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ZainbHinra, Mindanao, P, L 




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In preparing this abridged edition of a larger work 
njy aim lias been to supply a full Malay Vocabulary 
in a book of conveniently small size. 

1 have followed the phonetic system of romauised 
spelling presciibed by the Federated Malay States 
Government, but have added a good many variants 
to assist persons accustomed to other orthogTaphical 





The reeonimendatiotiB of tlie Committee appointed by the Fede- 
rated Malay States Government in 1904 to lay down rules for 
I'omauising Malay may be summarised ae follows : 

(i) The Eoman hitters iised should be given their English 
values as i-egards consonunts and thoir Italian values as regards 
vowels ; 

(ii) The peculiar Malay indeterminate vowel should be repre- 
sented by ."; 

(iii) The peculiai' Arabic letters i, (ji> and b should all 
Ite repPBBented by th ; 

(iv) Words like (rl^, ^^'^i i^^j ^^^■< should be always 
written with the h. Iwtween two letters n — e.g., i"ihaja, hahavti, 
hahaya, ei(f. ; 

(v) In selecting the vowel for use in final eynsonants we 
should follow the following convention ; 

(") nng (not ting), oh (not vh), ok (not iik), urn, (not om), 
iin (not o-n). ul (not nl), ii^ (not oj>), kj» (not ok), 
«»■ (not or), vt (not of), n (not o) : 
(h) eh (not ik), ek (not ik), ing (not eng). im (not em), 
in (not m), il (not el), ip (not e,p), in (not ps), h- 
(not er), it (not el), i (not e). 
But if the penultimate vowel is e or o, the final should contain 
e or o in preference to i or m— e.g., pokon (not pohun), kofor (not 
kofttr), gesel (not gesil). 

Hosed byGoOgle 






, Ar. august, 
tdnu'l-aadziin, the augast Bultao- 
i.e. the Sultan of Turkey in contrs 
disfinctioii to local Malay rulera, 

Aalam. Ar. all-knowing; omniscient 
fixi'llakti aalam, God knoweth beat. 

aalau, Ar. the snbeoriberB (tn 

abadi, Ar, eternal. 
Bbadiat, Ar. eternity. 
abab-ftbah, tackto, gear, harness. 
Abaimana, the lower orifices of t1 

■,g. elder brotliei 

aban, a, large tortoise. 

abdi, Ar. a slave, 

abBlnr, Pera. crystal. 

abjod, Ar. tho alphabet accoriling to 

tlie numerical values of the letters 

aa used in divination. 
aboe, Ch. sir; a i-especttnl f.ina of 

a^dreea to Chinese headmen. 
abok, see halot. 
abrak, Ar. mica. 
abu, I. Ar. father of — e.g. in proper 

names Buck as Aba-halcar. II, ashes, 

cinders ! ular abv, a name for the 



abnan, a share, s portion. 

abnr, mSngabur^ to lavish. 

acliaiL. to get into a person^s way ; 
to olratiiiet (unintentionally or in 

aohar, I. Hind, pickles ; preserves in 
vinegar. II. (Kedab) a sink ; arul^- 

acbara, Skr. a rule of couduct ; a. 
religious observance. 

Etchat, (Kedah) a small leech. 

Acheh, Aohecn. 

aohi, I. achi-achi, the lever by whiolt 
the boom of a Malay boat is turned 
round and round so as to fold up tho 
sail; also cftoi'fii. II. done ! agi'eodl 
siidah aehi, it is settled ; ta'-'\chi, it 
is off. 

oclia, to menace ; to attempt or ap- 
pear to attempt without fully carry- 
ing out — e.g. to raise one's arm to 
strike without aetunlly striking ; to 
essay ; to assay, to test, to try. 

aDhuaii, a mould or matrix. 

aohtun., mischief-making, faJe-boar. 
ing; mJngacJittiH, to libel, to slander. 

ada, to be; to be present; (o exist; 
to be at home (to a visitor) ; to exist 
in connectiou n ith, to appertain to, 
to have ; ada orang, there arc people 
present; ada lu^t, ada-lah plrompahf 
whore there arc seas, there 



pirate* ! sahaya ada dutt, (colloquial) 
I li«TB money, I am rioh j adaJian 
and THingadakan, to create, to Call 
into exisMnce, to appoint ; Isiadaim, 
■tate, eiistence, condition of life, 
position,' tiacju, is not J there is not; 
ta,'-daj}at-tiada, there cannot but bo ; 
there maat be t must. 
MUb, At. roapeot ; courtesy ; man- 
ners (especiftliy propriety in beha- 
Tionr to one's elders or snperiora) ; 
dingan a., courteouBly, reapeotfullj! 
btofiab, lack of manners; disrespect- 

Adam, Ar, a proper name, Ailam; 
jijiti A., Adam, the common ancestor 
of all man; anak A., or bani A., ha- 

ftdftnff, 1. obstruct; intercept ; bar- 
ring a paesage; opposing a barrier 
1 ; mingadang, to interpose between ; 
to keep somethiug off; m, musok, to 
keep the foo at a diatencoj to keep 
off onemies. II. adSTtg-adang, at 
times, sometimes i =kadang-'kadans. 

ados, adaa manit, aniseed; a. pidns, 

adat, At. cuslom ; customary law ,■ 
customary behaTioor; proper beha- 
viour; courtesy; law; a. Mlnang- 
kahau, the (cusbomarj') law of Me- 
nangkabau ; elpSrli adat-nya, as Was 
his custom; llradat, in accordance 
with custom ; proper, courtooua. 

aSelc, younger brother or sister ; 
cousin younger than oneself ; a term 
of endearment to one slightly young- 
er than oneself; a. blradek, near 
relatirea ; mStxgaiti o. biradek, to 
accept as a brother or sister — i.e. to 
terminate a closer relation in a 
friendly manner, or to set a limit to 
possible relations; a. »ii-jmpv, a 
(younger) first consin. 

Mi, sir. excellent, noble, eminent ; 
(in expression usually met with in 
titles — e.g. adipati, ttdiraja. 

»Alb, Ar. respectful— the adjeetire of 
(idat, q.T, 


adllia, see andeka. 

adikara, Skr. majestic, 

mUI, Ar, just, fair, honest — used of 

Buperiors being just to their aubordi- 

nates or of a judge being impartial. 
adinda, younger brother or sister } 

a more courteous variant of adek, q.r, 
ading, younger brother or sister ; a 

variant (in Malayo -Javanese litera- 

tiire) o£ adek. 
adipati, Stc. an ancient eialted title 

used in Java. 
adiraja, Skr. very royal ; royal by 

descent ; a component part ot many 

Malay titles of distinction ; also di. 

adiirania, Skr. glowing with colonr, 

adoh, alas ! oh ! an exclamation of 

pain, sorrow, or regret. 
adobl, alaa ! oh! —adoh, 
adoJc, stirring up ; thoroughly knead- 
ing or miiing ; ckampar adok, a mix- 
ture ; miscellaneous. 
adn, I. conteat, competition ; to sue 

(in court) ; to refer for decision ; 


adu. to contend, to compete; mSng' 

adukan hat, to represent one's case; 

adiian, a lawsuit ; the plaintiff in a 

case. II. blradii, to sleep (of a 

prince) ; plradtmn, a couch, a bed, 

a, bedroom. 
adtm, I. finery in dreaa ; advnlaii 

pSngantin, to deck out a brid^room, 

II. adtiit-an, dough ; mlngadnji, W 

adiati, Ar. sorrow, pain, trouble ; also 

adauat, Ar. awful, terrible, awe- 
inspiring; also aimiat. 
afiat, Ar. health ; good health ; eehnt 

a&it, Ar. an evil spirit. 

agah, to crow, of a baby. 

agak, conjecture, guessing; afah- 
agaJi, approximately, about, as far at 
onecangnee8;moreorleaB; agai-nya . 

— id,;(tiriiAfBranjo«,ifbyBJiyohance, ("li^olp 

^ral, (Kedah) an unidentified specie* 

of tortoifle. 
Afpaa, maiculine, manlj, big, etoat, 


_ w, Skr. religions "■ Jsiam, the 

MuhBmmB^ii religion ; also igama 

saA vgama. 
K0UI, mati hiragan, to <lie nlthoat) 

TJaibla cause \ to seem alive in death 

=ma(i hirakan, from aScin. 
agttr, I. Hind, in order that, go that 

= tapaya. It. agar-agni; a kind oE 

seaweed need for making jelly. 
ngMt, a sandity. 
jfcgvli, a share agreed npon ; the sharo 

to be allottud to anyone. 
ftgok, a neot-omament worn by 

women and children. 
agong, large, great, main (in certain 

eipressions only) ! tiaag a,, the main. 

mast; fa^ar a., the mainaailr a. afantf 

a prince of the oaj^h. 
AgUH, Jav. fair, handeome. 
■ih, ah ! oh ! an ezolamation of pain 

or anguish. 
Hhad, Ar. hari akad, Sundays the 

fiTet day of the week ; Aliahit ahad, 

God is one. 
aUi, I. At. versed in, expert in ; 

II. At. a Tariant of aklu, q.v. 
nUn, Ar, family ; people j men who 

do or are versed in anything ; a?tlu'n- 

iiKJam, astrologers ; ahlu'l-ktiran, ei- 

pertB on the Koran. 
aJuuftk, Ar. dense, stupid, uuintelli^ 

tkho, ho ! there ! on iuteTJection of 

sammons or to call attention. 
ahwftl, At. things, matters, events, 

O0Gurrenr«9| iSgcdahal ahwal plTJcara 

ita, all the facta of the case. 
1^1 f es, yes ! an interjection of eager 

ttll), Ar. a shame, a disgrace; mJm- 

blri a., to put to ahame ; to disgrace. 
kin, Ar, ai'n-ut-bnnaf, the name of 

»i cloth sometimes mentioned is 

alyar, Ar. » swindler, a cheat. 


ajaib Ar, wonderful, miraculous, 
strange ; hhtda yang ajaib, a Corio ; 
an extraordinary article. 

ajak inr'tat'on suas'on to do any- 
thing m. nifajajt to nvite, 

t^al, \i allotted t me ; destiny ; 
alloted of ! fe tiada aanijwi 
ajal ya h s t me ( o die) ha» not 
yet ome 

ajar I teaoV g struetion ; ajar- 
kan to teach Miaja to learn; pi' 
laja an, learmng , the thii^ taught 
or learnt ; plngajaran, the act of 
teaching ; the process of teaching ; 
the lectures of anyone ; plngajai; a 
teacher. II. 8kr. ajar-ajar, devotees ; 
ascetics ; diwiples o( an ascetic 

aji, I. Jav. royal ; ranio a,, or Bopo a,, 
sovereign father, sire ; kakang a., 
royal hrother j sang-aji, king, ruler, 
sacred majesty. II. mSnyaji, to reail 
(the Koran) ; to study (religion) ; to 
Study generally. 

l^naB, Ar. miscellanies; sorts; tuli- 
fatu'l-ajnas, " a gift of varions atti- 

tolary language to describe the letter 

ajok, mimicry, imitation ; ridicule by 
mimicry; mSngajok, to take off. 

ajon, widest frsm the mark ; last ia 
the competition. 

akal, Ar. intelligence, underatandinj;, 
mind; b^rafcal, intelligent; a.baligh, 
maturity, years of discretion ; pan- 
jang a,, resonroeful. 

akan., to, approach to; motion to- 
wards ; intention to ; budak yang 
ahan inSngajt, a boy about to stndy ; 
akan-daiu, to me g akan-dia, Co him ; 
akait-akan, lifco, resembling, very 
similar to; $a-aian-akan, almost ex- 
actly like J blrakan = biragan — v, 

akar, root, Sbre; ^.olimMng or creep- 
ing plant ) tiada rotan akar pita bir~ 
puitd, if you cannot get a rattan any 
flbre will \m nnfnl (half a loaf is 


AKA« -I 

better thunnft bread), proT. ; birakir, 
. to take rout. 

akas, lively, nimble, graceful. 
akat, ir. to settle ; to conclnde ; to 

put tlirongh; a. nikah, to xettle Hie 

details of a laarriBge; a, parang, to 

deal in goods, to trade.- 
tdfbBir, Ar. most great, tilmigbty ; 

AlUihu flfcijor. Rod is almighty. 
akA, Ar. agate, <!i>meliBJi ; coral. 
alchTiar, Ar. news ; a, newspaper. 
kkllir, Ar. last; the end; al'hii 

n the e 


; for e 

to the end of t 

•Uiizftt, Ar. eternity, the life to come. 

aU, to' aki, (Perak) grandfather. 

akaara, Skr. letter, olphabeticnl eym- 

akn, I. I, me, myself; akandakii, to 
jae i akii n&Jnuaj -wG ^ akti sakaUav , id. 
II. mSngakv, to admit, to accept (a 

al, Ar. the. 

alabtULgba, Fort, a crowbar, 

alab, to be worst«d ; to lose (a uou- 
lest); ala hi«a oteh biasa, theory is 
woratod by practice, prov. ; alakkan 
Bud mSngalahkan-, to vanquish, to 
bring into sabjection, 

alahan. a dried up nVer-bed. 

alailii, Ar. npon him; to him, 

alaUnun, Ar. upon you ; to you. 

alam, Ar. the world. 

alamat, Ar. si^u, token. 

alaa-alon, a jeat^r ; a buSooii ; a 

alanff, I. cross, across; a. balai, the 
croBB-beams over an andience-hall. 
II. alight (in importance), of little 
aocoQut; a. kipalang, id. j buion, 
alang-alang of no little importance, 
importOBt,weishty; a. nZanpan, half- 
hearted, slight i alang-kah, is it of 
no importance that,., — a somi-sar- 
OBstio interro((atice enhancing the 
force of a statement. 
'alap, sedate, bIow, quiet. 

alar, the child of a slave (of the clasB 


alaa, I, foundation, basis, frameworlc, 
stand ; a. kahi, a footstool ; «. baju, 

.the lining o£ a' coat; a. peanu, n, 
numnah J a. mmah, the fonnda- 

■ tions of a house. II. Jav. nioertn,the 
jangle. , 

alat, Ar. equipment, apportenances ; 
a. kSrajaa/a, regalia ; a. pSraiig and 
a. sSnjata, milifau7 equipment ; alati 
and mSngalafkan, to St oat. 

alali, change of position, moving, 
shiftiiw; ; also kalek, 

al«k, iXafi-alek, backwards and for- 

alffoja, Port, an executioner. 
all-^, a sliug ; rajut a.-a., the Bookot 

of a sling, 
allf, the name of the first letter of 

the alphabet. 
alim, Ar. wise, loamod ; lining/ a., a 

alln, medicinal rubbing i the use of 

an embrocation. 
aJitLlT, vla-ng aling, motion to and fro, 

backwards and forwarde. 
allr, Sowing ] floating down stream ; 

mSngalir, Ut flow ; mSngaUrkan, to 

set floating ; tali alir, a floating tine 

used for catching crocodiles. 
alia. Jav, the eyebrow. 
alit, touching up the edge of anything 

with colour ; colouring tho edge of 

the eyelid. 
albari, Port, sealing- was. 
alku, a go-between, a pimp, 

Allah, Ar. God, 

aUakununa, Ar. my God ; O God ! 

attoari. Port, a wardrobe, an aJ- 

almaB, Ar. a diamond. 

alonffan, Jav. a pool, a mere. 

alpa, Skr. carelessness, negligence ; 
to treat with carelessnesa ; also I6pa. 

alfi, clever, smart. 

ain. I. a pestle, a ponnder. II. mang- 
alit-ngalukan, to welcome ; <« rc- 

.'oeive a guest with assidaoas atten- 
tion. III. ikan alu-alii, a large flah 


ALUN . [ 

lillUl, T. grouniJ-Bwell ; long colling 
waves 1 bSratiin and mlngalun, to 
roll-up, of the sea ; to be tempes- 
tnoua. II. Jar. al-an-aiun, the espla- 
nade in front of a Javanese palace. 

nlor, the channel of a I'iver; the 
hollowed-out ^}cA of a atream. 

alwat, &i. »loca-wood. 

Kma^ I. a gnat, an atom. II. Ar. 
ama haad', well then after that... 
an opening to a Malay paragraph. 

Oman, a Chinese nucise. 

Amal, Ar. good works ; meritorious 
deeds in the eyes of Qod. 

unan, Ar, peace, safety ; raeroy, f or- 

t. At. security ; fidelity. 

aman^, I. tourmaline, wolfcani. II. 

■ mlngamang, to threaten, to menace. 

amor, Ar. order, command, edict ; the 
commands of the Deity. 

funat, exceeding, very ; 'iramat, snr- 
paeaii^ly ; ainati, amat-amati and 
mlmpSramaf'amafi, to look very 
closely at ; to devote careful attcn- 

aiabal, a fixed riverine purse-net. 

junbal, I. ambalan, a procession j 6Sj-- 
ambal-ambalan, in procession, troop- 
ing after. II. a mg. 

Mnban, bamhooa lasted to a boat's 
side to increase its stability. 

ambang', the lintel of a door ; mSng- 
nmtuitj, to just aoeni to rest on the 
horizon, of the sun or moon; to re- 
main motionless in the air, of a bird ; 

. thintaambang-amhaiigan, "wishing" 
when the moon just appears over 
the horizon — a most propitious time 
according to Malay belief. 

lUKbar, I. Ai'. ambergris. II. in- 
sipid, tasteless, vapid. 

ambil, taking over; taking and re- 
taining (and not merely picking up) i 
a. pldoman, to Bet the course by the 
compass ; a. angin, to take an airily, 
to go for a walk ; minffamftit, totake ; 
mhigambil akan mSnantu, to take M 
a son-in-law ; to give one's dai^hter 

a burden 

the hack 

tunbohi, hullo oh an etclaniatictn 

- of aslonishmtnt 

ambonEC, I. a sort of native knapsack, 
II. mSagambong, to auigi- up, of 
waves. III. ambong-anib<»-g, a sea- 
shore shrub (seoii.' la toenigt). 

aittbnl, rebounding by the force of 
elaatitaty ; mSngamhtd, to rebound 
( as a baU(. 

ambnr, = hambar, 

ombUB, mlagambua, to run away. 

• lian, to keep repeatin] 

amok, a furious attack; Bn"amuok''; 

mfiigamok, to ran amuik; to attack 

antpal, hanging and waving loosely ; 

anipauin kain, a clothes-line ; ampai- 

amjiai, a small stinging jelly-fish-^ 

c.f. lampai, 
ampat, see iiapat 
ampoilff, drifting, to drift— cf. 

apong, lampong, etc. ' 

ampu, holding np by pressure froin 

below ; mlngainpu, to hold up, to 

support (as corsets hold up the 

ampnan, tBngJcn ampit'in, a raja's 

prineipai wife. 
atupnl, -iningampal, to swell ont; to 

be blown out. 
ampim, pardon, forgiveness J mSmin- 

ta a., to ask (orgivenosa ; ampimi, 

ampunkan and vvSngaiajninkan, to 

amput, (vulgar) sexual congress. 
amra, Hind, the hog-plum, 
amrls, Ar. «™t amris, the mnsdea 
at the side of the throat)-. 

the throat. 


aiiai-tui»i, the nhite ant 

tlio ter> siia.kda, aon — a, variant of atiaTiandH, 

Miak, child, offgpiing, isanc, the 
yonng of an Bnimal ; the native (of 
a place) ; the relationship of an ac- 

. C6BBOIJ to a principal object or of a 
component part tfl a whole ; a. anali- 

, ati, a puppet, a doll, an image ) a. 
angkat, a ohitd bj adoption ; a. anjin^, 

. a pnppy i a. ni/ara, a chicken i a, ayer, 
a riviilBtj 0. bini, family, wife and 

' family ; a, huah, the people nnder 
the charge of a native headman or 
chief j a.^ buanffan, a fonndling; a- 
chnckit, descendants; a. dagwng, a 
foreigner ; a. dam, a maiden ; a. daif- 
oiig, an oarsman ; a. gahara, a legiti- 
mate child; a. gampang, an illegiti- 
mate child of doubtful paternity; a. 
penta, the clapper of a bell ; a. gobtk, 
a betel-nut ponnder ; a. gvia, sjrupi 
a, gundeh, a oon by a secondary wife g 
a. haratn, an ill^timate child ; a, 
jori, a finger ; a. ilmbar, a twin ; a, 
hanehi, a key; a. laki-laH, a boy, a 
son ; a. lidak, the nvula ; a. murid, 

. a |iupil ; a, nSgSri, a native of the 
country; a. orang, other people's 
children (especially tbeir daughters); 
a. panahj an arrow ; a, p5riihu, a 
boatman; a. pSrimpuan, a girl, a 
daughter 1 a. piatti, an orphan; a, 
raja, a prince ; a. rambat, the fringe 
of hair over the forehead; a. rada, 
the spoke of a wheel ; a. eulong, the 
eldeat-bom; a. ituinba«,g, a child of 
incept; a. suitgai, a small tributary 
stream ; a. tangga, a step, a rung ot 
a ladder; □. ilHnga, the external 
grisliy portiou of the ear; a, tSruna, 
a bachelor, an unmarried youth ; a. 
Hri, a step-child ; a. tanggal, an only 
child] l/lranale, to bo poeaesied of a 
child, to bear n child ; roSmparanot- 
ian, to beget; ^ngaiiiilc, a sort of 
drum ; pHranakaii, boru in tlie coun- 

onakaiida., aon— a respectful and 
endearing form of hikjI-. 

ananda, son— a variant of anakanda. 
Mlang, my son ; a variant of anale 
occurring in Malay o -Javanese litera- 

anbia, Ar. propheta ; the plural of nahi. 

anchai, to let go, 

ancbafc, a roneh wide-intersticed 
creel or basket of bamboo in which 
offerings ore placed for evil spirits ; 
hnaiiij a., to malte such offerings. 

ancbar, Jav. the upas-tree ianiiarit 

aneliok, the pairing of animals. 
asolioil^, a glazed earthenware pot. 
auchn, I. a large raft. II. cross> 

beams under a nibong flooring. 
anda, Skr. the musk-glands in a civet g 

a. Muliiri, the name of a, Malay fweet* 

andai, T. the hook to which the sheet 
of a Malay sail is attached. II. andai~ 
vyo, possibly. III. see }Mndai. 

audak, ^nimiandoMaa layar, to reef 

andal, vndok andal, in swift SQCOBB- 

eion (of work). 
andam, Pers. the dressini^ of the hair 

above the foreliead ; the fringe of a 

andang, I. a torch of dry leaves. 

II, andang-andnng, the yard on a, 

ship or boat. 
audar, Ar, mati uadur, to die nn- 

andaa, a block with a flat surface ; 

audelca, I. Jav, you— a pronoun of 
the second person used in addressing 
people of rank. II. descent; the 
dignity of a hereditary non-sovereign 
chief; also (in Ferak) adiha. 

andoli, support by means of a sling ; 
andohon sStocfii, the slings under a 
boat at the davit8 j lali andoh, the 
lashings of a gun. carriage. 

audoman, Skr. a (Kodah) variant of 
ttaiionum, q.v. ; aeo also daman. 



audong, the dracoena of gardena 

{cordyline tefminalis), 
Audnti, Jar. mSn^andun jiirang, to 

mitke war = mSngadu pirang. 
tuidnr, a buflalo-^eigli. 
ftneka, Skr. kinds, apecieBi siria a., 

of different kinds, yarioui 5 also mefet. 
angait, thoaghts, ideas, tlio mind, 

uenally angan-angan ; eiti jaga di- 

angan-angan, my lady ia erer in my 

nngalc, (Kedah) ungak-angei, bobbing 

up and down. 
angga, tine of a deer ; mSravg>ja tan- 

dok, with branching horns. 
imggai, a sign (in very high-flown 

language), = isHarat. 
KiH^'^i buoyant, lightly laden; Hglit 

(of aickness). 
iMggKp, a ohallonging invitation at 

a game ; biranggop-anggopan, in 

turns, turn and torn about. 
ang^ar, reckoning, calculation; 

anggaran pllayaran, navigation (as 

a science) ; mSmhiiat anggaran, to 

lake bearings j a-nggaran bwrong, the 

perching place of a bird, 
anggara, see angkara. 
anggan,, clutching at anything ; put- 
ting out the hand (o seize. 
ai^gSrek, an orchid. 
anggSrka, lajii ongg^rka, a long 

an^it, fEistening together ; rvtan 
penganggit atap, a rattan for fafiten- 
ing ataps ; lolaii iinggit, the rattan 
binding outside a di'um. 

ang^k, to nod the head ; also 

Anggota, Skr. limbs ; the members 
of the body. 

anggttl, to Uft at the bows, to pitch 
(of a boat). 

a'ni^im, fastidions, affected in man- 

auggoz, I, transplanting. II, Pcra, 
the vine, Brapes, (by simile) grape- 
shot, shot! mjei- a., •wiae;buah a., 
grapes; tai-ak a,, a yine-shoot. 


III, better, rather, it were better 
anglu, a wind, a breeie, a cnrrent of 
air; a. bamt, a west wind ; n. darat, a 
land breeze ; a. gila, an uncertain 
wind; a. paiing bSiiony, a whirlwind; 
a.salbii2,itheBd-wind; a. aSUniiiubu, an 
eddying wind;«. (imtn nrnnff, a wind 
on the beam 1 amhil a., to go for au 
airing; ckahnp a., vaponring, empty 
talk ; di-atas a., west, countries from 
which shipa used to come in the 
south-west monsoon; di-baiaak a., 
Malara, Bnrma, etc., countries to 
which people come from the west 
during the south- west monsoon ; 
kSpala a., flighty ; kSreta a., a switoli-' 
back railway, (sometimes) a bicycle; 
ndkan a,, to set well in a breeze (oi 
a sail) , to take an airing ; mata a., the 
direction from which the wind is 
blowing; minjaritiJi a., to waste time ; 
pJrchai/u. o., vain hopes or expecta- 
tions; pSnyakita., a generic name for 
internal diseases which it is hard for 
a native doctor to diagnose ; pokoli a., 
a storm-cloud ; angiiiiati, to dry in a 

augka, Skr. a numerical flgnre, a 
cypher 1 a. dua, the figure two, the 
roduplicatiou- mark. 

angkap, a variant of anggap, q.r. 

angk^a, Skr. violence, gross bruta- 
lity or disrespect, violence to a gii'l 
or woman ; hina a., a low brute ; 
aitua a., a fabulous monster of great 

angkaia, Skr. the regions of the aii', 
the heavens ; detra. a., a celestial 
deity ; uitggaa a., a bird of the air. 

angkat, raising, lifting, bringing np ; 
anak a., an adopted child j angliat- 
angkat, gait, hearing; atighaikan, to 
raise, to lift ; anghilan, an expedi- 
tionary force ; anghitaa raja diraja, 
the hearse at a sovereign's funeral ; 
bSranglcat, to go (of aprinee). 

angkaa, see Ingkuu. 

Migkit, raising (small light objects), 



picking up; tflol angHt-angkil, 

anf koh, proud, liaiijj;ht3', 

tULffkok, the figure head of a n itive 

Miffknp, tweezers, forceps 
Ulg'knt, raising piecemeal, piobug 

Dp one nt a time, iiiLnj/angkut, to 
. keep picliiiig np and renioMugj 

ungkitt-a'agliut, the mason-bee 
MLglo, Ch. n braaer 
anfflons, apuTihon, a Eummer-iiouee. 
ftngia, Skr. a goose. 
a&^ana, the anaenna-tree ; also 

Mtg^aokn, Skr. the name uf a tree 

iaigvtu, progress in short stages ; 
in instaltnents. 

ongllB, see hangus. 

angut, day -dreaming — e.g. nnder the 
' influence of opium. 

ami, mlngani, to arrange the pattern 
on a weaver's loom. 

aniaya, Skr. oppression, injustice, 

aninf -aniuB', ^ large ivssp. 

ai^a. halliard. 

anjak, to shift one's position slightly i 
edging away. 

aajal, minganjal,io spring hack into 
its original position (of n fletible 

anjanff, Utam nujang nnjano, a va- 
riety of crab. 

ailjililali, £ug. iiip"l anjimaii, an 
East Indiaman (ship) 

anjiuff, a dogi dog, as a term of 
abuBo ; anjiiig-anjitig the muscle of 
the calf i a. (i^r, an otter, a hutan, 
a wild dog 1 unak a , a pnppj , gigt a., 
the canine teeth ; •fftiibnia a., a d<^. 

Mijlr, Pers. the fig. 

tatjmig, a projecting npper-floor 

room; a sort of cotered verandah 

over a porch or drive. 
ai^Jnx, m^nganjai; to project, to 

Stretch out. 

aanm, Jav. fair, handaome ; mtu n., 

the handsome prince; Sira Panji. 
annr, a (Kedah) rariant of andur, q.v. 

aata, I. Skr. eiiatence, entity, natui«; 
fc^raWa iTidera, divine 1 fiSranm loSa, 
earthly, mundane ; anta Msoma, 
flowery; the name given to a Malay 
diah (made of Ulfdek). II. Skr. 
■aaija onta-hoga, the great SDrpenf.. 

aatab, the husk ; tho outer skin of 

antak, to tap the gronnd with the 
ciiahion of tho foot, the heel remain- 
ing Btntionary, 

antan, a pestle. 

autap, heavy for its size j of great 
specific gravity. 

antaE, = hanlai-. 

antor-antar, a ramrod ; a pounder. 

antara, Skr. space between ; time 
between; Ai-aiUara, during the in- 
terval between ; in tho space be- 
tween ; among ; ingat antara bgium 
t5«a, think before you are involved in 
anything (look before yon leap), prov. 

anteb, mSngimteli, to spin (threwl). 

anteias, Ar. setiu. 

antero. Port, the whole; a. ESlang, 
the whole of Klung — i.e. the district 
and not the mere town. 

auti, iiiitai; anti, convulsive move- 
mcnl.; a\so &ntalc-anti. 

antU, fintal-anlilf swaying loosely. 

anting, hanging down and swaying ; 
peiidnlonB ; wiitang-miting — id. of 
many objects swaying at a time ; 
antiTig-anli-ag, an ear-pendant; bu. 
rang aniing-a'nti-tig, racqnet -tailed 
drongo (dinnemunii platmua). 

antok, I. mSnga^itoli, to be drowsy or 
sleepy. II. colliding ; hlrantai, to 
collide I gigi MfanioJc, chattering 
teeth ; ISraittok, in collision ; suddh 
tirantoh baharv, tUngadah, to look np 
after the collision (to shnt the stable- 
door after tho steed has been stolen), 

autul, mlngaidaJ, to bound back, t<^ 
fall iHick, 

■ id by 



fULtnn, Urantun, to bu particalar 
about one's dreas. 

MLtnp, Jav. the sting of an tneect. 

Ann, ancli and sncb s -anu, eo-and- 
aoidi-kaapiynganii at such-and-saoh 
a place 

anngSrali bbr favour grace ; the 
gift of a superior to an iuferior; 
anag^Tahi to bestow to confer a. 
favour OD 

annn, a (Keiiah) vansut of unu, 

aayam, plmting ; basket and ma,t- 
worlt ; tninsanyam, to plait. 

AJijaaig, to Bweep up rubbish into 

aiLjrek, onyah-anyelc, vacillating, iin- 
deoidedi sbakiug (as a loose tooth). 

lUiyutf see hanyut^ 

apa, what ; dia, oratig iipa, nliat is 
he P apa-huat, what are yon doing ? 
apa-apa, whatever! apa-bila, when, 
whenever ; apa fasal, why ? upa 
guna, what is the use ? apa-h-ila, 
when, whtsnever j apa-Utgi, what 
then P apa-laJi, please— i.e. as mnoh 
as foa pteaBC ; kkabari apa-lah, tell 
me something (whatever you like) ; 
apu-macham, how; what kind of; 
in what way; apa eSbab, why; ana- 
tah, what... ? haiang-apii, whatever; 

' bgblrapa, in some quantity ; some, 
several j bSrapa, in what quantity ; 
how many, how mncb ? bstapa, how, 
why P kSnapa and mSitgapa, why P 
siajti, who? tiadamlngapa.oi {aoMo- 
qniftlly) tidab apa, no matter, never 

ap&blla, when ; whenever. 

apok, Jav. foul, fetid (of oiloiir). 

apakala, when, whonevcr. 

apam, Tam, a thin cake. 

apas, striking, effective (of costume). 

ap«k, I. Bpruoe, smart, neat. II. 
chaJcap npcJc-apeIc, tale -bearing ; mis- 
obievous or inconsistent talk. 

api, fire; alight; a light-house ; api- 
api, a generic name for a number of 
trees of the mangrove olosH ; asap a., 
smoke; 6ara a., Eve embers; balua., 


flint; httiiga a., sparks, liroworts; 
Ai-makwit a,, burnt ; •johek a., a flro 
syringe ; gmx^mg a., a volcano ; kapal 
II,, a stearashi"; tayu a., firewood: 
kireta a., a railway; a steam tram- 
way; laut a., the tiery sea (hell); 
plrio<i a,, a bomb, a shell; simut a., 
a long black stinging ant; bh-opi, 

apilan, a gun-shield. 

apit, wedging between two surfaces 
(not connected by a hinge) ; apitan, . 
n. printing-press ; mSiujapit, to press 
between two surfaces ; terapif, wedg- 
ed in between. 

apiuiL, Ar. opium, 

apoug. drifting, floating ; floatsnm, 
driftwood ; laieana apong di-tSngah 
laat, like driftwood on the waves 
(helpless), prov. 

apnin, a c^e resembling (but not 
identical with) the apam. 

apns, = hapuf. 

aza, a generic name for trees of the 
fig type; m^nan'iarata'-bSrffStahjto 
wait for the fig to lose its sap (an 
endless wait), prov, 

Arab, Ar. Arabian, Arabic ; nlgSH A., 
Arabia ; bahisa A,, Arabic. 

axah, direction ; a, ka-laat, towards 
tlie sea; sa-kUiling a., on alt sides, 
in all directions ; ta'-fAitit <^, incon- 

acai, ami jSmarai, hanging loosely. 

arak, I, blrarak, to march in proces- 
sion ; pirardkaa, a, processional car ; 
II, Ar. arrack ; rice.apirit ; spirits 

araJclan, furthermore. 

aial, Ar, an obstacle ; a diSiculty ; a 

Oram, I. auspicion. II, ainm tSmaram, 
lustre; clouded over (as 



acang, charcoal; kayv, a,, ebonyj 
■ ij. batu, coal ; u. di-muka, defilement ; 

shame, disgrace, 
ararat, li^ng,. arrowroot. 
aras, I, rising to a level withi 
, . , id by 



min3.ii-a» a., to riae to tlie cloud- 
line. II. a tvenn in cheas. 

■rroali, Ar. the tlirone of God. 

aToli&, Skr, an image ; a, baa-relief. 

ftri, I. Jav. yoanfi^r brother or sister ; 
= adek; ari-ningsaa,id.i = adinda. 
II. ari-an, the piibeB, III, Ar, halter. 
IV. = hari. 

avlft, (nautical) lower nwaj ! 

arif, Ar, loarued, erudite. 

iUdfla, Ar. wiaa men ; the wiso— 
plural of arif, 

«Kin(r, I. fool-smelling. II, tbe Rmall 
piece of worked steel at the top of the 
blade of a kSris (it correspouds in 
some respeots to the guard on a 

arip, Jav. sleepy. 

»rii, I, a bolt-rope, JI. Ar, a hnsband. 

arlt, Jav, a slightly corred knife need 
for tapping trees. 

Arjutui, Skr, the hero Arjutia. 

arUau, see arakian. 

amBrli, At. a rabbit, 

axoag, wading througb water; ford- 
ing ; m^ngarong, tfl "wada throi^h 
water; toford; totraverae; hllayar 
minijaTom}, to put out to sea ; mSag- 
arong doraii, ta wade through blood 
(a metaphor for great slaughter) ; 
i, croHaiug, a channel (a 

metaphor for the d 

of the sea). 
Arpns, catgut. 
artt, see Mrti. 


p eeutml part 

ih (opfti'ucepli- 

axyn., a saw.odged knife, 

Mnroli, Ar, the yital elements iu a 
man; the soal; the spirits of the 
dead ; mnkan a,, a feast in. honour of 
the dead ; tlrhang a., lose of oon- 

, Sfc, hope [ jjuliiH a., hopeleea- 

98 ! Mlang a., id. 

d, Ar, a lion. 

b, pindjng down, whetting ; filing 


(the teeth) i batu ii., a whetstone; 

asahkan, to whet, to grind down. 
MBii, a fi'uit- weevil, 
asak, pressing in or pressing down ; 

ramming into a small space. 
Mial, Ar. origin i a. uml, history j 

origins; lineage 1 nsai-iiya, originally; 

asalkan (or simply asal), if, provided 

that, if only. 
^um, acid, sour ; acid fruits ; lalc- 

sana amm Afngan garaia, like acide 

and flaJt (which go well together), 

prov. ; limau a., the lime, 
aaap, smoke, vapour ; aeapkan, to 

fumigate ; to perfume with incense | 

^rasajian, a censor. 
aaek, giddy behaviour. 
aihik, Ar. enamoured ; in love ; lover. 
asin, salt, saline. 
Wting, distinct, SFparato, apart ; 

orang a., another person, a diHerent 

person ; aningiaii, to sot apart ; to 

aakar, Ar. soldiery, 
aanxara, Skr. love ; sexual love. 
aaoh, mlnga^ah, to nurse; pengasoh, 

Skr. an octagonal pattern 

&«n, gigi asit, the canine teeth, 
sumi, stirring up enmity, egging 
to a quarrel ; mSngaaiit, to egg on. 



atap, rooSng; thatch of pali 
a. ayan, a corrugated iron root; a, 
latu, a. ghntitig, or a. siiek t^n^giling, 
a tiled roof; a. gajah mBntjiuu, a 
covered way. 

atae, minyak atar, otto of roses. 

aias, position above ; with reference 
to ! about; di-utoa, above; ka-atae, 
upward, to a place above. 

atan, Skr. or, 

atonff, tlratoag-atimg, riding at an- 

fttOT, Betting in order; 



alnran, regnlatianE ; afwlcan, to Bet 

atliB, (Kedah) ba Sltsx; bo rioHe. 
Rnlla, Ar. a saint; the saints. 
ftoni, (ontjmntopcBic) ; mlngaum, to 

growl (as a tiger), to murmur (hb a 

ftnr, a generic nanie given to niaEj 

large t^uuboos. 
ana, to be worn away by friction. 
aata, false, lying. 
fcWai:, body, person, »elf; contents! 

you, thou (in Johor and Pahang) j a. 

plrahu, the crew of a ship. 
aiWBl, Ar. begianing ; first ; a, jnueim, 

the beginning of the BeaaoD. 
Kmu, clond ; cloud-like pattern ; a. 

mSngandons hKjan, a roin cloud ; a. 

timiul, pattern in relief; a. liiiggU- 

am, an incised pattern. 
AVaniTi I- young fellow, young man, 

youth. II. aviang-avmng or axi-ang- 

att^ngan, the lower heftTena ; the 

space between earth and aky. 
Kwex, — hawar. 

airaB, keen sight! second sight. 
ftwat, I. why, what, wherefore. II. 

the ridge between plough -furrows ; 

mS-tnMchdh a., to croBB-plough. 
ayAh, I, father, aire; a. ioitdo, parenta. 

II. Hind, an Indian nurse. 
ayaliaiida, aire (in court language). 
I^nk, sifting; m&ngayah, to pass 
. through a sieve ; ayikan, a sieve. 
nyiaa, a generic name for fowls ; u. 

bila'ada, a turkey i a. diiuik or a. 

fiM(an,ajnnglefowl; a. ifeft, poultry j 


a. jaiiian, a cock; a. Icati or a. him- 
hiri, a, capon; a. laatiara, a gniaea- 
fowlj a,. yiSgar, the flre-baek phea- 
sant (lopftura rufa) ; ayam-ayam, a 
watercock ; oitot a., a chicken. 

ATan, Eng. corrugated iron. 

ftjrapau, victuals. 

ayat, Ar. verse of the Koran. 

ayer, water, liquid, juice, sap ; a. bah, 
a flood; a. batu, ice; a. gain, syrup; 
a. klras, spirits ; a. madu, honey ; n. 
mata, tears; a, matvar, rose-water i 
a, minim, drinking-water; a. muJfa, 
expression of face ; a. <paeang, the 
rising tide; a. pSfoh, perspiration) a, 
surui, the falling tide; o. (otfar, freah 
water ; a. leh, tea ; a. ttrjun^ a water- 
fall; buang a., to ease oneself ; mala 
o., a spring ; tanah a,, territories, 

ayo, an interjection of greeting. 

1170I1, alas ! an exclamation of sorrow. 

ayok, (coarse) sexual congress. 

ayn, Jav. fair, handsome. 

ayon, to rock, to sway ; h^iyun or 
mSngayun, id. ; ayunan, a hammook ; 
a cradle. 

ayut, (coarse) sexual congress. 

Ma, Ar. honoured; in honour (of 

asab, Ar. sorrow, pain, trouble ; also 



akal, Ar, the beginning of 
endless past. 
aiinat, Ar. a talisman, 
asis, Ar. dear, darling, 
asmat, Ar. awe-inspiring; also adl- 

"ba, the name of the second letter of 

the alphabet. 
Iiaada, Ar. after; haada-hu, after 

Iiab, Ar, a chapter; a main division 

of a book. 

baba, a Stiaits-bom Chinese; 

foreigner bom in Malaya, 
babad, Jav. a chronicle, a history. 
babak, set, series ; sa-babak, of 1 

series ; similar, identical. 
babanff, agape ! gaping wide. 

,..,.. ,-T,d by 



tiatsir, dBtretoh; expEmsian; iSrbahar, 

- spread nuti sstretcli. 

ImltaR, driven out of its course (of a 


MM, a, pi;^ ; pis ^ a teiTH of ahose ; 
b. bitta, leckleaaaeae ; b. htilan, a 
vrihi pig; b. katcan, the helf-gromn 
wild pig ( b, ■mmgitt, the young wild 
pig (striped) 1 b. tunggal, the foH- 
grown boar; hxtht b., a Bea-nrcbin ; 

. biifi-ong !•., the adjutant (bird) j gilu b., 

Imlill, wrangling, altercation ; 6S?'- 
babil, to dispute. 

Ilftlllt, interference i dragging third 
parties into a dispute, 

Imbok, dull, denso, stupid, 

.balm, a JaTanese nurse. 

balmr, broad-ixnlied, 

iMolia, reading; the utterance of 

. formnlio, prayers or iuoantations ; 
mlmbacha, to read ; (anila bachaan, 
Towel-pointB ; diacritical marfce. 

iMMhlUlg, see marhwng or imhachang. 

iMMbax. ioqnacious. 

bachln. stinking, fetid, 

baohir, bochor-bacMr, very Icalir, 
constantly running, 

bftolinl. timid, spiritless; ayoim b., a 
oock that will hot Hght. 

tiadak, a generic name for the rhiao- 

. ceroB ami tapir; b. apt, a fabnloUB 
rhinoceros ; b, himpii = b. IcSrbav, ; 
6. kSrbau, the Humatran rhinoceros ; 
£, rai^a, the Jaran rhinoceros (r. eon- 

- dakua) ; 6. tampong, the tapir i =■ 

badam, Pers. the almond; b. china, 

badon, Ar, the body (in contradistinc- 
tion to the soul) ! cf, fuboK 

badanff , a large bamboo tmy or sieve, 

badar, Ar. the moon; the name of a 
plain near Mecca. 

badak, a small knife. 

badi, the evil influences affecting a 
place; also bah-ii. 

mdok, I. clumsy; bulky. II. tho 
name of a fish. 


I .by , 

a wandering 

bado&tf, 3ur, a gorget i 


badnt, Jav. a jester. 

bafta. Pecs, woven fabrics, 

baffal, kind, Bpecies, vari"ty ; like — 
the Penang equivalent for bEjjItH ; 
bagai-bagai, Boris, kinds ; also plU' 
bagai; bSi-bagai-hagai, of different 
Boris ; sa-bagni, like, resembling. 

baf^imoua, bow ? in what way ? 

ba^l, awkward, clnmsy ; too tall, 
too big. 

ba^au. a platform for drying fish ( 
a scaffolding; (Penang) a landing- 

ba^B, continDODB (of a gale). 

ba^au, a plant (iti/ii'e indica). 

bagkal, Ar. a mule, 

bAgi, (Penang) to, for, towards ; to 

ba^mana, = bagaimann. 

baffinda, Sk, kinij, prince, ralerf 
yonr majesty, 

bagini, in this way; thus. 

baf^tu, in that way ; so, 

bagong, clumsy, awkward (of the 
build of a boat), 

bapi, ba^u-bogu, a slice or natural 
sub-dirision of a fruit. 

bajrnr, big for one's age ; oTergrown. 

bagHB, fine, handsome, 

bab, oyer ftah, flood water; inundation. 

babadl, the evil infinences (super- 

. natnral) haunting a place; alsoboiii. 

.bahadml, Fers. knightly, gallant, 

bakagi, to divide ; to allot ; ' ' 
a division, a share. 

iHtkagia, Skr. blcsBiug; bSibahagia, 
fortunate, blessed. 

bakam, holding in the mouth ; chew- 
ing; mouthing; mastication; also a 
coarse equivalent for eating. 

baban, 1. a chunk or large lump 
(especially of wood). II, dmbhing, 
soundly thrashing. 

■ " la, noise i the confused 
iny sounds, 

. .^d by 


'bahaug', the glow of fire; Klowing- 
iiahar, Ar. tho sea; bintu'l-bahar, a 

- niermaid. 

Iialiara, a weight ; cf. hara. 
tlabari, Pers. excellent, noble, worthy, 
liailULTn, new i newlyi juatj just then; 

- not till then ; then^ tofiunb., thenew 
year; bakaru in datang, he has just 

, oome J Also boiit. 

llftlLaci, I. knocking up against. II. 
Ar. debate, discusBion. 

lialuMa, Skr. language; fitting lan- 
guage ; politenesa ; manners ; b. MS- 
layi, t\ie M alay language ; tiada iahv, 
ft., to lack manners i /cvrang b,, id. j 
jalan b., idiom j jwrit b., an inter- 
preter : also bata, 

'bOibaya, Skr. danger, peril; mo™- 
hahaya, id. ; also baya. 

liaUnn, of a truth ; yes j verily ; 
moreover; a strong affirmative, 

1>a]ttdra, Skr. a vessel ; an ark ; an 
at^sy — a poetic equivalent for a 

Itolltl, I. the shoulder; tSrchabul-lak 
aSndi hahu-nya, his shoulder was pnt 
out of joint. H. (Dntch) a measure 

. of auperficies (aboinu), 

'babwa, Skr. the story is, the facts 

open a paragraph or the words of a 
statement; bahva-aanya or b, sa- 
sv/nggoh-nya, id. 

"baVd, Ar. far, distant ; harib dan b., 
■ ■ near and far ; relativea and strangers. 

baldvxi, Skr. an opal ; a generic 
name for a niunbor of precious atones 
— such as opala, eat'a-eyos, et^;. 

Imik, good, e.icelk'ut ; useful ; woll ; 
ttion ada b., are you woll ; how are 
you; how do you do; bitik-baik, 
carefully; jaga I. b., take care; 
toift...botjt!..., both,,. and... — e.g. baik 
janlan baik bitiua, both men and 
women; bailc-lah, all right; very 
.well i ea-baik-baik, however well ; as 
.well as possible ; baikt or mimbaiki, 
to repair, to mend. 


liaiTOp, Eng. a beacon ] a buoy ; a 
trigonometrical station. 

liait, At. house 1 baitu't-mal, the trea- 
sury; bailu'ilah, God'a house; baitu'l- 
maiadai, Jerusalem. 

Ilaja, I. stec-l ; the process of temper- 
ing ; improving by manure ; fcoiaii 
a^al bajii yang baik, if of good st«el 
to atart with J tanak yang tiada bSr- 
iaja, unmanured laud. II. a prepa- 
ration of burnt coconut shell uaed 
for staining the teeth. 

l)^ak, I. (Malacca, Singapore) a 
plough ; = (Penaug) Ktiggali ; mala 
b., the ploughshare. II. Jav. a pirate. 

bajan, Skr. a basin ; better b^ana. 

bajajig', an evil spirit; a familiar 

bajan, a sea gipsy. 

b^i, a wedge; 6. bUah, a wec^ for 
forcing open a fissure; b. ra^af, a 
wedge for filliug an interstice so aa 
to keep an object in position or 

bajik, Jav. kibajikai-, virtue, merit, 
good deeds. 

bajing, Jav. a squirrel. 

bajn, an outer garment, a coat, a, 
jacket, a tunic; b, dalsm, aainglet; 
b. hujan, a mackintosh, a rain coat; 
b. partus, an overcoat ; favgan b., tho 
sleeve of a coat. 

baka, I, heredity; inherited charac- 
ter. II. Ar. eternal, lasting; dart 
nSgeri )/anp fima ka-nlgiri yang haka, 
from a perishable to an impcrishablo 
country (from earth to heaven). 

bakai, (Kedah) mandi lakai, to wash 
iu fresh water after bathing in the 

bakal, I. hereditary social position ; 
b. Iv Jreamana, of a laksaroana's family. 
II. Jav. materials for construction. 

bakap, a fiah (unidentified). 

bakar, burning ; to bnm ; mlmhaiai; 
to bum, to roast; ilrbakaT, bumf, 

bakarat, Ar. virginity. 

bakat, tide-rips; masses of drift- 
wood and seaweed marking the poin* 



oE contact of two cnrrentB or the 
highest point of the heoch reached 
by the tido , tnioea of an omptire 

batei), mangrove -swamp ( a generic 
name for mangroyes; ular b., a 
apeciPS of viper (lacheiii purpurea- 

bftkdnl, a bearing-rein. 

1>akek, a pepper; pipei' chabo. 

ImUiU, Av. covetooB, avaricious. 

bftkhtikr, Pera. fortunate. 

baJd, Ar, balance left ovei:; s\irp]u(; 

bakir. turned sour (of milk). 
iMtkok, stupid, inattentive, dense. 
bakonff, a ^xrge white-flowered lilj' 

like plwit {crin 

like pi 


tionj birbuat b., 1 
birbakii, deToat ; 

ioua service ; devo- 

) show devotion to 

■it in God's sight ; 

UbaMiav, devo. 

b»klll, a basket, a hamper; mpnjun- 

jong b., to carry a baafcet on the head. 
1)a]cap, closed by inflammation (of the 

eyes) ; " bunged np." 
IhUA, I. Ar. misfortune, injury ^ tolak 

6., a propitiatory offering or saorifice. 

II, Sk. army, eoidierylj b. tlntlra, 

bnlali, disputing', quarrelling, wordj 

ballll, I. a hal! of andience ; the court 
of a plnghitlu; (Penang) a police- 
station. II. halai-balai, npsetting, 
confusing i confused, disorderly. 

bAlairong, a large hall of a type 
mentioned in romances ; a hall of 
genera] assembly; t. ayong, id. 

balak, (Dntch) a baulk, a large piece 
of timber. 

balun, I. the Malay fjround-dove 
fftopelia itriata), usually known as 
ahdlvr. II. dimly Tiaible, haiy (as 
distant hills) ; ialam-baJam, id. III. 
^iiSmbalam-httlam, to paddle with 
short qniok rtrokei. 

r, I. a bottle with a long narrow 


neck. H.amiswle; to hurl a missile. 

III, Jav. mournful neaa =■ tcalang. 

IV. to paddle quickly = halam. 
balap, I. albino whiteness ( pinkness; 

IcSrbHH h., a pink buffalo. II. chaka* 
balar, scratched all over; covered 
with abrasions. 

It&Iaa, sending back ; return ; re- 
quital ; revenge ; balaai, to requite ( 
mSmbalai, to send back^e.g. m. 
tabek, to return a salntation; m. 
aarat, to reply to a letter. 

balasaa, Ar. balm, balsam. 

poknk baliiu, a large tree 



Balchi, Baluchi, -nigiri B., Baluchis- 

baldl, Hind, a horse-bucket. 

balelc, position behind ; in rear of i 
the reverse ; di-balek, behind ; b. 
adab, disrespect; (nfai:-!)., backwards 
and forwards; b&rbalek^ to return j 
tlrbalek. upside down, reversed. 

bal^liAm, Ar. mucus, phlegm. 

ball, I. Ch. the cabin of a junk. 
II. Baliaese ; Pulan B., Bali. 

baliffh, Ar, adnlt, mature ; akal b., 
years of discretion ; puberty. 

Mllng, revolution; bolang-h,, chain- 

baloll, the wooden frame of a drum ; 
balohan, the skeleton of a howdah. 

balok, I. Port, a small sailing craft. 
II. mSn'halok,to "string" for choice 

balonff, I. the comb of a cook ; b. 
iulit, patched of bark sticking ont 
loosely from the trunk. II. balotg 
bidai, an evil spirit of the water. 

bain, widowed. 

balnn, to boat with a rattan. 

baliu, hard skin, such as that which 
forms under the yoke in a bullock; 
untanned hide ; jerked meat. 

balnt, I. enwrapping, enwinding, b. 
rokok, to roll up a cigarette ; di-baWt- 
nya turai, he wrapped the letter in 
the envelope (of yellow silk). " 
inflamed, red (of the eyes), 



Imni, CFoiB-tree ; croea-piece ; tlie 1mr 

of a, bulloct-cart. 
bKmbAnff, flat and broad (bb a 

bamba, b«mbo<) ; better bulah and 

bftmbnn, the MtLlaj^on mongoose. 
bMal, Ch. a dish of Termicelli, prawns 

and pork. 
IwuBiiig, l&rge ()□ certain compound 

ezpreBaioiiB onlf )■ 
bftnar, etnor btinar, resplotideiit. 
banat, I, mimhanat, to thraah. II. 

■wild, forest-coTeced = Mignfora. III. 

At. aimi'l-banat, a precious cloth. 
banobl, I. toll. < 


. adie 


Jav. hermaphrodite. 

bauolioll, miiing up ) kneading up 
(flour, etc.). 

bauobtit, I. projecting ; tSrinnchul 
mata, with the eye thrust out in- 
tentl7 (oE a lizard on a wall). II. 
Batav. to tutiline = hantut. 

bandang, ikon bandang, a fish (cfiry- 
lophrya haita ?) 

bandw, I. Pera. a sea-port ; shah- 
bandar, harboiir-maBter ; a Malay 
officer controlling the coast and ship- 
ping. II. bandaraii, a wator-courso ; 
bandar ayer, id. 

bandaraali, & private mosque or 

bandMa, a bale. 

bandera, see hladera. 

banding, couiparisou ; tiada »a-band- 
JTlj, incomparable ; bandinglian, to 

baudok, nerroue, self-oonscious. 

baudong, I. a connected paii' — e.g. 
ialai bandong, two halla connected by 
a pasaage ; tflur dva $a-bandong, 
two yolks in one Bgg. 

bandn, Skr. friend, sssociftte, com- 

, I. Pers. the call to prayer. 


II. Jav. redi Batti b.. a pattern of 

sarong in which red predominates, 
bangal, t^r'm.nffai, loft unfinished ; in* 

complete (of a work). 
bangar, I. putrid (of long stagnant 

water), II. ivgar bangar, great up- 

bangat, speed; extreme speed ; ex- 
tremely Boon; bangat-bangat or 6, 
amat, very quick; in a very great 
degree indeed. 

bangan, the Malay egi-et (bubulcvs 
coromandas and kerodiiit intermedia), 

bangbang. Jav, red; Wara bnnir* 
bang weian, the eastern glow ap- 

bangSlas, opened out ; unpartitioned.. 

bangilo. Eng. bungalow. 

bangkai, a dead body; a carcase — 
cf. mayat (which is respectful). 

bangkang, I. wide apart (of the 
points of horns, etc.); tawtolc b., homSr 
the points of which are wide aparti 
\, the black fc 


ed, left ii 
bB,Iigfcar, tough, hard; set stiff (in 

bangkafl, yellow flecked with black 

(as the colour of a, fighting-cock). 
bangking, a laige round lacquered 

bangklr, langlar-hangkir, turning 
everything upside down (as in a dis- 
orderly search). 

bangUt, rising up ; b. bSrdii'i, torise 
and stand erect; to stand up; ilr- 
bangkit, to rise ; bSrbangktt-lak tiita- 
kutan, a panic arose. 

bangliong, parang bangkong, a short 
broad-bladed Bngis chopping knife. 

bangkn, Port, a bench, a stool, a seat 
without arms or back. 

bangknt, atunt«d in growth ; stumpy, 

baiigaa, Skr. race, family, good birth j. 
bahasa mSnunjokkan bangia, a man's 
manners show his descent, prov. j i. 
China, the Chinese; Itrbangia, of 
birth ; nobly bom. 


ItMtffsai, decayisd, rotten, falling t( 

pieces (of wood). 
iHtngrtMl, a filled ) b. Icuda, a stable c>i 

bangaat, vagra,iit, mi 
oiaug b., a vajj^bond. 

TtaxLgHa.wMX, Sfer. of good birth, 
.noble; the word is also usecl of a 
native opem company. 

Itan^si, B native flate or flageolet. 

liaiiffTm., to rise, to get upj Bhapo, 
bearing; Jaioh b., falling and rising; 
Btumbling along ; tiWoiu tahut ban- 
_guH-nya, bearing himself like a man 
, in great fear ; 6nBff«i>-i)OBffi™., shape, 
form; hangun-bangnnan, a tnrret or 
otow'b nest in a stockade ; a acaifold - 
ingj tomjfunfcim, to make a person 
gilt np; minibatigur, to rise; to re- 
cover damages fur the loss of a mur- 
dered relative. 

Imni, At. bani Adam, the children of 
Atlum; mankind. 

banian, see binian. 

ttainiiig, the tortoise (festtido emys). 

tmuir, a bnttresa-like projection at 
the base of the trunk of certain trees. 

iMnJar, row, rank, file; bhianjar, 
arranged in rows ; iuman banjaran 
siiri, tbe Old-Javanese garden of the 

"bail}!, Ch. glazed earthenware lat- 

Itantali, quarrelling, altercation ; (igr- 

banlak,to dispute; lianldJi an, quarrel- 
.some, given to contradicting; pSr- 

bantdhan, an altercation. 
iantai, cutting np a slaughtered 

animal j quartering; plmbantai, a 

bautal, a pillow, a cushion ; hantal- 

baittal, a short horizontal patch of 

rainbow light. 
iMUttauKi bunti«g baniung, advanced 
llMnteiiir, the Doll ox (.boe enndaicuf) 

when domesticated. 
kultlnsr, dashing down, beating to- 

getlier; threshing padi against the 


sides of a wooden tub ; mimhanting, 
to dash against ; S'lpirti omhok mem- 
ba'titing dirUnya, like waves dashing 
into each other, prov. 

bantu, aid, assistance ; mlmbantK, 
to succour, to aid, to help. 

bantmi, uprooting ; pulling up the 

bautnt, frustration ; rendering abor- 
tive ! nipping in the bud. 

banjak, much ; many i a quantity ; 
6. orang, a number of persons ; orang 
b., the populace ; sa-banyakifbe same 
number as, as many as, as much as ; 
JtSSowi/aiflB, most; the majority; thu 

baujni lav fern ented coconut water 
used in dyeing silk 
bapa father nil h or ibti b 

bara 1 embeis 1 
.II. tvlat taio ballast (see bal ar ) 
III. ia a hara 1 iggledy pigglodj 
rV. Hmd btg great mam (in oei 
tain nauticJ expressions) 

barab abscess tumour 

barai. an edible salt watei shell fisl 

baran low snampy undergronth 
babi b wild pig infestin), Bach 

baraug, things in grneral ; luggaf^e ; 
one's belongii^S; anything; any; 
would that in some way ; b. upu, 
whateyor ; b. boning, (I) things, 
belongings, luggage ; (2) ordinary, 
common ; !j. bila, whenever ; b. kali, 
perhaps; b. siapa, whoever; sn- 
barang, whatever. 

baraa, Ar. leprosy. 

barat, I. west ; b. tSpal, due west ; 
nrang b., Keiantanese {as described 
in Faiang). II. sfsof barat, very 
much astray ; confused. III. ikaa, 
harai-barat (triacanthas brevirosMs).' 

baran, ilan barau-barau, {triacan- 
tJius y.'tchii} J bjirong baraji-barau. 



the yellow crowned balLui {tracky- 

eomui ochrocephalus). 
barek, moUled, voined, vorie^ted. 
Sari, I. At. God the Creator. II. iari- 

hari, fiait-&ieB. 
'baring, Ijing down at full iength ; 

bljbaHng, to lie down ; baTingkart, to 

place in a recnmbent poaition. 
barls, B line, a row, a file (of eoldiers) ; 

b. sipaki, a line of troops. 
baroli, low land ; the land lying 

below one. 
barony, I. a booth, a stall. II. a 

road between hills ; a pass or coL 
bam, I. new ; = lakaru. 11. a, Hea- 

flhore tree {hibisaus tiliaeeus) ; ikan 

daun 6. (drepoite ptmciata). 
banu, kapur b., camphor. 
bamt, a long bandage ; a bodice 

worn by children j to bandage or 

swathe in cloth, 
bariakh, alam b.. Hades. 
baaah, wet, moist; b. Itvyv/p, wring- 
ing wet 1 Jtain batahan, clothes used 

for bathing in; old clothes j 6usnJi- 

basal, janndice. 

baaan, hard (when it should he soft), 

e.g. of a boiled potato. 
baiidiah, Turk, a pasha. 
basi, musty, stale, mouldy. 
basob, washingi eapirti ayer hasoh 

iangan, like water for washing one's 

hands (a cheap and little-prized 

article), prOT. ; basohkan, to wash, 
baioug, I. a pointed excrescence near 

the root of a tree. II, an envelope 

of bark for raw sago. III. half 

seasoned (of wood). 
bata, I. batu bata, a brick; atap b., 

a tiled roof. II. bafa-bala, in doubt i 
. kSbata-bataaWf x)erplesity. 
Batak, an aboriginal tribesman ; a 

Battak j mlmbatak, to lead a nomadic 


batal, Ar. fntiie, useless ; mfoniutoi- 
' ion, to bring to nonght. 
battutf, a tree-trunk; a shaft; a 

handle; a rod; b, ayer, a wator- 


coiu^e ; b. hidong, the bridge of the 
nose; b. jora«, a fishing-rod j b.taya, 
a tree; b. leher, the neck; 6. pin- 
gayoh, the handle of a paddle. 

batara, see bStara. 

bataa, the ridges round wet padi- 

bati, sa-bati, inseparably connected; 
bound together. 

batll, a metallic cup or small bowl. 

batin, I. a triba.1 chief (of aborigines, 
orang laal, etc.). II. Ar. esoterio: 
inner; hidden. 

batir, batir-batir, a gold band fasten- 
ing a hiris scabbard to its belt, 

batoh, a gambler. 

batofe, a cough ; b, hlriag, phthisis t 
b. Utah or b. tiseJc, whooping-cough. 

batn, stone, rock; mile-stone, milej 
native anchor ; b. apt, flint ; b. amiwf, 
coal ; 6. asah, whetstone ; 6. bata, 
brick; b.liltanda,crjatai; (diamond} 
paste ; b. bSrani, magnet ; b. bS>i, 
granitic rock ; b. chanai, grindstone; 
b. docking, the weight on a balance ; 
b. daga, a plummet ; 6. gSliga, . a 
bezoar ; b. iail, the weight on a 
fishing-line ; b. Icarang, galena ore j 
b. klpala, crown of the head ; b. las, 
emery ; b. lintar, fossil stone imple- 
ments ; b. I'oboh, debris ; h. aauh, a 
native anchor ; 6. eSmpadan, boun- 
dary-stone ; b. uji, touchstone j ayer 
6., ice i chop 6,, lithography ; gulab., 

ban, smell, odonr ; bau-bauan, per- 
fume ; bgi-feuw, to be scented ; to 
smell of. 

bank, a beard under the chin ; cham- 
baitg b,, a full beard ; janggut b., id. 

baiui|r< 1, curved (as a plantain or 
chairback — i.e. concave on one side, 
convex on the other). II. ikan baung, 
(iajnia sp.) 

banx, ehampar laur, tavoit mixed iqii 

also champur gaul. 


f oft, 

accept the Mnhammaidaii faith i i. 
jalan, to leafl the way; 6. lari, to 
carry off, to ran away with ; b. mati, 
to retain till death ( to carry to one's 
graTO ; b. fSrgi, to take away ; plrgi 
b., to fetch. 

bawall, below, nnder; ia-btmnih, 
downward ; di-bawah, below ; dari- 
bawah, from under. 

barWal, ikan bauNiI, the pomfret; 
(glromaleua sp.) 

bavaug, a generic name for onions, 
leeka, etc, ; b. BSnggala or b. Bombai, 
imported onions ; b, China, garlic; 
b. merah, tlie local onion. 

iMwaair, Ar. piles, hEemorrhoids ; 

Imirot, drooping; mala I., drooping 

eyelids, sleepiness. 
b^a, I. sa-baya, of the same age. 

II. Sfcr. danger ; = hahayu, 
Irnynb, bulkiness, extreme corpu- 

bajam, spinach. 

b^an, I. barong iayan, the parro- 
quet {paUewvin longicauda"). II. Ar, 
clear, obvious; Urbayan-Uih nyata, 
id. III. JaT. a. waiting-maid at a 

bafaiig, shadow, image, ragae mit- 
iine; Kriayang, imaged vaguely, 
Bhadowed forth. 

bajrax, payment, paying i mSmbayar, 
to pay, 

bajroh, plorality of wiTea. 

bayong;, jrshu b., a small knife. 

barn, I. Skr. the wind, the breeze j 
Taya, the jEolus of the old Javanese 
m^hology ; cii-pujm( bayii, waving 
in the breeze, II. a slave; a sub- 
missive pronoun of the first person. 

baynr, a name given to aevetal trees. 

bea, ouatoma dues ; fihean, a cnatoma- 

^MHmI, etupid, dull, dense ; orang yang 
htbal, a fool. 


bfiban, a burden, a load. 

beban, wii^ked, perverse, disobedient. 

bfibaug', a stoppage (in the anus or 

bebaa, free behaviour ', familiarity j 

making oneself at home. 
bibat, girdling, wrapping round. 
bebek, Jav. duct; = (Malay) itelc. 
bacbak, I. muddy, slushy. II. Ch. a 

beohanif, bechang-heckoh, the sound 

of quarrelling. 
becbek, Jav. slushy ; = bechalc. 
bechok, bechang-beckoJc, the sound of 

beda, 8kr. distinction, difference: 

sitarang tnt bedn tlrlalu, things ara 

very different now ; membedahan, to 

distinguish between, to differentiate] 

pSTbedaait, distinction, difference ; 

also beta. 
bedak, division into equal parts. 
bddak, a cosmetic face-powder; bSr- 

bldak, powdered with cosmetic, 
bfidal, a swishing blow with a light 

bfidan, reddish itchy spots. 
bedar, an ancient one-masted type of 

bMara, Skr. a name given to several 
trees; b, China, the jujube; buoJi b., 
(I) the frnit of this tree j (3) a name 
of a Malay sweetmeat. 

bfidfibab, Pers. ill-starred, aconrsed. 

badek, meTubedek, to look fixedly 
through one eye ; to aim. 

btdia, a spangle. 

bfidll, obat bSdil, gunpowder. 

Mdok, a big drum used for calling 
people to mosqne j = (Kedah) gSn- 

bSdonET, a swaddliug-cloth for a new> 

ly bom child. 
bSdokang', ikan bHulcang, a fresh' 

water fish (unidentified). 
bega, pointing at, aiming at ; tnSnt* 


begap, robust ; equare-Bet. 

bigar, Ar. HtifE, Lardi liard and 

bfigawon, Skr. blessod— -a title given 
to minor deities and to lieroea who 
liave given up kingship tor asceti- 

b6g«k, a goitre. 

bKbina, IPers. eicellent, important ; 
Hada 6., not to attach importance to; 
mSmbSMnakan, to pay attention to ; 
to care about ; also bena, 

b^ftna, Skr. a basin; also baj'an. 

bejar, Perg. ont of humour. 

balra, bSrbelea, to gossip, to disouaa; 
to talk over a mattw. 

bBkal, supplies for a jouniey ; stores, 
proviaiona ; plrbSlcalan, id. 

bikam, a slight bruise or discolora- 
tion of the skin. 

bekang, a kind of cake. 

bfikaB, impression, trace, mark ; the 
wrapper, garment or receptacle in 
which a thing ia contained ; 6, mE- 
nangis, traces of weeping; 6. bau- 
batian, a, scent-bottle ; b, pinang, a 
sireh box ; b. tuboh, a garment. 

bSbat, tightl; filled up ; plnoh b., id. 

bfikil. ikan bikil, an edible marine 
fish (unidentified). 

b6kii, coagulated, congealed, frozen ; 
ayer b-, ice; 6, didalam haii, one's 
heart standing Btill ; one's blood 
running cold. 

Mknlmig', ikan bSkukimg, a, marine 
flah {chryeopkrya calamara). 

1>6la, sustenance ; nourighing ; bring- 
ing up ; mSmbeta, to bring up (a 
child) ; to support (a relative) ; to 
keep (a familiar spirit). 

bela, atonement by blood ; blood- 
ofEerii^ ; suttee. 

bSIachan, a preparation of prawns 
and small fish (it ia nsed as a relish 
for carry). 

bfilaobn, unbleached calico cloth, 

bfiladan, a broad curved dagger. 

bClftli, splittii^ in two ; cleaving ; 
halving^ side; m-bUah, e, side; sa- 


lUah Sana, on that side, in that 
direction ; aa-bUnh taiigan, one hand j 
ea-bUah mlnyabilak, on both eidea; 
sa-bSlah Jcanan, the right-hand fade ; 
aa-bSldh MH, the left-hand side. 

bBl&lLab, making noises in the throat 
after eating. 

bilai, dalliance ; bUtt-bllai, to con- 
verse, to chatter. 

bll^ar, see ajar. 

bBla3[, mottled (aa the grain of certain 

Iwlak, openging out folds or croaaes j 
holding a fold open. 

beiaka, altogether, quite. 

, back, behind ; ((i-6Eici!ranjf, 
subsequent ; mimbUaltang, 
to naTe one's back turned to. 

beialah, given up to gluttony. 

bUalal, trunk, proboscis. 

bilalak, to have a fixed look about 
the eyes. 

bBlalang, a generic name for grass, 
hoppers, stick-insects, leaf-iuaects, 
etc. ; maia b,, prominent eyes. 

bSlam,cWiMJBb8lom, over familiarity; 
tramping in and out of a house as 
though it was one's own. 

USlambang, a truss ; a lath. 

b&lanak, ikan bSlanaJc, a marine fish 
(ntugil sp.) 

BManda, Dutch; orang b., a Dutch- 
man ; nSgSri b,, Holland ; ayam b,, 
a turkey ; ayer b,, mineral water ; 
haching h., a rabbit, 

bSlMidong', too loose (of garments), 

bfilang, strtped ; b, chSchah or b. bir* 
intek, spotted. 

bfilauga, an earthenware cooking* 

bfilangkas, the king-crab, 
bftlanja, espenae ; coat of sustenance j 

salary ; blfanjakan, to expend, 
beiantati, a club or cudgel. 
bfilantara, (Kawi) hutaa lilantara or 

rimba b., the wilds of the forest, 
beianteb, see lantek. 
hilax, miBchievous, 
bUaram, a variaut of halgh 


iSlM, I 

" BfiLAS 

[. a word utilised in forming 
' the nnmeralB from eleTen to nineteen : 
it snggesta that Imving coimted all 
<lhe iingera, the coonler goes back 
(balae) conntiog them again; ea- 
Mine, eleven; dua b., tweJve. II. 
iympathy; b, kagehaui. 


llfilasall, csnii^, thrashing with a 

Itfilat, a large screen of temlioo or 
bertam used in fiah-traps ; fish-trapa 
in which Buch acreens are used. 

b61»ti. Skr. Enropean (of goods) ; 
imported from afar j taii b., hempen 
rope i Umbahau b,, tiucod tobacco. 

bUatok, a generic name for wood- 
peckers ! also ^latolc. 

bBlan, T. (Dutch) blue. II. bilau- 
bUaK, blinking, abimmering ; trying 
to the eyes. 

1)U61)as, a lath laid horizontally along 
atap ; a ruler ; a cross-piece in a 

bBlfibat, single-stick play ; alaehing, 

bUibau, belabouring, swiehing. 

bUMn, a sweet gruel. 

bileaoh, aee bSladoh. 

Mledok, chengkok bEledok (Penang) 

bUedu, I. Port, velvet. II. buning 
bilidtt, a bird (unidentified). 

bolek, looking closely into anything, 
etiiminii^ carefully (as a watch- 
maker examines the works of a 

bBlok, turning the upper eyelid up 
or the lower eyelid down, 

Mlako, Ch. a sort of glutinous syrup. 

bSltmak, Jav. an owl. 

belen, a wooden roller used in mak- 
;ing pastry. 

bUens, Jav. potsherd, 

bUBagM, sticky (of the body). 

MlSnffffii, shackles, fetters. 

Mlenffkat, linked together. 

fcBlragaat, exposed (of the inside of 
the eyelid) as the result of injury or 


bBlera, a weaver's " aword " ; ular 
b., a sea-snake ; also ular bUerang. 

bSleranlf, snlphur ,' asap h,, sulphur 
fumes (used medicinally) ; ular 6., a 

bSleter, (Kedah) to chatter; = 
(Malacca) mSrepet. 

VSli, purchase, buying; mlmbUi, to- 

bSlla, Skr. tmida bSUa, young and 
fresh i in the bloom of youth. 

bfiliak, esposing the whites of the eyes. 

bfillan, I. haniu bUian, the tiger- 
spirit in incantations. II. the bitlian 

b61ia,n, " what's -his-name," " so-and- 
so " {when speaking of someone- 
whose name One knows but does not 
wish to utter). 

beUbifl, the whistling-teal (dendro- 
cygna javanica). 

bfilida, ii^an bUida, a marine fish 
(nolopteruB Icajiirat), 

bBli^, Jav. the wok gourd (ieNm- 

baiikat, the shoulder-blade. 
bSliku, a sharp bend in a river's 

bfilim'biilg', ridged longitudinally ; a 
descriptive name given to tho leath- 
ery turtle {dermochelys coHacea), and 
also (bjiah bHimbing} to a well- 
known fruit {averrhoa biiimbi) 

bSlin, a small edible eel (Qnidenti- 

bBliong, a native hatchet ; puti-ng b., 
a waterspout. 

bfiliaah, fidgeting. 

bBUt, twining round, coiling round ;: 
mSmbUif, to coil round. 

bBlltonif, aiput bSUtong, a shell (un- 

bSlodok, projecting, prominent (of 

the eyes). 
belob, stupid. 

bUoIuUl, '^ balohan ; r. baloh. 
balok, Inffing, going on the oppoait«- 
taok ; going about ; turning. 
bUiA, Gng. a (pulley) block. 

, ;.d by 


BfitOLOK e 

liBlolok, fallen in quaiititiea (of fruit). 
bElouS, bUah bSlong, an insect whioli 

makes a loud noise at n^ht and is 

beliered to bring bad iuck ; also Mlah 

liJSloitffkaiig, a river-boat in use at 

'bfilong'Iceaf , a smaO edible snail. 
'bSlon^ong', a cloth fabric. 
'bfiloutok, a fisb (gobiiis viridipimc- 

beiu. Jay. Wlu bUai, to cbatter, to 

"bBIaaia, a mendicant's 'vvaltet. 
Ilfilabiir, a rice-bin. 
bilndal, a dry, crisp native cake. 
llBladoIi, tirbUudoh, filling the land- 

scape ; looming large. 
liSlukanff, an edible marine fish. 
Ilfiliikap, a mangrore {rhitopkora 

'bilnkar, secondary jungle. 
UliLtan;, a drj peltj a patch of 

hardened skin, 
bfiltun, not 7et ; not; b.plmah, never 

yet; ea~bilunt, before (conjunction). 
l)61iuiipal, not yet ; = hlliim sanipai. 
'bilxiag'kax, ikan, bllimgkur, a fish 

'bfiliu^nr, to stretch oneself; to ex- 
tend the lower limbs. 
bfilniitaB, a sea-ehore shrub with 

lilac flowers {piucheaindiraorcnttyia 

I16I1UI, free to go in and out; nn- 

obsti^cted; loose in a socket, 
bUniok, ikan bUveoh a fish (unidenti- 
Iielat, to desert; to go over to the 

"bUnt, ihan Mlut, an eel. 
Item, to pnffl out the cheeks. 
"bfimbun, to roast in hot ashes. 
Ilfimbaii, a tree (cUnapyne graiidis). 
1>em1)eiitf, lifting a globular object 

on the flat of the hand. 
bfina, a tidal bore. 
btna, Pers, caring about ; taking to 

heftrC— a special use of bikino, q.v. 

t BfiNDfiLAM 

llSnah, an insect-pest; a blight. 

bBnftk, I. dull, slow of apprehension. 
II. marrow, brains. 

bfinam, tSrhSnatn, buried in sand of 
mnd ] (more rarely) immersed la 
water, drowned. 

bfiiiang, thread ; a thread-like line ; 
6. mas, gold thread 1 6, araiig, a char- 
Coal line drawn by carpenters to 
guide them in their cutting or 

bfinar, true, right, accurate; fiSnof. 
lah sapirti kala ttian, what you say 
is true ! bSnarkan, to confirm ; tBM- 
naran, truth, accuracy, verification. 

bBnara, a washerman, a dhoby. 

1>enoIuili> a morass ; a muddy place ; 
slushy, swampy. 

bSncbana, Skr. mischief -making, 
trouble, slander ; inimbinchanakaH, 
to siander, 

beucliaiiff, to scull. 

bSnclti, hatred ; to hate ; b, dan 
marah dan dlngki, hate, anger, and 
spite ; bSiichikan or mSmbSnckihan, 
to hate ; (rarely) to arouse hatred 
in another ; plmblncki, a talisman 
or simple to cause another person to 
bate a third party— e.g. to cause a 
girl to hate a rival suitor. 

bfinda, Skr. thing, article ; moia b,, 
things of value ; gems, curioa. 

b&ndAhara, Skr. the title of a very 
exalted Malay state ofEoial, usually 
ranking next to the heir .apparent t 
pSrbSndaharan, treasury. 

bSndahari, Skr. a treasury ofGcer. 

bfindala, Port, a bandolier. 

bEiidftln, a misletoe shrub. 

bfiadaug. a stretch of rice-fields; 
bunt b, (Penang) to plant padi, 

bSndari, Hind, a sea-cook. 

bSnda-wat, a stay, a lashing ; cordage 
in a ship. 

bSudUa, see bandila. 

b^dfilam, a vessel made of a coco- 
nut shell cut into two unequal parts, 
the smaller serving as a cover to thS 



bSndera, Port, a flag; Hang b., a btoffkftk, mflamed, swollen j a swell- 
flagstaff, in^, 

bBudSrang, I. Uraiig bSndlrmii}, all 
petvading (of brilliant; light). II. 
iomhah hlndlrang, a spear with a 
toft of horse-bait attached to it j a 
Bpear of state. 

'bSuderouff, a paesa;^ in a prince's 

bfindi, Hind, a carriage on two 

wheels; a "bandy." 
bflndl, Hind, eaytir b., the olira or 

heni fmit; "ladies' fingers"; ka- 

cMng b., id. 
bBndir, a kind of gong used by haw. 

tifindnl, the beam at the thrcBhold of 
a door; the threshoH. 

llSneli, seed; grain for use as seed. 

)]Bugnll,hold!ngone'shcadup; stuck 
up; conceited. 

b^gal, temporary dullness of hear- 
ing— e.g. when water gets into the 

lieiigatLff, singing noises in the ear. 
Iifingap, artificial dnilnesa of hearing 
—e.g. when cotton is pnt in the ear, 
benffeh, (Kedah) to bias (of a cat). 
)>6ll^b, to catch one's breath; to 

'benfr^l, linobby, protuberant ; I. 

henggul or 6. h^nggll, id. 
'Biaggola, the presidency of Cal- 

Bfing'g'all, a native of the presidency 

ot Calcutta. 
bfiagB^l, a small knob or protnber. 

ance ; a small bump or swelling. 
iMngffnl, a large low-rising bnmp or 

bftngis, cruel, heartless; klhingiean 

or pemblngisan, indiCerence to the 

sufferings of others. 
beng'lEaJi, to strike and let go one's 

weapon ; to hit an opponent's top 

bSngplcalai, unSnished, incomplete 

(of work). 
bBii{rk»lis, the name of a fish (un- 
ben^ktmETi bengliatig bengkoh, zigzag. 
bBnf kar, opening out (as a spring). 
bBng'ltaraib, unfinished — a coarse 

equivaJent of bSngltalai. 
bfingkarong, the skink ; mahitia. 
bSngkawan, a lath ; a numeral co- 
efficient for ataps. 
bSngtayanf, gorged, glutted with 

beugkeug', angry, irritable, peevish ; 

savage (of an animal). 
bfin^kil, a bump or protuberance. 
beugkok, crooked, bent; bengJcang' 

bengkali, aigaag. 
ben^konff, I. girdle. II. crooked— 

cf. berigkok and bengliang. 
', see mSngiuang. 
bSugkudu, see mingkuHM. 
bfinffkiuiMig, a name for the napoK 

(tTagulus napo). 
bBngUk, tlrblngok, with bowed head 

and contracted shoulders (as a man 

in a 8tat« of dejection). 
bSngonff, confused — cf. bingong. 
beug^t, twisted, awry. 
bfinlftlL, I. a coffer. II. Hind, a 

trader or raerehant from India. III. 

a banyan or singlet. 
bfinutg, clear, limpid— a variant of 

benjil, bumpy (of the forehead). 
benjnl, a slight bump or swelling. 
bfintn, a sm^I nicer on the upper lip. 
bJSntaU, 8kr. the earth. 
bfintan, relapse ; the return of sick- 

bBntanff, spreading out, extension ; 
mlmbfntang and Tnembfnlanglan, to 
spread out (a carpet) ; to pitch (a 

bfintMigitr, a name given to a num. 
ber of trees yielding good timber 
{calophyU-um sp.) 


bSntar, sa-Mntar, a moment j an 
inataut ; ea-b^tar di-sini, sa-Mntar 
di-sana, one moment liero, anotker 
there; dlngan sa-bintar, in a mo- 

bdltMa, Skr, a herald, a marshal of 
the court. 

llSntfta, to tear ap and dash, down | 
di-bintas^nya »a-buah hukit kapada 
hul«balang, he tore up a hill and 
dashed it on the troops. 

benteli, to lock shins, to trip up. 

benteitg, a fort, a battery j b. aa- 
saran, a target. 

bentea, a variant of benteh, q,r. 

bfiiltok, curve ; a numeral co-efficient 
for curved objects such as rings, fist- 
hooks, etc. ; sa-puloh bSnlok chinckin, 
ten rings. 

bSntiir, bowing, bending, "giving"} 

bSntiiroiiS, the bear-cat (^urctictis 

bSlina, a large expanse of conntrj; 
an empire j a continent ; the main- 
land, as against an island ; b. China, 
China ; orang b., aborigines. 

btnnanff, i-usa blnuang, a variety of 
the deer cenitMunicoior; also(Kedah) 

)i6]iyal, insipid (of baJI; cooked rice). 

banTek, soft, through over .boiling (of 

benynt, twisted, awry, 

beo, the name given (in Java) to the 

tiimg, or niynah. 
bSra, fiushed, crimsoned, inflamed (of 

the face) ; a tace-aohe, neuralgia. 
bfiraErai), see agan and ajcan, 
bSralii, love, passion; blrahikan, to 

be in love with, 
SfirftliinaiL and BBralmuuia, Sl^. a, 

bSrai, cherai-bSrai, scattered, broken 

up, dispersed (as a defeated army). 
bBrafe, flushed — a variant of bSra, q.r. 
berafc, to ease oneself. 
bBrakah, self-important, stuck up. 
btoakaa, I. l«do biraksa or bv/rong 

1 BfiBBNa 

bSraksa, a legendary Pegasus, II. 

pokok bSrakea {cassia fistula). 
bBram, a generic name for liquors 

made of fermented rice-spirit, 
bfiramin, bakul bSramin, a globular 

basket hung from the root to protect 

bfirauda. Port, verandah. 

beranff, bSrang-hS^-artg, the ottep 
(iufrii sumofrana). 

beranff, I. anger, wrath j halt ywitg 
b,, angry feelings, passion. II. nlaf 
beru-ng a venomous snake (probably 
one of the sea snakes) 

bftrangai pS ahu b? a ga a Malay 
p rat cal craft fun ahed w h a 
board ng ga igwaj and grapplii^ 

tek wh te ars ol ok. de II a 
generic name for oaks and chestnuts. 

bfiranffsan.g', e.tciting, rousing to 

bfirauffta, Jav. love,. passion. 

biraugtl, a variant of bei-angta, q.v. 

bfiranl, courage, bravery ; batu b, of 
blai b., magnetic iron. 

bfirapa, how much ; see apa. 

bJSras, rice (without the husk, but 
nncooked) ; cf . padi and nasi, 

birat, heavy, weighty; weight; ki- 
pula b,, heavy, dull-witted j Mbl- 
ratait, pregnancy ; burden ; mSmbi- 
ratkan, to hinder, to handicap, to 
interfere with. 

bSrata, an idol ; m^mujn 6., to wor- 
ship idols. 

bSrans, corpulent, obese. 

bwefe-berek, bwrong berek-berek, the 
bay-backed bee-eater {merops stmta- 

btefiiubaiiff, -pokok Mrtmbaiig, a sea- 
side tree (soimerafin acida). 

bte&ni, the native water-cress [her- 
■pestea monnierd). 

bfirSuai^, to swim ; see rinang, 

b6rmLff,b$r»i^-Mre>i0, a small Chinese 


bEeEnga i 

bfirtogrtk, larvEB of insects — e.g. as 

risible on decayed animal matter. 
bfofin^'Q, a tnusica] inatrumeiit (01115 

mentioned in ancient literatnre). 
Mrinm^, serrated, crenelated (of 

the appearance of a mountain range 

against the sky-line), 
berat, cheret-heret, continnallf flowing'. 
biSr^k, Ar. a veil worn by female 

bBrluda, an idol. 

bSrl, giving, bestowal j to give ; mSm- 
blri, to give, to allow ; mSmblri tahu, 
to give information of ; mimMri tabek, 
to greet, to saints; pSmbirian, gift, 
grant, dowry. 

bBridn, Skr. veteran, experienced. 

bfirlnglll, the waringin tree (ficva 

liirita, 6t^. news, information ; = 
UJortci ; jjBmbSrita, a news-giver ; a 

llfekM, a tied bundle ; a bale of other- 
wise diEconnected objects. 

bfokat, At. blessing. 

Mrkek, lunmg ftertefc (Singapore, 
Malacca) the snipe; = (Penang) 
btirang iStirok. 

bitlLoTc, hurotig iirkok, the large green 
pigeon (6u(reroit capelli), 

BJSmw, I. Sltr, Brahma. II. redness, 

' especiall]' when canaed b^ suSnaion 
of blood. III. Burma; ornng B., a 

birnas, springing np quietly (of 
yonng plants) ; swelling, expanding 

lieTnlaga, to trade ; pSmiagaan, 
trade, business. 
btoogft, ayam blroga, a name for tlie 

Sigle-fowl (gallua 
ohi, arrowroot. 
Mrok, the pig-tailed monkey (mnca- 
cv^ nemeetrinus) ; slrah b. or 6. ining- 
■ hantar haeil, the mumps. 
bJSromlioiiff, fminel-ehaped. 
bftronok, a name given to several 
edible sea- worms— e.g. colockirus un- 
ceps, haplodiwfyla niolpadieides, etc. 

i BfiTARi 

bfirffti, a lath (in lattice -work). 
bJteaat, gone astray (of food which 

gets into the windpipe). 
Hrsflh, clean, free from impurities ; 

birsihkan, to clean. 
bftrsil, to emerge, to come suddenly 

berain, to sneeze ; jambw 6., the 

guava fruit. 
bfiront, scowling, a black look (as 

the result of nnpleasaiit thoughts). 
bftrtam, a well-known palm (eugeiB- 

sona triitU), 
berteb, to toast rice in the husk; 

b^TOs b., toasted rice. 
b&niatLg', the Malayan bear (tii-sua 

bfirnaa, the wild mangosteen. 
bftrndu, a tadpole. 
beaau, the relationship between 

people whose children have inter- 

bfiaar, large, great ; hari &., festival, 
holiday ! hati b., arrogance 1 tuan b., 
the head of an office ; blsarkan and 
tnemb^aarkan, to enlarge ; klbisaran, 
grandem", greatness ; pride. 

beeer, incontinence of nrine. 

b6sl, iron; 6, blrani, magnetic ironj 
6. iatang, bar iron 1 6. kaici, manga- 
nese ; b. lantai, sheet iron ; batu b., 
granite ; pandai b. or tvlcang b., a 
blacksmith ; puktd h., to shoe a 
horse ; tahi b., rust. 

bfiainff , whizzing, singing through the 
air (of a projectile). 

besoic, to-morrow ; also esok, 

liSstarl, well-bred, accomplished. 

beaut, a contraction of the brows ; = 

bBtab, restored to health ; conva* 

bBtak-bBtak, a skin-disease, 
bfitapa, how ; in what manner ; what, 

bMara, 8kr, a title given in old SsiVf '' 


to major divinitiea and to reigning 

princes ot great power, 
1)Stiari, a gT&iB($orghtiim saccharatam), 
1)Mas, ripping open, splitting open 

■ (aa a Beam gives way under strainj, 
llStsk, inah Mtek, the papa;a trait 

(carica papaya). 
Iiftteka, Ar. a plant name {citruliae 
" edtdit), 
TlBti, bSti-bSti, ft tree {eagenia leyl- 

tieti, Skr. a female slave ; a palace 

attendant— the feminine of beta, 
llStlnil., female, feminine (of animalfl), 

and (familiarly) of hnmaa beings ; 

fcudu b,, ft mace. 
bBtinff, a sand bank or mnd bank. 
MtiB, the log (between knee and 

ankle); buah b.,orjantong fc., the calf. 
TtiMok, I. bnmt (by acids). II. the 

name of a fish (nnidentified). 
Il&toiicf, large (in certain connections 

only) — e.g. katak b., a large species 

of frog; bulnh b,, a large bamboo ; 

tSbu u., a lai^ au)!ar'Cane \ and rum- 
put b,, a large grass. 
Ilfitxa, correct, true, straight; bUul- 

kan, to correct, to set right ; mjjn- 

bitulkan, id. 
bfitntn, an edible fish (nnidentified). 
liewalE, a Kedah variant of biawak, 

1ieia, difference ; = beda. 
Ijl, Ar, with, in; Wemi'Uah, in God's 

name; bi-hi^ on him, with him. 
T»i», tolls, dnties ; biwn-bian or pSbi'am, 

1ila4ab, Fers. disrespectful, dis- 
biak, prolific, reproductive. 
bianff, I. lascivious. II. biang-biut, 

■ iiigaag. 

biapfiri, Fers, a merchant, a trader. 

l>iar, I. to permit, to allow, to let j 
may ; no matter if j biar-lak, never 
mind, let it alone ; biar tputeh tulang 
jangan pateh mata, fet the bones 
whiten but not the eyes (betterdeath 
than shame), prov.j biarhan, to per- 


mit, to concede, to allow. II. cha- 
• cfting biar-biar, intestinal worms. 
liiaB, to be driven ont of its conrse (of 

biaa», Skr. acquaintaJice with a per- 
son or thing ; accustomed to ; practised 
in ; ia tHah biaaa dingan ahu, he is 
an acqaaintance of mine ; hiasa-lah 
tangan-Jcu mimlgang kalam, my hand 
became aooustomed to holding a pen. 

biai-wak, a generic name for monitijr 
and other lai^ lizards, 

biaya, 8kr. cost, expenses ; outlay. 

bibi. Hind, lady, mistress, 

bibir, lip, edge, rim ; b. mata, eyelids. 

bibit, to carry a light object in the 
hand ; also bimbit. 

blcbara, Skr, opinion; discussion; 
deliberation ; a judicial proceeding i 
'Smpat i)., ftpolieacourt ; birbickara, 
to discuss, to debate about. 

biobn, a screw-jack. 

bida, a damsel about a court ; a maid 
of honour. 

bldaab, Ar, deceitful, treacherous. 

bidadazi, 8kr. a nymph of heaven) 
a fairy ; a hourt. 

bidai, chicks, blinda, hanging screens 
ef aplit rattan or bamboo. 

bid^, At. a pawn at chess. 

bidal, I. a thimble. II, a proverbial 
saying; a dictum of an ancient sage ) 

bldan, Skr. a midwife. 

bidaufT, I. spacious, extending; ann- 
merical co-efficient for things that 
are spread ont — e.g. sails, mats, etoi 
II. ft palm-cabbage. 

bidara,, see bsdara. 

bidaa, a blow given by an elastio or 
flexible body when tension is re- 

bidok, a fishing boat; Tcufu b., the 
beetles infesting ill-kept lockers, etc, 
in boats. 

bidtiaa, Skr. a musician, a singer or 

bldnanda, Skr. a royal messenger, ft 
herald. '^ 

■ id by 



bidnr, a slab (of tin). 

blgh^r, J^. separate, distinct from, 

b^Ikk, 8k. learned, sage, prudent; 
6. laJcsana, id. ; = bijakmna. 

}>iiaic»tutA, Skr, learned, prudent ; 
chaate ; also bijak laksana. 

bljan. (sesom«m indicium). 

bljeh, grains of allnvial tin. 

hyi, a seed ; a grain ; a nnmerioal 
co-effioient for Bnmll objects; b.mata, 

bikin, to make ; lo do. 

Iliklr, At. rirginity, virgin, 

bUu, I. a saw-ec^ed pattern, a zig- 
zag pattern. II. (Pali) a mendicant 
Baddhist priest, 

bila, when ; apa-bila, id, (relative) ; 
6i7(i-"Ki«n, wheneyer j barung-bila, 
aa often as. 

1)UaIi, a nomBral co-effioient for blade- 
like objects — e,g. knives, chisels, dag- 
gers, hatcbets, needles, etc. 

1»lal, a weal. 

bilal. At. the muezzin of a Malay 

bilftlanff, see bllalang. 

MlMlg, recounting, enumeration j to 
repeat, to saj, to tell ; sa^bilatig, 
each, every j bilangan, enumeration, 
tale ) cftuiuy hart bilangan, when 
tbe tale of dajs was complete ; mlm- 
iilang, to count, to number ; t^rbUang, 
famcms ; talked about. 

liUaa, washing in fresh or scented 
water alter a bath 

titlHO, kacha^-bilan, ii 
higgledy-piggledy, topsy-turvy. 

bUek, room, apartment. 

bills, I. mala bil-in, blear-eyed. 
ikam lilis, a fish (unidentified). 

brilabi, Ar. by God. 

bilndak, ular ' 


bin, Ar. son of i Puieh bin Mat, Puteh, 
Bon of Mat. 

liiiLaBa, Skr. ruin, destraction; ihit 
rasa tinasa, to give way to one's 
passions is destruction, prov. ; hinaea- 
lean or mSmbinasalia'a, to destroy, to 

binatang, an animal i b. ^jang liar, 
wild animals ; b. yang jinak, domes- 
tic animals, 

bincbana, see b?nchano. 

bincbanf, binchang ayam, a knot or 
fastening of great strength ; a coiled 

binclml, a slight bump or swelling. 
bltLOhnt, a variant of binchul, 
blndn, a turning-lathe. 
binfas, growling, menacing (of a 
wild beast), 
binsfit, uneasy; indisposed, out of 

biugka, haeh binglra, a Malay Cake, 
bingkai, rim, border; rattan binding 

on edge, rim or border, 
blngkas, springing baok (of a spring); 

smg ti 


bitierkiB, I. a complimentary gift ac- 
companying a letter; attrat bingki' 
Ban, id. II. fiumpfcus-liiujiis, all kinds 
of paresis and packages. 

blnffOUS, mazed, confused, discon- 
certed; dull, muddle-headed. 

blni. wife (less courteous than iatSH) j 
anak 6., family; iSrbini, to be mar- 
ried ; blrbinikan, to marry, to take to 

blnjai, the name of a common frnit- 
tree {mangifera eoesa). 

bint. Ar. daughter; bintu't-bahar, 
mermaid — cf. binti. 

bintauff, a star ; a heavenly body ; 
a decoration ; b. biraiap or b. blrekwr, 
a comet ; b. bSridaT, a planet ; b. kS- 
bSaaran, the star of an order of 
knighthood; bSrbintang-binta7ig,toll 
of small holes (through which light 
penetrates: of a roof). 

}>i]itaiieriir, see blntangur. 

l,,..-ed by 



Iiintelc, blrbintek-hinteh, coTered with 
Bmall spots of prickly heat. 

1)lnti, Ar. daughter cH ; Baidah hinti 
Ba»an, Baidah, daughter of Haaan — 
cf. bin and bint. 

bintil, a stye in the eye. 

Mntit, a small swelling (such as that 
caused by tho bite of a mosquito). 

Mola, Fort, a yioliu. 

birah, a name giTen to a number of 
aroids (chiefly wild) ; b.kSladi {eoio- 
caaia antiquorvm) 

llirnhi, see blrahi. 

biram, a poetic word for an elephant ; 
h. birjuwang a war-elephant. 

blras, the relationship between two 
people who have married aieters j 
close connection by marriage. 

birat, a scar on the mouth. 

blxan, kachau-birav,, in extreme con- 

Ilizeh, a fence ; a parapet } the gun- 
wale of a ship — in literature only. 

Uri, I. kambing biri-biri, a sheep. 
II. sakit biri-biri, bori-beri. 

bizinf, light red or yellow (of a 
fighting cock). 

blrit, I. bine, II. kara biru, diatnrb- 
auce, uproar, confusion. 

biMa, I. venom ; blood-poison ; ular b., 
a venomous snake. II. (Batavia) 
can, able to ; — boleh, 

'bijui, dandified, dainty. 

biiat, (Penang) tiada bieat, not to 
care j =" tiada indah, 

biBSk, to whisper; to apeak in whia- 
pers I blrbiaek, id. 

MBl.Skr.immcdeat, unchaste ; aterm 
of abnse. 

blBing, loquacious, chattering. 

blsmi, Ar. in the name of, 

BlBtiu, Skv. Vishnu. 

bisn, dumb, mute, 

bianl, a boil, a superficial abscess. 

biokn, a species of tortoise (unidenti- 

bins, Pers. ohat bius, a stupefying 
dmg ; an aneesthetic. 

btnt, biang-biut, zigzag. 


boboB, leaky (through having a very 

big hole in its Ixittom). 
bochok, BJi awning over a child'* 

bocbon^, an earthenware vessel 

shaped something like an hour-glaaa. 
bocbor, leaky (not as strong aa babos, 

bodi, see budl ir. 
bodt^, stupid, dull, denao; omng 6., 

a fool ; kSbodohan, stupidity. 
bodok, Eng. a gatf ; a boat-hook. 
boga, I. 9kr. aimpaTui pSrgam boga, a 

kind of pleasure boat. II. Sfcr. anta. 

b<iga, the great serpent. 
bo^m, I. pieces of gold or silcer leaf 

on a head ornament (tajok). II. 

great — a rare equivalent of blsai: 
bogang, tilanjang bogang, stark 

bogi, Eng. klreta bogi, a bu^y, a 

hooded vehicle. 
bogok, a largo black caterpillar. 
b<%ot, horrid, agly — in the espres- 

eion, hitam toffot, horridly black (of 

bobok, (Penang) a puddle. 
bobong, lie J lying ; false ; bohon^ BO. 

mata-mata, altogether untrue ; pSm- 

bohifng, a liar. 
b<^ot, very much entangled ; hope* 

leasly mixed up. 
bok, I. Jav. mother 1 = Imbol. II. a 

kind of carpet. 
bokcba, Turk, a bag, scrip or wal- 
bokong, worn the wrong way ; front 

and back interchanged. 
bokop, closed by inflamation (of the 

eyes) j = baktip. 
bokor, a metal bowl or basin with a 

flat rim. 

bola, Port, a ball i a cricket ball, foot. 

ball, billiard ball, or tennis ball. 
bol^, bolah-balek, there and back t 

backwards and forwards ; boiak chat. 



kap, going bs«k on one's word, pre- 

Itoleli, able to, can ; power to ; m- 
holeh-boleh-nya, Che best of his 
ability ; mono 6., how can this be so ; 
impossible ; apa boleh Wat, wliat is 
to be done F there is an end of it. 

bolong, black ; blae bla:ck ; tarring, 

bolOB, stripped off, fallen ofi (of a 
coiled string falling off a lop, of 
leaves faUing off a tree, of haira fall- 
ing- off, etc.) 

Iiolot, roughly or hastily wrapping up 
a parcel— of . balut. 

iMla, Port, sponge-cake. 

Ikhil, Enr. the shafts of a carriage ; 
the boom of a ship. 

iMmaittara, Skr, the firmament ; the 
vault of heaven. 

"boitLba, Part, a pnmp ; the hose of a 
fire-engine; afire-engine; juru bomba 
kain, a dhoby. 

Somlml, Bombay ; mimbuany ka- 
nlggri B., to (penally) transport. 

1>om.oll, a native doctor ; a practi- 
tioner of magic, a sorcerer. 

iKmoIiol, a knob-like protuberance. 

llOnda, mother (in respectful Ian- 
gti^e) ; — ibu'nda; ayah b., parents. 

"botittka. Port, a puppet, a doll. 

bong'g'ol, a dome-shaped protuber- 
ance ; a hump ; also bongkol. 

bongkali, a piece, a block. 

bougltak, pride; arrogance; self- 
assertion ; overbearing manner. 

tKugkal, a meaaure of weight for 
precious articles ; 1§ oa. approsi- 

or talisman to silence a hostile wit- 

iMUg'kailg', spread out to its full 
length (of a dead body) in contra- 
distinction to being huddled up. 

Iwagkar, heaving up, taming up the 
soil, weighing anchor ; b, iota, to 
: blow np a fort ; jnimbottgkar, to 

■ heave up j , m. sow ft, to weigh anchor ; 

i B0H08 

JB. bwTiit, to dig up a hillock ; iongr 
Icar-bangkir, turning everything topsy 

bon^kas, rising up (as the roots of a 
tree when the tree is blown down, 
or as the buried portion of a stake 
or pile when the pile is knocked 
down) ; heaved up ; thrust up, 

bongkeng, lying forward, face down- 
wards and knees drawn up (of a 

bon^ob, hump-backed ; b. bahai-u 
bStul, " the hump-back who has just 
become straight" (abeggar on horse- 
back), prov.; mlmbongkoJc, to stoop, 
to humble oneself. 

bong'kol, a hump ; = bonggol, 

bongkong, I. bovgkong kayu, a para- 
sitic growth on the trunk of a tree ; 
II. a Malay cake made in a wrapper 
of banana leaf. 

bonglal, a ginger used in medicine 
(^zittgiber caaaammiaai'). 

bOfiffOk, heavily built, clnmsy. 

bongvn, younger-bom. 

boujol, projection outward — cf. bujal, 
bSnjtd, etc. 

bonyoT, solt, sappy, juioy, tender. 

bopeug', pockmarked ; also mopeng. 

bor, (Dutch) an anger. 

borok, I. insipid (of tobacco) ; also 
boyak. II. Ar. a mysterions flyiiw 
animal ; the animc^ upon which 
Muhammad made his journey to 

borang, Jav, a caltrop ; = ranjau. 

bordn. Port, the gunwale (some- 
times the batchea). 

boreli, a yellow ointment for the body. 

borek, spotted (with fairly large 
spots) ; ayam b , a spotted fowl. 

bcwen, a kind of coral. 

boria, Hind, a topical song, 

hOKimg, wholesale; by the gross; 
mlmboTO_ng or mtmbSli borong, to buy 
np wholesale so as to command the 

boroB, profuse, prodigal, extravagant, 
reckless in money matters. 

,„..-ed by 


lM»an, eatiety, naaaea. 

bosata, Port, a, basket. 

boaor, greed, gluttony. 

bostau, see huatan, 

bota, Skr. a goblin, ttn evil spirit of 

man -devouring propensities. 
botak, bald at the back of tbc heaiS -, 

baldness of the crown. 
botan, the rose peony. 
boya, I. Port, a buoy; also bairup. 

II. a (Penang and Kedalij rariant of 

boyak, weak ; insipid (of tobacco) ; 

also bcrak. 
BQjtm., the iale of Bawean between 

Java and Borneo ; orang B., a " Boya- 

bnall, fruit ; a epherical ov uea,rly 
spherical object i a descriptive prefix 
or numeral eo-efficient for objects of 
a more or less spherical or cubicaL 
appearance such as houses, hills, 
^gs, baskets, stones, countries, 
towns, etc. ; b. chatur, chessmen j 
b; kati, the heart (especially ns a 
term of endearment) ; 6. Mrae, the 
candle-nut; (aleariles molaccanwi) ; 
6, mUaha, a sweetmeat of Soft dough ; 
b. pala, nutmeg; b. pSUr, the testi- 
ouli ; b. pinggang, the kidneys; b. 
timbangan, weights; ajiak b,, depen- 
dents, people under a pEnghulu ; 
buah-btmhan, fruits in general, fruits 
of all sorts ; blrbuah, to bear fruit. 

bnttL, rocking, swaying, swinging (as 
a cradle) ; blrbuai, to be swinging ; 
buaian, a swinging cradle. 

bnol, bubbling np ; loquacious (espe- 
cially boastfolly loqnacious) ; brag- 

bwuik, 8kr. the world, the universe ; 
foku b., nail from which the universe 
hangs — a Javanese royal title; sanii- 
ga b., prop snstAining the universe 
(nsimilar title); «!rt Un-buana, light 
of the thre« iri»ldB (another title). 


baanif, throwing away, disoarding^ 
mSmbtumg, buanfllam, or mSmbuonj- 
tan, to eipel, to get rid of ; b, ayefi, 
to obey a call of nature ; b. ayer- 
ilarah, dysentery; b. divi, suicitla ; 
6. iaguB, to blow the nose ; ft. Jiyawo, 
to give np one's life ; b. imdi, to cast 
lota; champak b., a javelin ; poro &., 
a window or aperture (in a Malay 
house) through which rubbish is 
thrown out ; tirbuaag, exiled, aban- 
doned, discarded ; anak tuonifan, a 
discarded child, a foundling. 

bnos, wild, fierce (of animaJa) ; singa 
yang maha-baas, a most ferooiooi 

boat, doing, making , blrbaat or inSm^ 
buat to make buat baat, to feign j. 
pretence, shammmg baatan, make 
— e.g bitatarv Inggliii, of English 
make , 'pMmatan, act, deed. 

bnaya, a crocodile ft Umbaga or b^ 
Icatak, the common crocodile {criKO- 
dilAia porosue) , b eSru/iiai, b. jlnjui 
lo>tg,b nylnyulong orb jolong-jolrmg,. 
the gavial {tomistoma sehlegeU) ; ikon 
korek tSlinga ft., the fish [gastrotocBM 
bia^itlealna) ; lidah ft., the aloe (aloi 

buboh, setting, placing, affixing; 
mlintbuboh or mJStnhithohka^n, to layj 
to affis ; mimbubdh tandn. tangitn, to- 
attach one's signature ; mEmbuftoli 

. wood-maggot y 

bnbok, a wf 

di-makati ft., ■ ___. 

bnboi^, a variant of burabong, q.v. 
bnbn, a small fish. trap of bamboo 

and rattan. 
bnbnl, the repairing of nets ; tkjth-- 

bubtd to mend (a net). 
bubar, rice-broth ; b, skbu, rioe boiled 

in milk. 
bnbttt, I. a name for concals and 

orow-phoasants {eentropua eurycer' 

CUB and ceatropv,3 beTi^aleiuiit), II, 

the throat-halliards (ii 
. btiftufoni id. 
baoku, a comer or angle. 

...d by 



Inidftk, a boy or girl ; » child of sereral 
yeaiB in age. 

Inidl, I. Skr.wiHdom, prudence; undei'- 
standing, mental disposition; akaib,. 
or b. bichara, id. } kilang b., loss of 
disoretion ; throwing discretion to 
the winds ; 6. bahata, tnct ; birlmdi, 
discreet, intelligfent, wise. II. Skr. 
the peepnl-tree (.ficus religiota) ; 
Aaan b., the leaf of that tree (a 
name given to s peculiar lig-leaf .lilce 
pattern or border). 

Imdimau, Skr. wise, prudent — cf. 
bnii, I. 

budn, a pickle (small fish preserved in 
brine with their scales and entrails). 

Iituili, foam, froth. 

bngti, alaitjang b,, stark naked. 

JBnfria, the name of a people from the 

Imjal, projecting outward (of a navel). 

bnjam, a pouch made of mSngiaang 

tmjau;, single, unmarried (used of 
widows, widowers, and divorced per- 
sons as well as of persons who have 
never been married). 

ll^jMlKgB, I. Skr. a monster of the 
winged-dragon or winged-man type. 
It. an unmarried man ; i^ bujang. 

In^ok, I. coaxing; soothing— better, 
pujok, II. iluin b., a fresh-water 
flsh {seolopsis cUiatns), 

Imjvae, extension of length relative to 
breadth ; long, straight, stretching ; 
bTijur lahif lintaitg patah, those that 
fall strdght get through, those that 
fall across (the channel) get broken 
(and gel through), (aJl is fish that 

-Domes to his net), prov. ; 6. balat, 
elliptical J b. uIut, oval; Untany b., 
Imka, opening, exposing, repealing ; 
undoing, untutmessing, untying, un- 
folding ; mimbuka, to open, to unfold 

. or undo ; «i. jalan, to open out a 

'.road; m.faiin, to takeoSone'scloth- 
Ing; m. layar, to nnfarl eaits; ™. 
ptnf u, to open a door ; m. paasa, to 


end a fast; 

. rahasia, to reveal a 
, to take off one's hat. 
; there is not; it is 
not ; bukait ttarang-batang pirSai^ 
pvan, no ordinary woman; yang 
biihiti-biikan, that do not really 
esist ; impossible, wrong. 

bnkat, troubled, <^atiirbed (of water). 

IniMt, a hill ; aiiak b., a hillock ; kaJii 
6., the foot of a hill; ofniij 5., aborigi- 
nal tribes dwelling in the mountains ; 
plTiara b., the levd ri<^ at the crest 
(of a range). 

tmka, a joint (in a finger, on the 
ankle, wrist, etc.) ; a knot (in wood) ; 
the lumpy or disagreeable part of 
anything ; (by metaphor) the sting 
of B remark ; liina b., to come across 
the nasty part of anything, to run 
up against the wrong spot; b, jari, 
the kunckles ; bli-biiku, clotted, in 

bul, globular; bubble-like; jambK b., 
a fruit {eugenia malaecensia). 

btllai, I. albino. II, a variant of 

bnlan, the moon ; a mouth ; the 
period of gestation ; aa-hari 6., the 
first day of the month ; the one-day- 
oid moon ; Smpat bSias hari b., the 
14th day of the month ; the full 
moon ; b. pSrim/ma, id. ; b. timbul, 
the new moon ; 6. tSrang, moonlight. 

bolanff, I. enwinding, enwwqiping ; 
binding on with wrappings as the 
spurs of a ttghting-cock ere fastened 
on ; mimbulang taji, to fasten on the 
spars of a, fighthig-oock. II. a ge- 
neric name for a number of thorny 
shmbs {canthium sp., etc.) ; bnlang- 
on, id. III. butang -baling, rolling 
over and over ; a name given to 

bnllkr, whitish discoloration of the 
eye g btita b,, blindness accompanied 
by such discoloration. 

bidat, roundness ; smoothness of sur- 
face; freedom from angularities; 6, 
buj'ur or 6. panjang, elliptical; b. 



pipeh. Hut and roond (as a coin) ; 6. 
torak, cylindrical ; fcayu b., round 
I(^s stripped of branchea j maaak b., 
cooking Trhale ; piisai b., the centre 
of a circle; slluarb,, pyjamas; ^ian- 
jang i,, stark nEiked ; sa-balat-bulat, 
eit^eibf:! ; dlngan sa-bulat-balat 
hati, with my wliole heart. 

"bull, bidi-lnili, a sieiiiII flask or bottle. 

Imllf, I. anak hulir, an illegitimate 
child. II. ear (of padi) ; cluster. 

Iraloll, bamboo ; a Rieneric name for 
many bamboos,' b. hangsi, a reed 
pipe ; 6. plrindu, (1) a sort of Jew's 
harp; (2) a singing bamboo of 
legend ; ta-pSi-dn ft., a clump of 

1)11111, wool ; feathers ; the hair of the 
body J ft. Miw'nji, the eyebrows ; 6, 
landak, the qnilis on a porcupine ; b. 
Hang roma, the fine hairs on the 
body ; ft. roma, id. ; 6. Uaglcoh, the 
mane (of a horse) ; vlai ft., the 
hairy caterpillar; hatx Mrbulv, to 
get aiigry. 

Imlitgli, Ar. maturity, puberty. 

bnlnr, estreine hanger, starvation ; 
matt 6., to die of hunger. 

'bmnboiiff, the ridf^e of a roof ; roof • 
like j biimbongan, a roof ; tuXang bum- 
hong, the ridge-pole ; blTbumbong or 
mimbwnihong, to swell up. 

bumbn, Jav. mixed apices ; condi- 
ments ; =■ rlmpah. 

ImmlnuL, a hut in which a hunter 
hides when decoying game. 

liuni, Skr. the earth ; the soil of the 
earth ; the ground ; jatoh ka-bwni, 
to fall to the ground ; pSfaia 6., the 
folds or layers of which the earth is 
said by Malays to be formed ; mang- 
ku-bumi, a regent. 

bim, I, (Dutch) a metaJ paiL U. sa- 
tali bitii, s, string (of pantuns). 

bnnoliia, (Dutch) French beajis. 

banoUt, swollen, blow out, 
(of the stomach). 

bnadar, rounded, globular, 

bnnSiik, Ar, bastard. 

1 BUSY! 

bnng^, a flower ; an ornamental pat- 
tern or design ; b. api, sparks, Sre- 
works; b, ayer mawar, the rose; ft. 
karaiig, a coralline sponge; 6. kakit, 
tbe base (of the finger nail) ; b. pala, 
mace ; ft. ramjiai, Hower-petais mixed 
with scented leaves; 6. fumij, interest 

'buugar, biingaran, lirst fruits. 
bnngkiis, rolling up a thii^ (as a 

package or parcel) ; bungkoBanf a 

package ; ^nlmbiingkai, to make up 

a parcel. 
biULg'sil, a very young coconut (used 

as a plaything by children). 
banl, orott^ banian, invisible etves 

(of the forest). 
bnnoli, killing, murdering ; erasing j 

mimbunoh, to kill ; to put an end to ; 

mati di'bnnoh, murdered ; destined 

to a bad end ; pimbunvh, a man. 

slayer, a murderer) pSmbimohaK, 

killing ; slaughter. 
bnntak, short, stumpy ; beamy (of a 

bimtaJ,, a generic name for flsh that 
distend their bodies with air when 
caught (6. pisatig, tetrodon tunaris ; 
ft. ftcilii, tetrodon finviatalis), 

bTLntang, I. starting out of the head 
(as tbe eyes of the man who is being 
strangled). II. a weaver's rod. 

bnntar, dome-shapped ; roughly 
hemispherical ; ft. bayang-baymigj 
rounded with wavy edges. 

bnntat, a gail-stono ; a petrified sub- 
stance found in animal or vegetable 
substances; a bezoar. 

bantil, a clothes-bag. 

banting', enceinte, pregnant, preg* 
nancy ; b. awrat, advanced pregmuu^, 

bnntu, blocked (of a road or water- 

buutul, the ring on a klrii sheath, 
bnutnr, sated with food, glutted. 
bimtiit, the posterior; the stemi 

the fundament. 
banni, ftiyun. tiwtuf, very heavy r^n. 



, intonation ; dimikian bunyi-nya, ot 

.the following tenor; bunyi-iun. 

. yian, Btrains of music ; blrbtmyi, to 
Boand ; mimbttnyitan to enacciate, 
to pronounce. 

bvjMti, 8kr. a title of diatinction ; 
lord of the earth. 

ImTHi, spitting ont ; ejecting ; pillory- 
ing ; ular imga b., a analie (probalilj 
noio Bimtatrix, the blaok cobra). 

bnral, guebing ont (as entrails from 
a -nound in the Btoma^b). 

bnrhftn, Ar. demonstration, proof. 

iinrl. Jay. back, behind; di-huri, in 

.borit, posterior, stem ; hm-itan, the 
stem of a ship ; inlmbtiHt, to commit 
an nnnatnral offence. 

^bnxj. At. oaatle -, flign of the zodiac. 

baxok, worn, decayed (of vegetable 

. and manufactured articles, but not 
of animal matter — cf. buioh) ; burol:- 

bvrong, a birdj b. devala, the bird 
of paradise ; temhak h., bird-shooting. 

Inirn, hunting, the chase ; mSmhvni, 
to hunt ; p{imJ)«™, hunter ; liantu, 

- fiiniburu, the nild huntsman, an eril 
Bpirit i yarfriMTiuw, sport, the game 
huntfld ; anjvng pSrhiraan, hunting-- 

■tnnm, hamoing iurun, a name for 
the serow of the Malay Peninsula 
(nemorrhoedue sti'eitenhami). 

minit, hernia, rupture, hjdrocele. 



lltlsar, B bow, on arc , the bow for 
cleaninjt cotton , Bip^rti Sapoa di- 
busar, like Cotton after i leaning 
(pure white), prnv , tlpirli tujor 
Baiijit/na,, like the bow of Arguna (a 
simile for a beantif al arm) , also 

linsi. Hind, rice -bran. 

Irasok, decayed (of animal matter) j 

putrid, stinking ; ba« b., a bad smell ; 

hati b., a bad disposition; nama b., 

an extremely bad name. 
bnsong;, dropsical inflammation; *- 

bnotul, Pers. a garden ; a pleasannce ; 

baanr, a bow ; a variant ot husar, q.v. 

bnsut, an ant.hill. 

bata, I. blind; h. larangan, myopia; 
6. tuU, blicdanddeaf i pakul b. tvli, 
striking recklessly. II. see bota. 
III. hnta-hvita, a tree (cerbej-a odol- 
lam). IV. China b., a mnhallil. 

bntaiig, Eng. a button; b. dasi, a 

bntir, a grain, particle ; a numeral 
oo-«ificient for small round objects 

. (such as gems). 

bntoli, the penis. 

butn, a Tariant of butoh, q.v. 

bi^Di^, a water-jar (ot portable size); 

buynt, flabby of flesh ; •pintt 6., flabby 

fibabal, Skr. long pepper {pi-p^ ion- 

(diAlMk, a wound left by the removal 

cS a bit of flesh. 
oIUibMlf, bifurcation; the main 
. branches of a tree ; hirchahang, 
' forked (as the tongue of a snake) ; 

* ~ ri tiga ch., a tridest. 
*~~~r, fBint-hearted. 

.dlRbek, tearing ; torn ; 

bak-ch., tattered. 
Obftblz, tearing, torn ; 
■ It all o 


obablt, a rarviant of chabek, q.y. 

ntbabok, I. Fers. a whip ; II. a fet- 
tering ulcer (especially in the lower 

cbabnl.ontnig^ns behaviour; Viet»' 



tioae violence ; unaecmly language ; 

bSybuat ch,, to commit an outrage 

(eapeciallj rape) ; mStichabuU, id. 
ehabiit, plnoking out ; a. royalty ; 

tnSntha^t, to pull oat ; to drag out ; 

to uproot ; t^rchabnt, pulled out ; 

drawn (of a Bword). 
Ob&cliti, a formula for reducing to 

cluwluvll, I. pricking a pattern ; 

blrclutchah, tattooed. II. a Malay 

ohacliafc, implanting; sticking in 

the ground j cJt. lari (slang), to make 

a bolt of it. 
OllMiIiar, an eruptive dieeafe ; small- 

pOK i ch. ayer, measles or chicken-pox. 
oIutdLftt, a flaw, a defect, a blemish. 
oliaolwn, to confuse i to throw into 

oluiiaM, a. small lever used to roll up 

olmclill, small for its purpose. 
ohBchlss, a worm j cli. pipeh, the 

obftdang. reliance ; a stand-by ; a 
reserve fund or war-chest. 

okotlftr. Hind, a rug, aheefc, or shawl. 

ohafln^, picked to pieces ; minced. 

oliagRjc, the swivel of a swivel- sun 

Olmg^C, relying ; trusting ; a Malacca 
form of mortj^ge in wbicb tbe mort- 
gagee is given the usufruct of land 

qIm^, a disease of the toes. 

olu^fiit, Jav. the chin. 

Olukh, an interjection ; a cry for hur- 
rying on buffaloes, 

ohnhHiT, diarrbcca, purgiu^. 

clwluLrl, to seek — v. ehari. 

ohftHajrik, Skr. lustre, brilliancy, glow ; 
ck. me,ta, ligbt of the eyes (ft term of 
endearment) ; blrchahaya, to glow, 

oliakali, wide (of an angle) ; obtnse. 
ohakanff, forming a very open curve, 
olwkftp, to speak ; to undertake ; 
Wrchakap, to apeak i pSrchainpaii, 


speech, utterance ; ch, angin, empty 

oliakar, scratching; ch. balar, scrat- 
ched all over i mSnchakar, to scratch 
(as a fowl). 

cliakira, Sfcr. a discus, a quoit, 

chakBrftwala, Skr. the revolving 
vault of heaven. 

cbiikolc, indirect (of a blow) ; given 
at a curve ; golok cJi., a curved ohop- 

chftknp, catching in tbe open mouth 

(as a dog catches a biscuit). 
obakni, ■m^nchakas, to carry a burden 

suspended from a stick that rests on 

the shoulder. 
chalitk, I. likely to take place. II. 

affectation; airs. 
chalu, a long scratch on the skin ; 

bircholar. Scratched. 
chalit^Ti choJufc cii., or cholang ch., in 

a tai^le, in disorder, 
challt, smearing, smudging. 
clialoiiff, I. a small ladle. II. gjisnu 

ch., a small knife resembling a pieav, 

ohaln. Hind, the run of a steamer. 
oham, recognition by sight i chaiakan, 

to recognise. 
chunar, bv/rong ch., a sea-gnll; also 

cliamaii, a generic name for tree- 

obainbMi^, whiskers ; ch. bauk, a, 

full beard. 
oIiaiiLcli,ali, Hind- a spoon. 
ohampoli, insipid, tasteless. 
cbampal, a variant of chapai, q.v. 
obampak, I. casting away, discard- 
ing; champakkan, to throw away— 

e.g. a cigar-end. II. a skin erupiion i 

eltampRiLg, sculling or paddling from 

the bows of a boat. 
oluuuplaff, cliompa-ag ch., tattered at 

the edge; torn. 
oluunpong, shattered at a stroke (aa 

a tree struck by lightning). 
ofaailipiir,misnng, mingling; c'T.daxi', 



utterly mised up; in confusion] ch. 
gaul, id. ; champuran, components 
of & mixture; chainpurkan, to mix 
up, to mingle ; bSrckampKr, in soln- 
tion with j mixed with. 

chamti, see nhimSti. 

oluw, Ch. a CHneae conical basket, 

oluitubi, whettii^ ; a stone roller ; 
smoothing or polishing or grindii^ 
bj means of a roller j klris bahara 
d^hanai, a newly Bharpened Mris. 

tHoMimg, a gong with a shallow rim 
and no bemispherica! knob in it; 
chanangkan, to proclaim by beat o( 

_ , sticking np, rising to a, 
point (aa certain forma of native 

ohanda, I. ta'-chanda to caie nothing 
about; ^ ta'-indah. H. the strip of 
wood at the stem of a boat to which 
a mdder ie attached. III. a variant 
of slnda, q.T. IV. si-chanda-kia- 
mana, what slanderer. V. ckanda- 
'piti, a secretaire ; o boi divided into 
comparEments ; a cabinet. 

chandal, I. difficnlt; = aakar. II, 
lliud. loose, foul-mouthed, ribald. 
III. jarring ; = janggal, q.v. 

diaudaa, a variant of G'lSndciiitt, q.v. 

cliaildailg, h^ran/i chandang, not 
knowing when one is beaten ; obsti- 
nate courage. 

oluuidat, a kind of hook with several 
unbarbed points stjckiag out in 
different directions (it is used to 
Usb up sunken cables ; or, in small 
«ize, for catching cuttle-iish), 

ehandek, I. a recognised concubine 
of a priuco — as distinct from an 
inforior wife (guttdek) or oaaaal 
mistress {jaanah-jamdhan). .II. a 
fixed riverine purae-net. 

ohoiidi, I. a monameut; a memorial 

Eaiar ur building-, II. restive (of a 
orse) ; foi-ward (of a woman). 
obaaait, that extremity of a native 


anchor to which the cable is not 

ebondonff, -paraHg cii-aiidoiig, a chop- 
per in which the handle and blade are 
in one piece and not fastened together. 

chandn, prepared opium. 

chanff, I. carrying pick-a-back. II. 
Ch. a square lift-net. III. (Kcdah) 
panniers for an elephant. 

cltangiik, to look ronud hastily (as a 
frightened man). 

cluuigup, a notch or dent for fitting 
together two pieces of wood, 

ohanffKali, a forked punting-pole 
(used for propelling a boat up-stream 
Ijy pushing against tree -houghs, 
snags, etc.) 

ohang^ai, an artificial iinger-nail or 
nail -protector (worn reullj as an 

chan^ek, chonggatig-changgei, an 
up-and-down bobbing motion (such 
as that of a Chinese kowtowiagl. 

okang'ifonf, I. inharmonious; in- 
oongmous ; out of place ; unnatural. 

II. i 

HI. i 

ment; better cTifn^ang 
ckaugip, chungap-ehangip, panting, 

out of breath. 
ckan^t, chongak-cliangit, restless up- 
and-down movements (of the head). 
ckangkal, deep (of water). 
ckangkat, I. a low hillock ; a piece 

of rising ground, II. a shallow. 
chanfkek, uneven, irregular; cliong- 

kah ch., all ups and downs; all 

changkins, lifting np (by seizing a 

boy's elbows and raising liim iu the 

ckiuigkir, I. a small glass cup of 
Arab make. II. cltongkar ch., of all 
sizes and shapes (as the componcut 
parts of a heap of firewood). 

okangkia, a (Feuaug and Kedah) 
variant of chafgkeh.f q.v. 

ckangkok, a crook ; a pole with an 
iron book at the end Such as is used, 
for managing elephants. 




ohanirl'^Pi Bcooping up mitli the 
palm of the tand. 

oluMigok, m^changoh, to sit witli 
curving nock (as a hawk on a baugh). 

oIuuttaB, aeveranoe by a single blow 
from a heavy catting' instiament ; 
topping, pruning. 

oluuitak, pretty, good-lookiug; noat, 
nicely got up; ■well-groomi!<l. 

chanting', »> eort of bamboo bucket 
{naod for getting water on t of a ship's 

cliftutimi, comiug back together 
npain ; folding back again. 

chap, Ch. printing; "chopping"; a 
Chinese chop or Hcal for use with 
ink; ehapkan, to piiat; pSrIcakaa ch., 
apparatuB for printing; a, press; 
htkaiig ch., a printer ; eh. batu,, litho- 
graphy ; efi.timaft, printing in metal- 
lic movable type. 

chapa, a plant [blumea balaamifera). 

Chapah, a rough unpajnted washtab 
(of Burmeao make), a wooden plate, 

ehapai, to graap ; to attain to ; to 
rench; to grip; mSnchajiai, id. ; hSit- 
dak Ta^itchnpai bulan, to wish to get 
hold of the moon (a proverbial des- 
eription of mad ambition). 

ohapak, inattention ; omitting to 
notice, either through preoccupation 
or deliberately; to alight, to overlook. 

chapal, a sort of shoe conaisting of a 
leathei' sole with a band over the 
instep ;i.Dd a. thong passing between 
the big toe and its neighbour. 

ohapek, lame, limping, halt. 

ohaplaa. Port, a hat; c!i. Hpal, a 
cocked but. 

chapinfC. a metallic plate (ased to 
cover thp nadities of a very young 
female cliild). 

Chapok, a gross form of insult. 

Chapnl, a (Kodah) vaiiant of chabul. 

ohaxa, 1 


wise; mitnakai chara pir^njman, to 
dress as a woman ; ch. China, in the 
Chinese language or in the Chinese 

charanff, the minor boughs and 
branches of a tree. 
cbarbi, Hind, grease nsed for Inbri- 

charek, tearing ; a rent ; ehorak- 
ckarek, frayed, tattered ; charef^an, 
to tear up ; mEnchoret.cJHMBfe, id. 

olMri, seeking for ; looking for ; 
charikan, to search for auytbiog ; 
mStmhari, to seek; pirimpttan min- 
chm-i, (Penat^) a prostitute; pSti- 
charian,, a source of livelihood. 

charok, a runnel ; a running ditch ; 
the puncturing of a gutta tree. 

oharnt, obscene langnage; raiwhn- 
i'jtt, to use obscene language. 

chat, Ch. paint ; saptt ch., to paint ; 
the process of painting. 

ohatang, Ch, a rattan-baskct-cosy, 

chatolc, I. the blo'iv of a pick; the 
peek of a bird, II. sitting bolt up- 

chatu, doling out in niggardly qnan- 

Ohatox, Skr. chess ; main, ch., to play 
chess ; hMoh, clt., chessmen ; tapak ch , 
chequered; loh ch. or pwpan ch., a 

channg, sunken — of the cheeks 
(through loss of teeth). 

Chans, thin by emaciation. 

ohairok, I. a dimple. II. a leash. 

ohairan, Ch, a tea-cup. 

ohairang, bifurcation, branching off ; 
a branch — cf. ehabang. 

chawat, a loin-cloth ; bSrchaical, to 
wear as a loin-cloth is worn ; to 
wear a loin doth ; i'5m«dt eh., n 
rndder (on European lines). 

oh&wiB, ready, prepared. 

ohayftr, thin (of liquids) ; natery ; 
Jumptw eh., very watery mud ; IfufriH" 
ch. thin broth. 

che' " Mr." — a title given to other- 
wise untitled Malays, •" 
, ,., id by 



ohBbfti, chihek-tMbai, pcmting. 
Cblluik, excavation (in quarry work); 

d^ging out bj side-long blovre. 
ckKbek, cMbei-chShai, to pout. 
ebSbii, la-cksbts, a tatter, a Bhred. 
oiia1)Clk, a coconut scoop ; ladling up 

water with this scoop j cleansing 

from fcBCal defilement i la'-bSrche- 

ftot, a term of abuie j "dirty beast." 
ohtlntr, plnnging hearilj into water ; 

plonging into a flaming mass i inln- 

ehlbtirkan diri, to plnnge, to cut one- 

Betf into. 
olltolutiL, dipping (a pen into ink) ; 

immersion followed by immediate 

withdrawal ; fa'Cklchah, a moment ; 

alBO chichah, 
oUoIiAlc, I. belong ch,, speckled. 

II. Bee chifltah. 
cMohap, touching (food) with the 

finger and then applying the finger 

to the lips ; tasting. 
olieoheT, dropping away in driblets i 

bSrchechtran, id. 
oliidaa, to smooth a plait by passing 

a rattan over it. 
eliMIra, Bkr. a Saw, a defect; mln- 

datannlan ch,, to reflect upon somp- 

one, to injure (somebody's) reputa- 

ebfidlnff, thin and out of condition. 

Gbtdok, sunken (of the cheeks and 

oheAok, scooping up ; balingup; lad- 
ling up. 

olieKn, wary (of a hied or fish). 

cbBgn^, erect I =^ llgak. 

chSff&r, a rapid ; a water-race. 

ollftgolt,sa-cA^90J:,agnlp; = sa-tSgnk. 

Obtb, a. somewhat contomptuous ex- 
clamation of disbelief or disgust. 

ebikftll, split open ; splitting under 
pressure (as a mangosteen) ; of. 

ahjlkak, I. holding between the 
thumb and forefiger ; sa-ch4kaJi, as 
much BS can be held between the 
, thumb and forefinger ; a pinch ; 
blrehUcak pingganij. with waist belts 


tied together (used of two adver- 
saries who tie themselves to each 
other in single combat so that the 
one or the other must perish). II. 
reliable (of a workman). 

Gbfikal, strenf^h, resisting -power. 

ctafikBm. a sharp-pointed stick (used 
for making holes in the ground for 
hill-padi cultivation) ; sakU ch., a 
festering sore under a toe-nai!. 

chfikous, tight ; tightly stretched ; 
taut ; rangak ch., a shell (pternceran 

ohfikap, skilful, expert ; Mrja suatu 
la'-boleh chSlcap, he is no good for 
any work. 

oli6kar, Hind, hard a-port or hard 
a-Btarboard (of the steering-wheel). 

ch6kan, reaching out for anything. 

ohSksIl, cracked by pressure ; slightly 
split — cf. chikah. 

ctafikek, ni^chSliek leher, to seize by 
the throat; to garotte; laati tSrehi- 
hek, death by choking; chilcek Mda- 
dak, violent vomiting (invoked as a 
curse on an enemy). 

Obekel, stingy, miaerly. 

Clifiki, Ch. small Chinese playing- 
cards ; " chicky-cards." 

cUkit, to pick away small morsels; 
to pick to pieces. 

oli6kok, to force food down a cliild'a 
throat; ch. cMkek, the struggle for 
breath by a choking man. 

okSkn, denting with the finger-nail, 
pressing ti mark. 

ckBkap, covering with the palms of 
the hajids. 

ckBknr, a medicinal plant (Immp- 
feria gaianga). 

ohtkut. to pick up between the tips 
of the thumb and three fingers. 

okBla, censuring, blaming ; finding 
fault; oMla ininehl'lu, to abuse; 
nama yang ftScJifiiaan, a bad name. 

eUlagft, I. soot, fine cinders (adher-. 
ing to a torch). II. chUaga, tSmwdi, 
the tiller. 

ohUah, orevioe, Gssnre, crack, ol^; 


ck. batu, the space betwoen two 
bouidarB; ch, dinding, a, crevice in a 
Trail; ch. gigi, the lino between ad- 
joining teeth ; ch. guntmg, n guily or 
ravine; eh. jari, the space between 
two fingers. 

eb&lftk, antimony-powder (ased to 
darken the fringe of the eye). 

ohUaka, ill-starred ; ill-omened ; 
bringii^t bad luck ; n term of abuse ; 
orang ch., a BCoundreJ ; yang tiiiahf 
hStar chSlaka ku, likat, the greatest 
infamy of all that I saw. 

difiUkttti, (Patani) betel-nut acis- 
aorsj = iachip, 

CbMtuu, (oiiom.) chUum-chSlam, 
stamping ; tramping. 

ohfilMia, trousers (loose above but 
tight ronnd the calf). 

ohilap, (onom.) cWJitp -chiinp, the 
sound of splashing. 

ebftlapali. soilinj;, diehonouring. 

chfilapafc, astride; sitting on the 
fork ; Hitting astride ; also chiUpak. 

ohSlapek, a preparation of dried fish 
and herbs. 

diAlurl, kain chllari, a thin fabric of 
shining ailk with gold thread. 

chUom, (Kcdah) disorderly, con- 

OlifilAI, cheliis-chilas, the sound of a 
man coming in and ont; free, fami- 

difilfttu, the flying ant ; better kSlc- 

dule, kain chele, a cloth fabric im- 
ported fmm Southern India. 

^filedanff, cMledaihg - chSledok, a 
swaggering, rolling gait (affected by 
abandoned women) . 

chUndok. see above — s.v. cWfeiJajij. 

ohUipicI, a ahrub (clei-odendroti 
ditpaj-ifoUum) ; also giUguri. 

ohUalk, idle, lazy, sli^gi^. 

cMOok, lifting the eyelid { seeing; 
ti-bata bahani chilek, a blind man 
■who seea for the first time (a beggar 
on horseback), prov. 

.ohBltrnpoay, Jat. a musical instm- 


ment (wire strings played like a 
harp) 1 the sound of strumming, 

eh«leng, Jav. a pig; = 6aii; ch, aloe, 
a v^ild pig, = babi hutart. 

difiieagap, agape ; open-mouthed. 

dtSleagkang, ch.-chslengkok, motion 

chUengkok, see above— s.v. clii'- 

okfilftpa, (Kedah) a sireh-box. 
okBlBpalE, sitting astride; —chl!la«pak. 
cll6I6pek, (onom.) the sound made by 

mnd bespattering a surface. 
ohilipok, (onom.) the sound of a 

heavy mass of mud falling on any- 

ohftllcU, oovetous. 

ohBlia, chopping into small pieces. 

OkUoBlifl, weak, sickly. 

okHonf , a sort of elephant trap. 

okUnm, (onom.) ch.-cMlam, tramp- 
ing, stampii^. 

ckfilnp, steeping in; saturation in; 
dyeing; fli-chUup merah, dyad T^A ; 
cksbipkan, to saturate, to dye, 

Obfilupfti;, garrulous. 

okBliir, immersion in boilinj? liquid ; 

chfillM, coming in and out familiarly ; 
slipping on and off readily (of a ring); 
ch.-chiias, free, familiar. 

eb&taar,!, pollution, dirt; llrchSmar 
kaki, to dirty one's feet — i.c, to take 
vigorous measures. II. a variant of 
cluimar, q.v. 

okfimnrn, Skr. apcmdant ni horse- 
hair (under the blade of a spear) ; a 
yak-tail ; a chignon ; laiyn ch., a 
name sometimes given to the casua- 

1, anxiety, 
an-lnh ch., don't be nervous. 

ohfimat, I. fastening together with a 
pin or spike ; fastening ataps. II . 
towing; (oil ^neklraat, a tow-rope. 

cktaibTil, a casket ; a small box ; 
lakeana chSmbul dingan tutup-nya, 
like a casket and its cover (exactly 
suited one to another), prov. 



ohimbum, Btispicious, jealotis, 
cllSlii.Bllg'kinit, a frnk (need inedl- 

cintLlly as an aperient). 
obnuar, extremely dint - eighted ; 

□early blind. 
dhSmirlMif;, glittorin^, rudinnt, 

ehBmitl, Tarn, a whip. 
obBmidn, iierrous ; self- con scions ; 

timid and j^tiring. 
oliSmok, I. a pod ; U. (Kedab) to 

chiupa, bimga chimpa. fl w 

(unidentified) ; ehSmpa ra d 
cUmpftka^ Skr. the champ&k t 

{michelia champaca) ; ch b th 

f rangipanni (plwmie™ oet ( / ha) 
oliGini^Uia, a litt«ir ; also jimjKi 
oIiBmpU»k, a iaok-fruit ( ioc -p 

palyphema)} eft. ayer ( t 

ohfimpfilek, pitcli and tos 
ohimpnouET, (onom.) th d f 

a heavy body falling pi p t 

ohBmperni, a generic nam g t 

a number of Bea-shoro ahyab t 

ably ckampereia grifflkii 1 

jera rheedii. 
UiBmpfirlinff, the tree-atarling (ea- 

tomiichalybeius); TOnfnc/i,, very red 

cyeB ; also ^rling, 
eIl6]npiI^^< sa-chEmping, a very small 

bit ; a morBsI. 
ehftmponf, carrying between botli 

arms (as a bale of firewood ia carried). 
cliBmnna, dirt on the face (after a 

meal) ; greasy. 
diimitohap, loFe-gnisB ; burrs, 
diGmna, sick of, sated with— stronger 

than jimu. 
clioiia, old and hardened (of a fight- 

ohBnanpin, a malodorone flying bug 

very destructive to padi. 
ohfinan^Ca, Skr. a birth-mark ; a 

congenital deformity. 
chtuangku, a heavy cntlasB. 
ohSucIuda, a Eedah name for the 


fantail fly -catch er (i-l»pad«in, spp,) ; 
elsewhere murai jiia, 

Ckfinolialok, a relish made of smail 

oli6iiclta]i([, slashing, slicing, chop- 
ping, cutting. 

ckBnoliarn, a fish (caronx boops) ; 
also jam-jaru. 

okfinchatmi, the socket of the knei? ; 
minyaJc ch., the oily matter in the 

Okenokeng, running as hard as one 

h6n Itnrut th : 

Sk ] 

1 fligat 

Ii6iidalia Ski dal w d ( 

? aib ) 

kiadairait g n am f 

po80 f g ( tly s ) 

h I 1 -p d b t gi (I 

t ph ) 1 k— o! w in 

kftudayuu pi t t 1 k t 


kfiadtea I Sk -ac f f 

IT. deep (of Bleep) ; = nylda/r, 
ckfindSral, a generic name given to 

Beveral plants — viz- one croton (c. 

argyratue) and three grewia, 
cliSndfirainiilia, Skr. a tree beaiing 

an edible fruit (nnidentified). 
chSndfiraaari, a bird funidentifled). 
olldldBraBliTi, a tree (nnidentifled), 
okfinderawajwh, the bird of para- 

okftndims, (Penang) removing ran- 
cidity from oil. 

ckfiaanai, seduction ; enticing women 
by magic art. 

ckendnJ, a kind of thin broth with 
cakes of dough floating in it. 

ckiuela. Fort, a slipper. 

chBn^l, the name of a tree (balano- 
tarpvs raujiimus) usually known by 
the Kedah form of the word, chSnyai. 



chengaiig', nstouiBliinent I teTch«ng~ 

ujtg, bewildered with Burpriae. 
oii»ngeag, whining continuallj (of 

young children). 
ehxaggA, bSrchm^gek, to perch ; = 

chSaffi, a nasal twang. 
oiSagiSja repiiUiva odour about food. 
cllfiltg'kuit, gripping betweou finger 

and thumb. 
cbSngkMie, I. wakeful, eloepless. 

ir. barrii^ the paaaagc — cf. eSngkang. 
Cheagkftrok, a sweetmeat made of 

chEngkan, a variant of ckilcav,, q.v. 
tibiagiteh, the clore-apice (eagenia 

caryophylla) ; buah ch., a clove, 
chtngkeh, -walking on the side of 

one's foot. 
chengkelc, thinner at the uentro than 

at the cstremitiOB (of a post). 
chensfcelat, a variant of slngkelat, 


obtngkeiing, a variant of eSngUUng, 

chiujfktoa, hollow-eyed; slcepleaa- 

chfingkisua, earnest money, an 

GheagkCrek, a cricket; bSradu ch., 

to make crickets fight. 
cbinffkEreng, I. a. tree {enjthrina 

stricla). II. an absceas. 
cbfingxfirma, Skr. moving over an 

area; spreading as news; wandering. 
chengU, Ch. a run of luck; good 

changkok, I. twisted ; ch. heledoh, 
zigzag. II, a leaf-monkej {semnopi- 
tliecus femoralia or k. cristattis). 

cbiagkoloilg, withdrawing a smsll 
nmoimt from a lai^e ; drawing on 
a deposit. 

ckSagkoug, hollow, sunkeu (of the 

cbtugkuaa, aha^y, nnkempt. 

obSngkiurfti, I. a silk fabric. II. 
beroMngk-arai, crumbling to frag- 
ments, breaking up into pioees. 

) ceEbana 

chfingong, gating in open-mouthed 
astonishment — cf. chSngang. 

cbJSnok, minyak chinok, a vegetable 
oil obtained from the tree diploime- 
inia sebi/era ; also minyak kawang. 

clieiiok, bwong cheaolc, a malkoha 
{ramphococcyn erythrognathtia or rho- 
'podyten saiaatramue). 

okfinonif, a fixed steady look at an;- 

oheutajrtt, a variajit of jlnta- 

ckfintong, I. a ladle (consii 
a bamboo receptacle with a handle 
rising vertically up from it). II. an 
erectile tuft of feathers on a bird's 
head ; an erectile crest. 

ckfiunram, a declivity ; a precipitous 
incline — of. churam. 

chepat, speedy, quick ; rapidity of 

ckepeli, soft and pendent (of buEEalo- 

cheper, a kind of metal saucer or 

plate on which a bowl (hatil) rests. 
ckepoh, a club-foot, 
ck^n, a Oat round box of wood (used 

as a receptacle for toilet requisites) ; 

chipu-chipu, the truck of the mast; 

puling chepu-ckBpa, the foot of the 

cliSpaa, a blush of shamo; a guilty 

ckBrabak, ugly (of a child). 

ckirackak, sticking up in points- 

ckSriickap, Malay caatanets (bam- 
boos beaten against each other). 

ck6rak, clear, unobstructed (of tho 
view) ; ch, Qhuacha, clear daylight. 

chisai, severance, aepavation, di- 
vorce; bSrcMrai, to separate from; 
to be divorced from; chSraikan, to 
separate (one person from another) ; 
ch.-bSrai, broken up, scattered (of a 
defeated army). 

obfirakin, a sort of Malay medicine 

cbfiramah, talkativeness — cf . ramak. 
cbfirana, Skr. a deep salver or bow! 
on which are placed tho various 



TeBsela used for lioldiug the i^qnisites 
for betel -cbewing i Jn^yornngJian 
r.h., to pasa roanil this bowl bo as to 
allow ffueatB to help themselves to 
SiTeca-nut, Bireh'leaf, lime, eti.'. 

dLiraBohang, lying point apwardg. 

ehtouig, a clearing in the forest ; ch. 
rimba, id. 

chSxftnKKali, bronciiin^ into points ; 
rasa bercliSratiggah, a deer of many 

oliSrMlI, a. rich cloth. 
dLtrati a, plui^-hoJe. 
e]l<Ifttok,sqnattinginarow; perched 

inarow(»8birdsonatel egraph - wire) . 
chexawat, Skr. an arrow of fire. 
Obixohtk, Skr. abase, inault, reviling ; 

jtfttn ch,, to be reviled. 
dtlrobak, T. slight!; pockmarked— 

cf. cliKchak. TI. a variant of ckSreka, 
cliBrdaa, I. foolish cunning. II. a 

ohtnlek, clever; sharp-witted; 

bright ; intelligent ; mlndatmigkan 

ch,, to sharpen the wite. 
0li«rak, a kettle ; a vessel for boiling 

oberot, diairhcea ; looseness of the 

bowels; th, 6ere(, to run continnously, 
oHtrewet. f ussiness ; fuss^andinter- 

fering behavioor. 
chtigtM, reliable (of work) ; a thing 

you can depend on. 
ahfiri. Hind, g&lan^ cMn, a bangle. 
ohsri, a gong the sides of wiiich slope 

Chfirla, I. Skr. fidelity. II. cleared, 

brightened (of the countenance). 
ohfirldaWMi, cries ; shouts in unison 

vocal music ; chorus singing. 
ehMgtk, I. being on one's guard. 

wary, watuhful. II. a catlaas ; a 

broad-bladed short sword or dagger. 
chfiritft, I. a story, a narrative ; cit. 

laman dahtdw, a talc of old times. 

II. (ononi.) bSrch^ritO; to tnitter (of 

the magpie robin). 
cMrlMig. shining, resplendent—cf. 


» CHfiTI 

ohfirmai, a tree (phyltantkua dietic- 
lous) ; it yields a small round acid 

chirmat, care ; delicacy of touch ; 
neatness in appearance or dress. 

«liBrmiu, a mirror ; ch. maia, the 
pupil of the eye ; an eye-glass ; ch, 
KropjBff, the lens of a telescope. 

oliBriia, Skr. assimilated, digested. 

chSroboIi, roi:^h, rude, coarse, vio- 
lent, vulgar. 

oliBroli, a second pounding of rice 
(to whiten it). 

ohteok, I. a comer; an out-of-tbe 
way part of the room where things 
are placed that one does not need ; 
the apace under a wardrobe or be- 
tween it and the wall ; a hidden nook. 
II. a bamboo funnel nsed in milking. 

chfirpUai, Turn, the imported Indiau 

dtftspil. Tarn, aandals, clogs ; hnwali 
ch., position beneath the sandaia (of 
a prince), the position of a subject — 
cf . kO/Mii and dull ; in^junjtmff ch,, 
to acknowledge the rule of a prince. 

obBnibah, a (Kedah) weapon. 

chimobnp, burrs, love -grass. 

chBcnp, to lap up water; the sound 
of lapping water. 

chftrut, I. t^ht compression ; strang- 
ling ; the sensation caused to the 
wearer by tight clothes or tight 
boots. II. cheroot ; also chSrvia, 

ohlmtn, a cheroot. 

clittai, bSfchStai-chStai, tattered. 

ohetak, the wooden cases in which 
type is kept ; the work of a com- 

chetak, stisllow ; elntu-nya ch., his 
learning was shallow. 

chfitSra, 1. Skr. pi!y'>»>7 ch,, an 
umbrella with a hanging fringe. 
II. Skr. a story i = chSrita. 

obfttSri, Hind, tent, awning, canopy. 

obfitftxia, Skr. a kshatriya ; a mem- 
ber of the princely or warrior caate ; 
a warrior. 

chiti, Tani. a chetty ; a moneyi 


lender; di-piga-ng ch., in the hands 
of money-lendecB. 

ohetns, (onora.) chetus apt, to strike 
a light. 

ehewe, a term by which aiiinials are 
Bpokeo of (especiallj at eea) if the 
mention of their names ia believed 
to be likely to attract their attention 
snd canse injury or disaster. 

obi, Ch. a measure of weight nsed 
in weighing opium ; a tentli of a 

cbiak, a sparrow ; alinch. 

chiar, crying continnally (of a ohildj. 

chlan, I. disarranged (of dress). 
II. a long oar (worked standing). 

Ohiohali, steeping ; dipping (e.g. 
food into gTHTy) so aa to saturate ; 
also cMahah. 

ebioliak, a lizard s also cMchak. 

cUohek, shuddering at ; feeling a 
strong aTeraion to ; looking down 
upon with disgust. 

(tMoIiit, great-grandchild. 

clllia, colio (during the night). 

cblkar, see chSlcar. 

vhOdL, see chekel. 

ohili. chili ; red pepper. 

CUnft, Chinese i orang Ch., a ChinesB ; 
nlgSri Ch. or blnua CK, China ; ch. 
buta, the m-uhallU or intermediate 
husband necessary to make the re- 
marriage of divorced persons legal ; 
main ck. buta, blind man's buil j 
lada ch,, capsicum (piper chaba), 
slso called chahai ; btmga ch,, s. name 
given to gardenias and sometimes t« 
ouliivated varietieB of the ixora. 

oMaeh^a.g, see chinchang. 

ohinoliarn, Ch, a cold sweet jelly. 
oliinoliin, a Unger-riiig. 
clilticlxit, Ch. the "cbinchew" or 
owner's agent on a ship, 

dtindn, great-grandson; a polity 
variant of chichit. 

Ilhingaia, a sea-shore plant (teyphU 
phora hydrophyllacia). 
diinta, Skr. loving desire; regret; 
longing ; bSrchinta, to be in love ; 

hlr ) 


3 for 

r gret 

cHinttunonl bkr a fahulous gold 
yellow snake the find ng of wh ch 
s bel e 1 to betoken good fortune 
n love (n ch aajah i name 
ght fon s of the viper 



Chlntlns, Ch. a revenue officer em- 
ployed by the farms in the Straita. 

tdiipai, a monkey {temnopithectis 
meialophos) , 

cUpan. I. a battle-aie. II. (Perak) 
a tapir. 

cMrl, the coronation formula used 
in certain Malay States. [It would 
appear to be Pali]. 

cidilt, a variant o£ cheret, q,v. 

cIliB, an interjection of vulgar and 
contemptuous disbelief or disap- 
proval — stroi^r than chek. 

ohita, I. Skr. feeling, emotion ; suha- 
chita, joy ; dtika-chita, sorrow ; min. 
Chita, to fix one's tbonghts upon a 
talisman in order to get its magical 
aid i to call into existence by will- 

power. II. Hind, iain chita, chintz, 
chin, I. a state cushion ; a cushion 
for a royal divan. II. Ch. spirituous 

cliliun, to smell; to kiss (in the 
Malay way) ; mSnthium, id. ; pjn-. 
cliiutn, the sense of smell. 
oUnp, a bladder made by blowing 

out a fowl's crop. 
eboba, attempting, trying, testing) 
"please," "just"; choba, tanya fta- 
pada gurv,, please ask the teacher; 
ehobai, to bold a test ; chobakan, to pat 
to the test ; phickoba, a trial or test. 
cliobalc, chobah-chabeb, tattered or 

torn at the edge ; frayed. 
dioban, a needle of horn or bamboo 
nsed in repairing nets. 
obobar, rent down the middle, torn ; 
ch.-chdbir, much torn. 
obobek, aa-chobeJc, a pinch. 
ebobiB, aa-chobii, a splinter, a frag- 
ment from the edge. 

los-6d by 



chodak, mhichodah, to hold the head 

aloft (as a awimming smtke). 
chook, a soup-plate or bowl of Chmeee 

thogMi, Pers. an ensign — better 
jogan ; a, portent in the hoavena. 

cbop), Jftv. blockhead, fool. 

cliokw, agsnie resembling draughts. 

dioket, the abstraction of a veij 
small qnautitj; picking a piece. 

I bathing- cloth (iiaed by 




cliokok, the cry of a latah-subjcct 
wben excited. 

etol&k, ch.-chaling, confused, en- 

Cbo^ngr, ch.-chaling, confused, en- 

oiLolat, a dig with the elbow or hand 
— cf. cholet. 

thoiUk, prizing ont with a point ; 

.digging out with a pin; mlnckolek, 
to scrape out with a pointed in- 
strument ; plncholelc api, a lucifer 

Oliolet, a dig with the point of the 
finger — cf. cholat. 

choU, Hind, a tight-fitting native 
corset or bodice worn neit the skin 
by Indian women. 

Clwlok, a fuse of cloth steeped in oil. 

Gkomft, see chuma. 

olunatiol, thd knob on a door. 

chomek. a cuttle -iish. 

ckomel, I. dainty, pretty. II. bab- 
bling ; onable to hold one's tongue. 

chomot, defiled with dirt. 

thojn.', ch.-champing, torn, tat- 

, tored at the edge, frayed. 

oliompea, injnred by the loss of a 
comer or projection. 

elumipok. Oh. a cook. 

vhondartmg, inclining; leaning; ch. 
holi, mental leanings; iuclinationa ; 
ftlflo chond<nig. 

dumdonif, leaning to one side ; out 
of the perpendicular ; ch.-hati, per- 
sonal inclination ; also chortdSrong. 

also chotel. 
chong'ftk, turned npwarda (of the 

face) ; holding his head up (of a 

bnffalo sniffing when alarmed) ; 

pointing up (of the beak of a 

ohonffg'ali, projecting unevenly; 

sticking out in all sorts of directions ; 

also chonglaih. 
chonggaoLg, ch. chongget, bobbing np 

and down (as a sandpiper picking up 

food, or as a man climbing a difficult 

ehongicet, see chonggaag. 
chongkfcli, projecting unevenly; out 

of line (of a projection) ; also ehong- 

clioiiifkak, a generic name for cowrie 

shells (cypraiffi) ; main ch., a game 

played with these shells ; ■pofpan ch., 

the board nsed for playing this 

chonffkan^, ch. kilaloM, topsy-turvy 
(at sixes and sevens). 

chong'kax, ch.-changk\r, of all sizes 
and shapes (as the component parts 
ot a heap of firewood). 

ohonglMiig', sticking ont in alt direc- 
tions (as the points of a caltrop). 

chongok, mirichon^ok, to sit stiffly 

tshonimg, smearing (anything) on a 

surface ; niulo tlrchonteng arang, a 

face snie^d over with charcoal ; (by 

metaphor) disgraced. 
oboatoli, a model of an object to be 

copied ; a sample ; a specimen. 
OkorAjC, the general colouring (of a 

sarong) ; the prevailing hue in a 


Okonuii, a variant of churam, q.T. 
okoranff, cheating at games g pin-, 

chwang, a cheat. 
ehorak, the long linear markings in 

the grain of certain woods. 
oharmSTi streaked with long vertiool 

streaks (as a man on whom paiut ~' 



lias fallen) ; c/i. -laoreag, covered with 

cIioroiiK, I. a Hirei tray or platter. 
II. a cylindrical funnel ; the chimney 
of a lamp. 

oliorot, I. bringing up the roar ; pSn- 
ckorot, the hindmost. II. Jav. the 
spout of anythinK; ch, cherek, the 
apout of a kettle. 

cliotek, la-chotek, a, very entail por- 
tion ; a pinch ; a bite. 

oliotet, tip-tilted ; = chonet. 

obotolc, I. the Email Seahy protuber- 
ance at the base of a bird's beak. 
II. projecting above the surface (of 
ft low flat rocfc). 

Olitla, not pleaaing, unsatisfactory. 

cliiwolia, Skr. clear (of the atmoa- 
phere) j tSrang ch., bright day- 

obnAi, to hold in little esteem ; of 
little account. 

ohaal, cloth in the Srot stage of its 

oliniili, excepting, saving ) klcimaU, 
id. ; klchaali klbanyakan, some ; a 
number of. 

oliiiani, a kind of cloth. 

Ghnar, aticiing up (of long objects, 
such as masts) ; cf. chuai, 

chnat, sticking up (of short objects) ; 
of. chuar. 

olinblt, pinching, pressing between 
finger and thumb ; mSnchabil, to 

^noha^ abasing or silencing one's 

foe (espooially by magic arts). 
^nc^, cleansing i bSrcftucU, to clean, 

to cleanse ; kitam ek., a. plane. 
Obuoholl, I. sotting anything alight ; 

putting 6re to anything. II. teasing, 

verbal annoyance. 
Oluioltok, piercing; driving a point 

into anything ; threading a needle ; 

piercing with a needle ; perforating ; 

vmnek tanggal daripada ckuchoh-nya, 

pearls fallen from their Strings ; eh. 

kajang, making kajang mats W 

running a piece of bamboo through 


pandanuB leaves to hold thorn to- 
gether i ch, linjata, the leader of a 
chai^ ; blTchuchok-ch,, in strings j 
mSjickuchok, to pierce, to perforate. 

olmolioiiB'. & variant of chwAu, 

ciinolLU, grandohild ; anafc ch., de- 

clmcbnnda, grandchild— a respect- 
ful form of chuchu. 

olfaolinr, I. trickling; flowing in 
small quantities; chuchttran atap, 
the edge of a roof; chiKhavi, to let 
water fall or drip on anything; to 
anoint. II. a generic name given to 
oakes of hard-backed pastry. III. a 
bird (podargKi javaiiensis ?) 

oliaolint, Jav. the shark. 

chnit, a playful tap or blow with the 
linger ; a movement of the finger, 
hinting " go away " ; the wagging of 
a bird's taiL 

clmka, Skr. vinegar, 

ohukni, toll J tax; impost j tinibang 
ch., the payment of duos ; mliaTikan 
ch., to avoid the payment of an im- 

oltnld, a game resembling dranghta. 

olmkn, Tarn, dried gambier-robt, 

obiUropi completion, sufficiency; 
quite, fully; tullj ch. go-ra(iis haH, 
a full hundred daya; audah ch., it U 

ohnkur, shaving ; ti^atig ch. (Straits) 
a barber ; mSnchuiur, to shave ; pieau 
piTichukur or piaau, jilnyukur, a, 

ohnlA, Skr. the horn of a dragon; 
magical or supernatural horn. 

olmltui, bunga eft., a flower [aglaia 
odorala P) 

clinlaa, inert, sluggish, slow, idte^a 
atroT^r expression than matas. 

chnlin, a pipeful of tobacco or 

cbmiut, vain ; useless ; idle ; gratui- 
tonsj ehmna-ckama, uselessly | pSr- 
chicma, id. 

ohiuiibu, coaxing, love-making, ver- 
bal endearments; chwnibwan, loriiiK , 



words s hirchumba-chiimbuan, fiirta- 
tion, the eschange of endearing 

Olliui, Ch. an iiicli ( approximate! j), 

clinnam, long delicate pincers for 
extracting vrax frora the ear, for 
working in the precions metals, etc. 

olrandB, grandchild — a j^espectful 
eqnivalent of chacha. 

obmiSftiiS, ];Schuiidang or pSchtin- 
dang, conqnest; the position of the 
defeated, relative to the victor. 

chimgap, ch.-changip, panting, short 
of breath. 

clitms'Idl, the use of a pointed in- 
Etrmn ect f or extracting foreign bodies 
— (e.g. as a tooth-pick is ueod) ; 
gouging; plnchungMl gigi, a tooth- 

onn^fc, a measure of capacity; a 
quarter of a gantang, or, approxi- 
mBi«l7, the capacity of a balf-coco- 
nnt-ehell ; alpirti cktvpak hanyut, 
like a floating c/^jHtJi-meaBiire— 
a half -coconut 'Bbel! (which rooks 
greatly when it floate)— a simile for 
loose swagger ; ehupak is used also 
of the bowl of a mortar or opinm- 

canpar, garmlonH — ct. chllupar. 

clmpn, a variant of ckSpu, q.y, 
cbnpnl, not long enough (for the 

purpose in view) ; inadequate owing 

to shortness. 
obiira, jestii^i joking; not taking 

chnroh, emptying out; churahliaii, 

to empty out, to pour out. 
chuxal, loose, severally, one at a time. 
ehturam, sloping ; a decliyity ; a 

precipitous incline^ot. chinuram. 
clmrat, gashing oat violently (of 

chniri, I. theft ; stealing ; stealthy 
removat ; stealth j churi-chtiri, steal* 
thiiy, aurreptitiously ; mSnckuri, to 
steal i jiSncftiiri, a thief ; IScfmriom, 
theft. II, to flow (as water or blood). 

elms, an. interjection coarsely enjoin- 
ing silence. 

chut, a Eedah variant of chva, q.v. 

chutam, an amalgam of gold, silver 

obntap, a waist-buckle of shiny black 

; Eur. 

da1»t, haica-daba, o3our, smell j sus- 

ubir, Ar. a writer, a scribe. 

dabonlT, mSn-lalong, to file the teeth. 

dahita, a broa^ round shaft of wood 
with a short spike set like a spear- 
head at its extremity ; main d,, to 
stab oneself with this awl. 

dacUng, a steel-yard of Chinese 
type 5 anak d,, hata d, or buoft d,, 
the weight on a steel-yard. 

dada, breast ; chest ; seat of feeling ; 
mi'nipok d., to beat the breast j hlr- 
pirang blrdada, to fight in the open. 

dadah, I. a native medicine -bon. 
II. — dadak, q.v. 

dadak, c'tSiel: kldadak, violent vo- 
miting ; violent Bickness (often in- 
voked upon the head of a sconndrel). 

dadap, a metallic shield of a type 
only mentioned in romance. 

dadar, I. a thin pancake or omelet of 
Malay make. II. mindadar, to dis- 
tribute charity. 

dodeh, curds ; ayer d., whey. 

dadok, mindadok, to beg ; to solicit 

d»doitg, I, (Kedfth) crooning a. child.-, 

, ;.d by 



to sleep. II, (Itiaa Johor) exposing 
for fermentation. 

dftdn, I. Fort, a die, dice ; main d., 
to plaj with dice. II. roseate ; mega 
d., the roseate clouds. III. iirdadu, 
to gossip. IV. slri d., a variant of 
Boldada, q,v. 

da«iie', I. dried heh; minta darah 
pada daeng, to ask dry fish for blood 
— (to get blood out oi a stone), prov. 
II. a Bugis title of distinction. 

daeeah, Av. district, oatlying depen- 

dafiiab. At. tte laurel. 

Oaftar, Ar. a tabular list ; a, roil ; a 
register of attendance. 

dag'a, mSndaga, to do npliill work j to 
male an effort. 

Aagangf, a stranger ; a foreigner ; 
plraka d,, a vessel from elsewhere ; 
a tradin;^ ship ; dagangan, commer- 
cial products { d, slntSri, the stranger 
as an object of pity — a depreciatory 
description of himself often used by 
a ■writer J d^ jnatu, d, yamg miakm 
and A, yang hitia, id j d. yang raiDom 
and <t. yang rayti, id. (in Ioto 

Oafflnff, fleab, meat; d. ular sawa, 
the flesh of the python ; d. darah or 
darah dan daging, flesh and blood 
(close relationship or intimate friend- 
ship, such as "blood-brotherhood"). 

dagob, hantn d., clouds on the horizon 
of weird and changing form (believed 
hy the Malaya to be ghosts of mur- 
dered men). 

daiTili the human chin ; the " chin " 
or comer of certain Malay knives 
and choppers, this " cbin " being 
one of the corners near the handle. 

dah, done — a colloquial abbreviation 
of iudah, q.v. 

daliag^, thirst ; thirsty ; Japar d., 
hunger and thirst : mfnghapus d., to 
aasna^ one's thirst. 

dahagi, estreme covetousneas. 

daJuUc, phlegm 1 raucaa (from the 


daham, (onom.) " hum " (in the ex- 
pression "hum and haw")i birdaham, 
to hniD and haw ; to hesitate before 

dahatL, I. aminor bough or branch of a 
tree) hartmnud., a large tiger-cat op 
small leopard (_leopard«s macrocedua) , 
II. p&adakrm,, an obsolete weapon 
mentioned in romance. 

dahaua, mSniaho-Ha, to beg, to im- 
portune for gifts ; see also dana. 

dahl, the brows; the region of the 
eyebrows ; sa-hari bnlan daki-^ya, 
his brow was as the new moon. 

dalialiat, Ar. panic, alarm ; mSinhiri 
d., to rouse panic, to terrify. 

dabuln, before ; zaman d., past ages j 
adat d, kola, customary law ; dahulvX 
to anticipate, to be too quick for ; 
liSi-doJiMi«-iia/iu.I«aB., pressing on, one 
trying to get in front of the other — 

of. ftttiM.. 

Dojal, Ar. Antichrist ; the falsa 

dak, no, not— an alibreviation of tiddk' 

daks, tiang d., the wooden supports 
upon which rests the plank hiding 
away tiie body in a Malay grave. 

dakap, embracing, drawing to the 
breast; hSrilakap, to embrace ^ mfn- 
dakaf, id. ( birdaku^-ddkoipan, ex- 
changing embraces. 

dakar, perversity, obstinacy in doing 
wrong ; offensive arrogance. 

dakkll, Ar. trusty. 

dald, I. filth, dirt; mSmbiiang d., to 
dean, to wash. II. ascent, climbing 
up ; mindaki, to ascend. 

daksina, Bkr. the south. 

dakn, me — a form taken by the word 
ahi. (I, me) after the words akan 
and Mngan and verbs ending i n fcan. 

dalal, Ar. agent, broker, ; 

dalalak, Ar. a female go-' 

dalam, I. interior, inside; in, while, 
during; fca-iialum, inward ; di-dalaia, 
inside ; position in ; di-dolam hati, 
mentally to oneself. II. depth, deep ; 
tSrlalu daXam, ayer-nya, its waters 



were very deep; mlndalamtcan, to 
' deepen. III. Jav. priucel; dwelling, 
coart; ba/iasa d., the language of the 

dalan^, the stoiy-reciter (who also 
workB the flguresjnt a Malay shadow- 
ehow; the autiior(iti atoriea written 
for use with BhEdow-ahowa). 

daleb, subterfuge, qaibble, eqnivoca- 

flalek, doldk-d., shitlj-shalljiDg. 
dalil, Ar. the elucidation of the Koran 

by comnientariea j the whole OS the 

standard commentators. 

Aolonff, a large platter for feeding a 

dftln, a mistletoe. 

dam, I. (Dutch) ma™ dam, draughts. 

' II. At. a religious penalty. III. a 

whiff or puff at a pipe. 
damal, settlement; bringing about a 

good understanding ; damaikan, to 

effect a settlement ; blrdatnai, to be 
. at peace i ^rdumaian, b, settlement 

of differences ; a treaty of peace. 
dftmak;, the dart of a blow-pipe ; 

iabong d., the quiver for such 

damal, slow to move ; difficult to 

Bail or row (of a boat), 
flamui, the sheet of a, large sail. 
damar, reein ; " dammar " ; a torch 

of resinous wood. 
damba, desire for j wish to poBseaa. 
^Ia.mjl*.iii spite, gru<%e ; minaroh d., 

to bear a grudge. 
dampar, cast ashore ; being aground ; 

{^damjar, stranded. 
dampil, contiguity, proximity ; hlr- 

dampil'd., in close prosimity — cl. 

dampli^, juxtaposition ; contiguity, 

contact ; blrdamping, to be hard by j 

to come next. 
dan, I. and, furthermore. II. ability 

or time to manage anything ; ta'-dan, 

it cannot be done. III. (Naning) 

year servant ; I. 

dana, Sfcr. gift, charity ; mlrapa d,, 
to go a-begging— -of. dahana. 
danan, a mere, a pool, a tarn, a la^e. 
the projecting platforms 

haliian, the prow platform. 

dandanf, a large copper boiler. 

daudi, I. smal! Tamil cymbals (a 
musical instrument often mentioned 
in literature). II. spotted, mottled ) 
ruso. d., a deer with spotted markii^s. 

dai^r, a title given in old romances 
to ladies about a court — cf. dayaag. 

danffan, a temporary leau-to erected 
when camping out for watching 

dangdaiig', a (Kedah) variant of 
dandang, q.v. 

dangrk^, dry ; lacking in juicinesB. 

daugbap, a variant of daka/p, q.v. 

dangkar, I. dongkor-d., bundling out 
bag and baggage. II. a variant of 
dokar, q.v. 

danffklng, dongkang-d., (Kedah) 
extremely emaciated ; cadaverous. 

dangtik, n^ndangok, to have the head 
thrust forward. 

daui, a (Kedah) variant of dimdi, q.v. 

danta, Skr. ivory ; asmara d., beauti- 
ful white teeth, 

dana, iilar d., (Kedah) a rainbow. 

danmr, putrid emanations from a 
dead body j a putrefying corpse. 

dap, I. a sort of tabor. II. a sword 
with a long blade and a bamboo bnt 
covered with skate-skin. 

dapa, a. slave-messenger sent aa a gift 
with a proposal of marriage. 

dapat, obtaining, getting, acquiring; 
managing ; luaiang nioe da}pat dt> 
hayar, a debt in money may be paid ; 
Umok dapat ha-orain^, the fat goes 
to others ; dapali and mlndapat, to 
obtain, to get ; MdapaUtii, the acqui- 
sition of anything ; pBudopadln., the 
thing acquired ,■ the proceeds ; m^n- 
dapafkan, to come across, to meet ; 
ia' -daiMti-iiada, it most be; must; 
unjokkaii axtrat ini, ta'-dapat-liada 



di-tolong-nya, Ehow him this letter 
' and he must help you. 
dapur, I. a Malay kitcheii j an oven ; 

a briot-kilnj rumah d., a ooot- 

houaei jura d., ft cook; d. tanak, a 

mnd-oven. II. dapur-dapitr sustt, 
- the outer-portion of the breasii ; d.-d. 
■hubar, the grave mound (in contra- 

diBtinction to the head-stone). 
flar. At. abode. 
dara, S^. nnmarrjed ; maiden; 

m^denhood ; hini dan dara^ matrons 

and maide; anai d,, a virgin; bgr- 

dara, virgin. 
darab,bloodi dunned., blood-letting; 

b-uang ayer d., dysentery; d, pateh, 

"white biood " — Lo. royal blood ; 

dagirt^ d., (one's own)flesh and blood ; 

neup relativea ; iSrdarat, bleeding ; 

Botfused Trith blood. 
daral, (Kedah) sexual impotence in 

the male. 
dftsat, land ; dry land (aa opposed to 

water) ; the interior (as opposed to 

the coast) ; naik ka-dirat, to land 

(from a vessel) j darutan, dry land; 

mindaraf, to go inland. 
daxi, from I out of i of (in the sense 

of "made of"); in the matter of; 

than; d.emi, hence; d. eilu, thence; 

daripada, from, out of, regarding ; 

daxjab, see darjat. 

darjat, Ar. ranlc; grade; emblem of 

darwi, crumbling to pieces. 
dasfa, Pers. sea, ocean, river ; tudkil 

d,, the lord of the waters. 
daa, the sound of a shot, raja ini 

daiang, Mrapa daa iembak, when this 

prince arrives how many "guns" 

■are we to give him. 

daaa, Skr. ten; sa-dasa, a batch of 

dasar, ground- work ; materials of 
construction ; prevailing element in 
t- design ; the essence of anything. 

dasi, butan^ d., a collar-stud. 

ftavtiiT, layar d., a stndding-sail. 


datauiTi coming, approacli ; dari- 
pada Alliih. doiang-nya, it comes la 
us from God ; datanglian or mSnda- 

' tangJcan, to bring on ; to cause ; m. 
sSmbah, to bring a respectful greet- 
ing ; m. _^'ra«, to invite reflection i 
l^datangan^ the coming ; ^. inaut^ 
the coming of death ; mlndataiigi, bo 
attack ; to meet a hostile assault. 

datar, smooth, level; = rata and 

datia, Skr. a Titan ; a giant. 

datok, grandfather ; a senior ; a title 
of distinction ; a joss or idol ; the 
tutelai:y Spirit of a kSramat or 
wonder-working spot; d, nenek, an- 

datonf a variant of datolc q v 
danlat \t majesty the sanctity 
which inveats the offito of a king, 
the mysttnoufl kingly powei which 
does not die with a sovereign but 
abides so as to pnnish any degene- 
rate successor (actordmg to Malay 
belief) dau! i( tuanti your ma- 
jesty — an eidamation of homage, 
di-timia d struck down by ihe 
power of offended majesty 
dann, a leaf a blade of grass the 

fish trap (jlrmalj d hmlut tbo 
short outer pocket of this screen j 
d, pSnjarang the long inner pocket 
over which the fish first pass , d. chskt, 
"chicfcy" cards; d, teh, tea, tea- 
leaves ; d. feayti, the leaf of a tree j 
mendaan kayv,, aa the leaves of tha 
forest in number. 

danp, beamy and heavy (of a boat) j 
heavy and sullen (of a face). 

dawa, Ar. a lawsuit; klna d., to be 

dawai, wire ; d. gSlang, very thick 

davat. At. ink ; llmpat d., or bSkoi d., 
an inkstand, 

daya, I. resource, stratagem ; J. 
upavCi resources, means ; apa-kand., 
what cou one do ? mSndayakan, t<r 



deceive hj a stratagem. II. barat d,, dfidar, a touch of 
the aooth-woat, 

Darak, Djak. 

dajMiff, a damsel, b. young girl; 
awang dan d,, young men and maid- 
ens; dayang-dayang, attteniantti ia & 

iKyang, an i 

fish; anakd. 
the shaft ol 
blade of an i 
dajn, a low 

r; the breast iln of a 
eman ; batang d., 
1 5 dawn d., the 

n!ng I 

ind; ) 

rumble i 

I despicable coward, 
m.) a smaoiing aonnd. 
m.) a slapping sound, 
beating or throbbing of 
bSrd^bar-dgbaT-lah rasa 
he felt his heart throb 

darnB, Ar. 
dftbak, (on. 
a«b&p, (oni 
dtbar, the 

the heart 


debas, (onom.) the hiss of mehlng 

Ubek, (onom.) the bleating of goats ; 
also Smbeli. 

Mbok, a variant of dlhak. 

ASbong, (onom.) a thumping Bound. 

dibop, a variant of dlbaji. 

Ubu, dust ; haze — cf. llbu. 

dfibmu, (onom.) a thumping sound. 

dSbnr, (onom.) the sound of a land- 
ilip Of heavy crumbling fall. 

dSbna, a variant of dSbas. 

dfioblng, (onom.) a chinking goond. 

dfeliit, (onom.) a twittering or 
squeaky sound. 

dSdttb, open, exposed (especially of 
indecent exposure). 

dSdai, blrdSdai-d., in long, straggling, 
disorderly lines — cE. d^ai. 

dJHitk, I. bran i padi hnsk j II. mSm- 
dldak, to crowd, to press on. 

dfidam, bSrdMam, to be crowded 

dtdap, a generic name given to a 
number of trees {erylhrina, app.) 
that bear vary bright scarlet flowers 
and that are used to provide supports 
for the pepper plant ; iJcan paii d., a 
ray {eurogymnim iisperrimua). 

ilTidSdau, to shout, to ary 

dSgam, (onom.) a slamming sound. 

dfigftp, blrdlgap-d., to heave quickly 
(of the breast). 

SBpu, I. chakap bfTdlgar-d., boast- 
ful talk. II. bunyi hirdSgar-d., re« 

d&gll, stiff -necked, obstinate, per- 

t of 

dfibaga, ace dakaga. 
dSll^l, aee dahagi. 
iShttm, see dakam. 
dfibana, see daliana. 
dSbnln, aee dakulTt. 
dek, a variant of adel, q.v. 
dfikab, (onom.) the aound of loud 

laughter; tSrtav!ab^d5kah ox ^riawct 

blrdikah-dikah, to laugh heartily. 
dfikak, a variant of dSMh. 
dftkom, to crouch, for a spring (of a, 

beast of prey). 
dekan, the bamboo-rat (rht'somjia 



d«kat, i 

a master of fence ; 

r, hard by ; d. ka-darat, 
near tue anore ; dlkati and mSndliati, 
to approach ; mlndlkatiati, to bring 

dfikuicbi, a variant of Uma kunchd. 
dtkHB, the blowing of a porpoise, 
dikat, (onom.) calling pigeons; biiloh 

d., the bamboo instrument used to 

call pigeons for snaring. 
d61ah, an edible salt-water-fiah (un- 


dSlakl, a (Kedah) vajiajit of laTci-laTci, 
delnpan, eight ; the number eight ; 

d. blliD, eighteen ; d. paloh, eighty. 
dfilinuh, Skr. the pomegranate ; bain, 

d., the ruby ; d, mSrSkah, a split 

pomegranate (showing Ita red eon- 

tents), a simile for ruby lips. 
dfiUng^ffain, a variant of sSdllinggai 


tUnuJi, dry-poulttemg ; hot dry appli- 
catioDB to a diseased port. 

dtouua, faver ; d. hara, beuign terti- 
HT/ fever; d.fcSpmltt, violent malarial 
ferer accompanied by delirittm; d. 
Wpiaii* kltulaagan, rhenmatic fever ; 
d. bSrlat or ci. blrsHang, mild inter- 
mittent fever ; d, aSg&ma, infloeiiza ; 
d. raftK iimbamg, fever in Imig disease. 

Mmap, gluttonous. 

dSmi, by, with , on, at (when) i sa- 
OTang dlmi sa-orang, one hy one ; 
dSmi blrbunyi gSnta, when IJio bell 
rang; d, Allah, hj Qod. 

flfaiLMarii, thus, so, in this way. 

dSiiiit, youn^ ; obild (an oxpression 
often used by medicine-men. to de- 
scribe the patient). 

tlfimpaJc, broEid, beamy (of a boat) . 

dSm.pMig', I. hollow-Bounding, reso- 
tUHttj chakap bSrdSmpang'd,j boast- 
ful talk. II. going across to ; visit- 
ing ; stopping at. 

dtmpir, cracked -sounding (ofagong), 

dnnpolc, proximity, approach. 

dSmpTiI, tow for caulking boats. 

dfimukat, (Kedah) broken pieces of 
rice husk ; chaff ; = ISmukut and 

denfth, an evil spirit causing diseases 

.In the feet. 

dtaai, a wild-beast track. 

dSnak, decoy ; ayam d., a, jungle- 
fowl (gallusferragineus). 

dBnohinif, {,onom.) the chink at coin. 

dSitda, Skr. a fine ; Una d., U> incnr 
ft fine, to be fined ; diiidakan, to 

dfiadun, I. longing ; rindii, i., loving, 
longing. II. a grudge j = damiam. 

fl ft ld iH t, order, arrangement j plait- 
ing, design, style ; Mrd^ndan, to 
plait ; awan A., plait-onnunent, 

AfindanB', I. a name sometimes given 
to the crow (coruuB macToi-hyw^us) ; 
d. ayer, a bird {phalacrocoraso carbo) ; 
hurong jUdindang (heUopnis jiwso- 
■nata). II, tiiwin d., a bitt«r inedible 
.gam^d. III. Spanish fly. 

,9 DENU 

dentUuig, the droning chorus to a 
Malay quatrain. 

dendaagr, jerked meat. 

dBng^k, avariantof ^iHi^uJ^ordan^ob. 

dSngVA, I. with ; along with ; in 
conjunction with ; in accordance 
with ! on, by (in imprecations) t 
d. -aanuL nabi Allah, by the name of 
the prophet; d. ewrohiti raja, in ac- 
cordance with the prince's order j 
TOOsimg-maeini/ dingan kSMndak.nya, 
everyone as he pleased. II. your 
servant ; I. — of. dan. 

d&ngnr, listening to ; hearing ; choba 
d,, pteaeo listen; di-dSTtgar-nya, in 
his hearing; dingari,mlningaT,men' 
dSngar, dingarkan and mSningatkan, 
to listen to, to hear ; plningaran, tha 
sense of hearing. 

dtoffkang, loud laughter ; = tiilah, 

denffkel, shnvehod up intomally (of 

dSn^U, aversion, spite, envious 
hatred ; mSnaroh d., to narae a 
grudge ; blrasa d., to feel spiteful. 

dEacrkous, the baying of d(^^ 

dBnffknr, snoring, bSrdlnginr ot 
mindinghtr, to snore. 

dSugfok, tSrdlngok, squat, shortened 
(of the neck). 

Aiagang, (ooom,) bumming ; the 
sound of a Jew's harp or of a 
humble-bee ; the twang of a bow- 
etrtag ; droning or buzzing in the 
ear ; the ham of a kite or top ; iiSr. 
dSngong, to give out a humming 

dSll{fn, I. blrdSniju or mfitdlngu, to 
draw in one's breath before mus- 
cular effort. II. dull, stupid; also 

^ingjui, mindSagtia, 

d6it{fiit, the cry of a quail. 

deni, this ; =- dia ini. 

dBntam, (onom.) a slamming sound. 

dentun, (onom.) at' 

dsnn, that i = dia itu. 

,.-id by 



dtnynt, the throtbing of a boil. 
dSpo, a Malay fathom ; the epan 

from finger-tip to finger-tip of the 
. ontBtretched anna — cf. dipang. 
dfipan, front ; = hadopan ; di-d^an, 

in front. 
dfiliMiff, to Btretcli out tlie arms ; a 

cruciform position. 
dfipiut, the lining of a garment. 
dj^, chaatiaenient ', punishment. 
Mrai, blrdlrai'd; in long straggling 

line ; trailing away — cf. didai. 
d&cak, (onom.) a cracking Bound. 
dfttam, (onom.) a rumbling sound ; 

m^nderam, to rumfaie (as thunder). 
dfiranff, (onom). a clanging sound 

(aneh aa that of a bell). 
dfarap, (onom). a crackling or rapping 

Bound ; the sound of small arms 

dtoiu, I. speed i rapidity of motion; 

tSrlalu diras lari-nya^ he rwi Tery 

fast. II. Ar. mlndirag, to study the 

dJSraTi, (onom.) the Bound of a heavy 
shower approaching. 

dSrawft, Skr. yuia dSrauia, sjmp 
(often pronounced di-ratifah). 

deret, a row, a long line ; birderet-d., 
in long lines (aa people fleeing along 
the road from a stricken city). 

dfirhaklk, Skr. traitorous ; treason, 
betrayal; ada-hih iiatitt Idia dlrhaJia 
akan-dia, is it right that we should 

- betray their confidence ; mindlrhaka 
or birbuat d,, to turn traitor; to 

dftrlLMn, Ar. a small silver coin or 
(Told coin from Turkey or Persia. 

during', I. (onom.) a ringing sound. 
11. the trumpeting of an elephant. 

d&lita, Skr. iiada mindirita, insup- 
portable i unbearable j unable to con- 
lain oneself any longer. 

dfajl, Hind, a tailor. 

dtnna, Bkr. alms ; gifts to the poor; 
charity; favour; gift to a sub- 
ordinate ; mimb&ri d., to distribute 
charity ; jikalau ado, dtrma tiimin 

) DEWl 

titan-kv,, by the favour and kindness 
of my lord. 
dSnua-wan, Skr. open-handed, charit. 

dBrni, the threshold or sill of a door ; 

pinta d,, a light screen-door. 
dfirons, (onom.) a sonorous clang 

(such as that of a deep-toned bell). 
dfim, (onom.) the roar of a storm, 

or of a crowd, or of an inundation j 

mStidSTU, to roar. 
dBmnt, 1. (onom.) the sound of a 

tree falling heavily. II. a word of 

command to make an elephant kneel; 

dlramkan, to make an elephant 

d6rut, (onom.) a dull scraping Bonnd. 

dBmia, Pers. a dervish. 

deaa, Skr. region, country; aa-desa 

nSg^i, every country and town; 

everywhere; mlndeaa ^glri, id.; 

blTtandang d., to go wandering from 

Slaoe to place. 
Bar, (onom.) blrdSsar, to hiss (aft 
water falling on hot iron). 

dBsau, (onom.) the swish of rain 
falling on bamboos. 

dlteiiLg', (onom.) the whizzing' sound 
made by a projectile. 

d6«lr, a variant of dltar. 

dtetar, Pers. an unstarched head- 
cloth ! a tnrbau. 

dfianr, a variant of disar. 

dStaa, (onom.) the rustle of paper. 

ditek, (onom.) the cracking of a 

detlnf, (onom.) the twang of a 
stretched string when struck. 

dswa, Skr. a " deva " ; a minor divi-- 
nity ; a fairy ; a demi-god. 

damuui, Fers. courtly, royal. 

dswMt^a, Skr. a rich cloth often 
mentioned in romance. 

dewaaa, Skr. time, period, date. 

demta Skr. godhead, divinity, d. 
joalia raya, the greatest of gods ; 
burong d., anygaa d,, manok d. or 
pakei d,, the bird of paradise. 

dsvi , Skr. a minor goddesi 


DI 5 

ai, I. at, in ; di-siiii, here ; di-sand, 
• there; dC-dalam, inside i cli-!unr, 
ootflide. [By an idiomatic , uae of 
. this word, it forma a passive — e.g. 
. Sopoi di-tunda joiiglcong, a ship in 
- tow of a dinghy — i.e. a ship towed 
Viy a dinghy j di-dlngar-ttya, in his 
hearing ; heard by bim,] II. Skr. 
noble— an abbreviation o£ adi in 
. oerUiin titles — e.g. dipati for adi-jiati, 

diraja for adi-raja, eta. 
ilia, he, him, she, it ; = ia, when 

following an n ; akan-dta, to him ; 

= akan-ia. [Thifl form of ia is often 

also naed emphatically.] 
diam, I. silence ; being silent ; dttini- 

lah ta, he was sOent ; diam-diam, 

silently ; diarafem or laSndiamlcan, to 

silence. II. residence, abode, dwel- 
ling; diam-lahia di-lHUalui, iieliveA 

at Malacca ; diami, to inhabit ; Jddia- 
■ man, abode ; tempat kldiaman, place 
. of abode, home. 
dian, a candle ; fcnfci d., a candle-stick; 

ainai' d., Ihe light of a candle ; lilin 
, d., the wax of a candle ; hurony haki 

d; a large sandpiper (totanus calf- 

diaa^i toasting ; beating before a 

fire ; blTdiang, to heat at a Qre (used 

TemediaJly after a confinement). 
itiat, Ar. blood-money ; expiatory 

payment g a fine for violating some 

rel^^us injnnction. 
dlb^, Fers. a rich brocade, 
dldeh, effervescing, boiling up ; mln- 
. iideh, or minideh, to boil up ; to be 

boiling tot j ayer miitdideh,, boiling 
. waf«r. 
dldek, nurturing, fostering, bringing 

up (used of men bringing ap animals) . 
didl«, ii^ndidie, to hash. 
dikav, a form of the second personal 

prononn — you, thou, thee. 
dlkir, Ar. Urdikir, to chant verses ; 

■pidikir, a singing (and dancing) girl. 
diUt, aa-dikU, a little ; sa-dikit ban- 

yak, a fair amount ; bStviitft-d., 



dinr, At. faith ; the faith of Islam, 
diiia, Skr. poor, mean, humble, of 

little account ; hiito d., id, 
dinav, Ar. a coin (usually of gold) j 

d. mas, id. [The coin is mentioned 

in literature only.] 
dindinif , screening ; a light partition ; 

a party-wall ; dindivgan, serving as 

a screen or partition j iindingkan, 

to screen off ; jfSitdinding, aereening j 

protective; doa p., prayers orformulse 

protective against evil spirits. 
dia^n, cold, chilly^f. s&iok (whicb 

is only relative coolness) ; dinginkan, 

to chill. 

diitl, dmihari daybreak, dawn. 
dipati, see di. 
dixaja, see di. 

dirgahasm, Skr. long life, majesty 
and dominion (an espression of hom- 
age addressed to a ruler). 

dipi, I. self; dm-tu, I myself; diri- 
nya, himself, herself, itself, them- 
selves 1 di-dalam d., to oneself, men- 
tally; mlmhama d., to run away; 
mimhaang d., to commit suioidej 
minta d., or mohon d., to beg leave 
to depart ; diri, is sometimes used as 
a pronoun of the second person. Of, 
also sfndiri. II. dirikan, to erect, 
to put np; mindirika'n, id.; b^dtrt, 
to stand erect : to get up ; fSrdirt set 
np ; standing erect ; upright. 

dlrtis, irrigation ; the flowing of 
water ; mtndiras ayer, to water. 

diwal, Pers. a wall ; the thick outer 
wall of a palace or fortress. 

divan, Fers. a court of justice i a 
bench ; a board. 

diwani, Pers. authorised by govern- 
ment; minted; a minted coin. 

doa, Ar. prayer ; incantation, magical 
formula; d. '{^itgaseh, a charm to 
arouse love; il.ji^iidiniliiij, a formula 
proteotiveagainsDevil spirits i minta- 

dobi, Hind, a dhoby : a laundryman, 
dodol,.t:u£'L d., a cak-n made (rf rioe^ 
flonr, molasaea and fruit. 

, Google 


dodot, fnSndodot, to ta^e wliiffs at a 

aogo., see d^a. 

AogiM.g, Bnpport by s, rope — e.g. as a, 
rope is tied to a, tree when the tree 
is felled to prevent it lalling on the 
woodBmen, or aa MtJaja hang out to 
windward in a racing boat by holding 
on to ropes (tali dogajig) attached to 
the mast. 

doB«l, tail-lesa (of a fowl). 

djlivtlg, a (Kedab) vaciant of dagel. 

dx^ol, fi (Kedah) variant of dongkol. 

dok, a colloquial ehortening of d-adot. 

dokoli, a gold creaceutio breaat-oma. 
ment worn at marriages and groat 

" dhooly " 

a litter o 

dola, Skr. 

dolak, d.-daUi, shilly-sballying. 
dolat, a variant of daulat. 
domalt, pStidomah, a gift (sent by a 

Roman, I. ^doman, a oompaBB; II. 

Skr. kantii d,, a dog-faced spirit ; a 

(Kedai) survival of the Hanuman 


domba,, Fera. a sheep, 
domol, (Kcdah) snout; = monchong. 
dondanf , a lullaby ; a swinging 

dondon, pattern or colour in clothing ; 

Ba-dondon, of Bimilar pattern (of a 

earong and baju). 
dongnlc, jalndiHi'jalc, to sit with head 

raised and pushed forward. 
donf enff, I. Jav. a tale for chanting. 

II. mindongeng, to importune (of 

donffkutf, dongJiang-dojighang, skin 

and bone. 
dongkol, lionileas or with downward- 
curving horns (of a bullock) ; comb. 

iBSB (of a cock). 
doaffkor, d.-dangkar, bundling ont 

bag and ba^iage, 
dougvk, disproportionately broad j 
. Tinconti i badly proportioned. 
donia, Fort, a lady. 


doroa|r> stumbling forward; tlrdo- 
rang, fallen forward ; tripped np i 

doaa, Skr. a sin ; an offence against 
religion or morality, but not neces- 
sarily an oifence against atatute law j 
birdota, sinful. 

dttft, I. twoi d. bllas, twelve; d. 
piiloh, twenty ; d.-dua, two by two; 
Jcldua, both ; junff Mdtta, the Becond ; 
mSndiialcan, to have two of — e.g. mln- 
duaian laki, to commit bigamy ; min. 
duakan Allah, to worship more gods 
than one ; blrdua, in a party of two ; 
bSrdva dingan, in company with, 
(someone else) ; pSndna, a fellow of 
match. 11. a variant of doa, g.v. 

daai, ipar duai, a brother-in-law or 

dnbitr, Ar. the battocks. 

dndok, sitting, to eit ; to keep doing 
sometjiing ; to continue ; to reside ; 
situation, position; (Zu<inIi^n,tOBeat; 
Mdv.doka'n, position ; tirmpat Mdiido' 
tail, residence ; iSrdudok, seated. 

dndu, following immediately behind. 

dadnu, pressing on (of a crowd), 

dudnr, a plant (miidentifie4.) 

dnga, probing, fathoming, soundii^ < 
laut yang dalam dajiat di-dv^a, hali 
nwnitgia siajw. iahm, a deep sea may 
be sounded, bnt who can fathom a 
man's thoughts P 6a(« ^ndaga, the 
lead on a sounding-line. 

dniral, nausea ; the feeling of a bod 
Bailor as the sea begins to be rough. 

dnit, (Dutch) a cent, a doit ; (Singa. 
pore) a qnarter-oent ■ (Ponang) a 
cent, d cevi, small currency, hSr- 
duit, to have money 

dnka Skr gnet, sorrow, mental 
anguish, haii yang d, a sorrowful 
heart , itilia dan d , happiness and 
grief, niSiiangjon / d, to suffer sor- 
row, d ckitn, feelings of sorrow; 
ildulaan, id 

dnkan, Ar a ahop 

dnkat (Dutcli) a ducaf 

dnkonff, carrying en the hips 

f" Google 

DUKi; 5; 

Malay womaii carries her child) ; 

mSnSakirRg, to carry in thia 'way j 

dukongatt or Icain duhongan, a sup- 
port tor the child, 
didcn, a weU-known fruit (Iwnsmm 

dt/me>lieiim) ; kira d., the bIott loria 

{nycticebui tardigradiis), 
dtilnuL, a native doctor, 
diilang, a large low-rimmed platter 

or tcajT; pendiilaTtg mne, a large 

plattflr nsBd in washing for gold. 
dnli, 8kr. dust; the dust under a 

soTereign's feet i (1:^ metaphor) the 

position which a sabject occupies 

and to which he can address himself ; 

ka-TiatBah d., the fonn of addreSB of 

a subject to a sovBreign; d. yang- 

dipSrtuan, a rojal title. 
dtuu, a tree ; the date-palm ? 
dnn^, dull-witted, dense, stupid ; 

also dingu. 
duiia, Ar. the world; 'pSridaran d., 

the chances and changes of mortal 

dnp», Bkr. incense ; mSnibakar d. or 

paaanglian d., to bum incense. 
dnra, anxiety ; mental restlessness ; 

Mrhati d., disquieted. 
Xliug&, Skr. the goddess Dni^a ; dev>i 

Ihirga SaJcU or dewi Durga Z'^soma, id. 
durliakai, a x'ariant of dirhaka, q.v. 
dnrl, atbora; ada-hih dwri di-pirta^ 
Jam, does one sharpen tboms. 
dnrian, the well-known fruit, tbe 

" durian." 
dnrja, Skr. countenance, risage — a 

poetic equivalent for face (mtttn) i 


d. bScsBri, a bright countenance j d, 
muram, e, clouded visage ; jamjam d., 
espreiaion ; a poetic equivalent foe 
ayer muka, 
dtuJMia, evil, wicked, treacherous] 
■nanteri d., a traitorous councillor. 
diuil, mSttdmi, to be perpetually cry- 
ing (of young children), 
dnata, Skr. false, lying; hSrbuat d., 
to deceive, to tell a lie to; blrdutta, 
id. ; mlnduela, falso^e.g. chSmara 
mlnd'asta, falae hair. 
dnsan, a village, a hamlet ; a grove ; 
kSpala d., a village headman, 
data, a messenger, an envoy. 
duyot^, 1. the dugong (halicore 
dugony) ; ekw d., the tail of the 
dugong ; forked, tveacherons j mm- 
yak tangis d., the tears of the dugong 
— a potent love-philtre. II. mindu' 
yong, to totter, when about to fall; 
to hover, when about to perch. 
dnynn, iirduyun-duyun, crowdii^ 
forward, pressing forward. 
dvabali, see eahah. 
dialf, Ar. weak, feeble. 

dsariil}, Ar. to multiply arithmetic- 

dsarah, see zarah. 

dsamrat, see zarurat. 

daat, see mt. 

daiUr, Ar, chanting God's praise; 
also dikir. 

d«n. At. possessing, endowed with) 

ebtui, Singing out of the way. 
ebek, a sun-sail ; also emheSc. 
elMUg', mlngebeag, to sway the body 

(as a dancing girl). 
edali, speaking across a distance. 
edau, Jav. mad ; ^ gila ; e, Msnwran, 

madly in love; = gilaUrdhi. 
odtu:, ace idar. 

eifSrh, walking with a waddling or 

affected gait. 
ell, an interjection of wonderment j 

(>ja, Ar. spelling, to spell ; mSngeja, to 
spell i to read slowly speMing out 
the words i ejaan, spelling. 

^ek, mlngejek, to tease, 

. id by 



ejit, mockery j a variant ot ejeh. 

akIdMI, = ikhlas. 

sknr, tail j estreniity ; a unmoral 
coeffloiont for aoimaU; e. mala, the 
comer of the eye ; e. piilau, the point 
(of a riTerine isliuid) that is furthoBt 
downBtream j jwftofc c. (Penaiig) 
gutta i bSrekur-e., in Indian file^ one 
. holding on to the other (aa children 
in certain games) ; binta-ag hSrekur, 
a comet. 

«la, I. Ear. an ell; a yard. II. a 
rariant of hela. 

•Iftb, Ar. stratagem, contrivance, 
device; itoSie daya tipa elah, at the 
end o£ his wilee, tricks and resoarces ; 
olah e., extreme duplicity j full of 

elok, evasion ; getting out of the 

- way ; dodging a hlow ; biteldk, to 
get out of the way ; elakkaii, to evade, 
to dodge (a blow). 

elat. Bee lat. 

elat, better elah, q.v. 

etU, better (is, q.v. 

sliati, Ar. knowledge, scholarship, 

' science ; magic art ; also I'fmu. 

#lok, better lok, q.v. 

•lok,beautyjeicellence,chftrmj hand- 
some, fine j orangyangelokrapa-nya, 
a man of handsome appearance 
mdhu-elott, very beautiful or 5ne 
IcSeldkait, beaiitj ; excellence. 

UoniT. Bee long. 

Slat, see lut. 

ftmak. Bee mak. 

Bnuuritli, see THarah. 

ttnb»cluuiff, the horse-mango 
{mangifera foeiida), also machang 
and btu^hang. 

fimbKk, cose, instance, time; M-Smhiilt, 
once,- dua Imbak, on two occa- 

ftmbftl, not quite dry; atiil damp; 

i fiMPING 

enabling a porter to secure a burden 
borne on the back. 

JimbEwau, an artificial embankment. 

fimlms, likeness, cEobo resemblance ; 
i, tvpai, like a aqnirrel. 

fimbat, a long Ewishing stroke ; liSna 
iitibat, to be caned- 

eulMk, a sun-sai! ; also ebek. 

fimbek, mlnglmbci, to bleat (as a 
sheep or goat). 

em.bsng', a variant of eheng, q.v. 

fimfaoli, ta'Smboh, unwillingness] noi 
I won't ; i,-imbohan, although ; ad- 
mitting that ; yet. 

ftmbok, I. Jav. mother; a reapeotful 
designation for old ladies. II. mlng- 
Smbok, to throb ; also mln^Smlmt, 

ftmbim, dew; S. asap, haxe ; I. blli-aa, 
dew in small drops ; S. jantan, dew 
in lat^ drops; ISriflif i,, when the 
dew dries op — i.e. about 7.30 a.m. j 
berSmhun, to be falling (of dew) i 
mSngSmbun, to fall in thin drops (of 

Smbna, to blow (ot wind) ; Imbusan,- 

fcmbat, a variant of Smbok II, 

ftltiptHlia, see umpama. 

impaug, barring; damming; stop- 
ing the course or flow of anything; 
a weir, a dam. 

empap, (onom). the sound of a flat 
object falling on a soft surface ; <o- 
piUmpap, the width of the hand 
when the palm is laid flat on the table. 

impat, four ; S. bilcu, foni^en ; I. 
jitiioJt, forty; tggmjiaf, all fonr ; -van? 
M?mpat, the fourth -, bSrSmpat, with 
three others (making four in aU). 

tmp6dal,= pSdal. 

ftmpfilas, == nampiioe. 

•mp«r, Jsv. a pent-house, a shed. 

SmpItLg, rice plucked, crushed and 
cooked before it has attained matu- 
rity ; peiigltnping or lliong pSngltO' 
pinu, a poniider for young rice ; 


bnpoli, orerflowing ; rlbtis ta^-lmpoh, 
boiling without overflowing (play- 
ing with fire yet escaping imainged), 

Jhnpok, a Boft spot in fruit. 
ttupil, pSrempaan, a woman. 
Smpnl, mlng^npitl, to beat about 
against adTorae wiiida (of a ship). 
impnlnr, & plant (unidentifled). 
Smpnaya, possession; y ang I., v/hoBe; 

•mill, officious queationiug, impor- 
tuning J mlngemul, to importune i 
to intrude. 

enak, delicious, delightful, most en- 

ntani, six ; I. bilae, sixteen ; S. pahh, 
BiKty i kiSnam, all six ; yang iSinam, 
the sixth. 

tuohtik, iarhalSnchal, jnmpii^ a 

naughty child np and down by 

pulling his ears. 
tniibtkng, I. an equivalent of Encliot. 

II. S.-Sneftofc, crooked, awry, zigzag. 
Sudie', Mr. ; an honorific prefix ; 

often written tnche. 
molter, watery. 
finehok, see inchang. 
«]ld»ll, see indah. 
fiudftk, see hlndak. 
findal, I. mlngSndal, to walk with 

the head and shoulders held back 

and the breast and stomach thrust 

forward. II. stuEBng in ; = asak. 
imdap, crouching ; keeping oneself 

concealed white watching ; m^nii- 

indap, to spy ; to lurk on the watch ; 

(Jrgitdap, crouching, watching. 
Sndas, Jav. the he^. 
•ndel, baang e., a sweep of the right 

arm in dancing. 
ladoaf , to console children ; to 

soothe a child. 
tndnl, a swing support, a hammock, 

& cradle, a slii^ for an injured 


finCffal, Sitggok-l., swaying, bobbing 
up and down. 

fing^n, unwillingness ; objection to ; 
S. b^rcklrai, unwilling to separate. 

inggaaig, a generic name for large 
hombills (especially dichoe&ros bi- 
cornis and bueeros rhtnoceroides). 

BugfgAt, as far as ; S. ini, thus far. 

ihiff^l, l.-bfrSnggil, serrated (of a 
mountain ridge). 

fing'gwk, to nod the head ; also anggok. 

Snffkap, i.-lngkrp, rising and foiling ; 
np and down. 

Bnifka'a, you (familiarly) ; birSngkau, 
to use the expresaion Ingkwii (instead 
of a more formal one) when ad- 
dressing a man — cE, kau. 

Bngkip, SngkapS,, up and down — r. 

Snffkn, a princely title of the second 
grade (the highest being ilngkv,). 

euffsel, (Dutch) a binge. 

ensBnt, geiitle propulsion ; edging 
oft someone. 

fin^t, = Tigut, q.v. 

6ilja.k, m^genjak, to tread down ; 
^nglT^ak, the sola of the foot. 

tilj^, to be forced down en one's 
seat ; to be ^lushed back (as a rest- 
less child). 

fiujilai, = jUai, q.v. 

finjnt, minglnjiit, to tug (as a fish 
tugs at a line). 

fiat&h, an expression, of doubt and 
int«rr<^tion ; perhaps ; I do not 
knowi Icannottell; javiab-ku,entali- 
lah tuan, I replied, I do not know, 
sir ; S. bSrtimu, Sntahkan tidaJc, per- 
haps we shall meet, perhaps not. 

fiutak, ramming down, pounding 
down ; l,-anti, convulsive ap-and- 

SntanfT, I. ta'-inUmg, carelessness, 
reoklessnesB. indifference to circum- 
stances; ^(a'-tndah. II. =tan[r><l<^< 
III. to set down ; ~ Utak. 

M)t«k, mSngenlei, to winnow rice 1^ 
shaking it and giving an oocasHHud 
Bide-jevk every now and ^ain. 

. id by 


mg ; orang e 

a chatterbos. 

epek, outer posts used to keep the 
screens in portion sgwiist the afcela- 
ton framework of a large fish-trap 

apok, ft small bag or receptacle used 
■for carrying about the requisites for 
bet«l -chewing. 

«Tak, ceding awaj slightly. 

erftnff, I. Jav. black ; blue-black ; 
extremely dark red. II, e.-erat, 
twisted, awry. 

Braag, = rang, q.T. 

emp, — trap, q.T. 

8rap, — rap, q.T. 

faat, rot, q.T. 

eran, Tisitiug (for the purpose of 
condoling and assisting) a recently 
bereaved person. 

exek, = irek, q.v. 

eret, pulling baclt, drawing baekj 
mSngeretian, to draw back (any- 

Wong, I. a small cup of Chinese 
porcelain. II. ercmji-ei-omj, the scup- 
per boles in a ship. Ill, slamtii^. 


aakew ; pahat e,, a chisol (the edge 
of which is cat at an angle). 

Eropali, Enrope. 

Srti, meaning, signification ; I. hitdb, 
the moaning of a boot ; S. pirlaiiaan, 
the meaning of a word j Srti-nya, 
that is to say ; its meaning is ; Srti- 
kaw , to interpret, to explain ; iirerti, 
to bear a meaning i mlnglrH, to 

emt, twisted, bent, awry ; e. hvjo^g 
kidons-itya ka-kiri, the point of hia 
nose pointed slightly to the left ; 
erang-e., zigzag j much out of the 
straight line. 

Ban,, a Tariant of so, one (in certaia 
expressions — e.g. yang S., the one, 
tbe onljr). [Aa a numeral and 
article, the form sa is used.] 

eiak, ^ isalc, q.v. 

iwKLg, mSngisang, to blow the nose. 

eaek, a disease causing the skin to 
become dry and scaly. 

esok, to-morrow ; e. liiea, to-mornnr 
or the day after; M-esokan hari, the 
T ; also beaok. 

firtu, = situ, q.T. 
Mat, gentle propulsic 

a variant of engavt. 
etonff, see hxtong. 

• edging ol 

fiiadali, At. profit, advantage, 

fiijar, Ar, dawn. 

fludr, Ar. a poor man . 
(especially a religious mendicant) ; 
also 'pdkir. 

jUak, Ar. astrology. 

fiuia, Ar. mortal ; corruptible ; per- 
ishable J to die 1 dari nigiri yang fana 
lui-nlgSriyatig baka, from a perishable 
to an imperishable world— from 
earth to heaven j also (colloquially) 

faraid, Ar. observances (especially 

obligatory religious observances). 
fiir^, Ar. pudendum mtiUebre. 

Faral, Ar. Persian; hihasa F., the 
Persian language. 

fiut&I, Ar, paragraph, article, section, 
minor sub-division J concerning! npo 
/.,why;/.i(»,forthatreason; tbere- 

&1dlialL, Ar, the confession of faith ; 

the first sura of the Koran, 
foel, Ar. deed, work, behaviour, 

conduct; character, as shown in 

manner; feeUnya sSpiHi penchv,ri, 

he behaves like a thief. 
fi, At. in, at, upon, regarding; ji'J. 

alam, on earth ; in the world. 
SUr, Ar. to think ; also pik< 

, id by 





■dauco with God's word; alao 

^BrSat, Ar. a boroEcope ; u book oi 
aatrologyj aatrologicul work; alao pirman. 

fituah, Ar, calumny, sitinder; l;S>ia/. 
y- to be slandered i aiso pltSnah. 

ftiad, Ar. h^arti the sdat of the Feel- 
flrman, Ar. order, command; the inRS, = hnli. 
word of God I blfniran, U) speak fdlaji, so-and-so; 8i-/M£om, id., uaiially 
<of God) 1 sSplrti fii-maii AUaTi, in pronounced si-jiofon.. 

firdans, Fers. paradist 

gabas, coarse ; rouglily done (of 

gallOb, bulky ; abort and tliick (of s, 

a monitor-lizard). 
gttbnm, easily cut (of wood) ; cutting 

(of a knife), sharp, aharpemng. 

II. ikan gabu>, a fresh-water fish 

{ophicephalne, sp.) 
XftdA, Skr. a dab ; an obaoloto 

weapon mentioned in old romances 

of Indian origin. 
yadai, pawning ; frfving in pledge ; 

pajak 3,, a pawn-shop; bUrgfidai, to 

ffadlng, ivory ; the tusk of an ele- 
phant; gading-gadhig, the ribs of n 
boat ; iiiir g. or brdoh, g., the large 
bamboo (bumbusa valgaris) ; pmtiii 
g,, the pink-headed pigeon {^tilopua 

gadls, an unmarriccl girl, a maiden — 
a SnuiBtra]! equivalent of /inak dara. 

g&doll, tumult ; noisy disturbance ; 
loud dispute ; bSrbtiat g,, to create a 
distnrbaiice ; 'pirgodohan, an alter- 
cation ; a noisy dispute i bft-gncioJt, 
to take part in a row. 

gaAoag, a climbing plant the tabers 
of which yield a narcotic poison 
(dioK'iiea dfCJno7i«OT). 

gAeaif, a shallow iin-keel of wood. 

S^K^ll, pluck, determination, force- 
fnlnf-BB ; g. plrk"ea, valiant and 
Htrong ; gagahi, to force by menaces, 
to threaten; mlnggagalii, id. 

gagak, the Malayan jungle crow 

(s(ii-i>i(S macrwhfnchas), 
gagaug, the stalk or stem of a 

flower or leaf, 
gagap, an impediment in one's 

speech; stammering, stuttering; 

gagao, groping about for anything 1 
searching with the hand ; (of an 
elephant) picking up with the trunk. 

gab, dignity, fame, importance, diS' 
tinction, greatness; a sense of great- 

gabara, legitimate ; of roynl birlh 
on both aides 1 anak <j,, a legitimata 
child; raja yang g., a prince of fnlly 
royal descent. 

gaaari, = •agahari, q.r, 

galmm, Itaya gahaia, agila wood 
(a fragrant and valuable wood used 
for burning as incense), 

gabix, (Kedah) last, longing, covet- 

gajah., the Indian elephant {elephaa 
marijnufl) ; a descriptive epithet 
meaning " lal^ " ; g. birjuang, a 
fighting elephant; g. lalang, a taJne 
elephant ; g. mewi/"s«, a covered 
way between a Malay bouae and its 
kitchen or outhouaea ; if, mSta, a 
rogae elephant ; g. mijia (literally) 
a " flsh-elepliant " ; (in Javanese 
design) a jnonsuev with the head of 
an elepbiint and the body of a fish; 
a name given to the whale when it 

L It I 


ia wet with — one specimen locaily 
obtained ie the hanip-booked whale 
{megaptera boops) ; hadat g., the 
large rhinoceros (rh. aoiidaicns) ; 
main g., to play chesa. 

gajl, I. Eur. wages, pa;; oiaiig g a 
paid employee; makaii g (Stniits 
Bettlements) to be in the pay of 
II. gagi-gagi, a saw— ueiially gfigaji 

ffajns, baah g., tlie cashew (onoMi 
diuin oceidcntaU). 

^la, I. liada bii^gnla, nnlumted, irn- 
bounded. II. gala-gcda, a mi^tuie 
(pitch and reain) used for caulking 
boats — more commonly glgala 

galali, a polo (for poling a boat) , a 
mooring-polc ; a long pole (one of a 
pair) for thrnstiug down the sub 
merged Ficreen in a jSTmal, a stiik 
for knocking down fruit from trees j 
y. yosif, the short poles nsed foi 
pniitiiiji;a,lKiatovorshaIlons,iT lohok, 
long poles for ttae in deep places , (i 
bajang, ordinary punting poles of 
medium length ; g. ehanoaaft , punt 
Ing-poles provided ivith a foiked end 
forresting against snags, titc trunks 

pllak, menacing, thrcatoning, bluif 
ing ; uxorious, Mscivious. 

galang, a bar or roller kiJ athi^art 
the patl! 1 j7. jrfrffihu, the lollers on 
which a boat rests when hauled 
ashore; g. tSniulang, such rollers 
when, rostiug on others, to which they 
are at right angles j (apai g jiSi oliu, 
a squirrel (scit()-tM ro^osit) galavgan, 
a slipway; tjalangJcan, (1) to lay a 
boat on rollers ; (3) to luteipose a 
bar to a descending blow, ming 
galang, to be in the way, to obstruct 
— cf. along, palamg and malavg. 

galaa, carrying on the back by moans 
of a sling or support. 

gnlek, golak g., the wrong way about. ' 

gftli, digging; iii^nggaU, to dig; 
galian, a, surface-mine; jiinggali, a, 

golir, I. Honing or running rapidly 


but unevenly ; pSrlataaii yang g., 
fluent but foolish talk — of, alir. 
II. hain g., tho cm-tain used In a. 

gfaloli Jav a princess ; g, di-Daha, 
the Princess of Daha, Chandi'a 
KiraniJPanji Samcrang), tlie betro- 
thed of Sira Panji. 

^Inr, lebonnding, going back j 
ombai g receding waves; siitur g., 
traoii^ back 

ganiftk, I a preliminary sot ; a 
threatening gestnre ; mSnggamdk, to 
stait doing something by way of a 
threat II gnesBing at; approsi- 
mately estimating ; gaiaak-ganiak, 
npprutimatciy ; more or less. 

gsraaaa,, restlessnosg (as the result of 
e\(,itementl , go'poh g., eager haste. 

g'amat, au edible sea-wonn ; g. pisaiig, 
a sovworm {atickopus iwn-iqiotHs). 

{fam'bang, a Javanese musical iustru- 

^mliar, leprosentation, picture, 
statue, model ; g. di-lareic, a polished 
image, g luttsnn., a sketch ; tSi^gam- 
hi:, imaged, pictured, represented. 

fftunbir, gambier {umcaria gambir). 

gamlwli, a professional dancing-girl 
fioni Java or Madura; bSrgamboli 
or bfimain g., to danco (of such 

SamBlan a lavanese orchestra. 

gtasigaaa., (Kedah) naik g., to get 
angry, to fiai e up. 

ffomlB, At a shirt. 

gamit, turning in the fillers or lips ; 
snayiog backwards; beckoning; 
mlnggamit, to beckon with the 

gamoh, a large vessel for storing 

gampftnff, light; of little account; 

anak g,, a, child of doubtful paternity, 
gva, (Kedah) putting off a creditor. 
gana, I. Ar. mighty (of God). II. 

Skr. sa-agyang g., Gaiiesha, the Hindu 

deity, II. guaa-gaim, confusedj 

mentally befogged. 

■ id by 



ryuuu, tierce (of animala) ; inau-dca- 
troying; harimau jr., a mBQ-eatiiig 

gauoliiuif , Tiimble, agilo. 

gttUOhu, a orook ; a long: stick vnth a 
hook at tho end for palling down 
fruit or brancliea laden with fruit. 

:ffMida, I. fold (in expreesioiis such aa 
"two-fold," "three.fold")! Bo-kalig., 
onco ; g. bSrganda, time after time ; 
over and ovw again ; gandiihin, to 
repeat, to douMe. II. Sfcr. perfume, 
fragrance— a component part in the 
name of many plants. 

:gU3lAtax, coloured by betel -alieiving 
(of tlio tooth). 

guild aw, gibar g., a rich, cmhroiderod 
coverlet for o couch. 

igaaxiar, the lever of a rice-pounder 
(Wsonj hindek) ; g. fhi»chi«, the 
clawa (in a ring) which hold the 
Kom in position. 

gimdwiali, a plant (unidentified). 

g%nda.rokam, a plant (unidentified). 

gaadftmsa, a medicinal plant {justi- 
cia gmtdariisn). 

gandaavli, a plant (hcdychium 

:gtiadek, a frontal ornament worn by 
gandewft, 8kr. a bow (used by heroes 


-gandi, Skr. a bow i = gandewa; main 

g., archery. 
^guldln, a mallet. 
gandix, = Timuiis, q.T. 
gandoug, light logs attached as out- 

riggera to a native boat to giro it 

greater eteadineea. 
]gandn, huah gandn, a hard black 

fruit (unidentified) nsed aa a ball 

or marble in some children's 

gandom, Pora. com, wheat; Kpoiig 

gang, a braiier'a chisel ; g, hnlat, id., 
with a rounded edge; g. ranthong, 
id., with a eharp-cut point. 

Oangga, Skr. the deiflod Ganges ; 

a fabulous monster; hUara G., tha. 
deified Ganges. 
gan^ang, roasting before the fire — 

ganggu, importunity; worrying) 
constant questioning! insistence. 

ganggnt, gmiingi cropping tho 

gangsa, Skr, bell-meta), bronze. 

gangai, (Kei&h), to per- 
fume cloth with inconae-smobe; = 

ganja, I. bhang or Indian hemp 
{cannabis satioa). II. the peculiar 
gnard-like piece at the top of a hSria 
blade j kiris g. iraa, a hh-ia with the 
guard and blade in ono piece. 

ganjak, edging foi-ward slightly; 
shifting one's seat forward. 

gaajal, a (Kcdah) variant of ganjil 
— <!f . also goital, 

ganjapnrl, a (Kedah) variant of 
kachap tii'i. 

ganjav, a long pike naed aa aa 
emblem of rank. 

ganjat, abnormal, ostraordinary. 

ganjll, uneven, odd (of a number). 

gautaug, I. a measure of capacity. 
II. (jHiing 3; rolling over and over. 

ganU, substitution; ohangii^ the 
ono thing for another; atead, iuatoad; 
g. rugi, compensation for injury j 
gantinn or pEfaaiiJiai!, a aabstitute ; 
yaatikan or mSnggantikan, to aubsti- 
tute, to replace ; Mrganti, in place 
of J ftji'jamti.g'., in turns, Bucceaaively. 

gantoug, suspension,, dependence, 
hanging ; gantongkan, l» hang any- 
thing up ; blrgaittong, in dependence 
on i hanging j hlrgaJitong rambat sa- 
hJSlai, hanging by a singlo thread; 
tSmpat bitl^b bSrgantotig, home ; a, 
place to which one can attach one- 

ganjali, gonyoh-gaJtyah, to rub down ; , 
to sornb vigorously. 

gamjab, only superficially cookedj 
raw or hard inside. 



ft^jftlb., gopoh-gapah, vtsrj groat kaste ; 

hnry -scurry. 
g«pii, mSnggapil, to carry off qnietlj 

or unconsoiousty. 

gHraic, guling-garak, rolling about un- 

garam, salt ; ibu g., Lrino, coarse. 

grained salt ; mim'buiok g., to flavour 

with salt. 
ganuig, fierce, eava^, paaeioaate, 

quick-tempered; niSuggarang, to fly 

into a passion. 
gaxtai, hoarao, raucous, harsh (of the 

gaxtn. Port, a table-fork. 

gari, 1. handcuffs. II. Fort, inaltm 

g., (Kedah) sealing-wax. 
gtatag, I. a kind of satchel or basket. 

II. crisp and dry (of food), 
ffiuda, Buratcliingj birgaris, scratched, 
gaaoik, scraping, gratinj;, scratching ; 

mfnggaTok, to scratch j also gar-a. 
faru, Bcra.t<Aing— a variant of garnh. 
gtuni, = garak, q.v. 
gas, Eng. minyaJi g., kerosene oil ; 

kBreta g., a motor-car ; = klreta 

" engine." 
gasai, striking a blow ; g. liiri, 

(slang) to abscond ; to " olear out." 
ffaaal, (Kedah) odd, uneven of 

numbers j = ganjiL 
ga«ang, incontiuencei lustfnl oxcito- 

gaalng, a spinning-top. 

gat, a variant ot mlaat, q.v. 

gatal, itchiness; lustj saliit g., the 
itch (ss a disease) ; miang g., ex- 
tremely itchy or lascivious. 

ganl] cliampur g,, very much mixed 
tip or confused ; = champur hatir. 

gattng, sound dulled or confused by 
©oho ; reverberation. 

gawa, see pibif^gowa. 

gavai, a tool or instrnment ; pSgawiai, 
an ageltt ; a district officer. 

gaw^. a token or mark placed across 
a road to signify that passage is 


prohibited ; gaua r-gawar or gSga iia i; 
quarantine ; tembak g., to fire in the 
air BO OS to warn robbers off the 

ga^, Skr. conduct, manner, tone ; 

rxipn g., appearance and ways ; g. 

Ksuf, manner and bearing- j hirgaya, 

affectedly ; tiada blrgaya lagi, to 

loRC all coneclousnesa. 
gayaiin, iuah g., the Olaheito cbest- 

gajang, light-headed i unstable; a 

sense of weakness, 
gayat, nervous fear ! giddiness when 

looking down a great precipitous 

g^oug, I. a vessel made of half a 
coconut shell with a handle attached. 
II. blrgaymig, to fence or boS! also 

■r bough 

gaynt, banging from a 
(as a monkey). 

gai, Fcrs. a measure of length men- 
tioned iu old romances ; it represent- 
ed about 33 inches. 

g61)ar, a coverlet or countprpane ; 
g. ga-ndan, a rich embroidered cover- 

gelMng, I. a long native boat with 
a rudder of the Enropean type. 
II. Eng. cabin. 

gSbn, delicate in texture ; g. chantel:, 
daintily pretty ; j-aair g., line light 

gedabir, loose folds of ekin (the 

dewlap of nn os, the gills of a cock) ; 

also gUambir, 
gSdang, great, large; = bSsar (in 

Sumatran MalayJ. 
gBd6bong, I. a sort of bamboo box 

or receptacle. It. a squaru piece of 

cloth with a pouch on it. 
gfidfimliai, a (Keiiah) variant of 

kUlmh'ti, q.v. 
gfidfimi, a (Kedah) variant of ghni, 

gMombalc, a siuf'- ' 

, ;.d by 


f Monff, an office, store or magazino ; 

a " godown." 
gfidnbMig, an Aobehneee broad- 

g&dnbil, (Kedsh) muia g., brasea- 

giga,i, loosely put UiKether ; laokii^ 
in fltiffness or strength. 

er^ffak, noiBB, nproar (eapeciallj' tho 
din of buttle) ; g. gSmpita, extreme 
uproar ; an insupportable din. 

gigalA, = gala-gala. 

gigaman, Jav. weapoi 



gog&p. a variant of gagak, q.v. 
gigax, qnivering ; shaking ; a thrill. 
gStpis, a movable hatch or planking 

iu a Malay boat, 
gigagLXig, a variant of gasing, q.v. 
ff6B%t, a small insect which bores 

holes in clothes, books, etc, 
fffigawMT, see gawar. 
geg'ar, noiay panic ; the clamour of 

fear or anxiety. 
gSUbir, = gUambir. 
gtlabnc, to fall " plump " into water, 
gfiladak, the dock of a ship. 
g6Iadiz, a lat^e movable piece of 

planking in a ship's side — removed 

to facilitate loading. 
fffili^fah, a wild sug] 

rum glaga). 
gfilak, laiiglit«r ; tSH 

peals of laughter. 
ffSlakak, a prolou 

gfiltuu, I. a tree {melnleuCd lev<:oden- 
dfon). II. the name of a tribe of 
the orang innt. Ill, biirong gSlam, 
a name given to the bird ardeita 

cane (soccha 
a gSlah-gHak^ 
d chuckling 

gfilaun, a generic name given to a 
number of fish including fferresoJ/eno 
and (j. panjang) oioUihua argentevs. 

{rUambir, loose folds of flesh (the 
dewlap of an ox, the gills of a cock) ; 
also gldabir. 

ffUaOK, a bracelet or anklet j g. cklri, 
a bangle ; j. Icaki, an anfclet i g. Icana, 

a (Javanese) armlet ; g, Imnchi, a 
key-ring ; daivai g., wire wrapped 
round a cylindrical surface— -e.g, 
round the neck of a bottle of winej 
pBrgilangan, the circumference of 
tho wrist ; the wrist ; pinggUaiig, id, ; 
pSrgelangan kakt, the ankle, 

gSla,jiggsals, an enclosure for cocks 
to fight in ; a circular space ; g. 
ayam, the fighting-ring for a cook; 
g, sJisu, the dark circle round the teat. 

{fSIap, darkness, obscurity ; smrep- 
titiouB, secret i g. katup, pitchy 
darkness ; g. gulita, id, ; chandu g., 
smuggled chandu ; mata-mata g., a 

gUlia, the bestowal of a title or 
designation i gllaran, a title ; gUari, 
to bestow a title ; hlrgSlar, entitled j 
possessing a title. 

KSlasar, minggSlasai; to slip or slide 
forward, as a man who loses his 
tooting in a slippery place, 

gBlatek, = jilatek, q.v. 

gMatok. mSnggSlatok, to chatter (of 
the teeth). 

g61ebar, to flap continuously — cE. 

ffSlSban, a monkey (unidentitied). 
g61iclia, a light quilt -mattrass, 
gfiiedaug, minggiUdang, to stretch 
out the arms at riglit angles to the 

> become 

, vood). 
ffSieiloIl, a variant of Uludoh, q.v, 
gfilfiffak, I. boiling up, bubbling 

over (of hot water). II, a heavy 

wooden sounding-block, 
ghl^gax, a girder i a rafter ; a beam 

on which a floor or ceiling rests. 
g61Sg^ta, a kind of nettle-rash. 
gftlegnt, = gil%gat. 
gelek, bending a limb ; arching the 

neok ; closing the hand ; bowing the 

head i TniTiggelekkan leher, to arch 

the neck (of a long-necked bird). 
geiBkak, minggmkdk, to cm ' ' 

away (as the plaster on a wall). 


fHftma, phlegm; macns in the throat. 
ffilBniAit, gili-fj; tho nerroaB aenaa- 

tion eicited by a raeping noise. 
(tlfimat, decking over the bowK and 

stem of a boat,. 
gSlftmbouff, a bnbble ; anything 

blown out with wind j gSlSinboiigaHf 

a. blown-out bladder made at a 

ohicien'a crop; mSntigeUmhong, to 

he pnffed ont (of the cheeks). 
SBlSmpiMIg, ontatretohed (as a man 

]jing on the Kroiind «ith his arms 

eitendcdatfult length). 
gfiltalpok, gMt'inpok yimoff, ei- 

tromely fat, 
ffilSmpoilg', a s^oxiffj kind of lint 

used for stannchinB the flow of blood. 
gftleueffang, a ntedicinaJ plant 

(C(..s™ al«ta). 
yUfrntiuiff, s''^i>ig g., rolliiig over 

and over ; = guting gantang. 
gSIfintar, minggiUntar, to quiver, to 

trerahle. Cf. Mtar, gSmMar. etc. i 

also gelUar. 
rJSlSnrtur, tingling ; mSnggmnyar, 

to tingle. 
f filepek, to lie slockl; upon anything 

(as a sai 1 lying slackly against a mast). 
fffileponc, mlnggSlepong, to fall 

hesTily into water 
KHMar, minggfUiat , to quivci to 

tremble Cf kftai glinllnr, etc. ; 

also gflfnta, 
IfAlatak, mfngglleUk to tickle 
gUfitek, mSnqgSUtfli, to vmggit to 

iriU, ticklishnenb , the desire to 
lau^b , g hati, hglitheartedness ; 
g qiman or g g^Hinia, the nervona 
lensBtion treated by a raspmfc or 
scraping noise p^aggbh Jiati, things 
that roase mirth oi enjoyment ; 
humoroaa tales 

gfiliMig, mSiiagSltang, to swav about ; 
to wnthe, to wiiggle 

gUlkt, twisting, straining j ailnggS- 
liat, to turn and Iwist as a man 
stretching himsi'lf . 

3 GfiLOMBAHrt 

{ruiiwt, =- mihat. 

geilga, see guliga. 

gSligia, a cross-rod in a wenver's 

g&llgia, minggUigU, to shudder, 

ffBliglt. to keep biting— cf. gigit. 

gfilindiiz, slipping away t{) the aide ; 
a side-slip j tSTgilinchir, slipped — 
e.g. Urgllinchir kaki-nya laW jatoli, 
his foot slipped and be felL 

gfilincholi, stumbling; to stomble. 

gSllndong, a reel ; a shuttle ; a 

gSIing, a alight sidelong shake of the 
head (meanina " no," just as a nod 

ffBlinggwm, = sldSUnggam, q.v. 
gSlingBix, side-slip j == gilincliir, q.T. 
gelintar, = kdlinlaT, q.v. 
gSliong, I. Eur. a galleon. II. h 

variant of gSliang. 
gfilip, = Miip, q.v. 
gfiliBab., minggUisah, to tidj^^et, to 

move restleasty. 
gfillHai. mSnggliisai, to disturb, to 

confuse, to Create ill-feeling. 
gSllsdc, a (Eedah) variant of afliaek. 
grfillta, — giiiUa, q.v. 
gfillnt, gSliang-g.y ewaying and twist- 
ing — of. giliang. 
fffilobofc, (onom.) nt^nggilohol-, to 

bnbble up (of boiling water). 
gSlodalr, I. ii^nggelodar, to atrnggle 

for freedom ; to try to get loose. 

II. tnrbid (of water). 
g&logok, enqniry with menaceB ; 

trying to get information by " bluff." 
g&loli, = Uloh, q.v. 
gelohok, esteuaive perforation; 

gapinz with holes. 
I^ojon, gluttony. 
gflok, a mug or drinking )>ow) made 

of coconut shell. 
gtlomiua^, wallowing with n wet 

body iu a powdery substance i Mr- 

gUomong, to roll one's wet body in 

dust. Hour, etc. 
gSlombang, long rolling; 
billows i If. buiign Ifpa'ng, 



with white crests j 3. kSpala kSra, 
choppy waves ; g. tnangkolc, an eddy ; 
■ whirlpool; hlntpaaan g., brenkers; 
the Btuf-line. 

gtHantat, mcnggSlomor, to dirty. 

gUoaeng, a Bmall gong forming a 
part of the JaTanese gamSlan, 

gUoug'i I. A cutting or channel ; tho 
navigable channel for entering a 
river. II, a double or mnltiple loop 
of rattan. III. (Kedah) an elephant- 
track ; — dSnai. 

gfilongsong, = Tcelongsong, q.v. 

irUongSOT, m^nggSlon^sor, to slip 
down forward. CE. gHittgair (which 
is a side-Blip) ; also gUrnichtiT. 

Kfilopak, = Ulopak, q V. 

ffSlorali, Ai: stormy, tronblod ; 
trouble or care generally ; also 

(filosok, vigorooB washing or scrub- 
bing ; an intensive form of gofok. 

gUoSOT, = gUongsoT, q.v. 

fffilotftk, minggllotak, to remove a 
hard rind or husk from a fruit. 

gBlugA. a red dye ; kayu g., the tree 
(unidentified) from which thia red 
dye IB obtained. 

ffUnffor, a»am g., a tree with orange 
acid fruits used in flavouring currlea 
l^aTciiiio atroviridis). [The word 
is also used to describe flatcd 
patterns in art.] 

gSlnffnt, mSnggiliignt, to shiver 1 to 
quiver ; to chatter (of tho teeth). 

0U.nllir, mSnggUtdui; to slip down 
(of a sarong). 

gnnmat, = gflSmat, q.v. 

gUnmiir, = gllomor, q.v. 

KHuncImr, minggilaTichur, to slip 
down forward ; also mSnggUtrngsor. 

rfilnp, mSngglUp, to fall out, (of tbc 

gilnpar, = JcSlupar, q.v. 

fffilupas, — WlfjMs, q.v. 

gfilupnr, '^ kelupuT, q.v. 

gUltrat, Ar. care, anxiety, trouble ; 
also gllorah. 

irGlltt, blTgllut, to strive, to cooteBt, 

to compete — especially in boat- 
racing (blrgeliit lavchang). 

g&ma. echo, reverberation. 

gtmaik, = glmap, q.v. 

{fftmal, a clump, a cluster; Irfrg^mat- 
'J., in clusters (of small stalfcs). 

gdmala, a taUstnaii; a InminouB 
bezoar; alBoklmala. 

gemol^, ftaa't !f., extreme lasaitnde; 
also kS^aalai. 

gSnaxa, nervous quivering ; gSU 3. 
the nervous feeling created by o 
rasping noise. 

ffftmangr, ungraeefnl bulk ; dispro- 
portionately thick. 

ffSmap, UrgStnap, taken aback ; 
thimd erstruck. 

gSmar, pleasure, satisfaction; sgmnri, 
to like ; to take pleasure in ; HgS- 
inaran, delight. 

giiaa», anger, envy, annoyance. 

gbmatw.g, the murmur of a crowd. 

g^mbftk, a tnft of grass j a lock of 
hair; also gambak. 

gSmbal, — kSmbat. 

BTfimbala, Skr. a man employed to 
look after animala ; g. aiyinj, a dog- 
boy ; g. ayatn, a poultry-tender 5 g, 
gajah, a mahout; g. kambins,siBhBp- 
herd or goat-herd ; g. t:ii.da, a groom. 

gdmbai:, = kimbar, q.v. 

Sfim'bira, passion, fire, excitement; 
naik g., to become Inspirited; auaro 
3., a rousing voice. 

Brembol, a hemispherical excrescence ; 

gembonff, c: kimboiig, 

gJImbur, loose (of unrolled earth) ; 
unfinished (of a road). 

gembat, I. surface motion (the 
agitating cause being below the 
surface) ; the movement of sand 
when an animal is digging under- 
neath J the movement of bed clothes 
over a sleeper ; the throbbing of the 
fontanel. II. a canopj borne by an 
elephant. III. a, golden betel-uat- 

gfimeiai, ■■ 


I, Google 

gEmElan s 

gftmfilait, = gatnSlaa. 

gfimfilatotc, gliak g., prolnngcd ohuck- 
TiQg laughter- 

gfimSlegtlt, = gSntiHgut. 

8r6mB16tak, (onom.) continuoua 
crackling — cf. gSmSrltah. 

gftmdlitap, (nnom.) contiiiuoiis tap- 
ping— cf. ginlrltap. 

gBmSlBtok, a, variant oi gSmSUtak. 

gUmSlMgni, continuous skivering 
and trembling-. 

(rBrnfintain, (onom.) a craahing 


ggiueilter, trembling all o 

ffSmUar—cL gintaT, War, ew, 
g'Bm6r6cbak, (onom.) the plash of 

gemtoScliek, (onom.) a slight splash. 

ing sound, 
gguxKrencIiMLg, (onom.) continual 

clanking or clangii^(. 
K'fitnerfinclieug', (onom.) continnnl 

ringini; or tinkling. 
gSmerfisek, (onom.) continnal rust. 

ling or crackling. 
^fimftcBtab, (onom.) oontinuons 

cracfcUng — cf gSmSlltak. 
grflmeretap, (onom.) continous tap- 
ping — of. gSmiUtap. 
gfimfirlap, glittering, shimmering, 

Bparklillg ; glmSHapan, id. 
^marotok, (onom.) a continuous 

gftmfitar, tromblii^ all orer { also 

gSmlntar—ct, kltar, glntar, etc. 
Ifflml, titan gimi, the anoking-fish. 
gkmUanff, shining, dazzling, glitter. 

ing; gtlanff (f,, respicndentj radiant. 
ftanok, fat, plump ; rich (of soil) ; 

gSlSmpok g., estremely fat. 
ff&lLpa, &Tt eartbi^uake; a cataclysm. 
gSnpal, average (in aizo or build). 
gfimpar, noiao, clamoor ; disturbing 

rumours or sounds. 
Kttmplta, Skr, uproar, noise j gSgak 

0,, eitreme uproar. 
IftnLitroli, the roll of thunder; the 

roar ot many waters; the mur: 

of on angry crowd ; thunderous. 

gfilU^p, complete, fnll, even ; dua 
pM(o)ij.,afull score; SK'KSnap, eveiy ; 
sa-ISlah g., on the completion of. 

gvncliok, giving a twisting motion 
to the pounder when pounding rice. 

gfindala, hindrance ; obstmction ; 
difficidty ! ami g., id. 

gfiudaug, a native drum ; g. batali, a 
name given to certain instrumenta 
of the monoohord and primitive 
zither type ; ff. klling, a drum (both 
sides of which are beaten by the 
drummer) ; 17. mSleln. a drum (one 
aide of which is beaten with the 
liand and the other with a drum- 
stick) ; 3. raya, a lari^e drum used 
to summon people to moaque. 

gSndap, juru g , the leading drum- 
mer in a Malay band. 

gfindBraug, a war-drum, state-drum 
or procossioual dmni— of, gf-adang. 

gSudir, a Javanese musical instru- 
ment mentioned in literature. 

EfSudiB, Jav. sugar. 

gindlt, a belt, a girdle ; also kSndit. 

gendoag, a variant of kendowg, q.v. 

{fSudut, heavy and pendulous (of the 
stomach) , 

gfiuell, the teeth in a cow-elephant 
corresponding to the tusks ia the 

gengffiun, grasp ; aeizuro in the 
closed hand ; sa-g., a handful ; ging- 
ganxkan, to seize in the closed hand ; 
to seiie in its talons (of a bird). 

g'SUggajig, a fabric of cloth. 

genggengf, carrying an object by 
seizing a small portion of it between 
the teeth ; sipuf g., a shell {naviilus 

geuggong, a sort of Jew's harp 
m!tde of bamboo. 

genjang, awry ; crooked ; aslant 
not par^lel ; ont of line ( g.-ginjut, 

gtajur, = kSnjHt. 


gfinjnt, I. aslant, awry — r. genjang. 
gSntR, Skr. a bell ; mtnggoyang g. or 

■mingglTakkart g., to ring a bell, 
gfintftl&, a magic wlieeled car (in 

contradiBtiiiction. to a Hyitrg chariot) ; 

naga g., a fabled dragon of monBtrona 

fffintor, quivering, shaking, trcmbliii); 

— of. hStar and gBf'iS'n tfir. 
fSntaa, plucking (a Sower) ; breali- 

ing a. gta,Ik. 
ffSntat, shrunten or withered on onv 

side (of frnit). 
Rental, a Hmall pellet ; rolling up a 

pellet between the thumb and fingor- 

gbltiltK, I. extremely slender; y. 

imkit, a very low ridge joining two 

lofty hills; pMigpansj., waap-waiated. 

II. ativp getting, a tiled roof. 
fffintong, a large eartbennare tub or 

gVnyat, nut meeting ; not in line. 
gapoli, gi]soh-gifoh (Kedah) a pad- 

ySpok, a small round tobacco-box <ii 
Iffira, reminding [ drawing attention 

{Tftrabany, glrdbang piiri, strips of 
Baited skate prpaerved for food. 

ffftraeliaiLg, =^ Orachaiig. 

gteagtM, to comb down the hair over 
the forehead into a Bort of fringe. 

ffiragan, a small shrimp. 

gfirah, = Urah. 

fffir^iam, a molar tooth -, g. longeu, 
a wisdom tooth ; also gMtum. 

gfirai, a sloepins-daia or platform. 

g'iraJt, motiuD, movement ; g. hati, 
impulse ; birglrak, to move, to stir ; 
mSngggrakkati, to give motion to. 

gflrnrm, I. warmth {of auger, courage 
or paBflion) ; mSmbSTi g., to escite ; 
tiaih g., to become escited ; mfmij- 
giram, id. II. (Dutch) the frame- 
work of a hoDse. 


gSnuLBT, I. an oily cosmetic obtained 
by burning coconnt-hueka and other 
vegetable substances. II. Bee gh- 

giranKaii, perchance, perhaps— an 
eipresaion suggestiug doubt or inter- 
rogation ; buian 'p^mania g^rangan 
jalJih daripoda langit yang tStiy'oh, 
can it be that the full moon has 
fallen from the seventh heaven. 

gicaugaM, = gerini/au. 

ftoapni, mSnggSrapai, to fnmble with 
the bands ; to feel about. 

gbrAptik, blnl£ng, startling, attempt- 
ing to frighten. 

giraxL, a palace cook ; a chef. 

gfirajTAng, mlngyBrayang, to go about 
picking up odds and ends. 

gftrbak, to spread (of an odoiir). 

Iffab&ng, spread out ; extended ; 
JHW(« a., the main gate ; mcngglTbang, 
to open or spread out ; to bo diB- 
hevelled (of hair). 

fftolioilff, = kSmbong. 

ffirda, = giroAa. 

gtofibab. a noisy clapper uaod to 
frighten squirrels itnd birds from 

firSdAk, (onom.) a heavy bumping 
or rattling Bound. 

Ifirddam, (onom.) a heavy repeated 
slamming sonnd. 

yirUok, (onom.) a dniler variant of 
the sound represented by glrtdoJe, q.v. 

grfoSdnia, (onom.) a deeper variant 
of the sound represented by giridam, 

fftofiguk, I. g.-girigau, opening and 
closing the hands ; darting about in 
search of food. II, a bamboo clap- 
per, = gir&idk. 

fffirfigsn, gh-lgak-g., opening and 
closing the hands : see gSrl-gah. 

gfireiiak, (onom.) congliing up 

grteSllBJil, = girham. 

fftoejn, Port, a church, 

geirek, I. boring ; mlnggerelc, to bore. 
II. eugernoes, keenness ; = gerang. 



gtoimut, mSnggSrlmut, to throb (of 

givtaohaMg, (onom.) a, cotitinually 

repeated clanging noise. 
ffSreudeng', enappiah, irritable. 
^firenek, tvcinnloua and low (of a. 

ratcbing ; 

g6K«agmeng, J, a braee vessel used 

in cooking. IL Jav, kain glrengseng 

viayang, a pattern of sarong innch. 

referred to in literature. 
gSrSntaan, (onom.) mlngglfSntam,lo 

stamp the feet ; also glrStam. 
gSrfinyan, oY^-talkativeness. 
gfireaa]!, (Kedali) longing, pining. 
gixitaik, (onom.) rapping { tapping; 

clacking; Miwff., to get "whacked" ; 
: mingg^Stakkan kuda, to urge on a 
, horse by rapping the heels against 

its Bides. 
^firfitam, (onom.) mS«ggSi-Stam, to 

stamp the foot in anger ; alao 

gtrfetok, (onom.) a sound such as 

that of a carpet being beaten. 
gitga^i, a saw ; yu g., tiie large saw 

fish ; habak g., saw dust ; also gaji- 

fffirgtwi, gkr. a tasked man-eating 

demon ; a name given to the abori- 
gines of Kcdah. 
fffirliaili, a molar toQth ; g. bongau, a 

wisdom tooth ; also glraham. 
grfirhfina, Skr. eclipse ; IcSna g., to 

suffer eclipse — a. metaphor for a 
' great man under calamity. 
fffai, a nervous movement ; an in. 

voiontary or unconscious gesture. 
gioAaaig, g.-g(Fesah, intense longing. 
ffSrioliaii, iiihtggSrKbaxt, to chatter 

(of a slirilly twittering bird). 
jTfirigri, tooth-ec^dj regularly ser- 
rated — cf. gigi and glrigis. 
gttigia, ]aggeA i irregularly serrated 

— of. gigi and girigi. 
gteim, (Dutch) kail gSrtm, a coarse 

flannel cloth. 

16 GecSEK 

(ffirinAa, hatrt gSrinda, a whetstone j 

a stone used for filing teeth. 
grfirinSam, I. a (Kedah) variant of 

glrinda. II. — gurindam. 
g^rlnff. illness ; sick (of a prince) ; 

g. kalu, B, prince's head-ache. 
ffftriajaiii* an ear-cleaner. 
g^rlt, I. (onom.) a scraping sound j 

the gnawing of a mouse— of- tint. 

II. akar gSrit-gSHt, a generic name 

for a nomber of robber-vinos belong- 
ing to the order atgmijnaceee. 
gtelap, = kirlap. 
gerliug, = klrling. 
vfttnumflf, jp^n^gSrmaTt^t to bristle 

up {of short hair). 
gftrmit. (Penang) an anger ; a drill. 
gfirobok, I. Jav. a crockery chest. 

II. tiUnggSroboy, to bubble up (of 

boiling water) . 
gSroda, Skr. bwrofg gSroda, the eaglo 

or " garuda" of Vishnu. 
gira&k, (onom.) a sound such aa 

that of stones thumping against the 

sides of a box. 
ffflrodl, Tarn, an auger i also gurdi. 
gBrogoh, a barrel -like trap for 

g6r6h, constitutional bad 1 u c k j 

persistent misfortune. 
girok, a wrapper used to prevent a, 

heavy fruit (such as a nnngka or 

cMm^ldak) falling to the ground 

through its own weight. 
gftronelunig', = fcf rone hong. 
gbtonAong, = gondong. 
gtoong, (onom.) mfnggSrowg, to 

growl (of a wild beast). 
gfirong'B'MiB', hollow ; lacking in 

gttvttggtmg, I. the came of a tree 
{crataxylon arhorescens). II. a sting- 
ing medusa or jelly-fish much feared, 
by Malays. 

gBrouyot, a twinge of pain. 

gUrtrpoh, (onom.) mSnggSi-opoh, to 
splash about. 

gftcaek, gravel, coarse sand; alsa 

, id by 


gErtak ( 

f Sru, m^nijulrii, to trumpet (of an 

Iffir^nl, hantv, giragul, aii evil spirit 

of the fqirest, 
ffirnit, mengglrait, to wriggle out 

(as B worm leaving its hole). 
gbraa, panic, alami ; ka7nbing g., the 

Malay serow inemorhiednB suietten- 

ginming, a, large lizard (unidenti- 

gteup, ft portion of a Malay loom in 
which the comb (fliaiV) is fixed, 

Iftoos, rubbing off asperities ; sand- 
papering; polishing. 

Iftent, tfeim gimt-ginit, a fiah (prisfi- 

lery fire. 

fesek, rubbing or scraping a sha)^ 
edge against onythji^ (nsed especi- 
ally of playing the violin) ; ming- 
gesek hiola, to play the violin — cf. 
yeeel and geser. 

f esel, rubbing two sticks or other 
light bodies together — e.g. in ij^nition 
by friction— of . geser and gexeh. 

fMMC^ scraping past each other (as 
two ships striking each other at an 
extromdy acute angle) — cf. gesek 

f 6ta, Skr. a sleeping-platform ; a 
divan ; a broad sofa or oouoh ; g. 
Mrajaom,, a royal divan ; g. ^rad'oan, 
a state bed. 

gfitnh, latex or gum prodnced by 
trees ; gutta ; caoutchouc ; bird-lime ; 
gQm ifiibok g., a caoutchouc-yielding 
tree ; buront/ di-gStah, a limed bird ; 
B- ipoh, the poisonous sap of the ipoh 
(antiaria tomcaria) used as dart- 
poison ; g. jSUitong, dyera coetulata ; 
ff. pSrt^, dichopgii gatla ; aJso g. 
taban merali ; g. taban ywfaft, diclioj)- 
His obovata. 

S^butg, = Hfang. 

fffitltr, = Utar. 

7 . GIG! 

gtttak. a loose gait or manner ; inSn- 
^mjokg., to assume a "fast" manner ; 
loose conduct. 

gftti-gjtti, a Malay cake. 

gStll, pinohiim;, nipping — cf. kStip, 
kllam, gSbi; etc. 

gStm, nipping between the finger- 
nails ; mlnggltv, kitman, to kill a 
louse or flea— cf. glUl, liSUji, etc. 

gVWKag, a large shell-fish (portions 
of which axe constantly used in the 
Straits Settlements as paper- 

ghnftir, Ar. very forgiving ; all mer- 
ciful (of God) ; ya ghafur ttr-rakim, 
oh, most forgiving and merciful 
One ! — a common superscription to 

ghalb, Ar. hidden, concealed, obscure ; 
ghaib-lah in, he vanished ; pirkataan 
yBTig ghaib, itiysterious words ; rijal 
id-ghaib, spirits presiding over good 
and evil fortune ; also (colloquially) 

ghali, Eur. a galley. 

gliallb, Ar. viotorions, conqaering. 

ghaliaB, Eur. a galleass ; a l^'ge 

ghnrib, Ar. foro^fn, strange ; a, 

gkuliun, Ar. a slave. 
gi. Hind, ghee ; clariSed butter. 
glan, exhausted (of money) ; penni^ 

gtang, = miang. 

giftn, pisaa piaggiaa, a, bill-hook. 

gikna, = kibas. II. 

gigi, tooth ; the serrated or rippling 

;e of anything ; 

) teeth ; g, ayer, the rippled 
surface of water ; the edge at the 
sea (on the beach) ; g. bSrdnkoHff, 
overlapping teeth j 9. hutan, the 
uneven fringes of the jungle ; g._ 
jUatSra, the teeth of a toothed wheel ; 
y. Icapak, large front teeth i g. laaf, 
high -watermark j g. manis, the in- 
cisor teeth ; g. paraiig-pamng, small 
separated teeth ; g, sisir, the toetji'"- 




of B. rake or comb ; g, HUlong, the 
four front teeth ; ff. tihug, sniall 
regular teeth; plnclvunglal g,, a 
toothpick — rf. gigit, gSrigi, gSrigis, 

B^it, biting^ ; t« bite i riiSnggigit ; to 
bito— cf. gi^i. 

glla, madiiesa, insanity; g. babi, epi- 
lepsy ; g. bahata, oracked, eccentric ; 
H. blrahi, madly in love ; anyam 9., 
«n apparently itregolar pattern in 
mlngkiumg work ; muras ff.,a fantail 
flycatcher (j-fetpadwra, spp.) f yn g.,a 
Rah {chyliwillium radictuti) ; gilaian, 
f>r ■niMnggilaian, to madden (with 
love) — cf. the Javaneae form edan. 

gilang, I, shining; g. gimilaiig, 
radiant, daailinff, resplondent — cf. 
gilop. II. a kind of toddy ; a drink 
mentioned in old romances. 

B11hII>, Instre from a polished surface ; 
reflected light— cf. gi'iang. 

gUau, = kilau. 

gUlag, rolling into a spherical or 
cylindrical shape ; rolling np n 
oigarotte; (trinding cniry-stnff with 
Vk atone roller ; balu g,, a, roller for 
(frinding cnrry-Bpicea. 

10 dij.doi tainiiai gitiran tari-nya, he 
sat down till it came to his turn to 
dance ; bingilir g U sacoese on 

gills, a (Belangor) variant of It gg 

gi^Jftt, on tiptoe t g ja g jaf 

moting abont on t ptoe 
girap, to quicken the st oke nhe 

girl, Skr. moonta n — m compo nd 

such OS IndSra-g 
girtuff, I. mS-agg rtvg to drive (wild 

aDimals). II. g ng g ng a sort 

of bell made oat of Bea-shell. 
giaax, mSngginar, to twiat ; to gire a 

twisting motion to anything — cf. 

glwah, Fers. a shoe. 
goa, I. a cave; tUaicar g,, the bat 
(chinmelei (orguaius) ; kambing g., 


a name sometimes given to the- 

Malayan scrow. II. Ch. I, me. 
gobar, gloomy, sombre, overcast (aa 

B sky when a storm is brewing). 
gobA, an areca-Dut poander (nsed 

by men with bad teeth) ; g. api, a. 

gOOllDb,, striking with the Ji a t ^ 

gochohi, to so strike (a Wow) ; m^ng- 

gonhch, to bo strike (a person). 
goda, spurring on ; inoitenient ; pur- 

suing ; following ; goading ; mang- 

goda, to urge on, 
godak, nasi g., ,a preparation of rice 
' for use as medicine. 
goSam, a, heavy poanding blow^ — e.g., 
'with a club or mace r m^TiggodaWr^ to 

strike such a blow; pinggodam, a 

club or knucklc-dnater. 
godok, g. kipola, the occipital bone. 
gogoh, shivering with estrpme cold. 
gogol, a long-handled chisel nscd by 

goluv, =■ goa. 
golak, g.-galcl:, topay-tnrvey— cf, 

golang, g.-gd,ek, to sway (of a eplie- 

rical or cylindrical body), 
golek, easily swaying ; easily shaken 

or roiled golang g swaying or 

rocking 'an g B. sheeted ghost 

bel eved to propel tself by rolling 

along the ground tampan g., 

(Penang) the ommon Chinese 

goloh a hcavj chopper or bill.hook 

for eJear np jnngl 
golot f usain ss 1 u Ty ; over-work ,- 

b nnl w 1 fuasr inergy. 

gomba Hkr tho frontlet of an 

gimbalc a tuft (of grass) ; a lock 

(of hair) j also gSmbak. 
gombala, •= gSmbala. 
gombang, an anchored pnrse-nct; 

also •pttnvpang, 
goiavug, = Icomeng. 
gomol, bSrgnmol, to wrestle. 
gonoliang, to cause anything 
„,,.-id by 



lock or sway; to shake ; gonchang- 

ian anil mlnggoyickang, id. 
gondah, sorrow, sadness, despon- 

doDCy ; g. gviana, id. ; gondahJiart, to 

sorrow after, 
goa&IMg, sipat gondang, a generic 

name for aeveral marine shellB of 

the genua dolium ; g. !>uI:iC, a land 

shell (cyclophor«s, sp.) 
goodok, squat ; short and stout ; 

leher g., bull-necked, 
gondol, bare ; hairless ; treeless. 
gondoug, an inflammation on the 

jieck — a sort of goitre. 
gong, a gong [this — the gong proper 

— has a hemispherical protuberance, 

while thecftananjhas not] ; pSmiiluJ 

g., the wooden striker of a gong. 
gonggong, I. seizing and carrying 

off between the teeth (as a dog 

carries off a bone). II. a generic 

name for a number of shells (mostly 

of the genua xtrombue), 
goai, = giini. 
gonjalc, to hint at. 
gonjoug, Tery sharp-ridged (ot a 

Malay roof). 
gonyeli, chewing between the gums ; 

gonjoli, rubbing out impurities ; 

Hcrobbing (when bathing). 
gopab, haste, hurry ; g, gapuh or g, 

mamang, cstremo haste j hurry 

goraip, Ar. an Arab dhow. 
gOTSng, frying ; cooking in a pan, 
goria, a sccatched line; g, api, 

gOMk, friction, rubbing ; gegolclian, 

to Bcmb ; mlnggosok and mlnggoaok- 
ban, id. 
gotls, to snap a link ; to break the 
stalk of a 9owef. 
goyang, a ahakiug or swaying 
motion! hirgoyang, to shake; to 
sway — cf. gonchang. 
g*, a (double) yoke for bullocks ; = 
igtt — of. kok. 

giat, «■ goo. 


1 attacking y oung 

gaau, a dise. 

gnltoh, wearily in the hair (as & 
flower or jewelled ornament is worn). 

gubal, the portion (of a tree-trunk) 
immediately under the bark; nyior 
g., a coconut with the husk off. 

gabang, I. a one-masted sea-going 
pSraha of a Ungis type. II. a notch 
cut in a tree-trimk to facilitate 

gndti, a vessel of glazed earthenware. 

gndang, a atore-houso ; a, godown. 

gadn, gudu-gad-a, a hookah, a bubble> 

gngnr, miscarriage ; premature fall 
(of fruit) i a sudden and unnatural 
foM ; g, pengmn, to fall in a faint ; 
bintang g,, a falling star. 

gugns, patchy ; g, paUiu-piila'i, an 
archipelago 1 bSrijtijus-g., in patches, 
in dusters. 

gait, a gentle sidelong push with tho 

gala, sugar; sugary substances 
obtained from plants ; g. balv-, loaf 
sugar; g. milaka, coconut sugar j 
g. pasir, granular sugar. 

gnlai, currying; curried food; inZtig' 
gv,lai, to prepare curry. 

gnlana, gandak g., extreme depres- 
sion ; despondency ; sadness. 

gnliga, a bezoar-stone; hat«,g.,iA, 

gnliug, rolling, revolving; g. gun- 
fung, rolling overand over; g.garak, 
rotlini; uneasily ; gviiitgltan, to roll 
(a cylindrical object) ; tirgnlvag-g., 
rolling about. 
gnlita, gilap g., pitchy darkness. 
golong, rolling up ; tikar dva g., two 
rolls of matting 1 two mats; living- 
pttiaiis, to roll up. 

gnmpal, rolling up anything into a 
ball or roughly spherical lump or 
clod ; Hrgumpal g., clotted, Coagn- 

gnmpoug, a thicket; a clump of 

thick jungle, 
gun, (Kedoh) gently rising groDudi /^ 



.(una, 8kr. use, utility ; magiu ai-t ; 

obat g., a philtro ; apa g., ivliy ; tor 
, wlat purpose i gunakan, to make 

use of ; birgana, useful. 
S^tmairoii, Skr. skilled in magtu art 

fnitd«k, an inferior wife of a prince 
— i.e. a wife married formally to his 
Mris or to his balung hulu, but not 
to the prince himaelt. 

gvnggou^, = gonggong. 

gnni, ft Back ; a " gunny-bag." 

gunjai, a fringe or omamentii] tassel 
at tie end of a puggaree. 

fftmong, a mountaiD. 

ffnntak, the rattle of pipa in a dry 

gruttillff, Bhearing ; sbears, sc^issors ; 
mliiggtinling, to cnt with a pair of 

^ntong', I. stunipiueex tbroni^h tlic 
removal of a projection ; cutting 
short ; tiaiig g., a mast when the top- 
mast has been removed. II. a ci%ek. 


guntnr, thunder. 

gnran, sporting, jesting, flirting ; g. 
jSitalai, quips and cranks ; slnda g., 
dalliance, Hirtation I !>Srpur(iH',tojest. 

gnxdi, Tarn, an auger ; also gh'odi. 

gvxi, a amaJl vessel of earthenware. 

furindam, Tam. a proverbial verse g 
a well-known saying appositely 

ffurob., thunder — cf. gimuroli. 

ffum, Skr. a teacher! malt g.oveittg., 
a school -mistress ; Bitam (?., Siva. 

giia, together ; all at a time ; ooDec- 
tively ; di-tenibaTc'iiya tiga hali giu, 
they all fired t<^ther three times — 
i.e. they fired three volleys. 

g^aar, taking offence ; jangan g., do 
not be offended, giteari, to become 

gnei, the gums. 

gusti, I. Jav. a title of some distinu- 
tion i tnaater, lord. II. Pers. wrest- 
ling i hSimain g,, or hergaeli, to 

halHht, way, manner. 

hablB, done, finished ; entirely ; the 
end of ; hSl«m h., not yet finished i 
sa-hahia-habis, to the very end j to 
the very last ; habisi, to come to an 
end of j habislcait, to put an end to ; 
piiighabisan, termination, end. 

Iwlllok, Hind, piebald (of a horse). 

babliir, = ahStar. 

habob, dust, chaff, powder j Ji. glr- 
goji, sawdust. 

Hababi, Ar. Abyssinian, Ethiupian, 
N^ro ; OJ-anff if. a Negi'o, 

ba^P, position in front of ; raju 
di-hadap mantiri-nya mkaltait, a 
prince with his minisberB before bim ; 
hadapait, front i portion in front ; 
di-hadapan, in the presence of, in 
front of — e.g. raja di-hadapan man. 
tSrf, woald be "a pi'lmie in the 

presence of Lis minister " — a dis- 
courteous eKpressiou compared with 
roja di-hadap mantlri ; ha-hadapan, 
to the front, forward ; Radoyi or ming- 
hadapi, to face; hadapkiin or iiiSng- 
lusdapkan, to set in feont, to place 
in front ; mingkadap or mlngadap, 
to enter the preaeuce of (a prince) j 
to have an audience of a sultan, 

hadialL, Ax. n gift ; a present, 

hadls, At. the traditional sayings 
and deeds of the Prophet. 

hadaif, Ar. presence ; to be present; 
also pronoum;ed Italir. 

hadnat, Ar. presence ; the royal 
presence ; majesty. 

liafal, Ar. well versed in the Koran ) 
also hapal, 

kal, oh — a vocative interjection 

; . .'id By 




halbat, Ar. terrible, awe -inspiring, 

alarming ; also hebat. 
luiddi, Ar, the menstmal flow, 
iftiraa. At. aatonishment; to wonder; 

wonderfnl ; also herniK 
baitran, Ar. animals ; living crea- 

hajat, Ar. wisli, desire, intention. 
hiyl, Ar. a mnn who has made the 

pilgrimage to Mecca ; naik h., to 

perform this pilRrima^. 
A^rnt, Ar. jear of the H^ra j a.h. ; 

hftk, Ar. truth •, dne, rightful claim ; 
rightfl of property ; deaoription of 
property; kaul-vl-hak, the writing 
is true — a enperBcription to Malay 
epiatlea ; h. nmnn, ot what descrip- 
tion ? . 

haUbat, Ar. truth. 

iMklm, Ar. a judge ; n jinlge of the 
anpreme conrt. 

Jlftl, Ar. state, condition, position, 
case ; mSngadaiait, h., to lay one's 
case (before any person) ; Harihul, 
concerning, regarding ; h. ahival, 
cironm stances ; facts of the case ; 
things fi^nerally. 

Iutl», direction, tendency ; ta'-tSaitt 
h., aimless, inapposite, irreleviuit. 

llMal, confasing ; h. halai, npsetting, 
confusing j confused, disorderly. 

halal, Ar. legitimate; pennissible 
according to divine law ; food wliich 
is not forbidden— cf. haram. 

in, a lawn before a palace or 

ImIsv, expulsion ; driving away or 

driving out; hala'iian or "ili'^vhalav- 
ban, to drive away. 
hallM, Ar. an aronuitic plant (/tw™ 

Iinlliail, Itayii hidhna, A plant (rilcv. 
pubesceaa) ; also llbati. 

luiilui, ginger, (zingiber officinnJiii). 
. lialUtiitw:, = halinta,: 

lutllmiui, invisible or transparent 
through magic art; linUmunnii, tlic 
magic art of making oneself invisible. 


halintah., a horse-leech ; also liviah. 
lialintftr, a thunderbolt ; pnnah h,, 
id. ; bain h., fossil stone implements' 
(believed to be bits of a thunder- 
bolt) ; also lintar. 
iLallpaa, a centipede ; h. bfrra, a 
centipede with a dark back and %ht 
legs; ftjnuf.anereisi h.piean-pliati, 
a black and yellow hairless spider- 
Hke animal ; jari h., a pattern made 
by cutting trailers diagonally from 
the midrib of a palm-leaf; also Iipon. 
lialir, I. Ar. present; -^ hndaii. II. 

= alir. 
halkah, a horse-collar. 
halknnL, Ar. throat, gullet. 
Iialolia, covetousness ; also Idba. 
Iialuiui, tlie bows of a boat. 
Iiattm, — aljin, 

balna, fine in texture ; delicate ; 
pisau h., a, lancet-like knife ; tn«ifiiM 
yaiig h., a delicately made hand ; 
pSrtafaan h., refined language. 
J^wlk, a generic name for confec- 
tionery—preservea in sugar. 
iMina, n gnat ; a very small insect. 
I'ftviP-V disobliging ; graft and ill. 
luunba, slave; yonr servant ; I; 
h, Allah, God's poor; h. Jfompini, 
Indian convicts, h. sahaya, slaves 
generally ; blrltamha, (1) to be 
poaaesBcd of slaves ; (2) to serve ; 
mSiitpHrkainbaiian dirt, to give One- 
self to ! to marry ; mtnta jilrhamba, 
to offer oneself in marriage. 
Iiam1)Rl, = amhal, II. 
hambac, = amhar. 
Iiam1>at,pnrsnit, chasing; blrhanibat, 
to pursue ; In pnmuit. 
hambongr, = amb<mg. 
bamtmr, I. strewing about ; scat- 
tering; haiitbur-hambur, largesse; 
Jifiniftitrtrtii, to scatter; Mrhombura'o, 
strewn or scattered about. II. to 

lF, pregnant ^witn cnini; — li , 

= fish-scented ; malodorous. -,(")OqIp 


jinmim. laokiog contents ; empt^, 
idle, ugeleea. 

bUftpMT, spreading out flat ; exten- 
iion in all directions ; hain h., bed- 
rock t ''■ y^hemah, to pitch a tent; 
hamparan, a carpet ; a mat j Jicitn- 
pariun or minghamjiarliaii, to apread 

luunpM, dregs, droBB ; the residuum 
or waste portion of anything; h.Khu, 
megaae ; h. aufira, silk dross. 

hlOlipIr, proximity ) near ; nearly ; 
h, mi-rupa, nearly identical ; hamjiiV- 
hampir, Tery nearly; hampiri or 
mBnifhanipiVi, to approach ; fiompir- 
tan, to get close to ,■ bSrhamju'ran, in 
close tonch with ; in proximity to. 

huupong, = am^ong. 

luunpnM, = Iiapug. 

luUUpttt, ■• ampvt. 

h n-Mnii j indiaorimiuate abuse ; re- 

huunll, Ar. the s'piriius lenis. 
banehblg, rank, foul (of smell). 
lianeliac, meltinf^, crushing, dis- 

allying ; It. hati, broken-hearted ; 

h. Ivloh, utterly crushed ; mSngiia-a- 

cJtKrfcan, to crash to pieces. 
handal, companion, associate, coni- 

lumdak, ^ Mndak. 

luuidftl, trusty, reliable. 

luMiK, I. yon, thou; a (Kednh) equi- 
ralent of ingkau. II. an obsoloto 
Malaj title. 

kMigat, hot J warmth ; -warm glow ; 
fc. hufi, angry excitement. 

hanfit, scorching, singeing ; tou k., 
the smell of burning. 

hMigVM, burainfc ; being consumed 
by Are; hangutkan, to consume by 

HMIomMi, Skr. the Hindu monkey- 
god ; an evil dog-taeed spirit (in 
Kedah) ; eang eSri H., the god 
Uanuman in romance. 

hftntap, =■ anta^. 

hant^, I. conveying, escorting, ac- 
companying; Bending In a person's 


charge; }iantarliano:cmSnghantarlcain, 
to accompany away ; to escort. II. 
lying prostrate ; lying spread out, 
Urhantar, stretched out. 

bantu, an evil spirit ; a, ghost or 
goblin ; wild (of fruit — i.e. planted 
by ghosts not men) ; h. bangkit, the 
ordinary sheeted ghost risen from a 
grave and making its way by rolling 
along on ita side as the fastenings 
of the winding-sheet prerent ita 
B-alking ; h, bilian, the tiger s^t ; 
h. b«»gbiis, = k, hanghit ; h. goleic, 

■ = h. bangiit ; h. jam-uaa, a, familiar 
spirit; h. kociiong = h. banglcit; h. 
orang mati di-bifnoh, the re^'engeful 
spirit of a murdered man ; h. pSm- 
hartt, the spectre huntsman ; h. 
rimba, the demon of the woods that 
preye on lonely travellers ; ft. tanah, 
the gnomes oi the soil ; burong h., 
an owl ; di-ratoli h,, to be attacked 
by an ovil spirit ; jari h. ; the middle 

iLM^ra, except, unless ; only ; anat-ht 
hanya-lak Ba-orang, my child is an 
only child ; yang mSiigetiihui hanya- 
lah Allah, who know that there is 
only one God. 

hanyif, fishy ; foul-smelling ; musty. 

hanjrut, drifting along ; floating ; 
hanyallcaii, to set adrift; hlrhany^tt, 
adrift ; HrbanyiU-h., to be drifting 

faapal, Ar. well versed in the Koran; 
also hafal. 

Iiapelc, = apek, I. 

hapit, = opif. 

liapna, expunging, wiping out. 

bara, hwn-ft. ; uproar ; also hirw-Ji, 
and hara-h.. 

baram, Ar. unlawful, forbidden by 
religious law ; a strong expression 
of negation ; h. i,adah, bom out of 
wedlock ; h. ta'-dapat, he utterly 
failed to get. 

barang, =^ 

barap. hope, expectatio' 

■'»■■■ '»i1?;^JOogle 

traet ; harap-lah Sngliaa Icapadn 
Allah, put youc trust in God; 
harapan, trnateH, trustTj karapi, to 

.confide in. 

liuras, = urns. 

barbab, = ribab. 

Iiardek, Htrong reproof, goolding, 

luugtt, Skr, price, monetary value ; 
h.-nya ttga ringgit, iti prioe is three 
dollara ; hargakan, to appraise j to 

liEu:i, day (both the day of 34 tours 
and the daylight hours hy thom- 
Belves) ; siang h,, dayl^ht; tSngah 
h., midday j nuUam h., night time j 
aa-panjang h,, all day; kSeaokan h,, 
the morrow j aUang sa-hari, every 
alternate day; lat ta.hari, id. j sn- 
hnri-hari, every day ; h. iiiya, holi- 
day) h. i^tar, id.j ft. bulan, day of 
. the month. 

liariiiiaii, tiger ; leopard ; any of the 
larger felidS ; a type of the strong 
and unBcrupnloQS ; also Hmau ; h. 
akar, the leopard-oat {felis bengiden. 
sis) ; ft. nnjinjf, the golden Cat {felts 
fentniincMt) t h. bsSiTig, the tiger ; 
ft. aiang chSchaJi:, the common wild- 
oat — grey with black spots {felia 
vtaiiceps) ; h. bilang kaaati, the tiger 
(/elta tigris) ; ft. hSlang iSbuan, the 
. common leopard, the " yellow " 
panther (/eiis pardus) ; h. binUing, 
= h. bllang tSbuan ; h, burong, a 
Petftui name for felia planicepi ; ft. 
daftan, the marbled cat {felis mar- 
mamia) ; ft. daun pitiantf, a name 
given to the tigor when the black 
markings are not eitenaive ; ft. jadi- 
. jaiian, a were-tiger ; ft. kwrabang, 
the black pantier (felis pardus, 
var. niger) ; h. lalat, a jumping 
Bpider ; ft. eipafti, = ft. dami pinatig ; 
h. toruni, a large black panther ; h. 
. (Slop, the golden cat {felii aurata) ; 
ft. Urong laeaii, the royal tiger {felia 
tigrie) when of very large size ; 
tulavg h. laina'ngi), the ntannbrinm ; 


uban (ciJw ft., the oolour of the hair 
when either hlaofc or white largely 
prednminatea ; also rimau. 

bar Das', = arong. 

barta, 8kr. proporty, wealth ; harta- 
nyiibanyak,'be had large poBsesiions 

hartal, a yellow foce.powder ; aaf. 
fron; also Tital. 

hartawan, Skr. possessed of pro- 
perty ; wealthy— of. haria. 

hara, confusion, uproar, disturbance ; 
h. karat a noisy diatnrbanca ; ft. bi'ru, 
id. ; di-haiii shetan, plagued by un 
evil spirit. 

hsuman, = araan. 

luunmi, fragrance, aroma, perfume. 

h,amB, I. stream, current, freshet ; 
di-bawa oteh h., borne by the current j 
songeong h., s, shell (mvrex temis- 
pina). II. proper, fitting, right. 

haaad, Ar. envy, jealousy, spite. 

hasU, Ar. outcome, return, rent, 
revenne ; ft. taTtah, land-rent j ft, 
pokok, land assessment ; jn^mbayor 
ft., to pay to Grovemment. 

liajiita, Skr. a Malay eubit (from the 
elbow to the finger-tips). 

bata, At. P well then i next— an ei- 

eommencing a new paragraph. 

hatftin, Ar. end, finish ; termination ; 
sudult ft,, it is finished— used especi- 
ally of the completion of studies. 

hati, the heart and liver ; the interior 
portion of anything ; the seat of the 
feelings; ambit di-h., to store up a 
grudge ; hacha didalam- ft., to read 
to oneself ; baJiar h., wrath ; Mla$ ft., 
compassion ; blrbalek h., a revnision 
of feeling ; blrdSbar ft., . a qnioker 
beating of the heart ; excitement, 
fear ; blrkafa didalam ft., to say to 
oneself; blear ft., presumptuous 
pride ; bitah ft,, heart — as a term of 
endearment; clumdong ft.j inclinetian 



towarfa; e?raH., emotion; hanch'ir 
h., heart-break i deapatr^ hvlii h,, 
the pit of the atomach j iviang liuln 
h; the xiphoid process; jantong h., 
the heart in its anatomical sense i 
jauh h., alienation of affection or 
interest ; iarat h., maiioe ; klchfi h., 
epite, a gnidge ; klrai h., obstinacy ; 
IcSToh h,, malice. Ill-feeling ; kura^g 
h., spiritlesa ; Ubur h., crushed in 
spirit; llmbul h., softer feelings; 

■ indkati h,, to brood j mata h,, inward 
perception ; mSnibavia h,, to betalce 
oneself anywhere in wrath; mStig- 
ambil h., to captivate i jianas li,, 
zeal ; pitu h., melancholy ; puas h., 
satisfaction ; puteh h., sincerity ; 
jmtMs fe., heart-break, despair; ravan 
h., rapture; no^it h., eager ; soTtgltut 
h., loving attachment ; siiyup h., 
melancholy; aSbal /i.tjiatience; sSdap 
h., pleasure ; iSjnt ft,, contented 
feelings ; s«chi h., purity of motire ; 
gumh ft., sorrow, regret; tavxir h,, 
disinclination; tSrang h., olearslgbt- 
edness, calmness; traps* ^-i prond 
elation ; vmewait ft., annoyance ; 
mimplrhafikan, to grasp, to nnder- 
stand, to realise. 

Iwtta, = hata. 

ha-tax, = atur. 

luvm, I. redacing by friction ; wearing 
away. II. thirst. 

hawft, I. Ar. breath, air; affection, 
lust, desire; h. tiafsu, carnal hists ; 
h, api, the hot breath of a furnace. 
II. Ar. 8iti Sawn, Eve. 

iLtiirar, a pestilence, an epiilemic, a 

h»7»k, = ayvlc. 
luiTam, = nyam. 
haTftt, Ar. life. 
Iwynit, = ai/iin. 
he, « hat. 

htbt-t, Ar. terriblp, iiwp-inapirinr; ; 
also haibal. 

hela, T. drawing over the ground ; 
dragging; wSnghela, to pull aflpr 


one; pSnglielu, a pnller, a drawer. 

II. aiming at, pointing to ; mhighe. 

laltan, to aim (a weapon) at. 
helah, ^^ elah. 
hfilal, a numeral coefficient for tonn- 

ous objects such as sheets of papers, 

garments, leaves, blades of grass, 

etc. ; also lai. 
helat, ^ elah. 

llSlat, alternate, intervening; alsfilirf. 
Iiaittau., Jav. aSection ; interest ; 

bemat, Ar. care, attention ; jnga dan- 
hemal, watchfulness and nttentive- 

bBtUbacliailff, = fmbarhang. 

hfimbftlan, = Imbalau. 

hSmhat, =^ (nibat. 

i.lan.'bvx, ^ ^aibw. 

iLimpa, = hampn. 

hempas, dashing down violently ; 
hfmpaaican, to dash down ; infiighfiii- 
paaian, id. 

bJimptdlll, = pfdal. 

htmpJIdn, the gall; pfin-U-pjin-h' h., 
the gall-bladder. 

hdmplt, I. wedging or squeezing 
between two surfaces. II. badak 
Mmpit, (Kedah) the twn.horned 
rhinoceros (rJt. tmiiatTenli»). 

Itgnipiiltir, = impvlur. 

hemnl, = etnuJ. 

tSad&k, wish, desire, intention, pur- 
pose } hkndakieaii, to desire ; iiShindak, 
desire, wish ; eSpJrti MMndab tiiun, 
a» you please ; hlri^Mndiik, to wish 
for, to be desirous of ; sa-TcShindak, 
ill accordance with one's wishes, 

hendel, = endel. 

henpLr, = ivgar. 

heniag, limpid, pure, clear, trims- 

liBnjftl, = hijal. 

hfintam, stamping with the foot. 

faentek, ^ entek. 

hilltl, stopping; bh-hinli, to Come to 
n atop ; birhJintikan, to pnt a stop to j 
ph-bintian, an ending; a ph 
stop at. 



bButimaii, = tiinun. 

lieraii, Ar. aBtDuislimeiit ; to ivoiidor j 
■wonclevful i also hairaii. 
hoMOg, = erang, II, 
]t«rnp, = imp. 
bfirat, =<: rat. 
haiaa, = emu. 
bftrlw'b, •= Tlbitb. 
hfirdek, = ftui-de!:. 
]t6rek, to shriek; to crv out witli 

hSrfa, " ?iargii. 
kerta, ^ harta. 

kfiata, ^ fiasto. 

livtong', = hitoiig. 

Iliajl, adornment ; oriiaineutiug; hiaai, 
to adorn; m&nghiati, id. ; pei'AiViBUii, 
oruunent, decoration. 

ULb,, = iba. 

hlboli, noise, uproar (caused bj traffic 
and not by noisily-disposed persons). 

btlmr, consoling', soothing; minglii. 
bitr, kiburkan ot mSnghibitrhaa, to 
allay sorrow ; to oalni ; to console ; 
ipiitghibar, a comforter, 

liidam, = idam. 

UAang', placing in a dish a, j 
tion" or plateful of food; h%da g n 
a platefnl ; tlrltidang, serv d up 

hldaTat, Ar. right guidance n li 

liidonff, the nose; h. ma 1 g a 
sharp-cut tioae ; hatang k., th ndge 
of tho nose ; Uang h., th n t I 

hidn, to be on the seent of t m II 

hldup, life ; alive ; ga^'ah h a 1 
elepbantj na-uumr h., as 1 ng a I 
live J matahari h., the riaiug sun ; 
htdupi, Mdapiatt, minghidnpi or 
mSnghidwpkan, to bring to life; 
(aUo) to keep alive j kShidapan, 
life; means of livelihood; hal Uhi- 
. dttpan, condition of life. 

UgK, Jav, ribj side ; =• riisoh. 

liiffau = 
h jrat A 

hisxp t = J jj 
himpnn, as ml 

th bib p J 

} p to 

b ng t g th 

gath gam 
hila ^ I 
hilam. » I 
lulaug I 


' I 1 


I I 


b di d M 
4 nSag} I igk t dn a«a; 

t th w away l^h I ga loss 

lulap A rr bett tft i / 

lulat, = elah. 

llillr, progress down stream ; tl 
iower waters of a river; hvla-hili., 
top and bottom ; beginnii^ and end, 

hina, Skr. mean, poor, contemptible 
11 th J. andl wly 7 Jan 
o gh I n to d sdain to nsult 
d^ntdat on 

t quitt m. 

binai = 

biacluHiff = ) 

lUiicIlit d p rt re 

iL ncliat ^ h t 

huidek =■ I J 

Hindi, Ind an 

Hindu H n 1 o 

Hindustan Ind a 

binjfga, up to, as far as, until: 
li. puda masa ini', ap to the present 
time; eorhingga, until; pSrMiiggaaa, 
bouudai7, limit; also pSrenggan; 
Uada tlrkingga, boondleas. 

hinff^P, perching, settling, alight- 
ing (of a bird) ; k. api, to catch Are, 

hinges, =s iiifus. 



hlutttl, = intai. 

Urn*, hi™ -Mra, uproar ; = liuiii liura, 

Urap, = trap. 

blr&U, = hira. 

hirek, - ireA^. 

Uri, - .«. 

Uxis, Blicing, slitting, ripping up. 
him, hira-hara, a great distuFbauce j 

confuBion; wproaTi h.-hira, id. 
himp, '^ iruxp. 
Ua, for shame t also is. 
hlsnb. At. enumeration, caloulatiou ; 

elmu h., Baconuts ; commercial arith- 

rqetio ; tiada tirhiiabkan banyah-nya, 

hisap, =- isap. 

Utam, black i very dark in cobra- 
■ tion'i h. bogot, hideously blaoltj h, 
. Ugam, pitch black ; h, manis, dark 

brown j It. muda, deep blue. 
Utong, caiculation, I'^ckouing ; elmii 

hitonsan, arithmetic 
hoe, Ch. a "hoey," a secret society, 
hagoh, to mimic. 
Hokl^, Ch. appertaining to the 

Fuh-kien province (especially the 

Amoy and Chang-chow diTisions, 

not Fah-chau itself). 
Holftndft, Dutch i also Bllandn. 
Txomik, — huma. 
homiun, Tam. a burnt offering, a 

honar, Pers. discredit i a subject of 

reproach or censure i lehabar bSrhonar, 

a scandal ; a tale to Bomebody'a dis- 

honff, tbc Sanskrit and Buddhist 
" om," a word of mysterious import 
used by Malay medicinc-men. 

Hongkong, Hongkong! kereta h., 
a jinrikisha. 

horlctji, Enr. e. watch ; a clock. 

hennat, Ar. reapect ; reverence — 
especially with the idea of respectful 
behftvionrj miinbSri h., to pay res- 

ha, At. the possessive pronoun (third, 
singular, masculine) in its genitive 
and acouEatire forms. 

Kna, Ar. He— fl.e,, God. 
hnbaya, entirely, in every way, alto- 
gether; hitbaya-hKbaya, above all 

hnbong, connection, linking g ^- 

bojigan, link ; bSrhubong, united ; 

hubungian or TitinghuboTiglcan, to 

unite, to connect. 
Hodal, OTang if,, the name of a tribe 

of aborigines in the Malay Peninsula. 
httdam., = udam. 
hudan^, = udang. 
hndar, (Kedah) to run away j Co 

bolt ; to abscond. 
hudltud, Ar. the hoopoe. 
Imdoh, "^ hodofi. 

hoi, an interjection of astonishment. 
hnjah, questioning, cross -examina- 

hnjan, rain ; h. dlrag, pouring rain ; 
h, Ubat, rain in large drops ; heavy 
rain ; h. riuyai, driaale ; h. rintelc- 
rintek, a tew drops of rain only) 
ayer h., rain-vrater ; muaim k., the 
rainy season ; tSdoh h., to stop 
raining ; hujani, to rain down upon. 

h'Qjat, reviling; to abuse. 

bnjong, end, point, extremity ; h. 
tilnnjak, the tip of the indes finger j 
h. tandh, a headland ; blrhajong, 

hnkab, At. a hookah, a hubble-bub- 
ble ; also ogah. 

hii^ama, Ar. the plnral of hokim t 
learned men, authorities on law anti 
theology. ' 

bnknm, Ar. order, command; judicial 
decision, sentence g bin h., to give 
an order ; jatoh h., to give a judicial 
decision ; kina, ft., to suffer a penal- 
ty 1 hutttmon, punishment, 

hnkoT, = wftitr. 

hckap, = ulrnp. 

hnlanL, vegetable accessories to a 
dish ; vegetable condiments. 

hnlat, = Ilia*. 

bnlkiui],, » halkvm. 

built, head, upper portion ; beja^n- 
uing ) hot ; handle | the upper- 


waters of a river ; the interior of a 
wnmtry ; h. hati, tlie pit of the 
Btomacti ; h. JtSri's, tho handle of a. 
Mrts; giring h., head-aclie (when 
Bpeakinj; of a prince) ; orang h,, 
dwellers up-country ; daknlu, before ; 
^■nghvlM, headman, chief j Mnham- 

■ mad (aB chief of Muhammaflaiis), 

Iuiln1>al&]ig, a leador iu war ; a 
warrior in the Hist rank. 

Imlnr, letting go, slacking ; letting 
a rope become loose ; paying out j 
huiurkan, to slacken, to pay out. 

bwna, "dry" or "hill" padi, (in 
eontradietinotion to padi plimted on 
swampy soil) ; a padi-clearing on 
high ground ; a " ladang " ; blrhuma, 
to plant hill-padi. 

bninan, ^ uman. 

htuttbaR, flight; mSnghuJtibas, to 
" make oneself scarce." 

ban, Ch. a Chinei 
weight ; one tenth of a n 

Imqjun, = imjam. 

limijitr, = wxQwr. 

bimtailff, = untang. 

huuns, unsheathing ; drawing a 
sword from a scabbard, a finger 

e (Chi). 


from a ring, etc, ; di-%unue--nya IcSris- 
myo, he drew his kiris ; (Brhuntti), 
bare, naked (of a weapon). 

hnrmat, — hormat. 

hmmiu, At. Ormus. 

Itnroag, = vmng. 

hum, hitra-hara, uproar, confusion, 

tumioil, tumult. 
Itnmf, At. letters; an alphabetical 

kiLTup, I. = »rup. II. = huTitf. 

hntou,, jungle, forest ; wild ; anjing 
h., the wUd di^ {cyoa nttitaJuJt 
ayam h., the jungle fowl igallus 
ferrv-gvaeai) ; Tiabi h., the wild pig 
(sKS ci-istatm) j orang %,, a wild 
man ; an aboriginal tribesman ; a 
jnngle- dweller ; a boor. 

butan;, debt ; owing, due ; h. lO^ala, 
B, debt on tho repayment of which 
one has staked one's life and libertj* i 
h. piutaiip, debts ; hlrhutang, to owe j 
orana bSr/mla«ff, debtor i orang hu. 
tangan, the oreditOT. 

bayoilg', -^ vyong. 

ia, he, she, it i ia-it-a, that is to say i 

Ian, -mingiau, to mew (of a cat). 
iba, Ar. yearning, passionate regret, 

lOTing longing. 
Ibadat, Ar. service to God} pious 

[■ dug- 

Ibarat, Ar. metaphor, parallel; 
analt^oQB case ; ambil i., to take a 
parallel case ; to illustjrate a point 
by a parable pr fable. 
I ibau, an edible mussel. 

Xblia, Ar. the devil ; di-harv, L, harried 

by Satan. 
iblli, Ar. son of; = bin [but ihni is 

used more politely or ceremonially 

than tin]. 
ibtida, Ar. exordiuni, beginning. 
Ibo, mother, dam (of animals); 

source, matrix ; saudara la-ibu, a 

uterine brother j i. hapd, xMirents j 

! suri, royal mother ; i. jari, thumb ; 

!. kahi, big toe ; i. paair, gravel j i. 

tangan, thumb ; = t. jari. 
ibol, a palm (unidentified). 
ibtir, = ftibur. /'~- _ I 


ilnut, a pal n (un dentified) 

idam the loogmgi of a pregnant 

woman; l niaman tie t\ }(b so 

longed for idamka to long fof 

anything (when pregnant) 
idtULf = h la g 
id«p, chrOQ c (of s ckness of n elan 

choly) t^ ^ dap to I nger on m 

Idar, revol t on (ob o[. poaed to rota 

tion) tdanor n^gidar to wander 

round , tdarla t or « B g darhrn, in 

Bend round ; to pass, or band ronnd ; 

hiridar, in revolution ; circalating ; 

bintang tSridar, a planet ; ■piridaran, 
, a rerolution ; a turn j ■pSridara-a 

Awniii, the ehangeS and chaiicea of 
' mortal life. 
Uong', ^ hidong. 
idiin, Ar. permiBEion ; also i%in. 
iga, = higa. 
IgUl, Tnlngigat, tO Spread the tail 

{oS a peacock). 

tguuft, Skr. religion ; i. Islam, Mu- 
hammadanistn ; also agama and 


ig»n, wandering in deliriaiu ; talking 
or mOFement in.sieep j igau-igaaan, 
ravings, nightmare ; muttering or 
crying in sleep ; tSrigau-igau, 
wanderii^, delirlouB. 

l|fR> a double joke (for oxen) ; also 

ilUMm, Ar. anathema ; interdict. 

ihsMt, Ar. beneScenoe ; kindness. 

Ultttu, Ar. choice ; elected action ; 
dSngan tkhtiar-nya slndiri juga, by 
his own choice ; mjnefiaH i., to think 
out some plan to adopt ; jmlangjam 
i., to leave the decieion to another; 
iagaimana i. kamu, what ooncluBion 
have you come toj what do you 

ihtimal, Ar. to endure ; to bear. 

Uival, ^ ahvral. 

ijabat. At, the hearing of prayer. 

tJftU, = bijau. 

Uuat, Ac. diploma, certificate, 


Uiu, = idxin. 

ijok, a fibroas vegetable Bubstance 

resembling horse-hair; iali i., rope 

ij ode of this fibre, 
ijtiltad, Ar. zeal, solicitude, diligence. 
ikal, curly (of the hair) . 
ikon, a generic name for fieh ; iftnn- 
lati, the log i i. hiring, dried fish j 
nawa t., the life of a fish on shore ; 

nearly lifelesa ; at the last gasp. 
Ucat, bindii^, fastening ; t. pirang, 

the line of battle ; t, pinggang, a 

belt ; i. ramak, to bnild a house ; 

ikatan, bonda, fastenings ; ikatkan 

or mSngikatkan, to fasten together j 

to put together ; tSrikat, in bonds ; 

tied up. 
IkUaB, Ar, sincerity ; si 

nl-ihhlas, the letter it 

common exordium to an epistle. 
IklitUr, ^ ihtiar. 
ikhtilai, Ar. discord, inconsistency. 
ifcbtlBOT, Ar. definition. 
Ikat, following (in point of space, 

not time) ; coming after ; tningUcut, 

to follow. 
naha, At. God; la Raha ila'tlah, 

there is no God but Allah. 
nabat, Ar. Godhead, 
ilahi, At. my God ; oh God. 
llai, loud laughter; mSngiUii, to 

laugh loudly. 
11am, ilam-ilam, dimly or intermit- 
tently visible. 
ilang, ■= hilang. 
ilaa, flickering (as light on water)-— 

cf. Icilau. 
illiaill, Ar. divine inspiration. 
Umu, Ar. knowledge, scholarship, 

science ; magic art ; also elmii. 
inalat, Ar. joining two letters ia 

pronunciation— e.g. inaha'llah for 

inaka Allah. 
Imam, Ar. " imam " ; president of a 

iman, Ar. faith, creed, belief, religion; 

the true faith ; mSmbavM i., to 

accept the trae faith ; blriman, relt< 



imbal, ronnaisi (but not globular), 
OB tLe rounded leg of a table. 

imbaaff, hoveiiag about, haunting, 
Bhadowing (as a ghost haunting 
a place or a thief shadowing a 

iubaa, the air immediB.telf round a 
person (whioh he can bo sapposed 
to infect if diaeased) ; Wnn inibaaan 
hantn, to be slightly affected by a 
passing spirit of disoase. 

Imbnn, to throw a stick, not bb one 
throws a apear but by seizing an 

, extremity and hurling the aticfe 
boomerang-wise throagh the air — 
e.g. to knock fruit oS a tree. 

jmlMb, making up the balance ; 
giving a email ISnal payment. 

implt, = Mnipit. 

iuai, Ar. henna ; a red dye obtainc<l 
locally from a shrab (lawsonia alba) ; 
(. bafu, a pink baleam (iinpaficug 
griigitkii) ; i, paya, the water balsam 

- (hydroceFa trifiora) ; malum i., thg 
night on. which the bride's fingers 
are stained with henna — i.e. the 
commencement of the wedding festi- 
vities ; Sijjtt( i., a aheil (mi'fra episco- 

institig, a nurse, a duenna, a chamber- 

of i, 
inas, I. the humming apparatus on a 

Malay hummiug-kite. II. pSfeoni) 

inaa, a malignant tumour. 
incluuig, inchang inckut, awry, 

inchar, a, drill bore. 
Inohe', Mr. ; an bonorifio pre6i ; 

better ^BCfie'. 
luobi, Eng. inch. 
Inolllt, " hinchit. 

inolmt, induing -inchtit, awry, askew. 
Indah, beanty; attractiveness; prc- 

uious, important, fine, handsome ; t. 

khabar dari rapa, report is fairer 

than reality ; opa i., of what value is 

it (to mo); what does it matter ( 


indaMaii, to oonsitler important ; to 
care about. 

iudAag, winnowing with a sideloi^ 
jerk or shake. 

Indar, = idar. 

ludek, leverage by pressure with the 
fcot; iSsonif i., a padi -pounder worked 
with the foot ; [ung t., a lai^e bird of 
prey (^nisaetas limnaetaa). 

IndSrOi, Sfcr, the Sanskrit divinity 
ludra ; a. name given to a oiasa of 
minor divinities inhabiting Indra's 
heaven; a royal title; royal; JS- 
vndSmnn, the heaven of Indra; mSng. 
iitdli-a, rojal, 

indinjf, watching constantly ; keep- 
ing an eye on anythii^. 

indob, indoh kirhaa, a milch-buffalo ; 

. pSrindolcanor plrindun, a brood — cf. 

Indonff, mother (but this word is 
rarely used) ; »'. muiiara, mother-of- 
peatl — cf. indok. 

ing, Jav. of, for— cf . yang. 

Inffar, brawlii^, noisy disturbance ; 
i. bangar, very great uproar. 

iaifat, attention, recollection, remem- 
brance; iagat-in^at, take care, look 
out; ingatan, attention to one's sur- 
roundings ; recollection; ingati, to 
remember! ingatkan, to remind; to 
call to mind. 

inffan, ingaa-ingau, dozing; half 

in^reb, Jav. yes. 

lugirBris, English, 

Ingg^, 8kr. asafcetida; iknn i., a 
generic name given to a large num- 
ber of fish of the genera peiapherit, 
jmrnacentras, jjlerois, amjiki'phrion, 
stolocentrum, slolacantftus and 

ingliL, lust, longing, strong desire. 

ingkor, At, breaking a pledge, vio- 
lating a promise. 

iuSBaaff, = isang. 

vugVL, = imggv,. 

iagVM, mucus from the nose ; bucin;, 

, ;.d by 


INI 8 

inl, this, tlieae ; aleu i., I wlio stand 
here; I jnyaelf; sStorang i., at tbia 
very moment — cf. stui. 

injap, the intuming spikes which 
permit entrance into a basket-tcap 
for fish but atJ>p the fish from get- 
ting out again, 

Ix^il, Ar, the gospals i. Xiitns, the 
gospel according to St. Luke. 

Imaaf, Ar. justice, eqnitj-, 

Immn, Ar. a human being. 

iMBxag, = isang. 

inilis, Ar, iii«ha'ifa7i please God. 

Intai, mSngintai, to peer, to peep, to 
spy on. 

lutiui, a oiamonu. 

Inti, a name given to a number of 
Malay diehes. 

lan.JaT.atitle of distinction, princely. 

ipar, brother-in-law ; siater.iu-law. 

ipoh, the poiscm-troe or npas {anti~ 
oris tojm'caWa) ; the poison obtained 
from it ; dart-poison generally. 

Ira, ira-ira, a fish (unidentified). 

Iradat, Ar. will ; the will of God. 

ictun, I. iram-iram, the fringe round 
a State unbrella. II. change of 
coloar; blushing. 

irap, resemblance; irap-irap, very 
much alike. 

iraa, connection, Blmilariiyi sa-iraf, 
alike ; of the same material, blood 
or character ; kSTi$ ga'nja iras, a kSrig 
o£ which the blade proper and the 
aring (or guard) are iu one piece. 

In^ = hiru. 

irek, stamping on padi that ia too 
short for chreebing; .ir£l:I:an, to so 
treat podi. 

Iri, iV> hati, spite, malice. 

Irlnff, processional following; Indian 
file ; one after another ; blrinn^- 
iringan, in long succession ; mSng- 
in'nff.toprooeed in procession; mnjjt 
and mtngirii'gi, to follow in proces- 
sion ; Ai-iringkan, to be followed by. 
irla, ■= kiria, 
imp, to suck up liqcor from a spoon 


Is, tor shame ; a3eo fiis. 

Jm, Ar. Ifabi Isa, Jesus Christ (in 
Mahammadon tradition). 

iaalc, sobbing; sneezing; asthmatic 

iMtmg, the gills of a fish. 

isap, sucking; drawing in one's 
breath ; smoking; mlngieap, to 

isha, Ar. almbahyang i., the evening 

Isharat, Ar. signal, sign; mSmbSrii.,, 
to give the Bignal. 

iai, contents ; that which fills ; ». nlglH, 
the inhabitants of a town ; t. rumah, 
the household ; i. dwnia, mankind ;, 
i. sural, the contents of a letter; i. 
kahviiii, the marriage settlements on 
a bride; iagat Icuku dSngan iai, like- 
the nail and the fiesh within it — in- 
separable except at great pain, prov. i 
isikan or ■o^ngiBikan, to fill ; bSriai 
filled with, containing. 

Iskaudar, Ar. Alexander; Z. diu'U 
karnain, Alexander the Great. 

Islam, Ar, salvation ; peace in God j 
the Muhammadan world; the 
Mnhammadan religion. 

lanln, Ar. hari ianin, Monday. 

Xatatnlml, Constantinople. 

iataua, Pers, a palace. 

iatauggl, Skr. incense ; also eStanggi. 

irt&rl, Skr. wife (more respectful 
than hini) ; 6Brt9(f!ri, to be married 
(of a man) ; MristSrikan, to marry 
(a woman) ; mimplristSrikan, id. 

iatiadat, Ar. ceremonial castom. 

iatimewa, especially; more espe- 

l«t^ffe:ar. Port, a match -lock. 
iatinja, Ar. ablutions prescribed by 

Muhammadan custom. 
ictlraliat, Ar. repose, rest, peace, 

iitiira, Ar. being parallel; khatla'l- 

iatiiDa, the equator. 
iBtrl, = istM. 
Itam, = kitam. 

itek, duck; i. oyer, the cottou-t«J— ■ 
, ;.d by 

■t«a-— I 



■{■aettopvscoromandelianue); i.earati, 
the MuBCovy duck ; jieler i., an 
anger i ular i., a fabulous duefc. 
-billed Bnal:e (the fiuding of which 
■brings Inok in money matters). 


itoug, = hitong. 

Itu, that, thofle— <;f. siiii, 

lain. At. permission ; also idnin 
Israel, Ar. Azrael. 

jnbal. At mountain 

jabar, Ar omnipotent Malik vi. 
■S'obar! the King of Kmgs; God; 
Khalik iiljabai, the Almighty 

Jftbat, grasping in the hand, holding ; 
jabatan, (1) the aeoae of touch ; (^) 
.occupation, profession, = jawatan ; 
bh'jaliat, to hold. 

Jabu, rising in clouds (of amoke, dust, 

JftbnJr, mnch miicd up. 

Jadab, Pers. son, bom of (but used in 
a, bad sense— i.e. bastard, ill-begot- 

jadun, an extract of aloes used as 

JAdl> Doming into extatenco; becom- 
ingi turning out satisf aotority ; ac- 
oompliahing ita purpose i akn pun 
jodi-iaft, Iwashorn; klrja Ouia'-jadi, 
-that work will not do ; jadi-jadian, a 
Supemataral creation ; harimau jadi- 
jadian, a were-tiger; m^njadi, to be- 
come I mSjijadihan, to create ; kSjadi- 

jadwal, Ar. a tabnlar t 

JKgn, Bkr. to be awake ; to bo watch- 
ful i orang j., a watchman j j. dari- 
jiada tidur, to awake from sleep ; ja- 
■galcaTh or mlnjagakan, to wake (a per- 
son); bjrj'aaa, to be awake i bSrjaga- 
jaga, to keep awake, to keep open 
-house day and night (in marriage 
iestivifcies) ; mlnjaga, to watoh. 

jtMfat, Skr. the world j j. 6uoiia, id. 

i^O, Jar. a i^ck. 

jftgintff, maiee ; Indian oam. 

Jaftiiil, Skr. epu-its of good fortune. 

Ja^nr, massively built. 

ja,gat, Jav. chin — cf. daga and Jang- 

Jail, Pers. worth, greatneaa. 
jahad, Ar. a holy war. 
jahan, Pera. the world. 
jabaiLani, Ar. gehenna, hell ; des- 

jahang, I. violent abuse. II, deep 

red (in colour). 
jabam, Hind, a pariah, i 

Jabat, wicked, evil, immoral ; dlngan 
j,, with evil intent ; jrfrfinpiMHi j., 
a prostitute i kljajiatan, wickedness. 

jabi, Jav. ginger. 

JabU, Ar. ignorant of God's word. 

jabiliat, At. the general ignorance 
lof God's word that prevailed before 
Muhammad cnlightoncd mankind 
with the Koran. 

jahim, Ar, fiercely blaaing (of hell- 
fire) ; naralcaj,, the hottest hell. 

jablt, sewing; tukang j. or orang 
pSnjakit, a tailor. 

jabudi, ^ jav-di. 

jait, = jahit. 

jaja, hawking about for sale; Mrjaja, 
to hawk about ; mS-ajaja, id. ; pgil- 
jaja, a hawker. 

jt^ahan, a district ; a division of a 


Ji^at, to mimic ) taking offi ridioa- 
ling by mimicry. 

, ;;d by 



jako, Jbt. b young unmarried man — 
cf. fcujon^a, II. 

jnkiu, a kind of mSnghiang. 

Jttkaa, 3a.v. a Javanese title of in- 
ferior distinction, 
•Taknii, a name given to aboriginal 
tribesinea in the southern parts of 
the Malay Poninanla. 

jala, I. a oasting-net. II. Ar. great, 
illnatriouB {of God). 

jalak, I. a one-masted ortwo-maated 
.Bailing vessel peculiar to Pahaog. 
[|It is built up fore aad aft and is 
not decked except for a loose frame- 
work of split nibongB or planks]. 
II. licentiooa, loose, 

Jalan, road, way ; movement in a 
definite direction ; the course taken ; 
j. bahaea, idiom ; j. itjamo, theology ; 
j. raya, the main road ; matti j., an 
outposts wimboioa j,, to lead the 
way ; bliyalan, to be in motion ; 
hlrjalan Icaki, to walk; blrjalan 
Mreta, to trarsl by carriage ; jalani, 
to travel over ; vii^jalani, id.; jalan- 
kan or mlnjalanlean, to set in motion ; 
jiSrjiUanan, jonmey. 

jaluiff, a strumpet. 

Jalar, creeping; minjalar, to creep 
(as a snake or creeping plant). 

Jail, Ar, Urjali, evident, clear, bright, 

Jalin, tied parallel to one another 
by means of string or rattan (as the 
strips of bamboo in chicks or fish- 
screens are fastened). 

jaliB, Ar. m-jalis, sitting together; 
in company, 

S%lmii, = jllma. 

Jain, the natural spur of a fighting- 
cock; ikati j., a fish (lutian-M, 

Jalnr, a broad band or sMMof oolonr i 
broad stripes separc l^dfby lines ; a 
strip of padi-field as marked by the 
lines of padi-stalkg ; a river-boat of 
Veiy shdlow dranght (the ribs o( 
whieh give it a striped appearance) 


Jam, Pera. a clock ; an hour ; ea-tSng- 
ah j,, half -an-hour ; sa-jam daa, an 

Jiunab, physical contact or handling ; 
actual (even if temporary) posses- 
sion j sesual intercourse ; jotirah-j'a. 
mahan, an occasional mistress of a 

jamal, Ar. beauty, elegance. 

jaman, Ar. time, age j = taman. 

Janunig, a gold or silver frontlefi 
worn by a woman. 

Jamar, = chamar, 

jambi^, a (double) handful ; the con- 
tents of two hands held together, 

jamban, a privy. 

jambanff, a flower-pot or stand for 
flower-pots; Jambangan, id. 

Jamfaae, I. sa-jamhar, a plateful. II, 
a rough temporary hut bnilfc by 
travellers camping in the jungle. 

jaubatau, a bridge ; a pier ; a way 
with a hand-rail ; a variant of jabat- 

Jambiab, Fers. a broad-bladed curved 

jambn Skr a ^teneni name for a 
number of fruits of the rose-apple 
class } aytr (jeigenia oquea); j. 
bSrsm " J tyi j biji, the gnava 
(piidtam gaava) 3 mawaT (eaganiOf 
jambo)) J monyet the oaaheW' 
ianacardtum occideBtale) j jambU' 
jambu the plume or crest on a 
ielmet 1 the ornamental top of a 
standard punoi j a bird {ftilopm 

jtunbna, a shaddock. 

jambul, a tuft of hair or feathers 
rising from the head ; the crest of a 
peacock ; the queue of a Chinese j 
the tassel of a fez ; j. mSrah, the 
crest of a peacock-i'a plant (poin- 
ciana piilchf >*4^) 1 a common grass 
(uiudentifie<(, Ipt' &ot a aelaginella), 

Jamlu, Hind. Mil, security; orangj., 
a bailor j a sniety. 

Janjam, water (very poetically ez- 
pressed) ; J. dUTja, o '-- = — '^ 


gold paint. 
Jamonlf, (Eedah) an extemporised 

Jampal, a weight or coin of varying 

JampI, Skr. incantation ; magical 
fomiala i the practice of the black 
art; mSajamjii, to practice magtc. 

Jampok, I. a small owl. II. br^Mug 
into a conversation. 

JaniTi, entertaining ; providing food 
luid lodging ; a gnest j mSnjantiu,, to 
entertain (a gaest) ; to keep (a 
familiar spirit); hantn jamuan, a, 
familiar spiritijiSia'anniraii, entertain- 
ment, dinner ; jaaiu-jamu, & plant 
(apOTOta micTDCoIya!), 

Jandft, a widow ; a divorced woman ; 
lenggang j., a small curved knife 
brc»demng and fretted at the point, 

Jaadela, ^ jsndeia. 

Jauek, radiation from a common 
centre! rimjjifj'., the Mexican dollar 
so called from its depicting a rising 
or setting sun. 

jauala, = jSndela, 

Jan^k, abandoned; utterly profii- 
gate. . 

Jangau, don't; lesti j.-lah, do not; 
supaya j., loat; jaagankan, bo far 

Jnnffat, a process of splitting rattans ; 
pUau pSnjangat, the knife need in 
this process; piTelcat}.,glnB. 

Jang^a, a variant otjalca. 

Janggal, discordant, inharmoniona. 

JtOiggi, I, Pers. Zanzibari ; African j 
jNHift }., a tree snppofled to grow in 
the centre of the great ocean ; iuah 
pauh j., shells of the coconut (cocoe 
mamvu), believed to be the froit of 
this tree. II. Tors, warrior-like. 

JKaggnM, ittcln ]■, •■ "ashew (jm. 
axiaxdium ixCiaVntalif) 

jutgl^t, the beard; })Sriai\,ggvit, 
Jjeiwded; j. baufc, a foU beard; j, 
hSraiiMg, a matted beard ; j. di-uruf, 
a forked or pointed beard, 


jan^ka, a pair of compasses. 

jang'JtaJ), stepping over an. ol^stacle, 

Jaug'katiiir, I. wide open(of the arms), 
wide apart (of the legs). II. a, 
generic name to a number of trees. 

jaiLgfkar, I. Enr. a grapnel. II, 
spreading above ground (of the roots 
of a tree such as the mangrove). 

JanErkeh, janglceh-iRanglieh, helter- 

janffki, a basket or wicker knapsack, 

jMigkil, morose, ill-tempered. 

janffklng, jonglca'ng-jan.g'king, risiug 
and f alUng irregularly (as the points 
of the picks of a party of coolies). 

janffklt, I. hidden dissemination; 
spreading without visible cause (as 
an infections disease or as a fire 
which breaks oot in several places at 
once) ; sakit 'bSrjangTiit, am infectiona 
disease, tl, pierced by a barbed 
thorn or point. 

Janjor, a row or line of people. 

jaiyi, contract, agreement I to agree; 
minto J., to request the fulfilment of 
an agreement ; pigang j., to observe 
an agreement ; bSrjanji, to agree, to. 
contract ; pirjanjian, a contract. 

Jantut, male (usually of animals) ; 
masculine; anotj., amanly person; 
Imhun j,, dew in heavy drops ; kltam 
}., a plane j pahat j., a narrow deep 

Jauton.^, core, heart ; j, tiiis, the 
calf of the leg ; j. haH, the heart, 
the seat of love ; a term of endear- 
ment ! j. kalbv, = j. hati \ j. paha, 
the Beshy portion of the thigh; j, 
taagan, the triceps. 

Jantnr, Jav. sorcery. 

Jap, come together, collected ; sndah 
j., it is complete ; it ia come about. 

jftia, an iniitrument for cleaning 
ooarse cottu/t-n "wl ; a churning in> 
etrument for milk ; lapala ]., butter- 

jarah, L piowling abont as a plun- 
derer ; jarafum, a slave carried off 
by raiders. II. Ar, a 


atom. m. a pilgrimage; also 

jftrak, I. intersticei intervening 
- space. II. the oaBtor-oil plant (riet- 
nuB eommunil) ; niiniiaii J., oastor- 
oit; jWaiifi J., a desolate place. 

jftram, a cooling lotion for the head. 

jarang, scarcp, rare, Bejiaraled by 
■wide intervals. 

jtaau, I. a creel. II. a handfal 
'{when the stalks or Btrings only are 
held in the hand) ; a hnnch. 

Jori, a finger ; a toe ; j. hanfu, the 
-middle finger j j. kaki, a toe ; j. ki- 
Itngkin^, the little finger j j. mania, 
'the ring-finger J j. tUunjoJi, the 
indei-finger ; onot j., a finger i hukti 
j., the knnokles ; cMldh j., the olett 
between two fingers ; ibu j., a thumb ; 
sarong j., a thimble. 

JMriab, 1. At. amal j., a charitable 
work of permanent utility. II. Ar. 
a slave-girl. 

Jariuff, a wide-meshed drift-nel. 

S^m, ikan jam-jara, a fish (eornnl 
■ftooya); also cMneftorH. 

j«nUil, a needle ;}. ehwchol:, a bodkin ; 
Zoioiij j'., the eye of a needle j mala 
J., M. 

jaaa, Skr. meritorious service ; de- 
serts 1 loyalty ; mSmbuat j. or blrjasa, 
to do one's duty loyally ; iujinSon j,, 
to be remiss in one's duty. 

JnMd, the material and visible body 
(as opposed to the sonl). 

J«tl, tme, real j Xelayu j., a real 
Malay ; tirnvr j,, due east j iayv, j., 
ieak {teetmia grandia). 

jatoli, to (accidentally) fall ; to hap- 
pen J to occur i j. eaiit, to fall sick ; 
y. hati, to fall in love ; jatokkan or 
mlnjatahhan, to let drop ; Mjatohan, 

'Jattdi, Ar. a Jew ; Jewish. 

Jftttk, distance; farj dan j'., from 
afar ; jauk-lah malam, the night was 
far spent i jaahi or i»E«jo«Ji», to put 
n distance between; to keep off; 
-jouhtan orjni!7yauAion,-id. 


Janliftr, Ar. gem, jewel, essence. 

janliEurl Ar. a jeweller. 
jank, a small tortuiae (nnidentified). 
ifaira, Jaranese ; tanah J., Java (. 

orang J., a Javanese; aeam J., tam- 

jairab, Ar. answer; minta j., to re- 
quest a reply j iiri j., bSiaowofc or 
m^jijau'ati, loieply. ' 

Jawat, jaioafoii, an ofl3ce, a dnty, a 

Jawl, I. Ar. Malayan; Sumatranand 
Javan ; kurwfJ., the Arabic character, 
II. Jav. an OS. III.jaHji-jatfi, alarge- 
■fig-tree (^cas rhododendrifolia). 

Jaya, Skr. victorious, snccessfnl ; mSn- 
jaya, to succeed ; to " come off." 

Jnyenff, Jav. and Skr. victorioua j = . 
jaya-ing, jayeag sSfSni; conquering 
-all foes. 

Jdlmli., broad and full (of the face); 

jebah, bSr^ebah, assorted (of mer- 

j61>ak, a snare for birds. 

jBltBILg, an oblong shield. 

Jfibati Ar. civet; musang jSbat, thff 
Indian civet (uirerrn sibeSia), 

JBboh, a fish (unidentified). 

JSbong, a fish (balistea atellatas), 

JfidA, Ar. pause, break; ta'-blrjSdOy 
without a pause or break. 

jfigel, prominent (of the eye-ball). 

JSffon;,- stem-lockers. 

jBhCnam, » jahanam, 

j^ahan, '^ jajahan, 

J«ak. =^ Jijah. 

J^al, mSnj^jal, to close a crack; to 
force food into a child's mouth. 

j^amang, a variant of jamang. 

Jjysiilll, a variant of jatnu-jamu. 

jiijaa, abrasion, scratch, graze. 

JtJawl, a variant of Ja/mi-jawi. 

J^eb, slightly leaking or spilling. 

Mw, row, line. 

JUOi, " gadding about " (of a'Wontan), 

Jvla, bSrjela, trailing slackly or lodse* 
Jy ; bSrjela-jela, id. 


jfiladan, a bird (unidentified). 

jeiaga, aoot. 

JSlfth, clear, uuobatructed (of the 

J61ai, a kind of millet (aphanta 

.jeiak, BaWd, glutted ; jSmv. j,, sick of, 
jelanak, advancing under cover, 

wrigKling througL. long grass. 
Jilantali, insufSoiently cooked (of 

food) ! underdone. 
■ jUapiuiir, a padi-barn. 
Jfilar, extended at full length (of a 

long-bodied animal). 
jSlaa, clearing up j settling ; winding 

jfilatang, the tree-nettle (laportica 

J61atek, the Java sparrow. 
jfilan, jkngok j., to peer at anything. 
j81«but, = kSUbut. 
Jfllek, (Batav.) pleasant, nice. 
jei6ma, = jSliita. 
jBlfan^^, a, general rotting of fruit 

jfilfipak, (onom.) the sound of a book 
(or anj similar body) falling on the 
ground; flopping. 

JfilBpanir, cross-gaabes ; oroas-cutting 
with a Babre. 

JfilBpok, (onom.) a variant of JHSpak ; 
to flop, 

jJSlimpat, mlnjUimpat, to break a 

jHlnap, mSnjSlinap, to shoot ahead 
(as a horse in a race). 

JUinff, a sidelong languishing look ; 
mlnjSling, to look at anyone through 
the comer of the eye. 

jelil^ar, mS^jeUngar, to pay little 
attention to a fact ; to half -remem- 
ber, half-forget. 

JUlr, m^lUr, to project the tongne. 

JHma, Slo*. incarnation ; the aasum.p- 
tion of human form ; a man ; mSn- 
jilma, to aasume human form ; to be 
Te-incarnated ; ji^it/iEinaaii, an incar- 

jUoJob, '- gllojoh. 

15 jfiMUK 

Jilolc, deep (of a bowl). 

jeinak, the noise before expectora- 
tion ; hawking. 

jUnang, tissue-paper. 

jfilxiat, jSling-j., to Rive a long Bide- 
long look — ^ct. jiling. 

JSli^nr, loose sewing, temporary 

jfilam, wetting without actual im- 
mersion ; washing. 

JSlnngkap, inSnjllangMp, to bound 
back into position (of an elastic 

nnopithecus obscurus). 
Jfimaat, = jumaat, 
JSinall, proximate ; nearest ; very 

near ; hSlak j., almost at once ; pasi 

j., this very morning. 
jSmala, the crown of the head ; the 

jfimalangr, = jSmbaiang. 
JSmawa, conceit, pride. 
JSmba, a measure of length equal to 

about 13 feet. 
jgubak, lerjlmbak-jSmbai, flappinff 

up and down as a child's locks when 

the child runs. 
JSmbalang', an evil spirit of the soil t 

a gnome of disease. 
jimbangail, =- jambangan. 
jSmbatan, = jambatan. 
Jdmlab, = jmidah. 
jSmpana, a state-litter for ladies of 

j6mpnl, JaT. the cushion of the 

jEmpnt, gripping between fore-fingec 

and thumb ; aa-jSmput, a pinch. 
jfimn, satiety ; weariness of i /. jSlai, 
. nauseated with any thii^ ; j. dari- 

pada fiidiiiJ, sick of Jife. 
Jfiin,ua»i,Bhameles8 criminality i open 

jSmiiaa, besmeared; (iirty. 
J&mnju, caraway-seed. 
Jfimnr, drying by exposure to the 
sun's rays; mSTijSmiii-, to put a thing 

„,,.-id by 


jfiNAK a 

jftiuUc, s. short space of time ; a pause. 
jfinakft, Hind, a farce, a practical 

joto; a wily, macli -contriving Better 

of anateB for others ; Mrgurau her- 

jinaku, with quipe and jokes. 
Jfinaitg, prop, support ; aid, co-ad- 

jutoT; the chief assistant to a batin 

or beadraan of Orang Lautj j.pintu, 

the uprights of a door. 
jftnairi, a long sword or rapier; 

pldaiig j; id. 
jBnasali, Ar. a royaJ hearse ; (by 

metaphor) the body of a deceased 

jBudftlB, Skr. scoundrelly, low, mean. 
jSudelft, Port, a window. 
jBndBra = ckhidSra. 
jl^dnl, prominent (of the forehead 

or frontal bone). 
J£n»la, -^ jlndela. 

j8iigg»l, j'Bnpffiit-j^wSffu'. uneven ; all 

jSi^rg^lB, Skr. vi'ild ; nctamed ; ap- 
pertaining to the forest. 

jangger, Jav. the comb of a cock. 

jfingffnl, jlnggal-jSnggul, covered 
with DotchcB. 

jjtaifkal, a span (between thumb and 
finger) ; 3. tllunjoh, the span be- 
tween the thumb and index-finger ; 
j. hilengieng, the span between the 
thumb and little finger. 

JenfTkMig, drawing out a leg ; ex- 
tending a leg. 

jBngkancr, on its back with legs in 
the air (ot a carcase or of a dead 

jBngkAU, raising the hand to pluck 
or grasp an object above one ; to 
erect its head (o£ a leechl ; j. vial, 
finger-tips which stick out bock- 

Jmig'kar.g, moving about on tiptoe™ 
cf . }eng}set. 

jengk«t, walking on tiptoe — cf. jeng- 

JtagUag', raising the tail aloft ; iala 
j., the common house-scorpion. 

jdngkit, walking on the heels. 

Jfingkolet, tilted to one side (as a 
man's head when ho goes to sleep 
on a chair). 

JfilLgknl, the span between 1 he- 
thumb and the joint of the bent 
index -finger. 

JSugok, peeping at; watching 
through a crevice ; peering after j. 
minjlngot, to peer, to peep. 

jCngnl, mknjSngvl, to suddenly em- 
erge above the surfaoa (as the snont 
of a crocodile) ; to poke ont. 

j6ni»,Ar.kind,speciesi hlrjenit-iBnis^ 
of all kinds, various; tiada bSrjlnis, 
confused, " at sea," bewildered. 

jenjet, - ji^jit. 

jStlOli, makan jSnoh, to eat one's fill. 

JiutakK, Skr. ill-lack. 

j6ntat, mlnjintat, to leap (of a flea, 
or of any other creature with groat 
jumping powers). 

jfint^n, Skr. a fabulous bird be- 
lieved to hare the power of calling 
down rain and dew. 

jiSntek, a jerk by way of propulsion 
(as a boy throws a marble by a jerk 
with his thumb) j a jerky or wrig- 
gling action. 

janUra, Skr. a wheel; spinning- 
wheel 1 circling, wheeling; birjSn- 

(of light) ; to be on wheels ; pSaamat 
birjintlra, machinery ; tanglong hlr- 
jSnlh-a, a rotating Chinese lantern. 

jftpang, eea-weed jelly. 

jl^t, = Klpit 

Jdpim, Japan. 

jj^nt, — jlmpaf. 

Jteft, warned by experience ; taught 
caution ; Hadu j., he has not jyet 
learnt by experience. 

jisabal, tattered ; also jlramhai. 

Jteatmn, a (Kedah) variant of jSrlm- 

jAragali, a (Kedah) variant of cM- 

iirtkfp-n, = jurogan, 

, id by 



(of cases of illness in an epidemia). 
Jflralialt, given up aa a bad job (of a 

(w th 

by any 

jEraJutp, falling pro tral 

limbs outstretch 1) 
jfirait, interlink d as th 

Jfirom, rapids i t 
JSramah, aeiza w h 

teeth J seizuro by t g 

aimiJar beast ; t fight ( t 
JSramtiftli, s. wooden ptatfc 

side a Malay boase for supporting 

water-jars, etc 
JiXKm.1^. tattered; aiso jlrabai. 
j^aaabang, St. Elmo's light ; an 

igntB fatuas taken by sea-faring 

Malays to be an evil spirit, 
jerami, stubble. 
jfirans, warming at a fire, 
JSrangaii, a medicinal plant (acorus 

jBcaugkata, = cMravggali. 
Jficang'kaiig, the attitude of an 

animal lying on its back with its 

paws in the air. 
jfirap, saturation (til! drop.g bepn to 

fallji thoroughly steeping (as a wick 

is steeped in oil). 
jir&t, B. running noose ; a laaeo ; a 

j&nra, deep red. 
jfoaiu, agile, spi . 
Jfirawftt, pimples 
Jtobak, ntSnfSrbat, to pervade ; = 

j6rbn, iaut Jlrha, the sea out of sight 

o( land or when the land is only a 

dim haza on tho horizon, 
jCnh, worn out( dispirited; ex. 

haunted ; done up. 

jBrfiJak, = jlrjah. 

ibxticot, adhering rigidly together; 
so connected that independent move- 
ment is not possible. 

jfirClok, miinsfl^ot jlrStali, a deep bowl 
or oup— V. jllok. 


jfirBiual, == jSrmal. 
jerSnuuLff, = jSrmang. 
jSrdm'ba, meeting suddenly and un- 
jgrSnxbap, nigiijjrimtap, to fall to 

earth in a sitting posture. 
jirembet, interlinked, intertwined ; 

= jSrait. 
jerSiubnii, beapod up all together. 
JBrenong, = jimaitg. 
jSrenffkali, swollen ivith milk (of 

the udders). 
jCrepet, interlinked but capable of 

independent movemeut (as two links 

in a chain). 
jBiiali, = janah. 
jSetot, = laHat. 
i6riilg, a tree with evil smelling poda 

(_pitkecolobi«m lobalum). 
jUdtLgai, minjSringai, to grinj also 

jfiringan, = jimngaa. 

JSriuglnff, mlnjSHaging, to grin; 

also jlringai. 
Jfirit, mSnjlrit, to shriok ; blrjSritan, 

with slirieks ; slineking. 
j6rjak, thin peqiendicular laths in 

Malay atap walls or partitions. 
jfirball, menacing gestarc. 
Jfirmol, a marine fish-trap [in which 

fipb are herded by convolving rows o£ 

stakes into passing over a submerged 

screon where tUej are caught by 

the borders of the screen beinff 

jfinuaug, short props or buttresses j 

propping with short props. 
Jfiniaitg, tho vogetable product 

known as " dragon's blood," 
j6meh, clear, limpid, transparent, 

jfirobonE, an awning for dect-ca»^ 

or exposed cargo. 
iixoh, very stoop and sloping (of ft 

declivity — cspaciaJly the slopo of a 

jSrohok, stumbling into & hole oon.. 

caaled by long grass. 
JBroJol, = rojol, /'~-- I 


jfiROK f 

Jfirok, n generic name for fruits of 
the citron cla^ and for acid picklea 
preaerved iu ealt. 

j6xOItg', » man-eating shark (espe- 
cially the ground aliark). 

jerongkall, iiDeyeii, jagged (of a 
mouthful of teeth). 

jSrongltia, gradually falling aslant. 

jftrongkong, knocked on one'a back. 

jfirpafe, minjiTpaic, to fall over. 

jeri»j-n., a flowering shrub (ucantJiits 

JBmknp, joining bouglis overhead ; 
over-arching — cf, rangkitp. 

jBnuuat, darning. 

JSrtUtt'bai, daiigltng of a tassel -fringe. 

jBrmnboug, a permanent awning in 
ft Malay boat — cf. jSroboag. 

jecnmbnu, the lair of a wild boar. 

Jfimmnii, a (Kedab) variant of jS- 

jSmmiu, a sprawling attitude ; jatoh 

tiriirvwas, to fall sprawling. 
JBsTUlgltail, — Tungka-a. 
JBrnpeli, mSnjlrupeh, to add a band 

or layer to the top of anything so as 

to increase its height. 
jftmt, drawing a slip-knot or noose. 
Jibrael, Ar. Uie Archangel Gabriel. 
Jldar, Ar. the "walls" within which 


Jiivral, — jadwal. 
Jill, ■== jir. 

Jljak, step, tread ; bearing j bSrjijak, 
to stop on, to touch (with the lower 

jlka, if ; supposing that. 

Jikalan, if ; supposing that t = jSa- 

lau (lau being an Arabic equivalent 

JUat, licking np ; inStijUat, to lick np, 

JlUd, Ar. a Tolnme ; binding, to bind j 
■mMnjilid, to bind ; tulcang jilid, a 

JiUt, = jilid. 

jlnA', Ar. sexnal intercourae ; hlrjima' 
dlngan, to bare sexual relatiocs with. 


jimat, I. Ar. a talisman. II. Ar. care^ 

attention, solicitude, forethoi^ht. 
Jlmblt, lifting an object with the 

fingers (bnt not lifting it entirely 

off the ftoor). 
jin, I. Ar. ft wonder-working spirit j 

a genius ; j. Mam, a good genius r 

j. Icafir, an evil genius. II. Hind, a 

jlnak, tame, docile, familiar j j- haii^ 

jiug'g'a, dark yellow ; j^ellow mixed 

with red. 
jin^ang', slender ; thin. 
jblg£a>t, walking painfully on tiptoe 

or on the side of the foot. 
Jlng'kir, a platform on which a 

newly-confined woman is laid so that 

she may be warmed. 
JiuiB, = }hih. 
jinjal, hardship, trouble. 
jiajang, I. narrow and tapering, but 

not too long (of the neck). II. a 

native dance. III. the attachment 

of a spirit to a man i hantv, ta'-bir. 

j'injang, a familiar spirit that has 

not found a master. 
Jiujll^, carrying a light burden, 

nsing the fingers only. 
jil^it, picking out, pinching out, 

pulling out (a Zooso body). 
jiutan, caraway-seed {caram rant) ; 

j, hitam, the seeds of nigeUa sativa ; 

j. manii, anise seed {pimpinella 

ouisisni) ; j, puteh, cumin seed (c«- 

minunt cyminum). 
Jinteli, a generic name for sereral 

trees; j. merah {baccatirea viallichU 

and baccaurea grigUhii) ; j, puteh 

(urophyllaTa, sp.) 
Jlut^, jinlek-jintek, the lorne of the' 

jir, tai^t ; the point aimed at in a 

jirai, m-jirai, a 

jlxuE, a tree {e« 
Jtran, At. relatives. 
jlrat, Ar. 

strip, a small quan- 



jirjir, Ar. olwes. 

Jims, irrigating — cf. dirus. 

Jiamanl, Ar. bodily (as againat apiri- 

jiwa, Skr. life ; fbe apirit of life ; 

eSrahkan, j., to give tip one's life ; 

■utama j., the breath of life ; oyer 

ulama j., the water of life ; oyer 

■mSrtaj., id. 
Jodo, = jodah. 
jodoh, match; a pair; aconnterpartj 

jodohaa, counterpart; twia-aoal; 

QoiohTcam, to match. 
jogan, Fera. a atanditrd with metallic 

emblems like the Roman signnm. 
joget, a dancing -girl. 
Jogi, 3kr. a yogi; a religious 

Jolian, Pera. a champion ; j. pahla- 

wan, a ■warrior champion ; j. arifin, 

a champion of learning. 
jolioiig, a charm to counteract the 

machinations of othere, 
jojol, a bundle of oroBs-pointed BticltB 

used in making barriers or chevaux- 

de-frise across a river. 
jokong, a variant of jongkojig. 
Jolok, poking with a stick at an 

object above one. 
jolong, tip, point ; aprojectingprow, 

nose or snout ; bttaya jol(/ng^olong, 

the (^vial {tomistoma sehtegeli) ; 

ikan jolong-jolong, a sword-fish. 
Joi^, ajank. 
jongtmg', projectrag, promment (of 

the teeth). 
jonggtur, = jonghar. 
JOBgit, curving up (of the upper lip). 
jougknll, jagged and projectir^ (of 

a tooth). 
i ongkang, jongiang-jangkin ji, raising 

and falling irregnlarly (as the points 

of the picks of a party of cool es"! 
Joi^kar, sticking out (as a long 

object amid short objects) jongkir 

jongkir, bristling with prtjectng 


jongkir, ion glor-jofli/S-'i-, bristling 

with points — V. jaagliaT. 
JDttgkit, to tip up; jovglcai-jongliit, 

Bee.sawing, unsteady. 
jongkok, to squat ; to stoop down to 

pick up something. 
Jougkol, a tin Trengganu coin. 
joagkong, a dinghy ; a short beamy 

boat; eainyaw j., id. ; taintpaiig j., a 

tin coin, or rather slab, cast roughly 

into the shape of a boat and formerly 

used as currency. 
Jongor, snont; nose; projection 

(such as the bowsprit of a ship or 

the sword of a sword-fish). 
Jongos, (Dutch) servant -boy. 
jonjot, picking ont (as a man picks 

hemp or oakum). 
J or an, a fishing-rod. 
Jorang, a narrow-channel, a water- 

course, a gully. 
joreng, a shred or patch; tanah aa-j. 

a small patch of land. 
jori, Hind, a pair of horses ; kuda j., 

id. ; JcSreta j,, a carriage and pair. 
jorong, I. a tlat oval betel-nut tray. 

III. a conical funnel or tube. 
Jotor, a medicinal drug (unidentified). 
jua, and yet ; all the same ; for aJI 

that ; still ; to some extent ; also 

juga, q.v. 

Juadak, Fers. cakes, provisions. 
juak, a heavy curl of the lower lip ; 

muliit yang j,, coarse -mouthed — cf. 


juai, = chuai. 

juak, I. a raja's retainer ; an atten- 
dant generally, II. stretching out 

a Bail ; spreading, 
jual, selling ; j, janji, a conditional 

sale ■ ilrjval-bili, business, trade ; 

ju ion a thing for sale ; mltijual, to 

jnang tl e fighting of animals ; hSr^ 

juang to tight — of large animals 

(especially elephants) ; Mrawi 6Sr- 

juo a a fighting elephant. 
jnar kaj jiiar, a black 



wood aeeil tor makmg plain f umitoro 

bat not euitablo for carving. 
Jnara, a trainer of fighting cooks j 

bujang j., id. ; ikan j., a Seh (uniden- 
■ tified). 
jtlbBrll, Ar. a long anrtout n-ora by 

jnbui, baiiijiibin, floor-tiles. 

Juboit?, a variant of jirohong. 

JaboT, At. the buttocks, the posterior ; 
also (iitlmr. 

JtUU, gambiii^ ; main j. or bSi'Judi, 
to gamble. 

Jneb, ft slight downward curl of the 
lower lip — cf. Jaah. 

iUgA, and yet ; all the same ; for all 
that; still to some extent j mahu to,'. 
mahu, Tiaik jaga, willing or not ap 
they went all the same ; intan itu 
batu juga. ada-nya, a diamond ia a 
stone for all that ; tuaa ada baik f — 
bailcjuga, are you well ? — yas, fairly 

jnita, (Skr. and Kawi) a term of 
endearment ; precious, of great price, 
rare; rnfno j'., pearl of price ; innsj'., 
gold of fineness ; tali j., an orna- 
mental girdle. 

jojat, Ar. mulut jujat, a. slanderer. 

jvjcill, unbroken 

jnjonff, = Jtinjong. 

jitjur. I. 'vang jajuy, money paid to 
the parents of a bride by a bride- 
groom. II, hlrjujuran, sticking out, 

Jojat, -^ joajol. 

Jiuai, I. hanging down, heavily laden. 
II. jalai-julita, neat, pretty, graceful. 

JnlonjT, lifting up aloft ; bearing ap 
a prince on the shoulders of his 
vassals at hia installation ; julangan, 
a seat on the shoulders ; plnjidang, 

jnlkt, the range or reftoh of anything ; 
sa-pSnsnlat plluTu. narUtm, the dis- 
tBDce a cannon can carry i tikam 
tninjalat, atabbiog as far aa one can 


Jnlek, wrapped in a single petal (aa a 

very young bad seema to be). 
jnli. Hind, a dliooly or litter. 
Jnlinif, a cast in the eye i aqninting. 
jnlir, a fiah-apear or harpoon with a 

detachable barbed head to which a 

long rope ia attached. 
julita, julai-j., neat, pretty, graxe- 

JTllmi^, = jolong, 
jalnr, the emei^nce of a Iring body t 

the darting ont of a anake's tongoe ; 

jninjviur, to dart out, to dart forward; 

tSrjulMr, hauging out (as the tongue 

of a oorpae), 
Jnmftftt, Ar. hari Jumaat, Friday. 
Jwnbai, pendent, dangling — of. iim- 

JamlLiir, Ar. the cigbteons, the learn- 
ed in God'a way. 

Jamjnmah, Ar, ekull. 

Jiuulalt, Ar. snm total ; Jumlahhan, 
to add up. 

jnmpa, meeting, encouutering, com- 
ii^ across ; Mrjuntpa, to meet, 

Jluil|lO]lg', ilcan Jumpong, a fish (chet- 
lUiua ckloruyus). 

jnmpnl, iiaa jampul, a fish (tu- 

jnnam, downwards motion ; diving 
head foremost ; swooping. 

JaUJOILK, carrying on the head; {by 
metaphor) obeying a raja's order 
or submitting ont-self to hia will; 
mlnjunjong, to carry on the head ; 
obey ; j, aireh, the post on which 

the Hi 


Jiuital, loose 

dangling ; blrjantai, to dangle t 

dadok blrjuntai, to Bit with the feet 

dangling in the air. 
jvpnt, = jSmput. 
joragtut, the master of a native 

jural, hanging down looaely of 

thread-like bodies ; forming a loose 

fringe J sa-jurai, a atrip. 
jBxam, = churam. 
Jnrl, = j 

■s-ed by 



JTlrit, Jav. plTijwit or pSrjitrit, a 
"warrior ; a roviog planderer. 

Jum, 1. a ekilled wortman other 
than a hand! craf tain an ; 3. bahasa, 
an interpreter I j. balu and j. ting 
pettj offioera on a s' " ' " ' 
cooki 3. tulis, a 1 
II. pinjum, a cornt' 


Jnnu, I. a pause; a very brief in- 
terval of timo ; sa-jurus iama-nya, 
for & second or two. II. dragging j 
puHing 1 bnstling. III. a variant of 
dinis. IV. a variant of lunis. 

; J. masak, a jnta, Sir. a mi)!ioi 
, clerk. ■— ■ 

ka, I. to ; ka-atai, upwards 1 ta-sana, 
thither; ka-delam, into; ka-mava, 
whither. 11. Ar. thj (masculine). 

kulialt, Ar. tho Caaba or great 
mosque at Mecca. 

kabab, Pers. Email pieces of mcst 
cooked on a spit. 

kabir, I. Ar. great, mighty, II. 
drawii^ tbe paddle towarda oneself 
BO as to turn a boat. 

^iMng, I. tbe sugar-palm {are^ga 
saccharifere.) ; jtntoin k., the ordinary 
Malay pen. II. a white band worn 
as a symbol of monming. 

Inlni, iabu-kabu, a coarse tree-cotton j 
pokok Ic.-k,, the shrub (treveiia son- 
daica) from which this cotton is 

taAld, At. approval, confirmaticii ; 
iahulkan, to confirm. 

kalmr, dim.sightednens (as the result 
of age). 

tobns, dimly visible (as distant 

kabnt, cloudy, misty, indistinct ; 
mist; hiiang k., the clearing away 
of mist ! kllam k., extreme obscurity ; 
mata k., dim-sighted. 

kftdlut, glass (die material) ; roda l:, 
a glass- wheel. 

k&olmk, I. smart ; dandified ; got up. 
II. stopping gingerly along ; walk- 
ing quietly on tiptoe. 
kaduMtff, a generic name for beans ; 
!c, bendi, theokraor bent fmit {lii'bi's- 
ci« eecutetitne) j k. btinchU, French 

beans; k. China, the pca-nnt 
(arachis hypogiea); also t. goreng ; k. 
cki-ndai, phaaeotvs miingo ; k. J^pun, 
the aoy bean {soya hie^da) ; k. kara, 
doUchos lablab ; k, ko'gti, the Indian 
dall (cajavvg indidue) ; k. puleFi, 
peas ; ikan kachang-iachang, a fish 
{gphyriena acu.lip'n-aia). 

kaehapnri, the capitsJ of a, column i 
the heart or centre of a boilding 1 
durJB-a k., a durian that has soma 
flesh at its very centre. 

kacliar, I.^/jiuliErncfuir, ashell [vol«ta 
pvlchra). II. fnssy behaviour 1 run- 
ing hither and thither. 

kack&u, confusing, mixing np, a 
mess ; k. limu, extreme confosion i 
kackankan, to npaet ; to throw into 

kacheli, kochah-kucheh, fiddling about 
mth things. 

kacUp, (Kedah) betel-nut scissors— 
cf. kilali. 

kachit, ^ kaehip. 

kadionff, Jav. " youngster " (a way 
of addressing a child). 

kacha, {term japonica), caleohn. 

kadal, Jav. the grass-lizard; = blng^ 

kadam. At. the sole of the foot ; dt- 
baicah k., below the sole of the 
(prince's) foot— the position of the 

kadanff, I. kadang-kadang, at times ; 
occasionally J tlrkadangortgrkadaTig- 
kadang, id. II. kadang iidayan. 



followers or retainers of i 
chief; a prince'B suite. 

kadar. At. power, ability; : 
a,B one can ; as far as one's ability goes. 

kadi, Ar. a " kali," a registrar of 
Iduhammadan niarriageB and di- 
vorces to whom certain judicial 
powers are giren ; also kiUi. 

Icadtr, Ar. mighty, powerful. 

feadok, a vine the leaTes of which 
resemble those of the sireh rine (by 
metaphor) an unworthy imitator; 
j>a' kadok, a niokname for a man who 
poses a$ learned when he is not so. 

kadnt, Min hidut, a coarse sacking 
made of rami fibre. 

feaf, Ar. bufcit kaf. Mount Kaf (thi 
king of raonntains bc 
MuhojnniBdaji tradition), 

kafiba, ^ kapan. 

kafllak, Ar. a caravan. 

kaflr, Ar. an unbelicvor; a 
Muhanimadan ] aJ90 kapir. 

ya^dgKV, Pere. a shoe-maker. 

kak, an interrogative sutSs ; 
(jok-kah, is it trne. 

kakiu, At. a pagan priest. 

kah.wa, Ar. coffee. 


kaUl, scratching up (as a fowl 

scratches up the earth) ; drawing 


anything towards one with a stick. 

kalfiat, Ar. manner, way, ole 
kaU, line-fiBhing ; maia Ao I a fiah 
hook ; mSngail, to fish w th a hook 
and line ; pSngail, a line-Hah rman 
kain, cloth ; a sarong ; a gen r c 
name for patterns of sarongs a d 
kinds of cloth ; k, baju, sarong and 
baja ; clothing generally k baaah 
or k. basahan, old clothes used as 
bathing clothes ; it. Balei Javanese 
painted sarongs ; k. bflacJ ni 
bleached calico; h. child flowered 
chintz ; Jc. kaditt, k. rami or k rate , 
coarse sacking made of rami fibre ; 
Ic. maa tali, a heavy silk fabric ; k. 
eongket, a heavy silk fabric shot with 
gold thread ; k. tMSpok, a printed 
Malay sarong j klpala k., a portion 
of the sarong diSerii^ iu pattern 
from the rest. 

kait, hooking ; catching (of thorns) ; 
di-kait onak, caught by thorns ; 
Mrkait kSlenghetig, to sit with the 
little fingers interlinked (as a bride 
and bridegroom at the bireandiug 
ceremony) . 

kaial, tali tajai, & halter fur a horse. 

kajanif , a kind of waterproof matting 
used aa a protection, against rain on 
boats and carts ; fi!rt:i^'anp,inahelter. 
protected from the rain. 

kaji, mlngi^i, to read the Koran ; to 

kakak, I. elder sister ; adek kakak, 
younger and elder brothers and 
sisters ; near relatives. [In some 
works icakak is used of elder brothers 
also, but ahang is more common collo- 
quially.] II. (onora) mSrigakak, to 
quack (of ducks). 

kakaktiis, the cockatoo; a nail-es- 
tractor (from its resemblance to a 
cockatoo's beak). 

kakanda, elder brother or sister ; a 
politer variant of kakak, 

kokang' elder brother or sister (used 
espec ally m Javanese tales as an 
eq valent for kalcak). 

k^ap I p^aliu kaJcap, a river boat 
w tl a loftv prow and stern but ai 
low wa st II. ikan kahap, & fish 
{iatea nob i s) ; also siaka^. III. 
mat I irajtap a plug-hole in a boat's 

kakas j>^ kakas, instruments ; appli- 

kaki foot leg, base, lower extremity, 
foundat on, pedestal; k. biikit, the 
foot of a hill ; k, dian, a candlestick ; 
k, langit, the horizon ; k. tembok, the 
fonndations of a wall ; bStas k., foot- 
print ; jalan k., to go on foot ; mata 
k., ankles; tapak k., sole of the foot; 
pSkaJci layai; the boom (of a sail), 

)mku, hard, stiff, tough ; lockjaw. 


KAL ! 

tlcal, a measure of capacity ; half a 

.kalu, I. Skr. time, epoch, period, age ; 

apa k., mheD ; bailing k,, whenever ; 

(toAulu 1;., past ages ; the past; p^rha 

ft., id. ; sMi'a J;., the time that has 
Just gone bj ; the immediate pat<t ; 
iSnja k., evening. II. a scocpian ; k, 
banglcaTtg, the blact forest aoorpion ; 
^iIeo it. kala and k, lotong ; h. jSng- 
king, the common houae'Scorpion ; 
Ic. £*pan, a name for the centipede — 
cf. Jtali'gan ; k. mayor, a. name for 
the iDiiiinouB millipede i better M- 
UmayaT. III. Skr. the Hindu diri- 
liity (Ka!a) ; bUani, k., id. ; Siva as 
the destroyer (uBually represented 
as a maleficent deity). 

ikftlftli, I. defeat ; being worsted — cf. 
alah. II. (Jalor) a bamboo gong. 

:kaUi, a venomouB insect ; a sort of 

c, sangm'Og-kalak, upaide down, 

lalabiaii, m' 

well then ; to 

l^talalawar, = kUawar. 

■Iralami I. Ar. a pen, II. a flaw in a 
gem ; an Impurity in a meta). 

Aalftng, I. (Kedah) kalang ayam, a 
hen-roost. II. the name of a pira- 
tical tribe of Orang Lattt. III. 
=• galang, 

IcbIm, I. a thole strap (of rattan). 
II. At. kabiii kalas, utterly esbauated, 
quite finished. 

Scalat, the portion of {nipah) leaf 
that is useless as a cigarette -wrap - 

3ulan, if ; supposing that — an abbre- 
viation of jiftafaw. 
.kalbu, Ar. heart. 
'kaldal, Tam. donkey -, ass. 
jE&ldn, Poet, chicken broth. 
*lEalab, shifting ; change of position ; 

Ikaltk, koJak-kalek, up and down 
motion, or motion backwards and 


kali. I, time, occasion, instance; 
baraitg k.,\isrhapBi on some possible 
occasion j blrapa k., how often ; aa- 
kali, (1) once; (3) a]t<^efcher; very; 
dlngan sa-kali gas, all at once ; haik 
sa-kali, altogether good, excellent; 
aa-kali-kali, most exceedingly; sa. 
Tcali-paii, even i sa-Jcaliati, all. II. 
Ar. a kali ; a registrar of Muham- 
modan marriages and divorces who' 
has some judicial powers. 

kalikansAT, Ar. a river of paradise. 

k^imali, Ar. the creed ; the attes- 
tation of the Mnhammadan faithj = 
kalimat aa-shaliadat. 

kaling, I. tinned iron sheeting; 
tukang k,, a tinker. II. kolang-^ 
kali Jig, topsy-tnrvy, npside down. 

kalis, inadhesive; irreceptive; im- 
permanent 1 dSrtdaiii ta'-kuMs, love 
that does not pass away i tad's bagai 
ayer di-daun kUadi, non-perm eating, 
as water on calladinm leaf (rolling 
off like water on a duck's back), 

kalok, hook-shaped ; iongkat bSrka' 
lok, a walking stick with a crook for 

kalonff, I. a fmit-bat; •= klluang? 

II. a metallic ornamental collar. 

III. akar kalong, a wild pepper 
(piper caniinim). 

kaloac, see Itmr and kSlKar. 

kama, Skr. bltarii tama jaya, the 
victorious god of love. 

kamar, I, (Dutch) room ; a cabin in 
a ship. TI. Ar. the moon. 

kamat, Ar. the last call to prayer, 

kaitLbatLff, = ambang. 

kambftu, a turtle (unidentiGed). 

kamb&ll, rough woollen cloth snoh as 
blankets are made of. 

kaiabi, a thin light planking ; a 
partition ; a sort of dado ; pintu, k., 
a light door made of a wooden 
framework covered with cloth. 

kamtrinff, a sheep; a goat; it. biri- 
hii'i, or ft. BUanda, a sheep; *. jaii, 
a goat ; k. BSnggala, a large imported 
goat J k, gSrun, k. katan, k. buki' 



I-. gna, t. huroiig or h gvnojig, tho 
Malayan eerow {neinorhofdvs stveU 
teahami) j 1c. ySTuhan, a, milch-goat ; 
i. randok, a rank old ie-goat ; Uilm 
t., (1) the trotters of a eheep ; (2) 
the feet of a salver; (3) a peculiar 
forked instrnment for planting patli- 
ehoota tafeen from the nursery. 

kamliu, the block at the end of a 
piston-rod j iayu tiga sa-kaml»i, a 
sort of erode " thcee-card-ttick " 
based on gueseing -which of three 
sticks is the Bhortest. 

tuso.'bwi, choked up (of a channel or 

IcKDibut, a large padi-baaket. 

temeja, = Ttlineja. 

tam«lt,itonini-ftaiiieJ', mouthing; the 
movement of the month when speak- 
ing or eating. 

kaanftia, = l-a^nar, I. 

jkami, we — the speaker's party and 
BOt including the person addressed : 
iioas aiilree. [In BomecaaRH the word 
is used for I or me— of. (in English) 
the royal or editorial "we."] 

bamil, Ar. compleie ; fulfilled. 

3cMilir, Ac. leaven j fermentation. 

kamit, komat-Iraiiiil, the moveraents 
of the month in speaking or eating j 

kompll, I. a short heavy pointed 
Bwocd; bIbo kampiian ; XI. = kaiiiptt. 

kampit, a Bmall bag of plaited mliig- 
imang work, 

kuupoli. I. » weapon now obsolete, 
II. a hnad-dress mentioned in ro- 
mance; III. a numeral coefficient 
for pieces of tinibvl; roe, the Malay 


cluster of houses ; a namiei j me 
bnildinga (with out-honsea, etc.) 
making up a dwelling ; tca-mpongkan, 
to collect (pe'>plo) together; bSrham- 
pong, lo come together (of people). 
Icomti, yon (usually plural) ; h galiat 
lioii, you all. 

kamus, Ar. a diotira 

BIT, a 


kan, I. an abbreviati 


alan. II, 

a cansal saffix to recbs. 

kana, 3av. gilang ka 

a, large hollow 

kanak, kanak-kanak, a child ; a very 

yonng boy or girl, 
kauan, the right-hand side ; ta»gaR 

k., the right hand; sa-bHah I:, on 

the right. 
kaackap, flush with ; on an exact 

level ; full to exnetncas 
kancliapnrl, ^ kitcJiapv i 
kanchil, a nemo given to the small 

chevrotin (tragultis pygmavs) on 

account of its size— cf ISihtl and 

plln ndok. 
kanchinr, a bolt ; a rivet , a buckle ; 

lia-nchingkan or mSttga'acht'iigl-an, to- 

bolt (a door) ; to bnokle up ; tlrka-n - 

piling, secure j fastened up. 
kanoknt, a -worn piece of cloth usecT 

as a loiu-olotk. 
kaato, an abbreviation of kakanda. 
kandan^, an enclosure ; a pen ; a sty ^ 

k. kuda, a stall for a horse ; k. iabir 

a sty j Ji. keThau, a pen for buffaloes. 
kandar, carrying on a pole (a burden 

being bung at each end). 
kaudtui, running aground ; being- 

etopped by some obstacle. 
kan^, a puree or small satchel f 


iidi, id. 

kandil, Ar. lantern, lamp, 

liandU, 1. a tree with an edible fruit 

(gammaitigrolineata). II. Jav. 

siveets; a type of sweetness. 
kandonff, carrying in a sack or 

encloanre ; carrying in the womb ; 

tnliigandotig, to be pregnant. 
kandnl, folding np in a doth, ourtain 

ka&dnt, stowing a-vvay in the lap ; 
kanduti, to so stow away. 

kaag, I. the bridle and reins; k. 
luiia, id. II. l-ang sliiokang, a Jsiva- 
neae title of the highest rank need 
in addressing royalty or divinity. 



taJigka, Ch. n gambicr plantation 
(in Johor). 

kanffkane, wide apart (of tlie legs) ; 
ehllnfi t., the perineum ; miM'jang- 
fcaiiff, to step OHt i tirhans^ang, ex- 
tended wide apart (of the lower 

feangkoiiEr^ b^ wliite or pintt flowered 

eon TOlvaiua— commonly used as a 

Bpinach iipomea. aqualiea). 
kaag'sa, I. = angna. II. = gangxa. 
kanKsin, Ch, a mischief- maler. 
kangBOr, ^ an^sur. 
kanjar, I. Pars, a broad dagger. 

II. teaming at anything; tn^ng 

and running. 
Iranji, rice-gmol ; " oongee." 
kanjna, [congee -house] the locfe-np 

at B, police-station ; imprisonment ; 

kantan, alarge wild ginger (nicolain 

kantaag, a rand-hank at a rirer 

kantU, iamtal-hatUil, pendulons and 

swaying (of a short thick pendant) 

—of. anting, tawting, etc. 
kantlng, famtang-kaiiting, dai^ling 

and swinging (of a long pendant)— 

of. antiwj, Ttantil, etc. 
Kantong, Ch. the Canton province ; 

Orang China Katitong, Muhaoimadan 

Chineae from Yunnan. 
kantn, cramped stiSncRB in the 

kantnr, (Dutch) a police conrt in 

the Dutch Indies. 
kap, I. the roof of a palanquin ; the 

hood of a carriage. II. toi'm kap, a 

kincoh. III. to fin a cable. 
kapa, nervous trembling; tSrliapo- 

kapa, in a quiver. 
kapada, to ; — ka-pada. 
kapab, -= kapa. 
kapai, tlrlaipai-kapai, nervonsly 

moving about the arms (as a bad 

swinimerj flapping (as a flag). 
kapak, an axe i bindera k., a broad 

enaignj gigi k., large front teeth; 


vluf I'., a generic name for viperine 
snakes, notably h. bakau {tachesia 
jraryureomocuJolHs), k, rimba ((, 
joagleri) and k. daua {I gramnieai). 

3n]^, Tam, aship; t. a])i asteamer, 
k. hanlu, see luTiehang , k loyal, a, 
sailing ship. 

lupait, I. Ar. a shroud , a winding' 
sheet i ISrkapan, shronded, sheeted. 
II. (liatavia) when j = bita 

kapaug, the teredo naial" 

kapar, Ijing strewn about without 
order or method; b^rin^ofan, scat- 
tered abont. 

kapas, cotton ; a generic name (or 
cultivated cottons (especially gos- 
sypiwn herbacenm) ; Itmav, k , the 
common lime (cilr«e actda) 

k&pek, I. kopdk-kapek, very hmp and 
pendulous (of the breasts). II. 
kopak-kapek, plucked to pieces, scat- 
tered, dispersed. 

kapi, I. a pulley. II. Ar. acconi- 
piishod, complete. 

kapir, Ar. infldel ; non-Muhamma- 
dan; also tuSr. 

kapis, a generic name for shells of 
the genus pecleit, 

kapit, support on each side; petigapil, 
a supporter, a second — cf. apit. 

kapltan. Port, a headman of a racial 
division of the popnlation. 

kapok, I. tree-cotton j the cotton of 
eriadeiidron a-afroi^tuisum. II. to 
enfold iu the arms and climb (aa a 
tree -trunk or pillar is climbed). 

kaponff, = apong. 

Kaprl, CafCre, African, liegro. 

kapnr. camphor; chalk; the lime 
eaten with sii-tA ; oireh la-h, a qoid 
of betel; k. bafva, camphor; k. 
Bilanda, chalk; k, maeak, plaster; 
J lohor, whitewaah. 

kapui, ■" apug. 

kara, I. kachang kara, a plant (dolu 
ehus labldb). II. udatig kara, a largo 
crab or lolnter. 

karak, I. spotted, variegated; katif 

karah, tortoifle-shell ; piny» it.,. tlie" 

, k^i 


KAItAM 9f 

turtle yielding tie best ahell. II. 
sa-batang karah, nlone; by oneself. 
kU'tim, I. to founder; to go down 
(of a ehip) ; to be wrecked. II. Ar. 
term of abuse. 

fclucMlff, I. a reef, e, coral haiik ; 
coralline sponge j kSna k., to run on 
areaf) baink,, (1) coralline rock; 
(2) g^enaorej biHigu ft., a sponge ; 
i$f k., shells, corals, etc (pioked up 
on tbe shore) j aiao karang-karangan; 
pinyakit karang-karang, a form of 
Byphilia ; blrkarang, to go hunting 
for ehells. II. order, arrangement; 
literary oompoaition ; an ordered 
garden ; karangan, cotDposition, set- 
ting; Jcarafig-mlngarong, to do lite- 
rarywork! fcnrangtan.toBetinorder; 
to compose ; plngarang, an author. 

karap, a weaver's comb. 

Jurat, I. mst J deterioration; k. di^ 
hati, malice ; blrkarat, to rust. II. 

. to fight with claws (as cats) or 
pincers (as crabs) ; it. gigi, to ^nd 
the teeth, 

karan, stirring up, distarbing ; stir- 
ring ap the oil when frying. 

kaieh, stirring up rice with a spoon 
when boiling the rice. 

karib, Ar. near (especially of near 

karim, Ar. merciful, generous. 

kama, Skr. because ; owing to. 

karoag' a coarse sack made of mat 

kartaa, = Ifrtns. 

Kantn Ar Korat (the enemy of 
MosBs), belli VLd by Maiavs to have 
been a man of enormous wealth 
whose treasure is ni^T buried in the 
earth for wizards to find 

kamt, lU'-rved, self contradictory, 
obscure, Ijmg 

kaaa, Ar a rich cloth 

kaiad, Ar wish, intention, resolve 

kaaal, a cosmetic face powder, better 
known as bidak. 

kaaap, I. rough to the touch (as coarse 
paper or coarse wool). II. a sailor 

wlioee duty it is to attend to the 
lamps, Qags, cordage, etc., of a ship- 

kaaan, a rafter, a cross.beam ; k. 
ja-atart, the main rafters ; k. bitina, 
the subsidiary rafters. 

kaoeli, affection, love, strong liking; 
tSrimak., " the receipt of favour "— 
a Malay equivalent of " thank you " ; 
hisehan, kindness, favour ; pity, an 
unfortunate thing ; kaKeharti, kaeeh- 
ankati or ningasehavlcQifk, to show 
pity for ! to pity ; iasehi or mingaaehi, 
to love J lahigaseh, to be in love 
with ; pangojcft, a creator of love— • 
e.g. a love-philtre ; Mkaseh, the 
object of love ; beloved ; see also 

kasek, koaak-kasek, the sound of b. 
restless man fidgeting on a couch. 

kaai, I. give (in "bazaar" Malay)) 
= biri. [This word is possibly a 
variant of kaseh,'] II. Hind, castra- 
tion, gelding; Umbu h., a bullock; 
ayam k., a, capon. 

kaNib, ^^ kasel'.. 

kasxak, Ar. the name of one of the 
vowel-points ! e or i. 

kaaut, shoes, hoots ; juikai k., to wear 
boots ; k. kayu, clt^a ; tajmk k., the 
sole of a shoe. 

kata, saying, utterance ; bSrkata, to 
say, to speak ; birkata-kata, to havfl 
the power of speech ; mh\gatakan, 
to utter, to mention ; 'pirkataart, a 

katak, a fiog, a toa^ ; k. bltang, the 
bull frog, k. tempong, a frog (oim- 
gloasiis, sp ) ; k. pisang, a green frog 
with great leaping powers (rana ery. 
Ihrea or rhacopkorits leucomy^tiue) t 
I put u, a t«ad ; buaya k,, a broad- 
bodied variety of crocodile ; mlrtatit 
k , a gun of few calibres, a howitzer, 

katauff, I katang-kafang, b, small 
mSngkuang pouch for drugs. II. ka- 
latig-kata-ng, runners ; rattan rings 
allowing a pole to have free play up 



and down — e.g. the poles forcing 
down the submerged screen in a, 
ISJ^e fiah-trap of the jirmal typo. 
III. ular katang (86m, the banded 
karait (.bungaraifatciatas). 

katek, atnnted, dwavC (of a, cock). 

lati, a measure of weight ; a " catty" 
= H lb. 

taUb, At. writer. 

katil, Tam, a bedstead. 

k»tir, outngfcer. 

katlnm, Tam, bastion. 

katok, = mok. 

katong, I. a turtle (unidentified). 
II. 1= atong'' HI- = toioiij, 

katrip, closing up tightly; ISi'Icafttp, 
closed ,' mnkit tlTkatiip, BJleuced. 

kaa, thou ; yon ; ^ Ingkau. 

kani, Ar. blrtaul, to offer prayers— 
(e.g. at a shrine) with the object of 
bringing aboat some special event. 

kanm, Ar. crowd, mnltilude, family, 
people 1 fc. kSliiarga, family, 

kaap, — kaut. 

kana, I. Ar. shoes ; di-batrah it., below 
the sovereign's foot ; the position 
of a snbjeot. II. Bng. couch. 

kaut, scraping towards oneself i strik- 
ing towards oneself. 

kawak, a cauldron, a kettle, the 
crater of a volcano. 

ka'wal, Tatn, watching ; the work of 
a sentry or watchman ; Mraa t., a 
rigorous watch ; Tcawalan, a watch, 
a guard ; mengaieal or MrJeavial, to 
he on the watch ; mBngaioali, to he 
watching over. 

kawan, a company, a party; a herd 
or flock ; accompaniment ; a com- 
panion ; a friend g k. gajah, a herd 
of elephants ; k, pSnyamtin, a hand 
of rohfacra. 

kawan^, minyak lawanj, the fat of 
the tree diplocnemia sehifera. 

kawax, = gawar. 

kawat, wire ; furat k., a telegram, 

kawl, I. iahaaa Icaaii, the old poetic 
langnage of Jara ; kSkawin, a poetic 
narrative. II. batu hawi, dnnahar. 


III. Ar. Uaikawi, iron 
of supernatural hardoesfl, 
kaTTiu, I, Pers. marriage, wedding; 
mas k., tho settlements on a bride. 
II. toiabak jiSngaxeinan, a state hal- 
bert. III. kSkawin, a poetic narra- 

kaya, I. wealth, power j mSnjadi t., 
to become rich ; wang it., (1) a rich 
man ; (2) a Malay dignitary ; Tahan, 
Yang Z",, God Almighty; kikayaan 
Taluin, the power of God, II, haah 
sSri kaya or iaah sireh kaya, tha 
bullock's heart fruit (anona sqva* 

kayal, Ar, intoxicated, inebriated. 

kayap, a dangerous eruptive disease, 

kajran. I. Djak head hunting. II. 
overflooding; inundation. 

kayoE, a paddle ; Mrkagoh, to paddle 
(intransitive) ; kayofikan, to paddle 
(transitive) ; ^ngayoh, a paddle. 

kayn, wood ; wooden ; k. api, fire- 
wood 1 fc. arang, ebony ; k. gaharn, 
camphor wood ; k, manis, cinnamon i 
akar k., a creepii^ or climbing plant ; 
ayer k., wood and water ; ship's 
stores ; hatang k., a lofT, a tree-trunk ; 
buah k., fi'uit ; dann k., a leaf ; kulit 
k,, hark ; pokok ft., a tree, 

Jtajrnl, flavourless (of tobacco). 

kfilmlHtl, the young half-ji^rown 
monpfta or ehUmpldak fruit. 

kSb^, I, breaking into perspiration 
during fever. II. rubbing quick- 
silver into tho body (to render a 
man invulnerable), 

k6baki, a Javanese village official. 

kebak, gaping open (of a deep cut). 

kfibal, impenetrability of the fle^ ; 

kBbam, I. hibam libia; to turn in the 
lips till they coaae to be visible. 
II. leaden-coloured (of the sky). 

keban, a work-basket (of m^ngkuimg 
leaf) made at Malacca. 

kibaa, I. (onom.) shaking out a cloth 
vigorously ; kShas-klbus, tho sound 
of cloth being shaken. II. deadena4> 

31184, , 


KEbAT 9 

paralysed temporarily (of a, limb) — 
e.g. by a blow on the funny-bone 
or the attack uf un elcotric ray. 

Mtot, = b66at. 

kfilM]ra, Port, a long onter garment 
worn by Malay, Earttaian and Straits 

k&lMTail, Jav. an ordei- ; a nlIa^^ 
reflation; a village headman; 
neneJt k., an old woman who plays a 
great part in Malay romance as the 
eomplBisant guardian of princesses. 

kibek, having one's tongue in one's 

kftbU, the blinking of an absent- 
minded man; inattentiTCneea; 
abaent-niin dednesa. 

kfibiu, = kSban. 

WUxaih, — kS'obiri. 

TctbUri, = Mmbiri. 

kebok, a hollow cylinder used in 
making vermicelli. 

kfibWL, a plantation ; a garden ; an 
estate ; tukan^ k., a gardener. 

k&baf, to clean a well by agitating 
the water. 

kfibns, (onom.) mas-klbva, the rust- 
ling of stiff cloth when beatun or 

kfioliall, liMwh'klcltahifaBBmga.boat, 
always on the move. 

kfichomboh, a seed bnd. 

kiohaip, (onom.) tasting ; smacking 
the lips ; sobbing ; the Bound made 

, by a lizard j mSnglchap, to sob. 

kiekapi, Skr. a native late with four 
strings ; 1/uah k,, the fruit of san- 
doricum radiatum. 

kechek, wheedling, worrying by im- 
portunity; kfna k., to be taken in 
by plausible stories ; to be talked into 
a foolish bargain, 

keclieilg, having one eye closed. 

kfickewa, injured ; put to sbame. 

kaobi, Eng. a ketch ; a sailing vessel 
of small tonnage and light draft. 

kJSohik, = klchil. 

kfiehil, small; inferior; younger; 
dari k., from youth up ; k. hati, 

malice, a grudge ; mengloliilkan, to 

reduce in size. 
k6choh, klchoh-kSchah, fussing about i 

fidgeting ; always on the move, 
kecboh, cheating at cards, swindling. 
kaohoii^, swindling by denying a 

debt incurred ; repudiating a fair 

kfieboponf. = ke/opong. 

kfiehnak, Ch. a cockroach ; = Upas. 

k6clinall, excepting; k. iebanyakan, 
a number of — i.e. a certain minority. 

kfiohnbonff, the datura {datwra metel 
and datara fatiiosa) ; mabok k., the 
intoKication produced by datnrtb 
poisoning ; batu k., the amothyat. 

kSchluidaiig', the relationship of the 
concinered to the conqueror i a " con- 

kSchnp, kissing with the lipa (and 
not in the Malay way— -cf. cMiim) ; 
kSchupi, to kiss. 

k6eb.tit, shrunken, shrivelled np. 

kSdadak, = kldadak. 

kSdadak, a choleraic attack [the 
word is only used as a rule in the 
expression rhikek k., an imprecation 
calling down a horrible death upon 
B person]. 

kSdak, I. esposod, wide open ; mang- 
kak k., a bowl with a wide month. 
II. Kedah. 

kBdai, a shop ; a selling booth ; &Er- 
kidai, to keep a shop. 

keaak, I. (onom.) Udak-kUnk, the 
noise made by a rickety cart on a 
bad road. II. lintang kSdak, lying 
across each other confusedly. 

kSdal, a disease causing discoloration 
of the skin. 

kftdaU. ^ kindali. 

kftdang', stretched out ; with limbs 

kSdaugaa, Umav, Mdwngaa, a culti- 
vated lime (cttnis acida). 

k6dap, I. tight, close, almost water- 
proof in closeness. II. sa-Wdnp, a 
handful (of stalks, especially padi- 



Itidau, mSaglditu, lo cry out loudly 

— e.g. for aaaistanee. 
Jcfidaim^, pokok kidaung, a large 

tree (parftia Toxburghii). 
Udayftn, lav, scmuits, followers of 

a prince. 
:][6d«fc, a slight beud; dudok tirkSdeh, 

Bitting with shoulders b«nt. 
.kCdikek, a greenish inediciiial com- 

ponnd resembling salt. 
JtfidSlai, hachang l-MSlai, a plant 

iphasBolus mungo), 
Ikidfimpoiiff, I. worm-eaten (of fruit). 

II. a tobacco- pouch made of in^ng- 

kuang leaf. 
rkedSugkek, extreme emaciation. 
.kfidSpong', = kldimpong. 
.k£d^a, ikait kSdHra, a fish (uuidonti- 

kfidewaB, havml IcSdewaf, a fish (un. 

identified but probably stmmateus 
. sp.) 

~k6u, congenital impotence. 
:kfididi, a generic name for small 

sandpipers (lolayiiie) and plovers 

3E6dlt = Undit. 
.feSdondonff, a ji^neric name for a 

number of trees mostly of the genns 

-k6du, a slight stoop (such as that of 
a writer at a desk). 

ikidadok, a generic name for a 
number of plants with showy pink 
flowers {nielaebiam pobjaitthum and 
allied species) ; also sSadadoh. 

kfidnt, a crease, a wrinkle; hgrlcMiil, 
cmmpled (of a dress). 

;keh.el, iuharmonions, out of place ] 
out of its course (of a ship). 

kehSndak, see hSn^l^. 

kdjam, closing (the aye) for some 
time J keeping (the eye) shut ; kS- 
jamkan or min g^amknn, to close 
(the eyes). 

kBJMl, inciting, stimulating. 

ikBjang, stretching out the limbs stif- 
fly (as a man yawning or as a man 
in agonj). 

I kElahi 

k^ap, closing (the eye) for a mo- 
ment i winking ; aa-kejap, the time 
it takes to wink j an instant only — . 
cf. Mj'tp. 

bejar, pursuit ; inStij^j'ur, to pursue. 

kSjat, immovably imbedded; firmly- 
stuck in a place ; definitely settled. 

teji, discreditable, disgraceful, in- 
famous ; nama yang Jr., infamy, 

kfijip, a wink; -= kljap (bnt even 
shorter in duration). 

keju, Fort, cheese. 

kejnr, stiff, unpliable, inelastic. 

kBJat, sudden alarm J nervous shock j 
Urkejuf, startled. 

keb, (onom.) the noto of the arguB 

kBkali, a long-armed monke;~~either 
a gibbon (hylobates) or a leaf -monkey 
(acmimpitkecus), but not the com- 
mon semnopithecii6 obifcaritSM 

kBkal, enduring, lasting, eternal j 
akkiraf yany t., eterna] life ; kSkal- 
kan, to perpetuate. 

kfiklUldl, ^ kaiidi-kaiidi. 

kSkang, =• kang. 

kfikar, to set things further apart. 

kBkat, scum and drifting matter on 
the sittfttoeof water; )nn(s ft., dead low 
water ; baiek k., the torn of the tide. 

kBIcau, starting out of sleep in terror. 

kikawiu, see kawi. 

kekek, I. a gusset. II. (onom.) g, 
giggling laugh. 

kekel, extreme stinginess. 

fcekStoa, — ka^akfaa. 

kekok, awkward, blundering, clumsy. 

k61a.bat, Ar. a seed (_foeimmgr!ecum). 

kBIalin, grey or oah-colourei; wata 
Jr., a film over the eye. 

bBIadak, dregs, refuse ; the last and 
worst of anything. 

k61adi, a common name for a nnmber 
of aroids (notably cvtocania nii(t';i(o- 

kBlalll, fighting, disputing, qnarrel-. 
ing ; MrMlahi, to be engaged ' -' 
quarrel, to quarrel. 



jbSlak, an idiomatic adrerblal expres- 
aioQ indicative of futare possibility i 
may ; poBBibly ; perhaps j baroag k., 
a bird {macropi/gia aasitailis). 

'bfilakar, jolting', jeBtinf;. 

kilam, d^kness, gloom obacarity ; 
it. kaiuf, profound gloom ; clondy 
gloom ; pining i., diaziaess affecting 
the optic nerrc. 

IcSlambit, the large fmit-bat (^tero- 
jiHS cdtilie) ; also Hlvang, 

kftlambv, a moaqnito-carttiiii. 

k&lainbaT, dimpled, wrinkled. 

kfilaliiili, a pair (male and female) ; 
a maj^ried couple. 

kfilamknvi, a clotli-fabric ; a climb- 
ing plant (unidentified). 

kBluift, I. wandering ; a vagabond ; 
k. yang biiia papa, a, miserable wan- 
dering wre toll. 1[. aBugis titlegivon 
in Sungei Ujong to a raling chief, 

kelanff, the rollora or omshers of a 
mill ; a mill ; k. nbi, a tapioca-mill. 

'kSltMglc&ng, the perineum ; also 

kUanit, opening out a seam. 

MUpa, tho coconut {cocos nucifera) ; 
h. kijav, the young coconut, also 
it. -muda. [But nj/iiir is the com- 
moner word for coconnt in tho 
Northern States.] 

kUar, a dent ; a cat which does not 
altogether sever. 

kSlua, ikan kUara, a fish (unidenti- 

k61arah, a maggot which eats into 
wood and fruit. 

Ularai, a peculiar diamond- shaped 

k61asa, a hard protuberant mass of 

flesh ; a hump. 
kUaatik, I. a Jloor-mat. II. a long, 
light shield of leather or wood with 
a handle in the centre. 
kUaai, I. Pers. a sailor. II. the 
long-nosed Borneo monkey {hyio- 
; bates leuciaciis). 
•Ulat, I. acidity of taste setting the 


sheet of a small boat. III. a generic 
name for a nnniber of trees (niosth' 
of the genus euge^ta), 

k&lati, I. betel-nut scissors. II. = 

kSlati, HUp-liSlan, glistening (as tho- 
surface of the sea) ; alternating' 
brightness and darkness (as whea 
shadows chase each other). 

kfilawar, a generic name for bats ; 
le. gua, a name given to the bat» 
chii-ojnelea to-rquatim and vycticeiu» 

kSlayii, ipokdk hMayu, a tree [arytera- 

kfildtl, = kalda. 
kfildai, = Mldai. 
kdleliet, mlvgUebet. to turn up the 

edge, tip or foM of anything to seo 

what lies nndemeath. 
kfileiMk, (oDom.) the sound of a 

heavy body falling on a flat surface. 
keifibnraii, a pit ; a chasm. 
kJUelnit, a fez-rest. 
kSIedMlff, a large tree {arfocaTpas 

lancsiefolia) . 
beledae, defensive measures or pre- 

keledek, u&t Mledek, a common tuber 

{convolfitUie batatas ?) lawyer i., a. 

cheap lawyer, 
keiedut, cmmpled, mffled— cf. klduf, 
kSlek, seeing, noticing, glancing at. 
kelek, carrying anything under th» 

arm without using a cloth or sling. 
keUkatl, = ksmatu. 
kfilekatn, tho flying ant ; the Malay 

equivalent tor the proverbial moth 

which is attracted by flame and 


feeth on edge. 

kfiiemarin, = kiimarin. 

kfilftoHTar, the luminous millipede. 

kHfimbakon^, a wild aroid' [the- 
leaves of which give a sort of itch- 
to the hand that clasps them] ; anak- 
k., a term of abuse. 


kElEmbai 1 

kfilSntbat, sn-ag keiSmhai, the name 
of a Tvondec-worfcing wizard in 
Malay folk-lore. 

mSmliafe, a fragrant wood (radix 

kei&DboilK, blown oat with, wind ; 

IcfiltexoyMig', B, name given to a 
number of plants, inclading koiiio- 
lomeaa coeraleiteens, ft. rontrafa aad 

keifimpinif, flabby and pendalouB 
(of the breasts). 

k61Siii1UUiir. scarf, dandrttS. 

k61&miuitui{[, — isinunting. 

kSlSiidaia, the ring or fastening 
connecting n boom with the mast. 

k616iig'air, swooning, fainting, loss 

kfilfiixg'fcai);, the perineum ; also 
keUuE^ka.nS', a key-ring; alBogllang 

kelenfflcenff, I. burong kllengkeng, 
the small pied hornbill {anthracoceros 
albiroatriii} . II. jari kUeiigkeTig, the 
little Quger ; hurong k., the inner- 
most chamber in a, fish trap. 

kdlengkok, a (Keaah) Tariant of 

kfiUnJftr, buah kilSnJaran or biji te- 
ISnjaran., the lymphatic glands ; sakit 
hSUnjaTan, bubonic inflammation. 

kUSnong', (onom,) the booming of a 

keientaBf;, (onom.) the clanging of 
a gong. 

keientang, buah kelentang, the horse - 
radish (obtained from the plant 
Jiutriw/a ptei-ygosperma), 

kdlfintluET, (onom.) the tinkling of 
a gong. 

k»16ntit, the clitoris. 

keiiSntonff, (onom.) the booming of 
a gong, 

kSlentong, (onom.) a Chinese 
hawker (so called from the gong- 
like instrument he uses to draw 
attention to his passing presence). 

11 KfiLIKIR. 

keifiajrar, scratching continually (of 
of a man troubled with itch). 

k6I6pu, broken and crooked (but not 
absolutely pendulous— as a broken 
twig) — of, kllepet. 

kSlepak, heavy and pendulous (of 
the breasts) — of. kslepfk. 

kUSpSit, caulking (a boat). 

kSlepek, light and pendnlous (as the- 
broken wing of a bird)— cf. kSUpak.. 

kfilepet, a turned down corner (of a 
page) — cf. kSlebet. 

l^lipir, the testes. 

kilfiplt, hanging down slightly (aa a 
broken twig) — cf. Kili'pai. 

kSlesek, the thin skin or coating On 
an oljject (such as a banana-stem or 
aloe -leaf). 

k616tl^ (onom.) continuous rapping 
— cf. kHak. 

kdlfitan.g', (onom.) the clang of metal 
falling on the ground. 

kfilitar, quivering, trembbng — cf.. 

keiatek, (onom.) the aonnd of con- 
tinued ticking. 

kfil&titLff, (onom.) the sound of con- 
tinuous tinkling. 

kUStok, (onomO continuous rapping 
or knocking — cf. kitok. 

keietonff, (onom.) a thumping sound. 

kfilowang;, a heavy chopping broad- 
sword used by Achehnese. 

keiewer, (Dutch) a foresail. 

k61i, ikan kUi, a cat-fish (cian'aa 

kalian, a surface mine ; = galiaa. 

k61i1ia.t, I. a doublo-bladed paddle^ 
II. the wriggling movement with 
which a leeoh gets over the gronnd ;. 
KrkUibat-kilibal, wriggling on for- 

kilicbi, a hard fruit (unidentified — 
used in playing some cbildrcn'ff 

kBlicIin, pilfering (stealing a little 



kJSlikir, I. a loop of rattan , 
thole-stJ^p. II. batn k&liltir, grav^..-^. 

Hos-6d by 


kEliling IC 

IkfililinET' position round ; the part 
aronnd ; bSrMUUiig, around, encir- 
■cling i iningililing or TnSnglUlingi, 
to encircle ; to trayel round ; Mli- 
linghan or mlngHilirigia-it, to whirl 
round ; to bear round. 
'kBlim, a small seam ; hemming. 
kKtluchir, = gUiachir, 
kfilindan, strong- sewing thread 
ZMing', " KlinK ' a ndme applied 
to all immigrants from the Coro- 
mande] coast (but sometimes limited 
to Muhammadan immigrants from 
^at coast the others leing called 
Orang Hindu) , inanii K a Tamil or 
T^lugUj nfglii JCithe Madras Pre^i 

ItUlngflir, = giliiigsir and gShn 

mUf, a twinkle ; the -ippeirance 
and disappearance of light the 
peculiar radiance of the stars h,l p 
klUp, fireflies ; spaaigles til jj ii,?uw 

l^Klirii, confusion of thought mud 
dle-hoadedness ; pikir k., id. ; barang 
k., a thing difficult to grasp (men- 

kftUaa, I. a church. II. iacbang 
Mtisa, a plant (unidentified). 

!kKlit, dodging, avoiding, getting out 
of the way. 

ikUlttlrh, manner, idiosyncracy ; ban- 
yak kllilah, capricious, nncertein of 

:k6Utl, a thole-pin. 

Jcfilmarlu, Tcaterday ; k. dahtdu, kbe 
day before yesterday ; also kSmarirt, 

iJcUooIisb, broken (of water) ; choppy 
(of the sea) . 

'ikfilodak, thunder— cf. kilodan. 

JkSlodan, panah Hlodan, a thunder- 
bolt — cf. kllodak. 

^Sloh, deep breathing, sighing ; 
k. k$idh, sighing and restless (as a, 
lover) ; mingltoh, to sigh. 

acMok, a enrve ! anaroj asemicircle; 
bSTkSlok-kHoh, cut in semi-circles (of 
a border) — cf. lok, tSlok, etc. 

! KfiLUAR 

kilola, I. mnnagementi superinteU' 
dence of work. It. steel; also 

kSlompEUig, the broken egg-shell 
when [be chicken has been hatched. 

kfilompok, a cluster; a collection of 
many objects in one place ; a group. 

kglouet, sa-kUonet, a little. 

k61ong, I, curved, arching, concave 
— cf. klloh, II. a wooden shield 
large enough to protect the whole 
body. III. tikam kUong, to turn on 
its keepei (ot an elephant). 

keloag a large marine fish-trap 
used off the coast of Malacca and 
Selingor [It consists of several 
compavtments ! fish arc hustled from 
the outer into the inmost and 
Bmalltst where the entrance is closed 
and the h«li caught,] 

kfilongkong, the soft-shelled youuj^ 

keiongwtng, a very thin loose 
wrapper or covering such as the 
tissue paper cover of a fez, the leaf 
enfolding the maize or the slough of 
a snake. 

kelongaor, = glloagsor. 

kSlontaug, a noisy scare-crow need 
for frightening uway birds from the 

keiopak, a sheath or covering (of 
leaf); the calyx ot a flower; a 
similar covering though not of leaf ; 
It. mata, the eye-hd ; k. satak, the 
calyx of the salok {zalacca edulis). 

kBIorak, rinnpui kUorak, a grasa 
{lophaUriam gracile), 

kfilOBOk, = gilofok. 

feUoyak, tattered and torn— cf. 

kfilpat, = mi^pat. 

kfilu, dump, speechless. 

kSlnang, a large fruit-bat (pteraput 
edulis) 1 siku k,, a very acute angle. 

keixiar, motion outwards, = ka-luari 
to go out ; mingSluar or mlngSlttaTi, 
to issue; mengllaarkan,toAriyeoatt 

...-ed by 


kEluarga k 

JcBluarga, Skr. family ; kinsfolk ; 

circle of relation ; kaum. k., id. 
:keiiil>i, asam W!u6i, a plant (Malacca 

kJUnbong', veiling to veil — c£ 'llu- 

icSltuih, mSngSlyieh to empty (one's 
pockets, etc.) by turning tl em out. 

kelnli, steel ; also iSlola 

.bfilnliu, a sliip of an ot solete tvpe 
mentioned in old romances 

"kfilltlnt, a small bee (tr go a % ) 

belluIlbOIlS, ^ iSl ibong 

heininpaBEf, = iSlompol 

bBllUt, blrMlun, to ra 86 n Bp rals (of 
smoke) — cf. lok tUdk l lo gl etc. 

Ikilima, a climber with green berries 
{gmilas megacarpa). 

lEdlupaa, mSngUapaa, to keep peeling 
off ; to waste away — cf. kupai, 

'Jc91upnr, m^agSlu^r, to stmpgle 
and apraw! (of a Blaugbteced fowl). 

ItMnr, to call -, =^ panggil. 

kSlnrnt, a gathering or sore near 
the finger-tip. 

Ultis, an edible aea-worm. 

kfimala, a talisman j a luminous 
bezoar ; also g&maZa^ 

JcBmalai, Uniah klnmlai, extreme 
lassitude; also limah gSttutlat, 

Ictmaaa, mouthing but not swallow- 
ing — (e.g. as a qnid of t«bajx:o is 
held in the mouth). 

kGntamam, weakness after illness. 

bfimang, an evil spirit affecting new- 
bom children. 

kSmangl, midang Minangi, a tree 
(ciiinominniim parthenoxylon). 

ikSmaran, a drought; musim k., the 

kteuuin, yesterday ; )t. dahttlu, the 

day before yesterday ; also kUmarin. 
.kJhnarok, ravenous hnuger. 
IcBmaa, packing; storing away in 

limited space ; i^Smankan, to pack 

(anyihing) up. 
kSmayalx, — jiSngayoli, from kayoh. 
kBmbal, a pouch or basket made of 

mhiglaang leaf. 

1 kEmEnyan 

kBiabalft, ^ glmbala. 

keuliali, return ; going back to tha 
point of original departure ; Jtiiiop 
it., to come to Hfe again ; t. ka- 
rakmat Allah, to return to God's 
mercy ; to die ; JiSmbaiikan, to give 
(anything) back ; to resume. 

k6ml)aii, fastening tbe sarong round 
the breast, 

kBmbanff, expansion ; spreading out ; 
opening oJt (of a flower) j kain h,, 
a sarong worn without trowaers 
underneath ; Je. hati, exultation j 
bSrkSmbang, to Hosaom out ; WrkSm- 
hang, expanded, spread out. 

kBiabar, twin; duplication; anaA 
k., twin children ; miidara sa-fc,, 
twin-brothers ; mSaglinbaH, to dupli- 

kfimbara, mSngembaiv, to wander; 

kBmbayat, kain klmbayat, clotli 
from Cambay in India. 

kftmbili, a tuber (coleiis tuberoais), 

kfimbici, gelding, castration ; ayaiu 
k., a capon. 

kWboja, the frangipanni (plumiera 

kSmbong', inflation, blowing out ; 
pSrut k., inflation after meals; tSr- 
kemiong, swollen out, pufied ont, 

kBrndiau, = kSmudian. 

kBmeli, hirhSmeh, to pass urine. 

kBtueja, Fort, a shirt. 

kent^an. ^ Hmlnyan. 

k^Bxek, dented (but not perforated) ; 
biltong k., a nose eaten into by 
disease ; kimoh t., covered with 

kBtueiat, the crisis in a disease. 

kBinendaJu, a mistletoe ; a tree- 
parasite ; also b^ndala. 

kfimBndikai, a water-melon ; also 

kfimBndit, = JiindiL 

kSmSntaitt, (onom.) to keep stamp- 
ing on the ground. 

kBiaBnyan, bemtoin ; kayu k.. the tree 
(siyran bemoin) ; jiotang k. or bakoT' 



S., to bum benzoin ; ijii kSmliiyan, a 

Bpeciea of dog-fish (iinidentifietl) . 
Mmerimg, a were-tiger. 
kSmetut, dwarfed (of fruit). 
kfiml, = glmi. 
kftmifi, lbs catiijle-nat (aleiiriles 

molv^ccanw*) ; also buah kSras. 
kBiUok, Mmok-kSmek, covered with 

dent*— ef. Mmek. 
kSnumcliafc, summit, top, crest. 
Mmpa, Pera. a seal of state; the 

great seal. 
kfimpang', a sort of dag-out used on 

kfimpu, a targe tree (rumpassia 

mulaccensii') , 
Mmpek, restlessness aroused bj 

kSmpUnr, a wicker-work case di- 
vided into compsrtmpntfi. 

kimpia, shrinking ; beeoinittg smaller 
in bulk throngb the gradnal with- 
drawal of contents, 

kSupit, = klpit. 

kifaupouff, shrunken about the cheeks 
(bb a toothless man), 

kimpn, a round box or case with a 

kfanpul, terkSmpiil-klmpul, slow and 
laborious {of progrusa), 

kfimpnni, = klmpojig and k^mm. 

kfimpat, — Mmpong and iSpwm. 

kempttnan, a dilemma, a Gs.. 

kfinodl, a rudder; iSrlcSmndi, to 
have the rudder, to steer ; k. chawat, 
a rudder of European type i it. sepak, 
e, paddle-rudder of the Malay type 
— ef, kHmudian and nmdek. 

kAmndian, after, afterwards, suhae- 
qnont to i k. daripada itu, snbse- 
qently ; Itari yang k,, days to come. 

kSmnkiui, = kSmmigkus. 

kemnknt. ^ dSmuknl. 

kemunckiip, — oMm^iehup. 

kfiiuiing'knB, I. cubebs. II, tSlar 
klmungkas, addled egg. 

kfimnnlnff, the name of a tree yield- 
ing a beautifully-veined yellow wood 
{murraya exotica). 


kfimantlng', the roso-myrtle (rhoclo- 

kfintnt, gentle throbbing movement 
(such as that of the pulse or of the- 

ken, Skr. a title of Javanese ladies > 
also kilt. 

kfina, contact ; to incnr ; to experi- 
ence j to exactly tonch or hit off ;: 
k. dendaj to incur a fine ; t- sakitj to- 
fall ill ; ki«a3can or mlngSnakan, to 
affix, to pnt on ; to deceive ; tlrklna, 
deceived, taken in. 

kfenal, recognition ; knowledge by 
sight ; kenalt, mlngSnal or mSnggnali, 
to recognise ; kgnalan, an acqnaint- 

kfinan., lying, approval ; herkSnan, to- 
toke kindly to something ; mltHpSr- 
klnankaii, to approve, to assent to, 

kfinonff, reoBlliiif( to mindj lovii^f 
remembrance ; kinangan, loving re- 
collection ; klnangkan, to regret i to 
affectionately recall. 

kfinan^, a tree with scented green 
flowers {cananga odorata). 

kfinantaii, ai/am kSnaalan, a whit» 
fowl (especially a white fighting- 

kfinapo, why, for what reason ; = 
kina apa. 

kSnarl, Eng. canary-seed (canarium 
commune) ; buroitg kSnari, the canary. 

""' M, shell-fish preserved in brine 

(with ri 


kfiuoktuia, Skr. gold (in literary 

language) ; = mna (in colloquial). 
kenckanB', stiiJ (of a breeze) ; steady 

kencheng, I. a Chinese drill worked! 
with a bow. 11. B kettle. 

benching, passing urine ; eaUf k., 

kenokonff, I. kasut kcnchong, a kind of 
slipper with upturning toes. IT. akar 
J:,, a large climbing plant (melodorutn 
maaubriatum). Ill, = kecliong, 

kmohup, coining to a point (of tha 
petals of a bud) ; bndding. 

los-6d by 


kEndak IC 

l:6iLdB.k, Eexaal intrigue ; a. mistress 
or gailty loTer ; bSj'klndah, to commit 
adultery of fornication. 

.bSnAala, = glndala. 

](&ndali, Jay. the bridle of a horse. 

iUndarn, Str. mnda,rac:n, a mount, a 
steed, a vehicle, a carriage ; ni^ngin- 
darai, to ride, to be mounted on, to 
be borne on. 

!k6ndati, desire, wish ; ^ MMndalc 

JcSndfirl, Tam. a measure of weight, 
a " candarecn." 

liadi, I. fciironj Mndi, a name some- 
times given to the ourlow {nameniu) 
arquata), to the whimbrel (it. pftje- 
opus), and to the large sandpiper 
(Utaosa Itmasa) and sometimes limit- 
ed to the Umota — cf . bvroag cluinggai. 
II. Skr. gem ; nila-kSndi, the eap- 

Ifindixi, self, oneself ; = slndiri. 
Undit, a narrow belt or girdle. 
Jtendotlg, carrjii^ in & small fold or 

wrapper— cf. handong {which refers 

to carrying on a lai^ scale). 
^ftndiiT, loose, slack, not taut. 
kSuduxi, Pers. a feast in honour of 

the dead. 
^enek, shrunken, dwarfish, 
bfinfiri, - kSndlri. 
kengkaagr, walking with the knees 

wide apart ; the walk of a bowlegged 

iengieng, I. raising a foot or paw j 

resting one kuee on the other. II. 

the whining of doga. 
ItSuliLK, the brows [ buln h, the hair 

on the eye -brows. 
kfiujiuig, mlngSnjang, to dig. 
kftujnr, erect, stifF. 
Jtftnong, a small copper gong forming 

part of the gamllan. 
kfintal, thick (of a fluid); only slightly 

kfinttuif , nbi hSntang, the potato 

{solanUTa tubenjsttm). 
kfintar*, = UtaTa. 
kiatonff, IcSntong-Hnton^, a wooden 


sounding-block used at a prirata 

kentut, UtiSntut. to break wind. 
bfiiiTal, pliable to the touch ; resilient, 

kfinyant, tasting (by simply touching 

the lips) ; judging flavour. 
kCttyang', satisfied] sated with food; 

full after a meal. 
kBuyir, lasting after; = ingin. 
kinyit, slight jerky movement of the 

lips or eyelids. 
kSufnt, sucking movement. 
kfipoll, a generic name for a number 

of shells (especially of the geuuB 

k6pak, a pinion \ mlngSpak-nglpak, 

to flap the pinions (of a bird). 
kepak, bent, warped or twisted (of 

an arm, branch or limb). 
kfipal, a lamp ; a clot ; a coagulated 

kfipala, head ; (by metaphor) foun- 
tain, source ! k. angin, empty-headed, 
frivolous ; h. blrat, heavy- witted, 
dnilj k. kongsi, the head of a secret; 
society ; k, itngaH, intelligence ; h, 
surae,theheadii^toaletter; k.eKSUf 
cream; bafu A;,, the cranium; p&ning 
L, dizziness; ealri'f t:., headache, 

kfipalang, of little aecount; ordi< 
nary ; hakan k., out ot the common. 

kfiparat, Ar, unbelieving, infidel (aa 
a term of abase). 

kfipari, dnun pokok iSpari, mint. 

kfipaTA, biiah kSpaya, the papajA 
fruit; better buah bStek. 

kSpayang', a tree {pangium edule). 

kepen,;, a small coin ; a " cash " op 
fractional part of a cent. 

kepet, unvrashed (of the abaimaaa^ 
— a terra of abuse. 

k6pUll, = kopiah. 

kepialn, dimam kSpinlu, fever ac- 
companied by delirium ; a severe 
attack of fever, 

kBpll, adjoiniug, aloi^^ide i bSri^inl- 
kSpil, in line side by side i SSpiitow, 
t« drav? up alongside. 


kEping IC 

]l6pillS, a fragmentary portion, B, 
piece; a numerical coefficient of 
foliaceouB objects— e.g. aa ateets of 

kBpIr, a jerk with the hand or finger. 

Itfipit, I. pressure between connected 
surfaces — e.g. between the arm and 
the body ; mlngSpif, to carry under 
the arm — cf. apit, aSpit, etc. II. a 
a veaeel resembling a buyong. 

kfipltwff, an edible marine crab. 

kfipoli, full (aa the sails of a ship) ; 
bulging out. 

lejtpok, a large wooden bin for storing 

kfipoug', surrounding ; enclosing ; 
hemming in ; bltklpmig, to patrol 
roond and round; mf.nglpang, to 
invest, to besi^^, to surround j 
tirkSpong, inveBted, besieged, hem- 

IcJSpndans, burotig Mp^idang, a kind 

of thrush mentioned in romances. 
Upnl, closely packed ; clotted. 
kepulaga, ^ pilaga. 
kgpTim., shrunken (of the cheeks) ; 

hollow and drawn ; also klinprmy. 
Mjinrtui, broth madefromsago-meal. 
k^nyoli, = pu^oh. 
kfipnyn, = ^y-a-piiyu. 
kfirs, the common long-tailed monkey 

(macoctte cynomolgnii) ; plriok Ji., the 
"monkey-cup" or pitcher plant 

{n^enthes) ; h. dtiku, the slow loris 

(nycticebue iardigradua) ; gSmbala Ic., 
■ A bird {eupelee macrocercue) ; hamba 

i., the racqnet -tailed droogo (dss- 

(Wnurus ptatVTaa). 

kara, =■ l-ira. 

kteftbkt, climbing up, swarming np, 
olinKing to (as a climber clings to a 
tree) i iim k., a knot in several coila. 

kBraMk, hSrohdk-klrabek, picking or 
plucking to pieces. 

kfiralm, I. a, flat round ear ornament. 
II. a sort of salad made of fish, 
prawns and cncnmber. III. a tree 

,\xanthophyllnm rw/iim or lophopeiai- 
InM fimbriabim) . 

kfiiachak, ripples, " cat's-paws " on. 
the water. 

bfiraohang, = klrajang. 

kSracliap, a wooden musical instru- 
ment used in minora performances. 

kteah., to call people together for 
forced labour, mutual defence, etc. ;. 
juru it., an official anbordinate of the 
iatin or chief of a tribe of Orang 
Laat 1 gong pingSrah, a gong used 
for summoning people to meet. 

kfirad, I. Totan kSTai, a valuable rattan 
(^dcemonoTopi geniculatin) . II. = 

kfinvjanf, maa klrajang, tinsel, gold 

kfirak, I. the scorched bita of food 
adhering to the sides of the saucepan ; 
refuse in cooking. II, (onora.) a 
tracking sonnd. 

kErakftk, I. ^ Eur. a carrack, an 
ancient type of sailing-ship. II. = 

kSrakap, sireh klrakap, the lai^r 
(and coarser) sii-ek leaves ; inferior 
airek leaf. 

kfirajna, = hlrma, 

kiramat, Ar. miracle-working; in- 
vested with wipematnral power (of 
a place, object, or person) ; wali k. 
or daio' k., the saint buried in a 
wonder-working shrine ; a geniut 
loci ; di-tinipa k., slain by nnaeen 
powers for sacrilege at a sacred apot. 

kfirampanff, the fork ; the point of 
junction of the lower limbs. 

nran, a email portable stove or 

kfiraua, = karna.. 

kSranchang, = ilrajang. 

kfiranda, Bkr. a three-plank coffin. 

kBraag', I. a generic name for a 
number of shell-fiah (area spp.) 
II. (onom.) Mrong-kiTang, a, clang. 

keraug', kerang-keroh, uneven, irre' 
gular (as writing on unruled paper), 
kfirangkanfc, = kh-ampang. 
kttzanl, Hind, a clerk, a writer. 

, ;.d by 



kfiranjaugTi " cuai-suly mailc basket 

kfimnji, a generic name for a number 

of trees (diaUum spp.) 
)Ejb^B'P, repetition, frequency ; i. kali. 

often, frequently ; Miajii, to repeat 

— (e.g. a dose of medicine). 
kesap, = iirap. 
kSrapis, Mropas-Hrapia, odds and 

k&rapu, a generic name giren to a 
nnmber of fisli (serranus spp.) 
k6rsfl,IiardneG8, stiffness; obstinate; 
rigid, inelastic I fc. hali, obstinacy 
of disposition ; buak h., the candle- 
nnt (aleuritet ^aolvccanua) ; kSrasi, 
to press for, to insist on ; iSraskan, 
to sCiSen; to harden. 

tfctftt, I. severance, cutting off; sa- 
ftSrof, a portion ; half ; iSreta sa-lc., 
n " ahandrydan " in Province Wel- 

■lealey; iiratan, a severed piecp, a. 
fragment ; kSrati, to COt, to sever. 
II. a carat, a measure of weight for 

k6T»tiUL, Jav. the abode of a prince 
(ralii) ; a palace. 

kerawai, a kind of lai^ wasp 
making its homo in the grcnnd. 

ktoawak, lupai Mrawdk, a squirrel 
(sciurus hicolor) ? 

Urawanff, open-work, fret-work. 

kfirawat, a rattan fastening con- 
necting the iron of an adze with the 

ki^wit, charhiTig Mrawit, intestinal 

kftrliaug, ^ gSrhaag. 

kSrbas, to shako vigDroualy ; a fre- 
quentative of kihet, 

ktrbat, enfolding in many folds ; 

-winding ronnd. 

kfirba'a. a buffalo; Ji. balai; a pink 

kftrbok, boring into; gnawing intoj 

kerolml!, a common sedge used in 
mat-niaking (scirpus ■macronatus). 

ktsda, a curry-comb ; also Mrok. 

kei-dam, (onom.) iSi-dam-lcSrilam, a 

continuous thumping sound. 
k6rdil, undersized ; l>eIow the aver- 
kBrdum, see klrdam. 
kSrdut, wringled, crnmpled, creased- 
k6tedak, dry flaky dirt ; dirty. 
kerak. the tire of a wheel ; the small 

wliool inside a puHey. 
kSireknt, shrivelled up into a coil ; 
curling (as paper when exposed t'> 
great heat) ; orang it., a miser (who 
" coils round money " and will not 
let it go). 
kfiMmut, puckering up the faoe. 
kSrenekane, (onom.) chinking; 
clinking ; clanking, 
kSrfincbat, dwarfed, undersized. 
keriuclienK, the triangle (musical 

kerfing'^, the red ant or fire.anb 
loecophylla amaraydina). 

kfirengkel, to spread (of a skin 

kSrengseng, = W-esevg. 

kfirantftt, = UrSnchat. 

kSr eating, = kSriling. 

kfirepek, a round flat cake of aago- 
meal and sugar. 

kBrepes, feeling about for something 
(with the fingers Only). 

kfirpnt, shrivelling up round a central 
point (aa a boil). 

k6reBek, sand, gravel. 

kfixeseng, just revealing the interior 
(as parted lips or as a crack in a 

kftrasnt, puckering the forehead. 

k6reta, a carriage ; a generic name 
for wheeled vehicles ( t. angin, a 
snltchback railway, (sometimes) a 
bicycle; k. api, a railway or steam 
tramway; k. bechaJc, a jinrikiBiia; 
k. " engine," a motor-car, also ft. gas 
and H. hantn ; k, harttu, a bicycle ; a 
motor-car; Ji.HongkoTig, •^ t. bechak; 
ft. klrbau, a buKalo-cart ; k. Unibn, a 
bullock. cart J k. lereng, a bicycle; 
fc, sa-Wraf, a Province Wellesley 


kEretut 1 

shandrydan ! Ic. fCTtci, a backney- 
(iairiage ; ikan it., the octopos i iiaik 
k., to go for a drire; pasang I., to 
harness tho horses to a carnage 

l&retut, uneven (of lewicg) 

ikfirl, a, small eiolilo for cutting out 
weeds from a field of growing padi 

Jcepiat, (oiioni,) HWo(.ign«(, the 
ereaWng of rowlocks or of a door 
upon its hiapes. 

16riaii, crying outj clamouring, 
creating an uproar. 

jE6ri1>as, shaking vigorously (as one 
shakes a fan or piece of clotb) — cf. 

jE6ricll»l; the slaye of a slave ; a 

term of extreme seJf-abasement. 
3ijtaddeb, the mole-cricket. 
ibrlkal, a lai^e snlver or tray. 
kfirikaoa, an Indian cloth. 
JcttriUI, batu kSrikil, Sinta ; pebbles. 
firing, dry, dryness ; batoh Ic., con- 
Bnmptioni phthisiH; ikan k., dried 
fish ; Mang k., the ehin. 
JcirintU, abundant (of fruit on a 

bfirlnting, shcll-fleh dried for pre- 

Ikfirip, (onom) mSngerip, to gnaw (as 

'.kilis, a "kris" or Malay dagger; 
J. along, a etraight krie of medium 
length ; h. chSrita, a long Binuous 
kris with some fifteen or seventeen 
calces in the blatle ; k. ckoban, a krie 
-with a piece running down the centre 
of the blade ; k. Undayan, a long 
kris with a aword-handle ; I:, pandak, 
e, short straight-blatlcd krie ; k. pan- 
Jang, a kria with a long and narrow 
blade used for executing criminals ; 
t, piehit, a kris of a type that is 
believed to have been worked by 
jnere finger-pressure; k. sa-pukal, 
^he common straight-bladed kria 
(intermediate in length between the 
it. alang and i. paadak) ; k, sSmpmio, 
the common sinuoue-bladed kris 
^with three, five or seven curves in 


a kris lika 

the blade) ; k, silam vpeh, . 
the k, ta-pukal but with a 
blade ; k. aonak udang, a Raman type 
ot the k. sSmjiaitas k. tajaag, e. 
straight-bladed Fatani krie with the 
typical Patani " kingfisher's head " 
I^iidle ; liintut k,, the fermla at the 
base of the kris-sheath : bulu k,, the 
knS'handle ; pamur k., the dama*. 
cening on the blade of a kris ; sempir 
i, , that portion of the kris-sheath 
which covers the guard of the kris ; 
saroiu; k., the krie-aheath ; ukas k., 
a shell {malieas) resembling a kris- 

kerisi, iftan IcSrisi, a fish (synagrU 
■nolalwe) ; ikan k. l>ali (seolopsis 

kdriaing, = klreseng. 

kfiriant, = kSreaut. 

bBrit, (onom.) a acrapinft or scratch- 
ing sound ; iiritan opi, matches— of. 

hiritinff, ra/ahuf kSriUng, woolly or 
frizzled hair ; extremely curly hair. 

kSrJa, Skr. work, occupation, busi. 
nesB, profeBBion; bringing about, 
effecting, carrying out j plklrjaan, 
work, business, occupation; kSrjakan, 

kirjuig', I. ktckii^ out with the 
hind-legs (ot a horse)— cf, rSjang, 

. II. kSrajang. 

kerkah, = klrkak. 

kfirkak, (onom) crunching (of a wild 
animal crunching up a bone). 

kfirk»p, ^ Mrkak. 

kfirkaiU, clawing. 

kteki, Tam.the blinds of a palanqnin. 

kitekup, - Urkak. 

kfirkut, a chain for closing a door. 

kfirlap, glittering, glistening ; niSnjir- 
lap, to glitter. 

kfirlluff, a side-glance ; mSnglrling, 
to give a side glance at a person. 

kfirlip, flickering— cf. kilip. 

kSraui, I. Skr. a curse ; jafoh h, tha 
falling of a corse ; papa Urma, an 
accident, II. Skr. bStara Mrma <xf 


k6rmah k 

JiSrma loijaya, the Hindu Cupid 
(Kama) or conqaerinjf god of love. 

kfimAb., sipitl kSrmah, a aholl {oliva 
tubalata or oliva nvbilia). 

kCrmnfc, a. generic name for a num- 
ber of plants. 

kftnoftiiglra., a plant {dracoena 
maingayi) . 

kfirmiuititLgri tlie rose-myrtle (i-liodo- 
mi/rfiis tomentofla) ; also kSmunting. 

kfirnai, catting or elicing into small 
kimil. Port, a gnn-powaer horn. 
kSmTom, reatlessnesa ; fidgeting 

kfeuyan, harsh, grating (of the voice) ; 

qneruloua, quarrelsome. 
kSmf eag', angiy Bnarling. 
kSrnjrit, knitting or raising the hrows 

(as a signal or hint) . 
ktenynt, palsied shaking or quiver- 
ing ; nervous convulsions. 
kBrebak, Mrobalc-kSrabek, picking or 

plucking to piecOB. 
kSrObek, a pinch of anything; picking 

ont a very amaJl portion of anj 6hing. 
kErobok, a provision -hamper. 
kfirochok, a sort of rattle used to 

attract the pdran^-poran^ fiah (pKsf is 

fcerok, I. turbid (of water) i Jr. hati, 

malice, ill-feeling. II. (onom.) the 

Bound of snoring ; snoring, 
jEervh, ierang-keroh, uneven, irregular 

(as writing on nnniled paper). 
kfirok, I. (onom.) a dull cracking 

sound; the croak of a frog. II. a 

curry-comb; alsoiSrcIa. III. afmit- 

Hy ; — bari-bari, 
kiromoilff, a series of gongs forming 

part of B Javanese orchestra. 
kSroaolLaiig', I, a large hollow anklet. 

II. a roughly-made bell or clapper. 
Mxoag, a roundish cavity, 
kwoag', }cer(/ng-1ierong, the orifice 

through which water escapes from 

tba scuppers; ihin JceroTtg^herong, a 

fish {aebattea atoliskw). 

kdrongkonff, the gullet; tSi 

kSropas, Taropas-Mrapit, odds and 

kdropok, a dish of fish and flour eateu 

with rice. 
klroaanf , a Mals.y brooch ; a " kro- 

kfiroaek, (onom,) to wash rice; to 

scrape the scales of fish— cf. koseJc, 
k6rosok, (unom,) the rustling and 

crEiekling of dry leaves when trodden 

kfopai, a powdcr-tlaEk. 
k6rpak, (onom.) the sound of cnwk- 
kiSrpad,!. (onom.)rustlmg. II. dregs, 

ktepU, = kSrpat, I. 

kfizpns, = iirpas, I. 

kftrsai, crispness (in cooked rice). 

kemauff, I. dry and stia (of the hnir) 

aiid (of the soil). II. =- klrosan.,. 
kersani, besikSnani, Khorassaniron; 

iron of proof. 
kfira«k, I, (onom.) a vustling soundt 

It. gravel, coarse sand; also gSrsek. 
kfirsnl, — Iclreang, I. 
kSrant, = Mresut. 
kSrtak, I. a bridge; also glrtak. II. 

(onom,) a dull cracking sound. ';^j 
kertang, I. covered with dirty sores. 

h (nnident 

II, a , 

kiirtap, (onom.) a sound such 

of a door being closed. 
kfictHB. T. Ar, paper; h, kimhang or 

k, ifkap, blotting-paper; mas k., gold 

leaf. II. (onom.) the rustle of crisp 

kfirbaa, I. a small insect destructivo 
to cloth. II. an evil spirit, 
kfirtika, = kltika. 
kdrtok, (onom.) the sound of rapping. 
kBrtup, = kirlap, 
kSrtiU, ~ Urtaa. II. 
kBm, a (Kedah) variant ot ftur. 

, ;;d by 


kftmbong, gatheiiug together (of 

people)! mobbiiigj =■ kSnimua; klra- 

bongi or mSngSntbongi, to mob, to 

ovorwhelm by nnmbere. 
kfirubnt, a plant {thaltea grandifiera). 
feemdut, = Urdat. 
beming, a generic name for ft nnm- 

her of trees yielding a special kind 

of oil (dipterocarpuB spp.) [ i«in^oi; I:., 

the oil so yielded. 
k«rwit,motionofthetip— (e,g. of the 

tip of a cat's tail). 
kfimlmt, curling roond ; clinging 
kScnl, Eng. curl i ramhv.i l., curly hs 
kfiminit, I. to gnaw. II. slow 

crawling progress ; jalan t^rkirumit 

l^hrwmii, i(l. 
kimmiui, assembling in crowds 

mobbing ; 'bh-Mrum-an, to mass to 

gether; ftiJ-MniKn!, to mob. 
ktenmns, wild embracins ; hugging 

and kissing. 
kSmiltiliB'. a wooden clapper. 
kfimp, (onom.) a sound such as that 

of a man munching pastry. 
kSrnpiug, the scab over a healing 

wound — cf. kuping, 
kBmsi, Ar, a chair; k. panjang, a 

long chair ; also karsi, 
kfirnBut, very much entaJigled — cf. 

kfirot, I. creasing up ; puckering up, 

frowning. II. (onom.) a rasping 

kfimtn, wrinkled, lined, creased, 

rough to the touch. 
kfimtnp, I. (onom.) a cracking sound. 

II. (Penang) assault by a gang. 
ken^p, nxoriousneaa. 
kJiaa. first, the first (from sa). 
khaJi, restlessness ; IrSloh k , sighmg 

and restless (asalororin the absence 

of his beloved). 
kailftk, Ar. story, narratire , nl kesah, 

dium to a paragraph; aiso h^ah. 

.0 kEtai 

kfisak, edging about, shifting iiii< 

easily in one's seat— cf. klsah. 
kfisal, Jap. regret, repentance, = 

kfisanil)!, a tree (_iiiniidesma ghoesem. 

kfisan, the footprint of an animal; a 
dent or mark left by pressure. 

kSsang, I, sneezing; ~ Isa-ag. II. 
an insect Tory deatmctive to crops. 

kfiaat, I. roughness to the touch ; 
coarseness of snrfaoe-teitnre. II. 
wiping moisture off a smooth sur&oe. 

k<ls«k, (onom.) kSfek-kSsek, rustling, 
whispering — oi, klsa-klai, 

keaek, rubbing or scraping a sharp 
edge against anything (used especial- 
ly of playing the violin) ; also gesek. 

keiel, = gesel. 

kfisi, (onom.) kSsu-kSsi, rastiing, whis- 
pering — cf. kBsek. 

kislug', = kSmug, 1. 

kSaip, lacking a kernel (of fruit) ; 
lacking a slice or section ; buia k., 
blindness when the ej-c-liall is de- 

kSsknl, Fcrs. a beggaj''s bowl. 
k&iinBk, a dried fruit imported from 

keamarau., Skr. and Jb,t. in love, 

lore; = lieraM; edan, k., madly in 

lore ; = gila hlrahi (from osmaro). 
KSbhh, Skr. bitara Elena, the Hindu 

divinity Krishna, 
kesoma, Skr. a flower; (by metaphor) 

a beautiful woman or handsome 

kfiBtnri, Skr. musk. 

kfisn, (onom.) kSui-klsi, the sound of 

whispering — cf. kSsek. 
kisTlari, burong k^man, b, cassowary. 
keanmba, Skr, the aniotto (bUa oreU 

lana) ; a red dye ; red ; dyed red. 
kisup, (onom.) a sucking sound. 
kBsTlt, edging towards anything; 

making advances. 
kSta, = gHa. 
kitagtli, see ta^eh. 
k£tai, crumbling to pieces, 

, . . id by 



ietak, a crease ; a fold ; a wiiukla. 
k6tam, I, a plane; planing; tuhi 

kStam, sbtiTingB. XI. harrcstiug ; 

pSagStaman, id.; mSngeiam, to hap- 

vest. III. a generic nitme for crabs. 
!fc6taii, Juv. dry palat rico. 
kGtang, taut, ast^retch ; I*. ko,-dada, 

drawn tight over the breast (of a 

Icetang, = iitang, 
l&tap, mlngStap bihir, to bite tlie 

JtStapong, the ladiau almond ('ci-iiii'- 
nalia catappa}. 

letar, quivering; ucrvoua tremor; 
(Srl^tar-Mfoi-, trembling all over. 

Ifitara, visible ; obvious ; to appear. 

TiCitMi, tight-fitting (of a stopper or 

ketftya, a torch -holder. 

kfitarjrap, I. a small white ekuU.cap 
worn under a turban. II. = hltlap, 

tiitbgax, obstinacy. 

k^tek, the long pair of !eg@ in giTisE- 

keteic, bSijalan ISrh^tek-Mol; the 
stmt of a short-legged person or 

ketBki, = UMk-tiU. 

kSt&affgrs, T^aya UUnggu, a very 
pretty light-oolonred veined ebouy. 

ketl, I. hniidred thousand ; sa-UH, 
a hundred thonsand ; hSrhifi-k?ii, in 
Jiundreds of thousands. II. aiinh 
MH, a ball [used in playing certain 
obsolete games anil nsnally men- 
tioned in literature as a simile for 
the heads of the alaiii rolling about 
a battle Held,] 

ketiak, the nrtnpit; tonylat (-,, a. 

kfitial, difGcult to remove (as a cork 
buried in the month of a bottle). 

kfitiap, ph'ithn kSiiop, a sort of house- 
boat used on rivers. 

ketlka, Skr. time ; division of time ; 
period ; pada it. ilu, at that time ; 
It. lima and it. (ly'oh., the division of 
time into fivo or seven periods that 

are lucky or unlucky as the cag» 
may be. 

kiStil, piaehiiig, nipping. 

kStlmbal, a disorderly moving mass 
— (e.g. of maggots or dead Besh). 

kettrnpoug, (onom, ) a sound such om 
that of bathers splashing water abont. 

kitLmim, =• timan. 

kfitlus, the tendon Acliillis. 

kfitip, I. the biting or stinging of a, 
Bniall and not very venoraous insect j 
nipping slightly between the teeth 
as a man bitincc his lips. II. a very 
small silver coin ; a iive-cent piece. 

kfitirak, a plant (unidentified). 

k6tiM, a sudden jerk intended to jerk 
off aometliii^ adhering to a linger 

kfitltiir, buroiig kelitir, the Malay 
turtle-dove {turtur HgriiMi). 

Utok, (onom.) tapping, rapping; 
the note of certain birds; a EUiall 
sounding block. 

kMola, a gcneiio name for a num- 
ber of pumpkins — e.g.hi0a cyliiidrica 
and tnchosaiithes aiiguuM. 

ket<mgr> t- (onom.) to givo out tho 
sound " tong " ; the sound made by 
a drum. II. the stump left when 
a limb, tail or branch is cat off ; 
miagSlong, tO cut ■menglciMmg. 

kfitoponjf, a stiff jieaked head-dress ; 
a helmet or shako mentioned in old 

kitnat, a large wart. 

kMabong', the swarming and stinging 
of hornets; frfnn 1-., to be attacked 
by a swarm of hornets. 

kBiiil,athickpiDco; aclot; ahardisli 
lump of anything ; a loaf. 

kfitlillll, a confederate in an offence; 
a thieves' spy; a go-between in deal- 
ings in stolen property; a procoror 
in offences against women. 

ki^tunbar, Tarn, coriander (eoriaii- 

k6ttuabit, I. a herb usod in 
ment of skin- diseases (lenca 
lanka). If. a styo in the eye. 



Ifitupat, tico cooked in a wi-apper ot 

fcfitnr, n spittoon used by betel- 

k67aai^ii, sec yong. 
kluibftr, Ar, newa ; opa i., ivliat news ; 

= how do j'ou do ; liMns le., or aurat 

ib., a newspaper; tiada ihofinrfrai* 

diri-nyft, to be nnconBcioua. 
Itlioir, Ar. good, excellent. 
khalBTalt, Ar. the world of citation 

and created thingSi mankind. 
kbali, Ar. emptj, void. 
VKitHfaTi, Ar. caliph. 
Khftlik Ar. God the creator. 
khftlka, Ar. the creation (in the 

espccBBion Ehalil(-vl-li1inlko, the 

Creator of created things) ; God. 
Ichamir, Ar. yeast, leaTen. 
Uuunla, Ar. tho fifth day of the weet ; 

IclLMtJai;, Pere. a cutlass ; a chopper ; 

a heavy cutting knife. 
khasoll, kain k,, gauze, muslin. 
khatam, Ar. end, conciasion (used 

specially of the completion of 

kluitail, Ar, eireumcisioii. 
kbatlb, Ar. the reader in a mosque ; 

the chief mosqne official after the 

kliati&li, a liuh oloth mentioned in 

old romancBS. 
Uiayal, Ar. rision, trance. 
Uieinali. Ar. a tent; blrkhemah, to 

kUdnait, Ar. serrice, obedience. 
kllilaf, Ar. error, mistake, blundering. 
iiiftli, Ar. iutoxicatinff. 
khianat, Ar. doceit, treachery, abuse 

of confidence, 
khliaiiali, Ar. treasury ; strong-room. 
kknatlr, Ar. mind, sonl, conscious- 

neBSj also kunHr, 
khul"-. Ar. divorce from a hasband 

granted on a wife's application. 
Urnxm*, Ar. Imatt Ic., a date (frait) ; 

also Icunna. 
kkiump. At, particolar, special. 


klmtbak, Ar. the formula of a prayer ^ 
ft. Mjfca/i, tho marriage service. 

kla, yfi, I-fci-iiB, species of ray (rhynco^ 
battts) which suggests a Eharfc at one- 
extremity of its body and a ray at 
the other ; a type of a doable-faced 

loak, plngiah, a shoe-horn, 

MaV, Jav. a respectful title given to 
the venerable, 

kial, tSrhial-kial, mtkking a supreme 
effort of exertioj! ; patting out one's- 
full strength. 

kiamat, hari kiamat, the day of 

Jdambang', an aquatic plant (_piBtia 

kian, " time " iu snoh expressions 
as "five times," "ten times"; sa- 
kian, once;' this much; so much; 
(l?mikian, to this extent ; so j nro- 
kian, accordingly; kala-kian, nextf 
afterwards ; then. 

klanat, = khianat. 

klanl, Fers. royal. 

klap, the truck of a mast or flagstaff. 

kias, Ar, analogy; parable. 

klftt, ont-of -joint I dislocated; not 
meeting exactly; tulang !,, a dis- 
located joint of a limb. 

klbar, waving, flapping in the breeze ; 
Mrkibaran, to be waving (of fiagSf 
pennons, etc) ; kibarkati, to wave 



kibaa, I. holding (a fan or any similar 

object) in the hand and shaking that 

object vigorously. II. Ar. kambli\y 

kilrna, the Arabian sheep. 
kiblab, Ar, the direction in which 

Mecca lies. 
kiebak, (onom.) the note of tho 

magpie-robin ; also eMnla, 
kichii, a swindle ; a deceitful trick ; 

mSngichu-ngichu oratig, to swindle 

Idda, ki<la-liid<i, thin lozenge-ahaped 



Itidouf, crootiiugi inkmin^^ recita- 
tive ; miagidong, tO intone (an ad- 
dress or a tale). 

lUdtll, JaT. tlie Houth. 

JdJaJ, iirkijai-kiiai, quivering with 
pain (as a man etung by a Tenomoirs 

Iktjtutg:, tbe barking deer (ceri'idue 

IdJtnE, an edible marina mussel 
(species unidentified). 

Hkir, ft file, a grater; (by metaphor) 

JdkU, a rough first scraping— e.g. 
scraping the paint off wood that is to 
be reiKiinted, 

ildlut, 3B.y. the span of the hand ; = 

Idlanff, = kelang. 

Ulas, a thong ; a strap for pinioning. 

iUlat, scintillation ; flashing ; light- 
ning ; pBiirfc., thunder and lightning; 
Mr&iat, to flash. 

"Ulan, brilliancy, glitter, radianeo; 
bilaa.lcilauan, flashing at intervals. 

Ul«lt, •= Itelek. 

"HH, kiU-'kiU tbe reel on a fishing- 
rod; the ring through a bnffalo's 

Ulir, sharpenii^, settii^ ; ^nengiUi; 

to sharpen. 
Ituua, sipat t., a large shell (Mdacan 



Umliaiig, wheeling about in the aii- 
(as a hawk or ca^le). 

linxbnl, the jakes (in a ship). 

kiinift, Ar. alchemy. 

Wa, Skr. a titular prefix to the names 
of Javanese ladies ; also ken, 

^iaelmh, cleaning by scraping or 
rubbing dirt off. 

Uncbu, tiTkinchok-liinchak, panto- 
mime a^wompanjing singing j violent 

MBcbMli^, kmchang-'kinckang, gad- 
ding about. 

Jdnchar, a water-wheel turned by 
the pressure of the current against 
the paddles of the wheel [the 

i-ovolving M-heel raises water np ja 
bamboo cylinders and pours it into 
a conduit at a higher level] ; It. ayer, 

kinelmp, = kenchwp. 

kingkap, a "kincob" or piece of 
rich eloth. 

klnyang', rock-cry staL 

Uok, I. the cackling of a fowl. II. 

Idang, a marine shell-fish {nnidenti- 

Idpai, besprinkling (by waving a, 
wet cloth or aspergilluB}. 

kipan, (Perak) the young tapir 
(showiug striped markiugs and be> 
lieved by Malays to be a different 
animal to the adult) ; also hadak k. 

klpas, a fan-, tingkap k, Venetians; 
kipasi, to fau; kipaekan, id. 

kira, estimating, calculation j kira- 
I'i'ra, accounts; etmu iiVa-lrira, arith- 
metic ; sa-kira-kira, aboat, appro^- 
niately ; jikalatt kira-nya, if by any 

Idxai, I, bSi-kirai-kirai, marbled (of 
markings). II. shaking out water 
from a, wet cloth ; shaking oft moia* 
tare as a wet dog; shaking off dust; 
kiraikan and miTigiraihan, to cloansB 
by shaking. III. rati kirai, a prepei- 

kirap, the flapping of a sail; the 
buatling of a man going at an nnao- 
cnstomed pa^Je; the movement of a, 
fish darting along the surface of 

kizi, left; left-hand side. 

klrim, sending (things not persona) ; 

di-kirim-nya aarat, he sent a letter; 

kiriiiii, kirimkari aad mSngirinikan, 

kisa, a small drag-net or seine nsed 

by Malacca fishermen. 
biiall, Ar. story, narrative; al-kisali, 

the story runs*— a common exordium 

to a paragraph ; also kesah. 
kUar, revolution; motion round a 

central point ; kiaarait, anything thoti 

hat) I 


doeB its work by revolutii 
laClic, grindatoue, or m 
^Ttgiaar, id. 

Usi, tiei-tiai, trelliswork. 

Usmla, Pers. tbi! 

Utn, we, (fiometiuics) I ; [tifa iu- 
cluilea tho person addressed; kaini 
(loss not]. 

Utab, Ar. a Tii'ltitig ; a boo> (apecial- 
Ij a religious Imok) ; scripture. 

Icitalli, At. "scriptural" — a name 
giren bj Mntiammadaus to Chris- 
tians and Jews wbo accept biblical 
books revered as authorities but who 
do not accept the Koran. 

UtMlg, a fisli with a very poisonous 
dorsal Gn (holaeanthue annulaiisj 
also neatophagUB argjis), 

kitar, motion in a circle— cf. khar. 

kiwi, a supercargo in a Malay pf raft «. 

kobah, Pers. a kettle-drnm. 

kobak, peeling, imhuaking ; kobak- 
kan, to peel. 

kobok, a party, a group; dwluk liff- 
kobok-kobok, to sit about in Rixiupa. 

koobab, toehah-kacheh, fiddling about 
ivith tilings. 

kooliak, stirring' up water so as to 
disturb tho sediment at tlie bottom. 

kochek, a pocket in a garment. 

Xoohi, I. Cochin-China. II. a water- 

kockoh, haste, hurry. 

koolLODif , a 1ori(( pyramidal cap ; 
hanhi 1i., a sheeted ghost which pro- 
gresBBB over the ground liy rolling 
along sideways. 

kodi, a score ; twenty. 

kodok, Jav. a frog or toad ; = kainl: 

koe, jou; the (Batavia) form of 

kohonff, stinking ; pntrid. 

fcttJa, Ar. water-jug (with handles 

and a narrow neck but no spout). 
k<(|ah, Pers. a name given to the 

descendants of Indian tmdcrs by 

Javanese women. 
kok, a single yoke — cf. igii (ii donbio 


1 KONC!' 

kokoh, = kiikuh. 

kokok, I. (ouom.) the ct-owiug of a 

coek ; h^rkokok, to crow. H. trO 

carry piok-a-baok. 
kokol, bent i bowed ; curled up or 

huddled np, 
kokong, very claw -shaped ; claws 

that twist almost completely round. 
kokop, =" fciitup. 

kokot, sliaped like a claw ; clawing. 
kolok, koJak-Tralek, np and doivn 

motion, or motion backwards and 

kolam, Tarn, a pond; a reservoir; a 

kolang, kulaiig-tvUn^, topsy-turvy ; 

npside down. 
ktdek, (Singapore) a Malay canoe, 
kolok, nyer loloh, the coarse dye iit 

which cloth is first steeped. 
kolony, a hollow under anything^ 

e.g. under a table or under a Malay 

kOBUt, Skr. koma-koma, saffron. 

komak, to mnt-tajnet, mouthing ; tho 
movoment of tho month when speak- 
ing or eating. 

luxnOit, kuinat-ltamit, = homai-kaii'ek- 

kombali, — kSmbali. 

koueng, small of its kind ; dwarf ^ 

congenital impotence in the male. 
XtHnpfini, Eur. the Government j 

hnmha k., convicts (in the East India 

Company's days). 
kompong, maimed (by the lopping 

off of a limb), if a stump is left. 
kompot, maimed (by the lopping off 

of a limb), if no stamp is left. 
konons. — kimang. 
konchah, choppy (of the sea) ;. 

broken (of water). 
konGhak, the summit of a mound or 

heap— -cf. I^Monchak, pojichak, etc, 
konokong, = kochong. 
konclior, the yoimg of the king-crab- 

(limaliis mohtccanwi). 
konff, I. the rib of a boat. II. etjnit 

kong, a shell (cassis cornvla). '' 

l,j.,-ed by 



kongkang. a name given sonietimes 
to the slow Igria {-aycticebus tardi- 
{/rndus) and eometimea to the liiralii". 

iam-gkeng, altercation, wordy war, 

konffbiab, a large black bitia)^ ant. 

lioiiglioiis, I. tte deep-toned bark 
of dogH. II, a block of any sort 
snspeuded fi-om the neck to impede 
au animal's moTementB. 

kon^i, Ch. an association ; a soeiety 
(eBpeoially a aooret society) ; lilpnia 
i,, the head of a Chinese secret 

koaon, report ; it is said ; the story 

kontsl, hontidJicintil, pendulous nnil 
awajing (of abort thick objects) 

kontan, (French) ready money 

kontang. l-onfang-kaiitii a dangling 
and swaying (of a long pendant) 

kontol, sliort, etnmpy and penduloni 

konyonff, I. sa-konyong ioiyonq ntl 
of a sndden, nnespectotlly II j ; b 
tlrtonyong-lconyong, to Walk about 
stiffly erect. 

kop, I. the cupola on the howdali of 
ait elephant. II. a Siamese tical. 

kopah, ft mass, a lamp, a clot, n qoan- 

kopak, I. kopaJi-lcapek, very linip &nd 
peudulons (of the breagts)— cf. tojiefr, 
II. plucking ont a small piece of 
anything; kofiB,k-ltapel-, pnlled to 
pieces, scattered, dispersed. III. a 
case or box; slaa^ng t-, a breech- 
loading gan. 

kopak, limp, long and pendulous (of 
the broasta). 

kopi, I. Eng. copy. II. Eng. coffee. 

kopiak, a cap ; a hood. 

kopok, an obsolete musical insLru- 

korang', = hurang. 

korak, boring or digging a bole; 
mlngorek, to dig; ikan koreh tllinga 
liitnj/a, a fish igostmiocevs biacvle- 

' j^ n Bonrfy skin-disease. 


koret, (Sin^Hpore) dregs, sediment, 

kormn, =■ khin-ma. 

kosft, Skr. an ankus or elephant-goad ; 
ka^ai, to pred with the ankus; also 
Uei kuasn. 

kosak, (onom.) kosak-kaiek, fidget- 

koaak, (onom.) the sound of washing 
ricu or scraping the scales oS fish. 

koael, to " keep hammering at " any 
task ; to keep reverting to an argu- 
ment, statement or work. 

koaonff, empty, idle, hoUow. 

kota, Skr. a fort ; kotaX, to fortify ; 
Vufa mara the casement or breast- 
work piotecting gnnnera (in a pirate 
sb p) m contradistinction to the 
movable pun-shields (apilan). 

kotak sa iotah, all, the whole. 

kotai, I piiinng l-atai, dried betel- 
nut IT hniiging by a thread ; not 
quite SLvered. 

kotak a chest, a looker; k. sorvag- 
norong, a drawer i tampan k., a 
Chinese shoe-boat with lockers ia 
the stern. 

kotak, taii, caudal projection ; tSrko- 
tek-kolel; waging the tail. 

koteitg', parang koteng, a ohoppec 
without a handle ; tlrkoteng-koteng, 
alone, solitary. 

kotsa, su-kotes, a pincb, a very small 

kotonf, iaju kotoiig, a jacket with 
short sleeves or no sleevea ; tUiuir k. 
or chslaita k., glioct trousers like 
bathing drawers, bnt looser. 

kotor, foul, dirty; iilih; kSkoloran, 

koyok, tearing, rending; torn; 
koyak-kDyaJc, much torn, ragged j 
koijalckait, to tear ; koyak-kngakkart, 
to tear to pieces j to keep teBrinj" 

koyan, a measure of cousidorable 
weight or capacitj: ; 40 pikul ot 
about 800 gmilany. 



kojrok, mir s pariah dog. 

kn, 1. 1, me ; = akti, II. " your high- 
ness j" an. eJHculation made by a 
eabject on hearing a prince's words : 
= Kngia or timn-ia, 

klMk, sauce, gravy ; tiiang It., to ponr 
oat the gravy ; makan bSrkuak ayer 
main, to flavour one's food with 
tears (a life of Borrow, prov.) 

fcaak, to open a passage by pnshing 
objects apart (as a man forcing his 
way through a crowd or opening ont 
a pair of curtains). II. minguak, to 
croak (ai a bnll-frog) ; to low ; to 

knal, the rolling of a Bbip. 

knala, the estuary of a river; the 
point where a main stream falls into 
the sea or a tributary into the main 

Icnali, a cooking-pot. 

ktumf , a generic name for pheaeanta ; 

k. i-aya, the argus -pheasant {arguni- 

anus argiia) ; 1c. langgas or k. ranting, 

the peacock-pheasHnt {piiyplectron 

hicalcaratjirn) — of. kuati. 
kaautoiLg', Ch. orang China kuan- 

iong, a name given (o Muhammadan 

Chinese from YonnaQ. 
k«ap, to yawn ; to Open the month 

wide and draw a long breath. 
Icnar, opening out a ijassage by 

swinging a long sticlc in front of one 

— cf. kwik. 
knaxab, a (Bi^ia) gold ornament. 
ksaa, kiiaa-knis, scratching np the 

earth (of a hen). 
knaia, I. Skr. power, strength, might i 

an attorney; a power of attorney; 

letters of administration to the estate 

of a deceased person; b^kaata, poB- 

eessed of power or authority. II. 

6kr. bSiti kHata, an ankus or goad ; 

knat, Ar. physical strength ; vigorous ; 

Strang j iiiati, to exert strength ; to 

wrest by force. 

also ichuatir. 

i KtFDA 

knan, (onom.) the argus-pheasant, 
(argusianue argus) ; k, cbirmin, the 
peacoek-pheasant l^lyplectron bical- 
caralum)—ci. Sidinj. 

knbal, - gubal. 

knbang, a wallow ; the act of wal- 
lowing in mud or water ; k. nadi, 
the hollow at the base of the throat ; 
bSrkahang, to wallow, 

knIliB, £ng. cabbage. 

knlMUg, the flying lemur (galea- 
pithecTtg roiofltfl). 

kuto, a stockade ; a rough entrench- 
ment of earth and wood ; k, gajak, 
large enclosure for catching ele- 

inhurkan, to 

kubnr, Ar. a tomb ; 

kncliai, Ch. a vegetabJe (alUam sp.) 
knolill, slipping out of poaitian (as 
a mast slipping out of a badly flttii^ 

knoking, a cat ; a generic name for 
the smaller felidce ; it. Betanda, the 
rabbit ; k. hutan, the common wild- 
cat (felit btngalensis) ; k, jalang, 
a name sometimes giren to the com- 
mon wild-cat (/elig bengaieniia) and 
sometimes to domestic cats that have 
run wild; k.-kuching, the triceps 
muscle ; k. nSgri, the domestic cat ; 
k. pSkak a Chinese rat-trap ; k. iapai, 
•^ k. Blianda ; anak k., a kitten ; 
ekor k,, a small plant with smsll 
spikes of flowers suggesting a cat's 
tail (uTariucrimtay, mate fc., a well- 
knojvn fruit-tree (nepheliam malay- 
ense) ; damar mata k., the cat's-eyo 
dammar (hopea globosa or pachynO' 
earpaa wallichii}. 

knckir, a short queue such aa that 
worn by a Tamil. 

knckup, a smacking kiss — cf. kSchwp, 

knda, Tam. ? a horse ; the knight in 
chess; an old Javanese title; Itfretak,, 
a vehicle drawn by a horse (as op- 
posed to a cart or jinrikisha) ; k.ayer, 
a tapir; k. blraksa, a pegasns ; a 
magic steed ; k. kuda, trestles ; k. iauf. 



an inaeot that runs about on the sur- 
face of water; k. simblraai, a peg- 

■asuB, = li. blrakea ; k. tett, an Arab 
Bteed I batigsal I:., a stable ; gimbala 
k., a groom, a sjcej ikan kuda-kt^^ 
laat, a, fish (hippocampus tHmocu- 
lotua) ; handaiig k., a horse-atall; a 
stable ; bfrhuda, luonnted on a. horse. 
IktidBi, I. a pouch. II. the female of 
the mawaa. 

IkniUmg, stumpy, maimed, docked — 
of, kotong ; plrahn t., a vessel with a 
iqnare Bt«^; »ampank,, nhoat with 
'a broad stem and narrow bows. 

:kndT»t, Ar. power, might (of God) ; 
dlngan k. ilahi rabbi, by the power 
of our Lord God. 

Ikndn, (Singapore) a Hindu idol. 

]mdlla, Ar. holy {eapeoiall j in the ex- 
pression roh-vl-k., the Ho!y Ghost). 

xneh, a generic name for cakes. 

Ikni, a brazier's mould. 

Irniiii, the wild mango (mnngifera 
foetida)., Ar. a jug; a water-jug (often 
used for a wash-hand jug). 

kujoiig, = kocliong. 

^bi^tix, a spear with a broud blade 
and long handle. 

Icnjnt, strangling, garrotting. 

Im^ll, firm, strong, stiff, steady ; k. 
sStut, firm lojTilty! bSrkukoh, to 
adhere obstinately to ; Hukohkan, to 
strengthen, to fortify. 

Jtnkok, = kokok. 

Iknlni, nail, claw, hoof, talon ; sap^rf i 
k. dSngan iai, like the nail and the 
quick — (separation causes intense 
pj^, prov.); blrganfong di-hMj<mg Tc,, 
hanging from the tip of the finger- 
nail — (a very precarious position, 
prov.) ; k. ktimhing, a pecaiiar instru- 
ment for planting padi ; k. satih, the 
claw of an anchor; biinga k., the 
light patch at the base of the Snger- 
mil i paliat ft., the round chisel ; 

pSnyirat k., the skin coTeriug tha 

base of the finger-nail. 
knkitp, alluvial flats at the estuary 

of a rirer. 
knlmr, I. a rasper ; to scrape, to 

rasp i t- tiyiur, a coconut scraper ; 

nyiur tahan k., a young coconut 

just before the water begins to 

collect in it. 11, (onom.) the mur- 

muring note of the dove. 
bilkuii, cooking bj steaming; ki<- 

kusan, a cauldron for steaming rice. 
fcnla, I. Jav. I, me. IL Skr. race, 

people, family ; k. sSntana, id. 
knlftk, Pers. a helmet. 
knlai, I. hanging down slackly (as a 

broken branch or limb). H. a shell 

(t'lrbo marmoraUu). 
knlat, a fnngns ; a mushroom. 

knli. Hind, a coolie 

knlUinir. " ^^S^''' 
kulim, a large tre 



knlit, skin, peel, crust, shell, rind, 

husk, bark, leather ; k. bahi, pig-skin ; 

(by metaphor) defilement, dishonour. 
knlnm, mastication, keeping in tbe 

mouth, mouthing; ■mingv.lnm, to 

chew, to mouth. 
knluii, Jav. the west. 
knlup. At. foreskin j a name given to 

the young — i.e. "boy." 
knlur, a cultivated variety of the 

breadfruit (twtocarpus iriei'sa). 
koma, =< koina, 
kmnRl, an ornamental line, either 

painted, inset, or in relief. 
Iciimal, crumpled, ruffled, slightly 

soiled (as paper that has been written 

kuman, a very small insect ; a louso 
(as a type of the insignificant). 

Iramat, = komat. 

knmba, Skr. a frontlet worn in the 
state-trappings of an elephant. 

brunliali, washing; bira» k., wet 
(spoilt) rice ; a type of the value* 

■ id by 



fcumliailif, a generic name for hum- 
ble-Leca, coconut beetles, etc. ; the 
bee aB the aasifluous lorer of the 
flower ; bllat k., a peculiar Peniing' 
type a! large fisi-trap (a sub-variety 
of the bll^t Udah) ; haiimau t., the 
black panther, 

Inuubar, a large and almost stemleBS 
palm (lalacca leallKhiana). 

Inunbara, = kimbaTO, 

ktunbu, a basket used by angleiu 

ktunis, hair near tiie lips ; the 
mouBtai,h( and the hair under the 
under lip 

kumkninEi, ^ luiim limn 

kninpai, niMput lumpat, a snamp 
grass the pith of nhich is usee) as n 
'Vtick {pamcam muui He) 

knmp^, a clot, a lump 

Jcnrnpnl, assembly, gathenng, niret- 
mg together, i^a kumptil, m one 
gathering, together, iumpvJan, n 
gathering, an assembly , tutapiillun, 
to gttthoj (people) together , to 
collect (objects) 

kmniur, to gargle, to rinse the moutb. 

kim, I. Ar. bo it go; = jadi-lali, in 
incantations. II. Ch. a border to a 
garment when that border is of a 
different colour. 

tltllMlg, hanaitg-itanang, a firefly ; 
£.-i. aa-lclban, a garden of fireflies (n 
name given to a ring in ivhich a largo 
gem is set in a circle of smaller ones). 

feuiLclLft, a bale ^ a measure for straw, 
grass or anything easily made np into 
bales ; = (approsimately) ^ of a if oyon, 

ftaitolti, a lock ; locking up ; a key 
[bnt oiiaS Ic, is more correct in this 
senss] ; tSma It., a ginger (koanpferia 
ptmdwrata) ; kunchiian, to lo(^ (u 

kuiahlt, " kuckir, 

knnohup, closing up or folding up 
(of an umbrella, or of any similar 
object which shrinks on itself but 
is not rolled round itself like a flag) ; 
klmbang i., opening and shutting] 
expanding and contracting. 


bmiclai, Tarn, the short queue of a 
Tamil; rambut anak J,*., the short 
hair at the top of the neck. 

knndaalC, control, command, autho- 
rity ; (in magic) infloenoo of the 
nature of hypnotic inftuonce ; buditk 
t,, personal attendants or orderlies 
to a prince ; hicdah kundangurt, id. 

Inrndnr, the was gourd (tenincaso. 

kimgkiuii, elastic pressure or shrink -^ 
age round an object i mf »gt(ii§i!«m, to 
close in upon, to press in upon. 

knninff, ^ ellow ; puteh k., pale yel- 
low , a nmoh admired colour of the 
lorapleMOJi (whence it has become 
a term of endearment " ray fair 
one ') mamhang k., the sunset glow ; 
JKitftinsmji., the loyal colour yellow. 

knnj011g>, laingimjovg, to visit. 

fcnntaa, Ch the fist; bMuntnii, to- 

ld, a blossom. 
fcnnTali, chewing, ruminating. 
fcnnyit, tnrmcric, saffrora ; tlma k.^ 

kapBAg, I. a coin or measure or 
value (equal in Penaug to 10 cants)- 
II. a marine mussel [mytU-us). 

knpaa, shelling, peeling, skinning^ 
remoTiiig the husk i kitpaskan, to- 
akin ; tirlcapae, skinned, shelled. 

knpl, a flask. 

knplnff, I. Jav. the ear. II. the scab- 
over a sore — cf, kSruping. 

kn-pn, I. Ar. equality of rank ; parity. 
II- kupii-kujia, a butterfly. 

fcnr, a cry for summoning fowls and- 
birds ; Jt. siinangai, the ety to sum- 
mon the sSmonpat ; a term of endear. 

kiuft. I. kura'kara, a generic nama- 
for a number of tortoises (other than 
lesludo emy»j. II. dSinam kura, iow 
fever ; ague fits. 

karai, straight broad lines in the- 
veining of wood or the damoacening^ 
ot a klrin, 

EnrtUL, Ar. the Koran. 



knranff, reduction ; lessening ; less ; 
(by eitenaion) a negative adverb; 
Jt. hati, lacfcii^ in spirit, Bpiritleaa i 
Jiiknrangatt, rednction ; karaaglcaii, 

to reduce. 

JpozBrp, I. ringworm and similar para- 
sitic skin diseases. II. a shell {eapsii 

Jcaxcm., a iisli (unidentified). 

knrbiui, Ar. a sacrificial offeiing. 

Knripui, an old kinsdom in Java, 
the home of Sira Panji. 

fenmia, Ar. the datc-fi'nit ; it1so 

knraia, Skr. favour, kindnesa, gift 
(from a soperior to an inferior) ; 
jikalau ada k, taan-lni, if your high- 
ness pleases ; kiimiai or mingumidi, 
to confer a favoar or j;if t ; to bestow. 

bnrong, enclosing ; Cutting ofF ; an 
enclosure ; the compBrtmeuts of a 
large Malay fish-trap {Mlat or 
kelong) ; a room ; a cabin ; bgrlciirong, 
to be enclosed or shut up; tfrkurowj, 
enoloeed, shut up. 

knrsi, Ar. a chair j t. panjang, a long 
chair ; also Mrvei. 

knnu, thin, lean, attenuated ; knrud 
!i., withered and bonj-. 

Inu), a Bound made to frighten away 

knsa, = loss. 

fciuial, rolling np hy friction between 
the palms of the hands. 
hnsam., lustreless ; doll. 
kiuar, = gvsar. 
hnaliknl, ^ Mekul. 


IcUBi, I'lirapuf liiisi, a gi-a&a (poa cijno- 

suroides P) 
kasta, KiTcit husta, leprosy. 
kusn, a small group ; bSr!;v,a«-}ra3U, 

iu knots, in. clusters. II, tHsu-lcuini, 

the retirer or cuscus grass (ondro- 

pogon mm-icatws). 
inurnt,t«ngled,uiatted, confused; hati 

t., perplexity; rambut It., tangled hair. 
knt, (Penang) perhaps, possibly. 
kntai, = Tiotai. 

kutang, a thin bodice, = choU. 

bnti, ktiH-ltati, nagging, petty an- 

Inml, I. a wart. II. to pick or break 
off a small piece of anything. 

ktttlp, picking np something that i» 
below yon ; gathering, collecting. 

kntok, a curse ; accursed ; ei-Mek, 
a ■wretch, a scoundrel ; tiitokt or 
mSngHtoki, to curse. 

kutu, I. alouse; A:, anjing, a flea; i. 
bidoi; the beetles infesting dirty 
lookers in boats ; t. busol; a bng ; 
I: ISmbii, a tick; tiiidag t,, to kill 
lice (on the thumb-nail). II. Tarn, 
an association ; ea-Icufu, a federation ^ 
persakiitnan, id. ; bfraa-kvtu. Fede- 
rated ; Nlgri llSlayu ya)ig bSr'aJfvttir 
the Federated Malay States. 

bntnm, '^ kanfum, 

knjm, melancholy, ruefnl looking^ 
oat of aorta or ill. 

koyitp, I. iasnh kmnip, sopping wet- 
II. = kmju. 

kojnt, =■ kiiifii. 

kjaT, = kiai. 

la, Ar. not, no. 

LmI, Ar. a ruby ; rnby-rod wine. 

laanat, Ar. curse ; I. Allah, the ciu-se 
of God J laanaian, accursed. 

laba, I. great profits, rich returns ; 
blroUh I., to profit greatly. II. laba- 
lata, a spider; l.-l. bSrok, the large 

bird-apiders ; !.-'. Ivloiig,. 
a lai^ black wall-spider. 

lalmk, ^ taba, II. 

la1>Gi:aaff, a name given to some- 
tackle in the rigging of a native ship.' 

laM, labi'labi, a name given 
small soft-shelled turtles (li ' 



Carlilagineus snApelochelys cnntoHs) ; 
siput labi-labi, a. large eliell-fisli with 
a peculiar yellow -spotted body. 

lawll, letting down or lowering by 
means of a rope, string or cable ; 
anchoring) letting down blinds or 
Cui-tainB; labohan, an anchorage; 
labohkan, to lower, to let down j 
iSrUiboh, to moor, to anchor. 

labn, ft generic name for gourds and 
pnmpkinB; a Calabash; a pipkin; an 
earthenware Teasel resembling a 
bottle-gourd ; I. ayer, a, pnmpkin 
(eiKarlita pepo) ; I. bain, an earthen 
vare pipkin; I. jantoJts, the bottle 
gourd {lagenaria vutgariii) ; l,-labu, 
a calabash for holding water ; L 
mania — I. ayer ; I. merak, a gourd 
(cucurbita maxima) ; tipnt I., a shell 
(mtireJ! hans'ellKm) ; tampnic I,, the 
aniull stalk left on a gourd when, it 
is plucked. 

labor, I. smearing, daubing ; mllabar 
•puUh, to whitewash. II. pBiatin-, 
rations supplied to troops or labour- 
ers; tatike lobar, the Chinese capi' 
talist financing a tin-mine. 

lm«lu^, hUachalc or milachalc, to be 

lachl, (Dutch) a drawer; a chest of 

lada, pepper ; -pipii I., to grind pepper 
for cooking ; I. bireknr, cubebs {piper 
cu&cba) ; I. China, a pepper {piper 
chaha) ) I. hantti, a wild pepper {pi- 
•per ranium) ; I. hitam, black pepper 
(yiper nigrwm,) ; I. merah, red pepper, 
capsicum {capsicum antMum). 

ladon, minyah ladan, a strong oily 
preparation used in caulking native 
boats ; sltoTiggi I., joss-stjcks. 

ladanff, planting on high dry ground 
in contntdistinction to planting on 
low swampj ground (sawah) ; l. 
padi, " hill-padi " ; I, gambir, a hill- 
cloaring for planting gambler ; [. 
• ladn, a pepper-clearing; tikar I., a 
coarse type of mat; bSrladavg, to 

- plant on dry soii. 


ladeli, = dadeh. 

lading, parang lading, a long cutter 
the blade of which tapers towards 
the handle ; pSraha I., a heavy caigo- 

\aAoag, stagnation, standing still ; 
batn L, a plummet ; a lead on a lish- 
ing-line ; I. kail, a lead ou a fishing- 

li^fa, Ibe fightmg of relatively large 
animals — such as buffaJoefi, bulla, 
rams and chevrotmi ; the fighting 
of quails (but not cocks or graSB- 

lagun Hind the bit (of a horse). 

laffanf, the first stejis in weaving a 

UetI, n 


) ; yet more ; still, also, 
; dan-lagi, furthermore, 
besides ; ea-lagi, so long as ; BB long 

lagu, tune ; mlnvrat I,, in time with, 
the music 

lah, a suffix sometimes having a 
preterite signification, and some- 
times a qoasi-demonatrative one em- 
phaeising the expression to which it 
is appended — e.g. p?r<ii4ah ia, he 
went; oi'ong itn-liih yang pirgi, it 
was that man who went. 

lahad, Ar. Hang lahad, an escavation 
dug into the left side of the grave 
and used for the actual reception of 
the dead body. 

laliap, pilahap, a glutton, a voracious 

lahtts, a pool, a mere, a patch of 

water in the jungle ; also vnlahar, 
laUx, Ar. clear, plain, visible. 
lai, a numeral coefficient for tenuoos 

objects — such as shoots of paper, 

garments, leaves, blades of graj^ 

etc. ; also hSlai. 
laloU, Ch. a well-known Chinese 

fruit {nepheliitm litchi). 
laU, ^ layak. 
lain, difierent ; other than ; exclusive 

(of); some... others... ; fam <!t-i»tn- 

am, iain di-BUpit pSrut, 



potious, some were lotions ; !ni'« 
orang lain hati, diSerent; men have 
different liearta ; mSnchari I,, to seek 
a new love ; lain-lainkan, to sort ; 
blHainan, ditteriog from ; apart 
from ! milainlKm, but, nevertheleaB, 

TaI», I. ilcan laii, a Hab (unidentiSed). 
II. mSIaiB, to back water. 

lajn, swiftnesB, speed, rapidity of 
motion ; swift, fast. 

iRJnr, a band, a broad line, a furrow 

lain, kayn laka, a tree {phyllatithiig 

1m1, busband (lesa respectful than 
guamt) ; lahi-lalii, male, masculine; 
manliueas ; birlaki, to have a hus- 
baud ; to be married (of a woman) ; 
bSrlakilia'a, to take as one'a husband, 
to marry (of a woman marryinf;)- 

Iftkln, At. well, so, jet, hnt ; ica-latia, 
and yet ; and still. 

laksa, I, Skr. myriad ; ten thonsand ; 
ea-laksa, a myriad; bertokeo, in 
myriads; in conntless numbers. II. 
Pera. a native Termicelli. 

laksMuana, Skr. a liigh natiTO offi- 
cial correaponding in many reapecta 
to a miniater of marine or admiral ; 
Detva L., the hero Laksajuana, tbe 
half-brother of Rama j baria I., the 
doable triang'le ; tlie maj^c fijiure 
drawn by the hero Laksamana to 
protect Bita, Rauia'a wife, from 

laksaua, I. like ; similar to ; resem- 
blance i = aBplrti or bagai, but 
rather more literary in uae; laksana- 
ian, to imitate, to eqoal, to compare 
with, to rival. II. bijak lakeaTui, 
wise, prudent ; = bijaksana. 

lakn, conduct, manner, behaviour; 
to act or behare ; to take effect ; to 
pass corrent; rosah bangsa kama 
laku, good birth is wasted by bad 
maamcra, prov, ; alp^rli laku orang 
gila, like the conduct of a madman; 
ringgit ini tiada laka, this dollar will 


not pass current; lingkah I., general 
deportment ; character ; Uiiiikan, to 
carry into effect ; to cause to paas 
current ; mStukiikan, id. ; blrlahu, to 
taJce effect, to prevail, to pasa cur- 
rent ; ki^latman^ manner^ bearing, 

lafcnm, a generic name for a number 
of wild Tinea — e.g. nitis diffusa, %: 
moiluima and v, novemfolia. 

laknu, Jav. a staged play (eapecially 
a olassical play in ancient Java) ; 
lakujikaTtf to represent (such a play) 
on the sta^e. 

lala, I. lipnt I., a aalt-water bivalve^ 
reaemhiing a muaael. II. mClala, to- 

lolall, gluttonous eating, 

lalfti, I. careless, thoughtless, sleepy, 
listleaa ; laUiikan, to forget, to loao 
interest in ; ^laiai, a spell to reniler 
people careless or forgetful. II. 

lal&k, the touch-hole of a cannon ^ 
mllatak, to flash in the pan ; to mias 

lalaug, I the well-known " lalarg " 
lon(t-grass {hnperafa cylindrica) \. 
gujah L. a taoie elephant. II. lain 
lalang, gomg and coming; paBsing^ 
backwards and forwards. 

lalftt, the common fly (musca) ; I. 
htjau, the " blue-bottle " fly ; I. kSr- 
ban, the oestrus; I. kuda, the horae- 
fly (tabanus) ; bSroii.i I., the courage 
of a fty (which fliea away for a mo- 
ment but returns) — courage that is 
discreet but persistent; harimau I., 
the common small jumping spider, 
tahi L, a freckle, a small mole , ilpok 
I., the peculiar Qap used by Malays 
to catch grass hoppers 

Iftlau, hindrance, metalBU, to warn 
oS (trespassers) , to prohibit (pas- 
sage) ; hikinat pSlaiau, a charm to 
hinder a giri from marrying any- 


LALD l: 

lain, past, after, afterwards i elapsinfr, 
traversing; moring past i pada masa 
yang tUah lahi,, iu the past ; tahan I., 
Iftst jear; lalti-lali, iami, we passed 
hj; oraTtg mxisolc lala ciudot, tliey 
entered and then sat down ; I. laXang, 
passing to and fro ; aa-lalu, atwftjs, 
<;oiitiiiiially ; lalui, to traverae, to 
override, to disobey; inSIoItii, id.; 
tSrlida, surpassingly, very, esceed- 

lam, ib marine worm from which an 

oil is obtained; viiayak I., the oil so 

lama, duration of time ; long ; anci- 
ent ; former ; orong I., the amoientfl ; 

T)lrapa I., how long ; ramah-nya yang 

I., his former house ; laina-lama, in 

ihe end ; in course of time ; finally ; 

io-iama, while ; as long as; ea-laina- 

lama, for ever. 
laman, '^ hdlaman. 
luuanf, a heavy sword. 
Itwmat, = alamat, 
laiabai, beckoning ; mSiombai, to 

wave, to beckon — (e.g., to a friend 

on a departing ship). 
lam'bak, a confused heap, a piJe ; 

mSlambal;, to lie in heaps. 
lambat,Blow; behind time; (. bUajar, 

slow to learn ; t. aaiiipai, slow to 

lam.biii;, coming to a point ; pricked 
up (of the ears). 

lambok, I. hubur lamhok, a sonp of 
prawns, fish, ginger and other ingru- 
dients. II. = lambur. 

lambottg, I. side, flank ; roda I., a 
paddle-wheel. II. swelling up (as 
a wave) ; bouncing np (as an india- 
rubber ball) ; melainbong, to surge ; 
to rebound. 

lamlrar, a large jeliy-fish. 

lunin, kllamia, a pair (male and 
female) ; a married oouple ; pHuinm, 
the bridal bed. 

lajnina, acale-armour. 

laUipfti, slender, lissom, srelt« ; mS- 
iciHijini, to hang down — cf. ampai. 

lampam, a frcah-ivater fish (bai-bim 
Ijunpan, washing for tin ; an allnvial 

lampar, spread fiat over, sprawling ; 

Hditr Mrlampar, to sleep eprawliiyj 

over the bed — of. hampar, 
l&mpaa, polishing, smoothing. 
lampan, excess ; snrpassing, exceed- 

ii^; (giiajnpQW, too mucJi ; inSlampait, 

to go too far ; mSlampaui, to overdo, 
lampin, a wrapper or swaddling- 

clotli for a newly-born child. 
lampit, Jav. a sleeping-mat. 
lam.^ ong, pShrmpong or ISlampotig, a 

float for a line or net — of, ampong, 

apowg, etc. 
lampn. Port, a lamp. 
lamim, if it be that ; providod that ; 

lanainff, I, Jnv. man, male, manly; 
= hil/i-lvki. II. twining by twist- 

lanar, mud, slime (of the hind one 
meets on Malayan mudbanka). 

lanolitmK, I. Port, a Malay war- 
vessel built for speed and fighting. 
[The word is now specially applied 
to the model ships (hapal hantu), 
iaden with ofierings, which are set; 
adrift to propitiate the demons of 
the sea], II. milanthatig, to push 
ahead, to outstrip. 

lauchap, slipping down easy; smootb 
and slippevy. 

lancbar, quick-darting (as a snake) ; 
fluent (of speech) ; I. mltiibacha, 
fluency in readii^; pSralm lanrharan, 
a swift cruiser; niilaiicliai; to dart 

lanciilii.g, Jav. trousers (of the type 
worn by Javanese). 

laaohok, a pool ; a puddle. 

laachoug, false, counterfeit^ debased 
(of cnrreucy). 

lanchor, gushing out violently) 
spurting out i emptying tin-bearing 
earth into a mining- washer ; mHa-a- 
ehiir, to spurt out— cf. paiicln 



lanAa, I. mSlunda mas, to wash for 
allarial gold. II. mllanda, to force 
one's way into B houae or room j to 
forcibly intrude. 

landall, It porcnpiae ; J, rayit, fho 
large porcupine 0iy«trix longteauda) ; 
I. bata, I. hSluhi or I. uii, the brush- 
tailed porcupine (afjteruro mncrain), 

laadae, landagaa, an anyil ; pSlandas, 

landin, >- Undnyan. 

landoli, milatiduh, increasing in 
brcadtli {aa a cone). 

landong, long (of a rope)— of . lanjai: 

iBMg, a generic name for hawks, 
kites and ettglee ; I. bllalaiiig (ini- 
crokierax app,'); l,boreh{pernistweiid- 
dalii) ; I. hindek (niaaetne lunnaetus) ; 
I. merak, the Braluniny kite {hali- 
astvr spp.) J I. rajawali, a generic 
name for small hawks — e.g. Hnnan- 
nabvts alaxidariaa ; E. Hin&a (api:a«Cus 
sp.) ; I. stput, the large soa-etigle 
(JtaliaMiiB lewogaita) ; eiao (in 
Patani) the osproj j I. Utnbikar, the 
yoang haUaetuT. 

longftn, a large stinging Sj. 

lang'g&l, a trian^la^ push-not work- 
ed ^ one man J hilal I., a fixed 
(estoarine) purse-not (also known 

langirau, hh-laiignani, to club to- 

lauf B'BH^. tunggang laiiggaitg, topsy- 
turvy; np aide down. 

lonf gar, I. knocking up agaiust ; 
attacking i I. bdhasn, a breach of 
etiquette ; langijari, to attack. II. 
JftV. a small private mosque ; = 
suraa or bntidaraah. 

langir, material used as soap for 
cleaning the person. 

Itutgit, the ekyt the heavens; twjoh 
pitala I,, the seven folds of heaven ; 
Icaki I., the horizon ; latigit-langit, a 
eanopyj aeeiling; Iclrotigkotiganl.-l,, 
the roof oP the month. 

lang'lcali, e, step, a pace, a. stride ; 
sniah I., a false step ; langkalii, to 


walk over ; langTiahliaa, to put dowii 

the footi to step J mHangkah, to 

ti'avcl, to set out. 
langftan, Gh. a balcony ; a balnn- 

ti'adad terrace. 
lauffkaB, fiery (of a steed). 
lanffkat, tiiree days henco ; tho 

morrow of the day after to-morrow. 
lanffkan, skipping ; omitting a little 

and resuming further on. 
langfcup, ISlangkap, capsized (of a 

boat) ; upside down (of a cap) ; face 

lauglanlT, Jav. travelling round ; t. 

lnMOTO, wandering over the earth. 
laii|r>ai, winding np j habis I., quite 

lau^ar, long in ])roportion to width 

(as a flag-stafF) ,' tall and straight. 
longgat, the we!l-knovm fruit {Um- 

siura domesticum)^ 
lanpd, I. shrill (oE the voice) t i"S- 

lang$i, to give out a sharp shrill 

note, II. irapery, hangings!. 
laugaintf, = langsi, I. 
ltM.g9oag, moving ou to ; proceeding 

to ; forthwith, neit j blrjalan-lalt 

langiotig ka-plkan, they went straight 

to the market i tirlatigaong, (1) gone 

forth i issued ; (2) too much ; jungan. 

Urlavgsong, do not go too far. 
langpon, ^ lUangan. 
lanffnt, mHangat, to look hnngrily 

or longingly at anything. 
laajai^T. see flrlanjang. 
la^jar, long (of a rope) — of, landuiig. 
iBBJong, libu, lanjong, a long and 

thin variety of the sugar-cane. 
lanjnr, tUanjar, protracted ; drag- 

iug on — cf. lanjat, aiijiir, etc. 
laajnt, long, lasting, lengthy, pro- 
longed ; laiijathan, to lengthen ; inS' 

• • ■• ton, 

■ of strips 

of bamboo). 
lantak, ramming down, hammering; 

down ; I'doh I., crushed under heavy 
weights ! pilantah, a 

.;V6d by 



lantitng, cleaj', open, empty. 

lantar, pilantar, a flooring without 
ft roof ; a piece of scafiolding' ; tta 
open-air theatre-stage ; pelantaran, 
id. i iSlantar, Ijing etretohed on the 

lantas, forthwith j thereupon; 
prouptlf ; »a-illoh datang lain naih 
iontos ka-pSraditas, on arriving he 
■went promptly to bed. 

lantek, I, installing {a prince or Tery 
high dignitary) ; mSlantel:, to instal ; 
to ero«Ti. II. b^lantek or pllaafet, 
a, Bpi'ing-gun or spring-bow. 

lAUtonK, strong (of a smell) ; putrid. 

^oniui, Ilauun (the ■najue of a pirati- 
cal tribe from Mindanao) ; piratica!. 

laayak, treading down (nsed espe- 
cially of soil being trodden down by 
buffaloes as a rough way of preparing 
it for cultivation). 

lanyan, mad with a hard crust or 
mad mixed with decayed vegetable 

Jap, a dishcloth ; JcSrlai !., blotting- 

lapah, stripping, skinning (especially 
nsed of skinning a slaughtered 
animal for the market or kitchen). 

Iftponf , empty space presenting an 
orifice or gap ; vacuity; I. hfiti, loss 
of heart, despair. 

lapar, hunger ; I. dahaga, hnnger 
and thirst; I. smbii, hungering for 
milk (of a baby) . 

lapek, I. pedestal ; base ; the surface 
on which a thing rests ; a rug, mat 
or doyly; (. iofci, sandlesj I. pung- 
BOng, a mat for sitting on. 11. lopah- 
lapek, confused ; in disorder ; incon- 

lapla, fold, wrapping, stratum ; Mr- 
lapis, double ; in folds ; in coats. 

loipak, mould ; Mrlaiiok, luouldy. 

lapua, converging rows of stakes 
used for trapping mild animals by 
leading them np to a snare. 
1»E», disquietude ; anxiety ) care ; 
the solicitude of lore ; orang yang I., 


the pining ; pSnglipar I,, a Soother 
of cares ! a story-teller. 
larnll, bSrlarah-larahan, one after- 

larak, close t<^ether (as the seeds of 
a durian which has very little palp- 
in it). 

lorang, prohibition ; larangan, a 
thing prohibited; liutan Uirangaik, ft 
forest reserve ; laranglian, to forbid, 
to prohibit, 

Iftz&p, I. readily saleable ; ^ larie. 
II. multiplicity — i.e. nMarafiwa tali, 
to separate the strands of a rope. 

laraa, smooth and cyliudrical ; the- 
stem of a tree ; the barrel of a 
gun; aSaapaag diM I., a doable-bar- 
relled gun; i/u (., a fish (mrntelus 

larat, 1. dra^ajing on slowly ; lengthy j 
difficult; taiiUH-iahan Uirat ia ming- 
atur din, he spent I6ng years in 
arranging them. II. tiada laral, 
inability to manage ; ta'-larat, id. 

larau, annoyance; disturbanccf 
nifnihalm I., to pay out a man for 
distnrhing yon. 

larek, turning (with a lathe) ; polish- 
ing and rounding ; gading di-larek, 
polished ivory. 

larl, running (but not of liquids run- 
ning) ; escaping; fleeir^j l.wJSngaji, 
to play truant ; larihin, to run from ; 
to escape; mllarikan, id.; blriari, 

lAris, in demand; selling well (of 
goods) ; pilaris, a charm to secure 
good business. 

lorouf, a coffin. 

lamt, to drag (of an anchor). 

Iwi, batu las, a haid mineral auhstanca 
used as emery stone. 

laaa, nambed ; anggota yang lasa 
mSnjadi lagi rasa, the numbed limbs 
regained the power of sensation. 

ImkIl, striking, switching. 

hunk, pakaian pSlasale, every-d(^ 
wear; working clothes. 

laahbar. Per. aoldierr, 

, ;.d by 


Itum, ataieiiesB ; mustiness of 

iKinm, Jav, 

make in painted earon^s. 
Iftt, alteniiition ; = tUang ; lat sa- 

pintu, every alternate door ; the 

DBit door liut one ; Int ea-hari, every 

otter dny. 
Iftta, creeping, crawling ; mSlata, to 

lateh, B nervous paroxysmal disease 
aroused by suggestion and often 
taking tho form of hysterical mi- 

latajn, pressing or stamping down ; 

rolling earth to harden its surface. 
latsb, coherence, order ; milateh 

mtiliit, to speak coherently. 
Intok, paraag lafok, a long chopper 

the tip oE which turns downwards. 
lau, Ar, it ; im-lau, and if ; although j 

jika-lau, if. 

Iftuk, materials cooked for consump- 
tion with rice ; (. paak, all kinds of 

food (other than rice). 
Imih, protracted, dragging on; jaitgan 

blrlami, do not spin it out too 

lanng, a resounding roar; a deep 
cry; bliiaung or mltaiing, to cry out 

laut, sea ; I, madv., a sea, of honey ; 
I. ajii, hell i barat I., the north-west j 
utara barat L, N.N.W. ; (imof I., 
S.E, J ikan kuda-kuda I., a fish (hip- 
pocampna trimacalalmi) g lattfan, the 
aeas ; the ocean ; mllaut, to trarel 
seawards } ni^Eaufi, to navigate, 

IftWa, a cross-bar in a fish-trap ; ml. 
lawa, to stop the way ; to intercept 
the passage of a bridol party pending 
the payment of a fee ; upah pSmbnka 
lawa, the fee so piud. 

Uemib., = lawai, 1. 

iMTftk, lamak-lawak, poking fun, jest- 
ing, teasing ; pila'wak, a tease. 

Imnui, opposition, rivalry, competi- 
tion, contest I a rival, a foe ; lawan-i, 
to contend against ; blrlatcan, to be 


engaged in a contest or competition ; 

to be in rivalry or comparable. 
latam, a special lavtms, I- h'i,nga I,, mace ; IcuUt I., 
rongs. an aromatic bark (cinnoinomum cuXJt 

faican) II. a great gate ; a main 

i. id. 

Iawrt, a preparation of minced fish. 

lawaB, I. empty, clear, vacant (of 
ground) ; unobstructed (of a view). 
II. old, left over, snrvivals. 

lawat, ^nilfiwut, to visit. 

lawi, buju laii I, the long feathers in 
a cocl-'s taii ; (. ayuni, a name given 
to a curved dagger with a hole in 
the handle, 

layali, I. mllayah, to bend over back- 
wards ; to sway about. II. a loose 
outer garment worn by women on 
the Mecca pilgrimage. 

layak, I. Ar. right, suitable, proper, 
fitting, appropriate g bukantayalckita 
mfniatdi din, it is not fitting that 
wo should wear it, II, cotting open 
a fish (longitudinally) to preserve 

IftTun., hlrlayam, to dance a sword- 
layan, layani or inilayani. to wait 

layauff, flying, soaring in the air [ 
mUayang, to fiy; mSU/yatigkan, to 
fly away with ; l.-l., (1) a generic 
namo for swallows and swifts j (2) a. 
generic name for children's kites. 

lay*p, jHilayap, to Bkim the Bur- 

Itqnr, sailing; a sail; I. agong, the 
main- Bail ; I, apH, a lug-sail i I. 
(io9f«»-, a studding-sail ; I. plnyorong, 
a mizzen ; (. lujiang, a foresail; 
ikan i., a fish (hittiojihorva gladivt) ; 
paeang I., to set the sails ; ^bah« I., 
the yard ; pSkaki L, the boom ; bl- 
layar, to sail ; to travel by water ; 
to set sail ; pSlayaran, a aea-voyage. 

IftTU, faded, withered ; to fade away 
(of a tree or flower) , 

layun, Jav. the dead body of a piiucet 
" ' , ;.d by 


lant. At. delightful to the taste ; 

delioioas j pleflaure-giving. 
lulm, At, necessary ; dependent on. 
lama^:^, Pera. lapis'lazuli. 
Ittboh, the honey-bee ; haican I., a 

swarm of beea ; aaraiig L, a. bees' 

IBbni, a mosque offidal who attends 
to the order of the service ; (Penang) 
the descendant of a family distin- 
guished for piety. 

Ubak, (onom.) a thud. 

UliMn, I. livid (of a bruise). II. 
(onom.) & hanging noise. 

libUL, a plant (vitex jiulieecenfl) ; 
also kalban. 

ISbKag, debility following on illness 
(eapecially on cbildbirtb), 

Wliap, (onom.) ft dull thud. 

Ia1>ar. widlh ; broad ; lebar-vya sn- 
d8j«i, it was aix feet broad. 

161:^t, dense (of foliage); close, thick; 
hujan I,, heavy rain; bula tAKnir- 
nya Ubat, having bushy eyebrows. 

libali, more, superior, greater ; yaag 
I,, the most ; the more ; I. Jmrang, 
.more or less ; lebehkuK, or milibeh- 
kan, to augaient ; bSrUbeh-Ubehan, 
going OQ increasing ; boasting ; ex- 
aggerating ; tirlsbeh, much mere, 
most, excessively. 

Uboll, a broad and btisy street. 

ISbU, dust ( (. dali, " dust below the 
royal feet " — a humble way of in- 
directly addressing a prince. 

161)11111, (onom.) a thumping noise. 

Iftbiui, fraud by adulteration or by 
specious appeamnces. 

IBImr, smelting; the molten state; 
solution, liquefaction, destruction j 
hati I., a crushed spirit. 

Ifioball, muddy (of Lhi> ground) ; wet 
(of walking). 

IBohak, (onom.) a splashing noise. 

VUbtkt, saturated; wet through (as 
a handkerchief). 

•a LEKA' 

ISchat, extremely smooth and slip- 

leelieh, m^lecheh, to coai, to cajole, 
to wheedle. 

leoliek, beating up with a spoon ; 
hitting with the flat side of the foot. 

leeker, milechei; to be moist (as a 
sore or abrasion) ; to suppurate. 

l«c]i«t, blistered, abraded — cf. lecher. 

leollit, I. mmchit, to shoot out (as 
water from a leak)— cf. IScftut and 
Unekil. II. (onom.) the twittering 
of birds ; = dichit. 

liaholL, steeping vegetables or rice 

laohok, a smooth oily or polished 

Itelinr, scalding, bliBt«ring. 
ISclmt, mSlichut, to oozo out (as the 

contents of some fruits when the 

fi-uit is squeezed), 
ledailK, light in colour | pale ; shim- 
ISding', mSllding, to warp; to slowly 

become oonvei— cf. Udong. 
16donff, mlliiong, to give (under a 

weight) — cf. Uding. 
Vigti., broad, wide ; easy ; I. dada, 

full obesteds ta'-Uga, disquieting,. 

Ugam, hilam iigam, coal-black i 

leffar, mllegar, to make the circuit 

of the rice-mill. 
16^B, to " anick " oS a projection. 
Uffat, keeping steadily on the same 

course (of a ship). 
ligong, (onom,) the booming of a 

Wffn, jneWy", to weave the selvage 

or border of a mat, 
Ifignm, (onom.) thumping. 
leber, the neck i bntang I., the 

column of the neck ; kSrat L, to ont 

the throat ; pan^gai I., tn beh^l. 
lafca, lingering over ; dwelling on i 

dawdling over ; I. bei-maia, lingering 

over play; I. minansis, oontinnona, 




lAeik,mileJ!alc,to whirl or buzz round 
and round a spot. 

Ukang, aheUiost (a fruit) ; ramftman 
I., ft variety ot ranibntan fruit [so 
called because tbe flesh ie easily 
Heparabla from the pip.] 

16kap, cle&Titig to something ; flat- 
tened on — of. llkat 

Ikknr, a rattan frill for lifting pots 
ofE the fire without burning the 

16kaa, speed; apeedilj-, quickly, soon ; 
nanii llkaK rosak mata, jour eyesight 
will soon be spoilt. 

l&kftt, adhering to, sticliing to, pasted 
on ; likatkan, to stiok (a thing) on ; 
miUkat, to adhere to ; pHSkat, a, bill 
(stuck on a, wall) ; tliilkat, stuck 

lakeh, low, mean, despicable. 

ISkir, ponau Ukir, a disease discolour- 
ing the skin ; ulur iaina I,, a snake 
with curious white markings suggest- 
ing the disease {coltiher melanarue), 

Ittoll, (oDom.) the sound of a cough. 

ISkok, low-lying ground; a hollow; 
a swampy patch. 

IBkn, blTtmiu, to lean on one's 

l«klir, a nnmeral which when occur- 
ring after the nnmbers one to nine 
signifies that twenty is addtd— le 
ga-llktir, twenty-one; dim lefcut, 
twenty-two, etc. 

tela, I. a Bwivel-gan ; II belored, 
darling (a term of endearment) 
III. malairaja lela, the title of u 
chamberlain or master of the core- 
monies at a Malay court ; bei maha- 
raja lela, to act aa though the whole 
place belonged to you— as illustrated 
by a court chamberlain who possesses 
little real power but (at state cere 
monies) orders about much greater 
personages than himself, I^ wav 
ingj to brandisbi viSlela, to wave 
y. bSei mSlela, steel ; Iclne mllela, 
an nndamascened kiris. 


lelah, weariness, exhaustion iji^mat I 
extreme weariness ; batok L, whoD[ 

161ak, to slip down (of clothing). 

IMaki, " laki-laki. 

Ifilaktm, = laktin. 

HHangiai, Jay. a pleasure -garden 

lElaa, fnfl^fas, to trim (the comb ot 

a cock). 
leleh, mileleh, to trickle, to floir 

leler, careless, slovenly (of work). 
161ewii, Jbv. behaviour, conduct; 

tinghik (., id. ; = tmgkak laku, 
loloug, I. Fort, sale by auction. II, 

a measure of length and area ; a 

a quarter of an oriong in area, 
I6malt, weak, soft ; lack of firniness 

or rigidity ; I. l^mbxtt, gentleness ; 

ICiiMiik, fat, grease, isi limak dapat 
ka-orv/ag, tnlang bohi pnlang ta-iita, 
others get tbe flesh and fat, we get 
the bones and bristles. 

leman, Jav, an elephant. 

l^mtULf, I mlllmang, to cook in a 
bamboo lesael lined with plantain 
Itavea II mSlSmang, to bend over 
backwards and pick up a coin with 
the lips (as IS done occasionally by 
Malay dancers). 

ISuari, = almari. 

Ifimas, I death by suffocation i 
drowning, stifling ; I. pifciV, oonf twed 
thought II ^ Umah. 

Ifimau, weak, sleepy, apathetic. 

Ifimlia, a plant {pofhomorpha eubpeU 

Ifimbaga, embryo; beginnings! 
primeval (customs) j I. bisul, the 
early stages of a boil ; adat L, custo- 
marv laws handed down from pre> 

ISmbah, low lying land, meadow, 




lembak, melemhalt, to boil ot^r. 
limbauff, aoft-apokennesfl ; blarney ; 

Umbap, moist, claninly, wet. 
Uiii1>ar, a thread, a strand, a, piece 

of Btring ; a namoral coofflcient, = 

ISmbaTOng', a climber (niiidentiEed, 
it lias purpts flowers). 

ItmbeKa. a plant {calolropit pt-occi'a). 

Iftmbek, pulp? ; soft and moiat. 

lembek, an Arabian, rng. 

litabiimig, a flat rim, brim or edge. 

tftmbing', a Epear ; (. UMng-btumgan, 
a dart, a liglit jaTeiin ; t, tiliam pari, 
a spear with three barbs, 

Ifimbonf, ntf.lSmhong, to be blown 
out or puffod out ; to cspand into 
globQlar shape. 

limboTUi, =< banian, 

Ifimba, an ox ; I, jantan, a bull ; I. 
kaii, a bnllook ; [. tanah, a large 
beetle I I. h-atan, tbo smaller wild 
u\ (bos sondaiene) ; ikan I., a lish 
(triacanlhiia breviroslri», also, per- 
haps, ost a one « «). 

limlmt soft del cate weak, flexible ; 
I ha soften Qg of angry feelings ; 
loBB of reseutme Umah I., ex- 
erne y soft or de cate ; gentle ; 
h b I rtb Kan or mlWmbtitkan, 
to soften 

Icmpali, overflon g to fluw out ; 
I. ftiMTWo, CTer-flowing kindness ; 
■mMempah, to flow oyer ; mlUntpah- 
ian, to spill, to sbed. 

llmpai, mSUinpai, to car! up at the 
edge {as a withering leaf). 

limpang, lying athwart or across 
anything ; niHimpanff, to lio out- 

lempaK, throwing, casting} to 
thtowj lempari OF mllempar, to pelt 1 
lemparian or milemparkan, to throw 

UnpUal, = pidid. 

Umpiiu, = kempHii. 

lenpok, hirlempek-Um'pek, in coats 
or lajera. 


Umping, a name given to Jij^ht fiat 

limpok, I. sugared durian. IL a 

poultice ; a piaster. 
Idiuponff, light (as wood, pum.ioe, 

etc. ) ; spongy ) of little weight or 

value ; katiSi I., a frog {o^yglosaaa 

Ifimpojraii, a lishing-reel. 
IftmpoyMLg. a, ginger {zhigiber can- 

IftmaaR, filtU ; lirlhiiuae, smeared 

with dirt. 
IBmnknt, broken grains of husked 

rice ; also mfliiliut. 
lena, sound (of sleep) ; sleep; tidiir 

I., to sleep soundly ; leiiakan, to put 

lenaug, = linang. 

lenchah, = li-achah. 

lincMt, springing forward (as a 

slippery body squeeaed between the 

fingers — cf. lichit), 
lencliiiii, dripping ; soaked ; I. basah, 

soaking wet. 
Ifindaran, a full-sixed handle ; a 

sword-handle in contradistinction to 

a iSrie-handle. 
Iftadeb,, nestling up against, pressing 

up against. 
Ifiudir, viscous secretions of all sorts; 

greasy matter j matter exuded from 

a boil ; the runnings in certain 

IfindoniT, m&llndong, to be dent«d or 

knocked in (of convex surfaces). 
16ndnt, "giving," as a plank under 

a heavy weight. 
leng, a measure of capacity ; hulf a 

lauffS, minyak Uiiga, aesamum oil. 
leag%, dawdling ; wasting time ; I. 

mata, to droop with sleepiness (of 

Uuffal, list! e I 

Ifin^n, arm ; I. bajv^ (he 

garment ; pangkal I., the upper a 
Ifiaganff, sparse (of population o 

the attendance at a festival). 


LfiNGAB 31 

IS&ffar, dizKineBs (consequent on a 
Wow) J tlrUngar, " knocked Hilly ; " 
ai-lclpaXa l^ngar, a man of giddy 

Ui^Mi, clamminess, ^reaaineaa, mois- 
ture ; mSKJUjaa, to become clammj 
or moist. 

langtM, mllengai or bUeagag, to be 
averted (of an angry connteoftnoe). 

Ifin^t, cookinj; in a receptacle Trhich 
is immersed in boiling water. 

linggtik, leaning the bead bock and 
looking skyward. 

lenggang, rocking, swaying; swing- 
ing the arms ; leaggok-L, id. ; l. yaiig 
Umak-llmbtit, a slow undnlating 
motion j I, janda, a, small ourred 
knife broadening towards the point 
aad fretted at the broad end. 

leng'g'ar, wide apart (of packages in 
a receptacle). 

lauff^lt, mllei gqok t« a t restn g 
one's arms on a table = hlrtmk 

Ifli^^k, swaying — e g as a danoei 
— of. lenggang, 

Ifinffgnndi, a small Ireemth vinlpt 
flowers and ar matn? leaves { le 

Ifiugltai, panjat g if ika tall at d 
willowy (of the figure) 

Imgkaug', ring shaped a numeral 
coefficient for bracelets anklets etc 

lingkap, I. complete fnlly eqnip 
ped; snfBciently supplied; chutup (. 
or (. glnap, id. ; dingan ea-lSngJcap- 
nya, in foil ; UngJcapi, mlUngkajii, 
llngkaplcait or mSiBnjjtopion, to (it 
out; iSUtigkapav; equipment. II, a 
plant {arenga obtuaifoUa), 

lenirlUK, = HngkaT. 

UngltHTRr, Skr. miraculous, fabulous, 

Ifingkayui, a "crow's-nest" in a 
Malay stijckade. 

liaKkitui;, = rlvglciang. 

leuirkok, mUentfltiik, to bend, wind 


lenrkong, bow-shaped, carved; 
cireolar j the rim of a wheel ; 


encircling ; hllat I., a long movable 
- line of screens laid BO as to shut in 
a large portion of water between it 
and the shore ; as the tide recedes 
the fish in that area are left high 

Ungkt^nn, =^ ISmpoffan. 
Ifinffknas, an aromatic fruit used in 

making cnrries [alpinia galanga). 
linifknr, TnSUngkar, to be slightly 

bowed or bent. 
leng^ik, miUiigok, to feci stiffness 

and pain in the joints. 
UagOUg, mSlirigimg, to be pensive ; 

to be absent minded or taken up 

with one's thoughts ; to doze. 
luigBan, listless, idle, dawdling, 
leugaer, slipping or sliding aside ; 

side-slip ; slipping down. 
lengRet. hilengnet, turned inside out ; 

having the inside exposed. 
IfinLnr (onom.) the tinkling of a 

little bel! 
Itojn I runningof the saliva; foam 

at the mouth ; eawan I., fits accom- 

T ai led \n foaming at the mouth ; 
m JO to run (of the saliva). II. 

a coarse sack of netting [in which 

things are hnng from the roof so as 

to protect them from mice,] 
leiya «llenja, to sulk. 
Iftnjail stamping down in unison (of 

IinJftr,ll^)tteU«J'ar, the glands I saiit 

Wir^aran, glandular swellings. 
ISnluMiff, the draco«na-, I. bukit 

(dracoenaeongeeta) ; I. mcrah {cordg- 

line terminalis). 
Uaoag, (onom,) the booming of a 

gong or big bell. 
Ifintam, (onom.) the sound of stamp. 

Itntanf , (onom.) a clanging sonnd. 

lentang, = lintang, 

leatek, pSrlenteh, lastful, lascivious. 

Ifintek, curling back, curving con- 
cavely (used of wavy hair, of teeth. 
Sled BO as to give a concave surface, 
of the curve of the eyebrow, etc.) 



Ilntlaff, I (onom ) a tinkling sound 
II mfllntmrj to warp (of iieah 
Tiood eipospd to heat) 
Itatok, Bnpple, BeYible — ISaiui 
lentok, to move the head to i 

Uatosg (onom ) a deep boom 

lintnl, mlUalvl, to fee! empty (of 

tlie stom&cli) 
Ifintnm (onom ) a thnmpmg Bonnd 
Ifintnr, flexible yielding bending 

(as a bongh) , (Siilnn, t« gire a 

twiBt or beud to anything, mellntti), 

to bend (intransitive) 
ISnjrtik, deep (of sleep) 
lBl^«p disftppearmg (anishing m} 

llnit!iapka«, to canse to vanish or 

l&p», Slcr. carelesimess, negligence ; 

also alpa. 
lepa, I. tlrlepa, thrown carelesaly 

away, sprawling. II. niHepa, to 

lipajc, puleh iaelSpak, milk-white, 

lapftk, beetling, overhanging. 

IJ^aiig, a creeper (unidentitled) ; 
ombali Wnga J.,white'Ci'eBted billows. 

IBpaa, liberation, release, escape, 
quitting ; past, ago, since ; I. tSmbah- 
yang, after prayers; Unda di-llpas 
pidaitg, they did not let him go 
home ; kain L, a loose garment worn 
ai a plaid ; I^jxiet, to free from, to 
release; Upaslran, id. i mllSpaskan, 
id, ; iSrUpaa, having escaped. 

lipat, kueh Upat, a generic name 
given to sweetmeats cooked in 

lipan, a Malay verandah j = alrambi. 

lipeb, the turning over or folding of 
a corner or small portion of anything 
— e.g. of the page of a book. 

ISpcit, (onom.) a dull squelching 

, hmat, I. turned up vertically (of the 
eogeof anything); leper-leper, the 

raisnd edge of a combing. II. pro- 

Tincia! accent, brogue 
lepoh injifpofi to be blistered, 
lepoli crooked (of a limb) ; twisted, 

Ifipok (onom ) llpol Upot, a elap- 

ISpongr, (onom ) a thumping noise. 

Ifipn a generu. name given to a 
number of fish — eg. antennaritta 
mammtfe^ synnaiitulriim horriditm 
and (I pan}atig) pelor didactylum. 

Ifipnr mall Vfpur, death by anffoca- 

16Ta]l, tiiUrdh knocked ont and 
injured (as fruit blown down by a 
storm or a^ a book knocked ont of 
iti binding) 

ISrak hvoK It dk a fruit (sapi-ai-as 

lerap, a coin used for playing pitch- 

lerek, mllereTc, to bore through. 
lerenf, contour; rounded brim ; the 

castors under a piece of furniture ; 

Iclreta f., a bicycle. 
leret, slipping away. 
iJSiak, (onom.) Uioh-Umi, to rastle. 
Usap, disappearance ; occaltatioa ; 

= ISnyap. 
leaar, ■mlleier, to drag along the 

ground (as a garment). 
Ifiai, puchat llsi, eitreme pallor. 
IBfliug, (onom.) to whizz. 
Iftalr, a sword -dance. 
lesok, (onom). ISMk-lSsalc, to rustle. 
16soii^, a mortar (for rice-pounding) i 

J. indek, a pounding-machine worked 

with the foot ; I. tan^an, a pounder 

worked by hand. 
IfiBH, utterly tired out ; completely 

exhausted ; Uteli I., id. 
leant, I, shrunken, shrivelled. II. 


, deqnoable^ 


LfiTAK i: 

IStek. to set down ; to put down ; 

litaikan, id. ; mlWoJckan, id. ; tSr- 

Utak, laid down, aet down. 
latek, mSletah, to lie prostrate (witli- 

ont B, pillow). 
lUam, (onom.) the Bonnd of slam- 

lAttuig, (oBOin.) tbe sound o 

16tap, (onom.) the sound of tapping 
or rapping. 
IBteb, weariness, lassitude, fatigue ; 

litek, (onom.) tie sound of ticting. 
later, mHeler or hUeler, to chatter. 
letiug, (onom.) tbe sound of cltiiik- 

IBtia, (onom.) the aouud of "whisk- 
ing" alouR. 

lllbong, (onom.) tho sound of thnmp- 

Ifittim, (onom.) a thumping or dram- 
ming Bound. 

Ifitnp, (onom.) mSlStup, to go oS 
with a dnll thud. 

leirar, milewar, to fly in coi^js ; to 
awim in shoals ; t<i swarm. 

l«W&t, I. past, after; t. pikul Snam, 
after six o'clock. IE. hnrrv, speed, 

llug, I. apertnco, orifite, hollow ; I. 
ehiackiTt, the hole in a ring ; I. luia, 
the orifice of a wound ; I. mata, the 
eye-aocfeet ; f. i-omn, the pores of the 
skin. II. liang liali, a rolling gait ; 
swaying from side to side. 

liar, wild, shy, unbroken, nndomenti- 
cated ; orang liar, wild aboriginal 

llM, pSngUiae, pSUasor plngUiasait, 
inTnlnerability (taking the form 
that the enemy's weapons fai! to 

Uat, toogh, leathery, lithe i lanuh I., 

Utm, nilliott, to fester, to run (of a 

UeluMl, gloaay, shiny ; oily-looking. 
lioUn, amooth] slinwry, bare. 


lid&b, tongue ; I. api, a tong:ne ol 
fire ; I. badalc, rhinoceros-tongue, a 
name given to an aroid (pothm 
latifoUas) i I. bfrchabaTig, a forked 
tongue } dnplioity of speech ; L 
biaiuah, a monitor's (forked) tongue ; 
= t. blrchabang ; I. buaya, crocodile's 
tongoo, a name given to the aloe 
(ahie fero-e) [tho crocodile itself is 
believed to have no tongue] ; J. 
gajdk, the elephant's tongue, a name 
given to a plant (agla/yaema Mojigi- 
folmm); Z.j'i'w.the " spirit'a tongne," 
a plant (hedyotia congesta} ; akar 
lidah jin (kedyolis cajiitellaia) ; L 
klrbaa, bafFalo-tongne, n plant 
(clerodendram d^ftemus) ; I. fciichi'nfl, 
the cat's-tongoe, a plant {tumetia 
nlmifolia) ; t. Umba, the ox-tongne, 
& plant (aneilema nudifiomm) I. 
mam's, sweet-tongned; smooth, 
spoken ; I. jwnyonj, loquaoity j ?, 
rasa, deer's-tongae, a small tree 
{fniimea Tocemosa) ; analc L, the 
nvnia; nnitl: I. Hmbansan, the tongue 
of a balance ; fnfang di-aiiak I., to 
support on the uvula (a proverbial 
impossibility) i ikan I. or Oain l.-L, a 
generic name (or Bat fiah — e.g. I. L 
baji {synaptura arietitalii) ; I. I. 
barang (cyutglaiaui elongattte) ; I. U 
lumpvr {lynaplura commemmuma). 

lldsl. Fort, a thimble. 

lldftS, an acid smarting t«ste in the 

lidl, the veins of a palm-leaf ; ular I., 
a small snake {d<^ndropliie {mcIim) — 
(a type of the insignificant). 

ligAU, a canter or gallop. 

Ugat, whirling round and round ; 
estremely rapid revolution. 

llbat. seeing ; to see ; Ithati, to 
inspect, to look over j mftihatf, id. i 
iHllihal, to see (intrausitive) ; klli- 
katan, visibility ; ^lihaf, the sense 
or power of sight ; p^ngflihataH, the 
range of vision. 

llkftH, a small wheel on which tha 
skein is wound when weaving. 



llkat, sticky, adheaivB, syrupy — cf. 

llkn, Jay. a royal title. 
llLmff, = lilin. 
lllau, miUlati, to totter (of a atricken 

llUn, wax; a taper; I. Ubah, bee'a- 
wttx I ftain I., wased garonga ; bnrong 
I., tbe email pied hombill {anlhraco- 
eeroa albirBi(ri»). 

lilir, = leler. 

ItUti twining round ; coiling round ; 
mllilit, to coit up. 

limn, I. five (originally, the band of 
five fingers) ; baku. I., the knncklea ; 
JtSiima, all five ; yan^ kUima, tbe 
fifth ; jiingUnia, a leader in war. 
II. a geneiio name for a number cf 
planta {xanthr^hyllum Bpp.) 

ItaUUI, = leman. 

UiOArr, a rioli cloth mentioned in 

Ubuui, pyramidal ; alap L, 
midal roof. 

UkuIiII, a generic name for oranges, 
limes, leniona, etc. j I. hapas, the 
common lime (citran acida); alao 

I. kSeturi and I. nipis; I. mania, tbe 
orange (ctints OHriind'utn) ; bSTlimau, 
to use lime-juice in waahini;. 

limb^, tk cesa-pool, a pnddle ; Urn- 
bahan or pelimbak, id. 

llmbari, mlUmbai, to wave about an 
object ; to away the arm i tfl brandish 
a whip or switch ; membuang limbai, 
to let the arm sway out (of a dancer) 
when the swaying is intended to 
suggest a negative, 

Ibu^uiff, I. awampy or broken land. 

II. after; (. tlngak hnri, after mid- 

Umbok, a dove (unidentified). 

UubonK, iimbongaa, a dry dock. 

Umbar, eamhv.r-Umb'ur, appealing 
and disappearing ; intermittent visi- 

Umpah, ^ lempak. 

Umpnt, fresh, jovial, genial. 

Uman, =• halimun. 


Unnng, falling in drops (as teara or 
as water percolating tbrongb porous 
atone) , 

llnaa, a red-atemmed palm (uniden- 

llncliali, tMinckak-Unchah, fidgety, 

llnolillt, = lichin. 

Unahua, = lenckun. 

llndoag, protective cover, ahelter; 
Undongi, Undongian, mlUndongi, or 
mlUndimgkaii, to shelter, to protect, 
to hide by covering ; birlindimg, to 
take shelter ; kllmdongan, shelter, 
hiding ; piriiiidongaii, a place of 

Ilndn, Jav. an earthquake. 

IlttgRT, Tuflingar, to look at anything 
with a sidelong look— cf. jUing. 

linffaa, = leng/iB. 

Itnggtuu, Tarn, red ; red-lead. 

llnirffl, the covered or decked por- 
tions at the prow and stem of a boat. 

lingua, linggisan dayong, the long 
pole fastened to the thole-pins and 
running parallel to the gunwale of a 
Malay boat. 

llnifkap, spent, destroyed, snivl lowed 
up, wasted. 

liugkar, a coil (of a snake, rope, or 
anything similar) ; bliiiizgkar, in 
CO its, rolled up. 

lingkong, =^ lengiong. 

Uugknp, bundling to one side. 

Untprir, = lengser. 

lintab, a horse.leech ; also halintah. 

ItntMtir, lying athwart or across; 
I. bujnr, diagonal ; i, puitang, sprawl- 
ing; balai I., a reception -hall built 
at right angles to the main building ; 
palas I., a sort of platform or bridge 
on a Malay ship ; lintangi, to thwart, 
to cross; lintangkan or taltiniangian, 
to lay athwart ; tnitiniang, to move 
across (a path) ; llrbang miliniaTig, 
to fiy across tbe sky (in front of the 

liutftp, lying one on another (of flat 
ohiectfi — anch aa books), . '' 

,„.,'ed by 



lintar, a thunderbolt ; hatti I,, a, 
prehistoric stone instrament — such 
as a Bpear.head ot arrow -iiead j also 

Untni, (lastiing past, flashing hy; 
mSlintaHf to dart acroaa ; jm Untasan, 
an evil spirit darting like a comet or 
meteor in front of a man ; a will of 
the wisp. 

llntoh, dizzineaa, loss of conseions- 
ness ; ilmu pSlinloh, magic art to 
depHre a person of conscionsness so 
as to facilitate theft or alidnction. 

Untnp, = litiip. 

liayas, smooth-sailing (of a boat) ; 
gliding through the water. 

liok, a twist or turn ; the moToments 
of a fencer or dancing-girl ; linng- 
Hole, a rolling gait. 

llonif, tali Hmig, a sort ot belt for 
carrying a Mris. 

UpMi, a centipede ; see halipan. 

llpaa, a cockroach. 

llpat, folding np (as one folds a piece 
of cloth or garment) ; lipaian, the 
folds of anything. 

Upi*, pllipia or pelipisan, the temples 
of the forehead. 

Upit, a narrow fold (of thread, etc) ; 
k'lla I., the common slender-bodied 
hoase -Bcorpioa ■ 

llpnr, calming, consoling, soothing ; 
jpinglijMT lara, a " consoler of carea," 
a story-teller or story i mflipiii-kan, 
to soothe, to allay. 

lipat, flooding, swamping, permeat- 
iiyj, overcoming ; corering ; chahayii 
■aiilipat aa-rata dunya, her bright- 
ness permeates the world ; di-HpfiU 
oleh jpimbujok, overborne by endear- 

llrtnff, = lereng. 

Um, Bee MUru. 

Ua, I. (Dutch) a cord, a twist (of 
oord-like patterns in carving). II. 
£ng. list. 

lliUli.mSni/JiiSffili, to fidget; = ming- 

llMa, At. the tengne. 

13 LOKAS ' 

Utah, lilah mulut, loose-ton gued. 

litup, covering and concealing; com- 
pletely overshadowing ; habis litup 
dania ini banyai-nya, their numbers 
were such as to hide the world under 

Un, Uk-Uu, a stern-paddle. 

llur, ayer Uv.r, saliva. 

Unt, = Hoh. 

llirat, Ar. sodomy. 

loba, greed, covetonsness; ahohaloha. 

lobah, Uie Chinese radish (raphanKa 

loban, Ar. laban jau i, gam benjamin. 

loban^, hole, groove, hollow, aper- 
ture ; I. titua, a name given to the 
side.eavity in which the body resta 
in a Malay grave ; diiit I., Sarawak 

lobok, a deep cavity in a river or in 
the sea; galah I., the longest kind 
of puntii^-pole. 

lochak, liiflochali, to be abundant; 
to be plentiful. 

locheng, Ch. a bell 

lochok, mSlochok, 1 
the riha. 

lodan, ikan lodati, the whale or 
leviathan of Malay romance, 

lodeh, maiak lodeh, cooked to pulpi- 
ness — cf. lodoh. 

lodoh, pulpy and rotten (of overripe 
ftnit)— cf. lodeh. 

lo^,I, 9kr, abode, place! sftHrja-iojo, 
heaven ; also (ota. II. = diiga, 

log»t&, Tam. mineral (only in com- 
pound words) ; pancha-kigaM, au 
alloy of five minerals or a stone of 
five colours ; hlrma-logam, a red 

1d}l, Ar. s)nte ; tablet. 
loha, Ar, ttie forenoon, 
lohok, rotten through and throt^h. 
lohor, Ar. midday, noon. 
iok, a curve or bend in a Wit's. 
loka, Skr. abode, place ; ahurga-loliii, 
paradise, heaven ; also loga. 
lokali, = Inlcah, 
lokan, an edible marine cockle. 

„,,.-id by 

o prod ; to dig in 


lokak, stingy, mean, miBerlj-. 

loU, Ch. a CflQtoneae prostitute. 

lokM, bedraji^Ied. 

lol*k, a Bheli (trochus niloti'cns). 

lo'lo*, At. a pearl. 

lolok, mlliilok, tij spy upon. 

loloap, (onom.) mSlolong, to bowl. 

Icmwk, oily, greasy. 

iMnba, billowy motion ; cnntering; or 
galloping (in a horse) ; the play of 
a porpoisa ; timpat hirlomha Icnda, a 
rac«-coarsc ; lomba-lomba, & porpoise 
or dolphin ; {.-i. alv,r, a porpoise 
(areelia breviroitrh and phocoena 
phocoenoides) ; l.-l. sungai, the dol- 
pbin (_ateno plnmb&aa and, rarer, 
delphinv* HetphU). 

lombonff, a cavity in, tbe snrfaee of 
the ground; a sarfaoe mine; tlin 
chaam left after a roloanic explo- 

lomor, = liimtrr. 

loinoi, " lumu^. 

lompMlff, = lumpang, 

loupat, jumping, leaping ; lompatt, 

to jump upon ! mUompat, to spring. 
lonftk, = lunak. 
lOBehat, jumping ■mih both feet 

together ; leaping (as a fish out of 

water) ; llrloncliat-loncliat, hopping 
about, springing about. 
lonolioa, smooth and sharp as a 
ipear point ; bare and tapering ; 

londaug, a ntnd-hole. 

londell, insecurely fastened (of a 

long, I. a natire coffin. II. an abbre- 
viation of sttlong, q,v. 

longgak, looking upwards with head 
bent right back ; hantu I., a name 
given to the epeotre huntsman from 
his supposed appearance. 

loniVM!, loose (as a tin's) ; knocking 
against the aides of a receptacle ; 

loanroki a mound or heap ; longgoi- 
kan, to stack; bfrhnggok-longgok, in 

longkah, looaened, strained (of A 

loaglaaig, a ditch, a drain. 

louglai, bent, bowed ] I^maA i., sway- 
ing, willowy. 

longflor, slipping or sliding forward j - 
sliding down. 

loojak, mllonjak, to stand on tip- 

lonjonif, tall, straight and slender 
(of a tree). 

loatn, = ronla. 

lontu, I. hnriing, throwing with 
force J /otiiartnn, to throw i p^Ionfnr, 
a missile. II. a palm {beraig^s 
JtohellifoTmitt), tho leaves of which 
were used as paper. 

lonteh, Jav. a harlot. 

lontok, short and thick; stampj ; 
•iriiiig ilia I., a broken-down old man. 
lontoB, smooth and cylindrical, 
lonyali, = lunyah, 
lonysi, slush ; slushy. 

lopak, I. a shallow puddle. II. lopab- 

topah, a pouch of mlnghaang. III. 

lopak-lapelc, confused, in disorder, 

locali, a groove. 

lorek, delicate graining or markings. 
loronff, a lane ; a narrow road or 

loros, = lurus. 
loaonff, a white scaly eruption ; 

iohthyoeis ; mkit I. and liu'tip I., id. 
lot, = iut. 
lota, Hind, a vessel for carrying 

lotar, = lontiir. 

l(it«k, a kind of pitch for caulking 

lotaag', Ch. upstairs ; the upper 
Boor or floors. 

lotonff, black ; a name given to a 
number of varieties of monkeys of 
the genus 'emnopiihecas ; also jUu' 
tong ; ekiir I., " monkey's tail," a 
name given to a long narrow swivel 
gun or jingnl. 

lojra, Bqueamish j aaugea. 

. id by 



layaik, soft (of overboiled rice). 

loyCMg, bell-metal. 

loirar, Pinann loyar, the palm of which 
the cudgels known ss " Peuang law- 
yers " are made. II. Eng. lawyer; 
i. baroli, a or sea-law- 
yer; (.tJJeiJeJ:, a qnalified practitioner 
with a pettift^ing practice. 

lOTOng, mlloyong, to walk with tot- 
tering gait. 

In, Cb. you. 

Inftli, epitting out (food, etc., bat 
not Balivs) from the mouth. 

lUSill, I. milwah, to feel nansea — cf. 
toya. II. an animal {unidentifled) . 

Inan, = halwin. 

Inar, onter portion ; outer Bide ; the 
part beyond or outside ; di-luar, 
outside; ku'luar^ outwards; tajitih L, 
forsign couotries ; kiluaran, outer, 
strange, foreign, alien, common J see 
also klliar. 

llltM, spaciousuesa; extent; dahi-vya 
I., his forehead was broad ; luaslian 
or mlluaskan, to broaden, to extend. 

Ivat, " Inah, I. 

InlMlE, = loboV. 

loelia. Hind, obscene, low. 

Inclins, ^ Ivnckaf. 

Inobn, bright, mevry, sunny -tem- 

Inohnt, I. slipping off; slipping down 
or away ; dropping and being lost. 
II. abrasion ; scraping off skin. 

ladab, spitting ; espectoration ; hi- 
dahi, to spit at ; m^lKdah, to spit ; 
ladahhaii, to eject from the mouth ; 
to spit out. 

Inifliat, Ar, a vocabulary, a dic- 

1«^, satisfied; In' -!uau, insatiable. 

luh, = loh. 

lui, farthest from the goal ; last in a 

Ivjne, stringing roughly ti^ther; 

lufca, wounding ; a wound ; mala I., 

or liang I,, the orifice of a wound ; 

bikat or mSlukat, to woond. 

lukah, a generic name for small 
portable fish-traps in the Riau-Johor 
districts, = bubu, in the Northern 

Inkis, writing, engraving, scratching ; 
pandai I., an engraver. 

Inkn, mlluku, to scratch tho head; 
to draw the fingers through the 

Inknp, bottom upwards (of a cup, 

boat, et«.) 
Inloll, powder; crushing to powder; 

hani:hur I., crushed to pieces. 
loin, swallowing at a gulp ; gulping 

Inlum, sucking at food (such as 

sweets, chocolate, etc.) 
Inliir, — lulu, 
Inliu, just slipping through; getting 

through ; putting through ; possible ; 

I, kihSndalc, to realize one's wish ; 

lalfiska-a, to put through (a task). 
l-olat, rubbing the body, shampooing. 
lunuuig, bUumaiig, smeared with 

mad; mengglla'nang, to wallow in 

lumat, line, soft (of earth) ; crushed, 
ground, or chopped to pieces ; jn'pfs 
lii-mat-lumat, minced quite fit^e. 

Inmboug, = lombong. 

lompanif , a pounder. 

Imupoli, lameness (caused by oedema 
or peripheral neuritis). 

Inmpar, mud. 

lunilr, smearing ; besmearing ; hSr- 
lumiir, smeared, polluted ; lumttrJian, 
to besmear ; to defile. 

Inmns, smeared— ct. lumiir. 

Inmnt, moss, lichen ; blrluniut, moss- 

luuab, fleshy (of stone-fruits). 

Imuui, the keel of a native boat. 

ImtduM, fuling to hit; missing the 

Innolinr, slipping forward or down- 

laudn, I. a generic name given to ft 
number o! fish (t/agrua gulioides 


and arius spp.) II. polok iundu, a 
plant (anti-iesma bunios). 

Innggok, = longgok. 

IVBglcnin, dome-shaped ; coTering 

like a dome. 
Iwtg'kiip, tSlvnglcap, capsized, orer- 

tutned) = telanghup. 

Inuipnir, = longsor. 

InnJuT, etretcliing: ; eiteadiag the 

limlM; bllunjvrjtostietcb; iel'unjar 

JmU, to stretch the legs. 
luutMLg', pelKtitajig, a float (used 

with nets or linea). 
lautok, •^ loittok. 
Inutor, ^lunttir, a pnrgatiTe. 
liuij«]l, treading donn ewampy eoi! 

(nf buffaloes turned into a Held bo 

that tbej may give the soil a rongb 

taming np). 
Inp, the roH through which the 

thi«ads pasa in wenvii^. 
liq^ I. forgetting ; iujwtnn, to 

forget] pilapa, a lorgetfu! person. 

II. lupri'lupa, fiBh-maws. 
InpM, Bee hSlapiB. 
Inpat, a flhell-fish {kippoptis inacu- 

lupi, jjopaii I., & piece of deekingflush 

with the gnnwale in a Malay Iwat. 
Inpoh, mll'apok, to hammer bamboo 

lupnt, slippiiig away from ; escape, 

loBS] I. daripada hSjahalan, escape 

from evil ; hilang I , lost and gone. 
Iwftll, Jav. a district or disision of a 

conntryj = daerehj sa-lui'ah, the 


entire divisions, all— usoally pro- 
nounced sUuroh. 

Itiroll, I. falling, dropping; being 
shed (as leaves) t iSrlutoh, to be 
falling (of leaves, flowers, ete.) II. 
see Uirah and aSlaroh, 

Inru, mllwru, to daah forward, to 

lump, susup-liirup, helter-shelter (of 
rnnning) , 

lums, straight ; smooth and straight ; 
regular and straight ; fuinistan, to 

Inmt, I. passing the hand over a 
long body; running achain through 
the lingers ; drawing one's hand over 
a rope, a man's arm or any similni' 
object— cf. wilt. II, a whitlow. 

ltisa>, the day after the morrow ; the 
second day after. 

Insoli, flexible through use (as boots 
that are stiff when new) . 

Int, penetration, effect ; U'ada I., it 
did not penetrate (of an orroiv or 

Inti, TufBed upi crumpled up ; spoilt 

Intong, = lotong. 

Inttt, striking out right and left ; 
hitting out J mlliitu, to rain blows. 

lutnt, the knee ; ISpaln I., the forepart 
of the knee ; pSlipatan I., the inter- 
condyloid fossa; temptirong I., the 
knee-pan ; bSrlutnf, to be on one's 

I117TI, mata liiyu, drooping eyelids. 

mMtf, Ar. pardon, forgiTonesaj miu 
m., to ask for pardon ; = miti 
ampun ; mnafkan, to forgive ; all 

Bi*aHin, =" malim. 

■nftftlniu, Ar, known, understood. 

UUuunnr, Ar, prosperous, populou 

mtwMia, Ar. meaning, signitieancc, 
nuMshTik, Ar. the beloved one ; mis- 
tress ; loved. 
MtAok, intoxication, giddy sickness ; 
™. blrahi, intoxicated with love ; m, 
dardh, faint from loss of btood or at 
the s^ht of blood ; m. IcSchviong, 
dazed by datura poisoning; m. omlah, 


incknm, of 6 

, this 

uuj and hat 


Uabanf , a generic name for a num- 
ber of treea ('imcaranga spp.) 

naliap, Ar. purdon, forgiveness i also 

uaJtnr, Ar. the settlement on a bHdo 
by the bridegroom ; =■ mas kaviirt. 

takbii, Ar. experienced ; matter oS 


maoliail, Jar. a tiger. 

maohang', the horae-mango {mangi- 
feia fuetida); ai&a imbachang. 

madali, Ar. sajing ; uttoraoce ; bir- 
madah, ta say, to speak. II. Ar. the 
name of tho vowel point marking 
the long aiif, 

madam, I. depression, heaviness ; 
oppression of spirit. II. Eur. a lady 
of rank. 

madat, I. Hind, prepared opium ; 
chandu. II. a turret, a watohtower ; 

ntadrMah, Ar. a school, 

madn, I. Skc. sweetness, honey ; 
ayer m., honey ; (aui in., an ocean ot 
sweetness. II. rival (especially a 
vival in affections or a riv^ wife). 

uaf Iloih, Ar. understood, grasped, 
fO,mprehended ; tiada mafkiMi ukan 
iiMana inlioBa, Mllnyv, he had not 
grasped the true spirit of the Malay 

m^irUg', overripe (of fruit). 

magltlnb, Ar. couqnered, overcome. 

mafflirlb, Ar. the ivest. 

uafnn, the steersman's compart- 
ment in a native ship. 

malia, Skr. great (need in compounds 
only) ; maha-blsar, very great ; maha- 
mulio, most illustrious i maha-Hnggi, 
most exalted. 

malial, costly; diOlcult to got ; rare; 
mahal di-bUi, iiikar di-ckari, dear to 


'. a buffalo ; a title in 
ancient Java ; also misa. 
makkamalt, Ar. a coart of justice. 
malilEota, Skr. acrowQ; also m^oCiz. 

maldau, = medan. 
maimim, Ar. lucky, fortunate. 
main, sport, play, amusement j in. 

Jtidi, gambling ; bSrmain, to play, 

to play at ; bSrmaiit 

majakani, a, medicinal plant (un- 

majal, short and broad (of a knife). 

majapahit, a plant (uniden titled) t 
it gave its name t<i a famous Java- 
nese cjty and empire. 

majlia, Ar. assembly, gathering ; di- 
Ungah m., in public. 

majmn', Ar. sum total. 

majoli, glufctonona in eating. 

ntsjn, progress, advance, prosperity. 

XajnJ, Ar. the giant Magog, 

majnm, oakum. 

hmJubI, Fers. magian ; connected 
with the Zoroastrian religion. 

mak, mother; also ma', 

maka, then ; and so j next ; a abort 
interval oS time. 

mokam, Ar. a grave with a small 
pavilion over it ; a grave-ahrine. 

maban, food ; (consumption ; pene- 
tration or biting into ; m, nasi, to 
dine j m. j'Snoft, to eat one's fill ; di- 
maian kai-at, oaten into with rusti 
m. aiiap, to take hribea ; m. gaji, t« 
receive regular pay ; makaaan, food, 
things eat^n ; i^makan, a consumer. 

makar, I. hard, stony (of fruit). 
II. Ar. trickiness ; resourcefulness; 

makbrtl, Ar. confirmed, approved, 

makhlTik, Ar. created things | 
kind J humanity, ^^ |^ 

MAKI li 

m»kl, I. abuse, reviling, bad langnage ; 
ntlniaki, to revile, II. Ar. aBna malt, 
"sennn of Mecca" (cassia angutli- 

Uakia, more, the more ; makin lama 
matin baik, the lonffcr the belter. 

makotn, Shr. crown ; sJsu mahkota. 

BUbkroli, Ar. hateful, detestable. 

makaud, Ar. wisli, desire, 

Buirtub, Ar. written ; set^ down in 
writ in j(. 

nuU, Ar. property j bait-v,l-mal, the 

lOkla, I. Skr. accareed ; a curse ; mie- 
fortnne ; nt. <pi$taka, extreme Ul-Iucli. 
II. faded, withered (of flowers). 

nuhlfti, a flower worn in the hair; 
auniing m,, id. 

aUtlKlkftt, At. an angel. 

m^lftlf, Ar. angel ; malalc-v.l-maut, 
tJie angel of death — usuallj pro- 
nounced malik-ul-ntatit. 

maliaa, nigbt ; the darknesB ot uigbt g 
tingah m,, midnight ; eiang m., day 
and nightj sa-malam, last night; 
jeBterday evening; hirmalam, to 
paEB the night. 

nulftlt, drunk, mazed, confused, per- 

malAttif, I. adverse fortune ; adver- 
sity; anlucky obstacles, 11. a pin- 

inalap, flickering (of a ]ight) ; dulled 
(of radianee), 

malapftri, a sea-shore tree (fagrtea 
fdatigiaia ?) 

lanlAr, constantly, steadily ; regu. 
laritji uniformity; m. puchal Jmntt, 
always pale and thin ; ayer malar 
du:i d^pa, water with a constant 
depth of two fathoms. 

maW, idleness, laziness, slnggish- 

llUklan, malau gan, (Kedab) sesling- 
wai [mo!au is a variant ot imbalaa]. 

malaiiii, Ar. accursed, evil. 

mall, I. pBmafi, tabooed, forbidden. 
11. tali Umali, cordage; mimali, to 
twine string, III., a generic name 

given to several plants, especially, 
(mali-maU) to leea sambuHna. 

maliffal, Tam, a palace ; also maha- 

mallll, I. Ar. a king. II. see malal:. 

mallm, Ar, a learned person (espc- 
ctally one learned in navigation) ; 
a navigating officer or first mate, 

maliug, Jav, a thief ; thieving ; jnntu 
m., a aide or back entrance to a 
Malay honse. 

malls, faded, dulled (of brigbt 

maiong, a large fish {mursneaox 

malu, shame ; modraty ; bashfulness ; 
mSiinroTt III,, to feel shame; injndopof 
m., to be put to sbame ; cWiiffdm tiada 
m., shameless; igmaJmrn, feelings 
of modest; or shame ; the pudenda. 

mam, tu suck at the breast. 

mantah, chewing, masticating, crush- 
ing in the moutb ; m. dial;, to chew 
the cud. 

mamai, talking in one's sleep. 

mamak, uncle, aunt ; uncle (as a 
form of address from a prince to an 
aged minister), 

UL, a generic name given to 
(unidentified) medicinal pfsnts, 
.da, uncle; a respectful 
of momak. 
tg, I. a stony nuuoticing stare ; 
looking but not perceiving. II. gopoh 
ntomang, estreme haste. 

mamlHUig, a spirit, the personifica- 
tion of the sunset-glow. 

maialrailg, hollow, lacking in fleaby 
substance (of very yonng fruit). 

maiiMlE, slightly changed or gone off 
(of taste or flavour). 

mamlakat. At. kingdom. 

niaituntg, dull, nneeeing (of the eyes) 

mampat, I. tight ; densely packed. 
II. manijjoi-mampof, a name given 
to Borne plants (cralomyloii spp.) 

lliainpn, means, resonrces ; ~ vpaya. 


MAMU i; 

to be wiped out ; to " iitk the 
bucket," to " cnjak." 

mama, uncle ; a rariant of mamak, 

mwntin, obscure, involved (of ac- 
counts) , 

man, Hind, a measure of n-eight ; a, 

mana, I. where, which, what, how, 
why i di-mana, in what place, 
where; ta-mana, whither; dari- 
mana, whence. II. = maana. 

maaali, I. esteemed, II. heart, 

manal, pale, ansemic ; pacluit m,, id. 

auuiau, rotan laanau, a long and 
flexible rattan (species unidenti. 

maacbit, to spout out or gash out. 

miauihoag, clear-cat, sborp-angled 
(of the profile and espeoially the 

manda, = mamanda. 

maadai, a tree (unidentified). 

mMldam, dizzy, intoxicated ; m. 
khiali, id. 

HUWiJm H , I. to soe ; to gaze at, ^ 
mlmandatig, from pandang. II. 
tlmandang, aspect ; imposing ap- 

mandariah, =^ bandanah, 

mandi, bathing ; to bathe ; lata m., 
a, rook that is Jnst awash; Umpat 
m., a bathing-placo ; mandilran or 
mSmanrlikan, to give a bath to. 

mandoii;, a cock. 

mandnl, childless, anfruitful, barren. 

mandor. Port, a " mandore " ; a 
headman of coolies. 

maa«b, Skr. a bead; eu-ulau manek- 
manek, a string of beads. 

uutsra, I, we, four servant ; aiso 

nanfiMt, Ar, profit, gain, success, 

■tt^ngap, Jav. agape ; with jaws wide 
open — cf. matigau. 

maniftra, agape (especially with 
astonishment) j tnangap-m., wide- 
agape — of. monjroy. 


xa&agg&, Skr. the mango— ueuall;- 

minipttom ; kunchi m., a padlock. 
maaggar, ^ mangkar. 
ULaaggiB, the mangosteen {gaicinia 

maMggiate,, = manggii. 
taanggxCL, tanah uian^^iil, high land. 
mangffiuitatL, = manggis, 
manifka, = mahi. 
manffkar, I. mayang mangkar, the 

opening blossom of the coconat (a 

simile for curly haJr). II. unripe, 

bard ; also makar, 
vasMg'ka.i, " to be boiTie aloft " (a 

euphemism for death when speaking 

of a prince). 
maugkah, sticking out in all direc- 

manETknlmmi, a regent (in litera- 
ture), = pfmangku, riija. 

mangsa, Skr. deeh; food] prey (of 

manual, Skr. a compound of burnt 
tanioiind bast used for staining; the 

mangn, = mangau. 

mani, Ar. the seminal fluid. 

manlkam, Tam. gem ; essence ; 
embryo ; jouJiar juga yang mSaginal 
m,, it takes a jeweller to pronounce 
upon a gem, prov. 

mauis, I. sweetness ; sweet g (in 
colour) lightness ; adas m., aniseed ; 
gigi m., incisor tooth ; kayw m., cin- 
namon i klmanimn, sweetness ; pi- 
inonis, a charm to render oneself 
attractive, II. jari manis, the ring- 

mfUiJapada, Skr. the earth ; the 

abode of mortals. 
maajong, = anjong, 
mauok, bird ; — taiggas g m. deviuta, 

the bird of paradise. 
maaora, ^^ mSttdora. 

.;V6d by 



mante^, ^ mlnlega. 

mantira, Skr. a magical formula. 

maniiBia, Skr. maatind ; man ; oraiig 
in., a human being; nymca m., the 
human soul ; lidah m,, the hnman 

manraiL, = kimenyan. 

nuipar, garig majiar, a flttt-eiidpd 
bniiiier'B chisel— cf. papai: 

mora, I. Skr, danger, uiiBfortune ; 
mara-bahaya, danger, riBic, peril, IT. 
kota Jaara, the breaatwocfc protect- 
ing the gunners in the battery of a 
Malay pi rate -ship. 

maxBJbe.h.KfB., see mara. 

nuurah, anger, wrath ] m. angin, idle 
threats ; mhonrnhJcan, to rouse to 

aUKd&ll, Fers. men. 

ma>«ka, » 'inSreia. 

m&rga, Skr. a wild animal ; ii<ai'(/u- 
sSfiia, wild animala generally. 

nuwrliiUB, Ar. that has found mercy ; 
al-iaarkii'H, the iate (prince). 

marl, here j come here ; ka-nuiri, 
hither; batea ka-mari, bring! p^'gi 
i»,, going and coming. [In the 
StriutB, mart ia often used for 

dia sudah m., he haa come]. 

mari&t, Ar. perfect knowledge ; 
true wisdom ; the wisdom of holiness. 

KUUika, = mSrekti. 

maHkh, Ar. (the planet) Mars. 

marlpat, = marifat. 

marlnli, Fort, the mark ou a suund- 
ing line. 

martabat, Ar, a i-img of a ladder ; a 
grade in the scale of rank. 

martll, Port, a hammer, 

nuumt, charwt-manft, very vile (of 
ewearing)— cf. churat. 

mtui, gold, golden ; a term of endear- 
ment j a Jaranese title; a weight = 
^\ taliit; m. kawin, the Bettlcmenta 
on a bride ; m, tfinpmvan, hammered 
gold; a term of endearment; m. 


"rai, gold dust; nijat «r., a born 
slave ! ayer m,, gilding i blitang m,, 
gold thread j i^las m., gold leaf. 

masa, Skr. time, aeaBon, period, 
epoch ; pada m. itu, at that time ; 
jNida liap-liap in. dan kitHa, at all 
times and seasons ; m, mana, when. 

ntaaaalah, Ar. a tbesis'; a pazzling 
question J an enigma; an interro- 

masai, kusut matai, very much in 
disorder (of the hair). 

uasak, ripe, mature, cooked; to 
cook, to smelt ; nt. mSntah, food 
cooked and raw — an offering to evil 
spirits; juitt TO., a Cook; kapiir m., 

nvHUkan, perhaps ; what though ; " 
what if ; supposing. 

'la^ Ar. a prayet-mat. 
n, acid, aour; m. muka, sour- 
faced — ct. OSOtB. 

Haaeh, I. Ar. Al-magch, the Uessiah, 
Jesus. II. = matt. 

KMehl, Ar. Christian, Protestant. 

maahglinl, Ar. sad, sorrowful. 

maslitanr, Ar. famous, ivell-known; 
mashhKrIian, to Bpread newg. 

maaliTek, Ar. the east. 

masi, still; while still; m. lagi,iH. 
di-liiiat-nya maai ada lagt baginda 
tlda-ng blrkata-hala dlngan sa-orang 
tlman-nya, he saw that the king 
was still conversing with one of his 

Kaifli, = Miueh. 

Uaiihi, = Masebi. 

mailll, salt, briny, brackish — cf. aaiit. 

mMtiug, separate, singly ; musing, 
mailing, each — cf. aging, 

masiat, Ar. crime, treachery, wicked. 

Uasjli, Ar. a mosque ; wa^'i'i-uE. 

haram, the great mosqne at Mecca; 

also mlsigif. 
nuwok, entering; progress inwards; 

di-bawa m,, carried in ; m. kSlwir, 

going in and out; m. Mam i 

Milayu, to becor 



masott or mimwfohi, to enter into ; 
masotfaiB or mSmasokkait, to jnaert. 

nuMtnli, him maaiuH, a heav; cloth 
of rich silk. 

mat, Pera, mate (at chess) skah-nuit, 

nwtA, I, eje, focus, centre ; the blade 
or point of a weapon i a point of the 
oompaas ; m. ayer, a spring ; m. bUul, 
the head of a boil ; m. goheh, the 
blade of a betel-nnt pounder ; m. 
puntinp, the point of a pair of 
Bcissors i m. hart, the aun ; m. Jinf i, 
mental perception ; the mind's eje ; 
in. jalan, an outp<»t, a scout ; m. 
jttliiip, squint-eyed ; m. toti, a fish- 
book ; m. luikap, the plug-hole ; m, 
tcayti, a knot in wood ; m. Iiiria, the 
blade of a kfrin ; m. hacking, " cat's- 
eye," a well-known fruit (nepheUum 
malayeTiBe) ; damar m. kuching, a 
valuable damar obtained from hopea 
gloiosa ; m, liar, wild-eyed ; «i. lahi, 
the orifice of a wound j m.-mata, (in 
independent Malaya), a satellite of 
the shah-iaadoT or harbour-maater ; 

Sin Malacca) a pivghidu'i asMstant ; 
ID British Malaya generally) a 
policeman j m.-m. gilap, a detective ; 
dUmata-mata, openly; aa-mata-mata, 
obviously, clearly, plainly ; m. pandk, 
the point of an arrow j m. pasai, 
blue eyes j grey eyea ; m. pidcm^, the 
blade of a sword ; m. pidoman, the 
needle of a compaas ; m, pnnai, 
" green-pigeons' eyes " ; the lozenge- 
shaped apertures in a grille or cross- 
grating 1 in. tabun, pale-eyed, white- 
eyed j m. luav,, the nipple of the 
breaat ; m. tong, the bung. hole in a 
oaak ; onnt m., the pupil of the eye ; 
ayer m., tears ; Mrmain m,, eye-p^y, 
biji m., the eyeball i 6«Ju m,, eye- 
laishes; chakaya m., light of the eyes; 
a term of endearment j cMrmin m., 
eye-glaases, spectacles ; tltir m., the 
comer of the eye; IcHopalc m., the 
eyelid j Hang i»,, the eye-socket j 
orang-vrangan m., the image in the 


pupil of the eye ; puteh m., being 
pnt to shame ; eilap m., false 

fretences ,' legerdemain ; tints m., 
1) olearneas of vision i (2) second 
eight. II. Ar. things of yalnoj gems, 
etc., which repreaent great value in 
small compaas; m. blnda and m, 
dojaitpojt, id. 

iBaitBi'b, blne-Iights ; Eomaa candles. 

laatah, = mlntah. 

matahari, the sun — v. mata and 

tna,tniig, plrmataiig or j)emafang, a 
stretch of high sandy soil in a rice- 

m&tang, Jav. cooked, ripe, ^ ma,eak. 

tnatl, death ; finality ; ended ; m. di- 
bitnah, death by violence ; " a bad 
end " ; m. Umas, death by suffocation 
or drowning ; m, piicftoS, loss of 
virilicy j hilanja m., fiied allowance ; 
grant m., a freehold grant of land ; 
Mrga m., a fined price j stniptd m., 
a knot which is not a slip-knot or 
rutming knot i m, andkj = pitntian^tk, 
q.v, ; Tiarong m. sa-tntran, a bird 
{anorrhinua (folcriftie) ; hSmatian, 
death, termination. 

man, wish, intention, will ; a common 
bnt vulgar aosiliary for forming the 
future; mau. ta'-mo«, willy-nilly, 

manlana, Ar. lord, maater. 

Uanlla, Ar. O God ; my lord. 

maalud, Ar. birthday ; bvlan M., 
tbc month containing the Prophet's 
birthday, the month Sabi'Sl-awal. 

maang, unpleasant in taste j nasty 
(of flavour). 

maat, Ar. death ; the hour of death ; 
maifik-Mi-mattt, the angel of death. 

mawa, a leaf-monkey XsetnnopifhccKs 
8p,) — believed by Malaya to live on 


e-water ; 

mawar, Ar. r 

uaipaa, the Sumatran-Malay name 
for the miaa or orang-outang (si'miu 
entyrwi) — aa animal only known to 
Peninsular Malaya by traditimt and 


so endowed with miraculous attri- 

mawin, Itawin-mawin, marriage- tos- 
tivitioH ({enerally ; a freqaentative 
of kawiin, 

m^a, I. Skr. nneubstantial, illuBOt? ; 
mayapada, this transitory eari>h ; — 
manjapada. II. umuf mayo, trioki- 
nesa— a corraptiOQ of tbe name of 
'Umar Uiamaiyiif the UljsseB of the 
Eiliaj'at Hamza. 

maTaJn, a weight = ^j of a tahil or 

uajTMif , the blossom of a palm ; 
aijp^rti fln. m^tiffUTai, or sS'pSrti tii^ 
mliar, like the unfolding blossom of 
the palm— a symbol for beautiful 
cm-ling hail', 

tuayapaSa, see mitya and manjapada. 

mayat, Ar. a dead body (expressed 
respectful ly)^of. banglcai. 

ntayan, absent-minded. 

m&'jong, a tteatJioal performance 
met with in the Northern States of 
the Peninsula. 

UABknT, Ar. mentioned, stated ; g£- 
pSrti yang tirmaikar, ae stated. 

medan, Fere, a plain, an open field, 
a field of battle. 

mSSang', I. a generic name given to 
a large number oE trees of the order 
laurinea; and to others whieh have 
a timber of similir appearance. II. 
iatu mSdang ailn, a kind of gypsum 
used medicinally. 

midu, I. squeamiahness, nausea. II. 
mldu vlangm, a Complimentary epi- 
thet occurring in Malayo-JavaneBe 

meerat, Ar. to die ; to fall in ft 
trance j the admiaaion of MuJiamtnad 
toheafen; the golden stairs ; bulon 
M., a name given to the month Rajah. 

tatgn, I. Skr. white fleecy clouds ; 
cirrhuB ; m, bSrangknt, rising white 
cirrhuB ; to. blrarak, white clouds 
chasing each other across the sky ; 
m. dadtt, a rosy-tinted snnset sky. 
II. jou; = Eii^tau, 

mSfralE, disreepoctful ; taking liber- 

mei^aii, a sweetmeat. 

m6ffat, Skr. a (Kedah) title given to 

men of good birth (eapeoially when of 

royal descent on the mother's side). 
meja, Port, a tale. 
mSjam, rotation round a motionless 

centre ; the rotation of a wheel in 

an engine-room. 
mfijei£i, fair, pretty, handsome. 
meka, = mega, II. 
nifikax, Jav, to open oat (of a bud or 

bioaaom) ; mayang ™,, the opening; 

blossom of the palm — a simile for 

curling hair. 
mSkiH, defiance Eme* s to defy 

mOlainkan, but st 11 nsTertheless 
except ; see la 

mUaka, Skr a pla b (phjUanfl u 
l>eciinalut) , gv {, t9 lane to the 
well-known town f Malacca g la 
111., syrnp ; toconufc sugar a well 
known sweet eaten w th coconut 
sugar ; bauh n a Malay dumpl ng 
— dough filled w th sweets. 

iiiBlara,t, I, difii ulty loss injury 
II. see larat. 

mBlaa, badly fitt ng ; not coinciding 

mfilatl, Skr. a ame for the jasu ae 
—usually mSlu (ja n n so bu) 

Mfilasnt, Malayan Malay Moham 
madiin ; analc X a Malay or g 
3f., id. ; mas i Sf , to become a 
Muhammadan ; M. jati, a trne Malay. 

mBlela, see lelji. 

mfililin, = m^Tlilm. 

mSliiuaii, — mSrlimau. 

mfilismiL, = halimv-n. 

mUlng, to turn awayj to look in 
another direction.- 

mSIli, inquisitivenesB, 

ntUokan, = mlTlokan, 

mSloaff, I 
for the agi 

■ id by 


mSlukut 1^ 

mfilnkiit, broken grains of Iinsked 

rioe ; also UmuJcut. 
nifilnr, the Indian jasniitie (jasminv,m 

mem, Eng. a Bnropean la^y. 

memali, = mali-inali—v. mali, III. 

mtaaang, permanentlj ; definitely ; 
for good ; memang taku hahasa, to 
know a lB.iigoage beyond the possi- 
bility of forgetting it, 

mfimar, bruised, crushed (o( atruit). 

mfimliaaliang, ^ Smbachang. 

mSmbalau, = SmbaZau. 

mSmberaiig, = &fi*aii^-&^r(in?. 

memek, wliining, fretting (as a very 
younj; child). 

mSmiraiig, = ISrang-Urana. 

mfimpas, = mSpa», 

mSmpedal, ^ jn^iial. 

mSmpfidn, = /(StiipS^u. 

mSmpeiai, Tarn, a bridegroom ; naik 
m., to ascend the hrida] daJs; to bo 

mfimpfilBiu, the mango (majigifem 

ufinipfiiaa, a plant (lefracera assa) . 
' - ■ e given ■ ■ 

and alyj!ia 

plants (aij. 

mSmpeninET' i» generic name for 

several trees (qiteirtis spp.) 
mfimpOyAU, a plant (rkodamnia fri- 

mfina, I. calcnlation ; = kirn; sa- 
mSna-mSiJo, about, approximateiy j 
tidak h&reamina or tiada tSpirm&iai, 
incalcnlable. II. see s&mlna. 

mfinaln, = bendalu. 

mBnanff, to win ; to prevail ; to I 

successful ! in 
torj to. 
mlnantn, eo- 

,, Ar. a 

■|1^fl^lan, to give v 
n-law, daughtcr-in- 

g what is in 

uentit, coveting; 
another's possession. 

mfinatu, a laundryman. 

mSuckak, fencing (in a sort of sword- 
dance) I = m^in 'pSnckak^ 

i mEnjana 

mBncliiiig, at full stretch, fully dis- 

mSndam, ^ mandam. 
mendBleka, a tree yielding a kind oE 
mSudera, I, we ; yonr servant. 
m6ud6rouff, a sedge nsed in mat- 

ufiudikai, a water-melon. 
mSndoucf , Jav. gloomy ; overcast (of 

the weather). 
mindora, a theatrical performance 

of Siamese or Bnddbiat origin. 
iBttudtiBta, false, sham (of a chignon, 

ntSnera, = m^ndera. 
minfirong, = minMrong. 
mSngall, = panting ; puffing. 
mdngeli, drawing a quick breath (aa 

mfiugfirua, gay with colour; pretty 

m&nglcal, half-ripo (of frnit); just 

beginning to soften. 
mSnfrkaroiig, = MngTcarong. 
mSng'lcavaii, ^ bSngTcainan. 
min^kSlan, sticking in the throat ; 

UmilngkHan, stuck In the throat 

(of food), 
mduirkis, defiance ; also milcis. 
mfincfkonff, chlngkoiig-mlngkong, 

very hollow and emaciated (of the 

mBngkoyan, = nij^mjuo^an. 

mBnffknang, the common screw- 
pine (pandanus atrncarpus). [The 
name is also given to some other 
species of pandamia.] 

mBn^knda, a generic name for a 
number of plants used in dyeing 
(especially morinda tinetoria). 

nt.Bng'kaiijrit, ~ mSi-kwayit. 

mbagan, bulu niEngeu, the fine hairs 
round the forehead. 

men^t, ill-fitting, unauitablo, in- 

mBnlaefa, = hirniaga. 

m&njftk, see nSmSnjak. 

mBnJana, see elmlnjana. 

l,j;V6d by 



n&lljtuigaii, the barking-deer ^c^- 

iiuIbs muntjac) ; usually kijang. 
mSnjelai, ^ jUai. 

mtnong, t^i-mlnotig, sunk in thouglit. 

jainoxa, = mendora. 

mfinto, = nrfta. 

mfintoll, raw, uncooked ; mamic in., 

food cooked and uncooked — as an 

offering to CTil spirits. 
mfintauff, see ilmHtang. 
xaintangnr, = blntangar. 
mtateETft, Fort, bntter. 
mfintilftfa, see semSntHah. 
mSntftca, = manUra. 
luBntCri, Skr. ministflr, vizier ; plr- 

miatlgi, a plant (thibaudia ap. ?) 
mfintimuu, a generic name for 

gourds, pnmpkinH, passion -flowers, 

etc, ( also tintun, q,y. 
tnButna, father-in-law ; mother-in- 

mlpas, fl^-fishinj^, 
ntlraga, ^ inarga. 
oJlaMgi, variegated in colouring — cf. 

ragi ; barong m,, the painted snipe 

(roetratala capenBie). 
mftxaJi, a Sumatrttn title of distinc- 

merohi red ; nt. tun, dark red ; m. 
mlrang, Lright red ; m, muda, light 
red i m. padant, lotus-red, fiery 
red — as the face of an angry war- 

Uftrak, a peacock {pavo muticus) ; 
m. iitas, a " golden peacock," a type 
of a beautiful bird ; Jambul iti., " the 
peacock's crest," a name given to a 
plant (potneiomo pnlcherrima). 

mSrakap, Ar. jahil mSraltap, igno- 
rtmce added to ignoraace ; extreme 

mttran?. ma-ah mlrang, bright red. 

mSranffa, an ol«oIete musical wind- 

mfiruitl, a name given to a number 
of trees (efwrea spp.) which yield a 
good soft wood, 

m). II, : 


mtobali, the yellow-rented bnlbul 

(xjycnnnotua analie). 
mfixbak, see eSmlrbak, 
iu6rbatn, a generic name given to 

several trees (_parinarium spp.) 
mftrbau, the well-known bard-wood 

tree (ci/selia palembaHtea), 
mfirliaya, = mara-bahaya. 
mfirbok, the Malay tnrtle-dove {iur- 

tur tigrinue), 
mtolialaii, a tree (unidentified). 
mtolialoll, a plant (gynotrochea axt'I- 

miroha, Skr. to faint, to swoon. 
mirchapada, Skr. the earth ; =^ 

mfirclta, summit, crest, highest pin- 

mirohun, crackers, fireworks, car- 

mfirdaJiffga, an ancient Javanese 
musical ingtmraent. 

mtodfiheka, Skr. freedom (in con- 
tradistinction to slavery) ; mSrdelie- 
kakan, to liberate ; also mSrdska, 

mfirdeka, see mSrdihtlio. 

uirdu, Skr. soft, sweet (of the voice 

irof n 


mSrtli, Ar. urai mlreh, the windpipe. 
mSraka, they; mSreka-itu, id. 
mBrfila, improperly suggestive (of 

mBifilanff, smooth - edged ; without a 

rim or raised border. 
uerenff, to heel over (of a boat). 
mixga,, — marga. 
mtrfftotna, = marga-fStaa. 
mfirgok, = bSrgok. 
mfiriam, a cannon ; pSdafi m., the jtun- 

carriage ; ringgit m., the pillar-dollar. 
mftrikan, Tam. an hononflc in use 

among Mniiammadan settlers from 

Southern India, 
mftrinyn, Port, an overseer i ui 

inspector of police ; a municipal 

iuspectot) a liuid bailiff. 


mfirjagonf, a pkut {ixonanthes 

mSxJBJi, At, red coial bends. 

mtrkab., to crack, to split ; saga in., 
the cracking Indian pea — a simile 
for the mouth ; dlUma m., the crack- 
ing pomegranate ; another simile for 
a beautiful mouth. 

mfirknlMUg, a tree {mesietia kei-- 

mBrlranylt, akar mSrktmyii, a plant 
(foBcimum bi'ameannm) , 

mfirlilin, a plant (aoidenlified). 

latollman, ofcarmiriiniau.aBcandent 
thorny wild orange (paramignya 

uSrlokau, a tree (unidentified). 

mirombonff, a small tree (timoniua 
jamhosella). [The name is also ap- 
plied to adina polycephaia, vernonia 
arborea and vatica pallida,'] 

ui^royEUt, I, salcit miroyan, a disease 
of women. II. a generic name for 
a number of plants — e.g. dissochoela 

mGrf adl, a plant (symplocos fascku- 

uBrpati, Skr. a pigeon 

mBrplaang, a iHiIm {polyalthta jen- 

mftrpnlnff, a plant (t«ra!(ia inhger- 

mteselc, sharp, shrdl (of sound) 
nilirta, I. Skr. ayfr mSrta-jiwa, the 

water of life ; = ayer ■ufama jiiva. 

II. sSrta-mirta, and on that very 

moment ; thereupon. 
mertajam,atree (ei-ioglossum edule). 
mBrtaipal, a tree (unidentiGed). 
mJSrtlUl, = mlnt'ia. 
mfirnap, to boil over ; to boil op. 
uBrtuiKf^] ''^^ horse.radish (mo- 

rinya pf^rygaBpermo) ; hIko ritnuKg- 

mBaaronff, a shell (pinna). 
nfiafigit, Ar, a mosque ; also maijid. 
UMMn, grinning, uniling j hSrmeiem- 
imsem, to keep grinning. 


mfaliaantt, Ar. counsel, conferencs ; 

Mrmlshuaraf, to take counsel. 
mfisiralL, a name given to some 

small plants (iieic cymosa and randia 

mBsln, saltpetre. 
uUsId, Port, although, even though; 

m, hSrhisek, sahaya pun tahu, even 

thoagh yon speak in whispers, I can 

toll what ynu aro saying. 
me«ra, Skr. complete assimilation or 

absorption throngh and through. 
meatftri, a master-workman; a 

" niaistry." 
mfiatl, Jav. needs ; needs must ; 

must ; certainly must. 
mfiBtikft, a bezoar ; a talisman ; a 

terra of endearment. 
Heanarn, Skr. Maheswara ; Siva. 
mfisoi, a tree with a fragrant bark 

used medicinally (corlex sp.) 
uStft, Skr. uncontrollable ; mad (of 

am elephant) ; gajah m., a ratting 

mMftpal, " mirtapal. 
mtitxai, see tlra. 
mStii, = mutn. 
me woh, excess, OTer- abundance, over- 

llowing prosperity ; kSmewahan, id. 
mewek, pursing up the month to cry j 

miang', the fine hair-likn pieces of 

bamboo seen when a bamboo is split 

or broken ; the smart created by 

them or by a nettle ; ticklish ; itchi- 
ness ; lasoiviousness ; m. gatal, ei- 

treme itchiness or lustfaluess. 
mlap, miap-tiap, every, each — of. tiap. 
midar, =' mengidaT, from idar, q.v. 
milural), Ar. the niche in a mosqne 

indicating the direction in which 

Mecca lies. 
mllnt, ^ mega, II. 
Mikael, Ar. the Archangel Michael 
mllam, an old man or old woman 
mllek, Ar. property, possession ; 

grant m., a freehold title 
nimlMr, Ar. a sort of pulpit or 

lectern in a Malay mosqne. ''~^ 


mimpl, dreajn, dreaming ; ISrmimpi, 
to dream. 

lUlna, Skr. tho sea ; gajak m,, the 
sea-elepiaot or leviatliai) ; the wtale, 

minoit, = menat. 

mllLSt^, Port, Tveel: ; hari M., 

uinta, requesting i applying for i 
aaking for ; m. ampun, to beg pardon ; 
in. tabek, to ask to iiB excused ; m. 
doa, to pray for any person or thing j 
mMmiata, to request ; pirmintaan, a 
request — cf . pinta. 

mlmun, drinking; mdkan dan m,, 
eating and drinking ; m. madaf, 
opium smoking ; m, roftot, smoking ; 
■mimitiuin, ft drink ; mSminum, to 
drink j pSminum, a man given to 

minyalE, oil, fat, ointment, grease ; 
m. gag, kerosene oil ; m. ikan, train 
oil J m. jaralc, castor-oil ; m. Icachangt 
grooad-nut oil ; m. kllapa, coconnt 
oil g m. aopi, suet ; m. lanah, crado 
petroleum; nt. !e(u«, olive -oil. 

mlpU, '^ nipis. 

ulrHh, batii mirah, a ruby, a carbun- 
cle, a jacinth. 

tnlrinK', = mereng, 

misft, Skr. buffalo ; an ancient Java- 
ncae title; =■ mahisa. 

misai, monstache; m. hSrtaring, a 
moustache with fiercely tumed-up 
ends ; m. ISbat, a drooping moustache. 

mlMil, Ar, esample, instance ; misal- 
nya, for instance. 

Hiair, Ar. n^gSri Misir, Egypt. 

miak»l, Ar. a weight of about li 

mlakiu, Ar. poor ; poverty. 

mlaoll, 3b.v, to abuse, to scold. 

ml«ra, shot with gold (of cloth) ; 
cloth shot with gold thread. 

mlstor, Ar, a ruled line ; an limtru- 
ment for ruling linos, 

mithal, ^ misal. 

auodal. Tarn, capital for working a 
business ; maJam m., to live on one's 


Uodar, 'inati tiiodar, to die choked — 

in imprecations of D, violent end. 
modilt, Ar, a oircumciser. 
TOOgBi, mo ja-moga, would that; might 

it be ; may it be. 
mogah, adnlteryj fornication ; also 

moh. ^ Smhoh. 
mohoa, tgrmo'i on, io take one's leave; 

to depart — cf. pofton. 
molior, Pers. the stanip or die-mark 

mola, ^ mula. 

uoleit, charming, pretty. 

moloniT, buah mnlong, a sweetmeat 

resembling the buah mllaha, 
no'mlt, the movements of the month 

in speaking or eating. 
momob, blunt, 
momoug', = numgmong. 
monohoag, snout-shaped; a snout; 

m, chereTc, the apout of a kettle. 
moulok, short and thick ; stumpy — 

cf. montoli. 
mouKifok, rising in tho form of a 

domo ; protuberant (as a small 

mound) -, batii m,, a cairn. 
monggol, knotty, gnarled (of a tree) , 
monggOX, = mongkor. 
monffkok, = monggok. 
mongkor, a litter or sedan -chair 

(mentioned in romances). 
numgmonff, (onom.) a smalt brass 

gong (laid on the ground and beaten), 
moutOk, short in proportion to its 

lengtii ; stumpy— -cf, mondok. 
monyet, a monkey ; " monkey " (aa 

a term of abuse). 
mopen.g', pock-mai'ked ; also lopeng. 
morali, — mwah, 
mavmag, = murang. 
morenff, = c horeng. jnorsnj, streaked 

with dirt in all direcfciens — cf. cho- 

mOTOns, I, gloomy, despondent, des- 
pairing, miaarable. II, a oookit^- 
pot. Ill, a medicinal plant (/icirpus 

mota, a coarse sail-cloth. 

l,,;V6d by 



mo'tabar, Ar, worthy, escelient, 

moyang, great-grandfather or great- 
grandmother ; netieh m,, ancestors, 

moyatLEfda, a respectful form of 
moyang, great-grandfather. 

mosah, Pers. shoes, boota (in litera- 
ture only). 

mu, you i = Jiamu, 

una, disgust, nbhorence ; also miiah 

mna&kat, Ar. agreement, arrange- 
ment, settled plan ; blnrMafaiat, 
to meet in conferenoe ; to settle by 
disenssion ; to agree njion j also 
mnpak/it and jaalrat, 

mnak, disgust, nanacaj also raun. 

uiial, to expand ; swelling out (of 
rice when boiled). 

uaalim, Ar. a learned man : au 
expert; a navigator— cf. iimdra, 

mnara, the eatuacy of a riTer; = 

nmat, loading cargo i mitotan, cargo i 
bSrmuat, to be laden with; muatkati, 
to load with. 

muuiam, Ar. awe-inspiring, majes- 
tic, sublime j svtian al-m-uasain, the 
august sulbin — i.e. the Sultan ot 

mnbairab, Ar. blessed. 

mnlmt, fragile, weak, 

mnda, young, nnripe, light {of colour- 
ing), much alloyed (of metals) ; 
raja m., the heir-appareut ; mas m,, 
much-alloyed gold j inerah m., light 

mnSaJi, easy, light, trivial ; dlngan 
madah^ya, easily; muda/i-mudahan, 
perhaps; possibly; would that; m«- 
dakhtn or mSmudahian, to render 
easy, painless, or light; plrmudah- 
kan, to treat as of little Eiocaunt, to 

ntt&ek, travelling up stream. 
uadUI, an obsolete musical instru- 

mndl, rear, stern, rudder ; jura m., 
the steersman ; Iclmudi, B, rudder ; 
Mmudian, after, subsequently. 


iniifti, Ar. a specialist in law and 
theology ; a doctor of Muhammadan 
law; a sort of chief justice. 

mn(^, ^ mogah, 

mntaalMt, Ar. lore. 

mulialUl, Ar. an intermediate hus- 
band required by Mahamma^an law 
to render the remarriage of fully 
divorced persona legal. 

SCttharrMU, Ar. the first month of 
the Muhammadan year. 

mnjarral}, Ar. tried ; tested by ex- 
perience ; trusty. 

taiiJiiT, fortunate; good luck; good 
fortune ; Mmty'wran, id. 

muka, face, countenance, visage, 
front ; in . papa a, brazen-faced im- 
pudence ; 1)1. inaitis, pleasant look ; 
m. earat, a page ; di-m piniv,, in 
front of the door; oyer m., eipres- 
sion, look; cfmhaya ni., id.; eiri m,, 
the chasrm of the countenance; 
muka.mvka, feigned feelings, hypo- 
critical airs. 

miUcaddia, Ar. lail-vl-makaidis, the 
heavenly city. 

ntnkali, fornication, adultery ; also 

laukun, Ar. a parish ; a territorial 
division ; the area served by one 
mosque of general assembly. 

mnknn, a bowl or cup. 

miila, commencement, beginning, 
source ; mula-mttla, to begin with j 
firstly; sa-mula, as at first; aa-ltlr- 
mnla, in the first plaee ; mnlaX, to 
commence, to begin ; mSmiilai, id. ; 
pSnitulaan, commencement, begin- 
mnlaB, mulas pSruf, griping pains in 
the stomach— -cf. pkJbs. 
alalia, Skr.illnstrions, glorious; Mm 
yang m., a mantle of splendid ap- 
pearance ; maka-mjUia, most illus- 
trious i moat enftlted ; 'pirmidialcan, 


panjang m., loqiiaeions ; sldap m., 
foir-Bpoken ; bawa m., tale -bearing. 
nmmbang', the yonng coconnt; tho 
nut in its early stages of develop- 

mwulioiicf, loaded above the gunwale 
(of a ship or boat). 

mnntia., Ar. devout, religious, God- 
fearing; Amir-til-mwmivin, Comman- 
der of the Faithful, Caliph. 

mnmnt, beating (as the pnlse or 
fontanel) ; throbbing. 

muiajat, Ar. private devotions, 

uiuudLOllg, ^ monchong, 

mnndam, ti large wash-tnb of earth- 

ntUldii, ft tree (garci-aia dtdcis). 

mnadnr, to retreat j = m^gundur, 
from undur, 

tOMngkix, Ar. to deny, to repndiate 
a statement, to refuse. 

mtmgkiuti, do me -shaped, covering 
like a dome. 

man^t, to t«tter. 

monshi, Hind, a teacher of languages. 

mimtali, vomiting; munfoUom, to 
vomit np ; muntahkan darah, to vomit 
blood — believed to be the result of an 
evil apirit's work and congeqnently 
imprecated as a curse. 

mimttei, ^ mSntfri. 

mupakat, Ar. agreement; decision 
after consultation ; blTiaapahat. to 
agree npon a course; also muafakat 
and pakal, 

aOTA, utar m«ra, a venomous snake 
{laehesia parpureoiaaralnlua, black 
variety, or iioia Bputalrix)~—cl. bara. 

mncftli, generous, good-hearted, li- 
beral ; cheap ; lagi muroli, lag! di- 
iawar, the more I reduce, the more 
he bargains! maha-murah, all-gene- 
rouB {of God) i ISiBitrohan, genero- 

marai, hrirong mvrai, the magpie- 
robin (cojMSchus goafariu) - ' ' 

cyattaea) ; m. gila, a, name given 

fantail fly-catchers (rhipoduro 
Port, the match (applied 

miui, 1. PerB. a flute or clarionet of 
metal. II, moire-cloth. 

miirid, Ar. pupil, disciple ; onat ni,, 

unrka, Skr. wrath, ai^er ; the wrath 
of God or of a prince ; mariai, to 
be angered ; rnvrkakan, to be angry 
with (a person). 

uuxs^, Ar, one sent ; an apostle, 

muxttid, Ar. renegade ; .the abandon, 
ment of the true faith. 

mump, fiery (of colouring) ; brilliant. 

UtUR, Ar, nahi Jfttsn, Mosea. 

unaftflHr, Ar. a traveller. 

lauaang, a generic name for civets; 
nt. afcar, the small -toothed palm-civet 
(arctogale leucotis) ; m. bahi, the 
water-mongoose (herpeetei brachy- 
uTtts) ; m. bata, the zebra civet-cat 
(arctogale Zeucotis) ; -= la. akar ; m, 
buak, the tiger-civet {prionodon gra- 
citt«) 1 m. bulan, the white -whiskered 
palm-civet {paradotmrae leueomyt- 
tax) ; m. jibat, the Indian civet 
(viverra sibetha) ; «i. mSnglcxuing, = 
ia. paninn ; m. jtaiidaii (the oiTet 
pnradoaunM hermaphroditua) ; m, 
tiblrau, a dark civet (probably pa- 
radoxunte niger) ; m. tinggalong, the 
Burmese civet (vivsrra megaipila) ; 
Fa' Musang, a legendary person, 
whose entraordinary good lack 
always got him ont, of the scrapes 
into which his impulsive and foolish 
' disposition plunged him. 

muBhkil, Ar. difficult. 

Hvalitarl, Ar. bintang XtishtaTi, 

mufllm, Ar. season ; monsoon j m. 
hvjan, the rainy season ; m, fcS- 

the north-east monsoon. 
mnslUiat, Ar. resource, stratagem, 

means; = daya or vpaya. 
Knilln, Ar. Moslem, MahammBdan. 


mnaoli, a public eiiemj ; 
foe ; bSrmuaoh dgngan, 
war with ; ^rmuaohan, i 

state of 

:. in working order ; 
ready for use ; ready. 

miutnliil, Ar. fooligli, abBiud, incre- 
dible, ridiculous. 

niiuitaja.b, Ar. efBcBciotm; snre to 
act (of a medicine). 

unatftkim, Ar. upright, sincero. 

matabir, ^ mo' tahar. 

:9 NAHU 

uatia, Skr. pearl ; sipuf m,, mother- 
of-pearl shell; iiifoji m,, diamonds 
and pearls — cf . mutiara. 

mntiant, Skr. a pearl ; indung m., 
the pearl oyster ; mothet-ot-peari ; 
nynm m., a guinea-fowl. 

mntn, I. sad, sorrowfal, melancholy, 
brooding; birhati m., id, II. a pearl. 
III. Tarn, a measure of the purity of 
gold ; mas sa-paloh m,, 24 carat gold. 

mnTn, baah inuyu, a black and sonr 
fruit (speciefl unidentified). 

N. Ng, Ny 

aaam, Ar. yes ; certainly ; go it is. 

naM, Ar. prophet j n. Ibrahim, 
Abraham; n.Idris; Enoch; n, Isa, 
Jesus ; nabi-nabi, the starfish of 
seven points— of. lapak stdaimaa, 

nadar, ^ nadiar. 

Badi, = Skr. tbe arterial pulse. 

nadir, I. yiraha nodir, a large 
Malacca type of sea-goiug fishing- 
boat. II. Ar. inspector, supervisor, 
oreraeer; = nadzir. 

uodaar, Ar. a vow ; a promise made 
to God. 

nadltr, Ar. an OTcraeer, a superin- 
tendent, ait inspector ; also nadir. 

nafiti, Ar. breath, respiration ; mS. 
mareJt m., to breathe [ Mraafns, id. ; 
also vaipas. 

nafl, I. Ar. expulsion, banishment ; 
tMJiiait, to expel. II. Ar. adranta- 
geons, proiitable, spiritually useful. 

naflrl, Pers. a long narrow trumpet 
Boleranly blown at a coronation, and 
10 one of Che jealously guarded ap- 
purtenances of Malay royalty. 

luf kah, Ar. means of livelihood ; a 
living ; mSnchai-i n,, to seek a liveli- 
hood ; mSiids.fat »., to earn a liveli- 

naftn, Ar. lust, passion, the prompt- 
ings of the fiesh ; hawa n., id. ; 
miwikwii n., to bridle one's pasaiona. 

uag^, Skr. a dragon, a snake of 
supernatural size ; cbufo n., the horn 
of a dragon ; gfmala n,, the luminous 
bezoar with which a dra^n lights 
its way; n. ialun, a dragon that 
kills by lashing with its tail ; n. 
birapi, a fire-brea thine dra^n } n. 
tttro, a snake that spits out venom 
on its foes (jinta spvtatrix ?) ; n. 
gSntala, a gigantic dragon that 
lies stil! and simply sucks its prey 
into its mouth — see also below : n. 
amha-ag, a huge marine dragon ; n. 
blrJHn'O!}, B. blrs^J'u and n, gSalala, 
names of patterns (converging, di- 
verging and parallel lines, respec- 
tively) ; n. naga, (1) a dragon-shaped 
^pire-head; (2) the keelson; 'pirah-a 
J:a%apn,, a boat with a dra^n -shaped 

na^aari, a tree yielding a pretty- 
flower {messvaferrd). 

nail, there 1 — an interjection. 

naliak, Hrixahak, excited (of appetite, 
last, or desire). 

ualias, Ar. iil-stEuired ; foredoomed 
to miafortune ; saat yang «., an un- 
lucky hour, 

nabl, At. the forbidden ; ». Allah, 
what God has forbidden. 

nahn, Ar. giammai — i.e. Arabic to^ 
flexions. '^ 

l,,..-ed by 



neili, Ar. deputy ; «, Jcali, a kali'a 
deputy ; n. raja, 3, viceroy. 

aaik, ascent, motion npwiu^s ; «. raja 
or n. Mrajaan, to ascend the throne i 
n. hSreta, to mount up into a, carriage ; 
n. darat, to go aahoro ; n. haji, to go 
DQ the pilgrimage to Uecca; tingah 
n., half-grown j hSaailcaii, a mount ; a 
steed or Tehicle. 

n^ii, Ar. filth ; things which defile ; 
Jrfnaii., to incur poliiition ; kilahaan 
yang »., filthy habits. 

nak, = hin^h. 

tOtka,, part-ainging ; singing in alter- 

ttakol, perrerse, migohieTOUS ; bSi-- 
nakal or infnaA^cit, to commit mischief 
in sheer wantonness. 

uoklioda, Pers. the master of an 
Arab or Persian trading- ship. 

ual, (Dutch) wad. 

ualeb a measure of capacity, = 16 

ttali, I. a turn to play, an innings in 
a Malay game. II. — naleh. 

naniBi, Skr. name, designation, re- 
nown ; imma-nya Miihammady he 
was named Mahammad; biroleh ■a., 
to obtain renown ; namai and nama- 
tan, to namtii hlraama, by name, 
named i Mnamaati, reputation, re- 
nown ; tJinamo, famous. 

nambl, an ulcerating disease of the 

fruit tree {cynometra 
naupak, to see; to be Tisible— ef. 

nampal, marl , alsonajml. 

nan, who, which, that — a poetic 

equivaient of yang, 
nanab, matter, pns. 
naual, a monkey (in ti 

of magic). 
uanar, giddy j Billy (af 

of a blow) i wild behavi 

resnlt of illness). 
nauiM, the pine-apple (( 
nanSa, = anahanda. 

aanioag, hipai nandong, the lat^ 

squirrel (>ie>«r«B bicolor). 
nanv, — nan and yang. 
uaug'ak, a trunkless palm (nnidenti- 

nuig^ka, the jaclt-frnifc (artocarpus 

uaugni, dwarf; baU »., a namo 

given to the half -grown witd-pig; 

aJtak n., n dwarf, 
naninff, a large wasp. 
nAnti, awaiting, to await ; (in bazaar 

Malay) shall, will; nanlikan, to 

await, to wait for; mSnnnti, to sit 

napal, marl ; also naatpal. 
napsia, Ar. breath, respiration ; also 

napl, inability to notice ; abeent- 

mindedness; unconsciousness of 

napoll, the larger ehevrotin (ti-agulus 

nara, Skr. hero, man (only oceur- 

ing in titles). 
uaraoka, = nlracha. 
aaraka, Skr. hell, apt n, the fires 

of hell. 
narvaatn. spikenard ; frankincense. 
nasab, Ar. race, descent, family, 

Uasar, Ar. bKrnng ansar, the niltnre. 

uasek, nasFi-naset, a generic name 
for many plants (especially eiigenm 

nasi, boiled rice j makan n., to dine t 
n. hadap-hadap, the rice consumed 
at a wedding f^st [if the bride is a 
widow, it is called nasi tZomai] ; 
n iahiili, "pillau" rice; n. Sufcus, 
steamed rice ; «. leaning, rice cooked 
with salEroit ; n. ISmak, rice cooked 
in coconut water ; n. lainyak, rice 
cooked in oil or mutton-fat; ii. 
pUahur^ rations ; n. palav, = n. 
hahali; n. tanibah, a second helping 
of rice ; n. ianak, plain boiled rice. 

naalb, Ar. fortune, luck, destiny, lot 
in life ; sudah v,nUmg n, " ' 



destiny ; n. malang, extreme bail 
luok i mimbawa n., to tcuat to lock ; 
to risk one's all. 

naaihat, Ar. advice ; tlie moral ai a 
story ; minaBihat^ to advise- 

natilf^. At. original text {eiitio 

Nasranl, Ar. " Nazarene " ; Chris- 
tian (eBpeciallf Roman Catholic) ; 

nata, Skr. lord, prince ; sanff-n., the 

natang', Siani. a French window. 
natar, smooth, level; = raia; also 

nati, a fool, a blockhoad. 

uau, a palm (ai-enga tacchaTtfefa). 

nannif, shade ; shelter from the snn ; 

slielter generally ; itavAigi or niS- 

iKiKBifi, to give shelter to ; hima^iig, 

to take shelter. 
tLlkTam, the blade of a pioughshSii-e. 
nasam, Ar. ordor, composition, 

arrangement ; — Icarangan. 
neemat, Ar. a delight ; a pleasure ,- 

a joy ; anything pleasant to the 

ueira, = neka. 

nBffara, I. Skr. city, town — a poetic 
variant of nSgSH. II. Ar. a kettle- 
drum (included among the insignia 
of Malay royalty). 

u6Erfiri. Skr. town, city, atate. 

neka, Skr. kinds, species ; sSria n., 
rarjoua ; also aneia. 

nfilayan, Tam. a Ssherman. 

nfinaB, = nanas. 

nenda, a respectful variant of nenek, 
grandfather or grandmother, 

uenek, grandfather, grandmother j 
li. moyang, ancestors. 

Ben«llda, - nenda. 

nattM, blTnenes, to ooze oat (of pna). 

nfiutituta, Skr. aa-n^nWusa, always, 
at all times [usually in the forma 
BininUasa or sEnfinsa.] 

uSracha, a balaoco ; a seneitiv^e pair 
of scales. 

neaan, Pera. a grave-atone. 

nBscliaTa, c 

It be, r 

, inevitable. 

nSata, — niata, 

nfiittapa, Jav. and Skr. sorrow, mis- 
fortnne, fiuHering. 

aetiasa, = nlntiasa. 

ngada, mittgiida'ngada, to he boast- 
ful or patted up with conceit, 

ngHS&Jl, tlngadah, looking upwards. 

ik^agA open, agape (of the jaws). 

ugaugut, mSiigangut, to mutter to 

n^p, (onom.) Ji^up-iiaap, pantii^, 
catching at one's breath. 

ngeh, (onom.) to blow the noi 
also nyeh, 

ngeln, aching (of the head). 

ngingKp, = ngap-naap. 

ngSran, displeasure, annoyance, ii 
tation, anger, 

a^Sras, Jav. aour, rancid ; i 

nyBri, fear, alarm, panic ; terrifying. 

aETfillap, irHngiriap, to swarm. 

ug'Gllnf, (onom.) the sound of ring- 

ng^ronf , (ojiom.) the sound of beat- 
ing gongs. 

nglan, nOngiau, to mew (of a cat). 

nffllu, " on edge " (of the teeth), 

nifiuigap, (onom.) to pant, 

nirat-ngrat, moping. 

nl, an abbreviation of inj, q.v. 

ni^^, see biraiaga. 

niat, Ar. desire, wish, loi^ii^;, aspira- 
tion ] niatlian, to will. 

nlAya, ^^ aaiaya. 

nlbonff, the welLknown palm (oncos- 
•perma tigiUana). 

nika, ^ neka. 

aikak, Ar, weddit^ ; marriage cere- 
mony ; •uikahkaii, or miidkah'kan, to 
wed two other people together ; iSr- 
ntkah, to be married oneself, 

nlla, Bkr. deep blue, sapphire, indigo ; 
pJrmate «. or n, ftSndt, the sapphire. 

nilai, appraising, valuing ; nilaikan, 
to appraise, to value ; tiada tirnUai,_ 



ftilam, I. the patchouli {pogostemon 
patchouli). II. Turn, the sappfaice; 

nllftV, B, plant (cvpania palliditla). 

silnv, pSrisai nilur, a long ovsl shield. 

Bin, this — a poetical variant of int. 

nlnff, = iM- 

Ulpali, the well-known trunldess 
palm (nipa fruticuTt)). 

lupla, tennoue, thin ; Umau n., the 
lime (eiims aeiia), 

talxa, the frosh juice of the palm 
{from which spirit is made by fer- 

aim, a sieTe ; also nyiru. 

uUohnya, — -aitchaya. 

nilta, Skr. insult, abuse. 

no1>&t, Pers. a hemispheriosl kettle- 
drum inolnded in the appurtenances 
of royalty. 

nofa, a shell (_tiirbineUa ronigera). 

BOj», a servant or caretaker in a 
m(HU|ne j datm n. , a herb used in 
dyeinjf (peristi-ope monlana). 

ttoktali, Ar. a diacritical mark, a 
vowel -point, a dot. 

nana, I. Jav, an unmarried daughter 
of a Enropean or Chinese. II. bttah 
jioiKi, the custard-apple {anona sgua- 
mo»a) i n. kapri, the " ballock'a 
heart " fruit (anOBo reticulata). 

II (m 

nong. a title ci'^en to distant descen- 
dantB of a prince. 

BOttOUgf, minnnong, to walk with un- 
certain feet. 

tUUkJFA, a designation given to respec- 
table Chinese and Eurasian married 
women ! also nyonya. 

nn'xtag, a vulture. 

na, that ; = itu. 

nngfiTBiIui, = anugSrak. 

n^jTUn, Ar, astrological tables ; ahlu- 
'«-«j«in, astrologers. 

BUktall, = noktah. 

Ban, Ar. ikan nitn, the " whale " that 
Bwaliowed Jonah. 

BOT, Ar. light. 


nnraoba, = i\iriicl\a. 

nozaka, = narakti. 

BurblBa, an antidote to venom, 

nnsl, a parrot, a lory. 

nnnmalft, faded ; = mala. 

nns, the sepia or cuttle-£ah. 

nya, its, his, her— a possessive pro- 

nonn of the third person. 
nyah, disappearance, vanishing;. 
BjraV, Jav. a term of endearment j 

(in Deli) a mistress. 
nyala, shining, resplendent ; hir- 

w'jala, to shine. 
nyantan, feeling "lit"; healthful) 

a sense of personal enjoyment. 
nyamok, a mosquito. 
ujampiuig, »a-nyampntg, the more, 
njanyl, singing ; bh-nijanyi, toeing; 

J. id. 
nyEUtTok, dull, in out 
UTapuig, a friend, a 
BTOrap, t<i plag or cork np anyth- 
nTaring', clear ; distinct (of ut 

anco) ; shrill (of the voice). 
B^farii, nearly, all but, jnat short of. 
nyata, Skr. clear, obvious, pMn, 

manifest ; nyatdkan or nt^nyatahi) 

to make clear, to show. 
Byatoli, a valuable timber-tree (pa. 

yena costata), 
njKWA, soul, life, epii 


nof ei 


uyfidar, sonud (of sleep). 

nyftdira, =^ nyldar. 

njeh, (ouom.) to blow the nose ; also 

nyfiltyal, coarsely woven (of cloth). 

n^euTen, teasing, "badgering," 

BjrUu, = ngila. 

Bjireli, a sea-abore tree {carapa 
molvccana) , 

njrlm, a sieve ; also niru. 

aylTir, a coconut ; potol ay,, a coco- 
nut-tree ; ny. ladeh, a coconut, the 
water of which has coagulated into 
a pulp ; ny. di-mahtn balan, a coco- 
nut without water in it ; ny. mum- 
hang, the verj young coconut j ny. 



shaantan, the coconut when the 

water cad be hoard on the nut heicg 

fihaken j «y. eungkur 

before the shell 

harden ; my. tahan kui-ur, the nut 

■when the ehell is hardening bnt the 

water cannot be heard. 
nyolo, a brazier. 
ujronglEOiu, cnddling over. 


nyonya, a designation giTen 
Chinese and Enrasiaii m a r r 

nyonyelt, old and toothless. 
nyoBTOiig, blown out ; swollen 

UTonyot, pulling at the breast, 
nynt, the throbbing of a boil o 
' the fontanel. 

oak, = Hah, IT. 

oWt, drng, medicine, chemical; a 
magical potion, philtre, or mixture ; 
o. takit lApaia, a cure for headache ; 
0. bsdil, gunpowder 1 o. s«nn, a 
philtre ; tukanii o., a vendor of 
magical simples i an apothecary j 
otaf.obofaii, drugs gBnerally; ( bad*, to 
apply a remedy ; -pSngobat, a remedy. 

ooholE, stirring up by teasing or tale- 
bearing; exciting; mischief -malting. 

odoll, Hgly, unsightly, offensive to 
the eye. 

Ogah, Hind, a hookah, a bnbble- 
bubble ; also hiikah. 

<^g»k, ogalc-ogak, a jester, a practical 

ogMU, pingogata, a scraper ; pSn- 
gogam mayang, a borer or cutter for 
extracting palm sapi pingogam 
eamfnh, a sort of broom. 

o^k, stinginess. 

ob, an interjection of snddeu recol- 
lection (oh-l I have it!) or to tail 
another's attention (ho, there !). 

oja, mliisojo, to excite oocia to attack 
each other. 

olob, way of doing things, manner, 
method ; excuse, attitude taken up ; 
baayak o., capridoas, variable ; o.- 
elah, duplicity aa-oiah-olak, about 
the same aa ; similar to, 

olak, an eddy or agitation on the 
water; o.-alek, backwards and for- 

oleb., by means of, through the 
medium of, owing to ; oleh-nya, by 
Mm ; beroleh, to obtain — cf. ioleh. 

olek, = uiif. 

oleng, the rocking or rolling of a 

Olok, joking, jesting ; mingoMc-ololi, 
to chafi; luro'Rg o.-o., the booby 
(snla leucogaeter). 

olOU, -^ ul»n. 

ombak, a nave, a billow ; Mrombai, 
to roll in waves 1 to a urge; motofc o., 

Djnong, I. a mark to indicate that a 
place is reserved by a man for the 
erection of fishing- stakes. II. mlng- 
among, to meet together ; to gossip. 

ampanff,om]Jo»9-amp™j, miscellane- 
ous articles carried about by a trader 
(aa gifts to chiefs, etc.) 

ompok, I. a method of printing on 
cloth. II. a border sewn on to a 
piece of embroidery. 

onak, barbed thorns ; the " wait-a- 
bit " thorn— of. eonak and durt, 

otiu;, = honaT. 

oudeh, ondeh-ondeh, sweetened dum- 
plings of dough rolled in coconut 

oneng, onetig-oneng, remote deecen- 

Oug, — hong. 

tmggtUt onggok-ojiggal, swaying, rook* 


. id by 



tmggttk, 1. onggok-onggal, ewaj-iiiK, 

rotking. II. b^nm^gok-otiggoi:, in 

Email beapB or clasters, 
ongks -^ ungka. 
ongkak, posts (in a boat's bows) to 

■which the cttUo ia secured. 
ongkos, (Dutch) outlaj, expenses, 

charges (especially travelling es- 

oniB, pallor, losa of colonr ; jiucfia! o., 

onta, Hind, a camel; huroag o., an 

ontanET. = untang. 
onynk, onyak-anyek, Tacillatiii);, an- 

decidcd ; ahakitig (as a loose tooth). 
opas, I, (Dutch) a watebinaii. II. ~ 

■4. PADAT 

orak, unloosing, nnwindmg, uncoil- 
ing, nndoing ; mlngorak. to unfasten, 
to unfold. 

orang, a hunian being ; a man or 
woman ; people generally ( especially 
in the sense of other people) , i: 
Melayii, a Malay ; kata o , people 
say ■ it is said ■ o. banyol, the multi- 
tude the people o hutan, o. liar, 
or I A t aborigii al tribesmen. 

oldi Port commands instructions, 
ordei s aK i 

orloji - ; o i,ys 

orlong' = rSlo g 

axdk. (onom ) ok or I a numbec of 
pertorated object" sti iiig on a stick 
60 as to rattle when the stick is 


si aken 

opau, Ch. a sort of purse -pouch 

otak bra iis n arrow o. ( 

attached to the waist-belt. 

opor, Jav. cooking without vegetables 

otar = tar 

or condiments; plain roasting or 

otek antdillo saltwater 



pa', father (expressed very fami- 

pBok^, sandalwood dust sprinkled 
on a dead body to prepare it for the 

pachak, I, spitting ; sticking a sharp- 
pointed stick through something 
else, II. accustomed to ; experi. 
encod in ; versed in. 

paolial, slare of a slave ; the humblest 
of the humble (a very self -deprecia- 
tory expression used as a pronoun 
of the first person). 

paohar, a kind of carpet mentioned 
in old romances. 

pachat. a leach. 

paokav, a talisman hung on a tree to 
make the frait of that tree disagree 
with anyone vclio steals and eats it. 

paohti, goading on or spurring ou 
(a horse) ; ■mimaehv,, to spar on. 

paolml, squeezing or pressing out (as 
one presses matter oat of a sore). 

pada, I, Skr. s^i piuEa, the holy feet 
of a prince; a royal title. II. saffl- 
ciency, adequacy, enough. III. by, 
at, near, in, according to; kapada, 
to ; dari-paAa, from ; 'pada akhir^nya, 

padak, mimadah, to invite. 

padam, I. extinguishing; putting out 
(a light) ; (b; metaphor) putting 
an end to evil feelings. II. Skr, a 
lotus ; mcrah p., lotus-red. 

padan, matching, fitting, harmo- 
nising ! a match or peer. 

padaaif, a plain ; an open space ; p. 
saiijana, a stretch of open country ; 
p. jarak, p. Ukuhar, a tract of waste 

padat, cramming, crushing into a,.^ 
small space, stuffing. 



padftu, layar padau, s, storm-sail. 

padfiri, I'ort. a. Christian priest ; o. 

padl, riee in the huskj p. flnggala, 
Beed rice ; gSmangat p., the spirit of 
life in the jiadi. 

padok, a crease or starting line used 
in placing Malay games, 

padong', a short shoot or projection 
from the stem of a creeper. 

padu, I. welding together, hammer- 
ing tt^ether. II. bSfpOJlK, to sweep 
by each other (of birds on the wing). 

padnikft, Skr. a royal title derived 
from the fact that the subject ad- 
dcesses the raja's feet, being un- 
worthy to address the prince himself ; 
padnhi,, literally means " shoe." 

paeSoli, ^ faedah. 

pf^an, solid ; sturdy; strongly built. 

p^Car, a fence - a pallisading ■ a row 
of stakes or palings p anai (I) the 
palings leading to an elej haut corral ; 
(2) a tree (tionanHi^s obotafo); 
o p., the common lantani (Ian- 

the 1 

1 the 

pagi, morning 

pagu, a ceiling 

pagut, the peck of a bird, the bite of 
a small fish or snake ; to peck out. 

palia, the thigh of a man; the ham 
of an animal ; a quarter or fonrth 
part ; janlong p., the fleshy part of 
the thigh ! panghil p., the upper 

portion of the thigh. 
pahala, Skr. profit, gain^ advantage. 
paham, Ar. knowledge, acquaintance i 

to be well-versed in, to know well ; 

salah p., misunderstanding. 
pabar, a large salver of metal resting 

on a stand or on legs- 
paliat, a chisel ; carving with a chisel ; 

p. jantun, a chisel with a narrow 

deep blade ; p. Icuku, a gouge ; p. 

lehar, a chisel with a Bat broad and 

shallow blade. 
paUt, bitter. 

-, FALA 

pahlawan., Pers, champion, leader in 
war; johan p., world-champion. 

pal, tsium pai, not yot, = Wum 

pais, fish cooked in banana leaves. 

p^I^, (Dutch) farm, monopoly ; p. 
ckandu, the opium farm j p. gadai, 
the pawnbroking farm ; a pawnshop. 

pajar, = fajar. 

pajoh, gluttonous eating ; ^uzzlmg. 

pak, father ; = pa', 

pakal, using or wearing anything ; 
assuming, adopting, employing ; ml- 
makai, to wear, to use ; pakaian, 
clothes, garments. 

pafcak, «iK» pakak, a name given to 
a class of imported shells from 
Celebes (contiB spp.) 

pakal, caulking. 

pakan, I- the woof ; tirai yang hir- 
pakankan mas, curtains shot with 
gold. II. invulnerability caused by 
mngical drugs- 

pakat, Ar, arrangement by confer- 
ence i agreement ; settlement ; ilr- 
pahal, to agree upon ; to conspire 

pakan, a cross-piece in a bucket or 

paldr, Ar, a poor man ; a mendicant ; 

also fakir. 
pakaa, I, compulsion, force ; inSmahui, 

to compel. II. auspicious, lucky, 

paksl, I. Skr. a bird (expressed 
poetically), II. = poiso, II. 

paksina, Jav. the north ; dari dakiina 
datang ka-pakeina, from the south 
to the north. 

pakn, I. a spite, a nail ; tirpalcv, 
nailed ; firmly affixed to. II. a 
generic name for the fern filex, 
and for plants resembling it, 

pal, 1, a tack (in sailing) ; hh-pal, to 
beat about, to tack. II. (Dutch) the 
Dutch " pole " as a nieasnre of 

pala, I. Skr. buaH pain, the nut- 
meg {myrietiea fta^ram) j hahm ' 



nutmegs in sjrnp. II, pa!a-po(o, 

tiiQcoaghij, genninely, properly ; sn- 

pala-pala, bb thorougblj' as possible. 
^^nm, pli^nng up the lower orificea 

of the body (abaimana) before burial. 
palaug, position acroaa or athwart ; 

kayv, p., the croaS'bar on a buffalo's 

boms — ct. alans. 
pitlar, grasping (as a prince who 

expects rich presents). 
palao, a generic name for the fan- 
palms knenn as lieuolas {the leavea 

of which are need by Malaya us 

eigarette- wrappers) . 
palat, an instrament fur punishing 

school boys. 
pftlan, a cicatrix or other prominent 

mark faicilitating identification. 
paling, looking or turning aside ; 

bli-paling, to look aside— cf. palU. 
pajia, taming away the head — e.g. 

as a modest girl when compliments 

are paid her — cf. paling. 
Jalit, smearing, smndging ; mlmalit, 

to Broodge or smear. 
politft, • pSlita. 
p»lkah, the hatch of a ship. 
paloh, a hollow filled with stagnant 

paloug, a trough for watering or 

feeding animals. 
palan, Fort, false, forged, counterfeit 

(of money, notes, etc.) 
]pAa., striking with a stick or bar or 
. other rigid cylindrical body. 
paint, enwrappii^, = haltit. 
pMnab, low-lying (of ground). 
punan, matemat nncle ; a familiar 

form of address to persons a good 

deal older than oneself. 
pampanff, stretching out before the 

eye ; tlrpam]>ang, extended. 
pamnr, the damascening on a kirit. 
pMia, Ar. mortal, perishable ; to die ; 

pMLoIl, a bow } the use of a bow j 

(better a-aalc p.) an arroWj panalian, 
archery ( the shooting of arrows ; 
taSmanahi to shoot with a baw. 


paaas, heat, warmth ; p. halt, excite- 
ment; k-ajan p., raia when the sun 
is shining; roman p., prickiy-heet. 

pamao, discoloured patches {nanally 
white spots) on the akin. 

pancha, 8kr. five, multiple, varied j 
pajicha-indiro; the five senses ; p.~ 
logani, an alloy of several metalis ; 
p.-pSrsada, a bathing place (nsnallj 
a tsmporwy structure) for the cele- 
bration of a bathing. ceremony ! p.- 
roia, nncertajn, fickle, changeable [ 
p.-rona, or p.-viama, of many colours. 

paaoh^oifatn., see pane ha. 

paucll&ilg', a loi^ pole, pile, or stake 
driven into a river bottom (especially 
as a mooring-pole for light boats). 

pancbapfirsada, see pancka. 

panchar, flowing out violently i 

gushing out I ponring out ; liilat 

mlmanchar, the lightning flashing; 

tlrpanchar otak-nija, his brains were 

blotni out. 
panoliaxolia, see panctia. 
pauoharona, see panchn. 
panchaworna, see pun cA a. 
panchlng, angling ; Ashing with 

hook and line ; j>. ikan, to fish. 
panchit, to ooze out ; to gush forth 

pancltong', cutting off a projection ; 
lopping; beheading! mSmanchong, 
to lop off, to prune, to mutilate j 
panckojiglcan klpala, to behead. 

piuiolinr, flowing (of water in pipes 
and conduits) j flowing from the 
end of a pipe ; panchtiran ayer, a 

panchat, spouting or gushing oat 
(of water), 

pandal, skilled i versed in ; e, crafts- 
man ; a mechanic ; a skilled artificer j 

, industrial art ; p. bSei, a blacksmith | 
p. kayti, a carpenter ; p. luiis, an 
engraver ; p, mas, a goldsmith j &/• 
pandaiati,, learning, knowledge, skill. 

pandak, short (in a limited number 
of expressions, the usual word being 
peruiek) ; hlria p., a, short dagger. 



pandam. fixiti^ jewellery in resin to 
keep it steady when worked at. 

ipandan, a generic name given to the 
Bmaller screw-pines {pandanacem), 
the leaves of whieli are useii in 
making mats. 

landauir, gating j looking fiiedly at 
anytMugi seeing and obeerving (aa 
opposed tfl merely glancing at) ; 
pandangan, observation, notice. 

^HUldawa, — findawa. 

l^andlr, jhi' paiidir, the name of a, 
legendary person who typifies a 
Inoky fool. 

-ponuta, — pSndita. 

^paildil, a guide ; a pilot ; tlic leader 
of a dance. 

pansan, extensive tra<?ts of forests; 
orang P., a name given to some 
aboriginal tribes. 

-paniforaiL, = pSiiyeran. 

^aaxgg&l, oatting or chopping 
through, severing ; faii^galban, to 
out through, to decapitate, tjj sever; 
patiggnl tiga, cut into three pieces. 

^aagrgaue^ roasting, cooking, toast- 
ing ; j^raaiiggang, Uie roast. 

.paon^i^i ^ scuffotding. 

jiang'gnit, a light raised framework 
used for drying fish — of. paBjjaf. 

^lang'gil, summoning, caUing, send- 
ing foi'i panggilkan, to have a man 
summoned; to send for; iniinanggil. 

SOMSgong. au erection on pillars ; a 
stage; a raised flooriiig; p.M-oyang, 
the stage of a native theatre ; dndoh 
hSrsila 'panggong, to cross one leg over 
the other—cf. paiiggar and ipanggaa. 

ipanffkali, I. cruciform ; the mark of 
a cross ; a caste-mark. II. Hind, a 

ipangkal, beginnii^ ; commence- 
ment ; first stage or initial portion 
of anything ; p, bahit, the shoulder j 
p. tSngan, the upper arm ; 'panglialan, 
a landing place ; the point where a 
traveller leaves the sea for a laud 
.journey, or vice-versa. 

putETkas, to crop the ends of any- 

pSrUskat, grade, degree, rant, stage ; 
iSrpangta'-pangkat, in grades, in 
stages ! pangkatkan, to confer rank 
on any person. 

pan^king', Ch. a bedroom, a sleep- 

pa,a|rkong, to pommel or pound with. 
a heavy stick. 

panffku, breast, bosom ; holding 
between the hreast and the f ore-ann ; 
nurturing ; fostering ] panglcttatt, 
the upper portion of the lap ; the 
breast s inlMangka, to hold to tha 
breast ; to nurture ; ^mangkii, a 
regent; pBiiiaiHftu. rnjo, id. 

paagkui:, an instrument for scraping 
sago out of the tree-trunk. 

panffloma, — jiSitgUma. 

panffling', failing to recognise or 
notice ; overlooking. 

piULgsa, a carpel of a durian ; a 
natural " slice " of an orange ; & 
natural division in fruit. 

pangai, the peg of a top. 

pangUB, to spout, to blow (of a por- 

paaiz, Pers, cheese. 

panjak, a drummer at a ma'yoiig. 

paujang, length ; long, tall ■ umMi- 
p., long life ; sa-pnnjimg, all along j 
panjaitghan, to lengthen. 

pimjai?, earnest -money j = chiiig- 

ponjat, to climb (tree-trunks, ropes, 
musts, etc., but not hills or ladders or 
walls or trees from hough to boi^h). 

panji, I, panji-panji, & pennon, a 
long streamer. II. jav, an ancient 
Javanese military grade ; Sira P. the 
nom de guerre of the great Javanese 
hero Radin Iita KSttapati, Prince 
of Kuripan. 

panjnt, tipped with white (a lucky 
raarfcing) — of an animal's tail. 

pantal. a beach ; the sea-shore. 

pautak, to drive a nail into a wall^ 
a peg into a hole, 

...-ed by 



jpuittULg, probibitioD ; forbidding ; 

the state of being forbidden ; j>. 

ytmali, or p. laran^/an, tabooed. 
pantMi, swift, speedy i p. mulut, 

readf nitted ; s^frti iilat pautas- 

nya, swift as ligbtning. 
pMitat, the base, the fandament, the 

pantau, inamantau, to look up a 

person ; to visit. 
paatek, striking together two hard 

substances ; ptmanteli api, a ftint 

and steel. 
panting, pontaag-'paiitiiig, topsy- 

tuirey, helter-skelter, scattered 

pantis, a sligh smear j touching np 

with colour or rouge. 
pantok, the combing on a Malay 

half- decked boat. 
pMltnl, pontKi balek, to rebound — 

cE. anltd. 
pantim, a quatrain, tlie first line of 

which rhymes with the third, and 

the. second with the fourth ) lSr~ 

panfan, to extemporise a quatrain j 

ta-panlun, like, Btmilar to ; = sSpPrti. 
puma, a candle -bracket. 
papa, Skr. poverty, pennilessness, 

draititution; p. keiana, a panpet 

vagabond j p. klrma, a pauper by 

papah, to totter along painfully and 

with support (as a sick or very aged 

jiapak, I. Sat, even, without caritiea 
or prominences. II. Jar. mSjiiapoI:, 
to receive, to welcome. III. = 
jiipat. IV. crunching, mastication. 

papakSrmft, see pajia. 

papan, a plank ; a, board ; flooring ; 
p. bata, a slate j p. chatnr, a chess- 
board i p. mislar, a mling-board ; 
iiiuia p., brazen-faced} tulang p., 
the lumnar vertebno. 

papar, flat, smooth ; the blont side ; 
the back (as opposed to the edge) of 
a blade; the flat of a horn (as 
opposed to its point). 


papai, removing or taking off objects. 
— Bccb as clothes, mats, hajang roofs, 
etc. 1 inSmopos Jrhejnalt, to fvirl np a 

pttlti, I. a shelf, rack, attic or frame- 
woric of any sort raised above the 
flooring; orirngp., aoot. Il.acoUec- 
tive prefix in expressions— such as 
para-plnggawa. III. sentry-goi 
orang p., a sentry; a constable on 
duty at B door- 

parah, severe, deadly (of a wound). 

parak, Ar, separation, bati'ier (espe- 
cially the barrier between the male 
and female guesta at a wedding). 

pacam, param-param (or pSparam)^ 
a medicinal ointment used after a 

parang, I. a chopper; chopping; 
cutting at; cleaving; p. chandong, a 
cleaver (the handle and blade of 
which are in one piece) ; p. pnHitg^ 
a very sharp chopper. II. ilcan 
paraTig-paraiig, a fish (prtBtia sp. ?) 

partip, a blow struck hammer-wise 
with the side of the Sst; piviarap, 
the lower part of the fist, 

paras, I, appearance, looks (espe- 
cially good looks), IT 
asperities ; smoothing ; 

— . 

paret, dealing (cards); easting (lota); 
throwing (dice). 

parek, porak-parek, helter-skelter (in 

pari, a generic name for fish of the 
skate and ray type ; p. biting {trygon 
sp.) J p. doun \trygon $epheK) j p. 
dedap ^eurogymniuB asperrimaa) ^ 
also p. Wlitir; p. lalat {trygan 
uamaViip. lang (aelobaUs narinari) ; 
p. patih (dicerobatis sp.) ; p. tandok 
{teraioptera sp,) ; Miir p., a skate- 
skin grater ; minikam p., to spear 
■' ray) »lngat p., the sting of th» 


, Google 


parit, a trench, u moat, a ditch, a 

drain, a canal for drainage. 
paroli, I. the beak of a, bird. II. sa- 

paroh, a halt. 
paroI^^1 I' ^>'t^ parong, a Idria nitli. 

an exceptional number of cur^ea. 

II. pokok parong, a plant (_dytoxylon 

pam, I. the Innga ; the gills of a fiah. 

II. para-pant, sweet frittera sold by 

street-haTF kers. 
pamt, I. a scar, a cicatris:. II, the 

procesB of raaping ; memaTuf, to rasp. 
puali, Ar. pasalt nikah, to dissolre a 

pamfc, I. a peg, nail, or wedge ; 

pasakkan eipatu kudo, to shoe a 

hovBe. II. mata pasak, bine or grey 

pasal, Ar. coocenut^ ; apa p., whj ; 
p. itu, for that reason ; therefore ; 
also/osai, q.T. 

pasang, I, pair ; Ba-pasang, a conple. 
II. the tidal flow; ayer p., the 
riaing tide j pSnoh p., the full rush of 
the tide. III. sakit pasang-panang, 
hydrocele. IT. patting into working 
ordor, motion, or use j to light (a 
lamp) ; to harness (a horse to a 
carriage) ; to fire (a cannon) ; to 
hoist (a flag). V. to be effective 
(of a blow) ; to penetrate or prodnce 
the intended result ; klna p., hitting 
a Tital spot or hitting " fall." 

paaax, Pers. a bazaar ; a, market- 
place i also pSkan. 

pftsek, 'wrong-headed ; unwilling to 
behave properly (of a child) or to 
listen to reason (of an adult). 

paaiban, = pSacha'a. 

pa«lr, sand ; the sands by a sea j the 
beach ; p. panjang, a long stretch of 
Bandy beach ; galah p., a ahort polo 
for punting over shallows ; g\ila p., 
engar in minute grains ; ibu p., 
coarse-grained aand ; mas p., gold 
dmt (better mas «rat) ; rampv,t p., 
a common weed {odenoetema vis- 

(Dutch) a kind of 
work ; passementerie. 
paaok, a troop, a body of i 
campan;f j paeokan, a troop \ 


a gun. 

pasDn|f, stocks, ahaokles, fetters ; 
pasongan, id. ; rumah pasong, a 
police station ; also (Pouang) halai. 

paspa, = 'puspa, 

pMU, a ba,siu or bowl ; a ilower-pot ; 
a wash-pot ; a tub i p. hwnga, a 

patali, I. fracture, breakage, snap> 
ping asunder (osed of rigid objects 
only being broken) ; p. ara-ng, irre- 
concilable ; hayu p. iulang, a plant 
(mtphorbia tirvQalU or raoesa ramen,- 
(ocea) spofnftan, a broken fragment ; 
paitthan bSngkarong, cramp ; ■a^tnof 
tahkam, to break. II. a numeral 
coefficienl for sayings, pieces of 

saying ; pimntaft a piece of warning 

or advice. 
patar, a wooden rasp. 
patek, ■' humble slavp," a term of 

self .depreciation used as a pronoun 

of the first person when addressing 

patfiri, solder 

pati, 1 Skr. a high officer of state ; 
a terra used as a component part 
of many old names and dignities — ■ 
e.g. adipah. II. essence , extract ; 
finest portion; "cream" of any- 
thing. III. death—the old root of 

patU, I. a small ad:fo for roughly 
planing what has been rough-hewn 
with a hatchet. II. The feeler or 
antenna of an insect. 
patin, an edible fish (unidentified), 
pattng, I. a stone.hewer's chisel. 
II. a peg [used especially of pegs 
driven into a tree to facilitate 
climbing or into the gunwale of a 
boat BO aa to allow of a temporary 
gunwale {ruling) being affixed to 

. ;.d by 



pfttob, the peek (of a birrl) ; the bite 
(of a aiiake) ; mSmatok, to bite, to 

patong', I. a puppet, an image, a doll j 
vMyang p., a puppet-show j ^ipamo 
p., statuesque! ringgil p., the pillar- 
dollar. II. than patong, a fish 
(eeiuncti'a eyltesii). 

patnt, right, fitting, proper, suitable ; 
ta'-p., unfair, improper ; patvian, 
harmony, Hnitability ; meomtntlcan, 
to eettle, to put right. 

panll, I. a species of wild-mangn ; 
p. janggi, a, tree {cocos maldiva) 
[believed by Malays to grow in the 
centre of the great ocean npon a 
bank which represents all that is 
left of a Bnbmerged coatinent] ; 
bv,nh p. janggi, a fmit (the shell of 
whioh is used as a beggar's bowl 
by Hindu mendioaniB) ; tanek p. 
janggi, the great ocean round the 
sunken bank above referred to ; p. 
kijang, a large tree (treiitgia inolny- 
ana); pault-pnuli, anamesonietimeB 
given to trees of the eiodia class 
II. a quarter ; a quarter ckupidi ae 

pauk, 'laitk-panl:, all kinds of food 
(other than rice) — v. (aul 

panng, Port, bread {but eipecially 
applied to Chinese bread or native 
made biscuits, the nsual word for 
ordinmy bread being roti) 

paWi, the whale ; also ikan paua 

pant, drawing (anything) towards 
oneself ; hanling in { to be drawn 
to anything; to be attached, or 
attracted, or bound; be^paut, to 
cling to (aa a drowning or struggling 
man clutches and clings) 

pawah, pay (especially pay according 
to profits or by piece-work and not 
aa a daily wage, upak) . 

pawai, the suite or train of a i aja , 
the followers in a, bridal procession. 

patrotlE, a man who practises aome 
primitive industry (such as hunting, 
fishing or agriculture) by the aid of 

) pEdah 

(he Hack art a » itch (ioi,tor ; a. 
man «ho combines magio and skill 
m the exerc se ot his profession ; 
p hllat p jfrmal p belong and 
p piilat practitionira of magic in 
connection nith vanous kmda of 
fishing p gahaiu and ] l«p«r, 
collectors of stented woods and 
campl or p oyah an elephant- 

paya a swamp a maish a morass. 

payali, difticult (of work) , serious 
(of illness) ; hard times. 

payang, a large sea-going fiehing- 
boat or amal! trading-boat. 

paywr, pirahu. poyur, a small warship 
(such as a reyenne-cutter or port- 

payan, brftdtish (of watej') ; insipid, 

payong, an umbrella ; the head of a, 
nail ; shelter under an umbrella ; p. 
»i6iir-»iintr, a heavy-fringed umbrella ; 
p. blTapit, two small umbrellas borne 
side by side in the train of a pi-ince ; 
p chshra, a canopy. 

payii, price, saln-price, precious ; 
ttada tlrpayu, priceless, invaluable. 

pftbftau, see hea. 

pSohall, breakage into fragments ; 
breaking open i breaking out ; burst- 
ing; breaking up; spreading (of 
news) ; p. parang, the breaking of a 
line of battle ; p. piloh, breaking out 
into perspiration ; p. hhabar, the 
news spread ; pechakkan or mSmS- 
c)uihlian, to break anything np. 

peoliak, crushed flat or sunken iit 
(of roundish objects). 

pfidMt, to remove from office ; to 
get rid off; to dismiaa ; to deprive j 
di ■ pSchatJiun Allah makanan - mn, 
may God deprive you of food. 

pfichat, B whip ; whipping on. 

pSda, preserved flsh, = buda, 

pfidada, a tree (sonneratia adda) j 
also b^rlmbang. 

pfidah, a hint, a suggestion, a pre* 

■ id by 




pSdaka., Skr. !i collar with j 
attached to it aa ornaments. 

p6dal, the gizzai^. 

pfidanff, a aword ; a sabre ; p. iSra- 
jaan, a sword of state. 

pedap, sucking up moistare ; kSrtas 
■p.. blotting-paper. 

pjidar, rsQcid (of taatc). 

pGdaa, pungent (of taste) ; biting. 

pfidati, a wheeled rehicla i a car or 
waggon of any sort; p. mSriam, a 
gnn.carriage ; p. larbaa, a buffalo- 

pJSdeh, smarting (in the eyes, or nose, 

or ears) ; kati p., an angry feeling, 
pGdSna, a large wide-mouthed jar ot 

tub (usnally of earthenware). 
pEdfindanff, I. kain pidSHdann, braid. 

II. burong pSdSnduns, a bird {helio- 

pais persojHifo)— of. dSndang. 
pidewakou, a Bugis tr^iding ship. 
pedlah, Ar. a fine j = diaf. 
pedonuui, a compass. 
pSdnkang, a fish (unidentified). 
pfidtOi, Ar. to care, to concern one- 

aelt i saknya iiada p., I do not care. 
padnv, lameness caused by a bent 

pBgrapl, = plvgqaga. 
p6gtUL, tSi^gan, silent in meditation; 

also UrpSgun. 
pAgang, holding, grasping, ccntrol- 

ling g di-plgang-nya langait, his hand 

was grasped; kaia tidah di-pigang- 

nya, he does not keep to his promises; 

pSgangan, told, control, occupation ; 

MrpSgang, attached to, adhering to ; 

mSmlgang, to hold, to grasp, 
pfignr, ayam pegar, the firebnck 

pheasant {lophura nifa). 
figtta, to beat its wings (of a bird). 
pl^Hwai, an officer in charge ; a 

district ofhcer or government agent, 
p^, = v^rqi 
pifpuif tSrpPyan, silent in meditation ; 

also UrpSgan 

peliak, ^ piJiEil 

pSbola, - pahala 


pSjal, fii-m (of fieah); not easily 

pressed or pinched. 
pdjam, closing the eye. 
P^Sra, the sigbting-bead of a gun, 
ptka, noticing, regarding, attaching 

pfikaclia, ralna plkatha, a term of 
eiKiearment ; = gem of purity ? 

pSfcak, hard of hearing, deaf. 

pSkftka, a generic name for king- 
fishers, and also (pSkaka hutan or p. 
rimba) forbarbets. [The kingBaher 
is also called raja udang in the soath.] 

pekaJcas, = pSrkakas. 

p6kail, I. a market; an emporium; 
bv-iiga p., a flower (jaaminwrn grandi- 
fioram). II. - pSgim. 

pfikasEun., a strong-smellii^ preserre 

p6kat, sticky and thick (of liquids) ; 
strong (of cofiee). 
p6ka.u, a (meaningless) cry of excite- 

pfikfirti, Skr, nature, disposition, 
character ; hiidi p., id., especially of 
good disposition. 

pSkln, pondsting ; puzzling a thing 
out — ct. p^kan II, or pBjaii. 

pBkok, twisted (of the arm). 

pfikong, a name for a class of foul- 
smelling ulcers. 

pakonff, Ch. ajoss, 

pftknr, tSrpekur, = fSfchur, q.v. 

pftlabur, see lainr. 

pBla^, buiih pslaga, the cardamom 
{amomum cardantomum), 

pMalMip, gluttonous, voracious. 

pfilamin, see lamin, 

pBlaiapon^, a floating mark ; the 
floats of a net ; a iloat marking the 
position of an anchor. 

pelana, Pers. a saddle; alas p., a 
saddle-cloth ; a numnah. 

p&lancltar, a joist or cross-beam 
joining together the foundation- 
pillars of a house. 



pSlandok, the Bmaller chevrotin 
(traguiua kanchil) ; also kanchil. 

p61anff,colorBtioD in stripes; blndera 
blrpSlang tiga, tri 1 

pelnnff, a nativ gall j b t^ 

pfilongl, a rninb 

pfilanffkinff, a p I q 

pfilantar, floor i; t g 

pfilautek, see ! II. 

pSUnttng, bf pfl y II g 

and o 

-, f 11 



pUiWoIl, a ne'e 

pelat, peculiar 

pftlata, ikan p& 

pfilatok, a gen n m f w d 

peckers \ also hllat ( 
pSlatnur, a)f<?r pSla pi t (coltf 

copteriejloribii d ) 
pElbaffal, varied (of different sorts) 

pfiUt)a7a, an execntioner i = pir- 

piileclieh, wheedling, cozening with 

fair words, fiattpring 
pGlechok, a stiam cansed bj a filse 

p6l8k, 1. onrious, ont of the tomnion, 

vnlnable i harany yi'ng p, curios 

II. lacking in breeding , defteiencies 

in character. 
paiBkat, L (Batch), a placard 11 

to caulk B, ship 
pU«kat, kain p?lelat, an Indian 

ptlSkofa, I, bowed or bent (of the 

neck). II. a term of abnge 
pUBmbaya, <° plUbaya. 
pBlBmp^p, sa-piUmpup, a hand's- 

breadth (as a unit of measurement) j 

also sa-tSWnpop. 
pn*nehet, tSrpllsachet, forced out 

by pressuro (as matter from a 



pBlBpali, a frond; the branch-leaf 

of the trees of the palm type. 
pftler, = pSIir. 

pBleaet gamming on ; stickini; on. 
pfilfiaii familiar spirit. [It is 

bel d t be naually met with in 

th f m fa orioket.] 
pel t = lai. 
pBldtin^ piece of bamboo on 

wh h h bread is rolled up when 

pUUiara fekr. cherishing; nurturing! 

b g P; protecting; guarding; 

S Hh kan, to nurture, to pro- 

tf. t t 1 Iv after. 

pfilin^am marble or stone the 

mg E 'hieh offena a contrast of 

1 or w th the rest. 

pfillpla tl temples of the forehead j 

1 pllp n. 
p61ir (j 3 pUir, the penis ; buah 

p th t t 8 ; p. itek ; a screw. 
pBlita P a lamp. 
pBlab, perspiration, sweat; bSrpUoh, 
to perspire; pichah ySfoJt, to burst 
into a perspiration. 
pBloliouff, gaping open. 
pBlok, folding in the arms; embrac- 
ing birpSlok, mSniSloJ!, or ppjoklan, 
nbnice , sa ptmSlol. an armfnl. 

the s 

pelouff, bent, warped 

pfilnang, still, calm (of iMiid and 

pBlnpoli, to hammei nut to beat 
into a pu!p , to flatten under a 

pfilnpok, tpllupni, mata, the eyelid; 
= JBiopol mata 

pBlnni, Port shot, buliets, cannon- 
balls i p. bfsi laniai, cylindrical 
shot; p. bolanfj-baling, chain shotj 
p. jantong, shot with a cylindrical 
body but rounded or pointed at the 

pBmajang'aii, a state-bed (espedallr 
a bridal couch). ^^ 

, id by 


jfrmnlMiii to SlI np a crack or 

crevice by pushing clotli or paper 

into it with » knife. 
3i6inalftp, to lower a wick ; to lessen 

a flame. 
pfim&li, forbidden, talHMed; a prohi- 
bition; pantang p., id. 
pBnutMlir, a long stretcli of high 

sand; Boil in a rico-awamp ; aee also 

-p&midmi.g', a frame for embroidery, 
a blnnderbnaa. 
generic name for a number 

of trees {especialiy calophylliim ino- 

phyUnm) . 
^enall, = pernah. 
pSna^a, ao to speak ; as it were ; it 

by any chance. 
pSnakan, = pErnnotnit fi'om nmofc. 
pfiuBJiErirall, eee tanggah. 
-pEuafam, Malay pastry containing 

meat or pcawna. 
'pfiuEit, wcarineaa, exhaustion, labour, 

pfinohab, a sivord-dance ; «ilatp.,id.; 

mSiniitchalc, to dance this dance 

(fencing with an imaginary oppo- 

pfinobalanf, a sea-going type of 

ahip used by Bngis traders. 
pencbang, = -pinchang. 
pfiaehil, detaching, separating from 

the main body; Ui-pSnchiJ, separated, 

peuohoug', out of lino ; swerved ; 

pBnda, amending, improving. 
pSndahan, a javelin ; a dart hurled 

by hand. 
pSnda.)!!, (Srpendim, concealed. 
pSudap, I. a plant (nnidentifiod). 

II, ikaa pSiiiiap, fish preserved in salt. 
pfindar, phoaphorescence ; luminosity 

in the sea ; the glow of a firefly or 

luminouB millipede. 
76il3awa, Skr. a hero of the Maha- 

bharata ; any one of the five sons of 

Pandn ; a pattern of sword named 

after these heroes. 


peudek, short; pavjaiig p., tall anil 

short 1 blrkSrja panjang p., tO work 

intermittently — cf. pandah, 
pEndekar, a master of fence; a 

champion ; a leader of a charge. 
pindiat, a corral for elephants. 
pSndinff, a waist-buckle ; tali p., a 

girdle for use with a buckle. 
pBndita, Skr. asage; aleamedman; 

pBndolc, a wrapper of thin metal 
round the sheath of a hSris. 

pSndouali, see domah, 

pdndon^lcolc, a metal fermle be- 
tween the bla^e and handle of a 

panframpob, = plngapoh. 

petLg'anau, a cake ; a sweetmeat. 

pSufantllt, I. a party to a marriage; 
a bride or bridegroom ; ainapang p., 
a double-barrelled gtm. II. the 
player of the viol (rSbab) at a 
tim'yong performance. 

pSngap, covering np ; gealii^ from 
intmsion ; hermetically closing. 

pSnifapoli, layar pliigapoh, a topsail 
oc top-gallant-sail. 

pSng^', heavy-wittcd (aa a drugged 

p6n^t, a sweetmeat made of fruit 

cooked in coconut milk and ai^;ar. 
pSnEfawlnan, tombak pingaivijtan, a. 

spear of state. 
p6ugeiajiL, a title of nobility in use 

ill Java and Borneo. 
pdnffGreh, a fish-trap of the lukah 

penget, = pingit. 
pfinffga, deep (of a bowl or diah). 
pGngifaga, a creeping herb (_hijdro' 

colyU asiatica) , 
pBnffgava, an ofBcer in charge of a 

pSnglllUn, a headman ; a local 
chief. [The term ia also aomatimes 
used of Mnhamniad as the head of 

pfinffkalan, == pangkalan ; see pang- 

■ id by 


pencrkar, Ijon-lepged. 

]i6n.glila, = pSitgkfiiu. 

pSnlngf, dizziness ; ftiintnees ; a riieh 

of blood to the head; ji. klpala, 

TertigO ; p. I'Slam, id. 
pSninsTSfir, tlie confines of a countr j ; 

the OHtljing portions — d. pivggir. 
piniti, Port, a pin. 
pfiiljajap, an ancient Malay type of 

p^ara, 8fcr. prison ; penjarakon or 

TOSmjJ^jarnl'on, to impriBOu ; tSi-pfit- 

jara, imprisoned. 
pitijnrit, Jav. a warrior ; a pinnderer i 

a robber ; see jui-it, 
pftnjimM nn angle, a eornor. 
pfinoh, f nllness ; f uil ; p. slsak or ji. 

j)Spat, chock-fall ; oTOffded j p&iofti 

or mSmSnahi, to fill np ; to complete ; 

to accompliah ; to falfll; dingan sa- 

^noh-^aok, lyith full; ivith all; 

with every. 
p6nta, bh-pinia-fSnta, in croivilg, in 

gronps, in qoantities. 
J^tas, a sleeping platform. 
pihitliiff, worth, auuiidness, rahie. 
pBntong, to club or cudgel. 
pfillTap, hidden, vanished, ont of 

sight--ef. Unyu'p. 
pftn76ltgat, see al-agat 
pBnyn, the green turtle (diet one 

pipah, striking nith a long stick or 

p^^, I. complete; in fall; ftilly 
attended ; in foil state ; 'plnah 
p., quite full; ehocfc-fnll. II. pa- 
pat TV. 

pipakn, turoni) plpalm, a bird {sarco- 
grammus atrinuehalis) . 

pl^^aram, see param. 

p^am, '^ para-parv. 

pfipat, smooth J oSering no ineqiiali- 
lies of surface. 

pfipatll, = patiJ. 


peper, motion eidewaj-s ; edging ; 
to be driven aside as a boat with n 
heavy sea on its beam. 

pSpuab, frizzled (of the hair). 

pfipuTn, = puyu-puyif. 

pSrabn, = pSTba. 

pSrada, Fort, gold or silver leaf cut 
into patterns ; tinsel ; gold plate. 

pdran, pressure in the hand ; ex- 
pressing ; wringing out ; milting ; 
kambing plrahan, a, milch-goat ; 
pSi-aliian, to press ont. 

p6rahn, a Malay eea-going boat or 
ship ; aff'n'^ p- or fnwk p., the crew ; 
galhiig p., the rollers on which a boat 
rests when hauled ashore ; tupai 
gala«/i p., a descriptive name given 
to Raffles' squirrel (gci'iH-WK raffleni). 

pfirai, I. bft-psiKv-pSi'ui. breaking up 
(of a crowd) ; scattering — cf. 6ir™i. 
TI. kain pSrai, a black silk cloth of 
Siamese origin. III. turning about, 
from one side to another ; miiniiiang 
p., to taok. 

pSrak, a nervous start ; a hasty 
glniH'e to right and left. 

pgrakai, see raksi. 

pSram., I, storing fmit while stili 
nnripG with a view to its ripening in 
tlje store. II. mlmSram, to coo. 

ptoambnt, invainerability against 

pfaan, a clown in a ma'yong. 

pftrsAclialL, the wooden framework 
of a house. 

FerauolUB, Port. French. 

pBianoliit, to splash up in all direc- 
tions (as water or mod when a stone 
is dashed into it). 

pSranda, porah - pSrunda, helter' 
skelter ; in confusion. 

pfirang, war, battle ; ikat p., tho line- 
of battle; ptnglma p., & leader in 
war; gSndaag p., a war-dmm; bSr- 
pSrang, to go to war ; to be at war ; 
p^pSranga^, a state of ^"ar. 

pecang, peTang-perun, very pah 
very wan. 

, ., id by 


pfiEANGAI li 

ptoojxspd, nature ; dispoBiDiou ; in- 
nate character, 

pSranffra, sa-pirangguaii, a set— e.g. 
of buttons i a suit (of clothes). 

pexang^kap, a eage-irap for birds oc 

pfiranja, a scaffolding in suceessivp 
tiers i the seating arrangements in 
an ampliitheatro ; a dove-cote or 

pliraiijat, tirpiranjoi, startled ; sud. 
denly alarmed. 

pBrap, to fly at an enemy (of a fowl) i 
to be touchy (of a disposition) ; to 
be anxious to alnaya Iiave the last 
word (of women). 

parap, to quicken tho stroke when 

ptras, (onom.) ph-as-'p^ran, the rust- 
ling of garments or of paper. 

pBrat, acrid, sonr ; tSror^g p., a small 
brinjal (sofanitm acaleatietimum). 

pfiranran, a maiden. 

pfirawait, a medicinal plant (iindem 

p&rawia, ingredients, factors, mate- 

pSrlta, Skr. ancient, former; p. kala, 

days of old ; also parbn. 
pSebani, extreme of the tide ; at its 

highest or lowest point. 
pftrbn, Jav. a prince ; p. jaya, the 

conquering prince (Panji). 
ptoclta, I. a rag j a piece of c)oth. 

II. Pnlau, P., Sumatra. 
pfteohaya, trusting ; believing in ; 

harap ada, pSrciiaya tidak, there is 

gronnd far hope bnt not for confident 

expectation ; plrchaya dUngan tiada 

dt-chuba.trustwithonttestinftj faith; 

kSpStchayaan, truat j trusty i orang 

yang hlplrckayiian, a man who can 

be trusted. 
pfirehlt, squirting out (of water). 
ptrdah, the handle of a chopper or 

pfirdaua, Skr. siirpasait^ ; excelling ; 

supreme in merit ; p. »antlri, prime 


pSrdu, the base of a tree-trunk ; the 

visible part of the root. 
p6rdnll, =• pSduU. 
pereh, worn out by a struggle or 

suataincd effort ; cshausled (as a 

fighting cock or fencer). 
ptefikat, lime, mortar, gum, cement,. 

glue ; any sticky compound for 

holding materials together — cf . Ukat, 
pteelHa, Skr. investigation; enquiry;. 

examination; pireksai, to enquire 

pirfimpnaii, a woman. 
pSxeng', a repulsive smell. 
pfixeuKgan, a boundary ; = plrhitig- 

pSrentah, i-ule, govevnment, eway j 

command, order; datany-lah p., an 

ordercame; p./npt'tfis, British mle; 

weiirfi-enfaft, to govern ; plmirmitah,. 

a goremor, a ruier . 
pfirftpat, a tree (unidentified) closely 

resembling sonnemtuiacitiai p.htikit 

(ciijjonin lestertiana). 
ptoet, I. a ticklish or tingling feeling 

about the body. II. — jjSrenjr. 
pGEffam, the well-knovm large wood- 
pigeons {carpophaga mnea and c. 

p6r([i, to proceed; to go; plrgi-lah 

ia ka-Riav-t he went to Riau. 
pfirpll, (Dutch) gilt ; gilding. 
pSri, 1. Pers. afairy ; dewa shah pSri,. 

the king of the fairies; devta pSH 

mavibaiig, fairies of all sorts — i.e. 

Indian, Persian, Indonesian. II. way, 

manner, matter ; p. hal, matters,. 

details, circumstances. 
pfiria, a cnltivated pumpkin with a 

proverbially bitter taste (momordica 

charantia) . 
p&riAi, Jav, a minor noble ; a local 

p&riang', the proper moment for 

doing any thing ; the most auspicione 

pSridi, prolific! fast growing] fertile, 
pfiriffl, a well, a spring. 
pfirindim, a brood (of chickens). 



PSrlnff^, Pers. Prank, Earopean, 

ptelolt, a cooting-poti p, ap!,aboinb. 
ebell ; a hand-grenade ; p. ksra, the 
pitcher-plant (nepenthes). 

pftriaai, b, shield, a backler. 

^tekakaa, inBtntment ; machine ; 
appliancH for doing anything ; p, 
chap, apparatus for printing ; p. 
pSrang, war-ma torial. 

'pfirkara, Skr. a matter ; an affair ; 
a coiKjem or bnsinesB ; habis-lah p., 
there is an end of the bnainess. 

-ffirkasa, Skr, brave; gaJlant; dis- 
tinguished for valour. 

-pftrkasam, •= pltaaam. 

pBrkntnt, Jav. the dove ; = tekukur. 

.pSrlaliAit, slow, quiet, tranquil ; blr- 
kata dSngan p., to epeak qnietly; 
blrjalan dSngaap., to move slowly, 

pirlaug, glittering, flashing. 

Ttelentoli, = leateh, 

pBrla, Ar. eompulsorv ( obligaiory. 

■jerlna, tSpMus, pattin? one's foot 
into a hole or place where the soi! 
^rcs way. 

pSnuadaiil, Jav. a rug. 

pfirmai, I. fair, pretty, lovely, beanti- 
Sal. II. = pgrmaimH. 

p6riiiai«nri, Skr. a queen. 

:p6rituui, Ar. a command (of God) ; 
the word of God; p. Allah taaXa 
didalam Kuran, the word of God 
revealed in the Koran ; b\bo finnan. 

ptemaiUi, Skr, tiada tlpSrraana'i lagi, 

innnmerable, incalculable. 
-pSrmata, Skr. a gem ; a precious 

-pertuatan^, see matang. 
pfirmiBi, (Dutch) a permit, a pass, 
-pfirnah, ever; bUnm p. or Hada p. 

pgrni, a bowl for gold-fish. 
pMoIioii^, gaping wide open. 
ji8sok, putting aside carelessly ; stow- 
ing oasaallj. 

pBroUTOk, to crumple np (paper or 
stiff cloth) in the hand; tlrpironyoi, 
crumpled, ruffled. 

pfiroaok, to tbruet into ; to be tbrast 
into } to stumble into; baran^-tiapa 
ml-nggali lubang, ia jiga tSrpSrofok 
ka-dalam-nya, who so diggeth a pit, 
the same shall fall into it. 

pBTBada, see pancha. 

S^rnKngga, Pers, a parasang as a 
measure of length. 

pfirseli, clean, clear, pore, bright, 
frank — cf. bSrseh, 

p6rB6tna, Skr. sa-J^ali plrsStaa, " once 

pertama, Skr, ^rst ; van ; yang p., 

the first, 
pirtawi, Skr. the earth (deified) ; 

dewi p., id. 
pSman, the yard of a ship. 
p8niAIt|f, ilma plruang, a ma^c art 

[by which the magician is beiiered 

to protect himself from drowning by 

creating an air-cavity around him- 

Holf]— c(. ruano. 
Jffani'ti crumbling (as earth or rotten 

pftrtun, tlie sounding-lead. 
pemnggn, bell-metal. 
pSmnjoiiff, a measure of depth ; the 

length of a man with arms raised as 

far above his head as possible. 
p&mpob, a plant {hemigyroaa longi- 


p6niB, gruff, unfriendly. 
pmrxia, perang-perus, very pale, very 

pfimaah, headstrong, wilfal, domi- 

pBrut, the stomach ; the uterine 

cavity ; bnioa p., to cadge for a meal. 
pfirwoTK, Skr. the damsels of a court 

(spoken of collectively) ; the retinue 

of a princess. 
pirwira, Skr. a hero ; a warrior j 

p«a», a roller or rod on which cloth 

is wound np bh it is wo' 

l,,;V6d by 


pEsah It 

^fiaah, = ]iienh, 

pteai, blrplsai-pinai, cruinbling away 

(as the mortar on an old wall), 
;pnak, a gore ; b. piece of cloth let 

in under the ami in raaTtiiig a, 

ptaaka, heirloom ; family property 
(especially quasi- entailed property) ; 
adat p,, Malay customajy law regu- 
lating snoceBBion ; also puenha. 

pfiBon, order, instruction, command, 
direction ; pesarti, to gire iustruc- 
tions ; Mrpisan, id. 

-pteora, Pers. bazaar j a variant of 

Tf6aa,va,t, on inBtrnmeot ; a machiue ; 
a tool ; p. bSrjSni^ra, machinery. 

ptsobui, a broad gangway round 
the siri balai. 

pfisiivr, — bSi-aiar—v, siar. 

fSoinir, (onom.) the whizz of a pro- 
jectile through the air. 

pfitrirali, a district official (in Falem- 

"pSsOlc, perforated ; broken through ; 
brokeu down ; knocked in ; plsak- 
pisok, fall of holea. 

'pJSaoiia, Pers. a spell ; a magica! 
incantation ; the effects of a apell ; 

'PeaonET, ISrpesong, altered (of a 
course) i change of direction in 

p6ipa, = jjBsjjd. 

pestft, Fort, a f eBtival ; a celebration ; 
p. mSnari, a ball, a dance. 

:p6atakti, Skr. a book of divination or 
sorcery ; the black art ; injury as 
the result of the black art ; mala p., 
evil from hostile sorcerers or malig- 
nant gupematural powers. 

^firtl, certain, snre, positive, reliable ; 
khabar yang p., reliable informa- 

pBta, a plan, map, sketch, drawing or 
design ; pHahi,n, to make a picture 
or eketch'plan of anything. 

pStai, B, tree yielding a pod which 
is very offensive in sraell (pariiu 


biglandulosa) ; p. Mlalang {^ithecolo- 

bium microearpam) ; p. Jaut {deemo- 

diuin ambeUntam). 
petnk, a sq^uare compartment ; a 

division of a padi field ; a looker in 

a boat ; the hold in a ship. 
pfitBika, °^ pSstaka, 
petals, Skr. a fold; a layer; e, 

pBtaling, a tree yieldii^ a good 

timber {ochanostachya amentacea). 
pet&m, a frontlet or browband worn 

by a bride. 
pitang, evening, afternoon ; p. hart, 

late iu the day. 
petar, taking a true aim ; training a 

gun on to anything. 
petaram, a small knife. 
pStaran^, pufeai pa^araiig, a deep- 
sea net used on the east eaast of the 

p6taB, I. crackers, noisy fireworks. 

II. bSras pBtas, all kinds of ricej 

stores generaJiy. 
pStek, plucking, picking, gathering ; 

playing on a stringed instrument ; 

mirndteft, to pluot, to pick, to play 

on a stringed instrument. 
pfitBnSrll, Ar, calumny, slander j also 


p6tfira, = piitSra. 
pStBrana, Skr. a seat near tli« 

throne (used by princes of (the 

blood) ; the seat of the bride and 

bridegroom at a Malay wedding. 
pStSri, = putSri. 
pdtfimu, vbat pStSntm, powder in 

packages or cartridges for use with 

pSti, Tam. a bos, a case,'a chest. 
pWing, a jerk with the thumb and 

pfitlr, a clap of thunder i thunder; 

bun-iii p,, the soand of thunder. 
p&tola, a generic name given to a 

class of pumpldna ; also kltola ; p. 

hutan (iuftt acutangula) ; p. mattU 

(luffa eylindrica) ; p. ular (trichosan- 

thes anfluiTMi). 



pfitua., Ar. a precept ; a iraditional 

rule; an suthoritativB ruling, adrice 

by one who knows. 
petur, Port, a factor, a minor officiaJ. 
pMntii, a tree {hibiscus fioccosai). 
pi, Taain pi, to gamble on credit, an 

account being kept for settlement. 
plah. a very small coin. 
piak, a quid of betel-leaf ; a fold ; a 

plftl, the wattles on the comb of a 

piala, Fers. a cup or goblet ; a small 

beaker ; a phial. 
pltilang, buying on credit. 
plalinf, a bird (unidentified). 
piantA, the rainy seaeon (in Kedah). 
piuig, mother (in Boyaneso). 
jfiAnggtLng, a green bug destructive 

to the crops. 
planffgv, a tree yielding a red fruit 

(cle^-odendron nutans). 
piaxa, to bring up ; to nurture ; to 

support ; = 'p^iihara, 
piajrit, a fiah-spear with a double 

plaa, a strip (of a sail). 

plat, I. twisted, oblique, oat of line. 

II. a remote descendant. 
piatu, desolate ; having no relatives ; 

anai p., an orphan. 
pidiek, narrow, confined, limited. 
pioUt, pinching ; presanre between 

finger and thumb. 
plchn, the trigger of a gun. 
pllialc, aide; p. klpala, the side of 

the head ; p. igama, on the side of 

religion ; in the matter of faith. 
ptjai, treading on, stepping on ; 

miifijak, to step on. 
pUrt, a reeinons substance used by 

goldsmiths in their worli. 
pijat, a bed-bug. 
pikat, I. a horse-fly. II. the snaring 

of birds ; mimikat, to anare ; pemikat, 

plkan, mental confusion ; dullness ; 
bv/rong ■p., the blue-breasted quail 
(cxoalfiwtoria chineneiB). 


pikix, Ar. to think j jiikiran, consi- 
deration ; hSrpikir, to ponder ; ti>- 
meditate] sXso fikii: 

piknl, to carry a heavy load slung 
on a shoulder ; to lift a heavy weight ; 
to weigh i a weight equal to about 
133 pounds J nijimijtui, to carry. 

pilRU, a ship of a type now obsolete. 

pUah, selection, choice ; pilekan, id. ; 
orang pilehan, picked men. 

pill, pili ayer, a water-tap. 

pilitl, twining; plaiting; making a 
rope of several strands. 

puis, a mark traced on the forehead 
as a protection against eril spirits. 

pilu, tender feeling, sympathy, sensi- 
bility, melancholy, regret ; mlmblri 
p., to inspire tenderness. 

plmpls, leading by the hand, con- 
ducting, guidii^ ; pimimpin, a guide. 

pina, siputpina-pina.a, shell (pinnoP) 

pluak, anak pinaJi, desoendants, 

piiianff, the areca-nnt (areca eaUchu); 
the use of tbe areca-nnt in a proposal 
of marriage ; a proposal of marriage [. 
p. raja, the led stemmed palm 
(eyrtostachys lacca) , piiiangkan, to- 
betroth one's daughter, mSmmaag, 
to ask in marna^ 

piuoliailiri pinchaag ptnchut, zigzag, 

pluohok, slicing sour fruits and 
and cooking them m 

plncbat, jiineAano pinckut, zigzag, 

plndak, transition, movement from 
one place to another transference i 
pindiMan, to transfer , ilrpindah. 

plnggajL, a plate, a tray, a saucer. 

pinfffrang, waist ; middle of the 
body ; amidships ; p. ramping, a 
slender waist ; p. ginting, wasp- 
waisted ; ikat p. or ttdi p., a girdle-;.- 

, >^ 


riNGGIR 1( 

piminggang, the midmost portion ; 
dayong pSminggang, the oata amid- 

jpln^glr, edge, border, boundary, 
limit ( pinggiran iiSgSri, frontier. 

pilt|[lt, oonfined to tlie liouee ; kept 
under lock and key i jealously shut- 
ting up and guarding. 

piujam, a tranaaotion of the iia,ture 
of B loan ; borrowing, lending ; pin- 
jama-n, a loan ; beri piitjam, giTing 
in loan. ; lending ; minta pinja m, 
borrowing ; raEtni'jy'om. or frfiyarataK, 
to borrow. 

'piuta, asking ; applying tor ; request- 
ing i pintai, to ask for ; also mtnfo. 

-pilttal, twining (as in malting rope) ; 
owofa p., a rope-like spiral pattern. 

Jtiatang, hilam,g pintan^, lost for 
everj altogether gone; wholly difl- 

piutar, cleTer, wily, sharp. 

plntaa, cutting across ; taking a short 
cat ; intercepting by cutting across. 

pinta, a door ; a gate ; an entrance ; 
di-muka p., in front of the gate j 
pSnt^nggn p., a porter ; p, ambang, a 
tight screen-door not touching the 
ground J p. oyer, a water-gate j p. 
glrban^, a main-gate or door ; p. 
iambi, a light screen-door reaching 
4own to the gronnd ; p. lavtang, an 
outer gate ; p. mating, a side-door or 
back-door ; p. mutt, a door nailed up 
01' permanently closed j jitiatig p., 
the door-posts. 

pioll, tSrpioh, knotted (of roots or 
branches) ; inyolyed or compHcated 
(of a business). 

pipa. Eur. a barrel. 

pipeh, flatness ; fiat ; chaching p., the 

pipi, the cbeek ; Hdiia p., both 
checks ; mSmerahkan p., to rouge the 

jilpis, pounding between two hard 
substances ; mashing ; grinding down 
Curry-atufE with a heavy pounder or 

9 PITI8 

pipit, a generic name for small 

sparrows and finches. 
pixai, pSnyakit pirai, a rheumatic or 

gonty oompIaJnt causing pain in the 

piraaat, Ar. a horosoopc ; astrological 
or magical fore -knowledge ; also 

pirek, to crush small ; 

pirlng, plate, saucer. 

pirns, Pers. pSrmala pii'us, a tur- 

pidalt, putting asunder! severing; 
divorcing; bSrpiaah, to be separated. 

pisauf, a banana (_musa eapientum) ; 
p. iaroJr, the wild banana (rnasn 
tnaliu:eentt») ; p.-pisawg, a, geneno 
name given to a number of wild 

purpurea); Mronot p., a sea-womi 
{eolochyrua amxpa) ; gamat p., a sea- 
worm (etichoptts variesatim) ; titan 
buntal p., a fish (tetrodon lunarii) ; 
jan(ongp.,the blossom of the banaoaj 
hatak p., a frog with great leaping- 
powera (rana erythrxa or rhacophoi-ti* 
leacomystax) ; »a-pgTpiaang, as muctt 
time as it takes to eat a banana. 

piiau, a generic name for knives ot 
all sorts i p. chiihu/r, p. plnckvhur, or 
pSnyiilcur, a razor ; p. dnun padi, a 
lancet; p. lidah ayam, an office-knife 
(with a small blade which does nof> 
fold); p. UdahayamUjial,tkpeDkniiet 
also p. lipat ; p. raut, a small knife 
for cutting ofE excresoencea on a 
stick and giving the stick a smooth 
surface ; mata p., the blade of a 
knife ; punggong p., the blunt side 
of a knife-blade. 

piakal, (Dutoh) a procurator-fisca]. 

pUt&kBi, = pSstaku. 

pita. Fort, tape, ribbon. 

pitah, eloqnent, soft-spoken, gracious. 

pitam, a rush of blood to tho head 
causing dizziness. 

pltls, a very small denomination of 
coin something like a Chin 

- I 


t of 

pint, a deec ndaut tl g fourth or 

fifth general on 
po, Cli a BO t> of 1 e bo aed b; 
ChineEe ga nblers no po to 
gamble by guess ng at the pos on 
of tlie h dden d e 

podak, panda podal the plant 
pandai b nemi s 

podi, Tam the d at of gems err 
small gems mounted n 1» ge Dnm 
bers to make a gl tte n^ show 

pohon, I a t ee p lauu d p 
ksiapa a ooconat tree II begging 
reqneat ng ask g for leave to 
depart pohiyi i n or mf n h nlnn, 
to apply for (anything) ; bit mohon, 
to ask leave to depart^cf mufton 

pDlcaJl, to heoome bent ; to give way 

pOkok, a tree, a bush, a plant the 
nncleue of a storm ; the capital for 
vfoclcmg an undertaking ; p. Wlapo, 
B coconut tree; p. an^in, a gathering 
cJond presaging wind j p, ribut, a 

polan, At. ei-polan, so-and-so. 

polls, £ng. a police court. 

polok, swallowing b large mouthtal. 

polotlg', a familiar spirit. 

poupa, (Dutch) a pump, spout, or 
hose 1 = bomba. 

Tgrnapallfl, an ancliored parse-net ; 
also called gombang China. 

ponSok, a shed ; a leaji to ; a tempo- 
rary shelterj klpala p., (Singapore) 
a Boyauese headman. 

pondonff, carrying in the folds of a 
HcarE slung over the bact. 

jfmg'klu, a shallow rubbish -basket. 

pongSR, a hillock or mound ; an 
anthill— cf. bumit; mirak ji,, the 
peacock-pheasant (_jiolyplectrum li- 

ponok, a fiesh; bamp or protnbe- 

ranee ; a hump, 
pontBUg, pontan^-panting, topsy- 

tnrvy ; helter-skelter; Bcattered 

poutiaoiak ^ puntianak. 

porak por k jroret, helter-skelter;; 

n onfasion p. pSranda, id. 
poTOk a native game resembling 

poroB he V 

xof a 

01 a nas he point of a spear. 
po ta natcl I ss ; excellent. 
potong cntt !g off ; a piece out off ;, 

sap- ng n ah, a piece of land; 

■nS t ng to out oS. 
yoywug a 


)r"-~(ci. moyang) -^ 
magician (= pn- 

Tan cloth laid down for a 

pnak, b^rpuah, to pei'fomi certain 
old world eeremonies so as to drive- 
away ill-luck from a district. 

ptiak, an assembly, a troop ; bSrpuak, 
to gather together, 

pnaka., a spirit of the earth ; a genius 

pnalam, Tam. marble. 

pUSrU, I. a belel-box. II. = plrSm- 
puan (in certain titles). 

pnar, pdkok puar^ a plant (o/inomunt 
cardamomnm) . 

piiaa, satisfied, sated; p. haii, id. 

puaaa, 8kr. afast; fasting; bttlanF., 
the fasting -month Bamadsan. 

pueliat, pallor, pale ; p- list, pale 
through auEemia ; p. perang, pale- 
red ; the pallor of a dark skin j p. 
piidai; pale and tired-looking. 

puckok, asprouting branch; ashoot; 
p. apt, B, darting point of Same ; 
p. rlbong, (1) the edible young shoots 
of the bamboo ; (2) chevrons (in 
art) ; ular p., the common green 
tree -snake {dryophit prnsinus). 

pnobon^, a generic name given to 
bitterns — e.g. to dvpefor flavicallie, 
ardetia cinnamomea, ardBlta sinensis 
and butorides javanica. 

pn&ak, =• podak. 

podar, fEided, dim, "washed out"] 
pucfuiC p., ptde and tired-lookiiig. 

. ;;d by 



pndat, stovriti^ or staffing awaj any- 
thiog in a casual or careless manner. 

podl, =■ fodi, 

pnAtng, a common cottiraled plant, 
the gaiden croton {codisum rarte- 
gatum) ; p. hulan {taberiupiiKnitaiia 
malaccensis) . 

pnfar, complete repair, restoration, 
renewal, doing up. 

pnili, rSpai path, crumbling to pieces ; 

pnja, Skr. prayer, adoration-— bnt 
nsed of Hindoo rites and of the 
prayers to spirits of the jungle, and 
not of service in a mosque. 

pnji, praise, laudation ; puji-pujian, 
praises, the complimentary phrases 
at the beginning of a letter; mS- 
muji, to praise ; to declare praise- 
worthy ; tSrpuji, belauded. 

pi^ok, coaxing, flattery; piyoifcan or 
mBmvjok, to COax, to flatter ; also 

pukal, a lump or clod of anything ; 
MHb ea-p., the commoa straight- 
bladed IcSris. 

fulcau^, the fork; the junction of the 
lower limbs ; Untang p., sprawling. 

pukaa, bSrpuka« OF blrpakut-pukasan, 
ill a state of nudity. 

pnfcat, a generic name for largo nets 
(especially drift nets and seines) ; 
p (mel, the common seine; p. liaii- 
yai the common drift net. [Many 

fnkau a narcotic (used hy thieres to 
drug their viotims to sleep). 

pnki, the female genitals. 

pnltnl, beating, striking, knocking, 
hammering ; p. lima, five o'clock ; 
p. eJiap, printing ; p. Msl, shoeing a 

JKIIa, also i likewise ; again ; too ; 
furthermore I dlmikian p., and bo 
onoe moret tiapa p., who then; 
mintfopa p., why then. 

pnlMfK, = pilaga. 

jnlM, a lu^ tree {ahlojiia scholariii). 

Tisp (of cooked rice) ; well- 
return to the point of original 
re — e.g. to One's country, bo- 
one'shome, etc.; p^nyakit-ku palang- 
lah, my illness returned ; blrjalan p.,. 
to return. 

pnlaB, twisting, wringing, wringing 
out; p. leker, to wring the neck;. 
mSmidiis, to twist (nsed of griping 
pains in the stomaGh) j plmitla$, a 
twister, a screw-driver. 

pulftaan, I, a fruit — closely resem- 
bling the rombufan (nepheliam «iu. 
tabile). II. a name given to the- 
Malay weasel {puforius ^ludipea). 

pnlaaari, = pslasari. 

pnlau, 1. an island ; an isolated 
piece of rising ground in a sea, 
river, or swamp. II. nasi piilnu, 
pillau rice. 

piilalL, return, revival, renewal, re- 
action ; pttiflMS p., restoration to an 
original state ; stmiml p., a fastening 
which is easily undone ; ptilehkan, to 
bring back ; to restore. 

pnlnn, gathering np in folds ; blr- 
paluw-pulun, gathered up on one 
side (of a sarong), 

pnliir, = impului: 

pnlnt, adhesiveness, ai 

a of 

ticliiness ; gla- 
■ice i a generiu 
out of glutinous 
generic i 

! for cakes made 
pulut-pulat, a 
1 to a number of plants--e.^ 
ifus spp. and urena tobala, 
tm, a harmless sea-millipede 
mucn used as bait. 
pun, an inseparable particle suffiied 
to a word that it is intended to parti- 
cularly emphasise in the sentence ; 
itu pu«, that also ; sa-kali pun, yet ; 
cUla-piiii, furthermore there are ; in. 
pira pirgi, he too went. 
pnnali, habia-iah pimah, utterly des- 
troyed—a strong form of kabU. 
ptuwi, 8 generic nwne for many- 
green pigeons ; buttmg p., the 
common green pigeon (otinofrm«t. 


pnNAT i; 

veinans) ; p. daun (oamotreron ni- 
palensis) ; p. gadiiig or p. jamhK 
( pHlopus jambtt) ; p. rimba, the 
cuckoo-dove (micropygia ngSceps) ; 
p. siuJ (oBJiioirefon olam) ; p. tanah, 
the bronzewing - dovs {chalcophapa 
'punat, the core of a boil. 

jiiuiclia, the loose end or fag enH of 
aiiytliing— such as a piece of rope 
or cloth ; the pendent extremity. 

pnnohtik, top, Ruromit, crowu ; the 
knob on a flagstaff; p. utinoiig, the 
Bauimit af a monntain. 

ptmdi, pundi-pv-mli, a satchel, a bag, 
a parse; p.-p. MiiipSdu, the gall- 

pmiaiiis to twist or lavel m (rf a 

pnn^h I 

ptLUggalt unloBdiug dischargiDg ; 
removing goods from one plai,e to 
another p anglat to pick up and 
reiDOTe to transport 
:piui(rt[aiWa = pln(iyaiFo 

-pajiggoTc b irovi) pi nggol a email 
owl(9(awtiliuinhrod i) aproierbial 
simile for a despainnK lover as this 
owl IS believed to pine for the moon. 
-ptmi^^ag, the fundament; the but- 
tockfl ; the aeat ; p. pidang, the dull 
side of a sword, 

panfffnr, a fallen tree-trunk. 

pniiElcaJi, a fragment ; a large piece 
of anything. 

pnngkoE, the posterior j the funda- 
ment ; J), sipui, the heart of the 
whorl in finger impressions; tutang 
p., the pubic bones. 

pnu^t, picking np, gathering, col- 
lecting I 7iieiH'tngitt, to gather. 

piu^onff, an archod framework on 
mhioh plants are trailed. 

puiijnt, to tie up saok-wise ; to fold 

ptmtal, to coil rope round the hand 
so as to get a good grip of it; to 


punti, ular ptinti, a name given to 
the snake dipbadumorphns dendro- 
pkiltis ; alao called ular tiong, 

pimtianak, an evil spirit attacking 
women at the time of childbirth. 

puBtoh, a broad armlet of a tj^e 
worn by heroes of romance. 

puuton^, a stump ; a half -burnt log ; 
the fag-ond of a cigar. 

panya, possession; (in bazaar Malay) 
a word used to form a possessiTe or 
genitive — e.g. sahaya punya rtimah, 
my house ; baiJc panya om»g, good 
men ; men of worth. [This nse of 
pitnya is not literary.] 

ptLpob, to fly at each other (of fight- 
ing coeks) -, to fight gamely ; hlr. 
pujx)?! ayam, to set cooks on to each 
other (without artificial spurs)— of. 

piipok.. the application of plasters 
and poultices to the hody. 

pnpn, a grade or degree of relation- 
ship ; a generation ; eaudara sa-p., a, 
first cousin ; saadara dv.a p., a second 

pnpuv, a face-powder made of rice- 
meal scented with herbs ; pv.pv,ran 
or Upong pupur, id.; tSrpiipur, to 
apply such powder to the face. 

pnpwi, blighted (of plants) ; left 
desolate (of human beings). 

pupot, blowing; swaying (anything) 
of the vrind ; di-papat bayn, swayed 
about by the breeze. 

pitrn, 1. Skr. a city (only in com- 
ponnds— such as Singa-pura). II. 
pttra-pura, feigning, pretence ; m^- 
nangis p. -p., shedding crocodile's 
tears. Ill, pv,i-a plranda, = porafc 
pira-nda ; see porak, 

purba, Skr. ancient, former; p. kala, 
days of old ; also pirba. 

pnxi, Skr, the residential portions of 

pumAma, = pSrnama. 
purv, a skin-diaeaae (^framhosia in- 
dica) ; katak p., a toad. 
pTuraldl., heir-loom ; family propel 

property"- ■ 


(eapecially quBBi-entaileii property) ; 

pnaac, a, epiral motion ; pusnran ayer, 
a whirlpool ; paearan angin, a whirl- 

piU&t, the Dave], the centre ; p. bulat, 
the centre of a circle ; p. lasejc, the 
pentre of the great ocean ; the navel 
nf the seas; tnftp., the umbilical cord. 

pnai, bula pmi, a kind of lint uaeii 
for dressing wounds. 

piuiijLg'i reviilntion, rotation ; j). te- 
pala, vertigo r hlrpming-paging, re- 
volving i [puaijigisotten UBedmetn- 
phoricallj for "tocheal"]. 

^spa, Skr. a flower ; flowerj ; 


piun, Mrpueu-jmsu, enrging to and 
fro (of a crowd of people). 

pntor, rotation, motion on an asia ; 
pataraa, a wiadlass. 

pntarvnli, Jav. akar jratarwali, a 
medicinal creeper (lepidasathis Ion- 

pntat, a generic name for a numbei- 
of plants iharringt&nia app.) 

pntah, white ; p. hining, "white-yel- 
low " — a mnch-admired complexion- 
tint ; p. mata, being pnt to shame ; 
" scared oH " i J), talaag, the whiten- 
ing of the bones — death ; kayu p.. 
kajepnt! oraiig P., a white man; 
II Europeaa (eapeciall; an English- 
man) ; mSmuteh, to become white. 


putek, the frnit as it appears im- 
mediately after the falling of the 

pntSr», Skr. a prince ; the child of a 
prince j 6frpu(SjYi, to heap a child. 

pntfirl, Skr. a princess ; the daughter 
of a prince ; a fairy ; p. main, a name 
given to the sensitive plant ; banrng 
iSpah p., a bird (dir-tiam crueata- 

puting, the part of a knife-biade 
which is buried in the handle ; a 
pointed projection s a fag end or 
stump ; p. bSliong, a, walerspont i p. 
•^hSpu-cASpu, the foot of a mast -, p. 
s'mii, the nipple ; parang p., a very 
sharp hind of chopper. 

putu, a generic name given to a 
number of cakes. 

pntiiR, severance ; splitting or break- 
ir^ off ; (by metaphor) to settle, to 
decide, to pnt an end to ; p. asa, 
hopeless ; despair ; p. harga, to settle 
a bill ; to pay a price i p. hati, heart- 
break; p. makan, to exhaust one's 
supplies ; p. tiyana, to die ; puiuikan, 
to settle, to terminate, to break ; 
kfpuhiaan, severance, termination, 
settlement ; yang tui,da fcgrtBputusnii, 

piqroh, the bustard quail (Inmix 

xaSlA, groping or feeling about with 

the hands ; Tnlraba, to grope -, to 

rsbftk, gashed, rent, torn. 
rabMl, lalraban, to talk incoherently, 
B»bW, At. Lord (of God) ; Ilahi B., 

the Lord God. 
Tftlwk, robak^raiei, tattered aud torn. 
nM, At. Rabi-Ml-avtal and Eabi-ul- 

atckir, namea of months. 

rftblt, 1, a gaah or rent at the edge 
of ft cloth, mat, etc. ; bibir r,, a hare- 
lip. II. mirabit.todragthird parties 

mbok, tinder, touchwood. 

vabonff, the double row of atap pro- 
tecting the ridge of a roof ; paaang 
r., gpring-tides. 

Vkbu, I. the lungs; J^miafl!; r., exalta- 
tion. II, Ar. F«in iittfru, ' 



cabnn, Enmigation ; inSrabun, to Send 
smoki^ into a house so as bo drive 
away moaqnitoea or evil spirits. 

xabnt, teartDg out, polling out, forci- 
bly extracting ; mirahiit, to t«or out. 

raoliBU, delirious utterance, raving. 

xaohek, I, a snaie of lumging nooees 
for catching birds ; inSrachek, to 
snare birds. II. slioing up areca-nut. 

zaolltui, poison (especially stomach 
poisons in contradistinction to blood 
poisons— li(Ba). 

radalc, thrusting or stabbing up- 
wards ; -miradak, to spear or stab 
from below a person in a house. 

railMlff, niSradang, to become heated 
or excited. , 

radif, Ar. the burden of a song ; the 

rKUa, Jar. a princely title. 

rftdsi, At. may (God) bestow favonr 
— in the expresaion radsi Allah an-hu 
(may God show him favour)— -an 
exclamatory remark when the names 
of the early Caliphs are mentioned. 

raff», I. a coai'selj-ploited basket or 
creel of bamboo ; bvah T., a sort of 
football of basket-worlt ; main i: or 
lepak t\, a primitive Malay football. 
II. Jav. the body (in opposition to 
the Houl). III. display ; mlrtga, to 
sbow oft i jrffroga, a dandy. 

THrgMn, Hind, modes in music ; 
variety in Bound, colouring, or dis- 
position; banyalc orang, bonj/uft rn- 
gam-'iiya, thei'e are bs many tempera- 
ments as there are men, prov. 

XKgtM\[, iHiragang, to scaie a Wall ; 
to climb a tree. 

XtigaM, mlragag, to pnll at or tear at 
(but not to tear out). 

£agi, essence, alloy, colouring matter, 
leaven, yeast ; hula r., with the pat- 
tern washed out (of cloth) ; bTirong 
miragi, the painted snipe (TOitratula 

xag'oug', tlragimg-ragong , knocking 
against one another (of heavy bodies 
hanging in a bunch). 

XUga, uncertainty ; " chopping and 

ragnm, a vice or clip worked willi 

sa^p, snatching and carrying away. 
l;apU, greed, gluttony ; also rahtts. 
ragut, mir'tg^t, to tear oat witli 

violence (especially of tearing out 

rah&ag, the jaw ; ttilang r,, the jaw- 

rabap, Icain rah-ap, a sort of pall cast 
over a body at a fanetal but not 
bni-ied with it. 

ralutaia, = ralmia, 

rahat, I. a, native boom. II. gugtir 
i-ahat, a andden and general (but 
untimely) fall of durians. III. Ar. 
rest, tranquillity, peace. 

cahl, = blrahi. 

raltlm, I. Ar. merciful, compas- 
sionate, II. Ar. the aterus. 

rahmau, Ar. merciful, compas- 

rahinat, Ar, mercy (especially tho 
mercy of God) 

f aliaia Ski- a secret ; mlTobiika r., 
to reveal a secret minaroh r., to 

ralm Skr tlii. dragon which is 
believed to attempt to swallow tho 
mo n (at eclij ols) balan di-makmi 
r., an eclipge 

raih, d aw' o- towirds oneself tak'ng 
(as oppos d to giT ng) 

raip Ai 1 sappearance vanish g 
= h/ib 

raia to s vee) oiT (aa one sweei a 
crambs off a t ble) 

VBja Skr 1 n ee ruler goven or 
the k ng ( n cl eaa) r bi aeal a 
pru n bj descent r b alang the 
pru c pal heavenly bod ei r d 
Ollar a pnnce by virtue of office 
uda a. t tie given to the heir 
apparent or r sa ha t a, 

br tegroo dang (Southern 

Malaya) a k gBsher (No t" 
Malaya) a la ge sandj per aimi i 


, (East Ciiaat) 

a, prince ; liamba r., servants or 
menials about e. court ; pSnyakit t,, 
a maSigtant nicer on the neck or 
shonldOTB; ^inan-g r,, the red-stem- 
med palm {cyrtostachys lacca) ; kS- 
rajaan, rule, dominion, empire ; alat 
Igrojaan, regalia. 

3t^a1), At. the uama of a MaJaj 

r^ ah, probing ; groping for anyt bing 
with a atick ; tattooing ; a doeign 
scratoheii on anything. 

Tftjawali, Skr. an eaxle ; laa^ r., a 
name given to small hawks— e.g. 
tinnitn^^tiiis atoiudaHTts. 

rajin, porsiatent, frequent, ttiligent ; 
frequency, assiduity ; r. b&rbuat 
Jakat, persistence in doing wrong ; 
r. dan aaaha, aaaiduiCy and diligonce. 

rajob, inSrajoi:, to sulk, fiSrajoi, 

r^at, knitting, worsted work. 

rakft, fragility, brittteness. 

rakaat, Ar. the bowing of the body 
in prayer. 

rakttui, Ar. painting or gilding ctotb. 

-rakon, associate, uompaniou, com- 
rade, partner ; raktiiiait, a, partner 
in busiuesB. 

jakap, creeping at a anail's pace j 
crawling ; mh-ahzp, to creep, to 
crawl — e.g. ontitjf hlna mlraJcap, a 
begfrar crawling from door to door. 

jcakat. Hind, a Bcarlob pea, hotter 
known as ittah saga, 

j;akit, arrangement side by nide ; 
the construction of a raft or of the 
framework of a house; a «tf t ; sa- 
rahity a pair — e.g. two sireh leaves 
one over the other. 

rakia, Skr. mercury, quicksilver. 
rakRamala, a tree ialtiagiaaa) yield- 
ing a perfumed gum. 

la, Skr. an ogro ; a goblin ; an 

to perfume ; perahsi, flower petals 
and scented leaves used for perfnm- 
ing a bed. II. union, commingling, 
affinity; so-i-., harmonising ; afGni- 

rakiu. greed, glattony ; also ragas, 
raiut, mSratui, to deceive, to set a 
snare, to weave a web (of a spider), 
ralat, Ar. error, miECalcuIation. 
ralip, I. sleepy, tired, II. caatom, 

riun, I. brooding, sitting on o^s (of 
a hen). II. Unglcap ram, Venetian 

Rama, I. Skr. SSn Ramn, the Hindu 
demi-god Rama. II. rama-rama, a 
butterfly ; ringgit rama-rama, tha 
Merioan dollar. III. Jav. father— 
oapecially in tbo oppression roma aji, 

■ princely father ; sire. 

SaataUJHi, Ar. (he fostit^-month 
or bntan Puasa. 

ramab, over - familiarity, effusivo 
friendliness, courtesy over-done or 
forced; ipirainah inulitt, impertinent 
familiarities ; taking liberties; 

ramai, crowded, populous i numer- 
ously attended (of a festivoJ) ; feS' 
tive; joyOQS; b&ramai-rataaian, at- 
tended by a large following ; with 
very many others ; «if ivim«ifeaa, to 
give population and prosperity to a 

lamaL I. Ar. sootiisaying; Iioroscopiis 

calculations. 11. I'ors.. a scarf, a 

ranUW, presaura between the fingers 

and the flat of the hand j kneading ; 

massage! mZmmas, to fcneadj to 

evil SI 
TaktR, I. yielding fragrance ; 

xuubah, moist, danip (o£ the ground). 
riuabal, I. a common frait-tree (hac- 

eaurea motleyana). II. hida rambai, 

short feathers on either side of the 

tail of a fowl, 
ranbaiMi, hairy. 
nuabSik, extending ihovtry dirBotion 

(as a creeper) ; flourishing; pros- 



TMUbaaff, extensive, wide, broad; 
jaio. T., a easting-net for general 
Jishingi Ula r., a wide-moothed 
Bffivel-gnii ; midut t., errfttio talk. 

xambat, a dais for a prince or for a 

xain1>e}i, iirambeh or in^rambeh, to 
go on an excorsion with one's 

rambn, I. a thick poBt. II. a hang- 
ing fringe^ rn'mhii-rambUyid.-, tombak 
1',, a spew with a hanging fringe 
imder the spear-head. 

7alilbDll, tangled uudeigrowtb ; roots, 
climbers and creepers. 

xambat, I. hair ; t. ikal, curly hair ; 
!■. iiTiting, frizzled hair; r. tSrwrai, 
dishevelled hair ; aiiak r., short hair 
round the central growth ; gigi r., 
the hair just at its junction with thci 
forehead ; liaki r., the hair on the 
neok{ suaK r., the parting ; rambntan, 
ft tree yielding a fruit with a hairy 
int^fnment (?i<j)Jteiiiw» lappenm) j 
ramiruti, woollen cloth; yiTambut, 
the got at the dnd of a fishing-line. 
II. pSrambuf, invulnerability to 
weapons ; p. s^wjata, id. 

ITMabutan, the well-known fmit 
nepkelium iappuwrn — \. ramiut 

TMttbnti, woollen cloth — v. rambnt. 

xamli the rhea or China grass (boeh- 
meria Jiicea) ; ioin r., a coarse sack- 
ing made of rami fibre. 

nunT»i, miscellaneous I of a mixed 
character; varied; b«nga r., a fra- 
gmnt preparation made by wenting 
jiandonand other leaves; rantjxittan, 
to scatter {btmgu I'untpat), to spread 
news, etc. 

XMnpak, spreading horizontally (of 
a tree) i nmbrageouB. 

runpKi, plundering, seizing, carrying 
off; rampaean, booty, plunder i ml- 
■rampaa, to take by forOe. 

ru&pftt, sweeping about a long pole 
(or any similar object) so as to 
strike anyone approaching within 
a certain radiue ; giving sweeping 


blows instead of deliberately aimed, 
blows ; m^mofri •miram^t papany 
abusing everybody who comes near r 
indiscriminate abuse. 

ramplnff, I. slender; lissom (of the 
waist). II, rompang-rainpinffj tat- 
tered and torn. 

lampiM, mlrampue, to ase foal lan- 

rampnt, mlmmpat, to tell foolish 

runii, picking up odds and ends ;. 

miriimu, to collect materials of all 

sorts ', p^rantu kayu, a wood-gatherer, 
ranina, escessire hairiness ; bSrainutr 

over-hairy (of the face) ; buamg 

ramius, to get rid of superflnoos hair. 

8 wasting disease. II. = rafna. 
TUUk, bSranak-ranah, to play in a 

swift tremolo. 
ranftp, I. mlranap, to crumple nnder 

great pcessnie. II. just visible above 

the ground i low-lying. 
CtuiolutiL, to mark a track by cutting 

down an occasional sapling. 
rMlcliak, gay ; continuous and lively 

(of music, dancing, etc) 
TUlolliUlir, pointing upwards ; a 

pointed stake stuck in the ground 

as a rude caltrop. 
raaohftp, giving a cylindrical Ibrm 

to anything ; passing one's hands 

np and down a cylinder. 
ranchonff, shaip cut ; cutting at a 

sharp angle (nsed of sharpenii^ a 

pencil or native pen). 
randa, mfm-ndo, to wander about 

capriciously ; going here and there ;. 

see also plranda. 
rutdal, mirandai, t« wade through 

shallow water. 
randeli, rondah-randeh. m disorder,. 

disherelled, in confasion. 
randl. a silk fabric of Chmese or 

Siamese make. 
irftudok, I. kambing raiidok, a rank 

old he -goat. II. treading down. 

treading underfoot. 



•xtmiong, treading down— cf. i-midok 

and tlrandong, 
iKui-a, the ftction of tho arm when 

thrnBt into Hqnid and worked i-ormd 

and round. 
XKng, tanah rang, arioe-HelA (banked 

and prerioualy cultivated, but tem- 

porai^iy lying fallow). 
xangab, hauRiity, gnperoilious ; ihS- 

rangak, to swajcger. 
iKO-gKii, 1. obstinate or chronic (of 

a diaagreeable, but not danneroua 

'lisease), II. mSrangai, to forage 

rrftBgab:, a generic name for slie)U of 
the geiius ptei-aceraa. 

s^anna. I- pointed projections ; 
sticking u)> in points (as the tine of 
a deer). II, Jas. a title of inferior 

xUL|[g&h, I. Miiranggah, to strip a 
tree of fruit. II. To stab upwards, 

-ran^afc, hauling a boat ashore. 

XBMggvn., a thorny shrub or small 
tree (unidentified). 

xtkaggAa, a mass of twigs or fallen 
branches ; bSraiiggan-ritiiijgas, spiky, 

3:a«giri, spruce ; neat in dressing, 

sraitg'Eoiiff, waikiug stiffly witli long 
legs held nide apart ; Eqaatting ; 
burong r., a !on;^-legged water-bird ; 
kail r.. fishing when two sticks pro- 
ject from the lead, a hook being 
suspended from the extremity of 
each stick ; inemiiggong, to crawl 
painfully or laboriously along (as 
a wounded man or very young 
child) ; to squat with the tuoes wide 

-XlUlggn, aee pSranffSH. 

sruiffTnl, mSraiiggul, to dip (ef a 
boat's bows). 

Tangln, Jav. a shield. 

iraSfflClL, skeleton, framework ; hlr- 
nngka, possessinij; or serving as a 

xmgt^, strung or fastened to- 
gether ; B. string of ; a combination ; 


rangkaiaa, connecting, atringing to- 
gether; birai(^tei-i-an(|tc(i, in strings 
or olusterfl. 

mnffkak, mliangtak, tn walk uit 
hands and knees ; to crawl along ; to 
make slow progi'esa. 

rangkap, I. pair, couple, set of two. 
II. to catch by covering ; pSrangkap, 
a falling trap. 

rongkM, = ranggoH. 

ranffkek, a generic name for shells 
of the genus eoaag. 

ranfkotis, = rnaggomj. 

rangknin, grasping between tho 
hands ; aa-r., as much as one can 
so grasp. 

ran.g'knp, the formation of a cavity 
or channel between two sides which 
slope to meet each other. 

xtmgaa.tLg, iuMmngsaiig, to get in- 
flamed or excited ; plrangaang, im 
exciting drag ; a stimulant j ra^iBlEri 
bSrangsaiig, to excite to passion. 

xaagTi.'p, crisp and brittle (aa i^ 

Eangmm, snatching escitediy ; grab- 
bing at. 

rani, Hind, the wife of a prince or 

ranjanf , a largo bedstead or donblc- 

ranjan, a caltrop; r. cliac'tat, pointed 
stakes driven into the ground with 
the points uppermosfc ! r. mata parut, 
a plank with nails projecting out of 
it ; r. iimia eata, a caltrop consisting 
of a plank and a spike ; r. itiata tiga, 
the common caltrop. 

Banjnna, Skr. Arjona. 

rantai, a chain ; hajii, r,, a coat of 
ohain-mail g rantaiian, to pub in 

clubbing together for a 
purcbaae — e.g. of villagers 
combining to purchase a buffalo to 
rantau;, t. a basket or hamper 
for provisions, crockery, c 
penetrability to sight ; ; 



metnandang, letting the ejo seo right 

Tftutoti, a, roach of a rirer or of the 

Bea-cojXBt ; illok r.,h]ghia and reaches ; 

the entire territory j iraSranton, to 

go nandericg. 
Taatiitg, a minor branch, a twig ; 

helalang r., » stick insect ; Jniang r,, 

the peacock pheasant (polyplectrim 

rutnm, iimsal! ranvm, inlly ripe (of 

xanyah, inlru/iiyah, to pick small 

pieces of food here and there out of 

xap, I. tanah lap, laud that has been 
cleared, weeded and banked, and is 
ready for onltiTation. II. (ouom.) 
the Bound of rapping or stamping. 

t»pftll, to walk roughly over anything. 

xapai, iiiSrapai, to fumble with— cf. 

xa-JMtlg, iian rapang, a fish (tntigit 

xapat, contiguity, close connection ; 
sahubat yang r., close friends; sn?- 
rapat, to fit two tlvinga together ; to 
woric ae a joiner, 

mpelt, drawing in i palling or haiil- 
ii^ in ; drawing towards oncaelf. 

Tkpek, mSrapek, to talk nonsense — cf . 

xapob, brittle, fragile ; r. muluf, 
inaljility to toiitcol one's tongue. 

r&pu, infropu, to pick up ill-eon- 
eidered trifles — cf, ramu ; tnlrapti 
liana, to beg, 

ras, I. Hind, the reins, II. (onom.) 

xaaa, I. taste, flavour, perception, 
sensation, (eeiing ; r, hati, percep- 
tion ; 5-naa-Ki/a, it seems; it appears j 
as t w pntuB o;, forgetfuineaa. 

Ids f jmpathyj ea-J-., reaemblanco 
( n ta te) I ke ; iimpa r., to bear 
the b int f anything ; 

feol; blrasa 



xasau, I. a screw-pine (pundanus 

wsfoiv), II. mSrasaii, to make a 

swishiiig noise (of branches moved 

by the wind). 
maliid, Ar. orthodox. 
xashirali, Ar. bribe ; an illegal 

ra»i, = ralni, II. 

raami, Ar. disposition, temperament, 
raaok. I. the attack of an evil spirit ;; 

rfi-f., Mna r,, or di-Tasok Ita-atJi, to 

be possessed of a devil ; to be 

afflicted by some spirit of disease. 

II. croBS-beema from pilUr to pillar. 
xaanl, Ar. apostle ; one aent by God ; 

t; Allah, God's apostle, Muhammad. 
fat. I. constriction ; ea-gl^ggam r., a 

tight handful ! menglrat, to squeeze. 

II. (Kawi) the earth ; jmia mng-rat, 

victorious in the land ; conqueror of 

the world. 
rata, I. (1) level, evenness, flatness 

of surface ; sama r,, on the eame' 

level ; on a footing of equality ; 

ra/oinn or mSraidkatt, to smooth; 

(3) on the level of the ground; 
prostrate ; jaioh-lah Tata ka-bumi^ he 
fell flat on the eariih ; (3) bringing- 

evcrything to the same level; com-~ 
pleting ; " rounding ofl " ; rata-i-atay 
everywhere ; sa-i-ata, all over ; mE- 
rata, to spread over. II. Skr. a 
chariot (especially the winged cha- 
riots of the gods) . 

xatah, plain (of food when eaten 
witiiout rice or vegetables) ; mSratahf 
to eat food without rice. 
ratftp, prolonged lamentation ; pas- 
sionate exclamations of grief; lond 
mourning ; rataphan, to lament over. 
ratib, Ar. the constant repetition of 
the name of Allah creating a sort of 
ecstatic trance ; wild devotional cries 
accompanied by shaking of the body. 
rainA, Skr. a jewel, a gem, a princess. 
rata, Jav, a prince, a princess ; san^- 
r,, the king ; r. Karipaii, the Prince 
of Knripan, Panji. 


ratTia, Imndred; aa-rattis, one hue 

tired ; blraius-Tatus, in hundredR. 
wm, (onom.) a sonnd— such as thiit of 

rusbing water; rau-rau, a clapper 

rattle or aistruin. 
ranh, = rahn. 
raTun, (onom.) a deep orooninij or 

moaning soand; m^raam dan me 

ratap, to moan and lament. 
ranug, (onom.) a cry of pain ; a roar 

of lu(Onji ittiraung, to cry out in 

raup, miraap, to scoop np with both 
hands ; hiraap, in double hiiud- 

rant, smoothing, cutting oS asperi- 
ties ; ptWu r., a email sharp knifu 
for Bmoothiag a stick. 

rawft, 1, burrmg rnwa, the pied im- 
perial pigeon (myriiticivora hicolor). 

II. marshy gronnd. III. a large 
tree (unidentified.) IV a shrimp- 
net also known as sungkar, Icaiii r, 

rswab., a partnerahip [where one 
maji supplies labonr and the other 

rawai, a lino of unbaited hookq 
intended to foul-hook fish , mi^auat 
to fish with this contrivanae 

TOiwalt:, sea dSratoa. 

rawan, I. emotion (especially tender 
neaa); inSmhSri r., to Btir the itno 
tions. II. a numeral coefficient for 
articles made of cordage or BtHng. 

III. tulanff rowan, the sternnm. 

IV. BiiiMmiojt, in the clouds, = 
heramwa. Y, Pars, takhta raioan, a 
vehicle mentioned in romance. 

rawang, I. a hole or orifice ; a pap ; 
fceraum.nff, fretwork. II. a morans. 
III. mirauiang, to wash a hody for 

rairat, I. mirawati, to visit. II. m^- 
rawat, to resume one's original form 
after a transformation. 

lawi, Ar. a narrator, a story-teller ; 
the anthor. 

xawit, I. mfravnt, to drag fresh 

people into a Bcandal— cf. hahil. 
II Jinhii r a capsicum (Bopsicwm 

laya |i;reat, large ; badak r., the 
laige ranetv of rhinoceros (rhino- 

the full moon at its brightest; 
bnngo r, the cultivated hibisousi 
deviala mtilia r., the most high god; 
/tori T., a holiday; blrhari r., to 
make a holiday of an event ; to have 
a good time ; hantu r., an evil spirit 
of great power and savagerf ; jalan 
r., the high road ; latiSak r., the 
lai^ porcupine (hyitrix Iwigicauda) ; 
rimba r., primeval jungle ; tanah r., 
the mainland } the continent. 

rajanff, dizziness, littht.headedness. 

rayap, I. crawling, creeping (of 
insects). II. thewhiteant, ^ aaai- 

rayat, Ar subject , the i 
people , the rank and file of an 
army , troops 

rayan, mlrayaa, to wander along at 

raytl, plantive, melancholy, stirring 
the emotions, rousing pity or allay- 
ing wrath ■mfrai/fi, to influence, to 
affect (as notes of musis affect the 

rlha, fallen timber, felled masses of 

brushwood and undergrowth ; au 

x6ba1>, a Malay viol ; tlm^urong r., 

the drum of a vioj. 
ribah, falling (through weakness not 

violence) ; r. peitgsan, falling in a 

rfibali, mSrSbaic, to spread (of a per- 
rebak, a deep clean cut or wound j 

house when 

rfibana, a Malay tamboarine. 
rSbaa, falling into decay (of a wooden 

■ id by 


EfiBAT 1( 

xBlmt, eloBing to traffic, barring, 

rabsh, injiired on one eide only (as a 

bird with a broken wing). 
Zfibofc, »nSrg6ot, to fester (of a Bore). 
rMioiL(f, the edible young' bamboo 

shoot ; puchok r.^ obevrons (flfi a 

design in art). 
rtliiui, boiling in and with water (as 

distinct from boiling by immersion 

in boiling water) ; auam t., boiled 

fowl. ■ 
ribnt, snatching, tearing away ; be- 

ribut, to snatch, to struggle for any- 

richak, rlchak-rSchak, slightly poofc- 

rteh A, mirechei, to eplaah up ; to 

show drops of water or mnd (as one 

who has been splasbed) ; jamjam 

m^rfcfeeft, a euphemism for perspi- 

ration ; perlchek, splasheii, dotted, 

rSolmp, to appear jost above the 

surface ; to begin to sprout up. 
tMa, abating, lessening. 
rUah, cutting a trace through the 

rftduu, I. faint vislbiiity ; just a sign 

of something. II. rSmok r., omshod 

to atoms ; r. padam, completely 

rvdaa, a tree (nephelium maingayi). 
ridap, I. a small hand -drum or tabor. 

II. mlrldap, to spring up plentifully 

(of pustules). 
xSdM, mnlcing straight for a point. 
rtdok, mirMek, to threaten or scold 

ft child— of. Jifrdek. 
radi, a sort of hammock -litt«r (much 

used in the past by Straits-bom 

Chinese women). 
vMum, I. obscurity, gloom j the 

darkness that precedes a storm— cf. 

rtdap. II. closing a road to traBlc 

— cf. rSbat. 
rSdnp, dimmed, obscured (of the 

rays of the sun) ; overoast ; gloomy 

weather-— of. rldum. 

) EfiLAP 

rfiguiff, stretching to full length ; 
racking ; astretch, taut ; mSrigan^ 
layar, to boom Out a saiJ to its full 

rSgAt, ^ rldns. 

X4ja, scraps left over ; leavings ; r.-r. 
kuin, the hits of cloth left over when 
garments are made. 

rSJali, pgrljah, unmannerly and self- 

rBjUu, Ar. stoning ; thrusting down 
and suffocating under mud, water. 



KfijMLg, I. a spring forward ; »a-rljawg 
kuda bSHari, as far as a horse can 
gallop at a stretch. II. a name 
given to a series of symbols, one for 
each day of the month. [These 
symbols are believed to affect the 
" luck " of the day]. III. a tree 
(aisfonin echolaria or acroTnycMa Imt- 

r^Jab, blood-shot i filled with mncus 
(of the eye). 

rfijfikl, Ar. daily bread; means of 
livelihood j sustenance ; also rliSki. 

riyolE, a standing jump (as opposed 
to the rnnning jump) ; mirSjok, to 
spring or leap in this way. 

Tek», Skr. oomposition, stringing 
together, = karang ; rehaait, a nar- 
rative, a tale. 

Eiknh, splitting, crackii^. 

rlkan, — rakan. 

rBkat, adhesion, cleaving, sticking ; 
see aJao pirlkat. 

rfilft, voluptuous, sensual — a term of 

rfllftli, ripping, splitting along a 

rU»i, crumbling t^ pieces (of very 

rotten wood) ; ripat r., id. 
rUu^, a ring of rattan ; a collar 

for a dog. 
rUap, I. a flash ; mirikip, to flaah. 

II. Udi rSUip, a thick htack rope 

hung with rushes and used ' 



driving fish towards a trap of the 
hSlat type. 

~rtlaB, the eorapin^ off of akiai 

irfilan, a Bmelting-fumace. 

iTfiloli, (onom.) a low graubing sound. 

.rSlong, I. a Malaj' measure of length, 
and area ; IJ acre (as a nieaaure of 
Buperficies). II. mSrHotig, to over- 
arch ( to cover like a dome. 

:T6iiiaJa, adolescent ; just ripening 
into full maturity ; pittlrn r., a 
prince jast before he attains a 
mturiageable age ; ptit^n r., a 
princeSH at a similar age. 

rrSmak, liefer, better, it were better 
that ; fSma.ft mati karam la'-lari. 

better die 

r&iLbft, jalan b^rSmba-rBinbaj Tvalkin^ 

xfimball, rSmbah-rZmheh, improperly 
adjusted (of the sarong). 

.-rtaabKuf, the nieridiau or zenith ; 
imitahari aSd<mg-nya r,, the sun at 
its zenith. 

irfimboa, utter disappearance or des. 
truetion j kabie r., completely gone 
—a strong form of habis. 

irsmbat, a cross bar ; the bars across 
a fence or gate in contradistinction 
to the upr^fhts i the bar holding 
together the upright stakes in a 
fish-trap ; a long pole fixed parallel 
to the gnuwale of a boat ; rembati, 
to strengthen with a crose.pioce. ■ 
rfolliefa, =- Umbega. 
xiaAth, Tlmbak-i-lmbek, improperly 

adjusted (of the siimng). 
rembet, encumbrance, obstruction; 

anything which impedes or inter. 

feres with motion. 
rimbimai, av;erage height; fair or 

r. I'idam, crushed ti 


irfimpall, drug, spice, ingredient ; 
curry.stuff j ini-t/th rSmpah - nya, 
these are the ingredients; 'this is 
the recipe or prescription. 

rampali, rSbuk rempah, stumbling 

rimpak, an-rlmpak, in nniaon, in 

rempak, split down the side. 
rSmpaug', i-Smpaiig bakaaa, slightly 

mad ; eccentric. 

Stretching out in long 

rempat, blown aside {e.g. on a Ice 

shore) by bad weather. 
rJSmp&nai, a tree (m-diiia coriatxa ?) 
rftnipoli, knocking over, upsetting. 
r«mponff, pinioning (a man) i tying 

the tegs (of a fowl) together. 
rempiia, lifting bodily oti the ground. 
r&mndn,a (Kedab) variant of blrudu,, 
Ttarania, a fruit-tree (bouea maeni- 

Efamtn^ai, the horse-radish- (mo- 

ringa plergosperma) ; also mirunggai. 
cfiuatLg', MrliitiHs, to swim. 
r4noliaik, I. lueiSnelmh, to plongh 

throDgh tbick and thin ; to travel 

through jungle and swamp without 

stopping to choose the easiest way. 
riuehak, a large kind of cauldron. 
riuebam, confusing by number and 
by Yariety ; puzzling 

rBucluuta, narrative ; transcripti 
account ; rltichanakan, to relate. 

reuoboug, a heavy Achehnese sword. 

reuda, Fort, lace (especially gold 
lace and silver lace). 

rtadab, I. low; short; of limited 
height ; humble ; mlrindakkan dirt, 
to assume a, humble tone ; to abuse 
oneself. II. rioh-Tlndah, uproar, 
tumultuous noiao— a stronger ex- 
pression than riok. 

rfindani, immeraioQ in water or mud ; 
ular sava r , the reticulate python 
when aquatic in its habits ; bS- 
iSndam, to wallow (of a buffalo) ; to- 


rEndang 1 

plunge into water; mlrSndamkait, to 

iramerae, to submerge, 
Tiudan?, baking or frying; mSrSn- 

daaig, to bake, to fry, 
xen3A3ig, shady ; nmbregeons ; leafi- 

nesB ; pohim kaya r., & shady tree. 
renek, tremuIouB (of the voice). 
rang, burong reitg, a vultnre {of 

which three varietiea are known in 

Northern Malaja). 
rfinga, blrSnga, breeding maggotH. 
rfinganff, throbbing pains in the 

**l>B*Pi (onom.) blrfngap, to pnff 
out {a flame). 

rSngu, a generia name given tu 
some trees which yield a reiy fine 
timber, the sap of these trees is 
virolently poisonona {melajiorhiFa 
curttKit, jneiaiioThiea wallichii and 
gluta rengati). 

Tln^t, griping pain, colic ; r. hati, 
intense anger — a stronger eipression 
than sakit knii, 

rfingftn, opening wide ; pSrSngav, 
wide open. 

xeng'ek, mlrengek, to whine or cry 
for somethin!? (of a child). 

XftuglT'l'i a (Kedah) variant of ringTcp. 

i^finffKUtn, (Kedali) a sickle. 

xi/SLftgMig, wide separation; distfince 
apart ; r^aggangkan, to open out ; to 
creato a gap bi'tween, 

venggitk, mlrenggek, to be pro- 
tracted ; to drag on. 

xinggim, thin ; with few brandies 
iind leaves (of a tree). 

rSng'Snit, wrenching or tearing away 
(some object that is aotually attached 
to another) ; rlnggHtkan or laSring- 
gntkan, to tear down or tear away, 

rfingit, a small insect peat, 

rfing'ka, the pecnliar saddle used 
with elephants \ the seat on which 
tho howdah proper rests. 

xfitLgkam,, B growth (unidentified) 
found on coral rook. 

XUigk&B, brevity ; ontting short ; 
■ - ; rmflJasan, ft BOmmary, 


a precis; rengkaskwn, to si 

rraifkat, balti renglcat, one log shorter- 
than the other; inequality in length 
of legs ; the halting gait caused 

reng'k^, m^reiigheh, to bon-or stoop- 
under a burden. 

r&ngkianK, a granary, a store, a 

rfiugkolt, roughness in pulling or 
twisting ; ill-regulated force. 

Tivg'kfmg, — liroagkong. 

renffaa, obstinate (of a sore or- 
diseaae) ; mlTengea, to refuse to- 

rfinffna, gruff, surly. 

TSn^t, niiirgngut, to murmur ; to 

rSaJak, jitSrSnj'alc, to walk along 

Vfinjla, rfnjislcan or mlrlnjUkan, to 

besprinkle ; to dasb drops of water 

rEnouif. a fixed and steady iook at 
anything; a searching look. 

rftnta, ^iiSrlnta, to speak angrily or 
in high tones. 

renta, tua Tenia, old and weak ;. 

rfiutak, stamping the feet in anger, 

rmtftk, hauling at a rope ; tugging 
at a chain, 

rfintaka, a smalt swivel-gun. 

rGntan, a weak state of health pre- 
disposing to disease (but not actual 
disease) ; low vitality. 

renting, 1. stretching out or extend- 
ing (used of objects like nets when 
in nse and not of things like mats 
which arc simply spread out and lie 
open on tho ground) — cf. SEjitang, 
ri. a " round " in cock-fighting. 

rfiutap, pulling, hanling, tugging. 

rfintaB, cutting a .trace througlp 
jungle ; clearing a path. 

rfintl, = Mnti. 

VJIlilit, tali rinvi, the belly-bond iiv 
the hamesB of an elephant. 

,„..-ed by 



Tinytilx, llrlnyah Or m^renyah, to 

bestir onaself -, to busy oneeelf. 
rfta^, thin and PcntiDUouB (o£ 

drizzling rain). 
rBnyak, m^rSayak, to strike a tender 

spot ; bo tread on a com. 
rmyell, jn^renjfeh, to behave in an 

ill .humoured way. 
Tftn^Ic, crushed ; poimded to pieces j 

= rSmok. 

cfipab, (onom.) a "slapping" noise. 
xlipaaig, smoothed ; cut, trimmed or 

tiled to the same level; levelled; 

iiiirlpang, to trim. 
riptu, fragile, ccnmbling ; rSpaa 

layu, withered to fragility (of a 

ripell, mJr^pe/i, to pluck a little at a 

time ; to pick away. 
r«]^k, = repel. 
reyas, alow and languid motion ; 

mSrepes, to fidget. 
repet, mlrepet., to chatter inconsc. 

rSpla, sra-i-Spis, a chip. 
r^ob, slightly overgrown ; weedy ; 

rtpni, crumbling at the least touch ; 

r6put, rotten; crumbling— of. rSpjii 
(which ia a stronger expression). 

rtea, internal motions — such as di- 
gestive motions, motions in child- 
birth, etc. 

riaarh, restlessness ; fidgeting. 

rBaak, a genenc name given to 
several timbers used in boat-building 
— e.g. chorea barbata, caatanopnU 
nepkelioides, and other woods. 

xBanm, I. a common fern used in 
mating Malay pens {gleiclten-ia li- 
licaria). II. Ar. order, arrangement, 
oonatibution, nature, bent. 

Tfaan, taking es personal ; taking 

rfiaap, mSi-lsap, to vanish away; to 

rfiiek, shrill, piercing; inirleek, id. 

rtetn, rlsta'i, to lay a spoU apoa 

nta., mireta-reta, to chatter inconsc- 

quentiy, = tnlrepet. 
rtttak, a oraok ; a line the result of a 

CTBck ; the lines on the hand. 
rttal, saffron ; also hartal. 
rStaa, breaking or giving way at a- 

fltight blow. 
zMali, mSretek, to form little tvatery 

vesicles (aa certain festering sores). 

CBtttk, inSrStok, to shirk one's sliaro 

rewftk, having news to give ; liaving 

something to say. 
revang, inlreivany, to yaw (of a, 

rSlSki, Ar. food, daily bread, liveli- 
hood, source of income ; also rijSki. 

ria, I. joy, pleasure, noisy enjoyment. 
II. Ar. pride, arrogance. 

rlak, ripples of water. 

rial. Fort, a dollar. 

riam, a waterfall or rapid. 

rian, a measure of thread ; a group 
of skeins. 

rianK, I. Tiang-riavg, a cicada. II. 
dizzy with excitement i light-headed 
or fereriah with pleasure. III. a 
motion on the surface of a stream 
caused by the presence of a snag or 

viap, mii-iwp, to spread ; to spront up. 
rias, the soft trunk of trees— such as 

the banana. 
rlba, I. taking on one's lap or breast ; 

mSriba, to support on one's lap. 

II. Ar. usury . 
lilltl, I. thousand ; su-r,, a thousand ^ 

hlribit, in thousands. II, ribu-Wbw, 

a plant {lygodium scwadens). 
tUiban, indistinct utteronce — nach as- 

that of a child or talking-bird. 

,„..-ed by 


aiDAN i» 

3ridan, a tree (nepheUum maivgarji), 
xUing. I. toile for Igxge game ; thick 

rope netting. II. mSridini/, to jnst 

appear above the surface. 
TUU^, Ar. a Koran-atand or lectern. 
iriJBl, At. rijai-itl-ghoib, Bpirits pre. 

aiding over good or evil fortune. 
f lunh, crumba of bread left on the 

table after a meal. 
nimaM, just breaking out into perepi- 

ximau, a tiger ; eee ftartinau. 
Tiiaba. primeval jungle i /, raya, the 

great forests ; ttlar kapah r., the 

viper*{i(M;he8i8 wagleri). 
TlmbM, an agricultnial instrament 

resembling the adze (bSUong}. 
TunbaiL, lofty and spreading (as the 

foliage of a tree or the sails of a 

ximjfi, dried banana. 

rlmpinB', pliimping, the last of a row. 

irioi^, tniriiiah, to shed drops of 

jdnolieli, balance paid in sma.I1 

3:lBcltek, slicing, catting into minute 

3:llldll, loving longing ; affectionate 
regret ; pining ; r. dlndam, id. ; 
rindnlcan or mlrindakan, to pine for. 

xlngnu, light; of little vreight or 
of little account J TitSringaakaK, to 

xinggi, pSringgi, baked young padi. 

Tlngglt, milling ; a dollar ; r. blmi; 
a, Spanish dollar ; t. barony, r. janek, 
r. lang or r. rama-rama, the Mejtican 
dollar 5 r, kfpala or r. tinglorak, the 
2i guilder piec« ; r. miriam, the 
pillar dollar; r. jmtima, id. ; r. tang, 
liat or r. orang blrtonglrat, the British 
dollar; bSrin^git-ringgit, crenelated, 
milled, serrated. 

Tlngln, napu-sapu ringin, the name 
of a game for children. 

Zinfkal, emaciated ; thin and wi- 

^Tingkek, the neighing of a horse. 


linoll. riiwh-myii, coaling, cozening 

— a strong form of rayv,. 
rintaa, taking the shortest course ; 

cutting across from cape to cape. 
rlntek, a speck ; speckled markings ; 

bh-irtteic, speckled ; hajan rintflc- 

■rintefi, drops of rain just sufficient 

to make a few specks on the gronn^, 
rintUi, cutting a thin line or trace 

from point to point — ct. rintan. 
riohi noise, clamour ; r. rSndah, ap- 

roar, tumult. 
riok, ipatah riok, a compound fraotore. 
rions, a very tall grass (antUtiria 

xit, a bolt-rope. 

rlsn, a painless wen or bnmp. 

rwan, noisy and disorderly behaviour. 

risftk, making private enquiries ; 
feeling one's way to a proposition 
90 as to avoid the risk of a snub, 

ritraTAt, Ar. a narrative ; a story. 

TOh^,pancha-i-aba, varied; uncertain; 

lobak, mlaJc-raheli, in tatters. 

roliek, worn through ; perforated. 

ro1>oh, falling (of heavy or massive 
bodies) J robohkan or n^mbohkan, to 
overthrow ; bata roboh, a landslip. 

robok, (onora.) mh-obok, to give out 
a bubbling sound. 

roelMk, dirty and untidy-looking. 

rochok, prodding, 

rodn. Fort, a wheel ; r. lambonti, a 

rodan, inj ury in a tender spot ; very 

rodi, Fort, order, command, instruc- 
tions ; also ordi. 

rodolE, inirodok, to stab from below ; 
= iiiiraAak. 

rodonff, doubtful or uncertain wan- 

ro^l, Jav. rape ; mirogal, to ravish. 
roh, Ar. SfHrit, aoul, life; Boh.«[- 

kudm, the Holy Cfhost. 
rojak, fruit or vegetables served up 

with vinegar and fiavonred 



ROJt 185 

roji, Vevs. daily breacl. 

l^^ofc, At. return to a divorced wife ; 
iiiakinjc up a, qaairei with an es- 
tranged friend. 

r<^ol, mlrojol to emerge from a hole ; 
to Btiok out. 

xokok, n (Malay) cigarette; t. Itlrtat, 
a European cigarette j dim botang r,, 
two cigarettes ; mlngiiap r. to smoke 
a cigarette. 

rmna, Bkr. butu i-mna, tlie down on 
the humati skin ; Uatig i*., the pores. 

roman, I appearance, shape, ^?are, 
look, the body , dagangan bSiiagai r., 
gootU of rarioHB types , plnvtnan, 
general appearance II padi-straw. 
til Eug Mlhyu mmaii, romaniaed 

xottibe,, B maik placed m the eeii to 
guide fiahtrmen lu. the erection of 

Tombak, taking donn taking to 
pieces iinraTelliBg , mlivmbnUiiit, 
to uDloose, to undo, to untie ; tlrom- 
bak. undone, aolved, loosened. 

xomhong, I. piling or heaping np ; 
pfnoli mirotnbiMg, fnl! till the con- 
tents appear over the top— (e.g. of 
clothes in a box, rice in a me«snre, 
etc.) II, a rice-bin or store. 

xamok, physical depression ; ml- 
/■oiiwk, to feel out of sorts. 

xompak, piracy ; pSnnnjxik, a pirate. 

xompanff, rompang-ramping, tittered 

defective ; partly i 
ay or destroyed. 
Lpls, chipped at the tip or a 


xorapong, destroyed or eaten away 
(of a prominent feature— -such us a 
nose or ear) ; rimvponglcan, to out 
off (a nose, an ear, or other feature) ; 
to mutilate. 

rona, Skr. coloori = icaTna ; puncha- 
ratia, of many coloors; gay, bright 
with colouring. 

xonalMt, ilTonchet-roncliet, in instill- 


rtmda, Furt. military rounds. 
rondah, Tem&ah-Tandah, in disorder^ 

dishevelled, in contusion. 
xondeag', calcnlation by flgures; 

accounts ; bills ; mndeogan, id. 
rong, balai rang, '= htdairong, q.v. 
xougak, broken by gaps ; gigi r., 

gap-toothed ( pagar r., a fence from 

which palings are missing here and 

xonggtL, hole, cavity, hollow ; bl' 

runggii, hollow. 
xonggamg, broken by gaps ; = 

xoaggang, a dancing-girl ; one of a 
pair of dancing girls who dance- 
certain Javanese dances together. 

congkal, tSrongkal, loose, come to 
pieces ; unloosed (as a shoe-lace). 

ronifkas, talcing to pieces (with a 

str notion). 
rongkol, a cluster of cbistera ; it- 

rottghol-roiigltol, in lai^e clueters, 
Wngitoag, see Mrongkong. 
xotLgaa, mfroii^os, to be sliort-tem- 

pered ; pSrowgnu, peevish. 
ron^t, mfrongol, to grumble, to- 

ronffaengTi ™Sro«gaevg, to be quern- 
tons or peevish. 

ronta, titfronta, to struggle (to free 
oneself from the clasp of someone 
elsB or from bonds). 

roataJi. = ronta. 

Tontak, = ronta. 

toutsIi, iniramyeh, to talk indistinctly 
(as a toothless man). 

roiiTok, mooh dented; knocked in. 

rosftk, spoiling I riolatii^; renderii^ 
fntile i r. mata, injury to the eye- 
sight ; r. iTnan, corrupting religion ; 
r, kati, heart-break. 

roaok, see p^rogolt. 

rot, = rut. 

votva, a generic name for rattans — 
i.e. plants belonging to the genera 
calamus and diemonorope ; among the 
i>eit-knowa Tarietiea are r. Unu 


-(diemonoropi gtniculatui) ; r. iSga 
(coiomtK oniatws) ; r. aSmamhu, the 
" Malacca cano " {oolomne scipic- 

Toti, Hind, bread ; t^hiTiy r., a balcer ; 

r. Jiii-ai, a prBparation of dough 

resemblmg macaroni. 
fotok, miratolc, to mutter angrily, 
xoyHk, mlrayak, to spread (aa aa 

nicer or skin disease). 
aroyat, Ar. aspect, ' 

1 of e 

t oil; 


egwiaeW/oIta) ; r. btttit, a tree resem. 
bliDg the casoarina in general ap. 
pearance (daerydiutit elaiam). 
amOi, minut, to expand, to open 

(as the ueet of a cohra). 
xnadftt, Ar. ceremonial etiqnettB, 
nuJi, I. mgrimh, to call a person 
from a distance; kiruah, as far as 
the Bonnd of a cry can carry. II. 
iMtapah niah, poured out en. mossn. 
111. Ar. bulan Riuilt, a popular name 
for the month Sliaahan. 
znill, disproportionate length causing 
s ( oyer-taJl. 

■mSiitalc, to spread (as the 
of an egg when the shell is 
broken), II, burojig ruai-rual, a 
bird (anidentiSod) . 
Yuam, priokty-heat ; pimples. 
nuui = anmn. 

-TltMlff, hollow spaoe ; Well ; cavity ; 

r. bSlakaitg, the hollow of the bacli s 

r, EU3U, the hollow between the 


-mnp, ininiap, to seethe ap ; to boil 

up } to f OEim up. 
ITRHS, interspace ; the portion between 
the rings of a bamboo, etc ; aa-nuis 
jari, a section of the finger from 
joint to joint. 
-mat, T. the fall of anything that is 
not broken before or by the fall. 
II. mSitmt, to resume human shape 
(of a were-tiger or hanitt jadi- 
.mbalt, Pers. a jackal. 
jntbftQ, a^^ I'aian, the watery sciutL 

in the preparatioi 

mimban, to purify oil. 
rnbin, = ubin. 
ntbingr, a teniporajy light gunwale 

to increase the freeboard of a Malay 

rnboitg, see klrHhong. 

rudn, pendulous and heavy (of the 

npper eye-!)d). 
cadnl, a (Kedah) variant of radu. 
mdna, a heavy cotting-weapou used 

in Sumatra. 
m^, SIcr. loss, injury (other than 

physical injury) j klmgia'a, id. 
mgiil, = rogot. 

xninif, a large winder used in spin- 
rait, bent bat not broken (of a 

branch) ; cliapek t., lameness through 

a bcitt limb. 
mjah. stabbing at something below ; 

thmsting a spear , downwards at a 

foe niidor the house. 
mkam, a name given to a number 

of trees (fiacottrtia cntaphracta and 

other spooiea). 
tiiUl, Fers. the rook at chess. 
nltn, a generic name for a, number 

of plants, especially (rttiu-ruilu) the 

basil (octmuin hasilKum and odmum 

rnknn, Ar. fundamenttil doctrine ; 

essential part ot a religion. 
Ruin, Ar, "Rome" (a name given 

to the regions i-uled by the Byzantine 

emperors) . 
rnmali, a dwolling-honse ; r, momjel, 

a sentry -bo.i ,' r. ten^^u, a homestead i 

blrtimah, to have a bonse (and wife) 

of one's own ; to be married, 
rnmal, — ramal. 
xvmtitii, tassel, tuft, pendant 
nunbla, the sago-palm. 
mmtoia, a fmit-treo (fcowea timcrv- 

phylla) ; also rlmunia. 
nunpiiu, the stem, of a grass; a 

numeral coefficient for grasses ; ea- 

rumpuii sfrai, a. sprig oi lemon-grass. - 



-nuuput, graBB ; inBrionput, to weed, 

.rutdinff, = Tondeng. 

-xnndok, lowering the head — of. 

tnndok J inirandoh, to bend one's 

course to a point. 
:XKtiA.<mf[, " cadgiiiR " on a person ; 

attaching oneself to another; 

"sponping"; di-rwadong malang, 

to be oontimially dogged bj ill-luck. 
'jmndn, rutuJu-randa, erratic, capH' 

-mnKfa, rvMggM • rangga, bristling 

with pointa. 
jmugKap, ininingliap, to epeak in a 

.Taaffkan, ujenMiflfcow, to bang down 
over the face (ot' hair), 

rnngknl, = rongkol. 

zuBgknp, ovemrchiBg ; overspread- 

Ton^t, = longot. 

xjotisaig, I. a kind of crowbar. II. 
mimnjang, to thrust blindly at what 

xunjaii, lankiness. 

srni^Cniff, mlrunjoiig, to be piled np 
(of rice on a plate) ; jiinmjang, a 
meaaure of depth— a man's length 
(with arms raised above hia head). 

.Timtat, dangling loosely. 

nuttwi, breaking by a Budden pull 

xnntl, rubbing asperities off the com- 
■ " ;e(™ta»sSsa)- 

17 SA 

nULtoIl, a heavy fall, a crash ; fS&in^ 
r., the " snnten bank," the Malay 
Atlantis ; nwitohtttn, to overthrow. 

nmtna, dragging off (by the hand 
or by a chain or rope). 

inuLiLtT titSrwitnt, to worry, to impor- 

rnpa, Sbr, appeatanoe, form, looks ; 
indaft kkabar dari rupa, the report 
is fairer than the reality— not up to 
expectations ; mpa-nya, it appears. 

mpatran, S^r. handsome, beanti- 

mpl&Ii, Hind, a rupee, a gmider. 

maa, the eambhur deer (ceruna uni- 
caZor) [many varieties of this one 
deer are distinguished by Malays 
according to the Bhado of colotir, 
the oontUtion of the horns, etc.] ; 
r. bintartg, the (imported) doer 
(cerinis oafig) ; r. alnggiTek, the 
Unicom ; baht t., the well-known 
"deer-hog" of the Celebes {haiii- 

rnBing, = rinigsCTg. 

rilBOh, a row; a tumult; a diatar- 

rUBOfc, side, flank, rib ; r. surat, the 
marginal space in a Malay letters 
tuirtiis r., the rib-bone; (umbafc r., • 
a '■ dig in the ribs," a quiet bribe. 

rnt, I. cai)ability ; endurance ; iionJct 
c, inability to stand. II. preasare, 
squeeziug, crushing. 

«a, a prefis expressing or suftgesting 
unity; one; a; forming or consti- 
tuting one— i.e. making np a whole ; 
forming one in some particular — i.e. 
alike in some one respect ; aa-wmur- 
Ati, in all my life ; as long as I live 
— 'life being considered as a single 
item though made npof many years; 
ta-raaa,, forming one in taste ; alike 
in taste; sa-i^agai, one in type, of 

one type, like; sa-hilah,, one side; 
on one side ; in the direction of ; 
towards; 8U ■ bllali - »^Jn]/abi[al^, on 
both sides; aa-'bilum, while as yet 
not ; before ; previous to ; m-'hi-ngga, 
until i sa-ftoli, at one time ; all at 
one time ; alt<^ther ; ^i-\ali-kali, 
:iltogethcr ; sa-ftali-pun, although ; 
.■<a-&i<tn., this much; so; thus; <a- 
iian jK'tfi, thus far; 



EO long ; sa-lagi, ivhilo still ; »a- 
ialu, always ; aa-mana-mana, in any 
way; sa-mnta-mata, clearly, obvi- 
uiisly; na'OraTiff, one man { alone ^ 
sa-oraTtg-orang, quite alone; H(i-ao- 
orang, each person ; gn-8«a(«, each j 
Bo-tSlah, when (a thing) was over ; 
after! sa-tSlah ia pfrjfi, when he 
had gone j sa-ttijn, in harmony i 

saodat, Ar. fortune, happiness ; hiKh- 
neas, majesty (as a title) ; Baginda »., 
H.M. the King. 

SMit, At. time, moment ; d^gan na- 
ioat iflt iuga, at this' very moment, 

sabok, I. boiling p&lm-sap (in the 
making of certain sugars). II. ™?- 
vatap bSrbyi sidnfc, to weep eopi- 

•ftban, Jay. every ; e. han, daily. 

wa.'btMg, to muzzle (a dog). 

■abar, Ar. patience, forbearance' ; 
sabar4ah dali-alu, be patient awhile. 

aabaa, Pers. bravo, excellent, capital ! 

akbdn, 8kr. saying, ntterance {used 
e^iecially of words of the prophets). 
[The word also occurs in literature 
as the equivalent of fitah (the word 
of a prince) ; and in some districts 
tabda is used of a chief — (e.g. the 
PSnghulu of Hembau), while titah is 
used of the suzerain (the y<im tiiati),'] 

mMOah, see sa. 

sabtnjig, = slbSrang. 

sabll, Ar. way, road ; 'piraitg ». Allah, 
a war in God's cause i a holy mar. 

■»bit, I. a native sickle ; mingahil. to 
reap with a sickle. II. Ar. revealed 
as certain ; truth revealed, 

■abok, a sort oi kerchief or plaid 
worn over the shoulder. 

labonff, darting at each other (of 
cocks) ; oock-fighting ; the appa- 
rently ooaflicting flashes of forked 
lightning; ayam eab(mgan, a fight- 
ing-cock ; minyaboTig, to fight (of a 
cock); eaboKgmlnyabimg, the zigzag 
flaabei of forked lightning. 

Skbtn, Ar. hari Babtv, Saturday. 

9 8AH 

sabnn, Ar. soap. 

sab-nr, I. a confused milee ■. wild 
Bcnrrying ; didalam aabuT itu, in 
the crash; sitnut s.. a stinging ant 
(9ima rufimigrn), II. layar labur, a 

■abat, the flbroas part or wrapper- 
forming the outer portion of a fruit 
like the coconut i coconut fibre; lali 
f., a rope of common fibre. 

■adal, prone ; extended at fall lengtli. 

•adak, sloping (of masts). 

■aAap, a kind of pruning-knife ; to- 
use this knife. 

■adan, rowing with long sweeps. 

■adia, = ef.dia. 

sadik, Ar. upright, true (of frienil- 

aadfkit, see dikit. 

■adonff, to get one's foot caught inn 
creeper— cf. fSrndong, 

saAlt, Skr. excelling ; «, plrdana, first:, 

sadnr, plating ; overlaying with shin- 
ing metal. 

aamig', travelling in company; hSr- 
saeng or blraaengan, id. 

Baf, Ar. row, rank, file of soldiers ; 
bSnaf-sof. in rows. 

Sa&r, Ar, the name of a month in 
the Muhammadan calendar. 

saga, the Indian pea, the seed of 
adenantkera pavonina ; biji s., id. ; 
(by metaphor) red, bloodshot (of 
the eyes). [The pea was also used 
aa a small measure of we^ht,] 

■affal, ^ eakai. 

aaffaaif, propping up or bnttressing- 
(nied when the prop is at an angls 
ivith the ground.) 

sapir, Pers. sugar ; also nakar. 

■Jtfi, = glgi. 

a%ta, sago ; a. Bllajida, arrowroot. 

■agnn, a Malay dish made of rice- 
flour, rasped coconut and salt ; also 

■Mfnr, a river dug-out; plrahv, «., id. 

■M, i. Pers. oheok 1 — in playing 
chess. II. approved) in order; 



admiesible ; made out (of a case) ; 

tiada s., tlie cLai~^ has not been 

aabstantiated properly. 
■^LAbftt, Ar. friend, cocnrade ; s. beta 

or s. kita, "my friend; " the person 

mitten to (in a formal official letter) . 
anll^a, I. only ; bahasa itu eahaja, 

that language only. II. = slngaja. 
aaltaya, Skr. slave ; hamble serraiit ; 

I ; s, uSmua, we aU ; hamba s., alares 

and chattels. 
aalieli, Ar. trae, olear, coirect. 
■ablb. At. master; owner of, $ahib- 

nl-h^yat, the author of the etory ; 

the author's " we." 
salrat, replying! answering' back; 

response; sahnt-sahutam,, in continual 

response (as aaiates aftec Bttlnles) ; 

eahiiti, t« make reply ; to answer. 
•aid, Ar. a title given to descendants 

of the Prophet. 
Saidl, Lord (God) ; ya S., Lord 1 
■aif, Ar. sword. 
saia, Hind, a syce ; a groom. 
saja, ^ tahaja. 
sajadldi, Ar. a prayec-mat. 
aaJahtBra, ^^ RSjahtira. 
aajak, Ar. aesonanoe, harmony, 

cadence ; rhyme ; sajoJc^nya janggal, 

harsh, soundinu ; faulty rhythm. 
•aji, serving np (a diah) ; dressing 

food ; tudoiig B., a dish-covev ; blr- 

saji, to dress food j to serve up food, 
aaka, Z. the pUiars of a house. II. 

Bthkal, dependents, retainers, sub- 
jects ; oran^ 8., a name given to 
" subject " aboriginal tribes by 

■akal, knocking a^inst ; knocking 
back ; an^in s,, a contrary wind. 

■okalian, see kali. 

aakax, Pers. sugar ; also aagar. 

sakat, I. vexation, trouble, annoy> 
ance. II. a generic name given to 
many epiphytes, especially aroids 
and ferns. III. salcn eakat, a 
B:enealogical table showing all the 
rnmificatioiis of a family. 


Bftkhlat, Pers. broad-clotli. 

aakit, sickness, disease, pain ; mSn- 
dapat >., to fall ill ; ». hati, resent- 
ment, anger ; 8. hidwp, illness withoub 
apparent cause (attributed by Malays 
to evil spirits) ; e. orang baik, a 
eaphemisui for small-poK ; s. payah, 
serious illness ; mSnyakiti, to injure ; 
to afStct with pain or sickness ^ pSn- 
yakit, a disease. 

■akaama, Skr. diligent enquiry, in- 

aakal, Skr. witness, evidence, testi- 
mony: ingmamogilg, tocallwitnesseB 
(in a case). 

sakU, Skr. supernatural power ; deiva 
yang s., a wonder-working divinity j 
kiaaktian, supernatural power ; a 

aakn, Hur. a small canvas bag ; a 
satchel ; a pocket. 

aal, Hind, a shawl. 

aalab, fault, error, flaw, discrepancy ; 
being out of place or going wrong ; 
s. kSno, tactless words ; s. sa-orang, 
one or the other (person) ; s. «aa(B, 
one or the other (thing) ; b. urat, 
dislocation or straining of a sinew ; 
orang e., a defendant ; eirha «., 
puzzled, confused, at a li^s ; salahi 
or mSnyalahi, to vitiate, to render 
useless ; kiaalahaa, am error, a fault, 
a mistake. 

aaloi, heating over the fire ; smoking; 
f iimigatiou or curative heating ; m^m. 
yulai, to heat in this way. 

salak, I. a stemlesa thorny palm 
(salncra edulis). II. the barking of 
a dog [ mSny/dak, to bark. 

aaliMn, Av, a greeting; "Peace be 
unto you " ; mSmbSri s,, to greet, 

aalamat, ^ sSlamat. 

aalan;, eiecation by the tSris. 

aalatlB, Ar, sultans— the ploral of 

aalek, motion, approach ; s. llmhali, 

to retam. 
•ftli, strength, power, might; 

B., of equal might. 

■ id by 



«aUb, At, a ccoBH ; crucifixion, 

salin, cban^^e of garb or of food or 
outward form ; caiman, a tranaia- 
tion ; aalini, to beBtow garments 
npon anyone j hlrgalin, to be con- 
fiued (of a woman) ; to put on other 
clothes s to BSfiitiDe a diSerent Form 
by metamorphosifl i pirsalin or pSi*- 
eaUnaiit a change of clothing. 

salla, Ar. aalla Aliahu alaihi wa'g- 
salam, God givo him peace ! 

■alar, salarant a channe], a p^ully. 

■olnt, enwrapping', enfolding — cf. 

aun&, Skr, identity, sameness, com- 
psnionsbip, parity ; s, sindirUwya, 
one another i fi. biaar, of equal size j 
s. tingah, in the very centre ; sama- 
Ican, to rank as equal ; Mrsama, along 
with ; bSrsamaan, Bimilar, identical. 
[In bazaar Malay eama is used to 
mean " to," " with," or to form an 
Bocoaative ; hilaTig »ama Bahaya, tell 
me ; piikal soma dia, hit him^] 

■omak, tanning ; bark for tanning ; 
a generic name for trees the bark of 
which is naed for tanning. 

wunan, I. Ar. ratib gaman, the aoras 
given to a peculiar ratib or mystical 
incoherent religioua performanoe. 
II. Eng. summons. 

samor, concealment ; biding one's 
identity ; personating' someone else ; 
8. muka, change of aspect ; samarhin, 
to pretend, to affect. 

■asobal, a generic name for highly 
spiced and other condiments used in 
small quantities to flavour curries. 
Sambaug', J. an abandoned nest of 
the honey-bee. II. a patrol, a round ; 
blrsambang, to patrol. 
aonbar, carrying off in the talons 
(used especially of a bird of prey 
swooping and carrying off its vic- 
tims) J ya sambaran, a man-eating 

■amliat, to splice together. 
SBJulian, a grass (unidentified) [it 
sometimes grows on thoroughfares. 

and is taken in such eases as a type 
of a difficult existence]. 

aambil, with, tc^ether with, simul- 
taneously with. 

sambilaji, = slmhilan. 

aamljolc, Pers. a dinghy. 

samlion^, adding in prolongation; 
joining on; ada samhongan-nya lagi, 
" more to follow " ; "to be continned 

•funbut, to reoeiTB (uaed of a person 
standing to receive a person coming 
to him, and not of a person going to 
meet his goest) ; gigi s., overlapping 
teeth ; samhuti or minyamlmt, to 
stand and receive. 
sami, I. [Pali f ] a Buddhist priest. 
II, Tarn, a Hindu idol. 
Muolr, the natural undried leaves of 
the «ip(ifi (used as a rough protection 
against rain). 
■amista, = nlmgnta. 
■ampah, rubbish, dry dirt, filth ; 
nampah ilii ka-Upi jaga, rubbisli 
always finds its tvay to the side j 
the poor are always shoved aaide- 
■ampai, I. attaining to; reaching; 
as far as; sampailcai^, to cause to 
attain to, or to cause to extend to — 
e.g. sampaikan khabar, to convey 
news. II. hanging loosely over 
anything (as a garment hanging on 
a clothea-line) ; sampaian kain, a 
sort of towel-horse or clothes-line. 
■ampak, I- tiie metal ring or band 
at the base of the shaft of a weapon 
[it serves to keep the haft (patina) 
from splitting the shaft]. II. main 
sampai, beads or tails. III. sSiuar 
mmpaj!, tv"userB worn by Malays in 
padi-fieldB and swamps. 
aampan, Ch, a generic name for a 
!arge number of types of boata 
(especially the Chinese shoe-boat) j 
s. rhednk ikaii, a boat in use with 
large fish-traps ; a. goiek, (P< 



Chinese sampan ; s. 
kotaJc, the Chinese sampan with 
stern lockers (much used in Singa- 
pore) ; s. i:udoag, ft heavy beamy 
Chinese sampan j s, mSngail, the 
canoe-lihe hoat in which fishermen 
visit their traps; S. panjatts/, a, long 

used in Singapore harbour ; 
a dinghy. 
^aampanff, I, peddling. !I. a Malay 

-Buapeau, Jav. a title used in ad- 
dteesing a prince, 

aampil, the bast or tusk at the 
lower end of a palm -branch. 

samplitK, an obsolete drum. 

aampir, I. the upper portion of a 
Mi'is-slieath^ — the part tiiat covers 
tlie gaiija ; aampiran hSris, id. II. 
j)Sti6a» sampir, a tribute of respect 
to a prince. III. aampiran teain, = 
sampaian Itain. 

■ampok, intrusion ; interference (in 
other people's affairs). 

aaiupn, decline, wasting away, ema- 
ciation ; dlmam s., a wasting feverish 

aompiil, a covering or wrapper— saeh 
as a pillow-case ; a caul (hut tlmhvni 
is more technical in this sense). 

Samaam, a name given to a mixed 
half-Siamese race inhabiting the 
northern parts of tlie Peninsula. 

samaix, Pers. a scimetar 

samBn, I. Ch. Chinese alcoholic spirit. 
II. = shams'a. 

aamnn, I. robbit^ ; theft accom- 
panied by violence ; in^yamun, to 
rob ; plnyaniun, a robber. II. eSmak- 
saman, very tangled undergrowth or 

Sana, yonder; the further, in contra- 

distiiiction to the nearer ; there ; 

di-sana, in that place ; di-slbiraiig a., 

on the opposite side. 
Itn a k, kindred; blood relations; 

one's whole family ; a- sumfara, id. 
Sa&at, Ar. year of the Hegira. 


sanSanf, wearing a hand over the 
ahonlder and across tbe body (as 
the cordon of a knightly order is 
worn) 1 jiilnyan^ang, mii^yandang- 
Jemtj nr m^tn^rsaitdangTuijtj to Carry 
(a swurd or Wn's suspended from a 
croas-belt or a gun slung wver the 
back by a strap) ; suyap sandang, a 
sort of cross-belt. 

saudar, resting the back against any 
surface ; leaning back ; tSrsaiidar, 
leaning back upon, resting sgainst- 

sandarmalaiii, a name given to the 
tuberose ; also tundal mnlam. 

aan&ing, T. position adjacent ; sitting 

one another (as a bride and bride- 
groom). II. a corner; a projection; 
ta'-bSynandiny, smooth, globular. 

Mandoogr, stumbling against— of. sl- 
randotig and sadong. 

■aug, an honoriHc prefix applied, 
(1) to the names of heroes and 
minor divinities — such as Darma- 
dewa, KSISmbai, Nila Utama (the 
founder of Singapore), Arjana, and 
others j (2) to the titles irf kings — 
e.g. sang-nata, enng-oji, saiig-ratu, 
etc.; (3) in the expression sanif-j/anif 
only, to the names of major divint- 
tiea— e.g. tans-yang Onra, eang-yang 
Haha-hUita, sang-yang Tunggal ; 
(4) to the names of animals in 
{ables— e.g. taag-tupai, sang-hinchil, 

■anga, the scum or dross in smelting. 

sutgai, a rough dish-covet of nipah 
or mSii^Jmang leaf. 

sangraji, see sang and aji. 

aaugat, extremely ; very ; excess j 
amat s., id. ; klaangatart, e:[cess ; 
tfreangat, surpassingly, 

B&ilg^, holding up ; propping up ; 
sustaining j shielding from a down- 
ward blow ; s. buoBo, " prop of tho 
universe"; a Javanese title; s, 
layar, small props for holding up 
the boom ; s. niara, a, projeetinj- 
knob or guard on a blade. 



mAUggSM, a metal bowl with a rongii 
milled edge. 

nainggang, = sagang. 

aanggaX, running aground (o£ a 

•anfgit, rubbing two haid bodies 
against one Bnother. 

BHUggvl, the binding up and drssBiiid 
of the hair ; chueholc s., bair pma 

MUlffgUp, accepting reaponsibdity 
for; acknowledging; # nlmbnyar 
leaner, accepting responsibiht}' for a 
pajment ; pa' s., a patatire father 

«MiKb», I. Sb. thinking suspecting 
fearinft; anxious thonght suspicion 
eangiaiian, to suepect or think any 
thing. II. Skr. atriton shell (cfion a 
gigai) ; a conch -shell ased as a tmm 
pet ; sangJia-kaia, the last trump 

wuigkalt, hindrance, resistance raja 
di-s., a ruler who should be risen 
ageinBt)8a«si;ati,toobBtrucl: hinder 

Mai^kakala, Skr. the last trump — 
V. sangka, II. 

aAnglcal, disavowing, repudiating ; 
Kangliali, to deny (one's faith) r to 
repudiate knowledge of. 

aaugkAT, I. B coop ; a cage (espe- 
cially a bird-cage) ; sangiaran, id. 
II. saTiglcuTsajigJiar, Sprawling. 

■angUl, immersion to the load-line 
(of a ship) i fulfilling a purpose 
satisfactorily ; to achieve the end in 

■angku, a lai^e metal bowl or basin. 

■angknx, a bayonet. 

■aagknt, stopping ; not getting past ; 
adhering to or remaining in i s, di- 
dalam halt, a thing that stioks in 
the memory. 

_ iengsara. 

m^ngn, Jav, stores, provisions, anp- 

xaupiliiii, Jar, B royal title. 
mangyoMg, see sang. 
MUicu, mSnyantah, to strike with 

the fist or knackleB. 
MULtnn, the anilk of the coconat j 

Ifpala s, the best of the milk; the- 
thiLk creamy portion near the flesh 
of the fruit ; (by metaphor) TJr- 
Bautap to eat to consume to dine- 
—in court language s si fh, to 
chew 81 eh (of a pnnce chewing 
nivh) Bontapan or p2 satitipan a 
royal repast 

aantok to knock against — cf antdk 
Banton slow sedate digmfled, mi- 


9 of 

fibrous material plaied 
in inkstand II = si/ 
sapa mode of address courtesy, 
tSg I id mUnya'pa to accost 

■apar = stfa 

Mtpau a lean to a shelter for the- 
night m the jungle 

sapSrti, = $iplrtt. 

aapl, an OK ; n bull or cow ; mmyak s.^ 
suet ; 8. liviaii. a name given to the 
anoa of Celebes (biioo depreeaieonm) 
[which is well-known to maritime 
Malays] ; also, in the interior of the^ 
Malay Peninsula, to a local wild o£, 
either a small hoe gawrxis or a sepa- 
rate species (bos eondaicua). 

Mapir, I. Ar. a traveller ; feBrsajnV, to- 
encamp (of trayellets). II. Eng. a 
sapper i a soldier of engineers ; a 
gBol-o£Bcial at Malacca. 

■apu, wiping; sweeping off ; smearing- 
off or on } g. chat, painting ; s. minyak, 
varnishing ; s. Icapur, whitewashing j 
«. tangan, a handkerchief ; tapukan, 
to sweep i to pass a cloth or broom 
over ; jinyapu, a broom. 

■aput, a thin fleecy or cloth-like 
covering ; a film ; clouding over ; 
di-aaput await, clouded over (as a 

>ara, I. hSrsara, to join in an under- 
taking ; to " chip in." II. sara-hwra. 



in confusion; heUer-ekelter ; topey- 

iiarak, severaiice, Bepamtion. 

maxaaig, a, nesb ; s. Uiah, a bees' 
nests s. unam, the shell of a hermit 
crab ; s, tSbuan, a hornets' neat ; 
s. bv-roag, the nest of a birfj blr- 
saronff, to neat; Mrsarang-aarang, 
full of cobwebs, maaon-bcea' nests, 
etc. (as a deserted bouse). 

sarap, dnst, fine dirt ; plnyapa s., 
a sweeper ; s. sompnft, swcopiugs, 
refuse generally. 

SAE&t, heavily laden ; of full bunlen ; 
bimtiiig 8., the last stage of preg- 
nancy ; 8. dingan muatan, full of 
cai^ (of a ship). 

aiMraa, I. the grooTO between two 
parallel bones — for instance, along 
the tibia. II. a creel used by coUec- 
tors of agar-agar, 

SorOi, Hind, glaudei-s. 

'ari, J&v. a flower ; the beauty, or 
delicacy, or charm of anything; a 
Tery common expression in the 
names of fair ladies— e.g. Bidasari, 
Puspa-flaii', Taiijongsari, etc. 

«&rip, = sharif, 

«aripali, Ar. a title given to femaJe 
descendants of the Prophet ; a sort 
of feminine of said. 

3i»rok,pntt!ng one's foot intoanoose, 
or trap, or hole j being tripped ap — 
cf. eodonp . 

aaxtmg, sheath, covering j s. Jari, a 
thimble ; s. haici, bodIcb ; «. kSria, a 
Mn'8-shcath ; e. tangan, gloves ; 
miiiyarong or n^nyarongkan, to 
Bheatlie ; tirearong, sheathed. 

-aanm, Jav. a nmsical instmment. 

aarnt, scraping up against anything. 

«arwa, Str- all ; usually pronounced 
sira, q.v. 

«arwal, Ar. trousers. 

«aB, tho cmpper (in harness.) 

Mua, Skr. strong, sturdy. 

■amJc, vrattles; 'pagar e,, a wattled 

saiap, gueap-saanp, up and down ; 


over and under ; lai'i nusap-sanap, 
rushing frantically over all obstacles. 
sasar, I. dazed, confused j an-aH 
Maasar, a muddle-headed fool. II. 
sasaran, a target. 

sasUia, Skr. the sacred books ; 

aatro!(^cal tables, divination. 
sast&ra.'wiui, Skr. one versed in the 

sacred books ; an. astrologer. 
Bat, I. measure of capacity ; = 6 

gantanga. II. = saat. 
satai, Jav. kebabs ; pieces of Sesh 

or fish cooked on a skewer, 
satar, Ar. a writing ; a stroke ; a 


satwa, = sStva. 

(, (onom.) a rustling sound ; 

aandagar, Pers. a merchant ; a 
trader ; a wholesale dealer. 

aftadara,Skr,brother,Eistei'; cousin; 
an intimate friend whom one calls 
a brother or sister ; Bomfarre so-pupu, 
a cousin i s. sa-jalan m Jndt , a full 
brother or sister ; mlnganibil aXati s , 
to break off a love-affair amicably 
by agreeing to be " brother ^d 

sanll, I. an anchor ; chamfat e , to 
cast anchor ; bongkar s , to haul up 
the anchor ; «. cMmat, an anchor 
fastened ashore tor moonng a boat 
to ; 8. larat, anchor that is dragging j 
s, tirbang, a light grapnel used for 
scaling a wall ; bating i., the shaft 
of an anchor; batu, s., the stone or 
weight in it; kuka s., the blade. 
II. a fmit-tree (minmsops kauJii), 

sanjaua, Skr. an Bspression anggest- 
ing "extent" or "distance"; s. 
mata mimandang, as far as the eyo 
can see ; padang s., a wide plain. 

sank, I. catching with a noose. II. 
the lid of a pot. III. scooping up 
with the hands. IV. (onom.) sigh- 
ing; dlngan s.' tangis, with EighB 
and tears. 

. id by 


SAWA li 

, generic name for snates 
red by Malays to belong to 
the python class ; titar s. hafu, the 
reticulate python when living on 
rocky soil ; «lar s. bTifong, the long, 
snake (di^adomorphua cynodon) ; 
ular a, chtjidai, the reticulate python 
when its coloration is very briliiant ; 
nlar S. lliir (co!«6er m^lamirns) ; 
uJor «. rladam, the reticnlate python 
when dull in colouring; antt aquatic 
in habits ; wIot e. tSkukvr, a name 
for coluber melomntts. 

jMVab, At. the exact truth ; w'Allahu 
aalam bi's-saviab, God knoweth what 
the real truth is ! 

aawab, a swamp padi-field ; s, Mv- 
dang, a stretch of padi-lields ; 7?i8"i- 
Iiuat s., to plant rice (on swampy 
ground) . 

oairaii, coiivulsions, epilepsy, violent 
fits accompanied by foaming at the 
mouth j B. bahi, epilepsy ; s. bntiglcai, 

KawatLif, a plant (unidentified) used 
as a lemedy for skin-diseaec. 

sawar, a feuoe, s row of stakes to 
stop the escape of sniall animals. 

«awat, I. a sort of plaid ; s. sandang, 
a sort of cross-belt. II. pSsawat, a 
tool ; an implement or appliance. 

■awi, I. eaivi-aaivi, mnstard (brassica 
nigra). II. ^ sSratmt. 

aft^a, = sahaya. 

MB^aaig, I. regret, pity, sorrow for ; 
affectionate pining; love; minaroh 
B,, to he in love ; sayangian, to 
regret, to love. II. tombaic aayaii^, 
a sort of gaff used with a sail. 

Sayap, wing, pinion ; a. kumbaiig, a 
iumble-bee's (shiny black) wing; 
boj'u MrBayap,a coat with pendulous 

aajat, slicing off the skin, top, or 
cove* of anything, or any projecting 
portion — such as a nose or ear. 

xayonE, cutting into parts of unequal 

■ayti, sadness, melancholy. 

i SfiBIT 

■aynp, feintly visible or andible f 
just noticeable; s-matamSmandang, 
so far as to be ouly indistinctly seen ; 
s. piama, (Kedah) the close of the- 

sajrtlT, vegetables in general ; green 
food ; sayurkan, to Cook as a vege- 
table ; to serve np as a vegetable;. 
aayiir-7iiayv,r or sayar-aayuran, alt 
kinds of vegetables. 

■Ibab, Ar. cause, reason ; (better dari' 
silfiab) because; t.Uu-lah, therefore; 
for that reason ; opa a., why. 

sfibaliat, Ar. league, pact, conspiracy, 

Bfibai, a kind of scarf passing behind 
the neck and with the ends hanging 
down over the chest. 

86I)ak, ayer sSbak, an inundation ;■ 
water lying on ground usually dry. 

s6bal, mournful, sad, sorrowful ; s. 
Jiati, id. 

sfibBOn, losing brightness of colour ; 
growii^ duller. 

s61}ar, a rush of warm blood through 
the body. 

afibarau, a fish (lalleo boggu). 

sfibasali, a generic name given to a 
number of trees or shrubs of the 
order eupliorbiaceie—e.g. glochidium- 

■eiiat, I. a blow with a switch. II. a 
shiver caused by the taste of some- 
thing extremely acid. III. choked . 
(of the nostril). 

afibeh, a plant (canna indica). 

afibek, to purse up the lips. 

S6b6kab, ikan smicak, a fish (nn- 

BAbBranc the opposite side; di- 
hlblrang strna swnijai Singapara, on- 
the opposite bank of the Singapore 
river; 8. PSrai, Province Wellealey 
(from Fenang) j tSMrangkaii, to ferry 
over ; minylbSrang, to cross over. 

aSbfirbaua, Skr. full (of full dress) ; 
mSmakai sSbSrhana pSrhiasan, to wear- 
oil one's jewellery or decorations. 

86bit, a dish of buffalo meat and 


sEbong It 

sfiboiig', a single division (from node 
to node) of tlie bamboo. 

aibn, filled up, choked up (of a. well 
or cntting). 

aibnu, protracted (of labour) ; re- 
fuaii^ to come to a head (of a boil). 

sfib-nrat, a plant (thottea grandiflora). 

sfibut, saying:, stating ; ntterance ; 
sibulan, the thing said ; the drift or 
tenor of remarks ; sUbutkan, to 
utter 1 to repeat; ilrelbut, said j 
gSpfrtt yang tlrfibitt di-bawak ini, 
aa follows. 

B&dak, a choking hiccough. 

sedak, the rattan fastening round a 
tambourine (rlhaTia). 

•SdaJ, drying olothca on a line inaide 
a house. 

sBdan, a catch in the breath i tSr- 
aid'in-aidan, sobbing j hiccoughing. 

sBdang', medium; intcmiediate ; 
during i while ; 6. MiasnJ*, jnat ripen- 
ii^ ; bwiga s., a flower at ita Iwat ; 
eidangkan, although ; even though. 

afidap, pieasant, agreeable ; a. hati, 
satisfaction ; s. muliit, pleasant words. 

Bfidar, alive to ; awake to ; conscioua ; 
(todn «., to bo unconscious (of a 
fact) J s. daripada bias, to recover 
oonsoiousnesa after being drafted; 
sidarkan, to he conscious of ; tiada 
sidarkan dirt, to be unconscious ; 
tlTsldai; to be roused I 

aM»iri, akar sidawi, a plant (eintioai 

■Sd^, the desire to weep ; harii^ 

tears in one's eyea ; mournful regret ; 

mlruiham s., to control one's feelings. 
aSdBknli, Ar. alms, charity. 
aMSkala, Skr. always ; at all times ; 

immemorial ; odnt s., immemorial 

usage ; also sSdia-kala, 
sSdSliuggam, Tam. minium ; red- 

Biidfirhaiia, Skr. the even mean ; the 
proper average ; taboh-iifi/i s., be was 
■ of average height and build. 
afidiftj I. Skr. rea^y! in readiness; 


i^diaian, to get (thinga) 
ready; to prepare. II. Skr. former, 
ancient, original; ru^-nya yang a., 
his original form ; s, Icaia, days oE 
old i also aSdSkala. 

sfidiMt, see dikit. 

aSdiugin, a common sncculent herb 
(bryophyllam calycinum). 

aOoh, mlrijiedoh, to soak ; to infuse 

■6dn, short broken sobs ; hiccoughing 
or eohhing ; tSraSdu-aSd^i, id. ; BSdu 
katak, short quick breathing after 
vinlent eierUoii. 

siduAyali, a medicinal plant (uniden- 

Bfidnt, vexation of feeling, suppressed 
anger ; hati fSrsErint, id. 

a6gA, smooth ; shining on the surface ; 

aiSlfalL, fullness after meals ; a sense 

of distenaion. 
ae^k, gorgeously got up ; dressy. 
a6^1a, ali, every ; the whole of ; s. 

tuboh, the whole body. 
■Sgan, slow to move ; slow, slug^sb, 

idle ; ^iiylgan, a sluggard ; buroag 

sSgan, the night -jar (caprimulgiiit 

aSffftnda, Skr. a name, or introduc- 
tory name, of several fragrant plants 
— e.g. eiganda-jm-ri, sSganda-mala. 

a^ar, feeling fit ; heal tliy and strong j 
well i blrasa s., to feel fit. 

Bfigais, I. Skr. the ocean. II. Fers. 
sugar; ~ eagar. III. Jav. a flowerj 

aSg6ra, Skr. speedily, promptly; mSn. 

yigSrakan, to expedite, to hurry up. 
■8gi, side, comer, angle ; Smpai sigi 

or Bmpaf ^reigi, four-sided, square. 
se^k, bad (of work that offenda the 

afiliajik, =■ sahoja. 
aehat, Ar. health j 


sEhaya 1 

■SbajrOi, = sahaya. 

ntihmi, Ar. ilmu a., the block art. 

■Sj alitor a, Skr. peace, tranquillitj', 
ease ; sSlamat e., id. 

«BJak, Bincej = sSmSnjak. 

Scarab, Ac. family amnalB; pedigree 

flBJat, getting rid of water (by filtra- 
tion or evaporation) ; rinsing or 
steaming out. 

■fijok, cold, cool ; 8. kali, calmness ; 
jav>a s., a name given to the anthro- 
pomorphic pattern of the ordinary 

Bfikalt, broken, bnt not broken off ; 
fractured bnt not aevered. . 

■akab, I. actiyity, nimbleness. IT. Ar. 
the mint-impreSBion ; the " giiinea- 
Btamp" on a coin. 

■ftkaitt, rice-liuBk, chaff. 

Bikanda, ^ aSganda. 

afikar, Jav. a fl w 

sdkara, Jav. a flow J et c 

variant of sSka 
■ftkarong, non at ] esenb s a 

now at this very t n e jnst now 

sfikat, I. oppos ng nte cept og ob 
Btrncting, block ng ba ring sSliatati 
a bar ; an obstra to n fiat 
to hinder; to obstruct II a clod 
{o( earth). 

Bftkati, an obsolete n us al nst u 

sfikSalidok, = P did i. 

■Bkednp, Ar. the 1 tte 1 ke saddle 

on B cjtmel's bai.k 
sBkeUaa, = sakal fron I I 
■BkBrba, I. Sk f II b other II 

Skr. the name of a nymph of heaven. 
aBkBmp, (Dutch) screw. 
aBkItalB.t, => sakklat, 
sfiklan., see kian. 
SBkLn, Ar, a knife, a dagger. 
aBkoohi, (Dutch) a ship's cutter; a 

aBkoT. Italian millet (panCci 


seksa, 9kr. punishment, tribulation, 
suffering ; seksahm or m^yelcsakan, 

aSkMaxaa, = sakmma. 

sBknl, Pers. a vessel made of coconnt 

s6kiip, (Dutch) a spade ; a shovel, 
afiknt, a narcotic dri^ naed by thieves 

to stupefy people they intend to rob. 
sBInitn, see kula, 
sEla, interval between ; interstice ; 

tiada MrsSla, continuous, unbroken; 

s. baia, a shell i_pholas)—oi. chllah, 

sUang, etc 
aela, Port, a saddle. 
aBlada, Port, salad. 
sBladanff, the la^e wild o\ of the 

Peninsula (boa gaurua). 
aBladBri, = KSldfri, 
sBIah, = slla. 
BBlak, the bolt foateniag a door ; any 

sort of ofls bar 
selak If ng up or dra'n n" aside a 

w h the o ng d a n [ h gh (ex- 
pos ng too mu h of the { e son) ; 
lakian t^a t [.ull as d a gar- 

sBlaka I a ba boo fran e o whicli 
ga menta a e placed to be perfnmed 
by b m ng fragrant wood nside the 
frame II Jav s Ive 

■Blalu see ea or lain 

sBlam dving ju s a diver; al- 
laiii.a togi e (aperaon) aduckii^i 
n nySlant to d e 

■Blomat Ar peace secnnty safety j 
s ampa or yala bon voyage; 
8. tinggal, good-l^e (from a traveller 
to those who stay behind) ; raja pun 
sllamat-lah sampat to-if BlaSa, the 
governor reached Malacca safely. 

aBlampal, wearing a thing loosely 
suspended over the shoulder ; min- 
y&lamiKii, to wear in this way. 

sBlampit, (Kedah) a travelling story- 
teller or rhapsodist. 

BBlainpiu:!, kain Sllampv/ri, Serain- 
pore -made cloth. 

. id by 



Selan, Ceylon ; hatu 3., fbe sappliiro. 

«61aii^, I. alternation; at intervals i 
s. dun pint It, every tMrd door ; s. 
tiga Impat bnlan, every three or 
four months ; s, slU, pointing alter- 
nately in one direction and in the 
other J sUangi, to aJteraate ; liilr- 
sHang, alternating. II. sSlanglam, 
■ a variant of sldangkanf—v, sidang. 

«elM)ff, ■^ eilang. 

«61angat, a fish (ctupaCosa buXan P) 

sfilan^lii, — ^nangin. 

flSlMlffka, Mang eilangka, the collar- 
bone ( Hjjq 8,, to be esecuted (with 
the Mm). 

»Bl»p, loss of e 

itBlapnt, a film, a ganz; covering ; a. 

■mata, the film in cataract. 
sUar, I. branding ; s. dSiivfan hisi, id. 

II. creeping along the ground like a 
Bna^e ; vlar Udrmg s., the hamadryad 
(naia imngants) ; in^ni/Slar, to creep. 

III. ikan sUar, a generic name given 
to a number ot fish— e.g. cn/ctna 
cambon and caro^nx gymno&tochrides. 

ABlara, I, fine thorns like thistledown 
foand on the ekin of some plants. 
II. a-nak sHara, a fish (unidentified). 

aiBlacoilg', a nild-beast track. 

SSlaaa, At. Iiari SUasa, Tuesday. 

aeiasar, a siile-gnJlery or verandah 

«6lBAell, Skr. the basil {ocymum 
basilicum) j s, dandi, a little shrub 
{atachytarpketa inAica) ; mtAok bwnga 
e., an expression signifying that a 
person is very drunk indeed. 

Ji61at. a strait; a. Siagajntra, the 

straits of Singapore j B. tlbSrav., the 

Johor straits. 
«6Iatiui, the south ; jituh Ita-silatan, 

far away to the sonth. 
Afilayiui, a scarecrow which frightens 

birds by the noise it makes — of, 

Mtl&jxix, than sSlayur, a fish (trt- 

chivTus savala P) 


■Blajut, a scarecrow which frightena 

away birds by its appearance — of. 

S61dfiri, (Dntch) celery. 
afilSbn, taut e^iebu, the open sea. 
■Bleder, Jav. negligent, careless, 

sUlffuri, a shrub (clerodendron die. 

parifolium) ; t. ■ padang, a Hmall 

shrub [sida rhomh^oUa). 
siUkeb, a stain, a splash of dirt ; 

blrsUeheh, bespattered. 
■Blekob, a bend or twist in direction j 

■aieknr, I. a fish (unidentified). II. 

= sa-lekur ; see leknr, 
aiVimbatia, mSnyUlmbana, to lay ta 

(of a ship). 
sBlfimbaTonff, an arm or yard from 

which decorative streamers are sus- 

sBIBmbubn, angin sSiembiibu, aa 

eddying wind. 
MBlempang', cross.wise ; sUempang. 

kan, to wear a garment cross.wise 

over the chest — cf. silepang. 
BBlendong, a sort of shawl worn by 

woman over the head and shoul- 

aSIfipa, a small receptacle for sireh ; 
a sireh-hox. 

■filepaag', thrown carelessly on and 
over the shoulder (as a coolie carries 
a gunny-bag) — cf. aUemjiang. 

sfilipat, besmeared, bedaubed. 

sBlfipong', blrsHlpong, dirtied. 

sBlera, I. 8kr. body ; a very poetical 
equivalent of badan. II. appetite, 
enjoyment of eating; s. Ua^a, to 
have lost one's appetite. 

sBlMa, uncramped ; spacious ; with 
ample accommodation. 

BBlBaal, settlement, termination ; sa- 
lilak sUisai daripada bllajur, when 
hie education was finished ; aSlliai- 
kan, to wind up ; to terminate. 

■BlBaBma, a cold in the head ; slso 

sBInr«iig, a gossip. 

. id by 



sUi, ellang-sili, pointing alternately 
in one direction and in tlie other. 

B&llap, a fish (chorinemus moadetta). 

sftlldek, making diligent enquiry or 
InveBtigation — of. sirfcfc. 

■Bllgl, a sharp light bamboo, or 
wooden dart, or pointed stick. 

sSlig^t, winding in and out (as 
3 making theii' ivay through 


a crowd). 
afilimbar, a lai^ n 

carta scleruphylla), 

■EUmpat, plaited work ; wicker ; s. 
ayer, a small aroid {aglaoneina 
minua) ; ular *., a generic name for 
iea-Bnakes owing to their flattened 
tails [the name ia applied especially 
to enkydris hardviickii'] ; uioi- s. 
hatang iebv., a name for broad-banded 
sea-snakes — e.g. disUra sfolteBti and 
chereydrus gra-aalatui ; ular a. sungai, 
a small sea-snake withoat diBlinotive 
markings (_enhydrina valakadyen). 

■BlimntjSkeeting, enfolding; Icai-ae., 
aBheet,amg; sBitmuti, to wrap up in 
a sheet ; aUimutkan, to Dse as a sheet. 

■ilinap, tearing off the skin of ajiy- 
thing— e.g. tearing oIE the skin of a 
fowl to avoid the trouble of pluckii^ 
off the feathers. 

sfilindong, hiding, veiling — cf. lilt- 

■filing', Jav. glazed earthenware ; 

china-ware ; porcelain. 
sHira, = silera. 
■fillrat, mesh-work ; ordered entan> 

glement^cf. sirat. 
«61iri, a seat or stool mentioned in 

old romances. 
afiUaeli, want of harmony ; discor- 

dant ; disagreeing ; disputing ; 6^- 

$iliseh, to quarrel j i^rallisehan, a 

aftluek, picking out fleas or ]ice from 

tlie hnir; preening the feathers (of 

B. bird) ; mSmielistlc, to cleanse the 

bair or feathers. 
aJSliair, walking round the odgc of 


«61it, I. thrusting in between i tlr~ 
sSUt, stuck or flammed between two- 
surfaces. TI. (Dutch) end, conclu- 

afilit&T, all round, = JriUling; s. alam^ 
all over the world ; (by extension) 
a ruler or spirit whose power is felt 
all over the earth. 

flSlok, groping after something hid- 
den— e.g. as a man gropes about in 
his pocket for a coin ; m^jiySlot, to- 
grope about with the hand 

flfiloka, Skr. verses ; rhvme, espe- 
cially when humorous, ironical or 
satirical poetry when not in the 
form of the pantim, 

afilomor, the slough of a snake 

aSlonglrar, minyUonglim , to seiieh 
a man's belongings— e.g for stolen 

Bfiloroli, farcical, droll. 

afiliUHiEr, a fish (unidentifi.ed). 

afilnor, Pers. trousers, breeches ; ea- 
hMai e., S pair of trousers ; s. hulat, 
pjjaraa tronaers j s. China, Chinese- 
trousers ; s. 'koiofig, short trousers 
— suet as those worn by 'rikisha 
coolies ; 8. sampafe, trousers worn 
by Malays in the rice fields. 

seinbonir, veiling, covering; sUv,- 
ionglcan dvH, to cover oneself with a 

afilndang, the sheath or outer cover- . 
ing of a paim blossom ; s. inayang, id.. 

slSliLdip, the sheath or ont«r covering 
of a yonng palm. 

afilndn, a fish {arius gagara). 

afilnkiit, a musical instrument form- 
ing part of the gamSlan or Javanese- 

adltunar, a tree {mvssiendo^aie hec- 


afilnntbftr, long thorns — such 
of the itihong. 

Belmnpat, touchy ; ill-tempered. 

s61ilpat, a natural thin filmy cover- 
ing, such as the aJmost transparent 
skin under the shell of an egg — cf. 

■ id by 


SfiLUBAI li 

sSlnrai, n kind of Termictlli. 

sfilnroh, sue lurah. 

■filtuioll, & generic name for all 
drags, mediciaea and chaj'mB used 
for facilitating delivery in child- 
birth j 8. bSranaJt, id. ; e, wi, a drog 
for getting lid of the afterbirth. 

■filnt, mud, sluah ; clammy as mud. 

flfima, slma-alma, a cold in the head; 
also aelSalma. 

semali, a propitiator}' offering to evil 
spirits i a Eacrifice ; jin yaiig htirang s., 

sfooal, a nnraery for yoimg rice- 

•BlU^a, but, only ; <= sahaja. 

sfimafc, thick nudergrowth, scrub ; 
jalan yang s., a road that has become 
overgrown j e. samun , extremely 

s&maitiliti, rolaii semam'bii, the 
Malacca cane (cnlai»u£ ecipimtitra} ; 
i, baiujkitt, a Malacca cane of ivhich 
two or more joints occur eioep- 
tionally close to one another [this 
peculiarity is belieTed to bring luck], 

sdmnmp^, looaely lashed together 
(aa the component parts of a raft). 

seman, fruitless ; abortive j coming 
to nothing. 

SiSman^, a name given to Negrito 
aborigines in the country near the 
headwaters of the Perak river. 

sSmangat, the spirit of life ; the 
Honl in the ancient Indonesian eense ; 
a term of endearment; ambil s,, to 
capture another person's sSmangat 
and so vender that person subject to 
your -will ; hitah s., special podi- 
stalks used aa an offering at the 
harvest rites ; hilang 8., karang s., 
or Umas s., faintness, lassitude ; kai- 
8., an expression used in invoking a 
simangat, because of its bird -like 
character j a term of endearment ; 
tirbang k., the fiight of the spirit of 
life, resulting in temporary uncon- 

'BOiousness; s. padi, the spirit of life 
in the padi. 

BfimauKS^, water-cress. 
■imangrka, the H-atcr-melon (citrul- 
tus eduUs). 
i&uailKkok, a plant {croton argyra- 

-. of KSmty'n and 

■fimanja, ; 

a&uaiitan,, nyinr sSmantan, a coco- 
nut at the stage ■when the water' 
inside can just begin to be heard on 
the nut being shaken. 

BiimuK, I. a clown or comic character 
in a Javanese play. II. aa far as, 
up to, until. 

sSmai, a sort of lath used for pinning 
pieces of atop together in making 

sSmata, Skr. likeness ; just like ; 
almost exactly like ; often ea-iiiata. 

Bfimawang, a (Eedah) variant of 

SJiiuaTam, sitting enthroned; her- 
^rnayam, (literally) to sit on the 
throne in state ; (metaphorically) t& 
reside (of a prince). 

Bftubah, a aalutation suggestive of 
deep respect or homage ; (by meta- 
phor) the speech of a subject to a 
prince ; an offering by a subject ia 
a prince ; d^niikian-lah sinibah-nyUy 
thus he (the subject) spake ; ■mSnt- 
6a«Jo Biniioh daripoAa biioh-bnahan, 
bringing offerings of fruit ; aimbak- 
fcati, to convey (a message or ofFer- 
ii^) to a prince ; to represent (facts) 
to a prince ,■ m^m'pSTS&mhah'kan, id. r 
m^nyioihdk, to perform the saluta- 
tion of homage ; to do obeisance t 
filiiSmbahan, an offering. 

BSmlMliyaiig, the worship of Godj 
prayer ; ritual — cf . shnbiih and yang ; 
aver s,, water for ceremonial ablution- 
at a mosque. 

Bfimbajn, falling face foremost ; sung- 


II. mSnyemhat, to whip (anything) 
forcibly up one's aleeve. 
sSm'bawMlff, a tree {kayca ferru- 

^fimbawiunia., i 

(Kedah) v 

t of 

flBmbSleb, Blaughteriog by catting 
the throat ; killing. 

3iSlll1>611t, cofitivcnesB ; constipation. 

flfim'b&FSJii, Jiiiila B., s, Pegasne ; a 
steed of BnpsrnBtaral pOTrer j blsi 
S^aEmiilTOiii, magnetic iron. 

Mfim'bera.p, a hexagonal sirek-hox. 

aSmbSrip, a brass salver with a foot 

flfimbetft, props tn keep a boat; up- 
right when hauled ashore or steadj 
in a sorf on a shallow. 

flfimbilan, nine ; one taken from ten 
(la-ambiian) ; Sigiri 8., the Nine 
States (a name given to a confede- 
racy of Meranghibau States). 

4iBmbiltui(fT ikan s., a generic name 
for Borae fish with very poisonous 
flns (_plotosus caniaa, p, wnicolor, p. 
llTteains and, perhaps, p. Jioirtdus). 

«talbill>, a bamboo knife ^ a shm^- 
enod splinter of bamboo. 

«embir, I. the edge or rim of a plate. 
II. to "show wrong" (of the compass). 

aCmboIi, healing, getting well, re- 
coTering ,■ aSmbohkati, to heal ; to 
cause an illness to end in recovery. 

sSmboair, a strongly scented herb 
{bltimea bahamifera). 

jifimboyan, anything nsed to give 
the alai^ ^ atocain; an aTarm-gun, 
or alarm-bell, or gong. 

MBmbnanf , I. an oSering cast away 
in the jungle for evil spirits. H. a or winning-post. 

afimbnl, protuberant, prominent (of 
the breasts). 

«ftmbiilii, rough-hewn, unplaned, in 
the rough (at timber). 

sJbabiml, — slmbunyi, 

mlaabxuiyi, concealment j simbunyi- 
Jean, to conceal ; UrsSmbKnyi, in 
hiding) tSrsSmbuniji, hidden. 

o sEmEsta 

BBmbiur, ejecting forcibly from the 
month i spitting out [the worf is 
not used of actual spitting (iiidoh.), 
but of a snake spitting out venom 
or of a man spitting out a mouthful 
of water] ; agmbiirkan, to spit out. 

sfimboxit, sodomy. 

sfimburua, Skr. gold-coloured; 

sfimBjak, = sliiiSnjali. 

sSmBJaua, = simSnjana. 

sBmKlit, = slmbSlU. 

sSmemeb., besmeared, befouled, dirty 
(as the face after chewing betel 

Rdm6na, tiada e., without reason ; 
often written tiada sa-mOTWi-mann, 

Bftiaeilda, the transference of a man'a 
residence to the home of his wife's 
family ; the husband going to live 
with the wife. 

semBud^, mica. 

sSmfindSraiia, Jav. a name for the 
ch^Tttpaka flower. 

sBmfiii^ali, be,nnoniou9, fitting, 
proper j ta'-3., unbecoming. 

sBmfil^ak, since; e. pirang CMna, 
since the war in China. 

aftmfinjana, mediocre, middling. 

aimBntang', although; granting that; 
while ; = eunggoh-jmn. 

sfimButara, while, during, for a time, 
temporary ; s. dta lagi kSchil, while 
he was stitl young ; hoi nlgiri ini 
aiTiiintara sahaja liada akan kikal, 
the status of this settlement is purely 
temporary ; it will not endiire. 

sBmBntBla]!, the more. 

sBmBntonf, blunt, simple, dull- 

BfimSrbak, spreading, diffusive, all- 
permeating (of a perfume). 

sftmBrbok, — elmirbak, 

sSiaBrdanta, Skr. white pearly teeth ; 
often written asmara danta, 

■Bmicta, Skr. all, entire; alam e., 
the whole world ; sSrv. sSmlsta saka- 
lian, the universe ; all and evecf- 

. ;;d by 


sfimpada, Mtam s., a kind of crab. 
sfimpadaiL, a boundary (eapeciallj a 

well-defined boundary— such as a 

stream or feuce). _ _ 

aenpak, ohipped, notched, injorcd 

along the edge. 
fltmpal, juttiug out ; minyim'pal, to 

jat out ; tirsS-nvpal, prominent. 
sBrnpaua, fortunate, luckf , bleiiaed. 
aempong, croasing; cutting aoroas 

each other (of roads) ; crosa roads ; 

B. aiur, zigzag j lainyempang, to turn 

oS in another direction (of a man 

on a journey). 
sSmpat, ability to do anj-thing ; to 

" manage " ; ai« iiada eSmpat lari, 

I could not manage to get away. 
■Sliip61all, accursed, good for 

nothing ; a-nak 8., a term of abuse ; 
Bfiiapfilat, Boiled, dirty. 
■SmpSlUi. a lucliy mark on a hiris — 

cf. sSm-'paaa. 
■ftmpSma, =^ sempwrna. 
sSmplt, narrow [ confined (of apace) ; 

JtlgSinpifan. bSinnja, narrowneaa of 

lueana ; poTerty. 
■empok, mSnyem^Tc, to come into 

con^ct with ; to run up agaioBt. 
BlmponLa, ^ aSmpuma, 
afimpnraa, dirty, nnwaahed (of the 

S&mpnraa, Skr. contpletion, realisa- 
tion, perfection ; s. kStahvan-nya, 
his knowledge is perfect; «. plklr- 
jaan, the perfection of work ; aim - 
pnmaJian, to complete, to perfect. 

a&nn, deceit by false represeutationa 
or a false appearance; "taking in" ; 

aAuitia, Skr. all ; the whole ; every 
one of ; kS^mna-nya, all of them. 

aimndtea, Skr, the ocean. 

sfimngut, = ^ngutigut. 

afimnrtip, (Perak) a lean-to. 

*&initt, a generic name for ants other 
than the white ant (anai-anai) and 


the fire-ant (iSrSnyga) ; a. api, a long 
black ant which stings badly {nobO' 
pelta diatingiie^ida) ; 8. aabong, a 
black and red ant found in boats 
and sandy places {siina nifonigra)^ 
it also stings badly. 
sfina, I. Ar. aina maki, " mecca 
senna " ; the tme aenna obtained 
from the tree cassia anjusfi/oiio, 
II. ^kok ilna, the angsaoa tree 
(pferocarpioi indicus) ; alao angiaiia. 
■eua, Skr. an army ; infantry. 
afiiiak, griping pains in the stoniach. 
aenam, I. the dark colour risible 
when plated ware is scratched ; the 
cheap background ; ■aatn^ali e., he is 
seen in hia true colonrs. II. bir- 
einam, to stretch oneself on waking. 
Bfauuig', comfort, oaae, peace of mind; 
8. mSnipn dia, it is an easy matter to 
deceive him j k?sSnangan, a feeiing^ 
of comfort. 
aSnangln, a fish {othoUthus macu- 
■tnantiaaK, = ainSntiaaa. 
sfinapanff, (Dutch) a musket, a gun ^ 
H. batK, a flint.lock ( 5, "rap," a 
muzzle-loader ; s. klmhar, a double- 
barrelled gun ; a. kopak, a breech- 
loader ; 8. tirkal, a rifled gun j 
inSngiai a., to load a gun. 
sinawi, a passenger who works his 
SSuaTan, Ar. haH SSnayan, Monday y 
also huri Isnin. 
sfinda, I. a joke ; a jest ; fiirtation ; 
gurait a., id. ; hlrsSnda-guraii or 
bSrguraii-a^iida,ta interchange jests. 
II. Skr. I, myaelf ; = sahaya'nda. 
aBndal, I. fixing by filling up int«r< 
stices. II. surreptitious theft ; pick- 
ing a pocket, 
afindalit, aitgin aindalu, a moderate 

afindat, wec^d in ; nipped. 
aftndaira, s£'. saltpetj^. 
■andel, leaning against ; Mrwncfel 
bahu, shoulder to i^oulder. 

, id by 



«eKieug, heeling oyer to one side ; 
laid against anything at bii aiigk ; 
Ur»endeng-eendeng, leaning first to 
one side, tlien to another. 

MinAlarong, a marine molloao (un- 

.aindi, Skr. mnscle, Binow, joint; 
terchabut-lah sindi, liJB 
Bhonlder was pat ont of joint ; bSr- 
slndi, with a hinge or fastening j 
moQiited in. 

afiniUri, eelf ; eahaya s., I mjeelf — 

atudocboiiff, ft freah-water fiah (un- 
■findolc, a Bpoon, s ladle ; siput s., a 

shell (patella sp.) ; Tninylndok, to 

eat anything with a spoon. 
-afindoug', a narrow pen or stall to 

confine a buffalo for milting. 
-Siilldtl, depressed, serious, melanchol; 

— at. aldit, 
xtadndok, a rhododendron -like shrnh 

{melaitoma polyantkum), 
xftufintiasai, Skr. alnays.perpetnally; 

also atntiasa. 
afingaJA, intentionally, deliberately ; 

tiada eahaya s., 1 did not do it 

aSnffali rheaniatic or gouty twinges 

afinjfaiu, m^yljigam, to g;orge ; to 

eat gluttononsly. 
■engap, quiet (of a child). 
a&ngarat, a fish (anidentified). 
Miagat, a Bting ; the Tenomous 

" bit* " of an insect ; tninyingal, to 

sting ] pinySngat, a wasp. 
sttngan, talking through the nose. 
■mget, inclining to one side ; heeling 

or leaning over; Ursenget, set at an 

angle, inclined. 
«6ii^[aiiia, Skr. union ; federa- 

afinggan, rising on tiptoe and stretch- 
ing out the hand to pick or draw 
something towards oneself. 

aBaggaynt, dangling in the air (of a 
roan hanging by his hands). 

aeugtCiralc, : 

, the 

ailxggak., nodding ; tapping with the 
bead i alnggokkan b^-paUt, to bump the 
head (against the ground or wall). 

sfing^gut, a generic name for a 
number of diseases of women ; dyB- 

ntngfaloag, a millipede that rolls 

itself up into a ball when touched. 
aingfTut, a sidelong blow with the 

head ; a batt with, the horn — of. 

aBitgit, pungent (of odour). 
■Bngkak, nausea from orerfi 
■Bugkolan, a wooden Blab on wnicn 

curry-stuff is pounded. 
ningtcMg, thwart ; position across , 

crosB-bar; tSrslngkang, jammed 

aeng'kaiig', jalan inSnuenglang, to 

walk unevenly. 
■Bttgrkar, a crossbar or thivnrt in a 

s6llgk»rut,interlaciiig, liSrst!nffi,ni lit, 

in a tangle ; very much involved (of 

a story), 
sfingkat, succinct; too short; limited. 
aBngkayaii, a waterspout. 
aengkela, Skr. shackles, fetters, 

BSng'kMaiig, crossed (of the arms 

or legs). 
aengkelanff, a slanting cross ; an 

irregular figure ; bad work. 
s6nffkMa.t, = salcblat. 
sfi^ifkelat, filthy ; unvi'ashed (of the 

abaimana) — a term of abuse. 
aBag'kBliiLff, crossing the legs slightly 

by laying one just over the other. 
s6ngk611t, a sort of band or strap 

into which the teet are placed when 

climbing a tree. 
Bfiagkfinit, a tick. 
aBng'kaatie', the yam-beau {pachijr- 

rhixus angHlatus). 
singknap, a canopy. 
Mugknl, difficulty in swallowing 

(due to an inflamed or sore throat). 


., id. 

B«a^Biit, bonnd up (of a 
as to gree freer play to the limbs. 

atmgavug, = siayaing. 

Mtui, delicate of teittnre; distinct or 
clear in tone ; thin and fine ; intan 
yang a., diamonds of fine water; 

A6lljak, since, = slinlnjalc. 
8enjakal&, see alnja. 
sfinjata, Skr. inatrumeat of warfare ; 

weapon 1 oiat 9., war-material. 
JiEnjoloBff, having a long projecting 

snout — a descriptive name given to 

the gavial (tomialoma Bchlegeli), to 

smalt Bword fish, and ta certain 

types of boats — cf . jolang 
ainjong, the bar of a pair of s alee 
B6nahoB.g, a salt-water hah (in 

■8BOM,oli,becominKifittin(c sniitable 

tiada s,, improper (espeuially of 

afinta, the long timbers used in the 

oonslJTiction of a boat j the timbers 

stretching from stem to atern aa 

distinct from the ribs. 
*fiiitada, I. a apeciee of ant II a 

tree reaembling the yew {podocarpva 

sSntadit, wlat sSntada, a large green 

Bfintak, ajerki a sudden pnll^ itinfak- 

Icon 01 mlnyintakkan, to give a 

sudden tog at anything— e.g. at 

flSatal, rubbing vigorously with a 

hard surface ; acrabbing. 
^SntUM, Jav. family, hindred; hula. 

sSntana, id. 
jKtLteng, — sinting, 
sfintErl, Tam. a wandering student ; 

a wanderer ; a stranger generally ; 

dagang s., id. 

Mintiaaa, 8kr. always ; also aSnln- 

sfintil, sticking anything into a hole 
or opening So that it is partly in 
and partly out. 

afintoh, forcible contact ; colliaion ; 
knocking up against. 

aentok, = ainloh. 

■Bntolar, plaiting or twisting an 
extra atmid into a rope ; adding a 
lash to a whip. 

Mfiutoug, a ring, a circle, a oiroular 
enclosure ; kaiii s., a sarimg that 
baa been sewn ao as to be ready 
for use ; boju s., a jacket that doea 
not open the whole way down in 

afitttosa, Skr. rest, peace, tranqnil- 
lityi keeeiitneaan, id, i slnang eSntoaa, 
"peace and happiness." 

sSntnl a fruit tree {sandoricuM 

sftunhim Jav. a roj^i title ; a 
monarch sang s., his majesty, 

s6)iyak = iSnyap. 

sfioyASipKilffi see iiyanipang. 

afmjKp I sinyi aSnyap, erfremely 
lontly deserted— -a strong form of 
a It 1 II = llnyap. 

sSnyar the tingling senaation caused 
by a bio \ on the fanny-bone. 

■611711111 smiling, a smile j s. eimpul, 
a sn lie accompanied by a blnsh ; e, 
raja, a hypocritical smile ; tlrolnymn, 
with a smile on the face j amiling, 

■BllTtir, Port, acnhori Mr. ; Sir, 

Bfipab, a quid (of betel) ; s. balan, 
a hazel-woiTU or filbert-worm j $. 
pKfCri, a name given (1) to a pretty 
bird (dicwiHK cmeHtatum) g (2) to a 
large tree {pentruye tripiera) ; e, raja, 
a name sometimes given to tbe bird 
of paradise. 

sepikh., littering about ; tirsepak, lit- 
tered about. 

sfipal, scattered abont. 

a^ak, a blow with the flat of the 
hand;aslap; ablow with araoqnetj 
tnSn^jiot, to ainp. ' 



flepak, a liicfc with the Bide ot the 
foot ! spurning ; a. raga, the Malay 
football ; kSiaudi s., a paddle-rudder 
in contradistinction to a hicged md- 
der of Enropean type. 

Sfipam, a large wild mango {mangi- 
fera maitigayi ). 

■Jtpan, a tree idialium patens). 

Bfipanf, the "sapp&n" tree (asal~ 
pinia eappan). 

■eparoh, see parofi. 

sfipat, t'fcan sepit, a fish (colera vul- 

■Spatll, Port, shoes. 

a^egab, a marine mn^iet yielding 
pearls of little Tslne. 

aepeir, = sipfr. 

ji^Kc&i, (Dutch) a^ counterpane or 

SfiptebOi, Bkr. the name of a nymph 
of heaven ; Sang S., the legendary 
founder of the Malayan empirra. 

■fipSrti, like ; similar t« ; as to ; 
aocoxding to ; dSngan sSp^i-nya, as 
a thing should be ; appropriately ; 
slpirtihan, aa though about to. 

Mjet, half-closed (of the eyes) ; 
with the lids close together; bv,ta s., 
blindness — such that the eyes be- 
come closed up as well as sightless. 

afipi, Jav. still, quiet, calm. 

aipit, nipped, confined, squeezed or 
pressed between two surfaces ; Jnieh 
a., a wafer-like cake or bisGuit much 
favoured by Chinese ; MrsJptt, pos- 
BeHHing claws or nippers (as a crab). 

xBpoli, gJosB, glaue, polish ; mas yang 
sudah ^raSpoh, burnished gold. 

aSpok, casting carelessly aside. 

flEpuI, gently blowing (of the 
zephyrs) ; soft (of the breeze). 

■fipnleli, aMf gfpuleh, a plant (/a- 
grcea racemosa or ophicuFglim serp™- 

Mpltt, dull (of colours). 

ste», I. ■wild disorderly movement ; 
tlT^a - lira, rushing frantically 
about. II. bright, glowing. III. a 


■Srabai, a cake made of flour and 

sfirnlmt, shaggy, fibrous — cf, aabiit, 

sJSradimif, tripping over anything f 
t^sSrad<mg ftnlt, to have one's foot 
caught in anything. 

■Sraga, bantal e^aga, a Sat aquare- 
sided Btate cushion. 

aSraJi, snn^nderingj handing over 
possession ; deli verity ; making over ;. 
alrakkan or mSnylyHhkan, to hand 
over; sSrahhan diri, to Bubmit abso- 
lutely to another's control i blraSrdh, 
in submission to ; Wrslrah, given 

seTah, glowing red ; fiery red. 

sSraltl, Ar. a wine-bottle or decanter. 

■Gral, lemon grass {aTtdropogim 

sSial:, I. hoarseness ; mucus in th» 
throat and nostrils ; tlriaiva aampai 
a., to laugh oneself hoarae. II. a 
little loose (of a fastening). 

serak, scattering in disorder ; eerak- 
serakkan, to disperse. 

sSram, to stiffen (of the muscles) ^ 
to stand on end (of the hair). 

Bftnuna, Skr. in time, 
rhythmical i gSndang s., a drum (one 
side of which is beaten by the hand, 
the other by a drum-stick) ; mln- 
ylrama, to beat time. 

sftrambl, a Malay verandah. 

a6rMnpaiig, a barbed trident used 
for spearing fish. 

airana, 1. Skr. style, fashion ; 
general effect. 11. minylrana, to 
pine away ; also mlrana, 

Bfiraaah, curse, cursing; impreca- 
tions ; aitJnpah a-, id. 

sfirandanf , a prop formed by cross- 
ing two sticks. 

Steandib, Pera. :pulaii SSratidih, 

aftntudong, tripping or stambliug 



II. a " seraiig " or petty officer on 
a ship ( a quatter-maBter. III. wavy 
(of colouring) ; changing tint ac- 
cording to light. 
laerang, wide-meehed (of baskets, 

MtxaMggong, miityiTtmggang, to sit 
with one's elbows on the table j to 
squat with the knees wide apart — 

Afir&nyl^k, a girdle of thorns put 

round the trunk of a tree to prevent 

thieves climbing it. 
ftfarani, Ar. "Nazarene"; Christian 

(eHpecially Soman Catholic) ; Bura- 

eiau { also Sairani. 
■teuita, advertising a fact ; letting 

everyone know. 
aiteap, absorption, sponging up, snck- 

ing up i Smftun. di-sSrap ponaK, dew 

sucked up by heat. 
Jterap, 1. a sort of wooden dado or 

planking along the base of a wall. 

11. a Javanese sleep-prodncing spell. 
«fi(a.pah, Skr. a curse ; aii impreca- 

flGrBipeh, Mna slrapeh, to be chipped 

by a blow. 
.-sBraaa, a name for sireh. 

xBrat, jammed ; held fast in an 

flBratonff, a smaJI tree {tahernj'moti- 

Jiteftn, I. noisy ; creating a distur- 
bance. II. celluloid tissue; net-like 

sirairo, a fritter made of banana 
and S.our. 

"Sfiraw&k, Sarawak. 

Mtt&yai, I. with, while, along with, 
during, as ; VlTtanya alfrnya tfrgia- 
yam, to ask with a smile. II. a 
generic name for a namber of 
timbers obtained from trees of the 
genera skorea and hopea. III. Skr. 
appealing to ; invoking assistance 


■firlia, Skr. all ; of all sorts ; various ; 
all kinds of; s. neka or s, eirbi, id. ; 
E. salad, puzzled ; in doubt ; e. SQ- 
dikit, some small smattering of. 

stotaajl, tSrbah-a^rbeh, shaking out a 

o spread ] 

afirbalE, minySrhak, t 

diffused (of an odou: 
■Brliail, 1. Pers. a turban. 11. 

Bfirbat, Ar. a cooling drink of any 

sort ; also aharbal. 
aitbell, slrbah-sSrbeb, shaking out 

the sorong. 
BfiirbAt, (Dutch) serviette, napkin. 
aCrbi, gerba-slrbi, all sortsi various. 
■tolwk, powder, fine dnatj a. kiUr, 

Mfirbu, impetuous onslaught, daahing 

forward, charging ; minylrbalcau 

diri, to throw oneself impetuously 

upon the enemy. 
•firdadu. Port, a soldier. 
sBrdak, very fine dnst — snch as 

collects on undusted furniture. 
atrdtun, a native fif o of bamboo. 
aBrdan^, a tall fan-palm {livietona 

coehinchinens is). 
airdeli, sticking ont (of the stomach 

or chest, when a man does not sib 

afirek, I. to be frightened off a risky 

business ; to amend one's ways 

through a bad fright. II. (onom.) 

eSf'/k'HSrek, the cracking of tho 

■erek, bluffing ; threatenii^ without 

intending to carry out one's threats. 
sfotnLbaiL, I. a game played by 

children. II. B-earing the sarong 

high in front and low behind. 
gfirSmpak, hastily and slovenly done 

(of work). 
sjtrimpti, a rnugh kcol shaped tike 

a dug-out ; jalnr «,, a dug-out. 
a&cfiiiilali, I. a kind of banana. II. s, 

kind of padi, 
s6randeaff , heeling o 




■trBngan, over abundance ; excess ; 

hlralringam, in objectionable excesa. 
■trftl^ftltf , perfectly perpendienlar 

(of a flagstaff, tree, etc.) 
■firSaali, rubbish, oEfol. 
»M*t, dragging along; trailing along; 

mSnyeret, lo trail after one ; to dra^ 

Bomething over the ground behind 

aBrgAh, tnfnylrgah, to startle anyone 
with a sudden sound or movement. 

■Br^m, standing out ; in bold relief ; 

afir^P, 7H^niilrgap, to surprise with 
a sudden onslanght. 

■tri^t, ronghiy finished; coarsely 
done (rf bad work). 

*6ri, I. Skr. charm, beauty, glory ; 
the best of anything ; the embryo j 
3. TtSglri, the pride of the city; s. 
balai, the heart of the audience hall ; 
s. m«ta, the light of the countenance ; 
a. kaya, the cnstard apple ; blraln, 
to brighten \ip (of the countenance). 
II, drawn (of a game). 

Steiftp, a large bird (unidentified) 
frequenting mud banks. 

alriat, an instrument with long trail- 
ers [the trailers are drawn through 
the water frightening shrimps and 
prawns, which are thereby induced 
to leap out of the water and fall 
into a boat]. 

afolavan, a sort of sprue. 

afeidiug, side, border, edge, fringe. 

aSrigala, a jackal ; anjing »., a name 
sometimes given to the wild dog 
ifiyon rutilanu). 

■irlknt, Ar. the joint eai-nings of 
hnsband and wife. 

ateikl^ft, see siri. 

■Srlndal, an evil spirit. 

airtndlt, the love-bird (ioTicuhm 

miriaf[, 1. stiff (of cloth or paper). 
11, the feeling ot " goose-flesh " ; b. 
glram, id. III. (onom.) the hum- 
ining of a hnmble-bee, IV. Jav. 
siring kali, occasionally. 

« sEetup 

aSrlnffai, mlnylringai, to grin (of 

aBriwa, part of the title of a bgnda- 

hara — i.e. bindahara slTviva raja. 
■irja, a cloth-fabrtc ; serge ? 
airkah, torn apart, split. 
aBrkai, rinsing or wringing out ^ 

sqneezing out. 
■Irkap, a coop ■ shaped fish ■ trap 

thrust down over a fish. 
atoknp, enclosing under a dome or 

cup-shaped surface ; catching with 

afirlah, glowing white. 

airlinff, a pitfall. 

afinnangin, a mnsical instrument. 

■toobali, dishevelled (of the hair). 

afirodft, a belt of thorns (also known 
as alran^kalc) which is placed round 
a tree to stop thieves climbing it. 

■firodi, filing down precious stones. 

atooll, shrunken ; reduced (of in- 

aBroja, Skr. the lotus (nllnmhiiim 

■took, a measure of capacity, = 
about 10 gantang. 

aerok, a name given to a small 
variety of the flsh-trap (better- 
known as kdong). 

■Srokan, a water-course ; a stream. 

nitomtxmg, a funnel, a hollow . 
cylinder ; pahat s., a chisel. 

aerouff, askew, at an angle. 

aiKonggong, cross beams used in 

■fironok, (Kedah) pleasant, agree- 
able ; = eSdap. 

airpai, chipping, clipping, lopping 

aftrpek, chipping ; a chip. 

atata, Skr. with, together with ; ac- 
companying j while ; and ; rajin eirta 
uaaha, diligent and indostriona ; 
sSrtainirta, at that very moment; 
immediately ; on the spot ) bleSTtar 
along with, together nithi mlnyirtai, 
to co-operate with ; to assist. 

sirtiip, closing ; shotting up. 


aSm, I. Skr. all ; e. sakalian, id. ; 

a, almista sakalian, id. ; aiso nartea, 

II. exclaiming-, calling oat,,Blioiitii^ ; 

b&sSru, to call out loudly ; mlnyhti, 

aemit, a fiahspear with a, Binglo 

sftrnl, inadbeaiTe (of the grains of 

boiled rice). 
aftrnoai, a name given to a number 

of mnaical instmmentB (espeoiftlly to 

a wooden whiatle nitli a slide for 

vfliying the pitch) ; bwiya /., a name 

given to the gaTial. 
simnding', a Javancae preparation 

of ground coconut. 
•irnntim, akar sSriintuit, a medicinal 

sbrnb (lepidagathis langifoUo,). 
■6mt, (onom.) a dull scraping soand. 
ateah, beating with a long flexible 

atoalCiCloBe pTesanre, packing tightly ; 
plnoh e., full to crowding. 

Biatvl, regret, sorrow, repentance ; 
alsalkan, to regret (anything) ; jnSa- 
ylsal, to feel regret, 

aJSaap, lappit^ up water (of animate 
drinking) i slsapan buroag, a pool 
fceqnented by birds in dry weather. 

afiaar, pushing or shoTing aside ; yang 
hidup sfsarkan muti, the Uvii^ die- 
place the dead. 

afiaat, straying from the right path ; 
losing one's way ; going astray ; s. 
jalan, to lose one's way ; «. barat, 
confnsedi di-pjregaaf, led astray. 

■fiaawi, = eevii-miDi. 

afajtgm, ^ (buTong) elgan. 

afataM, <^ Hlnui-slma, 

aiaorok, ^ sorok-sorok, 

■fiamnpit, = emnpit-mmpil. 

afita, Skr. a cubit ; also hasta. 

■Btakona, = astnlcona. 

afittuubun, a small tree (baecaurea 

Setau, Ar. a devil, an evil spirit, 
Satan ; also Bbailan. 

aftaiMnpur, <" istinggar. 

aiUanl, Skc. incense ; also ietanggi. 

7 shateI 

■Mawar, a name given to some me- 
dicinal herbs (cds(m> $peciu'iD and 
fmrestia app ) 

B6t6rawail, ^ aabtSrm an 

SMSria, Skr, a Kahatnya , a member 
of the warrior caste 

s&tiiiniaii, a petty officer on a ship. 

aitfim, a personal (not national) 
enemy; iersltSru to bo at enmity 
with ; pSreStlruan, a feud. 

aM6rnp, (Dutch) syrup. 

afitlt, Skr, loyalty, tidelity, faith, 
constancy ; 8. tSgoh, firm loyalty. 

setlaTan, Skr. loyal, faithful, con- 
stant — cf. nitta. 

aititLg'ffl, a reef in a sail. 

sfitlnja, — ixtinja. 

■Uoka, a fiah (unidentified). 

aBtolop, (Datcb) a wall-lamp. 

afitn, Jav. bleesii^ (of a Hindu diri. 

nily or ascetic blessing a devotee) ; 

laying a transforniatiun on a person ; 

fl(f^u¥, to bless ; to lay a apell on. 
aStna, Skr. an animal ; marga-s., 

animals generally; a, angkara, a 

fabulous wild beast. 
Sfitnl, a marine plant (enltalus aco- 

aewa, hire, hiring, engaging, leasii^ ; 

sewaan, obtaining on lease, leasing, 

engaging; ramah sewaan, a housa 

held on leasehold tenure or intended 

for leasehold tenure ; tninyswaf to 

aawali, I. a short curved dagger. 
II. a generic name given to a number 
of birds of pray j «. bllalang (acH- 
pitfr virgatua) ; lang s., the largo 
kite (pei'jiis tieeeddalii) j s. tshikitr, 
the Indian koel (eadgvamia hoito- 

aawal, miafortune. 

BliaabftD,, Ar. the name of a Muham- 
madan month. 

altaar, Ar. poem. 

ahafoat, Ar. interoeaaion. 

ShaAT, Ar. Sbaflite ; appertaining to 
the &haG.itie school of doctrine. 


SHAH 2( 

•llftli, Pers. king, Bovereign ; a royal 

title ; 8. johan, ruler of the world ; 

g, mardan, king of men ; s, bandar, 

master attendant, harbour master. 
sholiadMi, Ar. ihJB is to teatif; — a 

common exordium to a eeutence. 
■bahodat, Ar. attestation ; tbe con- 

fesBion of faith. 
mhahbandar, see ahah. 
■kahid, Ar. mati shahid, to die a 

martyr for the faith ; to be killed in 

a holy war. 

■lialtliat, At. Toluptnous BeosatioD. 
sbalUl, Ar. a title given to Arabs 

who are not descendanta of the 

Bhaltan, Ar. an evil spirit ; a devil ; 

Satan ; aiao Setan. 
■hBJrat, Ar. a tree. 
■Italc, At. doubt, sQepidon. 
■hakitr, Pers. sugar. 
■Iial, Pers. a shawl. 
shanun, Ar. the sun. 
alMKa' Ar. hukum sliara', Muhani- 

madan law. 
shorat, Ar. article or clause in a 

•Iiarbat, Ar. wine, cooling drink ; 
also airbat. 

■luuiaat, Ar. ritual. 

aliazlf, Ar. noble. 

sharUUi, Ar. noble ; a title given 
to women who are descended from 
the Prophet ; also aari/pah 

aliarlkat, Ar, the joint earnings of 
hasbsiid and wife ; also elnlot 

Sliawal, Ar. the name of a Maham- 
madan month. 

abn&at, = ahafaat, 

shnlmr, Ar. thanks; Miibu bhakwr, 
thousands of thanks. 

■Itnrgra, Skr. heaven ; also forgo 

■i, a prefis: (usually half contemp- 
tuous) to the names of persons and 
personified animals or things , at anu, 
so-and-ao; si-apa, who,nhatperaon, 
si-Sngkau ai-aliu, a person with whom 
you can take liberties (iieing familmr 
words like aku and Sngkauj 


Bia, »ia-gia, idle, useless, futile, with- 
out result ; dlvgan eia-aia, uselessly. 
■lah, bustling ; s. tayah, swaying 

■lak, I. the caretaker of a mosque. 

II. akaT aiak,a slender climber with 

white flowers (_phy»oaielma 'walli- 

■iakay, a fish (latea nabilis). 
■ial, bringing ill-luck ; ill-omened ; 

Mla,ltMg,polcokfiiBlong,B.nyiBige tfee 

on whicb bees build a nest; bSi~aia- 

lang, to swarm (of bees). 
alamaaK, the well-known long-armed 

ape {hylobatfa lyndactylus), 
■ianff, daylight ; a. hari, during the 

daytime ; bulan kleiangan, the moon 

in daylight — a symbol of pallor. 
slap, bringing to readiness ; prepara- 
tion ; sndah »., it is ready ; aiapkan, 

to get ready ; blrsiap, in readineas. 
alaj^, who ; see si. 
siar, I. Port, biraiar, to stroll about. 

II. welding together ; hammering 

pieces of metal into one. 
■iaaat, Ar. chastisement, punishment, 

■lat, tearing into strips ; siatlcan, to 

ieav to pieces. 
slan cooled don'n to a iiearable tem- 
perature (of water, hot raeta!, etc.) 
slbaiiK. atbaiig-aihok, snatching at a> 

thing as one passes by. 
sibar, a border sewn on to a piece of 

■ibok, I a whirl, a mah (of amuse- 

ments or work). II. sihang-siboJc, 

snatching at a thing as one passes by. 
sibiur, a shallow kidle of coconut 

■Ida, castration; a eunuch; aida-sida, 

■idagnrl, ~ allSguri. 
•Idal, hanging out clothes to diy; 

pSnyidai Lain, a clothes-Cord or rail ; 

thsiilai, hung out to dry. 
aidauff I a gathering, a cotmoil 

tnSehaaiot, members of cooBCilj 


Jumaat, the Friday if 

iting for (x 

pened ed^ ot a, kntfn (ahowing the 

sarapin^ of the grindstone). 
■Idek, investigation ; thinking ont — 

of, tUid^. 
■Idlng, a sharply defined ed^e ; a 

low dyke or fence ; a long low fence 

used in catching dwarf-deer. 
fllfbt, = sipal. 
■igai, tangga gigai, a sort; of ladder 

made by lashing short pieces of 

wood to a tree-trunk. 
mitpi'V, I- bearing, pose; = siiap. 

II. Jav. to have one's weapons ready 

Sigax, kain aigar, a head-dress worn 

by a bridegroom. 
SlfJbra, = iSgSra. i 

Uigi, I. pointing the finger at any 
person or thing. II. a band of thin 
metal round the sheath of a hiriR. 

III. a torch of resinons wood. 
■Igong, jaSnyigong, to give a. dig 

with the elbow. 
slliat, -^ sehat. 
slliir, = seker. 
alkap, I. manner, bearing, pose; also 

times given to small hawks. III. 
haju ei^p, ajacket with tight sleeves. 

xUmt, combing, a, comb ; a harrow ; 
fclrsiiof, combed. 

slMn, Ar. a knife. 

aUEkab, = sehah. 

sUcsa, = seErsa, 

■ikn, the elbow ; a sharp angle ; s. 
jalan. a sharp torn in the road. 

^la., I, Skr. "welcome"; "please" 
(in " please sit down," etc.) ; a polite 
invitation g s. dudok, pray be seated ; 
bSnoTig e., a tbiuk white thread ; 
lilakan, be pleased to ; kindly agree 
to; lirsila, to sit down politely and 
ceremoniously i mlmpirsilakim, to 
invite. II. butu mldang lUa, a kind 
of gypaura nsed medicinally. 

■11ml, At. aildh-silah, a genealogical 
tree ; a table showing descent. 


■*1'^''^l, gloom, darkness, nightfall; 
i^aiiam, benighted. 

sllang, cross-wise ; position at right 
angles ; blreilang, marked with cross- 
cuts or scars; 8>ia»j-m5»i/iiojip, lying 
across each other. 

■Uap, I. Ar. an error, a mistake. II. 
conjuring, sleight of hand, puzzling 
the eye ; tukang a. mata, a conjuror. 

Nllaailah, see silah. 

sllat, fencing (especially the mimicry 
of fencing in a Malay ; 
main s., a sword-dance ; Mrsilat, to 

ailau, the shimmer of light on water 
- — cf. Icitav. 

■Ueh. making good ; replacing ; re- 
pairing a loss i s. -mata, making good 
to the eyes — i.e. publicly paying over 
a large sum only to have it quietly 
returned later. 

■illr, Bilir-ilmilir, waving (as the 
loose end of a garmant), 

slln, sliynesB, retiring modesty. 

■Imbah, besprinkling from above ; 

alubai, looking smart ; an effective 

sunbang, I. a sea.bird {'procellaria 
sp.) ; Kimbangaii, id. II. unreliable; 
musim s., the uncertain weather at 
the change of monsoon. 

ilmbok, a small basin or finger-bowl. 

almpal, I. fastening in a band ; a 
rattan fastening on the handle of a 
chisel or any similar object ; rotan a., 
a piece ot very flesible rattan used 
for this porpoSB. II. a monkey 
(Bemjiopi'StecKS ineJoIophoe) . 

■impau, retaining in one's possession ; 
holding ; keeping ; preserving ; s. ii- 
hail, remembering; minyiwpooi, to 
keep ; to preserve. 

■Impaag, — sempang. 

slmpir, letting the wings droop (of 
a peacook). 

almpnl, knotting, tying, fastening ; 
s. mati, a fast knot ; s, puleh, a slip- 
knot; 8fnKu«i8.,asmileaocoinpanied 



by a bluah ; simp'ilaji, a Castccing ; 
mSmjimpiif, to fasten. 
■Impnr. a generic name for a onm- 
ber of tmes (especially dillenia 

■inar, raj of light ; radiance ; Wma 

Sinar miitahari, to be struck by the 

stin's rays. 
lladftt, El Sat armlet worn by wometi. 
alndinff, ^ nendeng. 
•indir, teaiiag, chaff; k, nyanyi, 

teasing in aong ; mSnyindtr. to chaS, 
■luillirai. Hind, mininm, red-lead. 
aluffa, Skr. a lion ; an ancient titie. 
•inffffa. = sa-hingga. 
UiJXggaii, touching at ; stopping at 

on the way ; breaking a journey ; 

e.-tn^KjrinjgoJi, to keep stopping at 

places — e.g. na a pedlar trying to 

ieli his wares. 
SlngKUlg, fish cooked in salt. 
alnggnannB, Sii. a throne or royal 

dais 1 8, kSrujaon, id. 
■inffgart, = sfi-liingga. 
■Infill, a blow or knock with the 

Bide of the head. 
alnffit, = sense;. 
■Ingkap, drawing apart curtains or 

raosqaito-neta ; drawing aside a 

hanging cloth so as to make one's 

way past it ; mSnyingiap, to open or 

draw aside a curtain. 
■ingkat, = sengkat. . 
alBffkek, Ch. a " new-comer i" a 

contract -coolie fresh from China. 
Slngrkil, I. eingkil gigi, teeth " on 

edge." II. tail eingkil, a cord hold- 

ing up curtains. 
•iUKUr, to tread a hen (of a cock) ; 

to push slightly aside. 
slngknr, kicking aside ; pushing 

aside ; knocking out of the way. 
aingainff, rolling up the sleeves ; 

/cy'ur minyjingeiiig, the day is break- 

■lal, here ; this way i this direction ; 
di-eim, here ; in this place ; to-sini, 
hither; i^ri-«itii, hence ; di-sihira'ng 
eini, on the nearer bank. 

siutMT, the blue-breasted banded rail 
{hypotsinidia striata). 

ainting, I. slluar siniing, short 
trousers. II, a thin shell (pioeiinft 

■intok, a tree (oiji-aamomam genta ?) 
out of the fibre of which a kind of 
soap is Tnadc ; inSnyiTitolc, to use this 
flbrons stuff in the bath. 

ainytiT, = sen^r, 

aiomau, ^ tiwiian. 

along, tusks, large canine teeth ; gigi 
8., the canines ; blrniong, tusked. 

atpaki. Hind, a seimy ; a soldier. 

alpat, Ar. a i-nled or marked line ; 
attribotes; qnalities, charms; talis., 

•a line drawn by a carpenter to guide 
him in his work. 

aipl, position off the centre j wide of 
the mark. 

aipir, (Dutch) a cypher, 

aipu, shamefacedaesRi fcSsipu-gipwttn, 
id. ; tSraipii-^ipu, pnt to the blush, 

Slpna, Ch. an abacus. 

aipnt, a generic name for many 
shells ; the whorls, loops, lines and 
markings on tlia hand ; e. baicon^ 
{bvJla amptiUa) ; s. bUans chfchah 
(terebTo maataTia) ; s. balan {Mia 
ovufli) t s. bulan pateh {natica ma- 
milla) ; s. paujang (terehra tnocw- 
lata) ; s. evhawj {Kolarivia. troehleoTe) j 
s. txidiyng (irachus jtiframw) ; other 
shells have geaerio namee of their 
own — e.g. rangkek, etimigliak, etc. 

sir, I, Ar. secret. II. lust; the 

promptings of Inst ; s. bSrofci, id. 

slza, Jav. a. title of inferior distinc- 
tion ; Sira Pavji, the koto lie guerre 
of the famous JavaneBe hero Radia 
Inu KlrUipaii, Prince of Kuripan, 

alral, dressed (of the hair). 

airam, besprinkling i pouring water 
over ; the bathing of princes ; Mr- 
niram, to bathe (of a prince or 
princess) ; siramJaiVi, to pour (t 
liquid over anything). 

Hos-6d by 



sizkt, I. nettitif; to^tber ; mata s., 
a, mesh ; sirataa gigi, the mesb-like 
appearance of repilar teeth ; }ign- 
yirat kvJctt, the thin line of ekin 
cohering the edge of the finger-nail. 
II. Ar. tiTat-ul-muetaliim, the razor- 
edged bridge over which the true 
believer paasee into heaven. 

Jiireh, the betel-vine (piper hetle) ^ 
n. charang, soft new shoots on the 
vine ; a. todofc (jiiper longtiin) i a, 
liiraiap, coarse learea from the vine ; 
jumjong s., the pole or Bnpport of the 
sireh vine ; makan fi., to chew betel ; 
santap >., id. (of princes chewing 
betel) ; tlmpat s. Or bl^as e,, a betel- 
bos; pjsiVeftaji, id. [Theuaeof siifh. 
in the betrothed formalities has given 
rise to the following expresaions 
s. blrchaliap, the airek sent to typify 
the formal proposal of DUuriage ; » 
mSmiimttg, the eireh typifying the 

formal acceptance.] 

nixinif, an inatrameDt something like 
a lai^ tennis racquet. [It is used 
for catching shrimpa— it ia drawn 
through the water and the shrimps 
coming in contact with it leap out 
of the water and fal! into a boat.] 

«lrlp, the fin of a fish. 

«ifla, Skr. what is left over ; aurplas , 
residue; remains (especially the 
remains of a meal) ; s. nobi, a flat 
fish ; the sole. 

-aistli, quarrelling, dispute — cf. uSU 
seh ; minyUeh, to quarrel. 

«lflek, I. the scale of a fiah, or arma 
dillo, or dragon ; the scraping oflf of 
the scales of a fish ; blrsiaek-sisek, 
scale-like ; a. tSnggiling, the scales 
«F the armadillo— a description of a 
shingle roofj hatok »., whooping- 
congh. II. a name for some turtles 
— e.g. s. iiiin (chelime imbrieala) ; 
a. tlmptirong (fkala4>achelyi caretta). 

*l>i, aide, brinii, edge ; H-aisi putlri, 
by the aide of the princess. 

«1m1, turning op the ends of tho 
Bleeves or trousers — cE. singeing. 


■ilip, insertion between two flat anr- 
fa<^es (aa one inserts a pajier-knife 
between the leaves of a book),} 
Btsipkait or mlHyinipJtati, to ao insert 

slair, a comb, a hanvw, a toothed 
instrument of any sort; uienyisir, to 
harrow ; to comb ; to rake up. 

■Itak, a bag, a valise. 

Bitar, Hind, an Indian three-stringed 

aiM, Ar. lady ; S. Ha,M, Onr Lady 
Eve ; 8. Mariam, the Virgin Mary ; 
s. gtirii, a lady teacher. 

■itin, Eng. satin. 

■itiajr, -^ eintintj. 

■itti, = «iit 

■ita, that place, there ; di-silti, in 
that place, at that place; dari-a,, 
thence , la i thither 

■itnil, a pot of black glased earthen- 

Bittl whistling, bli ml, to whistle; 

bwioKo 8, the crested wood-quail 

(loU'ilw roulmul) , punai s., the 

small gTBLn pigeon (psaiolrenm- 

ainnuui, the recoverv of a oonscious- 

iieaa after a fainting fit or drunken 

slur, I Klmpang eiur. zigzagging, 

II ta' siHi, not to care about. 
■Itlt, I aingeing burning up a small 

object II whistling ; = siuE, 
NoaJl, (. h over, done with, finished. 
softl Ar question, 6ifreoa[, to enquire; 

bSrsou' joiiwft, to question and get 

repliea , to discuss 
■obat, Ar. friendship, friend. 
■oliek, a nip or pinch of anything; 

to nip oR a piece. 
■obok, j>inyobolc, a night-prowler; e, 

aneafc-thief who steals under cover 

of the darkneM. 
■odok, shovelling np ; ladling ap ; a 

ahovel— ef. svdii. 

■ofi, ^ 


,y Google 


nogtih, attempting work of which 
one tacks eiperieoce ; the tinngiing 
of a beginner. 

aoifok, minyogolc, to give b. eigntScant 
nod or wink ; to direct by a Bign. 

soil, an exclamation to mi^e buffaloes 

aojth, kowtowing ; Urao^a-soja, re- 
peatedly kowtowing. 

■ofcma, Skr. the soul (in contradis- 
tinction to the body) ; raga dan »., 
body and soal [the word is naed of 
the soul in the Hindn aenae]. 

aokom, amearing with paint or colour- 
ing ; clonded-white (as a colour of a 
dog) ; gotomfeoii, to beimear. 

MokmLg, propping np, bnttressing, 
sustaining, supporting. 

aol*k, inclined to, liking, 

■oldftdn, Fort, a soldier. 

MOlkk, foppish ; 'plsolek, a dandy, 

aolok, pSsoZot, a gift to be returned 
in kind— e.g, a contribution to a 
feast to which one is to be iuvited, 

aom, I. a ship of an obsolete type. 
II. akar som, e, Chinese strengthen- 
ing medicine. III. tidarig eom, n 

aombonff, air^^nce ; self-assertion ; 
overbearing manner. 

■OnvelC, jagged at the edge (through 

aompolL, carrying on the neck and 

Boaak, the "thoms" on a "thorn- 
back " fish ; the barb-like sting of a 

aondali, a tree ( ]iat;»nn femi ) ; gitah 
H,, gntta obtained from this tree. 

aol^ol, lowering the head (as a 
threatening bull) i minyondol, to 
tower the head for a chaise. 

aondonff, a kind of shrimp-net used 
iti Singapore. 

aoagar, Jav. affectation in dress or 

aon^el, sticking out (as the cheek, 
when a quid of betel is in the 

a SUA 

■ongtCeUfT, = »ungging. 

■ongket, ^ swngiit. 

■onffkok, a small white cap worn by 
devout Malays. 

aongkom, m&nyongkoin, to bury the 
fat:e in a mother's lap (as a weeping 
child) ; to cuddle ap againet. 

aougkong-, == tokong. 

uongunaf, ^ sangsang. 

SOUgBOngf, making way against ; f. 
ftaiTM, a name given to a shell (smiiea^ 
temispina) ; mSnyongBtng, to make 
head against (used of an eagle flying- 


t the w 


1, dignified modesty ; a self- 
contained but respectful demeanour^ 
sopl, nyer fopi, liqueur, 
Bopob, mSnyopoh, to carry pick-a- 

■orak, cheering; cries of elation v 
ilrfordk, to cheer, 

■ovftng, -= ea-oyang. 

■or*, Jav. evening. 

■Orgk, Skr. heaven ; also shiirga. 

Norok, I, concealment bywithiuwal; 
liafimaa mlnyorolckan kitku, a tiger 
hiding its claws. II. sorok-Bomli, ate 
insect very destructire to pad!. 

aoEOUg', pushing forward under ; 
shoving forward under ; a snrrepti- 
tiouB offer of a bribe! a bribe i s- 
day<mg, backing water ; forongkan, 
to push anything forward under' 

aotoh. Ax. the fiat roof of a house. 

■otonff, a cuttle-fiah. 

■Offtk, rending in tn'ain ; tearing 
from top to bottom. 

■oyat, = aoyak. 

■u, younger ; •= ftoMjflu [in certain 
expressions, pak sK, viak su, etc.] 

soft, pushing an object towards- 
another— e.g. holding a fighting-cock 
and pushing him towards his rivsl ; 
buJtt f., the feathers on the neck of 
a fighting-cock ; pagar s., the paliog' 



separating two buffaloes which are 
being matcbed against one another. 

■n&b, BEsruhing hy artiScioi light. 

■nal, 1. fitting, matching. It. Eng. 
tali fliMt, sway-ropea. 

■tujl, the breech of a flag, 

■ni^, an indentation ; a slight hollow; 
the parting of the hair. 

■naJEft, Skr. a place of refnge, a 
lot^ng; orang Mratwifca, poor peo- 
ple ; people compelled to lodge with 
others ; dependents. 

anun, lukewarm. 

■nanxl, Skr. haaband (more respect- 
ful than laid) ; lord (in the sense of 
hnsband) ; bSrsiuimi, to be married 

(of a 

m}; ( 

■luuig', ease, facility; lightly done; 

ea-iu/tag-Kuany, with the greatest 

possible ease. 
auap, a mouthful ; putting in the 

mouth ; feeding a child ; (by meta- 
phor) bribityt ; ea - sitap duo, a 

mouthful or two; makan »., to take 

■tiar, a fire-signat ; a torch or lantern 

nsed to convey a message. 
■nam, Skr. voice; vocal ou d 

diagait e. yang IBmah If b n a 

gentle tone of voice. 
■aaTgn, = shurga, 
snari, banfal suari, an oman ental 

pillow used in marriage ce cmon es 
■uaaa, gold much alloyed w thco[ per 
suat, whimaicsl, capricious 
anatn, one ; = aa-irntn [iin u be g 

the Javanese form of 6o( ] sft at 

each every. 
■nbal, discreditable. 
snlMun, dull (of metalli lustre) 
■Ql>an, a splinter. 
snbanK, a large ear-atud [I s n e 

places this stud is worn by ma d an 

only and is discarded on mart ag ] 
anbhana, Ar. praised be, 
■nboh, Ar. dawn ; slmhah-yang H., 

early morning service. 

mbnr, rapid and healthy growth (of" 

RQolu, Skr. cleanliness, purity ; pure, 
clean ; g. hati, a heart free from 
malice, or deceit; Maha-suchi, the 
All-pure ; God. 

■nda, sharp-pointed bamboo splinters, 
(used as caltrops). 

■ndab, Fera. completion, aeeomplish- 
ment ; done, finished ; sa-tUah ).,. 
when it was finished ; sitdalikaa, to- 
Complete, to finish off ; kStudahan, . 
the end of ; pSnyudah, the fulfilment 
of ; the crowning of hope or desire ;. 
realisation, culmination, 

■udans', = ellodang. 

andara, ^ gaudara. 

■adl, satisfied, contented, pleased,, 
ready ; approval ; Jilcatau s,, if yott' 
like; eudikaii, to like; to care for;, 
to approve of. 

mdi]), a large rice-ladle. 

sndn, a ladle ; a coconut-shell spoon ;, 
the bill of a duck ; s. itek, a duck'a 
bill ; sipat s., a shell (haliotia spp.) j 
tnlang s. hati, the xiphoid process. 

ntdnt, a comer; an out-of-the-way 

■of, Ar. a cioth-tabrio, camelot. 
rofl Ar ; n« ^ snfi sm mysf Sta. 
auffa = -ga 

wagax I n f y go to pass the- 
filacers through the hair II Eng 

■n^ rubb ng the po nt of a st ck 
ana st anyth ng putt ng out a 
torch bv bl ng off th bum ns; 
p t ons lean g th tu th n the 
Mala nay 

sufflUi fo g down w th o! n a 
se I ng the ha o th oat a d so 
fo ng down a ad eraarr 

anliniL 'i a Js anese royaf 

le also h and suaunii 

atilr t g u a amp re 

■nja - J 

, Google 

aiuka, Skr. liking, pleasure, enjuy- 

delight ; 8. roya, nproariouB delight j 

to take pleasure in; to like; mkakati, 
id. ; J^sufcoan, pleaeare, enjoyment. 

knkaeliltft, see euka. 

jntkor, difficiilt, ardnous } s. di-chari, 
hard to Snd ; s. blToleh dia, id. 

drakat, I. the measurement of ai^a 
or capacity; mensuration. II. pro- 
vided that, aupposii^ that, if, when ; 
sukal oyer mlnjadi batu, if (op when) 
■water turns into atone~-i.e. never. 

:JIIlkn, a leg or limb ; aqnarter; a sec- 
tion; atribe or division of the people; 
a. Jam, a qnarter of an hour ; rial dun 
8., dollars and qnerter-dollars. 

^uknil, the bread fruit (arlocarpus 

mJeax, = shuhnr. 

jmla, Skr, a pointed stick ; an im- 
paling'post ; spitting, impaling ^ su- 
lakan, to impale ; to roast on a spit ; 
tirgala, impaled ; tSH-sala, a tjident. 

jrolnh, bald, bare. headed ; lada s., 
white pepper. 

:aillalftt, Ar. extraction, descent, 
origin ; e. ue-nalatin, the ancestry 
of our kings — a Malay traditional 

aiilani, embroidery ; blrsulam, em- 

xnlang', I. joining in a drink ; inviting 
another person to drink with yon j 
tninitm bSrsulang-av.langav.t exohang- 
ing drinks time after time. II. sooty 

jXiIIiI, Ar. tulatig s«lbi, the coccyx. 

.cnldl, Ar. Adam's-apple (in the 

-«nl«lt, a plant (tittins). 

MlUt, a grandson or great-grandson ; 
a. descendant. 

Jiiilitif, a generic name for native 

anllt, obscure, out of the way, little 
known, secluded, 

^knllwatanff, a Bugia title. 


(oloh., a torch ; a spy ; a scout. 

BDlong, senior, eldest, first in age; 
anak a,, eldest son j gigi s., the four 
front teeth. 

anltan, Ai'. sulten ; s, al-mv.asa«i, 
the august sultan — i,e. the Sultan 
of Turkey. 

snlnr, sticking up conspicuonsly; 
s. tiang. topmast. 

auina, dann suina, e, medicinal plant 

snmbanff, improper, revolting, in- 
cestuous ; 8. di-mala, an eye-SOre ; 
anak a., a child of incest. 

■tuabar, challenging, reproaching, 

snmlmt, corking up ; stopping an 
orifice ; tumbatko a , to ping ; to put a 
stopper into anything ; to put cotton- 
wool into the eare, 

anmbl, replacing an iajnred part; 
putting new planks into a boat ; 

■nmblug, notehcd, dented, ja^^; 
gllak B., a sickly laugh. 

■nmtni,, I. a witk ; a fuse ; a slow 
match ; 8. ^litn, the wiok of a lamp. 
II. the horn of a rhinoceros. 

Btunbul, — cliSmbul. 

stunpali, awcerins, reviling, cnrsing ; 
the taking of an oath-, Mrsmnpah, 
to take an oath ; ^nSmhlri lumpah, 
to administer the oath ; sumfiah- ' 
sumpah, a name given to the Malay 
"cl^melBona" {calofes versicolor Bjad 
caloiet cristatelMtx). 

anmpU, stopping up ; corking up ; ■= 

■nntplt, the nse of a blowpipe ; 
shootiag with a blowpipe ; sumpitaii, 
a blowpipe ; Kunipiftan, to kill (any- 
thing) with the blowpipe ; jnSnv«m- 
pit, to nso the blowpipe; mutyfiiU 
Bumpi'f, (1) the well-known shooting 
fish ((oaiofes Jaculator), (2) a Bm^I 
mivgltxtang bag. 

"un, Jav. marrow, pith. 

r, Jav, a well. 

■ id by 



•nnat, Ar. tradition, practice ; the 
traditional law of the Prophet; cir- 
cnmcision ; tvlmns ij., a drcumcieer ; 
aunutkan, to circniticiae. 

snndRl, a harlot ; a common proa- 

snndantf, a broad short sword with 
a full -sized handle, 

aandns, Fcra. hrocude. 

AtmgAi, a river ; a flowing stream of 
some Bize ; anak «., a ritulet ; p^gi 
Ica-a,, a polite way of describiDg 
obedience to a, call of nature. 

avngga, Jav. a spur ; a goad. 

mutff^nff, pieturing flowers or orna- 
mental patterns iit paint (snoh aa 
gold paint), etc 

•anff^t. Jar. an attendant on a 

anni^oh, reality ; genoine, true, 
real ; a. hati, heartinesa, atrenu- 
ouaneaa ; sanggok-ptin, although ; 
aunggoh-eunggoh, real);, genuinely ; 
ta-tmijigoh-nyo, iu all truth ; in all 
reality ; imnggoh-»imggoki, to atrivo 
■rigoronaly or strennoualy. 

•naffkal, to turn up (a.B a plough- 
share turns np tfaa earth) ; », bajaJc, 
a, plon^sfhahare. 

AiULgkap, torn apart ; pulled looae ; 
kuku tSraungkap, a finger-nail or toe- 
nail torn from the qnick. 

STtn^kit, kain sangkit, ailk cloth shot 
with gold. 

sniig'lnip, covering under & hollow 
bowl or Teasel. 

xnugkitr, rooting up ; ladling np ; 
acoopiog up ; shovelling up ; a net 
of triangular shape puahed through 
mud and water ao aa to eatch 
ahrimpa ; s, sangkar, sprawling. 

wu^MUtf , reversal ; turaiug npside 

anngn, Jav. horn. 

Non^t, I. murmuring, grumbling ; 


■imtBlL, chipping oB. 

snnti, I. a sorb of pickle made of the 

bllimbijig. JI. anak dara sunti, a 

very young maiden. 
anntiiiff, to wear stuck behind the 
flowers are occasionally 



a the 

" crop the flower it 

Btmtok, inauffioienoyof time; failure 
through insulGciency ; waHa s., time 
is up i orang tua k., an old man who 
atill apea young waya. 

Bunji, lonely, solitarj, desolately 
quiet, deserted j sun/yi-Uik lahokan 
Mitaka, the Malacca roadstead was 

«np, (Dutch) soup, broth. 

Bnpai, — sijmhi. 

■nra, I. Skr. hero ; man of men. II. 

Ar. hvlan Sura, a name given to the 

month Muharram. 
snralL, Ar. a aubdiviaion or chapter 

of the K'lran, 
■oral, the combing or dressing of the 

hair j the hair itself (when apeaking 

of a prince or princeaa) . 
siLrftlayn, Skr. the abode of the 

gods; the Hindu Olympna. 
saTam., darlcness, gloom, cloudineaa; 

the obaonring of the brightness of 

the sun or of the beauty of the 

anr&t, a writing of any sort ; a. 
letter ; iei s., the contents of a letter 
or document ; m aha s., the written 
page; 8. kiriman, a letter; an epistle; 
8. mSnigah, a patent; $. ^Ukat, a, 
poater ; s. tanda tangan, a, signed ac- 
knowledgment ; (usually) an I.O.U. ; 
s. todkU, a power of attorney ; s. 
tvasiat, a, will ; Huratkan, to cauae to 
be written ; tSrenrat, written. 

anran, a private mosque in contra^ 
distinction to a raosque of general 

■nraija, Skr. the sun. 

■TWdi, " fSrndi. 

■mail, «.-»., (Perak) descent, linef^e, 

anri^, — aharga. ''~^ 

■ id by 


SURI 21 

MVli, Skr. a qaeen ; royol ; =■ pSr- 
TOoinuri; rama vji ibtt euri, royal 
father and queenly mother; the 
parentB of a prioee. 

■nnoali, Fers. a colljrium mado of 

ntroh, orderm;; ; giving inetractioite ,' 
auTohatt, an order, a command ; an 
orderly; suroh-narohan, meesengersj 
surokhan, to order ; to instruct. 

snmt, the ebbiug of the tide ; ayer e,, 
the ebb-tide. 

msab, trouble; difficulty; nneasineBs; 
disquiet ; s. hati, mental trouble; 
»a«ahian, to vex, to annoy ; tSsu- 
tahan, tronble ; affliction. 

aaaoh, the (natural) spur of a fighting- 

maok, I. to found (a city) ; inSnyumt, 
id. II. manner, bearing, mean ; s. 
jijak, id. III. a loop ; a button-hole. 
IV. = chuchok. 

MUm, the breast ; milt ; a i/er s., mili ; 
susui, to snokle ; meayinni, to be 
suckled; s. hundoT, firm hemisphe- 
rical breaats ; b. topet or ». tanjnt. 


pendulous breasts ; s. rimau, the 
iclerotinm or reating-piace of ft 
fungus ; dapuT s., the outer portion 
ot the breast; hujoTig s,, the nipple 
generally ; the extremity ; jniting s., 
the nipple proper; tampok a., the- 
nipple and the dark oirole round 

RORTiIiniiaiL, = auhunan. 
■tutll, pursuing ; following up. 
■nana, laying in rowa one above the 

other ; bSr$Jiitun-iiii»an, in layers. 
BTuronau, = suhunon. 
Biunp, position under ; resting or 

passing or pnahing under; eaitupka/ri 

or mlnyusiipkan, to place under ; to 

insert under. 
■tunr, skirting; edging past; the 

shirts, fringe or edge of anything ; 

m*B»pzfl«r, to skirt ; to hug (the 

shore) ; to odge past. 
■umt, shrinking ; diminntion in size ; 

attenuation ; thinning down. 
■Utero, Skr. silk; kain sutlm, a 

silk bornng ; payong »'.itSra, a silk 


tai^nl}, Ar. to nonder. 

taala, Ar. most high ; Allah t., God 

Moat High. 
t»al«k, I. to feod or fatten animals. 

II. Ar. to be enamonred of ; to be 

taken with. 
tanlok, Ar. subdued ; mhiaidokkan, 

to bring into subjection. 
tftat, At. obedience, submission (to 

God's will). 
tabah, a hand's -breadth. 
"taliak, Ar. a box, a casket ; a present 

of food taken away by a, departing 

tkbal, Ar. a kettledrum used at the 
installation of a ruler ; to instal ; 
blrtabai, to aacend the throne ; to 
bo crowned (of a ruler). 

tablUL, gStah taban, gutta percha ; 
pokok (., the gutta percha tree (cii- 
ehopsis gutta). 

tabaraka, Ar. may (he) be blessed. 

tabsk, greeting, salutation ; mlmbeH 
t., to greet ; to courteously salute or 
recognise; minta t,, to respecttnlly 
excuse oneself ; to apologise in ad- 
vance for any unintentional broach 
of etiquette. 

tabiat, Ar. character, nature. 

tablb, Ar. a physician. 

tabir, I. Ar. the interpretation or 
elucidation (of dreams). II. curtains 
against a wall ; hangings ; drapery. 

taboh, I. a long cyiindrical dram ; 
tabohhan, to beat this drum. " 
tabohaUf = tSbTittn. 



■tiibong, » ojlmdrical Tesgel of 
bamboo ; a quiver ; t. bunga, a, 
shrub (ixora pendtda). 

"talrar, I. the stsatteriug of seed or 
flowera; Bowing 1 disperaiuft; fabur- 
Ican or inSnaburlcan, to sow j blria- 
buran, scattered over. II. ft aquare- 

tadn = hada 

-tadfth interoeptiug or catching a 
falling object tadahliaa tangaa to 
Stretch out tl e arma with the 
palms of the hoi di turned up 

iadbir Ar government 

tadi ifttely juat a n oment ago 
immediately past baft 01-1 ( a 
moment ago; ta-malam t., this last 
night ; Ursibv-t di-atat t, aforeaaid ; 
also takadi. 

'tadouE, knocking the foot against 
anjtbing ; Btombling np against. 

iinnlr, Ar. commentary (on the 

tagaJc, putting off, procrastination. 

-tagwu, the stakes in a sweep j the 

■tagiir, a peal of thunder. 

'taffell, diinmnj;, preaaing, importan- 
ingi worrying; iHageh, the araviag 
caused by constant indalgence in 
tobacco, opium or alcohol. 

iak, a suffix expressing interrogation, 
or donbt ; = Sntah ; ini-tah gam' 
iaran-nya, ia this his portrait ? 

taliodi, recently; just before this; 

"taliAii, I. holding out against, resist- 
■ ang, sustaining ; tahani or mSnahani, 
to restrain or resist j to bear up 
against; to stand (anything). 11. 
setting (traps) ; (. lultak, to set a 

taliaiia, greatness, majesty ; bSrta- 
hana, to sit in majesty ; to be present 
(of ft prince). 


taliar, to keep on a oonrse in spite 
of imfavoumblo winds. 

tahi, flith, mucus, dirt, ordure, fecn- 
lence, lees, grounds i t, angm, light 
fleecy clouds 1 words of little account ; 
windy talk ; t. ayee, scam on water ; 
i. bSH, rust ; t. e^iandn, opium dross ; 
£. g^Tgaji, sawdust ; t. hartte, drift- 
wood ; t. IiSlJim, shavii^ ; f. lalat, a 
freckle, a. mole ; t. nui,ta, mucus from 
the eye i t. tniiiyak, refuse in making 
oil ; I. pnmcFs, prickly heat j (. tSlinga, 
wftx in iho ear ; tilar t. kirbaOf a, 
snake (coiiibor radiatns). 

tabU, a tael ; 1£ oz. 

tahn, knowing, knowledge ; b!ri (., 
to inform ; Mngaii «a-iahtt-ha, with 
my knowledge; Wtafiuon, knowledge, 
sense, capacity for nnderatonding j 
kltahu', or mSngStahui, to know. 

tabnn, year ; (■ bahoni, the new year, 
hSrlakwii-tahan, for years, ohronio. 

taj, Ar. crown, diadem. 

t^ak, ft sort of aeythe — used for 
cutting down long grass, weeds, etc., 
in the rice -fields. 

tajam, sharpness ; sharp ; akal-nya t., 
he was aliurp mentally ; tajamkan, to 

tajaniT, I. atamping ; thrusting down 
the heel. II. liiria tojang, a stiaight- 
bladed Patani hlrU, 

tajatt, a large earthenware jar, 

tf^i, the artificial spur of a fighting- 
cock ; mSmbutttiig t., to fasten the 
spurs on. 

tajok, an aigrette ; a tuft} a sheath 
(with flowers in it) worn in the huirj 
t. mokoto, the aigrette or apei of a 

tajur, mnning out into the sea ; 

penojur, a cow of fishing-stakea to 

drive fish into a trap. 
tajwld, Ar. grammatical accuracy; 

writing (Arabic) correctly. 
takak, iakoh-tokak, notehed — v. taki^. 
.II. kain birto^^ak^ a aartmg i^Aa ap 

of two pieces. 
takal, Eng. a pulley ; a block. 



tftkaa, = tiC-akan. 

tftkftr, an eartheaware veBsel ivith a 

takat, as far aa ; up to ; t. pinggang, 
up to tbe waist f t. laint, up to Che 

takbir, Ar, to hary. 

takdir, Ac. will, decree ; the decree 
of pnreidence. 

takflk, a cleft ; a slight cut~8uch as 
that made in a tree-trunk by a single 
blow with a choppur. 

taUlto, Pecs, ft throne. 

takok. a notch ; a sort of step 
created by cnttiog ont a piece fcom 
the outer portion of a tree-trunk ; 
t. takak, notched, ja^^ed; klpala 
pilnnlolfc, the cleft at the top of a 

takong, keeping anything for fer- 
mentaUon ; -minyak t,, crude oil. 

takair, I. Ar. negligence, careless- 
ness. II. (Dntch) estimate, valna- 

taknt, fear ; takati, to fear ; laJmtian, 

to frighten ; tiltaliiian, panic, fright ; 

pSnahit, a coward ; timorotiB. 
takwlm, Ar. calendar ; almanai:. 
tala, I. harmoaions response ; b&rtalB' 

tola, taking up a Strain in turn. II. 

a paldlock. 
talai, negligence i = lalai. 
talak, diTocce ; tiga t., the full 

divorce ; the triple divorce. 
talam, a troy or platter. 
talan, a shrub (saraca sp.) 

Iff, I. i 

. (dmr^ 

II. hiijang tala'ng, a bachelor or 
childless widower ; a man " without 
talftT, permitting, letting, allowing ; 

tali, I, cord, ropej anything of a 
eord-like appcaraoee i (. ayer, a 
ninnel ; t. haras, the thin line of 
drift-wood marking the flow of a 
current ; t. haiit, a strap ; t. 'ping- 
gang, a girdle ; a waistband ; t. 
'pHfal, the nmbilical cordj t. timaU, 


cordage. II. a money vaiae- — about 
7t cents. 

talldn, Ar. a prayer oc formula 
recited at a burial. 

tain, Mrlalu-talu, continuous, un- 
interrupted, in unbroken succession^ 

toltm, echoing back. 

tsma'i Ar. coretonsness ; greed. 

tamali. affability. 

taman, a garden ; a pleasure-grounds 

tamar, Ar. tamar hiudi, tamarind. 

tamaska, = tirmoia. 

tamat.Ar.end; termination; " flnis."' 

tambak, increase by repetition or by 
continuation ; itati t.^ a second help- 
ing of ric« ; lawhahan puCa, again ;. 
furthermore ; iamhahlian or mfnom- 
iahka'a, to increase ; •pi'namhahaitr 
an addition, an appendis. 

tambak, banking ; fllling ; lere!ling- 
np i jalan t, a causeway ; a road 
raised above the level ot the sur- 
rounding fields. 

tambau, a generic name given to a 
number of sardine-like flsh. 

tambanff, I. ferrying for money ; a 
ferry-boat ; tambangwn, a regular- 
trip. II. keeping medicine over- 
night so as (according to Malay 
belief ) to improve its efficacy. 

taubat, fastening up ; tying np ; 
tethering ; tambafi, tambatkan, ot . 
ittiiiambatkaii, to tie up ; tertambaf, 
tethered up (of an animal). 

tambi, Tam. a messenger; a peon; 
an orderly. 

tambnl, I. refreshments (especially 
drinks). II. bSTtamhid, to act ; jiS- 
namb-al, an actor ; a juggler. 

tambnn, plump, sleek. 

tambur, Eur. a drum. 

tMninff, Jav. a small bnckler used 

by heroes of romance. 
tuapak, visibility j being visible j 
tajnpak-nya sa-rupa mas, it looks 
like gold. 
taoiipal, plastering, pasting, posting' 
□p t tamjialkiva, to stick i 



tMnpfta, I. linndsotiio, looking ttcU, 
Buitftble, befitting ; Hada la-tampan, 
it does not seem right or look well ; 
tampan-tampan or tUam^an, a sort 
of rfioulder-cloth worn by Malays on 

the progress of u movii^ body (ae a 

boy stops n. football with the side 

of his foot). 
tampaug', J. flat ; penampang, the 

flat side of anytliing. II. a tin 

token or medium of exchai^. III. 

cuttii^ and tying up (as the um. 

bilioal cord is severed). IV. a tree 

(o?-tocarpi(8 goiiieiiiijia) ; t. turonp, 

id. {fimn vagculusa). 
tampar, slapping ; a slap ; tamj)ai-i, 

to slap j tamparnn, the giving of a, 

taJupMl, I. lopping off (small promi- 
nences). II. blowing in (of wind 
entering a honsc). 

tBa&pek, fanlt-finding ; censure. 

tampi, winnon-ing by toasing up and 
down on a winnowit^ sieve ; mS- 
"rmmpij to winnow ; inSnampi dada, 
the heaTing of the breaats; to" IcS- 
tampi, an owl (Irdtjw jmnMiewtis). 

tampii, to como forward ; to come 
out in front. 

tnmpiix, a, rocoptacio tor sago ; eagu 
t., pearl sago. 

tampok, the point of Junction of 
stalk and frait; the little bit of 
stolk usually left on plucked frait ; 
the central point of converging lines ; 
t, tusa, the teat and the dark circle 
round it; ikan lampoli-tampok, a fish 
Igerres oblongux), 

teinpaiiff, I. patching ; piebald ; 
badak t., a tapir. II. to catch a 
falling object (as a, crioket-ball is 
caught) i talian i,, id. 

ianudl, Ar. likeness, example, meta* 

wmn, to entertain a gaest — cf ■ jamw, 

tan, Hind, tan Icuda, a stable. 

tenah, earth, ground, land; a conit' 
tijj t. ayer, territories; I. Uat, clay; 


(. liii^gala, arable land ; lajmi t., a 
Smiill animal (tamiag lysteri ) ; iiTat 
(., certain snakes {typhlope spp.) 
tanak, the boiling of rice ; bf rCannfe, 
to cook (rice) ; ra-pStaaak nasi, the 
time it tokes for rice to boil — a 

tuLam, burying in the ground ^ 
planting ; t. tanaman, things planted f 
agricolturul growths ; l/injimkan, to- 

tanda, I. sign, token, mark, emblem ; 
(. bachaan, the vowel points ; (. 
tangan, a signature ; ikon, fando- 
tanda, a fish (Inlianua sUlana). II. 
pSiianda, an esecutioner. 

tandak, dancing 1 6Srtan^aifc, to dance, 

taadau, a cluster, a bunch ; the main 
stalk of n duster or bnnch of fruit. 

tandanff, I. n-andering in search ;. 
travelling ; orang t, dean, a vagrant. 
II. bSi'tandang, to visit. 

tandaB, a privy. 

tandil. Tarn, the head of a gang of 
coolies; a petty officer — subordinate 
to the serang on a ship. 

taadinff, a subdivision ; a lot ; sn-(., 
equality in sise. 

taudok, liom (of two-homed ani- 
mals) ! goring, butting ; (.-(., a 
creeper {etrophanthtia dichotomtis) ; 
6er(a?wJoI:, homed i mS?unuiofc, to butt. 

taudu, a hammock-litter. 

tandnn, zaman tandun, the immemo- 
rial past. 

tanduF, I. Jav. to plant. II, holding 
up by means of a string; tali t., a 
string for pulling up chicks. 

tang, an abbreviation for tintang. 

tangan, hand ; forearm and Imnd ; 
handle ; sleeve ; possession ; t. biy'n, 
sleeve ; t. l&mndi, the handle of a 
rudder; ibu t., thumb; tapn 6., 
handkerchief; taiiAa i., signature; 
tapoik t., palm. 

a, tum^ation ; steaming ; heet' 




g. homeatead ; blrtangga-langga, at 

fifth or Bixth-lianii. 
' tanffKah, pinanggah or pinanggahan, 

a kitchen in a roytil palace. 
tanifffal, loosening ; epontaneona 

Beverance or fall ; tanggaikan, to 

renioTB ; to take off ; mlnanggalkan, 

id. ; -penanggalatt, an evil spirit ; a 

flying head and viscera. 
tan^ain., a groove at tbe end of a 

beam ; tSrIanggam, bound together. 
iaiLggaMg, propping up, buttresBJng i 

= sagang. 
.taagffar, nndcrtaking a duty suc- 
cessfully ; " putting throngh. " work ; 

managing to get things done. 
tanff^. =- langki. 
lanffgoli, putting oS, 'postponing ; 

b^tanggoh, to postpone. 
taaffgok, a landing-baaket used by 

■tanggo:i^g, supporting ; bearing up 

under ; standing security for ; tang. 

gu-ngkan, to support a burden ; Ur- 

fanggong, to be borne ; supportable ; 

tu^^nl, tbe bobbing of a boat's 
bows — cf. angg'uZ. 

-ilkngia, weeping! tan^ai, to weep; 
to shed tears ; ntinangis, id. ; ta'ogia. 
lean, to mourn for anyone; 2*ni- 
■Kongis ; a mourner ; tidang riinaii 
ininangia, tbe manubrium. 

-tangkal, stalk, haulm, stem ; 1. hati, 
a term of endearment. 

.liailgkal, protective (of a spell or 
charm) ; mimat tatigkal »aivan kanah- 
I^analf, a talisman against convulsions. 

^nnffkap, seizure, capture, arrest, 
gripping, clasping ; twngkapan, toils, 
captivity, arrest; mlitangka^, to 
seize, to grip, to capture ; tSrtamghap, 

'tangkaa, agility, nimbleness. 

-tnnffki, Eur. the water-tanks on a 

-tanffkil, superposition ; sticking one 
tenuous object (e.g. paper) on 


tftngkis, parrying, warding off, 
guarding; minangltis, to guard, to 
parry ; tangkiskan, to intercept (a 
blow) ; to ward off. 

tanffknl, a name given to gronnd- 
nots, or nets and screens which 
catch fish by being pulled up with a 
winch ; 'pakat t., a wide ground-net 
[the sides of which are raised up 
when fish are over the net, thus 
preventing their escape}. 

tangkup, capture by dropping a 
concave object over anything. 

tauflon.g', Cb. a Chinese lantern. 

taagvi, 1. Ch. a strong gut used in 
fishing - lines. II. barracks; the 

taqjak, projecting up ; sticking up ; 
bSTtanjak iaki, standing on tiptoe. 

tanjong, a cape, a promontory, a. 

tanju, a bracket-lamp. 

tanjlll, a sort of fishing-rod with a 
noose instead of a hook at the end, 

tanti, wait a moment — cf . nanti. 

tanya, enquiry, qnestioning ; blr~ 
ianya, to ask a question; birtanya- 
kan, to enquire about. 

tapa, asceticism ; austerities under- 
gone by hermits; bSrbuat ^, to 
practise these austerities ; bSrtapa, 
id. ; jiirtapa, austere, ascetic ; ikan 
tapa, a large fish (unidentified). 

tapai, a preparation of steamed palut 
rice fermented with native yeast ; 
arak t., a native spirit made from 
this preparation. 

tapak, tbo palm (of the hand) ; the 
sole (of the foot) ; sa-iajiak, a step ; 
Mtns t. gajah, an elephant's foot- 
prints ; (. ittk, a herb (fioscopa 
scandens) ; t. kaki, the sole of the 
foot ; f. Snlaiman, tbe seal of 
Solomon j the pentacSe ; tbe five- 
pointed star-fish. 

tapoh, tying up the sarong in tbe 
way Malay women fasten it up ; 
alljiar t., drawers worn by Javanese^. 

tapl, = tStapi, 



tapis, I. filtration ; paasing a licjiiicl 
through cloth ; iia-tapis,ageiienttioii; 
tapiitkan, to ^Iter (water). II. the 
Ceylon irou.wood (menmafen-ea). 

tapok, B, scab, a soar, a pock-mark, 
the remains of the pistil in a fmit-— 
cf. tmttpolc. 

taza, equality of altitude ; etenneRS ; 
paritji sa-tara, on a level with i 
tiada tara-nya, peerless ; pSnara 
biikit, the ridg« of a range of hilU. 

tftrab, rongh-hewing ; mlnurah, to 

tavom, gloomy, overcast (of the sky) . 

tantnff, pStarangan, a, hen's nesting- 

taxbU, a pellet-bow, 

tarek, dntwing to or after oneself ; 

pulling; mSnarek or inSnarelCkan^ to 

draw ; to pull ; to drag ; to draw in 

(a long breath) or prolong (a note 

in singing). 
tad, dancing (by swaying the arms 

and body) ; ininari, to dance, 
terlkh, At. date ; em ; period of 

time g pada I. Uu, at that time ; 

bSrtarilck, dated. 
tftlinff, the projecting and Tiflible 

tusk of a wild-boar; mimi Mrlariti^, 

a turued-up monstache. 
tariM, fastening, tjing up, = skat. 
tarok, depositing ; receiving or 

placing in a, safe place ; staking ; 

MriaTok, to stake ; tnenaroh, to retain 

or preserve ; to keep ; to harbour j 

pltaTokkan, to entrust or Confide. 
UaoTt, a shoot i a ^oung sprout. 
tftroug, (onom,) a deep booming 

taru, blrtai'u, to sound (of the nafiri). 
tanun, the indigo plant (indigofera 

tas, a tree (harrimia panniculata) 

the wood of which is beliered to 

frighten awaj tigers. 
tasak, the stopping of bleeding ; 

mlnasalc, to stop bleeding. 
tasba]L,.ijr. aroearjj bwih-f., prayer- 


taaek, a lake, a mere ; (rarely) the 

sea ; t, paah janggt, the great ocean ; 

ta^ei'iaaek, a plant (adeiiosma capi- 

taahdld, Ar, the diacritical mark 

signifying that the letter over which 

it is placed is donbled. 
tashrih, Ar. Umu taehrih, the science 

tatah, inlaying, embedding, sticking 

into ; hSiiatahkan ratnu matu ina- 

nikam, studded with gems. 
tatal, a shaving. 
tatang', carrying on the uptonied 

palm of the hand, or any similar Eat 

or slightly concave surface ; carrying 

with extreme care ; cherishing. 
tatap, close visual examination (anck 

as a watchmaker gives to the works 

of a watch) ; minatap, to examine ; 

to watch ; to keep a look-out. 
tatek, the stumbling walk of a very 

young child i blrtaleh, to toddle along. 
tatkala, Skr. the time when ; at the 

time when ; pada t. itu, at that time ; 

t. ia lagi muda, white he vias still a 

taubat, Ar. repentance; giving up 

(an evil practice) ; also tdbat. 
tatickanif, Ch. a Chinese queue ; a 

tan^, Ch. bean sprouts. 
tanliid, Ar. the doctrine of the unity 

of God. 
tanke, Ch. a " towkay," an employer 

of labour. 
tavl, securing an oar by attaching it 

with cord to the gunwale. 
tanlan, Tarn, friend, comrade. 
taua, Ar. a murrain, an epidemic. 
Tanrlt, Ar. the Pentateuch; the 

books of Moses. 
taut, a n^ht-line with a rod. 
tawa, tlHawa, laughing, laughter. 
tawak, tatoak-tawak, a small un- 

melodious gong or Bounding.hoard 

need to summon people to a meetii^. 
tairakkal, Ar. surrender to God's 



, Google 


tawaa, capture; enalavemcnt i eub- 
dning ; iaicanan, a captiYR ; ingna- 
umn OF minateankan, to snbdue, to 
taXe captive ; liTlawmi, takeu pri- 
soner; ied captive. 

tarirer, I. taBtelesBnesa ; absence of 
flavour or digtinctive characteristic ; 
ayer (., freah water (as distinct from 
salt) i (. hati, nausea 1 lauk yang (., 
insipid or tasteleBS fiwd ; lepmtg t., 
rice-flour' and water need bs a coolii^ 
orliealin(5 paste for tfaeskin J tmuavi 
■t a spell w th a 


e tal Bi 

a protect ^ 
II barga ng ( nSnn n bnggl ng 

tew«l Blum 

tfibali beat ng a flat s rface — e g 

beat Qg the breasts or bent ng a 

tebak a h avy cutt ng or hopp ng 

blow ( a p e o (of wood) lopped 

off from a loj, 
Ubal, thick (of cloth, paper, planking, 

etc.) ; niuia t., brazen-faced ; (. hati, 

teban, atakea in gambling; money 

it1)Ml|rj foiling heavy timber ; mini- 


o fell. 

iebaj^, scattering, sowing, or spread- 
ing by a sweeping round -arm motion ; 
(. jala, to throw a casting-net ; mfine- 
bar, to scatter. 

i6bM, felling email scrub, clearing 
nndei^trowth — cf. tihang. 

tibltt, damming ; barring ; barricad- 
ing ; closing to traffic. 

tebang, spread out ; expanded (as a 
sarong or piece of embroidery is 
spread oat to show the pattern). 

Ubftran, a name given to several 
large grasses (especially sacharwn 
aTVMdinaceam, Bacftamm ridleyi and 
thyeanoloena ocarifBra). 

Ublnff, a bank by a cutlitig; th* 
bank of ft river or canal. 

tJtlxtk, borinf; ) making a cylindrical 

2 TEH 

hole in anything ; sinking a shaft or 

t«bok, a heavy thrust. 

ttbn, sugar-cane ; itlar iatang 1,, the 
banded karaifc (bvngaras /atciat'm). 

tfibaan, a homet. 

tfibUB, redemption ; release from 
mortgage or pawn ; the purchase of 
a slave from someone else ; mSnlbaa, 
to redeem. 

t«eU, ^ teii. 

tfidas, a raised ring round a pillar. 

tfidob the stilling of storm and rain ; 
bf edoh to take shelter. 

tidonif lar tsdong, a generic name 
given to hooded snakes and to some 
snakes resembling them t iilar t, 
nfndolr tl e Cobra (_naia ti-^ncdiana) ; 
via t i^jor or uiar t. o.liu, the hama- 
drrad (n a hungarvs) ; ular t. maia- 
ha a small brilliantly coloured 
snake {doiicpkin hivirgaliia) j ular t. 
la tl e snake tamenis liofroa. 

tfifSknr absent-minded ; pinnged in 

tfigftb, hindrance, prohibition ; tlgah- 
ion or minSgakkan, to prohibit. 

tSgak, Bttflly erect; bolt nprigbt; 
also cMgak. 

tfigal, tigal a^. why ; = haraa opa. 

tiganff, taut ; fully outstretched ; at 
its full span. 

tftgap, = ifgak. 

Ugar, stiff, unyielding, obstinate, in- 
flexible ; t. Ikitt, stiff-necked. 

ti^ajmn, a silk kain li^ae. 

tfigoll, firm ; fast ; tight (of a knot) ; 
rigidly adhered to (of a promise) } 
di-ikai-'oya Hgoh-llgoh, he tied it 
very tightly. 

tttgok, gulpingi a mouthful ; Ba-iigol:, 
a mouthful ; as much as one can gulp 

tfignn, an expectant attitude. 
ttgnr, address, greeting, salutation ; 
t. napa, courtesy ; tlguri, to ad- 

Uh, ] 



■drinking). II. an abbrev 

puleh ea a proper name. 
teja, Sir. glowing rain-clouds. 
t«Ji, Pers. kuda teji, a FegHsus ; a, 

ninged ateed f also iezi. 
teka, Rkr. teka-tm, riddles ; coiiun- 

drams g Ukaan, gaeas-'work. 
-tCkak, I. ciiioik tlkah, the uvula. II. 

obaUnaoj. III. ^ ff^. 
tttui, preasnru with the flat of the 

hand or leg ; pressure to test strength 

or to obtaiu a squeeze or impression 

of an old inscription or mould— cf. 

^t&kanff, a thwart ; a cross-beam to 
resist pvesauro at its estvemitiea and 
□at to support a weight resting on it. 

"tftkap, resting the flat of the Land 
on anything— e.g. closing a child's 
mouth in jest to prevent him speak- 
ing— cf. tlkan. 

itSkat, embroidery j bSrWfea' moa, em- 
broidered in gold, 

■Ukfibnr, Ar. pride ; arrogance ; 

-tSkek, I. a drug u; 

IT kmki, riddle, 

■tXki, tika- 

-tSkab., (Kedah) penod ; 
fliaiia, when ? 

Ukma, baja tikjia, a Ion 
jacket worn by women. 

'tiknknx, tbe little Malay ground- 
dove (geiipelia striat-a) ; padang (,, a 
plain abandoned to doves, a desolate 
place i burovg aeivah tSkukur, the. 
Indian koel (eadynamii Aojiornta) ; 
■alar HOUtu tlkukar, a name given to 
a snake (coluber melanurtis). 

-tiknn, assiduous attention i blrtSkiiti, 
ntSngaji, to study attentively or 

4ftkllp, covering with the hand ; 
caf«hing by covering with the hand. 

jlUa, a passage in a Ifalay house 
connecting the kitchen with tbe 
' main building. 

~tida, the pan of a firearm. 


tUadan, model ; example ; a copy 

tfilag^a, Skr. a we!l, tank, or basin of 
water ; a small mere. 

tUali, did, was — a word giving a 
preterite meaning to the passage in 
which it occurs i maka tSlah di-Uhat 
it'i, when that was seen ; when be 
saw that ; sa-tllah, being past or 

UlompoiiS, drift-wood; a fioat. 
tilan, swallowing ; mliielan, to swal- 
low ; pSrllian, a draught. 
tfilanET, long patches (as a pattern) ; 

buloh (., a bamboo (gigantoclUoii 

t61angkai, a marriage-broker. 
tfilanjang, naked, stripped; t. bnlat, 

stark-naked ; (. bugil, id. ; blrUlait- 

ja-ag, in a state of nudity ; bare. 
tilaajnr proiecting' stretching out 
tftlantar stretched prone lymj, at 

full length 
tfilap penetrat on incision wound 

dyeing. II. tClapakan, dul tllapakan a royal 

title ^ dit kmu, etc 
tilata^ mam ers bohavlonr ways 
tfilan I atchy (of colouring or i 

tSlednr lilor sluggard — a term of 

tfilAkan bl mil to rest one s bca 1 

teilkoiLK, a praying-veil — used by 

Muhammadan women. 
tUfikn, bSrtiUkK, tu lean on one's 

tilfimpap, 'a-telSntpap, a band's- 

tfilfinait, a cleaning-frame — used by 

a native copper- smith. 
teUng, cocked on one's side (of the 

tSlApa, "^ cMUpa. 

ttlftpok, printing on cloth; geonic- 

trio pattern generally ; nai^uetry. 
tUacBUif, mas alerang, reef -gold; 
, »iuartl oijtorop. , ' 


TfiLlNGA 2S 

teiinga,; the ear; the handle of a 
vessel ; (. bldil, the pan of a gan ; 
t, kSra, a plant {hendowia lobbiana) ; 
anak t., the tTrnpannin ; ckv.'pi'ag t., 

. the lobe of the ear; douw t., the 
enter frnine of the ear; Idbang t., 
the orifice of the enr; itan Icorvk t. 
bv.aya, e. fieli {gaeb-otocens bjaca- 

tBling^oIi. ivni'E, behaviour, eonditct 
— cf. tingh'h, 

telipok, the lutns. 

tMol, I. a hay, a bight, a curve, » 
bend; (. miiliiii, bends and.reaehes 
(in a river) ; territories , jtetieralh'. 
II. = m«t. 

tftlnkup. = ilhmgkup — v. lavghvp. 

tilnnjok, the indez-liii^r. 

tSlnz', egg 1 fiah-roe ; (. axin, pre- 
serred eggs ; t, btiaya, a crocodile's 
egg; t. teniboi, a sambal made of 
the Itoe of the tlj-ubok fish {dajrea 

telnx, lisping ; inability to articulate 
certain letters properly. 

taint, I. Ih-imt, to kneel, II. = laf. 

tiiaxtbnx, beiiprinkled, scattered, dis- 
persed; binlang t, a constellation 
— cf. tabur. 

tfiinali, tali t!-niuli, cordajje. 

tfanou, attending on, waiting on, 
oceompaiiving a companion of higher 
rank; (S«iont, to attend on, 

tBmand&nS, garb ; get-up ; general 

t&mor&m, th'cvg Umaram, dusk, 
gloom, doubtful light. 

tSmaranff, -^ timai-iim, 

ttmlmdaii, a name given in Itomeo 
to the small wild ox (tow eoniliiicii^, 
and also in some dialects to bog 
inindorensix) . 

tftmbagft, Skr. copper, bronze, brass ; 
t. kuninSi polished brass ; t. merah, 
dull bronze; l.ptiteh, nickel; (. suaea, 
an alloy of gold and copper, 
'tun.'bnki shooting, firing shots; ml- 
■nembak, to fire shots. 

tImbftJran, Eur. tobacco; t. }av)a. 

14 TfiMEUKU 

locally gronTi tobacco ; t. hSlali^ 
tobacco imported from Europe, 
tfimbBknl, a fresb-water fish . (un- 
identified). [It has a very large 

tfimbkn, pnffj- (of the cheeks). 

t£ln.biui0, BODgs sting by dancing- 

tambatn, the fruit of the ii Jiwh palm.. 

teliibek, cloar (of a shot) ; nearly 
hitting; just missing; just avoiding.. 

timbekar, = timbiim: 

tembel, a'stye in the eye. 

tfimbUanff, rottenness (in eggs). 

t6m1j61iDng', = pitfiag bUinitg. 

tSmbelok, an edible marine worm, 
which eats into wood exposed to the 

tftuberang, the stays of a must, 
tembteek, a fish (nnidentified). 
tSmbexek, ^ Umbikm 
tfimberenff, a bit ; a section , a 
curved or sharp edge , ( fojotii, a 

tBrnbenn, a tree {fng^aafiaaiiii"-) 
tSmbl, an outward elbow thrust 
tJSntblkai, a water-melon {rth'iUw 

titabikiftr, sherds ; broten pottery ; 

the pieces of broken eartbenHary 

used by children in playing games— 

snoh as ttiju lobniig, 
tAmbUok, ■= (dmbcJot. 
tamblrinff, = tlnibereiig. 
tfimbok, perforated, rent, torn ; rotten 

or hollow (of the teeth) j eaten 

tetubok, 1. a wall ; iaki f., the fonn- 

dations of a wall. II- wS^tem&Odb, tO' 

cool a liquid by stirring it or by 


t from one vessel to another. 

tfanbolok, the crop of a bird. 

tfimbokor, = bokor. 

tCmbonff, a long cadge! or quartev- 

tftmboia, folding np ; tcuehlifat t., ^ 

sort of pie or patty; 
ttmbnka. a knob ; a liard projectkni 

— cf. bitka. 


tEmbun a 

tBrnbnn., = tamb 

tfimb-oui, the an k h e 

place uta. 
tSmbiiB, broken hog perfo -a ed 

tSmbnan, = tSi M 
t6mtnseoii.g, a, Malay dign taty of 

hiRh valik 
tfimBnong' i bah ( n dent fied) 
-tinuAng aliBna(ie t a peg ) 

ifintilang a pi at {aglaa d a 


o f rrul . 
^ w 

uhait a, terra f 
i,' ahpath 

-tSmoleb. u, Ssh (unidentified) 

-ifimpa liammenng beating work- 
ing metal with tht, haramei — cf. 

'Umpab. (.ngagpmetit m advance ; 
rttaining semces pt-nSmpah btdan, 
the fee pa d in advance to a midwife. 

tSmpala the hop or spring of a 
fighting Lhevrotin. 

tempai^r, chronic lameneasj limping ; 

tStnpap, bringing down the flat of 
the hand forcibly on any snrface. 

timpat, plaoe, locality; t. daieut, an 
infcatond ; t. mfngaji, a school i t. 
sireh, a sireh-bos. 

timpana, iknn tSmpaus, a whale ; 
also jwtis. 

tfimpavan, hammered, beaten, 
wrought (of metals) ; mas L, ham- 
mered ftold — the pale yellow colour 
uf which JB a simile for a much 
admired tint of the complexion. 

tintpayak, the larvto or grubs of 
waaps, beea, etc. 

tftmpayaji, a large eaHhenware jar 
used for storiug water, 

Ifimpak, oheeringj criea of joy or of 
self -encouragement j the war-criea 
of an advancing army. 

"tsitipel, close approaab, searing; 

; jan^an bSrtempel dStigan Aia, do not 
iga close to him. 

5 TllMU 

tfimpfilak, twitting a persnn with a, 
b nder or mistake ; teafling a maji 
nho hag made a fool of himself. 

tdrnpeleug', a box on the ears. 

t6ntpSraa, scattered about by leak- 
^B ; spilt all about a place. 

tfimpecaB, a biting insect (nnidenti- 

tfimpfiratt, surly answering ; an 
angry tone. 

tSmpiar, bSrlSmpiar or bSi-tSmpiaran, 
fleeing in all directions j scattering. 

timplaa, beating in (of rain). 

tfimpluali, the ws,ter balsam {hydnt- 
a U-iflora). 

tfimpinls. a well-known hard-wood 
tree (sloetia sideroxylon). 

tfimpit, = limpeh. 

t«inpo. Port, time (especiaJly in the 
of further time for payment ; 



timpoh, a violent onslaught ; o 
ing ; ■niSnSmpoh, to assault, to storm. 

tduponak, the monkey -jack (artocar. 
pas figida). 

tampoag, I. throwing at a mark. 
II. pushing olf at right angles; 
pnshing ofE a boat from a bank. 

tfimpocok, = parok, 

tSmpozong', = tlmpurong. 

tSmpoyak, a pri<aerve made of salted 

tBmpna, buronij tSmpim, the wearer- 
bird ; . iknn (., a fiah (barbus cpojon). 

tftmpnl, a tree yielding a good fruit 
ibaccanrea malayana). 

t&npnling', a barbed fish-gpear. 

tfimpiinai, ^ Umponek. 

timpuraa, =■ tSmplrae. 

tEmpnroa(r, a piece of eoeonut-shell ; 
a bit of a skull ; the body of ai 
mandoline -like musical instrument ; 
t. l«tuti the knee-pan ; sieek f., the 
logger-head turtle {thalaseochelys 

tlmn, I, meeting; coming together 
at the same spot ; blrtlmH, to meet ; 

. pErtjniuaii, meeting ; the oot or place 
of meeting, II. a generic name 



(riven to a untitbGr of mid gingers 

(actlamnex) , t iwncht, a amoll 

cultivated ginger (loem^ena pandv 

lata) t fci«i((if, turmeno (carcamo 
. Irmga) , t lawni, a white tormenc 

the Kedoary (cw eu aa sedbajin) 
tfimaoliat = cISi irhup 
temnlnu — Kl umlriia 
tSmnknt lln«lHf 
tSmnmn 1 1 «i tivivrun, dLSciMit 

j>eUigrpe lineage 
timnt t! c tlimbbm^of the fontanel 
tSnang. ciilm, Binooth, still (of the 

Burfac'c of tlie ivator). 
tfintir, fln upiiinr; ft row; ft family 

row— Buoh that neighbonrs can hear; 

'' washing dirty linen in pablio." 
tenda, Port, nn awning. 
tBnd&uiC, kicking out ; Ih-tiiml I 

I'lrtlndang, with (.-nffs and kicks 
tfiudas, decapitation ; cnlting ofi a 

teuK, Ch. a Chinese lantcni. 
tBuifiiidali, looking upwards ; to look 

Mnfffth, midst, middle j the half the 

centre ; in the middle of (in point t f 
" time) i whilst ; (, hart, midday ( 

■naik, half -grown; (. itteitgajar, whilt 

he waa teaching ; >Ki-tlnsa}i, u half 

ft fair qnantit; of ; Home. 
ttllgAr, a tree of the mangrove type 

— the bavk of which is used for 

tanning (ccriopK candoUeana). 
ttngak, rancid (of oil). 
tSnggala, Skr. a plough; tanah I 

nrable land ; padi t,, seed-podi 

wiin^ggolo, to plough. 
tblgpilonff, a civet-cat (vherta 

tangalunga) ; pogar I., a name given 

to the railing round the stem-gnllery 

of a native trading-ship. 
tftu^an, rolls of fat on the limhs 01 

teuxKnnr, share and gliaro alike 

oquaJIy divided. 
ttuggRra, BOitth-east ; liTnui- niftnf g 

para, £,8,1:.) sllataii ininSaggara 

Viagg^t limit extreme point dart 
ih ggot ir t -la ^nggat tta, from this 
extremity to that 

ttnggok toaamg nee up and down 

teng^k I squatting perching 
sitting like a buil or ape II near- 
mg the head dress at a rakish slant 

tfinffgBlMn to sink to be sub 
merged to disapptar from the 
snrface mafala it sunset suiatoi 
1 la tmbul tlnggSlaiu the nntton 
eharaeters on it were portly visible; 
partly effaced ; ifnggSlanilum, to 

ttaiggiiang, a (Kedah) variant of 

tengger == tmgget. 

tfinffgUing, a sort of ant-eater or 

Htinadiiio (mains jiirnnicu) ; nfafi 

( ifu K k t., tiled roofing. 
ttagglrl, a generic name for a 

itumber of fish which make ex.- 

cellent eating {cybium, spp.) 
tSuggulomtr, ft millipede which rollc 

Itself up into a boll when louche;! ; 

tfiagkalak, a long narrow fish-trnp 
viith inturning spikes at the broader 
enl or ilse (t. owaJ) made of sticks 
'nith inturnii^ thorns. 

tSngknlok, nnripe but edible (of 

tfingkalonff, ^ tlnggalaiig. 

tfiug'kang', the space between the 

tfingkar altercation, quarrelling ; 
bi If qk I ; to quarrel, to have n 
squabble with ; tinghiri, to stir up a 
quarrel plrfltigkaran, an alter9ntioD. 

tfii^kaiTMiK, s (Borneo) tree (dtp- 

ttetCkelang, = kelang. 
tblgkKraug, a fish isf^aelee aializks} 

— also known as herong-kerimg. 
tengkei unequal in size to its 

fellows insufficiently developed. 
tingUny, snarling ; an angry tone ;. 

menhigking, to spelj; angrih 

■ Google 

tang'koli, Ch. opium-dross prepared 

for re-smoMnf;. 
ttegkolok, a hea^-ivrapper ; n ker- 

chiui Btaiched and iiBed. aa a lioatf- 

tSngkomk, a akuU ; tlio c;i-aniam ; 

ringgit (., the 34 gnilder piece. 
tfingkn, a, roj^l title of ttic highceb 

Fank i a, prince of the tirst gmdii. 
tiaifknyoiiff, I. o aliell {cypra^a sp.) 

11. Biigo-bark. 
tenglong, = fain/ioifjr. 
WnffOli, (oiiom.) mineagoli, to low 

(of oxen), 
teitgok, seeinj;, lookicg at, peoriag 

at 1 (in bazaar MaJoy) to Bee, — lihat, 
tfiusid, Ch. a aoup-Bpoon. 
tinofc, a tapir [iapiituf maUtyat^ua) ; 

slso badak tSnofc — cf. alao hadali 

ttuoi^, abstraetion abseitt-niinded- 
nessjpSieiions), a(SiI^apo^e)fo^tQne- 
t«101L7, a flat-topped circular box of' 
JavaneBe make. 
tSuttuig, oppoBite, facing ; bliiin- 
(anjjUB, Tis-i-viB ; in^JiJiitaTig, to face 
(as a jnan faces an opponent). 
tentang, a window (the bin^a of 
which are at the top and not at the 


tfiatn, certainty ; deGnitirenesB (as 
opposed bo vagaeneas) i indubitable, 
positive; lihabar yang t, reliable 

tfinttiliaii, ^ (ulian-tubari. 

titittinut, a (Riau) equivalent for 

tftaiU, a tree (myrieltca Uiunrui), 

ttunn, weaving ; the art or proceaH 
of weaving ; tiRU-aan, method or 
style of weaving ; »alah tSnuiion, 
a fault in the fabric; hlTlitiiia, to 

i {cimocephaiaa 

7 TfiRA 

leprnk, a rec^ngalaj' (Falembang* 
made) box containing eirefv-chewii^ 

tfipam. laying the palm of the hand 
ou anything or paaaiug the patra of 
the hand over anything (as a man 
in the dark trying to make out the 
character of some object). 

ttpaa, I. brimful ; full up. II. hnfat 
ti^s dunia, the fonr quarters of the 
earth ; = impat pSnjuro, alam, 

ttpftt, exactly ; full ; barat t., due 
west; malakari t., exactly noon; 
piiioh I., }UBt exactly full ; b^tSpat, 
to carry out in its exactness — e.g. 
bSrtipat janji, to carry out one's 
promise to the lettcr. 

t&p^au, = Umipayan. 

tep^, an edible salt-water shell-fish 

teper, = eheper. 

tBpI, edge, border, margin, brink ; 
m&n^'pi, to step to the edge ; to edge 
off ; to step aside. 

tfipls, pushing aside ; knocking aside ; 
warding off; Upiskaa, to strike or 
puah anythiug aside ; tSpit tni'ni'piif 
to fence. 

tfipok, a heavy blow with the flat of 
the hand i (dapping, slapping, pat' 
ting ; mSnipok, to alap ; niEnSpot 
dada, to beat the breast ; I. laial, 
the flap which Malays use for catch- 
ing grass-hoppers. 

tepok, lamenesB due to a. bad leg and 
not to amputation. 

tfiponf, flour i meal; powdery anb- 
Btance ; a generic name for a large 
number of cakeB ; t. iSras, rice flour ; 
t. gandum, wheaten flour; t. tawar, 
a powder nsed for cooling the skin. 

tepa, full to the brim ; f uU (of the 

tfiTB, the royal seal, stamp or impi^es- 
sion ) biltim Urtira, it is still un. 
sealed) it lacks the oBlcial confir- 
mation; mUSrai, to Seal; to stump 
an official mark on documents oc on 


,y Google 

tSeada, a (Batavia) eqnivaleDt of tteatai, the lotas {nslumit 

UtajAng, trampling under foot ; 

Btamping down thufooton anjChiDg; 

Undang t,, kicking and Btamping (of 

an angry iorge). 
tirajn, Pera. scales ; a balance ; the 

loose etring joining tbe extremities 

tBr^, I. a fowl's lajing-place. II. 
tin refnse after smelting. III. jilnoh 
tirah, absolutely full ; cliockfui ; 
elok t, perfectly beantifnl. 
Vtial, ineistence j verbal pressure or 

import nnity. 
terallug, I. a bird (unidentified). 
II. a wood used in house-building 
{tanielia BiTnplicifolia). 
ttrtui, straining (in easing oneself) ; 

the impulse in labour. 
tftraltBA, good anchorage ; firm sea- 
tfiranf, clear, bright, obvious, evi- 
dent ; t. hati, clear- sightedn ess j t. 
bindlrang, shining brightness ; t. 
ckuacha, clear daylight ; di-tSngah- 
tin^ah (., quite openly ; in broad 
dajlight ! kltlraTtgan, elucidation, 
olearing up, explanation. 
timp, I. a hollow mouldit^ mnning 
along a Mtib ; Mris tSlirapan, a iiH« 
with this bollow running along the 
'blade. II. a tree {aTtocoTpu^ ktinst- 
lerl) the bark of which is nsed by 
Salcais as cloth; k-alit t., the bark so 

t«rap, = tiarap, 

ttrapang', a metal covering for the 

ttras, hard wood in a tree ; the 
harder portions of a good timber- 
tree ; blTt^Tas, having a solid core. 

tCraal, a preparation of fish and 
prawns (better known as bllachan). 

tCrunl, At. letter- wri ting ; ilmn t, 
a knowledge of epistolary forms ; 
Icitab (., a treatise on letter- 

tir»t, a. boundary. 

tfiratak,' i 

. lean-to ; a humble hut ; 
atory way of describing 

tfirata. Port, torture ; tlmpat t, a, 

tfirau, spinning ; mSnlrau, to spin 

tJtr'bang, flying r to fly; lUum t. 

lalat, before the flies are astir — i.e. 

the very early morning ^ t. arwah or 

'. sSmangat, " the flight of the spirit 

of life"; loss of conaoionsness ; 

sudden stupor ; MKrbangan, flying 

tSrbia, slipping down at the side (b» 

earth after a landslip). 
tftcbit, issuing out of ; exit from ; 

issuing front the forest; yang tSrbit 
dari pada hati yang jlriich, proceed- 
ing from B pare heart. 

terbnl, a fresh-water fish (unidenti- 

ttrbiu, Ar. tarboosh ; a fe:^. 

tfirbut, a heavy wooden bolt Qsed in 
ship- building. 

t&rek, I. extreme, excessive ; panan t,, 
eitrente heat. II. bitrony tlrelc 
cfianai, a bird, the Indian oriole 
{oriolus indicns). 

tSrSnaitff, a sort of decanter made 
of earthenware. 

tfixendak, a conical sun-hat worn by 
Chinese as well as Malays ; f. China, 
the Chinese pattern of sun-hat 
(which is not a perfect cone but 
slopes inwards) ; xiput t., a shell 
(pftonis eoUirU). ' 

ttofintanff , a large forest-tree [camp- 
nonperma aarinulata). 

ttll, Bkr. three, triple (in eertain 
expressions only — e.g. tfi-t-ftuami, the 
three worlds ; ISri-aula, a trident). 

ttelak, a cry, a shout ; hSrtiriak, to 

t6)^ba, ahar tlHba, a, medicinal plants 

(rhimKa«th-ag conanltnU). 

l,,;V6d by 



tiriffu, Port, flour. 
tSrima, reception, ooceptaace ; re- 
ceipt into one's poasesaion ; t. kaseh, 

the aokBowledj^eiit of the receip6 

of kindness ; thank you thanks 

mSnhima, to receiTS to obtain 
1i6ripKUff, a sea. worm — much prized 

by Chinese as a delicacy {holotkuna 

edwUa) ; ikan I a flsh (saurus 

ttelsnla, Skr. a indent see if i and 

tirit«k, dripping ; dropping oon- 

tinually in small drops— -cf. titeic, 
tteiUp, a small aea-slug (which eats 

into piles and ships' bottoms). 
tirjal, the flapping ot a kit«. 
-tirjBmlUi, Ar. translation; interpre- 

tAtioB ; mlTilirjSmakliari, to translate. 
-tBrjun, rapid descent ; leaping or 

jumping down ; ayer (., a waterfall ; 

t. dari atai kuda, to leap off a horse ; 

tirjunlcan, to let drop. 
-tirka, Skr. guess-work m' ? fai to 

guess— cf, ijfta. 
"ttokam, leaping or Bpnnging for 

ward ; sSp^ti ginga fee lah mS» Sr 

ham, like a iioo about to spni^f 
tfirkap, catching under a concave 

tdrktil, sSiiapattg tSrkul, a ritled gun. 
'tirknp, (onom.) the dull clash of flat 
. non-metailio substances ; the butting 

of rams, 
tfirmaaa, Pera.ashow; a spectacular 

fostiTal ; the sights of » place. 
tBrnali, nnprecedented, unusual, ei- 

traordinarj ; si-tSrtiah, a dressed-np 

idiot — a terra of abase. 
tftsnok, oran^ tlmak, aborigines. 
-teiOlE, seTere (of illness or of a 

-Wrompali, = Hrompai. 
Urompak, wooden clogs. 
Hvompttt, &ng. trumpet; siput t., 

a, shell ((rift™, variegattis), 
ttoona, = tSruna. 
MrOB.B', ft vegetable ; the brinjal or 

sulariium ; t. aiam or t. pSrat {eolarvam 

29 TfiBTJS 

actdeal{t$imv,m) ; t.mSranti, {solatium 

nigmm) ; t. pipit {solanum tort'tmi 

and aolaituni verhatcifOli-aTii) ; t. Wfttt* 

(aolanutn saratentostim). 
tBronf ko Fort a prison ; a lock-up ; 

a cell 
iiropimg a tube a tabular or 

telescopic instrument ; a telescope ; 

( api a. bellows t tama, a micro- 

t6rpa a, hasty forward movement ; 

an lu pulsive spring forward ; mS- 

■nSrpa, to dart forward. 
tirpal, Bug. a tarpaulin ; a driving. 

t^tawa, to lau^h ; see also tama. 

tfirtlb, Ar. order, rank, fltting prece- 
dence ; t. e^iithakyang, the order of 
prayer, ritual. [The ward t^Hib Is 
also used in the sense of " becoming 
modesty ,"^i.e. of people who know 
their proper place and do not presume 
or push themselves forward.] 

tfirabin, a Hsh.trnp with a tailing 
door ; also tubin. 

tSmbok, a fish (clupea hmagnrta) ; 
Mar t., the roe of this flsh used as 

tSmbonff, a granary ; a ]Mvdi-bam. 
tfirabnl, a tree (icoi-a p-andifolia). 
tBrnia, a word of oomniand given to 

elephants to make them sit down. 
tfirmnba, a pedigree ; a genealt^cal 

t6mmbn, a reef or rock visible at 

low tide but covered at high water. 

tinuia, Skr. an unmarried yxiuth i 
mudo (., a Stripling' ; ayam (., a 

a- shore shrub (segtcerof 

tCnip, I. mail!' I&rupf a game played 

with European cards. ll.liu,datSrup, 

a troop-horse. 
tfima, right through ; in a direct line 

throi^h or acmes j baju itu-pan *., 
. the coat was piarced right through j 

tSrutfott, a canal or cutting joining 

two reaches of a cirer 



T&Ruai a 

ttrtul, Tarn. Ti'trto], sulphuric acid4 

tesl, Ch. a, tea-epooo. 

tH(^, hening, hacking, Bloahing ; 
tlialckan, to stnke (onythiiig) with a 
cutting weapon ; mSiiitdkkan, id. ; 
mSnitak, to give B cutting blow. 

Utal, cIoBO (of the pattern of a cloth) ; 
without wide interaticeS! kueh („ a 
cake made of pnlHt rice wilh coconut 
milk, Bugar G.iid egg 

Utuupan, El sort of napkin or ker 
chief of Bilk cloth worn ceremonvalU 
on the abonlder by certain tourt 

Utap, I. permnnpiiiy , SMtv (of 
tenure or residence) , definitely de 
cided ; ta-titah t btchara ttu, when 
that matter vies settled , menitafian 
to give security or permanency to 
anything i ^rtstap, confident assur- 
ed. II, blotting up , sucking np 
tnoistnre; }caint.tahoh,ato\rel. 

tH»pi, Skr. but ; however ; still -, 

UtMT, broken or forced open by in- 
terna! forces (as an egg is hatched) ; 
■mSnStas, to be hatched (of eggs), 

ttte, watching his ohance (of a 
wrestler or fighting-cock), 

tHtgUk, a aiualt owl—perhaps a 
dialectic name for tbo pimggoi- 
(^glaucidiu-in brodii). 

tntik, the breast of a suckling woman ; 
ntimblri L, to suckle, 

tttal, inferior meat {sinews, soft carti- 
lage, etc.), consumed by the poor. 

tWliira, (onom,) a bird (nnidentified) 
— so called from its note, which is 
BometimeB represented as ta'-tidwr. 

ttttrok, see UTok. 

tttkala, = tatkala. 

tawM, failure ; being worsted ; I. 
pSrang-nya, the battle was going 
against him. 

tMl, Fers. latda Iczi, a Pegasus, » 
winged horse ; also teji. 

thabit, Ar. tmth revealed ; also eahU. 

thftlatlia, =' eSlasa. 

tlwljll, Ar, snow. 

tUda, ii 

ada-lah it, 

tlui. Jar, the lower abdomen in a 
pre|;;nBnt woman. 

tunff, a pillar ; a post ; a mast ; a 
verdeal sapport ; (. agong, the main- 
mast ; t. bindero, a flagstaff ; i. »iri, 
the centra! pillar in a Malay house. 

tiap, itap-fiuj), every } paia Ua/p-Hap 
JwtW, every day ; tiaji-tiwp mlreka-iht, 
everyone of them, 

tlarap, lying on one's face (of a 
man); lying bottom apwards (of a 
boat) ; face downwards ; tiara'phan, 
to turn (anything) face domiwards! 
m&nia'titp, to assume such a position. 

tlba, I. sudden atriva! or oceu 
an unexpected development 
ting in" at a port (of a 
" landing " (of a blow) ; Ma-tiba, 
suddenly, anespectedly. II. pifiban 
so inj!!i-, a gift, a present— in Javaoese 
talcs only, 

tlbar, = tebar. 

Hdak, no, not ; tidaUan, to deny the 
existence of; kStidahun, non-exis- 

tldui', sleep ; t, lllnp, deep sleep ; 
tlmpat (., a b«d ; tiduraii or Mtidii/i-an, 
sleep; being asleep; fiituTkan, to 
put to sleep. 

tiga, three ; blrtiga, in a party of 
three ; ketiga, aU three i yaiig kltiga, 

tlj»k, = po'at. 

tUta, a reel of thread. 

tikal, a Siamese " tical," 

tikam, stabbing ; spearing ; striking 
with a pointed weapon ; piercing 
with thorns; matt Una t., death 
from a stab or from a spoar-thrast ; 
iiJ!amkan,to drive (a pointed weapon) 
into anything. 

tUcaf , a mat ; blntanglcan. t, to spread 
a mat ; hSrtiiarkan, to use (anything) 
as a mat ;.to sleep on. 

tlkaa, the line of sea- weed and drift- 
wood on a beach, showing the 
treme point reached by the tide. 



tlkiu, a, generic name for rats and 
mice; t. amhang halan,'R&Sea' gym- 
DUTB ; t. Bslanda. the (imporled) 
goinca-pig ; C. buloh, a name for ths 
bamboo-rat {rhisontys Humotrctme) , 
better dekan ; t. nuitidok, => f . ambany 
bulan; (.runui^ the oommon house- 
mooBC (mua musetiiae) j t. tantA, the 
Reld-moiise (ntus decumaiM») ; f. tari, 
the musk-ahrew (croctditra mui'tftic 
and crocidara cieridea) ; angin t,, un- 
certain minds ; gigl t, small l^ular 
teeth. ; lohan^ t., the cavity in which 
the bod; is laid in a Malay gntTC, 

tllam, a sleeping-mattress ; Ulmiiau, 

tHaM.,a&Bli{fmt*lacei}ibelit>ayinutus) ; 
t. paair (trypaache)nt tuufino) ; 1. 
]-amyH.( (ptmeiepferitB dnsraecena). 

tUsfci looking long and Gzedly at 
any thing' J caa«(olly esaraininR ; (Eiji- 
pat (., a opiosure of nil eyes ; tvikany 
t., a man gifted with second-sight ; 
a fortune-teller. 

tUo, an insect (anideatified). 


timali, tin; lead; £inc; t. puleh, 
tinned iron ; f. hitaai, lead ; (. sari, 
zinc ; bijeh (., alluvial tin ; ikan 
iimak-iimah, m fish (liillanui, liiteo- 
latics?); potcok timah-tiniah, a Bmoll 
tree {ilex cymoaa). 

tlmanff, balancing; tossii^ np anil 
down (as an adult playing with a 
very young child) ; I imajt^Mtnangan, 
a pet name or norsery name. 

timba, a small bucket ; a dipper ; f. 
raang, the bucket (or baling out 
n-ater from a boat ; mfnimba, to bale. 

timbal, equilibrium, bolancit^; ; Mf- 
timbalifn. in eqoipoiac ; matching. 

tiiDibaiif. weighing; estimating the 
weight of anything ; considerinjt the 
pros and cons of a question ; bnlu 
fi'mbanga«, measure of weight ; tim- 
lattghan, to weigh; 'pinlmbany, the 

tlnxbaili addmg a piece so as to 
lengthen acything. 


timbok, a downward blow with, the- 
flat of the fist. 

timlml, appearing on the surface ; 
floating ; emerging from below ; t. 
tlnjigHain, appearing and disappear- 
ing— oE the letters of a half-erased 
inscription; 6«Iam t., the new moon f 
gamhar (., a statue ; timhidian, to- 
bring ont in evidence ; m^TtimbuZian^ 
id. ; pSnimbui, that which causes a 
thli^ to eome to the sarface— need 
especially of a charm of invulnera- 
bility (JtSfiai pSnimbul or piBiml™!' 
ral:sa) [baaed on the belief that 
quicfcailver absorbed into the system 
will rush to any spot struck by a> 
weapon and so prevent the weapon 
penetrating beneath the skin], 

timbnn, heaped up-, a heap ; heaping^ 
or piling up ; tiaibHrti, timbitnkan, or 
minimbunkan, to heap up anything ;. 
birtMnbun-timbun, in heaps; piled 
one on top of the other. 

timtnui,' filling up or blocking an 
orifice or cavity ; timhuai, to fill up 
(a grave). 

tljnpa, failing down on ; strikii^ IQ 
its fall ; di-timpa batii, struck down 
by falling stones s (. rann, to V'ear- 
the bront of anything ; (, jiSt-amrM, 
id. ; di-timpa daulai, struck down b^ ' 
the power of dead kings ; mSnimp'if 
to strike in one's fall ; to fall upon. 

tlmpang', = tempavg, 

tlmiiaa, low-water; (. p?j-bnni, very 
low tide. 

tlmpoh, sitting on the ground with 
the legs turned to the ri^^t and' 
bent back towards the body, while- 
the left arm rests on the ground j 
sitting as Malay women often sit. 

tlmpuB, disproportionate narrowness ;. 
lB<:king in beam (of a boat). 

tiara, by right (lie jure); ( 

titntui, a gourd ; a pumpkin ; t. 
China, the encumber; (. dendang, a 
passion-flower {paaaifinnl fietida) ; 
(. hutan, the grenadilla ; also mJn- 

id by 


-tlnnrir, = tindax. 

iiaHMi,lymg\ooBe\j one on the other 
(of u pile of boots or siinilar objects) ; 
sa-tindan, a disorderly heap. 

tilxdu, the cracking of a flea on tbe 

tludeh, lying one over the other; 
siiperimpoaed ; -gang ribah &i-tindeh, 
what is fallen is pressed nnder (still 
further); the unfortunate are exposed 
to oppression ; bhiindeh, one lying 
over the other (aa bodies on a battle- 

tindttk, pricking tbrongh a thin 

-tiaggaH. remaininK over or behind ,■ 

■ abandoned ; abiding in a place j 
raraah t., on abandoned house ; t. 
nadii, with life alone left one ; mined 
completely 1 (iji^ifdii, to leave behind j 
to abandon; tinggaHta/n or mMnggal- 
htm, id. i M^nggalan, abandonaient ; 
ieverance ; p&ai'aygalaji, absence ; so - 
jiSntnfrnalan, in the absence of (so- ; tirtxnggal, left behind ; 
"iinni, height ; loftiness ; (. hati, 

'UafffU, paninffjii, a gallery. 

"Uugpmg, sqnatting; sitting on one's 
heels ; squatting like a toad, or as a 
dog sitting on its hind legs only j 
blrtinggong, to sqaat. 

"tb^kab, ways, behaTiour, manners ; 
C. iain, id. 

-tliifrlcal, Skr. solder. 

"tiuBrkap, a long lovr native window. 

"tluffkat, a deck, a flooring— taken as 
a raeasnre of height or size ; tnpal 
tiga t, a three -decker j bli-tingkat- 
tingkai, in storeys ; in stages. 

'tlng'kll, a bnnch ; a cluster (of fruit). 

tlnEkla, sad, sorrowful. 

tlnfftinff, to hop. 

tinjftn, sifetching out tbe neck ; mS- 
ninjau, to lookont; pS«iiyint, ascout. 
-tinja, bositig [ bSiiinju, to bos. 

tlong', the mynah (gTocula intermedia 
and gfocula jnwinensis) ; t. batv- or 
t. bUachan, the Eastern broad-billed 
roller (eur^sionms orientalia). 

tipis, thin, delicate ; — nipts. 

tlpn, deception, fraud ; iohong danf., 
lies and misrepresentations ; mSnipii, 
to deceive ; pSnipa, dueeptive. 

tix, I. Eur. tar. II. the rook or 
castle in chess. 

tiral. Tarn, a curtain ; t, Mlambu, 
mosquito .curtains. 

tirant, an oyster. 

til:i, " step " — in expressions like 
step-oliild (niuift *,), stop-father {bapa 
f.) and step-mother (nio' [,) 

tiria, oozing through ; drippii^ from. 

tizok, a long unbarbed fish-spear ; 
bvTong (., the snipe (goUinii^o slenura 
and g, coelvatis) ; buroag IStirok, id. ; 
mlnirok, to speor fish—of. tints. 

tim, the imitation of a model or 
copy; copying! tiraan, a model for 

tlma, thin and tapering to a point 
padi mlnii-tis, the ear of rice in its 
earliest stages — of. tirolc. 

tltall, the utterance of a prince ; t. 
aultan, tho sultan saysi bfrtitah, to 
speak (of a prince speaking) . 

titar, = titir. 

titek, I. a drop; a liquid particle; 
aa-tilek Imbun, a. drop of dew : ifiB- 
nitek, to lot fall in drops. II. a 
heavy racking blow in administering 

titi, motion over a narrow plank, 

branch, or bridge ; a crossing-plank ; 

a bridge ; mStUti, to pass over a 

narrow footway ; titian, a narrow 

footway; a narrow bridge. 
tlUr, ft swift rapping movement ; the 

heating of certain drums with the 

knuckles . 
tltla, slow dropping ; the dropping 

of sticky liquids — ef. Htek, 

, . . id by 


TICP 2; 

tiup, Wowing ; the action of a current 
of air opon anjthingi buntal di-t., a, 
blown-out hwTtlal fl^; Mrtiup, to 
blow (of the breeie). 

to', a contraction for data', q.T, 

.g, Ch. puffed up with self. 

toalaug, tlie swanning of bees ; bSi-- 

toalang, to awarm (of bees) ; pokok t., 

a tree where bees have made a nest. 
toliak, sqnare-cnti trinuned eqnare 

(of tbe oails). 
tobat, Ar. tepentancB ; giving up (an 

evil pmctice) ; also taaiat. 
todak, a fish (belone sh-imgylura and 

heiairam'phuit app.) 
iogtl, = dogel. 
togok, limbless ; with stumps for 

limbs J bslayar t., to sail with onlj a 

Btorm-sail set ; si-togok, the long- 

noaed clown in a wayang. 
tohok, a sort of harpoon with a rope 

attached to it ; Uaggiri t, a fish 

tollOr, shallow ; kapar L, whitewash. 
toJMtg, a temporary prop or support ; 

pSwjjang kaki, a foot-rest. 
tokak, I. an nicer on the shin. II. 

biting (in fighting and not for 

eating). III. bairj patches on the 

to'kek, (onom.) the gecko. 

tobo, Ch. a large warehouse or store ; 

a big godown. 
tokob, character, quality, type^of 

goods; sa-tokohini, up to this aample. 
tokok, a small increruie ; throwing 

soniEtbiDg in over and above. 
tokonf, I. a troelesa rock; a barren 

island. II. Ch, a Chinese temple. 

III. shaving the head of a woman. 
toll^, repelling or poshing back ; 

keeping off ; rejecting ; shedding ; 

t. bara, ballaat ; t. bala, a propitia- 
tory offering agaiuat mi^ortune; 

tolakkan, to push away ; mlnolakkan, 



the turning point in the sun's course- 
(when he Booms to descend precipi- 

tolo, I. impulsiveness. II. a«yam 
sa-tolo, a, quadruple piait. 

tolok, I. matching ; a peer or equal y 
tiada MrtoloJ:, matchless. II. (Dutch) 
an interpreter. 

toloug, aid, assistance ; (in the 
Straits) favour, mercy, help ; io- 
ionijaii, assistance J m^iioiotij, to lend 
a helping hand ; iolongkaibj to assist 
(a person or animal) ; menolongkanr 

torn, (Dntch) the bridle ; tali I., tbo- 

toman, a fish {opkicepkalvs xlriolua). 

tombak, a spear ; a pike ; a halberd ; 
(. bendSrang, spears with horaa-hair 
attached to them, (as emblems of 
rank) ; (, kSrojuan, state-spears of 
any sort; (. rambri, a spear with 
a fringe or tassel under the spear- 
point ; t. sayang, a gaff for close- 
hauling; a sail. 

tombol, the knob on a door ; ikan t. 
mas, a fish (thy-miiHS iJMHWiina). 

tombong, I. the seed-bud in a coco- 
nut-shell. II, arrt^ancoj = sirnlbong^ 

tomouf , a short squat gun ; a sort 
of native howitzer. 

ton^ok, flo-fompot, a small heap. 

toadong, banishment ; hounding a 
man out of a place. 

tonf , (Dutch) a tun ; a wooden tub ; 
a barrel, 

tonfflfak, I. a snag. II. aerial roots 
— snch as those of the banyan. 

tonftJt^, hanging head downwards 
— cf. tanggit. 

tong'gmiff, lifting the posterior (as 
in leap-frog). 

toagget, = tunggtt. 

touffifok, heap; sa-tonggok, a heap; 

tongEong, heaping np — cft-tonggoi.. 

TongkRll, I, a town in Jonk Ceylon; 
rSfau t, a common type of Bmeltiiif{> 
furnace. II. im^n tongkah, a {dank. 



used to make one's way over mnd- 
flats. 111. to iengthoa a garment 
hj sewing on a piece at the top. 

■tauffkaiiK, a barge; a lighter; a 
very lai^e open boat. 

^OUgknt, & vertical prop ; a crutch ; 
a atick ; propping up from below i 
(. kltiali, a crutcli ; -mSaajigliat, to 

? guataiuj to prop np. 

'tougkenf , 1. the I'ainp ; falang t, 
the coccys, II. banga longkeng, the 
Tonldu creeper i^peig-idaTia minor). 

tengkol, a knob i a roundish lamp 
or clod ; mas (., nug^t gold. 

'iongkonf, = toji^kol. 

tonffoBB', BlowneBB of wit, 

tonftong, 0, clapper ; a Bonnding- 

"tonjol, a big bump or protuberance 

on the forehead. 
touyoll, rubbii^ one substEince on 

another; rubbing dirt roughly on a 

boy's face, etc. 
top, a vcBflol with very bluff bows ; 

layar t, a Ing-aail with a long yard, 
iopcMLg', the forked snpportH of a. 

kajang in a native boat \ a forked 

stiek of any sort ; layar (., a foreaail, 
topakoviff, Cli. a Chineee josB. 
'topenf , masked Javanese dancers. 
tope*, a precipitously sloping bank, 
t^i, Hind.asun-liat; a hat generally, 
iba-paug, a small bag for holding 

bllachan . 
lorftk, I. anak iorak, the Hpool (in 

weaving) ; balang I,, the spool rod. 

II. uhi ioreJc, a kind of potato. 
ioranff, the knot at the corner of a 

torek, a running at the ears. 
dwtok, 1. full-blooded (jiur sang). 

II. a fisli (unidentified). 
tvf*, physical weakness. 
ft^Ab, a long pole used as a thrusting- 

pole in fighting. 
Utjoh, ^ tonyoh. 


old man ; tlie head of n family ; a 
village elder ; ItStuo, a villa^ head- 
man ; pa' t,, an uncle older than 
one's father; merah t, deep red; 
daj'k red. 

tiutll, luck ; prosperity that can only 
be ascribed to chance and not to 
labour or foresight. 

tnai, a peculiar cutter need for reap- 
ing padi (a few stalks only being cut 

tltak, fermented spirit made from 

tnalft. Port, a serviette ; anapkiu;a 
towel i (. 'tuiitdi-, a bath-towei. 

tnaJanr, see tnalang. 

txuaa, the apph'cation of a hot dry 
poultice to a diseased part. 

tnaii, master, lord, lady ; a term 
applied to EurqpeAne (men only), 
to Malays (men and women) of some 
position who have not higher titles, 
to a haji of either sex, to all descen- 
dants of the Prophet, and by a lover 

ttiankart, to take service under ; to 
! (someone) as a master; 
;itle used in addressing a 
nee; yaitg-dip^fiutn, the 

supreme lord ; the sovereign ; yam- 

tnang, I. pouring out; emptyii^ oat 
a liquid; meinum^kan, to ponr Oat. 
II. tttaiig-luang, a bamboo blown 
into noisily by way of signal. 

tuap. a splint of rattans. 

tnar, a riverine fish-trap made of 
thorns which turn their points 
towards the iutorior. 

ttlM, I. leverage ; the application of 
leverage in t<>rture. II. a name 
given in Penang to a form of fishing 
in which branches of foliage we 
anchored so as to attract fish by the 
food and shelter they provide [the 
fishing is done by hook and line — of, 

taat, T. a mark- indicating a good 
fishing ground. II. hltuat, ' ' 



-tuba, a, plant (([erm eiUpHca) with a 
root the sap of which haa stupofying 
properties and is used in lishiiig ; 
minaba, to fiah in this way. 

'tnliui, iid/ati-labaji, the disoharge 
preceding; delivery ; the liquor amnii, 

-tvld, devotion to anything; giving 
oneself up heart and soul to anything 

"tnbin, a Ssh-trap wilh a falling door 
also tlrubia, 

-tnbir, a very atetp nvtr bank oi 

-taboli, the bodv in the aoatomiLal 
sense ; the boditv frame tbo seat of 
physical aenaation parun raio tiiioh 
k», I feel oo!d ' Skas t a, garment 
that has actually been worn bo 
tutoJi, carnal intercourse 

-tabok, a wooden lance tor spoanng 

imding', aalant at an angle a 
"pulling" stroke in contrftdiBlincdon 
to a atrnight drive 

liadoh, accasalion (especuilly slnnier 
ons accugittion) ; bringing chargee 
against a person mSniidoh toactuse 

tndonff, a veil a hollow cover 
covering up; ( i.cyi a large diah 
cover ! oiput t. a shell (trochui py 
ramis) ; tudongan a veil tadoigiot 
tadimgican, to enshroud 

-togal, a pointed stick used for 
making holes in the ground in y, hich 
padi -seed ia dropped. 

tagar, = tugal, 

ingH, steady and strong (of a 

Tabui, God. 

"tllh&t, Ar. luhfat kI-dJihis, " a gift 
of miscellanies" — a term used in 
polite letter- writing to describe the 
letter and the gifts which theoreti- 
cally accompany it. 

tui, a tree (ixonanthes icoiandra). 

tnil, a lever for tilting np a heavy 

tnjoh, seven. 


at; to make for; m&iiHj'u, to point 
towards ; to injuve by turning evil 
spirits upon. 
tnkal, I. a measure for thread ; a 
paroel of skeins. II, a dent or mark 
left on the skin, the skin not being 

tukaJlK a craftsman a nkilled work 
man t t?ei a blacksmith ( cliap 
a printer ( cki hir a barber t 
km It a, shoe maker F tayti a 
carpenter f i -ai: a, goldsmith t 
t ki. a fortune teller 

tnkiu' change \i\ substituting one 
thing for another fuJorloi to 

tnkM ntjnulu. to accaso of un 

takU a bamboo ve %l for cairying 

tuknl a small liammer 

tokrUL t sunken r k— cf t ionfy 

tnl Eur a thole pin 

tnladan — leladi 

tnlall Ar a calamit\ onsequent on 
aacnlegeoi ertreme piesumption t 
pipa the I urao of pu\ ertv generally 

tnlang a bone I h''l la ig, the 
doraal vertebrfe ' bshlat the 
shoulder blade t dayong id t 
chtiptng the xiphoid process f 
M ing the tibia ( isok the nbs i 
t Kf'anika the Dollar bone t salbt 
or (. trrnglieag, the coccyx. 

tnlat, the third day after this ; the 
day after the day after to-morrow, 

tnli, I. deafneaa, deal; mimdika'a, to 
deafen ; tnU-iali, a sort of k^g. 
hand of bead-work or fancy-work, 

tulls, writing, painting, flg^uring ; jnra 
t,, a, Bcrlbe, a cierk ; ttdisan, handwrit- 
ing [ minulii, to write (intransitive). 

tttlottfr "^ lol<mg. 

tnlvs, sincerity ; earnestness. 

tnmft, a smalt insect ; a sort of louse. 

tnnuui, » toman, 

inniMif , a, wooden tent-peg ; a 
tethering- peg ; an n.rraugeNient of, 
three sticks for cooking. 



tnm'bMlg, falling heavilj ,■ toppling 

donn (of a lai^e tree). 
inmliaa, to the bitter end ; to the 

laat drop — a strong expression of 

tnutboh, Bproating np ; springing up 

(of any growth) ; tuiiiboh-twnihoha'aj 

plants genersllj ; kitumhohoii, aii 

eniptivo diseose ; small-pox i bSr- 

ivmioh, to aprimt (of plants). 
lunliok, a heavy ponnding blow ; 

'. lada, a small knife. 
tunia, cooking in oil and seasoning. 
ttuolt, heel (of the foot) i t, tiaiig, 

the tmok of a mast. 
tunpah, spilling; sheddiDg; t, mah, 

pouredonti ttimpahian, to poui oat; 

tnmpug, lodging ; tempocaiy resi- 
dence ; mlntimpaiig, to lodge ; to 
take shelter with ; to take up one's 
abode with. 

tump aa, utterly ; head over heels 
(of a bad fall). 

tnmint, stopped upi filled up (of a. 
hollow) ; mlnvmpai, to stop op an 

ttunvn, having a footing on ; resting 
on; faSlompat ih^sat^im^ , to jnmp 
from a standing: position [ birtumpu, 
to have a footing somewhere ; to 
have a place to " take off " from. 

ttunpnl, btuntuess, blunt. 

tnmpni, loss by leakage ; frittering 

tmau, a sea'Shore tree {didymoearp-uit 

ttuutUifalling on the facci sprawling, 
n old Malay title. 

%, 8kr. s 

tunni, ready (of money) ; cash down ; 
fcuny t., ready money ; tv,naikon or 
■nifnmiailaii, to realise (one's hopes). 

tnnftk, definite attachment ; fixity of 

tmtani, the match applied to a 

efEeet j bSTtiinang, to be engaged to- 

tniiaa, a young shoot sprouting from 
a, branch. 

tnuAa, towing; campom <,, a dinghy ; 
'panching t., A tow-line, 

tnudolc, stooping, bowing, loweriiig- 
the head ; f. m^nj^mbaJt, to bow in 
salutation ; (, tingadah, U) look down 
Biud then np (as a man trying to 
compose a tetter) ; inlvM^olikaii M- 
pala, to bow the head ; iini« jjJbmb- 
dok, a magic art for procuring the 
submission of a person. 

tuudiui, the pudendum muliebre. 

tULgan, a small insect -parasite. JD> 
testing fowls. 

tnnggBl, nnity; sole; the one; annfc 
t., an only child ; babi (., a solitaiy 
boar ; Sang-yang (., the one Glod. 

tnn^Miff, 1. astride ; riding ; mH- 
nam.gga'ag Icada, to lide. II, npaide 
down ; t. langgang, head over heels ; 
(. haUk, id, ; t. twiggit, bowing very 
deep ; bobbing np and down. 

tangling', — tonggeng. 

tunffKit, tunggaiig-tunggit, bowing 
very low ; bobbing up and down. 

tnaLggn, watching over; keeping an 
eye on; ivrnggiii, to watch over; 
}^riicngg a,, to be on the watch { 
pinmngg-a, a watchman ; jiSmmggv, 
pfnfu, a porter. 

tunirffoli I- the stump of a tree ; 
twnggid-iwitggul or tiluiiggul, the 
upatanding stamp of a rainbow 
(believed to be portentous). II. a 
flag'Staff ; a standard. III. p^nung- 
gjil, a hostage, a propitiatory offering 
made by the vanquished to the victor. 
IV. pinvn</gul, a heavy lump of wood 
to which an animal is tethered to 
prevent him running away, 
tnug'kap, tongue-tied; dnmb-foander- 
ed; silent through nervousness; open- 
ing the mouth and saying nothing. 

tnaglnt, an arrangement of stones 
constituting a primitive stove ; bat» 
t., the stones so used. 



tnnjal, a tbruat downwards to givo 

impBtus to an upward motiuu. 
tnnjanff, that portion of the rout 

which goes vertically downwards. 
tnajok, showingi indiuatiiig; tanjoli- 

kan or mSna^ijokkan, to poiub ont ; 

to show J to display — cf. (eiwiyoft. 
tnnjong, the water-lily. 
tnutong, a turtle {callagar picta). 
tuutan, I. leadii^, conducting, gnid- 

ing— l)y r 

9 of s 

orowds (to amy perfo 

tantat, following after; following up; 
intently seeking ; t. ilmu, the pursuit 
of knowledge. 

timn, burning up ; oonsumiug by 

tnpai, I. a generic name for squirrelu ; 
t. biji nangka, the tnpaia {tapai<i 
ferraginea) ; t. galang pgmftjt, Baffles' 
squirrel (iciurui r^esi) ; t. jii^ang, 
= f. uandonff ; (. kam^pong (scfiM-its 
notalas) ; *. nandong (sciurli* biculor) ; 
(, fanah (Inmlns (jsfei-O. II. a cook- 
iug-placc on a native sliip. 

tapuiff, — topang. 

tnrap, uovcrii^, plastering, lining. 

J7 UBA'l' 

turaa, nitration ; straining through 

tori, Sfcr. tikaa luK, tt uaino given to 
the musk-Hhrowfi, — tihiia Mstam. 

tnrlB, scrutohing (a, line or mark). 

Tnxki, Turkisli. 

tnnui, descent ; coniing down ; ta- 
ninan or kSturmian, descent, origin ; 
'. fSimtruu, genealogy; line of descent ; 
turtsntan OT niBimntntait, to lower. 

ttunu, erect ; tho upr^hts of a fish- 
trap } t nSgeri, a pillar of the state. 

tnrut, foUowing in saccession after ; 
following advice or instruction ; («- 
ratan, an esajnplo ; tamtkan or mS- 
nurailcatt, to take anything as an 
example to follow. 

ttltoll, mSnuloh, to lop off the branches 
from tho trunk, after or before felling 

tutok, I. breaking or crushing rattana 
into a sort of fibrous pulp. II. utreo 
(/titiscua 9nacrophylliis)^ 

tntnl, Jav. spotted ; machan t, tbu 
leopard ; = karimau bintamg, 

tntnp, closing up ; covering ; shut- 
tii^ ; a lid or cover ; sn-toliun I., a 
full year; f. bitini, a weed (dcpAoM- 
h/pm scubcj') ; iiUiipkaa, to dose, tu 
shut up i iii^n«(iij)friMi, id. 

tntiiT, utterance ; hfrtutin; to utteiv 

oak, m&affaak, to low ; to bellow. 

nap, vaponr, steam ; also tcap. 

nar, nar-iiar, public proclamation ; 
publishing widely ; " proclaiming 
feom the house-tops." 

alia, a sago-vat. 

abali, change, alteration ; ubahkan, to 
alter (a tiling) ; bSrubah, to be altered, 

uiian, greynesB of the hair ; blruban, 
to be or become grey or grizzled ; to 
age ; chiak vbati or jnpit uban, the 

nbaag, to cut a curved groove in u, 
log so as to fit it to another. 

nbar, bernhnr, to becoms loose ; to 
open out ; blrubar hati, to apeak 
from the heart. 

nlwt, a drug, a medicine, a chemical, 
a magic simple, a philtre ; «. eha. 
eking, a remedy for intestinal worms t 
u. bSdtl, gunpowder ; u. gv/na, a 
philtre ; lakang n., a druggist j ubati, 
to apply medicine to; to trefct^- 
ii^injabali, id. ; j^tguiiat, a remedy. 


UBI 2 

bU, & generic name far yama and 

tuberous roots ; «. .Bliitrffulff, the 

oommon potato (tolanum tuberosum) ; 

■a. AatTt, tapioca (maaihot uiiligaima) ; 

u. nasi, the common yam (_diaBCorea. 

alala) ; u. paair (dtoecorect peata- 

abln, bata iihin, a floor-tile ; (also) 

bard granitic atone for road-metal. 
nboug', = hiiboiig. 
vHnax, wtun-u5u», the fontanel. 
nlmr, uSitr-ubur, a large jelly-fiBh ; 

payong uhur-iibiir, a fringed Qm- 

VMbap, mSngiickap, to utter; mengu- 
chap ahvJc^iT, to give thonkB ; mSti' 
guchap taabeh, to toll one's beads. 

VAtt, = muda. 

vAaxBt, dolled ; faded (of cxtSonrin;;) ; 
dimmed (of brilliancyj . 

udanff, a generic name for prawns, 
abrimps and lobsters ; it. galah, the 
lobster ; u. glragati, a, very small 
shrimp J «. loboh, the prawn ; u. 
gfingai, the freah-water prawn ; raja 
Ti., a name given to kingfishers in 
the south and to lai^ sandpipers in 
the north of the Peninsula. 

ndtip, wdop-iuJajMin, ingredients of all 
sorts that go to mate np a salacl. 

ndftra, Skr. the atnioBphcru ; the 

ndob, = odvh. 

ndnt, mSmgnduJ, to amoke tubaci:u or 

nrt, = wet. 

vfn, 8kr. tribute ; also iipili. 

ngUuai, Skr. fairness ; evenness ; 
equality ; parity. 

ngaaia, Skr. creed, religion ; also 

Xtgni, menacing, frightening. 

UJUL, = Aiyan. 

Bjar, utterance, speech, saying ; ujar- 

n^tt, he (or they) said. 
t^i, testing i applying a touchstone 

to anything; h<itit t(., a touchstone. 
vJotLg, =■ hfijoHg. 
t^nd, Ar. personality ; iudiriduality ; 


aelf J the body ; «. anggofa, the body 

and limbs, 
nlctM, a generic name for aiiclla of 

the genus ■umlleiis, 
Tikir, engraving i incised patterns ; 

ukiran, id. 
ultnp, perfuming (cloth, etc.), with 

incense; pengnktipor pSrakupan.ttia 

framework over which the cloth ia 

laid and under which the incenae is 

nkor, linear measurement ; mSngu- 
kur, to meaante. 

olam, = kulam. 

vHanaa,, Ar. learned men generally; 
one learned in the Scriptures. 

nlang, repetition of action; ulttn^ban, 
to repeat ; blrulang, repeatedly ; 
«!on3.a(imff, backwards andforwatds. 

nlap, ulap-itap, broth made of coco- 
nut-milk and kiladi (colocatia anti' 

nlar, a generic name for snaJcea^e.g. 
■alar sawa, ft python ; ular tldimg 
flndok, a cobra ; w. daimi, (Kedah) a 
rainbow ; u. naga, a dragon ; te.-utar, 
a pennon, a streamer. 

nlas, a covering ; a wrapper ; ulaaaH, 

nlat, a generic name for a number uf 
worms; a maggot,- u. htilu, a hairy 
i;aterpillar ; h. siitlrn., the ailk- worm. . 

nleli, = oleh. 

nil, kneading, squeezing down, prcii. 
sing or ramming down. 

Ulit, lulling, crooning, or singing to 
sleep 1 i((i'J'Dn, to sing (a person) tci 
sleep; BiBwgMiidon, id. ; mlngiilit, to 
croon ; to sing a lullaby ; pEnguUt, 

a lullaby. 
Tila, = hulii. 
tilntl, I. servant ; your servant ; I ) 

II. a name given to some Celebes 

sheila (ronuH miles and cotiu^ UthO' 
umaa, unuin-i/man, long-winded; a 

bore ; menguman, to drag on a story 


", ttmaiiB-innnnif, a hermit- 


UMAT 2; 

nmat, Ai-. people ; mankind. 
mnbai, dangling ; hruiging down 

mnban, umban tali, a sliiig, 
ambang, culosaal ; naga «., a great 

unbas, = hmnhas. 
nmbt, the roots of a tree ; akar a., id. ; 

" to the verj roots." 
nmbnt, I. the soft heart of the upper 

portion of a, palm ; the palm-cablttige. 

II. than umbut-timbut, a fish (mi- 


, Skr. lifcenees ! examplei 
; similar case ; so-ti., foi- 
; wm^maan, a proverb ; 

umpamalcan, to liken to ; to compare. 
unpan, bait ; food to attract fish or 

animaia j u. tlkak, an appetiser. 
nnipat, abnse ; evil-epeaking; carsing; 

vmpttli, to revile ; tiiSngiimpat, to be 

niWpil, raBuflumpt!, to lever up. 
nmttm, Ar. obscure, involvei!, com- 
plicated, diffionlfc. 

as I iive. 

niLAi, Boft, moist and odorons — as 
perfumed oil. 

nnan)., an edible ehetl-fish (tRureif sp.) 

IIlIchal^:, I. iinrhang-«nchit, by drib- 
lets, by fits and starts. II. a travel, 
ling-bag for money ; a Hmall wallet 
of plaited- work. 

Uiudiat, lifting and lowering ; movint; 
« thing np and down. 

ttnchit, unehimg-v.nthit, by driblets ; 
by fits and starts ; hai/ar «., payment 
in instalments, 

vnclLIii, Ch. a pipe. 

nildak, ■mSnguiidak, not to make 
headway (of a ship) ; laul pingundak, 
a choppy sea against whioh it is 
difficnlt to make headway. 

nndau, I. burtm^ tmdan, a lai^ bird 
(peUcanui phiUppennia). II. blrun- 
dan, to be protracted ; to drag on. 

nndan^, undang-wndatig, laws, stat- 
utes, ordinances, codified enactments. 

nndil, a money-box. 

nndok, I. ■undok-imdok, the sea-horse 

{hippocamjiai sp.) II. undolc-andal, 

in swift succession. 
nndar giving way retreat loss of 

giound mh-g t dur to give way 
Ungak ngai. at qtL bobbing up and 

nngsp gasp ng for breath (as a 

lying hih) 
uugar an edible salt water fiah 

(I t a a ge t acuki s) 
■aa^gaj. — tinggul 
wiggaaig = « uiTiang 
nng'fa* a bird de at-a the bird 

of paradise 
tinirgat stiffly erect 
imggis, mlngaiijgts, to gnaw, t« 

nngSit, — vngkit. 
vnggixn., banking a fire. 
luifCka, a gibbon (hylobotp.s Uii- ov 

hylohates agitis). 
nng'katiV, -auglcang trngkit, eee-saw 

motion; kursi nnghang ungkit, a 

nngkap, gaping; exposing a large 

urit^ce ; tSru/ngkap, id, 
lUl^kil, levering up^cf. umpil. 
tui^kit, bringing np again ; rakiim: 

up old stories i ungkang w/ngktt, see- 

vng'kn. = Sngku. 

nngknr, biritngkur-imgkaraa.Tetreat- 
iHg indifferent directjons; dispersing. 

nn^, purple ; deep reddish brown ; 
rich dark colouring. 

ungnm, mumbling to oneself. 

UBJaiii, I. thrusting anything vigo- 
rously into the ground. II. (Pahang) 
an arrangement of branches and 
leaves anchored with stones on a 
fiahing--ground to afford shelter to 
tishj htiang ii., to place this arrange- 
ment in position— cf. tuai 

nqjap, a (Kedab) variant 

•iant of injap. Q'' QQQ Ip 


tuljok, Riving out (anything) ; pntHnc 
(a thing) forward ; Htyottam or mf ii- 
nnjaklcan, to hold oat, to tbmst out. 

nnjonf, I. mlTiguniong — v. kimjon^. 
II. jienwijonfl — T. mnjtmg. 

nnjim, lifting and lowerintr a bitit in 
order to draw the attention of fiah 

itsjnr, stretching out; projection; 
imjvrkan, to tliruat (anytliinjf) for- 
ward — cf. «njoh. 

nntol, hanging down loonely, dnns- 

ttntalc, nntaJt-oHti, cow/imive move- 
ment ; also Intak-aviU. 

lUlt*l, I. vnial-aiitil, swaying loosely. 
II. na-uittal, an armful. 

WltWl([,pendnlon9,Bwajing; vntang. 
anting^, id. 

nutll, sa-imiil, a Hmall hall or pill ; 
a small qoontity. 

nntlllf , a small skein or hunch ; a 
nnit of meaguremenC for thread. 

Otitok, share, allotted portion. 

nntong, profit, gain, advantage ; 
fortune i natttral destiny; mSndapal 
tt., to derive profit. 

nntnt, elephanttaBia. 

nniu, = humiB. 

npolL, payment for service rendered ; 
fee, wage^ hrihe ; njiahkan, to engage 
a person's services ; tningupahltan, id. 

uptlk, I. mSngupaJi, to stir up » 
smouldering heap of ashes, II, npak- 
apek, inconsequent (of talk) ; mis- 
ohievons or inconsiatent t&lk. 

upftin, burnishing, polishing, giving 
Instre to stones and metals. 

upamo, ^ wnpama, 

npai, Jav. poison generally ,■ the 
poison of the upas tree (antiar is 
tacicaria) in particular. 

upat, = wTiypat. 

npaya, Skr. means, resources ; tiada 
u, or tiada daya «,, destitute of all 
means ; helpless ; moneyless. 
apsh, the tough Hower-sheaths of cer- 
tain pa!ma. [These sheaths are nsed 

for making small buckets or dippers. ] 


up6ti, Skr. tribute ; also vffi. 

u*»,WrMm.Mro., to talk over anything; 
to discuss the pros and cons. 

nrai, loose, dishevelled, inadhesive; 
mas «,, gold dust; iiraikan, to nndo, 
to unloose, to explain ; mlng-arailcan, 
id. ; iB^ngurai, to open out, to be- 
come loose, to unfold ; tSrurai, un- 
done, dishevelled (of hair). 

nrap, ■arapan, cosmetics-, ointment 
for application to the skin; bSntrap. 
nropan, to be adorning oneself with 
these cosmetics. 

llTat, I, nerve, sinew, fibre, vein, 
muscio; u, Miiitaf,tho dorsal muaolea ; 
II. (iu!ci;(, a snake {typhiops app.) ; 
mlah M., a strained sinew. II, Ar. 
giUt «., lasciviousncss, 

nrdi, — orcii. 

nrl, the afterbirth ; itriim, a, brazter'a 
monld, after use. 

nraa, = iirarna. 

nroai;, crowding ; hata mat «., iron 
pyrites; if i-tironij »Smi((, covered with 

limp, kldai wrup-wiiii, a money. 

changer's shop ; mingti/rup, to change 

tunu), rubbing, scrubbing— -more re- 
fined in use than the word gosok. 
nmt, massage, mbbing with tho 

hands, shampooing ; janggwt lit-w., 

a forked beard. 
iiMah, ta'-iumh, needless; it is nn- 

necessary ; never mind ; don't ; 

j'snJiion., so far from ; = iangankan. 
usalw, Skr. diligence, industry ; 6Sr- 

uaaha, indnstrions ; mSnguaahakan 

diri, to exert oneself. 
tuanff, shrivelled up internally (of 

grains of padi, etc.) ; rumak «,, an 

abandoned house (of which the onter 

shell only remains), 
nsap, plating, coating. 
UAat, ikan nsat, a fish (unidentified) ; 

tiljir iSdonif «., a snake (simoteti 

DctolincatTis) . 
luek, teasing, chofflng, worryu^ with 

impertiaent questions. '~" 

l,-,s-6d by 



life ; a pa ja i 


xmix, pursn t 

after n 8j jus r 

nsonff cBrrrmg i 

Haul, 1 Ar bngian n^a ( 
plura! of asitl anal u CHo anteoi 
rlentB or early h story of anyth ni 
TI. mannpr j }ai beiinng 

mannerB d sj lay lescout 
ntaiitiR I Skr ex ellen e oiranenct 
yjiiig u ama the nut pm nen 
II, Ski the I reath (of 1 fpj 

utiULg " hTitang. 

utora Sfer the north ; «. fSpat, Auo 
no th u barat laut, N.N.W. ; », 
t laut N.N.B, s anflin. w., a 

ortl ec y wind; miiaim «,, the N.B. 

trtairelt ^r the planet Meronry. 
Utaa I a coil, a skein, a string ) sa- 
s n tt eT, maitek, a strint; of beads 

o corals II. skilled labonr, crafts. 

n ansh p a craftsman. 
nttiB se d ng 

■ajnng nhaltini>, s 


waod, Ar. bond, contract ; = janji. 

walia, Ar. plague, peatilonce. 

WRdiUL, Jftv. a woman. 

'iro&t, Ar. to die. 

Wab, an exclamation of Hnrprise. 

wabai, an enelaraation of appellation ; 

hey there ! 
waham, Ar. surmise, conjecture, 
waHld, At. sole, single. 
waja, = haja. 

irajali, Ar. countenance, visage. 
irajeb, a kind of sweetmeat. 
-wtijlb, Ar. pledged to, bound to. 
waJiaf, At. devoted to religious 

purposes j tanaK ■makaf, mosque 

wakap, I- the name of a bird (un- 
identified), n. — walcnf. 
wafcU, Ar. agent, attorney, ropre- 

Taktn, Ar. time, ooi 

tralaUn, Ar. and yet ; bnt ; still. 
walang, Jav. sad, aorrowful, melan- 

valan, Ar. although. 

Tali, I. Ar. a vicegerent ; a guardian 
of .111 unmarried woman j a deputy j 
I,-: allah, a saint. II. pisau wali, a 
small lancet • like knife. III. a 
shoulder, cloth. 

walimana, Ske. a harpy. 

Wallall, At. ,God ! — an exclamation 
of astonishment. 

wa-'llftliu, Ar. ina'Uaha aalam, God is 
all. knowing ; God knoweth best. 

van, a title of hii;h rank f^iven to 
the descendants of great chiefs not 
of royal rank. 

Wang', money, cash ; vk tvnni, readj 

wangi, fragrant, odorous, perfumed, 

traiig'lcaag, a Chinese junk. 

wanta, Skr. nature ; = anta. 

wap, vapour, steam ; also 'Ufip. 

1, white arsenic. 
M, Jay. cure, convalescence, good 
warga, Skr. family, people. 
warip, Jav. alive j v.: loarai, alive 

and well. 
trarla, Ar. beir t inheritor ; olfii 



ill Menaagkabaii entniBted with thp 

udminiBtratioii of bereditary custom, 
waxkat, Ar. a writing ; a letter. 
warna, Skr. colour ; slmde of ooloor. 
ireroii,^, Jeit. a bootli or stall. 
iritrta, Skr. news, tidings ; icarta-nya, 

the report wns. 
Wamna, Skr, the god of the oeean, 

wasangka, ^^ eangka, 
wasi, Ar. an execntor of a will. 
waaiat, Ar. a will. 

^2 YONC 

well, an interjeclidii of nddreps or 

TMt, tnrninK (a boit) rith a strokn 

of tlie paddle 
wetau, Jav. the enst 
wijaya, Skr. and lav vi tonoua 

bunga icijayi aln a legendary 

flower which hrought all it touched 

to life. 
wljU, Jav, a gallery in an audience 

wa«lr, = hmrasir. 

Wijong, Jav tl e large Bquirrel 

(sciitnts Men(or) = ( ipni nandt™ 7 

wat, (Siamese) a watt : a Buddhist 

washing of the abdon on in prPE 

vnAM^'^ hata^. 

watl, Skr. the fimanie..t; the u.ii. 

wilahar, a pool, a mere ; also lahar. 

wUIb, Jav. green ; dark green. 

watu,' = Uhu 

wixft, Skr. a man, a hei-o ; pftroira, 

wau, a kite flown by boys. 


varang, Jav. a theatrical perfor- 

trong', (Snndanese) aman; ~ oronii ; 

mance whether by living actors (w. 

vmyang tcinig, a plav with liring 

n-ovg) or by puppets (ic. Mlil). 

actors (in Java), 

Wftlir, Ar. a viaier, a miniatei-. 

WHJnd, = VJKd. 

jra, yes ; that ia so ; = in. 

yaaui, Ar. that is to eay ; i,e, 

yad, Ar. hand. 

yahudi, — jnuii. 

yaVi Jav. younger brother or sister ; 
= ndi«da. 

TnJnJ, At. the giant Gog. 

yakln, At. certain, positive, defuiite. 

Tafcut, Ar. a jacinth, 

Tamtnau, sovereign ; ^^ ynng-ii. 

yanff, I. divinity god-bead; shnbah- 
yaitg, worship ; kSyangav, the abode 
of the old divinities 1 paradise ; fairy, 
land 1 BWag-yatig, holy god— a title 
given to the major divinities only ; 
ynng-yattg, god of gods 1 a similar 
title, II. an expression having the 
force of ft relative bringing the 

word or clause following it into 
relation with that which precedea . 
— e.g. masa yatig baik, a fortunate 
time, a lucky moment. HI. a title 
of little distinction; an abbreviation 
of dn,,o«.ff, 

yangyang, see yang. 

yanl, = yaani, 

yartKn, Ar. jaundice. 

yatlm, Ar. orphaned, desolate, fa tb er- 
icas ; attalc y., a (atberless child. 

yanin, Ar. day; youmu'l-kiamat, the 
day of Judgment. 

yogia, sa-yogia-nyn, as is fitting; 
properly ; appropriately i next. 

yojana, ea-yojava — taujana, q.v. 

yong, driving domestic animals or 
poultry into a pon, house, 
area of any sort. 




yu, a gonpi'ic name fw sliarka, dog- y. rima-ii (galcocei'dii ruyna-i) ; ; 

liehes and raja reaembling eharfca i Bambarati, tlie ground Bliark. 

y. betighimij, the hammer -headed TtuAn, Ionia, Greece, 

shark i y. gila (chyloacilliam iadi- jnip, a deaignation, = ftuittp. 

turn); ij, larae {mustelus manaio) ; fnta, = jitta. 

Eabad, Ar. civet. 

zabib, Ar. raiaiiiB, dried fruit, 

sabur. At. the paalms of David. 

Badah, Pera. sprung from, sou of; 
haram a., ill-begotten, illegitimate ; 
ItaiaUz., legitimate. 

Ballid, Ar. a hermit, an oecetic. 

■Oiton, = ietua. 

lakar, Ar. the male organ of gene- 
ration ; also deakar. 

■Akat, Ar. alms ; 'ntSmhSn i. and 
hUnsdkat, to distribote cliarity. 

■amaa, Ar. long period of time, age j 
also liman. 

■ammd, Ar. emerald. 

"" , Ar. the Zemzera well at 

:of ti 

tiic "iieari of the seas 

jiaak a., tha double toci 

Pers. warlike. 
■dmiUl, Ar. age, long perio 

also laman. 
xetnn, Ar. baah letun, the olive, 
aiarat, Ai'. a pilgrimage to a torab 

or shritie. 
sina, Ar. iiiicit intercourse. 
silrafoll, Pers. a fabnlona monater. 
slrah, Pers. iaju sirah, a coat of 


; endowed with ; 

'M'l-kamaiii, the posaesaor of two 

home 1 also dsu. 
Znlial, Ar. the planet Saturn. 
Bnltrali, the planet Tenus. 
ZnllUia, Ar. the traditional name of 

Potiplvai's wife. 





-ablok, piebald, ~ 'hablok, 
okliwaii, Ar. brotheris ; also ikhtawn,. 
aatah-aiitali, a descendant in the 

fifth (generation. 
ap, a ChineBe puree ; also ftap. 
«pa, II. hvloh a., a dwarf-bamboo 

growing on river-banks. 

STghavani, Per 

osar, help, a! 

uili, Ar. original, primal. 

~b&ngbnn, (Perak) the Malayan 

mongoose, — bambun. 
bebek, the pursing of a child's lipa. 
bSlSbak, bitrong b., a bird {porphyria 

poliocepkalas ?) 
'bfimbereng', ikan h., a Sgh (platax 


bfirianff, the large monitor-lizarc 

(uni-oBjis aalvalor). 
bBmyanif, = blriang. 
bibl, the queen (in carda). 
bodong, I. a lean-to. II. a equall. 
boB, the noise made by a crocodile. 

cliakit, pisau cJi., a pocket-knife. obempiang, a raid, a gang-robbery. 

cbambai, a coarse leaf used aa diSnakn, (Patani) a were-tiger. 

inferior siVeft. cfaSnaTany, (Kedah) the mediam 

«batok. III. a measure of capacity, or interpreter at a bSrhantu seance. 

= i leng, cblkw, a well-known fmit. 
cbllnt, pSnehtlut, a thief. 

iUa;i-4ari, (Kedah) a small hill. 

tortoise. • 

dfilan, a eaag. 


gftbiu, II. g, kaki, a Maldy door-mnt 
ratak, (Patani) I, me. 
ginUKUgltti, = klrnalai. 
frfindall, a Palembang type of shut. 
ggnjala, lamp -black. 
gSntaiLg'-gSlitit, wavj and tapering 
to n point (like a wavy JKris). 

gSntit, ace gintang. 

ySrambi, a cnirved dugi^r. 

go&eiic, ilrgadek-godelc, wagging lilie^ 

a dog's t«il. 
gjjli, main g., tO play marbles. 
gmtdi, Mmial g., (Perak) ornamental 

boxes nsed at weddings. 

iklxwau, Ar. bratliers. 

Jablny, tHinga j., very promii 

ears — cf . jlbang. 
JaU, kalis J., very irreceptive 

]61waiK, UHtTtga j., rather prominent 

ears — cf. jabing. 
jMn, j. mafak pisang, a name for tbe 

wettse! (pKfcu-ius nurfijits). 

JBraii7a>, roitg-h -surfaced. 
jUafc, lockers id a ship. 
jipaB, a tapir; also kipan. 
JOB*, Gh. silk crfpe. 
Jut, a trace (harness). 

ta,dri, = kadi or kali U. 
ItMjjiperak, (Tam. ?) a singlet. 
kftrok, a torch of dry leaves. 
IcaTHit, III. a snag. 
lESchek, a game played with coins. 
U^lrait, Bcored-off, " done in the 

kSanlx, hairy in the nostrils, 
kfttls, the immediate stalk of a Ivxiii, 
that grows in clusters. 

kfitong, semiii Is., a large blaek ant. 
kfitnn, rinjrcit i:., the "pillar" dollar. 
Ulah, (Perak) birhilah, to picnic. 
fcLmbob, cleaning with sand and 

knar, II. sip-at k., a large land snail. 
"kmtyt^, II. Ar. the naming of a 
-father after his ^on. 


lading'' II' if''"'' iadtng-ladiii^, n hell 

(peltona ep.) 
landar, a slightly-sloping beacii. 
IftUgttlr, a hanging door-curtain, 
lAt&, II. milatok, to quiver; tii 

chatter (of teeth) — e(. galalok. 
legeb, (Pahang) a dividing line, b 


lokdraan, Ch. emooth aLining silk. 
lop, (Perak) a titular prefix to tb» 

names of men of good family. 
Inafc, III. (Kegri Sembilan) a teiTi- 

torial snbdiTiBion. 
Inmi, ikan lami-lumi, a iish (echiveix 


mek (\orth Malaya) a titular prc- 
h\. to the names of girls of pt-nl 
parentage , = (South Malaya) yiunj. 

mirangaB, spoilt by air-bnbblcs (in 

uiuatil, full-bodiei 

ailong', a slow loris. 

ploa. ikan j>., a fish {chatoesfus sp.) 
pUtaka., II. haiai p., (Perak) » 
tlirDnc-room or hall-of -audience. 

piutanff, a debt ; see Imtang. 

pong, buloh p., a toy (the paper 
membrane of which, is broken by air- 
pressure and goes off with a bang). 

p<», biiah p., (Bian) the testes. 

pnloh, a group of ten ; la-puloli, ten j 
dna-pvioh, twenty. 

rngfta, ayum mirugas, a fowl that Ja 
about to lay. ^'^ 

. ,.., id by