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A M E R I C A N 






gesigiui) bn ,l^l;uh:iuicl $lorrs. 


1?V A .f F.UJS, n. A. 







Entered aooording to Act of Congress, in the year 1855, by 

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District o' Massachusetts 





In presenting to the world its first Phonetic Dictionary, the Compiler feels 
confident that the simple, but appropriate dress, with which he has clothed 
the spoken language, cannot fail to commend itself to the favorable consid- 
eration of every friend of human progress. Owing to the inherent defects 
of our common orthography, lexicographers have been compelled to employ 
a notation more or less complicated and indefinite, which has made the 
study of pronunciation, by means of dictionaries, distasteful and unsatisfac- 
tory. All diacritic marks are more or less objectionable on account of their 
obscurity and necessary multiplicity, resulting from the use of diflferent letters 
marked to represent the same sound. 

The object of the present work is to correctly represent, by means of a 
Phonetic alphabet, that pronunciation of the English language which is 
supported by the greatest number of competent authorities, and to define 
and explain the words, as they are generally employed by standard writers. 
The common alphabet being defective, in not having a suflScient number of 
letters to represent accurately the pronunciation of the language, new ones 
have been added to make up the deficiency, harmonizing in form and 
proportion with the old letters. Each letter represents but one sound, 
consequently its power is always known when it has once been learned, and 
no doubt or difficulty will be experienced in spelling or pronouncing the 
words of the English language written in this new orthography. 

Much attention has been given to pronunciation; and the most reliable 
authorities have been consulted. The Compiler has received valuable infor- 
mation from the writings of Walker, Webster, Worcester, B. H. Smart, 
and Alexander Melville Bell, all of whom are well known for their critical 
knowledge of orthoepy. With respect to words variously pronounced, that 
pronunciation is placed first which is supported by the greatest number of 
competent authorities. 

An attempt has been made to correctly represent the obscure vowels in 
unaccented syllables, the quality of which is not indicated in the dictionaries 



of Ti^'ebster and Worcester. Walker very justly remarked: "If we cannot 
point out the precise sound of unaccented syllables, we may at least give 
those sounds whicL. approach the nearest, and by this means become a little 
more useful than those who so liberally leave every thing to the ear and 
taste of the speaker." The perfect distinction of minutely differing vowels is 
no less a test of polished and elegant speech than is the clear enunciation of 
unaccented syllables the test of good articulation. 

In regard to rules of pronunciation, the exceptions to them are so numer- 
ous that they tend more to embarrass than to aid the enquirer, and they are 
rendered useless by phonetic representation. 

The transitive and intransitive verbs are carefully distinguished ; the irreg- 
ular verbs are conjugated, and the plural forms of irregular nouns are 

The definitions have been selected from the dictionaries of Johnson, 
Walker, Eeid, Smart, Craig, Webster, and Worcester, and, though concise, 
they will be found sufiiciently comprehensive and exact for the critical 
scholar. Many technical and scientific terms have been introduced, because 
natural science is now taught in our best institutions of learning, and incor- 
porated with our literature ; — also, many words which are obsolete or anti- 
quated, but which are found in books that are much read ; words of local or 
provincial use ; and a large number of words and phrases from foreign 
languages, often met with in modern literature. Those words which are 
obsolete or antiquated, colloquial or exceptionable, have been carefully noted. 

In the romanic orthography the Compiler has taken as his guide the 
prevailing usage of the principal lexicographers. A more uniform system 
might have been adopted in harmony with analogy, but this would have led 
to greater changes in the orthography than he felt himself author- 
ized to make. Instead of aiming at uniformity, he has preferred that mode 
of spelling which he found supported by the greatest number of authorities. 

The Compiler has adopted the common alphabetic arrangement of words, 
believing it will be more convenient and acceptable to those who will use the 
book, than the phonetic arrangement, which is of course the more scientific. 

To make the Dictionary useful as a school-book, a copious list of Grreek, 
Latin, and Scripture Proper Names, and also a vocabulary of the most 
important Geographical Names, have been added, with the pronunciation 
represented in phonotypy. The simplicity and accuracy with which the 
pronunciation of long and difiicult words is represented, by means of 
phonotypy, contrast strongly with the perplexing notation commonly used 
for that purpose. \ 

As phonotypy must, from its inherent merits, sooner or later be introdiiced 
into every primary school in our country, as the most expeditious and intelli- 
gent method of teaching children to read the common print, and as it effects 
what no other system ever did — namely, distinct articulation — this work will 
be found an invaluable aid to teachers in guiding them to a careful analysis 
of the words of our language. 


The foreigner will be enabled, by the aid of this Dictionary, to pronounce 
any word he may see in the common print, and read correctly the definition ; 
which cannot be said of any other English dictionary. This peculiar feature 
of the work will commend itself to the missionary, who now finds it almost 
impossible to teach the foreigner our language. 

It gives the Compiler great pleasure to state that the General Introduction 
was written by Mr. Alexander J. Ellis, B. A., whose gifted mind, prompted 
by true philanthropy, and whose ample means, have done so much in perfect- 
ing the phonetic system and disseminating its important truths. Like all his 
productions, it evinces a thorough knowledge of his subject, expressed in the 
most appropriate language. The origin and history of our present orthog- 
raphy is traced, showing that it is a scientific, practical, and moral failure; 
and even more, that it is an active enemy to education, and that the remedy 
is to be found by reverting to true alphabetic writing — a phonetic representa- 
tion. The objections made to this mode of spelling are carefully considered 
and logically answered. No candid mind can fail to see their utter futility 
and unsoundness. The analysis of the elements of speech gives evidence of 
original and accurate observation of vocal phenomena carefully systematized, 
and cannot fail to be highly instructive to every student of science. An 
explanation of the principles of phonetic teaching is given, and their relations 
to the romanic, or ordinary method, showing that the system is thoroughly 
inductive, sound in theory and successful in practice. An account of a few of 
the numerous experiments made during the last seven years, in Great Britain 
and in this country, and their results, are given, showing, from the testimony 
of the most intelligent educators of both countries, that children and adults 
have been taught to read romankally in much less time by first learning the 
phonetic print ; and what is still more important, that it changes the process 
of learning to read from a drudgery into a pleasure, attracts the attention 
and awakens the intellect, while it materially improves the pronunciation. 
The whole Introduction furnishes a text-book of principles, valuable to the 
general scholar, and essential to the successful teacher of the English 

In preparing this work the Compiler has received many valuable hints from 
Mr. Elias Longley, who is the well-known pioneer of Phonography and Pho- 
notypy in the West, and who has had much experience as a phonotypic 
printer; also, from Mr. Benn Pitman, who has been a successful dissemi- 
nator of the Writing and Spelling Reform in Great Britain, and has had an 
opportunity of becoming ac(iuaintcd with the pronunciation of the literary 
and well-bred portions of English society. 

As this work is the first of the kind ever published, it cannot claim to be 
perfect. The Compiler, nevertheless, hopes, that as a school book for the 
analysis of words, and for correct pronunciation, or as a vocabulary for 
general reference, it will be found far superior to any Dictionary at present 
in use. lie can at least say for himself, that no labor or expense has been 
spared to make it serve the purposes for which it is designed. It has been 


carefully prepared, and the utmost attention was paid to accuracy wliile it was 
passing through the press. Should errors be found, "the Compiler has no 
desire that they should be concealed, but will rather feel thankful to all who 
may assist him to correct them for the benefit of the public, whose true inter- 
ests it has been his aim to serve. 

Jaofiiaica Plain, Mass., Oct., 1855. 



Remarka on Mr. Storrs' Alphabet, xi 

Copy of Jlr. Storrs' Alphabet, opposite page xii 

Gknekal Ixteoductio.v, xiii 

1. Articulate Speech the Privilege of ilan, xiii 

2. Writing the Mode of connecting the Present with the Past and Future, xiii 

3. Origin of Alphabetic Writing, xiii 

4. The Alphabetio Principle, and its Degeneration, xiv 

5. Fixation of English Orthography by Printing, xiv 

6. Dr. Johnson's Orthographic Difficulties, xv 

7. Loss of the True Alphabetio Principle, and Rise of Lexicographic Authority, xvi 

8. Estimate of the Degree of Fixation in our Present Orthography, xvi 

9. Our Present Orthography a Scientific Failure, xvi 

10. Oar Present Orthography a Practical Failure, xvii 

11. Our Present Orthography a Jloral Failure, xvii 

12. Our Present Orthography an International Failure, xvii 

13. Our Orthography an Active Enemy to Education, xviii 

14. The Remedy — a Recurrence to True Alphabetic Writing, xviii 

15. The Benefits which would result from the Change, xviii 

16. These Benefits will not result unless Proper Use be made of the New Spelling,- --xix 

17. Objections to the Change — from its Strangeness, xix 

18. The Conservative Objection to Change, lix 

19. Three other Principal Objections stated, xx 

20. Objection on the Score of Ambiguity, xx 

21. Objection on the Score of Mutability of Pronunciation, xxi 

22. Objection on the Score of Etymology, ••' rxii 

23. Use and Abuse of Etymology, xxiii 

24. A Real Objection to Immediate Change, and its Remedy, •• xiiii 

25. History of the American Phonetic Alphabet, xxiv 

26. Transitional Nature of this Alphabet, xxvi 

27. Nature of Speech, and its Principal Divisions, xxvi 

28. Vowels — Upper Series, xxvii 

29. Vowels — Lower Series, xxvii 

30. Vowels — The Middle Series, xxvii 

31. Complete Vowel Scheme, • : xxvii 

32. French Orinasal Vowels, xxvii 

33. Consonants — The Gntteral Scries, ixviii 

34. Consonants — The Palatal Series, ixviii 

35. Consonants — The Labial Series, xxix 



36. Complete Consonant Scheme, '• Page xxix 

37. Combined Sounds — The Glide, xsix 

38. Combined Sounds — Vowel Diphthongs, xxix 

39. Combined Sounds — Consonant Diphthongs — Double Consonants, tyg 

40. Combined Sounds — Stopped Towels, yty 

41. Combined Sounds — Syllables, Y-yg 

42. Combined Sounds — Accent, xxxi 

43. Order of the Letters in the American Phonetic Alphabet, xxsi 

44. Forms of the Letters in the American Phonetic Alphabet, xxxii 

45. Importance of Understanding the Theory of the Phonetic System of Teaching 

Romanic Reading, xxxii 

46. Fundamental Principles of the Phonetic System of Teaching to Read Romanically, xxxii 

47. Principles of Teaching Phonetic Reading, xxxiii 

48. Dr. Stone's Experimental Proof of the Value of the Phonetic System, xxxiv 

49. Three Testing Experiments on the Comparative Merits of the Phonetic and 

Romanic Systems, xxxvi 

50. These Experiments prove that the only Real Objections to a Spelling Reform 

must ultimately Yield, xxxvii 

51. Conclusion, xxxvii 

Syllabication and Peonunciatiox, xxxix 

Signs and Abbreviations, xl 

Phonetic Alphabet, Type and Script, opposite page 1 


Rules fok Peonouncing Geeek and Latin Peopee Names, 670 

Peonunciation of Greek and Latin Peopee Names, 671 

Pronunciation of Sceiptueal Peopee Names; 721 

Pronunciation of Geographical Names, 741 

Abbreviations, 776 


Nathaniel Storrs was born in Lebanon, in the State of New Hampshire, 
on the 14th of March, 17tj4. His father was a respectable farmer, and a 
descendant of Samuel Storrs. from Sutton. Xottinfrhamshire. in P^nfrhmd. who 
came to Barnstable, in Massachusetts, about the year 1GH3, and in a few years 
removed to Mansfield, in Connecticut. 

The subject of this notice received his education at Dartmouth Colleire. in 
Hanover, New Hampshire, where he <:raduated in 17'J<i. He made teaching 
the occupation of his life, and excelled in imparting knowledge to others. 
He was the principal of the Elliot School, in Boston, Massachusetts, from 
181S to 1S2U, a period of eight years, which station he filled with credit to 
himself and profit to those under his charge, until ill health compelled him to 
relinquish his labors. 

As a teacher, he fully understood the difficulties experienced in the acqui- 
sition of our language, and was convinced at an early period that a radical 
change in its orthography was necessary to remove them. He regarded our 
imperfect alphabet as the primary cause of these difficulties ; having but 
twenty-three effective letters to represent upwards of forty sounds of the 
English language, it was necessary to assign a variety of sounds to the 
same letter or the same combination of letters ; con?e(|uently he viewed our 
alphabet as uncertain, contradictory, and false; the historical spelling of a 
word being no guide to its pronunciation — and conversely, the pronunciation 
being no guide to its historical spelling. Each word had to l)e learned :\? an 
indcjiendcnt picture or symbol, rcjircsenting. as a whole, the spoken word. It 
was not till the pupil became familiar with the forms of words, associated with 
their pronunciation, which could only be learned froui the dictation of a 
teacher, that he was enabled to read fluently ; nor was it surprising that 
amid this labyrinth of doubt and perplexity so few learned to read well, and 
that none hnnifd tn fprll. 

A careful consideration of the subject led him to the conclusion that it was 
first necessary to determine the numVjcr of elementary sounds of our lan- 
guage ; and secondly, that each sound should be represented by one letter 
only, and each letter should invariably represent one sound. 

The elements being all ascertained, and re[>resented by appropriate charac- 
ters, he knew that all doubt, difficulty, and uncertainty, in learning to spell and 
pronounce, woubl disappear; and that n<i more difficulty would Ije experienced 
in reading and writing the words of a spoken language than in reading and 
writing musical sounds or numerical figures. By this new mode of represen- 
tation, the children of our common schools, instead of being compelled to 
grope through a guessing, stultifying process of training, in acquiring the 
art of reading, would have their minds (luickened into a healthy, vigorous 
B ix 


activity, and their reasoning powers be logically trained. The vexatious 
perplexities that serve to excite the lower propensities of both pupil and 
teacher, would give place to the benign influence of cheerfulness, mutual 
sympathy, and a consciousness, on the part of the pupil, of intellectual power, 
and a spirit of self-reliance. Both children and foreigners could thus acquire 
our language in one fourth of the time now employed for that purpose. 
Time, money, and labor would be saved; but, what is infinitely more valuable, 
the intellectual and moral training of our youth would be greatly improved, 
by making this important change in our orthography. 

Soon after relinquishing his charge of the Elliot School, in 1826, he deter- 
mined the number of elementary sounds in our language, and fixed upon the 
letters to represent them. This was more than fifteen years before Isaac 
Pitman, of England, thought of his phonetic scheme. At this time he com- 
menced writing a Phonetic Dictionary of the English language, which 
occupied his leisure hours for several years, and completed more than a 
thousand pages. A careful analytical study of the elements of the language 
convinced him that he had not perfected his alphabet, and after making the 
desired improvements he would have re-written his work, had not the infirmi- 
ties of age interfered with his favorite project. 

During the year 1845, Mr. S. P. Andrews, of New York, delivered several 
lectures in Boston, on the science of Phonetics, in which Phonography was 
made the principal topic. Mr. Stori's was much interested in these lectures, 
and made himself acquainted with the principles of Phonography. In 1846, 
a report was made before the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, upon 
Phonotypy, by Mr. George B. Emerson. The alphabet presented in this 
report was one employed by Messrs. Andrews & Boyle, being one of the 
earliest alphabets used by 3Iessrs. Pitman & Ellis. Mr. Storrs read this 
report, and pointed out what appeared to him to be errors in their alphabetic 
scheme. He regarded this alphabet as superior in the forms of its letters to 
any he had &een. Dr. A. Comstock, of Philadelphia, had adopted one, the 
new forms of which were mainly taken from the Greek alphabet, and they 
failed to harmonize, in form and general appearance, with the other letters. 
Mr. Storrs was acquainted with the labors of Benjamin Antrim, of Philadel- 
phia, and with the phonetic scheme of Eev. Ezekiel Eich, of Troy, N. H.. but 
their alphabets he regarded as impracticable. 

No evidence appears that 3Ir. Storrs was acquainted with the alphabet 
as improved by Messrs. Pitman & Ellis in 1847. Ill health prevented him 
from giving much attention to the subject during the last few years of his life. 
He was much gratified to learn that jDhonetic representation was attracting 
the attention of literary men, and confidently believed it must eventually 
become the prevailing mode of representing spoken language. 

During his last illness, he signed an indenture for the Compiler of this 
work to prepare and publish a Phonetic Dictionary of the English language, 
and directed that the expenses of writing and publishing an edition of five 
thousand copies of the same be paid out of his estate. 

His interest in this great Reform remained unabated to the last, for he con- 
tinued to converse upon it, at intervals, until he was unable to speak. He died 
June 16th, 1851, in his 78th year, at his place of residence, in Boston, Mass. 

Mr. Storrs possessed a fine physical organization, well proportioned, and of 
more than ordinary height. His head was large and well formed, with a pre- 
ponderance of brain in the upper and frontal region. lie possessed a clear, 
analytical mind, well stored with useful knowledge, particularly first prin- 
ciples, which enabled him to discover truth where it was hidden from ordinary 
minds. He was an accurate observer of Nature, and would have excelled in 
the natural sciences had circumstances favored his early education in that 


departruent <»f leariiin}^. He iliil nut iiiiiliTvaliif classical Icariiinf^, hut 
thought too iiiiicli time was devoted to the Latin and (Ireek lan<^ua;:ert in our 
academies and colleges, and too little to the natural sciences; considerinj^ it 
was lar hetter to acipiire ten ideas, and l)e ahle to express them in one lan- 
guage, than to ac((uire one idea, and he ahle to expros the same in t«n 
different lan;;uaj:cs. 

He remarked that the olnurviiKj powers of children were first developed ; 
that minerals, plants, and animals were ^iven them to ohserve ; and he 
thouirht that the younjr of our common schools should receive some instruc- 
tion in JJotany. (.'hemistry. (ieol»»;:y, and Mineralo<ry, that they may ac<|uire 
an early hahit of ohservinj^ the qualities of ohjects, as well as their uses to 
man. At a later period, they should he acquainted with the functions of 
the princijjal orj:ans of the human system, and the natural laws of health. 
In fact, man should he educated to he an accurate ohserver of Nature, and 
become familiar with her ^reneral laws — for Nature's laws are hut modes of 
action of the Hivine Mind, the unmistakahle expression of his will. 

In conversation, he was free and affahle, always havinj? a command of 
apjiro} riate lan^ruajre to express his ideas, and "generally choosini; for a topic 
something useful and instructive. "His opinions were his own, and not the 
faint copy of another's mind. " He min<:led hut little in L'eneral society, 
thouirh he was hiirhly esteemed hy his intimate friends. Industry, economy, 
and honesty were eardinal virtues in his moral code. Idleness, the love of 
show, prodiirality and dishonesty met with his severe rehiike. He was a man 
of stern inteirrity, hut posse.s.sed a benevolent heart, for he aimed to deal 
justly with all, to l>e useful to his fellow-men ; and finally disposed of his 
property with a view to advance the human race in virtue and knowledjre. 

In his relijrious faith he was a liberal Christian ; believing that love to God 
was best manifested by strict obedience to his laws, and love to man, by elevat- 
ing the moral and intellectual condition of his race. He loved truth in all its 
various forms, whether in art or science, morals or religion. The conservative 
spirit that is usually manifested in age, and which is a deadly barrier to pro 
gress, never took possession of his mind ; for whatever subject was presented 
for consideration, he was always ready to test its value by first principles, 
believing that truth alone would promote the highest good of man. 

Society will ever be grateful for the munificent gift so wisely appropriated 
to the highest interest of education — diminishing the toils of the teacher in 
imparting instruction, training the child in a pleasing logical method of 
ac(juiring our language, perfecting his articulation so that words shall '-fall 
from his lips like new coins from the mint, accurately cut and perfectly fin- 
ished," lessening the time for acquiring our language at least one half, 
and giving to science a valuable contriltution to her vast store-house of know- 
ledge — an exposition of the only philosophical method of representing a 
spoken language. 

Jlcmarhs on Ijtlr. .§torrs' ^Ipbabtt. 

Mr. Storrs based his alphabet upon the romanie, the letters of which he 
employed in their most common signification, and made the new letters, 
which he was obliged to introduce, in order to give each of the principal 
sounds of our language a distinct sign, harmonize with the old in form and 
general appearance. This is evident to any one who will compare his alj)ha- 
bet. given at the close of these remarks, with the romanie. It is the one in 
which he wrote his Dictionary, and is carefully copied from his manuscript, 
dated iSlitl. He rejected q. k% and x. 

According to his scheme, there are thirteen simple vowels, six of which aro 

xii MEMOIR. 

long and seven short, and arranged in pairs, the short vowel hearing a close 
resemblance in quality to the long one, excepting ?<, which has no correspond- 
ing long sound. 

The o in coat, whole, renovate, advocate, &c., he regarded as essentially 
short, and of sufficient importance to furnish it with a symbol distinct from 
the vowel in oak, note, &c. 

The vowel in aix he considered a diphthong, composed of a and w, and the 
word air might be phonetically written thus : aur. 

He employed four diphthongs, namely : i in mine, oi in noise, ow in now, 
and eio in new. The symbols of the last two resemble those employed by 
Messrs. Pitman & Ellis to represent the same sounds. 

He thought Walker and his followers made a great mistake in considering 
the consonant y an essential part of the diphthong «. That in the word yew, 
its elements are, first, the consonant ?/, followed by the true diphthong ew ; as 
in the word dew, d is the first element, followed by the diphthong eio. Y is 
no more a part of the diphthong in the word yew, than d is a part of the 
diphthong in deio. If it be true that the sound of y is contained or concealed 
in the long u, the initial y in the romanic notation, we should mark as silent; 
thus, you, your, yule, Eunice, Europe, must be written u, tir, id, Unis, Urop. 
The consonant y is the first sound heard in yu, ycio, the final sound being 
the proper diphthong, which is formed of the brief sound of e in me and oo in 
book, pronounced by one impulse of the voice, and is represented by ev3, eu, 
ro, kc, heard in tztbe, jew, pew, new, neutQx, and feodal. If the elements 
of long -u be yoo in all positions, then feuA becomes fv/ood ; heauij, b^'ooti ; 
cj^te, \yoot ; Aew, dyoo ; -pure, jiyoov, a pronunciation which would be regarded 
as afi"ected and ridiculous in the extreme, and opposed to the best usage 
of well educated persons. If it be said that y is slightly articulated in 
these words, then the oo becomes still more prominent, and dew becomes doo ; 
-pure, -poor; feud, food; heautj, booty, and c«te, koot. This is still worse, for it 
changes the meaning of the words, and gives prominence to the oo, which is 
never heard from correct speakers with its full open sound, but a closer one 
approaching the oo heard in book, preceded by brief e. In fact, we have no 
two elements that correctly represent this diphthong. Brief e and do approach 
more nearly the true sound than any others. The final sound is not so round 
and prominent as oo, and can be learned only by hearing it pronounced. 

There is still another corruption fast gaining ground among those who 
regard long u as composed of y, oo ; they pronounce '^uty, juty ; duration, 
juration ; cZew, Jew ; rfuel, juel. This arises from the efi"ort to articulate d 
and y in rapid succession, which will produce j. 

Dr. Latham makes a distinction between eio and yoo. In speaking of the 
tendencies of language, in his work on the English Language, (p. 177,) he 
remarks : " From p. 153, we see that the combination ew is an unstable com- 
bination, that it has a tendency to become yoo, and that the y in yoo has a 
tendency to change a d into j ; in other words, we see the reason why by 
many persons dew is pronounced jeio.'" 

Mr. Storrs employed a symbol for the syllables ur, er, ir, or, which he con- 
sidered the same in their elements, namely, ur. 

His analysis of the compound consonants ch, j, sh, and zh, he regarded as 
very important, and the only one which correctly represents their elements. 

The Compiler has aimed to present the phonetic scheme of Mr. Storrs as it 
was developed by himself, with those views of elementary analysis which difi'er 
from other orthoepists. In all its leading features, it bears a close resem- 
blance to the one employed in this work, and, what is still more remarkable, 
even the forms of many of the new letters are almost identical. 

D. S. S. 

llalbamd ^lurro' plioiulii- Alph;ilu1. 


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« • I i/y 
. il/y 

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(OiiipMiKl Crtiisoiiaiits 

I.) J ll 7- i^.- T. 

b r«'i>ro7.»'nts '!•• smikI ov t a- y, rt7. lull yet habol. 
.i 17. roiiipo/.(l ov (1 iv y did -yit , led vT dijil lejT. 
ti ri'pr«"/,eiil!* s ivy.ns iins yimini> yiiii - iiafiiiii . tiiifniii. 
/. '\7, r«»riiid l)Y z A-y a7, vi/. yim . fir/, \'un • viwun fii/.iJii. 
'r 17, silahir iv r»»j're7,«Mits '!<• "^iiiul ov ii\r j /. iihI> ur • iiiili'r 

b'r l";iIrhoart in lievn li.ildcd hi; h iiiim. h kii.>(liiiii i um , 'Iy 
\\\\ l)K diiti on erl nz it iz in lievii ('>iv iis'iis da j.r dali brrd.and 
roi'^iv ii>vrdrj-. .1/. WI-: IWrojv r.r del r/, and iK.d us hhI into leni 
l.iruiii hilt d»'li\ r iix rnnii i:v| tur Ivii iz le Uiudiiiti le |»3n and 
le 'jlori t'pri'v I iIiim-ii. 


1. ^rtitulatt Spmb the pribilrqr of Tdixn. 

Mi{o«r— Artioululors — tlius did Homer mutely 
di:itin^uish man from tho lonor animala. For it 
is vain to deny hiiigungu to tho boasta of tho field 
and tho birds of tlio air. Look at that dog: how 
his eye:) 8]iarklo with iileasuro, how ho trembles 
with expectancy, how ho whines with dread, how 
ho makes you feel his love, hate, indifforonce, 
doubt; how he informs you of danger, how ho wel- 
comes you home, driven off tho intruder, and pro- 
tects your property! Is thero no language in his 
snarl, his short, impatient bark, his cry, nay, in tho 
very lick of his tongue and wag of his tail? Thero 
is not only a language, but one which is understood 
over tlie wide world. It is a language of sentiment 
and imagery, but thero is no articulation. That is 
reserved for man. Wherever two or three human 
beings arc thrown together, there will bo found a 
sot of sounds, as garbs of thought, invented, under- 
stood, acknowledged, used, remembered, and reiip- 
plied by a kind of freemasonry very falsely called 
convention. It is a Fpontaneoos offshoot of our 
nature, tho golden thread of our being which winds 
humanity iutoono, past, present, and to come. Itut 
bow the i>ast? 

"Tho actor's wondrous art 
Goes swift and trackless past tho sense it stirs." 

("Penn schnell und spurlos geht des Mimen Kunst, 
Die wunderbarc, nn dem Sinn voriiber.") 


Tho words of to-<lay live but feebly in the recol- 
lection of to-morrow; the talcs of tho father, fhom- 
8clvo.« a faint impression of the event, si-arccly move 
tho son, and arc lost to tho grandchild. Tradition 
is a most uncertain guide. Wo must fix tho 
thought ns it Arises, and leave it a monument for 
all iigcs to admire. When death has struck down 
the noble friend that thought it, the wonl !>haJl sur- 
Tivo in a tnie immortality. Whore writing has not 
appcareil. human progression is slow and uncertain. 
I»ttfrs are the gentle dew which roots tho present 
in the past to develop in the future. 

2. 23triting Ibc JHobr of comuding the 
present boitb the past anb t^uture. As the 

connection of man with the past is more valuable 
than his union with the present, inestimable aS the 
latter may be, so is writing more valuable than 
speaking. Without tho work of past ages bearing 
u|X)n the present, without tho knowledge accumn- 
lated from all time, which we can only hope to hand 
down with a small and ever smaller increase to our 
posterity, we should be like the tribes of animal:*, 
who, guided mainly by an instinct which is in man 
concealed by the brightness of his reason, begin life 
afresh in c.ich generation, and are the same now a.^ 
when they were first observed. On the contrary- 
One by one, 
Since its time begun, 
Waxelh our race beneath tho sun. 
Knowledge stored, 
In noblo hoard. 
Travels increasing from sire to son. 
Thus humanity's course is run; 
Thus it will grow 'til its time is done. 

Tho engraved character, tho painted letter, tbeso 
are the talismans which make man immortal, tho 
true eano in which Trometheus brought down tho 
fire from heaven. 

3. (Drigin of Alphabetic ©Iriting. But how 

shall these characters or letters store up thought? 
What connection is thero between a mark and a 
thought, a letter and a won.1? The genius of man 
has not been slow in discovering associations. Thr 
first thought seems to have boon to dniw sensible 
objects, to represent these and the actions chief 
ly done with, to, or by them, and tho fcelini;' 
which these ai-tions inspired. Such were the hier 
oglyphios, which, hastily written and altere<I in tl.o 
course of time, gi>ve rise to a set of characters hav 
ing scarcely any tniocablo connection with the orig 
iiial object,^, and therefore considered to bo entirely 
conventional, such as wo see in tho extraordinary 
symbols of the Chinese. Or again, ytarU of objecTv 
were drawn to suggest their names, and then the 
initial sound of that name was held to be iiiono ii 



tended, and by placing these symbols together, a 
compound sound was represented, having a known 
meaning in the spoken language of the country. 
Such seems to have been the origin of the Phoeni- 
cian characters. 

This was a great step. Instead of recalling the 
thought, the sound by which that thought has been 
expressed is alone recalled. And more than this, 
it is recognized that this sound is compound, that 
all the sounds uttered or utterable are composed of 
a few elements, and that by analyzing them into 
these elements and then recombining them, we can 
form the whole language by a repetition of simple 
characters. Writing thus ceased to be symbolical, 
and became alphabetic. Where this was first ac- 
complished we cannot say. We have a rude attempt 
in the Phoenician alphabet, but in other Asiatic 
tongues we have marvellously correct results, as in 
the far-famed Sanscrit, where the shades of sound 
are so accurately represented, that we can almost 
read the Mahdhlmrata better than our own Chaucer. 

But Europe lay to the west and took the western- 
most alyjhabet. "A knowledge of this fact is of the 
utmost importance," observes Dr. Donaldson, New 
Cratylus, 2d ed. p. 146, "for the chief difficulties 
occasioned by the Greek alphabet have arisen from 
the circumstances that its whole organization is 
adapted to a language as widely different as possi- 
ble from Greek, and, that while the names and 
shapes of the letters have been retained their value 
has been materially altered." But not only is this 
a source of trouble in Greek, it passed thence to 
Latin, and thence, as the temporal and afterwards 
the spiritual arm of Rome weighed heavily over 
all the countries of Europe, the Latin form of this 
Phoenician alphabet became fitted upon languages 
still less adapted to receive it, and difficulties grew 
from difficulties, till the confusion worse confound- 
ed, of the English and French orthographies, spread 
around its tangled meshes. 

4. SCbc ^Ipbabctk |]rmnplc antr its gf- 

gntcratioit. The principle of alphabetic writing 
is this : To analyze the soxtnds (if speech into their 
simple elements, to invent a sign which shall accu- 
rately represent each element, and by combining t7ie 
signs to represent the sound resulting f ram the vocal 
comiinatiim of the elements. This is the whole 
object and intention of alphabetic writing. Thus 
in the Sanscrit language every change of sound was 
accurately represented by a change of letter. If 
the concurrence of two sounds was accompanied in 
speech with an alteration in one of them, for ease 
or beauty of utterance, that change, although it 
might only bo temporary, as in the casual meeting 
of two words, was marked in the orthography. The 
euphonic laws which grammarians have detected as 
influencing these changes occupied no less than 30 
pages in Bopp's Kriiische Grammatik der Sans- 

krita Sprache in kiirzerer Fassung. It is impor- 
tant to note this, because the Sanscrit language is 
the great storehouse whence comparative etymology 
draws her treasures. As, however, time went on, 
this original alphabetic feeling became more or less 
lost. The Greeks, indeed, changed their spelling 
scrupulously to imitate change of dialect, (with 
which we should have been otherwise unacquaint- 
ed,) and we find the Latin orthography varying in 
different ages. It might have been expected when 
the German "barbarians" put on the Latin alpha- 
bet as they did the Latin spoils without much re- 
gard to fitness, that orthography should run wild, 
but still it was better in intention than that we 
now have. The alphabet of Ulphilas the Goth is 
a very creditable performance. The alphabet which 
Cyrillus formed for the Sclavonic languages has 
founded the practical working system of writing 
now used in Russia. But it was in such countries 
as France and England that the greatest confusion 
arose from the confusion of languages. In England 
the original Runic letters of the Anglo-Saxon were 
gradtially disused and their place supplied, very 
imperfectly, by Roman letters. With great variety 
of dialects there was, necessarily, great variety of 
spelling. Then came the Norman invasion, with 
the introduction of a language already mixed, and 
rulers who were ignorant of Saxon. Hence arose 
a mixture of the languages and a confusion in spel- 
ling, for "clerks" of Saxon origin wrote words half 
Saxon and half French, and others of Norman ex- 
traction puzzled over the Saxon words. At length 
as the languages became thoroughly fused into Eng- 
lish, and laymen learned to write and tried their 
hands at spelling — principally their own names, 
however — all rule seemed to be broken through. 
The same words in the same page were written in 
different ways. People did not seem certain about 
their own name. The Percies of Northumberland 
contrived to write their name in 15 different man- 
ners; Lord Burleigh did not know how to spell Lord 
Leicester's name, and for the matter of that Leices- 
ter himself had eight different ways to choose from. 

5. ^ivation of lljc ©nglis^ ©rtbograpljg 

bg ^nutlUC(. But the era of printing had arrived, 
and it was hard to spell differently on the same 
page. Printers' journeymen soon found that it 
was very troublesome to follow the manuscript let- 
ter by letter; it was easier to remember one form, 
or nearly one form of spelling a word, and to pick 
up the types by memory. Printers' readers encour- 
aged uniformity for the beauty of the page, and 
something like a definite system of spelling gradu- 
ally worked its way into printed hooks— printed 
hooks, observe, not manuscripts. It is a very great 
mistake to confound the two, and unless books are 
professedly printed literatim from the author's 
manuscript they are no proof whatever of the stylo 


of dpt'llinj; which ho advocnlej. Il 18 necemiary, 
howevor, to boiir in miiiil that tho true rt«f<»riuoni 
of uur Ktijjlinh iij>ulliii(;, iho true «ouivo wheuoo wc 
can tnwf our prtvont u|i|iruuc'h to unifuruiity, with 
difforfiii.-o.t iiut luuuuntin;^ to muuh uiuru than one 
word ill !tixty, uiust bu looked for in tho [trinUr't 
readinij nxnn. Of cuurso the printcm' rendors, 
though lit fint lituniry uen, could not bu cun!>id- 
orcd in ruulity to bo of iiiui-h weight as literary 
autiiuritif:!. Thoy were gliid thoiuKclves to adopt 
Some acknowledged authority when they eould find 
it. Tho ago of losictpgrii|)liy came, and iho printer'^ 
reader clung to his dictionary oi a nheet anchor. 
But liow did tho writerii of dictiouario!) proceed? 
Uoor what JohiiDun sayii: 

G. Dr. Johnson's (Drtbognipbic piffitul- 

tuS. "Of this kind [aiioniulous foriimUon.<i, which, 
being once incor|Minited, can never be afterwards 
dismissed or refurnied.] are tho derivatives Uiu/th 
from litt'j, UifiKjth from sfrn/n/, darliiuj from dtar, 
hnadtK fmin hrinid; iruuxJri/,tlfiiiitj/U; fn>m hi^j/i, 
heiijht, which .Milton, in zuitl for analogy, writes 
hitjhth. 'ijiuil tt fxemjita jurat njniii* </»• plurihim 
vnaf [llow uro you advantaged by removing a 
soliuiry thorn from out a multitude?] To change 
all would bo too much, and to change one is 

'•This uncertainty is most freijuent in the vowels, 
which are so capriciously pronounced, and so dif- 
ferently modified by accident or affectation, not 
only in every province, but in every mouth, that to 
them, as is well known to etymologists, little regard 
is to be shewn in tho deduction of one laii;;uage 
from another. 

" Such defects are not errours in orthography, 
but spots of barbarity impressed so deep in the 
English language, that criticism can never wash 
them away; these, therefore, must be permitted to 
remain untouched; but many words have likewise 
been altered by accident, or depraved by ignorance, 
03 tho pronunciation of the vulgar has been weakly* 
followed; and some still continue tobe variously writ- 
ton, as aulhorsdiffer in theircaro or skill: of thcseit 
was proper to inquire the true orthography, which 
I have olways considered as depending u|)on their 
derivation, and have therefore referred them to 
their original languages; thus, I vrhc em-haiit, m- 
chantnunt, i-nchanttr, after the French, and tinaii- 
tatii'ii after the I^liu; i\\\x*, entire is chosen rather 
than intiff, becau.^ it |tuiised to us not from the 
I^itin int*<jtr, but from tho French tutier. 

"Of many wonls it is difficult to say whether 
they were immediately received from the Latin, or 
the French, since, at tho time when wo had domin- 
ions in France, wo had the Ijttin service in our 
ehundies. It is, however, my opinion, that the 
French generally supplies us; for we have few 
Latin words among the terms of domcstick use. 

which are not in French; but many French which 
I ore very remote from the Latin. 

" Even in wonls of which Iho derivation is apiiar- 
ent, I have been often obliged to sacrifice unilorm- 
ity to custom; thus, I write, in compliance with a 
numberless majority, <v>/irry and inrtujh, detr it ituii 
rertiiit, fancy and phantmn; sometimes tho deriva- 
tive varies from the primitive, as txplaiu fr»m *r- 
planatiim, rfjttat and rej'ftitii/n, 

" Some combinations of letters, having tlie aune 
(Kiwcr, are used indifferently without any discover- 
able reason or choice, as in ch>ak,cfy'ke; triaii,t<ip4; 
fetcel, fuel, and many others; which I have some- 
times inserted twice, that those, who search for 
them under cither form, may not search in vain. 

"In examining tho orthography of any doubtful 
Word, the mode of spelling by which it is inserted 
in tho series of tho dictionary, is to bo considered 
Its that to which I give, ]ierhaps not often rashly, 
the preference. I have left, in the examples, Ui 
every author, his own practice anmolost<-d, that the 
reader may balance suffwges, and judge between 
us; but this <|Ucstion is not always to be determined 
by reputed or by real learning; some men, intent 
u|)on greater things, have thought little on stmndi' 
and derivations; some, knowing in the ancient 
tongues, have neglected those in which our words 
are commonly to bo .sought. Thus, Hauiiuoud writci 
ftcihlcness for feojiihlenfss, because, I suppose, he 
imagined it to be derived immediately from the 
Latin; and some words, such as dt'/'€udaiit, dejJtnd- 
ent, dtj>t/iduncf, dependence, \iXTy their final sylla- 
ablc, as one or another language is present to the 

" In this jNirt of tho work, where caprice has long 
wantoned without control, and vanity sought praise 
by petty reformation, 1 have endeavoured t<j proceed 
with a scholar's reverence for antiquity and a gram- 
marian's regard to the genius of our tongue. I 
have attempted u few alterations, and among those 
few, jierhops tho greater i>art is from the modem 
to the ancient practice; and I ho(>e I may bo allowed 
to recommend to those, whoso thoughts have been 
perha]is employed too anxiously on verbal singular- 
ities, not til disturb, upon narrow views, or for mi- 
nute projiriety, tho orthography of their fathers. 
It has been itsserted, that for the law to be kwitcn, 
is of more importance than to bo ri^hi. Change, 
says Hooker, is not made without inconvenience, 
even from worse to better. There is, in constancy 
and stability, a general and Lasting advantage, 
which will always overbalance tho slow imi>rovc- 
ments of gradual correction. Much less ought oar 
written language to comply with tho corruptions of 
oral utterance, or copy that which every variation 
of time or place makes different from itself, and 
imitate those changes which will again be changed, 
while imitation is employed iu observing them." 


7. IToss of the (True Alphabetic printiplc 
anb iUsc of ^^'cvicogvapbic ^utboritn. The 

reader caunot but be struck, on reaJinj; this remark- 
able [lassage, with the total obliteration of the orig- 
inal intention of alphabetic writing. Doctor John- 
son inveighs against writing as we speak; when in 
doubt, he does not trace the real phonetic history of 
the word; he looks merely to see what nation intro- 
duced it, and endeavors to indicate this by some 
peculiarity of orthography, which could evidently 
only inform those who were already in the secret, 
and at the same time he gives in without any rea- 
son at all but inveterate custom, to diversities of 
spelling which neither sound nor derivation justi- 
fies. It is impossible to give a more graphic picture 
of the iinbecile state of the English orthography. 

But Johnson was a "great" lexicographer, and 
printers' readers at once accepted him. They have 
abandoned him now. Walker and Smart, and then 
Webster and Worcester, have replaced him in the 
estimation of the readers, and thus our spelling has 
changed, as any one who reads the above passage 
(which is spelled as Johnson printed it) will readily 
perceive. Thus dictionary makers do settle the 
spelling, for they settle the practice of the print- 
ing office, and writers endeavor in general to write 
like a book. And yet read what a writer in the 
Penny Cyclopoedia, (vol. 17, p. 41,) says, truly rep- 
resenting, as we know, the feeling of many literarj' 
men : — 

"W'e perceive, by certain Grammars and Diction- 
aries published by practical men, both at home, and 
still more in the United States of North America, 
that the writers appear to suppose that their works 
will be resorted to, even by persons of cultivation, 
as authorities or guides to orthography. But we 
believe it to be the case, that the number is very 
few of persons who actually use dictionaries for 
this purpose. We mean, of course, not mere chil- 
dren, or persons of very imperfect education, but 
even of those there are very few persons who read 
much and write occasionally, who ever think of re- 
sorting to books of the kind we are speaking of; and 
persons of a better education still trust entirely to 
memory, and should a doubt arise, the reference 
would be made to some eminent author, and not to 
the guides of which we speak. In fact, the art is 
acquired almost without teaching, and is maintained 
in vigor through a whole life by the constant 
practice of writing and reading. At all events, 
there is no book, grammar, guide, or dictionary, 
which a scholar in England regards as in this point 

a book of any authority Practically a 

great, and perhaps quite sufficient degree of uni- 
formity and stubilit}', may be said to be secured 
under the regulating power that now exists. Dic- 
tionaries and vocabularies, as affording an easy 
guide to the knowledge of what is the usage, may 

have their use in this respect to a few persons who 
. write occasionally only, but, as authorities, we re- 
peat, they are of no avail." 

8^ Estimate of fbc Jlcgm of ^ivatioir in 
our |)rcscnt (Ortbograpbii. But is our spelling 

fixed after all? . Mr. Worcester, in his dictionary, 
gives 1495 words as spelled different by different 
authors, of which no less than 126 are speUed in 
more than two different ways. If we take our 
language as consisting of 90,000 words, this alone 
gives about one in sixty as still unsettled. And 
from this calculation we have thrown out of con- 
sideration whole classes of cases in which usage 
differs; as, (1) whether we should write our or or 
in ambassado?', anteriw?-, arbw, ardor, and so on, (in 
fifty-nine cases Dr. Johnson writes mtr, and in 
forty o;v) (2) whether the I should be doubled or 
not in the past tense of such words as apparel, 
havel, bowe/, &c., that is, whether we should write 
appare?«fZ or appareZZerf, &c.; there are no less than 
fifty such words; (,3) whether t, p, should be doub- 
led in the past tense and participle of words like 
benefit, deveUyj, &c., fourteen in number ; ( 4 ) 
whether we should write centre or center, &c.; (5) 
whether we should write patron^■«e or patronage, &c., 
in at least ninety verbs ending in ise or ize; (6) 
whether or not we should retain the e in abridge- 
ment, judgement, &c., and in blameable, &o.; (7) 
whether a double or single I should be written in 
compound words formed from monosyllables which 
have the double I, as appa/Z, heiall, &c.; (8) and, 
which is the style of spelling to be adopted in 
classes of words represented by the following pairs: 
i/iquirer, enquirer; nego<«'ate, nego«ate ; control, 
contro«l; expense, expencey allege, sXledge; complete, 
complea^ly conncr/oa, connecfo'on./ preeej/e, preceeci, 
&e. If these were taken into consideration the 
proportion would be much increased. It must be 
owned, however, that there is very little diversity 
in the thirty or forty thousand words in commonest 
use, so far as printed books are concerned, and those 
persons who do not imitate them are generally 
looked upon as true Pariahs, unfitted for the society 
of the elect. Yet would we endeavor to discover a 
reason for the spellings we employ, our rules be- 
come all exceptions, because, as the preceding brief 
but only too truthful history shows, no one law has 
regulated our custom. 

0. Our present ©rtbograpljg a Sticntifit 

ifailurc. The result is, then, that the English 
language is represented by a series of signs which, 
originally deduced from phonetic considerations, 
are now totally inadequate to represent the sounds 
uttered, and that it may be asserted with perfect 
truth, that no Englishman can be sure how to pro- 
nounce a word which he has only ^een and never 
heard, or how to write a word which he has only 



heanl and ncrcr seen on iitt|)or. It i« true ho may 
appn)ziiimto both to iho Hound nnd to the furui, 
and the nioro \xo hiu rvod nnd written tho mon: 
clMc will hia nppruxiiuatiun \)C, and ho may even 
hit U|><in tho exoc-t sound or funn, but it uiuat he 
guoM wnrk, for thoro is absolutely no guiding prin- 
oiplo whatever. 

Now it requires but a brief cnntideration to con- 
demn this stut« of thing', which is much worse than 
tho Chinese, because, in tho Chinese characters 
thero is so much plan and system that when tho 
radicnjj arc known, some conception of tho thou;;ht 
intended by tho eomplcto sign can bo funned, 
whereas, when tho alphabet is known, nu pri>[>cr 
conception can bo formed of the sound of the word 
rcprespntod. Wo must therefore condemn the 
present Knglish orthography as not fulfilling the 
purposes for which spelling was invented, while at 
tho same tiiu", as will bo soon shown, (see § 22,) 
it d'><>s not fulfil the pur])ose which those who 
would preserve it think it suited,— it does not show 
tho meaning or origin of tho word, nnd thus lead 
to tho conception of the thought iustcad of the con- 
ccptiim of tho sonnd. Were tho orthography then 
a scientific invention, (instead of nn historic growth, > 
it must bo condemned as a scientific failare. 

10. (Onz Prrsrnl Ortboqrapbn ;i ]^1r:utu;il 

^ntllirr. Did its bad effects end here they might 
bo boruo with. liut this is far from being the case. 
A 8y-t«n of writing which pnicceds according to no 
rule, and therefore ceases to bo a system of alpha- 
betic writing altogether, (using tho term in its 
proper sense,) iit, in fact, a system by which each 
word has a separate, independent symbol, which 
mutt be individually committed to memory so that 
tho Sound shoald recall the sign and tho sign the 
sound, iiiid the only advantage of having those t^ym- 
boLs composed of portions of a series of 26 known 
and named forms, is tho greater readiness with 
which tho eyo discriminates them, and the parts of 
each symbol may bo described in words. In point 
of fact nil tho ordinary systems of teaching to read 
and spell prrweed u|K)n this fundamental fact. One 
systom, known as " tho look and say " method, docs 
So without disguise: the teacher |H>ints to a word 
and utters Iho sound, and j)roceeds in this way with 
every new word until tho child rccognites it when 
shown again. In other systems tho fiu-t is more or 
less disguised by teaching first tho names of the 
sovcrul constituent parU. Hut in all ."vstems tho 
mode in which spelling is taught displays the prin- 
ciplo in all its nakwl ugliness. Column ofter col- 
umn of dull symbols have to b« committed to mem- 
ory by naming tho letters of which tho words are 
com|«jscd, tho most tedious, most irksome, most 
irrational exercise of a child's memory which it is 
well potisiblo to coDcoivo. 

If we then conceive ii|M)lling as a contrivance for 
rendering tho communication of ideas and their 
prcscr>'ation easy and rapid, wo must coudamn tho 
present orthography m a practical failure. 

11. (Diir prcsrut Orlbogrnpbij a IHoral 

iF;ulurC. But thero is a higher sense still in which 
our spelling is a failure. To give mankind tho 
benefit of the cxiK-rJuneo of ptist ages, which, as we 
have slated, mainly distinguir^hes man fr>>m brute, 
it is nwessary that one of ibo first things a child 
is taught when he is educated, should be tho art of 
reading, to bo closely followed by tho art of writing. 
He has to learn how to receive and to communicate. 
Nearly tho first thing, then, on which bis mind is 
exercised under the present circumstances, is to 
commit to memory the strange and confused system 
of spelling which disgraces our language, lie is 
thereforo practically taught to regard the subjects 
on which he is exercised as subordinated to no rule. 
The moaning of Iwr, or tho constant relations of 
phenomena as respects similarity and succession, is 
not only withheld from him, but is rendered almost 

Who would teach tho idea of physical law from 
tho changes of tho weather? Those of our S|telling 
are only less numerous because the number of our 
words is limited. Tho child learns, therefore, 
practically, in ita first lessons, to yield to author- 
ity blindly, to sacrifice all reason, all common 
sense, all knowledge, at tho shrine of custom and 
routine, — to take his master's word and ask no 
questions. The mind is cramped, confined, sent 
back into its polyp coll, instead of evoked {e-duca- 
liiK.) Agreatmonil and logical injury is done to 
tho child's mind, which it requires many ye.irs of 
other education, years of instruction in physical 
knowledge to eradicate, if it indeed ever be eradi- 
cated. Hence, viewed in connection with educa- 
tion, our spelling is a groat moral failure. 

1-. (Our present Ortbognipbn an hxtti- 

national failure. liut iU faults do not end with 
the nation that uses it. It spreads to other nations, 
A great commercial people like the Anglo-Saxon 
mcc, which holds Britain and tho I'nitcd .States, 
must be constantly brought into connection with 
other nations. It becomes of tho utmost SM-ial 
and international im|xirtancc that they should un- 
derstand each other's language. This can generally 
be effected only through writing, ond must at any 
rate be princi|>ally carried on by writing. A sys- 
tem of spoiling, then, which is so difficult to acquirtt 
as the Knglish, a system which affords no infonna- 
tion whatever to the foreigner as to the sound he 
has to give the words in order to bo intelligible to 
English speakers, cannot bat be regarded as a gr«*l 
couunorviol aad international failure. 


13. Our Odbognipbn an ^ctibc ^ncmn 

io (StmCiltion. it would be easy to show that our 
spelling is an esthetic failure and a philological 
failure; that it prevents us from acquiring some 
uniform standard of pronunciation, or from learn- 
ing the real changes which have taken place in the 
course of ages daring the formation of our lan- 
guage; that it throws great hinderances in the way 
of our study of comparative philology and the ac- 
quisition of modern languages for the sake of prac- 
tical intercommunication; but on these matters we 
forbear to dwell. They must occur to every think- 
ing mind. They are borne out by constant experi- 
ence ; they are of the things which admit of no 

But it is necessary to recur to the educational 
effects of our present orthography, for they are at 
once the most important, and the most gener-allj' 
felt. The one great point is, th'a,t with our fresent 
spelling it is a long and xery difficult process to 
learro to read , and a still longer and more difficult 
process to learn, to write. The consequence is that 
children are forced to waste years over acquiring 
the power to use the mere tools wherewithal to dig 
out knowledge. In Great Britain, where there is 
no organized system of common schools, and where 
children go to school very young, and leave after 
spending, on an average, not more than eighteen 
months at school, it has been calculated by the 
acute school inspector, Kev. Canon Mosely, that 
" probably one half " of the children who frequent 
the English national and other schools for the 
working classes, "must leave the schools and be 
absorbed into the laboring community of the coun- 
try not being able to read." {^Minutes of the Com- 
mittee of Council on Education, for 1845, vol. 1, p. 
228.) Now, although it by no means follows that 
those who can read and write, aye, and read and 
write with the greatest ease and correctness, are in 
any respect educated, yet it is quite certain that 
those who are not able to read and write with some 
degree of ease, are entirely uninstructed. The sys- 
tem of instruction at our schools does not admit of 
education being conducted without reading and 

The great social misery, then, which English spel- 
ling produces in England, is the want of education 
among the people. And even in the United States, 
where every child enjoys the opportunity of in- 
struction in the common schools, the time which is 
still wasted over the necessary preliminary of learn- 
ing to read, detracts much from the value of the 
education given, because it deprives the teacher of 
opportunity to give that other instruction and that 
other training which constitutes real education, 
while the very circumstance of having to teach a 
subject of the nature of our orthography, gives the 
child a false training, a bend in the wrong direction, 
a something to unlearn in his very first learning. 

The process of instruction in reading is therefore 
not merely no assistance to other teaching, but ab- 
solutely a detriment. Our orthography is there- 
fore an incubus which all educators must be desir- 
ous of scaring; not merely a passive obstacle to be 
overcome, but an active enemy which is perpetually 
leading the pupil into false paths. 

14. %\vi |lcnubiT---it |lcturmu« to %xyxz 

gllpbabdic Spiriting, is this a necessary evil? 
Must we accept what is, because it is, and make no 
effort to improve? Is that spelling which every 
succeeding age has already altered, to remain stere- 
otyped in the nineteenth century? Is learning to 
stand still when all the rest of the world moves? 
The questions answer themselves. We have only 
once to get a conviction of the evil firmly fixed in 
the minds of the Anglo-Saxon race, with a clear 
perception of the remedy, and the change will be 
made. Now wherein the remedy lies is very clear. 
It simply requires a recurrence to the original sci- 
entific principles of alphabetic writing. We must 
carefully analyze the sounds which we utter, give 
characters to each simple sound, and combine these 
characters for the words. This is not an easy task, 
but it can be done, for it has been done in Asia 
over and over again, and done successfully too. 
Modern Occidentals do not yield the palm of intel- 
lect to the Orientals. Suppose it done, and it will 
be shown in the latter part of this introduction how 
it may be done sufficiently for all the practical 
purposes of life, what will be the benefit? 

15. Wilt ^mcfits fobicb fooulb result from 

tlj£ Cljciugc. We have only to reverse the cen- 
sures passed upon the ordinary spelling to arrive at 
an estimate of the new. A child once instructed 
in the elementary sounds and the method of com- 
bining them, together with the characters by which 
they are conventionally represented, will know in- 
stantly, as soon as he sees a written symbol, what 
sound he is to utter, and as soon as he hears a spo- 
ken sound, what symbol he is to trace. Within 
three months may this knowledge be acquired by a 
child of four or an adult of forty. The gate of 
knowledge would be thrown open with both its 
valves. To read would be to hear, to write would 
be to speak. 

Other nations would be readily able to compre- 
hend our language, the easiest in the world to ac- 
quire but for its present orthography, and destined 
to be carried over the whole globe by the energy of 
its speakers. The years now wasted in learning a 
dull catalogue would be saved. A small portion 
of the time would be pleasantly spent at the com- 
mencement of a child's schooling, or before he goes 
to school, under the care of his mother, in acquiring 
the true sounds of language, putting them together, 
and connecting them with the symbols of writing, 



thus giving him a practical uci|uiiiuUim;o with 
aniilVKid and iiyiilhudiii, and a fuulin^; fur xyujinetry 
aoJ law. llu will aUo Icaru thu mlvunUgu uf 
knuwlc(ij;o ami iU text; bu will find thnt lio knuwi<, 
bccauiiu by applying; tho Hituplu ruU'!< liu lias learnt 
b« can di:K'ovi-r nuw ruitulls. IIo will tliu.t bo ublu 
to undontund, { vat;uuly uf courso, at firxt, as all 
obildrun undcnttaud,) tho umo uf being taught, tho 
U80 uf guing tu Kchoul. IIo will <eu tho valuu uf a 
teiu:hur'« in!itruutiuu,nnd will yii-ld him, not a blind, 
but an intulligvnt ubudionco. Ilcnco wo may luuk 
furward to sui-h a change as a nutiunul blL>:t.'*ing, to 
bo earnestly striven fur with hciirl and soul. 

10. $htsc ^cnc&ts bill not .iltsuU unless 
j^ropcr 3lsc be mabc of tljr IlctD Spelling. 

It ii" not i)rclonded that a scientlficilly correct sys- 
tem of spoiling will produce all these social bunefils 
of it-ielf. The system of reading and writing may 
bo extremely easy, and yet people may never be 
taught to read. In no country in EurujM) is tho 
orthography better ur mure cunsistcnt than in 
S|min, but we could not cite Sintin as an instance 
of a high stato of education. In Ilullund tho or- 
thography is al.Ho very good, and tho state uf edu- 
cation is very high. In Austria pruper, although 
no improvement has taken* plitce in tho Uerman 
spelling, (which is certainly very 8U|>erior to the 
English,) every child i» t»ught to read and write. 
But no good results from this, because books aro 
withheld from the reader with jealous care. A 
koifc, however sharp it may be, will not cut unless 
it be used. Uood tools do not make good workmen. 
It is not enough to have a good system of spelling: 
it is ncec^isary to put it to its full use. The reason 
why tho 8|K<akcrs of the English language should 
strive so earnestly to improve their spelling, is not 
that they cannot protluco a good effect with the 
one they have, but even because they are such 
go<jd workmen as to do well with tho miserable 
tool they have inherited from the litcniry anan-hy 
of their forefathers, therefore they should strive to 
possess themselves of that much hotter instrument 
which science presents to them, and which they 
Could employ with such immenso effect. Wo do 
not deny the ndvantago of a corduroy road over 
none at all; wo do not protend to abuse tho .Macad- 
amiiod causeway whieh we have usod so many years 
with tho greatest advantage; but this is no reason 
for our not introducing railway, any more than tho 
cxoellonco of tho .wmaphurc should debar us frum 
tho electric telegraph. Writing was good, printing 
was belter; any orthography was better than none 
at all; but any jimply historical and un^'ysteniatic 
orthography must yield to I'hunetic sjiclling. 

17. (Dbjtctions to Ibt Change- --from ila 

Strangeness. Now thcro is no abuse however' 
flagrant, no custom however inconvcDicut, oo ab-| 

vurdiiy however glaring, which will fail to find 
oilvocates when onuo oxtablishcd, or which thoM 
who have pructisod will not find argument! to 
retain. Those who hikVu boen accustomed to read 
and write much, who havo acquired thoir habit by 
a long, and un tho whole, piiinful ivriei of trials, 
are unwilling to have their habits altered, and aro 
even fearful of injuring tliem, so slight i* tlicir 
hold, by turning aside for a mumeul to •uuethiog 
else. Wurds in the old sjiulling — that is to aajr, 
thousands uf the eonimonest worils, more ur less, ao- 
curding to the habits uf the |)enun,— have becomo 
familiar objwls, old friends, which it dictretsofl 
them to travesty. They find a set of now charac- 
ters slrango and uncouth, something as ludicruiu 
as tho first umbrella, a thing tu be laughed at, not 
tried. This is very natural, and wo aro old cnuugh 
to recollect similar objections to tho great ugly 
locuinotive, with iLi shrill scream and fire-spitting 
mouth, OS com[iared with tho neat turn-out and 
tho four spirited horses of tho stage-coach. Yet wo 
have lived to find a r.iilwuy train tho theme uf 

In sober earnest, those who object merely to tho 
strangeness of the new spelling, while the old itself 
apjK'ars most strange, most unac4.'ountablo, to those 
who have began with a phonetic orthography, re- 
mind us uf those who defended tho use of tho wig 
in preference to the natural hair, while tho persist- 
ency with which English judges and barristers, the 
first English churchman, tho first English noble- 
man, and tho first English commoner, cling to 
horsehair covering in lieu of, or rather supenidded 
to their own, sert'es to show tho rig iru-rtitr uf 
things as they are, in resisting every inducement 
to change. No doubt tho " poriwig-fiated " Kuman 
heroes that figure on pedestals as representatives 
of the king's soldiers and statesmen of our James 
and (jcorgo days, were thought the />« j>liit ultra 
of correct taste at the time, and wo may weep to 
see a Komau soldier figuring on the Crimean 
medal of the prcseat day, as a proof of the invot- 
enicy of mere custom unsupi>orted by any show of 
rationality. Hut tho world dofs move, in spite of 
all assertions to the contrary, and mere custom will 
give way to established knowledge. It is therefors 
unnccesi»ary to argue with those who would reject 
phonetic spelling merely because they aro used to 
another orthography. Some stronger arguments 
must bo Uiied. 

18. g^bc (f onserbntibe (Dbjettion to (^bang^ 

Dr. I^thain has *iid : " //* rmi^d to yhmttic titl- 
ling tktrt U only ont ralid r«a*<>n at/airut U; and 
that is tit* fxUttnct of thit non-phonttit tyU^m. 
Whether this bo conclusive, or whether it is more 
weighty In itself than any number of other 
reasons combineii, is another matter. As it it, 
the contest is a mere question of relative strength. 


— reformer versus conservative. All parties, how- 
ever, are the better for knowing the worthlessncss 
of all other objections beyond the single great one 
of difficulty in execution." {Educational Times, 
Aug. 184*. ) It is necessary that the full force of 
this objection should be understood. It is not 
simply the unwillingness to change a custom, but 
it arises from a belief that the inconvenience of 
the change will more than counterbalance the ad- 
vantages. Now, the main inconveniences are pre- 
sumed to be, first, that every one will have to go 
to school again, and learn a new system of spelling; 
and secondly, that all our old books and libraries 
will become worthless, as it will require a special 
Stady to understand them. With regard to the 
first, it is sufficient to state that one day would 
be sufficient to tea«h any intelligent adult who is 
already acquainted with reading in the ordinary 
print to acquire the power of reading Ms own lan- 
guage phonetically. This inconvenience is there- 
fore very slight. Also, as this acquisition of the 
power to read phonetically would not, in any way, 
detract from his present power of reading according 
to the historical print, (which, as it was derived 
from the Romans, will be henceforth, as a matter of 
convenience, styled the liomanic, ) he will be able 
to read all the books already in existence just as 
easily as before. He would also derive the infor- 
mation which phonetic books can alone bestow, and 
he would find the value of phonetic spelling in a 
thousand little ways. He need never trouble him- 
self to learn phonetic writing. It will be sufficient 
for his descendants to do that. 

The first part of the objection may be therefore 
disposed of at once, or resolved into the mere vis 
inertice, which can only be overcome by allowing a 
generation or two to die out, for as it is not due to 
reason it cannot be overcome by reason. 

The second part of the objection sounds much 
more formidable, but it is in reality no objection at 
all. It has been proved by numerous experiments, 
repeated under so many different circumstances as 
to leave no doubt of the matter on the mind of any 
one acquainted with them, that if a child be taught 
to read ivell in the phonetic spelling, he acquires 
the power of reading in romanie spelling almost 
■without any instruction at all. Indeed, when the 
forms of the phonetic letters are selected with that 
view, we may assert as an experimental fact, that 
the shcyrtest and "best Tneihcid of acquiring a know- 
ledge of cmr present romanie (/rthography is to cc/m- 
mence iy studying the phonetic. This will be ex- 
plained hereafter, (see § 46 to 48,) but admitting it 
for the moment, it disposes of the objection alto- 
gether, for phonetic spelling instead of rendering 
our libraries useless, will only make their treasures 
more accessible, for it will make more readers than 
ever of the style of spelling in which they are 

Those, therefore, who desire to introduce a pho- 
netic system of spelling — spelling reformers as they 
call themselves, — must bear in mind that the only 
chance which they have of succeeding, because 
the only means they possess of overcoming this 
conservative objection, lies in establishing the fact 
that their system of spelling when used as a mere 
auxiliary for teaching to read in the ordinary 
print, will make pupils acquire the power of ordi- 
nary romanie reading and spelling more rapidly, 
more easily, more intelligently, and with better ef- 
fect upon their subsequent education, than the sys- 
tems of teaching to read now employed. That is, 
all spelling reformers must become reading reform- 
ers. It is the condition of their success. 

19. %\xtz ai\n ^rinttpal ©bjcttions 

stateb. The other objections urged against the 
introduction of phonetic spelling may be reduced 
to three: — many more have been brought forward, 
but they are not worth the trouble of enumerating, 
and Dr. Latham has, in the passage just quoted, 
broadly stated that even these three are perfectly 
worthless. They are more or less widely enter- 
tained, however, and no person can moot the ques- 
tion of phonetic spelling without meeting with 
them. They are, first, that many words now 
sounded alike differ in their spellings, and have a 
corresponding difference in their significations, 
which distinctions would be lost if phonetic spel- 
ling were to prevail; secondly, that the language 
is continually changing, and that a phonetic or- 
thography would, therefore, also be continually 
changing; and lastly, that the etymology and his- 
tory of words would be totally obscured by the 
changes proposed to be made in the spelling. 
These objections must be considered a little in 

20. Objection on the Store of gimbiguitg. 

With regard to the first, it would have some 
weight if every difference of meaning were dis- 
criminated by a difference of spelling, or if the 
differences of spelling were originally intended to 
draw attention to and distinguish the differences 
of meaning. Neither of these is the case, li we 
read of " Kitty dancing at a hall," and " Jacky 
kicking at a hall," the words in italics are the 
same both in sound and sign, but the signification 
widely different, and yet unmistakable. If we ad- 
mire Rossini's airs, are they his music or his man- 
ner? If a man of ligJd weight enter a light room 
and lif/ht from a carriage with a light heart, or 
display light manners, or light a cigar, we use the 
same word in sign and sound in each case, but how 
different in meaning 1 A hay tree, a bay window, 
and a hay horse have certainly no connection in 
meaning or in origin, yet they are all spelled alike 
and sounded alike. Take the list of 309 " equi- 


vucal words" in such a littlo book m Uuttvr'ii /-^y- 
tnoiiigical SptlUruj Hmik, and obgervo that in all 
the«c, sltbou(;h no diffureuuo of nigD \» mado fur 
the diffurunoo uf mcaninj;, yot he ii4 a bud speaker 
or writer who allows hia Hcntcneo;) to bu anibiguuaK, 
UdIu.<>j<, indeed, ho bo a detvnninod punster. Hut 
this list is very incoiuplcto. Aliu<iMt every noun 
wo have can bo U!ied tm a verb, and yet we m.tko 
no difforonco in niK'Uin;?,— wo used to do so, and it 
waa thought to bo a sad pity and a great \i)ta to 
olearncsDof language when the initial capital letter 
of noun substantives was discontinued. The (tor- 
mans still retain it, with the exception of the 
greatest authority on the (jermnn laiigunge, (iriuim 
hiuiscit'. Then, wu may add, that the literal and 
figurative meanings aro never discriminated, al- 
though of the last inii>ortikiioc, nor aro the ]>rimary 
and secondary. In fact, when a difference of spel- 
ling occurs, it generally shows that thoro was an 
original difference of pronunciation, which has 
now been lost, as in rit(, tcriU, rujht, wH<jfU. 
These cases will bo reduced to the same category 
as tho meaning of riijfU in "my riijJU hand; I claim 
my riijht; you arc vujht; a riijht line; he will 
viijht you," etc., tho context in ovory case must 
show tho meaning. An isolated word seldom ex- 
presses its whole meaning. It changes, like tho 
reflection in water, with sorroundiug objects. 

Bat we must also turn tho picture. There aro 
not only many words pronounced alike when 
spelled differently, but others which aro jiro- 
nounccd differently in different senses but aro 
still s]>clled alike. " Thus, we lead a person to a 
Uad mine; we d<ject to an object; a cat, it is said, 
licit many Uret," ic. In all these cases perspicu- 
ity will clearly gain by a change of spelling. Hut 
there is no need to waste words over such an objec- 
tion, because whatever confusion can be mado is 
clrtady mado in speech, and what speaker would 
think of stopping in the middle of a period to ex- 
plain that ho meant heich and not heacJi, or hare 
uud not htarf And if no ambiguity is felt in the 
rapidity of speech, what ought to bo looked for in 
tho deliberation of reading? 

21. (Dbjcttion on tbt Store of |jlut:ibxlilj) 

of PrOllUIuiatiou. Mr. Tr., in his Lecture 
(■/» th* Kii'jUtk Lan(iua<j€, rom.irks: "At present in 
aU languages it is tho written word which is the 
conservative clement in them. It is an abiding 
witness agninst the mutations or other capricious 
changes in their »haj>o, which affectation, folly, ig- 
norance, and half knowledge would introduce. It 
is not, indeed, always able to hinder tho final adop- 
tion of these corrupter forms, but yet opposes a 
constant and very often successful resistance to 
thom. With the adoption of I'bonotic spelling this 
witness would exist no longer; whatever wu spo- 

ken would have also to bo written, lc;t it be never 
So barbarous, never so great a de{iarturu from the 
truo form of the word." 

Now observe the illogical feeling which pcnrades 
this remark. If spoiling hod not been primarily 
phonetic in intention what witness could the spoi- 
ling of a word bear to its pronunciationT And if 
sjHjIling \i ph'jnetic in intention, when and how 
and by what means did it cease to bo so? In fact 
it has not ceased to bo so, and down to this rery 
day wo have changes mode in words, solely owing 
to their sounds. Tho English government hare 
just issued a [>eniiy stamp, bearing the words "Une 
I'cnny. Draft payable on demand, or receipt." 
Aro wo to accept this as tho siKsUing of draughit 
Is not this as great a concession to mere pronuncia- 
tion as /.{/■ would be for laugh, and in precisely the 
samo direction, already pointed out by dwarf, 
(from tho Anglo-Saxon dweitrh, or dwennj, high 
(jiiTiaaD, zwerijf ) What is receipt (with its un- 
pronounced/>) itself but a concession in tho intro- 
duction of tho 1 to prevent its being sounded re- 
ceptt In its cognate deceit the y wa? hopelessly 
gone even in Johnson's time. 

And how long has it been ascerUined that the 
spelling of a word is an abiding witness to any- 
thing? Do we spell as our forefathers? Chaucer 
wrote jiarfit, wo write i>erject ; why? Is it sup- 
loosed that tho pronunciation has remained unal- 
tered? "Open any book printed in tho reign of 
Queen Anne, and many words will present them- 
selves in an orthography very different from that 
in which they would now bo found. If we ascend 
still higher, and go to the reign of Elizabeth, we 
find tho orthograi)hy still more diverse from our 
own, and when we reach the time of Caxton, and 
still more when wo go back to the time of Chaucer, 
( 1390,) and Wickliffe, (1.387,; wo find many words 
which, though they are actually words now in use, 
aro 80 disguised in their orthographical form that 
wo can scarcely recognize them. Wo seem to 
have got among a people who sjxoke a different 
language, though they wore our own forefathers 
not more than ten or twelve generations above oar 
grandfathers." {Penny Cychpocd ia jVo\. 17, p. 41.) 
This is a strange "abiding witness " to cite, which 
changes so rapidly as to bo scarcely rccognixable. 

But in another sense tho word in an abiding wit- 
ness; it shows what the pronunciation was, and the 
changes in tho word show what tho change of pro- 
nunciation has been. Owing to the scientific imper- 
fection of our alphabetic system this is shown very 
indifferently, only to those who have studied the 
subject, and to them bnt as in a glass darkly. 
Had a strict phonetic orthography boon always in 
use, we should have had a record of tho progress of 
our language, which would have been invaluable. 
.\.t the same timo the very existence of a strict 
stylo uf phonetic spelling would have tended to 



keep the language fixed, as each reader would have 
known what the writer meant to utter. This, of 
course, is an effect which will increase with the 
number of books and readers. Languages change 
most rapidly where commanication is imper- 
fect; and phonetic orthography acts as a per- 
petual means of communication. So far, then, 
from deprecating a change in spelling when a real 
change takes place in sound, we should court it. 
We should know why some persons now say, with 
Lord John Russell, that they are ^'greetly dbleeged," 
and others conceive a line to " appare oblique " in- 
stead of " appeerinfj ohleeque" the romanic spelling 
being ea and i-e in both cases. He that can ex- 
plain these differences of speech, which the orthog- 
raphy completely disguises, has made a little pro- 
gress in the study of the mutations of English. 
As to Mr. Trench's supposition that all barbarisms 
of pronunciation are to be written, it would not 
deserve notice if it did not show how eager even 
scholars are to write about what they do not under- 
stand. Ignorant people may and will write ignor- 
antly, as at present, but printed books will, as at 
present, give what is believed to be the most gen- 
erally esteemed pronunciation. 

The present dictionary is itself an example of 
this. Here pronunciations are given which it is 
believed will be generally looked upon as good in 
America. They are based, in general, upon the 
works of the most approved American orthoepists. 
Books printed in this character will, then, in every 
word, show the reader how he should speak if he 
would follow the opinion of those who have paid 
most attention to the subject. There will be, and 
must be, differences of opinion on the subject, and 
for a while we may reckon on perhaps more than 
one word in sixty being pronounced, and therefore 
spelled, differently by different printers. But we 
already labor under this inconvenience in ordinary 
print and do not find it overwhelming. There is no 
standard of pronunciation, nor is it possible to cre- 
ate one. Those who have studied the subject are 
perfectly aware of the illusory character of all at- 
tempts to fix one way of speaking. Why is the 
pronunciation of Edinburgh, or Yorkshire, or Dub- 
lin considered incorrect? Why are Londonisms 
stigmatized? Why do the Americans consider 
their pronunciation better than the English, and 
the English their own pronunciation best? In what 
consists a good and in what a bad pronunciation? 
What is a corruption? What is an improvement? 
The most different opinions are entertained upon 
these subjects, and it is impossible here to enter 
upon them at length, ilr. Trench is particularly 
severe on the pronunciation of Europe as if it were 
spelled "IZriip." \JI being sounded as u in wnion, 
and u in the second syllable like the vowel in b?/t. 
Some phoneticians prefer this pronunciation, while 
others prefer the brief sound of o in propose.] He 

owns that perhaps numerically more persons in 
England pronounce in this manner, yet he would 
be "bold to affirm that if ninety-nine out of every 
hundred persons in England chose to call it ZLrup 
this would be a vulgarism still, against which the 
written word ought to maintain its protest, not 
sinking down to their level, but seeking to raise 
them to its own." Now if in phonetic books we 
spelled the word so as to pronounce the last sylla- 
ble like rope, no doubt this spelling would prevail. 
It is etymologically certain, however, that this pro- 
nunciation is incorrect, being one of those which 
the old orthography has falsely conjured up. The 
word comes from the French to us, not from the 
Latin, as the accent shows, and the French o in an 
unaccented syllable should, according to the ge- 
nius of our language, become the very sound which 
Mr. Trench reprobates. 

Those, however, who rail at phonetic spelling as 
likely to produce the greatest variety of pronunci- 
ation have entirely mistaken its action, and show 
themselves totally unacquainted with the subject. 
The normal effect of phonetic spelling must be to 
produce and perpetuate great uniformity of lan- 
guage, and to settle a pronunciation upon some 
intelligible basis. Our first attempts, such as that 
made in the present work, must, of course, be con- 
sidered as only first attempts, and rather as proofs 
of what phonetic spelling is suited to do than of 
what it will ultimately effect. 

22. (Dbjtciiffn: on i\t Store of 6tmnolocig. 

As the adoption of phonetic spelling is one of the 
most practically useful labors which could be un- 
dertaken, we must not be surprised to find it attract- 
ed the attention of the most practically minded men 
in the United States. Benjamin Franklin himself 
sketched out a scheme of phonetic spelling, and in 
the brief letter which he has left us on the subject, 
has, in a very few words, disposed of the objection 
which was sure to be raised against it on the score 
of etymology. "Etymologies," says he, "are at 
present very uncertain; but such as they are, the 
old books would still preserve them, and etymolo- 
gists would there find them. Words, in the course 
of time, change their meanings, as well as their 
spellings and pronunciations, and we do not look 
to etymology for their present meanings. If I 
should call a man a knave and a villain, he would 
hardly be satisfied with my telling him that one 
of the words originally signified only a lad or ser- 
vant, and the other an under ploughman, or the 
inhabitant of a village. It is by their present 
usage only that the meaning of words is to be 

But, although this argument is all-convincing to 
the practical man, the scholar, and especially the 
scholar who has been taught on the usual classical 
school and university system of instruction, would 


not bfl «ti»fio«l with it. Me would f^juirc other 
t>oD*id<*ratioD9, for to him tho wonls in the present 
spelling do really convoy a notion of their origin, 
or at any rat<> hnvo every apix'aranco of «o doing. 
But how in it that tho iipelling infonm him and 
doog not inform a person who i* ignorsnt of I^atin 
and (Jreck? Nay, more, how is it that tho w«nl« 
which arc not derived from Ijitin and (Jreck 
fourfcs, but from An;?lo-Sa.Ton, do not betray their 
origin to him at a glance? IIow i« it that tho mere 
Ijitin and Greek «<'liolar i« unable, from the orthog- 
raphy of tho Words in tho lAinl's I'rayer, to tell the 
history, derivation, and meaning of more than two 
or three, as, tr<*pa**e», temptatl'>n, dtlicer, glory, 
and even hero will most probably bo in error, as he 
may bo inclinc<l to give to tho Latin what belongs 
to tho French? Does not this show hiui that tho 
spelling alot^e docs nnt give tho rc<|uircd informa- 
tion, but only tho spelling in connection with much 
oth^r learni'ntj; and that t\wso who actjuiro this 
learning will also seek out, not merely tho present, 
but thu still older form of tho word, in short, all 
tho hi.''toric traces of tho word which they arc able 
to discover, and that tho greatest errors may bo 
conimittcti from a hadty concla^iion drawn from a 
knowledge of ono or two languages only, and the 
mere look of tho word? 

Tho present 8[>elling, then, does net give tho ety- 
mology or history of a word, and hence by chang- 
ing tho sjM'lliug we do tyit deprive persons of any 
etymological benefits. Etymologists will have the 
same use of tho present and older spellings as tlioy 
DOW have, and those who are unable to study ety- 
mology for themselves — and this is the greater p-irt 
of mankind— will t.-»ko tho conclusions of etymolo- 
gists as they now tako them, with this additional 
advantage, that tho etymological information will 
bo accompanied with a phonetic explanation, 
showing how tho original word came, by tho laws 
of sound, to lose its old and gain its new form. 
True etymology will thus bo brought to light, and 
distinguished from tho false etymology of grammar. 
It will ho found to deal with words themselves and 
not with their accidental orthographies. 

N'o one, from tho spelling alone, for example, 
eouM trace tho slightest rescmblaneo between an 
English, French, Latin, Oreek, Sanscrit, Zend, or 
FIcbrcw word. The difference of alphabet effect- 
ually conceals tho connection. It is not till they 
are nil reducod to somo uniform and consistent 
orthography that the connection becomes apparent, 
an I t'l.n only after a phonetic study. Hence phi- are now content to admit with Chevalier 
Bunsen, that "the theory of etymology .-hows itself 
inseparable from that of phonology." ( Outline* </ 
the l'hil'<*>ntK>j of rm'rcrtal llittin-y, \o\. 2, p. ."^i^O: 
account of the .Mphalwtic Conference held at \40n- 
don in 1S54.^ It is only the half learned, then, or 
at any rate the half learned on tki* point, who fear 

any injury to etymology from the a<loption of phcr- 
netic spelling, whu-h, on the oontnry, will be fonnd 
ono of the most favorable circumstances which 
could ensuo to the study of true comparative 

•23. (Ost anb -Xbust of (^liimologi). Tber« 

is, however, a false etymology which is much prev- 
alent, and now much taught in schools. As tha 
English is a language derived from many lujurees, 
and in mo<lern times has received many .iocc«sionj 
from the I^atin and Greek direct, while previously 
it received them indirectly through the French, 
teachers have been much in tho habit of showing 
tho Latin and Greek roots to which words not 
Saxon may bo traced, and considering these as the 
etymologies of the language. Tho grossest errors 
are most fre<|uently committed in this respect, both 
in the actual history of words, and in the deriva- 
tion of their meaning from tho history. More ac- 
curate knowledge, founded upon phonology and 
the logical history of words, will correct these, but 
in the mean timo it is necessary that people should 
bo disabuscil of the thought that if they know tho 
ultimate Latin or Greek origin of a word they 
know its meaning. Archbishop Whatclcy gives tho 
three words underttandln/j, sulittance, hi/pottatu, 
all identical in their radical meaning, and widely 
different in their actual applications as examples 
of tho dangerous mistakes which may be ma<lo by 
those who go direct to tho ctvinology of words. It 
is a most instructive and useful exercise to observe 
tho altoration in tho meaning of words, or to trace 
tho derivation of tho most varied ideas from the 
same radical notions, but any ono who conceives 
that he could predict the change by knowing the 
original, would be like a man prognosticating the 
course of a river from a knowledge of the locality 
of its source without any conception of tho nature 
of tho country through which it had to flow. 

Etjnnology is not only inseparable from phonol- 
ogy, but from history also; and tho sooner that 
such bastard learning as commonly goes by the 
name of etymology is got rid of, tho better for the 
logical education of Englishmen. To those who 
k-nofc I.atin and Greek tho changes made by pho- 
netic spelling will not occasion the slightest diffi- 
culty in tracing a word to its origin; to those who 
do W't, tho changes are of no consequence what- 

24. ^ r»c:il (f^bjrction lo |mmtbiate 

(f hnngr. ant) its ranubn. There i«, however, 
one real and very serious impediment in the way 
of a sficedy introduction of a phonetic system of 
orthography, which has been generally overlooked; 
it consists in tho great and prevailing ignorance of 
the science of phonology, tho nature of speech 
sounds, their rarictie», their analysis, and theii 


synthesis. It is rare to meet with a single ele- 
mentary work which contains even a tolerably 
correct account of this important subject, and even 
scholars and professed teachers of pronunciation 
and elocution are generally very ignorant of the 
latter. Xay, more, the very teachers and best in- 
vestigators of the subject are at variance. Let 
any one peruse the works of the greatest authority 
we possess, those of Amman, Johannes Miiller, 
Willis, Wheatstone, Lepsius, Max. Miiller, Latham, 
&c., and he will see differences on fundamental 
points which are irreconcilable. If he turn to 
works of minor pretence, as Bell, Smart, "Walker, 
Worcester, and the numerous works on elocution, 
he will find confusion partly arising from ignor- 
ance, and partly from a partial view of the sub- 
ject. While in common grammars, and in the 
common treatises of travelers, and pronouncing 
vocabularies and dictionaries, he will find that one 
person has copied from another without under- 
standing him, till words are repeated and sense is 
entirely lost. 

Now it is absolutely necessary that this confu- 
sion should, to a certain extent, be removed, — that 
speakers of the English language at large, wher- 
ever living, may be thoroughly acquainted with an 
approximately accurate phonetic analysis of their 
language and familiar with its use, before we can 
hope to find them sufficiently prepared to accept 
phonetic spelling, not merely as a scientific instru- 
ment, but as a practical working tool. And how 
is this result, this necessary preliminary, to be 
gained ? By introducing a phonetic alphabet and 
the proper instructions in using it, into every 
school, so that the youngest children should be- 
come used to analyze words into their elementary 
sounds, and to combine the elementary sounds into 
words, and thus obtain a practical knowledge and 
feeling of the phonetic constitution of our lan- 
guage. But by what means can we effect this ? 
By the very same means by which we propose to 
overcome the conservative objection arising from 
the existence of a previous unphonetic orthography 
—by making phonetic reading an introduction to 
romanic, on the ground that it is the practically 
best method of acquiring facility in ordinary read- 
ing. In this respect, then, also, a reading reform 
is a necessary antecedent to a spelling reform. To 
carry it out properly requires, first, the production 
of a number of books in phonetic spelling, and, 
therefore, for the guidance of printers and others, 
a phonetic dictionary such as the one which fol- 
lows ; and, secondly, the use of such books in 
schools and elsewhere for acquiring a knowledge of 
good speaking and of romanic reading. These 
efforts will be advanced, of course, by periodical 
publications in a phonetic character, such as the 
Type of the Times and Plioneik Journal, to show 
ltd applicability to every purpose for which the 

ordinary spelling is used, and to many purposes for 
which ordinary romanic spelling has proved en- 
tirely inefficient. Hence it is absolutely necessary 
that the forms of the letters in the new phonetic 
alphabet should bear reference to those in the old 
romanic alphabet, so that similar sounds are gener- 
ally represented by similar forms, as otherwise we 
could not hope that the phonetic orthography 
would prove a good introduction to romanic. For 
whatever language, then, the experiment of a 
spelling reform is to be made, the characters 
chosen for the new alphabet must be "based upon 
the forms and significations of the letters there 
already used. (See below, §44.) Such an alpha- 
bet is the one used in this Dictionary, of which the 
following is a brief history. 

25. pisiorg of iht ^mcruan ^Ijoitctk 

^Ipbttbct. It is seldom that the full bearing of 
any great invention or discovery is seen at first. 
We often work for the pursuit of some impracti- 
cable object, and meet with a practical result by 
the way. The difference between the visionary 
and the truly practical mind is shown by the power 
which the latter possesses to seize what is real and 
attainable, and leave what is beyond its powers. 

The origin of the phonetic alphabet was entirely 
practical: it was then worked out as a theory, in- 
tended to embrace all languages, and the forms of 
the letters were chosen with reference to their 
phonetic relations and their relations to the Latin ; 
but only by slow degrees did its inventors discover 
that the English romanic alphabet, both as to the 
forms and powers of the letters, must be taken as 
the basis of a spelling reform for the English lan- 
guage, in order to familiarize the people with the 
notion of phonetic spelling, and enable them at 
some future period to form an alphabet for them- 
selves upon truer and more cosmopolitan principles. 

Isaac Pitman, of Bath, Eng., is known as the 
inventor of a beautiful system of shorthand, called 
Phonography because based on a phonetic analysis 
of our language. He has given, himself, the fol- 
lowing account of its origin : — 

" When I was about 17 years of age, I had read 
most of our standard English authors, and had a 
tolerable acquaintance with the language as it ex- 
isted in books, but I had not enjoyed the opportu- 
nity of hearing it spolten. The language of everj'- 
day life consisted of but few words, and at the pro- 
nunciation of all the rest I was obliged to guess, 
or turn them out in a pronouncing dictionary. I 
thought it would be less trouble to read the dic- 
tionary through, and copy out the words that I 
was accustomed mentally to mispronounce ; for I 
had, of course, some idea of the sounds of the let- 
ters and the position of the accent in each word. 
I saw, too, that by this plan I should secure other 


wordi< tbut I had not happened to meet with in tho 
course- uf my rending. When uiy taitk wuk fiuithud, 
I hail u li«t of two or three thousand wurda that I 
bad not ii\in[>\y to learn tho prouuiieiation of — this 
would havu been an ca.'fy ta^k— but I hod to un- 
ieom tho falM mode in which I bud boon u:ied tout- 
tor them tu my.iclf while reading. I tauat account 
for my extreme ignorance in thi:i ronpoct, by observ- 
ing, that I had enjoyed only the education of a 
National «chonl, from which I woj taken, I think, 
at about the ago of 12, and became clerk in tho es- 
tablishment of a clothier in tho west of England. 
whoro my father was manager. These colomns of 
words I read over and over nguin, both tacitly 
and aloud, until I was well acquainted with them. 
About a year afterwards, I commenced the practice 
of shorthand, and have continued it to the pres- 
ent time, a periwl of fifteen years. I read through 
Wullctr again for tho samo purpose, about four 
years after, and jjarlicularly studied the ' Princi- 
ples of Knglish Pronnnciation' prefixed to tho Dic- 
tionary, and tho ' Key to the Pronunciation of Clas- 
sical and Scripture Proi^jr Names.' Both of these 
parta of the book I read several limes. This jx;ru- 
sal of Walker I must consider as tho commence- 
ment of my phonographic career, though the name 
of 'phonography' wad not thought of till many 
year!< after. Hy this means I obtained some ac- 
quaintance with tho alphabet of tho spoken lan- 
guage." — Sjxfch at l/i«icit7i, May 14, IS 15. 

Few have tho patient industry of Isaac Pitman, 
as evinced in this perusjil of Walker's Dic- 
tionary, this extracting of mispronoun^-ed words, 
and their careful study ; and none should lie/iTced 
to acquire a knowledge of their own language by 
sach painful proces-scs. It is unjn^t to waste their 
time and intellectual strength over such letter- 
grubbing, when wo have the jwwer to exhibit the 
proper sound of each word at a glance. But if a 
talented youth like Isaac Pitman, who had already 
read tho works of our best authors, was obliged to 
make himself nciiuainted with tho sounds of tho 
words he had so frequently seen, by a process so 
Ialx)rious, becanse circumstances did not throw him 
into tho way of persons who spoke these words, 
what must bo tho state of those many thousands, 
who without his talent and perseverance, and with 
no more opportunities of learning words than he had, 
pore over tho hieroglyphics of our written language. 

Ilis shorthand was first publisheil in 1S37. In 
May, 1^42, tho success of Phonography encour- 
aged him to predict that " Phonography must soon 
sniwrsedo all other .systems of shorthand, and then 
become the common medium of written communi- 
cations, and, last f I/, chamfi thf prinUd characUr 
of th^ milli'ins that speak the Knglish language." 
This must b« taken a.s the first announcement of 
the present phonetic movement aa distinguished 
from others on a smaller scale. 

With his uiiual practical forethought, Mr. Pit- 
man immediat<-ly started the question, "Whether 
entirely new forms, or modifications of the Koman 
forma should be used," for the letters of tho print- 
ing alphabet. In the course of H12, several differ- 
ent schemes on very different principles, aa regard- 
ed the forms, but all founded on the phonetic an- 
alysis of Phonography, were publishe<l in tha 
I'hiinfHjraihie iluurnal. Next year ( lH4:t,; half a 
sheet of letter-press was added to the I'hmtijraiihic 
Ji/urnal, for tho purpose of pleading for a change 
in the printing character. This additional matter 
was cilled tlie I'/umotiipic Juumal, which title, as 
Mr. Pitman observes on tho first page, was "chosen 
prosj)octively. Wo have reason to hope," he adds, 
"that tho time is not very distant when it will be 
printed in Phonotypcs." Tho result of tho exertions 
made in 1843, was, that sufficient funds were col- 
lected for providing a fount of Phonetic type.'', or 
Phonoty|>cs, and sjK'cimens of Phonetic Printing 
were given in the enlarged Ph'/noli/i'ic Jimrnal 
for 1811. In January, 184C, the whole Journal 
was printed in Phonotypcs, and from this time the 
experiment of Phonetic printing became more and 
more practical, till the alphabet was reduced to a 
satisfactory working state in January, 1H47. So 
many persons have taken i«rt in bringing the ol- 
phabet to its present state of perfection, that it is 
impossible to name any one as tho sole inventor. To 
Mr. Isaac Pitman, of Bath, unquestionably belongs 
tho merit of the idea, and of the practical form in 
which tho Phonetic .system of spelling was so cleverly 
clothed, even in tho editions of his system of Pho- 
nography, the success of which olono could have 
paved the way for tho introduction of I'honetic 
IVinting. Tho first form of tho Phonetic Printing 
.Vljihabet, and the determination to use a variation 
of the Roman alphabet, are also entirely his; but 
most of the letters were invented, and the theory 
of their use laid down in conjunction with the 
antbor of this introduction who had occupied him- 
self with Phonetic investigations and attempts at 
forming a universal alphabet, for several years be- 
fore he had heard of Mr. Pitman's labors on the 
same ground, and who has taken an active part in 
all tho experiments and investigations nuule since 
August, ISt,"}, when accident first made him ac- 
quainted with Phonography. Ho eventually be- 
came tho chief proposer of further experiments, 
and starter of theories on which to found them, 
while Mr. Pitman, with unparalleled industry and 
perseverance, and practical tact, worked them out, 
and was mainly instrumental in bringing their 
merits to the test of experience. 

Tho alphabet thus completed in 1847 was vigor- 
ously used. In 1818 many books were printed in 
England, and in 1849 the Phmttic yors waa 
started by Mr. Ellis. The great expenses attend- 
ant upon ita publication, and ill health ariaicg 


from over-exertion, brought this publication to an 
early close ; but phonetic printing was continued 
by Mr. Pitman, who, in addition to the New Tes- 
tament which had been already published by Mr. 
Ellis, printed the whole Bible phonetically. In 
December, 1845, when it was imagined that the 
labors of the Messrs. Pitman & Ellis were brought 
to a conclusion, Messrs. Andrews & Boyle, of Bos- 
ton, started a newspaper in the phonetic character, 
which, under the name of the Arujlo- Saxon, was 
published for about a year and a half. After the 
1847 alphabet was completed, Mr. Elias Longley, of 
Cincinnati, in order that the Americans might be 
aware of the progress which was made, commenced 
the Phmietio Magazine, in July, 1848, now pub 
lished under the title of the Type of the Times, 
partly in phonotypy. In 1851 Jlr. Pitman began to 
feel dissatisfied with some of the letters in the 
alphabet, and commenced a series of new experi- 
ment.?, in which Mr. Ellis did not take part. The 
result of these experiments is not yet known, as in 
August, 1855, they were still going on. lu the 
meantime other experiments were made in Ameri- 
ca, where it was found advisable to introduce a few 
more vowel characters, and in consequence some 
three or four changes were made in the 1847 al- 
phabet, which is still used by the Reading Reform 
Association, in England, as an introduction to 
romanic reading on the Reading Reform principles. 
In 1854 Messrs. Longleys & Mr. Benn Pitman 
formed themselves into a Phonetic Publishing 
Association, and pledged themselves to use the 
alphabet for ten years without further alteration. 
In this alphabet, therefore, the following Diction- 
ary is composed, — the expenses of publication 
having been defrayed by a legacy left by Jlr. 
Nathaniel Storrs, of Boston, Massachusetts, for the 
purpose of its publication, a noble instance of 
zeal in a good cause. 

26. SCrHnsitional ^afure of iljis gtlpljabd. 

Such is the brief history of this phonetic alphabet, 
which is thus shown to be the work of many 
minds and many hands laboring for years and 
practically experimenting with letter tyjies. As 
may be expected, the results are superior to any 
which have hitherto been produced. It is most 
probable, however, that a future generation, thor- 
oughly familiar with the use of phonetic symbols 
from childhood, and not bound down by the same 
romanic prejudices which blind our own eyes, will 
find reason to effect further changes ; and should 
several nations unite in having a uniform phonetic 
orthography, which is much to be wished, it will 
become necessary to change its basis altogether, 
and most probably to substitute a Latin for the 
English principle on which its forms are now con- 
structed. Any attempt to reconcile the present 
various uses of the Roman letters by the nations 

of Europe is, of course, visionary and impractica- 
ble. When English speakers are once accustomed 
to phonetic reading in the present symbols, such a 
change, which would only involve a few of the 
letters, would occasion no inconvenience at all to 
the reader. The changes which have been made 
have already shown spelling reformers that there 
is no difficulty in reading in two or three differ- 
ent phonetic alphabets when facility in reading 
one has been attained. 

It remains very briefly to point out the phonetic 
principles on which this alphabet has been con- 
structed. The chief difficulties in this explana- 
tion arise from its partial nature, as it is an alpha- 
bet of the English language only. To remedy this 
a few foreign sounds will be introduced and pro- 
vided with characters, chiefly digraphs, which 
being printed in small capitals will be readily dis- 
tinguished from the rest. The order of the ex- 
planation will not be the same as that of the 
alphabet which has been dictated by other prac- 
tical considerations to be mentioned hereafter. 
(See below, §43.) 

27. |lat«ri; of Spmlj, aub its principal 

XilblSlOUS. Speech consists of a series of sounds 
heard by the listener, and produced by the speaker 
by means of the organs of speech. These organs 
are, fh-st, the lungs, which act as bellows ; sec- 
ondly, a tube from the lungs, termed the trachea, 
or windpipe, and having at its termination a box 
of cartilage traversed by two highly elastic bands, 
( the vocal ligaments, ) which, by means of muscles, 
may be brought into various positions, and 
stretched with various degrees of tension ; thirdly, 
two terminating orifices — the mouth and the nose. 
The mouth consists of a vaulted chamber, termi- 
nated by a sharp wall, the teeth, and the flexible 
lips, while its interior can be altered in a great 
variety of ways by thf; protean tongue. The nose 
consists of several passages leading to the face from 
the j)harynx, which forms a hollow bag at the 
back of the mouth above the gullet and windpipe. 
The back entrance consists of two openings, called 
the back nostrils, which are closable by means of 
certain muscles, called the soft palate, a prolonga- 
tion of which, termed the witla, is well seen as a 
little tongue at the back of the mouth when 
opened. In speaking, breath is expelled, from the 
lungs through the larynx, and then through the 
mouth or nose, or both mouth and nose. In pass- 
ing through the larynx it may leave the vocal 
ligaments unmoved, and in this case the sound is 
termed JvMsper; or it may make them vibrate, and 
the result is voice. The effect of both voice and 
whisper may be greatly modified by the passage 
through the mouth or nose. When the passage is 
so arranged that the voice can pass clearly and 
sonorously, the result is called a vowel, which ia 



whixporod when tho wlii><|>cr, aud nut thu voice, in 
emitti-d through tho <iumo fjonition. If «omo ob- 
itruction in pluoed in tho way, tho vuico bocomet 
IcM clear, and we have in succoMion trillt, mur- 
murt, hiiTZff, nnd eonantf, to all of which, except 
the la^t, wbiKixTcd forms or hii^.teii corres^Hind; tho 
la<t, however, give to poHition:) which entirely 
ehcck tho voice, producing muUt. If tho voice or 
whisper jmss through tho none, wo have natal* or 
hum*, which nro di.itinguii<hed by more or le.'g 
retonnnco in tho inoutli ; nud if tho sound \* al- 
lowed to \iM» through both month and jn>»v, wc 
have orinanal*. Tho t^^-rm cvii*»nant is a general 
word which includes all tho sounds except vowcb 
and orinomils. 

28. Oofa)rls---?lppcr .$rrus. Tho sound 

produccil by tho vibration of the vocal lignraenUi, 
when least of all modified, is the sound of ii in t//>, 
which wo represent by V u, and which is rare in 
other European longua;;ps. If tho tongue bo 
slightly raised, a clearer, brighter sound is pro- 
duced, viz., a in father, psalm, bath, (irm, which is 
in this alphabet represented by fl q. It is the 
true Ttnlinn a, and is finer than the French d or 
tlic U!<uiil (ierman sound of a. This sound is in 
many words pronounced short, in America, (and as 
somo orthocpists consider in England also,) as in 
the words ask, east, and is then represented by 
Q a. Somo English writers have asserted that 
this is a new vowel altogether, and in London and 
tho south of England it is generally pronounced as 
the long q. Raising the tongue sitill higher, we 
come to a vowel quite peculiar to English, a in am, 
hand, hap, glad, sat, match, have, gas, which is 
hero represented by A n, and docs not occur long 
except in tho west of England and Ireland as a 
provincialism. All these sounds, q a a, partake of 
one uniform character, which forms them into a 
natural group corrosjwndiiig to tho Latin a. 

Tho next three vowels also form a group corres- 
ponding to the Latin e. Tho first is very common 
OS a short sound in «U, vun, fuad, nnd is repre- 
sentee! by E e. Tho second is tho lengthened 
sound of tho same vowel, which is only heard be- 
fore r in English, as in a»r, fair, p<ar, hfir, ne'er, 
thfTc, and is represented by A q. In German and 
French it often occurs before other letters, as [G.] 
gf}>fn^ Uhen ; [P.] hiU, faxU. Tho third sound is 
much finer, as in ale, ape, v«'d, danger, and is 
repn'scnted by VL a. 

The n.'xt two vowels form a group corresponding 
to tho I>atin t. Tho first, tho i in pi'ly, is almost 
peculiar to English, where it always occurs short, 
and is hero represented by I i. The second is 
the true I^atin. Gonunn, Italian, and French i, 
which is generally long in English, as in machine, 
wc<T), nKflt, heap, etc.; but sometimes short, as in 
frtnove, t'volve, etc. It is repri'scnted by 8 e. 

Tho eight Vowels just described, q, a, a, jj, e, a, i, 
r, form a scries in all of which the tongue is raised 
s<> as to pmjcvt tho breath against the hard ]ialat«, 
while the tongue in ji.wctt Tir q and highest for t. 
These aro temietl, therefore, the upper tf»ctl*. 

29. i;tobfls---]rofDfr StritS. Beginning 
again with u, and lowering the tonguo eonsid'-ra- 
bly, we como to a vowel which is not found in 
Latin, nlthougb its representative may be triced in 
lUilinn, and also in .Swedish and Danii<h. When 
long it is represented by a in all, aw in au-1, « in 
ni'/rn; and when short by o in on. The long s^jund 
is represented by O o, and tho short by O o. This 
Vowel forms, with q, a, a, and u, the so called (jut- 
liiral gniu[i, while the remaining upper vowels ^ 
e, H, i, r, aro 8e|iarated as palatal. 

If the lips bo now somewhat closed wo have an 
obscure labial vowel, corresponding to the Latin 
o, and (Jreek lo. When long it is <i in h"le, .vi in 
'■ak, etc., and when short it is o in ^-mit, and ow in 
wind'-'tr. In some parts of tho United States it is 
found short in closed syllables, but this is not gen- 
cnil enough to necessitate tho employment of two 
signs, and hence it is always represented by (J o. 

Tho next labial vowel, tho Latin u, occurs as a 
long vowel in ^k\, nt-iw, vrnoed, and short in p'/ll, 
vtiwxl, c'wk, etc. The long sound is represented by 
(T) m, and the short by U u. The vowels o ott u 
form the M>iaf group. The group 6 o, o, * u, 
forms the loirer series of vowels. 

30, tlobtls---fbc Hlibbk Srrits. In 

French and (Jcrman, anil fome other languages, 
there is a middle series of vowels, arising from an 
attempt to pronounce an upper and lower vowel 
fimiiUan^oiitly; thus [G.] iilxr, hiitU, [F.] une, 
_riuU, is due to an attempt to pronounce a> and e at 
tho same time. Wc will represent it by L"E in 
accordance with a (ierman custom. Again, the [G.] 
bone, G-jethf, [F.] denXy is obtained by endeavoring 
to pronounce o and a simultaneously, aud may be 
represented by oe. The English u properly bo- 
longs to this series and bears about tho same rela- 
tion to q o as UE docs to iD e, and oe to o a. 

31. (Tomplrlc Uobrl Stbrnu. The follow- 
ing arrangement, therefore, will show all the rela- 
tions of the vowels hero considered: 

Vpprr. q a, a 
ilUldU. u — 
Lc*c«r. 0, — 

c, a, i, f. Palatal. 
OE, — IK, La}ii]%al<ital. 
a — (» u, Labia!. 

32. ^rtntb (Drin;is:il (^otorls. During the 

pronunciation of any ono of these vowels, which 
aro naturally pronounce<l solely through the m'>uth, 
tho back nostrils may bo opened and the veil of 



the palate so disposed as to admit of a vibration 
producing nasalization. If we represent this by h, 
the four signs qii o)' on, eh or an, on, un will very 
tolerably represent the French orinasal vowels in 
an, Tin, on, iin, in which the voice proceeds from 
oth mouth and nose at the same time. There 
re evidently as many orinasal vowels as there 
re oral vowels, and they are found in the Indian 

33. Consonants- --®^bc ^wttural Scries. 

There are three principal positions of the mouth 
where the passage of voice may be obstructed, — 
near the soft palate, on the hard palate, and at the 
lips. This gives rise to three series of consonants 
known generally as guttural, palatal, and labial. 
Taking the case in which the contact is most com- 
plete between the approaching j)ortions of the 
mouth, and going through this series in order, we 
have, first, the mute K k in bacA;, act, etc., formed 
by a contact between the root of the tongue and 
the soft palate, and preventing all passage of air. 
When the parts are opened out, a slight whisper is 
heard which is termed the power of the letter. If 
the sides of that part of the mouth which lies be- 
hind the tongue in this position be so far relaxed 
as to allow more air to be driven in and condensed, 
then if vocal breath be forced up, a slight sound 
will be heard for a very short time, until the con- 
densation of the air reaches its maximum, and then 
silence must ensue, unless there be a relaxation of 
the contact itself. The sound thus produced is the 
sonant G g in heg, get. The mute and sonant to- 
gether form a group known as guttural ex.plode7its, 
because the contact is so firm that if we first en- 
deavor to form the vowel and then relax the eon- 
tact, the sound issues from the mouth with a sort 
of explosion. 

Relaxing the contact considerably, and forcing 
through it mere whisper, we produce a guttural hi.~s, 
kli in the German ach, cloch, which is very common 
in many languages. If the contact be loosened to 
the extent of the following vowel, and some whisper 
allowed to escape before the vowel, this becomes 
the aspirate H h in Aat, Aand; but if the tongue 
bo forced up very high, a much more acute gut- 
tural is heard, ch as in the German ich, edit, durch, 
and this approximates very closely to the sound 
heard at the beginning of the English word hue 
hyq,, or hr^, as it will be found in this Dictionary, 
to suit the general opinion upon the subject. This 
hy is slightly more hissing than the whisper of the 
vowel t, while ch seems to correspond to e, and Ich 
to q; h being common to all the vowels. Each of 
these hisses admits of a hues, which appears to be 
occasioned by forcing the voice so strongly through 
the larynx that it is only partially vocalized, and 
thus voice and whisper are heard in a mixed form. 
Thus Ich gets gh in German Tag; ch becomes jA in 

German eigen, Iconige, and hy becomes yy in ye, 
y\e\A, yet, yacht, a sound so slightly removed 
from the vowel z as to be often confounded with it. 

It may be remarked that in many languages e is 
really pronounced, and not y, as the letter is nearly 
peculiar in European languages to the German 
stock, including the English. The contact is closer 
than for t, and the sound is a buzz and not a clear 
voice. The aspirate h may be said to admit of the 
buzz in the soft breathing which the Greek and 
Semitic langtiages have thought necessary to mark. 

The hisses and buzzes are collectively termed 
continuants, because their sound can be continued 

In saying Ich the uvula lies upon the root of the 
tongue. If the breath is forced so as to make the 
inula trill, a guttural sound is produced, which, 
when very harsh, is the Arabic grh in grhain, but 
when very soft indeed, scarcely perceptible, is the 
English Er er in err, earn, iir, iirat, etc. This 
sound is represented by a double sign in this alpha- 
bet, its first letter being reckoned as a vowel for 
practical reasons; the real nature of the sound is 
what is just stated. In England, and in the 1847 
alphabet, it was represented by er or ur indiffer- 
ently, according as the romanic spelling seemed to 
indicate a more palatal or more guttural pronunci- 
ation, and this plan is still pursued in the unac- 
cented syllables in this book, er being reserved for 
the accented syllables. When the letter does not 
form a syllable by itself the e is omitted; thus we 
write ^r, msr, although both words really contain 
this guttural. 

If, instead of loosening the contact between the 
tongue and soft palate, the back nostrils be opened 
and the voice allowed to escape there, and also to 
resound in the small portion of the cavity of the 
mouth left behind the tongue, the nasal TJ i) is 
formed, as in ha»^, stre?!^th, stroma;'. These sylla- 
bles must be carefully distinguished from the 
French orinas.als in which the passage through the 
mouth is completely unobstructed. The trills and 
nasals are often collectively termed liquids. This 
concludes the series which has now risen from 
mutes to an approximation with oral vowels 
through er, and nasal vowels through ij. 

34. Consonants ---ST'Ije |]alatul Strks. 

It may now be readily understood, without going 
into so minute explanations, that T t, the t in toe, 
sit, better, is a palatal mute, and D d in doe its 
corresponding sonant. The true corresponding hiss 
is S s in seal, and the buzz Z z in seal. If in mak- 
ing these sounds the back part of the tongue be 
depressed, a hollow, obscure sound results, giving 
the hiss X J in slisdl, viwous, and the buzz S 3 in 
acure, y'lsion, (Yr. je.) But if the tongue be 
brought close to the teeth and either put between 
them, or pressed with its under surface against 



them, tho result ia a pair of lispa, tho hiM Tl t in 
th\n, threo, piM, modern Urcck 6, nod tho buzK 
3 d in <Acn, Mero, wiMin, uiodurn (Jrock /. I'ro- 
ooeding to thu trilU wo fiucl they divide into two. 
Either tho tip of tho tonguo 8tiII adheres to tho 
palate and tho breath eitcapcd on each Hide of the 
tongue, giving rise to tho hi^n in tho Wi-lsh Llaor 
golloD, (often falsely misprononnced thing6tlon, 
by Englishmen, itj) real sound being better repre- 
icntcd by Illanguhlcn,) and tho murmur L 1 in 
^w, which forms a distinct syllable in litt/c ; or el.'<e 
tho tip of tho tongue is so relaxed that tho inissing 
breath causes it to trill, producing U r in my, very; 
which is in this practical alphabet cunfouiided in 
orthography with the or, when tho letter does not 
constitute a distinct syllable. Tho true sounds of 
ray, rare, very, rarer, would bo more truly ropre- 
Bcnted by ra, ni?r, veri, nierr^r, for which, fur jirnc- 
tical reasons, m, r^r, veri, nircr, arc hero used. 
Tho corrc»iH)nding nasal is X n in si;i, which lurms 
a distinct syllable in open. 

35. (fonson;inls---f Ik ^':ibi:il .^crirs. In 

tho labi.ll scries wo have first tho muto I' p in/>olc, 
and its sonant H b in /xjwl. Next, by relaxing the 
contact of tho \\\^, but mt aUuuinij the hirer Uj) 
to touch the teeth, wo have as a hiss the truo Greek 
A, or j>h, and as a buzz tho truo German w, or hh; 
while if tho lower lip touches tho tooth tho hiss F f 
in year, and tho buz/. V v in reer, are prodneed 
Again, if tho lips are rounded in.stcad of being 
flattened wo have the hiss Ilw in w/i&t, ?rAeel, and 
tho buzz W w in trot, ireal, sounds often con- 
founded with each other and with tho vowel u, 
from which they differ as shown by tho words 
ic<\xi, iciKtd, in the greater compression of tho lips 
and tho buzzing sound. Tho corresponding nasal 
18 M m in mo, which forms a complete syllable in 
schism, chasM, spasm, rhythm, and is very vocal 
indeed, tho whole oral cavity resoanding with the 
nasal, so that whole airs can bo hummed, 

36. (Toniplrtf (Tonsonanl ^thriitr. The 

above considerations will load us, therefore, to ar- 
range tho consonants thus, beginning now with the 
most vocal ad nearest to tho vowels. 

. C Hum*. — n 

1^ Trilh. - cr 

!_ J/iirmurs. 

"a iflKtzet, — aa Jii y 

^ {IlUf.'. h Ku en hy 

V iSmanli. — g — — 

l|* (Jfuiof. — k 

— n — 

— 1 — 
5 « 4 

J R t 

Wliich, without pretending to completeness, is 
sufficient to give a truo notion of tho position of 
Kuglish sounds in u univcnml alphabet. It will bo 
seen that tho order is widely different from that in 
the practical alphabet, tho reasons of which will bo 
presently explainol, but it is first necessary to 
s]>eak of tho peculiar effect of cotMm'ny tho ele- 
mentary Sounds which wo have now recognised. 

37. (fombintb Souni)s---£^c «3lii)t. in 

all tho previous sounds tho parts of tho mouth 
remain immotahle, or only vibrate during 
speech. When, however, we join one elementary 
sound to another, wo make no pause between, but 
pass rapidly on. In doing so, therefore, wo emit 
Voice or whisper through the vocal organs while 
tho position of tho organs of speech is ehanying 
from tho first to tho second. Hence a now sound, 
or rather a scries of sounds, is duvelopcd, passing 
insensibly into one another, commencing with tho 
first and ending with tho second, exactly similar 
to the series of sounds produced by sliding the fin- 
ger down a violin string while tho bow is drawn. 
This is tho glide which connects sounds together, 
and is symbolized by tho simple apposition of the 
characters. Thus, in op wo hear first u, and next 
tho glide duo to tho passage of tho voice through 
tho variable opening made in passing from o to p. 
If wo simply close our lips at p, and do not open 
them again to emit tho slight whisper which makes 
p distinct, this glide is thu whole effect of p, and 
hence wo have tho upi>aront contradiction solve-J 
of one of tho elementary nuundt being muti. Tho 
truo sound or effect of tho mute letter is tho glide 
upon tho preceding or following vowel or whisper. 
In the Canton dialect of Chinese many words end 
in p and k without any whisper following, so that 
p and k octually have only their gliding effect on 
the preceding vowel, and aro hence very slightly 
audible, but the speaker perceives them very read- 
ily. In such Words as acting, uptorn, tho English 
k and p have also only this gliding effect, as well 
as in act, ekij>j>ed, (akt, skipt,) although in these 
words the final t receives the whisper. The action 
of the glide is vcr)' imiiortunt, and it is necessary 
to si)ecify a few cases. 

Lahial. 38. Combinti) Sounbs---^obrI ^Hipb- 

ni — tn01tO|S. If tho two terminal sounds are vowels 
and one of them is of brief duration, the glide con 
nccts them into a diphthtmg. This is tho true ex- 
planation of tho nature of diphthongs as distin 
guished from vowels of the middle series. A diph 
thong, then, is two vowels with a glide between. 
{ PU hw I It is necessary that one of the vowels should be 
short, as otherwise tho effect of two tyllable* is 
pnxluccil, 'see *i 41.) Tho diphthongs ai, ui, au 

p uu, may thus bo formed, making tho first cicmen 

' rery brief. The first two are some of the rarioa 

b -I 


pronunciations of igh in high, and the second two 
of ow in hoiv, and as opinions differ greatly as to 
what the first element of these diphthongs ought 
to be, it has been found advisable, for the sake of 
uniformity and ease in teaching to read, to repre- 
sent them by the single signs i j and "5^ ■« respect- 
ivel}-. Of the third common English diphthong 
oi, the only doubt is whether the first element is 
long or short. Indeed, it varies in different words. 
Hence, and for the sake of having the three prin- 
cipal diphthongs represented in a like manner, this 
is also furnished with the single sign CT er. In all 
these diphthongs the first element is guttural, and 
the second palatal or labial. But either palatal or 
labial element may be prefixed. The sounds iq, 
ia, etc., uq, ma, etc., are, however, very rare in the 
beginning of words in the mouths of English 
speakers, who find it most convenient to sink them 
into yq, ya, etc., wq, wa, etc. But in France and 
Italy they may be distinctly heard. It is necessary 
to distinguish the sounds, [Fr.] oui (heard,) oui 
(yes,) [Eng.] ive, [G.] m^ (how,) [Fr.] i'ie(life,) 
which may be written thus, ia,E, ue, we, bhe, vs. 
In xa,£ two vowels are heard distinctly and ivithout 
a glide; in ms there are two vowels with a glide; 
in we the first vowel is degenerated into w, a buzz, 
which is pronounced with rounded lips; in bhe the 
lips are flattened, but the lower lip does not yet 
touch the upper teeth; in ve the change is com- 
plete, and the lower lip touches the teeth. 

The diphthong me is peculiar in having an ex- 
treme labial followed by the extreme palatal; in 
en the case is reversed, and the changes made, 
first, the prefix of y, thus, yexa, and secondly the 
loss of e, as yia. The combination is also changed 
in another direction, for the glide is lost and e and 
la are pronounced simultaneously, giving rise to 
UE with more or less prevalence of the e or U. ele- 
ment. To avoid the trouble which beginners in 
phonetics must always feel in distinguishing accu- 
rately between eu, yeia, yu, and ycD, all four cases 
are fused in the English form of the phonetic 
alphabet under one letter H x^, while in American 
use i], represents eu, (in some parts of America 
more nearly UE,) and n,, yq, yd), are distin- 
guished as in this Dictionary. 

39. Combh«ir Sounbs--- Coitsounnl 
^ijjbtliongs,---Goublc Consonants, in the 

same way as vowel diphthongs occur we may have 
consonant diphthongs, either between voice or 
whispered consonants, or between a mute followed 
by a whisper. The last case is the most characteris- 
tic, and the connection is so close in some cases that 
almost all nations have indicated it by using single 
signs for the consonants; thus the Greeks used ;^, ^ 
for ps, ks, — the Germans and Italians use z for ts, 
— the Italians use c, g before palatal, and ci, gi 
before other vowels for tj, dj. As these last two 

diphthongs are common in English they are repre- 
sented in the phonetic alphabet by simple charac- 
ters G q, J j. When ihsie follow a vowel there is, 
of course, a glide up to them, which is lost when 
they only precede a vowel; hence in the latter case 
the presence of the t and d is more felt than in 
the former. Some persons are, therefore, apt to 
write 'ma tq' for maq, and 'judj' for juj, on the 
same principle that in romanie spelling the conso- 
nant is doubled in matting, adding. This is not the 
case in speaking; but in do, d has only one glide, in 
adding it has two glides. Sometimes these glides 
are separated by a distinct pause, as in boo^iree, 
heaJcZress; compare also sou/>7>an, hoohc&se, pi</^oad, 
hal^'inished, mi«6'ent, fis/ii/iop, souZtes, mea««ess, 
in all of which there is a real pause between the 
consonants. Here, then, we must double the con- 
sonant in writing, but not otherwise; thus, kottre, 
heddres, sAppan, biikkas, piggod, hqffinijt, mis- 
sent, fijjop, soUes, mennes. Sometimes t and J 
occur witlwut a glide between them, as in aUbot- 
s7dp, in which case tJ and not q must be used, as 
abotjip, not aboqip. 

40. Combintb Sounbs— Stoppcb 0obtls. 

In all cases where the first element is very short, 
the glide is more heard than the initial sound, and 
some obscurity is apt to arise, which often changes 
the character of the vowel. Thus when a short 
vowel is annexed to a consonant, we seldom find 
that it precisely corresponds to the long vowel from 
which it was apparently derived. Thus English- 
men instead of saying et with short g, say it, in 
which the vowel is depressed. These vowels whose 
career is suddenly stopped short by the glide of a 
consonant are called stojyjjed toioels, and they are 
found to occur in Chinese without a consonant after 
them, or only with a check of the voice, which may 
be imitated by the flip of a towel or crack of a 
whip. When not so exit short they may be termed 
brief, the short being a general term which includes 
both. Thus in intij, piti, the first i is stopped and 
the second brief. The words knit, net, gnat, not, 
nut, pull, contain all the stopped vowels. 

41. Combineb Sounbs — ^gllablcs. In 

gliding from sound to sound we meet with interrup- 
tions in the mutes; the voice is interrupted by the 
hiss; speech is thus broken up into portions known 
as syllables. If we examine more minutely we 
shall find that whenever the organs of speech pass 
through a minimum opening, (that is one which is 
smaller than both those which immediately precede 
and follow it, ) there is a decided separation per- 
ceptible. Hence we define as the boundary of a 
syllable, a silence, a hiss, or a minimum opening. 
AVe also find that if two long vowels follow each 
other, each of their sounds is so much longer than 
the glide which unites them, that they each form a 



ie|jarato diri«iua or ijrlUble. A .^yllalile, tberc-fure, 
generall/ cudi at tbo end of a closiiij; glide and be- 
gins at tho bcjjiuDiug uf an upvning glidf, meaning 
hj thi«, glides in which the mouth clo.'«cii and 
open* re-iijoctivcly. Thus in happy, hapi, tho fint 
■jUablu eud« with tho clu«ing glidu from a to p, 
■od tho socund begins with tho <>|>«aing glide of p 
to i; honcu in romuuic gpclling the yylluble« aro di- 
ridcd thu.i, kap-py. In phonetic 8|ieiling wo gen- 
erally put tbo mark of division aj'Ur the minimum 
opening if the preceding rowel \* short, and befure 
it if it \i long. It i« obviously only a matter of 
oonveoionce, and may be changed at the option of 
the printer when tbo real fm-t is known. In e>ylla- 
bixing wo must really tay h:i{>-pi, make a 
between tbo closing and ojieniug glide, but nut in- 
sert any wbi-tpcr as at tho end of the word bap'. 

42. (Tombllltb Souni)S---^CttUt. in En- 
glish Hnao one syllable in every word is distin- 
gui.'hed from the rest by a greater distinctness and 
loudne.ts of pronunciation, so that when wu ore at 
A distancu we bear thc*e syllables only. These are 
termed tho accented syllables, and, of coarse, al- 
though the tchoU nyllabU is nccented, tbo loudest 
and distioctest part is in the maximum opening, or 
Towel, and hence the mark of ac^-cnt is most nat- 
orally placed over the Vuwcl. In tho case of the 
Stopped vowel, however, altbuugli this is still true, 
yet the extreme brevity of tbo sound causes the 
following glide to receive much of tbo stress, and 
hence we find some ortbocpisLs !>t:itiug when 
the vowel is long the accent fulls upon it, and when 
the rowel is short tho accent falls upon the follow- 
ing eons<jnant, and they would therefore act.-cnt 
he'pig, bap'i. This is an error which m:iy be 
traced to the inconsistencies of romauie spelling. 

43. <)ri)rr of Ibt jfctttrs in the ^mrritan 

^bonttic ^Ipbnbtt. As it is impossible to enter 
fully into tho subject of phonetics in this intriMluc- 
tion, the above may suffice as an explan.ition of 
the principles on which the alphabet is construnteil. 
Tho order of the letters mast next bo considered. 
It is obvious ^h»t even if the inventors of the al- 
phabet had been at the time in (lossession of the 
systematic explanation which has now been given. 
it Would not have been advisable to arrange (he 
letters of tbo alphabet in the order whieb a consid- 
eration of other languages besides the Fugli-«h has 
shown to be correct. Hence the alphabet rf^iuircd 
a th'ir .u^hlv Kii;;li-h arrangement. For this pur- 
pose th" l.'ii^ Vowels were arranged in a sinijle 
scried, commi-need with the pftlatal, proc-vdin? 
to the guttural, and ending with the labial, tliu'. 
C, a, ({, o, u. dk, and when the Americans intruduecii 
f and :\ they considcre*! it best to place the firsit 
Immediately before and tbo oecond immediately 
after a, so that the series became t, r. a. :i. q, o, u, (t>. 

which forms n very natural succession. Then 
the short vowels were arranged in the same order; 
but here a difficulty occurred in u, which belougs 
to tho middle series. It was finally determined to 
arrange it immediately afU'r the other guttural 
Vowels, so that tho order became i, e, a, a, o, u, u; 
by this means u, u correspond to o, Ok, and it is 
found that historically u frequently replaces the 
stopped o, which is lost in England. 

The dipbtbuogs naturally fulloweil, first thoM 
with the closing glide, [, <t, t, then those with the 
opening glide, of which, however, only one was 
given, namely, t^; in the others y, w were written 
for the first clement at the beginning of words as 
u matter of practical convenience, and hence y and 
w were put next, as the representatives of the 
greater number of diphthongs with an opening 
glide, under the name of coole^cnts, already the 
fonn under which i, u cfmlttc* with the succeeding 
rowel. The English language possessing no gut- 
tural hiives with which h could be compared, it 
was plai-cd between the vowols and consonants as 
leading from one to the other. 

In the consonants the explodents, as being the 
most complete and having the most marked form, 
were placed first, and were arranged from the lips 
to the throat, p b, t d, k g, while tbo two consonant 
diphthong* <jj were inserted after their first ele- 
ments t d. The continuant, divested of y, w, b, 
now followed in the samo order, then the trill and 
murmur, and finally the nasal consonants, in the 
proper order from lijis to throat. These considera- 
tions lead, then, to the following arrangement of the 

^mtritan: ^Ibontlic 3llpb:ibft. 

Each letter has the sound of the i(alii'i*fd letter 
or letters in the illustrative words. 
Lon^ I'otcth. I Erph-ltnU. 

P e as m «1, Xamt t\\* pa«»V. />olo, Xame- 

E? . 

. . Mrth . . 

. e 


. . ftowl . , 

. tr 

Ua . 

. . ale . . . 

. H 

T t 

. . iue . . . 

. u 

All . 

. . air . . . 

• !) 

I) d 

. . rfoo . . . 

. d£ 


. . arm . . 

• q 


, . c-Aeer . . 

. «;« 

O e . 

. . all . , . 

. e 

J j . 

. . jeer . . 

• ja 


. . oak . . 

. u 

K k 

. . kiag, c-an 

. ka 


. . fj"te . . 
Short VmctU. 

. 0) 

«g • 

. . j?ame . . 


I i 
E e 

. . ill . . 

. it 
, et 

F f 

. ./ear . . 

. ef 

V a 
(I a 
() o 

V v 

. . fccr . . 

. vc 

. am . . 
. . ask . . 

, . on . . 

. at 

. at 

11 t 

;i d. 

. . thigh . . 
. .thy . . 

. it 

U a 

. ut 
. ut 

S s . 
Z I . 
X J . 

. . --.-al . . 
. . «4all . . 





. . vi«»on . 


* i 


. i 

ft V 

. . . oil . . 

. c 


N u 

. . . tiiiX . . 

. n 


. . rirv . . 


U n 

. . . d./i-> . . 

• H 

I. 1 

. . Ml . . 


Y y 

. . . l/l-i . . 

• )•» 


W w 

. . . 'Tay . . 

. Wll 

M m 

. . »/i.iin . . 



\ n 

. . nolo . . 


n h 

. . . hay . . 

. Iia 


. . sin<^ . . 



44. ^orms of the JTcttcrs in the Simrricau 

^bonctit 2llph:ibct. An Anglo-romanic basis 
being chosen for the forms of the letters, i, e, a, a, 
0, u, represent sounds most usually represented in 
romanics by i, e, a, a, o, v, respectively, and la is 
formed from u, because it is not unfrequently rep- 
resented by V, as in p?/ll, fi^U, pi/t, p«sh, etc. For 
the long vowels and diphthongs it was neeessaiy to 
choose varieties of the single letters or combina- 
tions most frequently employed in romanics: thus 
e is a variety of e, being an e nicked in the back: 
e is an underdotted e; a and fi, are simj)le varieties 
of a, and q of a; e a are varieties of o, one having 
a bar through it and the other being nicked at the 
bottom; the latter, too, is the Greek to; co is oo 
joined. The letter j is i with a tail; er is ei, the 
dot of the i only being written, and the stroke of 
the being prolonged to touch it; ? was meant for 
u on the top of o, as ou is one of its most frequent 
romanic representatives, — it is the Greek sj; and n 
is but u with a tail. 

Of the new consonants, q is a variety of c, as the 
sound is most usually represented in romanics by 
ch. Similarly J, 3, i) are obvious varieties of s, z, n. 
The letters t d offered the chief difficulties. In 
the 1S47 alphabet they are printed t d, which were 
meant to be varieties of t d, inasmuch as t was 
usually represented by th, and d bears the same 
relation to d in sound as t to t; and t was also 
meant to be the Greek 9- turned round and roman- 
ized. In America it was thought that if the fine 
side stroke were prolonged upwards, t being thus 
changed into t, it would resemble both t and the 
Greek S, and thus suggest its sound to those who 
know Greek, while d seemed to bear to d the same 
relation as t to t, and to be also a variety of 6. 
The Anglo-Saxon forms for these letters are ]> ^ , 
which are used in Anglo-Saxon books, but were 
not found suitable. As to the other letters the 
only doubt was whether k or c should be used. In 
the 18i7 alphabet c is employed, because the sound 
of k is represented much more frequently bj' c than 
k in romanics; on the other hand romanic c is often 
sounded as s, while romanic k never is anything 
but k or mute, and this consideration prevailed in 

^ 45. Imporfitiuc of ©nbcrstnnbing tbc 
Si^Ijcornof tbc |1boiulic ^gstcm of oTricbinci 

ItoiUcluic licabiag. Such, then, is the alphabet 
which is presented to the American public as a 
practical working alphabet of the English lan- 
guage, fitted to introduce a final general complete 
phonetic alphabet, by instructing the nations who 
speak English in the phonetic analysis of their 
language. The present work shows the ease with 
which it can be applied to every word in the lan- 
guage, the precision of sound which it indicates. 

and the uniformity of pronunciation which it 13 
calculated to produce. The mode in which instruc- 
tion is to be conveyed in schools can only be fully 
explained in conjunction with the proper books and 
apparatus, but it is of importance that the general 
scientific principles which are involved in teaching 
to read, first phonetically and then romanically by 
means of this phonetic system, should be briefly 
stated, in order that the reader should be fully in 
possession of the mode to be pursued for overcom- 
ing the only two real difficulties in the way of a 
spelling reform, namely, the existence of an unpho- 
netic orthography and the general ignorance of the 
science of phonetics. 

As has been already intimated, these two objects 
must be removed by making phonetic reading an 
introduction to romanic, and thereby giving all 
schools an immediate and not a contingent advan- 
tage in its adoption. The adoption must necessa- 
rily be partial, and it must only be recommended 
as the best means of teaching to read romanically. 
This it really is, hence those who recommend this 
mode of teaching to read are bond fide endeavoring 
to improve ihe present system of teaching to read, 
while they are enlightening the world as to the 
true principles on which an orthography should be 
constructed, so that they may reasonably hope that 
in one or two generations some such sj-stem will be 
universally adopted; although not necessarily, not 
even probably the same as is used for the special 
purpose of its introduction. Hence the great im- 
portance of thoroughly understanding the princi- 
ples of the reading reform, or method, of teaching 
to read in the ordinary print hy means of a ^:)^'«r«- 
ous course of phonetic reading, which is frequently 
called by teachers the phonetic system of teaching 
to read in tJie ordinary print, or more briefly the 
phonetic system. The following is a very brief ac- 
count of its theory as deduced from more than 
seven years' observation of its practice. 

46. (I^unbamfntnl ^rmnplcs of iht ^Ijo- 
nctk ^nstcm of STcatlnng to Jlcab lloniaiii- 

till[l|. The fundamental principle of the phonetic 
system is : complicated phenomena can only he un- 
derstood through a series of approximations. Thus 
the planetary motions must first be viewed as cir- 
cular, then as elliptical, and lastly, as perturbed. 
As a practical consequence of this principle, each 
approximation must, to he of value, he regarded as 
complete, for the time, and the subsequent approx- 
imations must be referred to it, so that the differ- 
ences may be appreciated as residual phenomena. 
To apply this to reading. We have the facts that 
our orthography is intentionally, as it was origin- 
ally, phonetic, and that the deviations are due to a 
great variety of historical and local circumstances, 
which, like the meteorological changes, we may 


dcjpair of erer thoroughly grasiiing, although we 
Duty obtuio certuiri ciu|>iri(.-al luw:i which, lu iu the 
wuut^er, are 8uff icieiil guides to pructicu. 

lIoDce tho fir^t a{i|iruxiiimtion rL-iiuires a strictly 
pbonctio alphnbot, — which iiix-coitate.'t, first, the 
dismiiual of luvro rvduplicatu li-Ueni, {aa c, q,x, 
which are cx|>rc.sjiblo by k, k,ks,tfz;) auJ svcond, 
the odJitiuD of Ivtters fur unrcprcofiited »uunds. 
As to the furiU!) of tho letters, tho luiiiio principle of 
approsimatiun re<|uirc!i ihut the now letters, with- 
out htiii'j eomiiiimlii'/ui, should yet suinewbat re- 
semble the combinaliuoj usually found iu their 
place. With thiii alphabet, then, childreu vhuuld 
be taught to read, as if' no otfttr at/ihahtt txisUd. 
Une of the greatest drawback;) to auy method of 
teaching by the ordiuury al|ihabet first, is the ne- 
ce.iiiiy which exists of intn^ducing childreu to an- 
omalies and irregularities from the very first, as in 
to go on, where o has three sounds. 

When they can read fluently in phonetic print, 
they resemble tho young astronomer who thor- 
oughly undcpitands the solar system on the hy- 
pothesis of circular motion. The next approxima- 
tion leads him to form roughly /<«• A ('//i* {/' the 
laws of the differences between the actual romanic 
and the hyiK>thctical phonetic forms of words, by 
presenting to him, in romanic print, a scries of 
pages with which he is already familiar in the 
phonetic form, so that from his previous knowledge 
of tho Words, and his present knowledge of the 
first approximate meanings of all the letters they 
contain, he may elicit tho second approxituation. 
Ho is thus made a discoverer, an active coopcrator 
with the teacher, not a passive recipient of instruc- 
tion. After ho has advanced, tho teacher leads 
him to a more definite conception of these rough 
laws, which arc then tabulated for his use. 

The third approximation occupies his wbolo life, 
and few or none are those who th'iromihhj uLiAter 
it. But a very near approximation, and one suf- 
ficient for most purposes of life, is attainable at 
school— first, by reading many romanic books, — 
second, by writing many romanic [>ages. The sec- 
ond is useless without the f irit, tho first cannot be 
secured without the second. Tho two together fix 
romanic */>iliiny in the mind as distinct from pho- 
netic, with which it ii, therefore, never confused. 

•t7. printiplts of a^cnching ^Mjonttic 

^iCUUlItQ. Tho above contains the general princi- 
ple of the phonetic system, and "hows its action in 
removing the objection arising fnim the existence 
of a non-phonetic orthography, by becoming itself 
the easiest and most scientific roS4l to it'* ac<)uirc- 
ment. We have now to consider how the first ap- 
proximation, or phonetic spelling itself, is to be in- 
culcated in such a way as to give all children a 
good knowledge of what is meant by a phonetic 
analysis of language, and a familiarity with ita ap- 

plication by actual practioe, not forgetting to MiM 
tH»>n all the incidental educational advantages 
which it affords. 

Tho princifiles for teaching the first approx- 
imation, or phonetic reading simply, are, fint, 
all knoicltdije it atquirtd hy litttrring I'ht- 
nofruna, rtdueiii/j th« reliitumt ol>4trred to a 
laic, and xerij'ijin'j thi» law hy dtdurti^n. Ap- 
plied to teaching reading, this shows us that we 
should first familiarize tho child with the sounds, 
next fix them in his mind by a symbol, and lastly 
familiarize him with the symbol by use, thus estab- 
lishing tho reality of the relations of sounds first 
observed. The second principle is, the mind can 
only thiirouyJiJy aj'j'rtciat* ori« jihtw/metum at unce. 
Hence we should not attempt to familiarize a pupil 
with tho nature of a sound, tho form of a symbol, 
and tho connection of the two, at one and the same 
time, or teach the connection of two sounds, simul- 
taneously with their first presentment. 

These two principles are not only applicable to 
teaching phonetic reading, but to all instruction 
whatever. Thus wo tc:u?h the idea, then the word, 
and then accustom the pupil to uso the word. The 
contrary course leads to inevitable confusion. By 
this process, therefore, wo train a child's mind logi- 
cally from the first— without, of course, letting 
him bo taught tho secret in so many words — and 
lead him imperceptibly to appreciato order, and to 
cxcTciae judijrnent, to observe and reflect, to analyze 
and compound. 

Hence we first teach children isolated sounda 
with'jut the letUrt. They are familiar with con- 
nected sounds, which we lead them by echoes and 
interjections (as laughs,) and hums, and hisses, 
and buzzes, to separate. We also lead them to 
connect the isolated sounds. Wo make them feel 
that a drawl is only a tardy connection, the first 
step to isolation. 

We next lead them to observe the forms of let- 
ters. As sounds are best taught icUhout Utt^rt, so 
letters arc best taught without toundt, or names. 
Tho shape of a letter is its name. If a pocket of 
letters be thrown down and the teacher expose one, 
tho children will match it by eye not only mora 
readily than by knowing its name, but with more 
advantage to their power of observing form. By 
this expedient, too, tho study of sounds and of 
forms may form the subjects of different lessons oa 
the same day with j-oung children. Tho teacher 
will of course take care that the forms first 
learned are those which will be first required in 

It is not necessary, nor advisable, that all the 
sounds and ali the forms should be known before 
the child is taught to connect them. On the con- 
trary, after some dozen are known the interest of 
tho pupil will bo increased by the connection be- 
tweca those already learned being ezplaioed. la 


this way three lessons daily can be given, each very 
brief, (ten or fifteen minutes,) and each separated 
by a much longer interval, one on sounds, one on 
forms, and one on connection. 

The connection once established between sepa- 
rate sounds and separate letters, united sounds are 
shown to be symbolized by united letters, and as 
Boon as the child readily associates his sounds with 
his letters, and remembers to keep on his voice 
when the letters are connected, and pause only 
when they are disconnected, Tie can read fhoneti- 
cally, and. as in all other acts, only requires prac- 
tice to make him perfect. 

The phonetic method of teaching by a series of 
approximations, of which the first consists of a 
completed phonetic alphabet, teas, so fa)' as ive 
Tcnaw, never 'used or proposed, till it was discovered 
in 1847-8-9, by those benevolent gentlemen who 
endeavored to teach poor persons to read phoneti- 
cally only, rather than not at all, and so gradual 
has been the experimental progress made, that 
seven years have been required to systematize the 
method and refer it to its elementary principles. 
It can now lay claim to the title of system, as a 
thoroughly co-ordinated inductive method, sound 
in theory and successful in practice. 

48. gr. Stone's 6^'j?crimcnt:il |!roof of 
ilj£ i^ahie of llje ^bonetk Sgstcni. The 

amount of its success has indeed been very extra- 
ordinary, and has been especially exhibited in 
America by the exertions of Dr. James W. Stone, 
a physician of Boston, and member of the legisla- 
ture of Massachusetts, who, from purely philan- 
thropic motives, has devoted much care, time, and 
money to the introduction of the reading reform in 
America. In order to exhibit the practical value of 
the phonetic system he instituted an experiment of 
■which he published the following account in 1851: 
"Fifty children, of from two and a half to 
seven years of age, have been taught to read 
at a private phonetic school, by Miss Emma L. 
Lothrop, in the Warren-street chapel, where 
persons interested are invited to attend on an}' 
week-day from ten to eleven o'clock only. The 
first class is composed of twelve children, who 
commenced the study of the phonetic system in 
September last, [about six or eight months past,] 
since which time they have been absent from 
school on the average three months each, in conse- 
quence of sickness. When in school they have re- 
ceived about two hours' instruction daily in read- 
ing and the analyzation of words; the remainder of 
the time having been devoted to other exercises, 
and to the rest of the school. In September two 
or three of the children knew their letters, and 
could spell out a few easy words; but the majority, 
and those who are now the best scholars, could not 
then read at all, and did not even know their let- 

ters. Three of the children, from three and a half 
to four and a half years of age, loho can noio read 
fluently, are German children, and could not. utter 
a word of English ichen our school commenced. 
Their parents cannot even now speak English. 
They therefore still converse with the children in 
German, and can necessarily give them no instruc- 
tion in their studies; nor can the children generally 
obtain instruction at home, as all the parents are 
ignorant of phonetics. 

" The charge is constantly made by those who 
hear the children, that their astonishing proficiency 
is either owing to their own precociousness or to 
the extraordinary ability of the teacher. But the 
children have not been selected. That some of 
them are remarkably bright is too palpable to be 
denied. On the other hand, those who have made 
themselves thoroughly acquainted with the school, 
cannot fail to perceive that several of the pupils 
are below the average standard in natural powers. 
Those powers have, however, been wonderfully ele- 
vated and strengthened by the certainty of the 
system which they have learned. It is also clear, 
that the school is blessed with a good teacher; but 
we have yet to learn that she claims for herself, or 
that her friends ever claimed for her, ' extraordi- 
nary ability.' We are confident that the results 
which these pupils have exhibited, can be obtained 
with any children of average powers by any teacher 
who will devote herself to her duty with the 
enthusiasm, the faithfulness, and the ambition, 
which Miss Lothrop has evinced, and which are a 
necessary consequence of a love of phonetic 

Dr. Stone excited much public attention by 
publicly exhibiting the extraordinary proficiency 
acquired by the children in his experimental 
school, and challenging any 'common school' to 
produce children of the same age and school at- 
tendance who could surpass them. Rewards to the 
amount of $500 were offered on some occasions, 
and children certified to be the best scholars of 
their age in various schools attended, but the pho- 
netic children invariably bore off the palm. The 
judges selected were often some of the best known 
men in the state, as Fitzpatriek, the bishop of all 
the New England Catholics; Sumner, the senator; 
Sherwin, president of the Massachusetts' State 
Teacher's Association; Prescott, the historian, and 
so on. But passing over these remarkable exhi- 
bitions, it may be enough to insert the opinion ex- 
pressed by Hon. Horace Mann, who was for twelve 
years secretary of the Board of Education in Mas- 
sachusetts, and whose reports have made that 
Board famous throughout Europe. 

West l\ewton, Mass., M July, 1851. 
To Dr. J. W. Stone— Dear Sir: Having wit- 
nessed the exercises of a class of nine children 
under your care in reading phonography, (or pho- 


nctio nhurthand, ; and phoDuty|iy, ( ur phonetic 
print,) it gives uio [ilea^juru tu uuure you of the 
deiijfht which their iK-rfortuance:) gave ino. I think 
the nine MuitcD were never listened to by a mure 
gratified audience. . . . The children yuu ex- 
hibited had certainly ouide modt wonderful profi- 
ciency, and were, iu several of the eueutiaU of 
good enunciation and reading, i/e<irt in advance of 
most children who bad been taught in the old 
way. Youra truly, 

Horace Manx." 

Not resting 8ati«fie«l with the results of such ex- 
hibitions, and the o|iinioas of private individuals, 
Dr. Stone revived to bring the question before the 
Ijogtslature of his state. Two legislative commit- 
tees were appointed to examine and rejxirt. The 
first report is dated 17th May, ISJl, and the second, 
13th April, 1HJ2. Uoth are highly favorable. The 
following are the commencing and concluding par- 
agraphs of the able report of the second committee. 
The committee sat in C(inse<{uenco of the [tctition 
of Dr. Stone, Sir. Otis Clapp, Mr. C. F. liamard, 
and others, trustees of the Uuston Phonetic School, 
aad these are the '* petitioners" alluded to, 

"On the aftern<jon of '.ii March, 1852, the peti- 
tioners presented for examination by the com- 
mittee, eight children, of from four to seven years 
of ago. The children wore the same as those who 
appeared, 12th May, 18oI, before the Joint Legisla- 
tive Committee on Education, who giive a very fa- 
Torable rcp)rt, and stated that ' the advantages to 
be derived from the introduction of the phonetic 
system into our common schixjl instruction will bo 
very important.' Since that time, the committee 
are informed that the (tystcm has been introduced 
with eonsiderablo success into about twelve of the 
public schools of the state; and that the universal 
testimony of the teachers is, that these great de- 
siderata are, by means of the new system, secured, 
namely, that the children ecince a much ffreaUr 
attachment to their hooks, and learn with compar- 
ati*t fate, 

"The children exhibited to the committee have 
received instruction from but one lady for a little 
more than a yeor, the most of the time in a school 
of fifty children, in the Warren-strcct chapel, 
Boston. They read not only in phonotypy, or the 
printed phonetic alphabet, and in phonography, or 
the written shorthand, but also in romanie or 
common print, from difficult passages in newspa- 
pers and various b.«>ks selected by the committee 
—many of which could never have been before 
Been by the childrcn,-in a style, which, for the 
enunciation of the syllables, the pronunciation of 
the words, and the intonation of the sentences, the 
committee have rarely heard equalled by adults, 
and fi<T«- by children of their age. In the analy- 

si-i of the s<juudii of the English language they are 

The rejKjrt, after explaining the constmction of 
the phonetic alphulx-t, and pointing out the causes 
of the difficulty found to exist in learning romanio 
reading, proceeds thus: 

"The committee take it for granted that the 
Eugli«h language, thus difficult of attainment, 
must bo taught to each child and foreigner who 
becomes conversant with the structure of the lan- 
guage. And the problem to bo solved iii. What is 
the shortest method of accomplishing this lalxjrioufl 
ta|k? We find that the same law maintainB 
supremacy in literature which governs in mechan- 
ics, in i)hilosophy and the arts. The rule is so 
plain and universal that it needs no examples. 
The more gradual we make the ascent, either to 
information or p<isition, the more rapid and sure 
the acquisition of both. The exampUe the com- 
mittee hate teen, hate proctd that by mean* of ths 
phjuetic alphabet, the child or ignorant adult has 
been enabled to read the common print in a much 
briefer tpace of time than is usual. Ecidence to 
this effect was presented U) the committee from long- 
ejrperi(n>-ed teachers; and ono cause of it is, thatthe 
phonetic print so strongly resembles the common 
print, that the great majority of the words of the 
former can bo read without error by a person who 
has never previously seen it, but is able to read 
fluently from ordinary print. 

There is another point worthy of consideration. 
The Committee on Education, in their rejKirt in 
1851, enumerated the benefits likely to result 
fnim the introduction of the phonetic system into 
public R'hool instruction. Among them was one 
somewhat prophetic in its choracter, and which has 
since become most wonderfully fulfilled. The 
committee said, 'that by directing attention to the 
different methods of reprc.--enting sijund, the pupils 
will, in the end, become better orth"graphi4ts than 
by the present mode.' At that time, no children 
taught by the phonetic method had ever even com- 
menced to spell. Now, however, children who, on 
tho 1st of July last, hat! never learned to spell a 
single syllable, were examined in the spelling of 
some of the most difHcult words in tho language, 
and exhibited a proficiency in that primary branch 
of a practical education, which tho committee have 
never seen equalled even by children somewhat 
older than these, and who have had odvanfages of 
years of practice. The testimony before the com- 
mittee of several members of the Governor's Coun- 
cil, as well as of the Senate and House of Repre- 
sentatives, and of other influential friends of edu- 
cation, coincided with this view. At the same time, 
as the committee have been credibly informed, tho 
children have had in their school more studies 
than are usual in the primary achools of the city, 
and have rapidly advanced in their other stadiea. 


"Impressed with the importance of the fhnutU 
system, which, if primarily learned, according to 
the testimony presented, ivmdd sare two years of 
time to each of the two hundred thousand children 
in the state, the committee wov.ld recommend to 
school committees and teachers the introduction of 
the iihonetic system of instruction, into all the pri- 
mary schools of the state, for the purpose of teach- 
ing the reading and spelling cf the common orthog- 
raphy, with an enunciation which can rarely be 
secured by the usual method, and with a saving of 
time and labor to both teachers and pupils, which 
will enable the latter to advance in physical and 
moral education alone till they are six years of age, 
without any permanent loss in the information 
they will ultimately obtain. The committee there- 
fore deem the subject of sufficient importance to 
be worthy of the attention of school committees 
and of those who have charge of common school 

In consequence of this highly favorable and 
luminous report, the Senate of Massachusetts, after 
a discussion, unanimously passed the following 

" That the phonetic system of teaching the read- 
ing and spelling of the common orthography is 
worthy of the attention of those who have the 
charge of common school instruction, and that the 
town or district school committees who may see fit 
to test it, are requested to furnish such reports 
concerning it in their returns to the secretary of 
the Board of Education as they deem best." 

In addition to the above American reports in 
favor of the reading reform, the following have 
been published: Eeports by a committee of the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences; a com- 
mittee of the American Institute of Instruction; a 
committee of the American Association of the 
Friends of Education; a committee of the Ohio 
State Teacher's Association; a sub-committee of 
the Cincinnati School Committee; the committee 
on Education of the Michigan Legislature; a com- 
mittee of the Massachusetts State Teachers' Asso- 
ciation; a sub-committee of the Boston Primarj' 
School Committee, and others. It is believed that 
no committee was ever appointed to investigate its 
claims but what has reported favorably. The num- 
ber of schools into which it has been since intro- 
duced, and the number of favorable notices which 
it has received in America, are very great. 

49. ff^brcc 5!^rsting 6vpmmtnts on Ibc 
Compirratibf P^trits of the |)bonftit aui) 

^Omank ^gsttmS. Of alf experiments, how- 
ever, the most satisfactory and best are those made 
by teachers for their own satisfaction upon their 
own children, for the sake of contrasting the pho- 
netic with the ordinary systems of teaching to read 
which they had previously employed. Three such 

experiments of a most conclusive and satisfactory 
character, two in England and one in America, 
may here be mentioned. 

I. At Mr. Williams's Secular School at Edin- 
burgh, in September 1850, there were two classes 
of children, one between four and five, the other 
between five and six years of age; the first was 
just beginning to read, the second had learned 
reading for a year. In July, 1851, both classes 
were examined, when it was found that the younger 
children, who had learned less than a year, read as 
well as or better than the elder, who had learned 
two years. Now, there was no particular difference 
in the intellect of the children, who were not se- 
lected for the purpose of experiment, but taken as 
they happened to come to the school. The two 
classes were taught side by side, day by day, by 
the same teachers — pupil teachers and monitors, 
chiefly the latter. The elder class had had occa- 
sional assistance from parents out of school, the 
younger had none. The younger were taught for 
rather a shorter time daily than the older, and had 
not the advantages of the simultaneous reading 
lessons which the older class enjoyed. The older 
class was not dull; it advanced fairly, and made 
the average progress. But, the elder class was 
taught to read in the common way, the younger hy 
the phonetic system. The younger, therefore, al- 
though they began school at the same age as the 
other, had gained a year upon them in one year; 
at six they were as advanced as the others at seven. 
The phonetic system consequently was adopted at 
the school, and was used to the perfect satisfaction 
of the teacher till the close of the school in 1854 
in consequence of Mr. Williams receiving a higher 

II. Miss E. Baxter, teacher at a common school 
in South Boston, wishing to make trial of the pho- 
netic system, and not having permission from the 
school committee during school hours, divided a 
class of sixteen young children, between four and 
five years old, into two parts as equal as possible 
in age, ability, and number. "A portion of them," 
to quote from her official report in April, 1852, 
"eight in number, received the usual amount of 
instruction in the common method in school. The 
remainder, when both pupils and teacher were ex- 
hausted by the labor of the day, after each school 
session, were taught for twenty minutes by means 
of the phonetic method, but received no instruction 
during school hours. What has been the result? 
From the sixth class, those taught romanically, (or 
in the usual way,) have advanced into the fifth as 
rapidly as children in a large school usually do in 
the same space of time, (eight months.) They can 
read easy words by first spelling them aloud, per- 
haps pronouncing one word in ten without a pre- 
vious spelling; can enunciate passably, and spell a 
few short words. But from that same sixth class, 


the fight taught phonetically h:ivo uniformly ad- 
viineoJ, until thi;y have reiwhod, tlirco iho tec/nd, 
and t'ivo tbo third clii.s.s, rcoiling fluently in hvtk 
priuLi, from much inoro difficult book^ than those 
who were taught ruiuuniL-ully; it|iolliiig8o much bet- 
ter that (hero \i nu couiixiriiiou between them; enun- 
ciating distinctly, and unulyxing, (or Mepurutiug 
the compound sound of n word into iLi constituent 
simple gound.-i,) in a superior manner. The advan- 
tagoH of this siystom arc, a great gain in time, flu- 
ent reading, accurate K|>eliing, analysis of sounds, 
correct enunciation, cheerfulness, and love for 
study. And with the time thus saved, how much 
moral instruction may bo given to the children!" 

HI. In the summer of 1S51 the Society of Arta 
in I^ndon ojicncd an educational exhibition in St. 
Martin's Hall, at which the Keading Reform Asso- 
ciation exhibited its books, and a discussion took 
place u|)on the merits of the phonetic system of 
teaching to read as com(Mircd with other systems. 
At ils termination an offer was made by Mr. Uey- 
Dolds, the honorary secretary of the excellent Home 
and Colonial School S<jciety, of I>mdon,— a society 
which sends out 2U0 trained teachers annually and 
supiHjrts training schools containing COO children — 
to make trial of the .«y^tem in their schools. An 
experiment was accordingly commenced, in which 
two classes of children, both unable to read, were 
tried simultaneously, the one by the very improved 
system then in use at that cstabti.fhment, and the 
other by the phonetic system. The latter class was 
necessarily subject to several drawbacks from the 
romanic arrangements of the school, and from the 
teacher having herself to learn the system as she 
proceeded. Hut the result of a trial begun at the 
end of September 1851 and concluded in the begin- 
ning of June, 1855, with several unforeseen inter- 
ruptions, has been that the phonetic class read ro- 
manically so much better than the rival romanic 
class that further experiments on a much larger 
scale arc to be instituted forthwith, and the utmost 
satisfaction is expressed by the excellent secretary 
with the progress of the children. 

50. Z\)t$t (Btpcrimcnls probe tb:it Ihc 
<Dnln Tiral (Objections to a Spelling ilcform 

must ^Utimutcln j,Ucli>. These experiments, 
which are only a very few out > f on immense num- 
ber which have been tried, have been selected as 
offering every rc<|uisite for testing the system, and 
they establish the fact beyond all doubt, that the 
phonetic system is the best guide to the romanic 
which has yet been discovered, while as a mere 
educational instrument it in many other respects 
presents advantages of the highest character, espe- 
cially in its moral ond logical effects upon the chil- 
dren. It is thus shown, then, that the existence 
of a non-phonetic orthography is so far fmm being 
an obstacle to the introduction of a phonetic spel- 

ling for partial school luo, that it is a main reason 
for such employment of a phonetic alphabet. 

This very introduction of phonetics will, how- 
ever, give that general phonetic knowledge which 
is indispensable to the subsequent advent of a 
spelling reform. As a little child who had made 
the transition from the phonetic to the romanic 
spi'lliiig with great ease, lately ob.^erved, " I won- 
der why people print rumanics when phonetics hare 
been found out." This surprise, so nairely ex- 
pressed, will be felt by all the children taught on 
this plan, and will ri|<cn in their ripening minds 
into a determination not to use romanic spelling 
at all. And thus a spelling reform becomes inevit- 

But while still in the transition state, and even af- 
terwards when desirous of reading romanic books, 
it will bo neeessary to have a work which contains 
the transliteration of every word in our lan- 
guage from romanic into phonetic spelling, in order 
that tbo true sounds of the romanic may be under- 
stood, while the significations should bo printed 
phonetically to bo useful to the mere phonetic 
reader. Such a work is the following, which 
marks the completion of the transitional works. 
With this book any one who has acquired phonetic 
reading, which ho may do in a few weeks and from 
a very middling teacher, — any ignorant adult to 
whom learning to read on the old plan would bo 
dcsjMiiring, may teach himself to read any romanic 
book, and may acquire the pronunciation and 
meaning of every romanic word. This book marks 
the point where the two roods branch off. It 
points out the safest path to the romanic cliffs, 
while it shows the broad and cosy road which 
leads — not to destruction — but to the smiling plains 
of the new orthography. 

ijl. (fonclusion. Thus, then, has it become 
possible to institute a spelling reform with not only 
a reasonable hope, but an undoubting certainty of 
final success. In other cases enthusiasts in their anx- 
iety to benefit the future have forgotten the \Msi. 
The days of iconoclasm are gone by. We rccogniie, 
admire, and are thankful for the manifold blessings 
which we have derived from the old spelling, but 
these do not blind rts to its defects, or prevent us 
proposing a reform. Our motto is <>n»ctjn/— on- 
ward to a known goal. We must found the future 
on the pa?t; the present is but a bridge between 
two eternities. This is an inviolable law, and all 
success must be gained by obeying it. Oar past is 
romanic spelling, our future phonetic; the present, 
the bridge which conveys us safely from one to the 
other, is the reading reform, or the phonetic system 
of teaching romanic reading. This is a feature 
which no other plan for changing our spelling ever 
)>ossessed. No other plan has found so many 
friends, so many adherents, so many testers, (o 


many judges, so many critics, so many approvers: 
no other plan has lived so long a life, has been 
cultivated so widely, both in England and America, 
has shown so many signs of health and future tri- 
umph, as the present. 

With this book, then, we can lay it conscien- 
tiously before the American world as morally, logi- 
cally, and practically desirable; as a blessing to 
children and teachers, as an intellectual improve- 
ment to the mass, a^ a practical commercial possi- 
bility. More than all these, the spelling reform as 
we have pictured it, as we have traced it step by 
step from its origin through its theory and practice, 
will, even in its transitional stat« of a reading re- 
form, and far more in its future developed condi- 

tion, become the source of immense social and po- 
litical gain, in the great and general improvement 
which it must occasion in the education of the 
people — especially of the people of England. To 
read and write will indeed appear as Shakspeare's 
clown had it, to "come by nature," and the atten- 
tion of educators will be withdrawn from the mere 
tools of knowledge to the weightier matters of in- 
tellectual and moral improvement. But here we 
forbear to speculate. Our task is done, and with 
these words we lay the complete spelling reform 
before the reader. Esto perpetua. 

2 Church Hill, Morning -side,] 
Edinbitrcjh, June 26, 1855.) 


Syllabicatiox.— No difficulty i» cspcricnccd in dividing word* into Bjllablea where thero iJ no 
traonitiunal effect of one letter on another, aa in ad-ians, kon-tiin, be-mcjn. liut in tho word 
kotn-ii-ni-knt, the m has a final effect on the o, and an initial effect on tho i(. In dividing (uch 
wonls into syllable*, wo must either double tho consonant, an<l thus pre»crvo both effect.'* nf the 
medial letter, or eacrifioe one of tho effect.^. The beat plan seems to bo to lacrifico tho initial effect 
of tho medial consonant. If tiio final effect is retained by joining tho medial letter to the fir.>t 
vowel, tho initial effect on tho following vowel will be heard in tho proper congocutivo pronunciation 
of the Word, thou';h it may be sacrificed in dividing tho word into syllables. When tho vowel 
preceding tho medial letter is a stopped one, tho con^onant should be joined with it, to distingui.«h 
it from a brief or unaccented long vowel. The rule applicable to most cases may bo stated thus: — ^ 

1. Whfn only ont C"n*"fiani is j'otuul lietwffn tic<> rutceh, (Ju confftiant is t" It (akin icith the Jirtt 
Tilled irhtn it has a Jinal rfecl un it, and with tht! eeomd voted in otlier cases.* 

As a general rule, tho consonant haa this final effect on the preceding vowel when that vowel is 
long or stopped; thus, drl-or, br'm-ig, /is-id; and not so whoa tho vowel ia brief; as, he-mi^n, dr-lit, 

The only exception to this rule made in this work is where words begin with a / as, n-dikt, a-fik*. 
a-li'ir, tho final effect is sacrificed, because the initial effect on tho following vowel is mode promi- 
nent by accent, and its final effect on the preceding vowel is less obvious than on any other vowel in 
that position. 

2. Whtn several consonants come Ixttceen two t<jtcds, all those that hare a final fftct on the prtcedintj 
T'ltcd may he, and at least one of them must be, taken with it, while those which are left to he taktn 
with the second roicel must he in all cases such as do or can extrt an initial ^ect vpon it.* 

Thus, wo divide r^nd-iy or rin-dig, etjz-ott or eg-aitt, in either of which a double division is possible. 
No such division is possible in prtet-kraft, because it cannot bo pronounced correctly when divided 
differently. When there is a genuine double consonant or vowel in a word, the division of tho syliablo 
always falls between tho two letters of the same name; as, sul-les, wn-n<jn, vn-ndt-yn-ral, u-o-lif. 

r.vACCENTED VowKLS.— When the long vowels are unaccented, they are somewhat shortened, as 
in ilr-\it, rr-giin, prj-maj, pref-ns, mo-nop-o-li. 

I.oxo ^'.— Words and syllables commencing with long « generally take >/ before it in phonetic 
•.polling; as, yi/n-yon, cd-y(/-ka-Jon. Hut when the n is preceded by a continuant consonant, the y 
is omitted ; as, ili^min, iDi^menibl, imi^tabl, iji^, pl«^3i/''> cfijjon. These exceptions owe their origin to 
tho peculiar character of the continuants, tho effect of which supersedes tho of y. When long « 
or tie is preceded by r in the same syllable, it is represented by a>; as, r<bd, br<i>t. 

Tho o in not is employed in tho terminations on, /on, and 5(771, because that is tho pronunciation 
adopted by our best elocutionists. Tho use of short u in such syllables encourages a careless 

N'asal Vowels. — Tho French ori-nasal vowels represented by in, im, en, em, sn, on, vn, and 
other literal combinations, are pronounced through tho nose and mouth at the same time, and are 
sin»i>lo vowels. The sign 11 is used to indicate tho nasal [wwcr of the preceding vowel. 

Ht'LES or Accent.— 1. Words of two syllables are accented on the first; as, hd-er,d\i-ti. 

2. Words of three or more syllables are accented on tho third from tho end; as, in-ler-est, dan-jer-^it; 

I'nlfts tho last syllable hut one contain a long vowel or diphthong— as, re-man-der, de-lit-j\tf; or 
end with /or j followed by a syllable commencing with a vowel— as, re-mif-on, dc-ti^-tm; or the 
la»t .syllable begin with / j, or y— as, kon-jtnjlf/fi, in-dent-yvr, — in which cases the accent falls on 
tho last syllable but one. 

?'x''cptions to these rules are marked with tho sign ' placed over the vowel to be ftooented ; as, *-W, 
dr-f/t: ir-Uj-on, rep-rr-:int; ht^r-mo-ni; pub-lif-ijj. 

* From " Essentials of I'bonetics," by A. J. Ellis. 


*•• -Annexed to words, or meanings of words, 
that are obsolete or antiquated. 

t • • -Annexed to words, or meanings of words, 
that are vulgar or low. 

t-- -Annexed to words, or meanings of words, 
that are colloquial. 


a. stands for Adjective. 

ad. Adverb. 

konj. Conjunction. 

^\ Imperfect Tense. 

infer. Interjection. 

11. Noun. 

«. Participle. 

2)j). Present Participle. 

2JS. Participles. 

7). s. Participial Adjective. 

j)l. Plural. 

prep. Preposition. 

pron. - Pronoun. 

sij). Singular. 

ii\t. Yerb Transitive. 

/i),i, Yerb Intransitive. 


^'■- or ) , „ . , . 

. . T stands f or • ■ • Arabic. 

1). Dutch. 

Eng. English, or England. 

Fr. French. 

Ger. or G. German. 

Goth. Gothic. 

Gr. Greek. 

Heb. Hebrew. 

It. Italian. 

L. Latin. 

Per. Persian. 

Port. Portuguese, 

Sax. Saxon. 

Scut. Scotch. 

Sp. Spanish. 

Turk. Turkish. 


Agric. stands for Agriculture. 

Anat. Anatomy. 

Arch. Architecture. 

Arith. Arithmetic. 

Astrol. Astrology. 

Astron. Astronomy. 

Bot. Botany. 

Car. Carpentry. 

Chem. Chemistry. 

Chron. Chronology. 

Oom. Commerce. 

Conch. Conchology. 

Elec. Electricity. 

Ent. Entomology. 

Fort. Fortification. 

G«og. Geography. 

Geol. Geology. 

Geom. Geometry. 

Gram. Grammar. 

Her. Heraldry. 

Rout. Horticulture. 

Ich. Ichthyology. 

Law. Law. 

Logic. Logic. 

Math. • Mathematics. 

31ech. Mechanics. 

Med. iledicine. 

3Iet. Metaphysics. 

Meteor. Jlcteorology. 

Mil. Military Affairs. 

Min. Jlineralogy. 

Mus. Music. 

Myth. Mythology. 

Kav.t. Nautical Affairs. 

Opt. Optics. 

Orniih. Ornithology. 

Phren. Phrenology. 

Rhet. Rhetoric. 

Surg. Surgery. 

Thevl. Theology. 

Zool. Zoology. 


(Tlic Pbnnrti 

r Alphabet. 

Lon^Yowels. | 

Exj)lo dents. 



sounded a.s 




Ipd as 

(^ e 

Z t 

ec in /•v'l 

.r /> 


p ill 


/ . 

E e 

^w , ('(n\\\ 


f) „ 


// .. 


a „ -'/le 

.r / 

T t 

/^ „ 


, '■/ ,y 


^Z (l\X 

^ y 


d „ 




a ^Arm 


A>^ „ 


C " 


AA „ A/11 

J J 

9 " 


0' r,i 


■ o „ A/'])e 


k „ 


■ /T' a- 


oo .. ioot] 





Short Vowels. 


./ / 

I i 

( „ /'n 


P f 

/■ .. 


(/^ e 

£ e 

A' „ A'll 

r r 

Y Y 

I' „ 


J a 


AV „ A/ 111 

'// /'■ 


6^ „ 


d a 


AA „ A/Sk 

/>■ ;' 

a d 

th „ 


rr rr 

o A/dd 

.y-' .y 

S s 

<v „ 


y/ ./ 


AA ,, /A]) 

.^^^ X 

Z z 

X „ 




OO „ IVy'Ayl 



<" „ 



^i w 

•V „ 



/■ „ asIp 



Ot „ Ay/l 

L I 

/ „ 


1 1 y 


/y//' , ()n\ 

:^ r 


r ,. 




/A „ lUA/le 


('o ale scents. 

, // M 


/u „ 




// //<'^ 

. /O/ 

N ri 

//• , 




AA' AA'iiy 


> J ij 

/<// „ 

si /A// 


// / TT 1 

/ ''^ 

/( // 

n n 

// /Aiiy 


ov ae 

I TJ G L I S L A TJ G W a J. 



A a, At inilofinit qrtikl, jilnst befur wunlz 
ibrginiu wid At siind uv ci k6n5ijimnt. liefijr 

wuniz brgiiiij) wi<t At Bxnd ov a vsel, it iz 

ritn itii. 
Adacist, Ab'ii-si!<t, n. an akuntunt. 
Aback, A-Kik. .id. bak: bitkwunl; brbjniL 
Abacot, Ab'a-kot, ». kap ov stnt f«jrm<Tli JH^td 

in iQ^iinil. 
Abactor, A-bAk-tor, n. [/.] wun ha> stclz a h?rd 

ov katl. [kuliim. 

ABACI'S, Ab'n-kin, n. a kxntij) fnbl; a pqrt ov a 
Abakt, A-bdft, aJ. tcj<iril dr ^tvni ov a Jip. 
Abaisance, A-liii-sun.-i, u. obnsniis. 
Abaliknatk, Ab-nl-yon-at, r. t. tu estranj; tu 

tnui''f'.>r froiu oiii wun. 
Abai.ikxatiox, Ab-nl-yen-li-Jon, n. At tnins'ff'rin 

Af tjtl tu jirojRTti. [tu fc.rsjik. 

Abaxi>on. A-li:in-don, '•. t. tu giv uj); tu kwit; 
Abandoned, A-bdn-dond, p. a. forsakn; delat- 
ed: vcri wikod. 
Abaxpoveb, A-ban-don-cr, n. wun hio nhandons. 
AnA.VDHMNd, A-brin-don-ij), n. Irvij) or forsakip. 
Abaxdoxmext,, ;i. At akt ov 

Abandonee, A-bAn-don-^, w. wun tu hoim a ti^ 

iz nb:indond. 
Abakticllation, Ah-ur Uk-yti-lii-Jon, n. a kjnd 

ov qrtikyiiliijon hwii; iidtnit.'* *>v nmnifest mojon. 
Abase, A-bo.'', r. t. tu hunibl: dcprt'ji; brin lu. 
Abasement, A-bAf-mcnt, n. At akt ov Dumblig; 

lu Ktnt. 
Abash, A-baJ, r. t. tu rank ajfimd: tu konf'ind. 
Abashment, A-baJ-nn-nt, n. Juni: knnfi^ji.n. 
Abatable, A-bat-n-bl, a. Aat nia be nbntod. 
Abate, A -bat, r. t. tu lesn; tu dituinij; in lo, tu 

drf<t. tu ovcrtni. [dink'snt. 

Abatement, A-Wt-mpnt, n. At akt ov abntijj: 
AnATKii, A-hiit-cr, n. Ac |*T«(.n t>r tin Ant abrit.f. 
Abatis, Ab'«-ti!i, n. trtz kut d-xn f.r niiliUiri 
Abb, Ab, n. de y(^m for a wr von w.irp. [defdns. 
Abba, Ab'o, n. n Siriak wuni, hwiq ."ignif [t fqder. 
Abbact. Ab'B-«i, n. At rit.K an<l jn ov an 
AbbaTIAU Ab-A-Jal, a. rrbiti|) tu an alw. [abot. 
Abbe, Ab'a, n. an; an cklriia^tikol tJU wid- 

•*t iifis or di^ti ant^k^t. 
AnBESS, Ab'w, n. At Ruvemcs ov a nonori. 
Abbet, Ab'i, n. At rcxidoM ov an abot or muflk. 
Abbot, Ah'..t, n. At qtf ov an abi or konvcnt. 
Abbotship, Ab'ot-Jip, n. At Rtat ov an alwt. 
Abiikkviatk, A-brs-vi-nt, r. t. tu J.>rtn; lu abrij. 
AnuRrviATioN, A-brf-vi-i-JoD, ». akt or Jortiil|): 


Abdueviator, A-br£-vi-a-tor, n. wun biS abrijci 

■ •r rfdii«i'z tu (1 nvan\cT kumpa«. [trdktig. 

AriHKEViATORy, A-bre-vi-a-t<D-ri, a. Jortmo; kon- 
AnititKviATLRE, A-brf-vi-a-ft^r, n. abrtviaJoD: 

AflDiCANT, Ab'di-kant, a. abdikntig: renm«Ij). 
Abdicaxt, AI)Mi-kant, «. a jx^rxon hiD :iixlikat«. 
Abdicate, AbMi-knt, r. t. tu rrzjn; tu ren'snii; 

lx\ pv up; tu drprjv ov rjt. 
Abdhatiox, Ab-<li-lia-Jon, n. At dez^rtig ov a 

publik tni<t widiit u f'>nnal suronder. 
Addh' ATIVK, Ab'di-kn-tiv, a. :ilxlikatin. 
Abditive. Ab'di-tiv, a. havij) At kwoliti ov hjdiy. 
Abditorv, Ab'di-t*j-ri, n. a plus tu hjd gudz in. 
Abdomen, Ab-du-men, n. At luer pqrt ov At bcH. 
Abdominal, Ab-d('), a. rclatig tu At 

III "lumen. Ifi/ez. 

Abdominal, Ab-d6ni-i-nal, n. wun ov an order ov 
Abdominous, Ab-d^m-in-us, t. Iqrj-belid; abdom- 
Abdick, Ab-d^i", r. t. tu scparat; tu dro from: 

yqzd in anatoini. 
Abducent, Ab-dq-scnt, a. droig or pulin bak. 
Abdcction, .Vb-ddk-Jon, n. a kariig awa a person 

bj furs. 
Abductor, Ab-ddk-t<ir, n. a musl dat droi bak. 
Abearance, A-b4r-ans, «. brhavyor. 
^Vmeckd.vrian, fl-bE-!*c-dd-ri-aii, n. a te^er or 

lonior iiv Ac ulfabet. 
Abed, A-bt-d, a<{. in IrhI; on At bod. 
Abele, .\-l>i'l, n. Ac hwjt poplar. 
Aberrance, .\b-(5r-an."<, [ n. a wondcriB from 
Aberrancy, Ab-dr-an-oi,) de rjt wa. 
Aberra-nt. Ab-t'r-anf, a. deviatig fn>m Ac rit wn. 
Aberration, Ab-cr-ii-Jun, n. At akt <iv wundcrij). 
Abfjirixc., Ab-iV-ip. a. wondorio; guijj astni. 
Abkt. Abot, r. t. tu cnkdraj: tu sot on; tu ad. 
Abetment, A-b(^t-nicnt, n. At akt ov ab<$tio. 
Abetter, A-b<H-or, I n. wun hiD ab^tn; an ak6m- 
Abettor, A-bet-or, f plig. 
Abeyance, .\-bri-an.i, n. rtv^rjon; cki'|)oktaJon ov 

P-'zi'/»n. (dc flok. 

Abcbeoation, Ab-fHT-gA-Jon, n. a ocponijon from 
Abhor, Abhor, r. t. tu hat bitorli ; tu dettV»t; 

tu ahoininnt. [batrod. 

Abhorrence, Ab-h6r-cni', n. drtosta/on ; grat 
.\bhorrent, Ab-h(5r-<.>nt, j». nt*-uk wid abh6r«iU : 

udiiK : k('>ntrari tu : inkon'istonf wid. 
Abhorrently, Ab-hor-ont-li, ad. in an abh^reot 

Abrorrer, Ab-hi>r-cr, fi. wun hm ahbi'«n. 
Abib, a'bib, n. At f^rst mnnt ov dc JqiJ yer. 




Abide, A-bjd, r. i. (i. abod, ps. abjdii), abud;) 

tu sta in a pla? ; tu dwel ; tu reman. 
Abide, A-bjd, r. t. tm wat fer; tia suport er 

endi^r; tu bq,r wid'st averjon. 
Abider, A-bjd-er, 7i. wun hu) abjdz in a plas. 
Ability, A-bil-i-ti, M. p-ser: kapasiti; kwolifika- 

Jon. I'l. p^serz ov de mind. 
Ab initio, Ab in-ij-i-o, [Z.] from de beginii). 
Abintestate, Ab-in-tes-tat, a.. (Is) inheritii) 

from wun boo djd wid'st makiij a wil. 
Abject, Ab'jekt, a. men; lo; wurtles; vjl; bas. 
Abject, Ab'jekt, n. a person in de loest kondijon. 
Abjectxess, Ab'jekt-ncs, ) n. a men er lo stat ; 
Abjection, Ab-jek-Jon, | basnes; a wont ov 

Abjectly, Ab'jekt-li, ad. menii; regedli; basli. 
Abjudicated, Ab-ji^-di-kat-ed, p. a. gim bj juj- 

ment from wun tu. anuder. 
Abjudication, Ab-ji^-di-ka-Jon, n. rejekjon. 
Abjuration, Ab-jn,-ra-Jon, n. akt ov abj^rip; 

Abjure, Ab-j^r, v. t. tu rejekt upon ot ; tu 

abandon ; tu retrakt solemli. 
Abjurer, Ab-jiir-er, n. wun hoD abji|rz. 
Ablactate, Ab-kik-tat, v. t. tu wen from de brost. 
Ablactation, Ab-lak-ta-Jon, n. a weniij from de 

brcst ; a metod ov graftig. 
Ablaqueation, Ab-la-kwe-a-Jon, n. an opnii) ov 

de gr'snd ab'st de roots ov trez. 
Ablation, Ab-la-Jon, n. akt ov takig awa; remooval. 
Ablative, Ab'la-tiv, a. dat taks awa ; apljd tu 

de sikst kas ov Latin n'snz. [dooiy. 

Able, fl'bl, a. havii) streijt er p'ser; kapabl ov 
Ablebodied, 9-bl-bod-id, a. stroij ov bodi. 
Ablegation, Ab-le-ga-Jon, n. sendig awa : a 

Ableness, £I'bl-nes, n. p-ser; street; sufijensi. 
xVblepsy, Ab'Iep-si, n. wont ov sjt; bljndnes. 
Adluent, Ab'h|-ent, a. klenzirj ; p^rif jii). 
Ablution, Ab-li^-Jon, n. de akt ov kleuzig wid 

water; akt ov wojiij; a rclijus pixrifikajon. 
Ably, ft'bli, ad. in an abl raaner; wid abiliti. 
Abnegate, Ab'ne-gat, r. t. tu denj; tu dison; 

tia rEfi\z. [a renunsiajon. 

Abnegation, Ab-ne-ga-Jon, n. a. pozitiv denial ; 
x\.bnegator, Ab-ne-ga-tor, n. wun hcD denia er 

ren-susez enitii). 
Abnodation, Ab-no-da-Jon, n. de akt ov kutig 

awa nots from trez. 
Aboard, A-bord, ad. on bord; in Jip, vesel or best. 
Abode, A-bod, n. habitajon ; dwelii) ; sta. 
Abode, A-bid, prtt. and p. ov abjd. 
Abode, A-bod, r. t. tu fortokn ; tu forjo. 
Abodement, A-bJ)d-ment, n. a sekret antisipajon 

ov sumtii) fi^tyn,r. 
AbOlete, Ab'o-let, a. cold ; "st ov ti|s ; obsolet. 
Abolish, A-bol-iJ, v. t. tu destrff; tia repel; tu 

mak verd. [stre'd. 

Abolishable, A-bol-iJ-a-bl, ad. dat ma be de- 
Abolisher. A-bol-iJ-er, n. wun hoo abolijez. 
Abolishment, A-Ml-iJ-ment, n. akt ov abolijig ; 

Abolition, Ab o-lij-on, n. de akt ov abolijiij; 

piatiij an end tu slaveri. 
Abolitionism, Ab-o-liJ-on-iz-m, n. de prinsiplz 

ov de abolijonists. 
Abolitionist, Ab-o-liJ-on-ist, n. wun hoo favorz 

abolijon, espejali ov slaveri. 
Abomasum, Ab-o-ma-sum, ) de fort stumak ov a 
A bom ASUS, Ab-o-ma-sus, J rcfiminatij) animal ; 

de mo. 
Abominable, A-b6m-i-na-bl, a. detestabl; hat- 
ful ; odius. [nes. 
Abominablenkss, A-b6m-i-na-bl-nes, n. hatful- 
Abominablt, A-b6m-i-na-bli, ad. hatfuli ; detes- 


Abominate, A-bom-i-nat, v. t. tu hat; tu k)d_; 

tu abhor. 
Abomination, A-bom-i-na-Jon, n. hatred ; detes- 

tajon ; de objekt ov hatred ; pol^Jon ; def jlment. 
Aboriginal, Ab-o-rij-i-nal, a. ferst er primitiv. 
Aboriginal, Ab-o-rij-i-nal, n. an orijinal in- 
Aborigines, Ab-o-rij-i-nez, n. pj. de orijinal 

inhabitants ov de kuntri. 
Abort, A-bert, v. i. tu miskari in qjldberf). 
Abortion, A-bor-Jon, n. miskarij; u'ntjmli bert. 
Abortive, A-bor-tiv, a. beiij bret for6 hziar de 

A\\ tjm; imati'ir; miskariii). 
Abortively, A-ber-tiv-li, ad. in an untjmli manor. 
Abortiteness, A-ber-tiv-nes, n. stat ov beig 

Abound, A-b"8nd, v. i. tu be or hav in grat plenti. 
About, A-b-st, prep, r-snd; enserkliij; ner tu: 

konsernii); witt regard tu; relatiij tu. 
About, A-b-st, ad. ar-snd; everi wa. 
Above, A-biiv, prep, hjer in plas er p'ser; mor 

dan; to) hi for. 
Above, A-bdv, ad. in a hjer plas; mor dan; in de 

rejonz ov hevn. 
Aboveboabd, A-biiv-bord, ad. widit qrtifis or 

trik; in opn sjt; upon dek. 
Abracadabra, Ab-ra-ka-dab-ra, n. a. deiti wur- 

Jipt bj de Asirianz. 
Abrade, A-brad, v. t. tu rub of; tu wast bj degrez. 
Abrasion, A-bra-jon, n. akt ov rubig of; substans 

worn of bj atrijon. 
Abreast, A-brest, ad. sjd bj sjd. [n-Rnsij). 

Abrenunciation, Ab-re-nun-si-a-Jon,». aktovre- 
Abreption, Ab-rep-Jon, w. stat ov beiij karid awa. 
Abreuvoiu, Ab-roo-vwer, n. [//•.] a woterii) plas: 

a jernt betwen stonz tu be fild up wid mertar. 
Abridge, A-brij, v. t. tu mak Jerter in wurdz; tia 

kontrakt; tu diminij; t^i deprjv ov. [trakts. 

Abridger, A-brij -er, n. wun boo abrijez er kon- 
Abridgment, A-brij-mont, n. kontrakjon ov a wurk 

intu a smeler kumpas; kompendium; sumari. 
Abroach, A-brcxj, v. t. tu tap; tu set abroq. 
Abroach, A-broq, ad. in a postynr for floiij 'st. 
Abroad, A-brod, ad. wid-st konf jnmcnt; wjdli; at 

Iqrj; from hom; -st ov h-ss; in anuder kuntri. 
Abrogate, Ab'ro-gat, v. t. tu repel; tu anul; tu 

Abrogation, Ab-ro-ga-Jon, n. de akt ov repelip. 
Abrood, A-brct)d, ad. in de akt ov broodig. 
Abrupt, Ab'rupt, n. a nam givn tu de eksplosiv 

siyndz ov de Ii)gliJ' Lai)gwaj. 
Abrupt, Ab-rupt, a. brokn; kragi; suden; unkon- 

ekted; wid'st de proper or y43H,al preparajonz. 
Abruption, Ab-riip-Jon, n. a. vjolent separajon ov 

Abruptly, Ab-rupt-li, ad. sudenli; hastili; rugedli. 
Abruptness, Ab-rupt-nes, n. stat ov beii) abrupt. 
Abscess, Ab'ses, n. a ti^mor fild wid mater. 
Abscind, Ab-sind, v. t. tu kut of; tu pqx of. 
Absciss, Ab'sis, ) «. a segment kut from a strat 
Abscissa, Ab-si3-Q,S [Z.] pjn. 

Abscission, Ab-sij-on, n. akt ov kutig of, er bci^j 

kut of. [aper. 

Abscond, Ab-sk6nd, v. t. tu hjd wunz self; tu dis- 
AisscONDKR, Ab-skond-er, n. wun hoo absk6ndz. 
Absence, Ab'sens, n. stat ov beig absent; in- 

Absent, Ab'scnt, a. not prezent; lost in tet. 
Absent, Ab-sent, v. t. tu kep aw&; tu widdre. 
Absentee, Ab-sen-te, ) n. wun hot) absents him- 
Absenter, Ab-sent-cr, ) self. 
Absenteeism, Ab-sen-te-iz-m,| n. stat ov beij ab- 
Absentment, Ab-sent-ment, ) sent. 
Absinthian, Ab-sin-ti-an, a. ov de natynr or 

wurmwud. [wid wurmwud. 

Absinthiated, Ab-sin-ti-at-ed, p. a. impregnated 



AiiMSTiiiUM, Ab-iiln-ti-uin, u. wurinwud. 
Aiisi-<i, Ab-.-^wl, r. i. iia nUiml ul: lu lev of. 
Ausoi.lTK, Ab'wj-liit, /I. iiulrjK'iid'>iit ov eiii tijj 

eluiriiueuii; kuinplet: nut liuiitinl; doMp6tik; poii- 

liv; fiorti'ii. 
Absolitkly, Ab'iiO-liit-li, aJ. kompletli; uukon- 

<lij' .ii.ili. [iMlism. 

Aii.soi.i TKxrsH, Ab'i<o-lnl-ne«i, h. kuin|ilttiii*K; des- 
Ab*»olitio.V. Ab-do-li'i-joD, ft. fi)rgivnfr(; a |iqr- 

diii)|: akwilul. [ihjlilt ({uvorniiifiit. 

AbBOLL riisM, Ab'ma-hii-ii-ni, w. dt |)iiii^i|)li ov ib- 
AlMJOU ToHV, Ab-Kol-yn-to-ri, a. diil abiolvz. 
AmMJLVATouv, Ab-;Hil-va-to-ri, ii. n-lutij) lu |"qr- 

dn: torKi^iu- 
Abholvk, Ab-zolv, c. /. tu klrr; tti akwit; tu frc 

frniii nili, or (111 oii^iijiuent. 
Ab8olvi:r, Ab-»ul-ver, it. wtin hiD ikbz6lvs. [rem. 
Asiiu.Not'K, AbVo-nuH, u. unniiizikal; koiitrari tu 
AiiMuKii, Ab-iu'<rb, r. t, tu mtk u[>: tu iinbib. 
AutioKUKNT. Ab-s'irb-cnt, n. int-disiii dat drjx up. 
Aus»ii:iiKXT, Ab-s^'irb-i-nt, ii. huviu dr jiKiT ov 

ill.-' irliip. [beiu ubsiJrUl. 

Aiwiii'.iiAUii.iTV, Ab-»orb-n-bil-i-ti, n. kiipa.>(iti ov 
Absoki'T, .Vb-- irpt, //. xwoloxl un; abj.irbd. 
Abouhitio.n, Ab-.^'irp-Jon, /:. de ukt or KWuloiy 

up: Mkyii)«ijiin ov in{nd. [bjb. 

An8oi;i'TiVK, Ab-Hurp-tiv, a. havifl Ac piscrtu ini- 
Ai;?TMN, Ab-.tUiii, I-. t. tu rvfriin from: lu forbiir. 
AiisTi MioL'8, Ab-nli-mi-us, a. tcuipiTnt: jobcr: 

:ii. I I'll*. [sobvrli. 

Aitsi I Mioi'SLY. Ab-ati-mi-ui-Ii, aJ. l<5ui|)»TaUi: 
Aiu>u.vtiut.'!<\»>.s. Ab-ste-uit-U!i-DOs, n. At kwulili 

ov bti|| ab.-tiniius. 
.\b«tknt:os, Ab-.^ttWi-Jon, n. At akt ov rcstrHnii). 
AiwTi.KiiK, Ab-.sti,-rj, f. t. tu kloni bj wjpi\(: tu 

w((i. [kwoliti. 

AuHrKKCKXT, Ab-.iU-r-jent, a. havifi a klonziy 
Abstkusk, Ah-Htvr<, r. /. tu kloni: tu purifi. 
.VBSTK.asiox, Ab-»t(;r-Joii, n. Ac ukt ov kU>nzi)). 
.Vbstkhsivk, Ab-sl^r-siv, ;i. huvio At kwoliti ov 

kl*-iixii|. [|KTHn-<. 

.^BSTiNENCU, Ab'nti-ncns, u. a rrfninifl from; It-iu- 
AnsTiNJ:.\T. Ati'-iii-nent, a. abstriuius; ii-mpi-nit. 
.Vb«ti.nkntly, Ab'sti-DPnt-li, ad. wid abstinent. 
A.bhthkted, Ab-!ii.jrt-cd, />. fi3r.''t awii; ruj) from 

aiiiidtT bj vjub.-n". 
Abstkact, Ali-strakt, r. t. tu fic|>arnl; tu rtnufev: 

til f >rtii; lu rrdii-'* tu a .xuinari. 
.\n.Hii:\» r. A'l'^trakt, ii. an nbrijmi'nt; n sunviri. 
.\B.><rnAtT. AbVtnikt, a. !<c|Minit: reftml; pur. 
Abj*thaiTki>, Ab-!<tnikl-cd. y. a. 9^i>anited: ili-- 

jfVii'l; rrfjild: pnrifjd. 
Abntkactekly, Ab-r^trakt-ed-li, ad. bj itself; in a 

st>| Hint. 
AnsTiMi TKr-NTSs, Ab-strikl-od-ncs, n. fUit ov 

I ..••d. [abslrakl. 

A \b strakt-cr, n. wuii luD niiiks an 

Ai -. ■•, Ab-strak-Jon. n. de ukl ov .scjijini- 

jiin: dr stal ov brig ii^paralud; abucnji ov ni{nd: 

innti-nfnn. [ab.strakti{). 

Ar ■■ Ab-!<tnik-tiv, a. havin Ac pner ov 

Ai i.v. Ab-.tlrak-tiv-li, aa. in an ab- 

r. [manor. 

AiisiUAi II.V. Ab'ritnikt-li, ad. in an ab.-tnikt 

.VB8TRAITXE.S8, Ab'«trakt-DCjt, fi. a mat ov btiy 

An>.Tiii su, Ab-*tn(LS a. difikull tu be nndoMlud 
An!»TKi SKi.v. Ab-.ttiUKi-li, ad. okHk^rli; not planli 

.l.irk'.i. [riti 

AiisTKi HKNUBi. Ab-.'ilnfiH-nM, m. difikulti; ob^ki^ 
.\H.srKi HtTY, Abntrtiif<-i-tj, n. ab:<tntimM. 
Ab^imc, Ab-!n\ni. f-. Mu wn'l Kradyi^ali; tu el up. 
Absi ia>, Ab-8(ird. a. k6Dtniri tu nin; impt^iibl 
unrrzn.ibl; inki>n^i<t<'nt. I^iird. 

Ab.siri>ity, Ab-.<iird-i-ti. n. kwoliti or briual 
ABdiKULY. Ab-.<idrd-li, ad. in an abaiird manor. 

ABJii'Bii.NEiiH, Ab-nArd-ncf, n. At kwoliti or beig 

ub-^iird. [ana. 

Aiii'NUA.vcK, A-biin-duni", n.gral plcnli;e<{l>^lb•r- 
ABl.'NI>A^T, A-biin-duiii, a. plentiful; abnudio. 
Abi'.M)A.nti.Y, A-bun-<lanl-li, ad. pl4^ntifuli;ainpli. 
Abl'HIC, A-blix, r. /. tu inak an il yqi ov; tu v|o- 

lal: tu defjl; lu iiiipui u|Min; turrvjl; lurilifi. 
.Vbuhk, A-bi'i'*, II. il yn«; <i k>>rdpt iirukti.t; bad 

kiiKti'Ui: unji'iHt 8cnjiir: rvtxi rrprdx;: k^nliimtli. 
Aui'dKlt, .V-bi'ix-cr, n. wun ba> abt^xvi or yi^i^t 

niiildiT il. 
AbI'sive, A-bi\-«iv, a. kontfiniu ubi'iK: rrprL><;rul. 
Abihively, A-bij.-.-'iv-li, .W. in an abi^'iv niiiner. 

.VBi«iVE.Nt>8, A-bi^-xiv-ne!!, n. il y\\uiy, nixlnM. 
Abut. A-biit, r. i. tu end at; tu met; tu l»order 

u|Kin. [on ani'idcr. 

Abi'TMEXT. A-btit-mtMit, n. dat hwii; birdi-rx up 
Abuttal, A-bdl-al, n. de butigor bundnri land 
Abykm, A-biz-m, /I. snin ar. abU. [at de end. 

Abys-S, A-bir<, fi. ii de|) pit: u Jfulf. 
Acacia, A-kii-Ji-o, n. [/..] a druj;: a Jrub. [emi. 
.VcADEMi AI., .Vk-a-de-mi-al, /I. rrlatig UianakAd- 
ACAi>KMi\x, .Vk-a-<li'-iui-an, n.a Mu-tubcr or an 

AcAUKMic, Ak-a-dom-ik, a. pcrtanig tu an akid- 

rini "r yunivorsiti. 
.VcADEllic. .Vk-a-Joni-ik, n. a inonibcrov an akid- 

rnii or yiinivvr'iti; an ak:uli-mik filo^ufer. 
Academical, Ak-a-dt-in-i-kal, <i. belogig tu an 

.XcADEiiiCALLY, Ak-a-dem-i-kal-i, ad. in an aka- 

domikal uiiincr. [akidemi. 

AcADEMlciAX, A-kad-e-miJ-an,n.a member ov aii 
AcAiiEMiSM. A-kad-r-mii-m, n. de akadomikal 

AOADEMIST, .\-k;ul-c-mi'<t. ;/. a member ov an 

akidrnii; an ukndi^inik filo'ufi-r; an akadeinik. 
.VcADEMV, A-kad-f-nii, n. I'l'ituz .^kajl ov fibMofi: 

a susjeti ov infu yiiniled f.<r dc proinojon or 

sum <\rt: a .■'eminari ov b'rnin: <i graimir skojl. 
.\CA.\TIIA, A-kan-ta, /». de prikl ov t«rni plantii. 
ACASTIILS. A-kan-tu», n. At erb biirz fut;a spjni 

plant or Jrub. 
AcATALECTic, A-kat-:i-l<?k-tik. n. n ver* hwiq hoz 

At komplt't number ov :<ilablz, widSt ek.«e.i. liti. 
Acatalepsy, A-k:it-a-U'p-;»i. '». inkomprehensibil 
ACAILIXE, A-k>»-lin, ( a. bavig no stem, but Icn 
AcAiLOfs, A-kiJ-lus, I and fl'sorz re-lig on dr 

p-»nd. (wid: lu a.*ent. 

Accede, .\k-sr'.l, r. i. tu br adcd tu: tu kompli 
Accelerate, Ak-w^l-er-at. r. /. m ha^n; tu kwikn. 
Accelerated, Ak-s^l-er-a-tcd, p. inkr^t in 

mojon. [kwiknig. 

Acceleration, Ak-scl-er-A-Jon, n. a hofniQ; o 
AccLLERATiVK. Ak-*^l-cr-a-liv, a. inkrr«ig dr 

AccEX.sio.v, Ak-.H'n-Jon, n. At akt ov kindlig. 
Accent, AkVent, «. miKlynlnJon or dc v<t;« in 

!<|>Fkig: a sire' Ufx'>n serlen filablz; a mqrk yil»d 

in rjtig tu din'-kt At sires ov dr vtfs. 
.VciKXT, Ak-sent, r. (. tu not dr aksont. 
.VccENTiAL, Ak-!!«'nt-yii-al, a. rrlntig tu ak!>ent. 
Accentuate, Ak-.ient-yii-al, r. /. lu pin.-" At 

ak-ient on. [ig At ak-xenl. 

Accentcatiox. Ak-.«enf-yi\-A-/on. n. akt ov pla5 
Accept, Ak-sept, r. t. tu tak; tu Tt»ir fdvorabli: 

tu admit. 
.\ccEPTABiLiTY, Ak-»ep-la-bil-i-ti, [ n. drkwol- 
AccErTABLENKiirt, Ak-»<?p-la-bl-noi<, | iti ov bci{i 

AccEiTABLK, Ak-!i*p-t*-bl, A. IjkH tu bc ak»*p«- 

r.l: welkum: fcmtful; plriig. (maa*r. 

Acceptably, Ak-»ep-t«-bli, ad. in an alweptAbl 
Acceptance, Ak-Mip-lan.«. n. rt.«epJon: Bk«-ptii/on; 

( Vim.) At subskqbig or a bii; a bil oulMkribd. 



Acceptation", Ak-sep-ta-Jon, n. akseptans; de 

msnir) ov a wurd. 
Accepter, Ak-sept-er, n, wun hca aksepts. 
Access, Ak'ses, er Ak-ses, n. admijon; apr(&q; ad- 

ijon; menz ov aproq. 
AccESSARiLT, Ak'ses-a-ri-li, ad. aksesorili. 
AcCESS.uiy, Ak'ses-a-ri, a. kontribyntig; adijonal; 

aksesori. [aproqabl. 

Accessibility, Ak-ses-i-bil-i-ti, n. stat ov beiij 
Accessible, Ak-ses-i-bl, a. dathwiq ma bs aproqt. 
Accession, Ak-seJ-on, n. enlqrjment; ogmentajoir, 

akt (IV kumiri tu.; adijon; aproq. [sesori. 

Accessorial, Ak-ses-o-ri-al, a. relatii) tva an ak- 
AccEssoRiLY, Ak'ses-o-ri-li, ad. in &e manor ov 

an aksesori. 
Accessory, Ak'ses-fi)-ri, n. wun hca adz er givz 

k'sntenans tia. krjm:— a. kontribyi^tir) tia a krjm; 

adijonal. [ntidiments ov gramar. 

Accidence, Ak'si-dens, n. a lit! buk kontanir) de 
Accident, Ak'si-dent, ». a properti ov a tir): dat 

hwiq kumz tia pas wid"st beirj forsEn. [enjal. 
Accidental, Ak-si-den-tal, n. a properti non-es- 
AcciDENTAL, Ak-si-den-tal, a. kayqal; hapnii) bj 

qans: or unekspektedli. [ekspektedli. 

Accidentally, Ak-si-den-tal-i, ad. bj qans; un- 
AcciDENTALNESS, Ak-si-den-tal-nes, n. stat ov 

bsig aksidental. 
AcciPiENT, Ak-sip-i-ent, n. wun hcD resEVz. 
Acclaim, A-klam, v. i. tia giv aploz: tva apled. 
Acclaim. A-klam, \ n. a J-st ov praz: 

Acclamation. Ak-la-ma-Jon, j aplez. [praz. 
Acclamatory, A-klam-a-to-ri, a. ekspresii) jar or 
Acclimate. A-klj-mat, or Ak'li-mat, v. t. tu br- 

kiim akiistomd tia de klimat. [klimat. 

Acclimated, A-kli-mat-ed, p. a. irn^rd tu a 
Acclimatize, A-klj-ma-tiz, i'. t. ta ini^r er adapt 

tia a kljmat: tu aklimat. 
Acclivity, A-kliv-i-ti, n. stspnes reknd upwardz: 

az ds asent ov a hil iz de akliviti, de desent iz 

de dekliviti. 
Acclivous, A-klj-vus, a. rizii) wid a slop. 
Accloy, A-klff, V. t. tu fil up; tu kler. [pa.«. 
AccoiL, A-k(Jl. v. t. tu gader intu a naro kiim- 
Accolade, Ak-o-lad, n. a bio; a sersmoni, for- 

merli jn^zd in kreatirj a njt, in hwiq de kig put 

hiz hand r>"nd de njts nek. 
AccOLENT. Ak'o-lent, n. a berderir) nabor. 
Accommodable, A-kom-o-da-bl, a. dat hwiq ma 

be fited. 
Accommodate, A-kom-o-dat, v. t. tia supli wid: 

tu fit: tu adjust; tu serv. [ed. 

Accommodate, A-kom-o-dat, a. sq,t:ibl; f it; adapt- 
Accommodateness, A-kom-o-dat-nes, a. fitnes. 
Accommodating, A-kom-o-dat-ig, /p. a.disp(f)zd 

tia obljj. 
Accommodation, A-kom-o-da-Jon, n. provijon 

ov konvenycnsez: fitnes: adjustment; rekonsilia- 

Accommodation-bill, A-kom-o-da-Jon-bil, n. a 

bil ov eksqanj givn az an akomodajon insted ov 

muni. [akomodats. 

Accommodatoe, A-kom-o-da-tor, n. wun hoa 
Accompanier, A-kdm-pa-ni-er, r,. wun hct)akum- 

Accompaniment, A-kdm-pa-ni-ment, n. dat hwiq 

atendz a tir| or person. [go alog wid. 

Accompany, A-kum-pa-ni, ^'. t. tu jern wid; tu 
Accomplice, A-kom-plis, n. an asojiat, in an il 

sens; an abetor: wun konsernd in krjm. 
Accomplish, A-k6m-pliJ, v. t. tu komplet; tu 

eksekut: tu fulfil: tu obtan; tu adorn erfurnij. 
Accomplishable, A-kom-pliJ-a-bl, a. kapabl ov 

Accomplished, A-kom-pliJt, p. a. finijt: komplet 

in sum kwulifikajon; elegant. [plijez. 

AccOMPLiSHER, A-kom-pliJ-er, n. wun hco akom- 

Accomplishment, A-kom-pliJ-ment, n. komple'* 

Jon; f ul perfermans; ornament ov mjnd er bodi. 
AccoMPT, A-k-snt, n. Se ( Accauiit.} 
Accomptant, A-k'snt-ant, n. a kompnter; a man 

emplffd in ak^snt^s. 
Accord, A-kerd, v. t. and i. tu agre: tu h^rmonjz. 
Accord, A-kerd, n. a kompakt; agrement; yTj,n- 

yon: on akerd; voluntari mojon. 
Accordable, A-kerd-a-bl, a. agreabl; konsonant. 
Accordance, A-kord-ans, n. agrement; konformiti. 
Accordant, A-kerd-ant, a. konsonant; korespond- 

iij; wilig. [maner. 

Accordantly, A-kerd-ant-li, ad. in an akerdant 
AccoRDER, A-kerd-er, ?;-. an asistant; helper; fa- 
vorer, [agreablj. 
Accordingly, A-kerd-ig-li, ad. konsekwentli; 
According to, A-k6rd-ig tu, prep, in akerdans 

wid, [strtnment. 

Accordion, A-kerd-i-on, n. a smel ked wind in- 
Accorporate, A-ker-po-rat, v. t. tu inkerporat. 
Accost, A-k6st, ■?.'. t. tu spek tu; tu adres; salq^t. 
Acccstable, A-kost-a-bl, a. ezi ov akses; fre. 
Accosted, A-kost-ed, p. a. adrest: {Her.) sjd bj 

Accoucheur, A-koD-Jer, n. a fizijan ha> asists 

wLiiien in qjldbert. 
Accouchement, A-kcDj-mon, n. {Fr.) de deliveri 

ov a wuman in qjldbert. 
Account, A-k-snt, n. a kompntajon; estimajon; 

advdntaj; regqrd: narajon: egzaminajon. 
Account, A-k-jnt, v. t. tu estem; rekn; kompi^t. 
Account, A-k'snt, v.i. tu rekn; tu giv an akisnt. 
Accountability, A-k^nt-a-bil-i-ti, n. Ijabiliti ta 

giv akS'nt. 
Accountable, A-k-snt-a-bl, a. Ijabl tu ak-snt; 

Ijabl tu be kold tu akS'nt; responsibl. [biliti. 
AccouNTABLENESS, A-k-sut-a-bl-nes, n. responsi- 
AccouNTANT, A-k'snt-ant, a. ak-5ntabl tu. 
Accountant, A-k-jnt-ant, n. a man emplffd in 

ak-snts. [temd. 

Accounted, A-k-snt-ed, /'. reknd; valyi^d: e8- 
AccouNT-BOOK, A-k^nt-buk, n. a buk kontanig 

ak^ints. [ak-jnts. 

Accounting, A-krnt-ig, «. de akt ov adjustig 
AccouPLE, A-kiip-l, v. t. tu ligk tugeder. 
AccouPLEMENT, A-kup-1-ment, n. ajugkjon. 
Accoutre, A-kdb-ter, v. t. tu dres ; tu ekwip. 
Accoutrements, A-k(6-ter-ments, ji. ekwipaj; 

Accredit, A-kred-it, v. t. tu giv kredit; tu k-sn- 

1 8 nans. [kredit. 

Accreditation, A-kred-i-ta-Jon, n. akt ov givig 
Accredited, A-kred-it-ed, p. a. intrusted; kon- 

fjded in. 
Accrescent, A-kres-ent, a. inkresig; groig. 
Accretion, A-kre-Jon, n. de akt ov groig tu 

Accretive, A-kre-tiv, a. inkresig bj grot. 
Accroach, A-kroq, r. t. tu dro tu wun; tu grjp. 
Accrue, A-krc6, r. i. tu aksed tu; tia be adcd 

tu; tu apend tu; tu ariz az profits; tu folo az 

AccRUMEnt, A-krflb-ment, n. adijon; inkres. 
AccuBATiON, Ak-n,-ba-Jon, n. a rekljnig at melz. 
AccUMB, A-kiimb, v. t. tu rekljn. [kljnig. 

AccuMBENCY, A-kum-bcn-si, n. stat ov beig re- 
Accumbent, A-ktim-bent, a. lenig; rekljnig. 
Accumulate, A-ki'^-mT(,-lat, v. t. tu kep up; tia 

pjl up; tu brig tugeder. 
Accumul.-vte, A-kri-mi^-lat, v. i. tu inkres. 
Accumulation, A-kii,-mq,-la-Jon, n. de akt ov 
aki\mqlatig. [mi^lats. 

Accumulative, A-k^-mq-la-tiv, a. dat aki^- 
AccuMULATOR, A-ki\-mn,-la-tor, n. wim dat akiq,- 
mi|,lats. [kv- 

Accuracy, Ak'yri-ra-si, n. egzaktnes; korektnes; 



AOCCKATK, Ak'yu-rat, a. egzakt; kortfkt; dun 

wid k^r. [eror. 

AcciBATELY, Ak'yu-rat-li, ad. egtaktli; widiit 
AccfRATENtss, Ak'yii-rHt-ue.i, n. cgzuktaw; ak-; u(-li. 
Acci'KSE, A-kiiri, r. t. tu doiin tu laixeri; tu kun>. 
AccL'KSKD, A-kiirst, /«. akdr.'it: (<k.-t'krubl: hatful. 
ACCLSAULK, A-kt'ir-a-lfl, u. liluiiialil: kul]iubl. 
Accusant, A-ki'j-xant, n. wun ha» akiizez. 
Acci'SATio.N, Ak-ii-wi-joii, n. akt ov uki^sig; dat 

ov hwi(; wun iz aktizd: (;(;rj: soiijur. 
AocfHATiVK. A-ki'iz-tt-tiv, n. de fort kasov Latin 

n^nx: oliji-ktiv. [tiv Vbs. 

AcccsATivtLV, A-ki^z-a-tiv-li, ail. az &t akq.Ea- 
AccusAToar, A-kiiz-a-to-ri, a. kontanijj q qqrj; 

hliiiint). [peq. 

AccfSK. A-ki'iz, r. /. tu wnJur: tu q^rj; tu iiu- 
ArtrHKi>, A-kiizJ, /<. qqrjd wid krjm: scnJurd. 
Accu.sKK, A-ki'iz-tT. n. wun hitj hrijiza ijqrj. [iiiqr. 
Acci'STOii. A-kii-i-ioin, r. t. tu habityiint; tu 
ACCL'STMMKD, A-ku.<-tiiin'l, /'. btifl habityi),ated 

bj yq": tnind:— a.yi'i.'jiial: yqzd. 
AccirsTOjiAKiLV, A-kus-tiPiu-u-ri-li, ad. in a kds- 

tomari umrR-r. [tu kuKtoin. 

AccisTOJiAUV, A-ku9-t<ini-a-ri, a. ygsqal: akordiy 
Ace, il^, /*. a yiinit on kqrdz f>rdjs:'uii atum. 
Aceldama. A-sel-da-ma. n. [Ilrh.\ u fcld ov blud. 
ACEriiALAN, A-!<ef-a-lan, n. an animal widvt a 

hrd. IIZ HD «r!iliT. 

ACEPiiALi, A-!<tif-a-lj, n. pi. [Z.] lerelen hd) ak- 

ni)l'-j iiu Ifdor ."niierior. 
AcEPiiALOca, A-sef-a-lus, a. wid'vt a hed: hedlcs. 
ACEPOINT, Us'ixrnt, n. de Rjd ov a d| hwi^ haz 

but wun s|Mit. 
AcERB, A-!<erb. a. osid. wid an adijon ov nifne.«. 
AcERBATK, A-(*r-bat, i'. t. tu mak sur or biter. 
AcEKBiTY, A-*^r-bi-ti, f». sur last; scvcriti ov 

ACEKVATE, A-s^r-vat, r. t. tu hrp up. 
ACERVATION, A!s-cr-va-Jon, m. akt ov hepig tu- 


An itvnsE, A.«'cr-vo?, a. ful ov brps. 
All- 1 ^ T, A-Kv-i-ent, a. tendifl tu siimcs or asid. 
.Vi 1 I sKV, As'e-tu-ri, n. a jiulpi subjtans in fntits. 
Aci-TATE. A.-i'r-tat, n. a nqtral sell fonnd bj de 

a.-M.^tik asiil wid n bad. [a.-jjii. 

AcETATED, As-c-tat-cd, a. kombjnd wid &s«tik 
Acetic. A-set-ik, a. baviy At propertiz ov vinepar. 
AcETiFT, A-»et-i-fj, r. t. tu mak inr; tu B-'idifi. 
AcETiMKTEB. A.-s-t-tim-E-tor, n. an in;«tra>mcnt 

fer u.<(Ttiinii) At .-itreflt uv vinfjpir. 
ACETIMETRV, As-f -tiin-E-tri, n. At qrt ov ascrtan- 

i(1 At strejjt ov vincpjr, or asetik asid. 
Aorrous, A-siE-tu.i, a. pqrjaii a^idifid; STsr. 
Ache, Uk, n. kontinyq<t fun. 
ACUE, Qk, r. I*, tu lie in kontinyqd pan. 
AciiEKOX. Ak'E-riPii. H. At fabld river ov bcl. 
Achievable, A-<jEv-a-bl, a. dat ma be performd. 
ACHiEVANCE, A-qev-anii, n. pcrfurmand; aqev- 

AcniEVit, A-^<v. c. t. tu perform: tu finij a 

deijn prd.<poru.»li: tu gan; tu obtan. 
AcillKVEMENT. A-(;r'v -mcnt. n. a pirformans; an 

ak/"n: a i?mt rk^iilrfl: o fet; a dEd; (//tr.> an 

c^'kru^'in, or fn!<{n qrmorial. purpu.-". 

ACHirvER. A-r,e'v-Lr, n. wun hen akdmplijcz a 
AcHiNti. Uk'io. ". Imd: kontinyqd (lan or distre.t. 
AcHOR. fl'kor, H. II kqtaneu.<i dizt'z on de he<l. 
ACURUMATIC, Ak-ro-raat-ik, a. do-titqt ov kulor; 

noiii) t»>lr''ku|»' hwiij prrvont abcrajon arjzio 

friiui dr varin* kulorz ov Ijf. 
AciiRoMATiriTY, .\k-ru-iiia-tis-i-ti,) n. wont ov 
AciiROMATiflM« .V-kru-ma-tii-m. i kulnr. 
AciCLLAB, Avik-yq-lar, a. in dr form ov nrdlz. 
Acid, AVid, n. a !>ul>.4tanii b} hwii; iktltt qr fermd. 
Acid, As'id, a. mr: /qrp: l^k vinegar. 

Aci Dirt ABLE, A-sid-i-fi-a-bl, a. dat mabr a«idif{d. 
AcMiiKiCATio.v, A-8id-i-fi-k^-/on, It. akt ov aaul 

AciDiKY. A-«iJ-i-fj. V. t. tu konv^rt intu aiid. 
AciDiKiED, A-sid-i-fid, p. mad ajsid; kunv^rlod 

intu a!<id. 
AciDiMETEa. As-id-im-t-ter, n. an inatnumcnt iL'i-rtanig de strcjjt ov a.-«idz. 
Acidity, A-:<id-i-ti, i n. an a!<id tut; rsrnet: 
AciD.VESS, As'id-nen, f Jqrpne!<. 
AciDULE, Avid-yq-le, «. p/. [L.] medicinal 

i^priyz impri'pnatvd wid kqrlx'jnik a^id. 
Acidulate. A-s'id-yq-Iat, r. I. tu tinj wid aoidz. 
AciDL'LOL's, A-sid-yq-lus, a. fumbwot a.«id: gurij. 
Acidulated, A-sid-yq-la-tcd, p. a. tinjd wid an 

a.* id. 
Acinaceous, As-i-nn-Jus, a. ful ov kernclz. 
AciNACiFOBM, As-in-ak-i-form, a. formd l|k u 

!>im£tvr. [p«pe. 

AcixiKOKM, A-sin-i-form, a. bavig de form ov 
Acknowledge, Ak-n61-ej, t. t. tu konfM: tu 

rekoj^tijz: tu tin. 
Acknowledged, Ak-nol-ejd, p. a. ond; beUvd. 
AcKNowLEDGi.NG, Ak-nol-cj-ig, pp. a. konfesij): 

Kratful. [tagkfl. 

Acknowledgment, Ak-nol-cj-mcnt, n. konfejon: 
Acm£, .Vk'niE, II. [(Jr.] At hjest ptfnt: de sumit. 
Acolotuist, A-kol-o-tist.i «. wun ov de .«ubor- 
AcoLYTE, Ak'o-ljt, )" dinat ofii^crz in At 

un/ent qurcj, bin Ijted de lam|« and prej^rd de 

clemonti ov At sukramcnt and atendi-d it bijop. 
Aconite, Ak'u-njt, u. At erh wult* ban: |jerzn. 
A CORN. U'k'irn. n. At sed or fnt>t ov de Qk. 
ACORNKD, a'kornd. a. fumijt wid akomz. 
.VcosMiA, A-koz-mi-a, n. ircj^'qlariti ov dizez. 
AcoTYLEDOX. U-kot-i le-dun, n. a plant hoiz sed 

buz no di-:ti{)kt kotiledonz. 
AcOTVLEDOXOua, U-kot-i-led-o-nus a. baviy no 

kotiledonz or .<jd lobz. 
Acoustic, A-kdw-tik, a. relatiy tu herij). 
Acoustics, A-kite-tiks, h. /*/. de sjens ov stindz. 

teqii) d:ir koz, natyqr, and fenomEna. 
Acquaint, A-kwant, v. t. tu mak familyar; tu 

infi'irni: tu dskl^r. 
AcQUAiNTA.vcE, A kwjint-an-, n. familyar nolej: 

a iierson or per-^onz wid bajuj wun iz akwantcd. 
AcQUAi.NTED, A-kwunt-ed. a. familyar: wel non. 
AcyuEST, A-kwest. n. atiujment: akwizijon. 
AcyuiEscE, Ak-wi-es, r. i. tu rest in: reman sat- 

i.ffjd wid; tu komjilj: tu agre. [kont^nt. 

Acquiescence. .\k-wi-e?-cns, a. kompU.ans: rest: 
Acquiescent. Ak-wi-es-ent, a. ezi; subinitig: dis- 

p6zd tu .<ubmit. 
Acquirable, A-kwjr-a-b!, a. dat ma be akwjrd. 
Acquire, .V-kwir, r. /. tUKan:tu kum tu:tu atan. 
Acquirement. A-kwir-mc'nt. n. atanm>nt: gan. 
.VcQUiRiJi. .V-kwjr-iT. II. wun hoi akwjrz. 
Acquisition. Ak-wi-xi/-on, h. At akt ov ganig: 

AcQUisiTrvE. A-kwiz-i-tiv, a. de dezjr tu jkw{r. 
Acquisitively, A-kwiz-i-tiv-li. ad. bjakwjrment. 
AcQUisiTiVENE-ss, A-kwiz-i-tiv-ncs n. At luv o\ 

akwiriy jimpiTti, or |M>zc/on. 
Acquit. A-kwit, r. t. tu set fre; tu kler from 

qqrj, akqza/i.n, ki.: tu di.<qqrj. [akwiuil. 

Acquitment, A-kwit-mcnt. «. At akt ov akwitip. 
Acquittal, A-kwit-al. n. u dEliverans: dis<jqrj. 
Acquittance, A-kwit-ansi, n. o disijqrj fmra dot. 
.\CQUITTED, .\-kwit-ed. p. set frr: reU'.st fr\>m 

dot, dqti, obliga/on, or Huspijon ov L'il'. 
Acre, U ker, ». a kwontiti ov land > -ti 

riKiz in b'pt and forin bredt.or 4■^ i :i. 

Acrid, Ak'rid, a. ova hot,b{tiQtajt. i.. ■ . . ,...,_,. ..i. 
AcRiMO.MOUs. Ak-ri-m6-ni-u8, a. Jqr}': koro-iiv; 

sever. [net; or bilpmcs. 

AcKLMOXioi'SLT, Ak-ri-mi^-ni-us-li, ad. wid /qrp- 




AcRiMONiousNESS, Ak-ri-m(S-ni-us-nes, ) n. Jqrp- 
ACEIMONY, Ak'ri-nio-ni, J nos; 

korcasivne?; biternes or SEveriti ov temper. 
ACRITUDE, Ak'ri-tii,d, n. an akrid tast. 
ACRITV, Ak'ri-ti, n. Jqrpnes; Egernes. 
AcROMATic, Ak-ro-mat-ik, / a. ahstrdis; per- 

AcEOMATiCAL, Ak-ro-mat-i-kal, ) taniij tixi dep 

AcROMATics, Ak-ro-mat-iks, | n. pi. Aristotlz 
AcROATics, Ak-ro-at-iks, f lektjrq,rz on de 

moi- sutl pqrts ov filosofi. 
AcROATic. Ak-ro-at-ik, a. nhstr&s; akromatik. 
AcROLiTH, Ak'ro-lit, n. a statyi\, hcDz ekstremitiz 

wer ov ston and de uder pqrts ov wud. 

AcRONYCAL, A-kron-i-kal, a. opozit tu de sun, 

or rjzi;) hwen dg sun rjzez, az a stqr; opozd tia 

kozmikal. [kal tjm. 

AcROXyCALLY, A-kron-i-kal-i. ad. at de akroni- 

AcROPOLis, A-krop-cD-lis, n. a sitadel; de sitadel 

ov Afcenz. [sedz. 

AcROSPiRE, Ak'ra-spir, n, a JcBt from ds end ov 

Across, A-kr6s, ad. atwort: over; kroswjz. 

Acrostic, A-kr6s-tik, n. a pcaom in hwiq de ferst 

leterz ov dg Ijnz mak up de nam ov a person. 
ACROSTiCAL, A-kros-ti-kal, a. relatiij tu akrostiks. 
AcROSTiCALLY, A-kroi-ti-kal-i, ad. in de maner 

ov an akrostik. 
ACROTERILM, Ak-ro-te-ri-um, n. [£,] a smel ped- 
estal or terminatii) member. 
Act, Akt, v. i. tm kondukt er bshav. 
Act, Akt. r. t. tu perform; tu fan; tu imitat; tia 

put in mojon. 
Act, Akt, n. a ded; eksplfft; deki-e: divigon ov a 
pla: a dskre ov a kort: a statyqt. [haviij. 

Acting, Akt'ii), n. akjon; akt ov perfermiij: be- 
ACTION, Ak'Jon, 7i. a tig dun; ded; batl; sqt at lo; 
jtstyqr: eksersjz; operajon. [in le. 

Actionable, Ak'Jon-a-bl, a. dat admits an akJon 
Actionably, Ak'Jon-a-bli, ad. bj a proses ov lo. 
Actionary, Ak'Jon-a-ri, (^ n. wun dat haz a Jqr 
ACTIONIST, Ak'Jon-ist, j in akjonz er stoks. 
Active, Ak'tiv, a. dat akts; opozd tia pasiv; 

transitiv; bizi: nimbi; ajil; kwik. 
Actively, Ak'tiv-li, ad. in an aktiv manor; biz- 

ili; nimbli; livli. 
AcTiVENESS, Ak'tiv-nes,) n. de stat or kwoliti ov 
Activity, Ak-tiv-i-ti, j beii] aktiv; nimblnes. 
Actor. Ak'tor, n. wun b* akts: a staj plaer. 
Actress, Ak'tres, v. a femal h* akts er plaz. 
Actual, Akt'yi|-al, a. reali in akt; pozitiv; real; 
cfektiv; serten. [iij aktyqal. 

Actuality, Akt-yn,-al-i-ti, n. realiti; stat ov be- 
Actually, Akt'yq-al-i, ad. in akt; reali; pozitivli; 
trttjli. [i:r) aktyqal. 

AcTUALNESS, Akt'yii,-al-nes, n. de kwoliti ov be- 
ACTUARY, Akt'yq-a-ri, n. a rejister; a klerk ov a 

Actuate, Akt'yq-at, v. t. tu put intu akJon. 
Actuate. Akt'yq-at, a. piat intu akJon: aktyq,ateJ. 
Acuate, Ak'yq-at, v. t. tu Jqrpn: tu pffnt. 
AcuiTiON, Ak-yq-iJ-on, n. de akt ov Jqrpniii. 
Aculeate, A-kq-le-at, a. baviij a ptrnt: yjrikli. 
Acumen, A-kq-men, n. [Z.] a Jqrp pernt; tig- 

yqrativli: kwiknes ov persepjon; dizernraent. 
Acuminate, A-kq-mi-nat, a. Jqrp pmited. 
Acuminate, A-kq-mi-nat, v. i. tu rjz Ijk a kon. 
Acuminate, A-kq-mi-nat, v. t. tu hwet or Jqrpn. 
Acumination, A-kq-mi-na-Jon, n. a Jqrpnij); ter- 

minajon in a Jqrp pernt. 
Acupuncture, U!-kii^-pui)kt-yqr, n. a metod ov 

blediij bj smol puijktyqrz. 
Acute, A-kqt, a. Jqrp: not blunt er obti|s; in- 
jenyus; p^^nctratii). A/i aJciH dizfz terminats Jort- 
li; opozd tu kronikal. Ai^lt alsent iz dat hwiq 
razez de vers. 
Acutely, A-kqt-li, ad. Jqrpli; Jr(X)dli; kenli. 

AcuTENESS, A-ki\,t-nes, n. Jqrpnes; stat ov bcii) 
Adage, Ad'aj, n. a maksim; a proverb. [ak4t. 
Adagio, A-d4-ji-o, n. [It.] a slo tjm; ad. sloli. 
Adamant, Ad'a-mant, n. a veri hqrd ston; a dia- 
Adamantean, Ad-a-man-te-an, a. ekstremli hqrd. 
Adamantine, Ad-a-man-tin, a. mad ov adamant: 

hqrd. [etik. 

Adamite, Ad'am-it, n. de nam ov an anjent h^r- 
Adam's-apple, Ad-amz-ap-1, n. de i^rominent pqi-t 

ov de trot. [tu aplj. 

Adapt, A-dapt, v. I. tu sq,t; tu mak fit; tu adjust; 
Adaptability, A-dap-ta-bil-i-ti, n. kapabiliti ov 

Adaptable, A-dap-ta-bl, a. dat ma be adapted. 
Adaptation, Ad-ap-ta-Jon, ;i. de akt ov fitig er 

Ad arbitrium. Ad qr-bit-ri-um, [Z.l at plegqr. 
Ad captandum, Ad kap-tan-dum, [Z.] tu kapti- 

vat de vulgar. [egment. 

Add, Ad, v. t. tu jern er put tu; tu inkres; tu 
Addecimate, A-des-i-mat, v. t. tva tak tjdz; tu 

Addendum, A-den-dum, ». [Z.] pi. A-den-da, 

sumtiij aded or tia be aded; an apendiks. 
Adder, Ad'er, n. a venomus serpent; a vjper. 
Adder's-grass, Ad'erz-gras, n. a plant hcBz sedz 

qr prodqst on spiks rezemblir) an aderz turj. 
Adder's-wort, Ad'erz-wurt, n. snak wed. [ed. 
Addibility, Ad-i-bil-i-ti, n. posibiliti ov beig ad- 
Addible, Ad'i-bl, a. dat ma be aded. [aplj. 

Addict, A-dikt, v. t. tu devot; tu dedikat; tu 
Addicted, A-dikt-ed, p. givn tu; devoted; fond. 
Addictedness, A-dikt-ed-ncs, ; i x i 
Addiction, A-dik-Jon, i "• ^Bvotednes. 

Adding, Ad'ir),/)/). jernir); putiij tugeder. 
Additament, A-dit-a-ment, «. adijon; de tigaded. 
Addition, Ad-iJ-on, n. akt ov adiij; de tiij aded: 

a r(t)l for adii) numberz tiageder; de tjtl anekst 

tu a manz nam. 
Additional, Ad-iJ-on-al, a. dat iz er ma be aded. 
Additionally, Ad-iJ-on-al-i, ad. bj wa ov adijon. 
Additory, Ad'i-to-ri. a. haviij de p-jer ov adip. 
Addle, Ad'l, a. bad; baren; unfrcotful; orijinali 

aplid tu suq cgz az prodqs nutig. 
Addle-headed, Ad-1-heded, / a. ov wek intel- 
Addle-pated, Ad-1-pat-ed, f ekt; frolij. 
Addorse, A-ders, v. t. (Z^r.) tia plas bak tu bak. 
Address, A-dres, v. t. tu spek er ajWj tU; tu 

pra; tu direkt; tu prepqr; tu kort. 
Address, A-dres, n. aplikajon; petijon; kortjip; 

skil; deksteriti; an orajon; speq; direkjon ov a 

leter; de nam, tjtl, &s., ov a person. 
Addresser, A-dres-er, n. wun hO) adresez. 
Adduce, A-dqs, v. t. tia brii) forward; tia al^. 
Adduced, A-dqst, /). bret forward; alejd in Ar- 
Adducent, A-dq-sent, a. dreii) tugeder. [ward. 
Adducible, A-dq-si-bl, a. dat ma be brot fer- 
Adduction, A-diik-Jon, n. de akt ov adqsii). 
Adductive, A-diik-tiv, a. dat brir|z d-gn. 
Adelantado, Ad-£-lan-tq-do, n. (*§).) an of iser 

in Span. 
Adeling, Ad'g-liij, n. a tjtl ov onor givn tu sr 
Sakson ansestorz, properli apljd tu qildren ov 

prinsez and yui) noblz. [Jon. 

Ademption, A-dem-Jon, n. a takii) awa; prjva- 
Adenography, Ad-en-6g-ra-fi, ) ».'a tretiz on At 
Adenology, Ad-en-61-o-ji, f glandz: dqr nat- 

y\\T and yqsez. 
Adenotomy, Ad-en-6t-o-mi, n. a kutii) or in- 

si^on ov a gland. 
Adept, A-dept, n. wun wel verst^n cni qrt. 
Adept. A-dept, a. skilful; turoli verst. [fijent. 
Adequacy, Ad'e-kwa-si, /). de kwoliti ovbeipsu- 
Adequate, Ad'e-kwat, a. ekwal tu; proporjonat. 



kun^Utig ov fat; fat. 

AoKQUATELT, Ad'c-kwnt-li, ad. in proporjon; 

AoKyiATENKSS, Ail'E-kwat-ne«, n. stat ov btij) 

Adiquation, Ad-e-kwd-Jon, ». &(lt-kwatno«. 
Ad EfXDKJi, Ad r-dn-dcm, [L.\ tu At cam. 
Adiiuii:, Ad-hi'r, v. %. tia Htik tu; tu reman 
AoiitiiKNCE, Ad-htr-eiw, j n. At kwoliii ov ad- 
AuiiuiENCY, Ad-he'r-en-si, j hcrij); ati<;meDt; 

trnu.''iti; fidoliti. 
AuiiEKKNT, Ad-hrr-cnt, a. stikig tu; y^nitod wid. 
Adiiluknt, Ad-her-cnt.( n. wun ha» adhere; u 
AmiEiitR, Acl-hi'r-or, f f61ocr. [manor. 

Adiikiikntlv, Ail-hi'r-ont-li, lui. in an adhrrunt 
Adjiksiov, Ad-hc-jiiM, n. akt or mat ov stikig er 

aillu-riu tu cumtio; adherens. 
ADiitsivi:, Ad-hi'-siv, .•». .■'tikifl; trnajui". [er. 

Adhesively, Ad-hi'-.^iv-li, ad. in an u<JhFsiv man- 
.KDIIESIVEXE88, Ad-he-.-iiv-no.-*, H. ten:i.-<iti: viskos- 

iti; ( /'hrfii.) a pru)I>cnsiti tu form ataf;inent;<. 
.Vdiiibit, .\d'hib-it, r. t. tu aplj: tu mak viisov. 
Adiiihition, Ad-hi-liiJ-on, n. a]>likaj<in. 
Ad iioMiNEii, Ad h<'»in-i-nem, ( /-. » tu Ac man. 
Aduoktatiox, .\d-hor-ta-Jon, n. advj,-'. 
Adiioutatouy, Ad-hi5rt-a-to-ri, a. kontaniflkirn- 

spI or W'>rni\). [ent. 

.\DiAPHOBOfs, ,\d-i-.if-o-ru8, a. ni\tnil: indifcr- 
Adiapiiorv. Ad-i-:if-o-ri, h. mitniliti: indifiTon-. 
Adieu. A-di'i. m. iXrwel: i komond vjj tu (JimI. 
.\d INKI.MTI'M. Ad in-fi-uj-tum, i Z.) tu ondloM 

ckst<'iit. Iinkw[ri. 

Ad ixyiiREXDfM, Ad in-kwi-r<*n-dum, i Z. ) for 
Ad iNTEniM. .Vd in-t'-r-iin, (/..^ in de mrnliwil. 
Adipocere, Ail-i-pti-str, n. an (Tli or wuksi sub- 

Ktan-i fornvl bj Ac dtkomixDzi/on ov animal bodiz 

in niTst pia'cz. 
Adipose, .Vd'i-pos 
.Vdipois, Ad'i-pu.«, 
Adit. Ad'it, u. a pasaj for wotcr under gr'%nd. 
Adjacency, .\d-jn-son-.>'i, u. stat ov Ijip klos tu. 
Adjacent, Ad-jii-sent, .-i. Ijip klo^* tu: borderiu 

uix'in:- /I. diit hwiq Ijj; nokst andder. 
Adject. Ad-jokt. r. t. tu ad tu. faded. 

Adjectiox, Ad-jck-Jon, n. Ae akt ov adig: Ac tifl 
Adjectitioi'S, Ad-jok-tiJ-u.", a. adijonal. 
Adjective, Ad'jek-tiv, h. q wurd adi'd tud n>n 

tu dr-krjb it, or ckspres sum kwoliti, ar gud, 

bad. As. 
ADJECfriVELY, Ad'j<"k-tiv-li, ,vf. in Ac manor ov an 

Adjoin, Ad-je^rn, r. i. tu be kontigynus tu. 
Adjoin, Ad-j«rn, r. t. tu jern tu: tu yt|,njt or 

put tu. 
Adjoining. Ad-j<*n-ip, a. klos tu; kontigyrius. 
Adjourn, Ad-jum, r. t. tu put of tu andder da; 

tu postpun: txa pror6g; tu defer. 
Adjocrnment, Ad-jdm-ment, n. akt ov adjdm- 

ij): delii; intormijon. [tu dekr£. 

Adjudge, Ad-jdj, r. t. tu juj: tu pas sentons; 
Adjudgment, .Xd-jdj-ment, n. aktovjiijiy. 
Adjudicate, Ad-ji\,-di-knt, r. (. tu det^rmin 

b| lo. [or sonton--. 

Adjudicatiom, Ad-Jn,-di-ka-Jon, n. jix<lijal trial 
Adjunct, Ad'juj)kt, «. a person or tip jffnd tu 

andder: a. adcd tu: yunjted wid. [j<»nd. 

Adjunction. Ai|-jd\)k-J<«u, n. akt ov jirnij): tiji 
Adjunctive, A 1 jdpk-tiv, n. dat bwit"; \t. jtrn.l: 

a. havio At kwoliti ..v jirnin. [tiv miner. 

Adjunctivei-Y, Ad-jdpk-fiv-li, ad. inana^ljduk- 
.\DJURATiON, Ad jn ni-J..n, n. Ac akt ov <jqrji{) 

aniider soleinli bj wunl or of; At form ov q\. 
Adjure. Ad-ji\r, r. t. tu impui »n at updn an- 
dder; tu (jqrj solemli or emeslli. 
.Vdjurfr, Ad-ji'ir-cr, n. wun hm adji'ira: wun dat 

epr.'ikt.'' on oK 
Adjust, .Vd-jdst, r. /. tu fit; tu adipt; ta setl. 

I.Vdji.ster, Ad-jdtt-er, II. wun h<i» plosex in dq 

I Adjusting, Arl-jdst-io, i n. a regyt^lajon; a 

! Adjuhtment, Ad-jdi)i-mcDt,|i sotif^ in order; 

dispozijon; Kotlment. 
Adjutage, Ad'j^-tuj, / n. a tqb fit«d tu At mirt 
Ajutage, Aj'^i^-tuj, ( ov a vesel, tni> hwiq wa- 
ter iz plad in a f'sntcn. [ji^tant. 
Adjutancy, Ad'jii-tan-»i, n. dr ofii ov an ad- 
Adjutant, Ad'jii-tant, n. a mililari ofisiT hiD adz 

in Ac ek:<£kiiJon ov orderz. [muter 

Adjutor, Ad-ji'i-ior, n. a helper; acii<taiit; prcT 
Adjuvant, Ad'ju-vant, a. helpful: yniiful. 
Adjuvant, Ad'jti-vant, n. an asiiiiaut; a helper. 
Ad libitum. Ad libitum, ad. [L.\ at plejt^r; at 

diskre/on. [Jonz; tu a|KjrJon. 

Admeasure, Ad-mei{-iy, r. t. tu tak de dimen- 
Admeasuuement. Ad-m<^-iir-ment, n. takig ov 

dimenjonz. [mejun. 

Admeasukek, Ad-mo;^-n,-rer, w. wun dat ad- 
Admensuratio.n, Ad-men-Jn-ra-/oD, n. At akt 

iiv ino;^qrifl. 
Adminicular, Ad-mi-nik-yn,-lur, a. 8upl|ig help. 
Administer, Ad-min-is-ter, e. <. tu giv; tu kon- 

dt'is; tu ijuplj; tu ekdeki),t; tu disp^iu; tu sctl 

an estAt. [istrat<>r. 

-Vdminister, Ad-min-is-ter, r. /. tu akt az admin- 
Administerial, Ad-inin-is-te-ri-al, a. iJortaDio 

tu dr eifzekyntiv [>qrt ov guvemment. 
Administraule, Ad-min-is-tra-bl, a. kapabl ov 

Admimstratio.v, .Vd-min-is-trA-Jon, n. akt ov 

adininistorin; dc egzekyntiv fxjrt ov puvem- 

ment: disftensajon: At mannjmcut ov rte estat 

ov an intestat person; dc piser orofis ov admin- 

istra/on. [mini:!terz. 

Administrative, Ad-min-is-tra-tiv, a. dat ad- 
Administrator, Ad-min-is-tra-tor, n. a man dat 

manajez an intestat cstut. 
Administrator-ship, Ad-min-is-tra-tor-Jip, n. At 

ofis ov adiniiiistnitor. [administerz. 

Administratri-X, Ad-min-is-tra-triks, n. Je ha> 
Admirability, Ad-mi-ra-bil-i-ti, n. kwoliti ov 

be in :i<lniinibl. 
Admirable. Ad'mi-ra-bl, a. wurdi ov beio ad- 

lujrd; wunilerful; eksclent; vcri superior. 
AuMiRABLENE-ss, Ad'mi-ra-bl-nes, n. stat ov bcij) 

adinirnbl. [maner: wunderful. 

Admirably. Ad'mi-ra-bli, aj. in an admirabl 
Admiral, Ad'mi-ral, n. At principal ofi«er ov a 

flet. [admiral. 

Admiralship, Ad'mi-rat-Jip, n. de ofis ov an 
Admiralty, Ad'mi-ral-ti, n. «i|^prem naval ofis 

or kurt; de of is ov I>ord M[ Admiral. 
Admiration, Ad-mi-ni-Jon, n. akt ov ndmiri{): 

wunder; est«m. [luv. 

Admire, Ad-mjr, r. t. tu rego^rd wid wander or 
Admire, Ad-mjr, r. i. tu fel admira/on; tu wun- 
Admirer, Ad-mir-er, ii. wun dat admirz: a luver. 
Admiringly. Ad-mjr-ifl-Ii, ad. wid admira/on. 
Admissibility, Ad-mis-i-bil-i-ti, n. At kwoliti ov 

beij) adinisibl. 
Admi.ssible. Ad-mis-i-bl, a. dat ma be admit<vl. 
Admissibly, Ad-rais-i-bli, ad. in an admisill 

Admission, Ad-miJ-on, n. akt ov admitig; admit - 

iins; aNans ov an <\rgiiment. 
.\dmit, A<l-mit, r. t. tu Bufer tu enter: tu aK 

an qri^jment or pozijon; tu rrs^v; tu grunt. 
Admittance, Ad-mit-an<i, n. ukt ov admltip: 

Admitted, Ad-mit-ed, p. aliid: granted: let in. 
Admitter. Ad-init-er, o. wun hit> ailmiLs. 
Admittible, Ad-mit-i-bl, .1. admisibl. 
Admix, Ad-mikis r. t. tu miggl wid; tu miki. 




Admixtion, Ad-mikst-yon, ». a miijglii). 
Admixture, Ad-mikst-yT\,r, n. de substang ov 

bodiz miijgld: mikstyn,r. [tu advjz. 

Admonish, Ad-mon-iJ, v. i. tia wern; tia reprct>v: 
Admonisher, Ad-mou-iJ-er, n. wun hco admonijez. 
Admonishment, Ad-mon-iJ-ment, n. admonijon. 
Admonition, Ad-mo-niJ-on, n. akt ov admonijig: 

hint ov a felt er di^ti: jentl reprAf. tvjzer. 

Admomtioner, Ad-mo-niJ-on-er, n. a jeneral ad- 
Admonitive, Ad-mon-i-tiv, a. dat admonijez. 
Apmonitor, Ad-mon-i-tor, n. wun hcD admonijez. 
Admonitory, Ad-mon-i-to-ri, a. dat admonijez; 

Admortization, Ad-mer-ti-za-Jon, «. redq,sii) 

landz or tenements tia mertman. 
Adnascent, Ad-nas-ent, i_ a. groir) upon sumtir) 
Adnate, Ad'nat, f els. 

Adnoun, Ad'n'sn, n. an adjektiv. [ski\rd. 

Adnubilated, Ad-nq-bi-la-ted, a. kl-sded; ob- 
Ado, A-dif>, ». trubl; difikulti: busl: tumult. 
Adobe, A-do-be, n. unbdrnt brik. 
Adolescence, Ad-o-les-ens, i n. de aj betwen 
Adolescenct, Ad-o-les-en-si, j qjldhud and 

Adolescent, Ad-o-les-ent, a. groii): yOitfial. 
Adonis, A-d6-nis, n. a smel gold kulerd fij; a 

Adopt, A-d6pt, r. t. tu tak az a sun er deter de 

qild ov aniider: tu rssev az wunz on. [adopjon. 
Adoptedlt, A-dopt-ed-li, ad. in de maner ov 
Adopter, A-dopt-er, n. yrun hd) adopts. 
Adoption, A-dop-Jon, n. akt ov adoptiij: afiliajon. 
Adoptive, A-dop-tiv, a. dat adopts, er iz adopted. 
Adorable, A-dor-a-bl, a, wurdi ov adorajon; di- 

vjn. [adorajon. 

Adorableness, A-dor-a-bl-nes, n. wurdines ov 
Adorably, A-d6r-a-bli, ad. in an adorabl maner. 
Adoration, Ad-o-ra-Jon, n. divjn wurjip; homaj. 
Adore, A -dor, v. t. tii wurjip wid eksternal 

homaj: tu reverens: tu onor: tu luv intensli. 
Adorer, A-dor-er, n. a wurjiper: a luver. [belij. 
Adorn, A-dern, v. t. tu dres: tu dekorat; tu em- 
A CORNING, A-doru-ii), \ n. ornament; embel- 

Adornment, A-dern-ment, ) ijment. 
Adosculation, Ad-os-kn,-ia-Jon, n. de impregna- 

Jou ov plants bi de farina felii] on de pistil; a 

spejez ov biulii). 
Adown, A-d-sn, preji. ad. d-sn toard de gr-snd; 

d'sn on de griind. 
Adread, A-dred, ad. in a stat ov fer. 
Adriatic, S-dri-at-ik. n. de Venejan gulf. 
Adrift, A-drift, ad. flotii) at random. [er. 

Adroit, A-drfft, a. deksterus; aktiv; skilful; klev- 
Adroitly, A-drtft-li, ad. in an adrd-t maner: 

dekstorusli. [skil; aktiviti. 

Adroitness, A-dr^t-nes, n. deksteriti; redines; 
Adry, A-drj, a. tersti: in wont ov driijk: aterst. 
Adscititious, Ad'-si-tiJ-us, a. adijonal; borod; 

not rekwizit. 
Adsteiction, Ad-strik-Jon, n. bindig fast. [ses. 
Adulation. Ad-yi]^-la-Jon, n. flateri; praz in ek- 
Adulator, Ad'yi^ -la-tor, n. a flaterer; a parasjt. 
Adulatory, Ad'yq-la-to-ri, a. flateriij: ful ov 

kompliments. [wun ov ful aj. 

Adult, A-diilt, a. gi-on up: — n. a person gron up; 
Adulterant, A-ddl-ter-ant, n. dat hwiq adul- 

terats. [debas. 

Adulterate, A-ddl-ter-at, v. t. tu korapt; tu 
Adulterate, A-ddl-ter-at, r.i. tu komitadulteri. 
Adulterate, A-ddl-ter-at, a. kordpted; poln,ted; 

debast. [terat maner. 

Adulteratelt, A-ddl-ter-at-li, ad. in an adul- 
Adulterateness, A-ddl-ter-at-nes, n. stat ov 

beii] adulterat. 
Adulteration, A-dul-ter-a-Jon, n. de akt ov 


Adulterer, A-ddl-ter-er, n. a person gilti ov 

adulteri. [its adulteri. 

Adulteress, A-ddl-ter-es, n. a wuman dat kom- 
Adulterine, A-ddl-ter-jn, n. a qjld bern ov an 

adulieres; — a. spvirius; adulterus.' [spt^rius. 

Adulterous, A-ddl-ter-us, a. gilti ov adulteri; 
Adulteey^, A-ddl-ter-i, n. vjolajon ov de marij 

Adultness, A-ddlt-nes, n. stat ov beij an addlt. 
Adumbrant, Ad-dm-brant, a. givij a sljt rezem- 

Adumbrate, Ad-dm-brat, v. t. tu Jado "st fantli. 
Adumbration, Ad-um-bra-Jon, n. a Jado; a fant 

rezemblans. [ov a huk. 

Aduncity, A-ddn-si-ti, n. krukednes; de farm 

Aduncous, A-ddn-kus, ) , , , , ,, . 

Adunque, A-ddijk, [ ^- ^"^^^^^ ^'^^^- 
Adust, A-ddst, | x. ^ i * i. ^ 

Adust^d, A-ddst-ed, [ ^- ^^™* "P^ ^^^^^Q*' ^o*- 
Adustion, A-ddst-yon, «. akt ov burnii) up er 

Ad valorem. Ad va-16-rem, [Z.] akerdii) tu val- 

Advance, Ad-vdns, v. t. tu briij forward; tu pro- 
mot; tu imprdov and mak beter; tu ofer er pro- 
p6z; tu suplj on kredit. [sed. 

Advance, Ad-vdns, v. i. tu go forward: tu pro- 

Advance, Ad-vdns, «. progrejon; promojon; 
profit: ferst ofer er hint; pament beforhand. 

Advanced, Ad-vdnst, p. preferd; imprifivd; mcavd 
forward: old. 

Advancement, Ad-vdns-ment, n. akt ov advdna- 
i}): progres; imprODvment; preferment; promojon. 

Advancer, Ad-vdn-ser, n. wun bcD advdnsez. 

Advantage, Ad-vdn-taj, n. sq^pcrioriti; favorabl 
serkumstansez; konvenyens; benefit; gan; profit. 

Advantage, Ad-vdn-taj, v. t. tu benefit; tu 
promot. [dat givz advdntaj. 

Advantage-ground, Ad-vdn-taj -gr'snd, n. gr'snd 

Advantageous, Ad-van-ta-jus, a. afordig advdn- 
taj; benefijal: profitabl: yi],sful. 

Advantageously, Ad-van-ta-jus-li, ad. profita- 
bli: ytisfuli. [itablnes. 

Advantageousness, Ad-van-ta-jus-nes, n. prof- 

Advent, Ad'vent, n. a kumii); ajM'cJpHath, de 
kumii) ov -sr Savyor; a sezn ov devojon, in- 
kli|dii) de for weks befor Krismas. [natyTi,ral. 

Adventitious, Ad-ven-tiJ-us, a. aksidental; not 

Adventitiously, Ad-ven-tiJ-us-li, ad. aksiden- 
tali. [advent. 

Adventual, Ad-vent-yq-al, a. relatig tu de 

Adventure, Ad-vent-yq,r, n. aksident: Qans; en- 
terprjz: a sum er tiij sent tu se. [dq,r. 

Adventure, Ad-vent-yr^r, v. i. tu trj de qans; tu 

Adventure, Ad-vent-yTj,r, v. t. tu risk; tu haz- 
ard: tu ventynr. [ardz er trjz. 

Adventurer, Ad-vent-yn,-rer, n. wun dat haz- 

Adventuresome, Ad-vent-yn,r-sum, / a. hazard- 

Adventurous, Ad-vent-yii-rus, j us; d^r- 
iTf, enterprizifl. [d^rigli. 

Adventurously, Ad-vent-yri-rus-li, ad, boldli; 

Adventurousness, Ad-vent-yq,-rus-nes, n, d^r- 
i;)nes: boldnes. 

Adverb, Ad'verb, n. a. wurd jernd tu a verb, ad- 
jektiv, er uder adverb, tu modifj its sens er yris. 

Adverbial, Ad-ver-bi-al, a. pertanii) tu an adverb. 

Adverbially, Ad-ver-bi-al-i, ad. in an adverbial 
maner. [plas buk. 

Advers.ujia, Ad-ver-sa-ri-d, «. [L.] a komon- 

Adversary, Ad'ver-sa-ri, n. an oponent; antag- 

Adversary, Ad'ver-sa-ri, a. dpozit tu; advers. 

Adversative, Ad-ver-sa-tiv, a. denotig opozijon 
er varjeti. 

Adverse, Ad'vers, a. kontrari; kalamitus. [opozit. 

Adversely, Adv^rs-li, ad. opozitli; unf6rtyq,natli; 

Adverseness, Ad'vers-nes, ji. opozijon; adversiti. 



AOTMMMtTtt Ad-T^r-«i-ti, m. aflikjuu; lulaiaiti; 

mUf.trtynn. [rtgi^nl. 

Ad VEST, Ad-vvrt, r. t. tu turn ur al^od tu; tu 
AvYKM,rK.svK, AJ-vvrt-«iu, / ». aki uv adv«rti{). 
Al)VU(Ti.xcir, A(l-vyrt-eD-<i, I brJ;rcgi|nl;aUfu- 

/uii tu. 
Al>VfcKTi..NT, All v.-rt-unt, S. attjutiv; hrdful. 
Ativiuuibt:, Ail-vcr-ii<, r. t. tu iufiirui: tu |^v 

pubhk UljIi-: tu |<uiili/. 
ADTUITliitlMKNT, Ad-Vyr-til-metJt, e/T Ad-\or-lif - 

mont, H. ii)t«;lijeu.i; ialumm/un; adiuuni/uii; pub- 

lik iiciti*. [foruui/iin. 

Au%'t.uiiMt.iL, Ad-vor-tjt-cT, M. wun bOi xivt in- 
ADVtKTisi.NO, Ad-ver-tji-ig, pp. a. givig iiuli.«: 

ADricc, Ad-vi^, N. kinMl; infltrukjon; intvlijenK. 
Aovicit-boAT, Ad-vJA-bot, n. a vomI briuig in- 

Advihable, Ad-TJi-a-bl, a. pra>dcnt; fit; proper. 
Ai>vi8ABLi..NKt:ii, Ad-v{x-u-bl-u(ui. N. fitnct: uut- 

iif; pru|.ri U: (.•ks|)^ 
Advise, Ad-«^<, r. t. tu k'xniicUtu iuf<'>nn. 
AuvitiK. Ad-vji, r. •'. tu kun-'dlt: tu drlibemt. 
AitviMtuLT. Ad-vji-ed-H, aJ. delihenitii: hcdfuli. 

.' : ^ Ad-vjz-tHl-nc!<, II. dclibiTuJdii. 

1. Ad-vji-uieiit, II. kMi.'«cl:ki<J>>ii:ii<lTJ!<. 
\ V i vji-or, M. wun bibadviz«.'z;u k^tusc-lur., Ad-Vtz-i{), II. kvu^el; ildvJK. 

Advisorv, Ad-v|ztj-ri, a. kuniunio adv{«. 
Advocacy, Ad'vu-ku-«t, n. mkt uv plcdig; viudi- 


Apvotate, Ad'vo-kiit, n. wun bib pledi for an- 

itcr.Mi-^or: u dt-ft'iuler. [advukat. 

iir, Ad'vu-kiit-Jip, II. de ofU ov un 

N, Ad-vu-ku-J'in, H. akt ov |iledi(j: 

dtleu;.. [vlzuli. 

Advowee, Ad-vv-c, n. wun boi has de rjt uv ad- 
Advowso.v, Ad-v»-xi)u, n. df patron^j uv u ^ur^: 

a rjt tu prrzent tu a bentfiK. 
Advti'M, A-dj-tum, II. \^/..\ de intcriuruva tempi. 
ADZt:, Adz, II. II \i\iU\) |urn totil. 
J:iDiLE, T'djl, II. uD I'UsvT in an/ent Ilom ba> had 

dr U^r ov iiublik bildi{|Z. [nor ov dt j. 

.l-!(iiLol>8, iji-liipri, II. a liimiir or ab^es in At ki>r- 
.Kiil.s, t''ji.<, II. I^Z.j a Jf Id; uu uL^ur. [ffntiuent. 
.KuvrriAciM. i: jip-li-a-kum. u. [Z.] a kjiMl ov 
.KoLiAS-li.\RP, r-u-li-HD-linrp. II. u litriyd iii.itnii- 

iiK'tit uv uii^zik akted uin'm b{ de wind. 
-KoLic, r-6lik, a. bel<'>oi{] tu t'ulia. 
.Vekial. C-e-ri-nl, a. bclooig tu dear; hj; lufti. 
.\e£1e, t^"'ri, er £l'e-ri, n. a ne.<t or bnind ov hoks 

or fglz. [rez4)nibli{) ^r. 

Alrifobii. Q'e-ri-fonn, a. baviQ de furui uv .-(r; 
.\i.Hu(;uAriiT, fl-e-r6g-ra-fi, ». a dt.-^kripjun uv 

■ It qr. 
AtuonTE, U't-ro-lit, n. a meteorik i»t4in. 
AEKOLoar, {I-c-r61-o-ji, n. de ."jcns ov de ur. 
A>:RniiANcr, Q'e-ro-auui-vi, «. u divinajnn bj de 

ir. ^waiu Hr. 

AEROiiKTUi, a-c-rom-e-tfr. n. an in-xtrutinjenl {•>r 
Aerohiteic, a-e-ro-met-rik, a. rclalii) tu «e- 

r mitri. l^ifl de nr. 

A11.0MKTRT, Q-e-r6m-r-tri, n. At (^rt ov m^r- 
AinnNACT. Q'r-ro-no(, n. wun bu salt tr* de ur. 
Akbu.nawtic, a-t-rw-nwt-ik, *. rtlatio tu ntr^- 

n'ltikji. ^^ [«ilij) in de h''- 

^'" " ' . n. pi. Ac qrt ov 

111, n. dc pniktis ov 

' I'lifcr, bj uuui uv u 

A 1 K ■-. OPT, a-r-r6!i-k«j-pi, n. obierrajon ov it v. 

.\,, ,,.ri. 51 , , . . ., iif^ . ^^ »U5p^ndiy 

it-i-kal, i in de ^r. 
^ ' >k!«, n. ;>/. de aJPDJi bwi«; 

u ij' ,• i:r Hilt ..\ i">lii tupurtcd in ^r. [de ^r. 
Azxostatiox, Q-c-rM-ta-jun, n. it jjcni or waig 

.l^Ktoixous, 8-nib-jui-iM, a. partakig or 

.£rruETic«, E«-Mt-tka, ». dc »\i»Ba hwi^ tnU or 

At biiiiful in natyqr and qrt. 
.tinTUkiic, Kii-t«l-ik, M. pcrtaaiQ tu dc penep/00 

uv de bt^tiful. 
AfAa, A-fi^r, ad. 01 •. iu^lli. 
ArEAHii, A frrd,*a. : fer. 
ArrABiuTT, Af-a-Lw . .., ... u ov bcio 

atttbl. itu kunvt-n: afabiliu. 

AvrABLE.VEM, Ara-bl-nex, n. •iviliti: a rcdinea 
Ai^KABLV. Al'a-bli, aJ. iii a iiiir; »ivili. 

Akkabroi'h. Af'a-bro!*, a. 1. 

Akkaiu, A-fiir, n. u bizn> - i.M-ru. 

Affect, A-ft5kt, r. t. tu uki ujjtiu, lu uki>v dc 

pa/unz; tu am at; tu mak a (u uv. 
AyKECTATio.v, Af-ek-ta-Jon, m. f.iLi pretenit; kon- 

s^t; i^rtifijul ju ur apcrauK; iiutiutferili; qrtifij. 
ArKECTt.D, A-fck(-ed, /'. a. impront ; uoivd or 

tui^t: ffivn tu Ju. [Mtvdli. 

AFKECTbDLY. A-fi-kt-ed-Ii, aJ. bipukritikoli; kun- 
.\ffected.ne88, A-fekt-cd-nt3i, n. kwoliti ov bcig 

uft'ki4.-d: ai'c-kla/on; kon«ct: vuniti., A-rckt-io, a. patiStik; lender. 
Affectinulv, A-f^kt-ig-li, aJ. in an afektig 


At'fEcrio.v, A-fdk-Jon, n. dezjr; luv; k^odnea; 

gud-wil; teuderneii; 8tat ov m^nd. 
ArrECTio.fATE, A-f4k-Jon-at, a. fond; tender; 

kjnil: Rud. [tcnderli. 

Akfectio.nately. A-fek-Jon-at-li, aJ. luvijjli; 
AKKECTioXATtNEba, A-fek-Jon-al-nc!<, m. fond- 

ni'!': tendcriK-.". 
.\kkkctive, A-fek-tiv, a. dat afektu; mOiviQ. [er. 
AKKt:cTiVEl.y, A-fek-tiv-li, sui. in an afektiv maa- 
Affectok, A-fekt-or, a. wun hOi praklines af«k- 

tajon. [alti, 

Affeere. A-fer, f. /. tukonfvnn tu a^.* a pen- 
.Vffkerkr. .\-fer-cr, ». wun hiij fik-tez a iiu. 
Afketioso, A-l"etvii-u-»t), a. [£.] (Jlia.) <it- 

nuiiu bwot iz tu Le i<uy or plad tcnderli. [bwp. 
Affia.nce, A-fj-an.1, n. u uiurij ki>utrakt: triut; 
Affia.vce, A-fj-ans, r. t. tu betrot: tu plej. 
\FFiANCtR, A-lj-iin-ser, 11. wun ho) mak« a kon- 

ritn deklarajua. 

trukt uv luarii betweu ]j^rtiz. 
Affidavit. Ai-i-du-vit. «. a 

swuni tu befur u miiji:jtrut. 
Affied, A-f)d, /'. a. jtfiid bj kontrakt. [wid. 

Affiliate. A-fil-i-at, r. /. tu adopt; tu a^/iat 
Affiliatio.n, A-fil-i-a-/on, n. adopjon; akl or 

taki(| u iiun. 
.Vffinaue, Af i-naj, n. dr art ov rcQni;) oictals. 
.\ffi.ned, A-find, /<. a. jffnd bj afiniti. 
.\fkixity, A-tin-i-ti, n. rclajon bj luarij; Ijkncc. 
.\FF1RM. A-fyrm, r. t. tu ratil'i; tu a-M-rt: tu av^fr. 
Affirm. A-fvnu, r. t. tu deklar puzitivli. 
AFFiRiiABLE, A-f^rm-a-bl, a. dat ma be afvrmd; 

m;rten. [maaer. 

.\ffirmably. A-f^rm-a-bli, ad. in an affrmabi'e, A-f^rm-aQ«, n. konfermajuni dek- 

Affiuiia.vt, A-fvnn-ant, n. wun dat affrmi. 
Affirmation. Af-er-ma-Jun, n. akt ov afv-rmig; 

a S4.1rm di'klarHjuu. unferijj tu an ut. [ilir. 

Affirmative, A-fyrm-a-tiv, a. dat ai^rms; pus- 
Affirmative. A-f./rm-a-tiv, n. dat s^d uv a 

kwo-t\iiii hwi^ afi-nnz, o|>ucd tu nogatir. 
Affirm ATI VLLY. A-fynu-a-tiv-U, aJ. in an 

afvriuativ uiancr. 
Affirmek, A-ft/rm-cr, a. he dat afvrmi. 
Affix, A-tik.*, r. /. tu yi^njt tu; tu «ubj^; tu 

fik.<. [uv •! wurd. 

.\ffix, Af'ikA, n. a ailabl or Icier jtrnd tu d* cod 
Affixion. A-fik-Jon, n. At akt ov afikjiip. 
Afflation, A-fla/on, n. At akt ov brcdip u(i6a. 
Afflatls, A-fla-liu, n. [Z.J brvt; div}o iotpuajoo. 




Afflict, A-flikt, r. t. tu put in pan; tu grsv. 
Afflicted, A-flikt-cd, p. a. put in pan; grevd. 
Afflictedness, A-flikt-ed-nes, n. stat ov beii) 

Afflicter, A-flikt-er, n. wun ho aflikts. [ful. 
Afflicting, A-f likt-ii),j9p. a. keziij aflikjon; pan- 
Afflictinglt, A-flikt-ig-li, ad. in an afliktii) 

inaner. [niizeri. 

Affliction, A-flik-Jon, n. kalamiti; soro; grsf; 
Afflictive, A-flik-tiv, a. panful: kalamitus; 

afliktiij. [maner. 

Afflictively. A-flik-tiv-li, ad. in an afliktiij 
Affluence, Af'h|-ens, n. pltMiti: welt: riqez. 
Affluent, Af'li|,-ent, a. abundant; welti; riq. 
Affluent, iVf'h|-ent, n.. ariverfloi;) intu aniider. 
Affluently, Af'lij^-ent-li, ad. inabundan3:abuu- 

dantli. [afhxent. 

Affluentness, Af'ln,-ent-nes, w. kwoliti ov beii) 
Afflux, Af'luks, ) 71. dc akt ov floi:t) tu: 

Affluxion, A-fliik-Jon, ) dat hwiq floz tu. 
Affoeage, Af'or-aj, n. in Frans a (\.\\t\ pad tu 

de lord ov a distrikt fer permijon tu sel win. 
Afford, A-f 6rd, v. t. tu ygld er prod^s; tu grant 

er konfer; tia be abl tu b^r de ekspensez ov. 
Afforest, A-for-est, v. t. tu turn gr-snd intu 

forest. [intu forest. 

Afforestation, Af-or-es-ta-Jon, n. turnii) grund 
Affranchise, A-fran-qiz, v. t. tu mak fre. 
Affranchisement, A-fran-qiz-ment, n. akt ov 

makig frs. 
Affray, A-fra, n. a kworel; distiirbans; tq^mult. 
Affright, A-frit, r. t. tu alqrm; tu terifj. 
Affright, A-frit, n. teror: fer; frjt. 
Affrightedly, A-frit-ed-li, ad. wid fer. 
Affrighter, A-frjt-er, n. wun ho) frjtnz. 
Affrightment, A-frjt-ment, n. izr; teror; fer- 

Affront, A-fnint, v. t. tu insult; tu ofend. 
Affront, A-fnint, n. insult; -straj. 
Affronter, A-fnint-er, n. wun hco afriints. 
Affronting, A-fnint-iij, /jp. a . kontxi^mslius. 
Affrontive, A-frunt-iv, a. kezii) afriint; abq^siv. 
Affrontiveness, A-friint-iv-nes, n. de kwoliti 

dat afriints. 
Affuse, A-fi]^z, V. t. tu por upon; tu sprigkl. 
Affusion, A-fi\,-gon, n. akt ov porii) upon. 
Affy, A-fj, V. t. tu betrot; tu bind; tu afjans. 
Afield, A-feld, ad. tu de feld; "in de feld. 
Afloat, A-flot, ad. in a flotii) stat. 
Afoot, A-fut, ad. on fut; in akjon; in mojon. 
Afore, A-f6r, j^'^P- befor; sooner in tjm. 
Afore, A-for, ad. in tjm past: in frunt. 
Aforegoing, A-f6r-go-ir), pp. a. goip befor. 
Aforehand, A-for-hand, ad. beforhand. 
Aforesaid, A-f6r-sed, a. sed befor. 
Aforetime, A-for-tjm, ad. in tjm past. 
A fortiori, a fer-Ji-o-rj, [Z.] wid stronger rezn. 
Afraid, A-frad, a. struk wid fer; ferful. 
Afresh, A-freJ, ad. ani|; agen. 
Afront, A-f rant, ad. in frunt. 
Aft, Gft, ad. behjnd; astern. 
After, Clf'ter, jn-ep. later in plas er tjm; in pur- 

s\\i ov; ab-st; behjnd; akerdiij tu. 
After, Qf'ter, a. suksediij; siibsekwent. 
After, Qf'ter, ad. in suksedii) tjm; afterward. 
After-ages, Qf'ter-a-jez, n. later ajez; suksediij 

tjmz. [din. 

After-birth, (If'ter-bert, n. de plas^nta; sekiin- 
After-clap, Qf'ter-klap, n. an unekspekted and 

disagreabl demdnd afterward. 
After-crop, Qf'ter-krop, n. de sekond krop. 
After-hours, Qf'ter-'srz, «. suksedig ■srz. 
After-math, Qfter-ma*, n. de sekond krop ov 

gras: r-scn. 
Aftermost, Qf'ter-most, a. hjndmost. [ii). 

Afternoon, Qf'ter-ncon, n. tjm from noon tu evn- 

Afterpains, Qf'ter-panz, n. pi. panz after givifl 

Afterpart, af't«r-pq;rt., n. de later pqrt. 
Afterpiece, Qf'ter-pes, n. a fqrs after a pla. 
After-state, Clf'ter-stat, n. de fiitj-qr stat. 
After-thought, Clf'ter-tot, n. refiekjonz after 

an akt. 
After-time, Qf'ter-tjm, n. suksedii) tjm. 
Afterward, Clf'ter-ward, \ ad. in suksedig 
Afterwards, Qf'ter-wardz, ( tjm. 
After-wit, tlf'ter-wit, n. kontrjvans; tcD lat. 
Aga, a'gq, n. a TurkiJ hj militari er sivil ofiser. 
Again, A-gen, ad. a sekond tjm; wuns mor; in 

retiirn; notiij reakjon. 
Against, A-gcnst, prep, in opozijon tu;k6ntrari: 

in kontnidikjon tu; opozit tu. [eral. 

Agalmatolite, fl-gal-mat-o-ljt, n. a Gjnez min- 
Agapce, Ag'a-pe, n. pi. [Z.] luv fests amiig de 

erli Kristyanz. 
Agape, A-gqp, ad. str^riij wid egernes. 
Agaphite, Ag'a-fjt, n. de turkez ston. 
Agaric, Ag'a-rik, n. a. drug yr^zd in f izik and djig. 
Agast, A-gdst, a. struk wid teror. 
Agate, A-gat, ad. on de wa; agoig. [a sjz ov tjp. 
Agate, Ag'at, n. a klas ov jemz ov meni varjetiz: 
Agaty, Ag'a-ti, a. ov de natyqr ov agat. 
Agave, A-ga-ve, «. de grat Amerikan Alo. 
Age, il], n. eni period ov tjm: a jenerajon ovmen: 

de tjm in hwiq wun livd; tjm ov Ijf; a hundred 

yerz; matqriti; dekljn ov Ijf. 
Aged, Cl'jed, a. old; advdnst in aj er yerz; anjent. 
Agedly, £I'jed-li, ad. Uk an ajed person. 
Agelation, Aj-e-la-Jon, n. a konkrejon ov js. 
Agency, £I'jen-si, n. akjon: aktig fer annder. 
Agendum, A-jen-dum, n. [Z.] a memorandum- 

buk. [faktor. 

Agent, a'jent, n. wun hoo akts ; a depyn,ti ; a 
Agentship, a'jent-Jip, n. de ofis ov an ajent. 
Agger. Aj'er, n. [Z.] a fertres or trenq. 
Agglomerate, A-gl6m-er-at, v. t. tu gader up 

in a bol. [wun mas. 

Agglomerate. A-gl6m-er-at, v. i. tu gro intu 
Agglomeration, A-glom-er-a-Jon, n. a hepig 

tugeder. [adhejon. 

Agglutinant, A-glii,-ti-nant, n. a. substans kezig 
Agglutinant, A-glt|,-ti-nant, a. yi^njtig pqrts 

tugeder. [tia adher. 

Agglutinate, A-gli^-ti-nat, v. t. tu yi^nit er koz 
Agglutination, A-glq,-ti-na-Jon, n. yq,nyon; ko- 

hejon. [y^injt. 

Agglutinative, A gl^-tin-a-tiv, a. tendig tu 
Aggrandize, Ag'ran-djz, v. t. tu mak grat; tu 

koz tu eksel: tu enlqrj; tu egzelt; tu inkres. 
Aggrandizement, A-gran-diz-ment, er Ag'ran- 

djz-ment, n. stat ov beig agrandjzd; egzeltajon. 
Aggrandizer, Ag'ran-djz-er, n. wun hiD agran- 

djzez. [egzeltig. 

Aggrandizing, Ag'ran-djz-ig, pp. makig grat; 
Aggravate, Ag'ra-vat, v. t. tu mak wurs er mor 

sever: tu enhdns gilt er kalamiti: t;a provok. 
Aggravated, Ag'ra-vat-ed, p. a. mad wurs; in- 

Aggravation, Ag-ra-va-Jon, n. akt ov agravatlg; 

dat hwiq agravats; provokajon. [ed. 

Aggregate, Ag're-gat, a. formd ov pqrts kol^kt- 
Aggregate, Ag're-gat, n. sum ov pqrts kolekted; 

total: in J'iiiH, a mas fermd bj de yqnyon ov 

homojenyus pqrtiklz. [geder. 

Aggregate, Ag're-gat, v. t. tu kolekt er hep tu- 
Aggregated, Ag're-gat-ed, p. kolekted intu a 

sum. [mas. 

Aggregately, Ag're-gat-li, ad. kolektivli; in a 
Aggregation, Ag-re-ga-Jon, n. kolekjon: akrj- 

Aggregative, Ag're-ga-tiv, a. takn tugeder; 





AOOBEOATOB, Ag'rf-pi-tor. n. wun hn agrtpiU. j 
AooKUiii, A-grd.i, V. t. tu komit dr fvr'l ot^nt; ; 

tu at.ik. [atak; a*tlt. , 

AacKESHiuN, A-Rre/-on, ii. At f?r«t akt ov injuri; ' 
AooKK&iiiVE, A-gnSi-iv, a. mukig de fvwt ui.ik: 

of«*nniv. (tiliti. I 

AooSKi^oE, A-n^-or, n. wun ba> koin^nsui bo«- 1 
AOOBIEVA.SCK, A-griv-anJi, ». oprcjon; hqrdjip; ' 

Injuri. . 

AoOKitvi:, A-gr<r, c. <. tu giv soro; tu Teki; 

tu liiira'i; tu inji^r. 
Aoobii:vi:d, A-gr^vd, p. pand; afliktcU. 
AOOHOI'P, A-;p^£p, c. t. tu brig tug^der. 
AoiiAiiT, A-);<i-it, a. ad. amaxd; struk wid t«ror 

or a.i:oniJm>-iit. 
AoiLK. Aj'il. n. aktiv; nimbi; redi; Ijt: brisk. 
AoiLKMKSs. Aj'il-noj, n. niinblno.-i: ajilili. 
AoiLiTV, A-jil-i-ti, f». aktiviti: niinhlni'.^: kwiknc». 
AolO, U'Ji-u, or Aj'i-u, n. at difercna betw^n 

bagk nut.i and kurcnt korn or sprje. 
AoiOTAQK, U'ji-u-taj, n. At mnnJivcn ot »p^k- 

yulatorz tu rajs or dcprtvi dr fundz. 
A018T. A-JKt, r. t. tu tuk ill and fed katl. 
AoiMTitKNT. A-jiil-uii.'n(, n. At akt ov takig in 

and Irdin katl: an i-mbagknient. 
AoisTOB, A-ji!<t-or, n. an ofiocr in At kigz forest. 
AoiTABLK, Aj'i-ui-bl, a. dat inn be ajitatod. 
AoiTATK, .\j'i-lat, r. t. tu put in mujun; tu 

diHt6rt>; tu di^ikd:*; tu rrv6lv; tu kuntrjr. 
AoiTATti*, .\j'i-tat-ed, />. a. Jakn; diittdrbd: de- 

batf<l. [ulciv<. 

AoiTATiSO, Aj'i-tat-io, /»/>. Jakij); ina»vi{) wid vj- 
AoiTATiOV, Aj-i-ta-Jon, n. mQjon: diittiirban^. 
AoiTATiVE, .\j'i-ta-tiv, a. haviy dr p'«vr tuajitat. 
AoiTATOR, Aj'i-ta-tor, /». wun hO) ajilat^; u dis- 

tiirbor iiv dr \<ti. 
AoLCT, .V^r'lct, ) n. Q tag ov a prnit kqr\-d; a 
AlOLKT. il^'lot, i pendant. 
AoMl.VAi.. Ag'mi-nal, r. brlugig tu a tnDp. 
Aqmail, .\)^nn1, n. a dizrz uv At nnlz; u hwitlo. 
AONATE, .V;f'nat, ."I. akin from At fqder; aljd tu. 
Agnation, Ag-nii-Jon, n. descnt frum At 8am 

AONITION, Ag-niJ-on, n. aknolejmcnt. 
AoNOUEN, Ajt-nu-men. n. [L.] a nam girn tu a 

I>i'r*>n from sum r vt^nt or ilu:<trius akjon. 
AONOMINATK, Ag-nom-i-not, r. t. tu nam. 
Agnomination, .Vg-nom-i-na-Jon. n. an ali^jon 

ov wun wurd tu aniider, bj sxnd. [trt. 

Agncs Casti'S, Ag'nus-Kas'tu;', n. [L.] At (ynt 
Ago, A-gii. ad. in tjtn pa.-it: sins; az, l"n niju. 
Aooo, A-gog. .td. in a «t«t tiv dczjr. [U lu wurd.] 
AooiNO, .V-gu-ig, (>/>. a. indeakt ov akjun. 
AoovK. A ;r''n. .id. in t^m piist; ag6. 
^ iz-m, w.kontenfon for a prjz. 

-t, n. tt koiifender fur jirjzcz. 
\^-o-nis-tqrk, n. wun hii» nad dr 

t;>ti I •■\ <-'iuH.Ti'(zio At kfimljatant^. 
A00NI8TIC, Ag-o-niH-tik, j a. relatip tu 

Aoonistical, Ag-o-nis-ti-kal, S prjz fitig, or 

kint-'t ov utrogt. [nistik nmner. ; 

AooMisTiCALLT, Ag-o-nis-ti-kftl-i, ad. in an ago- 
AooMZi;. .Vg'o-nii, r. t. tu aflikt wid agoni. 
Agonizk. .Vg'o-nii, r. I. tu fel agoiii; tu br in jnn. 1 
AoONT. .Vg'u-ni, n. vjolent pan; suferig; aggwij. 
Ageakian, A-gni-ri-Bn, 4. rtlatig tu frldz or, 

grsnd!: rrliiin tu dr rkwal divijon or landz. 
AoKARiAV'- ' ' :in-iz-m, n. an rkwal di- 

vijon "\ rii; or dc prin^ipli or doz 

Iklk favor n. 

Agece, -V gr<:, 1'. i. lu be in ki>nkonl; tu grant; 

tu yrld; tu wtl imikabli; tu konkdr. 

AaEKEABILITV, A-grt-»-bil-i-ti, B. .11..-, 

Agekeable, A-gr<-B-bl, ». n^ubl; , lig 

AoEKKABLKNESS, A-gr<-B-bl-nes, n. pieMntacs;! 

Agbeeablt, A-gr<-a-bli, ad. konst«lcntli;pleiioii. 
AuBKEU, A -grid, p. Mrtld b| konn^nt; fikjt. 
AuREKtiE.NT, A-gri-mont, ». lur; h(\rrauui; by- 

grn; koiu|Kikt. 
.\gke«tic, A-gr<^«-tik, j «, pertBnig tu dc 

AuBE-sTiCAi., A-gnU-ti-kiU, i fcldt; ixbrml; an- 

p'llijt: rultik. [frt. 

AuHici'LTOB, Ag'ri-kul-tor, n. a kdltivator ot dc 
AotticLLTiKAL, Ag-ri-kdlt-ynral, a. rtbitig ta 

AoBKCLTLBE, A?'ri-kult-yqr, n. At qrt or klilti- 

VHtig de gr^nd: tiJHJ; huzlmndri. 
AoBiciLTL'uiHT. .\g-ri-kdlt-711-rist, n. wun skikl 

in ngnkuliynr; a fqrmcr. 
AoBiMONY, •Vg'ri-mo-ni, n. livorwnrt; a plant. 
AoBosTOOHAPHV, Ag-ros-uSg-ra-fi, 1 n. at t\vi>a 
AGK0STOL0i;y, Ag-ro«-tol-u-ji, i ov groMB. 
AoBoLNU, A-gT'snd, W. on de gnjnd; stranded. 
Ague, U'to. "■ »i intermitig fever, wid kuld fit*. 
AoL'isn. u gq-ij, a. l|k an agq: Jivcrig: kold. 
Agi'ishnisw, U'gq-i/nes, n. Jiverig az wid kold. 
Ah, H. inUr. ekspro-iv ov surprjz, pili, disiik,or jff. 
AUA, A-\\(\, inter, dcnotig plejqr, triumf, or 

Ahead, A-h^, ad. rajli; bef6r; furder on. 
AuiGH, A-h|, ad. on bi. 
Aid, ha, n. help; »ufKfirt; a^Lstans; a helper. 
.ViD, (Id, r. /. tu help; tu a^i^t; tu supdirt. 
AlDANCE, ild'ans, n. help: supuJrt; ad. 
Aide-de-camp, Ud'.;>-kon, vr Ud'e-kamp, n. [F.] 

an otiser uteudant on a jcncntl, tu konv4 hii 

Aidless, Qd'lc^, a. hclplcs; onsuportcd; frendlei. 
AiGKET, a'gret, ) n. nam ov dc smol hwjl hcroo; 
AlGIiKTT, U'gret, S a tuft, az ov fcdcrx. 
Aioi LET, U'gq-let, u. a \xsni ov guld plast at dc 

end ov frinjcz; an aglet. 
Ail, ai, r. t. tu pan; tu giv pan; tu trubl. 
Ail, (11, r. I. tu be in pan, or trubl. 
Ailin(}, ai'in, pp. a. sikli; morbid; il. 
.\iLMKNT, ai mcnt, n. pen; dizez; ilnes. 
Aim, am, n. end^vor; dirckjon; dezjn. [dciJD. 
Aim. a™, r. i. tu tak sjt; tu level: tu direkt; ta 
Aim, am, r. t. tu direkt, az a mii<il wepn. 
AiMEB. am'er, n. wun hin amz. 
AIMLK.4S, am'lc-s, a. wid'^t am er objekt. 
AiB, Ar, n. At flqid in hwi<j we bred, and bwig 

sur'sndz de glub, konsistig ov to gasoz, uksijon 

ancl njtrujen: atmu:ifer: jentl wind; At men or a 

person: a tqn. 
AiB, Ar, r. t. tu giv or tak \e; tu worm; ta drj 

b| a f|r; tu eksjiel dainpnes. 
AiB-BUiLT, Ar'bilt, a. bilt in At v- 
Air-cells. Ar'scli, n. pi. sclz kontanig ^r. 
AiR-DRAWN, Ar'dron, a. dr<n in j^r; vijonari. 
-XiB-GUN, Ar'gun, n. a gun tu be di>cqrjd bJ ^. 
Aib-hole, Ar'bul, n. an opnig tu admit or Am- 

AiRiLT, Ar'i-li, ad. gali; merili; fpritli. 
Airiness, Ar'i-nes, n. gacti; ckspojqr tu de %r. 
.ViRiNU, Ar'ig, n. an ekskurjon; a wormig. 
AiRLiNG, Ar'lig. n. a tales, gn penwin. 
AiB-iMPE. Ar'pjp. n. a pjp jv^iA tu dnj fsl %r 

fnim ii Jips hold. 
.\iR-PLANT, Ar'pliint, n. a plant derjvig nqtii- 

nii'nt fr<im de qr. [de wat uv At ^f. 

.\|B P018E, Ar'p«Tz, n. an instrument tu meji^r 
AiB-PiMP, Ar'pump, n. an initnnment for rc- 

m^r>vig dr i\r M ov a vc.*el. 
.\iB-SACKS, Ar'snks, n. pi. ^r-bagi in b^rdi. 
AiB-NiiAFT, Ar'/aft, n. a puaj for de ^r inta 

Air TIGHT, Ar'tjt. a. so ai not tu admit ^r. 
AiR'VEiMEi.. Ar'vfs-cl. n. a vessel in plants for V. 
AiRT, Ar'i, a. rrlatig tu, or admitig %r; ga. 
Aible, i\, n. u wok in a <;un]. 



ATf T 

Aizoox, £I-zi6n, n. a jenus ov plants. 

Ajar. A-jqr, a.d. hcif-opnd. 

Ajutage, Aj'yii-taj, ». apjp ynzd in weter-wurks. 

Akimbo, A-kim-bo, a. qrqt; krukcd. 

Akin, A- kin, a. related tia; aljd bj blud; Ijk. 

Alabaster, Al-a-bds-ter, n. a. hwjt ston er soft 

niqrbl yqzd for ernamental purpusez. 
Alack, A-hik, inter, ekspresiv ov soro. 
Alackaday, A-Iak-a-da, inter, dsnotig soro and 

Alacrity, A-lak-ri-ti, n. qErfulnes; Ijvlmes; red- 

ines. _ [silk. 

Alamode, Al-a-mod, ad. in As fajon; a tin blak 
Alarm, A-lqrm, n. a krj ov danjer: suden teror. 
AL;VEM, A-lqrm, v. t. tu impres wid fer; tu terif j. 
Alarm BELL, A-lqrm-bel, n. a bel rui) denotig 

danjer. [ncatis ov danjer. 

Alarm-clock, A-lqrm-klok, n. a klok dat givz 
Alarming, A-l^rm-i^, pp. a. terifiii): giviy alqrm. 
Al.uiminglt, A-lqrm-ir)-li, ad. so az tu alqrm. 
Alarmist, A-lqrm-ist, n. wun hiD eksjLs an alqrm. 
Alarm-post, A-lqrm-post, n. de post apernted fer 

men tu. aptr at in kas ov an alqrm. 
Alarm-watch, A-lqrm-woq, n. a woq dat strjks 

dg 'sr bj regyii^lated moovment. 
Alarum, A-lq-rum, n. an alqrm klok. 
Alas, A-lds, inter, a. wui'd ekspresii) lamentajon, 

grgf, er piti. 
Alate, A-lat, j a. wiijed; havig dilajonz Ijk 
Alated, A-lat-ed, S wii)z. 
Alb, Alb, n. a Roman prests surplis. 
iVLBATROSs, Al'ba-tros, n. a Iqrj, web-futed berd. 
Albeit, 91-be-it, ad. eld(5; be it so; notwidstandifl. 
Albescent, Al-bes-ent, a. bekdmig hwjt. 
Albification, Al-bi-fi-ka-Jon, n. akt ov makiij 

Albigenses, Al-bi-jen-S8z, n.fl. a sekt ov Krist- 

yanz ov de 12t sentq,ri; so keld from Albj, a t3n 

in Frans. 
Albinism, Al-bi-niz-m, m. stat ov an albjno. 
Albino, Al-bj-no, &r Al-be-no, n. a hwjt negro, 

er a person unnatyn,rali hwjt. 
Albugineous, Al-bq,-jin-e-us, a. rezemblii) de 

hwjt ov an eg. 
Albugo, Al-bi\-go, n. [Z.] a dizez in de \. [&s. 
Album, iVl'bum, n. a buk fer insertiij etografs. 
Albumen, Al-bi|-men, n. de hwjt ov an eg. 
Albuminous, Al-b^-min-us, a. pertanii) tu al- 

bi],men. [pqrt ov wud. 

Alburnum, Al-bur-num, n. de hwjt er softer 


Alcahest, Al'ka-hest, n. de ynqniversal solvent. 
Alcalde, Al-kal-de, n. a majistrat er juj. 
Alchemical, Al-kem-i-kal, a. relatip tu alkemi. 
Alchemically, Al-kem-i-kal-i, ad. in de maner 

ov alkemi. 
Alchemist, Al'ke-mist, w. wnn verst in alkemi. 
Alchemistical, Al-ke-mis-ti-kal, a. aktig Ijk an 

Alchemize, Al'ke-mjz, v. t. tu transmit. 
Alchemy, ^Vl'ke-mi, / «. de sjens ov kemistri, az 
Alchymy, Al'ki-mi, i praktist in former tjmz; 

de transmvi,taJon ov metalz; okvi,lt kemistri. 
Alcohol, Al'ko-hol, n. pi^r er hjli rektif jd spirit: 

spirits ov wjn: qrdent spirit. [taniij alkohul. 

Alcoholic, Al-ko-hol-ik, a. relatii) tu, or kon- 
Alcoholization, Al-ko-hol-i-za-Jon, n. de akt 

ov alkoholjzii). 
Alcoholize', Al'ko-hol-jz, r. t. tu mak an alko- 

hol: tu rektif j, az spirits. 
Alcoran, Al'ko-ran, w. a buk kontanii) de pre- 

septs ov de Mahometan relijon. [ran. 

Alcoranic, Al-ko-rau-ik, a. relatig tu de 'Alko- 
Alcove, Ai-kov, n. a reses ov a qamber er ov a 

Ijbrari; an qrbor in a gqrden. 

Aldabaran, Al-da-ba-ran, n. a stqr in de kon- 

stelujon Torus; kold also de bulz j. 
Alder, Ol'der, n. a tre rezemblii) de hazel. 
Alderman, 91'der-man, n., pi. 01'der-men; an 

ofiser in a t'jjn kerporat, a siti, or a kerporajon. 
Aldeemanly, 01'der-man-li, a. bekdmig an 

Ale, £11, «. fermented melt likor. 
Ale-conner, 31'kon-er, n. an inspektor ov al-h'ss 

mej^qrz. [Jon bj a kok. 

Alectryom.^ncy, A-lek-tri-o-man-si, n. divina- 
Alegar, Al'e-gar, n. s-sr al; a kjnd ov asid. 
Ale-hoof, 31'huf, n. gr'snd jvi. 
Ale-house, Jll'h'ss, n. a hijs hw^ral iz sold. 
Alembic, A-lem-bik, n. a glas er metal vesel 

j-i],zd in distiliij. 
Ale-wife, Jll'wjf, n. a wuman hco keps an al-h'ss. 
Alert, A-lert, a. on gqrd; Ljvli; woqful; pert. 
Alertness. A-lert-nes, n. wnyfulnes; sprjtlines. 
Ale-yat, {ill'vat, n. de tub in hwiq al iz fermented. 
Alexandrine, Al-eks-an-drin, n. a vers ov twelv 

Alexipharmic, A-leks-i-fqr-mik, 11. an antidot 

agenst ptjrzn or infekjon. 
Alexipharmical, A-leks-i-fqr-mi-kal, a. pozesig 

de p'ser ov an antidot. 
Alexiteric. A-leks-i-ter-ik, i a. dat drjvz 

Alexiterical, A-leks-i-ter-i-kal, i perzn er fe- 

verz awa. 
Alexiterics, A-leks-i-ter-iks, n. pi. prezervatiTZ 

agenst pffznz and infekjonz. 
Alga, Al'ga, n. [£.] pi. Al'je; a plant; se-wed. 
Algazel, Al-ga-zel, n. a bn,tiful spejez ov ante- 
Algebra, Al'je-bra, ». de sjens ov kwontiti in 

jeneral, er yi^niversal aritmetik. 
Algebraic, Al-je-bra-ik, 1 a. relatii) tu al- 

Algebraical, Al-JE-bra-i-kal, i jebra; perfermd 

bj aljebra. [ov aljebra. 

Algebraically, Al-je-bra-i-kal-i, ad. bj menz 
Algebraist, Al-je-bra-ist, n. wun verst in aljebra. 
Algerine, Al-jer-en, a. belogii) tu Aljerz. 
Algor, Al'gor, n. [Z.] ekstrem kold. 
Algorism, Al'go-riz-m, | n. de qrt ovkompq,ta- 
Algorithm, Al'gQ-rid-m.i Jon bj nq,meral fig- 

yr^rz; aritmetik. 
Algu.\zil, Al'ga-zel, n. a SpaniJ ofiser ov justis. 
Alias, a'li-as, ad. [Z.] uderwjz; — n. a kjnd ov rit. 
Alibi, Al'i-bj, w. [Z.] elshw^r; in anuder plas. 

3e pie ov a person aki^zd, hO) alejez dat he woz 

in anuder plas hwen de krjm woz komited. 
Alien, Ell'yen, a. foren; estranjd from. 
Alien, Jll'j^en, n. a forener: a stranjer. 
Alien, fll-yen, v. t. tu alyenat. 
Alienable, £Il'yen-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beig alyen- 

ated er transferd. 
Alienate, fll'yen-at, v. t. tu estranj; tu sel; tu 

transfer; tu aplj tu a rog yq,s. 
Alienated, £Il'yen-at-ed, p)- estranjd; transferd. 
Alienation, 3l'yen-a-Jon, n. a. makig over; a 

seliij; mental deranjment. 
Alienee, 31-yen-E, n. wun tu hosm a tig iz sold. 
Alienism, 31'yen-iz-m, n. de stat ov beig an alj'en. 
Aliform, Al'i-ferm, a. havig de Jap ov a wig. 
Aligerous, A-lij-er-us, a. havig wigz. 
Alight, A-lit, r. i. tu fel upon; tu desend; tu 

get of; tu dism-jnt. [form. 

Alike, A-ljk, ad. similar; in de sam maner and 
Aliment, Al'i-mcnt, «. food; nurijment: suport. 
Alimental. Al-i-ment-al, a. nqtrijus; ndrijig. 
Alimentally, Al-i-ment-al-i, ad. nutrijusli. 
Alimentariness, Al-i-ment-a-ri-nes, n. stat ot 

beig alimentari. 
Alimentary, Al-i-ment-a-ri, a. belogig tu er 

afuirdii) aliment: konvaig aliment. [ig. 

Alimentation, Al-i-men-ta-Jon, «. akt ov niirij- 




ALL-BANCTirTixo, OI-giok-U-fi-iQ, M. iigktif|i9 

Ar hul. (ip even fag. 

\ll MKARcnixo, Ot-a^^-ig, M. penradig •nd Sfrg- 

■ein ereri tip. 

run dat 

ALiMETTtTESEM, Al-i-fD^nt-iT-nw, n. de organ 

(iv :i(irHt fitr fjxl. 
Alimomi'S, Al-i-mii-ni-u", >i. ntiri/i{): alirai^ntal. 
Alimony, Al'i-mij-ni, n. <i m^jxirai iimntc-nan^ fir! All skki.vo, <M-i*-ij), 

a wiani'^n h'li iza^parato<l tnnu h<>r huzband. I All-mclk, if\-'i-i-r, n. wun dat ttt even tin. 
Aliquant, Al'i-kwant, a. dat duz not divj<l cgz- All-socls-dat, Ol-iu&li-da, n. dt Mkood n ot 

Aktli: ai-, .3 it an alikwanl pqrt or 10. NuvjiinbiT. [iti, 

ALigi'OT, Al'i-kwoJ, a. dnt mesqnt pgiAktli; ai, | All-»i kkicikxcv, Ol-suf-iJ-en-ii, «. infinit abil- 

;{ li ;in nlikwut jM^rt <.\ 12. ALL-SirriCiEXT, ei-suf-ij-eat, a. nifijent tu 

.\LIVE. A-ljv, a. not lied; nktir; <;frful: Ijvli. cvcri tij): (Jod. (tigi. 

Alkaiiist, Al'ka-hest, 11. a prtl^nded jrqnivfrwl I All-slstainiso, 01-gu«-uin-ij), a. upholdn) at 111. 1 ALL-wiHk. 01-w|x, a. \t(nmt «v infinit wiKluin. 

ALKALtflTEXT, Al-ka l^-«nt,a. portakin ornlkalj. Allah, Al'q, «. de Ar&bik nam <iv dr Sqjjrtm 
Alkali, Al'kn-lj, or Al'ka-li, n. n suh-^nni dat Ht'iO- [t«nd in dt alant^. 

mi r.iljzi'i ii.iidz. }'i4:if'\z vi-jetabl, umIis. inin- Allantoic, Al-an-US-ik, a. pcrtani;i tu or koa- 

rr.i!. Hiid amania. volatil alknlj. , Allaxtoid, AI-an-tAd, \ n.a tin inonibran I'ityn- 

Alkalixe. Al'kn-Ijn ur Al'ka-lin, a. havig de ' Allantoih, Al-an-tcrs, i ated betw^n de korion 

kwilitiz ov alkalj. j niid ainnir>s in animalx. 

Alkalixitt. .Vl-kii-lin-i-ti, n. dt kwoliti hwi^ Allay, A-la. r.t. tu kw(et; tu paoifl; tu taA\ 

koiHtiiiit.i an alknlj. . tu drlta", az a metal. 

Alkaliie, .Xrkn-ljz, r. i. tu mnk nlkaljn. | Allay, A-1h. n. a bos metal. Se Lill/ty.) 

Alkaldid, .\l'kii-l<r(l, n. a vejrtubl prin^ijil havip Allayer, A-l(i-iT, n. de |)erson or tig dal alai. 

alkiliii kwiilitiz in 11 cljt drtrrf. [konncz. ALLAYMt.vT, A-Iii-mcnt, ii. de akt or pTjcr ov 

ALKEiiifES. Al-ki^r-mrz, m. a konfekjon mnd ov I niain. 
\lkouax, Al'ko-nin, ■«. n buk kontanig de prr- Alleoatiox, AI-r-fjA-Jon, n. akt ov al^jig: afer- 

sij.t-' iiv dr Miibomrtnn rrlijon. | uiii/on: pir: deklarejon. 

Vll, ♦'I, a. dt hul: cvori wun; even pqrt. i Alledoe. A-I^j, > r. t. tu aferm; tu dekl4r; tu 

All, HI, n. dr hul; ««vcritin. I Allege, A-Ij^j. i pled. 

All, OI, ;«</. kwjl: koinplrili; holli; pntjrli. W iz Ali.egeable, A-l<5j-a-bl, a. dnt ma be al^jd. 

m i(j ynzd in kiimjV)ziji>n; but, in most in'T.insi'Z, Allegeb, A-U-j-or, n. wun httj ali-jcz. 

it ii inrrli i^rbitrnri; it adz furs tu dt wurd; a^. Allegiaxce, A-le-ji-an:*, n. de ubediens ov a 

hl-im^ni. fif-p'frf'ul. I nubjckt dq tua soveren or guvemment. 

All-aloxo. Ol-a-log, ad. trr»*t; in de hoi. i Ailegiaxt, A-le-ji-ant,a. lflral;diitiful:ubcdient. 

\LL- atoxixo, ♦•l-a-tun-io, a. atonig fxr ol. I Allegoric, Al-e-grtr-ik, t a. relatig tu er 

\i.L BEARING. Oi-b.-'ir-i^ a. prudnsli) ovcri tij). j Allegorical, Al-e-g6r-i-kal, i ]MrtakiD ovale- 
ALLBorNTKors. »M-hSn-fe-u.«, < a. jiorfcktli b'ltn- j K'-'": fijr.viimtiv. 
All-boixtikil, Wl-b-jn-ti-ful, i tiful; ov infi- , Allegorioally', Al-c-g6r-i-kal-i, ad. in an ale - 

nit binii. I jforiknl iiiancr. [beig alegorikol. 

All niAXOixo, OI-qAnj-ig, a. perp^tyqali (}anjig. ' Allegoricalxess, Al-e-gor-i-kal-nci', n. stat ov 
All roMPoaiXG, OI-kom-p<Sx-io, ^- ^<^' maks ol ' Alleoorist, Al'e-gu-rist, n. wnn ha» te<;ei alt- 

friiikwil. fri3rikali. [alegori. 

\: ■ ' I .' ':; iiEXSivT. Ol-kom-prr-hen-'iv, a. Allegorize, Al'e-pa-rjz, v. t. tu turn intu an 
linMltini!- Allegorize, Al'e-gu-rjz, r. «. tu sjick aleg6ri- 

\ll > 1 ALixo, Ol-kon-sel-ig, a. bjdig or kon- ! kali. 

iiriin "I. I Allegorizer. Al'r-go-rjz-er, n. an alrgorist. 

ALL-roxQrERiXG, OI-k6g-kcr-ig,a. datsubdi'ixol. Allegory. Al'e-po-ri, n. a figyqrativ disk6r?, 
All-divixe, 0!-di-vjn, a. i»qprrmli oksclent. | iinpliig sunitig dnt ix not litcrali eksprwt; a 

All PiviNixo, Oj-di-vjn-ig, a. furt«ilig ol tigx. ' sinibolikal rjtig; a fahl. 

\ll MiEADED, 0|-.lrp<l-c<l, a. drodod b| ol. j ALLEGRjrrxo, Al-r-gret-o, ad. [It.] denotig t}m 

ALL-KKFifiEXT, 01-cf-i/-cnt, a. ov unliniitotl i*fi- l«.'.« kwik dan nlejEcriJ- (Jon. 

knM. [tigz. Allegro, .\-lf-jn-ia, ad. [fi.] denotig opritli mo- 

\ll expixo. Ol-i'nd-ig. a. putin an end tu ol Alleli-jaii, Al-r-lij-ya, n. piv praz tu Jehova. 
All-exliohtexixo, 01-cn-ljt-n-ig, a. cnl{tnig ol I Allemaxd, Al-e-m<ind. n. a Jormandans; — 

ti;ir. I ( -Vi/*.) a Ao ijr in komon tjm. 

^ I : i • I -KAY, 01-fAlz-dn. n. de fprst ov Hpril, Allemaxxic, Al-e-man-ik. a. bclugig tu de Ale- 
1 ik nz m''ni fj)lz nz da kan. j ni.iiij, nr nn/oiit ,I»;nnanz. 

:i > i: iviNG, OI-for-j;iv-ig, a. forgivigol. Alleviate, A-lr-vi-at, r. /. tu ex; tu sofn; tu alA. 

\ll toi H.H. Ol-furt, n. a earn at kfirdi. \ Alleviatiox, A-lc-vi-a-Jon, n. akt ov alfviatig: 

A I.L-GIVER. Ol-jfiv-cT. 11. ae givi-r ov ol tigx. j dnt hwi<j aleviat."; mitigajon. 

All GRAriovs. H|-)fni-Ju.s a. porfektli f^jn<i. ! Alleviative, A-le-vi-o-tiv, n. a pdtiativ. 
\Li. II M.i.ow. Ol-h.-il-o, t n.ol-onnt.' fpryt ' Alley, Al'i, n. a wok; a nnro jO'<aj. 
.Vi.L II \LLowB, Ol-hal-ux, ( ov Ncvcmbor. I All-hail, Hl-hal. intrr. ol belt be tu ycb: be wel. 

.\ll II *LLow-TiDE, Ol-hil-o-tjd, II. de t\m ntr! Alliaceoi'S, Al-i-a-Ju», a. partakig ov gqrlik or 

All ii..\..itKi>. 0|V.n-ord, a. onord bj ol. 

a. Ol-jiij-ig. a. jojigol. 
\ "! ii^<i. „, porfrktli ju-it. [?!. 

\ -i ful, a. ov pprfekt mor- 

\ ^1. .1. havig o| p<»rfckj"n. 

^11 :-.r likt-nc!', n. cntjr j)cr- I 

\LL iMKRCixo, Ol-p^i^-ij). a. prrstg even tig. I 
All rowKKri'L, Bl-p^-cr-ful, «. elmiti; omnip- 1 

All SAIXT8-DAT, Ol-flAntd-da, a. de da for ;i^It- | 

hratig dt rants: dr f^nt ov Vov^mher. ' 

Alliance, A-lj-an.«, n. a konfodoraFi: a leg: afin- 

iti; rcln/on b| marij. or bj kindred. 
Alliciexct, A-liJ-cn-si, n. atrak/»n; magnctixm. 
Alligate. Ari-gnt, r.^ tu j«Tn tup^dor: tu yt}n)t. 
Alligation. Al-i-pi-Jon, n. dt akt ov tjig tu- 

p«>den a nM ov aritinetik. 
Alligator. Al-i-ga-tor, n. dt Amoriknn krukod)!. 
.\lli8ION. A-li;-on. n. de akt ov Ktrikig wun tig 

agonst aniidcr. 
Alliteration, A-lit-cr-i-/on, «. de brginig tA 

or inor wunl/: wid de ««m IcM'r. [era /on. 

Alliterative. .\-Ht-er-a-tiv, a. rtlatig tu alit- 




Allocation, Al-o-ka-Jon, ». a putig tu, er ner; 

al'saus mad upon an ak'bnt. 
Allocatur, Al-co-ka-tur, n. alisana ov a rit. 
Allocution, Al-o-ki^-Jon, n. de akt ov spekig 

tu aniider. 
Allodial, A-16-di-al, a. not ft^dal: independent. 
Allodium, A-16-di-um, n. land held bj an indi- 

vidyn^al in hiz can rjt. 
Allonge, A-liinj, n. a pas er trust mad at an 

cnEmi wid a sord. 
Alloo, A-kf), I', t. tu set on; tu. halcG. 
Allopathic,, a. pertanin tu alopati. 
Allopathist, A-16p-a-tist, n. wun (fat praktisez 

medisin akordir) tu ds rttilz ov alopati. 
Allopathy, A-16p-a-ti, n. de doktrin er teori 

for ki]^rii) dizezez bj prodixsii) in de pajent 

afekjonz diferent from de dizez. 
Allot, A-16t. r. t. tu grant; tu distribyqt; tu lot. 
Allotment, A-16t-ment, h.o Jq^r;pqrtaprwpriated. 
Allow, A-I's, t. t. tu permit; tu abat; tu aprcov. 
Allowable, A-li'-a-bl, a. dat ma be al-sd; loful. 
Allowableness, A-lS-a-bl-nes, n. lefulnes; fit- 

Allowably, A-l's-a-bli, ad. wid klam ov al^.ans. 
Allowance, A-1-s-ans, n. saijkjon; Ijsens; permij- 

on: abatment: a grant or stjpend; setld rat. 
Allowance, A-l's-ans, v. t. tu put upon al'sans. 
Alloy, A-lff, n. a baser metal mikst wid a fjner 

wun; a debast substans. 
Alloy, A-lif, v. t. tu redi\s a f jn metal bj a baser, 
Allspicis, 61'spjs, n. Jamaka pcper er pimento. 
Allude, A-li'^d, v. i. tu refer; tu hint at; tu in- 

sinyqat. [upon paper. 

Alluminou, A-li|-min-or, n. a kulorer or panter 
Allure, A-ii\,r, v. t. tu entjs; tia dektf; tu atrakt. 
Allured, A-lq^rd, p- temted; dren, er entjst. 
Allurement, A-h\r-ment, n. cntjsment; temtajon. 
AlluRer, A-h|i--er, n. wun hoo alvj,rz. [tjsii]. 

Alluring, A-hi^r-iij, 2''P- «'• temtiij; sednsiij; eu- 
Allueingly, A-li^r-iij-li, ad. in an alqrir) maner. 
Alluringness, A-h|r-ii)-nes, n. entjsment. 
Allusion, A-hi,-;^on, n. a hint; indirekt referens; 

in retcjrik, dat f igyi^r bj hwiq sum wurd er fraz 

in a sentens kelz tu mjnd a similar subjekt. 
Allusive, A-li\.-siv, a. makii) ali\,gon; hintiij. 
Allusively, A-li\,-siv-li, ad. in an aln,siv maner. 
Allusiveness, A-U'i-siv-nes, «. stat ov beii) alr^siv. 
Alluvial, A-h'i-vi-al, a. pertanig tu alluvion; 

karid bj weter; aded tu land bj de woj ov weter. 
Alluvion, A-hj,-vi-on, ) n. an akn,mii^laJon ov 
Alluvium, A-li|,-vi-um, i ert, sand, gravel, is., 

bj akjon ov woter; alqvial land. 
Ally", A-li, r. t. tia jninjt bj kindred er frendjip. 
Ally, A-lj, n. a frend: konfederat; relajon. 
Alma, or Alme, Al'mu, e;' Al'me, n. dansig gerlz 

ov Fjipt. 
Almacantar, Al-ma-kan-tar, n. a smol serkl ov 

de sfer, paralel tu de hujrizon. 
Almacantar's-STAff, Al-ma-kan-tarz-staf, n. an 

instrcoment yi^zd txa tak obzervajonz ov de sun. 
Almagest, Al'ma-jest, n. a buk ov problemz in 

astronomi bj Tolemi. 
Almamater, Al-ma-ma-ter, »i. [Z.] "benin mud- 

er;" a term aplid tu a kolej hw^r wun woz ed- 

yH,kated, [weks, and daz. 

Almanac, 01'ma-nak, n. a kalender ov munts, 
Almandine, Al'man-djn, n. akjndov inferior rffjbi. 
Almery, Al'mer-i, 71, a niq; kuburd; loker, 
Almightiness, 01-mi-ti-nes, n. unlimited p-ser; 

omnipotcns; an atribn.t ov God. [nipotent. 

Almighty, 01-mi-ti, a. havi;) unlimited p-scr; om- 
Almighty, 01-mj-ti, n. At Omnipotent: God. 
Almond, fl'mond, ;i. de fribt ov de qmond tre. 
Almonds, il'mondz, n. pi. ta> glandz on de sjdz 

ov de tup; de tonsilz. 
Almoner, Al'mon-er, n. a di3tribyq,ter ov qmz; 

an ofiser ov a prins, &s., emplffd in de distribij,- 

Jon ov ^ariti. [qpiz. 

Almonry, Al'mon-ri, 71. a plas for distribyq^tip 
Almost, 01'most, ad. nerli; wcl-nj. 
Alms, ilmz, n. a gift or benefakjon tu de pdor; a 

qaritabl donajon. 
Alms-deed, flmz'ded, n, an akt ov qariti; a gift. 
Alms-giver, Bmz'giv-er, n, wun hoo givz tu de 

poor. [qariti. 

Alms-giving, ilmz'giv-ig, n. de bestoment ov 
Alms-house, Bmz'h-ss, n. a hiss fer de poor hcD 

subsist on cariti. 
Alms-man, Hmz'man, n. wun ho livz on qmz. 
Almug-tree, Al'mug-tre, n. a. tre menjond in 

Alnage, Al'naj, n. a mejur bj de el; el me3n,r. 
Alnager, Al'na-jer, n. u mcjjvirer bj de el. 
Alnight, 01'njt, 71. a kak ov waks wid de wik 

in de midst. 
Aloe, Al'o, n. a kjnd ov tre ov several spejez. 
Aloes, Al'oz, n. de inspisated jq,s ov de alca; a 

stimyii^latiij katqrtik medisin. 
Algetic, Al-o-et-ik, / a. pertaniij tva alo, 

Aloetical, Al-o-et-i-kal, f or partakiy ov de 

kwolitiz ov alQz. 
Aloft, A-16ft, ad. on hj; abuv; in de ^r. 
Alomancy, Al'o-man-si, n. divinajon bj selt. 
Alone, A-16n, a. sii)gl; solitari; wid'st kumpani. 
Along, A-16p, ud. onward; forward; leijtwjz. 
Along, A-16ij, prep, ner; bj de .«jd ov. 
Alongside, A-16ij-sid, ad '\>\ de sjd ov a Jip. 
Aloof, A-l(fif, ad. at a distans; fqr apqrt. 
Aloud, A-l^d, ad. l^dli; wid a grat nerz. 
Alpaca, Al-pak-u, n. a spejez ov Percovian Jep. 
Alpha, Al'fa, n. de ferst leter in de Grek alfa- 

bet; yn,zd tu signif j de ferst. 
Alphabet, Al'fa-bet, n. de leterz ova laggwaj, 

aranjd in de kiistomari erder. 
Alphabet, Al'fa-bet, c t. tu aranj in de order 

ov an altabet. 
Alphabetic, Al-fa-bet-ik, ) a, in de erder 

Alphabetical, Al-fa-bet-i-kal, i ovanalfahet. 
Alphabet aeian, Al-fa-bet-a-ri-an, n. an a-be-se 

Alphabetically, Al-fa-bet-i-kal-i, ad. akerdii) 

tia de alfabet. 
Alpine, Al'pin, ar Al'pjn, a. relatii) tu er rez6m- 

blii) de Alps: hj; m^ntenus. 
Already, 01-red-i, ad. befor dis tjm; n?. 
Also, OI'sq, ad. in de sam maner; Ijkwjz. 
Also, 01'so, h»ij. denotii) adijon er konjuijkjon. 
Alt, Alt, a. n. (Mus.) hi; hj pqrt. Se AUo. 
Altar, 01'tar, ji, de plas on hwiq sakrifisez wer 

oferd; de komxinyon tab!. [dEe olttir. 

Altar-piece, 01'tar-pEs, 7i. a pantii) plast over 
Alter, 01'tcr, v. t. tu qanj; tu mak uderwjz. 
Alter, 01'ter, v.i. tu sufer qanj; tu vari. 
Alterable, 01'ter-a-bl, a. dat ma be qanjd or 

olterd. [qanj. 

Alterability, 01-tcr-a-bil-i-ti, n. suseptibl ov 
Alterably, 01'ter-a-bli, ad. in a qanjabl maner. 
Alterant, 01'ter-ant, a. pradqsii) qanj. 
Alterant, 01'ter-ant, 71. a medisin hwiq gradyq,- 

ali korekts de stat ov de bodi. [qanj. 

Alteration, 01-ter-a-Jon, w, de akt ov elteri|}; 
Alterative, Ol'tcr-a-tiv, 71. a medisin dat oper- 

ats bj slu and imperseptibl degrez. [elterig. 

Alterative, Ol'ter-a-tiv, a. haviy de kwoliti ov 
Altercate, Al'tcr-kat, ^'. i. tu raggl; tu kont^nd 

Altercation, Al-tcr-ka-Jon, 7». debat; kontro- 

versi; rapgl: kontest; dispqt. 
Alternate, Al-ter-nat, a. bj turnz; in suksejon. 
Alternate, Al-t^r-nat, v. t. tu qanj or perform 

bj turnz. [turnz. 

Alternately, Al-ter-nat-li, ad. mqtyqali; bj 




ALTElUIATSXicas, Al-t^r-nat-nes, h. «Uit ov bcig 

Ai.TKK.NATio.v, Al-tiT-nn-Jun, J /». rtiiprukal «uk- 
\LTt.KNATr, Altt;r-im-ti, | ntjon. 
Altkhnativk, Al-t«;r-na-tiv, »i. a <,'ti g\va ov Ub 

Altkbxative, Ai-tvr-na-tiv, a. rtsiprukali qanjig. 
ALTtHNATiVLLY, AJ-t^f-ntt-tiT-li, ad. bj turnz; 

ALTKKNATivt.Nias, AI-tYr-na-liv-noo, n. de kwol- 

iti or sUit (iv bciu nltrrnativ. 
Althea, Al-t«'-u, II. a spr/ez uv Siriun malo. 
Aj.tiiouu>i, <)l-d6, L->i{/. graut dat; Ad; if. 
ALTiLOgi't:NCt!, AI-lil-6>-k«roiu, n. lofti spt^: 

poini)ui lau^^fwaj. [pus. 

ALTiLOyL KNT, Al-til-o-kwent, a. h\ gondii): p<iin- 
Ai.TiUKTLH, Al-iim-c-ler, H. an iiistrdiiucut f.>r 

ttiki(| iiltitiiilz b| jcutnctrikiil prinitiplz. 
ALTiMtTUY, Al-tiin-c-tri, n. de (^rt or mesi^rio 

Altibonant, Al-tU-o-DOOt, f a. h{ S7ndit): lofti 
VLTiso.NOL'ti, Al-tis-u-na.«, i or pompun; az, in 

Altitluk, Al'ti-ttid, «. de hit ov a pla.'*. 
Altivolant, Al-tiv-u-lant, a. tljin hi: Sijrijj. 
Alto, Al'tu, n. [Jt.] (Mut.) de hjfU pqrt for 

mal vrrsct. 
Altooetiikr, 01-lu-g^d-cT, ad. kompletli; cnt^rli: 

bulli: kiiiijiii)k!li; iu kuiu|>aDi. 
Alto iiiLitvo. Al'iu rt-li'-va, n. dat \i\n<\ ov TtMi 

io Hktilptyiir, hvritj prujckts az inuij az de l|f: 

hj relef. [kemistri. 

All'UEL, Al'yii-dfl, »i. u ^ubliinig jiot, yt^zU iu 
AlI'U, Al'um, n. an a^trinjent mineral »>lt. 
AlI'MIXA, A-li'i-niin-u, / a. a kjnd ov yrt; pqr 
Ali'Mim:,|-iuin, ) kiu. [alum. 

Ali'minoi'h, A-hi-ini-nu.o, a. kontani{), or Ijk 
VLt'XiNLM, A-li'i-iui-num, n. dc mi-Lalik baser 

AlI'MIsii. Al'um-iJ, a. haviy dt nntyqr ov alum. 
.Kluiin'L'S, A-liim-nU'*, n. [Z.j pi. Alumn^; a grad- 

yqut ov kolfj. [cr. 

Alvkakv, Al'vc-a-ri, ». a bc-hjv; dc hola or de 
Alvi.olar, Al-ve-u-lar, > a. kontanin tiokcta; 
.Vlvkolary, Al-ve-u-ln-ri, i holu sclz, or jiii.i. 
.Vlvkulatk. Al-vc-o-lat, fl. formd l{ka huni-kaoi. 
Alvixk. Al'vin. a. bdupig tu dc bcli or intivtinz. 
.\lways, Ol'wHZ, aJ. p<.T|)Otyn,ali: kon.-<lantli. 
.\. M., A. M, un abrcviujon for iartinm m<t<pj'Ur,\ 

m iHt<T <iv i\x\*: and \anU n\eri<l i<'m\ befur man. 
Am, Am, '. i. At i>;rH ij^rson ov dc verb tu br. 
Amiability, U-mi-a-bil-i-ti, u. luvlincii: a piscr 

ov plcziy. 
Amai.\, A-Diiin, ad. wid vebemon.<« or vigor. 
Amaloam. A-iiial-;^m, n. a mik-styi^r ov kwik- 

silvi-r wid aiiiidiT metal; uni mikstyqr. 
Amaloauatc,, r. t. tta komhjn I 

nx^rkivri wid uder mc-talz; Iu miks intimntli:- - J 

r. •'. tu komp'^ud or ytinil in an amal^iu; tu i 

blend. [amaigiiinatio. I 

Amaloamation, A-mal-ga-ma-Jdn, n. de akt ov [ 
Ama.M'lnsih, A-man-yq-PD-si.^, ;)J. A-man-yn-^n- ) 

wr, II. u ixr-i.n hji rit-t hwot aniidcr diktat;). 
.Vmarantii, .Viu', n. tt plant: flMT-ji-nll; 

Mj k'>l<l brk -z hwrn ^fiidcrd it duz not .'ittn wid- j 

er: a finer dat never fadi. [rant-<. | 

Amaraxtiiink. Am-a-ran-(in, a. bel6oio tuama- 1 
Amaritidk, A-mar-i-tud, n. bitorucs; !>everiti. I 
Amarvi.lih, .\ra-tt-ril-i.«, n. a jenus ov bulbu^ j 

plant-; lili d.ifuidil. | 

.\mash. a ra.ii, f. /. lu koWkt tUK<'der; tu hep up. t 
.Vma.skmknt, A-iixi.<-mcnl, n. a hep: kolekjon. { 
.\matei'R, Atu-a-tvf, vr Am-a-ttir, n. a luver ov I 

cni qri or sion.", not a prufoaor; o v^rtyn^so. I 
Amatorial. Am-a-t^-n-»l, > a. rtlatig tu or in- 
.Vmatort, Am'a-t4>-ri, i di'i^t b| luv. | 

Amatoriax, Am-a-tu-ri-an, a. pcrtanig tu lur. 
Amativexum, Aiu'a-tir-ni-, n. <i propcnjiti tu 
AMAUR08I8, Am-u-rij-iii-. "V «it. [lur. 

Amaze, A-uuiz, r. /. tu t Durprjz; ta 

|K.Tplckn; II. a.'-toni/ni' : _ , -iii. 

AmazkiiLY, A-nuiz-ed-li, aJ. wid amazmrnt. 
AMAZLi>N»i8, A-miiz-Ml-ne4, f n. astonijmenl. 
Amazement, A-iiuiz-meut, i koufiyon. 
AMAZiN(i, A-miiz-io, />/: a. ajiu'inijiu; wonderful. 
Amazingly, A-muz-iu-li, aJ. in a miner lu m- 

Amazon. Am'a-zon, n. a wurlik wumao; a virago. 
Amazunia.v, Am-a-zu-ni-an, a. relatig tu Ama- 

zonz; worljk. [in knmiHjziJon. 

Amb and Am, Amb and Am, ab'^t; ar-<<nd; yt^zd 
Ambace-s. Am-bii-jez, u./jI.[L.] h^rkurnlokqjon. 
Amuaksaiior, Am-bju-i-a-dor, n. u ji^T'ton fent in a 

pulilik niuner from wun i>overen piser tu andder. 
Ambakmaur>:8S, Am-baii-a-droa, n. de wif ov an 

Amba.s.'sv, Am'ba.-'-i, ii. Sc {EnihaMnj.) 
Amber, Am'ber, n. n hqrd i<omi-p<-li^iid gubataoa, 

bwjt or yelo, fi«nd in dc qrt, or trun on Jor bj 

At ft. 
Ambergris, Am'bcr-grc', n. a hqnl, opak, reti- 

niis .•ul>.>>tan.'<, di!<ciirjd bj At Hpi,-ruuueti bwal. 
Ambidexter, Am-bi-dekjs-tcr, n. [L.\ wun dat 

kun yqz but handz aljk: u dubl deler. 
Ambiuextekity, .Vm-bi-deks-t<ir-i-ti, n. stat ov 

bci|) uniliidek.-itrux; >lubl delig. 
.Vmbiuextrois, Am-bi-dek.s-tru.'<, a. dubl delin 

yiizi{) but liamlz alik. [bidekiitcriti. 

Ambidextrol'sness, Am-bi-dek-s-trus-ne:", n. am- 
Ambient, Am'bi-cot, a. knm|)a.iii); .vumndio. 
Ambigi', Am'bi-gn, n. [Fr.] a medli ov dijez: 

apljd lu dc leterz i/, «■, tu ?i;^nifi di^r semi- 

vrcl, semi-kon.*onanl karakter. 
Ambioi'ITY, .Vni-bi-gi'i-i-ti, n. a dubl mcnig; d'Bt- 

fulne.j or uns>;rtenti ov menig. 
AMBiOfota. Am-big-yn-us, a. distful; mi.iteriu.'i. 
Ambigioisly, Am-big-yq-us-li, aJ. in a dutful 

.\mbu;l-oi-8Xess, Am-big-ya-u.o-ni-s, h. dutful- 

nei; ambigiiiti; and hens, obskqriti. 
.\mbilogy, Am-bil-u-ji, n. tok or laggwaj or 

distful mcnig. lyi"^ ekiiprcjoni. 

Ambiloqioi'8, Am-bU-o-kwu:<, a. ytizig ambig- 
AMBiLOgi'Y, Am-bil-o-kwi, n. tok ov umbigyquj 

.\mbit, .Vm'bit, n. a kum[>aa: a serkumferenii. 
.Vmbitiun, Am-biJ-on, n. cger dczjr ov pner, oner, 

fam, eiuynlajon. ^en-, or .«iiperioriti. 

Ambitiocs, Ain-biJ-ui>, a. deziru-i ov fam, ckael- 
Ambitioi'sly, Am-bi/-us-li, ad. in an ambiju!< 

Ambitioi'sness. Am-biJ-os-nes, n. de kwoliti or 

bcit) ambijus; ambi/on. 
Amble, Am'bl, r. i. tu moiv wid o iicki^lyar pas, 

az a h<)n<: tu mdiv afekto<lli; tu pus. 
.Vmble, Am'bl, r. t. tu mttjv upjn an ambl: tu 

rootv czili: tu {e.^. 
Amble. Am'bl, n. a pckqlyar pa< ov a hors. 
Ambler, Am'bler, n. a bora hwii; aniblz. 
.Vmbling, /'/>. a. liftlg dc ta> legz on de .'am ajd 

at ferst poii) of, and den (janjin. 
Amblixgly, Am'blig-li, ad. wid an amblig gat. 
.\hbo. Am'ho, n. u rcdifl de.'ik, or imlpit. 
.Vmbrosia. .Vm-bru-^i-ci, n. At iimjinnri foid or de 

giHiz; dc nam ov a plant. 
.\mbrohial, Am-bru-ji-al, ) a. ov de natjqr or 
Amiirosiax, Am-bru-^i-an, i aml>r03ia:dcli/ttS. 
Amiirv, Ani'bri, n. almonri; a p«ntri. 
.\mb8A('k, tImz-H'i, n. a dubl a.'i. [dider. 

Ambi'Late. Am'bq-lat, r. i. tu nkbr bidcr and 
.\mbilatiox, Am-bii-la/oD, a. u wokig abit: 





Ambulatory, Am'bq-la-to-ri, a. wekii) abit; 

Ambulatory. Am'bi|-Ia-to-ri, n. a plas for wekii). 
Ambury. Am'hi}_-ri, n. a bludi wort on a hors. 
Ambuscade, Am-bus-kdd, n. a prjvat stajon in 

hwiq men Ij tu surpriz uderz; an ambuj. 
Ambuscade, Am-bus-kad, v. t. tu Ij in wat; tu 

at:ik from a konseld pozijon. 
Ambush, Am'buJ, n. a plas hw^r troops Ij in wat; 

de akt ov surprizig. 
Ambushment. Am'buJ-ment, n. an ambu/. 
Ambustion, Am-bdst-yon, n. a burn, er skeld. 
Ameliorate, A-mel-yor-at, v. t. tu mak beter: 

tu imprAv. [ig beter. 

Amelioration, A-md-yor-a-Jon, n. akt ov mak- 
Ameliorator, A-mcl-yur-a-tor, n. wun \vx> amel- 

yorats. or maks beter. 
Amen, U'meu, (In siijit), it iz komonli pron'snst 

qmen:) ad. a term ov asent yi|zd in dsvojonz, 

mcnii) at At end ov a prj^r, so hs it; at de end 

ov a krrd, so it iz. 
Amenability, A-mc-na-bil-i-ti, ) n. statovbeig 
Amenableness, A-ms-na-bl-nes, i amenabl. 
Amenable, A-me-na-bl, a. responsibl; l|abl tu 

ak<,ut. [restwr. 

Amend. A-mend, v. t. tu korekt; tu. rsform: taa 
Amend. A-mend, v. i. tu grcD beter bj reformajon. 
Amendable, A-raen-da-bl, a. dat ma bs amended. 
Amendatory, A-meu-da-to-ri, a. kontauiij 

Amender, A-mend-er, n. de persofi dat amendz. 
Amending, A-mend-iij, n. ds akt ov korektiij. 
Amende, fl-mqnd, n. reparajon; retrakj'on. 
Amendment, A-mend-ment, n. a qanj for At beter. 
Amends, A-mendz, n. rekompens; kompcnsajon. 
Amenity. A-men-i-ti, n. plezantncs: agrsablnes. 
A MENSA et toro, fl. men-sa et to-rcD, [Z.] from 

bord and bed. 
Ament, Am'ent, n. a. log qaf i reseptakl ov a plant. 
Amentaceous, Am-en-ta-Jus, a. groig in au 

ament; rezemblig a toi). 
Amerce, A-mers, v. t. tu punij-bi fjn or penalti. 
Amerceable, A-mers-a-bl, a. Ijabl tu amersment 

or fin. 
Amercement, A-mers-ment, n. an qrbitrari fjn. 
Amercer, A-mer-ser, n. wun hO) sets a fjn at 

diskrejon. [Atlantik and Pasifik o'janz. 

America, A-mer-i-ka, n. de kontinent betwen de 
American, A-mer-i-kan, a. pertanig tu Amerika. 
American, A-mer-i-kan, n. a nativ ov Amerika. 
Americanism, A-mer-i-kan-iz-m, ?!. an Amerikan 

idiom. [Amerikan. 

Americanize, A-mer-i-kan-jz, v. t. tu render 
Amethyst, Am'e-tist, n. a prejus ston ov a vjo- 

let kulor. 
Amethystine, Am-e-tist-in, a. Ijk amstist. 
Amiability, 3-mi-a-bil-i-ti, ) n. luvlines; agre- 
Amiableness, a'mi-a-hl-nes. ] ablnes. 
Amiable, ^I'mi-a-bl, a. luvli: plczig; qqrmig. 
Amiably, £I'mi-a-bli, ad. in an amiabl maner. 
Amianthus, Ajn-i-an-tus, ji. ert f laks; de flaksn 

varJEti ov asbestos. [pesabl. 

Amicable. Am'i-ka-bl, a. frcndli; kjnd: obljjig: 
Amicableness, Am'i-ka-bl-nes, n. frendlines; giad 

wil. [igli. 

Amicably, Am'i-ka-bli, ad. in a frendli wa: obljj- 
Amice, Am'is, n. a skw,%r linen klot worn bj a 

Roman Katolik pre st. 
Amid. A-mid, ) prep, in de midst ov: miggld 
Amidst, A-midst, ( wid; amng; sur-snded bj. 
Amidships, A-mid-Jips, ad. in de midl ov a Jip. 
Amiss, A-mis, a. ad. folti; rog; improperli. 
Amity, Am'i-ti, n. frondjip; gud-wil ; h^rmoni. 
Ammonia, A-md)-ni-a, n. volatil alkalj. 
Ammoniac, A-mo-ni-ak, «. a gum rezin: — de nam 

ov gum amoniah and sal amonialc. 

Ammoniacal, Am-o-nj-a-kal, a. kontanigamonia. 
Ammonium, A-mo-ni-uni, n. de metalik bas ov 

Ammonite. Am'o-njt, n. serpent ston. 
Ammunition, Am-T{-niJ-on, n. militari storz, az 

puder, belz, Jelz, &s. 
Amnesty, Am'nes-ti, ra. an akt ov jeneral pqrdn. 
Among. A-miig, ) prep, miggld wid; konj^ud 
Amongst, A-mugst, \ wid: amidst. 
Amorist, Am'o-rist, re. a luver; a gaLont. 
Amorosa, Am-o-rcJ-za, n. a. wonton wuman. 
Amoroso, Am-o-ro-zo, n. a man ensimord. 
Amorous, Am'o-rus, a. fond: luvig; inkljnd tu 

luv. [onatli. 

Amorously, Am'o-rus-li, ad. fondli; luvigli; paj- 
Amorousness, Am'o-rus-nes, n. fondnes; luvi^- 

nes: luv. 
Amorphous, A-mor-fus, a. Japles; wid'st ferm. 
Amort, A-m6rt, ad. in de stat ov de ded. 
Amortization, A-mor-ti-za-Jon, ) ;i. de akt er 
Amortizement, A-mor-tiz-ment, f rjt ov al- 

yenalig hmdz or tenements tu a korporajon. 
Amortize, A-mcir-tiz or A-mor-tjz, v. t. tu al- 

yen'it tu a korporajon. 
Amount, A-mSnt, r. i. tu i"jz in valyti or efekt. 
Amount, A-m-snt, n. At agregat; sum total; rezdlt. 
Amour, A-mior, n. an af4r ov luv; intreg. 
Amove, A-mttv, r. t. tta remoov; tu mcDv. 
Ampersand. A-ai'pcr-sand, n. de karakter <f-, rep- 

rezentig de konjngkjon and. 
Amphibian. Am-iib-i-an, n. an amfibius animal. 
Amphibious, Am-fib-i-us, a. livig in toa diforent 

elements; az, ,^r and woter; ov a mikst natyqr. 
Amphibiousness. Am-fib-i-us-nos, )i. kapabl ov 

livig in diforent elements. [ambigyqus. 

Amphibological. Am-fib-o-16j-i-kal, a. d'stful; 
Amphibology, Am-fi-b61-o-ji, n.ambigyqus dis- 

kors. [anuder. 

Amphibolous, Am-fib-o-lus, a. tost from wun tu 
Amphiboly, Am-fib-o-li, ;i. diskc&rs ov varius 

menigz. [tre silablz. 

Amphibrach, Am'fi-brak, n. a fut konsistig ov 
Amphictyonic. Am-fik-ti-6n-ik, a. pertanig tu 

de Ggust k-snsil ov de Amfiktionz in Gres. 
Amphiscii, Am-fiJ-i-i, n. pi. pepl hil) inhabit d?. 

torid zon, lutiz Jivdoz fel sumtjmz nert and sum- 

tjmz sist. 
Amphimacer, Am-fim-a-ser, n. a fut ov tre sil- 
ablz, de midl wun Jort and de uder wunz log, 

az, kfistifas. 
Amphiprostyle, Am-fip-ro-stjl, n. an edifis wid 

kolumz on de frunt and rer, but not on de sjdz. 
Amphitheatre, Am-fi-te-a-ter, n. a bildig ov a 

s^rki|lar or oval form, havig its area enktimpast 

wid roz ov sets, wun abiiv anuder, and yiizd fer 

publik Joz, suq az kombats, 
Amphitheatrical, Am-fi-te-at-ri-kal, a. pertan- 
ig till or egzibited in an amfiteater. 
Amphitrite, Am'fi-trjt, n. a godes ov de sez. 
Amphora, Am-fu)-ra, li.a jugor mejq^r widdubl 

er er spist. 
Ample, Am'pl, a. Iqrj : wjd ; ekstended ; dif risiv. 
Ampleness, Am'pl-nes, n. Iqrjnes; liberaliti. 
Amplexicaul, Am-pleks-i-kel, a. sur'sndig dt 

stem. [dift^snes. 

Amplification. Am-pli-fi-ka-Jon, n. enlqrjment; 
Amplified, Am'pli-fjd, p. enl^rjd; treted kopiusli. 
Amplifier. Am'pli-fj-er, h. wun h<x> enlqrjez. 
Amplify. Am'pli-fj, v. t. tu enlqrj: tu ekstend; 

tu egzajerat; tu spck or rjt difqsli. [erat. 

Amplify, Am'pli-fj, ?•. i. tu spek Iqrjli; tu egzaj- 
Amplitude, Am'pli-tqd, ». ekstent; Iqrjnes; ka- 

pasiti; kopiusnes; — an qrk ov de horjzon. 
Amply. Am'pli, ad. Iqrjli; liberali: k6piusli. 
Ampullaceous, Am-pul-a-Jus, a. Ijk a botl or in- 
flated blader; swelig. 




AuTVTATt, Am'pii-t/it, p. t. tu kut of a lim; tu 

pnnn. [of a lim. 

Amputation, Am-pn-ui-Jon, n. Ac akt ov kutip 
Amuck, A-indk, n. un Pst Iiidiiin tfjrm for rioter. 
Amulkt, Ani'yn.-lct, n. .HUlntiu wuni tu |)rot4>kt 

from injn,ri; u <;<irni. [dru^v. 

AMt'SK, A-ini\i, I', t. tu cnt<jrt<4n; tu divtVt; tu 
Amusement, A-nii^s-mont, n. dat bwicj omtizcz; 

Amuher, A-inl\s-er, n. wun lub amt^tez. 
Amisinq, A-mi\z-iD, pp. a. cntcrtHiiij) ogrcnbli. 
Ami ftiVK, A-inti-i<iv, :i. tiuu\i\{): divcrt'n). 
Amvoualate, A-niig-d;i-liit, .1. lund ov nrnondx. 
Amyuiialatk, A-nii);-du-lat, n. an ctnuijon ov 

Amvodalink, A-iuig-da-I)n, a. reztSmblig qmondz. 
Amigpaloid, A-mig-da-lerd, n. a opejes ov trap 

Amilackous, Am-i-la-/ns, a. portnnio tu stqrij. 
All, Au, kold an indofinit qrtikl: signifjz wun; 

it iz ynwi brt'oJr wurdz brginig wid u vsel sund; 

a brftjr wunlz beginiu wid a kdnsanant Blind. 

Aa in uld otorz sij^nifjz «y'. 
AjfA, U'nu, ad. a wurd y^zd in de preskripjonz 

ov fizijunz, iu)|i(jrtio in (it {[k hrmititi. 
Ana, An'<i, u l^itin ti/nninnjim, dtnutij) a kolek- 

Jon ov rf mqrkabl Niigz; az Jmitujiiinna. 
Anabaptist, An-a-b!tp-ti!<t, n. wun htD buldz dat 

inl'iint bu|>tiziu iz not valid, and dut baptizm t>) 

inw;r/iin iz n«*<osnri. 
Anacathaktic, An-a-ka-t^r-tik.n. mcdisinwurk- 

ij) uiiwunlz. 
Anaciikkkt, .\n-ak-o-rPt, n. a mu)|k: an afikurit. 
AxAi'iioKiTK. An-ak-o-rjt, ». a muyk: a hi;ruiit. 
Anachsonism, An-ak-rc>-Dii-in,n.ancrorin kom- 

pilti]) Ijin. [anakrunizm. 

Anaciiro.nistic. An-ik-ro-nis-tik, a. kontanifjan 
Axaclastu-s. An-a-klAg-tiks, n./)/. dc doktrin ov 

rtfrnktod Ijt. 
Anac<£.\08IS, An-a-(iF-nti-sis, n. a fipyqr in r^fu- 

rik bj hwi(j dr sjif kcr aptiz tu hiz bf ri-rz for d;ir 

upinyiiiiz on de jxrnt ov debi'tt. [pent. 

Anaco.nda, An-a-kon-du, u. a Iqrj spejtz ov 8<;r- 
Axacekontic, An-ak-rr-on-tik, a. rtlati)) tu An- 

Anadem. -Vn'ii-dfui, n. a j;(\rland or filot. 
Anadiplosis. An-a-di-pl<i-sis, n. de rcpetijon 

ov <i wurd. (yi'"' 

Anaolvph. An'a-glif, n. an ornament in skulpt- 
Anaolyptic, An-a-glip-f ik, n. rtlntig tu anaglifs. 
Anauouical. An-o-goj-i-knl, a. misttrius; mi."- 

tikal. [tajonz. 

ANAaodiCS. An-a-g''>j-ik.'!. raistikal intorjirr- 
ANACiUAM, Aii'a-pram, n. a qnnj ov wun wunl 

intu aniidi-T bi dr transpozi/on ov its Ictcrz; az, 

{Am>>r) intva {ji<nna.s [tu anagniniz. 

Anagrammatical. An-a-pram -at-i-kal, a. rtlafin 
AXAGRAMMATKALLV. An rt-gram-at-i-kal-i, aa. 

I{k 11 ti anagnim. 
Anaorammatism, An-a-gram-a-tii-m, n. de mnk- 

iU ov an.kgraniz. [ov anagraraz. 

Anaurammatist, An-a-gWtm-a-tist, n. a maker 
Anaorammatizk, An-a-grim-a-tiz, r. t. tu mnk 

AXALKCTic An-B-lek-tik, a. koK-ktip. [ij). 

Analeptic, An-a-ldp-tik, «. r£st<anitiv;8trci)t«n- 
Analooical, An-a-l6j-i-kal, a, akordig tu an- 

^•JJi- [gu.^ manor. 

Analooicallt, An-a-l6j-!-kaI-i, «f. in an analo- 
Analogicalnk«8, An-a-l6j-i-kal-ne.<, n. stat ov 

bf i{) aiialojikal. [tu oft-kt. 

Analuuism, A-nal-o-iit-m, o. (^rgtimcnt fr.m ki'Z 
Analogiek, A-nAl-u-Jlt, r. t. tu eluplan bjanal- 

uji- (porjonnl. 

Amaloooijs, A-Dil-o-g«u, a. harig anatoji; pro- 
Analoot, A-nil-o-ji, n. proporjon er piraleUim 

betw^n Mgs hwiq qr in snm rrsp^kta dlferrat; 

rtztimblaiM; iiimllariti. 
Analysis, A-nal-i-niH, n., /;/. A-nAI-i-iez; dercz- 

ulqjon ov eni tig intu ita ft.Tit (^IrmcntJor kom- 

|iC>nL-nt pOrtu; - o|HJzd tu tintrrit. 
Analyst, An'a-lint, n. wunhinin:)' r. 

Analytic, An-a-lit-ik, \a.\oi 
Analytical, An-a-llt-i-kal, i wi. „...;u 

ffR4t (ilrmpntji. [ikal maner. 

Analytically, An-a-lit-i-kal-i, ad. in an analit- 
ASALYTICH, An-a-lit-ikjt, n. ///. de qrtovanalixig. 
Analyze, An'a-ljz, r. t. tu rtzolv intu l^n<! 

prinniiilz, or (^itinenL>i; tu sulv bj analixia. 
Analyzer, An'a-liz-or, n. wun dat analizei; an 

Analyzing, An'a-ljz-ig, pp. rti6Ivig intu kon- 

stityqent pqrt.s or iqnX. priMiplz. 
Anamorphosis, An-a-mor-fu-sia, or An-a-imJr- 

fu-si.i, n. o iKT-iiioktiv [jrojckjun ov cni tig; to 

dat, tu At j, at wun pffnt ov vq, it Jal api'r de- 

ff'trmd, at anddcr, an egzakt reprezentajon. 
Ananas, A-nii-na.-", n. at pjn anl. 
Anapest, An'a-pcst, n. a mctnkal fut, kontanig 

tO) Jort silablz and wun log wun. 
A.vapestic. .Vn-a-i^^.j-tik, a. relntigtu deanapost. 
Anaphoea, A-n.if-o-m, n. [Gr.] a repeti/on ov 

wurdz at At btginig ov .sentenyoz. 
Anarch. An'ark, n. an otor ov konfqjon. 
Anarchic, A-n^r-kik, } a. relatigtu anarki; 

Anarchical, A-ni^r-ki-kal, i di!<orderli;konfqzd. 
Anarchism, An'ur-kiz-m, «. anarki. 
Anarchist, An'ar-kist, n. a promoter ov anarki. 
Anarchy, An'ar-ki, n. wontovguvcmmcnt; dis- 
order, [dropei. 
Anasarca, An-a-s^r-ka, n. [ Gr.] a spejci ov 
Anasarcous. An-a-i4''-kus, a. relatig tu an an- 

asqrku. [strukjonz. 

AxASTOMATic, A-naa-to-mflt-ik. a. renutivig ob- 
Anastrophe, A-na.s-tra-fc, n. [ Gr.] figyqrhw^r- 

\}\ At order ov At wurdz iz inverted. [kur?. 

Anathema. A-nat-c-ma, n. [Gr.] an ckleziastikal 
Anathematical, A-nat-r-mat-i-kal, a. apertanig 

tu anatcma. [akiirst. 

Anathematize, A-nat-c-ma-tiz, v. t. tu pronins 
Axatuematizer. A-nat-e-ma-tiz-er, n. wun hA 

anatrniatizoz. [omi. 

Anatomical, An-a-t6m-i-kal, a. bel6gip tu anat- 
Anatomically, An-a-t6m-i-kal-i, ad. inanana- 

tnmikal raancr. [omi. 

Anatomist, A-nat-o-mist, n. wun skild in anit- 
Anatomize, A-nat-o-miz, v. t. tu di.«^kt an ani- 
mal bodi. 
Anatomy, A-n;it-o-mi, n. At qrt ov dis«^ktig an 

animal Ixnli; dc doktrin ov At struktyqr ov dc 

biidi. [cd gla?. 

-Vxatron, .\n'a-ln>n, n. At skumor spqm ov melt- 
Ancestor. An'ccji-tor, n. a projenitor; a furfqdcr. 
Ance-storial. .Vn-scs-tiS-ri-al, a. relntig tu an- 

sestorz; anse.stral. 
Ancestral, An'ses-tral, a. relatig tu ansestorx. 
Ancestby, An'scs-tri, n. lineaj;a8erieior aiues- 

Anchor, Ag'kor, n. a hevi }um tu hold a Jip or 

uder vesel: — koz ov srknriti. 
Anchor, .Xg'kor, r.t. or «. tu kast an agkor; tu 

stop at; tu fik.< or rest on. 
Anchorage, Ag'kor-nj. n. grind foragkorig in: 

a dqti |tad for agkurig. 
Anchored, Ag'kord, p. havig kum tu agkor. 
Anchoress, .\g'kor-eo, ». a frmal hermit. 
Anchoret. Ajf ku-ret, ( n. a hermit; a rrkli^i; a 
.VniHoritk. .Vj)'ku-rjt, * mugk. 
.Vnchoesmith, Ag'kor-smit, n.a maker ov sgkort. 
ANCHorr, An-qo-vi, n. a smol se-fij yqzd f.«r so». 
Ancik.nt, fln'Jont, a. old; not modern; jia?t; ot 

uld t^m; antik. 




Anciently, an'Jent-li, ad. in old tjmz; fermerli. 
Ancientness, JIn'Jent-nes, n. grat aj; oldnes; an- 

Ancientry, £In'Jent-ri, n. anjent lineaj. 
Ancients, £In'Jents, n. pi. old men; men hcD livd 

in aujcnt tjmz; opozd tu nuderii. 
Ancillary, An'sil-a-ri, a. bslopii) txa a handmad. 
Ancapital, An-kap-i-tal, a. d-stfial; dubl fermd. 
Anconez, An'ko-nsz, n. p^. in qrkiiekiytir, ds 

brakets suportij) de kornis on de flaijks; elsu, de 

kernerz ov a wel. 
Ancony, An'ko-ni, n. a bUT)m in jurn wurks. 
And, And, kmij. a wurd dat jffnz sentensez. 
Andante, An-dan-te, a. [li.] distiijkt; egzakt. 
Andiron, And'j-urn, 7i. an jurn yq,tensil tu la 

wud on in a fjr plas. 
Androgynal, An-droj-i-nal, ) a. havii) t<D seks- 
Androgynous, An-droj-i-uus, ( ez; hermafrcD- 

Android, An'drffd, n. an etomaton; andrffdez. 
Androides, An-drd^-dEZ, n. an etomaton Ijk a 

man. [er fakt. 

Anecdote, An'ek-dot, n. a bjografikal insident 
A.NECD0TICAL, An-ek-dot-i-kal, a. relativtia an- 

ekdots. [ov de windz. 

Anemography, An-e-mog-ra-fi, n. a dsskripjon 
Anemology, An-e-mol-o-ji, n. sjens ov windz. 
Anemometer, An-B-mom-e-ter, n. an instrcoment 

tu mei^n,r de streijfi or velositi ov de wind. 
Anemone, A-nem-o-ne, n. [Gr-r.] aplant:de wind- 

fl-sev: u jgnus ov plants ov meni spejez. 
Anemoscope, A-nem-o-skop, n. a majen tu Jq 

de kors ov de wind. 
Anent, A-nent, prep, ab'st; konsernii); over agenst. 
Aneurism, An'i|-riz-m, n. a ti|,mor fermd bj mer- 

bid dilatajon ov an qrteri. 
Anew, A-nij,, ad. over agen: agen; mi,li. 
Angel, £In'jel, n. a mesenjer; a selestyal spirit; 

a gold kern; a veri bi|tiful person. 
Angel, iln'jel, a. rezembliij anjelz; anjelik. 
Angelet, An'je-let, n. an IfijgliJ gold kffn. 
Angelic, An-jel-ik, ) a. beloijii) tu anjelz; 

Angelical, An-jel-i-kal, \ ov de natyi^r ov 

Angelica, An-jel-i-ka, n. a jenus ov plants. 
Angelot, An'je-lot, ji. a mi^zikal instrcoment; an- 
Anger, Aij'ger, n. rezentment; raj; pan. [jelet. 
Anger, Aij'ger, v. t. tu mak aijgri: tu enraj. 
Angina, An-jj-na, n. [L.] a. dizez in de trot. 
Angina pectoris, An-ji-na pek-to-ris, ». [Z.] a 

danjorus dizez, yilJiiali konekted wid de osifika- 

J'on, or uder merbid afekjon, ov de hqrt. 
Angiography, An-ji-6g-ra-fi, n. a. deskripjon ov 

veselz in de hitman bodi. 
Angiology, An-ji-61-o-ji, n. a tretiz on de veselz 

ov de hitman bodi. 
Angiosperm, An'ji-o-sperm, n. a plant h(Dz sedz 

qr inklozd in a perikqrp er pod. 
Angiospermous, An-ji-o-sper-mus, a. havigsedz 

inklcozd. [de veselz. 

Angiotomy, An-ji-6t-o-mi, n. akt ov kuti:j) opn 
Angle, Aij'gl, n. a pernt hwq^r tro Ijnz met; a 

kerner; a fijiij rod. 
Angle, Aij'gl, v. i. tu fij wid a rod and huk. 
Angler, Aij'gler, n. wun hoo agglz. 
Angles, Ag'glz, n. pi. a pepl ov Jermani from 

beam de nam ov Iijgland woz derjvd. 
Anglican, Ai)'gli-kan, n. a. wun ov de trjbz dat 

pepld l{)gland; pertanig tu Ii)gland. 
Anglice, Ai)'gli-se, ad. in Ii)gliJ. 
Anglicism, Ag'gli-siz-m, n. an IijgliJ idiom er 

Anglicize, A^'gli-sjz, v. t. tu render I:ogliJ. 
Angling, Aij'glir), n. a fijiijwid rod and Ijn. 
Anglo-American, Ag'glo-A-mer-i-kan, a. per- 

tanig tu de des^ndants ov Igglijmen in Amerika. 

Anglo-Danish, Ag'glo-Da-niJ, a. relatin tm I5- 
glij Danz. [de IflgliJ Nermanz. 

Anglo-Norman, Ay'glo-Ner-man, a. pertanig tu 

Anglo-Saxon, Ag'glo-Saks-on, a. pertanig tu 
8aksonz hot) setld in Iggland; — n. an IggliJ 

Angor, Ag'gor, n. aknt pan. 

Angrily, Ag'gri-li, ad. in an aggri maner. 

Angry, Ag'gri, a. eksjted bj agger; provd)kt. 

Angulsh, Ag'gwiJ, n. grat pan ov bodi er mind. 

tZl'^'.!"!!^^., I - havigkornerz; p.^ted. 
Angularity, Ag-gii,-lar-i-ti, n. de kwoliti ov bsig 

Angulated, Ag-gq,-lat-ed, a. fermd wid agglz. 
Angustation, An-gus-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov mak- 

ii) naro. 
Anhelation, An-he-la-Jon, n. Jertnes ov bret. 
Anhydrous. An-hj-drus, a. destitq,t ov weter. 
Anile, An'jl, a. Ijk an old wuman; dotig. 
Anileness, An'jl-nes, ) n. de old aj ov a wuman; 
Anility. A-nil-i-ti, \ dotaj. 
Animadversion, An-i-mad-ver-Jon, n. senjq,r; 

reprtfjf; kritisizm. [puer ov persevig. 

Animadversive, An-i-mad-ver-siv, a. dat haz de 
Animadvert, An-i-mad-vert, v. i. tu senjii,r; tu 

kritisjz; tu atend; tu inflikt punijment. 
Animadverter, An-i-mad-vert-er, n. a senjqrer; 

kritik: juj. 
Animal, An'i-mal, n. a beig wid an organjzd bodi. 

end'sd wid Ijf, sensajon, and spontaneus mo Jon. 
Animal, An'i-mal, a. pertanig tu an animal; gros. 
Animalcule, An-i-mal-ki^l, n., pi. An-i-mal-kq,- 

le; a mini^t animal. 
Animalculist, An-i-mal-kq-list, n. wun verst in 

de nolej ov animalki|le. [er se-anemoni. 

Animal-flower, An'i-mal-fl-s-er, n. de se-netl, 
Animalization, An-i-mal-j-za-Jon, n. de akt ov 

givig animal Ijf, er ov konvertig intu animal 

mater. [malz. 

Animalism, An'i-mal-iz-m,n. de stat ov mer ani- 
Animality, An-i-mal-i-ti, n. &z stat ov animal 

egzistens. [mezmerizm. 

Animal-magnetism, An-i-mal-mag-nct-iz-m, n. 
Animate, An'i-mat, v. t. tti kwikn; mak aljv; 

enkuraj. [mated. 

Animate, An'i-mat, a. pozesig animal Ijf; ani- 
Animated, An'i-ma-ted, p. a. Ijvli; havig Ijf; 

vigorus. [ig. 

Animating, An'i-mat-ig, i^p. a. givig Ijf; enljvn- 
Animation, An-i-ma-Jon, n. akt ov animatig; Ijf; 

spirit. [ig Ijf. 

Animative, An'i-ma-tiv, a. havig de p'ser ov giv- 
Animator, An'i-ma-tor, n. wun huo givz Ijf. 
Animist, An'i-mist, n. wun ho mantanz dat de 

fugkjonz ov plants and animalz qr dependent 

upon vjtaliti, insted ov mer mekanikal and 

kemikal piserz. [ligniti. 

Animosity, An-i-mos-i-ti, n. pajon; hatred; ma- 
Animus furandi, An'i-mus fii,-ran-dj, [L.] intent 

tu stel. 
Anise, An'is, n. a spejez ov apium er pqrsli. 
Anker, Ag'ker, n. a likwid meji^r ov ab'st 64 

Ankle, Ag'kl, n. de jernt betwen de fut and leg. 
Anlace, An'las, n. a Jert sord, er dager. 
Annalist, An'al-ist, n. a rjter ov analz. 
Annals, An'alz, n. pi. histori dijested intu yerz. 
Anneal, A-nel, v. t. tu temper glas bj het. 
Annealed, A-neld, p. temperd; seznd. [&s. 

Annealing. A-nel-ig, n. de qrt ov temperig glas, 
Annex, A-neks, v. t. tu yunjt tu at de end; tu jffn. 
Annexation, An-oks-a-Jon, n. konjugkjon; adij- 

on; yqnyon. 
Annexment, A-n6ks-ment, n. an aneksig; aneks- 





An.viiiilablk, A-nj-bi-la-U, a. ka|iubl <>v beiu 

uinliiliiti'J. [JeHlrnr. 

Anniuilati:, A-nj-hi-lnt, r. t. tu rcdi^ tu iiuti{j; 
Amniiulatiom, A-ui-hi-lii-Jon, n. akt uv ndiiiiiu 

tu uuti(|. 
A«NIVKU«ABY, An-i-v«Jr-»u-ri, n. a dn Milrbratod 

uz it ri'tiiriiE in de Vliu ov de yer; ttiiyi^iil mjIc- 

A.VNiVKiiHARy, An-i-vi'r-«a-ri, ii. i\ny\\a.\\ytT\\. 
Anno 1), An'u Duin-i-ni, [/..] in de yrr ov 

Bf I>iril; kuiiioiili abrivintcd, A. 0. [wurld. 

Anno minim, An-u imin -dj, [/-.J in At ytt ov dr 
Amnotta, A-iiiit-u, ii.uii ulcguiit red kulur, ubuind 

froui dr pulp ov de »ed vonol uv u trupikiil trc. 
Annotate, An'u-tut, r. t. tu luak aiiuttijonz, or 

luatJt. [reuitirk. 

Annotation, An-o-td-Jon, n. a nut; a kmuunt; u 
Amnotatuu, Au'o-tA-tor, n. a rjlcr ov nato, or 


Annotto, A-not-u, n. a drj, hqnl fniiil, j'^id in 

djii); ritu ol:iv>, (annotta, and arn(>lUi.\ 
A^INOUXCE, A-nYiu, o. t. tu publij; tu prokl^; 

tu di'kli'ir. [vvrtizuiunt. 

Annoi NCKMENT, A-n^ns-uicnt, n. dcklarujuu; ad- 
ANNui'NOJi, A-u'Siu-or, ii. a dekhirur; u pro- 

klaiuer. [iMt. 

AxNov, A-ii('r, f. t. tu inkomud: tu vcks; tu niu- 
Annovanck, A-nfV-an!<, n. dul hwii; unt'rz: trubl. 
AsNoy KH. A-ntif-er, h. wun hJiuntirz; wun ha> iiijurz. 
A.NNLAL, An'>n-al, a. yerli; kumiji ycrli. 
Anncal, Au'.vii,-al, n. n litcruri publikajun ijyiid 

iiiivii.kli; uii Aiiyiial plant. 
Annl'allv, Aii'.vii,-al-i, ;it/. jcrli; evcri yer. [iti. 
Anni'ITant, A-ui^-i-tnnt, n. wun ha> ba/ un ani^- 
Annl'ITY, A-ni'i-i-ti, n. n yerli rent: yrrii al'Kann. 
Anxi'L, A-niil, f.(. tta aliolij; tu iibrufpit: tu it pel. 
An.M'Lab, An'vii-liir, a. havi^ Ac furui uv a ri\). 
AnnI'LAIIY, All yii-ln-ri, .1. foriud l|k a riD:anyiilar. 
Annulet, An'yn.-li't, h. <i litl riu; u umrk in her- 

Annilmknt, A-ndl-mcnt, 11. de akt ov andlig. 
ANNLMKUATi:, A-n4-incr-at, f. I. tu ud tu; tu 

yiinjt tu. [number. 

Anmuuiation, A-nn-mer-u-Jon. n. adi/on tu a 
Annunciate, A-niin-Ji-nt, r. t. tu an'ins; tu 

Anni'.nciation, A-nun-:!i-a-Jiin, u. dc akt ov 

an'sn.-tiy; de dn on bwi<j an nnjd aperd tu de 

Vyrjin -Mnri, tu dekh'ir vr Savyorz b(<rt. cle 

2bt d.T DV .Mqr<;. 
Anodynk, .\ii'ij din, n. niolirin hwiq :Lbvraji'Z jfln. 
Anodvm;, Au'u-din, A. miti>;nti() |ian; aswnjiy. 
Anoint. A-mVnt, r. t. tu rub over wid «fl; tu 

k6ii->Eknit. (ed. 

Anointed, A-mVnl-cd, «. ruM wid #1: k6ii.«ekmt- 
Anointla, A-iicfut-cr, n. wun hit) aiurntd. [Jon. 
Anointing, A-n»Vnt-i(), «. an uykjon: a koni^cKra- 
Anointment, A-n<Vnt-mcnt, n. de akt ov antrntii). 
Anomalism, A-uuni-a-liz-m, n. unoinnii ; iri'R)'n- 

lurili. [nljl. 

Anumaloi'h, a -noiu-a-lu.i, n. irt'-gytilar ; tst ov 
Anomaloihly, A-n6ui-B-lu3-li, aJ. ireRytilarIi ; 

unrkwali. Ifroui rail. 

Anomaly. A-n6m-n-li, n. ircgytilariti ; Ueviuji n 
Anon. .\ non, aJ. kwikli ; .«M>n; Jortli;— <•(«;• aJi</ 

an 'i>. iiT* and den. [le.s. 

ANoNYMofB, A-iHin-i-iuui), a. wontiga nam: imtii- 
Anonvmoisly, A-n6D-i-inu«-li, aJ. wid^ta nam. 
Anoklxy, Au'w-rvks-i, n. wont ov ipet^t ; mip- 

Anormal, A-n<ir-iunl, a. not akxrdig tu ni>l. 
Anutiiea, A-ni\d-cr, a. not Ac sum; wuu mur: 

cni; ihit wunz .tflf; diforcnt. 
Ansatlp, An'.nat-cd, a. ha\i\] bandli. 
.\N8Wfji, llnWr, V. I. tu !<|i€k in rttdm; tu replj: 

tu be ak'sntabi: tu S14I. 

Anhwl'B, Un'»«r, v. I. tu ii|>ck in rttdm tu; tu 
replj tu; tu be ikwivuk-nt tu; tu uitiHf[. 

.Vnsweii, (Iii'mt, u. dat bwitj iz ned in reldru tu 
a kwohtyon; u replj; o konfi^tu/on. 

Anuweuaule, Un'»or-a-bl, a. udmilig u rapl^ Ij- 
alil tu ^'iv an akSnt; siitabl. 

ANKWKUAULENEK8, UnV-r-u-bl-aQf, n. atatov be- 
lli (inrrnil.!. [siitabli. 

ANbWEHAULY, (Iu'i!or-n-bli, aJ. in di^ pruporjon; 

ANbWKUKD, (lii'»erd, y. repljd lu; kouipljd wid. 

Ankwkueu, Uii'»or-L'r, n. wun hoj uiutcrz. 
I .VxHWKUiNti, (In'»cr-iu, j>ji. a. rcpliiy: a;;reig; kor- 

! u.i|ajudio 111. 

Ant, (Jilt, fi. an ini<ukl; an t-mvt; u pizmjr. 
Antacid, Aiit-;u)-id, u. 11 reua'di I'-ir HMrnc!'. 
Antautiibitic, CInt-qr-trit-ik, n.a rdmediagdnal 

At g«t. 
Antbear, Qntlt^r, / ». nn animal dat fcdi up- 
Anteateu, Unl'et-er, i 611 unts. 
Antkcjgs, Unt'c'KZ, n. yugunLs in litl U»lz. 
Antaoo.msm, Aii-Uig-cj-uiz-ni, n. opuzijon ; kon- 

test. [oiMjncnt. 

Antagombt, An-tiig-a-niBt, n. a kont<^ndcr; an 
Antagonist, An-tig-o-nist, * a. kontcndig 

.\ntagoni8Tic, An-tag-o-nis-lik, i oz an an- 

L:'i;{i^iii;jt. [oii<Iiz. 

Antagonize, An-taj;-u-njz, r. t. tu kontt^nd; tu 
.\ntalgic. An-Uil-jik, a. dat relevz jmn. 
Antalgic, An-tal-jik, n. a m-.-di^iiu tu rclev pan. 
A ntan ACLASIS, An-ta-iui-klii-r-i!, n. [Or.] a fig- 

yi^r b| hwi^ de «am wurd iz rcpetcu in a difcr- 

i-iit .sens. [al. 

Antai'Iiuoditic, Ant-a-fru-dit-ik, a. nutivonere- 
Antabctic. Ant-qrk-tik, a. rrlatig tu de .s«t pol. 
Ante, Aii'tc, a Latin ix^rtikl j-i^nifiiy hr/cjr. 
Anteact, An'tf-akt, n. a presrdig akt. 
Ante bellum. An-te bcl-um, [Z.J bcfur de wor. 
Antecedaneois, An-lc-se-du-ne-U8, a. presedig 

in tjui. [fur in tjm. 

Antecede, Aii-te-sW, v. t. tu presid; tu gu de- 
Antecedence, An-tc-sE-den.J, \ n. akt uv guig 
Antecedency, An-tc-s^-dcn-ii, i bcfur; prcsc- 

dcnx. [acdig. 

Antecedent, An-te-si-dcnt, a. goin bef6r; pre 
Antecedent, An-tc-se-dent, n. dat hwiq goz bt- 

fur; de fvrst ov tjj t^rmz;— de n'sn tu nwi<} a 

relativ reiVrz. 
Antecedently, An-te-B^-dcnt-li, aJ. previu.'li. 
Antecessob, An-te-ses-or, n. [L.] wun hij> guz 

befiir. [tu anddcr. 

.Vnteciiamueii, An'te-yiin-bcr, u. a ra>tu dat ledz 
Anteciiapel, An'te-^ap-tl, u. dat i>qrt ov dc 

(;a|H.'l tru liwi(j Ac {lo-^j iz tu de kw^r. 
Antecian, An-tr-Jan, n. wun h(i> livz under dc 

gum mcridiun. at dc sam di.stnn.s from dc ekwa- 

tor, but on I'lpuzil xjdz ov de glub. 
Antk-Columbian, An-te-Ko-ldm-bi-an, a. befur 

Kuluiubu.'i, iir hiz dixkuveriz in Ameriku. [f(jr. 
Anteii iisoK, An-tc-kdr-sor, n. wun ha> run* bc- 
Antedate, An'tc-djit, m. a prcviuH dnt. [lini. 
Antedate, An'tr-dnt, r. /. tu dat bcfur Ac tnb 
Antediluvial, An-tc-di-lii-vi-ol, ( a. bciji bcfur 
Antediluvian, An-t€-di-hi-vi-an, i dc flud: in 

Nuuz diiz. 
Antediluvian, An-ts-di-li^-vi-an, n. wun ha 

livd bcfOr dr flud. [dcr. 

.Vntei.oi'E, Aii'tr-lup, n. an animal rrzi'mblig dc 
Antelucan, An-tc-li^-kon, a. crii; bef(!>r dalit. 
Antemkbidian, An-tc-me-riil-i-an, *, bcig bcfur 

Antemetic, .Vnt-c-m<5t-ik, a. rtstranin vomitip. 
Antemindane, Au-lc-mdn-dan, a. bcfur dc krr- 

njon ov dr wurld. 
Antenna, Au-ton-a, n. [L.] pi. An-U'o-c; promi- 
nent orgunz atA^t tu de hedz or inxoku*. kiJd 





Antenuptial, An-te-ndp-Jal, a. bEigbEforinarij. 
Antepaschal, An-tE-pas-kal, a. befcSr Ae tjm ov 

Antepast, An'tE-past, n. a. fortast; antisipajon. 
Antepenult, An-tE-ps-nult, n. &z last silabl but 

Antepenultimate, An-ts-pE-nul-ti-mat, n. te- 

latir) tu ds last silabl but tin. 
Anteposition, An-tE-po-ziJ-on, n. in gramar, ds 

plasii) ov a wurd bEf6r aniider. 
Antepredicament, An-tE-prs-dik-a-ment, n. an 

introdukjon tu katEgoriz; a prEliminari kwest- 

yon. [former. 

Anterior, An-tE-ri-or_, a. goig bEfor; prjor tu: 
Anteriority, An-ts-ri-or-i-ti, n. prjoriti; prESE- 

Anteroom, An'te-rcbm, n. a rcDm bsf^r anuder. 
Anthelmintic, An-tcl-min-tik, a. dEstrerijj 

Anthem, An'tem, n. a. sakred him, er sog. 
Anther, An'ter, n. {Bot.) ds sumit ov ds stamen. 
Antheral, An'tor-al, a. pertanii) tu anterz. 
Antheriferous, An-ter-if-er-us, a. prodn,sii} 

Anthological, An-to-16j-i-kal, a. rslatii) tu an- 

foloji. [or poemz. 

Anthology, An-f)61-o-ji, n. a kolekjon ov fl-serz 
Anthony's fire, An'to-niz fjr, n. ds erEsipElas. 
Anthracite, An'tra-sit, n. a. hqrd mineral kol, 

dat burnz wid-st flam er smok. [ulsor. 

Anthrax, An'traks, n. a kqrbuijkl, er malignant 
Anthropology, An-tro-pol-o-ji, n. a diskors on 

man. or ds doktrin ov ds hitman bodi. 
Anthropomorphism, An-tro-po-mor-fiz-m, n. de 

doktrin dat dE DEiti egzists in ds human form. 
Anthropopathy, An-tro-pop-a-ti, w. dE afekjonz 

ov man, or dE aplikajon ov hiiman pajonz tu dE 

Siipn'm ]!riij. 
Anthropophagy, An-trcD-p6f-a-ji, n. kanibalizm. 
Anthroposophy, An-f)ro-p6s-Q-fi, n. nolcj ov 

manz natyiy. 
Anthypnotic, Ant-hip-not-ik, a. prEventii) slsp. 
Anthypophora, An-ti-p6f-Q-ra, n. [Gi-.] {Jihet.) 

a figyixr bj hwiq de objekjonz ov an adversari 

qr brot forward in erder tu be anserd. 
Anthysteric, Ant-his-ter-ik, a. gud agenst his- 

teriks. [agenst. 

Anti, An'ti, a. [ Gr.] in komp-jnd wurdz signif jz 
Antiarthritics, An-ti-qr-trit-iks, n. pi. modi- 
sin z for dE g'St. [bufosneri; a trik. 
Antic, An'tik, n. wun hco plaz antiks; a bufdm; 
Antic, An'tik, a. od; drol; fantastik; plaful. 
Antichrist, An'ti-krjst, n. ds grat enemi ov 

Kristyianiti. [Kristyianiti. 

Antichristian, An-ti-krist-yan, a. opozit tu 
Anticheistian, An-ti-krist-yan, n. an ensmi ov 

Kristyianiti. [zijon tu Kristyianiti. 

Antichristianism, An-ti-krist-yan-iz-m, w. opo- 
Antichristianity', An-ti-krist-yi-an-i-ti, »i. kon- 

trarJEti, or opozijon tu Kristyianiti. 
Anticipate, An-tis-i-pat, v. t. tu tak bsfiar dE 

proper tjin; tu prevent; tia forss; tu fortast. 
Anticipation, An-tis-i-pa-Jon, n. a takiij bEfior; 

a fortast. [pats. 

Anticipator, An-tis-i-pa-tor, n. wun hm antisi- 
Anticipatory, An-tis-i-pa-to-ri, a. takig bEf6r 

its tjm. 
Anticlimax, An-ti-klj-maks, n. a sentens in 

hwiq de jdeaz bekiim les strikiig at ds kloz. 
Anticonstitutional, An-ti-kon-sti-ti'i-Jon-al, a. 

opozd tu dfi konstiti^^Jon. [kontajon. 

Anticontagious, An-ti-kon-ta-jus, a. opozir) 
Anticor, An'ti-kor, n. a sweli^ in a horsez trot. 
Anticosmetic, An-ti-koz-met-ik, a. destruktiv 

ov bqti. [zcz de kort. 

Anticourtier, An-ti-kort-yer, n. wun hro opo- 

Antidotal, An'ti-do-tal, ) a. havig de kwol- 
AntidotAry, An-ti-do-ta-ri, i iti ov an antidot: 

k'snteraktii) perzn. 
Antidote, An'ti-dut, n. a remedi for perzn er evl. 
Antiemetic, Au-ti-e-met-ik, «. a remedi fer 

vomitii). Pepsi. 

Antiepileptic, An-ti-ep-i-lep-tik, a. opozii) epi- 
Antiepiscopal, An-ti-E-pis-ko-pal, a. advers tu 

Antifebrile, An-ti-feb-ril, a. gud agenst feverz. 
Antilogarithm, An-ti-16g-a-rid-m, n. kompk- 

ment ov a logaridm. 
Antilogy, An-til-o-ji, n. kontradikjon betwen 

cni wurdz or pasajez ov an otor. 
Antimaniac, An-ti-ma-ni-ak, ) a. k-ynter- 

Antimaniacal, An-ti-ma-nj-a-kal, j aktig mad- 

nes. [sonri. 

Antimason, An-ti-ma-son, n. wun hostil tu ma- 
Antiministerial, An-ti-min-is-te-ri-al, a. opoz- 
ir) de miuistri. [tu monarki. 
Antimonarciiical, An-ti-mo-nqr-ki-kal, a. hostil 
Antimoxarchist, An-ti-mon-ar-kist, n. an ensmi 

tu monarki. 
Antimony', An'ti-mo-ni, n. a mEtalik or; a blak- 

ij mineral; olso, a metal ov graij hwjt. 
Antinephritic, An-ti-nE-frit-ik, n. mcdisin fer 

dE kidniz. 
Antinomian, An-ti-no-mi-an, n. wun ov a sekt 

hen denjd de obligajon ov de moral le. 
Antinomian, An-ti-no-mi-an, a. relatig tu de 

Antino)mianz. [nomian tenets. 

Antinomianism, An-ti-no-mi-an-iz-m, n. Anti- 
Antinomy, An-tin-o-mi, w. a kontradikjon be- 
twen tcTj loz, or too qrtiklz ov de sam le. 
Antipapal, An-ti -pa-pal, a. opozig ds pop er 

Antipapistic, An-ti-pa-pis-tik, ) a. opozig 

Antipapistical, An-ti-pa-pis-tik-al, ) papasi er 

poperi. [pelzi. 

Antiparaly'TIc, An-ti-par-a-lit-ik, a. kiyii) de 
Antipathetic, An-ti-pa-tet-ik, ) a. havii) 

Antipathetical, An-ti-pa-tet-i-kal, \ antipati; 

avers; opozit. 
Antipathy, An-tip-a-ti, n. natyqral hatred er 

opozij'on; averjon; opozd tu simpafi. [ik. 

Antipatriotic, An-ti-pa-tri-6t-ik, a. not patriot- 
Antipedobaptist, An-ti-pe-do-bap-tist, n. wun 

h(U iz opozd tu de baptizm ov infants. 
Antiperistasis, An-ti-pE-ris-ta-sis, n. de opozij- 

on ov a kontrari kwoliti, bj hwiq de kwoliti 

opozd ganz strei)t. 
Antipestilential, An-ti-pes-ti-len-Jal, a. efika- 

Jus agenst de plag or pestilens. [flamajon. 

Antiphlogistic, An-ti-flo-jis-tik, a. qckii) in- 
Antiphon, An'ti-fon, ) n. alternat siijiij in de 
Antiphony, An-tif-o-ni, \ kwjrz ov katsdralz; 

a rEspons; a kind ov antem. [tifon. 

Antiphonal, An-tif-o-nal, a. relatii) tia de an- 
Antiphonal, An-tif-o-nal, n. a buk ov antcmz. 
Antiphrasis, An-tif-ra-sis, n. [ Gr.} {iLhct.} de 

yqs ov wurdz in a sens opozit tu d.^r proper 

menii]. [antifrasis. 

Antiphrastically, An-ti-fras-ti-kal-i, ad. wid 
Antipodal, An-tip-o-dal, a. relatig tu de antip- 

Antipode, An'ti-pod, n. wun ov de antipodez. 
Antipodes, An-tip-o-dez, n. doz hco liv on de 

opozit sjd ov de ert; doz opozit tu Eg uder. 
Antipope, An'ti-pop, «. wun ho yixzdrpsdepop- 

Antiport, An'ti-port, n. an ister gat or dor. 
Antiprelatical, An-ti-prE-lat-i-kal, a. advers 

tu prelasi. 
Antipriest, An'ti-prest, n. an opozer er enemi 

ov prests. [pii,ritanz. 

Antipuritan, An-ti-pii-ri-tan, «. an opozer ov 




ANTii^osis, An-tip-Uj-.iii', n. [Gr.] {Oram.) a 

fiftyiir L*{ bwio wun kun ix put fur an&der. 
ANTigL ABIAM, An-U-kw^-ri-au, a. rclatig tu on- 

ANTigL'ARiAN, An-t'i-kwd-ri-an, ». an antikwari. 
AMTiyL'AUiA.MSii, Au-ti-kwd-ri-uu-ii-ni, u. rtt 

atuJi uv uiitikwitiz. [antikwitii. 

ANTigi'AKY, Ari'ti-kwii-ri, u. a iiiau tttqdiuM uv 
Amtivii ATK, An'ti-kwut, f. t. tu uuik uM or 6b- 

stjlet. [bei(] iiutikwatvd. 

Ahtiquatednesb, An'ti-kwat-oj-ue.t, n. »t«i ov 
AMTigi'i:, An-t^k, d. rclatiu tu antikwiti; unjunt: 

veri ulil; ov uld fiijou. 
AMTigt'i:, Aii-tc'k, u. a [ten uv aojentqrt. 
AMTigt'KNths, Aii-ttk-iie.", II. u kwuliti ov bciy 

■njent: a|it'run!i uv antikwiti. 
AMTigt'iTY, An-tik-wi-ti, n. uld tjnu; de pepl ov 

uld tiiiiz; de rrnulnz uv uld timi. 
AUTiUEVOLUTio.NAJiy, Aii-ti-rcv-u-lq-Jon-a-ri, a. 

opuzi() rovuliiJoii. 
AwTiBKVuLLTioNisT, An-ti-rov-u-li^-Jon-iat, «. 

an o|kjxct ov u rcvulqjon. 
AwTiht'ii, An-tiJ-i-j, n./il. [/..] de ]>cpl, bO), in- 

habitiu difvrent f]dt uv de ckwator, hav di^r 

/aduz prujc'ktcd diivrviit wuz iit nuin. 
AST18COUBLTIC, An-ti-skor-bi'i-tik, / a. cfi- 

AwTisiuuuLTiCAL, An-ti-ski«r-bii-ti-kal, ) kn/u.« 

aj;eii>i die skurvi. [fak/un. 

Antislitic, An-ti-mjp-tik, a. kKutcruktif) pqtrE- 
Antihkitic, Aii-ti-8^p-tik, n. mudiiiin rczijliy 

piltrrfakjon. [vcri. 

A.NTiHLAVKUV, An-ti-sliiv-cr-i, n. opuzijon tu Au- 
Ajk'TibuciAL, An-li-stb-Jul, a. avyrs tu .'<u!<jeli. 
ANTisrAKib, An-ti5-pa-8i8, n. a rcvuljon ov a hq- 

mor. [sinzmz. 

Antispakmouic, An-ti-sj>az-m6d-ik, a. gud aKon.'st 
Antisi'astics, An-ti-sjias-tik;', «. /</. mcdi^iinz 

hwi«j k"Z <i rrvuljon <>v dr hiiniorz. 
ANTiBPLKNtTic. Aii-ii-spItu-E-tik, ii. efikujus in 

dizt'Zi z ov dc sj.icn. [o]j<jzd tu dr ."truff . 

ANTiSTUOi'iiE, An-tu-tro-fr, n. [Gr.] a staiiz«i 
Amtitulsib, An-tit-e-s'i-s n., pi. An-tit-e-»ri;oiiu- 

li/un ov wurdz, scntcnscz or :>i-ntiuiente; kuntrust. 
Antitiiktical, An-ti-tet-i-kal, a. rt\at\\f tu, or 

k<'ri(iiiii|) iiiititfi'i!': plnsl in kunirast. 
Antituimtauian, Au-ti-trin-i-tu-ri-nu, ii. opuz- 

ig dt ildktrin uv de triniti. 
Aktitvpe, An'ti-tip, ii. de urijinal, or dat ov 

hwi<; dr f jp iz de rcprczcuta/on. [titjp. 

Antityi'Ical, An-ti-tip-i-kal, a. relati(] tu an iin- 
ANTivtxuitAL, An-ti-ven-E-rE-iil, a. rezistig vcn- 

erral ]i>rzn. 
Antlkr, (Int'lcr, n. At brnn«j ov q etn;^ hern. 
Antceci. An-tr-i'j. n.rl. |/.| dui inhabitants ov 

d« ^rt hiD liv under dE !>jini lunjitiid and latitqd, 

hut in diforcnt honiiiiterz. 
Antonomasia. An-toii-u-mu-ji-a. n. a form ov 

«!•<■»;, in hwiq de num ov sum ofis or digniti iz 

yqzd iostiSd ov de pmiicr nam. 
Anih, il'na!!, n. lurr otutrcmiti ov de b'Keli. 
Anvil. An'vil. n. de juni bluk hwiq gmitd j-qz. 
Anxiltt, a- •• ■ •■ -i. trubl uv ni^nd abvt 8Utn 

fqtytir i . ■: xuliKitml. 

Anxiois. .\ wlisitus; koni'^'md. 

A.sxiotHLV, Aijk'jU!' 11, a</. wid nuzjrti. 
Any, Kn'i. a. ovuri; bii>«vcr: hwotj<ut'ver; rdcr. 
Ao.MA.v. n-u-ni-an, a. pcrtauig tu de niqzcz, or 

tu tluniii in lirojia. [dcfinit tim. 

AORIST. U'u-ri«t, n. a tcn« in Grek ckjrnn.V'<i)] in- 
AORTA, U-<»r-t.i. n. de gmt qrteri from at hqrt. 
Aortal, H'«>r-tal, ^ a. ixTUinip tu de norta or 
Aortic, il-i'>r-tik, \ pmt qrtori. 
Atace, A-pfis ad. kwikli; bnwiili: ypedili: fast. 
Apaoook, A|>-a-gu-jr, n. ahdukjun; a k^nd ov 

^rguiDont ; progrca from wun pro{>uxiJun tu 


Apaoooical, Ap-a-g6j-i-kal, *. Joig de ab«urditi 

uv den^iy hwut iz af^rmd. [enqmcmroQ. 

APARiTUMtifiia, Ap-a rit-ine-«ij, n. [6'>.) iJiJut.} 
Apart, A-|M|rt, hU. s<)purutli; at a dutaiu. 
Ai'AUTUK.NT, A-iKirt-uitni, n. u pqrt ov a bus; a 

ruuii. [MHiiibl. 

Apatiiktic, An-a-t«itik, a. havijj nu frlifl; in 
Apatiiist, Apa-tist, n. u |i<,'r»uu widvt felig. 
Apatiii»ticai^ Ap-a-ti;i-ti-kal, a. indifcrcnt; on- 

Apathy, Ap'a-ti, u. wont ov felig; inMcntibilili. 
ApK, Up, H. u kind ov uiuyki; an imitator. 
Ape, Up, r. /. tu iuiitut; tu luiuiik. [jtornt. 

Apeak, A-|>^k, aJ. in u ]Mji«tyqr tu peri«; on de 
Ai'EPhY, A-iM-'p-si, n. a wout uv ri'K>''ll'ir dijestyun. 
Aperient, A-pe-ri-cnt, a. jentli purgutiv;laksativ. 
Aperitive, A-i>«<r-i-tiv, a. dat hwic; haz de p'ser 

uv u]>niy. 
Apertio.v, A-pv-r-Jun, ». akt ov upnig. 
Aperture, Ap'er-tqr, ». an upniy; a posaj; a hul. 
Apery, Up'cr-i, n. de akt ov apig; afoktcd imita- 

/uu. (levz. 

Apetalol'8, A-iM-t-a-luK, a. wi&iil pctalz or flxtr 
Apex, U'i>«.k:f, h. [Z.J j>l. Ap'e-sez; de tipor Ag- 

gqlur ixrnt; de tup. 
Apiieliun, A-fe-li-on, ti. [(/>.] de p«rnt in a 

planeU orbit luust distant fruu ds gun. 
Apii.t.UEsis, A-lir-t-iii, i n. de takiy ov a Ictcr 
ApiitUEijis, A-ft?r-E-i»is, I or silabl f roni dE be 

giniy ov u wurd. [tu mankind. 

Apiiila.nthropy, Af-i-lan-tru-pi, n. wont ov luv 
Aphih, U'fi.<, /*. dc plant Itss, or vjnTreter. 
Aphony, At'u-ni, u. a los ov vffs or spetj. [sept. 
ApiiuiiisM, Af'o-riz-m, n.a makKim: u lakunik prr-, Af'u-rist, ii. a rjlcr ov aforizmz. 
ApiioRisTiCAL, Af-o-ris-ti-kal, a. haviy dE form 

ov afurizin. [rizmz. 

ApiiouisTiCALLY', Af-<a-ris-ti-kal-i, ad. wid afu- 
ApiiBODisiAC, Af-ro-diz-i-ak, i a. ekiiitig 

Ai'iiROuisiACAL, Af-ro-di-zj-ak-al, j vcntrcul 

ApiiTHO.NG, Af'tog, n. a Ictcr, or kombinajon ov 

lottr/., havig nu s'vnd. 
.\pHYLLoi8, Af'il-u:f, a. dcstitqt ov Ievx. 
Apiakv, U'pi-n-ri, n. a pla.-; hw^r hct qr kept. 
Apieck, A-|iE.t, aj. tu de {■•irt or J^r ov e<;. 
AP18II, Up'i/, a. lik an ap; fopij; sili. 
Apibii.Ni'iiiti, Up'iJ-nc!«, n. mimikri; fu|KTi. 
Apocalypse, A-i«6k-a-Ups, n. rcvela/ou; disklo- 

?i^\T. [lajon. 

Apocalyptic, A-i)uk-a-lip-tik, a. kontanig rcve- 
Apocopate, A-pok-o-jnt, r. t. tu kut of or omit 

de lust lettr or gilabl ov u wurd. 
Apocope, A-pok-u-jir, n. dE umi/uu ov de last 

lotcr or jiiialil uv a wurd. 
ApocRfSTic, Ap-u-knis-tik, a. rtp^lifl; aatrinicnt. 
Apoi IIRYPIIA, A-iK>k-ri-fa, ;«. /'(. buks uv bwiq 

df oli.r/. (jr uuDun, n)<i'ndi'd tu de Old Test.imi-ut. 
Apociirypiial, A-p6k-ri-fal, a. not kanonikal; 

Apodal, Ai/u-dal, a. hnvig no fEt. 
Apode, Ap ud, n. an animal bavig no frt. 
Ai'OiucTic. Ap-u-dik-tik, t a. ovidont bry6nd 

Apokictical, Ap-u-dik-li-kal, i kuntradikjon. 
Apodosib, A-p6d-u-6ig, n. de aplikajon ov a ti- 

Apogee, Ap'u-je, m. dc pmit in a planets orbit 

mu!>t di.'<tant from de t;n. 
ApooRAPii, Ap'u-graf, n. a kopi; a tnuukript. 
Apollvun, A-|xM-yon, n. dc destnrcr. 
AptiLoiiKTic. A-iK>l-u-jet-ik, { a. ov dc n«t- 

Apolooetical, A-|>ol-o-j6t-i-kal, i yqr ov an 

a|icjKiji: kun(anii) ckgkqscz. 
Apologist, A-ixil-u-jist, n. wun hii> maks an 

a|)61uji. [«»r ck*k^». 

AroLOOiZK, A-p61-i9-Jii, r. ». tu mak an apiSloji, 




ApotOGDE, Ap'o-log, n. a fabl, teqiij moral troot. 
Apology, A-j>61-o-ji, n. a defens; an ekskds. 
Apomecometry, Ap-Q-me-kom-e-tri, n. ae qrt 

uv mej;i],rifl tii)z at a distans. [nerv. 

Apoxeueosis, Ap-CD-nii,-ri5-sis, a. ekstenjon ov a 
AropuASis, A-p6f-a-sis, n. [ G-)'.] a figytir bj hwiq 

de orator ssmz tu wav hwot he wud planli 

insinytiat. [flem. 

Apophlegmatic, Ap-o-fleg-mat-ik, a. dreifl awa 
Apophthegm, Ap'o-tem, n. a maksim; — nu kom- 

onli ritn, iapotJiegm.} Ss {Apothegm.} [um. 
Apophyge, A"-p6f-i-J£, n. [(}>:] de spriij oy a kol- 
Apoplectic, Ap-cj-plek-tik, ) a. belogiij tu 

Apoplectical, Ap-o-plek-ti-kal, ( an apopleksi. 
Apoplexy, Ap'o-pleks-i, n. a diserdcr dat afekts 

de bran. 
Apokia, A-p6-ri-a, n. [G-i:] d-stij hwq^tu begin. 
Aporehcea, Ap-o-rE-a, n. [L.] an eflq,vium. 
Apostasy, A-p6s-ta-si, n. a d£pqrtyi],r from de 

priusiplz hwiq wun haz profest; derslikjon. 
Apostate, A-p6s-tat, n. wun ho) ren'snsez hiz 

Apostate, A-pos-tat, a. fels; tratorus. 
Apostatical, Ap-os-tat-i-kal, a. Ijk an apostat. 
Apostatize, A-pos-ta-tjz, v. i. tu rcn'sns wunz 

priii.-iplz. [wunz fat. 

Apostatizing, A-p6s-ta-tjz-ii), pp. felii) from 
Apostemate, A-pos-te-mat, i-. i. tu ferm intu 

an absos and fil wid pus. 
Apostemation, jV-pos-ts-ma-Jon, n. ds proses ov 

rjpniij tu pus. [an abses. 

Apostematous, Ap-os-tem-a-tus, a. pertanii) tu 
Aposteme, Ap'ffl-stsm, n. an abses; an impostqm. 
A posteriori, 3 pos-te-ri-o-ri, [Z.] from de lat- 
er; from de efekt tu de kez. 
Apostle, A-p6s-l, n. a person sent; — a mesenjer 

tu preq de Gospel; a disjpl ov Krjst. 
ApoSTLEsniP, A-p6s-l-Jip, n. de ofis ov an aposl. 
Apostolate, A-j^os-to-lat, n. de ofis ov an aposl. 
Apostolic, Ap-os-tol-ik, ] a. relatiij tu, er 

Apostolical, Ap-os-tol-i-kal, ) tot bj de aposlz; 

e;4zistiij in de tjm ov de aposlz. 
Apostolically, Ap-os-tol-i-kal-i, ad. in de man- 

er ov d<- aposlz. 
Apostrophe, A-p6s-tro-fe, n. a digresiv adres; — 

de mqrk i' ) Juii) dat a wurd iz kontrakted,er de 

sill ov de pozesiv kas. [trofe. 

AposTROPHic, Ap-os-trof-ik, a. denotii) an apos- 
Apostrophize, A-p6s-tro-fjz, v. t. tu adres bj 

Apothecary, A-p6t-e-ka-ri, ». a keper ov a 

madisin Jop: a komp'snder ov medisinz. 
Apothegm, Ap'o-tem, n. a remqrkabl sail); a 

maksim. [taniij apotemz. 

Apothegjiatical, Ap-o-tog-mat-i-kal, a. kon- 
Apothegmatist, Ap-ffi-teg-ma-tist, n. wun hm 

yqzt'z apijtemz. [apotemz. 

Apothegmatize, Ap-o-teg-ma-tjz, v. i. tia uter 
Apotheosis, Ap-o-te-o-sis, n. [Gr.\ deifikajon. 
Apothesis, A-p6t-E-sis, ?i. [ Ch:\ a plas for buks; 

de pl'isiij ov a fraktyi^rd lim in its rjt pozijon. 
Apotheosize, Ap-o-te-o-sjz, v. t. tu egzolt tu 

Ae digniti ov a deiti. 
Apotoiie, A-iMt-o-me, n. in miizik, de diferens 

bstwen a grater and a leser semiton; and in 

mafrmatiJ:s, betwen toi inkomenJi|rabl kwontitiz. 
Apozem, Ap'o-zem, u. a dekokjon mad bj berlii) 

Apozemical, Ap-o-zem-i-kal, a, Ijk a dekokjon. 
Appall, A-p61, i-. t. tu frit; tu terif j; tu depres. 
Appalling, A-poI-ii), pp. a. strjkii) wid teror; 

adapted tu depres kuraj. 
Appanage, Ap'a-naj, n. landz for yuijger qildren. 
Apparatus, Ap-a-ra-tus, n., pi. Ap-a-ra-tus, er 

Ap-a-ra-tus-ez ; toilz, furnitx|r, er nesesari in- 1 

strcDments fer eni trad er qrt; ekwipaj. I 

Apparel, A-par-el, n. dres; klodii); vestyq^r. 
Apparel, A-par-el, v. t. tu dres; tu klod: tu adem. 
Apparent, A-p4r-ent, a, vizibl: plan; opn; serten. 
Apparently, A-pqr-ent-li, ad. evidentli: semiflli. 
Apparentness, A-p4r-ent-nes, n. kwoliti ov bcip 

Apparition, Ap-a-riJ-on, n. aperans; vizibiliti; a 

preternatyqral aperans; a spekter. 
Apparitor, A-par-i-tor, n. a. mesenjer in a spir- 

ityqal kort. 
ApPE.\L, A-pel, V. i. tu refer tu anudcr trjbq,naL 
Appeal, A-pel, n. aplikajon for justis tu a sq,p£- 

rior trjbqnal; akqzajon; rekors. 
Appealable, A-pel-a-bl, a. dat ma be apeld. 
Appear, A-per, v. i. tu be in sjt; tu be evident. 
Appearance, A-per-ans, n. de akt ov kumig intia 

sjt; semblans; not realiti; Jo; probability 
Appeaeek, A-per-er, n. wun hco aperz. 
Appearing, A-per-iij, n. a kumi:g in sjt. 
Appeasable, A-pez-a-bl, a. dat ma be apezd er 

kwjeted, kqmd er pasif jd. 
Appeasableness, A-pez-a-bl-nes, «. de kwoliti 

ov beii) apezabl. [staL 

Appease, A-pez, v. t. tu kwjet; tu pasifj; tu 
Appeaser, A-pez-er, «. wun hiD pasif jz. [iti. 

xVppeasive. A-pez-iv, a. haviij a mitigatig kwol- 
Appellant, A-pel-ant, n. wun hoi apelz. 
Appellant, A-pel-ant, a. apelig. 
Appellation, Ap-el-a-Jon, n. a nam; tjtl; term: 

adres: denominajuu. [spejez. 

Appellative, A-pel-a-tiv, «. de nam ov a hoi 
Appellee, Ap-el-e, n, de defendant in apel. 
Appellor, Ap-el-er, n. de plantLf in apel. 
Append, A-pend, v. t. tu hag on, er job tm; tu 

ad tu. 
Appendage, A-pend-aj, n. sumtiij aded er anekst. 
Appendance, A-pend-ans, n. apendaj. 
Appendant, A-pend-ant, a. haijii) tu; anekst tu. 
Appendant, A-pend-ant, n. dat hwiq beloijz tu 

aniider tiij. 
Appendix, A-pen-diks, n., pi. A-pen-di-sez, er 

A-pen-diks-ez; sumtii) apended; siiplement tu a 

Apperception, Ap-er-sep-Jon, n. konjusnes. 
Appertain, Ap-er-tan, v. i. tu beloi) tu; tu. de- 
pend upon. 
Appetence, Ap'e-tens, I «. senji^al dezir; a t«n- 
Appetency, Ap'e-ten-si, j densi in erganjzd 

mater tu yqnjt wid or selekt pqrtiklz ov mater. 
Appetibility, Ap-£-ti-bil-i-ti, n. a. dezjrabl stat 

er kwoliti. 
Appetible, Ap'e-ti-bl, a. dezjrii); plezig; engajip. 
Appetite, Ap'£-tit, to. dezjr; dEzjr ov s^nJual 

plcjTi,r; relij for find; hugger. 
Applaud, A-plod, v. t. tu praz hjli; tu ekstol. 
Applauded, A-pl6d-ed, p. komended; prazd. 
Applaudee, A-pled-er, n. wun hot) prazez er 

Applause, A-plez, n. praz: komendajon; kredit. 
Apple, Ap'l, n. froot; as pqpil ov d£ j. 
Applepie, Ap'l-pj, n. a pj mad ov aplz in past. 
Apple-tree, Ap'l-tr£, n. dz tre projdqsig aplz. 
Appliable, A-plj-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beig apljd. 
Appliance, A-pli-ans, n. akt ov apljig; aplikajon. 
Applicability, Ap-li-ka-bil-i-ti, n. stat ov beig 

aplikabl. [abl. 

Applicable, Apli-ka-bl, a. dat ma be apljd; sut- 
Applicableness, Ap'li-ka-bl-nes, n. de kwobti 

ov beig sqtabl. 
Applicably, Ap'li-ka-bli, ad. fitli; so az tu be 

apljd. [oner. 

Applicant, Ap'li-kant, n. wun hcD apljz; a petij- 
Applicate, Ap'li-knt, n. a rjt Ijn dren akros a 

kuiv, so az tu be bjsektod bj de djameter. 
Application, Ap-li-ka-Jon, n. akt ov apljig; stat 

ov beig apljd; entrEti; asidqiti; intens studi. 



AppLiCATiTB, Ap1i-kn-tiv, «. rtlati{)taaplilui/un. 

Ai-j'Litii, A-|>lj>l, p. put lu or on. 

AhrLiKK, A-plj-er, «. wun bdi aplji. 

Ai-i-LV, A-pI|, (. t. lu \\ on: tu viii nr cmpld' for 

u (urtikyqlar |>unju8: tu filu ^r uiiiil; tuadr^ 

or direkt; tu betuk: tu luak aplikiijou. 
Apptr, A-plj, r. I. tu *\\X: tu huv riktJrt ta. 
ArrouuiATi'KA, A-p»j-t-a-tii-ra, n. a nui or em- 

buli/iiicnt or vkuprt'/un in luqzik. [estAbli/. 

Appoint, A-ixVnt, c.t. tu lik-i uijOd; tu sell; lu 
Appui.xt, A-j«^t, ('. I. tu (lekrt. [«>>/'• 

Appointku, A-|»rni-f(l, p. a. kciM ; rkwipt; fur- 
AppoiNTtE, A-|)ffnt-r, «. a p^niuD u[)0riit«d. 
APPOINTtH, A-fxirut-fr, n. wun tulj u|i(irnt«. 
Appoi.ntmknt, A-|)drnt luvnt, n. aa order, nUri: 

\<i*i\ dfsignu/un. 
AppokTioN, A-|Kjr-J<«n, r. /. tudivjd in juntpqrt*. 
AppouTiii.NtK, A-i»jr-/<in-cr, n. wun htti a|>ur/onz. 
Appurtio.nmknt, A-|i6r-/on-mont, h. a div{dig 

inlu i^jfjonz. 
Appcwkr, A-|iui-or, w. on pf^miucr: an inkwircr. 
Appohitk, Ap'bi-iit, A. proper; fit; adapted; wcl 

ApiHMJiTKLy, Ap'ta-»it-li, ad. propcrli; ni^tabli. 
AppohiTKNicss, Ap'u-iit-nt's. ii. fitnux: lulaptajon. 
AiToMTio.N, Ap-u-iiJ-on, ii.adijun; — dc putig ov 

ttii niini in (tr nam kas. It^pris- 

Appkaise, A-prui, r. I. tu Mt a prii ap6n; tu 
ArrRAiscMtNT, A-prt'iz-inont, fi. de aktuvapraiig. 
Appuaisku, A-pn'a-vr, u. wun ba> aprasei ar aeU 

a \>r\*. [ed. 

AppHLi I Ai)L>:, A-pr^-Ji-a-bl, A. dat ma br^timat- 
AppHK<'iATe, A-i>re-Ji-at, r, t. tu cstiiuat. 
Appueciation, A-pr^-Ji-a-Jun, n. de akt or vil- 

y\\\X\: i'.<ittiiui/(iD. 
AppRKUvvn, Aj.-rc-hcnd, r. t. tu In huld on; tu 

w ■ lij dr m{nd: tu fer. ^tigkur. 

API I \p-ri-hi'U-diT, «. u kiinsfViT; d 

Apii. 1 , Ap-re-h«^n-si-bl, a. dat ma bt 

Apprkhk.ssiom. Ap-rc-h^n-Jon, h. kon«epJon; rafi- 

pijiiu: frr: an impvrfekt {dcu. [ful. 

Appr»:iik>(8ive. Apre-hen-siv, a. jjcrscvig; ftr- 
Appkkiiknsivjly, Ap-rr-hon-!<iv-li, ad. wid ap- 

AppRKUi:.\8iVKNE88, Ap-rr-hen-giv-nc«, n. de stat 

ov btiii nprchemiiv. 
Appre.nticb, A-pr^n-tis, r. .. tu bjnd nt as an 

Apprentice, A-prt*n-lis, n. wun hiD iz bisnd lu 

«^rv a MTlcn \vna i-v yrrz. ujnin kundi/un dat 

dr tniilznmn Jikl in-^tnikt him in hiz qrt. 
AppRENTiCESUiF, A-pf^n-tis-fip, n. stat er t^nn 

ov ii«'r»"iii. 
ArpRisK, A-prjz, r. t. tu inform: tu (fiv notis tu. 
Apprize, A-|ir|z, c t. tu set valyq on bj ntoriti. 
Appruement, A-]>rjz-mcnt, n. u VHlyqa/on bj 



Apprizer. A-prjz-cr, n. wun apffntod tu set ral 
Approach, A-pn&q, r. ». tu drw ner. 
Approach, A-pruq, r.t. tu dru nrr tu. 
Approacu. A-prtliq, n. akt ov druig nrr, akaea. 
An-RoACUABUC, A-prdM;-a-bl, a. ak.«c.«ibl. [aprc>ct. 
Api-uoa) iiLKsa, A-nrti^lcs, a. dat kan not be 
Appkkiute, Ap'ru-wit, r. ^ tu apnfiv; tu ljsen« 

tu prtq. [8Bp«irt. 

Appkob\tio]«, Ap-ro-bA-/oo, ». akt ot apiatvig: 
Approiiativk, A|>-ru-ha-tir, a. apntirio. 
An-noBATDRT. Ap-rw-ba-to-ri, a. a(imivig. 
Appropriable, A-|>ru-pri-a-bl, a. dat ma be 

a]ir> iTiatol. 
Appropriate, A-pru-pri-at, r. t. tu set ap4rt; tu 

anok^ tu; tu kon-'ju lu »um yt^a; tu mak pr- 

kqlyar. iap<irt: acjnd. 

Appropuatk. A-pn^-pri-at, a. pckqlrar; act 
ArpsoFKi ATsxcas, A-pn^pn-at-nea, ■. aqublMa. 

AppBopRiATioM, A-pru-pri-A-/on, n. an apUka/on 

tu "«in I'lrtikyjlcir yt^^ or mrniQ. 
Ai :i-a-l«r, n. wun ba> bai 

Ai il, a. wurdi ov apri^ba 

Approval. A-pra*v iti, ». aprubajon; kumendajon. 
Approvk, A-pnbv, r. t. tu l]k: tu koineod; tu 

Api'Rover. A-pni*v-er, n. wun b<ti apriivi. 
Approximatk, A-prulu<-i-mat, r. t. and i. lu koin 

nir:tu aprut;: tu kuz tu aprcMj. [eg. 

Appruxiuativ>:, A-proks-i-ma-tiv, a. dat aprog-, A-iiiiln, Fi. akt ov clrikio ag^niit. 
AppcuiioN, A-pdl-Jon, n. a itrikig agen«( b) a 

moivig b<jdi. [tarn. 

Appcrtenanck, A-pdr-tc-nan«, ». dat hwiq apor- 
Ai'i'iRTt.NA.NT, A-pdr-tr-nanl, a. j«rnd lu: br- 

loi)io «>J ''J qt- [pe«. 

Apricot, U'un-kot, «. u uton fra>t rtiemblig a 
April, U'|>ril, «. dr turt munt ov de ytr. 
Apkil-kool, U'pril-fujl, n. wun bib sufi-rz an im- 

pcjzijon on dr U;Vfl da ov Upril. [efekt. 

A PKiDRi, U prj-u-rj, II. [/,.] fnjm At ki>i tu dr 
Aruo.N, tl'purn, n. u pqrt ov drej"; a kuvur. 
ApRONEii, H'punid, a. Wi^rioor haviijan apum. 
Apro.n-iia.n, U'purn-man, n. a laborig man. 
Apropos, Ap'ro-pu, a. \>'\ de wa; sfsn&bii; tu de 

Apsis, Ap'nin, n. [ ^Pr.] y>/. Ap'»i-dc»,"»r Ap'sez; tn» 

IxTiits in de orbit8 ov de plani'U, at de p-atect 

and le.«t di.ftan.x from de sun and de ert: u dum. 
Apt, Apt, a. fit; proper; redi; kwik; kwolifid fur; 

tendig. » 

Apteral, Ap'te-ral, a. notbavio wigz or kolumz. 
ApteroI'S, Ap'te-ru», a. not bavig wigz, az in.<>ekt». 
AlTiTiDE, Ap'ti-tqd, h. filncs; t4.-nden.'i; di.'iio- 

AiTLY. Apni, ad. propcrli; justii; redili: aki|lli. 
APT.SEjis, Apt'nejj, n. f itne«;kwikne« ov apreben/on. 
Aptotk, Ap'tot, n. a nvn havig nu distigkjon or 

Aj'YKOi'8, A-pj-rus, a. rezislig fjr: inkombustibl. 
AgCA, U'kwu, ri. [/,.] woter:— yqzd in ki.nji«-.zi/iin. 
AyCA KORTitj, U-kwa for-iis, «. njirika,«id. ikulor. 
AtjCA VARINA, U-kwii ina-rt-nu, n. a beril ov use 
AyiA REUIA, U-kwa re-ji-Q, h. a mikstyi^r ov n^- 

trik and uiqriatik as\A. 
AgCARics, A-kwa-ri-u8, n. [L.] At wet«:r-b%rer; dt 

rlevnt ."{n in dr tudiak. 
AyCATic, A-kwat-ik, ; a. p^rtanig tu water 

AgvATiCAL, A-kwat-ik-al, S inbabitig or groig in 

dr WHior. 
Aql'atinta, A-kwa-tin-ta, n. a metod ov e^ig on 

ko|i«.T )i( inr nz ov akwa furtis. 
AycAViTj;, U-kwa-vj-te, n. [L.] brandi spirit. 
Agi edcct, Ak'we-dukt, n. an qrtifijal ^n el for 

AgcEovs, £I'kwr-us, a. woteri; konsistigov woter. 
AQiEUL'&NKSii, U'kwe-u«-ne8, n. a wetcri kwol- 

iti. [woter. 

AgviFORM, n'kwi-form, a. havig de form or 
AgciLiNE. Ak'wi-lin, or Ak'wi-ljn, a. rcz4>mblig 

an zkI: hukt. 
.\rab, il'nib, n. a nativ ov Arabia. 
AUAiiogi'E, Ar'a-bcxk. a. rrlatig tu Arabik (\f- 

kiU'ktyqr. and ttkulptyqr, or fansi oniamcnt. 
A&abia.n, A-ru-bi-an, .1. rtlatig tu Arabia er 

flrabt. [hian. 

Arabic. Ar'a-bik, a. rrlatig tu Arnhiu: Ara- 
Arabic, Ar'a-bik, n. d< laggwaj ov Arabia. 
Arabist, Ar'a-biiU, a. wun v^rst in Arabik liter- 

Arable, AHa-bl, a. fit for dr pN «»r tilaj. 
A&ANEocH, A-ra-Dr-a«, a. reioniblig a kobwcb. 
ARBALI8T, Hr'ba-list, n. a knw-bo. [tn«lfl. 

Aabitee, dr'bi-ter, m. an ump(r: wun hcD koa- 




Arbitrable, flr'bi-tra-bl, a. qrbitrari; detdrmin- 
abl. [ajon; qflrs. 

Arbitrament, flr-bit-ia-ment, n. wil; determin- 

Arbitrarily, fl.r'bi-tra-ri-li, ad. in an qrbitrari 
maner. [(^rbitrari. 

-Vrbiteariness, flr'bi-tra-ri-nes, n. stat ov beii) 

Arbitrary, Hr'bi-tra-ri, a. bisnd bj no rool er lo; 
despotik; ;ibsoli],t; unlimited. 

Arbitrate, flr'bi-trat, v. t. tia desjd; tu juj ov. 

Arbitration, flr-bi-tra-Jon, n. determinajon ov a 
koz bj yiersonz mi^tyixali agred on bj de pqrtiz. 

Arbitrator, Hr'bi-tra-tor, n. an umpjr; juj; de- 

^Vrbor, ilr'bor, n. a plas kuverd wid branqez ov 

trsz; a b'ser; — an aksis or spindl. 
Arboral, ilr'bo-ral, a. relatiij tu trsz. 
.Vrboreous, flr-bo-re-us, a. bEl6i)ii) tia trsz. 
Arborescence, flr-bo-res-ens, n. de figytl,r ov a 

Arborescent, Hr-bo-res-ent, a. rezemblig a tre. 
Arboret, flr'bo-ret, n. a smel tre er Jrub. 
Arborical, Hr-bor-i-kal, a. relatii) tu trez. 
Arboriculture, flr-bor-i-kdlt-yTi,r, n. de kul- 

tivajon ov trez. [ov trez. 

Aeborist, flr'bo-rist, ?i. a natyii,ralist in, er a juj 
Arborization, flr-bo-ri-za-Jon, n. de aperans 

ov a plant in mineralz. 
Arborize, llr'bo-rjz, i'. t. tu form de aperans ov 

a x»laut in a mineral. 
Arbuscle, flr'bus-1, n. a dwerf tre. 
Arbuscular, Hr-bus-kii,-lar, a. rezemblii) a Jrub; 

havii] de figyiir ov smel trez. 
Arbustive, flr-bus-tiv, a. kuverd wid Jrubz. 
Arbustum, flr-biist-um, n. a kops ov Jrubz er 

smjl trez. 
Arbute, Hr'bri,t, n. de stroberi tre. 
Arc, flrk, ;;. pqrt ov a serkl. 
Arcade, flr-kad, n. a seriez ov qrqez wid a wek 

under dem; a smol qrq widin a bildii). 
Arcane, flr'kan, a. sekret. [sekret. 

Arcanum, flr-ka-num, n. [Z.] pi. flr-ka-na; a 
Arch, flrq, n. pqrt ov a serkl er elips; an qrk; — a 

konkav, holo struktyqr; a. velt. 
Arch, flrcj, v. t. tu bild er form wid qrqez. 
Arch, Hrq, a. wagij; mertful: — qef; ferst. 
Arch, flrk er flrq, in hompozifon, signif jz gef, er 

ov di- ferst Idas; az, qrk-anjel, qi'g-bifop, &s. 
Arch^ologic, Rr-ke-CD-loj-ik, ) a. relatii) 

Archaeological, flr-ke-o-loj-i-kal, ) tu qrki- 

Archaeology, flr-ke-61-o-ji, n. de sjens hwiq 

trets ov antikwitiz; antikwitiz. 
Archaic, flr-ka-ik, ) a. old; anjent; "st ov 

Archaical, flr-kii-i-kal, i yn,s; obsolet. 
Archaism, flr'ka-iz-m, w. an anjent fraz er idiom. 
Archangel, flrk-an-jel, n. a qef anjel. 
Archapostate, Ar(j-a-p6s-tat, n. de qef apostat. 
a\jichbishop, flrq-bij-op, n. qef bijop. 
Archbishopric, flrq-bij-op-rik, n. ofis, stat, jq- 

risdikjon, er provins ov an qrqbijop. 
Archdeacon, Arq-de-kn, n. a substittj,t far a bij- 
op, ho) haz a sviperintendent puer. 
Abchdeaconry, flrq-de-kn-ri, ) n. de ofis ov 
Archdeaconship, flrq-de-kn-Jip, ) an qrqdekn. 
Archducal, flrc-di],-kal, a. belorjiij tu an qrqdqk. 
Archduchess, flrq-ddq-cs, n. de wjf ov an qrq- 

ditk. [dqk. 

Archduchy, flrq-duq-i, n. de teritori ov an qrq- 
Archduke, flrq-d4k, n. a soveron prins ov Gstria. 
Arch-dukedom, flrq-diyj-dom, n. de teritori ov 

an qrqdqk. 
Arched, flrqt, a. bent in farm ov an qrq; veltcd. 
Archer, flrq'er, n. wun ho) Joots wid a bo. 
Archery, flrq'cr-i, n. de qrt ov Jcotig wid a bo. 

Archescourt, flrq'cz-kort, n. a kort bel6i)ig tu 

de qrqbijop ov Kanterberi. 
Archetypal, flr-ke-tip-al, a. orijinal. 
Archetype, flr'ke-tjp, n. de orijinal; a model. 
Archfiend, flrq-fend, n. de qef ov fendz. 
Archidiaconal, fljr-ki-di-ak-o-nal, a. belogii) tu 

an qrqdekn. [an qrqbijop. 

Archiepiscopacy, flr-ki-e-pis-ko-pa-si, n. stat ov 
iVRCHiEPiscoPAL, flr-ki-e-pis-ko-pal, a. belogig 

tia an qrqbijop er qrqbijoprik. 
Archimedean, flr-ki-me-de-an, a. pertanii) tu 
' Hrkimedez. 

Arching, flrq'ii), p^:*. fermii) wid an qrq. 
Archipelago, flr-ki-pel-a-go, n. a se hwiq 

ab'jndz in smol jlandz. 
Architect, Hr'ki-tekt, n. a profesor ov de qrt ov 

bildiij. [tektynr. 

Architective, flr-ki-tek-tiv, A. yv^zd in 4''ki- 
Auchitecthral, flr-ki-t(Skt-yn-raI, a. pertanii) tu 

Architecture, flr'ki-tekt-yij^r, ji. de qrt er sj- 
ens ov bildii); de efekt ov de qrt. 
Architrave, flr'ki-trav, n. dat pqrt ov de en- 

tablati],r hwiq Ijz imediatli upon de kapital. 
Archives, flr'kjvz, n. pi. de plas hw^r rekordz 

or anjent rjtii)z qr kept; anjent rekordz. 
Archivist, ilr'ki-vist, n. a keper ov qrkjvz. 
Arohivolt, flr'ki-volt, n. de iner kont^ftr ov a 

Archness, flrq'nes, n. Jroodnes; kunii). 
Archon, Hr'kon, n. de qef majistrat ov anjent 

Archonship, flr'kon-Jip, n. de ofis ov an qrkon. 
Archway, flrq'wa, n. a pasaj under an qrq. 
Arctation, flrk-ta-Jon, n. a konstipajon ov de 

Arctic, flrk'tik, a. nerdern; Ijii) under de Hrktos, 

er Bii,r. RrMlk serkl, de serkl hwiq fermz de 

sudern limit ov de nordern frijid zon. 
Arcturus, flrk-tii,-rus, «. a fikst stqr ov de ferst 

magniti^d in de konstelajon Bootez. 
Arcuate, flr'kq-at, a. bent Ijk an qrq er bo. 
Arcuation, flr-kii-a-Jon, n. de akt ov bendip; 

Aecubalist, Rr'ki^-ba-list, n. a krosbo. 
Arcubalister, flr-kxx-ba-lis-ter, e?' flr-kti-bal- 

is-ter, n. a krosboman. 
Ardency, flr'den-si, n. qrdor; egernes; het. 
Ardently, flr'dent-li, ad. zclusli; afekjonatli. 
Ardor, flr'dor, n. het; het ov afekjon; zel. 
Arduous, flr'dq-us, a. lofti; hj; hqrd tu kljm; 

difikult. [usnes. 

Arduousness, flr'dti-us-nes, ji. difikulti; labcSri- 
Are, Hr, de indikativ mood, prezent tens, plural 

number, ov de verb tu ts. [fas. 

Area, fl're-a, n. stiperfijal kontent; eni opn sur- 
Arefaction, Ar-e-fak-Jon, n. akt ov groig drj; 

Arefy, i\.r'e-fj, v. t. tu drj. 
Arena, A-re-na, n. [Z.] de spas fer kombatanta 

in an amfiteater. [sand. 

Arenaceous, ^-e-na-Jus, a. sandi; konsistij) ov 
Arenose, Ar'e-nos, a. sandi; ful ov sand. 
Areola, A-re-o-la, n. [Z.j de kulord serkl rund 

de nipl. 
Areometer, {I-re-(5m-e-tor, n. an instrcDment tu 

megtir de spesifik graviti or densiti ov flq,idz. 
Areometry, tt-re-6m-e-tri, n. de qrt ov mejq,!- 

ii) de spesifik graviti ov fli|idz. 
Areopagite, Ar-e-6p-a-jjt, n. a senator er juj in 

de kort ov Areopagus at Atenz. 
Areopagus, Ar-e-6p-a-gus, n. [Z.] de hjest kort 

at Atenz. 
Arethusa, Ar-e-ti^-sa, n. [Z.] a plant and fl-scr 
Argal, flr'gal, n. unref jnd er krood tqrtar. 
Argent, flr'jont, a. silveri; hwjt; Jjnig Ijk silver. 




Aboent, Hr'jenL n. hwit kulor in koiU ov qniiz. 
AutiENTATio.v, fir-jun-tu-Juu, n. an uvorluio wid 

Kilver. Ivor. 

AuuKNTiNE, flr'jou-tin, a. purtHiiio tu, or Ijk nil- 
Ahuii^ iir'jil, II. |x>tun kla; qrjiUiJuK yrt. 
Aeuillac'kui's, Hr-ji-ld-juH, a. klui. 
Amuillikckoi B, ilr-ji-lif-cr-u8, a. prudiiHig kin. 
AK(iiLLOi'K, Hr-jil-us, /I. konniKtinov klu;qrjilaju!'. 
AJtuiVK, Hr'jiv, a. yilzJ for dc Grrku in jencnil. 
AuuoL, Hr'gul, II. tqriiirov wjii. 
Ajbgo.nait, ilr'^cj-nnt, m. wun dv de koiiii)iiiiyoui 

ov Jasuu in Av Jip lirt^u, in de viTiij tu Kulcis. 
Ajiuo.nautic, Hr-gu-uul-ik, a. pcrtaniu tu de 'Ar- 

AaiiOHY, flr'go-si, n. a Iqrj vosel for uvrcandis. 
Abul'E, Hr'f(q. V. t. or i. tu debdi or Ji»kd.s; tu 

mil: tu tiro infert'iiscz from ]irumiKL-z. 
Auutui, rir'eq-fr, n. a Ji.-'ipqttT; rrznt-r. 
Abui ME.N'T, Hr'gii-uicnt, u. rezn ali^jd tu Indies 

brief: drbiit; a .luuuri ov koutcnts. 
Abui'Mkntal, ilr-gq-iuuu-tjil, a. bclugig tu an 

ABuiMt.NTATiox, iir-gq-mcn-ti-Jon, ». rcznifl; de 

l)ro»t'« or qrt ov re zuii). [ov (!jr>!:quieiil. 

AuiiLJiKNTATivE, ilr-ffq-nicn-ta-tiv, a. kon.«i.<<ti(| 
AKiiUME.NTiM All uuMiNt-M, Hr-gq-mi'n-tuui ud 

hom-i-nem, [/..] qrgtiuii-nt tu ae mun:— an (^r- 

gilincnt dat derjvz its furs from iUf pvrsoniil iip- 

likiijun. [|z. 

Aucii H, Hr'gu.", II. a fabyqlu« beifl wid a hundred 
Abia, il'ri-u, H. [h.] an !ir, «oj), or tqn. 
AuiAN, U'ri-un, ii. wun luii buldz Kr{st tu be a 

krcntvd bi-ijj:— /j. (icrtaniu tu'Uriitnizm. 
Abianism, U'ri-un-izm, fi.adenpl ov de diviniti 

Abid, Ar'id, a. dq; {x^rQt wid bet. 
Abiuity, A-rid-i-ti, ( n. ofat ov bcifl arid; drj- 
Abidnl-ss, Ar'id-ufS?, J ncn. 
Abies, U'ri-rz, n. [L.\ At Itam, wun ov dc twtlv 

6\ni ov de zuiiiak. 
Abietate, Ar'i-e-tut, r. »'. tu but IJk a ram. [ram. 
AaiETATiON, Ar-i-e-t«-Jon, n. akt ov butii) Ijk u 
Aeiktta, Ar-i-et-a, n. [Jt.] u Jort Jir or tqn. 
Abu;ut, A-rjt. ad. rjtli; koruktli. 
Abioso, Ar-i-u-zo, a. [It.] Iji-^uin: gn or gali. 
AaibE, A-rjz, V. t. [i. ar(5t, />*. aqzi)), arizn:] tu 

qc; tu get up; tu m'snt up; tu uper; tu revjv 

from dot. 
Abistabcuy, Ar'ia-tqr-ki, »». a bodi ov gud men 

in y^vi. [nublz. 

iVBisTOiKACV, Ar-is-t6k-ra-si, n. aguvcrnment bi 
Abistocbat, A-ris-to-krat, «. wun hm favori ar- 

Abistoobatic, Ar-is-to-krit-ik, ) a. relati)) 

^Vbist(hbatical, Ar-is-to-kr4t-i-kal, ( tu nr- 

intokrn-M; hoti; rk.-klqi'iv. [Ari.-'ti'jtl. 

Abistotelian, Ar-i»-to-ti-li-an, a. rrlntio t\a 
Abistotelian, Ar-is-to-tf-li-an, n. a f61ocr ov 

Ari<t6ti. [berz. 

Abitbmanct, A-rit-maD-si, n. a forteligbj nuni- 
Abitiimetic, A-rlt-mc-tik, m. de sjcns ov nuni- 

bcn. fnrihnetik. 

Abithjietical, Ar-it-mtU-i-kal, u. ukordij) tu 
Abitiimetician, A-rit-me-ti/-an, «. wun v^rst in 

Abb. flrk, »i. a <;o»t;- a vcsol tu ."iwim ujKjn dc 

wotcr; jiisqali apljd tu dat iu hwi<j Nou woz 

|)rrzvr*d:- a Iqri, mkI r\ift. 
Ables, Hrli, M. pi. vmcDt muni givn tu s\>n'ant.'i. 
Abu, rtrm, m. At lim bwii; rr<;«.'x fmm de band tu 

dt JaldiT:— a b's ov a trc;— an inlet ov dc »c; — 

a bnim; ov militnri .««;r>i.'<. 
Abm, Hmi, r. t. tu funiij wid qrmi; ta furtif|. 
Abm, ilrui, r. I. tu tak qmii. 
Abmada, rtr-nui-da, m. [.n)'.] a land or naval fors. 
Abmadillo, tlr-ma-dil-k), n. a boni-Jold animal. 

Abmament, flr'ma-mcnt, n. a farsekwipt forwor. 
AiiMATiia:, ilr'iuji-tqr, «. qmior fur dcf^ndifj dr 

bodi., flr-m£-ni-an, a. |)crtnnig tu Hnncnia., Hr'men-tjn, a. rrlatiu lu a b^rd ov 

ABiiruL, Hnn'f ul, n. as muc; nz dr qnnz kan bold. 
AusiiiOLE, flnn'bul, «. o kaviti under de /older; 

<i liul in a gqrmcnt for At qrm. 
AuMKiKU, ilr'iiii-jer, n. [L.\ a nil or OHkwjr; u tjtl. 
.XiiMio.uuLs, Hr-mij-er-u», a. ijuriy qrmx. 
.VnMii.i.AUY. Hr'mi-lu-ri, a. rczembliu a branlct. 
AbMiLLATKi), Hr-mi-lii-tcd, a. baviu u bnulot. 
AuMiMA.N, ilr-niin-y:in, n. u f61ocr ov rlrminitu, 

lui) diiord from Kulvin. [.'inniniua. 

Aemi.mamsm, ilr-miii-yun-iz-m, n. At dokirin ov 
AuMii'OTEM'E, rir-niip-ij-tt'ns, ii. puer in wor. 
Akmu'utent, Rr-mip-u-tent, a. p'sorful in qrnu. 
AuMihTiCE, Hr'miii-tii', ii. Hcsajon from qrms. a 

uusjienjon ov hostilitiz; a trow. 
Akmlkt. ilrm'let, ii. u litl qrm: a brnnlct. 
AuMoK, ilr'niiir, ». drfoufiv qrmz for dc boli. 
AuMDU-iiEAUEU, rfr'mor-b^r-cr, ». wun ho) kariz 

(if qriiior ov uniider. 
AuHuUKU, tlr'mor-er, ii. wun hoi maluoriiolzqnnx. 
AuMouiAL, ilr-mij-ri-al, a. bcl6ui{) tu qrmor; hcr- 

aldik. [em jiqrt ov Fruna. 

AuMouic, flr-m6r-ik, a. dMignatig dc nort-west- 
AuMoKY, ilr'm<3-ri, n. a pins in hwi<j qrmz qr dc- 

|iozitcd for yqs; qrnior: ensjnz c|rmijriul. 
AuMi'iT, ilrm'pit, n. At holo pla.f under dc Juldcr. 
Arms, ilnnz, ii./</. we]inz: wor; en.sjnz qnaorial. 
AiiMV, ilr'mi, u. a Iqrj bodi ov qnud men. 
Akoma, A-ru-ma, ii. dr fmgraut kwoliti in planta. 
AiioMATic, Ar-o-miit-ik, \ „ „ . . r^„„„, 

AuoMATiCAL, Ar-u-.uat-i-kal, 1 ^- «""' f™?™"^. 
AitoM ATicti, Ar-o-miit-ik!', spjst'z or jiorfqm*. 
AuoMATiZATiox, Ar-o-mat-i-zii-jon, n. dc mig- 

gliU cv aronuitik spjscz wid eni midiiiin. 
Akomatize, Ar'u-raa-tjz, or A-rii-ma-tjz, r. i. tu 

impregnnt wid swct odorz or aromu. 
Abomatous, A-ru-ma-tus, a. fragrant; spjsi. 
Akusk, A-ruz, /. from Arjz. Se {Aricr!.) 
Akoind, A-n<nd, a</. in u serkl; on evcri sjd. 
Aeui'.mi, A-r'snd, prtp. ab'st: ncr tu; enserklig. 
Akoise, A-rSz, r. (. tu wak from :-lcp: tu raz up. 
Akoy.vt, A-rtVnt,* itiUr. brg6n; aw4. 
AuPKciCfio, flr-p<5j-i-o, n. [It.] At distigkt sijnd 

ov At nuts ov an iustrxtimental kord, akdnqtaniig 

At Vff.<. [dan de IggliJ nkcr. 

AartNT, Hr-p6ii. ii. [/>.] a Frenq aker, a litl lc8 
ARyiEBis, Hrkwe-bus, n. a band-gun formcrli 

yqid. [wid an ^rkwcbu:'. 

ABgi'KBi'siEB, Hr-kwe-bu«-fr, n. a sjljer qrmd 
Auback, Ar'nk, ii. At .spirit ov de koku-nut. 
AuiiAiu.v, A-nin, r. t. tu indit; tu akqz. 
Akbaii;xmkxt, A-nin-mont, n. de akt ov aranig. 
Abbange, A-ninj, r. t. tu sot in order; tu put 

in pln.s. 
Abeaxcjemext, A-rnnj-mcnt, n. a putig inordcr; 

orderli di.iiiozijon : f jnal netlmcnt: klaisifikajon 

ov fnkts relatig tu a subjekt; ax, de Linran 

aniiiji/itut ov pliintx. 
Abbaxgek, A-ninj-cr, n. vun h»ti puts in order. 
Abbaxt, Ar'ant, a. bad; vjl; notoriut<; wiked. 
Abbas, Ar'a.-', n. riq ta|>c«tri. ff rst mad at An*. 
Akkay, A-rri, n. order ov men for batl; dre«, — a 

nn)kifl: euii-nnelii) ov a jqri. 
Abbay, A-ni, r. /. tu jiut in order: tu drcs; tu 

iiii|'.'iiu'l: tu envolop: tu di.'^iHjz. 
Abbeab, A-rrr, ii. dat bwiq rrmdni unptid. 
Abbeabaue, A-rer-nj, »i. remnndcr ov an atint; 

Abbect, A-rt'kt,* a. en?kt; at«5ntiv at a hrrcr. 
Abbettitiovs, Ar-«p-tiJ-us, 4. soa^t awii; krep4 

in privili. 




Areest, A-rest, n. S£3q,r bj worant; stop; hin- 

drans; sta ov jujment after verdikt. 
Arrestation, Ar-es-ta-Jon, n. restrant; ssjur; 

Arret, A-ret, n. an edikt ov a soveren kort. 
Arriere, A-rer, »». ds last bodi ov an qrmi, n^s 

keld rer. 
Arrision, A-rij-on, n. akt ov smjlig. 
Arrival, A-rj-val, n. ds akt ov kumii) tu eni plas. 
Arrivanoe, A-rj-vans, n.akumpani arjvig; arjval. 
Arrive, A-riv, v. t. tia rzq a plas; tu gan enitiij. 
Arrogance, Ar'o-gans, / n. asumjon ov tco inuq 
Areooancy, Ar'o-gan-si, \ impertans ; insolens 

ov bj^rii). 
Arrogant, Ar'o-gant, a. hoti; self -konse ted. 
Arrogantly, Ar'o-gant-li, ad. hetili; veri pi-sdli. 
Arrogate, Ar'o-gat, v. t. tu klam unjiistli; tm 

asvi,m; tia tak. [unjustli. 

Arrogation, Ar-Q-ga-Jon, n. de akt ov asi^mii) 
Arrogative, Ar'o-ga-tiv, a. klamir) in an unjust 

Arrosion, A-r(5-gon, n. a neii). 
A-RROW, Ar'o, n. a pffnted wepn Jot from a bo. 
Arrow-root, Ar'o-rdjt, ». a farinajus substaus. 
Arrowy, Ar'o-i, a. konsistig ov arcDz. [storz. 
Arsenal, flr'ss-nal, n. a magazsn ov militari 
Arsenic, ilr'sen-ik, er flrs'nik, n. a metal er an 

oksid ov a metal; a viryq,lent pefzn. 
Arsenical, ilr-sen-i-kal, a. pertanii) tu qrsenik. 
Arsis, flr'sis, n. [ G-r.] in prosodi, ttat pq,rt ov a 

fut on hwig de stres ov As vers felz. 
Arson, ilr'son, n. de krjm ov malijus Inss-burnir) 

er uder bildig bj hwiq hn,man Ijf ma he endan- 

Art, Hrt, sekond person sir)gq,lar, indikativ mcod, 

prezent tens, ov de verb tw is. 
Art, flrt, n. a sjens; wun ov de liberal qrts; — a 

trad: qrtfulnes; qrtifis; skil; deksteriti; kunii). 
Artemisia, flr-te-mig-ya, n. mugwurt; wurm- 

wmd; a jenus ov plants. 
Arterial, flr-te-ri-al, a. relatig tu an qrteri. 
Arterialization, ilr-tE-ri-al-i-za-Jon, n. de 

proses ov makii) qrterial. 
Arterialize, flr-ts-ri-al-jz, v. t. tu komi|,nikat 

de kwolitiz ov qrterial blud. [an qrteri. 

Arteriotomy, Rr-te-ri-6t-o-mi, n. de opnii) ov 
Artery, Hr'ter-i, n. a kanal, or tn,b, konvaii) de 

blud from de hqrt tu el pqrts ov de bodi. 
Artesian, Hr-te-jan, a. relatii) tia flrtwe {Artois} 

in Frans. Rrts^an wel, a wel mad bj borii). [al. 
Artful, flrt'ful, a. kuniij; slj; deksterus; qrtifij- 
Artfully, ilrt'ful-i, ad. kunigli; sljli; dekster- 

usli; skilfuli. [iti. 

Artfulness, firt'ful-nes, n. qrt; kunig; dekster- 
Arthritio, flr-trit-ik, ) a. relatig tu qrtrj- 

Arthritical, flr-trit-i-kal, i tis, er gist ; g-sti. 
Arthritis, flr-trj-tis, n. [ Gr.] de g'st. [root. 

Artichoke, flr'ti-qok, n. a plant and eskT^lent 
Article, Hr'ti-kl, n. a term; kondijon; pqrt ov a 

disk6rs; a klez er jtem; a distigkt but undef jnd 

til); a pqrt ov speq. 
Article, Hr'ti-kl, v. i. tu engaj. 
Article, ilr'ti-kl, v. t. tu kdvenant; tu agre; tu 

mak termz. [er jffnts. 

Articular, flr-tik-yq,-lar, a. relatig tu qrtiklz. 
Articulate, ilr-tik-yT],-lat, v. t. tu form wurdz: 

tu spek; tu jflfn. [li. 

Articulate, flr-tik-yq-lat, v. i. tra spek distiijkt- 
Articulate, Hr-tik-yn-lat, a. distigki; plan; 

jernted. [yH,lat maner. 

Articulately, flr-tik-yri-lat-li, ad. in an qrtik- 
Articulation, flr-tik-yv^-la-Jon, n. akt ov qrtik- 

yqlatiij;— a konsonant; — a je^nt; a jur)ktyii,r. 
Artifice, flr'ti-fis, n. trik; fred; deset; qrt. 
Artificer, Hr-tif-i-ser, n. a mekanik; a manytj,- 


Artificial, flr-ti-fij-al, a. mad bJ qrt; not nat- 

yq,ral; fiktijus; not jenyq^in; qrtful. 
Artificiality, flr-ti-fij-i-al-i-ti, ) n. stat ov beig 
Artificialness, ilr-ti-fij-al-nes, ! qrtifijal. 
Artificially, Hr-ti-fiJ-al-i, ad. bj qrt; not nat- 

Artillery, ilr-til-er-i, n. wepnz ov wor; erd- 

nans; traps dat manaj ordnans, kanon, &s. 
Artisan, Hr'ti-zan, er flr-ti-zan, n. a person skild 

in eni qrt. [f jn qrts. 

Artist, Hrt'ist, n. wun hoo praktisez wun ov de 
Artistic, flr-tis-tik, ) a. relatii) tu de qrts, 

Artistical, flr-tis-ti-kal, ) or tu an qrtist. 
Artless, flrt'les, a. unskilful; verd ov qrt; onest; 

simpl. [yt^rali. 

Artlessly, flrt'les-li, ad. in an qrtles maner; nat- 
Artlessness, flrt'les-nes, n. wont ov qrt; sim- 

plisiti. [de red or kan. 

Arundinaceous, A-run-di-na-Jus, a. pertanii) tu 
Arundineous, A-run-din-e-us, a. abundig wid 

Aruspice, A-riis-pis, n. a sAtsaer. [entralz. 

Aruspicy, A-rds-pi-si, n. divinajon bj inspektig 
As, Az, konj. ad. in de sam, er Ijk maner; in de 

maner dat; dat; for egzdmpl; Ijk; ekwali. 
AsAFCETiDA, As-a-fet-i-da, n. a fetid inspisated 

sap yi^zd in medisin. 
Asbestine, As-bes-tin, a. pertanig tu asbestos. 
Asbestos, er Asbestus, As-bes-tos, n. a mineral 

substans, f jbrus and inkombustibl. [wurmz. 

AscARiDES, As-kar-i-dez, n. pi. [ G-r.'] intestinal 
Ascend, A-s6nd, v. i. tu rjz; tu mmv upwardz. 
Ascend, A-sdnd, v. t. tu kljm up; tu munt. 
Ascendable, A-send-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beig 

asended. [oriti. 

Ascendant, A-send-ant, n. hjt; elevajon; sq,pEri- 
Ascendant, A-send-ant, a. si^perior; abuv de 

horjzon. [pver. 

Ascendency, A-sen-den-si, n. inflri,ens; etoriti; 
Ascension, A-sen-Jon, n. akt ov asendig. 
Ascension-day, A-sen-Jon-da, n. de da on hwiq 

de asenjon ov -sr Savyor iz komemorated. 
Ascent, A-sent, n. akt ov rjziij; rjs; eminens. 
Ascertain, As-er-tan, v. t. tu mak serten; tu 

establij. [li non. 

Ascertainable, As-er-tan-a-bl, a. tu be serten- 
Ascertainment, As-er-tan-ment, n. de akt ov 

Ascetic, A-set-ik, n. a devest rekhis; a hermit. 
Ascetic, A-set-ik, a. empli^'d in devojon; ester. 
Asceticism, A-set-i-3iz-m,ra.stat er praktis ov an 

Ascii, AJ'i-j, n. pi. [L.] doz pepl hco, at serten 

tjmz ov de yer, hav no Jado at neon. 
Ascites, A-sj-tez, n. [ Gr.} dropsi ov de abdomen. 
Ascitic, A-sit-ik, > j -i i 

Ascitical, A-sit-i-kal, \ ^' dropsikal. 
Ascribable, As-krjb-a-bl, a. dat ma be askrjbd. 
Ascribe, As-krjb, v. t. tu atribyii,t ivx. az a kez. 
Ascription, As-krip-Jon, n. akt ov askrjbig; tij) 

Asexual, A-seks-yq,-al, a. destit^t ov seks. 
Ash, AJ, n. a tre; de wud ov de aj. 
Ashamed, A-Jamd, a. tuqt wid Jam; abajt. 
Ash-colored, AJ'kul-ord, a. ov a kulor betwen 

br-sn and gra. 
Ashert, AJ'er-i, n. a manynfaktori ov potaj. 

Ashes, AJ'ez, n. pi. de dust or remanz ov eni tig 

burnt; de remanz ov a ded bodi. 
Ashlar, AJ'lar, i n. freston az it kumz from de 
Ashler, AJ'ler, ( kwori. 
Ashore, A-Jor, ad. on Jor; tu de Jor; stranded. 
AsH-WEDNESDAY, AJ-wenz-da, «. de ferst da ot 

Ashy, AJ'i, a. aj-kulord; turnd intu ajez. 




Asiatic, fl-Ji-iU-ik, a. portnnio tu fljia. 
Abiatio, tl-Ji-At ik, n. a nativ uv Ujia. 
Ahiaticism, trji-at-i-sir-in, «. imitajcin OT de 

SJintik iniiiRT. 
Abide, A-Kjd, ail. tu wun »id; ap(\rt from de rost. 
Asinine, Ait'i-ii|n, a, relutig tu, or rezdmblig 

AfflC, (I-^k, I', t. tu bfg; tu ilrmiliiil; tu kwcKtyoD. 
Ask, (I^k, v. i. tu |>t;tijun; tu imik iiikw{ri. 
Abkanck, Aii-kiinH, j ad. ol>lckli: .-"idwnz; turd wun 
Ahka.nt, A.'f-kant, i koruer ov de J. 
Abker, tlsk'or, n. wun hcii uitk.s: inkw{rcr. 
AsKKW, A-8kr\, ad. a.i|d; wid kuiit4^iut. [k{(1. 

Aslant, A-xliiiit, ad. in a Hlnntiy manor; un wun 
AsLEEi', A-.slcp, ad. at rctit in ii\e\r, in a Mlepig slut. 
Ahloi'k, A-.i1u|i, ad. wid dekliriti; ubiekli. 
AsuMATOUS, A-^-ina-tU!<, a. wid'Mt a inuterial 

b'Kli. [an opiut. 

Asp, tlsp. n. a pffznu.s s^qn-nt, ha>z \t<fr.n kilz IJk 
ASPARAGL'S, As-par-a-gus, n. an t^Hki^lcnt i)lunt. 
ASPKCT, As'ixkt, H. luk: k'^iiiti-nuiis; nr; vii. 
Asi'K.N, A.-''iK;n, r». <i trr; dc |>opltir, or u fpejez ov it. 
Asi'KN, .Vs'iK'ii, a. bi-16gi{| tu de uapon trr. 
Abper, Art'i)er, K. u tirck akct-nt; n TurkiJ k»Tn. 
Asi'KKATK, Ai('ptT-at, r. t. tu imik ruf or unevn. 
Abi'kkatiun, As-per-a-Jon, u. a innkig ruf. 
AsPERiKOLious, As-pcr-i-fu-li-ua, a. harig levz 

ruf tu de tuq. 
AsPKKiTY, A.f-p6r-i-ti, n. rufncs; hqrjncs; Jqrpnoe. 
AsruiMoi's, A-s|j«;r-mu)i, /». dcntitiit ov !<cd. 
Asi'tiu.-^E, As-pin, v. t. tu vilif}; tu clundcr; tu 

•enji^r. [kaiunmi. 

Aspersion, As-p^r-fon, n. a sprigkli)); wnJur; 
AsPERSOUY, A!<-|)vra-a-ri, a. tcndig tu as|M;rs. 
Asphalt, .V.-t-t'all, t n. a blak bitqminu.s 

AspiiALTUM, A.t-fal-tnm, i ^ub^tan.-*, f'«nd on 

lak Atifaltis. 
AspiiALTic, As-fal-tik, a. gumi; I)itnminu3. 
AsPHuuEL, As'fu-dcl, >i. de dn lili: dr kigx sper. 
Asphyxia, A.^-fiks-i-a, n. a swiDnio, or fantig. 
Aspic, As'pik, «. a pes ov erdnans; a gt-rpcnt: asp. 
Aspirant, A'^-pj-rant, or As'pi-rnnt, ». a kandi- 

dnt; an iwujrer. Ibrtt. 

Aspirate, A^'pi-rat, r. t. tu pran'^^ns wid ful 
Aspirate, An'pi-rat, a. pron'Kn!<t wid ful brot. 
Aspirate, A.s'pi-rat, n. a Ictcr or mqrk ov an 

einijon ov brc-t in pronunuinjon. 
AspiRATio.N, As-jn-ru-fon, ». an qrdcnt wij: a ful 

pruiiuu-^injon; q brrai{) alter. 
Aspire, As-pjr, v. i. tu am at; tu dezjr egerli. 
AsPiKEB, As-pjr-or, «. wun hiD adpjrx or seks 

qnlciitli., As-pjr-ip, ;-d. a. dczirio egerli; amij 

at: ainbijug; havij] qnlent dcijr tu rjz. 
Abpiri.vuly, A.^-pir-ijj-li, ad. in an a-ipjnfl maner. 
Asportation, As-|>or-ta-Jon, ii. akt ov kariifl awn. 
Abvji i.NT, A.«-kwint, ad. a.ikAnt; wid wun j Jut. 
Ass, (Im, n. an animal or burdn: a dul person. 
A8.SAFCKTIDA, As-a-fdt-i-da, «. a fetid gum-rezin, 

yi^id in metlii^iD. 
Assail, A-wil, «•. t. fu atak in a hostil manor: tu u|/tn; tu atak wid ^rgqment. [atakt. 

Assailable, A-sAl-a-bl, a. dat mn be iksald or 
Assailant. A-sHl-ant, ti. wun lun atak.« or inviidz. 
AflSAiLANT, .\ -/il-anf, .1. atakio: ap-d?iv. 
Ashailkr, A-sal-or, u. wun hd> ataks. 
AssAi.MKNT, A-Nil-mcnt, n. akt ov a^alip. 
A&HAKT, A-w\rf, H. in enfint lot, de of6na or grub- 

iy ui> and drstnTiij trrz: a trc plukt up bj dr 

nni.s; a kltrd i»e.'« ov land. 
A88A.K.S1X, A-sia-in, h. wun bin kill, or at^mts tu 

kil bj tro«;ori, or wkrot a^M. 
A8RA88INATK, A-Mo-i-nnt, t. t. tu murder bj rr- 

krct [inatij). 

Assassination, A-aa^-i-nA-JoD, n. dc akt or o^iil- 
Assassinator, A-eAs-i-na-tor, n. wunbiXtaaBainatd. 

Assault, A-nrtlt, n. at&k; utonn: hostil rfolonfl. 
AsHAiLT, A-H.'.lt, V. t. tu atak; tu fol u|«')n vio- 

lontli. |a*4lted. 

AssAi ltable, a -vilt-a-bl, b. kapabi or beif) 
Ahhaulter, A-wilt-ur, n. wun hdi awilta. 
Assay, \-m, n. a tqal; at4-mt; cgzajnina/on. 
Ahmav, A-Mi, «. «. tu trj; tu cndovor. 
Ahmat, A-«i, ». t. tu trj or pntiv, ax motali. 
.Vkhaykr, A-i*A-or, «. wun bin luu'iz ini'tnls. 
Assay MANTEit, A-«i-mu8-ter, u. wun Loj trjx «r 

i-gz.'iminz inutulz. [bli. 

Ahskmiilaue, A-som-blaj, n. a kolekjun; an amim- 
AssKMiii.K, A-i«im-bI, V. i. tu met tugi^dor. 
AssKMiiLY, A-xvni-bli, ft. a kura|iiuii; an a^vmblaj. 
.Vsment, A-8i5nt, ». akt ov agrrip: kon-*nt. 
Assent, A-sent, r. i. tu kon.'^cd; tu ajjre tu. 
Assentation, An-en-ta-Jon, n. kompljan.'*. 
AssE."<TATOR, A«-on-tA-tor, n. a flaterer. 
Assert, A-8^rt, v. t. tu mantAn; tu af^rm; t« 

klam. [ronJoD. 

Assertion, A-»t'r-Jon, ». akt ov aaertiy: afer- 
AS.SKKTIV1-:, A-!«^r-tiv, a. j)oziliv; dugmatikal. 
Asskrtor, A-«vr-tor, ii. wunhit>ai<4;rL-<; mniitnner. 
Asskutory, As'cr-to-ri, .■». a.'«;rti{); .<ui>urtio. 
AssKss, A-ses, I', t. tu qqrj wid cni Hum: tu rat. 
As8e>madlk, A-K^ti-Or-bl, a. dat ma V>e &f6»t. 
AssEssiONARY, A-8<J-on-a-ri, a. pcrtanijj tu a.«^«- 

on. (as<5*t. 

Assessment, A-s<5M-ment, «. akt ov ase^ig: At sum 
Assessor, A-s^s-or, ;*. wun bet) ascucz; an a-'jixtant. 
AssESSOBiAL, A-8«s-u-ri-ai, a. pcrtanig tu as4fl- 

orz, or a kort ov a«<^.sora. 
Assets, A-.'cta, «. gvdz and qat«lz for de disqi^rj 

ov (let.-', legasiz, As. [tivli. 

AssEVER, A-»6v-er, r. t. tu af^rm or dekl^r jj<jzi- 
AssEVERATE, A-sdv-cr-at, r. t. tu af^rm 8<j!cmli: 

tu avdr. [Jon. 

Asseveration, A-sev-er-A-Jon, i». golem aferma- 
AssiDLiTY", As-i-dti-i-ti, r». dilijeos; klus aplika- 

As.sii)iou8, A-sid-yn-us, a.veri dilijent; kon-stant. 
Assiduously, A-gid-3nv-ufl-li, ad. dilijentli; kon- 

stanlli. [dqitj. 

AssiDi'ocsNKSS, A-sid-ji^-uB-nes, n. dilijens; asi- 
AssiGN, A-sjn, V. t. tu ap<hit; tu trangf^r: tu 

spcsifi; tu dcsignat; tu fiks. 
Assign, A-sjn, n. wun tu hcDm an a.<>{nmcnt ii 

mad: an aaini. 
Assignable, A-sjn-a-bl, a. dat ma be aajnd. 
AssiuNATE, A-sig-nat, ». a publik not or bil in 

Assignee, A.«-i-ne, n. wun tu hoDm cni rjt, prop- 

crti, or a.-ijnmcnt iz mad. 
Assignee, A-sin-er, / . 

Assignor, A«-i-nor, i "• '^'^■» ^ ""i"'- 
AS.SIGNMENT, A-sin-uicnt, II. akt OV asjnifl; a trano*' 

fer ov tjtl or intorout. [led. 

Assimilable. A-sim-i-la-bl,a. dat ma be asimila- 
Assimilate, A-sim-i-Iat, r. t. or i. tu mak or gro 

Ijk. fig timiliir. 

Assimilation, A-cim-i-lii-Jon, «. de akt ov mak- 
Assimilativb, A-sim-i-ln-tir, J), haviy pvcr tu 

.VssisT, A-sist, r. t. tu help: tu ad; tu sukor. 
Assistance, A-gi»-tan«, n. help: ad: sukor: sup^rt. 
Assistant, A-.^ist-ant, a. wun hdi axiKt"; an i«gtil- 
AssizE, A-.-jz. n. a kurt ov Jqdikatqr. [ywn. 

As-siZK, A-sjE. r. /. tu fik.s de mt, mcjtir, k%. 
.\ssiztx, .\-sjz-»'r, II. wun hot ag|zcz: an ofi.«er hdi 

inspt'kt.'' wots and me^rz. 
AssodABLE, A-su-Ji-a-bl, «. kapabi ov bcip aa^ 

Jintfd: su/abl: komp-inyonabl. 
Associate. A-s(i-Ji-at, r. t. tu ytinit wid andder 

tu j(Tn in kuuipnni: tu akUmjuini. 
Associate. A-»*j-Ji-nt, r. i. tu yqnjt in knmpABL 
Associate, A-.«<^-Ji-at, a. jernd in intorMt. 




Associate, A-s6-Ji-at, n. a pqrtnerjkompanyon; 

Association, A-so-Ji-a-Jon, n. konfederasi; p4rt- 

nerjip; konekjon; an asembli. 
AssociATioNAL, A-so-Ji-a-Jon-al, a. pertanii) tia 

an asojiajon. 
Associative, A-s6-Ji-a-tiv, a. tendii) tu asojiat. 
Assonance, As'o-nans, n. rezemblans ov s-sndz. 
Assonant, As'o-nant, a. havig rezemblans ov 

Assort, A-sort, v. t. tu aranj in order; tu klas. 
Assortment, A-s6rt-ment, n. distribqjou intia 

serts; varjsti; a number ov tiijz aserted. 
Assuage, A-swaj, v. t. tia sofn; tu ez. 
Assuagement, A-swaj -ment, n. mitigajon; abat- 

ment. _ [fiz. 

AssuAGER, A-swaj -er, n. wun hO) aswajez er pasi- 
AssuASiVE, A-swa-siv, a. sofnii); ezig. 
Assuetude, As'we-tii,d, n. kustom. 
Assume, A-si^m, v. t. ta tak; tu klam; tu arcDgat. 
Assume, A-si|,m, v. i. tu be arogant. 
AssuMEE, A-si^m-er, n. wun hcD asq,mz. 
Assuming, A-sqm-ig, pp. a. arogant; heti; 

Assuming, A-si^m-ig, n. prezumjon. 
Assumpsit, A-sdm-sit, n. [L.] a voluntari promis, 

er undertakii); a spejez ov akjon. 
Assumption, A-sum-Jon, n. akt ov asumii); sup- 

ozijon; de tii) supozd. [ast^md. 

Assumptive, A-sdm-tiv, a. ov a naty^r tu be 
Assurance, A-Ji^r-ans,?}. aktov aJn,riij; konfidens; 

wont ov modesti; sekq,riti; inji^rans. 
Assure, A-Ji^r, v. t. tu giv konfidens; tu mak 

sekixr; tu asert pozitivli; tu inJ4r. 
Assuredly, A-Jii,r-ed-li, ad. sertenli; wid-st d-st. 
Assuredness, A-Jiy--ed-nes, n. statovbeiij aj^rd. 
Assurer, A-Ji\,r-er, n. wun hflo aji'i.rz. 
Assurgent, A-sdr-jent, n. rjzii) in a kurv. 
AsswAGE, A-swaj, V. t. Se {Assuage.} 
Aster, As'ter, n. [Z.] {Bot.} a jenus ov plants; 

Asterisk, As'ter-isk, n. de mcirk(*)in printii). 
Asteeite, As'ter-jt, n. {Mm.) de stqr stcan. 
Asterism, As'ter-iz-m, w. a konstelajon; an aster- 
Astern, A-stern, ad. {Naut.) at de hjnder pqrt 

ov a Jip. 
Asteroid, As'ter-efd, n. a smel planet. 
AsTEROiDAL, As-ter-dd-al, a. rezemblii) a stqr. 
Asthenic, As-ten-ik, a. febl; wid-st p-ser. 
AsTHENOLOGY, As-te-nol-Q-ji, n. a deskripjon ov 

Asthma, Ast'ma, n. a Jertnes ov bret. 
Asthmatic, Ast-mat-ik, I a. relati^ tu ast- 
Asthmatical, Ast-mat-i-kal,) ma; aflikted wid 

Astonish, As-ton-iJ, v. t. tu amaz; tu surprjz. 
Astonishing, As-ton-iJ-ig, jyp. eksjtig astonij- 

ment: a. veri wunderful; surprjzig. 
Astonishingly, As-ton-iJ-i^-li, sul. in an aston- 

ijii) manor. [surprjz. 

Astonishment, As-t6n-iJ-ment, n. amazment; grat 
Astound, As-t-Rnd, v. t. tu astonij; tu stun; tu 

Astraddle, A-strad-1, ad. wid wun leg on ec sjd. 
Astragal, As'tra-gal, n. a litl r-snd moldi^) hwig 

sur-sndz de top or botom ov a kolum. 
Astral, As'tral, a. belo^jig tu de stqrz; stqri. 
Astray, A-stra, ad. -st ov de rjt wa er plas. 
AsTRicT, A-strikt, v. t. tu kontrakt bj ajjlikajonz. 
Asteiction, As-trik-Jon, n. akt ov kontraktii); 

Astrictive, As-trik-tiv, a. bjndig; kompresii). 
Astride, A-strjd, ad. wid de legz wjd ap^rt. 
Astringe, A-strinj, v. t. tu dre tug^der; tu 

bjnd; tu bras. 

AsTEiNGENCY, As-trin-jen-si, n. de stat ov beig 

astrinjent; pxer ov kontraktirj de pqrts ov de 

AsTHiNGEXT, As-lrin-jcnt, a. bjndii); kontraktip. 
Astringent, As-trin-jent, n. a medisin hwig kon- 

tn'ikts and streijteuz, hwea yr^zd internali. 
ASTROGXOSY, As-trog-no-si, n. nolej ov de fikst 

stqrz. [de stqrz. 

AsTROGUAPHY, As-trog-ra-fi, n. a deskripjon ov 
AsTROiTE, As'tro-jt, n, a spqrklig ston; de stqr- 

Astrolabe, As'tro-lab, n. an instroiment formerli 

yT|,zd fer takig de altitqd ov de sun er stqrz at sc. 
AsTROLATRT, As-trol-a-tri, n. wurjip ov de stqrz. 
Astrologer, As-trol-o-jer, n. wun hoo fortelz 

events bj de aspekt ov de stqrz. 
AsTEOLOGio, As-tro-loj-ik, ) a. pertani:^ tu 

Astrological, As-tro-loj-i-kal, \ astroloji. 
Astrology, As-trol-o-ji, n. de praktis er sjens 

ov prediktirj events bj de aspekts er sityqajonov 

de stqrz. [astronomi. 

Astronomer, As-tron-o-mer, n. wun verst in 
Astronomic, As-tro-nom-ik, ) a. bel6i)ig 

Astronomical, As-trca-nom-i-kal, \ tu, er'par- 

takii) ov, astronomi. 
Astronomically, As-tro-nom-i-kal-i, ad. in an 

astronomikal maner. [tronomi. 

Astronomize, As-tr6n-o-m|z, v. i. tu studi as- 
Astrojmomy, As-tron-o-mi, n. de sjens hwic teqez 

de nulfj ov de hevnli bodiz. [stqrz. 

AsTROSCOPY, As-tros-ko-pi, n. obzervajon ov de 
AsTEOTHEOLOGY, As-tro-te-61-o-ji, n. teoloji 

f-gnded on de obzervajon ov de selestyal bodiz. 
Astute, As-tTq,t, a. kunii); Jrcod; akx\t; sutl. 
Asunder, A-sdn-der, ad. ap^rt; in tO) pqrts. 
Asylum, A-sj-lum, n. a saxjktyxi^ari; a refqj. 
AsYMMETEAL, A-sim-e-tral, ) a. not havig 

Asymmetrical, As-i-met-ri-kal, S simetri. 
Asymmetry, A-sim-e-tri, n. wont ov proporjon. 
Asymptote, As'im-tot, n. \Gr.'\ a Ijn hwig 

aproqez nerer and nerer tu sum kurv, but never 

mets it. [not me tig. 

Asymptotical, As-im-tot-i-kal, a. aproqii), but 
Asyndeton, A-sin-de-ton, n. [Gr.] a figyqr hwiq 

omits de konjuijkjon; az, {veni, vidi, vici.} 
At, At, iy?'ep. denotiij nernes er prezens; toardz; 

ner tu; bj; in: on; wid. [Moorz. 

Atabal, At'a-bal, 71. a kjnd ov tabor yqzd bj de 
Ataeaxy, At'a-raks-i, ji. kqmnes ov mjnd. 
Ate, at w Et, i. from 8t. Se {Mt.} 
Athanasian, At-a-na-Jan, a. relatii) tu de dok- 

trin ov Atanajius. [Jius. 

Athanasian, At-a-na-Jan, n. a foloer ov Atana- 
Atheism, il'te-iz-m, n. disbelef in de beig ov a 

God. [ov a God. 

Atheist, O'te-ist, «. wun hoo denjz de egzistens 
Atheistic, fl-te-is-tik, ) a. pertanii) tu ate- 

Atheistical, a-te-is-ti-kal, i izm; adheriij tXH 

ateizm; impius. 
Atheistically, £[-te-is-ti-kal-i, ad. in an ateis- 

tikal maner. 
ATHEN.a:uM, At-e-ne-um, n. [Z.] in anjent Atenz, 

a plas hwfir filosoferz and poets deklamd and 

repeted dijr kompozijonz. In de Y^inited Stats, 

a publik redii) roim. [Gres. 

Athenian, A-te-ni-an, a. pertanii) tu Atenz in 
Athirst, A-terst, a. wontii) drii)k; tersti. 
Athlete, At'let, n. a. kontender fer viktori; a 

Athletic, At-let-ik, a. relatii) tu reslig er bod- 

ili eksersjz; stroij ov bodi; vigorus. 
Athwart, A-twert, p)>'cp. akros; transvers; trca. 
Atilt, A-tilt, ad. in de maner ov a barel tilted. 
Atlantean, At-lan-te-an, a. pertanig tu Atlas. 
Atlantes, At-lan-tez, n. pi. figyq,rz suportig a 





Atlantic, At-Iin-tik, a. perlnnigtu de ojan hiriq 

H« f.Ht civ Amcrikii;— n. dc Atlantik ujan. 
Atlas, At'las, n. [/..] a kott-kjon ov niniM; a \<\t} 

skwi^r ftilycj; a Iqrj kjii'l ov |>ti|MT. 
AtmohI'IIeuk, At'inos-Ur, u. dc mas ov fluid or 

%r hwi(; cnkuini^i-xoz de ?rt; v. 
ATMOHi'iituic, At-inoH-for-ik, ) a. ht\6\)\\f 

\tmohimiu(Ical, At-mos-fdr-i-kal, I tu dt at- 

mutfl (' r. 
Atou, At'om, n. an ekstrruili i«mnl pqrtikl. 
Atomic, A-toin-ik, a. relatiy tu ntuinz; iituinikal. 
Atomical, A-toin-i-kal, a. kon.^istig ov, or rtlutio 

tu udituz. 
Atomism, At'ora-it-m, ». dc doktrin ov atomz. 
Atdnk, A-ttbn, I', t. tu !<tand uz un ckwivalent. 
Atone, A-ttbri, v. t. tu rokonsil; tu ekspiat; tu 

Mii-fj. Ijiiujon. 

Atonkment, A-t<!in-ment, n. rckonsiliu/on; ok.s- 
Atoneh, A-tun-cr, u. wun hm utcjuz or ri-kons|lz. 
Atonic, A-USn-ik, a. wontifl t<on; rtlak-st. 
Atont, At'o-ni, n. wont ov ton; debiliti. 
Aroi', A-top, .■)(/. Ill or on dr top; nbtiv. 
Atkahilmiian, At-rii-bi-lA-ri-an, | a. nfijkt.d 
Atuabilarious, At-ra-bi-ld-ri-u.s,j wid in(Sl- 

iiii!;.'li or blnk bjl. 
Atramkxtal, At-ni-ni(5n-tal, j a. kon?i?tiu ov 
ATiiAMKNTots, Al-ni-in(Sn-tU!», j iflk; iu'.ti; blak. 
Atkii M. {I'tri-um. ii. f/..] pi. tl'tri-u; a kort If- 

fiir 11 tempi or h's.-'. 
Atrohols, A-iru-Ju?, a. wikcd in a hj dfgrc; 

rnormn.-': •Htniju;': flajijus, [luaner. 

Atrociously, A-tr6-Ju»-li, ad. in an atrojus 
Atroc'ioi'sness, A-tr6-Jus-ne8, n. rnormus kriin- 

Atiiocity, A-trds-i-ti, n. gmt wikcdnc"; fnormiti. 
Atkopmv, At'ro-fi, n. a kou:«umjon; a wnstip. 
Atta«'I!. A-t.i<;, r. t. tu tak; tusez; tu fik.'itu win. 
Attaiiiable, A-ta(]-a-bl, a. dat ma br atai]t. 
Attache, At-a-Jii, h. [Fr.] a r<;r:ion drp«4ndcnt 

on or atacjt tu antidcr person, kumpani, or Icgn- 

Jon: an adhrront. 
Attaciimext, A-taq-mcnt, n. a<lhcron.«; fidcliti: 

Ar yunyiin uv nfi-kjim;— dc takifl ov a i)?rson or 

Riiilz bj Irgal proses. 
Attack, A-tik, r. t. tu fol up<5n; tu a^l. 
Attack. A-tAk, n. an asolt; invnjnn; onset. 
Attain, A-tAn, v.t. tugnn: tuobtiin: tukumtu. 
Attain, A-t»in, c. i. tu rc«j; tu arjv at. 
Attainable, A-t<in-a-bl, a. dnt ran be atand. 
Attaixablexess, A-tdn-a-bl-ne3, ii. etat ov beig 

Attaixi>er, A-tdn-der, »i. stat ov atanig: konvik- 

/i>n (IV krjm; tnnf; disprds. [atand. 

Attaixmext, A-lan-ment, n. akwizijon; tig 
Attaint, A-tnnt, r. t. tu disgnui; tu tant; tu 

Attaixt, A-tdnt, n. a stan; a kjnd ov rit. 
Attaixtment, A-tdnt-mcnt, n. dt stat ov. brig 

atnntod. [tu fit tu. 

Attemper, A-t<5in-pcr, r. t. tu mingl; tu sofn; 
Attempt, A-t^mt, r. t. ta tq; tu cnd«5vor; tu 

fAi; tu inak ck.«porimcnl; tu auik. 
Attimpt, A-toint, «. an csa; a trjal: nn atak. 
Attjmitadle, A-t«mt-a-bl,a. dat ma bcat^mtcd. 
Attemptfr, .V-ii'mt-cr, n. wun hitj at<?mt.'». 
Attexd, A-l«5nd, r. t. tu go wid or akumpani; 

tu br prczent, or be yqnjted tu; tu br prtzent 

for !<uni duti; implpo stum qqrj or ovcrs[t: tu be 

prczent in biznct; tu awAt. 
Attend, .\-tend, r. i. tu lisn; tu rtgi^rd widatcn- 

Jon: tu fik« At atcn/oD updn, as an objckt ov 

ATTExnAXCK, A-t^nd-an5, n. de akt ov wntig on: 

st.Tvis; dr I'^rsonz wntip; a trnn; atenjon. 
Attendant, A-t(^nd-ant, a. akdmpaniig ai sub- 


Attendant, A-t<$nd-ant, n. wan hoi at<^Ddz, or ia 
prizent. [siviliti. 

Attkntion, A-t<n-/on, n. akt ov aK^ndip: bed; 

Attkntive, A-tontiv, a. |jain atenjon: hrdlul, 

ATTKNT1VEI.Y, A-t4)n-tiv-li, arf. bcdfuli; kiirfuli. 

ATTKNT1VENK8B, A-t^ij-liv-ne», n. atcnfon; kv- 
fulncs. [medisini. 

Attkxi;ant«, A-trfn-yri-anUi, n. pi. at^oyi^atio 

Attenuate, A-t<Sn-yti,-at, r. t. tu raak tin or 
sl.-iider: diltited. [or flendcr. 

Attenuation, A-lfn-yn-iS-Jon, n. dt mukio Hn 

ArrjJiT, A -test, c. t. tu }«ir witnes; or tu »^rtifj. 

Attest, A-t<5st, n. witnes; tdntimoni. 

Attestation, At-ofl-t^-/on, n. t^timoni; witoe^ 


Attestor, A-tt'st-fjr, n. wun h* atests. 

Attic, At'ik, n. a nativ ov Atiku; de (»arct. 

.\ttic, ,\t'ik, ) a. t>ertjini{] tu Atika inUres; 

-Vttical, At'i-kal, I (Aegant; pii,r; klasikal;— El- 

Atticism, At'i-siz-m, n. dc Atik stjl or idiom. 

.\tticize, At'i-sjz, V. i. tu y\\% an atisizm. 

.\TTittE, -V-tjr, I!, t. tu drcs; tu ard; tu klod. 

.\ttiiiI':, A-tjr, n. klodz; dres; de hcd-dres. 

.Vttitcde, Al'i-tijd, n. postynr; pozi/on: jcstynr. 

Attitudinal, At-i-tii-di-nal, a. rclatig tu atiti\,d 
or jKistyi^r. 

Attollent, A-tol-cnt, a. liftig up; razig. 

Attokn, A-tdm, r. t. tu transfer servis. 

Attokxey, A-tdr-ni, n. tvun hii> akU) for anddcr 
a r^olisitor; a loycr. [atdmi. 

Attorneyship, A-tdr-ni-Jip, n. dt ofis ov an 

Attoiinmext, A-tdm-ment, n. a yeldig ov a 
tenant tu u nq, lord. [alt^. 

.Vttract, A-trakt, r. t. tu dro tu; tu yqnjt; to 

Attractabilitv, A-trakt-a-bil-i-ti, n. stat ovbe- 
\\] atrikia))!. • [ed. 

y\TTUACTAiiLE, A-trakt-a-bl, a. dat ma be atr^kt- 

Attractingly, A-trak-tiij-li, ad. in an atraktig 

Attraction, A-trAk-Jon, n. akt ov atraktig; dt 
p'ser in bo<Uz hwiq iz supcj^zd tu dro dcm tu- 
g6der. Atral-f'ni nr (fratUi akts at sensibl dis- 
tances, suq az dt tenaen.«i ov dt planet," tu dt 
8un. Attakf'tt cr luhryti akts at insensibl dig- 
tanscz bctwen dr fmol pqrtiklz ov mater. 

Attractive, A-trak-tiv, a. droin; alqrig; invitig. 

.\ttractively, A-trdk-tiv-li, aa. in an atniktig 
maner. [atraktiv. 

Attractiveness, A-trak-tiv-ncs, n. stat ov brig 
(I dnKT. 

Attractor, A-trdk-tor, n. heor dat hwiq atrikti. 

Attrahext, At'ra-hent, n. dat hwiq drei or 
atrakt.s. [piitabl. 

.Vttribi'table, A-trib-rti-ta-bl, a. askrjbabl: im- 

Attuibi te, .\-trib ynt, r. t. tu askrjb: tu imptit. 

Attribute, .\t'ri-l>i;t, n. a kwoiiti: a proj>erti; a 
tig inherent: az, gudnes iz an atrihiit ov tJod. 

Attribution, At-ri-bii-/on, n. akt ov atribyntig: 
atribiit. (bqt. 

Attributive, A-trib-yti-tiv, a. ekspresigan atri- 

ATTRiTh:, A-trjt, a. gr-snd; worn bj rubig. 

Attritenebs, A-trjt-ucs, n. stat ov brig muq worn. 

Attrition, A-triJ-on, ii. dc akt ov wurig, or »t«t 
ov brig worn bJ rubig; abrnson;— gref for sin, 
aqzig from frr. 

Attune, A-ti'in, r. t. tu mak mi\zikal; ta tqn. 

Auburn, O'bum, a. rcdij brsn; a dqrk kulor. 

Auction, Ok'Jon, n. a publik ?al tu dr hlort 

AucTiONARY, Ok'Jon-a-ri, a. btl<')gigta an ok/on. 

Auctioneer, Ok-Jon-er, n. wun hiDselz bj okjon. 

Audacious, O-da-Ju?, a. bold; impudent. [U. 

Audaciously, 0-dd-ju»-li, .W. boldii; impqdent- 

AuDACioi:8Nt88. O-dd-Jus-nc", n. stat oT Uig 




Audacity, 9-das-i-ti, n. efrunteri; spirit; boldnes. 
Audible, 0'di-bl, a. kapabl ov beii) herd. 
AuDiBLENESS, 6'di-bl-nes, «. kapabiliti ov beig 

Audibly, 0'di-bli, ad. in an edibl maner. 
Audience, 0'di-ens, n. de akt ov herii); a herir): 

an editori; an asembli ov hsrerz. 
Audit, G'dit, w. de takig and setlii) ov ak'snts. 
Audit, G'dit, r. t. tu mak and adjdst, az an akisnt. 
Auditor, 0'dit-or, n. a herer; wun ho) edits; wun 

emplffd and otorjzd tu tak an ak'snt. 
A.CDITOESHIP, 0'dit-or-Jip, n. dt ofis ovan editor. 
Auditory, 0'di-to-ri, a. liavii) de piser ov herii). 
Auditory, G'di-to-ri, n. an ediens ; an asembli 

ov hsrerz; a plas hwi^r lektyn,rz qr herd. 
Augean, 0-J8-an, a. belorjiij tu Gjeas; ful ovdert. 
Auger, 0'ger, n. an jam totl tu bor holz wid. 
Aught, 0t, «. eni tig; eni pqrt. 
Augment, 0g-ment, v. t. tu mak lq,rjer; tu inkrgs. 
Augment, Og-ment, v. i. tu gro Iqrjer; tu inkrES. 
Augment, Og'ment, «. inkres: stat ov inkres. 
AuGMENTABLE, 0g-ment-a-bl, a. kapabl ov inkres. 
Augmentation, 0g-men-ta-Jon, Ji. akt ov inkres- 

ii): inkres. 
Augmentative, 0g-men-ta-tiv, a. dat egments. 
Augur, 0'gur, n. wun hco egurz; a sifitsaer. 
Augur, 0'gur, t. i. tu ges; tu konjektyq,r bj sjnz. 
Augur, 0'gur, r. t. tu fortel; tu predikt bj sjnz. 
Augur ATE, 0'gTi,-rat, v. i, tu juj bjegi^ri.' 
Augurial, 0-gi|-ri-al, a. relatig tu egi^ri. 
Augury, 0'gq-ri, n. prognostikajon bj sjnz; omen. 
August, 9'gust, n. de att munt in cts yer, so 

namd in onor ov 0gustus i^ezar. 
August, 0-gust, a. grat; grand; eful; majestik. 
Augustan, 0-gust-an, a. pertaniij ta ©gnstus. 
Augustines,, ) n. an order ov 

Augustinians, 0-gus-tin-i-anz, i mui)ks, so 

keUl from St. 0g(istin. [grandyi^^r. 

AuGUSTNESS, G-gust-nes, n. digniti ; majesti ; 
Auletic, 0-let-ik, a. beloriir) tu pjps. 
Aulic, G'lik, a. bglorjiij tu an imperial k(Srt. 
Aunt, flnt, n. a fqderz or rauderz sister. 
Aura, G'ra, n. [Z.] pi. G're; a bret ov ^r; a vapor. 
AuEELiA, 0-r8-li-Q, n. de pupa er krisalis ov an 

insekt. [glori. 

Aureola, ©-re-o-la, n. a serkl ov raz ; krsn ov 
Auric, G'rik, a. pcrtaniij tu gold. 
Auricle, G'ri-kl, n. de eksternal er. 
Auricula, G-rik-yri-la, n. a bq,tiful spejez ov 

primroz. [told in sekret. 

Auricular, G-rik-yq-lar, a. konvad bj herii); 
Auriculate, G-rik-yq-lat, a. Japt Ijk an er. 
Auriferous, G-rif-cr-us, a. prQdq,sii) gold. 
Auriform, G'ri-form, a. er Japt. 
AuRiGRAPiir, 0-rig-ra-fi, n. de qrt ov rjtii) wid 

likwid gold insted ov ir)k. 
AuEiST, G'rist, n. wun skild in diserderz ov de er. 
Aurora, 0-ro-ra, n. [Z.] /<?. G-r6-re; {Eng.) 0-r6- 

rciz: dc doniri lit: de mornir); a fl-ser. 
Aurora Boeeal'is, 0-r6-ra Bo-re-a-lis, n. [L.] 

de nordcm da-brak, so keld bekdz it yi\,3i|ali 

apt'iz in de nort, and rez^mblz de don ov da. 
Auroral, G-ro-ral, a. relatiij tu de orora, orero- 

ra boreqlis. 
Auscultation, Gs-kul-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov lisnig. 
Auspicate, Gs'pi-kat, v. t. tu render espijus. 
Auspice, Gs'pis, n. ) an omen dron from 

Auspices, Gs'pi-sez, n. pi. \ berdz ; favorabl 

aperans; protekjon; inflqens. 
Auspicial, Gs-piJ-al, a. relatii) tu prognostiks. 
Auspicious, Gs-piJ-us, a. havii) omenz ov sukses: 

prosperus; propijus; luki. [er. 

Auspiciously, 0s-pij-us-li, ad. in an espijus man- 
Auspiciousness, 0s-pij-us-nes, n. prosperus 

Austere, Gs-te'r, a. sever; hqrj; rijid; stem. 

Austeeeness, Gs-ter-nes, ) n. severiti; rigor; es- 
Austerity, 0s-ter-i-ti, ! teriti. 
Austral, 0s'tral, a. sudern; toordz de s'st. 
Authentic, 0-ten-tik, ) a. restip on etoriti; 

Authentical, 0-ten-ti-kal, ) not fikjus ; jen- 

yiyn: trO). [maner. 

Authentically, G-ten-ti-kal-i, ad. in an etentik 
Authenticalness, G-ten-ti-kal-nes, n. etentisiti; 

triDt. proof. 

Authenticate, G-fen-ti-kat, v. t. tu establij bj 
Authentication, G-ten-ti-ka-Jon, n. akt ov eten- 

tikatii); konfermajon. 
Author, G'tor, n. de beginer er ferst moover; de 

ofijcnt: de rjter or kompozer ov a buk. 
Authoress, G'tor-es, n. a femal etor. 
Authoritative, 0-t6r-i-ta-tiv, a. havig etoriti; 

Authoritatively, G-t6r-i-ta-tiv-li, ad. wid etor- 
iti: pozitivli. 
Authority, G-tor-i-ti, n. legal p-yer; infli^ens; 

p>;er: rcol; suport; testimoni; kredibiliti. 
Authorization, 0-tor-i-za-jon, n. akt ov givi^ 

otoriti. [fj. 

Authorize, Q'tor-jz, v. t. tu giv otoriti; tu justi- 
Authorship, G'tor-Jip, n. stat er kwoliti ov an 

otor. [rjts hiz on Ijf. 

Autobiographer, G-ta-bi-6g-ra-fer, n. wun bet) 
Autobiographical, G-to-bj-o-graf-i-kal, a. re- 

latiij tu etobjografi. 
Autobiography, G-to-bj-6g-ra-fi, n. de Ijf er 

bjrigrafi uv a person ritn bj himself. 
Autocrasy, 0-t6k-ra-si, n. absoli],t, self-derjvd 

p?er. [despot. 

Autocrat, G'to-krat, n. an absoh^t soveren; a 
Autocratical, G-to-krat-i-kal, a. relatig tu 

Auto da fe, 0'to da fa, n. iSp.'] a. sentens ov de 

Inkwizijon for burnii) a heretik. 
Autograph, 0'to-graf, n. a personz onhand-rjtifl. 
AuTOGRAPHiCAL, 0-tQ-graf-i-kal, a. relatii) tu 

an c'tograf. 
Autography, 0-t6g-ra-fi, n. a personz on rjtip. 
Automatical, G-to-mat-i-kal, a. belogLg tu an 

Automaton, 0-t6m-a-ton, n. [Gr.] pi. 0-t6m- 

a-ta; a majen so konstrukted az tu imitat de 

akjonz ov men or animalz. [mojon. 

AuTOMATOus, G-tom-a-tus, a. haviij p'ser ov self 
Autonomous, G-ton-o-mus, a. independent in 

guverimient. [ment. 

Autonomy, G-ton-o-mi, n. p'ser ov self guvern- 
AuTOPSY, G'top-si, n. 6kyq,lar demonstrajon. 
Autoptical, G-top-ti-kal, a. sen bj wunz on jz. 
Autumn, G'tum, n. de sezn ov de yer betwgn 

sumer and winter. 
Autumnal, G-tiim-nal, a. beloijir) tu etum. 
Auxesis, Gks-E-sis, n. [L.] arapli'fikajon. 
Auxiliar, Gg-zil-yar, a. asistig; egzilyari. 
Auxiliary, Gg-zil-yar-i, n. a helpii) verb; a help- 
er: — pi. foren trcops in de servis ov najonz at wor. 
Auxiliary, 0g-zil-yar-i, a. asistig; helpig. 
Avail, A-val, v. t. tu profit; tu promot; tu benefit. 
Avail, A-val, r. i. tu be ov yqs, er advdntaj. 
Avail, A-val, n. profit; advdntaj; benefit. 
Available, A-val-a-bl, a. profitabl; p'serful; 

jil.sful- [fors. 

Availableness, A-val-a-bl-nes, n. p'ser; legal 
Availably, A-val-a-bli, ad. wid sukses or efekt. 
Avails, A-valz, n. pi. prosedz ov properti sold. 
Avalanche, Av'a-lanJ, n. [/>.] a vast bodi ov 

snc, J3, &s., sljdii) d?n a m'sntcn. 
AvANT-couRiER, A-v6h-k(t)-rer, n. [Fr.] wun h(» 

iz dispart befor de rest tu notif j aprcSq. 
Avant-guard, A-vant-gqrd, n. de van; de ferat 

bodi ov an qnni. 
Avarice, Av'a-ris, n, inordiuat dczjr ov gan. 



Ataeiciocs, Av-a-ri/-uj, «. poiM ot wnrit; 

kavotttn: gndi "v gno. 
AvAKiciouBLT, Av-a-riJ-us-li, ad. in ftn »r«ri/aa 

maner. [muni. 

ArARiciofsSEM, Av-a-rif-iu-nen, n. uiidr^ luv ov 
AVA8T, A-vdst, »/»/^r. hold; slop; sta. 
AVATAB, Av-a-U^r, n. dt inkarua/un, <>r a mota- 

m irfodij (>v dt Ueiti. 
Atai'mt, A-T^nt, in/^T. hciw; brg6n. 
Ate, U'vr. n. [L.] an ndroji tu dr V^rjin Man, 

»u kiilil tTMUi dc f^nt wunlc, ave Maqo. 
Atencjk, A-venj, r. t. tu tak vcnjau.i on; tu punij. 
Atenokment, A-vonj-ini'iit, n. vc'iijiinii:punijincnt. 
AVKNGKa, A-venj-er, n. u jidnijor; vindikntor. 
Atenl'e, A\-'t-ni\, n. a p:isaj; u wa ov entrant; an 

all ov trti bel'ijr u h'^n. 
Atee, A-ver, r. /. tu dekl^r ituzitivli: tu ua^rt. 
ATEEAGE, Av'cr-aj, u. a mrdium: a uirn pru[)or- 

Jon: u kontrilmJon tu u jciiural los. 
Ateeaqe, Av'ir-uj, r. t. tu Ttdi\s tu a medium: 

— V. I. tu bt in a medial .sUit. 
Ateeaoe, Av'er-Hj, ». medial; havig a medium. 
Ateemen't, A-ver-mcnt, n. pozitiv afcrmajun: 

ofer tu juMtifl: i'!«tabiijmunt bi cvidciu. 
Ateks.^tU).'*, Av-«.T-«i-Jon, n. hatred; abhorcns. 
AVER.SE. A-vt^n", a. di!iiiikl|nd tu; unwilig; re- 

AvERsLi.v, A-v^T»-li, ad. unwilipli: bakwardli. 
AVERSKNEiiti, A-vv'n-nen, n. UDWili(|Deii; di:iljk. 
A\'EE.''io.v, .\-vi;r-Jon, n. hatrc-<l; di.'ljk; abhorcn:): 

irjiuxnan!": koi ov av^rjon. 
Avert, A-v^rt, r. /. tu turn a-'id: tu put awii. 
Avert, A-v^rt, r. i. tu turn iiwii. 
AviARV, U'vi-n-ri, n. u plus enkluzd tu krpb^rdt. 
Avidity. A-vid-i-ti, n. egemcs; grcdinca. 
Avocation. Av-o-kii-Jon, n. akt ov kslin asjd: 

biznc!< dat kolz a.'^jd; cmplffment. [andl. 

.\VOU), A-vtfd, r. t. tu Jun; tu eskiip fr'.m: tu 
Atoidaulk, A-vdrd-a-bl, a. dat mn be avtrdcd. 
Avoidance, A-v^d-ans, n. akt ov av^dig: dcpri- 

vajon. [junz. 

AvoiDKR, A-vifd-cr, n. wun h<t> aviVdz; wan ho) 
AvoiDLESs. A-vdrd-le8, a. dat kan nut be av<Tdi-d. 
AvoiBDirois, Av-or-dn-jwifz, h. a. a wat, ov 

hwiq a pund kontnnz siksten ■sn.^ez. 
AVOLATIO.N, Av-o-hi-Jon, n. a flit; eskiip. |dcr. 
AvosET, Av'u-set, w. u wotcT f^l ov de gralik or- 
A VOUCH, A-V5(j. r. t. tu aft-nu; tu dekliir; tu vsq. 
AvoLCiiABLE, A-viiq-a-bl, .1. dat ma be avsijt. 
AvoL'CHER, A-vsq-er, n. wun haavxqezor aft/rmi. 
AvoiiUMK.VT, A-vKq-ment, h. a deklarajon. 
Avow, A-vTs, r. t. tu dekl^r opnii; tij. un. 
Avowable, A-vi-a-bl, a. dat ma be av-jd. 
Avowal, A-vs-al, n. upn deklarajon; ju.stifika/on. 
Avowedly, A-vii-ed-li, ad. in an opn manor. 
Avowee, A-vi-er, «. wun tuDavsi or justific 

AvowET, A-v-B-ri, u. a juntifikajon bj wun hm 
haz takn a di*tr^9 in bix un qt. 

AvtL«ED, A-v1il.1t, a. plukt of. 

AvLLaio.y, A-viil-jon, n. At akt ov l^rig aw&. 

Await, A-wai, r. /. tu ekjij^kl; tu aUnd; ta 
wat far. 

Awake, A-wak, v. t. tu n»i from slep; tu wak. 

AWAEE, A-wak, V. t. tu w« tu -i> • •'> -wAk. 

AWAED, A-wi>rd, r. /. tu adjii 

Award, A-word, n. jujueut; ., „.r<. 

I Awarder, A-w<ird-or, n. wun In, a-.i.z ..r jaJM. 

AWARK, A-w^r, a. vijilaut; kojui!; mtuntiv. 

Away, A-wii, aJ. at a distan.t of. 

Awe, H, r. t. tu stqk wid reverens. 

Awe, O, ri. fer, raiggld wid rovcrcns; dred. 

Awe 8TRUCK, O'struk, ;>. a. imprest wid o. [fuL 

AWKLL, tt'ful, a. dat ctrikji wid 0; dn-dful; hat- 
' AwKL'LLY, O'ful-i, ad. in an oful muiicr. 
' AwKiL.\E.S8, <»'ful-ncs, M. kwoliii ov brig oful. 
; Awhile, A-hw(l, ad. fur sum tjm: for a Jort tjm. 
' Awkward, Hk'wurd, a. impuljt;kluuizi; unhiudi. 
I Awkwardly, Uk'ward-li, wd. in an okward 
I miiiicr. (waitl. 

\ Awkwardness, Ok'ward-ne», n. stat ov beiQok- 
i Awl, 01, II. (I iMfuted instroimi-ut tu peri* b(jls wid. 
j AwLESS, O'lc's, a. wid'ht pner tu ckijt e. 
I Awn, (^n, n. At berd ov groKez or i^ran. 
I Awning, *>n'ij), n. a kuwr ov kanvu.-, aprcd over 
I <i bot, or eni plas widSt a niif, for Jnd. 
[ Awoke, A-wuk, 1. from Aniil-. .Sc {Atcalu.) 
I Awry, A-rj, ail. a. oblekli; a.skwint. 
1 Axe, Ak.4, n. an jurn Uh\ for kutig and hq,io. 
I AxiFEROfs, Ak-if-cr-U'', a. b;iviu simpli analui^, 
widiit Icvr or afiendiijez. 

Axilla, Ak«-il-u, n. [L.] de qrmpit. 

Axillary, Akg-il-a-ri, a. belogio tu de qrmpit. 
I Axiom, Ak'.-i-oin. n. a self-evident trjit. 

Axiomatic, 1 a. relalijj tu. 

j Axiomaticai^ Ak.<-i-o-mat-i-kal, i orkontanig 
aksiomz. (eni tig revolvi. 

I Axis. Ak.-i'i.-, u. [L.] pi. Aks'cz; de Ijn on hwiq 
1 Axle, Ak'el, t n. a Jaft on hwiq karij 

' Axletree, Ak'.«l-tre, > hwelz turn. 

Ay, or Aye, He, ad. yes: ek:<prc.'iit) a-cont. 

Aye, U, ad. olwnz: over:agen: wun- mor. 
I Ayry, Ar'i, n. de nest ov u hek. .Se {Eyry.} 

Azimuth, Ai'i-mut, n. de azimut uv de sun, er 
ov a stqr, iz an qrk bet wen de meridian ov de 
phis and eni givn vertikal Ijn. 

Azote. Az'ut, n. njtrojen gai, fatal tu animal IJf. 

Azotic, A-z6t-ik. a. rclatig tu, or ki<uiaai{) axut. 

Azi'RE, fl'3qr, or Aj't^r, a. blq; fant blq; skj 

Azi'RE, U'^qr. n. de kulor ov de ski: de skj. 

AzL'RED, u'jnrd, a. beig ov an ajqr kulor. 

AzYMOi's, Az i-mus, a. nnl^vnd; unfermented. 


Bb, de (H-kood leter ov de komon IggliJ alfa- i 
, bot, ii a vukal cksnlodcnt, aad ii formd bj ' 
an tk^nl kontakl ov bol liu hwjl uterigu dis- I 
liQkt vukal murmur. V ii at korespondigbwis- 
perd ekspludent. 

Baa, Hq, n. dr kq or a Jep. 

Baa. lii\. V. i. tu krj l|k a jcp. [sun. 

Baal, Ba-al, n. an anjoot jdul, r«p 

Babble. Hab-1, V. I. tu I 

Babble, Rib-I. ) ui . u „ i .1 Bab-lift i "• ^^ ^^' »""»« P«"- 

injoot jdul, reprrtintig dc 
pratl l{k a Qjld: tu Ink {dli. 

Babblement, Bab-1-ment, n. sensle* prat. 
Babbler. l!:ib-lor. n. .in jill t-)kor:a t«lcrov8tkr«t«. 
Babe. Bub, n. an infant: a jrug qjld: babi. 
Babery, Ii<ib-cr-i, n. ffneri tu jilri a ^Id. 
Babish, Bab-iJ, a. l|k a bab: babiij. 
BabI8HLY, Bab-iJ-li, ad. I{k a l>ab: <;jldijli. 
Baboon. ISa-b«bn, n. u Iqrj kjnd ov miigki. 
Baby. Bu-bi, n. u yug qild: an infant; bab. 
Babyhood. lU-bi-hud, n. infan.ii; ^jldbud. 
Babyhoi'se. lia-bi-b'ss. n. a plas for ^ildreni doit. 
Babyish. Bii-bi-iJ, a. l^ka bab;qildi/. 




Babylonian, Bab-i-lo-ni-un, j a. pertanii) tu 
Babylonish, Bab-i-16-niJ, i Babilon; mik5t: 

konfiizd; disorderli. [baqelor. 

Baccalaureate, Bak-a-le-rs-at, 71. de degre ov 
Baccated, Bak-at-ed, a. havii) perlz or bcriz. 
Bacchanal, Bak-a-nal, a. druijku; nffzi. 
Bacchanal, Bak-a-nal, la. rcveliijin in- 

Bacchanalian, Bak-a-na-li-an, i temperans; ntrzi. 
Bacchanal, Bak-a-nal, j n. wun ho) in- 

Bacchanalian, Bak-a-na-li-an, j duljez in revelz. 
Bacchanals, Bak-a-nalz, } n. i^l. fests ov 
Bacchanalia, Bak-a-na-li-a, ) drugkunes and 

revelz. [Bakus. 

Bacchantes, Bak-an-tez, n. pi. [L.] At jjrests ov 
Baccifekous, Bak-sif-er-us, a. bf^rii) beriz. 
Baccivorous, Bak-siv-o-rus, a. subsistiij on bcriz. 
Bachelor, Baq-el-or, n. a. man hiB haz not bin 

marid; wuu bet) haz takn hiz ferst degre in de 

liberal qrts: — a nit. 
Rachelorship, Baq-«l-or-Jip, n. stat ov a baqelor. 
Back, Buk, n. At bjuder pqrt ov ds bodi in man, 

and iiper pqrt in animalz; de 'Ster jx^rt ov de 

hand: de hinder pqrt ov a tig; de rer. 
Back, Bak, a'd. bakward; behind; on tiijz past. 
Back, Bak, v. t. tu m-snt a hers; tu plas upon de 

bak;— tu mantan; tu justifi: tia sekond; 0. i. tu 

mjjv or go bak, az a hers. 
Back, Bak, a. beig behjnd or past bj. 
Backbite, Bak-bjt, r. t. tu senjxir or slander de 

absent. [slanderer. 

Backbiter, Bak-bit-cr, n. a privi kaliimaiator or 
Backbiting, Bak-bit-iij, n. seki-ct detrakjon or 

slander. ' [der. 

BACKBiTiNGLY, Bak-bjt-iij-li, ad. wid sekret slan- 
Backbone, Bak-bon, n. de bonov de bak; de spin. 
Backdoor, Bak-d6r, ». a dur behind a bildiij. 
Backgammon, Bak-gam-on, n. a gam wid dis 

and tablz. 
Background, Bak-gr-snd, n. de pqrt behjnd. 
Backhanded, Bak-hand-ed, a. wid de hand turnd 

Backhouse, Bak-h-ss, n. a bildiij behind a h-5s. 
Backroom, Bak-ncm, n. a renm behjnd amider. 
Backside, Bak-sjd, n. de hjnder pqrt ov eni tig. 
Backslide, Bak-sljd, v. i. tu fel of; tu depqrt 

from; tu apostatiz. 
Backslider, Bak-slid-er, n. an apostat. 
Backstaff, Bak-staf, n. a kjnd ov kwodrant. 
Backstairs, Bak-stqrz, n. stJirz in de bak ov a 


Backstays, Bak-staz, n. reaps fer supurtii) a Jip. 
Backsword, Bak-sord, n. a swrd wid wun Jqrp 

ej: a rustik sord-stik. 
Backward, Bak-ward, a. unwilii); dul; slo; slugij. 
Backward, Bak-ward, ) ad. wid de bak for- 
Backwards, Bak-wardz, i wardz; tordz de bak 

er de past. [nes. 

Backwardness, Bak-ward-nes, n. dulnes; tqrdi- 
Backwoodsman, Bak-wudz-man, n. an inhab- 
itant ov a ni^^li setld kuntri. 
Bacon, Ba-kn, n. hogz flej kq,rd wid selt and drjd, 

yqjqali in smok. [kn. 

Baconian, Ba-ko-ni-an, a. pertanig tu Lord Ba- 
Baculometry, Bak-yq-16m-e-tri, n. de akt ov 

me3ii,rig distans or altitq,d hi a staf. 
Bad, Bad, a. il; not gud; evl; vijus; hurtful. 
Bade, Bad, i. from Bid. 
Badge, Baj, n. a mqrk ov distigkj'on. 
Badger, Baj-er, n. a kwodrooped; — a deler; — a 

porter. [veks. 

Badger, Baj-er, i'. t. tu konf'snd; tu tez; tu 
Badiaga, Bad-i-a-gq, n. a smol spunj. 
Badigeon, Bad-i-je-on, n. a mikstyTj,r ov plaster 

and freston yrizd bj statyn,ariz. 
Badinage, Bad-i-n43, ". [Fr.] Ijt or plaful dis- 

kors; raleri; foDliJ tok. 

Badly, Bad-li, ad. in a bad maner. 
Badness, Bad-nes, n. a wont ov gud kwolitiz. 
Baffle, Baf-1, -v. t. tu eli^d; tia konf-jnd; tu 

Baffler, Baf-ler, n. wun hoD eli^dz and konf 'sndz. 
Baftas, Baf-tas, n. India klot, er plan muzlin. 
Bag, Bag, n. a sak; a p'sq; a purs; an uder. 
Bag, Bag, v. t. tu put intu a bag; tu swel. 
Bag, Bag, v. i. tu swel Ijk a ful bag. [gam. 

Bagatelle, Bag-a-tel, n. [/)•.] a trjfl; a te; a 
Baggage, Bag-aj, n. de lugaj ov an qrmi, &s.; 

de gudz dat qr tu be karid awa; lugaj: — a wurt- 

les wuman. 
Bagnio, Ban-yo, n. a badig h'ss; a brodel. 
Bagpipe, B;ig-pjp, n. a mqzikal wind instrooment. 
Bagpiper, Bag-pjp-er, a. wun hct) plaz on a bag- 

Baguette, Ba-get, n. [Fr.] a litl r'snd moldig, les 
dan an astragal. 

bIrr J' Sf-^er I "• ^^'^ ^'^^'^ ^° *' ^'^ ^°<^"- 
Bail, Bal, n. a Jqrti givn for aniidorz aperans. 
Bail, Bal, v. i. tu reles bj bal; tu admit tu bal. 
Bailable, Bal-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beig bald. 
Bailbond, Bal-bond, n. a. bond givn for aperans 

in kort. [er deliverd. 

Bailee, Bal-e, «. a person tu hccm gudz qr bald 
Bailie, Ba-le, n. a Skoq Olderman. 
Bailiff, Ba-lif. n. a suberdinat ofiser in Iggland, 

apffnted bj a Jerif; a stqard. [balif . 

Bailiwick, Bal-i-wik, n. de jti^risdikjon ov a 
Bailpiece, Bfil-pes, n. a slip ov paper er pqrq- 

ment kontaniga rekognizans ov bal. 
Bairn, Bq,i-n w Bqru, n. {S:ot.} a qild. 
Bait, Bat, v. t. tu put met upon a huk; tu giv 

refrejment on a jurni; tu atak, er haras. 
Bait, Bat, v. i. tu tak refrejment; — tu fluter. 
Bait, Bat, n. a Iqr; a tcmtajon; a refrejment. 
Baize, Baz, n. a kind ov kors, opn, wulen stuf. 
Bake, Bak, v. t. tu dri or hqrdn bj het er f jr; tu 

kuk or dres fcod in an uvn. 
Bake, Bak, v. i. tu dct) de wurk ov bakig: tu br 

heted er bakt; tu bekiim hqrd. 
Bake-house, Bak-h-js, n. a plas fer bakig bred. 
Baker, Bak-cr, n. wun ho) baks bred, &s. 
Bakery, Bak-er-i, n. a h-ss for bakig: a bak-hus. 
Baking, Bak-ig, n. de kwontiti bakt at wuns. 
Balance, Bal-ans, n. a pj^r ov skalz: pqrt ov a 

woq; a konstelajon: diferens ov ak^nts. 
Balance, Bal-ans, v. t. tu wa in a balans; tu 

regyi],lat: tu k-snterperz; tu mak ekwal. 
Balance, Bal-ans, «. ?'. tu hezitat; tu fh]ktyq,at. 
Balcony, Bal-ko-ni, or Bal-ko-ni, n, a fram ov 

jurn, wud or ston, befur a windw, er on de ist- 

sjd ov a h^ss. 
Bald, Bold, a. wid-st h^r; wontig kuverig; una- 

dornd; inelegant; men; naked. [gon. 

Balderdash, Bul-der-daJ, n. a raid mikstyT],r; jqr- 
Baldness, Bold-ncs, n. a wont ov hqr; plannes. 
Baldpate, Bold-pat, n. a hed destiti],t ov h^r. 
Baldrick, Bold-rik, n. a gerdl; de zcjdiak. 
Bale, Bal, n. a bundl^ or pakaj ov giadz. 
Bale, Bal, v. t. tu lad si; tu pak, or bundl up. 
Balearic, Bal-e-ar-ik, a. pertanig tu de jlandz 

ov JIajorka and Jlinorka. 
Balefire, Bal-f jr, n. a signal or al^rm f jr. [qif. 
Baleful, Bal-ful, a. ful ov mizeri, soro, or mis- 
Balefulness, Bal-f ul-nes, n. destruktivnes. 
Balister, Bal-is-ter, n. a. krosbo. Se {Ballister.'} 
Balk, Bok, n. a grat bem; dron timber; — disa- 

Balk, Bok, v. t. tu disaptrnt; — tu hep. 
Balker, Bok-er, 71. wun hcD beks. 
Ball, Bol, n. a r-snd bodi; a glob; a bulet; an 

entertanment ov dansig. 
Ballad, Bal-ad, n. a sog; a smel, ijt poem. 




Hallmtt, lidl-ut, n. hovi mater |>la!it aide botum ' IUnisiiku, Itdn i/L, p. a. drivo awa; eg^H'l 

ov u Jip or vuscl tu kcp it stcdi. 

Ballaist, lial-oit, r. t. tu uuik ur kep nlvdi. 

liALLtT, l(al-ii, II. [//*.] u kjiid uv luiiuik dun4. 

liALtiKTA, Iia-h»-ta, M. [/..J uii uuji-ot wurljk nut- 
Jen fiir lrui{j bvvi ritoDZ, ji;*. 

BALLitiTLR. lial-i.s-tor, It. a wurljk cnjiu. 

Balloon, Itu-liLu, h. a l(|rj r'Kiid vc.iel yiixd in 

Hamhukk, lJan-i]-cr, n. wun tub bini/ci or drtn 

liAMHiiMKNT, Bij)-i/-ment, n. Ac akt or bini/in; 
UAMhTtiii, w-tor, ;i. piLLttor. St {BalutterS 
Bank, IJaok, n. cni xlri) akliviti rjxio from u riv- 
er, ^r, A-.; u /ol: ciii hrp p|ld up; «i pUu hw%r 
muni iz luil up. 

kewi-tiri: a b<ii pln.<t um a pilar;-- a Ii^rj bolu b'tl IIa.n'K, lt»uk, r, t. tu inkluz wid baQk-t; tu la up. 

ov tfilk, >)lj., lild wid gtk^, uwi(j uutks it asc-ud, ISa.nkaull, jidok-a-bl, d. dat um be diakvatoU or 

and sal ur pu^ in At i^r. [vot.'^. rr.'evil l>| a bayk, uz nat>< or bilz. 

Ballot, H:tl-ut, ». u bol or tiket yiizd in giriu IIa.nk bill, Itjgk-bil, i n. a pruuiimjri not ijqd 

Ballot, U:il-ut, v. t. tu votorqoiz b{ balut. ISa.nk-.noti:, l(a{)k-not, t >>{ a ba{)kio kuiu{«ni. 

Ballot-box, lidl-ut-boks, n. a btAa fur re^jcvio Ha.\k>.k, ltai)k-fr, n. wun bdi kr|>s u bank. 

HA.NKlN(i, l<;iijk-iu, n. At inanujinent ov bnokji. 
Ha.nkkiit, Kayk-rupt, a. unabl tu pa: insolrcni. 
liANKUi rr, lia{jk-rupt, n. a trader unabl tu jai 

biz drt'. [rupi. 

Ha.nkbi I'Tcy, H:n)k-rupt-»i, ii. de stat ov a ba{)k- 
Ha.skhtock, liagk-stuK, n. ctok or kapital in u 

bauk. [strtmor. 

Ha.n.nku, Han-er, »i. a militari standard or fla?; a 
Ha.m.neeet, Han-cr-ct, u. a nit mad in de ftld ov 


Balluti.xu, IJal-ot-ii), n. akt ov vutiy bf balot. 
Balm, \i<\\i\, n. a fra^nuit «rntuii-iit; u plant. 
BALMi', Ii<iui-i, a. baviy At kwoliliz ov bc(in; hiSd- 

ig: fragrant: udwriferus: niitigiiti{j. 
Bal.nkal, Hal-nr :il, .7. bi-l6{|iy tu u \n\t. 
Bal.nkauy, Ual-nc-a-ri, ii. u badi{j-rajni: u lx;t. 
Balneatio.n, liul-ne-tt-Jun, n. u badig; de uki ov 

bfi(ti(|. [a boni. 

Balotahi:, Hal-w-t«id, «. [/'/•.] u pekiiljur Irp ov 
Balsam. lS<il-saui, u. an oli, arumatik 8ub:4Uii:< Kan.nebol. Ban-cr-al, n. a litl flag; a bandrol. 

fluid from trrz: dnt liwitj givz cz. Ha.v.nock, Ilan-4jk, n. u kak mad uv bqrli-mel. 

ItALijAyR', liul->aui-ik, ( .). bt°li(j: luitigatiy: Haxxs, Biinz, ii. /7. dc proklauiajon in u (;urq uv 

iSAUiAViit. AL, Itoi-.-aiu-i-kal, )i uokju.-i: soft. an inii-iidcd marij. [meut. 

liALiiAMic. llol-.^am-ik, n. u belig, Mifuiu mcdisin. Kanqukt, liiig-kwct, n. a fest; a grand entcrtan- 
BALMAMi^hKOLs, Uol-fum-if-er-us, a. prudnnifl BANyttT, Hao-kwct. r. ^ tu trtt wid a bajjkwet 

bol.tuui. [mc-nut. or tt.-t. 

Hausamini:, li<<l-sa-min, n. a jcnua uv plant!<, lu<^- , Haxquet, Bag-kwct, r. t. tu fe«t; tu giv a fesl. 
ItALL'tiTKii, Bal-u.-i-tcr, n. a ml ; u s^mol j>ilur or HA.vyftTi.vo. Hau-kwut-iy, ii. de akt ov fc^tiy. 

ki.luui; koriiptli ritn (./><iHM/cr.) [u.^tcrz. HA.vyi'kTTE, Ituy-k^t, n. [Fr.] a smol m'snd a( 

ltALL>Ti:Ai»t, llal-us-tm<l, n. a ru or ranj ov bal- dc fui ov u |jara])et. 
liAMUuu, llaui UO, ;i. a l«;rj k^nd ov red; an tl/ial- Baxsiikk, Ban-Jc. n. a kjnd ov irij f^ri. Se 

ik plant ov Jc red kjnd. i {/Itnthii'.) [giulfrustrut. 

Hambuozll, Uaui-boi-zl. I. t. tu desev. [Cf /u Ba.nstickle. ISan-.stik-l. n. a smol fij ov de jenu« 

ii'unl.^ , Ba.ntam, ]{;'in-tam, a. denotig a spejes ov emol 

Ba.v, Ban, n. publik noti:); a kur^; intenlikjon. i duyhil f'slz wid fuderd Jagkj., lia-nii-nu, or Ba-n^-na, h. a spe/ez ov | BANTta, l!an-tiT, r. /. tu run upon; tu rali;tu jer. 

W'oat Indian plantin. i Banti3, Uan-tcr, «. Ijt ridikql; ralcri: jok. 

Ka.vd. Band, n. n bandaj; a t); a kord; a filot; an I Ba.ntlinu, Bant-lig, n. a litl q{ld; an infant. 

orn:iini'nt wuru nbiil de nek;--a kum|jani. Baxyax, l?an-yan, n. dc Indian fje-tre. 

I!axi>, Hand, I-. t. lu yunjt mgedt-r; lu yunjt. BAPTiiiM, Hap-tiz-m, /i. a rjt ov dcTvrii'tyan ^ur^. 
Haxd, Itatiil. r. /. tu OMj^iut; lu yH"i'- Baitismal, Ikip-tiz-mal, a. |>ertaniu '^i baptiim. 

iJA.soAiii:. I>:iiul-uj, II. u filet; a ruler fur a wcDnd. Uaitist. ll;ip-ti.-t, n. wun hat bapt^zez; wun ha> 
IUndaxna, l!an-d:tn-u, a. dcnutiua kjnd ov .ipot- buldz tu bai>tizin bj im^rjon. 

ed .-ilk baijkeroif. [eLs, As. BAiTisTEur, iJap-tis-tcr-i, ii. a font or plas for 

IIa.sdbox, Band-bok.'*, n. a 8l|t bok:) yi^zd fur bon- ; baptizm. 
Hamjlu, Baud-ed, /<. a. b'snd or yunited in « Baptistic, liap-tis-tik, ) a. rtlatig tu bftp- 

l>.ind. Haptistical, liap-tis-ti-kal, I tizm. 

Haxdit, Biin-dit, m., /'/. Bdn-dit:i, or Bau-dit-i ; Baftize, Bap-tjz, r. t. f u xm^rf in wotcr; tu ad- 

viloz: ruberz; biwnnien. niiniitter bnpti/.m; tu kri~n. [tizm. 

l^ANDLE, B.'in-dl, II. An irij mcyqr ta> fct log. HAKTiztH, Hap-tiz-er, n. wun haj admini.<torx bap- 
IJa.milet, Band-b't, « n. a litl band, ur flat Bar, l{<ir, n. u lug |>es ov wud or metal: sumtig 
liAXiiLLET, Ban-de-let, S moldig. | tu binder entmn:>; a bult: u gmt; a bagk at de 

liAXDou, U.iiidog, H. u kjiid ov lurj dog. ' entrans ov a bqrbor: de pla.'= bw:\r loyerx pled, or 

Kaxixilklr. Ban-du-ler, m. a smol ka.* for pTsder. i kriminalz .^tand: an enkluzd plas in a tavern; u 
Ha.M'uke, Ban-dur, n. u uitizikal instrOiment: ! Ijn in raiizik hwii; divjilz de now intu ekwal 

l-i" ljr. [ porjonz in respokt tu tjui. 

Baxukol, lUod-rol, n. u litl f lag or stremer. ■ BaB, Bur, r. t. tu fasn wid a bqr; tu hinder; tu 

llA.MiY, iian-di, n. a klub for strjkig a bol; u pin. prevent; tu Jut ut; tu ckskliid: tu prohibit. 
Ua.ndv. Itan-di. r. /. tu bet tu and fro; tu ek-s- Baeb, Bqrb, n. eni tig rrzemblig a berd; dr 
t tiik rt^iprokuli; tu tmi ab'st. i<«rnts dal stand bakward in an aro: qrmor for 

' ■ U'g. n. a krukcd leg. [legz. ' norsez. 

I ■ ■ ..ii-di-li-gd, a. havig krukt;<i ; Barbacan, Bqr-ba-kan, n. a fortifikajon bef6r 

Ba.'^l, 1-au. II. jxTzu; dat bwi<j dc.itr<irz or ruiinz. ' de wulz ov a tun, or at dc end or a brij; ao 
BasKri u B<in-ful, a. pffznus; dcstnikliv. ! opnig in a wol for gunz. 

Bano, iUg, r. t. tu bet; tu tump: tu handl mfli. Babbasiax, Bqr-bii-ri-an, n. a saraj: an unsivil- 
Bamh, Itig, H. a bio; a tump. jtd j»;rs>.n; u krcbel person;- a. savaj. 

Bania.x, Han van. n. a lit uiornig-gTsn; a Hindt6 ' llARBAiiir. l{<;rl>ar-ik, a. unsiviljid; forcn. 

reliju> sokl; an Indian fig t re. (no flej. i, Hqr-ba-ri«-m, tt. inhnmanili; knMlti; 

Baxia.n days, Han-yun dai, h. dm hwcn semen et ' i^u.ran-' ov urta; an impropricti ov .«f«rq. 
Bakisii, Ban-iJ, c. t. tu kondom lu lev wuni on : Barbarity, Bqr-bar-i-ti, n. .vavajneii; kniK-lti. 

kuntri; tu dqv awi: tu egxjl. Barbakizk. li^r-ba-rii, r. t. tu render bqrbanu. 





Baebarize, B^r-ba-rjz, v. i. tu komit abqrbarizm. 
Barbarous, Bqr-ba-rus, a. rood; unsiviljzd; krooel: 

inhn^mim: kontrari tu gud yi^s in larjgwaj. 
Barbarously, Bq,r-ba-rus-li, ad. in a bqrbarus 

maner. [bqrbarus. 

Barcarousness, B^r-ba-rus-nes, n. stat ov beiij 
Barbated, Bqr-bat-ed, p. a. jagd wid pernts; 

Barbecue, Bqr-be-kq,, n. a. hog er oks drest hoi. 
Barbed, Bqrbd, p. a. herded; qrmd. 
Barbel, Bqr-bel, n. a river fij; STiperflq,us fleji 

nots in de nnsf) ov a hers. 
Barber, Bqr-ber, /*. wun h(.t)z trad it iz tu Jav. 
Barberry, Bqr-ber-i, «. a Jrub and its asid fwit. 
Barbet, Bqr-bet, n. a spsjez ov dog: a smol wurm. 
Barbican, Bqr-bi-kan, n. a woqt'ser. 
Barcarolle, Bqr-ka-rol, n. a popyqlar soi) er 

meloJi, sug bi Venejan gondolErz. [strel. 

Bard, Bqrd, n. a poet; a minstrel; a Seltik min- 
Barded, Bqrd-ed a. [Her.'\ kaparisond. 
Bardic, Bqrd-ik, a. relatii) tu bqrdz er poets. 
Bardling, Bqrd-liij, n. an interior bqrd. 
Bare, Bqr, a. naked; wid-jt klodz; unkiiverd; un- 

adornd; poor: indijent; mer. 
Bare, B^r, r. t. tu strip: tu nnkiivcr. 
Barefaced, B:ir-fast, a. Jamles; impqdent. 
Barefacedly, B4r-fast-li, ad. impqdentli. 
Barefacedxess, B4r-fHSt-nes, n. efrunteri. 
Barefoot, B4r-fut, a. havig no Jcdz. 
Bareheaded, Bqr-Hed-ed, a. wid de hed has; 

unktiverd si ov rsspekt. [merli. 

Barely, Bqr-li, ad. nakedli; widTit dekorajon; 
Bareness, B^r-nes, n. stat ov beii) bqr: nakednes. 
Baret, Bar-et, n. a kqrdinalz kap. 
Bargain, Bqr-gen, n. a koutrakt; a verbal agre- 

ment; de tiij bet er sold; stipyqlajon. 
Bargainee, Bqr-gen-e, n. wun hd) aksepts a 

bqrgen. [gen. 

Bargainer, Bqr-gen-er, n. wun hd) maks a bqr- 
Bargainor, Bqr-gen-or, n. a bqrgener. 
Barge, Bqrj, n. a. bot fer ple^i^r, er fer burdn. 
Bargeman, 13qrj-man, n. wun has manajez a bqrj. 
Bargemaster, Bqrj -mas- ter, n. de oner ov a bqrj. 
Barilla, Ba-ril-a, n. a plant from de ajez ov 

hwiq an alkalj iz obtand fer makii) glas and sop. 
Barium, Ba-ri-um, n. de metalik bas ov barjtci. 
Bark, Bqrk, n. de rjnd ov a tre: a smol Jip. 
Bark, Bqrk, i-. t. and ■/. tu mak rte nerz ov a 

dog; tu klamor: tu strip trez: tu pursq wid undq 

klamor er reproq. 
Bark, Bqrk, ) n. a Jip wid tre masts, widist a 
Barque, Bqrk, \ mizn topsal; a smel Jip. 
Barkbound, Bqrk-b'snd, a. havig de bqrk tO) 

ferm and klos. [klamorer. 

Barker, Bqrk-er, n. wun dat strips of bqrk; a 
Barky, Bqrk-i, a. konsistiij ov bqrk. 
Barley, Bqr-li, n. gran dat molt iz mad ov. 
Barleybrake, Bqr-li-brak, n. a rooral pla. 
Barleycorn, Bqr-li-korn, n. a. gran ov bqrli; de 

terd pqrt ov an inq in legt. [bqrli. 

Barley WATER, Bqr-li-we-ter, ;i. a dekokjon ov 
Barm. Bqrm, n. yest; skum ov melt likor. 
Barmy, Bqrm-i, a. kontanir) bqrm. 
Barn, Bqrn, n. a storh'ss fer ha, kern, stablig, &s. 
Barnacle, Bqr-na-kl, n. a. Jel fiJ dat groz upon 

timber Ijir) in weter; a kjnd ov gOis;— pi. an in- 

striDment fer holdiij a hers bj de noz. 
Barolite, Bar-Q-ljt, n. kqrbonat ov barjtez. 
Barometer, Ba-rom-e-ter, n. an instra>ment tu 

Jo de wat er preji^r ov de atmosfer. 
Barometrical, Bar-o-met-ri-kal, a. relatig tu a 

Baron, Bar-on, n. into, a huzband. 
Baron, Bar-on, n. a degre ov nobiliti, nekst tu 

a vjk-snt; a lerd; a per. [baron. 

Baronage, Bar-on-aj, n. de digniti er estat ov a 

Baroness, Bar-on-es, n. a baronz wjf er ladi. 
Baronet, Bar-on-et, n. de nekst tjtl belo a bar- 
on, and de loest degre ov onor dat iz hereditari 

in Iijgland. [baronets. 

Baronetage, Bar-o-net-aj, n. stat er bodi ov 
Baronial, Ba-ro-ni-al, a. relatii) tu a baron er 

Barony, Bar-o-ni, n. de lerdjip er fe ov a baron. 
B.vROSCOPE, Bar-o-skop, n. a sort ov barometer. 
Baroselenite, Bar-Q-sel-e-njt, n. suLfat ov barjta. 
Barouche, Ba-rdbJ, ;;. a for hweld, opn ka'rij, 

wid felir) top. [kamlet. 

Barracan, Bar-a-kan, w. a strog, Mk kind ov 
Barrack, B:ir-ak, n. a bildig tu loj soljerz; a 
Barracoon, Bar-a-kdbn, n. in Afnka, a. fort. [hut. 
Barracuda, Bar-a-ki\,-da, n. a fiJ ab-st fiften 

inijez in legt. 
Barrator, Bar-a-tor, n. an enkiirajer ov lesqis. 
Barratry, Bar-at-ri, n. is\ praktis in le; eni fred 

ov a Jip master. 
Barrel, Bar-el, n. a. kask kontanig ab-jt terti- 

wun galonz, mor er les; a tub; a silinder. 
Barrel, Bar-el, i-. t. tu put iu a barel; tu pak, 

az met. 
Barreled, Bar-eld, a. havig a barel er tub. 
Barren, Bar-en, a. not prolifik; unfroitful; ster- 

il; not kopius; unmenig: uninventiv; dul. 
Barren, Bar-en, n. an unfertil trakt ov land. 
Barrenness, Bar-en-nes, n. stat ov beig baren; 

Barricade, Bar-i-kad, n. a fertifikajon mad ov 

trez, ert, &s., tu. kep of an atak. 
Barricade, Bar-i-kad, r. t. tu fortifi: tu stop up. 
Barrier, Bar-i-er, n. a bundari; a defensjaier- 

tres; a stop; a bqr. [kat. 

Barrister, Bar-is-ter, n. k'snselor at le; an advo- 
Barrow, Bar-o, n. a. smel hand-karij; a hilok er 

m-snd ov ert; a kastrated hog. 
Bar-shot, Bqr-Jot, n. too hqf bulets jemd bj a bqr. 
Barter, Bqr-ter, v. i. tu traf ik bj eksganjig gudz. 
Barter, Bqr-ter, v. t. tu giv in eksqanj. 
Barter, Bqr-ter, n. trafik hi eksqanjig komodi- 

tiz: a rojl ov aritmetik. 
Barterer, Bqr-ter- er, n. wun hO) bqrterz. 
Bartholomew's tide, Bqr-t61-o-mq,z tjd, n. de 

term ner St Bqrtolomi^z da. 
Barystrontianite, Bar-i-stron-Jan-jt, n. a min- 
eral kold stromnit. 
Baryta, Ba-ri-ta, n. a ponderus ert, keld hevi 

spqr hwen yqnited wid sulfqrik asid. 
Barytes, Ba-rj-tez, n. a ponderus ert; barjta. 
Barytic, Ba-rit-ik, a. pertanig tu barjtez. 
Barytone, Bar-i-ton, a. notig a grav aksent. 
Barytone, Bar-i-ton, n. a mal vers hjer dan bas; 

a Grek verb not aksented on de last silabl. 
Basal. Bn-sal, a. relatig tu de bas or botom. 
Basalt, Ba-selt, n. graij blak ston er mineral. 
Basaltic, Ba-sel-tik, a. pertanig tu baselt. 
Bas bleu, Bq bli^, ». [/K] a blq stokig; a lern- 

ed pedantik wuman. 
Bascinet, Bas-i-net, )i. a basn. 
Base, Bas, n. de botom er f'sndajon ov eni tig; 

de pedestal ov a statyq; basis; a rustik pla. 
Base, Bas, a. men: vjl; lo; ilejitimat; havig litl 

valyq, az metalz; dep; grav, az STsnd; bas. Se 

Base, Bas, v. t. tu la de bas ov; tu fTjnd. 
Base-born, Bas-bern, a. born Tst ov wedlok; vjl. 
Baseless, Bas-les, a. wid^t sup6rt; kimerikal. 
Basely, Bas-li, ad. in a bas er unwiirdi maner. 
Basement, Bas-ment, n. an ekstended bas er 

gr-snd flor. 
Baseness, Bas-nes, n. mennes; vjlnes. 
Base-viol, Bas-vj-ol, n. a mqzikal instrcoment. 
Bashaw, Ba-Je, n. a TurkiJ guvcrnor er vjsrdf; a 




BAsnri'L, B4/-fuI, n. modest; /smfast; JJ; kff; | 

w id lit konfiJen*. j 

BAMiiruLLY, lla/-ful-i, atl. in a bajful mancr./ili. 
BAftiircLNixs, ItaJ-ful-ncd, n. ni»dr.iti;ru!itik jHin. 
liANiL, Kix-il, H. dr aQgt ov a j<rni-n t<til. [aQgl. | 
Hanil, Hai-il, r. t. tu frrjnd dr ej ov a ttfil tu an 
liAHlLlL', ){a-zll-ik, a. htWiyiy tu itr inidl vnn ov 

dr qnn: brig in dr maner ov a publik ediHs. 
Basilica, Ka-zil-i-ka, h. a bol or kort ov Justin; 

a Tim: u inagnifiwnt qunj. 
Bamilico!*, Ka-iil-i-kon, n. an ffntmont. 
BAaiLiMK, Har-i-li«k, n. a wrj»cnt;— u 'pc/t* ov 

Babin, liii-sn, n. a smnl vciel tu hold wetcr; a 

nnv>l pind; oni holo plas; a dok. 
Basis, it(i-sis, n.,^. Bfi-srz; de ficndnjon; bas; dat 

i>n hwi(j cni tijjii raid; dr f>o<lc!«tal. [or hrt. ' 
Hask, lt<isk, r. t. tu worm bj eksixjiio tu dr sun 
Uask, Ifci'k, f. I. tu Ij in dr fun i>r wurmt. 
Hakkct, B<is-kct, n. a vc«cl mad ov twijji, rujot, 

&■*. [dr hand. 

Kakklt-hilt, Bds-ket-hilt, n. a hilt hwi^ kuvorz 
Uass, U<j<, It. Ht fi/:— a trr; — ifi<"i) a mat. i 

Hans. I{ii<, a. lo; drj); gmr. Sr {ftaae). 
Ua.s>KT, l!;i:<-tt, ii. u giiiu at kqrdt. 
l<A>.Hii<)V, Hn-!<<Ln, n.a miicikal wind instrument. 
Has'o p.ilikvo, Bds-u-rc-le'-va, t «■ [A.] skulpt- 
Ham« KiiLiEP, Bas-rr-lff, » JUr; dr fi(?- 

,viirz ov hwiij diD not stand 'St fqr from dr grsnd. 
Hassviol, Bj'k-vj-oI, h. u mqzikal instrument. i 
liAsTAitii, lU-Mni, n. a (jjld b»m nt i.v wedlok. 
l<AnrAUi>. lta--t<jnl, </. iirjitimat: spi^rius; bas. j 
IIastardizi:, |{.i.s-t<inl-ii, r. t. tu jirxtiv tu be a i 

Haktakdv, Hai>-tar-di, n. de stator bciy a bastard. ' 
ItASTK, Unit, r. /. tu bet wid a stik; tu drip but- ' 

IT or fn^vi ujKSn met: tu so sljlli. 
liASTtLE,, n. fornicrii a slnt prixn in Paris. \ 
Basti5adk, Has-ti-mid, \ n. de akt ov betig on '■ 
HAhTiXADo, Itiis-ti-na-do, I de solz ov de fct 

wid ti kujcl. 
Uastinaik), Bas-ti-nd-do, r. t. tu bet wid de 

Bastixo, Bibt-ip, n. de akt ov betig: — a dripig; 

suij) wid log sti<jcz. 
Uastiox, Bast-viMi, n. n hqj mas ov ert standig 

■St fn.m a rampart; a bulwark. 
Bat, liai, II. a hcvi siik: <i klub;— a smol animal. 
Hatoii. Bn*;, n. de kwontiti ov bred bakt at wuns. ; 
Hatk, lint, r. t. tu Icsn; tu locr a prjs; tu abat. 1 
HATiAr. lta-t<i. n. [Fr.] a log \\i but, brod in de 

miill. [tjm. 

Hat FOWLING, Bat-f-<<l-ig,ii. bfrd-ka^ig in de njt- 
Katii, It<it, >i. u plas tu bad in; akt ov badig; a . 

HrbnD roejur. 
nATtit.. Bad, r. t. tu woj in a bqb; ta sofn. ' 

Hathes, littd-cr, M. wun ho) imvrscz himself in j 

w.iior. I 

Hatiiixo, lUd-ig, pp. wojig bj imfrjon: fom^nt- 

ig: .t. dr akt <iv hfldig. 
Batiiino TUB, lUd-ig-tub, ii. a vescl for badig. 
Bathos, Ku-tos, n. [ iir.\ a sinkig in poctri; anti- 

H^Tixfl. RAt-io,pr*/). cks^plig; ck.s<^pt. 
'■ ■■ ''let. »i. a pes ov wud for betig linen. 

. tJbn, II. Q klnb; a mqrjalz staf. 
i •<. Bat-a-las, a. worllk; apcrin az if r..r batl. 
Battalia, lia-til-^, n. dt order or b«U; de man 

KmII ov an 4rini in arA. 
Battalion, Ba-tal-von, n. a divijon ov an <\jnm: 

n frjjp; a bodi ov for»«»z. 
Batteu Hat-I, r. t. tu fcro fat;— tu stand indited 

in At knUj buks at Ok.*ford.-<jSWy.) 
Battel, iiat-l, n. a students ak-^nt. 
Battsn, Bit-D, 1. 1. tu fAtn; tu gro fat. i 

Batter, Bit-cr, f. t. tu bet d^n; to ir%r vt; tu 

dul. [entc. 

Batter, Bit-er, n. a mikftyi^r ov severmi lngrrdi- 
Batterino RAM, Bit-er-ig-rain, n. an RDjcDt 

militiiri enjin. 
Battlut,, a. a raid wurk, np6n hwi(; 

kuiion i\T mxnted;-a viulrnt a*ilt., B:'it-ig, n. kotn, or wul in ina««t. 
Battle, Bat-I, n. an enkxntcr bttw^n kont^odlg 

qrmiz; rnpijmcnt; man bodi. 
Battlk, ltat-1, r. 1. tu k<>nt«ud in fit; tu disp^t. 
Battle-arrat, Bat-1-a-ra, n. order ov batl. 
Battle-axe, Bat-l-aks, h. a wepn ov wor, lik an 

aks. [strjk Jutlkoki. 

Battle-dour, Hnt-l-dor, n. an in.'ttnfiment tu 
Battleme.nt, Bat-1-ment, n. a wol or parapet 

wid embrnjurz or intcrstisez; a brestwarlc. 
BATTOLo<jr, Ba-t61-u-ji, n. a t{r<um rcpttijon. 
Baidek, Ho-be, n. u Skixj hqf-peni. 
Bailk, B<.k, ». and r. Sc {/inlk.} 
Bavi.n, Bav-in, h. a fagot; a stik; wast wud. 
Bawdle, Bt5-bl, n. a gi\g>>: u trigket; a trjfl. 
Bawd, B.»d, h. a prokiires ov li^d wimen. 
Bawdily, Bo-di-li, ad. obsenii; filtili. 
Bawdiness, B<»-di-nes, n. obscniti or Indncs. 
Bawhuick. l{.'»-drik, ». a belt, ."^e {Jialdrick.) 
Bawdy, Hi-di, h. filti; obsen; un<jast. 
Bawdy -iiotSE, Bo-di-hiss, «.u husov prostitqjon. 
Bawl, BoI, r. i. tu prukldm; tu krj al-^d. 
Bawllvo, Bol-ig. n. a grat nffz; l^d krjig. 
Bay, Ba, n. an inkljnig tu a ijcsnut kulor; redij. 
Bay, Bn, n. an qrm ov de se; a gulf; — de lerel 

trt; a stut ov bcig kept of. [at. 

Bay, Ba, r. i. tu bqrk az a dog; — r. t. tu bqrk 
Bayberrt, Ba-bcr-i, >i. a Jrub dat b^rz an irli 

beri. [musket., M-o-net, n. a /ort dagcr fikst tu a 
Bayonet, liti-o-net, r. t. tu stab wid a baonet. 
Batot, Bj-iD, n. [/>.] a naro inlet. 
Bay-rum, Ba-rdm, n. a spirit obtand h\ distilig 

dr Itvz ov de ba-trt. 
Bay-salt, Bd-solt, a. solt fermd b| evaporajon. 
Bays, Baz, n. }>l. an 6norari ki~sn or gqrland; a 

Bazaar, Ba-t^r, | n. an estcm mqrket; — a kolek- 
Bazar. Ita-z^r, i Jon ov retal Jope. 
Bdellil'M, Del-yum, ii. an aromatik gum. 
Be, Be. r. i. [i. woz, p*. bcig, bin:] tu hav sum 

serten stat; tu egzist.— It izji^Hl az an ogsiljari, 

in koujqgatig uder v^rbx, bj menx ov hwi^ At 

jiasiv viTs iz furmd. 
Beach, Bn:. n. de K-l<iT; a strand. 
Beaco.v, Be-kn, n. sumtig razd on an cminens for 

givig notis; u Ijth'Ss. 
Beacon, Be-kn, r. t. tu afunl Ijt; tu Ijt up. 
Bead, Brd, n. wun ov mcni litl Itolz strug up6n 

a tred. y^zd for n<?klaser. or rozariz; a rsnd 

Beadle, Br'-dl, n. an infcriur ofisor ov a kart, 

publik IxKli, or pari/; a mesonjer; a krjer. 

BeaDLLRT, Bed-l-ri. (_ j„ r:., „_ . U.JI 
,, ,,.,,..) a. ar oiis ov u btal. 

Beadleship, Ikd-l-jip, S 

Beadroll, Bed-rul, n. a list or p^nons tu be 

pnid for. 
Bead.sman, Bfdz-man, n. a man emp1<^d tu pni. 
Beadswoman, IWdz-wum-an, n. a wuman bdt 

pntz r>r aniidcr. 
Beagle, Bf-gl, n. a smol h'snd tu hunt hi^rj. 
Beak, Brk, n. dr bil ov a b«Td ; a tig panted. 
Beaked. Brk-cd «r Bfltt, a. havlg a beV. 
Beaker. Bt'k-er, n. a drigkig kup or vescl. 
Beam, Brm, n. dr man pes ov timber dat sup6rt« 

a bildig; a pqrt ov a balans;— pol ov a qariot: 

— <1 ra ov Ijt^- a stagi bom. 
Bkam, Bem, r. i. tu JJn furt; tu emit nu. [Jon. 
BxAMiKO, B/m-in^ N. emi/on or n% or l|t; radia 




Beamless, Bgin-les, a. wid-st raz or lit. 
Beamy, Beni-i, a. Jjnig; radiant; havii) hornz. 
Bean, Bed, Jt. a gqrden vejetabl; a kjnd ov puis. 
Bear, Bv, r. t. and i. {i. bor, ps. bariy, born;j tia 

brig furt, az yui): tio. kari; tu suport; tia endi\r. 
Bear, BVj '»• i ruf, savaj animal; de nam ov tu) 

konstelajonz, keld de Grater and Ze«e;' i?^''/ 

in de tal ov ds Leser B,ir iz ds pcol-stq,r. 
Bearable, B4r-a-bl, a. dat ma be born; tolerabl. 
Bear-bating, Bi'ir-bat-ig, «. akt ov batig bvz 

wid dogz. [cirbiitus. 

Bearberry, B4r-ber-i, «. a plant, a spsjez ov 
Beard, Berd, n. hv dat groz on de lips and qin; 

a bqrb on an aro er huk. 
Beard, Bsrd, i>. t. tu tak or pluk bj de berd; tu 

opoz tu de fas. 
Bearded, Berd-ed, a. havii) a berd. 
Beardless, Berd-les, a. wid-st a berd; yittful. 
Bearer, B^r-er, n. a karier; a suporter. 
Bear-garden, B4,r-gq,r-den, n. a plas hwiir bq,rz 

qr kept for sport; hens, a turbi^lent asembli. 
Bear-herd, B4r-herd, «. wun has tendz bi^rz. 
Bearish, B4r-iJ, a. partakig ov de kwolitiz ov a 

Bearing, B4r-ig, n. de pozijon ov wun plas from 

aniider; — ^jestyi\,r; men. 
Bear-ward, B4r-ward, n. a keper ov b<vz. 
Beast, Best, n. an irajonal animal; a brcotal man. 
Beastliness, Best-li-nes, n. bruotaliti; filtines. 
Beastly, Best-li, a. bra)tal; filti; obsen. 
Beat, Bet, v. t. [^. bet, ^w. betig, betn or bet;] tu 

strjk; tia broDz; tu tred a pqt; tu kogker; tu 

vagkwij; tu surpds. 
Beat, Bet, v. i. tia mcDv in a piilsatori maner: tu 

daj az a flud or sterm; tu trob. 
Beat, Bet, )i. a strok: a pubajon; akt ov strjkig. 
Beaten, Bet-n, p. from litt. 8e {Beat.y 
Beatific, Be-a-tit-ik, ) a. afordig hevnli 

Beatifical, Be-a-tif-i-kal, J blis ; veri hapi: 

Beatification, Be-at-i-fi-ka-Jon, «. akt ov be- 

atifiig; an akt ov de pop, pron-snsig a desest 

person beatifjd in hevn. [in hevn. 

Beatify, Be-at-i-fj, v. t. tu bles; tu mak hapi 
Beating, Bet-ig, n. korekjon bj bloz; a drubig. 
Beatitude, Be-at-i-tn,d, n. hapines; blesednes ; 

Beau, Bo, n., pi. (Beaux,) Boz, a man ov dres; 

kokskom; a galant; a luver. 
Ueau ideal, Bo j-de-al, [/>.] a spejez ov bii,ti 

kreati'd bj fansi; jdeal ekselens. 
Beauish, B6-iJ, a. Ijk a bo; fopij. [v?urld. 

Beau monde. Bo mond, ji. [/)■.] de ga erfajonabl 
Beauteous. Bii,-te-us, a. fq,r; bii,tiful. 
Beauteously, Bq-te-us-li, ad. in a bfi,teus maner. 
Beauteousness, Bq,-te-as-ncs, n. bi^ti. 
Beautiful, Bii,-ti-ful, a. havig bq,ti; f^r. [er. 
Beautifully, Bi\,-ti-ful-i, ad. inabi|,tiful man- 
Beautifulness, B4-ti-ful-nes, ji.elegansovform. 
Beautify, Bvi,-ti-f j, v. t. tu adorn; tu gras; tu dek. 
Beautify, Bq-ti-f j, v. i. tu gro bixtiful. [tiful. 
Beautifying, Bi\-ti-f j-ig, n. akt ov renderig bi\,- 
Beautiless, Bi'i.-ti-les, a. destitq,t ov bi|ti. 
Beauty, Bi^-ti, n. an asemblaj ov grasez; hwot- 

ever plezez de j; az, simetri, gras, hqrmoni ov 

kulorz; a partikyv^lar gras; a bqtif ul person. 
Beauty-spot, Bi\,-ti-spot, n. a paq; a ferl. 
Beaver, Bev-er, «. an amfibius kwodrmped; de 

fur ov a bever; a hat. 
Becafico, Bek-a-fe-ko, iSp.'\ a berd, de fig-eter. 
Becalm, Be-kqm, v. t. tu kwiet; tu apez; tu mak 

Ezi; tu stil. 
Becalmed, Be-kc^md, p. a. kwjet; havig no wind. 
Becalming, Be-kqm-ig, pp. makig kqm; — n. akt 

ov kwjetig. 
Became, Be-kam, i. from Uekum. Se {Beconie.') 

Because, Be-kez, konj. for dis rezn dat; on dis 

ak^snt dat; for dis koz dat; far. 
Bechance, Be-qdns, v. i. tu befol, er hapn. 
Becharm, Be-qqrm, v. t. tia kaptivat; tu qqrm. 
Beck, Bck, i-. i. tu mak a sjn wid de hed. 
Beck, Bek, v. t. tu kol bi mojon ov de hed. 
Beck, Bek, n. a sin wid at hed; a nod. 
Beckon, Bek-n, «. a sjn widjt wurdz; a bek; a nod. 
Beckon, Bek-n, v. i. tu mak a sjn; tu bek. 
Beckon, Bek-n, %\ t. tu mak a sjn tu. [klud. 
Becloud, Be-kl-sd, v. t. tu dim; tu obskq,r; tu 
Become, Be-kum, v. t. [/. bekam, ps. bekdmig, 

bekdm:] tu si^t; tu be kongroous. 
Become, Be-kum, v. i. tu enter intu sum stat; 

tu be. [sn,tabl. 

Becoming, Be-kum-ig, a. grasful ; fit ; proper ; 
Becomingly, Be-kdm-ig-li, ad. in a bektimig 

maner. [prjeti. 

Becomingness, Be-kum-ig-nes, n, desensi; pro- 
Becripple, Be-krip-1, v. t. tu mak lam; tu kripl. 
Bed, Bed, n. sumtig tu slep on; a k-sq; — a bagk 

ov ert razd in a gqrden; de qanel ov a river, or 

eni holo; a laer; a stratum. 
Bed, Bed, v. t. or i, tu put tu er intu bed; tu 

Ij; tu slep. 
Bedabble, Be-dab-1, v. t. tu wet; tu sprigkl. 
Bedaggle, Be-dag-1, v. t. tu serl or mak mudi. 
Bedash, Be-daJ, v. t. tu wetbj spaterig woterou. 
Bedaub, Be-deb, v. t. tu smer; tu deb over. 
Bedazzle, Be-daz-1, v. t. tu mak dim bj luster. 
Bed-bug, Bed-bug, n. a fetid insekt dat in- 
fests bcdz. 
Bedchamber, Bed-qam-ber, h. a qamberfora bed. 
Bedclothes, Bed-klodz, n. jd. Jets, blagkets, 

kuverlets, &s., for bedz. 
Bedding, Bed-ig, n. de materialz ov a bed. 
Bedeck, Be -dek, v. t. tu dek; tu ornament. 
Bedehouse, Bed-hus, n. a hospital; an qmzhxs. 
Bedevil, Be-dev-1, v. t. tu tro intu disorder and 

konfi],3on, az bj evl spirits. 
Bedew, Be-di^, v. t. tu mersn jentli. 
Bedewed, Be-di'id, p. mersnd az wid di],. [bed. 
Bedfellow, Bed-fel-o, n. wun hO) Ijz in de sam 
Bedhangings, Bed-hag-igz, n. pi. kurtenz ov a 

Bedight, Be-djt, v. t. tu set of wid ornaments. 
Bedim, Be-dim, v. t. tu mak dim; tia obski\,r. 
Bedizen, Be-diz-n, r. t. tu dres godili. 
Bedlam, Bed-lam, n. a hospital for lq,natiks. 
Bedlamite, Bed-lam-jt, n. a madman; a lii,natik. 
Bedmaker, Bed-mak-er, n. wun hot) maks bedz. 
Bedmate, Bed-mat, «. a bedfclo. 
Bedouin, Bed-to-en, ii. de nam ov serten 3rabz. 
Bedpost, Bed-post, n. de post ov a bedsted. 
Bedquilt, Bed-kwilt, ». a kuverig for de bed. 
Bedraggle, Be-drag-1, v. t. tu serl bj droig in mud. 
Bedrench, Be-drenq, r. t. tu dreng; tu sok. 
Bedrid, Bed-rid, a. konfjnd tu de bed bj siknes. 
Bedridden, Bed-rid-n, a. konfjnd tu de bed. 
Bedrite, Bed-rjt, n. de privilej ov de marij bed. 
Bedroom, Bed-rcom, n. a rmm tu slep in. 
Bedrop, Be -drop, v. t. tu besprigkl. 
Bedside, Bed-sjd, «. de sjd ov de bed. 
Bedstead, Bed-sted, n. de fram ov de bed. 
Bedtime, Bed-tjm, n. de tjm ov goig tu bed. 
Beduck, Be-duk, i;. t. tu put under water. 
Bedung, Be-dug, v. f. tu mani^r wid dug. 
Bedust, Be-dust, v. t. tu sprigkl wid dust. 
Bedwarf, Be-dwerf, v. t. tu stunt in grot; tu 
Bedye, Be-dj, v. t. tu stan; tu dj. [dwerf. 

Bee, Be, n. an insekt dat maks huni and waks. 
Bee-bread, Be-bred, n. de polen ov fl-serz kol- 

ektod for fcDd ov bez. 
Beech, Beq, n. de nam ov a tre. 
Beechen, Beq-n, a. belogig tu de beq. 
Beecumast, Beq-mast, n. de frcot ov de beq. 




liKKCiioiL, Jilii-«\, n. <r\ elaprist from At mast er 

uulA i>\ Ae br(j Irt. 
lik:K EATUi, \ii-cl-cr, n. a b<.>rd rtat frd« on bei. 
IfKKK, Hrf, /». (tr fifj ov un nk.i, bul, ur kn. 
itxtrtAThK, H»^f-tt-tT, ». wun Ljj tt.H brf;- -u yo- 

niuii (iv dr ki() uv Ingtuadz f^Tti. 
KKKKHTkiAK, Hrl-sUik, «. u nljs oT bf f for brfflio. 
itKKiiiVE, lli'-lijv, It. u buk-t ur udvr hulu vc.-icl fur 

At: hiiliilajiiii ov hrt. 
|{i:EliASTt:K, Kc-ru'iri-tur, u. wun hoi kepM bcc. 
Hitfc.N, Hill, p. frurn Ac vorb 6/-. 
Kler, lirr, n. a tikur innil uv mult and hnpii. 
ItKEU-UAURCL, Uer-bur-vl, m. a barel hwic] huldz 

HttT. Hrt. H. a f^rdcn v<^jt(abl. 
HtcTi.t:, Kt'-tl, n. iin in.tvkt; u hevi wudn inalct. 

HtKTLK, IJl'-tl, r. J. tU jut •St; tU hill) uVlT. 

Hkktlk-browei), JJ^-ll-br-sd, a. havig |>rc>niin<-nt 

brnx. [blokij. 

Hektle-iieaoilD, B^-tl-hcd-od, a. stqpid; hcvi ; 
ItKKTLE STOCK, Ue-tl -stok, II. At hanill ov a betl. 
ItttvtM, llrvi, ;»./-/.(»• /!rf'; kiill; i.k.xii. 
IttKALL, Hr-liil, r. /. tu Jiiipn tu; tu kum tu pas. 
lltKALL, Hr I'l'tl. V. i. tu hiij)!!: tu cikiir. 
Mekit, iJt-fit, V. t. tu M\V. tu bekdin; tu fit. 
ItEFouL, Uc-fAl, r. /. tu mak u i<h\ ov; tu dfHfv. 
liEKURE, Ur-fur, prep, fqrder onward; in Ac frunt 

ov; in iirezenn oV; prjor tu; cinierior tu. 
KkKORE, Ik-fiJr, a>l. soini-r dun: in tjiu jioxt; pre- 

viuili tu; bidcrtu; Iqrdi-r onwanl in plH.". 
Uekurkiiam), liE-tiJr-hiiud, ad. in u stat ov an- 

ti>i|4ij<.n; |>rt'viusli; antr^rdi-ntli; at fvr!<t. 
Ueforetime. Hc-fur-tjin. ail. fonnirli; ov uld Ijm. 
Uekoil, Ui-f'sl, I-. t. tu *e\: tu p<ili\t; tu f'sl. 
Kkkriknii, Hc-frend, v. t. tu favor; tu iisiit. 
Hkkrik.nuiso, Hc-frdnd-in. pp. favorij); udio. 
ItEFRiMiE, Ur-frinj, r. t. tu ddkumt wid frinjez. 
IlKii, licg, f. /. tu liv U|»Jn quiz; tu u^k qiuz. 
HtG, Ui'K, r. t. tu usk; tu krav; tu cntret for. 
Heget, ur-gdt, V. t. [i. begot, pt. brgetij), brgiitn 

ur bff^it:] tu jcncrat; tu prukrral; tu pruHlq,". 
IIkuetter, Hc-gdt-er, n. wun htbkozuz prudukjon. 
ItEUUAR, llo(;-ar, ii. wun hoi livz bj bcgij). 
l<KU(iAR, Ik'g-ar, i\ /. tu rtdi'is tu begari; tu 

cgnlit. [ti; stinjinc.'*. 

ItE(i(iARLi.\E8S, IWg-ar-li-ncs, n. menncx; jKjvcr- 
Heugarlv, H<*g-ar-li, a. vcri p<»r; mm; stinji. 
Heuuarv, Udg-ar-i, n. indijcn."; gmt wont; poverti. 
IttiiiLT, Ur-gilt, a. gilded or gilt. 
Hkui.v, Bc-gin, r. ». [i. began, /w. brginig, bcgnn:' 

tu entor iutu !«umti{) nii; tu komdn^. 
Hkuin, He -gin, r. /. tu cnt«rjip6n: tu kumdns. 
Heui.n.her, Uc-gin-cr, n. wun btD beginc; de ffrst 

Heui.mning, Hr-gln 'h), n. dr (jrijinul.or ferxt koz; ukt; fvrst (xjrt: At nixliiiii-nt.-' or fi/rst grisnd. 
Hegird, Ht-g»;nl, r. I. ^ ('. brg(Tt cr brgf-riled, jm. 

br^N rdit), brgvrt »r brgordcd;] tu g?ni; tu bjnd 

rM.I; tu !<ur>ind; tu Jut in. 
HtGLUiBEG, l%liT-beg, n. in Turki, At guv- 

ernor ov a pruvins. 
HgGHAW, Hr-no, r. t. tu bit; tu tt awd. 
'•' 4''»n, V. i. go awd; ha.^t awii. 

Ill i.'.gut-n, (/'•^'■""'''''■i'^'- ^'U^'if'f-) 

Hti.uiiik. U» -grjm, r. I. tu »tfl wid sobt or d?rt. 
BxuRi UGE. Ht-gnij, r. t. tu envi dr pozojon ov. 
Beglilc Hf-gil, r. I. tu impciiz up6n; tu dtJi^v; 
Begin, Hr giin, />. fn>m ^r</if». [tu anu^x. 

BuiALr, Ht-hqf, M. fnviir; koz favurd; intcrcitt; 

ak'Siit; wik; ."iipwrt: vindiknj<>n. 
Bkuave, Hrhiiv. r. /. tu k.mdiikt; tu dcmin; tu 

knri; uz, " lU bffuirz hinurlf wcl." [wlf. 

BuiAVE, Ht-hiiv, V. I. tu akt; tu kondi\kt wunz 
BxuATioK. Ur-hav-yor, n. mancr ov kundiiktiQ,ur 

OT drmcnig wuoi self; kondakU 

Rkiiead, Rc-b<Vl, r. t. tu dtpr|T ovdc b«d; tu At- 

kapitnt. {JtthM.) 

Heiiklk, Hj- hdid, ». and /'. from lirhuld. 'At 
Hkiikmutii, Ht'-hir-inot, n. un animal drikrjbd in 

.Icjb, Huiiuzd b| !«uuj tu br At river hor«. 
Heiieht, Hr-hd.«t, n. u koukind; prrK«pt. 
Hkiiind, ]{r-h|nd, prtp. at dt l>ak ov; f6ldig an 

tidi-r; rrumniu uftcr; infrrior to. 
Heiiind. Hi-hjiid, ml. in At rrr: bakwardz; b*k. 
HEiii.viiiiANU, He-bjnd-hand, ati. a. in ar^rz; bak- 

word; t<irdi. 
Behold, Hr-h^ld, r. t. [i. bebdid, pt. brholdig, 

bihdld:) tu vii: tu »e, in an orofatikal m-nn. 
Heiiolu, Hf -hilild, r. t. tu luk; tu dirdkt dr (z. 
Hkiioldk.n, Hr-huld-n, a. bund in gratitiid. 
Hkmoi.ker, Hr-hiJld-pr, n. wun hdi bchuldz or trt. 
HtllooK, Hi'-b.iif, II. jiriifit; advciiitHJ: bcnrfit. 
Hehoovaui.e, Hr-hj'iV-ii-bl, a. fit; ck»ptdient. 
ItEHOoVE, Ue-hif)V, r. /. lu be fit for; tu bckiim. 
HEiiuovEruL, He-h<£iv-ful, a. fit; yq^ful; pnifit- 

ubl. [zii!t«. 

Hei.N'G, He-i]), ii. ogzi.^tcn.'; a pcnum er tig dat eg- 
Heimg, He-ij), ;</>. from ///•.•cgzixtip. (tu pl{. 

Helauor, Hr-la-bor, r. /. tu bet s'xndli; tu tump: 
Helamour, Hdl-a-miur, ii. u giilant; d kon.xort. 
Helamy, H«'-l-a-ini, ii. u frcnd: an intituat. 
Helate, Hr-liit, r. t. tu retard: tu mak tOi lat. 
Delated, He-liit-wi, a. brnitod: toi lat. 
Uelat, He-la, r. f. tu bli.k up; tu atak; tu beisfj: 

tu fii.-^n, or lunk fust, az u rup. 
Belch, Hehj, c. i'. tu ejekt wind from de ftumak. 
Belch, Bcb;, r. t. tu tru nt from At I'tumak. 
Belch, Bcbj, «. akt ov beldi): eruktajon. 
Beldam, liel-dam, h. an uld wumun; a hag. 
Beleaguer, Bt-lrg-or, <-. t. tu besej: tu blok uji. 
Belkmmte, Be-lem-njt, n. a jeuerik nam for 

fiisilz iiv df klus fcfalopodez. 
Bel ksi'Rit, Bi-I es-pre, n. [Fr.] n man ov wit. 
Belfry, li^'l-fri, n. a plas hw^r belz qr bug. 
Helgio, B^l-jik, a. pertanig tu Beljika, er Flan- 

Belial, Be-li-al, n. Satan; At devl; wikcdncs; vjy. 
Belie, Br-lj, r. /. ti.i dander; tu kaluiunint. 
Belief, Br-lef, ii. akt ov belevig: tig belevd: per- 

swnjon: krrd: fat; rrlijon. [kredibl. 

Believable, Be-lev-a-bl, a. dezervig krcdit; 
Believe, Br -lev, r. t. tu eksersji belef in; tu 

kri'<lit; tu tru.-t; tu tigk tni). [fat. 

Believ>;, Be-lcv, r. i. tu hav bel^f: tu ckM!rs|i 
I Believer, Be-lev-er, ii. wun hii> bele'vz. 
j Belike, Bc-ltk, ati. pmbabli: Ijkli. 
Bell, liel, n. a bolu, sTindig veiiel ov metal. 
Bell, B<>I, r. i. tu gro l{k a bet in Jap: tu rwcl. 
Belladonna, Bel-a-d6n-<i, n. dedii nitjad; lili. 
Bellatrix. Bdl-a-trik.", ii. a rudi .^tqr in (Jrjon. 
Hellk, HcI, II. [/r.{ a vug ladi admird for b(\li 

and akomplijmentx: a gn yug ladi. 
Belle8 lettre-s, Bil let-cr, u. pi. [/>.] puljt lit- 

cratqr: klii.>ikal otorz. [ov a bcl. 

Bell-fa-shioned, l{«l-faJ-ond, a. havig de form 
Bellflower, lUM-tlu-or, n. a jenus ov plantii 

hitiz fltor rezdmbiz a liel. (bdi. 

Bellfoi'nder, Itcl-f'Knd-cr, n. wun bin f'sndc 
Bellfoindkry, Bdl-fisnd-cr-i, ii. a plas hwnr 

belz qr ku't. 
Belligerent. liel-ij-cr-cnt, a. w^jig wor: eogdjd 

in wor. [wor. 

Belligerent, Bel-ij-cr-cnt, n. a pqrti kariig on 
Bellipotent. Bel-i|>-L>-tcnt, a. mjii in wor. 
Bellman. Bel-mun, n. a kqer ov guih: a krjer. 
Hellmktal, Bi'l-inet-al. n. an uliir or luik.-itvqr ov 

kn[K'r, tin, and komonli a porjon ov bru.« or zigk. 
Bellow, lktl-<j, r. t. tu mak a nffz, as a bul; tu 

krj u\-ki\: tu vo.«ifcrBt; tu rur. 
Bellowing, Bdl-u-ig, n. lid box: a rorig. 
Bellows, Btfl-«js, n. an instnitmcnt for bluii^ 




Bellpeppee, Bel-pep-er, n, de red peper; a spejez 

ov kapsikum. 
Belleinger, Bel-rig-er, n. wun hO) rigz belz. 
Belluine, Bel-ytt-jn, a. Ijk a best; bestli; br(i)tal. 
Bellweathee, Bel-wed-er, n. a Jgp hwiq kariz 

a bel. 
Belly, Bel-i, n. dat pqrt ov At bodi hwiq kon- 

tanz de entralz: abdomen; a protii,berans. 
Belly, Bel-i, v. i. tia bulj er hag -st. 
Bellyache, Bel-i-ak, n. pan in At b'selz; kolik. 
Bellyband, Bel-i-band, n. a. gert fer a hers. 
Bkllyfull, Bel-i-fial, n. az muq az filz de beli, 
Belomancy, Bel-o-man-si, n. divinajon bj aroz. 
Belong. Be-16r), v. i. tu be de properti ov; tva 

apertiin tu; tu adher tu; tu hav relajon tu. 
Beloved, Be-luvd, p. luvd: az, "he woz muq be- 

luvd;" — a. Be-luv-ed, der; az, "a beluved sun." 
Below, Be-lo, prep, under in plas, tjm, er digniti; 

inferior in ekselens; unwurdi ov. 
Below, Be-lo, ad. in a loer plas; on ert; in hel. 
Belt, Belt, n. a ledern gerdl; saj; zon; strat. 
Belt, Belt, v. i. tu enserkl; tu gerd wid a belt. 
Belted, Belt-ed, a. w^ii) a belt. 
Beluga, Be-14,-g<i, n. a seta Jus f ij valyn,d fer its erl. 
Belvideee, Bel-vi-der, n. a pavilyon on de top 

ov a bildii). 
Bemangle, Be-mai)-gl, v. t. tu tv asunder. 
Bemask, Be -mask, f. t. tu hjd; tu konsel; tu 

Bemaze, Be-maz, v. t. tu bewilder; tu perpleks. 
Bemire, Be-mjr, v. t. tu drag in de mjr. 
Bemist, Be-mist, v. t. tu kuver az wid a mist. 
Bemoax, Be-mon, v. t. tu lament; tu bewal. 
Bemoaning, Be-mon-ii), pp. lamentii); bewalii): — 

n. lamentajon. [mok. 

Bemock, Be-mok, v. t. tu tret wid mokeri; tu 
Bemol, Be-mol, n. {Mus.} aniider nam fer B flat. 
Bemourn, Be-morn, ;•. t. tu wep over. 
Bemused, Be-m^zd, a. overkdm wid mqzig. 

Ben, Ben | „. a purgativ frcot. 

Bennut, Ben-nut, ) ' " 

Bench, Benq, n. a log set; a trjbtinal ov justis; 

de kort; de bodi ov jujez. 
Benchee, Benq-er, «. a senyor in de inz ov kort. 
Bend, Bend, v. t. \i. bent er bended, ps. bendii), 

bent w bended:] tu mak kruked: tu direkt tu 

a serten pernt; tu inkljn; tu b's; tu subdvj,. 
Bend, Bend, v. i. tu be inkdrvated; tu yeld. 
Bend, Bend, n. a kurv; a kruk: a fleksyq^r; a bent. 
Bendable, Bend-a-bl, a. dat ma be bent er inkiir- 

Bendee, Bend-er, n. a person er tig dat bendz. 
Bendlet, B4nd-let, n. a litl bend. 
Beneaped, Be-nept, a. on de grund. 
Beneath, lUz-iiiAjprep. under: loer in plas; loer 

in ragk, ekselens, er digniti; unwdrdi ov. 
Beneath, Be-ned, ad. in a loer plas; belo: on ert. 
Benedict, Ben-e-dikt, j n. a nq,li marid man. 
Benedick, Ben-e-dik, S [Derjvd from de nam 

ov Benedik. wun ov de karakterz ov Zaksf>erz 

Muq adcb ahst nufig. [Benedikt. 

Benedictine, Ben-e-dik-tin, a. belogig tu St 
Benediction, Ben-e-dik-Jon, n. a blesig; tagks; 

invcikajon ov hapines: — institiiJon ov anabot. 
Benefaction, Ben-e-fak-Jon, n. akt ov konferig 

a benefit; de benefit konferd; donajon; gratq,iti; 

a benefit. [a benefit. 

Benefactoe, Ben-e-fak-tor, «. wun hcD konferz 
Benefacteess, Ben-e-fak-tres, n. a femal ben- 

Benefice, Ben-e-fis, n. an ekleziastikal livig. 
Beneficed, Ben-e-fist, a. hav a benefis. 
Beneficence, Be-nef-i-sens, n. aktiv gudnes; 

Beneficent, Be-nef-i-sent, a. kjnd; dcoig gud; 


Beneficial, Ben-e-fiJ-al, a. advantajus. 
Beneficially, Ben-e-fiJ-al-i, ad. advantajusli. 
Beneficialness, Bon-e-fiJ-al-nes, n. yn,sfulnes. 
Beneficiaey, Ben-e-fiJ-i-a-ri, a. holdig sum tig 

in suberdinajon tu anuder. 
Benefit, Ben-e-fit, ji. a kjndnes; advdntaj; yqs. 
Benefit, Ben-e-fit, v. t. tu diB gud tu; tu asist; 

tu help. 
Benefit, Ben-e-fit, v. i. tu gan advdntaj. 
Benevolence, Be-nev-o-lens, n. dispozijon tu dcb 

gud; gud wil; qariti; kjndnes; benigniti. [wil. 
Benevolent, Be-nev-o-lent, a. kjnd; havig gud 
Benevolently, Be-nev-o-lent-li, ad. wid gud 

wil. [Bengel. 

Bengalee, Ben-gel-e, n. de laggwaj spokn in 
Bengalese, Ben-gel-ez, n. siy. and pl.\ a nativ 

er de nativz ov Bengel. 
Benight, Be-njt, v. i. tu involv in dqrknes. 
Benign, Be-njn, a. kjnd; jenerus; jentl. 
Benignant, Be-nig-nant, a. kjnd; grajus; benev- 
olent, [kjndnes. 
Benignity, Be-nig-ni-ti, n. grajusnes; aktyq^al 
Benignly, Be-njn-li, ad. kjndli; grajusli; favor- 

Benshie, Ben-Je, n. an irij f^; a fq,riz wjf. 
Bent, Bent, i. and p. from Bend. Se {Bend.) 
Bent, Bent, n. stat ov beig bent; fleksyT],r; dekliv- 

iti; inklinajon; tendensi; fikst purpus. 
Benumb, Be-num, v. t. tu mak terpid. 
Benzoin, Ben-zern, n. a medisinal rezin imported 

from de 8st Indez; keld elso gum benjamin. 
Bepeaise, Be-praz, r. t. tu praz ekstravagantli. 
Bequeath, Be-kwed, v. t. tu lev bj wil tu andder. 
Bequest, Be-kwest, «. a legasi. 
Berate, Be-rat, v. t. tu qjd vehementli; tu skold. 
Beeattle, Be-rat-1, v. t. tu fil wid ratlig s'sndz; 

tu qjd; tu skold. 
Beebeeey, Ber-ber-i, n. Se {Barherry.y 
Beee, Ber, H. a spejez ov bqrli in Skotland. 
Bereave, Be -rev, v. t. [i. berevd &r bereft, 

ps. berevig, berevd er bereft:] tu deprjv. 
Beeeavement, Be-rev-ment, j». los; deprivajon. 
Beeeft, Be-reft, i. and p. from Berev. Se {Be- 
Beegamot, Ber-ga-mot, n. a spejez ov p^r; — a 

perfi|,m. [under klifs. 

Beegander, Berg-an-der, n. a duk dat bredz 
Bergmaster, Berg-mas-ter, n. a balif erqef ofiser. 
Berlin, Bcr-lin, er Ber-lin, n. a kjnd ov koq. 
Beenaedine, Ber-nar-din, «. wun ov an order ov 

mugks. [naked sedz. 

Berry, Ber-i, n. a sdkyiilent er pulpi frot wid 
Berth, Berfi, n. a stajon ov a Jip; a rcbm; a boks 

tu slep in. 
Beeyl, Ber-il, n. a jem er mineral ov a gren er 

blqij gren kulor. [kulor. 

Beeylline, Ber-il-jn, a. Ijk beril; ov a pal gren 
Bescattee, Be-skat-er, v. t. tu tro loosli over. 
Besceatch, Be-skraq, v. t. tu t^r wid de nalz. 
Beseech, Be-seq, v. t. [i. beset, p«. beseqig, beset;] 

tu entret: tu beg: tu implor. 
Beseem, Be-se'm, v. t. tu bckum; tu be fit for. 
Beseeming, Be-sem-ig, n. kumlines; — a. bekdmig. 
Beseemly, Be-sem-li, a. fit; bekumig: sqtabl. 
Beset, Be -set, v. t. \i. beset, ps. bcsetig, beset;] tu 

besej; tu wala; tu embaras; tu fel upon. 
Beshrew, Be-Jrdt), v. t. tu wij a kurs tu. 
Beside, Be-sjd, ) prep, at de sjd ov; over and 
Besides, Be-sjdz, ( abuv; distiijkt from; st ov. 
Beside, Be-sjd, ( ad. mor dan dat; morover; 
Besides, Be-sjdz, ) not in dis number; eks^pt. 
Besiege, Be-sej, v. t. tu beleger; tu la sej tu; tia 

hem in: tu beset. 
Besieger, Be-sej-er, n. wun h* besejez. 
Beslime, Be-sljm, v. t. tia sffl; tu deb. 
Beslubbee, Be-sldb-er, v. t. tu deb; tu sluber. 



BUMEAK, Be-Bm&T, v. t. tu bedtib; tu bM; ta niier. 
Bi^iMiucu, Be-am^n], v. t. tu Mrl; tu dii*kdlor. 
B>.--MOKE, Be-smuk, f. t. tu i%\ nr drj wid smuk. 
Bk-smit, IJr-.-'imit, r. <. tu imtI vrid cinuk or ikbU 
Beu.vlkkku, Hr-siidft, a. .>*incrd wid ciiuf. 
BlCtiuM, Hk-zmiu, n. u brotiu luad ov twigs. 
Bk80RT, Hf-s<'irt, t'. t. tu st^t; tu fit; tu bekdm. 
Besot. Be-s*')!, r. t. tu infatynat; tu Btijpclj. 
BicsoTTKD, Be-s<!>t-cd, p. a. mad iioti/, or fibli/. 
Bksol'uht, Be-8^t, «. and p. from litnig; ant bi cn- 

treti; iiuplurd. 
BcafANULE, He -apag-gl, t-. /. tuudiim wid .spa(|^lz. 
BssrATTKU, Be-si)at-er, r. t. tu -ttfl bj siatcTiy. 
BCSPKAK, liE-«i>ek, r. t. [«. be.'iMJk, />«. bc>i>rki(), 

be«|xjkn:] tu gitek for befurbaud: tu lulrti:!; tu 

bttukn; tu forbud: tu Ju. [orderz. 

Be8Peaki:e, Be-spek-er, «. wun hoB bE9JJt•k^, or 
BKbPLCKLK, Bt-s|>ok-l, r. t. tu m^\r\i. wid iji>eklz. 
Besi'KW, |{f-s|)i^, f. ^ tu club wid vomit. 
Be8I'U iv. HE-fpJit, V. t. tu pEzu wid HJHStZ. 
BKSflT. lic-^il>il, f. /. tu dob wid -pill. 
BksI'OT, Hc-.-ipot, f. I. tu uuirk wid tiputs. 
Buii-UKAI). Ik-iiprod, «•. t. tu sprt'd over. 
BtJUfttiNKLK, I<E-.«priQ-kI, r.t. tu sprigkl er skat- 
Besfiut. Hr-spiirt, r. /. tu tru Tst. [cr wver. 

Bioji'i TTta. BE-spiit-tT, r. /. tu fputcr over. 
Bu>T, Hest, A. guj-rrl. ov (i ud ; must gudj dathaz 

gvid kwi>litiz iu df hicst drgre. 
Best, Bc«t, mi. tuperl. ov Wei; in de hicst degr£ ov 

gudnes; yi^zd in kompuzijon: az, "bc^t beluvcd." 
Bestain, He-!'tuii, c. /. tu mqrk wid stanz. 
Bestial, lio^i-yal, a. bcluuig tu u bEi>t; bt^tli ; 

BiasTiALiTr, B«at-yi-al-i-ti, n. kwoliti ov bcst^. 
Bestialize, Bejt-yal-{z, r. /. tu mak Ijk u be.^t. 
Bestially, Be.'it-yul-i. ad. bni.tali. 
BxsTicK, Be-!itik, r. t. tu stik lavcr wid. 
BxsTiK, Be-.-it^r, c i. tu put iiilu vigoru^ ak/on. 
Bestow, Bc-.-itu, r. t. tu giv; tu konf*T: tu im- 
port: tu giv in marij; tu aplj: tu la tst; tu la 

up; tu dr|KJzit. 
Bestowal. He-st4^-al, n. de akt or bestoig. 
Bestow ME.N'T, He-stu-mcnt, n. de akt ov-best^ig. 
Bestradule, Be-^trjd-l, r. t. tu be.->tr{d. 
Bestkew, BE-.itn£i. t,r Bc-^tru, c. t. [i. bestrud or 

be.'tridn, /v<. bEstrjJij), bEStridn:] tu jprigkl over. 
BE8T£1I>E, BE-strjd, r. /. tu stqd uver; tu step 

over; tu rjd on. 
Bestud, Be-stud, t-. /. tu adorn wid studz. 
Bxt, Bet, n. a wajer: — v. t. tu la a wnjer. 
Betake, Ue-tak, r. t. [i. betuk, /<«. betakip, be- 

tukn:j tu hav rtkurs tu; tu aplj; tu remiiv. 
Betel. He-tl, «. woter-poj»er, an Indian plant. 
Bktui.vk, Ik-tigk, r. /. ft. betot,^^. betiykig, be- 

th'U:] tu rekol tu rr flekjon; tu remjnd. 
Betuleiieu, Ik-t-Ie-hem, n. an in?an hospital; 

kortipted tu bedlam. 
BsTHoiouT, Be-tot, i. ond^. from Hctiijk. Se 


Bethimp, HE-tump, r. t. tu bet; tu tump. 
Betide, Betjd, v. t. tu hapn tu; tu befol. 
Betide, Be-tjd, r. i. tu hapn; tu bekdm. 
Betimk. Br-tim, *..,,. .. 

Betimes. Be-ljmi, ) "^- ""^^i; 8a.n; ?rii. 
Betokk.v, Bc-tu-kn, r. t. tu signif}; tu loTJ£>; tu 

BrroNV, B^t-o-ni, n. a jenus ov biter plant.". 
Betook, Betuk, i. from Jirtak. Se {L'ttakw) 
Bktoss, Be-Ios, r. t. tu diittdrb; tu tos up. 
Bctkat, Be-tra, r. t. tu giv up or diskluz lre<;er- 

u.«li: tu divdlj a «ekret: tu diskdver; tu entrap. 
Betrayal, Be-tni-aL, ». de akt ov betraig. 
Betkavkii, He-tni-er. h. wun hiB brlnii. 
Betrim. Ilf-lrim. r. t. tu dek: lu dre,'; tu trim. 
Bktrotu. Be-trtit, r. t. tu kontrakt tu eni wun 

in orxler tu a ftttyi^r mArij; tu afioof; tu plej. 

Betrothmemt, Be-trot-ment, m. de akt ot betnSt- 
Better, B«jt-ur, a. k</mp. ov tiud; ai^perior. [in. 
Better. Bi-i-er, aJ. tour, radcr; in u bjer degre. 
Better, H«i-er, r. t. tu iupnitv; tu udvan:). 
Betterino-holse, B»it-<r-io-h'8i, ». a bus fur de 
r<-torujuJon ov oltl-uderz. [au e^Utt. 

Betterment, IWt-er-ment, n. an impniivment tu 

BkttoK. Bet-or, ri. wun h(Jj bett, or luz WHJen. 
Betty, IWt-i, n. an in^lnijment tu brak upn dun. 
Betwee.v, Be-twen, j^rep. iu de iuteruirdiut »piu; 

from wun tu andder; in de mid! ov; bttwilut. 
Betwixt, Bp-twik.'^t, pr,/'. in At niidl .,v: beiwin. 
Bevel, Bev-el, n. eni ajjgl not a qt uygl, or bqf u 

rjt »Dgl: — u kjod ov .skwiir mojvabl on u «ent«r; 

yiizd ol.-^ az an udjcktiv. 
Bevel, B«v-o1, v. (. tu kut tu a bevel aggl. 
Beveled, Bev-eld, />. a. kut tu a bevel a^l. 
Beveraue. Bev-er-aj, n.driok: likor tu bt drugk. 
Bevy, l{ov-i, n. a flok ov berdz: u kuui(iani. 
IfEWAiL. Be-wul, r. (. tu bemun; tu lament., lie-walig, /fp. n. lamentig; bemuni{|, 

Beware. Be-wj'ir, r. j. tu regard wid kojon. 
Bewilder, Bs-wil-dcr, r. t. tu perpleks; tu cn- 

Bewitch. Be-wiq, r. t. tu qqrm: tu fa^inat. 
Bewitcuixo, Be-wi^-ig, a. fa^sinatig; entjuntig. 
Bewitchi.noly, Be-wiq-ig-li, ad. in an alqrig 
I luaner. [qdntment. 

I Bewitchme.nt, Be-wiq-ment, n. fasina/on ; cn- 
Bewuav. B£-rti. r. /. tu betni: tU Ju. 
I Bewrayer, Be-ra-iT. «. wun luo l)eruz. 
Bevo.nd, Be-yond, / /.y.. on dE fqrdcr sjd ov; fqr- 

der onward dan; i/tdjr: abdv; pust. 
Bevoxd, Bc-yund, ud. at u distan.s; yonder. 
Beza.nt, Be-zant, n. a gold ktfn or anjent Bizon- 

Bezantler, BE-t;int-ler, n. de branq ov a derz 

h'lrn ni-k.-t abiiv de br's antler. [iz fikst. 

Bezel. Boz-el, ;». dat i>qrt ova rig in hwiq de s^ton 
Bezoar. Be-zur, u. a kalki^luj konkre/oc; aati- 


Biangl'Lated, B{-ag-gq,-lat-ed, a. havigtoiagglz. 
Bias. Bj-a.-i, u. wat on wun sjd; pqrjialiti; bent: 

prE|NizcJon; inklinnjon. [en?. 

Bias, Bj-os, r. /. tu inkljn tu wun 4d: tu inflq- 
BlB, ]iil>, n. a pes ov linen put on a qjldz brest. 
Bib. liib, r. i. tu tipl; tu sip; tu drigk. 
BiBACiots, Bj-ba-Ju?, a. ndikted tu drigkig. 
Bibber. Bib-er, n. a tipler: a t<jpcr; a sot. 
Bible, B|-bl, n. At Buk V<| wa ov emincns; de 

volyiim ov de sakred Skriptyqrz. 
Biblical, Bib-li-kal, a. relatig tu de Bibi. 
Bibliographer, Bib-li-og-ra-fer, u. wun verst in 

Bibliographic, Bib li-o-graf-ik, | a. relatig 

Bibliographical, Bib-li-o-gnif-i-kal, i tu de 

nolcj iiv buks. [ovbuks. 

Bibliography, Bib-li-6g-ni-fi, n. sjens or nolcj 
Bibliology, Bib-li-t>l-o-ji, «. biblikal literatqr; 

a tretiz on liuk.<; bibliografi. [buk. 

Bibliomancy. Bib-li-o-man-^i, n. divinajon bj u 
Bibliomania, liib-li-o-ma-ni-<i, n.[L.] bukmad- 

ne.-<; mj for poi<^.-<ig r^r and kqrius buks. 
BiBLiOMA.MAC. Bib-li-u-ma-ni-ak, n. wun ha> 

baz a nij fcir buks. 
BiBLiOMANiACAL, Bib-li-o-ma-ni-a-kal, a. relat- 
ig tu bibliumania. [olist. 
BiBLlopoL}:, Bib-li-o-pol, n. a buk.«eler; bibli6p- 
Bibliopolist. Bib-li-op-o-lisf, h. a bukseler. 
BrnLioTiiECAL, Bib-li-u-tE-kol, a. belogig tu a 

Bibliotheke, Bib-li-u-tek, n. a Ijbrari. 
BiBLisu. Bib-liJ, n. wun konvcrsant wid de Bjbl. 
Bibulous, Bib-yi^-lus, a. dat ii apt tu imbib; 





BiCAPSULAE, Bj-kap-sti-lar, a. havig too kapsiilz. 

In Bdani, havig tcD kapsq,lz kontanig sedz tii 

gq fl-ser. 
Bice, Bjs, /i. a gren er Ijt blq, kulor. 
Bicipital, Bi-sip-i-tal, ) a. havig to hedz er to 
BiciPiTOUS, Bj-sip-i-tus, \ orijinz. 
BiCKEE, Bik-er, i'. i. tu dispi\,t ab^t trjflz; ta 

BiCKEEiNG. Bik-er-ig, n. a kworel: a skermij. 
BicKEEN, Bik-ern, n. an jurn endig in a pernt, 
BicoEXOUs, Bj-ker-nus, 'a., havig to hernz er 

]jICOEPOEAL, Bi-kor-po-ral, a. havig to bodiz. 
Bid, Bid, v. t. [C bad w bid, ps. bidig, bidne^/' bid:] 

tu dszir; tia komdnd; tu ofer; tu invit. 
Bid, Bidj n. an ofer tu giv a serten prjs. 
Bidden, Bid-n, p. from Bid; komdnded. 
Bidder, Bid-er, n. wun hco bidz or oferz a prjs. 
Bidding, Bid-ig, n. a komdnd: order; ofer ov prjs. 
Bide, Bjd, v. t. tu endi'|,r; tu.sufer; tu wat for. 
Bide. Bid, v. i. tu dwel; tu rEman: tu abid. 
BiDENTAL, Bi-den-tal, a. havig tO) tst. 
Bidet, Bi-det, n. a smel hers or nag. 
Biennial, Bj-en-i-al, a. kontiuyn,ig tcD yerz. 
Biennially, Bj-en-i-al-i, ad. at de ixtdrn ov to 

BiEE, Ber, n. a karij for konvaig de ded. 
BiESTiNGS, Best-igz, n. pi. de ferst milk ov a k-s 

after kqvig. 
Bifacial, Bj-fa-Jal, a. havig de opozit fasez aljk. 
Bifaeious, ijj-fa-ri-us, a. tajfold: dubl. 
BiFEEOUS, Bif-er-us, a. b^rig friDt twjs a ycr. 
Bifid, Bj-fid. a. kleft in tin; havig t(» pqrts. 
BiFiDATED, Bif-i-dat-ed, a. divjded intu tin; bifid. 
BiFLOROUs, Bi-flca-rus, a. havig tCD fliserz. 
BiFOLD. Bi-fold, a. toifold: dubl; ov too kjndz. 
BiFOEM, Bi-form, a. havig tm fennz er bodiz. 
BiFOKiiED. Bi-formd, a. havig tm formz. 
BiFRONTED, Bj-frdnt-ed, a. havig td) frunts. 
Bifurcate, B[-fur-kat, / a. forkt: havig tcD 
BiFUECATED, Bj-fur-kat-ed, ( branqez. 
Big, Big, a. grat; Iqrj; hiy; pregnant; swoln. 
Big, Hf Bigg, Big, n. a kind ov winter bqrli. 
Bigamist, Big-a-niist, n. wun dat haz komited 

Bigamy, Big-a-mi, n. de krjm ov havig t<t) wjvz 

er tm huzbandz, at wuns. 
Bigeminate, Bj-jem-in-at, a. twin ferkt: havig a 

ferkt pEtiol, az a kf. [vesel. 

Biggin, Big-in, n. a qjldz kap: — a kan, er smel 
Bight, Bjt, n. a smel ba; Az kerl ov a rop. 
Bigness, Big-nes, u. sjz;bulk:gratnes ovkwontiti. 
Bigot, Big-ot, n. wun undi]^li dgvoted tu a pqrti, 

opinyon, or praktis; a bljnd zelot. 
Bigoted, Big-ot-ed, a. ful ov bigotri: undt|li dt- 

voted: preji^dist. [bigot. 

Bigotedly, Big-ot-ed-li, ad. in ds maner ov a 
BiGOTEY, Big-ot-ri, n. blind zeI; sv^perstijon. 
Bijou. Be-j^oj, n. [/>.] a jx^el; a trigket. 
BiJOUTEY, Bs-grfi-tri, «. de makig or delig in jq,- 

elz; ji^elri. 
BiJUGOUs, B}-ji|,-g«s, a. havig tio pE^rz ov leflets. 
Bilabiate, Bj-la-bi-at, a. havig t(i)lips,er lobz. 
BiLAMELLATE, Bj-lam-cl-at, a. havig de form ov 

a fhitnd sfer: lonjiti^dinali bifid. [el. 

BiLANDEE, Bil-an-der, n. a smol Dug merqant ves- 
BiLBEEEY, Bil-ber-i, «. a smol Jrub, and its froat. 
Bilbo, Bil-bo, n. a rapier sord; fjn or qers sord. 
Bilboes, Bil-boz, n. pi. a sort ov stoks far de fet, 

yH,zd for punijig ofenderz at se. 
BiLBOQUET, Bll-bo-ka, n. [/)•.] de ter keld a kup 

and bdl. 
BlLE, Bjl, )i. a yelo er grenij fln,id separated in 

de liver, and kolekted in de gel-blader. 
Bilge, Bilj, jj. de bredest pqrt ov a Jips botom; de 

protuberant pqrt ov a kask; — keld elso, Indj. 

Bilge, Bilj, r. i. tu sprig a lek; tu let in weter. 

BiLGEWATER, Bitj-we-ter, n. weter Ijig in de bilj. 

Biliary, Bil-ya-ri, a. belogig tu de bjl. 

Bilingual, Bi-lig-gwal, ) • * ,- . • 

r> ».„, .X. T)- 1- ' a. in tm laggwajez. 

BiLiNGUAE, Bi-hg-gwar, ) •'° •' 

BiLiNGUOus, Bj-lig-gwus, a. havig tm tugz; spek- 

ig tm tugz. 
Bilious, Bil-yus, a. partakig ov bjl. 
BiLiTEEAL, Bj-lit-er-al, a. konsistig ov tm leterz. 
Bilk, Bilk, r. t. tu qet; tu desev; tu dsfred. 
Bill, Bil, n. b£k ov a fisl; a pik aks; a batl aks; a 

ritn paper; an ak-snt ov muni; a statment ov 

gudz purqast. Q deklarajon in rjtig, ekspresig 

grevans er rog: — a propozd lo er akt. Jiil ov 

eksganj, a not erderig de pament ov a sum ov 

Bill, Bil, v. i. tu kares, az duvz, bj jernig bilz. 
BiLLAGE, Bil-aj, 11. de bredt ov de flor ov a Jip 

hwen Je Ijz agr-Snd. 
BiLLAVEEA, Bil-a-VE-m, n. [Z.] a trm bil. 
Billet, Bil-et, n. a not: a leter; — a tiket direktig 

.-tjljerz hw.-^r tu loj; — a log ov wud. 
Billet, Bil-et, v. t. tu plas er kwerter soljerz. 
Billet-doux, Bil-a-dtfi, n. [Fr.] a luv leter er not. 
Billiards, Bil-yardz, n. id. a gam plad wid bolz 

and masez or stiks, on a tabl. [gwaj. 

Billingsgate, Bil-igz-gat, n. ribaldri; f'sl lag- 
Billion, Bil-yon, n. h'l dc Igglif 7ntiod, a milyon 

ov milyonz; ?/^ dc Freng, a t-szand milyonz. 
Billow, Bil-o, n. a wav swoln and holo. 
Billowy, Bil-o-i, a. swelig; turjid. 
Bilobate, Bj-16-bat, / i- • i j • t x^ , v 
Bilobed, Bi-lobd, ) ^- '^i^i'i'^'i 1"*^ ^'^ l*^^^- 
Biloculae, Bj-16k-yi|-lar, a. kontanig to selz, 

az a pod. 

Bimane, Bi-man. ) u • i^ i, j 

Tj » „ „ "r.- a. navii) tm handz. 

Bimanous, Bim-a-nus, ) '' 

Bimensal, Bj-men-sal, a. oktirig wuns in Ub 

Bin, Bin, ji. a repozitori fer kern, bred, er wjn. 
BiNAEY, Bj-na-ri, a. dubl: kompozd ov tm. 
BiNATE, Bj-nat, a. beig dubl, or in kuplz. 
Bind, Bjnd, r. t. [i. b'snd, pjs. bjndig, bund;] tu 

konf in wid kerdz; tu gerd; tu fasn tu: tm tj 

tugeder: tu obljj bj kontrakt, ot, er kjndnes; — 

tu mak kostiv. 
Bind, Bjnd, v. i. tu kontrakt its on x)qrts tugeder. 
Binder, Bind-er, n. wun hm bjndz buks, &s.; a 

BiNDEEY, Bjnd-er-i, n. a. plas hws^r buks qr b"8nd. 
Binding, Bind-ig, n. a bandaj; ds kuver ov a buk. 
Binding, Bind-ig, /j/j. a. kompelig; obljjig: obliga- 

Binnacle, Bin-a-kl, n. At kumpas boks ov a Jip. 
BiNOCLE, Bin-o-kl, n. a kjnd ov tekskop. [jz. 
Binocular, Bj-nok-yii-lar, a. havig er ytizig tm 
Binomial, Bj-no-mi-al, ) a. konsistig ov to 
BiNOMiNous, Bj-nom-in-us, \ namz er memberz. 
BiOGEAPHEE, Bj-og-ra-fer, n. a riter ov a personz 

BiOGEAPnic, Bj-o-graf-ik, } a. pertanig tu 

BiOGEAPHiCAL, Bj-o-graf-i-kal, i de histori ov 

a personz Ijf. 
Biography, Bj-6g-ra-fi, n. a histori ov de Ijf 

and karakter ov eni person. 
Biology, Bj-61-o-ji, n. de sjens ov Ijf. 
]?IPAE0US. Bip-a-rus, a. prodt^sig tm at a berfi. 
Bipaetible, Bj-pqrt-i-bl, j a. dat ma be divjded 
BiPARTiLE, Bip-ar-til, j intu tm pqrts. 
Bipartite, Bip-ar-tjt, a. havig to korespondent 

pqrts. [intu tm. 

Bipaetition, Bi-par-tiJ-on, n. de akt ov divjdig 
Biped, Bi-pcd, n. an animal wid tm fet. 
Bipedal, Bip-e-dal, a. tm fet in legt; havig tm fet. 
BiPENNATE, Bj-pen-at, a. havig tm wigz. 
Bipetalous, Bj-pet-a-lus, a. havig tm fl-ser levz. 




BiQUADRATE, Uj-kw/xl FBt, n. df (kw^r OV il 

»kw;ir, .ir At lurt p'scr. 
biQLAtiRATic, Kj-kwod-rat-ik, a. relatig tu At 

furt |iner. 
BiBAUiATK, B{-r&-di-at, a. bavig Uo rai, ax a fin. 
HiKcii, UtTi:, n. a wel-non trr ov several gpr Jrr. 
BiKi'UEN, Uv'rq-n, a. mini "«v b«T(j. 
BlKi>, Uvrd, n. II jrnirul torm for At fedcrd kjrid. 
ButDBOLT, Kerd-bult, n. an nru blunt at Ac end 

for At I uriius ov JOitiy Ix-nli. 
BiKU-CAui:, liyrd-kflj, n. a kaj lu kcp b^rds in. 
Bud-call, B^rd-kol, n. a pip for imitatig de not^ 

OT b^rdz. 
BlKD-CATCHUi, H</rd-ka<;-cr, II. wun hii> tak.'b^rdz. 
BiKULlMK, ll(;rd-l|m, ii. u gliitinu-i sub!<tau.-<, bj 

hwiij Ac id iiv .-null b<;rd« qr intay;;ld. 
BiRUS LYK, Bi.-rdz |, n. <i {iluiil; u priiuroz. 
Birds kyk, Ik'rdz {, a. dtnutin a vi; ov an objekt 

ur |ila.>< uz iirn fruin ubdv, az bj a bl^rd. 
BiRD's-KYK MApLi:, ]t«Tdz-i tna-pl, n. a gpejez ov 

wud yiizd ill kiibinot wurk. 
BlRDSNKisT, Hvrdz-nest, ii. Ac pins hwi-jr bordz dr- 

lodit d;ir vgz, and biKj d;\r yuy;— a plant. 
BlRDWiTTKD, Uord-wit-ed, a. not havly Ac fak- 

ulti ov atonjon. 
BlRKM K, H|-rnu, n. a vesol wid t<ti baglu ov ors. 
BlRUAMiKR. |{«;r-g«n-dcr, II. a sort ov wjld git>.f. 
BlRTU, IWrt, II. di- akt <>v kuuiig intu l^f; ck}>trak- 

Jon: ruyk bj ilt-ionf: lintnj. 
Birthday, li<-rt-da, n. At da on hwiq cni wun iz 

born; Ac anivrpyiri ov wunz b^rt. 
BiRTliDUM, Byrt-dom, n. privilej ov bfrt. 
BiRTiiMuiiT, Bi^rt-njt, n. de n}t on bwi^ wun iz 

bom. [bom. 

BiRTiii'LACE, nvrt-plns, n. Ac plas wun iz 
RlRTiiuiCHT, l{<;rt-rjt, «. Ac rjtjor privilej tu hwicj 

a i>\»rs«in iz born. 
B18CUIT, Bis-kit, u. a kind ov bred, variu.^li mad. 
Bisect, Uj-M^kt, r. /. tudivjd intu t4i)Ekwal p<irtj!. 
B18ECT10.N, Bj-i'ek-Jon, n.a divi3on intu tiCekwal 

BiSKUMENT, Bj-.s^-ment, n. wun ov de pqrts ov 

a Ijn divjdi-d intu tiij f kwal jiqrti. 
Bl8£XL°AL, Bj-seks-yti-nl, a. ov but sekscz. 
Bishop, BiJ-op, n. wun ov Ac hjcr order ov klorji 

hill haz (jqrj ov a dju.'e,-': a pri-lat. [df cur(j. 

Bishop, ISij-op, r. t. tu konft/mi; tu admit intu 
Bisuoi-uic. UiJ-op-rik, n. Ac djoises ov n bijop. 
BisyiTii, Biz-mut, n. a metui ov ydui/ or rcdij 

hwit kulor, and lamelar tek-styt^r. 
Bison, Bi-s<in. ». a kjnd ov wild oks, in dc { U. S.) 

knid Ac bufalu. 
Bissextile. Ui-seks-til, n. lep ycr; everi furtycr. 
B18T01 RY, Bi.^-tur-i, fi. a ?urjikal instrxDment. 
Bistre, Bis-ter, n. a brsn pant, mad ov soit; a 

br-xn ]>itnuent. 
BisuLcoi-s, Bi-s(il-ku8, a. klorn-futed. 
Bit, Bit, n. de ium ov a bqdl; a smol pes; a mor- 

(tel: Q kflm. 
Bit, Bit, c. t. tu put a bit in de m'st: tu qek. 
Bitch, Hiq, n. de femal ov Ac kanjn k^nd. 
Bite, Hit. r. t. [1. bit, /-*. \>\W^ bitn >fr bit:] tu 

kru/ wid de tet; tu kut; tu WiDnd;— tu giv pan 

bl kuld; tu qet; tu trik. 
Bite, Bjt, «. de akt ov bitijj; sejtir bi de tet; de 

akt ov (1 fij dat taks de bat;— a qet; a trik; a 

Biter, r.ji-or, n. wun dat bit.»: a (jet; a de.«ever. 
BiTiNO, Hjtij), /./». a. Jqriv, wv^r, kostik; wrkastik. 
Bittac'LE, Bit-a-kl, n. a kumiaiK-bokn; binakl. 
BiTTt.v, Bitn. /'. Kfzd or w«i.n«lt'<l wid At tet. 
Bitter, Bit-cr, a. bavin u hot, akrid ta«t; Jqrp; 

kniH'l: imnful: rtpru<;ful: aflikti^j. 
BlTTKRisn. Bit-er-iJ, a. sumbwot bitcr. 
BiTTLKi.oHNESS, Bit-cr-iJ-nci<, n. a niiol degr< ov 


Bitterly, Bit-cr-li, ad. in a bit«r maoer; /qrpli. 
HiTTKKN, Bit-era, n. a bfrd wid loy Icgz:- a bit«r 

BiTTER.NESa, Bit-er-Dca, n. a biter ta«t; malij!. 
Bitters, Bit-eri, «. pi. a likor kontanio an infq- 

jon ov biter •■rl>z or Witii. [bilor. 

BiTTER-BWEET, Uit-ernwet, n. an apl Bwet axtd 
BiTiMED, Hi-H'iiiid, a. eraerd wid pic. 
BiTiMEN, Bi-ti^-men, <i. u mineral pi<;; a«filtain. 
HiTiMi.NOi-s, Bi-tq-min-UK, a. kontiinij bitiimia. 
Bivalve, Bj-valv, a. havijj \xb valvz or Jutcrx. 
Biviols, Biv-i-u.-, a. havip uij waz. 
Bivouac, Biv-wak, n. {Fr.\ Ac ov an qnni, 

in ui>n .'(r, at nit, in ek.''|*ktaJon ov an engaj- 
BivoiAC. Biv-wak, r. J. tu wcm; on gqrd. [ment. 
BiZANTi.NE, Biz-an-tin, n, a grat pen ov'gtjld; 

bezant. (ckstravagant. 

Bizarre, Bi-w^r, a. [/>.] od; atranj ; fantiitik; 
Blab, Blab, r. t. tu tel, az sekrets; tu diviilj. 
Blab, Blab, r. i. tu tatl; tu tel talz. 
Blab, IMab, n. a teltal; a babler; tatl. 
Blabber. Blib-cr, n. a teltal; a bailer. 
Black, Biak, a. ov de dqrkest kulor; dqrk; kliidi; 

murnfal: horibl; wikcd: dizmal. 
Black, Blak, 11. a blak kulor; a negro. 
Black. Blak, r. t. tu mak blak; tu blako. 
Blackamoor. Blak-a-nKtir, n. a negro. 
Black-art, Hhik-qrt, 11. majikal qrt; majik. 
Blackball, Blak-bol, «. a kompozijon forblakip 

Joiz. [ota. 

Blackball, Blik-bel, r. t. tu rejekt bi blak bal- 
Blackberrt, Blak-bcr-i, h. de fnnt ov de brambl. 
Blackbird, Blak-bord, 11. in //;<//an</, asioijj-b^rd; 

in Aiiurilay Ac grakl. [k-8». 

Black CATTLE, Blak-kat-l, 11. /*/. oksn, bulz, and 
Black-cock, Blak-kok, n. Ac het-kok. 
Black E.v, Blak-n, r. t. tu mak blak; tu dqrkn; 

tu drfiim. 
Blacken, Blak-n, r. j. tu gro blak. 
Blackexer. Blak-n-cr, n. wun hii> blaknr. 
Blackkisu, Blak-fiJ, 11. a kind ov fiJ f^nd on dc 

/urz ov Xq logland. 
Blackfriar, Blak-frj-ar, n. wun ov 6.t Domini* 

kan order ov muyk^. 
Blackguard, Blag-qrd, n. o vulgar, bas felo. lilak-ij, a. sumhwot blak. [<i))k. 

Black-jack, Blak-jak, n. a ledem kup; an or ov 
Black-lead, Blak-led, 11. plumbago, or graf it; a 

minenil yiizd for pen.-iilz. 
Blackleg, Blak-l«-g, n.u t^rmaplid tu gamblers. 
Black-letter, Blak-let-er, n. Ac old logli/, er 

modern (iotik leter or karaktcr. 
Blackly. Bl.ik-li, ad. Jqrkli in kulor; atrojusli. 
Black-mail, Bhik-nuil, n. a .«erten rat anjentli 

jiad for jirotekjon tu men aljd wid n)bcrz. 
Black-monday, Blak-mun-da, n. Fster Munda, 

hwi(;, in 34t Edw. Ill, woz so kold dat men did 

on horsbnk. 
Blackmoor, Blak-nknr, n. a negro: blakam<Lr. 
Blacknes-s, Blak-Dc^, n. blak kulor; dqrknes: 

atroju.snes; rnonniti in wikedncs. 
Black-puddino, Blak-pud-ig, n. a pudigmadov 

lilud and gran. 
Black-rod, Blak-nxl, n. de ujer bclonig tu dc 

onliT i>v Ac gqrttr, ha> karix a hlak rvo. 
Black.smitii, Blak-<mit, n. a smit biD wurk.i in 

iiirii. [kulor. 

Blacks.nake, Blak-.<nnk, n. a fi^rpent ov a blak 
Blackthorn, Blak-torn, n. de t>lo trc. 
Black-wadd, Blak-wod, n. an or ov manganlx. 
Bladder,, n. a ve.^el kontanig 5um lik- 

wid in Ac Ixxli, az yqrin, bjl. 
Blade. Bind, h. de »p|r ov gnis bcf^ir it grox tu 

Kfd; Ac Jqrji |iqrt ov a wepn; a ga felo. 
Bladebonk, Bliid-bon, n. dc bun ov dc Julder. 
Bladesmitu, Blad-$:mit, n. a «ord kutlcr. 




Blaink, Blan, n. a pustql; a bloq; a sor. 
Blamable, Blam-a-bl, n. dtzen-ii) ov blam; felti. 
Blamableness, Blam-a-bl-ne!<, w. feltines; kdl- 

Blamablt, Blam-a-bli, ad. in a maner dezervii) 

Blame, Blam, v. t. tu senjq,r; tu. qqrj wid a felt. 
Blame, Blam, n. impi^tajon ov a felt; krjm. 
Blameful, Blam-ful, a. kriminal; kulpabl. 
Blameless, Blam-les, a. fre from blam; inosent. 
Blamelessly, Blam-les-li, ad. wid'st blam; ino- 

Blamelessxess, Blam-les-nes, n. inosens. 
Blameworthy, Blam-wur-di, a. kulpabl. 
Blanch, Blanq, v. t. tu hwjtn; tii strip er pel of. 
Blanch, Blanq, v. i. tu gro hwit; tu Evad: tu Jif t. 
Blanchee, Bldnq-er, n. wun hot) blanqez. 
Blanc-mange, t Blq-monj, n. \Fr.\ food mad ov 
Blanc-mangee, i milk er krem, Jugar, qmondz, 

jzii)glas, sago, &s., berld. 
Bland, Bland, a. soft; mjld; jentl; kiirteus. 
Blandiloquence, Blan-dil-o-kwens, n. atdii), 

flaterii) spsq. 
Blandish, Blan-diJ, v. t. tu smmd; tu sofn. 
Blandisher, Blan-diJ-er, n. wun hco flaterz and 

s(Ddz. [flateri. 

Blandishment, Blan-diJ-ment, n. kjnd wurdz; 
Blandness, Bland-nes, n. stat ov beii) bland. 
Blank, Blaijk, a. hwjt; pal; konfq,zd. 
Blank, Blaijk, n. a verd spas on paper: a paper 

unritn; a lot bj hwiq nutii) iz gand. 
Blank, Bla^k, v. t. tu damp; tu konfq,z; tu efas. 
Blanket, Blar)k-et, n. a. wulen klot er kuver fer 

a bed. 
Blanket, Bla^k-et, v. t. tu tos in a blanket. 
Blankly, Blagk-li, ad. in a blai)k maner; palli. 
Blankness, Blagk-nes, n, peilnes; wonnes; kon- 

Blank-veese, Blai)k-v^rs, n. eni kjnd ov vers in 

hwiq dq,r iz not rjm. 
Blaee, Blf^r, V. i. tu rsr; tu belo. 
Blarney, Bl^r-ni, n. gros flateri; tjrsum diskors. 
Blaspheme, Blas-fsm, v. t. tu spek in termz ov 

hi ireverens ov God; tu spek evl ov. 
Bla'spheme, Blas-fem, v. i. tu spek blasfemi. 
Blasphemes, Blas-fem-er, n. wun hoj revpz God. 
Blaspheming, Blas-fem-ii), jip- r^^li?); reproqii). 
Blasphemous, Blas-fe-mus, a. kontanig blasfemi. 
Blasphemously, Blas-fe-mus-li, ad. in a blasfs- 

mus wa. 
Blasphemy, Blas-fe-mi, n. an indigniti oferd tu 

God er sakred ti^z, in wurdz er rjtig. 
Blast, Blast, n. a gust ov wind; sisnd; bljt; eks- 

plojon ov p-sder; wun smeltiij ov or. 
Blast, Blast, v. t. tu kez tu wider; tu disap^^nt; 

tu split wid p'sder. 
Blastee, Bldst-er, n. he er dat hwiq blasts. 
Blasting, Bldst-ig, n. a blast; dsstrukjon; eks- 

plojon. [best. 

Blatant, Bla-tant, a. beloig, az a kqf, er uder 
Blattee, Blat-er, v. i. tu mak a sensles nffz. 
Blaze, Blaz, n. a flam; a strem ov Ijt; — a hwjt 

mqrk, az upon a hersez ferhed. 
Blaze, Blaz, v. i. tu flam; tu bs konspikynus. 
Blaze, Blaz, v. t. tu publij; tu blazn; tu mqrk. 
Blazer, Blaz-er, n. a pdblijer ov reports. 
Blazing-star, Blaz-ii)-st<^r, n. &.t p6pyq,lar nam 

ov a komet. 
Blazon, Bla-zn, v. t. tu eksplan de figyq,rz on 

ensjnz qrmorial; tu dek; tu sekbrat. 
Blazon, Bla-zn, n. ds qrt ov droig kots ov qrmz; 

Jo; divulgajon; selebrajon. 
Blazoney, Bla-zn-ri, n. de qrt ov dEskrjbig kots 

ov qrmz in proper termz. 
Blea, Blf, n. de pqrt ov a trs under de bqrk. 
Bleach, Bleq, v. t. tva hwjtn; tu mak hwjt. 

Bleach, BIec, v. i. tu gro hwjt. 
Bleachee, Bleq-er, n. wun hoD bleqez klot. 
Bleacheey, Blgq-er-i, a. a plas fer bleqifl. 
Bleaching, Bleq-ig, n. de akt ov hwjtnii). 
Bleak, Blek, a. opn; ekspozd tu a fre kurent 

ov q,r; hens kold, az a blek hil. 
Bleak, Blek, n. a smel spejez ov river fij. 
Bleakly, Blek-li, ad. in a blek maner. 
Bleakness, Blek-nes, ;i. ekspozednes tu de wind; 

Bleae, Bier, a. weteri; dim: wek; sor; bludi. 
Blear, Bier, v. t. tu mak ae jz weteri er sor. 
Bleaeedness, Bler-ed-nes, ». dimnes trco weter. 
Blear-eyed, Bler-jd, n. havii) weteri er red jz. 
Bleat, Blet, v. i. tu krj Ijk a Jep. 
Bleat, Blet, I a \ ■ r ^ 

Bleating, Blet-ig, i "• '^^ ^l ^'^'^ ^^P ^' £«*• 
Bleb, Bleb, n. a litl tt^mor, vesikl, er blister. 
Bleed, Bled, v. i. [i. bled, ps. bledii), bled;] tu 

IcDz blud; tu drop az blud. [set. 

Bleeding, Bled-ii), n. a letig ov blud wid de lan- 
Blemish, Blem-iJ, v. t. tu mqrk; tu tqrnij; tu 

Blemish, Blem-iJ, n. a mqrk ov defermiti; tant 
Blend, Blend, v. t. tu miijgl tugeder; tu miggl; 

tu miks. 
Blende, Blend, n. an or ov zir)k and sulfur. 
Bless, Bles, v. t. [i. blesed, er blest, ps. blesij, 

blesed er blest:] tu mak hapi; tu wij hapines tu. 
Blessed, Bles-ed, p. a. hapi; enjerii) felisiti; holi. 
Blessedness, Bles-ed-nes, n. hapines; felisiti ; 

divin favor. 
Blessing, Bles-ii), n. a gud wil; divjn favor. 
Blest, Blest, i. and p. from Bles. Se {Bless.) 
Blew, Blq, i. from lilcj. Ss {Blow.) 
Blight, Bljt, n. a dizez insident tu plants, and 

tu de hq,man bodi; eni tii) nipii) er blastii). 
Blight, Bljt, v. t. tu afekt wid bljt; tu blast. 
Blind, Bljnd, a. destiti^t ov sjt; dqrk; unsen. 
Blind, Bljnd, v. t. tia mak bljnd; tu dqrkn. 
Blind, Bljnd, n. sumtii) tu hinder de sjt. 
Blindfold, Blind-fold, a. haviij de jz kuverd. 
Blindfold, Blind-fold, v. t. tu hinder from seig. 
Blindly, Bljnd-li, ad. wid-st sjt; implisitli. 
Blind-man's-buff, Bljnd-manz-buf, n. a pla in 

hwiq wun ov de kumpani iz bljndfolded. 
Blindness, Blind-nes, n. wont ov sjt; ignorans. 
Blindside, Bljnd-sjd, n. a weknes; a wek sjd. 
Blindwoem, Bljnd-wurm, n. a. smel vjper. 
Blink, Bliijk, v. i. tu wink; tu se obsktirli. 
Blink, Bliijk, v. t. tu stqrt from wid averjon. 
Blink, Bligk, n. a glimps; a glans. 
Blinkaed, Blii)k-ard, n. wun hcD bliijks er haz 
Bliss, Blis, n. hjest hapines; felisiti. [bad jz. 

Blissful, Blis-ful, a. hapi in de hjest degre. 
Blissfully, Blis-ful-i, ad. in a blisful maner. 
Blissfulness, Blis-ful-nes, n. egzelted hapines. 
Blistee, Blis-ter, n. a pustvi,l;a vesikl; a plaster. 
Blistee, Blis-ter, v. i. tu rjz inblistcrz er vesiklz. 
Blistee, Blis-ter, v. t. tu raz a blister on. 
Blithe, Bljd, a. ga; q,ri; j^us; mertful. 
Blithely, Bljd-li, ad. in a bljd maner. 
Blitheness, Bljd-nes, ) n. gaeti; ds 

Blithesomeness, Bljd-sum-nes, i kwoliti ov 

beii) bljdsum. 
Blithesome, Bljd-sum, a. ga; qerful; meri. 
Bloat, Blot, v. t. tu swel; tu mak turjid. 
Bloated, Blot-ed, a. gron turjid; inflated; puft 

up. [bloted. 

Bloatedness, B16t-ed-nes, n. de stat ov beig 
Blobbee, B16b-er, n. a bubl; a bluber. 
Blobbee-lipped, B16b-er-lipt, a. havig tik lips. 
Block, Blok, n. a hevi pes ov wud, mqrbl, er ston. 
Block, Blok, v. t. tu Jut up; tu obstrukt. 
Blockade, Blok-ad, n. de aktovjutig up a port. 
Blockade, Blok-ad, v. t. tu Jut up bj obstrukjon. 




Blockhead, B16k-hMl, n. a 8tiy>id or dul ponton. 
Blockheaukd, ltl6k-bed-ed, a. utiipid; dul in 

BLiK'K-iiot'aJ^ BI6k-h'K(, n. a furtrud tu dcfdod a 

Blockihu, BliSk-iJ, m. I{k a bluk; ttqpid; dul. 
Block -TIN, B16k-Un, n. tin kant intu blok« or 

Blooi>, lilud, n. de rod fli^id dut H^rki^Uttt in At 

budiz iiv uniaiuli: fuiuili; kiudruU : dcsout : 

blud rtriil: bludji-d; <i nik. 
Blood, Ittud, r. t. tu Mtun wid, or let blud. 
Blood -KLuw KB, lildd-llit-or, n. a bulbu^i plant: 

Bloou-ul'ilti.nuu), Bidd-gil-ti-no.1, n. murder. 
Bloudukat, Itliid-btt, n. bet uv Ac nam dfgrt 

wid dut iiv dr blud. 
Bluodhoini), Kliid-bYnd, n.a fen ipejeiov bund. 
Bloodily, liliid-i-li, aJ. in a bludi maner. 
BLOoDi.NtiiU), Itliid-i-nvd, n. de stat ov beigbludi. 
Bloodliu*s8, llliid-lc!), a. wid'St blud; ded. 
Bloodlktiui, BIdd-lct-cr, n. wun bii> bledz wid 

dr lun«-t. [ijii-inHrui. 

Blouduoot, Klud-rvbt, n. nam uv a pluut, SAy- 
Bluuiisiikd, Hldd-Jfd, n. murder: islotcr. 
Kluoii.shkddkk. Kldd-Jod-cr, n. wunbiDjcdz blud. 
Bluodkhot, Hlitd-/i>i, I a. fild wid blud; 

Bloodwhottk.m, Hliid-Jot-n, I red. 
BLOODbii'KiiB, l{ldd-!tuk-cr, n. a Ic^; cnitig dat 

jiuk* l)luil; (I kriU'l num. [blud. 

Bloodtiuilsty. mud-t<,^r:«-ti, a. deiirus tu Jed 
Blood VL&^KL, Ulud-vi'.-<-i'l, h. u van or qrtcri. 
Bloody. BIdd-i. a. stand wid blud; kniwl. 
Bloody-flix, Bldd-ifldk.", u. dittenteri. 
Bloody-mi.ndkd, Blud-i-m|nd-cd, a. knfiel; sig- 

Bloom, BKt>ni, n. a blosom; dc opnig ov flifcn; 

dr prjni uv Ijf; nativ HuJ on dc ^ek; de blq kul- 

or upon plumz, Jt.'*.;— mu:< ov jurn. 
Bloom, liloim. r. t. tu prodi^u blu»imz; tu fitt- 
er; tu blojkim: tu be in a Mat ov yd»t. [mill. 
Bloomary, liltfjm-a-ri, n. de fi-n^t forj in [urn 
Bloominu, Bliijui-iu, a. fldrijij) wid blibm. 
Bloom V. Hiiiiui-i. a. ful ov blibmz; fliseri. 
Blossom, Hlori-oni, «. de fl'M.T ov a plant. 
Blossom, BluD-om, r. i. tu put fort blodomz; tu 

Blo&somino, B16s-om-io, n. At flTserio ov plants. 
Blo8.somy, lJlo.'<-om-i, H. ful ov bIi>.«omi. 
Blot, lilut, r. t. tu efiis; tu :!poi; tu diggras; tu 

Blot, lilot, n. oblitcrajon; a blur; a spot; a 8tan. 
Blotch, BIo^, ». u ^»ii u)i6n de skin; a puiitql. 
Blotch. Blo^, r. t. tu blukn; tumqrk wid ."jiot!). 
Blow, BIo, n. a !<truk: kaluuiiti;- eg ov u flj. 
Blow, Blu, r. i. [i. blii,/»«. bloij), blon:] tu mnk 

a kurent ov %r; tu pant; tu bred; tu fitter; tu 

Blow, BIo, r. t. tu dqv bj At wind: tu influm 

wid wind; tu kindl; tu »wel: tu stsnd a wind- 

instrvBraent; tu infliil; tu fliWu. 
BLOWta, Bluer, h. wun ba> biuz. 
Blown, H!or. ;.. frnm liJu. Drivn bj wind. 
Bi" . M. u ttib J'qzd b| qrtifiserz 

- flum. 
Bi ' i um; blosonu in jcncral. 

BLuMik, lll>.*, I n. a gqrment; — a nidi, fat-fast 
Blo( xc. BN«. \ wenc. 

Bi." • •■ " •= ■ \,a. Kunbumt; hj kulord; todri. 
Bi or, n. de fot <>v hwuU; a bubl. 

Bli . -er, r. i. tu wrp su iiz tu !<wel de 

Blidueon, Bid i -on, «. a Jnrt utik: a wepn. 
Bli K, Mill vr BU, a. or dc kulor or bli^; skj- 

Bluk, Blq, a. wun or dc orginal kulun. 

llLi'EDOTTLK, Blt^-bot-l, H. Q filer; a flj wtd ablq 


BLLK-EYtD, Hli^id, a. bavig blq ii. 
liLiKLK.iiT, Klq fit, n. u kom|iuii]on burai{| wid 

II bill Hum, yiizd III [\\m az u ii|(na]. 
Bllcly, Blii-li, ad. wid u blq kulor. 
llLLK.NtfW, Bli\ ne», »i. de kw.iliti ov beio blq. 
Bli (.PETLii, Ulii-|«-ter, n. At ngual flag im 

ItLi'KK, Itluf, n. u bj, Ktep bayk or /<jr. 
IlLl KK, Uluf, a. big; Hurli; obtl^a. 
llLLKK.NthJi, Bldi-nui), n. At kwoliti ov bcig bluf. 
ItLCiMi, Hlti-iu, n. At qrt ov jfivijj a blq kulor. 
Bllimi. lllu-ij, a. inkl(ud tu blq:rader blq. 
Bll'.ndlr, iSldii-der, n. a gruit mistak; |alpabl 

enir: r. i. tu uii.itiik; tu Btumbl. 
Bll .NDtJtDi8.H, IMun-der-bua, ii. a Jort Kun wid a 

Iqrj bur. ^^ blunder*. 

HLL.VDtBLU, BIdn-der-er, n. wun bO) komita 
Blindkkukad, Bldn-der-hcd, n. a «tqpid or k^ir- 

Ie!t felu. [iy maucr. 

Hlindkkixulv, Bldn-der-ii)-Ii, aJ. in u bluuder- 
ItLi .NT, Blunt, a. dul: ruf; niid; impoljt; ubnipu 
Hunt, Hlunt, r. t. tu dul de ej; tu rei>rc!.-<. 
llLixTNt.s.s, Bldnt-ne.'i, ii. wont uv ej; kurencfl. 
Bllntwittld, BIdnt-wit-ed, a. dul; stqpid. 
llLLK, Blur, n. a blot; a «lan; a dqrk Mpot. 
Bli'K, Blur, f. I. tu blot; tu stan; tu epot; tu 

Bli8U, BluJ, r. t. tu betrn Jam or konfqjun bj a 

ri-i| kuliT on de qek.-*; tu redn; tu kulur. 
Bli sii. ItluJ, ». At kulor in de <;ek'< razd bj Jam, 

koiitiijon, k*.\ rcdij kulor; a glans. 
Hllshkil, BluJ-ful, a. ful ov blujez. [est., HIdJ-ij), jCy). a. m.inife.'ftij) blujez; mod- 
BLISHLK.S8, BluJ-lf.-, a. wid'st u bluj; impqdenl. 
Blishy, HIdJ-i, a. bavip de kulor ov u bluJ. 
Blistkh. BUi'i-ter, r. i. tu rur: tu bcxtt; tu bull. 
Blistlb, Hld.-i-ter, n. nerz; bust; tqmult; ror. 
BLihTKaKR, BIdi-tcr-er, n. a swagerer; a bull; a 

bcwter., Blds-tcr-if), n. a tqmult; nflri. 
Bo, Bu, inttr. a wurd ov tenir tu fritn qildren. 
Boa, B(i-a, n. a hqj serpent;— a fur tipot; — an 

BoAB, Bur, II. At mill !<wjn; At wjld bor. 
Board, Burd, u. a flat pes ov wud:— a tabl; foid; 

(Ijet:— u ktinsil; a kurt;— dek uv a Jii>. 
Board, Burd, r. t. tu enter a Jip bj fur?;— tu la 

wid burdz; — tu fumij wid fjil. 
Board, liord, v. i. tu Ttsi\ foDd, ai a lujcr; tu 

•Ijet. [djct. 

Bo.\RDLB, Burd-cr, n. wun h<t> burdz, or rt^e'vi 
BoABDiNG, Ii<&rd-i{). I'p. fdmijin or rtscvio djet; 

cnterij) bj furs:— n. akt ov burdig: djct. 
BoARDiNU-scuooL. Bilird-iD-skiiil, n. a .^ktul bw^r 

de ."kulurz Iiv wid dr tcijer. [vanls. 

BOARD-WAOKS, Bunl-waj-ez, fi. wajcz alid tu i^fr- 
BoARlsu, Bur-iJ, a. swjnij: broital. [buri. 

BoAR-sPKAR, IliLr-.iper, n. a g]>cr yqzd in huntig 
Boast, IWst, *. i. tu brag; tu vqnt wunz self. 
Boast, Bust, r. t. tu brag ov; tu magnifj; tu 

Boast. Bo.'^t, ii. a vqntif) f]<t<^: a kot ot bctfti^). 
HoASTKR. Bust-er, u. wun lirt) bojitj"; a bragcr. 
Boahtkl'L, Bu:<t-ful, a. adikted tu budtig; oat«o- 

BoASTiNO, Bust-ig, n. ostcntajus dispU. 
Boartisolt, B<f).'t-ip-li, ad. 05tentaju.'<li. 
ItoAT, Ikit, II. (I smol upn vo5el tnii>vd bi on. 
IlOAT, But, r. t. (u kari or konva in a tot. 
BoATABLE, IkJt-a-bl, a. navignbl wid bot». 
ItOATiNO, lUt-ii), n. de akt uv konvaig in a bot. 
KoATMAN, IVut-man, n. wun hiti minajoi a boU 
BoATsWAi.s, li«I>t-iiwan, <>r Bo-!<n, m. an i'fi»cr on 

burd a Jip, hdi has ^rj or bfr rigi;^ b«atJ, ka. 




Bob, Bob, v. i. tin pla bakward and forward. 
Bob, Bob, ;;. sumtii) dat plaz Icosli; bobwig. 
Bobbin, Bob-in, n. a smol pes ov wud on hwiq 

tred iz w^nd fer makig las. 
Bobcherry, B6b-qer-i, n. a pla amdi) gildren. 
Bobolink, B6b-o-ligk, n. de p6pyn,lar nam ov 

de rjs berd. 
Bobtail, Bob-tal, n. a Jert tal; a tal kut Jert. 
BoBTAiLED, Bob-tald, a. havii) a Jort tal. 
Bobwig. Bob-wig, n. a Jert wig, er a wig ov Jert 

BocKiXG, B6k-ig, n. a partikyTi,lar kjnd ov klot 

baz or drugct. 
Bode, Bod, v. t. tu portend; tu forjo; tu forbad. 
Bode. Bod, v. i. tia be an omen. 
Bodice, B6d-is, n. Jort staz for wimen. 
Bodied, B6d-id, a. havii) a bodi. 
Bodiless, B6d-i-les, a. inkorporeal ; wid"8t a 

bodi; spirityn,al. [real. 

Bodily, B6d-i-li, a. rslatii) tu de bodi: korporeal; 
Bodily, B6d-i-li, a</. korporeali; komplctli. 
Boding, B6d-ip, n. a. forjoiij: prcsajii). 
Bodkin, Bod-kin, n. an instrojment yi^zd tu bor 

holz wid: an instrument yi|zd tu dres de b%r. 
Body, B6d-i, n. de material substans ov an ani- 
mal: mater, opozd tu spirit; — a person; a kolek- 

tiv mas; de man qrmi; a kerporajon: de man 

pqrt: de bulk: substans; sistem. 
Body, B6d-i, v. t. tu prodv^s in sum farm. [ez. 
Bodyclothes, Bod-i-klodz, w.^j/. klodiijferhers- 
Bodyguard, B6d-i-gqrd, n. a Ijf-gqrd. 
Bog, Bog, n. a mqrj; a moras; a kwagmjr. 
Bog, Bog, v. t. tu hwelm, az in mud or mjr. 
Bog-berry, B6g-ber-i, n. de kranberi hwiq groz 

in swomps. 
Boggle, B6g-1, n. a bugbi^r; a spekter. 
Boggle, B6g-1, r. i. tu stqrt; tu hezitat; tu ibsi. 
Boggler, Bog-ler, n. wun hcB boglz; a dister. 
Boggy, B6g-i, a. ful ov bogz; mqrji; swompi. 
BoG-HOUSE, B6g-b"8s, n. a. hiss ov ofis; a privi. 
Bog-ore, B6g-or, n. jurn or f'snd in swomps and 

mqrjez. [berd. 

BOG-RUSH, Bog-ruJ, n. a ruj groii) in mqrjez; a 
Bog-spa viN, B6g-spav-in, n. a spejez ov ti^mor on 

de insjd ov a hersez bj)f. [kuntri. 

Bog-trotter, B6g-trot-er, n. wun livig in a bogi 
BoHEA, Bo-be, 11. a. spejez ov blak te. 
Boil, Berl, v. i. tu be ajitated bj bet; tu bubl. 
Boil, Berl, r. t. tu put in berlii) weter; tu sed. 
Boil, Bffl, n. a panful tq,mor haviij a pustij,!. 
Boiler, Bffl-er, n. wun boa bfflz; de vesel in hwig 

weter iz bffld, er stem jenerated. 
Boiling, B^l-ig, n. de akt ov berlii); ebulijon. 
Boisterous, B^s-ter-us, a. l-sd; stermi; fn,rius; 

nerzi. [maner. 

Boisterously, B^s-ter-us-li, ad. in a bersterus 
Boisterousness, Bffs-ter-us-nes, n. tiirbq,lens; 

grat nerz. 
BoLARY, B6-la-ri, A. pertanir) lu bol er kla. 
Bold, Bold, a. dq^rii); brav; ekseknted wid spirit; 

konfident; impn^dent; strjkii) tu de sjt. 
Boldfaced, Bold-fast, a. imprudent; d^rii). 
Boldly, B61d-li, ad. in a bold maner; dq,rigli. 
Boldness, B61d-nes, n. kuraj ; konfidens ; un- 

Bole, Bol, n. a me3tj,r ov siks bujelz; stem ov a 

tre; a kjnd ov ert. [q,r. 

Boll, Bol, n. a r-snd stek er stem; a pod; — a mej- 
BOLL, Bol, V. i. tu ferm a sed-vesel, az a plant. 
Bologna sausage, Bo-16-na se-saj, n. a Iqrj se- 

saj mad ov bakn, vel, and pork ST^et, ^opt fjn, 

and inklozd in a skin. 
Bolster, B61-ster, ». a lot) pilo er kujon; a pad. 
Bolster, B61-ster, v. t. tu sup6rt; tu swel -st. 
Bolt, Bolt, n. an aro; — de bqr ov a dor; a pin. 
Bolt, Bolt, v. i, tu sprig -st sudenli; tu sift. 

Bolt-auger, Bcalt-e-ger, n. a Iqrj borer yqzd in 

Jip bildii). 
Bolter, B61t-er, n. a kjnd ov siv; a kjnd ov net. 
Bolthead, B61t-hed, n. a log glas vesel, fer kem- 

ikal eksperiments. 
BoLT-ROPE, Bolt-rop, n. a rop tia hwiq salz qr sod. 
BoLTSPRiT, Bolt-sprit, n. He {jBou'sj)nt.} 
Bolus, Bq-1us, n. a Iqrj pil; a kjnd ov ert; bol. 
Bomb, Bum, n. a holo jurn bol fild wid gdnp'sder, 

tu be tron ■st from a mortar. [ment. 

Bombard, Btim-bard, n. a grat gun; a bumbqrd- 
Bombard, Bum-b^rd, v. t. tu atak wid bumz. 
Bombardier, Bum-bar-der, «. an enjiner hen Joats 

bumz. [bumz. 

Bombardment, Bum-bqrd-ment, n. an atak wid 
Bombast, Bom-bast, n. inflated stjl ov laggwaj: 

fustyan. [litl menig. 

Bombastic, Bom-bas-tik, a. ov grat s'snd wid 
Bombazette, Bom-ba-zet, n. a tin wulen stuf. 
Bombazine, Bom-ba-zen, n. a Ijt stuf mad ov 

silk and wursted. 
Bombketch, Bum-keq, ] n. <x Jip for troig 
Bombvessel, Biim-ves-el, j bumz. 
Bombshell, Biim-Jel, n. u bum or holo vesel fild 

wid giinp^der. 
Bombyx, Bom-biks, n. [Z.] de silk-wurm. 
BoNAFiDE, B6-na-f j-de, [X.] in gud fat; in realiti. 
BoNAROBA, Bo-na-ro-ba, n. [/ij.] a Joi wonton. 
BoNASUS, 13o-na-sus, or Bo-nas-us, n. [Z.] a wjld 

oks or bison. [a Jugar-plum. 

Bonbon, Bon-bon, n. [/)'.] Jugar konfekjonari ; 
Bond, Bond, n. a kord er qan; a ligament; — a ritn 

obligajon; — itl. impriznment. 
Bond, Bond, v. t. tu giv bond fer; tu sekvi,r bj 

Bond, Bond, a. in a servil stat; enslavd; b'snd. 
Bondage, B6nd-aj, n. kaptiviti; impriznment; 

Bonded, B6nd-ed, p. sekq,r bj bond; givn. 
Bond-maid, Bond-mad, n. a femal slav. 
Bond-man, Bond-man, n. a man slav. 
Bondservant, Bond-ser-vant, n. a slav. 
Bondservice, Bond-ser-vis, n. a stat ov slaveri. 
Bondsman, Bondz-man, n. wun hcD iz bisnd az 

sekqriti for andder. 
Bondwoman, B6nd-wum-an, n. a femal slav. 
Bone, Bon, n. de ferm, hqrd substans in an animal 

bodi; a pes ov bon. [wid bonz. 

Bone, Bon, v. t. tu tak ■st bonz from; tu suplj 
Bonelace, Bon-las, n. a spejez ov las. 
Boneless, B6n-lcs, n. wid^st bonz. 
BoNESET, Bon-set, n. a plant; tdrowurt. 
Bone-setter, Bon-set-er, w. wun dat sets bonz. 
Bone-setting, Bon-set-ig, n. de qrt ov setig bonz. 
Bone-spavin, B6n-spav-in, n. a boni ekskresens 

or hqrd swelig on a hersez hcof. 
Bonfire, Bon-fjr, n. a fjr mad fer jer er trjumf. 
Bon mot, Bon-mo, n. [ZK] a jest; a witi replj er 

reparte. [lin. 

Bonnet, B6n-et, n. a. kuverig fer de hed; — a rav- 
BoNNiLY, B6n-i-li, ad. gali; handsumli. 
Bonny, B6n-i, a. handsnm;bqtiful; ga; meri. 
BoNNYCLABBEE, B6n-i-klab-er, n. ssr buterrrdlk; 

s-sr milk. 
BoNTEN, Bon-ten, n. a naro wulen stuf. 
Bon TON, Bon ton, n. [F)-.] fajon; hj mod. 
Bonus, Bo-nus, n. [Z.] a premium givn for a 

Bon vivant, Bon ve-v6n, n. a boon kompanyon; a 

luksyqrius liver. 
Bony, B6-ni, a. konsistig ov bonz; ful ov bonz. 
Bonze, B6n-ze, n. a prest ov Japan er 6jna, &s. 
Booby, Bdb-bi, n. a dul, stqpid felo; — a berd. 
BoOBY-HUT, Bdo-bi-hut, n. a kjnd ov kuverd sla. 
Book, Buk, n. a volyqm in hwiq we red and rjt ; 

a partikyqlar divison ov a wurk er volyiim. 




Book, Duk, r. t. tu rcji.-itor iu a buk. [buk. 

KooK-ACfOL'NT, biik-u-kunt, «. an ak'snt in u 
KooK HINUKU, l{uk-bjnd-er, n. a bindur ov buki!. 
HooKi'ABK, lluk-kiis, u. ii ka.f lur LuLs. 
ItuuKKU, Jtukt, !>. cutord in u buk, uz un ukvut. 
ItouKiHii, liuk-ij, a. givn tu bukn. 
UouKiNiiNKSS, liuk-iJ-neM, ii. dcvujun tu buks. 
iiuoKKKEi-Kii, HiiJt-krp-iT, »». a kcpcr ov ak'sntd. 
UooKKKbri.N'c, Ituk-kep-ii), n. de qrt ov kcpiy 

ukiiiit.-. [buki^. 

BooK-K.NOWi.tDOK, Huk-nol-cj, n. nolcj gnnd bj 
HooKLAMi, IJuk-land, ii. fre fokiij land. 
ItooK LKAUNKi), Huk-lvm-fd, a. vt-rst in buka. 
Hook -LK ARM. \G, Huk-lLTn-iu, ;i. nulcj ov buk;*. 
UooKMATK, Hi'ik-iual, II. u skoil-fclo. 
Book tiATii, Bukut, ii. an ut njmi on At buk. 
BooKSTOttt, Biak-stwr, ii. a l)uksflcrz Jop. 
BooKwoiiM, Buk-wunu, ». u vrurm dal tts holz 

in buk.-*;— u hurd utiidcnt. 
Boom, ISojiu, r. i. tu nij wid vjuilons; tu swcl. 
Boo.v, BtUn, /*. (1 j^iit: u prunt; u favor; a btinefit. 
FJooN, Btiin, a. gn: uieri; kind; b'sntiful. 
Book, Ifcijr, h. a I'st: u klisn; u rustik; a pczant. 
Bookish. IWjr-iJ, ii. klvni/; rJxl; rustik. 
BooRisiiLV, B.i.r-iJ-li. iiJ. in a IxririJ manor. 
BooRiSH.Ntss, Ikijr-iJ-iii's II. klTiniJni's rustisiti. 
BoosK, IVuz, II. a stol for a k's or an okd. 
Boost. Ba>it. r. /. tu puj up; tu lift. ( Vulgar.y 
Boosv, B»fj-zi, It. |iqrjali iniukKikiitt-d; tij)?!. 
Hoot, Ittit, r. /. tu profit: tu put on Ijoitii. 
Boot, Hoit, n. profit; gnn: — (i kuvcrii) for de log 

ond f ut; — a rescptakl or boks in a koy: u kuv- 

erij), az ov Icdor, in a kuq or Jaz. Tu-hmt, aJ. 

uvcr and abiiv. 
BooTKi), Rf»t-od, a. havig bbts on. 
BooTKK. IVtit-r, II. (I kjnd ov J.irt or bqf IxDt. 
Booth, Iktid, n. u tomiHorHri h'^s bill ov buirdz. 
BooTJiosK, HJit boz, II. stokii)z tu serv for boQU'. 
Bootjack, Ikiit-jak, ;*. u slok for puliflof Ixtits. 
BooTLKss, Ikfit-lo", a. yn,sli's; wid-^t suksoj. 
Hoot-tkek, Iklit-trr, n. a last for Ktrcijijj a IxBt. 
Booty, IWi-ti, ii. plunder; pilnj; ^ie\. 
BoPEti", Hu-pi'p, II. a pin auiig qildrcn. 
BoRAcmo. liu-r;it-(io, n. [Sp.] u drujjkard. 
BoBACic, Uo-ras-ik, a. relatig tu, or partakig ov, 

BoRAGK, Biir-aj, n. an iinyn,al gqrdcn plant. 
liOKAX. Bu-raks, h. u soil fonnd ov bonisik asid 

and suda. [wind in Ac b^solz. 

BoKBORYiiM, Bor-bo-ritn, n. a runiblig nffz ov 
BouiiER,, /». At ■Ktor jiqrt, or ej; a sjd. 
BoRIiER,, r. l. tu konfjn upi'in; tu aprcSq. 
Border, r. t. tu adorn wid a border: 

tu rtij. [border. 

Borderer, B<tr-dcr-or, n. wun biii dwelz ncr a 
Bore, Bur, r. /. tu lunk a hul; tu pvrfurat;— tu 

Bore, Bur, r. j. tu rank a bol; tu pcrs. 
Bore. Bur, n. a hul; At sjz ov cni hul;— a tjd 

.twolif) abiiv aniidor tjd:— anorans. 
Bork, Itur, I. from /.'.^i-. Se {Bear.) 
Boreal, Bu-rt-al, ,i. nordern; toard de nort. 
Boreas. Bu-rc-as, n. Ac nort wind. 
BoREcoLK, Bur-kul, n. u »pcji:x ov winter kabaj. 
Borer, Bur -or, n. wun boi burz; a gimlet: a wurm 

dat pt'rfurnt.i trtz. 
BoR.N, B-im, />. from 7?ar,- brot furt; kum inlu Ijf. 
Borne, Burn, />. from Jlqr; karid; konviid. 
BoROKiii, Biir-u, n. a k.'.rixjmt fsn. 
Borrow, B6r-u>, r. /. tu tuk on krodit. 
Borrower. B6r-u-cr, n. wun ho) buruz. [o«. 

HoRROWixo, Bur-u-i{), n. de akt ov wun ha> bor- 
ItOS, Ho.4, n. Ac nam ov a jcnu.i ov kwixlnopodz. 
BoeCAOE, Boj-kaj, n. wud; de roprczontajon ov 

BOSKT, B6s-ki, a. wudi; ruf: awold. 

Bosoif, Bdz-om, n. de bresl; dt hcirt; cni natp- 

tukl. In kinnpcjti/i/H, it impi^z intimaiii, konii- 

don.", fondnec; az, u bun/m-j'rend. 
Bosom, Biiz-om, r. t. tu inkluz in de buiom. 
BosroRfS, Bos-iHj-ru.i, n. a naro it or stral. 
Boss, Boil, fi. a litud; a nob; a raid wurk. 
lioss, Box, n. a moHtcr mekanik. 
Bossed,, a. i'luded,orornuinonted wid boMt. 
Bossv, B6n-i, a. prominout; .studod. 
Botanic, Bci-tan-ik, / a. rrlaiij) tu botani; 

BoTA.MCAL, Bu-tan-i-kal, f kontuuiu ^rbi er 

plants. [plaotx. 

iiOTA.MST, B<!it-a-ni8t, n. wun vgrst in botani, ar 
Botanize, B6t-a-n{K, v. i. tu ntudi botani, er 

Botany, Bi'it-a-ni, ii. At sjens ov plauUt. 
BoTARuo, liu-t/jr-go, «. a sosaj mad ov de rui ot 

dc niuk-t fi/. 
Botch, Bikj, ». an ulserus swclig on de .skin. 
Botch, Iio<j, v. t. tu moud okwardli: tu pa^. 
HoTCHKR, B6c-er, ii. a mender ov uld klodz. 
Botch I \<;, Bo(j-iy, pi>. mendin kluuuili. 
Both, Hut, a. wun and At udor; At Ub. 
Both, Hut, h/iij. az wel, [tu poder. 

Bother. Ilod-er, r. /. tu perplelu: tu konfiind; 
Botryoid, Bot-ri-trd, i a. havig de form or 

BoTRYoiDAL, Bot-ri-tf-dal, i a bunq ov grnps. 
Bots, Bot.", n. id. smol wurmz in de cntralz ov 

BoTTLK, B<it-1, «. Q vcsel wid a naro m'st, tu 

put likor in; de mc;!)^, or kontcnts ov a botl 

Bottle, l}6t-l, i-. t. tu put in botlz. fkerk. 

Bottle-screw, B6t-l-skra). n. a sknj) tu pul ut a 
Bottom, B6t-om, ii. At lucst iiqrt: dc gr'snd un- 
der wotor; At f'smlajon; u dal; u vali; a Jip. 
Bottom. B6t-om, r. /. tu f>$nd or bild up6n. 
Bottomed, B6t-omd, .1. havifl a botom. [omles. 
Bottomless, Bot-om-lcs, a. widiit u botom; fad- 
BoTTOMRY, B6t-om-ri, 11. de boruijj ov muni on a 

Jips botom, hwic iz plojd az :>ekiiriti. [mcnt. 

Boudoir, Boi-dwor, 11. [/)•.] a smol prjvat apqrt- 
BotGH. Hs, II. dc brunq ov a trc. 
Bought, Hot, /. and p. from Hi. Sc < Buy.} 
Bougie, Btii-je, n. a waks kandl: an instntiment. 
HouiLLi. BJil-ye, n. [/>.] bffld or sti^d met. 
Bouillon, Bdil-yon, n. [Fr.] brot; sj>p. 
Bounce, H'^m, v. n. tu sprifl; tu Icp; tu host. 
Bounce, BTsn.-", «. a hevi blu or trust; a bost. 
Bouncer, B'sns-cr, n. a bustor; a buli; — a Ij. 
Bound, B'snd, 11. limit; bisndari; — a Icp; a jump. 
Bound, Bund, r. t. tu limit: tu cnklui; tu rt- 

Bound, Bund, r. t. tujump;tu rcbund. [plas. 
Bound, ISNnd, a. dostind; int<>nde<l tu gu tu cni 
Bound, B-snd. i. and;>. from /.'/i»</. .Sc {Hind.) 
BouND.vRV, Bund-a-n, n. de mqrk ov a limit; a 

BouNDEN, Bund-en, a. rekwjrd; nMcsari. 
Boundless, Bund-lcs, a. wiait bund: unlimited. 
Boundlessness, Buud-les-ncs, h. bcijj widut lim- 
BouNDSTONE, Bund-stun, n. a land-mqrk. [it. 
Bounteous, Bun-te-us, a. liberal; kind; buutiful. 
Bounteously, B^n-te-us-li, ad. libcrali; mqnif- 

iscntli. [orositi; mi|nifi.'<cns. 

BouNTEOUSNESS, BuD-tc-us-nos, ii.libcrHliti; jen> 
Bountiful, Bun-ti-ful, a. liberal: jcni-rus; kjnd. 
Bountifully, Bun-ti-ful-i, aJ. libcrali: j<5neru:iU. 
BouNTiFULNESS, Bun-ti-ful-nos, n. jonerositi in 

K'i^' mi- 
Bounty, B^n-ti, n. joncro,<iti; libcraliti; mqnifi- 
sens; a premium; muni givn tu prumilit eui ob- 
jc'kt, or tu men ha> enlist. [ga« 

Hougu et, BJi-kii, n. [ Fr.] a bunij ov fluen; a nu»- 
BouRGEOls, Bur-jdrs, n. [/KJ a printip tjp. 
Bourn. Burn, i-r Ikom, n. a bsnd; a limit. 




Bourse, Bmrs, n. [Fr.'] aneksqanj. 
Bouse, Bcdz, v. «. tu dripk sotijli. 
BousTROPHEDON, BcD-stro-fE-don, n. an an/ent 

mod ov rjtiij from rjt tia left, and den from left 

tui rjt. 
BouSY, BtD-zi, a. drunkn; intoksikatcd. 
Bout, Bist, n. a turn; a trial; an atemt. [&s. 

Bovine. Bo-vjn, a. relatirj tu katl, az oksn, k'sz, 
Bow, Bx, n. t. tu bend: tu bend de bodi in tokn 

ov respekt; tu depres. 
Bow, B's, V. i. tu bend; tu mak a revcrens. 
Bow, By, n. an akt ov rcverens or respekt; — de 

r'sndig pqrt ov a Jips sjd. 
Bow, Bo, n. an instrument for Jcotir) aroz; a ran- 

bo: eni tii) kurvd: an instrooment wid hwiq &z 

vjol, vjolin, &s., qr struk. 
Bowels, B:s-elz, n. pi. At intestinz: de cntralz. 
Bower, B's-cr, n. a qamber; Jadi rsses. 
Bowery, B's-er-i, a. Jadi; havii) byerz. 
Bowie-knife, B6-i-njf, n. a loi) njf erdageryi^zd 

bj hunterz in de Western Stats. 
Bowl, Bol, n. a vcsel tu hold likwidz; ds holo 

pqrt ov eni tiij; a basn. 
Bowl, Bol, «. a bol ov wud ynzd fer pla on a 

level spot ov grynd. 
Bowl, Bol, i\ i. tu pla wid bolz; tu rol az a bol. 
Bowlder, Bol-der, n. a Iqrj, r'snd ston. 
Bow-legged, Bo-legd, a. haviii kruked legz. 
Bowler, Bcol-cr, ». wun bto plaz at bolz. 
Bowline, Bii-lin, n. a Jips rop. 
Bowling, Bol-ii), n. de troii) ov bolz. [bolig. 
Bowling-alley, B61-iij-al-i, n. an enklojq.r fer 
Bowling-green, Bol-iij-gren, «. a level pes ov 

gr-snd, kept smcod fer plair) wid bolz. 
Bowman, B6-man, n. an qrqer. 
BowNET, B6-net, n. a net mad ov twigz. 
Bowse, B'sz, v. i. tu hel er pul tugeder. 
Bowshot, B6-Jot, n. de spas hwiq an aro ma pas 

in its fljt. 
Bowsprit, Bo-sprit, n. a mast projektii) from de 

bed ov a Jip tu kari de salz forward. 
Bowstring, B6-strii), n. de strii) ov a bo. 
Bow-window, Bo- win-do, n. a projektii) windo. 
BowYER, B6-yer, n. an qrqer; a maker ov boz. 
Box, Boks, n. a kas mad ov wud; — a bio; a tre. 
Box, Boks, V. t. tu enkloz in a boks; tia strjk; — 

tu boks de kumpas; tu revers de pernts ov' it. 
Box, Boks, V. i. tu fit wid de fist. 
Box-coat, Boks-kot, u. an over-kot worn bj 

Boxen, B6ks-en, a. relatii) tu de boks-tre. 
Boxer, B6ks-er, n. wun hoo fits wid hiz fist. 
BoxHAUL, Boks-hel, v. t. tu'ver de Jip. 
Boxing, B6ks-ii), n. de akt ov f jtii) wid de fist. 
Boy, Ber, n. a mal qjld; a lad; a ycot. 
Boyhood, Bef-hud, n. de stat ov a bff. 
Boyish, Bef-iJ, a. beloijii) tu a ber; qildij; triflii). 
Boyishness, n. qjldijnes. 
BoYiSM, B(5r-iz-m, w. pq,eriliti; de stat ov a ber. 
Brabble, Brab-1, v. i. tu klamor; — 71. a klamor. 
Braccate, Brak-at, a. havig federz hwiq desend 

tu, and kuver de fet. 
Brace, Bras, v. t. tu bind; tu tj up: tu stran up. 
Brace, Bras, n. dat hwiq holdz; a strap or band- 

aj; a p^r; a Ijn er braket; a tjtncs. 
Bracelet, Bras-let, n. an ornament fer de rist. 
Bracer, Bras-er, n. he or dat hwiq brasez; a bandaj . 
Brachial, Brak-yal, a. bEl6i)ig tu de qrm. 
Brachman, ) Br^-min, n. an anjent f ilosofer ov 
Bramin, S India. 
Brachtlogy, Bra-kil-Q-ji, n. in retarik, de eks- 

presig eni tii) in de most konsjs maner. 
Bracket, Brak-et, n. a smol suport ov wud er met- 
al; — fl. huks [dus] tu inkloz a wurd, er wurdz. 
Brackish, Brak-iJ, a. sumhwot selt; seltij; Ijk se 


Brackishness, Brak-iJ-nes, n. soltnes in a smel 

Bract. Brakt, n. a smel lef ; a set ov levz. 
Brad, Brad, n. a sert ov nal widiit a had. 
Brag, Brag, v. i. tu bost; tu vqnt. 
Brag, Brag, n. a host; — a gam at kqrdz. 
Braggadocio, Brag-a-do-Ji-o, n. a boster. 
Braggardism, Brag-ard-iz-m,«. bostfulnes. 
Braggart, Brag-art, ) , . 

Bragger, Brag^er, 1 "• '^ ^'^^'«''- 
Brahma, Brq-ma, n. de ferst person in de Triniti 

ov de Hindrfiz. 
Braid, Brad, v. t. tu wev tugeder; tu plat. 
Braid, Brad, ji. a tekst3'ii,r; a sert ov las; a not. 
Brails, Bralz, n. pi. smel rops. 
Brain, Bran, n. de soft hwjtij mas inklozd in dc 

skul; de understandiij; de fansi; de organ ov de 

injnd: de set ov sensajon and rcflekjon. 
Brainless, Bran-les, a. sili; fttilij; tetles. 
Brainpan, Bran-pan, n. de skul kontanir) de 

branz. [ig. 

Brainsick, Bran-sik, a. dizezd in de understand- 
Brait, Brat, n. a ruf djnmonil. 
Brake, Brak, i. from {li'reak,} brok. 
Brake, Brak, n. an instriDment for dresir) flaks; a 

nediij trof; — fern; a tiket ov bramblz. 
Brakeman, Brak-man, n. wun h(i)z biznes it iz tu 

nianaj de brak in ralrod karijez. 
Bkaky, Brak-i, a. prikli; ruf; terni. [plant. 

Bramble, Bram-bl, n. a prikli er terni Jrub er 
Brambled, Bram-bld, a. overgron wid bramblz. 
Beaminical, Bra-min-i-kal, a. relatir) tu de 

Brqminz. [boltii). 

Bran, Bran, n. de 3ter kot ov gran, separated bj 
Branch, Branq, n. a smol b's; a Joot; ofsprii). 
Branch, Branq, v. i. tu spred in branqez; tu Jut 

Branch, Branq, v. t. tu divjd intu branqez. 
Brancher, Brdnq-er, n. wun dat jMs ■st intti 

Branchlet, Brdnq-let, n. a litl branq. 
Branchy, Brdnq-i, a. ful ov branqez. 
Brand, Brand, n. a pes ov wud pqrtli burnt; — a 

brandjurn: a mqrk ov infami; a stigma. [ma. 
Brand, Brand, v. t. tu mqrk wid a brand er stig- 
Brand-goose, Brand-gcDs, n. a kjnd ov wjld ful. 
Brandiron, Brand-j-urn, n. an jurn tu brand 

wid; a trivet tU set a pot upon. 
Brandish, Bran-diJ, r. t. tu flurij, az a wepn. 
Brandish, Bran-diJ, «. a flurij, az ov a wepn. 
Brandisher, Bran-diJ-er, n. wun ho brandijez er 

Brandling, Brand-lii), n. a kjnd ov wurm. 
Brandnew, Brand-ni],, a. nq, az from de forj. 
Brandy, Bran-di, n. qrdent spirit distild from 

win, sjder, er f rcDt. 
Brangle, Brar)-gl, v. i. tu rai)gl; — n. a rapgl. 
Brank, Brai)k, n. bukhwet; — a brjdl fer skoldz. 
Branlin, Bran-lin, n. a spejez ov samon. 
Branny, Bran-i, a. havii) de aperans ov bran. 
Brant, Brant, n. a wjld f'sl ov de gits kjnd. 
Brasier, Bra-ger, n. wun hm wurks in bras; — a 

pan tu hold kolz. 
Brass, Bras, n. an &\^ ov koper and zii)k, ov a 

yelo kulor; — impqdens; a brazn fas. 
Brassy, Brds-i, a. purtakiii ov bras; — impudent. 
Brat, Brat, n. a qjld, so keld in kontemt. 
Bravado, Bra-v^-do, n. a bost: an arogant menas. 
Brave, Brav, a. kurajus; galant; nobl: fjn. 
Brave, Brav, n. a brav man; an Indian weryor. 
Brave, Brav, v. t. tu defi; tu set at def jans. 
Bravely, Brav-li, ad. in a brav maner; f jnli. 
Bravery, Brav-er-i, ji. kuraj;intrepiditi;heroizm. 
Bravo, Br^-vo, er Bra-vo, n. a dq,rifl vilen; an 

Bravo, Bra-vo, inter, wel dun. 



Bravcba, Uni-vA-ra, n. a «oj)rrkw[riogrnt spirit. 
Brawl, i<r»l, r. «. tu mak a jp^t nerz; lu okold. 
BhaWL, Ilrol, H. u lifTii kworel; uprur. 
BaAWLKK, Hn5l-er, n. <i ni{);;liT; d n«ni Iclo. 
Bbawlinu. Hrii|-i(), M. dc nkt ov kwoirlio. 
Bkawn, Hrrm, n. Ae hqrd flcj ov u Ixjr; a bor;- — 

At mii-kuliir jx^rt ov rte h<><li; Ar qnu; bulk. 
Braw<iu(, Hnln-ir, «. a l)or kil<l |..r Ar Uibl. 
Bkawxinkks, Hn'tn-i-n<i', n. utrept; hunlirn-!'., Krun-i, a. ud>kiilar; tlcji; L(|rd; unfclig. 
Brav, Mm, r. ^ m piind, or jp^jii'l Minol. 
Hhav, Hni, «. rtr n<Tx ov an (;•<: <i hqr/ krj. 
Bravkr, Mra-or, ». wun Ant brnr;- a pp;<l; an In- 

.ffritiinorit In tetnfHT prinl-ri ipk wid. 
Brayi.vo. Uni-ip, ri. kliiinor; nfz. 
Hrazk, Uniz, r. /. lu «<ilUt.'r wid bras; tu hqrdn. 
Uka/.kx, Kni-zn, a. mad ov bras; iinpqdcnt. 
ISiiA/KN, Hni-zn, r. t. tu bf impqdcnt: tu buli. 
BRAZt.v-KACE, Hni-Kn-fa-i, n. an iinpiidont ponton. 
KiMZEX-KACKn, I{ni-zn-fn«t, n. iujpiplpnt; juinlc!'. 
KuA/KNLY. Hni-in-ti, W. inn bold innner. 
liRAZKN.VKSS, Uni-in-nc^, n. bm-int-'; inipqdcn*. 
HiiAZitK. Uni-jer, n. a wurkcr in bru.f;- a pan 

for kolu: riln olno (Brartfr.y 
Brazil, Bra-z^l, n. u kind uv wud fordiio. 
Brkacii, Brrq, fi. an oimio: diforons; kworcl; vju- 

iiijnn; invn^iin: aflikjon bj ii Ii.-i. 
IFrkac'IIV, Brt'<j-i, a. apt tu brak fen«er; unnDlt. 
Urkah, Bri-d, h. I'.ul mad ov p-xnU korn; fcod in 

jf-ncral: raiti^rt ov Ijf at Iqrj. 
Bhkao-cork. Brwl-kom, n. korn ov hwiq brtxl is 

nifid. [kept. 

IIkkau-room. Bro«I-n»m, n. a rojm hw.-jr bred iz 
Hrkadtii. Brt-<lf. M. mejqr from sjd lu ifid. 
BBEAD-TREf:. Brud-trr, n. u Iropikal Irt prodnfij) 

fw.;, i-kvlcnt for foKl. 
Break, Bmk, r:^ [i. bruk, pt. brnkig, brukn:] 

tu [irjrt bj vjolcnK; tu burst; tu km/; tu Jatcr; 

tu lam: tu mak bankrupt; tu di.-ikqrd; tu in- 

friiij, a7. II lo. 
Break, Bmk, r. f. tu pqrt in to); tu burst fort; 

tu ijpn, az de momig; tu bekdm bagkrupt; tu 

Break, Bmk, n. a brrq: an opnip; a poz; a Ijn 

dp>n: a da/;— dc don:- a flj hwrl. 
BEEAKAnE, Brnk-nj, n. a brakig, oralnans fortipz 

brokn in tnin-^i«..rta/on. 
Breakkr, Brrik-iT, n. wun hat bmk."; a wnv brukn 

111 <i rok or fiand bajk. 
Breakfast. IWk-fust, ». At f^rst uitl in At do;— 

r. /. tu ct brckf<l«t. 
ItRi'vKiNci, Bruk-i|), «. baflknipf.--!: di«olq/on. 
I<R» AKMAX, Bnik-runn, ii. wun hit) ni:innjcz a brak. 
ItUKAKXKiK. Bnik-nok, n. a step pla.«. 
Breakwater, Bnik-wo-tcr, n. a mol or wol tu 

bnik dr furM ov dr wavz. 
|!ri AM, Hrrm, «. an insipid fi/, fund in dtp wotcr. 
Hreakt, Brent, n. At pqrt ov dr bodi btlwrn Ac 

ni-k anii dt bell: dr buzom: Ac hqrl; Ac kon/on.<. 
Breast, Brest, r. t. tu met in frunt; tu opui 

breit tu brp.«t. 
Breastbone, Bre^tt-bon, n. At ban ov Ac tomka. 
Briahtiiioii, Brf^st-hJ. a. up tu dr brest. 
BUEASrTKMOT, BrA«t-not, »i. a not worn on dr brest. 
BREAhTiMX, Brest-pin, n. an ornament for dc brest. 
Rbeartplatr, Br»^t-plat, n. qrmor for de brest. 
Bkeasti loi (111, Bnm -pi's, n. a pW or spad drivn 

\<l Ar bre.<t. [brest. 

Breastwork. Bn'st-wurk, n. a wurk as hi ai dt 
Breath, Brrt, n. At i^r dmn in and eksp^Hd bJ Ac 

lupi: Ijf; respit; p>i; tu uter prjvnili. 
Breathable. Br^a-a-bl, a. dat ma br brrdd. 
Breathe. Brrd, r. t. tu dm in and cksp«^l dr i\r: 

tu liv; tu i»>i; tu utt-r privalli. 
Breathfji, IWd-or, n. wun ho) brcds. 
B&KATBiNO, Br^d-i;^ m. respirajon: vent; rnksent. 

Bbeathixo place, Brtd-ig-plaJ, n. a poi; a tbbI. 
BuEATHi.Nu-TiME, Brrd-io-t}m, n. rtlakM/on; r«et. 
BREATHLE8H. Bret-Ies, a. nt or bret; ded. 
BB£ATHL»JiH.\Ei>8. Br^t-lcs-nes, n. At iUt ov beig 

■8t OV bret. 

Breccia, Brek-/i-<i, n. a i«ton mad up ov frmjpncnt*. 
. Bbed. Bred, ». and p. from JJrrd. Se {/irftd.) 
! Bbeech, Brrq, H. Ae luer pqrt ov dr Jx-ti; dr tik 

end OV kanon or udtr fjr qrmi; At hjnder pqrt 

ov eni tifl:— c. t. tu put intu briqez; lu fit wid 

a hrtc,. 
Breeches, Briq-cs, ». pi. a gqrment worn b^ men 

uver dr loer pqrt ov dr bodl. 
Beeechino, Bnij-ig, n. n Htrog rop tu a kmnon 

lu prrvent it.s rckirlin; pqrt ov a nqmes. 
Breed, Brrd, r. t. [i. bred, pt. brrdig, bred:] ta 

pr6krtal: lu giv bert tu: tu «^djrq,kal; tu brip 

up; tu br wid yu{), 
. Breed, Brrd, n. a ras; ofsprig: projeni; kjnd. 
, ISbekdee, Brtd-er, n. wun dat ortdz. [TV- 

I Breedinu, Brrd-ij), n. edytika/on: manerz; nart- 
I Breeze, Brtz, n. a mioij) hj. 
iiREEZE, Brrz, n. a jcntl wind. 
Bre>izv, Brjz-i, a. fand wid galz; ful ov gali. 
Brest, Brest, n. dr moldin ov a kolum. 
Brethren, Bred-ren, n.pi. ov Brudtr. 
Breve, Brrv, n. a mt^sikal not; a rit; a /ort not 

or minit. 
Brevet, Brt-v^t, n. a komi/on hwiq entjtli an 

oli-ier tu rajjk abtiv hiz pa. 
Breviary, Bre-vi-n-ri, n. an abrijment; an cpito- 

mr: u buk koninnig de dali s^rvis ov At B43mi/ 

Bheviate, Bri'-vi-at, r. t. lu abrtvial. 
Breviatcre, Brc-vi-a-tqr, n. abrrvia/on. 
Brevier, Brr-vt'r, n. Fmol printin-tjp. 
Brevity, Brev-i-ti, n. /ortnes; konsjsncs. 
Brew, Bnt), r. t. tu mak moll likor; tu miggl; tu 

kontrjv;— f). dat hwin iz bnztd. 
Brewage. Brdb-aj. n. driok braxl; a miksty^r. 
Brewer, Bn{)-or. ». wun bcD bnns. 
Brewery. Bnfc-cr-i, n. a plaa for bttnifl. 
Brew-hoi-se, Brrfj-hisa, »i. a hTs.s for brtBig. 
Brewing, Bnf>-ig, n. At kwontiti bniKl at wuns. 
Brewis, IWi-ip, q. bred sokt in fat likor. 
Briar, Brj-<ir, n. St {Jiri^r.) 
Briareax. Brj-a-rt-an, a. mcni-handed. From 

Brinrrns,a fabyqius monster htn had a hundred 

haiidz. [dnkt. 

Bribe, Brib, n. a rtword givn tu konipt dt kon- 
Bribe, Bqb, r. t. tu giv a bqb tu; lu gan bj 

Briber. Brjb-er, ». wun h* pivz brjbi. 
Bribery, Br|b-er-i, n. de krjm ov takig or givin 

brjbz or rtwi'irdz for bad praktisez. [lot. 

Brick, Brik, >i. a skw:\nl mas ov burnt kla; a smel 
Brick, Brik, r. t. tu la wid brikiS. 
Brick, Brik, a. mad ov brik. 
Hrickbat, Brik-liat, n. a pts ov brik. 
Brickclay. Brik-kln, n. kla for makig briks. 
Brickpvst. Brik-du.-it, n. dust mad b} p-sndig 

Brickkiln. Brik-kil. n. a kil for bumij) brik. 
Bricklayer. Brik-Ui-cr, n. wun his Inz briks. 
Brickmaker, Brik-mnk-er, n. wun ho maks briks. 
Brickwork. Brik-wurk. n. a laip ov briks. 
Bridal, Brj-dal, n. a nupjal festival: a wedin. 
Bridal, Brj-dal, a. brlogig tu a wedig: nupjal. 
Bride, lirjd. n. a wuman ab'^t lu br marid, or 

nqli marid. 
Bridebed. Brid-be<l, n.a marij bed. [w*dip. 

Bridecakj:. Br]d-kak, n. a kak dislribyqtwl at a 
Bridechamber. Br{d-<;am-ber, n. dr nup/al qam- 

Bridegroom, Brjd-^m, n. a mRn abit tu bt 

marid, or nt^li mand. 




Beidemaid, Brjd-mad, «. Je bO) atendz upon At 

brjd. [gr*"i. 

Bkideman, Brjd-man, n. he hto atendz ds brjd- 
Bkidewell, Brjd-wel, n. a hss ov korekjon, so 

keld from a palas nsr St. Brjdz Wei, in Lundon, 

hwiq woz turnd intia a wurk-h-ss. 
Bkidge, Brij, n. a bildii) razd over weter fer kon- 

venyens ov pasaj; ds uper pqrt ov de noz; ds 

supcDrter ov ds striijz ov a mi^zikal instribment. 
Bridge, Brij, v. t. tia ferm a brij over. 
Bridle, Brj-dl, n. At ranz bj hwiq a hors iz guv- 

ernd; a restrant; a kurb. 
Bridle, Brj-dl, r. t. and i. tva put a brjdl on; tu 

TEStran: tia bold up dE bed. 
Bridler, Brjd-ler, n. wun bet) brjdlz or restranz. 
Brief, Brsf, a. Jert; konsjs; kontrakted. 
Brief, BrEf, «. a konsjs rjtiij; a rit; leterz patent; 

elso an abrijment ov a kljeuts kez. 
Briefly, Brsf-li, ad. in i\\ wurdz; konsjsli; kwikli. 
Briefness, Bref-nes, n. konsjsncs; Jertnes. 
Brier, Brj-er, n. a prikli Jrub. 
Briery, B*rj-er-i, a. fial ov brjerz; ruf. 
Brig, Brig,'«. a vesel wid tU) masts, skwq,r rigd. 
Brigade, Brig-ad, n. a divigon ov trcnps. 
Brigadier, Brig-a-dsr, er \ n. 

Brigadier-general, Brig-a-der-jen-er-al, f an 

ofiscr hiT) komdndz a brigad. 
Brigand, Brig-and, n. a IrEboitor. 
Brigandage, Brig-an-daj, n. teft; plunder. 
Brigandine, Brig-an-djn, n. a Ijt vesel, suq az 

woz fermerli yq,zd bj pjrats; a kot ov mal. 
Brigantine, Brig-an-tjn, n. a Ijt vesel. 
Bright, Brjt, a. Jjnii); klsr; resplendent; evident; 

Brighten, Brjt-n, v. t. \.\\ mak brjt; tu mak ga 

er witi; tia mak ilustrius. 
Brightly, Brjt-li, ad. splendidli; wid luster. 
Brightness, Brjt-nes, n. luster; akx^tnes. 
Brilliancy, Bril-yan-si, n. luster; splendor. 
Brilliant, Bril-yant, a. Jjniij; spqrkliij; — n. a dj- 

amond ov de fjnest kut. [er. 

Brilliantly, Bril-yant-li, ad. in a brilyant man- 
Brills, Brilz, n. de hf^r on ds jlidz ov a bors. 
Brim, Brim, n. Az ej ; Az uper ej ov a vesel; Az 

baijk ov a f-snten, river or se. 
Brim, Brim, v. t. tui fil tia Az top. 
Brim, Brim, i'. i. tia bs fial tia Az brim. 
Brimful, Brim-fial, a. fial tui dE brim. 
Brimless, Brim-les, n. wid-st a brim. 
Brimmer, Brim-er, n. a bol fial tia ds top. 
Brimming, Brim-iij, a. fial tu Az top. 
Brimstone, Brim-ston, n. a yelo mineral; sulfur. 
Brimstony, Brim-ston-i, a. ful ov brimstian. 
Brinded, Brin-ded, a. ov varid kulor; streked. 
Brindle, Brin-dl, u. a brinded or strrked kulor. 
Brindled, Brin-dld, a. spoted; brinded; strEkcd. 
Brine, Brjn, n. weter impregnated wid solt; Az se. 
Beinepan, Brjn-pan, n. a. rezervwer ov brjn er salt 

Brinepit, Brjn-pit, n. a pit ov selt woter. 
Bring, Briij, v. t. [i. bret, ^x<(. brir)ii), bret:] tin 

feq from; tu konva er kari tu; tu atrakt; tu 

dre aloi); tu indies: tu prsval on. 

Brinisuness, Brjn-iJ-nes, n. tendensi tu seltnes. 
Brink, Briijk, n. Az ej; sjd; verj; border. 
Brisk, Brisk, a. Ijvli; aktiv; spirited; vivid. 
Brisket, Brisk-et, n. ds brest ov an animal. 
Briskly, Brisk-li, ad. in a brisk maner. 
Briskness, Brisk-nes, n. Ijvlines; aktiviti. 
Bristle, Bris-1, n. de stif hv on a swjnz bak. 
Bristle, Bris-1, v. t. tu erekt in defjaus; tu fiks 

brislz tu. 
Beistle, Bris-1, V. i. tu stand erokt, az brislz. 
Bristly, Bris-li, a. tik set wid brislz. 

Britannia, Bri-tan-i-a, n. a sert ov mikst metal. 
British, Brit-iJ, a. belorjii) tu, er mad in Briten. 
Briton, Brit-on, n. a nativ ov Briten. 
Brittle, Brit-l, a. apt tu brak; ezili brokn; frajil. 
Brittleness, Brit-1-nes, n. aptnes tu brak. 
Brize, Brjz, n. de gadflj; — land loi) unkiiltivated. 
Broach, Broq, n. a spit. Se {£rooch.} 
Broach, Broq, v. t. tu spit: tu pers a vesel; tu 

tap; tu opn eni stor; tu let 'st; tu giv Tst. 
Broacher, Brwq-er, n. wun bO) broqez; a spit. 
Broad, Bred, a. wjd; Iqrj; kler; opn; bold; kors; 

f ulsum; not delikat. 
Broadaxe, Bred-aks, n. an aks wid a bred ej. 
Broadcast, Bred-kast, n. a metod ov soii) seda 

lij kastiij dem abred wid de hand. [klot. 

Broadcloth, Brod-klot, n. a fjn kjnd ov wulen 
Broaden, Bred-n, v. t. tu mak brad. 
Broaden, Brdd-n, v. i. tu gro bred. 
Broadly, Bred-li, ad. in a bred manor. 
Broadness, Brod-nes, n. bredt; korsnes. 
Broadseal, Bred-sel, n. de grat ofijal seI. 
Broadside, Bied-sjd, n. Az sjd ov a Jip; a disqilyrj 

ov ol de gunz at wuns from de sjd ov a Jip. 
Broadsword, Bred-sord, n. a kutig sord wid a 

brod blad. [bredt. 

Broadwise, Brod-wjz, ad. in de direkjon ov de 
Brocade, Bro-kad, n. a kjnd ov fl5ord silk. 
Brocaded, Bro-kad-cd, a. wovn er wurkt aa 

Brocage, Bro-kaj, n. profit gand b^ promotiij 

b(|rgcnz; deli J); hjr; brokcraj. 
Broccoli, Brok-o-li, ». a kind ov kabaj. 
Brock, Brok, n. a bajor; a broket. 
Brogan, Bro-gan, n. u tik J*. 
Brogue, Brog, n. a kind ov JO); — korupt djalekt. 
Broider, Brerd-er, v. t. tu embrffder. 
Broil, Brerl, n. a ti],mult; a kworel; a disturbans. 
Broil, Brffl, r. t. er i. tu kuk bj laig on de kolz; 

tu be hot. 
Broiler, Brt5^1-cr, n. wun hcD breflz. 
Broke, Brok, v. i. tu transakt biznes fer uder«. 
Broke, Brok, i. from Brah. Se {Break.} 
Broken, Brok-n, p. from Brak. Se {Break,} 
Broken-hearted, Br6k-n-h4rt-ed, a. havig at 

spirits krujt bj gref er fer; kontrjt. 
Broken-winded, Brok-n-wind-ed, a. havig diz- 

Ezd respirajon. [muni, &s. 

Broker, Brok-er, n. a faktor ; wun bO) delz in 
Brokerage, Brok-er-aj, n. ds pa er biznes ov a 

broker. [f'snd in se weter. 

Bromine, Bro-min, i». an elementari substans 
Bronchial, Br6n-ki-al, a. rclatiij tu de windpjp. 
Bronchitis, Bron-kj-tis, n. inflamajon ov at 

broukia, or mcmbranz ov de windpjp. 
Bronchocele, Bron-ko-sel, n. a tvimor in de trot. 
Bronchotomy, Bron-kot-o-mi, n. insijon ov ds 

Bronze, Bronz er Bronz, n, a metal kompisnded 

ov koper and tin. 
Bronze, Bronz, v. t. tu hqrdn er kulor Ijk bronz. 
Brooch, Broq, n. a sert ov bukl fer fasnig de 

dres; a jixd. 
Brooch, Broq, u. t. tu adern wid jii,elz. 
Brood, Brcod, v. i. tu sit on egz; tu reman log 

in aijzjeti; tu mati\r wid k;tr. 
Brood, Braid, n. ofsprig; projeni; de number haqt 

at wuns; a produkjon. 
Brook, Bruk, n. a strem; a rivyq,let. 
Brook, Bruk, v. t. tu bq,r; tu endi],r. 
Brooked, Brukt, i. and p. ov Bruk. 
Brooking, Bruk-ig, pp. endixrig; submitig. 
Broom, Brcom, ;i. a smel tre; an instrooment txx 

swep wid; a bezom. 
Broom, Brcnm, v. t. tu klen a Jip. Se {Bream.} 
Broom CORN, Brdjm-korn, n. a plant yi^zd fer di 

brujez ov brcomz. 




IIkoomstick, BrJiin-stik, n. dt hiindl ov a bnain. 
LluuuMY, Briiin-i, a. I'ul ov btuiui; kuiuutig uv 

bniiin. [biarld. 

ilKOTii, Unit or Urot, n. likor in bwiq flej hai bin 
)!K<)TiiEL, Hr()(t-cl, n. a hY8 or il fam. 
liuoTiiKLEU, llrud-cl-or, n. wun hiD frrkw^ntfl a 

URUTiitia, Hnid-cr, n., pi. Itruderz, aW Hrodron: 

wuii Uirn iiv dr !*niu piir(-'iit:<; wun ov de wiin 

.'oi'iili; Willi klu^li viiiijti'il; an aswjint. 
linuniKKHOou, HrAff-iT-huil, n. de kwnlili ov 

bi-iijii liruder; u frutiTiiiti: nn iu<ujiu/<iii. 
HRoTiiKntv, Uriid-iT-li. fl. nlekJonntMika brudcr. 
HuoTiiKRLY, Hr(id-er-li, ad. in de luuiicr ov a 

Hhoioiit. Hmt, /. iiml p. from /irin. St {firimj.) 
Urow, lip's, /». At rij uver de j; de forhod; de i-j 

iiv i-ni bj pins. 
Hrowhkat, UrK-bef, r. t. tu dcpr^s bj ntfrn lukf. 
IIkowi.ks.1, Hrii-lcs, a. dustitiit ov Jam. 
lluiiwN, Ufxn, n. dr nnin ov a kulur. 
HittJWN, Itriii, n. inkljiiij) tu Miik xr red; dqrk. 
ItiiowNiK, Hr-s-ni, u. (^V-./.A) <» snirit furmerli 

HuiH-j/id tu htint old huzcz in Skotland. 
Hrowmsii, Hr-sn-iJ, a. tendij) tu brisn. 
l!KO\v\xt_sji, Hrxn-ncs, n. u bnn kulor. 
iJRowN sTtnv, Hr'sn-sltid-i, ii. glinmi mcditajon: 

ItuowsK, Hrm!, r. t. tu ct, nz bninqcz or Jrubz. 
HiiowsK, Hfsz, M. tender bmuoez or Jrubz. 
Hkowskd, Hr^zd, j'. and/', ov /Vvj. Sf {linHCgf.) 
Iii:t IN. Hnf)-in, ri. u kaiit t^rnj for a b:ir. 
itiu LSE. Hritis. I-. t. tu kriij or uunj^l nid bloz. 
Kiii isK, Hw>z, II. a hurt from a bovi bio: n !<|n>t. 
liurisKH, UrAz-er, h. wun hii< brjjzoz; u bokscr. 
ItiM isi.Mj, l>r«b7.-in,/'/). a. nb<)k.sii).orbttij):iikru/io. 
liRi IT, Hntit, ;i. n»fz: rtjKSrt;— r. /. tu rE|KJrt. 
Hiti MAL, KnG-inal, a. bel6()i;| tu de winter. 
Hrini.tte, HnTj-net, n. a gcrl or wuman wid a 

brMi or diirk ki>in])lckjun. 
Hri XT, MriiuL, »i. a Jok: vjolens; a bio; a .«trok. 
HrI'SU, HruJ, 11. an iii.'<tra)iuent for klenig or swrpip; 

a i^-nsil yijzd bj jAntcrz; At till ov a foks; an 

a'^'tlt; a tikut; bmiujez ov trez. 
Rsi'MiiiNU, HniJ-iji, /I. a rubi|) wid u bruj. 
BuLsinvooi), HriiJ-wnd, n. lo wud; underwud. 
Hrisiiv. HniJ-i. a. lik bruJ; Jagi. 
llui sK. Hriisk, a. ntxl: abrupt in mnner. 
liui STLE. Unls-l, r. t. tu knikl; tu mak a nffz. 
llRiTAL, linti-tal, a. Ijk a bnDt; Mvnj; knucl: in- 

Hkitality, Hnt)-tiil-i-ti, n. navnjne?; krit>clti. 
Hbi TAI.IZK, |{n()-t;>ljz, c. t. tu gru or nuik brvbtal. 
r.Ri TALLY, HrA-t«l-i, ad. kroK-li; inhiimanli; nijdli. 
Kritk, Unut, n. u best; an animal dcstitqt ov 

ItRt'TE, Hniit, a. scnslcs; irojonal. 
llRiTiHiiNEss, l)i\6t-ij*nc!<, fi. kwoliti ov briy 

Hrltim riLME.v, Bnfc-tum fiil-iucn, [/..] a hqrm- 

1<- tim.lorlHjlt; a lijd but inefoktynal menu.-. 
Bryony, HrJ-o-ni, n. a wjld kljiniu plant; hwit 

Bib. Itub, n. a kant t^rm for stro^ molt likor. 
BviiiiLK, Bdb-l, 11. a (imol bladcr ov woter; cni tifl 

i-iiiii; II net: a fols Ju. 
BiBULE. Hdb-l. r. t. ond i'. tu rjz in bubli;tu run 

»|il ci jfiitl n<Ti; tu qrt. 
Bl SHLLR, Brtb-ler, H. be or dat hwiq bubli; a qtt. 
BiBHLV. ]«iib-li, a. kun'<)Ktio oT, or ful or bablz. 
Bi BUY. Biib-i, r». a wumnnt brcst. [I.o.] 
Bi BO, Bti-lxj, II. ti ti\mor in dt gr«ii; de qrmpit, 

Ah.; dr bornetl ■^l. 
Bubonocele, Bii-b6n-o-sel, n. a kjnd ovniptynr 

in df jfrfni. 
BvL«AL, Btik-nl, .i. pcrt«niii tu de qck. 

Buccaneer, Ruk-a-ner. n. wun or de p(raU dat 

f.irinerli inlonted dt West Indti. 
BucciNAL, Bdk 8i-nal, a. truuiput Jajit. 
Buck, Buk, n. a Ij inhwiq kludis qr nukt and wojt, 

dt mill ov i^vrWn ouimulz, az dtr, /tp, goU, k».. 

— u dujio fi-lo. 
Buck, Buk, r. t. tu woj, or nUp klodz in IJ. 
BUCK-BA8KET, Biik-lws-ket, H. de bucket in bwi^ 

kludz qr knrid tu dt WoJ. 
BucKuEAN, Biik-ben, n. u sort or trtfffl; (K>g-btn. 
BicKKii, Bukt, ii. woJt or utept in woter. 
Bucket, Biik-et, n. a \e*t:\ in bwiq woioriidran. 
Buckeye, Buk-(, n. nnmuva trt in de Western 

Bucking-stool, Biik-io-i*tJ>l, n. a wojlj) blok. 
Buckle, Biik-l, n. an instnnmcnt for fuKniy dro. 
Buckler, Biik-lcr, «. a kindov Jtld for dt qrm. 
Buckmast. Biik-uiiist, h. dt frjit ov a brcj trt. 
Buckram, Biik-raui, n. klot.^tifud wid glq. 
Buckshot, Biik/ot, n. a plant; a kjnd ov gran. 
Buckskin. Biik-.'^kin, n. leder mad ov buks nkin. 
Buckstall. l!iik-stol, n. u net tu ka<j der. 
BucKTiioux. Biik-torn, «. a /rub yqzd for hojez 

in {U. S.} (toral. 

Bucolic, Bq-k61-ik, a. relatig tu Jeperdz; pua- 
BucoLic. Bq-kiil-ik, n. a jidstoral i>uem; a pd^- 

tonil |iuet. 
Bud, Bud, n. At f?r.-<t Jjjt or a plant; j^rm; jem. 
Bull, Bud, r. i. tu jiut fort Ja>ti or budz. 
Buit, Bud, r. /. tu inokyqlat u |ilant wid a bud 

for de jiuriius ov (junjin dt jilant. 
BuDiiHA. IMj (lu, II. an UJi:itik pagan deiti. 
BuDiiiiisM, BJj-diz-m UJi:itik |i«gan rtlijon. 
Buiii'LE. Biid-l, n. a frani yqzd in wojij) or. 
Buiidle. Biid-l, r. /. tu klen/. or woJ, az orz. 
liUDiiE. l!uj. (. /. tustijT; tu wag; tu majv of. 
Bui)iiET,Biij-et, «. a bag; a .stor or stok; a stat- 

meiit rtsfiektiu de publik f Jnan.-<oz. [kalor. 

Buff, Buf. u. a «<»rt ov lederdrest wid <t\: a Ijt yelo 
Bi KFALO, Biif-a-lo, II. an animal; u kjnd ov olu. 
Buffet, Bi'il-ct, ». a bio wid de ii»t'or hand; a 

Buffet, Buf-dt, n. a kjnd or kubard. [boks. 

Buffet, Brif-ct, r. t. tu .strjk wid de hand; tu 
BuFFLE-HEAiiEU, Biif-1-hed-ed, a. harij) a Iqrj 

bed Ijk a liutalu; dul; stqpid. 
ISuFKoox, Ituf-ifjn, n. Q lo jester; a mimik. 
HuKFOOXERY, Buf-din-er-i, II. lu jesti{):iuimikri. 
Bug. Bug, ». un in^ekt. [ttb.-<drd frjt. 

Bugbear, Biig-b^r, n. tiumtii) dat likiirz or rnxci 
Buggy, Biig-i. a. ful ov, or haviy bugz. 
Buggy. Btig-i, h. q ^^lrt ov Jazdrxin bj wun hors. 
Bugle. Bq-gl, n. a /jnio bed ov blak gla:<; a sen 

ov wjld oks; a bqglhoni;— a iilant. 
BuGLE-HORN, Bq-gl-liiirn. ii. u liuntig burn. 
BuOLOS. Bq-glos, H. a plant; At oks-tuj). 
BuuL, Bql, M. Ijt andkomplikatod figyr^ra or nn- 

brirni/t gold, kf., inserted in dqrk wud or ter- 

tiz Jel. 

Buur.stoxe, Biir-.'itun, «. a silijus .iiton. 

BuiLU, Bild, r. t. [i. bilt ur l.ildi-d, /<*. bildig. 

Iiilt ur bilded;] tu mak az an edifis or fabrik; tu 

trokt; tu konstrdkt; tu raz. 
Build, Bild, r. t. tu konstnikt; tu drp^nd on. 
Build. Bild, ii. struktjnjr; form; mak. 
lU'ii.DER, Bild-er, ii. wun bib bildz. 
BuiLDiXG. Bild-i{), 11. a fabrik: an edifis. [yon. 
Bulb. Bulb, h. wun form ov a Itf-bud, az an un- 
BuLBiFEROUS. Bul-bif-er-u.->, a. jirudqiiin bulbt. 
BuLBOUH. Biil-bu.", n. bavig bulbz; protqberant. 
Bulge. Bulj, ii. a Itk: prutqbernn.i. 
Bulge. Bulj, r. i. tu tak in woter; tu jut. 
Bulimy. Bq-li-mi, n. a diztzd, vorajus i|«tit. 
Bl LK. Bulk. II. uiagnitqd: sjz; de ma:>:de man pqrt: 

- u jutiDTst. 
Bvlkukad, Bdlk-hcd, n. a parti/on «kr68 a /ip. 




BuLKiNESS, Bdlk-i-nes, n. gratnes in bulk er sjz. 

Bulky, Biilk-i, a. Iqrj; ov grat sjz. 

Bull, Bial, n. an animal; ds sjn ov de zodiak: a 

leter or edikt ov de pop; a blunder. 
BuLLARY, Bul-a-ri, n. a kolekjon ov papal bulz. 
Bull-bating, Bul-bat-ig, n. a fjt ov bialz wid 
Bull-calf, Buil-kqf, n. a mal kqf. [dogz. 

BuLL-DOG, Bul-dog, H. a spgjgz ov kurajus dog. 
Bullet, Biil-et, n. a r-sud bol ov metal; Jot. 
Bulletin, Bial-£-tin, or Btil-e-ten, n. an ofijal 

Bull-faced, Biil-fast, a. havir) a Iqrj fas. 
Bull-fight, Bul-fjt, n. a kombat wid a bul. 
Bullfinch, Biil-finq, n. a berd ov de sparo kjnd. 
Bull-frog, Bul-frog, n. a Iqrj spejez ov frog. 
Bull-head, Bul-hed, n. a fij;— a sti^ipid felo. 
Bullion, Bul-yon, ii. gold or silver in mas. 
Bullock, Bial-ok, n. an oks; kastrated bul. 
BuLLRUSH, Bial-ruJ, n. a Iqrj ruj groig bj er in 

Bull-trout, Biil-tr-st, n. a Iqrj kjnd ov tr-st. 
Bully, Bul-i, n. a nerzi, kworolsuui felo. 
Bully, Bul-i, v. t. tia overb;'ir wid menasez. 
Bully, Bul-i, v. i. lu bluster; tu tretn. 
Bultel, Bul-tel, n. bran ov mel; a bolter-klot. 
Bulwark, Bul-wark, n. a fortifikajon; sekixriti. 
Bum, Bum, a. de butoks; — v. i. tu mak a norz. 
Bum-bailiff, Bum-bal-if, n. an under balif. 
Bumble-bee, Biim-bl-be, n. a Iqrj be; humbl-be. 
Bumboat, Bum-bot, n. a smol, klutnzi bot. 
BuMKiN, Bum-kin, n. a Jort bttjm ov a Jip. 
Bump, Bump, n. a swelii); a prcatii,berans. [strjk. 
Bump, Bump, «. i. and t. tu mak a I'sd nerz; tu 
Bumper, Biimp-er, n. a kup or glas fild tu de 
HuMPKiN, Btimp-kin, n. a klisn; a rustik. [brim. 
HUN, J ]}mi „ a sm0i kak, or swct bred. 

BUNN, S ' 

Bunch, Bunq, «. a kluster; a kolekjon; a lump. 
Bunch, Bung, r. i. tia swel -st in a bunq. 
Bunchy, Biinq-i, a. groi^ in, er ful ov bunqez. 
Bundle, Bun-dl, n. a pqrsel b-shd tugeder; a rol. 
Bundle, Biin-dl, v. t. tu tj up in a bundl. 
Bung, Buij, n. a stoper for a barel er kask. 
Bung, Bufl, v. t. tu stop a barel er kask. 
Bungalow, Biiij-ga-lo, n. a taqt h-ss in India. 
Bunghole, Bdg-hol, n. a hoi at hwiq de barel iz 

Bungle, Bui)-gl, v. t. tu dO) klumzili: tu boq. 
Bungle, Burj-gl, v. i. tu perf^5rm klumzili. 
Bungle, Bdi]-gl, n. a boq; a gros blunder. 
Bungler, Biitj-gler, n. a bad or okward wurkman. 
Bungling, Bdij-glir), a. klumzi; okward. 
Bunion, Bun-yun, n. an ekskresens on de grat to 

korespondii) tu a kern. 
Bunk, Buijk, n. a kas ov bordz fer a bed; a pes 

ov timber krosii) a sled. 
Bunting, Bdnt-iij, n. a berd; a tin klot, er stuf. 
Buoy, Ber, n. a pes ov kerk er wud flotii) on de 

WGter, tjd tu a wat at de botom, tu indikat 

Jolz, &s. 
Buoy, B<t, v. t. tu kep aflot; — v. i. tu flot. 
Buoyancy, Bef-an-si, n. de kwoliti ov flotig. 
Buoyant, Bff-ant, a. flotig; Ijt; elastik. 
Bur, Bur, ». de prikli bed ov burdok. 
Burden, Bdr-dn, n. a lod; hwot iz born. 
Burden, Bdr-dn, i>. i. tu lod; tu enkdmber. 
Burdensome, Bdr-dn-sum, a. hevi; grevus; sever. 
Burdock, Bdr-dok, n. a plant; a trublsum wed. 
Bureau, Bi\,-ro, n. a qest ov dreerz. 
Burgage, Bdr-gaj, n. a tenyq,r proper tu sitiz 

and t.-Knz, konferir) de privilejez ov a burjes. 
Burgamot, Bdr-ga-mot, n. Se {Bergamot.') 
Burganet, Bdr-ga-net, n. a kjnd ov helmet. 
Burgeois, Bur-jffs, n. Se {liovrgeois.} 
Burgess, Bdr-jes, n. a sitizen; a reprezentativ. 
Burgesship, Bdr-jes-Jip, n. de kwoliti ova burjes. 

Burgh, Burg, n. a kerporat tun er buro. 
Burgher, Burg-er, n. a freman ov a burg. 
Burghership, Bdrg-er-Jip, n. de stat ov a burjes. 
Burglar, Bdrg-lar, n. a tef hca braks intu a hsu 

bj njt. [brakig. 

Burglarious, Burg-la-ri-us, a. relatig tu h'^s- 
Burglary, Bdrg-la-ri, w. h^ssbrakiij bj njt. 
Burgmote, Bdrg-mot, n. a buro kort. 
Burgomaster, Bdr-go-mas-ter, n. a uiajistrat in 

a Duq siti. 
Burgoo, Bur-gc6, ?i. otmel grooel mad at se. 
BuRGRAVE, Bdr-grav, «. a guvernor ov a t'sn er 

Burgundy, Bdr-gun-di, n. wjn mad in Burgundi. 
Burial, Ber-i-al, n. akt ov beriiij; a fq,neral. 
Burin, Bi'],-rin, n. a graviij ioA. 
Burke, Burk, v. t. tu murder in erder tu obtan 

a bijdi fer disekjon. 
BuRKiSM, Bdrk-iz-m, n. de praktis ov kilii) persona 

fer de purpus ov obtanii) de bodiz fer disekjon. 
Burl, Burl, v. t. tu dres klot az f ulerz dcD. 
BuRLACE, Bdr-lns, n. a sert ov grap. 
BuRLER, Bdrl-er, n. a dreser ov klot. 
Burlesque, Bur-lesk, a. h^dikrus; sportiv. 
Burlesque, Bur-lesk, n. a lq,dikrus reprezentaJoD. 
Burlesque, Bur-lesk, v. t. tu turn tu ridiki],!. 
BuRLETTA, Bur-let-a, n. a. komik opera. [ter. 
Burliness, Bdr-li-nes, n. stat ov beig burli; blus- 
BuRLY, Bdr-li, a. grat in sjz; bulki; tqmid; lisd. 
Burn, Burn, v. t. [i. burnt, er burnd, jis. burni:g, 

burnt ur burnd;] tu konsq,m wid f jr; tu woond 

wid fjr; tu skorq. 
Burn, Burn, v. i. tu be on fjr; tu be inflamd. 
Burn, Burn, n. a hurt or efekt kezd bj fjr. 
Burnable, Bdrn-a-bl, a. dat ma be burnt. 
Burner, Burn-er, n. a person or tip dat burnz. 
Burnet, Bdr-net, m. a perenial plant; an erb. 
Burning, Bdrn-ir), n. iuflamajon; fjr; flam. 
Burning, Bdrn-ii), a. flamir); vehement; p'serful. 
Burning-glass, Burn-ii)-glas, n. a glas hwiq 

kondenscz de sunz raz, and prodi^sez intens het. 
Burnish, Bdr-niJ, v. t. tu polij; — v. i. tu grw brjt. 
Burnish, Bdr-niJ, n. a glos; brjtnes. [nijez. 

Burnisher, Bdr-niJ-er, n. a person er tiij dat bur- 
Burnt, Burnt, i. and j). from Burn. Se {Iliirn.y 
Burr, Bur, n. de lob er lap ov de er. 
BuRREL, Bdr-el, n. a spejez ov pi\,r; an insekt. 
Burrel-shot, Bdr-el-Jot, n. a kas-Jot. 
Burrock, Bdr-ok, n. a smel dam for fijii). [&s. 
Burrow, Bdr-o, n. a hoi in de gr'snd for rabits, 
Burrow, Bdr-o, * . -i. tu loj in holz in de grxnd. 
Bursar, Bdr-sar, ?i. a trejqrer in kolejez. 
Bursarshif, Bdr-sar-Jip, n. de ofis ov bursar. 
Bursary, Bur-sa-ri, n. de tre^Ti^ri ov a kolej; de 

al-sans pad tu de bursar. 
Burse, Burs, n. an eksqanj hwfir merqants met. 
Burst, Burst, v. i. [i. burst, ps. burstig, burst:] 

tu brak er flj opn, er as6nder; tu ruptyi^r. 
Burst, Burst, v. t. tu brak opn sudenli. 
Burst, Burst, n. a suden disrupjon; a ruptyq,r. 
Burster, Bdrst-er, n. wun dat rendz wid vjolens, 
Burt, Burt, n. a flat fiJ ov de turbot kjnd. 
Burthen, Bdr-den, n. a lod. Se {Burden.) 
Burton, Bdr-tn, ». a smel takl in a Jip. 
Bury, Bi^-ri, n. a. delikat pq,r. 
Bury, Ber-i, v. t. tu inter; tu put intu a grav; 

tu kuvcr wid ort; tu konsel. [de grav. 

"Burying, Ber-i-ii), n. berial; akt ov putii) intu 
Burying-place, Ber-i-ii)-plas, n. a plas fer gravz. 
Bush, BiaJ, n. a tik Jrub; a b-s ov a tre. [onz. 
Bushel, lluj-el, n. a drj mejqr kontanii) at gal- 
Bushelage, BuJ-el-aj, n. a dq,ti paabl bj de bujel. 
Bushiness, BilJ-i-nes, 71. de kwoliti ov beigbuji. 
Bushman, BuJ-man, n. a wudman; savajez ncr 

de Kap ov Gud Hop. 
Bushy, BuJ-i, a. tik Ijk a buj; ful ov bujez. 



BCHILT, Blx-i-li, ad. wid kunataot ukjqpo/oi 

lu afv; et 
•III; kuii'M^rn; Irud; a p«fiit. 

Bl'ninum, His-neM, n. umplcrineDt; au afv; vngaj- 

Bl'mk. Hu.tic, ». a pea uv utrl <ir hwHiban, wora bj 

wim-ti tu .ttri'otoii df ului. 
BUMKKT, Bils kft, n. a kolik/oii ov /rubi; Q buj. 
BtriKiv. Hii'<-kiii, II. u kjiid iiv hqt' tmit; u h) /iD 

wurn \t\ uujfiit uklorz i>v tnijnli. 
BL'tfKl-'<t:i>, Bd^-kintl, a. droit in buMkiiu. 
Bl'itKY, Biis-ki, a. wiidi;/iidcd wid wudz. 
BlsH, ltii'<, II. ij kii; u but lor lijiij. 
Bl**, Bus r. t. tu kit. [J.,j.\ 
Bust, Hu-t, h. u statyq, ov dc hitman figyn,r at 

f(ird-Hii uz df bri'Ht. [kind. 

BUHTAKD. Bds-turd, ii. a Iqrj bord ov de turki 
Blstlk, Bdi-I, M. a tquiull: huri; Ht«^r. 
Bi'HTLtK, |{i'n-lcr, II. iiii iiktiv, "tcrii) man. 
Bi'SY, Hi/ i, .'I. <'m[ili'fil wid tTiH'-'tnc.s; uktiv; ofij- 

u*: biiAii(|: trubLsiiiii. 
BL'8r, Hiz-i, p. t. til iiink bisi; tu ompli^. 
Busr-Bour, Biz-i-bml-i, n. a inudlig |>9r8on. 
But, Hut, k-o/i. ekscpt; oksi^pt dat; besid; onli; un- 

k'.H; yot; nn; uderwjz dan dat. 
But, hut, prr-y. ok^opl; .til. unli; nu inur dan. 
But, Hut, u. <i bxniluri:!! limit; dr end uv c>ni fig. 
Bit, Hut, v. (. tu tu<j at wuu «'nd; t>j nbiit. 
HuTCiiKU, Butj-cr, fi. wuu hOi kilsanimali forfaxl. 
Butciilil, Hu(;-cr, r. t. tu kil; tu Hluter; tu 

Bltciikiii-y, Hiiij-er-li, a. kn&oli; bludi. 
BuTiHtRY, Biitj-er-i, n. de tmd ov a bu^er;slo- 

tcr; d(- plan bwi^r aiiimalz qr kild. 
B'T-Kxn, But-ciid. n. de blunt end iiv eiii tig. 
Bltlkk. Biit-ler, ii.u ffrvuut intru-'tc'd wid lik- 

ors. &!<. 
BuTLEaHiiir, Bdt-lcr-Jip, m. de ufis ov a butler. 
Butmk.n'T. Biit-ment, n. de !<u|>ijrt ov an qr^; abdt- 

Butt, Hut. n. a mqrk: a puf: an objekt ov ridikql; 

u blu; <i knsk koiitani() tai liopzhiMlz. 
Butt, Hut, r. /. tu strjk wid Ac hod a« a ram. 
HuTTKa, lidt-rr. n. an ifli ;iubstans mnd from krem. 
Huttku, Hiii-tT, r. t. tu spri'd wid buter. 
BuTTKK-uuMP, Hdt-pr-buiup, n. de bitern;a heron. 
BuTTKKcuP, Bdt-cr-kup, n. de kruzfut, a yclto 


BuTTKBKLV, Bdt-pr-flj, II. a jena.s ov in.scktt wid 
t'ur wigz, u xpiral tug, and h:iri bodi. [fut. 

BuTTKHis, Hut-«T-i.'', n. a tctil for js^rig a horsoz 

HuTTERUiLK, But-vr-milk, u. hwaoV(;urnil krcni. 

BuTTKUMT, Biit-fr-nut, «. a trt and iL" frootitfi- 

IUttib PRINT. Hdt rr-print, / ii. a stamj) tu 

HiTTK.ii STAMP, Hiit-cr utamis i mqrk butcr. 

BuTTKB-TOOTU, Hut-t<r-t«Dt, n. Q Iqrj, brod, fur t<Dti. 

BuTTEBwoRT, BiSt-cf- wurt, n. u Mqrq plant. 

Hi'TTEBT, Bdt-er-i, a. havig de apentnii or bat«r. 
BuTTERT, Biit-i-r-i, h. aixnmfor pruvijonx;p*ntri. 
HUTTOCK, Hdt-ok, fi. de rump. 
BuTTO.N, Bdt-n, n. a nob or ka<; f)«r f(unig kktds; 

(1 rifiid ma.4 ov metal; de bud uV u pUint;— a 

Button, Hiit-n, r. /. tu (am wid a butn. [butn. 
BuTTON-iioLt:, Bdt-n-hul, n. a hul tu admit a 
liuTTONMAKKB, Bdt-n-ua-ker, n. won hib maks 

buiiic. [tre. 

HuTTdNWooD, Bdt-u-wud, H. de Amcrikan plan 
HuTTHKjjrt, Hut-rc.i, H. u prop: a nujiurt:- r. t. tu 

HuTVBACKOUS, Hut-i-rH-JuH, vr Bq-ti-ra-jiu, a. 

havig dr kwolitiz ov buter. 
BuxuM, lidk-i-om, a. gn; l|vli; bri.'k; wonton: joli. 
BuxoMLY, Hdkx-om-li, lul. wontonii; amuru^li. 
BuxuMNi::!>ts, lidkH-om-ne^, u. (^tieti: amurunnes. 
Buy, Bj, r. t. [i. bot, tm. bjig, Ixit;] tu purt^oD; tu 

obtjui for muni; tu oqli; lu rcdem. 
Buy, Hj, r. i. tu tret aliSt a purijan. 
BuYKK, Hi-er, n. wuii hiii biz; <i pun^a.ter. 
Buying, Bj-ig, pp. pdrcjuiig; b<irgvnig for a prj«. 
Buzz, Buz, r. f. tu bum Ijk bez; tu hwinpor. 
Hizz, Huz, r. t. tu ."pred bj hwisporz, or sekrctli. 
Buzz, Huz, M. de nirz ov brz; u hwiii|ier. 
BuzzABD, Bdz-urd, ii. a Hpejez ovbok; u duou; a 

liuzzEB, Bdz-cr, n. a srkrct hwiiipercr. 
By, H{, pr^p. at: in; ne r: lor. It denuts de ajent, 

wii, or menz: az, "i>frjiirind hj ijat." 
By, Bj, .id. ner: beiiid: |>asig: in prczcna. 
Hy, "i- Hyk, Hj, II. f'umtig not dc dir^kt and im- 

rdial objokt ov rtpird: "/'/ dt hj." 
By, Bj, n. in kom|>uzi/on, impljz sumtig 'st ov de 

dirckt wn; ire>;yql<ir; kolatvral: prjval; az a ft/- 

/fln, n hj-rtj'l,t\ hj-jKit, u hi-kirrntr. 
Hy-axi»-by, Hj-and-bj, nd. in a Jorl tjm. 
Byaui), Bj-(ird, II. a strap akro.s dc brestd ov dux 

hiD drag slejez in kuil mjnz. 
By-knu, Bj-eiul, H. prjvnt advuntaj; self-interest; 
IlYGdNK, Hj-j^on, .1. K"" ''j: I"!"!. 
Bylaw, Bj-lo, u. u |irjvat rxt>l or order ov a sosieti. 
Bynauk, Bj-nam, n. a niknam. 
Hypast, Bj-fwst, ,1. pust:);on bj. 
Bypath, Hj-imt, /». u jirjvat or obaki^r pat. 
Bybk, Bjr, II. Q k^-h'H:'. [lAjl-al.] {Eng.\ 
BYS8INK, Bix-in, a. mad ov .xilk or fjn linen. 
Bystandkb, Bj-sland-fr, M.ii lukt'ron;a f^jicktator. 
Hyvikw, Hj-vq, n. self intorexted purpusi. 
Hyway, Hj-wn, II. (I prjvnt and obskqr wa. 
Hywipi:. Hj-wjp, II. u ^ckri-t struk or sqrkazm. 
Hywori). Hj-wunl, n. u .'aig: a prorqrb. 
Hyzant, Hiz-ant, i n. agtDld kffn or de vbI- 

Byzantine, Biz-an-tjn, ) yq ov fifUn p'sndx 



Cc, de t?rd li»ter ov de komon IggliJ alfabct, 
, bax t<b K-Kndx; wun hqnl Ijk it, brfur (a,o and 
«/,• ol»«j. / and r,) dc udcr .«oft, Ijk « bcfdir {t, i 
^ and y.) [pint*. 

Cab, Kab, m. a kcx;: a IlebnA mejqr or nerii tre 
Cabal, Ka-bil, n. ujuntuor smol bodi ov men 

yqnjted tu efikt fum .liniKtor purpus; intrig. 
Cabal, Kn-bal, r. •'. tu form klus intrrgi. 
Cabala, K.ib-a-li], m. JqiJ tradijon; stkret xieiu. 
Cabalibm, Kab-al ix-m,n.wkret ^em or di kab- 

Cabalist, K.^b-al-ist, n. wan skild in JqiJ tradij- 

Cabalistic, Kab-a-li«-tik, i a. 8ekret:okdll; 
Cabalistical, Kab-a-lin-ti-kal,i pertanig tu 

dr mistoriz ov JqiJ tradijonz. 
Cabalisticallt, kab-a-li.« ti-kal-i,«</. in a kab- 

ah-tik uiaiu-r. [trxgcr. 

Caballeb, Ka-bal-er, n. wun bo kabilz: aa la- 
Caballinx, Kab-a-ljn,A. bclugig tu a bom. 
Cabaakt, Kib-a-ra, n. a tavern; a hvi hw%r Uk- 

orx qr rctald. 



Cabbage, Kab-aj, /i. a jenus ov edibl plants. 
Cabbage, Kab-aj, v. t. txa ferm a bed, az a plant. 
Cabbage, Kab-aj, v. i. tu stel in kutii) klodz. 
Cabbage-tree, Kab-aj-trc, n. a tropikal trs, bq,rig 

friDt Ijk a kabaj bed. 
Cabin, Kab-in, n. a kotaj; a smol rdom; a rcom in 

a Jip. 
Cabin-boy, Kab-in-ber, ji. a watii) bar in a Jip. 
Cabinet, Kab-i-net, «. a klozet; a set ov boksez 

and dreerz; a room in hwiq konsultajonz qr held; 

Az kolektiv bodi ov ministerz ov stat. 
Cabinet-council, Kab-i-net-k'sn-sil, n. a k'sn- 

sil ov stat. 
Cabinet-maker, Kab-i-net-mak-er, n, a maker 

ov f jn wiad-wurk. [ar)kor. 

Cable, Ka-bl, n. a Iqrj rop tu hold a Jip at 
Cabled, Ka-bld, a. fasnd wid a kabl. [mod. 

Cabob, Ka-bob, i;. t. tia rost mst in an fljiatik 
Caboose, Ka-bcos, n. de kiak-rmm ov a Jip. 
Caboshed, Ka-bojt, a. reprezented az de bed ov 

an animal kut klos. 
Cabriole, Kab-ri-ol, n. Se {Capriole.} 
Cabriolet, Kab-ri-o-la, n. {Fr.'\ a wun hers Jaz 

er vehikl, ofn keld a kab. 
Cacao, Ka-ka-o, n. de qokolat tre. 
Cachalot, Kaq-a-lot, n. Az spermaseti hwal. 
Cache, KaJ, n. a hoi in de gr-snd for hjdii) and 

prezervii) provijonz in Az West. [bodi. 

Cachectic, Ka-kek-tik, a. havig an il habit ov 
Cachinnation, Kak-i-na-Jon, n. l-sd Iqfter. 
Caciqce, Ka-sek, n. [Fr.'\ Se {Cnziqite.} 
Cackle, Kak-1, v. i. tia mak a ntrz Ijk a hen, &s. 
Cackle, Kak-1, n. nerz ov a hen er gcDs. 
Cackler, Kak-ler, n. a f'sl dat kaklz; a tatler. 
Cacochymy, Kak-o-kim-i, n. ilstatov de hx],morz. 
Cacodemon, Kak-o-de-mon, n. an evl spirit. 
Cacoethes, Kak-o-e-tfz, n. [L.] an inkiirabl 

ulser; a bad kustom; a bad habit. 
Cacography, Ka-kog-ra-fi, n. bad speliij. 
Cacophonic, Kak-o-fon-ik, a. s-sndii) hqrjli. 
Cacophony, Ka-kof-o-ni, w. abads'sndovwurdz: 

Cacotechny, Kak-o-tek-ni, n. a korupjon ov qrt. 
Cacotrophy, Ka-kot-ro-fi, n. vijus nq,triJon. 
Cactus, Kak-tus, n. [Z.] pZ. Kak-tj; (^«^.) Kak- 

tus-cz; Q jenus ov plants. [gastli. 

Cadaverous, Ka-dav-er-us, a. Ijk a ded bodi ; 
Caddis, Kad-is, n. a kjnd ov tap; — a wurm er 

Caddow, Kad-o, n. a quf er jakde. 
Caddy, Kad-i, ;(. a smel boks fer te. 
Cade, Kad, a. tarn; jentl; soft: delikat. 
Cade, Kad, n. a kask; a herir)-barel. 
Cadence, Ka-dens, n. de fol ov de vefs in redig 

er spekii); modj-qlajon; ton er sTind. 
Cadent, Ka-dent, a. felii) d'sn. 
Cadenza, Ka-den-za, w. \_lt.] a fel ov de vefs. 
Cadet, Ka-det, n. [/r.] a yui)ger bruder; — a vol- 

unter in de qrmi; a pqpil in a militari skool. 
Cadi, Ka-di, n. a juj amiiij de Turks. 
Caducean, Ka-dq-se-an, a. belogig tia M^rkqriz 

C'aduceus, Ka-dq-Jus, n. [Z.] Merki^riz wond. 
Caducity, Ka-dq-si-ti, n. fralti; tendensi tu fel. 
Caducous, Ka-dq-kus, a. feli^) erli; az levz, er a 

CjECIas, Se-Ji-as, n. [Z.] a nert-est wind. 
C^RULE, Se-rcDl, Se {Geinile} and {Cenilean.y 
C^SURA, Se-zq-ra, n. [L.] a metrikal brak, pez, 

er divijon, in vers er Ijn. 
CiESURAL, Se-zq-ral, a', relati;) tu de sezqra. 
Cafe, Kaf-a, n. [/•"/'.] kofi; kofi-biss. 
Caftan, Kaf-tan, n. a Perjian er TurkiJ gqrmcnt. 
Cag, Kag, n. a smel barel er kask; a keg. 
Cage, Kaj, n. an inklogqr, fer berdz er bests. 
Cage, Kaj, v. t. tu inkloz in a kaj. 

Cairn, K^m, n. a konikal pjl ov stonz. 
Caissoon, Ka-S(f)n, n. [Fr.] a qest ov bumz er p"5- 

der; a wudn kas er fram. 
Caitiff, Ka-tif, n. a men vilen; a nav. 
Caitiff, Ka-tif, a. bas; navij; servil. 
Cajole, Ka-j61, v. t. tu flater; tu said; tu koks. 
Cajoler, Ka-j61-er, n. wun hO) hwedlz er flaterz. 
Cajolery, Ka-j61-er-i, n. flateri; hwedlii); deset. 
Cake, Kak, n. a kjnd ov delikat bred; a mas. 
Cake, Kak, v. t. tu ferm intu a kak; — v. i. tu 

Calabash, Kal-a-baJ, n. a spejez ov Iqrj gord. 
Calamanco, Kal-a-mag-ko, n. a kjnd ov wulen 

Calamiferous, Kal-a-mif-er-us, a. prodqsii) redz. 
Calamine, Kal-a-mjn, n. nativ kqrbonat ov ziflk. 
Calamitous, Ka-lam-i-tus, a. ful ov kalamiti; 

mizerabl. [kalamiti. 

Calamitousness, Ka-lam-i-tus-nes, n. distres ; 
Calamity, Ka-lam-i-ti, n, misfertyqn; mizeri: 
Calamus, Kal-a-mus, n. a sert ov red. [distres. 
Calash, Ka-laJ, n. an opn karij; a hud. 
Calcareous, Kal-ka-re-us, a. partakir) ov qek 

or Ijm. [wjn. 

Calca VALLA, Kal-ka-val-a, n. a kjnd ov Lizbon 
Calceated, Kal-se-at-ed, a. Jod. 
Calcedony, Kal-sed-o-ni, n. Se ( GJialcedony.y 
Calciferols, Kal-sif-er-us, a. prodqsii) kalks or 

Calciform, Kal-si-ferm, a. in de ferm ov kalks. 
Calcinable, Kal-sin-a-bl, a. dat ma be kalsind. 
Calcinate, Kal-sin-at, v. t. tu kalsin. 
Calcination, Kal-si-na-Jon, n. de akt ov pulver- 

jziij bj fjr. [kalsinajon. 

Calcinatory, Kal-sin-a-to-ri, n. a vesel yqzd in 
Calcine, Kal-sjn, v. t. tu redi|s tu p'sder bj bet. 
Calcine, Kal-sjn, v. i. tu bekiim a kalks bj het. 
Calcium, Kal-si-um, n. de metiilik bas ov Ijm. 
Calculable, Kal-kq-la-bl, a. dat ma be kom- 

Calculate, Kal-ki|-lat, v. i. tu kompi^t; tu rekn. 
Calculation, Kal-ki^-la-Jon, «. kompqtaJon;rek- 

nii). [rekner. 

Calculator, Kal-kq-lat-or, n. a kompqtor; a 
Calculatory, Kal-kq-la-to-ri, a. belogi^ tu kal- 

kT],laJon. [griti. 

Calculose, Kal-kq-16s, &r Kal-kq-lds, a. stoni; 
Calculus, Kal-kx^-lua, n. [Z.] />?.Kal-kq-lj; a kal- 

kareus konkrejon in de blader; de ston. 
Caldron, Kel-dron, n. a pot; a bffler; a Iqrj ketl. 
Caledonian, 'Kal-e-do-ni-an, n. a nativ pv Skot- 

Calefacient, Kal-e-fa-Jent, a. wermii): heti^. 
Calefaction, Kal-e-fak-Jon, n. de akt ov hetig. 
Calef active, Kal-e-fak-tiv, a. dat maks werm 

er hot. 
Calefactory, Kal-e-fak-to-ri, a. dat hets; hetig. 
Calefy, Kal-e-f j, v. i. tu gro hot; — v. t. tu mak 

hot. [manak. 

Calendar, Kal-cn-dar, n. a yerli rejister; an el- 
Calendar, Kal-en-dar, v. t. tu enter in a kalendar. 
Calender, Kal-en-der, v. t. tu dres klot bj hot 

presiij. [klot. 

Calender, Kal-en-der, n. a hot pres fer dresi^ 
Calendrer, Kal-en-drer, n. wun hco kalenderz; a 

Calends, Kal-endz, n. pi. de ferst daz ov even 

munt in de anjent Roman kalendar. 
Calescence, Ka-les-ens, n. groig wermt. 
Calenture, Kal-en-tqr, n. a distemper insident 

tu salorz in hot kljmats. 
Calf, Kqf, n., pi. K!qvz; de j'Ufl ov a k?; a dolt; 

— de tik pqrt ov de leg. 
Caliber, ) Kal-i-ber, n. Az bor ov a gun; kapas- 
Calibre, i iti; sert er kjnd. 
Calice, Kal-is, n. a kup. (Se Chalice.) 




I ALico, Ral-i-ko, n. a Rtuf mad or kotn, lo keld 

Iniin Knlikut in India. 
CaLID, Kill-id, fl. h'lt; buniip. 
Calimtv, Ku-lid-i-ti, n. int«ni* het. [Htov. 

Caudlct, Kali dukt, n. <i ii||> tu konvA hfl; a 
Calif, Kd-lif, «. .St {Oali/>h.} 
Calioation, Kttl-i-pk-Jon, n. dqrkncn; klvdinea. 
Caliui.noi'8, Kii-lij-i-nuK, a. ob«kii,r; dim; d(\rk. 
Calioi.n'ol'8.nuih, Ka-lij-i-na8-ne«, ». dqrkne:*: 

Caliokai'iiy, Ka-lig-ni-fi, n. Ht {Oilli/jmphi/.} 
('ALll'tHS, Kal-i-i»er«, «. pL kuini>a«ez wid bud 

Caliph, K6-lif, m. a Kuk.<^s<ir, er viknr; a tjtl ov 

At (tuk-si'soirt ov Miihuiuet urndg dt .Saruscnt. 
Calipiiatk,«t, n. de guvcrnment ov a 

kiilil. [luit. \s. 

Calistiik.vics, Kal-ii)-t«?n-iks, n. pi. ekscrsj* for 
Calivkb, K.'il-i-vcr, n. a hand-gun. 
(/ALix, Ka-likii, n. a flfier kap; de Kter kuvcrig 

ov u fl'Her. Sf(C(i/yx.) 
Calk, Ki>k. >•. f. tu .stop or 8tuf, az de stmt bc- 

tviin pliijikx in u Jip. 
Calkkk, K>>k-iT, n. wun hit> kok?. 
Calki.n, Kal-kin, i>r Ko-kin, n. a prominens on a 

hitpt-Joi, tu prr v»»nt slipij). 
Calkinu-iro.v, K('ik-i\)-i-urn, »i. a (jiz-ol for kokig. 
Call, Kol, r. t. tu nam: tu !<umon: tu konvuk. 
Call, Kol, <•. i. tu krj •<!: lu in«k ci Jort viiit. 
Call, Kol, n. an adro.": u i<unii>nz; <i demdnd; a 

divin vokHjnn: a kHJig: a Jort vizit. 

Callek, Kiil-or, N. wun ba> keli. 

Callidity, Ka-lid-i-ti, ) i„.f,:„ „^ r^ i„„„ 
., I.-1 -1 . ". kraitinc!"; jraiUncs. 

CALLin.NEJW, Kal-id-ni'», t ' 

Calliuraphic, Kal-i-graf-ik, a. rrlatig tu bi^ti- 

ful ritii). 
Calliorai'Iiv, Ku-lig-ra-fi, n. bqtiful rjtifl. 
Calling. KiU-ij), ii. vuknjon: prufojon; trad: a kol. 
CALLiort. Ka-li-o-|>f, «. de mi^t hj> prczjdz uvor 

uiiizik iind hrruik p<Detri. 
Callipasji, Kal-i-|ia/, ( n. t<,>rmz ov kukeri in 
Callii'EE, Kal-i-pe, i dresiij) a turtl. [pan. 
Callosity. Ku-lon-i-ti, n. n huni Hwolijj widiit 
Callot, Kal-ot, n. a kap. Se {Oiffttt.} 
Callous. Kal-UK, a. hqrdnd; inxonHibl: unfelin- 
Calloisnesb, Kal-uK-nc.'», n. hqrdne!'; in-^en-'ibiliti. 
Callow, Kal-u, a. unfl<»j<l; naked. 
Calm, Kum, a. kwjt't: cfri-n: undistdrhd. 
Calm, Kum, n. trn-niti: kwjot: rr|Hjz. 
Calm. Kum, r. t. tu xtil; tu kwjet: tu pa^ifj. 
Calmly, Kqm-li, aJ. .•<crrnii: kwjfili. 
CALM.Nt»8, Kqai-nc*. ii. trankwiiiti; in{ldneH. 
Calmy, K('im-i, a. kwjct; j«f.<ful. [ri. 

Calomel, Kal-u-invl, n. a proimrHjon ov m^rkt^- 
Caloric, Ka-lor-ik, n. At prin.'<ipl or mator <>v 
Calorific. Ka'.-u-ril-ik, a. k^zio hrt. [hrt. 

Calurimktks, Kal-o-rim-e-tcr, n. an instHDnivnt 

tu iu*-jiir bet. 
Caloeimotor, Kal-o-ri-m6-tor, n. a galr&nik in- 

«tra>nieot for evolvi^ kal6rik. 
Cah)tte. Ka-16t, n. [Fr.] a kap or k«Tf ov h^r. 
Caloter, Ka-l<jr-er, n. a mugk ov de (Jrrk cjurcj. 
Caltrop, Kal-tmp, ( n. a militari in-^tnitmcnt. 
Caltiirop, Kil-trup, \ mad wid for ("pjkj!;- a 

kjnd ov tisl. (ov pt,-. 

Cali'MET. KAI-^i^-met, n. an Indian pjp; omblt-m 
Calim.niate. Ka-ldm-ni-nt, r. t. tu aki'iz fol.-li: 

tu "laiidir. [lajon: ulandor. 

Calimniatiom, Ka-luin-ni-A-Jon, n. foU akij- 
Cali'Mniator, Ka-ldm-ni-a-tor, n. a nUindorcr. 
Cali MMATORV, Ka-ldm-ni-a-ta-ri, ) a. foU; ulan- 
Calimmciois. Kn-ldm-ni-u.<, \ dprns. 

Cali'MMui'SLT, Ka-ldm-ui-us-li, ad. in a sUin- 

dorux manor. [abi^ii. 

Call'MNY, Kal-um-ni, n. slander: foU aki^u/on; 
Calvary, K.'U-va-ri, n. dc plot or skull. 

I Calve, K(\v, r. ». tu brio furt a kqf. 
Calvi.n'ihm, Kal-vin-ii-m, n. de duktiin or «ii<tcm 

ov Kalvin. [iim. 

Calvini8T, Kal-vin-iKt, n. an adherent tu Kilvin- 
Calvlmhtk-, Kal-vin-ifl-tik, i a. rtlalig tu 

Calvi MISTICAL, Kal-vin-i«-ti-kal, \ Kilrinizm. 
Calx, Kalk^ n. [/,.] pi. Kiiut; l^m or (jek: pv- 

der ni«d bj burnig. 
Calycle, Kal-i-kl, n. u ru ov leflet*. 
Calyx, Kii-lik", n. [L.] pi. Kal-i-Hcz; a flvor-kap. 
Camaiel'. Kain/i-yii, «. n kainro. (ei. 

Cambikt, Kain-biHt, m. a iH-nxm wkild in ekM^j- 
Camuii'M, Kam-bi-um, ii. in JlUani.n viaid Ke- 

krrjoii hwi<; M-imnit.o, in de '■prii), dr ulbdrnum 

ov u plant from de liber, or iiu-r burk. 
Camblet. Kaiii-blct, «. ,Se {CanUtt.} 
Cambrel, Kani-brol, n. a kruked ittik, or pea or 

{urn tu hag met on; giimbrcl. 
Cambric, Kiim-brik, n. fjn hw(t linen er kotn; 

from KtuiJiru, in Flandt-rz. 
Came, Kain, i. from Kum. Se {Otnt.) 
Camel. K.-nu-oi, n. an animal komon in Arabia 

and iidi-r estorn kuntriz; a ma/en for b:irin jips 

uviT bqrz. [animal; de jirif. 

Camelopard. Ka-m^l-o-|iard, n. u tol Afrikan 
Cameo, Kaui-e-u, n. a kjnd ov unika; a prejtu 

Ktun or Ji-I, havig imitativ dezins cngravd on it; 

Cameralistu 8, Kam-e-ra-li:<t-ik«, n. de t\ewi ov 

tinan.-< or publik ruvf nt^. 
Camera obscl'Ra, ob-»ki|-rQ, n. [Z.] 

an optikal luajen, yqzd in a dqrknd riDm, fer 

truig iiunjcz ov ekjit^rnal objckt/i up6n a plan 

Camerate, K«in-e-rat, t.t. tu scI or volt. 
Cameration, Kam-e-ra-Jon, n. a voltig orqr^in. 
Camisaho, Kam-i-sa-du, n. an atak mad in at 

di^rk. [»ilk, kt. 

Camlet, Kam-let, n. a .«tuf mad ov wul, er h^r, 
Camomile, Kam-u-m(l, n. an udoriferui* plant. 
Camoi's, Kn-mu.x, a. flat; deiinS^t; refvrz unli tu 

At nuiz. 
Camp, Kamp, n. At order ov tents; de plaB or an 

i'iik:'imjiig qrmi. 
Camp, Kamn, r. i. tu pi^ tent.'<; tu enkimp. 
Campaig.v, ham-pan, n. a Iqrj, opn kuntri;— de 

tini an qniii ke jis dr frid in wun yer. 
Campaign, Kaiu-{iHn, r. /. tu ktv in u kamp^D. 
CAMPAiGNi'Jt. Kam-|iun-er, n. an uld .Sjljvr. 
Campamform, Kam-pan-i-form, a. havig de Jap 

"V 11 b« 1. [rigig beli. 

Campanology, Kara-|ia-n61-o-ji, n. At qrt or 
Campancla. Kain-j>aii-yq-la. n. At Ixjlflncr. 
Campanilatf.. Kam-|>an-yq-lat, a. bel Japt. 
Campestral. Kam-|K>x-tniI, a. groig in fridz. 
Camphkne. Kani-1'i'ii. ii. pqr ffl ov turjioiiljn. 
Cami'IIor, Kam-for, u. u rrzin, or konkrrt, fra- 
grant jq.-* ov a tre: fonui-rli ritn {camphirt.} 
Camphorate,, ) a. iinpn>gnated 

Camphorated. K.-iui-fuk-rat-ed, i wid kamfor. 
Camphor-trek, Kam-fur-tre, n. de Indian lorrl 

tre., Kump-ig, n. At akt ov iilaigat fut-bel. 
Ca.n, Kan, r. i. [i. kud;J tu be nbl. 
Ca.n, Kan, u. a metal ku^>or ve.scl for likorz. 
Canaille. Ka-nal, u. [tr.] At loe*t ov de pepi: 

dr ilregz ov de pepl; lez: drcgi. 
Canal. Ka-nal, h. a wntcrlajn* mad b} qrt: a \»a- 

nj: (1 koiulit; a dukt in dc biwli <>v an animal. 
Ca.nal-coal, Kan-al-kul, n. a k^nd ov kul; kanel 

kul. [dan». 

Ca.s'art, Ka-n^-ri, h. a kjnd or w^n; mk; aa old 
Canary-bird, K»-ni-ri-b^rd, ». a »igig-b<|rU. 
Cancel, Kan-sol, r. t. tu blot nt; tu ofiis; tu 

oblitomt. [a <jnn.«tlor. 

CAh'CKLLAKKATK, KRo-scl-A-ix-at, A. rtUtig tu 




Cancellated, Kan-sel-at-ed, a. krost bj Ijnz. 
Cancellation, Kan-sel-a-Jon, «. akt ov eks- 

Cancer, Kan-ser, n. a krab fij; de sjn ov de sumer 

solstis; — a skirus, livid ttimor er sor. 
Cancerate, Kan-ser-at, v. i. tu. bekum a kanser. 
Canceration, Kan-ser-a-Jon, n. de akt ov groir) 

kanserus. [kanser. 

Cancerous, Kan-ser-us, a. havig de kwoliti ov a 
Cancerousness, Kan-ser-us-nes, n. stat ov beii) 

kanserus. [serus. 

Cancriform, Kan-kri-ferm, a. Ijk a kanser; kan- 
Cancrine, Kan-krin, a. havig de kwolitiz ov a 

Candelabrum, Kan-de-la-brum, n. [£.] pl.Kau- 

de-la-bra, {Eng.) Kan-de-la-brumz; a branqt 

Candent, Kan-dent, a. hot; gloii) wid bet. 
Candid, Kan-did, a. i^r■, opn; frai)k; injenyn,us. 
Candidate, Kan-di-dat, n. a kompetitor; wun 

hO) prcjpozez himself, ev iz propcozd, fer sum 

stajon. [fiirli. 

Candidly, Kan-did-Ii, ad. in a kandid maner; 
Candidness, Kan-did-nes, n. injenyqusnes; kan- 

dor. [lit. 

Candle, Kan-dl, n. a Ijt mad ov talo er waks; a 
Candle-holder, Kan-dl-h61d-er, n. a holder ov 

a kandl. 
Candle-light, Kan-dl -Ijt, n. de lit ov a kandl. 
Candlemas, Kan-dl-mas, n. de fest ov de pvi- 

fikajon ov de Verjin Mari, FebrCDari 2d, sele- 

brated wid Ijts. [bold kandlz. 

Candlestick, Kan-dl-stik, «. an instrooment tia 
Candor, Kan-dor, n. fraijknes; opnnes; f^mes. 
Candy, Kan-di, v. t. tia konserv, az Jiagar, erwid 

Candy, Kan-di, v. L tu gro konjeld. 
Candy, Kan-di, n. konserv ov Jugar; a swet-met. 
Cane, Kan, n. a red; Jugar-kan; a wekig-staf. 
Cane, Kan, v. t. tu bet wid a kan. 
Canebrake, Kan-brak, ji. a tiket ov kanz. 
Canicula, Ka-nik-yn,-la, n. [Z.] Sirius, de dog- 

stqr. [stqr. 

Canicular, Ka-nik-yti-lar, a. beloijii) tva de dog- 
Canine, Ka-nin, a. relatii] tu, er Ijk a dog. 
Canister, Kan-is-ter, n. a boksfer te, &s.; asmel 

Canker, K;ir)-ker, n. an etii) er korodii) hn,mor; 

koro^^on; viryi|lens; a dizez in trez. 
Canker, Kar)-ker, v. i. tm gro korupt; tia deka. 
Canker, Kaij-ker, v. t. tu korupt; tu korod; tu 

infekt. [moros. 

Cankered, Kai)-kerd, a. p. kordpted; koroded: 
Cankerous, Kai)-ker-us, a. korodig Ijk a kai)ker. 
Canker-worm, Kaij-ker-wurm, n. an insekt, er 

sert ov smel katerpilar. [hempn. 

Cannabine, Kan-a-bjn, a. pertanig tu hemp: 
Cannibal, Kan-i-bal, «. a man hiD ets hitman 

flej. [man flej. 

Cannibalism, Kan-i-bal-iz-m, n. de etii) ov bi|- 
Cannon, Kan-on, n. a grat gun fer bateri, &s. 
Cannonade, Kan-on-ad, ii. an atak wid kanon. 
Cannon-ball, Kan-on-bel, ) n. a bel fer a kanon 
Cannon-shot, Kan-on-Jot, i er a grat gun. 
Cannoneer, Kan-on-er, n. wun hdo manajez kan- 
on. [on. 
Cannon-proof, Kan-on-prcof, a. prcof agenst kan- 
Cannot, Kan-not, v. «. tu be unabl; — a wurd 
komp'snded ov A-an and not, — beter yiizd separat- 
Canoe, Ka-ndb, «. an Indian bot; a smel bot. [li. 
Canon, Kan-on, n. a rtol: a le; — de buks ov Holi 
Skriptyqr; a dignitari in katedralz; — Kanfm le; 
a kolekjon ov ekleziastikal lez. 
Canoness, Kan-on-es, n. a wuman pozest ov a 
prebend. [on; regyn,lar. 
Canonical, Ka-non-i-kal, a. inkln,ded in de kan- 

Canonicallt, Ka-non-i-kal-i, ad. in a kanonikal 

maner. [kanonikal. 

Canonicalness, Ka-non-i-kal-nes, n. stat ov beig 
Canonicals, Ka-non-i-kalz, «.^^. de ful dres ov 

a klerjiman. 
Canonicate, Ka-non-i-kat, n. de ofisova kanon. 
Canonist, Kan-on-ist, n. a man verst in kanon le. 
Canonistic, Kan-on-is-tik, a. beiogii) tu a kan- 

onist. [makig a sant. 

Canonization, Kan-on-i-za-Jon, n. de akt ov 
Canonize, Kan-on-jz, v. t. tu dekl4r er enr(51 

wun a sant. 
Canoxry, Kan-on-ri, / n. de ofis ov a kanon; a 
Canonship, Kan-on-Jip, i benefis in a kaiedrai 

er kolejiat qurq. 
Canopy, Kan-o-pi, n. a kuverii) over a tron or 

bed, er over de bed; a tester; a projektiij moldig. 
Canopy, Kan-o-pi, v. t. tu kuver wid a kanopi. 
Canorous, Ka-n6-rus, a. mn,zikal; tqnful. 
Canorousness, Ka-no-rus-nes, n. mvizikalnes. 
Cant, Kant, n. a korupt djalekt: a hwjnii), afek- 

ted maner ov speq; slag; — a tos; a tro. 
Cant, Kant, v. «. too spek hwjnigli or afektedli. 
Cant, Kant, v. t. tu sel bj ekjon; tu tos; tu turn. 
Cantabrigian, Kan-ta-brij-i-an, n. a student er 

gradyn,at ov de Yq^niversiti ov Kambrij, Iggland. 
Cantaloupe, Kan-ta-lmp, n. a smel muskmelon. 
Cantata, Kan-tq-ta, n. [/(!.] a poem set tumn,zik. 
Canteen, Kan-ten, u. a vesel fer kariig likorz. 
Canter, Kant-er, n. wun hco kants; — an ezi galop. 
Canter, Kant-er, i-. i. tu galop ezili er jentli. 
Cantharis, Kan-ta-ris, »>. [Z.] -pi. Kan-tar-i-dez; 

SpaniJ fljz yqzd fer blisterii). 
Canthus, Kan-tus, n. [Z.] de kerner ov de i. 
Canticle, Kan-ti-kl, )i. a sog; a kanto; — Sofl ov 

Cantillation, Kan-til-a-Jon, n. a Qantig resita- 

Jon wid mi^zikal modyqlajonz. 
Cantilever, Kan-ti-lev-er, ». a braket er pro- 

jekjon hwiq sup6rts a kernis, moldii), &s. 
Cantingly, Kant-ig-li, ad. in a kantig maner. 
Cantlet, Kant-let, n. a pes; a fragment. 
Canto, Kan-to, n. [/if.] a pqrt er sdijon ov a 

poem; — a trebl pqrt in mqzik. 
Canton, Kan-ton, n. a divigon ov de kontri; a 

Canton, Kan-ton, v. t. tu divjd intu litl pqrts. 
Cantonize, Kan-ton-jz, v. t. tu divjd intu smel 

distrikts. [jerz. 

Cantonment, Kan-ton-ment, n. kwerterz fer sol- 
Cantoon, Kan-t<f>E, n. a kjnd ov fustyan. 
Canty, Kan-ti, a. qerful; tekativ. 
Canvas, Kan-vas, n. a kors linen er hempn klot 

fer salz, er fer pantig on. 
Canvass, Kan-vas, v. t. tu sift: tu egzamin; tta 

debat; tu solisit. 
Canvass, Kan-vas, v. i. tu solisit vots. 
Canvass, Kan-vas, n. an egzaminajon. 
Canvasser, Kan-vas-er, n. wun hat kanvasez. 
Cany, Ka-ni, a. ful ov kanz; konsistig ov kanz. 
Canzone, Kan-zo-ne, «. a soi) in tCD er trs pqrts, 

wid pasajez ov fqg and imitajon. 
Canzonet, Kan-zo-net, 7i. a litl sog. 
Caoutchouc, Kifc-euk, n. gum-elastik. 
Caoutchoucine, Kob-qu-sin, n. an inflamabl and 

volatil el obtand from kcDquk. 
Cap, Kap, n. a kuverig for de hed; de top. 
Cap, Kap, v. t. tu kuver de top er end; tu eks^l. 
Capability, Ka-pa-bil-i-ti, n. kapablnes; kapasiti. 
Capable, Ka-pa-bl, a. abl tu hold er kontan; in- 

telijent; suseptibl; ekwal tu; kwolifjd fer. 
Capableness, Ka-pa-bl-nes, n. de stat ov beifl 

Capacious, Ka-pa-Jus, a. holdig mug; kompre- 

hensiv; okstensiv; wjd; Iqrj. [maner. 

Capaciously, Ka-pa-Jus-li, ad. ^in a kapajus 




CArACloutNESS, K*-pd-/uii-nM, n. stat ot brig 

ka{Mi/u«. (tu enabl. 

CArAciTATE. Ka-poii-i-tat, r. t. tu luak kapabl: 
Capacitit, Ka-p4a-i-ti, n. (Uit uv beiQ kapajuj) or 

ka(>iibl: rtTiui; »[«.■*; pwr; abiliti. 
CArAPiK, Ka|>-a-p«. Md. [/r.J from bod tu fut; 

el ijvcr. [hen. 

Capari-son, Ka-]>ar-i-iion, n. a «qp^Tb drcD f»r u 
CAPAUinuM, Ktt-]«r-i-8on, r. t. tu dren nqp^rbli. 
Capi:, Klip, II. u bedlunJ: — de iiek-pe^ uv u kul. 
CAPtK, Kii-|>(.'r, n. a Irp: a jump; -<i bud; a pikl. 
Caplk. Kii-p<LT, r. I. tu dun.': tu Up; tu skip. 
Capias, KH-pi-on, n. [/,.] u sort ov ril «r proses. 
C'APiLLACturs, Kttp-i-lu-/un, a. L^ri. 
Capillamk.nt, Ka-pil-a-mcnt, n. a f|n trod, bi^r, 

er Ijbi-r. 
Capillabv, Kdp-i-la-ri, ur Ka-pil-a-ri, a. lug and 

ak-ndiT, Ijk <i h:ir; suol; mint'^t. [vescl. 

Capillakt. Kap-i-la-ri, h. u »taa\ tab, er blad- 
Capital. K:ip-i-tal, a. rrliitig tu de ncd; afc-ktig 

dr hill iir Iji: tjrl; principal; Ljrj. 
Capital, Kap-ital, «. dt ujicr j«irt ov a kuluinor 

pilar; i;tf siti; -."tok; pritu<i|iul sura; — a Uirj k-ter. 
Capitalist, K:i|>-i-tal-iiit, n. wun ba> bai a kapi- 

tal or siok. [qelli. 

Capitally, Kup-i-tal-i, atl. in a kapital mant-r; 
Capitatio.m, Kap-i-li-/un, u. oi;iiieni/on bj hcdr; 

Capite. Kap-i-tt, n. [Z.] a k^nd i.v tcnynr. 
Capitul, Kap-i-tol, n. a ii^rj tempi; u publik edifis. 
Capitl'lae, Ka-pit-yq-lur, i n. a statji^t; a 
Capitulary, Ka-pit-yn,-la-ri, ! bodiovstatyqUi; 

a nieultrr ov u qapter. 
Capitilaby, Ka-pit yi(,-la-ri, a. rtlatig tu dt 

(japtcr <iv II kafrilnil. [trcti. 

Capiti"Late. Ka-pit-yil-lal, r. «. tu siurendt-r bj 
CaPitilation, Ka-]iit-yii-la-/on, ii. dt aktov ka- 

pityiila(i(): surendcr. [pilyHlat.-'. 

Capitllatoe. Ka-pit-yq-la-tor, n. wun ho) ka- 
Capiti, Ka-pi'-vi, n. a trr; bolsum kojiabu; a rei- 

tiiu-^ jqs IMin dr trr. [Kinak. 

CaI'Noma.ncy, Kap-D6)-man-$i, ii. divina/on bj 
Capox. Kfi-ixin, H. a ka.>!Lratcd k«k. 
Capon.vujie, Kap-o-ne'r, 

wid u litl |iura]iOt 

f'APTAisEY, Kiip-ten-ri, m. qifUnfip. 
('APTAiMiiiip, Ka|>-t«n-/ip, i». dc ra!(|^ er post or 

u kaplen; uiililnri «kil. [artet. 

Caption-, Kap /.m, n. dr akt or takig: uiar, an 
('aptiolh, Kap-/u^ «. ka<;inalf..lU;apt tu kavil. 
Captioibly, Kaj>-;ui! 11, aJ. iu a kap/uj rnaocr. 
CAPTiOL'tiNKiiS, Kap-Ju«-DM, N. ioklina/on tu fjnd 
. f'If. [.;qnn. 

Captivate, Ka^i-ti-vat, r. C. tu tnk primer, tu 
Caitivatio.v, Kap-ti-va-/oD, n. de akt or kipti- 

vutip: <;iinn. 
('aitive. Kap-tiv, n. wun tiikn in wor: wun oqnnd. 
Caitive, Ka^-tiv, a. uuni prirnir; tukn bj Jur». 
Captivity, Kap-tiv-i-ti.n.ntat ov o kapiiv; b«<nd- 
, "J' . [prjicf. 

Caitoe. Kap-tor, n. wun bcti taks prizncn or 
Captike, Kapt-yqr, n. akt ov takig: a pqz. 
Capture, K.-ijit-yi^r, c. t. tu tak hz h pr(z. 
Capuciii.v, Kap-yii-Je'n, n. u kluk wid a bud; an 

oriU-r ov frjurz: u k^iiJ ov pijon. 
Caput moetuum, Kii-put, ». [L.] 

wurtliv rrmunz. 
Cak, K(^r, II. u (jariot; kfjrt; a vehikl or karij; — u 

koii.-'U-laJon; a (jariot ov wor or trjumf. 
Cauabine, Kar-u-bin. «. a sort ov fjr-qmi. 
Caeabi.neee, Kar-a-bin-er, n. wun qnad wid a 

Caeau. Kar-ak, n. a Iqrj .Spnni/ /ip ov burdn. 
Cauaiole, Kar-a-kol, u. [/>-.] an oblektrcd or 

a hors'. 
Cabacole, Kar-a-kul, v. i. tu nUiV in karakolz. 
Carat, Kar-at, ii. a wat ov for grunz; u wat dat 

ck.'presez dt fjnnes ov gold. 
Cabavax, Kar-a-van. n. o b<xli ov travclig Frtem 

in«/r<;ant--' or pilgrimz; a Iqrj karij. [clcn. 

Cakava.xsaey, Kar-a-van-.-a-ri, h. a h'lsfortrav- 
Cakavkl, K:ir-a-vel, n. u Ijt /ip or ve*el. 
("araw.\y, Kar-a-wa, h. u plant and iv !«pj=i red. 
Carbine, Ktjr-bjn, or Kar-bjo, n. a smol t|r-qnn. 

Sc { ( ktmlriue.) 
Cakbu.v, Kiir-bon, ii. pqr qqrkol, a cimpl bodi, 

brii, britl, and inuxloru:*. ilwcn kristuljzd, it 

lorinz dr djauiond. [bon. 

a kuvcrd lojment ! Caebomaceous, Kqr-bon-a-Ju«, a. kontanin kqr- 

Caebo.nado, Kqr-bo-na-du, m. intt kut akro.< and 

Capot, Ka-j«>t, ri. a winig at dr gam or pikct. I brttld. [dr kolz. 

Capoucii, Ka-ufxj, ». a inugk.'' hud. Cabiionado, Kqr-l)0-na-do, r. t. tu brtrl u|)6n 

Cap PAPER, Kip-iia-per. ft. kors br-sn pojier for '"abboxate, Kqr-l>on-Ht, n. a komp^nd ov kqr- 

kun-rz. [drilz. i l«'>Mik a<id acd u ba.-<. [kqrbonik a.«id. 

Capbeolate, Ka-prr-o-lat, a. [BU.] havig ten- ' Cabboxatkd, Kqr-bon-at-ed, a. kombjnd wid 
Capbiccio, Ka-pret-tjo, ». u lata, ir^g^lar spejez Cakdoxu-. Kqr-b6n-ik, a. pertanig tu kqrbon. 

ov kompozijon. i Cabbomkebous, Kqr-bon-if-er-us, a. kontanig 

Capeiccioao,, [It.] notig a ka- kiirb.m or kol. 

priju"', frr. or fantastik stjl. I Caubijxizatiox, Kqr-bon-i-ia-/on, «. dt akt or 

Capeice, Ka-prc.<, n. a sudcn stqrt ov mind; frrk; i kcirbonizig. 

fanM; hwim. [kal; faiisiful. Carbuxue, K^r-bon-jz, v. t. tu konvyrt intu 

Capeicious, Ka-jiriJ-m. a. ijanjabl; fiki; hwiuizi- kqrb.iM. 

Capeiciouslv, Ka-priJ-u.i-li, atl. hwimzikali. | Carboxohydbous, K^r-bon-o-hi-drus, a. kom- 
Capriciouhxess, Ka-priJ-ui-ne,', n. kaprr^. |KJzd ov kqrlwn and hjKlrojen. 

Capeu'OBX, Kap-ri-kom, n. de tent ajn or dr ' Carboy, Kqr-b«T, n. a TurkiJ resel for likor. 

fuiliuk: dr winter xolstisi. j Cabbixcle, Kqr-bug-kl, ii. a red jem; a pimpl 

CAPEiriCATiox, Kap-ri-fi-k^-Jon, n. a ripnig ov or tiimor. 

fig*. _ [a donn. 1 Caebuxcled, Ki^r-bug-kld, a. set wid kqrbunkli. 

Capeiole, Kap-ri-ol, n. a Irp wid-*t advdnsin; Cabbuxuulab, Kqr-bdg-kq-lar, a. briogig tu a 
Capnicum. Kip-si-kum, n. Uini peper, nrit^ ben. k(irbugkl. [ig uv budi. 

Capmze, Kap-Kjz, c. /. tu ovcrtdrn; tu upf^t. 
Capstam, Kap-^ian, n. a majtn or cnjin tu dro 
up a gmt wat 

Cabbuxculatio."*, Kqr-bug-kq-la-/on,/i. dr blust- 
Caebubet, Ki^r-bq-ret, n. Q kumpisnd ov kqrboD 
and sum mri.ilik subsians. 

Cai-silar. Kap-sq-lar, ) a. rtlatig tu a kap- Carbueetteu, Kqr-bq-ret-cd, a. kombjnd wid, 
CAIttULABY, Kap-sq-la-ri, i sql; huTo, at a Qcs(. or kontnoij) kqrbon. [ell. 

Capui LATK, Ksj^i-q lat, i «„ki,s^ 1 Cabca.iet. Kqr-ka-net, a. a can or kokir or jq- 

Capsulated, Kan -jq-lat-cd, ( *• "•"""»«• [<jij Kq^r-ka.s n. a ded bodi. 
Capsule, Kap-!>ql, ». de wd rcsel or a plant; a Carceral. Kdrse-ral, a. briogin tu a prixn. 
Captaix, Kip-ten, ». de komdndor or a Jip, a Caeuinoma, Kqr-si-Du-ma, ». [£.] a kanser; an 

tntip ov hers or a kumpani ov fut; a (jrf. ' ulscr. 

CArTAi!<CT, Kap-len-si, n. de ofis or a kapten. Cabcixomatous, Kqr-8i-D6m-a-tu.<, a. kanaanu. 




Card, Kqrd, »». a pnntcd paper J^zl f.^r gamz: a 

paper kontaniij an adres; a not; — an iustrdDment 

for komir) wul. [arat. 

Card, Kqrd, r. t. tti kom; tu cspn wul: tu sep- 
Card, Kqrd, v. i. tu pla wid kqrdz. 
Cardamine, K^r-da-mjn, 71. de plant, ladiz smok. 
Cardamom, Kqr-da-mom, n. a mcdisinal, aromat- 

ik sfd. [kqrdz. 

Caedkr, Kqrd-er, 11. wun hot) kqrdz, er plaz at 
Cardiac, Kqr-di-ak, j a.pertaniijtudehqrt: 

Caediacal, Kar-dj-a-kal, j kerdyal; a kerdial 

Cardialgy, K(^r-di-al-ji, «. &.z hqrtburn. 
Cardinal, K^r-di-nal, «. a dignitari in de RomiJ 

qnrq, nekst in raijk tu ds pop: — a wumanz 
Cardinal, Kqr-di-nal, a. qsf: prinsipai. [klok. 
Cardinalate. Kqr-di-nal-at, ) «. ds ofiserrai)k 
Cardinalship, K^r-di-nal-Jip, i ov a kqrdinal. 
Cardixal-flower, Kqr-di-nal-fl'ser, n. a brit 

skqrlet fliser; a spejfz ov lobElia. [dinal. 

Cardinalize, K(^r-di-iial-jz, v. t. tu mak a kqr- 
(^ARDioiD, K^r-di-tird, n. an alJEbrnik, hqrt-Japt 

Cardmaker, Ki'ird-mak-er, n. a maker ov kqrdz. 
Cardoon, Kqr-dAn, n. a spsjez ov wild qrtiQcak. 
Card-table, K^rd-ta-bl,?;.. a tabl fer plaii) kqrdz. 
Care, K^r, n. scalisitiid; axjzJEti; kejon; qqrj. 
Case, K^r, v. i. tu be arjkjus; tu be inkljnd. 
Care-crazed, Kqr-krazd, a. brokn bj kq,r. 
Careen, Ka-ren, r. t. tu la a vesel on wun sjd. 
Career, Ka-rer, n. a. kors; a ras; sped; prosed- 


Career, Ka-rer, v. i. tu run wid swift mojon. 

Careful, Kqr-ful. a. ai]kjus: provident; woqful. 

Carefully, Ki\r-ful-i, ad. htdfuli: providentli. 

Carefulness, K4i"-fwl-ne?, u. vijilans; aijzjfti; 

Careless, K^r-les, a. haviij no kqr: hedles. [k.^r. 

Carelessly, Kqr-les-li, ad. in a ki\r'es maner. 

Carelessness, Kqr-les-nes, «. stat ov beiijkfirles. 

Caress, Ka-res, v. t. tu tret wid fondnes: tu fondl. 

Caress, Ka-res, n. an akt ov endermcnt. 

Caressed, Ka-rest, p. trsted wid fondnes. 

Caret, Ka-ret, n. [Z.] dis mqrk [,\], hwiq Joz 
hwqr .«umtii) interljud Jud be red. 

Cargo, K^r-go, n. &t ladiv) ov a Jip; frat: lod. 

Caribbean, Kar-i-be-an, a. relatiij tu a kluster 
ov West India jlandz, er de adjasent se. 

Caricature, Kar-i-ka-ti|r, n. a. Iqdikrus Ijknes 
er reprezentajon ov a person er tii). 

( "aricature, Kar-i-ka-tvi,r, v. t. tu reprszent bj 
karikatqr. [kati^rz. 

Caricaturist, Kar-i-ka-ti\,-rist, )i. wun hcD kari- 

Caricous, Kar-i-kus, a. rezemblii) a fig. 

Caries, Ka-ri-Ez, n. [L.] rotunes ov ban. 

Carinate, Kiir-i-nat, a. Japt Ijk de kel ov a Jip. 

Cariole, Kar-i-ol, n. a Ijt karij fer wun person, 
driiu bi wun hers. 

Cariosity, Ka-ri-6s-i-ti, n. ulserajon ov bon. 

Carious, Ka-ri-us, a. rotn: lilserated. 

Carl, Kqrl, n. a msn, broital man; — a kind ov 
hemp. [in a Jip. 

Carlings, K4r-liijz, n. pi. timberz Ijii) for and aft 

Carman, Kqr-man, n. a man hflo drjvz a kqr or 
kqrt. [pqr. 

Carmelite, Kqr-mel-jt, ji. a mendikant friar; — a 
■ Carminative, Kqr-min-a-tiv, n. medisin tu dis- 
pel wind. [worraii]. 

Carminative, Kqr-min-a-tiv, a. ekspelii) wind: 

Carmine, Kqr-mjn, «;• Kar-mjn, n. a brjt red er 
krimzn kulor, pant, or pigment. 

Carnage, Kqr-naj, «. sloter; havok: masaker. 

Carnal, Kqr-nal, a. flejli; not spirityixal: lustful. 

Carnalist, Kqr-nal-ist, 11. wun givn tu karnaliti. 

Carnality, Kar-nal-i-ti, n. flejli lust; senJu^aliti. 
Carnalize, Kqr-nal-jz, i>. t. tu debas tia kar- 

Carnally, Kqr-nal-i, ad. in a kqrnal maner. 
Carnal-minded, K^r-nal-mind-ed, a. wurldli- 


Cae'nal-mindedness, Kqr-nal-mjnd-ed-nes, n. 

grosnes ov mind. [fl'ser. 

Carnation, Kar-na-Jon, n. a flej kulor; — a fjn 

Carnelian, Kar-nsl-yan, n. a prejug ston ov a 

red er redij-hwjt kulor, sumtjmz olmost hwjt. 
Carneous, K4r-ne-us, a. fleji; fat; kqrnal. 
Carney, Kqr-ni, n. a dizEZ in hersez miida, hwiq 
bekum so furd dat da kan not et. [ov flej. 

Carnification, Kqr-ni-fi-ka-Jon, n. de makig 
Carnify, K^r-ni-fi, v. i. tu ferm flej in grot. 
Carnival, K^r-ni-val, n. a Katolik fest held be- 
for Lent. [karnivorus animalz. 

Carnivora, Kar-niv-a-ra, n. pi. [L.] de trjb ov 
Carnivorous, Kar-niv-o-rus, a. fsdii) on flej; 

Carnosity, Kar-nos-i-ti, w. a fleji ekskr^sens. 
Caroche, Ka-roJ, n. a. karij ov plegq^r. [him. 

Carol, Kar-ol, n. a sog ov egzultajon er prnz: a 
Carol, Kar-ol, v.i. tu siri: tu werbl. 
Carol, Kar-ol, v. t. tu selsbrat in soi). 
Carotid, Ka-rot-id, a. a term apljd tu tO) qrteriz. 
Carotid, Ka-rot-id, n. wun ov de qrteriz ov ds 
nek. [karrz. 

Carousal, Ka-r's-zal, n. a. festival: a rcvtlii): a 
Carouse, Ka-rsz, v. i. tu drirjk hqrd; tu revel. 
Carouse, Ka-r'sz, n. a nerzi drii)kii)-maq. 
Carouser, Ka-r'8Z-er, «.. a nerzi, hqrd driijker. 
Carp, Kqrp, v. i. tta senJn,r; tu kavil; — n. a pond 
fij. [and Jips. 

Carpenter, Kqr-pen-ter, n. a bilder ov h-szea 
Carpentry, Kqr-pen-tri, n. de trad er qrt ov a 

Carper, Kqrp-er, n. wun hO) kqrps er kavilz. 
Carpet, Kqr-pet, n. a kuverii) for de flor or tabl. 
Carpet, Kqr-pet, v. t. tu spred wid kqrpets. 
Carpeting, Kqr-pet-ii), n. materialz fer kqrpets. 
Carping, Kqrp-iij, JU^- s.. kapjus; sensorius. 
Carping, Kqrp-iij, n. a kavil; senjii,r; abii,s. 
Carpus, Kqr-pus, n. [Z.] de rist. 
Carraway, Kar-a-wa, n. an apl. Se {Caraway.) 
Caeriable, Kar-i-a-bl, a. kapabl ov bEiij karid. 
Carriage, Kar-ij, n. de akt ov kariii); a vehikl; 
konvaans; behavyor. [pijon. 

Carrier, Kar-i-er, 71. wun hco kariz; — a sert ov 
Carrion, Kar-i-on, n. ded, piitrifjig flej. 
Carrion, Kar-i-on, a. relatig tu,er ftdig on kqr- 

Carronade, Kar-on-ad, n. a Jert pes ov erdnans. 
Carrot. Kar-ot, n. a plant and its robt. 
Carroty, K;ir-ot-i, a. Ijk karots: ov redij yelo. 
Carrows, Kar-oz, ». pi. strolii) gamsterz in ir- 

Carry, Kar-i, i'. t. tu konva; tia transport; tia 

bqr; tu efekt; tu gan: tu bEhav; tu konddkt. 
Carry, Kar-i, v. i. tu konva; tu transport. 
Carryall, Kar-i-el, n. a Ijt, for-hweld karij. 
Cart, Kqrt, n. a karij fer burdn, wid tCD hwelz. 
Cart, Kqrt, v. t. tu konva in a kqrt. 
Cart, Kqrt, v.i. tu yq,z kqrts fer karij . [it. 

Cartage, K^rt-aj, n. de akt ov kqrtii), er qqrj fer 
Carte-blanche, K^rt-blonJ, n. [Fr.'\ a blaijk 
paper intrusted tu a person, tu be fild up az he 
plezez; unkondijonal termz. 
Cartel, Kar-tel, n. an agrement betwen t<j) stats 
at wer, relativ tu de eksqanj ov priznerz; a Jip 
fer eksqanjii) priznerz; — a qalenj. 
Carter, K4rt-er, n. wun hcD drjvz a kqrt. 
Cartesian, Kqr-te-jan, a. relatii) tu r)ak4rt, er 

hiz filosofi. 
Cartesian, Kqr-te-gan, n. a foloer ov Dakqrt. 
Cart-horse, Kqrt-hers, n. a hers dat drez a kqrt. 
Carthusian, Kqr-tq,-3i-aD, a. relatig tu anerder 
ov muijks. 



Caktilaob, K(\r-ti-laj, ». a tuf, eliatik ^abttUiuK: 
grizl. [kqrlilaj. 

CAKTiLAOi.tot'8, Kqr-tj-laj-i-niM, a. koni'iniio ov 

Caktoon, K<ir-uf>n, h. u iMiitig on Iqrj i>(i|M)r. 

Caetolch, Kur-tiixj, n. u kiiit lur jiBdor und bol. 

Cakthiuuic, K(^r-trij, n. a paper I'ild wid f;<^'>' 
psdir. (trijei. 

Caktriuoe-box, K^r-trij-bokit, n. a bok« fi»r kqr- 

CAKT-KufK, K^rt-fupi ». u (itrofl rop fur draft. 

CAkT-RUT, K<(rt-rul, n. de trak mad b| u kiirt- 
hwel. [for rekiirds. 

Cartl'Lakv, Ki'irt-yn-Ia-ri, h. a rejiiitvr: u plas 

Cartwbiout, Ki\rt-rjt, n. a inaktT ov k^ru* 

Cast, Kast, v. t. [«. kiwt, p$. kdntiQ, kart;] ta 

tru: tu nig; tu itcnd; tu »kiiU'r;— tu koodem: tu 

kompiit: tu koulrjv;— tu Jed; — lu find;— tu 

brio furt aborlivli. 
Cast, Kuitt, r. i. tu gro intu a fnnn; tu worp. 
Cast, Kunt, «. a tru; a kuntio; a muld;— a Jaa; %r 

<»r men; Jap; tu«;; ran; brrd. 
Castalia.v, Kai«-ta-li-ai], ;i. rt fviig tu a fvot &t 

('a8Ta.\i:t, Kaa-ta-not, n. a ini»t Jel or iTori, 6r 

bqrtl wud, bwiq duiuera rati in d^r hands. 
Camtaway, Kdflt-a-wn, n. a person lutt er abin- 


Castellation, Kas-tcl-A-Jon, 

f.'ABTEa,«r, II. wun ho) ka«l« 

Carl'Nclk, Kttf-uo-kl, ». a mii'il pratiibi-rami uv C'astk, Kust, ». a ru <*r klaitov prpl. 

flfj. [protiibcran.i. ! <'asti;lla.v, Kas-tcl-an, u. de guvernor «v a kcul. 

Carl'N'CULateu, Ktt-rtin-kii-lat-cd, a. havip u C'ASTELLA.yy, Kaa-tet-a-ni, n. At lordjip ov a 
CaRVK, Kiirv, r. t. tu Kut intu elegunt forinz; ka.'l. 

tu 8kulj>tyiir: tu kut met ut de tabl; tu kut. 
Carte, Korv, r. i. tu kut «t<jn or met. 
Carver, Ki\rv-er, n. wun hiD k(irv«; a i^kulptor. 
Carvixo, Kurv-io, n. de ukt ov k<;r>'ij); skulpt- 

Caryates, Kar-i-a-tei, j «./>/. de figyt^rsov 

Caryatides, Kar-i-at-i-det, I wimcn, in^stdil uv 

kolumz, tu suiHJrt cntublati^rz. [fol. 

Cahcade, Ku-s-ku'l, n. u .*m'>l kutunikt; a wttter- 
Cascarilla, Kad-ka-ril-u, ». de bc^rkor de Kru- 

toii KiLskariln: a tijiiik. 
Caue, Kui, II. a b<ik.-i: a Jet; a kuvcr;— kondijon; 

atut: — a knx in kurt; au iaflc-kjun <iv n'«ni. 
Cask, Vita, r. t. tu put in u kiu; tu kuvcr, tu 

enka.i. [KL-<|d, az |urn. 

CaHEHardex, Ka.'-hqrd-n, r. t. tu bi^rdii on de 
CABE-K.NirE, Kn^-nif, n. a tabl nif. 
Cahemate. Kti.i-mat, n. a k|nd ov muMi]): a vult. 
Casematei>, Ka-i-inat-ed, ji. fumijt widu kafmat. 
Casement, Ka.i-mout, n. a [iqrt i>v a wiiidu opn 

ig u|]«in hinjet: — a kjnd ov muldiy. 
Caseous, Ka-Je-u.s a. rez^mbliu cez. 
Caber.v, Kii-zt--m. n. a lojijj for isjljcri. 
Case-shot, Ka.'i-Jot, n. (urn or bulet^ unkiuzd in 

a \Mi. [U ka«. 

Casework, Ka!<-wurm, n. a wunn dat mak:< iu<elf 
Casu, KnJ, II. muni; rtnii muni; kirn: bagk nuli<. 
Cash, KuJ, t°. t. tu pa muni for; tu turn intu 

Casbbook, KaJ-buk, n. a buk in hwiq akvnts 

ov muni (jr kept. 
C.\siiEW-NL'T, Ka-Ja>-nut, >i. frcot ov de kaj(6; a 

trr ov de West Index. 
Cashier, Kaf-er, n. wun hinhasqqrj ot de muni 



A8IIIER, Kaf-i 
in >i bagk, in 

Cashier, KaJ-sr, c. t. tu di-iki^rd: tu di.-<mi:i from 

a \Ks*\ or ■itis: tu brak. 
Cash KEEPER, KaJ-kep-cr, n. a man bdiix )ntni:<t- 

ed wid muni. [kuntri bwt^r fvr:«t inad. 

Ca^umkrb, K&J-mtr, n. a Jol ku kold from de 
Cashoo, KiJ-Ok, n. de gum or ji^.i ov an Indian 

trt. [kas. 

Casino, Ka-i-ig, n. akt ov kuvcrig: a kuvrrig; a 
Cask. Kii«k, n. a holo wudn vi-*icl; a barvl. 
Casket, K;i.i-kut, n. a Kmol bokn for j>ielz. 
CAflyuE, Ka»k, n. a helraot; qnuor for de hcd. 
Cassada. Ka-s^-da, »r Kiu-a-da, n. a plant. 
Cassatiox, Ka-mi-Jon, n. a repelig or mnkio vffd. 
Cassava, Ka-sa-vu, »r Kin-a-va, n. a uprjez or 

stqrij Of fekyt^la; a plant from hwi^ tapiuka iz 

Cassia. KaJ-i-u, n. a Rwrt «piii: a trt. 
Cassidoxy, Ki!<-i-do-ni, n. u plant: a mineral. 
Cassimere. Ka-i-i-mtr, n. <x tin wulcn klot: — 

ritii.iUcj tkfrii^mfrt:) k^niroer. 
Cassino. Ka.i-t'-nu, n. a gam at kqrdi. [bfrd. 

Cassiowart, Kas-i-Lk-wa-ri, n. a toy itilt-legd 
Cassock, K:'iJ-ok, n. a lug undrr gqrmcnt ov a 


Castellated, Kis-tcl-at-ed, a. fonnd lik a kaKl. 

I. de akt ov f«jr- 


viol:— a 

Ca«ter,s, Kd.xt-en, n. pi. a fram for holdin botlt. 

Castigate, Kas-ti-gat, r. t. tu qaj)t{i: tu korekt. 

Castioatig.n, Ka^j-ti-ga-Jon, ii. punijmcnt; c^- 

Castiuator, Kas-ti-ga-tor, n. wun hiD kor^kt«. 
Castioatory, Kaj-ti-ga-t£>-ri, A. tcndig tu kor- 
Castile-soap, Kas-tel-sup, n. a pqr kind ov sop. 
Casting, Ku^t-io, n. de akt ov troig, kastip, er 

f'sndifl: d vi-.iol or tig ka.^t. 
Casti.\g-net, K<i.<t-ig-net, n. a net tu be trun., Kdst-ig-vot, n. de vut hwicj kasle 

de balans hwenupiuyonz qr ekwali divjded. 
Castle, Kds-I, h. « fortres or fortif^d his. 
Castled, Kds-ld, a, fumijt wid kaslz. 
Castleev, Kds-l-ri, ii. de guvemment ova kasl. 
iTLET, Kii.-<-lut, n. a smol kasl. 
LI.NO, Kuft-lig, n. an uborjon; — a. abortiv. 
OR. K(is-tor, n. [Z.] a bever; wanovde Twini 
or .Icniiiij; a hwel. [in a bever. 

CA.'^TOKtLii, Kas-tu-re-um, n. [Z.] mater f'snd 
Caster-oil, Kda-ter-tfl, n. an ffl from de palma 


C ASTRA MET ATI o.v. Kas-tra-me-tA-Jon, n. de akt 

ov toriuig k.'uu|i^. 
Castrate, K.ii-trat, r. t. tu emAskqlat; tu geld, 
Castratio.v, Kas-tra-Jon, n. de akt ov geldig er 

Castrel. K.M-trcl, n. a kjnd ov hok. 
Castrensiak, Kas-tr^n-Jan, a. brli'toigtua kamp. 
C.\8Tbteel, Ka.-'t-stel, n. stel dat haz bin fqzd in 

u knii.-iibl, and den kat>t intu bqn. 
Casual, Knjt-q al, a. aksidental; fortqitu*. 
Casually, K:\^ q-al-i, ail. akiiidontali. [qal. 

CA8fALN|.jis. K;ij-q-al-ne<, n. stat ov brig kaj- 
Casualty. K.iij-q-al-ii, n. aksident; oani<. 
Casuist, K:r<-qi-i, n. wun hoj studii and setli 

kn.oez ov konJ.'n.<. 
Casuistic, Kaj-q-iitik, > a. rrlalig tukas- 

Casuistical. Kaj-q-i.-t-i-kal, < ei ov konJen«. 
Casuistry, K:ij-q-i*t-ri. n. At «ienaova ki^qist. 
Cat, Kat, n. an aniniiil; a kind ov Jip;— a trjiiod. 
Catabaptist, Kat-a-bap-tist, n. an oponent oT 

Cataciiresis, Kat-a-krf -sis, n. a abqs 

ov u tro]'. 
Catachrestical, Kat-a-kr^-ti-kal, a. farst; fqr- 


Cataclysm, Kat-a-klis-m, «. a deliu;— a f'ser-bal. 
Catacomb. Kat-a-kum, n. a kav for de berial 

ov At d-d. 
Catacoustics, Kat-a-kt£>«-tik<. n. pi. At «teM oT 

rrliekt'sl ."'xndz. 
Catadioptric, Kat-a-diiSp-trik, I a. rrfl^k- 
Catadioptrical, Kat-a-di-6p-tri-kal,| tig lit. 




Catageaph, Kat-a-graf, ti. ds ferst draft ov a 

Catalectic, Kat-a-lek-tik, a. wontig a silabl. 
Catalepsy, Kat-a-lep-si, n. a Ijt kjnd ov apo- 

Catalogue, Kat-a-log, «•• a list ov namz ov per- 
son z, or ov de titlz ov biaks, &s. 
Catalogue, Kat-a-log, v. t. tia mak a list ov. 
Catalpa, Ka-tal-pa, n. a Iqrj fluerii) trg. 
Catamaran, Kat-a-ma-ran, «. a sort ov raft. 
Catamenia, Kat-a-mg-ni-a, n. muntli floirjz. 
Catamount, Kat-a-munt, n. a wjld-kat. 
Catapasm. Kat-a-paz-in,«.a niikstyi|rov p-yderz. 
Cataphonics, Kat-a-fon-iks, n. pi. de doktrin ov 

reflekted S3ndz. 
Catapueact, Kat-a-frakt, n. a hersman in kom- 

plet qrmor. [plaster. 

Cataplasm, Kat-a-plaz-m, n. a poltis; a soft 
Catapult, Kat-a-pult, n. an anjent militari en- 

Cataract, Kat-a-rakt, n. a weterfel; — a dizEz in 

ds J. [noz; a kold; infli^enza. 

Cataeeh, Ka-tqr, n. a disqqrj ov fhi,id from dt 
Cataeehal, Ka-tqr-al, ) a. relatii) tu a katqr 
Cataeehous, Ka-tqr-us, i er kold; inkrsst se- 

krfjon ov mqkus. 
Catasteeism, Ka-tas-ter-iz-m, n. a konstelajon er 

a plasiij aniug de stqrz. [kalamiti. 

Catastrophe, Ka-tas-tro-fg, n. a fjnal event; 
Catcall, Kat-kol, n. a smel skwekii) instraiment. 
Catch, Kaq, v. t. \i. ket &r kaqt, ps. kaqii), kot 

er kaqt; ] tia la hold on wid de hand; tu. sez; tia 

stop; txa ensn4r: tu tak; tu resev. 
Catch, Kaq, i-. i. tu be kontajus; tu la hold. 
Catch, Kaq, n. segtj^r; an advdntaj takn; a snaq; 

a hold; eni tii) dat kaqez; a sog, er pqrt ov a soi), 

suij in suksejon. 
Catchee, Kaq-er, n. de person er tig dat kaqez. 
Catching, Kaq-ig, pp. a. apt tu kaq; kontajus. 
Catchpenny, Kaq-pen-i, n. a wurtles publikajon. 
Catchpoll, Kaq-pol, n. a sqrjent; a bumbalif. 
Catchup Kaq-up, j ^^^ ^^ kondiment. 

Catsup, Kat-sup, ) 

Catchword, Kaq-wurd, n. de last ward in a paj. 
Catechetic, Kat-E-ket-ik, ) a. konsistig ov 

Catechetical, Kat-e-ket-i-kal, i kwestyonzand 

anserz. [yon and anser. 

Catechetically, Kat-e-ket-i-kal-i, ad. bj kwest- 
Catechise, Kat-e-kjz, v. t. tu instriikt bj kwest- 

yonz and anserz; tu kwestyon; tu interogat. 
Catechiser, Kat-e-kjz-er, n. wun hcD katelqzez. 
Catechism, Kat-e-kiz-m, n.a ferm ov instrukjon, 

bj kwestyonz and anserz; an elementari buk. 
Catechist, Kat-8-kist, ». wun hm teqez de kat- 

ekizm. [and anser. 

Catechistical, Kat-e-kis-ti-kal, a. bj kwestyon 
Catechu, Kat-e-kvi, n. a br'sn astrinjent ekstrakt 

obtand in India. 
Catechumen, Kat-e-ki^-men, n. wun hca iz yet 

in de riDdiments ov Kristyianiti; a pq,pil litl ad- 

Categoeical, Kat-e-gor-i-kal, a. absolqt; pozi- 

tiv; ekspres. [pozitivli. 

Categoeically, Kat-£-g6r-i-kal-i, ad. direktli; 
Categoey, Kat-e-go-ri, «. a seriez ov jdeaz; a 

klas: a predikament. 
Catenarian, Kat-e-na-ri-an, a. relatig tu a qan. 
Catenary, Kat-e-na-ri, n. a kurv Un fermd bj 

a rop or qan suspended bi bot endz. 
Catenate, Kat-e-nat, v. t. tu konekt bj Ijnz. 
Catenation, Kat-e-na-Jon, n. a regyn,lar konck- 

Catee, Ka-ter, v. i. tu prokqr er provjd focid. 
Cateeee, Ka-ter-er, n. a provjder: purvaor. 
Cateeess, Ka-ter-es, n. a wuman emplffd tu 


Catebpillae, Kat-er-pil-ar, n. de Iqrva er wurra 

Stat ov buterfljz and uder insckts; — a plant. 
Caterwaul, Kat-er-wel, v. i. tu mak a nerz az 
Gates, Kats, n. pi. dautiz; vjandz; fcod. [kats. 
Catfish, Kat-fiJ, n. a fij ov'de Jqrk kjnd. 
Catgut, Kat-gut, n. a strig for mqzikal instr(%- 

ments; — a spejez ov linen er kanvas. 
Catharist, Kat-a-rist, n. wun hoa klamz grat 

pqriti. ^ Qip. 

Catiiaepings, Kat-hqrp-igz, n.p?. smel rops in a 
Cathaetic, Ka-tqr-tik, n. a purjig medisin. 
Cathartic, Ka-tqr-tik, / a. purgativ; klenz- 

Cathartical, Ka-tqr- ti-kal, \ ig. 
Cathead, Kat-hed, n. a pes ov timber; — an apl. 
Cathedra, Kat-e-dra, »/• Ka-te-dra, n. [Gfr.]<i. 

q^r; de set ov a person in etoriti. 
Cathedral, Ka-te-dral, n. de hed ^urq ov a 

dioses. [dral. 

Cathedral, Ka-te-dral, a. relatig tu a kate- 
Cathetee, Kat-e-ter, n. an instrcoment tu dreof 

Gatholes, Kat-holz, ji. pi. ioi litl holz astern in 

a Jip. [eral. 

Catholic, Kat-o-lik, a. yTj^niversal; jeneral; lib- 
Catholic, Kat-o-lik, n. a Roman Katolik; a Pa- 
Catholicism, Ka-tol-i-siz-m, n.. de doktrin ov, er 

adherens tu, de Katolik qurg; liberaliti; Iqrjnes 

ov nijnd. 
Catholicity, Kat-o-lis-i-ti, «. de doktrin ov, or 

adherens tu, de Katolik qurc; Katolisizm. 
Catholicize, Ka-tol-i-sjz, v. t. tu bekiim a Kat- 
olik. [a panased. 
Catholicon, Ka-tol-i-kon, n. a yi^niversal remedi; 
Catkin, Kat-kin, n. a kind ov infloresens; ament. 
Catling, Kat-lig, n. a dismemberig njf; katgut. 
Catmint, Kat-mint, ) n. a strog-sented, perenial 
Catnip, Kat-nip, i plant. 
Cat-o-nine-tails, Kat-o-nju-talz, n. a hwip wid 

njn lajez. [vijon. 

Catopsis, Ka-top-sis, n. a morbid kwiknes ov 
Catoptrical, Ka-top-tri-kal, a. relatig tu ka- 

Catoptrics, Ka-top-triks, «. jjI. dat pqrt ov op- 

tiks hwiq trets ov reflekted vijon. 
Catopteon, Ka-top-tron, n. a kjnd ov optik glas. 
Catpipe, Kat-pjp, ji. a skwekig pjp; a katkel, 
Cat's-eye, Kats-j, «. a spejez ov kwerts keld sun- 

Cat"s-foot, Kats-fut, n. de gr-snd-jvi; a plant. 
Cat's-pa"W, Kats-pe, n. a dqp; de instrcnment ov 

Catsup, Kat-sup, n. a sos. Se ( Catchup.) 
Cattle, Kat-1, n. pl. bests ov pastyq,r, az oksn, 

k'sz, &s. 
Cattle-show, Kat-l-Jo, n. an ekshibijon ov do- 

mestik animalz fer prjzez, er de enkdrajrnent ov 

Caucasian, Ko-ka-Jan, ) a. pertanig tu M-snt 
Caucasean, Ke-ka-se-an, ( Kekasus in fijia. 
Caucus, Ke-kus, n. a metig prcparatori tu an 

Caudal, Ke-dal, a. relatig tu de tal ov an animid. 
Caudate, Ke-dat, ( , . . , 
Caudated, Ke-dat-ed, i ^- ^avigatal. 
Caudle, Ke-dl, n. a mikstyi^r ov win, groiel, &s. 
Cauf, Kef, n. a qest wid holz tu kep fij aljv in. 
Caught, Kot, i. and />. from Kag. Se {Catch.) 
Cauk, Kek, n. sulfat ov barjtez; a sort ov npqr. 
Caukee, Kok-er, ) 7i. a prominens in de hel ov a 
Caukin, Kek-in, j horsjo); kekin; kork. 
Caul, Kel, n. a membran kuverig de intestinz; 

a kjnd ov net. 
Caulescent, Ko-les-ent, a. havig a herbajus stem 

bq,rig bot levz and fruktifikajon. [stek. 

Caulifeeous, Ke-lif-er-us, a. havig a stem er 



CACLirLOWE*. Km li-H'S-or, n. Q »f«/f»..T ImImJ. 
CaI'LIS, K'l III", «. [/-• ^ "^'^ '"■ ti-rlxijuK «U-IU. 

Caihablk, Ki<x-:t-ljl. a. dat iiiu be ki>rU. 
Causa homokis, K«>-aa bo-n6-ru, [Z.j f«r dc Mk 

ov ouor. 
Cai'SAL, K'Jx-ttl, a. rtlulio tu.ur cWsprf'-nij), u k»x. 
CaISALITV, Ko-iali-li, n. dt iijrn«i nv u kux; 

i I'Kifii.f dit tukuiti uv tra^fio k>>z and i-ffkl. 
('a I s^TlOX, Ko-ui-^oii, u. dr akt i>v kflxig. 
Cai^ativk. Ki»z-«-tiv, a. dat ek-'presei u kox. 
J'ai BATivtLY, Kux-a-tiv-li, ad. ina ki>xatir maner. 
Caihatok, Ko-iii-tor, n. wuD hdi koxvz. 
C'AlBt. K>«x, H. dat hwi<; jirudn'it.x an cft-kt; rem; 

uiutiv; objekt; ."jJ; jmrti; *\\\.. 
('a I si:, K<«, r. /. tu efekt ax an iijont; tu prudi'i-i. 
Cai si.LKMH, K>>z-li-!<, n. havii) nu kux; f;ritiiUlei<. 
Cai sKLUWLV, K.'a-lcs-U, jiJ. wid»t kiiz or rexn. 
C'ai.sklliw.hkbs, Kiix-lc<-nM, m. At stat ov bcig 

k.<iU-.; prMi'lK-s. 
Cai RUi. K<it-tT. n. WUD hijt> kuxcz; de ajvDt. 
C'ai hKWAT. kux-wa, I N. u wa or rud, raid and 
('Aiscr. K»ii-i, i pavd. 

Cai'hidical, Ko-«td-i-kAl, ». rclutig tu an advo- 

kat. [!<tan«. 

Caustic, KiM-tik, n. a korodiQ and burnig sub- 
("aistic, KtH-tik, I \. ■ \ 1- 

C.M.r.cAL, K.k-ti-kal. i *• ^"""0= ''"^"^'O- 
*M >riL'iTr, Kost-tu-i-ti, n. Ac kwoliti uv brig 

V. . (ik. [kw<tik. 

( Ai -ri' Mss, K<Wi-tik-nc«, n. At kwoliti ov brig 
( AI riini >,. Ku-le-liu, a. ksjuit; w{li: kunig. 
( AI k'i-ttT. II. a urig, hot jurn. 
< M M Kl^M. K''> tiT-ix-tn, fi.df iipliknjiin ov kotcri. 
( AI riJiiZATiu.<«, Ko-tcr-i-xa-/ou, n. At akt ov 

k<iuriri(). [a hot jura. A". 

rAL°Ti:Kizt:, K<)-lcr-ix, r. t. tu burn or .«kqr wid 
Cal'Tkbizko. Kij-ter-jzd, p. m. burnt tjr wrd wid 

a hut |uru. [wid a hot { 

CaI'TKRIziso, Ko-ter-ji-ip. n, dt aktov bumi: 
Cai TLiiV, K'-t' r-i, n. an jum for burnig: u ki 
Cai iiiiN, k ■ i;, I,. jiroVKK-nl; uilv|.-; pntiden.* 

tor>^t; 1 pru.* i_';iimri prrsojit; a womii). 
Caitio.h, ko/un, r. t. tu giv notis ov danjcr 

tu worn. (ij. 

Cai'tioxart. K»-Jon-Q-ri, a. givn aza plcj; wom- 
Caitu)IS, K<'>-Ju.'<, a. w^ri; wfxjful. 
Cactioi'slv, Ko-/u<-li, ad. in a koju.s manrr. 
('AfTlofSMas, Ko-Ju^i-nw, n. wt^jfulnes; vijilan.-i. 
CavaU-'adi:, kuv-al-kiid, n. a pruvcjon on hor<- 

bak. Lwun ov At \»\c\.\ ov Cqrix I. 

Cavalilr, Kav-a-Wr, n. an qmKl hxrxinan: a njt: 
Cavaliek, Kav-a-l^r, a. pi: brav; di.idauful: hoti. 
Cavalii^bly, Kav-a-lc'r-li, ad. butili: dii'danfuli. 
CAVALitK.N'Eas, Kav-a-Ur-Dca, n. di^lanful kon- 

Cavauit, Kav-al-ri, n. militari tnii)r< on bors«z. 
CAVATt, Ka-vat, r. t. tu dig nt and mak holu. 
Catateka, Kav-a-t^-na, n. [Jt.] a Jort ^r wid a 

sckund Jiqrt. 
Cavk, Kav, ■. a kavem; a groto; a den: a mI. 
Cavk, Khv, r. t. tu mak holu; — r. «. tu fol in. 
CAVtAT, Kavt-at, ». (Z.) a proeea in lo tu *top 

pruordiot. (veat. 

CAVtATwfc, Ka-Tt-«-tor, n. wun hA cnton a kri- 
'^AVtEs, Kiv-cm, n. a holo pla.<i in dr gr'Snd; a 
Cavi.k>»:ii. Kiv-prnd, a. ful ov kavi-mx. [kav. 
CAvrasota, Kav irn-UA, a. ful ov kavcrnx. 
Cav».-vh)>, Kiv-v.t-on, ■. [ /r.J a aurt uv ntji band 

f'lT a h»wn. 
CAViAtt. Kav-er, n. [ />.] fiDd or ns prti^ from 

dr rox ov a Starjon, eU. [k^rp- 

Cavii^ K&v-il, r. ». tu rat kap/iu objek/onz; tu 
Catil. K4v-il, *. t. tu trtt wid objrkjoaa. 
Cavil, Kav-il, n. a fols or kap/ua ubjek/on: a 
aufiim. (j^ktig. 

Catillatioii, Kav-i-lii-|on, n. At praktij ov ob- i 

' 'itant. 
.ver imps. 

"r krb. 
■ kru. 

CAViLLta, Kiv-il-cr, a. u 

Cavili-ois, Kiv-il-uj, a. 
Cavi.1I, Kav-in, n. [}'r ■• i 
Catitv, Kav-i-ti, n. 
Caw, Ko, r. I. tu ki 
('aw. Km, /(. dr kr| .,» li 
CAYtN-Nt, Kii-en, M. u pui. ;. r. 

Cayma.n, Kii -man, n. At i. i ...aaVat. 

Cazic, I Ka-zrk, n. a tjU ov an Indian (jrf ( 
CAZIglK, \ fum trjbx ov Indiani in M-k>iku^ 
CtAUt, .Sr.", r. I. tu Irv of; lu fn' 
<'KAHtLUw, Se'!t-le», a. wid'Bt «t. 
CfcAcitLUHLT, Sfs-le.H-li, a<y. wi I - li-ttt- 

CtciTV, ."^r-.'fi-li, H. bl{n<Jnea. ' " laotlL 

Ci-UAU, Sr-dur, n. u Iqrj cvi-rjfrtn trr. 
Ckdab.v, .*^i-dani, a. brlugig tu At urdar Irr. 
CtDE, Std, r. t. tu ytld: tu rtiin; tu giv up. 
Cedilla, Sc-dil-a, n. a mqrk under At U-t^r c, in 

I""ruu<;, Jui{j dut it iiun<ix \\k ». 
CtDBiSK. ."^t-drin, a. briogig tu At .ifd<ir trr. 
Ckil, Sri, r. t. tu orcrlu or kuvir dr iuer rtbf. 
Cbili.n'O, ."^rl-ig, «. dt kuverigov de incr ntif. 
Cela.ndime, Sel-un-din, n. u plant: 8wol<j-wurt. 
Celatlbe, Sel-a-tqr, ii. dt qrt ov engravig. 
Cellbb\TE, .'^el-r-brut, r. /. tu prux; tu ekiit^l; 

tu onor: tu di.ttiggwij bj rjlis; tu koiMmurat. 
Celebbated, Sel-r-brat-cd, /(. a. remind; famiu; 

i-U''"'"'- [bratig: j.rax. 

Celebbatio.v, Sel-t-bru-ion, n. At akt ov vele- 
Celebbatob, Sel-r-bra-t«r, n. wun bdi «elrbrat«. 
Celebbity, Se-l^b-ri-ti, n. fnm: rrn-*n: di!<tigk;on. 
Celebity, St-ler-i-ti, «. -u , Mill; sjitd. 

Celebv, Sel-cr-i, h. u plui ilad. 

Celestial, .^r-le-^t-yal, a. : .i;il. 

(^ELiATiAL, Sr-le-tt-yal, n. iiij utiiaUunl ov hern. 
Celejstially, Sr-lt'.-<t-yal-i, ad. in a hevnli maner. 
CSLEJ>TI.\E, .^^t'l-eji-tin, n. a uiugk ov a rrlijuxordez. 
'^•lAC, .Se-li-ak. a. reliitig tu At beli. 

IBACY, Sdl-i-ba-!<i,«/r St-lib-a-si, «. an unmar- 
Id ("tat: fiygl \^i. 
Cell, Sfl, u. a «iuel, kltw ni>m; a kaviti; a kav. 
('ellab, .Svl-ur, II. a ronn in de grsnd underabvt. 
Ckllabag£, Sel-ar-aj, n. vhta ov a Mskir; a aekir. 
Cellabeb, S<51-af-er, J , , 

Cellabist, S«l-ar-i»t, 1 "• ** ^'*""- 
(^ELLIEEBOUS, S«l-if-er-UA, a. prcxlqoig »di. 
Cellilab, Sel-yn-lar, a. kooiiistig ov tt\M at 

Celtic, SeUik, **■ Kel-tik, a. rclatlg tu dc Setts, 
Ceusitlde, S<51-.M-tqd, n. hjt; citvajon. (or Goli, 
f^ELTlC, Sel-tik, a. dt laggwaj ov de StlU. 
Celts, St-lta, n. /7. de an/t-ut inhabitanla ov (M. 
Ceme.nt, Scnj-cnt, wr St-ment, n. a sub^tana hwi^ 

yqnii^: uwrtar. [Mneat. 

Ceme.nt, Sc-ment, r. t. tu jr^nit bj de yqa o* 
Ceme.nt, Sr-tnent, r. i. tu kLhrr, tu junju 
Ceme.\t.\tiox, Sem-«n-ta-;uD, n. dc akt ov «- 

mentig. (ri^ta. 

CKME.vrEB, Sc-wt'nt-er, n. di p^non er ligdat 
Cemetery, S^m-r-tcr-i, n. a plas, 4rca, er cdific, 

hvTijr dr dfd qr berid. 
CE.fATOBY, Sen-B-t«jr-i, a. rtlatig tu enper. 
Cenobite, Scn-u-b{t, n. a mugk ba> live in a 

kouqniti. (oitj. 

Ck-vositicai, S«n-o-bit-i-kal, a. livig in konii- 
Cenoby, S^n-o-bi, h. a plu hw%r p».T»<inx liv tu- 

K^dir. (berid rUfawv- 

Ce.notaph, S^n-o-taf, n. a mdoTrimrnt for wun 
('knsic, .S«itf, n. a rat: a Uk«: »cuiu«. 
Cessk, .^en.i, c. I. tu {«crfqiu wid wdun. 
Censer, S^n-»er, n. o pan in hwiq inst-ns it bamt 
CE.N80B, S«n-aur, a. an ofijtcr uv an/ent Kom b* 

W..X an ins[>^ktor ov morali; a {«n/i|rcr. 
CEAiiOBiAL, Sen-ct^-ri-al, a. ful ov ccQjqr, sra- 

Mjriu-. [•eaaoriaL 

Cknsokiaji, San-a^ri-sA, a. rclati^ tu a soaMr; 




Censorious, Sen-su-ri-us, a. adikted tvx senjq,r: 

sevEr. [maner. 

Censoriously, Sen-s6-ri-us-li, ad. in a sensorius 
Censoeiousness, Sen-s6-ri-us-nes, n. a dispo- 

zijon tia reproq. 
Censorship, Sen-sor-Jip, ». de ofis ov a sensor. 
Censurable, Sen-Jn-ra-bl, a. kulpabl; felti. 
Censurableness, Sen-Jvi-ra-bl-nes, n. blamabl- 
Censurably, 8en-Jn,-ra-bli, ad. kulpabli. [nes. 
Censure, 8en-Ji|r, n. impi^tajon ov rog; blam; 

rfpraq: ji^dijal sentens. 
Censure, Sen-Jx^r, v. i. tu blam; tu kondem. 
Censure, Sen-Ji^r, v. i. tu. juj. 
Censurer, Sen-Ji|,-rer, n. wun hcD blamz. 
Census, Sen-sus, n. an ofijal ennmerajon ov ds 

inhabitants ov a kuntri. 
Cent, Sent, n. an Amerikan koper kern. 
Centage, Sent-aj, n. rat bj de sent er hundred. 
Centaur, Sen-tor, n. a fabyixlus bsii), hqf man 

and hqf hors; ds flrqer in dg zodiak. 
Centenarian, Sen-tE-na-ri-an, n. a person wun 

hundred yErz old. [hundred. 

Centenary, Sen-ten-a-ri, n. dE number ov a 
Centennial, Sen-ten-i-al, a. konsistiij ov, er kom- 

pktiij, Q hundred ysrz. 
Centesimal, Sen-tes-i-mal, a. hundredt. 
Centifolious, Sen-ti-f6-li-us, a. havig a hun- 
dred levz. [dEgrez. 
Centigrade, Sen-ti-grad, a. havi^ a hundred 
Centiloquy, Sen-til-o-kwi, n. a hundred-fold 

Centime, Son-tern, n. [i^.J a hundredt pqrt ov a 

fragk; a hundredt pqrt. 
Centipede, Sen-ti-ped, n. a pO'znus insekt. 
Cento, Sen-to, n. a kompozijon fermd bj versez 

er pasajez from varius etorz. [seuter. 

Central, Sen-tral, a. lElatig tia, er plast in de 
Centrality, Sen-tral-i-ti, n. de stat ov bsii) 

sentral. [sentraljzi:g. 

Centralization, Sen-tral-i-za-Jbn, «, de ak't ov 
Centralize, Sen-tral-jz, v. t. tia mak sentral. 
Centrally, Sen-tral-i, ad. in a sentral maner. 
Centre, Sen-ter, n. de sentral pffnt; de egzakt 
Centre, Sen-ter, v. t. tu plas on a senter. [midl. 
Centre, Sen-ter, i>. i. tu be in de midst. 
Centre-bit, Sen-ter-bit, n. a tool for drilig holz. 
Centric, Sen-trik, ) ^ ^ ■ a ^ 

Centrical, S6n-trik-al, \ ^- P^"^* '° *^ ^'^''*«""- 
Centrically, Sen-tri-kal-i, ad. in a sentrikal 

sityi^ajon. [trik. 

Centricity, Sen-tris-i-ti, n. de stat ov beii) sen- 
Centrifugal, Sen-trif-yTj,-gal, a. fljii) from de 

senter. [senter. 

Centripetal, Sen-trip-e-tal, a. tendig tu de 
Centry, Sen-tri, n. a sentinel. Se {Sentry.) 
Centumviri, Sen-tdm-vi-rj, n. pi. [Z.] de hun- 
dred jujez in de Roman repdblik. 
Centuple, Sen-tq,-pl, a. [Fr.] a hundred fold. 
Centuple, Sen-tq-pl, v. t. tu multiplj a hundred 

fold. [hundred fold. 

Centuplicate, Sen-tq-pli-kat, v. t. tu mak a 
Centuriate, Sen-t4-ri-at, v. t. tu divjd intu 

Centuriator, Sen-tq-ri-a-tor, ) n. a historian 
Centurist, S6n-tq,-rist, i hcD distiggwij- 

ez tjm bj s6ntTi,riz. 
Centurion, Sen-tii-ri-on, n. a Roman militari 

ofiser, hot) komdnded a hundred men. 
Century, Sen-tq-ri, n. a period ov wun hundred 

yerz: a hundred. 
Cephalic, Se-fal-ik, a. relatig tu de bed. 
Cepheus, Se-fe-us, n. a konstelajon in de ner- 

dcrn hemisfer. 
Ceraceous, Se-ra-Jus, a, waks-ljk; partakii) ov 

de natyqr ov waks. 
Cerastes, Se-ras-tez, n. a serpent havig hernz. 

Cerate, Se-rat, n. an ffntment ov eri and waks. 
Cere, Ser, v. t. tu kuver wid waks; tu waks. 
Cere, Ser, n. de naked skin on a heks bil. 
Cereal, Se-re-al, a. pertanii) tu edibl granz. 
Cerealia, Se-re-a-li-Q, n. pi. [L.] de edibl granz. 
Cerebellum, Ser-e-bel-um, w. [Z.] de hjnderand 

locr pqrt ov de bran, er dg litl bran. 
Cerebral, Ser-e-bral, a. pertanig tu dE bran. 
Cerebrum, Ser-e-brum, n. [Z.] de bran. 
Cerecloth, Ser-klot, j n. klot dipt in melted 
Cerement, Ser-ment, i waks er gh^tinus mater. 
Ceremonial, Ser-e-mo-ni-al, a. relatiij tu sere- 

nioui: farmal. [eksternal rjt. 

Ceremonial, Ser-e-mo-ni-al, n. 'stward ferm: 
Ceremonious, Ser-e-mo-ni-us, a. ful ov sere- 

moni: formal. [Emonius maner. 

Ceremoniously, Ser-e-mo-ni-us-li, ad. in a ser- 
Ceremoniousness, Ser-e-mo-ni-us-nes, n. grat 

formaliti. [siviliti. 

Ceremony, Ser-e-mo-ni, n. -stward rjt; ferm ov 
Cereous, Se-re-us, a. waksn; Ijk waks. 
Ceres, Se-rez, n. a pagan gudes, de inventor ov 

korn; de nam ov kern deif jd; a planet. 
Cerium, Se-ri-um, n. a graij-hwjt metal. 
Cerography, Se-rog-ra-fi, n. de qrt ov engravig 

on waks. 
Ceeoon, Se-rtfen, n. a bal er pakaj mad ov skinz. 
Cerrus. Ser-us, 71. [Z.] de biter ok. 
Certain, Ser-ten, a. Jqr; unduted; rezolvd; un- 

faliij; fikst; regyqlar. 
Certainly, Ser-ten-li, ad. Jqrli; wid-st fal, 
Certainness, Ser-ten-nes, n. de kwoliti ov beij) 

Certainty, Ser-ten-ti, n. de kwoliti ov beig ser- 
ten; rEal stat; trtbt; fakt; regyqlariti. [iij. 
Certificate, Ser-tif-i-kat, n. a testimoni in rjt- 
Certificate, Ser-tif-i-kat, v. t. tu giv a sertifi- 

kat tu. [sertifjifl. 

Certification, Ser-tif-i-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov 
Certifier, S^r-ti-fj-er, n. wun hco sertifjz; an 

Certify, Ser-ti-f j, v. t. tu giv serten informajon. 
Certiorari, Ser-Je-o-ra-rj, n. [L.] a rit i/qig 
• -St ov a sqperior kort tu an inferior wun. 
Certitude, Ser-ti-tqd, 71. sertenti. 
Cerulean, Se-rdb-le-an, ( 1 • 1 1 1 1,1 
Ceruleous, SE-ra.-le-us, I ^- ^^l-kulord; blq. 
Cerulific, Ser-q-lif-ik, a. prodqsig a bh^ kulor. 
Cerumen, Se-rcfc-men, n. [Z.] de waks ov de er. 
Ceruse, Se-rds, n. hwjt led: kqrbonat ov led. 
Cervical, Ser-vi-kal, a. belogiij tu de nek. 
Cervine, Ser-vin, a. pertanii) tu de der kjnd. 
Cesarean, SE-za-re-an, a. ds Sezarean operajon 

iz de akt ov kutii) a qjld -st ov de wcom. 
Cespitose, Ses-pi-tos, a. in Botani, groig in tufts, 
Cespitous, Ses-pi-tus, a. pertanii) tu turf; turfi. 
Cess, Ses, v. t. tu rat; tu ases; — n. a. rat; a taks. 
Cessation, Ses-a-Jon, n. Az akt ov sesig er stopig: 

a stop; a rest; a pez ov hostiliti. 
Cessavit, Ses-a-vit, n. [Z.] an obsolet rit far 

rekuverii) landz. 
Cession, SeJ-on, n. retret; de akt ov yeldig. 
Cessor, Ses-or, n. (Le) wun hco sesez so log ta 

perform a dii,ti az tu inkur de danjer ov le. 
Cestus, Ses-tus, n. de gerdl er zon ov Venus. 
Cetacean, Se-ta-Jan, n. de hwal. 
Cetaceous, Se-ta-Jus, a. ov de hwal kjnd. 
Cetic, Se-tik, a. pertanig tu de hwal. 
Cetological, Se-to-loj-i-kal, a. rslatig tu ss- 

Cetologist, SE-tol-o-jist, »i. wun yerst in de 

natyq,ral histori ov SEtaJus animalz, er de hwal. 
Cetology, Se-tol-o-ji, n. de naty-qral histori ov 

SEtaJus animalz. 
Chafe, Caf, v. t. tu fret bj rubig; tu mak aggri. 
Chafe, Gaf, v. i. tu raj; tu be freted; tu fret. 




Chafk, fe'af, ». a frot; in/on; a het; a nij. 
ClIAKKK, t-'iif-rr, II. WUU ktb (;afit; au ill.sukt. 
CiiAKKRY, H'lif-tT-i, «. Q furj ill uii jurii mil. 
CuAFKWAX, (•'lif-wuk-H, II. ill Jij^jLind, mi iifincr 

k»rl"U'0 "•' '^'' I^T"^ (•'aii.sflur, hai tiut dr wulu fur 

dt Krlij) ov riti4. 
<'iiArK, (-'uf, n. de buskn ov graii; rci't^i; kut ha. 
L'liAKrcK, ••'af-er, r. I. tu trrt iibiit u Ixirgon; tu 
CuArvtiR, (■'iif-er, r. /. tu b{; tu ok^i^nj. [hsgl. 
Chakkkrkr. ••';if-cr-er, >•. wuu hit» ^ifon. 
Cii ' t-ur-i, n. de akl ov \i\\^ and M.-liu. 

Cii ' if-inq, H. a amol b^>nl uv de jenu:) 

CUA»'V, t'.it-i, a. ful ov 9af; Ijt; fnl; bml. 
CuAKlxo-uiHH, (•'df-io-di/, n. u jiortubl jput fur 
CllAUUKK.N, >lk-Krt'ii, II. a ruf-f^iid lodcr. [kuln. 
C'hauki.n, >ji-gn'n, n. il yniuor; vckMiJun. 
Chauuin, >^-Kreu, r. t. tu vok.'*; tu t<x; tu 

C'llAi.H, l*'aii, It. a series ov liyk-s or udcr tiyz kmi- 

i>kifd; boiiduj; a fotvr; u buDd;a uiuuuklju kun- 

ckicd iteriei. 
Chain, (■'an, r. t. tu fasn wid a ^n: tu enslav. 
(.'IIAINLK.S.S, (•'aii-lo.4, A. hiiviy no ijniii. 
CUAi.N I'l Mr. »-'iiii|ium|t, II. a |iiiiii|> yiixd in Jijui. 
C'llAi.v SHOT, b', H. buU'U Jii.Mi.l bj u <jan. 
Chain work, t:'aii-wurk, ». wurk wid liDk.i. 
CuAiK, i''.\r, II. a uittivubl iicl: u vrdaii. 
Chairman, (■'i^r-uuni, h. dr |irtz|<liu nfincr ov a 

inrti(| iir iL-unabli; wuii luii kariz <i xrdan. 
Chaikk. >Lii, n. a toi-hwelil |>lo-a(r karii. 
Cn AH'KliONV, Kal-«»'(i-u-ni, »«/• K-'il-nt-dij-ni, n. 

ii pi' j 111 Kiuii, k»Kl bw|t ai^t. 
Chalcitk, Kal-!<ji, ii. nulfat ov Jam, ov a red 

kulor, |iqrjali kaNjiid. ! 

Chalcooraphek, Kal-k6g-ra-fer, n. an engraver' 

in bni--. (jfrnvij) in bro.i. j 

CuALcouRAriiY. Kal-kojj-ra-fi, n. dr qrt ov on- 
CliALUAic, Kal-dii-ik, a. inTtiniiu iti Kiildeu, uerl 

dr river Ynt'nitei, de Xjiiur ov dc ."^kriptynn. ' 
Chalulk, Kal-<lr, n. dr hm'^waj or d|ak-kt ov 

Kiililru: A. i>(>r(anig tu Kaldea. I 

CiiALURO.N. ("'nl-dnin,**;' feVil-dron, n, a mo3iir ov 

tiTti-sik.-! bujeli. j 

Chalice, (■'.■il-i'<, u. a kap; a koiuiinyon kap. I 
ClIALICKl), ♦•'al-iti, a. buviya sol or kuj«. I 

Chalk, (■'ok, n. n hw{t kt^rbonnt nv Ijui. j 

Chalk, (■^ik, c i. tu iii<\rk wid ij-ik. 
CuALK-riT, t-'-tik-pit, n. ii pit triiin hwiijijok ixdug. 
CUALKSTO.NK, (■'tik-iton, ii. u kalkiirra.-i koiikrejon 

in dr handz and let ov p^*r.'<onz af^ktod wid de 

Chalky, (•'•'•k-i, a. kon.<i.ttii) ov qik: Ijk c,'<k: hwjt. 
ClIALLKNUK, (•'al-cnj, r. t. tu k'll tu un^er for 

an <>lea!« b^ kon)b;it; tu akt^z: tu klaui: tu ob- 

j»kt tu. 
( HAM KNOK. ••'nl-onj. H. Q Dumonz tu fjt a dqel: a 

1 ■ ' ■ '1 fkxi'pfon ag^nst. (enjd. 

Cii ' • il I'lij-'i-bl, .1. dat ma be <;al- 

Cii • ij "'■'■> "• wun Iko (^jilcnjoz. : 

CiiALiui-ATt;, Ka-lib-c-at, a. iinpn^gnnt^ wid i 

CuALYBCATK, Ka-lib-r-Ht. i». Wilier or cni udtr 

lik>>r koniMnio {am in iiuhjon. 
Cham. Knm. n. dr i^avcrnnr ov Tcirtari. 
Cii > ^ . l/r.] de brt 

. or (I nart'iidcr. 
Cii > : , n. an apqrtiucnt in an upcr 

Kturi iiv u livx: a bedrdtnu; a nbm: a kaviti; a 

hol.j !<|«<: -a kurt. ! 

CitAMiiER, (•"am-bor, r. i. tu loj: tu be wonlon. ' 
CiiAMHkR, t-'ikin-bor, r. t. tu Jut up az in a qam- 

Chamber I'Oi.NSEL, (■'am-bor-k^n-url, n. a k^oMl- 1 

or hit) givz biz upinyon in prjvni, but daz not 

pici. I 

CiiAMnERKR, (■'dm-ber-«r, n. wun h<& i;amb«n. 
(.'iiAMULu KkLLuw, (■'aiQ-ber-ftU-u, n. u rxiiin-mRt. 
CuAMMtuiNu, Kttm-berio, n. intrt'g; wootonuM. 
Chamueulain, Kuui ber k-n, />. an ofiitcr ov at«t; 

fi niTViiiit tiJj hitz dr kitr ov dr ijiiubon. 
Chambkrlai.nkhii', (■'ttui-bcr-leu-Jip, n. At oHj ov 

II i;iiiiili<'rU'ii. 
CuAMUEUMAiii. (■'din-ber-mnd, n. a mad hoi tak< 

kiir ov biilrjiiuz. (gainbrel. 

Chambrel, Kaui-brei, n. a j<rut in a borMM leg: 
Chameleo.n, Ka-iii^-le-on, n. an animal ov dr lii- 

urd k{iid, liiiiz kulor i^iiijez wid itn (lOziJon tu 

di Iji. 

Chameleonize, Ka-m£-le-on-iz, r. t. tu qanj tu 

UK-iii kulorz. [in. 

Chamkku, Kaiu-fer, r. t. tu (janel: tu kut furot 

Chamois, >liiii-i, i,r >^-uii^, n. a kjiid ov lintrlup 

or w{ld gut, boiz akin iz mud iniu soft Icder, 

k'lld jaini. [umiU.) 

Chamomile, Kam-o-m|l, n. a plant. Se {Cam- 
CiiAMi', I'amp, c. t. tu bjt; tu tj\: tu derir. 
CiiAMl', Camp, V. I. tu bjt wid muc akjon. 
Champaione, >]am-|>t'in, n. a i<|K;rKlio kjnd uv 

w|ii, Iniin >Iiim|«'in in Frun.i. 
CiiAMi'AioNE. M;iiii-|iiin, n. a flat opn kuntri. 
Chami'krty, >I;iiu-|H.-r-ti, n. inantcnans ov a man 

ill biz "III, ii|i<')ii kiiiidijon ov havig ix^rt ov dr 

propcrti, it rekiivord. 
CiiAMnaNUN, >Iam-pin-yon, n. a mu/rdbm. 
Chami'ION, t-'aui-pi-on, n. ii kombatant; a heru. 
Chanie. (■an.s n. an event widst an amront koz: 

u tirtiiitut event; ak.iidoDt: furtynn. 
Chance, Cun.-i, a. fortiiituK; liapnin bj qnns. 
Chance, C<iii.i, r. i. tu bapu tu ful ist; tu okdr. 
Chancel, fr'an-sel, n. de eat«m pqrt ov a qurq in 

hwiq de oltar iz plast. 
Chancellor, (■^in-scl-ur, n. an ofiser or stat er 

,ov (I viiniv^rsiti; — a juj ov a kurt ov ekwiti or 

yiii''«'ri. (qun.«olor. 

CuANCKLLORaiiir, C<in-!<ol-or-Jip, n. de ofis ov 
CuANcE-MEiiLEY, Cuni uie*l-li, II. de ku^juKl kil- 

iyov II |ivr>oii, bwcn de slaer izdoiigu l.ifulakt. 
Chancery, C<iu-scr-i, n. a hj ktirt ov ekwiti. 
Chances. Cun-!<cz, n. ti/. a brtin(;ovanatisiii,bwi^ 

tri-L'' ov dr probabiliti ov cv^Snt.". 
Chancue, Mnik-or, n. a venei'cal ulser. 
CiiANCKnis, >Iank-ru.-<, a. havig JaQkera. 
Chanheliek, >^iu-del-ir, n. a bruuq far holdig 

kaiullz or lamfKi. [kandlz. 

CiiANULER, tVind-ler, n. wun htH malu and selz 
Chanulery, C-uiid-lcr-i, ». dc qrtiklz »<jld bj a 

(jiiiidlvr. [a buri. 

Chankrin, C-iii-frin, ii. de fijr |)qrl ov de bcii ov 
Chanue. Cnnj, c. t. tu put wun tig in de iila.> 

"iv aiiiider.tu olter; tu makdiffrent:tu ck.-k^nj. 
CuANUE, Cnnj, »i. olteniJ<>n; novelti;— smol muni. 
Changeable, Cdnj-a-bl, a. subjokt tu ijanj; in- 

Chanueablene^s, Cniij-a-bl-nc4, n. in.itabiliti: 

CiiA.NGEABLY, CAnj-a-bli, ad. iukonstantli; vAri- 

CiiANOKKfi^ Ciiiij-ful, a. ful ov cnnj: (;anjabl. 
<'iiAN(iKi.i':!i8, Ciinj-K'S, a. inviiriabi: knn.-itant. 
CiiANUELiNU, Ciinj-liu, "• a i^^ld Ivf t or takn in 

At plH'i iiv anddvr: an idiot; wun apt tu ^inj. 
CiiANOKR, Cjiiij-cr, ft. wun but) (;anjoz. 
Channel, Can-el, n. de bolu bed ov runigwoter. 

a log kaviti; a stmt; a furu ov a pilar. 
Channel. C.<in-cl, r. t. tukui in qanclz. 
Chant, (■'unt, r. /. tusig de qur\j sv'^'i'*: tu«iQ. 
Chant, Cant, r. i. tu sig. az in dr <;ur\j n^rviii. 
Chant, (•'unt, n. a sog; a pqrt ov dc ^urt; i«fr»-i» 
Chanter. C«iut-cr, a. wun b* i^unt.t; u nipcr. 
Chanticleer. Can-ti-kler, n. a k"ik;a Ud kr»er. 
CHANTREii8. Cdnt-rc«, R. a wuman boi <fiaU. 




Chantry, Gdnt-ri, n. a qapel fer prests tu sii) 

mas in. [fi^^jon. 

Chaos, Kh-os, n. a konfx|zd mas ov mater; kon- 
Chaotic, Ka-6t-ik, a. konfi^zd: indijested. 
Chap, fc'ap, nr Gop, v. t. tu kkv; tu. split. 
Chap, fc'ap, n. a krak in de flej; a kleft; an ap- 

Chap, f'op, n. a pqrt ov a bests mist. 
Chap, t'ap, ». a ber; a ycot: a bjer. 
Chaparral, Gap-ar-al, «. atiketovevergrenofc. 
Chape, fc'ap, n. atin plat at de perntovaskabard; 

kaq ov a bukl. 
Chapeau, Xap-o, «. [/)■.] a hat: a kap. 
Chapel, fc'ap-el, n. a plas ov publik wurjip. a bild- 

iij er plas ov wurjip siiberdinat tu a qurq. 
Chapelet, feJap-el-et,/ n. a pq,r ov stenip lerterz, 
Chaplet, fe'ap-let, j wid sterups. 
Chapelry, fc'ap-el-ri, n. de jurisdikjon ovaqapel. 
Chaperon, Xap-er-on, n. [/K]a kjndov hud, er 

kap. [publik. 

Chaperon, Eap-er-on, t\ t. tu atend on a ladi in 
Chapfallen, fc'op-fel-n, a. haviij ds koer je de- 

prest: dispirited; sjlenst. 
Chapiter, t'ap-i-ter, n. de ov a kolum. 
Chaplain, fc'ap-len, ». wun ho perfermz divin 

servis in de qrmi, uavi, a publik bodi, er a fam- 

Chaplaincy, fc'ap-len-si, ) n. dr of is ov a qap- 
Chaplainsuip, fe'ap-leu-Jip, i len. 
Chaplet, fe^ap-let, n. a gqrland er ret f or de bed. 
Chapman, Cap-man, 7t. a bjer and scler; a qepner. 
Chapter, fc'ap-ter, n. a divijon ov a buk; — an 

asembli ov de klerji ov a katedral. [qi'qez. 

Chaptrel, fc'ap-trel, n. an impost er suport ov 
Char, fc'qr, n. a delikat kjnd ov fij. 
Char, fc?qr, c. t. tu burn wud tu a blak sinder. 
Chae, ) Cq,r, (I. wurk dun bj de da: a smol job; — 
Chare, S in Amerika keld Gar. 8e ( Chore.) 
Char, fc;q,r, v. i. tu wurk bj de da. 
Char, Giir, v. t. tu perform a biznes. 
Character, Kar-ak-ter, ?i. a mqrk; a stamp: a 

leter; a personaj; personal kwolitiz; repyT^taJon. 
Character, Kar-ak-ter, t. t. tu iuskrjb: tu en- 

grav. [karakterjzez. 

Characteristic, Kar-ak-ter-is-tik, n. dat hwiq 
Characteristic, Kar-ak-ter-is-tik, ) a. kon- 
Characteristical, Kar-ak-ter-is-ti-kal, i stiti^t- 

ii) or agreii) wid de karakter. 
Characteristically, Kar-ak-ter-is-ti-kal-i, ad. 

in a maner dat iz peki^lyar tu de karakter. 
Chaeacteristicalness, Kar-ak-ter-is-ti-kal-nes, 

n. de Stat er kwoliti ov beiij karakteristik. 
Characterize, Kar-ak-ter-jz, v. t. tu giv a kar- 
akter ov: tu engrav er imprint: tu mqrk wid a 

Chaeade, Sa-rad, n. \_Fr.] a spejez ov ridl. 
Chaecoal, fc'qr-kol, n. kol mad bj burniij wud. 
Charge, Cqrj, i'. t. tu intrust; tu impi\,t az a det: 

tu akqz; tia komdnd; tu enjefn; tu lod. 
Charge, fc'qrj, v. i. tu mak an onset. 
Charge, fc'qrj, n. kq,r; presept: mandat; trust ; 

akqzajon; impn,taJon; eksjjens: kost; onset. 
Chargeable, fe'qrj-a-bl, a. ekspensiv; kostli; im- 

Chaegeableness, fc'qrj -a-bl-nes,n. ekspens;kost. 
Charge' d'affaires, 5kir-3a-da-f4r, n. [Fr.] a 

person intrdsted wid de af 4rz ov a stat at a foren 

kort. [a war hers. 

Chaeger, ^.i^Ty^T, n. wun hd) qqrjez; a Iqrj dij: 
Chaeily, fc!4r-i-li, ad. wq,rili: froogali. 
Chaeiness, fc'4r-i-nes, n. kojon; njseti. 
Chaeiot, fc^ar-i-ot, n. a karij ov ple3H,r er stat. 
Charioteer, fc!ar-i-ot-er, n. wun hto drjvz a qariot. 
Charitable, fc'ar-i-ta-bl, a. kjnd; b-sntiful; kan- 

did. [tu qariti. 

Charitableness^ Gar-i-ta-bl-nes, n. dispozijon 

Ch.\ritably, Car-i-ta-bli, ad. kjndli; benevo- 

Charity, fc)ar-i-ti, n. teudernes; luv; qmz; kandor. 
Charivari, Xar-i-va-re, re. [Fr.] a mok serenad 

ov diskerdant mq,zik. [bagk. 

Charlatan, S4r-la-tan, n. [Fr.] a kwak: a m-jnte- 
Charlatanical, Eqr-la-tan-i-kal, a. kwakij; em- 

Charlatanry, Eqr-la-tan-ri, n. kwakeri; deset. 
Charles's- WAIN, fc'qrlz-ez-wan, n. de Grat B^r, 

a koustelajon. 
Charlock, fc'qr-lok, n. a plant groig amiir) gran. 
Charm, fc'qrm, n. majik p'ser: spel: enqdntment. 
Charm, fc'qrm, c. t. tu bewiq: tu deljt; tu cnqdnt. 
Charm, fcqrm, r. i. tumkt az a qqrm. 
Charmer, fc'qrm-er, n. wun hoo qqrmz er enqdnt-s. 
Charmful, fe'qrm-ful, a. ab'sndii) wid qqrmz. 
Charming, fe'qrm-ir), pp. a. hjli pleziij: deljtful. 
Charmingly, fc'qrm-ii)-li, ad. deljtfuli. 
Charmixgness, fc'qrm-ii]-nes, n. de p'ser ov plezij. 
Charmless, t'qrm-les, a. destitqt ov qqrmz. 
Cuarnel, fc'qr-nel, a. kontanii) tlej or ded bodiz. 
Chak.nel-house, fc'qr-nel-h'ss, u. a ])las far bonz. 
Charon, Ka-run, n. de feriman ov Hel. 
Charry, GJqr-i, a. Ijk qqrkol. [map. 

Chart, fc'qrt, n. a. delineajon ov kosts, jlz, &s.; a 
Chartaceous, fc'qr-ta-Jus, a. rezemblii) paper; 

kwjt opak, Ijk most levz. 
Charter, fc'qr-ter, n. a patent: ded: grant; privilej. 
Charter, fc'qr-ter, r. t. tu let er hjr, az a Jip. 
Charter-party, fe'qr-ter-pqr-ti, n. a rjtig bj hwiq 

a Jip iz hjrd. 
Chartism, fe'qrt-iz-m,w. in Ljiihind, de diskontent 

ov de laborii) klasez ov de pepl at de distiijkjonz 

in sosjeti. 
Chartist, fcqrt-ist, n. wun infekted wid qqrtizm. 
Ch ARTLESS, Cqrt-les, a. wid'st a qqrt. 
Chary, fc^.ir-i, a. k^rful; kojus; slj: wj^ri. 
Chase, fc'as, r. t. tu hunt: tu pursij,; tu drjv. 
Chase, fc'as, n. huntii): pursqt; grund stord wid 

gam: — a printerz fram: — bor ov a gun. 
Chaser, fc'as-er, re. wun hco qasez: a pursx^^er. 
Chasm, Kaz-m, n. a kleft; an opnifl: a vakqiti. 
Chasseur, Zas-er, n. [/)'.] a hunter; a harsman. 
Chaste, Cast, a. wid'st tant; pqr; unkoriipt. 
Chastely, fc'ast-li, ad. in a qast maner. 
Chasten, fc!as-n, i". t. tu korekt: tu punij. 
Chastexer, fc'as-n-er, n. wun hit) qasnz. 
Chasteness, fc'ast-nes, n. qastiti: pqriti. 
Chastisable, fc'as-tjz-a-bl, a. dat ma be qastjzd. 
Chastise, fc'as-tjz, i\ t. tu puniJ; tu korekt; tu 

qasn; tu repres. [punijment. 

Chastisement, fc^as-tiz-ment, n. pan inflikted bj 
Chastisee, fc'as-tjz-er, re. wun hcD qastjzez. 
Chastity, fc'as-ti-ti, n. stat ov beii) qast; ptiriti: 
Chat, fc!at, n. idl er familyar tek: prat, [modesti. 
Chat, fc'at, i;. i. tu prat: tu konvers at ez. 
Chateau, Xat-6, n. [/)■.] a kasl;a kuntri set. 
Chatoyant, Ea-tij-ant, a. havig a qanjabl luster 

or kulor. 
Chattel, fc'at-el, re. eui moQvabl properti er gudz. 
Chattee, fc'at-er, v. i. tu mak a nffz Ijk berdz, 

er wid de tet: tu tek jdli er kq,rlesli. 
Chatter, fcJat-er, re. nffz ov berdz; jdl prat; qat. 
Chatterbox, fc'at-er-boks, re. an insesant taker. 
Chatterer, fc'at-er-er, n. wun h(D qaterz. 
Chattering, Cat-er-ig, n. rapid, inartikyqlat 
Chatty,, a. qaterii); konversiij freli. [sTjndz. 
Chatwood, fe^at-wud, n. litl stiks; fqel. 
Chavnt, fcJqnt, «. Se {Chant.) [fiJ. 

Chavendee, fc"av-en-der, re. de kub; de qeven; a 
Chaw, fc'a, v. t. tu qq; tu grjnd wid de tet. 
Cheap, fc'ep, a. bq,rii) a lo prjs; komon. 
Cheapen, fc'ep-n, v. t. tu atemt tu bj; tu qafer; 

tu mak qe p; tu lesn de valyq, ov. 
Cheapenee, fc"ep-n-er, n. wun hco qepnz. 



CheaI'LT, ^'fp-U, ad. »ta «mi<l prin. 
Chkahnkus, *-'ip-nc*, n. liiruMi ov |>rjn. (trik. 

Ciit:AT, ♦'■ft, r. t. tLi defri'xl: tu ini|Nji U|>jn; tu 
ChkaT, ••'ft, n. a frixJ; n trik; a ilttfvur: <i (jrti^r. 
CheatuR, h'ii-vr, n. wun hiD ^ta, or pruktii'cz fni<J. 
Chkcx, <"'ek, f. t. tu repr&i; tu kurb; tu rrpr»l>v. 
ClIKiK, ♦•'I'k, r. «. tu iitii|); tu klaj; tu iiiti'rff r. 
Cut:cK, ♦'Vk, fi. a ("top; rr.«trAnt; kurb; u rtpnfcf; 

mi i>r<li-r for muni; -a k^iid uv linen »rk<jtn klut. 
CutrKKli, ♦•'I'k-i-r, r. /. tu vnri; tu divcr-if;. 
CuECKiia. ♦•'ok-or, ». wun iuD qckji; u rrbukor. 
CuKCKEBiiOARO, t'^k-or-bonl, II. a bunl tu (iln 

qfk<T« <in. 
riiKcKKKK, ♦•Vk-en, n. pi. a gum »n a qekor-bonl. 
Cui;cKLU>8, t"Vk-li>s, H. unkontrulabl: vjulont. 
Check MATK, Kek-mat, n. a maivment in i;i>h dat 

t'liilz (1r ^'■">- [<:<-ktniit. 

Cmeciimate, KcSk-mat, v. t. tu finij; tu Utftt bj 
CuEEK, <*'rk, n. At *\i\ ov At fan brio At j. 
CuEEK-BUXE, <r'rk-b«jn, n. At bon ov At <;ek. 
Cheek TOOTH, ••I', n. dr hjndor t<t)t. 
Cheep, ••'rp, r. i. tu (jorp at u i»m.>l bonl. 
Cheer, Krr, n. invrt; a i<i«t ov glailne!); /■st <>v j«T. 
Cheek, <*'rr, r. t. f u snliit wi<t jtr; tu onkdraj: tu 
Cheer, Kir, r. «. tu gria pt or qrrful. [euljvn. 
Cheerer, kiit-cT, n. wun hiti <;rr*. 
Checrki'L, Pjr-ful, a. animated; HMMvmtli j«r- 

ful; Ijvli: pi., ♦•'t-r-ful-i, ad. in a (jrrful mnnor. 
Chkkkh i.n»>.s, ♦-'i-i-ful-ncs, n. ulakriti:aniinfljtm. 
Chekrilt, »-rr i-li, */. rjrrfuli; brjjikii. 
CuEEKLEs.**, (-'tr-lc^ a. kumfortlen; drrri; giinmi. 
Cheeri.y, Ker-li, «. brisk: pi; (;rrful. 
CheeriI", ^Vr-up, r. t. tu animnl: tu <;crup. 
Cheery, «-'rr-i, a. pi; .oprjlli; rafri; (jr rful. 
Cheese, t-'ri, n. i<sA mud ov At kurJ ov milk. 
Cheese-cake, (-'t'l-kak, it. a kak luiid ov kurdz, 

/u);<ir, k*. ^kurdi. 

Cheese-press, (■'ex-prc<), n. an onjin for iirciig 
CHEE«E-rAT, Kjt-vat, n. a wudn kas for kunlz. 
CHrK-P(E!VRE, >ii-d^^-vT, II. [Fr.] a kapital per- 

' 1 iiKii^torpfs. 

' _'-u, n. an in<ckt dat entorx dr skin. 

< I' IS, Kr-lif-cr-U!«, a. furnijt wid kloi. 

CHELiK«.>HM. Kel-i-form, a. havig At form uv a 
Chelv, Ki'l-i, n. dr klo ov q Jcl-fiJ. [klo. 

Chemic, Kora-ik, cr Kim-ik, | a. pertnnig tu 
CHEiircAi., Ki-ra-i-knl, j kcmistri. 

Chemicallv, K»'m-i-kal-i, ad. in a kcmikal man- 
Chemise, »m rx, «. [/>.] a Jift. [t-r. 

Chemisette, Xira-i-zdt, n. [Fr.] an under gqr- 

mrnt wijrn ov.t At Jeraei. 
Chemist. Kdra-ii<t, n. a penwin v?r<t in kcmi-'tri. 
CuEMiKTRT. Kf^m-i'-tri, or Kim-is-tri, n. a .•"{en.'' 

b»' , - dr kompuzifon. At natynr, and 

pr' 1 ■ trial !<ubstansei. 

Chei;! . r. and fi. Se < C^tivr.) 

Chirimi, I or i;. r. t. tu trrt wid tondernesi: tu 
Cherisher. t-Vr-iJ-cr, n. wun dat r/rijei. [nun. 
CnjRooT, »-rtf>t, n. a kjnd ov 5ip\r. 
Cherrt. (-Vr-i, n. a fntit ov meni varjrtix. 
Cherry. ••Vr-i, ». red; rudi; Ijk a c,ot\. 
Cherrt, ••Vr-i. h. a knrdjal ov (jori-jns and spirit. 
riitRKVPIT. ♦•Vr-i-pit, n. a r,ildi pla wid r,.ri-i>toni. 
Khu.rn riiEE, t-Vr-i-lrr, n. a trr dat b^^n qcriz. 
' . Kvr-!«o-nr!<, n. a penin!it\la. 

' . n. a kJnd or flint; hornston. j 

' H! ,. , 1. t^. r-ti, M. Ijk ^ort; flinti. ' 

rHMHB, (-Vr-ub. n. a nclciitral Kpirit: an nnjol. | 
riiKKiBic. ♦•Vr-ifc-bik. /«. rrlatig tu cjorubz i 

I'lUKi bical, f-Vr-ili-bi-kRl, I or<H'rTnbim:anj<i'lik. ' 
<'iin;i BiM. tVr-Jn-bim, ■. dt urbrtt) pli^nU ov 

t 1 riit>. 
Cheribix. t-Vr-yi^-bin, a. qerobik; anj^lik. 
CuERir, tVr-up, c. ». tu q^rp; tu jr^i a ^rful 

CHEEcr, C«*r-ap, r. t. tu kwikn; tu ^?rp. 
Cum, V,c*, H. Q *|<*niifik pim, in hwiq Ub Mta ov 
\>r*'-i. or in"n, nr riM>vd iu opuii/on tu re uder. 
Cni^H BOARD. t-V^-bunJ, it. a bunl for plaio qoa. 
CuEiiHMA.H, t-'e^-man, h. u |ici ur pupol for ptaig 


<'hekt. Cf!<t, n. a Iqrj b..k« .«• kofcr. dc (uf»ki. 
<'nEr<TEIi, (•'.-t ••!. a. Imviy II (j.-.t. 
ChesT-M T. ••'•-- nut, »i. (1 inr.t; <i nut. 
t'HKHTMT, ••Vt-iiui. a. kulonl lik a <;Mnat; brm. 
CuEMTMiT-TKCK, t^-Dut-tjT, n. a trc d*t bv* 

Chetah. ♦•'r-tq, n. At bantig Icpard ov India. 
Chevalier, Xev-a-l£r, «. ^ Fr.\ a n|t;a piUnt aaua, 
Chevai X l)E ERI8E, »v-u-dc-f r^z, n. /./. [Fr.] a 
pf'tov liinlwr furni/t wid fpik" tu drtcnda p«a^. 
Cheveril. »jv-er-il, ii. a kid; kid-ledi-r. 
Chevisaxcj:. >]<5v-i-ian.<, n. [Fr.\ entcrprji. 
Che\tio.v, >]ev-ron, n. [Fr.] (ntr.} an dnormbl 

Chevroxed. 5>v-r.nd, a. Japt Ijk a Jevron. 
Chevroxel, >>!V-ron-fl, ii. u dimiiiyiitiv/evron. 
Chew, e'^, i-. t. tu kru/ or gr^nd wid dt itt; tta 

ri>ii.<'tikHt; tu rvbminat. 
Chew. i-'\\, r. i. tu nbminat; tu mcditat. 
Chewixo, t-'t'l-ii). n. mastika/on. 
( iiiARo-osc;uEO., n. [It.] At 

qrt ov konili|nig l|l and Jod in pantig. 
Chioaxk, Xi-kiin, n. a mrn trik or qrt; Jikaneri. 
Chicane, Xi-kun, r. «. tu prulog a kontcst bj 

Chicaxer. Xi-krin-er, n. wun gilti ov Jikaneri. 
Chu'axert, Xi-kuti-er-i, /». mrn qrt.s ov ragglig. 
• 'hick. Kik, n. At yun ov u b«;rd; a qikcn. 
t'HicKEX, t'ik-cn, n. it yug ov u berd, jiartikyn- 

I'lrli ov a hen. [limorug. 

Chu REX-HEARTED, »''ik-cii-h<irt-ed, a. k'<«ardli: 
Chickex-pox. t-'ik-en-pok*. n. a mild rniptivdit- 
Chicklixo, Kik-lig, n. u smol qiken. [ix. 

Chickpea, ♦•'ik-|>c, n. a kjnd ov pe. 
CiiiCKWEED, (!'ik-wrd, n. an anyi^al wrd er plROt. 
("hike, t-'jd, r. t. [i. qid, }>«. qjdig, qidn ur QidJ 

tu rrprtfiv; tu pkold; tu <;ck: tu gon/qr. 
Chiiie. Kid, r. i'. tu klain ir; tu skuld. 
Chider, rjd-cr, ii. wun hii> ijjdz. 
Chidixo, Cjd-ig, fi. rrbqk: kworel: n«n: md. 
Chief, t-'rf, a. prin<:i|>al; mu-il eminent; f^rst. 
("hijk. t-'rf. u. a koin<ii)dor; a Irdor. 
Chieklv. ••'ff-li, nJ. prin.'ipiili; (^minentli. 
Chieetaix. Krf-ten. n. a Irder; a komdnder. 
Chieetaixrv, t-'f'f-t<n-ri, i n. dr stat. or rR^k 
Chiektaixship, K^f-ten-Jip, i ov a <;cftcn. 
Chikkt, t-'if i, II. hast; a Jort tjm. 
Chilblaix, t'il-blan, ii. a sormad bj koldor frost. 
Child, Kjld. /».. />/.fc'il-drcn; an infant; a reri yog 

jMTSon; a sun or doter. [qildren. 

Child BEARiXQ, Kjld-kir-ig, n. At akt ov b^rig 
Child-bed, Cjld-bcd, n. At atat ov a wumiui in 

CiiiLD-BiRTn, Cnd-hort, n. At akt ov brigig fort. 
Childek MAS DAT, fil-der-ma-i-da, n. dr da on 

hwiij At ft.1t ov dr holi 'Inosents it ivilemnjtd, 

!»rs. 2s. 
Childhood, Cjld-hud, n. At stat ov ^ildren; in- 

lnn.-i; dr propcrtii ov a qjld. [er. 

CiiiLDiflHLY. (•■jld-ij-li, ad. inaqjldi/. trifligman- 
Childikiix>j<8, t-'jld-ij-nci, h. pqeriliti; iqflignM. 
• 'IIILDI.ESS. K)ld-l-«, .1. havig no <;jld. 
Childlike. K|l<i-I{k, *. Ijk, or brkiimig a ^Id. 
Chiliad. KiI i-ad, n. a t^zand. [ttitaod »\Am, 

CiiiLiAHEDROx. Kit-i-a-h^-dron. n. a f iRTH'" o'' <* 
Chiliarch. Kil-i-qrk, fi. a konxindcrov a tusoad. 
CiiiLiARCHY, Kil-i-qr-ki, n. a bodi or a tvtaad 

mcji. [aas. 

Chiliart. Kil-i-aat, n. wun ov a xekt or milenari- 
Chill, (-'il. ». kold: drpr^t; kold or temper. 




Chill, Gil, n. qilines; a Jiveri^; kold. 
Chilliness, t'il-i-nes, n. a sensajon ov Jiveriij. 
Chillness, Gil-nes, n. koolnes: koldnes; qilines. 
Chilly, 6Iil-i, a. sumhwot kold; — ad. koldli. 
Chime, Gjm, n. a sund ov belz; konkord ov s'snd. 
Chime, Gjm, n. de ej er brim ov a kask er tub. 
Chime, Gjm, v. t. tu mCBv, strjk, er sund in hqr- 

Chimee, Gjm-er, n. vyun hco qimz belz. [fansi. 
Chimera, Ki-me-ra, n. a faud monster; an od 
Chimerical, Ki-mer-i-kal, a. imajinari; fansi- 

f lal: unreal. [kal manor. 

Chimerically, Ki-m^r-i-kal-i, ad. in a kimeri- 
Chimney, Gim-ni, n. a. pasaj trd) hwig smok 

asendz; a i\\\. 
Chimney-corner, Gim-ni-ker-ner, n. fjrsjd. 
Chimney-piece, Gim-ni-pes, n. de ernamental 

wurk i"snd a firplas. [ov qimniz. 

Chimney-sweeper, Gim-ni-swep-er, n. a klener 
Chin, Gin, n. de loest pqrt ov de hitman fas. 
China, Gj-na, n. a f jn sj)8Jez ov erten w^r. 
China root, Gj-na ra)t, 7i. Az root ov a spejez ov 

smilaks, from de Sst Indez. 
Chincapin, Gir)k-a-pin, ». de dwerf qesnut; a tre. 
Chincough, Gin-kof, n. a. vjolent kef; hcDpiijkef. 
Chine, Gjn, n. dg bak-bon, or spjn; — de endz ov 

a barel er kask. 
Chine, Gjn, v. t. tui kut intia pesez, or qjnz. 
Chined, Gjnd, a. havii) a <jin. 
Chinese, Gj-nez, Ji. de lai)g'waj and pepl ovGjna. 
Chingle, Xii)-gl, n. gravel fre from dert. 
CiuxK, Giflk, ti. a smel opnii) er kleft. [fil up. 
Chink, t'ii)k, v. t. tu Jak sw az tu mak a s'snd; tia 
Chink, Giijk, v. i. tu s-snd bj strikii) eg uder. 
Chixky, Gii]k-i, a. havii) giijks, er naro klcfts. 
Chintz, Gints, n. kotn klot printed wid kulorz. 
Chip, Gip, v. t. tm kut intia smel pesez; tui hak. 
Chip, Gip, u. t. tu brak er krak; tia gap. 
Chip, Gip, n. a smel pes kut er brokn of. 
Chipaxe, Gip-aks, n. a wun-handed plan aks. 
Chipping, Gip-i^, n. de akt ov kuti;) of; a gip. 
Cbiragra, K4-ra-gra, n. g^st in de hand. 
Chiragrical, Kj-rag-ri-kal, a. haviij de g3t in 

de hand. 
Chirograph, Kj-ro-graf, n. a ded in rjtii): a fjn. 
Chirographer, Kj-rog-ra-fer, n. a rjter; — {^Eng. 

Law.y an ofiser in de komon plez, hot) engrtasez 

Chirographic, Kj-ro-graf-ik, ) a. pertanig 

Chirographical, Kj-rca-graf-i-kal, S tu kjrog- 

rafi. [handrjtii). 

Chirography, Kj-rog-ra-fi, n. de qrt ov rjtij); 
Chirology, Kj-rol-o-ji, n. de qrt ov konversig bj 

de handz and fi;)gerz. 
Chiromancer, Kj-ro-man-ser, er Kir-o-man-scr, 

n. wun hit) fortelz fvi,tyii,r events bj inspektig de 

Chirom.\ncy, Kj-ro-man-si, w. divinajon bi in- 

spektii) de hand. 
Chironomy, Kj-ron-o-mi, n. de qrt er roul in 

nuDvii) de handz in oratori; jest}'r|,r. 
Chiropodist, Kj-rop-o-dist, n. wun hen ekstnikts 

kornz, remJjvz bunyonz, ets. 
Chirp, Gerp, v. i. tu mak a gerful nerz, az berdz. 
Chirp, Gerp, n. de vers ov berdz er insekts. 
Chirping, Gerp-ig, n. de jentl nffz ov berdz. 
Chirrup, Gir-up, v. t. tu kwikn; tu ger up. 
Chirurgery, Kj-rtir-jer-i, n. surjori. 
Chisel, Giz-el, n. a ioA for pvii] wud er stcon. 
Chisel, Giz-el, r. t. tu kut er kqrv wid a gizel. 
Chit, Git, n. a gild; a babi; a spr-st ov kern. 
Chitchat, Git-gat, n. pratl; idl tek; gat. 
Chivalric, Eiv-al-rik, a. galant; Jivalrus. 
Chivalrous, Xiv-al-rus^ a. relatii) tu Jivalri ; 

galant. [de midl ajez; njthud. 

Chivalry, Ziv-al-ri, 71. de sistem ov njthud in 

Chives, Gjvz, n. pi. tredz er filaments in fl-serz. 
Chlorate, Klo-rat, n. a selt kompd)zd ov klorik 

asid and a bas. 
Chloride, K16-rid, n. a substans kompunded or 

kltarin and a kombustibl bodi. 
Chlorine, Kld)-rin, n. an elementari gas, obtand 

from komon selt. 
Chlorosis, Klo-ro-sis, n. de grensiknes. 
Chlorotio, Klo-rot-ik, a. afekted bj klorosis. 
Choak, Gok, V. t. Se {Choke.) 
Chock-full, G6k-f ul, a. kwjt ful. [konut. 

Chocolate, G6k-Q-lat, n. a. preparajon ov de ko- 
Choice, Gers, n. de akt er p-ser ov goozig; de tij 

gozn; opjon; de best pqrt. 
Choice, Gers, a. selekt; prejus; veri valyixabl. 
Choicely, Gffs-li, ad. kq,riusli; ekselentli. 
Choiceness, GcJs-nes, n. ekselens; njsnes. 
Choir, Kwjr, n. an asembli er band ov sigerz: 

de pqrt ov a gurghw;\,r de sigerz qr plast. 
Choke, Gok, v. t. tu silfokat; tu stop up; tu 

Choke, Gok, v. i. tu be gokt er obstrdkted. 
Choke, Gok, n. de kapilari pqrt ov an qrtigok. 
Choke-damp, Gok-damp, n. a nokjus vapor (kqr- 

bonik asid gas) in kol-mjnz. 
Choke-pear, Gok-ptir^ ji. an unp.ilatabl pi^r. 
Choker, Gok-er, n. he or dat hwig goks er sj- 

Choky, G(&k-i, a. tendii) tu gok; siifokatig. 
Choler, K61-er, n. de bjl; a^ger; raj. 
Cholera, K61-er-a, n. a malignant dizes akum- 

panid bj vomitir) and purjiij. 
Cholera morbus, K61-er-a mer-bus, n. a panful 

dizez, in hwig de kontents ov de stumak qr 

ejokted upward. 
Choleric, K61-er-ik, a. ful ov kolcr; aijgri; irasibl. 
Choose, Gcdz, v. t. [i. goz, ps. gcozig, gozn;] tu 

prefer; tu pik ut; tu selekt; tu elekt. 
Choose, Gcdz, v. i. tu hav piser ov gers; tu prefer. 
Chooser, Gc6z-er, n. wun ho) goozez. 
Choosing, Gd)z-ii), n. gers: elekjon. [ter. 

Chop, Gop, v. t. tu kut wid a kwik blo;^tu bqr- 
Chop, Gop, v. i. tu duD enitii) wid a kwik mojon. 
Chop, Gop, n. a smel pes ov met; a kleft. In &ina. 

a p)ermit or stamp, denotii) kwoliti; az, gudz ov 

de /erst gop. 
ChopVallen, G6p-fel-n, a. Se {Okajifallen.} 
Chophouse, Gop-h'ss, n. a h^ss ov entertanment. 
Chopin, G6p-in, er Go-pin, n. a Freng megq,r 

ov likiirz; in Skotland, a. kwort-ov-wjn mejqr. 
Chopper, G6p-er, n. wun hd) gops; a klever. 
Chops, Gops, n. pi. de m'st ov a best. 
Choragus, Ko-ra-gus, n. [Z.] a leder ov korus. 
Choral, K6-ral, a. beloflig tu er sigii) in a kwjr. 
Chorally, Ko-ral-i, ad. in de manerov a koriis. 
Chord, Kerd, n. de strig ov a mqzikal instrco- 

mcnt; a serten kombinajon ov nots; a Ijn. 
Chord, Kerd, r. t. tu furnij wid striijZ. 
Chordee, Kor-de, n. a kontrakjon ov de frenum. 
Chore, Gor, ;/. a smol job. Se ( Char.) 
CiiORiAMBic, Ko-ri-am-bik, 71. de fut ov a vers 

konsistii) ov for silablz. [fetus. 

Chorion, Ko-ri-on, n. a membran dat inraps de 
Chorist, K6-rist, n. a. siger in a kwjr; a korister. 
Chorister, K6r-is-ter, n. a siijer in katedralz, er 

in a konsert; a leder ov a kwjr. 
Chorographer, Ko-rog-ra-fer, n. a. rjter ov ko- 

rcigrafi. [ov rejonz. 

Chorographical, Ko-ro-graf-i-kal,a. deskriptiv 
Chorography, Ko-rog-ra-fi, n. de deskripjon ov 

a plas; qrt ov formig maps ov ixirtikyi^lar rejonz. 
Chorus, K6-rus, n. a number ov sigerz; a kon- 
sert; jiqrt ov mqzik in hwig ol jern. 
Chose, Goz, i. from fetez. Se {Choose.) 
Chosen, G6z-n, p. from 6to3; selekted. 
Chough, Guf, n. a kjnd ov se-berd. 




i'lIOfilK, t-'ft, e, t. tu crt; tu trik. 
Choi'hk, •'■f», •. u bubl; (I IojI: <i Ink tir Jmn. 
CiiuwiiKK, (''li-diT, K. fij \)tt\>\ »id Iji.ikit, 4i:f. 
Obkiihtumatut, Kri'K-tuiu-K-ti, n. u buk intru- 
dukturi tu rtc Urnio ov layxw'U"*- (»'«• 

('hu(hM. Kri*-ui. n. uyk/oii yf\fl in liiikrt.l M^rtmo- 
Chrihmai.. Kru null, u. rrltitin tu knxni. 
('hmihmatoky, Knz inii-tu-n, u. ii litl >tI rc«cl. 

ChRIHTCK, kri<i-u, r. t. tu buptu ami iinui. 
('iiuiHTCNDOM, Kri.i-n-doul, n. dc rrjonx uv hwi(- 

di iiihiiliilaiil' iifijfct Kri.ttyiaiiiti. [Kr)!*!. 

('iiKi.sTiAN, Kri"t ynn, «»A Kri.-t-ii-an, n. a dii«||il uv 
CiiKlsTIAN, K.rii't-yun, j«. [H-Tlaniu tu Kn-l, or 

Kri-iyinniti; *'klt'xia.<itikiil. (lij'in. 

CiiUisTiANiHil,, n. dt kri.ityuii rc 
Chkistiamtv, Kri't yi-an-i-ti, i-r KriH-Li-an-i-ti, 

H. >lr ri'lijiin (•>( b|, or dnt ov Rrialyanx. 
<'nuinrtANij;t, Krist-yun-ji, r. t. tu konv^rt tu 

Kii-lyiamli. pim. 

Chuihtiani.y, Krist-yan-li, a. brktimip u Kri^t- 
<'iiKi»riANLY, Kri.-t-yan-li, aJ. Ijk u Kriitiyun. 
('HuijtTiAN-NAMii,, n. a nnni givn 

in Uii|iti/.tii. 
('heistmak, KriH-mn.", «. dt fcKtival ov KrisUt 

niiliviti, Jit IftH'iubor. 
t'liuisTMAHDOx, kn^-iuu'<-lMikj', B. a boki for 

liri/.'-iit»; ii iiri'tiMit pivn iit KriKiDii». [tu niiizik. 
( HUHMATU', Kru-iuat-ik, ^i. rrlutiy tu kulor, nr 
I HHtiMK, Kruiii, n. u .-uirt uv inutul; kruniiuui. 
<'llK«>Uit M, Krtj-ini-uui, n. u hw{ti|, brill luolal. 
.;hh..n,.'. Kronik. ( „v l-i, 

I tlKoHic \L. Kriin-i-kal, ) " ' ■■ 

t'liHoMCLi;, Kriin-i-kl, ii. a rvji.tlor; a rvkurd; a 

CltKuNicLE. Krun-i-kl, r. t. tu rrki'trd: tu rujistcr. 
I'liKoNicLKK, Krun-i-klcr, n. u irkunlcrov evdnO); 

u historian. 
CuRoNouRAy, Kron-o-gram, n. an in.'ikripjun in 

hwir, dr iIhI ii rk^pro-t b{ ni^incnil It'trrz. 
t'MRoNtKiiiAMJiAru AL, Kriiti-u-jjra-iuht-i-kiil, a. 

brl<i(|iu t<i ■! kriinugr;iin. 
ruuo.NOiiiuvMiiATisT. Knn-o-gTam-a-tist, n. u 

rjt'T I'V kr<'>iiu;;r.inix. 
( iiKuMM.n M'litK, Kru-no^j-ra-for, «. a rjt«'r cv 

V.r. M.' , II. [|xi''t tjin. 

I'linoMM.i; \fiir, Kru-nug-m-fi, n. dcskripjon ov 
I HUo.NoLotiER, Kru-n6l-i3-jor, j n. wun ba> iz 
t'uRo»<oLo*iisT. Kru-nol-u-jist, j Vfrst in kruj- 

t'liKtixoLOuic. Kr<>n-u-l6j-ik, > a. denoti|) 

• "iiKnNOLuou'AL, Kron-u-liij-i-kal, i iieriiKlt uv 

litii: riliiiij) tu krunoluji. [krunoluji. 

«'nKoN<iL<HiUAi.Ly. Krun-u-loj-i-kal-i, ud. bj 
I'ilRosoLOUT. Kru-nt'il-a-ji, n. dt hicnx ur kum- 

fHllill t(in. and ii^orlanio data ov trentx. 
t'KRoNoMKTKR, Kru-nuin-f-tor, II. an instnituent 

It iif<iirio t(in wid (jrot i-^iaktm-.s. 
<'iii;\-Mii. Kri-ji li", II. dr |'ii|«i ov an inxi-kt. 

• II K^- V Mil KM I M. Kri-iati-tc-muiii, n. dr nam <iv 
a jiiiii'* »v |>laiit.<i. [kulor. 

t'HRtMiLiTK. Kn^-u-ljl, n. Q mineral OV a KTruiJ 
t.'HRThOi'RAHK, krii*-u-prnt, a. o minrral ov un 

•I'l (;rrn kulur; n varieli ov kwortM. 
ClIfB, ♦'■lib. n. u riviT fiJ: u duii''. 
Cm HiiKK. ♦•'db ««d. .1. biu-h.-a.-d; Ijk d <;ab: ^ubi. 
Chi iiur. Kiib i, *. |ilump: j»ri and tlk. 
Cm Ik. t'.ik. r. i'. lu iiuik II u<Ti ijk a hen. 
Cni;iK, *-'uk. r. t. tu kal uahuji: tu«ir)kjent- 

li: tu tru b| a kwik mojon; tu pi^. 
Clll'OK, Kuk, II. dr v<T.i ov a hon; a pat or bio. 
Chu'K karthino. Ktik-ft)r-di(v n. a pUi, in hwir 

>uniti() it pii;i Itiiu a bel. 
Chicklk. t-iik-l, r. •'. tu lq( konvnUirli; tu Iqf 

iiiwiinlli. wid trjumf. 
Cbl'CKLB. t'dk-1. r. t. tu kttl ai a hen: tu fondl. 

Cuvwr, dat, It. a ku^^ fat-bfded, blunt klvn. 
t'HL>»fY, Kiifi, M. blunt; lat; Durll; aCKri. 
('hum, fum, B. a (;aiub<r-lrlcj in a koicj, k*. 
Cm Ml', t-'uiup, fi. Q ;..rt tlk iMnov wud. 
Cut.HAM, t-'i(-iiuiu, M. tnuk^ iiuidov kajijod /elt. 
t|iii .NR, Cujik, H. u Ji.rt tlk 11 « or wud. 
ClIlKtli, t'un;, n. dr kolikdv Uxli ov Kmt/ROI; 

•1 ii.irlikyiilur UkII ov Kriilyam; a pkxur dirio 

wur/ip; ckUxiiuitikal <it«riii. [cnrc. 

CjiURcir, fc'urij. c. I. lu a^i^t tu rrtiirn tuuu in 
CiiiRt ii-Ai.iu, «*'ur<; «l. M. <i wak .ir fri-t inkomom- 

umjnu iiv dt koii^krujoii ov u (jun;. 
Chiuchoom, Ciir^-doin, «. <;ur<j Kuv«-riiiii<-nt. 
('ill lu II tiotu, t'lirij-jju-cr, n. wun h>iiai<ii<ij! «;un;., fe'iinjn), N. dr akl ov rrtiirniu tajjki 
, '» 'i'""';- lKpi^ku|iullaa. 

(|iilUi.iiMA\, Cilnjinan, »i. an <-klr»i&.«iik ; an 
CuiEiii-WAUKicii, t-'urii-wiir-dun, ri. an olisi-r ov 

dt <;ur(j. (u cur^. 

CiitucilYABD, t iir«;-yqrd, n. dt bfriul-gruiiJ nrr 
Cm Ki., Curl, «. a nurli, il-bn-d man: u luizer. 
I'mKLlMll, Ciirl-iJ, a. itixl; bnbtal; M.ili/; avari/iu. 
CiiiKi,i.sii.N»>iii. t'lirl-ij-ni's, n. niidncn'; nit(urdliucs. 
CiiiRN. t-'urii, «. (i vivsol in liwii; krrm iz qurnd. 
<'hikmi. (•'urn, f. t. tu iijitnt; Ili nuik liuter. 
<'m U.VKl). Ciiriid, j>. II. ajiUiU-d: iniid iiitu but«r. 
("mu.MNu. Ciirii-iy, ii. dt akt ov umki(j butor. 
CiiLBN-STAfK, Curii-.«l<il, H. an in^lrvtimeut eiupldrd 

tor ijuriii{). 
CmsK, CiIjz, r. t, Sr {(.%•>>»>.) 
CiivLK, Kjl, n. II milki flt^id f«nud in dr ftumftk. 
CuYLiKACTio.H, Kil-i lak-Jon, n. dt pruM« o* 

imiki{j kjl. 
('iiYLois. Kj-lus, n. kon.Histio «v kjl. 
Chymi:, K{in, >i. a »oi\ \ta\\ prudi^st in de ttumak 

bj dt diji-slvon ov foxl. 
CuvMisTKY, kiin-is-lri. u. ^t {Chtmudry.) 
C'lBAHiurii, .*<i-ba-ri-us a. rrlatio tu Joid; i-dibl. 
ClBOL, ."^ib-ol, n. u s«»rt ov .xiuid unyon. [kust. 
(Vaua. .'Ni-kn-il.i, H. [/.] an insfkl:u !«>rt ov lo- 
Ckatuuk, ."-Jik-a-tri.s, j h. u xkqr Iclt bj o wa>iHl; 
(^u ATUi.\. Sik-a-trika, ( a mqrk. 
CuuTKibANT, Sik-a-tri-!iaut, n. dat hwiq indqgez 

a xikatri.i. [tria. 

CiCATRisiVK, Sik-a-trj-.siv, «. dat indqiH-i u sika- 
CiCATUiZATiON, Sik-a-tri-wi-Jon, ». dr akl ov 

hiliji II w,t,nd. [skin over. 

("itATRiZK. ."^ik-a-trjt, r. /. lu hrl a wOind; tu, Cr-i^o-ru-nn, »/r Sis-r-ni-nr, n. [H.] u 

Kjd; nun hoi i-k!«]iltinz kqrii>»itii or antikif ilix. 
CicKHOMAS. ."^is-c-ru-ni-un. a. rrzomblig Sisrro. 
CiCKiio.M AM.sM, Siit-r-ru-ni-an-iz-m, «. an imiUi- 

Jon ov Si!ttru. 
CicihBKO. t-"r(ji.«-l»»i-u, or Sc-su-bc-o, n. [It.] u 

ptiant ati-ndi(i a ladi. [perinus. 

C'ictTA. Si-kq-l«i. II. wotcr hcmlok. hda luit \i 
ClUKR, S|-tlor, n. dr jqHov ni>li fcnnentcd. 
Ci DEVAXT, Sc do-vi.h, ail. [FrA frtrnw-rli. 
CiUAU, Si-;;('(r, H. u litl rul ov tODiko lor .^moki^i. 
Ciliary. Sil ya-ri, a. rrlutiu tu dt jlidx. 
CiLiciOL.s, .Si-liJ-us, a. mnd ov \\^t. 
CiMA, Si-mi, a. a k{nd ov mi^ldif^ 
CiMjrrKR. Sim-r-ter, •«. q Jort Turki/ aord. 
CiMMEKiA.N, Si-inr-ri-an, a. ckntrrmli dqrk. 
CiMi>i.iT»:, Sim-o-ljl, n. u ffrHiJ-hwjl kla. 
CiNciiuNA, Sin-ku-nu, h. l'rru>viuii bqrk. 
('l.-ft-Tl RK. Sinkt-ynr, «. a b<'lf:u mi/; a RV""- 
CiNDKR, Sin-aer, n. rclikj) ov burnt kal ar wud; 

ajrx. (lu a/ex. 

CiNKRATiON, Sin-er-(l-Jon, ft. dr akt rm rrd^aig 
CiN^JiEUL'B. Si nr rt US, j. " ' ' -I. 

Cl.MiLE. SiJ) f?!, n. ic^rt for 

Cl.N'NABAE, Sid a-bur, n. n-'l ^qri. 

Cl.N.tAHON, Sin a-mon. n. dr lUcr b^rk uv u sp* 

/rx ov lon-l. 
ClHQir.. Sipk, n. (/J-.] d» number f{v in dii». 



CiNQUEFOiL, Siflk-ftrl, n. f jv-levd klover. 

CiON, Sj-on, n. a JiDt engrafted. 

Cipher, Sj-fer, n. de figyqr (0) in numberz; a 

SEkret maner ov rjtii). 
Cipher, Sj-fer, v. {. tu yaz f igyiirz in aritmetik. 
CiPHEEiNG, Si-fer-ii), n. as praktis ov aritmetik. 
CiECEAX, Ser-se-an, a. pertnnii) tu Serse: bewicjii). 
CiRCEXSiAX, Ser-sen-Jan, a. ov de serkus. 
CiRCiXATE, Ser-si-nat, v. t. tu mak a serkl. 
Circle, Ser-ki, «. a Ijn kontinyrid til it endz hw^r 

it began, havir) el its jxirts ekwidistant from a 

komon senter: de spas inklq,ded in a serkqlar 

Ijn; a r-snd bodi; an erb; kumpas; a serkumlok^- 

Jon: — a klas ov pspl; a distrikt. 
Circle, Ser-kl, v. t. tu mcov r-»nd; tu inkloz. 
Circle, S^r-kl, v. i. tu mcw serkixlarli. 
Circlet, Ser-klet, n. a litl serkl. 
Circuit, Ser-kit, «. de akt ov moovii) r-snd; tt spas 

inkkbzd; ekstent;— vizitajon ov jujez; de trakt 

ov kuntri vizited bj de jujez, or bi ministerz. 
Circuit, Ser-kit, v. t. tu mcDV r-snd. [kit. 

CiRCUiTEER, Ser-kit-er, n. wun hO) travelz a ser- 
CiRCUiTiON, Ser-kti-iJ-on, n. goii) r-snd. 
Circuitous, Ser-k\\,-it-us, a. r-snd ab-st; not di- 

rekt. ' [maner. 

CiRcuiTOUSLY, Ser-kii-it-us-li, ad. in a serk^itus 
Circuity. Ser-ki^-i-ti, n. a goiij r-snd. 
Circular, S^r-kix-lar, a. r-snd, Ijka serkl: sferikal. 
Circularity, Ser-kq-lar-i-ti, n. de stat ov beii) 

.■!erkiilar. [serkl. 

Circularly, Ser-kti-lar-li, arf. in de form ov a 
Circulate, Ser-kq,-lat, v. t. tu spred: tu difi\z 

ab-st. ' [difi^zd. 

Circulate, Ser-kTi,-lat, r. i. tu miDv r-snd: tu be 
Circulation, Ser-ki^-la-Jon, n. de akt ov serki],- 

latii): serki^lar mojon; a retdrn; ekstent ov difii- 

^on: kurensi. [el. 

Circulatory, Ser-ki|-la-tQ-ri, ». a kemikal ves- 
CiRCULATOEY, Ser-kii^-la-to-ri, a. serki|lar; moDv- 

iij r-snd. [ment. 

CiRCULUs. Ser-kt^-lus, n. [Z.] a surjikal instriD- 
CiRcuiiAMBiEXCY, Ser-kum-am-bi-en-si, n. de 

akt ov enkumpasii). [ir). 

CiECUMAMBiEXT, Ser-kum-am-bi-ent, a. sur-snd- 
CiECUMAMBULATE, Ser-kum-am-bTi,-lat, v. i. tu 

wok r-snd ab-st. [forskin. 

Circumcise, Ser-kum-sjz, v. t. tu deprjv ov de 
CiRCUMCiSER, Ser-kum-sjz-er, ?i. -wun lict) serkum- 


Circumcision, Ser-kum-sig-on, n. a JqiJ rjt. 
CiRCUMCLUsiON, Ser-kum-khi-gon, n. tte akt ov 

enklQzii) on el sjdz. 
CiRCUMCURSATiON, Ser-kum-kur-sa-Jon, n. a run- 

ii) up and d-sn. [tu nulif j. 

Circumduct, Ser-kum-ddkt, v. t. tu kontraven: 
Circumduction, Ser-kum-ddk-Jon, n. nulifika- 

Jon: hindrans. 
Circumference, Ser-kum-fer-ens, n. a Ijn dat 

b-sndz de spas ov a serkl; periferi; an erb; a 

serkl. [lar. 

Circumferential, Ser-kum-fer-en-Jal, a. serkq,- 
CiRCUMFERENTOR, Ser-kum-fer-en-tor, n. an in- 

strct)ment yi|zd in survaii), for mejurii) aijglz. 
CiRCUMFLECT, Ser-kum-fl6kt, v. t. tu fiks de 

Circumflex, Ser-kum-fleks, n. an akscnt be- 

twen grav and aki\t. [jur ov weterz. 

Circumfluence, Ser-kdm-flq,-ens, n. an enklo- 
Circumfluent, Sei;-kdm-fh\,-ent, a. floifl r-snd. 
CiRCUMFORANEAN, Ser-kum-fo-ra-ne-an, a. trav- 

clii) ab^t. [derifl ab-^t. 

CiECUMFOEANEOUs, Ser-kum-fo-ra-ne-us, a. wou- 
CiECUMFUSE, Ser-kum-fii,z, v. t. tu por r-snd. 
CiRCUMFUSiLE, Ser-kum-f i\-sil, a. datmabepord 

ClRCUMFUSiON, Ser-kum-fq,-3on, n. a gropi^rsnd. 

CiRCUMiTiON, Ser-kum-iJ-on, n. a goig r-snd. 
Circumjacent, Ser-kum-ja-sent, a. Ijiij r-snd; 

CiRCUMLiGATiON, Ser-kum-li-ga-Jon, n. a bjndig 

r-snd; a band; -wurdz. 
Circumlocution, Ser-kum-lo-k^-Jon, n. a ser- 
kit er kumpas ov -wurdz; a perifrasis; indirekt 

eksprejonz. _ [ifrastikal. 

Circumlocutory, Ser-kum-lok-yT^-to-ri, a. per- 
CiRCUMMUEED, Ser-kuni-mt\,rd, a. weld r-snd. 
Circumnavigable, Ser-4ium-nav-i-ga-bl, a. dat 

ma be said r-snd. _ _ [r-snd. 

Circumnavigate, Ser-kum-nav-i-gat, v. t. tu sal 
Circumnavigation, Ser-kum-nav-i-ga-Jon, n, 

de akt ov saliij r-snd. 
Circumnavigator, Ser-kum-nav-i-ga-tor,»i. wun 

hiu salz r-snd. ' [iij r-snd. 

Circumplication, Ser-kiim-pli-ka-Jon, ji. a rap- 
CiRCUMPOLAE, Ser-kum-p6-lar, a. r-snd, er ner 

de pol. 
CiRCUMPOsiTiON, Ser-kum-po-ziJ-on, ji. de akt 

ov plasii) serktilarli. 
CiRCUMROTATiON, Ser-kum-ro-ta-Jon, n. de akt 

ov rolii) r3nd. ' [i?) r-snd. 

CiRCUMROTATORY, Ser-kum-ro-ta-to-ri, a. hwerl- 
CiRCUMSCRiBABLE, Ser-kum-skrjb-a-bl, ) a. ka- 
CiRCUMSCRiPTiBLE, Ser-kum-skrip-ti-bl, i pabl 

ov beii) serkumskrjbd: limited. 
Circumscribe, Ser-kum-skrib, v, t. tu enkloz; 

tu b-snd; tu limit. [Jon; b-snd. 

Circumscription, Ser-kum-skrip-Jon, n. limita- 
CiECUMSCRiPTiVE, Ser-kum-skrip-tiv, a. enkloz- 

ii) de limits. [diskret. 

Circumspect, Ser-kum-spekt, a. kejus; woqful; 
Circumspection, Ser-kum-spek-Jon, n. woqful- 

nes; kejon. [keJus. 

Circumspective, Ser-kum-spek-tiv, a. atentiv; 
Circumspectly, S^r-kum-spekt-li, ad. vijilantli; 

kojusli. [kejon. 

Circumspectness, Ser-kum-spekt-nes, n. vijilans; 
Circumstance, Ser-kum-stans, n. an adjugkt ov 

Q fakt; aksident: insident; event; — j)l. wunz stat 

er kondijon; stat ov af^rz. 
Circumstance, S^r-kum-stans, v. t. tu plas in 

Circumstantial, Scr-kum-stan-Jal, a. aksident- 

al; not esenjal; incidental; partikyqlar; mini^t. 
Circumstantially, Ser-kum-«tan-Jal-i, ad. mi- 

nr^tli; egzaktli. [not esenjal. 

Circumstantials, Ser-kum-stan-Jalz,\T(i 
Circumstantiate, Ser-kum-stan-Ji-at, v. t. tu 

plas in a kondijon. 
CiRCUMTERRANEOus, Ser-kum-ter-a-ne-us, a . 

ar-snd de ert. [ar-snd. 

CiKCUMVALLATE, Ser-kum-val-at, v. t. tu fertif j 
CiRCUMVALLATioN, Ser-kum-val-a-Jon, n. an en- 

kloziii fortifikajon. 
CiRCUMVECTiON, Ser-kum-vek-Jon, n. de akt ov 

kariii) r-snd. [qet. 

Circumvent, Ser-kum-vent, v. t. tu desev; tia 
Circumvention, Ser-kum-ven-Jon, n. fred; deset: 

prevenjon. [qetig. 

CiRCUMVENTi-VE, Scr-kum-ven-tiv, a. deli],dig ; 
Circumvest, Ser-kum-vest, v. t. tu kuver r-snd: 

tu klod. [ov fljig r-snd. 

CiRCUMvoLATiON, Ser-kum-vo-la-Jon, n.' de akt 
Circumvolution, Ser-kum-vo-l^-Jon, n. de akt 

ov rolir) r"5nd. 
CiRCUMVOL-VE, Ser-kum-v61v, «, t. tu rol r-snd. 
Circus, Ser-kus, n. an area far sports, wid sets 

r-snd for spektatorz. 
CiRRiFEROUS, Si-rif-er-us, a. prodqsig tendrilz. 
CiRRiGEROUS, Si-rij-er-ns, a. havip kurld loks. 
Cirrous, Sir-us, a. tenninatiij in a kurl er ten- 
dril. ' [matik van. 
CiRsocELE, Ser-so-scl, n. a dilajon ov de sper- 




Cisalpine, His-al-pin, a. on Ae s'Bt ov de Alps. 
Cisatlantic, Sis-at-lan-tik, a. on dis sjd ov de 
Atlantik. (Po. 

CisPADANE, Sis-pa-dan, a. on de sist ov de river 
CiSSOiD, Si-s-ffd, n. a kurv ov de sekond order. 
Cist, Sist, /». a kus; an aygri ttimc.r. 
CisTEECiAN, Sis-U-r-Jan, ». a llcnediktin mu;)k. 
Cistek.v, .Sis-tern, n. a vesel tu hold woter; a 

CisTUS, Sis-tus, n. [Z.] a plant; de rok roz. 
CiT, Sit, II. a gitizcn; — y^,td in kont^mt. 
Citadel, Sit-a-del, n. a fortres in or ner a siti. 
ClTAL, Sj-tal, n. reprtbf; sumonz; sjtajon. 
Citation, Sj-ta-Jon, n. sumonz; kwotajon; men- 
CiTATORY, Sj-ta-to-ri, a. havijj puer tu sjt. 
Cite, Sjt, v. I. tu sumon; tu kwot. 
CiTER, Sjt-cr, n. wun hd) sjts. 
CiTESS, Sit-es, B. Q wuman inhabitig a siti. 
ClTiiEEN, Sit-ern, n. a kind ov hqrp. 
CiTiciSM, Sit-i-siz-m, w. de behavyor ov a sitizcn. 
Citizen, Sit-i-zcn, n. an inhabitant ov a siti; a 

fi'f man. 
Citizenship, Sit-i-zen-Jip, n. de fredom ova siti. 
Citeate, Sit-rat, /*. a solt formd bj de yn,nyon 

ov siirik nsicl wid a ba^. 
Citric, Sit-rik, .1. rrlatifl tu t'itron, Ijm, or lemon. 
Citric acid, .'^il-rik a.-'-id, n. de asid ov lumonz. 
CiTBiNATiON, Sit-ri-na-Jon, n. turnig tu a yclu 

Citrine, Sit-rin, a. Ijk a sitron; ov dqrk yclo. 
Citrine, .Sit-rin, n. a spr/ez ov yelo kworts. 
Citron. Sit-ron, m. a frcut rrzemlilig a lemon. 
CiTV, ."^it-i, II. a wold or inkoqttjratcd tun. 
City, Sit-i, a. relatig tu a .^iti. 
CiVKS, Sjvz, n. a. spcjez ov Irk or alium groig in 

tuft?. [sivet kat. 

Civet, Siv-ot, n. a kw6dn»ped: — perfq,m from de 
(^ivic, Siv-ik, .1. rrlatig tu sivil Ijl. 
Civil, Siv-il. ,1. relatig tu dr komtiniti; politi- 

kal; intcvtin; komplazant; wel bred. 
Civilian, Si-vil-yan, 11. wun vorst in sivil lo: 

wun in a .sivil kapasiti. [tc«i. 

<'iviLiTV. Si-vil-i-ti. »». rcfjnment; poljtnes: kiir- 
CiviLIZATION, Siv-il-i-z:i-Jon. n. df akt ov sivil- 

izin: At stnt ov beig rrklaind fmrn Ixirbarizm. 
Civilize, .*^iv-il-jz, r. t. tu rrkliira from bqrbar- 

izm: tu in<tnikt in de qrts ov regyqlar Ijf. 
CivIlized, Siv-il-jzd, />. a. instriikted in de qrts; 

imimfcvd; ]«ilijt; kiiltivatcd. 
CiviLiZEE, Siv-il-jz-er, n. wun h(D siviljzcz. 
Civil LAW, .*^iv-il l>i, h. de loz ova stat, siti, or 

kuniii: Roman lo. 
Civilly, Siv-il-i, wl. in a sivil mancr: poljtli. 
Civil war, Siv-il wor, n. a wer betwen pepl ov 

At cam Stat or ?iti. 
CivisJi, Siv-iz-m, n. patriotizm; luv or kijr ov de 

<'lack. Klak, 71. Q lQ?tig and importyT^nat nffz. 
Clack. Klak, r. i. tu mak a suden, Jqrp uoi. 
Clacker, Klak-cr. n. dr klak ov a mil. 
Clad, Kla<l, />. from Klod; klodd. Se {CUrthe.) 
Claim, Klnm, r. t. tu drmund ov rif; tu rtkwjr. 
Claim, Klum, u. a demand ov eni tii) dq; a tjtl. 
Claimable. Kliim-a-bl, a. dat ma be klamd. 
Claimant,, n. wun h* dcmdndz. I 

Clairvoyance, Klrjr-vA-ans, n. kit rsjtcdnes; diz- 

omment in tinz invizibl tu At sensoz. 
Clairvoyant. Klur-vA-ant, a. klersjted; dizernig 

tigz not prezcnt tu dp sen«ez; — yqzd ai a n'sn. \ 
Clam, Klam, 11. a sraM bjvalv Jel-fiJ. 1 

Clam, Klam, r. t. tu klog wid glqtinus mater, i 
Clam. Klam, r. i. tu be mffst: tu stik. I 

Clamant, Kld-mnnt, a. krjig: beseqig emestli. 
Clamber, Klam-ber, r. •'. tu kljm wid difiknlti. 1 
Clamminess, Klam-i-nes, n. viskofiti: visiditi. I 

Clammy, Klam-i, a. viskus; glqtinus; slimi. 

Clamor, Klam-<)r, n. an utkr]: nerz; vosiferajon. 

Clamor, Klam-or, c. i. tu mak Tttkr^z; tu vo- 
siferat. [bi^leBt. 

Clamorous, Klam-or-us, a. vosifcrus; nffzi; tiir- 

Clamorocsly, Kl.nm-or-us-li, /m/. in a nffzi maner. 

Clamorous.ness, Klam-or-us-ncji, ». nffzi kom- 


1 Clamp, Klamp, n. a pes ov jam or timber jx\;u\ 

I tu fasn wurk tug^dcr. [stamp. 

. Clami', Klamp, v. t. tu strogten bj a klamp; tu 

Clan, Klan, n. a famili; o ras; a trjb. [vat. 

Clandestine, Klan-des-tin, a. sekrct; hidn; prj- 

Clandestineness, Klan-de.-i-tin-nes, n. prjvaai; 
I sekresi. [vatli. 

j Clandestinely, Klan-d('s-tin-li,a</. stkretli; prj- 

Clang, Klag, n. a Jqrp, Jril nffz; klayk. 
I Clang, Klag, r. i. tu klater: tu mak a Jril n<Tz. 
I Clangor, Klag-gor, n. a lisd. Jril s'snd; klag. 
1 Clangous. Klag-gus. a. makig a klag. 

Clank, Klank, u. a Jril narz az ov a (jan; klag. 

Clanship, Klan-Jip, 11. a stat yq,nyon in a trjb; 
j an a^KDjiaJon under a ^eften; an osojiajon ov 
' personz. 

Clap, Klap, r. t. tu strjk tugeder; tu ad wun 
tig tu aniider; tu aplod. 

Clap. Klap, v. i. tu strjk de handz tugeder in 
aplijz: tu begin or mo&v bri?kli. 

Cl.vp. Klap, n. a lisd eksplo^^on ov tunder; an akt 
I ovaploz; a bio;— venereal infekjon. 
j Clapboard, Klab-ord, n. a naro bordfer kuverig 
I h-szcz. 

Clapboard, Klab-ord, p. t. tu kuver wid klab- 
I ordz. [bcl. 

Clapper, Klap-cr, n. wun hiD klaps; de tug ov a 

Clapper-claw, Klap-er-klo, r. t. tu skold; tu 
I rcvjl. 

Claptrap, Klap-trap, n. an qrtifis tu insn^r. 

Cl.vrenceux, I Klar-en-JiB, n. de sekond kig at 

Clarencievx. * qrmz. hoo konddkts de fqncralz 
I ov baronets, nit.'; and eskwjrz. [pantig. 

Claee-obsccre,' Kl;ir-ob-skqr, n. Ijt and Jad in 

Claret, Klar-et, n. a .-^pejez ov redij Frenq wjn. 

Claeichord, Klar-i-kord, n. a mqzikal instrob- 

ment. [klarifjig. 

Clarification, Klar-i-fi-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov 

Clarified, Klar-i-£jd, p. a. mad pq,r; fjnd as 

CLAEiFiEE,Klar-i-fj-er,»». datbwiqrefjnz: avesel. 
Clarify, j, c. t. tu pqrif j: tu f jn: tu brjtn. 
ClarhiY, Klar-i-fi. r. «. tu kler up: tu gro brjt. 
Clarinet, / Klar-i-net, 11. a mqzikal wind In- 
Clarionet. * ."tnfiment. 
CL.\fiiON. Klar-i-on, n. a kjnd ov trumpet, ov a 

Jril, kler tun. 
Claritude, Klar-i-tqd, n. klcmes; splendor. 
Clabo-obsclro, Klq-ro-ob-8kif>-ro, ». [It.] Sr 

( Clitn-nfif.ttirt.y 
Clash, KlaJ, r. ». tu akt in opozijon; tu intcrfer. 
Clash, KlaJ, r. t. tu strjk wun tig agenst andder. 
Clash, KlaJ, n. a nffzi kolii^onov Ub bodiz. 
Clashing, KlaJ-ig, n. opozijon: konflikt: kolijon. 
Clasp, Klasp, n. a kjnd ov huk; an embra.-. 
Clasp, Klasp. v. t. tu Jut wid a kla«p: tu embra". 
Clasper. Kldsp-er, n. he dat embnisez; a tendril. 
Clasp-knife, Kldsp-njf, n. a njf hwiq folds in- 

tu de handl. 
Class, Klas, n. n ragk; an order: a divijon; ajen- 

tifik amnjmcnt. 
Class, Klas. v. t. tu aninj in a klas; tu klasifj. 
Classic, Klas-ik, j a. relatig tuetora ov At 

Classical, Klas-i-kal, ) ferst ragk; G re ker Lat- 
in: elegant. 
Classic, Klas-ik. n. an otor ov dc f^rst ragk. 
Classioallt, Kla^-i-kal-i, ad. in a klasikal manor. 
Classific, Klas-if-ik, a. ft.<rmig er notig a kl(u. 



Classification, Klas-i-fi-ka-Jon, n. it akt ov 

aranjii) intu klasez. [klasez. 

Classifiee, Klas-i-fj-er, n. wun hoo fermz intu 
Classify, Klas-i-fj, l-. t. tu aranj in klasez; tu 

Classis, Klas-is, n. erder; bodi; klas. 
Clatter, Klat-er, v. i. tu mak a konfi^zd nefz. 
Clatter, Klat-er, u. t. tu kez tu s-snd and rati. 
Clatter, Klat-er, n. a ratliij, konfi^zd nerz; a rati. 
Clattering, Klat-er-ig, ;». a nerz; rati; klater. 
Clause, KIgz. b. pqrt ov a sentens; a stipyq,laJon. 
Claustral, Kles-tral, a. relatii) tu a klffster. 
Clavated, Klav-a-ted, a. klub-Japt; setwidnobz. 
Clave. Klav, i. from JCIev. Se {Cleave.) 
Clavichord, Klav-i-kord, n. At sam az ( Clari- 

Clavicle, Klav-i-kl, n. de kolar bon. 
Clavier, Kla-vi-er, n. in myzih, an asemblaj ov 

el de kez ov an ergan or piano fcjrt, reprezentii) 

el de sTjndz yr^zd in melodi er hqrmoni. 
Clavigek, Klav-i-jer, n. wun hio ksps de kez ov 

eni plas. 
Cla"W, Kle, n. de fut ov a best, berd, er fij. 
Claw, Kle, v. t. tu wid klez; tu skrat;. 
Clawed, Kled, a. furnijt wid klez. 
Clay, Kla, n. a. tenajus kind ov ert. 
Clay, Kla, i'. i. tu kuver wid kla. [kla. 

Clayed, Klad, a. kuverd wid kla; purifjd wid 
Clayey, Kla-i, a. konsistii) ov kla; Ijk kla. 
Clayish, Kla-iJ, a. partakii) de kwolitiz ov kla. 
Clay-marl, Kla-mqrl, n. a hwitij, qeki kla. 
Claymore, Kla-mor, n. a Iqrj, toj-handed sord. 
Clay-pit, Kla-pit, n. a pit hwqr kla iz dug. 
Clay-stone, Kla-ston, n. qrjilajus limston. 
Clean, Klen, a. fre from dert and impuriti; ele- 
gant; net; not i%\; entjr: inosent. 
Clean, Klen, ad. kwjt; perfektli; kompletli. 
Clean, Klen, v. t. tu fre from dert; tu pi^rifj; 

tu klenz. 
Cleanlily, Klen-li-li, ad. in a klenli maner. 
Cleanliness, Klen-li-nes, n. netnes. 
Cleanly, Klen-li, a. klen; net; pqr. 
Cleanly. Klen-li, ad. in a klen maner. 
Cleanness, Klen-nes, n. netnes; pqriti; inosens. 
Cleansable, Klenz-a-bl, a. dat ma be klenzd. 
Cleanse, Klenz, v. t. tu fre from dert er impn,r- 

iti; tu p^rifi; tu sk^sr; tu klen. 
Cleanser, Klenz-er, »i. be er dat hwiq pq^rifiz. 
Cleansing, Klenz-ip, n. pq,rifikaJon. 
Clear, Kler, a. bqt; seren; pq,r; perspikjrqus; 

indispqtabl; manifest: inosent; fre. 
Clear, Kler, ad. planli; klen; kwjt. 
Clear, Kler, n. de spas widin welz or eni kuverii). 
Clear, Kler, r. t. tu mak kler: tu fre from ob- 

skqriti; tu vindikat: tu klenz. 
Clear, Kler, r. i. tu gro brjt, fqr, er disengajd. 
C'learage, Kler-aj, n. de remcovii) ov eni tig. 
Clearance, Kler-ans, ji. de akt ov klerij; sertifi- 

kat ov a Jip givij) pcrmijon tu sal. 
Clearer, Kter-er, n. wun hco klerz; a pqrif jer. 
Clearing, Kler-iii, »». justifikajon; defens. ' 
Clearly, Klsr-li, ad. brjtli; planli; evidentli. 
Clearness, Kler-nes, ;;. transpqrensi:distii)ktnes. 
Clearsighted, Kler-sjt-ed, a. seip wel. [ment. 
Clear-sightedness, 'Kler-sjt-ed-nes, n. dizern- 
Cleau-starch, Kler-stqrq, v.'t. tu stifn widstqrq. 
Cleak-staecher, Kler-stqrq-er, n, wun ha klcr- 

Cleat, Klet. n. a pes ov wud fer fasnig. 
Cleavablk, jKlev-a-bl, a. dat ma be klevd. 
Cleavage, Klev-aj, n. de akt or maner ov splitig. 
Cleave, Kiev, v. i. [i. klevd, klav, klov, ps. klev- 

ifl, kleft, klovn, klevd;] tu adher; tu jffn; tu 

hold; tu split; tu divjd. 
Oleate, Kiev, v. t. tu pqrt asdnder; tia separat. 
CtEATEE, Klev-er, )4. a buqerz iastra»ncnt. 

Clef, Kief, n. a karakter tu Jo de ke in mq^zik. 
Cleft, Kleft, p. [i. and p. from Kiev;] divjded. 
Cleft, Kleft, n. a spas mad bj de separajon ov 

Cleft-graft, Kief t-grdf t, v. t. tu graft bj klev- 

ii) de stek. 
Clematis, Klem-a-tis, n. a kljmig plant. [si. 
Clemency, Klem-en-si, ». mersi;mjldnes; lenien- 
Clement, Klem-ent, a. m|ld; jentl;mersiful;kjnd. 
Clementine, Klem-en-tin, a. relatig tu St. 

Klement. [er. 

Clemently, Klem-ent-li, ad. in a mersif ul man- 
Clench, Klenq, Se {Clinch.} 
Clepsydra, Klep-si-dra, n. a weter klok amui) 

de anjents: a kemikal vesel. 
Clergy, Kler-ji, «. de bodi set apqrt fer servis- 

ez ov relijon; de presthud. 
Clergyable, Kler-ji-a-bl, a. admitii) benefit ov 

klerji, or egzemjon from punijment. 
Clergyman, Kler-ji-man, ti. wun ov de klerji. 
Cleric, Kler-ik, I i i- * /* 1 1 •• 

Clerical, Kler-i-kal,) ^- "^^''^ t^a de klerjK 
Clerk, Klerk, &r Klqrk, n. a sekretari or btik- 

keper; — wun hot) redz de responsez in de qurq 

Clerklike, Klerk-lik, a. lik a klerk; lerncd. 
Clerkship, Klerk-Jip, n. it ofis ov a klerk. 
Clever, Klev-er, a. deksterus; skilful; injenyus; 

— {l\ S.y wel-disp6zd; gud-natyqrd; onest. 
Cleverly, Klev-er-li, ad. in a klever maner. 
Cleverness, Klev-er-nes, n, kwoliti ov bsii) 

Clevis, Kiev-is, i n. a draft jurn, in de ferm ov a 
Clevy, Klev-i, ] bo, tu put on de end ov de 

tui) ov a kqrt, wagon, &s. 
Clew, Klq,, n. a bel ov tred; eni tig dat gjdz; loer 

kerner ov a sal. 
Click, Klik, v. i. tu mak a Jqrp, smel nffz. 
Click, Klik, v. t. tu kaq ej: sna^ hastili. 
Click, Klik, n. de laq ov a dor; — a Jqrp s'snd. 
Clicker, Klik-er, ji. a servant hO) invjts in kus- 

tomerz. [a leyer. 

Client, Klj-ent, n. a dependant; wun hot) emplffz 
Cliental, KU-en-tal, a. dependent. 
Cliented, Klj-ent-ed, a. suplid wid kljents. 
Clientship, Klj-ent-Jip, n. de stat er kondijon ov 
Cliff, Klif, ;;. a step rok; a presipis. [a kljent. 
Cliffy, Klif-i, a. brokn; kragi. 
Climacter, Klj-mak-ter, . > n. a kritikal yer 
Climacteric, Klim-ak-ter-ik, ) in hqman Ijf, 

hwen sum grat qanj iz supozd tu befdl de bodi. 
Climacteric, Klim-ak-ter-ik, ) , .,., , 

Climacterical, Klim-ak-ter-i-kal, \ ^- "itiKai. 
Climate, Klj-mat, ». a spas upon de surfas ov dr 

ert: a rejon, er trakt ov land; temperatqr ov de qr. 
Climatic, Kli-mat-ik, a. relatig tu a kljmat. 
Climatize, Klj-ma-tjz, v. i. tu inqr tu a kljmat. 
Climatology, Klj-ma-tol-o-ji, n. sjens ov kljmats. 
Climax, Kli-maks, n. gradajon; asent; a figyqr 

in retorik bj hwiq de sentens rjzez gradyq,ali. 
Climb, Kljm, v. i. tu asend wid labor. 
Climb, Kljm, r. t. tu asend; tu mijnt. 
Climber, Klim-er, n. wun hoD kljmz. 
Clime, Kljm, n. kljmat; rejon. 
Clinch, Klinq, v. t. tu grasp; tu kontrakt; tu 

rivet; tu fiks. 
Clinch, Klinq, v. i. tu hold fast; tu adher. 
Clinch, Klinq, ». a pun; a witi saig; pqrt ov a 

Clincher, Klinq-er, n. wun dat klinqcz; a kramp. 
Cling, Klig, v. i. [i. king, ^j«. kligig, klug;] tia 

hag upon bj twjnig rTsnd; tu adher. 
Cling-stone, Klig-ston, n. a varjeti ov pcq. 
C^linsy, Klig-i, a. apt tu klig; adhesiv. 
Clinic, Klin-ik, j a. pertanig tu a bed; kon- 

CUNICAL, Klin-i-kal, ) f jnd tu de bed; bed-ridn . 




Clinic, Klin-ik, «. wun konfjnd on a bed ov 

Clixk, Kliflk, V. t. tu rio; tu jiogl; tu kla^k. 
Clink, Kliflk, v. i. tu emit a smel Jqrp n«Ti. 
Clixk, Kliyk, »i. a Jqq) suk.«esiv sund. 
Clinquant, Klijjk-ant, a. glitorio. 
Clip, Klip, r. t. tu kut wid Jetz; tu kurtu], 
Clipper, Klip-er, n. wun h® klips; a bqrber. 
Clipping, Klip-ijj, n. deaktovkuti^iayxirtkutof. 
Cliqi'k, Kick, n. [/>•.] a naro s^rkl ov i)er8on2: 

a jiqrti. 
Cloak, Kluk, n. an 'ster gqrment; a kuver. 
Cloak, Kluk, v. t. tu kuver wid a klok; tu hjd. 
CtOAK-BAO, Kluk-biig. n. a portmanto. 
Clock, Klok, n. an instniJtnent tu Jo tjm: — an 

in.<t-kt. [kluk. 

Clock, Kluk, r. t. tu mak a mrz lik de heu: tu 
Clock, Klok, v. t. tu kol, az a hen. Se {Cluck-.) 
Clock-hakee, Klok-mak-cr, n. wun h(t> maki 

klokH. [klok.0. 

Clock-setter, Klok-set-cr, n. wun hm regy^lats 
ClocK-woKK. Klok-wurk, n. de wurk ov a klok: 

w<.'l-adjd:<ted wurk. [klTsn. 

Clod, Klod, n. a lump ov erti or kls: — a dolt; a 
Clod, Klod, r. i. tu hqrdn intu a lump. 
Clod, Kloil, r. t. tu jiclt wid klodz. 
Cloddy, K16J-i, a. konsistij) ov klodz: gros. 
Clodhopper, K16d-hop-er, «. a dul klun: a la- 

biiriji fqrmer. 
Clodpate, Klod-pat, / „ „, • i r i „ j i. 
Clodpoll. K16d-Eui; ! "• '^ ''"IP"^ ^"^l*^' ^ 'I'^l^- 
Clodpated, K16d-i»at-ed, a. stqpid: dul. 
Cloff, Klof, n. an aluans ov wat. Se ( Chnigh.) 
Clog, Klog, v. t. tu cnkdmbcr; tu hinder; tu 

Clog, Klog, r. i. tu koales; tu be cnkdmbcrd. 
Clog, Klog, n. an enkdmbrans; a wudn Jit>. 
Cloogixess, Klog-i-ne.o, n. stat ov beiy klogd. 
Clogging, Klog-ij), «. an obstrukjon: a hindrans. 
Cloggy, Klog-i, a. klogig up: obstniktig. 
Cloister, Kl^s-ter, n. a mona^jteri; a nuncri; a 

Cloister, Kl^s-ter, v. t. tu Jut up in a kloster: 

tu kontjn. 
Cloisteral, Kl(fs-tor-al, a. solitari; rekli^s. 
Cloisterer, Kldrs-ter-er, n. wun belogijj tu a 

Cloke. Klok, n. an uter gqrment. Se {Cloak.} 
Clonic, K16n-ik, a. konviil.siv: iregyqlar. 
Close, Kloz, r. t. tu Jut: tu konkli^d; tu termi- 

nat: tu cnkluz: tu jffn; tu yn,nit. 
Close, KIoz, r. i. tu koales: tu yunjt: tu end. 
Close, KIqz, n. konklqjon; end; pez: sesajon. 
Close, Klos, a. Jut fast; kompakt; solid: sekret: 

trusti: sli; retird: intent; ner tu; penqrius. 
Close, Kloss ad. densli; klosli. 
Close, Klb>!*, n. an inklozd plas; a feld; a pasaj. 
Close-bodied, Klos-bod-id, a. mad tu fit klos 

tu de bodi. 
Close-fisted, KlcSs-fist-ed, a. penqrius. 
Closklv, K16s-li, ad. in a klos maner; stkretli. 
Closeness, Kliia-nes, ». stat ov beig klos; se- 

kre-i: pr{va<i. 
Close STOOL, Kl^s-stml, n. a qambcr yntensil. 
CLOstrr, K16z-ct, n. a smel nam for prjvasi; a 

kubtird. [vasi. 

Closet, Kloi-et, r. t. tu tak in. or Jut up in prj- 
Closii, KloJ, H. a di^stemper in de fct ov katl. 
Closing, Kloz-i^, n. period; konklqjon: terminn- 

Closlbe, Klo-jqr. n. de akt ov Jutifl up; de end. 
Clot, Klot, n. eni tij kloteii; koagyqlajon; a klog. 
Clot. Klot, r. t. tu form klots or klodz: tu koag- 

Cloth, Klot, or Klot, n.,pl. Klodz; eni tip worn 

for drcs; a wovn fabrik; a kuverig for de tabl. 

Clothe, Klod, ». t. [i. klodd «/r klad,;5«. klodijj, 

klodd irr klad:] tu kuver wid gqrmenta; tu dres: 

tu invest. [vestyqr; apareL 

Clothes. Klodz, n. pi. gqrmcnts; rament; drcs: 
Clothier. Kltid-ver, n. wun hot fulz klot: wun 

hO) Idmijez klodz. [kuverifl. 

Clothing, Klod-i^, pj>. a. fdmijij) wid klodz er 
Clothing, Klud-ip, n. gqancnt.-; drcs; kuvcrifl. 
Clotter, K16t-er, r. i. tu konkrtt; tu koagynlat. 
Clotty, Klot-i, a. ful ov klots; klutcd. 
Cloud, Kl-sd, ;i. a dens kolekjon ov vaport in dc 

-ir. [skur. 

Cloud, Kl-sd, v. t. tu dqrkn wid klisdz; tu ob- 
Cloud, Kl-sd, I-. i. tu gro klisdi or obskqr. 
Cloud-capt. Kl-sd-kapt, a. topt wid kbdz. 
Cloudily, Kl-sd-i-li, ad. wid kl-sdz; obskqrli. 
Cloudiness, K|-»d-i-nes, n. de statov beig kl^di: 
I dqrkne?. 

I Cloudless, Kl-jd-les, a. wid-st kl-sdz; kler. 
; Cloudy, Kl^d-i, a. kuverd wid kl-sdz; dqrk; ob- 
I Clough, Kluf. n. a klif: a kleft. [skqr. 

I Clout, Kl-st, u. a pa<]: klot; nal: plat ov jurn. 
I Clout, Kl-st, v. t. tu pafj; tu kuver wid'klot. 
Clove, Klov, i. fnm Kiev. Se < (Jltave.) 
t Clove, Klov, »i. a spjs:— a wat; a kleft. 
Cloven, Kloiv-n, p. from Kiev. 
Clovex-footed, Klo-vn-fut-cd, j a. havij) de 
Cloven-hoofed, Klu-vn-buft, j fut divided. 
Clover, Klo-ver, n. a kjnd ov gras; a spejez ov 

Clovered, K16-verd, a. kuverd wid klover. 
Clown, Kl-sn, n. a rustik; a kors, il-bred man. 
Clo-R'nish, Kltn-iJ, a. kors; ruf; il-bred; unganli. 
Clowxishxess. Kl-in-iJ-nes, n. rusti8iti;insiviliti. 
Cloy, Kl*, i-. t. tu sajiat; tu glut. 
Club, Klub, n. a bevi stik;— a so:'jeti; sqt ov kqrdz. 
Club, Klub, r. i. tu jern in a komon eL-ipens. 
Club, Klub. r. t. tu jw tu a komon reknip. 
Clubbed, Klubd, a. hevi or tik, Ijk a klub. 
Club-fisted, Klub-fist-ed. a. havijj a Iqrj fist. 
Club-footed, Klub-fut-ed, a. havip kruked fet. 
Club-law, Klub-io, ». de lo ov ruid fors; kom- 

Club-man, Kldb-man, n. wun hob kariz a klub. 
Clubroom, Klub-rcom, n. de ram in bwiq a klub 
Cluck, Kluk, v. t. tu kol qikenz.aza hen. [mets. 
Cluck, Kluk, i-. i. tu kol, az a hen kelz qikenz. 
Cloe, Klq, u. Se {Clew.) 

Clump, Klump, n. a Japles mas; a kluster ov trci. 
Clumsily, KIdm-zi-li, ad. in a klumzi maner. 
Clumsixess, Kldm-zi-nes, n. okwardncs. [di. 
Clumsy, Kliim-zi, a. okward: hevi; qrtlcs; unhin- 
Cluxg, Klufl. i. a.Mp. from Klip. [mupk. 

Cluniac, Klq-ni-ak, n. a rcf»rmd Bencdiktin 
Cluster, Kliis-ter, n. a buncj; a kolekjon; a bodi. 
Cluster, Klus-ter, r. i. tu gro in bunqez er 

klusterz. [gader. 

Cluster. Klds-tcr, r. t. tu kolekt intu bodiz; tu 
Clustery, Klds-ter-i, a. groin in klusterz. 
Clutch, Klu^, i-. ^ tu grjp; tu grasp; tu kontrakt 

de handz. 
Clutch, Kluq, «. a grasp;— //^. de poz; dc talont; 

de handz, in de sens ov rapnsiti er kra>elti. 
Clutter, Kluf-er, n. busl; disorder: klater. 
Clutter, Klut-cr. v. i. tu luak a nerz er busl. 
Clyster, Klis-tcr, w. an injckjon. 
Co. Ko, an abreviajon ov K<m; hwcn prefikst tu 

wurdz it siguitiz uid or yiinyon. 
Coacervate, Ko-a-ser-vat, v. t. tu hep up tu- 

gi'der. [far travelip. 

Coach, Koq, n. a for-hweld plejqr karij; a kanj 
Coach. Kutj, «. t. tu konvu in a ko<5. 
Coach-box, Koq-boks, m. de set ov de driver ov 

a kuxj. [ko^. 

Coach-hire, Kuq-hjr, n. muoi pad for yq,*iB « 
Coachman, K^q-man, ». de driver ov a ko^. 




Coachmanship, Koq-man-Jip, n. de sMl ov a 

COACTION, Ko-ak-Jon, n. fors; kompuljon. 
CoACTiVE, Ko-ak-tiv, a. kompulscDri; aktig in 

CoADJUTANT, Ko-ad-jix-Unt, A. helpii); asistig. 
Coadjutor, Ko-ad-ji\-'tor, ji. a felo-helper; an 

asister. [helper. 

CoADJUTEix, Ko-ad-ji\-triks, n, Je hcD iz a felo- 
Coadjuvancvt, Ko-ad-JT^, -van-si, n. help; konkdr- 

ent help. [adventyti,rer. 

CoADYEXTUEEK, Ko-ad-vent-yTi,-rer, n. a felo- 
CoAGENT, Ko-a-jent, n. an asojiat; a felo-ajent. 
COAGULABLE, Kca-ag-yii,-la-bl, a. kapabl ovkon- 

krejon. [konkrejonz. 

Coagulate, Ko-ag-yn-lat, r. t. tu fors intu 
Coagulate, Ko-ag-yi],-lat, v. i. tu run iatu 

Coagulation, Ko-ag-yn,-la-Jou, >». &e akt ov ko- 

agyq,latii); konkrejon; konjslajon. [agyq,laJon. 
Coagulative, Ko-ag-yT],-la-tiv, a. prodq,sii) ko- 
CoAGULATOK, KQ-ag-yq,-la-tor, n. he er dat hwiq 

koagyii,lats. [substans. 

CoAGULUM, KQ-ag-yq,-lum, n. [£.] a koagyixlatirj 
t/'o.\L, Kol, n. Q kombustibl fosil; (^qrkul. 
Coal, KqI, i-. t. tu burn wud tu qqrkol. 
CoAL-BLACK, Kol-blak, a. blak az kol; veri blak. 
CoAL-BOX, Kol-boks, H. a boks tu kari kolz tu 
Coaleey, Kol-cr-i, n. a kol mjn. [de fjr. 

Coalesce, Ko-a-les, v. i. tu yiinjt; tu jem. 
Coalesced, Ko-a-lest, i. and p. from Koales. 

Se {Coalesce.'} [ig;jerniij. 

Coalescence, Ko-a-Ies-ens, n. de akt ov yiiujt- 
Coalescent, Ko-a-les-ent, a. jffnd; yq,njted. 
Coalition, Ko-a-liJ-on, n. yi^^nyon; jugkjon. 
Coalmetee, Kol-mct-er, n. a. megiirer ov kol. 
Coalmine, Kol-mjn, n. a mjn in hwiq kolz qr 

Coalpit, Kol-pit, n. a pit hw^rin kolz qr dug. 
Coalstone, Kol-stou, n. a sort ov kanal kol. 
Coaly, K61-i, a. kontaniij kol. 
Coamings. Kom-igz, n. pi. in Jips, de razd ber- 

derz er ejez ov de haqez. 
Coaptation, Ko-ap-ta-Jon, ». adjustment ov 

pqrts tu eg uder. 
Coaese, Kors, a. not f jn; not ref jnd; not soft; ruf : 

roid: unsivil: gros: inelegant; men. 
Coarsely, KcJrs-li, ad. in a kors maner. 
Coarseness, K6rs-nes, n. roodnes; rufnes; grosnes. 
CoAssuME, Ko-a-sqm, v. t. tu asqm tugeder. 
Coast, Kost, n. an ej; Jor; sjd; fronter. 
Coast, Kost, v. i. tu sal klos bj or ner de kost. 
Coast, Kost, v. t. tu sal ner; tu kep klos tu. 
Coaster, Kost-er, n. a person er vesel dat salz 

aloi) a kost, tradii) from port tu port. 
Coast-rock, K6st-rok, n. a rok on de kost. 
Coast-sediment, Kost-sed-i-ment, n. sediment 

lojd on de kost. 
Coat, Kot, n. de uper gqrment; a petikot; de 

hi^r er fur ov a best; eni tegyn,ment. 
Coat, Kot, v. t. tu kuver; tu invest. 
Coated, K6t-ed, p. a. kuverd wid a kot er laer. 
Coatee, Kot-e, n. a kot wid Jort flaps. 
COATi, Ko-a-te, n. a S'st Amerikan animal re- 

z^mblip de rakdon. 
Coating, K6t-it), n. a kuverig; a klot fer tents, 
Coax, Koks, v. t. tu hwedl; tu flater. 
Coaxee, Koks-er, n. a hwedler. 
Cob, Kob, n. a poni; a kern; a spjk ov maz. 
Cobalt, K6-belt, n. a gra mineral. 
Cobble, K6b-1, v. t. tu mend, er mak korsli. 
Cobble, K6b-1, n. a. fijip-bot; a r-snd ston; a 
Cobbler, K6b-ler, n. a mender ov old Jooz. [herd 
Cobnut, ^6b-nut, n. a berz gam; a Iqrj nut. 
Cobweb, K6b-web, n. de web er net ov a spjder; 

a trap. 

Cobweb, Kob-web, a. f jn, sljt, er flimzi. 
Cocayne, Kok-an, n. an imajinari kuntri ov jdl- 

nes, Idksyqri and deljt. 
Coccifeeous, Kok-sif-er-us, a. bq,rir) beriz. 
CoccuLus Indicus, K6k-yq-lus In'di-kus, n. [L.] 

a perzuus beri. [skqrlet. 

Cochineal, K6q-i-nel, n. an insekt yqzd in djig 
Cochleaey, Kok-le-a-ri, a. havig de ferm ov a 

Cochleated, K6k-le-at-ed, a. ov a skrood ferm. 
Cock, Kok, «. de mal ov berdz; — a sp-st tu let •st 

weter; — pqrt ov a gunlok; — a hep ov ha; — de 

ferm ov a hat; — de stjl ov a djal. 
Cock, Kok, v. t. tu set up de hat; tu fiks de kok. 
Cockade, Kok-ad, n. a ribon er baj worn on de 

hat. [iti. 

Cockahoop, K6k-a-h(l)p,t ad. in hj merfi and jol- 
Cockatoo, Kok-a-t<6, n. a herd ov de parot kjnd. 
Cockatrice, K6k-a-trjs, n. a kjnd ov serpent. 
Cockboat, Kok-bot, n. a smel bot beloflii) tu 

a Jip. [koks kro. 

CocKCEOWiNG, K6k-kro-ii), w. de tjm at hwi^ 
CocKEE, K6k-er, n. a kokf jter; — a spaterdaj. 
Cockerel, K6k-er-el, ;i. a yug kok. 
Cocket, K6k-et, 71. a tiket from de kustom-h'ss. 
Cockfight, Kok-fit, ) , ., , , 

COCKFIGHTING, K^k-fjt-il), i "• "" ^'^" °^ ''°^' 

CocKHOESE, K6k-hors,t a. on horsbak; trjumfig. 

Cockle, K6k-1, n. a smol testa Jus fij. 

Cockle, K6k-1, v. t. tu kontrakt intu rigklz. 

Cockle, K6k-1, v. i. tu gro rigkld. 

Cockler, Kok-ler, ». wun h(t> taks er selz koklz. 

Cockloft, Kok-loft, «. de top loft er roum. 

Cockmatch, Kok-maq, n. a kokf jt fer a prjz. 

Cockney, K6k-ni, n. a nativ ov' Lundon, yqzd 
in kontemt. [ni, 

CocKNEYiSM, K6k-ni-iz-m, djalekt ov a kok- 

Cockpit, Kok-pit, n. de drea hw^r koks f jt. 

Cockroach, K6k-roq, n, an insekt; a spejez ov 
betl. [koks kom. 

CocK's-oOMB, Koks-kom, n. a plant; a fl-jser; a 

CocKSPUR, Kok-spur, n. Verjinian hotern; medlar. 

Cocksure, K6k-Jqr,t a. konfidentli serten. 

Cockswain, K6k-swan, or K6k-sn, n. an ofiser 
hct) haz de kq,r ov bots. 

Cocoa, K6-ko. n. ds <j6kolat-nut tre and its seda 
er froQt; — ritn olso {cacao.} 

Cocoon, Ko-kAn, n. de bel mad bj de silkwurm. 

Coctile, Kok-til, s. mad bj bakig, az brik. 

CocTiON, Kok-Jon, n. de akt ov berlig, er dijestig. 

Cod, Kod, ) , ... 

Codfish, Kod-fiJ, \ "• "^ ^o™*^"! ^^'^'I- 

Cod, Kod, n. a kas er husk kontanig sedz; a bag. 

Coda, KcS-da, n. in Miizik, de kloz er adijonal 
kloz ov a kompozijon. 

Coddle, K6d-1, v. t. tu pqrberl; tu fondl; tu kedl. 

Code, Kod, n. a buk ov de sivil le; sistem. 

Codger, Kod-jer, n. a rustik; a kl-sn; a mjzer. 

Codicil, K6d-i-sil, n. an apendaj tu a wil. 

Codification, Kod-i-f i-ka-Jon, ». de akt er pros- 
es ov redqsiij loz tu a sistem. 

Codify, K6d-i-fj, v. t. tu redqs tu a kod. 

CoDiLLE, Ko-dil, n. [Fr.] a term in de gam ov 

Codling, Kod-lig, n. a spejez ov apl. [omber. 

CoEFFiciEXCY, Ko-ef-iJ-en-si, n. kooperajon. 

Coefficient, Ko-ef-iJ-ent, n. dat hwiq yTi,njta 
in akjon wid sumtig els; — a. kooperatig. 

Coelder, Ko-el-der, n. an elder ovde sam ragk. 

Cceliac, Se-le-ak, a. pertanig tu de beli. 

Coemption,^ Ko-emp-Jon, n. a purqasig ov de hoi. 

Coequal, Ko-e-kwal, a. ekwal; ov de sam ragk. 

Coequality, Ko-e-kw61-i-ti, n. ekwoliti. 

COEQUALLY, Ko-e-kwal-i, ad. wid jernt ekwoliti. 

Coerce, Ko-ers, v. t. tu restran; tu fors. 

Coercible, Ko-ers-i-bl, a. kapabl ov beig re- 


Coercion, Ko-er-Jon, n. restrant; qek. 
Coercive, Ko-^r-siv, a. restranio; (jekig; forsibl, 
CoERCiVENESS, Ko-er-siv-nes, »«. p^ser tu restruu. 
COESSENTIAL, Ko-es-en-Jal, a. partakij) ov dc 

sam esens. 
CoKSSENTiALiTY, Ko-cs-cn-Ji-al-i-ti, n. partisi- 

pajun ov de sam esens. 
CoKSSENTiALLV, Ko-es-en-/al-i, ad. in a koesen- 

Jal maner. [establijment. 

CoESTABLiSUMEXT, Ko-es-tab-li/-ment, Ji. ajernt 
COESTATE, Ko-es-tat, n. a stat ov ekwal rajjk; a 

yi],nyon ov interests or estats. 
COKTAXEOUS, Ko-E-ta-ne-us, a. ov dc sam aj wid 

andder; beginig tia egzist at de sam tjm. 
COETERVAL, Ko-E-ter-nal, a. tkwali eternal wid 

anuder. [eterniti. 

CoETERNiTY, Ko-e-ter-ni-ti, n. ekwal, or jernt 
Coeval, Ko-e-val, a. ov de sam aj wid anuder. 
Coeval, Ko-e-val, n. wun ov de sam aj. 
CoEVOUS, Ko-e-vus, a. beii) ov de sam aj. 
Coexecctor, Ko-eg-zek-yi^-tor, n. a jernt eg- 

Coexist, Ko-eg-zist, i-. «. tu egzist tugeder. 
Coexistence, Ko-eg-zist-ens, ti. egzistens at de 

sam tim. [U™- 

Coexistent, Ko-eg-zist-ent, a. egzistigatde sam 
Coextend, Ko-eks-tend, v. t. tu ekstend tu de 

sam spas. [Jon. 

CoEXTENSiON, Ko-eks-tcn-Jon, «. ekwal eksten- 
CoEXTEXSiVE, Ko-eks-ten-siv, a. havijj de sam 

eksteut. [ekstenjon. 

COEXTEXSIVENESS, Ko-eks-tcn-siv-nes, n. ekwal 
Coffee, K6f-e w K6f-i, n. a beri, and de driijk 

mad from it. 
Coffee-house, Kof-e-h-ss, n. a h5s ov entertan- 

mont. [kofe. 

Coffee-mill, K6f-e-mil, h. a mil fer grjndiij 
Coffee-pot, Kof-e-pot, n. a pot in hwiq kofe iz 

Coffer, K6f-er, n. a qest; a muni-qest; a tre^r. 
Coffer, K6f-er, v. t. tu treji^r up. 
Coffin, K6f-in, «. a qest in hwiq a ded bodi iz 

interd. [kuver. 

Coffin, K6f-in, v. t. tu enkl6z in a kofin; tu 
Cog, Kog, v. t. tu flater: tu hwedl; tu folsifj; — 

tu fiks kogz in a hwel. 
Cog, Kog, i\ i. tu Ij: tu hwedl. 
Cog, Kog, n. de tott ov a hwel; a litl bot. 
Cogency, Koj-jen-si, n. fors: strejjt; p3er. 
Cogent, K6-jent, a. forsibl: piserful; konvinsii). 
Cogently, KcJ-jent-li, ad. wid fors or urjensi. 
Cogger, K6g-er, n. a flaterer. 
CoGGERY, K6g-er-i, n. trik: folshud. 
Cogglestone, K6g-l-ston, n. a pebl; a kobl-st<an. 
Cogitable, K6j-i-ta-bl, a. kapabl ov beig tet on. 
Cogitate, K6j-i-tat, v. i. tu tijjk: tu meditat. 
Cogitation, Koj-i-ta-Jon, n. meditajon; kon- 

Cogitative, K6j-i-ta-tiv, a. tinkii); givn tu tot. 
Cognac, Kon-yak, n. [Fr.] a Frenq brandi. 
Cognate, Kog-nat, a. aljd bj blud; kindred; akin. 
Cognation, Kog-na-Jon, n. relajonjip; kindred. 
Cognition, Kog-niJ-on, n. nolej; sertcn nolej. 
Cognitive, K6g-ni-tiv, a. havijj de p«er ov noig. 
Cognizable, Kog-ni-za-bl, a. Ijabl tu be trjd or 

Cognizance, K6g-ni-zans ©r K6n-i-zans; n. jn,dij- 

al notis; trjal; a baj; a krest. ' [nolejd. 

Cognizee, Kog-ni-ze, n. he tu hdom a fjn iz ak- 
COGNIZOR, Kog-ni-zer, n. wun hoa aknolejez a f jn. 
Cognomen, Kog-no-men, n. [Z.] a sumam; a 

famili nam. [sumam. 

CoGNOMiNAL. Kog-nom-i-nal, a. bel^gig tu de 
Cognominate, Kog-nom-i-nat, v. t. tu giv a nam. 
CoGNOMiNATioN, Kog-nom-i-ua-Jon, n. de akt ov 

givig a sumam. 



Cognoscence, Kog-nos-ens, n. nolej. 
Cognoscente, Kog-nos-en-te tr Kca-no-Jen-ta, n. 

[/(!.] wun wel vcrst in cni tiy; koniser. 
COGNOSCIBLE, Ko'g-nos-i-bl, a. dat ma be non. 
CoGNosciTiVE, Kog-nos-i-tiv, a. havifl de p5er 

ov noij). 
Cognovit, Kog-nu-vit, n. an aknolejment bj de 

defendant ov de justis ov de jjlantifs koz. 
CoG-wuEEL, Kog-hwel, «. a hwel furnijt wid 
^ kogz. [er. 

Cohabit, Ko-hab-it, i-. i, tu dwel, or liv tug^d- 
Cohabitaxt, Ko-hab-it-ant, n. an inhabitiint ov 
de sam plas. [kohabitij. 

Cohabitation, Ko-hab-i-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov 
Co-heir, KQ-4r, n. a jernt :^r wid uderz. 
Co-heiress, Ko-4r-es, n. jernt %res. 
Cohere, Ko-her, v. i. tu stik tugeder; tu fit; 

tu agre. 
Coherence, Ko-ht'-rens, j ?i. deaktovkoherij); 
Coherency, Ko-he-ren-si, ) yq,nyon; kajhejon; 
konekjon. ' [sistent. 

Coherent, Ko-he-rent, a. stikii) tugeder; kon- 
CoHESiON, Ko-he-jon, n. de akt ov koherifl. 
Cohesive, Ko-he-siv, a. haviy de p-ser ov stikip. 
CoHESivENESS, Ko-he-siv-nes,. )». de kwoliti or 

beii) kohesiv. 
CoHOBATE, Ku-ho-bat, t-. t. tu distil agen. 
CoHOBATiON. Ko-ho-ba-Jon, n. repeted distilajon. 
CoHOES, ( Ko-ht)z. M. a fel ov woter ia a river. 
COHOZE, j {Indian.) 

Cohort, KQ-hort, «. a bodi ov ab-st 500 soljerz. 
Coif, Kerf, n. a hed-dres; a kap. 
Coifed, Kerft, a. w;^rig a kerf. 
Coiffure, Ktjr-fiir, 7*. [/>■.] a hed-dres; a kfff. 
CoiGNE, Kern, )i. a komor: a wudn wej. 
Coil, Kerl, v. t. tu gader intu a naro kumpas. 
Coil, Kerl, n. a rop w^nJ intu a rip: a wjndij). 
Coin, Kern, n. muni b^^rig a legal stamp. 
Coin, Kern, i*. t. tu stamp muni; tu mak; tu 

Coinage, Ktfn-aj, n. de aktov kerniij: muni kernd. 
Coincide, Ko-in-sjd, v. i. tu agre wid; tu 

Coincidence, Ko-in-si-dens, n. konkdrens; agre- 
ment. [sistent. 

Coincident, Ko-in-si-dent, a. agreiij wid: kon- 
CoiNciDER, Ko-in-sid-er, n. he or dat hwiq ko- 
_ insjdz. * [qn. 

CoiNDiCATiON, Ko-in-di-ka-Jon, n. a konkdrent 
Coiner, K(5rn-er, ». a maker ov muni: an invent- 
or, [dwelz wid andder. 
Coi.NHABiTANT, Ko-in-hab-it-ant, n. wun ha 
CoiT, Kert, 11. a kwert. Se {{jurni.} 
Coition, Ko-iJ-on, n. kopyqlajon. 
CojoiN, Ko-jffn, V. i. tu jtfn wid andder. 
Cojuror, Ko-jq-ror, n. a witnes ov anuderz 

Coke, Kok, n. fosil kol bumt tu qqrkol. 
Colander, Kdl-an-der, n. a siv; a straner; a kal- 
ender. [jon. 

Colatio.n, Ko-la-Jon, n. de akt ovstranifl: filtra 
CoLATURE, Kol-a-tr^r, n. filtrajon. [jurn. 

CoLCOTUAR, K61-ko-tar, n. a brT5n red oksi'd or 
Cold, Kold, a. not hot; not worm: qil: indiferent: 

frijid; widest pajon or afekjon; rezervd. 
Cold, Kold, n. prjvajon ov bet; — a dizez; katqr. 
Cold-blooded, Kold-bldd-ed, a. wid-st felij. 
Cold-hearted, Kold-h^rt-ed, a. wontijj felifl or 

pa Jon. 
CoLDLT, Kwld-li, ad. wid-st het; wid-jt konsera. 
Coldness, K(f»ld-nes, n. wont ov het er woiint; 

Cole. Kol, «. a jeneral nam fer ol sorts ov kabaj. 
CoLEOPTERAL, Ko-lc-6p-ter-al, \ a. havip for 
Coleopterous, Ko-le-6p-ter-us, i wijz, wid 
Jedz, az de betl. 




GoLEOPTEEAN, Ko-le-op-ter-aD, 

havii) to, parz ov wigz; a bstl. 
CoLEWORT, Kial-wurt, h. a sort ov kabaj. 
Colic, K6I-ik, n. a panful diserder ov ttE b-selz 
Colicky. K61-ik-i, a. pertanii) tu kolik. 
Colin, K61-in, h. a berd ov dt pqrtrij kjnd. 
Collapse, Kol-ap.?, n. afel;a wastiij or Jngkii) 
Collapse, Kol-aps, v. i. tu fel tiageder. 
Collapsed, Kol-apst, a. widerd; klozd 

an insekt Collocutor, Kol-o-kq-tor, n. a spsker m a dja- 
I Collogue, Kol-og, v. i. tu hwedl; tu plot. [log. 
COLLOP, K61-op, n. a smgl kut er sljs ov met. 
Colloquial, Kol-u-kwi-al, a. relatiij tu komon 

Colloquialism, Kol-6-kwi-al-iz-m, n. a wurd or 

fraz yi\zd in konversajon. 
CoLLOQUisT, K61-o-kwist, n. a spekerina djalog. 
Colloquy, K61-o-kwi, «. konversajon; a djalog. 

CoLLAPSioN, Kol-ap-Jon; n. &z akt ov kolapsii) er ' Collude, Kol-xijl, r. ?-. tu kouspjr in fred. 

' ' CoLLUDER, Kol-vid-er, ». wun hit) konspjrz in fred. 

Collusion, Kol-i^-gon, n. drsetful agrEment. 

Collar, K61-ar, n. a rii) r-snd dg nek; a band. 
Collar, K6I-ar, v. t. tu SEzbi dekolar. 
Collar-bone, K61-ar-bon, n. de klavikl. 
Collate, Kol-at, r. t. tu kompv tigz similar; tu 

konfer; tu plas in an ekkziastikal bensfis. 
Collateral, Kol-at-er-al, a. bgiij s|d bj sid; not 

direkt. [direktli. 

Collaterally, Kol-at-er-al-i, ad. sid bj sjd; in- 
Collation, Koi-a-Jon, n. de akt ov kolatli); kom- 

parison; — a i-Epdst; — akt ov bEstwiij a benefis. 
Collatitious, Kol-a-tiJ-us, a. kontribyixted bj 

meni. [[matron . 

Collative, Kol-a-tiv, a. konferd bj a bijop er 
Collator, Kol-a-tor, n. wun hdo kolats er kom- 

Colleague, Kol-eg, n. a pqrtner; an asojiat. 
Colleague, Kol-sg, v. t. tu yq,n}t wid. [gan. 
Collect, Kol-ekt, r. t. tu gader tugeder; tu 
Collect, K61-ekt, ». a Jert komprsbensiv primer. 
CoLLECTASEOUS, Kol-ck-ta-ne-us, a. gaderd up 

tugeder. [kolektetl. 

CoLLECTEDNESS, Kol-ekt-ed-nes, n. stat ov beii) 
Collectible, Kol-ekt-i-bl, a. kapabl ov bEig 

Collection, Kol-ek-Jon, n. ds akt ov kolektii); dat 

hwiq iz kolekted; kontribviJon; asemblaj;a gi-cnp: 

a korolari; a dcdukjon. [bodi er mas. 

Collective, Kol-ekt-iv, a. gaderd intu wun 
Collectively, Kol-ekt-iv-li, ad. iua jeneralmas. 
Collectiveness, Kol-ekt-iv-nes, n. de stat ov 

yi^nyon; a mas. [gaderz. 

Collector, Kol-ekt-or, n. wun hco kolekts er 
Collectorship, Kol-ekt-or- Jip, «. de of is ov a 

Collegatary, Kol-eg-a-ta-ri, n. a jffnt legate. 
College, K61-ej, n. a komn,niti;a sosistiov men 

set apqrt for lernii) er relijon; a seminari ov 

lernii); a h'ss in hwiq kokjianz rezjd. 
Collegial, Kol-E-ji-al, a. rElatiij tu a kolej; 

Collegian, Kol-E-ji-an, n. a member ov a kolej. 
Collegiate, Kol-e-ji-at, a. portanig tu a kolej. 
Collegiate, Kol-e-ji-at, n. a member ov a kolej. 
Collet, K61-et, n. de pqrt ov a rig in hwiq de 

stisn iz set. 
Collide, Kol-jd, v. i. tu strjk agenst eq uder. 
Collier, Kol-yer, n. a. diger ov kolz: a kol-Jip. 
Colliery, K61-yer-i, n. a kol-mjn; kol trad. 
COLLIFLOWER, Kol-i-fl's-er, n. Se {Oauliftower.} 
CoLLiMATiON, Kol-i-ma-Jon, n. de akt ov amig at 

a mqrk. 
Collingual, Kol-ii)-gwal, a. havig er pertanig 

tu de sam laggwaj. [tu dizolv. 

COLLIQUATE, K61-i-kwat, V. t. and i. tu melt; 
COLLIQUATION, Kol-i-kwa-Jon, n. de akt ov meltig. 
Colliquative, Kol-ik-wa-tiv, a. meltig; dizolvent. 
CoLLiQUEFACTiON, Kol-ik-we-fak-Jon, n. a melt- 
ig tugeder. 
Collision, Kol-i3-on, n. de akt ov strjkig toci 

bodiz tugeder; opozijon; a klaj; interferens. 
Collocate, K61-o-kat, v. t. tu plas; tu aranj. 
Collocation, Kol-o-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov plasig: 

CoLLOCUTiON, Kol-Q-k4-Jon, n, a konferens; a 

konversajon. * 

Collusive, Kol-i'|,-siv, a. fredyi\,lentli konserted. 
Collusivelt, Kol-ii-siv-li, ad. in a koliisiv maoer; 
navij. ^ [sert. 

Collusiveness, Kol-q,-siv-nes, »^. f redyq,lent kon- 
CoLLUSORY, Kol-ii-so-ri, a. kontanig koh^jon er 

Colly, Kol-i, j ^ ^ , j. j ^^^ 

COLLOW, Kol-o, ( ' ^ ' 

Colly, K61-i, t>. t. txa grjm wid kol. [jz. 

CoLLYRiUM, Kol-ir-i-um, ». [L.] medisin fer de 
CoLOCYNTH, K61-o-sint, n. de pit ov de biter-apl 

kolokwintida, de pulp ov hwiq iz purgativ. 
Colon, K6-lon, n. de pernt, dus(_:;yn,zd tu mqrk 

a pez; — de Iqrjest ov de intestinz. 
Colonel. Kur-nel, n. de komdnder ov a rejimeat. 
Colonelcy', Kiir-nel-si, n. de ofis ov a kurnel. 
CoLONELSHiP, Kdr-nel-Jip, n. de ofis ov kurnel. 
Colonial, Kol-ii-ni-al, a. relatig tu a koloni er 
koloniz. [<ani. 

Colonist, Kol-o-nist, n. an inhabitant ov a kol- 
CoLONiZATiON, Kol-o-ni-za-Jon, it. de akt ov kol- 

Colonize, Kol-o-njz, v. t. tu establij a koloni. 
Colonnade, Kol-on-ad, n. a ranj ov pilarz er 

Colony, K61-o-ni, n. a bodi ov pepl ho rem<6v 
and setl in a distant rejon, kontinyqig subjekt 
tu dg muder kuntri; de kuntri planted. 
Colophon, Kol-o-fop, ??. de konklqjon ov a biak, 

kontanig de dat and plas ov publikajon. 
Colophony, Ko-lc.f-o-ni, «. a blak rezin. 
Coloquintida, Kol-o-kwin-ti-da, n. de biter-apl 

Color, Kiil-or, n. de hq, er aperans ov bodiz tu 
de j; — de scvn prinsipal kulorz qr red, oranj, yelo, 
gren, blix, indigo, and vjolet; — konselment; pre- 
tens; pi. a standard; a flag. 
Color, Kiil-or, v. t. tu mqrk wid sum hq,; ta 

paliat; tu ekskqz. 
Color, Kul-or, v. i. tu bluj. 
Colorable, Kdl-or-a-bl, a. spejus; plezibl. 
Coloration, Kul-or-a-Jon, n. de akt ov kulorig. 
Colorific, Kol-or-if-ik, a. abl tu giv kulor. 
Coloring, Kiil-or-ig, n. an qrt in pantig: — tea 
ekskij,s. [kulorig. 

CoLORiST, Kul-or-ist, n. a panter b(t) ekselz in 
Colorless, Kul-or-les, a. wid'st kulor: tnins- 

Colossal, Ko-los-al, a. Ijk a kolosus. 
Colosseum, Kol-o-se-um, n. [Z.] a grat amfite- 

CoLOSSiANS, Ko-16J-anz, i». fl. de inhabitants ov 
de anjent siti ov Kolose. [magnitqd. 

Colossus, Ko-16s-us, w. [Z.] a statyq, ov enennus 
Colporteur, ) K61-port-er, n. [/)■.] wun luB 
COLPORTER, \ travelz fer vendig smel buks. 
Colstaff, Kol-staf, «. a Iqrj staf, on hwiq a 

burdn iz karid betwen tCD men on dqr Jolderz. 
Colt, Kolt, n. de yug ov a hers. 
Colter, Kwl-ter, u. de Jqrp jurn ov a plu. 
Coltish, K61t-iJ, a. Ijk a kolt; wonton. 
Coltsfoot, K61ts-fut, n. a plant. 
Colubrine, K61-yn,-brjn, a. relatig tu a serpent; 




CotUMBART, K61-um-ba-ri, n. a duv kot; a pijon 

Columbine, K61-um-bin, n. a jenus av plants. 
COLl'MEL, K61-yn,-mel. n. de sentral pq;-t ov a 

kap'-iil, or ()V de tska ov mos. 
Column, K61-uin, n. a silindrikal pilar: — afi! ov 

trtnps:— \x\Tt ov a paj; a Ijn ov ligy^^rz. 
CoLUMNAE, Ko-lum-nar, a. formd in koluml. 
COLUEKS, Ko-l^r^, n. I'l. t<D imajinari grat serklz, 

sup(f)zd tu intcrsekt eg udcr in de polz ov de 

Com, Koin, az a prtf ik?, dEncJt3 wid, tu, or agenst. 
Coma, Ka-ma, -.u a morbid dispozijon tu step. 
CoMATE, K6-mat, n. a felo-mat: a kompanyon. 
Comatose, Ku-ma-tos, a. Ictqrjik; dr'szi; duzi. 
Comb, Kom, n. an instrooment for de hi^r; — krcst 

ov u kok; — selz in hwiq bez loj d^r huni; — a 

Comb, Kom, v. t. tia divjd and adjust de hq,r; tu 

dres, and la eni tii) smtod. 
Combat, K6m-bat, er Kiim-bat, r. i. tu fit; tu 

kontciid: tu akt in opozijon. 
Combat, K6m-bat, v. t. tu op6z; tu fjt. 
Combat, Kom-bat, n. a kontest; a batl; a fit: a 

dqel. [a gampion. 

Combatant, Kom-bat-ant, n. wun hot) kombats; 
Combatant, Kom-bat-ant, a. dispozd tu kworel. 
Comb at EE, Kom-bat-er, n. wun hcb fits. 
Comb ATI VENESS, Kom-bat-iv-nes, h. a dispozijon 

er jiroponsiti tu fit. 
COMBEB. KtJm-er, 71. wun h<t) komz. [kombind. 
COMBINABLE, Kom-bjn-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beiij 
Combination, Kom-bi-na-Jon, n. ytj^nyon; asoji- 

ajon: koalijon. [nit. 

Combine, Kom-bin, r. t. tu jern tugeder; tu yq,- 
CoMBiNE, Kom-bin, t\ i. tu yunit; tu koales; tu 

CoMBLESS, Kcim-Ies, a. destit^t ov a kom. 
Combustibility, Kom-bus-ti-bil-i-ti, ) n. de 
COMBUSTiBLENESS, Kom-bus-ti-bl-nes, i kwol- 

iti ov beifl kombustibl. [be burnt. 

Combustible, Kom-bus-ti-bl, a. dat ma burn er 
Combustible, Kom-bds-ti-bl, n. a kombu.'^tibl 

material. [burnii). 

Combustion, Kom-bdst-yon, n. a konflagrajon; a 
Come, Kum, v. i. \i. kam, ps. kumii), kum:] tu 

dro ner: tu advdns t^Dard; tu arjv; tu hapn; tu 

fol Tst: tu aper; tu arjz. [a plaer. 

Comedian, Kom-e-di-an, n. an aktor ov komedi; 
Comedy, K^m-e-di, n. an amii,zii) dramatik pes. 
Comeliness, Kdm-li-ncs, u. gras; \)\\i\\ digniti. 
Comely, Kdm-li, a, grasful; bekumii); descnt. 
Comer, Kdm-cr, n. wun hio kumz. 
Comet, Kdra-et, n. a hevnli bodi wid a tal er tran 

ov Ijt, and an eksentrik mo Jon. 
Comet, Ka-m6t, n. a gam at kqrdz. 
Comet.\eium, Kom-et-a-ri-um, 1 n. a majen tu 
CoMETAEY, K6m-et-a-ri, ( Jo de revolq,- 

Jonz ov komets. 
CoMETARY, K6m-ct-a-ri, ) , .• ^ , 

CoMETic. Rom-et-ik, ! ^- ^^^^^'S ^"^ ^^ ^'>'^''^- 
CoMETOGRAPHY, Kom-et-6g-ra-fi, n. a deskripjon 

ov komets. 
CoMFiTURE, Kum-fit-yiir, ) , . , , 

Comfit, Knm-fit, ^ *• ' | »• a dq swetmet. 
Comfort, Kum-fort, v. t. tu enljvn; tu konsul: 

tu qrr. [solajon. i 

Comfort, Kum-fort, n. suport; k-sntcnnns: kon- ' 
Comfortable, Kdm-fort-a-bl, a. pozesifl kum- | 

fort (jciful- dispensij) kumfort. [ov kumfort. I 
Comfortableness, Kiim-fort-a-bl-nes, n. a stat - 
Comfortably, Kum-fort-a-bli, ad. in a kumfort- [ 

ablimnT. [kon-^ulajon. 

Comforter. Kdm-fort-er, n. wun hm administerz 
Comfortless, Kdm-fort-lcs, a. wontij) kumfort. 
GOMFREY, Kum-fri, n. a medisinal plant. | 

Comic, K6m-ik, a. relatig tu komedi; razig meril. 
Comical, K6m-i-kal, a. divertig; sportiv; drol. 
Comically, Kom-i-kal-i, ad. in a komikal maner. 
CoMicALNESS, K6m-i-kal-nes, n. de kwoliti ov 

beii) komikal. 
Coming, Kiim-ifl, n. de akt ov kumig: arjval. 
CoMi.NG, Kum-i{), pp. a. filtjij^r; beig ab-st tu 
kum. fhliz ov de Romanz. 

Comitia, Ko-miJ-e-a, [L.] popyrilar asem- 
CoMiTiAL, Ko-miJ-al, a. relatig tu de komijea. 
Comity, K6m-i-ti, ;;. ktirtesi; siviliti: gud-brcdig. 
Comma, K6m-a, «. a pornt mqrkt du.s (, 1. 
Command, Kom-dnd, v. t. tu guvern; tu order; 
tu led. [otoriti. 

Command, Kom-dnd, v, i. tu hav de suprem 
Command, Kom-dnd, n. p'ser: nnl; direkjon; order. 
Commandable, Kom-dnd-a-bl, a. dat ma be 


Commandant. Kom-dnd-ant, n. a militari ofiscr. 

Commander, Kom-dnd-er, n. wun hot) komdndz. 

Commandery, Kom-dnd-er-i, n. a bodi ov njts. 

Commanding, Kom-dnd-ig, a. erderig; direktig: 

pvorful. [ig naaner. 

Commaxdingly, Kom-dnd-ig-li, n. in a komdnd- 

Commandment, Kom-dnd-ment, n. komdnd; er- 

der: Id. [dndz. 

Commandress, Kom-dnd-res, 71. a femal hot) kom- 

Commaterial, Kom-a-te-ri-al, a. beig ov de 

sam order. [tu de sam mejq^. 

Commeasurable, Kom-e;5-Ti-ra-bl, a. redt^sabl 

Comme il faut, Kom el f'u, [iK] az it Jud be. 

Commemorable, Kom-em-<a-ra-bl, a. wurdi ov 

reuieuibrans. [wid onor. 

Commemorate, Kom-em-o-rat, r. t. tu selebrat 

Commemoration, Kum-em-o-ra-Jon, «. de akt ov 

publik selebrajon. [in memori. 

Commemorative, Kom-em-o-ra-tiv, a. prezervig 

CoMMEMORATORY, Kom-em-o-i-a-to-ri, a. pre- 

zprvig in memuri. [enter upon. 

Commence, Kom-ens, i'. t. and i. tu begin: tu 

Commencement, Kora-ens-ment, n. a beginig; At 

tjm hwen students in kolej resev di^r degrez. 

Commend, Kom-end, v. t. tu rekomend: tu praz. 

Commendable, Kom-end-a-bl, a. ledabl; wurdi 

ov praz. [ig komendabl. 

Commendablkness, Kom-end-a-bl-nes, tj. de be- 

Commendably, Kom-end-a-bli, ad. lodabli. 

Co.MMENDAM, Kom-en-dam, n. in lygland, de 

huklig ov a vakant benef is til a pastor iz supljd. 

Commendatary, Kom-en-da-ta-ri, »i. de holder 

ov a livig in komendam. [Jou- 

Commendation, Kora-en-da-Jon, n. rekomenda- 

Commendator, Kom-end-a-tor, ;». wun hot) holdz 

a benefis in komendam. 
Commendatory, Kom-end-a-to-ri, a. tendig tu 

komend: holdig a benefis in komendam. 
Commender, Kom-end-er, u. wun hcD komendz. 
Commensurability. Kom-en-Ji^-ra-bil-i-ti, i 
Commensurableness. Kom-tJn-Ji^-ra-bl-nes, \ "' 

de kajiasiti or stat ov liavig a kumon mejur. 
Commensurable, Kom-en-Jn,-ra-bl, a. havig a 

koTO'in mejt^r. 

Commensurate, Kom-en-Jq,-rat, v. t. tu rtd^s 

tu sum komon mejij^r. [tensiv. 

Commensurate. Kom-en-Jti-rat, a. ekwal; koeks- 

CoMMENSURATiON, Kom-en-Jq-ra-Jon, n. reduk- 

Jon tu sum komon me,:?qr: proporjon. 
Comment, Kom-ent, v. i. tu anotat: tu eksp'snd. 
("CMMENT, Kom-ent, v. t. tu eksplan. 
Comment, Kom-ent, ». a not; eksplanajon; eks- 
pozijon. [an anotajun. 

Commentary. K6m-en-ta-ri, n. an ekspozijon; 
Commentator. K6m-en-ta-tor, n. an eks})ozitor; 
an anutator. [hot> komcnts. 

CoMMENTEE, Kom-cnt-er, er Kom-<5nt-er, «. wim 
CoMHEECS, K6m-er8, n. trad; trafik; interkon. 




COMMEECE, Kom-ers, r. i. tu trafik; tm hold in- 

terkor^ [tratik; merkantil. 

Commercial, Kom-er-Jal, a. relatiij tu kom^rs or Commoner, Kom-on 

Smmercx..Lv, Kon.-er.Jal-i, ai. in a kon^Jal Com^ox;-^. W 

Common-council, Kom-on-k-jn-sil, ». de k'snsil 
ov a siti. 

K6m-on-er, n. a man not nobl. 

-on-le, n. unritn le, hwiq re- 
II) icjrs from imemQrial yi|,zaj. 
Commi'grate, K6m-i-grat, .. i. tu mjgrat^Tu: , Commonly,- K6m-on-U, ad. frekwentlij ywli; 
CoMMiGEATiON, Kom-i-gra-Jon, n. a mjgratiij jerntli. it Tof^ 

'^"/"^ A ' o J ' [siajon. Commonness, Kom-on-nes, 7». de stat ov bem 

ComIination, Kom-in-a-Jon, n. a tret; a dtnun- : Commonplace, K6m-on-plas, a. erdinarij komon; 
COMMINGLE, Kom-iB-gl, .- L tu miks t-gede_r;;^y,,H^^^^^^ Kom-on-pla., 

tu blend. [anuder 

Commingle, Kom-iij-gl, v. i. tu yiinjt wun wirt 
Comminute, K6m-i-niit, v. t. tu grjnd; tu pul- 
verjz. [verizajon. 

Comminution, Kom-i-mHoD) »• a grjidii); pul- 
Commiserable, Kom-iz-er-a-bl, a. wurdi ov 

kompajon. . . 

Commiserate, Kom-iz-er-at, u. t. tu piti; tu 
kompajonat. . JpaJon. 

Commiseration, Kom-iz-er-a-Jon, n. piti; kom- 
CoMMiSERATivE, Kom-iz-er-a-tiv, a. kompajonat. 
CoMMiSEEATOE, Kom-iz-er-a-tor, «. wun ho) haz 

Commissariat, Kom-is-a-ri-at, «. [i^r.] de bodi 

ov ofiserz under de komisari-jeneral. 
Commissary, K6m-is-a-ri, n. a delegat; a depyq,- 
ti;— an ofiser atendii) an qrmi, ha> insp6kts mus- 
ter-rolz, er regyiilats provigonz. 
Commissaey-geneeal, K6m-is-a-ri-jen-er-al, n. 
an ofiser ov an q,rmi hoo haz de qqrj ov provjdifl 
supliz, &s. 
CoMMi'ssARYSHiP, K6m-is-a-ri-Jip, n. de ofis ov a 


Commission, Kom-iJ-on, n. a. trust; a worant; 

a qqrj; kompensajon;— ofis;— perpetrajon; a bodi 

ov komijonerz. [apffnt. 

Commission, Kom-iJ-on, v. t. tu emp-ser; tu 

Commissioner, Kom-iJ-on-er, n. wun emp-serd 

tu akt. [sHtyHr. 

Commissure, Kom-iJ-qr, n. a jernt; a sem; a 

Commit, Kom-it, v. t. ta intrust; tu send tu 

prizn; tu depozit; tu doo; tu p^rpetrat; tu ekspoz. 

Commitment, Kom-it-ment, jj. de akt ov komitii). 

Committal, Kom-it-al, n. de akt ov komitii); 

Committee, Kom-it-e, n. a selekt number ov 
personz apffnted tu egzamin er manaj eni mater. 
Committeeship, Kom-it-e-Jip, n. de ofis ov a 

Committee, Kom-it-er, n. wun hot) komits. 
Committible, Kom-it-i-bl, a. Ijabl tu be komited. 
Commix, Kom-iks, v. t. tu mi^gl; tu blend; tu 

Commix, Kom-iks, v. i. tu yr^njt; tu be mikst. 
CoMMiXTiON, Kom-ikst-yon, n. mikstyq,r. 
Commixtuee, Kom-ikst-yT^,r, n. a kompiind. 
Commode, Kom-6d, n. a ladiz hed-dres; — a pes 

ov furnitq,r er smel sjdbord. 
Commodious, Kom-6-di-us, a. konvenyent; st|,t- 
abl; yq,sf ul. [li; SH^abli. 

CoMMODiousLY, Kom-6-di-us-li, ad. konvenyent- 
CoMMODiousNESS, Kom-u-di-us-nes, n. konven- 
yens; yii,s. [qandjz. 

Commodity, Kom-6d-i-ti, n. interest; profit; mer- 
CoMMODOEE, K6m-o-dor, n. de kapten hco kom- 

dndz a skwodron ov Jips ov wer. 

Common, K6m-on, a. beloflii) ekwali tu de pub- 

lik, tu meni, or tu mor dan wun:— vulgar; men; 

not sk^rs; publik; jeneral; frekwent: yi\,jq,al. 

Common, K6m-on, n. an opn publik gr-snd er spas. 

Common, K6m-on, v. i. tu pozes er bord wid 

Commonable, K6m-on-a-bl, a. held in komon. 
Commonage, K6m-on-aj, n. de rjt ov fedig on a 

Commonalty, K6m-on-al-ti, n. de komon pepl. 

t. tu redi^s tu 

jeneral hedz. [a not. 

Commonplace, K6m-on-plas, n. a. memorandum; 

Commonplace-book, Kom-on-plas-buk, n. a buk 

in hwiq tiijz qr ranjd under jeneral hedz. 
Commons, Kom-onz, /i. jjI. de komon pepl; — de 

loer h-ss ov pqrliment; — ftod on ekwal pa. 
Commonweal, Kom-on-wel, n. de publik gud. 
Commonwealth, K6m-on-welt, n. a stat; prop- 

erli, a fre stat; de publik; de komt^niti. 
CoMMOEANCE, Kom-o-rans, ) _ ^ezidens. 
Commorancy, Kom-o-ran-si, ) 
Commotion, Kom-6-Jon, n. tq,mult; distdrbans; 
sedijon. [ojon. 

CoMMOTiONEE, Kom-Q-Jon-er, n. wun keziij kom- 
CoMMOVE, Kom-cbv, v. t. tu disturb; tu ajitat. 
Communal, Kom-q,-nal, a. relatii) tu a komiin. 
Commune, Kom-i^n, v. i. tu konvers tugeder. 
Commune, K6m-iin, n. [/>•.] a Frenq teritorial 

CoMMUNiBUS ANNis, Kom-i^-ni-bus an-is, \L.\ 

wun yer wid anuder. 

CoMMUNiCABiLiTY, Kom-q,-ni-ka-bil-i-ti, n. de 

stat ov beiij komi\nikabl. [impqrted. 

Communicable, Kom-vi-ni-ka-bl, a. dat ma be 

Communicableness, Kom-4-ni-ka-bl-nes, n. 

Communicant, Kom-4-ni-kant, n. a partaker ov 

de sakrament ov de Lerdz super. 
Communicate, Kom-vi,-ni-kat, v. t. tu import; ta 

Communicate, Kom-q,-ni-kat, v. i. tu partak ov 

de Lerdz super; tu hav sumtir) in komon. 

Communication, Kom-q,-ni-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov 

komi^nikatij); komon inlet; konferens; konver- 

sajon. [import. 

Communicative, Kom-u-ni-ka-tiv, a. redi tu 

Communicativeness, Kom-ii-ni-ka-tiv-nes, n. 

redines tu impqrt. [ig nolej. 

CoMMUNiCATOEY, Kom-vi,-ni-ka-to-ri, a. imjxirt- 

COMMUNION, Kom-i|n-yon, n. interkors; felojip; 

selebrajon ov de Lerdz super. 
Community, Kom-ii-ni-ti, n. de komonwelt; de 

publik; an asojiajon; komon pozejon. 
Commutability, Kom-ii,-ta-bil-i-ti, n. kapasiti 
ov eksqanj. [ed. 

Commutable, Kom-i^-ta-bl, a. dat ma be komiq,t- 
CoMMUTATiON, Kom-ti-ta-Jon, ?! . qanj; elterajon; 
ransom. [^anj. 

Commutative, Kom-ij,-ta-tiv, a. relatig tu eks- 
CoMMUTATivELY, Kom-i|-ta-tiv-li, ad. in de wa 

ov eksqanj. 
Commute, Kom-i^t, v. t. tu eksqanj; tu bj of. 
Commute, Kom-i\t, v. i. tu bqrgen fer egzemjon. 
Commutual, Kom-4t-yn,-al, a. m^tynal; resip- 
rokal. [agrement. 

Compact, Kom-pakt, n. a kontraktn m4tyq,al 
Compact, Kom-pakt, v. t. tu jern tugeder; tu leg. 
Compact, Kom-pakt, a. ferm; solid; klos; held 
tugeder. [maner. 

CoMPACTEDLY, Kom-pakt-ed-li, ad. in a kompakt 
Compactly, Kom-pakt-li, ad. klosli; densli. 
Compactness, Kom-pakt-nes, n. fermnes; klosnes. 
COMPACTUEE, Kom-pakt -yqr, n. struktyqr. 
COMPAGES, Kom-pa-jez, n. [Z.] a sistem ov pqrts 




COMPAGIN'ATION, Kom-paj-i-nji-Jon, n. yq,nyon; 

Companion, Kom-pan-yon, n. a pqrtner; an aso- 

Jiat: (1 komrad; a felo; a mat. [agrcabl. 

Companionable, Koin-pan-yon-a-bl, a. sojal; 
COMPAMONABJLENESS, Kom-jjan-yon-a-bl-nes, ». 

wijiablues. [felujip. 

Companionship, Kom-pan-yon-Jip, n. kuiu])ani; 
Company, Kdni-pa-ni, n. personz a^oinbld tu- 

geder; felojip; a band; a sosjcti; a bodi kurpurat; 

a subdivi^on ov a rejiment. 
Comparable, K6ra-par-a-bl, trr Koin-p4r-a-bl, a. 

wurdi tu be kunipi'ird. [pH^d. 

COMPAKATES, Koui-pa-rat;*, n. pi. t<D tigz kom- 
COMPARATiVE, Kom-par-a-tiv, a. estimated bi 

komparison. [parativ manor. 

Comparatively, Kom-par-a-tiv-li, aJ. in u kom- 
CoMPAHK, Kom-p^r, v. t. tu moj^tir wun tiij bj 

andder; — tu Jo de dtgrez ov komparison. 
Compare, Kom-p4r, ". komparison; simile; simil- 

Comparer. Kom-p4r-cr, ». wun ho) komp^rz. 
Comparison, Kom-par-i-son, n. de akt ov kompjir- 

ig; a komparativ estimat: a simile: ^imilitq^d. 
Compart, Kom-pqrt, r. t. tu divjd; tu mqrk "st. 
Compartiment, Kom-p<irt-i-ment, n. divii^on ov 

a piktjT^r, «Sis. [vidifl; divi^on. 

COMPARTiTioN, Kom-par-tiJ-on, ». de akt ov di- 
Compartment, Kom-p<^rt-ment, n. a. divijon; a 

scparat pqrt. 
Compass, Kum-pa«, v. t. tu enserkl: tu cnkum- 

pas; tu grasp; tu proki^r; tu obtan; tu atan. 
Compass, Kum-pa.-=, n. a serkl; grasp; spas; eks- 

t4nt; enkliJX>i,r; p'ser ov de vers; — u magnetik 

aparatus for sterifl Jips. 
Compasses, Kiim-pas-ez, n. pi. an instrcDment 

for dividi{), makiij serklz, As. 
Compassion. Kom-paj-on, «. gref for de suferiflz 

ov uderz; piti; komizerajon. 
Compassionate, Kom-paJ-on-at, a. inkl{nd tu 

piti; mersiful. [komizerat. 

Compassionate, Kom-jjaJ-on-at, u. t. tu piti; tu 
Compassionately, Kom-pa/-on-at-li, aJ. mersi- 

fuli: tenderli. [domes. 

Comp.\ssionateness, Kom-paJ-on-at-nes, n. ten- 
CoMPATEENiTY, Kom-pa-t^r-ni-ti, n. de relajon 

ov gfxlfqder. [si; si^tablnes. 

Compatibility, Kom-pat-i-bil-i-ti, n. konsisten- 
CoMPATiBLE, Kom-pat-i-bl, a. si^tabl tu; tit for; 

konsistent. [si; fitnes. 

Compatibleness,, n. konsistcn- 
Compatibly, Kom-pat-i-bli, ad. fitli; sqtabli. 
Compatriot, Kom-pa-tri-ot, n. wun ov de sain 

kuntri; a felia-kuntriman. 
Compeer, Kom-per, 71. an ekwal; a kompanyon. 
Compeer, Kom-per, i-. i. tu be ekwal wid; tu 

mat. [stran. 

Compel, Kom-pel, v. t. tu fors; tu obljj; tu kon- 
Compellable, Kom-pel-a-bl, a. dat ma be kom- 

peld. [ov adrds. 

COMPELLATION, Kom-pol-d-Jon, n. stjl or manor 
CoMPELLATORY, Kom-pcl-a-tci-ri, a. kompdlsiv. 
COMPELLEK. Kom-pel-er, n. wun ha> kompelz. 
Compenh, K6m-pend, n. an abrijment; a kom- 

Compendious, Kom-p^n-di-us, a. Jort; konsjs; 

sumari; abrijd. [epitome. 

Compendiously, Kom-p«Sn-di-u3-li, aJ. Jortli; in 
CoMPENDiousNESS, Kom-i)en-di-u3-nes. n. Jort- 

nes; breviti. [a sumari. 

Compendium, Kom-pen-di-um, n. an abrijment; 
Compensable, Kom-p^ns-a-bl, a. suseptibl ov I 

Compensate, Kom-p6n-sat, v. i. tu rekompcns; I 

tu pa; tu rekwit. [am6ndz. | 

Compensation, Kom-pcn-sd-Jon, i». rekompens;! 

Compensative, Kom-peo-sa-tiv, a. dat komp^n- 
sats. [tu kont^nd. 

Compete, Kom-pet, r. i. tu kari on kompctijon; 

Competence, K6m-pe-tens, t n. stat ov beig 

Competency, Kom-pe-tcn-si, j kompetent; ka- 
pasiti; sufijonsi. [|jabl. 

Competent, Kom-pe-tent, a. uiitabl; fit; abl; ka- 

Competently, K6m-pe-tent-li, ad. adckwatli; 
mijderatli. [kontcst. 

Competition, Kom-pe-tiJ-on, n. rjvalri; rjvaljip; 

Competitor, Kom-p^t-i-tor, n. a rjval; an ojmj- 
nonc. [ijj; kolckJoD. 

Compilation, Kom-pi-la-Jon,n. de akt ov kompjl- 

CoMFiLE, Kom-pjl, I', t. tu kolekt from variua 
otorz. [pilifl tugeder. 

Compilement, Kom-pjl-ment, n. kuasen-ajon; a 

Compiler, Kom-pjl-er, n. wun hot) kompjlz. 

Complacence, Koiu-j)la-sens, ) n. gratifikajon; 

ComplaceNjCY, Kom-pla-sen-si, j satisfak/on; 
plejqr; siviliti. [ezi. 

Complacent, Kom-pla-sent, a. sivil; afabl; mjld; 

Complacently, Kom-pla-sent-li, ad. in a soft er 
ezi manor. [folt. 

Complain, Kom-plun, c i. tu murmur; tu fjnd 

Complainable, Kom-plan-a-bl, a. dat iz tube 
kompland ov. [sq,!. 

CoMPLAi.NANT, Kom-plan-ant, n. wun hoi urjez a 

Complainer, Kom-plan-er, «. wun hjj komplanz. 

Complaining, Kom-plan-i^, )i. eksprejon ov soro. 

Complaint, Kom-pluut, n. an akn,zaJon; a 1am- 
entajon; a maladi; a dizez; informajon agenst. 

CoMPLAiSAXCE, Kom-pla-ziins, n. siviliti; kdrte- 
usnos. ^ [poljt. 

Complaisant, Kom-pla-zant, a. sivil; kdrteus; 

COMPLAISANTLY, Kom-pla-zant-H, ad. sivili; po- 
Ijlli. [poljtnes. 

CoMPLAiSANTNESS, Kom-pla-zant-ncs, n. siviliti; 

CoMPLANATE, Kom-pla-nat, ( ^ * , 1 

COMPLANE, Kom-plan, f "• '• *^ ^''''^^^ 

Complement, K6m-ple-ment, n. a ful kwontiti 
er number. [kompletig. 

Complemental, Kom-ple-ment-al, a. filifl up; 

Complete, Kom-pltt, a. perfekt; ful; finijt; ended. 

Complete, Kom-ple't, v. i. tu perfekt; tu finij; 
tu fulfil. ' [tjrll. 

Completely, Kom-plet-li, ad. fuli; perfektli; CD- 
Completeness, Kom-plet-nes, n. perfekjon; kom- 

Completion, Kom-ple-Jon, n. akomplijment; per- 
fekt Stat. Lpi^tifl' 

Completory, Kom-plet-Q-ri, a. fulfilifl; kom- 

CoMPLEX, Kom-plcks, a. intrikat; komplikated; 
ov lueni pqrts; not simpl. 

Complex, Kom-pleks, ». komplikajon; kolekjon. 

CoMPLEXED, Kom-plekst, a. komplikated; kom- 
plcks. [kajon. 

CoMPLEXEDNESS, Kom-pleks-ed-nes, n. kompli- 

CoMPLEXiON, Kom-plek-Joa, n. de kulor ov de 
skin, or ov de eksternal pqtts ov eni bodi: tem- 
peratiir or habited ov de bodi. [komplekjon. 

Complexional, Kom-pl^k-Jon-al, a. pertanifl tu 

CoMPLEXiONALLY, Kom-plck-Jon-al-i, ad. bj 
kouiplokjon. [tu komplekjon. 

Complexionary, Kom-plek-Jon-a-ri, a. rclatig 

COMPLEXiONED, Kom-plek-Jond, a. havig a kom- 
plekjon. [kompleks. 

Complexity, Kom-pleks-i-ti, n. de stat ov beifl 

Complexly, Kom-pleks-li, ad. in a komplekj 
mimer. ^ [komploks. 

C0MPLEXNES8, Kom-pleks-nes, n. de stat ov beijj 

CoMPLEXURE, Kom-pleks-ynr, n. komplikajon. 

COMPLiABLE, Kom-plj-a-bl, a. dispozd tu kom- 
pli; yeldig. [asent. 

Compliance, Kom-plj-ans, n. de akt ov kompljig; 

Compliant, Kom-plj-ant, a. yeldig; bendig; 




Compliantly, Kom-plj-ant-li, ad. m a yeldig 

maner. [phkated. ! 

Complicate, Kom-pli-kat, a. komp-snded; kom- 
CoMPLiCATE, Kom-pli-kat, v. t. tu entar)gl ; tu 

iuvolv: tia implikat. [ 

CoMPLicATELY, K6m-pli-kat-li, ad. in a kompli- { 

katcd majier. [perpleksiti. 

CoMPLiCATEXESS, Kom-pU-kat-nes, n. intrikasi ; i 
Complication, Kom-pli-ka-Jon, n. niikstyixr; in- j 

trikasi. [volv. t 

Complicative, K6m-pli-ka-tiv, a. tendiij ta in- 
Complier, Kom-plj-er, n. wun hoo kompljz. | 

Compliment, Kom-pli-ment, n. an akt ov siviliti j 

er isspekt. [praz. I 

Compliment, Kom-pli-ment, v. t. tu flater; tu 
Compliment, Kom-pli-ment, v. i. tu yii,z adyi^^- j 

latori laggwaj. [pliments. I 

Complimental, Kom-pli-ment-al, a. impljig kom- 
Complimentallt, Kom-pli-ment-al-i, ad. bj wa 

ov siviliti. 
Complimentary, Kom-pli-ment-a-ri, a. bEstoii) 

kompliments; ekspresiv ov siviliti; sivil; flat- 

erii). [kompliments. 

Complimenter, K6m-pli-ment-er, n. wun hm 
COMPLOT, Kom-plot, n. a konfederasi in a sskret 

plot; Q jernt plot. [spjr. 

CoMPLOT, Kom-plot, V. i. tu farm a plot; tu kon- 
CoMPLOTTER, Kom-pl6t-er, n. a konspirator. 
Comply, Kom-pl|, v. i. tu yeld; tu asent; tu 

konsent. [er pqrt. 

Component, Kom-po-nent, a. fermii) a komp-snd 
Comport, Kom-port, v. t. er i. tu bq,r; tu endi^r; 

tu bshav; tu agre; tu sq,t. [abl. 

CoMPORTABLE, Kom-purt-a-bl, a. konsistent; sq^t- 
CoMPOSE, Kom-poz, i'. t. tu form, az a komp"snd; 

tu put tugeder; tu rit, az an etor; — tu kwiet; 

tu adjust; tu setl; — tu aranj, az tjps. 
Composedly, Kom-poz-ed-li, ad. kqmli; scdatli: 

kwjetli. [trankwiliti. 

CoMPOSEDNESS, Kom-p6z-ed-nes, «. ssdatnes ; 
Composer, Kom-poz-er, n. wun hoa kompozez; an 

Composing-stick, Kom-poz-ig-stik, n. inprint- 

ij), an instrcDment in hwiq tjps qr set from dg 

kasez, and adjusted tu dg leijt ov Az Ijnz. 
Composite, Kom-p6z-it, a. komp'snded: yunjted: 

in qrkitektt;i(r, notig de last ov de fiv erderz 

ov kolumz. 
Composition, Kom-po-ziJ-on, n. a mikstyqr; a 

ritn wurk; adjustment; kompakt. 
Compositor, Kom-p6z-i-tor, «. wun hot) sets tjps. 
Compos mentis, Kom-pos men-tis, [£.] beig ov 

s-snd mjnd. [yiir. 

Compost, K6m-post, n. a mikst mani^r; eni mikst- 
Compost, Kom-post, v. t. tu mani^r; tu plaster. 
Composure, Kom-pa-jnr, n. adjustment; kompo- 

zijon; trankwiliti; sedatnes. [ig tugeder. 

Compotation, Kom-po-ta-Jon,n. de akt ov drigk- 
COMPOTATOR, K6m-po-ta-tor, n. wun hoo drigks 

wid anuder. 
Compound, Kom-p-snd, v. t. tu form ov diferent 

pqrts: tu miggl; tu kombjn; tu adjust. 
Compound, Kom-p-jnd, v. i. tu kum tu t^rmz: 

tu agre. [gredientsl 

Compound, Kom-p'snd, &. fermd -st ov meni in- 
CoMPOUND, Kom-p'snd, n. a mikstyqr ov meni 

ingredients. [komp-snded. 

COMPOUNDABLE, Kom-pind-a-bl, a. dat ma be 
Compounder, Kom-p-snd-er, n. wun hoo kom- 

Comprehend, Kom-prs-hend, v. t. tu inklqd; tu 

understand. [jibl; konssvabl. 

Comprehensible, Kom-pre-hen-si-bl, a. inteli- 
Comprehensibleness, Kom-pre-hen-si-bl-nes, n. 

iutelijiblnes. [komprEhenJon. 

Comprehensibly, Kom-pre-hen-si-bli, ad. wid 

Comprehension, Kom-pre-hen-Jon, n. a kom- 

prjzig: kapasiti. [Ivjj wjd. 

Comprehensive, Kom-pre-hen-siv, a. kapajua: 
Comprehensively, Kom-pre-hen-siv-li, ad. wid 

Comprehensiveness, Kom-prc-h^n-siv-nes, «. 

kapajusnes. [lysd. 

Compress, Kom-pres, v. t. tu pros tugeder; ta 
Compress, Kom-pres, n. a bcolster er bandaj ov 

soft linen klot, wid several foldz, yi^zd in sur- 

Compressibility, Kom-pres-i-bil-i-ti, ) n. de 
CoMPRESSiBLENESS, Kom-pres-i-bl-ues, ) kwoliti 

ov bsig kompresibl. [prest. 

Compressible, Kom-pres-i-bl, a. dat ma be kom- 
CoMPRESSiON, Kom-preJ-on, n. de aktov kompres- 

ig; konJensaJon; komprejq^r. 
Compressive, Kom-pres-iv, a. havig de p^ser tu 

kompres. [ig. 

CoMPRESSURE, Kom-preJ-Ti,r, n. de akt ov pres- 
CoMPRiSAL, Kom-prj-zal, )t. de aktov komprizig. 
Comprise, Kom-prjz, v. t. tu kontan; tu inkli^d. 
Compromise, Kom-pro-mjz, n. an adjustment; a 

kompakt in hwiq konsejonz qr mad on eq sjd. 
Compromise, Kom-pro-mjz, r. ;'. tu komp-snd: 

tu adjust a dispi\,t bj mi'i,tynal konsejonz; tu 

adjust. [akord. 

Compromise, Kom-pro-mjz, v. i. tu agre ; tu 
Compromiser, K6m-pro-mjz-er, n. wun hin kom- 

promizez. [is. 

CoMPROMiT, Kom-pro-mit, v. t. tu plej; tu prom- 
CoMPROViNCiAL, Kom-pro-vin-Jal, n. wun ov de 

sam provins. 
Comptroller, Kon-trol-er, n. an ofiser h© eg- 

zaminz de ak-snts ov de kolektorz ov publlk 

muni. [forsig. 

CoMPULSATiVE, Kom-piil-sa-tiv, a. kompelig : 
Compulsatively, Kom-pul-sa-tiv-li, ad. wid 

kompuljon. [forsig. 

Compulsatory, Kom-pul-sa-to-ri, a. kompelig: 
Compulsion, Kom-pul-Jon, n. de akt ov kom- 
pelig; fors. 
Compulsive, Kom-pnl-siv, a. kompelig; forsig. 
Compulsively, Kom-pul-siv-li, ad. bj fors; bj 

vjolens. [puljon. 

Compulsiveness, Kom-pdl-siv-nes, n. fors; kom- 
CoMPULSORiLY, Kom-piil-so-ri-li, ad. bj kompul- 
jon. [stranig. 
Compulsory, Kom-pdl-so-ri, a. kompelig; kon- 
Compunction, Kom-piigk-Jon, 7». de aktovprikig; 

remors. [oful. 

Compunctious, Kom-pngk-Jus, a. repentant; sor- 
CoMPURGATiON, Kom-pur-ga-Jon, n. de akt ov 

establijig eni manz verasiti bj de testimoni ot 

Compurgator, K6m-pur-ga-tor, n. wun hat bv» 

hiz testimoni tu de kredibiliti ov anuder. 
Computable, Kom-pi^t-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beij 

Computation, Kom-pq,-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov rek- 

nig; estimat. [lat. 

Compute, Kom-p^t, «. t. tu rekn; tu kalkn- 
CoMPUTER, Kom-p4t-er, n. a rekner; a kalkti- 

lator. [kn,lator. 

CoMPUTiST, K6m-pq,-tist, n. a kompq,ter; a kal- 
CoMRADE, Kom-rad, er Kum-rad, n. a. kompan- 

yon; an asojiat. 
Con, Kon, ad. an abreviajon ov de Latin wurd 

{contra;} agenst; az, tu iis^xit pro a.nd ton; dat 

iz, for and agenst. 
Con, Kon, v. t. tu studi; tu komit tu memori. 
Con amore, Kon a-mo-ra, a. [It.] wid luv er in- 

klinajon. [tu velt. 

CoNCAMERATE, Kon-kam-er-at, v. t. tu qrg over; 
CoNCAMERATiON, KoD-kam-er-a-Jon, n. an qr^ 

a velt. 




Concatenate, Kon-kat-e-nat, r. i. tu liflk tu- 

Concatenation, Kon-kat-e-na-Jon, n. a liflkig; 
a seriez ov lipks. [iij konkav. 

CoNCAVATiON, Kon-ka-vd-JoD, n. de akt ov mak- 
CoNCAVE, Kon-kav, a. holo; opcjid tu konveks. 
CONCAVEXESS, Kon-kav-nes, /i.. lujlunt'.-:: konkaviti. 
Concavity, Kon-kav-i-ti, n. insid kaviti; holones. 
Concavo-concave, Kon-ka-va-kon-kav, a. kon- 
kav on bcj6 sidz. 
Concavo-convex, Kon-ka-vo-k6n-vek!», a. kon- 
kav on wun sjd, and konveks on de uder. 
CONCAVOUS, Kon-ka-vus, a. konkav; hulu. 
CONCAVOUSLY, Kon-ka-vus-li, a»L wid holones. 
Conceal, Koh-.seI, r. t. tu hjd; tu sekrut. 
Concealable, Kon-sel-a-bl, a. kapabl ov heir) 
konstld. [.xkii^riti. 

CoNCEALEDNESS, Kon-sel-cd-ncs, «. prjvasi ; ob- 
Concf.aler, Kon-SEl-er, n. wun hm konsi'Iz. 
Concealing, Kon-sel-iij, u. a bjdiij.or kepii) klu-?. 
Concealment, Kon-sel-ment, n. de akt ov hjdii) ; 
hjdiij-plas. [grant. 

Concede, Kon-std, v. t. tu yeld; tu admit; tu 
Concede, Kon-sed, v. i. tu admit; tu mak konsejon. 
Conceit, Kon-set, n. fan.«i; imajinajon; nojon; 

opinyon; idea; prjd; vaniti. 
Conceit, Kon-set, i». t. tu konsev; tu im;ijin. 
Conceited, Kon-set-ed, -p. a. prTsd; opinyonativ; 
van. [yonativneg. 

Conceitedness. Kon-set-ed-nes, «. prjd; opin- 
Conceivable, Kon-sev-a-bl, a. dat ma be kon- 
sevd. [konsevaljl. 

Conceivableness, Kon-sev-a-bl-nes, tt. de bcii) 
Conceivably, Kon-sev-a-bli, ad. in a konsevabl 

Conceive, Kon-sev, «. t. tu admit intu de waam; 

tu form in de mind; tu imajiu. 
Conceiver, Kon-sev-cr, n. wun hio konsevz. 
Conceiving, Kon-sev-ig, n. aprehcnjon; undcr- 

Concentrate, Kon-sen-trat, v. t. tu brigtuged- 
er, or tu a senter: tu kondena. [konsentratig. 
Concentration, Kon-sen-tra-Jon, ». de akt ov 
CONCENTRATIVENESS, Kon-sen-tra-tiv-ncs, n. de 
p'Ser ov konsentrajon. [komon senter. 

Concentre, Kon-sen-tcr, v. i. tu tend tu wun 
Concentric, Kon-sen-trik, ) a. haviij wun 

CONCENTRICAL, Kon-son-tri-kal, ( komon .senter. 
Concentricity, Kon-sen-tris-i-ti, r». destatov be- 

ifl konsentrik. 
CoNCENTUAL, Kon-sent-yn,-al, a. h(^rmonius. 
CoNCEPTACLE, Kon-sep-ta-kl, n. reseptakl; a fol- 
ikl. [sevd. 

CONCEPTiBLE, Kon-sep-ti-bl, a. posibl tu be kon- 
CoNCEPTiON, Koii-.sep-Jon, n. de akt ov konsevir); 

tir) kunsEvd; nojon; imaj in de mjnd; tet. 
CoNCEPTiVE, Kon-sop-tiv, a. prodiisiijkonsepjon. 
Concern, Kon-strn, v. t. tu beloi); tu efekt; tu 

interest; tu disturb; tu intermedl. 
Concern, Kon-sern, n. bizno.«; afi'ir; interest: kiir. 
Concerning. Kon-?ern-ig, prc/>. relatiijtu. 
Concernment, Kon-sern-ment. n. konsern; k^r: 
biznes. ' [adjust. 

Concert, Kon-sert, r. t. tu setl; tu kontrjv; tu 
Concert, Kon-s6rt, v. i. tu konsult; tu kontrjv. 
Concert, Kon-sert, n. a plan; a mi^zikal entertan- 

Concerto, Kon-ser-to, n. [/<.] a pes ov mi^zik; o 
konsert. [konseded; a grunt. 

Concession, Kon-?6J-on, n. deaktov konstdifl: tip 
CoNCES-siONARY, Kon-spj-on-a-ri,\Tibial^an?. 
Concessive, Kon-ses-iv, a. impljig konsejon. 
Concessively, Konsos-iv-lij.W.biwnovkonseJoD. 
Conch, Koj)k, «. a maren Jel. 
CoNCiiiTE, Kofl-kit, n. a pctrifid /el. 
Conchoid, K6\)-kerd, n. a kind" ov kur^-. 

CoNCHOiDAL, Koo-kfird-al, a. rez^mblio de kop- 
kffd. [koflkoloji. 

CoNCHOLOQiST, Koo-kol-o-jist, n. wun verst in 
CoNcuOLOGY, Kojj-kol-o-ji, n. de sjens ov Jelz. 
Conciliate, Kon-sil-i-at, r. t. tu gan bj favor: 

tu win; tu rekonsji. 

Conciliation, Kon-sil-i-a-Jon, n. de akt ov kon- 

siliatifl; pes. [ats. 

Conciliator, Kon-sil-i-a-tor, n. wun bO) konsili- 

CONCILIATORY, Kon-sil-i-a-to-ri, a. tendij) tu 

rekonsiliajon; pasifjip; perswasiv. 
CoNCiNiTY, Kon-sin-i-ti, n. desensi; fitnes. 
Concise, Kon-sjs, a. bref; /ort; komprehensiv. 
Concisely, Kon-sjs-li, ad. in a konsjs maner: 
_ brefli. ^ [sjs; broviti. 

Conciseness, Kon-sjs-nes, n. de statov beig kon- 
Co.vcisiON, Kon-.sig-on, n. de aktov kutig of. 
CoNciTATiON, Kon-si-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov storig 
up. [■stkrj or Jxt. 

CoNCLAMATiON, Kon-kla-ma-Jon, n. a jeneral 
Conclave, Kon-klav, n. an asembli ov kqrdin- 
alz. fij. 

Conclude, Kon-klq,d, v. t. tudetermin; tu fin- 
Conclude, Kon-kh'id, v. i. tu end; tu infer; tu 

CoNCLUDER, Kon-kh'^d-cr, n. wun hot) konklqdz. 
Conclusion, Kon-khi-jun, n. de akt ov konkhidifl; 
final desijon; de kioz; de end. [ig debat. 

Conclusive, Kon-khi,-siv, a. desjsiv; final; end- 
CoNCLusiVELY, Kon-klii,-siv-li, ad. ina'kunklq,si^ 
manor. [beig konklq^siv. 

Conclusiveness, Kon-klq-siv-nes, n. de stat or 
CoNcoAGULATE, Kon-ko-ag-yii,-lat, v. t. tu kon- 

jel lugeder. 

CoNCOAGULATiON, Kon-ko-ag-yq,-Ia-Jon, >i. de akt 

ov koagyqlatig. [rjpn. 

Concoct, Kon-kokt. v. t. tu dijest; tu px^rif j: tu 

Concoction, Kon-kok-Jon, n. de akt ov konkoktig: 

dijestyon. [natyi|,r. 

CoNCOCTiVE, Kon-kok-tiv, a. ov a konkoktig 

Concomitance, Kon-k6m-i-tan.s, ) n. de akt 

CoNCOMiTANCY, Kon-kom-i-tau-si, j er .stat ov 

subsi-tig wid sumtig els. [atendig. 

Concomitant, Kon-kom-i-tant, a. akumpaniig: 

Concomitant, Kon-kom-i-tant, «. an ateudant; 

a kompanyon. [pani wid uderz. 

Concomitantly, Kon-kom-i-tant-li, a(/. inkum- 

CONCORD, Kon-kord, n. agremcnt; yq,nyon; hc^r- 

'noni. [dek.s tu de >Skriptyq,rz. 

Concordance, Kon-kord-ans, n. konkerd;— an in- 

Concordancy, Kon-kord-an-si, n. konkerd. 

Concordant, Kon-kord-ant, a. hqrmonius; agre- 

ifl. [kerdant. 

Concordant, Kon-kord-ant, n. dat hwiq iz kon- 

CoNCORDANTLY, Kon-kord-ant-li, ad. in kon- 

jugkjon. [venjon. 

Concordat, Kon-kord-at, n. a kompakt; a kon- 

CoNCOUDiST, Kon-kerd-ist, n. a rjter ov a kon- 

kordans. *[in wun bodi. 

CONCORPORATE, Kon-kor-po-rat, r. t. tu yunjt 

Concorporate. Kon-kor-po-rat, v. i. tu yiinjt 

intu wun bodi. [in wun mas. 

Concorporation, Kon-kor-pt)-ra-Jon, n. yq,nyon 

Concourse, Kon-kurs, n. a metig; an asembli or 

pepl; a multitiid. [konkrejon. 

Co.ncrement, Kon-kre-ment, n. a mas formd bj 

Concrescence, Kou-kres-ens, ii. grot bj yn,nyon 

^ ov pqrtiklz. ' [njtip. 

CoxcRESCiVE, Kon-kros-iv, a. groig tug6der;'yii- 

Concrete, Kon-kret, t. i, tu koales intu wun 

Concrete, Kon-kret, v. t. tu form bj konkrejon. 
Concrete, Kon-kret, «/• Kon-kret, j. formd bj 
^ konkrejon; not ab.strakt; aplid tu a subjekt. 
Concrete, Kon-kret. n. a mas formd bj konkre- 




Concretely, Kon-kryt-li, er K6n-kr£t-li, ad. in 

a konkret inaner. 
CoNCRETEXESS, Kon-kret-nes, «.. koagycilajon. 
Concretion, Kon-kre-Jon, n. de akt ovkonkrgt- 

11} a mas. _ [iij- 

Concretive, Kon-krst-iv, a. koagyq,lativ: koales- 
CoNCUBiNAGE, Kon-k4-bi-naj, n. de akt ov liv- 

ii) wid a wiaman az a wif, do not marid. 
Co.vcuBiNAL, Kon-ki\,-bi-nal, ) a. rElatii) tui 
CoxcuBiNART, Kon-k4-bi-na-ri, ) konki|,binrij; 

er tu a k6r)ki|bin. 
Concubine, Koy-'kix-bjn, i;. a waman kept in 

konkii,binaj. [zjrz: lust. 

Concupiscence, Kon-kT\-pis-ens, n. iregyixlar de- 
CoNcurisCENT, Kon-kii,-pis-ent, a. lustful: lq,d; 

seujii^al. [zir: eger. 

CoNCUPisciBLE, Kon-k4-pis-i-bI, a. impresiij dz- 
CONCUR, Kon-kdr, v. i. tu met in wun pffut; tu 

agre. [iij: yiinyon. 

Concurrence, Kon-kdr-ens, n. Az akt ov konkur- 
Concurrent, Kon-kur-eiit, a. aktit) in kdnjuijk- 

Jon: yiyiitiij. [yi|tori koz. 

Concurrent, Kon-kur-ent, «. ajernt er kontiib- 
Concurrently, Kon-kdr-ent-li, ad. in an agreii) 

Concussion. Kon-kuJ-on, w. de akt ov Jakiij: aj- 

itajon; de stat ov beig Jakn. [iij. 

CoNcussiVE. Kou-kus-iv, a. havii) de p-Serov Jak- 
CoNDEMN, Kon-dem, v. t. i\\ find gilti; txa dam 

tu punijment: tuscnji^r; tu blam. [pabl. 

CoxDEMNABLE, Kon-diim-na-bl, a. blamabl; kul- 
Condemnation, Kon-dem-na-Jon, n. de akt ov 

kondemnii); a sentens ov punijment; sever scnjixr. 
Condemnatory, Kon-dem-na-to-ri, a. irapljiij 

Condemner, Kon-dem-ner, n. wan hcD kondemz. 
Condensable, Kon-dens-a-bl, a. kapabl ov kou- 

densajon. [tia kondens. 

Condensate, Kon-den-sat, v. t. tu mak tiker: 
Condensate, Kon-den-sat, v. i. tu gro tiker; tu 

Condensate, Kon-den-sat, a. madtik: kondenst. 
Condensation, Kon-den-sa-Jon, n. de akt ov 

makii) mor dens. [kondens. 

Condensative, Kou-den-sa-tiv, a. tendiij tu 
Condense, Kon-dens, v. t. tu mak mor dens; tu 

Condense, Kon-dens, v. i. tu gro dens, or tik. 
Condense, Kon-dens, a. tik; dens; kompakt. 
Condenser, Kon-dens-er, n. heordat hwiq kon- 

densez; a metalik vesel for kondensig q,r er 

stem. [nes. 

CONDENSITY, Kon-den-si-ti, )i. kondensaJon:dens- 
Condescend, Kon-de-send. r. t. tu desend from 

stiperior rai)k; tu yeld; tu submit; tu stdip. 
Condescendence, Kon-de-send-ens, n. voluntari 

submijon. [hvimiliajon. 

Condescending, Kon-de-s^nd-ii), n. voluntari 
Condescending, Kon-de-send-ig, fp. a. stoopiij: 

kjnd;mEk. [st^perioriti.' 

Condescension, Kon-de-sen-Jon, »i. desent from 
Condign, Kon-djn, a. merited; dezervd; fit. 
Condignity, Kon-dig-ni-ti, n. merit: dezert. 
CoNDiGNLV, Kon-djn-li, ad. dczervedli. 
Condignness, Kon-djn-nes, n. st^tablnes. 
Condiment, K6n-di-ment, n. a sezniij; a sos. 
CoNDisciPLE, Kon-di-sj-pl, n. a felcD disjpl. 
CONDITE, Kon-djt, I), t. tu pikl; tu preztSrv. 
Condition, Kon-diJ-on, n. kwoliti: stat; 'temper: 

ragk; stipytilajon; termz ov kompakt. 
Condition, Kon-diJ-on, v. i. tu kontrakt; tu 

Btipyrilat. [dijonz. 

Conditional, Kon-diJ-on-al, a. kontanig kon- 
Conditionahty, Kon-diJ-on-al-i-ti, n. de stat 

ov beig kondijonal. [limitajonz. 

Conditionally, Kon-diJ-on-al-i, ad. wid sertcn 

CoNDiTiONARY, Kon-diJ-on-a-ri, a. stipyq,lated. 
Conditioned, Kon-diJ-ond, a. havig kwolitiz er 

propertiz, gud er bad; stipyx|lated. 
Condole, Kon-dol, v. i. tu lament wid, and for 
Condole, Kon-dol, v. t. tu lament wid. [uderz. 
CoNDOLEMENT, Kon-dol-mcnt, n. gref; kondol- 

ens. [soroz. 

Condolence, Kon-dol-ens, n. gref fer andderz 
CoNDOLER, Kon-d61-er, ». wunho) kondolz. [ens. 
Condoling, Kon-dol-ig, n. eksprejon ov kondol- 
CoNDOMA, Kon-d6-ma, n. a spejez ov antelop. 
Condor, K6n-dor, n. a veri Iqrj berd;de grat vult- 

Conduce, Kon-di^s, ». s. tu tend; tu kontribjq,t. 
CoNDUCEMENT, Kon-di|,s-ment, n. tendensi. 
CoxDuciBLE, Kon-di\,-si-bl, a. promotig; tend- 

ig tu. 
CoxDUCiBLENESS, Kon-di],-si-bl-nes, n. de kwoliti 

ov kondti,sig. [adig. 

Conducive, Kon-di^-siv, a. tendig tu kondi^s: 
CoNDuciVENESS, Kon-dii,-siv-nes, n. de kwoliti ov 

koudii^sig. [demenor. 

Conduct, Kon-dukt, n. manajment; behavyor; 
Conduct, Kon-dukt, v. t. tu led; tu direkt; tia 

CoxDUCTOR, Kon-duk-tor, n. he or dat hwiq kon- 

dukts: a leder; qef: manajer; direktor. 
Conductress, Kon-duk-tros, n. a. wuman hco 

kondukts. [kanal. 

Conduit, Kon-dit, nr Kdn-dit, »i, a weter-pjp; a 
Conduplication, Kon-dq,-pli-ka-Jon, n. a dub- 

lig: a diiplikat. 
Condyle, K6n-dil, n. de riinded hed ov a bon. 
Cone, KcDn, ii. a solid bodi in de form ov a Jugar 

lof. [gedcr; tu qat. 

Confabulate, Kon-fab-yi^-lat, v. i. tu tek tu- 
Confabulation, Kon-fab-yn,-la-Jon, n. tek; kon- 

CoNFABULATORY, Kon-fab-yq,-la-to-ri, a. belogig 

tu pratl. [mets. 

CoNFECT, Kon-fekt, v. t. tu mak up intu swet- 
Confect, Kon-fekt, n. a swetmet; a konfekjon. 
Confection, Kon-fek-Jon, n. a. swetmet; a pre- 

z^i-v. [swetmets. 

Confectioner, Kon-fek-Jon-cr, n. a maker ov 
Confectionery, Kon-fek-Jon-er-i, n. swetmetf 

in jeneral; a plas for swetmets. 
Confederacy, Kon-fed-er-a-si, n. a leg; a fed- 
eral kompakt. 
Confederate, Kon-fed-er-at, v. t. tujefnaleg. 
Confederate, Kon-fed-er-at, a. yq,njted in a leg; 

Confederate, Kon-fed-er-at, n. an alj. an 

akomplis. [konfederasi. 

Confederation, Kon-fed-er-a-Jon, n. a leg; a 
Confer, Kon-fer, v. i. tu diskors: tm konsdlt. 
Confer, Kon-fer, i\ t. tu giv; tu besto; tu grant. 
Conference, Kon-fer-ens, n. fermal diskors; a 
CONFERRER, Kon-fer-er, n. wun hO) konferz. [pqrli. 
Conferva, Kon-fer-va, n. river-wed; h^r-wed. 
Confess, Kon-fes, v. t. tu aknolej; tu on; txi 

grant; tu her de konfejon ov, az a prest. 
Confess, Kon-fes, t-. i. tu mak konfejon; tu 

reve'l. [pritabli. 

Confessedly, Kon-fes-ed-li, ad. avsedli; indis- 
Confession, Kon-feJ-on, n. de akt ov konfesig: 

aknolejment; profejon; avsal. 
Confessional, Kon-feJ-on-al, n. a konfejon qar. 
CoNFESsiONARY, Kon-feJ-on-a-ri, ?i. a konf ejonal. 
CoNFESSiONARY, Kon-feJ-on-a-ri, a. belogig tu 

konfejon. [fesez hiz fat. 

CoNFESSiONiST, Kon-feJ-on-ist, n. wun boo pro- 
CoNFESSOR, Kon-fes-or, 6/* K6n-fes-or, n. wun 

h(D maks profejon ov hiz fat in de fas ov danjer: 

wun hoa herz konfejonz. 
CoNFEST, Kon-fest, a. avsd. 

CON 79 

Confidant, K6n-fi-dant, n. a konfidcnjal frcnd: 

wiin trusted wid SEkret;--. [dens. 

Confide, Kon-fjd, v. t. tu trust; tu hav konfi- 
CoNFlDE, Kon-fjd, V. t. tu trust; tu intrust. 
Confidence, K6n-fi-dens, n. ferm belef; aji^rans; 

krcdit; rcljans; boldnes. [imi)qdent. 

C0NFiDENT,'K6n-fi-dent, a. pozitiv; diirin; bold: 
Confident, K6n-fi-dent, n. a konf idant, /i«2y «f . 
Confidential, Kon-£i-den-Jal, a. prjvat; trusti: 

fntful. _ [fer. 

Confidently, K6n-fi-dent-li, ad. wid"8t d'st er 
Confidentness, K6n-fi-dent-nes, n. konfidens; 

CoNFiDER, Kon-fid-er, n. wun hO) konfidz. 
Configurate, Kon-fig-yn-rat, v. i. tu Jo lik de 

aspokts ov ds planets toardz eq uder. 
Configub-\TION, Kon-fig-yq,-ra-/on, n. eksternal 

form; figyT^r. [eni form. 

Configure, Kon-fig-jnir, v. t. tu disp6z intu 
Conkinable, Kon-fin-a-bl, a. dat ma be knnf jnd. 
Confine, K6n-f jn, «. komon b^sndari; border; ej. 
Confine, Kon-fjn, «/r Kon-fjn, v. i. tu border 

upon. [n-stran. 

Confine, Kon-fjn, w. t. tu limit; tu Jut up; tu 
Con'fineless, Kon-f jn-les, a. bTsndles; wid^st end. 
Confinement, Kon-fin-ment, n. impriznment; re- 

Confiner, Kon-f jn-er, n. a restraner; a berderer. 
CoNFiNiTV, Kon-fin-i-ti, n. ntrnes; naborhud. 
Confirm, Kon-ferm, v. t. tu put past d-st: tu 

sctl; tu establij: tu admit tia komi|^n)'-on. 
Confirmable, Kon-ferm-a-bl, a. kapabl ov bgii) 

Confirmation, Kon-fer-ma-Jon, n. &e akt ov 

konfermig; cvidens; konvinslj) testimoni; an 

ekkziastikal rjt. [tia konferm. 

Confirmative," Kon-ferm-a-tiv, a. bavig ji-ser 
Confirmator, Kon-fer-ma-tor, n. wun boo kon- 

Confirmatory, Kon-ferm-a-to-ri, a. dat servz 

tu konferm. 
CoNFiRMEDNESS, Kon-ferm-cd-ncs, n. de stat ov 

beii) konfermd. 
CoNFiRMER, Kon-f erm-er, n. wun hcb konfermz. 
CoNFiRMiNGLY, Kon-ferm-ij-li, ad, wid konfer- 

Confiscable, Kon-fis-ka-bl, a. liabl tu ferfityq^r. 
Confiscate, Kon-fis-kat, v. t. tia transfer prjvat 

properti tu de stat; tu kez tia be ferfitcd. 
Confiscate, Kon-fis-kat, a. forfited tu de publik. 
Confiscation, Kon-fis-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov kon- 

fiskatii). [kats. 

Confiscator, K6n-fis-ka-tor, «. -wun hoD konfis- 
CONFISCATORY, Kon-fis-ka-to-ri, a. konsjnig tu 

forfitytir. [cr. 

Conflagrant, Kon-fla-grant, a. bumifl tuged- 
CONFLAGRATION, Kon-fla-gra-JoD, n, a grat er 

jeneral fir. [tugeder. 

Conflation, Kon-fla-Jon, n. de akt ov bloig 
Conflict, Kon-flikt, v. i. tu striv; tu kontest; 

tu fit. ■ [strugl. 

Conflict, K6n-flikt, n. koli;?on; kontest; stnf; 
Confluence, Kon-fh^-ens, n." de ju^kjon ov xca 

or mor strrmz; a konkors; kolekjon; konkurcns. 
Confluent, K6n-flt\,-ent, n. a tribyqtari strem. 
Conflux. K6n-fluks, n. yq,nyon ov several kur- 

ents; a krrd. [form. 

Conform, Kon-form, v. f. tu mak Ijk, or ov wun 
Conform, Kon-form, r. /. tu komplj'wid; tu veld. 
Conformable, Kon-f 6rm-a-bl, a. agreabl; si{tabl; 

konsistent. [abli. 

Conformably, Kon-form-a-bli, ad. aCTeabli; sn,t- 
Conformate, Kon-form-nt, a. havij) it sam form. 
Conformation, Knn-for-ma-Jon, n. de akt ov 

konformiii; l^knes ov form: form; struktyi^r. 
CoNFORMER, Kon-form-er. n. wun hcD konfermz. 


Conformist, Kon-form-ist, n. wun hcD konfermj 

or komjiljz wid de wurjip ov de establijt qurq. 
Conformity, Kon-f6rm-i-ti, n. kompljans; sim- 

Confound, Kon-f'snd, v. t. tu mij)gl; tu per- 

pl^ks; tu astonij; tu stq^pefj; tu destr*; tta 

ovcrtro. [fiizd;— enormus. 

Confounded, Kon-f-snd-cd,t p. a. mikst; kon- 
CoNFOUNDEDLY, Kon-f-»nd-ed-li,t ad. enermuali. 
Confoundedness, Kon-f-snd-ed-nes, n. stat ov 

beir) konf-^ndcd. 
CoNFOUNDER, Kon-f-snd-cr, n. wun hot) konf -sndz. 
Confraternity, Kon-fra-ter-ni-ti, n. a relijus 

bruderhud. ' [agenst. 

CoNFRiCATiON, Kon-fri-ka-JoD, n. akt ov rubig 
Confront, Kon-frunt, v. t. tu fas; tu ojxJz; tu 

korap4r. [fruntifl. 

Confrontation, Kon-frun-ta-Jon, n. akt ov kon- 
CoNFUSE, Kon-fi|z, V. t. tu konfisnd ; tu miks : 

tu perpleks. [klerli! 

Confusedly, Kon-f 4z-ed-li, ad. indistigktii; not 
CoNFUSEDNESS, Kon-fii,z-ed-nes, n. wont ov dis- 

Confusion, Kon-fi\,-;?on, n. iregyi\,lar mikstyq,r: 

tiinuilt: disorder: uvertro; astonijment. [fitted. 
Confutable, Kon-f I'^t-a-bl, a. dat ma be kon- 
CoNFUTANT, Kon-fx|t-ant, n. wun hit konfiits. 
Confutation, Kon-fix-ta-Jon, n. akt ov konfii.t- 

ii): refi^tajon. [disprcfcv. 

Confute, Kon-f^t, t>. t. tu konvikt ov eror; tu 
CoNFUTER. Kon-f i|t-er, »i. wun boo konfqts. 
Conge, K6n-je, n. [/>•.] de akt ov reverens; a b'S; 

kurtesi; lev; f^rwel; — a sort ov moldig. 
Conge, K6n-je, ar Kon-je, v. i. tu tak lev. 
Congeal, Kon-jel, v. t. tu turn, bj frost, from a 

flq,id tu a solid stat; tu frez. [kold. 

Congeal, Kon-jel, v. i. tu gader intu a mas bj 
Congealable, Kon-jel-a-bl, a. suseptibl ov kon- 

JElaJon. [konjeld. 

CoNGEALEDNESS, Kon-jel-ed-ncs, n. stat ov beiij 
Concealment, Kon-jel-ment, n. konjelajon; a 

Conge' d'e'lire, K6n-ja da-ler, n. [Fr.] in Ir/- 

glanil, de kigz permijon tu a den and qapter tu 

q(Dz a bijop. [ig from a flq,id tu a solid. 

Congelation, Kon-je-la-Jon, n. de akt ov qanj- 
CoNGENER, K6n-je-ner, n. [Z.] wun ov de sam 

natyv. [jenus. 

Congeneric, Kon-je-ner-ik, a. beig ov de sam 
Congenial, Kon-je-ni-al, er Kon-jen-yal, a. ov 

de sam natj-i^r; kindred; kognat; similar. 
Congeniality, Kon-je-ni-.^l-i-ti, ; n. stat ov 
Congenialness, Kon-je-ni-al-nes, \ beig kon- 

CoNGENious, Kon-JE-ni-us, a. ov de sam kind. 
Conger, Koij-ger, n. de se-el. 
Congeries, Kon-je-ri-ez, »i. a mas ov smel bodiz. 
Congest, Kon-jest, v. t. tu hep up; tu gader 

Congestion, Kon-jest-yon, n. a kolekjon ov mat- 
er; an aki^mi^lajon, az ov blud or hq,morz. 
Congestive, Kon-jes-tiv, a. impljig konjestyon. 
Congiary, K6n-ji-a-ri, j». a gift mad bj de Ro- 
man emperorz tu de pepl. 
Conglaciate, Kon-gla-Ji-at, t'. «. tu turn tu j?. 
Conglaciation, Kon-gla-Ji-a-Jon, n. de akt er 

stat ov licii) (janjd intu is. [a bel. 

Conglobatk, Kon-glij-bat, v. t. tu gader intu 
Conglobate, Kon-gl6-bat, a. molded intu a 

ferm bol. [form. 

Conglobatelv, Kon-glu-bat-li, ad. in a sfcrikal 
CoNGLOBATioN, Kon-glo-ba-Jon, n. kolekjon intu 

a bol. 
CoNGLOBULATE, Kon-gl6b-yq,-lat, v. i. tu gader 

intu a globyq^l. [a bel. 

Conglomerate, Kon-gliim-er-at, a. gaderd intu 




CoxGLOMERATiON, Kon-glom-cr-a-Jon, n. kolek- 

Jon inta Q bol. [tia reyqnjt. 

CONGLUTINATE, Kon-gl4-ti-nat, V. t. tm sement; 
CONGLUTINATE, Kon-glq,-ti-Dat, V. i. ta koales; 

tu yqnjt. [er. 

CoNGLUTiNATE, Kon-gl4-ti-nat, a. jernd ttaged- 
CoNGLUTiNATiON, Kon-g^-ti-na-Jon, n. de akt 

ov yiinjtiij bodiz. [tu yiinjt. 

CoNGLLTiNATiVE, Kon-gl^-ti-na-tiv, a. tendig 
CoNGLUTiNATOR, Kon-gh],-ti-na-tor, ti. he er dat 

hwiq yunjts. 
Congo, K6r)-go, n. a spejez ov blak te. 
CoNGRATULANT, Kon-grat-yn-lant, a. rejersiij in 

Congratulate, Kon-grat-yix-lat, v. t. tu wij jer 

tu; tia fslisitat on sum hapi event. 
Congratulate, Kon-grat-yix-lat, v. i. tu rejffs 

in partisipajon. [prejon ov jer. 

Congratulation, Kon-grat-yi|-la-Jon, n. an eks- 
CoNGRATULATOR, Kon-grat-yq,-la-tor, n. wun h(D 

Congratulatory, Kon-grat-yT|,-la-to-ri, a. eks- 

presii) er wijii) jar. 
Congregate, K6r)-gre-gat, v. t. tu kolekt tu- 

geder; tu gader. [met. 

Congregate, Koij-gre-gat, v. i. tu asembl; tu 
Congregate, K6i)-gre-gat, a. kolekted; koijgre- 

gated. [an asembli. 

Congregation, Korj-gre-ga-Jon, n. a kolekjon; 
Congregationax, Koij-gre-ga-Jon-al, a. pertan- 

ig tu a kuijgregajon, or tu de Koggregajonalists: 

Congregationalist, Kog-gre-ga-Jon-al-ist, n. 

wun ov a relijus sekt. 
Congress, Kog-gres, n. a metig: an asembli; de 

lejislatj-i|r ov de Yn,njted Stats. 
Congressional, Kog-greJ-on-al, a. relatii) tu de 

koijgres ov de Yi|njted Stats; parlimentari. 
CoNGRESSiVE, Koi)-gres-iv, a. kumig tugeder; 

CoNGRUE, Kon-grc6, v. i. tu agre; tu sq,t. 
Congruence, Kori-grdB-ens, ) . 

Congruency; Kon-|rd.-en-si, i "• agrement. 
Congruent, Kog-grco-ent, a. agreig: korespond- 

CoNGRUiTT, Kon-grifi-i-ti, n. s^tablnes; konsist- 

ensi; fitnes; a proper adaptajon. [met. 

Congruous. Kog-graj-us, a. agreabl; sT^tabl; fit; 
Congruously, Kog-grco-us-li, ad. si^tabli; kon- 

Conic, K6n-ik, ) a. havig de ferm ov a kon; 

Conical, K6n-i-kal, i relatig tu a kon and its 

CoNiCALLY, K6n-i-kal-i, ad. 'n de ferm ova kon. 
CoNics, Kon-iks, n. pi. de doktrin ov konik sek- 
Conic sections, K6n-ik sek-Jonz, n. pi. Ijnz 

fermd bj de intersekjonz ov a plan wid de sur- 

fas ov a kon. [ikal f reot. 

Coniferous,^ Ko-nif-er-us, a. b<i,rifl konz, or kon- 
CONIFOEM, K6-ni-ferm, a. in de form ov a kon. 
Conistea, Ko-nis-tra, n. de pit ov a tcater. 
CoNJECTURABLE, Kon-jekt-yq,-ra-bl, a. posibl tu 

be gest. [konjektyiy. 

Conjectural, Kon-jekt-yq,-ral, a. dependig on 
Conjecturally, Kon-jekt-yn,-ral-i, ad. bj kon- 

jcktyi^r or ges. 
Conjecture, Kon-jekt-y^r, n. a gca; an jdca. 
Conjecture, Kon-jekt-yr^r, v. t. tu juj bj gcs:— 

V. i. tu form konjektyi;rz. 
Conjectueer, Kon-jekt-yr^-rer, n. a geser. 
Conjoin, Kon-jtrn, «. t. tu yunjt; tu a.soJiat. 
Conjoin, Kon-j(^n, v. i. tu leg; tu yiinjt. 
Conjoint, Kon-jent, a. yt|njted; kon^kted; aso- 

Jiated. [geder. 

Conjoi.ntly, Kon-jffnt-li, ad. in yq,nyon: tu- 

Conjugal, K6n-jq,-gal, a. relatig tu marij; mat- 
Conjugally, K6n-jn,-gal-i, ad. matrim(&niali. 
Conjugate, K6n-jn,-gat, v. t. tu dekljn or inflekt, 

az a verb. 
Conjugate, K6n-jq,-gat, a. a kovj^gat dia?ncte}- 

\z a rjt Ijn, bjsektig de transvers djameter. 
Conjugation, Kon-jq-ga-Jon, n. de akt ov kon- 

jH^atig; yiyiyon; de form ov iuflektig verbz. 
Conjunct, Kon-jiigkt, a. konjffnd; konkurent: 

yipited. [ektLg ward. 

CoNJU.N'CTiON, Kon-jiigk-Jon, n. yn,nyon; a kon- 
CoNJUNCTiVE, Kon-jiigk-tiv, a. klosli yv^njled: 

yiyiitiij- [Jon. 

Conjunctively, Kon-jugk-tiv-li, ad. in konjugk- 
I Conjunctiveness, Kon-jugk-tiv-nes, n. de kwol- 

iti ov jffnig. [yon. 

Conjunctly, Kon-jugkt-li, ad. jerntli; in yn,n- 
Conjuncture, Kon-jugkt-yq,r, n. yi^nyon; kom- 

binajon ov events; a krjsis; an okagon. 
Conjuration, Kon-Jn,-ra-Jon, ?». inkantajon; a 

plot. [emli. 

Conjure, Kon-jvir, f. t. tu sumon er enjtrn sol- 
CoNJURE, Kun-ji],r, v. t. tid inflij^ens bj majik. 
Conjure, Kiin-ji^r, v. i. tu praktis ^qrmz. 
Conjurer, Kun-jn-rer, n. an encjunter. 
Connascence, Kon-as-ens, v. komon bert er 

Connate, Kou-at, a. born wid aniidcr; ov de 

sam bert; groig tugeder. 
Connatural, Kon-at-yi\,-ral, a. konekted bj nat- 

yt],r; partakig ov de sam natyqr. 
Connaturality, Kon-at-j'n-ral-i-ti, n. yq,nyon 

bj natyi|r. [ekt bj natyqr. 

Connaturalize, Kon-at-yq-ral-jz, i;. ^.'tu kon- 
Connaturally,,-ral-i, ad. bj natyn,r: 

Connaturalness, Kon-at7yi],-ral-nes, n, stat ov 

beig konatyi],ral. [yiinjt. 

Connect, Kon-ekt, v. t. tu jern; tu ligk; tu 
Connection, Kon-dk-Jon, n. yqnyon; jugkjon: 

a relajon. 
Connective, Kon-ek-tiv, n. dat hwiq konekts. 
Connectively, Kon-ek-tiv-li, ad. in konjugkjon. 
Connexion, Kon-ek-Jon, n. yrinyoii. Se ( Oon- 

nediim.') [tu an akt. 

Connivance, Kon-j-vans, n. a voluntari bljndnes 
Connive, Kon-jv, v. i. tu wigk; tu ferb^rtu se. 
Connivent, Kon-j-vent, a. dormant; notatentiv. 
CoNNiVER, Kon-jv-er, n. wun hn) konjvz. 
Connoisseur, Kon-i-s^r, n. [/)•.] a juj in de fjn 

qrts, in leterz, er literatij^r; a kritik. 
Connoisseueship, Kon-i-ser-Jip, ».. de skil ov a 

Connubial, Kon-^-bi-al, a. nupjal; matrimoni- 
al; konjqgal. [tugeder. 
CONNUMERATION, Kon-n,-mer-a-Jon, n. a reknig 
Conoid, K6-nerd, n. u figyn,r rezemblig a kon. 
CoNOiDiCAL, Ko-ntjfd-i-kal, a. aproq tu a konik 

ferm. [wid anuder. 

CoNOMiNEE, Kc)-nom-i-ne, n. wun nominated 
Conquer, K6g-ker, v. t. tu gan bj konkwest; tu 

overkum; tu subdq,. 
Conquer, K6g-ker, v. i. tu overkum. 
Conquerable, K6g-kcr-a-bl, a. posibl tu bf 

Conqueror, K6g-ker-or, n. wun hcD kogkerz. 
Conquest, K6n-kwest, er Kog-kwest, h. akt ov 

kogkerig; akwizijon bj viktori; viktori; suks^S. 
Consanguineous, Kon-san-gwin-e-us, a. ov de 

sam blud. [blud. 

Consanguinity, Kon-san-gwin-i-ti, n. relajon bj 
Conscience, K6n-Jens, n. de fakulti ov noig rjt 

from rog; de moral sens; skrcbpl; justis. 
Conscientious, Kon-Ji-en-Jus, a. regyT^lated bj 

kon Jens; skicGpij^lus; just; egzakt. 




Conscientiously, Kon-Ji-dn-Jus-li, ad. akerdig 

lu konjens. 
CoNSCiENTiousNKSS, Kon-Ji-dn-Ju3-nes, n. de 

kwoliti ov bei{) konjieiijus; skriipq,lusne3. 
CONSCio.VABLE, Koii-Jon-a-bl, a. reznabl. 
CONSCiOXABLY, K6ii-Jon-a-bli, ad. in a kon/us 

manor. [ifl bi mental persepjon. 

Conscious, K6n-Jus, a. noin wunz on tots; ncj- 
CoxsciOUSLT, K6n-Ju3-li, aa. in a konjus maner. 
Consciousness, K6n-Jus-nes, «. de persepjon ov 

hwot pascz in wunz can mjnd. 
OONSCEiPT, Kon-skript, a. ritn; rejisterd; cnrtald. 

Kniskript fqderz, ae senatorz ov Ream. 
Conscript, Kon-skript, ». wun cnriJld for de 

qrmi. [ov soljcrz. 

Conscription, Kon-skrip-Jon, n. an enrolii), az 
Consecrate, K6n-se-krat, v. t. tu mak sakrcd: 

tu dcdikat. [devoted. 

Consecrate, K<Sn-se-krat, a. kon.sekrated; sakred: 
Consecrated, K6n-se-krat-cd, p. a. mad sakred: 

devoted. [sckratiij. 

Consecration, Kon-se-kra-Jon, j). de akt ov kon- 
CoNSECRATOR, Kon-SE-kra-tur, n. wun hO) kon- 

sekrat.x. [kred. 

CoNSECRATORV. Kon-SE-kra-to-ri, a. makig sa- 
CoNSECTAEY, K6n-sek-ta-ri, a. konsekwent; fol- 

oifl. [premisiz. 

('OXSECTARY, KoH-sek-ta-ri, n, a dcdukjon from 
ToNSECUTiON, Kon-SE-ki|,-Jon, n. a tran ov kon- 

sekwvnsez. [suksesiv. 

Consecutive, Kon-sek-yT^-tiv, a. foloig in order; 
Consecutively, Koa-3ek-yn,-tiv-li, ad. in suk- 

(JONSENSION, Kon-sen-Jon, n. agrement; akord. 
Consent, Kon-sent, k. agrement ; komplians ; 

Consent, Kon-sent, v. i. tu yeld; tu agre; tu 

Consentaxeous, Kon-3cn-ta-ne-us, a. agreabl 

tu; akordant. [abli. 

Consentaneously, Kon-scn-ta-ne-us-li, ad. agre- 
Consextaneousness, Kon-sen-ta-ne-us-nes, n. 

CONSENTEB, Kon-sent-er, n. wun hot) konsents. 
Consentient, Kon-sen-Jent, a. agreiij. 
Consequence, K6n-se-kwcns, n. de cfektova koz: 

«n infercns; event: ij^; importans: moment. 
Consequent. K6n-se-kwent, a. foloiij natyxxrali. 
Consequential, Kon-.^e-kwen-Jal, a. foloir), az 

de efekt ; konsekwent; — important ; konseted ; 

pompus. [konsekwens. 

Consequentially, Kon-se-kwen-Jal-i, ad. bi 
Conseque.vti ALNESS, Kon-se-kwcn-Jal-nos, v. 

rdgyrilfir konsekuJon. 
Consequently, Kon-se-kwcnt-li, ad. bi konse- 

kwens. [konekjon. 

CoNSEQUENTXEse, KoH-SE-kwent-nes, n. r^gyrilar 
CoNSERVABLE, Kon-8^rv-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beip 

Conservancy, Kon-serv-an-si, n. konservajon. 
Conservant, Kon-serv-ant, a. dat prez^rvz nr 

konthiynz. [zervij). 

Coxservation, Kon-ser-va-Jon, n. de akt ov pre- 
CoNSERVATiSM. Kon-3^rv-a-tiz-m, w. opozijon tu j 

'i'ln.i- _ [tu prezfirv. I 

Conservative, Kon-sorv-a-tiv, a. havip de pVer [ 
CoxSERVATiVE, Kon-s«^rv-a-tiv, n. wun hcD opoz- ' 

ez ratlikal (janj. [zervz. - 

Coxservator, K6n-ser-va-t«r, n. wun hift pre- 
Conservatory, Kon-serv-a-to-ri, n. a. plas fer \ 

prrzcrvig. ^ [konser\'ativ. I 

Conservatory, Kon-3^rT-a-lo-ri, a. prezervativ; 
Conserve,'rv, v. t. tu prezerv; tu kandi i 

froDt. ■ [froDt.i 

Coxserve, Kon-sfrv, n. a swetmet ; prez^rvd 
CoxSERVER. Kon-serv-er, n. wun hio konservz. ' 


CoxsiDER, Kon-sid-er, r. t. tu tLgk upon ; tu 

pond6r. ^ [erat. 

Consider, Kon-sid-cr, i'. i, tu reflekt; tu delib- 
CoxsiDEEABLE, Kon-sid-cr-a-bl, a. wurdiovkon- 

siderajon; respektabl; important; mor dan a litl. 
CONSIDERABLENESS, Kon-sid-er-a-bl-ncs, ;». im- 
portans; valyq,. 
Considerably, Kon-iid-er-a-bli, ad. in a kon- 

sidcrabl degre. [kwjet. 

Considerate, Kon-sid-cr-at, a. totful; proKlent; 
Considerately, Kon-sid-cr-at-li, ad. kqmli : 

prijodentli. [liberajon 

Considerateness, Kon-sid-cr-at-nes, n. kqm de- 
CoxsiDERATiON, Kon-sid-er-£i-Jon, n. de akt ov 

kon.siderir); priDdens; kontemplajon; importana: 

kompensajon. [erz. 

CoNSiDERER, Kon-sid-er-er, n. wun hcD konsid- 
CoxsiDERiNG, Kon-sid-er-i^, i>rep. havig regard 

tu; if al'sans be mad for. 
CoxsiGX, Kon-fin, r. t. tu giv in trust. 
CoxsiGXEE, Kon-si-ne, n. he tu hcDm gudz <\t 

sent or konsjnd in trust. 
CoxsiGXER, Kon-sin-er, n. wun ho) konsjnz. 
Coxsigxikicatiox, Kon-sig-ni-fi-ka-j"on, n. sim- 
ilar signifikajon. 
CoxsiGXMEXT, Kon-sjn-ment, n. de akt ov kon- 

sjnig; dat hwiq iz konsjnd. 
CoxsiGXOR, Kon-si-nor, n. wun hco konsjnz. 
CoxsiMiLAR, Kon-sim-i-lar, a. havig a komon 

rezemblans. [blans. 

CoxsiMiLiTUDE, Kon-si-mil-i-tn,d, n. jffnt rezem- 
CoxsiST, Kon-sist, v. i. tu subsist; tu be kom- 

p6zd ov. 
CoxsiSTEXCE, Kon-sist-ens, ) »i. de stat ov be- 
CoxsiSTEXCY, Kon-sist-cn-si, \ ig konsistcnt; a 

fikst stat; subsistans; degre ov densiti; form; 

mak; kt)ngrcT)iti. [ant. 

CoxsiSTEXT, Kon-sist-ent, a. konformabl; akord- 
CoxsiSTEXTLY, Kon-sist-ent-li, ad. in agrement; 

agreabli. [konsistori. 

CoxsiSTORiAL, Kon-sis-to-ri-al, a. relatii) tu u 
CoxsiSTORY, Kon-sis-to-ri, n. a spirityt^al kort; 

an asembli. 
CoxsOGiATE, Kon-s6-Ji-at, n. an asojiat. 
CoxsociATE, Kon-so-Ji-at, v. t. tu asojiat. 
CoxsociATE, Kon-so-Ji-at, v. i. tu koales; tu 

CoxsociATiox, Kon-so-Ji-a-Jon, n. aljans; yi^n- 

yon; .asojiajon; an ekleziastikal bodi. 
Consolable, Kon-s61-a-bl, a. datmabe konsold. 
CoxsoLATiON. Kon-SQ-la-Jon, n. kumfort; alevi- 

ajon: solas. 
CoxsOLATORY, Kon-s61-a-to-ri, a. afordig kon- 

solajon; givii) kumfort. 
CoxsOLE, Kon-s(jl, V. t. tu kumfort; tu qsr: tu 

CoxsoLE, Kon-sol, n. a braket or Joldcr-pe.s. 
Consoler, Kon-861-er, «. wua hot) kons61z or givz 

kumfort. [solidat. 

CoxsOLiDANT, Kon-s61-i-dant, a. tondig tu kon- 
CoNSOLiDATE, Kun-sol-i-dat. v. t. tu mak solid: 

tu hqrdn. [solid. 

Consolidate, Kon-s61-i-dat, v. i. tu gro ferm er 
CoxsoLiD.\TE, Kon-s61-i-dat, a. formd intu a 

solid mas. [kunsolidatig. 

Consolidation, Kon-sol-i-da-Jon, n. de akt ov 
CoxsoLiDATiVE, Kon-s61-i-da-tiv, a. dat konsol- 

idats. [transferabl stoks. 

Consols, Kon-solz, er Kod-s61z, n. pi. a. sort ov 
COXSOXANCE, Kon-so-nans, j n. akerd ov s'snd: 
CoxsoNA.NCT. K6n-so-nan-si, ) h^nnoni; agre- 
ment; kimkord. [agreip. 
CoxsoXAXT, K6n-so-nant, a. agreabl; konsistcnt: 
CoNSONAXT, K<Sn-so-nant, n. a leter roprezentig 

an qrlikyqiat STsnd. [konsonant. 

Consonantal, Kon-so-nant-al, a. rclatig tu a 




Consonantly, Kon-so-nant-li, ad. konsistentli; 

aVeabli. [agreablnes. 

CONSONANTXESS, Koii-so-nant-nes, u. konsistensi; 
CoNSONOrs. K6n-so-nus, a. agreiij in s-snd. 
CoNSOET, Kon-sort, «. a kompanyon; a wjf er 

CoxsoET, Kon-sert, r. /. tvi asojiat wid. 
Consort, Kon-sort, r. t. tu jern: tu miks; ta mari. 
CoxsoKTABLE, Kon-SQvt-a-bl, a. sixtabl; fit. 
CoxsORTSHiP, Kon-sart-Jip, n. felojip; pqrtnerjip. 
Coxspicuous, Kon-spik-yti-us, a. obvius tia de 

sjt: eminent. 
CoxsriciousLY, Kon-spik-ytj,-us-li, ad. eminentli; 

CoxspicuousNESS, Kon-splk-yTi-us-nes, n. emi- 
nent: sslebriti. [il dezin. 
Conspiracy, Kon-spir-a-si, n. kombinajon fer an 
CoNSPiEANT, Kon-spjr-ant, a. konspjrii); plotiij. 
Conspiration, Kon-spi-ra-Jon, n. an agrement ov 

mcni. [a plot. 

Conspirator, Kon-spir-a-tor, n. a man engajd in 
Conspire, Kon-spir, v. i. tia konsert kqm; tu plot. 
CONSPIRER, Kon-spir-er, ». wun hcD konspjrz: a 

Constable, Kdn-sta-bl, n. a pes ofiser. 
CoxsTABLESHip, Kun-sta-bl-Jip, n. de ofis ov a 

CoxsTABLEWiCK, Kun-sta-bl-wik, n. ds distrikt 

ov a kunstabl. [biliti. 

CoxsTAXCV. K6n-stan-si, n. fermnes ovmind; sta- 
CoNSTANT, Kon-stant, a. ferm; fikst; perpetynal: 

pajcnt; unqanjii]; rezohxt; stedi; perseverig. 
CoN.STANTLV, KoQ-stant-li, ad. perpetyn,ali; pa- 

Jentli: formli. [stqrz. 

Constellate, Kon-stel-at, v. t. im dekorat wid 
Constellation, Kon-stel-a-Jon, n. a kluster ov 

fikst stqrz; an asemblaj ov ekselensiz. 
Consternation, Kon-ster-na-Jon, ?i. astonijment: 

surprjz. [kostiv. 

Constipate, Kon-sti-pat, v. t. tu tikn; tu mak 
Constipation, Kon-sti-pa-Jon, n. kondensajon; 

kostivues. [konstityq^ents. 

Constituency, Kon-stit-yTi,-en-si, »i. a bodi ov 
Constituent, Kon-stit-yT},-ent, a. elEmentari; 

k6nstiti|tiij. [an elektor. 

Constituent, Kon-stit-yq,-ent, n. wun hm depots: 
Constitute, K6n-sti-ti|t. v. t. t\a mak: tu ferm: 

tu kompoz; tia dspiit: tu apffnt. [tilts. 

Constitutee, K6n-sti-ti|t-er, n. wun hcD konsti- 
CoNSTiTUTiON, Kon-sti-ti\-Jon, n. de framov bodi 

er mind: de lez ov a stat; ferm ov guvernment. 
Constitutional, Kon-sti-ti\-Jon-al, a. konsistent 

wid de konstiti^Jon: fundamental; legal. 
Constitutionalist, Kon-sri-tii-Jon-al-ist, j 
Constitutionist, Kon-sti-ti\,-Jon-ist, i ad- 

herent tu de konstitiiJon. 
Constitutionality, Kon-sti-tq,-Jon-al-i-ti, n. 

agrement or akordans wid de konstitqjon. 
Constitutionally, Kon-sti-ti|,-Jon-al-i, ad. agre- 

abli tu, or in akerdans wid de konstituJon. 
Constitutive, K6n-sti-tTi,-tiv, a. dat konstitq,ts; 

elemental. [tu pres. 

Constrain, Kon-stran, v. t. tu kompel; tu fors; 
Constrainable, Kon-stran-a-bl, a. liabl tU kon- 

Consteainer, Kon-stran-er, n. wun hoo konstranz. 
CoNSTEAiNT, Kon-strant, «. kompuljon; konfjn- 

mont. ' [stranig. 

Consteaintive, Kon-strant-iv, a. kompelig; kon- 
CoNSTEiCT, Kon-strikt, v. t. tu bjnd; tu kontrakt. 
Consteiction, Kon-strik-Jon, n. kontrakjon; kom- 

prejon. [kontrakts. 

Consteictoe, Kon-strik-tor, n. he er dat hwiq 
CoNSTEiNGE, Kon-strlnj, v. t. tu kompres; tu 

kontrakt. [presig. 

CoNSTKiNGENT, Kou-strin-jent, a. bjndig er kom- 

CONSTEUCT, Kon-strukt, d. t. tu bild; tu farm; 

tu mak. [stniktss. 

CoNSTEUCTER, Kon-strukt-er, n. wun hcD kon- 
CoNSTRUCTiON, Kon-strdk-Jon, n. de akt ov bild- 

ii); fabrikajon; de konstrukjon ov wurdz in a 

sentens; interpretajon. [de menig. 

Constructional, Kon-struk-Jon-al, a. respektii) 
CoNSTEUCTiONiST, Kon-struk-Jon-lst, n. an ad- 
herent tu konstrukjon. 
Constructive, Kon-struk-tiv, a. fermd bi kon- 
strukjon. [konstrukjon. 
Constructively, Kon-striik-tiv-li, ad. bj wa ot 
Constructiveness, Kon-strdk-tiv-nes, n. de fak- 

ulti ov konstrdktir); er a jenyus fer qrkitektyiyr. 
Constructuee, Kon-strdkt-yq,r, n. a struktyq^. 
CoNSTEUE, Kon-strco, v. t. tu interpret; tu trans- 

lat; tu eksplan. 
CoNSTUPEATE, K6n-stq,-prat, v. t. tu vjolat; tu 

debeq. [defjlment. 

CoNSTUPRATiON, Kon-stn,-pra-Jon, ». vjolajon; 
CoNSUBSiST, Kon-sub-sist, v. i. tu egzisttugeder. 
CoNSUBSTANTiAL, Kon-sub-stan-Jal, a. beig ov de 

sam natyi^r. 
CoNSUBSTANTiALiST, Kon-sub-stan-Jal-ist, n. wun 

h(i) belevz in konsubstanjiajon. 
Consubstantiality, Kon-sub-stan-Ji-al-i-ti, n. 

partisipajon ov de sam substans. 
Consubstantiate, Kon-.sub-stan-Ji-at, v. t. tu 

yi^nit in wun komon substans er natynr. 
Consubstantiation, Kon-sub-stan-Ji-a-Jon, «. 

de yunyon ov de bodi and blud ov Krjst wid 

de sakramental elements. 
Consuetude, Kon-swe-tud, n. kustom. 
Consuetudinal, Kon-sw£-ti^-din-al, a. kdstom- 

ari; Vi'lStial. 
Consul, K6n-sul, n. a Roman majistrat; — an of- 
iser komijond in foren pqrts tu protekt dt 

komers ov hiz kuntri. 
Consular, K6n-sq,-lar, a. relatig tu a konsul. 
Consulate, K6n-sn-lat, «. de stat er ofis ov 

konsul. [k6nsq,lat. 

Consulship, K6n-sul-Jip, n. de ofis ov konsul; 
Consult, Kon-sdlt, v. i. tu tak k'snsel tugeder. 
Consult, Kon-sdlt, v. t, tu ask advjs ov: tu re- 

gqrd: tu plan. [kunsil. 

Consult, Kon-sult, n. de akt ov konsdltig; — a 
Consultation, Kon-sul-ta-Jon, ». de akt ov 

konsdltiij; deliberajon. 
CoNSULTEE, Kon-sdlt-er, n. wun ho) konsdlts. 
Consumable, Kon-siyn-a-bl, a. dat ma be kon- 

si^md. [destr^. 

Consume, Kon-si^m, v. t. tu wast; tu spend; tu 
Consume, Kon-si^m, v. i. tu wast awa. 
CoNsuMEE, Kon-si^m-er, n. wun hcD konsi\mz. 
Consummate, Kon-sdm-at, v. t. tu komplet: tu 

perfekt; tu f inij. [finijt. 

Consummate, Kon-sdm-at, a. komplet; perfekt; 
Consummately, Kon-sdm-at-li, ad. perfektli; 

kompletli. [perfekjon. 

Consummation, Kon-sum-a-Jon, n. komplejon: 
Consumption, Kon-sdm-Jon, n. de akt ov kon- 

si^miij; a wastir) or pdlmonari dizez. [ig. 

Consumptive, Kon-sdm-tiv, a. destrdktiv; wast- 
CONSUMPTIVELY, Kon-sdm-tiv-li, ad. in a kon- 

sdmtiv wa. [sdmtiv stat. 

CoNSUMPTivENESS, Kon-sdm-tiv-nes, n. a kon- 
CoNTABULATE, Kon-tab-yTj,-lat, v. t. tu flor wid 

bordz. [yon. 

Contact, Kon-takt, n. a tuq; jugkiy^r; klos yqn- 
CoNTAGioN, Kon-td-jon, n. propagajon ov dizez 

bj kontakt: infekjon; pestilens. 
Contagious, Kon-ta-jus, a. komi],nikated bj kon- 
takt, az a dizez: infekjus. 
Contagiousness, Kon-ta-jus-nes, n. de kwoliti 

ov beig kontajus. [restran. 

Contain, Kon-tan, v. t. tu hold; tu komprjz: ta 




CONTAIV, Kon-tan, v. i. ta liv in kontinens. 
Containable, Kon-t^n-a-bl, a. dat ma be kon- 

tand. [poliit; tu konipt. 

Contaminate, Kon-tam-i-nat, r. t, tu defjl; tu 
Contaminate, Kon-tam-i-nat, a. pointed; kon- 

taminated. [drfjlment. 

Contamination, Kon-tam-i-na-Jon, n. polqjon; 
Contemn, Kon-tem, v. t. tu despj*; tu sljt. 
Contemner, Kon-tem-ner, n. wun hcD kont^mz; 

a skorner. [temper. 

Contemper, Kon-t6m-per, v. t. tu modcrat; tu 
Contemperament, Kon-tem-per-a-ment, n. tem- 
perament, [tu temper. 
Contempeeate, Kon-tem-per-at, r. t. tu moderat; 
Contemperation, Kon-tem-per-a-Jon, n. de akt 

ov moderatifl. 
CONTIICPLATE, Kon-tem-plat, v. t. tu konsider 

atentivli; tu studi: tu meditat. [meditat. 

Contemplate, Kon-tem-plat, r. e. tu vax\z\ tu 
Contemplated, Kon-tem-plat-ed, or Kon-tem- 
plat -ud, p. a. konsidcrd wid atenjon; meditated 

on; intended. 
Contemplation, Kon-tem-pla-Jon, n. ds akt ov 

kontemplntifl: meditajon; stt^dius tot. 
Contemplative, Kon-tem-pla-tiv, a. tetful: med- 

itativ. [fuli. 

Contemplatively. Kon-tem-pla-tiv-li, ad. tet- 
Contemplator, Kon-tcm-pla-tor, n. wun hot) 

Contemporaneous, Kon-tem-po-ra-ne-u?, a. liv- 

ig or egzi-tiij at At sam tim; kontemporari. 
Contemporaneously, Kon-tem-po-ra-ne-us-li, 

ad. at de .«am tim. 
CoNTEMPORARiNESS, Kon-tem-po-ra-ri-nes, n. 

sUit ov beig kontemporari; egzistens at de sam 

Contemporary. Kon-tem-po-ra-ri, a. livip or 

egzistii) at de sam tim; kontemporaneus. 
Contemporary, Kon-tcm-po-ra-ri, n. wan ho) 

livz at dc sam tjm wid anuder. 
Contempt, Kon-temt, n. ds akt ov dtspizip; 

skorn: disdan; disgras: vilncs. 
Contemptible, Kon-temt-i-bl, a. wurdi ov kon- 
temt: vjl. [basnes. 
CONTEMPTIBLENESS, Kon-temt-i-bl-ne?. n. vjlnes; 
Contemptibly, Kon-temt-i-bli, ad. despikabli; 

basli. [apt tu despjz. 

Contemptuous, K()n-temt-yn,-ui!, a. s^kornful; 
t'ONTEMPTUOUSLY, Kon-tcmt-yq-us-li, ad. in a 

.skornfiil manor. [pozijon tu kontemt. 

CoNTEMPTuouSNESS, Kon-temt-jT^-us-nes, n. dis- 
(^oxTENi). Kon-tend, i-. i. tu strjv; tu strugl; tu vj. 
Contender, Kon-tend-er, n. wun hcD kontendz.' 
Content, Kon-tent, a. satisfjd; kontented; kwiet; 

czi. ' Igratifj. 

Content. Kon-tent, v. t. tu satisfj; tu plez: tu 
Content. Kon-tent, n. satisfakjon; rest; kapasiti. 
Contented, Kon-tent-ed, p. a. satisfjd; ezi; kon- 
tent. [ezi maner. 
Contentedly, Kon-t^nt-ed-li, ad. in a kwjet or 
Contentedness, Kon-tent-ed-ne», n. stat ov brig 

kontented. [test; zcl. 

Contention. Kon-t^n-Jon, n. strif: dsbat; kon- 
CoNTENTious, Kon-t^n-Jus, a. kworelsum. 
CoNTENTiouSLY, Kon-t^n-Jus-li, ad. perversli; 

kworeliiumli. [tu koiitest. 

Contentiousness, Kon-ten-Jus-nes, n. a pronnes 
Contentment, Kon-t^nt-ment, n. akwifeens; grat- 

Contents, K6n-tent^, ttr Kon-t6nts, n. pi. de 

hedz ov a buk; an indeks; dat hwiq iz kontand 

in eni tifl. [de sam b-jndz. 

CONTERMiNABLK, Kon-t^r-min-a-bl, a. kapabl ov 
Conterminatk, Kon-t^r-min-at, a. havig de sam 

bundz. [b-yndz; berderi^ up6n: tuqig. 

CoNTEHMiNOUB, KoD-t^r-mi-nus, a. havig de earn 

I Contest, Kon-test, ». t. tu dispq,t; tu debit; 

tu litigat. [vj. 

Contest, Kon-t^3t, v. i. tu strjv; tu kontand; tu 

Co.VTEST, Kon-test, n. a dispi^t; a debat; a kworel. 

Contestable, Kon-test-a-bl, a. dispq,tabl; kon- 

: Contestation, Kon-tos-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov 
i kontestii); debat. [<japtcr. 

I Context, K6n-tekst, n. de sericz ov a diskiftrs: a 
'■ Contexture, Kon-tekst-y^r, n. de kompozijon 
! ov pqrts; tekstyq,r; si.stem. 
i CoNTiGNATiON, Kon-tig-na-Jon, n. a fram ov 
bemz: a stori. [a tuqip. 

I Contiguity, Kon-ti-gi^-i-ti, n. aktyqal kontakt: 
Contiguous, Kon-tig-yq-us, a. metig so az tu 
tuq ; klos. [tu tuq. 

Contiguously, Kon-tig-yn,-us-li, ad. in a maner 
Contiguousness, Kon-tig-yti,-u£-ne3, n. klus 

Continence, K6n-ti-nens, ) n. restrant: self- 
Continency, K6n-ti-nen-si, i komdnd: forbq,r- 

ans ov plejiij; qastiti; temperans; moderajon. 

r, K^ 

Continent, K6n-ti-nent, a. qast; abstemios; re- 

Continent, Kon-ti-nent, n. a Iqrj porjon or land 

kontanir) several kuntriz. [kontinent. 

Continental, Kon-ti-nent-al, a. relatig tu a 
Continently, K6n-ti-nent-li, ad. in a kontinent 

CoxTiXGENCE, Kon-tln-jcn.s, ) n. de kwoliti ov 
Contingency, Kon-tin-jen-si, i beig kontinjent: 

kdj^qalti; aksident. [q,al. 

Contingent, Kon-tin-jent, a. hapnig bj qans; kaj- 
Contingext, Kon-tin-jent, n. qans; proporjon; 

a kwota. 
Contingently, Kon-tin-jent-li, ad. aksidentali; 

kajnali. [lipted! 

Continual, Kon-tin-yn,-al, a. insesant; uninter- 
Continually, Kon-tin-yq,-al-i, ad. wid'st inter- 

upjon. [nens. 

Continualness, Kon-tin-yn-al-nes, n. perma- 
CoNTiNUANCE, KoB-tin-yti,-ans, n. dqrajon; per- 

manens; abcid. [terdpted. 

CoNTixuATE, Kon-tin-yn,-at, a. unbrokn; unin- 
CONTiNUATiON, Kon-tin-yq,-a-Jon, n. uninterdpt- 

ed suksejon. [kontinynz. 

CoNTiNUATiVE, Kon-tin-yTi,-a-tiv, n. dat hwiq 
CoNTiNUAToa, Kon-tin-yq,-a-tor, ». wunhcokon- 

Continue, Kon-tin-yq,, v. i. tu reman in de sam 

Stat or plas; tu last; tu prezerv. 
Continue, Kon-tin-yii, v. t. tu protrdkt;tu eks- 

tend; tu repet. 
Continuer, Kon-tin-yq-er, n. wun hookontinyqz. 
Continuity, Kon-ti-n4-i-ti, n. uninlerapted 

Continuous, Kon-tin-yij,-us, a. klosli j*nd: kon- 

ekted. [ajon. 

Continously, Kon-tin-yq,-us-li, ad. in kontinyq,- 
Contort, Kon-tort, i'. t. tu twist; tu rid. 
Contortion, Kon-ter-Jon, n. stat ov bcig twisted; 
Contour, Kon-tt6r, n. •stljn ov a figyn,r. [twist. 
Contbji, Kon-tra, a Latin prepozijon hwiq signi- 

f jz StgenUt; — yq,zd in hompoztfm az a prcfiks. 
Contraband, Kon-tra-band, a. prohibited; ilegal; 

unleful. [tjm ov wor. 

Contraband, K6a-tra-band, n. ilegal trafik in 
Contrabandist, Kon-tra-band-ist, w. wun bo) 

trafiks ilegali. 
Contra bonos mores, Kon-tra b(5-nos m6-rez, 

[Z.] ag^nst gud manerz or moralz. 
Contract, Kon-trakt, v. t. tu lesn; tu dre tu- 

geder; tu bqrgen fer; tu betrot; tu abrij; tu get. 
Contract, Kon-trakt, v. i. tu Jrigk up; tu bqr- 
gen. [a kompakt. 
Contract, K6n-trakt, n. a kdvenant^ a bqi^n: 




CONTEACTEDLY, Kon-trakt-cd-li, ad. in a kon- 

trakted maner. [bsifl kontrakted. 

CONTRACTEDXESS, Kon-trakt-ed-nes, n. stat ov 
CoxTRACTiBiLiTT, KoD-trakt-i-bil-i-ti, n. stat ov 

bein kontraktibl. [trakjon. 

CoxTRACTiBLE, Kon-trakt-i-bl, a. kapabl ov kon- 
CoNTRACTiBLENfSS, Kon-trakt-i-bl-oes, n. kon- 

traktibiliti. [kontrakjon. 

C»NTEACTiLE, Kon-trak-til, a. haviij de p-ser ov 
Contractility, Kon-trak-til-i-ti, n. kwoliti ov 

kontraktii). [nifl- 

Contraction, Kon-trak-Jon, n. a Jriijkii); a Jert- 
CONTRACTOE, Kon-trak-tor, n. wun hcD kontrakts. 
CoNTEA-DANCE, Kon-tra-dans, »». a dans; a kun- 

tri dans. [tu deni. 

Contradict, Kon-tra-dikt, v. t. tu opuz verbali; 
CoNTRADiCTEE, Kon-tra-dikt-er, /*. wun hu kon- 

tradikts. [inkonsistensi. 

CoNTEADicTiON, Kon-tra-dik-Jon, n. opozijon; 
CoNTEADicTious. Kon-tra-dik-Jus, a. kontradikt- 

ig: kontradiktori. [kontradikjon. 

CoNTEADiCTOEiLY, Kon-tra-dik-to-ri-li, ad. bj 
CoNTEADiCTOEiNESS, Kon-tra-dik-to-ri-nes, n. en- 

tir opozijon. [tta; kontrari. 

CoNTEADiCTOEY, Kon-tra-dik-to-ri, a, opozijon 
CoNTEAmcTOEY, Kon-tra-dik-to-ri, n. a. kontrari 

CoNTEADiSTiNCT, Kon-tra-dis-tii)kt, a. havig 6p- 

ozit kwolitiz. 
Contradistinction, Kon-tra-dis-tijjk-Jon, n. a 

distiijkjun bj opozit kwolitiz. 
CoxTEADiSTiNCTivE, Kon-tra-dls-tiflfc-tiv, a. 6p- 

ozit in kwolitiz. 
Contradistinguish, Kon-tra-dis-tiij-gwiJ, v. t. 

tu distiijgwij bj opozit kwolitiz. 
Conteaindicant, Kon-tra-in-di-kant, n. a pe- 

ki^lyar simtom. 
Conteaindicate, Kon-tra-in-di-kat, v.i. tupemt 

■»t sum pEkTi,lyar simtom, er metod ov ki^r. 
Conteaindication, Kon-tra-in-di-ka-Jon, n. a 

peki^lyar indikajon. [siti. 

CoNTEAMUEE, Kon-tra-inq,r, n. an ■ster wel ov a 
Conteanitency, Kon-tra-nj-ten-si, n. reakjon; 

rezistans. [pozijon. 

Conteaposition, Kon-tra-po- zij-on, w. an opozit 
Conteaeies, Kon-tra-riz, n. pi. prflpozijonz hwiq 

destri5f tq uder. [konsistensi. 

Cqnteaeiety, Kon-tra-rj-e-ti, n. opozijon; in- 
CoNTRARiLY, K6n-tra-ri-li, ad. in a kontrari 

CoNTEAEiNESS, Kon-tra-ri-ncs, n. kontrarJEti. 
CoNTEAEiwisEi, Kon-tra-ri-wjz, ad. konversli; 

opozitli. [advers. 

CoNTEAEY, K6n-tra-ri, a. opozit; inkonsistent; 
Contrary, K6n-tra-ri, n. a tii) or propozijon dat 

iz kc5ntrari. [ensez. 

Contrast, K6n-trast, n. an eksibijon ov difer- 
CoNTRAST, Kon-trdst, v. t. tia plas er egzibit in 

opozijon; tu Jo de diferensez ov. 
Contra VALLATION, Kon-tra-val-a-Jon, n, a ferti- 

f ikajon tron up r-snd a siti tu hinder saliz from 

a garison. 
Contravene, Kon-tra-ven, v. t. txa opoz; tu ob' 

.striikt; tu bafl; tu hinder. [ez. 

(•Onteavenee, Kon-tra-ven-er, n. wun hot) opoz- 
CONTEAVENTION, Kon-tra-ven-Jon, n. opozijon; 

obstrukjon. [ds opozit sjd. 

CoNTEA VERSION, Kon-tra-ver-Jon, n. a. turnig tu 
CONTEIBUTE, Kon-trib-yq,t, v. t. tu giv tu a 
komon stok. [tu be helpful. 

Contribute, Kon-trib-ynt, v. i. tu b^r a pqrt; 
GoNTBiBUTiON, Kon-tri-bq,-Jon, n. &z akt ov 
kontribyntig; a levi. [kontribynt. 

CoNTEiBUTiVK, Kon-trib-yq-tiv, a. tendig tu 
CoNTEiBUTOE, Kon-trib-yq-tor, n. wun hca kon- 


CoNTEiBUTOEY, Kon-trib-yq,-to-ri, a. kontrib- 
y^tig tu; helpig. [sin; humbl; penitent. 

Conteite, Kon-trjt, a. grevd er brokn-hqrted fer 
CoNTEiTELY, K6n-trjt-li, ad. in a penitent maner. 
CoNTRiTENESS, Kon-trjt-nes, n. kontrijon. 
Contrition, Kon-triJ-on, n. penitens; dep sotd 
fer sin; repentans. [pland. 

Conteivable, Kon-trjv-a-bl, a. posibl tu be 
Contrivance, Kon-trjv-ans, n. Az akt ov kon- 

trjvii); dg til) kontrivd; a plan; a skein. 

Contrive, Kon-trjv, v. t. tu plan; tu devjz; tu 

invent. [manaj. 

Contrive, Kon-trjv, v. i. tu ferm er dezjn; tm 

Contelvee, Kon-trjv-er, n. an inventer; a skemer. 

CoNTEOL, Kon-trol, n. a qek: restrant; komdnd. 

Control, Kon-trol, r. t. tu guvern; tu restran; 

tu qek. [trold. 

Controllable, Kon-trol-a-bl, a. dat ma be kon- 

Conteollee, Kon-trol-er, n. wun ha> koutrolz er 

direkts. [a kontroler. 

Conteolleeship, Kon-trol-er-Jip, n. de ofis ov 

Controlment, Kon-trol-ment, n. sqperintendens; 

kontrol. [kontroversi. 

Controversial, Kon-tro-ver-Jal, a. relatig tu 

Controversialist, Kon-tro-ver-Jal-ist, n. a dis- 

pt^ter: a kontroverter. 
Controversy, K6n-tro-ver-si, n. a dispqt; a de- 
bat; a kworel. [dispq,t. 
Controvert, Kon-tro-vert, v. i. tu debat; tu 
Controverted, Kon-tro-vert- ed, p. a. disputed. 
CoNTEOVERTEE, K6n-tro-vert-er, f n. a dispnt- 
Controveetist, K6n-tro-vert-ist,f ant. 
Controvertible, Kon-tro-vert-i-bl, a. dat ma 

be kontroverted. 
Contumacious, Kon-tn,-ma-Jus, a. obstinat; per- 

v^rs; infleksibl; stuborn; disobedient. 
Contumaciously, Kon-tn,-ma-Jus-li, ad. obsti- 

natli; infleksibli. 

CoNTUMACiousNESs, Kon-tn,-ma-Jus-nes, ». 6b- 

stinasi; kontumasi. [nes. 

Contumacy, K6n-tq,-ma-si, n. obstinasi; pervers- 

CoNTUMELious, Kon-tq-me-li-us, a. reproqful; 

insolent: rcDd. [fuli; rtodli. 

CONTUMELIOUSLY, Kon-tq,-mE-li-us-li, ad. reproQ- 

CoNTUMELiousNESS, Kon-tq,-ms-li-us-nes, n. Wttd- 

nes; reproq. [repr6^. 

Contumely, Kon-tij^-me-li, n. rcctdnes; insolens; 

Contuse, Kon-ti],z, v. t. tu bet tug^der; tu bnDZ. 

Contusion, Kon-tq^-jon, n. de akt ov betig; a 

brOttz. [kwibl. 

Conundrum, Ko-ndn-drum, n. a sert ov ridl; a 

CoNUSANS, Kon-yq-sans, n. in le, kognizans; nolej. 

Conusant. K6n-yq-sant, a. kognizant; noig. 

Convalesce, Kon-va-les, v. l. tu rekuver belt. 

Convalescence, Kon-va-les-ens, n. rekuverig ov 

Convalescent, Kon-va-les-ent, a. rekuverig ov 
belt. [vend. 

Convenable, Kon-ven-a-bl, a. dat ma be kon- 
CoNVENE, Kon-ven, v. i. tu kum tugeder; tu 
asembl. [asembl. 

Convene, Kon-ven, v. t. tu kel tug^der; tu 
CoNVENEE, Kon-ven-er, n. wun hiD konvenz. 
Convenience, Kon-ven-yens, / n. fitnes; pro- 
CoNVENiENCY, Kon-VEn-yen-si, \ prieti; akom- 

odajon; ez. 

Convenient, Kon-ven-yent, a, fit; sqtabl; komo- 

dius; adapted tu yqs. [fitli. 

Conveniently, Kon-ven-yent-li, ad. komodiusli; 

Convent, Kon-vent, n. a bodi ov mugks er nunz; 

an abi; a monasteri; a nuneri. 
Conventicle, Kon-ven-ti-kl, n. an asembli for 

sizmatikal wurjip; a metig. 
CoNVENTiCLER, Kon-ven-ti-kler, n. a frekwenter 
ov konventiklz. [trakt. 

CoNTOSTiON, Kon-ven-Jon, n, an asembli; a kon- 




CONVENTIOXAL, Kon-v^n-JoD-al, a. stipytilated; 

agred on. [6n kontrakt. 

CoxvENTiO.VARy, Kon-ven-Jon-a-ri, a. aktip np- 
CoNVENTiOMST, Kon-ven-Jon-ist, n. wun hoo 

mnks a kontrakt. [konvent. 

Conventual, Kon-v^nt-yti-al, a. btlogi^ tu a 
CONTEEGE, Kon-verj, v. i. tu tend tu wun pernt 

er objekt. [verjip. 

Convergence, Kon-verj-ens, n. de akt ov kon- 
CONVEEGENT, Kon-verj-ent, i a. tendiij tu wun 
CoNVKEQiNG, Kon-verj-i{), i pernt from diior- 

ent plasez. [vers; sojal. 

Conversable, Kon-vers-a-bl, a. inkljnd tu kon- 
C0NVERSABLENE88, Kon-v^rs-a-bl-nes, n. soja- 

biliti. [abl maner. 

CONVEESABLY, Kon-vers-a-bH, ad. in a konvers- 
CONVERSANT, Kon-vers-ant, a. akwanted wid; 

verst in; konekted wid; familyar. 
Conversation, Kon-ver-sa-Jon, n. familyar dis- 

k(f)rs; tek. [tu konversajon. 

Conversational, Kon-ver-sa-Jon-al, a. relatig 
Conversazione, Kon-ver-sa-tsi-o-na, n. [It.] 

konvtT.saJon; a mEti{) ov kumpani. 
Converse, Kon-vers, v. i. tu asojiat; tia diskwr?. 
Converse, K6n-vers, «. konversajon; akwantans; 

an opcjzit; resiprokal propozijon. [trari. 

Converse. Kon-vers, a. resiprokali opozit: kon- 
Conversely, K6n-vers-li, &r Kon-vers-li, ad. bj 

qanj ov order or plas. 
Conversion, Kon-ver-Jon, n. akt ov konvertii): 

qanj intu andder form er stat. 
Convert, Kon-vert, v. t. tu qanj intu andder 

form er stat; tu turn; tu aplj tu. 
Convert, K6n-vert, n, a person hat iz konverted. 
CONVERTiai, Kon-vert-er, n. wun hdj maks kon- 

verts. [beig konvertibl. 

Convertibility, Kon-vert-i-bil-ti, n. stat ov 
Convertible, Kon-vert-i-bl, a. suseptiblovqanj. 
CONVERTiBLY, Kon-vert-i-bli, ad. resiprcjkali; bj 

inter<janj . 
Convex, Kon-veks, a. sferikal; opozd tu konkav. 
Convex, Kon-veks, n. a konveks er sferikal bodi. 
CoNVEXED, Kon-vekst, p. a. fermd konveks. 
CONVEXEDLY, Kon-veks-ed-li, ad. in a konveks 

ferm. [rotunditi. 

Convexity, Kon-veks-i-ti, n. a sferikal ferm: 
CoNVEXLY, K6n-veks-li, ad. in a konveks ferm. 
Convexness, Kon-veks-nes, n. stat ov beii) kon- 
Convexo-concave, Kon-v^ks-a-kon-kav, a. kon- 
veks on wun sid and konkav on de uder. 
Convexo-convex, Kon-veks-o-kon-veks, a. kon- 
veks on bot sjdz. 
Convey, Kon-va, v. t. tu kari; tu transfer. 
Conveyance, Kon-va-ans, n. akt er menz ov 

konvaifl a ded fer transferig properti. 
Conveyancer, Kon-va-ans-er, n. a leyer hd) drez 

rjtigz fer transferii) properti. 
Conveyancing, Kon-va-ans-ii), n. de akt er 

praktis ov droig dedz fer transferii) properti. 
Conveyer, Kon-vd-er, n. wun hcD konvaz. 
CONVICJNITY, Kon-vi-sin-i-ti,n. naborhud. [felon. 
Convict, K6n-vikt, n. wun kgali prmvd gilti; a 
Convict, Kon-vikt, v. t. tu prcov gilti; tu detekt. 
Convicted, Kon-vikt-ed, p. a. prtDvd tu be 

gilti- [konftitajon. 

Conviction, Kon-vik-Jon, n. detekjon ov gilt: 
Convictivb, Kon-vik-tiv, a. havig piser tu kon- 

vins. [maner. 

CoNViCTiVELY, Kon-vik-tiv-li, ad. in a konvinsig 
Convince, Kon-vins, r. t. tu mak sensibl ov bj 

prcDf; tu satisfj: tu perswad. [vinsig. 

CoN'viNCEMENT, Kon-vins-ment, n. de akt ov kon- 
CoNViNCER, Kon-vins-er, n. wun dat konvinsez. 
Convincible, Kon-vins-i-bl, a. dat ma be kon- 


Convincing, Kon-vins-ig, a. perswadiu bj evi- 

Convincingly, Kon-vins- ig-li, ad. in a konvinsig 

manor. [konvinsLg . 

CoNViNCiNGNES.% Kon-vins-ig-nes, n. p-ser ov 
Convivial, Kon-viv-i-al, a. inkljnd tu festiviti: 

festiv. [poziJoD. 

Conviviality, Kon-viv-i-al-i-ti, n. konvivial dis- 
CoNVOCATE, Kon-vo-kat, v. t. tu sumon tu an 

asembli. [asembli. 

Convocation, Kon-vca-ka-Jon, ji. an ekleziastikal 
Convoke, Kon-vok, r. t. tu kel tugeder: tu 

asembl. [rold uijon itself. 

Convoluted, Kon-vo-lqt-ed, p. a. twisted; 
Convolution, Kon-vo-l^-Jon, n. rolig tugeder. 
Convolve, Kon-volv, v. t. tu rol tugeder. 
Convolvulus, Kon-v61-vq,-lus, n. [L.] a jenus ov 

Convoy, Kon-v(5f, v. t. tu akumpani fer defens. 
Convoy, Kon-ver, n. atendans fer defens. 
Convulse, Kon-vuls, v. t. tu fas: tu disturb; tu 

ajitat. [mult. 

Convulsion, Kon-vdl-Jon, n. vjolent mojon; tq,- 
CoNVULSiVE, Kon-vdl-siv, a. prodt^sig konvuljon. 
Convulsively, Kon-vdl-siv-li, ad. in a konvdlsiv 

Co.NEY, Kiin-i, dr Ku)-ni, n. a rabit; a simplton. 
Coney-burrow, Kdn-i-bur-o, n. a rabits hoi. 
Coo, Kct), v. i. tu krj az a duv er pijon. 
Cooing, Ka-ig, n. de not ov de duv. [tabl. 

Cook, Kuk, r. t. tu dres and prep4r fcod fer de 
Cook, Kuk, n. wun hot) prep4rz iixA. 
Cookery, Kuk-er-i, n. de qrt ov kukig. 
Cook-maid, Kuk-mad, n. a mad dat kuks. 
Cooky, Kuk-i, n. a swet kak. 
Cool, KojI, a. sumhwot kold: not qrdent er werm. 
Cool, KadI, n. a moderat stat ov kold. 
Cool, KooI, v. t. tu mak kcol: tu kwjet pajon. 
Cool, Kool, r. i. tu loiz het er wermt. 
Cooler, Kdil-er, n. he er dat hwiq kdolz; a vesel. 
CooLiSH, Kif>l-iJ, a. sumhwot kiDl. 
Coolly. K(61-li, ad. wid koolnes; wid-st het. [Jon. 
Coolness, Krfjl-nes, n. jentl kold; wont ov afek- 
CooLY, Kif)-li, n. in India, a karier, er laborer. 
CooM. Kiijm, n. scDt kolekted over an uvnz mist. 
Coomb, Kcom, n. a. kern mejtj^r ov for bujelz. 
Coop, K(.t)p, n. a barel: a kaj; a pen fer animalz. 
Coop, Ka>p, v. t. tu Jut up: tu konfjn; tu kaj. 
CoopEE, KdB-p^, n. a. moJon in dansig. 
Cooper, Krf)p-er, n. wun hco maks barelz, &s. 
Cooperage, K(f)p-er-aj, n. de wurk er pa ov a 

Cooperate, Ko-6p-er-at, v.i. tu labor j em tli fer 

de sam end; tu wurk tugeder. 
Cooperation, Ko-op-er-a-Jon, n. jffnt operajon; 

konkurens. [sam end. 

Cooperative, Ko-6p-er-a-tiv, a. promotig de 
Cooperator, Ko-6p-er-a-tor, n. a junt operator. 
Coordinate. Ko-or-di-nat, a. holdig de sam ragk. 
CooRDiNATELY, Ko-6r-di-nat-li, aa. in de sam 

ragk. [beig koerdinat. 

Coordinateness, Ko-(5r-di-nat-nes, n. stat ov 
Coot, Kcot, «. a smolblak weter-f-sl; de moor hen. 
Copaiba, Ko-pe-ba, J ,., ., 

COPAIVA, Ko-pe-va; i "• Q l>kwid rezin. 
Copal, K6-pal, n. a Meksikan rezin yi^zd in 

vqmij. [tans. 

Coparcenary, Ko-p^r-sen-a-ri, n. jmit inheri- 
Cop.\rcener, Ko-p(ir-9en-er, n. a jernt ^r; ko^r. 
Coparceny, Ko-p<ir-sen-i, n. ekwal f^r ov ko- 

pqrsf nerz. 
Copartner, Ko-p^rt-ner, n. wun ho haz a J^r in 

biznes. \M'f^ i" bisnes. 

Copartnership, Ko-p^rt-ner-Jip, n. jemt kon- 
CoPE, Kop, n. a prests klok; — a konkav qrq. 
Cope, Kop, v. t. tu kuver, az wid a kop. 




CoPK, Kop, V. i. tu kontend; tta strugl; tu strjv. 
CoPEENiCAN, Ko-per-ni-kan, a. relatifl tu Kq- 

pernikus. , , • , •■ . 

CoPiEE, K6p-i-er, n. wun hco kopiz; a kopiist. 
Coping, K6p-iB, «• kontenjon; top er kuver ov 

a wgI. 
Copious, K(5-pi-us, a. plentiful; abundant; ampl. 
Copiously, K6-pi-us-li, ad. plentiful!; abund- 
antli. [difiison. 

Copiousness, K6-pi-us-nes, n. plenti; abdndans; 
Copped, K6p-ed, w Kopt, a. rjziij konikali. 
COPPEL, K6p-el, n. an instrcoment yi^zd in asaiij 
Copper, K6p-er, n. a metal; a Iqrj berler. [metals. 
Copper, K6p-er, v. t. tu kuver wid koper. [riol. 
Copperas, K6p-er-as, m. sulfat ov jura; grsn vit- 
Copper-plate, K6p-er-plat, ?i. a plat on hwiq 

dezjnz qr engravd; an imprejon from de plat. 
Copper-smith, K6p-er-smit, w. wun hco wurks in 

Coppery, K6p-er-i, a. kontaniij, er Ijk koper. 
Coppice, K6p-is, n. a wud ov smal trez; a kops. 
CoPPLED, K6p-ld, a. rjzig in a konikal form. 
COPPLEDUST, K6p-l-dust, n. a p-sder yi^zd in pi^ri- 
Cops, Kops, n. a draft iurn; a klevis. [fjig metalz. 
Copse, Kops, n. a wud ov smel trez. 
Coptic, Kop-tik, n. de lapgwaj ov Ae Kopts. 
Copula, K6p-yii,-lQ, n. [L.] a wurd hwiq yq,njts 

Ae subjekt and predikat ov a propozijon. 
Copulate, Kop-yq-lat, v. t. tu yvinjt; tu kon- 

jffn. [seksez. 

Copulate, K6p-yq-lat, v. i. tu yqnjt az diferent 
Copulation, Kop-yi\,-la-Jon, n. embras ov de 

seksez. [ekt er yiinjt. 

Copulative, Kop-yq-la-tiv, a. tendig tu kon- 
COPY, K6p-i, n. a njanyixskript; an imitajon; a 

patern tu rjt after; a transkript from an oriji- 

nal; an individyn,al buk. [from. 

Copy, K6p-i, v. t. tu transkrjb; tu imitat; tu rjt 
Copy-book, K6p-i-buk, «. a buk in hwiq kopiz 

qr ritn for de lerner tu imitat. 
Copyer, K6p-i-er, n. a kopier. Se ( Gctpier.} 
Copyhold, K6p-i-hold, n. a kjnd ov tenyi^r. 
Copyist, K6p-i-ist, n. wun hco kopiz; a kopier. 
Copyright, K6p-i-rjt, n. de sol rjt tu print a 

buk. [kern roz, and itz kulor. 

CoQUELiCOT, Kok-le-ko, n. [Fr.] de wjld popi, er 
Coquet, Ko-ket, «. t. tu desev in luv. 
Coquet, Ko-ket, v. i. tu jilt; tu trjfl in luv. 
Coquetry, Ko-ket-ri, n. deset in luv. 
Coquette, Ko-ket, n. a ga, jiltiij gerl; a jilt. 
Coquettish, Ko-ket-iJ, a. havii) de manerz ov a 

Coracle, K6r-a-kl, n. a bot yuzd bj fijerz. 
Coral, K6r-al, n. a hqrd, kal'iureus substans, fermd 

bj mimi,t animalz in de se, lik a plant; a qjldz ter . 
Coralline, K6r-al-in, a. konsistig ov koral. 
Coralline, K6r-al-in, »i. a se plant yq,zd in med- 

CoRALLOiD, K6r-al-erd, ] ,., , , 

Coralloidal, Kor-al-M-al, \ ^- H^ koral, 
Coraltree, K6r-al-tre, n. a. jenus ov fl^erig 

Jrub'i- [ket. 

Core, Kerb, n. an ornament in bildi^; — a bas- 
CoRBAN, Ker-ban, n. an qmz-basket; a gift; qmz. 
CoEBEiL, Ker-bel, n. a basket yt^zd in fertifika- 

Cord, Kerd, n. a smol rop; a band; a sinq,; a 

™e3^r ov wud kontanii) 128 kq,bikfet. 
Cord, Kerd, -». t. tu fasn wid kerdz;— tu pjl in 

Cordage, Kerd-aj, n. a. kwontiti ov kerdz; rops. 
Cordate, Ker-dat, a. havi}) de form ov a hqrt. * 
Cordelier, Ker-de-ler, u. a Fransiskan frjar. 
Cordial, Kerd-yal, er Ker-di-al, n. a medisin 

er driflk fer revjvig de spirits; enitig dat kum- 

forts er egzilerats. 

Cordial, Kerd-yal, a. revjvig; sinser; hqrti; Iqnd. 
Coediality, Kerd-yi-al-i-ti, er Ker-di-al-i-ti, n. 

sinseriti; afekjon. 
CoEDiALLY, Kerd-yal-i, ad. sinserli; hqrtili. [iti. 
Coedialness, Kerd-yal-nes, n. hqrtines, sinser- 
Cordon, Kor-don, n. [Fr.] a ro ov stonz; a Ijn 

ov militari posts; — a band; a ret. 
Cordovan, Ker-do-van, n. SpaniJ leder from 

Corduroy, Kar-dn-rer, n. a tik, ribd, kotn stuf. 
Cordwainek, Kerd-wun-er, ©r Kerd-i-ner, n. a 

Core, Kor, n. de hqrt; de iner pqrt ov eni tig. 
Coregent, Ko-re-jent, n. a jemt rejent, er guy- 

Corelative, Ko-rel-a-tiv, a. Ss ( Correlative.') 
Coreopsis, Ko-re-op-sis, n. a perenial plant and 

its fliser. 
COEF, Kerf, n. a kol meyq^r ov tre bujelz. 
Coriaceous, Ko-ri-a-Jus, a. konsistig ov leder; 

ov a substans rezemblig leder. [a sed. 

Coriander, Ko-ri-an-der, n. a. plant; a hot spjs; 
Corinthian, Kor-in-ti-an, a. relatig tu Korint; 

— notig de terd ov de fiv erderz ov 4rkitektyq,r. 
Cork, Kerk, n. a tre and its bqrk;astopl; — a stel 

pernt on a hersjco. 
Cork, Kerk, v. t. tu stop, er furnij wid kerks. 
Corking-pin, Kerk-ig-pin, »». a pin ov de Iqrj est 

CoEK-sCEEW, Kerk-skrot), n. a skrCD tu dre kerks. 
Corky, Kerk-i, a. konsistig ov, er rezemblig kerk. 
Cormorant, Ker-mo-rant, n. a. herd dat praz 

upon fij; a glutn. 
Corn, Kern, n. de gran ov hwet, rj, maz, &s.; — 

an ekskresens on de fet. [yilat. 

Corn, Kern, ». t. tu sprigkl wid selt; tu gran- 
CoRNAGE, Kern-aj, n. an anjent tenyi^r ovlandz. 
CoRNCHANDLER, Kom-Qand-ler, n. wun hco retalz 

kern. [kemz. 

Corncutter, Kern-kut-er, «. wun hco eksterpats 
Cornea, Ker-ne-a, n. de herni kot ov de j. 
Cornel, Ker-nel, n. a plant; a Jrub. 
Cornelian, Ker-nel-yan, or Ker-ne-li-an, n. a 

prejus ston. 
Corneous, Kor-ne-us, a. herni; Ijk hern. 
Corner, Ker-ner, n. an aggl; a sekret er remot 

Cornered, Ker-nerd, a. havig kernerz. 
Corner-stone, Ker-ner-ston, n. de prinsipal ston. 
CoENEEWiSE, Ker-ner-wjs, ad. from kerner tu 

Cornet, Ker-net, n. a mTi,zikal instroiment; an 

ofiser ov kavalri, hco bftrz de standard ov a trcop. 
CoRNETCY, Ker-net-si, n. de komijon ov a kernet. 
Cornice, Kir-nis, n. de top ov a kolum; a mold- 
CoRNiCLE, Ker-ni-kl, n. a lit! hern. [ig. 

CoRNicuLATE, Ker-nik-yq,-lat, a. herned. 
Cornish, Kor-niJ, a. relatig tu Kornwel, in Ig- 

CoRNMiLL, Kern-mil, n. a mil tugrjnd kern. 
Cornstalk, Korn-stek, n. a stek er stem ov maz. 
Cornucopia, Ker-nq,-k6-pi-a,». de hern ov plenti. 
CoRNUTE, Ker-nut, v. t. tu besto hernz; tu kuk- 

CoRNUTED, Ker-ni\t-ed, a. havig hernz; kukold. 
Corny, Kern-i, a. herni; prodn,sig gran er kern. 
CoROL, K6r-ol, a. sam az { Cm-olla.) 
Corolla, Ko-rol-a, n. de iner kuverig ov a fl^ser, 

konsistig ov pctalz hwiq sur^nd de stamenz 

and pistil. 
Corollary, K6r-ol-a-ri, er Ko-rol-a-ri, a. kon- 

sekwent trcot; a konsekwens; a konklq,gon. 
Corona, Ko-ro-na, n. a Iqrj, flat member ov ds 

kernis, hwiq krxnz de entablattir. 
Coronal, Ko-r6-nal, a. relatig tu de krxn; k6r- 





COEONAL, Ko-r(fi-nal, er K6r-o-nal, n. a knn; a 

gqrland. fkoronal. 

CoHO.VAEY, K6r-o-na-ri, a. relatig tu a krsn; 

Coronation, Kor-o-na-/on,n. de akt er a^remoni 

ov krsnig. 

Coroner, K6r-o-ner, n. an ofiser hcDz dq,ti it iz 

tu iakwjr irs eni ka3i],al er vjolent Jet woz ok- 

ai^ond. [iti. 

Coronet, K6r-o-nct, n. a knjn worn bj de nobil- 

CoRPORAL, Kor-po-ral, «. de loest ofiser ov de 

infantri. [terial. 

Corporal, Kor-po-ral, a. relatigtude bodi;ma- 

GoupoRAL, Ker-pu-rai, n. a linen klut yn,zd tu 

kuver de sakrcd elements in de yT],karist. 
CoRPORALiTT, Kor-pcD-ral-i-ti, n. de stat ov be- 

i\) einbodid. 
CoRPORALLV, Kor-po-ral-i, ad. bodili; in debodi. 
Corporate, Kor-pca-rat, a. yn,njted in a bodi; 
inkiirpo rated. [kapasiti. 

Corporately. Kor-xxa-rat-li, ad. in a korporat 
CORPORATENESS, Ker-po-rat-ues, n. 8tat ova bodi 

Corporation, Kor-po-ra-Jon, n. an inkerporated 

bodi otorjzd bj lo tu akt az a siggl person. 
Corporator, Kor-po-ra-tor, n. a member ov a 
kerporajon. [spirityn^al. 

Corporeal, Ker-ptJ-re-al, a. haviy a bodi; not 
Corporealist, Ker-pu-re-al-ist, n. a materialist. 
Corporeally, Ker-p6-re-al-i, ad. in a bodili 

Corporeity, Ker-po-re-i-ti, n. materialiti. 
Corposant, Kor-po-zant, n. a volatil meteor; ig- 
nis fatyn,us. 
Corps, Kur, u. [D:] a bodi ov forsez er trcaps. 
Corps diplomatique, Kcbr dip-lo-mq-tek, n. 

[/)'.] a di])liomatik bodi. 
Corpse, Korps, n. a ded bodi; a kqrkas: a kors. 
Corpulence, K9r-pq,-lens, y «• statovbeii) kor- 
CoRPULENCY, Kor-pn,-len-si, i pn,lent; fatnes; 
flejines. [bulki. 

Corpulent, Kdr-pq,-lent, a. fleji; fat; st-st; lusti: 
Corpuscle, Kar-pus-l, n. a smel bodi; a pqr- 
tikl. [puslz. 

Corpuscular, Kor-pus-kn-lar, a. relatiy tu ker- 
Corpuscularian, Kor-pus-kn,-la-ri-an, a. relat- 
ifl tu bodiz; — n. an advokat far de korpuskq,- 
lar filijsofi. 
CORRADIATION, Kor-a-di-a-Jou, n. a konjugkjon 

ov raz in wun pernt. 
Correct, Kor-ekt, v. t. tu f re f rom folts or erorz: 

tu amend; tu rektifj: tu punij. 
Correct, Kor-ekt, a. f re from folts; rjt; akyqrat. 
Correction, Kor-ek-Jon, h. de akt ov korektiij; 

amendment; disiplin; punijment; reprehenjon. 
Correctional, Kor-ek-Jon-al, a. tendij) tu kor- 
ekt. [korekt. 
Corrective, Kor-ek-tiv, a. havig de p-ser tu 
Corrective, Kor-ek-tiv, n. dat hwiq korekts. | 
Correctly, Kor-ekt-li, ad. akyi|,ratli; wid-st 
folts. [nes. 
Correctness. Kor-ekt-nes, n. akyq,rasi; ogzakt- 
Corrector, Kor-ekt-or, n. wun hcD korekts. 
Corregidor, Kor-ej-i-dor, n. [Sp.] a. SpaniJ 
majistrat. . [relajon. 
Correlate, Kor-el-at, r. t. tu hav a resiprokal 
Correlate, K6r-el-at, »». a korelativ. 
Correlative, Kor-el-a-tiv, a. haviy a resipro- 
kal rclajon. 
Correlative, Kor-el-a-tiv, n. he er dat hwiq 
standz in a resiprokal relajon, az a fqder and 
sunz. [beifl korelativ. 
Correlativeness, Kor-61-a-tiv-nes, n. de stat ov 
Correspond, Kor-es-p6nd, v. t. tu sq,t; tu an- 
ser; (u agre; tu kep up de interqanj ov letcrz. 
Correspondence, Kor-es-p6nd-ens, n. relajon; 
resiprokal adaptajon; epistolari intcrkors. 

Correspondent, Kor-es-p6nd-ent, a. si^tabl; 

ada|.tfd: lit. [korespondz. 

Correspondent, Kor-es-p6nd-ent, n. wun ho* 

Correspondently, Kor-es-pond-ent-li, ad. in u 

sqtabl manor. 
Corresponding, Kor-es-jwnd-iij, pp. a. agre- 

it) lu; sn,tig. 
CoRRESPONSiVE, Kor-es-pon-siv, a. dnserabl. 
Corridor, K6r-i-dor, »i. [/>.] a galeii; a kuv- 
t-rt wa. [be kordkted. 

Corrigenda, Kor-i-jen-da, n. pi. [L.] tiyz tu 
Corrigible, K6r-i-ji-bl, a. kapabl ov beijj kor- 

CoRRiVAL, Kor-i-val, n. a. rjval; a kompetitor. 
Corrivation, Kor-i-va-Jon,' h. de yqnitig ov 
w.iterz. [fermig. 

Corroborant, Kor-6b-o-rant, a. stregtenig:kon- 
Corroborate, Kor-6b-o-rat, v. t. tu konferm: 
tu establij. [konfermig. 

Corroboration, Kor-ob-o-ra-Jon, n. de akt ov 
Corroborative, Kor-6b-o-ra-tiv, n. dat hwiq 
koroborats. [konfermig. 

Corroborative, Kor-6b-o-ra-tiv, a. stregtenig; 
Corrode, Kor-oJd, v. t. tu et awa: tu konsqm. 
Corrodent, Kor-6-dent, a. bavig de p-ser ov 

was tig. 
Corrodent, Kor-u-dent, «. dat hwiq cts awa. 
Corrodibility, Kor-o-di-bil-i-ti, n. de stat ov 
lieig korodibl. [oded. 

Corrodible, Kor-oi-di-bl, a. kapabl ov beig kor- 
Coruosion. Kor-6J-;5on, n. de akt ov korwdig, or 

ctig, or wj^rig awa bj degrez. 
Corrosive, Kor-6-siv, a. konsq^mig; wJirig awa. 
Corrosive, Kor-6-siv, n. a korodig substans. 
Corrosively, Kor-(5-siv-li, arf. ina korosivman- 
^f"- [beig korosiv. 

CoRROSiVENESS, Kor-o-siv-ncs, n. de kwoliti ov 
CoRRUGANT, K6r-q-gant, a. kontraktig intu rig- 

Corrugate. K6r-q-gat, v. t. tu rigklorpurs up. 
Corrugate, K6r-n,-gat, a. kontrak'ted: rigkld. 
CoRRUGATio.v, Kor-i^-ga-Jon, n. kontrakj'on intu 
riflklz. [brjb. 

Corrupt, Kor-iipt, v. t. tu infekt: tu defjl; tu 
Corrupt, Kor-iipt, v. i. tu bekum putrid er vij- 

Corrupt, Kor-upt, a. sperld; tantcd:piitrid;vijus. 
Corrupter, Kor-iipt-er, »i. wun hO) kordpts or 

Corruptibility. Kor-upt-i-bil-i-ti, n. de posi- 
biliti tu be koriiptcd. [Jon. 

Corruptible, Kor-iipt-i-bl, a. suseptibl ov korup- 
Corruptibleness, Kor-iipt-i-bl-nes, n. korupti- 
•j'll'ti. [lipted. 

Corruptibly, Kor-iipt-i-bli, a<f. soaztubekor- 
Corruption, Kor-iip-Jon. ii. de akt ov koruptig; 

stat ov beig koruptcd; pt|,tresens; pus: vjs. 
Corruptive, Kor-iip-tiv, a. havig de kwoliti ov 
ta'itijj- [usli. 

Corruptly. Kor-upt-li, ad. wid korupjon; vij- 
CoRRUPTNEss, Kor-dpt-ncs, n. korupjon. 
Corsair, Kor-s%r, ;i. a pjrat; a pjratikal vesel, in 

de s-sb ov Yq,rop. 
Corse, Kors, or Kors, n. a ded bodi. 
Corselet^ Kors-let, n. a lit qrmor far At bodi. 
Corset, Ker-set, n. an qrti'kl ov dres worn r-snd 

de bodi; a biKlis: staz. 
Cortege, Kor-taj, n. [/>.] atran ov atendant.s. 
Cortes, Kdr-tez, n. pi. [Up.] de lejislativ bodi ov 

Cortex, K()r-teks, n. [L.] de -stcr bqrk; kuver. 
Cortical, Kdr-ti-kal, a. bqrki; belogig tu de rjnd. 
Corticated, Kdr-ti-kat-cd, a. rezemblig de bqrk 
ov a tre. [ov bqrk. 

CoRTiciKORM, Kor-tis-i-ferm, a. havig At form 
Corticose, Kor-ti-kus, a. ful ov bqrk; bqrki. 




CoEuscAXT, Ko-ius-kant, a. gliteng bj flajez; 

flafiii. [t^ ii^- 

Coruscate. Ko-riis-kat, i-. i. tu gliter; tia flaj: 
Coruscation, Kor-us-ka-Jon, n. kwik vjbrajon 

ov lit. ^ . . ^ . ^^^^"h 

Corvette, Kor-vet, n. [Fr.] an advjs-bot; a smel 
CoKVETTO. Kor-vet-o, n. [It.] dz kurvet. 
Corvine. Ker-vjn, a. relati^ tu ds kro er ravn. 
CoKVORANT, Kef-VQ-rant, 71. a vorajus berd; de 

Corymb, K6r-imb, n. a spsjez ov inflcsresens. 
CoRYMBiATED, Ko-rim-bi-at-ed, a. havii) klus- 

terz ov beriz. [in bunqez. 

Corymbiferous, Kor-im-bif-er-us, a. bqriij f rit)t 
Corymbose, Kor-im-bos, a. relatii) tu er Ijk a 

korimb. [kumpani. 

CoEYPHEUS, Kor-i-fe-us, n. [Gr.] de qef ov a 
Cosecant, Ko-se-kant, n. ds sskant ov an qrk, 

hwiq iz de komplgment ov anuder tu njnti 

Cosenage, Kiiz-en-aj, n. an anjeni rit. 
Cosey, Kw-zi, a. snug; worm; sojal; qati. 
Cosine, Ku-sjn, n. ds s'ln ov de komplement ov 

an aijgl or ov an qrk. [skin. 

Cosmetic, Koz-met-ik, n. a woj tia imprAv de 
Cosmetic, Koz-met-ik, a. inkresiij bii,ti; biitifjig. 
CosMiCAL, K6z-mi-kal, a. relatifl tu de wurld; — 

rjziii or sctiij wid de sun. 
CosMiCALLY, K6z-mi-kal-i, ad. wid de sun. 
CosMOGONiST, Koz-mog-o-nist, «. wun hd) deskrjbz 

kreajon. [wurld. 

Cosmogony, Koz-mog-o-ni, n. de kreajon ov de 
CosMOGRAPHER, Koz-mog-ra-f er, n. wun verst 

in kozmografi. 
CosMOGRAPHiCAL, Koz-mo-graf-i-kal, a. relatip 

tu kozmografi. [kozmografi. 

CoSMOGRAPHiCALLY, Koz-mo-gr.if-i-kal-i, ad. wid 
Cosmography, Koz-mog-ra-fi, u. de siens, er a 

de.-^kri|ij(in ov de sistem ov de wurld. 
CosMOLOGiST, Koz-mol-o-jist, n. wun verst in 

kozmuluji. [de wurld. 

CosMOMETRY, Koz-m6m-£-tri, n. mejtirment ov 
CosMOPLASTic, Koz-mo-plas-tik, a. formii) de 

wurld. [wurld. 

Cosmopolite, Koz-mop-o-ljt, n. a sitizen ov de 
CosMORAMA, Koz-mo-ra-ma, n. an optikal majen, 

giviij a piktyi^resk eksihijon ov de wurld. 
Cosset, K6s-et, n. a lam bret up bi hand; a pet. 
Cosset, K6s-et, i-. t. tia mak a pet ov; tu fondl. 
Cost, Kost, 0?' Kest, n. prjs pad; luksytiri; qqrj; 

ekspens; los. 
Cost, Kost, er Kest, t. t. [i. kost, ps. kostii), kost:] 

tu be bot for; tu be had at a prjs. 
Costal, Kos-tal, a. belogiij tu de ribz er sjd. 
Costard, Kos-tard, n. a hed; a Iqrj r-snd apl. 
Costard-monger, Kos-tard-mug-ger, ) n.adeler 
Costeu-mongee, Kos-ter-murj-ger, \ in aplz 

and friTjt. 
Costive, K6s-tiv, a. b-snd inde bodi: restrinjent. 
Costiveness. Kos-tiv-nes, n. stat ov beii) kostiv. 
Costliness, K6st-li-nes, n. stat ov beir) kostii. 
Costly, Kost-li, a. ekspensiv; der; ov grat prjs. 
Costume, Kos-ti^m, w. stjl or mod ov dres. 
Cot, Kot, n. a smel h-ss; a kotaj; a hut; a Jep- 

fald; a bed: a hamok; a kuver for de finger. 
Cotangent, Ko-tan-jcnt, n. de tanjent ov de 

komplement ov an ar)gl or qrk. 
Cote, Ktot, n. a kotaj; a Jep-fold; a kot. 
CoTEMPORARY, Ko-tem-po-ra-ri, a. livig at de 

sam tjm: "kontemporari. 
Coterie, Ko-te-re, n. [Fr.] a sosjeti; a klub. 
Cotillion, Ko-til-yon, n. a brisk, Ijvli dans, 

perfermd bi at personz. 
CoTQUEAN, Kot-kwen, n. a man hcD biziz himself 

wid wimenz af4rz. 
COTSWOLD, Kots-wcDld, n. Jepkots in an opn kuntri. 

Cottage, K6t-aj, n. a hut; a kot; a smel dwelij. 

Cottager, K6t-a-jer, n. wun ho) livz in a kotaj. 

Cotter, Kot-er, / , ^ ^^^^. 

Cottier, Kot-er, ) •' 

Cotton, K6t-n, n. a plant; de d-sn ov ds kotn-tre; 
klot mad ov kotn. 

Cotton, K6t-n, a. mad ov kotn. 

Cotton-gin, K6t-n-jin, n. a maJen fer klenig kotn. 

Cottony, K(St-n-i, a. ful ov kotn; d-sni. 

Cotyledon, Kot-i-le-don, n. ds seminal lef ov a 
plant, er de lob dat nurijez de sed ov a plant. 

Couch, K'sq, v. i. tu Ij disn; tu stoop er bend. 

Couch, K-sq, v. t. tu la d-sn; tu hjd; tu inkl^d: 
tu remcftv er depres, az katarakts from de j. 

Couch, K-sq, n. a. set ov repoz: a bed. 

Couchant, K-sq-ant, a. Ijii) d-sn; skwotig. 

CouCHER, K-sq-er, w. wun hot) k-sqez katarakts. 

Couchfello-w, K-sq-fel-o, n. a bedfelo). 

Couching, K-jq-ig, «. de aktovbendi^; de opera- 
Jon ov remOttvii) a katarakt. 

Cough, Kof, m Kof, «. a konvuljon ov de Ittgz. 

Cough, Kef, r. i. tu hav de lui)z konvnlst. 

Couhage, K-5-aj, n. an Indian ben. 

Could, Kud, i. from han; woz abl. 

Coulter, K61-ter, n. de kutig jum ov a pi's. 

Council, K-sn-sil, n. an asembli fer konsultajon. 

Councillor, K-^n-sil-or, n. a member ov a k?n- 

Counsel, K-sn-sel, a. advjs; direkjon; konsulta- 
jon; sekresi; a k-snselor er advokat. 

Counsel, K-sn-sel, v. t. tu giv advjs; tu advjz. 

Counsellor, K-sn-sel-or, n. wun hO) givz advjs; a 
leyer; an advokat. [k-snselor. 

CouNSELLOESHip, K-sn-sel-or-Jip, n. de ofis ov 

Count, K-snt, «. t. tu number; tu tel; tu reks. 

Count, K-snt, v. i. tu rekn; tu relj on. 

Count, K-snt, n. number; a qqrj; a tjtl ov nobiliti. 

Countable, K-snt-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beig num- 

Countenance, K-sn-te-nans, n. form ov 4e fas; 
i^r; luk; eksterior aperans; — patronaj; sup6rt. 

Countenance, K-sn-te-nans, v. t. tu suport; tu 
enkuraj. [tenansez. 

Countenances, K-sn-te-nan-ser, n. wun hO) k-jn- 

CouNTEE, K-snt-er, n. has muni; — a rekner; — ds 
tabl ov a Jop, on hwiq muni iz k^nted. 

Counter, K-sn-ter, ad. kontrari tu; in a rog wa. 

Counteract, K-sn-ter-akt, v. t. tu akt kontrari 
tu; tu hinder. 

Counteraction, K-yn-ter-ak-Jon, n, opozit ak- 
Jon er ajcnsi. [agenst. 

Counterbalance, K-sn-ter-bal-ans, v. t. tu wa 

Counterbalance, K-sn-ter-bal-ans, n. opozit 
wat. [rokajon. 

Counterchange, K-sn-ter-qanj, n. eksqanj: resip- 

Counteechange, K-sn-ter-qanj, v. t. tu elisqanj. 

CouNTEECH.uiM, K-sn-ter-qqrm, n. dat hwiq di- 
zolvz a qqrm. 

Counterchaem, K-sn-ter-q^rm, v. t. tu destrd 
enqdntment. [qek. 

Counteecheck, K-sn-ter-qek, v. t. tu op6z; tu 

Counteecheck, K-sn-ter-qek, n. a stop; a reb^k. 

Countercurrent, K-^n-ter-kur-ent, ?i. an opo- 
zit kurent. 

CouNTERDRA-<iv, K-sn-ter-di'e, v. t. tu tras de linz 
ov a dreii) trdi transpi^rent paper. 

Counteeeyidence, K-sn-ter-ev-i-dens, n. opozit 
evideus. [tat; tu kopi. 

Counterfeit, Kisn-ter-fit, v. t. tu forj; tu imi- 

Counteefeit, K-sn-ter-fit, a. forjd; fiktijus; de- 
setful. [forjeri. 

Counteefeit, K-sn-t€r-fit, n. an impostor; a 

Counterfeited, K-sn-ter-f it-ed, p. a. forjd; imi- 
tated wid Q vi| tu defred. 

Counterfeiter, K-su-ter-fit-er, n. a forjer; an 




CODNTERFEiTiNO, K'sn-ter-fit-ifl, n. de akt ov 

forjiB or fanii). [folsli; fiktijusli. 

CouxTEEKEiTLY, K"sn-ter-fit-li, ad. wid furjeri; 
CouNTEEGUAED, Kisn-ter-gqrd, n. a smel ramixirt. 
CouNTEEMAND, K"8n-ter-mdnd, v. t. tu rcvok a 

komdnJ. [former order. 

CouNTEEMAND. Kisn-ter-mand, n. a reptl ov a 
CocNTEEMAEcn, K-sn-ter-mqrq, t^. «'. tu rncirq 

Countermarch, K'sn-ter-mqrq, n. a mqrqig bak. 
Countermark, K'sn-tcr-mqrk, n. an after mqrk 

on gudz. 
Countermark, Kun-ter-mqrk, v. t. tu plas a 

k"5iitoriaqrk on; — tu holcj a hersez tet tu konsfl 

hiz fij. 
CocNTERMiNE, K-sn-ter-mjn, n. a mjn tu frustrat 

de yqs ov wun mad bj an enemi. 
Countermine, K-yn-ter-min, v.t. tu kisntcrwdrk; 

tu deiit. [mo Jon. 

COUNTERMOTION, Kisn-ter-mci-Jon, «. kontrari 
Countermovement, K-5n-ter-m(f)V-ment, n. an 

opozit mjjvment. 
CouNTERMURE, K'sn-ter-mq.r, n. a wol bill be- 

hjnd anuder. [bed. 

Counterpane, K'sn-ter-pan, «. a kuverlet for a 
Counterpart, K:sn-ter-pqrt, n. a korespondent 

pqrt; a kopi. 
Counterplea, Kin-t^r-pls, n. in fe, a replikajon. 
Counterplot, K-sn-ter-plot, v. t. tu ofxiz wun 

jjlot bj anuder. [anuder plot. 

Counterplot, K"sn-ter-plot, n. a plot opozd tu 
Counterpoint, K-Kn-ter-pernt, n. a kuverlet 

wovn in skwi^rz; de qrt ov kompozig hqrmami; 

an opozit pernt. [ans. 

Counterpoise, K'sn-ter-pwz, v. t. tu k-snterbal- 
CouNTEEPOiSE, Kisn-ter-perz, »i. ekwivalens ov 

wat. [tu perzn. 

CoDNTER-POisON, K-gn-ter-ptf-zn, n. an antidot 
CouNTER-PEESSURE, KTU-ter-preJ-q^, n. opozit 

Counter-revolution, K-sn-ter-rev-o-lq-Jon, n. a 

revQlqJon suksf dii) anuder, and opozit tu it. 
Counterscarp, K<;n-ter-skqrp, n. desidovadiq 

hwiq iz nekst tu dt kamp. 
Counterseal, Kisn-ter-sel, v. t. tu sel tugeder 

wid anuder. 
Countersign, K-sn-ter-sin, v. t. tu sjn an erder 

ov a sqptrior, in kwoliti ov sekretari. 
Countersign, K-sn-tcr-sjn, «. a militari woq- 

wurd; an ofijal signatq/, az tu sertifikat. 
CouNTERSiONAL, K-Rn-ter-sig-nal, ». a korespond- 

ig signal. 
Countersink, Ki?n-ter-sii)k, v. f. tu lot de bed 

ov a skrco er nal intu a bord, As., so dat it ma 

not projekt. [tumd. 

Counterstroke, Kiin-ter-strok, n. a strak re- 
Counterswat, K'sn-ter-swa, n. opozit inflqens. 
Countertallv, K^in-tcr-tal-i, n. a korespondig 

tali. [ov mqzik. 

Countertenor, K'sn-ter-ten-or, n. a midl pqrt 
Countertime, Kisn-ter-tjm, n. rezistans ova hors. 
CouNTEKTURN, K-sn-t«r-turn, n. de hjt ov a pla. 
Countervail, K'sn-ter-val, v. t. tu be ekwal tu; 

tu balan.s. [yin. 

Countervail, K-sn-ter-val, n. ekwal wat er val- 
CouNTERViEW, K'sn-ter-vq, n. kontrast. 
Counterwork, K-sn-ter-wArk, v. t. tu kisnter- 

Countess. Kynt-es, n. de wjf ov an erl or k-5nt. 
CJocntino-housk, Kynt-ip-h-Ks, n. a h-ss er rrt>m 

hwi^r mer(}auts kcp d^ ak'snts, and tran.iakt 

bizncs. [ak-xnt.s. 

Counting-room, K'Ant-ifl-nDm, n. a wom far 
Countless, KSnt-les, a. not tu be k-sntcd; in<^- 

OouxTEiFiED, Kdn-tri-fid, a. rustik; nad. 

Country, Kun-tri, n. a trakt ov land; a rejon; 

wunz nativ sffl or rezidens; rcDral pqrts, op6zd 

tu tin or tfit4. 
CouNTRT, Kun-tri, a. rustik; n&ral; WDd. 
Country-dance, Kdn-tri-dans, n. a kjnd ov dons; 

Countryman, Kdn-tri-man, n. wun bom in 4r 

sam kuntri; a rustik; a fqrmer. 
County, Kiin-ti, n. a Jcr; a serkit or distrikt. 
Coup de grace, Kd> de grt^s, n. [/)•.] de meni 

strok; de strok dat puts an end tu suferifl. 
Coup de main, KdEi de man, n. [It:] a suden 

Coup d'oeil. Ken dal, «. [Fr.] ferst er sljt vq,. 
Cou-PEE, Kjj-pa, n. [Fr.] a mojon in dansi^. 
Couplable, Kdp-la-bl, a. fit tu be kupld. 
Couple, Kup-1, v. t. tu jflrn; tu mari. 
Couple, Kdp-1, v. i. tu jern in embra.sez. 
Couple, Knp-1, n, tO): a p^r; man and wjf. 
Couplement, Kdp-1-ment, n. jnqnyon; embr^. 
Couplet, Kup-lel, n. tO) verscz: a p^r. 
Courage, Kdr-aj, n. braveri; valor; boldnes. 
Courageous, Kur-aj-us, a. brav; bold; d^Q. 
Courageously, Kur-aj-us-li, ad. bravli. 
Courageousness, Kur-aj-us-nes, n. braveri ; 

CouRANT, Km-rqnt, n. [/>•.] a nimbi dans; enitig 

dat spredz kwik, az a ndzpaper. 
Courier, KcL-re-er, n. [Fr.] a. mesenjer sent in 

hast; an ekspres. 
Course, Kors, h. a ras; karer; progres; erder: 

kondukt; a .«ervi3 ov dijez: naty^ral bent; trak 

in hwic; a Jip salz; — pi. mensez. 
Course, Kors, v. t. tu hunt; tu pursq. 
Course, Kors, v. i. tu ran; tu hunt. 
Courser, K6rs-er, n. a ras-hers; a hers-raser. 
Coursing, K6rs-in, n. de sport ov huntig. 
Court, Kort, n. de rezidens ov a prins; a hel; 

a palas: — an cnklozd plas; a naro stret; a hel 

er plas for administ^rig justis; de juj, er jnjez. 
Court, Kort, r. t. tu w(D; tu solisit; tu sek. 
Court-b.\ron, Kort-bar-on, n. a kort insident tm 

a manor. [justis. 

Court-day, K6rt-da, n. a da fer administerin 
Courteous, Kur-te-us, &r Kort-yus, a. poljt; wei 

bred; sivil: resf>ektful. [fuli. 

Courteously, Kdr-te-us-li, sd. poljtli: respekt- 
CouRTEOusNESs, KuT-te-us-nes, n. siviliti; koni'' 

CouRTER, Kurt-er, n. wun hoo korts. 
Courtesan, Kur-te-zan, n. a prostitqt. 
Courtesy, Kur-te-si, n. siviliti; komplazans. 
Courtesy, Kurt-si, »i. an aktov respekterrever- 

ens mad bi wimen and gerlz. 
Courtesy, Kurt -si, r. i. tu mak a kurtsi. 
Couethand, K6rt-hand, n. a maner ov rjtig ynid 

in rekordz and jqdijal prosedigz. 
Courtier, K(5rt-yer, n. wun hcb frekwents korte; 

a person ov kortli manerz. 
Courtlike. Kort-lik, a. elegant: poljt. 
Courtliness, Kort-li-nes, ». elegans ov manerz. 
CouRTLiNG, Kort-lig, n. a hager on at a kort. 
Courtly; Kiirt-li, a. relatig tu a kort ; poljt ; 

Courtmartial, Kort-m(ir-Jal, n., pi. Korts-m^r- 

Jal; a militari kort, for trjig militari ofensez. 
Courtship, Kurt-Jip, «. akt ov kortig; makig 

luv tu a wuman. 
Cousin, Kdz-n, n. de qjld ov an ugkl er qnt. 
Cove, Kov, n. a smol kir'ek or ba; a Jelter: a res^. 
Cove, Kov, r. t. tu qrq over; tu Jelter. 
Covenant, Kdv-e-nant, n. a kontrakt; an agre- 

ment; a ded; a ritn kontrakt. 
Covenant, Kdv-e-nant, t>. i. tu bqrgen; tu koB- 
trakt. [stipyiilat. 

Covenant, Kdv-e-nant, r. t. tu kontrakt; ta 




Covenantee, Kuv-E-nan-t£, ?i. a pqrti ta a kuv- 

cnant. [kuyenant. 

Covenanter, Kuv-e-nant-er, n. wun ho) maks a 

Cover, Kdv-er, f. t. tu overspred; tu konsEl: 

tu hjd. 
Cover, Kuv-er, n. konselment; a skren; detens. 
Covering, Kuv-er-ig, n. dres; vestynr; a kuver. 
Coverlet, Kdv-er-let, 71. de uper kuveng ov a 
bed. , ^, .., . 

Covert, Kuv-ert, n. a Jelter; a defens; a tiket. 
Covert, Kdv-ert, a. Jelterd; privat; insidius;— in 

If), under protekjon, az a marid wuman. 
Covertly, Kuv-ert-li, ad. sEkretli; klosli. 
Coverture, Kuv-er-ttir, n. Jelter;— de legal stat 

ov a wif. 
Covet, ifdv-et, v. t. tu dezjr egerli or jnordinatli. 
Covet, Kdv-et, v. i. tu hav a strog dezjr. 
CovETABLE, Kuv-et-a-bl, a. tu be wijt fer. 
Coveting, Kdv-et-iij, n. inerdinat dezjr, 
CovETiNGLY, Kdv-et-iij-li, ad. egerli. 
Covetous, Kdv-et-us, a. inerdinatli dezjrus; eger 

fer gan; avarijus. 
Covetously, Kdv-et-us-li, ad. avarijusli; egerli. 
Covetousness, Kdv-et-us-nes, n. stat ov beii) 

Covey, Kdv-i, n. a haq er brtDd ov berdz. 
Covin, Kdv-in, n. a fredyiilent agrement. 
Coving, Kov-ii), n. a. projekjon in a bildig. 
Covinous, Kdv-in-us, a. desetful;— fredyqlent: 
Cow, K-s, n. de fsmal ov de bul. [disonest. 

Cow, Ku, V. t. tu depres wid fer. _ [trdin. 

Coward, K-s-ard, n. wun wontig kuraj; a pol- 
CowARD, K-8-ard, a. dastardli; timid; bas; k'sardli. 
Cowardice, K-s-ard-is, n. fer; habityi^al timiditi. 
Cowardlike, K-s-ard-ljk, a. rezembliij a kuard. 
Cowardliness, K-s-ard-li-nes, n. timiditi; k-s- 
ardis. [men. 

Cowardly, K-s-ard-li, a. ferful; pqsilanimus; 
Cower, Ki-er, v. i. tu sigk bj bendig de nez. 
Cow-herd, K-j-herd, n. wun hiti tendz kisz. 
Cowhide, K-j-hid, v. t. tu bet wid a k-shjd. 
Cowhide, K-^-bid, n. de skin ov a k-s drest fer 

Cow-house, K's-h'ss, n. a h-ss tu Jelter katl. 
Cowl, K-sl, n. a mugks hud; a qimni kuver. 
CowLEECH, K-s-leg, n. wun hcD kn,rz dizezd k^sz. 
Cowlick, K-s-lik, n. a reverst tuft ov hq^ on de 

hq,man ferhed. 
Cowl-stafk, Kil-staf, n. a staf fer suportig a 
kisl. [sam wurk. 

Coworker, Ko-wdrk-er, n. wun engajd in de 

Cowpox, K-s-poks, n. de vaksin dizez. 

Cowry, K"s-ri, n. a smel Jel yn,zd in India az kern. 

Cowslip, K-s-slip, n. a plant; a spejez ov primroz. 

Coxcomb, K6ks-kom, n. a fop; — a fl^ser. 

Coxcombry, K6ks-kom-ri, n. fopijnes. 

COXCOMICAL, Koks-kom-i-kal, a. fopij; konseted. 

Coy, Ker, a. modest; rezervd;Ji; not aksesibl. 

CoYiSH, KtJ-iJ, a. sumhwot ker; rezervd; Jj. 

Coyly, Kw-li, ad. in a ker maner; wid rezerv. 

Coyness, Kff-nes, n. rezerv; Jjnes; modesti. 

Coz, Kuz, n. a kant wurd fer kuzn. 

Cozen, Kdz-n, t>. t. tu get; tu trik. 

Cozenage, Kdz-n-aj, n. fred; deset. 

Cozener, Kdz-n-er, n. wun hco qets. 

Crab, Krab, n. a. krustajus f ij; — a wjld, str apl; 
a pevij person; — an enjin. 

Crabbed, Krab-ed, a. peviJ; moros; hqrj; difikult. 

Ceabbedly, Krab-ed-li, ad. pevijli; morosli. 

Crabbedness, Krab-ed-nes, n. s^smes ov tast; 

Ceabee, Kra-ber, n. de water rat. [asperiti. 

Ceack, Krak,t a. ekselent; ferst rat, 

Ceack, Krak, n. a suden nerz; a fijt^r; a bost. 

Ceack, Krak, v. t. tu brak intu qigks; tu split. 

Ceack, Krak, v. i. tu burst; tu opn in qigks. 

Ceackbeained, Krak-brand, a. krazi. 

Ceackee, Krak-er, n. a qqrj ov gdnp-sder; a fir 

wurk; — a boster; — a hqrd biskit. 
Crackle, Krak-1, v. i. tu mak sljt kraks; tu mak 

smsl and frekwont Jqrp s-sndz. 
Crackling, Krak-lig, n. a smel but frekwont nerz. 
Cracknel, Krak-nel, n, a kjnd ov hqrd, britl kak. 
Cradle, Kra-dl, »». a mcovabl bed in hwiq qildren 

qr rokt;— a kas fer a brokn ban; — a fram ov 

timber for lqn(3ig Jips; a fram aded tu a sjd fer 

kutig gran. 
Cradle, Kra-dl, v. t. tu aplj a kradl tu; tu rok. 
Craft, Kraft, n. trad; qrt; kunig; — a smel Jip. 
Craftily, Krdf-ti-li, ad. kunigli; qrtfuli; skil- 

Craftiness, Krdft-i-nes, n, kunig; stratajem; qrt. 
Craftsman, Krdfts-man, n. an qrtifiser; a mc- 

Crafty, Krdf-ti, a. kunig; qrtful; Jrottd; slj. 
Crag, Krag. n. a ruf, step rok. 
Cragged, Krag-ed, a. ruf; ful ov prominensez; 

kragi. [ed. 

Ceaggedness, Krag-ed-nes, n. stat ov beig krag- 
Ceagginess, Krag-i-nes, n. stat ov beig kragi. 
Ceaggy, Krag-i, a. ruged; ful ov prominensez; 
Crake, Krak, n. a berd; de kern-krak. [kraged. 
Cram, Kram, v. t. tu stuf; tu trust in bj fors. 
Cram, Kram, v. i. tu et gredili, or beyond satjeti. 
Crambo, Kram-bo, n. a pla at hwiq wun givz a 

wurd tu hwiq andder f jndz rjm. 
Cramp, Kramp, 71. a spazmodik kontrakjon ov &z 

limz; a restrikjon; — a pes ov bent jurn. 
Cramp, Kramp, a. difikult; noti; trublsum. 
Cramp, Kramp, v. t. tu restran; tu konf jn; ta 

Crampfish, Kramp-fij, n. de terpedo. 
Crampiron, Kramp-j-urn, n. an jam for fasnij 

Ceampit, Kram-pit, n. a tin plat er pes ov metal 

at de botom ov de skabard ov a bred-sord. 
Crampoons, Kram-p6nz, 71. pi. jurn instroDments 

fasnd tu de J(l)z ov a stormig pqrti; jurn huks. 
Cranbeeey, Kran-ber-i, n. an asid beri yt^zd far 

Ceanch, Krqnq, v. t. tu kruj wid de tet. 
Crane, Kran, »i. a berd; a majen; — a kruked pjp. 
Craniological, Kra-ni-o-loj-i-kal, a. relatig tu 

Craniology, Kra-ni-61-cD-ji, 7j. de studi ov &z 

skulz ov animalz in konekjon wid dq,r fakultiz 

and propensitiz. 
Ceaniometee, Kra-ni-6m-e-ter, n, an instr<t)ment 

fer me^nrig skulz. [ov skulz. 

Ceanioscopy, Kra-ni-6s-ko-pi, n. egzaminajon 
Cranium, Kra-ni-um, n. [Z.] de skul. 
Crank, Kragk, n. de end ov an jurn aksis tumd 

d^sn; a kontrjvans fer turnig; a bras; — a pun. 
Crane, Kragk, a. Ijabl tu be tsverset, az a Jip; — 

disterted; — helti; lusti; bold. [tu kragkl. 

Ceank, Kragk, v. i. tu turn; tu run in and '%i; 
Crankle, Krag-kl, v. i. tu run intu agglz; tu 

krigkl. [agglz. 

Ceankle, Krag-kl, v. t. tii brak intu bendz and 
Ceankle, Krag-kl, 71. a bend; a turn; a krigkl. 
Crannied, Kran-id, a. ful ov qigks. 
Cranny, Kran-i, 71. a qigk; a fiji^r. 
Ceape, Krap, n. tin stuf ynzd in mornii), &s. 
Ceapola, Krap-yn,-la, n. [Z.] a surf it;' krapyn,- 
lens. [eks6s. 

Ceapulenoe, Krap-yq-lens, n. siknes kezd bj 
Ceash, KraJ, v. i. tu mak a nerz, az ov tigz felij 

and brakig; tu brak; tu bro&z. 
Crash, KraJ, 7i. a lisd, suden, mikst s-snd. 
Crashing, KraJ-ig, n. a vjolent, komplikated neri, 
Crasis, Kra-sis, n. de temperament; de migglin 
ov tot) vselz in wun silabl. [blucL 

Crassament, Kras-a-ment, n. de red, tik pqrt or 




Cbassihent, Kras-i-ment, n. tiknes. 
Crassitude, Kras-i-tvid, n. grusnes; korsnes. 
Ceastinatiox, Kras-ti-na-Jon, «. a putig of til 

Ceatch, Kra^, n. a fram fer ha, tu fsd katl in. 
Ceatches, Kraq-ez, n. a swelifl on a hersez pas- 
Ceate, Krat, w. a hamper for erten w^r. [tern. 
Ceatee, Kra-ter, n. de m-st ov a volkauo. 
Ceaunch, Krqnq, v. t. tu kruj in de m-st. 
Ceavat, Kra-vat, n. eni tip worn ab'st de nek. 
Ceave, Krav, v. t. tu ask ernestli; tu log for; tu 

Craven, Kra-vn, n. a kok kogkerd; a k'sard. 
Ceavex, Kra-vn, a. k-sardii; bas. 
Ceavee, Krav-er, n. wun hoj kravz. [krarz. 

Ceavino, Krav-ifl, n. unrezonabl dezjr; — a. dat 
Ceaw, Kro, 11. de krop, or ferst stumak ov berdz. 

CeAWFISH, KrO-fiJ, ; „ , » r r-r 

Ceayfish, Kra-fiJ, i "• ^ krus^Jus fij. 
Ceawl, Krel, v. i. tu krgp; tu mcDv az a warm. 
Ceawl, Krel, n. de wel in a bot; — an inklci3iir 

ov hurdlz fer fiJ and turtlz. 
Ceawlee, Krol-er, ;i. wun h<D krelz; a kreper. 
Cbayon, Krii-on, n. a kjnd ov pensil; a dreii). 
Ceaze, Kraz, c. t. tu brak; tu imp^,r de intelekt. 
Ceazedness, Kraz-ed-nes, «. dekrepitrid: brokn- 

nes. ^ [mind. 

Ceaziness, Kra-zi-ncs, n. weknes; disorder' ov 
Ceazy, Kra-zi, a. wek; disorderd in mjnd; insan. 
CsEAK, Krek, v. i. tu mak a hqrj, protrakted nerz. 
Ceeakixg, Krek-ii), ;i. a smol, hqrJ nerz. 
Ceeam, Krem, ii. de tfli pqrt ov milk; de best pqrt. 
Ceeam, Krem, v. i. tu gader on de surfas. 
Ceeam, Krem, v. t. tu skim of de krem. 
Ceeam-faced, Krem-fast, a. pal-fast; k-sardli. 
Cbeamy, Krem-i, a. havig de natyi]_r ov krem. 
Ceeance, Kre-ans, n. a Ijn fasnd tu a hoks lej. 
Ceease, Kres, «. a mqrk mad bj dublii) eni tiii. 
Ceease, Kres, v. t. tu mqrk eni tir) bj dublii)" it. 
Ceeate, Kre-at, v. t. tu kez tu egzist; tu form; 

tu mak. [3rqnivers. 

Ceeation, Kre-a-Jon, n. de akt ov kreatig; de 
Ceeative, Kre-a-tiv, a. havi^ de puer tu kreat. 
Ceeatoe, Kre-a-tor, n. wun ha> kreats; de Sq,- 

prern Beig hcD bestcfiz egzistens. 
Ceeatuee, Kret-yqr, n. a beii) kreated: a man; 

a broit; eni tig kreated; a dependant; a ward ov 

kontemt or tendernes. 
Ceedence, Kre-dens, «. belef; kredit; konfidens. 
Ceedenda, Kre-den-da, «. pi. [L.] tigz tu be 

Ceede.nt, Kre-dent, a. belevig; ezi ov belef. 
Ceedenti AL, Kre-den-Jal, a. givig a tjtl tu kredit. 
Ceedential, Kre-den-Jal, n. dat hwiq givz kredit. 
Ceedibility, Kred-i-bil-i-ti, n. de stat ov beig 

kredibl. [abl. 

Ceedible, Kred-i-bl, a. dat ma be bele'vd; prob- 
Cekdibleness, Kred-i-bl- nes, n. kredibiliti. 
Ceedibly, Kred-i-bli, arf. inamanerklamigbelef. 
Ceedit, Kred-it, n. belef ;*onor; gud opinyon; fat: 

trust rejxizd; inflqens; sum di^. 
Credit, Kr6d-it, v. t. tu belev; tu trust; tu ad- 
mit az a detor. 
Ceeditable, Kred-it-a-bl, a. dat ma be belevd; 

probabl. [estimajon. 

Ceeditablkness, Kred-it-a-bl-nes, n. repyritajon; 
Ceeditably, Kred-it-a-bli, ad. repyntabli; onor- 
„ abli. [kredit. 

Ceeditoe, Kr6d-it-or, n. wan ho) trusts, er givz 
Ceeditrix, Kred-i-triks, n. a femal kreditor. 
Ceedulity, Kre-dq-li-ti, n. ezines ov belef. 
Cbedulous, Kr^d-yq,-lus, a. ezi ov belef; unsus- 

pektig. [pektig maner. 

Credulously, Kred-yq-lus-li, ad. in an unsus- 
Ceedulousxess, Kred-yq-lus-nes, n. aptnes tu 


I Ceeed, Kred, n. a sumari ov qrtiklz ov fat; belif. 

Ceeek, Krek, v. t. tu mak a hqrf nerz. Se 

I ( Creak.) 

Creek, Krek, n. a smol inlet; a ba; a kov; a turn; 

I in sum pqrts ov Anurika, a smol river. 

j Ceeeky, Krek-i, a. ful ov kreks; wjndig. 

; Ceeep, Krep, v. i. [i. krept, ps. krepig, krept;] tu 

! mijjv az a wurm; tu mav sloli or febli; tu gro 

I alog; tu stel in; tu fen. 

Cbeepee, Kre'p-er, n. he er dat hwiq kreps; — a 
plant; — an insekt; — a grapnel. 

Ceeephole, Krep-liol. "• a retret; a subterfqj. 

Creeping, Krep-ig, pp. a. krolig: mcDvig sloli. 

Ceeepixgly, Krep-ig-li, ad. in de maner ov a 
reptil. ^ [lin. 

Cremona, Kre-m(f)-na, «. a 8q,perior kjnd ov vjo- 

Cremor, Kre-mor, n. a milki or kremi substans. 

Crenate, Kre-nat, a. havig noqez; noqt. 

Ceenated, Kre-nat-ed, /<. a. noqt; indented. 

Creole, Kre-ol, n. a person bern in SpaniJ 
Amerika, or de West Indez, but ov Yq,ropean 

Creosote, Kre-o-sot, n. a p-jerful, antiseptik- 
substans, obtund from distilig tqr. 

Crepitate, Krep-i-tat, v. i. tu mak a kraklig nerz. 

Crepitation, Krep-i-ta-Jon, n. a smel, kraklig 

Crept, Krept, i. and p. from Krrp. 

Crepuscule, Kre-piis-kq,l,* n. twjljt. 

Crescent, Kres-ent, a. inkresig; gioig. [kres. 

Crescent, Kres-ent, n. de mtin in her stat ov in- 

Crescive, Kres-iv, a. inkresig: groig. 

Cress, Kres, n. a plant ov several spejez. 

Cresset,^ Kres-et, n. a. grat Ijt or bekn. 

Crest, Krest, n. a plqm ov federz; de kom ov a 
kok; an ornament; u tuft: prjd; spirit. 

Crested, Krest-ed, a. havig u krest. 

Crestless, Krest-les, a. wid-st a krest. 

Crestfallen, Krest-fel-n, a. dejekted; sugk. 

Cretaceous, Kre-ta-Jus, a. qeki. 

Cretic, Kre-tik, n. a poetik fut ov tre silablz. 

Cretin, Kre-tin, «. an idiot aflikted wid de 
_ gtrter. 

Cretinism, Kre-tin-iz-m, n. de gerter, er swelLg 
I on de trot; a spejez ov idiosi. 

Cretism, Kre-tiz-m, n. a Kretan praktis; felshud. 
j Crevice, Krev-is, n. a krak; a kief t; a fijqr. 
I Crew, Krco, i. from Kro. [bel. 

: Crewel, Krdb-el, w. yqrn twisted and wsnd on a 
, Crib, Krib, «. a manjer; a stol; a qjldz bed. 
! Crib, Krib, r. t. tu konf in;— tu ko'mit peti tefts. 
I Cribbage, Krib-aj, «. a gam at kqrdz. 
\ Cribble, Krib-1, n. a siv for klenig kom. 

Crick, Krik, n. a krekig;— stifnes in de nek. 
I Cricket, Krik-et, ». an insekt;— a st<i)l;— a gam. 

Crier, Krj-er, n. wun hcD krjz; a krjer ov gudz 
j for sal. 
■ Crim. con., Krim kon, n. kriminal konversajon; 

unloful interkors wid a marid wuman. 
I Crime, Krjm, n. an infrakjon ov lo; feloni; an 
I ofens; a grat felt; a wiked akt. 
j Criminal, Krim-i-nal, a. folti; kontrari ta lo; 
I gilti: wiked. 

Criminal, Krim-i-nal, n. a person gilti ov krjm. 

Criminality, Krim-i-nal-i-ti, n. de stat ov beig 
kriminal; gilt. 

Criminally, Krim-i-nal-i, ad. wikedli; giltili. 

Criminate, Krim-i-nat, v. t. tu akqz; tu qqrj 
wid krjm. 
I Crimination, Krim-i-na-Jon, »i. de akt ov krim- 
inatig: a qqrj._ [riua. 

I Criminatory, Krim-i-na-to-ri, a. akqzig: senso- 
I Crimp, Krimp, a. frjabl; britl; ezili krumbld. 
I Crimp, Krimp, n. an ajent for kol-mercants, &s. 

Crimp, Krimp, v. t. tu kurl er krisp de hqr. 
1 Ceimple, Krim-pl, v. t. tu kontrakt; tu k6nigat. 




Ceimson, Krim-zn, Ji. a dep red kulor. 
Crimson, Krim-zn, a. ov a dep red. 
Crimson, Krim-zn, i-. t. tia dj wid krimzn. 
Cringe, Krinj, n. a servil bu; men siviliti. 
Cringe, Krinj, v. i. tu b^s; tia fen; tu flater. 
Cringle, Krig-gl, «. a wit; a hcol in a bolt rop. 
Crinigerous, Krj-nij-er-us, a. hiiri; overgron 

wid liq,r. 
Crinite, Kri-njt, a. bavii) de aperans ov hq,r. 
Crinkle, Kri^-kl, v. i. tu run in fleksy^rz; tia 

Crinkle, Kriij-kl, v. t. tu mold intu inekwolitiz. 
Crinkle, Krii)-kl, n. a rigkl; a sinyi^ositi. 
Cripple, Krip-1, n. wunhooizlam. 
Cripple, Krip-1, v. t. tu lam; tu mak lam. 
Crisis, Krj-sis, n., pi. Krj-sez; a kritikal tjm er 

Crisp, Krisp, a. kurld; britl; frjabl; Jert; brisk. 
Crisp, Krisp, v. t. tu kurl; tu twist; tu indent. 
Crisping iron, Krisp-iij j-urn, n. a kurlii) jurn. 
CaisPNESS, Krisp-nes, n. de kwoliti ov beig kurld 

er krisp. 
Crispy, Kris-pi, a. kurld; krisp; Jert and britl. 
Cristate, Krist-at, a. krested; tufted. 
Criterion, Krj-te-ri-on, n., pi. Krj-te-ri-a; de 

standard bj hwiq eni tii) iz jujd ov. 
Critic, Krit-ik, n. a juj ov merit in literatii,r er 

qrt; wun ho) fjndz felt. 
Critic, Krit-ik, a. kritikal; relatii) tu kritisizm. 
Critical, Krit-i-kal, a. relatii) tu kritisizm; eg- 

zakt; dizernii); kapjus; — relatig tu, er prodi^sii) 

a krjsis; desjsiv. [egzaktli. 

Critically, Krit-i-kal-i, ad. in a kritikal maner; 
Criticalness, Krit-i-kal-nes, n. egzaktnes; ak- 

yi^rasi: njseti. 
Criticism, Krit-i-siz-m, n. de qrt er akt ov jujiij; 

a remqrk. [juj. 

Criticize, Krit-i-sjz, v. t. tu egzamin kq,rfuli; tu 
Criticizer, Krit-i-sjz-er, n. wun hoo kritisjzez. 
Critique, Kri-tek, n. a kritikal egzaminajon; 

kritikal remqrk; sjens ov kritisizm. [mur. 

Croak, Krok, v. i. tu mak a hors nefz; tu mur- 
Croak, Krok, n. de krj ov a frog er ravn. 
Croaker, Kr6k-er, n. wun hcD kroks; a murmurer. 
Croaking, Krok-ii), n. a lo, hors udz; murmurii). 
Croceous, Kro-Jus, a. konsistii) ov safron. 
Crock, Krok, n. a. vesel mad ov ert; — blak scot. 
Crock, Krok, v. t. tu def jl wid smut er soQt. 
Crockery, Krok-er-i, n. erten wq,r. 
Crocket, Kr6k-et, n. an qrkitektyqral ernament. 
Ceocky, Krok-i, a. smuti; def jld wid smt. 
Crocodile, Kr6k-o-djl, er Krok-o-dil, n. an an- 
imal ov de lizard trjb; a dorian. [a pTder. 
Crocus, Kr6-kus, n. a jenus ov plants; a fl'ser; — 
Croft, Kroft, n. a litl feld ner a h-ss. 
Ceoisade, Krer-sad, n. a holi wer. Se { Crusade.} 
Croises, Krtjf-sez, n. 'pl- pilgrimz boo kari a kros. 
Cromlech, Kr6m-lek, h. a seriez ov hqj, bred, flat 

stonz, razd upon ud6r stonz set up on end. 
CsONE, Kron, n. an old yq,; an old wuman. 
Ceony, Kro-ni, n. a. buzom kompanyon; an aso- 

Jiat- [a Jeperdz buk. 

Crook, Kruk, n. eni tii) bent; a bend; a kurv; 
Ceook, Kruk, V. t. tu mak kruked; tu bend. 
Crook, Kruk, v. i. tu bend; tu be bent. 
Ceookback, Krxik-bak, n. a kruked bak. 
Crookbaoked, Kriik-bakt, a. havig a r-snd bak. 
Ceooked, Kruk-ed, a. bent; not strat; wjndig; 

oblck; pervers. 
Ceookedly, Krtak-ed-li, ad. not in a strat Ijn; 

untoardli; not kompljantli. 
Ceookedness, Kriik-ed-nes, «. stat ov beig 

kruked. [kro. 

Crop, Krop, n. de hqrvest; prodq,s ; — a berdz 
Crop, Krop, v. t. tu kut of; tu mo; tu rep. 
Ceopeaeed, Krop-erd, a. havig de erz kropt. 

Cropout, Krop-ut, v. i. tu rjz abiiv de surfas. 

Cropsick, Krop-sik, a. sik from replejon. 

Ceore, Kror, n. ten milyonz. 

Crosier, Krw-ger, n. an qrtjbijops staf. 

Croslet, Kros-let, n. a smel kros. 

Cross, Kros, w Kres, n. wun strat bodi er l^n 

plast at rjt agglz over annder; a jibet; de ensjn 

ov de Kristyan relijon; — misfertyq^n; veksajou} 

trjal ov pajens. 
Cross, Kros, a. transvers; oblek; pevij; fretful. 
Cross, Kros, v. t. tu la atwert; tu sjn wid At 

kros; tu kansel; tu pas over; tu twert; tu em- 

baras; tu perpleks; tu veks. 
Cross, Kros, v. i. tu Ij atwert anuder tig. 
Crossbar, Kros-bqr, n. pqrt ov a karij; a lever. 
Crossbarred, Kros-bqrd, a. seki\rd bj bqrz, 
Crossbar-suot, Kros-bqr-Jot, n. a. bulet perst bj 

a bqr for destrffiij rigig. 
Crossbill, Kros-bil, n. de bil ov a defendant: — 

a berd. 
Crossbow, Kros-bo, n. a wepn fer Jootig. 
Crossbreed, Kros-bred, n. ae ofsprig ov parents 

ov diferent bredz; — apljd tu animalz. 
Crossbun, Kr<5s-bun, n. a kak mqrkt wid a kroS. 
Cross-examination, Kros-eg-zum-i-na-Jon, n. 

de egzaminajon ov a witnes bj de opozit pqrti. 
Cross-examine, Kros-eg-zam-in, v. t. tu egzam- 
in a witnes prodt^st bj de opozit pqrti. 
Crosseyed, Kros-jd, a. havig kros jz, er havig 

bot jz turnd toardz de noz. 
Crossgrained, Kros-grand, a. havig de fjbera 

transvers; il-natyq,rd; trublsum. 
Crossing, Kr6s-ig, n. an impediment; opozijon. 
Crosslegged, Kros-leg-ed, a. havig de legz 

Crosslet, Kros-let, n. a smel kros. 
Crossly, Kros-li, ad. atwert; adversli; pevijii. 
Crossness, Kros-nes, n. transversnes; pevijnes. 
Cross-purpose, Kros-pur-pus, n. a kjnd ov enig- 
ma er ridl. 
Cross-question, Kros-kw^st-yon, v. t. tu kros- 

Cross-road, Kros- rod, n. a rod akros de kuntri. 
Cross-way, Kros-wa, n. a pat krosig de qef rod. 
Cross-wind, Kros-wind, n. an unfavorabl wind. 
Crotch, Kroq, n. a huk; de fork ov a tre. 
Ceotched, Kroq-ed, a. bavig a kroq; forked. 
Crotchet, Kroq-et, n. a not in mi^zik; — mqrks 

er liuks in printig, [dus]; — a fansi; a hwim. 
Crouch, Kr'sq, v. i. tu stcop lo; tu fen; tu krinj. 
Crouched-friar, Krisq-ed-frj-ar, n. wun ov ae 

erderz ov frjarz. 
Croup, Kroop, n. de rump ov a fxl; de butoks ov 

a hers; — a dizez in de trot. 
Croupade, KrcD-pad, n. a hjer lep dan a kurret. 
Crow, Kro, n. a Iqrj blak berd; — de nffz ov de 

kok; — an jurn lever. 
Crow, Kro, v. i. \i. krtD wr krod, ps. kroig, krod;] 

tu mak de nffz ov a kok; tu bost; tu egziilt; 

tu bluster. [a lever. 

CrowbaRj^ Kro-bqr, n. a strog jurn bqr, yi^zd az 
Crowd, Krisd, n. a konfqzd multitq,d; a popyqlas. 
Crowd, Knsd, v. t. tu pres klos; tu enkumber; 

tu urj. 
Crowd, Kr-sd, v. i. tu swerm; tu be nq,menis. 
Crowdy, KrTJ-di, n. food mad ov otmel, As.; fiDd 

mad ov bred bffld in milk. 
Crowfoot, Kr(f)-fut, «. a fluer; krozfut. 
Crowkeeper, Kro-kep-er, n. a skq,rkro. 
Crown, Kr-sn, n. a djadem worn on de hedz OT 

soverenz; top ov de bed; regal p'ser; onor; O. sil- 
ver kern; a gqrland; — komplejon. 
Crown, Kr-sn, v. t. tu invest wid de knin; tta 

dignif j; tu adern; tu rewerd; tu komplet. 
Crown-glass, Kr^sn-glas, n. a fjn sert ov win- 




Ckown-impebial, Kr-»n-iin-pe-ri-al, n. a Iqrj, 

biitiful fUer. 
Ckownino, Kfsn-ij), n. &e finij ov eni dckorajon. 
Ckown-wuekl, Kriin-hwEl, n. de upcr Lwel ov 

a W(iq. 
Crowskoot, Kru)Z-fut, n., /)^. Kraz-fet; rigklz 

under de iz; — a plant and fl'ser. 
Crucial, IvriD-Ji-al, a. transvers; krosig. 
Cel'CIATK, Krif.-Ji-at, a. Ijk a kros. 
Ckuoible, Krtf)-si-bl, n. a kcmists mcltig pot. 
Crucifkeous, Krcti-sif-er-us, a. b.-\rifl de kros. 
Crucifix, Krifj-si-fiks, n. an imaj or [jantifl ov 

■gr Savyor on de kros. 

Crucifixion, Krjj-^^i-fik-Jon, «. de punijmcnt 

ov miliD tu de kros. [a kros. 

Cruciform, Kri6-si-form, a, havip de form ov 

Crucify, KnG-si-fi, v. t. tu put lu dct bj nalig 

tu a kros; tu mortif j; tu torment. 
Ceucigeeous, Knt»-sij-er-us, a. b.irig de kros. 
Crudk, Kriiid, a. to; bqrj; unrip: undijested. 
(^RUDKLY, Knfjd-li, ad. in a krowi manor. 
Crude.vess, KrcM-nes, ;i. stnt ov beifl krcod; rones. 
Ceudity, Kr(f)-di-ti, n. unripnes: rones: krOKlnes. 
Cel'el, Knf)-el, a. inhn,man; hqrd-hqrtcd. 
Ceuklly, Krcd-cl-i, ad. in a kruoi-l maner. 
Cruelxess, KriJf)-el-nes, ) n. inhiynaniti; krcoelti; 
Ceielty, Krif)-el-ti, i bcirbariti. 
(■ruet, Krd)-et, h. a vial for vinegur or erl. 
Cruise, Khdz, ». a sinol kup. 
Ckl'ISE, Krdz, n. a veraj widiit eni sertun kors, 

or in serq ov plunder. 
Cruise, KrOiz, v. i. tu rov in serq ov plunder. 
Ceuisee, Kridz-er, >i. wun dat knnzez. 
Cbumb, Krum, n. de soft jKjrt ov bred: a smol pqr- 
tikl ov bred; a fragment. [pesez. 

Ceuhb, Krum, v. t. tu brak intu krumz or smel 
Ceumble, Krdm-bl, i'. t. tu brak intu smol pesez. 
Cetmmy, Knim-i, a. soft; konsistig ov krumz. 
Crump, Krump, a. kruked; britl. 
Ceumpet, Kriim-pet, n. a kjnd ov soft kak. 
Crumple, Krdm-pl, r. t. tu dro intu riflklz. 
Crumple, Knim-pl, v. i. tu Jripk up; tu kon- 

Crumpled, Knim-pld, a. twisted: kruked. 
Crumpling, Krdm-plii}, ». a smol de.jonerat apl. 
Cruoe, Kroi-or, ii. [Z.j gt)r; koagynlated blud. 
Crupper, Krdp-er, n. a leder pasij under a hors- 

cz tal, tu kep de sadl rit. 
Crural, KrX-ral, a. bcloyii) tu de leg. 
('rusade. KnD-sad, ji. an ckspedijon under de 

baner ov de kros, agenst infidelz;— a ktrn. 
Crusader, Kno-sad-cr, ii. wun empltVd in a kra»- 

Cruse, Krms, n. a smol kup er vjal; a krjiet. 
Crusf.t, KnJb-set, »j. a gioldsmits meltig jiot. 
Crush, KruJ, r. t. tu skwcz; tu broz: tu subdi'i. 
Crush, KruJ, n. a koli^^on: akt ov rujij) tugeder. 
Crust, Krust, h. de bqrd, •ster pqrt ov bred; an 
okstvmal kat, kuverij, or kas. [kas. 

Crust, Krust. r. t. tu envelop; tu kuver wid a 
Crust, Krust, r. i. tu gader or kontrakt a krust. 
Crustackax, Krus-tti-Jan, n. a krustajus animal. 
CuuSTACEOLOQY, Krus-ta-se-61-o-ji, »i. dat \)\xl 

ov zwoloji hwi^ trets ov krustajus animalz. 

Crustaceous, Krus-ta-Jus, a. Jeli: jemted, az a 

lobster. _ [jffnted /elz. 

Crustackousxess, Kru3-ta-Jus-nc8. «. de bavij) 

Crustation, Krus-ta-Jun, n. an adherent kuver- 

ifl: inkrustajVin. 
Crustily, Kriis-ti-li, &d. pcvijii: suapijli. 
Crustixkss, Knis-ti-nes, n. de kwoliti ov krust; 
pevijnos. [surli. 

</RUSTY, Kriist-i, .•(. kuvcrd wid a krust; murus; 
Crutch, KruQ, «. asup(irt yqzd bi kriplz. 
Crutch, Kruq, r. t. tu sup<irt ou kruqcz, az a 

Crux, Kruks, n. {L.\ a kros; eni tig veri term^ntig 

or difikult. 
Cry, Kr[, c. i. tu kol; tu eksklam; tu klamor; 

tu wep. 
Cry, Krj, v. t, tu pruklam; tu mak publik. 
Cry, Kri, n. lamentnjon: u Jrck; wepig; klamor. 
Cryee, Krj-er, n. a hok. Se i^Orier.) 
Ceypt, Kript, n. a subtcranean sel or kav; a grav. 
Cryptic, Krip-tik, a. hidn; .sekret. 
Ceyptooamic, Krip-to-gam-ik, ; a. havijj de 
Ceyptooamous, Krip-tog-a-inus, ( fruktifika- 

Jon konseld, az in fernz, mosez, is. 
Cryptography, Krip-tog-ra-fi, n. de qrt ov rjt- 
ij) in sjlor. [gwaj. 

Cryptology', Krip-tol-o-ji, n. enigmatikal lajj- 
Crystal, Kris-tiil, n. a regyqlar, solid bodi: a 
fjn glas. [taljn. 

Crystal, Kris-tal, a. konsistin ov kristal; kris- 
Ceystalune, Kris-tal-jn, «/• Kris-tal-in, a. kon- 

si<tifl ov, or Ijk kristal: transparent; kler. 

Crystallization, Kris-tal-i-za-Jon, ji. deaktov 

kristaliziy. [talz. 

Crystallize, Kris-tal-jz, r. t. tu form intu kris- 

Crystallize, Kris-tal-jz, r. i. tu be konverted 

intu kristalz. 
Crystallograpiiy, Kris-tal-og-ra-fi, »i. de sjens 

ov kristalizajon. 
Cun, Kub, n. de yufl ov a best, az a b^r or foks. 
Cub, Kub, k. i. tu briy fort: — apljd tu bests. 
Cubatoey, Ki'j,-ba-to)-ri, a. rekumbent; liij) d'sn. 
Cubatuee, KiJ-ba-tur, «. de findig ov de kq,bik 

Cube, Kqb, n. a skw^r, solid bodi, ov siks ekwal 
sjdz; de produkt ov a number multipljd twjs in- 
tu Itself. 
CuBEB, Kq-bcb, H. Q smol, spjsi, drjd beri. 
Cubic, Kq-bik, / a. havijj de' form ov de 

Cubical, Kq-bik-al, \ kub itself. 
Cubically, Ki^-bik-al-i, aa. in a kqbikal metod 
er form. [kqbikal. 

CuBicALNESS, Ki'i-bik-al-nes, n. de stat ov beig 
Cubiform, Kq-bi-form, a. ov de Jap ov a kqb. 
Cubit, Kq-bit, n. de forqrm; — a me;?Tir from de 
elbu tu de ekstremiti ov de midl fiijger, esti- 
mated at aten inqez. cic Ilebrorj kqbit woz nerli 
twenti-tOi inqez; de Roman sevnten and a hqf. 
Cubital, Kq-bit-al, a. kontaniij de lejjt ov a 

Cuboid, Kq-berd, ) a. havig de form ov dt 

CuBOiDAL, Kq-bdfd-al, S kqb. 
CiCKiNGSTOOL, Kuk-iy-stoil, II. an enjin for pdn- 
ijifl skoldz. [teres. 

Cuckold, Kdk-old, n. de huzband ov an adul- 
CucKOi.D, Kuk-old, V. i. tu rog a huzband bj 
adultori. [kukold! 

Cuckoldom, Kdk-ol-dom, n. adulter!; stat ov a 
Cuckoo. Kuk-*, n. a wel nun berd. 
CucuLLATE, Kq-kul-at, a. huded. 
Cucumber, Kij-kum-ber, n. a plant,and its fntit. 
Cucurbit, Kq-kur-bit. »i. a kemikal vesel. 
CucuEBiTACEOUS, Kq-kur-bi-ta-Jus, a. rczemblifl 

a gurd. 
Cud, Kud, n. f(tj(l rejwzited in de ferst stumak 

iiv an animal in onler tu rOjiuinaJon. 
Cuddle, Kiid-l, r. i. tu Ij klos er snug; tu hug. 
Cuddy, Kdd-i, n. an a[iqrtmcnt in a Jip: a kabin 

or kuk-riJjm; a tre-legd stand;— a kl-sn. 
Cudgel, Kdj-el, >i. a Jert stik tu strjk wid. 
Cudgel, Kiij-el, v. t. lu bet wid a stik. 
Cudoeller, Kdj-ct-er, n. wun ha> kujelz aa- 

Cudweed, Kdd-wrd, n. de plant galdi-loks. 
Cue, Kq. n. de tal or end ov eni tig; a hint. 
Cuff, Kuf, n. a bio: a boks: a struk;— pqrt ov a 

Cuff, Kuf, r. i. tu fit,'— r. t. tu strjk. 




Cci BONO, Kj bc5-no, [Z.] Stu hooz benefit wil it 

tend; 'Jtia hwot end, or hwot gud. 
CuiEASS, KwE-ras, n. a brestplat. 
Cuirassier, Kws-ras-sr, n. a soljer in qrmor. 
CuiSH, Kwis, n. qrmor for de tjz. 
CuLDEES, Kul-d£Z, n. pi. mugks in Skotland and 

feland. [kukeri. 

Culinary, Kii,-li-ua-ri, .1. relatiij tu de kiqen er 
Cull. Kul, v. t. tu selekt from uderz; tu pjk ut. 
Culler, Kul-er, n. wun lieu kulz er qojzez. 
CuLLiON, Kdl-yon, n. a skisndrel; a rcq. 
CuLLiONLY, Kiil-ydn-li, a. men; has; vjl. 
CuLLis, Kiil-is, n. brot strand; a kind ov jell. 
Cully, Kul-i, n. a man desevd; a men di^J- 
Cully, Kiil-i, v. t. tu bfftfcl; tu qet. 
CuLLYisM, Kiil-i-iz-m, w. de stat ov a kuli. 
Culm, Kulm, n. a kjnd ov fosil kol; — a stum ov 

CuLMEN, KiU-men, n. [£.} a sumit; a rojf. 
CuLMiFEROUS, Kul-mif-er-us, a. prodnsii) stoks. 
Culminate, l<ul-mi-nat, v. i. tia bs vertikal; tu 

be in de meridian. [top. 

Culminating, Kiil-mi-nat-ij), /)/». a.rjzig tu de 
Culmination, Kul-mi-na-Jon, n. de transit ov u 

planet tnii de meridian; de top or kr'sn. 
Culpability, Kul-pa-bil-i-ti, n. stat ov beig 

Culpable, Kiil-pa-bl, a. kriminal; gilti; blamabl. 
Culpableness, Kul-pa-bl-ncs, ». blamablnes. 
Culpably. Kiil-pa-bli, ad. in a kulpabl manor. 
Culprit, Kdl-prit, n. a person arand; a kriminal. 
Cultivable, Kul-ti-va-bi, a. dat ma be tild. 
Cultivate, Kdl-ti-vat, v. t. txa til; tu labor on; 

tu imprJjv. [y'l""- '-'''^'• 

Cultivated, Kiil-ti-vat-ed, jj. a. impnitvd bj kult- 
Cultivation, Kul-ti-vfi-Jon, n. de akt ov im- 

prcDvii) serlz, As. 
Cultivator, Kul-ti-va-tor, n. wun hoi kultivnt.s; 

an implement yi^zd in kultivajon. 
Culture, Kult-yn,r, a. kultivajon; tilaj. 
Culture, Kult-yn,r, v. t. tu kultivat. 
Culver, Kiil-ver, ;i. a pijon er duv. 
Culver-house, Kul-ver-h-ss, u. a duv-kot. 
CuLVERiN, Kul-ver-in, n. a spejez ov erdaans. 
Culvert, Kul-vert, n. an qrqt pasaj erbrij. 
Culvertail, Kul-ver-tal, n. duvtal; — a mod ov 

Cumbent, Kiim-bont, a. Ijir) d'sn; rckiimbent. 
Cumber, Kiim-ber, v. t. tu cmbaras; tu enkumber. 
Cumber, Kiim-ber,* n. veksajon; enkumbrans. 
Cumbersome, Kum-ber-sum, a. trublsum; burdn- 

sum. [sum maner. 

Cumbersomely, Kum-ber-sum-li, arf. in a trubl- 
Cumbersomeness, Kum-ber-sum-ne?, n. enkiim- 

Cumbrance, Kum-brans,H. hindrans; enkiimbrans. 
Cumbrous, Kum-brus, a. trublsum; burdusum. 
Cumin, Kum-in, it. an aromatik, anyq,al plant. 
Cumulate, K4-mq,-lat, v. t. tu akiyni^lat. 
Cumulation, Ki],- mi],- la -Jon, n. akiyni^lajon. 
Cumulative, Kii,-mn,-la-tiv, a. kousistiij ov pqrts 
CuMULOSE, Ki'i-mq-lQs, a. f ul ov liilz. [hept up. 
CuNCTATOR, Kuijk-ta-tor, n. [Z.] wun h(t) delaz: a 

CuNEAL, Ki^-ne-al, a. relatii) tu er Ijk a wej. 
CuNEATED, Kii,-ne-at-ed, a. mad in form ova wej. 
Cuneiform, Ki^-ne-i-form, a. fermd Ijk a wej. 
Cunning, Kun-ig, a. .skilful; qrlful; slj;' sutl; 

Cunning, Kiin-ii), n. qrtifis; sljnes; qrt. 
Cunningly, Kun-ig-li, ad. in a kunig maner; sljli. 
CUNNINGNESS, Kdn-ifl-nes, n. qrtifis; sljnes. 
Cup, Kup, n. a drigkig vesel; a pqrt ov a fl-ser. 
Cup, Kup, «. t. tu dre blud bj skarifikajon. 
Cupbearer, Kiip-bq,r-er, n. an ofiser ov a kigz 

h'sshold; an at^ndant at a fest. 

Cupboard, Kdb-arJ, n. a kas wid Jelvz for pro- 

vi^onz, &s. 
Cupboard, Kub-ard, v. t. tu hord up. 
Cupel, Ki\,-pel, n. a kup er vesel yq,zd in asaig 

ds prejus metalz, 
CuPELLATiON, Kn,-pel-a-Jon, n. ds akt ovasaig er 

ref jnii) de prejus metalz. 
Cupidity, Kq-pid-i-ti, n. konkixpisens; avaris. 
Cupola, Kix-po-la, n. a dcjm; an qrqt ra)f. 
Cupper, Kup-er, n. wun hj) kups; a skarif jer. 
Cupping, Kup-ig, n. a metod ov blud-letig. 
Cupreous, Ki\,-prE-us, a. kopuri; konsistig oV 

Cur, Kur, n. a dog; a snapij, men man. 
Curable, Kxi,r-a-bl, a. dat ma be kqrd er held. 
Curableness, Kqr-a-bl-nes, n. stat ov beig kqr- 

.abl. [a kqrat. 

Curacy, Kq-ra-si, n. de ofis or empltrment ov 
Curate, Kq-rat, n. a klerjiman hjrd tu perform 

de dqiiz ov anuder; a parij prest. 
CuBATESiiiP, Kij,-rat-Jip, n. de ofis ov a ki^rat; 

kiyasi. [dizezez. 

Curative, Kqr-a-tiv, a. relatig tu de kqr ov 
Curator, Kq-ra-tor, «. a sqpcrintendent; a gqr- 

Curb, Kurb, u. pqrt ov a brjdl; restrant; inhibi- 

Jon; a fram r'siul de m'st ov a wel. 
Curb, Kurb, v. t. tu rcstran; tu qek; tu brjdl. 
Curb stone, Kiirb ston, n. a tik kjnd ov ston 

plast at de ej ov a ston pavment, er bj a wel. 
Curd, Kurd, n. de koagyqlated pqrt ov milk or 

likwid. [kret. 

Curdle, Kiir-dl, i\ /. tu koagyqlat; tu kon- 
Curdle, Kur-dl, c. t. tu koz tu koagyqlat. 
Curdy, Kiird-i, a. koagyqlated: konkreted. 
Cure, Kqr, n. remcdi; restorativ; de akt ov helig: 

— de benefis er emplermcnt ov a kn,rat. 
Cure, Ki],r, v. t. tu hel: tu restortu belt; tuselt. 
Cureless, Kqr-les, a. wid'st kqr; wid'st remedi. 
CuRER, Kqr-er, re. wun bttj kij^rz; a heler. 
Curfew, Kur-iq, n. an evnig bel; a fjr plat. 
CuKiA, Kq-ri-a, n. [L.] a kort: a kort-h'ss. 
Curiosity, Kq-ri-6s-i-ti, «. inkwizitivnes; ritriti; 

a sit. [vertqoso. 

CuRibso, Kq-ri-6-so, n. [Jt.] a kqrius person; a 
Curious, Kq ri-us, a. inkwizitiv; r^r; akyqrat; njs. 
Curiously, Ki^^-ri-us-li, ad. in a kqrius maner. 
Curiousness, Ki],-ri-us-nes, n. inkwizitivnes; njs- 

Curl, Kurl, n. a rlglct ov hi^r: a wav; fleksyn,r. 
Curl, Kurl, i\ t. tu turn de hqr in liglets; tu 

Curl, Kurl, v. i. tu Jrigk iutu riglets; tu bend. 
Curlew, Kiir-lq, n. a kjnd ov weter-f'sl. 
CuRLiNESS, Kdi-1-i-nes, n. de stat ov beig kurli. 
Curly, Kiirl-i, a. havig kurlz; tendig tu kurl; 

kurld. [qurlij felo. 

Curmudgeon, Kur-miij-on, n. an avarijus, 
Curmudgeonly, Kur-mdj-on-li, a. avarijusli; 

Currant, Kdr-ant, n. a Jrub and its fr(l)t. 
Currency, Kdr-en-si, w. serk^lajon; flo; de 

muni ov a kuntri er de paper pasig az muni. 
Current, Kdr-ent, a. j^neraliresevd; komon;jen- 

eral; popyqlar; pasabl; ms pasig. 
Current, Kdr-ent, n. a runig strem; a kors. 
Currente calamo, Kur-en-te kal-a-mo, [Z.] wid 

a runig pen. 
Currently, Kur-cnt-li, ad. in a kurcnt manor. 
CuRRENTNESS, Kur-cnt-nes, n. serkqlajon; jeneral 

Curricle, Kdr-i-kl, n. an opn Jaz wid tco hwelz. 
Currier, Kdr-i-er, n. wun hcb dresez and pv^ 

Currish, Kdr-iJ, a. Ijk a kur; bra)tal;s-sr;m<Dr6s. 
Currishly, Kdr-iJ-li, ad. in a brcotal maner. 




COKRISHNESS, Kur-iJ-ncf, n. mdrosnes; qarlijncs. 
CuKKY, Kiir-i, V, t. tu drcs ledcr; — tu bet; tu 

ruli, 11/, II hors;— tu tiki lij flateri. 
Corky, Kiir-i, n. a hjli spjsl Indian mikstyq,r. 
(!URKV-C0MB. Kiir-i-kom, u. an jurn ka>m. 
Curse, Kurs, v. t. tu wij evl tu; tu eksekrat; tu 

Curse, Kurs, r. i. tu utcr iruprrkfijonz. 
Curse, Kurs, n. maledikjun: aflikjon; torment. 
Cursed, Kdrs-cd, a. dtzerviQ a kurs; hatful; 

Cursedly, Kdrs-ed-li, ad. mizerabli; Jninfuli. 
CuRSEDNESS, Kiirs-cd-nes, «. stnt ov btii) under 

u kur:i. 
CuRSER, Kiirs-or, ;;. wun hit) uterz kurscz. 
Cuitsiiii', Kur-Jip, H. do;;Jii): mennes. 
CuusiTOU, Ki'ir-si-tor, n. u klork in ds (janseri. 
Cursive, Kur-siv, a. runii); rapid. 
Cursorily, Kiir-so-ri-li, ad. in a kursuri manor; 

CoRSORiNESS, Kiir-so-ri-nes, n. sljt atonjon. 
Cursory, Kiir-.'^o-ri, a. hasti: kwik: !?ljt; k;trles. 
Curt, Kurt, m. Jnrt: kurtald: mi'itilntcd. [abrij. 
Curtail, Kur-tiil, c. t. tu kut of: tu Jortn: tu 
CuRTAiLER, Kur-ttil-cr. n. wun Ljj kut.s of cnitij). 
Curtain. Kiir-ton, «. a klot haijip rsnda bed, 

at 11 windu, or in a teatLT. 
Curtain. Kiir-tun, r. t. tu ha^j wid kurtenz. 
Curtal, Kur-tal, n. a hors wirt a <lokt tul. 
CuRTAi., Kiir-tal, a. bref; abrijd; kurtiild. [waj. 
Curtilage, Kiir-ti-laj, n. n kort^yqrd ner a mes- 
CuRL'LE, Ki'i-ro)!, a. bElojjijj tu a qariot. 
Curvated, Kur-vat-cd, a. bent; krukcd; kun'd. 
Curvatiox, Kur-vn-Jon, «. de akt ov bendiij or 

krukij). [fleksyqr. 

Curvature, Kur-va-tq,r, n. krukodncs: kurv; 
CuiiVE, Kurv, a. krukcd: bent; iuflekted. 
Curve, Kurv. r. t. tu bond: tu kruk:tu inflekt. 
Curve, Kurv, n. eni \.\\) bent; pqrt ov u serkl. 
Curvet. Kur-vct, r. t. tu lepaza h()rs;tu b5iid: 

tu frii-k. 
Cuevet, Kur-vot, n. a lep; a b"8nd; a frolik. 
CuRViLiNEAL, Kur-vi-lin-E-al, j a. konsistiij ov a 
Curvilinear, Kur-vi-lin-e-ar, ( kurvdlin;kom- 

puizd ov kurvd Ijnz. 
CuRViTY, Kur-vi-ti, n. krukcdnes; kurvati;r. 
Cushat, KiaJ-at, n. dt rij] duv, or wud pijon. 
Cushion, KiiJ-on, n. a pilo for a set. 
Cushioned, KuJ-oud, />. a. seted onakujon. 
Cusp, Kusp, n. a pernt; de pernt or horn ov de 

(k'.spiDAL, Kus-pi-dal, a. Jqrp; endii] in a pernt. 
Cuspidated, Kiis-pi-dat-ed, a. endip in a pernt; 

Crsris. Kus-pi?, n. [L.] de Jqrp end ov a tij). 
Cdstaed. Kiis-tard, n. ioA mad ov egz, milk, 

Ju.c;ur, As. fgqrdii). 

Custodial, Ku.s-ttf)-di-al, a. relatig tu kiistodi; 
Custody, Kils-t«j-di, u. impriznment; k^r; seki^- 

Custom, Kiis-tom, n. habit; habityi^al praktis; 

ynznj: patronnj; dqtiz on eksports'and imjHjrt.-. 
Customable, Ku^-tom-a-bl, a. komon; Ijabl tu 

till'"'!- [ti tu kustom. 

Customableness, Kiis-toni-a-bl-nes, n. konfornii- 
('USTOMABLV, Kiis-tom-a-bli, ad. akordifl tu 

kustum. [koraouli. 

Customarily. Kiis-tom-a-ri-li, ail. habityiiali; 
Custom ARi.stss, Kds-tom-a-ri-nes, «. frekwcn- 

&i; k(imonne>-. 
Customary, Kiid-tom-n-ri, a. konformabl tu kns- 

toin: yn?;iial. [a delcr. 

Customer, Kds-tom-cr, n. an okdstomd bier: 
Custom-house, Kds-tom-h-ss, n. a h'ss hw^r'de 

di^tiz u{>on gudz, im[iorted or eksjxDrted.qrkol- 


CoSTUMARY, KiLi-tum-a-ri, n. a buk ov loz and 

Cut, Kut, v. t. [i. Vni, p». kutin,kut:] tu mak an 

insijon; tu divid; tu hq; tu kqrv; tu pers;— 

+tu Jun; tu avdrd. 
Cut, Kut, v. i. tu mak yqs ov an ejd \js\. 
Cut, Kut, »i. de akjon ov an ejd instrument; a 

wa)nd nuid bj an ejd t«)I; a blu; a i)rinted pikt- 

yqr; fajon; Jap. [ekted. 

Cut, Kut, p. a. gajt; divjdcd; hqn; depii af- 
Cutaneous, Kq-Ui-ne-us, a. relatig tu de skin; 

Cute, Kqt.t a. Jqrp: JmkI; akqt. 
Cuticle, Kq-ti-kl, n. atinf<kin; de skqrf skin. 
CuTicuLAR, Kq-tik-yq-lar, a. belooij tude skin 

or kqtikl. 
Cutlass, Kut-las, n, a brod kutig sord. 
^ Cutler, Kdt-ler, n. wun hm maks kutij) instnib- 

j Cutlery, Kdt-ler-i, n. a kutlerz wqr or bizneg. 
Cutlet, Kdt-let, n. a sinol pes ov met; a stak. 
CuTi'URSE, Kdt-purs, n. a riikpokct: a tef. 
Cutter, Kdt-er, n. wun Oat kitts;— a fast salip 

Cutthroat, Kut-trut, n. a murderer; an asasin. 
Cuttiiuoat, Kut-trut, a. krdjel; inhqman. 
Cutting, Kdt-ii), ii. a pes kut of; a slip. 
Cuttle, Kdt-1, / »i. a fijf dat troz -st a 

Cuttlefish, Kdt-l-fiJ, i blak likor tu konsel 

it>e!f. Lpnj. 

Cutwater, Kut-wet-er, n. de for pqrt ov a Jips 
Cyanide, Sj-au-jd, n. a kompTjud ovsjanojenwid 

sum uder element or komvsnd. 
Cyanite, Sj-an-jt, //. a mineral ov biq kulor. 
Cyanogen, Sj-an-o-jen, n. a kompisnd ov wun 

ekwivalent ov njtru)jen, and tm ov kqrbon. 
Cyanometer, Sj-an-6m-e-ter, n. an instrument 

tu asci-tan de degre ov blqnes ov de se or skj. 
Cycle. Si-kl, »». a serkl; a periodikal spas ov tjm. 
Cycloid, Si-kltfd, h. a jeumetrikal kurv,onhwiq 

dejiendz de doktrinz ov pendqlumz. 
Cyclometry, Sj-kl6m-e-tri, «. de qrt ov me3q,r- 

ii) sjklz. 
C'YCLOP-f.DiA, ^j-kl(:>-p8-di-a, ;i. a .serkl ov de qrt.' 

and sjensez;an ensjklopedia. 
Cyclopean, Sj-klcD-ps-an, a. relatig tu de Sj- 

klo]S; vast; tcrifik. 
Cyclopic, Kj-kl6p-ik, a. vast; tcrifik; sjklopean. 
Cyclops, Si-klo))?, n. dig. and pi. in fabyqlu.« 

histori, a kills ov jiants. 
Cygnet, Sig-net, n. a yup swon. 
Cylinder. Sil-in-der, «. a log s^rkqlar bodi or 

yqniform djametcr. 
Cylindrical', Si-lin-dri-kal, a. havig de form 
^ ov u silinder. [silinder. 

<'ylindroid, Sil-in-drffd, n. a bodi rczemblig a 
Cyma. Sj-mu, «. tt muldiu:n sjm. 
Cymar. ."^i-niqr, «. a sijt kuverip; a skqrf. 
Cymbal, Sim-bal, n. an anjent mqzikal instrcD- 

niont, [bcDt. 

Cymbikorm, Sim-bi-fomi. :\. havig de Jap ov a 
Cymb. .Sjni, n. [y.'f-/.] an iuiiur.Mens. 
Cynanche, Si-nan-ke, >i. a dizjz ov de trot. 
Cynanihropy, yi-nan-tro-pi, h. asortovkanjn 

uiaiines. [wid a dog. 

Cynarctomachy, Sin-qrk-tom-a-ki, ». b^r-batio 
Cynic, Sin-ik, \ a. havig de kwolitiz ov a 

Cynical. Sin-i-kal, ( snapiJdog;snqrli5; snapi/. 
Cynic, Sin-ik, n. a foloer ov Djojencz; a snqrlip 

f ilosofor; a nicirus man; a snqrler. 
Cynicism, Sin-i-siz-ra, n. misantropi; morosne?. 
Cynosure, Sj-no-Jq^r, n. de stqr ner de nort pol 

bj hwii; salorz .ster; a gid. 
Cypher. Si-fer, ». i^t {Cipher.) [ifl. 

Cypress. Si-jires, ii. a tre; an emblem or mom- 
Cyprus, tfj-prus, n. a tin transpj\rcnt stuf . 

DAI 96 

Cyst, Sist, n. a bag kontanii) morbid mater. 
Cysted, Sist-ed, a. enklozd in a bag er sist. 
Cystic, Sis-tik, a. kontand in a bag er sist. 
Cystotomy, Sis-tot-o-mi, n. de opnig ov insist- 
ed tqmorz. 


Cytisus, Sit-i-sus, 71. [Z.l a jenus ov Jrubz. 
Czar, Z^r, n. de tjtl ov de emperor ov Rcojia. 
Czarina, Za-re-na, n. At empres ov RcDjia. 
CzAROWiTZ, Zar-o-wits, n. de tjtl ov de Zqrz 
oldest sun. 



d, ds fori) leter, and terd konsonant ov &t 
, komon IggliJ alfabet, iz a vokal eksplodent. 
Its sljt vokaliti distiijgwijez it from t, tw hwiq 
it iz aljd. U, az an abreviajon, standz fer doh- 
tw; az, D.D., doktor ov diviniti: az, M.D., dok- 
tor ov medisin; az a Koman nn,meral, it dsn^ts 
500. It iz yixzd az u ks in miizik; and it iz 
elso yn^zd tu den6ta sljdiij valvina stem enjin. 

Dab, Dab, v. t. tu strjk jentli; tu tug; tu slap. 

Dab, Dab, n. a smol lump; a soft substans;— an 
adept; a dabster; an qrtist. 

Dabble, Dab-1, v. t. tu smer; tu spater; tu wet; 
— V. i. tu pla in weter;- — tu tamper. 

Dabbler, Dab-ler, n. wun ho) dablz or medlz. 

Dabchick, Dab-qik, n. a smol weter f^l. [tig. 

Dabster, Dab-ster,t n. wun ho iz ekspert at cni 

Da capo, Dq kq-po, [It.] agen;— signifjii) dat ds 
ferst pqrt ov de tq,n Jud bf. repsted. 

Dace, Das, n. a smel river fij, Ijk a roq. 

Dactyl, Dak-til, n. a poetikal fut konsistii) ov 
wun lor) fut and tct) Jert wunz. 

Dactylic, Dak-til-ik, a. relatig tu ds daktil. 

Dactylology, Dak-ti-lol-o-ji, n. de qrt ov kon- 
versiij bj At fiijgerz. [bj de figgerz. 

Dactylomancy, Dak-til-o-man-?i, n. divinajon 

Dactylonomy, Dak-ti-16n-o-mi, n. de qrt ov 
numberiij wid de firjgerz. 

Dado, D^-do, n. {It.] de plan pqrt ov a kolum 

betwen de bas and kernis. 
D^DALiAN, De-da-li-an, a. Ijk a labirint; dedalus. 
Daffodil, Daf-o-dil, n. a nqrsisus; a jenus ov 

plants. [mqrk ( t )• 

Dagger, Dag-er, n. a Jert sord; a ptrnyard; de 
Dagger, Dag-er, v. t. tu stab wid a dager. 
Daggeks-dratving, Dag-erz-dro-ig, n. a dreig ov 

Daggle, Dag-1, v. t. tu tral in mjr er weter. 
Daggle, Dag-1, v. i. tu pas iro) wet er dert: tra 

Daggletail, Dag-1-tal, a. bemjrd; bespaterd. 
Dag-lock, D.ig-lok, «. a loos end ov a lok ov wul. 
Daguerreotype, Da-giir-o-tjp, n. a metod ov 

fiksii) imajez, bj menz ov de kamera obski^ra, 

on metal plats; invented bj (M. Daguerre.) 
Dahlia, Dq-li-o, nr Da-li-a, •». a plant and bq,- 

tiful fl'ser, orijinali from Meksiko, kompqzii) 

meni varjetiz. 
Daily, Da-li, a. hapnig evcri da. 
Daily, Da-li, ad. everi da; veri ofn. 
Daintily, Dan-ti-li, ad. delikatli;nisli;fastidiusli. 
Daintiness, Dan-ti-nes, «. delikasi; fastidiusnes. 
Dainty, Dan-ti, a. delijus; f jn; nis; skwemij. 
Dainty, Dan-ti, )i. sumtiij njs or delikat;a tidbit. 
Dairy, Da-ri, n. de plas hw^r milk iz prezervd 

er mad intu buter, &s.; a milk fqrm. 
Daiey-maid, Da-ri-mad, n. a femal hcJ) manajez 

a dari. 
Dais, Da-is, 71. [ /}•.] a platform or razd flor. 
Daisied, Da-zid, a. ful ov daziz. 
Daisy, Da-zi, n. a perenial plant and fl-ser. 

Dale, Dal, n. a spas betwen hilz; a val; a vali. 
Dalliance, Dal-i-ans, m. miityq,al kar^sez; akta 

ov fondnes. 
Dallier, Dal-i-er, n. a trjfler: a fondler. 
Dally, Dal-i, v. i. tu trjfl; tu fondl; tu dela. 
Dam, Dam, n. a. mol er bagk tu. konfin weter;— 

a femal pq,rent, apljd tu bests. 
Dam, Dam, i'. t. tu konfjn weter bj damz. 
Damage, Dam-aj, n. misqif: hurt; detriment; los. 
Damage, Dam-aj, «. t. tu inji^r; tu imp4r; tia 

Damageable, Dam-aj-a-bl, a. suseptiblovdamaj. 
Damages, Dam-aj-ez, n. pi. de am'snt ov muni 

asest on a defendant, az a remq,neraJon tu de 

plantif fer &s injv^ri dun him. 
Damascene, Dam-zn, n. a. plum. Se {Damson.} 
Damask, Dam-ask, n. iigy\\Td klot er silk; — a red 

kulor. [gold, &8. 

Damaskeen, Dam-as-ken, i". t. tu inla jurn wid 
Damaskin, Dam-as-ken, n. a saber mad at Da- 
I maskus. [a red roz. 

Damask-rose, Dam-ask-roz, w. roz ov Damaskus: 
j Dame, Dam, n. a ladi; a mistres ov a famili. 
Damn, Dam, r. t. tia da»m tu eternal punijment; 

tu kurs; tn kondem; tu hoot. 
Damnable, Dam-na-bl, a. most wiked; pernijus. 
Damnableness, Dam-na-bl-nes, n. de kwoliti ov 

beii) wurdi ov kondemnajon. [najon. 

Damnably, Dam-na-bli, ad. so az tu inkdr dam- 
Damnation, Dam-na-Jon, «. ekskli^jon from di- 

vjn mersi; eternal punijment; kondemnajon. 
Damnatory, Dam-ua-to-ri, a. kontanip kondem- 
Damned, Damd, (>r Dara-ned, p. a. kond^md; 

hatful; detestabl; abherd. 
Damnific, Dam-nif-ik, a. proki^rig los; misqivus. 
Damp, Damp, a. merst; wet: fogi; dejekted; suijk. 
Damp, Damp, n. fog; mefstyi|r; vapor; dejekjon. 
Damp, Damp, r. i. tu wet; tu mersn; tu depres. 
Damper, Damp-er, n. a valv tu stop n,r in a fur- 

nas; dat hwiq qeks; pqrt ov a peanof6rt. 
Dampish, Damp-iJ, a. m»st; inkljnd tu wet; hq,- 

mid. [ytir. 

Dampishness, Damp-iJ-nes, n. tendensi tu merst- 
Dampness, Damp-ncs, n. mtfstyqr; fogines. 
Damsel, Dam-zel, ». a yu{) madn; a gerl. 
Damson, Dam-zn, n. a smel, dqrk kulord plum. 
Dan, Dan,* n. de old term ov onor fer men; 

ekwivalent tu master. [steps. 

Dance, Dans, v. i. tu lep or mcov wid megurd 
Dance, Dans, v. t. tia mak tu dans. 
Dance, Dans, n. regyi^ated miDvment ov de fet. 
Dancer, Ddn-ser, ». wun bin praktisez dansig. 
Dancing, Ddn-sig, n. de akt ov mCDvig wid steps 

tu mq,zik. [dansifl. 

Dancing-mastee, Ddn-sig-mds-ter, n. a. teqer ov 
Dandelion, Dan-de-lj-on, n. a plant and yelo 

flTser. [an old kem. 

Dandipeat. Dan-di-prat, n. a konseted litl felo;— 
Dandle, Dan-dl, c. i. tu fondl: tu tret Ijk a qjld. 
Dandlee, Dan-dler, n. wun hO) dandlz cildren. 
i Dandruff, Dan-druf, n. a skurf on de Led. 




Dandt, D4n-di, n. a fop; a mal person h b dresez 

Ijk u d..l. 
Dandyism, Dan-di-iz-m,n. de kwolitiz ov a dandi. 
Dane, Dan, «. a nativ ov Denmq^rk. 
Daneoeld, Dan-gcld, u. DuniJ muni; a taks lad 

upon de IflgliJ najon bj dt Danz. [peril. 

Danger, Dan-jer, n. ekspoji^r tu inj^ri; hazard; 
Danger, Dan-jer, v. t. tu endanjcr. [risk. 

Dangeuless, l>Hn-jcr-les, a. wid'st hazard; wid'st 
Dangerous, Dan-jer-us, a. ful ov danjcr;perilus. 
Dangerolslv, Dun-jer-us-li, ad. hazardusli; wid 

Danoerousness, Dan-jer-us-nes, u. danjer; peril. 
Dangle, Dag-gl, v. i. tu hay loos; tia fulo. 
Dangler, Dag-gler, n. wun hoo dagglz or hagz 

Danish, Dan-iJ, a. rtlatig tu de Danz. 
Dank, Daijk,* a. damp; hi^mid; mffst; wet. 
Daphne, Daf-nc, ». a jtnus ov plants; de lercl. 
Dapifer, Dap-i-fcr, n. [Z.] wun hcD servz iaA. at 

de tabl. 
Dapper, Dap-cr, a. litl and aktiv; priti; net. 
Dapperling, Dap-cr-liij, n. a dworf ; a dandiprat. 
Dapple, Dap-1, a. ov varius kulorz; variegated. 
1>apple, Dap-1, 1-. t. tu strek; tu vari; tu spot. 
Dappleu, Dap-ld, a. btig ov varius kulorz. 
Dapplegray, Dap-1-gra, a. a gra mqrkt wid 

Dare, D:vr, i-. i. \i. durst, ps. di\,ri5), djird;] tu hav 

kuraj; not tu be afrad; tu ventyii^r. 
Dare, Dv, v. i. [i. d.^rd, /<*•. dririg, dtird;] tu qal- 

enj; tu dffj; tu brav. 
Darer, Dqr-er, h. wun htn d.-^rz or def iz. 
Daring, Diir-ijj, a. bold; adventyiyu.-; ferles. 
Daringly, Di'ir-ig-li. ail. boldli: kurajusli. 
Daringness, Di'ir-ig-nes, n. bioldnes; lerlesnes. 
Dark, D^rk, a. wontiij lit: not IJt: opak; obsk^r. 
Dark, Dqrk, n. dqrknes; obskn,riti; wont ov Ijt. 
Darken, I)qrk-n, r, t. tu niak dqrk; tu kl-gd. 
Darken, Dqrk-n, i'. i. tu gro dqrk. 
Darkener, Dqrk-n-er, n. dal hwiq dqrknz. 
Dark-eyed, l)qrk-jd, a. havii) dqrk jz. 
Darkish, Dqrk-i/, a. duski; aprwcjiy tu dqrk. 
Darkling, Dqrk-liy,* a. beii) in dr dqrk. [li. 
Darkly, Dqrk-li, ad. obskiyli; bljndli; impcrfekt- 
Darkness, Dqrk-nes, n. wontiy Ijt; obskq,riti; se- 

krcsi: grat trubl. 
Darksome, Dqrk-sum, a. gkumi; obski^r. 
Darling, Dqr-lii), a. favorit; der; mucj Ijeiuvd. 
Darn, Dqrn, i-. t. tu mend a rent or hoi bj suig. 
Darnel, Diir-nel, «. a wed griaig in de feldz. 
Darning, Dqrn-iij, h. At akt ov raendii) holz. 
Dart, Dqrt, /;. a wepn tron bj de hand; a sper. 
Dart, Dqrt, v. t. tu trco; tu jit; tu emit. 
Dart, Dqrt, r. e. tu flj rapidli, az a dqrt. 
Darter, Dqrt-er, ;i. wun hio triiz a dqrt. 
Dartinglv, Dqrt-ig-li. a/Z. veri s-vviftli, ijk a dqrt. 
Dash, DaJ, v. f. tu stnk agenst:— tu bespriykl; 

tu miygl; tu obliterat;'tu blot: tu konf-snd. 
Dash, DaJ, v. i. tu flj of; tu ruj: tu strjk. 
Dash, DaJ, 71. a mqrkor lin in r^tiy, dus ( — ); — 

a bio: -in ostcntajus Jo. 
Dashing, DaJ-ij, a. prcsipitat; rujiy; fopij. 
Dastard. Das-tard, n. a losard: a poltrrfm. 
Dastardize,, r. t. tu mak k-sardli. 
Dastardliness, Das-turd-li-nes, »i. k-sardlines. 
Dastardly, Das-ianl-li, a. k-sardli; men. 
DjVTA, Dii-tu, trffldz admitod. 
Datary, Dii-ta-ri, n. a papal of iser in Rom. 
Date, Dat, n. At tim ov an event: cpok; era; de 

tjm at hwiq a Icter iz ritn; — a frmt. 
Date, Dat, r. t. tu not de tjm; — v. i. tu rokn; 

tu begin. 
Dateless. Dat-les, a. wid^t cni dat or fikst t^nn. 
Date-tree, Dat-tre, n. a. kjnd ov pqm dat b^rz 

Dative, Da-tiv, a. notiy de terd kas ov Grek 

and Latin n-snz, relatin tu giviy. 
Datum, Da-tum, n. [Z.J pi. Dd-ta; a tij) givn; a 

propozijon or triit admited. 
Daub, Dob, v. t. tu smcr; tu pant korsli. 
Daub, Dob, n. kors pantij); plaster. 
Dauber, D()b-er, n. wun htij dobz; a kors panter. 
Daubery, Dob-er-i, n. dobig: eni tiy qrtful. 
Daubing, Dob-iy, a. plaster: kors pantiy. 
Dauby, l)ob-i, a. viskus; glqtinus: smeri. 
Daughter, Do-ter, n. a fcmal ofsprig ov a man 

or wuman; a femal qild. 
Daughter-in-law, Do-tcr-in-lo, n. a sunz wjf. 
Daughterly, Do-ter-li, a. Ijk a dotcr. 
Daunt, Dqnt, v. t. tu diskuraj; tu frjt; tu in- 

timidat: tu apol. 
Dauntless, Dqnt-les, a. ferles; bold. 
Dauntlessness, Dqnt-les-nes, n. ferlesnes. 
Dauphin, Do-fin, n. At eldest sun ov de Kig ov 

Dauphiness, Do-fin-es, n. At wif ov de dofin. 
Davit, Da-vit, n. a Jort pes ov timber. 
Daw, Do, »i. a herd; At jakda. [dali. 

Dawdle, Do-dl,t v. i. tu wast tjm; tu tqfl; tu 
Dawdler, D6-dler, n. a. trjfler; a dalier. 
Dawn, Don, r. i. tu gro Ijt; tu glimer; tu opn. 
Dawn, Don, n. brak ov da; beginiij; ris. 
Dawning, Don-ig, n. brak ov da: beg'inig; don. 
Day, Da, n. At tjm bet wen de rjzig and setig ov 

de sun; de tjm from njjn tu noon, or from mrdnjt 

tu midnjt; Ijt; sunjjn; Ijf; an aptrntcd tjm; an aj; 

a kontest. [transakjonz. 

Day-book, Da-buk, n. a dali rcjistcr ov merkantil 
Day'-break, Da-brak, n. don;ferst aperans ov da. 
Day-dream, Da-drem, «. a vijon tia ds wakig 

Day-labor, Da-la-bor, n, labor bj de da. 
Day-laborer, Da-la-bor-cr, w. wun hco wurks bj 

At da. 
Daylight, Da-ljt, n. At Ijt ov At da. 
Day-lily, Da-lil-i, ». a plant and flijer; asfodel. 
Day'-rule, Da-ro)!, n. in lo, a reles for wun da. 
Daysman, Daz-man, n. an umpjr; a juj. 
Day-speing, Da-sprig, n. rjs ov de da; de don. 
Day-star, Da-stqr, n. At mornig stqr; Venus. 
Day-time, Da-tjm, h. tjm in hwiq d^^r iz Ijt. 
Day-work, Da-wurk, n. wurk imp6zd bj At da. 
Day-writ, Da-rit, «. sam az da-rcsl. 
Daze, Daz,* v. t. tu ovcrp-xer wid Ijt; tu dazl. 
Dazzle, D:iz-1, t. t. tu overp-scr wid Ijt. 
Deacon, De-kn, n. an ekleziastikal ofiser. 
Deaconess, Dc-kn-es, ii. a femal dtkn. 
Deaconky, De-kn-ri, ) j. c- j 1 

Deaconship, Dt-ku-Jip, !"• "^ ^^'^ «'' °- ^^^''■ 
Dead, Ded, a. deprivd ov Ijf; Ijfles; inanimat; dul; 

spiritles; stil; tastlcs; vapid. 
Dead, Dcd, n. stilnes: Ac\)\:;—pl. ded men. 
Dead-drunk, Ded-drugk, a. so drugk az tu be 

Deaden, Ded-n, v. t. txa depriv ov Ijf or vigor; tu 

mak ded, vapid, or spiritles. 
Deadish, Ded-iJ, a. re zeniblig bwot iz ded; dul. 
Dead-lift, Ded-lift, n. a lift mad wid man stregt. 
Dead-light, Ded-ljt, n. a sort ov Juter plast over 

a glas windo ov a kabin. 
Deadliness, Ded-li-nes, n. At stat ov beig dedli. 
Deadly, Ded-li, a. destruktiv; mortal. 
Deadly, Ded-li. ad. mortali; implakabli. 
Deadness, Ded-nes, w. wont ov Ijf or vigor. 
Deadnettle, Ded-net-1, h. a wed. 
Dead-reckoning, Ded-r6k-nig, n. konjcktytir ov 

de plas hwq,r a Jip iz, bj At log. 
Dead-water, Ded-wo-ter, ji. de edi ov woter dat 
klozez in wid a Jips stern. [herig. 

Deaf, Def, nr Def, a. wontig de sens ov herig; not 
Deafen, D6f-n, r. t. tu mak def. 




Deafly, Def-li, ad. in a def maner. 

Deafness, Def-nes, n. stat or bELg def. 

Deal. Del, n. a pqrt; a kwontiii; a dol; fer er pjn 

timber ?od intu plagks er bordz. 
Deal, Del, v. t. [i. delt, ps. delii), delt:] tu dis- 

tribviit: tu divjd; tu skater: tu tro ab^t. 
Deal,' DeI, v. i. tu trafik; tu transakt; tu akt: 

tu inter^En. 
Dealek, Del-er, n. wun ha delz; a trader. 
Dealing, Del-ifl, »i. praktis: interkors; trafik. 
Dealt, Delt, af. andy). from Ld. 
Deax, Dfn, II. Ae sckond dignitari ov a djoses: 

an ofiser in a literari instituJon. 
Deaneey, DEn-er-i, ii. at ofis er h-ss ov a den. 
Deassuip, Den-Jip, n. At ofis ov a d£n; dcneri. 
Deae. Dsr, a. btliivd: prejus: kostli. 
Deak, Dsr, n. a dqrlig; a wurd ov endErment. 
Deabbokx, Dsr-bem, n. a lit for-hwEld karij. 
Dear-bought. Der-bot, a. pur^tst at a hj prjs. 
Dear-loved, Dt'r-luvd, a. muq 1u>t1. 
Dearly, DEr-li, ad. in a dEr maner: fondli. 
Deaeness. Dsr-nes. n. luv: kostlines. 
Dearth, Dert, n. sk^rsiti; wont; famin. 
Deary, DEr-i, ii. At diminyn,tiv ov dsr: a dqrlig. 
Death, Det, n. ekstiijkjon ov Ijf; mertaliti. ^diz. 
Death-bed, Det-bed, ii. At bed on hwiq a person 
Death-bopisg, Det-bod-iij, 7*. a. jjortendijj det. 
Deathless, Det-les, a. imartal: never-djig. 
Deathlike, Det-ljk, a. rEzemblii) det. 
Death"s-dooe, Dets-diir, n. a. het aproq tu det. 
Deatu's-max. Dets-man. n. an eksrktiJoncr. 
Deatuward, Det-wcird, ad. toard det. 
Death-vaerant, Det-wor-ant, «. an order fer 

At eksEkuj'on ov a krimiaal. 
Deathavatch, Det-woq, ji. an insekt hoiz nerz iz 

imajind tu prognostikat det. 
Debar. Ds-bqr, v. t. tu ekiklq,d: tu hinder. 
Debark. Ds-bqrk, v. t. tu land; tu disemlxirk. 
Debarkation, DE-bqr-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov dis- 

embqrkij). [terat. 

Debase. DE-bas, r. i. tu dEgrad; tm loer; tu adul- 
Debasement, DE-bas-ment, )i. de akt ov dsbasiij. 
Debaslr, Ds-bas-er, n. wun hcD debasez. 
Debatable, Ds-bat-a-bl, a. dispqtabl; kontest- 

Debate, Dc-bat, n. a dispi^t: a kworel: a kontcst. 
Debate, Ds-bat, v. t. tu kontrovert: tu dispfj^t. 
Debate. Dr-bat, r. i. tu dEliberat: tu dispi\t. 
Debatefll, De-bat-ful, a. kontenjus; kontestcd. 
Debatefully, DE-bat-ful-i, ad. in a kontenjus 

Debatement, D£-bat-ment, ». kontroversi; debat. 
Debater. D£-bat-er, n. wun ho) dsbits; a dis- 

ptl'^nt. [iKDin. 

Debauch, De-boo,, r. t. tu konipt: tu vijiat: tu 
Debauch, DE-btkj, n. druijknnes; ekses; Iqdnes. 
Debauchedness, De-boq-ed-nes, n. intemperans: 

Debauchee, Deb-o-jE, n. a rak: a dnipkard. 
Debauchee, De-boq-er, n. wun htD deboqez. 1 

Debauchery, Ds-boq-cr-i, n. iutcmperan.s; Ind- ' 

nti. i 

Debauchmext, De-boq-ment, ». akt ov dEboqifl. ! 
Debextuee. D£-bent-yqr, n. a sertifikat; an iu- 

str.wnent bj liwiq a det iz klamd: a sertifikat ov 

druliuk ftr alisuus. 
Debile, Dob-il, a. w£k; febl: fant. [fant. 

Debilitate, De-bil-i-tat, v. t. tu wekn: tu mak 
Debilitatio.x, De-bil-i-ta-Jon, n. At akt ov wEk- 

n\\y. dEbUiti. [gwor. 

Debility, De-bil-i-ti, n. wrknes: ftblnes; la^- 
Debit, Deb-it, u. At detor .-id ov an akisnt. 
Debit, Deb-it, v. t. tu qqrj wid det. 
Debo.naie. Deb-o-n^r, a. elegant: .sivil; wel-bred. 
Debonaibly, Deb-o-n^r-li, ad. elegantli ; wid 


Deboxaiexess, Deb-i3-n4r-nes, n. siviliti; kom- 

Debouch, De-bobq, r. t. tu mqrq -st. 
Debouchure, Da-ba>-jq,r, n. [/)'.] de mut ov a 

river er strat. 
Debris. Deb-re, n. [/)■.] fragments; nibif. 
Debt, J3et, u. hwot wun man oz tu anuder. 
Debtee, Det-e, n. wun tu hism a det iz dq,. 
Debtor, Det-or, n. wun hoa oz muni, &s. 
Debut, Da-bii,, n. [/>•.] an entrans upon enitig; 

ferst atemt: ferst step; ferst aperans. 
Decachord, Dek-a-kerd, j n. a mq,zikal in- 

Decachordon, Dek-a-ker-don, i strcoment; dat 

hwiq haz ten pqrts. [de top kut of. 

Decacumixated, Dek-a-ki'i-mi-nat-ed, a. havig 
Decade, Dek-ad, n. At sum or number ov ten. 
Decadexce, De-ka-dens, n. deka; fel. 
Decagox, Dek-a-gon, n. a fig)'vi,r havig ten ekwal 

sjdz. [ten sjdz. 

Decahedron, Dek-a-he-dron, n. a figyqr havig 
Decalogist, De-kal-o-jist, n. an ekspozitor ov 

de dekalog. 
Decalogue, Dek-a-log, n. At ten komdndments. 
Decameron, De-kam-e-ron, ji. a volyum havig 

t^en buks. [of. 

Decamp, De-kamp, v. i. tu rEmctiv a kamp; tu mav 
Decampment, De-kamp-ment, n. a remoival ov At 

kamp. [menz. 

Decaxder. De-kan-der, n. a plant havig ten sta- 
Decaxal. Dek-a-nal, a. pertanig tu a dsueri. 
Decaxgular, Dek-ag-gq,-lar, a. havig ten agglz. 
Decaxt, De-kant, r. t. tu por of jentli. 
Decaxtation, De-kan-ta-Jon, n. At akt ov de- 

kantig. [vesel intu andder. 

Decanted, De-kant-ed, /). pord of from wun 
Decaxter, De-kant-er, n. wun hco dekants; — a 

glas vesel far likor. 
Decapitate, De-kap-i-tat, i-. t. tu behed. 
Decapitation, De-kap-i-ta-Jon, n. At akt ov be- 

Decapod, Dek-a-pod, n. an animal havig ten fet. 
Decarbonize, De-kqr-bon-iz, i-. t. tu deprjv ov 

Decastich, Dek-a-stiq, n. a poem ov ten Ijnz. 
Decastyle, Dek-a-stjl, n. an asemblaj ov ten 

Decay, De-ka, v. i. tu Iffiz ekselens; ta dekljn. 
Decay, Ds-ka, i-. t. tu imp4r; tu brig tu deka. 
Decay, De-ka, n. a dEkliu: gradynal falytj^r. 
Decayedness, D£-ka-ed-nes, n. a stat ov deka. 
Decease, De-ses, h. det: depqrtyqr from Ijf., De-ses, i-. i. tu dj; tu ekspjr. 
Deceased, De-sest, p. a. depqrted from Ijf; ded. 
Deceit, De-set, n. fred; a qet: (^rtifis. 
Deceitful, De-set-ful, a. fredynlent; fml ov 

deset. [deset. 

Deceitfully, De-set-ful-i, ad. fredjnq^lentli; wid 
Deceitfulxess, De-set-ful-nes, n. At kwoliti ov 

beig dEsetful. 
Deceivable. Dfi-SEV-a-bl, a. Ijabl tu be desevd 
Deceivablexess, De-sev-a-bl-nes, n. Ijablnes tu 

be desevd. 
Deceive, De-sev, r. t. tu kez tu mistak; tu de- 

lipl: tu impJiz on; tu mok: tu fal. 
Deceiver. De-sev-er, >i. wun hot) desevz; a qet. 
December, De-sem-ber, n. de last munt ov dc 

Decempedal, DE-sem-pe-dal, a. ten fet in legt. 
Decemvir, De-sem-ver, n. [Z.] p}. De-sem-vi-rj; 

wun ov de ten guvemorz ov anjent Ram. 
Decemvieal, De-sem-vi-ral, a. belogig tu a de- 

semvirat. [bj ten rtolerz. 

Decemvirate, De-sem-vi-rat, n. a guvemment 
Decency, De-sen-si, n. proprjetij dekorum; mod- 

csti. [ov ten ycrz. 

Decenxart, De-sen-a-ri, n. a tjdig; a period 




DzcK.NNiAL, Dc-MJn-i-al, a. kuntinyiyg ten jtn. 
Declnt, be-MUt, A. bckiituio; tit; si4Utt>l; mixlcst. 
DKci:>rLir, De-Mol-li, nd. iu a devout, prupor 

lOBiior. lili. 

I)KC>..VT\£Hd, D^-sent-nes, n. dr<oiui; di^ f>jriiuil- 
UtckJTiuiLiry, De-iei>-ti-bU-i-ti,t ». Ijabluo* tu 

be dcMvd. 
DKCKrTiBLK. De-i4p-ti-bl,t «. l^abl tu be dt«ivd. 
L>KCKfTiuN, Ue-s«ip-ioa, n. dr aktuvdewvig; fnxl; 

I»itCKFTiOLS, Dc-M-p-Ju*, a. desctful. 
I»k».»JTiVE, l>r--e|)-iiv, I a. dt.'tviy; de^etful; 
Untkn^okv, l>i ^cji tw-ri, j drl(|di{). [of. 

l)i;t».Ki*TiL).>i, Di -»<''PJ""> '•• 'i kropnj, or takig 
Dkcuaum, Ue-(;<4rtu, v. t. tu kvotonikl a (j((rui. 
UkciUAULK, Dt:-.>{d-ii-bl, a. ku|>abl uv beiy dc- 

Dxcii^t:, Ue-tijii, r. t. tu fikii At ev5nt uv; tu de- 

tvruiiii; tu Aotl. 
DliCiDLDLT, De-fid-cd-ii, ad. in a dctermind 

Ukcidence, Des-i-dena, n. dt akt ov frfUg awu. 
DLCiDtK. l)t-^i'l-LT, H. wun bit) lirtt'rmiDZ. 
l>ECil»LOL.s, l>i:-ai;i-yii-u^, a. lulifl in otum; nut 

fViT^rin; not i>ureuiul. 
Decidlol'sxess, De-sid-yn-ua-nM, n. Stat or be- 
lli Ur^id^iius. [bj ton. 
DtciM.vt, lL>M-i-aiiil, A. nuuberd, or multi|j|{d 
Dkcimal, l)e'«-i-iu:tl, it. a tfut; u deiiiinal frakjun. 
]>t:ciMATK, Dei-i-mat, c. t. tu tjd; tu tak de 

Uiit. [lent. 

1)lc)matiox, l>>s-i-ma-Jon, n. a selckjon ov cveri 
Ukc'imatur, i>ej-i-iiui-U>r, h. wun hJ> deiiuatii. 
Deciho suctu, i>«»-i-inu-!)eka-t<j, n. [Z.] a buk 

in liwiq de Jrl is folded iutu aik^^ten Icvi. 
Decipher, I>e-MJ-for, r. t. tu ck^iplan: tu uafuld; 

tu unr.ivcl. 
ItKCiriiLaui, Dc-sj-fer-pr, u. wun hiB dc-'iforz. 
Decihion, Ue-^i;',-on, n. At akt ovde5idig:det(rmi- 

nnJoD <>v u diieroo.s, dut, or rvent. 
Decisive, Dc-sj-»iv, a. kuiiklii»iv; f{nal: pozitiv. 
DECI81VELT, De-«i-siv-li, ad. in a konkhi-^iv 

iiianiT. [sjMiv. 

Dkcisivkxess, De-sj-siv-ne*, u. stat ov beijj dc- 
Deci!>uRV, De-si-.s(j-ri, a. abl tu det^rmin. 
Deck, Dok, r. t. tu kavcr; tu dres; tu ari; tu 

Deck, Ut-k, n. At flur uv a /ip: — a pok ov kqrdz. 
Deckkr, l».k-iT, n. wun hiij dfk:s; t» kuvcror. 
Decei.n'u. I'fk-i5), II. i.'rnauient; einbelijiufnt. 
Declaim, Dc-kluiu, r. i. tu 8|iek tu de pujoni. 
Dkclaimer, Dc-klam-cr, n. wun boo deklAniz. 
Declaimixu, De-klnui-ig, n. an apel tu de {la/- 

onz. [de pnjunz. 

Dkclamatiox, Dek-U-mA-Jon, n. a diakurs tu 
Declamator, Dek-lu-iua-tor, n. an orator: a rct- 

orij'an. [pajonz. 

Declamatort, De-klain-a-t<j-ri, a. aprlin tu de 
Declarable, l)c-kl:ir-a-bl. a. dat mn be dck^rd. 
D»:i LARATiox, Dok-la-ra-Jon, n. an opn ek.-<i>roJ- 

.'ii; nil :iicnuaJon: a ]iroklania/on. 
)!>< i.MivTiVK, De-klar-a-tiv, j. proklamig; ek.«- 

\\ 111 i',.:i. (tivli. 

DkCLARATORiLT, De-kUr-a-to-ri-li, ad. af«*nuA- 
Dr.cLARAToRT, De-kUr-a-t<^ri,a.afvnautir; kler: 

Declare, U«-kl4r, r. t. tu mnk nan: tu (mj- 

DL( I.aRK. r. I. U\ mak ■; n. 

DECLARti'LY. Dr-klHr-«\l-li, ad. ., 
Declarer, Dc-kl^r-er, «. wanh.iu ,.., . ,!.'o- 

klnmrr. jon. 

Declarixo, Dr-kl^r-iQ, n. pnblikajon: d^klara- 
Dkclensiox, Dc-kl^n-Jun, «. dc akt or dekllnig; 

tpnilcnsi tu fol; drjt-norasi; dr^'nt: rarin/oo ov 

Declixablk, Dt-klin-B»' - * • --i-- i-ii-^ 
Declixatiox, Dek li-nu . 

'Irklt-nf ii: clu-<snt; de j i 

;i de tkwai-r, lur 
1' • Dek-li-nA-t«r, n. »:■ 

. . .'liO. 

DkcLi.SE, Dr-kljn, r. •'. tu len: tu fti; tu deka. 
Dkclixe, De-ki{n, r t. tu brig dvn; tu/ao: tu 

refiiz: tu vnri, or inflekt, az wurdz. 
Declixe. Dc-kl|n, a. fi.lio of: dimintjon; <lekA. 
DtcLivixr, De-kliv-i-ti, h. a tlcj;.: i .- .ivuil 

dc.-i<iitt. [■ 

Declivoim, De-klj-Tus, n. a Aoy, ; 
Decoct, De-kukt, v.i. tu b<rl; tudiji-^. . . 

Decoctiox. Df-kok-Jon, «. de akt ov bwliji 
Decollate, De-kul-at, c. t. tu beh6d: tu at 

kapitut. [in. 

Decollatiox, Dck-ol-a-Jon, n. deaktov bebed- 
I>ECOLORATiox, De-kul-or-&-Jon, n. abiiin .ir pri- 

VH/on ov kulor. iii(kc.mp6z<J. 

Decomfosadle, De-kom-piiz-a-bl, u. . '■ 

I^EcoMi'osE, De-kon)-|HJz, c. t. tu - 

komtitynont jurl-^ uvu tKxli; ture-: • 

tu ilrk>>iii|iiin<l. 
Decojipusitk, De-kom-pdz-it, a. kompsndcd a 

iiL-ki>nd l{tn. [Jon ov pqrt*. 

Decomposition, Dc-kom-po-xiJ-on, h. a ueijara- 
Decompo(;xi), Dc-kom-p>>nd, r. t. tu kotnii-^nJ 

ami; '*** T^^Jlv ^ kuiniiund intu jKirt:-: tu de- 

kijinpuz. [ii'kond tjm. 

Decompound, De-kom-pind, a. kompundcd a 
Decompolxdable, De-kum-pind-a-bl, a. datmii 

be dekompTsnded. 
Decorate, Dek-o-rat, r. /. tu adorn; tu dok: tu 

embelij. [ment. 

Decoe.\tiox, Dek-'j-rd-Jiin, «. ornament: cmbvlij- 
Decorator, Dek-u-m-tor, ii. wun hii> dekombi. 
Decorous, Dek-o-ru«, </r De-kj-rus, a. de^nt: 

!<iltubl tu a karaktcr: bekdtuig: pru]M-r. 
Decorouslt, Dek-u-rus-li, ad. m u bekdmig 

inaner. [of az bqrk. 

Decorticate, De-kor-ti-kat, r. I. tu pel: tu strip 
DecoBticatiox, Dc-kor-ti-kii-Jon, n. de akt ov 

stripig of. r'l 

Decorum. De-ku-rum, n. descnsi; order: ; 
Decoy, Dc-kA, r. t. tu lqr:tufntrap:tu ■ 
Decov, Dr-kif, fi. ulqrtuoiil tu nii-<;if:a 
DtCDY-DlcK, l>c-k«ir-duk. n. a <iuk dat h\n udon. 
Decrease, Dc-kres, r. i. tu gru K-s: tu be di- 

Decrease, Dc-kre'.*, r. t. tu mak Ic5: tu diminij. 
Decrease, De-kr^!S a. stat ov gruig le*: deka. 
Decree, De-kr€, r. t. tu a«in bju dekr<; tu er- 

dan. [Jf'ti- 

Decree. Dr-kre, n. an rJikt: ft !••: a drffrm • 
Decrement, Dek-re-mcnt, n. gradyi^al dim: 

drkrr^. [uj: vw:.. 

Decrepit. De-kr«p-it, a. waited and worn wia 
Decrepitate, De-kr«p-i-tat, r. /. and «'. tu 

ro.'t or kmkl in dr fjr. [ntri. 

Decrkpitatidn. Drkrop-i-ta-Jon, h. a krakli 
Decrepitude, De-kn>p-i-tqd, ». de last staj or 

deka: uld aj. 
Decrescent. De-kr«^«-ent, a. eroig lc«:dekrt«iii. 
Decretal. De-kri-t*l, m. a buk or dtkrez t>r 

Decretal, Dr-krc-t«I, a. pertanig tu a dekr/. 
Dlcui.tust. De-kri-tist, n. wun v^rst in de dekre 

Decretorilt, Ddk-rt-ttt -ri-li, aJ. in a Jt-fiuit 

inancr. Ikriiika' 

Decretory, D«^k-re-f«a-ri. a. jqdijal; drfii.ii. 
I>ECRIAL. Dc-kri-al, h. dcnkt ovdekr|ig: klam-^rtL- 

Decrier, Dr-krj-er, n. wun badrkris. 




Decry, De-krj, v. t. tu senjqr; tin klamor agdnst. 
Decumbexce, De-kdm-bens, j n. Ae akt ov Iji;) 
Decumbencv, De-kdm-ben-si, ) d-sn; prostra- 

Jon; a Ijiij d-sn. [lo. 

Decumbent, De-kdm-bent, a. Ijhj on de gr-snd; 
Decumbiture, De-kdm-bi-ti\,r, n. konfjnment tin 

Decuple, Dek-\^-pl, a. ten told. [ed. 

Decuple, Dek-ix-pl, n. a number ten tjmzrspEt- 
Decuuion, Ue-k4-ri-on, n. a komdnder Qver ten 

Decuruext, Ds-kdr-ent, a. runig d-snward. 
Decursion, De-kdr-Jon, n. &e akt ov runii) d«n. 
Decursive, De-kur-siv, a. runig er tendii) d-sn. 
Decussate, De-kus-at, v. t. tu intersekt at ak^t 

apglz. [intersekjon. 

Decussation, De-kus-a-Jon, n. &z akt ov krosiij; 
Dedalous, Ded-a-lus, a. havii] varius turniijz. 
Dedecorous, Ds-dek-o-rus, a. disgrasfial; re- 

Dedextition, Ded-en-tiJ-on, n. de Jedii) ov de 

tet. [inskrjb. 

Dedicate, Ded-i-kat, v. t. tia konsekrat; tia 
Dedication, Ded-i-ka-Jon, n. konsEkraJon; an 

Dedicator, Ded-i-ka-tor, n. wun ho dedikats. 
Dedicatoky, Ded-i-ka-to-ri, a. relatiij tia a dedi- 
Deditiox, De-diJ-on, n. a surender. [kajon. 

Deduce, De-diis, v. t. tia dro from; tia interfsr; 

tu gader. [d^st. 

Deducement, De-d^s-ment, n. dsdukjon; tii) ds- 
Deducible, i)s-dvi,s-i-bl, a. dat ma be dedij^st er 

Deducive, Dg-dii,-siv, a. perfermir) dedukjon. 
Deduct, De-ddkt, v. t. tia subtrakt; tia tak awa. 
Deduction, De-duk-Jon n. ds akt ov dednktir); 

Deductive, De-duk-tiv, a. dat ma be dEdi|,st. 
Deductively, De-duk-tiv-li, ad. bji-egyi^lar de- 
Deed, Ded, n. an akjon: an eksplfft; a fakt; — ci 

ritn instrcDment for transferii) real estat. 
Deedless, Ded-les, a. ivid-st akJon; -wid-st cks- 

Deem, Dem, v. t. tu juj; tu deterniin; tu supoz. 
Deem, Dem, v. i. tu juj; tu tiijk; tu estimat. 
Deemster, Dem-ster, ». a juj in de >J1 ov Man. 
Deep, Dep, a. reqii) fqr belo de surfas; prcjf-snd; 

qrtful; sagajus; dqrk-kulord; grav. 
Deep, Dep, n. de se; de man; de ojan. 
Deepen, Dep-n, v. t. tu mak mor dep. 
Deeply, Dep-li, ad. tu a grat dept; prof-sndli. 
Deepness, Dep-ncs, n. dept: profunditi; sagasiti. 
Deer, Der, ji. a forest animal hunted for venizn. 
Deface, De-fas, v. t. tu destrer; tu raz; tu dis- 

fig.vqr. [destrukjon. 

Defacement, De-fas-ment, n. vjolajon; rajixr; 
Defacer, De-fas-er, n. -wun hen defasez. 
De facto, De fak-to, [Z.] in fakt; in realiti. 
Defalcate, De-fal-kat, v. t. tu kut of; tu lop. 
Defalcation, Def-al-ka-Jon, n. diminii,Jon; abat- 

ment. Lreproq. 

Defamation, Def-a-ma-Jon, n. slander; kalumni; 
Defamatory, De-fama-to-ri, n. slanderus; kal- 

Defame, De-fam, v. t. tu slander; tu kalumniat. 
Defamer, De-fam-er, n. wun boo defamz. 
Defatigable, De-fat-i-ga-bl,* a. Ijabl tu be weri.' 
Defatiuate, De-f;'it-i-gat, v. i. tu weri. 
Defatigation, De-i'at-i-ga-Jon, n. werines; fateg. 
Default, De-folt, n. omijon; f alyi^r; folt; defekt. 
Default, De-felt, v. i. tu fal in performifl a kon- 

Defaulter, De-folt-er, n. wun gilti ov def.)lt. 
Defeasance, De-fe-zans, n. de akt ov anuliij; a 

rUiij dat defets de kondijon ov a bond. 

Defeasible, De-fez-i-bl, a. kapabl ov beii) anuld. 
Defeat, De-fet, n. an cavertro; frustrajon. 
Defeat, De-fet, v. t. tu overtro; tu frustrat; tu 

undtb. [tu kler. 

Defecate, Def-e-kat, v. t. tu pi^rifj; tu refjn; 
Defecate, Def-e-kat, a. purjd from lez; defekated. 
Defecation, Def-e-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov defekatig; 

Defect, De-fekt, v. a folt; imperfekjon; a blemij. 
Defectible, De-fekt-i-bl, a. imperfekt; defijent; 

wontii). [revolt. 

Defection, De-fek-Jon, n. wont, fal.yn,r; apostasi; 
Defective, De-fek-tiv, a. ful ov defekts; imper- 
fekt; felti. [maner. 
Defectively, De-fek-tiv-li, ad. in a defektiv 
Defectiveness, De-fek-tiv-nes, n. de stat ov beig 

defektiv. [kaJon. 

Defence, De-fens, n. a gqrd; protekjon; vindi- 
Defenceless, De-fens-les, a. unqrmd; ungqrded; 

wfk. [tekted maner. 

Defencelessly, De-fens-les-li, ad. in an unpro- 
Defencelessness, De-fens-les-nes, n. an unpro- 

tekted stat. [tu repel. 

Defend, De-fend, v. t. tu protekt; tu vindikat; 
Dependable, De-fend-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beig 

defended. [sil,d. 

Defendant, De-fend-ant, n. a. person aki^zd er 
Defender, De-fend-er, n. wun boo defendz; an 

Defensative. De-fen-sa-tiv,«. defens; — abandaj. 
Defensible, De-fen-si-bl, a. dat ma be defended; 

Defensive, De-fen-siv, a. servig tu defend; re- 

zistig agrejon; opQzd tu ofensiv. [maner. 

Defensively, De-fen-siv-li, ad. in a defensiv 
Defer, De-fer, v. t. tu put of; tudela: tu prolog. 
Defer, De-fer, v. i. tu dela; tu akt; tu pa def- 
erens, [mijon. 
Deference, Def-cr-ens, n. regqrd; respekt; sub- 
Deferent, Def-er-ent, m. a vesel konvaig flq,id. 
Deferrer, De-fer-er, n. a delaer; a puter of. 
Defiance, De-fj-ans, ti. qaleni;kontemtovdanjer. 
Deficience, De-fiJ-ens, ] n. wont; defekt; im- 
Deficiency, De-fiJ-en-si, f perfekjon. 
Deficient, De-fiJ-ent, a. falig; wontig. 
Deficiently, De-fiJ-ent-li, ad. in a defektiv 

Deficit, Def-i-sit, n. [L.] wont: defijensi. 
Defier, De-f j-er, n. wun h(D defjz. 
Defile, De-fjl, v.t. tu mak f-sl; tu konipt. 
Defile, De-fjl, v. i. tu mqrq; tu go of f jl bj fjl. 
Defile, De-fjl, n. a log naro pas. 
Defiler, De-fjl-er, »i, wun hco def ilz. [fjnd. 

Definable, De-fjn-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beig de- 
Define, De-fjn, v. t. tu giv a dcfinijon ov; tu 

eksplan; tu deskrjb; tu serkumskrjb. 
Defined, De-find,/), a. limited; deskrjbd;asertand. 
Definer, De-f jn-er, «.. wun hcodefjnzordeskrjbz. 
Definite, Def-i-nit, a, serten; limited; egzakt; 

Definitely, Def-i-nit-li, ad. in a definit maner. 
Definiteness, Def-i-nit-nes, n. sertenti; limited- 

nes. [deskripjon. 

Definition, Def-i-niJ-on, n. an eksplanajon; a 
Definitive, De-fin-i-tiv, a. determinat; pozitiv; 

Definitive, De-fin-i-tiv, ji. dat hwiq definz. 
Definitively, De-fin-i-tiv-li, ad. pozitivli; desj- 

Definitiveness, De-fin-i-tiv-nes, n. desjsivnes. 
Deflagrability, Def-la-gra-bil-i-ti, n. kombus- 

Deflagrable, De-fla-gra-bl, a. kombustibl. 
Deflagrate, Def-la-grat, v. t. tu set fir tu; tu 

burn. [ekspl6d. 

Deflagrate, Def-la-grat, r. i. tu tak fjr and 




DirLAORATiON, Dof-Ia-grd-Jon, n. ntor destruk- 

/..n l.j tjr. 
Deklkct, Uc-fl6kt, V. «. tu turn asjd; tu dcvint. 
DiiKLtcTioN, DE-fl<Sk-Jon, n. deviujun; a turnig 

Deki.lxuue, Ur-flek-/i\r, «. adevinjon. [a rop. 
Deklouatio.v, I)cf-la-rii-Jon, h. dc iiklovdEflfjri}); 
Deklouii, l)f-n'sr, r. t. tu nivij; tu tuk uwii u 

wi.iiniiiu vurjiiiiti; tu tuk uwd biiti. 
Dkfloirku, l)e-l'l"sr-cr, u. wun ho) defliirz. 
Uekllxion, iJE-fldk-Jon, h. a dtiuward flo ov 

Dek(Edatiov, Dcf-E-dd-Jon, «. poliiJon. 
Dkkoliatiom, UE-fQ-li-fi-Jon, n. dE folio ov Ievz. 
Defokoe, l)E-f(ir!<, t'. t. tu kep Tft ov pozcjon. 
Dekokcement, DE-fiirs-ment, u. a widliuldifl bj 

furs. [form ov. 

Deform, I)r-fi»rm, v. t. tu disfigyn,r; tu .sperl dt 
Deformation, Dcf-or-ma-Jon, ». u dEfasig; a 

Deformed, I)e-f>)rmd, p. a. ugli; disfigyt|,rd. 
Deformer, DE-furm-er, n. wun hO) defaiiuzorde- 

fiiriuz. [nes. 

Deformity, DE-form-i-ti, n. wont ov biiti; ugli- 
Defrali), DE-fn'xi, r. t. tu rob bj trik; tu (jEt. 
Defraudation, J)ef-ro-dti-/on, /*. prjvujon bj 

Defbauder, De-fred-er, n. wun hen dsfrodz. 
Defray, Dr-frA, r. /. tu brjr At qurjez ov; tu pn. 
Defrayer, Ds-fra-cr, ». wun hoj disqqrjez eks- 

j)<>nse7.. [sajon. 

Defravmext, DE-fni-raont, n. pnnK-nt; konipcn- 
Deft, Dctt,* n. HEt: liunsuui: jontl. 
Definct, I)E-frn)kt, 71. wuii haj iz d£sl:;t or dcd. 
Defi'.nct. UE-fiiykt, .1. dcd; dESEst. 
Defy, DE-fi, f. t. tu qulenj; tu dj\r; tu brav. 
Dege.nlracy, DE-jen-cr-a-i-i, «. deka ov vfrtyij, 

or );ui(lnes. 
Degenerate, DE-j6n-er-nt, v. i. tu fol from dE 

vv>rtyii ov imseatorz; tu deka in vcrtyil or kjnd. 
Degenerate, DE-j^n-er-nt, a. dEkad in vertjTi: 

drjonerntcd. [enit maner. 

Deok.nerately, DE-jt'n-er-at-li, sd. in a dtjen- 
Degeneratkness, I)E-j^n-cr-at-nc!'. n. dEJi^nenisi. 
Degeneration, De-jcn-er-a-Jon, n. de nkt ov 

Degenerol'8, DE-jen-cr-uis, /». drjcncrat; vjl; has. 
Deglutition, Dfj;-ln^-tiJ-on, 11. a swtjluifl. 
Dkoradation, Deg-ra-du-/on, u. de akt ov de- 

gnidi;): biisnc.-<. 
Degrade, DE-griid, v. t. tu pins locr; tu locr; tu 

disgrtis. [maner. 

Degradingly, DE-gnid-ifl-li, ad. in a dEgradifl 
Degree, Dr-grE, a. kwnliti; rajik; stajon; sti-p; — 

u t|tl or raj)k konft'rd bj a kokj; dE :{t)Otl ])qrt ov 

Q scrkl: t>(t JEOgnifikal milz. (ov tn.stif). 

Deoustation, De-gus-tu-Jon, n. a tnstig; dE sens 
Dehiscence, De-hLs-ens, 11. a gcipig; de upni|) nv 

kajKiil/.. [ov a plant. 

Dehiscent, DE-his-cnt, a. opnig, az At ka|vsiil 
Deiiort. l)E-hi>rt, V. t. tu diswiiil or advjz agoiist. 
Deiioutation, l)E-bor-la-Jon, n. diswnjon; advj> 

aiT'Mi-'t 'I uii-^nr. [wild. 

Dkhortatorv, l)E-h.>r-ta-to-ri, a. t«ndig tu dis- 
Deikic, i)r-if-ik, a. mnkin divjn. 
Deification, De-i-fi-kii-Jnn, n. At akt ovdEifjio- 
Deifier, Ds-i-fi-cr, m. wun ha> dsif jz. 
Dei FORM, DE-i-lorm, a. ov godljk form. 
Deify, Dj-i-f j, v. t. tu mak a gml nv; tu lulur. 
Deign, Dan, r. 1. tu kondrsi'-nd: tu vsqsiif. 
Deign, Dan, r. t. tu grant; tu permit; tu alx. 
Deis.M. lU'-izui, n. At lioktriii or krEd ov a dsist. 
Deist, l>i'-ist, n. wun Iud bEJEvi in de cgziat«ns 

ov (J(h1, but disbelevz rEvc'ld rrlijon. 
Deistic, DE-is-tik, j ^^^. J J 

Dkistical, De-is-ti-kal, \ " >* 

Deity, D£-i-ti, n. de Divjn Hein; divjn natynr. 
Deject, DE-j(-kt, i-. t. tu kust dun; tu dEpres. 
I>ejected, DE-jekt-cd, a. kast dun; lu itpirited. 
Dejectedly, De-j(5kt-od-li, ad. in u dijekted 
uianer. \ya»l dun. 

Dejectedness, DE-jekt-ed-nos, n. gtat ov beiy 
Dejecter, De-jekl-cr, 11. wun Lo) drj^kta or kruU 
J«"- [pre/on. 

DUECTION, DE-jt^k-Jon, n. luncs ov gpiriU; de- 
Dejeiner, Du-jn-na, n. [/K] u brckfast. 
De jure, De ji'i-rE, [/.] bj, or ov rjt; bj lo. 
Delapsed, I)E-la[>st, a. foln dun. 
Delation, De-la/on, n. konvaans; an akqzajon. 
Delay, De-Ib, r. t. tu dsfer; tu put of; tu hinder. 
Delay, De-la, r. i. tu linger; tu stop; tu pro- 

Delayer, De-W-er, n. wun hoa delaz. [ut. 

Dele, Dt'-le, v. t. [Z.] tu dElEt; tu crn."; tu blot 
Deleble, Del-E-bl, a. kapabl ov bEiy efiist. 
Delectable, DE-lekt-a-bl, a. plezio; deljtful; 
plezant. (nes. 

Oelectableness, De-lekt-a-bl-nes, n. dEljiful- 
Delectably, De-lekt-a-bli, ad. deljtfuli; plcz- 

Delectation, Del-ek-ta-Jon, n, plej^r; dEljt. 
Delegate, Del-e-gat, r. t. tu send on an embui: 
tu intru:>t. [tiv. 

Delegate, Del-e-gat, n. a d^pyqti; a reprezenta- 
Delegated, Del-E gat-cd, a. dEpi^ted. 
Delegation, Dil-r-ga-Jon, n. Az akt ov sendij 

uwfi; (1 puti|) in koinijoii; dE person depicted. 

Delete, De-Iei, r. t. tu blot ui; tu efiis; tu enid. 

Deleterious, Dcl-£-t£-ri-u.«, a. destriiktiv; injij,- 

rius. [jon. 

Deletion, DE-le-/on, 11. At akt ov blotij) ut; era- 

Delf, Delf, ) H. cstern; k-snterfit t'jna w^r. 

Delft, Delft, i orijinali mad at Delft. 

Deliberate, De-lib-er-at, v. i. tu konsider: tu 

hezitat. [sidcr. 

Deliberate, De-lib-er-at, v. t. tu wa; tu kon- 

Deli BERATE, De-lib-er-at, a. kojus; konsidcrat; 

"lu. [at manor. 

Deliberately. De-lib-er-nt-li, ad. in a dEliber- 

Delibkkateness, DE-lib-cr-at-nes, n. kojon: dc- 

Deliberatio.n, De-lib-er-d-Jon, 11. de akt or de- 

liberatiu; frjt. 

Deliberative, De-lib-er-a-tir, a. kontanig de- 

libem/on. [liberntiv manor. 

Deliherativelt, Dt-lib-cr-a-tiv-li. .id. in a de- 

Delicacy, Del-i-kn-si, n. .sumtio delikat; danti- 

ne.s; njseti: softnec: poljtnes; tenderne.". 
Delicate, Del-i-kat, a. iij.s: danti: fin: \<a\'ii: soft. 
Delicately, Del-i-kat-li, ad. in a deliknt manor: 
Hoftli. [nes. 

Delicateness, D^l-i-knt-niM, «. tendemc.«; soft- 
Delicious, De-HJ-us, a. hjli pleiio; veri gratful; 

swEt; agrEabl: <;ririnio. 
Deliciously. Dr-liJ-us-li, ad. in a delijus manor. 
Deliciousness, De-liJ-us-ncs, h. deljl; grat plej- 

Pelioation, Del-i-ga-Jon, n. deaktov bjndiijup. 
Delight, De-ljl, »i. plo^q^rabl emojon: j«f; gmt 

plt'Sqr; hj satisfakjon. 
Delight, De-Iji, v. t. tu plrz gratli. 
Delight, Dc-ljt, r. 1. tu hav drljt. 
Delightful, DE-ljt-ful, a. hjli plrziij. 
Delightfully, De-ljt-ful-i, ad. in a drljtful 
inamr. [deljt. 

Delightfulness, DE-lit-ful-no?, n. grat plo3iir; 
Delightsome. Dr-ljt-.«iira. a. drljtful. 
DELiOHTrtOMEN»_ss, DE-lit-sum-ne*, H. picxantncs. 
Delineament, Dc-lin-e-a-ment, n. a dniig: At- 

Delineate, De-Iiu-c-at, v. t. tu dcijn; tu sko^; 
tu (junt. 




Delineation, Dc-lin-£-a-Jon, n. &e ferst draft: 

a dr.tiij: u deskripjon. 
Delixeator, De-liii-e-a-tor, n. wun hoD dslinsats. 
Delinquency, Dc-liij-kwen-si, ». a iolt; a rais- 

ded: (liens. 
Delinquent, DE-lig-kwcnt, w. an ofeuder. 
Delinquent, Dc-liij-kwcnt, a. faliij indi],ti; folti. 
Deliquate, Del-i-kwat, v. i. and t. tia melt; tu 

Deliquesce, Del-i-kwes, v. i. tu mult sloli in de 

Jtr: tia atrakt woter from At q,r. [At ^r. 

Deliquescence, Dcl-i-kwes-ens, n. a meltig in 
Deliquescent, Del-i-kwes-ent, a. mcltiij in At q,r. 
Deliquium, Dg-lik-wi-um, 71. [Z.] a meltiij in 

df :\r: delikwescns: a fantiij. [fansi. 

Delirament, l)e-lir-a-ment,* n. a dotii) or fojlij 
Delirious, De-lir-i-us, a. Mt hcded; ravii); dotiij. 
Deliriousness, Ds-lir-i-us-nes, n. de stat ov wun 

Delirium, De-lir-i-um, n. a disorder ov At in- 

telokt, ulyennjun ov mind, az in fsver. 
Delirium tremens, De-lir-i-um trt'-menz, [Z.] a 

disorder ov de bran, almost peki^^lyar tia druijk- 

ardz. [dens. 

Delitescence, Del-i-tes-ens, n. retirment; subsi- 
Deliver, De-liv-cr, v. t. tu set fre; tia reles; tu 

reski|; tu surender; tu giv; tu spek; tu uter. 
Deliverance, De-liv-er-ans, n. reles; reski^,; de- 

Deliverer, De-liv-er-er, n. wun liio deliverz. 
Delivery, De-liv-er-i, n. de akt ov deliveriy; re- 
les: reskij,: surender; uterans; speq; qjldbert. 
Dell, Del, ». a pit; a kaviti; a Jadi kuvert; a dal. 
Delph, Delf, )j. erten w^r. 
Delphic, Del-fik, a., relatii) tu Delfi: orakyri^lar. 
Delphinite, Del-fin-it, n. a mineral; epidot. 
Delta, Del-ta, n. de Grek leter a; — a trjaggi^lar 

trakt ov land tourdz de m'st ov a river. 
Deltoid, Del-terd, n. a trKii)gn,lar musl. 
Deltoid, Del-terd, a. rezemblig de Grek leter 

delta. [ptrnt. 

Delude, De-h\d, v. t. tu desev; tu qet: tu disa- 
Deluder, Do-lvid-er, ji. %Yun hcD deh'^dz. [hud. 
Deluding, De-l^d-iij, n. desepjon; koliijon; fols- 
Deluge, Del-xy, n. a jeneral inundajon. 
Deluge, Del-xy, i'. t. tu dr'sn; tu overhwelm. 
Delusion, De-14-gon, «. de akt ov deln,dii), de- 
sepjon; frod; fols reprezentajon. 
Delusive, De-h'i-.siv, | ^ , ■.■ . , , 
Delusory, D8-htso-ri,f ^- ^^^^'B ^"^ ^^^^^- 
Delve, Delv, v. t. tvi dig; tu opn wid a spad. 
Delve, Delv, n. [••a kav;] a kwontiti ov kulz. 
Delver, Delv-cr, ji. wun hoo delvz; a diger. 
Demagogue, Dem-a-gog, n. a. rhjleder ov a fak- 

Jon; a p6pyn,lar and iakjus oraior. 
Demagogism, D6m-a-gog-iz-m, n. de praktisez ov 

Demain, De-man, ) ^-^ • , j 

Demesne, De-men, 1 "• "" ""^^'^ "^ ^'''^^^ 
Demand, De-mdnd, v. t. tu ask wid otoiti; tu 

klani. [kolii). 

Demand, De-mdnd, u. a klam; a kwestyon; a 
Demandable, De-mdnd-a-bl, a. dat ma be de- 

miindcd. [akjon. 

Demandant, De-mdnd-ant, n. a plantif in an 
Demander, De-mdnd-er, n. wun hoa deradndz. 
Demarcation, De-mar-ka-Jon, n. divigon; b-sn- 

dari. [self. 

Demean, De-men, v. t. tu behav; tu kari wunz 
Demeanor, De-men-or, «. karij; behavyor; kon- 

dukt. [insan. 

Dementate, De-men-tat, v. t. tu mak mad or 
Dementate, De-mon-tat, a. infatyi^atcd; insan. 
Dementation, De-men-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov mak- 

ii) mud or frantik. [atcd. 

Demented, De-meat-ed, a. insan; mad; infatyn^- 

Demerit, De-mer-it, n. il dczert; fait. 
Dkmersion, De-mer-Jon, n. imerjon; a dnjnig. 
Demi, Dem-i, a prefiks signifiir) hqf, az, demigod; 

dat iz, hqf a god; yi^zd onli in kompozijon. 
Demidevil, Dem-i-dev-1, n. hqf a devl. 
Demigod, Dem-i-god, n. hqf a god; a grat hero. 
Demijohn, Dem-i-jon, n. a Iqrj glas vesel. 
Demiquaver, Dem-i-kwav-er, n. hqf a kwaver. 
Demirep, Dem-i-rep,t ». a wuman ov suspijua 

Demise, De-mjz, 11. det; deses; a yeldig up. 
Demise, De-miz, v. t. tu grant at wunz det; tia 

Demised, De-mjzd, p. a. lest; bekwedd. 
Demission, De-mij-on, m. degradajon. 
Demit, De-mit,* v. t. tu depres; tu let fel. 
Demitint, Dem-i-tint, n. a sert ov medial or hq;f 

tint. [pspl. 

Democracy, Ds-mok-ra-si, n. a guvernment bj Az 
Democrat, Dem-o-krat, n. wun devoted tu de- 

Democratic, Dem-o-krat-ik, I a. relatii) tu 

Democratical, Dem-o-krat-i-kal, j a popyqlar 

guvernment. [demokratikal maner. 

Democratically, Dem-o-kr;it-i-kal-i, ad. in a 
Demolish, De-mol-iJ, v. t. tu tro d-su; tu destrff. 
Demolisher, De-mol-iJ-er, 11. wun hO) demolijez. 
Demolishing, De-mol-iJ-ig, i^p. pialii) d'sn; de- 

strffii). [demolijon. 

Demolishment, De-mol-iJ-ment, n. destrukjon; 
Demolition, Dem-o-liJ-on, n. destrukjou. 
Demon, De-mon, n. an evl spirit; a devl; a spirit. 
Demoniac, De-mo-ni-ak, n. wun pozest bj a de- 
Demoniac, De-mci-ni-ak, ) a. beloijii) tu a 

Demoniacal, Dem-o-nj-a-kal, i demon, er an 

evl spirit; devlij. 
Demonian, De-mo-ni-an, a. devlij; demoniak. 
Demonism, De-mon-iz-m, n. de wurjip ov demonz. 
Demonocracy, De-mon-ak-ra-si, n. guvernment 

ov demonz. [spirits. 

Demonology, De-mon-ol-c-ji, 7i. a tretiz on evl 
Demonship, De-mon-Jip, n. At stat ov a demon. 
Demonstrable, De-mon-stra-bl, a. dat ma be 

demonstrated; dat ma be prcovd beyond d'st er 

Demonstrableness, Dc-mon-stra-bl-nes, n. de 

kwoliti ov beiij demonstrabl. [klerli. 

Demonstrably, De-mon-stra-bli, ad. evidentli; 
Demonstrate, De-mon-strat, v. t. tu prCDv wid 

sertenti; tu Jo bj ekspcriment. 
Demonstration, Dem-on-stra-Jon, n. At hjest 

degre ov evidens; serten prmf. [planli. 

Demonstratively, De-mon-stra-tiv-li, ad. klerli; 
Demonstrator, Dem-on-stra-tor, er De-mon- 

stra-tor, n. wun hitj demonstrats. 
Demonstratory, De-mon-stra-to-ri, a. tendig 

tu demonstrat. [strukjon ov moralz. 

Demoralization, De-mor-al-i-za-Jon, 11. At de- 
Demoralize, De-mor-al-jz, 1;. t. tu destrt? de 

moralz ov. [moralz. 

Demoralized, De-mor-al-jzd, p. a. konipt in 
Demulcent, De-mul-sent, a. sofnii); molifiii). 
Demulcent, De-mul-sent, n. a molifjii) aplikajon. 
Demur, De-miir, v, i. tu dela; tu pez; tu hezitat. 
Demur, De-nuir, n. d'st; hezitajon; a pez. 
Demure, De-mi^r, a. sober; grav; d-snkast; modest. 
Demurely, De-mi'ir-li, ad. in a demi\,r maner. 
Demureness, De-mi'ir-nes, n. afekted modesti; 

Demurrable, De-mur-a-bl, a. dat ma be demurd 

tu. [Jips. 

Demurrage, De-miir-aj, n. an al-sans for delaig 
Demurrer, De-mur-er, n. wun h<» demiirz; stop 

in a lo sn,t. 
Demy, De-mj, n. a partikyi|lar sjz ov paper. 




Dkn, Don, n. a kavcm; de knv ov a wjld btst. 
I)KN, l)cn, r. 1. tu dwi'l az in a den. 
l)t:.NARiL'B, l)t-na-ri-us, n. a Ituman kffn ov nbiSt 

«ik.iirn Hont8. 
I)knary, l)*n-a-ri, &. kontanig ton. 
Dknatioxalizk, l>c-nA/-on-al-iz, v. t. tu drprjv 

ov luijonal riw. [unnatynrul. 

i)ENATiRALiXE, I)E-nat-yq,-ral-iz, v. t. tu mak 
Dkndbite, Di'n-drjt, n. a mineral havig figyriri 

ov trrz i>r Jrubz. [trtz. 

De.vdhitic, iK'n-drit-ik, a. vand Ijk de levz uv 
DendkoiI), Hc'n-drffd, a. rezt^niblig a tre or Jrub. 
Dendbolooist, Dfn-dr6l-o-jist, «. wun verst in 

dciulroluji. [tori ov trtz. 

DENiiKOLOGr, Don-drol-o-ji, n. At niityi^ral his- 
1)em>kuiiktkk, Den-drom-E-tor, n. uu instrti)incnt 

fitr ni(?jiiri\) trtz. 
IJemaulk, DE-nj-a-bl, a. kapabi ov beig denjd. 
Denial, Dt-nj-al, n. nrjpijon; rEfi[znl; abjq,raJon. 
Demeu, De-nj-cr, n. wun biD drnjz: a refiizer. 
Dt.NiORATE, Den-i-grnt, v. t. tu blakn. 
Denieatio.v, Don-i-Eu-Jon, «. de akt or cnfrAn- 

Denize.v, Dt'n-i-zcn, m. a foronor cnfranqizd. 
Demzkn, Den-i-zen, r. t. tu onfrdnqjz. 
Denomixable, DE-n6ui-i-na-bl, a. dat ma bE 

nniml. [giv u nam tu. 

Dexomi.vate, De-n6m-i-nat, r. t. tu naiu: tu 
DKiUMi.VATiox, DE-nom-i-na-Jon, n. de akt ov 

nainit): a nam; a sukt or kluj ov Kristyanz. 
Dexom I native, DE-n6m-i-na-tiv, a. dat givz a 

Dkxominatob, DE-n6m-i-na-tor, «. de giver ov 

II Miiiii: dE luor number in Kiinion Fmk/i>nz. 
DEXnTABLE. DE-n<it-a-bl, a. kaimbl nv bEip mqrkt. 
Denotation, l)en-o-tu-Jon, ii. dE akt ov dEnotif). 
Denote, Dt-uut, r. t. tu mqrk; tu signify; tu 

Denotement, De-n<St-ment, n. a sjn; an indikajon. 
Denoting, l)E-nu>t-i|), ;j/>. mqrkip; indikatij). 
Denouement, Dn-mtj-iii<ih. n. [//•.] dE diskuvcri 

ov de plot ov Q drqma or poem: katastrofe. 
Denoince, De-n'sns, f. t. tu tretn; tu akiiz; tu 

Dknolncemext, De-niKns-ment, n. denunsiajon. 
Dexoi'NCee, DE-n'sns-er, n. wun h<n dEnt^nsez. 
De novo, De nij-vu, [/..] ani\; from dE beginip. 
Dense, Dens, a. klos: koinjvikt; tik: i»Imost solid. 
Density, D^n-si-ti, u. klu.^nes; kompaktnes. 
Dent, Dent, v. t. tu mqrk wid a dent; tu indent. 
Dent, Dent, n. a mqrk; an indentajon. 
Dental, D(^n-tal, a. bEloyin tu dE ttt. 
Dental, Dental, n. a letor prunviut prinsijmli 

III dc ajensi ov de tet. 

Dentate, D«»n-tat, ) »,,.,.. 

Dentated. I)en-tat-cd, ( "■ P'^nto*l» U^ Ut 
Dented, l)«4nt-ed, a. no^t: indi^ntcd. 
Dentelli, Don-t^l-e,[Jt.] mi:>dilyonz. 
Denticle, Don-tiki, n. an ornament rez^mbli^) 

a t«Dt; a pruj^ktcd p<rnt; a dentil. 
Denticilated, Dcn-tik-yq-lat-ed, a. set wid 

!nn<\ Irt. 
Denticllatiox. Den-tik-yn-la-Jon, n. destatov 

brip dentikyqiatod. 
DEXTirRiCE, Den-ti-f^i^ n, a p-jder for de t«t. 
Dextil. D^n-til, u. a modilyon: a dentikl. 
Dentist, D^n-Ust, m. a surjon or doktor for de 

Dentiktrv, Df^n-ti.i-tri, n. At biznej ova dentist. 
Dentition, Den-ti/-on, n. At brrdig ov t£t. 
Dentoid. Den-t<Td, a. rezf^mblip a U.h\>. 
Dexidate. Dr-nq-dut, r. t. tu div^it; tu strip. 
Dexi datium, Dcn-yq-da -Jon, >i. u stripig or mak- 

ip imki'ti. 
Dknlke. Dr-nqd, r. t. tu strip. (tretn. 

Dknunciats, De-ndn-Ji-at, r. t. tu denvos; tu 

Denuxciatiox, Dr-nnn-Ji-6-Jon, n. At akt ov 

dEnttn<i(): publik menus. 
Denuxciatou, De-niin-ji-a-tor, n. wun hat At- 

nTinsez or tretni. 
DEXUNciATOBy, De-ndn-/i-»-t<i-ri, a. kontani^i 

denunjiajon; liensuriai!. [diawn. 

Dexv, De-nj, v. t. tu kontradikt; tu nfqz; tu 
Deobstbuent, DE-6b-i!tnJj-cnt, a. remoivio ob- 

strukjonz. [medinin. 

Deobstbuext, DE-6b-BtM)-ent, n. an a{irrient 
Deodand, De-a-<Und, a, a tifl givn or fwrliu-d 

tu (iixl. [dcontilojS. 

Deontolooist, De-on-t61-o-jist, n. wun vernt in 
Deontolooy, De-on-tol-o-ji, n. At ciemi ov etik#. 
Deoxidate, l)E-ok.s-i-dat, v. t. tu dEok.-idjz. 
Deoxidize, DE-6ks-i-djz, r. t. tu dEprjv ov ofcji- 

jen; tu rEdqs tu dE i>t«t ov an okfid. 
Depaint, DE-|>ant, c. t. tu jiant; tu degkrjb. 
Depart, De-pl^rt, r. i. tu gu awa; tu lev; tu 

Atii*. [Jon. 

Departing, De-p^rt-ijj, n. a goiifl awii; separa- 
Depabtmext, DE-i4rt-meut, n. scparat ofis, pqrt, 

or divi;-{i)n. 
Depabtmextal, De-pqrt-m^n-tal, a. belogig tu 

a deiN^rtiuent or provins. 
Depauture, DE-jx|rt-yqr, n. a goifl awi; det; 

a l•"^!iaki^); an abandonment. 
Depastlbk, DE-jnist-yqr, r. i. tu pastyqr. 
Depauperate, Ds-fio-pcr-at, r. t. tu mak par. 
Depend, DE-p<§nd, c. t. tu hap from; tu rtlj; tu 

Dependant, De-p^nd-ant, n. wun hdB iz subordi- 

nnt or dEi>endcnt; — ritn olsu {dtjxnJent.y 
Dependence, DE-p^nd-ens, i n. stat ov bEi^ 
Depexde.ncv, DE-jiend-en-ai, I subordinat; kon- 

ekjoii: trust: rEljans. 
Dependent, Ds-pend-ent, a. bagig d«n: subor- 
dinat. [rEtaner. 
Dependent, De-p^nd-ent, n. wun subordinat; a 
Depexder, De-p6nd-er, n. wun hot dep^ndz; de- 

Depending, De-p^nd-ig, pp. a. hagig dun; reljig 

on; tru-ilig tu. [flem. 

Dephleomate, DE-fl6g-mat, c. t. tu kler from 
Dephlegmation, Def -leg-ma -Jon, n. separajon 

"V Hem. (skrjb. 

Depict, DE-pikt, r. t. tu pant; tu portra; tu de- 
Depicture, DE-pikt-yqr, v. t. tu depikt er repre- 

zetit in kulorz. 
Depilate, Dep-i-lat, r. t. tu pul of h^r. 
Depilation, Dep-i-la-Jon, ii. a pulig of de h^r. 
Depilatory, Dr-pil-a-to-ri, a. takig awa dE h^r. 
Depilatory, DE-pil-a-tij-ri, n. dat hwiq taks 

Depiluus. De-pj-Ius, or D^p-i-lus, a. wid'st h^r. 
Deplaxtation, Dep-lan-ta-Jon, n. de aktov tak- 
ig U|) plant.*:. 
Deplktio.v, ItE-pU-Jon, n. an emtiig: blud-letig. 
Depletory, DE-plE-t«j-ri. a. k..iig drple/on. 
Deplorable, DE-pliir-a-bl, a. lamentabi ; sad; 

kalamitus. [beig dEplU)rabl. 

Deplorableness, De-plur-a-bl-nes, h. stat ov 
Deplorably, De-pldir-a-bli, aJ. Umentabli; mii- 

erabli. [pldrin; lamentajun. 

Deploration, Dep-lo-ra-Jon, ii. At akt ov de- 
Deplore, De-pltSr, v. t. tu lament; tu bcwal: 

tu murn. 
Deploker, De-plur-cr, m. a lam^ntcr; a mtamer. 
Deploy, De-pl^ir, r. »'. tu displa; tu opn: tu un- 

f(2>ld. [or jlajea. 

Deplumatiox, Dep-lq-mn-Jon. n. dr los ov fedcn 
Deplume, Ds-plqm, r. /. tu strip ov leden. 
Deponent, De-ixj-nenl, n. wun nu mutu a dcp- 

uzijon: a witnea;— a dE|>tJnent verb. 
Deponent, Dr-inJ-nont, a. nutig Ijttin vy rbi hwi^ 

bav a pauiv form, but an aktiv mcnig. 




Depopulate, Ds-pop-yii-lat, v. i. tu bekdm dis- 

pt-pld. [havok; wast. 

Depopulation, De-pop-yn-la-Jon, n. dtstrukjon; 
Depopulatok, De-pop-yi^-la-tor, n. wun hco de- 

poiwulats. [bEhav. 

Depokt, l)t-pcort, V. t. tu kari; tia demen; tu 
Deport, De-p6rt, «. demenor; deportment. 
Deportation, Dep-or-ta-Jon, n. transports Jon: 

eksjl. [demenor. 

Deportment, De-purt-ment, n. kondukt; bq^rig; 
Deposable, De-p6z-a-bl, a. dat ma be depozd. 
Deposal, I)e-p6z-al, n. de akt ov deprjviij ov 

saverenti. [atest. 

Depose, De-poz, v. t. tu degrad; tu divest; tu 
Depose, De-poz, v. i. tu bi^r witnes; tu testifj. 
Deposer, De-p6z-er, n. wun boo depozez er de- 

Deposit, De-poz-it, v. t. tu la up; tu loj; tu plas. 
Deposit, De-poz-it, n. dat hwiq iz depozited; a 

plej; a pon; a sekn,riti; a depozitori. 
Depositaky, De-p6z-i-ta-ri, n. wun tu hoam a 

tiij iz intrusted. 
Deposition, Dep-o-ziJ-on, n. de akt ov depozii); 

de testimoni ov a witnes er deponent redi|st tu 

rjtiij and sjnd. [pozit. 

Depositor, De-poz-i-tor, n. wun hoo maks a de- 
Depository, De-poz-i-to-ri, n. a plas fer lojii) 

eni tig. 
Depositum, De-p6z-i-tum, n. [Z.] a depozit. 
Depot, De-p6, n. [/'/'.] a plas ov depozit; a mag- 

azen; a plas fer stopig and stqrtig on a ralrod. 
Depravation, Dep-ra-va-Jon, n. korupjon; de- 

Deprave, De-prav, v. t. tu mak bad; tu korupt. 
Depraver, De-prav-er, n. wun boo depravz; a 

Depravity, De-prav-i-ti, n. korupjon; a vijiated 

Stat. [agenst. 

Deprecate, Dep-re-kat, v. t. tu beg of; tu pra 
Deprecation, Dep-re-ka-Jon, n. pr<T,eragenst evl; 

Deprecative, Dep-re-ka-tiv, ) a. dat servz tu 
Deprecatory, Dep-re-ka-to-ri, i deprEkat;en- 

tretig: apolwjetik. 
Deprecator, Dep-re-ka-tor, n. wun hcu deprekats. 
Depreciate, De-pre-Ji-at, v. t. tu loer de prjs 

ov: tu Icsn in valyi|; tu disparaj. 
Depreciation, De-pre-Ji-a-Jon, n. de akt ov de- 

prt'Jiatiij: dekres ov valyi],. 
Depredate, DepvE-dat, v. t. tu rob; tu pilaj; 

tu sperl. [ig; wast. 

Depredation, Dep-re-da-Jon, n. a robig; a sperl- 
Depredator, Dep-re -da-tor, «. a rober; a de- 

vsrer. [tu dejekt. 

Depress, De-pres, v. t. tu kast d'sn; tu humbl; 
Depressed, De-prest, p. a. loerd; kast d-sn; dis- 

Depression, De-preJ-on, n. &z akt ov depresig: 

abasmont: melankoli; dejekjon. 
Depressive, De-jires-iv, a. tendig tu depres. 
Depressor, De-pres-or, n. he er dat bwiq de- 

Deprivable, De-prjv-a-bl, a. Ijabl tu dcprivajon. 
Deprivation, Dep-ri-va-Jon, »i. deakt ovdeprjv- 

ig; los. [debi\r. 

Deprive, De-prjv, r. t. tu tak from; tvi berev; tia 
Depriver, De-prjv-er, n. he or dat hwiq deprjvz. 
Depth, Dept, •»». distans bel6 de surfas; depnes; 

midl; obstrtDsnes; obskn,riti; sagasiti. 
Depulsion, De-piil-Jon, n. a drjvig er trustig 

Depulsory, De-piil-so-ri, a. putig awa: avertig. 
Depurate, Dep-yn,-rat, v. t. tu piyrif j; tu klenz. 
Depurate, Dep-yn,-rat, a. klenzd; p^r; fred from 

Depuration, Dcp-yn,-ra-Jon, n. de akt ov klenzig. 

Deputation, Dep-yTi,-ta-Jon, ». de akt ov depi^t- 

ig; dclfgajon; personz depilted. 
Depute, D£-pi\,t, v. t. tu send; tu emp-ser tu akt. 
Deputy, Dep-yq-ti, n. wun apernted tu akt for 

aniider; a reprezentativ; a levtenant; a vjsrff. 
Deracinate, De-ras-i-nat, v. t. tu pluk up bj 

de rtt)ts. 
Deraign, De-ran, v. t. tu prtov; tu justif j. 
Derange, De-ranj, v. t. tu diserder; tu disaranj. 
Deranged, De-ranjd, p. a. displast; diserderd in 

mind; insau. 
Derangement, De-ranj-ment, n. de akt ov de- 
ranj ig; diserder; insaniti. 
Derelict, Der-e-likt, n. eni tig fersakn er left. 
Derelict, Der-e-likt, a. purpusli religkwijt; fer- 
sakn. [dezerjon. 
Dereliction, Der-e-lik-Jon, n. de akt ov fersakig; 
Deride, De-rjd, i'. t. tu Iqf at; tu skof at; tu 

Derider, De-rjd-er, n. wun hcD derjdz: a skofer. 
Deridingly, De-rjd-ig-li, ad. in a jeriij maner. 
Derision, De-rij-on, n. de akt ov dEijdig er Iqf- 

ig at; kontemt; skern; ridiki\,l. 
Derisive, Ds-rj-siv, a. kontauig derijon; niokig 
Derisory, De-rj-so-ri, a. mokig; ridiki^lig; de- 

rjsiv. [dedn^sibl. 

Derivable, De-rjv-a-bl, a. dat ma be derjvd; 
Derivation, Der-i-va-Jon, n. de akt ov deijviij; 

Derivative, De-riv-a-tiv, a. derivd from aniider. 
Derivative, De-riv-a-tiv, ji. de tig er wurd de- 
rjvd. [maner. 
Derivatively, De-riv-a-tiv-li, ad. in a derivativ 
Derive, De-rjv, v. t. tu dedi^s; tu dro; tu lesev. 
Deriver, De-riv-er, n. wun bet) derjvz er drez. 
Dermal, Der-mal, a. pertanig tu de skin. 
Dernier, Dern-y^r, w Der-ni-er, n. [Fr.] last; 

fjnal; de onli wun left. 
Derogate, Der-o-gat, v. t. tu disparaj; tu di- 

minij. [awa. 

Derogate, Der-o-gat, v. i. tu detrakt; t\a tak 
Derogate, Der-o-gat, a. degraded; damajd. 
Derogation, Der-o-ga-Jon, n. deilamajun; de- 

trakjon. [tniktig maner. 

Derogatorily, De-rog-a-to-ri-li, ad. in a de- 
Derogatoriness, De-iog-a-to-ri-nes, n. stat ov 

beig derogatori. 
Derogatory, De-rog-a-lo-ri, a. tendig tu lesn 

er degrad; degradig: detraktig; disonorabl. 
Dervis, Der-vis, n. a TurkiJ prest er mugk. 
Descant, Des-kant, n, a. sog; a diskors; a dispi^- 

Descant, Des-kant, t;. i. tu sig; tu diskors. 
Descend, De-send, v. i. tu kum er go d-sn. 
Descendant, De-send-ant, n. de ofsprig ov an 

Descendent, De-send-ent, a. felig; desendig. 
Descendibility, De-send-i-bil-i-ti, n. stat ov 

beig desendibl. 
Descendible, De-send-i-bl, a. dat ma desend. 
Descension, De-sen-Jon, n. a goig d-snward; de- 
klcujon. [sent. 

Descensional, De-sen-Jon-al, a. relatig tu de- 
Descensive, De-sen-siv, a. desendig; tendig disn- 

Descent, De-sent, «. progres disnwardz; dekliv- 

iti; inklinajon; invajon; bert; ekstrakjon. 
Describable, De-skrjb-a-bl, a. dat ma be de- 

Describe, De-skrjb, v. t. tu delincat; tu mqrk 
■st: tu reprezent bj wurdz; tu def jn bj propertiz. 
Describer, De-skrjb-er, n. wun hiD deskrjbz. 
Descrier, De-skrj-er, n. wun bto deskrjz; a dis- 

Description, De-skrip-Jou, n. de aktovdeskrjbig: 
delineajouov propertiz; reprezentajon; definijon. 




Dmcriptive, De-»kri[>-tiv, a. kontanig dr.sknp- 
Dl-scuiko, Uc-^krj-or, ii. wun li>i> Ui'skrjz. [/on. 
Di:^uy, Ut-nkri, f. t. tu cjij ui; tu deU-kt; lu 

DxsecEATX, DM-e-krut, v. t. tu divert from a 

•akrod purpu.t. [iy; prufana/oD. 

Dkskoeation, Dcs-e-kni-JoD, u. uki uv doscknit- 
I)K8KKT, Ddi-crt, n. Q wilderiK's; QKolittid; u wust. 
DkUKKT, I>t<i-ert, a. wjld;; xolituri; Vtfd. 
DuscBT, De-zt-rt, v. i. tu run awti klaudo^tinli. 
Dksuit, L){:-zi.Tt, V. /. tu foniak; tu ubuudun; 

tu Irv. [lui-rit. 

DcSERT, Dc-ziTt. n. klam tu reword; merit orde- 
DejO-UTKU, De-ii/rt-iT, /i. wun bcb dezyrttt. 
DfjiKRiioS, l)€-ivr-/on, n. dc ukt ov drzi'rtiij. 
Di:2>i:b.vk, Dt-z^rv, r. i. tu he wurdi ov gud or 

il. [it. 

Dkskbve, Dt-tirr, v. i. tu be wurdi or; tu mer- 
DxsKEVKDLT, Ue-z^rv-«d-li, ad. wurdili; wid 

DxsEKVER, De-ierv-er, n. wun ba> merit:* reword., De-z(>rv-ifl, a. wurdi; merituriu.4. 
Dksebvi.nuly, Dc-z^rv-io-li, aJ. wurdili; mcr- 

Deshabille, Des-a-bil. Se {DUhahiUe.) 
Dejiiccant, De-sik-ant, n. uo aplika/on datdriz 

up U MJT. 

Desiccate, De-sik-at, v. t. tu drj up. 
Desiccate, De-sik-at, v. i. tu eruj drj. 
Desiccation, Doa-i-kA-Jon, n. de akt or makiu 

drj. [Jrjin. 

Desiccative, Dt-sik-a-tir, a. harig de puer ov 
Desidkbate, De-aid-er-at, r. t. tu wont; tu 

mis; tu drzjr. 
Desidehative, De-!«i<l-er-a-tiv, a. imnljig dezjr. 
Desideratum, De-.*id-cr-ii-tum, n. [/.] /7. De- 

sid-er-a-tu; sumtig not poz^st; but dezjrd or 

DxsiON, De-zjn, or De-sjn, v. t. tu purpus; tu 

intend; tu plan; tu prajckt; tu skeq st; tu de- 

Desio.n, Dc-z|n, n. an intenJ'on;a purpus;a skem; 

a plan ov akjon; a skec. [zjnd. 

Desionable, De-z|n-a-bl, a. kapabi or beig de- 
Desionate, Des-ig-nat, v. t. tu pffnt ■st; tu 

mqrk. [rukjun. 

Designation'. Des-ig-nu-Jon, n. aptfntment; di- 
Desiu.nedly. De-zjn-ed-li, aJ. purpusli. 
Designer, l)e-zjn-cr, n. wun ho) dczjnz. 
Designing, De-zjn-ig. n. de akt ov delineatig. 
Desionmknt, De-zjn-mcnt, n. a dczjn. 
Desirable, De-z(r-a-bl, a. wurdi nv dezjr: plez- 

ig. [beig dez|rabl. 

Desirable.ness, De-zir-a-bl-ne?, n. At kwolitiov 
Desire, De-zjr, n. wij: egemes tu obtan or cnjw. 
Desirjc, De-i{r, r. t. tu wij; tu log for; tu 

Desirer, De-zjr-er, n. wun ha> dezjrz. [ig. 

Desiroi'S. Ur-zir-u", a. ful ov dezjr; eger; kuvel- 
D18IROL-8LY, De-zir-u.s-li, ad. egerli; wid dezjr. 
Desiroi S.NESS, Dc-zjr-u.t-ni'^, »». fulnes ov dezjr. 
Desist, lie-i'i.-'t, r. 1. tu sen from; tu $top. 
DxsiSTA.NCE, De-»ij(-tans, 11. de akt uv dcsistig or 
Desk, Desk, n. an inkljnig tabl tu rjt on. ^^e.^ig. 
Desolate, Dds-u-lat, v. t. tu de|>6pyi^lat: tu la 

wast. [solituri. 

Desolate. D^s-o-lat, a. lad wast; uninbu1>ited: 
Desolately, Dcs-o-lat-li, ad. in a ddaolat man- 

er. [ola/oD. 

Desolater. D^s-o-lat-er, n. wun h<i> kotes dcs- 
Desolation, Deit-o-Iii-Jon, n. deaktor d^^ulRlig; 

a de.-^ulnt ]>ln'<: destrukjon: gliiimines. 
Desolatory, Des-u-la-tu-ri, a. kozig d^<>olajon. 
Despair, |)e-spt'ir, n. a hwplcs atat; despondensi. 
Despair, De-8|Kir, r. •'. tu be widit hup; tu dc- 


I>>AiRLR, De-8p4r-cr, n. wun widit hop. 
l>J-hi'AiuiNGLY, Lt-smr-ig-li, ad. in a desf^yig 

Despatch, De-spi^, r. /. tu send awaha8tili:tu 

hasu: tu kil. Pit (JH*pateh.} [«|)a.;oi. 

DtSPATCIlKR, Di -.•<|a.;-tr, n. he or dat hwi<j de- 
I)E.>>PATt.lULL. D1--1..1.; lul, a. bent oil has I. 
IJe-sperauo, I)e.''-jH.T-u-ti(j, n. wun b4» iz desperat. 
Desperate, Dds-{jer-al, a. huplea; mad; r»/; fu- 

rius. (u^JI^ 

Desperately, Dd.'-iicr-at-li, ad. hoplcili; fi^ri- 
J>ESPEUATENESS, Des-i>».r-at-nts, n. madncs; fqri. 
DespeRaTIO.n, Des-por-a-Jon, h. abatns ov hup; 

'liM'Hr. [wurtlw. 

De-spicable, D<^s-pi-ka-bl, a. kontcmtibi; vjl; 
Despicable.ness, D&i-pi-ka-bl-nes, n. mrnnes; 

vjlnes. [maner. 

Despicably, D^s-pi-ka-bli, ad. in a ddspikabl 
Despisable, De-upjz-a-bl, a. kontemtibl; d.-spi- 

kal'l. LJi.-.ian. 

Despise, De-spjz, c. t. tu skom; tu kontein;tu 
Despised.ness, De-spjz-cd-nua, n. stat ov bei{) 

De4>piser, Dc-spjz-cr, n. a kont^mncr; a skomer. 
Despite, De-spjt, h. mulis; agger; maligniti; de- 

Despiteful, De-spjt-ful, a. maliJus:fulov«plen. 
DtspiTtKULLY, De-spjt-ful-i, ad. maliju.oli; ma- 

li^iiauili. [mulignili, 

Despitepulness, De-spjt-ful-nos, n. umlis;hat; 
Despoil, Dc-si«>1, r. t. tu rot; tu deprjv; tu di- 

*'"■''• [plunderer. 

Despoiler, Dc-sp^l-er, n. wun hoo desjKflz: a 
DtspoLiATio.N, De-spo-li-a-Jon, n. de akt ov dc- 

Despond, De-sp6nd, r. i. tutozhop; tu desp^r. 
Desponde.ncy, De-5p6nd-en-si, n. huiplesnes; dc- 

Dtspo.NDENT, De-sp6nd-ent, a. desp^^rig; hoples. 
Despondkr, De-sj»6nd-er, n. wun hoi desjiuudz. 
Dt.spoM)ixoLy, De-sp6nd-ig-li, ad. in q hoples 

"'aner. (trotig, 

Despo.nsatio.v, Dc3-pon-sa-Jon, n. de akt ov be- 
Despot, D<^s-i)ot, II. an absolivt soveren; a tjrant. 
Despotic, De.-'-jMii-ik, i a. absoliit;(irbitra- 

Despotical, Des-i>6t-ik-al, I ri. 
Despotically, Des-jxit-i-kal-i, ad. in an urbi- 

tniri wancr. 

Despotism, D«i3-pot-is-m, n.absulqt p»er; tirani. 

Dkspumate, De-spi'i-mat. r. t. tu fom: tu frot. 

I Dlspumatio.n, Df<-pn-uiu-Jon, n. skuui;frotincJ. 

; DEsyUAMATio.N, Des-kwa-nuk-jon, 11. de akt or 

skiilig banz. 
D>:sstBT. Dez-ert, ». a s^rvis ov fitDts after met. 
D>:sTiNATE, Des-ti-nat, c. /. tu dezjn; tu destin. 
Desti.n ATio.N, Des-ti-na-JoD, i«. an end; ultimat de- 
zjn: destini. (devut. 
DtsTi.NE, D^s-tin, c. t. tu doom; tu ap«rnt; tu 
Desti.ny, Des-ti-ni, n. fat; invinsibl nesesiti; 

*l''"i>- [wont. 

I>E8T1TUTE, D^s-ti-tiit, a. forsakn; frendle^: in 
Destitution, Dcs-ti-tii-Jon, n. stat ov beigde^- 

tiiiit: Wont. 
Dlstkov, De-str*. v.t. tu la tu nain: tu kil. 
De-stiuiyer, De-stnir-cr, n. wun ha> destrcn. 
Dejjtuictibility, De-struk-ti-bil-i-ti, n. Ijablncs 

tu [struk/on. 

Destructible, Dc-striik-ti-bl, a. Ijabl tu de- 
Destruction, De-strdk-JoD, n. a kilig: ntin; 

ojvertru. [qivus; wastful. 

D»^RICTIVE. Dc-strrtk-tiv. a. niiinus: faiil: mis- 
Destrui TirE. De-striik-liv, n. a destririr: a rad- 

ikul rr ti'irnier; — a t^rm ov reprw^ from injlitikiU 

Destbuctivelt, De-itrdk-tiv-li, ad. in a d«- 

strtiktiv manor. 




Destructivexess, De-struk-tiv-nes, n. de twoliti 

ov destrtrii): a propensiti tia destrtJf er kil. 
Desudation', Des-ii-da-Jon, n. a profii? swetig. 
Desuetude, Des--we-ti|d, n. diskontinyn,ans ov 

habit: disyi|S. 
Desultoet, Des-ul-to-ri, a. leas: unkonekted; un- 

setld; imetodikal; kiirsori; hasti; sljt. 
Detach, De-taq, v. t. t\a separatt tu send of a 

pqrti. [dgtaqt. 

Detachment, De-taq-ment, n. a bodi ov troops 
Detail, De-tal, v. t. tia relat partikyi|larli. 
Detail, De-tal, &r De-tal, n. a mimi,t ak'snt; 

rESJtal; narajon. [larz. 

Detailee, De-tril-er, n. wun ha> reluts partikyn,- 
Detain, Ds-tan, v. t. tu widhold: tu kep; tu hold. 
Detainee, Ds-tan-er, n. a rit: detini^. 
Detainee, De-tan-cr, n. he or dat hwiq detanz. 
Detect, De-tekt, f. t. tu. diskdver; tia fjnd ■st; 

tia konvikt. 
Detected, De-tekt-ed, p. a. diskuverd; f^nd -st. 
Detectee, De-tekt-er, n. wun hoo detekts; a dis- 

kuvcrer. [roB- 

Detection, De-tek-Jon, n. diskuveri ov gilt er 
Detent, De-tent, n. a stop tu. a klok in strjkig. 
Detention, De-ten-Jon, n, de akt ov kepii); re- 

Detee, De-t^r, v. t. tia diskuraj bj teror; tu hin- 
der, klenzig. 
Detergent, De-ter-jent, a. havig de p'ser ov 
Detergent, De-ter-jent, n. dat hwiq klenzez. 
Deteriorate, De-te-ri-o-rat, v. t. tu inip4r; tu 

mak wurs. 
Deteriorate, De-te-ri-o-rat, v. i. tu gro wurs. 
Deterioration, De-te-ri-o-ra-Jon, n. de akt ov 

makii) wurs. [hindrans. 

Determent, De-t^r-ment, n. de akt ov deteriij; 
Determinable, De-ter-min-a-bl, a. dat ma be 

determind. [fikst. 

Determinate, De-ter-min-at, a. definit; desjsiv; 
Determinately, De-t&-min-at-li, ad. definitli; 

sertenli. [Jon; desijon. 

Determination, De-ter-mi-na-Jon, n. xeza\\\- 
Deteeminative, De-t^r-mi-na-tiv, a. direktir) 

tia an end. [terminz. 

Deteeminatoe. De-ter-mi-na-tor, n. wunhmde- 
Determine, De-ter-min, v. t. tu fiks; tu setl; tia 

adjust; tu konklii,d; tu limit; tu rezolv; tu de- 

sjd. [sjd. 

Determine, De-t^r-min, v. i. to. konkli^d; tia de- 
Deteemined, De-ter-mind, p. a. desjded; fikst; 

rezoiliit. [minz. 

Determiner, De-ter-min-er, n. wun hcD deter- 
Detereation, De-ter-a-Jon, n. removal ov ert. 
Deteesion, De-t^r-Jon, n. de akt ov klenzig a 

Detersive, De-ter-siv, a. haviij p-ser tu klenz. 
Detersive, De-ter-siv, n. a klenziij aplikajon. 
Detest, De-test, v. t. tu hat; tu abhor; tu 

abominat. [ekrabl. 

Detestable, De-test-a-bl, a. hatful; alihord; eks- 
Detestableness, De-test-a-bl-nes, n. stat ov beii) 

detestabl. [entlf. 

Detestably, De-test-a-bli, ad. hatfuli; abhor- 
Detester, De-test-er, «. wun hO) detests or abherz. 
Dethrone, De-trcSn, t>. t. tu divest ov regaliti. 
Dethronement, De-ir<6n-ment, n. de akt ov de- 

Dethroner, De-tron-er, n. wun hoo detronz. 
Detinue, Det-i-nq, n. a k|nd ov rit or akjon. 
Detonate, Det-o-nat, r. i. and t. tu ekspl(Sd er 

kez tu ekspl(&d wid nffz; tu inflam. [nerz. 

Detonation, Det-o-na-Jon, n. an eksplo^on wid 
Detonize, Det-o-njz, v. i. and t. tu detonat. 
Detorsion, De-ter-Jon, n. a pervcrjon; a restii). 
Petort, De-tert, v. t. tu rest from de orijinal 


Detour. Da-t6r, n. [Fr.] a turniij: a scrkit. 
Detract, De-trakt, v. i. tu derogat; tu defam; 

tu slander. [slander. 

Detraction, De-trak-Jon, n. de akt ov detraktii); 
Uetractious, De-trak-Jus, a. kontanirjdetrakjon. 
Detractive, De-trak-tiv, a. tendir) tu detrakt; 

Detractor, De-trakt-or, n. wun hco detrakts. 
Detractress, De-trakt-res, n. a sensorius wuman. 
Detriment, Det-ri-ment, n. los; damaj; misqif. 
Detrimental, Det-ri-men-tal, a. misgivus; kezig 

Detrition, De-triJ-on, n. de akt ov wfi,rig awa. 
Detritus, De-tr|-tus, n. [Z.] ei-ti substans worn 

awa bj atrijon er de akj(m ov weter. 
Detrude, De-trdid, v. t. tu trust d-sn; tu depres. 
Detruncate, De-triig-kat, v. t. tu lop; tu kut; 

tu Jertn. [Jertnd. 

Detruncated, De-triir)-kat-cd, ^j. a. kut of; 
Detruncation, Det-rug-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov 

kutig of. 
Detrusion, De-tr(f)-3on, u. de akt ov trustig dun. 
Deuce, Di^s, n. de tm in kqrdz er djs. 
Deuse, Dqs, n. a. kant nam fer de devl. 
Deuterogamist, Dn-ter-6g-a-mist, n. wun hco 

enterz intu a sekond marij. 
Deuterogamy, Di|-ter-6g-a-mt, n. a sekond marij. 
Deuteronomy, Dn,-ter-6n-o-mi, n. de sekond le; 

de fift buk ov Mcozez. [er sjt. 

Deuteeoscopy, Di|-ter-6s-kcs-pi, n. sekond menig, 
Deutoxide, Di|,-t6ks-id, n. a komp'snd kontanig 

too pqrts ov oksijen and wun ov a bas. 
Devastate, De-vds-tat, er Dev-as-tat, v. t. tu 

la wast. [desolajon. 

Devastation, Dev-as-ta-Jon, w. wast; havok; 
Develop, De-vel-op, v. t. tu unfold; tu unravel; 

tu unkiirl. [an unfoldig. 

Development, De-vel-op-ment, n. a disklogur; 
Devest, De-vest, v. t. tu alyenat. Se {IHvest.} 
Devexity, De-veks-i-ti, «. inkurvajon; dekliviti. 
Deviate, De-vi-at, v. i. tu wonder; tu go astra; 

tu er. [ofens. 

Deviation, De-vi-a-Jon, n. de akt ov deviatig; 
Device, De-vjs, n. a kontrjvans; a dezjn; an em- 
Devil, Dev-1, n. a feln anjcl; de evl spirit. 
Deviling, Dev-l-ig, «. a yug devl. 
Devilish, l)ev-l-ij, a. djabolikal; wiked. 
Devilishly, Dev-1-iJ-li, ad. djabolikali. [devl. 
Devilishness, Dev-1-iJ-nes, n. de kwoliti ov de 
Devilkin, Dev-1-kin, n. a litl devl. 
Devilship, Dev-1-Jip, n. de karakter ov a devl. 
Devious, De-vi-us, a. ni ov de komon wa; erig. 
Devisable, De-vjz-a-bl, a. dat ma be devjzd. 
Devise, De-vjz, v. t. tu kontrjv; tu invent; tia 

bekwed; tu grant bj wil. 
Devise, De-vjz, v. i. tu konsider; tu kontrjv. 
Devise, De-vjz, n. a gift er bekwest bj wil. Se 

Devisee, Dev-i-ze, n. he tu hoom a tig iz bekwedd. 
Devisee, De-vjz-er, n. wun hot) devjzez. 
Devisoe, Dev-i-zer, er De-vj-zor, n. wun hoci givz 

bj wil. 
Devoid, De-vwd, a. emti; vakant; vffd; fre from. 
Devoie, Dev-wer, ji. [ZK] an akt ov siviliti. 
Devolution, Dev-o-14-Jon, n. de akt ov devolvig; 

rrmitival. [tta. 

Devolve, De-v61v, v. t. and i. tu rol d-sn; tu fel 
Devote, De-v6t, v. t. tu dedikat; tu konsekratj 

tu giv up. 
Devoted, De-vot-ed, p. a. givn up; konsekrated. 
Devotedness, De-v6t-ed-nes, n. konseki-ajon; 

adiktedncs. [bigot. 

Devotee, Dev-o-te, n. wun cntjrli devoted; a 
Devotement, De-vot-ment, n. de akt ov devotig; 





Devotee, De-rit-er, n. wiin Ihd dtv6t^. 
DtvoTio.v, l)r-v6-Jon, ii. iijtti; wurji|.; jjR^or; gtroy 

iil'-k/i'ii; urtliir; ernentiie.*. 
DtvoTioxAL, Ue-v6-Jon-iil, a. pertonig tia de- 

vujiiii; ilcvit. [tnuli dcvxt. 

DtvoTioMST. I)e-v<j-Joii-i:<t, «. wiin hit> iz fm- 
Ulvoik. I)i--vsr, r.t. tutt iiji grrdili; lu kon^i'im. 
l)LV(ii'KKi), Dr-viinl, /•. a. i-tn vuraju-ili; k(ius(\,uid. 
Deviuhke. Dt-vsr-iT, n. wun lidft dcvsn!. 
DtvoruiNULY, Dc-vTJr-iu-li, nd. in u konsi^mig 

Ml 111 r. 
l>i'.')iT, I)r-V5t, It. pjuii; reliju5: fTiiest; sins^r. 
l»Kviii TLY, Dc-vst-li, ad. in u dcvKt inaner; ]>l- 

ii.-li. [v*t: pjeti. 

Devoutnkss, l)f-vst-ni'.', u. kwoliti ov bfiy dc- 
Dkw, i>n, V. t. ti.i wi't, 117. wirt dt[: tu inrtr.-<n. 
I>tw, l>i[, H. mtT.slynr df iMi/.ited durij) de njt. 
UEW-imop, Dii-drop, n. a drop ov dij,. 
Dewlap, Di'i-hip, «. n lut'inbrnnus i»r floji suh- 

stan-* liajiii) dr trot ov an ok-s. 
Dewless, Dri-les, a. havijj na di^. 
Dew- WORM, Di'i-wurm, n. dp t;rt-wurin. 
Dewy. Dq-i, a. Ijk dii: iRirlnkij) ov dii. 
Dextlr, Deks-tur', .1. [Z.] rjt, az oiK:)/.d lu /^V. 
Dextebity, Doks-t^r-i-li, u. rcdincw; uktiviti: 

t'k-'|M;rtnfs. [skilful. 

Dextkrois, D6k<-tcr-us, n. ekajx'rt: aktir; redi: 
Dexterously, Deks-tcr-us-li, m. ck»i)?rUi; skil- 

liili. [iti. 

DEXTKitoisSESS, Deks-t<.T-us-nf.«, n. skil; dL-ksicr- 
Dextual, Dt'ks-tral, &. At rjl; not de left. 
DtxruALiTY, Dik.H-tral-i-li, n. stat ov bcij) di-ks- 

tnil. (Aljr'r/.. 

Dey. Dn, n. de tj'.l, fonnerli, ov At guvcrnor ov 
Di, D{, <i prtfik.', kontnikted from dis; it dcnc&tj, 

frouj, i>c|>iirnJon, neg;iJon, nr tu. 
DiA, l)j-(i, u prffit-', dfnJ>ti() tro). [yi^rin. 

DlABKTi_s, Di-u-bt'-tEz, ;i. a morbid kcipiurincst ov 
DiAiioi.iC, Di-a-bol-ik, / _ , ,., . , 

Diabolical. Dj-a-bol'i-kal. 1 ^- J^'vl'/; atruju.. 
DlAUOLiCALLV, DJ-a-bol-i-kiil-i, ad. in a djabol- 

ikal ni:in»'r. [ov a dcvl. 

DIABOLKALXES8, Dj-a-bol-i-kal-ncs, 11. At kwoljti 
DiABOLi.sM. Dj-:ib-o-liiin, n. de akjonz ov dr devl. 
Diachylon, l){-:ik-i-lcin, n. a in6lif|i|) pl<ister. 
DiAcunicM. Dj-a-kij-di-um, n. [Z..] f<«^rupov jxipiz. 
DlACOisTics. l)i-a-kif)-.<tik.'', u. jd. At sjeiis ov 

ri-t'rakt«l s'>«iid7.; diafoniks. 
Diacritic. Di-a-krit-ik, | i- .• 1 ,• 
Diacritical, Di-a-krit-i-kal.l ''• distioktiv. 
DiAiiEM, Di-a-dom, n. a krun; At mrirk ov rffalti. 
DiAPiMKi), Dj-a-di'iiid, a. krisnd. 
DiAIiROM, Dj-a-drom, », u kurs; u vjbmjon. 
Di^.RKSis, Di-(^r-c-.''is, n. [/..] ;»/. Dj-^r-r-stz: a 

ni'irk tu indikat dnt a dipN>u u. dizolvd, and 

dai it.'' li'tort qr tu bt pronSnst .seiiaralli. 
Diagnosis, Dj-ag-nu-si.", 11. de ^rt ov distiflgwij- 

iy wiin diiez from aniidcr. 
DiAO.NOSTic, Di-a{j-n6i-tik, n. a diytijigwljiu 

sinilom. (toin.itik. 

Diagnostic. Dj-ag-n6s-tik, a. distiugwijiy; siiiu- 
DlAGOXAL, Dj-.ig-u-nal, n. a l|n fn<in augl tu a^gl. 
Diagonal. D| ag-u-nal,fl. rnjigfromaiigl tun|)gl. 
Diagonally, Dj-ag-u-nal-i, ad. in u djagonal 

dir-kj..n. [-•ikrni. 

Diagram, Di-a-gram, n. ajromctrikal figytir or 
DlAGRAPii, Dj-a-gnif, n. an instniiment yn,td in 

DiAGRAi'iiiCAL, Di-a-grdf-i-kal, a. drskriptir. 
Dial. Uj -al, n. a jilnt tu Jo At tt ov de da bj 

inrni "V dr Kunz Jado. 
Dialect, D|-a-likt, n. a ptki^lyor form or idiom 

ov (1 hm^waj: !>pc<j; manor ov i<pckio. 
Dialectical, Dj-a-Wk-ti-kal, m. resp^ktig dja- 

lektf or dialoktiks: lojikal. 
Dialectician, Di-a-lck-tiJ-an, n. a loji/an. 

Dialectics, D^-s-l^k-tikji, lojik; de qrtoT 


Dialing, Di-al-iQ, n. dr qrt ov konntniktio dials. 

Dialiht, Dj-al-im, «. u konHtnikt<-T ov djalz. 

I)ialooi«t, D|-al-u-jii<t, 1 a. buvig de 

j Dialooistical, Di-al-u-jiK-ti-kal, J furmov,or 
I rrliitii) tu >i dialog. [manor ov o dialog. 

DiALooisTiCALLY, D|-al-(j-ji..<-ii-kul-i, ad. in de 

Dialogize, D{-al-o-ju, r. i. tu disikurx in djalog. 

Dialogue, Dj-a-log, n. u diskurs or kouvursujoo 
betwrn tj) nr uiur: u kunfcrcn.''. 

Dial-plate, Dj-al-iilut, u. dr ui'iikt or a djal. 

Dialysis, Dj-al-i-sis, n. u djcrisiii; a«indetoti; 


Diameter. Dj-ikm-e-tcr, n. a rjt Ijn, pasij) tra> de 

sc-nti-r ov u tSL-rki and divjdig it intu tOt rkwal 

ixirtii. [amrtcr: direkt. 

Diametrical, Dj-a-met-ri-kal, a. deHkrjbio <i dj- 
Diametrically, Di-u-m6t-ri-kal-i, ad. in a di- 

afiii-triknl direkjou. 
Diamond. Dj-a-mond, &r Dj-mond, n. de most 

valy ii; ov ol jciiiz;de .'■•molest fi\t ov t jp. [kerd. 
Diapason, l)i-a-|iti-zn, ». an oktav in mi^zik; a 
Diaper, Dj-a-ixr, «. linen klot worn in fig}'i\,t«. 
Diaphaneity, Dj-a-fa-nt-i-ti, n. trun!'i>%rL-nsij 

DiAPHANic. Di-a^fau-ik, a. transparent: peli\gid. 
Diaphanous, bj-af-a-nu:', a. trans [irirent; trans- 

Di aphonics, Di-a-fon-iks, n. pi. de sicna ov rt- 

fr.ikted sTSiidz: djaktustik:). 
Diaphoretic, Dj-af-o-rdt-ik, * , .-., 

DiAPHORETicAL,'Di-af-o-ret-i-kal,^ ^- si"'^''!^''^ 
Diaphoretics, Dj-at-o-rct-iks, n. pi. si\dorifik 

Diaphragm, Dj-a-fram, n. de raidrif. 
D1ARI.ST, Dj-a-rist, II. wun hit) kf p.i a djari. 
DiARKiUEA. Di-a-re-u, n. a fluk-t; a purjig. 
Diakuiuetic, bj-a-ret-ik, a. purgativ. 
DiAKY. Dj-a-ri, /». u dnli ak'snt; u jurnal. 
DiASTEM, Di-a-stem, n. a simpi inter>al. 
Diastole, Dj-a.s-to-lr, «. dr makig ov a Jort 

silabi lug:— dilnjon ov dc hqrt. 
DiASTYLE, Dj-a-sijl, n.a mod ov aranjig kolumx. 
D1ATE.SSAR0N, Dj-a-te-s-a-ron, n. de fur Gospel*; — 

dr interval ov a fort. 
Diathesis, Dj-at-e-sis, n. de stat ov de bodi. 
Diatonic, Dj-a-t<ju-ik, a. proj^rdig bj tunz. 
Diatribe, Dj-a-trjb, vr Dj-at-ri-be, n. a dispi^- 

tajon; a di:<kijr.'<. 
DiBUEE, Dib-er, n. an agrikiiltynral in.<trajmcnt. 
DiBBEL. Dib-1, n. a gqniencrz tctil; u sra-d s]>nd. 
Dice, Djs, n., pi. ov If'u — f. «. tu gam wid djs. 
Dice-box, D(s-boks, n. a boks from bwiq djs qr 

Dicer, Dh^-er, n. a plaer at d^s. [b] pi^n. 

Dichotomy, Di-k6t-o-mi, n. a divijon ov {deas 
Dicker, Dik-^r,* u. ten: at, a (/iitfr ov h^dz. 
Dicky. l)ik-i, «. u linen Jert kolar. 
DicROTUS, Dik-ro-lu.s, n. [Gr.] a rebvodin er 

dubl pul.-". [dcr. 

Dictate, Dik-tat, v. i. tu tcl hwot tu rjt: tu or- 
Dictate. Dik-tat, n. a prfscpt;nj)l: maksim: order. 
Dictation, Dik-ta Jon, 11. de akt ov diktatio; 

prrsept. (i.<traU 

Dictator, Dik-ta-tor, n. a ntler; a Koman maj- 
Dictatorial, Dik-ta-t<j-ri-al, a. otoritativ: uver- 

b;\rij). [tator. 

Dictatorship, Dik-ta-tor-Jip, n. At ofis ov dik- 
Dictatory, Dik-ta-to-ri, J. ovorbi^rio; dogmati- 

Dictature. Dik-tAt-yqr, «. At ofi» ov a diktator. 
Diction, Dik-Jon, n. stihlaggwaj: ek.'"prc/on. 
Dictionary, Dik-Jon-n-ri, ». <i buk in hwiq dt 

wurdz ov a laggwaj qr aninjd alfabetikaii and 
ekspland; a wurd-buk: a Icksikon. 




Dictum, Dik-tum, n. [Z.] pi. Dik-ta; a wurd: an 
Did, Did, i. from Bat. Se (Do.) [aserjon. 

Didactic, Di-d;ik-tik, ) a,,givii) instrukjon: 

Didactical, Di-dak-ti-kal, i tEqhj: prcseptiv. 
Didactics, Di-dak-tiks, n. pi. de qrt ov ttqii). 
DiDACTYLOUS, Di-dak-til-us, a. havig too toz. 
DiDAPPEE, Did-ap-er, n. a berd dat divz intia de 

DiDASCALiC, Did-as-kal-ik, a. preseptiv; didaktik. 
Diddle, Did-1, v. i. tu toter az a qild; tia trjfl. 
Didst, Didst, sekond persun iii)., i. from Day. 
DiDUCTiON, Dj-duk-Jon, n. a separajon ov pqrts. 
Die, Dj, v. i. tu Icdz Ijf; tu ekspjr; tu perij. 
Die, Dj, v. t. tu tinj. 

Die, Dj, w., pi. Djs; a smel kn,b tia pla wid._ 
Die, Dj, n., pi. Djz; de stamp yi^zd in kernaj. 
Diet, Dj-et, n. fcod; vitlz; an asembli. 
Diet, Dj-et, v. t. tu suplj wid food; — v. i. tva et. 
Dietary, Dj-et-a-ri, n. a sistem er kors ov djet. 
DiET-DKiNK, Dj-et-driijk, n. medikated likor. 
Dieter, Dj-et-er, n. wun hoo djets er prsskrjbz djet. 
Dietetic, Dj-s-tet-ik, \ i^XgXm tu diet 
DiETETiCAL,'Dj-8-tet-i-kal,j ' " ' ' 

Dietetics, Dj-e-tet-iks, n. pi. de regytilajon ov 

DiETiST, Dj-e-tist, »i. wun skild in djet. 
DiEU ET MON DROIT, Deq, a moil drwe, [/)'.] God 

and mj rjt. [ov a kak. 

DiFFAKREATiON, Dif-ar-e-a-Jon, n. de partakii) 
Differ, Dif-er, v. i. tu be unljk; tu vari; tu dis- 

agre. [debat. 

Difference, Dif-er-ens, n. disimilariti; dispqt: 
Different, Dif-er-ent, a. unljk; distigkt; disim- 

Differential, Dif-er-en-Jal, a. infinitli smol. 
Differently, Dif-er-ent-li, ad. in a diferent 

maner. [rijid. 

Difficult, Dif-i-kult, a. bqrd; not ezi; veksajus: 
Difficultly, Dif-i-kult-li, ad. hqrdli; wid difi- 

kulti. [perpleksiti. 

Difficulty, Dif-i-kul-ti, n. an obstakl; distres; 
Diffidence, Dif-i-dens, n. distrust; wont ov kon- 

fidens. [dent. 

Diffident, Dif-i-dent, a. distrustful; not konfi- 
Diffidently, Dif-i-dent-li, ad. in a difident 

Diffluence, Dif-ln-ens, ) ^ ,. 

DiFFLUENCY, Dif-lq-en-si, i ""■ " ^^^'^ '^^^^ 
Diffluent, Dif-lq,-ent, a. floii) everi wa; not 

fikst. [yillar. 

Difform, Dif-erm, a. not yn,niferm; unljk: ireg- 
Difformity, Di-for-mi-ti, n. iregyqlariti ov form. 
Diffraction, Di-frak-Jon, n. inflekjon ov Ijt. 
DiFFRANCHiSEMENT, Di-f ran-Qiz-ment, n. Se 

{iJhfraHchisement.y [skater. 

Diffuse, Di-fqz, v. t. tu par Tst; tu spred; tu 
Diffuse, Di-fqs, a. wjdli spred; kopius; not kon- 

sjs; amplifid; proliks. 
Diffusedly, Di-fqz-ed-li, ad. wjdli; dispersedli. 
Diffusedness, Di-fqz-ed-nes, n. stat ov beiij 

Diffusely, Di-fqs-li, ad. ekstensivli; k6piusli. 
Diffuser, Di-fii,z-er, n. wun hoo difqzez er dis- 

Diffusible, Di-fx\z-i-bl, a. kapabl ov beii) difvizd. 
Diffusion, Di-fq-jon, n. a disperjon; a spredii). 
Diffusive, Di-fii,-siv, a. skaterd; disperst; eks- 

Diffusively, Di-fq-siv-li, ad. wjdli; ekstensivli. 
Diffusiveness, Di-fq-siv-nes, n. ekstenjon; dis- 
Dig, Uig, v. t. [i. dug er digd, ps. digii), dug 6r 

digd:] tu pers wid a spad; tu turn up er kulti- 

vat land; tu ekskavat. 
Dig, Dig, t\ i. tu wurk wid a spad, As. 
Digastric, Dj-gas-trik, a. havig a dubl beli. 

Digest, Dj-jest, n. a. bodi ov lez; a pandekt; a 

Digest, Di-jest, v. t. tu aranj in erder; tu dis- 

p6z; tu dizolv er konkokt fit)d in de stumak. 
Digester, Di-jest-er, n. he er dat hwiq dijests; 

a vesel tu konfjn elastik vaporz. [jested. 

Digestible, Di-jest-i-bl, a. kapabl ov beii) di- 
Digestion, Di-jest-yon, n. de proses ov dizolvig 

f(Dd in de stumak. In kemiatri, de operajon or 

ekspozir) tu a grat het. 
Digestive, Di-jes-tiv, a. kezig dijestyon; dizolvii). 
Digger, Dig-er, n. wun hit) digz oropnz de grisud. 
Digit, Dij-it, «. tre forts ov an inq; de twelft 

pqrt ov de djameter ov de sun er moon; — cni nu- 
meral figyi^r under ten. 
Digital, Dij-i-tal, a. pertanig tu a dijiter figger. 
Digitalis, Dij-i-ta-lis, n. a plant; de foksgluv. 
Digitate, Dij-i-tat, a. havig de form ov figgerz. 
Digitated, Dij-i-tat-ed, a. branqt Tst Ijk figgerz. 
Digitigrade, Dij-i-ti-grad, n. an animal dat 

weks on its toz. 
Digladiate, Di-gld-di-at, v. t. tu fens; tu kworel. 
Digladiation, Di-gla-di-a-Jon,*«. akombat wid 

Dignified, Dig-ni-fjd, a. invested wid digniti; 

egzolted; onord; nobl. [tu onor. 

DiGNiFY^, Dig-ni-f j, v. t. tu advdns; tu egzelt. 
Dignitary, Dig-ni-ta-ri, w. a klerjiman ov ragk. 
Dignity', Dig-ni-ti, j». trco onor; hj ragk; grand- 

Digraph, Dj-graf, n. a yn,nyon ov tO) vselz, er ov 

tcD konsonants in wun s^sud. 
Digress, Di-gres, v. i. tu turn asjd; tu wonder. 
Digression, Di-greJ-on, ?i. de akt ov digresig; an 

ekskurjon; a turnig asjd; deviajon. 
Digressional, Di-greJ-on-al, a. deviatig. 
Digressive, Di-gres-iv, a. tendig tu digres; de- 
viatig. [grejon. 
Digressively, Di-gres-iv-li, ad. in de wa ev di- 
Dijudicate, Di-j4-di-kat, v. t. tu determin bj 

Dijudication, Di-ji^-di-ka-Jon, n. ajqdijaldis- 

Dike, Djk, n. a. qanel; a dig; a bagk; a m"5nd. 
Dilacerate, Di-las-er-at, v. t. tu tqr; tu rend. 
Dilaceration, Di-las-er-a-Jon, n. de akt ov 

rendig; a rent. [tufel. 

Dilapidate, Di-lap-i-dat, v. i. tu go tu rcoin; 
Dilapidate, Di-lap-i-dat, v. t. tu pul d-sn; tu 

wast. [r(t)in. 

Dilapidation, Di-lap-i-da-Jon, n. wast; deka; 
Dilapidator, Di-lap-i-da-tor, ji. wun ho) kezez 

DiLATABiLiTY, Dj-lat-a-bil-i-ti, / n. statovbeig 
Dilatation, Dil-a-ta-Jon, S dilatabl. 

Dilatable, Di-lat-a-bl, a. kapabl ov ekstenjon; 

ekspansiv; Iqrj. [enlqrj. 

Dilate, Di-lat, v. t. tu ekstend; tu spred -gt: tu 
Dilate, Di-lat, v. i. tugro wid; tu spek Iqrjli. 
DiLATER, Di-lat-er, n. wun iioo enlqrjez er eks- 

Dilation, Di-la-Jon, n. ekstenjon; enlqrjment. 
Dilator, Di-la-tor, n. dat hwiq wjdnz er eks- 

tendz. [er. 

Dilatorily, Dil-a-to-ri-li, ad. in a dilatori man- 
DiLATORiNESS, Dil-a-to-ri-nes, n. slones; slugij- 

Dilatory, Dil-a-to-ri, a. tqrdi; lat: slo: Iffterig. 
Dilemma, Di-lem-a, n. a dubl asumjon, kdig 

tu a prtijf ederwa; a difikult elternaiiv. 
Diligence, Dil-i-jens, n. industri; asidqiti; ak- 

tiviti. [Fr.] a staj koq. [tiv 

Diligent^ Dil-i-jent, a. asidyqus; not jdl; aten- 
DiLiGENTLY^, Dil-i-jent-li, ad. in a dilijent man- 
Dill, Dil, n. an anyv^jil aromatik plant. 




PiLUKNT, Dil-ii-cnt, a. maki;)tin nr morfliiid. | 
l)iLLi:.NT. Dil-n-cnt, n. dat hwi(; tiiir ud<.T luater. ' 
I)ILITE, l)i-liit, c. t. tu mak tin; tu wfkn. 
Dilute, l)i-ln,t, a. tin; atenytiatcd: juijr: diititod. 
DiLUTtia, Di-liit-cr, n. he or dat hwic; inaki tin. 
DiLUTiox, I)i-lii-/on, n. de akt ov dili^tig; a 

wrk likwiil. [flu>l. 

Diluvial, l)i-lix-vi-al, a. relatio tudcdeliijor 
Diluvium, Di-lii-vi-um, n. a delqj, a driiozit 

ov ert, iUinJ, iii., kozd bj a dclnj or flo ov wot-J 

rr. [ov aprthonjon. ; 

Dim, Dim, «. not scij) klrrli; obski'ir; not klcr: dul 
Dim. Dim, e. t. tu kl-gd; tu dqrkn; tu obski'ir. 
Dime. Dim, n. a silver karn ov de Yiinjted Stats, 

i.v At Viilyn ov ten gent."'. 
DiMENSiO.V, Di-m^n-JoD, n. spas; bulk: ckstt'nt: 

kH|':Lijiti. [Jonz. 

DiMtNSio.NLESS, Di-m<5n-Jon-Ics, a. wid^t dimcn- 
DiMENSiVE, Di-mon-siv, a. mqrkij) b-sndariz. 
DiMKTER, Dim-E-tcr, a. havig Mi poetikal mv^- 

\\TZ. [ckwal jiqrt.''. 

Dimidiate, Di-mid-i-at, c. >'. tu divjd intu ta> 
Diminish, Di-min ij, r. t. or t. tu Icsn; tu dc- 

kii--". [k'-": dekre^. 

Diminution", Dim-i-in'i-Jon, n. At nkt ov mnkio 
Diminutive, Di-min-yn,-tiv, a. smol; kontrakicd; 

lid. [kind. 

Diminutive. Di-min-yTi-ti%% n. a tip litl ov At 
Diminutively, Di-min-yii-tiv-U, ad. inadimin- 

yHtiv inantT. [litlncA. 

Diminutiveness, Di-min-yti-tiv-nc!', ii. smolnes; 
DiMisriORV, Dim-is-o-ri, a. di^mi.-'ig. 
DiMiTr, Dim-i-ti, n. a V\nA ov hwjt kotn klof 

Dimly. Dim-li, ad. in a dim manor; obskt^rli, 
DiMMisn, Diiu-iJ, a. sumhivut dim. 
Dimness. Dim-nes, n. dulncs ov sit: obfiktiriti. 
Dimple, Dim-pl, n. un indcntajon in de (;ck or 

Dimple. Dim-pl, r. i. tu sipk in smol knvitiz. 
DiMi'i.KO. Diin-pld, a. ."ct wid dimplz. 
DiMsiuuTKD, Dim-sjt-cd, a. havij) wtk iz. 
Din, Din, m. a lisd n«rz; a kontinynd s-snd. 
Din, Din, v. t. tu stun or konl'isud wid nwz. 
Dinarchy, Din-ar-ki, n. a guvcrnment h\ UXi 

Dine. Djn, r. «'. and t. ta et or tu giv a diner. 
DiNO, Dip, c. t. [». digd. p*. diflifl, di^d;! tu daj 

wid vjulens; tu impr^s wid fors. 
DiNO, Dij), r. i. tu bluster: tu brns. 
DiNUDONQ, Diy-doj), n. wurdz ckspresijj At .Tsnd 

ov l)ilz. [ji. 

DiNoiNESS. Din-ji-nes, n. dr kwoliti ov beifl din- 
DiNGLK. Di{)-gl, n. a holo brtwrn tin hilz. 
Dingy, Din-ji, a. dqrk bnsn; dun; derti; sffld. 
DiNiNU-BOOM, Djn-ifl-nttm, fi. a ntjmtudjnin. 
Dinner, Din-er, n. (it qef mrl ov At da. 
Dinnertime, Din-er-tim, n. de f jm ovd^nio. 
Dint. Dint, ;». a bio; a dent:— vjulens; furs. 
DiMMERATiON, Dj-nq-mer-u-Jon, n. numbcrifl 

wuu b| wun. 
Diocesan, Di-^s-c-ran, »r D}-o-s£-gan, n. a bij- 

op HZ he standc related tu hii on klcrji, or flok. 
Diocesan, Dj-6s-c-san, a. pcrtanip tu a djoses. 
Diocese, Di-o-sm, n. a bijojis jurisdikjon; de se 

ov a bijop; a bijoprik. 

DIOCESS. Di-0-8C«. Sc iI>U'(€ft.) 

Dioptric, Di-<Sp-trik. t a. rrlatig tu dj(^p- 
DiOPTRiCAL. I)j-.pp-tri-k«l, S trik.<; adig de sit. 
Dioptrics, Dj-op-triks, n. pi. dat pqrt ov optiks 

hwiij trcta ov rtfrakjun ov \'\i, er rtfraktcd vi3- 

Diorama, Dj-o-r4-nia, or D{-o-r&-nia, n. a rc- 

volvif) nptikal miij£n. 
DiORAMic. D[-o-ram-ik, a. rtlatig tu a djorqina. 
DiORiSM, Dj-cj-riz-m, n. di'tijikJoD or definijon. I 

DioRisTic, D{-o-ria-tik, A. rtlatig tadjorizm:de- 

'('"O- [kruked ljn». 

DiouTiiusis, Dl-or-tuKis, n. At <\n ov Btralnig 
l>iosMA, D{-6z-ma, n. a jmui* ov pliiot«. 
Dip, Dip, v. t. [i. dipt, /•«. dipifl: dipt;] ta im^rj; 

tu iinvm; tu put intu eni likor; til wet. 
Dip, Dip, t-. i. tu (*iok; tu im>;rj: tu enter. 
Dip, Dip, n. a drprejon; an inklina/ondunward. 
DiPETALOua, Di-{)et-al-us, a. bavig UB fl'ser- 

If vz. 
DiPHTHONO, Dip-top, or Dif -log, n. ayi^nyonoT 

tjj vselz in wun n-^nil. 
Diphthongal, Dip-tog-al, a. brlopip tua diptog. 
Diploma, Di-plu-ma, n. pi. a rjtip konferip «uin 

l)rivilej, onor or otoriti. 
Diplomacy, Di-plu-ma-si, n. dr qrtovmakiptrt- 

tiz'wid I'oren stats; a diplumatik bodi. 
DiPLOMATED, Dip-lu-mat-ed, p. a. mad bj diplo- 
ma, [inasi or enven. 
Diplomatic, Dip-lo-mat-ik, a. resn^ktipdiplo- 
DiPLOMATics, Dip-lo-mat-iks, n. pi. At sjena ov 

drsjferip anjent rjtipz; fik^ig d;^r data. 
Diplomatist, Di-pl6-ma-tist, n. wun v^rst in 

Dii'i'ER, Dip-cr, n. wun dat dips; a ladl. 
Dipping-needle, Dip-ip-ne-dl, n. a magn^tik 

ncdl hwiq iukl(nz tu de ert. 
Dll'SAS, Di|i-sas, fi. [Z.] a venomus B^rpcnt. 
1)iptotk, l)ip-t£>t, It. a niin havig t>i> kasez onli. 
Diptych, Dip-tik, n. a rejiiter ov bijops and 

mqrt crz. 
Dire, Djr, a. dredful: dizmal; djrful; horibl. 
Direct, Di-rekt. a. strat: nt: uj-n: ebipres. 
Direct. Di-rekt, r. /. tu am; tte resvqlat; tu 

order. {hirector.) 

DiRECTER, Di-rdkt-er, n. wun hi» direkta. Se 
Direction, Di-rck-Jon, n. am; erdcr; sqjicr-krip- 

Directive, Di-rek-tiv, a. informip: Juip At wa. 
Directly. Di-rekt-li, ad. in a stmt Ijn; s<i.n. 
Directni-ss, Di-n^kt-nes, n. stratnes"; strat kors. 
Director, Di-rekt-or, n. wun ha> direkts er man- 

ajez; a superintendent; a gjd. 
Directorial. Di-rek-tci-ri-al, a. dir^ktip:— rt- 

Intip tu a direktori. [a gjd. 

Directory, Di-rek-tu-ri, n. a buk ov direkjoni; 
Directory, Di-rek-to-ri, a. gjdip: koDKindig. 
Direful, Djr-ful, a. teribl; dizmal: horibl. 
DiREFULNESS, Djr-f ul-nej", n. dredfulnes; horor. 
Diremption, Di-rom-Jon, n. separajon. 
DiRENESS, Djr-nes, ii. dizmalnes; horor. 
DiREPTiON, Di-rep-Jon, n. de akt ov plundcrig. 
Dirge, Deri, n. a niurnful diti; a fqneral sop, 
DiRiGENT, Dir-i-jent, a. notig a Ijn in jeomctri. 
Dirk, Derk, ». a kind ov dager; a jxrnyard. 
Dirt, DitI, n. mud: filt; mjr; dust; ert. 
1)IRT, Dert, r. t. tu f-gl: tu frtU tu derti. 
Dirtily, Dert-i-li, ad. in a dfrti maner; fislli; 

Dirtiness, Dert-i-no.«, n. rtat ov beig derti. 
Dirty, D.;rt-i, a. f-sl: naiiti:filti; sulid: men. 
DiRUPTiON, Di-nip-Jon, n. At aktov bun^tip; dis- 

Dis, Dis, an inse|«rabl pqrtikl, komonli impljig a 

prjvativ or nograiv signifikajon, tkwiv&lent tu 

t/n; az, tu qr-tn, (u di»qrm. [dm. 

Disability, Dis-a-bil-i-ti, «. wont or piien wtk- 
DiSABLE, Dis-a bl, r. /. tu deprjr or fors; tu 

Disabled, Dis-a-bld, p. a. dcprjvd ov gtrept. 
Disabuse. Dis-a-biir, r. /. tu undestv:tu »ct rjt. 
Disaccommodate, Dis-a-k6m-o-dat, r. t. tu dis- 

komod. [stat oT beig unfit. 

Disaccommodation, Dis-a-kom-o-da-Jon. m. a 
Disaccustom, Dis-a-ktb-tom, r. t. tu widdrf 

from I raktis. 




Disadvantage, Dis-ad-vdn-taj, n. los; injn,ri tu 

interest. [us; hurtful. 

Disadvantageous, Dis-ad-van-ta-jus, a. injixri- 
DiSADVA.NTAGEOUSLY, Dis-ad-van-ta-jus-li, ad. 

wid injuri. 
DiSADVA>"TAGEOUSNESS, Dis-ad-van-ta-jus-nes, n. 

inji|ri: los. [alyenat. 

DiSAFFECT, Dis-a-fekt, v. t. tia fil wid disljk: tia 
Disaffected, Dis-a-fekt-ed, p. a. alyenated: 

uufreudli. [afekjon. 

Disaffection, Dis-a-fek-Jon, n. disljk; wont ov 
Disaffirm, Dis-a-ferm, v. i. tia kontradikt: ta 

denj. [fij,taJon. 

Disaffirmance, Dis-a-ferm-ans, n. denial; kon- 
Disageee, Dis-a-gre, v. t. tia dif er in opinyon; 

tia kworel. [siv; unfit. 

Disagreeable, Dis-a-gre-a-bl, a. unpkzig; ofen- 
DlSAGREEABLENESS, Dis-a-gre-a-bl-nes, n. un- 

plezautues. [ofensivli. 

Disagreeably, Dis-a-gre-a-bli, ad. unplezautli; 
Disagreement, Dis-a-gre -ment, n. diferens; dis- 

imilitn,d. [senji],r. 

Disallow, Dis-a-1-s, v. t. tio. denj; tu refi^z; tia 
Disallow, Dis-a-1-s, r. i. tia refi^z permijon. 
DiSALLOWABLE, Dis-a-l-g-a-bl, a. not al-sabl; not 

tia be permited. [fi],zal. 

Disallowance, Dis-a-H-ans, n. probibijon; re- 
DiSANCHOR, Dis-ar)-kor, v. t. tia fairs from ai)koraj. 
DiSANiMATE, Dis-an-i-mat, r. t. tia depriv ov Iji'; 

tui dejekt. 
Disannul, Dis-a-niil, v. t. tia aniil; tia makverd. 
DiSAPPAEEL, Dis-a-iar-el, t\ t, tia disrob; tu 

undres. [vanij. 

Disappear, Dis-a-per, v. i. tu be lost tu viy tu 
DiSAPPEAEAXCE, Dis-a-per-ans, n. de akt ov disa- 

Disappoint, Dis-a-pe-nt, v. t. tu defet ov eks- 

pektajon: tu bok; tu deprjv ov: tu frustrat. 
Disappointment, Dis-a-pffnt-ment, n. falyn,r ov 

ekspektajon. [al; senJur. 

Disapprobation, Dis-ap-ro-ba-Jon, n. disapriDv- 
Disapproval, Dis-a-prjjv-al, n. disaprobajon; 

senjivr. [Ji|r. 

Disapprove, Dis-a-proiv, v. t. tu dislik; tu sen- 
DiSABM, Dis-qrm, v. t. tu deprjv ov qrmz; tu 

divest ov. [qrmz. 

DiSAEMEE, Dis-qrm-er, n. wun hco deprivz ov 
Disarrange, Dis-a-ranj, v. t. tu put -st ov order: 

tu deranj. [deranjment. 

Disarrangement, Dis-a-ranj-ment, n. disorder; 
DiSAEEAT, Dis-a-ra, v. t. tu undres: tu overtro. 
Disarray, Dis-a-ra, n. disorder; konfu^on; undres. 
Disaster, Diz-ds-ter, j». misfortynn; gref:kalamiti. 
Disastrous, Diz-ds-trus, a. unluki; unhapi; ka- 

lamitus. [nianer. 

Disastrously, Diz-ds-trus-li, ad. in a dizdstrus 
Disastrousness, Diz-ds-trus-nes, n. unlukines; 

Disavouch, Dis-a-vsq, v. t. tu retrakt profejon. 
Disavow, Dis-a-vis, t-. t. tu disun; tu denj; tu 

disklam. [denial. 

Disavowal, Dis-a-vs-al, >i. de akt ov disavsii): 
Disband, Dis-band, v. t. tu dismis from servis: 

tu set at libcrti; tu dispers. 
Disband, Dis-b.ind, r. i. tu retjr from servi."?. 
DiSBARK, Dis-b^rk, v. t. tti divest ov bqrk; tu 

Disbelief, Dis-be-lef, «. wont ov belef. 
Disbelieve, Dis-be-lev, v. t. not tu krcdit. 
DiSBELiEVEE, Dis-be-lsv-cr, n. wun hco refq,7,ez 

belef. [ov. 

DiSBOWEL, Dis-b-s-el, v. t. tia tak -st de intcstinz 
Disburden, Dis-biir-dn, v. t. tu unljjd; tu dis- 

Disburdened, Dis-bur-dnd, /i. a. unlodcd;relEvd. 
Disburse, J)is-burs, v. t. tu spend er la -st muni. 

Disbursement, Dis-biirs-ment, n. dt akt ov dis- 

biirsig; sum spent. 
DiSBURSER, Dis-burs-er, n. wun hot) disbdrsez. 
Disc, Disk, n. de fas ov de sun, &s. Se {-Disk.} 
DiscALCEATE, Dis-kal-se-at, v. t. tu strip of Jidz. 
Discard, Dis-kqrd, v. t. tu dismis from servis, er 

Discase, Dis-kas, v. t. tu put; tu undres. 
Discern, Di-zern, v. t. tu diskrj; tu se; tu dis- 

tiijgwij: tu juj. 
Discern, Di-zern, v. «. tu mak distiijkjon. 
DiscERNER, Di-zern-er, n. wun hO) dizernz. 
Discernible, Di-zeru-i-bl, a. perseptibl. 
DiscERNiBLENESS, Di-zem-i-bl-nes, n. viziblnes. 
DiscERNiBLY, Di-zern-i-bli, ad. perseptibli. 
Discerning, Di-z^rn-iij, n. dizernment. 
Discernment, Di-zern-ment, n. de akt ov dizern- 

ii); penetrajon; sagasiti; jujment. 
DiscERP, Di-serp,^ r. t. tu tq,r in pesez; tu brak. 
DiscERPTiBiLiTY, Di-serp-ti-bil-i-ti, n. stat ov 

beii) diserptibl. 
DisCERPTiBLE, Di-serp-ti-bl, a. franjabl;separabl. 
DiscERPTiON, Di-serp-Jon, n. de akt ov pulii) tu 

DiscHAEGE, Dis-gqrj, v. t. tu disburdn; tu unlad; 

tu pa: tu eksEkn,t; tu dismis; tu reles. 
Discharge, Dis-qqrj, v. i. tu brak up; tu eksplod. 
Discharge, Dis-gqrj, n. vent; eksplo^on: dismijon; 

reles; ransum; pament; ekseki|Jon. 
DischaPlGER, Dis-qqrj-er, ji. wun hcD disqqrjez. 
Disciple, Di-sj-pl, n. a foloer; alerner; a skolar. 
DisciPLESHip, Di-sj-pl-Jip, n. de stat ov a disjpl. 
Disciplinable, Dis-i-plin-a-bl, a. kapabl ov disi- 

DisciPLiNABLENESS, Dis-i-plin-a-bl-nes, n. ka- 

pasiti ov instrukjon; stat ov subjekjon. [iplin. 
DisciPLiNANT, Dis-i-plin-ant, n. wun under dis- 
DisciPLiNARiAN, Dis-i-pli-na-ri-an, a. pertanig 

tu disiplin; — n. wun strikt in disiplin. 
DisciPLiNAEY, Dis-i-pli-na-ri, a. pertanig tu 

Discipline, Dis-i-plin, n. edji^kajon; rcA ov guv- 

ernment; militari regyn,laJon; subjekjon; pun- 

Discipline, Dis-i-plin, v. t. tu instrukt and guv- 

ern: tu edy^kat; tu reg7q,lat; tia qastjz; tu re- 
Disclaim, Dis-ldam, v. i. tu dison; tu ren'sns. 
Disclaimer, Dis-klam-cr, n. wun hoo disldamz; 

an ekspres or impljd denial; renunjiajon. 
Disclose, Dis-kliiz, i-. t. tu unkdver; tu revel: 

tu tel. 
DiscLOSEE, Dis-kloz-er, n. wun hcD disklozez. 
DiscLosuEE, Dis-kl(f)-3ii,r, n. de akt ov disklozij). 
DisCLUSION, Di?-kl4-jon,'- n. a fruii) "St; emijon. 
Discoid, Dis-kerd, n. a. Jel rezemblii) a disk. 
DiscoiDAL, Dis-kffd-al, a. haviij de form ov a 

disk. [kulor ov. 

Discolor, Dis-kul-or, r. t. tu stan; tu ^anj de 
Discoloration, Dis-kul-or-a-Jon, n. qanj ov kul- 
or: Stan. [kwij. 
Discomfit, Dis-kiim-fit, v. t. tu defet; tu vay- 
DiscoMFiT, Dis-kiim-fit, ) >i. defe't; over- 
DiscOMFiTUEE, Dis-kum-fit-yi^r, S tro ; vag- 

kwijment. [soro. 

DiscOMFOET, Dis-kum-fort, n. trubl: unezines; 
Discomfort, Dis-kum-fort, v. t. tu grev; tu sadn. 
Discommend, Dis-kom-end, v. t. tu blam; tu 

scnjqr. [abl; senJn,rab'i. 

Discommendable, Dis-kom-end-a-bl, a. blam- 
DiscoMMENDABLENESS, Dis-kom-end-a-bl-nes, n. 

blamablncs. [reprcSg. 

Discommendation, Dis-kom-en-da-Jon, n. blam; 
DiscoMMENDER, Dis-kom-end-er, n. wunhrodis- 

komendz. [venyens. 

Disco-MMODE, Dis-kom-ud, v. t. tu put tu inkon- 




DucouMOOioi'S, ViA-kom-tii-di-iu, s. inkonvcn- 

y<ui. fkonvtnyeuH. 

Ditic'UMMOUIOUS.NUiil, I>i8-kom-u-di-U'<iic'ii, n. iii- 
DutcuMMo.'K, L>iii-kuiD-oii, v. t. tu \>\a\. tu inkun- 

\tnyvM. (disldrb. 

DlBi'UMFOSE, Dis-kuiu-p<jz, r. t. tu disorder; tu 
DnujuMfUttlBi:, DiK-kuiu-iMJ-ji^r, n. diiiordiT. 
DiBcu.M'KUT, Ui!i-koa-«v'°t, r. I. tu uii.'<o(l; tu 

di-k<'iii|'uz. [kuiiformiti. 

I>iM osuntJiiTy, I)is-kon-f«»nii-i-ti, n. wont ov 
iJlhCoNUBUiTV, lJis-kun-gni>-i-ti, n. inkoiigroiiti. 
I)l8CON.N£CT, Du-kun-ckt, I'. /. tu KL-|junit; tu 

di.HJ«tii. fsfjMiraJon. 

Disconnection, Dis-kon-^k-Jon, n. dinyi^nyoii; 
DiscoNiiciLATt:, Di;)-kun-;<<;>-lut, a. bbplcd; eoru- 

ful; >ad. 
Disconsolately, Dis-kijn-i!0-lnt-li, ad. in a dis- 

kiMi-ujl'it iimiHT. 
DiSLoxsoLATENESS, Dis-k6n-ec»-lat-ne8, n. wont 

ov koiisulajon. [uDeziiici<. 

Discontent, Dis-kon-t«?nt, n, wont ov kontont; 
Discontent, Dis-kun-t^nt, a. uneii; di.ikonteut- 

cd. [luuk unczi. 

Discontent, Di.<-kon-teiit, r. t. tu di.-atisfj; tu 
DiscoNTENTEU, Dia-kon-t<5nt-ed, y. a. unezi; di- 

sati-tjcl. [salijfakjon. 

DiBCONTLNTEDNESd. Dw-kon-t6nt-od-no!i, ri. di- 
DiscoNTEXTjiENT, Du-kon-t^nt-oicnt, n. inkwje- 

ti^d; di.'<kuiitent. ^iut«rmiJon. 

DiacONTiNiANCK, Dis-kon-tin-jq-ans n. sesiijon; 
Discontinuation, Di*-kon-tin-yii-u-Jon, «. de 

akt i>v di.^kuiitinniio. [n*. 

DiscoNTiNtE, Dis-kon-tin-yq, r. i. tu lev of; tu 
DisciJNTiNCE, Dis-kun-tin-yti, c. t. tu brnk of: 

tu inUTU|it. [di.^kontin^'iiz. 

DiSCONTiNiER, Dis-kon-tin-yii-er, n. wun hit) 
DiscoNTiNLiTV, Dis-kon-li-Dii-i-li, n. di.-'yiiniti 

ov jx^rl.''; sesnjon. 
DiscoxTiNiOLS, Dis-kon-tin-jTl-us, a. brokn of. 
DiscoBi), Dis-kopl, II. Q wont ov konkord: kon- 

ti-iijoii: strjf; di.«agrrujcnt: kontrurjeti ov sTsndz. 
DlSCoBiiANCE, Di.''-ki?rd-ans, mi. a wont ov kun- 
DiscoBi>ANCV, Dis-kurd-an-8i, i kord; di^k»rd: 

di.-<u>;rciui;nt. [bqruionius. 

DiscOBDANT, Dis-kurd-ant, a. inkonsistcnt: in- 
DiscoBDANTLY, Dis-kerd-oot-li, ad. in a ditfkord- 

ant iimnor. 
DiscocNT. Di<-kMit, 11. a drdukjon; an alrans. 
Discount, Di.<-k"snt, v. t. tu ]« bak ageu; tu 

dEdiikt; tu inak a di^ik'sut; tu udvuii.s on dis- 

k'snt. [kdraj; tu abaj. 

DiscoLNTKNANCK, Dis-kin-tc-nans, v. t. tu di:-- 
DiscocNTENANCEB, Dis-kin-tc-naos-er, n. wun 

hiD diskiirujfz. 
DisioiBAOE, Di.f-kdr-nj, r. t. tu dcprts; tu dc- 

prjv ov konfidcDs; tu drt«-r; tu di!<wad. 
DiscuiBAGEMENT, Dis-kiir-aj-mcut, ii. de akt 

ov di:«hqrtnio: dat Lwiq di:jbqrtnz. 
Discoi'BAGER, Din-kiir-aj-er, n. wun h(t> di^kdr- 

ajez. (kdraj. 

Discoi EAOiNO, Di.-kdr-iij-ijj, p. a. tcndig tu dis- 
DiucoiHjiE, Dis-kiJrs, ii. konvi-rsajon; a :^nuon; 

Q *\'t>y. a tritiz; u di.-trtajon. 
DiscoLBSK, DiK-kwn, r. t. tu konvyn; tu tok; 

tu rtzn. 
DiscoLBSE, Dis-kum, r. /. tu trtt ov; tu di.«kd5. 
DiSCOiBiiEB, Di^-kure-cr, n. wun hiii di.-koret'z. 
Discoi'HsiNO, Di.-i-kiJrs-in, «. At akt ov konv.;r!»io. 
DiscoiBsiVK, Di.<-kiJr<-iv, a. rrznin; konv^rsubl. 
DiscoLBTEocs, Dis-kur-i€-u», t«r Di^-kifirt-yu.'*. a. 

uncivil; nixl: inipolit. [nndli. 

DiscoLBTEOCSLT, Di.i-kdr-t«-u»-li, ad. uiuirili; 
DiscocBTEsr. Dia-kdr-tc-si, n. inniviliti. 
Discois, Dis-ku.s a. brod; flat; wi<l; lik a dii)k. 
DiscovEB, Di.i-kdv-cr, r. ^ tu Ju: tu diskli^z; 

tu revel: tu c^pi; tu fjnd 'St; tu drt^kt. j 

D18COVEKABLE, Di«-kuT-«r-ii-bl, a. dat ma be 

DiMcovtUEB, Dif-kdv-cr-cr, n. wan bdidiskdven. 
DihcovEuy, DiK-kdv-cr-i, n. dc iikt ov fjudig; 

dinklcixur. Ijfria. 

DiscBEiiiT, DU-krtkl-it, n. ignuinini; rzprw^; di«- 
DlscBEUiT, Diii-krM-it, r. t. tu diagnu; tu dis- 

iru'^t. [rt|.ro<;ful. 

DiscUEDiTABLE, Dia-kred-it-a-bl, a. diigntaiul; 
DiscuELT, Di.-kret, a. pWidcut ; »<rkuuui*kl : 

DiscBEETLV, Diii-kret-li, ad. priiKiiutli; ku/iuli. 
DiscBEETNEbS, Dis-krtt-ncn, «. prujdfiuj di»- 

DiscBEi'ANCE, Dis-krep-aa", / n. difcrcns; kon- 
DiscBEPAXCY, Di.-'-krup-an-si, i trarjeti; din- 

DiscuEi'AXT, DiH-kr^p-ant, a. difcrcnt; diiiagrti{). 
Discrete, Di.i-kret, a. diatigkt; dixjorud. 
DlscKETiON, Di«-kr6J-on, ri. pniidenij; wjz man^j- 

DiscBETiONAL, Dis-krtJ-on-al, a. left tu dijskre/- 

on or (j'f-: uiiliiiiitt-d: di.-krejonari. 
DiscRETioNALLY, Dis-kreJ-on-al-i, ad. at plej- 

Hr; at <jfn. 
DiscBETioNABY, Dis-ki^J-on-a-ri, «. lofttudia- 

krcjoii iir c^ns: unlimited; unrcstrand. 
DiscBETiVE. Dis-krr-tiv, a. sv\mtuI; disiiukt. 
DisciiKTivELY, Di<-kre-tiv-li, a<y. in a disiiogwij- 

iU uiMiK-r. [abl. 

Disc ttiMiN ABLE, Dis-krim-in-a-bl, a. disiingwij- 
DiscBjMiNATE, Dia-krim-i-nnt, v. t. tu diati^- 

gwij; tu separat. 
DiscBiiiiNATE, Dis-krim-i-nat, a. diskriminatcd. 
DiscBiMiNATELV, Dis-krim-i-nat-li, at/, diali^jkt- 

li; iiiimitli. [kriminajon. 

DiscBisiiXATENESS, Dis-krim-i-nat-ne.s, «. dis- 
DiscBiMiNATiON, Dis-krim-i-na-Jon, n. de akt or 

fakulliov di.-ikriminnti{): dizoramcut: di.^tigkjon; 

a mrjrk. [di;kriminaJon. 

Discriminative. Dis-krim-i-na-iiv, .1. nmkij) 
DiscBiMiNATiVELY, Dis-krim-i-na-tiv-li, nJ. wid 

di.-<kriminaJon. [postynr ov Irnin- 

DisciuiTOBv, Di.o-kii-bi-to-ri, a. fitod tu de 
DiscLLPATE. Di.-i-kdl-pat,* v. t. tu t-kskulpot. 
DisciMBEXCY, Dis-kdm-bcn-si, n. de akt ov len- 

\\f at luilz. [dijicngaj. 

DiscLMBtB. Dis-kdm-bcr, c. t. tu unbunln; tu 
DisciBsiON, Dis-kdr-Jou, n. a diskdrsiv pruned- 

DisiCBSiVE, Dis-kdr-siv, a. d^ultari; qrgtimcn- 

tativ. [maner. 

DisciEsiVELY, Dis-kdr-siv-li, ad. in a divkdiviv 
DisccBsiVENESS, Di:j-kdr-£iv-DC8, ». Stat ov beiy 

diskdrsiv. [kdrsiv. 

DisciBsoRY, Di«-kdr-»o-ri, a. qrgqmcntiuiv; dia- 
DiscLBSLS, Dij-kdr-sus, n. [I..] qrgqmenta/on. 
DiscLS. Di-kii". II. [L.] /7. Dis-ki, [2'iij^.J Dis- 

kus-ez; a kwtft. 
Disccss, Di^-kd5, r. t. tu cgxamin; tu debat; tu 

sift;^ tu di<|K;n', az murbid mator. 
DiscvssEK, DiA-kus-cr, n. wun ha> diskdacz; an 

Discission, Di.'-kd/-on, n. de akt ov di^kdaig: 

rgzaminajon: dii<kwizi/i>n. 
DiscissiVK, Dis-kd-x-iv, a. diskdaig; dii6lvip. 
DisciTiENT, I)is-kq-/cnt, 11. a mcdisin tu di«- 

fi^T.4 morbid mater. [kontcm. 

I>isi)AiN, Di'i-dan, r. t. tu skom; tu drxpii: tu 
Disdain, Dis-diin, ». kontemt: i>kom: indigna/on. 
DisUAiNKUL, Dls-dan-ful, a. sksmful; buLi; koo- 

DiSDAiNFi LLT, Di.1-ddn-ful-i.A4/. wid boti skaTD. 
DisDAiNFiLNESS, Di«-dan-ful-nea, n. kuot^Bl* 

Disease, Diz t'l, n. distumi^r; maladi. 




Disease, Diz-EZ, v. t. tu aflikt wid dizez; tva in- 

DiSEASED, I)iz-£7.d, /'. a. alekted bj dizez. [fekt. 

DiSEASED.VESS, Diz-t'z-ed-nes, ». siknes. 

Disembark. Dis-em-bqrk, v. t. tia land, az trmps 

fiiim Q /ip. [ajor. 

Disembark, Dis-em-bqrk, v, i. tui land; tu go 

Disembarrass, Dis-em- bar-as, «. t. tu fre from 

klog; tu liberat. [erajon. 

Disembarrassment, Dis-em-bar-as-ment, ji. lib- 

DiSEMBiTTEK, Dis-em-bit-er, r. t. tu frs from 

bitcniL-s. [bodi. 

Disembodied, Dis-em-bod-id, a. divested ov a 

Disembody, Dis-em-bod-i, t'. t. tu divest ov de 

Disembogue, Dis-em-bog, v. t. tu por ist at de 

ui'st, az a river; tu discjqrj. 
Disembosom, Dis-em-b\az-om, v. t. tu separat 

fnm At buzem: tu diskloz. 

Disembowel, Dis-em-b's-el, v. t. tu tak ■st ds 

b-selz. [qdntment. 

Disenchant, Dis-en-qdnt, v. t. tu fre from cn- 

Disenchantment, Dis-en-qdnt-ment, n. Az akt 

ov discnquntii). [tu frs. 

Disencumber, Dis-en-kiim-ber, v. t. tu disbiirdn: 

Disenclmbeance, Dis-en-kum-brans, n. libern- 

Jon: frfdum. [tu fre. 

Disengage, Dis-en-gaj, r. t. tu reles; tu kler; 

Disengage, Dis-en-gaj, <■. i. tu set wuuz self fre 

Disengaged, Di^-en-gajd, p. a. disjffnd: disen- 

tai)gld: fre: vakant; beii) at le^nr. 

Disengagement, Dis-en-gaj -mcnt, n. reles: va- 

kan.-^i. [or list. 

DiSENROLL, Dis-en-rol, v. t. tu eras from a rol 

Disentangle, Dis-en-tag-gl, v. t. tu unravel: tu 

- set fre. [gajment. 

Disentanglement, Dis-en-tai)-gl-ment, H.disen- 

DiSEXTHRALL, Dis-en-trel, v. t. tu set fre: tu 

liberat. [detron. 

DiSENTHRONE, Dis-en-trcjn, v. i. tu depoz; tu 

Disentitle, L)is-en-tj-tl, v. t. tu depriv ov titl. 

Disentomb, Dis-en-tijbm, v. t. tu disinter. 

DiSENTRANCE, Dis-en-trdns, c. t. tu awakn from 

a trans. [disestem. 

DiSESTiMATiON, Dis-es-ti-ma-Jon, n. disrespekt; 

Disfavor, Dis-fa-vor, n. disk'sntenans; — v. i. tu 

opoz. [an opozer. 

DiSFAVORER, Dis-fa-vor-er, n. a disk'sntenanser: 

Disfiguration, Dis-fig-yi),-ra-Jon, n. de akt ov 

Disfigure, Dis-fig-ynr, v. t. tu deferm; tu de- 
fas: tu ma:i)gl. [ov bn,ti. 
Disfigurement, Dis-fig-yT],r-ment, n. defasment 
Disfranchise, Dis-fran-giz, v. t. tu deprjv ov 
privilejez. [akt ov disfranqjzii). 
Disfranchisement, Dis-fran-qiz-ment, n. de 
DiSFURNiSH, Dis-fiir-niJ,* i-. t. tu deprjv; tu un- 
fdrnij. [ments. 
DiSGARNiSH, Dis-g4r-niJ, v. t. tu strip ov orna- 
DiSGAREisON, Dis-gar-i-son, v. t. tu deprjv ov a 
garison. [fors. 
Disgorge, Dis-gerj, v. t. tu vomit: tu por Tit wid 
Disgorgement, Dis-gerj-ment, n. de akt ov dis- 
gerj ii). 
Disgrace, Dis-gras, n. ignomini; disonor: Jam. 
Disgrace, Dis-gras, v. t. tu disonor; tu briij tu 
Jam. [ius; bas. 
Disgraceful, Dis-gras-ful, a. Jamful: ignomin- 
Disgracefully, Dis-gras-ful-i, ad. ignominius- 
li; basli. [disgras. 
DiSGRACEFULNESS, Dis-gTHS-ful-nes, »i. ignomini; 
Disgbacek, Dis-gras-er, n. wun hO) ekspozcz tu 

Disguise, Dis-gjz, v. t. tu konsel bj an unyx^jt],- 

al dres; tu disfigyij^r; tu qanj de form ov. 
Disguise, Dis-gjz, «. k-snterfit Jo; mask. 

DiSGUiSER, Dis-gjz-er, n. wun hda disgjzez. 
Disgust, Dis-gust, v. t. tu ofend; tu prodi^s 
averjon. [gustij). 

Disgustful, Dis-gnst-ful, a. keziij disgust; dis- 
DiSGUSTiNG, Dis-giist-ii), p. a. keziij disgust; 
oteusiv. [disgust. 

Disgustingly, Dis-gust-ig-li, ad. in a maner tu 
Dish, DiJ, n. a. vesel for servig up food; food. 
Dish. DiJ, t. t. tu serv er put in a dij. 
Dishabille, Dis-a-bil, n. [/>.] undres; Icos dres. 
Dish-cloth, DiJ-klot, n. a klot fer wojii) dijez. 
Dishearten, Dis-hqrt-n, r. i. tu diskiiraj. [tabl. 
Dished, l-'ijt, p. a. put in a diJ and redi fer ds 
Disherison, Dis-her-i-son,t n. de akt ovdisinher- 
Dishevel, Di-Jev-el, v. t. tu spred linsli. [iti^. 
Dishful, DiJ-ful, 7i. az muq az a diJ wil hold. 
Dishonest, Dis-on-est, a. not onest; verdov prob- 

iti; I'atles: frddyi^lent; unqast. 
Dishonestly, Dis-6n-est-li, ad. in a disonest 

maner: tatlesli; wikedli. 
Dishonesty, Dis-6n-es-ti, n. wont ov probiti: vj- 
olajon ov trust; unqastiti: deset; naveri; wont 
ov integriti. 
Dishonor, Dis-6n-or, n. disgras; Jam. 
Dishonor, Dis-6n-or, v. t. tu disgras; tu briij Jam 

upon; tia tret wid indigniti. 
Dishonorable, Dis-6n-or-a-bl, a. not onorabl; 
jaiuful: repiQqful; ignominius. [li. 

Dishonorably', Dis-6n-or-a-bli, ad. ignominius- 
DiSHONORER. Dis-6n-or-cr, n. wun boo di^onorz. 
Disincarcerate, Dis-in-kqr-ser-at, v. t. tu fre 
from prizn. [inklinajon. 

Disinclination, Dis-in-kli-na-Jon, n. wont ov 
Disincline, Dis-in-kljn, v. t. tu mak avers. 
Disinfect, Dis-in-fekt, i-. t. tu pv^rif j from in- 


Disinfection, Dis-in-fek-Jon, n. pi^rifikajon. 

Disingenuous, Dis-in-jen-yn,-us, a. unf^r; menli 

qrtful; slj. [li; qrtfuli. 

Disingenuously', Dis-in-jen-yn-us-li, ad. unfsy- 

DisiNGENUOUSNESS, Dis-in-jen-yti-us-nes, n. un- 

f%rnes: lo kraft. [inheritii). 

Disinherison, Dis-in-her-i-son, n. de akt ov dis- 

Disinherit, Dis-in-her-it, v, t. tu deprjv ov an 

inheritans. [tu pqrtiklz. 

Disintegrate, Dis-in-te-grat, v. t. tu separat in- 

Disintegeation, Dis-in-te-gra-Jon, n. separajon 

intu pqrtiklz. 
Disinter, Dis-in-ter, v. t. tu tak -st ov de grav. 
Disinterested, Dis-in-ter-est-ed, a. fre from 

self interest. 
Disinterestedness, Dis-in-ter-est-ed-nes, n. fre- 
dom from self interest. [beriii). 

Disinterment, Dis-in-ter-ment, n. de akt ov un- 
DiSiNTHRALL, Dis-in-trel, v. t. tu set fre; tu lib- 
erat. [Jon from bondaj. 
Disinthralment, Dis-in-trel-ment, n. emansipa- 
DiSJOiN, Dis-jtfn, v. t. tu separat; tu pqrt; tu 
sunder. [brak. 
Disjoint, Dis-jc^^nt, v. t. tu put -st ov jernt: tu 
Disjoint, Dis-je-nt, r. i. tu fel in pesez. 
DiSJOiNTLY, Dis-jffnt-li, ad. in a divided stat. 
Disjunct, Dis-juijkt, a. disjend; separat. [Jon. 
Disjunction, Dis-jiigk-Jon, n. disyqnyon; separa- 
DiSJUNCTiVE, Dis-juijk-tiv, a. separatii); disjern- 
iij; — n. a wurd dat disjtfnz. [separatii. 
Disjunctively, Dis-jiiijk-tiv-li, ad. distiijktli; 
Disk, Disk, ii. de fas ov de sun er planet. 
Dislike, Dis-ljk, n. disinklinajou: averjon. 
Dislike, Dis-ljk, v. t. not tu Ijk; tu disrelij. 
Disliken, Dis-ljk-n, r. t. tu mak unljk. 
DiSLiKENESS, Dis-ljk -nes, n. disimiliti^d; unljkne8. 
Dislimb, Dis-lim, v. t. tu t^r of de limz. 
Dislocate, Dis-lo-kat, v. t. tu put ist ov jent: 
tu disjdrnt. [disjtfnted. 
Dislocated, Dis-lo-kat-ed, p. a. put si ov plas; 




DiBLOCATiox, Diw-lo-ka-Jun, n. de ftkt or du- 

|>lu:tig; a lukKafon. 
DiHLOUUE, L)i!«-luj, c t. tu rtokir; tu dqr from. 
UiHLuuui:, Dis-Ioj, v. i. tu go awii tu auiidt-r 

plif. [led. 

DiHLOYAL, DiH-ltir-al, ji. not l<ful; disiijbcdicnt; fiit- 

UlHLOYALLV, Diri-lrf-lll-i, ud. fotlciili: trO<jtTUSli. 

DisLOYALTr, Dii-l(f-ul-ti, II. wont ov alejiauii or 

Dismal, Dix-mul, a. suroful; elibmi; dir; dqrk. 
UlSMALLV, I)iz-in:>l-i, atl. horiuli; mjrofuli; sodli. 
UisjiAL.VKsa, I)iz-mul-nu:i, n. gla)uiine8; aoru : 

dqrkh'-i. [tu dcstrif. 

Dismantle. Dis-man-tl, c. I. tu strip: tu divc-t: 
DiHMAHK. l)ia-iuiisk, v. t. tu ov a ma^k. 
DISMAST, I)i:<-incist, I', t. tu drprj*' ov musts. 
D18MAY, l)iji-mu, r. t. tu terifj: tu ufrjt: tudrjokt. 
D18MAV, Dis-mti, fi. fol ov kuraj; t^TT: frr. 
DiaMAYKb.N'Ess, DU-ma-cd-nes, n. dejc-kjon ov 

Dismaying, Dis-md-ig, pp. depqvinov kuraj. 
DlSMKMBKB, Dis-m^m-bcr, r. t. tu divid lim from 

lim. [from liui. 

Dismembered, Dis-mdm-bcrd, p. a. divided lim 
DiSMEMBEiiMKNT, Dis-m^m-bcr-mcnt, n. divijon; 

Dismiss. l)i:i-mi.s, i-. t. tu t<cnd awa; tu diskqrd: 

tu di-jKn;. [mi/uu. 

Dismissal, [>i!<-mi:j-al, n. At akt ov dismisig; diii- 
DisMissio.v. I>i»-tniJ-uu, n. de akt ov dismuiu; 

lev tu iljix'irt; di-Kjf'trj; deprivajon. 
D18MIS.SIVK. l>i.'i-mi.'<-iv, a. koziu di-mijon. 
DisMOLXT, Di^-raSnt, r. t. tu tru of a hor.'i, kit. 
DisMOLNT, Dis-m-siit, r. «'. tu aljt from a hors. 
Dis.NATUBALiZE, Diii-iuit-yii-ral-iz, r. t. tu mnk 

nlyen. [fqtal tu oba. 

DisoBKDiE.NCE, Dis-o-b£-di -ens, /I. noglektorrr- 
DisoBKiHEXT, Di^i-o-bi-di-ont, a. rrliizifl tu uba. 
Disobey. Dis-u-ba, i-. t. tu rrfqz ubedicn.'< tu: 

tu bnik koniuudz: tu truni<gre:ii. 
DisoBLiUATiO.v, Dis'-ob-li-ga-Jon, «. ofens; kec ov 

di.xgiist. [ligajon. 

DisoBLiOATORT, Dis-6b-liga-fo-ri, a. rrlfsip ob- 
DisoBLiciK. Dis-o-blij, r. t. tu of^nd: tu displrz. 
DisoBLiuER, Dis-o-bljj-tr, n. wun ha> ofendz an- 

lidtT. [kjnd. 

DisoBLitiiNO. Dis-o-bljj-in. pp. a. displezig; un- 
DisoBLiuiNOLY, Dis-a-blij-ig-li, ad. in a manor 

tu displez. [tu gratifj. 

Disobligingness, Dis-o-blij-ijj-nei!, »i. rrliiktans 
DisORBKD, Dis-.'.rbd, a. tron Tst ov it.s orb. 
Disurdeb, Di.-'-or-dor, >i. wont ov order; konfq3on; 

iregyqlariti: tqmult; .-iikuvsi. 
Disordered. Dis-tir-dcnl, a. ir^gyqlar: il. 
DisoRDEREDNESS, Di.t-^r-dcrd-nc!', n. ircgjiilariti: 

konfii^on. [lolcs. 

Disorderly, Dis-«5r-der-li, a. konfi'izd: iregvuiar: 
Disorderly, Dis-<5r-dcr-li. ad. widiit n\A'. kon- 

f'lzfdli. [Jon ov onlcr. 

DisoRGANiZATlO.v, Dis-of-gan i-zd-Jon, n. subver- 
DisoROANiZE. Did-^r-gan-{z, r. t. tu de:<tr^ order 

or si.xtem. [diserder. 

Disorganized, Dis-or-gan-izd, p. a. nAx^n tu 
DlsoRGANiZER, Di8-6r-gan-{-ter, 11. wun ha» dis- 

Disown. Di^ iJn, r. /. tu drnj: tu rrn-jns. 
DisrAiR. Dij-jgjr, r. t. tu pqrt a kupl; tu separat. 
Disi'AKAUE, Difl-par-aj, r. /. tu maq unekwali: 

tu vilit}. [digniti. 

Disparagement, Di<i-pdr-aj-mcnt, n. di.4gni.i: in- 
DiSPARAGER. Di.f-|>ar^-er, n. wun h* di.'<|Kirajci. 
Disparaging. Di:i-i>ar-nj-ip, pi>. .1. drgmdi|): un- 

dirv:.iviii{|. ' [rkwal. 

DisPAUATE. Di-par-Bt, a. nepnit. disimiUir: un- 
DisPARATE-S. Dis-|«r-Ht.>i, n. III. 6p.jiit«;llj)i unljk. 
Disparity, Di?, n. inrkwoliti:difiTen-. 

DisPARK, Dii)-p(\rk, r. /. tu tro opn; tu n\l». 
Dispart, h\*-\»\ri, c. t. tu dir^d in la; lu aepanit. 
DisPAHNioN, Di.4-i>i/-.jn, n. mi-nUl kitklne*. 
DisPASbiUNATK, Din-ijaJ-on-ut, a. koA; kqm; im- 

I-irjal. [maner. 

DisrAii.sioNATELY, Dis-pi/-on-ot-li, ad. in a kqm 
Dispatch, Dii<-|<a(;, r. t. tu »end awu ba»tili: lu 

ha'<ii: tu kil. 
Dispatcu, Dii-pa<;, «. iipfd: an ekspn^^; drspdc. 
Dispatcher, Di.<-pa<;-fr, h. ht or dat hwic di«- 

VMyt. [kwik 

DibPATcHKUL, Diii-patj-ful, /». bent on haisi: basti: 
Dispel, Di.i-pel, v. t. tu driv awa; tu skater; tu 

DisPEND, Dis-ixSnd,* c. t. tu la •»t: tu cksp^nd. 
Dispensable, l)i*-|K5n-«n-bl, a. datmnbr di.fp^^nst. 
Dispensary, DiM-ixJn-wi-ri, n. u pla^ bw;^r mudi- 

"iriz qr <li''|«5ii!'t i.r distribynted tu At i«ijr. 
Dispensation, Dis-in-n-dM-Jon, »i. At akt ov dii<- 

|N-n:ji(|: di.<tribijiiii:iin egxem/on tu sum lo. 
DisPENSATiVE, Di.«-pcn-8a-tiv, a. gruntig dispen- 

oa/on. [sajon. 

DispENSATiVELT, Dis-p^n-sa-tiv-li, ad. bj diapen- 
DlsPENSATOR, Dis-pen-sa-tor, n. u di3pen.«cr: u 

Di.sPKNSATORY, Dis-iien-sa-to-ri, n. d dir^ktori 

l'<*r uiakiy lui-di.-inz: u fqrmako|iFya. 
Dispensatory, Dis-ixjn-sa-to-ri, a. grantig dis- 

Dispense, Dis-i*'ns. r. t. tu drl -st: tu distribjiit: 

tu inuk up: tu ckski'iz; tu trt fn>m obligajon. 
Dispenser, Di:^-pon''-er, 11. wun bin dispensei; a 

Dispeople. Di.'-pe-pl, r. /. tu dcpopynlat. 
Dispeopler, Dis|(e-plcr, «. a df (Mipyqiator. 
DisPERMOis, Dis-iH-rm-us a. kontanig tiD stdz. 
Disperse, Dis-p«'r.-', r. t. tu skater: tu driv awa. 
DisPERSEDLV, liis-jivra-ed-li, ad. in a dispt'n'f 

"uu'ier. [ig dispvrst., Dij-pvrs-c<l-nca, n. At stat ov br- 
DitipERSER, Dis-p«;rs-er, n. wun bo* dispersez: u 

.•"prrdor. [distribqjon. 

DibPEiisiON, Dis-p<,'r-Jon, h. dr akt ov di.-(>or>iig: 
Dispersive, Dis-pt/r-siv, a. tondig tu skater: 

Dispirit, Diii-pir-it, r.t. tu diskiiraj; tu dcprex. 
DisPiRiTED.NESS, Dis-pir-if -ed-ne.«, n. wont ov 

spirit er vigor. (rcnMbv. 

Displace, Di.s-pla.-), c. /. tu put -st ov pla»; tu 
Displacement, Dis-plus-mcni, n. At akt ov di«- 

I'lii-^iU- [ligajon. 

DisPLACENCY, Di>-pla-sen-«i, n. insiviliti: diwb- 
iMspLANT, l>is-pl:int. r. t. tu pluk up: tu drjv awa. 
Di.sPLANTATiON, Dis-plan-ta-Jon, it. At akt ov 

Display. l»is-pln. r. ^ tu ."iprcd wjd: tu cpiibit. 
Display. l'i.''-pla, n. an ek.sibijon; u Jo: parud. 
Displease. Dis-pli'z, r. t. tu otend; tu mak aggri. 
DisPLEASiRE, Dis-plej-qr, 11. uncxine.<: ofens: 

I4II1 givn: agger: disfavor. 
DisPLODE, Dis-pliid, r. /. tu di.*r,4rj; tu ckspl»i<l. 
DisPLOsiON, Dis-plu-jon, ii. an oksplojon. 
DisPLiME. Displqm, r. /. tu strip ov piqmi. 
Disport. Dis-jujrt, 11. pla: sjiurt: {Kist{m. 
Disport. Dis-j-urt, r. t. and t. tu spurt: tu pla: 

ti.i wiiiiion. [pu>td ov. 

Disposable, Di8-p(5i-a-bl, ji. kapabl ov brig di.»- 
DiisposAL. Di»-i<«Iiz-al. n. At akt ov dispoiig: dis 

Dispose, Dis-puz, r. /. tu plas; tu aranj: tu r^- 
yiilat: tu adlipt: tu inkljn: tu empl<r; tu br.<tw: 
tu sel. 
Disposed, Dis-puid, p. a. arinid; inkljnd. 
Disposer, Di8-p<5(-cr, n. wun bob dispusct: a di- 

Disposing, Di^-pui-ig, n. dirckjon: regynUJon. 




Disposition, Dis-po-ziJ-on, n. order; metod; dis- 

pcazal: kwoliti; temper ov mind. 
Dispossess, Dis-poz-es, v. t. tuput-stovpozejon. 
Dispossession, l)is-poz-eJ-on, n. de akt ov dis- 

poze.-iij: scat ov bsig dispozest. 
DiSPOSL'RE, Dis-pc)-gn,r,* n. dispozal; stat. 
Dispraise, Dis-praz, n. blam; senji\r; disonor. 
Dispraise, Dis-praz, v. t. tu blam; tia senji],r. 
DisPREAD, Dis-pred, v. t. tu spred ar-snd; — v. i. 

tu ekstend itself. 
DiSPROFiT, Dis-prof-it, n. los; damaj; detriment. 
Disproof, Dis-prdbf, n. konfi|taJon; refn,taJon. 
Disproportion, Dis-pro-por-Jon, n. unsi\,tablnes 

ov wiui tig tu aniider; wont ov simetri; dispariti. 
Disproportion, Dis-pro-piir-Jon, u. t. tu jern 

DispROPORTiONABLE, Dis-pro-p6r-Jon-a-bl, a. 

wontii) proporjon. 
Disproportion ABLENESS, Dis-pro-p6r-Jon-a-bl- 

nes, n. unsi^tablnes. [unsq,tabli. 

DispROPORTiONABLY, Dis-pro-por-Jon-a-bli, a.d. 
DisPUOPORTiONAL, Dis-pro-por-Jon-al, a. wid'st 

DisPROPORTioxALiTY, Dis-pro-por-Jon-al-i-ti, n. 

wont ov prupurjon. 
DispROPORTiONALLY, Dls-pro-por-Jon-al-i, ad. 

uusiitabli. [proporjouat. 

Disproportionate, Dis-pro-p6r-Jon-at, a. not 
Disproportionately, Dis-pro-p6r-Jon-at-li, ai. 

DisPROPORTiONATENESS, Dis-pro-por-Jon-at-nes, 

n. unsx\tablues. 
Disprove, Dis-prcw, v. t. tu konfi^t; tu prcDv fols. 
DiSPROVER, Dis-prtov-er, «. wun hO) disprcDVz. 
Dispunishable, Dis-piin-iJ-a-bi,* a. wid'st penal 

restri'iut. j^d'stful. 

Disputable, Dis-p^t-a-bl, a. Ijabl tu kontest: 
Disputant, Dis-pi^-tant, ji. a kontrovertist: an 

qrgqer. [kontroversi. 

Disputation, Dis-pi|-ta-Jon, n. qrgq,mentaJon: 
Disputatious, Dis-pvi,-ta-Ju.s, a. inklind tu dis- 

pi'lt: kavilii). [er dispvjt. 

Disputative, Dis-pvi-ta-tiv, a. disp6zd tu debit 
Dispute, Dis-pi^t, v. i. tu kontend; tu cirgi^; tu 

Dispute, Dis-p^t, v. t. tu kontend fer; tu diskiis. 
Dispute, Dis-pi\t, jt. a kontest; a kontrovorsi; 

debat. [pi^tant. 

Disputer, Dis-piit-er, n. wun hcD disp4ts; a dis- 
Disqualification, Dis-kwol-i-fi-ka-Jon, n. dt 

wont ov kwolifikajon. 
Disqualified, Dis-kw61-i-fjd, p. a. renderd unfit. 
Disqualify, Dis-kw61-i-fj, v. t. tu mak unfit; 

tu disabl: tu dcprjv ov rjt cr klam. [zJeti. 

Disquiet, Dis-kwj-et, ?;. untzines; veksajon; ai)- 
DiSQUiET, Di?-kwj-et, a. unkwjet: unezi; restles. 
Disquiet, Dis-kwj-et, v. t. tu disturb; tu mak 

unezi. [a disturber. 

Disquieter, Dis-kwj-ct-er, n. wun hot) diskwjets; 
DiSQUiETLY, Dis-kwj-et-li, ad. wid'st rest; aijk- 

Jusli. [le.snes. 

DiSQUiETNESS, Dis-kwj-et-nes, n. unezines; rest- 
Disquietude, Dis-kwj-e-tn,d, n. unezines; agzieti. 
Disquisition, Dis-kwi-ziJ-on, n. an qrgn,mentativ 

inkwjri or tretiz; diskujon. 
Disregard. Dis-re-gi'ird, n. sljt nQtis;noglekt;s!it. 
Disregard, Dis-re-g^rd, v. J.'tu sljt; tta nej^lekt; 

tu kontem. [kontemtyi|^us. 

Disregardful, Dis-re-gqrd-ful, a. ncglijent; 
DiSREGAaDFULLY, Dis-rc-g^rd-ful-i, ad. negli- 

Disrelish, Dis-rel-iJ, n. distast; di?ljk; disgust. 
Disrepair, Dis-re-p^r, n. a stat ov not beij) in 

gud rep4r. [disgrasful. 

Disreputable, Dis-r6p-yq,-ta-bl, a. dis6n.irabl: 
Disreputably, Dis-rep-yii,-ta-bii, ad. disonorabli. 

Disreputation, Dis-rep-yq,-ta-Jon, n. disonor; 

ignomini. frep^t. 

Disrepute, Dis-re-pi^t, n. diskredit; disonor; il- 
DiSRESPECT, Dis-re-spekt, n. insiviliti; wont ov 

re^pekt. [tu. 

Disrespect, Dis-re-spekt, v. t. tu Jo disrespekt 
Disrespectful, Dis-re-spekt-ful, a. wontir) re- 

s]iekt: unsivil. [entli; uusivili. 

Disrespectfully, Dis-re-spekt-ful-i, ad. irever- 
DiSROBE, Dis-rob, v. t. tu undres; tu unkuver; 

tu strip. [of. 

Disrober, Dis-rob-er, «. wun hca disrobz er strips 
Disruption, Dis-riip-Jon, n. de akt ov braki^ 

asiinder. [diskontent. 

Dissatisfaction, Di-sat-is-fak-Jon, n. unezines; 
Dissatisfactory, Di-sat-is-fak-to-ri, a. unabl 

tLi giv kontent. [displez. 

Dissatisfy, Di-sat-is-fj, v. t. tu diskontent; tu 
Dissect, Di-sekt, v. t. tu kut in pesez; tu divjd 

and tgzamin. 
DissECTiBLE, Di-sekt-i-bl, a. dat ma be disekted. 
Dissection, Di-sek-Jon, n. dg akt ov disektig; 

Dissector, Di-sek-tor, n. wun hm disekts. 
Disseize, Dis-sez, v. t. tu dispozes roijfuli; tu 

Disseizee, Dis-sez-e, n. wun hoo iz dissezd. 
Disseizin, Dis-se-zin, n. unloful dispozejon. 
Disseizor, Dis-sez-or, ii. wun hcD dispozesez an- 
iider. [blans. 
Dissemblance, Di-sem-blans, n. wont oYrezem- 
DissEMBLE, Di-sem-bl, v. t. tu disgjz; tu klok. 
Dissemble, Di-sem-bl, v.i. tu pla de hipokrit. 
Dissembler, Di-sem-blcr, n. wun hco disemblz. 
Disseminate, Di-sem-i-nat, i-. t. tu skater, az sed; 

tu so. [spredig. 

Dissemination, Di-sem-i-na-|on, n. de akt ov 
Disseminator, Di-sem-i-na-tor, n. wun hco di- 

seminats. [kworel. 

Dissension, Di-sen-Jon, n. disagrement; strjf; 
Dissensious, Di-sen-jus, a. kworelsumikontenjus. 
Dissent, Di-sent, v. i. tu disagre in opinyon; tu 

difer. [ment. 

Dissent, Di-sent, ji. de akt ov disentip; disagre- 
Dissentaneous, Dis-en-ta-ne-us, a. disagreabl; 

Dissenter, Di-sent-er, ». wun hto disents; wun 

ho) duz not konform tu de establijt qurq. 
Dissentient, Di-sen-Jent, a. disagreiij; disentig. 
Dissentient, Di-sen-jent, n. wun dekl^rig hiz 

diseut. [tiz. 

Dissertation, Dis-er-ta-Jon, n. a diskors: a tre- 
DissERTATOR, Dis-er-ta-tor, n. wun licb diskorsez. 
Disserve, Di-serv, r. t. tu dm inji^ri tia; tu hurt. 
Disservice, Di-ser-vis, n. injiyi; misgif; hurt. 
DissERViCEABLE, Di-ser-vis-a-bl, a. injurius; mis- 

DissERVicEABLENESS, Di-ser-vis-a-bl-nes, n. in- 

ji^ri; hqrm; hurt. [tu sever. 

Dissever, Di-sev-er, v. t. tu pqrt in to); tu divjd; 
Disseverance, Di-sev-er-ans, n. separajon. 
DissiDENCE, Dis-i-dens, n. diskerd: disagrement. 
Dissident, Dis-i-dent, a. variig; not agrcig. [er. 
Dissident, Dis-i-dent, n. wun hco disents; a disent- 
DissiLiENCE, Di-sil-i-ens, n. de akt ov stqrtig 

DissiLiENT, Di-sil-i-ent, a. stqrtig asunder. 
DissiLiTiON. Dis-i-liJ-on, n. burstig in tcO. 
Dissimilar, Di-sim-i-lar, a. unljk; hcterojenius. 
Dissimilarity, Di-sim-i-lar-i-ti, n. unljknes. 
DissiMiLE, Di-sim-i-le, n. a komparison bj kon- 

trariz. [zemblans, 

Dissimilitude, Dis-i-mil-i-tti,d, n. wont ov re- 
DissiMULATiON, Di-sim-yTi,-la-Jon, »i. disemblig; 

DissiPABLE, Dis-i-pa-bl, a. Ijabl tu disperjon. 




DlBStPATK, Dis-i-pat, r. t. tu diapers; tu apend 

liivijli. (hvio. 

DiShU'ATiox, I)is-i-pd-/(»n, h. di.iperjon; duelist 
DlHhu, lAiiLK. I)i-!<<j-Ji-a-bl, a. not iKjJal. 
l)is.>'i)i'i AL, Di-iiu-Jiil, a. di^inkljiid tu ««.><t|eti. 
DissociATK, Di-uu-ji-at, r. t. lu st'imrat; tu din- 

yHiilt: tu |«;rt. [rajon. 

Dissociation, Di-so-Ji-A-Jon, n. divijon; isepa- 
D188OLUBL1:, DU-o-lii-bl, a. kajmbl ov brig di- 

x6lvd. Ibedixolvd. 

DissoLUUiLiTY, Di-9ol-yri,-bil-i-ti, n. IjabliiM tu 
bissoLiTK, l)i,--u-liit, a. lutMf; unrEstrand:dEb<*<jt. 
DissoLUTtLY, l)is-u)-lii,t-li, aJ. linsli; widiit re- 

itniiit. [ipajon. 

Dissoluteness, Dis-a-liit-nes, n. deboqeri; dis- 
DlSSOLfTiON, l)i-i-u-lij,-Jon, II. Ac aktov diz6lvig; 

d<rt: ilcstrukjon; de akt ov brakiQ up an a.'<^nibli. 
Dissolvable, Di-rolv-a-bl, a. dat ma be diiolvd. 
Dissolve, Pi-zolv, r. /. lu mi'lt; tu disynnjt; 

tu soijjirat: tu dEiitrdr;tu diskoiitinyii. 
Dissolve, Di-colv, c t. tu be likwilid; tu sigk 

awti. [melt. 

Dissolvent, Di-i61v-ont, a. tendijj tu diz6lv,ar 
Dissolvent, Di-i61v-cut, ». dat hwiij kozez melt- 

D18SOLVER, Di-i'ilv-cr, n. he or dat hwitjdiwilvi. 
Dissonance, Dis-u-nans, ». diskord; di<igreincnt. 
Dissonant, Dij-a-nant, a. inhqrtnonius; inkdn- 

Dissuade, Di-swAd, c. «. tu adviz aghast; tu 

diskiiriij; tu det»*r: tu disinkljn. 
DissuADKE, Di-swfiJ-cr, II. wun h<i» di.swadi, 
DisstA.sioN, I)i-swii-7oii, fe. advj-i a<;cii-t. 
D1S.SIA8IVK, Ui-.^wfi-siv, a. tendifl tu diswiid. 
Di.ssuasive. I)i-!iwu-siv, h. rfzncmjilnrd tu drt^r. 
Dissyllabic, Di-si-lab-ik, a. kun^utiy uv ttH ^il- 

Dissyllable, Di-sil-a-bl, «. a wurdov tmsilablz. 
Distaff, Di.-i-taf. «. dt etat from hwiq flaks iz 

dmn iu spinig. 
Distain, Din-tun, r. t. tu stan; tu blot; tu suli. 
Distance, Dis-tans. h. spas bctwi'n td» objekts: 

rruiutrics; S[>ns ov tjni: rEzer\: intorkurs. [mi. 
Distance, Dis-tan.«, r. t. tu It v brhind, at in a 
Distant, Dis-tauf, a. rrnitjt in t[inorplas; rc- 

luut; jj; kold: not aljd; not obvius; not plan. 
Distaste, Dis-tast, h. avt/r/on: disreli/; di.-lik. 
Distaste. Dis-tast, r. t. tu di^relij; tu disljk. 
Uistastkful, Dis-t«st-ful, a. noju.'!:olonsiv: un- 

I>lfzit|. [bines. 

DlSTAKTKFi LNtss, Dis-tast-f ul-ncs, h. disagrfa- 
DiSTEUPER, Di^-ti^m-per, n. diiez; a matadi: il- 

ytiinor. [di^itdrb. 

DisTEJirEB, Dig-tem-pcr, «. t. tu di^rdcn tLi 
DisTEurLBATURE, Dis-t^m-pcr-a-tqf, n. badt^m- 

jHTitur; ilni':<. 
Distend, Dis-tend, r. t. tu strcq ist: tu ek.ipand. 
r)lsTKNTioN. i)is-ton-Jon, n. dc akt <>v.«tro<jifl:brc«lt. 
DisTicii. l>i.-<-tik, n. a kujilet: tiT)]H>'tik Ijnz. 
Distil, Dis-til, v. i. tudrop:tu fol indro|is. 
Distil, Dis-til, r. /. tu dro b( distilajuo; tu di- 

DisTiLLABLK, Di«-ti1-a-bl, a. kapabi ov brigdix- 

tild. (dropip. 

Distillation, Di^-ti-lii-Jon, ■. dt aktov di.'<tilig;a 
Distillatory, Di»-tll-a-t<D-ri, a* bcldgni tu 

Distiller, Dis-til-^r, ■. wnn hA distill. 
Di.stillebt, DiS-til-er-i, m. a ploj bw^r ipirits 

qr di'^tild. 
DiSTiLMEXT. Dis-til-mcnt, • n. a di^tila/on. 
Distinct, Di^-Uokt, a. difcrcnt; scparat; unkon- 

Distinction, Dia-tigk-Jon, «. diferens; notajon 

ov diferens; $oparajon: prefercDS; disfnuncnt; 

emincD.": onorabl estimajou. 

DiSTiNCTiTK, Du-tigk-tiv, a. dat mqrk« dittigk- 

Distinctively, Dis-tigkt-ir-li, ad. panikynlar- 

li: pliinli. [li. 

Distinctly, Dis-tiokt-li, ad. kltrli, notkonfqied- 
Distinctness, Dis-tiokt-ne.i, n. klcmes; ni< ob- 

Distinguish, Dls-tiogwiJ, r. t. tu dii^m; to 

)!C|iarat: tu divjd; tu mqrkiit. 
Distinguish, Din-tig-gwiJ. v. i. tu tnakdiJiiokJoD. 
DisTiNuuiHiiABLE, Dis-tig-gwiJ-a-bl, a. dii^rn- 

DiSTiNOUiBUED, Dis-tig-gwijt, p. a. M^lrbrated; 

eiuiiK-iit: tran.-dndont; ck-'tnirdinari. 
DisTOUT, Dis-tiirt, r. (. tu rjd; tu twist; tu rest. 
Distortion, Dis-tor-Jon, n. de akt ov di^tArtig; 


Distract, Dis-trikt, v. t. tu dro api^rt: tu sepa- 

nit: tu pcrpl^ks: tu mak mad: — a. mod. 
Distractedly, Dis-tnikt-ed-li, ad. madli; frin- 

tikali. [distrakted. 

I'istbvctedness, Dis-trakt-cd-ne«, u. statovbeig 
Mi^THArTEB. DiH-trakt-er, n. wun dat dittraku. 
Distraction, Dis-trak-Jon, n. stat ov brig dia- 

ii;ikl,il. koiifn;.5on; m:ulnc8,-di4tiirban.4. 
DisTRACTivE, Dis-tnikt-iv, a. k>zig pcrpleksiti. 
Distrain, Dls-tran, v. t. tu sez lor det; — c. t. 

tti uiiik se^iir. 
DisTRAi.NT, Dis-trdnt, n. sejqr ov gudz. As. 
DisTttEAM, Dis-trFm, * r. i. tu strrni or flo. 
l)isTRhj>s. Di^•-trc.'<, ri. mizcri; misfortynn; wont; 

akt ov ditttranig; srsqr. 
Di^TRf-ss, Dis-tres, r. t. tu hara."; tu mak mix- 

DisTRESSEDNESS, Dis-tr^s-ed-ne.«, n. statovbeig 

di.< [erabl. 

l>isTRt:ssKUL, Dis-tr^-ful, a. ful ov trubl: miz- 
DisTRi.ssFULLY, Dis-tn5.<-f ul-i, aJ. in a mizer- 

alil iii.inor. [panful. 

Distressing, Dis-tr^s-ig, a. harasig: afliktig; 
Distribute, Dis-trib-yqt, c. t. tu divjd amiig 

iii"ni. [.vtlts. 

Distributer, Dis-trib-ytj-tcr, n. wunhii)di.''trib- 
DiSTKiBUTiON, Dis-tri-bii-Jon, n. a delig 7t; dis- 

Distributive. Dis-trib-yi\-tiv, a. dat distribyi^ta. 
DisTRiBUTiVELY, Dia-lrib-yq,-tiv-li, aJ. bj di.nri- 

liilJon: singli. (sorkit; 

District, Dis-trikt, n. a provins: a t^rifori: a 
District. Dis-trkit, r. t. tu divjd intu di«trikta. 
District, Di^-trikt, a. relalig tu a distrikt or 

divi;5on. fdi^tranig. 

Distringas. Di«-trin-ga.^ n. [Z.] a rit, a rit for 
Distrust, Dis-trd-st, r. /. not tu truiit: tudisbelfv. 
Distrust, Dis-tnist, n. wont ov konfidrn^: stis- 

I'ijon. [difidc-nt. 

Distrustful, Dis-trdst-ful, a. apt tu distdrb; 
Distrustfully, Dis-trdst-ful-i, ad. in a dis- 

trii^'ful matter. [konfidons. 

Distri STFULNES8, Dis-tnist-ful-ncs, n. wont ov 
Disturb. Di^-tdrb, r. /. tu perpl<5ks: tudi.'kwjet; 

tu vcks. [ft|jon: tt^mult. 

DisTiniiANCE, Dis-tiirb-an«, n. jierpltksili: kon- 
DisTURBEii. Di,<-tiirlHl, /(. a. diskwjetol: hindord. 
Disturber. Dis-tiirb-cr, n. wun bdi di^tdrbi. 
Disunion, Dic-yi'in-yon, m. scparajon. 
Disunite, Dis-yn-njt, p. t. tu separat. 
Disunited, Di-^-yq-nit-ed, p. a. separated: dii- 

jfTiitt,-.!. 'ytiniis. 

Disuniter. Dis-yq-Djt-or, n. he or dat hwiij liis- 
DisuNlTY, Di:?-yt'i-ni-ti, n. wont ov yqniti; »op*r- 

D18USAGE, Di.i-yti-zaj. n. fcsajon ov yq*; disyt^a. 
Disuse, Dis-yq!<, h. scsa/on ov yqs. 
Disuse, Di.«-yiiz, c. /. tu «•» tu yqi. fdl«gr4«, 
DisVALUATioN, Dis-T»J-yn-d-Jon, «. U> Mlima/oo} 




UisvALDE, Dis-val-yri, v. t. tu undervalyn,. 
DisvoucH, Dis-vsq, v. t. tu diskredit; tu kon- 

Ditch, Diq, n. a. tren(j kut in ds grsnd; a mot. 
Ditch, Die, v. t. and i. tu mak a diq; tu treng. 
Ditcher, Diq-er, n. wun ho digz diqez. 
Dithyramb, Dit-i-ramb, ) n. a soi) in onor 

DiTHYKAMBic, Difi-l-ram-bik, i ov Bakus; a bak- 

analian sog. 
DiTHYRAMBiC, Dit-i-ram-bik, a. wjld:enfcii,ziastik. 
DiTION, DiJ-ou,* n. rml; guvernment; kontrol. 
DiTONE, Dj-ton, n. in fniizik, an interval ov tcD 

DiTTAXDER, Di-tan-der, n. peperwurt; a plant. 
Dittany, Dit-a-ni, n. a plant ov diferent spejez. 
Ditto, Dit-o, ad. er n, az sed; er, az aforsed; dt 

sam til) rspeted; yrizd in ak-snts. 
DiTTY, Dit-i, n. a poem; a sor). 
Diuretic, Dj-i],-ret-ik, a. promotii) yqrin; — n. a 

inedisin dat promots yt^rin. 
DiURXAL, Dj-dr-nal, a. rglatii) tu dg da; — n. a 

da-buk; a jurnal. 
DiuRXALLY, Dj-iir-nal-i, ad. dali; cvori da. 
DiUTUBXAL, Di-q,-tur-nal, a. lastiij; ov loi) kon- 

DiUTCRXiTT, Dj-Ti,-tur-ni-ti, n. leijt ov diyajon. 
DivAX, Di-van, n. de grand k'snsel ov Turki; a 

k'snsil; a hel. [tO). 

Divaricate, Dj-var-i-kat, v. i. tu be pqrted in 
Divaricate, Dj-var-i-kat, v. t. tu divjd intu t<D. 
Divarication, Dj-var-i-ka-Jon, n. partijon; divi- 

Dive, Djv, r. i. tu plunj intu woter; tu imers. 
Divellext, Di-vel-ent,* a. dreir) asunder. 
DiVELLiCATE, Di-vel-i-kat,* v. t. tu pul in pesez. 
Diver, Dj-ver, n. vrun hot) djvz; a woter-f'sl. 
Diverge, Di-verj, v. i. tu tend varius vraz from 

wun pernt; tu ressd. [uder. 

Divergence, Di-ver-jens, n. a resedir) from gq 
Divergent, Di-ver-jent, a. resgdii) from eq uder. 
Diverging, Di-verj -ip,p^:i. and a. rcsediy; diverj- 

ent. [maner. 

DiVERGiNGtT, Di-verj -ii)-li, ad. in a diverjii) 
Divers, Dj-verz, a. several; sundri; varius. 
Diverse, Dj-vers, a. diferent: unljk; varius. [li. 
Divb:rsely, Dj-vers-li, ad. in diferent waz; varius- 
DiVERSiFiCATiON, Di-ver-si-fi-ka-Jon, n. variajon; 

varicgajon. [diferent. 

Diversified, Di-ver-si-fjd, ^J. a. variegated; mad 
Diversion, Di-ver-Jon, ji. de akt ov divertiij; 

sport; pla. [varJEti. 

Diversity, Di-ver-si-ti, n. diferens: unljknes: 
DiVERSLY, Dj-vers-li, ad. difei-ontli; variusli. 
Divert, Di-vert, v. t. tu turn asjd; tu ami\z. 
DiVERTER, Di-vert-er, ji. he er dat hwiq divert?. 
Diverting, Di-vert-ir|, pp. turnii) asjd; plezii): 

— a. amii^ziij. 
DiVERTiSE, Di-ver-tiz,* v. t. tu plez; tu egzilerat. 
DrvERTiSEMENT, Di-ver-t)z-ment, n. diverjon; 

DiVERTiVE, Di-ver-tiv, a. rekreativ; egzileratii). 
DiVE-ST, Di-vest, v. t. tu strip; tu mak naked. 
DiVESTURE, Di-vest-yi],r, ji. a putiy of. 
DiviDABLE, Di-vjd-a-bl, .1. kapabl ov beip sepa- 

Divide, Di-vjd, v. t. tu jjqrt; tu separat; tu del "St. 
Divide, Di-vjd, v. i. tu pqrt; tii sunder. 
Dividend, Div-i-dend, n. a Jiir; pqrt aloted in 

divi7i)n; a number tu be divjded. 
Divider, Di-vjd-cr, n. he or dat hwiq divjdz. 
Dividers, Di-vjd-erz, a p^r ov kumpasez 
Divination, Div-i-na-Jon, n. a fortelig ov fii,tyx]^r 
events. [inajon. 

DiviNATOR, Div-i-na-tor, r,. wun hO) profesczdiv- 
DiviNE, Di-vjn, a. partakii) ov diviniti; prosedi:g 
from God; godljk; hevnli. 

Divine, Di-vjn, ji. a prest; a klerjiman; a teolo- 

jian. , [yur. 

Divine, Di-vjn, v. t. tu fortel; — v. i. tu konjekt- 
DiviXELY, Di-vjn-li, at/, in a divjn maner. [elens. 
DiViXENESS, Di-vjn-ncs, ad. diviniti; si|prgm eka- 
DiviXER, Di-vjn-er, n. wunhcD divjnz; a kunjq^rer. 
DivixG-BELL, Ujv-iij-bel, n. a majen fer desoudig 

bslo de surfas ov de woter. 
Divinity, Di-vin-i-ti, n. de stat ov beii) divjn; 

de natyi^r er esens ov God; de Deiti; a fels god; 

a selestyal beir); de sjens ov divjn tii)/., teoloji. 
Divisibility, Di-viz-i-bil-i-ti, n. de kwoliti ov 

beig divizibl. 
Divisible, Di-viz-i-bl, a. kapabl ov beig divjded. 
DivisiBLENESS, Di-viz-i-bl-nes, n. de kwoliti ov 

beig divizibl. 
Division, Di-vig-on, n. de aktov divjdig; partijon; 

a ]jqrt: a porjon; diskerd; diferens. 
Divisional. Di-vij-on-al, a. relatig tu divigon. 
Divisive, Di-vj-siv, a. kreatig divigoner diskerd. 
Divisor, Di-vj-zor, n. a number dat divjdz. 
Divorce, Di-v6rs, n. de legal separajon ov huz- 

band and wjf. 
Divorce, Di-v6rs, r. t. tu separat, az huzband 

and wjf; tii put awa; tufors asunder, [marij. 
Divorcement, Di-vors-ment, n. disolriJon ov 
Divorcer. Di-vors-er, «. he or dat hwiq divorsez. 
Divulgatiox, Di-vul-ga-Jon, n. a piiblijig abrod. 
Divulge, Di-viilj, v. t. tu publij; tu revel: tu 

proklam. [lijer. 

DivuLGER, Di-vul-jer, n. wun hat divuljez; a pub- 
DivuLSiON, Di-vul-Jon, ji. a plukig awa; lasera- 

DivuLSiVE, Di-nil-siv, a. havig p-sor tu t^r awa. 
DiZEN, Dj-zn,* t'. t. tu dres; tu dek; tu rig. 
Dizziness, Diz-i-nes, n. gidines:a hwerlindehed. 
Dizzy, Diz-i, a. gidi; tetles; hwerlig. 
Do, Dj), v. t. [i. A\d,ps. dcoig. dun;] tu praktis; tu 

perform; tu eks£ki|t; tu egzert;tu transaktjtu 

finij; tu an?er de i)urpus. 
Do, Dd), V. i. tu akt in eni maner, wel er 11. 
Doat, Dot, V. i. tu egzibit de weknes ov aj, pajon 

er fondnes. 
DociBiLiTY, Dos-i-bU-i-ti, n. redines tu lern. 
DociBLE, D6s-i-bl, a. traktabl; dosil. 
DociBLENESS, D6s-i-bl-nes, ». redines tu lern. 
Docile, Dos-il, ar- Do-sil, a. teqabl; ezili tet. 
Docility, Do-sil-i-ti, n. aptnes tu be tet. 
DociMACY, D6s-i-ma-si, n. de qrt ov asaig orz. 
DociMASTic, Dos-i-mas-tik, a. relatig tu de 

asaz ov orz, &s. 
Dock, Dok, n. a Jip-bilderz j'qrd; a plant. 
Dock, Dok, n. tu kut Jert; tu la in a dok. 
Dockage, D6k-aj, ji. muni pad fer yqzig a dok. 
Docket, D6k-et, ji. a label er direkjon on gudz; 

a list ov kasez in kort. 
Dockyard, D6k-yqrd, ji. q plas hw^r Jips qr bUt 

and liaval storz qr repozitcd. 
Doctor, Dok-tor, ji. a tjtl in diviniti, le, fizik, &s. 
Doctor, D6k-tor,t v. t. tu kq,r; tu hel. 
Doctoral, D6k-tor-al, a. relatig tu de degre ov 

doktor. [doktor. 

Doctorally, D6k-tor-al-i, ad. in de maner ov a 
Doctorate, D6k-tor-at, n. de degre ov a doktor. 
Doctorate, D6k-tor-at, v. t. tu mak q doktor. 
Doctoes'-comwoxs, Dok-torz-kom-onz, n. pi. a 

kulej ov sivilyanz. 
DocTOESHip, Dok-tor-Jip, n. ds ragk ov a doktor. 
Doctoeess, D6k-tor-es,| ^ , , , , 

DocTEESs, Dok-tres, f "' <^ ^^™^^ '^°''t«'"- 
DocTEiNAL, D6k-trin-al, a., relatig tu erkontanig 

doktrin. [doktrin. 

DocTEiNALLT, D6k-trin-al-i, ad. in de form ov 

DocTEiNE, Dok-trin, ji. a prinsipl; presept; tenet. 

Document, Dok-yq-ment, n. a ritn evidens; a 





Document, D6k-yq,-mcnt,* c. t. tu ttij; tu dirdkt. 
DoouMKNTAL, Dok-yn-m6nt-al, a. bclooifl tu in- 

Htrukjon. [dokyiimenU. 

DocLME.NTAET, Dok-yri-ment-a-ri, a. ov 
DouuEU, l)LKl-fr, II. u irtiruiitjkul plant; b|ndweJ. 
DouECAOON, Uu-dek-a-gon, «. a figyiir uv twelv 

ekvvul ^t\l. 
DoDECAUEURO.v, I)o-dck-a-h£-dron, n. a r«5gyq,- 

lur tkilid, kuinprehdndcd under twelr ekwal and 

rigyx\\aT pentagons. 
Doooi:, Doj, V. i. tu yi^z kraft; tu Jift plas. 
DODOE, Doj, r. t. tu rvtid bj sudun inittvinent. 
DoooEB, D6j-er, n. wun ha> dc jez or tvtkdr. 
Doe, Du, n. a Jt-dcr; At fcraal ov a buk. [ajent. 
DoEK, Dd)-er, n. wun hiD duz u tiy: uu aktor: an 
Does, Duz, r. t. At t^rd person singular f rum l>ib. 
Hovr, Dof, r. t. tu i)Ut of; tu strip; tu put 

Doa, Dog, n. a domestik animal;— an andjurn. 
Doo, Dog, r. t. tu hunt az a dog; tu folo. [hip. 
DouBUiEa, Dog-brj-er, n. At brjer dat b^trz at 
Doo-CHEAP, D6g-<jEp,t a. c.t\> azdogz met; veri Qtp. 
Doo-DAT, D6g-dn, n., ]>!. D6g-daz: At daz in hwiq 

At d'lg-st^r rjzez and sets wid At i'ud. 
Doge, Duij, n. At qtf maji:<trat ov Venis. 
DooFisii, Dog-fiJ, n. a varjcti ov At Jqrk. 
Doo KLY, Dog-fli, II. a trublsum flj. 
Dogged, D6g-ed, a. sulen; suiki; stsr; murus. 
Doggedly, D6g-cd-li, ad. sulenli; gla>mili; sTsrli. 
DoGGED.VESS, D6g-ed-ne«, n. sulennu.": murusnt'S. 
Dogger, Dog-cr, u. a duq vcsci wirt wun mast. 
DoGGEHKt, Uog-cr-cl, .1. vjl: 1j)<; iregyi|lar; mm. 
DoGGEKEL, D6g-cr-el, II. men, wurtles venwz. 
Doo-KENJJEL, Dog-ken-el, ii. a litl but orh-ss fer 

Dogma, D6g-ma, ii. an c.stabli/t prinsipl; a setld 

upinyon: a doktrinal nojon. 
Dogmatic, Dog-mat-ik, j a. otoritativ; poz- 

DogmatiCal, Dog-mat-ikul, ) itivjmnjcstrrial; 

arogant. [arogantli. 

Dogmatically, Dog-mat-i-kal-i, ad. pozitivli; 
Dogmaticalness, Dog-mat-i-kal-nes, »i. pozitiv- 

Dogmatics, Dog-mat-iks, n. pi. dogmatik or dok- 
trinal ttoluji. [yon. 
Dogmatism, D6g-ma-tiz-Di,n. pozitivnes ov opin- 
DOQMATIST, D6g-ma-tist, n. a dogmatikal trqcr. 
Dogmatize, Diig-ma-tjz, r. t. tu tcq dogmatikali. 
DoGMATiZEB, D6g-ma-t[z-er, n. wun boo dogma- 

DoGBOSE, Dog-ruz, II. At fliser ov At hip or brjer. 
DoGS-EAR, Dogz-cr, n., pi. I)6gz-crz: At kornerz ov 

dr Itvz ov liuks foldi-d disn. 
DoGSTAR, Dog-stqr, ii. de brit stqr Sirius, or 

Kaiiikiila, hwi<j givz nam tia At dog-daz. 
Dogtooth, D6g-t<i)t, u..)jI. Dog-trt; a Jqrp-pffntcd 

biiman toit; — kdld olscj an j-tojt. 
Dog-trick, D6g-trik, ii. an il tum;8urlitretmcnt. 
Doo -TROT, Dog-trot, n. a jcntl trot lik dat ov a 

Dog-weary, Dog-we-ri, n. kwit wcri: fat^gd. 
Dogwood, D6g-wud, n. a trr : a sprjtzov kornus. 
Doily, Ddf-ii, ». a smol napkin yqzd after diner. 
Doings, Dit-igz. Mgz dun; tran-ukjonz. 
Doit, l>«Tt, n. a I>u<; ko[>cr kirn. 
Dolce, D6l-tja, ( [It.] in a ."oft, 

Dolcemente, D61-<;a-men-ta, i ' ogrtabl mancr. 
Dole, Dol, h. eni tip dclt st; grtf: .«oro. 
Dole, DijI, r. t. tu del: tu di«tribyiit. 
DoLEFiL, DtJl-ful, .1. soruful: iliznial mdlankoli. 
DoLEKiLLY, Dul-ful-i, ad. in a dulful mancr. 
DoLKKfLNE.'w*, Dijl-f ul-ncs, II. wru; dizraalnea. 
DoLESUMK, DtJl-sium, a. m(^lankoli; gloimi. 
DoLtsoMELY. DJ)l-sum-li, ad. in a dultum manor. 
DoLtsoMENESS, Dul-sum-nes, n. glocim; m^lankoli. 
DoLX, Dol, n. a ^jldi pup«t or babi. 

Dollar, Dol-ar, ii. a silver kffn ov Span and At 

Yiin|t«-d .Slat8. 
Dolor, Du-lor, n. grtf; soro; kompUnt; pan. 
DoLOHiFEBOus, Dol-u-rif-cr-u8, a. prodi^sio pan. 
DoLORiFic, Dol-o-rif-ik, i , 

DOLORIFICAL, Dol-(j-rif-i-kal,f '• "^'0 P""- 
DoLOROSO, 1>'i\-u-t6-sq, [It.] 8of t and pat«tik. 
Dolorous, D61-o-rus, a. noruful; dulful: dizmal. 
Dolorously, D61-(j-ru8-li, ad. sArofuli; mcjm- 

DoLPUi.N, D61-fin, n. de nam ov a fij or mam&l. 
Dolt, Dolt, n. a bevi, stupid felo: a blokbed. 
Doltish, Dult-iJ, a. stqpid; men; dul; bevi. 
DoLTlSUNESS, DtJlt-iJ-nes, n. foli; stqpidili. 
DoMAi.v, Do-mdn, n. duiuinyon; emp^r; estau 
DoMAL, D6-mal, a. relatig tu a bitg. 
Dome, Dom, n. a bildig: a ki\pola: an qrqt ro&f. 
Domestic, Du-mes-tik, a. biluflig tu de bus; 

privfit: taiu; not wjld; not forcn; intejtin. 
Domestic, Do-m^s-tik, « wun kept in de htn; 
a servant. [tik maner. 

Domestically, Do-mes-ti-kal-i, ad. in a dum^s- 
DoMESTiCATE, Do-mds-ti-kat, c. t. tu mak do- 
mestik: tu tHm. [tamig. 
DoMESTiCATio.v, D.o-mes-ti-ka-/on, n. de akt ov 
Domicile, I)6m-i-«il, n. a Insna rczidens. 
DoMicjLJC. D6m-i-iiil, c. t. tu establi/ de rezidcns 
ov. [prjvnt biszec. 
Domiciliary, Dom-i-sil-i-a-ri, a. intni>di{) intu 
Domiciliate, Dom-i-sil-i-at, v. t. tu render do- 
Dominant, D6m-i-nant, a. predominant: prevalij). 
Dominate, Dom-i-nat, r. t. and t. tu nnl; tu 
guvem. [tirani. 
Domination, Dom-i-na-Jon, n. p-ser; dominyon; 
Dominative, D6m-i-na-tiv, a. impErius:guvcmifl. 
Dominator, Dom-i-na-ttir, n. an ab:<<jliit guv- 

Domineer, Dom-i-ner, r. t. tu rail in an insolent 

or overb^rin maner: tu bluster. 
Dominical, Do-min-i-kal, a. notig de Lerdz da, 

or At I»rdz pr^r. 

Dominican, Do-min-i-kan, «. wun ov de order 

ov St. Dominik. [master. 

DoMiNiciDE, D6m-in-i-sjd, n. wun his kill hii 

Dominion, Do-min-yon, n. soveren etoriti; p-ser; 

teritori: rrjon; distrikt. 
Domino, Dom-i-no, n. [It.] a kjnd ov hud; a log 

(Ires: a kjnd ov gam. 
Don. Don, ». a tjtl ov onor in Span. 
Don, Don, r. t. tu put on; tu invoit wid. 
Donary, DtJ-na-ri, ri. a tig givn tu rakred yt^sei. 
Donation, Do-na-Jon, n. de akt ov givig; a gift; 

a prezent. 
Donatist, Don-a-tist, n. a foloer ov Donata£. 
Donative, D6u-a-tiv, n. a gift; a prezent. 
Done. l)un, />. from dr verb I)a>. 
Do.NEE, Dij-ne, ii. wun tu hilim cni tig ii givn. 
Donjon, Diin-jon, ii. a kcp. Se {Dung«oii,y 
Donkey, Dog-ki.J n. a <jil<lij wurd for an q«. 
Donor, Du-nor, ii. wun ha>givz:a giver; a brstoer. 
Doodle, Di)[>-dl,J n. a trjfler; an jdler: a simplton. 
Doom. Daui, r. t. tu juj; tu kondeui; tu destin; 

tu taks at diskre/on. 
Doom. Doim, ». a ji\di/al scntcns; jnjmcot: rain. 
Doomsday, J)(fimz-dH, n. At da ov final jujment. 
Doomsday-book, Diimz-da-buk, n. a buk mad 
bj ordi-r ov Wilyam dc Kopkerer, in hwiq de es- 
tiits ov Ipgland wer rojistcrd. 
Door, Dur. n. At gnt ov a b-ss: cntrans. 
Door-case, Dur-kac, n. dc fram ov a dor. 
Door-keeper. Ddir-kep-cr, n. wun btt> krps a dor. 
Door-post, Dur-post, ii. dr j«ost ov a dur. 
DoyUET, l>6k-ot, f». Sc < />./i-i.-«'/.> (fiJ. 

Dorado. Du-ra-do. n. a sudcm konstela/on; — a 
DoREE, Do-r^ n. a fiJ keld Jon Dori, 




DOBIC, D6r-ik, a. pertanig im Doris;— rclatig tm 

an erder ov Grtjan qrkitektyixr. 
DoEicisM, Dor-i-siz-m, n. a Durik fraz er idiom. 
Dormancy, Der-man-si, n. kwjesens; slep. 
Dormant, Der-mant, a. skpig; not publik; konseld. 
Dormant, Der-mant, i , • ^ ^ ^^ 

Dormer, Der-mer, ) ^ •' ' 

DoEMiTiVE, Der-mi-tiv, n. a soporifik medisin; 

^n opiat. 
DoRMiTORT, Der-mi-tc-ri, n. a plas tu skp id. 
Dormouse, Der-m-ss, n. a smel animal. 
Dorsal, Der-sal, a. relatig tu de bak. 
DOKSEL, Der-sel, j ^ ^ l^sket. 

DORSER, Der-ser, ) i^ •' ' 

Dorsiferous, Der-sif-er-us, ) a. barii) sedz on de 
Dorsiferous, Der-sip-er-us, i bak ov de levz. 
Dose, Dos, n. de kwontiti ov medisin takn at 

wun tjm. 
Dose, Dqs, r. t. tu proporjon; tu giv in dosez. 
Dossil, D6s-il, n. a. lump ov lint fer a sor. 
Dost, Dust, sekond person ov Dca. 
Dot, Dot, «. a smel pernt or spot in a rjtig. 
Dot, Dot, v. t. tu mqrk:— v. i. tu mak dots. 
Dotage, D6t-aj, n. imbesiliti ov mind; sili f ondnes. 
Dotal, Dot-al, a. relatig tu de porjon ov a 

DoTABD, D6t-ard, n. wun hcDz mind iz imp^rd bj 

.aj. " [d-sment. 

Dotation, Do-ta-Jon, n. de akt ov end-sii); en- 
DoTE, Dot, V. i. tu luv ekstremli. 
Doter, Dot-er^ n. wun hco dots; a dotard. 
Doth, Dut, 6r Dot, terd person sig. from Bd); 

sam az duz. 
Dotinglt, Du-tii)-li, ad. wid sili fondnes. 
Dottard, Dot-ard, n. a tre kept lo bj kutig. 
Dotterel, D6t-er-el, n. de nam ov a berd. 
Double, Diib-l, a. too-fold; to) ov a sert. 
Double, Diib-l, ad. twjs over; dubli. It iz muq 

jTl,zd in kompozijon fer duMi. 
Double, Diib-l, v. t. tu ad az muq mor; tu repet; 

tu fQld; tu pas r'snd, az a hedland. 
Double, Dub-l, n. twjs az mug: a fold; a trik. 
Double-dealer, Dub-1-del-er, n. a nav. 
Double-dealing, Diib-l-del-ig, n. qrtifis. 
Double-entendee, DA-bl-qn-tqn-dr, n. [Fr.'] a 

fraz er sentens wid a dubl menii). 
Doubleness, Diib-l-ncs, n. stat ov bcig dubl. 
DoUBLER, Diib-ler, )i. wun hO) dublz. 
Doublet, Diib-let, n. a wastkot; tit); a p^r. 
Double-tongued, Dub-l-tugd, a. dcsetful. 
Doubling, Diib-lii), n. a foldii); an qrtifis. 
Doubloon, Dub-ldm, n. a SpaniJ kern. 
Doubly. Diib-li, ad. in twjs de kwontiti. 
Doubt, D-st, v. i. tu kwestyon- tu hezitat. 
Doubt, Dist, v. t. tu suspekt; tu distrust. 
Doubt, D-st, «. unsertenti ov mjnd; hezitajon; 

suspens; skrcDpl; suspijon. 
Doubtable, D-st-a-bl, a. dat ma be d-sted. 
Doubter, D^st-er, n, wun hO) d^ts. 
Doubtful, D-»t-ful, a. dn,bius; ambigytj^us; ob- 

skqr; kwestycmabl: unserten. [gH*''- 

DouBTFULLNESS, I)-»t-ful-nes, n. suspens; ambi- 
DouBTFULLY, D^xt-ful-i, ad. in a dutful maner. 
Doubtless, D-st-lcs, ad. wid^st d-st. 
Doubtlessly, D-st-les-li, ad. und-stedli. 
Douceur, DcD-ser, n. [/?'.] a brjb; a li^r. 
Douche, DoqJ, n. [/).] a strem er J-ser bqt. 
Dough, Do, n. unbakt past; ncdcd fl-scr. 
Dough-nut, Do-nut, n. a pes ov pastri fqd er 

berld in Iqrd. 
Doughtiness, D-5-ti-nes,J n. valor; braveri 
Doughty, D-5-ti,{ a. brav; nobl; eminent. 
Doughy, D6-i, a. soft, Ijk do; soft. 
Douse, D-ss,^ v. t. tu plunj intu weter; tu loer. 
Douse, D-sS, j v. i. tu fol sudenii intu weter. 
Dove, Duv, n. a domestikated pijonj a pijon. 

Dove-cot, Duv-kot, n. a li-ss fer duvz or pijonz. 
Dove-house, Ddv-h-ss, n. a h-ss fer duvz er pijonz. 
Dovelike, Diiv-ljk, a. rezemblii) a duv. 
Dovetail, Duv-tal, n. a jernt in de form ov a 
duvz tal. [tal. 

Dovetail, Diiv-tal, v. t. tu jern bj menz ov duv- 
Dovetailed, Diiv-tald, a. jtrnd bj duvtal. 
Dowable, D^-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beiij d-»erd. 
Dowager. D^-a-jer, n. a wido wid a jerntynr. 
Dowdy, D-s-^i, n. an ekward, il-drest wuman. 
Dowel, D-s-el, r. t. tu fasn wid pinz, az timber. 
Dowel, D-s-el, n. a pin fer fasnig timber. 
Dower, D^-er, ) ^.^^ ^^ ^;^^^ j^,jj_ 

Do-tt'ERY, D-s-er-1, i • ' ■" 

Do-vs'eeed, D-s-erd, a. porjond. [porjond. 

Do-WERLESS, D-s-er-les, a. wontig a fertynn; un- 
DowLAS, D-s-las, n. a. kors kjnd ov linen fer jerts. 
Do-n^N, D-sn, n. soft federz or hfir; an opn plan. 
Do-WN, D-sn, prep, alog a desent; — ad. on de 

grsnd; tu a loer plas er stat; — a. dcjekted. 
Downcast, D-sn-kast, a. bent d-sn; dejekted. 
Downfall, D-sn-fel, n. rii)in;kalamiti:asudenfel. 
DowNFALLEN, D-sn-fol-n, a. rmind; feln. 
Downhill, D-sn-hil, «. a dekliviti: — a. slopig. 
Downlying, D-sn-lj-ig, n. de akt ov Ijig d^n; 

Downright, D-sn-rjt, a. plan; opn; direkt. 
Downright, D-sn-rjt, ad. planli; trcoli. 
Downsitting, D-sn-sit-ig, n. de akt ov sitig d-sn; 

DowNTROD, D-sn-trod, j p. a. trampld up- 

Downtrodden, D-jn-trod-n, S on. 
Downward, Disn-ward, a. tendig d-sn; dejekted. 
Downward, D-sn-ward, ) ad. toardz de senter; 
DowN-WAEDS, D-sn-wardz, i from a hjer sityq,- 

ajon tu a loer. 
Downy, D-sn-i, a. kuverd wid d-sn; soft. 
Dowry, D-s-ri, n. a wjfs er widoz porjon. 
Dowse, D-ss,t ". a slap on de fas; — v. t. tu strjk. 
DoxoLOGiCAL, Doks-o-16j-i-kal, a. pertanig tu 
dokioloji. [tu God. 

DoxoLOGY, Doks-61-o-ji, n. a ferm ov givig glori 
Doxy, D6ks-i,t n. a k6gki]^bjn; a prostit\i,t. 
Doze, Doz, v. i. tu slumber; tu slep Ijtli. 
Doze, Doz, «. a sljt slep; slumber. 
Dozen, Diiz-n, n. at number twelv; — a. twelv. 
Doziness, D6-zi-nes, n. dr-szines; slepines. 
Dozy, D6-zi, a. slepi; dr-szi; slugij. [kulor. 

Drab, Drab, n. a. strumpet; a slut: a tik klot; a 
Drabble, Drab-1, v. t. and i. tu tral on wet gr-snd. 
Drabbled, Drab-ld, p. a. mad derti bj dreig in 

Drachm, Dram, n. a Grcjan silver kern; de att 
pqrt ov an -sns trff; de sikstent pqrt ov an -sns 
avordi\pffz. Se {Dram.} 
Deaco, Dra-ko, n. [L.] de dragon: a konstelajon. 
Deaff, Draf, n. refqs; lez; dregz; swepigz. 

Draffy, Drdt-i, a. wurtles; dregi. 

Deaft, Draft, n. a bil; a dreig; — a porjon ov men 
dren from an qrmi; — an erder fer muni. Se 

Draft, Draft, v. t. tu dre -st; tu dre: tu detag. 

Drag, Drag, v. t. tu pul alog bj fors; tu dre. 

Drag, Drag, i). i. tu tral er grat upon de gr-snd. 

Drag, Drag, n. a net; a huk; a kind ov kqrerslej. 

Draggle, Drag-l, v. t. tu mak derti bj dragig. 

Draggle, Drag-l, v. i. tu gro derti bj'beig dren. 

Dragman, Drag-man, n. a fijerman ha> y-qzez a 
dragnet. [botom. 

Dragnet, Drag-net, n. a net tu be dren alog de 

Dragoman, Drag-o-man, n.,pl. Drag-o-manz; an 
interpreter in Turki and urter 8stern kuntriz. 

Dragon, Drag-on, n. a wigd serpent; a konstela- 

Dragonet, Drag-o-net, n. a litl dragon. [Jon. 

Dragon-fly, Drag-on-flj, ?». a jeuus ov insekts 
wid for wigz. 




Dbagoxish, Drag-on-iJ, a. bavin Ac form ov a 

dni>;..n. liu; fjeri. 

Dbaoonliik, Drig-on-ljk, a. IJk a drajjon; li|ri- 
Dkagon»- BLOOD, IJnig-oM-blud, n. u reiin ov a 

reil kuliiF. 
Dbauoo.v, Dra-K*n. "• a soljer hat s^rvi eder on 

lut iir on hijr:'biik;-a sort ov pijou. 
Draooon, Um-gdm, v. t. tu komp^l tu submit: 

tu ridii!'. [jerz. 

Dbagoonade, Drag-a»-ndd, n. a ravajio h\ sol- 
Deaooonkd, l>nig-a>nd, p. a. abinduud tu wal- 

jori; biifiist. [<lrj. , 

Deain, Dran, f. t. tu dra of grady^uli; tu muk ; 
Deain, Drun, n. a ^ncl for wotcr; u wotcrkurs; a j 

sijjk. I 

Dbaivable, Dran-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beio drand. | 
Dbaixagk, Driin-aj, n. dc akt or qrt ov drauig. ; 
Deakk. Dmk. II. rtf mal ov At duk. 
Deau. Urani, ». At alt pqrt ov an una trer, or dc I 

sikstent jiqrt uv an Tsm avordiip«rz; a glas ov | 

spiritynus likor. _ | 

Deaua, bni-mu, vr Drqm-a, n. a poem akomu- , 

dated tu ukjon, Qcfli eder trajedi er komedi; a 

Deamatic, Dra-m/it-ik, j a. rrlatifl tu, or 

Deahatical, l)ra-uiat-i-kal, j havig de form : 

iiv a (Iniiua. [tajon. ! 

Dbamatically, I)ra-mat-i-kal-i. ad. bj rcprtzen- 
Deamatis ptESOX.t, Dr:im-a-tii! i>er-s»J-nE, [/..j 

kuriiktiTZ or |»;rsouz reprtzentcd in a dramu. 
Deaicatise, Dram-a-tjz, r. t. tu reprczeut in a 

dnimu. [dramaz. 

Dramatist, Dnim-a-tist. n. a rjtur ov plaz or 
1>KANK. l>rui)k, »'. Iriim Driijk. 
DuArt, Drap, f. i. tu muk klot; tu kuvcr wid 

Dbapee. Dra-pcr, n. wun \uh selz er delz in klot. 
Deatlev, Dra-pcr-i, n. klot-wurk; de drea ov a 

Deastic, I)ras-tik, a. pTfi-rf ul: efikajus; vigorui. 
Deal'giit, Drufi, n. At akt ov dri{)ki{); a kwun- 

titi ov likiir drugk at wuns;— de akt ov droig; 

de kwdiititi uron: dElinfuJuu: u skc(j: u jaks; u 

sigk: dcpt ov woter:— an order. Se i^hraft.') 
Dbaight, Draft, a. yti,zd in droig. 
Dealght, Druft, r. t. tu dro ist. 
Deal outs. Drutt.-i. n.y//. a kjnd ov j)la, or gam. 
DbalgiitsUan, Dnifts-man, n. wun b(i> droz r^t- 

i{)^, pikiyiirz, pianz, or ma[i.s. 
Dbaw, Drr>, c. t. [t. driD, ^. droig, dron;] tu pul; 

tu utrukt; tu unjed; tu win; tu ckstrakt; tu 

drrjv: tu ttli'ir; tu dclinrat. 
Deam'. Dm, r. i. tu pul: tu pniktis droip. 
Draw, Dr>, ii. dc akt ov droiy: At lot dri>n. 
Deawable, Dni-a-bl, a. ka|i:kbl ov brig dron. 
Deawuack, Dn«-bak, n. muni (lad bak, or re- 

iiiilid: a I'lS ov advuntaj. [ed up. 

Drawbeiuoe, Drii-brij, n. a brij mad tu Ijc lilt- 
Deawkk, Dni-e, n. wun on hdjm u bil iz dron. 
Deawlk, Dni-er, n. wun ba> dn-z: u ^l|dig bi>ks. 
DEAWhUs, Dri'-erz, n. /7. an under garment for 

rtf luer limz. 
Dbawi.s'o, Dni-ig, n. dtlineajon; rcprexentajcn. 
Deawing EOOM, DnI-ig-rcom, n. a ni»m for At rr- 

M |ij"ii <.v kuu)|>ani. [.•<umli. 

Drawl, Dml, r. i. and t. tu 8pek sloli and tjr- 
Deawl, Dnil, N. a prutraktod uteraod. 
Drawn, Dmn, />. fn>m /'rw. 
Deaw-well, Dn'«-wel, n. a drp wcl ot woter. 
Deav, Dni, n. a lu kqrt or karij. 
Dray horse, Dni-honi, n. u hors hwi^ drot a dra. 
Dra) ma.v, Dni-man, n. a man b<t> drjvx a dra er 

Dhkau, Drcd, n. grat ftr: toror; o. 
Dread, Dred, a. tcribl; oful: v^norabl. 
Deead, Drcd, r. t. tu fcr; tu be afrud or. 

DEKADruL, DrM-ful, a. t«ribl; oful; dirful. 
Deeadklllv, Drcd-ful-i, md. t«ribli; frilfuli. 
Deeadkul.neiw, Dred-ful-Dc-«, n. t^ribluoa; h6r- 


DEEADLEJ48, Dred-les, a. frrle*; intr^pii. 
Dbead.nalght, Dred-uot, n. a tik klut. 
Deeam, Drim, n. toLt in sirp: jdl fansi; reveri. 
Deeam, Drt-m, r. i. [/. drrmd, dremt,/i«. dremig, 

dreuid, i.r drcmt:j tu hav jdeui in sUp; tu imaj- 

in: tu {dl. 
Deeam, Drem, c. t. tu se in a drem: tu fanai. 
DEEAMtJi, Dn'm-er, n. wun hoj dremx; an jdler. 
Dreami.noly, Dri'm-ig-li, a>l. .•"lugij'li; neglijentli. 
Dkeamless, iJrtm-les, a. Ire from drrmz. 
DuEAMV, Dri'm-i, a. relatig tu drcmi; ful ov 

Deeamt, Drcmt, /. and p. from Dttrn. 
Deeae, Drcr, a. muruful; dizmal; gljomi; dreri. 
Deeaeily, Drt'r-i-li, ad. gld>mili; dizmuli. 
Deeaei.nkss, DrtT-i-nes, n. dizmalne.4; gldimincs. 
Deeaey, Drer-i, a. gliJbmi; dizmal; hurid; moro- 

ful. [gran. 

Dbedge. Drej, ii. an «fster-net;— u mikstynr ov 
Deedge, Drej, r. t. tu skater flvr on; tu tak er 

Deedgle, Drej-er, n. wun biDyiizez adrej; u boks. 
Dbedgi.vq-box, Drej-ig-bokri, u. a boks f.jr drej- 

ig met. [fekynlens. 

Deegginees, Dr6g-i-nes, n. f'slncs wid dregs; 
Dreggy, Dreg-i, a. kontanig dregz; f^kyi^lent. 
Dregs, Dregz, n. y/. dc sediment ov likorz; lex: 

Dre.ncu, Drenq, v. <. tu wet tdroli; tu woj; tu 

scjk: tu step: tu fizik. 
Dre.ncu, Drenq, n. u druft; f izik for a broit. 
Dress, \ifk», r. t. [». dre-<t, /». dresig, drest;] tu 

klurt; tu adorn; tu dek; tu kuk; tu kuver, az 

a wa>nd. 
I)EESS, Dres, t.i. tu ranj in a Ijn: tu put ondres. 
LiRESS, Dre.-!, ». klu>dz; gqrments; habit: vcstyrir. 
Dressee, Drcs-er, ». wun lia> drc^ex; — a ki^en 

tabl. [at jr. 

Dressing, Drcs-ig, n. de akt ov wun bcbdrcsex; 
DE>':ssiNG-Eooii, Dreji-ig-ribm, n. a ruim for dres- 

ig in. [drescx. 

DEt*.s MAKEE, Drcs-mak-cr, n. wun ha> mak!< 
DRESijY. Dre?-i, a. Joi in dres: atentiv tu dres. 
Drew, Dru>, i. from Ihxi. 

Dribble, Drib-1, r. i. tu fol in drops; tu slaver. 
Driblet, Drib-let, u. a :*mol kwi.ntiti, or sum. 
Deilr, Drj-tr, n. he or dut hwic; drjz or abstirbz. 
Dbift, Drift, H. in jfOlcj I, kx term iipl(d tu dt 

iiu«, iin.-tniiifid materialx on de vrti surfa^; oisc) 

kold Jiln'iuin. 
Deiet, Drift, II. cui tig drivn at rnndom; fon>: 

drzin; teudensi: a hep; a budi ov sno. 
Deiet, Drift, c. /. tu drjv; tu tro lug^dcr on 

Duiet, Drift, f. /. tu form intu ht\>», ax sno. 
1 uiETWooD, Drift-wud, «. wud drifted or flol 

ed bj dc woter. 
Drill, Dril, h. an in5tni>mont for burig bulx: u 

«mul bruk; militari eluer^ix; a to ov gruu sod: 

a (/anel; an np. 
Drill, Dril, r. /. tu pers wid a dril; tu bor; tu 

ikMTriz troip*; tu Iran; tu so in ruz. 
D'KILL, Dril, f. i. tu fla jenlli: tu mu.'ter. 
Drill-box, Dril-boks, n. u bok^ for boldig and 

.-oig .-cd. 
LiRiLLiNO, Dril-ig, n. de akt ov yqxig a dril;— 

iniliiari ekser>jt:- a kjnd ov kotn or linen klot. 
DEiLL-rLouoH, Dril-plv, h. a pin for swig ii< 

Drink, Drigk, v. t. [•'. dragk, />«. drigkig, dragk:] 

tu ^wolw likorx: tu kwcn(; tyrsl; tu imbjb; tu 

drigk tu ekiii. 




Deink, Drigk, i-. i. tu swolo; tu suk up; tu ab- 
sorb, [aj. 
Drink, Dripk, n. likor tu be swolod; a bever- 
Drinkable, i)riijk-a-bl, a. kapabl ov beiij druijk. 
Deinkkr. Driijk-er, n. wuu hmdrigks; adruijkard. 
Drinking, Driijk-ig, />/>. imbibii); swoloig; — a. 

adikted tu intemperans. 
Drinking, Diiijk-ii), n. de akt ov swoloig likorz. 
Drip, Drip, v. i. tu fel in drops; — v. t. tu let fel. 
Drip, Drip, n. dat hwiq felz in drops; — de ej ov 

Q nt)f; a projektiij kornis. [drip. 

Dripping, Drip-ii), n. fat gaderd from rost met; 
Dripping-pan, Drip-ig-pan, n. a pan fer de fat 

ov rost met. 
Drive, Drjv, v. t. [i. drov, ps. drjvir), drivn:] tu 

fors aloij; tu urj; tu kompel; tu send; tu qas; 

tu hunt: tu gjd. 
Drive, Drjv, v. i. tu ruj hastili; tu tend; tu am. 
Drive, Drjv, n, a kors fer, er pasaj, in a karij. 
Drivel, Driv-1, v. i. tu slaver; tu drop. 
Drivel, Driv-1, n. slaver; merstyq,r from de mist. 
Driveller, Driv-1-er, n. a fail: an idiot. 
Driven, Driv-n, p. from Dr\K. 
Driver, Driv-er, n. wun hot) drjvz; a qarioter. 
Driving, Drjv-ig, n. de akt ov impelir); tendensi. 
Drizzle, Driz-1, v. t. tu Jed in smol, slo drops. 
Drizzle, Driz-1, v. i. tu fel in smel, slo drops. 
Drizzle, Driz-1, n. a smel ran; mizl; mist. 
Drizzly, Driz-li, a. ranii) in smol drops; misti. 
Droit, Drert, n. [/)•.] a rit ov rjt. 
Droll, Drol, a. komikal; od; stranj; kwer. 
Droll, Drol, «. a jester; a bufcbn; a fqrs. 
Drollery, I)rol-er-i, n. jdl joks; bufconer!: a Jo. 
Dromedary, Drum-e-da-ri, n. a kamel wid wun 

Drone, Dron, i'. i. tu liv in jdlnes; tu drem. 
Drone, Dron, n. de mal be hwiq maks no huni: 

a slugard: an jdler; — a humii) sisnd. 
Dronish, Driin-iJ, a. jdl: indolent; slugij. 
Droop, Drd>p, v. i. tu laijgwij; tu fant; tu pjn 

Drop, Drop, n. a globi^l ov likwid; — an er-rig; — 

de platferm ov a galoz, hwiq drops dun. 
Drop, Drop, v. t. [i. dropt, ps. dropig, dropt;] tu 

por in drops; tia let fel; tu kwit. 
Droplet, Drop-let, »i. a litl drop; a smol er-rig. 
Dropping, Drop-ig, n. dat hwiq felz in drops; 

a fol. 
Dropsical, Drop-si-kal, a. dizezd wid a dropsi. 
Dropsied, Drop-sid, a. dizezd wid a dropsi. 
Dropsy, Drop-si, n. a dizez from a merbid kol- 

ekjon ov weter or serus fli^id in de bodi. 
Drosky, Dros-ki, ii. a RAjan for-hweld plegTi,r- 

Dross, Dros, n. de skum ov metalz; rust; refits. 
Drossiness, Dros-i-nes, n. f-slnes; impn,riti: rust. 
Drossy, Dros-i, a. ful ov dros; wurtles; f-sl. 
Drought, Dr-st, n. drj wcder; wont ov ran. 
Droughtiness, Dr-st-i-nes, n. wont ov ran. 
Droughty, Dr-st-i, a. wontig ran: drj. 
Drove, Drov, ?*. a number ov katl drivn; a kr-xd. 
Drove, Drov, i. from JJriv. [ket. 

Drover, Drov-er, n. wun h<D drjvz katl tu mq^r- 
Deown, Dr-sn, V. t. tu sufokat in woter; tu over- 

hwelm: tu overflo; tu dcliy; tu imers. 
Drowner, Dr-sn-er, n. he or dat hwiq dr-snz. 
Drowse, Dr-sz, v. t. tu mak hevi wid slep. 
Drowse, Ditjz, v. i. tu slumber; tu gro hevi. 
Drowsily, Dr«z-i-li, ad. in a dr-szi manor: slepili. 
Drow\siness, Dr^z-i-nes, n. slepines; slugijnes. 
Drowsy, Dr-sz-i, a. slepi; hevi; letqrjik; dul. 
Drub, Drub,t i\ t. tu trej; tu bet; tu bag. 
Drub, Drub,+ n. a tump; a nok; a bio. 
Drubbing, Drdb-iij,t n. a bctig; a tumpig 
Drudge, Druj, d. z. tu wurk hqrd; tu slav. 
Drudge, Druj, 71. wun hoB wurks hqrd; a slav. 

Drudgery, Druj-er-i, w. men labor; hqrd, servil 

Drudgingly, Druj-ig-li, ad. laboriusli; terlsumli. 
Drug, Drug, h. an ingredient yqzd in medisin; 

medi^in; eni tig wid'st wurt er valyq. 
Drug, Drug, v. t. tu sezn wid drugz; tu tigkt- 

Drugget, Dnig-et, n. a slit kjnd ov wulen stuf. 
Druggist, Drug-ist, n. wun hco delz in drugz. 
Druid, DrA-id, n. a prest ov de anjent Britonz 
Druidical, Droo-id-i-kal, a. pertanig tu de T>r<r 

idz. [idz. 

Druidism, Dr6-id-iz-m, n. de doktrinz ov de Drott- 
Drum, Drum, n. an instrooment ov militari mi^zik; 

de timpanum ov de er; a silinder. 
Drum, Drum, v. i. tu bet a drum; tu bet. 
Drum, Drum, v. t. tu ekspel wid de bet ov a 

drum. [a rejiment. 

Drum-major, Drum-ma-jor, n. de qef drumer ov 
Drummer, Drdm-er, n. wun hco bets a drum. 
Drum-stick, Drum-stik, n. a stik fer betig de 

Drunk, Drugk, a. intoksikated wid likor; sat- 

yipated wid merstyqr. 
Drunk, Drugk, p. from Drhjk. 
Drunkard, Drugk-ard, n. wun adikted tu 

drugknnes: a sot. 
Drunken, Drugk-n, a, intoksikated wid likor. 
Drunkenness, Driigk-n-nes, n, intoksikajon; in- 

Drupe, Drcop, n. a pulpi perikqrp, az in de plum. 
Dry, Drj, a. not wet; not rani; not JH,si; arid; 

tersti; baren; plan; kold: sarkastik. 
Dry", Drj, v. t. tu fre from merstynr; tu dran. 
Dry, Drj, v. i. tu gro drj; tu Imz mffstynr. 
Dryad, Drj-ad, n. a wud-nimf. 
Dryer, Drj-er, n. he er dat hwiq drjz. 
Dryly, Drj-li, ad. in a drj maner; frijidli: koldli. 
Dryness, Drj-nes, n. wont ov merstyi],r; barennes. 
Dry-nurse, Dri-nurs, n. a. wuman hoo brigz up 

and fedza qjld bj hand, wid'stde brest. 
Dry-salter, Drj-selt-er, n. a. deler in selted er 

drjd mets, &s. 
Dry-shod, Drj-Jod, a. havig drj fet. 
Dual, Di|-al, a. ekspresig de number iOi. 
Dualism, Dii,-al-iz-m, n. cte doktrin ov tfb godz. 
Duality, Dq-al-i-ti, «. de statov beig too. 
Duarchy, Dq-qrk-i, n. a guvernment bj tO) laA- 

Dub, Dub, J v. t. tu mak a man a njt; tu konfdr 

eni digniti; — v. i. tu mak a kwik nerz; — n. a bio; 

a nok. 
Dubious, Dq,-bi-us, a. d^stful unserten: not plan. 
Dubiety, Dq,-bj-e-ti, n. unsertenti: d'stfulnes. 
Dubiously, Dq,-bi-us-li, ad. unsertenli; d-stfuli. 
Dubiousness, Dq,-bi-us-nes, n. unsertenti; d'st- 

Dubitable, Dq-bi-ta-bl, a. d'stful: unserten. 
DuBiTATiON, Dq,-bi-ta-Jon, n. de aktovd-stig. 
Ducal, Dt^-kal, a. pertanig tu a dq,k er dqk- 

dom. [dqk. 

Ducat, Diik-at, n. a Yc&ropean kern struk bj a 
DucATOON, Duk-a-t<f)n, n. a Duq silver kern; ab:st 

1U4 sents. 
Duchess, Duq-es, n. de konsert erladi ova di^k. 
Duchy, Diiq-i, «. de teritori ov a dqk; a di]^kdom. 
Duck, Duk, n. a weter f-sl;— a kjnd ov kanvas. 
Duck, Duk, v. i. tu djv underwater: tu krinj. 
Duck, Duk, y. t. tu put under woter; tu imers. 
Ducked, Dukt, j). plunjd: dipt. 
DuCKF.R, Diik-er, 11. a plunjer; a djver. 
Ducking, Diik-ig, n. deaktovputig under weter. 
Ducking-stool, Duk-ig-stcol, n. a sta)l fer duk- 

ig skoldz. 
Duck-legged, Diik-legd, a. Jert legd. 
I Duckling, Duk-lig, n. a yug er smel duk. 




DucKMEAT, Ddk-met, ) n. At p6pyq,larnam or 
l)UtKWt£i), l)uk-wed, I several :i\)eJEt ov lam- 

iiu. pliiiiLs gruig in Jalu> w<)tur, upon bwit; 

(luk.-i ami gt-d fed. 
DuiT. I)uk(, It. a tii,b in de b(Hli;a kunal;a paiuij. 
UUCTILK, iJiik-til, rt. lU-ksil)l; |il{itbl; ezili dnjn nt. 
DucTiLKNESS, iJuk-til-ncs, ii. l'U-k.'<ibilitl:riuktilili. 
UucTiLiTV, l)uk-til-i-ti, II. ku{uuiiti ov bcifl drun 

Yt wi.l'sl brukiy: kDiDiiliiins. 
IJUD, iJud.J II. a rag; — /7. ragz; taterz. 
Duuoto.v, l)dj-on,J n. aj)ger; rezeotment. 
DuK, U^i, a., ud; pruper; dat ut tu be dun; fit; 

Due, \iy\, nd. cgzuktii; dirdktli; az, dti nnrt. 
DUK. l^n,, n. dut hwiq belugz lu wun; rjt: just 

tjtl: tribq,l: tail. 
DuKL, Di'i-i-l, n. a kombat betwtn t»i»:a sij);^! fjt. 
DuKL, Dii-t'l. I'- «'• t>-i fjtu diifior fiD'^l koinbat. 
DUELLEB, Di'i-cl-er, n. asiggl kumbatuut: u din-l- 
ist. [dti<'lz. 
I)i;kllixg. Di'i^-cl-io, n. dt akt orkustom ov miu 
DutLLisT, Di'i-c'l-ist, n. wun luij f(t.s a dn,el. 
Duello, Dq,-el-(j,* n. [Il.]de dii,el;de nDlovdii- 

DuE.vNA, Di^-dn-a, n. an old wuman b(t>g(irdza 

yu)).;i'r wuti: a guverne.s. 
Duet. l)ii-et, «. an i^r lor t4ti pcrformcrz. 
Duo. Du;;, n. a \>ap or tet ov a best. 
Duo. Du;^. I. nnd p. from I)iij. 
Duke. Di^k, n. wun ov de hiest order ov nobiliti; 

Q prins: n qrf. [ov a diik. 

Dukedom, Di'ik-duin, h. de pozejonz, or kwoliti 
Dulcet, lUil-sct, a. swct; nielodiu--i. [swetnig. 
DuLciKiCATiON, Dul-si-fi-kii-Jiin, ii. de akt i>v 
DuLCiFiED, Diil-si-fid, p. a. swctnd; purifjd. 
DuLCiFV, Diil-si-f j. V. t. tu mnk swet. 
Dulcimer, Diil-si-mer, n. an anjcnt imj^zikal in- 

strtunient. [swetncs. 

DULCITUDE, Ddl-si-ttid,* n. swetnes ov s-sml: 
DuLCORATE, Diil-ko-rat, *r. t. tu swetn;tudul- 
sifj. [ni)). 

DuLCORATiON, Dul-ko-rd-Jon, n. de aktov swei- 
DuLiA, Di'i-li-a, n. [Z.] an inferior kjnd ov wur- 

Dull, Dul, a. sttipid: slugij: blunt: okward: not 

kwik: sad: gros: not brjt: drszi. 
Dull. Dul, r. t. tu sti'ipefj: tu blunt; tu sadn. 
DuLLAnn. Diil-anl, n. a blokhed; a dolt. 
DuLL-imAiNED, Diil-brand, a. stupid: doltij. 
DuLL-BROWtu, Dul-brsd, a. havij) a globiui luk. 
DuLLEYED, Diil-jil. a. liavii) a d-snkast h.ik. 
Dl LL-IIEAD, Diil-hed, II. a blukhed; a dolt. 
Dully, l)iil-i, ad. in a dul manor: stupidli. 
DuLXESS, Diil-nes, n. sttipiditi: dimm-s; bluntncs. 
DULOCRACY, Dn-16k-ra-»i,n. a guvcrnnicnt ov 


Duly, Di'i-li, ad. in a di^ manor; properli; fitli. 
Dumb. Dum, a. inkH[iabl ov npeQ: mi^t. 
Dumb. Dum, r. t. tu s{lon!<. 
Dumb-bells, Ddm-belz, n. pi. wat« swug in de 

baii'lz f')r cksersji. 
Dumbly. Ddm-li, ad. mi^tli: sjlcntli. 
DuMBNt-ivS. Diim-ne!>. n. inkajMuiiti tu spck. 
DlMB-sHow, Diim-Ju), n. a p.Tntomim. 
Dummy. Diim-i, t »•. wun haj iz dum. 
Dump. Dump,* n. smro; mt^lunkvli; siidnea. 
Dumpish. I)iirai>-iJ,* a. sad: mtSlankoli; dejektcd. 
Dumpish NESS. I)dmp-iJ-nc«,» n. sadncs; indlankoli. 
DuMPLIMii. Diimp-lig, n. a kjnd ov pudig. 
Dumpy, Durap-i,J a. /.>rt and tik;- dumpi/. 
Dun, Dun, a. ov a dqrk kubir: dqrk; ghbini. 
Dun. Dun.* r. /. tu prc^i; tu a»k ofn for a dct. 
Dt'N. Duii.J n. a klamom^, imi ^rtyi^nat krcditor. 
Dunce. Duns, n. a tik skul; a dulanl; a dolt. 
DuNFiSH, Dun-fi/, n. a kodfij ki^rd ioa partik- 

yi^ar maner. 

Du.*(0, Dug, n. de (^kitkrement ov animalz; moni^r. 
DuNO, Dug, V. t. tu uani^r wid dug. 
iJUNOtox, Diiri-jon, n. a kiu^, dqrk prizo. 
DUNGKOUK, Dug-turk, ii. a fork yqzd tu tro dug. 
DuNuiiiLL, Diig-hit, II. u bepovduo:u menabud. 
Dunghill, Diig-hil, a. Hprug from de dughil; 

Dungy, Diig-i, a. ful ov dug: men; wnrtloa. 
DuNGYARD, Diig-yqrd, n. de plus ov a dughil. 
DuNKERii. Diigk-erz, n. denuinov a kristyan aekt, 

boa pniktis abstinent and mortitikiijon. 
Dunnage, Dun-aj, n. fagots lud in /ijistuaupirt 

Duo, Dq-o, II. [Z.] a sog in Ub pqrts. 
Duodecimo, Dq-o-des-i-mo, «. u buk bavig 12 

livz tu a Jet. [twelvz. 

DuoDECUPLE, Dq,-o-dek-ii-pl, a. konsistig ov 
Duodenum, Dq-u-dl-num, n. At ferst ov de 

sin.jj in!(':-tinz. [letcrz. 

DuoLiTtRAL, Dq-o-lit-cr-al, a. konsistig ov ta> 
Dupe, Dqp, n. a j)crs<jn impuzd on; a man ezili 

Dupe. Dqp, t. t. tu trik: tu qet; tu dcsev. 
Duple, Dq-jil, a. dubl; wun repcted. 
Duplicate, Dq-pli-kat, i. /. tu dubl: tu fold. 
Duplicate. Dq-pli-kat, a. dubl; tu fold. 
Duplicate, Dq-pli-kat, n. a sekond tig ov dc 

!>nin kjnd: an egzakt kopi; a transkript. 
Duplication, Dq-pli-ka-Jon, n. deakt ov dublig; 

a told. [dubld. 

DUPLICATURE, Dq-pli-ka-tqr, n. a fold: eni tig 
Duplicity, Dq-pli-i-i-ti, n. deset; desepjon: dubl- 

nus. [permanens. 

Durability, Dq-ra-bil-i-ti, n. pser ov lastig; 
Durable, Dq-ra-bl, a. lustig; bavig log egzist- 

tns. [kontinyqans. 

Durableness, Dq-ra-bl-nes, ?i. puer ov lastig; 
Durably, Dq-ra-bli, ad. in a lastig niancr. 
Dura-mater, Dq-ra-ma-ter, n. [Z.Jdcuter mem- 

brnn ov de bran. 
Durance, Dq-rans, n. impriznment; endqrans. 
DuRANT. Dq-rant, n. a glazd wulen stuf or klot. 
Durante vita, Dq-ran-te vj-ta, [L.] {Law) 

•Iqrig lif. (tjm. 

Duration, Dq-ra-Jon, «. kontinyqans: legt ov Dq-rc?, n. impriznment; konstrant. 
During. Dqr-ig, /^r*"/*. fur de tjm ov kontinyqans. 
Durst, Durst, i. from V^r. 
Dusk, Dusk, a. tendig tu dqrknes; dqrk: duski. 
Dusk, Dusk, n. tendig tu dqrknes; dqrk kulor. 
Duskily, Dusk-i-li, aat. wid tendensi tu dqrk- 
Duskiness. Ddsk-i-ncs, n. insipient obsksqriti. 
DusKisH, Ddsk-i/, a. inkljnd tu dqrknes er blak- 

DusKisnNESS, Du<k-iJ-nes, n. apr6<j tu dqrknes. 
DisKY. Diisk-i, a. tendig tu dqrknes: gloimi. 
Dust. Dust, n. ert redqst tu p-sder; ert. 
Dust, Dust, r. t. tu fre from dust; tu sprigkl 

wid dust. 
Duster, Ddst-cr, n. he er dat hwiq frez from 

dust. [dust. 

Dustiness, Ddst-i-nc^, »i. slatovbeig kuvi-rd wid 
Dustman, Ddst-man, n. a man bobkarix awudust. 
Dusty. Dust-i, a. fild or kuverd widdust. 
Dutch. Duq, v. t. tu klarifj and hqrdn, az kwilt. 
Dutch, Duq, n. delaggwaj ov Uolandor dc Duq; 

})l. At pepl ov Holand. 
Dutchess, Ddq-cs, n. Se {Duche**.) 
Duteous, Dt'^-te-us, a. obedient: obsckwius: dti- 

tiful. [dqU. 

Dutiable, Dq-ti-a-bl, a. subjckt tu impost or 
DuTiKUL, Dq-ti-ful, a. obedient; submisiv; roT- 

DuTiruLLT, D4-ti-ful-i, ad. obidicntii; snbmis- 





Ddtifulness, Di^-ti-ful-nes, n. obediens; re- 

Duty, Dii,-ti, n. hwot wun iz bifnd tu perferm; 

obediens: servis; taks; impost; kustom. 
DuUMViE, Dq,-um-ver, n. [L.] wun ov ta> ofiserz in 

anjent Rom. 
Duumvirate, Dn,-um-vi-rat, n. a guvernment 

eksersjzd bj to. [aaii sjz. 

Dwarf, Dwerf, n. a person or plant bEl6 de erdi- 
DwARF, Dworf, a. belo ds y^,■i^!^l sjz. 
Dwarf, Dwerf, v. t. tu hinder from fulgrot. 
Dwarfish, Dworf-iJ, a. belo denatyi^ral sizjsmel. 
Dwarfishness, Dwerf-iJ-nes, n. a litlnes ov 

Dwell, Dwel, v. i. \i. dwelt, fs. dwelig; dwelt;] 

tu liv in a plas; tu rezjd; tu reman. 
Dweller, Dwel-er, n. wun boolivz in a plas. 
Dwelling, Dwel-ig, n. a habitajon. 
Dwelling, Dwel-ii),^p. rezjdii); livii);kontinyti,- 

iij wid fikst intenjon. 
Dwelling-house, Dwel-ig-h'ss, n. a h-ss in 

hwiq wun livz. [rezidens. 

Dwelling-place, Dwel-ii)-plas, n. a plas ov 
Dwindle, Dwin-dl, v. i. tu Jrigk; tu gro litl. 
Dwindle, Dwin-dl, v. t. tu mak les; tu sigk; tu 


Dye, Dj, v. t. tu tinj: tu kulor; tu stan. 
Dyer. £>i-er, n. wun hoo djz klot, &s. 
Dtestuff, Dj-stuf, n. matsrialzfer djig. [&s. 
Dying, Dj-ii), n. de qrt ov stnniijerkulorip klot, 
Dyke, Dik, ji. a m-snd ov ert, &s. Se {Z>ike.} 
Dynametee, Dj-nam-E-ter, ji. an instrcoment far 

determinir) de magnifjii) piser ov teleskops. 
Dynamics, Dj-nam-iks, ji. de sjens ov mekani- 

kal p^erz. 
Dynamometer, Din-a-mom-e-ter, n. an instrco- 
ment for mejij^rii) de streijt ov men andanimalz. 
Dynasty, Dj-nas-ti, er Din-as-ti, n. a ras er fam- 

ili ov soverenz in suksejon; soverenti. 
Dyscrasy, Dis-kra-si, n. a bad habit ov bodi. 
Dysenteric, Dis-en-ter-ik, a. relatii) tudisenteri. 
Dysentery, Dis-en-ter-i, n. a panful dizez, atend- 

ed bj mi^kus er bludi evakytiajonz. 
Dyspepsy, Dis-pep-si, n. a difikulti ov dijestyon; 

Dyspeptic, Dis-pep-tik, j a. relatii) tu dis- 

Dyspeptical, Dis-pep-ti-kal, S pepsi;havii) bad 

dijestyon. [pepsi. 

Dyspeptic, Dis-pep-tik, n. wun aflikted wid dis- 
Dysphony, Dis-fo-ni, n. a difikulti in spekiij. 
Dyspncea, Disp-ne-Q, n. difikulti in bredig. 
Dysury, I)i3-yq,-ri, n. a difikulti in va'dig yi],rin. 


Ee, de fift leter ov de komon alfabet, iz de 
, sekond and de most frekwent vsel in de Ig- 

glij laggwaj. It haz tea prinsipal s?ndz: loi), az 

in {mete), and Jert, az in {met). 
Each, 8"q, a. eder ov de toa; everi wun ov eni 

Eager, S'ger, a. kenli dezjrus; vehement; impet- 

yi],us; Jq,rp; ken; sever. 
Eagerly, 8'ger-li, ad. qrdentli: kenli. 
Eagerness, tl'ger-nes, n. qrdent dezjr; impetyq,- 

ositi; vjolens. 
Eagle, ^'gl, n. a herd ov pra; a militari standard; 

a gold kffn ov de Yi^njted Stats, ov de valyq, 

ov ten dolurz. 
Eagle-eyed, S'gl-id, a. Jqrp-sjted, az an egl. 
Eagle-sighted, 8gl-sjt-ed, a. kwik-sjted. 
Eaglet, t-'glet, 71. a yug egl. 
Eagre, £'ger, n. a tjd swelig abuv andder. 
Ean, t'n,* V. i. tu brig fort yug, az Jep. 
Ear, 8t, n. de organ ov herig: p'ser ov jujig ov 

hqrmoni; sens ov herig; — a spjk ov kern er maz. 
Ear, i:T, V. i. tu Joot intu erz, az kern. 
Earache, Sr'ak, n. pan in de er. 
Eared, i:,v<i, a. havii) erz. 
Earl, Erl, n. a tjtl ov IggliJ nobiliti. 
Earlap, ^'r'lap, 71. de tip ov de er. 
Earldom, Krl'dora, n. de senyori ov an erl. 
Earless, tVlcs, a. dcstiti],t ov erz. 
Earliness, Er'lines, ». stat ov beip erli. 
Earl-Mak.shal, Erl'mqr-Jal, n. an ofiser hO) haz 

de qef kq^r ov militari solemnitiz. 
Eaelock, Fr'lok, n. a. kurl or twist ov h^r. 
Early, Er'li, a. beig in sezn; seznabl. 
Early, Er'li, ad. in gud sezn; betjmz. 
Earmark, {^'r'mqrk, n. a mqrk on de er. 
Earn, Ern, v. t. tu gan bj labor; tu obtan. 
Earnest, Er'nest, a. qrdent: zelus; eger. 
Earnest, Er'nest, n. seriusnes; not jest; — a plej; — 

ferst frcDts;— muni advdnst. 
Earnestly, ta'nest-li, ad. wermli; egerli. 
Eaenestness, Er'nest-nes, n. egernes. 

Earning, Em'ig, n. dat hwig iz ernd. 
Earpick, 8r'pik, 71. an instrcoment fer klenig era. 
Ear-ring, Sr'rig, n. an ernament fer de er. 
Earth, Ert, 71. de mater hwiq kompozez de glob; 

sffl; de grsnd; de terakweus glob; de wurld; — in 

kemistri, serten metalik oksidz. 
Earth, Ert, v. t. tu hjd in de ert; tu beri. 
Earth, Ert, v. i. tu retjr under grsnd. 
Earth-boakd, Ert'bord, n. de bord ov a pi's. 
Earth-born, Ert'bern, a. born ov de ert. 
Earthen, Ert'en, a. mad ov ert er kla. 
Earthiness, Ert'i-nes, n. stat ov beig erti. 
Earthliness, Ert'li-nes, n. wurldlines. 
Earthling, Ert'lig, 71. an inhabitant ov ert. 
Earthly, Ert-li, a. belogig tu ert; wurldli; not 

hevnli: kqrnal; senJual; vjl. 
Earthnut, Ert'nut, 7t. a pignut; a roit. 
Earthquake, Ert'kwak, n. a konvuljon ov de ert. 
Earthy, Ert'i, a. kousistig ov ert; teren. 
Eae-wax, Sr'waks, n. serdimen ov de er. 
Ear-wig, 8r'wig, n. an insekt: — a hwisper. 
Ease, 8z, n. kwjet; rest after labor; fasiliti. 
Ease, E'z, v. t. tu fre from pan; tu relev. 
Easel, 8'zI, n. de fram on hwiq a panterz kan- 

vas er piktyi^^r rests. 
Easement, fz'ment, »i. ez; suport; relef. 
Easily, 8'zi-li, ad. wid-st difikulti; redili. 
Easiness, g'zi-nes, n. redines; ez: rest. 
East, 8st, n. de kwerter hwq,r de sun rjzez. 
East, 8st, a. beig from er toardz de rjzig sun. 
Easter, Ssi'er, u. At da on hwiq de rezurekjon 

ov Krjst iz komemorated, beig de ferst Sunda 

after de ful moon hwiq hapnz upon, er nekst 

after de 21st ov Mqrq. 
Easterly, Fst'er-li, a. and ad. toardz de est. 
Eastern, 8st'ern, a. beig in de est; oriental. 
Eastward, 8st'ward, ad. toardz de est. 
Easy, 8'zi, a. not difikult; kwjet; kompljig. 
Eat, 8t, v. t. [i. at er et, ps. etig, etu er et;] tu 

devsr, tu konsi\m; tu korod. 
Eat, £t, v. i. tu fed; tu tak fcbd. 




Eatable, Tta-bl, a. kaj^bl ov bt ip etn. 
Eatabli:, ^'t'a-bl, II. eni tig dut ma be etn. 
Eatln, Kt'll, /'. from ft. 
Eatlu, t't'er, n. wun ha>EtD;a korosiv. 
Eavu). t'\ z, «. pi. At fjez ov de niif ov a bus. 
EAVtJ* UBOPPtii, i'vz'drop-cr, «. a lisnur under 

Ebb, Eb, n. dc rrfluks ov dt tid; wast. 
Ebb, Eb, r. t. tu flu bak tuurdz de nt. 
Ebb-tide, Eb'tid, n. de reflukj ov de se. 
Ebon, Eb'on, a. mad ov eboni; dqrk; bluk. 
Ebo.vy, Eb'on-i, n. a hqrd, bluk, valyx^abl wud. 
EBKiETr, F-brj-e-ti, or b'-brj-e-li, ii. druflkniits; 

intbriEti. [turuifl a hor.". 

Ebrillade, ^'-bril-yad, ii. a qek ov de brjdl fur 
Ebeiositv, i'-bri-6s-i-ii, «. druflkuncs; ebrjeti. 
Ebullie.ncy, t"-bdl-yen-si, n. u btflig over. 
Ebullient, t'-bul-ycnt, u. btflip over. 
Ebullition, Eb-ul-iJ-ou, »i. dt akt ov berlig. 
Eblhnkan. i'-bur-ne-ai), a. relalifl tu jvuri. 
EccE UOMO, Ek'sE hii-mu, [/..J bebdjld de man: 

— u iMiniifl reprezentijj Krjdt az givn up tu de 

Eccentric, Ek-s^n-trik, ( a. dfviatio from 

EccENTEiCAL, Ek-s^n- tri-kal, | de sent«r; ireg- 

yulur: niiiiinalus; od. 
EcctNTHiciTY, Ek-son-tris-i-ti, n. devia/on from 

Q senior; deviajon from hwot iz yiisqal: ircgyii- 

lariti. [or baj. 

EccK .siGXUM, Ek'se sig-num, [Z.j behi^Id de sin 
EccHYMOSis, Ek-i-m(b-8i!i, n. a livid spot on it 

skin. iSkriptyqr. 

EccLtsiASTES, Ek-le-xi-as-tez, n. a buk ov iluli 
EcLLtsiAsTic, Kk-le-zi-a.s-tik, n. a klvrjiiuan 

kuuekli'd wid an Fpi^k(D])asi; a pre^t. 
Ecclesiastic, Kk-le-zi-as-tik, / a. relatigtu 

Ecclesiastical, Kk-le-zi-as-ti-kal, i de qur(j: nut 

sivil or M-kynlar. 
EccLESiASTiCAS, Ek-le-zias-ti-kas, n. a buk ov 

de Ajiokrifa. [in de form ov steps. 

Echelon, Ej'c-lop, n. [Fr.] a m>i>vmeDt ov an qrmi 
Echinate, Kk'i-nat, ( . , ... ,^„,„j 
ECHINATED. Ek'i-nflt-cd,r ^^ ^'"^^•d; pffnted. 
Echinus, i'-kj-nus, n. [L.] de se-urqin; a krab- 

fij: a prikli bed ov a ]>lant. [s-gnd. 

Echo, hk'o, m. de retdm or reverbera/on ov a 
Echo, Ek'o, r. i. tu rez'snd: tu be sanded bak. 
Echo, Kk'u, v. t. tu send bak a vars. 
EcHOMETEK, T-kom-e-tor, n. a kjnd ov skal, serv- 

ifl tu nifi^qr de dtirajon ov s'sndz. 
EcLAiRCisstMENT, U-kl:ir-sia-raqn, n. [Fr.] eks- 

pliiiiaji'n; de akt ov klerif) up an 8f4r. (luster. 
Eclat, il-khi, u. [Fr.] aploz: ren^jn: splendor; Jo; 
Eclectic. Ek-lek-tik, a. selektig; qtczi;); — n. wun 

ov de sekt ov Eklektiks. 
Eclipse, t"-kliji.'>, «. dr dqrknig ov wun hevnli 

bodi b{ de Jiulo ov aniider: dqrknes; obskqrajon: 

— r. t. tu dqrkn: tu obski\r. 
Ecliptic, i'-klip-tik, n. a serkl bwiq mqrk;: de 

sum jiqt in de hevnx;— a. reltitiu tu de tklipiik. 
Eclogue, Ek'lug, n. a pust£)ral poem. 
Economic, Ek-u-num-ik, J a. pertnnig tu 

Economical, Ek-u-nom-i-kal, i ekdnc^mi: frm- 

«pil; trilti. [t-mi. 

Economically, Ek-o-nom-i-kal-i, ad. wid ekou- 
EcoNOMics, Ek-o-nom-ikj, n. pi. h'sshtjld nuin- 

ajmi'iit. ("friDpil. 

Economist, r-k6n-o-mist, n. wun bat iz trifti or 
Economize, t-k6n-b-m{t, v. /. tu cmpl<^ wid 

Economy, F-k6n-Q-mi, n. trifti manajmcnt: fni>- 

galiti: araniment; reKyqlaJon: sistem. I'olilikal 

ckonumi, de siens bwiq treta or de welt ov 

EcPHONESiS, Ek-fQ-ne-si«, n. ad cksklama/on. 
Ecstacv, Lk'sLa-si, n. eksibiv j(T: raptyi^r;a trans. 

Ecstatic, Ek-alat-ik, » •?._:. 

Ecstatical. Ek-.tar^i-kal, 1 *' r*''!'. rap'^l""- 
Ecumenical, Kk-q-mda-i-kal, a. jcner&l; yiini- 
EuACious, ti'-dii-Jus, a. eiij): vorajuj. [v^ra&I. 
EuAClTY, t!-da«-i-ti, «. vuru.'*iti. 
Edda, Ed'u, n. a kolekjon ov [loctri, kontanig dc 

.Skundinuviau mitoluji. 
EuDER, Kd'er,* II. wud tu b|nd «Laz in a feni. 
Kdi>18U, Ed'iJ, n. Q sekond krop ov gra«. 
Eddy, Ed'i, «. a serkqlar mujon ov wuter. 
KuUY, Ed'i, r. t. tu mj>v or bwrrl, az in an edi. 
Edematose, t'-dem-a-t<j>i, a. swelij). 
Kden, i'den, II. a gqrden; paradj^. 
Edentalous, i'-den-ia-lus, a. widiit tet; txbtles. 
Edentation, t^'-den-la-Jon, n. a pulij) ut ov let. 
Edge, Ej, n. de kutifl jiqrt ov a blad; de border; 

de bri^k; keunes; rim; brigk. 
Edge, Ej, v. t. tu Jqrpn: tu giv an ej. 
Edge, Ej, v. i. tu mOjv furwurd s^dwaz. 
Edged, Ejd, ur Ej'ed, p. a. Jqrj': not blunt. 
EuGtLt&s, Ej'les, a. blunt; obi q<: not Jqrp. 
Edgetool, Ej'tiijl, «. a itiA wid u Jqrp ej. 
Edgewise, Ej'wjz, aJ. wid de ej forward. 
Edging, Ej'ii), «. a border; a frinj;a narti las. 
Edible, Ed'i-bl, a. fit tu be eln; elabl. 
Edict, ^''dikt, n. a proklamajou; a komdnd; a le. 
Edification, Ed-i-fi-ku-Jon, n. indtrukjun; im- 

pra>vment. [iikajon. 

Edificatory, Ed'i-fi-ka-to-ri, a. tendig tu edi- 
Edifice, Ed'i-fis, n. a bildig; a slruktyqr. 
Edificial, Ed-i-fiJ-al, a. rclatij) tu edifi^i. 
Edifiee, Ed'i-fj-cr, n. wun hat edifiz. 
Edify, Ed'i-fj, e. t. tu instriikt; tu impnfiv. 
Edifying, Ed'i-fj-ip, y^/>. a. in.-^triiktifl; tendi^) ta 

Edile, P'dil, n. a Roman majistrat ha> bad qqij 

ov bildigz, ks. 
Edit, Ed'it, r. t. tu superintend de publikajon 

ov a buk; tu publij. 
Edition, t'-dij-on, n. de publikajon ov a buk; dc 

bul imfirejon ov a buk: republikajon. 
Editor, Ed'i-tor, n. wun bin sqperiutendz a pub- 
Editorial. Ed-i-t»j-ri-al, a. belogif) tu an editor. 
Editorship, Ed'i-tor-Jip, n. de ofis and dqti or 

an editor. 
Educate. Ed'yq-kat, r. /. tu brin up; tu instrdkt. 
Education, Ed-yq-lsa-Jon, «. <le akt ov brigig 

up: instrukjun: formujon ov mancrz. 
Educational, Ed-yq-ka-Jon-al, a. pertanig ta 

edyiikajon. iydit. 

Educator, Ed'jrq-ka-tor, n. wun ha> instrdkta 
Educe, t'-diis, t . /. tu brig ■jsl; tu ek^trakt. 
Eduction, b-diik-Jon, ti. de akt or edqsig er 

briflij) Tit. [purin. 

Edulcorate, F-dul-ko-rat, r. t. tu swetn; tu 
Edulcoration, i'-dul-ko-ra-Jon, n. de akt ot 

Eek, i'V, r. t. tu suplj. Se ilXt.) 
Eel, i'l, n. Q scT[>cntju, sljmi fij. 
E'en, i'n, ad. kontraktod f n m {erm.') Se {Even.) 
Effable, El'a-bl,* a. ek.ipresibl; literabl. 
Efface, Ef-as, r. t. tu blot ut; tu eras; tu de- 

j^trit. [era;qr. 

Effacement, Ef-as-mont, n. At akt ov efasig; 
Effect, Ef-ekt, n. dat bwiq iz bj a kes; 

kon:'ekwens: event: purpus; kouplcjon; reAlili, — 

pi. gudz: mtDvablz. 
Effect, Ef-ekt, r. t. tu brig tu pa.«; tu prod^s. 
Effectiblk, Ef-ekt-i-bl, a. pniktikabl; friibl. 
Effection, Ef-ck-Jon, n. a kousirukjon; a prob- 
lem, (ful. 
Effective, Ef-c'k-tiv, a. efikajus; efijent; yq»- 
Effectivelt, Ef-ek-liv-li, ad. pucrfuli; wid 

Etfectoa, Ef-^-tor, ■. he or d*t bwi^ ef^ti 




Effectual, Ei-ekt-yxi-al, a. prodtisii) efekt; ef- 

ikajus. [al maner. 

Effectually, Ef-ekt-yxi-al-i, ad. in an efektyix- 
Effectualxess, Ef-ekt-y^-al-nes, n. de kwoliti 

ov btiij cfektyi^al. 
Effectuate, Ef-ekt-yn,-at, v. t. tu brii) tu pas: 

tu efekt. [delikasi. 

Effeminacy, Ef-em-i-na-si, n. softnes: unmanli 
Effeminate, Ef-em-i-nat, a. wumanij; soft: 

tL-nder: voliiptyv^us. [ij. 

Effeminate, Et', c t. tia mak wuman- 
Effeminately, Ef-em-i-nat-li, ad. in an efemi- 

nat maner. 
Effemixatf.xess, Ef-em-i-nat-nes, n. efeminasi. 
Effendi. f]f-en-di, ». in Turl-if. a ma&isT. 
Effervesce, Ef-er-ves, v. i. ivx send Tit gas or 

elastik vapor; tu bubl: tia wurk. 
Effeevescexce, Ef-er-vrs-ens, n. de eskap ov gas 

er vapor from a f h],id, az in ebulijon. 
Effervescent, Ef-er-ves-ent, a. jentli berlii) er 

Effete, Ef-t't, a. baren: worn Tst wid aj. 
Efficacious, Ef-i-ka-Jus, a. aktyi^ali prodti^siij 

efekts; efektyi|al: efijent. [di\,s efekts. 

Efficaciously, Ef-i-ka-Jus-li, ad. so az tia pro- 
Efficaciousness, Ef-i-ka-Jus-nes, n. efikasi. 
Efficacy, Ef'i-ka-si, ». piser tu prodi^s efekts: 

Efficience, Ef-iJ-ens, ) n. de akt er p"ser ov 
Efficiency, Ef-iJ-en-si, ) prodq,sig efekts; ef- 
ikasi; ajensi. 
Efficient, Ef-iJ-ent, n. an ajent; a kez. 
Efficient, Ef-iJ-ent, a. kezii) efekts. 
Efficiently, Ef-iJ-ent-li, ad. efektivli. 
Effigy, Ef'i-ji, n. an imaj; a Ijknes; a reprezen- 

tajun. [up. 

Efflate, Ef-Iat, v. t. tm fil wid Az bret; tu puf 
Effloresce, Ef-lo-res, v. i. tu farm a dust er 

pTsder on de surfas bj ekspci3H,r tu q,r. 
Efflorescence, Ef-lo-res-ens, ) n. ds akt ov 
Efflorescexcy, Ef-lo-res-en-si, \ efloresip: — 

produkjon ov fl'serz; — an erupjon er rednes on 

de skin. [resens. 

Efflorescent, Ef-lo-res-ent, a. indikatig eflo- 
Effluence, Ef'lri-ens, n. a floir) -st; ijr^. 
Effluent, Ef'li|-ent, a. floir) ■st; ijiiifl "st ov. 
Effluvium, Ef-li^-vi-um, n. [L.] yl. Ef-h|-vi-a; 

a floii) ■st; vapor; smol pqrtiklz hwig qr kontin- 

y^ali fljii) of from bodiz. 
Efflux, Ef'luks, n. de akt ov floii) -st; efiijon. 
Effluxion, E£-liik-Jon, ji. de akt ov floiij ■st. 
Effort, Ef'ort, n. a strugl; stran; endevor; trjal. 
Effossion. Ef-6J-on,* n. ds akt ov digii) up. 
Effrontery, Ef-runt-er-i, n. boldnes; impi^dens; 

Effulge, Ef-iilj, V. i. tu send fort luster. 
Effulgence, Ef-ul-jens, n. luster; brjtnes; splen- 
Effulgent, Ef-ul-jent, a. Jinii); brjt: li^minus. 
Effuse, Ef-qz, v. t. tu por'^st; tu spil; tu Jed. 
Effusion, Ef-ii-jon, n. a porir) ■st; wast. 
Effusive, Ef-i\,-siv, a. porii) ■st; dispersii); di- 
Eft, Eft, n. a nut; a sort ov lizard. [fitsiv. 

Egest, ^%jest,'* V. t. tu tro ■st: tu verd. 
Egestion, E-jest-yon, n. Az akt ov troir) ■st. 
Egg, Eg, n. dat hwiq kontanz de embrio ov a 

f'sl or uder animal. 
Eglantine, Eg'lan-tjn, n. a spejez ov roz; swet- 

brier. [d-st. 

Egoism, 8'go-iz-ni, 6r Eg'o-iz-m, n, skepti.-izm: 
Egoist, 8'go-ist, er Eg'o-ist, n. wun ov a klas ov 

filosoferz b(t) profest tu d^st everi tig eksept 

d^r on egzistens. 
Egotism, E'go-tiz m, n. self-komcndajon; de frr- 

kwent yqs ov de wurd (^.) [self. 

Egotist, 8'go-tist, n. ■wun hm teks muq ov him- 

Egotistic, S-go-tist-ik, ) a. adikted tia ego- 

Egotistical, 8-go-tist-i-kal, i tizm; self-kon- 

sfted: van. 
Egotize, E'gQ-tjz, V. i. tu tek mug ov wunz self. 
Egregious, E-gre-jus, a. eminent; remqrkabl, yq,- 

^qali in a bad sens. 
Egregiously, £-gre-jus-li, ad. eminentli; re- 

mqrkabli. [eminent. 

Egregiousness, E-gre-jus-nes, n. stat ov beig 
Egress. E'gres, n. Az akt ov goig ■st; depqrtytj,r. 
Egression, E-greJ-on, n. de akt ov goig ■st. 
Egret, E'gret, n. de leser hwjt heron; de h^ri 

kr^sn ov sedz on tislz. 
Egriot, E'gri-ot, n. a sprjez ov s^sr qeri. 
Egyptian, E-jip-Jan, a. relatig tta Ejipt; — n. a 

nativ ov Ejipt: gIso a jipsi. 
Eh, 3, iitte)'. no d^st: inkwiri, er sljt surpriz. 
EiDER-DCWN, i'der-d^sn, n. Az d^sn ov de jder- 

Eider-duck, i'der-duk, n. a spejez ov duk f^snd 

in de Grkuiz, Hebridez, and Zetland ilandz. 
Eight, Ct, a. twjs for: sevn and wun. 
Eighteen, {;I'ttn, a. twjs njn. 
Eighteenth, £I'teut, a. nekst in erder tu de 

Eight-fold, at'fold, a. at tjmz de k'wontiti. 
Eighth, £Itt, a. nekst in erder tu de sevnt. 
Eighth, £ltt, n. de oktav or att not. 
Eighthly, £Itt'li, ad. in de att plas. 
Eightieth, U'ti-et, a. de ordinal ov ati. 
Eighty, £l'ti, a. and /;. at timz ten. 
Either, E'der, pron. wun er de uder. 
Either, E'der, Zifwy. er; az, tder dis er dat. 
Ejaculate, E-jak-yq-lat, v. t. tu tro; tu J<Dt; 

tu dqrt ■st; tu eksklam. [priter. 

Ejaculation, E-jak-yq^-la-Jon, n. a. dqrtii); a Jert 
Ejaculatory, E-jak-yi|-la-tQ-ri, a. dqrted ■st; 

sudon: hasti. [ekspel. 

Eject, E-jekt, v. t. tu tro -st; tu kast fort: tu 
Ejection, E-jek-Jon, n. a kastig ■st: ekspuljon. 
Ejectment, E-jekt-ment, n. ekspuljon; a rit 

komdndig an inhabitant er tenant tu depqrt. 
Ejulation, Ej-n-la-Jon, n. ■stkrj; walig; lamcn- 

Eke, Ek, v. t. tu suplj; tu protrakt; tu spin 'st. 
Eke, Ek, ad. elso; Ijkwjz; besjd. 
Elaborate, E-lab-o-rat. v. t. tu prodv^s wid la- 
bor: tu imprdiv b} suksesiv operajonz. 
Elaborate, E-lab-o-rat, a. finijt wid grat labor. 
Elaborately, E-lab-o-rat-li, ad. wid grat labor 

er studi. [elaborat. 

Elaborateness, S-lab-o-rat-nes, n. stat ov beig 
Elaboration, S-lab-o-ra-Jon, n. At akt ov elab- 

Elain, E-lan, n. erl er fat in a likwid stat. 
Elapse, E-laps, v. i. tu pas awa; tu gljd awa. 
Elastic, E-las-tik, ) a. sprigig bak: return- 

Elastical, E-las-ti-kal, i ig tu de ferm from 

hwiq it iz bent, prest, er ekstended. 
Elasticity, E-las-tis-i-ti, n. de properti ov sprig- 
ig bak tu its orijinal form. 
Elate, B-lat, a. flujt wid sukses; lofti; elated. 
Elate, 8-lat, v. t. tu elevat; tu puf up; tu eg- 

zelt. [ses. 

Elation, S-la-Jon, n. trjumf prosedig from suk- 
Elbo^w, El'bo, n. Az kurvatqr ov de qrm; an aggl. 
Elbo'w, El'bo, r. t. tu puj wid de elbo. 
Elbo^w, El'bo, V. i. tu jut ■st in agglz; tu klaj. 
Elbo^vs'-CHAir, El'bo-q^r, n. a cfij: wid qrmz. 
Elbo^w-room, El'bo-rrtim, n. rttim tu ekstend de 
Eld, Eld,* n. old aj: old pepl: old tjmz. [elboz. 
Elder, El'dcr, a. surpdsig aniider in yerz; older. 
Elder, El'der, n. a rmler: a senyor; a freer Jrub, 
Elderly, El'der-li, a. borderig upon old aj. 
Eldership, El'der-Jip, n. senyoriti; de ofis ov an 





Eldk«t, Ki'iieit, .1. olJe^ti; must ajod. 
Klding, Kl'dip, M. wud fir burnio; fqol. 
liiLKOAMrASK, Kl-c-kuin-fuin, u. a pluut; a Jwct- 

Elect, P-l^kt, v. (. tu qai for ofis; tu sel^kt. 
Elect, t'-Mkt, a. quzn; tnkn bj prefercns. 
Election, t-Mdk-Jon, «. Ae ukt or pner ov qatzig; 

q(Ts; de Hc'rcmuni ov publik q*s. 
Electioxekr, t'-lek-Jdii-iT, c. ». tu yi^z qrts for 

rU'kti|), iir i'tr brig rlokti'J lu ud ofis. 
Electioneuiino, fc'-lek-Jiju-Er-i{), ;i. qrti yqzd 

in an clckjon. 
Elective, tM6k-tiv, a. bcstiid bj elekjon. 
Electively, t'-l6k-tiv-li, ad. bj qas. 
Electou, i'-lek-tor, n. wun hot) baz a vut at an 

f lekjon; dt tjtl ov serton prinsez in Jermani. 
Electoral, ^'-lek-t<D-ruI, a. relatig tu an elek- 

tor. or tK'kJon. 
Electorate, fc'-16k-to-rat, «. de t^ritori er otis 

ov an elektor. 
Electric, i'-lek-trik, ) a. relatig tu, or kon- 

Electrical, iJ-lek-tri-kal, i tanig elektrisiti ; 

Electrician, i>-lck-trij-nn, n. wun bo) iz verst 

in (ti- sjons ov elektrisiti. 
Electricity, i'-k-k-tris-i-ti, »i. de sjens hwic 

i'k-"iiluiu de loz ov de ei^ktrik fluid; a subtil 

fluid jiiiadi'ist bj frik/on. i^nt obzi-rvd iu amber. 
Electrifiaule, c-lek-tri-fi-a-bl, a. dat ina be 

Electriky, S-lek-tri-f{, r. t. tu qqrj wid elek- 
trisiti; tu giv an elektrik Jok; tu ek*jt ^judcnli. 
Electrize, ^'-Idk-triz, r. /. tu elektrifj. 
Electrometer, t'-lek-troni-e-ter, /». an elektri- 

kal iiistroBinont. [tcr. 

Electroscope, C-lek-tro-skop, n. an elektr6niE- 
Electrl'm, i^-lek-trum, n. [L.] amber; a mikst 

metal. [medi^in. 

Electuary, 8-I6kt-yq,-a-ri, n. a soft, kompKnd 
Eleemosy.n'ary, El-r-moz-i-na-ri, a, relatig tu 

qnu: drijondii) upon (jariti. 
Eleemosynary, El-e-moz-i-na-ri, n. wun hm 

»ubsi^t.-> u()6n qmz. 
Elegance, El'c-gans. n. de bq,tiov proprjeti; re- 

fjnmont; polij; simetri; gras; {'•aljtnes. 
Elegant, El'e-gant, a. bavig elegans; plezig: re- 

fjnd. [full. 

Eleoaxtly, El'c-gant-li, aJ. wid elegans: gras- 
Eleuiac, El-c-jj-ak, a. pertanig tu eleji; morn- 

Elegiac, El-e-jj-ak, n. an elejjak v^n. 
Elegiacal. El-e-J{-ak-al, a. belogig tu an ^leji. 
Elegiast, El-c-jj-a?t, n. a rjtcr ov elejiz. 
Elegit, t'-li-jit, n. [L.] a rit oy eksekijon. 
Elegy. El'e-ji, n. a miDmful sog er jxaem; a derj. 
Element, El'e-ment, n. a f?rst, er konstityqcnt 

prin-sipl; an ingredient; Q proper 8tat or sfcr; 

— ;)/. de riJodimcnUi ov nolej. 
Elemental, El-em^nt-al, a. pertanig tu ele- 
ment.'; mxl. 
Elementary, El-c-men-ta-ri, a. prjmari; simpl; 

unkMmp'Hndi'd; pertanig tu elements. 
Elench. i'-l(Sgk, n. an (^rgqment; n sofizm. 
Elepha.vt, El'e-fant, n. de Iqrjcst ov kw6dnt>- 

l»e<lr. Lfei ov l^prosi. 

Klephantiasis, El-e-fan-tj-a-sis, n. [L.] a spe- 
Elepiiantixe, El-e-fan-tin, a. pertanig tu de 

olrt'aiit. [ov Screz. 

Eleusinean, El-ti-?in-e-an, a. relatig tu de rjta 
Elevate, El'e-vat, c t. tu raz up; tu egz<jlt; tu 

Elevation, El-e-va-Jon, n. a raxig ap; egielta- 

/on: digniti; hjt; altitqd. 
Elevator, El'e-va-tor, n. a razer or lifter up. 
Eleve. U-lav, n. [Fr.] wun prot^ktod bj andder; 

a piipil. 

Eleven, 8-ldv-n, a. ten and wun. 

Eleventh, t-ldv-ot, a. de nekat in order tu At 

Elk, Elf, n., pi. Elvz; a wonderig spirit; Q fvJ. 
Elun, Ell'in, a. relatig tu elvz or f^riz; elfij. 
Kl>'I8U, Elf'ij, a. relutig tu elvz or demonz. 
Elklock, Ell'lok, ri. Q U'Hov h%r twinteU bj elvz. 
Elicit, K-lis-it, r. t. tu dro ist; tu strjk xt. 
Elicitation, i:'-lis-i-ta-J«n, n. dt akt uv eliailig. 
Eligibility, El-i-ji-bil-i-ii, n. fitnta tu be qozn. 
Eligible, Kl'i-ji-bl, a. fit tu be quzn; wurdi ov 

(jtM; preferabl. [cozn. 

Eligibleness, El'i-ji-bl-nes, n. wurdine« tu be 
Eliminate, i'-lim-i-nat, r. t. tu put ut ov dorx; 

tu ekspel; tu iiis<5(^rj; tu opn. 
Elimination, t-lim-i-na-Jon, n. an ckspuljon; a 

rcjekjon. [bodiz. 

ELigUATiON, El-i-kwa-Jon, n. a separajon ov mikut 
Elision, tMis-on, n. de akt ov kuti^j of a vsel 

or silabl in a wurd. 
Elite, ll-let, «. [/>.] de filter ov an qrmi: de 

qozn, or best l>qrt. 
Elixir, i'-liks-cr, n. a likwid medis'in; rcfjnd 

spirit; a kordyal. 
Elk, Elk, n. a Iqrj kwodnsped; de mow dcr. 
Ell, El, n. de IggliJ el iz a yqrd and a kwortcr. 
Ellipse, El-ips, «. an Dval figyt^r; an elipsia. 
Ellipsis, El-ip-sis, n. [I..] fl. El-ip-sez; an oval 

figyqr; an omi/on; a defekt. 
Ellipsoid, El-ip-s«rd, n. a solid eliptikal bodi. 
Elliptic. El-ip-tik, i a. havig de form ov 

Elliptical, El-ip-ti-kal, i an clips or clipsis; 

Elliptically, El-ip-ti-kal-I, ad. wid an clipsis. 
Ellipticity, El-ip-tis-i-ti, n. de kwoliti ov beig 

Elm. Elm, n. de nam ov a forest tre. 
Elocution, El-o-kti-Jon, n. pronunsiajon; uter- 

ans; deliveri. [elukqjon. 

Elocution.uiy, El-o-kq-Jon-a-ri, a. relatig tu 
Elocutionist, El-o-kq-Jon-ist, n. a teqor ov 

elukqjon. Im.) 

Elogy, El'u-ji,* n. panejirik; yqloji. Sc (£W(/- 
Eloin, t'-ltrn, v. t. tu renufiv; tu banij. 
Elongate, t'-log-gat, c. t. tu legten; tu drsTst; 

tu pratrakt. [distans. 

Elongation, 8-log-gd-Jon, ». de akt ov legtenig; 
Elope, E-ltfip, r. t. tu run awd; tu eskap pr{- 

Elopement, 8-16p-ment, n. a prjvat er kland^- 

tin depqrtyt^^r. 
Eloquence, hl'o-kwcn<, n. de qrtov spekig wel; 

flqent and elegant spcy; 6rat<ari; perswajon. 
Eloquent, El'o-kwcnt, a. bavig elekwens: ora- 

torikal. [maner. 

Eloquently, El'o-kwcnt-li, ad. in an dlokwent 
Else, Els, j-ron. uder; wun brijdz. 
Else, Els. ad. uderwjz; besjdz. 
Elsewhere, Els'hw^r, ad. in anddcr plas. 
Elucidate, t'-li^-^'-dat, r. t. tu mak klcr; tu 

eks|jlHn: tu iidistrat. 
Elucidation. 8-lii-si-da-/on, n. an cksplana/on; 

an ekspuzijon. [datwri. 

Elucidative, fc'-lq-si-da-tiv, a. troig Ijt; tli;si- 
Elucidator, F-lq-si-da-tor, n. an ek-<pluncr; a 

komentator. [sidat. 

Elucidatory, 8-lq-si-da-t^-ri, a. tendig tu elq- 
Elude, 8-lqd, r. t. tu eskap bj stratAJom; tu 

Eludible. 8-li\d-i-bl, t. dat ma be eliidod. 
Elision, ^-Iq-j'.n, n. eskiip bj qrtifia: evajon. 
Elusive, i'-lqv'iv, a. praktijig elqjun: des»'Ptiv. 
Elusokiness. 8-lq-so-ri-nes, ii. de uLat ov beig 

f Iqsjri. 
Elusory, F-l^-so-ri, a. tcndig tu eli^d; cli^iir. 
Elute, 8-lqt,* r. t. tu woj of; tu elqtriaL 




Elutriate, 8-lq,-tri-at, v. t. tu woj; tu dekant 

or stran tst. [triatig. 

Elutriation, E-ln,-tri-a-Jon, ra. dg akt ov elii- 
Elvks. EWz, n. de pln,r;il ov elf. 
Elvisu, El'viJ, a. relatii) tu elvz. 
Elysian, S-lij-i-an, a. relatii) tu. Elijium; dgljt- 

ful: hapi. 
Elysium, S-lij-i-um, n. [L.] dt plas asjnd bj de 

he tenz tu hapi solz. 
Elytron, ^Mj-tron, n. \ Gr.] pi. S-lj-tra; de Jet 

ov an insekt; de kuveriij ov de wir)z. 
Emaciate, C-ma-Ji-at, v. t. tu wast. 
Emaciate, S-ma-Ji-at, v. i. tu gro len. 
Emaciation, 8'-ma-Ji-a-Jon, n. de akt ov makii) 

or groiij len. 
Emanaxt, Em'a-nant, a. ijixig or floir) from. 
Emanate, Em'a-nat, i\ i. tu iji], er flo from: tu 

arjz. [efluks. 

Emanation, Em-a-na-Jon, n. ds akt ov iJniij: 
Emanative, Em'a-na-tiv, a. ijiyg from anudtr. 
Emancipate, 8-man-si-pat, v. t. tu set fre from 

serviti^^d. [setiij fre. 

Emancipation, S-man-si-pa-Jon, ;i. de akt ov 
Emancipator, 8-man-si-pa-tor, n. wunhoieman- 

Emarginate, 8-m4r-jin-at, a. noqt at de end. 
Emasculate, K-mas-kv^-lat, v. t. tu kastrat; tu 

deprjv ov marij pijerz. 
Emasculation, B-mas-kix-la-Jon, n. kastrajon: 

unmanli weknes. 
Embale, Em-bal, v. t. tu mak intu a bal. 
Embalm, Em-bqm, v. t. tu fil wid aromatiks, 

az u budi fc3r prezervajon. 
Embalmer, Em-bqm-er, n. wun hco ombqmz. 
Embank, Em-bar)k, i'. t. tu tro er hep up. 
Embankment, Em-bagk-ment, n. a m'snd ov ert; 

a bagk. 
Embargo, Em-bqr-go, )i. a prcahibijon upon ves- 

elz tu prevent dtir saliij. 
Embargo, Em-bqr-go, u. t. tu prohibit from 

salig. [engaj. 

Embark, Em-bqrk, v. t. tu put on Jipbard; tu 
Embark, Em-bqrk, v. i. tu go on Jipbord; tu 

engaj. [bqrkii). 

Embarkation, Em-bqr-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov em- 
Embarrass, Em-bar-as, v. t. tu perpleks; tu en- 

taijgl. [difikult. 

Embarrassing, Em-bar-as-ig, pp. a. perpleksig; 
Embarrassment, Em-bar-as-ment, n. perpleksiti; 

Embase, Em-bas,''^' v. t. tu vijiat; tm debas. 
Embassador, Em-bas-a-dor, Se {Ambassador.) 
Embassy, Em'bas-i, n. a publik mesaj er fuijkjon. 
Embattle, Em-bat-1, v. t. tu rauj in order ov batl. 
Embattled, Em-bat-ld, a. indented Ijk a bail- 
ment, [lok. 
Embay, Em-ba, v. t. tu inkloz in a ba; tu land- 
Embed, Em-bed, v. t. tu plas in bed; tu imbed. 
Embedded, Em-bed-ed, a. plast in: imbeded. 
Embellish, Em-bel-iJ, v. t. tu adorn; tu butifj. 
Embellishment, Em-bel-iJ-ment, n. an erna- 

ment; dekorajon. 
Embers, Em'berz, n. pi. hot sinderz er ajez. 
Ember-week, Em'ber-wek, n. a wek in hwiq an 

ember da, er da ov humiliajon, felz. 
Embezzle, Em-bez-1, v. t. tu stel bj breq ov trust. 
Embezzlement, Em-bez-1-ment, «. de akt ov 

Embezzler, Em-bez-ler, n. wun hoo cmbezlz. 
Emblazon, Em-bla-zn, v. t. tu adern wid ensjnz 

qrmorial; tu dek glq,rir)li. 
Emblazoner, ]5m-bla-zn-er, n. wun hO) emblaznz. 
Emblazonry, Em-bla-zn-ri, n. de akt ov embla- 

znig; devjsez er piktyi^rz upon Jeldz. 
Emblem, Em'blem, n. a piktyq,r; a panted enig- 
ma; tjp. 

Emblematic. Em-blem-at-ik, ) a. pertanig 

Emblematical, Em-blem-at-i-kal, ) tu, erkom- 
I prjzii) an emblem: ah^siv. 
Emblematically, Em-blem-at-i-kal-i, ad. in de 
I man:r ov emblemz. [emblemz. 

' Emblematist, Em-blem-a-tist,* n, a maker ov 
I Emblements, Em'ble-ments, n. pi. de profits 
I from laud son. [emblcmz. 

j Emblemize, Em'blem-jz, v. t. tu reprezent bj 
Embody, Em-bod-i, v. t. tu ferm intu a bodi; tu 

imbodi. [enkuraj. 

' Embolden, Em-bold-en, v. t. tta mak bold: tu 
(Embolism, Em'bo-liz-m, w. de inserjon ov daz er 
I yerz tu prod^s regyi^lariti; de tim inserted. 
j Embon point, Bn-buh pwen, n. [Fr.] de stat ov 

belt: gud pljt ov bodi; plumpnes. 
Embosom, Em-biiz-om, v. t. tu hold in de buz- 

om: tu iukloz: tu sur'jnd. 
Emboss, Em-bos, r. i. tu form wid proti'j,beransez; 

tu engrav wid relet, or rjzig wurk. [relef. 

Embossment, Em-bos-ment, n. a prominens; jut; 
jEmbottle, Em-bot-l, y. t. tu inkh'j^d in botlz. 
Embouchure, ilii'btt>-Jq,r, n. [Fr.} de apertq,r ov 

a flqt, its.; de mift ov a river. 
Embowel, Em-b-s-el, v. t. tu tak ■st de entralz; 

tu sigk in andder substaus. 
Emboweler. Em-b's-el-er, n. wun hco embijelz. 
Embower, Em-b's-er, v. t. and i. tu loj er rest 

ill a b'ser. 
Embrace, Em-bras, v. t. tu hold fondli in de 

qrmz; tu inkloz; tu komprjz; tu kontan; tu 

Embrace. Em-bras, v. i, tu jern in embras. 
Embrace, Em-bras, n. klasp; fond prejqr in de 

qrmz. [embras. 

Embracement, Em-bras-ment," n. klasp: hug; 
Embracery, Em-bras-er-i, h. an atemt tia koriipt 

a jq,ri. [qrmz. 

Embracing, Em-bras-ig, n. fond preji^r in de 
Embrasure, Em-bra-gi^r, er Em-bra-gi^r, n. an 

apertiy in fertifikajonz for kanon; a batlmen'. 
Embrocate, Em'bro-kat, j;. t. tu mersn and rub 

a dizezd pqrt. [brokatig. 

Embrocation, Em-bro-ka-Jon, n. de akt ov em- 
Embroider, Em-brffd-er, v. t. tu adern wid fig- 

yqrd wurk. [erz. 

Embroiderer, Em-brM-i^r-er, n. wunhcDembrerd- 
Embroideey, Em-brffd-er-i, n. ernamented nedl- 

wurk. [tu entaggl. 

Embroil, Em-brffl, v. t. tu disturb; tu konfi^z; 
Embroilment, Em-brffl-ment, n, konfq,3on; dis- 

turbans. [hrue.) 

Embrue, Em-brdb, v. t. tu wet; tu step. Se {Iin- 
Embryo, Em'bri-o, n. de ofsprig yet unfermd in 

de wilim; eni tig unfinijt. 
Embryo, Em'bri-o, ) c. .|.. 

Embry'ON, Em'bri-on, S ' ■' * [ov embrioz. 

Embeyology^, Em-bri-61-o-ji, n. de sjens hwiq trets 
Emend, t'-meud,* v. t. tu amend; tu korekt. 
Emendable, 8-mend-a-bl, a. kapabl ov emenda- 

Jon. [imprcDvment. 

Emendation, Em-en-da-Jon, n. a korekjon; an 
Emendator, Em'en-da-tor, n. a korektor; an im- 
prover, [emendajon, 
Emendatort, S-men-da-to-ri, a. kontribyi],tig 
Emerald, Em'er-ald, n. a prejus ston ov a gren 

kulor. [ijq. 

Emerge, 8-merj, v. i. tu rjz :5t ov weter, &s.; tu 
Emergence, 8-mer-jens, ) n. de akt ov emerjig; 
Emergency^, 8-mer-jen-si, i — suden oka^on; 

eksijens. [kagnal. 

Emergent, 8-mer-jent, a. rjzig intu vij,; suden; 
Emerited, 8-mer-it-ed, a. havig dun sufijent 

Emeritus, 8-mer-i-tus, a. [Z.] an epitet apljd 

tu wun hot) iz disq^rjd from furder publik servis. 




Eheboius, Em'cr-ffdi, n. pi. hcmortrtlE; pjlz. 
Kmkksio.v, i'-mt^r-JoD, n. de akt or em^rjio: a 
rj/i|) Tit. [daric. 

Emlrv. Eul'cr-i, n. a h^ird mineral, yi^id bj lapi- 
EMtTic, T-nn^t-ik, n. a mcdii<in provukiy vumitii. 

P ' I {"'mn, n. a kjiid ov ostriq; de kasiijwari. 

Emicatio.v, Em-i-ka-Jon, n. a spqrklig;a flji;) of 

ill |Mirtiklz. 
EuiCTio.v, K-mik-Jun, n. disqc^rj ov jnirin; yurin. 
Emiokant, Em'i-gnmt, ii. wun hoi t-mifjruts. 
EmoBANT, Ein'i-grant, a. rEinaivio from plas tu 

EiiiuKATK, Em'i-gnit, r. t. tu lev wun« nativ 

knntri tra rtzjd in anddcr: tu <}anj habitnjon. 
Emiguation, Em-i-gra-/on, n. de akt ov 6ini- 

Emise.nce, Em'i-nens, / n. loftincs: hjt; fnm;— 
EMiNENcr, Em'i-ncn-si, f a tjtl givn tu kurdi- 


Emimi.vt, Ein'i-nent, a. bj: cgsr>lt<?d; konspikyi^us. 
Eminently, Em'i-nent-li, ail. konspikyiiu-ii: hjli. 
Kmik. i''mer, ii. a tjtl ov digniti amiiy At Turki. 
KMibbARV, Em'i-sa-ri, n. wun sent un u inijun; a 

S|i): a srkret ajt-nt. 
E1118SARY, EIn'i-^a-^i, a. lukip abiil: pqiij. 
Emission, i'-ini/on, n. At akt ov s-.'ndij) •jt; vent. 
Emit, i'-inif, r. t. tu send furt; tu let go; tu dqrt. 
Emuet, Km'ct. It. an nnt;a pizmjr. 
EllMEW, Em-H, r. t. tu koiifjii; tu kiDp up. 

Emoll»-sc'kxce, Ein-Q-les-en.<, n. At sofnig ov a 

m<*t^il in brginin tu melt. 
Emollient, t'-mol-yent, a. sofuij). 
Emollient, r-mol-ycnt. 11. a sofnig medi^in. 
Emullition, Em-(j-liJ-i>n, n. a sofnio- [gan. 

Emolument, i'-uiui-yii-inent, n, profit; ad vdntnj: 
Emoll'mental, t;-mol-yn-ment-al, a. y^sful: 

yfldiy profit. [on, 

Emotio.v, r-iu(i-Jon, n. a miAvig ov de mjnd: pa/- 
Emotive. J'-miJ-tiv, a. rrlatig tu tmo/on. 
Empale, Em-pal, r. t. tu fena wid a pnl: tu in- 

klijz: tu put tu det bj i\ks\^ on u stak. 
Empalement, Em-pal-ment, n. At akt ov cm- 

pnli|):-a kaliks. [impanel. 

Empanel, Em-p;in-el, c. t. tu farm a juri; tu 
Empanel, Em-pan-el, n. a list ov jqrorz. Se 

Empark. Em-p^rk, v. t. tu inkltfiz in a pqrk. 
Empassiox, Em-paJ-on, ». t. tu afekt stroflli. Se 

Emperii., Era-per-il, r. t. tu cndanjcr; tu peril. 
Kmpkrur, Em |>er-or, n. a monark superior tu a 

Emphasis. Em'fa-sis, n., pi. Em'fa-sez: i<tres or 

for'* i)V v«T« Ind on a wurd or sentcn?; aksent. ' 
Emphasize, Em'fa-.«iz, v. i. tu pins ewfac^is on. 
Emphatic. Eiu-fat-ik. ) a. rrlntij) tu.or ut- 

Emphatual, Em-fat-i-kal, S cnl wid emfa-fis; 

fur-lbl: iinpresiv. (ibli. 

Emphatically. Em-fat-i-kal-i, ad. stroll i : fors- 
Empiivsema, Em-fi-si-ma, n. {Med.) a Ijt, pufi 

luini'T. I 

Empire, Em'pjr, n. imperial p'scr; an ekstensiv ' 

rrjon guvtrnd bj an emperor. 
Empiric, Ein-pir-ik, » r Em'pi-rik, n. a pretended 

or ignurant fizi/an; a kwak. 
Empiric. Em-pir-ik, ) a. rtlntin tu empiri- 

EMFiRiCAt., Em-pir-i-kol, i Bizm; clcipcrim^nta]; 

Jqrlatanikal. [maner. I 

Empiiucally. Em-pir-i-kal-i, ad. in an cmpirikal { 
Empiricism. Ein-pir-i-siz-in, n.drpt'ndeiu oo eks- 

periens widist nolej or qrt; kwakcri. t 

Emplacement, Em-pla.«-mcnt, n. de akt or plas- \ 

15: plas. ! 

Emplastek, Em-pld»-ter,* c. /. tu kuver wid a<?r. 
Emplastic, Empld«-tik, a. riakus; glqtinua. 
Employ, Em-plrt, c. t. tu kep at wurk.tu ekser- 

.-(/.: tu yi^z; tu mak y\\* ov; tu inlrddt; tu fil 

u|> wid. 
Employ, Em-pl«f, n. bizne;): oky