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i"fl |i I will; I II ii< 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

The Slmetfmst 



1071 Blue Hill Avenue I Milton, Massachusetts 02186 

Cuiry College Library 
1ff71 Blue H<U Avsnyc"^ 

CZa^/^ of Contents 

President's Message 
History of Curry 
Campus Life 
Fall Events 
Spring Events 
Fall Athletics 
Winter Athletics 
Spring Athletics 
Class of 2009 Message 
Senior Portraits 
Senior Week 
Parent Ads 
















2009 'Dedication 

Mtison Coutts &Ange[a QugCiotta 

The class of 2009 is proud to dedicate this yearbook not just to one member of the Curry community who has 
greatly affected us, but two. Allison Coutts and Angela Gugliotta have provided a tandem that has made our time at 

Curry what it was. 

Allison Coutts is the Director of Students Activities and has been working at Curry for the last three and a half 
years. Allison has dedicated a majority of her time to getting students involved on campus and has spent many days 
going above and beyond to make sure all are satisfied with their experience as a Curry student. First Year 
Orientation, Spring Fest Weekend, and Commencement are just a few of the many major projects that were 
skillfully guided and vigorously worked on by Allison. To ensure students and families were satisfied, Allison 
would go above and beyond her job description which often kept her office light burning bright into the night. Not 
only willing to work hard to make sure the masses were entertained, Allison was a great advisor to the Student 
Government. Her leadership and willingness to hear and implement new ideas made the student body stronger, 
wiser, and more active; all the while not asking for the credit she deserved. Today the Class of 2009 dedicates our 
yearbook to the long hours, guidance and continued commitment of Allison Coutts. We thank you for not only 
what you have done for the Class of 2009, but what you continue to do each and every day. Curry is lucky to have 

Angela Guiglotta is the Assistant Director of Student Activities and also served as the Class of 2009 advisor. To 
say Angela has played a major role in the lives of students at Curry College is an understatement. Along with being 
the 2009 class advisor, Angela also has her fingerprints on several different areas of the Curry College Community. 
E.L.I.T.E.. Curry Cares, Management Forum, Habitat for Humanity, and Community Service Coordinator is just a 
small segment of a long list. The truth is we arent dedicating this yearbook to Angela because of what she has done 
for the community, but because of what she has done for our class. Day in and day out, it was evident that the Class 
of 2009 was first on her list of priorities. Angela created programs that helped make sure seniors would have an 
experience over the last year that would not only help them transition into the Real World, but allow them to have a 
year that they would remember forever. With this commitment Angela set aside much of her personal time, but for 
every dinner that went cold or for every plan that was canceled, Angela provided another piece of the puzzle that 
completed the experience at Curry for the Class of 2009. Today the Class of 2009 dedicates our yearbook to the fun 
and memories you have provided to us with your hard work and most of all your precious time. Please always know 
the impact you have made and the class that will never forget you. 

To quote Jackie Robinson, "A life is not important except in the Impact it has on other lives." 
You both have certainly impacted the lives of" Class of 2009 and again we thank you! 

President's Message 

Greetings to the Curry College Class of 2009! 

On behalf of the entire Curry College Community, our 
faculty, our staff, our alumni and most importantly 
the College itself, please accept my congratulations 
on becoming a Curry College alum. 

I am both hopeful and optimistic that your College years at Curry will be 
among the best years of your life. You will have learned much, grown, and 
both formed relationships and acquired skills that will last you and benefit 
you for your lifetime. We're proud of the fact that you're a Curry College 
alum, and we hope that you are also. You should be, as you are graduates 
of a great and growing Institution. 

As you periodically flip through the pages of this yearbook over time, I hope 
that time and again it will bring back wonderful memories of Curry College 
and of your colleagues and classmates at Curry. 

Come back and visit your College often. Continue to participate in its 
success and growth. We need the involvement and support of each and 
every alum to continue our great and important work. 

Best wishes to you and yours for much continued personal and professional 
health, happiness and success. 


%mmtfi % Quigky, 3r, 

President, Curry College 

Senior Administration 

Ken Quigley 

David Potash 

Chief Academic Officer 

Lisa Ijiri 

Associate Academic Dean 

IVIaryellen Kiley 
Dean of Students 

Sally Buckley 


Mary Dunn 
Director, Human Resources 

Jane Fidler 
Dean of Admissions 

Chris Lawson 
Chief Development Officer 

Sue Pennini Ruth Sherman 

Dean of Institutional Planning Dean of Continuing Education 

Graduate Studies 

Rich Sullivan 

Chief Financial Officer 

Dennis Thibeault 
Chief Information Officer 

Linda Caldwell 


Ernie Silver 


Historij of Curry College 

Unna ^aright & SamudSitas Cuny 

Curry College was founded in 1 879 as the School of Elocution 
and Expression by Anna Baright. In 1882 Anna Baright 
married Samuel Silas Curry (Dean of the Boston University 
School of Oratory) and, in 1885, the name of the school was 
changed to the School of Expression. The new name indicated 
emphasis on natural expression, as distinguished from the 
artificial formulas associated with eloqution. Samuel Silas 
Curry was given permission by the Trustees of Boston 
University to merge his private classes into the new school. In 
1888, the School was chartered by the state and Curry left his 
Boston University position. Curry served as the school's head, 
called variously over the years. Principal, Dean, and President; 
his wife served as teacher and eventually what was called Dean. 
The couple ran the School until S. S. Curry's death in 1921. 
Anna Baraight Curry died in 1924. 

For nearly a decade after Curry's death, the school remained much as he had left it. Thereafter, 
the Institution added a wide variety of courses in and out of the area of speech and, in 1938, 
was given the power to grant degrees. The title was officially changed from school to college 
on April 21, 1943 and achieved accredidation in 1970. 

During the first several decades of its existence, the institution occupied five different locations 
in Boston, the last of them being two houses on Commonwealth Avenue. The College moved 
to its present location in Milton in the 1950s. 

!Ak7(ander Qrafunn ^e[[& Curry Cotttge 

Alexander Graham Bell's father, Boston University Professor 
Alexander Melville Bell, a leading eloqutionist, was a valued 
advisor of Curry and endowed a chair for the School of 
Expression. When the School gave the elder Bell its highest 
honor, the diploma of honor, in 1899, it addressed him as one of 
its founders. 

One of Curry's Boston University School of Oratory teachers 
was Alexander Graham Bell. Bell's opening lecture in 1873 
stimulated Curry with regard to the possibilities of the science of 
voice. According to one of Curry's daughters, Curry was present 
in 1876 when Bell made his first telephone call requesting help 
from Mr. Watson. Bell was the Chancellor of the School of 
Expression from 1907 until his death in 1922. 

.^is^f^v ■• ^^:V:., ; ^-t^j^T^^j^yi^, 

I Cuny College 

Established 1879 

Gift of the Class of 2003 




JB H rr 

■ i » . 

•> all. a 

jai.:,a"^ B Bl 









\ mF 

"^^^V^ ^ax'^^l 

\ WM 

j/H?- IH 

^\ » 









/ ^S 


Academic Administration 

David Potash 

Chief Academic Officer 

Lisa Ijiri 

Associate Dean 

Donna Pettinelli 

Assistant to the Dean 

Ruth Sherman 

Dean of Containing Education and 
Graduate Studies 


Sarah Albright, PAL 

Dorothy Alexander, Education 

Edward Allen, CriminalJustice <S Sociology 

Laurie Alpert, Fine & Applied Arts 

Don Anderson, Nursing 

Maria Bacigalupo, PAL 

Jennifer Balboni, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Andrea Baldi, PAL 

Eileen Ball, Education 

John Barrett, Communication 

Michael Bennett, Management 

Anne Benoit, Academic Enrichment Center 

Rose Bigler, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Charles Black, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Priscilla Brooks, Education 
Benjamin Brudner, Levin Library 
William Buckley, Science & Math 
Efram Burk, Fine & Applied Arts 
Harlene Caroline, Nursing 
Jacqueline Carroll, Nursing 
Sheryl Cifrino, Nursing 

Carrie Cokely, First Year Seminar 
Ed Conway, Science & Math 
Mary Ann Corcoran, Nursing 
David Daggett, Science <& Math 
Joseph Daly, Managenienl 
Karen D'Amato, English 
Jeanette DeJong, Foreign Languages 

Marilynn Demaray, Applied Technology 

John DiCicco, Management 

Doria DiManno, Communication 

Sanne Dinkel, PAL 

Anthony Fabrizio, Management 

Dorothy Fleming, English 

Michael Foster, Academic Enrichment Center 

Barbara Fournier, Psychology 

Laurie Fox, PAL 

Allen Frank, Comnumication 

Maryann Gallant, Applied Technology 

Debra Lee Garren, Communication 

Don Gervich, Academic Enrichment Center 

Jerome Gibbs, Communication 

Deanna Gordon, Applied Technology 

Gail Grammatica, Nursing 

Lawrence Hartenian, Politics & History 

Kirk Hazlett, Communication 

John Hill, Politics & History 

Allan Hunter, English 

Susan James, Nursing 

Jack Kahn, Psychology 

Indar Kamal, Science & Math 

Patricia Kean, PAL 

Robert Kreighton, Politics & History 

Judith Kelley, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Judith Kennedy, Education 

Douglas Koch, Fiize & Applied Arts 



Roberta Kosberg, Communication 

Nicholas Krach. Fine & Applied Arts 

Elizabeth Kudzma, Nursing 

Iris Kumar, Fine & Applied Arts 

Anna Langenfeld, Academic Advising 

Susan LaRocco, Nursing 

Jane Lawless, Levin Library 

Michelle LeBlanc, Education 

Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel. Psychology 

Ann Le% in. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Roslyn Levy. Levin Library 

Karen Lischinsky. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Lori Lubeski, PAL 

Robert MacDougall. Communication 

Bette Manter, Philosophy & Religion 

Teresa Mayors. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Francis Mazzaglia. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Michelle McMahon. Nursing 

James Meehan. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

David Miller, Levin Library 

Michael Miller, Management 

Katherine Morrison, Health Education 

Barbara Mulcahy, English 

Leshe Muray, Philosophy & Religion 

Maureen Murphy, Nursing 

John Murray, English 

Patricia Mytkowicz, PAL 

William Nancarrow, Politics & Historv 

Vicki Nelson, Communication 

Elinor Nugent, Nursing 

Eileen O'Connell, Nursing 

Sandra O'Neil, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Maureen O'Shea, Nursing 

Rebecca Paynich. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Susan Peterson, English 

Barbara Pinchera, Nursing 

Kara Provost. Academic Enrichment Center 

Jane Regab, Education 

Alan Revering, Philosophy •&. Religion 

Shirley Richardson, Academic Advising 

Martha Roderick, Education 

Linda Romano, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Kathy Russell, Levin Library 

Mary Ryan, Levin Library 

James Salvucci, Management 

Marlene Samuelson, Science & Math 

Cathleen Santos, Nursing 

Magueye Seek, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Joanne Seltzer, Education 

Ernest Silver, Management 

Robert Smid, Philosophy & Religion 

Ruth Spillberg, Communication 

Elizabeth Strasser, Fine & Applied Arts 

Karoline Szatek, English 

Linda Tenofsky, Nursing 

Jerold Touger, Science & Math 



Charles Towle, Science & Math 
Evelyn Ugwu-George, Levin Library 
Jeanne Vandenberg. PAL 
Tracy Wang, Science & Math 
Ronald Warners, Honors Program 
Diane Webber, PAL 
Eric Weiser, Psychology 

Marguerite Wengler, PAL 

Frances Wildeboor, Fine & Applied Arts 

Nancy Winbury, PAL 

Nancy Young, English 

Faculty Not Pictured 

Lynn Abrahams. PAL 

Akram Ahmed, Applied Technology 

Melissa Anyiwou, Politics & Histoiy 

Kenneth Baker, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Patricia Bonarrigo, Academic Enrichment Center 

Edward Bradford, Academic Enrichment Center 

Linda Caldwell, Nursing 

Mary Carberry, Education 

Robert Carew, Fine & Applied Arts 

Noreen Carey, Applied Technology 

Donna Cataldo-Bronson, PAL 

Paula Cocce. PAL 

Donna Dellalacono, Nursing 

Paul DiBara, Applied Technology 

Michael DiChiara, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Jeff Diluglio, Foreign Languages 

Sean Early, Management 

Chris Fatouros, Management 

Vasiliki Fatouros, Management 

George Founiier, Psychology 

Susan Friedman, PAL 

Michelle Gabow, PAL 

Alison Galley, Applied Technology 

Thomas Gorsuch, Science & Math 

Diane Goss, PAL 

Donald Gratz, Education 

Beatrice Guilmette, Physical Education 

Steven Gunning, Management 

Abigail Hafer, Science & Math 

Bonnie Hallissey, Psychology 

Peter Hanier, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

George Herman, PAL 

Marcy Holbrook. Communication 

Andrew Horn, English 

Laura Hubbard, PAL 

Edward Jacoubs, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Sanford Kaye, English 

Phillip Lamb, English 

Jeanette Landrie, PAL 

William Littlefield, English 

Joel Litvin, Psychology 

Robert MacNeil, Communication 

James Matte, Communication 

Arthur McCarthy, Foreign Languages 

William McClune, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Philip McCue, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Christopher McCusker, Applied Technology 

Rita Moerschel, Fine & Applied Arts 

Marie Murphy, PAL 

William Nancarrow, Politics & History 

Barbara Neff, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Dale O'Hayer, Education 

Eileen O'Keefe, Nursing 

Daniel Paynich, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Juliet Pennington, Academic Enrichment Center 

Janis Peters, PAL 

Gregory Phillips. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Gabrielle Regney, English 

Frances Reino, Levin Library 

John Riccio, English 

Dennis Riccio, Politics & History 

Marcia Richards. Health 

Alan Ronkin, Psychology 

William Russo. English 

Janice Salvucci. Fine & Applied Arts 

James Samson, Education 

Ivy Schram. Academic Enrichment Center 

Barbara Sholes, Fine & Applied Arts 

Sharon Sinnott, Communication 

Kathleen Stefani, Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Bruce Steinberg, Psychology 

Al Sweeney. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

Michelle Talabach, PAL 

Fred Tatro, Levin Library 

Robert Thurlow. Fine & Applied Arts 

John Tramondozzi, Science & Math 

Marie Turner. Science & Math 

Hazel Varella, Politics & Histoiy 

Souliy Wan N'Tani. Criminal Justice & Sociology 

George Wharton. Communication 

Linda Williams, Psychology 

Kathleen Wilmot, PAL 






Curry Dance 

Ciirrv Theatre presents: 

To See The Siars 

Baby With The Ba^hwa^er 

Ciirrv Theatre presents: 

The 3rd Annual New Piays FesHvai 


The Love Note 


Sarita Morrison 


by Megan Whalen 

You lurk in negative spaces 

The glow you once possessed has dissipated 

The warmth we felt from a summers day has faded 

I can get you back there, I swear 

The anguish is coming over you, I see it all around 

Like resonating laughter trapped inside your soul 

Your eyes are swallowing your dreams 

I'm struggling to get you back, to who you used to be 

Your anger haunts the sacred corners of my mind 

You glance at me with such utter distrust 

Breaking my heart isn't enough, you crave more 

I want to get you back, to those days when you were free 

If you had taken my hand you would see 

There's more to life than the misery that enraptures you 

I see your kindred spirit slipping from reality's grasp 

I can't get you back, safe from the breath of doom 

I'm sorry 


by Emma Lown 

I could see his body 

dissolving into the pavement as he ran, 

feet pounding hard enough 

to sink into concrete. 

He needed this earth 

to grab hold, to root himself back in 

before faceless ghosts 

could suck him into the shadows of looming buildings. 

A paradoxical dilemma, 

wanting to disappear and needing to stay 

in this city that haunted him. 

He could never get away, 

break the potent feeling of connectedness. 

He once whispered to me that he breathed right along 

with this city, its pulse so loud 

he could hear it everywhere. 

I wanted him to slow down 

but his feet wouldnt stop moving. 

I yelled at him to stop 

and he said, Dont worry Im not going anywhere 

but I couldnt see him anymore. 

Untitled #1 

Laura Goody 

Mountain People 

by Richard GueiTa 

And from the mountains come full flocks of men, women and children 

each one so beautiful, so full of life, flowing with the soft fabrics of their clothing 

ruffling along behind them 

With no aches in their bones 

they race along the warm dirt of the slopes 

to copper fields kissed with refreshing beads from the water of the sky 

They close their eyes as their bare legs greet the cold, surprising tingles 
Their bodies stroke the field 
like the back of a beautiful animal 

They come open-handed, eyes closed, mouths open wide and smiling 

and the water comes down into their smooth palms 

not in drops of rain but long streams at a pressure neither scathing nor sprinkling 

Their hands fill and overflow 

Cold drops smack against their bare toes 

nestled in the cool grass 

Drawing their hands close to their lips 

breathing deep the sweet valley air 

they drink full and long from their cupped hands 

They let the water dribble down their chins, their necks 
let it settle across their chests and shoulders 
feel its chill as it soaks into their clothes 

They do not wipe their mouths 
They do not dry their shirts 
They only drink again 


Elizabeth Guerra 

Doctor I Have Something To Say 

by Paul McKane 

His gait was jaunty, his posture was true, 
His cheeks were red and his eyes bright blue. 
No one would guess he was seventy-nine, 
Mr. K. was robust, and appeared to be fine. 
He wore a sweater from his working days, 
A handsome blue knit with postal displays. 
For over forty years he delivered the mail. 
Used only twelve sick days, was otherwise hale. 
Doctor I have something to say. 
Doctor, can I go home today? 

He arrived with a daughter, and charming wife. 
He followed behind, so unlike him in life. 
A suitcase was emptied, clothes hung on the rack; 
He came to my office and let his family unpack. 
He was mistaken, thinking me a physician 
Who could influence the fate of this decision. 
He knocked at the door, sat in the chair. 
And began to question the plan for his care. 
Doctor I have something to say. 
Doctor, can I go home today? 

Papers were signed, and directives provided. 
His family devastated by the fate life decided. 
Good-bye was protracted; guilt feeling was high, 
But it was time to leave, and time to cry. 
It was now late in the day, and he was alone. 
He picked at his supper, and glanced at the phone. 
When the sun went down he often roamed. 
But today was different as he thought of home. 
Doctor I have something to say. 
Doctor, can I go home today? 

A troubled sleep endured, he awoke at first light. 
To vigorously attack the source of his plight. 
He dressed in his sweater, walked to the door, 
And greeted the staff that he passed on the floor. 
An early visitor they thought he must be 
Just leaving the loved one that he came to see. 
Through the door, to the porch, and down the stair. 
He walked toward the street with a confident air. 
But in the lot the nurse who admitted last night 
Halted the patient from completing his flight. 
Doctor I have something to say. 
Doctor, where am I today? 

Mr. K. had clear memories from a time far past. 

But current thoughts were not meant to last. 

He recalled that he was the school baseball star. 

The terror of the diamond, who hit the ball far. 

He related that in 42 with the big game tied at 4 

His was the home run that gave the winning score. 

He asked a name, he asked the time, he asked the time again. 

And then he asked a third time, with no ability to retain. 

Doctor I have something to say. 

Doctor, where am I today? 

Eleven months have elapsed, and his memory has faded. 
He walks steady and straight, but his gait has abated. 
He attempts to converse, but often losses his thought, 
He has some incontinence that the disease has wrought. 
His family comes daily, completely devoted; 
As his recognition falters, they are often not noted. 
He is secure in their hearts as loving husband and dad. 
But the deterioration of his essence hurts so bad. 
Doctor, I dont know what to say. 
Doctor, who am I today? 

Awards Nieht 

@CU^Y (^^CURJ 

/"■"'j.pT jr^ 

\s/ C O \aS 



'^p^^ d 




May 5, 2009 



^_ - X y* 





Student Affairs Administration 

Maryellen Kiley 
Dean of Students 

James Ryan 

Assistant Dean of Students 

Allison Coutts 
Director of Student Activities 

Bill Villineau 

Director of Residence Life 
and Housing 

Erica Humphrey 

Director of Judicial Affairs 

Mary Stone 

Alcotioi, Drug, & Wellness 


Brian Greeley 

Director of Public Safety 

Tom Byrne Ellen Kawadler 

Director of Counseling Services Director of the Health Center 

Michelle Sarmenta 
Director of Spiritual Life 

Student <3overn 

2008-2009 Executive, Class, and 
Club Respresentatives 


merit Hssociation 

2008-2009 Executive Board 

^eft to Right: Orrie Simko (Executive Vice President), Nina 
Bucchianeri (Vice President for Programming), Amanda Ramirez 
President), Moussa Seek (Treasurer), Joe DiMaria (Advisor) 


Qass of 2009 

Back Row: Catherine Walper (President), Ase Hauge (Vice President), Cecil Moreira (Representative), 
Angela Gugliotta (Advisor) Middle Row: Katie Moynahan (Treasurer), Erlande Andre (Representative), 
Eileen Herzog, (Representative) Front Row: Alicia Wise (Secretary) 
Not Pictured: Paul Varga (Representative) 

Class of 2010 

Back Row: Jeremy McAuley (Representative), Jessica Joseph (Treasurer), Janis Williams (Representative), 

Joe DiMaria (Advisor) Front Row: Yveline Simon (Secretary), Laurie Lessage (President), Alan Huse 


Not Pictured: Shakiena Phifer (Representative) 

Qass of 2011 

Left to Right: Peter Harding (Representative), Amna Memon (Vice President), Mark Freundlich 
(Representative), Joanna Faria (Representative), Joe DiMaria (Advisor), Colleen McGillicuddy (President) 

Qass of 2012 

Left to Right: Laura Onyeneho (Representative), Jeff Turner (President), Terry Liao (Treasurer) 


Student @ovemiTient 

Student @ovemiTient 





A( tin- rccenl S.G.A. Stiuic •; 
ToNMi Hall nu'Cting: '< »» i-^i-ti 



ONE Curry 


Pr. Omara-Otuhwu 


Curry Cares 

Mildred Ave 




Residence Life 









'JJl ML W>' 




for* 38 ^'ear^s 





Fall Events 


Wednesday, November 12th 
to help those in need 
within our community. 


^"-— ji 

1 _i 

,t D SOv ^r^r- 





(% * 







Horaecoraing & Family 

September 27, 2008 



Car\e Kcvoee America 

Hovember 1 2, 2005 

Fall Events 

Fall Events 




X s 

"December 4, tlOOS 

Spring Events 



j^4^ "' --■ ' 




|«|S-<5' (" 

rin^ Evenly 

Spring Evan-fe 

Alternative Spring Break 

Eastern Shore, Exmore, Virginia 



Alternative Spring Break 

Sussex County, Seat ord, Delaware 








• Jt, ^1 


^ % 

1^.. CVil 




OlllY CiLLIil 


^ Anti-Violence 

Thursday, April 2 
® 8:00 PM 
Mayf loMrer Lot 


Friday, April 24 

® 8:00 PM 

Miller Gym 

Saturday, April 
@ lZ:oo PM 
Mayf loMrer Lot 

Decn Ccle 


Saturday, April 25 
® 9:00 PM 
Miller Gym | 



C\ : 









Bf^k Pouitii 


Spring E_\/<sni:5 

Spring E-V^nts 

Drapl<in Day 
A^lay 4-> ZOO? 

Colonel athletics 
Fall 2008 


^» '^'l 


Matthew Alksninis, Joseph Aswad, Tim Bloniasz, Nicholas Bodge, David Bonaparte, Adam Braunstein, Brian Breau 
. Anthony Carnevale, Zach Cavanaugh. Jon Chattman, Daniel Dawson, Carl D'Haiti, Stephen DiFabio, Bobby 
DiMarino, Ryan Doherty, Scott Doherty, Timothy Douglas. Scott Driscoll, Robert Driscoll, Josua Duford, Matthew 
Duggan. Timothy Dumas, Kevin Fair, David Falaki, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Jerome Freed, Joe Freeman, Ryan Gagon, 
Nichlas Garafalo, Michael Gentili, Christopher Goll, Peter Gustowski, Christopher Haddad, Patrick Hannon, Jeffery 
Hibbard, Daniel Joly, Ryan Keller, Brian Kureta, Norman Landry, Brobie Leavitt, San Lee, Michael Looney, Kevin 
Lucius. Michael Lynch, Jason Madden, Patricia Maloney, Jason Margeson, Kevin McCarthy, Aljumaa McKenney, 
Connor McQuade, John Murphy, Mike Murray, Michael Nicolo, David Norris, Alexander Orekoya, Eddie Owens 
Finch, Gavin Parker, Shawn Parker, Shawn Perkins, Anthoney Petrola, Sean Pike, Austin Pina, John Pitkin, John 
Potsidis, Martin Prendergast, Aaron Richardson, Jeffery Richardson, Jon Rodrigues, Harold Rose, Jarrod Ruiz, Robert 
Russo. Raymond Russo, Jason Ryan, Jaime Santiago, Aaron Smith, Sean Spencer, Taylor Stancel, Johnathan 
Sughrue. Andrew Supple, Brian Taylor, Curtis Ushry, Ryan Van DeGiesen, Kenniel Velez, T.J. White, Michael 
Whittaker, Jammaal Woods, Brian Woolard 

Captains: Tim Bloniasz, Michael Looney, Ryan Van De Giesen 




Stephanie Baker, Allison Buchanan, Danielle Callahan, Amanda Csignay, Jenna Deeb , 
Allison Doll , Lindsey Domineau, Jennifer Duane, Shannon Dutra, Alicia Garrity, 
Spencer-Margaret Ingversten, Kristin Kurtz, Brittany Maclnnes, Erin Mulvehill, 
Shannon Pagel , Erin Ryan, Kristin Schmauder, Nicole Woodin 

Captains: Erin Mulvehill, Shannon Pagel & Kristin Schmauder 



Men's Soccer 


Alan Artieda, Graham Becker, Matt Boyle, Nicholas Caiazza, Russell Colley, Michael 
Connery, Clayton Corto, James Dunphy, Daniel Fisher, Jesse Fishman, Michael 
Griffin, Francis Guido, Jr., Johnjoe Hallissey, Shawn Harrison, Benjamine Harvitt, 
Nicholas Lawless, James Melfi, Patrick Mellor. Brian Newsom, Benjamin Radzicki, 
James Salm, Marc Santos, Sam Schwarz, Jeff Shea, Rui Silva, Mathew Smith-Burlage, 
David Yu 

Captains: Clayton Corto, Johnjoe Hallissey, Shawn Harrison, Jeff Shea 



2008 SCORECARD ^^^ 



Mount Ida College 

2-1 W 

MCLA Tournament vs. MCLA 

1-0 W 

MCLA Tournament vs. Norwich 

1-2 L 

Emerson College 


Western New England College 

2-2 T (20T) 

Emmanuel College 

3-0 W 

Roger Williams 

1-0 W 

Anna Maria College 

2-0 W 

New England College 

2-4 L 

Southern Veraiont College 

7-1 W 

Nichols College 

1-0 W 

University of New England 

2-0 W 

Eastern Nazarene College 

3-0 W 

Endicott College 

3-1 W 

Lesley University 

3-0 W 

Regis College 

5-0 W 

Gordon College 

4-2 W 

Colby-Sawyer College 

0-1 L (OT) 


2-1 W 

Salve Regina University 

0-0 T (20T) 

Gordon College (TCCC Quarterfinals) 

3-2 W 

Nichols College (TCCC Semi-finals) 

1-2 L 

Lasell College (ECAC Quarterfinals) 

1-0 W 

Coast Guard (ECAC Semi-finals) 

0-2 L 

Women's Soccer 


Alyssa Boscarino, Brooke DeLuca, Samantha Dziubek, Julie Evans, Jamiee Fligg, 
Ashley Hansbury, Fallon Harrison, Nicole Hayward, Mandy Hibbard, Patrica Horton 

, Elizabeth Hourihan, Amanda Rowland, Suzie Jensen, Emily Keeman, Heather Kilburn, 
Kate Lusso, Laura Lydon, Asley MacDonald, Caitlin McKinney, Morgan Ottone, Alisha 
Regis, Melanie Sonet, Julie Tinetti, Samantha Velezis 

Captains: Mandy Hibbard, Patricia Horton 





Fitchburg State College 

1-3 L 

Emmanuel College 

3-1 W 

Emerson College 

2-2 T (20T) 

Mount Ida College 

3-0 W 

Western New England College 

3-0 W 

Roger Williams University 

0-2 L 

Anna Maria College 

3-0 W 

Framingham State College 

1-0 W 

New England College 

2-0 W 

Nichols College 

2-1 W 

University of New England 

0-2 L 

Eastern Nazarine College 

6-2 W 

Endicott College 

1-3 L 

Regis College 

5-1 L 

Gordon College 

0-0 T (20T) 

Colby-Sawyer College 

0-1 L 


6-1 W 

Salve Regina University 

3-0 W 

Gordon College (TCCC Quarterfinals) 

1-2 L 

University of New England (ECAC Quarterfinals) 

2-3 L 

Cross Country 

Kimberly DeCosta, Kacy Gillis, Kendra Lapierre, Sarah Nix, Monica Pagliarulo 
Captains: Kimberly DeCosta, Kendra Lapierre 


Women's Tennis 

,ara Abujaber, Rachel Axelrod, Jennifer De Matteo, Kathleen Rush, Francesca 
^anebianco, Eliza Jones, Lauren Maloney, Kaitlin Ross 

CJaptain: Kaitlin Ross 


GoLONEL Athletics 
Winter 2008 


Men's Basketball 


Axel Allen, Chris Bonadies, Gerald Cohen, Michael Connery, Michael D'Amato, Kyle 
Gerry, Philip Lipton, Mark MastuUo, Michael Murphy, Quashed Simmons, Daniel' 
Singh, Andre Veilleux, Michael Worrick 

Captains: Quashed Simmons, Mark Mastrullo, Chris Bonadies 



2008-2009 SCORECARD 



Amherst College 

Clark University 

Lesley University 



Wheelock College 

Newbury College 

Lesley University 

Salem State College 

Brandeis University 

University of Maine - Fort Kent 

Western New England College 

University of New England 

Regis College 

Colby-Sawyer College 

Gordon College 

Anna Maria College 

Nichols College 

New England College 

Eastern Nazarene 

Salve Regina University 

Westfield State College 


Roger Williams University 

Endicott College 

45-73 L 
74-93 L 
71-79 L 
63-90 L 
51-67 L 
78-71 W 
85-62 W 
75-78 L (OT) 
70-83 L 
50-84 L 
87-76 W 
61-67 L 
80-83 L 
81-70 W 
74-93 L 
61-66 L 
69-66 W 
67-75 L 
75-55 W 
87-77 W 
65-76 L 
76-83 L 
66-58 W 
68-80 L 
89-74 W 

Women's Basketball 

Lauren Bennett, Danyel Cousins, Emma Dickson, Libby Flannigan, Liz Forte, Heather 
King, KellyRose McCarthy, Jennifer Olenjnik, Kimberly Reske, Cortney Robinson, 
Christina Sancinito, Sarah Walker, Ashley Weber 

Captains: Kim Reske, Christina Sancinito, Sarah Walker 


2008-2009 SCORECARD 



Emerson College 

Elmira College 

Rivier College 

Framingham State College 

New England College 

Suffolk University 

Framingham State College 

Bridgewater State College 

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 

Keene State College 

Fisher College 

Western New England College 

University of New England 

Lasell College 

Regis College 

Colby-Sawyer College 

Gordon College 

Anna Maria College 

Nichols College 

New England College 

Eastern Nazarene College 

Salve Regina University 


Roger Williams University 

Endicott College 

Nichols College (TCCC Quarterfinals) 

51-61 L 
51-68 L 
86-78 W 
35-49 L 
63-69 L 
63-70 L 
61-62 L 
58-75 L 
54-51 W 
42-90 L 
86-49 W 
54-63 L 
65-81 L 
67-54 W 
60-74 L 
54-74 L 
55-47 W 
79-28 W 
39-55 L 
73-90 L 
75-48 W 
46-72 L 
59-46 W 
68-61 W 
49-69 L 
49-81 L 

Men's Ice Hockey 

Ryan Barlock, Pay den Banning, Zachary Cardella, Michael Curran, Ross Enmark, Shanel 
Geib, Michael Guzzo, Jeffrey Hazelwood, Jeremy Hmura, Louis Hoey, Alex^ 
Hoffman, Jerry Hotarek, Steven Jakiel, Bryan Kriner, Sean Mahoney, Ralph Massucci,' 
Edmund McDonough, Jonathan Miller, Steven Mohler, Tommy Monteriro, Taylor 
Morgan, Ray Nics, James Pentecost, Jerrett Rush, Christopher Smith, Sean Sylvester, 
Jason Tarbell, Patrick Webber, John Williams 

Captain: Jeremy Hmura 

Assistant Captains: Jeffrey Hazelwood, Jarrett Rush, Sean Sylvester 


2008-2009 SCORECARD 



Fitchburg State College 

3-2 W 

Salve Regina University 

7-3 W 

Western New England College 

8-1 W ^^^ 

Framingham State College 

6-2 W 

Hobart College 

3-6 L 

Colby College 

2-0 W 

Stonehill College 

5-4 W (OT) 

UMass Dartmouth 

4-2 W 

New England College 

2-5 L 

Middlebury College 

4-1 W 

New England College 

2-4 L m 

Manhattanviile College 

3-3 T (OT) 

Southern New Hampshire University 

5-1 W 

Utica College 

5-4 W (OT) 

Franklin Pierce University 

10-3 W 

Becker College 

6-1 W 


6-6 T 

Babson College 

3-2 W (OT) 

Nichols College 

2-3 L m 

Plymouth State University 

4-3 W 

Westfield State College 

10-2 W -f 

Johnson & Wales University 

3-2 W 

Suffolk University 

4-0 W 

Assumption College 

7-2 W 

Johnson & Wales University 
(ECAC Northeast Quarterfinals) 

8-2 W 

Wentworth (ECAC Northeast Semi-Finals) 

3-4 L 

Colonel athletics 
Spring 2009 


s ^ 



Women's Lacrosse 







tagEUJV^ miDIVElJ UncouMEUl 

15 lr<^'0^^iz 


Brooke Anderson, Colleen Arnold, Heather Breton, Elissa Bulgatz, Kelly Champagne, 
Arielle DiPlacibo, Sam Dziubek, Julie Evans, Nicole Frattor, Emily Gray, Ashley 
Hansbury, Patricia Horton, Suzie Jensen, Carissa Lauyer, Maria Lynch, Nikki 
MacKay, Kate Noe, Dana Pedersen, Michaela Powers, Rachel Robichaud, Helen 
Schnaper, Kerri Shaw, Emily Summers 

Captains: Nikki MacKay, Patricia Horton 


2009 SCORECARD ^^^^ 



Lasell College 

21-9 W 

Emerson College 

20-18 W 

Becker College ^^^^ffii 

i^m. mmssmns 

Fredonia State College 

10-11 L 

Rhode Island College 

20-6 W ^ 

Gordon College 

9-13 L 

Western New England College 

9-11 L 

Anna Maria College 

24-4 W 

University of New England 

16-12 W 

Keene State College 

14-17 L(OT) 

Nichols College 

21-1 W 1 

University of Southern Maine 

16-10 W 

Colby-Sawyer College 

22-9 W 

New England College 

20-17 L 

Salve Regina University 

19-9 W 

Roger Williams University 

Endicott College 

Western New England College 
(TCCC Quarterfinals) 

Roger Williams University 
(TCCC Semi-Finals) 

8-17 L 

5-13 L 

Ben Blaidell, Jesse Bruinsma, Joe Carrig, Cory Collins, Carlos Cornejo, Matt Drew, 
Kenny Friedman, Miles Galvin, Dan Gaughan, James Geositis, Brad Hawn, Tom 
Hemans, Ben Howrigna, Mike Huges, Sean Jackman, Chris Judd, Bryan Kriner, Tony 
Luciani, Kyle Moore, Cory Moore, Brian Morante, James Page, Brian Pipines, Ralph 
Renzulli, Jim Simon, David Stevens, Brian Sullivan, Tim Sweeney, John Sweeney, 
Rick Vail 






Thiel College 

17-5 W 

Bowdoin College (2) 

14-4 W; 21-8 W 

University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg (2) 

8-3 W; 6-7 L 

New Jersey City University 

10-11 L 

Penn State Altoona (2) 

2-1 W; 14-0 W 

Eastern Nazarene College (2) 

16-5 W; 11-6W 

Gordon College (2) 

8-4W;8-l W 

Anna Maria College (2) 

9-1 W; 14-3 W 

Mass. Maritime Academy 


Salve Regina University (2) 

12-4 W; 13-5 W 

Western New England College (2) 

0-13 L; 6-3 W 

Nichols College (2) 

10-2 W; I1-3W 

Johnson & Wales University 

13-3 W 

Endicott College (2) 


Babson College 

10-3 W 

New England College (2) 

14-0 W; 17-1 W 

Wheaton College 

5-0 W 

Rhode Island College 


Colby-Sawyer College (2) 

9-8 W: 4-2 W ,., 

Wentworth (2) 

2-0 W; 8-2 W 

UMass Boston 

Cancelled ;| 

Bridgewater State College 

2-9 L 

Roger Williams University (2) 

7-4 W; 5-3 W 

Colby-Sawyer College (TCCC Tournament) 

24-12 W 

Endicott College (TCCC Tournament) 

0-2 L 

Salve Regina University (TCCC Tournament) 

7-6 W 

Endicott College (TCCC Tournament) 

6-2 W 

Endicott College (TCCC Tournament) 

15-1 W 

Western New England College 
(TCCC Championship 

2-10 L 



Kelsey Bryant, Jessica Coyle, Alysia DiMuzio, Jamiee Fligg, Sara Girard, Kryster 
Hunt, Kristen Jackman, Janelle Mayo, Laikyn Nadolny, Jillian Nemcovich, Katiti 
O'Neill, Amanda Peters, Ashley Ricciardi, Christina Sancinito, Lauren Tobey 

Samatha Velezis, Megan Welch 

Captains: Jessica Coyle, Sara Girard, Kristen Jackman, Lauren Tobey 





CaiToll University (WI) 3-5 L 

Dominican University (IL) 3-4 L 

New Jersey City University 5-3 W i 

R.P.I. 2-7 L 

St. Mary's College (IN) 0-5 L | 

Wheaton College 2-6 L 

Ohio Wesleyan University 1 -7 L 

W.P.I. 5-4 W 

Johnson & Wales University 12-6 W 

Salve Regina University (2) 1-2 L; 7-5 W 

University of New England (2) 5-13 L; 12-2 W ' 

Anna Maria College (2) 5-1 W; 5-4 W 

Suffolk University 7-5 W *■ 

Fitchburg State College (2) 8-0 W; 13-10 W 

Wentworth(2) 13-2 W; 4-3 W 

Roger Williams University (2) 4-9 L; 6-4 W 

Salem State College (2) 2-3 L; 4-3 W 

Gordon College (2) 7-1 W; 1-0 W 

New England College (2) 14-6 W; 9- 1 W '^ 

Nichols College (2) 4-3 W; 3-5 L 

UMass Dartmouth (2) 4-2 W; 5-2 W 

Eastern Nazarene College (2) 10-2 W; 17-2 W 

Regis College (2) 1 1-2 W; 8-0 W 

Endicott College (2) 5-9 L; 6-9 L 

Western New England College (2) 1 -2 L; 3-2 W 

Nichols College (TCCC Tournament) 6-5 W 

Western New England College . ^ . 
(TCCC Tournament) 

Salve Regina University (TCCC Tournament) 2-3 L 

Brandeis University „ . , 
(EC AC Div in New England Tournament) 

Men's Tennis 

Thomas Bagley, Tyler Brown, Charles Edlund, Matthew Lawrence, Brian Leahy, Justii 
Levine, John-David Moyer, Robert Rosenbaum, Douglas Tremblay, Caleb Zipperstein 

Captains: Brian Leahy, Justin Levine 






Ohio Wesleyan 

1-8 L 

Wittenberg University 

1-8 L 

Manhattanville College 

0-9 L 

Colby-Sawyer College 

2-7 L 

Gordon College 

8-1 W 

Roger Williams University 

1-8 L 

UMass Boston 


Nichols College 

1-8 L 

Johnson & Wales University 


Rhode Island College 

9-0 W 

Endicott College 

0-9 L 

Western New England College 

0-9 L 

Anna Maria College 

9-0 W 


9-0 W 

Newbury College 

9-0 W 

Salve Regina University 

2-7 L 

Eastern Nazarene College 

6-3 W 

Salve Regina University (TCCC Quarterfinals) 

1-5 L 

Suffolk University 

4-5 L 

Bridgewater State College 

3-6 L 

UMass Dartmouth (2) 

4-2 W; 5-2 W 


Curry College 
Class of 2009 

Gfam »f 200<? McAAciqe 

On behalf of the Class of 2009 Student Government Association officers, I 
would like to congratulate you for reaching such a milestone in your life. 
Whether you were at Curry for the full four years or you transferred in, we all 
were able to enjoy what Curry had to offer us as students. As we graduate in 
this tough economic crisis, we can not forget where we came from. Know that 
in times of struggle, we are Alumni of Curry College and we have a network of 
other Alumni as well to help us get through the tough times. We have made 
friendships that will last a lifetime, and memories we will never forget. Dont be 
afraid to try new things, and never settle for something, when you know you 
can do better. I was fortunate to act as your class president these last two years, 
and want to thank everyone for the support you have given me and the rest of 
the SGA officers. With out you, I truly would not be the person I am today. As 
a class we have accomplished a lot of things, and we should all be proud of that. 
A special thanks to Joe DiMaria for all his hard work on the yearbook, without 
him we would not have one. I wish you all the best of luck in your future 
endeavors and remember to keep in touch with faculty, staff, and more 
importantly each other! (After all, almost everybody has Facebook now!) 

Yours truly. 

President, Class of 2009 

pVeShmat^ year 

Sophomore year 

JuT^ior Veeur 




\ ^^^H 



1 '' '^ ^H 

Slater Year 

Class of 2009 

John Abdulla 

Amanda Allienello 

Sean Anderton 

Erlande Andre 

Alexandra Antoine 

Stephanie Argyropoulos 

Colleen Arnold 

Emily Baran 

Robcrl Bardwell 


Class of 2009 

Jonathan Beach 

Sherika Beck-PhilUp 

Chelsea Bennett-Goldberg 

Holly Bouffaid 

Melissa Bradford 

Lauren Brighenti 

Andi'ew Broughton 

Kelsey Bryant 


Class of 2009 






I ^ . Jr 

m ^1^ 

I m 

Brandon Bumham 



^^m..M - \ 

^^|ft ^ 


Tr *^^ 


Meredith Byers 

Stacey Cacici 

Stacey Coffran 

Samantha Cnlarusso 

Samanlha Crescilelli 


Class of 2009 

Meredith Cyr 

Alisha Daigle 

Christopher DeMilia 

Robert DiMarino 

Kenneth DiRienzo 

Alysia Dimuzio 

Ashley Donahue 


Class of 2009 

Kaitlin Eardley 

Jennifer Ensko 

Michael Fedotowsky 

Elilibeth Fernandez 

Lyndsey Ferreira 

Julia Fiorentini 

Paul Fitzgerald 

Holly Fitzpalrick 

Matthew Furness 

Christina Fu.sco 


Class of 2009 




Wallace Garaber 

Timothy Geromini 

Erika Getchell 

Shaheen Ghandchi 

Daniel Grcenber" 

Chase Grinley 

Elizabeth Guerra 

Lindsay Guinan 


Class of 2009 

Melissa Hanna 

Tristen Healey 

Jeremy Hmura 

V nmm 

Brendon Hogan 

Patricia Horton 

Brendan Hurley 

Margiiret Jones 

ChrisUiphcr Judd 

Zachary Kalijian 

Gregory Kay 


Zachary Keohan 

Patrick Langan 

Class of 2009 

Kevin Kiselica 

Brittany Lalce 

Michael Larson 

Patrick Leonard 

Daniel Lovetere 

Caitlin Lynch 

Michelle Marchand 

Christopher Mastaj 


Class of 2009 

Daniel Mazella 

Jena McEacliern 

Andrew McLean 

Crystal McShane 





Doug Melanson 

Kayla Milmore 

Hcalher Moore 

Philip Moore 

Cecil Moreira 

Michelle Morgan 


Class of 2009 

Hillai7 Pacheco 

Diana Pappas 

Thomas Paquette 

Christian Pai'is 


Class of 2009 

Alexandra PoUach 








' H 


/, , Ml 



Ashley Purple 

Timothy Quigley 

Christopher Ralcliffe 

yr-;^ -«Sr 

Riilph Kcn/ulli 

Kimlicrly Rcske 

Jacob Ringler 


Kathleen Rodal 

Michael Sauta 

Class of 2009 

Lauren Rogers 

Jonathan Savary 

Rachel Scharf 

Christina Sancinito 

Melissa Schiffino 

Tracy Shapiro 

Benjamin Sholes 


Class of 2009 

Alexander Skapai's 

Marcus Skapars 

Kaitlin Slobodkin 

Ashley Stanton 

LaToya Taylor 

Sean Taylor 

Kathryn Tipping 

Lauren Tobcy 

Paul Travaglini 


Class of 2009 


MB '^ 

«>v h3 

^\ "1 



Mm \ 


Paul Varga 

Robin Waldman 

Catherine Wallace 

Catherine Walper 

Megaii Whalen 

Thi Van Wood 

Michael Yeomelakis 


Class of 2009 

John Abdulla 

Alice Adom 

Mostafa Agha 

Jessica Allard 

Amanda Allienello 

Allison Altieri 
Matthew Amabello 
Michael Anderson 
Sean Anderton 
Erlande Andre 
Alexandra Antoine 
Stephanie Argyropoulos 
Colleen Arnold 
Shannon Avery 
Diana Baldassari 
Sarah Baldwin 
Emily Baran 
Robert Bardwell 
Scott Barnes 
Megan Ban- 
James Bartelle 
Jonathan Beach 
Krystina Beatrice 
Samuel Beausejour 
Sherika Beck-Phillip 
Chelsea Bennett-Goldberg 
Timothy Bloniasz 
Catherine Boucher 

Holly Boutfard 

Johnathan Bowers 

Kelly Bradford 

Melissa Bradford 



Danielle Brescia 

Lauren Brighenti 

Heather Brignolo 

Andrew B rough ton 

Kelsey Bryant 

Keean Burke 

Brandon Bumham 

Shanelle Bums 

William Bums 

Meredith Byers 

Stacey Cacici 

Gina Cakridas 

Mairead Cannon 

Ashley Carlson 

Emily Carr 
Christine Carroll 

Lauren Casey 

Monica Cashman 

Steven Cayer 

Michael Cence 

Miranda Chadwick 

Brendan Chviruk 

Marissa Clark 

Laura Cluff 

Stacey Coffran 

Samantha Colamsso 

Gillian Colbourne 

Sara Corbin 

Andrew Costa 

Carlos Coto 

Israel Coulter 

Jessica Coyle 

Samantha Crescitelli 

Kristin Cronin 

Claire Crook 

Stephen Cmse 

Amanda Curley 

Meredith Cyr 

Michael Dacri 

Jason Dagnese 

Alisha Daigle 

Nickmime Dambreville 

Cassondra Davis 

Timothy Debowes 

Peter Demas 

William DeSimone 

Katelyn Devlin 

Carl D'Haiti 

Emma Dickson 

Robert DiMarino 

Alysia Dimuzio 

Patrick Dion 

Kenneth DiRienzo 

Christian Dolan 

Ashley Donahue 

Erin DriscoU 

Jennifer Drudi 

Tanya Dufour 

Kaitlin Eardley 

Ryan Edwards 

Jennifer Ensko 

John Everett 

Bonnie Fallon 

Michael Fedotowsky 

Elilibeth Fernandez 

Francisco Fernandez 

Lyndsey Ferreira 

Nicholas Feurey 

Gina Fidalgo 

Julia Fiorentini 

Paul Fitzgerald 

Holly Fitzpatrick 

Jennifer Fogarty 

Jessica Foley 

Meaghan Foley 

Cassie Fortier 

Katelynn Fox 

Meridith Fredericks 

Aron Freeman 

Karen Fuller 

Matthew Furness 

Christina Fusco 

Daniel Gallagher 

Wallace Gamber 

Nicholas Garafalo 

Robert Gardner 

Samantha Garrell 

Gina Geary 
Timothy Geromini 

Erika Getchell 

Shaheen Ghandchi 

Krissie Gibbs 

Sara Girard 

Lynsey Goddard 

Stephanie Gordon 

Mark Gormley 

Andrew Gosselin 

Laurie Goulding 

Courtney Gouse 

Jessica Grace 

Mario Grasso 

Ashley Gray 

Lindsay Gray 

Daniel Greenberg 

Marritena Green 

Rachael Green 

Matthew Grenon 

Cristina Griffin 

Chase Grinley 

Annemarie Guarracino 

Gregory Gudmundson 

Elizabeth Guerra 

Lindsay Guinan 

Johnjoe Hallissey 

MeUssa Hanna 

Vanessa Harrell 

Shawn Hanison 

Ase Hauge 

Thomas Hawkins 

Jeffrey Hazelwood 

Tristan Healey 

Eileen Herzog 

Amanda Hibbard 

Chanda Hill 

Jeremy Hmura 

Brendon Hogan 

Jedediah Holland 

Patricia Horton 

Abigail Howard 

Brendan Hurley 

Kristen Jackraan 

Colleen Johanson 

Theresa Johnson 

Jennifer Jones 

Margaret Jones 

Shawn Jones 

Christopher Judd 

Widline Juste 

Zachary Kalaijian 

John Kasper 

Gregory Kay 

Colleen Keddy 

JiUian Kelley 

Thomas Kent 

Zachary Keohan 

Christina fChouri 

Heather King 

Kevin Kiselica 

Paul Kodzis 

Giancarlo LaGreca 

Brittany Lake 

Jennifer Lalli 

Patrick Langan 

Elizabeth Langley 

Michael Larson 

Jessie Lebon 

Patrick Leonard 

Justin Levine 

Kimberly Lincolne 

Justin Liut 

Michael Looney 

Lainecy Louiseize 

Daniel Lovetere 

Andriy Luts 

Caidin Lynch 

Meghan Lynch 

Sara MacDonald 

Nicolette MacKay 

Patrick Maloney 

Alexa Manginelli 

Michelle Marchand 

Kenneth Marsters 

Nolan Martin 

Amanda Marvin 

Christopher Mastaj 

Robertine Mathieu 

Erin Mattos 

Daniel Mazella 

Michael McBean 

Meghan McCarthy 

Edmund McDonough 

Jennifer McDonough 

Jena McEachem 
Sarah McGillicuddy 

Kaitlyn McGurl 

William McKenith 

Schanise McKenzie 

Kalin McKivergan 

Andrew McLean 

Crystal McShane 

Colleen Meam 

Alicia Medeiros 

Nancy Medina 

Kaitlyn Mee 

Douglas Melanson 

Adam Merli 

Peter Micciche 

Mary Miller 

Ryan Miller 

Kayla Milmore 

Seth Model 

Kelly Mogan 

Heather Moore 

Philip Moore 

Oluwatoyosi Morakinyo 

Cecil Moreira 

Joseph Moreno 

Michelle Morgan 

Sarita Morrison 

Kaitlin Moynahan 

Steven Munchbach 

Morgan Munroe 

Jeremiah Murphy 

Lynne Murray 

Patrick Nametz 

Patrick Nee 

Ian Newman 

Peter Nhiany 

Michael Nicolo 

Brigid Norris 

Idaris Nunez 

Dennis Oliveira 

Matthew Olschan 

Kristen Olson 

Eileen O'Neill 

Kathleen O'Neill 

Wesley Osbom 

Zachary Pace 

Hillary Pacheco 

Diana Pappas 

Christian Paris 

Jaclyn Parkes 

Hillary Pearlman 

James Pentecost 

Shawn Perkins 

Anthony Petrola 

Cariy Philbm 

Amanda Phillips 

Chelsea Pieciak 

Wilda PieiTe 

Alexandra Pollack 

Michael Primiano 

Ashley Purple 

Timothy Quigley 

Christopher Ratcliffe 

Eve Ravinett 

Travis Reed 

Ralph Renzulli 

Crystal Reppucci 

Kimberly Reske 

Jessica Riddle 

Jacob Ringler 

Daniel Roach 

Fabiola Robert 

Kathleen Rodal 

Lauren Rogers 

James Romikitis 

Jami Ronzitti 
Shaun Rosenberg 

Kaidin Ross 

Alexander Rote 

Courtney Ryan 

Stephanie Saccardo 

Tanya Salaman 

Christina Sancinito 

Adrienne Sarofeen 

Michael Sauta 

Jonathan Savary 

Jennifer Sawlit 

Angela Scarpino 

Rachel Scharf 

Melissa Schifino 

Krista Selnau 

Tracy Shapiro 

Kerri Shaw 

Tanya Shaw 

Dawn Shelton 

Benjamin Sholes 

Quashed Simmons 

James Simon 

Michael Simpson 

Alexander Skapars 

Marcus Skapars 

Kaitlin Slobodkin 

Aaron Smith 

Jurell Smith 

Suly Soto 

Sarah Sprague 

Ashley Stanton 

Kaitlyn Steller 

Michael Stone 

Scott Striffler 

Stephen Tagarelis 

Jason Tarbell 
William Taussig 

Sean Taylor 

Kathryn Tipping 

Lauren Tobey 

Bree Toland 

Briana Torrey 

Melissa Toupin 

Whitney Tourinho 

Catherine Tower 

Paul Travaglini 

Douglas Tremblay 

Cristina Trujillo 

Ryan Van DeGiesen 

Paul Varga 

Alicia Viscomi 

Lauren Voll 

Matthew Volpe 

Duran Vota 

Mark Wagner 

John Waite 

Robin Waldman 

Sarah Walker 

Catherine Wallace 

Catherine Walper 

Kara Wang 

Ashley Weber 

Kevin Welch 

Jennie Whalen 

Megan Whalen 

Stephen Whitaker 

Matthew Wile 

Ahcia Wise 


Thi VanWood 




Gregory Zervalis 



Candids Candids Candids Candids 

Candids Candids Candids Candids 





i i 










Senior Week & 

Alumni Reception - May 12, 2009 


Spirit of Boston Cruise - May 12, 2009 


Dave & Buster's - May 13, 2009 


Foxwoods - May 14, 2009 


President's Reception - May 16, 2009 

President's Reception - May 16, 2009 


Nurses Pinning - May 16, 2009 


Nurses Pinning - May 16, 2009 


Senior Week Candids 




^^H| -i^H 

^^^/||p ^-JBLj ^Ma '^ 


Hiv .'1 





Sunday, May 1 7, 2009 





LJS#/' ! 

Tgg^^gp^ygi "f^i\ 

^^.«; '^" ■'''Ht-.» V*"'' 



I^B ^^^^ j '^1^1 



II ^ ml^wT "i^^^B 

1^4* - -^ 



^^l£3^^^^k.'^ yji^^ 



H^v '' V 



hI I ^'^v 






^E^^— ^^ 


Ml i 1 


f ^nf^ "^^^i-J 


Candids Candids Candids Candids 

Candids Candids Candids Candids 

Candids Candids Candids Candids 

Candids Candids Candids Candids 

Candids Candids Candids Candids 



1 '■jkUIK^^ 




Parent Ads 

Alice Adorn 


Can't believe the four years just zipped by- 

You did a GREAT job and we are aU very 
proud of you. 

Believe in your DREAMS and never settle 
for less. 

We love you very much. Good Luck, Best 
Wishes and God Bless. 

Love-Mom, Dad, Stephen and DJ 

Kenneth Marsters 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; 

if you can dream it, you can become it. " 

William Arthur Ward 

Congratulations Kenny 

Love Mom, Dad, Erika and Michael 

Jennifer Lalli 

Congratulations on your 

college graduation. 
We are so proud of you. 
We love you very much! 

Mom, Dad & Andrew 

Michael Arthur Yeomelakis 



"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he 
stands in moments of comfort and convenience but 
where he stands at times of challenge and 
controversey." Martin Luther King, Jr. 

We are so proud of you. It is amazing how quickly 
your four years at Curry College went by. We wish 
you a lifetime of happiness and success in all that 
you do. Congratulations! The best is yet to come. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Stephanie 

Rachel Scharf 

Congratulations Rachel! 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Jackie & Carly 


Colleen M. Arnold 

Dear Colleen, 

We are all so proud of you. 
Your journey is not over -- 
enjoy the ride. 

Be successful! Be careful! 
Be happy!! 


Mom, Dad, Grampy, 

"Nana" & Family 

Brendan Chviruk 

Congratulations Brendan! 

Your journey is just beginning! 
Enjoy the ride. 

Mom & Dad 

Margaret Jones 



Dad, Mom, Lindsey, Matt 

and Grandpa 

Katelynn Fox 

Christina A. Sancinito 

Congratulations Kate, on being the first 
in the family to graduate from college. 

We are so proud of you. 

Love Mom, Dad, Kristen, Kerri, Liam & 



Our baby is graduating! The years sure have flown 

We are so very proud of your accomplishments- 
academic and athletic. Most of all we are proud of 
the caring young woman you have grown to be. 

Enjoy life to the fullest, be happy, and always live 
your dreams! 

All our love, 
Mom and Dad 

Alexander & Marcus Skapars 

Marcus and Alexander, 

The years have gone by so quickly, and your 
determination seems to have grown stronger 
with each year. You've both worked very hard 
for all your achievements as you finish each 
major chapter in your life you are ready to move 
on to the next. 

We love the way your eyes glimmer when you 
talk about your dreams. Never forget those 
goals, always keep them in sight. Never lose 
the feeling of achievement. Never stop believing 
in yourself. Enjoy what you have accomplished 
and look forward to your future. Take with you 
all you have achieved and be proud of 
yourselves. We are very proud of you boys. 

Love always. 

Mom and Dad 


Tracy Shapiro 


Wherever you go, whatever you do, we will always be 
right beside you to love you and cheer you on! 

We are proud of you beyond words and love you more 
than you could ever imagine! 

^ May all of your dreams come true! 

With all of our love & hugs & kisses forever & ever, 
Mom, Dad, Jamie & "The Boys" 

Dan Gallagher 

Congratulations Daniel! 

Life is an adventure. 
Go an enjoy the journey. 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad, & Kate 


Shaheen Ghandchi 


We are all so very 
proud of you. 



Mom, Dad, 
Shahriar, Noni, Papa, 
Mamon and Buba 

Holly Bouffard 


We are so proud of all you have 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Robert DiMarino 

Good Times 

Bob, Congratulations 

Jolin, IVIike, Dad & Ma 

Samantha CoLarusso 


We are all so very proud of you ! 


Mom, Dad, Nana, Mike, Matt & Danny 

Adam Merii 

With God's help, you 
accomplished what you 
set out to do. 

Congratulations, Adam. 


Dad & Mom 



'— . ji: 

' '1 4 I 


"The knowledge you take with you, 

the friends you keep, 

and the memories you treasure... 

these are the things that make college 

an experience, 

not just a degree." 

Congratulations ! 

Mom, Athena and Christopher 




Gregory p. Zervalis 

Congratulations on 

your perseverance, 

motivation and success 

in college. 

We wish you health, 
happiness and 
a bright future! 


Mom, Dad and 


Kaitlin L. Moynahan 

Congratulations Katie! 
We are so proud of you. 

Love and Best Wishes! 

Mom, Dad, Shannon & Peter 

Wallace J. Gamber, 

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, 
instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. 

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Congratulations Chip! 
With our unconditional love and support, 
Mom, Dad and Dorothy 

Lindsay Guinan 

Four years... so much has 
happened and we couldn't be 
happier! We are so proud of 
you as our daughter, a sister, 
and now a nurse and bride- 
to-be. Look forward with 
joy to a beautiful time! 

We Love 

Mom, Dad, 
and John 

Michael Larson 


You have learned many important life lessons in your 
four years at Curry. We are very proud of you and 
your successes as you close this chapter of your life. 
As you begin the next chapter rememver the key to 
success is in your attitude; stay positive and you will 
continue to succees. If you dream it U-Conn do it! 

We love you, 

Mom Dad, Tim, and Jo 

Gram, Gramp, Amma and Buddy. 

Lauren Brighenti 

Congratulations Lauren!! 

We are so proud of you! ! As 
you follow your path through 
life, we hope all your dreams 
will come true. 

Love Mom, Dad, Anthony & 

S^icccai ^^<i»t^ 

The 2009 Amethyst staff would like to thank: 

The Student Activities Office 

Brian Winchester 

Tara Anderson 

Ken Golner 

Karen D'Amato 

and everyone who submitted photos 







im ■Si" 

L±^\ Mill 



,1. t