; Trade; Insur- 
ance Reference only. 

King Features Syndicate Library, 241 W 
58th St 
John H Miller 

Knoedler, M., and Company, 14 E. 57th St 

Lelia M. Wittier 
4,000 v 

Special field- Art and artists (painting 
only). Primarily for employees ; courtesy ex- 
tended to public for reference 

Kountze Brothers, Statistical Dept. Library. 

141 Broadway 

William F Lecraw 
1,200 v. 

For clients and members of investment 
houses. No interlibrary loans 


NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Kuhn, Loeb & Co., 52 William St. 

Josephine W. Lyon 
10,000 v. 

Investments and finance. 

-Laundry Board of Trade Library, 155 East 

42d St 

H K Wilder, secretary 

Small technical collection on the laundry 
industry, for members, and outsiders by spe- 
cial arrangement. 

Lazard Freres, Library, 120 Broadway 

Mrs Marion W. Fry 
Financial collection. 

League of Nations Non-Partisan Associa- 
tion Library, 6 East 39th St. 
Miss A. G F. Aylmer 

Lisman, F J , Co., Library, 24 Exchange PI. 

L. L Lubin 
5,000 v , 100,000 pam. 

Special subjects. Railroads (incl special 
statistics from 1835) , Industrial and public 

McCann, H K , Company, 285 Madison A\c 
Collection on advertising, for office staff 

McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Library. 

Tenth Ave and 36th St 

Pauline S. Petne 
10,000 bks , per , pam , etc 

Special field: Statistics, Engineering 

Marvyn Scudder Financial Library, Colum- 
bia University School of Business 
Prof. A. H. Stockder, librarian 
Mrs Mary G. Duggan, asst in charge 
6,000 v , 80 vertical files 

Special fields Banking ; Insurance , Rail- 
roads, Public utilities. 

Merchants' Association of New York Li- 
brary, Room 942, 233 Broadway 
May Wilson 

17,236 bks and pam. 

Special fields* Port development, transit, 

and other subjects affecting economic and 

commercial interests of New York City. 

Federal, state, and city (NYC) laws and 

ordinances Primarily for staff and members , 

reference use open to public. 

Metal and Thermit Corporation Library, 

120 Broadway 

Mrs H. E Hepner 
1,200 v. ; pam., patents, clippings 

Special field ; Metallurgy 

Methodist Episcopal Board of Foreign Mis- 
sions, Library. 150 Fifth Ave 

Elizabeth W Lott 
1,761 v., 2,000 pam , 50 per 

Special fields: Foreign missions. Educa- 
tional and medical work. Circulation to min- 
isters, missionaries, and students. 

New York CityContinued 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Li- 
brary, I Madison Ave. 
Florence Bradley 

75,000 v. 

Special fields: Insurance; Public health, 

Industrial. Reference free to all; loans only 

to officers and employees, and to other h- 


Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Law Li- 
brary, i Madison Ave. 

W B Northrop 
4,000 v. 

Missionary Research Library, 419 Fourth 


Hollis W Hermg 
48,000 v. 

Special subjects Missions, International 
relations , Race problems Reference onl> 

Mood>'s Investors Service, 35 Nassau St 

Vincent G Mullan 

Collection of corporation reports and for- 
eign finance data to serve staff and subscrib- 

Morgan, J P . & Company Library, 23 Wall 

Bessie Brown 
Finance and investments 

Municipal Reference Library (branch of 
Public Library), 512 Municipal Bldg 
Rebecca B Rankm 

40,000 bks and pam 

Reference free to public, circulation to 

city officials and emplo3ees 

Municipal Reference Library, Public Health 

Division, 505 Pearl St 

Sara L Halliday 
6,000 v. 

Special fields Health. Sanitation. Child 
hygiene , Vital statistics. Food, Industrial 
hygiene; Disease prevention Reference free 
to all ; loans to city employees 

Murray, Aldrich & Roberts, 37 Wall St 

Margaret Fleming 

6,000 v, including Advance Sheets of Law 
Reports, tax and legislative services 

Special fields Corporation law : Tax law ; 
Administration of estates. Corporate mort- 
gages. Reference use only 

Mutual Life Insurance Company Library, 32 
Nassau St 

James J Dillon 

27,500 v. (mainly textbooks on law and law 

National Aniline and Chemical Company 
Library, 40 Rector St 

Grace Carstensen 

4.000 y. (chemistry and economics) ; clippings 
(dye industry ipi4-date) 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

National Association of Cost Accountants, 
Research Dept , 25 West 43d St. 

H D. Posey 
700 v. (cost accounting) For members onh 

National Association of Credit Men Library, 
i Park Ave 
J A Hagios 

1,000 V 

Special subjects: Credits; Economics, 
Business statistics For members, and mem- 
bers of National Institute of Credit 

National Association of Manufacturers, Li- 
brary, 50 Church St 
Mrs A S Perkins 

Special fields Trade; Industrial rela- 
tions, Industrial economics; Labor, Open 

National Automobile Chamber of Com- 
merce, 366 Madison Ave 

W L Powlison 

6,000 v , 900 v catalogs , 400,000 copies U S 
patents , 6,000 imprinted French patents 

Special field . Automotive industry Lim- 
ited privileges 

National Bank of Commerce in N Y , 31 

Nassau St 

Elinor I. Bedlow 
11,000 v 

Special fields Banking, Finance, For- 
eign trade For employees and customers only 

National Bureau of Casualty and Surety 
Underwriters Library, 120 West 42d St 
Mildred Pressman 

1,600 v , 8,000 pam , 90 per 

Special subjects* Casualty insurance; 

Workmen's compensation , Industrial hazards , 

Labor statistics 

National Child Labor Committee Library, 

215 Fourth Ave 

Genevieve Walmsley 

Special field* Child labor, and related 
subjects Reference use, for staff and others 

National City Financial Library, 60 Wall St 

Mary Hayes 
50,000 v. 

Special fields: Banking; Currency. Sta- 
tistics ; Government reports of all countries 

National Civil Service Reform League, 8 

West 40th St 
Eldred Johnstone 

Special field: Civil service laws, reports, 
examinations, etc Available to students and 
others interested in civil service. 

New York City Continued 
National Cloak and Suit Co., 207 West 24th 

Edith F. Le Quesne 
500 v 

National Committee for the Prevention of 
Blindness, Inc, 370 Seventh Ave 

Eleanor P. Brown, secretary 
2,000 v 

National Electric Light Association Library, 
29 West 39th St 

A. Jackson Marshall, secretary 
2,000 v 

National Health Library, 370 Seventh Ave 

Mary Casamajor 
25,000 bks. and pam 

Special subjects Public health, Mental 
hygiene; Social hygiene, Child health and 
welfare, Juvenile delinquency, Tuberculosis, 
Sex education, Venereal diseases, Public 
health nursing; Psychoanalysis. 

Primarily for supporting organizations 
(American Child Health Assn , American So- 
cial Hygiene Assn , National Committee for 
Mental Hygiene, National Tuberculosis 
Assn ) , other students and social workers 
also served 

National Industrial Conference Board Li- 
brary, 247 Park Ave 

Mary Ethel Jameson 

5,500 v, 40,000 pam, releases from Govern- 
ment and other organizations 

Special fields Economics*; Industrial re- 
lations, Labor, Agriculture; Trusts and trade 
associations For staff of Board, members of 
affiliated organizations, and librarians 

National Lutheran Council Reterence Li- 
brary, 39 East 35th St 

O M Norhe, librarian , Rev G. L 

Kirffer, reference librarian 
2,000 v , 3,000 pam and reports, Lutheran 
periodicals from various countries. Special- 
izes on Amen can -Lutherana ; affiliated with 
the Norhe Library (of Norwegian-Ameri- 
cana), Decorah, la 

National Municipal League and Review Li- 
brary, 261 Broadway 

Dr H W Dodds 

City, county, and state government; Zon- 
ing, Budgets, Taxation, Civil service 

National Retail Dry Goods Assn. Library, 
225 W. 34th St 
Agnes Revie 
1,000 v 

New Jersey Zinc Company, Technical Li- 
brary, 160 Front St. 

Katharine C. Ashman 
2,500 v., 4,500 pam 

Specialties: Zinc; Paint, Rubber, Gal- 
vanizing, Metallurgy; Economic geology, 
Chemistry. For company use. 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

New York American and Evening Journal 

Library, 238 William St. 

A. E. Englehart 
800 v., clippings. 

For Hearst papers only. 

New York Athletic Club Library, 58 West 
59th St. 

Henry S Upton 
10,000 v (sport) 

New York City Board of Aldermen and 
City Clerk, Room 357, Municipal Build- 
Philip Baer 

3,000 v. 

New York City Board of Transportation 

Library, 49 Lafayette St 

Muriel F E Booth 
2,000 v 

Special field Engineering, City and 
state reports Use restricted to employees of 
the Board and in emergency to other city 

New York Yacht Club Library, 37 West 

44th St 
3,400 v (nautical) , charts 

National Council on Workmen's Compensa- 
tion Insurance Library, 151 Fifth Ave 

Edith R Daly 
550 v and pam. 

New York Daily Mirror Library, 55 Frank- 
fort St. 
Richard Meyer 

New York Evening Post Library, 75 West 


John Goetz 

3,600 v , newspaper files back to 1885; clip- 
pings, photographs, negatives 

For Post staff primarily, courtesies ex- 
tended to public 

New York Herald Tribune Library, 225 

West 40th St 

David G. Rogers 
3,500 v. 

Specializes in biography and current 
events For staff use exclusively 

New York Life Insurance Company Library, 
346 Broadway 

William A Callanan 
5,000 v., 20,000 clippings 

New York Produce Exchange Library, 2 

James H. Partrick 
2,000 v 

New York City Continued 

New York Times Circulating Library, 229 

West 43d St. 

Edward H Edwards 
4,000 v 

General collection for employees and their 

New York Times Reference Library, 229 

West 43d St. 

Marie-Anne E. Walker 
20,000 v, 3,000 pam, 90 per 

Specializes in government reports, year 
books, statistics For reportonal and editorial 
staff, only one section, The Information 
Bureau, serves the public 

New York Title and Mortgage Company 
Library, 135 Broadway 
Hazel Richt 

New York Trust Company Library, 100 
Marion Matthews 

New York Tuberculosis and Health Assn, 
Inc , Library, 244 Madison Ave 

Godias J Drolet 
2,000 bks , 2,000 pam 

Special fields Vital statistics, Tubercu- 
losis, Health in general For staff and asso- 
ciated committees 

New York World Librir> 

James W Wells 
40,500 v 

General reference, never closed, open to 
public on order from business manager 

North American Company Library, 60 


Laura V Schnarendorf 
1,400 v , 1,000 pam 

Special field Public utilities (valuation, 
depreciation, rates) For use of company 
executives and employees , inter-library loans 

Olmstcad, Pernn, & Leffingwell, Inc, 250 

Park Ave. 

Advertising agency collection for office 

Packard Library, 753 Seventh Ave 

C H Packard 

300 v , index of material in N Y C libraries 
on the theater and motion pictures 

Pedlar & Ryan, Research Department Li- 
brary, 250 Park Ave 

250 v , clipping files 

Special field Advertising (special fields 

depending on client interest) 

Pennie, Davis, Marvin, & Edmonds, 165 


A Margaret Nellis 

Special subjects: Patents; Trade marks; 


NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Personnel Research Federation Library, 40 
West 4 oth St 

Pharmaceutical Era Library, 154 Nassau St 

E J Kennedy 
3,ooo v 

Special fields Pharmac} , Chemistry , 
Medicine and related subjects Reference use 
permitted, no loans. 

Players' Club, 16 Gramercy Park 

Guy Nichols 
5,000 v. (drama, music, art) 

For members and guests , non-members by 
special arrangement: 

Platt, Charles A, (Library), 101 Park Ave 
Architectural collection for staff use only 

Playground and Recreation Assn. of Amer- 
ica Library, 315 Fourth Ave. 
Charlotte Morrell 

750 v and pam , also file of miscellaneous 

mimeographed and other material. 

Special subjects Community recreation, 

Music, Drama Free for reference; no loans 

Polk. R L , & Co , Inc., 524 Broadway 

E J Loranger 

^,000 v (directories of the world) 
Open to all for consultation. 

Poor's Publishing Co , Information and Li- 
brary Dept, 33 Broadway 

Carlos C Houghton 

Collection largely statistical files on cor- 
porations, particularly steam railroads and 
public utilities Service to bankers, brokers, 
and private investors. 

Port of New York Authority Library, 75 

West St 

M E Pellett 
5,600 bks and pam 

Special field Economic and engineering 
aspects of Airways, Highways, Railways, and 

Potter & Company, Library, 5 Nassau St 

Eleanor Kerr 
Financial collection 

Price, Waterhouse and Co , 56 Pine St 

Audienne Graham 
5,000 v , 5,000 pam 

Special subjects Accountancy, Finance, 
Public utilities 

Printers' Ink Publishing Co, 185 Madison 


1,200 v ; complete files Printers' Ink and 
Printers' Ink Monthly ! 

Special fields: Advertising, Merchandis- | 
ing Reference use for subscribers I 

New York City Continued 

Protestant Episcopal Church, Dept of Mis- 
sions and Church Extension, Library, 281 
Fourth Ave 
Mabel L. Condick 

6,000 v. 

Special subject- Religions 

Public National Bank of New York, Li- 
brary, 25th St. and Broadway 
Lucy Young 

Redmond & Co, Library, 33 Pine St 

Josephine Curry 
Banking and investments 

Remhardt Galleries Library, 730 Fifth Ave. 

E C Stmnell 
1,500 v , 2,000 sales catalogs 

Special field Art Not open to public 

Retail Research Assn Library, 1440 Broad- 

Fanny L Coit 
1,750 v 

Important subjects Retail merchandis- 
ing, Stoie operation, Statistics 

Robinson & Company Library, 26 Exchange 


Beatrice E Carr * 

10,000 v 

Special subjects Banking , Foreign trade ; 
Railroads, Taxation, Public utilities, Invest- 
ments Primarily for staff use 

Rockefeller Foundation Librar> 61 Broad- 

Esther G Wright 

30,000 v "*' T 

Special subjects Public health, Yellow 
fever; Hookworm disease, Malaria, Tropical 
diseases, Sanitation, Hospital administration 
Serves the staff of the Foundation and affili- 
ated boards, courtesies to outsiders 

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research 

Library, 66th St and Ave A 

66th St and Ave A 
Lilha M D Trask 
18,000 bks , 7,000 pam 

Special fields Medicine and allied sci- 
ences Not open to public 

Ronald Press Company Library, 15 East 

26th St 

Anna Mulligan 
5,000 v 

Special field Business For company 
use only. 

Roosevelt Memorial Library and Museum, 
Roosevelt House, 28 East 20th St 

R W G Vail 

25,000 Mss, books, pam, photographs, car- 
toons, clippings, relics, motion picture films 

Special subject Theodore Roosevelt. 
Reference free, inter library loan 



HEW YORK Continued 

Mw York City Continued 

Russell Sage Foundation Library, 130 East 

22d St. 

Frederick Warren Jenkins 
25,624 bd. v. f 91,504 unbound 

Special fields: Applied sociology, includ- 
ing crime, housing, industrial problems, pub- 
lic health, social welfare, etc. Both circu- 
lating and reference. 

-Salmagundi Club Library, 47 Fifth Ave 

Tappan Bowne 

Illustrated art books; reference only, for 
club members 

Search-Light Information Library, 461 

Fourth Ave 
E E. Reid 

Commercial research service industrial, 
technical, economic. Clippings, pictures, maps, 
documents, bibliographies. 

Silk Association of America, 468 Fourth 

Allie M. Pike 
5,000 v Reference only. 

Simmons-Boardman Publication Co . 30 

Church St 

Lillian McDermott 

Special fields Transportation (railroad, 
marine, motor, aviation) ; Boiler-making, files 
of railroad annual reports and statistics for 
Railway Age Reference use for advertisers 
and readers; no loans 

Sinclair Exploration Company, Room 1500, 

45 Nassau St 

L E Nussear, acting 

Special fields: Petroleum industry, also 
geology, geography, economics of various for- 
eign countries 

Social Service Commission, Lending Li- 
brary, Diocese of New York, 416 La- 
fayette Sf 
Rev. Charles K. Gilbert, executive 


Limited to members and clergy of Epis- 
copal Church in Diocese of New York 

Society for Electrical Development, Inc , Li- 
brary, 522 Fifth Ave 
Helen E Hemphill 
70,000 v. 

Special field- Electricity (built around 
the idea "Dp it electrically") Compiles sta- 
tistics and information for members, limited 
outside service 

Spectator Company Library, 135 William St 

Ernest V. Sullivan 

Special field: Insurance. For customers' 

New York City Continued 

Spencer Trask & Company Library, 25 

Broad St 4* 
Marian Emerson 

Financial collection 

Speyer & Co, 24 Pine St 

Marjpnc Boehm 
Financial collection 

Standard Statistics Co., Inc , 47 West St. 

Eleanor S. Cavanaugh 

3,000 v , 1,000 pam., clippings, reports on sev- 
eral hundred thousand corporations 

Special subjects Banking, Investment, 
Financial, Foreign trade, Railroads Serves 
company editors, statisticians, and subscrib- 

Sullivan & Cromwell, Library Department, 

49 Wall St. 

Miss Lotus L Mitchell 
8,000 v. and pam 

Special field Law reports and textbooks , 
state and federal statutes For use of firm 

Sun Library, 280 Broadway 

Paul Drane 

3,500 v., many pamphlets and clippings 
For use within the Sun Bldg 

Tax Review Reference Library, 165 Broad- 

Joseph J Mitchell 
2,000 v (economics and finance) 

Texas Company Library, 17 Battery Place 
800 v ; pamphlet files 

Organized to serve the export department 
and company 

Theatrical Hall of Fame (Dramatic 
Morgue), Library, 24 Beekman St 
William M. Hildebrand, keeper 

20,000 v. and pam., 100,000 portraits, clippings, 

playbills, etc. 

Special fields: Drama; Music Jenny 

Lind coll is largest extant 

Theosophical Society, New York Lodge, 
2228 Broadway 

Franklin B Bissell 
1,000 v 

Thompson, J Walter, Company, Department 
of Information and Records, General Li- 
brary, 420 Lexington Ave. 
Fanny A Bell 

1,016 v. ; current periodical files 

Special field' Advertising research and 

market analysis. For members and clients of 




NEW YORK Continued 
New York City Cont 

Tobacco Merchants' Association of the 

United States Library, 5 Beekman St. 

Ruth Blosveren 
1,500 v. 

Special field Tobacco and allied indus- 
tries. Reference only. 

Trailer Manufacturers Association Library, 

1133 Broadway 

Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation Li- 

brary, 30 East 42d St. 

United States Brewers' Association Library, 

50 Union Sq. 

3,000 v , 350,000 docs , clippings, etc. on liquor 

United States Testing Co , Inc , 316 Hudson 


Fleurida Poulin 
1,000 v 

Special subjects: Textiles; Oils; Fuels, 
Dyes , Steel , Microscopy , Paper , Industrial 

United States Rubber Co General Librarj, 

1790 Broad wa> 

Elizabeth B Wra> 

Special fields Rubber and allied sub- 
jects, as automotive industry, footwear, etc 
For use of entire U S Rubber System, 
domestic and foreign, courtesies extended to 
outsiders when needed 

Vedanta Society Library, 34 West 71 st St 

Ada L Stuart 
1,000 v 

Special subjects. Religion, Hindu phi- 

Wall Street Journal Library, 44 Broad St 

Florence Wagner 

Special field Finance For staff and sub- 

Warren & Wetmore Library, 16 East 47th 


Francois Mellot 
Architectural collection for office use 

Western Union Telegraph Company, 195 


Edith L Shearer 
5,300 v 

Technical collection for employees 

White, J G, Engineering Corporation Li- 

brary, 43 Exchange Place. 

White & Case Library, 14 Wall St. 
Law collection for office use. 

New York City Continued 

White & Kcmble Library, 80 Maiden Lane 

Florence Stewart 
9.000 v. 

Special subjects: Railroads (mortgages, 
leases, reports) ; Reports of state commission- 
ers, bank commissioners, Interstate Commerce 
Commission; Stock Exchange listings. 

Working Women's Protective Union Li- 
brary, 289 Fourth Ave. 

Y MCA International Committee, His- 
torical Library of American Y. M. C. A 's 
Katherme Beakes 

6,000 v.. 100,000 pam 

Special field- Y M. C. A work in all 

countries; strong in religion and sociology 

Use confined to Y M. C A secretaries and to 

kindred organizations 

Y W C A National Board Library and 
Training School Library, 600 Lexington 
Signd Holt 

10,000 v, pams (sociology) 

Young & Rubicam, 285 Madison Ave 

Jeanne Batten 

Few books, vast number pamphlets and clip- 

Special field: Advertising. For em- 
ployees and clients , inter-library courtesies 


Bureau of Municipal Research Library, 310 

Aetna Bldg 
2,000 v 

Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Trade 
Bureau Library 

H P. Van Blarcom 
1,500 v. 

Democrat & Chronicle Library, 51 Main St 


500 v., 10,000 cuts and photographs, 4,000 en- 
velopes of clippings 

Special subjects* Rochester, Monroe 
county. New York State, and U. S. history, 
Current affairs , biographies of living celebri- 
ties Primarily for staff use 

Eastman Kodak Company, Business Li- 
brary, 343 State St 
Ethel A Shields 

550 v , 3,000 pam , many mim sheets from gov- 

Specializes in statistical material, adver- 
tising and selling Open to public on request 

Eastman Kodak Company, Research Li- 
brary, Kodak Park 

Elsie Garvin 

11,000 y, 500 pam , classified file photographic 
magazine literature, 1914-date 

Special field: Photography; includes 
physics (light, X-rays, optics), chemistry, and 
technical literature as applicable to the indus- 
try (gelatin, cotton, etc.). Open to public on 
request , inter-library loans. 



HEW YORK Continued 

Rochester Continued 

Rochester Bureau of Municipal Research, 

2,000 V. 

For use of staff 

Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation, 34 

Clinton Ave 

Floyd Mason 
l,ooo v 

Special subjects- Gas, Electricity; En- 
gineering; Accident prevention Primarily for 

Rochester Times-Union and Advertiser, 24 
Exchange St. 

Arthur D. Goodman 
500 v 

Sampson & Murdock Directory Library, 

Chamber of Commerce, 55 St Paul St. 

Taylor Instrument Company Library, 95 

Ames St. 

Mane H. Molnar 
2,500 v.; 3,500 patents 

Special subjects: Physics, Metallurgy, 
Chemistry; Blood pressure. Primarily for 
technical staff 


General Electric Company, Research Labo- 
ratory Bldg No 5, Library 
Irene M Hamilton, acting 


Special subjects Physics, Chemistry, 


For company use only, and particularly 

the Research Laboratory 

General Electric Company, Main Library 

William F. Jacob 

Serves all branches of the organization, 
including factories and sales offices 

Manning, H A, Directory Library, 434 

State St 


Gaylord Brothers Library 
Forrest B Spaulding 
500 v , 1,500 pam 

Specializes on libraries For office refer- 
ence and consultation by mail. 

Solvay Process Company Library 

J L Wiley 
3,500 v , 1,000 pam. 

Technical Serves the Solvay Process 
Co., The Semet-Solvay Co, and the Atmos- 
pheric Nitrogen Corporation. 

Syracuse Herald Library 

Florence K. Griffin 
1.500 v 


Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Re- 
search Library, 1086 North Broadway 

Zeliaettd Troy 
9,000 v., 4,000 pam 

Special subjects- Plant physiology, pa- 
thology, and bio-chemistry 



Pilot Life Insurance Company Library 

Mrs. Fannie Gordon Rudd 
365 v 

Fields: Life and fire insurance For 
Home Office and agency employees 


Legislative Reference Library 

H M London 
12,000 bks and pam. 



Masonic Grand Lodge Library 
Clara Richards 



Burch Directory 

Water Sts 

Librar> , Exchange and 

Bureau of Municipal Research Library, Sec- 
ond National Bank Bldg 

H. G. McGee 
1,680 v. 

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Li- 
brary, Firestone Park 
George R Lamson 

8,300 v 

Special subjects Rubber, Motor vehicles 

For company use only 

Goodrich, B F Company, General Library 

Grace Ellen Manning 
2,500 v , 187 per 

Special subjects Rubber. Accounting; 
Letter writing. Management. Salesmanship, 
Advertising For company employees only 

Goodrich, B F, Company, Technical Li- 
Julian F Smith 

4,000 v ; 4,000 pam 

Special field Chemical technology, with* 

emphasis on rubber Primarily for company 

use; properly accredited individual^ are given 

reference use, inter-library loans 


OHIO Continued 
Akron. Continued 

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Li- 

Mrs. Ada F. Kennedy 
3,500 v , 6 f ooo pam 

Special subjects: Rubber and its indus- 
trial uses, Textiles, Aeronautics. For em- 
ployees only 


Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, 126 East 

4th St 

L. M. Gruber 
2,200 v , 150 per 

Special fields Municipal administration, 
statistics , state and city laws and ordinances , 
directories Reference, for members 

Cincinnati Enquirer Library, 126 East 4th 

Harry Pence 
250 v , 1,000 pam. 

Cincinnati Observatory Library 

Dr Everett I Yowell 
4,000 v Reference only 

Cincinnati Street Railway Company Li- 
brary, 808 Dixie Terminal Bldg 
Caroline Hem 

800 v 

For officials and office employees only 

Cincinnati Times-Star, Sixth and Walnut 

Virginia Hickman 

350 v , bd files N Y. Times, Editor & Pub- 
lisher, Fourth Estate, etc 

Scope Current news events Used free- 
ly by public. 

Donnelley, Reuben H , Corporation Library, 

402 Neave Bldg 
Gertrude B Shelpman 

Telephone directories of larger cities, 
trade journals, and trade directories Spe- 
cializes in buying information in connection 
with telephone Red Books 


Lloyd Library and Museum of Botany and 
Pharmacy, 309 W. Court St 

Anne Mackay 
50,740 v and pam 

Merrell, William S, Company Library, 

Fifth and Pike Sts 

Mabel M Walker 
i, 600 v , 500 pam , 3,000 clippings 

Special subjects- Chemistry, Pharmacy, 
Medicine Primarily for company use, but 
courtesies extended to outsiders 

Cincinnati Continued 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the 

U S , Ohio Commandery, 812 Race St 

Laura A. Parry 

Special field: Civil War history. For 
members only 

Municipal Reference Bureau, Hanna Hall, 

University of Cincinnati 

Marcia L Adkins 
if SOD v , clippings 

For those in or out of the university who 
are interested in political science 

Procter and Collier Company Library, Mc- 
Millan St at Reading Road 

Elsie M Flynn 
400 v (advertising and selling) 

Procter & Gamble Company Library 

Grace Stowell 
900 v , pam , and trade per 

For members of Procter & Gamble or- 
ganization only 

Union Central Life Insurance Company Li- 

Charles A Read 

Williams Directory Library, Walsh Bldg. 


Central National Bank, Rockefeller Bldg 

Jennie La Rue Johnston 
200 v , clippings. (Also station of Cleveland 
Public Library) 
For employees 

Cleveland Directory Library, 518 The 


Cleveland Orchestra Library, Caxton Bldg 

Cleveland Plain Dealer Library 

C C Wilson 
600 v , 1,000,000 clippings, pictures, and cuts. 

Cleveland Press Library, Rockwell and 
East Qth Sts 
Lenore M Lingam 

Cleveland Trust Company Library, Euclid 
Ave and oth St 
Dr Leonard P Ayres, statistician 

Common Brick Manufacturers Association 
of America Library, 2121 Guarantee Title 
Ralph P. Stoddard, secretary 

1,000 v (architecture, engineering, etc ) 


OHIO Continued 

Cleveland Continued 

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 

Alta B. Claflm 

2,800 v.; loo vertical file drawers of miscel- 
laneous data 

Primarily for bank staff and member 
banks , research workers and general public in 
special cases. 

Joseph & Feiss Company Library, 2,149 
West 53d St 

Mildred L. Justice 
Circulating collection for employees 

Municipal Reference Branch, Cleveland 

Public Library, 410 City Hall 

Mary H Clark 
22,000 bks. and pam. ; 6,000 clippings 

Special fields Besides all municipal mat- 
ters, Cleveland local history and city docu- 
ments Used chiefly by city employees; open 
to public 

Otis & Company, Statistical Dept, Cuy- 

ahoga Bldg 
V. T. Western 

Financial; exclusively for staff and 

Union Trust Company Library 
Emma M. Boyer 

White Motor Company Library, Research 


Rose L Vormelker 
2,000 v. 

Special subjects Transportation, Eco- 
nomics , Business management , Motor vehicle 
engineering. For executives 

White Motor Company, Personnel Library 

Rose L. Vormelker 

3,000 v. (deposit from Cleveland Public Li- 
brary) For employees. 

Cleveland (NeU Park) 

General Electric Company, Research Labo- 
ratory, Incandescent Lamp Dept. 
Irene Nierath Moore 


Spcial subjects Physics, Chemistry; 

Physical chemistry, Electrical engineering; 

Illuminating engineering. 


Ohio State Life Insurance Co 

J M. Sarver 
No formal library ; "quite a few books." 


Dayton Bureau of Research, 811 Dayton 
Savings & Trust Bldg. 
C. B. Greene 

Dayton Continued 

Engineers Club Library, Monument and 
Jefferson Sts. 
George A. Buvinger, chairman library 

1400 v. 

General Motors Research Corporation li- 

Katharine M. Schulz 
2,500 v. 

National Cash Register Company Library 

H. F. May 
7,500 v. 

For employees. 

U S. Air Corps, Materiel Division Library, 

Wright Field 

Hope Thomas 
5,588 v , 32,253 docs and reports 

Special field. Aeronautics. Books kept 
on Field, documents loaned to aircraft and 
engine manufacturers and others interested 

Y. MCA Bible Reference Library 

John S Moore 
1,000 v. 

Special subjects Religion, Bible his- 
tory, Religious psychology Reference use, 
for pastors and church workers 


Procter & Gamble Co, Chemical Division 


L W. Bosart, E L Schulze 
2,500 v. (incl. bd per ) , large number pam 
and govt publications 

Special subjects Soaps, Fats; Oils, 
Wax, Cosmetics, Foods, Textiles Non- 
reference books circulated 

North Canton 

Hoover Company Library 

P R Browne 
500 v , 185 per. 

Field: General business and sales promo- 
tion, Electrical engineering 


Toledo Municipal Reference Library, 107 
Public Safety Bldg. 

Virgil Sheppard 
1,050 v. and bd per 

Toledo Sunday School Association Library, 
Suite 418, Nicholas Bldg. 

Lee Rynder, Jr 
1,100 v. 


Republic Iron & Steel Company Library 

Mrs. T H. Bulla 

2,000 bks. and pam. ; affiliated with Public Li- 

Special subjects: Iron and steel; Chem- 
istry; Engineering; Coal and coke. For em- 
ployees and their families. 





Municipal Research Library, University of 

Harry A. Barth 
1,000 v. and pam. 

Oklahoma Geological Survey Library 

Suewillie Camuse 
5,000 v , per., maps. 

Special subjects: Geology, Mineralogy, 
Paleontology; Petrography; Petrology Use 
restricted to geologists, oil companies, and 
students within the state 

Oklahoma City 

Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Li- 
1,000 v. (city directories) 

Ponca City 

Marland Oil Company Library 

Basil Turner 

1,000 v, 5,000 govt. bulls, 3,000 pam, clip- 
pings, and mss , 100 per on file 

Special field . Petroleum and related sub- 
jects Serves entire organization of 6,000 em- 


Municipal Reference Library (branch of 
Public Library), 312 City Hall 

Mrs. Caroline L B Signs t 
17,500 v. 

Municipal administration Open to all 

Polk Directory Library, 526 Artisans Bldg 

Portland Electric Power Company Library, 

511 Electric Bldg. 

Beatrice L Hawkins 
5,000 v and pam 

Special subjects Electric power, Public 

U S Forestry Department, Portland Djs- 
tnct Library 
Maude Stone 

Whitfield, William, & Co, Library 
Accountancy collection. 

Beaver Falls 

Beaver Falls Art Tile Company Library 

G E Sladek 

450 v For research in ceramics and reference 
in engineering (mechanical and electrical). 


Du Pont de Nemours, E I., & Co, Eastern 

Laboratory Library, Box 424 

Jane A. Henry 
4,000 v., 10,000 patents 

Special fields' Chemistry: Explosives 
For company use only. 

Chester Continued 

Scott Paper Company Library, foot of Mar- 
ket St. 
150 v. For employees. 

East Pittsburgh 

Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing 

Company Library 
700 v 

For use of foreman and shop supervisors 


General Electric Company Library, Publica- 
tion Dept, East Lake Road 

Albert H. Richardson 


Legislative Reference Bureau 

James N Moore, director, Irma A 

Watts, reference librarian 
2,100 bks , 4,500 pam 

Patriot and Evening News Library 
W Elmer Heilman 

Pennsylvania State Dept of Internal 
Affairs, Bureau of Municipalities Libran 
Sarah Dickinson 


Armstrong Cork Co, Linoleum Division 

Susan G. Quigley 
1,200 v 

General business collection For em- 
ployees only 


Chamber of Commerce Library, 502 Fifth 

1,000 v 

New Kensington 

Aluminum Company of America, Research 


Mary Elizabeth Key 

Special field Chemistry and metallurgy 
of aluminum and its alloys. For the Bureau 


New 1 Jersey Zinc Company (of Pa.), Tech- 
nical Library 
P A. Bartholomew 

5,000 v, 5,000 pam., 6,000 patents 

Special subjects: Chemistry; Metallurgy 

For employees 


American Baptist Publication Society, Re- 
ligious Education Department Loan Li- 
brary, 1701 Chestnut St. 

Mildred E Adams 
Field : Biblical interpretation ; History of 

Christianity and of the Baptist Church ; Edu- 




Philadelphia Continued 
cation; Psychology; Sociology; Theology, 
Sermons ; Practical church work. Chiefly for 
editorial and field forces, other groups by 
special vote 

American Institute of Banking, Philadel- 
phia Chapter Library, Public Ledger 
Bldg., 6th and Chestnut Sts 
Mrs N. J. Smith-Fisher 

American Red Cross Library, 1610 Locust 

Anna Rogers 

Special subjects Red Cross life saving 
material, home hygiene, care of the sick, first 

American Sunday School Union Library, 

1816 Chestnut St 
James McConaughy 

Special subjects Sunday school history 
and methods, Biblical interpretation; Orien- 
talisms, Archeology, travel, and exploration 
in Bible lands Consulted by appointment 

Anthracite Bureau of Information, 917 
Lafayette Bldg , 437 Chestnut St 

A H. Armstrong, secretary 
Special field- Coal and coal mining, 

Mineral statistics Reference only 

Atlantic Refining Company, 3*44 Passyunk 

William F Stotz 

Scope Technical library covering chemi- 
cal analysis, chemical engineering, lubrication, 
organic chemistry, petroleum and its products 

Atlantic Refining Company, 260 South 

Broad St 
Jean G Justice 

Scope: Petroleum products, their appli- 
ances, etc For employees. 

Baldwin Locomotive Works, 500 North 

Broad St 
R H Sanford 

Scope: Engineering, especially as ap- 
plied to locomotives 

Brown Crosby & Co, Library, 435 Walnut 

Louise Keller 

Special field: Insurance (life). "A very 
small collection of reference books and file 

Bureau of Municipal Research, 905 Social 
Service Bldg, 311 South Juniper St 

Helen F. Gruner 

Philadelphia Continued 

Chamber of Commerce Library, N E. cor. 

Twelfth and Walnut Sts. 

Reading and reference collection of cur- 
rent trade and business publications and sta- 
tistical data, for members 

Civic Club of Philadelphia, 1300 Spruce St 

Claire B MacAfee, secretary 
Special field Civic and municipal mat- 

Corn Exchange National Bank Library 

Clara van Gunten 

1,200 v , also Reports of Council of Foreign 
Bondholders, 1912-1926, mcl 

Banking and foreign trade collection, for 
reference use by customers and staff 

Curtis Publishing Company, Advertising 

Department, Division of Commercial Re- 
search. Sixth and Walnut Sts 

Charles Coolidge Parlin, manager 
Scope Advertising research, Market 
analyses of various products 

Dental Cosmos Library, 211 South I2th St 

L Pierce Anthony 
Special field * Dentistry Reference only 

Dill & Collins Company Library, Richmond 

and Tioga Sts 
E H Ertel 

Special field . Cellulose and paper-making 
Reference only, special permission necessar> 

Diocese of Pa , Dept of Social Service, 

Lending Library, Church House, 202 
South I9th St 

Limited to members and clergy of Epis- 
copal Church in the diocese 

Donnelley, Reuben H , Corporation Librar> , 

1214 Race St 

Samuel J Hanick 

Scope All information telling "where to 

Electric Storage Battery Co , Technical Li- 
' brary, I9th St and Allegheny Ave 

Mrs Gertrude W Maxwell 
Special subjects- Engineering (mechan- 
ical and electrical) , Storage batteries , Chem- 
istry, Chemical technology, Metallurgy, Pat- 
ents, Physics. Primarily for executives and 

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, 
Library, 925 Chestnut St 
G. Jeannette Craven 

Subjects: Banking, Finance; Economics 
For Bank and its member banks 

Federation of Jewish Charities, Library, 330 

South 9th St 
Elinor Loeb 

General field Sociology, especially child 
and family welfare, Psychology, Psycho- 
analysis ; Education ; Economics , Hygiene 
and public health. 




Philadelphia Continued 

Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co., 112 

North Broad St 
Elsie Ullrich 
10,000 v 

Special fields Actuarial science, Life in- 
surance , Investments Not open to public 

General Electric Companj, 1321 Walnut St 

Miss M A Givens 
300 v 

Special fields Engineering (mining, ma- 
rine, electrical, mechanical) , Electrical re- 
views, Merchandising Primarily for com- 
pany employees, reference use for outsiders 

Grand Lodge F & A M of Pennsylvania 
Library, Broad and Filbert Sts 
Dr J E Burnett Buckenham 
Special field Masonry and Masonic bi- 

Houghton, E F , & Co , 240 West Somerset 

M Stella Heim 

Special subjects. Chemistry, Lubrication, 
Oils , Leather and tanning Photostat service 
on material in library. 

Human Research Corporation Library, 816 

Packard Bldg 

Earl W Hildreth 
600 v , 20 per 

Spec field Personnel problems of indus- 
try (including records and statistics) , also 
selection and admission problems of colleges 

Independence Bureau Library, 137 South sth 

Louise Keller 

"Small collection of books, over a dozen 
file drapers of pamphlets, etc" 

Special subjects Accident prevention , 
Fire extinction (private fire departments, in- 
dustrial plants) , Fire protection for special 
hazards, industrial plants, or buildings; In- 
dustrial pensions. Mutual benefit associa- 
tions; Occupational diseases, Welfare work 
in industry 

Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania, 138 
South 4th St 
G R Dette, secretary 

Jewish Federation Building, Library Com- 
mittee, 330 South pth St 
Mrs Elmer R Simon 
Social service collection 

Keneseth Israel Free Library, 1717 North 
Broad St 

Mrs Flora A Frankel 
General library for Jews 

Lippmcott, J B, Company Library, Wash- 
ington Square 
W M Lednum 

Philadelphia Continued 

Midvale Steel & Ordnance Co., Nicetown 
Works (P O Box 1322, Philadelphia) 

George M Orf 

Special field. Metallurgy; Steel, Ameri- 
can and foreign patents relating to steel. For 
employees' research use 

Mulford, H K, Company Library, 640 

North Broad St 
R H Hutchison 

Special fields Pharmacy; Bacteriology, 
Newer materia medica 

New Church Book Association Library, 2129 

Chestnut St 
Mary Hames 

Special fields Swedenborg, Education, 
Interpretation of Scriptures 

Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau 
Josephine B Carson 

Pennsylvania Forestry Association Library, 
130 South 15th St 

F. L Bitter, secretary 
1,000 v. 

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Library, 
1600 Walnut St 
Maria B Samuel 


Special fields Horticulture, Agriculture, 
Botany; Pomology 

Pennsylvania Sugar Company Library, 1037 
North Delaware Ave 
James W Willard 
Engineering data 

Pennsylvania Tuberculosis Society Library, 

311 South Juniper St 
Ethel Johnson 

Special field. Tuberculosis and health 
work Reference collection, but circulates to 
health agencies 

Philadelphia Bourse Library, Fourth and 
Fifth Sts , between Market and Chestnut 

Harry J Walker 

Special fields Trade journals; Direc- 
tories , Government documents. 

Philadelphia Builders Exchange and Em- 
ployers Assn , Library, 1716 Arch St 

G S Stuart, secretary 
Special field Building data of all kinds 

Reference use, public welcomed. 

Philadelphia Child Health Society Library, 
Room 403, 311 South Juniper St 

Helen V. Cross, acting secretary 
Informal collectioh of health pamphlets, 

magazines, reprints, and reports dealing 

chiefly with child health, primarily for staff 







Philadelphia Commercial Museum Library, 

34th St. below Spruce 
John J. Macfarlane 
37,182 v. 

Specializes in commercial statistics of all 

Philadelphia Dept. of City Transit Library, 
121 1 Chestnut St 
Miss Rogers 

Philadelphia Electric Company Library, 

1,000 Chestnut St 
E. Mae Taylor 

Special subjects: Electrical engineering, 
including application of electricity to lighting, 
heating, cooking, refrigeration, radio, public 
utilities; Public service commissions, Giant 
power and superpower, Accounting. 

Philadelphia Health Council and Tubercu- 
losis Committee Library, 501 Social Serv- 
ice Bldg., 311 South Juniper St 

Dorothy E Wiesner 

Field ' Public and industrial health Spe- 
cial material on child and negro health, heart 
disease, heliotherapy, occupational therap>, 
statistics, tuberculosis 

Philadelphia Inquirer, Editorial Library and 

Reference Dept 

Paul P Foster 

2,000 v, several hundred thousand clippings, 
photographs and electrotypes 

Open to public for reference only. 

Philadelphia Public Ledger, Reference Dept 


Joseph F Kwapil 

15,000 v. ; "several million" clippings , 2,500,000 
photographs, 80,000 cuts; 120,000 negatives 

Scope. Very complete on current histor> 
and biography. For staff use only 

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company Li- 
brary, N. W cor. Broad and Locust Sts 

Mrs. Carolyn S Faltermayer 
6,000 v 

Polk Directory Library, 1712 Market St 

Edward Ewell, supt 

1,500 city and trade directories, blue books 
and social registers. 

Provident Mutual Life Insurance, 4th and 

Chestnut St 

Mary S Allen 
5,000 bks., 1,000 pam. 

Special fields- Life insurance; Actuarial 
science; Finance; Investments; Life insurance 
salesmanship: Office management; Business 
psychology. Reference use for all ; circulation 
to home office employees 

Philadelphia Continued 

Strawbridge & Clothier Library, Eighth 

and Market Sts 

General merchandise and business library 
for employees. 

Theosophical Society, Hermes Lodge, 
Rooms 207-209, 1924 Chestnut St 

Dr. Mary B. Leeds 

Reference free; circulation by subscrip- 

United Gas Improvement Company Library, 

1401 Arch St 

William E Saunders 
8,000 v 

Special subjects Gas (natural and arti- 
ficial) , Petroleum , Coal ; Electricity , Public 
utilities; Municipal ownership, Public service 
commissions and corporations, Water power. 

United States Bureau of Foreign and Do- 
mestic Commerce, Room 812, 20 South 
I5th St 

S. H Day, district manager 
Special subjects Foreign trade, Tariff 
and customs regulations and duties, Hand- 
books and travelers' guides on foreign coun- 

United States Naval Aircraft Factory Li- 

Mrs Agnes Tomhnson 

I United States Navy Branch Hydrographic 

, Office Library 

| Capt D Pratt Mannix 

I Spec Field- Navigation 

! Women's International League for Peace 
| and Freedom, Library, 20 South I2th St 

Mrs. Mildred Scott Olmsted 
Special subjects War and peace. Dis- 
armament; International relations, World 
Court; League of Nations 

Philadelphia (Olney) 

Proctor & Schwartz, Inc , 7th St. and Tabor 

Miss R. A Caskey 

General business collection For employ- 
ees only 


Hemz, H J , Co., Quality Control Dept Li- 
brary, Progress St, N S 
Miss Hrnbescky 

Mellon Institute of Industrial Research Li- 
brary, Thackeray Ave. and O'Hara St 

Lois Heaton 
8,500 v. (4,600 per ) ; trade catalogs 

Special fields Chemistry , Chemical tech- 
nology. Open to research fellows of the In- 
stitute; faculty and graduate students of the 
University of Pittsburgh. 



Pittsburgh Continued 
Mellon National Bank Library 

Edna I Casterlme 
1,300 v , 500 pam and per 

Special fields Banks and banking , Bonds 
and securities, Law, Manuals Primarily for 
bank officers, employees, and customers, gen- 
eral public for reference. 

Mundatechmcal Society of America, Library 
O McKenzie, secretary (7,025 Chaucer 

200 v (furs, textiles, dry-cleaning) 

Pennsylvania Railroad System Library, 
Room 820, Pennsylvania Station 

H B Simpson 
7,000 v For officers and employees 

Philadelphia Company Library, 435 Sixth 


Margaret P Burns 
1,900 v 

Special fields Public utilities , Law For 
u-,e of employees, law books, reference only 

Polk Directory Library, 1331-35 Fifth Ave 
75" v 

Tuberculosis League of Pittsburgh, Bedford 

Ave and Wandlcss St 
Adeline M Macrum 
5,000 v 

Special fields Public health, Tubercu- 
losis For residents of Allegheny County 

United States Bureau of Mines, Experi- 
ment Station Library, 4800 Forbes St 

Gertrude L Woodin 
12,500 v 

Special fields Coal, Mining, Engineer- 
ing, Chemistry, Metallurgy General refer- 
ence use permitted , loans only by special per- 
mission of superintendent 


Boyd, W H, Directory Library, Chamber 

of Commerce 
750 v 


Engineers Society of Northeastern Pennsyl- 
vania Library 

B E Schaefer, secretary (415 North 

Washington Ave ) 
1,500 bd per. and technical reports. 

West Grove 

American Rose Society Library 

Robert Pyle, secretary 
Collection on roses started 



Annmary Brown Memorial, 1007 

Margaret B Stillwell, curator 
Over 500 incunabula on perpetual exhibi- 
tion, aims to show at least one issue from 
each of the first presses 

Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co Library 

Technical collection, for employees only. 

Business Branch, Providence Public Lib- 
rary, Chamber of Commerce Building, 
Market Square 

Dorothy G Bell 

2,500 v , 300 directories, 60 per , 15 vertical file 

Special subjects Advertising , account- 
ing, real estate, business administration and 
economics, insurance, banking and invest- 
ments , salesmanship Reference chiefl} 

Gorham Mfg Co Library 

Howard L Mather 
2,200 v For employees 

Grinnell Company, Inc, Librar>, 200 West 

Exchange St 

F E Wood 
520 bks , clippings 

Special fields Engineering, Insurance 
(fire prevention and protection) For com- 
pany employees 

Providence Journal Compan> Library 

W A Ryan 

20.000 v , 200.000 pictures, dail\ and Sunday 
papeis since 1820 

Serves both staff and public 

Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company Li- 
brary, 15 Westminster St 

George C Scott 
150 v 

Sampson & Murdock Directory Library, 

509 Westminster St 
750 v 



Civic Federation of Dallas, Library, 2419 

Maple Ave 

Mrs L M Rice 
i, 800 v , 20,000 pam , 34 per. 

Special field. Social sciences. For home 
and reference use. 

Dallas Morning News Reference Library 

Leila B Shuey 

For employees, and public to limited ex- 



TEXAS Continued 

DalUfr- Continued 

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Library 

Erin Humphrey 
700 v. 

Banking and finance. Primarily for em- 
ployees; courtesies to outsiders. 

Worlcy Directory Library, 905 Main St. 

1 Paio 

Hudspeth Directory Library, 750 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg 

Texaco Library 


Port Arthur 

Texaco Case and Package Plant Library 


Port Necheft 

Texaco Refinery Library 

1,758 v. 

San Antonio 

San Antonio Air Intermediate Depot Li- 
Edward Day 


Special subject. Aviation For use of 

Army men and civilian employees 

West Dallas 

Texaco Refinery Library 

1,033 v. 


Salt Lake City 

Utah Idaho Sugar Company Library 

Walter L Webb 
1,000 v For employees. 

National Life Insurance Company Library 

Mrs. Alice F. Fitzgerald 
7,000 v. 

Special subjects: Law; Insurance; Gen- 
eral business Chiefly used by company exec- 
utives, employees, and general agents; open 
to all. 

Vermont Legislative Reference Bureau 

Harrison J. Conant 

Largely pamphlet files; connected with 
State Library. 



American Peat Society, Inc., Library 

J. H. Beattie, secretary 
A few hundred books on peat and muck. 


Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 

Lydia M. Jacobus 
1,800 v.; pam., per., clippings 

Special field: Finance (money, banking, 
economics). For officers and employees, an- 
swers questions from outside. 

Hill Directory Library, 2 South 8th St 



Polk Directory Library, 71 Columbia St 

750 v. 


Northwestern Mining Association Library, 

511 Chamber of Commerce Bldg 
8,000 v 



Forest Products Laboratory Library, Forest 
Service, U S Dept of Agriculture 

Ellen A Hoffman 

5,000 project reports by technical staff of 
laboratory , 7,500 bks and pam , 30,000 photo- 
graphs, 2,000 lantern slides 

Special subjects . Forest products , Wood 
(chemistry, decay, gluing, kiln drying, me- 
chanical and physical properties, preserva- 
tion, utilization, finishing, and structure) . 
Pulp and paper: Turpentining Primarily for 
technical staff, but available to all 

Legislative Reference Library 

Edwin E Witte 
60,000 v. and pam 

Municipal Information Bureau. University 

of Wisconsin 

Ford H MacGregor 
12,500 bks. and pam 

Primarily for citizens and municipal offi- 
cials; inter-library co-operation 


American Appraisal Company, Library, 165 

East Michigan St 
Helen McElroy 
5,000 v. ; 90 current technical and trade papers 

Primarily for office use of employees. 

American Institute of Actuaries Library, 210 

Wisconsin St 
750 v 


WISCONSIN Continued 

Milwaukee Continued 

First Wisconsin National Bank Library 

Margaret Reynolds 
1,867 v., 33,188 pam and clippings 

Special fields Economics , Finance ; Gen- 
eral business 

Milwaukee Journal Library 
Agnes J Petersen 

Municipal Reference Library 
Frederick N MacMillm 


Milwaukee Continued 

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Paint and 

Varnish Division^ Technical Library. P. 

O Drawer 1575 

Mrs. S< Marie Sienel 
SCO v , files of chemical and trade journals, etc 

Special field Paints, varnishes, and lac- 
quers. For technical and sales force of com- 
pany, and research laboratories 

Wright Directory Library, 505 Metropolitan 

750 v 


Miscellaneous Libraries 

This list covers libraries which it has been impracticable to classify in any of the pre- 
vious sections. 



South Side Baptist Church Library 


American Merchant Marine Library Assn , 
Dispatch Office, c/o The Seamen's Church 

For seamen on American merchant ves- 
sels only. 


Alabama Sunday School Library, Bell Bldg 


North Little Rock 

United States Vetcians' Hospital Library 


New Subiaco Abbey Library 
20,000 v 


Y MCA Railroad Dept Library 

A S Laird 
6,000 v 



Agnew State Hospital Library 

1,200 v 


Newman Club Library 
4.674 v. 


Armenian Young Men's Library Club, Cor 

M and Ventura Sts 
1,200 v 

Los Angeles 

Neighborhood Settlement Library 

Alvma Davidson 
2,633 v 

Saint Vincent's Parish Library 
2,070 v 

Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital Association 

500 v 

Los Angeles Continued 

Theosophical Society, Los Angeles Lodge 


Mrs. Ruth Emery 
800 v. 

Y. M C A. Library 
1,250 v. 


Presidio of Monterey, Post Library 

Arthur Brown 
2,650 v. 


Santa Fe Library 

Mrs J L Davis 
1,100 v 


Southern California State Hospital Library 

K M. Boyle 
850 v 


Folsoni State Prison Library (br Sacra- 

mento County F L ) 


Catholic Libraiy oi Sacramento 

Mrs N E White 
7 jo v 

San Francisco 

American Merchant Marine Library Assn , 

Dispatch Office, 58 Clay St 

J H Schickell, dispatch agent 
7,000 v 

For seamen on American merchant ves- 
sels only 

B'nai B'nth Library, 149 Eddy St 
1,500 v (Hebrew and German Jewish) 

Bohemian Club Library, Post and Taylor St 
6,260 v 

Donahue Library (Catholic Library of San 

Francisco), 50 Oak St 

First Hungarian Society of San Francisco 

Library, California Hall, Polk and Turk 

Max Roth 
400 v 





San FranciscoContinued 
Irish Historical and Literary Society of 
San Francisco Library, 761 Arguello Blvd 
Frank S Drady 

Jewish Library, Workmen's Circle Branch 
S Rosoff 

430 v 

Lettennan General Hospital Library 

Mrs I G McConnell 
8,000 v . 50 per 

General recreational collection for pa- 
tients, staff, and employees 

Native Sons' Library, 414 Mason St 

J C Clement 
U54 v 

Saint Andrew's Society Library, 414 Mason 
William ? Millar 

San Francisco Association for the Blind, 
1097 Howard St 

Mrs Ruth Qiiinan 
500 v 

San Francisco Naval Training Station Li- 
brary, Yerba Buena Island 

Seamen's Church Institute Libran, 58 Clay 


Supplies books to seamen on shipboard, 

Sierra Club Library, 402 Mills Building 

Society of California Pioneers Library, 5 

Pioneer Place 
600 v 

Society of Mayflower Descendants in State 
of California, Library 1102 Flood BIdg 
400 v (genealogy) 

Swedish Society of San Francisco Library, 
2174 Market St 

Arvid V Nelson 
2,000 v 

Union League Club Library, 555 Post St. 

H L J Warren 

Y W. C A. Library, 620 Sutter St 
2,400 v. 

San Jose 

Coffee Club Library, 116 South Second St 
Mrs Fred Stewart 


San Quentin 

San Quentin Prison Library 

12,045 v 

Santa Clara 

Sodality Debating Society Library, Sodality 

Club Bldg 
820 v 

Soldiers' Home 

Soldiers' Home Library 

H C Scribner 
11,150 v 


Mendocino State Hospital Library 

Mrs Gertrude Elliott 
620 v 

Veterans' Home 

Veterans' Home Library 

Walter W Pollard 
5,oo6 v 


Preston School of Industry Library 

Mrs R M Halsey 
6,1 13 v 


Canon City 

State Pemtentiar}' Library 

7,000 v 


St Leander Priory Library 

3.000 v 

Baptist Church Library (Noank P O ) 

W O Rathbun 
1,770 v 

New Haven 

! Railroad Y M C A Library 
3,400 v 

United States Veteran's Hospital No 41 
Mary F. Webster 



Army and Navy Club Library 

John R M Taylor 
3.000 v 

Bahai Library, The Mendota, 20th St and 
Kalorama Road 
J A de Lagmel 




Washington Continued 

Metropolitan Club Library, I7th and H Sts , 
N W 

Admiral A S Kenn> 
12,000 v 

Review and Herald Publishing Company, 
Seventh Day Adventists, Eastern Ave, 
Takoma Park 
Mary A Steward 

3,738 v 

General collection for use of employees 

Saint Elizabeth's Hospital Circulating Li- 

Clara Willard 

12,000 V 

Young Men's Christian Association Library, 
1736 G St, N W 
E A Drumm 

Young Women's Christian Association Li- 

Laura F Statker 
600 v 



American Merchant Marine Library Assn , 
Dispatch Office, c/o Seamen's Church In- 
stitute, 404 Hamilton Ave 
Circulating collections, for seamen on 

American merchant vessels onh 



Beautiful America Club Library 
Mrs John Carter, chairman 
650 v 

Fort Bennmg 

Infantry Post Library 
Loretta Chappel 

Fort McPherson 
Fifth Army Corps Library 
Katherme Walker 


Seaboard Airline Railway Free Traveling 
Library System 

Emily McCormick 
20,000 v 



Hamilton Club Library 

Mrs Pauline R White 
3.000 v 

Chicago Continued 

Illinois Women's Athletic Club, 115 East 
Pearson St 

Grace W Oilman 
700 v (organized 1927) 

Press Club of Chicago Library 
5,000 v 

Stevens Hotel Library 
Gertrude M Clark 
3,000 v (for use of guests) 

Union League Club Libiary 
7,000 v 

University Club of Chicago 

Walter R Spofford 
28,500 v 

Young Men's Christian Association Schools 

4,000 v 

North Chicago 

United States Veterans' Hospital 105, Li- 

Klla I Peeples 
2,000 v 



Southeastern Hospital for the Insane Li- 


Central Indiana Hospital for Insane Library 
3,333 v 

Indiana Women's Prison Library 


Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors* Orphans' 
Home Librarv 

Mrs Ross Copeland 
4,660 v 


Indiana State Soldiers' Home Library 

Michigan City 

Indiana State Prison Library 


Indiana Village for Epileptics Library 

North Madison 

Southeastern Hospital for Insane Library 

1,559 v 


Indiana Reformatory Library 

Levi H Scott 
9.259 v 



INDIANA Continued 


Eastern Hospital for Insane Library 
Harry Best 


Indiana State Sanatorium Library 

4,500 v. 


Men's Reformatory Library 
1,508 v. 

Cedar Rapids 

Bohemia Reading Association Library 
4,000 v. 


State Hospital Library 


State Hospital Library 
722 v. 


Davenport Turner Society Library 
3.350 v 

Soldiers' Orphans' Home Library 
2,287 v. 

Fort Madison 

State Penitentiary Library 
6.441 v 


Institution for Feeble-minded Children Li- 

1,007 v 


Indiana State Hospital Library 
4,548 v 


United States Veterans' Hospital Library 
Esther M Lloyd 


Iowa Soldiers' Home Library 
1,508 v 

Mount Pleasant 

Indiana State Hospital Library 


Indiana State Sanatorium Library 
3*242 v. 

Rockwell City 

Women's Reformatory Library 
640 v. 


Juvenile Home Library 
3,548 v. 


State Hospital and Colony for Epileptics 



Mount St Scholestica Library 

Sister Hildegarde, Sister Jerome 

Fort Riley 

Mounted Service School Library 

11,000 V. 


State Industrial Reformatory Libran 
12,000 v. 


State Penitentiary Library 
30,000 v 


United States Penitentiary Librarv 
8,000 v 

National Military Home 

Hancock Librar> 
9,770 v 

Saint Paul 

Passionist Monastery Library 

Saint Francis Monastery Library 
5.-2I9 v 


Kentucky Slate Reformatory Libran 
6,525 v 


United States Marine Hospital Library 

Ann Pennebaker 
600 v 


Kentucky Female Orphans' School Library 

Anna F Patterson 
3,ooo v 

Outwood (Dawson Springs) 

United States Veterans' Hospital Library 

Mrs Kate Meade McQuigg 
3,000 v 

Valley Station 

Waverly Hill Library 

Dr O O Miller 
675 v 





United States Veterans Hospital No. 27, Li- 

Miss H. S. Ryan 
3,709 v. 

New Orleans 

American Merchant Marine Library Assn, 

Dispatch Office, 816 Howard Ave 
John H. Hutton, dispatch agent 

For seamen on American merchant vessels 



First Congregational Parish Library 

National Soldiers' Home 

National Soldiers* Home Library 

Frank L Dow 
12,000 v. 


Maine Charitable Mechanic Association Li- 

Elizabeth W Chandler 
18,823 v. 


National Home Library 

Hudson Sawyer 
9,598 v 


Aberdeen Proving Ground 

Post Library 
5,000 v. 


American Merchant Marine Library Assn , 
Dispatch Office 
T Russell Tormey, dispatch agent (c/o 

Peabody Institute) 
2,709 v 

For seamen on American merchant ves- 
sels only 

Maryland Penitentiary Library 

Baltimore (Mt. Royal) 

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company Li- 

Mrs E P Irving 
15,000 v (circulating, for employees) 

Federal Park 

Hospital Library 




American Merchant Marine Library Assn, 
Dispatch Office, c/o Boston Public Library 
Paul F Folsom, dispatch agent 

45,725 v 

For seamen on American vessels only 

First Corps Area Army Base Library 
20,000 v. 

Ingram Club Library, Navy Yard 

Massachusetts General Hospital, Warren 


Elizabeth W. Reed 

3,656 v , 25 per. (including modern foreign 

dcneral use of patients, staff, and all 

Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Patients' Li- 
brary, 721 Huntington Ave 
Margaret Bryden 

Young Men's Christian Union, 48 Boylston 


Richard Ray, Jr. 
12,215 v 

Strong in history and biography Read- 
ing-room semi-public, home use restricted to 


Memorial Hospital Library 
Sylvia B Richmond 

United States Marine Hospital No 2, Li- 
Helen F Welch 

2,002 v , 29 per 

Primarily for patients' use, also deposit 

collection in Nuises' Home, and small medical 

collection for the staff 

F rammgham 

Massachusetts Reformatory for Women 

3,400 v 

Rutland Heights 

United States Veterans' Hospital Library 
Mary E Bidwell 


Massachusetts State Hospital Library 

7,600 v 

Battle Creek 

Battle Creek Sanitarium Library 
Mrs Rosabella May Tenney 
13,000 v. 



Camp Cutter 

United States Veterans 1 Hospital Library 
Delia Mathys 


House of Correction Library 
3,500 v 

Sault Sainte Marie 

American Merchant Marine Library Assn, 

Dispatch Office, Canal Lock Office 
Mrs Belle S Case, dispatch agent 

42,188 v 

Package libraries for seamen on Ameri- 

can merchant vessels, lighthouse keepers, etc 


Saint Cloud 

Minnesota State Reformatory Library 

(, E Rock wood 
5.739 v 

United States Veterans Hospital Library 

Lucy Condell 


Minnesota State Prison Library 
8,700 v 


Jefferson City 

Missouri State Prison Library 
10,000 v 

Saint Louis 

Concordia Turn Verem Library 

Carl Sauler 
1,350 v 

German School Association Library 

Jefferson Barracks Veterans' Hospital No 

g2. Library 
4.000 v 

Saint Joseph's Church, Residence Library 
4,000 v 

St Joseph Church, Rosary Library 


Deer Lodge 

State Prison Library 
7.300 v. 



Home for Feeble Minded Library 

Dr. L T. Sidwell 
025 v 


Soldiers' Home Library 

J W Waits 
1,365 v 


Nebraska State Hospital for Insane Library 

Dr G M White 
1,775 v 


Hospital for Tuberculous, Library 

Dr J A Burford 
1,047 v 


Home for Dependent Children, Library 

Mrs Margaret Hay 
225 v 

Orthopedic Hospital Library 

Dr J H Matthai 
1,360 v 

Penitentiary Library 

W T Fenton 
3,445 v 

Reformatory for Men Library 

A W Miller 
1,005 v 

State Hospital for Insane Library 

Dr D G Griffiths 
1,350 v 


Industrial Home foi Women Library 

M Evelyn Meyer 
601 v 

Soldiers' Home Library 

J O Moore 


State Hospital for Insane Library 

Dr G E Charlton 
1,140 v 


Reformatory for Women Library 
Dr Alma J Chapman 


Columbus Club Library 

Fort Bayard 

United States Veterans' Hospital No 55, 

7,725 v. 




Young Men's Christian Association Library 

Bert G Tracy 
13,123 v 


Woman's Educational and Industrial Union 

Florence M Shute 
4,620 v 


Buffalo Club Library 
3,000 v. 

Young Men's Christian Association Library 

Philip Hoendiges 
6,033 v 


Saint Mark's Parish House Library 

3.500 v 

Mount McGregor 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Sani- 
tarium Library 
Frances K Ray 

New York City Brooklyn Borough 

Young Men's Christian Association, Central 

Branch Library, 55 Hanson Place 

Ethel S Brown 
8,500 v , 90 per 

Special subjects Business, Applied 
science , Modern religious books 

Young Women's Christian Association Li- 
brary, 376 Schermerhorn St 

Rosemary Vincent 
12,000 v , 10,000 clippings and pictures 

New York City Manhattan and Bronx Bor- 

American Merchant Marine Library Asso- 
ciation, National Hdqrs , 67 Wall St 

William Francis Lee, dispatch agent 
274,252 v 

For seamen on American merchant ves- 
sels only 


New York City Continued 
Catholic Club Library, 120 Central Park 

Elizabeth S Toohey 
30,000 v 

Harmonic Club Library, 4 East 6oth St. 

Louis Richheimer 

23.500 v (English, French and German fic- 

Harvard Club, 27 West 44th St 

Earle F Walbndge 
16,000 v 

Special (oils Harvardiana, American 

Liederkran? Club Library, Hi East s8th St 

Hans Wolkwitz 
10,000 v (mainly German) 

Metropolitan Club, I East 6oth St 
8,220 v 

Metropolitan Hospital, Guernsey Library, 
Blackwell's Island 

William Hopcroft 
1,000 v 

New York Post-Graduate Medical School 
and Hospital, Social Service Department, 
East 20th St and Second Ave 
Josephine R Rice 

1,306 v. (for patients) 

New York Press Club Library, 21 Spruce 

Clarence E Swezey 
6,000 v 

New York Turnverem Library, 1253 Lex- 
ington Avc 

Lionel A Steeg 
5.000 v 

Pier pout Morgan Library 

Belle da Costa Greene 
| 2S.OOO v Endowment. $1,500,000 
I Spec Colls Mss , illuminated mss , 
American Seamen's Friend Society, Loan | autographs, and letters Incunabula and first 

Library for Ships, 72 Wall St 

William Ellmg 
695,034 v in 13,030 package libraries of mis- 
cellaneous character 

Authors' Club Library, 48 West 76th St 

Gustave Simon son 
6,500 v 

Benjamin and Townsend Library (in 
Bellevue Hospital), foot of East 26th St 
Alexander Kennedy 

2,000 v (general) 

Maintained by New York Protestant 

Episcopal City Mission Society for use of 

staff, employees, and patients 

and rare editions Caxtons, Wynken de 
Wordes, Aldines and Laurens Costers Etch- 
ings, mezzotints, coins and medals Restricted 

Racquet and Tennis Club Library, 370 Park 


Robert W Henderson 
4,500 v 

Special field Sport 

Union League Club Library, I East jgth St 
William B. Child 

17,400 v 

Spec Coll 

Civil War 



NEW YORK Continued 

New York City Continued 

Union Settlement Library, 237 East iO4th St. 

Isabel E. Molumphy 
1,400 v. 

University Club Library, 54th St. and Fifth 

Arthur W Colton 

Yale Club Library, 50 Vanderbilt Avenue 

Charles P Tuttle 
12,300 v 

Spec Coll Memorabilia Yalensia 

Young Men's Christian Association, Rail- 

road Branch Library, 309 Park Ave 

Wilbert L McKmlay 
-27,813 v 

Spec field Railroads 

Young Men's Christian Association, 23rd St 

Branch Library, 215 W 23rd St 
20,000 v. 

Young Men's Christian Association, West 

Side Branch Library, 318 W 57th St 
Flora R Petrie 

For members in Manhattan 

Young Men's Hebrew Association Library, 

02d St. and Lexington Ave 

Rose L Robinson 
19,500 v 

Special fields Judaic collection in Eng- 
lish; Biography, Sociology 

Young Woman's Hebrew Association Li- 

brary, 21 West noth St. 

New York City Richmond Borough 

Sailors' Snug Harbor Library, New Brigh- 


United States Marine Hospital No 21, Li- 

brary, Stapleton 

Marion C Turrill 
4,294 v 


Sing Sing Prison Library 

Rev. A N. Peterson, chaplain 
12,000 v 


Saint Peter's Church Library 


Saint Joseph's Institute Library 
3.500 v. 



Transylvania Confederate Memorial Li- 


Champion Y M C. A Library 

Nancy L Killian 
2,310 v 


Erwm Librar\ 

Mrs G W Florence 
i,349 v 


Seaboard Air Line Free Traveling Library 


R Y McAden Memorial Hall Library 


United States Veterans Hospital No 60, Li- 

Valeria E Gneson 
6,113 v 



North Dakota State Penitentiary Library 

Warden John Lee 
1,200 v 


Insane Asylum Library 

Mrs A W. Guest 
1,700 v 



Young Ladies' Sodality Library 

5,000 v. 


Lakeside Hospital Library 

Grace H Birdsall 
2,000 v. 


Ohio Penitentiary Library 

25,600 v. 


Ohio State Reformatory Library 


National Military Home 

National Military Home, Putnam Library 
20,073 v. 





Confederate Soldiers' Home Library 
Mrs J J B. McCuller 


Institute for Feeble Minded Library 
C D. Louthan 


Oklahoma State Reformatory Library 

L M Carson 
3,954 v. 


West Oklahoma Orphans' Home Libran 
J W Higgmbotham 


Oklahoma State Penitentiary Library 

Harry Miller 


Central State Hospital for Insane Libraiy 

D W Griffin, superintendent 
500 v 

Oklahoma City 

Union Soldiers' Home Librarj 

Chris Madsen 
600 v 

Pauls Valley 

Training School for Boys Library 
John W Scott 


East Oklahoma Orphans' Home Librarv 

Earle Witt 
500 v 


School for the Deaf Library 


Deaf. Blind and Orphans 1 Home Library 
J R. Johnson 


Oklahoma State Industrial School for Girls 

Flossie Dent 
1,246 v 


East Oklahoma Hospital for Insane Library 

F M Adams, MD 
300 v 



Pennsylvania Industrial Reformatory ^i- 

3,5> v 


-Pennsylvania State Hospital Library 

5,326 v. 


American Merchant Marine Library Assn, 
Dispatch Office, 358 Bourse Bldg 
Charles Davis, dispatch agent 
For seamen of American merchant vessels 


American Sunday School Union Library 

James McConaughy 

Carpenters Company Library, 1736 
i Fred A Havens 


! Central Y M C A Library 
| Mrs Mabel M Sigmund 

6,000 v 

Eastern State Penitentiary Library 
! 8,000 v 

* Fourth Naval District Library 
1 Q,53 v 

! Manufacturers Club Library, Broad and 
Walnut Sts 
Mrs Helen Connolly 

Philadelphia Navy Yard, Recreation Center 

H Irene Dayton 

General collection, with some emphasis on 
naval subjects, for officers, and enlisted men 
in the Navy 

-Union League of Philadelphia Library, 
Broad and Sansom Sts 

Alfred Lee 

Spec Colls U S history. Biography 
and travel Civil War European War 
Greek and Latin classics in translation Glen- 
nddell manuscripts of Robert Burns' poems 
and letters 

United States Naval Home Library, 24th 
and Gra>s Ferry Road 

University Club of Philadelphia Library 

George William Lincoln 
8,332 v Tnc , $600, bks , per , $900 

Spec Colls : Paris London Shipping 
(history) College memorabilia 

Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew 
Association Library, Broad and Pine Sts 

Emily Goetz 

10,000 y. ; Incunabula (Genizah mss ) ; Records 
of Jewish life in Philadelphia 
I Special subjects: Literature: Music, 
I Jewish subjects 




Rhode Island State Prison Library 



American Merchant Marine Library Assn., 

Dispatch Office, 488 South Water St 
Julius Engell, dispatch agent 

For seamen on American merchant ves- 
sels only 

Butler Hospital Library 

Shepley Library (private, open to investi- 
gators applying to Howard M Chapm, R. 
I. Historical Society, Providence) 




Charleston Orphan House Library 

5,573 v 


United States Veterans* Hospital No 26 Li- 
3,162 v. 


Sioux Falls 

Sioux Falls Penitentiary Library 



National Sanatorium 
Carnegie Library 
15,800 v 



New Century Club Library 
4,000 v 


American Merchant Marine Library Assn, 
Dispatch Office, c/o Neptune Assn