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From the Ewald Fliigel Library 


From the Ewakl Fliigel Library 




^nalecta ^inglo^^aronica^ 












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The preceding edition of the present work was sent forth 
at a moment when the studj of the Anglo-Saxon tongue 
was almost at its lowest ebb in England. It was compiled 
as an experiment, under the belief that a small volume of 
extracts in prose and verse — beginning with pieces couched 
in the simplest language and proceeding gradually to the 
most diflEicult — accompanied by a compendious Glossary, 
would much contribute to the revival of the study of the 
Anglo-Saxon language in the land where it once had its 
home, and had flourished more vigorously than any of its 
kindred dialects on the Continent. The belief above- 
mentioned, though not fully justified, proved not wholly 
groundless : the few copies printed were gradually dis- 
posed of, and the number of students sensibly increased, 
many of whom, it may reasonably be supposed, were in- 
debted for their progress to jbhe Analecta Anglo-Saxonica. 



Issued under more favourable circumstances than its 
predecessor, the present edition appears in a cheaper form, 
and with some modifications and changes, it is hoped, for 
the better, it having been the editor's object to compile 
an initiatory book for beginners, which might at the same 
time not be devoid of interest to the lovers of Anglo- 
Saxon lore in general. 

The editor feels much gratification in mentioning that 
this work is now adopted as a text-book for his lectures b j 
the Eawlinsonian Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, whence it may be hoped that the study of 
our ancient mother-tongue may find its way, as an essential 
branch of English education, into our higher schools, and 
thus tend to the formation of a style more impressive* and 
more truly English than is to be found in many literary 
productions of the present, and very many of the last cen- 
tury. On this subject, the words of a very sensible and 
eloquent writer may with propriety be here quoted : " As 
Englishmen we have to think, to write, to speak in English 
and with Englishmen. Surely, then, it is a matter of con- 
cern to know and understand well our own tongue. How 
much better then would it be, if in our public and private 
schools as much attention at least were given to the teach- 
ing of English, as of G-reek and Latin, that our youths 

* That the poetry of England deriyes its choicest expressions from 
the Anglo-Saxon element of our language, may be proved by number- 
less examples ; among which, as a production familiar to every one 
who reads, may be cited Gray's Elegy. 


might bring home with them a racy idiomatic way of speak- 
ing and writing their own language, instead of a smatter- 
ing of Greek and Latin, which they almost forget, and 
generally neglect in a few years' time ! Let our English 
youth of both sexes be taught to drink deeply of the well 
of English undeflled. For this a study of Anglo-Saxon is 
absolutely needful ; for afber all, it has bequeathed to us 
by far the largest stock of words in our language. About 
the Anglo-Saxon tongue there was the strength of iron, 
with the sparkling and the beauty of burnished steel, which 
made it withstand with success the attacks that the Nor- 
man "William and his fawning courtiers directed against 
it, as they tried in vain to thrust their Erench into the 
mouths of the English people. K the sword of the Nor- 
mans vanquished the Anglo-Saxons, the Anglo-Saxons' 
tongue in its turn overthrew the French of the Normans. 
The greatest harm that was ever inflicted on the English 
language came from Johnson, who in giving English end- 
ings to long-drawn Latin words, foolishly thought to im- 
part dignity of style to his writings by words big, not with 
meaning, but with sounding emptiness. Such silliness 
and childishness have happily died away ; but still our 
young men have to be taught to follow our best and latest 
writers, and always to choose an Anglo-Saxon word before 
a Latin one. When this shall be done, then may we look 
forward to a bright period in our country's literature. 
We shall have our ears charmed with a flow of sounds as 
strong as they are sweet and beautiful, instead of, as often 
nowhappens, being wearied with a nainby pamby gibberish 


made up of Greek, Latin, and French words with English 

In the Glossary the student will find numerous syno- 
nyms from the other Northern tongues, particularly Ger- 
man and Danish. These have heen inserted solely with 
the view of showing to learners the great affinity that 
prevails among these tongues and our own ancient ver- 
nacular speech. To the old Germanic and Scandinavian 
dialects the references are few, heing deemed needless in 
a glossary designed for heginners, and useless to the pro- 
ficient. The references to the grammar frequently occur- 
ring in the Glossary apply to the editor's translation of 

The volume, though of small dimensions, will, neverthe- 
less, be found to contain no inconsiderable number of 
words, the several extracts of which the text is composed 
having been selected from among those which seemed to 
offer the greatest variety, with reference both to the 
vocabulary and the forms of expression. A brief notice 
of the several extracts will best enable the reader to form 
a judgement of the work. 

Prom the Gospels t, p. 1. 

Colloquium ad Fueros LingusB LatinsB Locutione exer- 
cendos, p. 18. 
In this Colloquy (MS. Cott. Tib. A. 3) tho Saxon is only an inter- 

* Dolman's Magazine for October 1845, p. 243. 

t Ba Halgan Godspel on Englisc — The Anglo-SaxonYersion of the 


linear gloss to the Latin; the design of its author (Mi&ic) being, 
by means of a Hamiltonian yersion*, to facilitate to children the 
acquirement of the Latin tongue. As presenting a curious picture 
of times and manners and of monastic life at that early period, 
it is both valuable and entertaining. 

Homilies of ^IMc, p. 36. 

These are from '* The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church/' in 
course of publication for the ^IMc Society. 
I. Dom. I. in Mense Septembri, quando legitur lob, p. 36. 
n. lY. Id. Mart. Sci Gb*egorii Paps, p. 44. This interesting homily, 
giving an account of the conversion of the English by St. Augus- 
tine and his brother missionaries, was printed in the year 1709 
with an English translation by Mrs. Elizabeth Elstob, which 
edition has been lately reprinted. This learned lady's version 
is, generally speaking, close and faithful, though the Saxon text 
on which it is formed is extremely corrupt. 
m. IV. Kal. April. Depositio S. Cuthberhti Episcopi, p. 52. 

This homily is entirely composed from Beda's two lives of the 
Saint. It is alliterative. 
IV. De Fide Catholica, p. 63. 
V. Dominica Septuagesima, p. 73. 
A very beautiful discourse on the parable of the labourers in the 

From King Alfred's Translation of Orosius, p. 81. 

I. The Geography of Europe, and the Voyages of Ohthere and 
Wulfstan. These voyages have been frequently printed and trans- 
lated. The text now given is from the original manuscript f of 
JElfred's Orosius, to which they are prefixed, and will on colla- 
tion be found in several places to differ from that printed in 
Daines Barrington's edition {, where it is accompanied by a very 
incorrect translation, and a commentary by J. B. Forster, abound- 

Holy Gbspels, edited from the original manuscripts, by Benjamin 
Thorpe, F.S.A. mdoooxui. Uniform with the present volume. 

♦ ** There is no new thing under the sun." — Uccles, I. 9. 

t Cott. MS. Tib. B. 1. 

X The Anglo-Saxon Version from the Historian Orosius by Alfred 
the Great, etc. 8to. Lond. 1773. 


ing in mistakes. It is hoped that with the aid of the Glossary 
the student will find no difficulty in following on the map the 
course of the two yojagers. 
n. The death of Cyrus, p. 88. 
III. Csesar and Pompey, p. 90. 

From King -Sllfred's Translation of Boethius *, p. 93. 

I. The Story of Orpheus, p. 93. 
II. The Story of Ulysses, p. 96. 

From King Alfred's Translation of Beda's Ecclesiastical 

History, p. 97. 

The life of St. Hild, with an account of the Poet Csedmon. 
This extract is from a MS. in the Library of C. C. ColL Oxon., 
collated with Smith's edition. 

From the Story of ApoUonius of Tyre, p. 108. 

This short extract is from the Anglo-Saxon yersion of a tale in the 
Gesta Eomanorum, of which the only known MS. is in the library 
of C. C. Coll. Camb., and that is unfortunately imperfect. The 
version (which has been printed with an English translation t) 
is a model of Anglo-Saxon prose. For an account of the story 
and its versions, see Warton's H. E. P. 

A Dialogue between Saturn and Solomon, p. 110. 

This dialogue is one of a numeroiis funiJy that flourished under a 
variety of denominations and in great estimation during the mid- 
dle age. The text (from a Cottonian MS.) is in places corrupt, 
apparently from ignorance of the copyist. In the Bed Book of 
Derby (MS. BibL C. C. C. Cantab.) is a metrical dialogue between 
the same parties, which, together with the above, is now in course 
of publication for the JSlfric Society by Mr. Kemble {, to whose 

* A. M. S. Boethii Consol. Philosophifls Libri Y. Anglo-Saxonioe, 
etc. Oxon. 1698. 8vo. 

t The Anglo-Saxon version of the story of Apollonius of Tyre, on 
which is founded the Play of Pericles, ascribed to Shakspeare, etc. 
By Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. Lond. 1834, crown 8vo. 

X Anglo-Saxon Dialogues of Solomon and Saturn, by J. M. Kemble, 
M.A. Part I. Printed for the ^Ifric Society. Lond. 1845, 8vo. 


Introduction the student is referred for an abundance of curious 
information relating to these extraordinary compositions. 

The Mandrake, p. 116. 

At the head of this article in the Cottonian manuscript is an illumi- 
nation, representing a dog in the act of drawing the plant out of 
the earth, according to the method laid down in the text. The piece 
affords a striking instance of *' the wisdom of our forefttthers.'' 

A Spell to restore Fertility to Land rendered sterile by 
Witchcraft, p. 116. 

The text of this interesting specimen of the simplicity of our fore- 
fathers is from the unique manuscript in the Cottonian Library 
(Calig. A. 7.). 

Homily in Natale S. Eadmundi, p. 119. 

This homily, as we learn from the beginning, is founded on the 
narrative of Eadmund*s sword-bearer to king ^thelstan, from 
which it was related by Dunstan to Abbo of Fleury. By Abbo 
the account was committed to writing, of whose narrative the 
present homily is a translation. Manuscripts of the homily are 
extant in pure Anglo-Saxon ; but the present text is given as an 
interesting specimen of the dialect of East Anglia*. It is frt)m 
MS. Bodl. NE. F. 4. 12, and was apparently written at Bury. 
See p. 125. It is alliteratiye. 

Wills, p. 126. 

I. The will of ^Ifric, bishop Elmham, — a curious specimen of 

barbarous Saxon in the dialect of E. Anglia. 
IL The will of Lufa, an East- Anglian lady, even more barbaroiis 
than the preceding. Both are from the Cott. MS. 

Prom the Gospels, p. 128. 

This is a chapter from the Northumbrian Gloss of the celebrated 

* Of the E. Anglian dialect the most remarkable deviations are, 
b iorff as oh for of, Kbgende for lifigende, hiahenMe for Keofenlic ; e for 
(B, as }^ for \t€Bt ; (B for e, as wml for wel ; uiorw and 5, as suin for 
#co/», uene ualete for hene vaiete ; iior e and a for o, as sia for seo, 
wictrald for iveonUd ; / for hi, as hford for hlaford ; % for ge prefix. 


Durham Sook (MS. Cott. Nero D. !▼.), arranged in the nataml 
order, for the Bake of comparison with the common text. 

The Battle of Maldon, and Death of the Ealdormaa 
Bjrhtnoth, p. 131. 

The only known manuscript of this valuable fragment perished in 
the fire at the Cottonian Ubrary in 1731. That the poem was not 
wholly lost, is owing to the zeal of Thomas Heame for publishing 
every curious monument connected with early English history, 
who printed it as prose at the end of his edition of Johannia 
Glastoniensis Ghronicon. The chief of the Northmen, though 
not mentioned by name, was undoubtedly the famous king Olaf 
Tryggvason. See Saxon Chron. aa. 993, 994, and Lappenberg*8 
' England under the Anglo-Saxon Kings,* ii pp. 155-159. 

Judith. A Pragment, p. 141. 

This was first printed as prose at the end of Thwaites's Heptateuch. 
The text now given is from the Cottonian MS. Yitell. A. 15. This 
fragment leads us to form a very high idea of the poetic powers 
of our forefathers. The entire poem, of which it probably 
formed but an inconsiderable part, must have been a truly noble 

Prom a Paraphrase of Job, xxix. xxx., p. 152. 

An extract only is here given from the Codex Exoniensis of this 
very singular composition, where it is printed under the title of 
' Biming Poem,' under which denomination it first appeared in 
Conybeare's ' Illustrations.* The conjectures formed with regard 
to its subject have been manifold ; and it was only recently that 
the present editor, having taken up the poem in the almost 
hopeless attempt at illustration, was struck by its striking resem- 
blance to some parts of Job ; when on reading over the latter, 
he soon felt convinced that it was a very fr'ee paraphrase from the 
above chapters. That words have been misspelt for the sake of 
'the rime, seems unquestionable ; and all attempts at interpre- 
tation by comparison with the Yulgate have proved &r from 
satisfactory. The beginning of the poem corresponds with 
Job xxix. 2. 


The Grave. A Eragment, p. 153. 

This singularly impressive and almost appalling fragment is written 
in the margin of the volume of homilies in the E. Anglian dialect, 
in which the homily on St. Eadmund's day is contained. Jt is 
also printed with translations, Latin and English, in Conybeare's 
' Illustrations ;' but the text here given is founded on a careful 
and repeated collation with the manuscript. 

Erom La3amon's Brut, p. 154. 
The History of King Leir and his daughters*. 

Erom the Ormulum, p. 182. 

This singular work is among the Junian MSS. in the Sodleian Li- 
brary. It consists of a metrical paraphrase of the Gospels, inter- 
spersed with moralizations, by an ecclesiastic named Orm, orOr- 
min, by whom it is addressed to his brother Walter. It is with- 
out rime, in lines of fifteen syllables, which for smoothness of 
rhythm t may vie with many modem productions. The author 
seems to have been a critic in his mother-tongue ; and to his idea 
of doubling the consonant after a short vowel (as in German), we 
are enabled to form some tolerably accurate notions as to the pro- 
nunciation of our forefathers. Thus he writes min with a single 
n only because the i is long or diphthongal, as in our mine. So 
also in Idnde (pronounced as our kind), dom, hoc, had, lif (pro- 

* The texts of the two Cottonian manuscripts are here given in 
parallel columns. Of the one (Otho C. xiii.) only a bundle of scorched 
and shrivelled firagments has survived the fire in 1731. It is, however, 
much less valuable than the other (Calig. A. ix.), being of later date, 
and in many instances extremely corrupt. An edition of the entire 
chronicle, containing the two texts and a modem English version, is 
in preparation for the Society of Antiquaries by Sir Frederick Madden, 
who obligingly allowed the editor the use of his printed text for 
collation with the above extract, whereby several inaccuracies in the 
former edition are now corrected. This and the following extracts 
are in Semi-Saxon, in which the vocabulary is still free from foreign 
terms, but the grammatical construction nearly subverted. 

t This rhythmus is preserved, as in the pure Anglo-Saxon and 
other languages, by pronoimcing the final e as a syllable, except where 
it precedes a vowel or an aspirate. 


notmced as our life), etc. On the other hand, wherever the con- 
sonant is doubled, the vowel preceding is short and sharp, as in 
3ett (pronounced as our yet^ not yate, as it would be if written 
with a single ^), G-odd (pronounced God, not Gode), etc. Thna 
hus is to be pronounced hoos, whereas >uss, with a double s, is 
our thus. Mr. Tyrwhitt, therefore, had done well, even for his 
own sake, to have spared his injudicious remark upon this pecu- 
liarity of the author, for which every critical student of our 
early language is so much indebted to him *. 
Orm's dialect merits, if any, to be called Dano-Saxbn : his nama 
also betrays a Scandinavian descent f. 

In conclusion, the editor does not hesitate in expressing 
his belief, that every student who has read through and 
well understood the contents of this volume will find no 
diflSculty in understanding any Anglo-Saxon writer either 
in prose or verse. 

* *' There is a peculiarity in the author's orthography, which con- 
sists in doubling the consonants ; e. g. brother he writes hrotherr ; 
after, afflerr, etc. He has done this by design, and charges those 
who shall copy his book, to be very careful to write those letters twioe 
which he has written so, as otherwise he assures them ' they will not 
write the word right.' Hickes has taken notice of this peculiarity, 
but has not attempted to explain the author's reasons for it ; and in- 
deed, without a more perfect knowledge thanr we now probably can 
have of the Saxon pronunciation, they -seem totally inexplicable. In 
the few lines which I think it necessary to quote here as a specimen 
of the metre, I shall venture (first begging Ormin's pardon for disre- 
garding his injunction) to leave out the superfluous letters ; and I 
shall also, for my ease as well as that of the reader, transcribe them 
in modem characters." — JSssay on the Language and Versifieation 
of Chaucer, 

t An edition of the Ormulum by the Rev. Dr. White, late Kawlin' 
sonian Professor of Anglo-Saxon, was printed at the TJniyenit^ 
Press, Oxford, in 2 volumes, 8vo. 1852. 

J* • * 



MATTHEW, Chapteb II. 

EORNOSTLICE fa se HsBlend acenned wses on lu- i 
deiscre Bethl^i^in, on fSBS cyninges dagum Herodes, fa 
comon f a tungol-witegan fram east-dsBle to Hierusalem, 
and cwsedon : Hwaer ys se ludea cyning f e acenned y s ? 2 
sotSlice we gesawon hys steorran on east-daele, and we 
comon us him to geea^medenne. Da Herodes f aet ge- 3 
hyrde, fa weartS he gedrefed, and eal Hierosolim-waru 
nvid him. And- fa gegaderode Herodes eaUe ealdras 4 
f aera sacerda, and f ajsfolces writeras, and acsode hwaer 
Crist acenned waere. Da saedon hig him : On ludeiscre 5 
Bethl^^m : witodlice f us is awriten f urh f one witegan, 
And f u Bethl6^m, ludea-land, witodlice ne eart f u laest 6 
on ludea ealdrum: of f e fortS-gae^ se here-toga, sefe rectS 
min folc Israhel. Herodes fa clypode on sunder-spraece 7 
"Sa tungel -witegan, and beMn hi geome, hwaenne se 
steorra him ateowde. And he asende hig to Bethl^em, 8 
and fus cwaetJ: Para^, and acsiatS geomlice be fam cilde- 
and f onne ge hyt gemetaS, cyf atS eft me, f aet ic cume, 
and me to him gebidde. Da hi fast gebod gehyrdon, fa 9 


2 BfiJCTH. Chap. II. 

« W to 

ferdon hig ; and so'Slice se steorra, f e hi on east-dsDle 
gesawon, hjim. beForan ferde, ot5 he st6d ofer fa)r fset 

10 cild W8B8>"*/Sot51ice fa "Sa tungel-witegan fone steorran 

11 gesawon, hig faegenodon swytJe myclum gefean ; and 
gangende in to fam huse, hi gemetton fast cild, mid Ma- 
rfan'bys moder, and hig afenedon hig, and hi to him ge- 

. 'b^6n ; and hi tintyndon hyra gold-hordas, and him Mc 

j"i3 btohton ; fsBt wsbs gold, and recels, and myrre. And 

'• hi afengon andsware on swefnum, fset hi eft to Herode 

ne hwyrfdon, ac hi on otSeme weg on hyra rfce ferdon. 

13 Da hi fa ferdon, fa setywde Drihtnes engel losepe on 
swefnum, and fus cwsetJ : Aris, and nim fsBt cild and 
his moder, and fleoh on JEgypta-land, and beo f a^r ot$ fset 
ic f e secge. Toweard ys faet Herodes sects faet cild to 

14 forspillene. He aras fa, and nam f aet cild and his mo- 

15 der on niht, and ferde on -^gyptum ; and wsbs paer otS 
Herodes for^sitS ; f set waere gefylled f set f e fram Drihtne 
gecweden wsbs, f urh f one witegan : Of -^gyptum ic 

16 minne sunu geclypode. Da wsbs Herodes swytSe gebol- 
gen,forf am f e he bepssht wsbs fram f am tungel-witegum, 
and he asende fa, and ofsloh ealle fa cild f e on Bethleem 
wsBron, and on eallum hyre gemsBrum, fram twy-win- 
trum cilde and binnan fam; sBfter fssre tfde fe he 

17 geacsode fram fam tungel-witegum. Da wsbs gefylled 
13 f sBt gecweden wsbs f urh Hieremfam f one witegan, Stefn 

WSBS on hehnysse gehyred, w6p and mycel f oterung ; 
Rachel weop hyre beam, and heo nolde beon gefrefrod, 

19 forf am f e hi nasron. SotSlice fa Herodes wsbs fortSfaren, 
witodlice on swefhe Drihtnes engel SBtywde losepe, on 

20 JEgyptum, and fus cwsstS : Aris, and nim f sBt cild and 
his moder, and far on Israhela-land : nu synd fortJfarene 

21 tSe f SBS cildes sawle sohton. He ariis fa, and onfeng fast 

22 cild and his moder, and com on Israhela-land. Da he 
gehyrde f ajt Archelaus rixode on ludea f eode, for f SBne 


Herodem, he ondred fyder to faranne: and, on swefnum 
gemyngod, he ferde on G-alileisce dselas : and he com fa, 23 
and eardode on faere ceastre pe ys genemned Nazareth ; 
fset wsere gefylled fset gecweden wsbs furh fone witegan, 
Forfam f e he Nazarenisc by^ genemned. 

Chapteb III. 

On fam dagum com lohannes se Fulluhtere, and bo- 1 
dode on fam westene lud^, and cwaBt$ : D06 dsedbote: 2 
sotSliee genealaece'S heofena rice. Dis ys s^ be f am fe 3 
gecweden ys furh Esaiam pone witegan, Clypiendes 
stefn WSBS on westene, GTegearwiatS Dryhtnes weg, dotS 
his sifas rihte. Se lohannes witodlice hsBfde reaf of 4 
olfenda hserum, and fellenne gyrdel ymbe hys lendenu ; 
and hys mete wses gsBrstapan and wudu-hunig. Da 5 
ferde to him Hierosolim-waru, and eal lud^a feod, and 
eal fsBt rfce wit$-geondan lordanen ; and hi waeron 6 
gefuUode on lordane fram hym, and hi andetton heora 
synna. Sot$lice fa he geseah manega f sera sunder- 7 
halgena and fsera rihtwisendra to his fulluhte cumende, 
he cwseS to hym : L^ nseddrena cyn, hwa geswutelode 
eow to fleonne fram t$am toweardan yrre ? Eornostlice, s 
dots medemne wsBstra fsere daedbote ; and ne cwef at5 9 
betweox eow. We habbatS Abraham us to faeder ; sot51ice 
ic secge eow, Daet GTod ys swa mihtig, f aet he maeg of 
f ysum stanum aweccan Abrahames beam. Eallunga 10 
ys seo aBX to faera treowa wurt-ruman asett : eornustlice 
aelc treow, fe godne waestm ne bringS, byt$ forcorfen, 
and on fyr aworpen. Witodlice ic eow fuUige on 11 
waBtere to daedbote : se fe aefter me toweard ys, he ys 
strengra fonne ic, tSaes gescy ne eom ic wyrfe to 
beranne : he eow fullatS on Halgum GTaste, and on fyre : 
fsBS fann ys on his handa, and he afeormatS his f yrscel- 12 

B 2 

4 MATTH. Chap. IV. 

flore, and he gegadera^ his hw^te on his bem; J?a 
13 ceafu he forbsBmtJ on toadw»scendlicum fyre. Da com 

se Hselend fram Galilea to lordane to lohanne, fset 
u he hine fullode. Johannes fa sotJlice forbead him, and 

cwaetJ : Ic sceal fram )>e beon gefuUod, and fu cymst to 
15 me ? Da andswarode se Haelend hym, and cwfiet5 : Lset 

nu : fus unc gedafna^ ealle rihtwisnisse gefyllan. Da 
18 forlet he hine. SotSlice fa se Haelend gefuUod wsbs, 

hraedlice he astah of f am waetere ; and him wurdon f ser- 

rihte heofenas ontynede ; and he geseah Godes Gast 

nif er-stigende, swa swa culfran, and wunigende ofer 
17 hyne : and so^lice fa com stefn of heofenum, and f us 

cwsB^ : Her ys min se gecorena sunn, on f am me geli- 


Chaptee IV. 

1 Da W8BS se Haelend gelsed fram gaste on westen, f aet 

2 lie wsBre fram deofle costnod. And fa8a he faeste feo- 
wertig daga and feowertig nihta, fa ongan hyne sytSSan 

3 hingrian. And fa genealaehte se costnigend, and cwae^ : 
Gyf f u G-odes Sunu sy, cwe^ f aet fas stanas to hlafe 

4 creweortSon. Da andswarode se Haelend: Hit is awriten, 
'Ne leofat$ se man be hlafe anum, ac be aelcum worde f e 

5 of Godes muf e gae^. Da gebrohte se deofol hine on fa 
halgan ceastre, and asette hine ofer faes temples heah- 

6 nesse, and cwaetS to him : Gif f u Godes Sunu eart, asend 
f e f onne nyf er : sotJlice hyt ys awriten, Daet he his en- 
glum bebead be ^^, f aet hig f ^ on hyra handum beron, 

7 fy-lses f e tSin f6t aet stane aetsporae. Da cwaetS se 
Haelend eft to him: Hit ys awriten, Ne costna 6u 

8 Drihten finne God. Eft se deofol hine genam, and 
laedde hine on swi^e heahne munt, and aeteowde hym 

9 ealle middan-geardes rfcu, and heora wuldor ; and 
cwaeC to him : Ealle fas ic sylle f e, gif f u feallende to 

10 me geeadmetst. Da cwaetS se Haelend to him : Gang 

MATTH. Chap. IV. 5 

pu, sceocca, on-bsec : sotJlice hit ys awriten, To Drihtne 
)>inum Orode J?u ^e geeadmetst, and him antiin peowast. 
Da forMt se deofol hine, and englas genealaeliton, and n 
him fenodon. SoSlice fa se Haelend gehyrde faet lo- 12 
hannea belaBwed waes, pa ferde he to Galileam ; and for- i3 
laetenre ysdre ceastre Nazareth, he com and eardode on 
Capharnaum, on ]»am s^-gemserum, on endum Zabulon 
and Neptalim ; faet waere gefylled fset t$e gecweden waes u 
furh Esaiam f one witegan, Zabulones eorSu and Nep- is 
talimes eorfe, s^s weg ofer lordane, fara feoda Q-alilea : 
f eoda folc, f e on fystrum s»t, geseah mycel leoht ; and i« 
sittendum on earde deafes scade ys leoht tip-asprungen. 
SySt$an ongan se Haelend bodian, and cwefan : Dot5 17 
daedbote, soSlice heofena rfce genealaBct$. Da se Haelend is 
eode wis Sa Galileiscan s^, he geseh twegen gebrotJru, 
Simonem, se waes genemned Petrus, and Andream his 
broker, s^ndende heora nett on fa s^ : sotJlice hi waeron 
fisceras. And he saede heom: CumaS aefter me, and ic do i9 
f aet gyt beoS manna fisceras. And hi f aer-rihte forleton 20 
heora net, and him fyligdon. And fa he f anon eode, he 21 
geseh twegen oSre gebrotJm, lacobum Zebedei and lo- 
hannem his brother, on scype mid heora faeder Zebedeo, 
remigende heora nett; and he clypode hig. Hig fa sona 22 
forleton heora nett and heora faeder, and him fyligdon. 
And fa beferde se Haelend ealle G-alileam, laerende on 23 
heora gesomnungum ; and he waes bodigende godspel 
f aes rfces, and haelende aelce adle and aelce nntrumnysse 
on f am folce. And fa ferde hys hlfsa into ealle Syriam, 24 
and hig brohton hym ealle yfel-haebbende missenlicum 
adlum, and on tintregum gegripene, and fa t$e deofol- 
seocnessa haefdon, and monoS-seoce, and l^man ; and he 
fa gehaelde. And him fyligdon mycele maenigeo fram 25 
Galilea, and fram Decapoli, and fram Hierusalem, and 
fram ludea, and fram begeondan lordanen. 

6 MAEK, Chap. V. 

MARK, Chapteb V. 

1 Da comon hig ofer faere s^s muSan, on f aet rfce Ge- 

2 raseii()rum. And him of scype gangendum, him sona 
agen ^m ^n man of fam byrgenum, on unclaenum gaste, 
se haefde on byrgenum scraef ; and hine n£n man mid 

4 racenteagum ne mihte gebindan ; forfam he oft, mid 
fdt-copsum and racenteagum gebunden, toslat fa racen- 
teaga, and )>a fdt-copsas tobrsec ; and hyne n^n man 

6 gewyldan ne mihte. And symle, daeges and nihtes, he 
W8BS on byrgenum, and on muntum, hrymende, and hine 

6 sylfne mid staniun ceorfende. So^lice, J>a he )>one Hsb- 

7 lend feorran geseah, he foi, and hyne gebaed, and my- 
celre stemne hrymende, f us cwae'S : Eala maera Haelend, 
Godes Sunu, hwaet ys me and J>e ? Ic halsige fe, furh 

8 God, faet J>u me ne freage. Da cwae^ se Haelend : Eala 

9 J?u unclaena gast, g^ of fy sum men. Da acsode he hine : 
Hwaet ys fin nama ? Da cwaetJ he : Min nama is Legio ; 

10 forfam we manega synd. And he hine swy^e baed, faet 

11 he hine of )>am rfce ne nydde. Dar waes embe }>one 

12 munt mycel sw^na heord laeswigende. And J>a unclaBnan 
gastas hine baedon, and cwaedon : Send tis on fas sw^n, 

13 fast we on hig glin. And fa lyfde se Ha&lend sona ; and 
f e eodon fa unclsenan gastas on fa sw^n ; and on my- 
clum hryre seo heord wear5 on s^ bescofen, twa f u- 

14 sendo, and wurdon adruneene on f aere s^. So'Slice fa 
fe hig heoldon flugon, and cyddon on feere ceastre, and 
on lande : and hig i^t-eodon faet hig gesawon hwaet faer 

15 geddn w^re. And hig comon to f am Haelende, and hig 
gesawon fone fe mid deofle gedreht W8bs, gescrydne 

16 sittan, and hales modes ; and hig him ondredon. And 
hig rehton him, fa "Se hit gesawon, hu hit gedon waBs be 
fam fe deofol-seocneBse hsafde, and be f am sw^nuin. 

MAEK, Chap. V. 7 

And hig baBdon f aet he of heora gemsBrum ferde. Da i7 
he on scyp eode, hine ongan biddan, se fe ^r mid deofle is 
gedreht wsbs, faet he mid hym wsere. Him fa se Hae- 19 
lend ne getifode ; ac he ssede him ; G^ to finum huse, 
to f inum hfwum, and cytS heom, hu my eel Dryhten ge- 
dyde, and he gemiltsode fe. And he fa ferde, and ongan 20 
bodian on Decapolim, hu fela se Haelend him dyde : and 
hig ealle wundredon. And fa se Hselend eft on scype 21 
ferde ofer f one muf an, hym com to mycel maenigeo ; 
and W8BS embe fa s^. And fa com sum of heah-gesam- 22 
nungum, I^irus hatte ; and fa he hine geseah, he astrehte 
hine to his fdtum, and hine swyf e baed, and he cwaet5 : 23 
Min dohter ys on ytemestum sif e ; cum and sete fine 
hand ofer hig, f aet heo hal sy, and lybbe. Da ferde he 24 
mid him ; and him fyligde mycel maBnigeo, and f rungon 
hine. And fa f aet wff f e on blodes ryne twelf winter 25 
waes, and fram manegum laecum fela f inga f olode, and 26 
daelde eall f aet heo ahte, and hit naht ne fremede, ac waes 
f e wyrse ; fa heo be fam Haelende gehyrde, heo com 27 
"wit5-aeftan fa maenigeo, and his reaf aBthr^n. So^lice 28 
heo cwaetJ : Gtif ic ftirf on his reafes aethrfne, ic beo h^. 
And fa sona weartS hyre blodes ryne adruwod ; and heo 29 
on hyre gefredde, f aet heo of fam wite geh^led waes. 
And fa se Haelend oncneow on him sylfum, f aet him 3o 
maegen of-eode, he cwaetS, bewend to f aere maenigeo : 
Hwa sethr^n mine reaf? Da cwaedon his leorning- 3i 
cnyhtas : Du gesyhst fas maenigeo f e f ringende, and f u 
cwyst : Hwa aethr^n me ? And fa beseah hine, f aet he 33 
gesawe f one f e f aet dyde. Daet wff fa, ondraedende and 33 
forhtigende, com and astrehte hig beforan him, and saede 
him eall f aet riht. Da cwaptJ se Haelend r Dohter, fin 34 
geleafa f e hale gedyde; ga f e on sibbe, and beo of fysum 
hal. Him fa gyt sprecendum, hig comon fram fam 35 
heah-gesamnungum, and cwaedon : Din debtor ys dead ; 

8 MAEK, Chap. XI. 

36 hwi drecst pu leng fone l^reow ? Da lie gehyrde faet 
word, fa cwsetS se Haelend : Ne ondrsad f u fe, gelyf for 

37 Sn. And lie ne l^t hym »nig ne fyligean, buton Petrum, 

38 and lacobum, and lobannem lacobes brother. And big 
comon on ]>8Bs heab-ealdres btis, and be geseab mycel 

39 geblyd, wepende and geomrigende. And pa be in-eode 
be cw8Bt$ : Hwi synd ge gedrefede and wepatS ? nis fia 

40 mseden dead, ac beo slsepS. Da taBldon big bine. He 
]>a, eallum ut-adrifenum, nam psBS msedenes fseder and 
moder, and fa fe mid bim w»ron, and in-eodon suwi- 

41 ende far faet maBden wsbs. And byre band nam, and 
cwaetS : Tbalimtba cumi : f set ys, on nre gef eode gerebt : 

42 Mseden, f e ic secge, arfs. And beo sona ai€a and eode : 
so'Slice beo wsbs twelf wintre. And ealle big wundredon 

43 mycelre wundrunge. And be bym f earle bebead, faet 
big byt nanum men ne s^don : and be bet byre etan 

Chapteb XI. 

1 Da be genealaebte Hierusalem, and Betbanfa, to Oli- 

2 uetes dune, be sende bys twegen leorning-cnybtas, and 
cw3Bt$ to bim : EaratS to f am castelle f e ongean fnc ys, 
and gyt f aer sona gemeta^ assan folan getigedne, ofer 
f sene nan man gyt ne saet ; ungetigeatS bine, and to me 

3 gelaedatJ. And gif bwa to fnc bwaet cwytJ, secgatS, Daet 
Drihten hsdf!6 bys neode ; and be bine sona byder laet. 

4 And fa big tit-ferdon, big gemetton f one folan tite on 
twycinan beforan dura, getigedne: fa untigdon big bine. 

5 And sume f e far stodon, f us sa^don bim : HwaBt do gyt 

6 f one folan untigende ? Da cwsedon big: Swa se Haelend 

7 unc bead. And bi leton big fa. Da laeddon big f one 
folan to f am Haelende, and big beora reaf on-^ledon ; 

8 and be on-saet. Manega beora reaf on f one weg streb- 
ton; sume fa bogas of fam treowum lieowon, and 

MAEK, Cblip. XI. 9 

streowedon on f one weg. And fa t$e beforan eodon, and 9 
fa ^e aefter folgodon, cwaedon fus : Osann^: Sy gebletsod 
se f e com on Drylitnes naman : Sy gebletsod fset rfce f e lo 
com ures fseder Dauides: Osann^, on heabnessum. And ii 
be eode fa on Hierosolima tempi, and ealle f ing be be- 
sceawode: "Sa sefen tima wsbs, he ferde to Betbanfam, mid 
bis twelf leoming-cnybtum. And of rum daege, fa big 12 
ferdon fram Betbanfa, bine bingrode. Da be feorran i3 
geseab an fictreow f e leaf bsefde, be c6m, and sobte 
bwsBf er be f ar-on abt iiinde : fa be bim to c6m, ne funde 
be f ser buton leaf ^e ; so'Slice bit waes f 8BS fic-treowes 
tima. Da cwsBtJ be : Heonon-fort5 on ecnesse ne ^te smig i^ 
man waestm of Se. And bys leorning-cnybtas f set ge- 
byrdon. Da comon big eft to Hierusalem ; and fa be is 
on f 8Bt tempi eode, be ongan drifan of f am temple syl- 
lende and bicgende; and mynetera f rocu, and beab-setlu 
f e Sa culfpan cypton be tobraec ; and be ne gef afode f aet I6 
flBnig man »nig fat f urb f aet tempi bsBre. And be fa 17 
Iserende, f us cwaB'6 to bim : Nys bit awriten, f set min 
btis fram eallum feodum biS genemned gebed-btis ? sot5- 
lice ge dydon f set to sceaf ena scraefe. Da f aera sacerda is 
ealdras and fa boceras f is gebyrdon, big f obton bu big 
byne forspildon ; f eb big bim ondredon bine ; forf am 
eall seo maenigeo wundrode be bis Mre. And fa bit 19 
aefen waes, be eode of f aere ceastre. On mergen, fa big 20 
ferdon, big gesawon faet fic-treow forscruncen of f am 
wyrt-ruman. Da cwae'6 Petrus : L^reow, loca bu for- 21 
scrane faet fic-treow f e f u wyrigdest. Da cwaet5 se 22 
Haelend, bim andswarigende : HabbatS Godes truwan. 
Ic secge eow to sof e, Swa bwylc swa cwyt5 to f isum 23 
munte, Sig f u afyrred, and on s^ aworpen ; and on bis 
beortan ne tweonatS, ac gelyf^ ; swa bwaet swa be cwyS, 
GeweorSe f is, f aet gewyr'8. Forf am ic eow secge, Swa 24 
hwaet swa ge gymende biddaS, gelyfatS faet ge bit 

10 LUKE, Chap. II. 

25 onfotJ, andhiteow becymtS. And fonne ge stanatJ eow 
to gebiddanne, forgifa^, gif g^hwsBt ag^n aenige habbatJ; 
paet eow eower synna forgife eower heofenlica P»der, 

26 se fe on heofenum ys. GTyf ge ne forgyfatJ, ne eow 
eower synna ne forgy^ eower Faeder, fe on heofonnm 

27 ys. Da com he eft to Hierusalem ; and fa lie on f am 
temple eode, bym to genealaebton J>a heah-sacerdas, and 

28 boceras, and ealdras, and J>us cwaedon : On bwylcnm 
anwealde dest fu pas fing ? and hwa sealde fe fysne 

29 an weald, faet fu fys d6 ? Da cwaetJ se HsBlend : And ic 
acsige eow ^nre spraeee ; andswaria^ me, and ic secge 

30 eow fonne on hwylcum anwealde ic fys d6. HwsBper 
wses lobannes fulluht, J?e of beofone, }>e of mannum ? 

31 andswariaS me. Da f ohton Hi and cwaedon betweox 

32 beom : Gif we secga^. Of heofone ; he secgtS lis : Hwi 
ne gelyfde ge him ? GTif we secgatS, Of mannum ; we 
ondraedat^ fis folc : ealle hig haefdon lohannem faet he 

33 waere sotSlice witega. Da andswaredon hig pam Hae- 
lende, and cwaedon : "We nyton. Da cwaetJ se Haelend : 
'Ne ic eow ne secge on hwylcum anwealde ic fas t5ing d.6, 

LUKE, Chapteb II. 

1 SotJlice on f am dagum waes geworden gebod fram fam 
Casere Augusto, f aet call ymb-hwyrft w^re to-mearcod. 

2 Deos to-mearcodnys waes aerest geworden fram fam 

3 deman S^rige Cirfno. And ealle hig eodon, and syndrie 

4 fi^rdon on heora ceastre. Da f^rde losep fram GTalilea 
of faere ceastre Nazareth, on ludeisce ceastre Dauides, 
seo ys genemned Bethl^i^m; forfam fe he waes of 

6 Dauides htise and hirede : faet he f^rde mid Marfan J>e 

6 him beweddod waes, and waes geeacnod. So^lice waes 
gew6rden, fa hig f aer w^ron, hyre dagas w^ron gefyl- 

7 lede f aet heo cende. And heo cende hyre frumcennedan 

LUKE, 11 

Sunu, and hyne mid cild-cl^f um bew^nd, and hjne on 
binne al^de ; forfam ye big ndefdon rtim on cumena-buse. 
And byrdas w^ron on fam ylcan rfce waciende, and s 
niht-waeccan bealdende ofer heora beorda. Da st^d 9 
Drybtnes engel wi5 big, and G-odes beorbtnes bym 
ymbe scan: and big bim myclum ege ondredon. And se lo 
engel bim to cwsb^ : Nelle ge eow ondr^dan. So^lice 
nu ic eow bodie mycelne gefean, se bi5 eallum folce. 
!For})am to-d^g eowys Ha&lend acenned, se ys Drybten ii 
Crist, on Dauides ceastre. And fis t^cen eow bytS : Gte i3 
gemetatJ ^n cild brseglum bewunden, and on binne aled. 
And fa waes f^ringa geworden mid J>am engle mycelnes i» 
beofenlices weredes, Godberiendra and fus cwefendra : 
G-ode sy wuldor on beabnysse, and on eorfan sybb, 14 
mannum godes willan. And bit waes geworden, fa t$a is 
englas to beofene fi^rdon, fa byrdas bim betwynan 
spr^on, and cwaedon : TJton faran to Betbl^^m, and 
geseon fset wdrd fe geworden ys, feet Drybten tis 
^t^wde. And big efstende comon, and gemetton 16 
Marfan and losep, and f set cild on binne aled. Da big 17 
f ajt ges^won, fa oncneowon big be f am w<5rde f e bym 
ges^d W8BS be fam cilde. And ealle "Sa fe gebyrdon, is 
wundredon be fam f e bim fa byrdas s^on. Marfa 19 
gebeold ealle fas word, on byre beortan smeagende. Da 20 
gewendonbto fa byrdas, God wuldriende and beriende 
on eallum fam tSe big gebyrdon and ges^won, swa to 
bim gecweden w8bs. ^fter fam ^e ebta dagas gefyllede 21 
waeron, fset fsBt cild embsnyden w^re, bis nama waes 
HiELEKD, se waes fram engle genemned, ^r be on inno^e 
geeacnod w^re. And aefter fam fe byre claensunge 22 
dagas gefyllede waeron, aefter Moyses ^, big laeddon byne 
on Hierusalem, f aet big byne G-ode gesetton ; swa swa 23 
on Drybtnes ^ awriten ys : Daet aelc wsepned gec^nde- 
Ifm ontynende, byS Drybtne balig genemned j and feet 24 

12 LUKE, 

liig offrunge seSldon, sefter fam J?e Dryhtnes ^ geeweden 

25 ys, Twa turtlan, offe twegeu culfran-briddas. And fa 
waes an man on Hierusalem, \>xs nama waes Simeon ; 
and fes man wses rihtwfs, and otS Israhela frofer ge- 

26 anbidiende : and Halig Gast him on wa)s. And he 
andsware fram fam Halgan Gaste onfeng, faet he deat5 

27 ne gesawe, buton he ^r Dryhten Crist gesawe. And 
on Gaste he on fast tempel c6m. And fa hys magas 
Iseddon fone Haelend, faet hig for hym sefter padre ^ 

28 gewunan dydon, he onfeng hyne mid hys handum, and 

29 God bletsode, and cwaeS, Dryhten, nu fu Isetst finne 

30 J?eow, aefter finum worde, on sibbe : forfam mfne eagan 

31 gesawon pine hsele, t5a J?u geearwodest beforan ansyne 

32 ealra folca ; leoht to feoda awrigenesse, and to fines 

33 folces wuldre Israhel. Da waes hys fseder and his 

34 moder wundriende be f am f e be hym ges^de w^ron. 
And fa bletsode hig Sime6n, and cwaeS to Marfan his 
moder : Loca nu, f es ys on hryre and on seryst aset 
manegra on Israhel ; and on t^cen f am 8e wi^-cweden 

36 by^ ; (and hys sweord fine sawle f iirh-fiSerS,) faet 

36 gefohtas s^n awrigene of manegum heortum. And 
Anna waes witegestre, Fanueles dohtor, of Assures 
mspg'Se: fees wunede maenigne d^g, and heo lyfede 

37 mid hyre were seofen gear of hyre faemnh^de ; and heo 
waes wuduwe o'S feower and hund-eahtatig geara, seo of 
f am temple ne gew^t, daeges and nihtes f eowigende on 

38 faestenum and on halsungum. And f eos f dere tfde be- 
cumende, Dryhtne andette, and be him spraec eallum 

39 f am f e ge-anbidedon Hierusalem alysednesse. And fa 
hig ealle f ing gefyldon, aefter Drihtnes ^, hig gehwurfon 

40 on Galileam, on heora ceastre Nazareth. SotSlice faet 
cild weox, and waes gestrangod wfsdomes full; and 

41 Godes gyfu waes on hym. And his magas f^rdon aelce 

42 gere to Hierusalem, on Easter-daeges fi:eols-tfde. And 

JOHN, Chap. III. 18 


fa lie wses twelf wintre, hy fdron to Hierusalem, to fam 
Easterlican freolse, sefter heora gewunan. And gefyl- 43 
ledum dagum, fa hig ongean-gehwurfon, beMf se Hae- 
lend on Hierusalem; and hys magas fast nyston: 
wendon faet he on heora gef<^re w^re. Da cdmon hig 44 
^nes daeges faer, and hyne sohton betweox his magas and 
his eu6an. Da hig hyne ne fund on, hig ge wendon to 45 
Hierusalem, hine secende. Da sefter frim dagum, hig 46 
fundon hine on fam temple, sittende on middan fam 
lareowum, hlystende and hig acsigende. Da wundredon 47 
hig ealle fe gehyrdon be his gleawscype and his and- 
swarum. Da cwsetJ his moder to hym: Sunu, hwi dydest 48 
J)u unc J)us ? fin faeder and ie sarigende fe sohton. Da 49 
cwae^ he to hym : Hwaet ys faet gyt me sohton ? nyste 
gyt fast me gebyra^ to beonne on J>am fingum fe mines 
Paeder synd ? Da ne ongeaton hfg faet w6rd fe he to so 
hym spraec. Da ferde he mid hym, and com to Naza- si 
reth, and waBS hym under-feod, and his moder geheold 
ealle fas w6rd, on hyre heortan smeagende. And se 62 
Haelend f eah on wfsdome and on ylde, and mid gyfe 
G-ode and mid mannum. 

JOHN, Chaptee III. 

SotJlice sum Phariseisc man waes genemned Nichod^- i 
mus, se waes ludea ealdor. p^s com to him on niht, and 2 
cwse^ to him : Rabbf (f aet is, L^reow), we witon f aet f u 
c6me fram Grode : ne maeg n^n man fas t^cn wyrcan f e 
t$u wyrcst, buton God beo mid him. Se Haelend him 3 
andswarode, and cwaetJ ; So'5 ic f e secge, Buton hwa beo 
edniwan gecenned, ne maeg he geseon Godes rfce. Da 4 
cwae^ JSTichod^mus to hym: Hu maeg man beon eft 
acenned, f onne he by 6 eald? cwyst f u maeg he eft cuman 
on hys moder inno^, and beon eft acenned ? Se Haelend 
hym andswarode, and cwaet$ : SotS ic f e secge, Buton hwa 

14. JOHN, Chap. III. 

beo ge-edcenned of waetere and of Halgum Gaste, ne 

6 mseg he in-faran on Godes rfce. Daet fe acenned is of 
flaesce, f aet is flaesc ; and faet fe of Gaste is acenned, faet 

7 is gast. Ne wundra fu, forfam fe ic Ba?de fe, Eow ge- 

8 byratS faet ge beon acennede edniwan. Gast ore^aS 
faer he wile, and fu gehyrst his stefne, and fii nast 
hwanon he cymt$, ne hwyder he g^d : swa is aelc pe 

9 acenned is of Gaste. Da andswarode Nichod^mus, and 

10 cwsBtJ : Hu magon fas fing f us geweorSan ? Se Hselend 
andswarode, and cwae'S to him : Du eart l^reow Israhela 

11 folce, and fu nast fas fing ? So6 ic fe secge, past we 
sprecat5 f aet we witon, and we cy'5a6 f aet we gesawon ; 

12 and ge ne underfo'Sure cyt5nesse. Gyf iceow eortJlice 
fing saede, and ge ne gelyfatJ, humeta gelyfe ge, gif ic 

13 eow heofenlice f ing secge ? And nan man ne astih^ to 
heofenum, buton sefe nyt5er com of heofenum, mannes 

14 Sunu, sefe com of heofenum. And swa Moyses fa 
naeddran <ip-ahof of f am westene, swa gebyratJ faet 

15 mannes Sunu beo (ip-ah^fen ; faet nJin f aera ne for- 
weorSe fe on hyne gelyf^, ac haebbe faet ece Iff. 

16 God lufode middan-eard, swa faet he sealde his ^n-cen- 
nedan Sunu, faet n^n ne forweortSe f e on hine gelyfe, ac 

17 haebbe faet ece Iff. Ne sende God his Sunu on middanr 
eard, faet he demde middan-earde ; ac faet middan-eard 

18 sy gehaeled f urh hine. Ne bi6 f am gedemed f e on hine' 
gely^ : se f e ne gelyf^, him bit5 gedemed ; forf an f e 
he ne gelyfde on f one naman f aes ^n-cennedan Godes 

19 Sunu. Daet is se dom, faet leoht com on middan-eard, 
and men lufedon f ystro swy'Sor f onne faet leoht : heora 

20 weorc waeron yfele. -^Ic f aera f e yfele det5, hatat5 faet 
leoht ; and he ne cymtS to leohte, faet his weorc ne syn 

21 gerihtljehte. Witodlice se f e wyrct$ sot5faestnysse cymt$ 
to f am leohte, faet his weorc syn geswutelode, forf am f e 

22 hig synd on Gode gedone. -Mterfyssum com se Hse- 

JOHN, Chap. XV. 15 

lend and his leoming-cnyhtas to ludea-lande, and 
wnnede f aer mid hym, and fullode. And lohannes ful- 23 
lode on En6n wi'S Salfm, forpam pe paer wa?ron manega 
waetro. And hig togaedere comon, and waeron gefullode. 
Da gyt naes lohannes gedon on cwe^tern. Da smeadon 25 
lohannes leoming-cnyhtas and fa ludeas be paere claen- 
sunge ; and comon to lohanne, and cwsedon to him : 26 
Eabbf, se ^e mid pe wsbs begeondan lord^n^, be pam pu 
cyt5dest gewitnesse, nu he fulla;6, and eajle hig cuma6 to 
him. lohannes andwyrde, and ewae^ : Ne maeg man 27 
nan ping iinderfdn, buton hit beo him of heofenum ge- 
seald. Gre sylfe me synd to gewitnesse, paet ic s^de, 28 
Neom ic Crist, ac ic com asend beforan hine. Se 6e 29 
bryde haef^, se is bryd-guma : se Se is paes bryd-guman 
freond, and stent and geh^rtJ hyne, mid gefean he ge- 
blissa'5 for paes bryd-guman stefiie : p^s mfn gefea is ge- 
fylled. Hit gebyrap paet h^ weaxe, and paet ic wanige. 3o 
Se pe ufenan com, se ys ofer ealle : se pe of eorpan ys, 3i 
se spryctJ be eorpan : se pe of heofone c6m, se ys ofer 
ealle. And he cyt5 paet he geseah and gehyrde : and 32 
n£n man ne underfehS his cyt5nesse. SotSlice se pe his 33 
cySnesse underfeh'5, he getacnatJ paet God ys sotSfaest- 
nes. Se pe Grod sende spryctJ Godes word: ne syl6 34 
God pone Gast be gemete. Taeder lufa"5 pone Sunu, 35 
and sealde ealle ping on his hand. Se pe gelyfS on 36 
Sunu, se haeftS ece Iff: se pe pam Sunu is ungeleaffuU, 
ne gesyhtJ he Iff j ac Godes yrre wunaS ofer hine. 

Chaptee XV. 

Ic eom soS wfn-eard, and min Paeder ys eortJ-tilia. 1 
He det$ aelc twig aweg on me pe blaeda ne byrS ; and he 2 
feormaS aelc paera pe blaeda byrS, paet hyt here blaeda pe 
swipor. Nu ge synd claene for paere spraece pe ic to eow 3 

16 JOHN, Chap. XV. 

4 sprsBC. Wunia6 on me, and ic on eow. Swa twig ne 
msBg blaeda befan hym-sylf, buton hit wunige on win- 
earde, swa ge ne magon e^c, buton ge wunion on me. 

6 Ic eom wfn-eard, and ge synd twigu : Se fe wuna6 on 
me, and ic on him, se byr^ mycle blaeda : iforf am ge ne 

6 magon nan f ing don butan me. Gif hwa ne wunatS on 
me, he by^ aworpen (it swa twig, and fordruwa^ ; and 

7 hig gaderia'5 pa, and d66 on fyr, and hig forbyrna^. Grif 
ge wuniaS on me, and mine word wunia^ on eow, bid- 

8 da^ swa hwaet swage wyllon, and hyt by "5 eower. On 
fam ys min Fseder geswutelod, faet ge beron mycle 

9 blaeda, and beon mine leoming-cnyhtas. And ic lufode 

10 eow swa Faeder lufode me : wuniatJ on minre lufe. Gif 
ge mine bebodu gehealda^, ge wuniatS on minre lufe ; 
swa ic geheold mines Paeder bebodu, and ic wunige on 

11 hys lufe. Das fing ic eow saede, faet min gefea sy on 

12 eow, and eower gefea sy gefuUod. Dis is min bebod, 

13 f aet ge lufion eow gemaenelice, swa ic eow lufode. JSTaefiJ 
n^n man maran lufe f onne f eos ys, f aet hwa sylle his Iff 

14 for his freondum. Ge synd mine frynd, gif ge dotS fa 

15 fing f e ic eow bebeode. JSTe telle ic eow to f eowan ; 
forfam se feowa nat hwaet se hlaford deS : ic tealde eow 
to freondum ; forfam ic cytSde eow ealle fa fing fe ic 

16 gehyrde aet minum Paeder. JSTo gecure ge me, ac ic 
geceas eow, and ic sette eow, faet ge g^n and blaeda 
beron, and eowre blaeda gelaeston ; faet Faeder sylle eow 

17 swa hwaet swa geljiddatJ on minum naman. Das fing 

18 ic eow beode, faet ge lufion eow gemaenelice. Gif mid- 
dan-eard eow hataS, witatJ faet he hatede me ^r eow. 

19 Gif ge of middan-earde waeron, middan-eard lufode f aet 
his wees : forf am fe ge ne synd of middan-earde ac ic 
eow geceas of middan-earde, forfig middan-eard eow 

30 hata^. GemunaS minre spraece pe ic eow saede, JSTis se 
feowa maerra fonne his hlaford. Gif hig me ehton, hig 

JOHN, Chap. XV. 17 

wylla^ ehtan eower : gif hig mine spraece heoldon, hig 
healdatS eac eowre. Ac ealle fas f ing hig do^ eow for 21 
minum nam an ; forfam fe hig ne cnnnon Jwne fe me 
sende. Gif ic ne come, and to him ne spraece, naefdon hig 22 
n^ne synne : nu hig nabba^ nane lade be heora synne. 
Se fe me hatatS hatatS minne Faeder. Gif ic n^ne weorc H 
ne worhte on him, f e n^ o^er ne worhte, naefdon hig 
n^ne synne : nu hig gesawon, and hig hatedon aegtSer 
ge m^, ge minne Paeder. Ac f aet seo spraec sy gefylled 25 
fe on hyra ^ awriten ys, Daet hig hatedon me buton 
gewyrhtum. ponne se Trefriend cymt$, fe ic eow s^nde 26 
fram Eaeder, sotJfaestnysse Gast, f e cymt5 fram Faeder, 
he cy^ gewitnesse be me : and ge cyt$a^ gewitnesse, 27 
forfam ge waeron fram fruman mid m^. 



ad Pueros JLingum LatiruB Locutione exercendos^ ah 
u^LFBJCO primum compilatum, et deinde, ah jMlfrico 
JBata, ejus DiscipulOf auctvm; 


We cildra biddaj> |>e, eala Lareow, hset |>u tsece us sprecan 
D, Nos pueri rogamus te, Magister, ut doceas nos loqui 

* [rihte], forJ>am ungelserede we syndon, and gewsemmodlice 

Latialiter recte, quia idiotae Bumus, et corrupte 

we 8preca|>, 

Hwset wille ge sprecan ? 
M, Quid vultis loqui? 

Hw8Bt rece we hwa)t we sprecan, buton hit riht sprsBC 
D. Quid curamus quid loquamur, nisi * recta locutio 

sy, and behefe, uses idel, o\>\>e fracod ? 
sit, et utilis, non anilis, aut turpis ? 

Wille [ge beon] beswungen on leomunge ? 
M, Vultis flagellari in discendo ? 

Leofre ys ns beon beswungen for lare, ]>8enne hit ne 
D. Carius est nobis flagellari pro doctrina, quam ne- 

cunnan ; ac we witun J>e bilewitne wesan, and nellan onbelsedan 
scire ; sed scimus te mansuetum esse, et "nolle inferre 

swincgla us, buton ]>u bi to-genydd fram us. 
plagas nobis, nisi cogaris a nobis. 

Ic axie \>q hwaet * sprycst l>u ? Hwset hsefst ]>u weortes ? 
M, Interrogo te quid mihi loqueris ? Quid habes operis ? 

Ic eom geanwyrde monuc, and io sincge selce dseg seofon 
D» Professus sum monachum, et psallo omni die septem 

tida mid gebrol>rum, and ic eom bysgod [on rsedinge] and 
synaxescumfratribus, et occupatus sum lectionibus et 

on sange ; ac, ]>eah-hw8Bl>ere, ic wolde betwenan leomian spre- 

cantu ; sed tamen vellem interim discere sermoci- 

can on Leden gereorde. 

uari Latina lingua. 


Hw»t cuniion ]>as >ine geferan ? 
M, Quid sciunt isti tui socii ? 

Sume synt yrhlincgas, sume scep-hyrdas, sume oxan-hyrdas, 
2), Alii sunt aratores, alii opiliones, quidam bubulci, 

sume eac swylce huntan, sume fisceras sume fugeleras, 
quidam etiam venatores, alii piscatores, alii aucupes, 

sume cypmenn, sume soeo-wyrhtan, [sume] sealteras, 
quidam mercatores, quidam sutores, quidam salinatores, 

[sume] beeceras. * 
quidam pistores loci. 

Hwfiet ssegest >u, Yr^lingc, hu begaest >u weorc J>in ? 
M, Quid dicis tu, Arator, quomodo exerces opus tuum ? 

Eala, leof hlaford, ]>earle ic deorfe ; ic ga ut on d^egrsed, 
A. O, mi domine, nimium laboro ; exeo diluculo, 

|>ywende oian* to felda, and jugie hi to syl : nys 

minando boves ad campum, et jungo eos ad aratrum : non 

hyt swa stearc winter \>set ic durre lutian set ham, for ege 

est tam aspera Lyems ut audeam latere domi, prsB timore 

hlafordes mines ; ac geiukodan oxan, and gefaestnodon sceare and 
domini mei ; sed junctis bobus, et confirmato vomere et 

cultre mid |>8Bre syl, celce dteg ic sceal erian fulne eecer'* 
cultro aratro, omni die debeo arare integrum agrum, 

o\>l>e mare, 
aut plus. 

Hsefst ]>u aenigne geferan ? 
M, Habes aliquem socium ? 

Ic hflebbe sumne cnapan hywende oxan mid gad- 
A, Habeo quendam puerum minantem boves cum sti- 

isene, )>e eac swylce nu has ys, for cylde and 

mulo, qui etiam modo raucus est, prae frigore et 


HwflBt mare dest ]>u on dseg ? 
M. Quid amplius facis in die ? 

Gewyslice J^aenne mare ic do. Ic sceal fyUan binnan 

A, Oerte adhuc plus facio. Debeb implere prsesepia 

• MS. Oxon. »» MS. fleher. 



oxan mid big, and wsetcrian hig, and sceam heora beran 
bourn foeno, et adaquare eos, et fimum eorum portare 


Hig, hig, micel gedeorf ys hit ! 
M, O, O, magaus labor est ! 

Ge leof, micel gedeorf hit ys, for^am ic neom freoh. 
A, Etiam, magnus labor est, quia non sum liber. 

[Hwset segst Jju,] Sceap-herde ? Hsefst J>u aenig gedeorf ? 
Jf. Quid dicis tu, Opilio ? Ilabestualiquemlaborem? 

Gea, leof, ic hsebbe ; on forewerdne morgen ic drife sceap mine 
O. Etiam, habeo ; in primo mane mino oves meas 

to heora lease, and stande ofer hig, on hsete and on cyle, mid 
ad * pascua, et sto super eas, in aestu et frigore, cum 

hundum, ^-Ises wulfns forswelgen hig, and ic agen Isede hig to heora 

canibus, ne lupi devorent eas, et reduco eas ad * 

loca, and melke hig tweowa on deeg, and loca heora ic hsebbe 
caulas, et mulgeo eas bis in die, et caulas earum moveo 

J>8erto, and cyse and buteran ic do, and ic eom getrywe hla- 
insuper, et easeum et butyrum facio, et sum fidelis do- 

forde minon. 

mine meo. 

Eala, Oxan-hyrde, hwset -wyrcst >u ? 
Jf. O, Bubulce, quid operaris tu ? 

Eala, hlaford min, micel ic gedeorfe : ]>8enne se yr^lingo 
"B, O, domine mi, multum laboro : quando arator 

unseen^ J>a oxan, ic Isede hig to Isese, and ealle niht 
disjungit boves, ego duco eos ad pascua, et tota nocte 

ic stande ofer hig waciende for ]>eofan, and eft, on eeme 
sto super eos vigilando propter fures, et iterum, primo 

mergen, ic betaece hig >am yrl>lincge, wel geiylde and gewseterode. 

mane, adsigno eos aratori, bene pastos et adaquatos. 

Ys Jjes of J>inum geferum ? 

M. Est iste ex tuis sociis ? 

Gea he ys. 
2). Etiam est. 

Canst l>u senig ]>ing ? 
M, Scis tu aliquid? 


?RT\r\e orsBft ic cann. 
V. Unamartem scio. 

Hwylcne • ? 
M. Qaalis est ? 

Hunta ic eom. , 
V. Venator sum. 


M. Cujus? 

V. Eegis. 

Hu begfiest ]>u crseft ^inne ? 
M, Quomodo exerces artem tuam ? 

Ic brede me max, and sette big on stowe gehseppre, and 
V, Plecto mihi retia, et pono ea in loco apto, et 

getihte hundas mine, ]>8Bt wildeor big ehton, o\> >8Bt ]>e big cu- 
instigo canes meos, ut feras persequantur, usquequo per- 

man to ]>am nettan unforsceawodlice, ]>set big swa beon begrynode, 
veniantad retia improvise, et sic inretientur, 

and ic ofsleab big on ]>am maxmn. 
et ego jugulo eos in retibus. 

Ne canst >u buntian buton mid nettum ? 
M. Nescis venari nisi cum retibus ? 

Gte&, butan nettum buntian ic mseg. 
V. Etiam, sine retibus venari possum. 

M, Quomodo? 

Mid swiftum bundum ic betaece wildeor. 
V. Cum velocibus canibus insequor feras. 

Hwylce wildeor sywl>08t gefebst ]>u ? 

M. Quales feras maxime capis ? 

Ic gefeo beortas, and baras, and rann, and raegan, and 

V. Capio cervos, et apros, etdamas, etcapreas, et 

bwilon baran. 
aliquando lepores. 

Wsere >u to daeg on buntnolde^ ? 
M. Euisti hodie in venatione ? 

MS. bwylcne ys. * buntaio'Se ? 


Ic nees, for)>am sunnan-deeg js, ao eyntan-dsBg ic wros 
F! Non fill, quia dominicus dies est, sad hen fui 

on huntunge. 
in venatione. 

HwsDt gekehtest ]>u ? 
M, Quid cepisti ? 

Twegen heortas and senne bar. 
F". Duos cervos et unum aprum. 

Hu gefencge ]>u hig ? 
M, Quomodo cepisti eos? 

Heortas ic gefenge on nettum, and bar ic ofsloh. 
V. Cervos cepi in retibus, et aprum jugulavi. 

Hu wfiBre |>u dyretig ofstikian bar ? 

M, Quomodo fuisti ausus jugulare aprum ? . 

Hundas bedrifon hyne to me, and ic Iwr, togeanes 
F. Canes perduxerunt eum ad me, et ego * e contra 

standende, fserlico ofstikode hyne. 

stans, subito jugulavi eum. 

Swi|>o i>ry8te ]>u waere |>a. 

M. Yalde audax fuisti tunc. 

Ne sceal hnnta forhtfuU wesan, for)>am mislice 

F". Non debet venator formidolosus esse, quia variae 

"wildeop wania]> on wudum, 
bestiae morantur in sylvis. 

Hwset dest J>u be >inre hnntnnge ? 
M. Quid facis de tua venatione ? 

Ic sylle cyno swa hwset swa ic gefo, for|>am ic com hunta 
F. Ego do regi quicquid capio, quia sum venator 



Hwset sylj> he ]>e? 
M, Quid dat ipse tibi ? 

Ho scryt me wel and fett, and hwilon he BylJ> me 
F. Yestit me bene et pascit, et aliquando dat mihi 

hors, o]>\>Q beah, jwt J>o lustlicor crseft minne ic begancge. 
equum, aut armillam, ut libentius artem meam exereeam. 

Hwylcne crseft canst J>u ? 

M, Qualem artem scis tu ? 


Ic eom fiscere. 
P. Ego sum piscator. 

Hw8Bt begytet >u of ]>iniim crsefte ? 
M. Quid adquiris de tua arte ? 

Bigleofan, and scrud, and feoh. 
P. Yictum, et vestitum, et pecuniam. 

Hu gefehst J>u fixas ? 
M, Quomodo capis pisces ? 

Ic astigie min scyp, and wyrpe max mine on ea, and 
P. Conscendo navem, et pono retia mea in amne, et 

angil (ses) ic wyrpe and spyrtan, and swa hwaet swa hig geh»fta]> 
hamum projicio et sportas, et quicquid ceperint 

ic genime. 

Hwfiet gif hit unclflene beo)> fixas ? 
M. Quid si immundi fuerint pisces ? 

Ic wyrpe \fa, unclsenan ut, and genime me clsene 
P. Ego projiciam immundos foras, et sumo mihi mundos 

to mete, 
in escam. 

Hwfler cypst )>u fixas ^ine ? 
M. Ubi vendis pisces tuos? 

On ceastre. 
P. In civitate. 

Hwa bigb hi ? 
M. Quis emit illos ? 

Ceasterwara. Ic ne maeg swa fela [gefon] swa fela swa 
P. Gives. Non possum tot capere quot 

ic maeg gesyllan. 
possum vendere. 

Hwilce fixas gefehst J>u ? 
M, Quales pisces capis? 

^las, and hacodas, mynas, and eeleputan, sceotan, 
P. Anguillas, et lucios, menas, et capitones, tructos, 

and lampredan, and swa hwylce swa on waetere swymma]> sprote. 
et muraenas, et qualescunque in amne natant s&lu*. 

* I am unable to explain salu otherwise than by supposing it may 


For hwi ne fixast ]>u on see ? 
jjf. Cur non piscaris in mari ? 

Hwilon ic do, ac seldon, for]>am micel rewyt 
P. Aliquando facio, Bed raro, quia magnum nayigium 

me ys to S8B? 
mihi est ad mare. 

Hwset fehst J>u on see ? 
M. Quid capis in mari? 

Hserincgas and leaxas, mere-swyn and stirian, [ostran] and 
P. Aleces et isieios, delphinos et sturias, ostreas et 

crabban, muslan, pinewinclan, sse-coccas, fagc, and 

cancros, musculos, tomieulos, neptigallos, platesias, et 

floe, and lopystran, and fda swylces. 
platissas, et polypodes, et [multa] similia. 

Wilt |>u fon sumne hweel ? 
Jf. Yis capere aliquem cetum ? 

P. Nolo. 

For hwi ? 

M, Quare ? 

For]>ani • plybtlic J>ingc hit ys gefon hweel. Q^beorhlicre 
P. Quia periculosa res est capere cetum. Tutius 

[ys] me faran to ea, mid scype mynum ^, ]>8enne faran mid 

est mihi ire ad amnem, cum nave ' mea quam ire cum 

manegmn scypum, on himtimge hranes. 
multis navibus, in venationem balense. 

For hwi swa ? 
Jf. Cur sic ? 

For^am leofre ys me gefon fisc ^ne ic msBg 
P. Quia carius est mihi capere piscem quem possim 

ofslean, \>q na ^set an me, ac eac swylce mine geferan, 
occidere, qui non solum me, sed etiam meos socios, 

mid anum siege, he mseg besencean oJ>l>e gecwylman. 
uno ictu, potest mergere aut mortificare. 

be an error for salice. In the St. John's MS. the sentence ends with 

* MS. Forhwan. ^ MS. mynan. 


And |>eah, meenige gefo]> hweelas, and 8etber8ta|> frecnyssa, 
M, Et tamen, multi capiunt cetos, et evadunt pericula, 

and micelne sceat ]>anon begytaK 
-et magnum pretium inde acquirunt. 

So}> )>u segst, ac, io ne ge^ristige, for modes mines 
P. Yerum dicis, sed ego non audeo, propter mentis mesB 



Hwset segst J>u, Fngelere ? Hu beswicst J>u fugelas ? 
M, Quid dicis tu, Auceps ? Quomodo decipis aves? 

On feala wisan ic beswice fugelas ; hwilon mid netton, 
A. Multis modis decipio aves ; aliquando retibus, 

[hwilon] mid grinum, [hwilon] mid lime, [hwilon] 
aliquando laqueis, aliquando glutino, aliquando 

mid hwistlunge, [hwilon] mid hafoce, [hwilon] mid treppan. 
sibilo, aliquando accipitre, aliquando decipula. 

Hsefst ]>u hafoc? 
M, Habes accipitrem ? 

Ic hffibbe. 

A, Habeo. 

Canst i>u temian hig P 

M. Scis tu domitare eos ? 

G«a, ic cann. Hwset sceoldon hig me, buton ic cu)>e 
A, Etiam, scio. Quid deberent mihi, nisi scirem 

temian hig? 

domitare eos ? 

Sjle me eenne hafoc. 
V, Da mihi accipitrem. 

♦ Ic sylle lustlice, gyf ]>u sylst me aenne swyftne . 
A, Dabo libenter, si tu dederis mihi unum velocem 

hund. Hwilcne hafoc wilt J>uhabban; l>onemaran,hw8e>er|)e 

canem. Qualem accipitrem vis habere; majorem, aut 

^sene Isessan ? 
minorem ? 

Syle me J>8enemaran. 
F". Da mihi majorem. 

Hu afetst • >u hafocas J>ine ? 

-3f. Quomodo pascis accipitres tuos ? 

• MS. afest. 


Hi feda]> hig sylfe and me on Tnntra, and on lencgten 
A. Ipsi pascunt se ipaos et me in hieme, et in vere 

io Isete hig eetwindan to wuda, and genyme me briddas on 
dimitto eos avolare ad sylvam, et capio mihi pullos in 

hserfeeste, and temige hig. 
autumno, et domito eos. 

And for hwi forlfietst \ni ]>a getemedon eetwindan fram J>e ? 
M. Et cur permittistu domitos avolare a te? 

For|>am ic. nelle fedan hig on sumera, forJ>am |>e hig 
A. Quia nolo pascereeos in sestate, eo quod * 

iHJarle eta]>. 
nimium comedunt. 

And manige foda> J>a getemedon ofer sumor, |>8et 
M, Et multi pascunt domitos super aestatem, ut 

eft hig habban gearuwe. 
iterum Labeant paratos. 

Gl^ea, swa hig doJ>, ac ic nelle o^ J>8et an deorfigm 
A. Etiam sic faciunt, sed ego nolo in tantum laborare 

ofer hig, for^am ic can o^, na ]>8et senne, ac eac swilce 
super eos, quia scio alios, non solum unum, sed etiam 

manige, gefon. 
plures, capere. 

Hwset ssegst )>u, Mancgere ? 
M. Quid dicis tu, Mercator ? 

Io secge |>8et behcfe ic eom ge cingc and ealdormannum, 
Mer, Ego dico quod utilis sum et regi, et ducibus, 

and weligum, and eallum folce. 
et divitibus, et omni populo. 

And hu? 
J£ Et quomodo ? 

Ic astige min scyp, mid hlsestum minum, and rowe 
Mer, Ego ascendo navem, cum mercibus meis, et navigo 

ofer saelice dselas, and cype mine ]>ingc, and bicge hincg dyr- 
ultra marinas partes, et vendo meas res, et emo res pre- 

wyrj>e, J>a on J>isum lande ne beo J> acennede, and ic hit to-gelsede 
tiosas, quae in hac terra non nascuntur, et adduco 

eow hider, mid micclan plihte, ofer see, and hwilon 

vobis hue, cum magno periculo, super mare, et aliquando 


forlidenesae ic|>olie, mid lyre ealra ]>iDga xninra, 
naufragium patior, cum jactura omnium rerum mearum, 

unease cwic setberstende. 
vix vivus evadens. 

Hwylce )>inc gelfiedst J>u us ? 
M, Qualesres adducis nobis? 

P«ellas, and sidan, deorwyr^e gjmmas, and gold, 
Mef, Purpuram, et sericum, pretiosas gemmas,etaurum, 

8elcul>e reaf, and wyrtgemangc, T?in and ele, ylpes-ban, and 
varias vestes, et pigmenta, vinum, et oleum, ebur, et 

msestlingc, ser, and tin, swefel, and glees, and J>ylce8 

aurichalcum, aes, et stannum, sulphur, et vitrum, et his 


Wilt l>u syllan J>ingc |>ine her, ealswa Jni hi gebohtest }«r ? 
M, Vis vendere res tuas hie, sicut emisti illic ? 

Ic nelle. Hwset jwnne me fremode gedeorf min ? Ac 
Mer, Nolo. Quid tunc mihi proficit labor meus ? Sed 

ic wylle heora cypan her luflicor ]>onne [ic] gcbicge hser, |>8et 
volo * vendere hie carius quam emi illic, ut 

sum gestreon me ic begyte, l>anon ic me afede, and 
aliquod lucrum mihi adquiram, undo me pascam, et 

mia wif, and minne simu. 
uxorem, et filium. 

Pu, Sceowyrhta, hwsDt -wyrcst J>u us nytwyrlmesse ? 
M, Tu, Sutor, quid operaris tu nobis utilitatis ? 

Ts witodlice crseft min behefe l>earle eow, and neodl>earf. 
8, Est quidem ars mea utilis valde vobis, et necessaria. 

M, Quomodo? 

Ic bicge hyda, and fell, and gearkie hig mid crsefte 
8, Ego emo cutes, et pelles, et pra?paro eas arte 

minon, and wyrce of him gescy mistlices cynnes ; swyft- 

mea, et facio ex iis calceamenta diversi generis ; sub- 

ta^eras, and sceos, le]>er-ho8a, and butericas, bridel-twancgas and 
lares, et ficones, caligas, et utres, frenos, et 

eeneda, and flaxan (pinnan) and higdifatu, spur-le^era, and 

pnaleras, et flascones, et c^dilia, calcaria, et 



hffilftra, pusan, and fstelsas, and nan eower nele oferwintran 
chamos, peras, et marsupia, et nemo vestrum vult hiemare 

butan minon crsefte. 

sine mea arte. 

[Eala], Sealtere, hwset us fremah crfleft |>in? 
M, O, Salinator, quid nobis proficit ars tua ? 

pearle frema|> crsefb min eow eallum: nan 
/Sf. Multum prodest ars mea vobis omnibus : nemo 

eower blisse bryc> on gereorduncge, o]>>e mete, buton eweft 
vestrum gaudio fruitur in prandio, aut coena, nisi ars 

min gistli>e him beo. 

mea hospita ei fuerit. 

Jf. Quomodo ? 

Hwylc manna werodum hurhbrycj) mettum, buton swsecce 
B, Quis hominum dulcibus perfruitur cibis, sine sapore 

sealtes? Hwa gefyl> cleafiein his, o»e heddeme, buton 
salis ? Quis replet cellaria sua, sive promtuaria, sine 

crsefte minon ? Efiie, buter-ge]>weor selc and cys-gerunn losab 
arte mea? Ecce, butyrum omne et caseus pereunt 

eow, buton ic hyrde setwese eow, >e ne fiir}>on an wyr- 
vobis, nisi ego custos adsim vobis, qui nee saltem oleri- 

tum eowrum, butan me, bruca^. 
bus vestris, sine me, utimini. 

[Hwset segst >u,] Bsecere ? Hwam firema> [craeft J>in,] o»e 
M, Quid dicis tu, Pistor ? Cui prodest ars tua, aut 

hw8e))er, butan |>e, we magon lif adreogan ? 
si sine te, possimus vitam ducere ? 

G^e magon [witodlice,] >urh sum fsec, butan [minon 
P. Potestis quidem, per aliquod spatium, sine mea 

crsefte, lif adreogan, ac] na lanege, ne to wel ; soj^lice, 
arte vitam ducere, sed non diu, nee adeo bene ; nam, 

butan crsefte minon, selc beod semtig by> gesewen, and, 
sine arte mea, omnis mensa vacua videtur esse, et, 

butan hlafe, selc mete to wlsettan by> gehwyrfed. Ic heortan 

sine pane, omnis cibus in nauseam convertitur. Ego cor 


mannes gestrangie ; ic meegen wera [eom] ; and fur>on lit- 
hominis confirmo ; ego robur virorum sum ; et nee par- 

lincgas nella)> forbigean me. 
Villi nolunt prseterire me. 

[Hwset 8ecga}> we be coee ;] hw8e>er we be^urfon on senigon 
M, Quiddicimusdecoquo; si indigemus in aliquo 

crsefte [his ?] 
arte ejus ? 

Gif ge me ut-adrifa> fram eownim geferscype, 
Dicit Goctts : Si me expellitis a yestro collegio, 

ge eta^ wyrta eowre greno, and flsesc-mettas eowre 
manducabitis olera vestra viridia, et cames vestras 

hreawe, and [ne] furhon fsett bro> ge magon, [butan erfiefte minon, 
crudaSyetnecsaltempinguejuspotestis, sine arte mea, 


We ne pecca|> [be CMefte }>inon], ne he us neod>earf 
M, Non curamus de arte tua, nee nobis necessaria 

ys, for|>am we sylfe magon seol>an ^a ^ingc \>e to seo^nne 
est, quia nos ipsi possumus coquere quee coquenda 

synd, and brsdan >a }>ingc \>e to brsedenne synd. 
sunt, et assare quso assanda sunt. 

Gif ge forl>y me fram-adryfah, \>fBt ge J>U8 don, 
l}icit C0CU8 : Si ideo me expellitis, ut sic faciatis, 

)>onne beo ge ealle ]>r8Bla8, and nan eower ne bi|> hlaford ; 
tunc eritis omnes servi, et nullus vestrum erit dominus ; 

and, J>eah-hw8eJ>ere, buton [crsefte minon] ge ne eta>. 
et tamen, sine arte mea, non manducatis. 

Eala, [|>u] munuc, J>e me to spycst, efiie ic heebbe 
M, O, monacbe, quimihilocutuses, ecce pro- 

afandod \>q habban gode geferan, and ^arle neodJ>earfe : 
bavi te habere bonos socios, et valde necessaries : 

and ic ahsie |>a. 
qui sunt illi ? 

Ic hsBbbe smi^as, isene-Bmi|>as, gold-smi|>, seolfor-smi|>, 

D. Habeo fabros, ferrarios, aurificem, argentarium, 


er-Bmi)>, treow^wyrhtan, and manega o)>re mistlicra creefta 
serarium, lignarimu, et multos alios variarum artiuiu 


Hsefst [>u] ffinigne wisne ge^eahtan? 

M, Habes aliquem sapientem consiliarium ? 

Q-ewislice ic hsebbe. [Hu nisBg] • ure gegadenmgo 
D, Certe habeo. Quomodo potest nostra congregatio 

buton gej?eahtynde beon wissod ? 
sine consiliario regi ? 

[Hwset segst >u,] Wisa ? Hwilc crseft }>e gej^uht betwux 
M. Quid dicis tu, Sapiens ? Quae ars tibi videtur inter 

|>a8 fur^ra we^an ? 

istas prior esse ? 

[Ic secge >e,] me ys ge>ubt Q-odes >eowdom, betweoh 
C, Dico tibi, mihi videtur Dei servitium inter 

J>a8 crseftas ealdorscype healdan, swa swa hit [ys] gewed on 
istas artes primatum tenere, sicut legitur. . in 

godspelle, Fyrmest secea^ rice G-odes, and rihtwisnesse 
evangelio, Primum quaerite regnum Dei, et justitiam 

hys, and ]>a8 ]>ingc ealle beo^ to-geyhte eow. 
ejus, et hsec omnia adjicientur vobis. 

And hwilce ^e ge>uht betwux worold-crseftas heoldan 
M, Et quales tibi videtur inter seculares artes retinere 

ealdordom ? 
primatum ? 

Eor'S-til>, for>am se yr>ling us ealle fett. 
C, Agricultura, quia arator nos oinnes pascit. 

Se Smi> secg}>: — ^Hwanon [|>am yr^linge] sylan scear o^)* 
Ferrarim dicit : Unde aratori vomer aut 

culter, ]>e na gade hsefb, buton of cWBfteminon? Hwanon 
culter, qui nee stimulum habet, nisi ex arte mea ? Unde 

fiscere ancgel, o\>\>e sceo-wyrhtan gel, o|>j>e seamere n»dl ? 
piscatori bamus, aut sutori subula, aut sartori acus ? 

nis hit of minon geweorce.? 
nonne ex meo opere? 

Se Q-e>eahtend andswerah : — So\> witodlice seegst [hu] j ao 
Gonsiliarius respondit: Verumquidem dicis; sed 


eallum us leofre ys wikian mid >am yr^linge >onne 
omnibus nobis carius est hospitari apud aratorem quam 

mid \>e j for]>am Be yr^ling Byl|> * ub hlaf and drenc : |>u, 
apud te ; quia arator dat nobis panem et potum : tu, 

hwset Bylst []>u] ub, on Bmi]>>an }>inre, buton isene fyr-spearcan, 
quid das nobis, in officina tua, nisi ferreas scintillas, 

and Bwegincga beatendra Blecgea, and blawendra bjliga ? 
et sonitus tundentium malleorum, et flantium follium ? 

SeTreo-wyrhta Beg>: — Hwilc eower ne nota]> crsefte 
Lignarius dicit : Quis vestrum non utitur arte 

minon, >onne hus^ and mistlice fata, and scypa, eow eal- 
mea,. cum domos, et diversa vasa, et naves, vobis om- 

lum io wyrce ? 
nibus fabrico ? 

Se Smi]> andwyrt : — Eala Tryw- wyrhta, for hwi b wa BprycBt 
Ferrarius respondit: O Lignarie, cur sic loque- 

|>u, J>onne ne fur^on an ]>yrl [buton crsefte minon] 

ris, cum nep saltem unum foramen, sine arte mea, 
)>u ne miht don ? 

vales facere ? 

Se Q-e>eahtend Bseg)>: — Eala geferan [and] gode "wyrhtan! 
Consiliarius dicit : O socii et boni operarii ! 

Uton towurpan hwsetlicor J>a8 geflitu, and sy Bibb and 

Dissolvamus citius has contentiones, et sit pax et 

ge|>w8emysB betweoh ub, and framige anragehvrylc o>ron on 
Concordia inter nos, et prosit unusquisque alteri in 

crsefte hyB, and ge^wserian symble mid ]>am yr|>linge, J>8er we 
arte sua, et conveniamus semper apud aratorem, ubi * 

bigleofan us, and fodder horsum urum habba> ; and }>is 
victum nobis, et pabula equis nostris babemus ; et hoc 

ge)>eabt ic sylle eallum wyrhtum, J>8et anra gehwylc crseft 
consilium do omnibus operariis, ut unusquisque artem 

his geomlice begange ; foram BeJ>e crseft his forket, 
Buam diligenter exerceat ; quia qui artem suam dimiserit, 

he by}> forlseten fram ^am crsefte. Swa hwaj^er |>u sy, Bwa msesse- 
ipse dimittetur ab arte. Sive sis * sacer- 

preost, Bwa munuc, Bwa ceorl, Bwa kempa, bega (behwyrf) 

dos, siye monachus, seu laicus, seu miles, exerce 


}>e sylfno on }>isum : beo >8et [>8et] )m eart, for^am micel 
temet ipsum in hoc : esto quod os, quia magnum 

h.jni> and Bceamu hyt ys men nelle wesan )>flet >set 
damnum et verecundia est homini nolle esse quod 

he ys, and )>8et )>e he wesan sceal. 
est, ot quod esse debet. 

Eala cild, hu eow lica> Jtcob speec? 

Jf. O pueri, quomodo vobis placet ista locutio ? 

Wei * hoo Ilea's us, ac |>earle deopKce 

D. Benequidem placet nobis, sed valde profunde 

[>u] sprycst, and ofer m£e)>e ure |>u for>tyhst [|>a] sprsece j 

loqueris, et ultra setatem nostram protrahis sermonem ; 

ac spree us seller urum andgyte, |>8et we magon 
sed loquere nobis juxta nostrum intellectum, ut possimus 

understandan |>a \>mg l>e ^u specst. 
intelligre qua? loqueris. 

Icahsige eow for hwi swa geomlice leomige ge? 
M. Literrogo vos cur tarn diligenter discitis ? 

For)>am we nella> wesan swa stunte nytenu, >a 
D, Quia nolumus esse sicut bruta ammalia, qijae 

nan >mg wita|> buton grses and waeter. 
nihil sciunt nisi herbam et aquam. 

And hwfiet wille ge? 
M. Et quid vultis vos ? 

[We] willa> wesan wise. 
D, Volumus esse sapientes. 

On hwilcon wisdome ? Wille ge wesan pnettige, oW>e 
M. Qua sapientia? Vultis esse versipeUes, aut 

>usendhiwo, on leasungum lytige, on sprfiecum gleawlice, hinder- 
milleformes, in mendaciis vafri, in loquelis astuti, ver- 

gepe, wel sprecende and yfele ]?encende, swsesum wordum 
suti, bene loquentes et male cogitantes, dulcibus verbis 

underl>eodde, facn* wi|>innan tyddriende, swa swa bergyls, 
dediti, dolum intus alentes, sicut aepulchrum, 

metton ofergeweorke, wi^innan full stence? 

depicto mausoleo, intus plenum foetore P 

' MS. fan. 


We nellab swa wesan wise, for>am he nys wis 
D. Nolumus sic esse sapientes, quia non est sapieus 

>>e mid dydrunge hyne sylfiie be8wic|>. 
qui siinulatione semet ipsum decipit. 

Ac hu wille ge ? 

M. Sad quomodo vultis ? 

We willa> beon bylewite, butan licetunge, and wise, 
D. Volumus esse simplices, sine hypocrisi, efc sapientes, 

J«t we bugon fram yfele, and don goda : gyt, J>eah- 
ut declinemus a malo, et faciamus bona : adhue, ta- 

hw8Bj>ere, deoplicor mid us \m. smeagst )>onne yld ure 
men profundius nobiscum disputes quam setas nostra 

anfon msege ; ac spree us sefter uron gewunon, uses swa 
capere possit ; sed loquere nobis nostro more, non tarn 


Ic do ealswa ge bidda^. Pu, cnapa, hwsBt dydest [}>u] 
Jf. Ego faciam sicut rogatis. Tu, puer, quid fecisti 


Manega J>ing ic dyde. On Msse nibt, J>aH cnyll ic ge- 
D. Multas res feci. Hac nocte, quando signum au- 

hyrde, ic aras of minonbedde,and eodeto cyrcean, and sang 
divi, surrexi de leetulo, et exivi ad ecclesiam, et cantavi 

uht-sang mid gebroJ>rum ; eefter J|>a we sungon be eallum 
noctumam cum fratribus ; deinde cantavimus de omnibus 

halgum, and deegredlice lof-sangas; sefter >y sum, prim, and 
Sanctis, et matutinales laudes ; post hsec, primam, et 

seofon seolmas, mid letanian, and capitol meessan; 8y}>>an 
septem psalmos, oum letaniis, et primam missam ; deinde 

undem-tide, and dydon msessan be dsege j sefter Hsum we sung- 
tertiam, et fecimus missam de die ; post hac cantavi- 

on middseg, and seton, and druncon, and slepon, 

mus sextam, et manducavimus et bibimus, et dormivimus, 

and eft we arison, and sungon non, and nu 

et iterum surreximus, et cantavimus nonam, et modo 


we synd her setforan lie, gearawe gehyran hweet |>u ub secge. 
sumus hie -coram te, parati audire quid * nobis dixeris. 

Hwsenne wylle ge singan sefen, o\>\>q niht-sangc? 
M. Quando vultiscantarevesperum^autcompletorium? 

poxme hyt tima by|>. 

D. Quando * tempus erit. 

Waere |>u to-cUeg beswuncgen ? 

M. Fuisti hodie verberatus ? 

Ic nses, forl^am weerlice ic me heold. 

D. ^on fui, quia caute me tenui. 

And hu >me geferan ? 
M. Et quomodo tui socii P 

Hw»t me ahsast [}>u] be |>am ? lo ne deor yppan 
D. Quid me interrogas de hoc P Non audeo pandere 

>e digla ure. Anra gehwylc wat gif hebeswancgenwfles 
libi secreta nostra .TJnusquisque scit si* flagellatus erat 

o|>>e na. 

aut non. 

Hwset ytst |ni on d»g ? 
M, Quid manducas in die P 

Gyt flsBC-mettum ic brace, £Dr)nun cild ic eom under 
D, Adhuc carnibus vescor, quia puer sum sub 

gyrde drohtniende. 

virga degens. 

Hwset mare ytst \>u ? 
M. Quid plus manducas P 

Wyrta, and segra, fisc, and cyse, buteran, and beana, 
D, Olera, et ova, pisces, et caseum, butyrum, et fabas, 

and ealle dffine ]>ingc ic ete, mid mioebe |>ancunge. 
et omnia munda manduco,cum * gratiarum actione. 

Swi|>e waxgeom eart )>a, )>onne |>u ealle Hngo etst 
M. Yalde edax es, cum * omnia manducas 

>e l>e toforan [gesette synd.] 
qusB tibi apponuntur. 

Ic ne eom swa micel swelgere, \)mt ic ealle oynn 
D. Non sum tarn vorax, ut • omnia genera 
metta on anre gereordinge etan msege. 

ciborum in una refectione edere possim. 


Ac hu? 
M, Sed quomodo ? 

Ic brace hwilon Hsum mettum, and [hwilon] o>rum, 
D, Yescor aHquando his cibis, et aliquando aliis, 

mid syfemysBe, Bwa 8wa dafiia}> munuce, n»8 mid oferfaropse, 
cum sobrietate, sicut decet monacho, non cum voracitate, 

for>am io eom nan glato. 
quia non sum gluto. 

And hwflet drincst Im P 

Jf. Et quid bibis? 

Ealu, gif iohffibbe, o»>e weeter, gif ie nsbbe 
D, Cereyisiam^ si habeo, yel aquam, si non habeo 



Ne drincst |>u win ? 
-3f. Nonne bibis viniun ? 

Ic ne eom swa spedig >»t io me^ bi^geaa me win ; 
2). Non sum tarn dives ut possim emeremihivinum; 

and win nys drenc oUda, ne dysigra, ao 

et yinum non est potns puerorum, siye stultorum, sed 

ealdra and wisra. 
senum et sapientum. 

Hw8Br skepst [)>al ? 
Jf. Ubi dormisr 

On slfiBp-erne mid gebro)nranu 
D, Li dormitorio cum fratribus. 

Hwa awec|> |>e to nbt-sancgeP 
M, Quis excitat te ad noctumos P 

HwiLon ic gebyre cnyll, and ic arise; bwilon 
2). Aliquando audio signum et snrgo; aliquando 

lareow min awec|> me sti>lioe mid gyrde. 
magister meus excitat me duriter cum virga. 

Eala ge [gode] cildra, and wynsume leomeras, eow mana> 
M. O * probi pueri, et venusti discipuli, vos hortatur 

eower lareow |>ffit ge hyrsumian godcundum larum, and \mt 
vester eruditor ut pareatis divinis disciplinis, et ut 

gehealdan eow sylfe senlice on slcere stowe. Ghi> 

observetis yosmet eleganter ubique locorum. Incedite 



)>eawlice, jxmne ge gehyran cyricean bellan, and 
morigerate, cum auscultaveritis ecclesiaa campanas, et 

ga> into cjrcean, and abuga)> eadmodlice tohalgum 
ingredimini in oratorium, et inclinate suppliciter ad almas 

wefodum, and 8tanda> |>eawlice, and 8inga}> anmodlice, 
aras, et state disciplinabiliter, et conciniteunanimiter, 

and gebidda^ for eowrum synnum, and ga> ut, butan 
et intervenite pro vestris erratibus, et egredimini, sine 

hygeleaste, to claustre, o}>i)e to leominge. 
Bcurrilitate, in claustriun, vel in gymnasium. 

Dominica I. is Meitsb Septembei, 


Mute gebrotSra, we raedatJ nu set G-odes tJenungum be 
tSan eadigan were Iob ; nu wille we eow hwaet lytles be 
him gereccan, fortJan J?e seo deopnys "Saere race oferstihtJ 
ure andgit, and eac switJor J?aBra imgelaeredra. Man sceal 
IsBwedum mannum secgan be beora andgites msetJe, swa 
J?8Bt hf ne beon t5urb "Sa deopnysse semode, ne |>urh tSa 
langsumnysse gesetSrytte. 

Sum wer wsbs geseten on fam lande J?e ys gebaten Htis, 
bis nama was lob. Se wer waes 8wij?e bilewite and rihtwis 
and ondraedende God and forbugende yfel ; bim wsBron 
acennede seofan suna and J?reo dobtra ; he hsefde seofon 
])usend sceapa and J?reo fusend olfenda, fif bund getymu 
oxena and fif bund assan and ormsBte micelne hired. Se 
wer W8BS swif e msere betwux eallum Eastemum j and his 


suna ferdon and ]7enode sale o]7rum mid his gddam on 
ymbhwjrfte SBt his huse, and ]78Br-to heora swustru gela]70- 
don. lob so'Slice ar^s on f&m eahteo]7an dsBge on sBrne- 
merigen, and offrode G-ode seofontealde l^c for his seofon 
annum, f yl»s fe hf wi8 GK)d on heora gef ance agylton. 
pus dyde lob eallum dagum for his sunum and hi swa 

Hit geMmp on sumum dsBge, ]7at$a G-odes englas comon, 
and on his gesih]7e stodon, ]7a waes eac swilce se scucca 
him betwux. To f am cwseS Drihten, Hwanon come fu ? 
Se sceocca andwyrde, Ic ferde geond fas eorfan and hf 
beeode. Drihten cwsetJ, Ne beheolde f u 1^ minne feowan 
lob, ]78Bt nan man nis his gelica on eorfan, bilewite man 
and rihtwis, ondraedende God and yfel forbugende. Swa 
stod se deofol on G-odes gesihtSe, swa swa d^S se blinda 
on sunnan. Seo sunne ymbscinS fone blindan, and se 
blinda ne gesihtS fsere sunnan leoman. God geseah fone 
deofol, and se deofol swa-feah waes bed^led G-odes gesihtJe 
and his wuldres. Eorfe is gecweden Godes fdt-sceamel, 
and seo heofen is his f rym-setl. JSTu stod se sceocca swilce 
»t Godes f6t-sceamele up on faere eorf an, J?a^a se -^Imih- 
tiga hine axode hwanon h^ come ? H^ c w3b6 fsBt h^ ferde 
geond J?as eorfan, forfan f e h^ faertJ, swa swa Petrus se 
Apostol cwsbS, Beo6 syfre and wacole, forf an f e se deofol, 
eower wiferwinna, faerS onbutan swa swagrymetende leo, 
secendlB hwaene h^ abite ; wif standa^ fam strange on ge- 
leafan. Micele wseron fises mannes geearnunga, fa se 
-^Imihtiga be him cwaeS, fast his gelica naere on eorf an. 
G^e magon gehyran sume his f eawas, swa swa h^ be him 
sylfum awrat. 

lob cwsbS : Ic alysde hrymende f earfan, and f am steop- 
beame, f e buton fultume waes, ic geheolp, and wydewan 
heorton ic gefrefrode. Ic waes ymbscryd mid rihtwisnysse. 
Ic wsBs blindum men eage, and healtum f6t, and f earfena 


foder. Of flf sum minra aceapa wasron gehlywde pearfena 
Bidan, and ic fearfum ne forwynide ftee pe hf gyrndon ; 
DC ic ne let ana minne hlaf buton ateop-bearne, ne ic ne 
bliasode on minum menigfeatdum welum. Ne fcgnode 
ic on miiieB feondes hryre, ne Iseg ailfieodig man ivi|)iitan 
minum liegum, ac min duru geopenode symle wegferen- 
dum. Ne bebydde ie mine sjnna, ne ic on minum 
bosme ne bediglode mine unrihtwisnjsse. Ne Bsde lob 
))is for gylpe, ac for^an fe h€ wees eallum maimum to 
byane geset. 

paa mierne man wolde ee mfinfullft deofol, [lurh fam 
micclum eoatnungum pe he him to dyde, fnira Gode gewe- 
man ; and cw^S to Drihtne, Ne ondrst lob on idel God : 
fu ymbtryniedest hine and ealle hia lehto, and his hand- 
geweorc fu bletaodest, and his ehta weoxon on eor|ian. 
Ac astrece hwon |»ine liand, and getill ealle I'a |)ing fe h^ 

Lah, and he pe on ansjne wyrigS. Drihten cwieiS to fam 
Hceoccan, Efne nu ealle f>a ping fe he ah ^indon on Jiinre 
hands, buton |>am aaum, Jiiet pa on him aylfum )iine hand 
ne aatrecce. Ne derode lobe naht ftpa deoflea coBtnung, 
ac fremode, forjjan fe he w»8 fulfremedre on ge|iinc|mm 
and Gode near, lefter ]>m& sceoccan ehtnysae. Se deofol 
gewende pa fram Godes gesihfe, and acwealde ealle bia 
fehta anea dteges. Sum serend-raoa com to lobe, and ewteS, 
Dine syll eodon and pa aasan wiB hf lieawodon ; pa f^rlice 
comon Sabei, and hf ealle us benamon, and fine yrjilingss 
ofslogon, and ic ana letbierBt, Jiiet ic f>e pis cydde. Mid 
fam t>e se yrpling pia B»de, pa com aom oper, and cwieS, 
ryr com fi&rlice of heofenum, and forbsemde erdle pine 
Bcep and pa hyrdas aamod, and ic ana attwand, pet ic 
pe pia cydde. Da com ae pridda lerend-raca, and cwjeB, 
Da Chaldeisean coraon on prim floccum, and ure olfendas 
ea!le geltehton, and pa hjrdaa mid awurde ofslogon ; ic ana 
ffltfieah, pffit ic pe pia cydde. Efhe pa-gyt com se feorpa 


8Brend-raca inn, and cwsb'S, Dine siina and |>ine dohtra aaton 
and druncon mid heora yldestan bre}>er, and efne )>a fderlice 
Bwegde swi)>lic wind of )>am westene, and tosloh )>8Bt hlia 
8Bt )>am feower hwemmum, psst hit hreosende fine beam 
of)>rilite and acwealde ; ic ana setbsBrst, fset ic ]>e fis cydde. 
Hwset fa, lob ar^ and totser his tuneean and his loccas 
foreearf, and feci to eorf an, and cwsetJ, Nacod ic com of 
minre modor innof e, and nacod ic sceal heonan gewendan. 
Drihten me forgeaf fa aehta, and Drihten hf me eft benam; 
swa swa him gelicode swa hit is gedon, beo his nama ge- 
bletsod. On eallam f isum f ingum ne syngode lob on his 
welerum, ne nan f ing djslices ongean God ne spraec. Eal 
fis dyde se ealda deofol to gremenne fone gddanman, and 
symle he Isefde senne cucenne,him to cyf enne his 8Bhta lyre, 
faet his mod wurde fram Gode awend, fa^ahe fa ungelimp 
geaxod haefde. paet fyr com ufan, fe fa seep forbaemde : 
ac hit ne com n^ of heofenum, f eah fe hit swa gehfwod 
wsere ; forf an fe se deofol njes on heofenum naefre sif f an 
h^ f anon f urh modignysse afeol mid his geferum. Ball 
Bwa de6 Antecrist, f onne he cymt5, he asent fyr ufan, swilce 
of heofenum, to bepsecenne f aet earme mancynn f e he on 
bitJ ; ac wite gehw^ feet se ne maeg nan fyr of heofenum 
asendan, sef e on heofenum sylf cuman ne mdt. On eallum 
f isum tJingum ne syngode lob on his welerum. On twa 
wieon men syngia^ on heora welerum ; f set is, gif hf unriht 
sprecatJ, of f e riht forsuwia^ ; ac lob ne syngode on his 
welerum, forf an f e h^ dyslice ongean G-od ne spraec, ne 
eac Gk>des herunge ne forsuwade : he cydde f 8Bt he buton 
gytsunge swa micele aehta hsefde, fafa h^ hf swa eafe- 
lice buton unrotnysse forlet. Eft sif fan, on sumum daege, 
t5af a Godes englas stodon on his gesihf e, fa waes eac se 
scucca him betwynan, and Drihten him cw©« to, Hwset 
M, ne beheolde f u minne f eowan lob, f aet his gelica nis on 
eorf an, and g^t he hylt his unscae^tJignysse. pu astyredest 


me togeanes him, ))8Bt ic ]>earflease hine geswencte. Se 
scucca andwyrde, Fel sceal for felle, and swa hwset swa 
man liaef^, he sy 1^ for his life. Astrece nu fine hand, and 
hrepa his b^ and his flaesc, fonne gesihst fu f set he J>e on 
ansyne wirigt$. Drihten cwae^ to pam scuccan, Efne he is 
nu on J>inre handa, Bwa-J>eah-hw8eJ>ere heald his sawle. Ne 
gefafode God fis to forwjrde "Sam eadigan were, ac faet h^ 
wsere to bysne eallum geleaffullnm mannum, and wurde 
swif or gemaersod J>urh his miccle gefyld and earfof nyssum. 
Da gewende se deofol of Drihtnes gesihf e,and sloh lob mid 
fsere wyrstan wunde fram his hnoUe ufewerdan otJ his ilas 
neofewerde. lob sset fa sarlice eal on anre wunde, up on 
his mixene, and ascraep f one wyrms of his lice mid anum 
croc-scearde. His wif him cwsetJ to, Gyt f u f urhwunast 
on finre bilewitnysse ; wyrig God and swelt. lob hire 
andwyrde, Du spraece swa swa to stunt wff. Gif we gdd 
imderfengon of Godes handa, hwf ne seeole we eac yfel 
underfon ? On eallum f isum f ingum ne syngode lob on 
his welerimi. Se swicola deofol genam f set wif him to 
gefylstan, f aet he f one halgan wer f urh hf beswice, swa 
swa he ^r Adam f urh Euan beswac ; ac se ylca God, f e 
gef afode f set he swa gecostnod wsere, heold hine wi6 f aes 
deofles syrwungum and wit$ his sawle lyre. Witodlice, fa 
geaxodon fry cyningas, f e him gesibbe waeron, eal his un- 
gelimp, and comon him to of heora rice, fast hf hine ge- 
neosodon. Heora naman waeron f us gecigde, Elifaz, Bal- 
datJ, Sofllr. Hf gecwsedon f aet hf samod cumende hine 
geneosodon and gefrefrodon. Hf fa comon and hine ne 
oncneowon for f aere ormaetan imtrumnysse, and hrymdon 
f aerrihte wepende. Hf totaeron heora reaf, and mid duste 
heora heafod bestreowodon, and him mid saeton manega 
dagas. Hit waes swa gewunelic on ealdum dagum, fast gif 
hwam sum feerHc s^ become, f set he his reaf totaere swa 
swa lob dyde, and eac fas fry cyningas. Hf comon hine 


to gefrefingenne : p& awendon ki lieora frofer to edwite, and 
hine mid heora wordum tirigdon, swilce h^ for his synnnm 
swa getucod waere, and cwaedon, Wite com ofer fe, and 
J)u ateorodest ; s^rnys f e hrepode, and yu. eart geunrotsod. 
Hwser is nu fin Godes ege, and fin strenctJ ? Hwser is 
fin gef jld, and f inra d»da fulfremednys ? And mid ma- 
negum f rafiingum liine geswencton. lob cwsetJ, Eala gif 
minne synna and min yrmt$, f e ic f olige, wceron awegene 
on anre waegan, f onne wsBron hf swaerran gesewene tSonne 
sand-corn on s^. To f reagenne ge logiaS eowere spraece, 
and ge f encatS to awendenne eowerne freond. Mannes lif 
is campdom ofer eorf an, and swa swa medgildan dagas, swa 
sind his dagas. He cwsbS f set mannes lii' wsere campdom 
ofer eorf an, forf an f e sbIc f sera f e Gode gef ihtS bit$ on ge- 
winne wit5 f one ungesewenlican deofol, and ongean his 
agenum lustum, fa hwile f e h^ on life biS : and swa swa 
se hyrman his edleanes anbidat$, swa geanbidatS se gastlica 
cempa his edleanes mt f am i^lmihtigum Gode. Godes 
gecorenan sind on gewinne on f yssere worulde, and fa 
arleasan on hire blissiatS ; ac f sera rihtwisra gewinn awent 
to blisse, and f sera arleasra bliss to biterum sarnyssum on 
f sere ecan worulde, f e gewelga^ fa f olmodan. Ealle fas 
costnunga deofol, and f sera sehta lyre, his bearna deat$, and 
his agen untrumnys, his wifes witleast, and his freonda 
edwit, ne mihton awecgan lob of his modes anrsednysse, 
ne fpam his micclan geleafan, f e he to f am .^mihtigan 
Gode symle hsefde ; ac se scucca wearS gescynd f e hine 
beswican wolde. lob cwset5 eft : Min flsesc is ymbscryd 
mid forrotodnysse and mid dustes horwum, min h^d for- 
searode and is forscruncen. Me habbatS geswencednysse 
dagas, and on niht min b^n bi"5 mid samysse f urhdyd ; and 
fa fe me etat$ ne slapatS. Ic eom lame wifmeten, and 
yslnm and axum geanlicod. Eft he cwsetS : Ic wat sof lice 
f set min Alysend leofaS, and ic on f am endenextan dsege 


of eorjian arise, and i« beo eft mid minum felle befangen, 
and ic on minum fliesce Godgeeeo, icajlf andnaofer; fea 
hiht ia on minum bosme geled. 

We siedon eow and gyt secgaB, fset we ne magon ealle 
' |)as race eow be endebyrdnyase aecgan ; forfam Jie Beo bffc 
ia awiSe mieel, and hire digeleandgyt ia ofer ure mieSeto 
BDieageune. Da )>ry cyningaa 8a Liefdon langsume BpnJece 
wis pone gedrebtan lob.and gewendanhim ham sipjian. Ac 
Grod hfgeBprfBC |ia, and cwfeB, [ret he him eallum Jirim gram 
wsere, forpan ]ie hf swa rihtlice atforan him ne aprrecon, swa 
awa lob his |?egen. God cwfe6 kim to,Nyma8 eow nu aeofon 
fearras and seofon rammas, and faraS eft ongean to minum 
t>eowan lobe, and geoffriaSpialSc for eow; lob aoplice min 
feowa gebit for eow, and ic hia ansyne underfo, fset eow ne 
beo to dysig geteald, Jiset ge awa rihtlice to me ne spriecon 
Bwa Bwa min Jieowa lob. Hit was gewunelic on ealdum da- 
gum, fxt man Gode Jiyllioe ISc offrode on cucan orfe, and 
fa acwealde ; a« seo offrung is au unaljfedlic tefter Cristea 
(irowunge. Eiifa/. jiaandBaldaC and SoEr ferdon ongean 
to heora mtege lobe, and didon swa Bwa him God behead ; 
andDrihtenunderfenglobeaanByne, andheorasjmnepurh 
bis [lingTfedene forgeaf. Deah fe lobes anayn wrere atelice 
toBwollen, and his lie eal maSan weolle, 8wa-J)eah is awri- 
ten, pa^t se jEImibtiga uuderfeng his ansyne, (lafia h^ for 
hiB freondum gebeed. Drihten eac pa gecyrde to lobes 
behreowBunge, pajia he for hia magum gebsed, and bine 
gebaslde fram eallum his untrumnyasum, and his tebta him 
ealle forgeald be twyfealdum, Bepiaum is to understand- 
enne pict se (le for oSmm gebit, fremaS him sylfum 
micclum, Bwa awa ptet halige gewrit aegS, )»tet pa8a lob for 
hia freondum gebsed, |ia gecyrde God to his bchreowaunge, 
and swa eaSeliee hioe eft gobwlde, swa h^ bine 6er geun- 
trumode. lob hsefde ier his untruranyase seofon fusend 
Bceapa aad |)reo Jiuseud olfendo, £f bund getyme oiena 


and fif hund assan ; him wsBron efb forgoldene feowertyne 
]»usend sceapa and six )?usend olfenda, J^usend getyme 
oxena and ]»usend assan; and Drihten hine bletsode 
8wi]K)r on ende ]>onne on angjnne. He hsefde seofon 
suna and {>reo dohtra ^r, and sit$t$an eflb eal swa fela. Hwf 
nolde Ood him forgyldan his bearn be twyfealdum, swa 
swa h^ dyde his aehta?' H^ nolde forfi pe his beam 
nsBron forlorene, swa swa his SBhta wseron ; his sshta 
waeron ealle amyrrede, and his tyn beam acwealde ; ac 
}SL beam wseron swa.)?eah gehealdene on f&m digelan life 
betwux halgum sawlum; and he forfi underfeng )>»ra 
beama getel be anfealdon, forl^an pe }& ol^re him wssron 
gehealdene, J>e purh f sbs deofles ehtnysse acwealde wsBron. 
Hwset f% lobes gebro)?ra and geswustru, and ealle }& }e 
hine ^r cuJ>on, comon him to, and hine gefrefpodon, and 
his micclum wundrodon, and him gife geafon. Naeron 
gemette on ealre eorJ>an swa wlitige wimmen swa swa 
waBron lobes dohtra. He sotJlice leofode, sefber his swingle, 
an blind geara and feowertig geara, and geseah his beama 
beam, ot$ fa feorJ>an msBgfe. On eallum his life, he 
leofode twa hund geara and eahta and feowertig geara. 
He wsBs se fifta man sefter Abrahame )>am heahfaBdere. 
On f am timan wsbs switJe langsum Iff on mancynne. 

Gif hwilc gelaered man fas race oferrsBde offe rsedan 
gehyre, ]7onne bidde ic f aet h^ fas scyrtinge ne taele : him 
msBg his agen andgyt secgan fuUice be fisum ; andeow Isb- 
wedum mannum is f is genoh, f eah t$e ge J>a deopan digel- 
nysse f SBron ne cunnon. Hit gel^mp pus sotJHce be lobe, 
swa swah^sylf awr^t ; ac swa-feah seo gastlice getacnung 
f aere gereccednysse belimptS to Cristes menniscnysse, and 
to his gelatSimge, swa swa lareowas trahtnodon. Gif ure 
SBnigum sum ungelimp becume, f onne sceole we beon 
gemyndige f ises mseran weres, and gef yldige beon on fam 
f wymyssum f e ^s se JSlmihtiga on besent, and habbau 


maran care ure sawle, f onne f sere scortan gesseltJe J>e we 
sceolon forlsetan. 

Sy wuldor and wur^mynt f am welwyllendan Scyppende 
ealra his wundra and his weldsBda, set$e ana is God ^ on 
ecnysse. Amen, 

IIII. Id. Mabt. 
Sci Gbegobh PAPiE Fbbis Eoman-s Inoltti. 

Gbegobitjs se h^lga papa, Ekglisobe t$£ODE apostol, 
on tSisum andwerdan dage, aefter menigfealdum gede- 
orfum, and halgum gecnyrdnyssum, Godes rfce gesseliglice 
ast^h. He is rihtlice Engliscre t$eode apostol, fortSan t$e 
he, ]7urh his rsed and s^ude, tis fram deofles biggengum 
SBtbr^d, and to Godes geleafan gebigde. Manega h^lige 
b^c cy^at5 his drohtnunge and his halige Iff, and eac 
* Historia Anglorum,' "Sa t$e -Alfred cyning of Ledene on 
Englisc awende. Seo b6c sprectS genoh swutelice be 
"Sisum halgan were. Nu wylle we sum t$ing scortlice eow 
be him gereccan, for^an t5e seo foresaede bdc nis eow 
eallum cuts, f eah "Se heo on Englisc awend sy. 

pes eadiga papa Gregorius wses of setSelborenre msBgt$e 
and eawfsBstre acenned ; Ilomanisce witan wsBron his ma- 
gas ; his fsBder hatte Gordianus, and Felix, se eawfsBsta 
papa, waes his fifta feeder. He wsbs, swa swa we cwsedon, 
for worulde aetJelboren, ac h^oferst^h his setJelborennysse 
mid halgum tJeawum, and mid gddum weorcum geglengde. 
Gregorius is Grecisc nama, se sw^igS on Ledenum ge- 
reorde, " TJigilantius," fast is on Englisc, " Wacolre." He 
W8BS swit$e wacol on Godes bebodum, "SaSa he sylf heri- 
gendlice leofode, and h^ wacollice ymbe manegra "Seoda 
fearfe hdgode, and him Iffes weig geswutelode. He wses 
fram cildh^de on bdclicum l^rum getyd, and h^ on tSsere 
l^re swa gesseliglice "Seah, f set on ealre Eomaaa-byrig nses 
nta his gelica get$aht. He gecneordlsehte softer wisra M- 


reowa gebisnungum, and nses forgytol, ac gefestnode his 
l^re on fsesth^felum gemynde. He hldd t$a mid f urstigum 
breoste t$a flowendan Mre, t$e h^ eft sefter fyrste mid 
hunig-swettre f rotan f aeslice bealcette. On geonglicum 
gearum,t$at5a Ms geogotJ aefter gecynde woruld-tJing lufian 
sceolde, fa ongann h^ hine sylihe to Gode getJeodan, and 
to etSele faea upplican lifes mid eallum gewilnungum ortJian. 
Witodlice SBfter his fseder fort5ait$e h^ arserde six munuc-lff 
on Sicilia-lande, and )>8et seofotSe binnon Itomana-burh 
getimbrode, on t5am he sylf regollice, under abbodes hsBsum 
drohtnode. pa seofon mynstni he gelende mid his agenum, 
and genihtsumlice to daeghwomlicum bigleofan gegodode. 
pone ofer-e^can his sBhta h^ aspende on Q-odes fearfum, 
and ealle his woruldlican atSelborennysse to heofonlicum 
wiildre awende. He eode ^r his gecyrrednysse geond 
Bomanabnrh mid psellenura gyrlum, and scinendum 
gymmum, and readum golde gefrsBtewod; ac sefter his 
gecyrrednysse he tSenode Godes tJearfum, he sylf tSearfa, 
mid w^cum w^felse befangen. 

Swa fulfreraedlice h^ drohtnode on anginne his gecyr- 
rednysse swa fat h^mihte t$a gyti beon geteald on fulfre- 
medra halgena getele. He lufode forh^fednysse on met- 
tum, and on drence, and wfficcan on syndrigum gebedum ; 
faer to-eacan h^ Srowade singallice untrumnyssa, and awa 
h^ stitJlicor mid andwerdum iintrumnyssum ofsett wsBS, 
swa h^ geomfullicor f aes ecan lifes gewilnode. 

pa undergeat se papa, J>e on ^atn timan fset apostolice 
setl gesaBt, hu se eadiga Gregorius on halgum maBgnimi 
tJeonde w»s,and he t$a hine of tSaere munuclican drohtniinge 
gen^m, and him to gefylstan gesette, on diaconh^de geen- 
debyrdne. Da geMmp hit, set sumum ssBle, swa swa g^t for 
oft det$, J)8Bt Ehglisce c^pmenn brohton heora ware to Ilo- 
mana-byrig, and Gregorius eode be tJsere straet to t$am 
Engliscum mannum, heora t$ing sceawigende. pa geseah 


be betwui fiam warum c^pe-cuihtaa gesette, Jta wieron 
hwitea licharaan and fiegeres andwlitan menu, and teCellit* 
gefesode. Gregorius 5a beheold fiera cnapena wlite, and 
be&dnof hwiloerepeodehfgebroLte wwron. pa Bu;de him 
man ptBt hf of Engla-lande wteron, and ftet 6»re Seode 
menuiscawawlitigwiere. EftSaGregoriusbefr(in,liwsBfier 
jj»a landea folc Cristen wasre 8e haeCen ? Hiia man stede, 
Jjset hChieSene wieron. Gregorius 8a of innweardre heortan 
langsume siccetuuge teah, and cweeJJ, W&law£, ]ist Bwa fie- 
geres hi wea menn eindon Sam sweartandeofle uaderSeodde. 
Eft h£ asode, hll 8»re Seode nama wffire, Jib hf of-comon ? 
Him wtea geundwyrd, fat hf Angle genemnode wteron. 
pa cw!c6 he, Eihtlice hf sind Angle gehfitene, forSan 8e bf 
engla wlite habba5, and swilcum gedait!na8 yiet hf on heo- 
fonum engla geferan beon. G^t Sa Gregoriua befran, hfi 
Sfere sefre nama were, ])e Sa cnapan of-aliedde weron. 
Him man siede, past 8a acfrmen waeron Dere gehfitene, 
GregoriuB andwyrde, Wei hf aind Dere gehStene, for6an 
t!e hf Bind tram graman generode, and to Cristea mildheort- 
nyase gecygede. Gjt 8a he befrfin, Hii is Bare leodo 
cyning gehfiten ? Him wiea geandswarod, past Be cyning 
.SUe gehfiten wiere. Hwsst Sa, Gregoriua gamenode mid 
hia wordum to 8am namaa, and cwte8, Hit gedafenaS ))fet 
AUeltiia sy geaimgen on Sam lande, to lofe Jxes .fflmihti- 
gan Scyppendea. Gregorius 8a eona eode to 8am papan 
)>ffiB apoatolican aetles, and hine bfed, ]>fet he Angelcyone 
Bume Ifireowas aaende, 8e lifto Criste gebigdon, and cwffi8, 
jfSDt h^ sylf gearo wiere fiet weorc to gefremmenne mid 
Godes fultume, gif hit Sam papan swa gelicode. pa. ne 
mihte ae papa Jiffit geSafiau, Jwah 8e h^ eall wolde ; forSan 
Be 8a Eomaniacan ceaater-gewaran noldon geSafian Jwet 
Bwa getogen mann, and Bwa gefiungen Ifireow fa burh 
eallunge forlote, and swa fyrlen wrojcaifi genime. 
.^^er 8lBiim geMmp fmt micel matm-cweolm becom 


ofer "SsBre Eomaniscan leode, and ^rest "Sone papan Pela- 
gium gest6d, and buton yldinge adydde. Witodlice sefber 
^adB papan geendunge, swa micel cwealm wear^ ]7Sbs folces, 
}sBt gehwsBr stodon aweste htis geond ]>a burh, buton 
bugigendum. pa ne mihte swa-tSeah seo Eomana-burh 
buton papan wunian, ac eal folc t$one eadigan G-regorium 
to tSsBre get$inct$e anmodlice geceas, peah t$e h^mid eallum 
msegne wit$erigende wsere. Gregorius 9a asende »nne 
pistol to 9am casere Mauricium, se wsbs his gefsedera, 
and bine balsode, and micdum bsed, psdt h^ nsBfre 9am 
folce ne ge9afode fsdt be mid )>8bs wur^myntes wuldre 
geuferod w»re, for9an 9e h^ ondred f »t he 9urh 9one 
micclan h^ on woruldlicum wuldre, ye he ^r awearp, 
SBt sumum ssBle bepsBht wurde. Ac 9ffis caseres heah- 
gerefa, Germanus,gel8Bhte 9one pistol set Gregories sarend- 
racan, and bine tot^r; and 8i99an cydde l^am casere, 
ysdt pmt folc Gregorium to papan gecoren b»fde. Mauri- 
cius 9a se casere psdB Gode 9ancode, and bine geb^dian 
bet. HwsBt 9a, Gregorius fleames cepte, and on dym-b6fon 
setlutode ; ac bine man gekebte, and teah to Petres cyrcan, 
ymt be 9sBr to papan gehalgod wurde. Gregorius 9a ^r 
bis b^dunge fadt Bomanisce folc, for 9am onsigendum 
cweabne, 9isum wordmn to bereowsunge tibte. Mine ge- 
bro9ra ya, leofostan, tis gedafena9 pmi we Godes swingle, 
ye we on ^r towearde ondrsedan sceoldon, ytet we buru n^ 
andwerde and afandode ondrsedan. Geopenige ure samys 
tis infider so9re gecyrrednysse, and f set wite 9e we 9rowia9 
tobrece ure heortan beardnysse. E&e nu 9is folc is mid 
swurde fses beofonlican graman ofslegen, and gebwilce 
senlipige sind mid fserlicum slibte aweste. JSTe seo ^ 9am 
dea9e ne forest8ep9, ac ge geseo9 ]78Bt se sylfa dea9 yasre 
^dle yldinge forbrada9. Se geslagena bi9 mid dea9e ge- 
gripen, ^r9an 9e be to beofimgum so9re bebreowsunge 
gecyrran msBge. H6gia9 forSi bwilc se becume setforan 


gesih^e J>8BS strecan D(fmaii, se^e ne mfiBg f set yfel bew^pan 
€e h^ gefremode. Gehwilce eor^-bugigende sind SBtbro- 
dene, and heora btis standa^ aweste. Efederas and moddru 
bestandatS heora beama Ifc, and beora yrfenuman bim 
sylfum to forwyrde forestaeppatS. Uton eomostlice fleon 
to beofunge so^re dajdbote, fa bwile "Re we moton, ^rf^an 
f e se fajrlica siege tis astrecce. Uton gemunan swa bwaet 
swa we dweligende agylton, and uton mid wope gewitnian 
f set fffit we m^fullice adrugon. Uton forbradian Q-odes 
ansyne on andetnysse, swa swa se witega tis mana9. Uton 
abebban ure heortan mid bandum to Q-ode, J>fiBt is, f set we 
sceolon ^a gecnyrdnysse ure bene mid geeamunge g^des 
weorces up-araeran. He forgii^ truwan ure forbtunge, 
se^e f urb bis witegan clypatS, Nylle ic )>8Bs synfullan dea^, 
ac ic wille f set b^ gecyrre and lybbe. 

Ne geortruwige n^n man bine sylfne for bis synna 
micebiysse : witodlice ^a ealdan gyltas Niniueiscre tSeode 
^reora daga bereowsung adilegode ; and se gecyrreda 
sceat^a on bis deat$es cwyde J>aj8 ecan lifes mede geeamode. 
Uton awendan ure heortan; braedlice bi^ se Dema to urum 
benum gebfged, gif we fram urum Cwymyssum beotJ ge- 
ribtlsehte. Uton standan mid gemaglicum wdpum ongean 
t$am onsigendum swurde swa miccles domes. SotJlice ge- 
magnys is l)am sot$an Deman gecweme, J>eab ?e heo man- 
num un^ancwur8e sy, for8an ^e se arfsesta and se mild- 
heorta God wile fset we mid gemaglicum benum bis mild- 
heortnysse ofg^n, and b^ nele swa micclum swa we geear- 
niatS tis gejrrsian. Be tJisum b^ cw»® f urb bis witegan, 
Clypa me on daege tJinre gedrefednysse, and ic t$e abredde, 
and t$u msersast me. God sylf is his gewita faet he miltsian 
wile him to clypigendum, set5e manat$ J>8et we him to clypian 
sceolon. For^i, mine gebrotJra fa leofostan, uton gecuraan 
on t$am feor^an dsege fysre wucan on seme-merigen, and 
mid estfullum mode and tearum singan seofonfealde lae- 


tanias, ]?8et se streca Dema us geSrige, J>oiine MgesihtS fset 
we sylfe ure gyltas wrecaC. 

Eomostlice t$at$a micel menigu, segtJer ge preostMdes ge 
munuch^des menD, and fast laBwede folc, sefter'Sses eadigan 
Gregories liaBse,on f one wodnes-daegto tSam seofonfealdum 
letanium gecomon, to tJam swit$e awedde se foresseda 
cwealm, faet hund-eahtatig manna, on tJsere ^nre tide feal- 
lende, of life gewiton, ^a hwfle fe fset folc t$a letanias 
sungon. Ac se halga sacerd ne gesw^ fast folc to m^ni- 
genne faet hf ^sere bene ne geswicon, offset Godes milt- 
sung f one re^an cwealm gestilde. 

Hwaet 8a Gregorius, sii$t$an li6 papanMd und^rfeng, 
gemunde hwsBt h€ gefym Angel-cynne gemynte, and tJser- 
rihte f set luftyme weorc gefremode. He na to tSaes hw()n 
ne mihte jjone Romaniscan biscop-stdl eallunge forlaetan, 
ac h^ asende o^re bydelas, getSungene Godes "Seowan, to 
"Sysum fglande, and he sylf micclum mid his benum and 
tihtingum fylste, faet tJsera bydela bodung for^genge, and 
Gode waestmbaere wurde. paera bydela naman sind f us 
gecigede, AuGTTSTnnjs, Mellittjs, Latteentitts, Pe- 
TErs, loHANNES, lusTiJS. Das Mreowas asende se eadiga 
papa Gregorius, mid manegum otJrum munecum, to Angel- 
cynne, and hftJisum wordum to tJaere fare tihte, Ne beo ge 
afyrhte 8urli geswince faes langsuman faereldes, o^te furh 
yfelra manna ymbe-spraece ; ac mid ealre ^nraednysse and 
wylme f aere so'San lufe fas ongunnenan tSing f urb Godes 
fultum gefremmatS. And wite ge J>aet eower m^d on 6ara 
ecan edleane swa miccle mare ht6, swa micclum swa ge 
mare for Godes willan swincatJ. GebyrsumiatS eadmodlice 
on eallum tJingum Augustine, fone t$e we eow to ealdre 
gesetton ; hit frematJ eowrum sawlum swa hw^t swa ge be 
his mynegunge gefyUa^. Se .^mihtiga God, furh his 
gife, eow gescylde, and geunne me faet ic mote eowei'es 
geswinces waestm on 8am ecan etSele geseon, swa faet ic 



beo gemet samod on blisse eoweres edleanes, ^e&h t$e ic 
mid eow swincan ne msege ; fort$on t$e ic wille swincan. 
Augustinus t$a mid his gefenim, f set sind gerehte feower- 
tig wera, ferde be Gregories h^se, otJfaet hf to tJisum 
fglande gesundfullice becomon. 

On ^am dagum rixode -^felbyrht cyning on Cantware- 
byrig rfclice, and bis rice waes astreht fram tJaere micclan 
eii Humbre 08 sut$ s^. Augustinus baefde genumen wealh- 
stodas of Francena rice, swa swa Gregorius him bebead ; 
and h^tSurh tSsera wealhstoda mut$ fam cyninge and his 
leode Godes word bobade : hu se mildheorta Hselend, mid 
his agenre "Srowunge J>y8ne scyldigan middaneard alysde, 
and geleaffullum mannum heofonan rfces infer geopenode. 
pa andwyrde se cyning -^tJelbriht Augustine, and cwaetJ, 
faet h^ fegere word and beh^t him cydde ; and cwaetS, faet 
h^ ne mihte swa hraedlice fone ealdan gewunan t5e h^mid 
Angel-cynne heold forl^tan ; cwsetJ faet h^ moste freolice 
t$a heofonlican l^re his leode bodian, and faet he him and 
his geferan bigleofan tJenian wolde, and forgeaf him t5a 
wununge on Cantwarebyrig, seo waes ealles his rfces 

Ongann "Sa Augustinus mid his munecum to geefenlse- 
cenne faera apostola Iff, mid singalum gebedum, and waec- 
can, and faestenum Gode ^eowigende, and Iffes word fam 
t$e hf mihton bodigende, ealle middaneardlice 8ing, swa 
swa aelfremede, forhdgigende, t$a fing ^na fe hf to bigleo- 
fan behdfedon underfonde, be t5am t$e hf taehton sylfe lyb- 
bende, and for t$aere soSfaestnysse t5e hf bodedon, gearowe 
waeron ehtnysse to t5oligenne, and deatSe sweltan, gif hf 

Hwaet 8a gelyfdon forwel menige, and on Godes naman 
gefullode wurdon, wundrigende f aere bilewitnysse heora 
unscaetJtJigan Iffes, and swetnysse heora heofonlican l^re. 
Da aet nextan, gelustfuUode Sam cyninge ^tSelbrihte heora 


claBne Iff and heora wynsume beMt, fa sot^lice wnrdon mid 
manegum t^cnum gesetSde ; and he %a gelyfende weartJ 
gefullod, and micclum t5a cristenan gearwur'Sode, and swa 
swa heofonlice ceaster-gewaran lufode : nolde swa-tJeah 
nsenne to cristendome geneadian ; fort5an t5e h^ ofaxode set 
^am Mreowum his hsele J? aet Cristes tJeowdom ne sceal beon 
geneadod, ac sylfwiUes. Ongunnon 8a daeghwomlice 
forwel menige efstan to gehyrenne t$a halgan bodunge, 
and forleton heora hsetJenscipe, and hf sylfe getJeoddon 
Cristes gelat5unge, on hine gelyfende. 

Betwux tSisum gewende Augustinus ofer s^ to ^am 
ereebiscope Etherium, and h^ hine geh^dode Angel-eynne 
to ereebiscope, swa swa him Gregorius ^r gewissode. 
Augustinus t5a geh^dod cyrde to his biscop-stole, and 
asende aerendracan to Eome, and cydde ^am eadigan Gre- 
gorie faet Angel-cynn eristendom underfeng, and he eac 
mid gewritum fela tJinga befr^n, hu him to drohtnigenne 
waere betwux t$am nfg-hworfenum folce. Hwaet t5a Gre- 
gorius micclum Gode tJancode mid blissigendum mode, faet 
Angel-cynne swa gelumpen waes, swa swa he sylf geornlice 
gewilnode, and sende eft ongean serendracan to t$am ge- 
leaffuUan cyninge ^f elbrihte, mid gewritum and menig- 
fealdum Mcum, and ot$re gewritu to Augustine, mid and- 
swarum ealra tSaera "Singa fe h^ hine befr^n, and hine eac 
8isum wordum manode, Brother min se leofosta, ic w^t 
faBt se -^Imihtiga God fela wundra furh t5e faBret5eodet$8 
h^ geceas geswutelatJ, faes t$u miht blissigan, and eac t$e 
ondraedan. pu miht blissigan gewisslice f aet tJaere tJeode 
sawla furh t5a y ttran wundra beotS getogene to t5aere incun- 
dan gife. Ondr^d t5e swa-t$eah f aet 8in mdd ne beo ah^fen 
mid dyrstignysse on t5am t^cnum fe God t$urh t$e gefrematJ, 
and J? u tJonon on fdelum wuldre befealle witSinnan, f onon 
t5e t$u witJutan on wurtSmynte ah^fen bist. 

Gregorius asende eac Augustine halige l^c on maesse- 



reafum, and on bdcum, and ^asra apostola and martvra 
reliquias samod ; and bebead, ]>SBt his seftergengan symle 
t$one pallium and tSone erceb^d set t$am apostolican setle 
Romaniscre gelatJunge feccan sceoldon. Augustinus 
gesette SBfber tJisum biscopas of his geferum gehwilcum 
burgum on Engla t$eode, and hf on Q-odes geleafan 
t$eonde "Surhwunodon d6 tJisum daegtSerlicum dsege. 

Se eadiga Gregorius gedihte manega halige traht-b<^c, 
and mid micelre gecnjrrdnysse Godes folc to t$am ecan life 
gewissode, and fela wimdra on his life geworhte, and wul- 
dorfullice f aes papan setles geweold tSreottyne gear, and 
six montJas, and tyn dagas, and sit5t$an on tJisum daege 
gew^t to t$am ecan setle heofenan rices, on t$am he leofa8 
mid Gode -^Imihtigum ^ on ecnysse. Amen. 

XIII. Kal. Ape. 

Depositio Sci Cuthbebhti Episcopi. 

CuTHBEEHTirs, SO halga biscop, scinende on manegum 
geeamungum and healicum getSinctJum, on heofonan rfce, 
mid f am -Mmihtigum Scyppende, on ecere blisse rixiende, 

Beda, se snotera Engla f eoda l^eow, f ises halgan Iff 
endebyrdlice, mid wunderfuUum herungum, segtJer ge 
sefter ^nfealdre gereccednysse, ge sefter leotJlicere gyd- 
dunge, awr^t. Us saede sot$lice Beda, fast se eadiga 
CutSberhtus, fatJa h^ waes eahta wintra cild, ^m, swa swa 
him his ny tenlice yld tihte, plegende mid his efen-ealdum ; 
ac se -^Imihtiga God wolde styran J>aBre nytennysse his 
gecorenan CutJberhtes, J>urh mynegunge gelimplices 
l^reowes, and asende him to &i t$ry-wintre cild, fast hit 
his dyslican plegan, mid staBtStJigum wordum, wislice 
freade. Sot$lice, faet foresaede J>ry-wintre cild fone 


gsemnigendan CutSberhtum befr^n, To hwf under])eodst 
f u t5e sylfne l^isum ydelum plegan, fu "Se eart fram Gtode 
gehalgod mid roderlicum wur^mynte ? JSTe gedafenatJ 
biscope, J)»t he beo on daedum folces mannum gelfc. 
Greswfc, la leof, swa unf aeslices plegan, and get5eod fe to 
Grode, f e t5e to biscope his folce geeeas, f am f u seealt 
heofonan rfces infser geopenian. Hwset ^a, Cut5berhtus 
fa-gyt mid his plegan forSarn, oiS^sdt his l^reow, mid bi- 
terum tearum dreoriglice wepende, ealra faera cildra 
plegan fi^rlice gestilde. Witodlice, eall se cildlica heap 
wolde fees anes eildes dreorignysse gefrefrian ; ac hf ealle 
ne mihton mid heora frofre his dreorignysse adwaescan, 
^r^an t$e CutJberhtus hit mid arfaestum eossnm gegladode. 
And he sylf sit$t$an, sBfter f aes eildes mynegnnge, on 
healicere staB^Signysse symle f urhwunode. 

-Sifter fisum wearS f aes eadigan CuSberhtes cneow mid 
heardum geswelle alefed, swa faet he mid criecura his 
fet$unge iinderwre^ode. pa gesaet he sume daBge under 
sunn-beame ana on sundran, and his sceancan be^ode, him 
com fa ridende to sum arwurtSe ridda, sittende on snaw- 
hwitum horse, and he sylf mid hwitum gyrlum befangen 
waBS ; and he fone halgan mid gesibsumum wordum swaBS- 
lice grette, biddende faet h^ him daegwistes gedafenlice 
tiSode. Cut$berhtus fa to t$am engle anmodlice cwae8, Ic 
wolde fine f enunge sylf nu gearcian, gif ic me mid fetJunge 
ferian mihte : min ^dlige cneow is yfele gehaefd, f aet ne 
mihte n^n laece-wyrt awiht gelitJian, f eah f e heo gelome 
to-gel^d waere. pa gelihte se cuma, and his cneow gra- 
pode mid his halwendum handum, and het hine niman 
hwaetene smedeman, and on meolce awyllan, and swa mid 
f asre h^tan f aBt tof undene lim gewri^an ; and, sefter f isum 
wordum, his hors bestr^d, on f am siSfaete f e h^ fider cdm, 
aweg ferende. Hwaet fa, CuSberhtus, aefter f aBs engles 
]£re, his cneow betSode, and he sona gesundfull his faBreldes 


breac, and ongeat f set God, f nrh his engel, hine geneosode, 
set$e giti &r ))one blindan Tobfan, ])urh his heah-engel 
Raphahel, mihtelice onlihte. 

Eft se halga CutJberhtus, f a^a h^ wacode mid hyrde- 
mannura on felda, on his geogotSe, geseah heofonas opene, 
and englas gelaeddon Aidanes biscopes sawle, mid micclum 
wuldre, in to f sere heofonlican myrhtJe. Hwilon eac CutS- 
berhtus ferde geond l^d bodigende Godes geleafan, fa for 
unwedere gecyrde h^ to sumes hyrdes cytan, fe st6d weste 
on fam westene f e h^ oferferde, and getfgde his hors f aer 
binnon. pa, mid f am f e he his gebedu sang, fa taer f set 
hors faet faec of tSaere cytan hrofe, and faer feoll adune, 
swilce of t$am hrofe, wearm hl^f mid his syflinge. He fa 
ge'Sancode Gode faere sande, and mid faere hine sylfne 

Se eadiga Cut^berhtus aefter fisum ealle womld-fing 
eallunge forlet, and mid halgum f eawum hine sylfne to 
munuc-life getJeodde ; and he hraedlice, sit5t5an h^ munuc 
waes, wear^ geset cumena f^n, f set he cumena buses gymde, 
and mynsterlicum cumum get5^nsum waere. pa, set sumon 
saele, on wintres dsege, him com to Godes engel on cuman 
hfwe, and Cu^berhtus hine mid ealre cumlit$nysse under- 
feng. pa gecyrde h^ ^t ymbe faes cuman f enunge, ac he 
ne gemette naenne cuman J>at$a h^ inn c6m, ac lagon fry 
heofenlice hlafas on lilian beorhtnysse scinende, and on 
rosan braet5e stymende, and on swaecce swettran fonne 
beona hunig. pa sceawode se halga Cu'Sberhtus on t$am 
snawe gehw^r, hwyder se cuma sitJigende ferde, ac f at$a 
h^ nane fot-swa^e on t$am snawe ne geseah, fa ongeat h^, 
f aet se cuma waes engel and na mann, setSe f one heofenlican 
fodan him brohte, and f ses eortJlican ne rohte. 

pes foresaeda halga wer waes gewunod f aet he wolde gta 
on niht to s^, and standan on "Sam sealtan brymme ot$ his 
sw}'ran, singende his gebedu. pa on sumere nihtehl6snode 


sum o^er munuc his faereldes, and mid sle^ccre stalcimge 
his f6t-8waSum filigde, ot5t$8Bt hf begen to s^ becomon. 
pa dyde Cu^berhtus swa his gewuna waes, sang his gebedu, 
on s^licere ySe standende 08 t5one swjrran, and sy58an his 
cneowa on t$am ceosle gebigde, astrehtum handbredum to 
heofenlicum rodore. Efne fa comon twegen seolas of s^- 
licum grunde, and hf mid heora flyse his fet drygdon, and 
mid heora blaede his leoma bet5edon, and si^San mid ge- 
beacne his bletsunge b^don, licgende set his fotum on feal- 
wum ceosle. pa Cu^berhtus fa s^lican nytenu on sund 
asende, mid sotJre bletsunge, and on merigenlicere tide his 
mynster gesohte. Weart5 fa se munuc micclum afyrht, 
and ^dlig on aeme-merigen hine ge-eadmette to tSaes halgan 
cneowum, biddende f aet h^ his ^dl eallunge aflfgde, and his 
fyrwitnysse faederlice miltsode. Se halga fa sona and- 
wyrde, Ic f inum gedwylde deamunge miltsige, gif f u t5a 
gesiht$e mid swigan bediglast, otSSaet min sawul heonon 
siSige, of andwerdum life gelat$od to heofonan. Cut$- 
berhtus fa mid gebede his sceaweres seocnysse gehselde, 
and his fyrwites gauges gylt forgeaf. 

Tela wundra wurdon geworhte f urh f one halgan Cut$- 
berht, ac we wyllatJ for sceortnysse sume forsuwian, f y-l^s 
f e f eos racu eow to lang f ince. Witodlice CutJberhtus 
ferde, swa swa his gewuna waes, ymbe geleaffulre bodunge, 
f aet he f am ungelaeredum folce lifes weig taehte. pa fleah 
sum earn aetforan him on sitSe, and he his geferan befrfnan 
ongann, Hw^ hi to t$am daege afedan sceolde ? pa cwaetJ 
his gefera, f aet he gefyrn smeade hwaer hi bigleofan biddan 
sceoldon, f atSa hf t$a fare ferdon buton wiste. Cut5berhtu8 
fa him togeanes cwaeS, La hwaet se -^Imihtiga God maeg 
for eaSe unc, f urh f isne earn, aetfore sceawian, set$e giti ^r 
Elian afedde f urh f one sweartan hremm, ^r h^to heofonan 
siSode. Hi t$a ferdon for^-sit5igende, and efne se earn on 
t$am dfre gesaet, mid fisce geflogen, f one he faerrihte 


gefeng. pa cwsb^S se halga to his geferan, Ym to 5am 
eame, and him of-anim psda fisces dael pe he gefangen 
hsef^, unc to gereorde. Sy 16f ]>am -Mmihtigan, )^ iinc 
f urh ])isne fugel fedan wolde. Sjle swa-)>eah sumne d»l 
)>am earne, to edleane his geswinces. 

Hi tSa, sefter gereorde, on heora weg ferdon, and Cut5- 
berhtus ]>am folce fsegere bodade, faet hf waere waeron witJ 
deofies syrwum, fy-laes f e h^ mid leasunge heora geleafan 
awyrde, and fram f aere bodunge heora mod abrude. J>8et 
fole fa faerlice ongann fortS-araesan betwux Jjyssere myne- 
gunge, micclum bepaeht, fast hf ]>aBre lare to lyt gymdon. 
HwsBt se swicola feond hf switJe bedydrode, swilce f aer 
sum h^s soSlice forbume, brastligende mid brandum, 
gedwymorlice swa-feah. pa wolde faet folc fast fyr ad- 
waescan, gif hit aenig waeta wanian mihte ; ac faes halgan 
andwerdnys eatSeliee acwencte f aBS deofles dyderunge, f e 
hf dwollice filigdon, and f aes lifes word lythwon gymdon. 
paet folc fa ofsceamod ongean cyrde to tJaere l^re f e hf ^r 
forleton, biddende aet 8am l^reowe WSe miltsunge, f aet hf 
his Mre ^r to lyt gymdon, f at5a he 8a fraecednysse him 
fore saede. 

Cu^berhtus swa-feah on otSrum timan, eall bymende 
hits ana ahredde wi8 fyres dare, mid halgum benum, and 
fone windes bl^d aweg flfgde, se8e ^r for oft fa aettrigan 
Mn deoflicere costnunge on him sylfum adwaescte, f urh 
gescyldnysse sotSes Drihtnes. He wolde gelome leodum 
bodian on fyrlenum lande iinforhtigende. Hwaet fa him 
geu8e se -^Umihtiga Gfod faegre getingnysse f am folce to 
l^re, and him menn ne mihton heora mdd behydan, ac hf 
eadmodlice him geandetton heora digelnyssa, and elles ne 
dorston, and be his dihte digellice gebetton. 

Sum eawfaBst man eac swilce haefde micele cy88e to 8am 
halgan Cu8berhte, and gelomlice his l^re breac : fa geti- 
mode his wife wyrs f onne h^ be5orfte, f aet heo f urh w^d- 


nysse micclum wses gedreht. pa com se eawfsesta to t5am 
eadigan Cu^berhte, and h^ waes on tJam timan to prafoste 
geset on tJam munuc-life, )>e is Lindisfarnea geMten. pa 
ne mihte he for sceame him openlice secgan, fast his eaw- 
faeste wff on tJaere wddnysse l^g, ac bsed f set h^ asende 
sumne brotJer f aet hire gerihta ged6n mihte, ^rSan J>e heo 
of Iffe gelaed wurde. pa wiste CutJberhtus eal be tSam wffe, 
and wolde Jrnrh hine sylfee sona hf geneosian ; fortSan fe 
heo ^rt$an eawfsest leofode, J?eah f e se unsitJ hire swa ge- 
lumpe. pa begann se wer dreorig wepan, an'Sracigende 
f aes ungelimpes. CutSberhtns hine fa mid wordum gefre- 
frode, cwaetJ fast se deofol fe hire derigan wolde, on his 
geneosunge, hf forlaetan seeolde, and mid micelre fyrhte 
aweg fleon, and past wff mid gewitte wel sprecende him 
togeanes g^, and his bridel onf5n. Hit "Sa gel^mp, be 
tJaea l^reowes wordum, f aet faet wff gewittig hine mid wor- 
dum gegrette, baed f aet heo moste him mete gearcian, and 
cydde hu se deofol hf deamunge forl^t, and switJe forhti- 
gende fleames cepte, f a^a se halga fider si^ode. 

CuSberhtus se halga sit5San gefremode mihtigliee 
wundra, on "Sam mynstre wunigende. Begann fa on mode 
micclum 8meagan,hu he faes folces 16f forfle^n mihte ; fy- 
laes fe h^ wurde to hlfsf ul on worulde, and faes heofenlican 
lofes fremde waere. "Wolde fa ^nstandende ancer-lff 
adreogan, and on digelnysse eallunge drohtnian : ferde fa 
to Fame, on flowendre yt5e. paet igland is eal beworpen 
mid sealtum brymme, on s^ middan, f aet wiSinnan eall, 
^r t$am fyrste, mid sweartum gastum swi^e waes afylled, 
swa f aet men ne mihton fa moldan bugian, for f eowracan 
sweartra deofia ; ac hf ealle fa endemes flugon, and f aet 
igland eallunge rymdon f am aetJelan cempan, and he f aer 
^na wunode, orsorh heora ^ndan, furh -^mihtigne God. 
pa waes f aet igland mid ealle bedaeled waeteres wynsum- 
nysse, on ^am westiun cludum, ac se halga wer fa sona 


het fa heardnesse swit5e hdlian, on middan f aere flore his 
fsBgeran botles, and f aer waeter-seddre ^a wynsum aspr^ng, 
werod on sw^cce, f am were to brice, set5e hwilon waeter to 
winlicum sw^cce wundorlice awende, fa^ahit wolde Grod. 

Se halga fa het him bringan s^d, wolde on ^am westene 
wsBsfcmes tilian, gif hit swa geut5e se ^Imihtiga God, faet 
h€ mid his fotum hine fedan moste. He seow fa hwsete 
on beswuncenum lande, ac hit to waestme aspringan ne 
moste, ne furtJon mid g^rse growende nses. pa het he 
him bringan here to saede, and ofer aelcne timan fa eortJan 
aseow. Hit weox fa mid wynne and wel gerfpode. pa 
woldon hremmas hine bereafian aet his gedeorfum, gif 
hf dorston. pa cwsetJ se halga to tJaoi heard-nebbum, 
Gif se ^Imihtiga eow f ises geut5e, brucat5 f aera wsBstma, 
and me ne biddatJ ; gif he f onne eow f ises ne geti^ode, 
gewftaS aweg, waelhreowe fugelas, to eowrum et5ele of 
Sisum iglande. Hwset, fa hremmas fa ricene flugon ealle 
tosomne ofer f one sealtan brym, and se halga fa his ge- 
swinces breac. 

Eft fa sit5t5an o^re twegen swearte hremmas sit51ice co- 
mon, and his hus taeron mid heardum bile, and to neste 
baeron heora briddum to hleow^e. pas eac se eadiga mid 
ealle aflfgde of Sam et5ele mid anum worde ; ac ^n f sera 
fugela eft fleogende com, ymbe fry dagas, f earle dreorig, 
fleah to his fotum, friSes biddende, f aet he on tSam lande 
Ijbban moste symle unscaeStJig, and his gefera samod. 
Hwaet fa, se halga him f aes geuSe, and hf lustbaere f aet 
land gesohton, and brohton fam Mreowe Me to medes, 
swines rysl his scon to gedreoge, and hi f aer sitSt5an un- 
scaeStSige wunedon. 

pa wolde se halga sum htis timbrian to his nedbricum, 
mid his gebroSra fultume : fa baed he hf ^re sylle, f aet 
he mihte f aet htis, on t5a s^ healfe, mid f aere underlecgan. 
pa gebrotJra him beheton, f aet hf woldon f set treow, f onne 


hf eft comon, him gebringan. pa comon hf, swa swa hf 
cwaedon, and wurdon, swa-f eah, f aes treowes imgemyn- 
dige ; ac se ^Imihtiga G-od his wses gemyndig, and him 
fa sylle sylf asende mid f am s^licum flode, and fset fldd 
hf awearp f ser f ser h^ sylf smeade f set hus to araerenne, 
on Sam sealtum ofre. pa wunode se halga wer manega 
gear on t5am ancer-life swiSlice stiSe, and hine geneosodon 
gel6me eawfaeste menn, and be his lare heora Iff geriht- 

pa com him to sum abbudysse, seo waes -Slflaed geh^ten, 
faes cyninges sweoster Ecgfrides ; wolde, furh his myne- 
gungum, hire m6d getrymman. pa, betwux heora spraece, 
begann heo to halsigenne f one halgan wer, faet h^ sceolde 
hire secgan hu lange hire brotJor Ecgfridus moste his rfces 
brucan. pa andwyrde hire se halga, mid twylicere sprsece, 
and cwaeS, Por nahte bitJ geteald ^nes geares lust, fser tSser 
se swearta deat5 onsigende bitS. pa undergeat heo faet se 
brother ne moste his Iffes brucan ofer f am ^num geare, and 
faerrihte, dreoriglice wepende, hine befr^n, La leof, sege 
me, hw^ sceal to his rice f6n, f onne he brother naeftS, ne he 
beam ne belsefS. pa cwseS se halga wer eft to tSam mae- 
dene, Se ^Imihtiga Scyppend haefS gehealden sumne ge- 
corenne fyssere leode to cyninge, and se biS fe swa leof 
swa nu is se oSer. pa gedyrstlaehte faet maeden f aet heo 
him fa-gyt to spraec, and cwseS, Mislice smeagatS manna 
heortan ; sume wilniatJ geSincSe fyssere worulde, sume 
gefyllatS heora fracedan lustas, and hf ealle sySt5an sorhlice 
waedliaS. pu forsihst fone healican wurt5mynt, and J>e is 
leofre on Sisum wacum scraefum, fonne fu on healle healic 
biscop sitte. pa cwaetS se witega,)>aet he wurt5e naere swa 
miccles h^des, ne t5aes heah-setles, ac, swa-J)eah, n^n main 
Grodes mihte ne forflihS, on n^num heolstrum heofenan, 
oS5e eorSan, oSt5e s^ friddan. Ic gelyfe, swa-f eah, gif se 
iEllmihtiga me haet faes h^des beon, fast ic eft mote fis 


fgland gesecan, sefter twegra geara ymbryne, and fyses 
e^eles brucan. Ic bidde ]>e, MlQsdi, psdt pu uncre sprsBce 
on minum Iffe n^um ne ameldige. 

-lifter ]7isum wordum weari5 gem6t gebsBfd, and Ecg- 
fridus l^ser-on ges^t, and peodorus, j^ises fglandes erce- 
biscop, mid manegum ot$rum get$ungenum witum, and hf 
ealle ^nmodlice fone eadigan CutSberhtum to biscdpe 
gecuron. pa sendon hf sona gewritu mid )>am SBrende to 
tJam eadigan were ; ac kf ne mihton bine of his mynstre 
gebringan. pa reow se cyning sylf Ecgfridus to t5am 
fglande, and Trumwine biseop, mid oSrum eawfsBstum 
werum, and bf fone halgan swi^e balsodon, beora cneow 
bigdon, and mid tearum bsBdon, oStJsBt hf bine wepende 
of t$am westene atugon to t$am sinoSe samod mid him ; 
and he pone h^ be beora h^se underfeng, swa swa bit 
gefyrn ^r gessBd wsbs, ]/urh ]>sds cildes mtit$, and pads mseran 
biseopes Boisiles, ]>e him mid so^re witegunge his Iffes 
endebjrdnysse ssBde. 

On t$am jlcan geare weair5 eac ofslegen Ecgfridus, se 
se^ela cyning, on his unsit$e, j^a^a he on Feohtum beg^nn 
to feohtenne to dyrstelice, ofer Dribtnes wiUan ; and his 
cyfes-borena broSor sitStSan rixode, set$e for wisdome wende 
to Scottum, f aet he aeltSeodig on l^re getSuge. pa w8bs ge- 
fylled seo foressBde sprscc, swa swa se halga wer ssBde p&m 
maBdene be hire gebrotJrum, ^r he biseop waere. Hwast fa, 
sit^^an se halga CutSberbtus, Lindisfarnensiscere gela- 
^unge leod-biscop, mid eab*e gecneordnysse his folces 
gymde, to geefenlsecunge fSBra eadigra apostola, and hf 
mid singalum gebedum geseylde wi$ deofol, and mid hal- 
wendum myngungum to beofonan tibte; and he swa 
leofode swa swa he sylf IsBrde, and ^ his bodunga mid 
gebysnungum astealde, and eac mid wundrum wel ge- 
glengde, and mid soSre lufe symle geswette, and gemete- 
gode mid micclum get^ylde, and waas swit$e estful on aalceroi 


spraece. He nolde awendan his gewunelican bigleofan, 
ne his gew^da, fa he on westene haefde, ae t$a stiSnyssa 
his stearcan bigleofan, betwux Isewedum folce, on his life 
geheold. He wses swit5e welig wsedlumand fearfum, and 
symle him sylfum swit5e hafenleas. 

pa geworhte h^ fela wiindra eac binnon ]?am fyrste )>e 
h^ biscop wses. Mid halgum wsetere he gehselde sum wf f, 
anes ealdormannes ^we, fram earmlicere co^e, and heo 
sona gesund him sylfum f enode. Eft, on ^aere ylcan tide, 
h^ mid ele gesmyrode an licgende maeden on langsumum 
sare, f urh hefigtymum heafod-ece, and hire sona waes bet. 
Sum eawfaest wer wses eac yfele geh^fd, and laeg set for^- 
siSe, his freondum orwene. pa hsefde heora sum haligne 
hl^f, f one se eadiga wer ^r gebletsode, and he f one Jjser- 
rihte on wseter bedypte, and his ^dligum maege on tJonei 
mut5 begeat, and he ]?serrihte f aet ^dl gestilde. Eac on 
o^rum timan, sum ^dlig cniht faerlice wear^ geferod aetfo- 
ran fam witan, fa^a h^ mid lare geond Mnd ferde ; ]?a 
baedon ]?a barmen his bletsunge geome, and h^ faerrihte 
fone cniht araerde, swa faet h€ gesundful sitJode on fotura, 
setSe on b^re fider geboren waes. Sum earm moder* 
unea^elice baer hire samcuce cild swit5e dreorig, on t5am 
ylcan wege fe se wita ferde ; fa besargode h^ f aere sorh- 
fullan meder, and geswaeslice t$a hire sunu cyste ; cwaeS 
faet hire cild gesund beon sceolde, and eal hire hfwisc 
haeltJe brucan ; and f aes witegan w6rd wurdon gefyllede. 

-Slflaed fa eft, faet aet5ele maeden, f one halgan Mreow to 
hire gelaSode : fa ges^t h€ aet mysan micclum onbryrd, 
he beseah to heofonum and his sex ^wearp. pa azode hine 
seo eadige faemne, hwf h^swa hraedlice his gereord forlete ? 
pa cwaeS se biscop, mid onbryrdum mode, Efne nu ic ge- 
seah englas ferigan gesaelige sawle of ^inum b6c-lande, to 
healicre heofenan, mid halgum sange, and his nama f e bi^ 
ardlice gecydd on seme-merigen, f onne ic offrige Gode fa 


Ifflican 1^ on geleaffulre cyrcan. Hit weartJ ]?a gewfd- 
maersod, swa swa se witega cw8b^, f set hire hjrdeman, furh 
holdraedene )?a, sume ^c astah, and his orf Iseswode mid 
treowenum helme, and he hearde feoll, gew^t of worulde 
mid wuldre to G-ode, for tJsere hylde his hirdraedene, Hw£ 
maeg aefre ealle gereccan fa mihtigan t^cna f ises halgan 
weres, hu oft h^ eatJelice ^dlige gehselde, and fa sweartan 
gastas sjmle aflfgde, and faegra manna fort5sit$ fore-gleaw 
ssBde, wis furh witegunge wisdomes gastes. 

pa wunode sum sacerd switJe gelyfed on ancer-setle aefter 
his l^re, and on gehwilcum geare liine geneosode, Here- 
berhtus geh^ten, hohful on mode. Cut5berhtus fa sona 
hine on-sundron gesprsec, cwaeS faet he fa sceolde swiSlice 
befrfnan his nyd-f earfnysse, ^r his nextan daege ; cwsbS 
f aet h^ ne moste on menniseum Iffe hine eft geseon, of 
fam andweardan daege. Hereberhtus fa swi^e hohful 
weart5, and feol to hisfotura,mid flowendum tearum baed, 
f aet h^ moste him mid siSian to heofenlicum f rymme, of 
tJisum gewinne, swa swa h^ on Iffe his l^re gehyrsumode. 
Hwaet fa, se biscop his cneowa gebigde to f issere bene, 
mid bliSum mode, and syStSan f one sacerd sona gefre- 
frode ; cwaB^ f aet him geuSe se ^Imihtiga Wealdend, f aet 
hf aetsomne simian moston of tJisum earfoSnyssum, to eeere 
myrh^e. Hereberhtus fa hto gewende, and, on leger- 
bedde liegende, ab^d f aes otJres geendunge, mid ^dligum 

Cut5berhtus se halga fa switJQ onette to Sam ancer-setle, 
fe he ^r ges^t, furh halige mynegunge mihtiges 
Drihtnes : wolde on Sam lande his Iff geendian, f aer f aer 
h^ ^r lange lybbende drohtnode. And h^ on Sam lande 
fa gelegered wearS on his torSsiSe swiSe ftis to Gode, on 
Sam f riddan geare his biscoph^des, and on f isum daege to 
Drihtne gew^t, and Hereberhtus samod, se halga sacerd, 
swa swa hf on Iffe ^r geleornodon, f Urh Q-odes Gast, 


mid g^dum wiUan. His Ifc weart5 bebyrged on Lindis- 
farneiscre cyrcan, faer wurdon geworhte wundra forwel 
fela, furh geeanuingum bis eadigan Iffes. pa gelicode 
bit J)am leod-biscope, Eadberbte sylfiim, bis aBftergengan, 
J^set be bis licbaman up fa gel6gode, on t5am endlyftan 
geare bis geendunge. pa wear6 f set b^lige Ifc b^ on 
eor^an gem^t, gesundful licgende, swilce b^ slaepende 
waere, lit5ebige on limum, swa swa b^ gel^d wses. 

Sy wuldor and Idf fam welegan Dribtne, set5e bis geco- 
renan swa cystelice wurSaS, sefter deadlicum Iffe, mid bim 
lybbende a on ecnysse eaka worulda. Amen. 

Feeia nil. 

De Fide Catholica. 

-Slo eristen man seeal sefter ribte eunnan aeg^er ge bis 
Pater noster ge bis Credan. Mid f am Pater nostre be 
sceal bine gebiddan; mid fam Credan be sceal bis geleafan 
getrymman. "We babbatS gesaed embe f SBt Pater noster, nu 
we wyllaS secgan eow fone geleafan f e on pam Credan 
stent, swa swa se wisa Augustinus, be faere Halgan pryn- 
nysse, trabtnode. 

An Scyppend is eaba finga, gesewenlicra and ungese- 
wenlicra ; and we seeolon on bine gelyfan, forf on fe b^ 
is sots Grod and ana -^Imibtig, set5e naefre ne ongann ne 
anginn nsefde, ac b^ sylf is anginn, and h€ eallum ges- 
ceaftum anginn and ordfruman forgeaf, faet bi been 
mibton, and J^aet bfbaefdonagengecynd, swa swa bitfaere 
godcundlican fadunge gelicode. Englas b^ worbte, ]?a sind 
gastas, and nabbatJ naenne licbaman. Menn b^ gesceop 
mid gaste and mid licbaman. !N'ytenu and deor, fixas and 
fugelas b^ gesceop on flsBsce, butan sawle. Mannum h€ 
sealde upribtne gang ; fa nytenu b^l€t g^n alotene. Man- 
num b^ forgeaf bl^f to bigleofan, and J?am nytenum g^rs. 


Nu mage ge, gebro^ru, understandan, gif ge wyllatS, yset 
twa fing syndon, ^n is Scyppend, o«er is gesceaft. H^ is 
Scyppend, se^e gesceop and geworhte ealle f ing of nalite. 
paBt is gesceaft ]?8et se sot5a Scyppend gesceop ; "pset sind 
^rest heofonas, and englas ]?e on heofonum wuniatJ ; and 
sy^^an f eos eor^e, mid eallum fam pe hire 6n eardiatJ, and 
s^, mid eallum )>am f e hyre 6n swymma^. Nu ealle )>as 
fing synd mid ^num naman genemnode gesceaft. Hf 
nsBron sefre wunigende, ac God hf gesceop. pa gesceafta 
sind fela, ^n is se Scyppend, f e hf ealle gesceop, se &ia is 
-ZElmihtig God. He wses aefre, and sefre he bi^ furhwu- 
nigende on him sylfum, and furh hine syl&ie. Gif he on- 
gunne and anginn hsefde, butan tweon, ne mihte he beon 
-^Imihtig God. SotSlice )>8Bt gesceaft, f e ongann and ge- 
sceapen is, naef^ nane godcundnysse ; for^i ©Ic edwist 
I>8ette God nys, fset is gesceaft ; and )>8et })e gesceaft nis, 
fsBt is God. 

Se God wunat5 on tJrynnysse untodsBledlic, and on ^n- 
nysse ^nre Godcundnysse. Sot51ice o]?er is se Faeder, oJ?er 
is se Sunu, ot5er is se Halga Gast ; ac, J>eah-hw8Bt5ere, faera 
f reora is ^n Godcundnys, and gelfc wuldor, and efen-ece 
maegen-f rymnys. JElmihtig God is se Fseder, -^Imihtig 
God is se Sunu, -Slmihtig God is se Halga G^st. Ac, 
)>eah-hw8Bt5ere, ne sind fry -ZElmihtige Godas, ac ^n 
-^Imihtig God. pry hf sind on h^dum and on naman, 
and ^n on Godcundnysse. pry, for]?i ]?e se Faeder bi^ 
aefre Faeder, and se Sunu bit5 aefre Sunu, and se Halga 
Gast hit aefre Halig Gast ; and hyra n£n ne awent naefre 
of fam ]?e he is. Nu habbatJ ge gehyred fa Halgan 
prynnysse ; ge sceolon eac gehyran fa sot5an Annysse. 

So^lice se Faeder and se Sunu and se Halga Gast hab- 
bat5 ^e Godcundnysse, and &i gecynd, and ^n weorc, 
Ne worhte se Faeder n£n f ing, ne ne wyrct5, butan f am 
Suna, otte butan ]>am Halgan Gaste. Ne heora n^ ne 


wyrc^ n^n 'ping butan oI>rum ; ac him eallum is ^n weorc, 
and ^ r^d, and ^ willa. -^fre wsbs se Fseder, and ©fre wsbs 
se Sunu, and sefre wsbs se Halga Oast, ^ -^Imihtig G-od. 
Se is Fseder, se^e nis na^ernegeborenne gesceapen fram 
n^num oSrum ; se is Fasder geh^ten, forfan f e he hsB^ 
Sunu, f one fe he of him sjlfum gestrynde, butan SBlcere 
meder. Se Faeder is G-od of n^num Gode. Se Sunu is 
God, of )>am Faeder Gode. Se Halga Gast is God, for^- 
staeppende of f am Faeder and of fam Suna. pas word 
sind sceortlice gesaede, and eow is need )?aet we hi swute- 
licor eow onwreon. 

Hwaet is se Faeder ? -^Imihtig Scyppend, na geworht, 
ne acenned ; ac h€ sylf gestrynde Beam, him sylfum efen- 
ece. Hwaet is se Sunu ? He is f aes Faeder "Wisdom, and 
his "Word, and his Miht, furh fone se Faeder gesceop ealle 
f ing and gefadode. Nis se Sunu na geworht ne gesceapen, 
ac he is acenned. Acenned he is, and, feah-hwaefere, he 
is efen-eald and efen-ece his Faeder. Nis na swa on his 
acennednysse, swa swa biS on ure acennednysse. ponne 
se mann sunu gestrynS, and his cild acenned bit5, fonne 
bit5 se faeder mara, and se sunu laessa. Hwf swa ? Forf i, 
f onne se sunu wyx^, fonne ealdat5 se faeder. Ne finst fu 
na gelice on mannum faeder and sunu. Ac ic pe sylle 
bysne, hu ]?u Godes acennednysse f y bet nnderstandan 
miht : fyr acen^ of him beorhtnysse, and seo beorhtnys is 
efen-eald fam fyre : nis na faet fyr of faere beorhtnysse, 
ac seo beorhtnys is of f am fyre. paet fyr acenS fa beorht- 
nysse, ac hit ne bi^ naefre butan faere beorhtnysse. Nu 
]?u gehyrst f aet seo beorhtnys is ealswa eald swa J>aet fyr 
f e heo ofcymt5 ; gefafa nu for]?i ]?aet God mihte gestrynan 
ealswa eald beam and ealswa ece swa he sylf is. Se ^e 
maeg understandan faet ure Haelend Crist is on f aere God- 
cundnysse ealswa eald swa his Faeder, h^ fancige f aes 
Gode, and blissige. Se t$e nnderstandan ne maeg, he hit 



sceal gelyfan, ysdt he hit understandan msBge ; for]>an ]>sb3 
witegan word ne msBg heon afdlod, fe fus cwaeS, Butou 
ge hit gelyfan, ne mage ge hit understandan. Nu habbe 
ge gehyred, pxt se Sunu is of pam Eseder, butan selcuni 
anginne ; forfan f e he is ]>8ds Fseder "Wisdom, and he wsbs 
aefre mid pam FsBder, and sefre bi^. 

XJton nu gehyran be f am Halgan Graste, hwast ]i€ sy. 
He is se Willa and seo 8ot$e Lufu ]>des Fseder and fsds Sana, 
purh fone sind ealle f ing gelfffaBste and gehealdene ; be 
])am is fus gecweden, G-odes G-ast gefyltS ealne ymbhwyrft 
middangeardes, and he hylt ealle fing, and he hasfS 
ingeh^d aslces gereordes. Nis h^^geworht, ne geseeapen, 
ne acenned ; ac h^ is forSstasppende, )>aBt is, ofgangende, 
of fam FsBder and of y&m Suna, fam he is gelic and efen- 
ece. Nis se Halga G-ast na Sunu, forf an fe h^ nis na 
acenned; ac h^ gx^ of fam Fseder and of fam Suna 
gelice; forfan fe he is heora beigra "WiUa and Lufu. 
Crist cwaeS f us be him on his godspelle : Se Frofor-G^st, 
fe ic eow asendan wille, Gast faere sotJfaBstnysse fe of 
minum Faeder gaetS, he cytS gecyt5nysse be me ; f aet is, he 
is min gewita paet ic eom Godes Sunu. And eae se rihta 
geleafa us taectS, J?aet we sceolon gelyfan on ]?one Halgan 
Gast ; he is se Ifffaestenda God, se g^t$ of )?am Fasder and 
of fam Suna. Hu g^t$ h^ of him ? Se Sunu is f aes 
Faeder Wisdom, aefre of fam Faeder; and se Halga Gast 
is heora beigra Willa, aefre of him bam. Is forfi f onne ^n 
Faeder, seSe aefre is Faeder, and £n Sunu, seSe aefre biS 
Simu, and ^n Halig Gast, seSe aefre bi^ Halig Gast. 

-^re waes se Faeder, butan anginne, and aefre waes se 
Sunu mid ]>am Faeder, forfan )>e h^is}>aes Faeder "Wisdom. 
Mfre waes se Halga Gast, setSe is heora beigra "Willa and 
Lufu. Nis se Faeder of n^num ot5rum, ac he waes aefre. 
Se Sunu is acenned of tSam Faeder, ac he waes aefre on 
]>aBS Faeder bosme, forfan t$e he is his Wisdom, and he is of 


I>am Fseder eal f set lie is. Mfre wses se Halga Q-ast, for- 
f an t5e he is, swa we ^r cwsedon, Willa and sot5 Lufu fses 
Faeder and faes Suna. Sot51ice willa and lufii getacniat^ 
^n f ing ; f set J>aBt f u wylt, J>8Bt f\x lufast, and fast fast J>u 
nelt, )>8et J)u ne lufast. 

Seo sunne, ye ofer us scintJ, is lichamlic gesceafb, and 
haef^ swa-)>ea]i f reo agennyssa on hire; ^n is seo lichamlice 
edwist, f aet is )?8Bre sunnan trendel ; oSer is se leoma, ot5^e 
beorhtnys, aefre of f aere sunnan, seof e onlihirealne middan- 
geard ; f ridde is seo haetu, fe mid f am leoman becymtJ to 
lis. Se leoma is aefre of faere sunnan, and aefre mid hire, 
and f aes uElmihtigan G-odes Sunu is aefre of psun. Faeder 
acenn^d, and aefre mid him wunigende. Be ]?am cwaetJ se 
apostol, paet he waere his Faeder wuldres beorhtnys. paere 
sunnan haetu gaetJ for® of hire and of hire leoman ; and se 
Halga Ghist gaeS aefre of fam Faeder and of f am Suna ge- 
lice. Be ))am is ]>us awriten, Nis n^ fe hine behydan 
maege fram his haetan. 

Faeder and Sunu and Halig Gast ne magon beon togae- 
dere genamode, ac hf ne beo^ swa-feah naJiw^ totwaemede. 
Nis se -Mmihtiga God na ]?ryfeald, ac is prynnys. God is 
se Faeder, and se Sunu is God, and se Halga Gast is God. 
Na f r^ Godas, ac hf ealle )>ry ^ JElmihtig God. Se Fae« 
der is eac Wisdom of nanum of rum wisdome ; se Sunu is 
eac "Wisdom of f am wisan Faeder ; se Halga Gast is "Wis- 
dom : ac ]?eah-hwae^ere hfsind ealle aetgaedere ^n "Wisdom. 
Eft, se Faeder is so^ Lufii, and se Sunu is sot5 Lufu, and 
se Halga G-ast is- so^ Lufu ; and hf ealle aetgaedere fo 
God, and ^ sot$ Lufu. Eac swilce is se Faeder Gbst and 
halig, and se Sunu is Gast and halig, untwylice : ]>eah- 
hwaet^ere, se Halga Ghst is synderlice geh^ten Halig 
Gtist, f aet f aet hf ealle )>ry sind gemaenelice. 

Swa micel gelicnys is on f yssere Halgan prynnysse, faet 
se Faeder nis na m^e ]>omie se Sunu on ]>aere Godcund- 



nysse, ne se Sunn nis na m^ ]70ime se Halga G&t, ne 
n^n .heora ^n nis na IsBsse, fonne eall seo prynnys. Swa 
liwser swa heora ^n bi6, fser hf beot$ ealle fry, aefre ^ G-od 
untodseledlic. Nis heora n^n m^re fonne otSer, ne n^n 
IsBssa )>onne ofier, ne n^ beforan o)?rum, ne n^n bseftan 
oI>rum ; forf an swa hwset swa Jaesse bi^ J)onne G-od, f set 
ne bi^ na God ; f set f set lator bi^, fset hsefiS angran ; ac 
God nsefS n^n anginn. Nis na se Eaeder ^na prynnys, 
otJ^e se Sunu prynnys, ot5t$e se Halga Gast prynnys ; ac 
)>a8 pTj h^das sindon ^n God on ^nre Godeundnysse. 
ponne ]?u geh^rst nenman f one Eaeder, )7onne understenst 
)>u faet he haBfiS Sunu. Eft, fonne fu cwyst Sunu, f u 
w&t butan tweon I>8et he haef^ Fseder. Eft, we gelyfk^ f aet 
se Halga Gast is aegtJer ge f 8bs Faader ge f 8bs Suna Gast. 
Ne bepsBce n^ man hine sylfne, swa faet he secge ot58e 
gelyfe fast fry Godas syndon, ot$Se aenig hM on faere Hal- 
gan prynnysse sy ^mihtigra f onne otSer. JEle )>8era 
freora is God ; feah-hwaetJere hf ealle ^ God ; forf an fe 
hf ealle habbatJ ^n gecynd, and ^e Godeundnysse, and 
^e edwiste, and ^ gej^eaht, and ^n weorc, and ^e 
msBgen-frymnysse, and gelic wuldor, and efen-eee rice. 
Is feah-hwsetJere se Sunu ^na geflseschamod, and geboren 
to men of fam halgan maedene Marian. Ne weartS se 
Eaeder mid menniscnysse befangen, ac feah-hwaetJere he 
asende his Sunu to ure alysednysse, and him aefre mid 
waes, aegtJer ge on Iffe ge on frowunge, and on his aeriste, 
and on his upstige. Eac eal Godes gelat^ung andet on )>am 
rihtan geleafan, )>8et Crist is acenned of ]>am claenan 
maedene Marian, and of ])am Halgan Gaste. Nis se 
Halga Gast feah-hwae^ere Cristes Eaeder, ne n^n Cristen 
man f aet naefre ne sceal gelyfan ; ac se Halga Gast is 
"Willa f aes Faeder and faes Suna : forfi fonne switSe rihtlice 
is awriten on urum geleafan, faet Cristes menniscnys 
weartJ gefremmed J>urh J>one Halgan "Willan. 


Beheald fas sunnan mid gleawnysse, on fsere is, swa we 
^r cwaBdon, hsBtu and beorlitnys ; ac seo hsdtu dryg^, and 
seo beorhtnys onljht. OtSer fing d&6 seo hsBtu and o^er 
seo beorhtnys, and feab-hwsBtJere hf ne magon beon to- 
twaemde; belimp^ hwaefere-feah seo hsBfung to ptere 
haetan, and seo onlihting belimpS to faere beorhtnysse. 
Swa eac Crist ^na underfeng fa mennisenysse, and na se 
Eaeder ne se Halga Gast ; f eah-hwaeSere hf waeron sdfre 
mid him, on eallum his weorcum, and on eaire his fare. 

We spreeaS ymbe G-od, deatJlice be undeaSlicum, tyddre 
be selmihtigum, earmingas be mildheortum ; ac hw^ maBg 
weorSfullice sprecan be f am fe is tinasecgendlic. H^ is 
butan gemete, forfy fe h€ is SBghwsBr ; h^ is butan getele, 
forfon fe he is sefre ; h^ is butan hefe, forfon fe h^ hylt 
ealle geseeafta butan geswinee, and h^ hf ealle gelogode 
on fam frim fingum, faetis on gemete, and on getele, and 
on h^fe. Ac wite ge f aet n^n man ne maeg fullice embe 
Grod sprecan, fonne we fur^on fa geseeafta, f e h^ gesceop, 
ne magon asmeagan ne areccan. Hw£ maeg mid wordum 
faere heofenan freatewunge asecgan ? 0St5e hw£ faere 
eorSan waestmbaBrnysse ? Ot^e hw^ herat5 genihtsumlice 
ealra tida ymbhwyrft ? OSSe hw^ ealle ot5re f ing, f onne 
we furf on fa lichomlican f ing, f e we onlociat5, ne magon 
fullice bef6n mid ure g^ih^e? Efne fu gesihst fone 
mannan beforan f e ; ac, on f aere tfde f e f u his neb 
gesihst, f u ne gesihst na his hricg : ealswa, gif f u sumne 
claS sceawast, ne miht f u hine ealne togaedere gese6n, 
ac wenst abutan, f aet f u ealne hine geseo. Hwylc wundor 
is, gif se JElmihtiga G-od is unasecgendlic and unbefan- 
genlic, setSe aBghwaer is eaU, «nd nawar todaeled ? 

Nu smeaS sum undeopf ancol man, Ku G-od maege beon 
SBghwaer aBtgaedere, and nawar todaeled : beheald fas sun- 
nan, hu heage heo astih^, and hu heo asent hyre leoman 
geond ealne middangeard, and hu heo onliht ealle fas 


eorSan I>e mancynn on-earda'5. Swa lirat$e swa heo np- 
asprincS, on ffime-merigen, heo scintS on Hierusalem and 
on Bome-byrig, and on pisum earde, and on eallum 
eardum setgsedere ; and hwsetSere heo is gesceaft, and gsdti 
be G-odes dihte. HwsBt wenst J>u, hu mfccle switJor is 
Godes anweardnys, and his miht, and his neosimg 
©ghwsBP ? Him ne witSstent nSn }>uig, na)7er ne stsBnen 
weall, ne bryden w^h, swa swa hi* wit5standat$ psere sunnan. 
Him nis n^ )>ing digle ne uncu'5. pu sceawast ysds 
mannes neb, and God sceawatS his heortan. Godes Gast 
afanda'5 eaira manna heortan ; and ]>a pe on hine gelyfa^, 
and hine lufiatS, y& he clsensatS and gegladatS mid his 
neoBunge ; and ]>sera ungeleaffiilra manna heortan he 
forbyh^ and onscunati. 

"Wite eac gehwS, f set aelc man haBft J>reo J>ing on him 
sylfum untodsBledlice and toggedere wyrcende, swa swa 
G-od cwsB^, f at$a h^ ^rest man gesceop. He cwseS, TJton 
gewyreean man to ure gelicnysse. And h^ worhte fa Ad^m 
to his anlicnysse. On hwilcum dsele haeftJ se man Godes 
anlicnysse on him ? On fsBre sawle, na on j>am lichaman. 
pses mannes sawl hsbf^ on hire geeynde ffiere Halgan pryn- 
nysse anlicnysse ; forfan fe heo haefK on hire I>reo I>ing : 
J>8Bt is gemynd, and andgit, and willa. purh fsdt gemynd, 
se man gej>enct5 I>a ying ye he g^hyrde, otStSe geseah, ot5tJe 
geleomode. purh J»aet andgit he understent ealle Jwi I>ing 
J»e he gehyrlS, otJtSe gesih^. Of yam. willan ciima'5 ge]>ohtas, 
and word, and weorc, Bdg6er ge yfele ge gode. An sawul 
is, and ^ liT, and ^n edwist, seojie hs&fS fas freo f ing on 
hire togsedere wyrcende untodaBledlice ; forfi faer faet 
gemynd bit5, yaer bi^ ys&t andgit and se willa ; and sefre hf 
beo8 togsedere. peah-hwae^re, nis nSn faera f reora seo 
sawl, ac seo sawl furh fset gemynd geman'S, furh yeet and- 
git heo understent, furh J»one willan heo wile swa hwsBt 
swa hire licatS, and heo is hwse^re ta sawl and (in Iff* 


Nu lisefiS heo forf i G-odes anlicnysse on hire, forj)an pe heo 
haef^ freo fing on hfre untodsBledlice wyrcende. Is feah- 
hwse^ere se man ^n man and na f rynnys. God sot51ice, 
Fseder, and Sunu, and Halig G-ast, ]?urliwunat$ on pryn- 
nysse h^da, and on ^nnysse ^nre Godcundnysse. Nis na 
se man on )>rynnysse wunigende, swa swa God, ac he 
haef^ hwsetJere Godes anlicnysse on his sawle, f urh fa 
]?reo fing fe we ^r cwsBdon. 

Arrius hatte an gedwolman, se fl^t wi^ senne bisceop, fe 
wses genemned Alexander, wfs and riht-gelyfed. pa cwsbS 
se gedwolman, Jjset Crist, G-odes Sunu, ne mihte na beon 
his Faeder gelic, ne swa mihtig swa he ; and cw8Bt5, f set 
se Fseder waere ^r se Sunu, and nam bysne be mannum, 
hu selc sunu bi^ gingra f onne se fseder on f isum life. J)a 
cwseS se halga bisceop Alexander him togeanes, God waes 
8efre,and sefre wses his "Wisdom of him acenned,and se "Wis- 
dom is se Sunu, ealswa mihtig swa se Fseder. J)a begeat 
se gedwola Jjses caseres fultum to his gedwylde, and cwae^ 
gemdt ongean ]?one bisceop, and wolde gebigan eal f set 
folc to his gedwyldum. J)a wacode se bisceop ^ne niht on 
Godes cyrcan, and.clypode to his Drihtne, and fus cwseS, 
pu, ^Imihtiga God, d^m rihtne d6m betwux me and Ar- 
rium. Hi comon ]?a fses on mergen to J>am gemote, pa 
cwaet5 se gedwola to his geferum, fset he wolde g^n embe 
his neode for^. pa^a he to gauge c6m and he ges^t, ]?a 
gewand him tit eaU his innewearde, set his setle, and he 
sset fser dead, pa geswutelode God, fset he wses swa 
ge^mtegod on his innotJe, swa swa he wses ^r on his ge- 
leafan. He wolde d6n Crist Isessan fonne he is, and his 
godcundnysse wur^mynt wanian. pa wear^ him swa bys- 
morlic dea^ geseald, swa swa he wel wyrSe wses. 

Ofer gedwolman wses, se hatte Sabellius. He cwsetJ 
pset se Fseder wsere, fa^a he wolde, Fseder, and eft, fa^a 
he wolde, he waere Sunu, and eft, f at5a he wolde, wsere 


Halig Gast ; and wsBre for]>i ^n G-od. pa forwearS eac 
J>es gedwola, mid his gedwylde. 

Nu eft p8dt ludeisce folc, fe Crist ofslogon, swa swa h^ 
sylf wolde and gef afode, secga^ fset hf willatS gelyfan on 
]7one Fseder, and na on j^one Siinu ])e liyra magas ofslogon. 
Heora geleafa is nabt, and hfforf i losia^. For ure alysed- 
nysse Crist gefafode fast hf hine ofslogon. Hit ne mihte 
eal mancynn geddn, gif he sylf nolde. Ac se halga Feeder 
gesceop and geworhte mancyn )?urh his Sunu, and he wolde 
eft, furh fone ylcan, us alysan fram helle wite, fafa we 
forwyrhte wseron. Butan selcere frowunge he mihte us 
habban, ac him fuhte yxt unrihtlic. Ac se deofol for- 
wyrhte hine sylfhe, f atSa he tihte f set ludeisce folc to J»8B8 
Hselendes siege ; and we wurdon alysede, furh his unscyl- 
digan deat$, fram J^am ecan dea^e. 

We habbatS fone geleafan f e Crist sylf tsehte his apo- 
stolum, and hf eaUum mancynne ; and fone geleafan G-od 
haef^ mid manegum wundrum getrymmed and gefaestnod. 
-Srest Crist, f urh hine sylfne, dumbe and deafe, healte 
and blinde, wode and hreoflige gehaelde, and fa deadan to 
life araerde ; sytS^an, f urh his apostolas and otSre halige 
men, fas ylcan wundra geworhte : nu eac, on urum timan, 
gehwaer fser halige men hf resta^, set heora deadum b^num 
Grod wyrctJ fela wundra ; to J)i f aet he wile folces geleafan 
mid fam wundrum getrymman. Ne wyrcC God na fas 
wundra aet n£nes ludeisces mannes byrgene, ne aet n^es 
of res gedwolan, ac set riht-gelyfedra manna byrgenum, fa 
fe gelyfdon on fa Halgan prynnysse, and on sotSe ^nnysse 
^nre Godcundnysse. 

Wite gehw^ eac, f aet n^n man ne mot been tuwa geful- 
lod ; ac gif se man aefter his fulluhte aslide, we gelyfaS 
f aet he maege beon gehealden, gif he his synna mid w6pe 
behreowsatS, and be l^reowa taecunge hf gebet. We sceolon 
gelyfan fast selces mannes sawul bitS f urh God gesceapen ; 


ac hwaBfere heo ne bitJ na of Godes %enum gecynde. paBs 
mannes lichaman antimber bitS of fam faeder and of faBre 
meder, ac God gescyp'5 fone lichaman of fam antimbre, 
and asent on ])one licbaman sawle. Ne bitS seo sawl 
nahwar wunigende ^ror, ac God hf gescypt5 faerrihte and 
beset on fone licbaman, and laet hf habban %enne eyre, 
swa heo syngige, swa heo synna forbuge. peab-hwaB'Sere, 
heo beh^fa^ aefre Godes fultumes, faet heo maege synna 
forbugan, and eft to hyre Scyppende becuman, furh gode 
geearnunga ; forfon fe n^ man ne deS butan Gode n^n 
fing to g6de. 

Eac we sceolon gelyfan faBt aelc lichama, fe sawle un- 
derfeng, sceal arisan, on d6mes daBg, mid fam ylcan licha- 
man }e he nu hsBf^, and sceal onf5n edlean ealra his 
daBda ; f onne habbat5 fa g6dan ece Iff mid Gode, and he 
syltJ fa m^de aslcum be his geeamungum. Da synfullan 
beo5 on helle-wite ^ t5rowigende, and heora wite bit5 eac 
gemetegod, aslcum be his geeamungum. Uton forfi 
geearnian f set ece Iff mid Gode, furh fisne geleafan, and 
f urh g6de geearnunga, set5e f urhwunat5 on prynnysse, &i 
JElmihtig God, ^ on ecnysse. Amen. 

DoMiNiOA Septuagesima. 

Dbihten saBde fis bigspel his leoming-cnihtum, f us cwet5- 
ende : Simile est regnum coelorum homini patri familias, 
qui exiit primo mane, conducere operarios in vineam 
suam : et reliqua. 

Se Haelend cwaetS faBt heofenan rice waere gelfc sumum 
hfredes ealdre, sefe ferde on ^me-merigen, and wolde 
hyrian wyrhtan in to his wfngearde. Da geweartJ f am 
hiaforde and f am hyrig-mannum witJ ^um peninge, and 
hf eodon in to fam wfngearde. Effc, ymbe undern daBges, 
code faes wfngeardes hl^ford tij; and gem^tte ofre h5^r- 
men standende ydele on faBre str^te, and h^^cwastS him to, 


Gta^ in to minum wfogeardOy and ic sylle eow faet riht biS. 
Hf fa eodon to his weorce be fam beMte. Tmbe midne 
dffig and n6n-tfde, eode se bfredes ealdor tit, and djde 
hand swa gelfce. ^t nextan twa tfda ofer n6ae, eode se 
hl^ford, and gemette m^ wyrhtan standan, and him to 
cwaetS, Hwf stande ge h^r ealne daeg aemtige ? Hf and- 
wyrdon, Porfan J>e tis n^n mann ne hyrde. Se hl^ford 
cw8et5, Gat$ in to minum wfngearde. "Witodlice on ^fnunge 
cwse'S se hl^ford to his wfcnere, Clypa fas wyrhtan, and 
agyld him heora m^de; f<5h on fam endenextan, otS fset fu 
cume to f am fyrmestan. pa comon fa endeneitan, f e on 
^fnunge waeron gehyrede, and heora aelc underfeng ssnne 
pening. Hwaet, fa fyrmestan, f e on ^me-merigen comon, 
wendon fa f aat hf m^an m^de onf<5n sceoldon : fa under- 
fengon hf ^nlipige penegas, swa swa fa of re. Da on- 
gunnon hf to ceorigenne ongean f one hfredes ealdor, and 
cwsedon, pas endenextan menn worhton Sne tfde, and f u 
dydest hf ^s gelice set f sere hyre, we f e b^ron "Sa byr^ene 
f isses dsBges and h^tan. pa andwyrde se hMford, and 
cw8e8 to heora anum, Du freond, ne ddic f e naanne teonan, 
H^la, ne geweart5 tine to ^num peninge ? Nim f aet fin 
is, and g^ 8e fortS. Ic wille sotSlice syllan f isum latestan 
swa micel swa f e. Hti, ne mdt ic ddn fast ic wylle ? 
OtStJe fin eage is yfel, for^an t$e ic eom g^d ? pus waeron 
fa latestan fyrmeste, and fa fyrmestan endenexte. Fela 
Bind gecigede, and feawa gecorene. 

Q-regorius se Trahtnere cwaetJ faet fis godspel haafiS 
l^ngne tfge on his trahtnunge, fa h^ wile mid sceortre race 
befdn ; f aet hit to hefigtyme ne f ince f am heorcnigendum. 

Mine gebrotSra, gelome ic eow saede f aet heofonan rfce 
getScna^ fas andwerdan gelatJunge ; forf an f e rihtwisra 
manna gegaderung is gecweden heofenan rfce. Se hfredes 
ealdor is ure Scyppend, sefe gewylt fa fe h^gescedp, and 
his gecorenan on f isum middanearde ge^gnatS, swa swa 


hl^ford his hfred on his healle. He haeftJ jKme wfngeard 
gewislice ealle )>a geleaffullan gelatJunge, swa swa se witega 
cw8b8 Isaias, Sot5lice Godes wfngeard is Israhela hfwraBden. 
Mid f am naman is geswutelod eal Q-odes folc. Be t5am 
wfngearde cwaetS Drihten to ludeiscre feode, Ic secge eow 
f 8Bt Godes rfce bitJ eow aetbroden, and bitJ forgyfen )>8Bre 
feode pe his wsestmas wyrcatS. pes wfngeard sprytte Gx)des 
gecorenan frara fam rihtwisan Abel otS J>ani endenextan 
halgan fe on fyssere womlde acenned bit5, swilce h^ swa 
fela wfn-boga getyddrode. "Witodlice pes hfredes ealdor 
gehyrde wyrhtanin to his wfngearde on aBrne-merigen, eft 
on iindem, and on midne dseg, on n6n-tfde, and on faere 
endlyffcan tfde ; forJ>an pe h^ fram frjmiSe middaneardes 
ot$ his geendunge, ne ablintS to asendenne bydelas and 1^ 
reowas to l^renne his folc, psdt hf symle fa misweaxendan 
bdgas of-ascre^dian, fset J>a toweardan feonde beon. "Wi- 
todlice, gif se wfngeard nsef^ fone ymbhwyrft, and ne bi^ 
on riht gescre^dod, ne bit5 h^ wsBstmbsere, ac for hratSe 
awildatS. Swa eac Godes folc, buton p& l^eowas scre^dian 
symle fa leahtras furh heora l^re aweg, ne bitJ f set lijewede 
folc waestmbsere on gddum weorcnm. Eomostlice, se ^r- 
merigen wses fram Adam otJ Noe, se nndem fram Noe o^ 
Abraham, se mid-daeg fram Abraham otS Moysen, se n6n 
fram Moyse otJ Drihtnes to-cyme, seo endlyfbe tfd fram 
Drihtnes acennednysse otS ende fises middaneardes. 
Drihten sende his wyrhtan on eallum fisum foressedum 
tfdum to beg^inne his wfngeard ; forfan fe h^asende ^rest 
heahfaederas to kerenne his folc, and sitSfan ^lice l^eowas 
and wftegan, and aat nextan his apostolas, and f urh fa his 
folces f eawas beeode, swilce h^ f urh wyrhtan on wfn- 
geardes bfggencge swunce. 

^Ic f aera manna, fe mid rihtum geleafan g^d weorc 
beeode, waes nntwylice fises wfngeardes wyrhta. Se me- 
rigenlica tilia, and f aere f riddan tfde, and f aere sixtan, and 
f aare nigoi$an, get^niaiS fast ealde Ebr^isce folc, fe fram 


id wurSode, ^^M 
A gecDeSrd- ^| 

fiymBe middaneardes mid rihtum gelea&n God w 
BwOce lifawuDcononwfngeardea biggencge mid gi 
licere teolunge. To jiajre eodlyftan tfde Bofilice wurdon ]»a 
hwfieuan geclypode, and fam was gea^d, To hwfstande 
ge her ealiie dseg ydole P pa haeBenan Btodon ealoe d»g 
ydele, forfian ye h( forgjmeleaaodon pme eean Iffea teo- 
lunge, on Bwa liiDgaumere tfde middaaeardea. Ac imder- 
etfindaS hu hf andwyrdon fxa wfogeardea hlaforde. Hi 
cwiedon, Forfan |ie nSn man lis ne hyrde. Witodlice, ntes 
u£u healifsder, ne nSa witegaasend tobtcSeniun folce, ])e 
heora gedwyld beldge, &r Drihtnes to-cyme, furh hia 
menniHcnyBse. Hwoit is to cweSenne, p'^t naa man £a 
to Ji&m wlagearde ne gehyrde, buton ya>t n£n man ua ue 
bodade Iffea weig ? 

Mine gebrofira, hwylce beladunge mage we liabban, gif 
we gSdra weorca geswicaS, we Be fram cild-cradole to 
Godes geleaian comon ? We magon eac ym jlcan mialic- 
uysaa fmra forestedra tfda to anum gehwylcnm meun purh 
hiayldatfdumtod»laii. Witodlice ures andgitea merigen 
is ure cildliSd ; ure cnihthSd awylce undern-tfdj on J'am 
aatiJiS ure geogoB, awa swa seo aunne deS ymbe psere Jirid- 
dan tfde ; ure fulfremeda wtestm, swa swa middieg ; forJ>an 
pe on inidne dsg biS seo aunne on Jiam ufemeatum ryne 

Lstigende, awaswa ae fulfremeda w»8tm biS on fulrestreneSe 
peiinde ; aeo n(!n-tfd biS ure yld, forpan pe on ndn-tfdo 
aatibiS seo sunne, and piea ealdigendan maanea msegei 
wanigende; seo endlyfte tfd biS aeo forwerode ealdnya, 
pam deaBe genealsecende, awa swa seo aunne aetlunge ge- 
nealsecS on paa daegea gecndunge. Eomoatlice ]ioune sume 
beoB geliedde on cildhfide to gddum peawum aud rihtum 
life, Bume on cnibthSde, aume on gepungenum wajstme, 
aume on ylde, aume on forwerodro ealdnyase ; ponne biB 
hit ewylce bf beon on mislicum tfdum to par 
Mine gebroSra, behealdaB cowere peawas, andj gif ge 


gyt Godes wyrhtan sind, sceawiatJ. Smeage gehwilc 
hwaet h^ det5, and behealde hwae'Ser M on Godes wfn- 
gearde swince. Se t$e on andwerdum Iffe him sylfum 
teolatS, and na Gode, ne com se na gyt binnon Godes 
"wfngearde. pa tyliat5 sotSlice Gode, fa fe ne secat$ heora 
%en gestreon J>urh gytsunge, ac smeagat5 ymbe Godes 
teolunge, hu hf magon nnriht alecgan and rihtwisnysse 
fyr«rian, o«rum meni^ fremigan mid gecneordnysse fsere 
8o8an lufe ; and fa \>e caria'5 mid waeelum mode hu hf 
ofra manna sawla Gode gestrynan, and mid him to t$am 
ecan Iffe gelsedan. Se t5e him sylfum leofatJ, and set$e 
on his flaesclicum lustum lit5, rihtlice h^ is ydel gefread, 
forfan J>e he ne teolatJ n^nes wsestmes faes godcundlican 

pa ]>e mid gymeleaste heora dagas aspendatS, and nellatS 
Gode lybban ot$ heora endenextan ylde, hf standatJ ydele 
0^5 J>a endenextan tfde. To swilcum sleacum cwetS se 
hfredes ealdor, To hwf stande ge h^r eabie daeg ydele ? 
Swilce h^ swuteUice cw^de, Gif ge noldon Gode lybban 
on cildh^de, ne on geogotJe, gecyrratJ nu huru-f inga on 
ylde to Iffes wege ; nu ge habbat5 hwdnlice to swincenne. 
And swa-feah fyllice gelat$at5 se hfredes hl^ford, and 
for wel oft hf onfotS heora edlean hratJor, forfan f e hf 
gewitat5 to heofenan rfce hraedlicor ponne fa t?e fram 
cildh^de Gode f eowodon. "Witodlice se sceatSa J>e mid 
Criste f rowode, and, on hfne gelyfende, his synna gean- 
dette, com on f aere endlyffcan tfde, na f urh ylde, ac f urh 
yfelnesse. Scyldig h^ wses to hellicere susle for his m^- 
daedum, ac h^ geandette his synna Drihtne sylfum, on 
faere rode-hengene, mid fullum geleafan, and Cristes 
miltsunge, fisum wordum abaed, Drihten beo min gemyn-p 
dig, fonne fu cymst to f inum rfce. Drihten him and- 
wyrde, SotJ ic f e secge, nu to-daeg f u mist bid me on 


Witodlice fram ])am endenextan ongann se hfredes 
ealdor to agyldenne fone pening, J>at5a h^ gels^dde Jwne 
scea'San in to heofenan rfce, ^r)>on ]>e M laadde Fetrum 
o6t$e his oSre apostolas, and rihtlice swa ; for])an Se se 
8oea;8a gelyfde on )>am timan on Crist, ]>at$a his apostolas 
on mycelre twynunge waeron. Eala hti fela heahfsederas 
6r Moyses ^ rihtlice leofodon, and hti fela wftegan, 
under faere ^, Gode gecwemlice drohtnodon, and hf, swa- 
)>eah, naeron gelsedde to heofonan rfce, ^rSan fe Drihten 
nitJer ast^h, setJe neorxena-wanges faesten mid his ^enurn 
deat$e geopenode, and hf )>a mid langsumere elcunge 
heora m^de nnderfengon, fa Se we buton elcunge, fser- 
rihte, swa we of urum lichaman gewftaS, underfoS. SoS- 
lice fa ealdan heahfsederas and gef ungene wftegan bseron 
fa byrSene and fsBS daeges h^tan, forfan Se hf fram 
anginne middaneardes oS Cristes to-cyme on hellicere 
clysunge andbidodon ; f eah Se hf on Abrah^es wununge, 
buton pinungum, for heora gddnesse wunedon; and swilce, 
SBfter ceorunge, f one pening underfengon, f aSa hf, sefter 
langsumere tfde, to heofonan becomon. Witodlice ne 
underfeS n^n ceorigende sawul Godes rfce, ne n^ 
ceorian ne maeg seSe to Sam becymS. Ac faera eald- 
faedera ceorung is to understandenne heora gndmung, 
f 8Bt hf rihtlice for heofonan rfce leofodon, and, swa-f eah, 
mid langsumere elcunge hit underfengon. "We soSlice, 
f e to f sere endlyftan tfde comon, aefter urum geswince, 
nateshwon ne ceoriaS, and we underfoS fone pening, 
forfan Se we cumaS aefter f aBS Haelendes menniscnysse ; 
we beoS gelaedde to his rfce f aerrihte aefter urum forS- 
siSe, gif we ^r on Iffe rihtlice leofodon ; and we f onne, 
buton yldinge, underfoS f aBt f aet fa ealdfaaderas, aefter 
langsumere elcunge, underfengon. Be Sam cwaeS se 
hfredes ealdor, Ic wille syllan f isum endenextan eal swa 
miced swa ^€. 


And forfan fe seo onfangennys )>8bs rfces is of G-odes 
gddnesse, rihtlice is Mr bsBftan gecweden on endebyrd- 
nesse ]>8es godspelles, La hti, ne m6t ic ddn )7set ic wille ? 
Dyslic hl6 mannes ceast ongean Grodes g^dnesse. Sum 
ceorimg mihte beon, gif he his beh^t ne gelaeste, ac n^n 
peah tSe h^ m^re ne sealde ; be f am is gyt gelimplice gec- 
weden, OSSe J>in ^ge is yfel, fortSan fe ic eom g6d ? Ne 
onhebbe hine n^ man on his weorcum, ne on l^gsumum 
))eowdome, fonne seo SotSfaestnys clypatS, pus beotS fa 
endenextan fyrmeste, and )7a fyrmestan endenexte. E&e 
nu, J>eah we witon hu fela g6d otStSe hu micele we gefre- 
medon, nyte we f eah g^t mid hwilcere smeatSancolnysse 
se upplica Dema y& af&idatS; and witodlice gehwilcum 
men is ]>earle to blissigenne, )>eah tSe he endenext oix 
G-odes rfce sy geendebyrd. 

pises godspelles geendung is switSe ondrsBdendlic : Fela 
sind gelaSode, and feawa gecorene. Drihten cwaetS on 
oSre stowe, f 8Bt fela cumatS fram east-dsele, and fram west- 
daele, and gerestatS mid ])am heahfsederum, Abrah^me, and 
Isa^ce, and lacobe, on heofenan rfce. Hwaet, eac f es ylca 
trahtnere Gregorius, on sumes ot5res godspelles tral^t- 
nunge, cwseS, faet swa micel werod menniscra manna sceal 
astigan faet heofonlice rfce, swa fela swa f sera gecorenra 
engla on heofonum belifon, SBfter faera modigra gasta 
hryre. peah fa gecorenan G-odes cempan sind feawa 
get^uhte on andwerdum Iffe betwux flsesclicum mannum, 
fe heora lustum gehyrsumiatJ, ac hf ne beot5 feawa fonne 
hf gegaderode beotS. Ne gedafenatS J>am gastlicum faet hf 
pam flsesclicum geefenl^con, ne hf hi^xlice forseon ; fortSan 
fe we geseotS hwset nu to-dsBg is, ac we nyton hwset to 
merigen bitS toweard. Forwel oft cymtS se baeftan tis, J>e 
us mid swyftnysse g6dre drohtnunge fore-staeptS, and we 
earfotSlice him filiatJ to-merigen, set5e nu to-daeg is ure 
folgere gefuht. Witodlice fatSa se forma cyt5ere, Ste- 


phanus, for Q-odes geleafan gest^ned waes, Saulus heold 
ealra }>8Bra st^nendrah^elan ; and, swa-])eali, Faulus sit$]>an 
fore-st6p Stephanum on Q-odes gelatJunge, mid msenig- 
fealdum geswincum, fone fe h^ ^r ehtende martyr 

Tw^ fing sind )?e we sceolon earfullice scrutnian ; ^rest, 
faet ure n^n be him sylfum to dyrstelice ne truwige ; syS- 
tJan, faet ure n^n be his nextan ne ortruwige, )?eah t5e h^on 
leahtrum befeallen sy ; for^an fe tis synd uncutSe J>a micclan 
welan Godes mildheortnysse. pyssere mildheortnysse 
welan besceawode se sealm-sceop, )iat$a h^to GodejHis cly- 
pode : Min gefylsta ! pe ic synge ; fort5an ^e fu, Q-od, eart 
mfn andfenga, mfn God, and mfn mildheortnyss. Efne 
se sealm-wyrhta understdd on hwilcnm gedeorfum fis 
mennisce Iff is gelogod, and forSi clypode God his gefylsta, 
H^ gecfgde Drihten his andfenga, for})an J>e h^ underfeh'5 
tis in to ecere reste fram fisum andweardum geswince. 
H^ beheold faet God gesihtJ ure yfehiyssa, and ure gyltas 
forfyldgatJ : and 8wa-]>eah h^ sparatJ ^s arfsBstlice, and f urh 
behreowsunge to faere ecan m€de gehylt. pa nolde h^ 
gecigan God mildheortne, ac h^t hine his mildheortnys, 
fus cwet5ende : Mfn God and mfn mildheortnys ! Uton 
gemunan ure ^rran synna, and uton besceawian fa 
micclan Godes arfaestnysse, hu he urum gyltum miltsatJ, 
and fser-to-eacan f set heofenlice rfce beh^t sotJlice dsedbe- 
tendum sefter gyltum. Uton fortJi eaUe clypian mid 
inweardre heortan, swa swa se sealm-sceop clypode : pu 
eart mfn God and mfn mildheortnys. Godes mildheortnys 
tis fore-staep'S, and his mildheortnys €s fyligS. patia we 
wel noldon, pa forhradode Godes mildheortnys €s, f aet we 
wel woldon : nu we wel willatS, us fyligt5 Godes mildheort- 
nys pset ure willa y del ne sy. H^ gearcat5 ume gddan willan 
to fultumigenne, and h^ fylst fam willan gegearcodne, 
set5e leofatJ and rixatS nti and symle on worulde. Amen. 




Nit wille we ymb Eurdpa land-gemaere reccan, swa mycel 
8wa we hit fynnest witon, fram faere e^ Danais west oS 
Ehfu t5a e^, seo wyltJ of fSBin beorge pe man Alpis hset, 
and yrnt5 J>onne nor^ryhte on )>8es garsecges earm, fe fset 
land utan-ymb lit5 fe man Bryttannia h»t, and eft sutJ of 
Donua pa e^, ]>8Bre ^wylme is neah }>8Bre e^ Efnes, and is 
sitStSan east ymende wit5 Crecaland tit on fone "Wendel-s^, 
and nor8 of fone garsecg f e man Cwen-s^ hset, binnan 
))8Bm syndon manega tSeoda; ae hit man haet eall Q-ermania. 
ponne wyt5 nortJan Donua ^wyhne, and be eastan Efne 
syndon East-francan ; and be sntJan him syndon Swaefas, 
on ot^re healfe fssre e^ Donna, and be sut^an him and be 
eastan syndon BaBgSware, se dael fe man Begnesbnrh hset ; 
and rihte be eastan him syndonBeme, and east-nor^ syndon 
Dyringas, and be nor5an him syndon Eald-Seaxan, and be 
nortJan-westan him syndon Er^san. And be westan Eald- 
Seaxum is ^Ifemu'Sa ]>8Bre e^, and Er^sland, and ])anon 
west-nort$ is paet land J>e man Angle hset, and Sillende, 
and sum*^ dsel Dena, and be nortSan him is Apdrede, and 
east-nor8 Wylte, fe man -^feldan haet, and be eastan him 
is "Winedaland, fe man hset Sysyle, and east-su'5, ofer 
sumne dsel, Maroaro. And hf Maroaro habbat5 be westan 
him Dyringas and Behemas and BaegtJware^ healfe, and be 
sutSan him, on ot$re healfe Donua ]>sere e^, is pSBt land Ca- 
rendre sut5 ot5 "Sa beorgas fe man hset Alpis. To faem 
ilcan beorgum licgatJ BffigtSwara land-gemaBre and Swaefa ; 
and ])Onne be eastan Carendran lande, begeondan psdm 

* MS. Bumne. ^ MS. Begware. 


westenne, is Fulgaraland, and be eastan ])8Bm is Crecalaiid ; 
and be eastan Meroarolande is Wisleland, and be eastan 
faBm sind Datia, fa fe iu wseron Gottan ; be eastan-nor5an 
Maroara syndon Dalamensan, and be eastan Dalamensam 
sindon Horithi, and be nor«an Dalomensam sindon Surpe, 
and be westan him sindon Sysele ; be nortJan Horithi is 
MsBg'Salond, and be nortSan Maeg^alande Sermende, ©"S Sa 
beorgas Eiffin ; and be westan SutS-Denum is faes gar- 
secges earm J>e \r6 ymbutan faet land Brittannia ; and be 
nor^an him is fsBS s^s earm fe man hset Ost-s^, and be 
eastan him and be nor^an him syndon !N"ort$-Dene, SBgpadr 
ge on psem maran landum ge on paem iglandum ; and be 
eastan him syndon Afdrede, and be sutJan him is -^Ife- 
mut^a fsere e^, and Eald-Seaxna sum dsel. 

NortJ-Dene habbatJ him be nortJan fone ilcan s^s earm 
J>e man Ost-s^ hset, and be eastan him sindon Osti "Saleode, 
and Afdrede be sutJan ; Osti habbatJ be nortJan him J>one 
ilcan s^s earm, and Winedas, and Burgendas; and be sutSan 
him syndon Hsefeldan ; Burgendan habbat5 fone ylcan 
s^s earm be westan him, and Sweon be nort5an ; and be 
eastan him sint Sermende, and be sut5an him Surfe; Sweon 
habbat^ be sut^an him fone s^s earm Osti, and be eastan 
him Sermende, and be nort5an ofer ])a westennu is Cw^n- 
land ; and be westan-nortSan him sindon Scrfde-Pinnas, 
and be westan NortSmenn. 

Ohtheee's Naeeative. 

Ohtheee saede his hlaforde, -Slfrede kynincge, fset he 
ealra Nor^manna nort5mest bude. He cwsetJ faet he bude 
on J)aBm lande nort5weardum wit5 fa "West-s^ ; he saede 
feah faet fset land sy swytJe lang nort5 f anon, ac hit is eall 
weste, buton on feawum stowum sticcemaelum wiciatJ Fin- 
nas on huntatSe on wintra, and on sumera on fiscotSe be 


))8Bre s^. He ssede }>8et he set siunmn cyrre wolde fandian, 
bu lange fset land nor'5-rihte IsBge, o'5t$e hwaefer aenig man 
be norCan faem westene bnde ; fa fdr he nort5-rihte be fsem 
lande, let him ealne weg faet weste land on faet steorbord, 
and fa wfd-ssle on baecbord, fry dagas : fa waes he swa feor 
nort$ swa t5a hwsel-huntan fyrrest fara^. pa fdr he f a-gyt 
nort5-ryhte swa he mihte on f aem otSrum f rim dagum gese- 
glian ; fa beah f aet land f aer easte-ryhte, o'S'Se sio s^ in on 
f aet land, he nyste hwaef er, buton he wiste f aet he f aer b^d 
westan windes, o8t5e hw^n nortJan, and seglede f anon east 
be lande, swa swa he mihte on feower dagum geseglian ; 
fa sceolde he bfdan ryhte nort5an windes, fort5an f aet land 
faer beah sut5-rihte, otStJe seo s^ in on faet land, he nyste 
hwaef er. pa seglede he f anon sutS-rihte be lande, swa swa 
he mihte on fff dagum geseglian. Da laeg faer ^n mycel 
e^ up in faet land ; fa cyrdon h^ up in on "Sa e^, fort5aem 
h^ ne dorston fort5 be f aere e^ seglian for unfirit5e, forf aem 
faet land waes eall gebtin on ot5re healfe f aere e^. 'Ne mette 
he ^r n^n geb^n land syt5t5an he fram his %num hame 
for ; ac him waes ealne weg weste land on faet steorbord , 
butan fiseeran and fugeleran and huntan ; and faet waeron 
ealle Pinnas, and him waes ^ wfd-s^ on faet baecbord. 

Da Beormas haefdon switJe well gebtin hyra land, ac hi 
ne dorston faer-on cuman ; ac "Sara Terfinna land waes eall 
weste, butan faer huntan gewicodon, ot5tSe fisceras, o^^e 
fugeleras. , Fela spella him saedon fa Beormas, aegt5er ge 
of hyra agenum lande ge of f aem landum* f e ymb hy utan 
waeron ; ac he nyste hwaet f aes sot5es waes, forf aem he hit 
sylf ne geseah. pa Pinnas, him f uhte, and fa Beormas 
spraecon neah ^n getJeode. 

SwitSost he f6r tJyder, to-eacan f aes landes sceawunge, 
for f aem hors-hwaelum, forf aem hi habba'5 swytJe aet5ele b&i 
on hyra totSum. pa tet$ hy brohton sume f aem cynincge ; 

* MS. lande. 



and hyra h^d bit$ switSe g6d to scip-r£pum. Se hw^l bi6 
micle Iffisse )H)ime oSre hwalas, ne bit$ be lengra ponne 
Bj£an ebia lang. Ac on bis ^gnum lande is se betsta 
bw8Bl-buntat$ ; pa beotS eahta and feowertiges elna lange, 
and )>a msestan fiftiges elna lange ; )>ara b^ ssede psdt be 
sjxa sum ofsloge syxtig on tw^m dagum. He wsbs switSe 
spedig man on psdm aebtum ]>e beora speda on beot$, psdt is, 
on wildeorum*: be baefde fa-gyt, pa be pone cyning sobte, 
tamra deora unbebobtra sjx bund. Da deor bi bataS 
branas, para waeron syi stsel-br^as ; pa beot5 swytSe dyre 
mid Pinnum, forpaem by fo8 pa wildan branas mid. He 
waBS mid paem fyrstum mannum on paem lande, nsBfde be 
peab ma ponne twentig bryt$era, and twentig sceapa, and 
twentig swyna ; and paet lytle pset be erede be erode mid 
borsan ; ac byra ^ is maest on paem gafole pe 6a Einnas 
bim gyldaS, paet gafol bitS on deora fellum, and on fugela 
fetSerum, and bwaeles b^ne, and on paBm scip-r^pum pe beo8 
of bwaeles byde geworbt, and of seoles. -^gbwilc gylt be 
bis gebyrdum, se byrdesta sceal gildan fiftyne mearSes 
fell, and fif brines, and ^n beran fell, and tyn ambra fe^ra, 
and berenne kyrtel, o68e yterenne, and twegen scip-i€pas, 
segper s^ syxtig elna lang, oper s^ of bwaeles b^de geworbt, 
o6er of sioles. 

He saede paet NortSmanna land waere swySe lang and 
Bwi^e smael. Eall paet bis man aper o66e ettan o66e enan 
maeg, paet liiS wi8 pa s^, and paet is peab on sumum stowum 
swytSe cludig, and licga6 wilde moras wi6 eastan, and wiS 
uppon emnlange paem bynum lande. On paem morum 
eardia^ Einnas. And paet byne land is easteweard br^dost, 
and symle swa norSor swa smaelre : easteweard bit maeg 
bion syxtig mila br^, oStSe bwene braedre, and midde- 
weard pritig oS^e brMre ; and nortSeweard, be cwae^, paer 
bit smalost wsere, paet bit mibte been preora mila br^ to 

* MS. wildrum, eo cM, m, r. 


psdm more, and se m6r syt$]>an on sumiiin stowum swa br^ 
swa man msDg on twam wucum oferferan ; and on sumum 
stowum swa brM swa man mseg on syx dagum oferferan. 

Donne is to-emnes pmm lande suSeweardnm on d6re 
healfe faes mores Sweoland, o]> faet land nortJweard, and 
to-emnes fsem lande nortJeweardum, Cwenaknd. Da 
Cwenas hergiatS hwilum on fa NortSmen ofer fone m^r, 
hwilum fa Nor^men on hy. And faer sint switle micle 
meras fersce geond fa moras ; and beratJ fa Cwenas hyra 
scypu ofer land on fa meras, and f anon hergiaS on fa 
Northmen. Hy habbat$ swyt5e lytle scipa, and switSe leohte. 

Ohthere saede faet sio scfr hatte Halgoland, f e lie on 
bude. He cwsb'S faet n^ man ne bude be nor8an him. 
ponne is ^ port on sutJeweardum faem lande, f one man 
hsBt Sciringes-heal, fyder lie cwaetJ faet man ne mihte 
geseglian on Snnm mon«e, gyf man on niht wicode,"and 
selce daege haefde ambyme wind. And ealle fa hwile he 
sceal seglian be lande, and on fast steorbord, him bits ^rest 
Isaland% and f onne fa igland f e synd betwux Isalande ^ 
and f issum lande. ponne is f is land ot$ he cymtS to Sci- 
rhiges-heale, and ealne weg on faet baecbord NorSwege. 
Bi witJ sutJan f one Sciringes-heal fyltJ swyt5e mycel s^ up 
in on f set land, seo is br£dre f onne aenig man oferseon 
maege ; and is G-otland on ot^re healfe ongean, and sit$t$a 
Sillende. Seo s^ WS maenig hund mila up in on faet land. 

And of Sciringes-heale, he cwaeS faet he s^glode on fff 
dagum^ to faem porte fe monhast aet HaBt5um,se stent betuh 
"Winedum and Seaxum and Angle, and hyrS in on Dene. 
Da he f iderweard s^glode fram Sciringes-heale, f a waes him 
on faet baecbord Denamearc, and on faet steorbord wfd-s^ 
fry dagas ; and fa twegen dagas ^r he to Haef um come, 
him W8BS on faet steorbord Gotland and Sillende and ig- 
landa fela. On faem landum eardodon Engle, ^r hi hider 
* MS. Iraland. ^ MS. dagan. 


on land comon. And h3an waes tSa twegen dagas on |wt 
bsBcbord pa, igland fe in Denemearce hyratJ. 

"WuLrsTAN's Nabeativb. 

"Wulfstan'b ssede faet he gefore of HaBtSum, padt he waere 
on Trtlso on s^fan dagum and nihtum, f aet faet scyp wsbs 
ealne weg ymende under segle. "Weonodland him waes on 
steorbord, and on bsecbord him waes Langaland, and L^ 
land, and Palster, and Sc6neg, and ]>a8 land call h^ratJ to 
Denemearcan. And ponne Burgendaland waes tis on baec- 
bord ; and J>^ habbatJ him-sylf cyning. Donne aefter Bur- 
gendalande waeron tis fas land fa synd h^tene, ^rest Ble- 
cing^g, and Meore, and Eowland,and Gotland on baBcbord, 
and fas land hyratJ to Sweon. And "Weonodland waes us 
ealne weg on steorbord ot$ "Wisle-mutSan. Seo "Wisle is 
swytSe my eel e^,and heo tolitJ "Witland and "Weonodland; 
and fast Witland belimpet5 to Estum, and seo "Wisle litS tit 
of Weonodlande, and lit5 in Estmere ; and se Estmere is 
hum fiftene mila br^d. ponne cyme^ Ilfing eastan in Est- 
mere, of f am mere f e Tr^so standee in stat5e, and eumat$ 
tit samod in Estmere Ilfing eastan of Eastlande, and Wisle 
sut5an of Winodlaude; and f onne benimtJ Wisle Ilfing hire 
naman, and liget5 of f aem mere west and nortS on s^ ; fortSy 
hit man haet Wisle-mutJan. 

DaBt Eastland is swySe mycel, and faer bitJ swySe manig 
burh, and on aelcere byrig bi^ cyninge, and f aer bitS swytSe 
mycel hunig and fiscatJ; and se cyning and fa rfcostan men 
drinca'5 myran meolc, and fa tinspedigan and fa f edwan 
drincatS m€do. Daer bitJ swytSe mycel gewinn betweonan 
him, and ne bitJ tSaer naenig ealo gebrowen mid Estum, ac 
f aer bits m^do genoh. And f aer is mid Estum tJeaw, f onne 
f aer bit5 man dead,' f aet he liS inne unforbaBmed, mid his 
magum and freondum, monatJ, gehwilum twegen: arid fa 


kyningas and J>a otSre heahtSungene men swa micle lencg 
swa hi maran speda habbatJ, hwilum healf ge^r fsBt hibeotJ 
iinforbaefned, and licgat5 bufan eor^an on hyra husum. 
And ealle fa hwile fe faet lie bit5 inne, psdr sceal been ge- 
drync and plega, ot$ ^one dseg fe hi hine forbaBmatS. ponne 
fy ylcan daeg hi hine to psem Sde beran wylla^, fonne to- 
dsela^ hi his feoh fset faer to lafe bit5, sefter fsem gedrynce 
and f 8Bm plegan, on fff ©"S^e syx, hwilnm on m^ swa swa 
faes feos andefa bit5. Alecga'5 hit fonne forhwaega on ^nre 
mile fone msestan dael fram faem tune, fonne ot5eme, fonne 
fsene f riddan, of f e hyt eall aled bitS on faere Snre mile ; 
and sceall bedn se laesta dael nyhst f aem tune "Se se deada 
man on litJ. Donne sceolon beon gesamnode ealle t5a men 
^e swyftoste hors habbatJ on faem lande, forlH|8ega on fff 
milum, ot$t$e on syx milum fram faem fee. Donne 8emat$ 
hy ealle toweard faBm feo ; t5onne cymetS se man se faet 
swifte hors hafatS to f aem ^restan daele and to f aem mass- 
tan, and swa aelc aefter otSrum, otS hit bitJ eall genumen ; 
and se nimtS fone laBstan dael se nyhst ^adm tune "Saet feoh 
geaBmetS. And f onne ridetJ aelc hys wegea mid San feoh, 
and hyt motan habban eall; and fortSy faer beot5 fa swyftan 
hors imgefohge d^re. And f onne his gestreon beotS f ua 
eall aspended, f onne byrt5 man hine tit, and forbaerne'S 
mid his waepnum and hraBgle, and swit5ost ealle his speda 
h^ forspendatS mid f am langan legere f aes deadan mannes 
inne, and f 8bs f e hy be f aem wegum alecga'5, f e t$a fremdan 
to aemaS and nimat$. And faet is mid Estum feaw, faet 
f aer sceal aelces getJeodes man beon forbaemed ; and gyf 
f aar man ^ b^n finde'S unforbaerned, hi hit sceolan miclum 
gebetan. And f asr is mid Eastum ^n masg'S fast hi magon 
cyle gewyrean, and f y f aer licgaS fa deadan men swa lange 
and ne fuliatS, fast hy wyrcatJ f one cyle hine on ; and f eah 
man asette twegen faetels full ealatS ot$t56 waeteres, hy gedoti 
faet of er bitS ofer-froren, sam hit sy summer sam winter. 



The Death op Ctrcs. 
CiHTTH Persa oyniug, pe we aer beforan B»don, )« hwUe )>e 
Sabini and Bomaue wimnoii on )iam west-du>le, [>a hwile 
wann be, wgfer ge on SciSSige ge on Indie, oB be htefde 
miest ealine fiene east-da:! aweat ; and (efter fam, fyrde 
gelsedde to Babilonia, J»e ]ia welegre wtea fwnne senig oSer 
burb, ac bine Gandia seo e» lange gelette piea ofer-ftereldeB, 
foT|>am })e (xor acipa nieron ; fset is eallra feracra w»tera 
DJjest, butan Eufrate. Da gebeotode fin bis fegena )i[etbe 
mid sunde f& ea oferfhran wolde, mid twam tjncenum ; ao 
hine Be stream fordrSf. Da gebeotode Cirua J«Et be hifl 
]iegen on byre awa gewrecan wolde, fa be awa gram weariS 
on hia miJde, and wiB fa ea gebolgen, fttt by mibton wff- 
men be beora cneowe ofer-wadan, fapr beo £er wsea nygan 
mi]a brfid, ponne heo flede wks. He ftet mid dsedum ge- 
beate, and hi up-forlet on feower bund ea, and on ayxtig 
ea; and ayB^au mid hia fyrde fwr-oter for; and tefterfam, 
Eufrate fa ea, seo is mseat eallra feracra wiptera, and is 
ymende 6urb middewearde Babilonian burb, be by eac 
mid gedelfe onmenigeeaupp-forlet, and sySSan, mid eal- 
lum hie fulce, on pxie ea-gang, on fa burb farende wiea, 
and by gerfebte. Swa ungelyfedlic is »nigum men ffet to 
gesecganne, bu lenig man mibte awylce burh gewyrcan, 
BWylce seo wiea, oSSe eft abreean. 

NembraB ae ent ongan tereat timbriau Babilonia, and 
NiHUB ee cyning lefter him, and Samqramia bis ew^ hi 
geendade affter him, on middewerdum byre rfce. Seo barh 
w»9 getimbrad on fildum knde, and on awi^e emnum, and 
beo wtea swiBe fieger on to locianne, and beo is awiBe ribte 
feoweracyte,and fseBweaDea mycelnyaB and fsestnyas ia un- 
gelyfedlic to aecgenne, fiet ia.ftet be is I. bund elna brfid, 
andn, bund elna beab, and biaymbgangta bmid-seofantig 
mila, and seofeSan deel £nre mile, and he la geworht of 
tigelan imd of eorB-tyrewan, and jinbutan fone weall 


irnt 01 ^_ 
reall is ^H 


se msBsta dfc, on psm is yrDende se imgefotlicosta stream ; 
and wi^utan ]>am dfce is geworht twegra elna heah weall, 
and bufan pam maran wealle, ofer eallne )>one ymbgong, 
he is mid st^nenum wig-htisum beworht. Seo ylce burh 
Babylonia, seofe msBst wses and ^rest ealra burga, seo is 
nu Isest and westast. Nu seo burh swylc is, 'pe ^r wsbb 
eallra weorca fsBstast and wimdorlicost and maerast, gelfce 
and beo wsBre to bysne asteald eallum middanearde, and 
eac swylce beo sylf sprecende sy to eallum mancynne, and 
eweCe, Nu ic pus gebroren eom and aweg-gewiten, hwsdt ge 
magon on me ongitan and oncnawan, fsdt ge nanuht mid 
eow nabbatS fsBstes ne stranges, )^tte )>urhwunian msege. 

On yarn dagum J>e Cirus, Persa cyng, Babylonia abrsBC, 
J>a W8BS CroBsus, se Lit$a cyning, mid fyrde gefaren Baby- 
Ionium to fultume ; ac pa he wiste psBt he him on n^num 
fultume be6n ne mihte, and piet seo burh abrocen wsbs, he 
him h^mweard ferde, to his ^enum rfce, and him Cirus 
W8BS sefter-fyligende, oV he hine gefeng and ofsloh. Ond 
nu ure Cristene Eomana bespryct$ Jwt hyre weaUas for 
ealdunge brosnia'8, nalsBS na forpam pe heo mid forher- 
gunge swa gebysmerad waBre, swa Babylonia wsbs, ac heo 
for hyre Cristendome nu gyt is gescyld, paet fiegper ge 
heo sylf, ge hyre a^weald, is ma hreosende for ealddome, 
ponne of sBniges cyninges niede. 

-Mter pam Cirus gelsBdde fyrde on ScitJtJie, and him psBr 
^n giong cyning mid fyrde ongean f5r, and his modor mid 
him, Damaris. Da Cirus f5r ofer past land-gemaere, ofer 
pa ea pe hatte Araxis, him peer se geonga cyning psBS ofer- 
faereldes forwyman myhte, ac he forpam nolde, py he mid 
his folce getruwade, pset he hine beswican mihte, si^San he 
binnan psem gemsBre wssre, and wic-stowe name. Ac pa 
Cirus geaxsode psBt hine se geonga cyning psr ssBcan 
wolde, and eac pset pam folce seldsyne and uncupe wseron 
wfnes drencas ; he forpam of pcere wic-stowe afdr, on l^ne 


digle stowe, and pser besBftan forlet eall pset fsdr li^d 
W8BS and swetes, ysdt pa se gionga cyning SYsritJor myccle 
w^nende W8bs J>8Bt hy panon fleonde waBron, }?onne hy 
senigne swicdom cypan dorstan, pa by bit pser swa SBmenne 
gemetton. Hy paer pa, mid mycelre blitJnesse, buton ge- 
metgunge, paet wfn drincende waeron, ot5 bi beora sylfra 
lytel geweald bsefdon. He pa Cirus by paer besyrode, and 
mid ealle ofslob, and sytStSan waes farende paBr p8BS cyningea 
modor, mid pam twam dselum paes folces, wunigende wsbs ; 
pa be pone priddan dael mid pam cyninge beswicen baefde. 
Heo pa seo cw^n Dameris mid mycelre gnornunge ymb 
paes cyninges siege byre suna pencende waes, bu beo bit 
gewrecan mibte, and paet eac mid daedum gelaeste, and 
byre folc on twa todaelde, aegtJer ge wffmen ge waepned- 
men, fortJan pe paer wffmen feobtaS, swa same swa waepned- 
men. Hio mid paem bealfan daele beforan pam cyninge 
farende waes, swilce beo fleonde waere, otS bio bine gelaedde 
on ^n mycel slaed, and se bealfa dael waes Ciruse aefter- 
fyligende. paer weartS Cirus ofslegen, and twa pusend 
manna mid bim. Seo cw^ii bet pa pam cyninge paet 
heafod of-aceorfan, and bewyrpan on ^nne cylle, se waes 
afylled mannes blodes, and pus cwaetJ, Du pe pyrstende 
waere mannes blodes xxx. wintra, drinc nu tJine fylle. 


-^FTEE pam pe Eomeburb getimbred waes VI. bund win- 
trum and LXVII.,Eomane gesealdon Caiuse lulius seofon 
legion, to pon paet be sceolde fff winter winnan on Gallie. 
^fter pam pe be by oferwunnen baefde, be f6r on Bryt- 
toniae paet fgland, and wi"5 pa Bryttas gefeabt, and ge- 
flymed wear^ on pam lande pe man bet Cent-land. 
Ea«e paes be gefeabt wi5 pa Bryttas eft on Cent-lande, 
and by wurdon aflymede. Heora pridde gefeobt waes 


neali )>8ere ea ye man IisBt Temese, neah y&ra forda pe man 
hast Welinga-ford. jEfter pam gefeohte, him eode on 
hand se cyning, and J>a burhware pe wseron on Cym- 
ceastre, and syStSon ealle fe on pam iglande waeron. 

jEfter pam lulius fdr to Eome, and bsed paet him man 
brohte pone triumphan ongean. pa bebudon hy him paet 
he come mid feawum mannum to Eome, and ealne his 
fultum beseftan him lete : ac pa he h^weard fdr, him 
eoman ongean pa pry ealdormenn, pe him on fultume 
waeron, and him ssedon, paet hy for his pingum adraefde 
wflBron, and eac, paet ealle pa legian waeron Pompeiuse on 
fultume geseald, pe on Eomane onwealde waeron, paet he 
pe faestlicre gewin mihte habban wit5 hine. Da wende 
eft lulius to his %enum folce, and wepende maende pa 
un^re, pe hy him, buton gew^rhton, dyde, and switSost 
para manna pe for his pingum forwurdon, and he him 
aspeon to sippon pa seofon legian pe waeron on Silomone 
pam lande. Da Fompeius> and Cato, and ealle pa senatus 
paet gehyrdon, pa foran hy on Greaeas, and mycelne fultum 
gegaderodan, and on Thraci paere dune, pa fdr lulius 
to Eome, and tobraec heora madm-h^s, and eall gedaelde 
paet paer-inne waes, paet is maalyfedlic to secganne, cwaeS 
Orosius, hwaet paes ealles waes, JEfter pam he f6r to 
Samariam pam lande, and paer let preo legian beaeften him, 
to pon paet he paet folc to him genyddon, and he sylf, mid 
pam otSrum daele, f<5r on Ispaniae, paer Pompeius legian 
waeron, mid his prim latteowum, and he hi ealle to him 
genydde. -^fter pam he f6r on Greacaland, paer his 
Pompeius, on ^nre d^e, onb^d, mid xxx. cyningan, buton 
his %enum fultume. Da fdr Pompeius paer Marcellus 
waes, luliuses l^dteow, and hine ofsloh mid eallum his 
folce. JESter pam lulius besaet Torquatus, Pompeiuses 
latteow, on ^num faestene, and him Pompeius aefter f(5r ; 
paer weart$ lulius geflymed, and his folces feala forslageu 


for^am pe him man feaht on twa healfa, on o)>re healfe 
Fompeius, on oBre bealfe ae latteow. 8i8i5an f<5r Iiiliua on 
Tbeasaliam, and |ispr his fultum gegaderade. Da Pompeiua 
(wet gehyrde, pa fi5p he him ajfter mid ungemietlicum ful- 
tume, he hfefde himd-eahtatig coortana, pajt we nu truman 
hataS, )iaet wiea on (latn dagum of hand manna and &n m. 
pis Ball he hfefde buton his Sgenum fultume, butan Catone 
his geferan, and buton {>ani eenatuaes ; and luliua hiefde 
hund-eahtatig eoortana. Heora sgSer hjefde hia folc on 
)>rini heapum, and hi sylfe w»ron on )>am inidmestan, and 
))a oSre on twam healfa heora. Da luliuB hiefde tenne 
(laBra diela geflymed, pa clypode Pompeius him to, ymbe 
£omane ealde gecwydnedene, feah fe hi aylf gelsBstaa 
ne fohte, Gefera, Gefera, gemyne Ji^t )?n ure geferrsedenne 
and cwydrsedenne to lange ne oferbnec. Da andwearde 
he him and cwieS, On Bumere tfde fu wfere mfn gefera, 
and for)>ain |>e )>u nu ne eart, me is eall leofoat fiet fe is 
laSost. D(et wasa aeo geewydrseden fe Bomane geaet 
htefdon, pfflt heora nfin o8erne on jione andwlitan ne aloge 
fi»r f fer hi hi set gefeohtum gemetton. .Sifter pam wordum 
Pompeiua wearS geflymed mid eallum his folce, and he 
aylf 8i|>pan o8B.eah on Asiam, mid hia wlTe and mid his 
bearnum, and sySiioa he f6r on Egyptura, and hia fiil- 
tumes bied rot Pfcolomeuse pam cyninge, and toXb Jises f« 
he to him com, he him het [xetheafudof-aceorfan, andhit 
eySSon het luliuae onsendan, and his bring mid ; ac pa 
man hit to him brohte, he weed mmnende pa dtede mid 
raiclum w6pe, forKon he wjea eaka manna mildheortast 
on pam dagum. .^fter pam Ptolomeua gelrodde fyrde 
wis luliuae and eall hia folo wearS geflymed, and he sylf 
gefangen, and eaUe pa men lulius het ofalean, pe ffit pfere 
]&re wteran p%t man Pompeiua ofsloh ; and he awa-peah 
eft forlet Ptolomeua to hia rfce. ^fter pam luliua gefeaht 
wis Ptolomeua friwa, and at leloon cyrre sige hsefde. 




abt ^m 


^fter pam gefeohte ealle Egypti wurdon luliuse under- 
peowas, and he him sytSSon hwearf to Eome, and eft sette 
senatus, and hine sylfae man gesette pset he wses hyrre 
]7onne consul, fsdt hi hetan tictator. M^ter )»am he f6r on 
Africe, lefber Catone f&m consule. Da he "psbt geahsode, 
fa, Iserde he his sunu ftbt he hi ongean fdre, and hine him 
to friSe gesohte, ForSon, cwae^ he, J>e ic w^t "psdt nin. swa 
g6d man ne leofa^ swa he is on )»is8on Iffe, fesAi ^ he me 
sy se la'Sosta ; and fort$on eac ic ne mseg findan set me 
sylfum }>8Bt ic hine sefre geseo. ^fter pam worde he eode 
to pa&re burge weallum, and fieah ^t ofer, f2et he eall to- 
bserst. Ac ]>a lulius to fsere byxig com, he him waes swy^ 
uneat$e, }>SBt he to him cucon ne com, and )>8Bt he swylcon 
deaSe swealt. ^fter pam lulius gefeaht wit$ Pompeiuses 
genefon, and wi^ manige his magas, and he hi ealle ofsloh, 
and si^t$on to Eome f(5r, and ysdr wsbs swa andrysne psbt 
him man dyde feower aipon fone triumphan, ]>a he h^m 
com. Siffon he fdr on Ispanie, and gefeaht witJ Pom- 
peiuses twam sunum, and psdr W8&s his folc swa switSe for- 
slagen, ]>8Bt he sume hwile w^nde ysdt man hine gef5n 
Bceolde, and he for Jwre ondrsBdinge Jjsbs J>e SYsritJor on J>8Bt 
werod }?rang, fotpon fe him w»s leofre, f »t hine man of- 
sloge, )>onne hine man gebunde. JSfter )>am he com to 
Eome, and ealle f& gesetnyssa "pe fsdr to strange wseron 
and to hearde, he hy ealle gedyde leohtran and lit$ran. 
Hit pa, eallum |>am senatum oQ^incendum and f&m con- 
sulum, I'set he heora ealdan gesetnyssa tobrecan wolde, 
ahleopan p& ealle, and hine mid heora m^t-seaxum ofsti- 
cedon, on heora gem^t-eme : )»ara wunda waes zxyn. 



The Stobt of Obphefs. 

Ges^lt& bit$ se mon }e msdg gese^n pone hluttran lewellm 


^SBB hebstan g^des, and of Him Belfum aweorpan msBg )»a 
piostro his mddes. We sculon get, of ealdum leasum spel- 
lum, J>e sum bfspell reeean. Hit gelamp gio paette ^n hear- 
pere waes, on f sere feode J>e Thracia hatte, sio wsbs on Creca 
rfce ; se hearpere waes switJe ungefraegliee gdd, faes nama 
waes Orfeus, he haefde ^n switJe ^nlic wff, sio waes haten 
Eurydiee. Da ongann monn secgan be f am hearpere, paet 
he mihte hearpian paet se wudu wagode, and fa st^nas hi 
styredon for J>am swege, and wild-deor J>aer woldan to-irnan 
and standon, swilce hi tame waeron, swa stille, J>eah hi men 
oSSe hundas witS eodon, faet hi hi na ne onseunedon. Da 
saedon hi J>aet Saes hearperes wff sceolde aewelan, and hire 
sawle mon sceolde laedan to belle. Da sceolde se hearpere 
weorfan swa s^rig, f aet he ne mihte on gemong ot5rum 
mannum bion, ac teah to wuda, and saet on p&m muntum, 
segfer ge daeges ge nihtes, weop and hearpode, )>aet pa wu- 
das bifodon, and ]>a ea stodon, and n^n heort ne onscunode 
naenne leon, ne n^n hara naenne bund, ne n^n neat nyste 
naenne ^ndan ne naenne ege to otSrum, for paere mirhpe paes 
sones. Da tSaem hearpere J>a }>uhte J>aet bine fa n^nes finges 
ne lyste on fisse worulde, ]?a fohte he f aet he wolde gesecan 
belle gatu, and onginnan him oleccan mid his hearpan, and 
biddan J>aet hi him ageafan eft his wff. Da he tJa f ider 
com, fa sceolde cuman f aere belle bund ongean bine, f aes 
nama waes Ceruerus, se sceolde habban f rio heafdu, and 
ongan faegenian mid bis steorte, and plegian wit5 bine for 
his bearpunga. Da waes f aer eac switJe egeslic geat-weard, 
f aes nama sceolde beon Caron, se haefde eac f rio heafdu, 
and se waes swiSe oreald. Da ongan se hearpere bine bid- 
dan, faet he bine gemundbyrde fa hwfle fe Jie fser waere, 
and bine gesundne eft fanon brohte. pa gehet be him 
faet, forf aem be waes oflyst f aes seldcuf an sones. Da code 
he furtSor 08 be gemette fa graman gydena fe folcisce 
men batatS Parcas, fa hi secga^ faet on n^um men nyton 


n^e ^re, ac aelcum menn wrecan be his gewyrhtum ; fa hi 
secgatS f aet wealdan sBlces monnes wyrde. pa ongann he 
biddan hiora miltse ; J>a ongunnon hi wepan mid him. Da 
eode he furfor, and him umon ealle hellwaran ODgean, and 
laeddon. hine to hiora cyninge, and ongunnon ealle sprecan 
mid him, and biddan J)8bs fe he bsBd. And ]>aet unstille 
hweol J>e Ixion waes to-gebunden, Laiuta cyning, for his 
scylde, paet otSstdd for his hearpunga, and Tantalus se cy- 
ning, J>e on J)isse worulde ungemetlice gifre waes, and him 
fser faet ilce yfel fyligde faere gifemesse, he gestilde. And 
se uultor sceolde forlsetan, faet he ne sl^t fa lifre Tyties 
faes cyninges, fe hine ^r mid J>y witnode ; and eall hellwara 
witu gestildon, fa hwile f e he beforan J>am cyninge hearp- 
ode. Da he tJa lange and lange hearpode, fa clipode se 
hellwarana cyning, and cwastS, TJton agifan f aem esne his 
wff, forf am he hi haefiJ geearnod mid his hearpunga. Be- 
head him fa, f aet he geara wiste, f aet hine naefre underbaBC 
ne besawe, sif f an he f ononweard waere, and saede, gif he 
hine underbaec besawe, faet he sceolde forlaetan f aet wff. 
Ac fa lufe mon maeg swit5e uneaf e forbeodan ; wei la wei ! 
hwaet Orfeus fa laedde his wff mid him, ot5tSe he com on 
faet gemaere leohtes and f eostro ; fa eode fast wff aefter 
him. Da he fortS on faet leoht com, fa beseah he hine 
underbaec witS f aes wffes ; fa losede heo him sona. Das 
leasan spell laeratS gehwilcne man, f ara tSe wilna^ helle 
fiostra to flionne, and to faes sofan G-odes liohte to 
cumenne, faet he hine ne besio to his ealdum yfelum, swa 
faet he hi eft swa fullice fullfremme, swa he hi ^r dyde ; 
forf am swa hwa swa, mid fullon willan, his mdd went to 
f am yflum f e he ^r forlet, and hi f onne fulfremetJ, and 
he him f onne fullice liciaS, and he hi naefre forlaetan ne 
f enctJ, f onne forlyst he eall his ^rran gdd, buton he hit 
eft gebete. 


The Stobt of TJltsses. 

Hit gebyrede gio on Troiana gewinne ptbt f aer wsbs fo 
cyning fsds nama Aulixes, se hsefde twa ]7ioda under y&m. 
kasere. pa t^ioda waeron hatene It^acige and Betie ; and 
pses kaseres namawsBS Agamemnon. Dase Aulixesmid)»am 
kasere to f am gefiohte for, fa haefde he sume hundred ecipa. 
Da wasron hi sume ten gear on f am gewinne, fa se cyning 
efb h^m cerde from fam kasere, and hi f set land hssfdon ge- 
wunnen ; fa nsefde he na m^ scipa f onne ^n, f set wsbs f eah 
f re-ref re. pa gestdd hine heah weder and storm s^, wear5 
fa fordrifen on ^n iglond tit on f sere Wendel-ssB ; fa W8bs 
f aer Apollines dohtor, lobes suna, se lob waes hiora cyning, 
and licette f set he sceolde bion se hehsta god, and f set dy- 
sige folc him gelyfde, forf am tSe he waes cyne-cynnes, and 
hi nyston nsenne of erne god on f sene timan, buton hiora 
cyningas hi weorf odon for godas. Da sceolde f aes lobes 
faeder bion eac god, f aes nama waes Satumus, and his swa 
ilce ael cine hi haefdon for god *. pa waes hiora ^n se Apol- 
linus, fe we ^r ymb-spraecon. pses Apollines dohtor 
sceolde bion gydene, f sere nama wses Kirke ; sio hi saedou 
sceolde bion switJe drycrsefbigu, and sio wunode on f am 
iglande, f e se cyning on fordrifen weartJ, f e we ^r ymbe- 
spraecon. Hio haefde f aer switJe micle werode hire f egna, 
and eac otSerra maedena. Sona swa hio geseah f one for- 
drifenan cyning, t$e we ^r ymb-spraecon f aes nama waes 
Aulixes, fa ongan hio hine lufian, and hiora aegf er o^eme 
swi^e ungemetlice, swa f sette he for hire lufan forlet his 
rfce eall, and his cynren, and wunode mid hire otJ f one 
first f set his tJegnas him ne mihton leng mid gewunian ; 
ac for hiora eardes lufan, and for f sere wrace, tihodon hine 
to forlsetanne. Da ongunnon lease men wyrcan spell, 
and ssedon fset hio sceolde mid hire drycraeft fa men 

* Leg.fortey and his s^iloe eal cyn hi hsefdon for godas. 


forbredan, and weorpan hi ^n wilde deora Ifc, and sitJtJan 
sle^n on )>a raccentan and on cospas. Sume hi saBdon fset 
hio sceolde forsceoppan to leon, and ]>onne seo sceolde 
sprecan ]?onne rynde hio ; sume sceoldan bi6n eforas, and 
J>onne hi sceoldan hiora s^ siofian ponne grymetodan hi ; 
sume wurdon to wulfan, pa tJuton ponne hi sprecan 
sceoldon; sume wurdon to fam deorcynne pe mon hat 
tigris. Swa weor^ eall se geferscipe forhwerfed to mist- 
licum deorcynnum, sbIc tosumum diore,buton pam cyninge 
^num. ^cne mete hi onscunedon pe men etatJ, and wil- 
nodon para pe deor etatJ. Nsefdon hi n^ne anlicnesse 
manna ne on lichoman ne on stemne, and aelc wisste peah 
his gewit swa swa he ^r wisste. p»t gewit was swi«e 
sorgiende for pam erm^um pe hi drogan. Hwaet pa menu 
pe pysum leasungum gelefdon, peah wisston psDt hio mid 
pam drycrsefte ne mihte para manna m6d onwendan, peah 
hio pa lichoman onwende. Eala psBt hit is micel crsBft psBS 
m6des for pone lichoman. Be swilcum and be swilcum pu 
miht ongitan paet se craBfb paes lichoman bitJ on pam m^de, 
and paette selcum menu m^ deriat^ his m6des unpeawas ; pses 
m6des tiotS eallne pone lichoman to him, and pass lichoman 
mettrumnes ne maeg paet mdd eallunga to him geti6n. 


The Life of Saint Hild, 


Be life and for^fore Hilde >»re Abbudissau. 

"W-ES ymb syx hund wintra and hund-eahtatig from paere 
Dryhtenlican menniscnesse, paette seo aerfeste Cristes 
peowe, Hild, Abbudisse paes mynstres pe is cweden 



StreoneBbalh, awa Bwa we beforaa siedoti, icfter moniguia 
heofonlicum dicdum 8e lieo on eor|>an dyde, to onibnno 
JwB heofonlican lifes mede, and heo of eorfftn aladded, 
leorde, )>y £ifteo|>ati da^ge kalendarum Decembrium, mid 
Py heo hiefde syx and systig wintra, piem wintrum to- ^ 
daildum efenlice diele : |>reo and frittig fa Cereetan heo 
£e)tellice getylde in weoruldbSde drobtiende, and efen feolo 
Jitt ajfter-fylgendan heo se|ielicor in mnnuc-life Dribtne 
gebalgade. Wasa heo eac swylce re^ele in weoruld- 
gebyrdum, yset heo wies Edwinea fxs cyninges nefan 
debtor, ae wtea Hcreric baten ; mid py cyninge he to 
bodunge, and to lure ftere eadegan gemynde Paulinus, 
Jjaea Eercatan biscopes Norpan-liymbra, Crietea geleafan 
and geryno onfeng, and fone unwemme geheold, oSpaet fe 
he geearnode fieb he to his geaihSe becom. 

Da beo pa Hild weomldbSd forleorte, flikd G-ode Smirn 
geteohode feowian, Sa gewSt heo in Eaat-Engla nuegfe, 
for|ion heo wtea pies cyningea miege ; wihiade panoD, gif 
beo meahte, Jist heo wolde bireefel forlfetan, and eal piet 
beo for wcoruide hiefde, and wolde cuman in Gallia rfee, 
and in Cale Sam mynatre in eljieodignesae for Dryhtno 
lifian, \is:t beo py eS meabte pat ece efel in heofonum 
geeamian ; forpon pe in piem yl can mynatre hire sweoater 
HereBwyS,aeowa)8Aldwulfe8niodor, Eaat-EnglacjTiiijgeB, 
regollicum peodecypnm underjieoded, in pa tfd bSd pone 
ecan aige, S»re I 
neaee elpeodunge, and eall ger in ptere foresprecenon 
maigpe East-Engla hsefd wies, oSpset heo eft from Aidane 
pEBm biacope wiea hSm gelapad and geaponnen. Da onfeng 
heo anes hiwscipea atowe to norS-diele Wire p»re ea, and 
pter efenlice Sn gear munuc-b'f dyde mid feawum hire 
geferum, ^fter pyssum beo wiea geworden abbudisse in 
pa?m mynatre pe is geciged Heortea. Djet mynater wiea 
geworden and getimbred noht micle Eer firam Hegu piere 


^restan Cristes J^eowe, seo ^rest wffk is s8Bgd in Norfan- 
hjmbra msegj^e ]>sdt heo munuch^de and haLig refte on- 
fenge, purh lialgunge Aidanes J>8BS biscopes. Ac heo 
nalass aBfter med-micelre tfde fSBS J>e fsdt mynster getim- 
bred wsbs, gew^t to faere ceastre J>e in Englisc is haten 
Ejilcacester and hire faer wic ^sette, faet heo Gode inlifde. 
Da feng to paes mynstres gerece Hild, seo Cristes feowe, 
and heo ]>8Bt sona mid regollice life gesette and geende- 
byrdade, swa swa heo set gel^redum waepned-monnum 
geleornian mihte ; forfon fe Aidan se biscop and monige 
o]>re aefeste weras and gdde, fa f e hie cuf on, for hire snytro 
and wfsddme, and fore lufan ]>8B8 godcundan peowdomes, 
hi gelomlice neosodan and sohton, and hie georne lufedon, 
and hie geornlice tydon and Iserdon. 

Mid py heo fa feala geara fyssum mynstre in regoUices 
lifes l^re switJe geomful fore wsbs, Sa gelomp faet heo on- 
feng mynsterto timbrienneand to endebyrdienne,in stowe 
seo is gecyged Streoneshalh, and heo faet weorc, f e hire fa 
to gefeoded wabs, unaswundenlice gefyUde; forfon fa 
sylfan f e ^r f 9Bt mynster heoldon and rihton, heo mid 
f eodscipum regolliees lifes insette, and trymede : ond hie 
eac swylce f SBr sotSfssstnesse and arfsBstnesse and elsBn- 
nesse and ofera gastlicra msBgena gehyld, and swif ust 
sibbe and Godes lufan geornlice Iserde, f sBtte, on bysene 
f sere frymf elican cyricean, nsBnig f SBr welig wsbs, ne nsenig 
wsedla, ac eallum w8Bre eal gemsBnej noht ^gnes senigum 
gesewen waes. Wsbs heo swa micelre snytro and wfsdomes, 
f SBtte nalsBS f set ^ f SBtte fa mett^an men ymb heora ned- 
f earfnesse wsBron, ac eac swylce cyningas and ealdormen 
oft from hire gef eaht and wfsdom sohton, and hine f SBr 
gearone gemetton ; ond hie swa swit$e [on] * leomunge 
godcundra gewrita and sotSfsBstnesse weorcum hire under- 
f eoddan dyde to biggongenne, f sBtte f sBr ef elice monige 
* The words within brackets are not in the Corp. Chr. MS. 




mihton gemette heon, pa ))e to ciriclicum liSde, pat ia to 
wigbedea [»enunge, ge|>ungen wreron ; fiet is to tficne, jiat 
we gesegon jefter |>an fit" biscopaa pa pe of Jjwm ylcan 
inynstro comoa, and par geldBrde wteron, ealle mycelre 
geeaniunge and halignesae weraa : fa wteron pas hatene 
aad cemde, Boaa, j^^tla, Oitfor, lohannea and WilfriK. 
Big p(Em ^restan we bui'an ewiedon, pret he w»re in 
Eoforwic-ceastre to biscope gehalgad ; bi p»m leftran is 
hriedliee to witanne, pmt he wks on Dorce-ceastre to 
biscope gebaigad ; big pBem nehstan twara her is lefter 
to owepenne, piet heora ae ierra wies tct Heagostealdes ea, 
and ae taftra wiea in Eoforwic-ceastre, to biacope gehalgad. 
Be pi»m midleatan ia nu to secgenne. pa he, in !eghw»- 
ferum mynatre, Hilde pjere abbudisaan georalice hia leom- 
unge setfalh, pawolde he eac swilceEome geaecan, pMin 
pa tfd wasB micles mtegenes teald and gelyfed. Da he 
panon eft hwearf, pa gesohte he eft Breotone, ferde 5a in. 
Hwiceia mcegpe, pser was pa Osric eyning, and he pser 
&odea word and paes halgan geleafan bodade and Iserde, 
and somod letgsedere lifes byaeoe on him aeolfnm gegeap- 
wade eallum pam po hine gesegon and getiyrdon, and he 
micle tfde p»r wunade. In pa ylcan tfd, ae biscop pKro- 
miegpe, ae wies Boael haten, wfea mid awa micelre untrum- 
neaae hia lichoman hefigad, pst he pa biaceop-peniinge purh. 
hine [sylfue] penian ne mihte; forpon pa, ealra heora 
dome, ae foreaprecena wer for hine in biacophfid wtea ge- 
coren, and pa, furh ^pelredea hieae, Myrcca cyningea, 
psere eadcgan gemynde WilfriK biacop hine to biacope ge- 
halgade, ae on pa tfd pone byaceophfld penade Middel- 
Engla ; forSon pe ae arcebyaceop Theodor wa;a pa forB- 
fered, and naniig oper bjeeeop pa-gena fore hine gehalgad 
wtea. On psere ylcan niKgpe, hwene ^r, piet ia fier pam 
foreaprecenan Q«dee men Booale, wfea of pa;re ylcan abbn- 
diBsaa mynstre aum from wor, and wel gelcered, 


and ^1 


' • « 
scearpre gleawnesse, to biscope gecoren^s^^ noma waes 

TaatfritJ, ac ^rfon t$e he geMdod beon mihte, he waes 

mid hraedlice dea'Se forgripen. Ond seo foifeaprecene 

Cristes ]>eowe Hild abbudisse, ealle J>a pe hie*'x;u}>oii, 

for ^rfaBstnesse ttoie and G-odes gyfe, gewunadon hi 

moder cygan and nemnan; and nalaes faet ^n, pset.heo 

in hire mynstre fasm andweardum Iffes bysene gesfec(,o;\^ 

ac eac swylee monigum feor-wuniendum, to faem fe sfeV'.- 

gesflBliga hlisa hire geomfuhiesse and hire maegenes beeom, ^ * V ' 

J>8Bt him g6dre rece and haelo intingan fenade. 

"Waes faet eac gedefen, fast J>aBt swefen gefylled wasre, 
faette Bregoswi^, hire modor, geseah on hire cildh^de. Da 
Hereric, hire wer, wracade under Cerdice, Bretta cyninge, 
and paer waBS mid atre acweald ; J>a geseah heo, purh 
swefii, swa swa he semninga from hire ahafen and alaeded 
waere. Da sohte heo hine mid eallre geomfullnesse, and 
naenige swaj>e his owem aetywdon. Da heo fa hine bihi- 
dilice and geomlice sohte, fa gemette heo semninga, under 
hyre hraegle, gyldene sigele switJe deorwyrtJe. pa heo fa 
geomlice hi sceawode and beheold, fa waes heo gesawen 
mid swa micle beorhtnesse [fast heo eal Breotene gemaero 
mid hire leohtes sciman] gefyllde. paet swefen waBS sotJlice 
gefylled on hyre dehter, be f aere we nu sprecat5 ; forf on 
hyre Iff nalaes hyre ^nre and hyre underf eoddum waes 
leohtes bysen, ac SYsritSe monigum wide, f am f e woldan 
Gode wel leofian. 

Mid t5y heo fa monig ger f yssum mynstre, f aet ys aet 
Streonesheale, on abbudissan f egnunge fore waes, fa licade 
f am ^rfaestan Foreseonde ure haelo, hyre fa halgan saule 
eac swylee midlongre untrumnesse lichaman ademde and 
asodene beon; f aet aefter f aes apostoles bysene hyre maegen 
on untrumnesse gefiremed and getrymed waere. Da waes 
heo gestanden mid hefigre untrumnesse lichaman, and 
furh syx singal ger faere ylcan hefinesse adle unblinnend- 


lice won, awJlpb ealre Jiiero tfdo heo najfre blan hyre 
Sejppen^ .S3militigum Gode pancuncge dfin ; ge eac pa 
bebodeaaa .'heorde hyre mfinian and Iferan : hi eaJle 
gemypdlgE WKron hjre byaene, {"fet lii on fam geaund- 
licad-lfiilgum and on finTe onfangenaa hicio lichamau heo 
gnfrnlice Drihtue f«owde and hyrde ; and on fam wiSer- 
'.^esrdum Jiingum, oSSe on lichaman untrumneasum, fast 
.■'heo Bjmle getreowlice Dryhtne Jiancunge dyde. 

Da wfea )iy seofoSan geare hyre untrunmesae ))fet eeo adl 
and I'fet eSr hwjrfde on hyre innojias, and heo becom to 
(lam ytcmestan diege, and, ymb hanered utan, heo onfeng 
wegnyste psere ewiSe halgan gemffineumneaae Criatea 
lichaman and his blodes. Da gehet heo fa, Ciodes ]ieowaB 
to hyre, fa 'pe on f)am jlcan myustre wieron, and heo |>a- 
gyt hi mSuode and ISrde, ftet hi betweoh him heoldoa 
and eallum Godes mannum sibbe and Infan, and betweoh 
[)a word hyre trymnesse and Ifire, heo bh8e doaS geaeah ; 
and gea soSre, \>xt ie Drihtnea wordum sprece, Jiset heo 
of deaSe ferde to life. 

Da WKB on fsere aylfan nihte, lifet ae ^Imihtiga Drihten 
hyre forKfore on ojirum mynatre fyr gesettum, pset heo py 
ylcan geare Eer getimbrade, and ia nemned Haconoa, mid 
Bweotolre geayhSe, wjes geeaSmodad to onwrionne. "Was 
on Jiam aylfan mynstre sum haligu nunne psre nama wtea 
BeguflwyB, aeo wies Dryhtne gehalgad on cltenuai magf- 
hSde, raS Jionne pritig wintra ; and heo pser on mnnuchfida 
Dryhtne f eowade. Da wsea heo rcatendo on sweoatra sliBp- 
eme, pa gohyrde heo aemninga on psere lyfte uppcundne 
Bweg, and hleopor clucggau pfere hi gewunedon to gehedum 
gecigde and awehte been, ponne heora hwylc of worulda 
gefered waes. Da graeah heo, openum efigum, pa;a pe hyre 
puhte, of pffia busea hrofe ufan micel ieobt cuman, and eall 
pjet hfia gefyllde. Da heo pa on ptet leoht behydilice lo- 
cade, and hit geome beheoldj pa geaeah heo ptere forespre- 



phanus, for G-odes geleafan gest^ned wses, Saiilus heold 
ealra]>8era st^nendraMcelan; and, swa-]>eah,Paulus sit5)>an 
fore-stop Stephanum on G-odes gelatSunge, mid maenig- 
fealdum geswincum, fone )>e h^ ^r ehtende martyr 

Tw^ fing sind fe we sceolon carfullice scmtnian ; ^rest, 
faet lire n^n be him sylfum to dyrstelicene truwige ; syt5- 
t$an, faet ure n^n be bis nextan ne ortruwige, J)eab t5e h^on 
leahtrum befeallen sy ; for^an fe ^s synd uncuSe fa micclan 
welan Godes mildbeortnysse. pyssere mildbeortnysse 
welan besceawode se sealm-sceop, patSa h^to Gode ]his cly- 
pode : Min gefylsta ! pe ic synge ; fort5an ^e fu, G-od, eart 
mfn andfenga, mfn G-od, and mfn mildheortnyss. Efne 
se sealm-wyrhta underst^d on hwilcum gedeorfum fis 
mennisce Iff is gelogod, and forSi clypode G-od bis gefylsta, 
H^ gecfgde Dribten bis andfenga, forfan ]>e b^ underfebS 
tis in to ecere reste fram fisum andweardum geswince. 
H^ bebeold fset God gesibtS ure yfebiyssa, and ure gyltas 
forfyldgatS : and swa-feab b^ sparat5 tis arfaestlice, and furb 
bebreowsunge to faere ecan m€de gebylt. pa nolde b^ 
gecigan God mildbeortne, ac b^t bine bis mildbeortnys, 
J)us cweSende : Mfn God and mfn mildbeortnys ! Uton 
gemunan ure ^rran synna, and uton besceawian fa 
micclan G-odes arfaestnysse, bu be urum gyltum miltsatS, 
and faer-to-eacan faet beofenlice rfce beb^t sotSlice daedbe- 
tendum aefter gyltum. Uton fort$i eaUe clypian mid 
inweardre beortan, swa swa se sealm-sceop clypode : pu 
eart mfn God and mfn mildbeortnys. G-odes mildbeortnys 
tis fore-st8Bpt$, and bis mildbeortnys tis fylig^. pat$a we 
wel noldon, fa forbradode Godes mildbeortnys tis, faet we 
wel woldon : nu we wel willatS, us fyligtS Godes mildbeort- 
nys fset ure willa ydel ne sy . H^ gearcaS ume gddan willan 
to fiiltumigenne, and b^ fylst fam willan gegearcodne, 
setJe leofatJ and riicatS nti and symle on worulde. Amen. 



mid godcundre gyfe gemSred, and geweor|>ad ; forjion he 
gewunade geriaenlice leaS wyrcean, fa pe to (efteBtneaae 
and to SrfteBtnesse belumpon ; HwafBottcBwahwEctawahe 
of godcundum etafum furh boceraa geleornade, fiet lie 
wfter med-miclum fiece in ecfip-gereorde, mid pa miestan 
Bw^tnease and inbryrdnesse geglencde, and in Engliac 
gereordc wel gehwirr forSbrohte; and for his IcoS-Bongiim, 
jnonigra monna mGd oft to worolde forhobneaae, and to ge- 
Jjeodneaae pms heofonlican Iffea onbiemde wieron. Ond eao 
Bwylce monige oBre after him in Oogel-peode ongunnon 
(efeste leoS wjrcan, ac nscnig bwasjiere him |)iet gelice i6n 
meahte ; forjton he nalspa from monnum ne }iurh mon 
gel^red w^a, Jirat he fone leoSerieft geleornade ; ac he wtea 
godeundlicB gefultumod, andjmrh Grodes gyfe jione song- 
crajft onfeng; end be forfonntefrenoht leaaunga,neideles 
lea{>es -wyTcaJi meahto, ac cfne pa ^n p& fe to jefestneBse 
belumpon, and his |>a *featan tuugan gedafenode singan, 
Wtes he ae moa in weoruldbdde geaeted oS Sa tfde pe he 
WBSB gelyfedre yldo, and he natfre lenig leoS geleornade : 
and he for|)on oft in gebeoracipe, jvonne pser was bliaae 
intingan gcdemed, fwt hie ealle aceoldoD J>urh endebyrd- 
nesae be hearpan singan, Sonne he gcseah jia hearpan him 
nealiecan, fonne ariiB he for Beomefrom ftem ajmble, and 
hSm code to hiB huae. Da he piet pa aumre tfde dyde, ]nek 
he forlet yxt hfis p£ea gebeorscipes, and fit wais gongende 
to neata acypene, )>ara heord him wtes paero nihte beboden, 
8a he |ia pxr in geiimplicro tfde his limo on reate gesette 
and onatirpte, pa atfld him sum mon tet, purh awefo, and 
bine balette and grette, and hine bo his nanian nemde, 
Ctodmon, aing me lethwegu. pa andawarode he, and cwaiS, 
Ne con ic noht aingan, and ic forpon of pyaaum gebeoracipe 
lit-eodo, and hider gewSt, forpon ic nohfc cuiie. Eft he 
cwsefS, aefie mid him sprecende Wfes, HwasSere pu meaht 
me singan. CifieS he, Hwa;t aceal ic aingan. CwasS he, 





westeime, is Fulgaraland, and be eastan ]>sem is Crecaland ; 
and be eastan Meroarolande is Wisleland, and be eastan 
fSBm sind Datia, fa fe iu waeron Gottan ; be eastan-nor^an 
Maroara syndon Dalamensan, and be eastan Dalamensam 
sindon Horithi, and be norSan Dalomensam sindon Surpe, 
and be westan him sindon Sysele ; be nor^an Horithi is 
MaegSalond, and be nort5an MsegtJalande Sermende, oS t5a 
beorgas Eiffin ; and be westan SuS-Denum is faes gar- 
secges earm fe lit5 ymbutan fset land Brittannia ; and be 
nort5an him is )>8bs s^s earm )>e man haet Ost-s^, and be 
eastan him and be nort5an him syndon Nort$-Dene, SBgfaer 
ge on faem maran landum ge on faem iglandum ; and be 
eastan him syndon Afdrede, and be sut$an him is -^Ife- 
mut5a )>8Bre e^, and Eald-Seaxna sum dsel. 

NortJ-Dene habbatS him be nortJan fone ilcan s^s earm 
)>e man Ost-s^ hset, and be eastan him sindon Osti "Sa leode, 
and Afdrede be sutJan ; Osti habbat5 be nort5an him fone 
ilcan s^s earm, and Winedas, and Burgendas; and be sut5an 
him syndon Hsefeldan ; Burgendan habbaS fone ylcan 
s^s earm be westan him, and Sweon be norSan ; and be 
eastan him sint Sermende, and be sutJan him Surfe; Sweon 
habbat5 be sut5an him fone s^s earm Osti, and be eastan 
him Sermende, and be norSan ofer fa westennu is Cw^n- 
land ; and be westan-nortSan him sindon Scrfde-Finnas, 
and be westan NorSmenn. 

Ohthebe's Naeeatite. 

Ohtheee saede his hlaforde, -^Ifrede kynincge, faet he 
ealra NortSmanna nortSmest bude. He cwsbS faet he bude 
on J)8Bm lande nortSweardum wiS fa West-s^ ; he saede 
feah faet faet land sy swytSe lang nort$ fanon, ac hit is eall 
weste, buton on feawum stowum sticcemaelum wiciatS Fin- 
nas on himtatSe on wintra, and on sumera on fiscot$e be 



be veoroldligd forlete, and munuchSde onfenge ; ond he 
piet wel )iafode ; and bea hine in ]ifet mpister on&mg mid 
his gCdum, and hine gepeoddeto geBoninungo ]jara Cl^deB 
jieowa, and het hine Iferan fat getiel fiDB halgan atteres and 
Bpelles; ond he eall pmt he in geheruosee geleornian miUte, 
mid hine gemyngade, and, Bwa clw ne nyten eodorcende, in 
fffit aw^teste leoS gehwyrfde, and his song and bis leoS 
wteronBwawynanmto gehyreiinc,]>tet jJaaylfenhiB Ifireowaa 
set hia muSe writon and leomodon. Song he tereat be mid- 
dangeardes gesceape, and be fruman moncynnes, and eatl 
f>[et atfer Genesis, fsct is aeo ilereate MoiseB boc, and eft be 
fitgoDge Israela folces of JEgypta loode, and be ingonge 
Jitea gehfit-londes, and be oSrum monigum spellmn pa;a 
holgan gewritea canonea bdca,and be Cristes menniscnesBe, 
andbe bia ]>rowunge, and be hie up-astignesse on heofonasj 
and big {>iea Halgan Gastea cyme, and Jiara apostola l&'e; 
and eft bi Jiam ege pxs toweardan d^Jines, and be fyrhto 
Jjsea tintreglican wites, and be swfitnease ffea heofonlican 
rices, he monig leoR geworbte ; and swylce eac ofer monig 
be fam godcundum fremsumneaflum and domnm he ge- 
worhte. Oa eallum fam he geornlice gymde ]iiBt be men 
atuge fram synna lufan and mfin-dseda, and to Infan and to 
geomfullDeBse awehte g6dra dieda ; forjion he wsea ae mon 
BwiSe ipfest, and reogoUicum peodscypnm ea8modlice im- 
derfeoded ; and wiS J>am fa 8e on ofre wfaan di3n woldon, 
he wma mid wylme miceb-e eUenwfidnesae onhserned, and 
he forjion fsegere ende his Iff betynde and geendade, 

Forjjon fa Kaire tide nealeete hia gewiteneaae and forK- 
fore, Sa wKa he feovfertyne dagum. &r, ftet he was hcum- 
licre untrymnease prycced and hefigad, hwiejiere to fon 
gemetlice, fast he ealle fa tfd mihte ge sprecan ge gangan. 
"Wies fter on neaweste untrumra manna hfis, on fam hyra 
feaw wsea Juet hi fa untrumaa, and fa f e set forSfore wnron, 
iiUffidan sceoldan, and him f cer stBomne feniaa. Da bted 


he Ms J)^n, on ffifeime faere nihte l^e he of womlde gangende 
W8BS, J)8Bt he on fam htise him stowe gegearwade, fsBt he 
restan mihte. Da wnndrade se feng for hwon he faes bsBde, 
forJ?on him fuhte fset his fortSfore swa neh ne waere, dyde 
hwaefere swa swa he cwsetS and behead : ond mid fy he fa 
faer on reste eode, and he gefeonde mode sumu fing SBtgsB- 
dere mid him sprecende and gleowiende wsbs fe faer ^r 
inne waeron, fa wsbs ofer middeniht fset he frsBgn, hwaefer 
hi aenig husel faer-inne haefdon ? Da andswarodon hie and 
cwaedon, Hwilc fearf is )>e husles ? Ne ffnre fortSfore swa 
neh is, nu )>u fus rotlice and J)us glaedlice to us sprecende 
eart. CwaeS he eft, Bera^ me hwaefere husel to. Da he 
hit on handa haefde, fa fraeng he, hwaefer hi ealle smylte 
m^d, and butan eallum incan, blit$e to him haefdon P Da 
andswarodon hi ealle, and cwaedon, faet hi naenigne incan 
to him wistan, ac hi eaUe him swit5e blitJe m^de waeron, 
and hi wrixendlice hine baedon faet he him eallum blit$e 
waere. Da andswarode he, and cwaetS, Mfne brofro fa 
leofan, ic eom swit$e blif mdd to eow and to eaUum Q-odes 
monnum. And he swa waes hine getrymmende mid fy 
heofonlican wegneste, and him of res Iffes ingang gearwade. 
Da gyt he fraegn, hu neh f aere tfd waere, f aette fa bro'8or 
arfsan sceoldon, and Q-odes folc l^ran and heora uht-sang 
singan ? Andswearodon hi, Nis hit feor to fon. CwaeS 
he, Tela, utan we wel f aere tfde bidan ; and fa him gebaed, 
and hine gesenade mid Cristes r^de-t^cne, and his heafod 
onhylde to f am bolstre, and med-mycel faec onslaepte, and 
swa mid stiUnesse his Iff geendade. Ond swa waes 
geworden, f aette swa swa he hluttere m6de and bylewite 
and smyltre willsumnesse Drihtne feowde, f aet he eac 
swylce swa smylte deatJe middangeard waes forlaetende, 
and to his gesyh'8e becom. And seo tunge f e swa monig 
halwende word on f aes Scyppendes 16{ gesette, he fa swylce 
eac fa ytemestan word on his herenesse, hine sylfiie 


eeniende, and his gaat ia liia handa bebeodende, betynde. 
Eoc Bwylce J>ffit is geaegen *, fset he wiere gewia his sylfeB 
fortSfore, of fam [>e we nu secgon hyrdon. 


Mid f i 6e ee cjning yas word gecwtefi, Ra fiermga far eode 
in Sffis cyiigea iunge debtor, and cyate byre foder and tia 
ymbsitteudan. Da beo becoiii to ApoHonio, )ja gewtende 
heo ongeaii to bire fieder, and cwtefi, Du g(ida cyningc, 
and mm se leofesta fmder, bwiet is yea iuoga man, pB ongeaa 
Se on swa wurSIicum aetle eit, mid eSrlicum andwlitan P 
nSt ic bwtet be besorgaS. Da ewic8 se cyningc, Leofe 
debtor, pea iunga maE is forliden, and be gecwemde me 
manna betat on 6am plegan ; forSam ic bine gelaSode to 
Syeum unun gebeorscipe, NSt ic bwret be ia, ne bwanon 
he is ; ac gif 5u wille witan hwiBt he sy, aisa bine, forSam 
pe gedafeniiS Jitet (ju wite. Da eode fmt mceden to Apol- 
lonio, and mid forwandigendre aprffice cweeS, Deab 8ii atille 
By and unrijt, ]>eab ic )>ine tetSelborennease od 80 geseo : nu 
ponne, gif Se t-o hefig ne j»inee, sege me pinne naman, and 
pin gelymp arece me. Da owieB ApoDoniua, Gif 6u for 
neode axsaat after minum namaD, ic secge pe, ic bine for- 
leaa on atS. Gif Su wilt mine ffiSelborenneaae witan, wite 
ta paet icbigforletonTbarsum. Daitinfeden cwieS, Sege 
me gewialieor, ptet ic bit mtege underatandan. ApoDonius 
pa BoSlice byre arebte ealle bia gelymp, and ^t pare 
flprfflcan ende bim feoUon tearaa of 8am eagum. 

Mid py fie ae cyngc ptet geaeab, he bewtende bine 8a to 
fiare dohf-or, and cwrofi, Leofe dobtor, pu geaingodeat mid 
py pe puwoldeat witan bia naman and bia gelimp : Su bafaat 
nu ge-edniwod bia ealde aSr ; ac ic bidde pe piEt pu gife him 
Bwa bwtet Bwa pu wille. DaSa p^t mteden gehirde ptet hire 
waaa alyfed fram hire faider pset heo Ser byre ailf gedlSn 
' Ma. ges^d : the original iuu mdeiar. 


on land comon. And hym wsbs "Sa twegen dagas on faet 
bsBcbord fa igland )>e in Denemearce hyratJ. 

"Wulfstan's Nabbatiyb. 

"WuLFSTAN*s saede fSBt he gefore of HsetSum, fast lie waere 
on Trtiso on s^fan dagum and nihtum, faet faet scyp waea 
ealne weg ymende under segle. Weonodland him wsbs on 
steorbord, and on baecbord him waes Langaland, and L^- 
land, and Falster, and Scdneg, and fas land eall h^rat5 to 
Denemearcan. And fonne Burgendaland waes tis on baec- 
bord; and f^ habbatS him-sylf cyning. Donne aefter Bur- 
gendaJande waeron Us fas land fa synd h^tene, ^rest Ble- 
cing^g, and Meore, and Eowland,and Gotland on baecbord, 
and fas land hyratJ to Sweon. And Weonodland waes tis 
ealne weg on steorbord otJ Wisle-mutJan. Seo Wisle is 
swytJe mycel e^, and heo tolitJ Witland and Weonodland ; 
and f aet Witland belimpetJ to Estum, and seo Wisle lit$ tit 
of Weonodlande, and lit$ in Estmere ; and se Estmere is 
huru fiftene mila br^d. ponne cymetS Hfing eastan in Est- 
mere, of f am mere f e Tr^so standeS in stat$e, and cumat$ 
tit samod in Estmere Ufing eastan of Eastlande, and Wisle 
su^an of Winodlande; and f onne benimtJ Wisle Ufing hire 
naman, and ligeS of f asm mere west and nortS on s^ ; fortSy 
hit man haet Wisle-mut$an. 

Daet Eastland is swy8e mycel, and f aer bi^ swyt$e manig 
burh, and on aelcere byrig bit$ cyningc, and f aer Vi6 swySe 
mycel hunig and fiscal; and se cyning and fa rfcostan men 
drinca^ myran meolc, and fa tinspedigan and fa f edwan 
drincaS m^do. Daer bi^ swyt$e mycel gewinn betweonan 
him, and ne bitS tJaer naenig ealo gebrowen mid Estum, ac 
f aer bi^ m^do genoh. And f aer is mid Estum "Seaw, f onne 
f aer bitJ man dead,' fast he litS inne unforbaDrned, mid his 
magum and freondimi; monatS, gehwilmn twegen : and fa 


H^it ki(^ bu Saturaua and Salomaa fettode ymbe heora 

pa cwfeS Satumua to Snlomcme, Sage me hwer Qod 
s^te pa he geworhte heofonaa and eorSaa ? Ic fe secge, he 
Bsett ofer .... feiSerum. Sage me hwilc word (eruat forS- 
eode of Godes muSe ? Ic fe aeege, Fiat lui et facta lus. 
Saga me for hwilcum liingum heofon ay geiiateo heofon ? 
Ic fe secge, for|)on he beh^afi eall fset hym be ufaa bjiS. 
Saga me bwsat ia God ? Ic )>e secge liset js God ))e ealie 
fling on hya gewealdum hafaS. Saga me on hu fela dagum 
God geworbte ealle geseeafla ? Ic fe aecge on \i. dagum 
God geaeefip ealle geaceafta : on pam eeroatan dsege lie _ 
gescefip leobt ; oa (lam sefteran dege be geaceflp Jia ge- 
BCeapu f>e fiane beofon bcaldaS ; on pam friddan dssge he 
geaceiJp eie and eorSan ; on pam feorfian dage be gescefip 
beofonffiB tuEglon ; and on i5aiii v. dtege be gesceflp fiiaB 
and fugelaa; and on Sam ti. diege he geaceSp deor, and 
nytena, and Ad£ai, Sone ^roataa man. Saga me bwanon 
Wffis Adaines nama geseeapen? Ic pe aecge fram uii. steor- 
rum. Saga me bwset batton (lage ? Ic pe aecge Arthox, 
Dm, Ardtbolem, Minaymbrie. Saga me ptet andworc pe 
Adfim wiea of-geworht, ae teruata man ? Ic |>e secge of 
Tin. pnnda gewihte. Saga mo hwiet hatton Jiagc ? Ic pe 
secge pset Eeroate wea fiSldan pund, of Sam bim wjea fleac 
geworbt ; oSer wiea f^rea pnnd, Jianon bim wses Jimt hl6A 
re£d and bSt ; pridde wxs windea pund, J>anon liim wfes seo 
ffifiuog geseald ; feorSe wies wolcnea pund, panon bim was 
his mddea unstafielfiestnea geaeald ; fifte wiea gyfe pund, 
fanon bimwfea geaeald se fat and geSang; ayxate wtesblost- 
nena pnnd, panon bim wss eagena mysaenbcnya geaeald ; 


seofo'8e waes deawes pund, )>aiion him becom swat ; eahto^e 
W8BS sealtes pund, )>anon him wsBron fa tearas sealte. Saga 
me on hwilcere ylde w»8 Ad^m, Sa he gesceapen was ? 
Ic fe secge he waes on xxx. wintra yldo. Saga me hu lang 
W80S Ad^m on laenge gesceapen ? Ic )>e secge he was vi, 
and ex. ynca lang. Saga me hu fela wintra leofode Ad^ 
on fissere worulde ? Ic )>e secge ne leofode ix. hund win- 
tra, and xxx. wintra, on geswince and on yrmtJe ; ^ind sy5- 
tSan to helle ferde, and far grimme witu folode v. pusend 
wintra, and twa hund wintra, and Yin. and xx. wintra. Saga 
me hu fela wintra haefede Ad^m ^r he beam strinde ? Ic 
fe secge ^ hund wintra, and xxx. wintra, ^r he beam 
strinde ; and fa gestrinde he beam on his cnihth^de, se 
hatte Seth, and he fa leofode ealles ny gon hundred wintra, 
and xxx. on f issere worulde. Da lyfde Seth his sunu ^ 
hund wintra, and v. wintra, ^r he beam gestrinde, and fa 
gestrinde he beam, on his cnihth^de, se hsBtte Enos, and 
fa lyfde he hym sylf ealles nygon hund wintra, and xn. 
wintra. Da haefede Enos ^ hund wintra, fa gestrinde he 
Chanan, and fa lyfde he Enos ealles nygon hund wintra, 
and V. wintra. And fa haafede Chanan L3X. wintra, fa 
gestrinde he Malaleh, and Chanan lyfde fa ealles nygon 
hund wintra, and x. wintra. pa haefede Malaleh v. and lx. 
wintra, fa gestrinde he lared ; and Malaleh he lyfde ealles 
nygon hund wintra, and v. wintra. Da haefede lared ii. 
and LX. wintra, and ^n hund wintra, fa gestrinde he Enoh ; 
and lared his faeder lyfde eaUes eahta hund wintra, and n. 
and LX. wintra. Da haefede Enoh v. and lx. wintra, fa 
gestrindehe Matusalem; andEnoh lyfde ealles coo. wintra, 
and V. and lx. wintra ; fa gen^m hiae Q-od, myd sawle and 
myd ly chaman, up in f one heofon. Da haefede Mathusalem 
Tii. and Lxxx. wintra, and ^ hund wintra, fa gestrinde he 
Lamec ; and Matusalem his faeder lyfde ealles nygon hund 
wintra, and ix. and lx. wintra. Da haefede Lamec ta hund 


wintra, and lxxxii. wintra, |)a geBtrinde he Nos ; and La- 
meclyfdeeaUesvii. hiind wintra, and lisyii. wintra. Da 
hiefede Noe d. wintra, |ia gestrinde he beam, Sem, Cham, 
lafet ; and Noe Ijfde ealles in Jiiseere womlde dcocc. win- 
tra, and L. wintra. Saga me hu faila |>eoda SxCcou of his 
ni. faeamumP Ic fe eecge, Lxxn. |>eoda sindon ; and of 
Seme his yldestan suna Ciwdcon xxx., and of Cbftm xxe., 
and of lafeSe xii. Saga me hwiet wkb seSe ac^nned atee, 
and ffift hehyrged wies on hie moder inno6e, and lefter )>am 
deSSe gefullod was F Ic ))e eecge, (leet was Ad£m. Saga 
me hu hinge lyfde AdSm on neopiena-wange ? Ic f>e afeege 

and on fam he abyrgde fa forhodenan fic- 

trewes blsda, and Jirot on frigdieg, and furh pset he was 
on hello y. (msend wintra, and ii. |c. wintra, and Tin. and 
xs. wintra. Saga me of Sea Maria ylde. Ic pB aecge, heo 
w£ea III. and ayxtig geara oald, Jta heo be lyfon wtes, and 
heo wae xrni. wintra, |ia heo Crist cende, and heo wieH 
myd him ttt ttt. geara on myddanearde, and heo wtes sn, 
geriefter himonworulde. And fraraAdSme, and offrim^e 
myddaneardes, was on getal gerfmcs, 08 pone micelan Noea 
flfil, II. pusend wintra, and n. c. wintra, and 11. and Lx. 
wintra ; and fram pam flfide ww3 of Abrabfimes gebyr tfde 
ix. 0. wintra, and 11. and il. wintra ; and fram Abrahfime 
wa»3 pa forS oS Moises tfd, and Israela ofer-f£r lit of 
Egyptam, v. c. wintra, and Tin. wintra ; and fram frimiSe 
myddaneai^iea oS Cristea [rowunge waron tt. pnsend win- 
tra, and bund wintra, and Tin. and L. wintra. Saga me 
hu lange worhte men Noes earce ? Ic pe secgo, ledc, 
wintra, of pam treow-cinne pe ia gcnemned Sem. Saga me 
hwfet hatte Noes wjf ? Ic pe secge, heo h»tte Dfilila, 
And hwtet hatte diamea wj'f ? laftarecta heo hatte. And 
hwffit hatte lafeSeawJf? IcpeBecge,CatafluuiahBo hatte; 
and o8rum naman hyg aindon genSmnode, Gila, and OUfna, 
and Ollibana, awa hyg preo hatton. Saga me hu lange 


wsBS Noes fltid ofer eor^an ? Ic J>e secge, xl. daga and 
nihta. Saga me hu lang was Noes earc on lenge ? Ic fe 
secge, heo w8bs coo. fse^ema lang, and l. fset^ema wfd, and 
XXX. fsB^ema heah. Saga me hwsBt suna hsefede Ad£m ? 
Ic fe secge, xxx. sunena, and xxx. dohtra. Saga me hwilc 
mann ^timbrode ^rust ceastre ? le )>e secge, Knos hatte, 
and wsBS Niniuem seo burh, and wseron )>arin gemanna 
hund-tweltig )»usenda, and xx. )»usenda ; and Hierusalem 
seo burh heo waes ^rost »fter fam Noes fldde getymbrod. 
And hw»t haette seo burh faer snnne tip on morgen gaetJ ? 
Ic fe secge, laiaca hatte seo buruh. Saga me hwar gsetJ 
seo Bunne on ^fen so ssBtle ? Ic )>e secge, Garfta hatte seo 
burh. Saga me hwilc wyrt ys betst and selust ? Ic fe 
secge, lilige hatte seo wyrt, forfon fe heo getScnatJ Crist. 
Saga me hwilc fugel ys selust ? Ic fe secge, culfre ys se- 
lust, heo get£cnat$ t5one Halegan Gast. Saga me hwanon 
cymt$ ligetu ? Ic secge, heo kimt5 fram winde and fram 
watere. Saga me hwilc water is selust ? Ic fe secge, 
lordanem seo ea ys selust, forfon fe Crist wsbs on hyre 
gefullod. Saga me hwider gewiton fa engelas fe Gode 
witJsocon on heofona rfce ? Ic J>e secge, hyg todseldon on 
J>ri daelas ; ^uine dffil he asette on faes lyftes gedrif, ofeme ' 
dael on J>aes wateres gedrif, )>riddan dael on heUe neowel- 
nysse. Saga me hu fela is woruld-watra ? Ic fe secge, 
twa syndon sealte s^, and twa fersce. Saga me hwilc man 
erost waere wyt$ hund sprecende ? Ic fe secge, Scs Petrus. 
Saga me hwilc man a)>ohte ^rust myd sul to seriende ? Ic 
J>e secge, faet wses Cham, Noes sunu. Saga me forhwam 
st^nas ne synt berende P Ic fe secge, forfon fe Abeles 
bl6d gefeoll ofer st^n, fa hyne Chain hys brofer ofsloh myd 
anes esoles cyng-b^e. Saga me hwaet ys betst and wyrst 
betwinan mannon ? Ic fe secge, word ys betst and wyrst 
betwix mannon. Saga me hwsBt ys cufost mannon on 
eorSan to witaame ? Ic fe secge, fset nys nsBnygum men 




n^wyht awa cuS awa he ecesl deaS jirowian. Saga ins> 
hwKit eyndou |>a rii. jiing |ie nfiu man baton lufian 
Ic }>e Beoge, on js fyr, oSer ja wipter, |)ridde ys yaen. Saga 
me hwilc treow ys ealra treowa betat P Ic |ie secge, [imt 
ys wfn-treow. Saga me hwar resteS pass mannes eawul, 
poime 86 lychama slepS ? Ic pe secge, on t>riin stomim 
heo byiS : on )>ain bragene, o|>]ie on Jwre beortan, o^pe 
on pam blode. Saga me for bwan webs aeo mb sealt ge- 
worden. Ic fe secge, of pam x. wordum f>e Moiaes ge- 
Bonmode in ]>ibtb ealdan &, Godca bcbfide, and be awearp 
|ia X. vord in pa afe, and bia tearaa aget in |)a BEe ; ror|>on, 
wearB seo seaJt. Saga me bwtet wieron Jia word ? Ic fte 
Hecge, Jiast forme word wiea -. Non babeaa Deoa alienos, (iset 
is, Ne lufa t>u ojierne God ofer me. pict o|)er word wtea, 
Nonadsumes nomen Dili invanum, Ne cig [luGodes nSman 

on ydel. psefc [irid HealdaS fone baligan resten daig. 

piet WffiS, Ara jifnon fader and Jifnre meder, 

word W£BB, Non occides, Ne sleb fn man dine, pjet 

Ti. word w»s, Non mecbaberia. On unriht ne biemiS Jtn. 
piet VII. word wiea, Ne atala (lu, pset viir. word wfes, Ne 
BKge lease gewitnysae. ptet ix. word wibb, Ne concupiacaa 
uiorem proximi tni, Ne gewilna fu ofireB mannes wjfes on 
unribt. Saga me bwier is Moysea byrgen, \itea kininges ? 
Ic fe secge, beo ya be Jiam buse pe Fegor hatte, and niia 
man njs fe hyg wite ter |iam miclan dflme. Saga me for 
hwilcum pingum peos eorSe awyrged were, oS8e aeft ge- 
bletsod ? Ic Jie aecge, Jiurb Adflm beo wtea awirged, and 
puih Abelea blod, and teft beo waes gebletsod purb Noe, 

and andjiurbfullubte. Saga me bw wfngeard 

Serost plantode ? Ic Jie secge, ptet ae heabfieder. 

Saga me bwa nfmde ferost Godes naman P Ic |ib aecge. 
Be deoful n&nde Eeroat Godea naman. Saga me hwat is 
hf fogoat to berenne on eorSan p Ic j>e secge, mannes aynna, 
and bis blSfordes ^'rre. Saga me bwiet ys fiet oSrum Kcyge, 



and otJrum myslycige ? Ic fe secge, fsdt is ddm. Saga 
me hwaet syndon fa nn. fing fe nsefre fuUe nseron, ne 
naefre ne beot$. Ic fe secge, ^n ys eortJe, otJer ys ffr, fridde 
ys hell, feorfe ys se gytsyenda man worulde welena. Saga 
me hu fela ys fleogendra fugel-cynna ? Ic fe secge/iii. l. 
Saga me hu fela ys fisc-cynna on waetere ? Ic f e secge, tt. 
and XX. Saga me hwilc man ^rost mynster getimbrode ? 
Ic fe secge, Elias and Eliseus fa wftegan, and, sefter ful- 
luhte, Faulus and Antonius, fa ^rostan ancran. Saga me 
hwsBt syndon fa streamas, and f a . . . . an, f e on neorxena- 
wange flotatJ ? Ic f e secge, hiora syndon ini., seo ^roste 
hatte Fison, seo of er hatte Geon, and seo m. hatte Tygres, 
seo feorf e Eufraten, fast is meolc, and hiinig, and sele, and 
wfn. Saga me forhwan byt$ seo sunne read on sefen ? Ic 
f e secge, forf on heo locate on helle. Saga me hwf sc^netJ 
heo swa reade on morgene ? Ic f e secge, forf on hyre 
twynatJ hwsef er heo mseg f e ne maeg f isne myddaneard 
eondsc^nan, swa hyre beboden ys. Saga me fas mi. w»- 
tera f e fas eortJan fedat5 ? Ic f e secge, f set ys snaw, and 
wseter, and hagol, and deaw. Saga me hwa ^rost b6c- 
stafas sette ? Ic f e secge, Mercurius se gygand. Saga 
me hwaet bdc-kinna and hu fela syndon ? Ic f e secge 
kanones b€c syndon ealra twa and hund-seofontig, eall swa 

fela f eo syndon on gerfme, and eall swa fela leom- 

yng-cnihta, butan f am xii. aplm. Mannes b^na syndon 

on gerfme eallra cc. and xvm., mannes addre eallra 

ccc, and y. and lx. ; mannes t6f a beot$ on eallum his l^fe 

II. and XXX. On xii. mont$um beot$ n wucena and 

ccc. dagena and y. and lx. daga; on xn. mont$um beot$ 

ehta f usend t^da and Yn hund t^da ; on xii. 

montJum f u scealt syllan f fnon f eowan men Yn. hund hl^a^ 
and XX. hl^a, buton morge-mettum and ndn-mettum. 




Deob wyrt fe man Mandragoram nemne^ jb mjcel and 
m^re on gesili)>e, and heo y s fremful. Da )>u scealt J^yssmn 
gemete niman : fonne fu to hyre cymst, fonne ongist J)u, 
hy, be ]»am |>e heo on nihte scfne^, ealswa leoht-fset. )>onne 
ftu hyre heafod ^rest geseo, fonne bewrit fu hy wel hra)>e 
mid iseme, fy-lses heo pe setfleo. Hyre msBgen ys swa 
mycel and swa m^re, faet heo unclsBnne ifian, fonne he to 
hyre cymet5, wel hrafe forfleon wyle. For^y fu hy bewrit, 
swa we ^r cwaedon, mid iseme. And swa fu scealt onbutan 
hy delfan, swa t$u hyre mid fam iseme na aethrine ; ac fu 
georaJiee scealt mid ylpenbaenenon staefe t$a eor^an delfan, 
and fonne fu hyre handa and hyre fet geseo, fonne gewritS 
|)U hy. Nim )>onne faene oferaie ende, and gewritJ to anes 
hundes swyran, swa faet se hund hungrig sy : wurp him 
syffan mete to-foran, swa faet he hyne ahrsecan ne mssge, 
buton he mid him fa wyrte up-abrede. Be fysse wyrte ys 
saed fset heo swa mycele mihte haebbe, faet swa hwylc fineg 
swa hy up-atyht5, faet hyt sona scyle fam sylfan gemete 
been beswycen ; forfy sona swa fu geseo faet heo up-abro- 
den sy, and fu hyre geweald haebbe, genim hy sona on hand, 
swa andwealc hi, and gewring faet w6s of hyre leafon on 
ane glaesene ampullan, and ]7onne t5e need becume fsdt ]>u 
hwylcon menn faermid helpan scyle, ]K>nne help fu him 
tJyssum gemete : Wit$ heafod-ece, etc. 



Heb ys seo b6t hu fu meaht fine aeceras betan, gif hi nel- 
latS wel wexan, d6^e faer hwilc imgedefe fing ongedon bit5, 
on dry o««e on lyblace. 

A SPELL. 117 

G^enim fonne on niht, ^r hit dagige, feower tyrf on 
feower healfa fses landes, and gemearca hu hy ^r stodon. 
Nim ]7onne ele, and hunig, and beorman, and selces feos 
meolc fe on faem lande sy, and aBlces treow-cynnes dael fe 
on )>aem lande sy gewexen, butan heardan beaman, and 
selcre namcufre wyrte dael, butan glappan ^non ; and do 
fonne halig-wsBter faeron, and drype fonne friwa on fone 
s tat5ol fara t urfa, and cw&6e fonne fis word : Crescite, wexe ; 
et multipUcamini, and gemaenigfealde ; et replete, and ge- 
fylle ; terrain, fas eorfan ; in nomine JPatris et Filii et Spi- 
ritus Sancti henedicti ; and Pater noster, swa oft swa faet 
ot$er, and bere siffan fa turf to circean, and maesse-preost 
asinge feower maessan ofer fan turf on, and wende man faet 
grene to fan weofode, and sif f an gebringe man fa turf f aer 
hi ^r waeron ^r sunnan setlgange, and haebbe him geworht, 
of cwiebeame, feower Cristes maBlo, and awrfte on aelcon 
ende, Mattheus and Marcus, Lucas and lohannes. Lege 
f aet Cristes mael on f one pyt neof eweardne : cwef e f onne, 
Crux, Matthetis ; Crux, Mwrcus ; Crva, Lucas ; Crux, lo- 
hannes. Nim f onne fa turf, and saete f aer-ufon-on, and 
cwef e f onne nigon sif on fas word : Crescite, and swa oft 
Pater noster, and wende f e f onne eastweard, and onlut 
nigon sitJon eadmodKce, and cwet$ f onne fas word ; 

Ea;stweard ic stande, and heah-reced, 

arena ic me bidde, f aet ic mote f is gealdor, 

bidde ic f one m^ran Diie mid gife Drihtnes, 

bidde f one miclan Drihten, tof um pntynan, 

bidde ic f one haligan f urh trumne gef anc, 

heofon-rfces Weard ; aweccan fas waestmaa 

eortSan ic bidde, us to woruld-nytte, 

and up-heofon, ' gefylle fas foldan 

and fa sof an mid faeste geleafan, 

sancta Marian, wlitigian fas wang-turf ; 

and heofones meaht, swa se witega cwaet^. 

118 A SPELL. 

)>8Bt 86 bsefde ^re on eorS-rfce, dselde ddmlice, 
Be)>e selmyssan Srihtnes {nances. 

Wende t$e forme friwa simganges, astrece forme on and- 
lang, and arim pser letanias, and cwet$ forme, Sanetus, 
sanctuSySancttM, o^ ende. Sing fonne, Benedicite, af enedon 
earmon, and Magnificat, and Bater noster, and bebeod hit 
Criste, and Sancta Marian, and faBre haJgan rdde, to lofe 
and to weort$inga, and fam [to] are f e f set land ^e, and 
eallon fam fe him underfeodde synt. 

ponne fset eall sie gedon, f onne nfme man uneu^ ssed 
set selmesmannum, and selle him tw^ swylc swylce man set 
him nfme, and gegaderie ealle his sulh-geteogo tog»dere ; 
borige f onne an fan beame stdr and finol and gehalgode 
sapan, and gehalgod sealt ; nim f onne f set ssed, sete on 
f 8BS sules bodig ; cwet$ f onne, 

Eree, erce, erce, G-eunne him 

eor«an modor, eee Drihten, 

geimne t$e se Alwalda, and his halige 

eee Drihten, f e on heofonum synt, 

SBcera wexendra, f aet hys yrtJ si gefrif od 

and writJendra, wit$ eaka feonda gehwaene, 

eacniendra, and heo si geborgen 

and ebiiendra ; wit$ eab*a bealwa gehwylc, 

sceafta hen f ara lyblaca 

se Bcfre wsBstma, geond land sawen. 

and f aere br^dan Nu bidde ic f one "Waldend, 

here waestma, sefe tJas woruld gesceop, 

and f aere hwftan f aet ne sy to f aBS cwidol wlf, 

hwaete waestma, ne to f aes craeftig man, 

and ealra f aet awendan ne ^laege 

eortJan waestma. word f us geewedene. 

porme man fa sulh fort$drife, and fa forman fiirh onsceote ; 
cwet$ f onne, 


Hfl wes fu, folde ! on Godes faBtSme, 

fira modor, fodre gefylled, 

beo t$u growende firum to nytte. • 

Nim fonne aelces cynnes melo, and abace man innewerdne 
handa br^dnae hl^, and gecned hine mid meolce, and mid 
halig-waBtere,and lecge under J>a forman fiirh ; cwe"^J)onne, 

Pnl aecer fodres and fas eortSan 

fira cinne, fe we on lifiatS, 

beorht-blowende, se God se fas grundas geworhte 

J>u gebletsod weortS, geiinne us growende gife, 

faes haligan n6man, faet us coma gehwylc 

fe t$as heofon gesceop, cume to nytte. 

CwetS J>onne friwa, Crescite in nomine Patris henedicti, 
Amen ; and Pater noster J>riwa. 




Sum swytJe ilaered munuc com sufan ofer s^, from Saeincte 
Benedictes stowe, on ^febsBdes dagum kynges, to Dun- 
stane archeb., freom gearae sBrfam J>e he forSferde, and 
sum munuc hatte Abbo. pa wurdon heo on spece, otStSet 
Dunstan rehte be Sco Eadmundo, swa swa Eadmundes 
swyrd-boraB hit rsehte -ZEfelstan kynge, fatSa Dunstan 
geunc mon wsbs, and J>e sweord-borsB wsbs forealdod mon. 
Da sette ^e munuc alle fas gerecednysse onaneb6c,and eft, 
f aSa $eo b6c com to us, binnon feawum gearum, fa awende 
we hit on Englisc, swa swa hit her SBfter stont. pe munuc 


|>a Abbo, binnon twam geariun, wenda bSm to myoatre, 
and wearS pa to abbode iset on y&m ylcan mynstre. 

Ettdmund, pe seadigte Eost-Englro kyiig, wses anoter and 
tigse God. He wxa eadmod and i^imcgeii, and swa annede 
furbwunede, fitet he nolde bugieu to bismerfuUe leabtne, 
ue on naue healfe he ne ahydde bia [leawies, ac wbbs syrole 
mundig Jiare Bo|iaii lufe. Gjf Jiu eart to heoi'od-men iaet, 
ne ahiot'e ])u Se, ac beo betweox moimuia awa swa an moa 
of him. He was cystig wa?dlum and wydewum, Bwa swa 
fxder, and mid wiel-willendnesBe wiaaode his folc aimle to 
rihtwiaaesse, and ]jam reSan styrede and iaieligelice leofode. 
Hit ilamp jia a;t nystan, piet 8a Deniacae leodje ferden mid 
Bcyphere, bergende and sleande wide geond lond, BWa swa 
beorawune is. On fam floten waeron 8a fyrstan hcafod- 
men, Hiaguar and Hnbba, geanltebte Jiurb deofel, and beo 
on NorShumbrelond gcl^ndon mid ifiBcuin, and wteaten 
[■set lond and 5a leoden ofalogeo. Da wende Hinguar east 
mid bia scypum, and Hubba belaf on NorShumbrielanJe, 
wuunenum sige mid wslreownesae. Hinguar bicom fa to 
Eaat-Englum rowende, on pam geare pe Alfred a?f>eling an 
and twentig geare webs, pe ]te Wffiat Seaxene king sySSan 
wearS mmre. And pe fore-aaide Hinguar feriice, swa awft 
wulf, to londe biatalcode, and ye leod» slob, wer»a and wif, 
and pa unwittige child, and to byamere tucode pa bilewite 
cristene. Heseude pa aySSan aonatopamkyngebeotlice 
aarende, ]>tBt be bugon aceolde to bis monredene, gif he 
bis feores rohto. De srendrac» com pa to Eodmunde 
kynge,andHinguarB8iBrendehimlieardlieeabead: "Hing- 
uar ure kyng, kene and aigefeat on ate and on londe, btefB 
feltepeodEeiwaald,and comnu midferdeferlieeber tolande, 
pjet he her winter-aelt mid hia werode habbe, Wu iitet he 
pe dselen pine diglan goldbordtea, and }>ine leldrynte atreoa 
bferlicB wifi bine, piet pu beo bia tinder-kyng, gif pu cwyc 


beon wult, forJ>an 8e t$u nsBfst fa mihte, J^ast t$u mage him 
witSstandflBii." Hwaet fa, Eadmimd kyng clypede sBmie 
biscop, J>e him fa hendest w»s, and wit$ hine smeade, hu 
he fam retSan Hinguare berstan sceolde. pa forhtede f e 
biscop for fam faerlice gelimpe, and for faes kynges life, 
and cwsBtS, f set him rsed fuhte, f set he to fam abuge, fe 
Hinguar him bead. Da swy wode f e kyng, and biseah to 
fare eorSan, and cwsetJ fa sdt nyhstan kynelice him to : 
"Eala, fu biscop, to bysmere beotJ itawode fsBs earman 
lend leodsB, and me nu leofre were, f aet ic on feohte feolle, 
wis fam tSe min folc moste heorae eardes brucaen.*' And 
fe biscop cwaB^ : " Eala, f u leofe kyng, fin folc lif ofsla- 
gen, and f u naefst f onne fiiltume, f aet tSu feohten mage, and 
fas flotmen cumaetS, and t$e cwicne bindaBf , buten f u mid 
fleame fine feore burge, 66^e f u t$e swa burge faat t5u 
huge to him." Da cwaeS Eadmundkyng, swa swa he ful 
kene waes : " paes ic wilnige and wisce mid mode, f aet ic 
ane ne bileafe aefter mine leofimi f aegnum, fe on heorae 
beddum wurdon, mid beamumand wifum, ferlice ofslagene 
from fisse flotmonnnm. Naes me naefre iwunelic faet ic 
WTohte fleames, ac ic wolde smtSor swelton, gif ic f yrfte, 
for mine agene earde, and fe Almihtigae God wat f aet ic 
nylle bugan from his bigengum aefre, ne from his sotSan 
lufe, swelte ic libbe ic." ^ffcer f issnm wordnm, he wende 
to fam aerendracan «e Hinguar to him sende, and s»de him 
unforht : "Witodlice fu waBre nu weorSe slaeges, ac ic neUe 
fylaen mine claene handaen on fine fule blqde, forf am tSe ic 
folgige Criste, f e us swa bisnode; ac ic blifelice wylle beon 
ofslagen f urh eow, gif hit God foresceawaetS. Fare nu switJe 
rafe, and saege fine raBf um laforde, ne buhf nefre Eadmund 
Hinguare on life, haBfene heretogaen, buton he to Haelende 
Criste aerest mid geleafan on fisse lend huge." Da wende 
f e erendracaB heardlice awaBg, and imette f one waelreowan 
Hinguare mid aUe his ferde fuse to Eadmunde, and saede 


para arleaBum hu him iajidawered wsa. Hiaguar bead fa 
mid beaide fam acyp-here, and psit heo fjcs kyugea anea alle 
cepan sccoldoD, }>e his bere forseah, and biueaouebiadffla- 
Hwiet fa,, Eadmimd kyng, mid )iam He Hinguar coed, 
stod inuaa hia h3Ue,|>aisHiEleadea imyndig, and awearp hia 
wepnag, wolde efenljBceE CristeB gebianungum, pe forbead 
Petrum mid wapnum to feohten wiB fa waslreowao ludeis- 
cao. Hwtet fa,, |ia arleaaan Eadmusdura bimdoD, and by- 
Bmoredeii hyxlice, and beoten mid aahlum, and swa sySSaD 
lajddon fonne ileaffulne kyng to ane eot8featiim treowe, 
and tegdon bine Sserto, mid hearde bendum, aod bine eft 
BWuncgoQ loDglice mid swipum, aod he aymle clypode, 
betweox fam swincglum, mid Bo|)an ileafan, to Hselende 
Criate ; and |ia hajpene fa, for hia ileafe, wurdon pa awySe 
yrre, forf?am Se be elypode Criat him to fultume : heo 
Bcytien. fa mid gauelocum him togeanea, otSSet he all wsea 
biset mid heore acotungum, awylce ylea burate, awa awa 
SebastianuB wsea. Da iaeah Hiiiguar,]>o arleoae dotm.on, 
fmb fe ieSele kyng nolde Criste wiSaaeen, ac mid andraede 
ileafe hinc mfre clypode, hst bine |>a bih»fdian, and fia 
htBjjenan awa dydea. Betwcox pam fe he clypode to Criate 
pa-gy t, pa tugoa pa hEepene pone halgan to alaege, and, mid 
ane awencge, alogon him of piet hmfod, and aawlae aiSode 
iaffilig to Criate, paer wsea aum mon gehende ihealden, 
purh Gode hehydd pam haspenum, pe Sia iherde all, and hit 
seft stede, awa awa wo SEBCgseS hit her. Hwset pa, Se flot- 
here ferde pa eft to aeipe, and behyddon pa;! heafod pies 
httlgan Eadmundea on pam Siccum bremlum, p«t hit bibu- 
riged ne wur8e. pa softer fyrste, ayfiSan heo ifarene wsron, 
com pffit lond-folc to, pe per to lafo pa wsbb, pasr heone 
lafordea lie buton heafde pa leg, and wurdon awiSe aarig 
for his ahegio on mode, and hure pset heo niefdoa ptet hea- 
fod to pam bodige. pa atcde $e aceawere, pe hit ler iaeah, 
pst pa flotmen biefdoa pet heafod mid heom, and wibs him 


ifuht, swa swa hit wsbs ful sot$, faet heo hydden faat heofod 
on fam holte. For-hwaega heo eoden fa endemes alle to 
fam wude, ssecende gehwaer, geond f yfelas and brymelas, 
gif heo mihten imeten faet heafod. Waes eac mycel wunder 
f set an wulf wsbs isend, furh Godes willunge, to biwae- 
rigenne f aet heafod, wit$ fa otSre deor, ofer daeg and niht. 
Heo eoden t$a saecende and cleopigende, swa swa hit iwu- 
nelic is faet tSa f e on wude gaf oft : " Hwaer eart fu nu, 
gerefa ? * *' And him andswyrde faet heafod : " Her, her, 
her." And swa ilome clypode andswarigende, otStSet heo 
alle bieomen, furh fa clypimge, him to. pa laeg J>e graegae 
wulf f e bewiste faet heafod, ant mid his twam fotum haefde 
faet heafod biclypped, gredig and hungrig, and for Gode 
ne dyrste f aes haefdes onburigen, ac heold hit witS deor. 
Da wurdon heo ofwundroden f aes wulfes hordraedene, and 
faet halige heafod ham feroden mid heom, f ankende fam 
Almihtigan aire his wundrae. Ac f e wulf fologede fort$ 
mid f am heafde, ot$t$et heo on tune comen, swylce he tome 
waere, and wende aeft syf fan to wude ongean. Da lond- 
leodan fa syt$t$an laegdan f aet heafod to f am halige bodige, 
and burigdon, swa swa heo lihtlucost mihten on swylce 
raedinge, andcyrce araBrdonon-uppon him. Eftf aonfyrste, 
sefter fel» geare, fa «eo hergung aawac, and sib wearS 
igyfen f am iswaencte folce, fa fengon heo togadere, and 
wrohten ane circe wurtSlice f am halgan, aet his burigene, 
aet f am bed-huse faer he iburiged waBs. Heo wolden fa 
ferian, mid folclice wurtSmente, f one halgan lichame, and 
laBcgen inne fare circean. pa waes mycel wundor f set he 
waes all hal, swylce he cwic waere, mid claBnum lichame, 
and his sweorae waBS ihaled, f e aer forslagen waes ; and waBS 
swulce an solcene tSred embe his sweoraen, monnum to 
swutelunge hit he ofslagen waes. Eac swylce wundae, f e 
Sa waelreowan haefenaen, mid ilome scotunge, on his lice 

' gefera? 


makedon, wieroii iLealedo, Jiurh Sone heofoolice God ; and 
he li|» Bwa ansund oS |iyBiie andweardne dteg, abidende 
fej-iateB and fies ecen wuldrea. Hislychameuacjili, jwliB 
uuforsmolanod, (last be buton forligre her on worulde leo- 
fode, and mid clcene life to Criate siSode. Sum wydewa 
wiinede, Oswyn ihaten, on gebedum and fastenum.monigB 
gear sjSfian. peo waJde efaiaea a;lce gear pone aont, and 
his nieglesceorfien sjferUce midlufe, aad oa acryne healdon 
to haligdome on weoibde. pa wurfiode pwt lond-folc mid 
ileafaen pone sont to wurBtnente. Da comen on snnme 
Biel unsielig peofies eahta, on ane niiite, to pam arwurSsen 
halgan, and wolden stelon pa madmics pe men tSider 
brohton, and cunoedon mid crajfte hu heo in-cumen mihte. 
Sam sloh mid allege swy3e pa hicpsan, sum heo mid fyle 
feoledon abutsen, aum eae imderdealf pa dure mid spade, 
Bum heo mid lajddrj» wolden unluc«n prot leh-pyrl ; ac 
heo awuncon on ydel, and earmlice ferdon, swa piBt )ie 
halgie war heom wunderlice bont, telcne awa he atod 
strutigende mid tolie, pa?t beora uan ne mihte pist morf 
gefremman, ne heo peonan atyriain ; ac heo stoden awa 
oS maregen. Men |ia Sics wundredon, hu pa weargaa 
hangedon, sum uppon lieddrie, aum leat to diplfe, and tele 
on his weorce waea feate ibunden. Heo wnrdon pa ibrobte 
to |iam biacope aUe, and he bet beom abon on heagum 
gealgum alle ; ac he nses na imundig hu pe mildbeorte 
G-od flypode purb his witegan paa word po her stondfep : 
Eoa qui ducuntur ad mortem eruere ne cesaea, " Da pe 
mon Ifet to deape alja ut symle." And eac pa halgan 
canoncs ibadedon forbeodsep, ge biacopum ge prcoatum, 
to beonne embe Beofea, forfan pe hit ne burseS Jiaii 
beoS icorene Gode to jienigeone, piet heo pw»rliEcen seyloa 
on [enigea monnes deape, gif heo beoS drihtines pxgntea. 
Eft paSa Deodrad hiscop, sjSSan he hie bee seeawode, ha 
reowaode mid geomerunge, pat be awa repne dom sette 


f am unssBligum f eoftun, and hit bisaregede aefre, ot$ his 
lifes ende, and fa leode bead geome f set heo him mid 
fsBstaen ftdlice tSreo dagaes, biddende pone Almihtigaen 
God, fsBt he him ariaen sceolde. 

On fam londe waes sum mon Leofstan ihaten, rice for wo- 
rulde, unwittig for Gode, fe rad to f am halgan mid ricetere 
swytJe, and het him sBteowanorhliceswytSef one halgsB sont, 
hwsstSer he isund wsBre ; ac swa ra'Se swa he iseah ]>sbs sontes 
lichame, t5a awedde he sonsB, and waelreowlice grymetede, 
and earmlice endode yfelum dea]>e. Dis is f am ilic }>e 
halga papa Gregorins, on his isetnesse [awrat] be f am hal- 
gum Laurentium, fe lit$ on Rome-burig, tSaet men wolden 
sceawian hu he laege ; ac God heom gestyrde, swa fast tSser 
swulton on Sare sceawuncge sBne seofe men sBtgaedere, }>a 
swike fa otSre to sceawenne tSone martyr mid mennisce 
dwylde. Pelae wundrae we iherdon on folclice spaece bi 
fam halgan Eadmundum, J>e we her nyllaetS on write setten, 
ac heom wat gehwa. On f issum halgum is swutel, ant on 
swylcum oSnim, f aet God Almihtig maeg fone mon arsBran 
aeft on domes daege ansimdne of eor'San, J>e fe healt Ead- 
mundne halne lichame, ot5 ^ene my clan daeg, f eah t$e he on 
moldaen come. "WeorSe waere teo stow for fam wui^fiillaen 
halgum, J>aBt hire mon W8b1 wurtSode and waelegode mid 
claene Godes feowum to Cristes tSeowdome ; forfan t$e f e 
halgaB is maerraB fone men magon asmean. Nis Angol 
bidaeled Drihtnes halgene, forfam on EnglaB londe licgaef 
swylce halgan, swylce fes halgae king, and Chutbertus fe 
eadigae, and Mfeldryp on Elig, and eac hire swuster, an- 
sund on lichame, geleafa^n to trumuncge. Beot$ eac fela 
oSraB on Angel-cynne, J>e fela wundrae wurcaetS, swa swa 
hit wide is cyf, ^am Almihtigan to lofe, fe heo on ilyfden. 
Crist sylf swy telaej) monnum, furh his maBren halgan, faet 
he is .^mihtig God, pe makaBf swylce wundrae, feah fe t$a 
earman ludeiscaen hine allungaB wit^socon, forfan ]>e heo 

126 WILLS. 

beoS awarigede, swa awa heo wiscton heom sylfam. Ne 
beo8 iiane WTindrfe iwrobte ffit heorsB burigene, forpam pe 
beo ne geljfteS on pone lyfigenden Crist ; ac Crist swu- 
tehep nionnum hw£er pe gode ileafie ia, penne he Bwyke 
wundr^e wurctE'S, jiurb hie halgao, wide geond pas eorSan, 
bam beo wuldor and lof a mid hia Heofenlice Faader. 

t Heb swytelaS, on pisaum gewrite, hu ^Ifric bisceop 
wilie bis arc beteon, pe be uuder Gode geemode, and under 
Cnute kjncge, bis leofne lafordc, and sippaii bajffi rihtlice 
gehealdan under Haralde cyncge. pet is ponne sreat ; pet 
ic gefin pet land et "Wiirincgawerpa into See Eadmunde 
for minra aaule, and for minas lafordaa, swa ful and awa 
forS, swa be bit me to banda let. And ic gean pet land st 
Hunataneatune be .^atAnbroke, and mid pan laude et 
Holme, into See Eadmunde. And ic wille pet pa mimecas 
on Byrig aellan ayjtig punda for pan lande et Ticeawelle 
and et Doccyncge, and pet perto gebyraS. And ic gean 
Leofatane dsaoane pet land et Grimaahme, swa ful and swa 
forS swa ic bit abte. And ic gean mine cyne-laforde Ha- 
ralde n. marc gol. And ic gean minre blefdigen Sn marc 

And gelseste man jEgelrice fin pund, miune fat-fylre* ; 
and sela man mina cnibtas pa miua stiwardaa witan, xxxx. 
punda, Siud flf pund into Elig, and fif pund into Holm, 
and fif pund Wulfwarde mnneke, minne mtcge, and flf 
pund jElfriehe mice aemeatre. And ic wiUe pet man 
sella pet land et Walsingabam, awa man derast ma;ge, and 
gelesta man pet feob, awa ic gewiasod biebbe. And ic 
wille pet man sella jiet land et Fersafeld, awa man derast 
■ MS. minre fat iy]xe. 




mid godcundre gyfe gemcered, and gcweorjiad ; torfan he 
gewunade geriaenlice leoS wyrcean, pa pe to sefiGatneBae 
and to dirfssatnease belumpon ; awa pif tte awa hwfet awa he 
of godcimdum atafum purli boceraa geleoruade, piet lie 
miter med-miclum itece in ac5p-gereordo, mid pa mmBtan 
Bw^tneBBO and inbryrdneaae geglencde, and in Engliac 
gereorde wel gehwsr forSbrolite; andfor hia leoB-aongum, 
monigra monna mod oft to worolde forhohneaao, and to ge- 
peodneaae pass beofonlican Iffea oubiemde wieron. Ond eao 
awylce monige oSre sefter him in Ongel-peode ongunnon 
ffifeste leoS wjTcan, ae nienig hwiepere him past gelice A6a 
meahte ; forfon he naltes from monnum ne [mrh mon 
gel^red wsea, past he pone leoKcraaft geleornade ; ac he wsea 
godcundhce gefidtumod, and purh Godea gjfe pone aong- 
cneft onfeng ; ond he forpon na;fre noht ieasunga, ue idelea 
leopea wyrcan meahte, ac efne pa, &a pa pe to ffifeatnease 
belumpon, and his pa lefestan tungan gedafcnode singan. 
Wies he bb mon in weoruldhSde geseted 08 6a tfdo jie he 
wies gelyfedre yldo, and he ntefre lenig leoS geleornade : 
and he forpon oft in geheoracipe, ponue pier w£ea bliase 
intingan gedemed, pffit hie ealle aeeoldon purh endobyrd- 
neaae be hearpan aingan, ?5onne he geaeah fia hearpan him 
nealascan, ponne arfia he for acomefrom psem symble, and 
hSm eode to his huse. Da he pfet pa sumre tfde dyde, piet 
he forlet pait hfla ptea geheoracipes, and lit wkh gongende 
to neata acypene, para heord him wtes pare nihte beboden, 
8a he pa pjer in geUmplicre tfde his limo on reate geeette 
and oiialfepto, pa stfid him sum mon jet, purh swefn, and 
hiue halette and grette, and bine be his naman nemde, 
Ca;dmon, aing me letbwegn. pa andawarode he, and cwkS, 
Ne con ic nolit aingan, and ic forfion of pysaum geheoracipe 
tit eode, and hider gewfit, forpon ic noht cnSe, Eft he 
cwaiS, aeSe mid him sprecende wses, HwfeSere pn meaht 
me aingan. Cwte6 he, Hwtet aceal ic singan. Cwse3 he, 


128 MAEK, CHij. I. 

BeomfritJ pf . get$afie and midwrite. 

Wealhhere pf . . SwitSberht diac. 

Osmund pf. Beomheah diac. 

Deimund pf . ^ iE«elmund diac. 
-ZEtJelwald diac. "Wighelm diac. 
"Werbald diac. Lubo. 
Sifred diac. 

t Ic Luba, ea'Smod Godes tSiwen, t$as fore-cwedenan g6d 
and t$as elmessan gesette and gefestnie ob minem erfelande 
et Mundlingham tern, hiiue to Cristes cirican ; and ic 
bidde, and an Oodes libgendes naman bebiade, ^sBm men 
t$e tJis land and t$is erbe hebbe et Mundlingham, t$et he 
t$as g6d fortJleste ot$ wiaralde ende. Se man se t$is healdan 
wille, and lestan t$et ic beboden hebbe an tJisem gewrite, 
se him geseald and gehealden sia hiabenlice bledsung ; se 
his ferweme ot$t$e hit agele, se him seald and gehealden 
helle-wite, bute he to fulre bote gecerran wille, G-ode and 
mannum. TJene ualete. 


MAEK, Chapter L 
In the NortJitmbrian Dialect from tJie BwrJiam MS.* 

2 GoDSFELLES fruma, HsBlendes Crist, Godes Suna, suse 
awritten is in Esaia tSone witgo, Heonu ic asende mfn 
engel befora onsione "Sfn, setJe foregearwas weg t$fn. 

3 Cliopendesstefhin'Sflwwwoesten, GearuasDrihtneswoeg; 
4doet$ [wyrcas] rehta his stigo [geongas]. Johannes 

* In the Korthmnbrian Gloss, the words between brackets are va- 
rious renderings of the Latin ; those in italics are wanting in the Gloss, 
but are here supplied, in order to complete the sense. 



he weoroldbfid forlete, and munucliMe onfcogo ; ond he 
}iiet vel )>afode ; and heo bine in pent myaater onfeng mid 
his gfidum, and hine ge|>eodde to gesomnunge pa^ra Oodes 
Jieowa, and het hine l^ran fatt getiel fiea halgan stterea and 
Bpellea; ondheeall fastbein geherneaae geleoroianmihte, 
mid hine gemyngade, and, swaclicnenyten eodorcende, in 
fast BW^teste leoB gehwyrfde, and bis song and bia leoS 
ffit bia muSe writon and leornodon. Song he Cereat he nud- 
dangeardea geaceape, and be fruman moncynnea, and eall 
ffflt stier Genesis, past ia aeo ^reste Moiaea h6c, and eft be 
titgonge leraela folcea of ^gypta loude, aad be ingonge 
fsBs gehSt-londea, and be oSrum moaigum spellnm fiea 
halgan gewritea canonea bfica, and be Cristea menniacnesae, 
and he hie frownnge, and be his up-aatignease on heofonaa, 
and big ]>a9a Halgan Ga.stes cyme, and para apoatola l£re; 
and eft bi Jiam ege pifiH toweardan dflmea, and be fyrbto 
pXB tintreglican wites, and be aw^tnesae ^ms heofonlican 
rfeea, he monig leoS geworhte ; and awylce eao ojier monig 
be pam godcundum fremeumnesaum and domum he ge- 
worhte. On ealJum pam he geornlice gymde ]j£et he men 
atnge fram synna lufau and mSn-dieda, and to lufan and to 
geornfuUnease aweht* gfidra dieda ; ftirfion he wfea se mon 
switSe iefest, and reogoUieum feodacypum eaSmodlice un- 
derpeoded ; and wi8 pam pa Se on opre wfaan d5n woldon, 
he Wiea mid wylme mieelre ellenwodnease onbiemed, and 
he forpon fegere ende his Iff betynde and geendade. 

Forpon pa Sffire tide nealeote his gewiteuesae and forfi- 
fore, 8a wasa he feowertyne dagum £er, pfct be wea licum- 
licre untrymneaae prycced and hefigod, bw^pere to fon 
gemetliee, ftet be ealle fa, tfd mihte ge eprecan ge gan 
WsB pter on neaweate uotrumra manna bus, on pam hyra 
peaw wsBs piefc bi pa untruman, and pa pe mt forSfore wieron, 
inliMTn.n gceoldan, aud him fter tetsomne )>eniaii. Da beed 


he Ms f^n, on SBfenne fsere nilite |>e he of wonilde gangende 
waes, J)8Bt he on )>am htise him stowe gegearwade, faet he 
restan mihte. Da wtindrade se feng for hwon he faes bsBde, 
forJ>on him fuhte fast his fortSfore swa neh ne waere, dyde 
hwaefere swa swa he cwsb^J and behead : ond mid }j he J>a 
f ser on reste eode, and he gefeonde mode sumu fing sBtgae- 
dere mid him sprecende and gleowiende wsbs fe faer ^r 
inne waeron, fa wses ofer middeniht "past he fraegn, hwaefer 
hi senig husel J>»r-inne h»fdon ? Da andswarodon hie and 
cwflBdon, Hwile fearf is )>e husles ? Ne J^fnre fortSfore swa 
neh is, nu fu fus rotlice and f us glaedlice to us sprecende 
eart. Cwae8 he effc, BeraiS me hwaej^ere husel to. Da he 
hit on handa haefde, pa firaeng he, hwaeper hi ealle smylte 
m6d, and butan eallum incan, blithe to him haefdon P Da 
andswarodon hi ealle, and cwaedon, ]>aBt hi naenigne incan 
to him wistan, ac hi ealle him swit$e blithe m6de waeron, 
and hi wrixendlice hine baedon faet he him eallum blitSe 
waere. Da andswarode he, and cwaetJ, Mfne brofro J>a 
leofan, ic eom swii$e bli]>m6d to eow and to eallum G-odes 
monnum. And he swa w»8 hine getrymmende mid fy 
heofonlican wegneste, and him o)>res Iffes ingang gearwade. 
Da gyt he fraBgn, hu neh "pssre tfd waere, f sBtte fa brotSor 
arfsan sceoldon, and G-odes folc keran and heora uht-sang 
singan ? Andswearodon hi, Nis hit feor to f on. Cw8b8 
he. Tela, utan we wel f aere tfde bidan ; and fa him gebaed, 
and hine gesenade mid Cristes rdde^t^cne, and his heafod 
onhylde to J>am bolstre, and med-mycel faBC onslaepte, and 
swa mid stillnesse his Iff geendade. Ond swa waBS 
geworden, faette swa swa he hluttere m6de and bylewite 
and smyltre wiQsumnesse Drihtne f eowde, faet he eac 
swylce swa smylte deat^e middangeard waBS forlaetende, 
and to his gesyhtSe becom. And seo tunge f e swa monig 
halwende word on f aes Scyppendes \6f gesette, he fa swylce 
eac fa ytemestan word on his herenesse, hine sylfhe 


Bcniende, and his gaat in his handa bebeodende, betynde. 
Eac awylce Jnet is gBsegen ', ftet he wfere gewia his sylfea 
forBfore, of fam pe we nu secgan hyrdon. 


Mm f)i Re se cyningpaa word geewieS.Safferinga far eode 
in 8iB3 cynges iunge dohtor, and cyete hyre ficder and Sa 
ymbsittendan. Da heo becoin to ApoUonio, Jta gewteode 
heo ongeau to hire fieder, and cwteiS, Da gflda cyningc, 
and mill se leofeata foder, hwrot is pes iunga man, pe ongean. 
Se on Bwa wnrSKcum setle sit, mid Buriieum andwlitan ? 
n£t ic hwfflt he beaorgaS. Da cwfeS se cyningc, Leofe 
dohtor, }ea iiuiga mau is forliden, and he gecwemde me 
manna betat on Sam plegan ; forSam ic hine gelatSode to 
Syaum nrum gebeorscipe. Nfit ie hwset he is, ne hwanon 
he is ; ac gif Su wille witan hwa&t he ay, axaa hine, forSam 
pe gedafenaS fset fu wite. Da eode ptet mseden to Apol- 
lonio, and mid forwandigendre spraece ewieiS, Deah 8u stQIe 
sy and unrfit, feah ic pine leSelborennease od Be geseo : 
ponne, gif Se to heflg ne pince, sege me pinne naman, and 
pin gelymp arece me. Da cwieS ApoUoniua, Gif 8u for 
Beode assaat sefter minum naman, ic secge }e, ic hine for- 
leas on ate. Gif 8u wilt mine teSelborennease witan, wite 
Bn paet ic big forlet on Tharaum. Dajtmicden cwieB, Sege 
me gewifilicor, ptet ic hit mtege underatandan. Apollonius 
pa BoBlice hyre arehte ealle his gelymp, and at pare 
Bprfscan ende him feoUon tearas of Sam eagum. 

Midpy Se se cyngc p»t geseah, he bewffinde hine Sa to 
Bare dohtor, and cwieB, Leofe dohtor, pu gesingodest mid 
py pe pu woldest witan his naman and his gelimp : 8n hafast 
nn ge-edniwod hia ealde aSr ; ac ic bidde pe past pu gife him 
Bwa hwset awa pu wille. DaSa pjet mreden gehirde Jiaat hire 
wffia alyfed fram hire fteder piet heo Ser hyre silf gi 
* MS. gesE^d : the origiiul haa videtur. 


wolde, "8a cwae^ heo to Apollonio, Apolloni, so^lice f u eart 
ure ; forlaet fine murcnunge ; and nu ic mines faeder leafe 
haebbe, ic gedo fe weligne. ApoUonius hire f aes ]7ancode, 
and se cyngc blissode on bis debtor welwillendnesse, and 
byre to cwaetJ, Leofe dobtor, bat feccan fine bearpan, and 
gecig "Se to f inum frynd, and afirsa fram f am iungan bis 

Da eode beo tit, and bet feccan bire bearpan ; and sona 
Bwa beo bearpian ongan, beo mid winsumum sange ge- 
msBgnde fare bearpan sweg. Da ongnnnon ealle fa men 
bi berian on byre swegcraeft, and Apollonius ^na swigode. 
Da cwae^ se cyningc, Apolloni, nutJu deat yfele, forSam fe 
eaUe men beria^ mine dobtor on byre swegcraefbe, and f u 
&ia bi swigende taelst. Apollonius cwaetS, Eala f u g^da 
cyngc, gif Su me gelifst, ic secge f aet ic ongite fast sot51ice 
fin dobtor gefeol on swegcraeft ; ac beo naefiS bine na wel 
geleornod. Ac bat me nu sillan fa bearpan, f onne w^st 
f u nu f aet f u git n^st. Arcestrates se cyning cwaetJ, Apol- 
loni, ic oncnawe sotJlice f aet f u eart on eallum f ingum wel 
gel^red. Da bet se cyng sillan Apollonige fa bearpan. 
Apollonius fa ^t-eode, and blue scridde, and sette aenne 
cyne-belm uppon bis beafod, and n^m fa bearpan on bis 
band, and in-eode, and swa st6d f set se cyngc and ealle fa 
ymbsittendan w^ndon f aet be naere Apollonius, ac f aet be 
waere Apollines, Sara baeSenra god. Da wearS stilnes and 
swfge geworden innon t5are beaUe, and Apollonius bis 
bearpe-naegl gen^m, and be fa bearpe-strengas mid craefte 
astirian ongan, and fare bearpan sweg mid winsumum 
sange gemaegnde ; and se cyngc silf and ealle f e far and- 
weardewaeron, micelre staefne cliopodon, and bine beredon. 
-Sifter f isum forlet Apollonius fa bearpan and plegode, and 
fela faegera f inga far for'Steab, f e f am folce ungecnawen 
waBS and ungewunelic : and beom eallum f earle licode aelc 
f ara f inga tSe be fortSteab. 


Htn kiS bu Satumus and Saloman fettode ymhe heora 

pa cwxS SaturnuB to Salomane, Sage me hwer O-od 
eSte fa he geworhte heofonas and eorBan ? Ic fe aeege, he 
stett ofer .... feSerum. Sage me hwilc word terust forS- 
eode of Godes mufle P le pe aeege, Fiat lui et facta lus. 
Saga me for hwileum f>ingum heofon ey gehatea heofon ? 
Ic Ji0 Hccge, forjion he bet^laS eaU pset hym be ufan bjS, 
Saga me hwiet is God ? Ic f>e eeege fitet ys God pe ealle 
Jiing on hya gewealdum hafaS. Saga me on hu fela dagum 
God geworhto ealle geBceafta ? Ic pe secgB on \i. dagom 
God gescefip ealle geaceafta; on |)am jeroatan dfege he _ 
geace(3p leoht; on Jiam ffifteran dtege he gesce^p ]>a ge- 
Bceapu pe Jiiane heofon healda8 ; on ]iam jiriddan da;ge he 
geacefip bi6 and eorSan ; on para feorSan dtege he gesceSp 
heofonsea tunglon ; and on Sam v. Aiege he geacefip fisaa 
and fugelas; and on Bam vt, dffige he gesceflp deor, and 
nytenu, and Adam, Sone aeroatan man. Saga me hwanon 
wiea Adamea nSma geaceapen? Ic fe aeege fium mi. ateor- 
rum. Saga me hwiet hatton page ? Ic pe aeege Arthoi, 
Dm, ArGtholem, Minaymbrie. Saga me ptet andwore pe 
Adfim wsea of-geworht, se Eeruata man ? Ic pe aeege of 
Tin. punda gewihte. Saga me hwset hatton page ? Ic pe 
secge ptet Eeroste wtea fdldan pund, of Sam him wtea fleae 
geworht ; o8er waja fjrea pnnd, panon him wfea pipfc h\6A 
reSd and hSt ; pridde wtos windea pund, panon him wies seo 
teSung geseald ; feorBe wasa wolcnes pund, panon him wroa 
hie mfidea UBataSelfa;8tnea geseald ; flfte wb:;s gyfe pund, 
panon himwasa geaeald se fat and gei5ang; syxate wfeabloat- 
nena pund, panon him w»s eagena myascnlicnya geseald j 


seofot^e wses deawes piiiid, psjioR him becom swat ; eahtot^e 
W8BB sealtes pund, )>anon him wsBron )>a tearas sealte. Saga 
me on hwilcere ylde wses Ad^m, t$a he gesceapen wsbs ? 
Ic )>e secge he wsbs on xxx. wintra yldo. Saga me hu lang 
waBS Ad^m on laenge gesceapen P Ic J>e secge he wses ti, 
and ex. ynca lang. Saga me hu fela wintra leofode Ad£m 
on f issere worulde P Ic f e secge ne leofode ix. hund win- 
tra, and xxx. wintra, on geswince and on yrmt^e ; and sy^- 
t$an to helle ferde, and far grimme witu )>olode v. pusend 
wintra, and twa hund wintra, and vin. and xx. wintra. Saga 
me hu fela wintra haefede Ad^m ^r he beam strinde P Ic 
pe secge ^ hund wintra, and xxx. wintra, ^r he bearn 
strinde ; and )>a gestrinde he beam on his cnihth^de, se 
hatte Seth, and he )>a leofode ealles nygon hundred wintra, 
and xxx. on )>issere worulde. Da lyfde Seth his sunu fo 
hund wintra, and v. wintra, ^r he beam gestrinde, and fa 
gestrinde he bearn, on his cnihth^de, se hsette Enos, and 
fa lyfde he hym sylf ealles nygon hund wintra, and xn. 
wintra. Da haefede Enos ^ hund wintra, fa gestrinde he 
Chanan, and fa lyfde he Enos ealles nygon hund wintra, 
and Y. wintra. And fa haefede Chanan lxx. wintra, fa 
gestrinde he Malaleh, and Chanan lyfde fa ealles nygon 
hund wintra, and x. wintra. pa haefede Malaleh v. and lx. 
wintra, fa gestrinde he lared ; and Malaleh he lyfde ealles 
nygon hund wintra, and v. wintra. Da haefede lared rr. 
and LX. wintra, and lin hund wintra, fa gestrinde he Enoh ; 
and lared his faeder lyfde eaUes eahta hund wintra, and n. 
and LX. wintra. Da haefede Enoh y. and lx. wintra, fa 
gestrinde he Matusalem; andEnoh lyfde ealles ccc. wintrai 
and V. and lx. wintra ; fa gen^m hine God, my d sawle and 
myd lychaman, up in f one heofon. Da haefede Mathusalem 
Yii. and Lxxx. wintra, and ^ hund wintra, fa gestrinde he 
Lamec ; and Matusalem his faeder lyfde eaUes nygon hund 
wintra, and ix. and lx. wintra. Da hsefede Lamec §jol hund 



wintra, and i,xxsii, wintra, [>a gestrinde he Noe ; and La- 
meclyfdeeoUeaTii. hundwintra, andixivii. -wintra. Da 
hfefede !Noe d. wintra, pa, gestrinde he beam, 8em, Cham, 
lafet ; and Noe Ijfde ealles in Jiiasere wonilde dccoc. win- 
tra, and L. wintra. Saga me hu fiela )>eoda fiwflcon of hia 
III. bearoumP Ic pe aeege, Lixn. peoda sindon ; and of 
Seme hia yldestan suna Swficon xxs., and of ChSm xxx., 
and of lat'eSe iii. Saga mo bwret wroa aefie ae^nned niea, 
and feft bebyrged wkb on his moder innofie, and after ]>am 
defiSe gefnllod wtea ? Ic ]>e secge, pfet was AdSm. Saga 
me hu lange lyfde AdSm on neorsena-wange ? Ic Jie siet^ 

and on Jiam he abyrgde fa forbodenan fic- 

trewes blada, and Jimt on frigdieg, and }>urh [iset he was 
on helle v. puaend wintra, and ii. |c. wintra, and thi. and 
sx. wintra. Saga me of Sea Maria ylde. Ic pe secge, heo 
wiea III. and ayitig geara eald, }ia heo be lyfon wses, and 
heo was xini. wintra, fia heo Criat cende, and heo w»8 
myd him xxxni. geara on myddanearde, and heo waa xvi. 
ger after him on worulde. And framAdfime, and offrimSe 
myddaneardes, waa on getal gerfmea, oS Jione micelan Noea 
flfid, ri. |msend wintra, and n. c. wintra, and ii, and lx. 
wintra ; and fram jiam flflde wKa of AbrahSmes gebyr tfde 
IX. c. wintra, and u. and xl, wintra ; and fram Abrahfime 
wtea fia forS 08 Moisea tfd, and laraela ofer-fSr fit of 
Egyptam, T. c. wintra, and ttti. wintra ; and fram frimSe 
myddaneardea 08 Cristea Jirowunge wffiron tt. (msend win- 
tra, and hnnd wintra, and viii. and 1. wintra. Saga me 
hu lange worhte men Noes earce? Ic fe aecge, t.ttt . 
wintra, of fam treow-cinne ]ie ia genemned Sem. Saga me 
hwiet hatte Noes wjf P Ic ]ie aecge, heo hiette DSlila. 
And hw33t hatto Chamea w^f ? laftarecta heo hatte. And 
hwiet hatte lafeSoa wjf? Ic pe secge, Catafluuiaheo hatte ; 
and oSmm naman hyg aindon gen^mnede, OUa, and Ollfna, 
and Ollibana, awa byg preo batton. Saga me hu lange 


waes Noes fl€d ofer eor^an ? Ic )>e secge, xl. daga and 
nihta. Saga me hu lang was Noes earc on lenge ? Ic pe 
secge, heo wsbs coo. fset$ema lang, and l. fsB'Sema wfd, and 
XXX. fsB^Sema heah. Saga me Hwset suna haefede Ad^ ? 
Ic pe secge, xxx. sunena, and xxx. dohtra. Saga me hwilc 
mann Ittimbrode ^rust ceastre ? le pe secge, Knos hatte, 
and W8BS Niniuem seo burh, and wseron )>arin gemanna 
hund-tweltig )>usenda, and xx. }>usenda ; and Hierusalem 
seo burh heo waes ^rost »fter f am Noes fldde getymbrod. 
And hwaet haette seo burh f aer sunne tip on morgen gaetJ ? 
Ic pe secge, laiaca hatte seo buruh. Saga me hwar gaet$ 
seo sunne on ^fen so saetle P Ic )>e secge, Qarfta hatte seo 
burh. Saga me hwilc wyrt ys betst and selust ? Ic fe 
secge, lilige hatte seo wyrt, forf on f e heo get^nat$ Crist. 
Saga me hwilc fugel ys selust P Ic f e secge, culfre ys se- 
lust, heo get^nat$ 6one Halegan Qast. Saga me hwanon 
cymt$ ligetu ? Ic secge, heo kimt$ fram winde and fram 
watere. Saga me hwilc water is selust ? Ic f e secge, 
lordanem seo ea ys selust, forf on fe Crist waes on hyre 
gefullod. Saga me hwider gewiton fa engelas fe Gode 
wit$socon on heofona rfce ? Ic f e secge, hyg todaeldon on 
f ri daelas ; Itnne dael he asette on faes lyftes gedrif, ofeme ' 
dael on faes wateres gedrif, )>riddan dael on helle neowel- 
nysse. Saga me hu fela is woruld-watra ? Ic f e secge, 
twa syndon sealte s^, and twa fersce. Saga me hwilc man 
erost waere wyt$ hund sprecende ? Ic f e secge, Scs Petrus. 
Saga me hwilc man a)>ohte ^rust myd sul to aeriende ? Ic 
J)e secge, f aet waes Cham, Noes sunu. Saga me forhwam 
st^nas ne synt berende ? Ic )>e secge, forf on f e Abeles 
bl6d gefeoll ofer st^n, fa hyne Chain hys brof er ofsloh myd 
anes esoles cyng-b^e. Saga me hwaet ys betst and wyrst 
betwinan mannon ? Ic fe secge, word ys betst and wyrst 
betwix mannon. Saga me hwaet ys cufost mannon on 
eor^an to witanne ? Ic fe secge, faet nys naenygum men 



nuiiwyht Bwa cuS swa lie Bceal deaS ))rowiau. Saga me 
bwnt Bjudoii[>a iii.|img[ien£n manbutonlufianne mteg? 
Ic fie secge,on. yBfyr.oSeryH w[eter,firiddey8yaen. Saga 
me hwilc treow ye ealra treowa betst ? Ic fe secgB, |>aBt 
ys wfE-treow. Saga me hwar renteS yma manneB eawul, 
ponne se lychama slep8 ? Ic fe aecge, on pnm Btowum 
heo bj8 : on f>ara bragene, o|jjie on [wre heortan, oj>[>e 
on |>am bli5de. Saga me for bwao wgbb aeo a£ seolt ge- 
worden. Ic Jje seege, of pam x. wordum pe Moiaes ge- 
sonmodo in ]i»re ealdan &, Gtodea bebtide, and he aweorp 
|ia X. word in }>a ste, and his tearaa aget in )>a b£ ; forpon 
wearS eeo eealt. Saga me hwiet wteron pB. word ? Ic J)e 
aecge, ptst forme word wa?a : Non habeas Deoa alienoa, fset 
ia, Neliifa Jm operne God ofer me. pa^t of^r word wiea, 
Nonadsnmes nomcn Dni invanum, Ne cig pa Godes njiman 

on ydel. pwt (irid HealdaK Jione haligan reaten dKg. 

p»t w»a, Ara jjfnon fieder and pfnre meder, 

word wtea, Non occides, Ne aleh pu man dine, piet 

VT. word waa, Non mechaberia, On unribt ne hsemS pu. 
ptet VII. word wibb, Ne stala fu. pictvni. word was, Ne 
BEege lease gewitnyese. pfet ii. word wtes, Ne concupiacas 
usorem proximi tui, NegewilnafuoSresiaaimea wjfeson 
nnriht. Saga me hwter ia Moyaee bjrgen, paes kiniiigea ? 
Ic pD aecge, heo ys be Jiam huse J>e Fegor hatte, and niin 
man nya |>e hyg wite &r pam miclan dome. Saga me for 
hwilcum pingum peoa eorSe awjrged waire, o5Sa ajft ge- 
bletaod ? Ic pe aecge, purh AdSm heo wiea awirged, Hid 
purb Abelea bliid, and fcft heo wa;a gebletaod purh Noe, 

and and purh fulluhte. Saga me hw wihgeard 

tSroat plantode ? lo pe aecge, pfet ae heahfieder. 

Saga me hwa n^mde tferoat Godea naman ? Ic pe aecge, 
ae deoful n&ide ffiroat Godea naman. Saga me hwtet ia 
h^'fogoBttoberenneoneorSanP Icpesecge,manneBeymia, 
and hie hlSfordea ^rre. Si^ me hwict ya }>iet oCrum Ifcyge, 



and otJrum myslycige ? Ic |>e secge, faet is d^m. Saga 
me hwaet syndon fa ini. fing fe nsefre fulle naeron, ne 
nsefre ne beot$. Ic fe secge, &i ys eort$e, ot$er ys ffr, f ridde 
ys hell, feorf e ys se gytsyenda man worulde welena. Saga 
me hu fela ys fleogendra fugel-cynna ? Ic J>e secgejCEii. l. 
Saga me hu fela ys fisc-cynna on wsetere ? Ic |>e secge, ti. 
and XX. Saga me hwilc man ^rost mynster getimbrode ? 
Ic )>e secge, Elias and Eliseus }>a wftegan, and, sefter ful- 
luhte, Faulus and Antonius, )>a ^rostan ancran. Saga me 
hwset syndon }>a streamas, and )>a . . . . an, )>e on neorxena- 
wange flotatS ? Ic f e secge, hiora syndon ini., seo ^roste 
hatte Fison, seo of er hatte G-eon, and seo ni. hatte Tygres, 
seo feorfe Eufraten, fsBt is meolc, and hunig, and aele, and 
wfn. Saga me forhwan byt$ seo sunne read on aefen ? Ic 
f e secge, forf on heo locate on helle. Saga me hwf sc^net$ 
heo swa reade on morgene ? Ic f e secge, forf on hyre 
twynatJ hwsef er heo mseg f e ne mseg fisne myddaneard 
eondsc^nan, swa hyre beboden ys. Saga me fas nil. wae- 
tera f e fas eortJan fedat$ ? Ic f e secge, f aet ys snaw, and 
waBter, and hagol, and deaw. Saga me hwa ^rost b6c- 
stafas sette ? Ic f e secge, Mercurius se gygand. Saga 
me hwset b^c-kinna and hu fela syndon ? Ic f e secge 
kanones b6c syndon ealra twa and hund-seofontig, eall swa 

fela f eo syndon on gerfme, and eall swa fela leom- 

yng-cnihta, butan f am xii. aplm. Mannes b^iia syndon 

on gerfme eallra co. and xviii., mannes addre eallra 

ccc, and v. and lx. ; mannes t6f a beot$ on eallum his l^fe 

II. and XXX. On xn. mont$um beot$ n wucena and 

ccc. dagena and y. and lx. daga; on xn. montSum bee's 

ehta f usend tyda and vn hund t^da ; on xn. 

mont$um f u scealt syllan f fnon f eowan men vn. hund hHKa^ 
and XX. hMa, buton morge-mettum and n6n-mettum. 




Deos wyrt ]>e man Mandragoram nemne^ ys mycel and 
m^re on geeiibfe, and heo ys fremful. Da ]>u scealt )>yssmn 
gemete niman : ]>onne fu to hyre cymst, fonne ongist fu, 
hy, be )»am l>e heo on nihte scfneS, ealswa leoht-fset. ponne 
t$u hyre heafod ^rest geseo, ]>onne bewrit fu hy wel hraj?e 
mid iseme, J>y-l8BS heo )>e setfleo. Hyre msegen ys swa 
mycel and swa m^re, ]>SBt heo iinclsBnne iHan, ]>onne he to 
hyre cymeS, wel hra]>e forfleon wyle. ForSy fu hy bewrit, 
swa we ^r cwaedon, mid iseme. And swa fu scealt onbutan 
hy delfan, swa tSu hyre mid fam iseme na sBthrine ; ac fu 
geomlice scealt mid ylpenbsenenon stsefe 8a eor^an delfan, 
and fonne fu hyre handa and hyre fet geseo, fonne gewritS 
|>u hy. Nim fonne J>8ene ofeme ende, and gewritS to anes 
hundes swyran, swa faet se hund hungrig sy : wurp him 
syffan mete to-foran, swa fset he hyne ahrsecan ne msege, 
buton he mid him fa wyrte up-abrede. Be fysse wyrte ys 
s»d fsBt heo swa mycele mihte hsebbe, J^aet swa hwylc fincg 
swa hy up-atyh8, J^aet hyt sona scyle fam sylfan gemete 
been beswycen ; forJ?y sona swa fu geseo faet heo up-abro- 
den sy, and fu hyre geweald hsebbe, genim hy sona on hand, 
swa andwealc hi, and gewring fset wds of hyre leafon on 
ane glsBsene ampullan, and ]7onne 8e neod became )>8et ]7U 
hwylcon menn fsermid helpan scyle, ]>onne help fu him 
tJyssum gemete : WitS heafod-ece, etc. 



Heb ys seo b6t hu ]>u meaht ]>ine SBceras betan, gif hi nel- 
la6 wel wexan, o88e J>8er hwilc ungedefe fing ongedon bit$, 
on dry otte on lyblace. 

A SPELL. 117 

G^enim fonne on niht, ^p hit dagige, feower tyrf on 
feower healfa ]>8bs landes, and gemearca hu by ^r stodon. 
Nim panne ele, and Hunig^ and beorman, and selces feos 
meolc fe on faem lande sy, and aelces treow-cynnes dael fe 
on pssm lande sy gewexen, butan beardan beaman, and 
aelcre namcufre wyrte dssl, butan glappan ^non ; and do 
fonne halig-wseter faeron, and drype fonne friwa on fone 
s tatSol J>ara t urfa, and cwetSe ]>onne fis word : Grescite, wexe ; 
et multipUcaminiy and gemsenigfealde ; et replete^ and ge- 
fylle ; terram, J?aB eorfan ; in nomine JPatris et Mlii et Spi- 
ritus Sancti benedicti ; and Pater noster, swa oft swa faet 
o'Ser, and bere Bi]7]7an J?a turf to circean, and maesse-preost 
asinge feower msBSsan ofer ]7an turfon, and wende man psdt 
grene to fan weofode, and 8i)>}>an gebringe man fa turf faer 
hi ^r wseron ^r sunnan setlgange, and hsabbe him geworht, 
of cwicbeame, feower Cristes maelo, and awrfte on selcon 
ende, Mattheus and Marcus, Lucas and lohannes. Lege 
fset Cristes msBl on fone pyt neofeweardne : cwef e fonne, 
Crua:, Mdtthetis ; Orua^, Marctis ; Crtia:, Inicas ; Crua:, lo- 
hannes, !N'im fonne fa turf, and saete f ser-ufon-on, and 
cwefe f onne nigon sif on fas word : Orescite, and swa oft 
Pater noster, and wende fe f onne eastweard, and onlut 
nigon si'Son eadmodlice, and cwet5 f onne fas word ; 

Eastweard ic stande, and heah-reced, 

arena ic me bidde, f set ic mote f is gealdor, 

bidde ic f one m^ran Dne mid gife Drihtnes, 

bidde f one miclan Drihten, tof um pntynan, 

bidde ic f one haligan f urh trumne gef anc, 

heofon-rfces Weard ; aweccan fas wsBstmaa 

eorSan ic bidde, us to woruld-nytte, 

and up-heofon, ' gefylle fas foldan 

and fa sof an mid fsBste geleafan, 

sancta Marian, wlitigian fas wang-turf ; 

and heofones meaht, swa se witega cwastS, 

118 A SPELL. 

psdt 86 hadtde ire on eor^-rfce, daelde d6mlice, 
f^pe selmyssan Drihtnets Jmnces. 

Wende t$e )>oime )nriwa Bimganges, astrece ]>oime on and- 
lang, and arim fser letanias, and cweS )>onne, Sanetus, 
8anctus,8anctus, o9 ende. Sing )>onne, Benedicite, a)^nedon 
earmon, and Magnificat, and Paier noster, and bebeod hit 
Criste, and Sancta Marian, and ]>8Bre halgan r6de, to lofe 
aad to weorSinga, and ]>am [to] are )>e \mt land %e, and 
eallon )>am ]>e him under]>eodde synt. 

ponne )>8Bt eall sie gedon, ]>onne nfme man uncutS ssed 
set selmesmannum, and selle him tw^ swylc swylce man set 
him nfme, and gegaderie ealle his sulh-geteogo togsedere ; 
borige ]7onne an ]>an beame st6r and finol and gehalgode 
Bapan, and gehalgod sealt ; nim ]>onne ^mt ssed, sete on 
]>aBS sules bodig ; cweS ]7onne, 

Erce, erce, erce, Geunne him 

eort$an modor, ece Drihten, 

geunne 9e se Alwalda, and his halige 

ece Drihten, J?e on heofonum synt, 

SBcera wexendra, faet hys yr8 si gefrifod 

and writSendra, wiS eab*a feonda gehwsne, 

eacniendra, and heo si geborgen 

and ebiiendra ; wi9 ealra bealwa gehwylc, 

Bceafta hen ]>ara lyblaca 

se Bcfre wsBstma^ geond land sawen. 

and ]78Bre br^dan Nu bidde ic )>one Waldend, 

bere wsBstma, se]7e Sas woruld gesceop, 

and fsBre hwftan faet ne sy to fsBS cwidol wff, 

hwsBte wsBstma, ne to ]>8bs crsBftig man, 

and ealra \2bt awendan ne ^isege 

eort$an waestma. word ]>us gecwedene. 

ponne man ]>a sulh for^drife, and ]>a forman furh onsceote ; 
cwet$ }»onne, 


H^ wes J)U, folde ! on Godes fsBtSme, 

fira modor, fodre gefylled, 

beo tSu growende firum to nytte. • 

Nim fonne selces cynnes melo, and abace man innewerdne 
handa br^nse hl^, and gecned bine mid meolce, and mid 
balig-W8etere,and lecge under fa forman furb ; cwetJ^fonne, 

Pill sBcer fodres and ]>as eortSan 

fira cinne, ))e we on lifiat$, 

beorbt-blowende, se Q-od se fas grundas geworbte 

J)U gebletsod weortS, geunne ns growende gife, 

faes baligan ndman, faet us coma gebwylc 

J)e tSas beofon gesceop, cume to nytte. 

CwetS J>onne friwa, Crescite in nomine Fatris henedicti, 
Amen ; and Fater noster friwa. 




Sum swytSe Usered munuc com sufan ofer s^, from Saeincte 
Benedictes stowe, on ^febsBdes dagum kynges, to Dun- 
Btane arcbeb., freom gearsB serfam ]>e be fortSferde, and 
sum munuc batte Abbo. pa wurdon beo on spece, otStSet 
Dunstan rebte be Sco Eadmundo, swa swa Eadmundes 
swyrd-boraB bit rsBbte -Slfelstan kynge, fatSa Dunstan 
geunc mon wsbs, and J>e sweord-borsB wsbs forealdod mon. 
Da sette t$e munuc alle fas gerecednysseonaneb6c,and eft, 
f at$a t$eo \>6c com to us, binnon feawum gearum, fa awende 
we bit on Englisc, swa swa bit ber sefter stent, pe munuc 


jta Abbo, binDon twam geftrum, wende h&m to mynstre, 
and wearS |?a to abbode iaet on }iam ylcan mynstre. 

Eadniund, fe leadigB Eaat-Englffl kyng, wiea anoter and 
wurSful, and wurSode aymle midiepcle Seawum pone Almih- 
tiga* God. He Wiea eadmod andipimcgen, andawaaiiriEde 
furbwunode, piet lie noide bugajn to biBmerfidle leahtrte, 
no on nane healfe he ne ahydde hta [jeawais, ac wbbb synile 
mundig pare sopan lufe. Gyf Jju eart to beofod-men iaet, 
ne ahiefe ))U 8e, ac beo betweox monnum swa swa on mon 
of bini. He wffia cystig wiedlum and wydewum, awa swa 
faeder, and mid wiel-willendnesBe wisaoJe hia folc aimle to 
Hit ilamp fa ffit nystan, ffast Sa Deniscteleodieferdenniid 
Bcyphere, hergende and aleande wide geond lond, ewa swa 
heorte wune ia. On fam floten waron Ba fyretan beafod- 
men, Hiuguar and Hubba, geanUehte furb deofel, and heo 
on NorSbumbrelond gel^udon mid ajscum, and wsesten 
|ieet lond and Sa leoden ofslogen. Da wende Hinguar east 
mid his acypum, and Hubba belaf on KorSbumbrxlande, 
wunnenum sige mid waslreownesae. Hingnar bicom fa to 
East-Englum rowende, on f am geare fe jElfred iejieling an 
and twentig geare WKa, Jie )>e Wwat Seasene kmg sySCan 
wear8 miere. And |ie fore-Hfeda Hinguar fferlice, swa swa 
widf, to londe biatalcode, and ye leod* slob, weriea and wif, 
and [>ft nnwittige child, and to byamere tueode ]>a bOewite 
cristene. He sende fa sy8fian aona to pam kynge beotliee 
lerende, fttet he bugon aceolde to his monraidene, gif he 
hia feorea rohte. De lerendracsB com pa to Eadmunde 
][ynge,and Hinguares terendo bim beardlice ahead: " Hing- 
uar ure kyng, kene and sigefeat on see and on londe, baeffS 
felse|ieod(Biwteld,andcomnu midferdeferiiceherto 
(jiet be ber winter-selt mid bia werode babbe. Nu bfet he 
|>e djelen pine diglan goldbordses, and pine leldrjTiaB atreon 
hterlice wi5 hine, p»t pu beo bie under-kyng, gif pu owyo 


144 JUDITH. ^1 

acurum heardne. 

adre mid elne onbryrde, 

and of seeaSe atried 

awa lie deC finra gebwylcoe 

BwiSran folme : 

ber buendra Jie byne 

ongan 8 a swegles "Woard, 

him to helpe Bece8 

be oSmaa nernuan, 

raid rJude and mid ribte ge- 

Nergead ealra 



pa wearS byre rilme on 

and pffit word acwjeS : 


Ic 6e, frymBa God, 

haligre byht geniwod ; 

and frofre Giest, 

genSm pa fone hteSeuan 

Beam Alwaldaii, 


biddan wiUe 

ffeate be feaie atimm, 

miltse ffnre 

teah hyne folmum, 

me Jwarfendre, 

wis hyre weard byamerlice. 

DrynesBe Drym ; 

and pone bealofullan 

pearle ys me nuSa, 

listum alede, 

heorte" onhated, 

laSne manna,n, 

and hige geomor swySe 

ewa heo Sajs unl»dan 

raid sorgum gedrefed ; 

eafioBt mihte 

forgif me, swegles Ealdor, 

wel gewealdan, 

sigor and sfiSne geleafan. 

Slob Sa wunden-locc i 

pxt ic mid pys aweocde mote ])one feond-BceaSan ^^| 

geheawan Jiyane moriSrea 

fogum mece, ^^M 

bryttau ; 

bete poncolne, ^M 

geunne me mfnra geaynta, 

J.fet beo bealfne forcearf ■ 

fearlmfid peoden gumena : 

]ione Bvreoran bim, ^| 

nahte ic ])fnre nafre 

piet be on awiman Ueg, ^M 

miltae Jion mfiran fearfe ; 

druncen and dolh-wund ; ^M 

gewrec nu, mibtig Dryhten, n»8 8a dead pa. gyt, ^| 

torhtmod tirea Brytta, 

eallea orsawle ; ^^M 

pietme ys fustome on mfide 

sloh 8a eornoste ^^M 

hSte on hreSre mfnum. 

idea ellen.r6r, ^M 

Hi {>a ae hehata D^ma 

opre BiSe, H 

■ In MS. ;9 is repeated an«r t-earle. ^H 


|>nm arleaaum hu htm iaadswiered W33S. Hinguar bead p& 
mid bealde Jiam ecyp-here, and ^mt beo fma kjnges aaea oUe 
cepan sceoldoa, po hia here foraeah, and Uiue soue bindiea. 
Hwiet fa, Eadmiind kyng, mid Jjam Se Hinguar com, 
stod iunan hia halle,[>aBaHtelcadea imyndig, and aweorp tuB 
wepnse, wolde cfenLBCon Criatea gebiaaungum, ])e forbead 
Petrum mid wiepnum to feohten wi6 pa wielreowan ludeia- 
can, Hwtet pa, pa arleaaan Eadmundum bimdon, and by- 
Bmoreden hyxlice, and beoten mid aahlum, and Bwa sySSan 
Iffiddoa ponne Ueaffulne hyng to aue corSfeatum treowe. 
Had tegdon bine Sxrto, mid bearde bendum, and bine eft 
^wnncgon ionglice mid swipum, and bo aymle clypode, 
betweoi pam swincgluni, mid aofan Oeafan, to Hielendo 
Crist* ; and pa btepene pa, for hia ileafe, wurdon pa swyKe 
yrre, forpam Se be clypode Crist him to fultume : beo 
BCyten pa mid gauelocum him togeanes, oSSet he all wfea 
biaet mid heorsa acotuagnm, swylce ylea biiratte, awa awa 
Sebaatianna wasa. Da iseab Hinguar, pe arlease flotmon, 
ptet pe seSele kyng nolde Criste wiSsacen, acmid andriede 
ileafe bine jefre clypode, bet bine pa bihEefdian, and pa 
hfepenan Bwa dydcQ. Betweox pam pe he clypode to Criste 
pa-gy t, pa tugon pa btepene pone halgan to altege, and, mid 
ane awencge, alogon bim of peet bjefod, and sawla9 alSode 
iaffilig to Criete. peer wses sum moa gehende ibealden, 
purh Gode behydd pam Lsepenum, pe Sis iberde all, and bit 
fflft asde, swa swa we ssecgieS hit her. Hwfet pa, 8e flot- 
here ferde pa eft to scipe, and hehyddon pset heafod pses 
halgan Eadmundea on pam Siccum bremlum, ptet bit bibu- 
rigedne wurSe. pa BefterfyTate,ayS6anbeoifarenew 
com pffit lond-foic to, pe pasr to lafe pa wtea, pfer heowe 
lafordea lie buton beafde pa Ifeg, and wnrdoo swi4!e sarig 
for his slsBgie on mode, and hurepiet heo nefdon piet hea- 
fod to pam bodige. pa siede 8e seeawere, pe hit aar 
pst pa flotmeB hsfdon ptet heafod mid beom, and vma bim 


ifuht, swa swa hit waes ful so^, faet heo hydden faet heofod 
on fam bolte. For-hwsega heo eoden fa endemes alle to 
fam wude, ssBcende gehwaBr, geond fyfelas and brymelas, 
gif heo mihten imeten faet heafod. W»s eac mycel wunder 
fset an wulf w»8 isend, furh Godes willunge, to biwse- 
rigenne faet heafod, wi^ fa o^re deor, ofer dsBg and niht. 
Heo eoden tSa ssecende and cleopigende, swa swa hit iwu- 
nelic is faet tSa J>e on wude gaj> oft : " Hwser eart J>u nu, 
gerefa ? * " And him andswyrde faet heafod : " Her, her, 
her." And swa ilome clypode andswarigende, o^^et heo 
alle bicomen, furh fa clypiinge, him to. pa l»g f e grsBgSB 
wuK f e bewiste f set heafoct, ant mid his twam fotum hsBfde 
f »t heafod biclypped, gredig and hungrig, and for Gode 
ne dyrste fees hsefdes onburigen, ac heold hit witS deor. 
Da wurdon heo ofwnndroden f aes vnilfes hordrsedene, and 
f set halige heafod ham feroden mid heom, f ankende f am 
Almihtigan aire his wundraB. Ac pe wulf fologede for8 
mid f am heafde, otStSet heo on tune comen, swylce he tome 
w8Bre, and wende aeft syf f an to wude ongean. Da lond- 
leodan fa sytS^an IsBgdanf set heafod to fam halige bodige, 
and burigdon, swa swa heo lihtlucost mihten on swylce 
raedinge, andcyrce arsBrdonon-uppon him. Eftfaonfyrste, 
softer felsB geare, fa t$eo hergung aswac, and sib wear^ 
igyfen fam iswsencte folce, fa fengon heo togadere, and 
wrohten ane circe wur^lice fam halgim, set his burigene, 
8Bt fam bed-huse faer he iburiged w8bs. Heo wolden fa 
ferian, mid folclice wurtSmente, f one halgan lichame, and 
laecgen inne fare circean. pa waes mycel wundor f aet he 
wses aU hal, swylce he cwic wsere, mid clsenum lichame, 
and his sweorsB wsbs ihaled, f e ser forslagen ws&s ; and waes 
swulce an solcene t$red embe his sweorsBn, monnum to 
swutelunge hu he ofslagen waes. Eac swylce wundsB, f e 
t$a wsBlreowan hsefenaen, mid ilome scotunge, on his lice 

■ gefera? 


makedon, wteron ihoalede, \iarh Bone heofonlice God ; and 
he lili Hwa anaund o3 fyane andweardne dieg, abidende 
seriates and fms eeen wuldces. His lychame us cyS, fe lifi 
unforHmolsnod, Jiast he buton forligreber on worulde leo- 
fode, and mid claine life to Criste sigode. Sum wydewa 
wunede, Oswjd ihatea, on gebedum and fiestenum.monige 
gear syfiSaa. peo walde efsiten selce gear Jione sont, and 
his na^gleBceorfiea sjferlice midlufe, and on aeryne healdon 
to haligdome on weofode. pawiirSode fiet lond-folc mid 
ileflitBn pone sont to wuramente. Da comen on sunme 
BEel uHBielig peofasa eahta, on ane nilite, to fiam arwiiriSaen 
halgan, and wolden atelon pa madrnjea pe men Sider 
broliton, and cunnedon mid cnefte hu heo in-cumen mihte, 
Sam eloh mid slrege Bwyfie pa hippsan, sum heo raid fyle 
feoledon abutsn, sum eac underdealf pa dure mid spade, 
Bum heo mid Iteddrse wolden unlucten pait ieh-pyrl; ac 
heo SMTincon on ydel, and earmlice ferdon, awa prot pe 
halg» wser heom wunderllce bont, slcne svra he stod 
strutigende mid tolat, pict heora nan ne mihte piet morp 
gefremman, ne heo peonan atyria^n ; ac heo atoden swa 
06 maregen. Men pa Sjes wundredon, hu pa weargaa 
hangedon, sum uppon heddr*, sum leat to dwlfe, and tele 
on hia weorce wses feste ibunden. Heo wurdon pa ibrohte 
to pam biscope alle, and he het heom ahon on heagum 
gealgum alle ; ac he njes na iaiundig hu pe mildheorte 
G^d clypode purh his witegan pas word pe her atoadsp : 
EoB ijui dueuntur ad mortem eruere ne cesaea, " Da pe 
mon lajt to deape alya ut synile." And eac pa halgan 
canonea ihadedon forbeodiep, ge biscopum ge preostum, 
to beonne embe 8eofsBS, forpan pe hit ne burieS pam 8a 
beoS icorene Qode to penigenne, pset heo pwarlascen acylon 
on fflniges monnes deape, gif heo beoS dtihtinea ptBgnfes, 
Eft paSa Deodrffid biscop, aySBan he hia bee sceawode, he 
reowsode mid geomerunge, paet he swa riepne dom aette 


]>am unssBligum ]>6ofiim, and hit bisaregede aefre, o9 his 
lifes ende, and ])a leode bead geome psst heo him mid 
fsBstsBn fullice tSreo dagses, biddende )>one AlmihtigsBn 
God, )>9Bt he him arisen sceolde. 

On fam londe wsbs sum mon Leofstan ihaten, rice for wo- 
rnlde, iinwittig for Gode, fe rad to fam halgan mid rieetere 
swy^e, and het him seteowanorhliceswy^efone halgsB sont, 
hw8Bt$er he isnnd wsere ; ac swa ratSe swa he iseah ]>8es sontes 
lichame, tSa awedde he sense, and wselreowlice grjmetede, 
and earmlice endode yfelum deafe. Dis is fam ilic I>e 
halga papa Gxegorius, on his isetnesse [awrat] be fam hal- 
gum Laurentium, J>e litJ on Rome-burig, tSset men wolden 
sceawian hu he laege ; ac God heom gestyrde, swa faet Sser 
swulton on t$are sceawuncge ^ne seofe men setgsedere, ]>a 
swike fa oSre to sceawenne ^one martyr mid mennisce 
dwylde. Felae wundrae we iherdon on folclice spsece bi 
fam halgan Eadmnndum, J>e we her nyUaetJ on write setten, 
ac heom wat gehwa. On ]>issum halgum is swutel, ant on 
swylcum o^nim, faet God Almihtig maeg ))one mon araeran 
seft on domes daege ansundne of eor^an, ]>e fe healt Ead< 
mundne hahie Hchame, o« «ene myclan daeg, feah «e he on 
moldsDn come. "WeortJe wsere t$eo stow for fam wurSfullsBn 
halgum, fset hire mon wsel wur^ode and waBlegode mid 
clsBue Godes feowum to Cristes ^eowdome ; for]>an ^e ]>e 
halgaB is maerrsB )>one men magon asmean. Nis Angol 
bidseled Drihtnes halgene, fotp&m on Engl® londe licgxp 
swylce halgan, swylce fes halgae king, and Chutbertus J>e 
eadigse, and iEfeldryJ? on Elig, and eac hire swuster, an- 
sund on lichame, geleafsen to trumuncge. Beo9 eac fela 
o^rsB on Angel-cynne, J>e fela wundrae wurcae^, swa swa 
hit wide is cyj>, "Sam Almihtigan to lofe, J>e heo on ilyfden. 
Crist sylf swytelsej) monnum, furh his msBren halgan, faet 
he is -Mmihtig God, J>e maksBj? swylce wundrae, feah fe t$a 
earman ludeiscsen hine allungffi wit$socon, for]7an ]>e heo 



beoB awarigede, Bwa awa beo wiacton heom ajlfum. Ne 
beoB nnne wundrte iwrobte let heorse burigene, forjiam )>e 
beo ne gelyfteS on Jjone lyfigenden Crist ; ae Crist awu- 
tehep mouuum hwier fe godo ileafe is, jienne he awylce 
wundriE wurcjefi, furh his halgan, wide geond Jwa eortSan, 
]>am beo wuldor aud lof a mid bis fieofenlice Fteder. 

t Hee BwytelaB, on Jiiaauni gewrite, hu ^Ifric biaceop 
wille his are beteon, f« he under &ode geemode, and under 
Cnute kyncge, his leofae laforde, and aililian liiei? rihtlice 
gehealdan under Haralde cyncge. pet is Jjonnc sereat ; Jjet 
ic gefin fet land et Wilrincgawerjia into See Eadmunde 
for niinra saule, and for minas lafordaa, swa fu! and awa 
forS, awa he hit me to handa let. And ic gean fiet land »t 
HunatanPBttme he .iEatanbrote, and mid fan lande et 
Holme, into See Eadmunde. And ic wille pet pa munecas 
on Byrig sellan ajstig punda for pan lande et Ticeswelle 
and et Doccyncge, and pet perto gehyraS. And ic gean 
LeoCttane diecano pet land et Grimaatune, swa ful and swa 
for$ awa ic hit ahte. And ic gean mine cyne-laforde Ha- 
ralde II. marc gol. And ic gean minre hlefdigen fin mare 

And gelteste man .Sgelrice Sa pund, minne fat-fylre'; 
and aela man mina cnihtaa pa mina atiwaidas witan, xxxx. 
punda, and fif pujid into Elig, and fif pund into Holm, 
aad fif pund Wulfwarde muneke, mirnie miege, and fif 
pund j^ilfrajhe mine sirmestre. And ic wille pet man 
sella pet land et "Walaingaham, awa man deraat raiege, and 
geleata man pet feoh, swa ic gewissod hfebbe. And ic 
wille pet man sella pet land et Fersafeld, swa man derast 
' M3. mijire tat ijlre. 

WILLS. 127 

msBge, and recna man inncere Brun £n marc gol, and mid 
]>an laue scjtta man mine borgas. And ic gean .Slfwine 
minan preoste et Walsingabam xxx. akera et Eggemaere, 
and Uui prouast habba )>one ofarsBstan. And ic gean 
^dwine muneke ))a mybie et GsByssete, J>e Eingware abte. 
And ic gean .^llfrig preoste ))et land et Eygedune, ))e ic 
bohte to LeofWenne. And ic gean fset mybi J>e WulnotJ 
ahte into See Eadmunde. And ic gean Sibribt yet land 
J>e ic gebobte on Mulantune. And ic gean fet fen fe 
purlac me sealde into JSlmbam, ]>a preostas to foddan. 
And ic gean into Hoxne ))a preostas ^ fusend-wer^ fen. 
And ic gean fet fen J>e ^UBric me sealde into Holme. 
And ic gean ))on hage binnon NortSwic, for minre sanle, 
and for ealra J>e hit me geutJon, into See Eadmunde. 
And ic gean fan hage into See Psetre binnon Lunden. 
And ic gean iungre Briin fet healfe ]>usend fen. 


t lo Lnfa, mid Godes gifa, Ancilla Di, wes soecende and 
smeagende, ymb mine saul-fearfe, mid CeolnoSes aerce- 
biscopes get$eahte, and t$ara hioua et Cristes cirican : Willa 
ic gesellan of "Sem aerfe t$e me God forgef, and mine &iond 
to gefultemedan, selce gere, lx. ambra maltes, and ol. 
hlafa, L. hwite hlafa, t$. an briber, an suin, iiii. wet5ras, 
n. wsega spices and ceses, tSem higum to Cristes circean, 
for mine saule, and minra frionda and mega, t$e me to 
Gode gefultemedan ; and ]>et sie simle to Adsumsio Scse 
Marie, ymb xii. monatS end: sue eihwelc mon swe fis 
lend hebbe, minra serbenumena, t$is agefe, and mittan 
fulne huniges x. ...oes, xx. hen-fuglas. 
t Ic Ceolnot$, mid Godes gefe, Ercebisc, mid Cristes rode- 
tacne t5is festne and write 

h cxx. elmes hlafes. 
Beagmund pr. get$afie and midwrite. 

128 MAEK, Chap. I. 

Beomfri^ pf . getJafie and midwrite. 

WeaUihere pr. . Swi^berht diac. 

Osmund pr. Beomheali diac. 

Deimimd pr. -Sl^elmund diac. 

-SltJelwald diac. Wighelm diac. 

Werbald diac. Lubo. 
Sifred diac. 

t Ic Luba, ea^mod Godes tSiwen, ^as fore-cwedenan g6d 
andt$as elmessan gesette and gefestnie ob minem erfelande 
et Mnndlingham t$em hiiue to Cristes cirican ; and ic 
bidde, and an G-odes libgendes naman bebiade, tsem men 
t$e t$is land and t$is erbe bebbe et Mnndlingham, t$et be 
t$as g6d for^leste ot wiaralde ende. Se man se tis bealdan 
wille, and lestan "Set ic beboden hebbe an "Sisem gewrite, 
86 him geseald and gehealden sia hiabenlice bledsung ; se 
his ferweme ot^e hit agele, se him seald and gehealden 
helle-wite, bute he to fulre bote gecerran wille, Gode and 
mannmn. TJene ualete. 


MAEK, Chapteb I. 
In the Northumbrian Dialect from the Dv/tha/m MB,* 

\ GoDSPELLES fruma, Hsslendes Crist, Godes Suna, su® 
awritten is in Esaia ^one witgo, Heonu ic amende mfn 
engel befora onsione ^fn, setJe foregearwas weg t$lh. 

3 Cliopendes stefhin^ow woesten. Gramas Drihtneswoeg; 

4doet$ [wyrcas] rehta his stigo [geongas]. Johannes 

* In the Northumbrian Gloss, the words between brackets are va- 
rious renderings of the Latin ; those in italics are wanting in the Gloss, 
but are here supplied, in order to complete the sense. 

MAEK, Chap. I. 129 

W8BS in woesten ; and gefulwade and bodade hreownisses 
fulwibt, on synna forgefhisse. And to him foerde all 5 
ludffialond, and alle "Sa Hierusolomisco-waras, and weo* 
ron from him gefulwad in lordanes stream, hiora synno 
ondetende. And Johannes wsbs gegerelad mit$ eamelles 6 
h^rum, and fellera gyrdils imps jmb bis sfdo, and lo- 
pestro and wudu-hunig he W8bs brucende [be gebr^ie] ; 
and he bodade, cuoe^ende, Strongre cymes [cuom] SBfber 7 
mec his [tJaes] nam ic wyt6e fore-blutende undoa his 
scoe-^uongas. Ic fulwade iwih mi^ waBtre, he uutodlice 8 
iwih gefulwas mitS H^lig Gl&t. And ht/t w8BS aworden » 
in t$8Bm dagum ficBt se Hselend cuom from Nazareth t$8Br 
bjrig, and wsbs gefulwad in lordanem from lohanne. 
And s^na of t$am wsBtre he ast^g, and gesaeb untynde lo 
beofhas, and Gaast swelce culfre ofstigende and 6n him 
wunigende : and stefn wsbs of beofhum geworden, Du ii 
arts mfn leof Sunu, on tSec ic wel Ifcade. And s6na t$e 12 
g^t bine 6n woesten dr^f. And feoertig daga andi3 
feoertig naehta he wsbs from t$sBm witSerwearde acunnad, 
and he mi^ wild-deorum wsbs, and him englas geh^rdon. 
Efter ^on [t$a] lobannes gesald waes, cuom se HsBlend in i^ 
G-aliLea, andG-odesrfces godspell bodade, and cuoe^ende, is 
For^on tfd is gefylled, and Gh>des rfc to-geneolecde ; 
breowiges, and gelefes to fi(em godspell. And fserende 16 
set G-alilses s^, he gessBb tSone Simon, and Andreas his 
brot$or, biora hnetta in t$a s^ s^ndende ; for^on hia we* 
ron fisceras. And bim cuoe^ se HsBlend, Cymat$ aefler i7 
mec, and ic gedo iuib ^t ge sie monna fisceras. And is 
hi breconlice, forletnum nettum, weron him fylgendo. 
And ^6na he lytel buon foerde, and gesieh lacob Zebe- 1» 
dies sunu, and iSone lobannem bis broker ; and 9a iLco 
[bia] in hiora scip gesetton 8a netto. And he hia s6na 20 
geceigde, and mit$ tSy hia hiora fseder Zebedeimi for- 
leorton mit$ tSsem celmert-monnum, and bine [bim^ fyU 



MARK, Chat. I. 

31 gedon, and m-foerdon CapbarDBum Sa banig, andagnit 
M to Bonmuug ineode [foerde] and l(erde Lia. And hia 

Bwigdon [styldon] ofeF Lis ISr ; forfion Ae wjea hia \A- 
2» reade swseloe he mwht hajfde, and ne ausc uSuta. Aud 

in hiora eomnung wti<s awm monn in uncltenc g&t, and 
24 he of-cliopade, Cuoe^ende, Huxt ue and 8e, 6ii Hielend 

SeNazare'? Cwome 0u loaige [to loeane] uaig P Ic 
K wSt Sipt 8u ar3 Godes Hahgu. And behend Mne ae Hse- 
3« lend cwoeKende, Sniga Su, imd gaa of Sa'ui menn. And 

ee tinclente gast hine bidtend«, and micla [mitt micle] 
27 Btefhe of-cKopponde, from bim of-eode. And alle wun- 

drande weron, Bus Sstte hia gefrcgndon betuih him 

cuoeJ5eade, Huiet is Sis ? IIuwlc is Wub nine lar, forSon 

[Stette] he lq meeht unclxnum gastum hatae, aud hia 
w eSmodigaS hira ? And hraSe foerde [gesprang] his 
wmersnng [merSa] in all Galilea lond. And recone of 

aomnunge hia foerdon, and cuomon in Symonea and An- 
M) drea> hue, miS lacob and lohanne. Da wsea Syr 

Bwer gelegen fehriende, and hia him aoua of S^r cuedon. 
SI And geneolecde, and 8a ilea ahfif, aud miS 8y hire bond 

gegrippen wses, reconlice forleort hia bal from fehrum ; 
M and hio geenihehtade him. Uutedlice 8a efern gewariS, 

miS 8y Bunna to sett eade, hia geferedon [gebrohton] 
»s to him alle yfel hsebbende and diowbla hoibhende. And 

alie Sa burgwaras wieron geaomnad to Stere diirn [to 
.■H gait]. And he iecnade [gemde] raonigo 8a 8e mi 

licum adlum geawoenccd woeron; and menigo diohlas he 

ut-fordraf; and hia ne lefde to sprecanne, forSon hia 
R5 hine wiston. And auiSe on Hiring aras, and foerde Sona, 

and eode on woestigum atouo [atyd] and Ser gebaad. 
:i6 And hirowKsfylgend Simon, and SaSemiShiuewoeroQ. 
»7 And mis 8y hia hine oufiindon hia cuedon him, ForSon 
S3 alle 8ec soecaS. And he ouoe8 to him, Ga we [wutmn 

geouga] in iSa neeato lond, and 8a ceastre, ^set ec 8er ic 


bodige, for^oQ to t$is ic cwom. And he wsbb bodande w 
in hiora somnungum, and alle Ghdile®, and diobles wor- 
pend. And to him cwom sum lictSrower, and hine bsBd 40 
[giomede], and mifS cnew-beging cuoetJ, Gyf tSu wilt, 
t$u msBht geclaensiga meh. Da wsbs se HsBlend his mil- 4i 
sande, andhm hond gerahte, and hine hrinande, to him 
cue^, Ic willo iie geclsensiga. And mit$ t$y he gecue^, 43 
sona t$iu riofol from him foerde, and he wsbs geclsensod* 
And sona he behead him, and cuoet$ to him, Gesih t$n ^ 
tsdt t$u hit n£snigum menn coetSe, ah gaa adeaw 5ec fSsem 
sacerda aldor, and gef fore t$in clsensunge t$a He Moises 
heht, him in cyl^nisse. Sot$ he foerde and ongann bo- 45 
diga and mersiga tsdt word ; t$us iSmt nutedlice he ne 
msBhte ewunga in tia ceastre ingeonga, ah he wsbs uta in 
woestigum stowum ; and Ma eghuona to him gesom- 






* * * brocen wnrde. ^rest onfunde, 
Het fa, hyssa hwsBne ysst se eorl nolde 
hors forlaetan, yrmtSo ge]Kdian : 

feor afysan, he let him f& of handon 

and fortJgangan, leofre fleogan, 

hicgan to handum, hafoc witS ]78bs holtes, 

and * * * hige godum. and to f sere hilde stdp ; 

* * * fsdt OffoQ maBg be pam man mihte oncnawan 




))SBt Be cniht nolde 

wacian set fam. wige, 

]>a he to wsepnum feng. 

Eac him wolde Eadric 

his ealdre gelsBstan 

frean to gefeohte ; 

ongan ]>& foi^beraii 

gar to gupe : 

he hsBfde God gep&ncj 

)»a hwile he mid handum 

healdan mihte 

bord and br€d swurd ; 

beot he gelsBste, 

)»a he SBtforan his frean 

feohtan sceolde. 

Da ))»r Byrhtno« ongan 

beomas trymian, 

r^d and rsedde, 

rincum t^hte 

hu hi sceoldon standan, 

and ]70ne stede healdan, 

and bsBd ]>8Bt hyra randan 

rihte heoldon 

fsBste mid fohnum, 

and ne forhtedon na. 

pa he hsefde psdt folc 

fegre getrymmed, 

he lihte )»a mid leodon, 

]>8Br him leofost wsbs, 

fBBT he his heort$.werod 

holdost wiste. 

pa stdd on stset^e, 

stit$Kce clypode, 

wicinga ^, 

wordum mselde, 

se on beot ahead 


SBrende to ]>am eorle, 

f aer he on ofre stdd : 

Me B^ndon to t$e 

B^men Bnelle ; 

heton ^e secgan, 

]>8Bt ]7U most sendan rat5e 

beagas wi^ gebeorge ; 

and eow betere is 

"pBdt ge J^isne gar-rsBs 

mid gafole forgyldon, 

)»onne we swa hearde 

hilde dselon. 

Ne f urfe we us spillan : 

gif ge spedaiS to J^am, 

we willa'8 wit5 f am golde 

gri« fostnian. 

Gyf f u f 8Bt gersBdest, 

]>e her rfcost eart, 

fsdt ])U Jyfne leoda 

lysan wille, 

syllan s^-mannum, 

on hyra sylfra ddm, 

feoh wi8 freode, 

and nfman frit$ set us, 

we willatS mid )»am sceattum 

us to scype gangan, 

on fldt feran, 

and eow fripes healdan. 

ByrhtnoC ma)>elode, 

bord hafenode, 

wand wtoie sbsc. 



wordum mselde, 

yrre and anrsed, 

ageaf him andsware : 

GhehjTst fvLj s^-lida, 

liwaet f is folc segetS, 

hi willatS eow to gafole 

garas syllan, 

SBttrynne ord, 

and ealde swurd, 

|>a heregeatu fe eow 

set hilde ne deah. 

Brim-manna bdda, 

abeod eft ongean, 

sege )»fnum leodum 

miccle la])re spell, 

pmt her stynt unforcutS 

eorl mid his werode, 

fe wile gealgian 

ej>el fjsne, 

^J^elrsBdes eard, 

ealdres mfnes, 

folc and foldan : 

feallan sceolon 

hsB])ene sBt hilde. 

To heanlic me )»inceS 

])8Bt ge mid urum sceattum 

to scjpe gangon 

unbefohtene ; 

nu ge fuB feor hider 

on ume earde 


ne Bceole ge swa softe 

sine gegangan ; 

us sceal ord and ecg 

^r geseman, 

grim gut$-plega, 

ikr we gofol syllon. 

Het ]>a bord beran, 

beomas gangan, 

]>SBt hi on fam ea-stei$e 

ealle stodon. 

!Ne mihte yssr for wsBtere 

werod to fnm o5rum, 

J>»r com flowende 

Add sBfter ebban, 

lucon lagu-streamas ; 

to lang hit him )»uhte, 

hwsBnne hi togsadere 

garas beron. 

Hi }8dT Pantan stream 

mid prasse bestodon^ 

East-Seaxena ord, 

and se sBsc-here ; 

ne mihte hjra senig 

o])rum derian, 

buton hwl£ fuih Maes fljht 

fjl gename. 

Se fldd ^t gew^t ; 

pa, fldtan stodon gearowe, 

wicinga fela, 

wiges geome. 

Het ]7a hsdlefa hleo 

healdan p& bricge 

wigan wigheardne, 

Be W8BS haten Wulfst^ 

cafne mid his cynne, 

pmt W8B8 Ceolan sunu, 

ye yone formaa man 


mid bia francaa ofeceat, 

G-od Sna wSt, 

)ie )>ter baldlicost 

bwS fiere wtel-stowe 

on JM. bricge strip. 

weal dan mote. 

par Btodon mid Wulfstfiae 

Wodon pa wffil-wulfa*, 

wigan unforbte, 

for wfetere ne mumon. 

^Lfere and Maccus, 

wicinga werod. 

mtJdige tw^gen j 

west ofer Pantan, 

))a noldon ret |)am forde 

ofer acfr wseter 

fleam gewyrcaa. 

scyldas w»gon, 

ac bi fxatlice 

Hdmea to laode 

wis pa tjnd weredon, 

linde bieron. 

pa hwfle pe bi waepna 

pier ongean grSmum 

weal dan moaton. 

gearowe atodon 

pa hi ]HBt ongeaton, 

ByrbtnoS mid beoraum ; 

be mid bordum bet 

))ffit bi pa bricg-weardaa 

wyrcan pone wi-hagan, 

bitere fundon ; 

and piet werod bealdwi 

ongunnoo lytegian )>a 

feate wiS feondum. 

la8e gystas ; 

pa wiBS fobte neb 

btedoa ffet bi up-gangan 

tir aet getohte ; 

agan moston, 

WiEs aeo tfd cumen 

ofer pone ford faran. 

p»t Pier fapge men 

fepan liedan. 

feallan aeeoldon. 

Da se eorl ongan. 

pa wearS bream ahSfen, 

for bia ofermfide. 

hremmaa wundon. 

alyfan landea to fela 

earn teaes geom, 

lapere Seode. 

wa!S on eorpan cynn. 

Oogean ceallian pa. 

Hi leton pa of folman 

ofer cald wteter. 

feol-hearde speru, 

Byrhtbelmea beam. 


beoraas geldyaton : 

garaa flugon, 

Nu eow is gerymed, 

bogan wseron bysige. 

gaS ricene to ua, 

bord ord onfeng, 

gviman to gu|>e ; 

biter wttS ae beadu-rwB, 



beomas feollon, 

on gehwsB^re hand 

hyssas lagon ; 

wund weap8 "WnlfinfiBP, 

wsel-reste geceas, 

ByrhtnotJes mseg, 

be mid billum weart(, 

his swuster sunn, 

8wit$e forheawen ; 

f aer wearS wicingum 

wij>erlean agifen : 

gehyrde ic Usst Eadweard 

£nne sloge 

awiye mid his swurde, 

swengea ne wymde, 

fsdt him set f5tum feoU 

faege eempa ; 

l^aes him his ^eoden 

}>anc ges»de, 

^am b3rrj>ene*, 

fa** he byre hasfde. 

Swa stemnetton 


hysas »t hilde, 

hogodon geome 

hwS ymr mid orde 

^rost mihte 

on fsBgean men 

feorh gewinnan, 

wigan mid w»pnum : 

wael feol on eort$an ; 

stodon st^de fseste, 

stihte hi Byrhtno^, 

* bt^-^ene? 

baed Jiaet hyssa gehwylc 
hogode to wige, 
fe on Denum wolde 
ddm gefeohtan. 
"W^d fa wiges heard, 
wsBpen tip-ah6f, 
bord to gebeorge, 
and wit$ f sbs beornes st6p ; 
eode swa forsed 
eorl to fam ceorle, 
SBgf er hyra otSrum 
yfles hogode. 
Sende fa se s^-rinc 
suf erne gar, 
fa gewundod weat« 
wigena hlaford ; 
he sceaf fa mid f am scylde, 
f 8Bt se sceaft tobaerst, 
and fast spere sprengde, 
fast hit sprang ongean ; 
gegremod weart^ se gu«-rinc. 
he mid gare stang 
wlancne wicing, 
f e him fa wunde forgeaf. 
Prod W8B8 se fyrd-rinc, 
he let his francan wadan 
f urh f ass hysses hals ; 
hand wisode 

fast he on f am faer-sceaSan 
feorh geraehte ; 
tJa he of erne 
ofstlice sceat, 
f aet seo byrne tobsBrst, 
^ f»t? 

^^^ 136 THE BATTLE OF MAIJJON. ^^^^^^| 

H he wffis on breostum wund 

and gerenod swurd. 

^H purh )>a hring-locan ; 

Da Byrbtno« brsed 

^H him a;t heortaD at6i 


^H xtteme ord. 

brfd and brtin-eeg. 

^M Se eorl weas )>e bli)>ra, 

aad on |ia bjrnan aloh ; 

^B hloh ^ modi man, 

ra|ie bine geletto 

^H eeede Metode )>anc 

lidmauna sum, 

^H Sxa dseg-weorcee, 

f?a he psea eorles 

^1 |>e him Drihtea forgeaf. 

earm amyrde ; 

^H Forlet |>a drenga Bum 

feoll pa to foldan 

^1 daroS of hoada, 

fealo-bilte swurd, 

^M fleogaa of folman, 

ne mihte he gehealdan 

H fxt Be to forS-gen£t 

beardne mece. 

^1 |)urb [lone s^laa 

wa^pnes weaJdan, 

^1 ^)?elr»des Jjegea. 

pflrgyt [>»t word gecwieS 

H Him be healfe etSd 

hfir bilde-rinc, 

^f hyae -ilnweaxen. 

hyssaa bylde 

cniht on gecampe, 

bied gangan forS, 

Be full caflicB 

g6de gef^ran : 

brsed of Stem beoma 

ue mihte fti on f<Stum leng 

blodigue gar. 

fsste gestaudan ; 

"WullataneB beam, 

he to heofenum wlfit : 

Wulfnucr ae geonga j 

Gefancc pe Seoda "Waldend, 

forlet for-heardne 

ealra Jwera wyuna 

faran eft ongean ; 

)>B ic on worulde gebSd : 

ord in-gewfid, 

nu ic ah, milde Meotod. 

fiBt se ou eor^an Iteg, 

mseatB (>earfe, 

pe his )>eodea £er 

pxt )>u mfnum gaste 

fearle geraahte. 

g^des geunne. 

Eode pa. geajrwed 

|>iet min sawul to pe 

eecg to {am eorle. 

sifiian mote, 

he wolde Jnea beornes 

on Jjfn ge weald, 

beagas gefecgan. 

peoden engia, 

reaf and bringas, 

mid friSe ferian ; 

, . 




ic eom firymdi to ]>e, 
])8et Hi* hel-Bcea|>aii 
hynan ne moton« 
Da liine heowon 
bsB^ene scealcas, 
and begen f& beomas 
fe bim bigstodon, 
MifaoiS and Wuhnasr begen 
lagon U on-emn 
byra frean, 
feorb gesealdon. 
Hi bugon ))a fram beaduwe 
fe pmr beon noldon ; 
fmr wurdon Oddan beam 
£rest on fleame^ 
Godric fram guj^e^ 
and ]»one gddan forlet, 
]7e bim msenigne oft 
mear gesealde ; 
be geble6p fouQ eoh, 
]>e abte bis blaford^ 
on fam gersBdum 
fe bit ribt ne ws&s, 
and bis brotSru mid bim, 
begen SBrdon, 
Godrinc and Godrig, 
gu]>e ne gymdon, 
ac wendon fram ]>am wige, 
and ]H)ne wudu sobton, 
flugon on psdt fsBsten, 
and byra feore burgon, 
and manna ml^ 
)»onne bit senig msBtS wsare, 
* The hi in this line 

gyf bi ]»a geamunga 
ealle gemundon^ 
pe be bim to dugu]>e 
geddn bsefde ; 
swa him Offa on d»g 
^r assBde, 

on ])am me)>el-stede, 
fa, be gemdt bsafde, 
p8et fsdT mddlice 
manega sprsBcon, 
]>e eft aet f aere [bilde] 
]»olian noldon. 
Da weai^ afeallen 
fsdB folces ealdor^ 
Mpelraddes eorl ; 
ealle gesawon 
'psdt byra beorra l»g. 
pa tSsBr wendon for9 
wlance |>egenas, 
unearge men, 
efston geome, 
bi woldon ]>a ealle 
otier twega, 
Iff forlsBtan, 
otStSe leofne gewrecan : 
Bwa bi bylde for5 
beam .^llfrices» 
wiga wintrum geong, 
wordum mffilde : 
JBllfwine, psk cwsBtS be, 
on ellen-sprsBc gemuna 
]>a msela fe we ofb 
is yeiy questionabid. 


»t meodo Hprccon, 

fxt hi forfS-eodon. ^^M 


OfTa gemxide, V 

beot abi5fon. 

ffisc-holt asceoc : ^H 

hffilee OD beaUe, 

Hw;etl.u,^:ifwine,hafut ■ 

ymbe heard gewinn ; 

ealle gem£node, ^^M 

nu mag cunniaa 

fiegenaa to ))earfe : ^H 

hw£ cf ne ej ; 

nu lire I-eoden lit), ^H 

ic wylie mfne s)>elo 

eorl on eoriSM, H 

ealium gecy|>ftii. 

«sia ealium I^arf. H 

(i£Bt ic wtes oa Myrcou 

{.set ure jeghwylc ^B 

micclea cynnes. 

otierne bylde ^H 

wffiB mfn ealda fteder 

■wigan to wige, H 

Eatbelm haten, 

pa hwOe [« he wsepen m»!ge ^| 

wfa ealdorman, 

h abb an and healdan, ^H 


heardne mece, ^^| 

Ke Bceolon me on ftere feode gar and g5d Bwnrd- ^| 

jiegenaa ictwftan. 

lis Godric hasffi, 

f«Bt icoffiasefyrde 

earb Oddan beam, 

Kran wiUe, 

ealle beswicene : 

eard geaecan, 

wende ftea for-moni man. 

nu mfn ealdor ligeS 

pa he on meare rSd, 

forbeawen xt hilde, 

on wlancan |?am wicge, 

me iB JiEet hearma mteat ; 

piBt wiere hit ure hlaford ; 

he wfBB asgSer mfn msg 

forpan weartS her on felda 

and mfn hlaford. 

folc totwaimed, 

Da he fortS-eode, 

Bcyld-bnrh tobrocen. 

fsIiSe gemunde. 

AbreoSe hie angin, 

J«et he mid orde 

pset he her Bwa mauigne 

Sane gershte 

man aflymde. 

flotan on fam folee. 

Leofaunu gemtelde, 

Jiiet ae on foldan beg 

and his iinde ahSf, 

forwegen mid hia waspne. 

bord to gebeorge, 

Ongan fa wfnaa m£nian, 

he pam beome oncw»C : 

frynd and geferan, 

Ic p»t gehfite. 



]78Bt ic heonpn nelle 
fle^n f<5tes trym, 
ac wille furSor g^n, 
wrecan on gewinne 
mlhne wine-drihteiL. 

and God bsBdon 
fset hi moston gewrecaa 
hyra wyne-drihten, 
and on hyra feondum 
fyl gewyrcan. 

NefurfonmeembeSturmereHim se gysel* ongan 

stede-fseste hsBletS 

wordum {etwftan, 

nu mfn wfne gecranc, 

fsdt ic hlafordleas 

h^ si'Sie, 

wende fram wige ; 

ac me sceal wsBpen nfman, 

ord and fren. 

He ful yrre w6d, 

feaht faestlice, 

fleam he forhdgode. 

Dunnere fa cwsetS, 

darotS acwehte, 

unome ceorl, 

ofer eall dypode, 

bsBd fsBt beoma gehwylc 

Byrhtnot5 wraBee : 

Ne m»g na wandian 

se ]>e wrecan pence'6 

frean on folce, 

ne for feore muman. 

pa hi fotS-eodon, 

feores hi ne rohton. 

Ongunnon ))a hired-men 

heardlice feohtan, 

gr^me gar-berend. 

geomlice fylstan ; 

He W8BS on Noir8-hymbron 

heardes cynnes, 

Ecglafes beam, 

him W8BS Msctefjf^ nluna ; 

he ne wandode na 

set ])am wig-plegan, 

ac he fysde for($ 

fl^n genehe ; 

hwf Ion he on bord Bceat, 

hwf Ion beom taBsde ; 

SBfre embe stunde he sealde 

sume wunde, 

))a hwf le t$e he w»pna 

wealdan moste. 

Dsk-gyt on orde 8t6d 

Eadwefu*d se langa, 

gearo and geomfdl ; 

gylp-wordum spraBC, 

fSBit he nolde fleogan 

f<5t-msBl landes, 

foer-bsBC bugan, 

]»a his betera leg : 

he braec f one bord-weall, 

and wit$ ])a beomas feaht, 

oiSfsdt he his sinc-gyfan 

*■ The story of the s^sel (hostage) wag no doubt contained in the 
part of the poem now lost. 


on fam BiSmannuni 

brim-men wSdon, 

wuriSlice wree, 

guSe gegremode, 

ier he on wiele liege. 

gar oft purh-w6d 

8wa djde iEjieric, 

I'tegea feorh-hfis. 

ajpele gcfera. 

PoriS Sa eode Wiatan, 

fu8 and forSgeom, 

puratanea sunn. 

feaht eornoste, 

wis pae secgas feaht ; 

Sibyrhtea broiSor, 

he waea on ge[)rang 

and 8wi6e mfcnig ofer, 

hyra freora bfina, 

clufoa ceUod bord, 

&r him WigeUnea bearn 

cgne hi weredon. 

on pam wiete Itege. 

b»rat hordes Isrig, 

pfBF wies stiS gemfit ; 

and eeo bjme aang 

stodon fieate 

gryre leoSa aum. 

wigan on gewinne, 

pa B3t guiSe aloh 

wigend cnincon, 

Ofia |ione ate-lidan, 

wundum werige j 

liiet he on eorf-au feoll, 

wiel feol on 

and {iter Gaddea msg 

Oswold and Ealdwold, 

gnind geaohte ; 

eaUe hwile, 

raSe wetaS let hilde 

begen gehrofru, 

Offa forheawen ; 

beornas tiymedon, 

he hxfde )>eah gefor])od 

hyra wine-magaa 

Jttet he hia frean gehet, 

wordon biedon. 

awa he beotode &r 

pfet he Pier tet Searfe 

wis his heah-gifan, 

|)olian aceoldon, 

))cet hi sceoldon begcn 


on burh rfdan. 

wxpna neotan. 

liale to bfime, 

Byrhtwold maJiBlode, 

oSSe on here crincgan, 

bord hafenode, 

on wtel-stowe 

Be w»8 eald geneat, 

vnindum sweltan. 

He l»g Segenlice 

he ful hnldlice 

t!eodne gohende. 

beomaa l^rde : 

Da wears borda gelraicj 

Hige seeal J>e heardra, 

b ^ 




heorte )>e c^nre, 

m6d sceal ]»e m^re, 

fe ure maegen lytlatS ; 

her ]iiS ure ealdor 

ealle forheawen, 

gdd on greote ; 

^ mseg gnomian, 

Be t$e nu fram fis wig-plegan 

wendan |>encet$. 

Ic eom firdd feores, 

fram ic ne wille, 

ac ic me be healfe 

mfniim hlaforde, 

be swa leofan men, 

licgan ]»ence. 

Swa hi ^|>elgare8 beam 

ealle bylde, 

Godric to gu]>e, 

oft he gar forlet, 

wsel-spere windan, 

on fa, wicingas : 

swa he on ]>am folce 

fynneat eode, 

heow and hynde, 

o^)»8Bt he on hilde gecrane, 

NsBs ]>8et na se Gk)dric 

]>e "Sa gutSe forbeah, 

» # # • • 



* * * tweode gifena, 
in tjs ginnan grunde ; 
heo fs&r fa, gearwe funde 
mund-byrd set fam m^ran 

fa heo ahte msBste ]>earfe 
hyldo fsdB hehstan D^man, 
]>8Bt he hie wi^ fsd& hehstan 

gefritSode, frjmtJa Waldend ; 
hyre f aes Eaeder on roderum 
torhtmdd tilSe gefremede, 
fe heo ahte triimne geleafan 
^ to ftem ^Imihtigan. 
Gefirsegen ic fa Holofemus 

\^n hatan wyrcean geomci 
and eallum wundrum )»r jmlio 
girwan up swsesendo ; 
to tSam het se gumena baldor 
ealle fa yldestan tSegnas, 
hie tSaet ofstum miclum 
rsBfhdon rond-wiggende ; 
comon to t$am rfcan J^eodne, 
feran folces rsBSwan. 
p8Bt wsBS fj feor]>an dogore 
prna fe luditS hyne, 
gleaw on ge)»once, 
ides self-scfnu, 
^rest gesohte. 




Hie t$a to Sam symle 

sittan eodon, 

wlauce to wfn-gedrince, 

ealle his wea-gesiSas, 

bealde bym-wiggende. 

psdT wsBron boUan steape 

boren sefber bencum gelome, nealashte niht seo pjatre. 

swylce eac biman and orcas Het t$a nitSa geblonden 

fUlle flet-sittendum : }& eadigan msBgS, 

hie fsdt fsBge fegon, ofstum fetigan 

r6fe pond-wiggende, to his bed-reste, 

]>eah t$8BS se rfca ne wende, beagum gehlsBste, 

ofer-drencte his dugut$e ealle, 
Bwylce hie waeron dea^ ge- 

agdtene gdda gehwylces. 
Swa het se gumena aldor 
fylgan flet-sittendum, 
oS]78Bt lira beamum 

egesful eorla dryhten. 
Da weartS Holofemus, 
gold-wine gumena, 
on gyste-salum*; 
hloh and hlydde, 
hlynede and dynede, 
psdt mihten fira beam 
feorran geh^ran, 
hu se stitSmdda 
styrmde and gylede ; 
mddig and medu-gal 
m^node geneahhe 
Jwt hi gebaerdon wel. 
Swa se inwidda 
ofer ealne dseg, 
dryht-guman sine 
drencte mid wfne, 

switSmdd sinces brytta, 
66p2dt hie on swiman lagon, Holofernus. 

* MS. gyte salum. 

hnngum gehrddene. 
Hie hraSe fremedon 
swa him heora ealdor be- 
bym-wigena brego : 
, bearhtme stopon 
to f&m gyst-eme, 
fsBT hi ludithSe 
fiindon ferhti-gleawe, 
and pa, fromHce 
IsBdan ongunnon 
]>a torhtan msegS 
to trsBfe ]>am hean, 
psdT se rfea hyne 
reste on symbol 
nihtes inne, 
Nergende latJ, 



Dmr wffis eall gylden 

fle(^-net £seger, 

and jmbe ysds folc-togan 

bed ahongen, 

p»t 06 bealofulla 

mihte wlitan t$urh, 

wigena baldor, 

on aeghwylcne, 

]>e ^ser-inne com, 

hffiletSa beama, 

and on hyne n^nig 

monna cynnes, 

njmtSe se modiga hwibne 


him fe near bet, 

rinca to rune gegangan. 

Hie ^a on reste gebrohton 

snude p& snoteran idese ; 

eodon <5a sterced-ferbt$e h»- 

heora bearran cy^San, 
)»8Bt wses seo balige meowle 
gebrobt on bis b€r-getelde. 
Da weartS se brema on m6de 
bli"5e, burga ealdor, 
)>obte t$a beorbtan idese 
mid widle and mid womme 

besmitan ; 
ne wolde }>8Bt wuldres D^ma 
ge'Safian, tSrjrmmes Hjrde, 
ac be him ]^s tSinges ge- 

Drybten, duge^a Waldend. 
Gew^t ^a se deofulcunda. 

galferb5 gumena t^reate, 
bealofull his beddes neosan, 
peer be sceolde bis blsed for- 

sedre binnan ^re nibte, 
bsefde fa, bis ende gebidenne, 
on eor^an unswseslicne, 
Bwylcne be ^r ffifter worbte, 
)»earbnod t$eoden gumena, 
penden be on t$ysse worulde 
wunode under wolcna brdfe. 
Gj-efeol pa wfne swa druncen 
se rfca on bis reste middan, 
swa be nyste rseda n^nne 
on gewit-locan : 
wiggend stopon 
i^t of t$am inne 
ofstum miclum, 
wares wlh-sade, 
J>e tSone waerlogan, 
latSne leod-hatan, 
IsBddon to bedde, 
nebstan sitSe. 
pa wses Nergendes 
}>eowen J^rymful, 
)>earle gemyndig 
bu beo )>one atolaa 
eaSost mihte 
ealdre benaBman, 
&v 86 unsyfra 
womfdU onw^ce. 
Genam tSa wimden-locc, 
Scyppendes msBgtS, 
scearpne mece, 


^H scurum hoardne, 

ffdre mid elne onbryrde. 

^M and of sceaSe abried 

Bwa be deS finra gehwylene 

^M BwiSrau folme : 

her buendra fe hyne 

^M ongan Sa swegles Weard, 

him to belpe seeeS 

^M be nSman netnaan, 

mid rffede and mid rihte ge- 

H JSTergend eaira 


^1 fforuld-buendra, 

pa weariS hyre rume on 

^M and ]iset word a«wfe^ : 


H Ic «e, frym«a Glod, 

haligre hyht geniwod ; 

H and frofre Ghest, 

genSm ]>a (tone hsSenan 

^M Beam Alwaldan, 


^1 biddan wiUe 

fffiate be feaie sfnum, 

H raUtse Knre 

teab hyne folmum, 

^1 me {learfendrG, 

wis hyre weard byamerlice, 

^M Dryneaae Drym ; 

and ))one bealofullan 

H ))earle ja me nuSa, 

listum alede, 

^1 heorte" onbseted, 

laSne mannan. 

^H and hige geomor BW;Ke 

Bwa heo 8ms nnliedan 

^1 mid sorgum gedrefed ; 

eaSoat mihte 

^B forgif me, swegles Ealdor, 

wel gcwealdan. 

^M sigor and s(58De geleafan. 

Sloh «a wuudeu-locc 

^1 paet ic mid fys aweorde mote fione feond-aceatSan ^^| 

H geheawaa fysae morfires 

fagum mece, ^H 

■ bryttan ; 

hete ))oncolne, ^M 

^M geiinne me mliira goaynta, 

])a»t hco healfne forcearf H 

^M Jtearlmiid peoden gumena : 

>oneaweoranhim, ■ 

H nahte ic ffnre nfefre 

fict he on Bwiman Isag, ^M 

■ mUtse JiOQ mfiran Jiearfe : 

druncen and dolh-wund : ^M 

, mea Sa dead pa. gyt, ^M 

H torhtmod tires Brytta, 

eallea orsawle ; ^^| 

H )»Btme ya (■uatome on mCde, alob Sa eornoate ^| 

^M hfite on hrei5re mfoum. 

idea ellen-rSf, ^M 

■ Ki pa se hehata B^ma 

obre BiSe, H 

■ ' In MS. js ig repealed after >esrle. ^H 



]>one hsBt^enan himd, 
past him fmi heafod wand 
fortJ on ^a flore. 
LsBg 86 fula leap, 
gesne besBftan, 
gsBst ellor h'wearf, 
under neowelnsBS, 
and fsBT geny^erad waBS, 
susle gessBled, 
sy'S'San sdfre, 
wyrmum bewnnden, 
wftum gebunden, 
hearde gehsefted, 
in helle bryne, 
SBfter hin-si'$e ; 
ne "Searf he hopian n^, 
J>ystrum forSylmed, 
]>8Bt he tSonan mote, 
of "Sam wyrm-sele, 
ae iSsBT wunian seeal, 
^wa to aldre, 
butan ende forts, 
in "Sam heolstran h^m, 
hyht-wynna leas. 


Hsefde "Sa gefohten, 
fore-m^me blsed, 
ludith set gutJe, 
swa hyre God ut5e, 
swegles Ealdor, 
fe hyre sigores onleah. 
pa seo snotere msBgtS 

snude gehrohte 

]>8BS herews^an 

heafod swa bl^dig, 

on "Sam fsBtelse, 

J>e hyre foregenga, 

bl^-hleor ides, 

hyra begea nest 

})eawum ge'Sungen, 

fyder onl»dde, 

and hit t$a swa heol£rig 

hyre on bond ageaf, 

hige tJoncolre, 

h^m to berenne, 

ludith gingran sfnre. 

Eodon ^a gegnum ]>anomie 

]>a idesa b^ 


cUSfadt hie becomon, 


ead-hre^ige msagS, 

^t of t$am herige, 

fsdt hie sweotollice 

gese^n mihton 

J>8Bre wlitegan byrig 

weallas blican, 


Hie 9a beah-hrodene 


for'8 onettan, 

0'$ hie glaed-mode 

geg^n haefdon 

to "Sam weal-gate. 

Wiggend sseton, 

weras wseccende 



wearde heoldon* 
in t$am fffistenne, 
Bwa t$am folce ^r 
ludithe bebead, 
8earo-t$oncol msBg^, 
fa, heo on si^ gew^t, 
ides ellen-rof. 
WaBs t$a eft ciunen 
leof to leodum, 
and tSa lungre bet 
gleaw-hydig wff, 
gumena sumne, 
of t5»re ginnan byrig, 
byre togeanes g^ 
and bi ofostlice 
t$urb ^SBS wealles geat, 
and ]>SBt word acwsBtS 
to "Sam sige-folce : 
Ic eow secgan msBg 
jK)ncwyr8e f ing, 
J>»t ge ne J>yrfen leng 
mnman on mdde : 
eow ys Metod blitJe, 
cyninga "Wuldor, 
}>©t gecy^ed weai^, 
geond woruld wfde, 
J>»t eow ys wnldor-blaed 
torbtlic toweard, 
and tir gife^e 
t$ara lsBt$t$a 
t$e ge lange drugon. 
* MS. heo ildon. 

pa wurdon blitJe 
syi$^an bi gebyrdon 
bu seo balige spraec 
ofer beanne weall. 
Here wsbs on lustum ; 
wit$ ]>8Bs £BBsten-geates 
folc onette, 
weras wff somod, 
womum and beapnm, 
t$reatum and t$rymmnm, 
)>rungon and umon 
ongean p& ]>eodnes msBgS 
ealde ge geonge ; 
ffigbwylcum wearS 
men on iSsBve medo-byrig 
mdd areted, 
syi$t$an bie ongeaton 
psdt W83S luditb cumen 
eft to e^le, 
and "Sa ofostlice 
bie mid eat^medum 
pa seo gleawe bet, 
golde gefrffitewod, 
byre "Sinenne, 
)>8Ba bere-W8Bt5an 
beafod onwrit^an, 
and byt to beb^e 
blddig SBtywan 
]>am burb-leodum, 
^ MS. forketon. 



hu Hyre set beaduwe gespeow. 

Spraec ^a seo aetJele 

to eallum )>am folce : 

Her ge magon sweotole, 

sige-r6fe haele^, 

leoda rsBswan, 

on "SsBS l^^estan 

hsBt^enes heatSo-rinces 

heafod starian% 



pe us moima msBst 

mortSra gefremede, 

s^irra sorga, 

and swytJor gyt 

yean wolde, 

ac him ne utSe Gh}d 

lengran Iffes, 

]>8Bt he mid IsB^^um 

U8 eglan moste. 

Ic him ealdor o^]>rong 

J>iirh Godes fultum. 

'Nil ic gumena gehwsene 

]>yssa burg-leoda 

biddan wylle, 


j>aBt ge recene eow 

fysan to gefeohte ; 

sytSt5an fipymtSa Go^, 

©rfsBst Cyning, 

eastan sende 

leohtne leoman, 

bera^ linde for5, 

• MS. Btaria^. 

. bord for breostmn, 
and bym-homas, 
scfre helmas, 
in scea^ena gemong, 
fyllan folc-togan 
fagum sweordum, 
fsBge frumgaras : 
fynd syndon eowere 
ged^med to dea^e, 
and ge ddm agon, 
tir set tohtan, 
8wa eow get^nod hafatS 
mihtig Dryhten 
]>urh mfne hand, 
pa weart$ snelra werod 
snude gegearewod, 
c^nra to campe ; 
stopon cyne-i^fe, 
secgas and gesi^as, 
bsBron ]>ufas, 
foron to gefeohte 
forts on gerihte 
hsele^ under helmum, 
of f sere haligran byrig, 
on J>8et dsegred sylf : 
dynedan scildas, 
hlude hlummon. 
ps&B se hlanca gefeah 
wulf in walde, 
and se wanna hrefn, 
wflel-gifre fugel, 
westan^ begen, 
J>8Bt him tSa })eod-guman 
^ westene? 




)>ohtoii tilian 

fylle on fbgum ; 

ac him fleah on laste 

eamsetefl geom, 

urig fe'Sera ; 


sang hilde leoS^ 


Stopon beaJ^o-rineaS) 

beomas to beadowe, 

bordum be'Seabte, 

hwealfum lindum, 

^ ^e hwf le ^r 


edwit foledon, . 

hsB^nra hosp. 

Him ]>8Bt hearde wear5, 

SBt t$am sBsc-plegan, 

eallum forgolden, 


sy^^an Ebreas, 

under gutJ-fanmn, 

geg^n hffifdon 

to tJam fyrd-wicum. 

Hie 9a fromlice 

leton fo]r5 fleogan 

Mna, BCtiras, 

hilde nsBdran, 

of hom-bogan, 

strselas stede-hearde, 

styrmdon hlude, 

grame gu"8-fipecan, 

garas sendon 

iu heardra gemang, 

h£Blet$ wsBron yire, 


lat^um cynne, 

Btopon stym-rndde, 


wrehton unsofte 

eald geni«lan, 


miindum brugdon 

Bcealcas of scea^um 

ficfr msBled swyrd, 

ecgum gecoste, 

slogon eomoste 



nitJ hycgende, 

n^nne ne sparedon 

J>8B8 here-folces, 

heanne ne rfce, 

cwicera manna, 

]>e hie ofercuman mihton. 


Swa t$a mago.]7egna8, 

on «a morgen-tfd, 

ehton elt$eoda 

ealle ]>rage, 

otSfsBt ongeaton 

t$a iSe gr^me wsaron, 

t$»s here-folces 


J>8Bt him Bwyrd-geswing 

switJlic eowdon 

weras Ebrisce ; 

3 U DITH. 


hie wordum )>8Bt 
)>ain yldestan 
cy^an eodon, 
wrebton cumbol-wigaiiy 
and him forhtlice 
£aer Bpel bodedon, 
morgen collan, 
atolne ecg-plegan. 
pa ic »dre gefir»gn 
slege-fsBge hseleS 
slsBpe tobredon, 
and wit$ )>»s bealofiillan 
weras ferh^e 
hwearfum J^rmgan, 
Holofemus ; 
hogedon aninga 
hyra hlaforde 
hyldo bodian, 
£i^on "Se him Be egefia 
on-ii£m s»te 
msBgen Ebrea. 
Mynton ealle 
)>8Bt se beoma brego, 
and seo beorhte nuegtS, 
in t$am wlitegan trsofe 
wseron setsomne, 
ludith seo saSele, 
and se gahn^da, 
egesfuU and afor : 
n88B Seah eorla n^ 

]>e 9one wiggend 
aweccan derate, 
otS^e gecunnian 
hu t$one cumbol-wigan 
wi9 tSa halgan msBg5 
hffifde geworden, 
Metodes meowlan. 
MsBgen nealffihte, 
folc Ebrea, 
fuhton ]»earle, 
heardum heora-w»pnam, 
hsBfte guidon 
hyra fym geflitu, 
fagum swyrdum 
ealle afVoncan*. 
Assyria wearS, 
on t$am d»ge-weorce, 
d^m geswit$rod, 
bsBlc forbiged. 
Beomas stodon 
ymbe hyra ]>eodne8 traef, 
]>earle gebylde, 
Bweorcend-ferhtSe ; 
hi t$a somod ealle 
ongonnon cohhetan, 
cirman hlude, 
and gristbitian, 
g6de orfeorme, 
mid to'Son torn ]K)ligende. 
pa W8BS hyra tires »t ende^ 
eades and ellen-d»da ; 
hogedon Sa eorlas 
aweccan hire wfne-dryhten ; 



to Unm vBggcBidiiBDi, 

T> ndd ndkim 


^ atnas/BM tai. 


■in KBic Anrjbsis. GoA 


Ke we Miilm loaiaii aoiiiod, MOd-bnik soron. 

bebeafdod Iwaldeiid me 
Hi Ss faieovig-]ii6de 
wnrpoii bjim npen ofd 

gaSe gegremcdcv 
gmnsn EhruMe^ 
^egiiM on &i tfl 
, feariegdrsfte 



ps&T on greet gefeoU 
86 hyhsta cIsbI 
l^t5an cynnes, 
lythwdn becom 
cwicera to cy^^e ; 
drdon cyne-r(5fe, 
wiggend on wi«ertrod, 
wffil^scel on innan, 
reocende lirsBw. 
Btim wsBS to nimanne 
on 9am l^t^estan 
hyra eald-feondum 
heolfrig here-reaf, 
hyrsta scyne bord, 
and br^d swyrd, 
br^e helmas, 
dyre madmas. 
HsBfdon ddmlicey 
on 9am folc stede, 
fynd oferwunnen, 
swyrdum aswefede ; 
hie on swa'Se reston, 
fa, 9e him to UTe 
1^9ost wsaron 
cwicera cynna. 


Da seo cneoris eall, 
msBgSa m^rost, 
^es monies fyrst, 
wlanc wunden-loce, 
wagon and Iseddon 
to «8Bre beorhtan byrig, 
hehnas and hup-seaz, 
gu9-sceorp gumena, 
golde gefraetewod, 
m^rra madma 
]>onne mon SBnig 
asecgan maege 
8earo-]>onceka ; 
eal p8dt 9a 9eod-gumaa 
]>rymme geeodon, 
c^he under cumblum, 
and comp-wige, 
]>urh ludithe 
gleawe Hire, 
m8Bg9 m^digre. 
Hi to m6de hyre, 
of 9am si9&te, 
sylfre brohton 
eorlas sBsc-rdfe, 

sweord and swatigne helm, 
swylce eac sfde byman 
gerenode readum golde, 
and eal f^sBt se rinca baldor 
Bwi9m6d sinces ahte, 
o99e Bundor-yrfes, 
hare byman. 

MAEK, Chap. I. 129 

w»s in woesten; and gefulwade and bodade hreownisses 
fulwiht, on synna forgei&iisse. And to him foerde all 5 
Iud»alond, and alle t$a Hierusolomisco-waras, and weo* 
ix)n from him gefulwad in lordanes stream, hiora synno 
ondetende. And lohannes w»s gegerelad mit5 camelles « 
h€rum, and fellera gyrdils W€ds jmh his sfdo, and lo- 
pestro and wudu-hunig he wsbs brucende [he gebr^c] ; 
and he bodade, enoeSende, Strongre cymes [cuom] after 7 
mec, his [t5»s] nam ic wyrtSe fore-hlutende undoa his 
scoe-t5uongas. Ic fulwade iwih mi^ wsetre, he uutodlice 8 
iwih gefulwas mit5 H^ig Gi[st. And hyt w8bs aworden » 
in t$sBm dagum ^at se HsBlend cuom from Nazareth ^sbt 
by rig, and wsbs gefulwad in lordanem &om lohanne. 
And s^na of t$am wsetre he ast%, and gesseh untynde lo 
heoihas, and Gaast swelce culfre ofstigende and 6a him 
wunigende : and stefn wsbs of heofnum geworden, Du ii 
artJ mfn leof Sunu, on tJee ic wel Ifcade. And s^na tJe 12 
g^t hine 6n woesten dr^f. And feoertig daga andi3 
feoertig nsBhta he wsbs from "SsBm wi^erwearde acunnad, 
and he mi^ wild-deorum wsbs, and him englas geh^rdon. 
Efter t$on [t$a] lohannes gesald wsbs, cuom se HsBlend in i^ 
G-alilea, andG-odesrfces godspell bodade, and cuoe^ende, is 
For^on tfd is gefylled, and Godes rfc to-geneolecde ; 
hreowiges, and gelefes to ^(sm godspell. And fserende 16 
SBt GblilsBS s^, he gesseh tSone Simon, and Andreas his 
bro^or, hiora hnetta in ISa s^ s^ndende ; forSon hia we- 
ron fisceras. And him cuoet5 se HsBlend, Cyma^ sefber 17 
mec, and ic gedo iuih J>sBt ge sie monna fisceras. And is 
hi hreconlice, forletnum nettum, weron him fylgendo. 
And tJdna he lytel huon foerde, and gessBh lacob Zebe- 19 
dies sunu, and tJone lohannem his broker ; and ^a ilco 
[hia] in hiora scip gesetton ^a netto. And he hia sdna 20 
geceigde, and mit5 ^y hia hiora fseder Zebedeum for- 
leorton mit5 tJsBm celmert-monnum, and hine [him] fyl- 



Hude Mynede, 
hleol^or dynede, 
swegl-r^d swinsade, 
8wit$e ne minsade, 
burg-sele beofode, 
beorht lifkde, 
ellen eacnade, 
ead beacnade, 
freaum firodade, 
fromum godade, 
m^d msegnade, 
mine fsBgnade, 
treow telgade, 
tir welgade, 

blsBd bliflsade 

Gold gearwade, 

gim hwearfade, 

Bine searwade, 

sib nearwade. 

!Prom ic w»s in frsBtwmny 

freolic in geatwum ; 

wses min dream dryhtUc, 

drobta^ hyhtlic ; 

foldan ic freo^ade, 

folcum ic leo]>ode, 

lif wsBS min longe, 


De wes bold gebyld 
ep I>u iboren were, 
He wes mdde imynt 
ep "8u of moder come ; 
ac hit nes no idiht, 
ne ]>eo deopnes imeten ; 
nes gyt iloced, 
hu long Ut )>e were. 
Nu me J>e bpingsetJ 
J>er ^u beon scealt, 
nu me sceal ]>e meten, 
and 9a mold seot$9a ; 
ne bit$ no pin hns 
healice itinbred, 
hit bit$ unheh and lal^ 

potme )>u list }>ep-inne ; 
t$e hele-wages beotS lage, 
Bid-wages nnhege, 
f e pof bitJ ibyld 
fire broste M neh ; 
Bwa t$u scealt on mold 
wnnien ful cald, 
dimme and deorcsB : 
]>et den ^sBt on bond. 
Dureleas is fsdt has, 
and dearc hit is wit^innen, 
tJsBr J>u bist feste bidytt, 
and D8Bt$ hef6 f& csBge : 
ladlic is )>8et eort$-hus, 
and grim inne to wunien, 



^er pu. Bcealt wunien, 
and wurmes )>e todelet$. 
Dos ^VL bist ilegd, 
and ladsest fine fronden ; 
nefst t$u nenne freond, 
pe J>e wylle faren to, 
t$8Bt efre wule lokien 
hu ]>e past bus pe likie, 
^8dt ae&e undon 
tJe wule tJa dure, 

and ]>e safter lihten ; 

for sone ]>u bist ladlic, 

and lad to iseonne ; 

for sone bi^ f m bsefet ' 

faxes bureued, 

al bi^ "Ses faxes 

feimes forsceden, 

nsBle bit nan mit fingres feing 

stracien * * 
* * • • 

The Histoby or King Leib aitd his DAranTEBS. 

MS. Calig., A IX. MS. Otho, C. XHI. 

Bladud bafde enne sune, Bladtjd badde one sone, 
Leir wes ibaten, Leir was ibote, 

efter his fader dale, after bis fader be beld]>is lend, 

be beold ]>is driblicbe lend, in bis owene bond, 
Bomed an bis Hue, ilaste bis lif-da3es, 

sixti winter. sixti winter. 

He makede ane ricbe burb, He makede on ricbe borb, 
puA radfuUe bis erafke, )»orb wise menne reade, 
and be beo lette nemnen and bine lette nemni 

efter bim seoluan, 
Kaer Leir bebte pe burb ; 
leof beo wes p&a kinge, 
p& we an ure leod-quide 
Leir-cbestre clepiat$. 
3eare a ]>an bolde dawen 
beo wes swit^e a^el burb, 

after bim seolue, 
Kair Leir bebte J>e borb ; 
leof be was )>an king, 
pe we on ure specbe 
Le)>-cbestre eleopie)>. 
In ]>an eolde dai3e 
bit was a borb ricbe, 

The last six lines are ia a different and almost illegible hand« 


and seo^Sen )>er seh toward and Bufpe ]>ar soh to 
Bwi^e muchel seorwe, 8wi)>e moche sorwe, 

pat heo wes al forfaren, 
)>urh fere leodene usdl. 

Sixti winter hefde Leir Sixti winter hadde Leir 
)>is lond al towelden. )>is lond towelden. 

pe king hefde )>reo dohtren pe king hadde )>reo dohtres 
bi his drihliche quen ; bi his 030 cwene ; 

nefde he nenne sune, ac he nadde nanne sone, 

)>erfore he war$ sari, ]>arfore he was sori, 

his manseipe to halden, his kinedom to heolde, 
buten ysL ]>reo dohtren. bote his ]>reo dohtres. 

pa SBldeste dohter haihte pe seldeste hehte 6or- 

Gomoille, noylle, 

)>a o^er Eegau, fe o}>er Began, 

I>a f ridde Cordoille, fe f ridde Gordoylle, 

heo wes p& 3ungeste suster, 300 was "pe 3eongeste, 
a wliten aire uairest ; of penes aire hendest ; 

heo wes hire fader al swaleof 300 was hire fader al so leof 
swa his a3ene lif. so his owene lif. 

pa ffildede pe king, po holdede pe king, 

and wakede on a^elan, and failede his mihte, 

an he hine bi]>ohte and he hine bi)>ohte 

wet he don mahte wat he don mihte 

of his kineriche of his kineriche 

ffifber his deie. after his dai3e. 

He seide to him suluen, He saide to him seolue, 
)>at )>at Yuel wes : ]>at pe vuel was : 

le wUe mine riche todon, leh wolle mine riche 
and alien minen dohtren, 3iue mine dohtres, 
and 3euen hem mine kine- 

and twemen mine beamen: 
ac aerst ic wille fondien, ac erest ich wolle fondi, 


whulcliere beo mi beste woch me meat louie, ^^| 


and heo seal habbe jiat beste 

and }eo eal habbe pat beste 



of mine drihlichen ion. 

of mine kine-londe. 

pUB Jie king Jiohte, 

puB pe king Jtoh, 

and fer-rofter he worhte ; 

and par-after awToh j 

he clepedo G-omoiUe, 

he cleopede G-ornoille, 

hia guSfulle dohter, 

hia dohter pat was deore. 

■rt of hire bure, 

ut of hire bure. 

to bire fader deore ; 

to hire fader deore ; 

and Jwua apac pe aide king, 

and pua apac pe holde king 

per he on leSelen seat : 

to &omoille hia dohter i 

Sei me, GoraoiUe, 

Sei me, Gomoille, 

BoSere worden : 

sopero wordea : 

BwiSe dure f eo eart me. 

Bwipe deore pou art me, 


ou lef ham hich pe, 

hu mochel woq leate Jiu 

hn mochel worp holdiat pou 

to walden kiaeriche ? 

to welde kineriche ? 

Gomoille waa awiSe wssr. 

Gomoille waa we! war, 

swa heoS wifmen wel ihwier. 

ae beop wiramen wel iwar. 

and seide ane leainge 

and aeide one leaing 

heore ficdere [)on king : 

to hire fader Peking: 

Leofe fiedcr dure. 

Leoue fader deore. 

Bwa bide ic Glodes are, 

BO bide ieh Godea ore. 

swa helpe me Apollin, 

for min ilwfe is al on him. 

(lat leuere J>eo sert me ane 

leuere pou bart me one 

pane Jiia world al clane ; 

pan al pis worle clene ; 

and set ie J»e wile speken wit 

., andset ieh pewollespekewid. 

)>eou art leouere fene mi 

pou hart me leouere pan ml 



and jiia ieh aucge |>e to 8eo«e, and pia ieh aegge f e to sofie, ■ 



)U mith me wel ileue* 

Leir fe king 

ilefde his dohter IflBisinge, 

and p&a sBnsware ^ef, 

p&t waes fe olde king : 

Ich fe G-omoille seuge, 

leoue dohter dure, 

god seal been ]>i meda 

for ]>ira gretinge. 

le earn for mire sldde 

swi]>e vnbalded, 

and )>ou me leuoste nwipey 

mare fan is on Hue ; 

ich wille mi dirhliche lond 

a pToe al todalen : 

fm is f&t beste deal, 

fn sert mi dohter deore. 

pu miht me wel ilefue. 
Leir J>e king 
ilefde his dohter lesinge, 
and ]>us answerede 
]>e king to his dohter : 

god sal beo pi mede 

for I>ine wel dede. 

Ich ham for min heolde 

mochel onbolded, 

and )>ou me louest swi)^, 

more ]>an alle p&t his aliue ; 

ich wole mi dri)>liche lond 

a )>reo al todeale : 

)>in sal beo )>at beste deal, 

)>ou hart me swi)>e deore. 

and scalt babben to lauefd and ]>ou salt habbe to louerd 

min aire beste }>ein 
feo ich mai uinden 
in mine kinne-londe. 
iEfter spac fe olde kitig 
wit his dohter : 
Leoue dohter Began, 

min aire beste man 
p&t ich mawe ifinde 
in mine kine-londe. 
Efb spac ]>e holde king 
wid his oyer dohter : 

Leoue dohter Began, 
waet seist tu me to rseide ? wat . .ist J>ou me to reade ? 
Seie f u bifore mire du3den Sei bifore mine men 
heo dure ich am ]>eanherten. ou deore ich )>e ham. 
pa answsBrde mid rsetfulle po answerede 300 mid worde, 

worden : 
Al fat is on Hue 
nis nig swa dure 
swa me is )>in an luue, 

and noht mid heorte : 
Al ]>at his on Hue 
nis me alf so deore 
so m. his )>in one H.e, 

ne forSe min ahjene^lif. 

Ah heo ne seide na ]>ing se^, Ac 3eo de no)>t so)>, 


no more fenne hiire suster. na more J> 

Alle hire lesinge al hire les . . . . 

hire uader ilefede. ilefde. 

pa answarede }>e king, ]>o answ. . . . king, 

hiis d03ter him icwemde: his dohter him icwe... 
J)ea f ridde del of mine londe J)e f ridden deal of mine . . . 
ich bitake fe an honde ; ich bitake fe an hond 

J>u scalt nime louerd and J>. nime louerd 

J>er J>e is aire leowost. far fe his a... leuest. 

pa 3et nolde f e leod-king pe ^et nolde J>e king 
his sothscipe bilseuen ; his folie blene ; 

he hehte cumen him biforen he hehte come him bifore 
his dohter CordoiUe ; his dohter Gordoille ; 

neo was aire 3nngest, ^eo was aire ^eongest, 

of so^e 3»r witelest, of worde aire sof est, 

and ]>e king heo louede more and pe king hire louede 
]>anne batueie fe otSre. more fan fe tweie of er. 

Cordoille iherde fa lasinge Gordoille iherde fe lesing 
fe hire sustren seiden f on fat hire sostres seide fan 

kinge ; kinge ; 

nom hire leaffulne hnie nam hire laf folne of 
fat heo li3en nolden, fat 30 le3e nolde, 

hire fader heo wolde suge hire fader 3eo wolde segge 

see's. sof, 

were him lef were him la"8. were him leof were him lof . 
peo quet$ f e aide king, po cwaf fe holde king, 

ynrat$ him fulede : onread him folwede : 

Iheren ich wille Ich wolle ihiren of fe, 

of f e Cordoille, Gordoille mi dohter, 

sua f e helpe Appollin, so f e helpe Appolin, 

hu deore f e beo lif min. ou deore f e his lif min. 
pa answarede Cordoille, po answerede Gordoille, 
lude and nowiht stille, loude and noht stille, 

mid gomene and mid lehtre^ mid game and mid lihtre, 


to hire fader leue : to hire fader leoue : 

)>eo art me leof also mi feeder, pou hart me aae min &dery 

and ich ]>e al so pi dohter. and ich ase J^in dohter, 

Ichhabbeto]>esohfaste loue, 

for we buotJ swi|>e isibbe, 

and swa icb ibide are, and so ich abide ore, 

ich wille J>e suge mare : ich wolle segge fe more : 

al swa muchel pu bist woruh al so mochel )>ou hart worp 

swa J>u welden sert, ase f ou hart weldende, 

and al swa muchel swa ]>u and wile ... )>ou ho]>t afest, 

men f e wUet luuien ; men pe woUef louie ; 

for sone heo bit5 ila3ed, for sone hi beof lofe, 

fe mon J>e Intel ah. J>e men J>e Intel 03eJ>. 

pus seide J>e mseiden Cor- pus seide fat maide Gh)r-» 

doille, doille, 
and seot5t$en set swipe stille. and siffe sat stille. 
pa iwar^e J>e king wser^, po iwarf pe king wrof, 
for he nes f eo noht iquemed, for he nas nof t icw. . . . 
and wende on is f onke, he wende on his fon. . 
f aht hit weren for untJeawe, . . t hit were for onf eue, 
fat he hire weore swa un- fat he so onworf, 


fat heo hine nold iwur'Si, f . . 3eo hin louie, 

swa hire twa sustren, # * # 

fe ba somed IsBsinge speken. 

pe king Leir iwer^e swa His euhe tome and was wrof, 

swilch hit a blac clo^ weiren bicom alse a blac clof : 
iw8Brt$ his hude and his 

heowe, # ♦ # 

for he was suf e ihsermed, , 
mid fere wrset^t^e he wsbb mid fare wref f e he was igre- 

isweued, mid. 



160 FEOM LAjAMON-a BBUT. ^^ 

|.at he feol i swowen ; 

fat hi fulle hi BWo;e ; ^M 

late Jieo he up fuade ; 

Lite f o vp fiisde ; ^H 

fat mieideii wea afeared, 

fat maide was afered, ^| 

fa hit alles up brae. 

f hit allea up brae, ^| 

hit wea vuel fat he spac : 

hit was vuel fat he apao : ^M 

H£erne Cordoille, 

Herene aordoiUe, ■ 

ich ye telle wille mine wille 

ich wolle aeg^e f e mine wille ; ^H 

of mine dohtreu fu were me 

of mine dohtres fou were me ^| 


leouest, ^H 

DTI fu eiert me arle IsBes : 

nou fou hart me aire lofeat : ^M 

ne acalt fu nieuer haldea 

ne salt fou neuere holde ^M 

dale of miEe lande j 

deal of mine bade ; ^| 

ah mine dohtren ic wille 

ac mine two dohtre ^| 

delen mine riche. 

aolle hahbe mine riehe, ■ 

and fu scalt worSenwarchen, and fou aalt wonie wrecche, ^| 

and wonien in wanaifle. 

and wonie ine wowe, 

for nauere ich ne wende 

for neuere ich ne wende 

fat fu me woldeg fua acaa- 

fat fou me woldeat fuB 



farfore fu acalfc beon dtec 

farfore fou aalt deije ich 

ic wene : 


flij ut of min effih-aene, 

fleo vt of mine eh-soene, 

fine Buatren aculen habben 

fine sostrea aulle hahbe mi 

mi kinelond, 


and fia me is iqueme. 

and fia me hia icweme. 

pe due of Coruwaile 

pe duk of Comwale 

seal habhe Gornoille, 

aal habbe Gornoille, 

and fe Scottene king 

Regau fat scone ; 

Began fo acene; 

and ic hem jeue al fa winne 

and ich ^nm giue alle pewinne 

fe ich sem waldmge ouer. 

fat ich ham oner waldenne. 

And al )« aide king dude 

And fe holde king dude 

Bwa ho hafuede idemed. 

aac he hadde idemid. 

Of wea fen mieidcne wa, 

Ofte was fane maide wo. 



and nsBure wors fenne fa, 
wa hire wes on mode, 
for liire fseder waerf e ; 
heo uende into hire boure, 
far heo ofte ssBtte sare ; 
for heo nolde li3en 
hire fader leoue. 
pat maidfe wes swiCen 

for hire fader heo scunede, 
and dude f ene beste red ; 
in hire bure heo abed, 
and folede f ene mod-kare, 
and mornede swif e ; 
and fus ane stonde 
hit stod SB "Son ilka. 
In Prance wes a king 
riche and swit5e kene, 
Aganippes wes ihaten, 
hsBletSen he wes asldere ; 
he wes a 3enge king, 
ah quene nauede he nane. 
He sende hiis sande 
into fisse lande, 
to Leir fan kinge, 
and leofliche hine gret ; 
he bsed hine don is iwille, 
3euen him Cordoille, 
and he heo wolde habben 
h8e3e to are quene, 
and sefter hire don serest, 
fat hire were aire leofust. 
Feor haueden litJende men 
ispeken of fan mseidene 

and neuere worse fane f o, 

wo hire was on mode, 

for hire fader wref f e ; 

360 eode in to bure, 

and ofte sif te sore ; 

for 3eo nolde le3e 

hire fader leue. 

pat maide was swife samuast, 

and hire fader sonede, 
and dude fane beste read; 
and in hire bure abod, 
and f olede fane mod-care, 
and mornede swife; 
and f us one stunde 
hit stod a f am ilke. 
In France was a king 
rich and swife kene, 
Aganippus was ihote, 
folke he was eldere ; 
he was a 3ong king, 
ac cwene nafde he none. 
He sende his sonde 
in to f isse londe, 
to Leir fane king, 
and faire him grette ; 
bad hine don his wille, 
3efe him GordoiUe, 
and he hire wolde habbe 
he3e to cwene, 
and don abe erest, 
fat hire were aire fairest. 
For hafde sof e men 
ispeke of f am maiden 



fei3eme8se and freoscipe 
atforen fan Frensce kinge, 
of hire mucla fseira wlita, 
of hire mucliela monschipe, 
hu heo wes f olemod, 
of fseire hire f eaBwen, 
fat nes on Leir kinges lond 
nan wifman al swa hende. 
And f e king Aganippus 
igrette Leir kin fus. 
Leir kin hine bifohte, 
wat he don mohte ; 
he letten writen a writ, 
and wel hit lette dihten, 
and sende hit bi his sonde 
in Frauncene londe : 
fus spec fes kinges writ, 
hit wes widen icuS : 
pe king of Bruttaine, 
fe Leir is haten, 
gretetS Aganippus, 
fene aldere of Fraunce : 
WortSschepe haue f u 
fire wel-deda, 
and fire feire sonde, 
fat grete f u me woldest : 
ac ic do f e wel to witene, 
haer bi mine writ rich, 
fat mi drihlice lond 
a twa ich habbe ideled, 
i3euen hit mine twam doh- 

f e me beoh swiSe deore. 
Dohter ich habbe fa f ridda, 

bifore fan Frence king, 

of hire fe 

of hire mochele fairsipe, 

of hire mochele mansipe, 

ou 300 was f olemod, 

of faire hire f eues, 

fat nas in Leir kinges lond, 

womman half so hende. 

And king Aganippus 

igrette Leir f e king f us. 

Leir king hine bif oht, 

wat he don mihte ; 

he lette writen a writ, 

wel mid fan beste, 

an sende bi his sonde 

into France londe : 

f us spac f eos kinges writ, 

hit was wide cuf : 

pe king of Britaine 

fat Leir his 

gretef Aganippus, 

king of France : 

Worsipe haue f ou 
for fine wihiinge, 
and fine faire sonde, 
fat grete f ou me woldest : 
ac ich do f e wel to wite, 
her rift bi mine write, 
fat mi drihtlice lond 
a two ich habbe idealed, 
i3euet mine two dof tren, 

fat beof me swif e deore. 
Dohter ich habbe f e f ridde. 



ac ne raecche ich waer heo ac ne rech ic ware 36 libbe ; 

libbe ;. 
for heo me forhuste, for 3eo me forho3ede, 

and heo hold me for hsene, and held me for wrecche, 
and for mire halde, 
heo me unaleledae 

heo make me swaswij)ewraS,and wraffede me swife, 
pe worse hire seal iwurtSen ; f e worse hire sal worpe ; 

of alle mine londe, 
ne of alle mine leode, 
fe ich auere bi3eat, 
ot^er bi3ete maeie, 
ich fe sucge sotS riht, 
na seal heo habbe nawiht : 
ac 3ef J)u heo wait habben, 
for mseide heo is hende, 
ich heo wulle pe biwiten, 

pat of alle mine londe, 
ne of alle mine leode, 
pat ich euere bi3et, 
oper bi3ete mawe, 
ich pe segge sop riht, 
ne sal 3eo habbe nowipt : 
ac 3if pou hire wold habbe, 
maide 3eo his hende, 
ich pe wole hire biwete, 

andsendenhapeinanescipe, and sende hire in one sipe, 
mid seoluen hire clat5en, mid seolue hire eloping, 
of me nafiS heo na more ; of me 3eo nafep na more ; 
3if pu heo wult nnderfon, 3if pou hire wolt vnderfon, 
al pis ilka ich wulle don ; al pis ich wolle don ; 
iseid ich habbe pene grund, iseid ic habbe pane grund, 
and pu seolf wTurtS alhisund. and pou pi seolf far hoi and 


pis writ com to Praunce 
to pan freo kinge ; 
he hit lette raden, 
leof him weren pa runen. 
pa wende pe king 
pat hit were for vuele, 
pat Leir king hire faeder 
heo him wold' atleden 

pis writ com to Prance 
to p....eo kinge ; 
he hit lette rede, 
leof him were pe roune. 
po wende pe welde king 
pat hit were for gyle, 
pat Leir king hire fader 
nolde hire him lene, 

andhemochulapawodelokerand he moche pe wodlokere 



wilnede feoo iD»idenei, 

wilnede . t mayde, ' ^H 

and seide to is bornen. 

and eeide to bis fol.. ^H 

fat wes fe biaie king : 

.ing Aganippua: ■ 

Icb earn riehe mon inoh. 

Ichba. ... be.aQino)r, ^1 

Jiat na mare ich ne recche ; 

of ich ne recche; ^M 

ne seal neuere I^eir king 

nesa! Leir fe king ■ 

fat msiden me attlede, 

>at maiden me atlede, ^M 

ac icb heo wulle babben 

ac ich hire wolle babbe ■ 

to baenjenne are quene. 

to eje cwene. ^M 

Habbeubeorefaderalislond, Habbe hire fader al bie lond, ■ 

al biis seoluer and is gold, 

and his seoluer and bia gold, ^^ 

ne bidde ich nanne maBmes, 

, ne bid icb no>ing of his, 

me eeolf icb habben inoje. 

inob icb babbe mi eeolue. 

bute Jtat nueiden Cordoille ; 

bote fat maide Gordoille ; ^ 

fenne babbe icb mine wiUe. 

)wn ich habbe mine wille. H 

Mid writ and mid worde 

Mid writ and mit worde ^M 

be eende eft to piaw londe, 

he send eft to )>i3se londe. H 

and bad Lcir king him 

hia dohter I>e waea hecde. 

and bad Leir king him eende ^| 

bis dobter pat was bende, ^M 

and be wolde we! don. 

and he hire wolde vnderf^n. ■ 

mid muchele worilescipB heo and mocbe mansipe hire don. ^| 



pa nom f>a otde king 

po nam t>e holde king ■ 

ffiSele bis meiden. 

Gordoille f>at maide, ^H 

mid aeolnen hire clafies. 

mid seolue hire clo)iing, ^H 

and lette neo foriSe l!»en 

and lette hire forji wende ^M 

ofer Jia stremes ; 

oner see stremes ; . ^M 

hire fader hire wes Btume. 

hire fader was aterne. ^| 

Aganippua fw Frennace king AganippuB ye Frence king ^| 

vnderfeng fis meiden cbOd, 

[>J8 maide faire vnderfeng, ^H 

al hiU foic bit wee iqueme. 

and makeden beo to quene, 

fiat ^eo were cwene, ^| 


and |iu8 heo fer bilefde, 



leof heo wes f on leoden. 
And Leir king hire faeder 
luuede i tJisse londe, 
and hadde i3euen is twain 

al his drihliche leand ; 
He 3ef Gornoille 
Scotlondes kinge, 
he hsehte Maglaunus, 
his msehte weren store ; 
ComwaiUes duke 
Began is dohter. 
pa ilomp hit seot$^e, 
sone far-sefber, 
]>at )>e Scottene king and )>e 

speken togat5ere, 
mid heore stil rune, 
nomm hem to reda, 
fat heo wolden al f is lond 
habben on heora hond, 
and feden Leir fane king 
fe while f e he leouede, 
daeies and nihtes, 
mid feowerti hired-cnihtes ; 
and heo him wolden finden 
hauekes and hundes, 
fat he mihte riden 
3eond alle f anne f eoden, 
and libben on lisse, 
f e while f e he leouede. 
pus heo fa ispek^n, 
and eft hit tobreken, 
and Leir king hit iherde. 

leof 360 was fan folke. 
And Leir king hire fader 
liuede in f isse londe, 
and hadde his two d 

al his kinedome ; 

He 3af Gornoille 

To Scottene king, 

he hehte Maglandus, 

his mihtes weren store. 

And to Comwales duke 

Eegau his dohter. 

pabifulle ... .effe, 

sone f ar-hafter, 

fat f e Scottene king and fe 

speken togadere, 
ndd hire stille rouning, 
nemen heom to reade, 
fat hii wolde al f is lond 
habbe to hire owene hond, 
and feode Leir fane king 
wile fat he leofede, 
dai3es and nif tes, 
mid fourti cnif tes. 
And we him wollef finde 
hauekes and hundes, 
fat he mai ride 
oner al f e feode, 
and libbe ine blisse, 
f e wile fat he libbef . 
pus i fo speken, 
and eft hit tobreken, 
and Leir king was wel ipaid. 



and eft bim wes ]>e worsse : and efb onlikede : 

and Leir king wende 
to Scottene kinge, 
to Maglande his o]7omy 
and to his heldeste dohter. 
Me vnderfeng fane [king] 

and Leir king lit5de 

to Scottense leoda, 

mid Maglaune his atSume, 

and mid fere eldre dohtre. 

Me vnderfeng fene king 

mid mochele feirnusse, 

and wel me him dihte 

mid feowerti hire cnihdtes, mid his fourti cniftes, 

mid horsen and mid hundes, and hire hors and hire atyr, 

mid al fat him biheovede, and al fat ham bihouede. 

pa hilomp hit seoSSen, 
seone f er-after, 
f e Gomoille bif ohte 
whet heo don mihte : 
heore f uhte swif e eiUe 
of ffitSelene hire faedere, 

po bifuUet sef f e, 
sone far-after, 
fat Gornoille bif ohte 
wat 300 don mihte : 
hire f ohte swif e eil 
of hire fader cnihtes, 

andheohitbiganto mainen and 360 began to mene 
to Maglaune hire louerde, to Maglande hire louerd, 

and seide him i bedde, 

f er heo leiin iueore : 

Seie me, mi lauerd, 

monne fu ert me leouest; 

me f unchetS fat mi feeder 

nis nowhit feUe ; 

no he wurhscipe ne can, 

his wit he hauet bileued ; 

me f unchet$ f e aide mon 

wole dotie nou nan. 

Hehaltherefauwerticnihtes,He halt here fourti eniftes, 

daies and nihtes, dai3ea and nif tes, 

he haueht her fas feines, he halt here his sweynes 

and alle heore swaines, 

hundes and hauekes ; 

and seide hit in bedde, 

far fat leien : 

Sei me mi louerd 

manne me leofust 

me f onchef fat mi fader 

nis nof t fele ; 

no worsipe he ne can, 

his wit he hauef bileued ; 


f eruore we habbet hannes, f arfore we habbef liarmes, 

andd nowher heo ne spedet, 

and auere heo spenet5, 

and al fat goud fat we hem al fat god f e we heom dof , 

heo hit blutSeliche vnderfoS, hii hit blof eliche vnderfof , 
and cunnen us vndone, and ne come vs bote vnf ong , 
for ure wel-dede. for hure wel-deade. 

Heo dots muchel bisemsere, Hii dof hus mochel bismare, 
ure men hi tobetet : hure men hi tobetef : 

mi fader hauet to monie mi fader hauef to manie 
of idele manne ; of idele men ; 

ale fa feortSe dale al fat feorf e deal 

lete we for fuse ; lete we forf fuse ; 

inoh he hauet on f irti, 
to f irngen to borde ; 

vs selve we habbet cokes hus seolf we habbef cocus 
ta quecchen to cuchene, to ewecche to kichene, 
vs sulue we habbet bermen hus seolf we habbef bermen 
and birles inowe. and borles inowe. 

Lete we sum f is mochele folc Lete we som f is mochele folk 
fare wher ha wullet5 ; fare woder i woUef ; 

swa ich aeuere ibiden are, so ich euere ibide ore, 
itSolien nuUe ich hit mare, ich hit nele folic more, 
pis iherde Maglaunus pis iherde Maglandus 

fat is queue spilede f us ; fat f e cwene spak f us ; 
and he hire andswarede and hire answerede 
mid atJelere spiche : mid his gode speche : 

Leiuedi f u haues mochel Leafdi f ou hauest wof , 

nauest f u richedom inoh ? nauest f ou richedom inof ? 
Ah hald fine fsdder on lisse, Ac hold fin fader in blisse, 
ne luuetSe he nowiht longe ; ne liuef he nof t lange ; 
for gef ferrene kinges for gef honcuf e kinges 


hi herde J>a tidinde, hii here}? soche fingea, 

fe we swa takede him on, fat we so take him on, 

heo us wolden taelen. hii hus woUep shende. 

Ah late we hine welden Ac lete we him habbe 

his folc on his willen ; his folk at his wille ; 

and pis min a3e read is, ane ]>is his min owene read, 

for sone her-sefter he be€ for sone her-after he worf 

dead, dea^d, 

and ac we habben in utq and eke we habbe)> in hure 

bond, bond, 

al half is kine-lond. haulen del his kine-lond. 

pa seide GomoiUe : po seide Gomoille : 

Lauerd beo feu stille, Louerd beo f ou stUle, 

let me al iwurpen, let me al iwor. . . 
andich ham wulle atwailden. and ich him woUe awilde. 

Heo sende mid hire ginne 3eo sende al mid ginne 

to ]>are cnihtene inne ; to ]>are cni)>ten hinne ; 

heo hahte hem faren hire and hehte 3am faren hire wai: 

for heo nolden hem no more Na more we nollef 30ufeode. 

moni of fen f einen, 
monie of fen swennen, 
f e f ider weren icumene 
mid Leir f anne kinge. 

pis iherde Leir king, pis iherde Leir f e king, 

f arfore he wes swufe wrah ; and wraf f ede him swife, 
f ai 3edede f e king 
mid 3emeliche worden, 

and f us seide f e kinge, and seide f eos wordes, 
sorhful on mode ; sor3fiille on mode : 

Wa worSe fan monne Wo worfe fane man 

f e lond hauetSe mid menske, fat lond hauef to wille, 
and bitachet hit is childe and takef hit his child 



fewhilefehemaihit walden; fe wile fe hit mai holde ; 

for ofte hit ilimp'8, 
fat eft hit him of|?incheS. 
Wu ich wulle hunne faren 
for^ rihte to Comwalen ; 
3ernen ich wulle rasdes, 
to Eegau mire dohter, 
fa hauede Hemeri f e due, 
and mi drihliche lend. 
'FoT^ * f e king wende 
into fan sutS ende, 
to Eegau is dochter, 
for raedes him tnikeden. 
pa he to Cornwale com, 
he wes feire f er vnderfon, 
swa al fet halue 3er 

for hofte hit bifallef , 
fat eft hit him af inchef . 
Nou ich woUe hinne fare 
rift into Cornwale ; 
3em ich wolle reades, 
of Eegau mine dohter, 
fat auef Amari f e duk 
and half min kineriche. 
Forf f e king wende 
into fan suf ende, 
to Eegau his dohter, 
for reades him trokede. 
po he to Cornwale com, 
he was faire vnderfon. 

so fat al fat alue 3er 
mid al his hirede he wes fer. midallehis cnihtes he wonede 

pa saide Eegau, pa seide Eegau 

to hire due Hemeri : to Amari hire louerd : 

Lauerd, heme f u me, Hercne, louerd, to me, 

to f uUe sof e ic sucge hit fe : to foUe sofe ich segge fe : 
"We habbet idon unwisdom, We habbef idon onwisdom, 
fat we mine fader habbet fat we mine fader habbef 

mid f irtti ^ cnihten ; 
hit nis me noht iqueme. 
Do we awai fane twenti ; 
a tene beotS inoh3e : 

mid f us manie cnif tes ; 
hit nis me noht icweme. 
Do we iwei alle 

bote ten beof inowe : 
for al heo dringket and ete^, for alle hii dringef and hetef , 
and na god heo ne bi3etet5. and no god hii ne bi3etef . 
pa seide Hemeri f e due, po seide Ameri f e duk, 
fe his aide fader biswake : fat his halde fader ....oc : 
• MS. Forhd. » MS. wirtti. 



S wa ich esBuere beo on Hue, So ich euere beo 

ne seal he babben beote fiue; ne sal be habbe bote en. .tea 

for J)er be hauet bird binoh, for f aron be babbej) inob, 
for be nauyt no dol5 ; for be noping no dof ; 

and 3ef be nille* benne faren, and 3if be nolle * binne fare, 
fuse we bine sone, fuse we bine ... fe. 

Al beo ispedden All bi . . ede ind . . 

ase beo ispeken bafden ; ase be speke adde ; 
binomen bim is do3et$e, binomen bim bis eniftes 

and al bis driblicbe folc ; 
nolden beo bim bileafuen 
cnibtes beoton fiue. 
pis iseb fe Leir king, 
wa wes bim on Hue, 
hi& mod bim gon mengen, 
'be mor3nede switJe, 
and fas worde seide 
mid seorbfulle laicben : 
Wela weoUa weUa ! 

and al bire sweines 
nolden bi bim bilefue 
eniptes bote vine, 
pis iseb Leir fe king, 
wa was bim a Hue, 
bis mod bim gan mengi, 
be mornede swife, 
and f eos word seide 
mid sorfol specbe : 
Wele wele wele wele ! 

bufubiswikestmoninemon: on fou beswikest mani man: 
)>enne be fe treowet5e aire wan bu f e trouef aire best, 
best on. 

Jienne biswikes tu beom. 
Nis bit no wit 3 are, 
nobt fuUe twa 3 ere, 
fat icb was a ricbe king 
and beld mine cnibtes : 
nu icb babben ibid en, 
fat icb bare sitte, 
wunnen birseued ; 
wa is me on Hue ! 
Icb wes at GornoiUe, 

fan f ou beom biswikest. 

Nis nobt 3 are, 

nobt fuUe two 3ere, 

fat icb was a ricbe king 

and welde mine cnif tes : 

nou icb babbe ibede fane dai 

fat icb bar sitte 

of gode bireued ; 

wo bis me aHue ! 

Icb was mid Q-ornoUe, 

* MSS. wUle and woUe. 


mire godfulle doliter ; mine leofue dohter ; 

wuden* on hire leoden ich wonede on hire londe 

mid fritti cnihtes : mid prittie cnihtes : 

fe 3et ich mihte libben, pe ^et ich mifte libbe 
ah fenne i gonne litJen, a sommere wise ; 

ac ich wende bet habbe idon, 
ich wende switSe wel to don, and gan panne wende, 
ac wurse ich habbe vnderfon. ac worse ich habbe onderfon. 
A3en ich wulle to Scotte, A3eui ich wole to Scotlond, 
to scone mire docter, and sechen mine dohter, 

3emen hira milcea, and bidde hire milse, 

pat heo me nele wurdea ; 

bidden heo me vnderfon bid hire me onderfon 
mid mine fif cnihten ; mid mine fif cnihtes ; 

per ich wulle wunie, pare ich woUe wonie, 

and polie peos wsBnen and polie ... wowe 

ane lutele stunde*, ane lutle stu... 

for ne libbe ich no wihtlonge. ... ne libbe ich nopt longe. 
Leir pe king wende fortS ^ ... king verde forp 
to is dohter wunede nortS. to his doh . . . pat wonede norp. 
Pulle pre nihtes Polie preo niptes 

heo haerabarewude hine and 300 herbor3ede him and his 

is cnihtes : cniptes : 

heo swor a pane ferpe dsei, 3eo iswor a pan feorp dai, 
bi al heuenliche main, bi al heuenliche maine 

pat nesculdehehabben mare, pat ne solde he habbe more 
bute enne knicte pere ; bote one cnipt pare 

and 3ef he pet nolde, and 3ef he pat nolde, 

ferde wuder he wolde. fare woder so wolde. 

Wel oft wes Leir wa, Wel ofte was Leir wo, 

and neuere wurs panne pa. ac neuere worse pane po. 
pa seide pe aide king, po aeide Leir pe king, 

seruu he was on herten : wo him was on heorte : 
• wunedo? *» MS. forh. 


H Waliaa dfe«, wela dmS, 

"Wo la deaj.. wo la deal>, ^M 

^Mt (>at pu me nelt fordemen ! 

Jiat |iou me nelt fordeme ! ^H 

■ 8eo« Beide Cordoille, 

So)> aeide 0-ordoille, ^M 

^1 for cuS hit ia me nou|>c, 

for cu|r hit hia me nou]>e, ^| 

^H mi gengcBtto doliter, 

mi {eongeete dohter, ^H 

^H heo was me wel dure. 

fiat waa me wile deore, ^H 

^M aeoSfien heo me wea leadeat. 

, aeopjie ;eo waa me lo)>eBt, ^H 

^B for heomeaeiden aire aohuat, for ^eo me aeide aolieet, ^| 

^1 |>at he bis vnworS and lah, 

]ia,t he bia onworfi and lo|>, ^H 

H |>e mon }>e litul ah ; 

pe man pat Intel ojep ; ^M 

^B and ich nas na wurdra, 

and icli nas no wor|)ere, ^H 

^H penne ich nes weldinde. 

t>an ich waa god habben. ^H 

^H Oueraoh aeidea fut ;uiige 

Sofi seide (>e ;ODg wimmon, ^H 

^1 wifmou. 


^H hire folweS mochel wisdom, hire folwe]! moche wisdom. ^| 

H pa wile pe Ich hieuede mi 

pe wile ich hadde min kine- 

H kinelond. 


^H luuedea nie mine leoden, 

louede me mi leode. 

H fur mine tonde and fur mine 

for mi lond and mi feo, 

■ feo, [cneo: 

^M mine eorlea fuUe to mine 

t eorlea fulle to mi cneo : 

^1 nu ich [em a wrecche moa, 

nou ich ham a wrecche man. 

^M ne leonet me no mon forfan 

; ne louet> me no man for^ ; 

^M Ah mi dohter me seide aeoh 

, Ac mi dohter me aeide gof, 

^M for nou ich hire ileue inoh. 

for ich hire ileue ino|). 

^m and batwa hire siiaterea 

hofe two hire Bostrea 

^H laainge me aeideti. 

leaing me aeide, 

H pat ich ham wee ewa leof. 

|iat ich ham waa so leof 

^B leuere |)eniie hire aje lif ; 

aae hire ojene lif ; 

^B and Cordoille mi dohter 

and mi )onge dohter 

^1 doh}e)>e me aeide, 

Gordoille nie seide, 

^1 ))at heo me leouede swa feirt 

1 fat jeo me loue wolde 

^1 Bwa mon hia fader aeoide : 

BO man his fader aolde : 

H Wet woid ich biddc mare 

Wat wolde ich bidde more 


of mire dohter dure ? of mine dohter deore ? 

Nil ich wullen fareu feoriJ, Nou ich wolle faren forf, 

and ouer s8b fusen, and ouer see fusi, 

ihiren of CordoiUe hihire of Grordoille 

wat been hire wiUe ; wat beo hire wille ; 

hire seohtSe word ich nam hire sof word ich nam to 

to grame, grame, 

faxfore ich habbe nu mu- f arfore ich habbe nou mo- 

chele scame ; chel same ; 

for nu ich mot bisecchen for nou ich mot biseche 
fat ping fat ich aBrforhowede; fat ich her foro3ede. 

Nule heo me do na wurse Nele 3eo me no worse 

f anne hire lond forwurnen. fane hire lond weme. 

Leir ferde to fere sae IJeir ferde to fare see 

mid ane alpie swein, mid on alpi sweine. 

into ane schipe he bicom, into one sipe he bicom, 

ne icnwo hine no mon : ne icnew hine no man : 

ouer sea i comen, ouer see hii comen, 

hauene sone anoraen. and hauene hi nomen. 

Forts wende f e king Leir, Porf wende f e king Leir, 

nauede hebute enne swein; nadde he bote one sweine ; 

hi axeden fa queue, hii axede after fe cwene, 

fatheocomenhireaneweste. fat hii a newest come. 
Tahten heom leode, 
wer wes f es londes quene. 

Leir king wende on anne feld, Leir king wende on an feld, 

and reste hine on folden ; and reste his weri bones ; 

and is swien he for5 sende, and his sweyn he forf sende, 

f e wes iradmon hende, fat was hiredman hende, 

to fere quene Cordoille, to fare cwene Q-ordoille, 

and seide hire wel stille ; and seide hire wel stiUe : 

Hail wurtS f u, feire quene ; Hayl worfou, cwene ; 

ich'eam fines fader sweine, fi fader fe grette, 
and f i uader is hider ikomon, and he his hider to f e icome. 


for al is lond is Him bino- fax al his lond his him bi- 

men : nome : 

beot5 ba fine sustren beof boJ?e fine sostres 

touward him forsworene. toward him forsworene. 
He cumetJ for neode He his icome for neode 

into fisse leode ; into fine f eode ; 

and help him nu for f u miht, help him nou an f ou miht, 
he his f i fader alse hit is riht. he hisf i fader and hit his riht. 
pe quene Cordoille pe cwene Gordoille 

seaet longe swuf e stille ; long sat stille ; 
heo iward reod on hire 

benche, [scenche, 

swilche hit were of wine- 
and f e swain ssBt at hire faeit, 
sone fer-afterhim wes fe bet. 
pa alles uppe abraec, po hit halles vpbrac, 

hit wes god fat heo spsec : hit was god fat 3eo spac : 
Appollin mi lauer, ich f ankie 

fat mi fseder is icumme tome : 

tidinge ich ihire leoue, tiding ich ihire lefue, 

fat mi fader on Hue is ; fat mi fader his aliue ; 

of me he habben seal goudne of me he sal habbe godne 

resBd read 

bute ich beo f e ratSer ded. bote ich f e rafer be dead. 
Seie me nuf e leof * swein, 
and hame mine lare : 

Ich f e wulle bitache Ich f e wolle bitake 

a male rich, one male riche, 

peni3es f er buo^ ansunda, far beof f arine isiinde, 
to iwisse an hundrad punda; to iwisse an hundred pound, 
ich bitsBche f e anne haengest 
godna and strongna, 

• MS. leo. 



to Iseden f is garisume 

to leuene mine fadere ; 

and seie him f atichhine gret 

godere gretinge, 

and hat ine fare swif e 

to hare feire bur3e, 

and rumen him herberia, 

i summe riche burie, 

and bugge him aire errust 

fat him wes aire leouust, 

metes and drinches 

and hende elates, 

hundes and hauekes 

and durewurtJe horses : 

halde in is heose 

feuwerti hired-cnihtes 

he3e and riche, 

bihongen raid raeue ; 

makie him god baid, 

and ofte hine bat5ie, 

and him blod lete 

lutlen and ofte. 

Wenne f u wult more suluer, 

saeche hit at me suluen ; 

and ich him wulle senden 

inoh of fisse ende ; 

swa neuer he ne cut$e 

of his aide cu^tJe 

enihte ne sweine, 

ne nauer nanne f eine. 

penne feowerti dawes beot$ 

fenne cui5e he anan 

to leue mine lauerd 

Led f ou f is garisom 
to lefue mine fader ; 
and sei fat ich hine grette 
godes gretinge, 
and hoten fare swif e 
to somme he3e borwe, 
and nimen him on in, 
riches of alle, 
and bigge him aire erest 
fat him his aire leuest, 
metes and dringes 
and riche clof es, 
hundes and hauekes 
and hors mid f e beste : 
holde in his house 
fourti cnihtes, 

makie hine god bed, 

and oft hine baf ie, 

and him blod lete 

Intel and ofte. 

Wan f ou wolt mor seoluer, 

feche hit mi seolue ; 

and ich woUe sende 

inoh of f isse hende ; 

so fat neuere he ne cufe 

of his hoi cuf f e. 

Are fourti dai3es beo agon, 

f anne cufe he hit anon 
to leofue mine louerd 


fat Leir is an is londe, pat Leir his in londe, 

icume ouer s8B-streme icomen ouer see-strem 

to isen is eastresse : to speken wid his dohter : 

andichhit wulle swanimen, and icH hit wole so nime, 

alse ich hine nusten, ase ich noht nuste. 

litJen him to3aBnes 

mid mine lauerde, 

fainen mines lauerdes, 

and is fsBirliche cume. 

Nute hit neuere nana gume, Nute hit ..n gome, 

butenhebeoneowene icume: bote .... ne icome, 

and J)us hit writen sende and fus sende 

to mine lauerd kinge ; to mine lau. . . . 

and J)u fas aehte onfo, ... fou fis seoluer ... 

and loca fat fu wel do ; and lok fat fou wel do ; 

and 3ef f u heo f us dalest, 

to godere fire haele. 

Andfesweinonfengfasahte, pes swein an hi^inge 

and to his louer ferde, wende to his louerd, 

to Leir f on kinge, to Leir fane king, 

and seide fas tidinge, and seide him f eos tiding, 

f er he Isei on felde, far he lai on felde, 

and reste hine on folde. and reste him for wowe. 

Bone wer8 f e aide king 

wunliche iaetJeled, 

and fas wuord seide po he horde f eos tiding, 

mid soiSere stefuene : f o seide Leir f e king : 

After vuele c'ume^ god ; After vuel comef god ; 

wel is him f e hit habbe mot. wel his him fe hit bide mot. 

Heo ferden to hare se3ene Hii verde to one borwe, 

ase f e quend haehte ; [burh, alse f e cwene hehte ; 

and al heo iduden and al hii duden 

efter hire lare. after hire lore. 

pa fort5 wuren agan po forf weren ago 



feuwerti da3eii6, 
fon nom Leir fe king 
is leouste cnihtes, 
and gret Aganippmn, 
fat was his leue a^um ; 
and seide him bi his sond, 
f et icume he wes to is londe, 
to speken wit his dohter, 
f e wes him swu^e dure. 
Aganippus wes blif e 
f et Leir wes cumen litJen ; 
ferde him to3enes 
mid alle his feines 
and fa quene Cordoille : 
fa hauede Leir is wille. 
Heo comen togadere, 
and ofte heo eusten ; 
heo uenden to bur3e, 
blisse wes an hirede ; 
f er wes bemene song 
fere f eden pipen among ; 
al weren f e hallen 
bihongen mid pallen*, 
alle f ai mete-burdes 
ibrusted mid golde ; 
[ringes of golde] 
selc mon haffce on honde ; 
mid fif elen, and mid harpen 
hsBletJes f er sungen ; 
lette f e king gan a wal, 
and lude clepien ouer al, 
and seide fat Leir kin 
icume wes to londen. 

K"u hate^ Aganippus, 

• MS. 

fourtie dai3es, 

f on nam Leir f e king 

his leofest cnihtes, 

and grette Aganippum, 

his leuest of om ; 

and sonde bi his sonde, 

fat icome he was to his londe, 

to speken wif his dohter, 

fat him was swif e deore. 

Aganippus was blif e 

fat Leir was icomen life ; 

ferde him to3eines 

mid alle his cniftes 

and f e cwene G-ordoille : 

f o hadde Leir his wille. 

Hii comen togadere, 

and wel ofte custe ; 

hii verde to borwe, 

far blisses were riue ; 

alle were f e halles 

bihonge mid palles, 

alle f e mete-bordes 

ibrustled mid golde ; 

ringes of golde 

ech man hadde an honde ; 

mid fif ele and mid harpes 
# « # 

..fe .... gon on wal, 
and loude . . . al, 
fat Leir king 
to fisse londe. 





pew ye he3efit oner oa, 

pat ^e Leir king 

alle wiif5e lide, 

and seal beon eoawer laoerd 

inne (nMere leoden, 

al swa fele ^ere 

8wa be wonien wulle here ; 

and Aganippiw ure king 

seal* beon is rnderling. 

Wba 8wa wnlle libba, 

aide pBB fibba ; 

ase wonie be 

and Aganippus bonr king 
wole beo his vnderling. 
Wo so wole libbe, 
bolde ^us sibbe ; 

and^rfo manbitwillebre- and ^if eni man bit wole 

tbe king bimwole welawreke. 

po answerede fat folk : 
Don we bit wolle^, 
lade and stille, 
al pe kinges wille. 
poTpTt al pat ilke 3er 
bii dude al puM per. 

on neflte it bi5 iwreken ; 
and wite alle he is mon, 
l^at be bere baldet on. 
pa answareda psk da3^ : 
Don we bit wullet^ 
lode and stille, 
al l^efl kinges wille. 
porSont al pat nlke ^er 
beo duden al puB ber, 
mid muchelere sibba, 
mid mochelere^ seabte. 

pa peo» ^er wes agon, po |yat 3ier was agon, 

)Hi wold Leir king £Eire bam, )>o wolde Leirkingfaren bom. 
to l^sse londe lilSen, 
and ^emde peon kinges leue. 
pe king Aganippus 
answerede bim ]ms : 
Ne scalt l^u neuere )nder 

bate mocbelere ferde : 
ab icb |>e wolle lanen, 
• MS. swaL 

pe king Aganippus 

answerede Leir puB : 

Ne salt pon neuere )dder fare 

bute mocbel ferde : 
ac icb pe wolle lene, 
^ MS. mochele «re. 



of mine leode-folc, 
fif hundred schipes 
ifulled mid cnihten, 
and al fat heom bihouetS 
to habben on fore : 
and fine dohter Cordoille, 
fa is fisse londes quene, 
heo scallmidmochelereferde 
faren mid f e, 
an lif en to fem londen 
f er f u were leode-king : 
and 3ef f u miht seine finden 
f e f e wulle a3en stonde, 
binimen f e fine ribte 
and fine kineriehe, 
and f u abliche uebt, 
and fel heo to grunde, 
and irum al fat lond, 
and sete hit Cordoille an 

fat heo hit al habbe 
efter f iine daie. 
pas wordes seide Aganippus 
and Leir king dude f us ; 
and al he iworhte 
Bwa his freond him tahte. 
To f isse londen he com litSen 
mid leoue his dohter ; 
lie higret5ede mid fane beste 
f e him buwen wolden, 
and alle he ham fulde 
f e him wit feohten ; 
and he al f is kine-lond 
biwon to his a3ere hande, 
and 3ef hit Cordoille, 

of mine gode enif tes, 
fif hundred sipes 
ifulled mid fan beste, 
and al fat heom bihouef 
to habbe on vore : 
and fine dohter Gordoille, 
fat his f is londes cwene, 
360 sal fare mid fee 
mid mochere ferde, 
and wendef to f am lond 
fare f ou king were : 
and gif f ou miht eni finde 
fat f e wole widstonde, 
benime fine rihte 
and fine riche, 
ewikliche anon riht 
leie heom to grunde, 
and iwin al fat lond, 
and sete hit Gordoille an 

fat 360 hit die habbe 
after fine dai3e. 
peos word seide Aganippus 

and Leir f e dude f us ; 

and al he ....fte 
ase his frend him tahte. 
To f isse lond he com 
mid his leofue dohter ; 
he grif ede mid fan beste 
fat bouwe him wolde, 
and alle he grif ede 
fat him widstode ; 
and al f is kine-lond 
biwan to his owe bond, 
and 3ef hit Q-ordoille, 



f e wes Francene quene ; Frencene cwene ; 
and hit ane stiinde 
stod a ])iBsene ilke. 

Leir king one leoden And Leir lifuede 

freo 3er leouede ; freo ^er far-after ; 

f 8B com his ende-daei, f o com his lifues hende, 

fat f e king daed laei. fat no man ne mai atwende. 

Inne Leirchestre Hine Leycestre 

his dohter hine leide, his dohter hine leide, 

inne lanies temple, in laines his temple, 

al swa f e bac teUet, ase f e bock tellef , 

and Cordoille heold f is lond, and Q-ordoille heold f is lond, 
mid hee^ere strentJe, mid godere strengf e, 

fulle fif 3ere, ftdle fif ^ev, 

quene heo wes here, cwene 3eo was here, 

fa while Francene king f e wile Frencene king 
faeisiSe makede : veisif makede : 

and Cordoille com fat wourd and Gordoille com fat word 
fat heo was iwor^en widewe. fat 360 was widewe iworf e. 
pa come fa tidende Come f e tidinge 

to Scottlondes kinge to Scotlondes kinge 

fat Aganippus was dead, fat Aganippus was dead, 
Leir king idseied, G-ordoilles louerd, 

he sonde f urh Brittaine he sende f orh Britaine 
into Comwaille, into Cornwale, 

and hehte fane due stronge, and hehte fane duk stronge 
heri3en in sutJ londe, werri in suf londe, 

and he wolde bi nortJen and he wolde bi norf e 
iahnien fa londa ; an fat lond awinne ; 

for hit was swuf e mouchel for hit was swif e mochel 
scome, same, [grame, 

and ec swif e muchel grame, and eke hit was mochel 
fat scholde a quene fat a cwene solde 

beon king in f isse londe, be king in f isse londe, 
^ndheorasunenbeonbuten, and hire sones beo boute. 


fa weren hire betren, fat beof Hire betere : 

of fan aldre sustren, 
fa fa sB^elen sulden habben : 

^NTule we hit na more if olien ; Nolle we na more hit if o . . . 
alfatlond we wulle^ habben. . . woUef habbe fat lond. 
Heo bignnnen werre, Hii bigonne werri, 

f anne com on west : to mochele rouf e ; 

and fere quene sust^ siinen and f e twei sostrene sones 
sumneden ferde : somnede verde, [f us, 

heo nomen weren ihaten f us, hire names weren icleoped 
Morgan and Curiedagius. Morgan and Cunadegius. 
Ofte heo ledden ferde, Offc hi ladde ferde, 

ofte heo fuhten, ofte hii fuhte, 

ofte heo weren buuenne, ofte hii were bofe, 
and ofte bino^en ; and ofte hii weren bineof e ; 

fat com at fan laste f o com at fan laste 

fat heo wes abe leofust ; fat 3 am was leuest ; 
f e Bruttes heo slo3en, fat Bruttes hii slo3en, 

Cordoille heo nomen ; and Grordoille hii nemen ; 

heo duden heo in quarterne, 
in ane quale-huse : 

• heo wert5ede heore moddri hii wref f ede hire moddri, 
mare f ene heo sulden, more fane hii solde, 

fatfeowimmanwasswawrot$,fat fe womman was so wrof, 
fat hire sculuen heo was lat$; fat hire seolue 3eo was lof ; 
heo nom enne longne cnif, 300 nam anne longe cnif, 
and binom hire seoluen fat binam hire owene lif. 

pat wes an uuel rsBd 
fat hire suluen makede dead, 
peo wes al f is kine-lond po was al f is kine-lond 
an Morgan and Cunedagies in Morgan and Cunages his * 

heond. bond. 

* r, Gunadegies. 



The Authoe to his Beothee. 

ISTtj, broferr Wallterr, broferr inin 

afifterr |>e flseshess kiude ; 
and broj^err min i Crisstenndom 

f urrh fulluhht and )>uiTh troww))e ; 
and broferr min i G-odess bus, 

3ett o f e fridde wise, 
f urrh patt witt bafenn takenn ba 

an re3bell-boc to foll3benn, 
ynnderr kanunnkess bad and lif, 

Bwa summ Sannt Awwstin sette : 
ice bafe don swa summ pu. badd, 

and for)>eddte fin wille, 
ice bafe wennd inntill Ennglissb 

goddspelless ball3be lare, 
affter f att little witt tatb me 

min Dribbtin bafe)>]> lenedd. 
pa ])obbtes8t tatt ice mibbte wel 

till mikell frame turmenn, 
3iff Ennglissb follk, forr lufe off Crist, 

itt wollde 3eme lemenn, 
and fol3benn itt and fiUenn itt 

wifp fobbt wiff word wif f dede ; 
and forrf i 3errndes8t tu fatt ice 

fiss werrc fe shoUde wirrkenn ; 
and ice itt bafe forfeddte, 

ace all )>urrb Cristess bellpe ; 
and iinnc birrf bafe f annkenn Crist 

fatt itt isB brobbt till ende. 


Ice hafe sammnedd o ))iss boc 

])a goddspelless neH aUe, 
fatt sinndenn o pe messeboc ; 

inn all ]76 301 att messe. 
And a33 affterr f e goddspell stant 

fatt tatt te goddspell menef f , 
f att mann hirtp apellenn to )>e folic 

off f e33re sawle nede, 
and 3et tser tekenn mare inoh 

]7U sliaUt tsBronne findenn, 
off ])att tatt Cristess hall3be fed 

birrj) trowwenn wel and foll3bemi. 

Ic bafe sett ber o fiss boc, 

amang goddspelless wordess, 
all f urrb me sellfenn, manig word 

pe rime swa to fiHenn ; 
ace ]>u sballt findenn ))att min word, 

e33wb8Br f ser itt iss ekedd, 
ma33 hellpenn ]>a patt redenn itt 

to sen and tunnderrstanndenn 
all f ess te bettre bu f e33m birrf 

]>e goddspell unnderrstanndenn ; 
and forrf i trowwe ice f att te birrf 

wel folenn mine wordess, 
e33wb8Br J^ser pu sballt finndenn bemm 

amang goddspelless wordess ; 
forr wbase mot to IsBwedd folic 

larspell off goddspell tellenn, 
be mot wel ekenn mani3 word 

amang goddspelless wordess. 
And ice ne mibbte nobbt min ferrs 

a33 wiff goddspelless wordess 


wel fillenn all, and all forr)yi 

shoUde ice well offie nede 
amang goddspelless wordess don 

min word, min fern to fillenn. 
And te biteche ice off l^iss boo 

heh wikenn alls itt aemep^, 
all to (yurrhsekenn ille an ferrs, 

and to Jyurrhlokenn offte, 
l^tt upponn all ])isa boc ne be 

nan word 3sen Cristess lare, 
nan word tatt swi]?e wel ne be 

to trowwenn and to foll3henn. 

Witt shnlenn tredenn tinnderrfot 

and all f werrt nt forrwerrpenn 
fe dom off all )«tt la]>e floce 

)«tt iss |>urrh mf forrblendedd, 
yM tsilieyp ])att to lofenn iss, 

)>urrb ni])fall modi3nes8e. 
)>e33 shulenn Isetenn h8B]>eli3 

off nnnkerr swinnc, lef broferr ; 
and all pe^^ shulenn takenn itt 

onn unnitt and onn idell ; 
ace nobbt ]>urrh skill, aec all fxarh. mp, 

and all ])urrh ye^re sinne. 
And nnnc birr)> biddenn Gtodd tatt he 

forr3ife hemm here sinne ; 
and unne birrf ba)>e lofenn Godd 

off f att itt wass bigmmenn, 
and ])annkenn G-odd tatt itt iss brohht 

till ende, f nrrh hiss hellpe ; 
forr itt ma33 hellpenn alle fa 

f att blifelike itt herenn, 


and lufenn itt, and foll3lienn itt 

wiff f ohht wiff word wipf dede. 
And whase wilenn shaD fiss boc 

efft oj^err sife writenn, 
Hmin bidde ice fatt het write riKht, 

swa summ fiss boc himm tsBchef f, 
all fwerrt ut affterr f att itt iss 

uppo fiss firrste bisne, 
wif f all swiUc rime aUs her iss sett, 

wipf all se fele wordess ; 
and tatt he loke wel f att he 

an bokstaff write twi33ess 
e33wh8Br f sBr itt uppo fiss boc 

iss writen o f att wise ; 
loke he well f att het write swa, 

forr he ne ma33 nohht elless 
on Ennglissh writenn rihht te word, 

fatt witt he wel to sofe. 
And 3iff mann wile witenn whi 

ice hafe don )>iss dede, 
whi ice till Ennglissh hafe wennd 

goddspelless hall3he lare ; 
ice hafe itt don forrfi fatt all 

crisstene foUkess berrhless 
iss lang uppo f att an, fatt te33 

goddspelless hall3he lare 
wif f fulle mahhte foll3he rihht, 

furrh f ohht furrh word furrh dede. 

Ice ])att ]>iss Ennglissh hafe sett 
Ennglisshemenn to lare, 


ic wQiSS, ]>8Br )>8Br i crisstnedd wass, 

Orrmin bi name nemmnedd : 
and ice Orrmin 1^1 innwarrdli3, 

wif f muj) and ec wiff herrte, 
her bidde ]>a Crisstene menn 

]>att herenn oJ>err redenn 
]7is boc, hemm bidde ice her ]>att te33 

forr me )>iss bede biddenn — 
patt bro]7err )>att ]7iss Ennglissh writt 

allrsBresst wrat and wrohhte, 
J>att broferr, forr his swinnc to lasn, 

so]7 blisse mote findenn. 


piss boc iss nemmnedd Orrmulum, 
forrfi f att Orrm itt wrohhte : 

and itt iss wrohht off quaff rigan, 
off goddspell-bokes fowwre 

The SoiSGt oe Simeon. 

L^T nu, Drihhtin, laet nu fin f eoww 

vt off f iss weorelld wendenn, 
wifj) griff, swa summ f li me bihet, 

Ifflt me nu newenn swelltenn ; 
forr her i seo full witerrli3 

fin Hsslennd Crist onn eorf e, 
f att f urrh fin are 3arrkedd iss 

biforenn aJle f eode ; 
till hsBf enn f eode lihht and loom 

off echo rihhtvdsnesse, 
and till f iss ludewisshe folic 
' wurrf shipe and eche wuUderr. 


The MABBiAai; or Caka. 

Uppo fe )>ridde da33 bilammp, 

Bwa sumin ^q goddspell ki]7e])]), 
]>att i fe land o Galile 

wass an bridale 3arFkedd ; 
and itt wass 3arrkedd inn an tun 

])att wass Cana gehatenn : 
and Cristess moderr Mar3e wass 

att tatt bridalesB ssBte ; 
and Crist was clepedd till ]>att hus 

wiff hise leminng-cnihlitess. 
And 1;e33re win was dmnnkenn swa 

]78Btt tser nass ^& na mare ; 
and Cristess moderr comm till Crist, 

and se33de kunm J>u8 wi)>)> worde : 
piss win iss drunnkenn to ))e grand, 

and niss her nu na mare. 
And ure Laferrd lesu Crist 

fuss se33de till hiss moderr : 
What fallej))> fiss till me wi)>f J)e, 

wifmann, )>iss f att tu maelesst ? 
Abid, abid, wifmann abid, 

ne comm.nohht 3et min time. 
And Sannte Mar3e 3ede anan, 

and se33de to ]>e birrless : 
Do]> ]>att tatt he shall biddenn 3UW, 

ne be 30 nohht taergsBness. 

pe33 haffdenn sexe fetless fser, 

att tatt bridaless ssete, 
fatt wserenn, summ J)e goddspell se33l>, 

sexe stanene fetless, 


flwillke summ fatt ludisskenn folic 

was wunedd, i f att time, 
to wassheim offe fe^re lie, 

to clennsenn hemm patt wise ; 
and twafalld of err frefalld mett 

p& fetless alle tokenn ; 
and Crist badd tatt te33 shollden gan 

and fillenn J)e33re fetless 
vnyp waterr, and te33 3edenn till 

and didenn J^att He se33de, 
and filledenn upp till fe brerd 

wiff waterr f e33re fetless. 
And Crist ta se33de ]7uss till hemm : 

Gaf till wiff 3ure cuppess, 
and ladeff upp, and bereff itt 

till ])allderrmann onn hssfedd. 
And te33 fa didenn f att he badd, 

and baerenn fa to drinnkenn 
f att haefedd-mann f att he3hes8t wass 

att tatt bridale settledd : 
and he toe sone and drannc f att win 

fatt waas off waterr- wurrfenn, 
and nisste he nohht whaeroffe itt wass ; 

aec wel f e birrless wisstenn, 
fatt haffdenn rihht ta ladenn upp 

f e waterr off fa fetless. 
And he badd elepenn fa till himm, 

son summ he drunnkenn haffde, 
f att mann f att tser bridgume wass 

att tatt bridaless ssete ; 
and son se f att bridgume comm 

f att allderrmann himm se33de : 
lUc mann firrst brinngef f forf god win, 

and sif fen he biginnef f 


to brinngenn forf summ werrse win, 

son summ fe folic iss drnnnkenn ; 
and tu f e gode win till nu 

se33 hafesst hidd and haldenn. 

piss taken wrohhte Jesu Crist 

f e firrste off hise tacness, 
i G-alile rihht i f att tun 

]7att wass Cana 3ehatenn ; 
and tuss he toe to shaewenn f ser 

Hiss goddcunndnessess malihte, 
and hise lerrninng-cnihlitess fsBr 

tokenn onn himm to lefenn, 
f urrh f att te33 S8e3lienn f sere inn himm 

Allmahhti3 Godess mahhte. 

Her endef)) nu fiss goddspell fuss, 

and uss birr fitt f urrhsekenn, 
to lokenn whatt itt laeref f uss 

off ure sawle nede: ... etc. 



(See Anglo-Saxon Grammar^ p. 26.) 
SIMPLE ORDER, ob Declension I. 

( ■■ ■" 

— • ■ ■■ ■ ^ 

1. Neut. 

2. Masc. 

3. Fein. 


Nom. -e 



Gen. -an 



Dat. & Abl. -an 



Ace. -e 



■ v' - 



Nom. & Ace. -an 
Gen. -ena 
Dat. & Abl. -um 

Declension n. Declension III. 

i "^ ^ i ' ^ 

1. Neat 2. Masc. 8. Fein. 1. Neut. 2. Maso. 3. I^m. 

/Stw^. Nom. „ „ (-e) „ „ (-e) -u -u 

Gen. -es -es -e -es -a -e 

Dat. & Abl. -e -e -e -e -a -e 

Ace. „ „ (-e) -e „ (-e) -u -e 

Flur, Nom. & Ace. „ -as -a -u -a -a 

Gen. -a -a -a -a (-ena) -a (-ena) -ena 

Dat & Abl. -lun -um -um -um -um -um 

NoU, All nouns in -a are of the First Declension Masculine 
Gender (I. 2.). All in -scype (-scipe), -hdd and -dom, are of 
the Second Declension Masculine (11. 2.). Those in -ung and 
those in -nes (-nis, -nys) are of the Second Declension Feminine 
(n. 3.). 




E. Aiigl.=Ea8t Anglian, Goth. = Gothic, Nor. = Northumbrian, Ohg. 
=01d High German, 01g.=01d Low German, O.N. = Old Norse 
or Icelandic, O.S.=01d-Sax6n. 

N.B. Words with the prefix Ge (or I) are placed in the order of their 
roots. Words to which an obelisk is prefixed are Semi^Saxon^ from 
La3amon and the Ormulum. 

yA, a, one. 

A, ^, ever, always. 

tA, in. 

Ab^an, pret. ab6c, to hake. 

Abbod, n. 2. abhot. 

Abbudisse, abbess, 

tAbed (ab^d), {d>ode. 

Abeodan, pret. abead, 2 

abude, pi. abudon, to an- 

Abfdan, pret. abfid, pi. abi- 

don, to ahi^e, await. 
Abiddan, pret. absed, to 

Abf tan, pret. ab^t, to hite, 

Ablinnan, to cease. See 

Abrecan, pret. abwec, pp. 

abroeen, to break, destroy. 
Abredan, pret. abrs&d, pi. 

abrudon, to draw. See 


Abregdan, pret. abraegde, 
subj. abrugde (abrude), 
to taJce away, snatch, draw 
{a sword). 

AbreoSan, to perish : abreo^e 
bis angin, may his pro- 
ceeding come to naught. 

Abryrdan, pp. abryrd, to 
touch, affect, move. 

Abudisse. See Abudisse. 

Abugan, pret. abeah, pi. 
abugon, to bow, yield. Gr. 

Abtitan, ahowt. 

Abyrgan, to taste. 

Ac, II. 3. oaTc. 

Ac, but, for, nam, enim. 

tAc (eac), eke. 

Acennan, pp. acenned, to 
prodtice, brimg forth, be- 

Acennednys, Jnrth, genera- 

102 &LOSSAIIT. ^1 

Aceorfan, pret. acearf, to 

Adruwian, pp. adruwod, to 

ciit, cut off. 


AcBJan, to a»k, inquire. 

Adumbian, to be dufnb, «- 

Asian, ■ be informed, 
(?eaiian, hear say, in- 


Adline, doicn. 

quire i^er. &OV. Gen. 

Adflnweard, downward. 

of the thing. 

Adwsescan, to quench, extin- 

Aciumian, to tempt, prove. 

guish, assuage. 
M, U. 3. law. Gr. 85. 

Acwecan, pret. a«wehte, to 

shake, brandish. 

t-^, at, in. 

Auwelan, 3 acwylS, pret. 

^cer, U. 2. Jleld, acre, 

acwiel, to die, peri*h. 


Aowellan, pret. acwealdej 

^ddre, I. 3. vein. Ger. 

to kill, destroy. 


Acwencan, to qnench, extin- 

jEdre, forthwith, suddenly. 

ffuisA, destroy. 

jEfen, II. 2, even, evening. 

AcweSan. See Cwe^an. 

the service for sunset, ves- 

Ad, II. 2. pile. 

pers. Ger, Abend. Dan. 

■Addre. See .^ddre. 


Adeaw, Nor. for ietyw. 

Geffifenlsecan, pret. -l»hte, 

Ad^man, pret. adfinede 

to imitate. 

(ad^mde), to Judge, try, 
Adilgian, to destroy, oblite- 

.^fen-aong, II. 2, evensong, 

^fen-tfd, n. 3. even-tide. 

rate, eradicate. 


Adl. n. 1, 3. dioease. 


^fen-tfma, eventide. 

&.ASn,to destroy. SeeDSn. 

^feat, reliyious. 

AdKedan, pret, adred, to 

^festnes, religion. 

dread, fear. It occurs 

j^faung, evening. 

Bometimea both with im 

.Sfre, ever, always. 

accus. and a dat. of the 

M&,, i. q. eft. 


.Sifter, next, following, se- 

Adriefan, to drive out, expel, 



.Sfler, after, according to. 

Adreogan, pret. adreag, pi. 

secundum : fefter nhte, 

adrugon, to bear, suffer, 

according to right,rightlg. 

lead (life). 

(Dan. ^©ter,) — along. 

Adrincan, pret, adranc, pi. 

secundum, per. sefter ben- 

adrimoon, to he drowned ; 

cum, along the benches or 

adruncen, (frownei^, Ger. 

tables, or from bench to 





-Sifter-fyligaii, to follow, 

-^ftergenga, successor, 

-ZEg, III. 1. egg^ pi. segru. 
Grr. 90. Colloq. Monast, 
segra, like cildia for cildru. 

-^ghwser, everywhere. 

-ZEghwsefer, either, hath, 

-ZEghwanoiij^ow every side, 

JEghwylc, every one. 

-^gt5er, either, both, used 
with ge — ge, like the Lat. 
turn — cum. 

-^ht, II. ^.possession, sub- 
stance. Trom %an. 

-ZEh-fyrI, III. 1. eye-hole, 

M\.ev. See -ZEcer. 

JEl, awl, 

M\ II. 2. eel. 

iEl, i. q. eal. 

M\c, each, every, amj, 

t^ld (yldo), age. 

t-^ldede (ealdode), grew 
old; from ealdian. 

t-Slldere (ealdor), prince, 

-SUdrynsB. E. Angl. for 

iEle. See Ele. 

^leputa, eelpout, jolthead, 

^Ifemut5a, the JElbe. 

-^Ifremed, foreign. 

-Slf-scfnu, elfin-bright, Gr. 

-^lic, lawful. 

-^lmes-man,III.2 .almsman, 

-Slmham, JElmham, in Nor- 
folk ; formerly a bishop's 
see, which was thence 

transferred to Thetford, 
and from the latter place 
to Norwich. 

-ZElmihtig, almighty. 

-^Imysse, I. 3. alms. 

-^Ifeodig, foreign, strange, 
abroad, peregre. 

-^menne, desolate, 

Mni6di, downcast, disheart- 

G'efiBmtian, to empty, 

-^mtig, empty, void, idle, 

-ZEne, at once, semel. 

t-^ne (^na), alone, only. 

-^nig, am,y. 

-ZEnlic, unique, incompa- 

-ZEnlice, decently. 

-^nlipig, single, indivi- 

-ZEnne, ace. masc. of ^. 
Gr. 170. 

-Sppelbser, apple-hearing, 
fruit-hearing, pomifer. 

t-3Er (^r), messenger, 

Mr, II. 1. brass, 

Mr, ere, erst, before, former, 

-^benuma. E. Angl. for 

MTdon,hurried; apparently 
from a verb cognate with 

-ZErend, II. 3. 1 errand, 

-ZErende, III. 1. J message, 

^rend-raca, messenger, 

jErest, first, erst; from ^i^ 
Gr. 51. 

.^Irfaest, pious. 

iErfsestnes, piety. 


^^^ "iM GLOSSAET. ^^^^^B 

^H ^rfe, erfe, III .1. euccea-ion. 

^tbreikn, pret. -brad, pp. 

^K bcereditae. 

-brodeii, lo withdraw, take 

^H ^rian, erian, to plough ; 


^H ffiriende for lerigeime. 

JEteowian. See Atcow-ian. 

^H ^ring, dawn. 

MiteoXau, pret. -fealh, to id- 

^H .£rist, ffiiyst, II. 2. rising, 

tend to, dedieale, apply. 

^H remrreetion. 

Mi&eda, tofleefrom, eseapa. 

^1 .^r-merigen, 1 II. 2. ear/y 
^B dawn. 

See Flefin. 

SL"'} ».>■—. 

^m ^rnan, i. q. yman. 

Jitfore-Bceawian, to pro- 

^1 GeiEniaii, to je( hg run- 


^P mnj'. 

^tgasdere, at the same time. 

^H Mrra, former. 

^thrinaa. See Hrihan. 

^M t^^ruu, timid,doKmcaBt, sad. 

jEtLwegu, something, some- 

■ ^rjtam, \ ere Maf, ante- 


^tlutian, to lie hiddm,lurk. 

■ ^a, II. 1. dead carcass, ear- 

jEtsomue, together. 

H rion. Ger. Ass. 

.^tspoman, 3 -npjmtS, pret. 

H ^8, bait, eaca. 

-Bpearu, pi. -Bpurnou, to 
sptmt, kick. Qv. 242. 

■ m.K,ll. 2. light swift vessel. 

H dromo. 

.^tstandan, to stag, remain. 

■ Msc, II. 2. iu;i, ashen-spear. 

See Standan. 

^B ^sc-here, 11. 2. nuiia^ bimd. 

.Sttenie, 1 envenomed, ve- 

■ ^sc-holt, U. 1. anh-wood, 

^ttrig, nomous, poi- 

^1 ehaft of a spear. 

^ttryu, J sonovs. 

^m .Sac-plega, a»A-(ie. spear-), 

.Stwesan, to be present, ex- 

^1 ?>%, 6ai'/e. 

^1 M9a-i6i, ipear-famed. 

iEfcwindan, pret. -wand, pi. 

-wundoD, to fig auiag. 

^H stream noio called ^ast- 


^^L ■ brook, fT(nn being on the 

Mtvitaxi, to twit, reproach. 

^H east side of the town of 

jEtywan. See Ateowian. 

^H Stmstanloa, and tahioK 

.^w, 11. 3. wifo. 

^^B now runs into the moat of 

JKweUm, n. 2. 1 spring, 
^wylm, J fountain. 

^P RwmtanUm Hall.—K.'E. 

H Mt,ll.2.jbod. 

^x, n. 3. axe. 

H ^t, a*, iy, near, from, of 

.Sjielbfiren, noble-born. 

^M apud, coram. 

.^helbfirennyB, nobilitg of 

^M .Stberstan, pret. -bierst, to 


Mfeh, nolle. 



fisB^eled (gesB^eled)^ nobl^ 

treated, honoured ? 
t-^^elen (sefelu) : on SB^e- 

len, among his nobility, 
t-^felen, cotmtry^ dignity^ 

p. 181, line 3. 
-Sifeling, II. 2. (from sefele, 

noble,) prince. 
-Sifellice, nobly, 
-^felo, 8Bf elu, III. Z. nobility, 
GeaeSryttan, to weary. 
-^Sung, aSung, breath, 
Affindian, to prove, try. 
Affiran, to go. See Mran. 
ALfdrede. See Apdrede. 
Afeallan. See Peallan. 
tAfeared. See Afered. 
Afedan, i. q. fedan. 
Afeng. See Ai(5n. 
Afeormian, to cleanse, purge, 
Afered, afraid, (xffrighted, 
fAfest (hsefst), hast, 
Afligan, to drive away, put 

to flight, 
Aflyman, to put to flight, to 

Af6n, to receive. See Fdn, 

and Gr. 234. 
Af<5r. See AKran. 
Afor, hateful, loathsome, 
Afyllan, to fill. 
Afyrht, affrighted. 
Afyrhtian, to affright. 
Aiyrran, to remove, cut off, 

take away, 
Afysan, to hv/rry, hasten, 

Aft5onc ? 1 . 

Agan, pret. ahte, to possess, 
ou>n, have, Gr. 218. 

Ag^n, gone, 

Agelan, for agsBlan, to hin- 

Agen, oum, private, 

Agen, against, towards, 

Agen, again, back. 

Agen-gehweorfan, toretum, 

Agen-l^dan, to lead back. 
See L^dan. 

Agennys, property, peculi' 

Ageotan, 3 agy t, pret. ageat 
(aget), pi. agutoD,^ shed, 
pour, exhaust, drain, 

tAgg (eac), eke, also, 

Agffan, to give, delvoer. See 

G'e^gnian, to appropriate. 

Agyldan. See Gildan. 

Agyltan, to sin. 

Ah. See Agan. 

tAh (ac), but, 

AMfen. See Ahebban. 

Abebban, 3 abefiJ, pret. 
ab6f, pp. ah^fen, to heave, 
lift, raise. 

Ahleapan, pret. ahleop, to 
leap, rush on. 

tAblice (heahlice), nobly? 

tiahnien (geabnian), to ap- 

Ab6n, 3 ahebS, pret. abeng, 
to ham,g ; act. Gr. 234. 

Abongen, abangen. See 

AbrsBcan, pret. abraebte, to 

Abreddan, to save, rescue, 

Absian, axian. 1 See 

6^eabsian,^eaxian. j Acsian. 



196 aLOSSASY. ^H 

Aht, au^ht. 

Alvsend, II. 2. Redeemer. ^H 

Ahte. See Agan. 

'6r. US. ^1 

Aht^dan, to hide. 

Ah jrian, io AiVe. 


AiiUion, to render vain. 

Amber, 11. 2. a certain ^H 

Aker, E. Aug!, for lecer. 

vessel or measure. ^^| 

Alicdan, to lead aii-ai/, lead 

Km\iyT:aBjavourahle{winS). ^^| 
Anieldiau, to inform, an- ^^| 

tAlde (healde), hold ! 

nownee. Ger. meldeo. "^H 

Aldor. See Ealdor. 

Ametan, pret. amette, pp. ^^| 

Aldor, n. 3. 7,/e. See Eal- 

aniet and ameten, to mete, ^H 


Alecgan, 1o lay, suppress. 

AmpuUe, I. 3. bottle, am- H 

deetroy. See Lecgau. 

pulU. ■ 

Alede. See Alecgan. 

Amjrran, to hinder, waste, ^| 

Alefed, lamed, crippled. 

dtstroy, consume, disable. ^H 

Alegon, for alugou (p. 152, 

An, one, a, onlg, alone ; for ^H 

1. 25), from aleogan, to 

SQ,(m^,tantum,dimtaia,t. ^| 

belie, he teanliny in ? 

Ge&a. See Geiuinan. ^^k 

Gealgian, to defend. 

Ana, adv., alone, only. ^H 

tAlhisund, all sound, or 

tAnan, ation. ^1 


Anbfdan, 1 pret. -bfid, pi. ^H 
Gcanbrdan, J -bidoB, to ^^| 

Alihtan, /o aliffht. 

tAJlnereBst (ealra ^rest), 

abide, await, expect. ^^| 

first of all. 
+A1U, as. 

Anbfdian, 1 . .., ^M 
G^anbrdkn, T' 1- "^'''^^ ■ 

Allungse, E. Angl. for eall- 

Anbj'ht.acealc,II. 2. sereoni. ^H 

Almihtigfc, for Klmihtigan. 

attendant. Goth. And- ^H 

balits, Ger. Amt, Dan. ^H 

Alfiteo, bowed, pronua, opp. 

Embed, an office, employ- ^^| 
ment, and Ger. Schalk. ^M 

touprihti from alutan, to 

how, etc. 

tAlpie (finlipig), single. 

unigenitus. ^H 

Alpis, the Alp,. 

iMm (al Bwa), all ag, as. 

Ancer-lft; II. 1. anckoretic ^| 

life. ■ 

Alwalda, All-swaying, Al- 

Ancer-setl, III. 1. hermit- ^H 


aye. ^H 

Alyfati, to allow. 

Aucra, anchorite. ^| 

Alyaan, to redeem, free. 

And, »«^. ■ 

Aljeednea, redemption. See 

Anda, envy, jealousy, ran- ^| 


cour, hate. ■ 



to confess, 
Gr. 208. 




Andbfdan. See Anbfdan. 

Andefn, worth. 

Andetnys, confession. 

Andfenga, receiver, 

Andgyt, II. 1. sense, signifi^ 

cation, v/rtderstcmdmg, 
Andlang, along, through,^ev. 

On andlang, at length, 
Andlfcnis. See Anlfcnys. 
Andr^d. See Anr^d. 
Andrysne, terrible, formida- 

Jandswsered, E. Angl. for 

Andswarian, to am^wer. 
Andswaru, III. 3. answer. 
Andwealcan, pret. -weolc, 

to roll. 
Andweard, \ , 

Andwerd, }i"^"*^'- 
Andweardnys, \ ^^, 
Andwerdnys, J -^ 
Andweorc, II. 1. mattery 

Andwlfta,yak?^, cotmtenance, 

Ger. Antlitz. 
Andwyrdan, to answer. 
Andwyrde, III. 1. answer, 
Ane, for ^na. 
fAne, a, an, one, 
Anfeald, one-fold, simple, 
Anfealdlice, simply, svngly, 
Anf6n, to receive, compre- 
hend. See E6n. 
Anra gehwylc, every, 
Angel-cynn, III. 1. Mnglish 

Angel, II. 2. hooh. 

Angin, angyn, III. 1. enter- 
prise, act, beginning. 

Angle, the cotmtry between 
Flensburg am,dthe Schley; 
whence the Angles came 
to Britain, 

Angol, pi. Angle, II. 2. En- 
glishman, England? 

Anfman. to take. See Nf- 

Aninga, alone,only, prorsus. 

Geanl^can, pret. -Isehte, to 

G'^nlfcian, to liken, 

Anlfcnys, likeness, 

Anlipi (anlipig). See Mn- 

Anm^dlic, imanimous, 

Anmodlice, imanimously, 

AnnySjSnnis, oneness, unity, 

fAnomen (namon), took. 

Anon, for ^num. 

Anr^d, constant, firm, reso- 
lute ; £nraBde, constantly, 

Anr^dnys, consta/ncy, firm- 

Anstandende, standing 
alone, solitary. 

Ansund, sound, whole, 

Ansyn, II. 3. face, counte- 
nance, external, appear- 
ance, mediation* Dan. 

Ant, for and. 

Antimber, II. 1. matter, 

Anweald, II. 2. power, 

Anweardnys, See And- 

198 GtoasAHr. ^^^J 

Geanwyrde befia, to bepro- 

Arian, 1 to honour, com- 


AuSraciaD, to dread, feel 

Arfman, to count, tell over. 



Apdrede, the Obotritm, a 

Arfsan, pret. asSa, to arise. 

Slavish nation to the north 

Gfr. 192, 247. 

of the Old-Saxong, in- 
habitimg the western and 

tArle, for aire (ealra), of 


the greater part of Meok- 

Am. SeeYrnan. 

Apoatol, il. 2. apostle. 

Geamung, desert, merit. 

Apoatolic, apostolic. 

Arod, pp. of Srian. 

Ar, II. 2. meieenger. 

Ar-amiS, II. 2. brazier. 

Ar, II. 3. honour, respect, 

ArwurSe, venerahle, revs' 

hen^t, wealth, mercy, 


pity ; fire wftan, to have 

GearwuT«ian, to honour, re- 



Arseean, pret. ariehte, to re- 

Asawan. See Sawan, 


Asceacan, pret. asceoc, to 

Ar^ran, to rear up, erect, 

shake, brandish. 


AHcrofidian, to prime, lop. 

ArffiBan, to rush. 

Aacrepan, pret. aacrtep, to 

Arcebiseeop, 11. 2. arch- 

scrape off. 
Aacilnian, to shun, avoid. 


Arce-stSl, 1 H. 2. archiepi- 
Archi-stfil, J seopal see. 

Aaecgan, to express, tell 

See Secgan. 

Arilice, Jbrlhmth, won. 

A»eTidaji,tosend. SeeSend- 

+Are (Sr), m^cy. 


tAre i&are),for, or to a. 

AseoSan, pret. aseaB, pp. 
aaflden, to boil, scorch, 

Areccan. See Eeccan. 

Arena, gen. pL of Sr, mercy. 

fret, vex. Gr. 251. 


Aaettan, to set, place. 

Ar^tan, to gladden, exhila- 

Asingan, See Singan. 


Aalfdan, to slide, slip, err. 

Arewe, I. 3 ? arrow. 

Aameagan, 1 to contemplate, 
Asmefin, J investigate. 

Ai-fwBi, holy, pious. 

ArfiestlicB, piously, merei- 



Asfiden. See AaeoSan. 

ArfoatnyB, arfiestnea, piety. 

Aapfinan, pret. aape^n 
(a3pfin),pp. aaponnen, to 

clemency, uprightness, ho- 

nesty, reverence. 

entice. Gr. 87. 



Aspendan, to spend, distru 

Aspringan, pret. asprang, 

plur. aspningon, to spring 

Assa, ass, 
Asse, she-ass, 
Astellan, pret. astealde, to 

set vp^ establish^ confirm, 
Astfgan, 3 astihS,pret. astah 

(astag), pi. astigon, to go, 

proceed, step, motmt. See 

Astfgie, for astfge. 
Astirian, to stir, move, 
Astrecan, 1 pret. astrehte, 
Astreccan, J to stretch, 

stretch out, stretch forth, 

extend,prostrate : astreht- 

um hand-bredum, with 

outstretcht palms. 
Aswefian, to put to sleep, 

slay, sopire. 
Aswfcan, to decrease, cease. 

See Swfcan. 
At, for 8Bt. 
Atelice, horribly, 
Ate6n, to draw from. See 

Ateorian, to faint, fail, 
Ateowan, \ to appea/r, re' 
Ateowian, V veal, disclose, 
Atywian, J show,m>€mifast, 
Atimbrian. See Timbrian. 
tAtleden (sDtl^dan), to 

carry off, withdraw, 
Atol, foul, horrid, hateful, 

Atter, ater, III. 1. poison. 
Atuge. See Ate6n. 
t Atwa, atwo, in two. 

tAtwailden (wealdan), to 

rule, manage, 
fAtwende, to avert, 
fAtyr, attire, 
Atywian. See Ateowian. 
tAuere (aefre), ever, 
Aulixes, Ulysses. 
Awa, ever; Swa to aldre,^r 

Aw£can, pret. awoc, to 

spring, he horn, 
fAwal, on the wall: gan 

awal, to go on the wall, 
Awarian, pp. awariged, to 

cv/rse. E. Angl. for wy- 

Aweccan, aweceean, pret. 

awehte, pp. aweht, to 

a/wahen, raise up. 
Awecgan, to move, excite, 

Awedan, pret. awedde, to 

hecome mad, rage. 
Aweg, away, 
Awegan, to weigh. 
Aweg-gewiten,^fl««tf<? away. 

See Gewftan. 

^^®^I* 1 See Aweccan. 
Awehte. J 

Awendan, to go, turn, avert, 
translate,change. G-r. 208. 

Aweorpan, 3 p. he awyrptS, 
pret. awearp,pl.awiirpon, 
pp. aworpen, to cast, throw, 
cast away. 

Awestan, to waste, lay waste; 
awest, deserted, desolate. 

Awiht, aught. 

fAwilde (awyldan), i. q. at- 

Awildian, to grow wild. 

V 200 GLOSSAET. ^| 

H Aworpen. See Awcorpan. 

Bieftan, i. q. bo^ftan. ^H 

■ An-rfgan, pret. awrab, pi. 

^H awrigon, to reveal, dig- 

Bcelc, pride. ^H 
B£r, S>er, bed ^1 

■ close. Or. 247. 

^B Awrigenes, revelation, illu- 

GfbEgran, /o conduct one- ^^| 

^B minalirm. 

s^7/| Be gerere. ^^| 

^H Awrftan. to torite, reeord. 

Btgrman, bearer, carrier. ^^| 

■ See Wrftan. 

See Man. H 

^H AwurpaD, fo ca«^ away, cagt 

tBaid (bed), bed. ^1 

^H (&1OTI. See Aweorpnn. 

Baldlice, &o/.;;y. ^1 

^M Awyllan, pret. weoU, to boil. 

Ba]dor(Bea!dor),U.2.eAw/: ^| 

^H Awyrdan, to corrupt, injure. 

Blim. SeeB& H 

^M Awyrgian. See Wjri'an. 

Biia, II. 1. ione .- pi. bana, ■ 

^H Axan, ashea, cinder*. 

p. 115, 1. 25. H 

■ tAxeden (aiodon), asked, 

BSna, iaree, slayer, mvr- ^H 

^H inquired; from tkxian. 

</erer. O.N. bana, io AiO. ^H 

^H Axian. See Acsiau. 

Bar, II. 2. ioar. ^1 

^H Oe&Tiian, to hear, learn. 

tBare, bare. ^1 

■ fAfiele (a^pelo), nobility. 

tBatuoie Qi&tviS), both. ^1 

^H power. 

BStwlL, £o/A. Dan. beggeto. ^| 

^H Afiencan, fo devi»e,Jlndout. 

tBa|>e, fpo/A. ^1 

^H See Dencan. 

tBaSie (babian), to bathe. ^| 

^H Alienian, /o stretch out,pro- 

Be, by, at, of, eo>,eermnff, ■ 

^H ttrate; afenedon (apeoe- 

according to, de. ^H 

■ dum) earraon (earmum), 

Beacen, III. 1. beacon, sign. ^H 

^■i icith outstretcht arms. 

Beacniau, to beckon, tnake a ^H 

■ Aj-er, either. 

sign. ^M 

■ tAfiucheS, See Oi>iiicheS. 

Be&d. See Beodan. H 

^H A))rowiaii, to stcfer. 

Beadon, for biedon. ^M 

^H A6-awerimg, oath-s^ceartng. 

^H Ajium, II. 2. sim-m-law. 

Beadu.III. 1. war,baUU; ■ 


beadu-Kes, ritah of battle, ^| 


onsrf. Hence the proper ^| 

name Beadowulf contr. ^| 

^K BS, gen. begra, tlat. b5m, 

Beowulf. ■ 

■ both. Gr. 171. 

Beteftao, behind ■ 

H tBac (bee), books. 

Beab, beag, U. 2, iroc^^Zef, ■ 

H B^, iael-; over-bffic, hach- 

flrm?e(, ring, diadem. ■ 
Beab. See Bugan, ■ 

H war<;,- oQ-bsc, fie/oW. 

H Bsebord, II. 1. larboard. 

Beah.gffa, bracelet-giver ,- ^| 

H Bfficere, H. 2. &i^er. 

epithet of a chie£ ^1 



Beah-lirddeii, adorned tcith 
bracelets, SeeCod.Exon. 
p. 331, 1. 26, and note. 

Bealcettan, to helch, give 

Eeald, hold^ avdaeiotis ; mid 
bealde, holdly^ atnlacumS' 

Bealoftd, haleful^ execrable. 

Bealu, III. 1. hale y injury, 

Beam, II.2 . heam, tree,pillar. 

Bean, II. 3. hean, 

Bearhtm, II. 2. instant, 

Bearm, II. 2 ? hosom. Dan. 

Bearn, II. 1. child. Scot. 
Bairn, Dan. & O. S. Bam. 

Beatan, pret. beot, to beat. 

Bebeodan, to command, com- 
mend, intrust, commit : fa 
bebodenan, those intrust- 
ed. See Porbeodan. 

Bebiade, E. Angl. for be- 

Bebdd,III. 1. commandment, 

Bebtigan, i. q. onbtigan. 

Bebyrgian, bebyrigan, to 

Bebyt, 3 p. sing. pres. from 

Becuman, to come, happen, 
seize on, hefall. See Cu- 

Bed, II. 1. led. 

Ge[)€^,Tn..l.prwyer, Q-er. 
Gebet. Hence our word 

Bed^lan, to derive. 

Bed^le, partly, hut little, 
paullum ? 

JBede (geb^d), prayer. 
Ger. Gebet. 

B^d-htis, 1 II. 1. hov^e of 

G^eb^d-hus, J prayer, ora- 

Bediglian, to hide, keep se- 

Bed-rest, II. 3. hed, couch. 

Bedrffan, to drive. See 

Bedydrian, to deceive, en- 

Bedypan, to hedip, dip. 

Beeode. See Beg^n. 

Befangen. See Befon. 

Befeallan, to fall, 

Beferan, to go over, travel 
over. By the prefix be, 
the neuter verb is render- 
ed active, as in German, 
fahren and befaliren. 

Bef6n, to contain, compre- 
hend, clothe. See Fdn 
and Onf5n. 

Beforan, hefore. Gr. 409. 

Befrfnan, pret. -frgn, pi. 
-frunon, to ask, inquire, 
interrogate. Gr. 242. 

to exercise, go over, culti- 
vate, till, observe,apply to. 

Begea, for begra. See B^. 

Begen, hoth. 

Begeondan, heyond. 

Begeotan,3-gyt,pret. -geat, 
pi. -guton, to sprinkle, 
moisten. Gr. 250. 

Beging, for bigung, homng, 

202 GLOSSARY. ^| 

Beginnnn, pret. -gan, pL 

Belfden, deprived. See 

■gunnon, to begin. 

Grimm, And. and El. p. 

l."iPl}e»i>>. »"■<!• 


EeirfaD, pret. -liif, pi. -lifon. 

Begrynian, to ensnare. 

to remain. 

Begytan, pret. -geat, to 

Eelimpan, pret. -lamp, pi. 
-lumpon, to happen, be- 

beget, obtain. 

Behfit, n. 1. promiae. 

lona to, Jiaee reference to, 

Bebatan, pret.'-het, to pro- 



Belle, I. 3. bell. 

Bebcafdian, to behead. 

BelSgo. See BeleSn. 

Behealdan, 3 -hjlt, pret. 

Belilcan, pret. beleSe, pi. 

-heold, to behold, tee, ob- 

-lucon, pp. Ween, to lock. 

terve, mind. 

shut up. inclose. 

Behefe, needful, useful. 

Beme, the Sohemiane. 

Behg'lan, to cover, hide. 

tBeme (byme), trumpet. 

BehiSfian, fo behove, require. 

B^n, n. 3. prayer. Dan. 

Gov. gen. of thing. 


Behreoweiao, to berue, re- 

BenBeman, i. q. benfman. 


Bene, IT. 3. bench, tabU. 

Behreowsung, repentance. 

Benc-sittende, sitting on 

Behwjrfaii, to apply, exer- 

benchet, or at f4tble. Gr. 


Behyd'an, to hide, eoneeal. 

Bead, II. 2, II. 3 ? band. 

Behydilice, hiedMly, anx- 



Benfman, to take amay, de- 

BehS, token, ngn, proof? 

prive of. See Nfman, 

BeMdung, excuse, apology. 

Beo, I. 3. bee; gen. pi. 



Beiaefan, to leave, from belf- 

Beo, imperative of wesan. 

fen. Gr. 347. 

Gr. 233. 

Belaewan, to betray. 

Beod, II. 2. table. 

Beleaf, for beW. 'SeeBelf- 

Beodan, pret, bead, 2 bude. 


BeleSn, pret. -lob, Bubj. 


-loge, to reprehend. 

Beoflan. See Bifian. 

Belewite, meek, mild. 

Befln, to be. See "Wesan. 

Cebelgan, 3 gebylgS, pret. 
-be^h, pi. -biilgon, pp. 

Gr. 233. 

Beorg, II. 2. mountain. 

-bolgen, to enrage, make 

EeoTgan, 1 3 byrgS, pret. 
Gebeorgan, j bearh, pi. 

angry, be indigjumt. Gr. 


burgon, pp. borgen, to 



save, secure, protect, &r. 

Geheorg, HI. 1 ? sectmty^ 

Beorht, hright; bearht-blow- 
ende, hrighth/ hhimng. 

Beorhtnys, beorhtnes, 

G'ebeorhlic, safe, secure, 

Beorma, harm, leaven. 

Beormas, the people inhabit- 
ing the cotmtry called 
JBiarmalcmd, on the shores 
of the White Sea, east of 
the Dtoina. 

Beom, II. 2. chief warrior. 

GebeoTaeipe,convivial meet- 
ing, feast. 

Beot, threat, promise; on 
beot, tidth threatening. 

Beoten, for beoton. See 

Beotian, \ to promise^ 

Gebeotian, J vow, threaten, 

Beotlic, threatening. 

fBeoton (buton), save, ex- 

Bepsecan, pret. bepaehte, to 
deceive, Gr. 253. 

Beran, 3 p. hebyrS, pret.bsBr, 
pp. boren, to bear, carry, 

Bere, II. 2. barley. 

Bera, bear. 

Bereafian, to bereave, rob, 

Beran, ofbea/r*s shin. 

Berende, bearing, fertile ; 
from beran. 

Bereowsung, i. q. Bebreow- 

Bergyls, II. 2 ? sepulchre. 

tBerman (baerman), bearer. 

Bern, II. 1. i. e. bere-em, 
(from bere, barley, and 
em or sem, house, place,) 

fBerrhle (hYrle),youfig man 
who serves wine at tablCy 
also, a young man in ge- 
neral; from birlian, bau- 

Berstan, pret. baerst, pi. 
burston, to bu/rst, break, 
split. QtT. 242. 

Berstan, to evade, escape 
from, i. q. setbaerstan. 

Bes^gian, to condole with, 

Besceawian, to view, behold, 
contemplate. G-er. Be- 

Bescufan, 3 -scyf^, pret. 
-soeaf, pi. scufon, pp. 
-scofen, to shove, drive, 

Beseah. See Bese^n. 

Besencean, act., to sink. 

Besendan, i. q. sendan. 

Bese^n, v. r. to look, look at, 
view. See Sedn. 

Besettan, to place, set. 

Besittan, pret. -sset, to beset, 
surround; should gram- 
matically be besettan. 

Besmfta^, pret. rsm^t, pi. 
-smiton, to pollute, defile, 

Besorgian, to sorrow for, 

Bespr6ean, to bespeak, de- 
dare. Sprecan. 

Best^ndan, to stand on or 
by, occupy. See St&idan. 

Bestreowian, to bestrew. 

204 GLOSSAET. ^| 

Beatrfdau, pret. -atrSd, pi. 

Bewftnan, bewserian, to de- 

-Btridon, to bestride. 


BcBwfcan, pret. -swSe, pi. 

Bewindan, to wind about. 

-BwieoD, to deceive, entrap. 

wrap, entwine. See "Win- 



Beswincan, to labour. See 

Bewftan, prea. -wfit, pret. 


-wiste, to lake care of, in- 

BeBwingan, pret.-swang, pi. 

struct, act as tutor to. Gr. 

-Bwungon, pp. -awimgen. 


to whip. 

BewrfSan. See GewrfSan. 

BeBjrian, to ensnare. 

Bowyrpan. SfleBeweorpan. 

Bet, better. Gr. p. 51. 

Bejieabt. See Bejieccan. 

Betifecan, pret. -taahte, to 

Bejiearfan, prea. ic -fearf, 

take, deliver, intrust, com- 

pi. -purfon, pret. -{>orfte, 


to need. 

tBetake (beteecaa), to de- 

Bepeccau, pret. -fealite, pp. 

liver, assiffn. 


Eetan, \to make good, 
Gebetan, J amend, repair, 

cover, protect. 

Be«ian, to bathe, w<mS. , 

compensate, become better. 

Be)wrfte. See Be)«aran. 

Betefin, to bequeath. See 

Biburiged. See Bebyrgian. 
Bicgan, 1 pret. bohte, to 


Betere, better. Gr. p. 51. 

Gebicgan, ■ buy, pay for. 

Betweoh, See Betweos. 

Eicgean, J Gr. 214. 

Betweonan, between, among. 

Bicljppan, to embrace. 


Gebicuian, to beckon, show. 

Betweos, "j 


Betvris, [bettoixt, among. 

Bicuman, See Becuman. 

Eetwux, 1 Ml the midst. 

Bidtelan, to deprive. 

Betwyx, J 

Bfdan, 1 pret. bSd, pi. bi- 
Gebfdan, J don, to abide. 

Betwfiian. 1 See betweo- 
Betwynan-I nan. 

await, enjoy. 

Betjnan, to close. See Tfin. 

Biddan, 1 3bit,pret.baEd. 

Gebiddan, J pp. beden, to 

Bewend, turned, from wen- 

pray, bid, bey, beseech; 

dan. Or. 207. 

gov. gen. of thing. With 

rofl. pron. toprau to, w>r- 

Beweorpan, 3 -wyrpS, pret. 


-wearp, pL. -wnrpon, pp. 

Bidytt, shut up ; from dyt- 

■worpen, to cast, beat. 

tan, to shut up. 

Bew^pan, to bewail. See 

^iGs^n, to tremble. Ger. be- 






tBifuUet, contr. for befeol 

Big, i. q. be. 

Bigan. See Bicgan. 

Bfgan, 1 to 

Gebfgan, gebfgean, J lend, 
how, incUne, convert. Grr- 

tBigge (biegan), to hut/. 

Bigeng, \ II. 2. tillage, 

Biggeng, J culture, wor- 

Biggencere, II. 2. cultivator, 

tBi3etet5 (begytatJ), the^ he- 

Bigleofa, sustenance. 

Biglfdan,pret. -gMd, to glide 

Bigspel. See Bispel. 

BigstSndan, to stand hy, as- 
sist. See St^ndan. 

Bigt$. See Bicgan. 

fBi3eat (begeat),yo^; from 

Bihsefdian, E. Angl. for be- 

tBiheovede (behofode), he- 
Jioved, required. 

tBihett (hehet), promised ; 
from behatan. 

Bihidilice. See Behydi- 

fBihongen, clothed. 

Bil, hill, heaJc. 

tBilaBuen, 1 (belaefan,) to 

tBileafuen, J leave. 

fBilefde, \ (beleofode,) 

fBileofde, J lived, staged; 
from leofian (lybban). 

fBileued, left. 

Bilewit, Tcind, mild, meeh, 

Bilewitnys, meekness. 
Bill, II. 1. hill,faulchion. 
Bin, II. 3. 1 , . 
Binn^, I. 3 ? / **^' '^9^''' 
Bindan, 1 pret. band, pi. 
6?abindan, J bundon, to 

hind, capture. 
Binnan, binnon, within, 

tBinomen (benumen), 

taken away ; from benf- 

fBinotJen, helow, under. 
Bi6n, i. q. he6n. 
Bireued, for bere^od. See 

tBirle,byrle,II. 2. attendant 

at table, pincema. See 

fBirr}) (gebyratJ), it he- 

cometh, is fitting, iu' 

cumhent on; from gebj- 

Bis^egian, to lament, de- 

BiscopMd, ^iscopal office. 
Biscop-setljIII. l.episcopal 

Biscop-st61, II. 2. episcopal 

Biscop-J?enung, episcopal 

duty or service. 
fBisecchen (bes^can), to 

heseech, seek after. 
tBisemsBre (by smor) , insult, 

Biseo, i. q. beseo. 

206 GLOSl 

Biaettan, to ieset, cover over. 
G-r. 208. 

BiegiaE, to hay, occ-upi/. 

fBiaie (bysig), iiwy, active. 

BiEmerfiu, »ham^ul, blas- 

BiHinorian, to mock, insult, 

tBisne (by sen), example, 

Bisnian, to give example. 

Cebisnung, example. 

Bispel, bigspel, II. 1. pro- 
verh, parable, fable. Grer. 

Eistalciau, fo ttalk, proceed, 

fBiawake (beswSc), de- 
ceived; from beswicfia. 

fBitachet (betsecii), assigns, 

■fBitake (bettews), commit, 

Biter, bitter, stern. 
Biwtenan. See Bewcrian. 
fBiwiten (bevtftan), (o hold, 

Blflc, blacJc, pale. &er. 

'S[&c-)Aeov, pale-jhoed,jair. 

Bind, II. 2. glory, pros- 
perity, Ufi, blast, flatua, — 
Ihil (of a seal) ; gend. 

Blffid, II. B.Jruil, brmich. 

Blflwan, 3 bltewS, pret, 
bleow, pp. blawende, to 

Blecingeg, the province of 

Bleking in Sweden. 
Gebleiidan, pret. -bland, pi. 

-blimdotk, pp. geblonden, 
to blend, tinge, stain. 

tBlene (blinnan), to ceat 

Bleo, colour. 

\ to bless. 

BletaUDg, blessing. 

Blfcan, pret. blSc, pi. blicon, 

to shine, glitter. 
Blind, blind. 
Blinnan, pret. blfin, pi. blue- 

Hon, to cease. 
Blis, II. 3. bliss, jog. 
Bliaaian, ) to rejoice, 
GeblisBian, J exult. i?i 

BliSe, blithe, joyfid, pro- 

pifioug, kind. 
Bfi)ielice, blithely, gladly, 

^\A^m6A,kind,well- disposed. 
BliSaesi, blitheneas, mirth, 

BWd, II. 1. blood. 
Bliidig, bloody. 
Blostm, II. 2. blossom. 
Blostnena, p. 110, lin. pen. 

ult. Blostma p 
Elowan, to blow, blossom. 
tBlo]ieliche, 1 bashjullg, 
fBluSeliche, J elotonishly? 

Get. blode. Ohg. blftdi, 

or from h]iSe\ice, gladly, 

B6c, fem. irreg. hook. Or. 

B6i;tire, II, 2. scribe, doctor, 

tBock (bcie), booh. 
BiSc-kin, II. 1. kind or sort 

B6c-land, II. 1. land held by 



charter (b6c), as opposed 

to folc-land. See Allen 

on the Eoyal Prerogative, 

p. 143, sq. 
B6clic, hooJcly^ literary. 
BdcstsBf, II. 2. alphabetic 

character, Ger.Buchstab. 

Dan. Bogstav. 
tB6c-staff, i. q. bdc-staef. 
Boda, messenger. 
Gebody III. 1. command^ 

£rom beodan. 
Bodian, 1 to preachy an- 
Bodigean, J notmce. 
Bodig, II. 2. hodif. 
B6dung, preaching, 
fBofe, above. 
Bog, II. 2. bough, 
B6ga, bow, 

Geb^gen. See Bugan. 
Bohte. See Bicgan. 
Bold, II. 1. hov^e, dwelling, 
G'^bolgen. See G-ebelgan. 
Bella, bowl, cttp, 0. N, 

Bolster,II.2.? boUter^pillow, 
Bont, E. AngL for band. 

See Bindan. 
Bord, II. 1. boardy shield, 

Bord-weall, II. 2. board- 

(shield-) wall, 

Geh6TenA g^e B^an 
Jbdren, J ^^^ ■»^^a'^- 

Borg, borh, II. 2. money, bor- 
rowed, loa/n, foenus. 

Borian, to bore ; pour ? 

tBorle. See Birle. 

tBom (beorn), nobleman, 

Bosm, II. 2. bosom. 

B6t, II. 3. compensation, re- 
paration, atonement, 

Botl, house, dwelling, 

tBour (btir), bower, cham- 

tBoute (buton), without, 

tBrac (braBc), brake. 

Bi€d, broad, 

Br^dnis, broadness, expanse. 

GehvBdQ, III. 1. breaking, 

Br^dan, to roast, Ger. 

BraetS, breath, vapowr, fra- 
gram,ce, odowr, 

Bragen, III. 1 ? brain. 

Brand, 11. 2 ? bram.d, fire- 

Brastlian, tomakeacra^ckling 
noise as afire, crepitare. 

Breae. See Brucan. 

Br^can, pret. braec, pp. ge- 
brdcen, to break. 

Bredan, 3 brit, pret. brsed, 
pi. brudon, pp. brdden, to 
braid, twist, plait, draw. 

Bregdan, pret. brsegd, pi. 
brugdon, to draw. 

Brego, in. 2. lord, prince, 

^reme, famed, celebrated, 

Bremel, II. 2. bramble. 

Breost, II. 3. breast ; often 
used in the plural. 

Breotone, Britain, 

Brerd, II. 2. brim, edge, 

Brice. See Brjce. 

Bricg, II. 3. bridge, 

Bndel, II. 2. bridle, 

Bridd, II. 2. young bird. 

208 GL08SAEY. ^^^^^^| 

Bridel-l)waiicg.II.2. hridle- 

Htjtd. See Bma. ^H 

thong, rein. 

BiymeL See BremeL ^M 

tBridf-ume (brjdguma). 

Bryne, n. 2. burmag,Jtre. ^H 

Brim, il. 2. & in. 1. ocean, 

Brytta, dispenser, enjoyer, ^^| 


Brytte, II. 2. Briton. ^H 

Brini-li|.ende, 1 
Brim-mon, j" «*"'"''"■ 

Buan, 3 byS, pret. bude, to ^H 

dwell in, cultivate. Gr. ^M 

Brmgan, 1 pret. brohte, 
Gebringan, f to hrmg. Gr. 


Bufan, above, from above, ^^| 


Bugan, \pret. beab, pL ^H 
Oebugan, J bugon, pp. ^^| 

Brticen, gebrflcen. SeeBre- 

gobfigen, lo how, bend, ^^| 

GebrScod, hrohm, maimed. 

itoop, yield, submit, turn. 

Broga, terror, dread. 


Gebrohte. See Bringan. 

Broaniau, to decay, perish. 

gend, inhabitant. Dan. 

Broat, for breoat.' 


Gebrowen, brewed. 

Gebtm, cuUivated,inhabited. ^H 

BroS, II. 1. broth. 

See Buao. ^H 

BroJ«»r, III. 2. brother, friar. 

Buue, I. 3. cup. ^H 

Gr. 9S. Ger. Bmder, 

i'bunden(gebunden). See ^H 

Dan. Broder. 

Biudao. ^^| 

GsbroSru, -a, UI. 2. JrrfA- 

tBuod (beoJS), «^;2 68,- ^1 

ren. Gr. 96. 

from be6n. ^M 

Bnican, 3 brycS, pret, breac. 

Biir, II. 2. Aoioer, chamber. ^H 

pi. brucon, to me, enjoy, 
eat, with genit. Ger, 

BupkS, E. Aiigl. for geby- ^H 

raS. See Gebyrian. ^^| 
tBurd (bordj, idle. ^M 

braucben, Dan. bruge. 

Brtin, broum. 

Burge,pret.aubj.ofbeorgan, ^^M 

Brtiu-ecg, brovm-edged ; 

Burgenda-land (Borgundar ^^M 

epithet of a aword. 

hohn},Bomholm. H 

tZbruBted, ibrustled, brUtl- 

EurgendaaCBurgundiones), ^H 

ei, set with ; from bjrat, 

the Burgmdiang, who in ^M 

Irristle. Ger. Borate. 

.Jtllfred'i tints appet^ to ^H 

tBruttes, Sritons. 

Iiave dwelt to the north ^ ^H 

Bryce, II. 2. »se, enjoyment. 

the Osti. We Jind them ^H 

BryeS. Bee Brucan. 

at another period on the ^1 

BKd, II. 3. bride. 

ea«t bank of the Oder. ^H 

Bidden, solid, firm? 

Biir-geteld,n.l.6o!Cisr-fe«i, ^H 

Brjdguma, bridegroom. 

pavilion. ^H 



Burg-sele, 11. 2. caetle JialL 
Burh, Jll.^.Imrgh^city, Gt. 

106, 108. 
Burh-leod, II. 3. towns^ 

Burh-sittende, city-dweller, 

ar. 118. 
'Bwi)a^2i,TU,tovm8people, G-r. 

tBuri (burh), hury, htiryh, 

Burigan, to hury, 
Burigen. See Byrgen. 
Burst. See Byrst. 
Buruh, i. q. burh. 
Butan. See Buton. 

tButen, } (^^*^») ^^^out. 
Butere, I. 3. butter. 
Buter-gefweor, III. 1. hut' 

ter-ointment, butter; from 

fweSn, to anoint. 
Buterice, II. 2. leather bag 

or bottle, uter. 

Buton,! T . - 

. -p X I out, save, except, 

T-D , ' I tmless, mthaut, 

tBuwen (bugan), to bow, 

fBuuen, above. 
GehjcgSiJi. See Bicgan. 
By del, II. 2. beadle, cryer, 

preacher, herald, 

Byldan, to excite, encourage. 
G^byldan,i^o imagine, design, 

plan, devise, draw; pp. 

gebyld. Q-er. bilden. 
Jbyldan, for gebyldan. 
Bylewit. See BHewit. 

ByHg,II.2? Je/fot(?*. Ger. 

Byrne, I. 3. trumpet. 

Byn, cultivated: from buan. 

G^<9byrd, II.3.andGebyrdu, 
III. 3. birth. 

Byrdest, of highest rank or 

Byre, 11. 2. son, child. 

Byrig, Bury in Suffolk. 

Byrgen, II. 3. sepulchre, 
gra/ce. Gr. 297. 

G^byrian, to be fitting, be^ 
coming, to beseem, to be 
{one's) duty, happen, 

Byrigen, i. q. Byrgen. 

Byman, pret. bam, pi. l^um- 
on, to bum, ardere. 

Byrne, 1. 3. cuirass, corselet, 
Dan. Brynje. 

Bym-hdm (-homap), cui- 
rass, corselet. 

Bym-wfga, 1 mailed 

Bym-wfggende, J warrior. 
Gr. 118. 

Byrst, n. 3. bristle, Ger. 

G^ebyr-tfd, for gebyrd-tfd, 
II. 3. nativity. 

ByrtJen, II. 3. burthen. 

Byrfen, p. 135, 1. 20, should 
probably be bir-J?en : 
where supposing Edward 
to be the son of Byrht- 
noth'sbtir-J>egn (chamber^ 
lain), and J?a (1. 21) an 
error for J?aBt,the passage, 
J?anc ges^de fam btir- 
fene, faet he byre haBfde. 
becomes intelligible, viz. 
he gave thanks to his 

^f^ 210 GL0S8ABY. ^f 

^B chamherlaiit that lie lad 

Carfullice, earefally. 

H {^ucK) a am. 

Carian, to care, be aolicitotts. 

^H ByHgian. See Blsgian. 

Cam (Cearu), in. 3. care. 

H BjBig, hmy. 

Casere, H. 2. Oegar, em- 

^1 Bysmer, infamy, inguU,bla». 

pej-or. Ger. Kaiser. 

^m phemjf. 

Castell, XL 1. toten, vil- 

^M Gebyamerian. See Bismo- 

CeXlm.. 3. ch{f. 

^1 Byamerlice, diggraeefully. 

Ceallian, to call. 

^^k contemptuously. 

Gece&a. See GJeceoBan. 

^H BjBmorlic, diggractful. 

H Byan, 1 i q, gebis- 
^H 6'ebyBniuig, J nimg. 


Ceaster, II, 3. city, town. 

Qr. 81. 


Ceastep-waru,lll."| eiti- 

3. pi. ceaster- sena. 

H Cieg, II. 3. key. 

wara (wera), ' toioas- 

^H Caf, prompt, active. 

and -gewaran. J men. 

^H Caflice,5wowM3%. 

Qt. 104. 

■ Cald, cold. 

Cellod, keeled; applied to a 

■ Cale, CJeJie (Zo Celle or 

ehield, from tbe form of 

^H Cellea) " in pago Parisi- 

its external em'face, re- 

^H aco, quasi centum stadiia 

sembling tbe bottom of a 

^H a Lutetia,, villa quoadatu 


^H i^gift. ad Matronam flu- 

Celmert-mon, Nor. for hyr- 

^H Tiiim, in quo loco Bathil- 

ling, hireling. 

^H dig ccenobiimi Eanctimo- 

^H nialium virgiQuin con- 

Ger. Kimpfer, Dan. 

^1 strusit. " — Smith, ad 


■ BediE.H.E. 

H Camel, H. 2. camel. 

Ger. kiibn. 

H Camp, 1 II. 1. battle, con- 
^m Gecamp, J Met. Ger. Ge- 

C^nnan, 1 pret.c€Qde,pp. 
Gecennan, J cfi^nned, to 

■ kiimpfe. 

bear, bring firth. 
Cent-land, II. 1. Xent. 

^1 Campdflm, v>arfare. 

^1 Cau. See Ounnan. 

Ceoriaa, pret. cearf, pi. curf- 

^H Canon, canora. 

on, to carve, cut. 

^H Cantwara-burb, Canterbury. 

■ Or. 106. 

C6ar\,ll. 2. churl, freeman. 

^1 Capitol, first (mass), matu- 

laic. Ger. Korl. 

^M tinalia. 

Ceorung, murmuring, com- 

^M Carendre, Carinthia. 




I, 1 3 p. he cyst, 
jan, J 


6receo8an, | pret. ceas, 2 
cure, pi. curon, pp. ge- 
c6ren, ^0 choose, judge* 

Ceosel, II. 2 ? gravel, sand. 
Ger. Kiesel. 

Cepan, to take, keep, observe, 
hold; gov. gen. as, flexes 
cepan, to take to flight. 

Cerran. | g^^ Cyrran. 
Gecerran. J "^ 

Cese. See Cyse. 
Child, modem for cild. 
Cfdan, pret. cidde, to chide. 

^ ° ^ ' [to call, address. 
Gecigan, J ' 

end, II. 1. child. Gr. 68. 
^Ifr. Coll. has cildra in 

Cild-cl^t$, II. 2. child-cloth, 

Cild-cradol, II. 2. child- 

. cradle. 

Cildh^d, childhood. 

Cildlic, childish. 

Cincg. See Cyning. 

6^^cind. See Gecynd. 

Cinn, cynn. See Cyn. 

Cipan, to sell; ciptun for 

Circe, I. 3. chv/rch. 

Ciriclic, churchlike, ecclesi- 

Cirman, to make a noise, erg 

Cirran. See Cyrran. 

CitJan. See Cyt5an. 

Claene, clean, pure. 

Claennis, cleanness, ptiritg. 

ClsBnsian, 1 to cleanse, 

G'eclsensian, J purify. 

Claensung, cleansing, purifi- 

tClene,' } ^"^""^^ '''"''"• 
Clauster, III. 1. cloister, in- 

Cl^t5, II. 2. cloth, garment. 
Cleaia, clyfa, room, ceU 

Cleopian, ^ 

ClipFa^ [ ^^ ^^^^' '''y' 

ClypioD, J 

Chxcgge,l.S. clock,hell. Ger. 

Glocke, Dan. Klokke. 
Clud, II. 2. rock, cliff. 
Cltidig, rocky. 
Clufan, 3 clyf^, pret. cleaf, 

pi. clufon, to cleave. Gr. 


SJdJ5^, } ^- ^- ^^^^p^^- 

Clyppan, to embrace, make 

much of. 
Clypung, calling crying. 
Clysung, inclosure. 
Cnapa, knave, hoy. Ger. 

6^ecnawan, to know. See 

6r^cn^dan, to knead. 
6?ecneordlaDcan,pret. -laehte, 

to study. 
G^^cneordlic, diligent. 
GecneordDjs. See Ge- 

Cneoris, generation, race, 

Cneow, III. 1. knee. 
fCnif, knife. 

Cniht, II. 2. knight, youth, 


212 GL08SABT. ^H 

military follower. Ger. 

Creaea-laDd, 1 Greece. Ger. ^H 


Creca-land, \ Griecben- ^1 

Cnihthad, j/outk. 

Creca-rlce, j land. ^^| 

tCnift (coiht), retainer. 

Creda, creed. ^^| 


Creopan, 3 crypB, pret. ^^| 

tJTenwo (gecneow), Icnew : 

creap, pi. crupon, to oresp. ^^| 

Creopend, II. 2. cretjnng ^H 

{thing), reptile. Gr. 118. ^H 

from gecnawan. 

Ger. KnalL 

Cric, cruM. ^H 

eecnyrdnya, gecneordnys, 

G«crincan, pret. -crane, pL ^^| 

-mmcon, to cringe, faU, ^M 

C5c, n. 2. eook. 


Cohbetaa, (ocoM^SP 

Criaten, Christian. ^H 

Collan, p. 149, 1. 9 ? 

Cristendfim, Ohriatmdom, ^M 

Collen-ferhS, lofiy^indedt 

Christianity. ^M 

Comp-wig, II. 1 P gtrife of 

Cioc, U. 2. a pot. ^M 


Con, i. q. can. See Cun- 

herd. ^M 

Coorton, cohorts. 

c™;^}p«,«,,. ■ 

Gecfiren, ehogen, elect, de- 

Culfre, I. 3. eu^twr, ifove. ^H 

cided. See Ceosan. 

Culter, coulter. ^H 

Cora, II. 1. corn,Med,gram. 

Cuma, comer, gueti ; cu- ^H 

Cosp, II. 2. land, chain. 

mena-hliB, in«, alao, tha ^H 

Cobb, II. 2. kUi. Ger. Kubb. 

^ar^ o/' a nuHUutery ap- ^H 


Coatian, to tempt. 

Cumao, 3. cymj^, pret. comt ^^| 

Costnian, prove. 

to come. Gr. 237. ^1 


Gemiman, to come together. ^^| 

Costnigend, II. 2. tempter. 

Cmnho\,n.l. bamer,gtand. ^M 

Gr. 118. 

ard. See Grimm, And. ^M 


and El. p. 92. ^M 
Cumbol-wlga, chief com- ^H 

CoS, II. 3. diseage. 

mander. ^H 

Crabbe, I. 3. oral. Ger. & 

fCume (cyme), coming. ^H 

Daii. Krabbe. 

CumliSnys, hospitality. ^H 

Cneft, II. 2, (Wi, craft, arti- 

Cunuan, ic (^aD, pi. cannon. ^H 


pret. cuSe, to ibtow, ba ^H 

Crfflftig, erajiy, •powerful. 

06;.^. Gr. 218. ^1 

Ger. kriiftig. 

Cunnian, jo fr^, temj)^, at- ^H 

tCraft (cneft), t^aft. 

^m^f. ^1 



G^ecunnian, toprove,explore. 
Oecure, See Ceosan. 
tCusten (cyston), kissed; 

Cut5, Jcnown, certain, emdent. 
Cut5a, acquaintance. 
tCut$t5e (cyt5t$u), cotmtry^ 

Cwalu, m. 3. death. 
Cwealm, II. 2. pestilence. 
Cweartem, II. 1. prison, 
tCwecchen, to cook ? 
Gecweman, to please. 
flcwemde,pleased, satisfied. 

See G-ecweman. 
G^eeweme, acceptablCy agree- 
Cr^cwemlice, agreeably, plea* 

Cw^n, n. 3. queen. 
Cw^nland, the country he^ 

tween the Ghdf of Bothnia 

and the White Sea, inclur 

ding Mnmark. 
Cwen-s^, the White Sea. 
CwetSan, 13 p. he cwy8, 
GecwetsiiL, J pret. cwaed, 

pi. cwsBdon, to say, speak. 

Gr. 232. cwyst J>u ? Lat. 

num ? an ? Gr. 160. 
Cwic, quick, alive. 
Cwicbeam, II. 2. juniper, 

Cwidol, evil'tongued, male- 

Cwyde, II. 2. saying, speech, 

Cwydraeden, 1 Jl.Z.agree' 
GecwydwBden, J ment, 


GecsrjhndXi, to kill, de- 

cX } «- Cyf an. 

Cyfes-boren, hase-hom ; 
from cyfes, II. 3. a concu- 
bine. Got. Kebs, kept 

fen. }««««%- ' 

Cyl J n. 2. } ''^^^' '^^^- 

Cyl, n. 2. leathern bottle or 
bag. Lat. uter? 

Cyme, II. 2. coming, 

CyHj II. 1. kin, race, family. 

Geejnd, 11. 1. nature, gene- 

G^ecynde-lim, III. 1. womb. 

Cyne, royal, noble, gentle. 
Used as a prefix. 

Cyne-helm, II. 2. crown. 

Cyne-hlaford, II. 2, royal 

Cynelic, kingly, royal. 

Cyne-r6f, royal, noble, re» 

C^pig» i- q- cyning. 

Cyng-b^ (cin-b^n), II. 1. 
chin-bone, jaw-bone. 

Cyning, II. 2. king. 

Cynren, III. 1. kind/red, fa- 

Cypan, i. q. clpan, 

Cype-cniht, II. 2. youth for 

Cypman, III. 2. chapman, 
merchant. Ger. JSi.uf- 
mann, Dan. Kjobmand. 

C^r, time, occasion. 

Cyrce, I. 3. See Circe. 



Cyre, H. 2. will, choice, elec- 
tion. See Ceosan. 

Cyrcea. 1 
•icea. J 

rs • r See Circe. 
Cyncea. J 

Cyrm, II. 2. cry, scream. 

Cymceaster, Cirencester. 

Cyrran, 1 to turn, return, 

Oecyrran, J convert. Gryr. 
ran up is perhaps a nau- 
tical phrase for the simple 

Cyrre, II. 2. time. 

GecjrrednjQ, conversion, 

Cyse, II. 2. cheese. Ger. 

Cys-gerunn, cheese; i. e. 
what is now called a 
cheese, from the same 
root as gerunnen, con- 
cretus,coagulatus. Hence 
our runnet. 

Cj8Ba.n,to kiss. Ger.kussen. 

Cystig, botmtiful. 

Cystelice, bountifully/. 

Cyte, I. 3. cot. 

Cyt$, II. 3. knowledge, fami- 

Cyt$, know. See CytJan. 

CyJ?an, 1 pret. cyt5de 

OccytJan, j (cydde), to 

make known, let know, an- 
nounce, tell, devise. 

Cyfere, II. 2. martyr, wit- 

CytJnes, 1 witness, testi- 

(recyfnis, J m^ony, testa- 
ment, compact, foedus ; 
gecyt5nisse cyfan, to tes- 

Cyt5t5u, III. 3. Coventry. 

Daecan (E. Angl.), deacon. 

Daed, II. 3. deed, action. 

tBaed, dead. 

D^db^tan, to repent, make 

D^d-b6t, II. 3. deed-repara- 
tion, repentance, retribu- 

DaBg, II. 2. day. Dan. Dag, 
Ger. Tag. Otr. 69. daeges, 
by day ; on daeg, one day. 

Daeghwomlic, daily. 

DaBgred, II. 1. day red, daum. 

Daegredlic, adj. morning, 

Daeg-weorCjII. 1. day^swork. 

Daeg-wist, II. 3. daily re- 

DaBgJ>erlic, present. 

t Jdaeied, died. 

D^l, II. 2. deal, part. Dan. 
Deel, Qer. Theil. 

D^lan, 1 to deal, divide, 

6red^lan, J bestow, spend. 

Daelf. See Delf. 

Daet$, for deat$. 

Gedafenian, gedafiiian, to be 
fitting, decere, oportere, 
convernire ; gov. dat. 

G^edafenlice, properly, de- 

Dafnian, i. q. gedafenian. 

Dagian, to dawn. 

Dagung, dawning. 

Dalamensan, a Slavonic 
people formerly inhabiting 

fDalest, dealest, etc., from 



Danais, the Tanais, Don. 

Darn, III. 3. destruction, in- 
jv/ry ; whence Derian. 

DaroS, II. 2. dart, 

Datia, under this denomina- 
tion were comprised the 
modern Ited Russiay 
Transylvania, Walachia, 
and part of Moldavia, 

fDaw (daBg), day. 

Dead, dead. 

Deadlic, mortal. 

Deaf, deaf. 

Deah. See Dugan. 

Dear. See Dearran. 

Dearc, i. q. deorc 

Deamunge, secretly, pri- 

Dearran, ic dear (deor), we 
durron, pret. dorste 
(dyrste) , to dare. Grr. 218. 

Deaw, II. 2. dew. 

DeatS, II. 2. death. 

DeatSlic. See Deadlic. 

Gedefen, opporttme, fitting, 

tDei3e, to die. 

Deire, the natives of Deira, 
the southern part of the 
kingdom of Northumhria, 
extending from the Hum- 
her to the Tees. See Lap- 
penberg' s * England under 
the Anglo-Saxon Kings/ 
V. i. p. 117, sq. 

Delf, 1 II. 1. delving, the 
Gedelf, J act of digging. 

Delfan, 3 dylf tS, pret. dealf, 
pi. dulfon, to delve, dig. 
Gtr. 242. 

D^ma, judge^ governor; 

from d^man. Hence the 
word dempster. 

D^man, 1 to deem, judge, 

Ged^m&n, J decide, doom, 

Den, for denu. 

Dene, the Danes. 

Denemearce, Denmark. 

Denu, III. 3. den, cave, vah 

Deofol, deofl, II. 2. devil. 

Deofel-seocnes, devil-sick- 
ness, i. e. possession by a 

Deoflic, devilish. 

Deofulcund, devilish, dia- 

Deod, deep, profound. 

Deoplice, deeply, profound- 

Deopnys, deepness, mystery. 

Deor, II. 1. beast, animal. 
Ger. Thier, Dan. Dyr. 

Deor. See Dearran. 

Deorc, dark. 

DeoreaB, for decree, darkly. 

Deor-cyn, II. 1. kind of 
beast. * 

tDeore (deor), dear. 

G^edeorf, III. 1. tribulation, 

Deorfan, 1 pret. dearf, pi. 

O^deoifan, J durfon, to 
work, toil. 

DeorwyrSe, precious. 

Der, E. Angl. for deor. 

enan, I ^^ j^^^ injure. 
Dengan, J ' "^ 

DiaconhM, deaconhood. 
Dfc, II. 2. dyke, ditch. 
Digel, n. 3. secret. 

216 GLOl 

Digel (digol), 1 darfc,gecrel, 
Digle, J obicure. 

Digeliice, iecrelly, privily. 
J)Lgehiya,seeret, secrecy, pri- 

Siht, II. 3. diipenaali 
contrivance, direction. 

I^ht, prepared, for gediht. 

See G-edihtan. 
Gfldihtau, to dispone, order, 

tDihtCD (dihtan), to fr 

order, indite. 
Dimme, dimly. 
Dior, i. q. deor. 
Doccyng, Docking in Sbr- 

Jblk,near Svneianton and 

Snetfiskmt, called Sry 

Dogop, II. 2. poet, day; 

but strictly, the day of 

12 hours. See Grimm, 

Ajidr. and Elene, p. 13-i ; 

and Eemble's Gloss, to 

DojeS (duguS), men, follow- 

ere, cov/rt. , 
tDoligef (duguS), truth, 

Do lite. See Dagan. 
Dohtor, dohter, HI. 2. 

daughter. Gr. 96. 
Dolh-wund, sorely wounded. 
Dijtn, II. 2. doom,judgement, 

tway, power, victory, dis- 
Dl^mlice, powetfully, ejfee- 

tually, nobly, bountifully. 
D6n, i 3 deS (do8), pret. 
Gei6n, j djde, pp. gedou, 

to do, make, put, pour. 

Ger. thun. Gr.212. 
Donua, the Danube. 
Dorceceaster, Dorchester. 
Dorete. See Dearrau. 
tDotie, to dote. 
DoS. See D6n. | 

DreSm, II. 2. Joy, delight, 

Dreean, 1 pret. drehte, 
Gedrecan, J pp. dreht, to 

vex, affiiet, torment. 
(7edrefaa, to trouble, afflict, 

Gedrefedays, trouble, affiie- 

Gedreht, vexed, afflicied, tor- 
mented; from gedrecftn. 
Drenc, II. 2. drink, pota- 

Drencan,to(frCTici. Gr,347. 

Drerg, II. 2. soldier, guard, 
satelles. 0. N. Dreingr. 

Dreogan (drogan), 3 dryHS, 
pret. dreag,pl. 
do. It, to suffer. 

Gedreog, drying, anoint- 
ing. _ 

Dreorig, dreary, sad; dreo- 
riglice, sudly. It. gory. 

Dreoriglice, drearily,moum- 


Dreorignys, dreariness, sad- 

Gfldrif, in. 1. drift. 
DriTan, pret. drier, 2 drife, 

to drive. 
Drfgnis, dryness. 
tDrihUch (drihtlic), lordly, 

DriKten, II. 2. lord 



G^^drinc, 1 III. 1. drmk, 
GedrynCf J drinking. 
Drincan, pret. dranc, pi. 

druncon, to drink, 
Drogan, for drugon. See 

Drohta^, II. 8. i. q. droht- 


Drohtian, 1 to live, pass 
ian, J 

Drohtnian, J {time), de- 

Drohtnung, life, conduct. 
Druncen, drwnhen, dnmh. 
Dry, II. 2. mzard, magicicm. 
Drycrseft, II. 2. witchcraft, 

Drvcraeftig, shilledin witch' 

craft. Gr. 122. 
Drygan, to dry. 
Dryhten, i. q. drihten. 
Dryhtenlic, dominical, di- 
Dryht-guma, follower, sa- 

Drypan, to drip, drop. 
tDude (dyde), did; from 

tiduden (dydon), did. 
Dugan, pres. deah, pi. du- 

gon, pret. dohte, to help, 

be good for. Gr. 218. 
DugutS, II. 3. good, benefit, 

happiness, followers, nobi' 

tl)u3deii (dugut5), noib}es, 

Dumb, dumb. 

DtiQ, II. 3. doum, mountain. 
Dtine, doum. 
fDure (deor), dear. 
Dureleas, doorless. 

tDurewur^e (deorwyr^e), 
costly, precious. 

Durre. See Dearran. 

Duru, III. 3. door. 

Dust, II. 1. dust. 

Dwelian, to err. 

Gedwild, m. 1. error, 
heresy, sin. 

G^edwdla, i. q. gedwdlman. 

DwoUice, erroneotisly. 

Gedwdlman, III. 2. heretic ; 
from gedwyld, error, etc. 

OediVi6\AOJXi,erroneous, here- 

S^^k } ^ G^^'^ 

G'^dwymorlice, in a fa^ 
tastic or illusory manTier. 

Dyde. See D6n. 

Dydenmg^illusion, enchant- 
ment, dissembling. 

Dym-hdf, II. 2.hiding-place. 

Dynian, to malee a din. 

D^r, dear, precious. 

Dyrste. See Dearran. 

G^^dyrsod, Tnade daring : 
from gedyrsian. 

Dyrstelice, daringly, rashly. 

Dyrstig, daring, bold. 

Dyrstignys, boldness, pre- 

G^^dyrstl^can, pret. -IfiBhte, 
to dare, presume, venr 

DyrwyrfSe. See Deorwyr'8e. 

Dysig, n. l.foUy. 

Dyslfc, ]fi^^^^^ absurd. 




Ea, II. 3. fiver, Dan. Aa. 

ar. 85. 
Eac, eke, also, moreover; eac 
swylce, also, likewise, in 
like manner. 
Eaca, increase, 
E^nian, 1 to conceive, 
G^^nian, J bring forth, 
to increase, quicken, make 
Ead, happiness, prosperity. 
Ead-hret5ig, exulting in pros- 
perity or success. 
Eadig, blessed, happy, afflu- 
ent, felix. 
Eadmed, humility, reverence. 
(r^admedan, to worship, 
adore, prostrate, humble. 
Eadmedlic, 1 humble, re- 
Eadmdd, V spectful ; 
Eadmddlic, J eadmddlice, 

G'tfeadinettan, i. q. Geead- 

tEseh-sen (eage-syn), eye- 
sight, presence. 
Ea-gang, II. 2. cou/rse or 

bed of a river. 
Eage, I. 1. eye. 
Eahta, 1 . , , 
Eahte, I '^^*- 
EahteotJ, eighth, 
Eahteteone, eighteen. 
Eal. See EaU. 
Eala, Oh! alas! 
Eald, old. 

Ealda-fseder, III. 2. gra/nd- 
f other, avus. Gr. 97. 

Ealdddm, age. 
Ealdfaeder, III. 2. patriarch. 
Eald-hettende, old op- 
pressor. Gr. 118. 
Ealdian, to grow old. 
Ealdnys, age. 
Ealdor, II. 2. elder, chief, 

prince, ancestor. 
Ealdor, II. 3. life. 
Ealdor-dugut5, II. 3. chief 

Ealdorman, III. 2. senator, 

chief, dux. 
Ealdorscype, supremacy, 

first plaice, authority. 
Ealdor-fegn, II. 2. chief 

Eald-Seaxan, the Old-Sax- 
ons, inhabiting the covmtry 
fromtheMydertothe Weser. 
Ealdung, age. 

Eall, aU; mid ealle, totally. 
Ealles, totally, in all. 
Eallunga, 1 totally, quite, 
Eallunge, J prorsus, om- 

Ealswa, as, like as. 
Ealu, III. 3. ale. 
Earc, II. 3. ark, chest. 
Eard, II. 2. country, habita- 
Eardian, to inhabit, dwell 

in, settle in. 
Eare, I. 1. ear. 
Earfot5lice, difficultly, hardly. 
EarfotJnys, difficulty, trouble, 

^vh, fugitive, cowardly. 
Earm, II. 2. arm. 
'Ea.rm, poor, miserable. Ger. 



Earming, II. 2. poor mUe- 
rahle heing. 

Earmlic, misercMe. 

Earmlice, miserably. 

Earn, II. 2. eagle. Dan. 

Creeamian, to ea/m^ gain, at- 
tain, merit, 

G^^amung, merit, desert, 

(reearwian, to prepare. 

East, east, eastwards. 

Ea-stsetS, \ III. 1. river* s 

Earstet5, f bank. 

EastaHj^ow the east. Gr. 

East-dsel, II. 2. ^^ eo^. 

East-Engla, JEast Angles. 

Easter, pi. Eastra, Easter. 

Easter-dflBg, 11. 2. Easter* 
day, JPassover. 

Easterlic, adj., Easter. 

Eastern, eastern, oriental. 

Easteweard, 1 . ^ 
XI 4. 1 }• eastward. 
Eastweard, J 

East Francan, East Eramks, 
dwelli/ng north of the 
source of the Danube and 
east of the Rhine. 

Eastland, II. 1. the cowntry 
of the Osti or Estas. See 

East-ryhte, dae east. 

tEastres, (O. Er. estres,) 
being, condition, state, par- 
ticularly internal ; as, 
" conn^tre les etres d'un 
batiment," i.e.^o Tcnow all 
the rooms, pa^ssages, stairs, 

Eawfest, ^'(MW, religious. 

J, 1 easily, readily ; 
(lice, J ea^ost, most 


EatSmed, htmble ; mid eat$- 

medum, humbly. 
6rceat$medan, to humble ; 

with ace. of pron. to wor- 
ship. See Geeadmedan. 
G^e-eat$m6dan, to vouchsafe. 
Geat$m6dian, to humble, be 

Ebbe, I. 3. ebb. 
Ece, II. 2. ache, pain. 
Ece, eternal. 
Ecg, edge. 

Ecg-plega, edge-play, con- 
+Eche (ece), eternal. 
Ecnys (ecnes), eternity. 
6?e-edcennan, to bear or 

bring forth again. 
EdleSn, II. 1. reward. 
Edniwan, emew. 
Crc-edniwian, to renew. 
Edwist, substance. 
Edwit, reproach, contumely. 
Efen, even, just ; efen feolo, 

just as many. Ger. eben 

so viel. 
Efen-eald, coeval, of like age. 
Efen-^ce, coeternal. 
Efenl^can, 1 pret. -laebte, 
Creefenl^can, J to imitate. 
Crcefenl^cung, imitation. 
Efenlic, even, equal; efen- 

lice, in like manner, also. 
Efem, evening. Nor. for 

sefen. . 
Efiie, lo ! behold! even. Fr. 

meme, exactly, just. G^r. 


^P^ 220 GL08SAET. ^M 

H Efor, efer, U. 2, wild boar. 

EUea, e^ifc, otherwise. 

^M Qer. Eber, 

EUor, elsewhere. 

^1 EfsiaD, to g/ume. 

ElraeBae, .aillinesae, I. 3. 

^M Efstan, to hapten. 


^B Eft, aaain, after, afterwardn. 
■ Ege, 11. 2. awe,fettr, dread. 

Eln, II. 3, eU. 

Elnlaa, to strengthen, com- 

■ Egeaa,/a<r, dread. 


^H Egesful, Ojo/U;, fsrr>>c. 

El)«od, II. ^.foreign nation. 

H EgesHc, dreadful, lorrible. 


^H Eggeratere, Hgmore in ^ott 

mfeoAig,fbreign, foreigner. 

Eli-eodignea, 1 (living) in a 
Eljieodung, j Jbreign load; 

^1 Eghuona, Nor. for eghwa- 

^1 noa, from all sides. 

H tEggwhffir{£eghw£er),«fery- 

abroad, peregre. 

■ where. 

Embe, about. Gr. fiu^J, 
Gter. urn, Dan. om ; i. q. 

H Eglau, fo 8#ici, anmy. 

■ tE,e. »>^». 


^H tEh-Bcen, eye»tffit. 

Geembelitiau, to seme, mi- 

^m Ehto, i. q. eahta. 


^H Ehtan, to follow, persecute ; 

EmbeufSan, to cireumeite; 

^H gov. gen. or aco. 

from anfSan, to out. 

■ K5,}?— 

"Eam, even, level, plain ; on 
emn, even with, by the tide 

^B Eihwek-, E. Angl. for teg- 


■ hwylc. 

Emnlange, along. 

■ tEUle, m2, ill. 

Ende, II. 2. end, extremitv. 

B tEkeon (ecan), fo eke, add. 

tEnde, p. 175, line 26, fop 

^B increase, enlarge ; ekedd, 

}xe-nde,as intheothertextf 

■ added. 

Geendebjrdaa, 1 to order, 
Endebyrdian, j ordaim. 

^1 Dlcimir, delay, expectation. 
■ ' Ble,l!.2.7;. 

place, arrange. 

■ Elig, Ely. 

H Ellen, ll.l.valourjbrtitude. 

Endebyrdliee, in order. 

Endebyrdnys, arrangemeitt, 
order, detail ; purh endfr 

H iee.;. 

byrdnyB, in twm. 

^1 EUen.ri5f,/flmei?/orcotM-ai^e, 

Endemea, at length, ai last. 

■ bold. 

■ EUen-spnSc, II. 8. bold 

s»;S', }""■"■ 

^^k tpeeeh. 

&eeiidian, to end, finish. 

^■^ BUeawfidnea, fervent aeal. 

^H EOen-l'riate, boldly daring. 

G'fendung, end. 



Engel, n. 2. tmgeh 

Engla-land, II. 1. Icmd of 
the Angles, Mngland. 

Engle, Angles. 

Englisc, English, Angh- 

Ent, II. 2. gicmt, 

Geodion., for eodon. 

Eodorcan, to ruminate. 

Eode. See GSn. 

Eoforwic-ceaster, 11. 3. 

Eoh, II. 2. horse. Old Sax. 

tEon (on), on, in. 

Geond, through, over, per. 

Eondsc^nan. See Geond- 

Eorl, II. 2, earl, poet, for 

Eornoste, earnestly, vigo- 

Eomostliee, earnestly, so, 
now, therefore; igitur, 

Eort5-bugigend, inhabitant 
of earth. See Bugian. 

Eor«e, I. 3. eor«u, III. 3. 
earth, land. 

'Eotbfsdst,fast in the earth. 

EortJ-htis, 11. 1. earth-home, 

EortJlic, earthly. 

EorS-rfce, III. 1. world. 

EorS-tilia, earth-tiller, hus- 
bandmcm. See Tilian. 

Eort5-tilt5, II. 3. earth- 
tilling, agriculture. 

EortJ-tyrewe, I. 1 P earth- 
tar, bitumen. Gter. Theer, 
Dan. Tjsere, tar. 

Eowian I ^ *^^^> mcmifest. 

Eow, you, to you. Gt. 137. 

Eower, your. Grr. 137. 

Eowland, Oeland, lying off 
the east coast of Sweden. 

Erbe, for jrrfe. 

Eree, arch. But who is 
eorSan moder (mother of 
earth), to whom this title 
is given? See Q-rimm, 
D. M. p. 232. 

Ercebisceop, II. 2. arch- 

Erceh^, archiepiscopal dig- 

Erendraca. SeeiErend-raca. 

Erfeland, II. 1. hereditary 
land. Ger. Erbland, Dan. 

Erian, to plough. 

ErmtJ, i. q. yrmtS. 

Em, II. 1. h(mse,place,room. 

fErrust (^rest), frst. 

Esne, II. 2. man,you/ng man, 

Esol, II. 2. ass. Ger. Esel. 

Estas. See Osti. 

Estful, devout, hind, be- 

Est mere, the Frische B^aff, 
or lake, into which flows 
one of the branches of the 

Et, E. Angl. for set. 

Etan, \ 3 yt, pret. set, to 

Ettan, J eat. Gr. 228. 

tEuhe (hiw), hue. 

Ewirnga, openly, publicly. 

E5, comp. of eatJ, easy ; f y 
et$, the more easily. 

222 GLOSSABT. ^| 

Ejielice, eanJif. 

Fferinga, suddmlii. 

Ejwl, n. 1, 2. country, home. 

ESel-weard, II. 2. keeper or 

fsrlice, suddenhj. Otr. 

ruler of a eowUry. 

gefahrlieh, Dan. farlig. 



ous robber. 


FserS. See Faraa. 

FScu, III. 1. -fraud, guile, 

Fieatan, to fast. Gr. 208. 



Gfifedian, io dispote, order. 

Fasten, ni. 1. fast, jeju- 

Fadung, disposition, dispen- 


fortress, citadel. 

VtBC, II. 1. «pace, interval. 

Fiesthfifel, tenaeimts. 

department. Ger. Fach. 

FiBBtlic, strong firm, irresis- 
tibh; {xstiice,firmlv,re- 

Fieder,III.2./oiAer. Gr.97. 

Geftedflra, godfather, gosnp. 


Piederlice, ptOernallg. 
Vmge, fated, moribundua. 

Faatnian, 1 to fasten, con- 
Gefffistnian, J firm. 

Fsgenian. See Fsegaian. 

FsBstnys, fastness, firmness, 

i'mgeT, fair, good ; fiegere, 


fair!g, beautifully. 

Fffistnung, confirmation. 

'FiBgerujs, faimeis, beauty. 

' -F>^t,UI.l.t,essel,fal. Ger. 

FffigDian, tofami, rejoice. 

Fasa, Dan. Fad. Gr. 88. 

FfflbS, n. 3. feud, hate. 

Fa-tela, II. 2, ht^, sack, 

Ustilitg. Ger. Feido. 


tFasir (feger),/Mr. 

Fsett, adj./ji. 

tFieirHct (fferlic), SMfWen, 

Ffefem, tl. 2. fathom, cubit, 


embrace, hosom,protectum. 

tFieisiS (fege-aii5?), ./«.a»^ 

Fat, variegated, glittering. 

wre, death. 


tFseit (fSt),jftei. 

tFairaipe, ^ime«g. 

FiBmiie,L3. lAMTweZ.matifen. 


Fftlster, one of tfte Danish 
isles t» the Baltic. 

^rinii!^. Gr. 302. 


FSndian, to try, prove. 

F»r, (in compoaition), sud- 

F£ndung, temptation, trial. 

den, dreadful, dire. 

probation, inquiry. 

Fffireld, n. 2 ? way, going. 

Gefangen, taken {prisoner). 
SeeFiSn. G«r. gefiingen 

ioumey, greasus. 



Pann, II. 3 ? fan. 

Far, II. 3. fare, course, 
journey, way, 

Faran, 1 3 faerS, pret. f(5r, 

Gefaran, J pp. faren, to go, 

Pame, Fame Island. 

Pat, II. 2. fat. 

Pat-fylre (f8et-fyUere),n. 2. 
vessel-filler, butler ? abatis, 
i. e., according to Du 
Cange, am, officer whose 
duty it was to distribute 

Pax, for feax. 


Ge£eah.t. See Peohtan. 

PeaUan, 1 3 fylt$, pret. 

6refeaUaii, J feoll, to fall, 
fail. Gr. 234. 

Peala. See Pela. 

Pealu, fealo, fallow, dun, 
yellow, golden. 

Pealo-hilt, epithet ofasword. 

Pear, II. 2. bullock. 

Peaw, 1 /. 

Peawa, J -^ 

Peax, II. 1. hair, lock; C8B- 

Pebriende, in a fever. 

Peccan, 1 , 

Gefecgan, gefeccan, J ^^^ ' 
-febte, to fetch, carry 

Pedan, 3 fett, to feed, also to 

bring forth. Dan. fdde. 

Gr. 207. 
Pefor, II. 2. fever, 
tPeing, for fang, clasp, 

fPeirnes, for fsegemys. 

Pel, II. 1. skin, hide. 

tPel (fyl),fell; from fyUan. 

lPel&,much,maMy. Ger. viel. 

'Feld, 11. 2. f eld. Gr. 76. 

fPele (fela), many, mztch. 

PeU. See Pel. 

^Pelle, sane, of sound intel- 

Pellen, leathern, also a felt, 

Pen, II. l.fen. 

Grfe^ng, } '"''*• SeeF6n. 

fPeo (feoh), money, wealth. 

tPeode (f^dan), to feed. 

Peoh, III. 1. cattle, money. 
Gr. 91. Ger. Vieh. 

Gefeoht, III. 1. fight, battle. 

Peohtan, 1 to fight. 3 fyht, 

Gcfeohtan, J pret. feaht, 
pi. fuhton, pp. fohten. 2) 
to gain (byfightvng) , See 
also Gesle^. 

Peol, file ; feol-heard, file- 
hard, hard as a file ; an. 
epithet given to a spear. 

Ocfeol. See Peallan. 

Peolde, for folde. 

Peolian, to file. 

Peolo, i. q. fela. 

Geie6n, pret. -feah, pi. -fe- 
gon, part, -feonde, to re- 

Peond, II. 2. enemy. Ger. 
Peind, Dan. Pjende. 



tPeor,^r, nam. 

Peorh, in. 1. life. Gr. 91. 

Peorh-giefu, III. 3. vital 
gift, wine ? 

~ 22*' GLOSSAET. ^| 

Feorh-hliB, H. 1. life-iouae. 

Ferweman, E, Ang!. for for- ^H 


wyman. ^H 

PeormiaD, to purge, cleanse. 

Feste, for fbste,/w/. ^H 

Feorran, nfar, irom afar. 

Festnion. \ See Gefteat- -^M 
Gfifestnian. J nian. ^M 

Gr. 339 


Fetigan, to fetch. ^M 


Fett. See Fedan. ^H 

Feo weracy te, 5»0(/rany w/or ; 

Fettian, to contend. ^M 

from Bcyt! or Bceat, an- 

tFettel (fstek), vcisel. ^M 


Gefexod, having a head of ^H 

FeowertjiiB, fourteen. 

hair, comatus ; from feax, ^H 

Teowerim, fort)/. 

Geier, in. 1 ? company, so- 

capilluB. ■ 

FeK hand, hody. H 


FeSe-Iast, oii. foot; from ^1 

fe(3e, step, and last, irmh, ^H 

eeferfBdeo, U. 3. godety. 

Fe|.er, lU. 1. feaiher, wing. H 


Geferacype, company, ao- 

FeBung, footing, walkiny, ^M 


steps. ^H 

leran, pret. -ferde, (o ^o. 

Fic-treow, HI. 1. fig-tree. ^H 

proceed, fare. Gr. 347. 

Gr. S8. ^1 

Cuman feran means sim- 

Fff,/»e. ^H 

ply to come. 
Ferd, for fyrd, army. 

Fifta,/^^. ^H 

Fifteoea,j?/i!p«ntA. ^H 

Ferh«e, p, 149, 1. 16, pro- 

Fiftig,^/?^. H 

bably an error for for8, or 

Fiftyne./yj'eere. ^1 

a word may be wanting, 

FUd, D^ain, champaign. ^H 
Filian. SeeFyW H 
tFiUenn, tofuifulfil. H 

as cearige, after ferhi5e. 

FerhS-gleaw, prudent-mmd- 

ed, sagacious. 

G^mian, ;o>;/. ■ 

Perigm, }*'-."''••?»■ 

Fin, n. 2. JV». ^1 

Findan, 2 finst, 3 fint, pret;. ^1 
fand, pi. fuDdon, to find. ^H 

Geferod. See Perian. 

tFerren (feorran), from. 

Gr. lOu, 241. H 

afar, fore ton. 

Finger, 11. 2.finger. ^H 

Pera, n. 1. oerse. 

Finol,j^»n«^ ^H 

Fersafeld, :E'er>ifieUm Nor- 

Fir, 11. 2. man, vir. ■ 


Firmest. See Fynneat. ^| 

'Eenn.Jrcih, not salt. 

First. See Fyrst. ■ 

GeferBcipe, company, so- 

FiBc, n. 2. fsh. Gr. ■ 





5, 1 II. 2. the occupa- 
J, J tion oj 


Fisco'S, J tion of fishing, 

Pisc-cyn, II. 1. fish-species. 

Piscere, II. 2. fisher. 

Fixas, pi. of fisc. Grr. 77. 

Pixian, to fish. 

Pifele, I. S. fiddle. 

Flaesc, II. 1. flesh. Q-er. 

Geflaeschtoian, to clothe 
with flesh, render incar^ 

Y\dd^(^\Q, fleshly. 

Plaesc-mete, II. 2. flesh- 

Pl^, I. 3 ? \., 

Pl^k, II. 2. } ^^^' ^^'''^' 

Plasc,pl.flaxa8, ' 

riaxe, I. 3. flash, leathern 
bottle, fiasco. Gt. p. 21. 

Pleah. See Fleogan. 

Fle^m, II. 2. flight. 

"FlMe, flood, at flood-tide. 

Fleogan, iledn, pret. fleah, 
pi. flugon, imperat. fleoh, 
to flee, fly. Gr. 195, 235, 

Fleogende, flying. 

Fleoh-net, II. l.fljf-net, 

Fle6ii. See Fleogan. 

Flesc. See FIsbsc. 

Flett, II. 1 ? house, hall, 
couch, stratum. 0. N. ilet. 
Flet-sittende, sitting on 
couches, in convivio ac- 

Fligan. See Afligan. 

tFlij (ileoli),/y.' 

Fli6n, i. q. fle6n. 
Ge9iit, in. 1. contest^ dis- 

Flftan, pret. fl^t, pi. fliton, 
to dispute, contend, flght. 
IPloc, flock, hand, body. 
Floe, II. 1. sole? platissa. 
Fldd, n. 1. & II. 2. flood. 

Gter. Fluth, Dan. Flod. 
Fl^r, II. 3. floor, pavement, 

'Fl6t, float, on fl^t feran, to 

go afloat ? 
Ylota,,fleet, sailor. 
F16tan, tofloai,flow. 
Fldt-here, II. 2. army of 

F16t-man, III. 2. sailor, 
Flowan, to flow. 
Fldd, i. q. Mi. 
Flugon. See Afligan. 
Geflyman, to put to flighi^ 

Fljs, II. 1. fleece, fur, 
Foda, f odd£, food, support, 
Foder, fodder, II. 1. fodder, 

food, Ger. Futter. 
Fohte, p. 134, line 53, for 
feohte ; fa wsrs feohte 
neh, then was the conflict 
Folc, II. 1. folk, people, 

Ger. Yolk. 
Folcisc, vulgar ; folcisce 

menn, cominon people. 
Folclic, popular, 
Folc-stede, II. 2. place of 

nations, fleld of battle. 
Folc-toga, leader of people. 
Folde, I. 3. earth. 
Folgere, II. 2. follower. 
Folgian, i. q. fyligan. 



iFolm, n. 8. in sing. P In 
pi. nom. and ace. it has 
iblman ; poet, hand, 

r6n, 1 3 feh«, pret. feng, 

Gef6n, J to receive, take, 
begin; to fam rfce f<5n, 
succeed to the kingdom, 
undertake the government, 
Togaedere f6n, to assemble, 

tPondien (fi^dian), to prove, 

'F6r, II. 8. way, journey, 

'F6r, See Faran. 

For, for, by reason of, 

For, before, prae, coram. 

"Fovfor^notwithstandvng. It. 
too, very, Dan. for. For 
rafe, too quickly ; for wel 
oft, very often; for ^n, 

Foran, before; foran to, pre- 

Forbajrnan, to burn, to be 
burned. Ger. verbrennen. 

Forbeodan, pret. -bead, pi. 
-budon, pp. -boden, to 

Forbfgan, 1 3 -big« (-bitJ), 

Forbfgean, J pret. -beah, 
to bow, bend, hwnble, de- 
cline, avoid. Gr. 347. 


Forbredan, 3-bryt, to pre- 
cipitate, overthrow, pro- 
strate, confringere. 

Forbugan, to eschew, avoid, 
withdraw from. See Bu- 

Forbygan. See Forbfgan. 
Forbyman, v. n. pret. -barn, 

pi. -bumon, to burn, ar- 

ForbytJ. See Forbfgan. 
Forceorfan, pret. -cearf, pi. 

curfon, pp. -corfen, to cut, 

cut off, praecidere. 
Ford, n. %ford Gr. 76. 
fFordemen (ford^man), to 

Ford^n, to ruin, destroy. 

See I)<5n. 
Fordrffan, to drive, bear 

away. See Drffan. 
YQiT^V!\3iW^u,todry up, wither. 
^ovQ,for, over, before, per, 

as fore msere, permagnus; 

fore be6n, praeesse. 
Forealdian, to grow old. 
Fore-cweden, aforesaid. 
Yoregengsifforegoer, attend- 
lPoTG-glea,w, foreseeing, pro- 

Fore-lutan, to stoop or bow 

before (one). 
Fore-mdere, very great. 
Forensprdecen, beforemen- 

Fores^d, foresaid. See 

Foresceawian, to foresee, 

Fore8e()n, to foresee, provide. 

See Gese^n. 
Forese()nd, Providence. Gr. 

Foresetnes, purpose. 
Foresprsec, IT. 3. predic- 



Forespr^cen, hefire men- 

Porestsepan, \ pret. -st^p, 

PorestflBppan, J to step be* 
Jhre, precede. 

YoT&werd, forward, early, 

tForfllren, ruined^destroyed, 

Forfela, very mimy. 

Forfle6n, to flee from, escape. 
See Fle^n. 

Porgeldan, 1 3 -gylt, pret. 

Forgyldan, J -geald, pi. 
-guldou, pp. -golden, to 
pay, requite, compensate, 

!Porgffan, to forgive, gi/vOy 
grant. See Gffan. 

Eorgifenis. SeeEorgyfenes. 

Forgrfpan, pret. -gr^p, pi. 
-gripon, to seize. 

Forgyfenes, forgiveness. 

Forgymeleasian, to neglect. 

Forgy tol, forgetful. 

Forhaefednys, abstinence. 

For-heard, intensely hard. 

Forheawan, pret. -heow, to 
cut down, slay, mangle. 

Forhergian, to hj/rry, plv/n-' 

Forliergung, ravage, devas- 

Forhdgian, to despise, 

Forhdhnes, forhdgednes, 

tForhowede (forhdgode), 

Forhradian, to get before, 


Forhtian, to fear. 

Forhtlice, fearfully. 


fForhuste (forhyste ?), de- 
rided? from hysian, to 
hiss, deride ? 

Forliwaega, however, saltern. 

Forhwerfian, to tiim,change. 

Forl^tan, pret. -let, to leave, 
let, let go, forsake, leave 
off; in forl^tan, to let in. 

Forleoran, to leave. 

Forleosan,3 -lyst,pret.-leas, 
2 -lure, pi. -luron, pp. -16- 
ren, to lose, Gr. 251. 

Forlidenes, shipwreck. 

Forliden, shipwrecked, from 
lit5an, to sail, navigate. 

Forlfgere, III. 1. fornica- 

Forldren, lost. See Forleo- 

Forlyst. See Forleosan. 

Forma (se) (seo, fset) forme, 

'FoTrotodjijff,rottenness, cor- 

tForrwerrpen (forweor- 
pan), to cast away, reject. 

fForrbi, because, Dan. 

Fors^can, pret. -soc, to for- 
sake, refuse, deny, 

Forsce^dan,pret.-sceod, pp. 
-sceaden, to scatter, 

Forsceden, for forsceaden. 
See Forsceadan. 

Forsceoppan, to miscreate, 

Forscrincan, pret. -scrape, 
pi. -scrimcon, to shrink, 

Forsearian, to sear, dry, 


H 228 &L098ABY. ^M 

^H PorseGn, to despise. See 

present : Rovems dat. of 

H Se^D. 

person and gen. of thing. 

^H I'orsefiQ, V. refl., to err, sin. 

ForS, firth, along. 

^B &er. Bich veraeten. 

For))am, forfjan, because. 

therefore; forbam be, 6e- 

cause that. 

^B ForsleSn, 3-Hlje,pret. -slob, 

ForS-arteaan, io rush forth. 

^H PP- -Blegen (-slagen), to 

ForKarn. See ForiSymaQ. 

^1 glay, beat, ttrike of. 

ForB-atefin, pret. -teah, pi. 
ForS-te5n, -tugon, to 

Forspendan, to gpend, con- 


brin^ forth, produce. 

Porapillan, to destroy. &er. 

ForSb^ran, to bear forth. 

^_ Terapillen. 

See Beran. 

^L ^oreuwian, to ie gilent, re- 

ForS-briogan, ptet. -brohte. 

^H frainJTom, uUering, pass 

to brinff forth. 

H m mienoe. 

PorSdrffan, to drive on. 

tForiSe (furt>on), indeeSt 

^H -aweaJh, pi. -awulgon, to 

even, qtiidem, 
tForfeddte (forfod), fur- 

^^m awallow up, devour. 

^H I'or8\Y6reu, forsworn, per- 

thered, forwarded ; &omr 

^^H jured; from forswferaii. 


For8-faran, pret. -{6r, to go ■ 

^^1 spect ; part, forw^adi- 

forth, depart, die; foi^-J 

^H gende, respectful. 

ffiren, dead. 

^^m Torwegen, prostrate ? forC- 

ForSferan, to d^art, yo 

■ wegeoF 

forth, die. It. to bear 

^H Forwe], eery. 

forth; forSfered, loma 

^H PorwBorSaa (forwyrSan), 

forth, dead. 

^H fo perish, be ruined. See 

For«f5r, II. 3. departure. 

^1 WeorSan. 


^^1 Forwerod, vjom out, old. 

ForBgSn, 1 toproceed,go 
ForSgSngan, J forth. Sea 

^^1 t^orwerrpenu, to cast awai/. 

^M reject. 


H fForwumen (forwyrnan), 

ForSgenge, successful. 

^^1 to refuse, forbid, prohibit 

ForSgeorn, atmous to ga 

■ ^^. , 

forth, intrepid. 

^H Forwyrcan, pret. -wyrhte, 

ForiS-gewftan, to go orpaa 

^^M to punish, injure, lose. 


^H Eorwyrd, II. 3. destruction. 

Forpi, therefore, on that ae- 

^H ruin. 

count, for, because. Daa.- 





GefoTbiBJiftqfurther, execute, 

PortJ-lsBstan, to continue, 
fulfil, perform, execute. 

PortJon, becatise, therefore. 
In Nor. Grloss, for witod- 

Port5-8it$, II. 2. departure, 

IFort$-sit$ian, to travel onward. 

ror^-st8Bppan,pret. -stdp, to 
step forth, proceed, ema- 

Fort$-te^n, to carry on, pro- 
trahere, produce. See 

Forpy. See Porfi. 

Porfyldian, 1 ^o 5^ar j?fl- 

Port5yldgan, J tiently, en- 

Forfylmed, enveloped, sur- 
rounded. See Cod. Exon. 
p. 217, 1. 23. 

Port$-yman, to rv/n on, con- 

r<5t, in. 2. foot. Gr. 96. 

Fdt-cops, n. % fetter. 

P6t-inaBl,II. \.foot-measwre. 

P6t-sceamel, II. 2 ? foot- 
stool. Dan. Fodskammel. 

P6t-sw8Bt$, III. \. foot-trace. 

Fracod, fraced, shameful, 
vile, indecent. 

Prajcednys, peril. 

PrsBng. See Pregnan. 

PrsBtwian, 1 to fret, 

G^^frsetewian, J adorn. 

PraBtewung, decoration, or- 

Praetu, III. 1. ornament, in 
plur. arms. Gr. 95. 

Pram,^ow, hy. 

Pram-adrffan, to expel. 

•fPrame (irQxmd), profit, he" 

Pram-gewitan, to depart 
from. See Gewftan. 

Pramian, to promote, pro^ 
fit, prodesse. See Pre- 

Pranca, javelin. 

Prea, lord, chief. Goth. 
Prauja, Ger. fern. Prau. 

Preatewung. See Prsete- 

Precnys, danger. 

Gdfredan, to feel, perceive. 

Prefrian, 1 to console, 

Gefrefrian, J comfort. 

Prefriend, II. 2. comforter. 
Gr. 118. 

Pregnan, 1 pret. frsegn 

G^rfregnan, J (frsBng), pi. 
-frugnon, pp. -frunen, to 
ask, inquire. It. to hear, 
learn, tmderstand. In like 
manner, axian signifies 
both to ask and to be in-- 
formed (of anything). So 
also the Goth, fraihnan, 
O. Sax. gifrsBgnan, and 
Dan. sporge, O.N.spyrja, 
investigare, quaerere, 2) 

Premde, fremed, strange, fo' 
reign, alien. Ger. fremd, 
Dan. fremmed. 

Premf ul, efficacious, useful. 

6^&fremman, ^ 

prove, benefit. 

to effect, per- 
trate, pro^ 
mote, im-' 

280 GLOSSAET. ^^^^| 

rremaumnes, kindness, he- 

Friiina, heginning. 


Frum-cgnned, first-horn ; 

Preo, free, liberal, noble. 

from carman. 

Freodii (read freoSu,) lU. 

Frum-gfir, II. 2. chimin. 

3. peace, jHeftdahip. 
Preoh. See Freo. 

See Grimm, And. aad EL 


Preok, II. 2. festival. 

ning of things, creation. 

Freok-trd, n. ^.feait-time. 

FrymS, 11. 3. begiiming. 

Preond, U. 2.JHmd, part. 


of frefln, /o fowe. 

Frynittelie, primitiee. 

Freorig, JHffid, eUUi/, shud- 

Frynd, i. q. and pL of 


freond. Gr. 100. 

PreoBcipe, ingenuoumess, 

Frysan, tfie Frisians, appa- 


rently those on the west 

Preosaji, pret, frfir, pp. fr5- 

coast and isles of the Cim- 

ren, to freeze. 

brie Chersonesua. 

PreoSian, i. q. Qefri^ian. 

Fryaland, Friesland. 

Frigdipg, II. 2. JHrfoy. 

Fugel-cyn, 11. 1. bird-^e- 

Primdi, frimdig, sujiplitmt. 


?rimS. See PrymiS. 

Fugelere,II. 2./owfer. 

PriB, II. 2. ^eace. Ger. 

Fugl, fugel, fugol, II. 2. 

Friede. FnSes, adv., m 

fowl, bird. Qer. Vogel, 


Dan. Fugl. 

GefriSian, to protect. Ger. 



tFulaet, for ffilaB. 

Frfid, etricJcen in years, aged. 


coiifectua, wiee., prudent. 
Frodade, p. 153, 1. 9. qu. 

from fvllan. 

tFulede (fylode), /6/tewerf; 

for freoSode ? 

from fyltan. 

Frofor, frofer, II. 3. eom/orf ,- 

Fulfremed, perfect. N.B. 

se Frofor-&ast, ths Com- 

fulfreraedre, at p. 88, line 

forting Spirit. 

21, seems an error of the 

From, hold, strenuous,pious. 

MS. for fulfremedra. 

Qer. from, pioui. 

Fulfremednys, perfection. 

From. See Fram. 

I'ulfremman, to execute, ofl- 

Fromlice, holdlg, strenu- 

complish, peifect. 


Ffilian, to foul, rot,putr^. 

Fronden, for freondum. 

FuU,>H, complete. 
tFulIe (feoUoo),/e;?,- from 

FruiD, a prefii signifying 





FulKan, T make full^ to 
G'efullian, J baptize, 
YwWacq, fully, entirely, 
Pulluht, II. 2. %^i«w. Gr. 

Fulluhtere, 11. 2 haptizer, 

Fultum, II. 2. help, support, 

Eultumian, 1 to favour, 
(refultuiniaii, J support ; 

to gefultumian, to help to, 
Fulwiht, i. q. fulluht. 
Purh, II. ^.furrow, 
'EuT^Jorth ; iwrlpvdi, further, 

prior; fyrmestj^r^^. G-r. 

Purpon, indeed, only, even, 

moreover, vel, quidem. 

Fr. meme. 
Ymf^OT, fwrther ; comp. of 

Ftis, prompt, impetuous, has- 
tFusde (fysde), started; 

from fjrsan. 
fFuse, will drive away; 

from fysan. 
'Eki^q, promptly, rapidly, 
fFusen, \ {fy&a.n,) to hasten, 
fFusi, J hurry. 
E}i,fle. See FeoL 
Fyl. See FyU. 
FylaBn. E. Angl. for F^ian. 
Fy Igan, tofill,glut,getdnmk. 

If ^^i'^'^Vo folia.. 

Fyll, II. 3 .falling, slaughter ; 
from fyllan, to fell. It. 
Jill, glut, from fyUan, to 

Fyllan, 1 tofillfeedfulft\ 
O^fyllan, j occupy, 
Fyllan, to fell, slay. 
Ge^j\\.edjn&, fhillness, JulflU 

ment, completion, 
Oefyhtsi, helper, supporter^ 

Fylstan, to help, support. 
Fynd,pl.offeond. Gr.lOO. 
¥St, II. I. fre. 
Fyr. See Feor. 
Fyrd, II. 3. army, mctrch, 

military expedition, 
Fyrd-rinc, II. 2. warrior. 
Fyrd-wic, II. 1? ten^^ inpL 

Fyrhto, 1 IH.^. fear, horror, 
Fyrhtu, J dread. Gr. 103. 
Fyrlen,^r, distcmt, 
Fyrmest, foremost^ first, 


G^vn, } ^^^^' ^^ **^^- 
'FjTveQ,t, furthest, from Feor. 
F^r-spearca, fire-spa/rlc, 
EyT9tfirst,chief, Ger.Fiirst. 
Fyrst, II. 2. space, period, 

Ger. Frist. 
FyrtJrian, tojurther, promote. 
Fyrwit, \ curiosity. Ger. 
Fyrwitnys, J Vorwitz. 
Fysan, to drive, send forth 

{arrows), send away. 
Fysan,recipr. to hasten, rush. 


G^d, for geg^da, comrade ? 
or lack, want. Gtoth. 
gaidw ? See Grimm, 
And. and El. p. 160. 

G&i, n. 3. yoaJ. 
GadDnan, 1 toffafher, col- 

Gegaderian, ) lecf. 
GegaAerang, gathering con- 
gregation, gocielff. 
G&l-isen, II. 1. goad-iron. 
Giemenigende, gaj>ting,plai/- 

Gaera, II. 1. groM. Gr. 33, 

Gajrstapa, graashopper, lo- 

Giest, for gaat. 

Giet. See Geat. 

Gajj-Sffit, afterwards Gei^i, 
now Gui*t, in JVorfolk, 
near fakenham. 

Gafeloc, gaueloc, II. 2. ja- 
velin. O. N. Gaflok. 

Gafol, n. 1. tribute, tax. 

GSlferLS, Hhidinoug, 

G&ha6A,fuirioas, lihidinout. 
Dan, gal. 

Gamenian, to game, play. 

Gfin, 1 3gffiS(ga«),prefc. 

Gfingan, J eode, to go, 
Italic. Gr. 212. 

fGan, began, undertook! ? 

GegSn, 1 to fake, capture, 

Gegfingan, J gain, get. 

GJandia, Qyndet, a river of 

Gang, n. 2. gait, course, 
walk, houae of office. 

GSngan. See GSjl 

Gfir, II. 2. weapon, gpear, 
javelin. Thin, like ROme 
other masculines of the 

poetrr, sometimeB loses 
the pi. termination -as. 

Gfir-berend, armi-bearing. 
Gar-gewinn, III. 1. war of\ 

tGariaume fgiereume), trea- ] 

sure, riches. 
Gar-r^9, II. 2. ru»k ofarm», 

hostile incursion. 
Garsecg, II. 2. ocean. 
Gaat, II. 2. ghost, spirit. 

Gr^T. Geiat. 
Gflstlic, ghostly, spiritual. 
GSt. See Geat. 
Gaueloc. See Gafeloc. 
Ge. ye. Gr. 137. 
Ge, ge ge, both 

and, vikefher or. 

Gea, yea, yes. 

Gealdor, galdor, m. 1. «a. 

mc, enchantment, tcitcien/, 

Trom galao, to sing. 
Geaig&, gallows. N.B. In I 

the Index to C'Kdmon, | 

Galge is an oversight for \ 

Gear, II. 1. year. 
Q:<i&fA,formerly,ofyore. It. 

well, accurately. 
Gearcian, to prepare. 
Gteard, II, 2. yard, inclo- 

sure, region. Goth. 

Garda, Dan, Gaard. 
tGeare, ofyore,Jbmierly. 
Gearo-)ioncol, ready-witted. 
Geam, gearo, ready. 
GJearwp, gearuwe, gearwe, 

readily, well. 
Gegearwian, to prepare, ex- 

Geat, III. 1. gate. 
Geatu, III. 1. eguipments. 

Gr. 95. 



Gfeatu, III. 1. equipments, 
Gr. 95. 

Geat-weard, 11,2, ^ate-wardy 

tGede, pi. gedenn (eode), 
went; from g^n. 

Geg^ugaa, to go. It. to take, 

6regerelad, Nor. for gegy- 
rod, clad. 


O^gremian, to provoke, irri- 
tate ; gegremod, enraged, 

Gehsep, apt, fitting. 

Geman, gyman, to take care 
of, curare. Dan. gjemme. 

tGemelich, careJul,anadou8. 

Gen, gena, get, still; fa- 
gena, as get. 

G^ogo^, II. 3. gouth. 

Geomor, sad, 

Geomor-mdd, sad in mind. 

Geomrian, to sigh, grown, 

G^omning, groaning, lamen- 

Geond, through over, per. 

Geond-geotan, pret. -geat, 
pp. -gdten, to suffuse, 

Geond-scfnan, to shine over. 
See Scfnan. 

Geongra, disciple, pupil. 
Gteomeyeamestlg, carefullg, 

zealouslg,ferventlg, well, 
QceovrdxiX, fervent, zealous, 
Geomfulnes, diligence, zeal, 

promptness, fervour. 
G^omfuUice, I diligentlg, 
Geornlice, J fervently, 

zealouslg. See Gteome. 

Ger. See Gear. 

Gte8ne,ZacA:my,exper8. Ohg. 
'kQi^d^n,sterilis. See Graft*, 
iv. 267, and Grimm, And. 
and El. p. 124. 

Get, yet, still, 

Geiinc, E. Angl. for geong. 

Gif. SeeGyf. 

Gifan, pret. geaf, pi. gifon, 
to give. 

Gifemes, rapacity. 

Gifet5e, given, 

Gifre, rapacious. 

Gifu. See Gyfu. 

Gild, II. 1? tax,trihute,pay. 

Gildan, pret. geald, pi. gui- 
don, to pay, requite. 

Gilden, golden. 

Giman. See Gyman. 

Grim-st^n, II. 2. gem. 

Gin, wide, ample. 

Ging. See Geong. 

(Stmg;re, female attendant. 

tGinn, gin, engine, art, con- 

Gio, geo, of yore, formerly. 

Giong. See Geong. 

Qirw2iQ.,to prepare ; girwan 
up, to serve up. 

Gisel, II. 2. hostage. Ger. 
Geifsel, Dan. Gidsel. 

Gislian, to give hostages. 

Gistlife, for gsestlife, hospi- 

Giu. See Gio. 

G'egladian. to gladden. 

GlaBd, glad, joyful. 

Q\ffb^cQ, gladly, cheefrfully, 

Glsed-mdd, glad-minded. 

Glees, III. 1. glass. 

GlsBsen, of glass, vitreus. 

234 GLOSSAJIT. ^^^| 

Glappe, I. 3 ? hur, lappa. 

Gold, n. 1. gold. ^M 

Gleaw, clever,tkillf»l,iaga- 

Gold-gtrfa, gold-giver, pa- ^H 
Qo\rio^,, H 

treasure. ^H 

Gleawli'c, liilftil, cunnmg. 

QoXA-simi, IT.2. g<Adamith. ^H 


Gold-wine, II. 2. gold- (i. e. ^1 

Gleawnes, prudence, ta^a- 

munificent)fHend,piUron. ^1 

aty, skill. 

tGomen (gamen), game, ^| 

GleawBcipe, aeutenett, skill. 



tGonne, legan, undertook ? 
Gotland, ILL. J6lland,Jirf- 

Glengan, \tQadorn,deeo- 
Geglengan, / rate. 

land,i. e. the land of the 

Gleowian, to joke, ting. 

HreS-Gotha. SeeFormSli 

Gliw, n. 2. glee, mirth. 

to Snorre's Edda, p. 14, 
etc.; though ■Wulfstan 

G[Mto,gluUon, p. 35, appa- 
rently an error for Bwel- 

apparently alludes to the 


isle of Gothland. 

Gnomon, to lament, mur- 

Gottan, Gotlis. 

mur, complain. 

fOoui, good. 

Gnornung, grief, sorrow. 

Grffig, grat/. 

lament, eomplaint. 

Grfim, angrg, fierce, cruel ; . 

God, II. 2. Ood. 

to grame nrman, to take 

G6d, U. 1, 8. good, chattel. 

in dudgeon. 


Gi^me, fiercely. 

G6d, good. 

tGraaie, grief. 

Godcund, divine. 

Grapian, to touch vnth ths 

Godcundlice, dieinelg. 

hand, handle. 

GodcunduYB, divinity. God- 

Grecise, Greek. 


Gredig, greedy, ravenous. 

Q6AM,Jull of good, excel- 

Gremian, 1 toprovoke, ir- 
Gegremian, J ritate. 


GegSdian, to enrich. Ger. 

t/gremid (gegremed), pro- 

voked, exasperated; from 


Gfidnes, goodness. 


Godapel,'lI.l. Gospel; from 

Gi:€u, green; pstgr€ne,tha 

gfid, good, and spell, hi- 

green {side or part). 

story, nuncium, eliayyi- 

Greot, dust. 


Gr€tm, 1 to greet. Qi. 
Gegrgtan, J 207. 

Gofol, i. q. gafol. 

Gol, for gold. 

Qriting, greeting. 



G-rim, grim, horrible, dire, 
Grimasttin, Qrimston in 

Norfolk, near Lytm. 
Grimitan. See Gryme- 

Grfn, III. 1. ffi/n, snare. 
Grindan, pret. grand, pi. 

grundon, to grind; pp. 


Grfpan, 1 pret. gr^p, pi. 
G^egrfpan, J gripon, to 

gripe, seize, 
Gnristbftian, to gnash (with 

the teeth), 
Gri'S, II. 2. peace, 
Gro wan, pret .greo w,^oyr<M(?. 

Gr. 234. 
Grtind, II. 2. ground, world, 

depth, abyss, cause, rea- 
Grymetian, to roar, cry out^ 

grant, gnash. 
Gryre, horror, terror. 
GrjrSian, to pacify, maJce 

Guma, rrum. 
tGume (gumaX fna/n. 
Gtit$, II. 3. war, battle. 
GtitJ 'faaa^militarystandard, 

gowfanon. For the inter- 
change between f and n, 

see Gr. p. 22. 
G-tid-frec, eager for battle. 
Gut$-plega, wordplay, battle. 
GutS-rinc, II. 2. warrior. 
Gu'8-sceorp, 11. 1. military 

9-yddung, song, partible, 

poetic composition, poetic 


Gyden, 11. 3. 1 ,, 

G^yf, gif, if 

Gyfe, p. 110, Une 3, f. b ? 

Gyfu, in. 3. gift, grace^ fa- 

Gygand, gigant, 11. 2. giant. 

tGyl, guile. 

Gyld. See Gild. 

Gydan. See Gildan. 

Gylden, golden, 

Gylian, to yell, cry, 

Gylp, II. 1? vauni, vain- 
glory, pride, 

Gylp- word, 11. 1. bold, vaunt- 
ing word. 

Gylt, II. 2. guilt, sin, debt. 

G-ym, II. 2. gem. 

Gyman, to' take care, heed, 
have charge of: Dan. 

Gymeleast, II. 3. heedless- 
ness, negligence. 

Gyrd,II. S.yard, rod, switch. 
Ger. Gerte. 

Gyrdel, II. 2. girdle. 

Gyrla, vestment, garment. 

Gyme. See Q^orne. 

Gyman, ^tode- 

Gyrnian, geomian, J sire, 

Gyrstan-daeg, 11. 2. yester- 

Gysel. See Gisel. 

Gyst, II. 2. guest. 

Gyst-em, IL 1. guest-cham- 

Gyst-sal. m. l.gtiest-ealoon 
or -hall, 

Gjt, yet, still. 

Gyt, ye {two). Gr. 137. 

^g 230 GLOSSABT. ^^^^^| 

^H Oyteian, to desire, Bovef ; 


^H gytaiend, covetou*. 

^H Gytsiing, avarice, coeetoug- 

fHa, S^. they, for hf. 

Habban, 3 p. he hsefB, pret. 

H^ G^&, already. 

hiefde, to have, account. 

hold, detain. Gp. 2L6. 

Hacele, I. 3. garment. 


Hacod, n. 2. pike, lucius. 

^V rThUlottCT.uaedinSemi-Saion 
^^B and (srij English, has the Bound 

HacOQOB, Hacknett, on 
Whitby Strand, thirteen 


miles from Whitby and 

H tJ»r, p. 158, 1. 15 ? 

Hfid, II. 2. order, d^ee, 

^1 t)am fheom}, them. 

ojiee, state, person. 

■ fc,}'^"--."/^'"- 

Jliadedon, for gebadodum, 

ordained, eonseorated, i. b. 

^1 tSarrkedd (gearcod), pre- 

priests; from gehSdian. 

^H pared. 

Cehlidiaii, to ordain, conse- 

■ t)e (heo), >^. 


^1 tJege, pL gedenn (eode), 

HfiduQg, ordination, eonsO' 

^H uvn^; from gSa. 


■ tJedede (geddode), ^ng ; 

Hffibban, pret. hfif, to lift, 
move. Gt. 237. 

^H iirom geddian. 

■ +Jef(geaf),^««^. 

tHaifedd (heafod), head; 

^H +!eraelicii,Aeei/f«Z,«orroi(;^/. 

on bfffedd, at the head. 

^1 tJeEge (geong), yowng. 

Ha^fede, for hsefde. 

■ t3eo (heo), the. 

Hffifet, for heafod. 

^1 tJer (ger), year. 

Hiefod,E.Aiigl. for heafod. 

^B t'emde (gymde), yearned. 

Haeft, haft, hilt, gword, per 

^H deiired ; from gyrnafl. 


^H t'ernen (gyroaa), io yearn. 

Hfefban, ) pp. gehaefted, 
Gehieftan, f gehteft, to 

^H degire, eolieit. 

■ t)et, ^ef. 

seize, hind, hold, detain: 

^B tJeuen (gifan), (o yiue. 

gehsefd, affiieted. 

^H t)ou, yotf. 

Gehseftian, to capture, catch. 

^1 -tJtmgeBt (geongeat),yowMy- 

^^^lf>,high, noble. 


■ t3urc (eowre), yowr, pi. 


^H t3uw (eow), you. 

HffilcDd, 11. 2. Ualer, the ■ 

■ 1 tJuSfdl feeoguSful),™uiA- 

Saviour. The name Jesua 

■ M 

ia thus translated in the 



A. S. Gospels. 0. Sax. 
Heliand, Ger. Heiland. 

Haele'S, II. 2. man^ hero. O. 
Sax. Helith, Ger. Held. 
HgeletJ often occurs in 
the pi. for liaeletSas. 

Hselfter, II. 3. halter^ cha- 

Haelu, III. 3. health, salva- 
tion, safety, Gr. 103. 

HaelS, II. 3. health, 

H^man, to associate with, 
have to do with, coire, 
concumbere; on unriht 

' haeman, fornicari, mce- 

fHsBn (hean), low, vile, con- 

fHaengenne, raised, exalt- 

tHaengest (hengest), horse, 
pack-horse. Ger. Hengst, 

GehsBip, apt, fitting. 

Hsepse, hasp. 

Hser, II. 1 r hair. 

tHaerabarewude, harbour- 
ed; from herebeorgan: 
cognate with Ger. Her- 
berg, a/n inn, hostel ; Old 
!Fr. Herberge. 

Hserfsest, 11. 2. harvest. 

Hserincg, II. 2. herring. 

HaerKce, nohly, generov^ly, 
hra/vely. Ger. herrlicli. 

f/haermed, irritated. 

fHaerne, liercne (heorcne), 
hearken ! 

Haesu, III. 3. behest^ com- 

Haet. See H^tan. 

G^ehaetan, pret. -het, to pro* 

Haete, I. 3. 
Hsetu, in. 3. 


tHaefelic (hetelice), tvith 
hate, hostilely ? 

Haefen, heathen. 

Haefenscipe, heathenship. 

HaetJum (aet), Slestoiy. 

Haefung, heatiny. 

Hafenian, to lift, raise ; de- 
ny, of haebban. 

Haefenleas, sparing, want- 

Hafoc, II. 2. hawk. 

Haga, haw, hedge ; perhaps 
also a place inclosed by a 

Hagol, II. 2. hail. Ger. 

fHahte (het), commanded : 
from hatan. 

tHaihte, hahte, and hehte 
(hatte), was called. 

G hVl I ^^^9 whole, sotmd, 

fHalde (aeldu), age. 

tHalde, holde, hold. Hal- 
det on, adheres to. 

tJhSled, E. Angl. for ge- 

Halettan, to hail, salute. 

Halga, saint ; ealle halgan^ 
allhallows, all saints. 

(r^halgian, to hallow, conse- 
crate, dedicate. 

Halgol9.nd,, ancient 
division of Norway, near- 
ly corresponding appar 
rently with the present 



Halgung, hallowing, conse- 

Halig, holy, saint. Ger. liei- 
lig, Dan. heUig. Gr. 125. 

Haligd6in, sanctuary, relic, 

Halignes, holiness, sanctity. 

HaU. SeeHeaU. 

Hals, n.2. neck. Gter. Hals. 

Halsian, to supplicate, be- 

Halsung, prayer, supjplica- 

Halwende, healing, salutary, 

H^m, II. 2. home. 

tHam, them. Dan. ham. 

;H^mweard, homeward. 

H^cred,II. %cock' crowing, 
watch of the night. 

Hand, bond, II. 3. ham,d, 
Gr. 83. On hand g^n, to 
yield. Ger. Hand, Dan. 
Haand. I am unable to 
account for the use of 
*hand' in the phrase 
(p. 74. 1. 4) * hand swa 
gelfce.' It occurs in all 
the MSS., though Matt. 
XXV. 5. reads 'Jam swa 

Hand-bred, IIL 1. pahn of 
the hand, 

Hand-weweorc,II. 1. handi- 

Hangian, neut. to hang, 

H^r, hoar, 

Hara, hare, 

tHare (^nre), to a; thus 
mire for mfnre. 

+Harpe (hearpe), harp, 

H^s, hoarse. Ger. heise. 

H^t, heat, fervour, hate. 

H^t, hot, 

Gehit, II. 1. promise, stipu* 

H^tan, 1 3 haet, pret. het, 
(rch^tan, J pp. -h^ten, to 

command, promise, Gr. 

H^tan, pret. het, to call, to 

be called, pret. hatte, pp. 

h^fcen. Ger.heissen,Dan. 

hede. Hence our word 

hight, was called, 
GehKten,called, See H^tan. 
t/haten, for geh^ten. 
H^tian, to hate. 
Geh^t-lond, II. 1. land of 

fHauen (baefen), haven, 

Hauoc, i. q. hafoc. 
Heafde, i. q. haefde; from 

Heafod, III. 1. head, Ger. 

Heafod-burh, II.3. chief city, 
Heafod-ece, II. 2. head- 
Heafod-gerfm, 11. 1. chief 

or greatest number, 
Heafod-man, head-mcm, cap- 
tain. Ger. Hauptmann. 
Heafod-weard, II. 2. chi^ 

watch or guard, 
Heage, adv. high, 
Heagosteald, and Heago- 

stealdes-ea, Hexham, 
Heah, high, stormy. 
Heah-ealdor, II. 2. chief 

priest or elder. 
Heah-engel,II. 2. archangel, 
Heah-faBder,II. 2. patriarch. 



Heah-gerefa, chief minister. 
Heah-gesamnung, chief of 

the synagogue. 
Heahnes. 8ee Hehnys. 
Heah-sacerd, 11. 2. high- 

Heah-setl, III. 1. high seat, 

Heah]>ungeii, high, of high 

Healdan, 1 3 hylt (healt) , 
G^ehealdan, J pret. heold, 

pp. healden, to hold, keep, 

jpossess, preserve, reserve, 

treat, conduct, 
Healdend, II. 2. guardian, 

chief. Gr. 118. 
Healdon, p. 124, line 8, for 

JThealed, for gehsBled. 
Healf, II. 3. half side, divi- 
sion, part. Be healfe, hg 

Healic, high, sublime, exalt- 
Healice, highly, loftily. 
Heall, II. 3. hall, house. 
Healt, halt, lame. 
Heanlic, vile^ disgraceful. 
Heap, II. 2. heap, collection, 

body. Gter. Haufe. 
Heard, hurd, severe, rugged, 

bold; heard beam, hard 

timber tree ? 
Hearde, hardly, sternly, 

Heardlice, hardly, harshly, 

boldly ; also corruptly for 

ardlice, speedily. 
Heard-neb, hard-nib, or 

-bill: epithetof the raven. 

Heardnys, hardness. 

Hearm, II. 2. harm,calamUy. 

Hearpe, I. 3. harp. 

Hearpere, II. 2. harper. 

Hearpian, to harp. 

Hearpe-naegl, 11. 2. harp- 
nail, plectrum. 

Hearpe-Btreng, 11. 2. harp- 

Hearpung, Aarpmy. Gr. 83. 

Hearra, lord, master. Qer. 

Heawan, 1 pret. heow,pp. 

(reheawan, J heawen, to 
hew, cut doum, slay. 

Heat5o-rmc, II. 2. warrior ; 
£:om hea'So, an old word 
signifying war. See 
Grimm, D. G. ii. p. 460, 
and Kemble, Be#w. i. 
p. 254. 

Heddem, II. l.pantry, store- 

Hefe, II. 2. weight. 

Hefelic, heavy. 

Hefig, heavy, tedious. 

Hefigian, to afflict ; hefigad, 

Hefignes, 1 heaviness, pain, 

itefines, J affliction. 

Hefigtyme, tediotis, trouble- 

llege,11.2.hedge,haw. Ger, 
Hage. See Haga. 

tHe3 (heh), high. 

tHe3he88t (hehst), highest. 

Hehnys, height, high, in on 

Henst, hyhst, highest. Gr, 
p. 51. 

fHehte (hatte), was called. 



^^^ 2^' GL089AST. ^^^^f 

tHeh, Tiigl. 

Hele-wah, II. 2. heel-wall; 

Heort, 2. hart. ^^^^H 

Heorte, I. 3. heart. ^^^^^M 

hele-wages, for -wagaa, 

Heortea, Hartlepool. ^^H 
Keoru-wtepeB, III. 1. mar' ^^M 


Hplia, Eli»ha. 

tial weapon ; from heoru, ^^| 

Hell, n. 3. hell. 

tword. Goth, hainis, O. ^^| 

Hellic, hellM. 

Sai. heru, 0. If. hiorr. H 

HeorS-geneat, II. 2. Aearti- ^H 

Hell-wara,1.2. \i,,hnbit- 
H«ll.waru,m.3.| auts of 

(i. e. howiehold-) retaina-f ^^| 

vassal. ^^1 

kell. Gr. 104. 

HearS-werod,IH.Aeorrt- ^| 

Heim, II. 2, helmet, crovm, 

crown or head of a tree. 

retainers. ^^M 

Help, help. 

tHeos (hiia), ;ioiMe. ^H 

Gfihelpan, pret. -heolp 

Heow. See heawan. ^^M 

(-healp), pi. -hulpon, to 

tHeowe (hiw), A«e, wpflrf. ^B 


Iler, here, hoc tempore t. ^^| 

tHemm, Ihem. Dan. Ham. 

Hende, 1 
Gehende, J ^'"'* 

Ilerau, pret. herde. ^^M 

tllerlieria, harbour, lodging. ^^M 

tHende, hendy, clever, cour- 

tHerbor;ede. See Hiera. ^H 

teoun, easily, genteel. 

barewude. ^^M 

Heo-fugel, ll. 2. ken-Jowl. 

fHercne, hearken. ^H 

Heo. she, the^. Gr. 137. 

7herde, for gehyrde. ^M 

Heofon, II. 2, 3. heavem. 

Here, U. 2. army, ba,ui. ^M 

Heofone, I. 3. Gr. 71. 

Here-byrne, H. 3. cm-seUt, ^H 

coKJ of mail. ^^M 


Here-folc, II. 1. army. ^H 

oj" Itcauen. 

Heregeat, III. 1. Aew(, mi- ^M 

Heofung, groan. 
tHeold(yMo), nje. 

ilerBTiea. praise. ^H 

Heolfrig, bloody, gory. 

Here-pae, II. 2. army-path, ^| 

Heolster, 11. 1. cave, hidlng- 

military road. ^H 


Here-reaf, II. 1. ffli;>fo«y ■ 

Heiilater, dark, oliscure. 

^6il ■ 

Heonon, herice. 

Here-toga, ^eAera/, leader, ^^k 

Heonon-for8, henceforth. 

dux ; from tefin. Ger. ^H 

Hoonu, lo, ecce. 

Herzog, Dan. Hertug. ^H 

Heorcnian, to harken, listen. 

Here-wfeSa, leader, general. ^H 

Heord, n. 3. herd, custody. 

Hergian, to harry, ravage, ^H 

Heorra. See Hearra. 

phtnder. ■ 



Hergung, harrying^ ravage, 

Herian, to praise, 

Herige, 11. 2. i. q. here, 
army. See Warton, H. 
E. r. i. p. Ixxiii. ed. 1840. 


tHeri3en (hergian), to make 
war, ha/rry, lay waste. 

Gehernes, hearing. 

6?eher8uimies, obedience, 

Herung, praise. 

Het. JSee IKtan. 

Hete, II. 2. hate. 

fHett, contr. for he itt. 

Hettan, to hunt, persecute. 
Gar. hetzen. 

Hi, they, them, her. 

Hiabenlic, E. Angl. forheo- 

Hicgaiij^o strive, meditate, at- 
tempt. Hicgan to handum, 
to strive hand to hand? 

Hider, hither. 

Hierosolim-waru, inhabit- 
ants of Jerusalem, 

Hig, they, them. See Hi. 

Hig, II. 1. hay. 

Hig, O! 

Higdi-fsBt, in. 1. caKdile. 
&r. 88. 

Hige, II. 2. mind, thought, 

Hige-rof, magnanimous, 

JLigo, family, domestics. 

Higam, for hfwum. See 

fKi^ing, haste. Eromhigian. 

Hiht, II. 2. hope. 
Hild, II. 3. war, battle. 
fHilomp, for ilomp. See 

Hilt, II. 1. hilt. 

Him, to them. Gr. 137. 

Hindergep, unly, subtle, ver- 

Hine, ace. masc. him, Gr. 

fHine, for in. 

Hingrian, i. q. hyngrian. 

Hill-si's, II. 2. d^arture, 

Hio, for heo. 

Hioua, for hfwena. 

Gehfr&n. See Geh^ran. 

tHird, for hired. 

Hirdrsedeii, II. 3. charge, 

fHire, her. 

Hired, II., convent, 

Hired-cniht, 1 retainer, vas- 

Hired-man, J sal, domes- 

Hireman. See H^rigman. 

His, his, its. Gr. 137. 

s^*' lit 

Hfw, II. 2. hue, species, 
aspect, form, guise. 

Hfwan, ^\viV. family ^persons 
livifig together as in a 
monastery, also domestics, 

(rehfwian, to appear, feign, 
have semblance. 

Hfwisc, II. 3 ? family. 

HfwrsBden, II. 3. house, fa- 

Hfwscipe, society, family, 

Hl^dan, pret. hl6d, to draw 
(water), haurire. 

Hlaefdig, II. 3. lady, the queen 
of the W, Saxons thus 

Gr. 137. 



called. (See Lappenberg's 
England under the An- 
glo-Saxon Kings,!, p. 274. 
Engl, transl.) 

Hlsest, II. 2. load, lading. 

6?ehl8e8tan, to load; pp. 

Hl^f, II. 2. loaf, bread. 

Hlaford, II. 2. lord, master. 

Hlafordleas, lordless. 

Hlanc, lank. 

G^ehleapan, 3. -hlyp8, pret. 
-hleop, to leap, mount. 

Hlemman, pret. [hl^m], pi. 
hlummon, to sound, re- 

Hleo, III. 3 ? 1 shade, shel- 

HleowS, II. 3. J ter,refuge. 
Gr. 103. 

Hleofor, III. 1 ? sound, 

OehWdi, covered; from ge- 
hlidan, to cover. Hence 
our lid. 

Hlihhan, pret. hloh, pp. 
hlogon, to laugh. 

UliBa,, fame, reputation, ru- 

Hlfsful, celebrated, famous. 

Hloh. SeeHlihhan. 

Hlosnian, to wait for. 

Hlude, loudly. 

Hlutter, pure, clear, simple, 
Ger. lauter. 

OeWjdi, II. 1. tumult, noise. 

6?chlyd. See Gehlid. 

Hlydan, to make a noise, 

Hlynian, to make a tumult. 

Hlystan, 1 to hea/r, heark- 

(renlystan, J en, listen. 

G^ehlywan, to cover, shelter. 

Hnet, Nor. for net. 

Hnoll, II. 2. croum of the 

H6gian, to think, care, de- 

Hohful, sad, contemplative, 

fHol (h^l), whole, sound, 

'RoU, faithful. 

tHold (eald), old. 

fHoldian (ealdian), to grow 

Holdrseden, II. 3. fidelity, 
devotion, kindness. 

HM^ei^e, fidelity. 

H61ian, to hollow, excavate. 

Holm, Hohn in Norfolk, 
near ITunstanton. 

Holt, II. 1. holt, wood, Ger. 

fHom (h^m), home. 

fHoncuf, (uncutJ), tm- 
known, strange, 

H6pian, to hope. 

Hordr^den, II. 3. custody y 
guardianship, charge, 

Horithi, a people to the east 
of the Dalamensan. 

Hom-boga, horned-bow. 

Hops, II. I. horse. 

Horse, valiant. 

Hors-liwsel, II. 2. horse- 
whale, walrus. 

Horn, III. 1. filth, sordes. 

Hosp, II. 2. insulty con- 

tihote (geh^ten), called. 

tHoft (owiht), aught. See 

Hoxen, Soxne, in SuffolJcy 
near Diss, where JEad-' 



mtmd, king of the JE. An- 
gles, wets cruelly slain hy 
the Danes. 

Hrseding, hurry, haste, 

Hraedlic, quick, sudden, 

Hraedlice, speedily, soon. 

Hraegl, II. 1. garment, 
swaddling hand, rail, as in 

Hr^n, II. 2. raindeer. 

Hraew, II. 2. dead carcase. 
HrsBw, for hrsBwas, oc- 
curs in the plur. See 
Haele'S, etc. 

Hr^n, II. 2. whale. 

HratJe, quickly, soon. 

Hream, II. 2. scream, cry. 

Hreaw. See Hreow. 

Hreconlice(reconlice), Nor. 

for hrdddlice, forthwith. 

Hrefn, 1 tt o 

TT ' }• II. 2. raven, 

Hremm, J 

Hreofl, II. 2. 1 , 

Hreoflig, leprous. 

Hreofnys, roughness, lepro- 

Hreoli. See Hreow. 

Hreosan,pret. hreas,2hrure, 
pi. hruron, pp. gehr6ren, 
to rush, fall. Gr. 251. 

Hreow, 1 raw, rug- 

Hreowig, > ged,cruel, 

Hreowig-mdde, J ferocious, 

Hrepan, to touch. 

HrelSer, II. 2. mind, breast, 

Hricg, II. 2. hack. 

HrfnaD, pret. hr^n, pi. hri- 
non, to touch ; gov. genit. 
Gr. 395. 

Hring, II. 2. ring. 
Hring-loca, ringed vncloswre 

or envelope, coat of mail, 
HritSer, III. 1. ox. 
Hri'Sian, to he sick offever^ 

G^ehrdden, adorned. Prom 

hreodan ? See Cod. Ex- 

on. p. 521. 
Hr6f, II. 2. roof, top, sum- 
mit, covering. 
Ge\ir6vQn. See Hreosan. 
Hryman, to cry, 
Hryre, II. 2. rtish, fall ; 

from hreosan. 
Hry'Ser. See Hri^er. 
Hti, how. 

tHude (h^d), hide, skin. 
Hugende, for hogende or 

hicgende. See Hogian. 

Sti'8-hugende,«^^wZy bent, 
tHuie, p. 158, 1. 21 ? 
Htila, what ! 
Humeta, how. 
Hund, II. 2. hound, dog. 

G-er. Hund. 
Hund, II. 1. hundred. Or. 

Hund-eahtatig, eighty. 
Hund-seofantig, seventy. 
Hund-twelftig, hundred and 

Hungrig, hungry. 
Hunig, II. 1. honey, 
Hunig-swet, sweet as honey. 
tHunne, hinna (heonj^, 

Hunstanes-ttin, Stmstan- 

ton, on the JN". W. point of 

Hunta, hunter, 




Hunta^, II. 2. the occupa- 
tion ofhu/ntingy 

Huntian, to hv/nt. 

Huntnold, hunting ; pro- 
bably an error for hunt- 
iing or huntuatJ. 

Huntung, htmting^ chase, 
game, quarry, 

Hup-seax, II. 1. hip-lcnifcy 
short sword; so called 
from being borne on the 

Hure, for huru. 

Huru, moreover, chiefly, at 
least, saltern, quidem. 

Huru-]>inga, at least, at all 

Hus, TTz. 

Htis, II. 1. house. 

Husel, husl, II. 1. housel, 
eucharist. Goth. Hunsl, 

Huxlice, shamefully, un- 
worthily, contemptuously. 

Hw^, who, any one, qnis- 

G^ehw^, each, every one. 

Hwiel, II. 2. whale. Gr. 

Hwael-hiinta, whale-hv/nter. 

Hwaene, ace. of hw^, whom, 
each, every, any one. Gr. 

Hwaenne, when. 

Hwser, where. 

(r^hwaer l 

t JhwsBr, > everywhere. 

tiwar, J 

Hwaet, what, why, anything, 
somewhat, quid, lo ! yes ! 
hw8Bt la, well ! so ! hwaet 

fa, well, thereupon. This 
use of hwsBt is hardly 
translatable. See Grim in, 
D. G. iv. pp. 448^50. 

Hwaete, II. 2. wheat. 

Hwaeten, wheaten. 

Hwaetlic, quick. 

Hwaefer, if, whether ? num ? 

Hwaefer fe, whether 


Hwaefere, yet, still, notwith- 
standing. Hwaefere-feah, 

G^ehwaefer, either, both. 

Hw^m, dat. of hw£ Gr. 

Hwanon, whence, 

Hwealfa, vault, arch. It. 
adj. vaulted, cached, con- 

Hwearfade (p. 153) for 
wearpade (wearp) ? 

Hwearfuin,^;^ tu^n, one after 

Hwemm, II. 2. corner. 

Hwene, a little. 

Hweol, III. 1. wheel. 

Hweorfan, hwyrfan, pret. 
hwearf, pi. hwurfon, to re- 
turn, tv/m, convert. 

Hwf, why. 

Hwiccia, the country now 
forming the diocese of 

Hwf 1, II. 3. while, time. 

Hwilc. See Hwylc. 

6?ehwilc, ea^h, every, every 

Hwf Ion, whilom, once, for- 
merly, sometimes. 

Hwistlung, whistling. 



Ilwft, white, Dan. H\id. 
Hwon, for hwto, whi/, as 

J?on for fam. Gr. 147. 
Hwon, a little^ somewhat, 

Ilwonlice, little. 
Hwonon. See Hwanon. 

Tj • J ' !• whither. 
H wider, J 

Hwylc, any one, what, 
which, qualis. 

Oehwylc. See G^ehwilc. 

Ilwyrfan. 1 See Hweor- 

Gchwyrfan. J fan. 

Hycgan. See Hicgan. 

Hyd, II. 3. hide, skin, hide 
of land. 

Hyder. See Hider. 

Hygeleast, II. 3. thought- 
lessness, scurrility. 

Hy hst, highest, greatest. Or. 
p. 61. 

Hyht. See Hiht. 

Hyht-giefu, III. 3. joyful 

'S.\,ht\\Q, joyou>s. 

Hyht-wyn, II. 3. joy of 

Hyld, II. 3. 1 /^Z%, fa- 

Gehyld, J vour, grace, 

Hyldo, hyldu, III. 3. grace, 
favov/r, fidelity, homage. 
Gr. 103. 

Hylt. See Healdan. 

Hifnan, to insult, spoil, in- 
jure. Ger. hohnen. 

Hyugrian, v. impers. with 
ace. of person, to hunger, 
QrGT, sich hungern. 

Hyn8, II. 3. 1 injury, op- 
HyntJu, III. 3. J probrium, 

insult, loss. 
Hjr, II. 3. hire, wages, 
Hyra, their, Gr. 137. 

2£?ran, } ^'^ ^^^^' ^*^- 
Geh^rsLU, to belong. Ger. 

Hy rde, II. 2. shepherd, pas- 
tor, keeper. Ger. Hirt. 
Hyrdemau, III. 2. herds- 
man, shepherd. 
Hyre, her. Gr. 137. 
H^rian, to hire, 
H5'rigman,III.2. 1 hireling, 
Hurling, II. 2. V labow*- 
Hyrman, III. 2. J er. 
Hymed, homy ; whence 
hymed-nebba, with homy 
nib or beak, an epithet of 
the eagle. 
Hyrre, higher; comp. of 

heah. &r. p. 51. 
Hyrst, n. 3. ornament, 
Geh^Tsum, obedient, G^r. 

H^rsumian, \toobey,fol- 
Gehyrsumian, J low, 
Hysse, hyse, II. 2. youth, 

Gehywian. See Gehfwian. 
Hyxlice. See Huxlice. 


1fl(hi), they, 
fl, in. Dan. i. 
Ic, I, Gr. 137. 
Idel. See Ydel. 



Idel, idleness. 

Ides, II. 3. woman. 

Igl, il, yl, II. 2. porcupine. 

G-er. Igel. 
Igland, II. 1. island. 
flhwaer (gehwser), everi/- 

II, II. 2. sole of the foot 
He, same. Tic. 
Tiling, the river Elhi/ngy on 

which the town of that 

na/me stands. 
In, inn, inn, hotise. 
In-becuman, to come in. See 

Inbryrdnes, feeling, com- 

Inc, dual, gou two. Gr. 137. 
Inca, cause, sake, ill-mil. 
Incund, internal. 
tine, for hine. 
In-eode, went in. See G^n. 
Infaer, entrance, entry. 
In-faran, to enter. See Fa- 

In-forlsetan, to admit. 
Ingehyd, ingehygd, III. 1. 

intention, knowledge, con* 

science, signification. 
In-gew^dan, to enter, pene- 
trate. See W^an. 
Ingong, II. 2. entrance. 

Ger. Eingang. 
Inl^dan, to lead in, conduct. 
Inlffian, to live in, or for. 
Inn. See In. 
Innan, 1 . ., • 
Inne, }«"'**«• 
Inneweard, inside,intestines. 

At p. 119,1. 4, we should 

perhaps read inneweard- 

Lino's, II. 2. inside, womb, 
pi. intestines. 

tinntill, into. Dan. indtil. 

Insettan, to institute, esta- 

Intinga, cause, sake, fault, 
thing. See Inca. 

Into, into. 

Inweard, i. q. Inneweard. 

Inwid, guileful^ treacherous, 

lob, Jove. 

tlradmon (hired-man), do- 
mestic, follower. 

Isaland,II. 1. Iceland. The 
MS. of Orosius reads Ira- 
land (Ireland), by which 
J. R. Forster, in his geo- 
graphical commentary, 
supposes Scotland to be 

Isen, adj. of iron. 

fisen (gesedn), to see. 

Isene-smit$,II.2. iron-smith. 

Isem, iron. It. adj. of iron, 

IspanifiB, Spain. 

lu, long ago, of old, of gore. 

ludeisc, Jewish, Jew. 

flueore, together. 

teikn, } *" y^'^- 

luncer, II. 2.yotmker ; used 
apparently as the Ger. 
Junker, a young noble- 



lung, i. q. geong. 
flwar (gehw»r), every- 
Iwih, Nor. for eow. 
It5acige, Ithaca, 


Kalcacester, " Calcaria An- 
tonini, hodie Tadcas- 
TEB," — Camden. Or 

Newton Kyme, according 
to Dodsworth, Grale, and 
Gibson; or, " juxta MS. 
Ingleby, Aherforth,^^ — 

E!anoD, canon, 

fKanuQnk, canon. 

K^sere, II. 2. emperor. Ger. 

Kempa, cempa, champion, 
soldier, Ger. Kainpfer, 
Dan. Kcemper. 

K^ne, i. q. c^ne. 

Kim's, for cymt$. 

tKine-lond (cyne-lond), 1 

fKine-rice (cyne-rfce), J ' 

tKine-feod, kingdom, 

Kining, i. q. cyning. 

Kirke, Circe. 

Kit$, for cy8. See Cyfan. 

tKif ef f (cytS), showeth, ma- 
nifesteth ; from cyfan. 

Kynelice, in a kingly man- 

Kyngc, kyng, II. 2. i. q. 

Kyrtel, II. 2. kirtle, coat. 


La, lo! behold! O! La 

hwaet, behold ! 
L^c, II. 1. gift, offering. 
L^d, II. 3. exculpation. 
fLad, for la^. 
L^d, II. 3. way. 
tLadaest, for fetSost, superl. 

fLadeff, to lade, take up 

with a ladle; from hll[dan. 
fLadlic, for l^tJlic. 
Ge\8Bcca,n, pret. -laehte, to 

take, seize. 
L^ce, II. 2. leech, physician, 

Dan. Laege. 
L^ce-wyrt, II. 3. medicinal 

plant or herb, medica- 
Laecgen, E. Angl. for lec- 

L^dan, 1 3 p . he Iffit , pret. 
G^l^dan, J l»p>dde, to lead, 

bring, Gr. 207. 
Laedder, II. 3. ladder, 
Laefan, to leave, 
filaefe (geleafa), belief, 

Laeg. See Licgan. 
Laegde. See Lecgan. 
fLaei, for laeg, lay. 
Laeland, Laaland, one of the 

Danish Isles m the Hal- 
fLaen (lean), reward. 
Gehdndon, E. Angl. for ge- 

landodon ; from gelan- 

dian, to land. 
Laengu. See Lengu. 



L^ran, to teach, instrtict, 
Ger. lehren, Dan. laere. 

Jl^red, learned. Q-er. ge- 
lehrt. Other instances of 
the prefix I for Gte in the 
homily* In Natale S. Ead- 
mundi,' it is superfluous 
to notice. 

Laerig, p. 140, line 12 ? So 
Caedmon, " ofer linde Isb- 
rig," p. 192, 1. 29. 

LsBs, fj-laes, lest. 

LsBsing, lesisxmg, falsehood. 

Lsessa, laesse, comp. of lyteJ. 
G-r. p. 51. 

Laest, least ; superl. of lytel, 
little. Gr. p. 51. 

Gclsestan, to perform, exe- 
cute, give, pay, last. Ger. 

Laesu, III. 1. l^asow, pas- 
ture. Gr. 95. 

Lseswian, to feed on a leasow, 

Lset, late, recent, slow, 

Lsetan, pret. let, to let, leave, 
dismiss, suffer, cast {a 

fLsetenn (laetan), to think, 
judge ? 

Lsewed, laical, ignorant, 

LaetJ, hate, harm, ill. 

fLaetSes (l^tSost), most hate- 

L^, II. 3. remainder, resi- 

Laford, for hlaford. 

Lagu, III. 2. water. 

Lagu-stre^m, II. 2. water- 

t-na3ed (geMtJod), loathed, 
hated; from l^ian. 

Lah, low. 

Lah, (lat$), hateful. 

fLaichen, laugh ? 

L^m, II. 8 ? loam, clay. 

L^m, lame. 

Lamb, II. 1. lamh. 

Gelim^. See Gelimpan. 

Lampreda, lamprey, mu- 

Land, II. 1. land, country. 

Land-buende, land-inhabit- 
ant. Gr. 118. 

Land-folc, II. 1. land-folk, 

Land-gem^re, III. 1. fron- 

tLanen (l^nan), to lend. 

Lang, long, tall. Lange, 
adv. long. Ger. lange. 

tLang, (gelang); lang uppo, 
(to he) long of, incn/m- 
bent on. 

Langaland, Langeland; one 
of the Dcmish isles in the 
Baltic, lying between Fyen 
(Fionia) and Laaland. 

Langsum, long, tedious, 
slow, long-expected. 

Langsumnes, length, tedp- 

lAv, II. 3. lore, learning, 
doctrine, counsel. See 

L^reow, II. 2. teacher, doctor, 

L^spell, II. 1. & II. 3 ? ser- 
mon, homily, doctrinal 

JjSLst, II. 2. footstep, track. 



fLast, iMt, 

tilaste (gelaeste), lasted. 
JAte, slow, slowly t at length, 
L^tor, comp. of last and late. 
Latteow (l^dteow), i. e. 1^- 

feow, II. 2. guide, general, 

Laue, for l^fe. See L^f. 
tLauerd (hlaford), lord. 
L^S, hostile, hateful. 
fLaffol, lawjiil, 
Ge\ii5\&n, to call together, 

invite. Oter. einladen. 
L^tJlic, loathly, hateful. 
6^eMfung, congregation, 

church. See Gel^Sian. ' 
fLeadest (l^tJost), loathest, 

most hateful. 
Leaf, I. 3. lea/oe. 
Leaf, II. 1. leaf. Gr. 67. 
Ge\{i2b^2L,helief Ger.Glaube, 

Ohg. galauba. See Ly- 

Leafful, 1 helieving, faith- 
G^eleafful, J ful, 
Leahter, II. 2. crime, sin. 
Leap, II. 2. basket, trunks 

Leas, lying, fabulous. 
Leas, -less in comp., void, 

Leasu. See Lsbsu. 
Leasung, leasing, falsehood, 
Leat. See Lutan. 
Leax, II. 2. salmon, Ger. 

Lachs, Dan. Lax. 
Lecgan, pret. lede (laegde), 

pp. geled, to lay, place, 
Lecnian, to heal, 
Geled. See Lecgan. 
Leden, Latin, 

tLef (leof), dear, agreeable, 

Gelefaji, i. q. geKfan. 

tLefenn (gelyfan), to believe, 

Jlegd, laid, for geled. See 

Lege, lay, imperat. ; from 
lecgan. Gr. 214. 

Leger, II. 2 ? lying. 

Leger-bedd, II. 1. bed, sick- 

GelegerisLJi, to confine to a 

Legia, legion. 

tLe3e (leogan), to lie. 


Leir-chestre, and Lef-ches- 
tre, Leicester. 

jLeiuedi (hlaefdige), lady. 

Lendenu, loins, plur. III. 1. 
Gr. 92. Ger. Lenden. 

(?elendian, gelsendian, to 
endow {with land), land, 

tLene (laenan), to lend, 
grant; from laenan, to 
lend, bestow on. 

Len g, longer ; comp. of lang. 
Gr. p. 51. 

Lengcten, Lent, spring. 

Lengu, II. 3. length. 

Leo, gen. leones, II. 2. lion, 
G^er. Lowe, Dan. Love. 

Leod, II. ^.people, province, 

Leod-bisceop, II. 2. suffra- 
gan bishop. 

Leod-h^ta, commander of 

fLeod-quide (-cwyde), vul- 
gar speech. 

Leof, beloved, decM*, pleasing^ 
dilectus, earns. 



Leofian, lybban, 1 p. lybbe, 
2 leofast, »3 leolatS, pi. lyb- 
bat$, pret. leofde, etc., to 
live. Gr. 212. 

fLeofliche (leoflice),<?earZy, 

Leoht, II. 1. light. Ger. 

Leoht, adj. light, easy. Ger. 

Leoht-faet, III. 1. light-vat, 

Leohtlic, light, clear, plain. 

tLeom (leoma), beam, ray. 

Leom. 8ee Lim. 

Leoma, beam, ray. 

Leon, II. 2 & 3 F lion, lioness. 

Leoran, 1 to depa/rt, mi- 

Geleoran, J grate. 

Leornere, II. 2. learner, dis- 

Geleornes, departure, death. 

Leomian, 1^7 
^1 . \ to learn. 
G^aleoruian, J 

Leornin^r, ) 7 

T ^ y learning. 

Leornuug, J ^ 

Leorning-cniht, II. 2. disci- 

Leotan, pret. leat, pi. luton, 
to bow, incline. Gr. 250. 

Leot5, II. 1. song, poem. O. 
N. LiotJ, Ger. Leid. 

LeotS-eraeft, II. 2. art of 

LeotSian, to sing. 

LeoSlic, poetic, songliJce. 

Leot5-song, II. 2. song, 

Leofu, ship. O. N. Iit5 ? 

tLesing (leasung), leasing, 

fLeste, give, ascribe ? from 

Isestan P 
Letauia, litany. 
Gelettan, to let, hinder; gov. 

genit. of thing. 
tLeue, leave. 

f/leue (gelyfan), ^ believe, 
:{:Leuere, leouere (leofra), 

Lefer, II. 3 ? leather. 

Lefer-hosa, II. 3. leather 
hose, caligaB ; probably 
used in the pi. only, like 
the Ger. Hosen. 

Libban. See Leofian. 

Libbende, living. Gr. 118. 

Libgende, E. Angl. for iffi- 

Lfe, II. 1. corpse, body. 
Ger. Leich, Dan. Liig. 

Ge\ic, like, equal. Ger. 

Galfca, like, eqtial. 

Oelfce, in like manner. 

Licettan, to feign, pre- 

Lieetung, hypocrisy. 

Liegan, 3 liht$ (lit$), pret. 
laBg, to lie, to run, flow 
{as a river). Gr. 229. 

Lieh^ma, body. 

Lich^mlic, bodily. 

Lfeian, 1 to like ; also im- 

Ge\icisLn, J pers. to please, 
be pleased, take pleasure. 

GeKcnys, likeness, image. 

Licumlie. See Lich^mlic. 

Lfc-frowere, II. 2. bodily 
sufferer, leper. 

LfdLn, } ^'^9<^'^^ ««»'<»•• 



Lff, 11. 1. Ufe; be l^fon, 
alivCy surviving. 

Lifer, II. 3. liver. 

Lfffaestan, 1 to vivify, 

Gelf ffaBstan, J quicken. Grr. 

Lffian, to live. 

Lifian (hlifian), to tower. 

Lffigende, living; &om li- 

Lfflic, lively, living. 

Ligetu, III. 3. lightning, 

tLi3en (leogan), to lie. 

Lihtan, 1 to alight, de- 

G^dihtan, J scend. 

Lihting, lighting, illuminO' 

Lihtliee, lightly, easily; su- 
perLlihtlieost ( lihtlucost). 

L^ie. See Lfcian. 

Slije, } I- 3- %• 

Lim, III. 1. limb. Qr. 93. 

lAm,lI. 2? lime, glue. Ger. 

Leim, Dan. Liim. 
Gelimp,II. 1. accident, event y 

Gelimpan, pret. -Itop, pi. 

-lumpon, to happen. 
G^climplic, fitting, proper ; 

gelim^iice, fittingly, etc. 
Lind, II. 3. linden or lime 

tree ; It. buckler made of 

the wood of the linden. 

G-ram. pref. p. xliii. note. 
Lindisfarnea, lAndisfc^me, 

Holy Island. 
Lind-wiggende, shielded 

wa/rrior. Gr. 118. 
Lisa, II. 3. ease, comfort, fa- 


List, liest ; from licgan. 

Listum, craftily, skilfully, 

Litel, little. 

Litlincg, II. 2. little one. 

Line, i. q. Iffe. 

Lii5. See Licgan. 

Li6, soft, pleasant, delicate, 
mild, tender, gentle, kind. 

Lit$an, pret. Mt$, pi. litJon, to 
travel, go, navigate, go in 
a ship ; lit$ende men, ma- 

JA^Qh\ge,fiexible, supple. 

GaliSian, to relieve, miti- 

Locc, II. 2. hck, capillus. 

/16ced, looked, seen : for ge- 
loced. See L6eian. 

L6cian, to look, see. 

Locu, 111. 2. pen, fold. 

L6f, II. 1. praise. Ger. Lob. 

tLofenn (lofian), to praise. 
Gter. loben. 

L6f-sang, II. 2. hymn; in 
pi. laudes. 

L6gian, 1 to frame, com- 

Qel6gia,ji, J pose, mend, 
place, dispose. 

Lokien, for 16cian. 

Gel6me, often, frequently, in 
quick succession. 

Ge\6mlice, frequently. 

tLorap, 1 

Galomp, V See Gelimpan. 

fHiiom^, J 

Lond-folc, II. 1. 1 country- 

Lond-leod, II. 3. J people. 

Long, long. 

Longlice,^^ a long time. 

Lopystre, lobster, polypus. 
It. locust. 



Lor. See L£r. 

Losian, to lose. It. to he lost, 
to perish. 

tLoue (luf u), hve. 

tLouerd (hlatbrd), lord, 

Lucan, pret. leac, pi. lucon, 
to lock, shut ttp. 

fLude (hlude) loudly. 

Ltif, II. 3. 1 hve. Should 

Lufe, I. 3. J correctly be 

tLufenn (lufian), to love. 

Lutian, to love; gelufod, 

Luflic, dear^ not cheap ; lu- 
flice, kindly. 

Luftyme, grateful. 

Lufu, III. 3. love. 

Lunden, London. 

Lungre, forthwith. 

Lust, II. 2. lust, desire, joy ; 
on lustum, in joy. 

Lustbaer, joyful, eager, glad. 
G^er. iuatbar. 

O&lustfullian, to delight. 

Lustlic, glad, joyful. 

\k\\&\)L\QQ, freely, gladly. 

Lutan, pret. leat, pi. luton, 
to stoop, incline. 

tLutel, little. 

Lutian, to Iwrk, latere. 

tLuuede (leofode), lived. 

Lybban. See Leofian. 

Lybl^CjII. 1? sorcery. From 
lyb, Obg. luppi, maleft- 
ciwin; luppon, medicare, 
Mhg. luppen, venenan^e. 
Hence G-er. verluppt, en- 

Lyden, Latin. 

Lyf. SeeLff. 

Lyfan, 1 to allow, believe. 
Qely fan, J Groth. and Ohg. 

galaubjan. G-er. glauben. 
G^clyfed, orthodox, mature 

(of age), provectior aetate- 
Lyft, II. 3. air, cloud. Grer. 

& Dan. Luft. 
Lybtan, to shine, light. 
Lyre, II. 2. loss. 
Lysan, to lose, redeem, save. 
Lyst, II. 3 ? lust, desire, 

pleasure ; on lyst wesan, 

to be delighted. 
Lystan, ) to lust, desire, 
Gelystan, J please ; with 

genit. of thing. 

L^tel. } '^'^- 

Lytegian, to use craft. 

Lytbwdn, little, parum, 
small nu/mber. 

Lytig, cunning, vafer. 

Lytlian, to grow little, de- 


MS, m,ore. Qrv. p. 51. 
Oamacian, to make. 
Madm, II. 2. horse, gelding 

(See Cod. Exon. p. 522), 

treastM^e in general. Mhg. 

Madm-htis, II. 1. treasury. 
Mseden, III. I. maiden. 
Maeg, II. 2. man, parent, 

kinsman. Gr. 70. 
Maeg. See Maegan. 
Maege, I. 3. kinswoman. 
MaBgen, III. 1. main, 

strength, efficacy, power, 

virtus, faculty. 



MsBgen-e^cen, increased in 

MsBgen-jjiymnys, majesty, 

Gemaegnde, for gemengde. 
See Mengen. 

Maegnian, to strengthen ? 

MsBgtJ, II. 3. generation, 
tribe, province. 

MsegtS, II. 3. maid, damsel. 
P. 145, 1. 52, raaBgt5 in pi. 
for Tnsegt5a, perhaps on ac- 
count of the verse. 

MsBgtJalond, the Polish pro- 
vince of Mazovi-a^ 

MaBgtSh^d, maidenhood, vir- 

M^l, III. 1. picture, image ; 
Cristas m5§l, crucifix, 

M^l, III. 1. time, Fr. fois, 
Grer. Mai. 

M^lan, \ . T 

0.m^lan, ( ^' "^' "P'^^' 

M^led, p. 148, line 45 ? 

M^nan, to moa/n, bewail, 
complain. It. to mean. 
G-er. meinen. 
Gem^ne, common, Ger. 

(r^m^nelice, in common. 

Msenig, many. Gr. 163. 

Msenigeo. See Menigu. 

M^nigfeald, manifold. 
6rem^nigfealdan, to multi- 
Gem^nsumnes, commtmion. 
Gem^rian, to magnify, ho- 

M^re, great, large, gra/nd, 

renowned. Gr. 384. 
6^em^re, III. 1. bowndary, 

M»rigen, for mergen, 

M^rsian, \ to magnify, 

Gem^rsian, J exalt, ho- 


M^rt5, II . 3. greatness, glory , 

MsBsse, I. 3. mass. 

Maesse-daeg, II. 2. mass-day. 

Msesse-preost, II. 2. mxtss- 

MsBsse-reaf, II. 1. mass-vest' 

Msest, almost. 

Maestlingc, II. I. brass, lat- 
ten, orichalcum. Ger. & 
Dan. Medsing. 

MseS, II. 3. condition, lot, 
dignity, credit, capacity, 

Magan, fumiht, pret.mihte, 
or meahte, to may, can, be 
able, posse. Gr. 218. 

Magas, pi. of Maeg. 

Oemaglie, importunate. 
Gem&gnjs, importtmity. 

Mago-fegn, II. 2. kindred- 

tMahlit, I ^^^^^- 

tMain (msdgen), power. 

tMainen (m^nan), to men- 
tion, complain of. 

tMale, mail, trunk, !Fr. 

Malt, mealt, II. 1 ? malt. 

Man. See Mann. 

Man, one, any one. Ger. 
& Dan. man, Fr. on. At 
p. 84, 1. 25, man is the 
pron. ; his refers to land. 

M^n, II. 1. wickedness, sin, 



crime. Qter. Mein, O. S. 
men, O. N. mein. 

Oem&n. See G-emunan. 

Gem^nsk, society^ fellowship, 

Mancgere, II. 2. monger, 

Mancynn, II. 1. mankind. 

M^n-d^d, II. 3. evil deed. 

Manful, 1 • /. 7 • 7 ^ 

MSnfuliic, I **">^' '^''^'^- 

Gem&ng. See Gemong. 

M^nian, 1 to exhort. Ger. 

G^CTn^nian, J mahnen. 

Mann, III. 2. 1 man; ge- 

Manna, J mann also 

occurs, p. 113, 1. 7. 

Mann-cwealm, II. 2. pesti- 

tManschipe, 1 manhood, 

tManscipe, J male pro- 
geny, humanity, kindness. 

Mare, greater, more ; comp. 
of my eel. G-r. p. 51. 

Maregen, for mergen. 

Mam, morning. 

Maroaro, the Moravians, 

Max, II. 1. net, snare. 

MatSe, moth, worm, 

Ma))elian,^o speah,harangiie; 
from rae}^e\,speech, concio. 

tMatJmes (mat5mas), trea- 

tMe, for man. 

Meaht, II. 3. might, power. 

Mear, II. 2. horse. Ohg. 

Oamearcian, to mark, take 

MeartJ, II. 2. marten. 

Mece, II. 2. sword, falchion, 

M^d, II. 3. meed, reward ; 

to m^des, in reward. 
Medem, worthy, ft, meet. 
M^dgilda, hireling. 
Medmicel, a little, some. 
Medo, medu, III. 2. mead, 

ar. 96. 
Medo-burh, mead-hurgh, 

city of festivity; thuswfa- 

Medu-g^, mead-drunken, 
Medo-werig, weary with 

mead, drunk. 
Melkan, to milk, 
Mel u,melo,II 1. 1 .7»^«Z^(>wr. 
tMengen (mencgan), to 

mingle, he confused. 
Menigfeald. See Maenig- 

Menifealdlice, manifoldly. 
GemenigfQd, multiplied; 

from gemenigfildan. 
Menigu, III. 3. multitude, 

many. Qcv. 103. 
Mennisc, human, human 

race. Dan. Menneske, 

human being. 
Menniscnis, humanity, in- 

tMensk (mennisc), man, 

mankind, human. 
Meodo, meodu. See Medo. 
Meolc, II. 3. milk. 
Meore, a place on the west 

coast of Sweden. 
Meowle, I. 3. damsel. 
Mere, II. 2. mere, lake. 
Mere-sw^n, II. 1. porpoise, 

dolphin. Ger. Meer- 

schwein, Dan. Marsvin. 
Mergen (merien, merigen), 



II. 2. morn, morrow; to 

merigen, to-morrow. Gter. 

A Dan. Morgen. 
Merigenlic, meriendlic, adj. 

morning, matutinus. 
tMet (gemet), measure. 
Met, middling ; fa mettran 

men, men in the middle 

(rcmetjIII. \.measv/re, mum- 

Metan, pret. maet, pp. ge- 

meten, to m^aswre. 
Metan, pret. mette, pp. (ge) 

met, to paint. 
Gemetan, pret. gemette, to 

find, meet; pp. gemet (ge- 

meted). Gr. 205. 
Mete, II. 2. meatjvod, coena. 
Gametegan, 1 to measure, 
Gemetegian, J moderate, 

Meten, for metan. 
imeten, measured, for ge- 

meten. See Metan. 
G^emetgung, moderation, 
G^em^tlice, moderately. 
Metod, II. 2. Creator. 
Met-seax, II. 1, 2, 3. dagger. 
Mettrumnes, weakness, in' 

Mefel-stede, II. 2. public- 

place, place of haranguing, 
Micelum, greatly, much. 
Micel. See Mycel. 
Mid, mid. 
Mid, with. Ger. mit, Dan. 

med. Mid ealle, totally, 

Middseg, II. 2. mid-day, 

Middan, middle; on mid- 
dan, amid. 

Middaneard, middangeard, 
II. 2. earth, world. See 
Grimm, D. M. p. 754. 

Middaneardlic, earthly. 

Middan-winter, II. 2. mid- 
winter, Christmas. 

Middeniht, III. 3. midnight. 
Gr. 106. 

Middeweard, midst, middle- 

Midmest, middlemost. 

Midwrftan, to ivrite with. 

Mid fam fe, 1 when, while, 

Mid ]>y, J what time, 

Miht, II. 3. might, power, 

Mihte. See Magan. 

Mihtelice, mightily, miracu- 

Mihtig, "I mighty, extra- 

Mihtiglic, I ordinary. 

Mfl, n. 3. mile. 

tMilcea (milts), mercy, 

Milde, mild, merciful, 

Mildheorte, mild-hearted, 
merciful, tender, 

Mildheortnys, 1 mercy, comr 

Mildhertnes, J passion. 

Milts, II. 3. mercy, pity. 

Miltsian, 1 to pity, com- 

G^CTniltsian, j passionate, 
he merciful. 

Miltsung, wercy, compassion^ 

Mfn, mine. Gr. 137. 

Minsian, to diminish, de^ 

tMire, for mfnre. 

Misd^d, n. 3. misdeed. 



vcmous, divers, 
several ; mist- 
lice, variously, 




Mislfcian, to displease. 

Mislicnys, mislikeness, va- 
riety, diversity. 

Misweaxende, miswaxvng, 

Mitta, I. 2. 1 certain mea- 

Mitte, I. 3. J su/re. 

Mixen, mixen, dunghill. 

tMocbul, much. 

Mod, II. 1. mood, mind, 
cou/rage. Goth, mdds, 
Ohg. mdt, O. N. m6dr, 
Ger. Muth. 

fModdri (modrie) , maternal 

Moder,modor, III.2.wo^A^. 
Dat.andabl.meder: plur. 
moddru occurs. Gr. 96. 

M6d-ge))onc, II. 2. mental 
thought, cotmsel. 

Mddi, 1 moody, proud, 

Mddig, J lofty, contuma- 
cious, stern. 

Mddignys, moodiness, prtde. 

tMod-kare (-cearu), care 
of mind, am>xiety. 

Modlice, proudly. 

Molde, I. 3. mould, earth. 

Mon, i. q. man. 

Monat5-seoc, month-sich, hi- 

Gemong, multitude ; on ge- 
mong, among. 

Moni, 1 . 

Monig, I '• ^- "^^""'S- 

Mdnian. See M^nian. 

Mon, i. q. man. 

Monr^den, II. 3. homage, 
submission, clientela. 

tMonshipe, i. q. manschipe. 

Monuc. See Munuc. 

Mon«, II. 2. month. 

M6r, H. 2. mountain. 

Morge-mete, II. 2. morning 
msat, breakfast. 

Morgen, II. 2. m^yrning. 
See Mergen. 

tMormede, 1 j 

tMornede, } '^'^'^- 

MortS, II. 1. 1 deadly sin, 

MortSer, II. 2. J murder- 
ous deed. 

Moste, might. Gr. p. 79. 

Mot, 3 most, must, may. Gr. 

Gem6t, III. 1. mote, meeting, 
council, synod ; gem6t 
cwetSan, indicere consi- 

Gem6t-QTn, 11. 1. moot-hall, 

tMucel (my eel), great. 

tMuchelesere 1 (mycelre), 

tMuchelre J with much. 

Mulanttin,afterwards Mule- 
ton, now Moulton in Nor- 
folk, between New Buck^ 
enham and Long Strat- 

GexnvLTizn, to remember. Gr. 
218. See G^mynan. 

Mundbyrd, protection. 

6ramundbyrdan, to protect^ 

Sndig. } s^ ^y"^- 

Mundlingham, Mundham in 



Mund, II. 3. limd. O.N. 

mund. This word, out of 

composition, seems to 

occur in the dat. pi. 

Munt, II. 2. motmt. 
Munuc, (monuc, munec), 

II. 2. monJc. 
Munuch^d, monkhood. 
Munuclic, monastic. 
Munuc-lff, II. 1. monastic 

life, monastery. 
Murcnung, mwrmwring. 
Muman, 3 myrntS, pret. 

mearn, pi. murnon, to 

mouruj reck, 
Musla, muscle. 
MtiS, II. 2. mouth. Gr. 

Miipa, mouth (of a river). 

Gr. 74. 
Mycel, great, much, loud. 
Mycelnys, greatness, mag^ 

Mylen, II. 3 ? mill ; yet p. 

127, 1. 7, fset myln. - 
(ramynan, to hear in mind, 

he mindful of, remem- 

Gemjnd, II. 1. mind, me- 
mory ; eadig gemynd, 

hlessed memory, 

G^Jdig, } ^*«'^>^- 

Myne, II. 2. mena. 

Mynegung, admonition, ex- 

Mynetere, II. 2. money- 
changer ; from mynet, 
money; hence our mint, 
Ger. Munze, Dan. Mynt. 

G^emyngian, to rememher, 

meditate, admonish. 
Mynster, III. 1. minster, 

Mynsterlic, monastic. 
Jmynt, {pointed; for ge- 

mynt. See Myntan. 
Myntan, to suppose, resolve, 

intend, appoint^ decree; 

pp. gemynt. 
Myrce, Mercian. 
Myre, I. 3. mare. - 
MyrhtS, II. 3. mirth, joy, 
Myrre, myrrh, 
Myse, I. 3. tahle. 
Myslycian. See Mislician. 


Na, not, none. Gr. 418, 

Nabban, 3 naeftJ, pret. 

nsefde, to have not. 
Nacod, naced, naked. 
fNadde. See Nauede. 
Naeddre, 1.3. serpent. Hilde 

nseddran, war-serpents, 

arrows. Ger. [Natter. 
Naedl, II. 3. needle. Ger. 

NsBdre. See Naeddre. 
Naefdon, for ne hsefdon. See 

Nabban. Gr. 216. 
Nsefre, never ^ 
Naegel, II. 2. nail. 
Naenig, not any, none. 
INseron, for ne waeron. Gr. 

Naes, for ne waes. Gr. 233. 
Naes, not. 

Nah, for ne ah. See Agan. 




!N'alit, naught, 
Nahte, for ne ahte* 
Nahwaer, 1 , 
Nahwfir, I «^**^''- 
NalsBB, not, not the less; 

nalsBS )>8Bt ^, not that 

Nam, Nor. for neom. 
Nama, name. 
Nam-cutJ, known hy name, 

G^^namian, to name. 
N^, no, none, 
tNan, anon, 
Nanuht, naught; for nan- 

N^nwyht, naught f nothing. 
N^st, for ne wSst. See m- 

tan. Gr. 218. 
N^t, for ne w^t. 
Nates-hwdn, hg no means, 

not at all, 
tNauede (naefde), had not, 
tNauyt (nawiht), naught, 
Nawar. See Nahwser. 
Nat5er, neither, 
Ne, not ; p. 152, 1. 30, for 

neh ? 
Geneadian, to force, 
Neah, nigh, near, nea/rly, 
G^cneahhe, \ enough, dbun- 
G^enehe, J dantly, Qcer, 

NealsBcan, \ pret. -Isehte 
Ocnealaecan, J (nealecte), 

to approach, draw nea/r. 

Gr. 208, 253. 
Near, nearer; eomp. of 

neah. Gr. p. 51. 
Nearolice, narrowly, closely, 


Neat, II. 1. neat, ox, heast. 

Oene^t, II. 2. enjoyer, 
sharer, retainer ; from 
neotan. Eald-geneat, aged 
vassal. Ger. Genoss. 

Neawest, neighbourhood. 

Neb, nib, face. 

Nedbrice, II. 2. need, want, 

Nedfearfiies, need,necessiiy, 

Sefa, } «^*^- 
Neh. See Neah. 
Genehe. See Geneahhe. 
Nehst, last. See Next. 
Nellan. See Nyllan. 
Nembrat5, Nimrod. 
N^mlice, namely, indeed, 

Nemnan, \ , ,y 

G^nemnian, | *° «'^^' '"'^^- 
tNemni (nemnian), to 

Need, II. 3. need, necessity, 

violence, o^wa, Forneode, 

Neodpearf, needful. 
Neom, for ne eom. Gr. 

Neorxena wang, II. 2. pa^ 

Neosan, 1 to seek, visit ; 
Neosian, > oftengov.gen. 
G^^neosian,] of thing. 
Neosung, \ visit, visita- 
Geneo8ung, J tion. 
Neotan, pret. neat, to enjoy, 

NeowelnsBS, 1 abyss, hell, 
Neowelnys, J bottom, low^ 

est part. 



t^N'eowene (niwan), newly, 

Neofeweard, I net%erwardy 
Neofewerde, J down, 

downward, helow. 
Nergend, II. 2. Saviour, 

Preserver, God, Gr. 118. 
(r^nerian, to save, deliver, 
Nes, for ne is. 
Nest, II. 1. nest, 
Nest, II. S. food, provision. 

O, N. nesti. 
Net, - I. 1. net, 
tNewenn, now, at present f 
fNewest (neawest), proad- 

mity, vicinity. 
Next, last, nearest, ndgh- 

Net5an, to venture, dare. 

Goth. Banfian. 
Nic, not I; contr. for ne ic. 
Nied. See Neod. 
Nfg-hworfen, newly convert^ 

ed. See Hweorfan. 
NigotSa, ninth. 
Niht, III. 3. night. Gr. 106. 
Nibtes, ly night. Gr. 108. 

Ger. nachts. 
Nibt-sang, II. 2. night-song, 

compline, completorium. 
6?enihtsuTnlice, sufficiently, 

Dan. noksom. 
Niht-wsecce, I. 3. night' 

Nfman, 1 pret. n^m, to 
6renfman, J take, get, meet, 
tNiman(niman),^o arra/nge, 

fNime (nunan), to tahe, 
Nis, for ne is. Gr. 233. 
Niw, new. 

Niwelnis. See NeowelnsBs. 

G^niwian, to renovate, 

Nit5, II. 2. evil, malice, envy, 

l^x6e-Tof, famed for evil, 

Nit5er, doum, 

Nifer-stfgan, to descend. 
See Stlgan. 

Nit5full, malignant, envious. 

Nit$-heard, hardened in ini- 

GenxSia,, enemy. 

No, no, not. 

Genoh, ") 

tihow, V enough, 

t/noj), J 

Noht, naught, not, 

Nolde. See Nyllan, 

Noma. See Ni[ma. 

Ndn, II. 2. nones, nona (bo- 
ra), the last canonical 
hour before sv/nset. 

Ndn-mete, II. 2. noon-meat, 

Ndn-tfd, II. 3. noontide. 

Nort5, north, northwards, be 
nortJan, to the north of 

NortSan, north, from the 

Nor^-dsel, II. 2. north part, 

Nort5-Dene, the North Jut- 
landers, the inhabitants of 
the Danish islands, and 
probably ofScemia. 

Nort5eweard, northward. 


Nor^men, the Norwegians, 

Nor^mest, most northerly, 

Nort5rybte, directly north, 

Nor^weard, northward. 

NortJwic, Norwich, 




N'^s-firl, in. 1. nostril. 
Kotian, to use, enjoy. 
tXou|>e (nu-fa), now. 
Nowiht, not, naught. 
tNoft (nowiht), naught. 

nJ^\ \ now. 

!N^unne, I. 3. nun. 

tNusten (nyste), knew not. 

tXute(nyte), uoill not know, 

Nyd. See Neod. 

Nydan, \ pret. nydde, to 

G^nydan, J force, 

Nydj^earfnys, need, want. 

Nygan (nigon), 1 ^^ 

Nygon, J 

Xyllan, contr. for ne willan, 
to will not, (Lat. nolle,) 
pret. nolde. Gr. 217. 

NymtJe, unless, except. 

Nys. See Nis. 

Nyste, for ne wiste. See 

Nyten, III. 1. neat, animal, 
beast. Gr. 93. 

Nytenlic, wild, rude. 

Nytennys, ignorance, stu- 
pidity, rudeness. 

Nyton,fornewiton. Gr.218. 

Nytwyr^nes, utility. 

NySer, dovm. 

N'jrtJer-astfgan, 1 to come 

Nyt$er-stfgan, J doton. 

NytJercuman, to descend. 

G^nytJerian, to condemn, 

to, one, a, any. 

to (on), in. 

Ob, E. Angl./or, of. 

Of, of, from. 

tOf, oft. 

Of-aceorfan, to cut off. See 

Of-al^dan, to lead or bring 

from. See Laedan. 
Of-anfman, to take from. 

See Nfman. 
OfarsBsta, E. Angl. residue. 

Ger. TJeberrest. 
Of-ascre^dian, to shred off, 

prune, cut off. 
Of-axian, to learn, receive 

Of-cuman, to come or spring 

from. See Cuman. 
Oidtine, doum. 
0£-eode, went from, left. See 

Ofer, II. 2. shore, bank. 

Ger. Ufer. 
Ofer, over, against, after, by. 
Ofer-baec, backwards. 
Oferbrecan, pret. -braec, to 

break, infringe. 
Ofercuman,to(w^Cd>m^. See 

Oferdrencan, to overdrench. 
Ofer-e^ca, overplus. 
OferfaBreld, passage, transit. 
Ofer-far, II. ^.passage over, 

Oferfaran, 1 to pass over. 
Oferferan, J See Paran 

and Feran. 
Ofer-frdren, frozen over. 

See Freosan. 
Oferg^ to ravage. See 

Ofer-geweorc, II. 1. upper 

work, tomb, mausoleum. 



Oferhrops, voracity. 
Ofermdd, II. I. pride , pre^ 

sumption; also did.]. proud. 

G-er. Uebermuth. 
Oferr^dan,^o read over. See 

Oferstfgan, to surpass, ex- 
ceed. See Stfgan. 
Ofer-w^dan, pret. -w6d, to 

wade over, 
Oferwinnan, to conquer, 

overcome* See Winnan. 
Oferwintran, to pass the 

winter, hiemare. 
OfFrian, 1 to offer, sacri- 
G^offrian, J fice. 
Oftrimg, offering, sacrifice. 
Ofg^ngan, to go forth, go 

from, proceed, require. 

See G^n. 
Oflyst, delighted. 
Ofostlice. S^e Ofstlice. 
Ofsceamian, to shame; of- 

sceamod, ashamed. 
Ofseeotan, pret. -sceat, pi. 

-scutan, to shoot. 
Ofsettan, to oppress, afflict. 
Ofsle^n, 3. p. he-slyhtJ, pret. 

-sloh, pp. -slegen (-sla- 

gen), to slay. 
Ofstician, 1 to stick, stab, 
Ofstikian, J slay. 
Ofstlice, 1 quickly, with 
Ofstum, J haste. 
Oft, oft, often. 
Ofwundroden, for ofwun- 

drode, astonished; from 

O^incan, to think ill, take 

amiss, repent. See Din- 

tOfj[>incliet$ (of)?ince8), re- 

01)?riccan, pret. of|>rilite, to 
oppress, overwhelm. 

t03e (%en), ovm. 

Oleccan, pret. olehte, to 
flatter, blandiri. 

Olfend, \ n. 2. camel ; 

Oluend, J though this word, 
as well as the Goth. Ul- 
bandus, signifies correctly 
not a camel, but an ele- 

On, on, in, with, about, du- 
ring ; ciun accus. into, 
hy, as, on niht, hy night, 
on beot, with threatening. 

On, for an, a, an. 

On-aledon, laid on. See 

Onbsec, behind, 

Onbaeman, to inflame. Gr. 

On-belsedan, to lay on, apply. 

Onbfdan, to await; gov. gen. 

tOnbolded (unbealdod), en- 
feebled, sunk in vigour. 

Onbryrd, excited. 

Onbryrdan, to instigate, ex- 
cite, encourage, animate, 

Onbtigan, pret. -beah, pi. 
-bugon, bow, bend. 

Onburigan, to taste. 

Onbut^m, about, around. 

Oncnawan, 3 -cnaewtJ, pret. 
-cneow, to know, under- 
stand, recognise. 

Oncwet5an, to address. 

Ond, i. q. and. 

Ondrsedan, pret. ondred, to 
dread, fear, Gr. 234. 



Often used as a reflective 
with a dative. 

OndraBdendlic, dreadful, ter- 

Ondrseding,!!. 3. dreadjear, 

tOne, for on ; also a, a/n, 
one, onlyy alone. 

On-eardian, to dwell in, in^ 

Onettan, to hasten. 


Onfindan, to find out, dis- 
cover. See Findan. 

On-flote, afloat. 

Onf6n, pret. onfeng, pp. on- 
fangen, to receive, take, 
(This verb often governs 
the dative.) 

Onf6nde, taker, receiver. See 
Onfdn. Or. 118. 

Ongean, again, against, to- 
wards, to, over against; 
eft ongean, back again, 

Ongeat. See Ongitan. 

On-geddn, to do on or in. 
See D6n, 

Ongel-feod, 11. 3. English 

On-gemong, among, 

On-gesittan, to sit in. See 

Onget, for ongeat. See 

Onginnan, pret. -gan, pi. 
-gunnon, to begin, tmder- 
take, Gr. 242. 

Ongist, for ongytst. 

Ongitan, 1 3 -gyst, pret. 

Ongytan, f ongeat, to tm- 
derstand, perceive. 

Onh^tan, act. to heat, in- 

Onhebban, pret. -hdf, to lift, 

Onhyldan, to bend, incline, 
Onhyrian, to imitate, emvr- 

late ; p. pr. onhyrgende. 
On-innan, within, among. 
Onl^dan, to lead in, bring. 
Onligan, pret. -lah (-lean), 

pl.-ligon, togrwnt, bestow; 

gov. dat. of the pers. and 

gen. of the thing. 
Onlihtan, pret. -leohte, to 

illumine, give sight, 
Onlihting, lighting. 
Onldcian, to look on, behold. 
.Onlutan, 3 -lyt, pret. -leat, 

pi. -luton, to bow, incline. 
tOnread (unrat5), evil coun- 
Onsceotan, pret. -sceat, pi. 

''^c\itoTi,to strike, strike in, 

cut {a furrow), 
Onscunian, to shun, reject, 

Onsendan, to send to, 
Onsfgan, pret. -s^h, pi. -si- 

gon, to impend, hover 

over, descend, 
Onsion, Nor. for ansyn. 
Onsittan, to sit on. See Sit- 
Onslsepan, to fall asleep. 

Ger. einschlafen. See 

Onstellan,i.q.astellan. Ger. 

On-sund, afloat, swimming. 
On-sundron, asunder, aside, 




On-swymman, to swim in. 

See Swymman. 
Ont^nan, to open, reveal, 
On-ufan, } 
On-uppon, I "i""*' <'''^- 
Onwacan, pret. -w6c, to 

Onweald, i. q. anweald. 
Onwendan, to change. See 

Onwredn, pret. -wreah, pi. 

-wrugon, to reveal, dis- 
OnwritJan, pret. -wr^tS, pi. 

-writSon, to tmbind, un- 
wrap. Gt. 248. 
Oord, i. q. ord. 
Open, open, plain, evident, 
Geopenian, geopnian, act. 

and neut. to open, 
Openlice, openly. 
tOr (^r), mercy. 
Ore, II. 2. pitcher, pot, 

Goth, anrki. 
Ord, II. 2. leginni/ng, edge, 

point, army, hand, O.N. 

Ordfruma, origin, 
tOre, are (^r), mercy, pity, 
Oreald, very old. Ger. uralt. 
Oret-maBCg, II. 2. champion, 

Oret5ian. See Ort5ian. 
Orf, cattle, animal. 
Orfeorme, void, expers. 
Orhlice, orglice, orgellice, 

proudly, arrogantly. 

From orgel, whence Fr. 

OrmsBte, without measure,. 

immense, vasty immensely. 

Orsawle, without soul, life" 

Orsorh, without care,secure, 
Ortruwian, ] . j 
Geortvamkn, j *" ^'^'"''' 
Orwene, hopeless, desperate, 
Ort5ian, to breathe, blow, 

Osti, the Estas of Wulfstan, 

and Osterlings of modern 

times. They dwelt on the 

shores of the Baltic, to the 

east of the Vistula, 
Ostre, I. 3. oyster. 
Ost-s^, the Baltic and Cat- 

tOuersoh, overtrue, rare, 
to wen (%en), oum, 
Owern, anywhere, 
Oxa, oa:, 

Oxan-hyrde, II. 2. ox-herd, 
Ot$, till, unto, to. As a ver- 
bal prefix, from, away, 

Oct. 269. 
Ot$er, other, second, one; 

ot5er twega, other oftwo^ 

one or the other, 
OtJfle^n to flee away, escape. 

See riedn. 
OSst^ndan, to stcmd still, 

cease. See St^ndan. 
f Ofom 1 (afum), son-in- 
OtSum J law, 
OC^aBt, till that, until; d6- 

]>SBt an, to that degree, so 

OtS^e, or either, Ger. oder. 
Ot$t5e, for otStSset. 
OtJbringan, pret. -frang 

(.frong), pi. -frungon, to 
force away. 

Poda, eoat, tunic. Goth, 
paida, O. S. peda, hoth fe- 
minine, hut in the expret- 
lion ealowig-pada, an epi- 
thet of the eagle, ike termi- 
nation itpurelg adjectival. 
Bee notea on the Battle of 
Brunanburh in Wurton, 
H. E. P. i. p. Ixiviii. edit. 
PseU, II. 2. pall, purpura. 
PaiUen, purple. 
tPall, pall. 

Pallium, n. 2.pall,panium. 
Pante, the Slackwaier, in 
Esgex. The following 
passage from Gough's 
Camden, vol. ii. p. 43. 1st 
edit., may be interesting. 
"The shore, curving a lit- 
tle to the north here, ad- 
mits the sea into two bays, 
one called Crouch, the 
other Blackwater, for- 
merly Paait. In Croueh 
are four pleasant green 
JBlands, hut rendered 
marshy by the tide : the 
principal of these are 
Walht and Foulness, q, d. 
Bird Cape, which haa a 
church, and may be come 
at onhoraebaek, when the 
tide ia out. Between 
these ia the hundred of 
Dengy, formerly Daun- 
eing, abounding m pastu- 
rage and cattle, but both 
the Boil and air unhealthy. 

The chief town of this ' 
hundred, wbicb takes ita 
name from it, ia DenOT, 
supposed by the inhabit- 
antflto take its name from 
the Danes." Drayton. 
haa also ; 

" When Chelmer acareo nmTea in 
her raoflt wished bay, 

man; a crooked way, I 

■Which FarU. was call'd of jtwe, I 

but that by Time dil'd, I 

She Froshtoell after hight, thenfl 

BInokwBter instiU'd."'^ 1 

Jo'yO/Won.ietb 8ong,p.4. 1 

edit. 1622, foL " 

See also Hohnshed's 'De- J 

Bcriptioo of Brit8ine»*-1 

chap. xvi. 

Papa, pope. 

FapanhSd, papal d%gni\ 
Peniog, penig, peanig, II. %M 

Pinewincle, periwinkle. 
Fitmao, flascones, i. 
Pinung, pain, torment. 
Pistol, II. 2. epvstle. 
Plantian, toplant. 
Piegan, | 
Plegian, Vtoplag. 
Pleigan, J 
Pleoh, ni, 1, peril, dangefM 
Pleulic, dani/eroug. 
VXHat, plight, danger. 
Plyhtfic, i. q. pleolig. 
Port, a, 2. port. 

Prafost, n. 2. provotf. 
Prasae, p. 133, line 17 ? 



Preost, II. 2. priest 
Preosth^d, priesthood, 
Vrfm, prime, the service for 

Prouast. See Prafost. 
Pulgaraland, Bulgaria, 
Pund, II. 1. pound. 
Pusa, ha^, purse, pera. 
Pyt, n. 2. pit, hole. 


tQuale-hus, hotcseof torture, 
or ptmishment. 

tQuartern (cwartem), pri- 

tQuaffrigan, quadripartite. 

tQuecchen, to cook ? 

fiqueme (gecweme), plea- 
sing, agreeable. 

fiquemed (gecwemed), 

tQuene (cw^h), queen. 

tQue^ (cw8et5), said. 


Eacenta, raccenta, "i -, . 

Eacenteag, II. 3. J ^^*^- 

Eacu, III. 3. narration, eX' 

E^d. See Efdan. 

lUid, p. 152,1. 47, for rsedde? 

tEaden (r^dan), to read. 

fEadful, wise; from r^d, 

Oer^eaji, pret. -rsehte, to 
reach, get, captu/re. 

tEsBCche (recce), rech. 

Eaed, II. 2. rede, cotmsel, de- 
liberation ; r^d fincan, to 
9eem advisable; r^d wf*- 

tan, to know what one is 

Oersdd, III. 1. housing, trap* 
ping, phalerap. 

E^dan, 1 3. rsBt, pret. 

GeT^d&n, J raedde, pp. 
rsed, to read. Gr. 205. 

E^dan, 1 to counsel, ad* 

G^^r^dan, J vise, con^ 

E^dbora, counsellor, ad- 

Ending, reading, lecture. 

Ending, See Hr^ding. ■ 

Eiefnian, to execute, obey. 

Eaege, I. 1? roe, caprea. 
Ger. Eeh. 

fEaeid (r^d), advice, cov/n- 

E^s, n. 2. ru^h, shocJc, on- 

Eaeswa, leader, chief. 

E^t. See E^dan. 

fEgetful, crafty. 

fEsBV (reaf), vestment, hang- 

Eae^, quick, rash. 

Earn, II. 2. ram. 

Eand, II. 2. shield. At p. 
132, 1. 22, 1 suspect that 
for * randan' we should 
read * randas.' 

Eann, II. 1. fallow deer, 

Ea^e, quickly; rat5e faes, 
soon after this. See 

tEat5er, rather, sooner, ear- 

Eead, red. 

Eead (r^d), counsel. 



Beade, redly ? 

Eeaf, II. 1. ga/rment, also 

ypoil, pltmder, Ger. 

Eec, II. 3. reekf vapov/r, 

odou/r, exhalation, reputa- 
OereCf III. 1. government, 
Eecan, 1 pret. rohte, to 
Eeccan, j reck, care for, 
Becan, pret. rehte, to govern, 

Qt, 214. 
Eeccan, 1 pret. rehte 
6^OTeccan, J (rsBbte) to 

interpret, define, eccplain, 

reckon, relate, 
Eeced, II. 1 & 2. house, 

mansion; heah-reced,Z(?^y 

dwelling, paluce. 
6rCTecednys, history, narra- 
Eecels, II. 2. frankincense, 

Gr. 300. 
Recene, recone, instantly, 
Eecnan, to reckon, pay out, 
tB»ed (r^d), counsel. 
Gerefa,, reeve, prefect, comes. 

Hence ac{r'geref&,sheriff', 

Ger. Graf, Dan. Greve. 
Eeft, II. 1. veil. 
Eegnesburh (Regensburg), 

Eegol, II. 2. rule, 
Regollic, regular, 
Behtun. See Eecean. 
Bemian, to mend, 
Garenian, to adorn, omor 

Beocan, 3 ryct$, pret. reac, 

pi. rucon, to reek, Ger. 


fBeod (read), red. 
Beogol, i. q. regol. 
G^areord, III. 1. speech, 

tongue, dinner, meal. 
6rCTeordian, to feed, fill, 

O^ereording, 1 II. 3. meal, 
G^^reordimg, J refection, 
Reowsian, hreowsian^^o rtte. 
Rest, II. 3. rest, resting^ 

place, bed, 
Restan, \ to rest, remain, 
Oereat&n, J generally used 
as a reciprocal when ap- 
plied to persons. Gr. 259. 
Reste-daeg, 1 11.2. rest-day, 
Resten-daBg, J sahhath, 
Retie, Neritos. The follow- 
ing is the passage in Boe- 
thius of which the Saxon 
is a paraphrase : 

Vela Neritii duels, 
Et Yagas pelago rates 
Eurus appulit insulsB, 
Fulcra qua residens dea 
Soils edlta semlne, 
Miscet hospltlbus noyis 
Tacta carmine pocula. 
De Consol, lib. ir. met. 3. 

In his metres, K. /Elfred 
makes Ulysses king of 
Thrace also ; 

He wees Dracla >loda aldor 
and Betle rices hyrde. 

Edit. Bawl. p. 889. 

Bewyt, navigation, voyage, 

"Re^, fierce, savage, raging. 
Bhfn, Rfn, the Rhine, 
"Sl^Q, powerful, rich, 
BTce, III. 1. kingdom, em-- 



mre^cotmtry, reign. Q-er. 

jBteicli, Dan. Eige, Engl. 

-ric in comp., as bishopric, 
Bicene. See Becene. 
Eicetere, II. 2 ? power, vuh 

tEich \ (rfc), rich, right, 
tEiche J powerful, 
Efclice, powerfully, 
Efdan, pret. r^, pL ridon, 

to ride, Gr. 246. 
Eidda, rider, horseman, 

Ger. Eitter, Dan. Eidder. 
Eiffin (beorgas), the Bi- 

phcBcm mountains, 
Eiht, 1 in. 1. rite, cere- 
Gmht, J m>ony, last office, 

Eflit, II. 1. justice, truth, 

right ; on riht, rightly, 
Eiht, ^ right, straight; on 
G^eriht, J genhte, straight 

Eihtan, 1 to correct, 
Oerihtsji, J straighten, 

direct, guide, 
Eihte, rightly, straightly. 
Eiht-gelyfed, orthodox. 
G'erihtlaecan, pret. -Isehte, to 

rectify, amend, 
Eihtliee, rightly, justly, 
Eihtwfs, righteous, 
Eihtwfsnis, righteousness, 
Gerim, II. 1. number, com" 

tEime, verse, 
Einc, II. 2. mem, warrior, 
Eiofol, roughness, leprosy, 
G^erTpian, to ripen. 
6^erisenlic, fitting, proper, 


tEiue (ryf), rife, frequent, 
Eixian, to govern, rule, 
tEit$, rift (riht), right, 
E6d, II. 3. rood, cross, 
E^de-hengen, II. 3. cross; 

lit. rood-gibbet. 
Eoder, II. 2. firmament, 

Eoderlic, heavenly, ethereal. 
E6de-t^cn, III. 1. sign of 

the cross, 
E6f, renowned, 
Eomana-burh, Borne, 
Eomanisc, JRoman, 
Eome-burh, Borne, 
Eond-wiggende, shielded' 

warrior, Gr. 118. See 

Eose, I. 3. rose. 
Edtlice, cheerfully. 
fEouning, whisper, secret 

conversation. Ger. rau- 

nen, to whisper. 
tEout5, ruth, pity. 
Eowan, 3 rew«, pret. reow, 

to row, navigate, Gr. 234. 
Etim, II. 2. room, space, 

Eum w»s, it was free. 
timm (gerym), imperat. 

clear, open ; from ger^man. 
Etime, wideh/, (imply, freely. 
tEumen (ryman), to give 
. place, get, procure. 
Ed[n, II. 3. rune, counsel, 

mystery, alphabetic cho' 

Eygedtin, Boydon, in Nor- 

folk, near Diss, 
Eyht. See Eiht. 
E^man, 1 to yield (space), 
Qer^maji, J give vp, evo' 



cuate; weg geryman, to 
open a way, Ger. rau- 

Eynan, to rowr, hellow. 

Byne, 11. 2. course, flux, 

Gerjne, III. I. mystery, sa- 



Sacerd, 11. 2. priest, sacer- 

S^, II. 2. & n. 3. sea, Otr, 85. 

Saec, II. 3. war, warfare, 
battle; from sacaii, to 

Saecan. See Secan. 

S^-coc, II. 2. cockle ? nepti- 

S^d, II. 1. seed, 

S^d-berende, seed-hearing. 
Gr. 118. 

S^de. See Secgan. 

S^-gem^re, III. 1. sea- 
coast. See Gem^re. 

Sffigan, 1 to offer, sacri" 

Gesaegan, J flee, 

Gessige, for gesege, from 

fSffighenn (gesegen), saw; 
from ges^on. 

S^l, II. 2. time, occasion. 

Ges&lan, to bind, tie, 

S^lic, sealike, marine, wa- 

S^-lfda, mariner, 

G^s^lig, ^appy, blessed. 
Ger. selig. 

G^^i^liglice, happily, etc. 

GeB^Y6, II. 3. happiness, 

S^man, III. 2. seaman. 

SsBmestre, I. 3. seamstress. 

S^-rinc, II. 2. seaman, sea- 

tSaete, sitting, festival. 

tSsBtte (siccette ?), sighed ? 

Sahl, II. 2. club, pole. 

Salowig, sallow, swarthy. 

Sam, whether, 

Samaria (so MS. Cott. for 
Massilia), Marseilles. 

Samcucu, half-alive. 

tSame (aceamu), shame. 

tSammnedd (gesamnod), 
gathered; from samnian. 

G^esamnung. See Gesom- 

Samod, also, likewise, to- 

tSamuast (sceamfast), . 


S. Benedictes Stow, Fleury. 

Sand, II. 3. sending, mission, 
messenger, dish, meal. 

Sand-corn, II. 1. grain of 

Sande, II. 2. message, lega- 

Sang, II. 2. song. 

Sape, I. 3. soap, 

S^r. II. 1. sore, pain. 

S^r, sore, painful. 

tSari (s^rig), sorry, sorrow- 

Syrian, to sorrow, grieve, 
G«r. sorgen. 

S&ig, sorrow, sorrowful. 

Sfirlic, painful; s&lice, 




S^mys, soreness, pain, 

Saul. See Sawel. 

Saul-fearf, II. 3. souVsneed. 

Sawaii,pret. seow,pp.saweii, 
to sow, spread abroad, 

Sawel, 1 

Sawl, > n. 3. souh 

Sawul, I 

Scadu, III. 3. shadow. 

Scamel, II. 2 ? stool. 

fScanden (scendan), to 
shend, disgrace, Gter. 

Sceacan, pret. sceoc, to 
shake, hurry, hasten ; ge- 
wftan sceacan, to go in 

G^scead, III. 1. reason, dis- 

Sceaf. See Scufan. 

Sceaft, II. 2. shaft. 
G^^sceaft, III. 1. creatv/re. 

Gr. 93. 
G^csceaft, II. 3. creation. 

Sceafta hen p. 118, 1. 24. 
The sense of this and the 
seven following lines is 
extremely uncertain, the 
passage being evidently 
Sceal, pi. sculon, subj. scyle, 
imp. sceolde, shall, must, 
debeo. Gr. 218. This 
verb is also frequently 
used like the Ger. soUen, 
to he said, reported, 
Scealc, II. 2. servant, com- 
mon soldier or sailor. 
Goth.Skalks, Ger.Schalk. 
Sceamu, III. 3. sha^ne. 
Sceanca, shank, leg. 

§ceap, n. 1. sheep, 
Creaceap, III. 1. shape, form, 

creation, formation. 
Sce^pan. See Scyppan. 
G^ceapen, pp. of scyppan. 
Sceap-herde,II. 2. shepherd, 
Gesce^pian. See Gescyp- 

G^sceapnis, shaping, form- 
ing, creation. 
Scear, share (of a plough^. 
Sceard, II. 1. sheard. 
Scearn, II, 1 ? dung, Dan. 

Scearp, sharp, acute. 
Sceat, II. 2. a piece of mo-^ 
ney,price,treasure, profit. 
Goth. Skatts. 
Sceawere, 11. 2. beholder, 

iSceawian, to look, look at, 
Sceawung, spectacle, sight. 
Sceat5, II. 3. sheath. 
Sceafa, robber, thief, miS' 

creant, wretch. 
Seel, II. 3. shell. See Wsel- 

Seen, sheen, beautiful, 
fScench (scene), wine 
scench, toine-drinking ; 
from scencan, to skvnk. 
Sceo, SCO, n. 2. & III. 2. 

shoe, fico. 
Sceocca, 8ata/n, devil. 
Sceona, gen. plur. of sceo, 

shoon, shoes, 
Oeace6p. See Gescyppan, 
Sceorp, II. 1. Tiabit, scarf 
Sceort, short. 
Sceortlice, shortly, briefly. 
Sceortnys, shortness. 



Sceota, trout, tructus. 

Sceotan, 3 scjt, pret. sceat, 
pi. scuton, to shoot, 

Sceotend, II. 2. shooter^ 
a/rcher. G-r. 118. 

Sceo-wyrhta, shoemaker, 

Sceo-fwang, .II. 2. shoe 
thong, or -tie. 

Seep. See Sceap. 

Scep-hyrde. See Sceap- 

Sc^ran, to shear, cut away, 

Scet$. See Sceat5. 

tSchip, ship, 

Scild. See Scyld. 

Scild-burh, shield-fence,scxL' 
torum testudo. 0. N. 

Scfma, shine, hrilUanct/, 

Scfnan, pret. sc^n (sce^n), 
pl.scinon,^o shine,apjpear, 
Q-er. scheinen. 

Scip, III. 1. ship, Oter, 
Schiff. Dan. Skib. 

Scip-r^p, II. 2. ship-rope. 

Scfr, II. 2. shire, province, 

Scfr, sheer, bright, clear. 

Sciringes-heal, a port of 
Norway, the exact position 
of which is unknown, 
Judging from the context 
of Ohthere^s narrative, it 
seems to lie in the Skager 
Rack, near the Fiord of 
Christiania. To the south, 
he tells us, lies a very broad 
sea, no doubt the Cattegat; 
on one side of which was 
Gotland {Jotland, Jut- 
land), and then Sillende 
(Seeland), Sailing from 

SciringeS'heal to Slesioig 
(at Ha^um), Ohthere had^ 
as he tells us, Denmark on 
his left, by which denomi' 
nation he undoubtedly 
mecms Skaane (Scania), 
and Holland, the early 
seat of the Danes, and 
which constituted a part 
of the modem kingdom of 
Denmark tilll65S, Then, 
two days before his arri- 
val at Sleswig, taking a 
westerly course, he had 
Gotland (Jutland) on his 
right. From the men- 
tion of islands on his left, 
it would seem that he sailed 
betweenMoen andSeeland. 
JProf.Dahlmann supposes, 
erroneously I think, that 
Ohthere sailed throughthe 
Great Belt. Porcliiingen, 
Th. i. G-escli. v. Dann. i. 
p. 65. See Q-otland. 

Scfrman, shireman, provin- 

ScitS^ige, Scythia. 

tScome (sceomu), shame, 

Scomu, i. q. sceamu. 

Sc6n, shoon ; pi. irr. of sco, 

Scon (seen), sheen, beauti- 
ful. Ger. Bchon. 

Sconeg, Skaane (Scania). 

Sc6p, II. 2. poet, minstrel. 

Sc6p-gereord, III. 1. poetie 
diction, poetry. 

Scort. i. q. Sceort. 

Scotian, to shoot. 

Scotung, «^o^^, jaculatio. 



Scrsef, n. 1. den^ cave, 

Screadian, 1 to shred^ 

G^^screadian, J pnme, lop, 

Scride-Finnas, the mhabit- 
ant^ of that part of Both- 
nia which lies between the 
Angermann and the Tor- 

Scrfn, II. 1. shrine, casket, 
chest. Dan. Skrin, G-er. 

Scr(id, II. 1. shrotid, vest- 
ment, clothing. 

Scrutnian, to inquire into. 

OescT^d&n, 1 3 scryt, to 

Scr^dan, J clothe, Gr. 

Scryn. See Scrfn. 

Scucca. See Sceocca. 

Sctifan, 3 scyfS, pret. sceaf, 
pi. scufon, to shove, thrust, 

ScSnian, to shun, fear, 

Sctir, II. 2. shower, 

Sc(irum, adv., with scoimng 
or grinding, 

Gescj, shoes. Gr. 106, 

Scyl, the name of a harper, 
father or progenitor of 
Scilling mentioned in the 
Scop's Tale'? (Cod. Exon. 
p. 324). Or it is too 
great a poetic license, even 
for an Anglo-Saxon hard, 
to assign to Job, as a 
harper, the forefather of 
the Longobardic hi/ng 
Audwin's minstrel ? 

Scyld, II. 3. 9in^ crime, 
Q-er. Schuli 

Scyld, n. 2. shield, G^r. 

6?«scyld, indebted. 
G^escyldan, to shield, protect, 
Scyld-burh. See Scild- 

Scyldig, guilty, condemned, 
G^^cyldnys, defence, protec- 
G^scyndan, to shend, put to 

Scyne, beautiful, sheen. Gter, 

Scyp. See Scip. 
Scypen, II. 3. stall, shed. 
Scyp-here, II. 2, fleet, naval 

Scyppan, 1 pret. -scedp, 
O^^scyppan, J pp. -sceapen, 

to shape, form, create, 
Scyppend, II. 2. Creator. 

Gr. 118. 
Scyrting, shortening, a- 

Scytan. See Sceotan. 
ScytsBn, E. Angl. for scu- 

ton. See Sceotan. 
Scyttan,apparently the same 

as Sceotan, erogare, con- 

ferre (pecuniam), to pay. 
Be, masc, he, the. Gtr. 146. 
Se, E. Angl. for sy. 
fSe, as; son se, as soon as, 
fSeaht (saeht), peace, con- 

O^^seald, betrayed. See 

Sealde, See Syllan. 
Sealm, 11. 2. psalm, 
Sealm-sce6p, 11. 2. psahn- 




Sealm-Bong, II. 2. jpsalm- 
singing, psalmody, 

Sealm - wy rhta,^«a^-«/7rtyA^, 

Sealt, II. 1. salt, 

Sealt, adj., salt, 

Sealtere, II. 2. Salter. 

Seamere, II. 2. seamer, tai- 

Searo-foncol, devising, stra- 
tagem, cv/nning. 

Searwade (sine), p. 153 ? 

Seax, II. 1, 2. 3. knife, sword, 

Seaxan, Saxons. Ohthere 
evidently speaks of the 
Nordalhingian Saxons, 

Secan, | ^^ ^^^^ ^^ 

Secean, J 

Secg, II. 2. soldier, warrior, 

Secgan, Ipret. s^de, to 
G^esecgan, J say. Gr. 214. 
SecrsB, for secra, or seocra, 

gen. pi. of seoc. 
Segel, II. 2. sail. 

n° t' \ to sail. 
G^seglian, J 

Gesegon, pret. pi. of gesedn. 

Gr. 231. 
tSeh, sob (s^h), fell down, 

descended. Prom sfgan. 
Gcaeb, i. q. geseah. See 

Sell, good, excellent. 
Seldcu^, selcouth, wonderful, 

Seldon, seldom. Ger. sel- 

Seldsyn, rare. 
Sele, II. 2. hall, saloon^ 

Sem, the wood of which 
NoaVs o/rTc was made, in 
Genesis called Gopher 

G^eseman, to determine, 
judge, decide between. 

tSemefJ), seemeth, beseem- 

Semninga, suddenly. 

tSen (se()n), \ . 

tJsen (ge8e()n), J ^^ *^^- 

Sendan, 3 sent, sendetS, pret. 
sende. Gr. 207. 

fSende (scendan), shend, 

G^esenian, to sign, mark. 

Seo, iGm.,she,the. Gr. 146. 

Seoc, sick. 

Seocnys, sickness. 

Seofe, seven* 

Seofeniht, week, 

SeofetJa, seventh. 

Seofon, seofan, seven. 

Seofonfeald, sevenfold. 

fSeoh (sot5), true, 

g- 1 ' V II. 2. seal, phoca. 

^Qo\ieTn,of silver, argenteus. 

Seolfor, II. 1. silver, 

Seolfor-8mi8, II. 2. silver- 

Seolm. See Sealm. 

Se()n, 1 3 p. he gesyhS, 

G^^se^n, J pret. geseah 
(geseh), pi. gesawon (ge- 
segon). Gr. 231. Gesaw- 
en be{)n, to appear, 

tSeorwe (sorh), sorrow, afi 

Seow. See Sawan. 

fSeoJ) (s68), sooth. 



Seofan, 3 syt$, pret. seats, to 

seethe, hoil. Oct. 251. 
Seo8t$a, \ (sit$t5an), after- 
tSeo68en, J wards, then, 
Sermende, a country or peo- 
ple to the north ofMoeg^a- 
land {Mazovia) and to 
the east of the Burgendas 
( Bur gun diones), extend^ 
ing to the Riphcean moun^ 
tains^ being the modem 
Livonia, Esthonia, and 
part of Lithuania. 

G^eseted, seated, placed, qu. 
from setian ? Gr. 202 ? 

Setl, Jll.l. settle, seat, setting. 

Setl-gang, II. 2.8iiimansetl- 
gang, sunset, 

Setlung, setting. 

GesetnjQ, law, institute, hoolc, 

Settan, ] to set, place, con- 

Gcsettan, J stitute, esta- 
blish, compose, dedicate, 
Gr. 208. 

tSettledd, settled, seated. 

tSeuge (secge), to sag. 

Gesewen, seen ; gesewen 
be6ii, to seem, videri. See 

G^^ewenlic, visible. 

Sex. See Seax. 

fSetS (so8), sooth, true. 

(rcsetSan, to prove true, con- 

Sefe, masc, he who, who, 

tShsBweim (sceawian), to 

tShende (scendan), to re- 
proach, contumelia affi- 

Sia, E. Angl. for seo. 
Sib, II. 3. peace. 
tSib, contract. 



Sibling, II. 2. relation, kins- 
man or kinswoman. 

O^esibsum, peaceable friend- 
ly - 

Siccetung, sigh, sob. 

Sfd, unde, ample. 

Srde, I. 3. silk. 

Sfde, I. 3. side. 

Sfd-wah, II. 2. side-wall; 

sid- wages, for -wagas ; 

Sig, for s^. See "Wesan. 
Sfgan, pret. sfih, pi. sigon, to 

sink, descend, fall doum. 
Sige,li.2. victory. G-er. Sieg. 
Sige-folc, II. 1. triumphant 

Sigel, II. 3. collar, necklace, 

Sige-T6f, famed for victory. 
Sige-wong, II. 2. plain or 

field of victory. 
Sigor, I1.2.victory. Grer Sieg. 
Sigor-le^n, II. 1. reward of 

OesiloL^, II. 3. sight, vision, 

aspect, presence. 
Sillende, Seeland. 
Silomon, Suhno. 
Simle, ever, always. 
Sin. See Syn. 
Sfn, his, her. Grer. sein, 

Dan. sin. G-r. 145. 
Sine, II. 1. treasure, silver. 
Sinc-gyfa, treasure-giver ; 

epithet applied to a chief. 




Singal, ^ perpetual, conti» 

Siugallic, J nuous, 

Singan, pret. sang (song), 

pi. sungon, to sing. 

Singian, ] , . 
^ " .' V to sin, 
G^csingian, J 

Sinot5, synod, 

Sio, i. q. seo. 

Siofian, to bewail. 

tSip (scip), ship. 

Sittan, 1 pret. s»t,pp. ge- 

G^sittan, J seten, to sit, 

sit in. 
Sixtig, sixty. 
Sit5, II. 2. way, path Journey, 

extremity, time. O. N. 

Sinn, Dan. Sinde. Gr. 33. 
Sx6, late. 

Gesi^, 11.2.chieftain,comeB. 
Sit5lice, aftenmrds, subse- 
fSifte, sighed. 
Si«fa3t, II. 2. III. 1. way, 

journey, expedition. 
SitJian, to journey. 
SitSfan, after, after that, then, 

Slsed, II. 1. plain, open tract 

ofcotmtry. O. N. Sletta, 

Dan. Slette. 
SlsBge. See Siege. 
Slaegie, E. Angl. for siege. 
Slsep, II. 2. sleep. 
Slsepan, 3 slseptS, pret. slep, 

pp. slapen. Gr. 234. 
SlaBp-em, II. 1. dormitory, 
Slapan. See SlsBpan. 
SMt. See Sirtan. 
Sleac, slack, slow, remiss. 
Sle^n, 1 SslyhSjpret.sloh, 
C^eslekn, J pi. alogon, pp. 

geslagen, to slay, strike, 
heat, cast, fight. Ger. 
schlagen. Also, to gain 
(by fighting) ; as, ac fu 
most neonon hutSe l^dan, 
)>e ic ]>e set hilde gesloh, 
but thou mayst hence lead 
the spoil, which I for thee 
have won in battle : — 
Ccedm. p. 129, line 24. 
[^belstan andEadmuud] 

• ealdor-langne t5^r geslo- 
gon ajt seeee. [Athel- 
Stan and Ednmnd^ gain- 
ed life-long glory in the 
battle-.— Battleof Br., \. 6. 
See Warton, H. E. P. i. 
p. Ixvii. edit. 1840. 

Slecge, II. 2. sledge, large 
hammer ; from sJe&i. 

Siege, II. 2. slaying, slaught- 
er, stroke, blow. 

Slege-fsege, doomed to 


Sleh, imperat. of sle^. 

Slepan. See Slaepan. 

Sliht, II. 2. stroke, csedes. 

Slftan, pret. sMt, to sUt, tear. 

SIol"* } ^ ^'^^^ 
Smael, small, narrow. 
Smeagan, pret. smeade, to 

inquire, consider, argue, 

meditate, contemplate, dc" 

Smeagung, machination. 
Sme^n. See Smeagan. 
Smeat, beaten gold, from 

smftan, pret. sm^t, to 

smite, beat P 



SmeatSancolnys, subtlety, 

Smedeine, 1. S.Jlour. 

Smi^, II. 2. smith f handi- 

Smit$J?e, I. 3. smithy, work- 
shop. Ger. Schmiede. 

Smylt, mild, placid^ tran- 

Smyrian, to smear, anoint, 

Suaw, II. 2. snow. 

Snaw-hwft, snow-white. 

Snel, hold, quick, active. 
Grer. Bclinell. 

SnftJan, pret. sn^8, pi. sni- 
don, pp. sniden, to cut. 
G-er. schneiden. 

Snoter, toise, prudent. 

^mx^Q, forthwith, quichly. 

Snytro, III. 3. prudence^ 
wit. Gr. 103. 

Softe, softly, easily. 

tSoh. See Seh. 

tSohfsest (so^faeat), tru^, 

Solcen, silken, for seolcen, 
from seolc. 

tSomed (samod), together. 

tSommere (sumre), in some. 

G^^somnian, to assemblcy call 

Gesomnung, assembly, syna^ 
gogue ; from samnian, to 
gather. Ger. Saminlung. 

Soraod. See Samod. 

Son, II. 2. sotmd, song, 

Sona, soon, straightways, 

Song, i. q. sang. 

Song, i. q. sang, pret. of sin- 

Song-crseft, II. 2. art of 
song, poetry. 

fSon somm, as soon as, 

Sont, E. Angl. for sanct. 

Sorgian, to sorrow, grieve, 

Sorn, II. 3. sorrow, care. 
Ger. Sorg. 

Sorhful, sorrowful. 

Sorhlice, sorrowfully, mise- 

Sot$, true, truly ^ in sooth; 
soJ?e, truly; to sofe, in 
sooth, forsooth, 

So^faBstnes, 1 truth, inte- 

SotSfsBstnys, j grity, jus- 
tice ; for sotSfsestnysse 
God, p. 79, 1. 9. 

SotJlice, soothly, truly, for, 
amen; nam, enim. 

fSo^scipe (sotscipe), sot- 
ship, folly. 

fSpac, for spsec. 

Sp^d, III. 3. spade. 

Sp»c, i. q. spraec. 

6resp^an, to persuade, en- 
tice. See Asp^uan. 

Sp^rian, to spare. 

Spearea, spark. 

Sp^c. i. <j. spr^c. 

S pecan, i. q. sprecan. 

Sped, H. 3. wealth, prospe- 

Spedan, to speed, succeed, 

fispedden (gespeddon), ex- 
ecuted,performed, speeded. 

tSpedet (spedetJ). See 

Spedig, rich. 

SpeU, II. 1. A II. 3 ? history, 
tale, message, sermon, spell. 

fSpellenn (spellian), to re- 
late, preach. 

T 2 



tSpenet$ (spende^), spends ; 

from spendan. 
Spere, III. 1. spear. 
Spic, II. 2 ? iacon. Grer. 

tSpilede (^^eWside) , spoke ; 

from spelliau. 
Spillan, to destroy, 
(r^ponneu. See G-esp^nan. 
G^^spowan, pret. -speow, to 

succeed^ speed, 
SprsBC, II. 3. speech, saying, 
Sprecan, 1 3 spryct$,pret. 
G^sprecan, J sprsBC, to 

speak, to speak to, address. 

Q-er. sprechen. Gr. 229. 
Sprengan, to burst, break, 

snap, Ger. springen. 
Springan, pret. sprang, pi. 

sprungon, to spring, 
Sprittan, spryttan, to sprout, 

germinare, pullulare. Gr. 

Spr6t, II. 2 ? sprout, rod ? 

See p. 23, note. 
Spur-leper, U.S. spur-leather, 
Spycan, i. q. Sprecan. 
Spyrta, basket, sporta. 
Stsede, for stede. 
Staef, II. 2. staffs, rod, letter, 

writing. Ger. Stab. 
Stael-hr^n, II. 2. decoy 

G^st^nan, to stone. 
St^nen, of stone. 
Staer, III. 1. history. 
StaetS, III. 1. shore, bank, 
St8Bt$8ig, steady, firm, se* 

O^estae^tJignys, steadiness, 


Stalcung, stalking, walking 
slowly, stealthily, 

St^lian, to steal. 

St^n, n. 2. stone. Ger. 
Stein, Dan. Steen. 

St^ndan, "i 38tent(styTit), 

G^st^ndan, J pret. st^ 
to stand, to be, drive, con- 
tinue. Also, act. to urge, 
vex, attack {as a disease). 
Gr. 237. 

St^ian, to stare, look, 

Sta^ol, II. 2. foundation, 
site, Se stafol fara turfa, 
the place where they grew. 

Steap, steep, deep, 

Stearc, rugged, hard, aus- 
tere. Gfer. stark. 

Stede, II. 2. stead, place ; 
stede fsBst, stedfast,firm. 

Stede-heard, firm in phice 

Stefen, II. 3. voice, Gr. 81. 

fStefuen (stefen), voice. 

St^lan, 3 stylt5, pret. st^l, 
pp. stolen, to steal. 

Stemn. Gr. 81. See Stefen. 

Stemnettan, to meet ? 

Stenc, II. 2. stench, odour. 

Steop-bearn, II. 1. stepchild. 

Steorbord, 11. 1. starboard. 

Steorra, star. 

Steort, II. 2. tail. 

Steppan, pret. stop, to step, 

Sterced-ferhtS, stem-minded, 

SticcemsBlum, piecemeal, 
here and, there, 

Stig, II. S.path. Nor. stigo 
for stiga. 



Stfgan, pret. st^h, pi. stigon, 
pp. stfgen, to gOy proceed 
(upwards or downwards), 
according to the prepo- 
sition prefixed. 

Stihtan, to arrange, dispose, 

O^^stillan, to still, stay. 

Stille, still. 

Stillnes, stillness, quiet. 

Stingan, pret. st^ng, pi. 
stungon, to sting, stab, 

Stfran. See St^rian. 

Stiria, sturgeon, Q-er. and 
Dan. Stor. 

Stirigendlic, stirring, mo- 

Stiward, II. 2. steward. 

Stit$, 1 stern, austere, se- 

StitJlic, J vere. 

StiSUce } *^^^^y' austerely. 

Sti8m6d, stern. 

Stit5nys, austerity, severity. 

St()d. See St^ndan. 

tStonde (stund), stound, 
while, time, Ger. Stunde. 

Stontjforstent. See Standan. 

St{)p. See Steppan. 

^i6T, frankincense. 

'\^iov, great, Dan. stor. 

Storm, II. 2. storm. Ger. 
Sturm, Dan. Storm. 

Storm, stormy. 

Stow, II. ^. place; forming 
the termination to many 
names of towns, as, Ood- 
stow, Felixstow, etc. 

Str^cian, to stroke. 

Strael, II. 2. arrow, da/rt, 

Str^t, II. 3. street. 

Strang, strong, severe, rigid. 

Ger. strenge. Strange, 
strongly, powerfully. 

6^estrangian, to strengthen. 

Stream, II. 2. stream, 

Strec, severe, rigid. 

Streccan, pret. strehte, to 
stretch, spread. 

Strengre, -a, stronger. Gr. 
p. 51. 

fStrentJ (strengt5), strength, 

StrengS, II. 3. \ . 

StrengSu, III. 3. J ^^^^^^^' 

Stre6n, V III. l.gain, pro- 

OeAtre6n, J ft, treasure. 

Streoneshalh, Whitby. Dan. 
Hvid By. This is one of 
the instances where the 
Saxon name has given 
place to the Danish. 

Streowian, to strew. 

Strfuan, i. q. Gestr5'nan. 

Strudan, 1 to spoil, rob, de- 

Strutian, J stroy. 

Gestr^n&n, tobeget,get,gain. 

Stund, II. 3. stound, space 
of time; embe stunde, 
from time to time. 

^txmt, foolish, stupid. 

Sttir-mere, Sturmer in Es- 
sex, on the river Stour, or 
rather the fen (mere) it- 
self,in the neighbourhood 
of which Leofsunu ap- 
pears to have dwelt. " On 
the south, the river Stour, 
at its rise, stagnates in a 
great fen, called Stour- 
meer, but presently con- 
fining itself within its 
banks, first passes by 
Clare," etc. — GrOugVs 



Camden, vol. ii. p. 43. 

Ist edit. 
Stjgan, togo^proceed, mount. 
Sty Ian, to he amazed, obstu- 

G^tylde, p. 125, 1. 13, witb- 

out doubt an error for 

gestyrde, punished. See 

Styman, to steam, exhale. 
Stynt. See St^ndan. 
Styrian, 1 tor egulate, stir, 
Ge^iKvmn, J punish, cor- 
rect, rule; gov. dat. of 

pers. and gen. of thing. 
Styriaen, for 8t5'rian. 
Styrman, to storm, assail, 

Styrne, stern, severe. 
Styrn-m6d, stern of mind. 
Sty^nys, severity, austerity. 
Sue, E. Angl. for swa. 
tSuge (secgan), to say. 
Sufn. See Swfn. 
Sul, sulh, IL 1. plough, 

Sulh-geteog, III. 1. plough' 

ing implements. 
tSuluer (seolfer), silver. 
Sum, some, one, a, quidam. 

He syxa sum, he one of 
. six, or with Jive others, 
fSum, as. Dan. som. 
Sumer, JII. 2. summer, 
tSumneden (sumnodon), 

assembled; from somnian. 
Sun-beam, II. 2. sunbeam. 
Sund, swimming, natatio. 
t-4wsund, sotmd, safe. 
G^esund, sound, safe, 
isund, for gesund. 
Sunder-halga, one sundered 

as it were from others 
through extraordinary ho- 
liness, apharisee. 

G^csundfull, I healthy, sou4id, 

O'tfsundlic, J prosperous. 

O^csundfullice, safely, etc. 

Sundor-spraec, II. 3. a con- 
versation apart, 

Sundor-yrf, II. 1. separate 

Sundran. Onsundran,a;?ar^. 

Sun-ganges, with the sun. 

Sunnan-daeg, II. 2. Sunday. 

Sunne, 1. 3 . sun, G-er. Sonne. 

Sunu, III. 2. son. G-er. 
Sohn, Dan. Son. Gr. 

Surpe (Sorabi, Sorbi), a 
Slavonic people inhabiting 
Jjusatia, Misnia, part of 
JBrandenbu/rg and Silesia. 
Their capital was Sorau. 

Susl, II. 3. torment, punish- 

tSuste (swuster), sister, 

Suwian, to keep silence, si- 

Sut5an, south Jrom the south, 
Gr. 339. 

Sut$-Dene, the Danes inha- 
biting the south of Jut* 

Sufem, southern. Sufeme 
(sufemne) gfir means a 
missile that had been sent 
from the English side, 
which was returned by 
the viking. An instance 
of the reverse occurs at 
p. 136, 1. 22, sqq. 

Suo-rihte, due south. 

Sut$weard, southward. 



fSuffe (sitS^an), afberwa/irds. 

Swa, «o, thiLS^ as, whether, 
8wa hw^ swa, whosoever, 
Swa hwast swa, whatso- 
ever. Swa hwylc swa, 
whosoever. Swa hwaer 
swa, wheresoever. Swa 
ilce, i. q. swylce. Swa 
same, so. fSwa sumra, 
so, as; for swa swa : Dan. 
saasom. Swa swa, so as. 
S wa-feah, S wa-f eah-hw8B- 
fere,ye^, notmthstanding, 

Swaec, II. 3. odour, tastCy 
flavour, seasoning, sapor. 

Sw aefas, the Swabians. 

^^'ddv, heavy. Ger. schwer. 

Sw8BS, sweet, dear, own. 

SwaBsendjIII. 1. meat, viand; 
generally used in the plu- 

Swaeslice, \ sweetly, he- 

G^eswsBslice, J nignantly, 

fSwain. See Sweyn. 

S vv^t, II. 2. sweat, poet, blood, 

Swa tig, sweaty, poet, bloody. 

Swat^ii, III. 3. trace, vestige, 
way, path. 

Sweart, swart, black. Ger. 
schwarz, Dan. sort. 

Swefel, II. 2. sulphur. Ger. 
Schwefel, Dan. Svovel. 

c p ^ [ III. 1. dream. 
Sweln, J 

Sweg, II. 2. sotmd. 

o ^ ^ [ to sound, 
oweigan, J 

S wegcraeft, II.2. sound-craft, 


Swegel, II. 1 ? heaven, fir- 

Swegl-r^d, II. 2. plectrum ? 
Ohg. suegilpein, from 
Goth, swigidn, to play 
i music? 

Sweger, II. 3. wife's mother, 

Sweging, sotmd, noise, 

Geswe], III. 1. swelling, tu- 

Swelgere, II. 2. glutton, 
Ger. Sehwelger. 

Sweltan, pret. swealt, pi. 
Bwulton, to die, Gr. 

tSwen. See Sweyn. 

O^cswenc. See Geswinc. 

Geawenc&n, 1 to vex, afflict, 

(reswencian, J fatigue. 

G^^swencednys, affliction, 

Swen""^' } *^''^'^^' *^^^' 

Sweoland, II. 1. Sweden, 

Sweon, the Swedes, 

Sweora, neck. 

Sweorcende, darkening ; 
from sweorcian, to grow 
dark or gloomy ; sweor- 
cend-ferht5, gloomy-mind' 

Sweord, II. 1. sword. 

Sweorettung, sigh, 

Sweoster. See Swuster. 

Sweot, II. 2. band, turma. 

Sweotol, i. q. swutol. 

Swer, Nor. for sweger. 

Sw^t, sweet, 

G^^w^tan, to sweeten, 

Sw^tnes, sweetness, 

fisweued (geswefod), ren-^ 



dered useless; from ge- 
swefian, sopire. 
tSweyn, swain, yov/ng man. 

Dan. Svend. 
Swfcan, 1 pret. bw^, pi. 
G^^wfcan, J swicon, tot 
deceive, betray, cheat, de- 
sist from, shrink from, 
Swfcdom,^flfw^, deceit. 
Swfcol, false, treacherous, 

Swiffc, swift. 

Swiftnys. See Swyftnys. 
Swige, I. 3. silence. 
Swigian, to hold silence. 
Swike, for swicon. See 

Swilce. See Swylce. 
tSwilch (swylce), as. 
tSwillc (swylc), such. 
Swima, I. 2 ? giddiness, ver- 
Swimmende, sunmmvng. 
Swfn. See SwVn. 
Geswinc, III. 1. labour, toil, 

Swincan, pret. sw^nc, pi. 

swuncon, to toil. 
Swincgel, II. 3. ? 1 stripe, 
Swincgle, I. 3 ? j blow, 

Swingan, pret. sw^ng, pi. 

swungon, to scourge. 
Swingel, II. 3. correction, 

f Swinnc (swine), toil. 
Swinsian, to give forth 

Swinsung, sound, melody. 
Swipe, whip, scourge, 
SwfC, great, strong. 

SwitSe, very, valde, magno- 

SwitSlic, violent, strong. 
Swit$lice, i. q. swit$e. 
Swit$m6d, violent, haughty. 
Swit$or, more; comp. of 

Swit$ost, chiefly, for the 

most part. 
Swit$ra, compar. of Bwi8, 

right, dexter. 
G^eswitSrian, to prevail 

against, suhdue. 
tSwomefest (sceamfsBst), 

tSwowen, swoon. 
Swulce, for swylce. 
Swunce. See Swincan. 
Swuncgon. See Swingan. 
Swura, i. q. sweora. 
Swurd, i. q. sweord. 

Swuster \ ijj^ 2. sister. 

6r^wu8ter, J 

Swutelian, ^ to make mo' 
6reswutelian, J nifest, show. 
Swutelice, plainly, mani- 
Swutelung, manifestation, 

Sw utol, 8 wutel, manifest, evi- 

dent; 8weoto\e,manifestly. 
Swyftlere, II. 2. subtalaris. 
Swyftnys, swiftness. 
Swylc, such. 
Swylce, as if, moreover, as 

it were. 
Swymman,pret. swamm, pi. 

swumraon, to su)im. 
Sw^n, II. 1. sums. Gher. 

Schwein, Dan. Svin. 
Swyra, i. q. sweora. 



Swyrd-bora, sword-hearer ; 
E. Angl. swyrd-boraB. 

Swyrd-geswing, sword-stri- 
king, conflict of swords, 

SwyteliaiijE. Angl. for swu- 

Swywian, i. q. suwian. 

Swyfost. See Swit$08t. 

Sybb. See Sib. 

Syfer, sober, abstinent, pv/re, 
decent ; syferlice, soberly, 
etc. Ger. sauber. 

Syfernys, soberness, modera- 

Sy fling, meat, anything eaten 
with bread, opsonium. 

(3^esyht5. See G-esihtS. 

Syl, II. 3. sill, post, log, 

Syl. See SyU. 

Sylan-scear, ploughsha/re. 

Sylf, self, same. 

Sylfor. See Seolfor. 

SylfwiUes, volwntary, 

SyU, II. 1. & II. 3. plough, 

Syllan, 1 pret. scealde, to 

G^esyllan, J sell, give, be- 
tray, Gr. 196. 

Symbel, III. 1. feast; dat. 

Symbel, 1 always ; on sy m- 

Symle, J bel, at all times. 

Syn, II. 3. sin, Gtr. 82. 

Syn, for synt. 

SjTQderlice, especially. 

Syndrig, sundry, Syndrie, 
syndrige, separately, re- 

Synful, sinful, 

Syngan. See Singan. 

Syngian. See Singian. 

Ge^jnto, in. I. safety, sue- 


cess, benefit ; used in pL 

6re8yrwed, p. 136, 1. 30, ap- 
parently an error for ge- 
syrwende, from gesyr- 
wian, to lay snares, ma- 
chinate, insidiari. 

Syru,III.l. Gr.95.1 

Syrwung, J 

machination, wile. 

Syxtig, sia:ty. 

Syt$t$an. See SitStJan. 


tTa, for fa, after a word 
ending in d or t. 

Keen, Ken, III. 1. token, 

6retScnian, to betoken, sig- 

Geti^cming, signification, 
sign, type. 

T^can, pret. t^hte, to teach, 

T^cung, teaching. 

T^gel, II. 2. tail. 

Get^l, get^l, get^, HI. 1. 
tale, number, series. 

T^lan, to blame, insult, ca- 

fTaelen (t^lan), to blame, 

tTaer, for Jjsbf, after a word 
ending in d or t. 

tTaergsBneas, for fsBrgaeness, 

Taesan, to tease, annoy, as~ 

fTahten (t^hton), taught, 
showed; from t^can. 

fTake on, to receive, treat. 



fTaken (t£cn), token, mi- 

fTakenn (t^can), to take, 

Km, tame. 

tTatt, for fatt, after a word 
ending in d or t. 

OetfiYf\2iXi,to prepare, reduce 
to. It. to heat, mistue. 

tTe, for J?e, after a word 
ending in d, t, or ss. 

Teah. See Te6n. 

Geteald, told, said; from 

Tear, II. 2. tear. Ger. 
Zahre, Dan. Taar. 

Tegdon, apparently from 
tegan, i. q. tian, to tie, 

tTe33, they. 

f Te33re, their. 

tTeken (t^cen), token, ex- 

Get^l See Get^l. 

Tela, well! good ! it is well ! 

Geteld, II. 1. tent, tabernacle. 
G-er. Zelt, Dan. Telt. 

Telgian, to branch, flou- 

Tellan, 1 pret. tealde, to 

Getellan, j tell, recotmt, 
accotmt, reckon. 

Temese, Thames. 

Temian, 1 . ^ _ 
^ . .' y to tame. 
G^etemian, J 

Tempf } ^^- ^' ^^^P^'' 
Teode. See Te<5n. 
G^^teoh, III. 1. stuj', matter, 

hnplement, utcTisil. Ger. 

Zeug, Dan. Toi. 

6^0teobian, to resolve, 

Teolian. See Tilian. 

Teolung, tilling, culture. 

Tedn, 3 tyhtS, pret. teah, pi. 
tugon, to draw, go, lead^ 
educate, and pret. teode, 
to produce, create; te^n 
for«, p. 30, 1. 13, for forS- 

Teona, . injury, injustice, 

V wrong. 

Teot5a, teoye, tenth. 

T^ran, pret. taer, pp. t6ren, 
to tear. Gr. 229. 

Terfinna land, the eotmtry 
between the northern point 
of the Bothnia/n Gulf and 
the North Cape, 

Te«. See T6«. 

Ticeswell, Tichwell in Nor- 
folk, near Hunstanton. 

Tictator, II. 2. dictator. 

Tfd, II. 3. time, hou/r, tide, 
synaxis. Dan. Tid, Ger. 
Zeit. Gr. 34. 

Getfgan. See Getfgian. 

Tige, II. 2. tie, nexus. 

Tigel, II. 2. tile, brick, Qtqt. 
Ziegel, Dan. Tegl. 

Getigged, tied ; from ge-* 

(r^tigian, to tie. 

Tigris, tiger, 

Tihian, to resolve. 

Tihtan, 1 to persuade, 

Getihtan, J urge, excite, 

Tihting, instigation. 

Tilia, tiller, husbandman. 

Tilian, to till, prepare, get ; 
with gen. Gr. 397. 



tTiU, to. Dan. til. 

6retillan, to touch. 

Tillice, well, aptly; from 

til, good. 
Tilung, tilling^ culture, 
Tfma, time, hou/r, season, 

Dan. Time. 

Timbrian, \ . -, ., , 
^ .' 1 . y to build, 
Getimbnan, J 

O^fmian, to befall, happen. 

Tin, II. 1. tin. 

Jtinbred (sic MS.), for ge- 

Gddngnys, eloquence. 
Tintreg, torment. 
Tintreglic, infernal; from 

G^i6n,for gete^n, i. q. te6n. 
Tiot5, for teot5. 
Tir, II. 2. glorg. 
Tirian, 1 to vex, provoke, 
Tirigan, J exasperate, 
Tit$e, in possession of, com- 
Tifian, 1 to grant, give, 
Oetiyisn, J allow, prae- 

stare ; gov. gen. 
To, too. G-er. Zu. 
To, to, at, from, in, as, for ; 

in comp. with a verb. 

Lat. dis, Ger. zer. 
Toberstan, pret. -baerst, pi. 

-burs ton, to hurst, break, 

be dashed in pieces. 
tTobetet (to-beatet5), beat- 

eth ; from beatan. 
Tobr^dan, pret -braedde, 

pi. -braBd, to spread. 
Tobrecan, pret. -brsec, pp. 

-brdcen, to break. Ger. 


Tobr^dan, pret. -br^d, to cast 
off^ (sleep) ; with dat. 

To-cyme, II. 2. coming, ad- 

To-daeg, to-day, 

Tod^lan, act. and neut., to 
deal, divide, share. 

Tod^l, division, distinction, 

Tod6n, to divide, 

Todrefian, to scatter, expel, 

To-eacan, besides, in addi- 
tion to. 

To-emnes, along. 

Tofli6n, to flee from. See 

Toforan, before. 

Togaedere, together; togSB- 
dre f6n, to assemble. 

Togeanes, towards, to, 

To-gebindan, to bind to. See 

To-gehyhtan ( -geyhtan),ad- 

To-gel^dan, to bring to, 

To-gelecgan,^o lay to, apply. 
See Lecgan. 

Get6gen, educated, drawn. 
See Te6n. 

To-genydan, to force to, 

To-geyhte. See Yean. 

To-geJ?eodan, to add, join. 

Toglfdan, pret. -gMd, pi. 
-glidon, to glide away, 

Tohte, I. 3? 1 ^. . 


To-irnan, to rv/n to. See 

tTokenn, began. 

T61, n. 3. tool, instrument. 



Tolicgan, to lie between, se- 
tTome, for tto. 
Tomearcian, to marJc, num- 
ber, distinguish^ too:. 
Tomearcodays, nvmibering, 

taxing, census. 
Tomiddes, in the midst, 

Torht, \ r ^ ., 
Torhtiic, r^^^^- 
Torhtmdd, bright-minded. 
Torn, II. 2. anger. Grer. 

Toslftan, to rend in pieces, 

break. See Slftan. 
Tosloh, strtccJc. See Sle^n. 
Tosomme, together. 
Toswellan, pret. -sweoll, pp. 

-swollen, to swell. Gr. 

Tot^ran, 3 -tyrt5, pret. -taer, 

pp. -toren, to tear, rend. 
Totw^man, 1 to divide, se- 
Totw^inian, J pa/rate, di- 
Toweard,towerd,yj^^t^5, to- 

ward, to come, to be, futa- 

nis, -a, -um. 
Towurpan, -weorpan, 3 

-wyrptS, pret. -wearp, pi. 

-wurpon, to destroy, cast 

down, put an end to. 
T6t5, tooth ; tofum ontynan, 

dentibus aperire, utter 'i 

Gr. 96. 
To faes, to that degree, adeo. 
To fon, so. 
Tofunden, swollen. 
To fy faet, to the end that, 

eo quod. 

Traef, H. 2. tent, pavilion. 

O. Fr. tref. 
Traht-bdc, commentary, ex- 
Trahtnere, II. 2. interpreter, 

Trahtnian, to treat, expound, 

Trahtnung, exposition, 
Trendel, sphere, orb. 
Treo w, III. 1. tree. Dan.Tre. 
Treow-cin,II. 1. tree species, 

kind of tree. 
Treowen, of tree, wooden, 

tTreowet$e(treowet$), trust- 

eth ; from treowian. 
Oetreowlice, truly, faith- 
Treow-wyrlita, tree or wood- 

yyright, carpenter. 
Treppe, I. 3. ? trap. 
Triunipha, triumph. 
tTrokede. See Trukeden. 
tTrowwen (treowian), to 

trow, trust, confide. 
fTrowwf (treowt5), troth, 

tTrukeden (trucodon),yaJZ- 

ed, defecit ; from trucian. 
Trum, j^rm. 
Truma, cohort ofWQO m^n, 

Tr Lim uncg, confirmation, 

corroboration. E. Angl. 

for trymming. 
Truso, a town on the border 

of the mere or lake from 

which the river llflng (El- 

bing) flows in its course 

towards Elbvng, 



Truwa,, faith, trust 
Truwian, 1 to trust, con- 
iiwian, J 

to confirm, 

G^etruwian, J Jlde, rely on. 

Trjin, step. Beow. 5047, 
trem. Dan. Trin? 




6retrymmian, ^ 

Trymnes, exhortation. 

Tryw. See Treow. 

Oetrywe, true, faithful. 

fTu, for fu, after a word 
ending in d or t. 

Tucian, 1 to punish, tor- 

G^etucian, J ment ; bys- 
mere tucian, to torment 

Tugon. See Tedn. 

Ttin, II. 2. town, enclosure, 
mansion. Grer. Zaun. 

Tunece, I. 3. tunic, coat, 

Tunge,.I. 3. tongue. Grer. 
Zunge, Dan. Tunge. 

Ttin-gerefe, town-reeve, vil- 

Tungol, tungel, III. 1. hea- 
venly hody, star. P. 110, 
1. 18, tunglon occurs in 
the ace. plur. 

Tungol-wftega, lit. star-pro- 
phet, astrologer ; from 
tungol, sta/r, and witega, 
wise man, prophet. 

Turf, III. 3. turf. Gr. 106, 

tTumenn (tyman), to turn. 

Turtle, I. 3. tu/rtle-dove. 

fTuss, for fus, after a word 
ending in d or t. 

Tuwa, twice. 

Tw^, neut. and fem., two. 
Gr. 171. 

Twegen, masc, twain, two. 
Gr. 171. 

Twelf, twelve. Ger. zwolf, 
Dan. tolv. 

fTwemen (Tw^man), to se- 
parate, divide. 

Twenti, 1 . , 

Tweatig, j *'"'^*y- 

Tweogan, 1 pret. tweode, 

Tweonian, J or tweogde, 
to doubt, hesitate. 

m ' !• doubt. 
Tweonung, J 

Tweowa, twice. Gr. 185. 

Twig, III. 1. twig, branch, 

Ger. Zweig. ' 
tTwi33ea (twywa), twice. 
Twy, two ; twy- winter, two 

years (old). 
Twycina, a place where two 

wa/ys meet. 
Twyfeald, twofold. 
Twylic, ambiguous, doubt" 

Twyn, doM. 
Twynian. See Tweogan. 
Twynung. See Tweonung. 
Tyan, to teach; getyd, in- 
Tydder, weak. 
Tyddrian, \ to produce, 
Getyddrian, J bring forthy 

cherish, alere. 
Tybtan. See Tihtan. 
Getym,III. 1. plur. getyme, 

team, yoke. 
T^man, to team, beget, pro^ 




T^n, ten, 

Tyncenum, p. 88, 1. 10 ? 
Tyrf. See Turf. 
Tytie, Titt/us. 


tUader (f seder), father. 
tUflBl (wael), slaughter. 
tUair (badger), fair. 
tUeht (feoht), fght, impe- 

rat., from feohtan. 
tVeisif, departwre, decease. 

See FseisiSe. 
tVerd (fyrd), army. 
tUest {^db^t)fast; on ueste, 

strongly severely ? 

jj « ' \ above from above. 

G^euferian, to exalt. 

Ufeweardan, upward, above. 

"Uht-sang, II. 2. nocturns, 
nocturnal lauds ; from 
uht, the latter pm't of the 

tUinden (findan), to find. 

tUlc (ylc), same. 

Unabliunendlice, incessant- 
ly, zmceasingly. See 

UnadwaBScendlic, unquench- 
able; from adwflBScan, to 

tUnaleledaB (oDSBlde ?), in- 
fiamed, enraged ? 

Unalyfedlic, incredible, un- 

Un^r, II. 3. dishonour, dis- 


Unaswundenlice, actively^ 

tUubalded (unbealdod), he 
come less bold, sunk in vi- 

TJiibehohtyUnsold; from be- 
bycgan, to sell. See Bic- 

TJnbefangenlic, incompre- 
hensible ; from befdn. 

TJnbefohten, unassailed. 

Unbindan, to unbind. See 

Unc, u^s two. Q-r. 137. 

Uncl^ne, unclean, impure, 

Uncnyttan, to untie, unknit. 

UncutS, unknown, belonging 

to another, alienus. 

TJndeadlic, 1 • ^^^^^7 
TT J *T r tmmortac. 
Undeaolic, J 

Undeopfancol, not deeply 

thinking, superficial. 
Under, under, among. Qer. 

UnderbflBC, behind, back- 
TJnderdelfan, 3 -dylf, pret. 

-dealf, pi. -dulfon, to delve 

under, undermine. 
TJnderfeng. See Under- 

TJnderfdn, to receive, accept. 

See r6n. 
Undergytan, pret. -geat, to 

understand, perceive. 
TJnder-kyng, II. 2. under' 

king, tributary king. 
Underlecgan, to underlay, 

support, prop. See Lec- 





Undem, II. 2. the third 
hour, terce, i. e. 9 6* clock 


TJndern-tfd, II. 3. tertia. 
See TJndern. 

TJnderst^ndan, to trnder- 
stand. See Stand^n. 

UnderwretSian, to support, 

TInder)>eod, addicted, prone, 
deditus, subject, suffra- 

TInderfeodan, to resign, ad- 
dict, subject. 

Underfeow, II. 2. subject. 

Und6n, to undo. See 

tUndonc (unfanc), ingrati- 
tude ; UD]7ancunnaQ, to 
feel wngrateful, oive a 
grudge. Grer. Undank. 

Unearh, intrepid ; from 
QQ,vh., fugitive, cowardly. 

TJneatSe, uneasy, vexed. 
Also, adv. difficultly, vix. 

UneaSelice, with pain, diffi- 

UnforbaBmed, unbumt. 

TJnforcut5, honest, open, un- 

Unforht, fearless. 

Unforhtigende, fearless. 


Unforsmolsnod, uncorrupt- 
ed; probably an error for 
unibrmolsnod, from for- 
molsnian, to corrupt. 

Unfrit5, II. 2. hostility, 

Uiigecnaweii,«^w^»oMw. See 

Ungedefe, improper, unfit- 

ting, evil; from gedefe, 
tranquil, convenient, etc. 

Ungefohge, inconceivably. 

Ungefdtlic, impassable on 

UngefrsBglice, extraordina- 
rily, in an unheard-of 

Ungehyrsum, disobedient. 
Ger. ungehorsam. 

Ungel^red, unlearned, ig- 

Ungeleafful, unbelieving. 

Ungelimp, II. 1. misfortune, 

Ungeljfedlic, incredible. 

UngemsBtlic, immeasurable, 
vast ; ungemetlice, im-^ 
measurably, exceedingly, 

Ungemyndig, unmindful. 

Ungesewenlic, invisible. 

TJngewunelic, tmwonted. 
G-er. ungewohnt. 

Unh^l, unhale, sick. 

Unheh, not high. 

Unlsed, wicked, improbus, 

Unlucan, pret. -leac, pi. -lu- 
con, to unlock, open. 

Unlyfigende, lifeless. 

GeunnskH, 1 pres. ic -lin, pi. 
-unnon, pret. -u^e,togive, 
grant, with gen. Or. p. 

fUnnitt (unnyt), useless; 
on unnitt, unproftably, 

Unorne, vigorous, bold ? 

tUnratJ (unr^d), evil coim- 
sel, imprudence, demen- 



XJnriht, II. 1. unrighteous- 
ness, injustice, lorong ; 
on unriht, unjustly/, 

Unriht, 1 .7 

TJnrihtiic, I «^<^^' «^^- 

TJnrihtwrsnis, unrigJiteous- 

TJnr6fc, sad, 

Unrdtnys, sorrow, sadness, 

G^eunr6tsian, to sadden, cast 

Uns^lig, imhappy, unbles- 
sed, profligate, infelix. 

UnscaetStSig, harmless, inno- 

TJnscaeSSignys, innocence. 

Unseen J?, unharnesses ; 

should probably be un- 
BcertS, from an unrecorded 
verb, unscerran. Grer. 
ausschirren. (^Suggested 
hy Mr. B. Taylor.) 

UnscetJignys, innocence. 

Unscr^dan, to undress, tm- 

Unscyldig, innocent. Ger. 

Unsi"S, II. 2. mishap, misfor- 
tune, unfortwnate expedi- 

Unsoffce, unsoftly, severely, 

Unspedig, less affluent, poor, 

UnstatSelfaBstnes, instability, 

Unstille, unstill, restless. 

Unswaeslic, tmpleasant. 

Unsyfer, unsoher, impv/re. 

Untfgean, to untie. 

Untod^ledlic, indivisible; 

untod^ledlice, indivisi- 

Untrum, infirm, sicTc. 
Oeuntrumian, to afflict with 

sickness or infirmity. 
Untrumnys, 1 infirmity, 
Untrymnys, J sickness, 

Gr. 82. 
Untwylice, untweonlice,t^«- 

Untynan, to open; from 

UnwSclice, boldly. 
Unweaxen, unwaxen, not 

Unweder, III. 1 ? lad wea- 
ther, storm. Ger. Unge- 

witter, Dan. Uveir. 
Unwemme, immaculately, 
Unwittig, witless, ignorant, 
fUnwourtS (unweortS), tm- 

worthy, of little value. 
'\]Ti)pdd^\Q,indecent, u/nfitting, 

UnfancwurtJe, disagreeable, 
Unfeaw, II. 2. evil habit, 

tYor. See P6r. 
Up, up ; fa up, those above. 
Up-abredan, to pull or 

snatch up. See Bredan. 

Gr. 242. 
Up-ahebban, 3 -Heft, pret. 

-hof, pp. -h^en, to raise, 

lift up, 
Up-ar^ran, to raise up, 
Up-aspringan, pret. -a- 

spr^ng, pi. -asprungon, to 

spring up, rise. 
Up-ast%nes, ascension. 



TJp-ate^ri, to draw wp. See 

tTJpbrac (up-abraec), hrdke 
forth ; from brecan. 

TJp-forl^tan, to divide, dis- 
tribute {a river into seve- 
ral streams or branches). 

XJp-gSngan, to go up. At 
p. 134, 1. 20, the context 
seems to require up-g^ng. 
See G^ngan. 

TJp-gebdren, borne on high. 
See Beran. 

XJp-heofon, II.2 . high heaven. 

XJplic, upplic, on high, su- 

Uppcund, well-known, no- 
tus. — Lye. 

TJppon, upon, against. 

TJpriht, upright, erect. 

XJpstfg, II. 3. ascension. 

TJp-strgan, to ascend. See 

Upweard, upward. 

XJre, our. Gr. 137. 

TJrig, dewg, humid. See 
Grimm/ And. and El. p. 

Umon. See Tman. 

Ut, out. 

Ut-adrf fan, to drive out. See 

TJtan-ymb, around. 

TJte, out, without. 

TJt-feran, to go out. See Pe- 

Ut-g^n, to go out. See 

XJt-gong, II. 2. exit, depar- 

JJ ton, utna, let us. Gr. 415. 

TJton, without, beyond. See 

tVuel (yfel), evil, 

Uultor, II. 2. vulture. 

6r^ut5e. See Geunnan. 

Ut5uta, Nor. for ut$wfta, 
scribe, philosopher, sa- 

W^, wo. Wi worfe, wo be. 

W^c, weak, slender, mean, 

"W^cian, to watch, be weak, 

W^col, w^cel, watchful, vi- 

W ^coUice, vigilantly. 

W^dan, pret. w6d, to wade, 

"Waecce, I. 3. watch, vigil. 

Waeccende,w8Bcende, watch- 
ing ; from wsBcan. 

Gcwaed, III. 1. weed, cloth- 
ing. Gr. 93, 94. 

'W8edla,^oor. Gr. 121. 

Waedlian, to become poor. 

"WsBfels, II. 2. cloak. 

WflBg, t06y (a weight so call- 

Wseg, ni. 1 ? cup. 

"W^ge, I. 3. balance. Ger. 

Gew^gQ, weight. 

W^1,II. 1 ? slaughter, death. 

Waela. See Wela. 

Jwaeld, for gewealden. See 

"W^legian, to enrich. E. 
Angl. for gewelgian. 



W^l-gifre, greedy ofslaughU 

"W^l-hreow, cruel^ blood- 

Waelreowlice, cruelly, hor- 

W^l-reownes, cruelty, fero- 

W^l-rest, II. 3. slaughter- 

W^l-scel, II. 3. shell (i. e. 
place) of slaughter. 

WflBl-spere, III. 1. death- 

W^l-stow, II. 3. slaughter- 

Volace, field of battle. 
ael- (i. e. wel-)winend- 
ness, benevolence. 

W^l-wulf, II. 2. wolf of 

WaBlwurtSian, to highly ve- 

G^ewaBmmodlice, corruptly, 

G^dwaende. See Wendan. 

W^ndon. See W^nan. 

tWaenen, p. 171, 1. 15 ; pro- 
bably an error for wseuen, 
woe (w^wa). 

Waepen, III. 1. weapon. 

Wsepned, 1 III. 2. 

"Waepned-man, J male. 

W^r, wary, cautious, provi- 

tWaer (hwaer), where. 

Waere. See Wesan. 

W^rlic, wary. 

W^rlice, warily. 

W^r-loga, belier or breaker 
of his compact, one void 
of faith. 

tWsBi^ (wratS), wroth. 
WsBsfen, for weston, laid 

WaBstm, n. 2. fruit, form, 

growth, stature. 
WaestmbsBre, fruitful. 
^sdta^fiuid, liquor, water. 
Wseter, III. 1. water. Gr. 

WaBter-aeddre, 1. 3. vein or 

stream of water. 
WaeteriaD, to water. 
W%iaii, to wag, shake, move 

to and fro. 
'W^h,wag, II. 2. t(?aZZ, paries. 
tWakede (w^code), grew 

weak ; from w^ian. 
tWal (weal), wall. G^ 

awal, go to the wall. 
W^law^, alas ! 
Wald, II. 2. weald, wood, 

"Walde, for wolde. 
tWalden (wealdan), to rule, 

Waldend. See "Wealdend. 
tWaldinge, for waldend. 
AYalaingah^m, Walsingham, 

in Norfolk, 
Wan, won, dark^ du^ky, 

W^ndian, to fear, blench. 
"Wang. See Wong. 
W^nian, to wane, v. a. to di- 
minish, V. n. to decrease. 
Wann. See Winnan. 
Wansi"S, II. 2. misfortv/ne. 
tWarchen (wraBcce), eosile. 
tiward. See Iwar^e. 



"Waru, HI. 3. ware, mer- 
chandise. Grer. Waare. 

"Waru, III. 3. the collective 
body of inhabitants of a 
place (Gr. 104, 295); 
used only in composition. 

tiwartJe (geweart$),M7<w, be- 
came ; from geweor8an. 

TO } See Witan. 

Water, for waeter. 
Gdwaterian. See Wsete- 

Waxgeom, voracious. 
Wea-gesit5, II. 2. associate 

in wickedness. 
G^eweald, 11.2. power. Used 

often in plur. 
"Wealdan, ] 3 wylt, pret. 
G^ewealdan, > weold, pp. 
G^ewyldan, J wealden, Jjo 

wield, govern, slay, have 

in power. 
Wealdend, II. 2. ruler, sO' 

vereign. Gr. 118. 
"Weal-gat, III. 1. wall- or 

Wealhs tod, II. 2.interpreter. 
Weall, II. 2. wall, murus. 

Ger. Wall, Dan. Void. 
Weallan, pret. weoll, ^o bum, 

boil, run (as a sore), ma- 

nare. Gr. 234. 
Weard, II. 2. warden, guar- 
Weard, II. 3. ward, guard. 
Weard, towards. 
Wearg, II.2. wretch, villain. 
Wearm, warm. 
Weaxan, 3 wyxS,pret.weox, 

to wax, grow. Gr. 234. 

Weder, II. 1. weather, tern* 

Woest. Ger. Wetter, 
edewe. See Widewe. 
Wefod, i. q. weofod. 
W^g, II. 2. wag. Ger.Weg. 
Wegan, pret. waeg, to bear, 

W^gferend,II.2. wayfaring. 

Gr. 118. 
W^g-nest, 1 II. 3. viaticum. 
W^g-nyst, J See Nest. 
Wei la wei! welaway ! 

alas ! 
Weig. See W€^g. 
Wei, well, almost ; wel ge- 

liwsBr, for the most pa/rt, 

pene ubique. 
Wela, weal, prosperity ; in 

plur. riches. 
Welded, II. 3. benefit. 
tWelde (wealdan), to rule, 

tWelden(wealden), govern- 


Weler, II. 2. lip. 

Welgian, 1 , . , 
ri 1 • \ to ennch. 
Cr^welgian, J 

Welig, weleg, wealthy, rich, 

flourishing, botmtiful. 

Welinga-ford, Wallingford. 

Welwillendnes, benevolence. 

Welwyllende, benevolent. 

Gewemaji, to seduce, entice 

W^nan, pret. w^nde, to ween, 

think, expect. 
Wendan, \ 3 went, to 
Gewendan, J wend, go, 

tv/rn, return. Gr. 207. 

Hence our went. 
W^nde. See W^nan. 
Wendel-s^, II. 2. & II. 3. the 




Mediterranean / Black 

tWennd, turned, trans- 

Weofod, m. 1. altar. 

Weonodland. See Wineda- 

"We6p. See "W^pan. 

"Weorc. 1 TT 1 z. 

Gaweorc. | °- ^- «"^*- 

Weorpan, 3 wyrptS, pret. 

wearp, pi. wurpon, to 

throw, cast. 
"Weoruld-gebyrdu, m. 3. 

worldly birth. 
Weoruldh^d. See "Woruld- 

Geweov^an, 1 3 p. he wyr^, 
"Weorfan, J pret. weartJ, 

pi. wurdon, to become, be, 

happen. Gr. 245. 
OeweoT^an, gewyr"San (v. 

impers. with ace. of pers.), 

to agree, settle, to seem 

goodor fitting, to be agreed. 
W eor^e, worthy. 
Weort5fullice, worthily. 
Geweorfian, to honour, dig^ 

' WeortSmynt, II. 2, 3. dignity, 

authority, honour. 
"Weorfung, honour, glory. 

Gr. 83. 
W^pan, pret. weop, to weep. 

Gr. 234. 
WepnsByE. Angl. for wsepnu. 
"Wepnian, to arm. 
"Wer, II. 2. man, husband, 


Wered, 1 II. 1. host, army ; 

Werod, J p. 96, 1. 23, we- 
rod is feminine. 

Werh^, manhood, male. 

Werian, to defend. 

Werig, weary, accursed. 

ed of soul. 

Werod, sweet. 

fWerri, to war, waste. 

"Wer^, weor^, worth. 

tWertJede (wratSode), irri- 
tated, tormented; jQpom 

Wesan, eom, eart, is (ys), 
imperf. wsbs, etc., subj. 
beo, waere, to be. Gr. 
233. Ger. wesen. 

West, west. 

tWest. See Uest. 

Westan, to lay waste. 

Weston, from the west. Gr. 

Weat-d^l, II. 2. the west. 

Weste, waste, desert, desert- 
ed, barren. 

Westen, III. 1. waste, desert, 

Western, western. 

West-nortJ, north-west. 

We8t-S^( Tester Hav) , that 
part of the German Ocean 
which washes the western 
shores of Denmark, from 
the Elbe, and Norway. 

Westweard, westward. 

tWet (hwaet), what. 

Wexan. See Weaxan. 

6r^wexen, gGweoTem^waxen, 
grown. See Weaxan. 

WetSer, II. 2. wether. 



fWhase, whoso. 

fWhulchere (hwylc) ,which, 

Wiarald, E. Angl. for wo- 

"Wfc, II. 1. dwelling, con- 

Wicg, II. 1. horse, 

Wfcian, to abide, take up 
qtiarters, encamp, hospi- 

Wicing, n. 2. viking, pi- 

"Wfcnere, II. 2. steward. 

"Wic-stow, II. 3. place for a 

. camp. 

tWid, wit (wit5), against. 

"Wfd, vdde, broad ; wfde , 
widely, far, 

tWit } (°^^^)' ^*^^- 

Wide we, I. 3. widow, 

'W\d\, filth, poUution, 

"Wfdm^rsian, 1 , ^ 

r^ ^^A ^ ' \ to cele- 
^dwfdm«r8ian, J 

brate, make known. 

W^f, II. 1. wife, woman. 

"Wff h^d, womanhood, fe- 

Wffian, to wive, marry. 

Wffman, III. 2. woman, 

"Wig, II. 2. wwr, warfare, 
battle. O. N. Y^g, caBdes. 

Wiga, wa/rrior. 

Wig-bed, n. 1. altar ; from 
wig, temple, ai.d bed, ta- 
ble ; whence possibly, by 
contraction, the word we- 

Wiggend, II. 2. warrior. 
Gr. 118. 

Wig-heard, bold in war* 

Wig-htis, II. 1. war-housCf 

Wig-plega, war-play, battle. 

Wi-haga, wig-haga, war or 
battle hay, a compact body 
protected by shields, per- 
haps synon. with w»l- 

Wiht, aught. 

Gewiht, III. 1. weight, 

Wf kian. See Wician. 

Wild, wild. 

Gewildan. See Wealdan. 

Wild-deor, II. 1. wild-beast. 

Willa, will. 

Willan. See Wyllan. 

Willsumnes, devotion, 

^ -1 . ' \to will, desire. 
Cr^wilnian, J * 

Willung, ] 

G^ewilnung, > will, desire. 

tWilning, J 

Wilrincgawer^, Worling' 
worth, in Suffolk, between 
Hoxne and Framlingham. 

Wimman, i. q. wffman. 

Wfn, II. 1. wine. 

Wfn-b6g, II. 2. vine-bough. 

Wind, II. 2. wind. 

Windan, 1 pret. w^nd, pi. 

G^ewindan, J wundon, to 
trnid, roll, revolve, whirls 
brandish, surrotmd, to 
come forth with a wind- 
ing motion. 

Wfne, n. 2.friend,comrade, 
O. N. Vinr, Dan. Ven. 

Winedaland, Weonodland, 
the country of the Venedi 
or Wends. Under the 
name of Yindland was 



at one time comprised the 
whole coast-lcmd Jrom the 
Schlei to the mouth of the 

"Wfiieard, 1 II. 2. vineyard. 

Wfngeard, J Dan. Vin- 

Wrne-drihten, II. 2. beloved 

Wrn-gedrinc, II. 2. wvne- 
drinking, sympoBium. 

Wfnlic, winelike^ resembli/ng 

tWinn, 1 possession^ unn, 

t Winne, j ffain ? 

Gewinn,III. l.wa/r, struggle y 

Winnan, pret. wann, pi. 
wunnon, to win, war, 
struggle with. 

Wrn-sad, satiated tvith tvine. 

Winter, III. 2. winter. Gr. 
98. N.B. The Anglo- 
Saxons and other North- 
em nations reckoned bj 
winters instead of years. 

Winter-selt, wvnter-station, 

Wm-treow, III. l.,vim^. 

Wircean. See Wyrcan, 

Wire, Wear. 

Wirian. See Wyrian. 

Wfs, wise. 

Gema, gewiss, certain, con- 
scious. Ger. gewiss. 

Wfsa, tmse man, sapiens. 
Also, mtness, 

Wiscan, to wish. 

Wfsddm, wisdom, 

Wfse, I. 3. toise, manner, 
thing, business, negotium. 

tiwise (gewis), to iwise, to 




to teach, rule, 
direct, point 

Wisle, the Vistula. 

Wisleland, the country for- 
merly called Little Po- 
land, in which the Vistula 
has its source. 

Wisle-mufa (Weichsel- 
miinde), mouth of the Vis- 
tula. That branch of the 
Vistula, which, after re- 
ceiving the JElbiTig, flows 
into the sea at Danzig. 

Wfslice, wisely. 

G^ewislice, 1 sv/rely, certain- 

6r5wisslice, J ly. 

Wist, II. 3. meal, repast, 

tWit (wi"8), against, with. 

6rdwit, III. 1. toit, sense, in- 

Wfta, wise man, senator, 

6rewfta, mtness. 

Wftan, ic w^t, pi. witon, 
pret. wiste, to know, be 
conscious of Gr. 218. 

G^ewftan, pret. w^t, pi. wi- 
ton, to go, depart, retire. 
Generally followed by the 
dative of the subject. 

Wite, III. 1. ptmishment, 
plagUfC, torment. 

Wftega, prophet, wise man. 

Wftegestre, 1.3. prophetess. 
Gr. 226. 

Wf tegung,^r(?pA«(y, divina- 



tWiteles, irreproacJiable. 

Gewitenes, witness, testi- 
mony, departurey death 

tWitenn (witan), to know, 

tWiterrlig, certain, 

Witland, the countryhorder- 
ing on the east hank of the 

Witleast, II. ^. folly, 

6^ewit-loca, mind, sense, 

(rewitnes, witness, 

Gewftnian, to ptmish, tor- 

Witodlice, verily, for, vero, 
autem, profecto. 

tWitt, we two. 

G^<^wittig, sensible, rational, 

Wit5, against, towards, with, 

along, for, in exchmige 

for ; as, beagas wiC ge- 

beorge, in exchange for 

safety, Gr. 411. 

"Wit$-8eftan, behind, 

WitJcwetJan, to speak 
against. See CweCan. 

"Wi^erian, to oppose. 

"Wiferle^n,II. 1. retribution, 

Wit$ertrod, return. 

WitJerweard, adverse. In 
North. Gloss, the adver- 
sary, i. e. the devil. 

Wif erwinna, adversary. 

Wit5-geondan, about, 

Wi8iiman, within. 

WitJm^tan, to compare, to be 
like, equal. Gr. 205. 

WitJs^can, pret. wit5s6c, to 
deny, renotmce, Gr. 

WiSst^ndan, to withstand, 
oppose. See St^adan. 

Wifutan, unthout. 

Wlaette, nausea. 

Wlanc, proud, lofty, grand, 

Wlf tan, pret. wl^t, pi. wliton, 
to look, see. 

Wlfte, II. 2. form, aspect, 

t Wliten (wlfte), aspect, etc. 

Wlitig, fair, beautiful. 

Wlitigian, to form, beautify, 

'W6, woh, curve, bending; 
to woge bringan, to lead 

tWoch (hwylc), which, 

W6d, wood or wode, mad, 

f Wodeloker, more woodly 
or fervently ; from w6d, 
mad, raging. 

Wodnes-daeg, Wednesday. 

"Wddnys, madness, insa- 

Woh. See Wo. 

Wolcen, m.\. welkin, cloud. 
Gr. 89. Gr. Wolken. 

Worn, II. 2. stain, spot. 

Womftdl, sinful, defiled, 

Wong, wang, II. 2. field, 

tWonien(wunian), to dwell, 

W6p, II. 2. whoop, weeping, 
cry, Gr. 298. See W^- 

Word, II. l.word, command- 

tWor3, worf, worth, 

Worhte, wrought; pret. of 

Worms. See Wyrms. 



Worn, II. 1 ? numher, mul- 
titude, body. 

tWoruli (weortSe), worth, 

Woruld, 11. 3. world, Gr. 

Woruld-buende, world- 
dwelling, inhabitant of 
earth. Gr. 118. 

Woruld-craeft, II. 2. worldly 
craft or calling. 

"Woruld-gebyrd, II. 3. world* 
hj birth, 

"Woruld-ges^lig, rich in 
worldly possessions, 

"WoruldMd, secular state or 

Woruldlic worldly. 

Woruld-nyt, II. 3. worldly 
or temporal use. 

Woruld-fing, II. 1. worldly 
thing, matter, 

Wds, 11. 1. oose, juice, 

tWouh, wof (woh), error, 

tWowe, woe, misery. 

Wracian, to be in exile, 

"Wracu, III. 3. vengeance, 

Wrsec, II. 3. exile. 

Wraecsit5, II. 2. exile, jour- 

WraeS, 11. 3. wrath, 

GewTai6i&n, to anger, 

Wrecan, 1 pret.wr8ec,pp. 

G^ewrecan, J -wrecen, to 
avenge, punish. Gr. 229. 

Wrecan, pret. wrehte, to 

tWrecche, wretch, exile, 

Wrecend, II. 2. avenger. 
Gr. 118. 

Wregan, to accuse. 

tWreffede (wra^ode), vrri- 

tated, tormented. 
Gewringan, pret. -wi^ng, 

pi. -wrungon, to wring. 
Writ, 1 lU. 1. writ, scrip- 
Oewni, J ture, writing. 

Wrftan, pret. wr^t, pi. wri- 

ton, tQ write. 
Wrftere,II. 2. writer, scribe. 
Wrixendlice, in tum^ red- 

Gewn^an, pret. -wr^S, pi. 

-wridon, to bind. Gr. 248. 
WritJan, to bud, fructify. 
Wuce, I. 3. week.^ Ger. 

Woche, Daii. Uge. 
tWuder (hwider), whither. 
Wudu, in. 2. wood, forest. 
Wudu-hunig, II. 1. wild 

Wuduwe, I. 3. widow. 
Wulder, wuldor, III. 1. 

Wulder-blaed, II. ^.glorious 

fruit, or reward. 
Wulderful, glorious. 
Wuldor-Fseder, glorious 

Wuldorfullice, gloriously. 
Wuldrian, to glorify, 
Wule, for wile. 
Wulf, 11. 2. wolf 
tWun {'NjT)),joy. 
Geyv^nsLjCustom, habit, wont. 
Wtind, II. 3. wound, sore, 
Wtind, wounded, Gter. 

Wunden-locc, wotmden- 

lock, having plaited hair. 
(rewundian, to wound. 



"Wundor, III. 1. wonder, mi' 
racle. Or. 93. 

Wundorful, 1 wonderful, 

Wundorlic, J wondrous ; 
wimderlice, wonderfully. 

"Wimdrian, to wonder, ad- 
mire ; gov. gen. 

~Wimdruiigy astonishment, 

"Wtine, wtina, wont, practice, 

GewaneliCy usual, custo- 

Wunian, \ to dwell, rest, 

G^^wimian, J stay, continue, 
exist, he. 

G^cwunian, to he wont. Q-er. 

tWimliche ( wynlice), agree- 
ably, delightfully. 

tWunn (wjn), joy, pleasure. 

Wunung, dwelling. Ger. 

"WurcflB^, for wyrcaC. 

Wurmes, for wyrmas, or 

"Wurpan, i. q. weorpan. 

"Wurtruma. See Wyrtru- 

"WurtSful, worthy, venerable, 

tiwurfi (geweorpian), to 
honour, revere, value. 

WuT^ian, weort$iaii, to wor- 
ship, honour, revere. 

"WurSlic, worthy ; wurtSlice, 

tiwurfen (geweoi^an), to 
he, become, befall. Let 
me al iwur])en, let all de- 
volve on me. 

Wur^mynt. See WeortJ- 

WiirtJscipe, worship, dignity, 

utum, for uton. 

Wydewa, widower ; also 
corruptly for wydewe, 

"Wydewe. See Wuduwe. 

G^ewyldan. See Wealdan. 

Wylla. See Willa. 

Wyllan, pret. wolde, to will. 
Lat. velle. Gr. 217. 

Wyllan, pret. weoll, to well, 
flow. See Weallan. 

Wylm, II. 2. heat, fervour. 

Wylsumnes, devotion. 

Wylte (Wilzen), a people 
who settled vn Germany in 
the sixth or seventh cen- 
tury. They occupied a 
part of Tomerama, the 
eastern part of Mecklen- 
burg, and the Mark of 
Brandenbu/rg. The river 
Savel was the botmdary 
between them and the So- 

Wyn, II. 3. joy, pleasure, 
delight. Ger. Wonne. 

Wynsnm, winsome, agree- 
able, pleasant, sweet. 

Wynsumnys, loinsomeness, 
pleasantness, sweetness. 

Wyrcan, 1 pret. worhte, 

GewjTCsai, J towork,make, 
produce, do, construct, 
dare operam. 

Wyrd, n. 3. fate; from 

Gewjiht, III. 1. deed, de- 



sert ; buton gewyrhtum, 

Wyrhta, ivri^ht, artificer, 

"Wyrian, wyrgan, wyrigan, 

to curse. 
Wynn, II. 2. worm, serpent. 
Wyrms, II. 2. putrefaction, 

corruption, pus. 
Wyrm-sele, II. 2. hall of 

W3mian, to warn, deny, re- 
fuse, parry, guard. 
Wyrpan, weorpan. Bee 


^y^^' \ worse. Gr.p.51. 
Wyrse, J ^ 

Wyrst, worst, sup. of yfel. 

Gr. 51. 
Wyrt, II. 3. wort, herb, 

plant. Dan. TJrt. 
Wyrt-gemancJII.l. mixture 

of herbs, perfume. Gr. 

"Wyrtruma, root. 
WyrtJe, i. q. weortSe. 
G^^wvslice. See Gewislice. 
WyxtJ. See Weaxan. 


Tean, pret. yhte, to eke, in- 

Tdel, idle, vain, useless ; on 
idel, vainly, frustra. 

Yfel, III. 1. evil. • 

Yfel, adj. evil. 

Yfele, evilly, badly. 

Yfel-hsebbende, afflk 
Gr. 118. 

Yfelnes, evil. 

Yfemest, uppermost, highest, 

Gr. 61. 
Yl. See Igl. 
Ylc, same. 
Yld, i. q. yldo. 
Yldeat, eldest, sup. of eald. 

Gr. 51. 
Ylding, II. 3. delay. 
Yldo, yldu, III. 3. age. Gr. 

Yip, n. 2. elephant. 
Ylpen-bsenen, of ivory, 

Ylpes-b^n, II. 1. ivory. Ger. 

Ymb, 1 about, after, accord- 
Ymbe, J ing to. 
Ymbe-8pr8BC,lI. 3. a speak- 
ing about. 
Ymbg^ng, II. 2. circuit. 
Ymbhwyrft, II. 2. circum- 
ference, compass, orbit, ro- 
tation, world; on ymb- 
hwyrfte, around. 
Ymbryne, II. 2. circuit, 

course, ember (week). 
Ymbsefnan, 1 to shineabout 
Ymbscynan, J or around. 

See Scfnan. 
Ymbscrydan, to clothe about, 

Ymbsittan, to sit round. 
Ymbsprecan, to speak about. 

See Sprecan. 
Ymbtrymian, to surround, 

Ymbutan, about, circiter. 
This word is frequently 
divided per tmesin, as, 
ymb honored utan. 
Ync, II. 2. inch. 



Yppan, to disclose, 

Trfe, III. 1. inheritance, 
Ger. Erbe. 

Trfenuma, hei/r, 

Trmt$, III. 3. misery, dis- 

Tman, pret. am, pi. umon, 
to run, Gr. 242. 

Trre, II. 1. ire, anger, 

Yire, angry, 

G^^rsian, to he a/ngry, 

Yr^, II. 3. produce, seges. 

TrSling, II. 2. husbandman, 
ploughman, ' 

Ys. See Wesan. 

Ysen, II. 1. iron, 

Ysle, ash, favilla. 

Ytemest, superl. of tit, l<ist, 
uttermost, utmost. Gr. 51. 

Ytst. See Etan. 

Yttra, outer, comp. of tit. 

Yttren, of otter^s shin. 

Y8, II. 3. wave, flood. 


))a, when, then, as; }>aSa, 

when, as ; f a-gyt, J?a gena, 

yet, Ger. da. 
)8ec, II. 1. thatch, covering. 
)8en (feng). See pegen. 
)8dne, for fone, ace, the, 

that, Gr. a47. 
)8enne, i. q. forme. 
)8Br, there, where, 
Jaere, fern., the, that. Gr. 

)8eriime, therein, 
)sermid, therewith, 
)8Bron, therein, thereon. 

with, instantly, just. 

pserto, thereto, thereof, be- 
sides; J)8erto-eacan, there- 
to, besides. 

pser-ufon-on, thereupon, 

p8BB,for this, thereforCfCfter ; 
f aes for, therefore, on that 
(tccount ; to fses, to that 
degree, so, adeo ; faes f e, 
because that, eo quod, 
propterea quod. 

pseslic, apt, equal. 

pset, neut., the, that. Ger. 
das. Gr. 146. 

psBt, that, ut, so that. Ger. 

paette, for fset fe. Gr. 

p^fian, 1 to consent, ap- 

Gef^fian, J prove, allow, 

page, i. q. fa. 

tpaht (poht), thought; from 

tpan (foiine), than, 

pane, II. 2. thank, 

GepSinc, II. 2. thought, mind, 

pance8,yro^w, gratia; Driht- 
nes f ances, Dei gratia vel 

pancian, 1 to thank; with 

Gef ancian, J dat. of pers. 
and gen. of thing. 

pancol-m6d, grateful-mind- 

pancung, thanking, gratia- 

Gcfang, gefwang, II. 2. 
thong, sinew. 



J*^°^' \thmce. 
)anonne, J 

)ar, i. q. faer. 

^ ' \ therein, thereon, 
)aron, J ' 

)e, E. Angl. for se. Or. 
p. 51. Also, thee, 

pe, who^ which, that. Gr. 

)e, or. See Hwaefer . . . J?e. 

)e, fl«, in proportion as. 

)e . . . fe, in interrogative 
sentences, is used like the 
Latin an : see p. 10, v. 30. 

pe, J)y, used before compa- 
ratives, like the Engl. the. 

tpeaewes (J?eawas),7wa7mer*. 

peah. See pe6n. 

peah, though, yet, still, how- 

peah-hwaefere, yet, never- 

G^efeaht, IIL 1. cotmdl, 
cotmsel ; from gefencan. 

G^feahta, counsellor, ad- 

Gefeahtynd, -tend, II. 2. 
counsellor, adviser. Gr. 

pearf, II. 3. need; to fearfe, 
in need. 

pearfa, poor, needy. 

pearfan,pret. forfte, to need, 
may. Gr. 218. Ger. 

pearfleas, needless ; fearf- 
lease, needlesly. 

pearle, very, exceedingly, 
very much, too much. 

pearlmdd, hold, strenuous. 

peaw, II. 2. thew, custom, 

^* I See pegen. 

rite, in pi. morah, man- 

peawlice, decently, manner- 
ly, obediently. 

tped (]>eod), people. 

pegen, II. 2. thane, servant, 

pegenlice, thanelike, in a 
manner becoming a faith- 
ful follower. 

tpe33, they. 

tpe33m (fam), them. 

tpe33re, their. 

pegon. See picgan. 

peh. See feah. 

tpe-3et (fa-gyt), yet, still. 

pe-lses, lest ; f e Ises f e, lest 

)encan, 1 pret. J)ohte, to 

(repencan, J think, devise. 
Gr. 214. 

penden, while. 

tpene (fonne), than. 

penian, to serve, minister. 

penne, i. q. fonne. 

(r^fensum, serviceable, offi- 

penung, service {divine), 
repast, coena. 

peo, E. Angl. for seo. 

tpeo, J?o (fa), then. 

peod, II. 3. people, nation ; 
feoda folc, nation. 

G^cfeod, II. 1. lam^guage, 
tongue, cotmtry, 

G^^l^eodan, to join, associate, 

peoden, II. 2. lord, chief, 
king ; formed from peod. 



people, analogously with 

drihteiijfipomdriht. G-oth. 

peod-guma, man of the 

country y man. 
Gepeo^OBy association^ de* 

peodscipe, people, nation, 

peof, II. 2. thief, 
pe6n, 1 3 J?yliC,pret. jjeah, 
Oe]fe6n.,} pi. fugon, to 

thrive, ^row, flourish. Gtr. 

peonan, for fanon. 
peos, she, this, fern. Gr. 

peostru, i. q. fystru. 
peotan, 3 fyt, pret. feat, pi. 

puton, to howl. Gr. 250. 

^ ' Tor servant. 
)eowa, 1. 2. J 

)eowddm, service, worship. 

)eowe, I. 3. \ female ser- 

peowen, II. 3. J vant, an- 

)eowian, to serve. 
)eowracu, III. 3 ? threat. 
)er-imie. See paerinne. 
)e8, masc, this, Gr. 146. 
)eues (feawas), manners. 
)ic, thick. 
jicgan; pret. fah, pi. J>egon, 

to takeypartakcy eat. 
GepihiS. See pe()ii. 
)i-l8B8, lest. 

)fn, thi/, thine. Gr. 137. 
)inean, 1 pret. fuhte, to 
Gefinean, J seem. 
Gepindi, II. 3. honour, dig- 

nityy merit, excellence. 

pinen, II. B. female servant, 

ping, II. 1. thing ; for his 

fingum, on his account. 
)ingian, to pray^ intercede. 
)ingrae(len,II.3 .t;i<^(?e«« w>n. 
Mod, i. q. feod. 
)iostro, for pystru. 
)ire, for ffnre and f fnra. 
fpirngen (fringan), to 

throng, crowd. 
piwen, II. B.f&tnale servant, 

Gepoht, II. 2. thought, coun- 
cil, machination. 
6^^f oht, pp. of gefenean. 
p61em6d, patient. 
tpolenn, for f 61ian. 
p61ian, 1 to suffer, endure, 
Gep6\iQsi, J tolerare ; Dan. 

taale, 0. N. fola. 
p61m6d. See pdlemdd. 
pon, for f am ; to f on faet, in 

order that, and similar 

Gefonc, II. 2. thought. 
poncol, thoughtful, medita- 
ponc-wyrf e, thankworthy. 
pone, ace. masc, him, that. 

Gr. 145. 
ponne, then, than, when, yet, 

hut, J)onne fonne, 

when then, 

)onon, i. q. fanon. 
)ononweard, thenceward. 
)orfte. See pearfan. 
)oterung, wail, lamentation, 

prael, II. 2. thrall, slave. 0. 

N. prsBl, Dan. TraBl. 



prafung, blame, reproof. 

prah, {rag, II. 3. time, space 
of time. 

Oe^mng, throng, press. 
preagan, fre^ \ pret. 

GepretLgsxi, J freade, 
to vex, torment, punish, 
blame, reproach, reprove. 
preat, II. 2. company, band. 
pred, thread. 

)reo, three. 

Jreottyne, thirteen. 

)re-ref re, trireme. 

)ri. See preo. 

)ridda, third. 

)ringan, pret. pr^ng, pi. 
frungon, to throng, press, 

Jrinnys. See prynnys. 

)rio, f reo, three. 

Oriste, daring, bold. Ger. 
dreist, Olg. thrist. 

G^pristian, to dare. 

)rittig, thirty. 

)riwa, thrice. Gr. 185. 

)roc, III. 1. table. 

)rote, I. 3. throat. 

)rowian, to suffer. 

Jrowung, suffering, passion. 

)ry. See preo. 

Jryccan, to tread on, op- 

pryfeald, threefold, triple. 

prym, II. 2. glory, magnifi- 
cence, grandeur. Also, 
body (of men), turma, 
heap, congeries. 

prym me, i. q. frymmum, 
fortiter? See Kemble, 
Gl. to Beow. V. frym. 

prymful, glorious. 

prymlic, grand, magnificent. 
pr}'m-8etl. III. I. seat of 

majesty, throne. 
>ryne8, \ ^^^ 

Jrynnys, J ^ 

Jryste, daring, bold. 

)ry-wintre, three years old. 

)ufe, II. 2. standard, tii£Eh. 

Oe^uge, from gey^n. 

puhte. See pincaii. 

Jf iincgen, for gej^ungen. 

tpunchetJ (finct$), seems. 

G^epungen, ripe, advanced, 
profectus. Also, illus- 
trious, venerable, upright, 
religious. From pingan. 

purh, through, by. Gter. 

purhbruean, to enjoy, per- 
frui. See Brucan. 

burhdyd, penetrated. See 

purhfaran, to pass through, 
pierce. See Faran. 



purhwadan, pret. -w6d, to 
pass through, penetrate. 

purhwunian, to continue, 
persist, permaneo. This, 
like many other A.S. com- 
pounds, is a literal trans- 
lation of the Latin word. 

purstig, thirsty. 

tpurt$out, throughout. 

pus, thus. 

pusendjII.l.III.l .thousand. 
Gr. 177. Ger Tausend, 
Dan. Tusind. Gr. 177. 

pusend-hfw, assuming a 



thousand shapes, millefor- 

pUBend-m^lum, by thou- 

puton. See peotan. 
G^J^w^rian, to agree. 
pw^rlsDcan, pret. IsDlite, to 

G^«))w£mes, concord,consent. 
pwang, II. 2. thong. 
tpwerrt, thwart. Also, en- 

tirelg, quite ; as, fwerrt 

ut, quite out. Dan. tvert, 

used in the same sense. 
pwymys, cross, affliction, 

py. See })e. 
py, for, because, therefore, 

nam. Dan. thi. 
py-lajs. See pe-laes. 
pyder, thither. 
Pjfel, II. 2. shrub, thorn. 

Gepjhte, for gejjyhti (ge- 

pyhtig), doughtg ? 
pylc, contr. of fyllie. 
Ge\>j\d,Il.S. 111. l.patience. 

Ger. Geduld. 
GeJ)yldig,pfl<^»^. Ger. Ge- 

)jllic, the like, such. 
^rfan. See pearfan. 
)yrfen. See pearfan. 
)yringas, the Thuringians. 
)yrl. III. 1. hole. 
J^'rscel-fl()r, II. 3. thresh- 
ing floor ; from fyrscel, 
Jyrstan, to thirst, 
)vs, this. 
)yslic, such. 
)yster, fystro, dark. 
)ystru, f ystro, plur. III. 1. 

darkness. Gr. 92. 
P5^wan, to drive, urge. 


Page 82, last line, for hiiuta'Se read hunta'Sc. 
„ 87, line 14, for forwha*ga read forhwa'ga. 






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