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BY JOHN KITTO, D. D., , ! 



One volume^ odavo. 812 pp. Priee^ doth, $S,00. 

Thb Ponn.AB Biblical Ctclopjedia or Litbbatubb Is dednied to (brnish a Dictioxabt or thb Biblk, em 
oodjring the products of the beet and most recent researches in biblical literature, in which the scholars of Europt 
and America have been engaged. The work, the result of immense labor and research, and enriched by the contri 
outions of writers of distinguished eminence in the various departments of sacred literature, has been, by universal 
consent, pronounced the best work of its class extant, and the one best suited to the advanced knowledge of the 
present day in all the studies connected with theological science. 

This work, condensed by the author (torn his larter work in two volumes, is not only intended for ministers and 
theological students, but is also particularly adapted to iMtrenls, Sabbath-school teachers, and the great body of the 
'eligious public It has been the author's aim to avoid unparting to the work any color of teOarioM or deuominatii m a i 
kiss. On such points of difl^rence among Christians, the kzHorieal mode of treatment has been adopted, and 
care has been taien to provide a fair account of the arguments which have seemed most otHidusive to the ablest 
advocates of the various opinions. The pictorial illustrations — amounting to more than three hundred— «r» of 
the very highest order of the art 


From Rev. J. J, Ctrrutkera^ D. D., Patter tf Second ParUk Congregational Cktaxh, PertJand, Me, 

** Kitto's Popular Cyclowdia of Biblical Literature '' is by for the most valuable boon presented to the Christian 
public for many years. The condensation of the work, published by Gould tc Lincoln, at little more than a third 
nf the price, is, what it professes to be, a condensation, a reduction, not of ideas, but of words, without in the sMght- 
est decree obscuring the meaning of the gifted nuthoM whose Joint communications make up this verv beautiful and 
roost useful volume. There is no hazard in predicting for such a volume (eight hundred double-columned pa<:e<<, 
with three hundred and thirty-six pictorial illustratltms, for three dollars !) a rapid sale and constantlv extending cir- 
culMion. J. J. Camithers. 

From Rev. W, B, Sprmgwe^ D. D., Pa4or ef Second PreebjfUrian Chtrek, Jllbanjft A*. T, 

I have no hesitation in saying that I regard it as the most important auxiliaiy to the studv of the Scripcnree, among 
the treat msBs of people, of which ( have any knowledge. As many of the greatest biblical scholars ot the age were 
put in requisition for the production of the original work, so the substance of what they have written — at least 
nearipr everv thing that could be advantageously appropriated by the common reader — has been admirably preserved 
in this condensed editicHi. Every Sabbath-school teacher, and indeed every Christian, who is able to do so, ought to 
possess himself of the work ; and the fact that such a work is in existence, may well be regarded as one of the fa- 
vorable signs of the times in regard to the progress of evangelical knowledge. W. B. Sprague. 

From Bee. Joel JZness, D. D., Paster 'qf Firet Congregational Ckurek^ Hertford, CL 

A capita] work, oontalninga vast amount of information on a great varte^r of subjects, in a very condensed, yet 
clear and interesting form. Evciy fomily and eveiy Sabbatb-achod teacher, wishing to understand the Bible, ^should 
this work. J. Hawee. 

From Bee. Danid Sharp. D. p., ^oUar-ef Hdrd Btftiet Ckmxh, BeeUm. 

I have looked over Kitto*s Popular \Dvclop«dia of ^U>Ucil Literature, and consider it a most valuable, as it was a 
much needed, publication. Every minuter ni*^t )o have a copy of it on his 8tu<fy uble. As a book of reference, 
shedding its collected light on almost iti sylptural sul^^ftcts^ alld'mmishinK a brief; but clear and compendious histo- 
ry of the most remarkable events and personages mentioned in the Bible, It cannot foil, when consulted, of being c 
great helpi Eve^ lover of God*s word, not to say eveiy Sabbath-ecbool teacher, and every theological student, will 
Jnd tr^nres of information in the above-named work Daniel Sharp. 

* ' L. Fretkingkam, D. />., laU Patter (^ Firet Congregational (Umtarim) Cknrek, Botton, 

^one the nubli4 a great fovor by its republication in so convenient, handsome, ar'* '■h - 
"h a woric, might seem superfluous at lenst. But if I ";.■ 
" -, «hese two tilings — 1»> 

Digitized by 



3 \ 

Prom Rev, J. B. Waterbury^ D. D.^ Potior of Bowdoin StreH ( QmffregationalJ Ckurek^ BotUm, 

It is a mofit valuable bock, suited to the wants of cleifyroen, and well adapted to aid Sabbath-school teachers in 
tiicir responsible work. Every family that can afibrd it, would do well U> possess themselves of so important tutd 
it teresting a vqlume ; to which they migjit refer in elucidating the Scriptures, and rendering their study not only 
[ rofiiable but delightfuL J. B. Waterbury. 

From Rev. Cyrus A. Bartoly Potior qf West Congregatiatud f Unitarian J Ckureh, BoHr-n, 

It is a most uscftil and valuable work, containing very important information on subjects of the highest interest 
and well worthy of a wide circulation. C. A. Bartol. 

From Rev. S. W. S. Dutton^ Pastor qf Jforth Congregational Churchy Jiem Hoven^ Ct, 

The Po{mlar Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature is admirably adapted to the use of parents, teachers of the young, 
and of the community generally ; being a Judicious abridgment of a larger and very able work, written fi^r critical 
students in theology. It is, in my Judf^ent, altogether the best book for the purpose which has been published. 

S. W. S. Dutton. 

From Rev. Z. S. BarstoiOj D. D., Pastor of Congregational Ckurcht Keene, A*. H. 

I find it well adapted to aeeomplisk its objeet. It brings into a convenient form, in a single volume, what must b« 
■fought f)r in many volumes without it. And it is hereby recommended to pzirents, Sabbath-echool teachen, and 
uthors, as doing a good service in aidmg them in the study of the Scriptures. Z. S. Barstow 

From Hon, Thomas S. WUliams Harlford, Cu 

It Appears to me to contain a mass of information, in a condensed form, highly important to those who regard the 
sacred volume ; and to Sabbath-school teachers it will prove a most raluable assistant. I hope it will receive an ox- 
teiiaivo circulation. * Thomas S. Williams. 

Firom Rev. Epkrahn Ptabody^ D. />., Pastor q/* Sior.e Chapel Congregational (Unitarian) Churchy Boston. 

It appears to contain the best results of modem itcholarship, prcfcntod in a clear and condensed form, and may, 
without hesitation, be recommended as a valuable work to families, to Sunday-school teachers, and indeed to all 
readers of the sacred records. K Pcabody. 

From Rev. Baron Stow, D. JD., Pastor qf Rowe Street Baptist Church, Boston. 

I have examined it with special and unalloyed satisfaction. It has the rare merit of being all that it professes to 
be ; and very few, I am sure, who may consult it^ will deny that, in richnesss and fulness of detail, it surpasses their 
ex])ectation. Many mint'^tere will find it a valuable auxiliary ; but its chief excellence is, that it funiishes juf:t the 
fncHities which are needed by the thousands in families and Sabbath schools, who are engaged in the iiimurtant 
business of biblical education. It is in itself a library of reliable information. Baron Stow. 

JVom Rev. j9. L. Stone, Pastor qf Park Street Congregational Church, Boston. 

I have fonnd it a thne-saving and labor-saving helper in investigating the significance of the sacred writings, 
which I could never consent again to bo without. I had occasion to ccmnicnd it, a few days since, to a young man 
r.f my people, lately interested in the study of the Scriptures, who desired access to sources of knov.lcdpe in respect 
to biblical matters beyond what he possessed ; and this work seemed to him iust what he had been looking for in 
vain. Penult me to express the hope, that not only clercvmcn and Sabbath-school teachers, but e\'ery person who 
would bo at all a student of the Bible, may avail tlkimselves of thu Judicious and timely contribution to popularizeo 
»cred literature. A. L. Stone. 

From Rev. John Richards, D. D., Pastor qf Congregational Church qf Dartmouth College, Hanover, A*. H. 

In my opinion it is a verv useful book ; particularly to heads of families, Sabbath-school teachers, and all other» 
interested m the study of the Scriptures. John Richards. 

From Rev. Thomas Ltwrie, Pastor qf Congregational Church, West Roxbury. 

I would heartily recommend it to all who wish a tnistworthy compendium of biblical science. Not to compate ii 
invidiously with other excellent Bible Dictionaries, there is one excellence of this work that must render it su|>erior 
to all others, and that is, that while others were "^oJ up," lhi«i, If I may so express it, wns ** reduced dovm." OtJiei 
Bible Dictionaries are compilations expressly got up fur Sabbath-school teachers and Bible cla^asos. But this is a 
work of much higher character, the result of fer greater labor and research, prepared originally for the use «.f the 
most advanced biblical scholars, condensed into its present form that the frtiits of that labor and research micht bo 
brought within reach of a greater number. Still wo have the largest Popular Encyclopsdia of strictly Biblical Lit- 
erature that exists. Some of the abbreviations also are decided improvements on the larger edition. It is anothei 
excellence of this work, that it embodies the most recent discoveries on the field of biblical science. Previous works 
of the kind have, to too great an extent, merely retailed the conjectures of past ages, and perpetuated their blunders 
in sacred geography. No one who has not travelled in the East, and consulted them on the spot, has any idea of the 
mass of rubbish they contain. I know of nothing better than the work before ua. It fills up a gap that has long 
existed in our helps for tli^ study of the Sacred Scriptures. T. Laurie. 

From Rev. J. H. Kennard, Pastor qf Tenth Baptist Church, Philadelphia. 

No Bible student should be without this important assistant. Those who have but few books, will find in this 
volume the essence of many standard works j and those wITolijive buulittle tinje for reading, will here find a ridi 
■* — , f irwnnrin dfla for their Immediate use. •**•-•.•. J'^* Kennaid. 

Digitized by 


Krrro»8 cYotoP-fiDiA op biblical literatubb. 

From JUo, Tkonma Starr Kbtg, Pastor 9f HoOia Street Congregationai (Unitaria*) Churek, Boston, 

A constant ofe of tbe whole work, for Mrera] yeus, has led me to believe tbat it ia the best Biblical Dictionary in 
the English languace. The abridgments made m your edition do not, so &r as I can jadge, lessen its value to the 
minority of those woo need toch a volume; and I cordially wish you success in your enterprlae. T. S. King. 

F^om Rev, MbeHBrnmos, IX D.,jtutMor^f*^Jfbtes on the 8eriptmrest**a»d Pastor <fftJU First Presbyterian CMtrch, 


I feel greathr obliged to you for the volume of Kitto abridged. I have not had time to examine it as an abriig 
nenL I am free, however, to speak of the original, which I have had in use for several years, and which I regard 
. a» an exceedingly valuable work. In my own studies it has superseded all other works of a similar nature, as I 
think it will wherever it is known. Albert Barnes. 

From Rto, Samwd M. Ifbreestar, D, D., Pastor of the Tabemade (Congregational) CftarcA, Salem, 

I have a copy of " the larcer woric,*' which I am disposed to think is reallv less valuable, and therefore less wor- 
thy to be recommended to aunoet anV class of readers, than the edition which you now offer for the patronage and 
the benefit of the Christian public Fiom the examination which I have been able to make of some important arti- 
cles, I shall not be surprisea if your edition shall have a decided preference with thoee who desire to have as much 

wheat, with as little as possible both of chaff or tares. 

Samuel M. Worcester. 

From John DowUngf D, D., jtntkor of " Historff of Romanism,^* etc, and Pastor qf the Broadtoay Statist Ckurckf 

Jfew York* 

It is Incomparably the most valuable work of its kind that has ever been published in this countiv, inasmuch as It 
embodies, besides all that was valuable in the older Cyclopasdies. the most recent researches in bibUcal literature of 
the ablest scholars, both in the old world and the new. It is Just such a work as every minbter, Sabbatb-echool 
teacher, and Christian father of a fkmilv ou^t to have constantly at hand, side by side with his Bible, to answer a 
thousand questions which will constantly occur to all who desire to furnish their own minds for the work of instruc- 
tion in the truths of God's word, and who study to show themselves workmen that need ftot to be ashamed. I do 
most cordially thank the enterprising publishers for presentmg this valuable woric to the .Atnerican public in so at- 
tractive a form, and sincerely hope they will be rewarded by a sale commensurate with its merits. John Dowling. 

From Reo, IF. T, Dwighty D. D., Pastor of Tkird Parisk Congregational Ckurek^ Portland, Me, 

I regard It as fkr the most valuable work of the kind which has been published in thb country. The price of the 
work, which Is three dollars, is very reasonable for a book which contains so many engravings, and an amount of 
letter-press sufficient for four 04!tavo volumes. W. T. DwighL 

From Rev. Oorinor ^ring, D. JD., Pastor of f)^ Brick Ckarek Ckapd Pre^yterian Ckurek, Jfew York, 

I am gratified to express the opinion, that for the variety, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of its articles, it is a 
most vuuable volume. The biblical student, while he may not dispense with other sources of information, will 
find in Kitto that which will save him no little time and labor. Gardner Spring. 

From Reo, J. X, WainwHgkt, D. D., Trinity (EfiseopalJ Chotkf Ato York. 

As it is designed to be a book of reference, I have turned, on various occasions, to articles in all parts of the book, 
and have been uniformly saUsfled with the fulness and accuracy of the information contained in them. I do not 
hesitate, therefore, to reconunend the work as being well adapted to the purpose for which it was compiled, and I 
trust that jrour enterprise in publishing it will be rewarded. J. M. WainwrighL 

From R. E, Pattlsra, D. D., Pr^essor of Ckristian Tkoology m J\fkwton Tkeologieal Institution. 

It is more valuable. In my opinion, than any other work of the kind in reach of the American student of the 
Bible. While it Is an aid to all, it seems to me indispensable to the minister. It meets the wants of tho ace in this 
department of knowledge. R. £. Patiison. 

From Bbvard Mokom^ D. D., Jiutkor of " ^>M« Dietisjisry,'* «(&, end President of University at Lacisburg, Pa, 

I regard Kitto*s Cyclopeedia as vastly superior to any similar work. The author has evidently availed himself of 
(he latest publications, whether critical, historical, geographical, scientific, or antiquarian ; and so selected, arranged, 
and expressed hli topics, as to make his work perfectly available to the unlearned, while it is a most welc4>nie aid to 
the scholar. No one who buys the book will regret his purchase. Howard Malcom. 

From Rev. R. C Waterston, Pastor of Ckorek of tke Savior, Congregational (Unitarian) Ckurck, Boston. 

I consider it a most desirable work for Sunday-school teachers, and for all students and readers of the Scriptures 
It contains a vast amount of important information, thoroughly condensed and admirably stated, while its numerous 
engravings (which are unusually good) often convey at a glance a more vivid and true idea than could have been 
given by pages of description. Both for the family and the Sunday school, this volume Is invaluable. I shall cer- 
tainly recommend it to others, as a work of uncommon merit, and hope it will be widely read, and pass through 
many editions. R. C Waterston. 

From Rev. R. H. Ifhsle, D. JD., Pastor of Ike Firit Baptist C^rek, Boston. 

Toar " Epitome," if epitome it may be called, is a decided improvement on the larger woik, inasmuch as, without 
materially lessening Its value as a source of information, it is brought, by its diminished price, within the reach of 
' I, in Uiese days of Sabbath schools and Bible elapses, are, or ou^t to be, diligent students of the word 

the many who, 
of God. 

Bollin H. Noale. 

From Prtf. George Bath, Auikor of " JVbCtf en tka SeriptmreSf" JVte York. 

It is made up of the contributions of eminent biblical scholars in Europe and America, each one of whom fhr 
nishcd such articles as his peculiar tastes or studies enabled him to execute with most ability. The result has been 
an immense accumulation of materials, drawn (kom the most recent sources on the antiquities, languages, geogra- 
phv, natural history. Sec, of the sacred volume, the subManca of which Is veiy skilfUlly condensed hi the present 
volume, and amply illustrated by pictorial designs. George Bush. 

From Rev. Horace BnskJuU, D, D,, Pastor of Tkird Congregational Ckwrek, Hartford, CL . 

I am very glad to see issued from your press an abridgment, for popular use, of Kitto*s CycIopsMlia. It cannot be 
Uam than a very imoortant contribution t) the popular literature of the Bible. Horace BushneU. 

Digitized by 

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• • ' •, . • • ' ' la 







Digitized by VriOOQlC 

Entered according to* Act of Congress, in the year 1857, by 


In tlie Qerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. 


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In presenting this important work to the American public, the present pub- 
lishers would call attention to some of its peculiar features. 

At first view, it might not seem to differ greatly from certain other works 
designed to aid in the study of the Bible. On comparing it with such, 
however, it will be found to possess an essentially original and distinctive 
character. It differs especially, in some important particulars, from two 
classes of works to which it bears a general resemblance, — the common Con- 
cordance and the Scripture Manual or Topical Text-book. 

The design of the common G)ncordance is to assist the student in find- 
ing some passage of Scripture by means of a leading word ; and that is its 
whole design. 

The design of this work, on the other hand, is to present, not a concordance 
of words, but a concordance of subjects. All those passages of Scripture 
which relate to one subject ai'e brought together under one general head, and 
then distributed under many subordinate heads. 

It is apparent from this statement, that while the Analytical Concordance 
essentially differs from, it in nowise supersedes, the common Concordance ; 
each ministers to a distinct and independent purpose, but both are equally 
necessary to the Biblical student. 

Again: this Concordance differs from the common Manual or Topical 
Text-book ; and it differs in two important respects. First, the latter class 
of works are confined to theological or doctrinal topics ; the Analytical Con- 
cordance, on the contrary, embraces all the topics which are naturally sug- 
gested by the entire contents of the Bible. Second, the Topical Text-book 
contains only a part of the Bible ; this contains the whole. 

Thus, in all respects, the Analytical Concordance is more comprehensive 
and complete than the class of works with which it is here compared. 

It is, in short, nothing less than the whole Bible distributed under appro- 
priate heads. 



Digitized by VriOOQlC 

f .#.. 

The purchaser, therefore, gets not only a Concordance but also a Bible in 
this volume. The superior convenience arising out of this fact — saving, as 
it does, the necessity of having two books at hand and of making two refer- 
ences, instead of one — will be readily apparent. 

Another feature of the work that deserves special notice is the Synopsis, 
This presents to view, in a brief compass and in the author's own words, 
what in the Concordance is spread over many pages and is expressed in the 
language of Scripture. It will be found of no small value in giving unity 
and clearness to the conceptions of the student. 

In addition to the Synopsis, there is also an Index embracing nearly two 
thousand leading words arranged in alphabetical order. 

That such a work as this is of exceeding great convenience is matter of 
obvious remark. But it is much more than that ; it is also an instructive 
work. It is adapted not only to assist the student in prosecuting the investi- 
gation of preconceived ideas, but also to impart ideas which the most careful 
reading of the Bible in its ordinary arrangement might not suggest Let him 
take up any one of the subjects — Agriculture, for example — and see if 
such be not the case. This feature places the work in a higher grade than 
that of the common Concordance. It shows it to be, so to speak, a woit of 
more mincU 

There is but one other work in our language prepared on the same general 
plan as this, and of that the author has sufficiently spoken in his preface. It 
need only be remarked, that while irom what is there said this work appears 
to be every way superior to that, it is offered to the public at much less cost 

All classes and conditions of people will iind this Concordance specially 
adapted to their necessities. It is equally adapted to assist — 

Clergymen and Theological Students ; 

Sabbath school Superintendents, Teachers, and Bible Classes ; 

Authors engaged in the composition of religious, and even secular works ; 
and, in fine. 

Common readers of the Bible, who have no other end in view than their 
own personal improvement 

Boston, January, 1857. 




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This is the third of a Series of Biblical Works designed for poptdar study, 
specially for the use of Sabbath School Teachers, and generally for domestic reading 
and instruction. Occupying, as I do, a double position in the Church, — that of a 
Pastor, and that of a Teacher of Theology, — I have humbly endeavored to suit my 
literary labors to this twofold ftmction. As a Professor in a Theological Seminary, 
I have given to the world some treatises of an Academic character; but, as a 
Minister, I have greatly rejoiced in the opportunity of pulSishing other Works of 
less pretenfflon, but of Hax wider circulation, adapted in some measure to our 
homes and schools.^ 

This Volume at once explains its own nature. It is an attempt so to classify 
Scripture under separate heads as to exhaust its Contents. The reader will find 
under the respective Articles or Sections what the Bible says on the separate 
subjects in relation to Doctrine, Ethics, and Antiquities. 

Now, the construction of such a work is somewhat difficult There are verses 
which possess no distinctive character, and it is hard to select a place for them, for 
one Compiler might put them in one Section, and his successor might change them 
to another. Many verses contain two antagonistic statements, truth and error in 
contrast, or truth delivered in a negative, and positive form; and, therefore, no 
matter where such a verse is quoted, one half of it does not and cannot belong to 
the Chapter under which it is found. To divide such verses is often impossible, for 
there would be left an imperfect statement, the necessary verb or full syntax being 
in the other portion. Then interpretation is so far involved, that it depends upon 

1 Biblical Cjclopsdia, fte. Fifth Edition or Tenth Thonsand. —New and Complete Concordance 
of the Holy Scriptures, &o. Sixteenth Edition. [American Edition of the eame, published by 
Gould and Lincoln. Seventeenth Thousand.] 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


the sense assigned to a verse whether it shall be ranged or not among the proofs of 
a doctrine or theological tenet, and there is often room for difference of opinion. 
Besides, in spite of every attention, one will find that some important verse may 
have been omitted or misplaced. Another difficulty is to determine how many 
Heads shall be employed, so as to classify and place under them the entire Scrip- 
ture. Such works as those of Gaston, Warden, and Clarke, only take up special 
subjects, and therefore do not necessitate such a calculation. • But if you mean to 
comprehend the Bible, you must contrive that under a definite number of Headings 
its various verses shall be apportioned. If these be too few, then there must be 
straining and manoeuvre ; if too many, the reader's attention is distracted, and one 
great purpose of the Book b lost. Thus Talbot (and West afler him) has a Chap- 
ter called " Metaphysics," a name unbiblical both in spirit and form, and under 
jt he classes subjects so different as Angels and Devils, Heaven and Hell. Talbot 
has another Chapter, named " Conflicts," a very vague title, comprising some 
paragraphs for which an appropriate place could not elsewhere be very readily 
found, and West, of course, simply reprints it Indeed, in all Works of tHis nature, 
there must be not a little that is matter of taste, rather than of precision in the 

Our Work is based on that of Talbot,^ and we honestly award him the credit of 
the original production. But it is not a New Edition of Talbot, such as that which 
West has recently given in his own name. What we mean is, that Talbot's Collec- 
tion suggested the idea, and has guided us both in Sections and Verses ; so that if he 
has selected the right verses in any place, we take them. Indeed, from the nature 
of the Work, this imitation or similarity cannot be avoided. If the original Compiler 
gives every verse on a subject, a subsequent Editor, if he do not take the same 
verses, will be either defective or erroneous in his citations. Still, in almost every 
Section, we have been obliged to add, or subtract, or change. Talbot has thirty 
general Headings, we have forty-two. Yet we do not claim the merit of a wholly 
new production ; for, certainly, had we not been preceded by Talbot, we should 

1 An Analysis of the Holy Bible, containing the whole of the Old and New Testaments, collected 
and arranged systematically, in Tliirty BookS) by Matthew Talbot, 4to., Leeds, 1800. Printed by 
and for Edward Baines (Son-in-law of the Author). 

Digitized by 



never have entered upon the Work at att. We say Talbot, and not West; for 
West is but a reprint of Talbot, with an imperfect Index, and a few elight variations, 
by no means so numerous as those found in many a Second Edition of a Book. 

Dr. West says that his Work is based on that of " the learned Talbot" The lan- 
guage is fitted to mislead, for his Octavo is simply Talbot's Quarto, with a somewhat 
different arrangement of « Books.** The epithet of " the learned Talbot ** seems to 
suggest that Talbot belonged to one of the Professions, as they are called. Now, 
Matthew Talbot was a worthy layman of Leeds, a currier by trade, a good man, of 
high independence, and of patient and indomitable energy.. His ^ Analysis " was 
the result of the quiet and persistent study of many years, and certainly verifies one 
of his own quaint and common sayings : " I can honor any Draft drawn on the Bank 
of Patience." Mr. Talbof s daughter was married to Bsdnes, the eminjBnt printer. 
The old man's generq^sity and patriotism, his learning and talents, his hearty, k)ve of 
the truth, and adherence to it at all hazards, yet survive among his grandchild^n, and 

one of them, the Bight Honorable Matthew Talbot Baines, raised by personal merit to 
his high position, is, at this moment, a Member of her Majesty's Cabinet ' It isj there* 
fore, with regret, that we find his Book, with but a very slight disguise, published in 
America as Wesf s, and it is with indignation that we see it openly plagiarized and 
reprinted without evelL. his name at all, and- that so recently as in London, 1848. 
T^s last and unblushing appropriator of Talbot has adopted the meaningless title 
of*the « Analogy of the Old and New Testaments Systematically Classified."^ What 
is worse, he is so audacious as to say in his Preface : ** This Work has been for 
many years a labor of love to the Author." Surely, if such a plagiarism of a 
common Author is usually branded as dishonesty, then, coupled with such a .state- 
ment, and in reference to the Word oi Truth itself, one is apt to call it by the 
harder name of profanity. 

The Work, then, is simply Scripture printed under classified heads. Thus, to 
take the first Article, " Agriculture," the reader will ascertain under it what is 
said in Scripture as to the Land and Farms of Canaan, the processes of Husbandry, 

1 An Analogy of the Old and New Tettaments, SystemaUcally Cla88ifle<t By T. WhoweU. Two 
vols., 4to., London. Printed for the Author, by WllUam Clowes to Son, 1$»8. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

authob's preface. 

snch as Ploaghing, Sowing, and Reaping, &c, and the alladons to them contained 
in the Prophets and in the Parables of our Lord, with much more of similar import 
Talbot and West only use a verse once, and therefore some of their Sections are 
brief and scanty ; on the other hand, we have repeated many verses twice, thrice, 
and oftener, our only limit being the fear of too large a Volume. Great care has 
been taken to secure accuracy of reference, and every verse has been turned up, 
and verified by young eyes and fingers in the retirement of a rural Manse. The 
technical labor of preparing copy has been performed by one whose relationship to 
the Editor gave her a filial interest in the daily and protracted task. The Work is 
enriched with a very fidl Index, prepared with characteristic accuracy by a firiend 
whose labors in a similar field we have elsewhere acknowledged. Another peculiar 
advantage will be found in the prefixed Synopsis, which is so constructed that it 
may be read continuously, and it will be found to exhibit a bird's eye view of Biblical 
Antiquities and Theolegy. By the employment of Synopas and Index, every subject 
of Scripture may be easily turned up, and fiill information'speedily obtained. In fine, 
while our Book will save time and trouble to the inquirer, yet we counsel the con- 
tiniK)us consultation of the Scriptures themselves, and of the verses in their original 
connection. For there is a living unity in the Bible amidst all its diversity, and it 
is with it as with the minerals of the globe, which present a more glorious order in 
the respective positions in which nature has placed them, than when artificially 
arranged on the shelves of a cabinet With all the imperfections of this volume, 
and they belong more or less to every compilation of the kind, we hope that it may 
be found to be really usefiil, that the Divine blesdng may accompany it, and that it 
may meet with that cordial and extended welcome which has been, and sdll is, so 
kindly vouchsafed to its two predecessors. 

The Dash so often introduced, is designed to pmnt out some difierences in the 
Verses following it, such as Allusions and Examples, or Instances and Statements, 
adduced as contrasts to the Verses of the Topic or Section printed above it 


Digitized by 




L — SYNOPSIS xxvn 

n. — AGRICULTURE, , . . . 1 

ILL — ANIMALS • . . U 


v. — ARMY — ARMS, 69 

VL — BODY 87 

Vn. — CANAAN, 124 

Vin. — COVENANT, '. 136 



XL — EARTH, 180 

Xn.— FAMILY, 205 


XIV. — GOD, 234 

XV. — HEAVEN, 267 

XVI. — IDOLATRY — IDOLS, • . .266 


XVm. — JEWS, 814 

XIX. — LAW, . . 834 


Digitized by 

















iCi.u, - 





-MAN, 377 











-PROVIDENCE, , . . ,. . , . \ 676 



- SACRIFICES, ....*..., 636 


-SPEECH, 660 





-WAR, .726 

■WA^'ER, 761 



Digitized by 



Aaron'f rod blossoming; 488 

AbluUoita, . . . . fi09 

Ahoile of Man, the first, 877 
Ab«irigiiie« of CauaaDf tome 

uncx pilled, ... 120 
AbtiriRliies of Canaan, made 

trlbatariei^ ... 127 

Abr-iliam, . . • . 1S7 
Abraliam, miracles In oou- 

necllun nrlth, . » .483 

Abralium*» posterity, . . 2:^3 
Abstinence Trom vrlne and 

strong drluk, . . 153 
AbHllneuce, voluntary, from 

food, .... 142 
Acceptable, when soorlQces 

wt-re, 636 

Adorn, first and 8<>cond, . 606 

Adoption (aatnral), .^ . Si8 
Adoption, oplrlt aal. Its soW'Ce 

thttgruco ufGod, . , 218 

Adoption, Its blessings, 218 

Adoption, lUdutks. . 218 

Adultery, a belnims sin, . 438 
Adultfry, punishment by law, 4S0 

Airecilun, brotherly, . . 219 

Aflr« ction domestic, vrant of 220 

Afibctioo, parental, . , 214 

Atllic ion, udvontHges of, 166 
Afllictiun,oonifurt and hope 

under, .... 164 
Affi cMon. sometimes not Im- 

I roved, .... 165 
Ag«' anu quuUficuUons of Le- 

vlt'S, 456 

Age.sltn^oi; • . .414 

AKt>d,tho, . . • .414 

Agrarian enactments, . a 

Ague, .... 160 
Aliuiiplvlrer, chamotef4fttics of, Sl8 

Altar In putrljrchol lUnes, 694 

Aitur or inc'^HKe, . • 601 

Attar of the Tabernacle, . 694 

Altur of witness • . 686 

Altar, n place ol safety, 702 

Auiulok. . . . 192 

Aik ot the Covenant, . , 601 
Atiibliluus tblstle, parable of 

the. 518 

Anitnon, • ... 102 

Amorttes, . • • 192 

Aiicieitt slavery. . • 643 

Ancient valour In beroea, 73 

Aucti-nt v.luurln truopi^ 73 

Angel ot tbe covenant, . 684 

Angels, .... e&x 

Augula in disguise. . . 6s& 

Angels praise God, . . 635 
Angels venerated, but not 

wurbblpped, • . . C85 

Anger, .... 804 
Autuial food, iiermt-slon to 

eat it, .... 81 

Anhiiali^ oteailou ol, « • 14 

Anfmals oflabour, . i!7 

Animals, prophetic symbols of, lO 
Animals, tUelr subjection to 

roan, .... 15 

Animals, used for saorifloo 

and food. ... 31 

Animals which are forbidden 

to be eaten, ... 82 
Animals, wild, ... 15 
Anointing, tbe oommand for, 500 
Anticlirlst, . . .813 

Anxiety to interpret dreams, 7:^ 
Apartments of L'lU'^es. . 49 

Apocalyptic symbols of devils, 687 
Apostacy, . • . • 612 
Apostle:*, . . • .471 
ApostteH. tbe seventy, . 472 

Apostolic claims upon tbe 

people, .... 472 
Apo5tollo prerogative and 

duty, ... 471 

Appearance of angels, . 6S^ 

Appetite, loss of, . . 16S 

Appetites, . • • . bn 
Apple of the eye, • . lOi 

Appointed time to die, 171 

Apprehension, trial, and 
death n] Christ, prophecies 
ret<pecUug them, . . 292 
Arabia, . . . . J9i 

Architectural monuments, 56 

Arm, Ill 

Arm, natural symbol of 

strength. , • . .111 
Armies, allied, . . .6.' 
Arnile.*. foreign, . , . 61 
Armour carried by an esquire, 77 
Armour usually worn by the 

Soldiers 77 

Armour kept in a citadel, 77 

Army, commissariat uf the, * 70 
Anny discipline, . .* 65 

Army musters, . • 
Arrow, bow, archery. 
Arrows, Images o( divine Judg- 
ments, .... 
Arrows imnges of evil, , gO 
Articles of Inrnitirre, . co 
ArtLstic genius lu the Taber- 
nacle, .... ess 

Asia, 193 

AFCcnision of Christ, . . 807 
ASS, U7 

Awj. wild, .... as 

Assault, law regordinflfft. 337 
As!*nriiiice a rcbult of Re- 
demption, . . 613 
Assyria, .... 193 
Atmospheric heavens, . 257 
Atiriliuies of Uod possessed 

by Christ, ... 286 

Autliorlty, parental, . . 215 
Authors, quotations in Scrip- 
tore froui prufone, , 6G0' 

Avarice of kings, . . :>t'4 

Vuful results of human de- 
pravity, . . . .379 
B.ibel. dispersion at, . . i91 
Babylon, . . . .101 

Bi>ck i:fi 

Backsliding,* . , . 6!1 

Itad example, . . . Afn: 
Bad kings, . . . . ::g2 
Baldness a token of disoaso, 

grief, and reproacb, 07 

Banners, . . . .61 
Baptism of Cbfist, . . 2!7 

Bjptisro. institution of; .5:5 
B;ipt ism, instances of, . . 516 
Baptism, blessln}^ of, . . A16 
Barrenness, healed by pray it. 209 
Barren fig-tree, parable of ih<*. 6il 

Bashun. 191 

Bastardy, . , . . 4ti 

Bat, 20 

Beans and pottage, . . K7 

Bear, 15 

liearJ nsnally worn among 

tho Jews. .... 07 
Beasts, objects of worship, . -'(7 

Beds, 49 

Bees. . • . , . . v5 
Beggary, . . , . ftio 
Behemoth, . . . . J5 
Believers, perfection s<;ctired 

to, C'S 

Benediction, . . , . C07 
Benediction, form of, under 

Old Testament, . . 630 

Benefits of almsgiving to tbe 

giver, 348 

Bereaved, comforters of the, i7G 
Bereaved parents, grief of; , L*i3 
Biblein e.irly limoM, . . c\3 
Bible a perfect revelation, . CSC 
Birth„ ... .2^7 

Birth, treatment of mother 

and child at, . .SOS 

Birth, allUf inns to, . . 207 
Birth of Clirist, prophesies 

repp< cling It, . . . sro 
Birthday, , , , . itrj 
Bishops, , . , '472 

Bittern, . . . . vo 

Black, token of mourning, . i.vj 
Blasphemy, vnrl<»ns fi»mi» of; 50 1 
Hlospliemy. penalty of, . 50*2 
Blasphoroy, severe reproba- 
tion of. . . . . 5CQ 
Blessing, forms of, In the New 

TfStument, . . . 5.^9 
Ble^8lng of wisdom. . . 381 
Blessings and cursings, offi- 
cial 5.'g 

B!es.Hln?s, paternal, , .217 
BlcSHings of peultenoo, . GtiT, 

Blindness iGi 

Blind guide, parable ol the, 6;i:i 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Blood, • «... 82 
Blood ofton mied tn eonneo- 

tion with muraer, . . 09 

Blood, forbidden to be esten, 88 

Boar. 16 

Boasting, the AposUePa, lawtal, 678 
Body, hM an Interest in 

CiirUt's salratlon, . . 68 

Do iy, stature of the, • . 88 

liuily, symbol of the ohoroh, 87 

Bodies, the hearenly, . . 268 

Budios. heavenly, darkened, 264 

»oll^ 166 

Bone, 90 

Bone, signifying blood-rel»- 

lionship. .... 91 

Bones, the seat of pain, . 91 

Bones;, referring to dead men, 91 
Books qaoted In Scripture, 

vhlch are not In the canon, 664 
Booty taken In war, . .467 
Borrower and lender, rela- 
tion o( . . • . 842 
Bnsom, or breast, . • •114 
Battles, . . .■ • • 49 
Boaiidarles of Canaan, . 124 
Boimdarles of Canaan, ai 
seen by Ezeklel, . . 124 

Bowels. 119 

Bowiitg down the fkoe, token 

ofobelsunce, ... 98 

Bow and arrows, . • • 79 

Bozralif ..... 195 

Branch, a title of Christ . 6'J7 

Brass, . . • . 448 

Brazen altar 701 

Bread, a title of Christ, . 627 
Bread sometimes unleavened, 147 

Bread the stair of Ufe, . . 145 

Breastplate 78 

Breathing of the nostrils (fl- 
gur.iiively^ expressive of 
the divine anger, . .104 

Bribery ind 

Brotherly afftHition, . . 2i9 

Buildings, erection of, and In, 46 

BulldiiigM, materials of, . 46 

Bull, 34 

Burdens, bone npon the 
shouMer, . . • .110 

Builal 177 

Burial of Christ, ... 805 
Burl il place of the kings of 

Jutuh 179 

Burial places, various kinds 

or, 178 

Burial, the body prepared 

and anointed lor, . . 175 

Bumt^iffering, . • . 639 

Casfe, 2U 

Calumny, • • • .675 
Camel, • . • • 2» 
Cintian, its boundaries . 12 1 
Canaan, description of^ • 124 
C in lan, 8«dl ot, • 2 
Canaan, commia&lon to con- 
quer, . . .125 
Cm lan, chart for division of 128 
Canaan. Israel In, . .821 
Canaan, promise of posses- 
sion of, . . . 124 
Canaan possessed according 

to divine promise, . . 127 
Canaan, c<mditlon of con- 
tinued p09:«es8ion of; . 125 
dandle of ilie dwelUog. . 61 

I P««« 

Candlestick, emblem of the, - 624 
I Canker-worm, • . 26 

Cannibalism, . . .148 

Canon, books not in the, 

quoted in Scripture, * 664 

Captivity of the Jews pre- 
dicted, . . .828 
Captivity, return of the Jewi 

from, . .896 

Captives retnmed,opposItlon 

to the, . .827 

Capital punisliments among 

the Jews, .864 

Cares and anzlatSeB of the 

family, • • •219 

Carmel, moimt) . • 183 

CaterpUlar, • • •26 

Cattle, . . . • 36 

Caution as to Idolatry, • 276 
CautionsrelaUve to Marriage, 427 
Cautionary, • • . 842 

Cavalry, . • .69 

Cavalry not Invlndble^ • 70 
Caves, . . . • 44 

Cedar,' allegory of the, • 6S3 

Censoriouiiness. . . 676 

Census of Israel in thewllder- 
ness, at the commence 
roentof their Joumeyiugs, 228 
Census of Israel prior to en- 
tering Canaan. . . 228 
Censu8.mllitary under David, 229 
Ceremonial institutions, 607 
Ceremonial unoleannesses, 608 
Clialdea, its various names, 193 
Cliaidea, prophecies, eto^re- 

speciing^ . . .193 

Challenge or address^ In- 
stances of; . • .663 
Challenges. . • .75 
Character of Clirist. . . 808 
Ciiaracter of Christ, pro- 
phecies respecting li, 291 
Cliiiracter of devils, . . 686 
C> large of the several classes 

of invites, • . .458 

Chariot, . • • 29 

Cliariutoliies. . . • 62 

Citariots and horses, emblem 

of, . . . .624 

Charity, obedlenoe demands 

univ real, . . . 626 

Charming of the serpent, 26 

Chart lor division ot Canaan, 128 
C lartersof land. . . % 

Ciiastity and modesty com- 

mandedy • • . 440 

Cheek, . . • . 99 

Cheerful gifts, . . 469 

Ch rublin of the' Tabernacle, 692 
U>iertibim of the Temple, . 700 
Ciiil'Iren, naming of, . . 2iO 

Children the Kifiuf God, . 206 
C:ill>ireD piouiiaed as vt. bk.s6- 

'.n< 2U6 

Chii.iren cared for by Ood, 211 
Ciiildren, prayers ou beitalf 

of, . . . .206 

Children bom in old age of 

pi rents. . .212 

CUlMren, characters of, early 

develtiped. . . . 211 

ChlMreii, duty of parents to 

instruct tlieir, . . 216 

Chll>lren. death of, . • 212 

ChUdbirth, Ueuth in, . .208 











Chrfot, His divinity, • 
Christ, Uis humanity, 
Christ, miracles of, . 
Christy II is person and work 

Christ, opposed and reviled, 
Christ, Ula unwearied ac- 
Christ, persecnted and con- 
spired against, 
Clurist, fkme of tils preaching, 

and miracles, 
Christ, His messiabthlp, 
Christ, His offices, 
Christ, as Medhitor,iubordln- 

ate to the Father, . 
Chrisrs ministry, varioos 

scenes of, . • 

Christ's parables, Z . 
Christ's last passover, 
Christ's death substitutionary, 696 
Christ's death sacrificial, 690 

Christ's death propitiatory, 696 
Christian, of the term, . 610 
Christian law and consdenoe 

as to food, . . .88 

Church, the, . . .606 

Cliurch, congregations of the, 606 
Church. memburi*hip of the, 608 
Church organized for mutual 

edification, . 
Church^ganized formntoal 

sympathy, . 
Church, the power of the, 
Church, nnity of the, 
Ciiuich among the gentiles. 
Circumcision, institution ot; 
Circumcision, Instances o^ 
CityofOod, . • 

Cities of refuge, • • 

Cities, erection ol^ • • 

Cities, streets of, . . 


Cities, wails o£ 
Cities, gates ol; 
Cities, naming, . . 

Cities, govt-rned by elders, ' 
Cities, chariot, . . 

Ci'tes, commercial, . • 

Cities, treasure, •* • 

Cities, royal, . . • 

Cities, store, . • • 

Cities, fenced, . • • 

Ciiiesinruius,. • • 

Cities, restor itlon of. 
Citizens, duties ot, . 
Classes of Levltes, 
Cleansing ot lepers, •acrlficea 

at, . 
Clean fishes, . • 

Clean fowls, . • • 

Clean quadrupeds. . • 

Clothes rent in sorrow, 
Clothiofr, preparation of. 

I ClotiiiU(f, laid up and becom- 

I Ing moth e^len, 

I Clouds, .... 
C irn'ort and hope imder 
affliction. . . • 

Couimerdal cities, 
Commission of Moses, 
Commission to prophets. 
Commission to conquer 

I Canaan, 

C 'inmtssariat of the army. 
Common sololers, . . 

Communion with God, 












Digitized by 






Oomnvnlon, witb belleTen, 

Oljrtat moluUlos, . . 088 

OompMnt to Ood agalntt 

eneinlet, . • • ^S67 

Compact between kings and 

people, .869 

Compliments, presents gl?en 

a^ . . • fi06 

Compound animal, emblem 

of, . • .^ . 0S4 

CoDCQblnes, • . .436 

CunUitloQ of oontloned pos- 
session of Canaan, . • ISS 
Conef, . . • • 16 
Confession In prayer, • 6i0 
Confession of sin to otbers, 642 
Confldenoe, genatne^ . 615 
Cod fined psstore, emblem 

of, 686 

Conflagration, • • 782 

Congregations of tbeohnrcb, 606 
Conqnest of Canaan, reflec- 
tions upon, • . .126 
Conspiracy against Jesus, • 803 
Consamptlon, . . 166 
Conscience, Its nnlTersal 

power, . .626 

Consirencr required of min- 
isters, ' . . .477 
Consnlting Ood, danger of 

omitting It, . . .665 

ConsuiUtion of Idols, • 272 

Contentment, . . . 862 

Contrasts, wisdom wltb folly, 864 
Coolcery, emblem 0^ . 624 

Copper,' . . .449 

Cormorant, . • .20 

Com and vrlne associated 
as tbfi meaua of snsten- 
snce, . .162 

Coronation, kingly anoint- 
ing, • • . . 861 
Courtesy, • • .410 
Coonsliip, • . .426 
Court or tbe tabcmade, . 680 
Courts of booses, . • 46 
Corenant, angel of tbe, . 684 
CoTenant, Ood falUifiil to 

HIM 188 

Covenant; man making, wltb 

God, . . . .140 

Covenant, obUgalloni to 

ko^p God's, . . .189 

Covenant,everlaatln^ . 189 

Covenant of God with Noob, 137 
Covenant with Israel, . 188 

Covenant of salt, . • 186 

Covenant, blood oi; • .137 

Covenant ratifled and aealed, 186 
Covenant, the new, . . 140 

Covenants, Instances of hu- 
man, . . .187 
Covt^nantfl, Jews forbldd^p 
to make, with heathen n^* 
tiODS, . . ..141 
CovenantSfWonderAul, . 141 
Covt-nants, ruinous. • 141 
Court*H>nsness doMVlbed and 

forbid' leu, • • .888 

Cowardice, • « .76 

Crane, • • • .22 

Creation, . • .263 

Crratlonoftheeartb,ofaod, 180 
Crtfation of animals, • . 14 

Creation, lessons from, . • 863 
Creation, reflectiont oo^ • 189 

Creeping things, clean, . 84 
Crops, failure of. . .9 

Crnciflxion of Christy • 806 

Cultivation, ... 8 
Cup of wine, emblem ot . 626 
Customs of Idolaters to be 

avoidiKl. • • • 276 

Cyprus, Island of, • • 191 

Dagger, • . • .SI 

Daily sacrince, • • 611 

Dairy-prtHluce, • • 86 

DamaiKms, . • . 203 

Danger of not obeytaig God's 

Word, . •. •688 

Dangers of wealth, • • 889 
Dart. J ivelln, • .81 

David, . • • .US 

David and Solomon, iiliu- 

des In connection with, . 489 
David cliosen king, • • 858 

David, commission ta • 663 

David's lieroes, list o( • 230 

Day and night, . . 968 

Day-labourers, parable of 

tbe, . . . . 6t0 

Deacons, . . .472 

Dead theu out olT fh>m the 

world, . . .174 

Dead, tbe, forgotten, • 174 

Dead sometimes burned, • 177 
Dead unlamented some- 

timei^ • • .176 

Deafness, . . .166 

Death, original sentence^ . 170 
Death, none exempted from, 172 
Death of children, . . 212 

Death of Christ predeter- 
mined, . . .693 
Death of Christ predlctei^ 694 
Death of the righteous * 

happy, . . .178 

Death, christian hope in, . 174 
Death, physical change pro- 
duced by, . . 174 
Death, preparation for, . 172 
Death, tue dark realm of, . 175 
Death, tbe penalty ol idol- 
atry, .... 276 
Deatii, tbewlllofGo^ . 171 
Debt, reoovei^ of^ . .841 
Debt, remlMlun of, . . 841 
Debtors and creditors^ par- 
able of the, . . • 680 
Decalogue written by God, . 65*2 
Deceit of hypocrisy • . 886 
Decrees, divine, . . ^78 
Dedication ot the tabernacle, 686 
Dedication of Solomon's 

temple .... 702 
Dedication of the second 

temple, .... 706 
Dedication of the altar, sao- 

rillcesat, . . . . 6U 
Dedication, feast ol^ • •• 633 
Dedication of a city, * • .68 
Dedication of hoosei^ • • 46 

Deer, 16 

Defender, God Is, • •261 

Delicacies in food, • • 148 
Deliverance from tbo oorse 
and power of sin, . . 692 

Deluge 488 

Demoniacal possessions^ 166, 687 
Depravity, human, • . 878 
Description of Canaan, . 124 
Deserts of scripture, . • 189 

Deserts, theh* general cha 

octer, . . ' . 

Des-rta, scenes of danger, 
D spiir, 
Destiny, man's, determine 

by his choice. 
Destruction of Jerusalem I 

the Clialdeans, 
Devastations of armies^ 
Devils, .... 
Devoted thhiga, 
Devotion, sacrifloei^ token < 
DeWf • • • . 
Dial, . . . 
Dimensions and materials < 

the temple^ . • 
Dinner, . . • 

Disbanding soldiers, . 
Discipline of the army, { 
Diitease sent by God, . 
DlMsse often painful^ 
Diseases Incurable, . 
Disease tbe token of sin, 
Disease, recovery from, 

from God, . 
DIflhonesty, . 
DMuterested conduct of Pi 
Disobedience filial, sin ai 

danger oi; . . • 

Dlspeuser of grace, Cbrii 

the, • 
DIssolatlon of marriage, 
Distribation of booty, 
Distribution of land, • 
Divine appearance, tokens 
Divine decrees^ 
Divine decreesL lessons fh)i 

the, . 
Divine care over travellei 

and strangen^ 
Divine goodness doubted, 
Divine government based c 

Divine presence in heaVen, 
Divine prerogatives empio; 

ed by ChrUt, 
Divine protection to tl 

temple and tabernacle. 
Divine service, malntenanc 

of, . 
Divine sovereignty in pro? 

Divine tbreatenlngs agalni 

false god^ . 
Divine rovelation. 
Divine revelation, visions 

mode o^ 
Divination, . . 

Divinity of the Holy Ghost. 
Dog, . 

Domestic affection, want of; 
Door-porch, gate of houses. 
Dove, . 
Double sacrifloe of tbe sal 

bttCh, . 
Dowry, • • 

Doxologle% • • 
Droums natural, and supei 

Dress, origin and need ol^ 
Dress for tbe head, . 
Dre»s and ornament put o 

In mourning^ r 


Digitized by 



Di^ft*. materials ol^ ' • .166 

Prt-at of ooaner texture, 

worn by poor persons, . 167 
DrcM of ttuer texture, worn 

67 persons In bigh stations, 167 
Dri-Ks of the priests, . . 4M 

Prpi^ ornament, and per- 
fume of females, . . 160 
Dte**, Turloos classes dlstla> 

guUhed by their, . . 160 

DrfMiOs worn by the Jewi^ lfi7 
Dresses, ppecUl, • .. . 107 
Dihik ifTerlngr, . . 689 

Drinks nsnaliy taken or pre- 

»ciit«Hl la a cop, • . 149 
Dr..iig:hr, . ^ kj 809,769 
Drunkards, • • • IM 

Drunkenness, erfls of, . 168 

Drunkf'nhesF, unjust Imputa- 

il ns. roi^pectlng, • • 163 
Dnlllbne^s, . . • •166 

Duty ofopostles, . , 471 

Doty of pressing on to per- 
fection. . • .69 
DoiiesurcitlKen& • •869 

Duties of the levftet, • 468 

Duties of the priests, . 46i 

Duties of the people to their 

miuliiterB, . . .479 

Dnilesot redeemed meo, • 619 
Dulles, iecnlar, . • 8b6 

Dwellings, orli^naly • .43 

Dwiiiiugs, occuslona^ * 44 
Dwellings, ordinary, . 44 

Dying charge in regard to 

tlitt body when dead, • ITS 
Dying soUciinde fur nir- 

vlvor% • • .172 

Eagle, . . .SI 

Ett lesand Tlnetre6,pan])le 

oftbe, . . .619 

Bar, . . • .100 

Ear, bad GbaraoterlstlCB of 

the, . . . .101 
Earrings, * . . .100 

Eai ly prevalence of Idolatry, 882 
Earnest efforta to obtain 


Earth created and ftomlsbed 

by Uod, .... 180 
En-th, one of the orbs of 
►poe, .... 

Eiirtli, early settlement oi; . 101 
Eirih. desUoy of the, . 204 

Eiirthen-waro, ... 603 
E«rti qu.ikes and Tolcanic 

erupt inns, .... 180 
E.riiiquukes mentkmod In 

Scripiure, .... 181 
E.(Slwlnd« .... 267 
EaiibR bread, a general term 
fur ... 146 

E<i<>m, 194 

£4h»ni, peopling ol^ • • 105 

Ejrypt, 106 

Etcy lit, Israel in, . • .315 
EgM>i, propbedei concern^ 
l.glt, ... .106 

Elaui, 107 

ElaiH, prophedei respecting 

it, 108 

Eldt-rs, . . . • .472 
Eldent among the Jewi^ . 460 
£li ction of SaqI as klng^ . 857 
Eiyuli, miracles In oonneo- 
«un with, • • • • 489 

Bihhs, mtrades In connec- 
tion with, . . • • 490 
Enibulmhig the dead, • . 176 
Kmbas8ies, . • • 757 

Emblem^ .... 6:28 
Kmiilems and titles of Christ, 6:.'7 
Eineroiis, . . • .167 
Emotions, personal, • .890 
Emotions, relative, • .894 
Enactments, agranao, « 8 

Enemies, love to, . . 899 

Enquliles at Godnuanswered, 656 
Eut.H, .... 840 

Entreaty, ■• . . . 6ti7 
Entry Into Jerusalem, 

Christy . • t • 802 
Envy . . ; . ;. . 896 
E|ihah,^^emoftheu. • 624 
Epliod, T . . : ,455 

EpilepMy 167 

Equality among men In yarl- 

ous firms, . . . 401 

Equestrian scene, emblem of, 625 
Equity, , . .807 

Erection of bnllding% . •.46 
Erection of clUes. . • 6i 

Erection of the Temple^ • 60S 
Eternity of God, 

Ethiopia, . ' . .198 

Evil company to be shunned, 403 
Evil couf cienoc, In au, .626 

Evils of stiirc. . • 800 

Ewt).lamb, i>arab1o of f bo, • 618 
Example, good and bad, . 400 
Example of Ohri^tt, . . 809 

Eicomnumlcaiion, from the 

synagogne, . .709 

Exemplary condaot of Paul, 474 
Exist uncu of Uod, • •234 

Exodos. the, • ~ • 8i7 

Exposition of scripfnriB. . 668 
Expulsion of tlio aboiiglncs 

ot Canaan, . • .125 

Expulsion of demons^ mir- 
acles of, .... 404 
External nature, miracles on, 491 
Eye as the organ of sigbt^ lOl 
Eye the source of tears, . 102 
Eye dimmed by age or 

sorrow, • . . .103 
Eye, the evil, ... 103 
Eye, wluking with the, a 

sign of evil Intent. . 102 

Eyes painted by women, 103 

Eyes, lining up the, de- 
noting begun or renewed 
attention, ... 102 

Eyes, symbol of intellect 

and reason, ... 103 
Eyebrow, _ . , . , loi 
Eyelid, . . . .101 

Kzekiel, commission to, . 604 
Exra. genealogy of; . . 227 
Ezru*s fellow travellers 
from^abyon, list of, . 231 

Face 98 

Face to fkce, symbol of dose 

contact, . • • •' 08 
Failure of crops, • . 9 

Fahl eOl 

Faith with salvation, conneo* 

liouof, .... 602 

Fallh of miracles, ... 604 

Fail h enjoined. ... 601 

Faith and prejudices of the 

JttWf^ . ' .:. • .881 


Falthfnlness In minister* of 

reiifdoii, . . . .476 
Faltiiful priestly . . 4M 

Falhofmao, . . .879 

Falling on the face, result of 

sudden sensation, . . 98 
False friends, .. '. .403 
False prophets, . . " , 57i 
False propliets reproved, . 674 
False prophets, warnings 

against, . • . . 672 
False witnesses^ ^. • .360 
Falsehood, ... 671 

Family, a divine tnstltotion, 205 
Family, cares and anxieties, 218 
Family, prayers on behalf of; 205 
Family, prophecy of JaotU, 2i7 
Families^ diminution oi; a 

sore judgment, • ^ . 220 

Famine, pressure ofl • 10 

Famine, rodans against, . 12 
Famine, instances of, ^ . 11 
Famine, God's care of bis 

people during, . . 11 

Farewell, in travelling, the, 100 
Fast in, ri«1it spirit to, . 142 

Fasts by divine authority, 143 
Fasts, extraordinary, . 143 

Fasts private and public, . 143 
Fat forbidden to be eaten, 81 
Favouritism In the family, . 216 
Fear, presents glveq from, 606 
Fearing God, duty oi; • 6i0 

Feast, nuptial, . • • 428 
Feast of flrat- fruits, . • 632 
Feast of ingathering^ ^ . 632 
Feasts^ great, • ' • 1A5 

Feasti^ invitations to, • 160 

Feet, the instrument of mo- 

Uon, . . . • . 121 

«*Feet, at the.** signifying 

doee attendance, . 122 

Feet, to fall at another's, 

tlie token of bumaio, . 122 
Fenced dtles, ... 62 
Field, produce of, grinded 

into meal, etc., . . 146 

Fields, produdioos of the^ 8 

Filial duty, . . .818 

Filial daly, spedal kind of. 214 
Filial dlsobeilieuce, sio and 

danger of, . . . 214 

Final dispersion of the Jews, 227 
Final doom of deviln, . 6»7 

Fines in lieu of oiTerlog, . 4G6 
Finger, . . ^ .114 

Fire of the hearth, . . 60 
First-fruits, . . . 46> 

Firstlings, . . 405 

FUhasfbod, ... 23 

Fbhes, .... 22 

Fishes, dean, ... 33 
I Fishing, .... 23 

I Fisldng, parable of the, . 520 
FlaUery, .... 673 

Fled, 26 

Flesh, .... 89 

Flesh and blood, signifying 

humanity, ... 99 

Flesii deno Ing humanity, 90 

Flesh, signifying corrnpt 

himian nalnre, ... 81 
Fie^h, signifying the whole 
corporeal person, . . 89 

Flesli, slgnilylng what is 
common to humanity, 90 

Digitized by 



Pllirht In w«r, . .^ . 750 

FlooK.mnltipHoatlonoftlie, ii 

Fl4>ck, tending of tbe, . 89 

Flowers aad aromatlcty • 716 

Fir, ^ 

Flying book, emblem of the^ 624 

Folly 8di 

F<«d.thegiaof God, . 143 

Food, Iminan iDdnstry neoet- 

siry in providing, • 144 

F'lod. animals nsed fbr, • 81 
Food In Egypt. • . • 147 

FoofI, pn ptirutlon of; . 603 

FintO, Tolnntanr sbsUnenoe 

froin» • • • •143 

Foor, 120 

Foreign armle^ • . • 6i 

Forests, . • • „ • 716 

ForKlTen(>t8ofloJnrl6% • 899 
Fomicaii<in, . .'^.441 

Fornication, pnnlslimento^ 443 
Foniid It Ion of bnUdings, 44 

Foiiuda lion, a tlUe o( Cbrlst, 628 
FonniHlits mentioned m 

Script are, • • • 767 

Four wluds, thO« • • 267 

Fowls, • • • 20 

Fowls, cloan, • i. 84 

Fowls, Qiidoan, • • 84 
Fowling, • • S%601 

Fox 17 

Frarinres • • • 167 
Frailty or lir% • • 171 

Frieudslilp, • • .402 

Frng 24 

Fruit of the ctrobtree^ • 147 
Fi ults and hurtii^ ' . .147 

FiuiiUtst vineyard, ptrable 

of the, . . .619 

Ftii nil ure. articles ot • 80 

Fornltiire of lUe TabemndeL 680 
Gsilllue, . • .198 

tiaiiifs, tliO Gredan, . 4i8 

iiaicsorciiks, • •64 

(jaril-'ons, . • • 72^9 

GeoeuligyofShem, t 222 

Genealogy of Uam, * • 222 
Geiiealogy of Japhetb, • 228 
Gtfue.di>KyorktugSaa1, . • 2^ 
GeucaloKy.p>itriarclial, • • 222 
GenfAlogy ol the tribes, • 224 
Geiitlhs us successors to 

tho Jews, prophecies of 
. till*, • • .829 

Gent iie9, cbnrch among tbe^ 83i 
Geniilrs fultUment of pro- 

plncies rfvpccUog tbe. 830 
Genuine penitence followed 

by n^tnrniailon^ • 606 

OlllP,cb(Cirul, • .460 

Q fts. io>iU, . • 470 

O.nilo; • » • 169 

Gtnilo, emblem of the, • 626 
Givhig «li;iii to tb« bUnd, 

inlr.'Cteuf; • 493 

Qlcmlnir, • •' !• 6 

Glory olGo<l, . . 286 

"OlMry." signifying Htct tn 

the lloirruw Scrlptorei^ 118 
Qluryinxlnitod, • . 616 

Gnnshin? the teetb, tlie 

siguolugtuy, . • 107 
Gnat, • • • *^ 

OOiit, . . * 43 

ottS symbol of Maoedoo, 42 
Q4»t^H>mbolgCtb«wlolMd 43 

God, His exUtenoe^ 
God, Uls works, • 
God, Ills creation, 
God, His lirovldence^ 
God, His redemption. 
God, His gOTemmeoi 


• 281 

• 263 

• 180 

• 264 

• 263 

God; His natorul attribntes, 286 
God, Uls moral atUibntea, 243 
God consulted on temporal 

tilings, . . .658 

God consnlted on tplrltnal 

Uilngs, . . .654 

God consnlted on tbe eTents 

of war, . . .664 

God, human appearftnce and 

motion asoilbed to mm, 268 
God, human organs asorlb- 

edtoUim, . . 262 

God, human Toloe ascribed 

toUlm, . . .262 

God praised In heaven, . 636 
God pruloed on earth, . 686 

God praised In pnUlo wor- 

slili 686 

God praised by angels, • 636 
God alone to be praised, . 636 
God (klUiTnl to liis oovenant^ 138 
God,cllyor, . . 66 

God rejeotad as king by 

Israel, . . 868 

GiKl's dire of his poq;>le dnr- 

Insctunine, • . #11 

God's care of wMowi^ . . 433 
uod's care over khigs, . 868 

God's bou«e, oonmund to 

worship lu, . . 711 

God's prurldenoe over 

animals. • , 14 

Gog and Magog, • ; • 188 
Gold, . . .447 

('Old and silver-smiths^ • 604 
Good example, • • 400 

Good kings, « •965 

GoodneisofGody • • 848 
Gont, . . .167 

Grace a resolt of redemption, 6i3 
Grass, ... 8 

Graanhopper, . • .26 

GrjiUtuoe, . • .888 

Grtrat supper, parable of the, 622 
Greaves, , . .78 

Grecia, , , • 198 

G r ief of bereaved parents, 2 13 
Gnardoftheark,tubemucIe, 692 
Guarded citlea, . • 66 

Guardlauship of angels, . 681 
Hal^ • . . .861 

Uuir, tlie natural ooverlng of 

the bead, . • ,96 
Ham genealogy oi; • , • 222 
Hand, . . . .111 
Hand, light, symbol of power, 118 
Hand, n^U. seat of houour, 118 
Httud. leu. nsed In Idlomatio 

expressions, . • 118 

Hand, to Hit the band against, 

Is to rebel, . • 131 

Hands, to ciap.the expresston 

of sudden feeling. • • 112 

Bands, to Join, token of oom- 

bhiation. • . .118 

Hands, to lift np anothot's 

Istocomlbrt, • • 112 

Hanit8,to lay on, • I12 

Hands, to llil np^ the postore 

olprjyer. • .118 



Handfhl • • .114 
Hard names not always nik- 

just, . • ,676 

Harvest and reaphig, • 4 

Hawk 21 

Head, . . . 94 

Head anointed for refresh- 
ment, .96 
Head covered with dust, 
earth or ashes, In token of 
mourning, • . .96 
Head, Its natural oorerlng of 

bair, .... 96 
Head, often stands for per- 
son or life, . •94 
Head sometimes shaven, . 87 
Head the natural symbol of 

chief; . . . 96 

Head tossed In token of con- 
tempt, . . 96 
Head was bowed. In token of 
reverence to God, or re- 
spt'ottomen, . . 96 
Heuiing of disease!^ miracu- 
lous, • • . .492 
Heel, . • . ,128 
Heart, . . .116 
Heart. aH the, that which 
God espr dally deatres, and 
Is pleased with iu pious 
feeling, • • .177 
Heart, pertect, • . 177 
Heart, pure^ , . 118 
H«ait,Uieseatofevn, , 116 
Heart, to apply the. Is to 

study, . . .118 

Heart, to harden the,l8 to per- 

slst in disobedience, • 116 
Heart, whole. • . 117 

Health, fire of the, . 60 

Heaven, a state ot happiness 

and glory, . 419 

Heaven in coimdl, q>irl(nal 

scene oi; . . .626 

Heavens, . . ; 267 

Heavenly Inmlnarles, objects 

ofiuoLitry, . . .266 
Herd, .... 84 
Hell, the plsce of the flnaUy 

wicked, . • .420 

Helmet, . . • 78 

lieUnet and shield, . • 78 
Hrruhlry, , • .409 

Herbs and trees, . • 7i7 

H eroes. no ird of Dav UVb, 74 
Heroes, ancient valour In, 73 
Heroines, , • .74 

High Priest, . • .468 

Uill oi Zlou, peculiar sacred- 

nesi aiiuolied to it, . 188 
Hills and mountains of Scrip- 
ture 188 

Hiunom, Taney of, . . 186 

Uoury httlr. the mark of age 

and venerable appearauoo, 96 
Holy city, . . .66 

Holy days, . . .631 

Holiness or God, • . 243 

HolyGltoHt, . . 607 

Holy G host, divinity of the. 606 
Huiy a hiist. personality iif the, 608 
Uuly GliOHt, ffpeciol opera- 
tions of the. 600 
Holy place of the Tabernacle, OQO 
Holy of Holies of the Taber- 

• . 691 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Holy of noIlM off the Temple 700 
HoQej, . • • S5 

Honey, lued as food, S6 

UoDonr, tedffM o^ bome 

upon Uie ■houldar, • 110 

Hnpe. . : • ,803 

HopeinOod, • • 616 

Ho'pltolitJ, • • » 909 

Honi, • .86 

Hora M a lymbol, •87 

Uoros and carptintera, em- 
blem of, • .,..615 
Hornet, ^ • ;• * 21 
Hone, . • .SO 

Horses aied aa tymboli^ • 60 
Hone>leeoh, • • *• S4 
Hontes, apartmenta oi; •40 
Houiea, oonrta of, . i 46 
Honaea, dedication ot . 40 
Housea, door, poroU gate of, ' 41 
Houses, walls of, . 46 

HoQses, roof and pUlara ol^ 46 
Houses, leprosy la, • .53 
Honaea, teuare of, • . 48 

Horuan depravity, . • 678 

Bomtn aacriflces offered to 

idoU, • • . C7i 

Humility, • • .692 

Hunger, • • • 142 

Uaniing. • . • 19 

Husband and iilfeu aepara- 

tlonof. : . .435 

Hnsbantls, dntiea of, • . 430 

H asbandmen, parable of the, 631 
B y procrlsy, Ua ponisbmeut^ 896 
Idleness, • • .687 

Idolatry, . . .266 

ld<»Utry, absurdity of; . 281 
Idul\try extirpated by man, 279 
Idolatry, penalty o^ • 276 

Idols, namea of, . . 274 

Idols not to be made nor 

worshipped, . . 276 

Imagery In allusion to bell, 422 
linages and idols, objects of 

worship, . . S86 

Immortality and felicity of 

God, . • . .234 

Immutability of Ood, . 242 

Impenltence,sln and curse ol^ 606 
Imperfection of ulsdom, 883 

Imposition of handa, • 615 

Imprisonment, * . 833 

Iiibringiog, final of the Jews, 833 
Incense, . • 6U7 

Ino St, ... 437 

Inclining the ear, the token 

of attention, . . 100 

Incouslsi endea of ministers, 478 
IndiTliluals, providence in 

th(< affairs 0^ . . 676 

Indu try, . • .866 
Infantry, . . .69 

Infltiltnde and Inoomprenen- 

alliilltyofGod, . . 287 

In 11a' nation, . . .167 

Influence of piety upon others, 404 
logrdUiudev . . 893 

Ingratitude, cautions against, 623 
Inlicrltanoe of Joshua and 

Caleb, . . .182 

Inheritances of the tribes, 120 
Injuries, forgiveness oi; . 899 
Inquest^ • « .836 

Insects, . . 25 

ances of fiimins^ • U 

Instances of the Interpreta- 
tion of dteama, • . 723 
Instrumental mosio^ . 499 

Intercession, persona ezoept- 

ed firom, . • •644 

Intercession requested, • 644 
Interoession, rule for, . 644 

Intercessions for ministers 

of the gospel, . . 644 

Interoesslons for onr country, 645 
Interoesslons (or saints, \ *. 644 
Intercessions for victory, '. ^ 
Intercessions In publlo dis- 
tress^ . .645 
Interpretation of dreams^ 

anxiety for the, • . 722 
InvitaUons'lo feast% . • 165 
Iron, , •..-!: . , • •419 
Isaac, . ■**■ . • .188 

Isalab, commission to^ • 663 
Isaiah, miraoles In conneo- 

tionwitb, . . .481 

Islands Bientioned In sonp- 

ture^ . . . • • 191 
Issue, (disease,) • • 167 
Israel in Egypt, . • 815 

Israel in the wildemesi^ • • 8i9 
Israel In Canaan, . . 231 

Israel in captlTlty, • . 824 

^^7, . • ^ • • .100 
Itch, « . , .167 

Itinerant labourers, • . 473 
Jaoobu . . .138 

Jacob's family at their 

settlement in Egypt^ • 223 
Jspheth, genealogy oi; . 223 
Jealousy, . . .440 

Jeremiah, commission to, . 663 
Jerol>oam, miracles in oon- 

nection with, • . 489 

Jerasalem, • . • ]»3 
Jotrel^ . • .450 

Jewish nation* • . 814 

Jewish feasts, not binding 

on christian^ . . 631 

Jewish sabbath, • . 628 
Jewish sects, • . 610 

Jewish unbelief, . . 831 

Jews, their relations to the 

heathen. . . .821 

Jews, wickedness and pun- 
ishment of the, . 832 
Jews, their condition during 

the captivity, . . 824 

Jews, their return firom cap- 

UfUy, . . .826 

Jewa who returned ftom 
Babylon, with Zerubbabal, 
list ur, . . .231 

Jews married to Gentiles, 

list of, . . .230 

Jews whQ rebuilt Jerusalem, 

list of, . . .232 
Jews, filial dispersion of the, 227 
Jews, final inbrlnging of the, 838 
John the Baptist Christ's 

forerunner, . • . 296 

Joints, . '. .92 

Jordan divided under Joshua, 488 
Jordan, on eust side, occu- 
pancy of, . . .128 
Joebna and Satan, spiritual 

scene of. . . .626 

Jiwhua, miraclea In oonneo- 

tlunwlih', • « .488 
Journeyings, . ' ,407 

Joy, • 

Jubilee, the year of, . 
Jodah, oapUf ity of, . 
Judah, genealogy of, 
Jndas^ treaohery of, 
Judea, • . • 
Judge, Christ the^ . 
Judgealnlaw, ^ , 
Judgeaoflarael, • 
Judgment, the, 


• SOS 

• 631 
. 824 
. 228 
. 808 
. 199 
. 819 

• 849 
. 836 
. 418 


Justification by faith, bring- 
ing rlghteousnea*, . 608 
Justification not by worki^ 606 
JostincaUon leading to good 

worka, .606 

Justification without merit in 

man, • 606 

JuvenOe thoughts and pas- 

tlm^«^ . ..Jit 

EiUEng: for fiiQif, • .86 

KUlJ re^sptioiifl, . . 4t0 

King, Christ a, • • 811 

Kiui^l^ . . • . • 866 

Ki-i^of JnlKb, . . 859 

KingiiolUjo ton tribes, . 860 
Kl 1 1^^ DQt o r I grael, mentloD- 

fisi Id scripruro, . . 861 

KiDMf someiimcis chosen by 

<i^, . * . ,857 
Klai^, tliefr cboraOten^ ~~ . 865 
Kljjfjly vie*'*, . . 866 

Kn< uiinsr, tokt!n of obeisance, 120 
K i\ a. result of re- 

1 . . 618 

Koi..., MooirccUonoi; . 486 

labourers, itinerant, , 473 

Lamb, a atle of Christ, . 528 
Lameness. . . .107 

Lamp of the dwelling^ . 61 

Land, charters of, . , 2 

Land, distribution of^ , i 

Land, transfer of, . . s 

Land, unreclaimed, . 12 

Language, primeval, . 660 

Languages, origin of dlfftrent, 660 
Last passover, . . 803 

LaveroftheUbemade, . 695 
lAver of the temple, . 70 1 

Law, administration oi; . 848 
Law of debt, . . 341 

Law of fixed property, ; 810 
Law of master and servant, 812 
Law of planting; the vine, 7 14 
Laws guarding proiierty, 837 
Laws protecling life, . 834 

Lawyers, . . 850 

Laying the hand on the 

mouth, token of reverence, los 
Lead, . , 44s, 

League with the cunning 

Glbeonite^ . . 68 

Leanness, . . .166 

Lnaven, parable of the^ . 521 
l^banon, • . . l^<4 
Left-banded,? . . lis 

Leg, : . .120 

Legal support for the poor, 347 
Leopard, . . .17 

Leprosy, . . .167 

Leprosy, law of, . . 167 

Leprosy In garments, . 168 

leprosy In houses, . 62 

Lepers obliged to dwell In 

separation, . . 168 

Utterly • • 486 

Digitized by 



LeiTliitbtiL • • • 18 
Lerl, • • .138 

LeTl. gooealogj of, « 227 

LeYite% . .456 

L«vtt«>8 and their ohieta, . 461 
Lflvltes Inferior to the prfeats, 457 
Levltes bad no inberitanoe, 463 
I.ic6, . . . > .27 
I^iglit, . • • • 268 

Light atmeorCbrlst, • 628 
Lightning. . . • • 260 
Life, a Utle of Christ, • 627 

Lite fh)in the dead, • 600 

LI e, shortness and imoer- 

taintyof. . • 170 

Life, weorlnesi oi; .416 

Lloo, • ;. .17 

Lips, « • . • 106 

Literature • . .498 
Liver, Called ''glorjT in tbe 

Hebrew Scriptures^ • 118 
Locusts, . • 27 

Lodgings in tn&TeL * • 411 

Loltid, . . .116 

Loins, expreislTe of Uneage, 116 
Loqiiadry, . . . 66J 

Luru's sopper, institution of 

the, . .616 

Lord's supper, benefits and 

cautions pertoinlng to tbe» 617 
Losing the way In travel. 412 
Lost money, parable of i ho, 622 
Lo8t eliei»p. parable of the, 622 
Lot In ancient tline«, an ap- 
peal to provldenooi • 687 
Love. . • .808 
L<iTlng Ood, daty of, • 6i9 
Loves, variuui^ • • 424 
Loyalty, . , .872 
Lunacy, • • .168 
Miicedi'nta, . .199 
M liuienance of dlrlne serrioe, 468 
Magic and sorcery, • 274 
Magistrates, . . 866 
Mi^lefityofOod, . 2»4 
MallGe tbe cause of murder, 836 
HaUyCreuiloaof, . • 2M 
Man liiteliectnally, , 881 
Manmorallyf « • 886 
Man socially, • • 4u0 
Man ^Iriioally, • • 877 
Man's Uesiiny, • • 4l8 
Man's destiny determined by 

his choice, • • 682 

Man's responsibility, • 681 

ManaUughttr, • .836 

Manna, . • .148 

Manuu, miracle of, • 486 

Manumission, . . 846 

Marciies of Israel In tbe 

w^idemesi^ . . 8l9 

Marriag<>, . . .428 

Murriage of a brotbeifs 

widow, . . .429 

Marriage fieast, parable of 

Uie. ... 630 

Marrbge law, Jewish peonl- 

lariliesliL . . 429 

Murrluge 01 Dollcy, . 428 

Muster and servant, relation 
, of. . ,843 

Maturials of buildings . 45 
Materials of dn;ss, i. 156 

Means ag Inst (iunhieL . 12 
Meaoa us wall as end ap- 

~ ' '-" . . 680 


Meat-oCTerlng. « • .638 
Meat^ postures and customs 

at^ •_.... 164 

Media, , ... 200 
Mediator tad Intercessor, 

Christ theu ... 602 

MediclnesL -v . ;^. 169 

Meditation, ... 651 

Meditation upon Scripture, 659 

Meditating upon God, duty ol^ 621 

Meeltness, ; • • . 887 

MeeiineasofPaul. •'X.* 476 

Meetings in travel, . . 400 

Mentberahip of the church, 606 
Men and aphrits, olijects of 

worship^ ... 167 
Mercbauuise^ acoounta eta 

of, . . . . .602 
Mercfaandise, articles ot 602 
Merobaodlse, benefits of, 601 
Merciiandise, Tloes and dan- 
gers oil . « • ^ ; 601 
Mercy or God, ... 248 
Mercy of God, ground of 

confidence, ... 249 

Mercy of God prayed for, 250 

Mercy-seat. Tabernacle, 692 

Meridian, . • . . i6i 

Mesopotamia, ... 201 
Metal, worliing In, • . .608 

Metals and miuerala . • 447 

MiUlao, .... 200 
Midnight Tiaitor, parable of 

the, . . .621 
MillUrytaeUcs, . . 733 
Milk and honey, character- 
istic of Canaan, • . 86 
Mills, .... 604 
Minerals, . . • .449 
Ministers of religion, . 451 
Ministers, duty oi the people 

ta 479 

Mhiisters of religion, duties 

of, 476 

Ministry, the sacred, . 476 
Mlutatry, support ot the Gos- 
pel, • . ... 479 
Miracles^ .... 480 
Miracles, fldthoC . . 604 
Miracles manifest dirlne 

power, . , • . 482 

Miracles of Christi • • 491 

Moab, .... 200 
Miracles under tbe Old 

Testament, ... 488 
Mockery, * ... 674 
Mude and result of the re- 
surrection, . . .418 
Mode of recording Scripture, 651 
Munomouia. • • • 169 
Monthly sacrifice, • • 641 
Months. . . • -^ . 263 
Munomentii, architectural, 56 
MonumenU for the dead, 179 
Mortification, (disease,; 169 
M«Ni«s, his commission, . 816 
Moses, ndrudes in connec- 
tion with, .... 488 
Moth, % , ^ , ,27 
Mount Ebal, * • • 183 
Mount Bphraim, • . 184 
Mount Zion, . . ^ 185 
Mountains and hills of Scrip- 
ture, .... 183 
Mountains^ epithets pecuUar 
^ j_^ • • • . Iffl 



Mourners, for the dead, hired, 176 
Mourning, clothing covered 

with dust in, ... 162 
Mourning, clothing rent In, 161 
Mourning, dress and orna- 
ment pot off in, . . 161 
Mourning forbidden, certain 

marks and forms of, . 176 

Mourning for the dead for- 
bidden to certain person*, 176 
Mourning, sackcloth worn in, 163 
Mourning, scenes of, for the 

dead, -,. . . , .175 
MooUi, ... * 104 

Mouth used in eating, . 106 

Mouth used hi speakhig, 105 

Mules, . . . . 80 

Mull Ipllcatlon of the flociC ^t 
Murder forbidden, . • 830 
Murmnrtng, ... 898 

Music. .... 499 

Muatard-seed, parable of tbe, 6^ 
Mysteries in pru?ld«nce, 6B6 

Myatio Temple ot Ezeklel, 706 
Naked prophet, emblem of 

the 626 

NalcedQess indecorou% . 158 
Names of God given to 

CuriH, .... 286 
Names of persons, signlfl- 

cancyot . 660 

Names of places, slgnlfl- 

cunoy of, ... 661 

Naming cities, ... 62 
Nation of the Jews^ • 8i4 

Nuaarltes, ... 461 

Neck, . . . .109 

Neck clasped In Joy or grief, 100 
Neck, seat of yoke, . 100 

Neck, aymbol of subjugation, 100 
Neck adorned with orna- 
ments, .... 109 
Necromancy, . . 176,273 
Nehemiah, ... 72 

Nelifhbourhood, • . 40% 
Nest, .... 20 
Netbinims, . . .400 

Newness of life, • • 600 
New-moon, . • .632 

Night and darkness^ . • 294 

Night and sleep, • , 721 
NaUs, . , « ^114 

Nineveh, . . .193 

Noah, miracles In connection 

wiui, . . .488 

Nobility and governors, • 872 
Non-burhii, a disgrace and 

puntahment, * . • .177 
Non-conformity to tbe world, 628 
Nose, . . . .104 

Nose, tbe organ of smoll, 104 

Nose, the means of lUe and 

breath, . . ,104 

Noxious vegetation, • 18 

NopthUfeast, . . 428 

Nursing, . . .210 

Number of devils, . . 686 

Oath, an appeal to God, . 668 
Uatti, form of, putting; the " 

hand under, . .119 

Oaih,'God Uklng an, . 678 

Uahs, instances of. In the 

Old Testament, . . 669 

Oaths, instances oi; in the 

New Testament^ » 679 

Obedience^ • ;. 924 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^. 413 

Obey Oo'fl woT(1,oMtgttlon to, 657 
ObligAilun to hear GofTt word, 657 
Oi'Upitioti of Keeplns? Tows 666 
Olt Jnate attachment to Idol- 

atry, . . ^ . 283 

Occasional dwelliogs, .' 4A 

OccapaUooa. . 778, 408 

OfT'Tlngra. different kinds of, 687 
Offloe-bf^arera^d Testment% 

of Idolatroua worabtp, . '270 
OfllcersofBiatea, . . 871 

Offlcen of the army, noder 

Moaca, . . .65 

OflRcora In foreign annle% 67 
O^loe of angelSy 
Oiutment, • 
Old age, 

Ollveii, monnt ot • ,185 
Omnipresence of God, • 239 

Omnlscleuoe of God. • • 239 

Omnipotence of God, . 238 

Orchar«l, . . ,774,716 

Orcheatra, tbe aaored, . 227 
Ordinances, . . . 778 

Ordlnanoea, sacramental, • 511 
Ordinary dwelllnga, . 44 

Origin of different Uuagaafet, 66a 
Origin of marriage, • 426 

Original dwcUingSi . 43 

Ornamental treea, • 716 

Opening tbe montb, the com- 
mencement of a discourse 

oranswer, • • .106 

Opiiir, . • .201 

Opposition and reTlUng of 

Ctirlst^ • • - • 800 

Ottricby • • •21 

Owl, • • • .21 

Ox. • • • • Z5 

Paleatlna, . • ^ • 201 

Palmer-worm, • T • 86 

Palsy, . .168 

Parables of the Old Testa. 

ment, • • . 778,618 

Parables, remarks on, • .618 
Pardon, . . .681 

ParenUl affection, • ..214 
Parental autiiorlty, . 2l6 

Parentul antborlty. relatlTO 

to marriage, . . 427 

Pareniallnstroctlon, Taloeof, 216 
Parents, duty ot to instruct 

their children, . . 216 

Parents, duty of, to obastlse 

their children. . . 816 

Parents, duty o^ to toll their 

chililren the meaning of 

religious ordinances, 216 

Parenta Dereaved, grief of, 2 13 
Partridge. . .22 

Parts of the Tabemade, 
Paact^al Lamb, the, ^. . 618 
Pasauver, the feast of, . 618 

Passover. Ins'itnllon of. . 612 
Paasover, time and place oi; 614 
Pa»aoTcr, preparation fur the, 6i4 
Pa<<f»oTer, accompanying sao- 

riaces. . .614 

PasMiver, sacrifices at the. 612 
Puasover, Inotancea of ob- 

arvingthe. . . 516 

Paatura, punishment, of nn- 

faithful. . • .478 

Pasture-ground. • . 85 

Pastures and folds, • • 8S 

Paternal blessings^ • 817 


Patteno^ • " ; * . 390 

Pntrlarcbal genealogf. . 222 

Patriotic love for Jerosalem, 183 

Paol, tbe apostle, . . 478 

Paul, disinterested condoct of, 480 

Paol. miracles performed by, 496 
Paul and Bamabai^ miraclea 

pf rformed by, • . 496 

Panra love for the chnrches, 475 

Peaoe-offerUigs, • • 630 

Peacock, • J^ • A • 22 

Pelican/ . . . 22 
Penalty against sabbath 

Penalty, hunton, agalnt mar- 







Penalty of fUsebood, 
Penalty of swearing, "Tti- • 
Penalty of theft, • - • 
Penitence, a solemn duty, • 
Penitence, bleasiuga of • 
Perfect revdaUon, Bible a, 
Perfection, insunces of com* 

Perfection absolute, not tt- 

talnobie on earth, 
Perjury, . • 

Permission to eat animal 

Persecution forbidden by 

God, • • .633 

Persecntlon, deliverances 

from, . .634 

Persecution defeats it own 

end, . • . 682 

Per.^cutlons in general. • 630 
Persecutions, Tarioos fbrms 

of. . . . .680 

PersecQlions, done under 

variuns pleas, . . . 682 
Persecniiona to be avoided. 634 
PersecuUirs punished by God, 6^ 
Perseverance, a duty, . 6i7 

Perseverance promised, . 617 
Person and work of Christy 

misunderstood, . . 899 

Personality of the Holy 

Ghost, «... 606 
Personification, instances of; 678 
Personifications of wisdom, 
Peter, miracles p«rfi»rmed by, 495 
Petition, baaed on the divine 

promise, .... 642 
Petition based npon oon- 

fldenceinGod, . . 643 

Petition, based upon divine 

Justice, . . . . 6«2 
PeiltUm, based npon divine 

goodness. . . . .662 
Petition, based npon the 

divine glory, • . . 648 
Petition, based upon provi- 
dence, ... . .642 
. Pharisee and publican, para- 
ble of the, .... 628 
Phenice, .... 202 
Philip, miradet performed 

by, 406 

Phrygia. • • • . 202 

Physicians, • ... 169 
Pictured spiritual scenes, . 626 
Piety, influence of, npon 

others, . • • . 404 
Pioneers, • • • • 71 
Pioneering, . , • • 601 
PitOhoi^ • . • « 49 

Place of birf h. attachment to, 200 
Places of reslaence in travel- 
ling, . • .406 
Pltgne,' • • .169 
PI ignea, the ton, • • 483 
Plains of scripture. . . 187 
Plan of a selge, emblem oi; 625 
Pledgei, law 0^ • • 841 
Plenty. • • • 6 
Ploughing, • . '8 
PI nmb-llne. emblem of tte^ 625 
Poison of tbe serpent^ • 25 
Poll tax. . . .467 
Polygamy. . . .435 
Pools mentioned in scrlptnre, 767 
Poor law, . • 816 . 
Poor, support of them, from 

benevolence^ • . 847 

Porters, courses of; . . 462 

Portion of saprlfices and holy 

things eaton, . . 646 

Portlona of the sacrifice, • 466 
Posterity of Abraham, • 228 
Posterity of Isaac. . « 223 

Postures in prayer, • . 640 

Poultry, . . .28 

Pouring out the blood of 

sacriddal vicUma, . 645 

Power and permaAsnoe of 

scripture, . .619 

Power and prerogative of 

kings, . .868 

Power and works of devils, 686 
Power of musicw • .600 

Power of the church, . 6iO 

Pralae and prayer, • 773^ 635 
Prulse, reaaona of, . . 686 

Praise for dally merdea, . 637 
Pr.iise for special mercies, 637 
Praise for CUriat, and his 

blessings, . 

Pralae for praven heard, . 
Praise for God's goodnesi^ 
praise for God's providence. 
Praise for success In war, 
Praise for public blessings, 
Prayer, command respecting. 
Prayer, forma of; 
Prayer, divine promise to 

• hear. • . 

Prayer, earnest deaire of 

being heard in. 
Prayer, conditions of being 

Prayer, Importance oi; • 
Prayer, omission uf, • 

Prayer, places of. • . 
Prayer, seasons of, . . ... 

Prayer, barrenness healed by, 900 
Pruyer for deliverance from 

enemies^ . . . , 666 

Prayer for divine grace, . 656 
Pruyer for divine light, . 653 
Prayer for the divine mercy, 653 
Prayer for enemlea. 
Prayer f >r general and tem- 
poral blesalngs, 
Prayer for punisbment to 

Pruyer forbidden by human 

law, . • 

Prayer lu afllictlon, . 
Prayer In great sorrow and 

Prayer in old age and death, 
Prayer, social, 









Digitized by 



Pnyer that esemlM be over- . 

thri>t\'ii, . . . 657 

Prayer, to be ofTerod that 

muii'slab^cr In proTidiog 

food in-iy be blest, . 144 

PraypM heard, • • 5i9 

Prayers iiot beard, . . 600 

Prayers on bubalf of the 

Umllf, . . .906 

Priyers, reasons why not 

beard, . . . 66t 

Pre acldiig of Panl, • . 474 

Preciiios Rtones, . . 460 

Prep iMtion fur bnlldlng the 

temple, . . . 698 

PrHpirutlon for death, 

(spiritual.) . . .178 

Prt-ropitlve of apoetles^ . 471 
Presents oarrylng, oommon 

custom of, . . 606 

Preserver. God Is, • .254 

Pressure uf famine, • . 10 

Prlile. . . 890 

Prlile of kinj^, • • 866 

Priest. Giiriit a» • .811 

Priests, . . , - 451 

Priests, courses of, • 461 

Prl*«ihoodorChriat, . 604 

Priestbijod, r.n8 of, . 432 

Prii-sts who returned fh>m 

nabylon, lUt of, • 232 

Primo^eiilturo, . • 810 

Prirll«ge and destmy of 

Israel, • . .814 

Privilege of possessing Scrlp- 

mre. . . .651 

Procefsionis pnbllo. . 689 

Prudigti son. parable of the^ 622 
Produce vt the field, simple 

preptiratlbn of, . . 146 

Productions of the fields^ 8 

PrurauaUou of tba Sabbath, 629 
Promi«o of possession of 

Canaan, . . .124 

ProinlHGB that the enemies 

of Israel would be panlo- 

stridten, .. . .76 

Promises to Sabbath-keepeti, 680 
Protifs of the resurrect lun, 417 
Properly lost, law concern- 
ing it, . . .840 
Prupiioclei given by Christy 81 
Prophecy, . . .668 
Prophecy, certainty of the 

fuiniment of, . .667 

Prophecy foimied, . 668 

Prophecy, the moans of 

kuowiedgo under the fbr- 

mer dispensation, . 669 

Prupliecies illnstrated In 

JewiiOi history, . 827 

Prophetesset, . . 660 

Prophets, tue qnallflcatlon 

for, . .665 

Prophets, communications to, 666 
Prophets, doty of the people 

to ihe, . • .071 

Propliets respected, . 670 

Prophets, fidelity on the 

pan of, . . .666 

Prophets sometimes peife- 

cttted, . . .670 

Proptiets. false, . . 672 

prophets, Cdse, reproved, 674 
Prophets penalty against 

"" . • .874 


PmphetA, fiilse, punishment 

of themselves and dupes, 676 
Pri ipliets, schools of the. 669 

Pntpheu nnuer the New 

Testament. . . 670 

Prophet io gift, criteri n of the, 673 
Proplieiio periods, special, 669 
Prophetic symbols of animals, 19 
Proplietic qnnlincatlon. • . 565 
Propitiatory, Christ's death, 606 
Prostitution, . . 443 

Protection of vineyards, 714 

Providence, . . 676 

Provldeooa, divine sover- 
eignty In, . . , i 
Providence, aspects oi; to- 
ward the riglitecns In 
spiritual blessing . j 
Providence, aspt-cts of, to- 
ward the righteous In 
temporal things, . j 
Providence, aspects o^ to- 
ward Uie wiciied In per*, 
sonal punishment, . I 
Providence, God's, over 

animals, . . .14 

Providence In splrltnal 

things, . . .678 

Providence Is ever fust, . 684 
Providence often marked In 

Its dIscHminatton, . 685 

Providence sometimes exalts, 684 
Providt^noe sometimes de- 

pr.wes, . .684 

Provideuoe, support and de- 
liverance In, . .J 
Pnbllo •SMn, providence 

In, ... 676 

Punishment of kings. , . 868 
Punisliment.modes of,among 

foreign nations, . 856 

Ponlsliment of Uud sgalnst 

ooveteoosners. . . 889 

Punishment of nnfldthfU 

pastors, . , .478 

Puntsliments, . . 862 

Punisiiments onder the Ro- 
mans, . . .656 
Purification of the Temple, 708 
Purification of the Temple 

i)y Jesus, . . 706 

Purpose of mirades, . 481 

PurpoHo of the Tabemade 

and Temple, . • 709 

Purlm, feast oi; • . 684 

Quadrupeds, dean, • 88 

Quadrupeds, nuoiesi^ .. 83 

QnaUs, . . .'22 

Quails, miracle of, » 486 

Qoalliioatlons of (ghtssorl- 

flces, . .637 

Quarrelsome brother^ par- 
able of the, . . 618 
Balment, changes of, ss pre- 
sents, • • .162 
Rain, . • .258 
Rainbow, the^ ... 769 
Raven, . . .22 
RsRor, emblem of the, . 624 
Reaping and harvest^ . 6 
Reason for dhicrimlnaUon 

In providences, . 781 

Rebmidlng of the Temple^ 

obstacles to the, . . 705 

ReceptloiM, unkind, • 409 

RechabUes^ • . 168 



R<»cord of David's heroes, 74 
Redsei divld^-d, . . 486 

Red wine vineyard, parable 

of the, • • •619 

Re iemption, . 778 502 

Redemption in Its application, 597 
Redemption, Its price, 593 

Redemption money, . 466 

Reflections on the miracles 

of Moses, . . 487 

Reflections on the starry 

heavens, . 268 

Reflections on the conquest 

of Canaan, . 126 

Ref>rmatlon, genuine peni- 
tence fullowed by. . 606 
Refreshments in travel, • 409 
Refuge, cities of, . . 887 
Regal d^wns, emblem ol^ 524 
Regeneration, . . 600 
Regidde, . . .875 
Reins used flgnratively as 

the seat of feeling, . 118 

Refection, divine, . . 679 

Rejoicing in Ood, • .Old 

Ri'Joicing, times of^ . 418 

Relation of Christ to the 

Father, . . 285 

Relatione of Christ, 295 

Relatives, intercourse among, 2i8 
Religion, mInUters of, 476 

Remembrance of Scripture, 668 
Remnant of Israel preserved 

from the captivity,, . 826 

Removing fomiture, em- 
blem of, . • . 62S 
Repentanoeu . . 607 

R<pUles, . . .28 

Replies to diallengesi, In- 

stanoesoi; . . 664 

Reproach, • . .674 
Reproof, . . .665 

Besointions, the eipresslon 

ofgood, . . .665 

Responsibility, man's, . 681 

Restoration of ciiies. . 57 

R*'Storation of Jeru8:ilem, 186 
Rf^toratlon of the Temple 

predicted, . . 704 

R^toration to life, mlrades of 494 
Resnite of battle, . . 748 

Rtisuita of siege, . . 782 

Resurrediim of Christ, 806 

Resurrection of the dead, 416 
Restrlciions under the Jew- 

Isli raarrhige law, . 430 

ReUIIatlon, . . 864 

Return from Jonmeyings^ 412 
Revelation, divine, . 648 

Revenge slufiii on the part of 

man, . .894 

Revenue and Liuds, royal, 271 
Reverence, blessings attach- 
ed to^ . • .620 
Revolts, • • .876 
Revolniions, . • 874 
Ribs. . . .115 
Rich and poor, . 846 
Rich and poor, parable of the, SH 
Rich fool, parubie of the, 521 
Riches not be coveted, . 888 
Riddles, . . .628 
Riding, • • •80 
Right hand, • • 118 
RioU, ' . • • 7n 
Ripe frnit» emblem oi; ^ • W 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 





RlTen. 762 

Sea, •• ... 761 

81(>ep and nighty ; 


fti verd mentioned In tcrlptni^ 763 

Seas menUoned In icrlptare, 763 

Sling. • . 


RiMids. . 190,504 

Seasons, . . . . SaO 

Smiting on the month, • 


ltub«<, apper wantiug, a muu 

Seat, .... 60 

Smiting npon the thigh. 

Mid tu be naked, . 168 

Seal of hononr, right hand, 118 

token of grief; 


Rot>e4, purple, synibul of 

SfCts, Jewish, . • .619 



S'CUlar duties, . . 886 

Soow, • • • 


rtiyalty, . . .156 

Seed sprlu^lDg np imper- 



Roltee, wiilte, maoh ptteemed, 156 

ceptibly. p:irahle of the, 631 
Selt-Kienul, obedle&ce often 

Sodom, . • • 


fiocUf nume of God and 

Soil of Canaan, • 


CiirK . • -189 

Involves. ... 635 



Rocka Important nw of, 1S8 

Seir-lrnpreoatkHiB, . 670 

Sole to bead, the whole 

Rooks, tbeir general diarao- 

SelMoterest, presents giTen 

Solemn canUons abont mir- 


ter> ... 188 
Ro. f and plllara of bontea, 46 

for 605 

Selfrlghteonsnesi^ forms ot; 6i4 



Royal cidefiy . . 63 

Sen^s, . . . . 88 

Solicitude, nndue^ 


Royal bramble, parable of 

Serpent, channlog nf the, 26 

Solitude In vnrious forms, 


the. . .618 

Serpent, poison oi the, ; 26 

Solomon's officers^ 


Boynl drese, dignity and 

Serviintk exemplary, and 



eliqnette. . . 863 
Royul f.iiiiliy, exttrpaUon of a, 875 

bad 848 

Source of instraction, Scrip- 

Servitude, New Testament 

ture the. 


Royal fritisy . . 470 

precepts about, ... 846 

Sovereignty, dirine, myster- 

R >ynl reveune and landii 871 

Servitude, laws regarding, 844 



Rnliric . . 645 

Servitude, voluntary, . , 844 

Sovereignty, divine, often 

Ruin of the Temple foretold, 703 

'■ S«UUig tbe face,** . . 99 

apparenUy indiscriminate. 


Kalitona ooTerianta, . 141 

Seventh month, saorifloet at 



Rnlfni. tlieir duties. . 863 

the, .... 648 

Sower, parable of the. 


8ai.b:»th,ili«pa»rlQrclia^ 628 

Seventy apostles^ the. . 473 

Sparrow, . . • 


Sabbath. Uie Jewish, . 628 

Seventy apostleii, miraoles 



Balihuth, bow kept by Israel, 628 

oi; . . .495 

Special case of non-obliga- 

Babbnih (he ClirlStUn . 6:10 

Sheep, . • • • 87 

tion of a vow. 


8 ibhailcal yonr, . . 631 

Sheep, symbol of; . . 88 

Special Instances of fal«e. 

Suckclodi wiTii In moomlng, ]6i 

Sheet«, . . . .159 

hood, ... Hi 673 II 

8 icrt-d treasury, . . 467 

Shem, genealogy of, . 222 

Speech, .... 


8acrp<l vestments, , 4^3 

Sh'pherd, a title ot Ghrist» 627 


Sacnncn, animals nsed f^r, »l 

SI epherd, parable ot the, 628 
S)iew.bread, . . . 607 

Speech, impropriety of, 


Sucrllces, dUferent klndo of^ 639 

Speech, propriety of, 


Sacrlllces under the patrlor- 

Slileld. buckler, target, . 78 

Spider, .... 


ctml Ulspensatiun, . 635 

SI i.ld, symbol of protvctlon, 78 

Spies, catalogue of the, 


fi crinocs under tbe Ifosalo 

Shlp-s ..... 764 

Spinning and weaving. 


dis|iensaiton, . . 685 

Siilpwreck 766 

SpirituaT aUuslous to fornU 

8ocrinces oflbred to Idol^ 271 

Shoes and sandals. ' . 160 

cation, .... 


Sacri (Icial. Christ's death, 606 

Shortness and uncertainty of 

Spiritual blessing; Sorlptnre 

Sacrilege, . . 70*i 

life, .... 170 

source ot; 


B icram«iital ordinances, 611 

Shoulder, burdens borne up- 

Spiritual ineffloacy of animal 

SAfe;(Uanl against temptation, 6 f*2 

on If, .... 110 
Shoulder, badges of hononr 



Saints praise Oud, . 585 

Spiritual Influence. 


Salt, . . 452 

borne upon the, 110 

Spiritual penalty of idolatry, 


Suit, ooTenant of, . . 136 

Shoulder. . . . .110 

Spirituality of God, 


Siluratlunsy .• .410 

Shrubs and herbs, • 718 

Spot on the foreiiead, 


Suniaria, • . 202 

Sickness, .... 165 

Sprinkling ot persons^ 


Samaritans, . . 82i 

Selges, • ... 730 

Sprinkling of Udiigs, 



Signs of sge, . . .414 

SuffofUfe, bre-aU tbe. 


"f, . .488 

BliKnn requested and given, 496 

SUndlng armies. 
Star, a UUe ot Christ, 


Samuel, oommitslon to, . 563 

Silver. .... 447 


Samuel, mirucles In connec- 

Sin, Warnings against, . 621 



tion with, . . • 489 

8ln and curse of Impenltenee, 606 

Starry heavens. 


Sntici incut l*tn, . . 697 

Sin and guilt of Idolatry. . 275 

State of man, the flrst, 

877, ai)lrt'U4l scene ot; 6'i6 

Sin, divine displeasure 

Stature of the body. 


Saul, genealoiry of, . 226 

sgalnst, .... 246 

Stephen, miracles performed 

Saylii;;!* tif Solomon, striking, 677 

Sin. tiiflQence of; npon others, 405 



8ca|K»goat, . . 648 

8ln-4.fferlng. ... 640 

Sticks and sUves, emblem oi; 525 1 1 

Scene of God's glory, the 

Sin of nnbellei; . . 671 

Stiff neck, tbe common sym- 
bol of obstinacy, 

third heavens. . . S65 

Sin, sacriflcos offered for 


Scenes and modes of idol- 

pardon of, ... 616 

Stones, precious. 


airoU4 worslilp, . 288 

Sins ascribed to pastors, . 477 

Stoning. .... 


Scenes of slaughter, . 744 

Sins of the priesthood, . 453 

Store dUes, • • . 


Sc.hl!>yns foretold and re- 

Sins of ignorance, sacrifices 

8U)mi8, .... 


proviHl, .... 610 

tor, 643 



8cUi>oli of the pmphets, . 669 

Sincerity 895 

Sireeto of cities. . ^ 


Sc»nr);u «it providence, war s, 727 

Sincerity, obedience InTolTes, 625 

Strength, symbolized by the 

SciiurKiiig, ... 854 

8inew>i, . . . .93 

arm, . . 


ScnpLiir»% exposition of, . 658 

Singers, courses of; . . 463 

Strife, .... 


Scripture, the suoroe of In- 

Site of the Temple, . . 698 

Strile, evllf of. 


titrncil«»n, . . . 650 

SklD, 92 

Strong drink, , , , 


Scripture, troth of, . . 649 Slain in batUe, . . .7521 

StodloQuiess of mlnlsten^ 



Digitized by 



Ba^ectlon of tntmili to 

ui 11, . . .15 

BnhinersIOD, emblem of, . 625 
' Bubsrliatet for obedience^ 

Hueiiflo*^ not, . . 636 

Bnbst It uiioaai7,Cbrl8t's deatb, 695 
Biilclile, . . • .416 

BanHiie^ • • .262 

Bnnset, - • • .862 

6^ntrrok^ . . .169 

8u|>< nttliloas obserrance of 

tlio Subbalb, • • 629 

Snpper, . "^ . . 154 

Suppurt or tbe Gospel minis- 
try, • , • ,479 
Swulfoir, . • .22 
B^vpflrlng forbidden, . 676 
Swimming, • • • • 769 
Bword, . . .82 
Bword. an InBtniment of per- 

•ecDtlon, • .86 

Bwurd a principal weapon of 

war, • iL • -.83 

Bwoni girded on Ihe tbigh, 83 
Bvrord an Instrnment ot 

great slangrliter. • 84 

• Bwortl, tivo-e<lge<^ • 83 

BwonI, whettod, • .'88 

Bnrord wielded SO ai oat or 

pierce, . . • 83 

Bwonl, a title of Christ, • 629 
Bynibol. liorii nued as a, .87 
byiiilK)! of power, ritrlit band, 118 
Bymbola. Iiursea used as, 80, 81 
Byiititullc appfaniuces of 
* anffcls, . . 683 

Bymboiio jestoroB In aaorifloe, 646 
Bympiiliy, • • 899 

Syiiagugues^ • • 709 

Syria, . . • .206 
Tabernacle of diTino orlglo, 683 
Tabernacle and Its rurultore, 695 
Tabemaole set Qp, • 697 

Tabernacles, feast of, . 632 

Table, . . • 60 

Table of show-bread, of tbe 

tabernacle^ • • 691 

Taie>bearlng, • • 673 

Talent*, puraltle of the, . 521 
TareSt parable ol tlie, » 519 

TarsliUli, . • .203 

Tax-gulUering, • . 870 

Taxen, . . ,870 

TeaclUng or ministers, • 477 
Teeth, . . .107 

Temperatore, changes of 261 
Temple, • . 774,. 697 

Temple ballt by Solomon, 698 
Temple of Qod, desecration 

ofthe, . • .269 

Temple, feasts of the, • 600 

Temple rebnilt, . . 704 

Temples aiid altaiB of tdola- 

trtius wunlilp, • , • 269 
Temptation, . • .622 

Tending tlie flock, • .SO 

Ten plognes, the, . 483 

Ten pun t idii. parable of the, 623 
Ten tribes, kings of the, • 860 
Ten irlbes, faie of the, • 824 
Ten virgins, parable of the, 620 
Tents, • .43 

Tenore of honsef, . • 48 

Tenure ol land, . . 1 
TbaiikaglTlng to Qod, for 

UMaUig nun's labour, • 144 

I - Page 

Theft forbidden, • ; 887 
Thigh, . . . .119 

Things, jipeping, nndeao, 84 
Tldn}c«0Toted, .470 

Third fllKTens^ ; • .266 

Thirst, . . . .148 

Tbreatenlnsrs against lelf- 

righteousness. . . 616 

Tlr oateniags, severe^ against 

kings, ... .867 

Threshing, # • • 7 
Throat, • . .103 

Thumb, • -; : • .114 

Thunder, • • • 260 

Tbnnder-stonn, description 

ofa, .... 261 

Tin 449 

Tithes, 464 

Toe, . . .123 

Token of attention, inclining 

the ear, . . .100 

Tongue, * . . .108 

ToDgu<*,a.«8ocIated with lying 
I and flattery, . . 108 

I Tongue, s^ovemment of the, 662 
Tongne, sins of the, . .871 

I Tongue, tbo Instrument of 
' sp«ech, . . • . 108 

Tongues, gift oL • • 679 

Trades, . "• . . .502 

Trades, Christian rule re- 
specting. . . . • fi92 
Traditions. Scripture aboTe, 660 
Transfer uf land, • .2 
Travel, means o^ • . 406 
Travels of Paul, • • 473 
Travelling. . ' . ..406 
Treasure ell l^s, . .62 
Treasure found, parable of 

the, . • .520 

Trea&ury, sacred, . **" . 468 
Treason, fable accnsatloni of; 873 
Treason, instances of, • 873 

Treason, punishment of, • 874 
Treasons and revolutions!, 872 
Treaties violated, . . 767 
Trees, . . .714 

Trespass offering, . . 640 

Trial of Christ, . . 804 

Tribes, genealogies of, . 224 
Tribunal, the, . . 860 

Tributaries, aborigines of 

Canaan made^ • . 127 
Trlbnte, • . .767 

Trinity, the. . . 266 

Troops, ancient valour fn, . 78 
True interpretations of dreams, 

is from Qod, • . 722 

Truth of God, « . ,245 

Tnith of Scripture, . 649 

Twins. . . .206 

Two fonndatlonBL parable of 

the, . . .619 

Two sons, parable of Uie, 520 
Tyranny of Unga, . 867 

Tyre, , . , .203 

Ulcers, . . .169 

Unbelief and Its penalty, . 602 
Unbelief, sin of, . . 071 

Unbelief, the punishment o^ 672 
Unclean fowls, • . 84 

Unclean qnodmpedL . 88 

Undeun^plrit, pirable of the, 621 
UnoleauueM, oeremonial, 606 
"Under feet," the token of 

snmogation, . .121 


Unioom, . . W 

Ualtj and tncontparablHtr . 

ofOod, ,834 

Unity of the Clmroh, . 6i0 

UnJUDt Judge, parubln of the, 623 
Unjust steward, parable of 

tbe^ ... 622 

Unleavened bread, . 6.3 

Unreclaimed buid, , la 

Urim and Thummln, : 4'>5 

UsnrjfUkwof, . . 839 

Van, . . ^ .100 

Valleys ol Scripture, . itiS 

Vanity, , .678 

Various f >rms of falsehood, 672 
Various stations of the ark, 693 
Vegetable diet, . . U4 

Vegetation, noxlou^ . 18 

Vernal tree^ parable of the, 628 
Vessels of the temple^ ^ . 701 
Vestments, snored, . 408 

Victory promised by God, • 748 
Vine, . . . 7lf 

ViDedresser^ . . 714 

Vinetree, emblem of the, 526 
Vineyard, . . .713 

Vintage. . .774. 714 

Violated treaUes^ . . 757 

Viper, , . .26 

Virginity, . . .424 

Vhh)ns of Scripture, 775 720 
Visits of angels, • . 682 

Vocal musics . . 499 

Vows, . . .666 

Vows, rash, . • . , .667 
Voyaging, . . * . 764 

Vulture, . • • .22 

Walls of cities, . . 64 

Walls of houses, . . 46 

War, . . .726 

War, a freqnent employment, 71 
War chariot, ot iron, • . 70 
Warsteed, . . .80 

War trumpet, . . 71 

Wariike Intelllgenoe.efTectsoi; 788 
Woming to backsliders, . 618 
Warnings agaiust false pro- 
phets^ . . .572 
Warnings as to the violations 

ofOod'slaw, • . 880 

Washing raiment. . 169 

Watches, night divided into, 26 
Water, a Utie of Christ, 627 

Water, the common beverage, 161 
Wealth, dangers of, . 889 

Wealth, tiie gUt 9f Ood, . 887 
Wealth, very precarious^ : 888 
"Weaning, . , .211 

Weapons of Christian armour, 77 
Weariness of life, . .415 

Weather, prognostics of the, 260 
Wells mentioned in Scripture. 768 
Whale^ emblem of the,. . 626 
Wicked endure death here, 

and hereafter, . . 601 

Wicked, goat a symbol of the, 42 
WIpked poubbed with na^ 

tlonai disaster, . . 600 

Wi<Aed punished with 

special aggravations, . 690 
Wick'eUoess aud punlahment 

of the Jews, . . 82) 

Widows. . . .438 

Wife, duties of the^ . 481 

Wild animals, . . 16 

WUdasa, . • . » 

Digitized by 




Wild goat, • • .41 

Wilderaetti, BlnB of Iiroel In 

the, .820 

Wliral TloUUIoDB of Qod'i 

law, • • • 879 

WtDd, • • .867 

Window, • •' .48 

Wine, . . . 151 

Wine, weak, called vinegar, 162 
Winking wltb the eye, a aiga 

or evU intent, . . 109 

Wisdom, tbe gift of God, . 883 
Wisdom, means of attaiulng it, 885 
Wisdom of the world, . 882 
Witdicran^ • • 272 

Animals, • • • • 770 

Disease, . . • .770 

Dealb, • • . . 770 

, Family, .... 770 

God, 770 

Idulatzy, • • • • 770 



TVltncnet In law, • :• 84d 

Worship pflid to devlla, 


Wiyee,good, . .431 

Worship paM to Idols, 


Wlve«,bad, . ^ . 432 
Wolf, . ^. 19 

Worshipping God. doty of. 


Wounded lu battle. 




Wool ... 87 
Word obligation to hear Ood's,687 

Writing, the mode of record- 

ing Scripture, , . . 


Work of Cbrlst, prophesies 

Year of Jubilee, 


respecting it, . .901 

Yoke, the neat of the neck, 


Work of dlTine power, mi- 

Yokes, emblem of, . 


racle a, . .482 

Zeal, obedience demands. 


Zecharlah, commlaalou to, 


Worm, . , .24 

Zldon, .... 


Worms, (disease,) . .169 

ZIon hill, peculiar saci edness 

Worslilp oflered to Christy 287 

Attached to it, • 



Idoli, 770 

Sabbath. . . 


Jesus Christ . . .770 

WorkoftheSpWt, . . 


Jews, 771 

The Church, . . . 


lAW 771 



Miracles 772 

Spirits. . . . • 


Blasphemy, • . •773 

Tabernacle, • • • • 



Digitized by 




£&in> or OANAAKi 

Divided by lot according to the ntimber of 
.fomilies, as commaaded by MoeeSi and per* 
formed by Joshua at tihiloh. 


Held firom Gbd iD perpetual entail on con- 
dition of militai766nrice,—returaiag,if aliena- 
ted, to its oridnal otrner a^ the year of jubilee^ 
or redeemable on certain conditibns^ in- 
Btances in Naomi, Kabotb» etc. 


BcugM in patriarchal times, and made over 
by cnarter also in Jewish times. 


Bich, fertile, and well watered,— with hiUs, 
and valleys, and minerals underneath. 


Wilful fire-raising punished by restitution, as 
also devastations of animals,— ^mc&7iarA:9 not 
to be removed,—- growing crops might be 
plucked by the traveller, but not €Ut with a 


Assigned to Adam and to man, as the meani 
of sustenance. 


Ploughing, performed by oxen, and in winter, 
—breaking up the clods And fallow ground; the 
Qymbol of reiormation, of spihtuai indudtry, 


Divers seeds not <o bo used, — often trodden 
into the soil by feet of animals;— a work of 
hope; and the emblem of increase and spirit- 
ual instruction. 


Often experienced to <m hundred filld: the gift 


Com cut with a riekU by theann or harvetU 
men, and gathered into theaoet, tares into btmd" 
j!f«;— a season of joy and of industry: the 

5irmbol of retribution generally in mercy and 



Done <m floor, thrashing floor, ham-floor, wnu 
floor, by a rod, or hoofs of unmusu^ud cattleu 
tart-wheels or teethed instnimenttt; straw and 
grain separated by removing with a /ofi or 
fonfKiv;— chaff driven by the wind; symbol of 
judgmenti eta 


For cattle, green and abundant, refreshed hj 
rain, on house-tops short-lived, soon withered 
and used as fuel — cast into the oven : emblem 
of life, of prosperity, of the wicked, eta 


Beans, bulrushes, flagfi, flax, gourds, heath, 
lentUes, mandrakes^ mallows, milled zeedsL 
rushes, lye, tarea 


Of gnsB;— a terrible visitation, as in days of 
Ahab;-HOf grain, — cau<)ed by inclement sea- 
son^by drought and wet,— by locusts,— by 
predatory enemies,— often very severej— A«n«r 
or cleanness of teeth, urging to various repulsive 
elements of food, even during a dege to canni- 
balism, and iiroducing blackness of skin, ema- 
nation, Minting, and death : the aymbol of 
spiritual destitution,— instances in the days 
of Abraham, Iitaac, Joseph, of the Judges, of 
David, Ahab, Eli^ha, siege of Samaria, of seven 
years, foretold by Elisha, during dege of Jem. 
salera, after the captivity, in reign of Claudius 


During fiftmine, as in case of Elyah^ often 


Onmaries of Egypt filled by Josejii, and com 
imported from otiier countries. 


Dry, desolate,waste,andhotpling, not sown, marshet 
—often wood or forest, tilled witt^wild beasts, 
and haunted by robber8;-H[ioxious vegetation 
in it, thoms» thistles, nettles, briars, brambles^ 
these also on scenes of ruin: symbols of spi. 

Comers of fields not to be reaped;— forgottm ritual sterility and desolation. 'For names'of 
■head not to be fetched, bat left £» poor, I deserts and forests in Scripture, see under 
instanced in £u^ IJEaiih. 


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onsjLTioir OT them bt ood^ 
Out of the dust of the ground, ondnamedhy 


la the necessary food and preserratioii of 
everv one of them— exemplified at the Qood. 
in Nineveh, etc., represented as teaching and 
ieltinf of Ood, honottnnp Him, en/mg onto Him, 
and iee^ Mftr fneat nom Hiiiii 


God's soonrKe, while on behalf of his people, 
He makes with them a covenant aad|Wi0i 


Appointed by God, effected by taming them, 
and exemplified in the Idliing of theiion by 
Samson, etc 


Each noted for its own characteristtc pecntl- 
arity. Bear for tercenesB— Behemoth or Hip< 
popotamus for great strength— jBoor for wast- 
{ngt-^oney for its inaccessible abode. — Deer 
for agility and beanty, — Dog for its filthy and 
predatory habits,— ^ox for its smattnesB and 
cunning,— J^ropord for its spotted hide, and 
swift and sudden spring,— Lion for its bold* 
ness, power, and terrific yoice; an emblem 
of a mighty ruler, a powerful people, and 
Satan the a[dveri«ry ; an instriunent of Judg- 
ment in God's hand, as in the case of the 
disobedient prophet and the emigrants sent 
to Samaria:— Z«ota/Aan, or Crocodile, for its 
bulk, terrii>le appearance, and impenetrable 
scales,— 2/mcom lor its strength,— ^<^ for its 
ferocity, eto. 


i^ibn denoting Aesyria,— the Bear Persia,— 4;he 
Leopard Greece,— the beait divene from all, 


Proseonted by means of the bow, and the net; 
illostrative of persecution. 


the Dove, an emblem of t^e Spirit of God:^ 
the Eagle, distinguished fop its powerful pin* 
ions, rapid night, lofty nest, penetrating eye, 
and rapacity, illustrative of persecutors,— the 
ffawk as a bird of passase and prey,— the 
Oftrich, as timid and ea>4ily driven from its 
nest,— the Owl as the svmbol of de8olation,-r- 
the Partridge illustrative of the persecuted, 
—the Peacock as admhred for its beautiful 
plumage,— i\>ii2^ noted for affisction to tlieir 
young,— ^^tMait as birds of passage, whic^ 
cross the Arabian desert,— the Ravm a^ a bird 
of prey, — the Sparrow as common and little 
esteemed, two eoldforafarthmfft—AiiQ Swallom, 
and Cr(me as birds of passage, — their instinc- 
tive knowledge of the time of their misiTation 
employed as a reproof to Israel ; and the VuU 
ture^ as filthy and rapacious, eto 

Poisaed by means ot mares, gins, and neit, 


Often employed for food; Fishifig a common 
employment, proeecuted by means of hooks, 
nets and drag>; illustrative of the work ci 
(gospel ministers, and an emblem of the As- 
syrians carrying Israel away captive,— ^the 
fish-gate, a gate of JerusaleixL 


The Dragon, probably including several ani- 
mals under it, represented as being of terrible 
and poisonous aspect, and frequenting ruined 
cities, rivers, and msrshes; illustrating the 
mali^iity of the wicked one, — the Frog an 
objectof disgust^— the Horseleech as craving for 
blood,— the Worm as bred in putrifying mat- 
ter, as also in cei-tain diseases; often alluded 
to in connection with the grave and illust- 
rative of the punishment of the place of 
WOP,— the Se'pent described as subtil, fiery. 
ero<Med, deadly poisonous, and nisoeptibie of 
being charmed, illustrative of the cunning 
of Satan,-4he Snail found in damp and 
shady places,- the Viper in many respects 
similar, and often associated with the ser- 


The Ant noted for diligence; Bees fat their 
_, , , . *, , - number and sUng; illustrative of enemies 

Birds marwng the approacn of snmmer by numerous and formidable; valuable also for 
their stngin^g-^aae o/twciwnAmft,— nest built, their honey, which is characteristic of Canaan, 
on the hrancha of trees, in rocks and in places and often used for food,— the Caterpillar and 
inaccessible, au emblem of a place of peace ; i Locust for their devastations and as a means 
^Bai, BUtern, and Cormorant, alluded to as, of divine chastisement,- the Ca her worm 
hihabitants of solitary and forsaken places,^ I and Palmer^worm also a divine scourge,— the 


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[abcuitjdctu Kl. 

Flea on iiooonnt of its Ino'gnificaQcer— i'Tiss 
for their swarme^—the Qnat for its proverbial 
smallnees, — CfrQishoppara, for their vast num- 
ben^ and individual smailnesB,— the ffomet 
for the severity of its sting, and as an 
instrument of Divine judgment, -r/^tce one 
of the plaRues of E^pt,— the Moth for its 
jBilent destructiveness— the Spider for ite frail 
web ; illustrative of the hope of wiclLeAmen, 


The ost for riding and work, persons'of rank 
riding on vMe aues^ wUd asses regarded as un- 
tameable— the camel used on long desert jonr- 
neys, the noift dromedaryr-^Q horse which 
Israel was forbidden to multiply, used espe- 
cially by warriors in early time& and in draw, 
ing the chariots of the great,— <The tear steed, 
characterized by strength, fleetnesa^ and cou- 
rage, — MuUs employed in riding; horses of 
various colours, with their rideis and chaiiolfl^ 
used as prophetic symbols in Zechaii^h. 


Animal food given to Noah, etc., blood for- 
bidden, and fat, animals unclean which had 
been killed by beasts, or diied a natural death; 
ehmtian law^ and eonadenee^ require ab^inence 
from what may be doubtful to ouiseives, or 
offensive to weak brethren. 


Qmdrupede clean whidi parted the Aoof, and 
chevrea the cud, unclean which did not pait 
the hoof or chew the oud:— j^«Aet clean which 
bad acaJu and fintt oncleaa which had nofe 

scales and fins;— Clean fowls not formally 
described, but the unclean excepted by name: 
creeping Udngt, clean in part, describea and 
named, as the locust, beetle, grasshopper, eta, 
unclean in part desaibed and named, as the 
lizard, ato, 


Caille an important description of wealth in 
aodent times, the calf often Jotted BJid killed 
as a \nj.xxry,^JBullt, tierce, bulls of Bashan,-^ 
the Ox used for agricultural labour, vnacctu- 
tomed to the yoke, an image of impenitent men 
under divine chastisement; t/o^u^ appointed 
enforcing equity and mercy, pasture ground 
very extensive, — dairy produce. Milk, Butler, 
and Cheese, killing cattle for food frequently 
exemplifiea, and very often refenecT to in 
Scripture— the Bom frequently employed as 
an emblem of power, prxde, protection^ and 
as a prophetic QrmboL 

TBS nocK. 

Shtq>--tkOomm(m element of ancient wealth, 
kept for their wool and flesh, prune to wander, 
are illustrative of mankind going astray from 
Qod ; symbols of innocence and helplessness, 
of a scattered people, and of Christ's followers 
under persecution— r«n<ii«^ the flock performed 
by the she^pmaster and household, similitude 
of the rulers and teachers of a nation and of 
ChAst the Shepherd of souls \-~MuViplicalwa 
of the flock, a token of the Divine blt^ing^ 
Wild goats, inhabitants of inaccessible rocks, 
and mountains,— the domesticated led in flocks 
by a he-goat— 4hQ milk and flesh valuable for 
food, ana the Aoir employed in manufactures; 
—emblem of the wicked; symbol of Macedon. 



TenU, UFed in part at least by the Antedilu- 
vians, by the Patriarchs, and by Israel in the 
wilderness,— ifo/cna/i composing them, cords, 
curtains and stakes; flguraUvely applied to the 
earth, with tlie curtains of heaven above, 
and also to the body of man. 


Caves resorted to, for shelter, and in seasons 
of danger; caves mentioned in Scripture,— < 
Makkedah, Adullam* Ungedi, eta 


Mouses of various forms, paiaces, eastks and 
cottages; — Fotmdaticn metaphorically applied 
to the mountains, and to the world at large, 
Ulustrative of strength; a name given to 
Christ and his Apoetles;— Jfoteiob usually 

employed, bricks, stones, Vimher,— Erection 
was executed by carpenters, masons etc.; used 
as a symbol of the increase of families, and of 
spiritual edification. 


Walls 80 built as very much to seclude the 
building,- Cbiirtf uncovered, open siuices; — 
Roof required by the Mosaic law to be flat, and 
fenced with battlements, usually communi- 
cated with the house, and was often resorted 
to for the purpose of observation, for making 
public proclamation, and fur retirement and 
prayer,— Peter on housetop, — Pillars employed 
tor strength and ornament, symbolically ap. 
plied to*eminent men,— Z>o^, ;x>rc^ ^'i/«, the 
passage for entering and departmg, — Windows 
for light,— the Dial fbr determining the hour, 
—the various apartments constructed so as to 
suit the variom objects for which they are 

Digitized by 




[ARicr— mis.' 


In nn walled villager held on the same prindple 
18 ia ordinary Inheritance,— Houses in wai- 
ted cities limited in respect to their redemp. 
Hon and restoration; asfiiettion attended by 
certain ceremonies and priviks8e8|--tlie thir- 
lielh Pddliii. 


Bedt snmetimes richlv ornamented, bnt ordl- 
narliy eoueha ranged round the walls of the 
rooms ; used as an emblem of the grave; 
hoUlei made of leather or the skins of animals; 
instanced in Hannah, the Qibeonites, etc.,—* 
The pUeher used for canjing water, exem- 
plified in the woman of Samaria,— The tabf4 
nsed for tneals and often nsed ficuratively 
for the food itself BS^'prwidmi aiable:* Seds 
(domestic) often formed simply of the sleep- 
ing oouclies folded up;— other hotseholdtftufi 
oouststed of pots, baskets, eta 


Fires for cooking, and during the winter 
months for warmth; instanced in the hall o: 
the high priest during the trial of Jesus; for- 
bidden to be lighted on the Sabbath day,— 
Fud of wood, tiioms, dried grass, etc.,— The 
Candle or lamp of oil muaUy kept burning 
during the nigiit, i^nd often employed as an 
emblem of domestic pro^^rity, but **lamp pui 
ouf" the symliol of domestic advoisity} l^oty 
ill hiuuses and law about it. 


Erected for secnrity, for convenfenoe !n mer. 
chaiidide» and often irom peisonal ambition. 

— name* given to them from that of the 
builder, from the object of the erection, or 
from some circumstance connected with the 
erection. Different kinds of cities sieci* 
fi'^d, namely, Roval^ Treasure^ CommeraaL 
iVuvriot, Fenced CUiea, the walls of great 
8tren^th, and provitied at intervals with 
watch -^wat and baitlemenU; — ga^a eome- 
time8%on8tnicte<} of brass, iron, etc, being 
places of conoonrae, spaces around them used 
101 merchandise, and for judicial pn)Coeding^ 
often alluded to as the resort of the idle,^ 
Streets atid thorough&res usually narrow in 
the east, — Watchmen employed to tv^inxd during 
tbe night: eUhn of the people appointed by 
Moses to act as mugbtmtes; instanced in the 
history of Butb. 


JeriHilem, often called the AoZy city, ft> named 
from being qiecially the place of Uod's pre- 
sence, the scene of his wonthip, and the oon- 
▼ocaiions of his people Israel 


Erected by good men to mark special manf Pes* 
tiitioDS of God's favour, as by Jacob at Bdh-d, 
Moeius at SwUt Joshna at QUgal, etOL 

OITIK0 d HmxaL 

As the renilt of God's dispWsnre; often tbe 
sultjects of prophecy, and often descril}ed as 
in the case of Babylon, DamiiMcas ^tineveh, 
eta Rebuilding of a city once in niins is illus« 
trated iu Uie case of Jerusalem after tlxe i5aby« 
lonish captivity* 


nsmtsw xnsTSB* 
Musters made by Hoses in the wlldemess; by 
Khud and Qideon among the judges; by 
command of the States-Keneral, and verv 
fitqtiently by the king!) of Judah, and Israel, 
etc Stmnge method of sudden summons em- 
ployed by Saul. 


Began by Saul, attempted by David, and 
completed undtT the kings, — Foreign armiet 
often referred to "% tliose of Egypt, Midian^ 
Amalek, Philislli. Hoab, Syria, Assyria, 
Amnion, etc, — Allied armiee also often re- 
feired to in sacred hi tory, as in the case 
of the kings of Canaan against -Josiuia, — 
Judah allied with Simeon,— A mmon with 
Byiirtj— Juiah with Syria, — Jiidah with 
Isiael,— Judah with AsByria,— ^^oab with 

Ammon, and the leagoe ef the tribes with 
the cunning GibeQnite& 


Israel marching in the wilderness, bad the 
standard of Judah, Issachar, and Zbulun 
on the east, Reuben, Simeon and Qad, on 
the south, Ephraim, Man(u«eh and B njumin 
on the west, Dan, Asher and Tapiitali on the 
north; sign of musterizig naUons, and the 
gathering of converts to Christ. 


Founded on gradations of rank, the common 
soldieri being the mass of the army, and the 
officert in command, consisting of various 
grades, distinguished in different armies as, 
captains of thousandsi captains of hundiedn^ 

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AElir— AEMS.] 



Giptains or 'fifties, captains of the hoBt, cap- 
taio^of the guard, centurions, eta 


In^ntry, Cuvilry laigely employed in foreign 
armies, but forbidden by Moees to Israel, lest 
they should traffic with Egypt,— ^te who 
fotight in ehario% pioneer s. etc.; — the Com- 
mi^mriat provided sometimes bf voluntary 
contribution, and Bometimes by oompulsoiy 


Employed in musterine the people and in 
directing them while under arms, commanded 
by Mooes, vsed by Joshua at the siege of 
Jericho.-4>y Gideon,-4)y N eh emiab, eto. 


Often dfjtplayed in the troops, often in indiv- 
luuiU heroes, as in those who attached them* 
selves to IHvid, and in heroines, as instanced 
in J)iihoia\i, ^ChulUngea to deeds of valour 
made l>v Caleb, calling to the assault of Kir* 
iath-sepher, ~ by Jonathan to attach the 
PhilistineiS— by Goliah to meet himself, eta 


Evinoed by Israel in tho wOdemesB^ when 

they heard the evil report of the Fpies,— by 
Moab when they saw the numbers of Israel,— 
by the kings of the Amorites when they heard 
of the wonders which Qod had wroui(ht for 
the tribeSi—by the Roman guards at the 
sepulchre of Jeeus, — promise made to Israel 
that their enemies would be panic struck be- 
fore them, which was of ten luUUled in their 


Usnally worn by soldiers in battle, nsed fiym> 
bolic^y to denote the weaiions by which 
the Christian may meet and f^uocessfulljr repel 
his spiritual foes, the de&nsive consisting of 
the helmet, for the head,— the ihidU fastened 
on the left arm, and used in panving off the 
strokes of enemies, the symbol of divine 
protection,— the coat of mail fitted to the 
body to protect it --greaoee, fitted round 
the le^ to protect them,-— the offensive 
consisting of tlie bow and arrowj the character* 
istic weapons of the Jews and foreign nations; 
imave or terrible evil inflicted by man, as also 
of divine- judgments, — the dagger, dartt, or 
Javelin, the tpear, the tling, used by shepherds 
in defending their flocks, as well as in war,-— 
illustrative of casting or ezHUng a people out 
of their own land, and the eword the most 
deadly of all the ancient weapons; the sym* 
bol of divino pimishuigiit and of haman 



Formed ont of the dvab^-^earfidlp and wonder^ 
fvUy modls— symbol of tne Church, in its 
sym pathetic unity; has an interest in Christ's 
salvation; grows in stature, and pocseases 
senses, appetites, and organa 


FUth the name often given to the whole cor- 
poreal person, or to corrupted human nature, 
used to signify what is external, denotes 
humanity generally. Bone^ name and index of 
blood relationship, often alluded to as the 
seat of pain, often applied to the dead body, 
as bones ofJoteph, Jmnte said to be looeenedin. 
fear. Skin black, expressive of severe disease, 
bones cleaving to it denoting emaciation — 
eintwe hardened, a symbol of obstinacy — Uood 
often used to express murder as ** the po2to- 
tion of blood," FUeh and blood an expressioa 
for humanity. 

PAHTS and 0B0AN9 07 THB BODT. 

Are often alluded to and &eqneiit]|y employed 
by the inspired writen. 

S<dr its natcnral covering; often etandfnff for 
the person or life itself, a natural symbol of 
chief or governor— bowed in token of reve- 
rence to Qod and respect to man— covered 
with dust a mark of mourning— ^oorv, a mark 
ot ago and venerable appearance— 6aZ(Me89 a 
token of disease, grie^ and reproach— tossed in 
token of contempt, anointed for refreshment, 
one hair not fallmg to the ground denoting 
perfect safety. Beard usually worn among 
the jQyn,— Forehead, a spot on it marking 
public or offi(dHl rank— ^oee bowed down in 
obeisanoe-/aZ^n^ on it the result of sudden 
or overpowering sensation— 7b set the fuee de- 
notinff steady purpose— o^A^ to smite on it an 
act of haughty contempt— «ir the organ of 
hearing, to give ear denoting attention— bad 
characteristics of the ear denoted by the epi- 
thets, uncireumeited, etqpped, not tnc^iuM;^— ear- 
ring a common ornament Ege the oigan 
of sight, and the source of tea»; sometimes 
dimmed by age orswrow: occasionaHypainted 
by women, ezempUfied in Jesebel, aaemlegt 

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a mark of mean disoosition-^winking with tht 
eye a sign of evil intent, Iwkting up the tye 
donoting begun or renewed attention ; nted 
as the symbol of intellect, reasoa or opinion. 
Aof0 the means of breathing and the organ 
of smelT, breaihinp of the nottnls metaphoru»lly 
descriptive of divine wrath. Mouth used in 
speaking— c^pemn^ it the sign of commencins 
a discourse--4ay»n^ the hand on it 9k token of 
reverence— ^mi^'n^ on »^ an act of contemptu- 
ous anger. Line used with a variety of epitnets 
to express shades of character,as uncircwncised, 
flattering^ lyingjoyfult burning^ u$teleon^.r^ 
used in rroverbs, espe^ally to point out vices 
and virtues of character. Teeth, the organs of 
mastication, gnashing them a sigh of agony, 
muuhing with them a sign of rage— the prindpal 
instrument of speech, like lipt used with a va- 
riety of epithets denoting great diversity^ of 
character. Throat as the means of utterance 
compared in wicked men to a $epukhre—neck 
adorned with ornaments of needlework, chains 
of gold, etc,, the seat of yoke, and the symbol 
of subordination— clasped in joy and grief, 
hard or etiff denoting obstinacy. Shoulder the 
seat of burden, badges of honour borne on it, 
as exemplified in Christ, on whose' shoulder 
'* the government shall be" Arm the natural 
symbol of strength— of Jlesh denoting weak- 
ness — hand usea in a variety of idioms, as, — 
at hand, near in time or space, ** by the nand," 
— by means of, ** into,'* or "in the hand,** into 
or m the power of , "from the hand,** Jwm the 

of; to give the hand the mark of amity ; 

also used in a varietv of idioms, to ** clap 
them** expressive of sudoen feeling — to *' lay 
them on,** to take hold of, or to impart heal- 
ing, spiritual office, or gift— to lift or spread 
them thcL posture of prayer— to lift those of 
another to comfort him — to lift them against 
one to rebel — to Join them a sign of combina- 
tion ; left hand used with the right, in idio- 
matical expressions, denoting both sides — left 
handed persons noted for dexterity and pre- 
cision of aim — right hand the S3rmbol of power, 
and the place of honour. Bosom the seat of 
emotions, as joy, sorrow, etc., — breast, smiting 
it, expressive of intense grief. Back, turning 
it the sign of forsaking— ^owin^ it of servitude 
-■-loins TOund, and sti^igthened by the girdle, 
expressive of lineage or descent. Heart the 
seat 9f emotion — to harden it, to persist in 
disobedience, to apply it, to devote oneself to 
study. Liver called glory in the Hebrew Scrip- 
tures ; reins or kidneys, figuratively, the seat 
of feeling — bowels, used m many places of 
Scripture, where in modem language, heart 
would be employed. Thigh, putting the hand 
under it a form of oath. Enee, kneeling, to- 
ken of obeisance to Ood or man — leg, foot, 
instruments of motion, therefore the symbol 
of personal action, purpose, etc., — Feet used 
idiomaticallv in various ways ; «* under feet,** 
token of subjection, •* at the feet ** close at- 
tendiuice on, or implied inferiority, "falling 
at another's " feet an act of homage. 



As defined by Moses, extending to Egypt, the 
great (Mediterranean) Sea. the desert and the 
river (Euphrates); as denned by Ezekiel in 
vision, more limited and more nearly coin- 
cides with the territory generally possessed by 
the tribes,— noted for ita hills and valleys, 
fountains and springs, — its wheat, barley, 
vines, figtrees, and pomegranates, and for its 
richness represented as flowing with milk and 
honey, etc 


Repeatedly given to Abraham and the Patrir 
areas, to Moses, Joshua, etc.. subsequent 
. allusions to the same subject made by David, 
by the captives fi-om Babylon, and by Stephen 
and Paul, — conditions of continued possession 
that the tribes should obey Ood and abstain 
fh>m idolatry. 


Given to Moses and renewed to Joshua,— 
the aborigines to be expelled, gigantic in 
stature, given up to idolatry with other kin- 
dred sins, and falling under the judgment of 


God, — the expulsion accomplished by Israel 
under Moses and Joshua, acting under the 
Captain of the Lord's host,'-prosecuted little 
by little, — the original inhabitants who were 
spared being in the meantime placed under 
tribute, — the chosen people entering on the 
possession of cities which they had not built, 
and vineyards and oliveyards which they Lad 
not planted. 


Canaan proper, having the wilderness of Sin, 
etc., on the south, the great sea on the west, 
Lebanon on the north, and the Jordan on 
the east; the territory on the 'other side 
Jordan, having the Amon on the south, the 
wilderness on the east, Hcrmon and Bashan 
on the north, and the Jordan on the west; — 
the territory east of the Jordan conquered 
under Moses, and allocated to two and a 
half of the tribes, the rest by Joshua, and 
given to the remaining nine tribes and a 


Allocated to the several tribes and families 
for the most part or altogether by lot, and 

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to Joehua and Caleb in pnrsitance of special 


Jernsalem anciently called Jebus, and lons^ in 
the hand of the aborigines, — at length taken 
by David, — divinely selected as the centre 
or God's worship, and the scene of the na- 
tional gatherings,— placed under the special 
protection t>f the Most High, and oherished 
by tbe people with the purest patiiotism; — 
very frequently threatened and roatjy times 
invaded by hostile armies, as by Shishak king 
of £^m>t, Hezin king of SjTia, SennacheMb 
king QiAsas^'iiH FhaKaoh-nficliOk Jehofl«b» and 

by Nebuchadi^zzar who destroyed it, and 
carried the people captive to Babylon. 


Promised and eventually fulfilled,— but asain 
its ruin predicted by Jetjus, and accomplished 
by the Roman army. 


Described by Ezekiel in vision, and by John 
in the Apocalypse, detailing its vast extent, its 
holiness, its felicity, and its security in the 

Eince of Qod, and holding it up to the 
of believers as the gatheriog plaice of tho 
uned from the eartOt 



Used in reference to men to signify an agree- 
ment or contract, entered into deliberately 
and with solemnity, — in reference to God, 
Bignifying his solemn promise or engagement 
to those with whom he entered into covenant 


tJetwoen God and man, between man and 
man, — ratified by oath and sacrifice, and 
Bonietimes written and sealed,— instano^'d in 
Abraham, and in the princes, levites, priests, 
and people of Israel* after the lelum fioui 
the captivity. 


Salt an emblem of incorruptibility, and per- 


Flowed from the sacrifices which were slain 
in ratification,— illustrated by Moses at the 
national covenant made by Israel in the 
wilderness, and by Christ in the covenant of 


Often mentioned in scripture, and entered into 
with great solemnity— instanced in those of 
Abraham wifh Abimelech, Laban with 
Jacob, Joshna with the tribes, Jonathan with 


Graciously revealed to successive saints with 
their respective and appropriate promise- 
twice with Noah in reference to the flood:— 
with Abraham, conveying the gift of the land 
of OinTWT!, and the promise of the mm, — 


with Isaac and Jacob and with simllat 
promises; with Israel in the wilderness, and 
the promise of Canaan; — with Levi auent the 

Sriesthuod, — and with David — his throne 
eing est'iblished forever in the mediatorial 
reignof Messiah. 


Evinced by his. faithfulness, his mercy, his 
covenant an everlasiing covenant. 


Manifest from the kindness displayed in, 
them, the danger of violating them seen in 
the threatenings, and in the judgments he 
has often inflicted, instanced very frequently 
in the history of the chosen people. 


Mentioned especially in seasons of rpecial 
sokmiiity, of providential judgments and of 
religious revival, instanced in iKrael in view 
of tlie approachmg death of Moses, in view 
of the death of Jeshua, and in tlie days of 


Made in Christ with believers, so called to 
dit^tinpuish it from the old covenant of Siiiai,— 
spiritual and is founded on the better promiaet. 


Wonderful, made by God for his people, with 

Wonderful, made by God for his people, with 
the beasts of the field, the fowls of the air, and 
with the simes of the ground, ruinous those 
which godle*«men make in their vain im^ 
agination with death and hell; unlawful, those 
which Israel made with heathen nations. 

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[diet and dbe 


udhoeb, I 

Suflfered by Esau,— by the army of king Saul, 
—by Jesu-J after his baptism, —by Paul in 
Damaflcus and at other times,— voluntarily 
borae by Abraham's servant,— by Hannah,— 
and by king Saul in his last extrenuty. 


Often obat^rved by individuals, fomiliea, and 
com m\mi ties, when obj«jrved to be in the 
rifliht spirit of kindness to fellow-men, alms- 
givtrg to the poor, ebc^ opposed to the iaisting 
of the Pharisees. 


Proclaimed by prophets and rulers in seasons 
of calamity, as in Joel, and K^ther, in Nine- 
veh,— ^metimes proclaimed under jpretenoe 
of piety, instanced in Jezebel. * 


Extending to forty days, Moses on the mount, 
Elijah on Horeb, and Jesus in the wildemesB. 


Furnished from earth in his kind providence, 
emblematical at the same time of Zion's pro* 
vision, — dependent on human industry in 
tilling the ground, in sowing the seed, and 
harvesting the products, — thanks therefore to 
be offered with prayer to God, that food may 
be blessed, as commanded by Moses^ enjoined 
by Apoi^tles and exemplified by Christ 


'^Jheat bread,'' the common term for taking 


Often done in the simplest form, even eaten 
on the field as when the disciples plucked the 
com, sometimes simply parched,— eomeiimeR 
griniled into mealf and baked by females and 


Generally used in the preparation of bread, 
—in its diffusive and assimilating nature 
likened to malice and wickedness, to corrupt 
manners and customs; alec to false doctrine; 
prohitited for specific reasons iu the bread 
used at the Passover. 


IS» Wider agriculture and andiau.] 


'Iieeks» onions, garlic, (Kgyptian) l)eans. pot- 
4a|^ fruit of the caioD uee^ figs, raibinsi veni- 

son, manna,— mating of human flefh threaten- 
ed by Moses as au affjn"avation of famine, 
alluded to by the j^rophets, and instanced 
in the seige of Samaria. 


Often mentioned In. Scripture history— as 
in the ca^se of Israel at Rephidim, Sisera in 
house of Jael, Samson at Lehi, and Jesus at 
the well of Sycharand on the cross, emblem 
of the awakened sLoners longmg for spiritual 


This vessel, therefore, the emblem of a per- 
son's lot or portion — as cup of salvation^ of 
tremblitig, of atUmuhment, of the Lord?$ right 
hand, eta 


Denoting generally to take a meal, instanced 
in the langnasje of Elijah to Ahab— Rometimes 
feasting and indulgence, inst;inced in Lsrael 
sitting down to eat and drink iu connection 
with the golden calf^ 


Various, water most coramoti— trin* frequently 
used, strong drink^ weak wine called vinegar 
presented to Jesus on the crosa, etc.; com and 
wine, often associated as the. m^^ans of suste- 
nance, and com, wine, and oil connected toere- 
ther, renresenting the produce of the field, 
vineyard, and orchard. 


Often directly enjoined, and frequently en* 
forced by describing the evils of int^^mpe- 
rance, pamely, personal and bodily suffering^ 
mental anpuish, domestic strife and conten- 
tion, spiritual insensibility, and if uurepcnted 
of, the curse of God in this world, and exclu- 
sion from the kingdom of heaven— instanced 
in Noah, Lot, and Nabal; unjust imputations 
in the case of Hannah, and by the Jews 
against Christ ; and also against the apostles 
on the day of Pentecost 


Principally two— the dinner, generally light, 
and eaten in the forenoon ; the supper, ot 
principal meal, eaten at a late hour of the day; 
the former instanced in Joseph, and alluded 
to in ^he parable of the maniage feast — the 
latter in the feast m honour of Herod's birth« 
day; postures observed in eating various, more 
gener ly recumbent, as exemplified by Je^us 
and his apostlss in the Last Supper, John 
lying in hiis botoin. 

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OEt AND imfi8.J 


[bissasi and death 


Provided on occasioDB of joy,— ( _ . 

birthdays, etc^— often referred to in the figura- 
tive language of the sacred writerSy as em- 
blems of divine bleflBings— instanced in that 
provided by Solomon for bis servants; by 
Samuel for Saul; by Belshaszar for his lords 
and captains, etc.— mvitations to feasts some- 
times issued, of which our Lord advises that 
on receivinf? and using them the guests should 
study humility in selecting th» lower ieatt, 


First felt to be necessary by Adam and Eve— 
iig-luve$^"4)aQ skins of aninuds slain in sacri- 


Significant; tpAtfe, of felicity, purity, and glory; 
purpUf of royalty ; hence m mockery one was 
put upon Jesus oy Pilate ; black, of mourning, 
as metaphorically expressed by ouvering the 
heavens with blacknm; various coloured, of 
honour; usually, though not exclusively worn 
by kings' daughters, and also instanced in the 
coat which Jacob gave to Joseph* 


Wool, flax, silk, etc.; toft rament—fine Unen, 
embroidered garments— coarser being worn by 
the poor. 


Worn on special occasions— the names given to 
them expressive, such as the garmenU cftoidoto- 
hcod, prison aarmenls, wedding garments, bridal 
attire^ swaddling clothes, etc* 


Made np of two robes; the first or inner, termed 
the coat or tunic ; the second or outer, termed 
the cloak, which bein^ gathered up formed the 
lap or bo9om, onita being laidaeide, the peiscn 

said to be naked^ as David when he danced 
before the ark, and Simon Peter when Jesus 
oame to him at the lake of Tiberias- 


The head dress, girdle made of linen, leather, 
silk, etc-, wrapped round the loins, for the 
double purpose of tucking up the loose gar- 
ments, and for strengthening the loins, which 
form the weakest part of the body ; hence the 
emblem of power or strength. To gird up the 
loins descriptive of readiness for travel, pre- 
paredness tor labour, and emblematical of 
preparedness for Christ's coming — «Aoef or 
sandals, generally consisting only of soles 
tied over the foot with a laUhet,put off<m. 
entering honras, and someiimes on uther 
occasions in token of reverence, and untying 
of which was assigned to the lowest servants— 
the veil, important part of the female dress, 
used not only for coverins the lace, but for 
caiTying objects, instauced in Rebekah and 
Buth— omom^nto consistiog of rings, bracelets, 
earrings, Jewels, worn by females, as were also 
used a prolusion of perfumes of myrrh, etc* 


Strictly attended to, ornaments laid aside, or a 
rent made in the outer robe, instauced in 
Reuben in not finding Joseph, in Joshua and 
Caleb on hearing the report of the other 
spies, etCi— sackcloth put on, and dust cast upon 
the head as in case of Job and liis friends, ste, 


Often referred to and finequently mentioned 
as given or sent in presents, as Joseph to his 
brethren, Naaman to Elisha, c(c., implying 
washina, instanced in Israel when the law 
was about to be given from Mount Sinai, 
also the layina up of clothing, stated to be 
i sometimes moUteaten m the woidrobe; 



The token of sin, often painful, as Instanced in 
Job and Uesekiah, sent by God, who gives 
comfort and hope under it,— affliction some- 
times not improved. 


The afflicted penion humbling himself open- 
ing bis heart to diminline, seeing the hand of 
God in his trouble, being more impressed with 
the evil of sin and experiencing that purifi- 
cation which is compared to moer refmed in 


EixpresMd in Scripture more generdUy by sick- 
ness and leanness, more particularly according 
to their spedlic nature as ague, boils, blind- 
ness, iX>n8umption, deafness, debility, demo- 
niacal poHsession, dunibuesB, dysentery, 
emerods, epilepsy, fever, fracrares, gout, itcL 
infi'^mmation, issue, lameness, leprosy, Iosr of 
tite, lunacy, monomania, mortification, 
\ plague, skin disease, ulcers, worms* 


Prieat being judge of tlio symptoma 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 





SometiineB resorted to instead of the Lord, as 
Asa, and sometimes withont any benefit, as 
the woman who had- the issue of blood;' the 
medicines and applications in ubo being bahn, 
ivine, oil, figs, etc 


Mlracnlous power, as in the cores effected bj 
JesQS and his apostles, praying over the sick; 
apart fix)m miracle, diFcase sometimes incur- 
able as in Jehoram; often alluded to by the 
prophets while expo^ng the spiritual maladies 


In His hand the issues qf (20044— sometimes 
bringing back from the grara 



Ihut ihou art and tmto dutt thou ihaU retttm, 
pronounced by Uod upon our fiist parents 
after the iali, has descended also upon their 


Illustrated by many emblems and compari- 
sons— as sl pilgrimage, a sojourn, a step, a hand- 
breadth^ and described as swifter than a post, a 
few days, a few years, grass, a flower, etc. — ^Its 
frailty appearing from* many images and 
figures — as when man is said to be dwelling in 
a cottage of clay^ to be crushed before the moth, 
etc. — ^'leaching us to be watchful, to be redaan- 
ing the time; to be preparing lur death* 


Asserted everywhere— He wounds and heali — 
Preparation for it, of various kinds— «ecw^, 
having respect to the arrangement of worldly 
affairs— instanced in the instruction of .I^iah 
to Hezekiah; solicitude for survivors — instanced 
in Modes on behalf ot Israel; care about the 

body when (2»»i— instanced in Jacob, Joseph, 
and old Barzillai; spiritual, having reference 
to a future world— instanced in all the saints. 


Characterised by i>eace, hope, confidence In 
God, assurance, introduction into the house of 
many mansions, and, finally, participation in a 
bletsed resurrection. 


Body laid in grave, food for worms, returns 
to dust, the individual forgotten in the 
house, the street and the city, cut off totally 
and for ever from the world; henoe said to 
be gathered to his fathers. 


In anointing the body, as that of Jesus, or enr 
balminp it, as that of Jacob in Egypt, then 
wrapping it in^ Zm^witb spicea, etc 


The ordinary mode of disposing of the dead 
illustrated in every part of Scripture— body 
sometimes burned, as that of Saul and hu 
sons— non-burial regarded as a dibgrace, and 
sometimes a puuisliment 


Strictly attended to— instanced in the death 
of Sarah, Aaron, Moses, etc.; very fn quently 
by hired mourners or mimtrels, referred to 
by Jeremiah ; cutting for dead forbidden; and 
mourning forbidden to the high-pviest, or to 
such as were under the vow of a Nazarice. 


Of various kinds, in caves, under trees, in 
gardens, eta, — ^instanced in those of Abraliara, 
Sarah, and Christ, — those of the kings otJ udah 
in the city of David — monuments, lieaps of 
stones, pillows, and erections, whit d at re- 
gular periods, employed by the .baviour as 
images of hypocrisy. » 



In (he beginning, arranged and beautified bv 
Him, covered with vegetation, peopled with 
its numerous and diveraitied inhabitauts, and 
fixed it as one of the orbs of space; iUustrative 
of the Creator's wisdom and goodness, char- 
acterized by stability, variety, order and per- 
manence; compared to a building having 
fotmdation, an<l as a ten^ whose curtains are 
the heavens above* 


Often referred to, the former described as re- 
moving mountains, ac canying them into the 
midst of the sea, as shaking the earth out ol 
her place, the latter represented as causing 
the mountains to melt, the hills to smoke, etc. 


At moimt Sinai, in the wilderness,— in th6 
Stronghold of the Philistiues* — at mount 

Digitized by 


Horeb on Eliiah's visit to it,— in Uzziah's 
reign, — at our Lord's deatii,— at Pbiiippi, — be- 
fore the destruction of Jerusalem; images of 
dvil commotlonBL 


Characterized as being everla$tinff, perpetual, 
aneietUt as the pUlare ofheaten, eta 


Scenes of reti^rement for prayer and medita- 
tion; instAnced in Moses, when Israel fought 
with Amalek; Ecenes of observation, and 
scenes of idolatrous worship as everywhere 


On account of its being the place of God's 
presence, hence called God's hoij/ hiU» 


Are, Abarim, Amalek, Amana, Ammah, 
Ararat, Bashan. Beth.el, Bether, Carmel, 
Ebal, Ephraim. Esau, Gaash, Qareb, Gerizzim, 
Gilboa, Gilead, Hachilah, Hermon, Uor, 
Horeb, Lebanon. Mars' hill, Mizir, 'Moreh, 
Modah. mount of the Amoiites, Kebo, Olives, 
Paran, Perazim, Pi:«gab, Samaria, Seir,Shenir, 
Biuai, Siou, ISirion, Tabor, Zalmon, Zion, 
mount of Beatitudes, mount of I'lanstigur- 
ation, Agar, mountain of Mycrh. 


Achor, AJalon, Baca, Berachab, Bochim, 
Cliarashim, Elab, Eshool, Qerar, Gibeon, 
Hebron, Hinnomt Jehoshaphat, Jericho, 
Jezree],Jiphtha-el.Eeziz, Lebanon, Hegiddo, 
Moab, Bephaim, Salt, bhavei), Shittim, Sid- 
dim, Sorek, Succoth, Z ired. Z'^boim. Zepha. 
thah. Valley of Vision, Fat Valleys, VaUey of 
Dry Bones, Valley of Haman-gog. 


Breaches, Jericho. Jordan, Mamre, Moab, 
Shechem, Shinar, Tabor, ViueyardS) Wilder- 
ness, Low Plain. 


Used for writing on, as referred to by Job; of 
shelter and refuge. 


Adullam, Bozez, and Seneh, En-gedi, Btam, 
Horeb, in Kadesh, Oreb, Bimmon, Sela-ham- 
ma-lekoth, ZiZ; for obvious reuMous Bock is a 
frequent name of God and Chrisk 


Characterized as arid, des* )late. barren. eolUary, 
as ticeneu of danger, paUileas, infested by ser- 

pents and scorpions,— subject to scorching 
winds, blasts and whirlwinds. 


Arabian, or great desert, Bethaveu, Beer- 
sheba, Damascus, Edom, £n-gedi, Gibeon, 
Judea, Jeruel, Kedemoth, Kadesh, Maon, 
Paran, Sbur, Sin, Sinai, Ziph, Ziu, of the Bed 
Bea, and that near Gaza. 


Variously designated, ^]^At^ay^5lrtM:y«. ancient 
pathSf old ways, etc.; used by travellers, fi-e- 
quented by robbers, and by beggars asking 


Representing in Hebrew poetry distant places^ 
those mentioned in Scripture, Chittim, Cflauda, 
Cyprus, Eiishah, Melita and Patmoa 


Effected by the descendants of Noah, recorded 
in the tenth chapter of Genesis, and more 
particularly on the dispersion at Babel. 


Are AmaJek^ descended from Esau, Ammon 
descended from Lot, the Amorites one of the 
seven nations of Canaan, Arabia noted for its 
kings and merchandise, AssyricL, chief city 
Nineveh, Asi% a smtill district of Asia Minor, 
Ch/tldea Eometimes named Sinar, chief city 
Babylon, Baahan on the east of the Jor- 
dan, sometimes named Idumea, Edom, de- 
scended from ' Esau, chief city Bozrah, 
Egypt named also Sihon, RaJiab, the land of 
nam^ the house of bondage, Elam or Persia, 
Ethiopia a name given to several nations, 
OaLilee the northern province of Palestine in 
the time of Christ, Oog and Magog subjects of 
prophecy, Orecia, chief cities in the days of 
the Apostles, Athens and Corinth, Micedonia^ 
chief dty, Philippi, Italy Rome, Jtuka the 
southern province of Palestine in the time of 
Christ, Medes and Medici in the distant east 
Midian, Moab descended from Lot. Ophir famea 
for its gold, Padim-^aram or Mesopotamia;-^ 
PdUstina or PhilisUa long the nearest and 
bitterest enemy of Israel, Phenice on the 
coast of Svria, Phrygia in A^'a Minor, Samaria 
the middle province of Palestine in the time 
of our Saviour, Syria, chief city DamascusL 
— Tarshi-h noted for its shipping, — Tyre famea 
as the marl of nations and Sidon on the north 
west border of Canaan. 


Predicted by the apostle Peter to consist 
in its destruction by fire at the second com- 
ing of Christ, and is urged as a reason for 
a diligent preparation for the coming of that 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 






Ood'g blesBiD? promised to it; on behalf of it 
prayers were oSered — exemplilied in Abraham, 
Jacob, David, etc. 


The gift of God; sometimes asked of Him, as 
by Leah, Hannah, etc.; often promised as a 
blessing, as to Abraham, Sarah, tlie Shona- 
mite, etc.; and in other casea 


A season of sorrow and angnish; also one of 
joy; Eometimes attended by the death of the 
mother, as Richel and the wife of Fhinehas; 
accompanied by oeremoniat observances in 
Israel; and an image of spiritual conveiBion. 


Regarded asareproach; sometimes healed l^ 
prayer^ as in Saiah, Bebekah, Hannah, eta 


A high festivity— instanced in Pharaoh.Herod, 
eta, — ^birth place, regarded with the warmest 
attachment—proverbially noted in its inha- 
bitants for slighting those who had become 
prophets, instanced m Jesus. 


At birth, instanced, etc., and at the time of 
circumcision, the name especially in early 
times being significant of circumstances con- 
nected with birth or in childhood— i/o«M, 


Elequiring much tenderness and watchfuhiess; 
descriptive of God's care of his nrople, the 
churcli's care of her members. — Weajung in 
aucit'nt times deferred till an advanced period 
in childhood, was celebrated by a £uuily ies- 
tival— Weaning of liiaaa 


Characters early developed— Ishmael, Esau, 
Samson, etc.;— tenderly cared for by the Sa- 
viour— following their pabtimea, playing in 

the streets, piping and dancing In the markd 
piaee, tmitiiting the pursuits of manhood. 


The sons of Eli. the son of the Shunamlte, the 
children of Job, etc.; cause grief to parents- 
exemplified in David for Absalom— submis- 
sion of Job. 


Exemplified in Jacob, Judah, specially in Jo- 
seph, etc.; enjoined throu£;hout the Old and 
New Testaments; the violaiion of it severely 
threatened by Qod. 


Expressed in various acts of endearment, as 
by Ha?ar, Isaac, etc. — Illustrative of the pity 
of God to his children. 


Accompanied by God's flEivour; neglect fol- 
lowed by God's dit^pleasure — Exemplified in 
Eli; instiuciion ot children in the law of God, 
and in the icai of God. 


Natural receiving the children of others into 
the family — Smtifualf admission into God's 
family, with a right to the children's food, in- 
struction, chastisement, and inheritance, and 
likeness to Father in heaven. 


Distinguished by frequent and friendly inter- 
course; exposed to anxieties and cares, arising 
out of relative profligacy; ffriifofmind to Uaae 
and Rehekah^ etc.; — VVantoi nariuony, ariting 
from selfishness, from pride, or from biyotry — 
Exemplified in the brethren of Joseph; the 
ton $haU rite tq> offaintt the father, 


A sore judgment upon a land, as threatened 
by Moses, as olten predicted by the prophets, 
and as realized in the 8uccesbive wars of Israel, 
the captivity to I^hylon, and the final over* 
throw of the nation by tne Hamaos. 



Recorded in Genesis and ChronicleB— And 
genealogy of his family. 


In Genesis and Chronicle8-4iis children In 
the line of Ismael,— his sons by ^eturah,^ 
and his children in the line of Isaac and £mn 

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At his fimt settlement in Egypt named in 
Genesis, comprising threescore aud ax persons. 


The posterity oi Jacob hyLeahj Reuben.Rlmeon, 
Levi, Jndab, lewichar, and Zebulun,— 6y 
Bilhah, Dan and Naphtali,— ^ ZUpah, Gad 
and Asher,— ^ Raehd^ Joseph^ (Manaaseh 
and Ephraim) and Benjamin. 


licvi and the line of the priesthood-Judah 
and the line of the kings— King Saul— various 
fiunilies in Chionickfi—tbe Mcied oichtfUa, 
andof Ezrsk 


Firit taken at the commencement of their 
journeying in the wilderness, 9econdly on their 
entrance mto Canaan, and thirdly by David, 
having reference to military objects forbidden 
by GK)d, Satan tempting the Icing. 


Of the spies, in Numbers,— of David's heroes, 
in Chronicles, — of Solomon's officers, in 
Kings. — of Jews married to Gentiles, in £zra, 
— of Eira's feDow-travellers from Babylon, in 
Ezra, — of the Jews who returned from Baby. 
Ion with Zerubbabelfin Ezra and Nebemiah,— 
of priests who returned from Babylon, in 
Nehemiah,— of those who dwelt in the rebuilt 
Jerusalem, in Kehemiah. 


Proved by the beauty, harmony, and wisdom 
of the works of creation, denied only by/oott/ 
characterized by mc^esty, immortalUg, fekcU]ft 
tffu^, meomparabilitg, and glorg, 


Bpirihudity, God ia a Spirit, tnvmbOip.'hj' 
biddim? all image wcrohip, eterntiy, tnfinttude, 
and ^^cfympreheMtbiUty, cmntpresence. power^ 
wmilSSice, possessing a perfect knowlwige <rf 
everything present and future,— Inwanced 
in the revelations He has made— human 
thoughts, cbaracteiB, actions, and cucum- 
stances, mmutabUitjf, I change not, 


^o?tWw.— holiness predicated, 1. <^ P^''^^ 
His Spirit, Son, angels, prierts, prophets, 
people-2, oi places, Hfc throne, hwen, durol- 
fing-place, hill, mountain ;-8, <^f; H^ 
oracle, promise, covenant, law, Scriptoes, 
calling, Sabliath,name,-^ic«.gTi^^<»dn«f»» 
and inW according t» which He<ieatewith 
sinful creatures, manifested in the form of 
nity. companion, kindneu, and Urngsuffermg-' 
often the theme of divine prondse.theground 
of His people's confidence, and the frequent 
subject of tneur prayer and praisa. 


Ascription to God in figure of what j^c^periy 

belongs to man— of ^b/num wganM, as the face, 
hand, arm, back, eyes, nostrils, mouth, and 
feet 1 /ir«»ia«/«eitn^», as repentance, sorro^ 
eta S. i/wnan^mpearawtt and mofton, instanced 
in the lives of Abraham, Moses, Solomon. 4. 
Human voice instanced in the communications 
made to El^ah and the prophets. Tokens of 
divine appearance— /Vr^ Ugni, and sometimes 
by darkneae conjoined, as when Jehovah ap- 
pealed to Israel on Mount Sinai 


1. Ci'ttifibfi— the heavens and the earth with 
its furniture, population, and man. 2. Pro- 
pidmce based on proprietorehip, preservation, 
and protection. And, 8. Eedempiion, 

{/See under aedemption.) 


The divine Being existing in perfect unity ot 
essence, yet subsisUng in three persons, having 
the same natm^ and moral perfections and 
the same majesty and glory—4nstanced in the 
apostolical benediction, in the formula of bap- 
tism, eto> 

{ForDknmtg<ffClhriat aee under jesus oubist.) 

iFijf DwwUgmdPertcmaUty (^theHol^ Ohoti, 
m tmder bbdemptioii.) 

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1— 18T HbATBV, 

Or the region of the wind, clouda, ralD, dew, 
thunder, lightning, hail, snow— agency of Qod. 


Ihst wind the strongest—the rough toindt the 
wind of the Lord, spoken of as an instnuneut 
of divine iK)wer, as in the drying up of the 
water of the deluge, the dividing of the Etd 
sea. bringiutc locusts upon Egypt, emblem of 
affliction; also of the xmseen operations of the 
Holy G ho6t ; four winds, a proverbial expr< 
for the four quarters of the heaveoiL 


Characterised as dark, thick, dropprng, spread- 
ing, light, etc,, pillar of the cioiwi— emblematical 
of fleeting objects ; also of multitudes, as 
applied to 9iti9, tiack clouds, doud of witnesses, 


RefreshSng the earth, satisfying the deso- 
late giound, filling the pools; former rain 
in see<l-timo, lafter rain on the approach of 
harvest, the subject of promise and of prayer, 
as by Samuel, Solomon. Elijah, emblematical 
of God'H word, divine aoctrine» righteousness^ 
etc, — showers cf blessings. 


A heayy calamity, causing the ground to he 
chapt, the plowmen to be ashamed, the pas- 
tures to be devoured, the heavens to be as 
Irass, and the earth to be as iroTi, eta, a prin- 
cipal cause of famine, and often threatened in 
judgment on account of national 6in& 

Befreshing to the grass and herbs, emblem of 
divine giace, of blessings descending upon 
Israel, and of the influences of the Holy Spirit. 


Dreadful effects of hail upon the fields and 
vineyards, dis^comfiting annic8» etc; snow, 
emblem of purity. 


From divine ac^^ncy— the former said to be the 
utterance of God's voice, and the latter to be 
the fire of God, described a? «Ao<, cast forth, 
sent out, etc; the twenty-ninth psalncu 



Seed-time and liarvest, cold and heat, Bommer 
and winter,each with its own special character- 
istics—the seed-time marked by refreshing 
rain, the winter by drearinesB^ the harvest by 
jo]f, the summer by drought, 


Clouds rising in the west portending rain— 
instanced in the pophet on Carmel; the north 
wind bringing fair weather, the south wind 
heat— the red, evening sJiy, the red, Iftwering 
morning sky. 

U— Tbb Second ob Stabet HEAVKNa. 


Sun and moon, marking days, months, and 
years, emblem of perpetuity ; the ttars, noted 
for their number, their height, their beauty, 
their diversified brilliancy, awakening won- 
der, and prompting the question— TF^tf u 


At its riis clear, an emblem of prosperity ; at 
noon, marking the perfect day — the heat of the 
day, emblem of the glory ot Chiist ; sunset in 
west, metaphoiically the season of old^e or 
death. • 


tha former put for knowledge, happinew, and 
pxirity; the latter, for ignorancjp, affliction, and 
pollution, — emblem or the power and charac- 
ter of Satan. 


Divided, the former into twelve divisions^ 
called hours, counting from the rising to the 
setting of the sun, emblem of human life ; 
lattfr divided into four watches, named, the 
evening, midnight, cock crowing, aud morning, 
emblem of death, and life's labour finished. 


Nisan or Abib, Zif, Sivan, Thammuz, Elul, 
Tizri, Ethanim, £ul, Chisleu, Thebet, Sebat, 


Called the heaven of heavens, paradise, etc.. 
the scene of God's glory, aud the abode o1 
Christ, angels and samts; Paul caught up 
to it 

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I^Objkots ot Falsb Wobsrip. 

Ist The host of heaven^ the son at it» risinflr, and 
the moon as the quetn of heaven; 2nd, imager or 
idolt made of gold, silver, stone, iron, and 
wood, molten f\xi^ gravenj 3rd, mm and spin's; 
4th. inferior animals^ birds^ four -footed beasts 
and creeping things^the golden calf, calves 
of Dan and Bethd. 

h— sc£2f£s amd m0de8 ov idolatrous 

Cfroves of trees, — tops of hUls^ — roofs of honj^es, 
temples, instanced in the house of Baal — temple 
of Da^'on— the temple profiined bv heathen 
altars, imagt's, and idolatrous worbhip, intro- 
' duodd into Israel by Abas and Mauatiseh. 


Taken by Jeroboam from the lowest of the 
people in IsTael, imitating? the true priest hood, 
wearing ephod^ robes, and broidered garments. 


Prayincr, burning incense, presenting sacrifice, 
swearing by them, etc.; indulgence in intoxi- 
cation, lewdness pretended inspiration, cui 
themselves vnlh lancets^Baxd'B priests. 


Sacrifices of slain beasts; also hnman sacrifices 
— sons and daughters made to pass through 
the fire to Mulech, drink-offerings and meat- 
ofiferiugs, flour, oil, honey, corn, wine, etc 


With a view to ascertain the result of wars, 
jouri^ey*s and nntlertakin^s — a variety of 
forms of witchcraft, divination, necromancy, 
mai^ic, sorcry, etc, placed on the same 
ground as idolatry by Moses, and pronounced 
to be vanity and delusion. 

m.— NAltBS OP IDOU, 

Hentioned in S(^pture are— Adrammelecb, 

Anammelech, Nibhas, Tartak, Aphima, Ner- 
gal, Succoth-benoth, Ashtaroth, Baal, Baal- 
berith, Baalim, Baal-peor, Baalz^hub, Bel, 
Berith, Chemosh, Chiun, Dacon, Diana, God 
of forreSt Jupiter, Mercurius. Milcom, Molech, 
Merodach, Nebo, Nisroch, Qneen of Heaven, 
Hemphan, R'unmon, Tammuz, and the Un- 
known God. 



The Unprohibited the making of any imace^ 
required groves to be cut down, altJirs to be 
brolcen and overthrown, /aria(i« the worship 
of imaged on any pretext. 


Death by eiomng— spiritual judgmenfs, as God's, 
curse, the hiding of liis tare, the de«truotion 
of the temple, '^^l^h thec^isconrinu;ince of its 
services, etc., and naitonnl puni^hm tUs, as» war, 
fjamine, captivity, civil di£K^rd. 


Inflicted by pious kings and others, with a 
view to extirpate it, instanced in Jacob, 
Gideon, David, Jehu, Afia, Hezekiab, Manas- 
seh, Josiab, etc. 


The idols made bv ordinary craftsmen, out of 
ordinaiy materials, being witliout ootiscious- 
ness or sense, or power of motion; early pre- 
valence of idolatry, instanced in the family 
of Abraham— the obstinate attachment to 
idolatry, instanced in Isiael worshipping the 
golden caU within sight of the glory of binai- 


iZ^eor</<f(f of Naaman the Syrian, afler he was 
cured by the propliet of his leprosy, of Sha- 
drach, Meshach, and Abednego,and of othere, 
of whom it i» predicted that t hi y will cast their 
idols to tht motes and to the bats. 


I.— His Divinitt. 


The incommunicable name, Jehovah, the Lord 
(Jehovah) of lioetts, the Lord (Jehovah) our 
rigbteousnera. the mighty God, the true God, 
God blessed for over. God our Saviour, King 
of Kings, and Lord oC Lords, eta 


Described as God's Son, His onlg begotten Son, 
His beloved Son, His image^ His eqwd. His 
Shepherd, H\b fellow; one with the Father, so 
that he who hath seen Him hath sc<n the 
Father, while on the other hand what belonged 
to Uie jTather belonged to Uim 

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Etemi'y past as well as future, represented as 
having come down fiom heaveD, baviug been 
bffare Abraham, having been with the Father 
ikore tht trorlduKUt AQ^ as Alpha and Omega. 
Ommyresmce^ as with all his people to the end 
of the world, Omruxdenee, seen in His know- 
ledge of circumstances of absent persons and 
object^ the heartfthoiighta, motives, character, 
and dispositions of men — unchangeablcness — 
the same past, present, ^d to come. 


In ereafton^ having made all things visible or 
invisibley^in providence, upholding all things, 
in the resurrtcticn^ His voice obeyed by all m 
the grave, and in the final judgment^ as before 
Uim all snail i;ive m their account 


On earth forgiving sins, and irom heaven 
sending down the Holy Ghost in a vast 
variety of common and sapefnatuial gif te, 


Ascription of glory and honour, — ^the presen- 
tation of prayer and praise, as foretold in pro- 
phecy, commanded also^ practised in the 
church on earth, continued among the angels 
and saints in heaven, and never refused by 

n.— Gebist's HmumTT. 

Bam of a wonum^ named man, and the ton of 
man, the teed of woman — the seed of Abraham 
and David — a brother of mankind — a par- 
tak<'r of Jleeh and 6^i— having bodily parts 
and senses— having a human soul, as growing 
m ttature, as hungering and thirsting, as sub- 
ject to weariness and sleep, and as sympathi- 
sing, weeping, dying. 

IIL— Christ's Messiahship proved bt 


The place of his birth, the time of it^ the 
supernatural manner of it, —bom of a virgin, 
— ^his appearance in the Temple,— his descent 
fix>m Abraham, through Isaac, Judah, and 
David,— the massacre of the children of Beth- 
lehem,— and the refuge in £gypt 


His meekness, bis lowliness, and his seat 


Prophet, a healer, a speaker in parables, a 
prcaclier of extiaordinary wisdom and elo- 

qnenoe, — the characteristics of the territory, • 
(iaiilee where he should commence and for 
tiie -most part prosecute hi>J ministry, a '"land 
ofdarkneu and the shadow qf death,** 


His triumphal entry into Jerusalenj. rejecf ion 
by mei^ opposition from the Jewish rulers, 
betrayal, edlence during his trial, innocence, 
endurance of scouring, cruciHxion, raiment 
divided by lot, bearing insults, dying between , 
two thieves, being pierced with the ?pcar of 
the Boman soldiler, body without a bone 
broken, burial, resurrection and ascension to 

IV.— Some Points in Christ's Histobt, 


Recorded by Matthew, the espousal of Joseph to | 
Mary, the appearance of an angel to him, i 
the obedience of Joseph to the heavenly ' 
Dusdon, his flight into Eirypt with Mary and 
the child from the rage of Herod, their return 
on the death of that governor, and their tak- 
ing up their abode in Nazareth, — Uecorde i by 
Luh, the appearing of an angel to Mary giv- 
ing her promise of tlie Saviour, and inform ing 1 
her of the name he should bear, the meeting 
of Mary and Elizabeth the mother of John 
the Baptist, the birth of Jc>u3 in Beth- 
lehem, accompanied by a throng of angels 
in the neighbouring field, the announce- 
ment of the event to the shepherds, the I 
circumdsion on the ei^ht day, the visit to 
the temple, Simeon giving, utterance to his 

yrediction respecting the cliild, the growth of ' 
esus in wisdom and stature, and at the aixe | 
of twelve years his disputation with the 
doctoiB in the temple. i 


His mother and brethren occasionally attended 
on bis ministry, other connections opjx>sed i 
his Messiahship, his fellow townsmen, for the | 
most part viewing him, "beside hinirtell," 
taunted him as the carpenter, and the carpen er'e 
son: in the estimatioi^ pf JesM^ "his mother ' 
and brethren were those who did the will of ' 
his Father in heaven." • 


Predicted under the name of Elijah^ to pre- 
pare the way of the Messiah, promisea to 
Zacharias his fiither in the temple, — spt^nt ' 
hift youth in retirement, — entered on the 
ministry at the river Jordan, — drew around 
him multitudes. descril}ed by Jesus as t/te 
oreatcst of prophets, as a burnmg and shining 
lights and as a faithful witness he testitied to 
the pre-ezistence of Christ to his divine ex- 
cellenoe, and to his authority and power to 

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baptise with the HoW Ghost, oontiniiiDi: faith- 
ful to death, he was imprisoned and beheaded 
by Herod. 

4. chbist's baptisms 

At Jordan by John, accompanied by the 
descent of the Holy Qhost, and by a Ydoe from 


Crowds waiting upon his ministry, often from 
a great distance, — astonisbment and wonder 
omou^ the people at what they saw and heard. 

6. oHRisTti mnnBAvisD actiyitt. 
Labouring in every variety of circumstances, 
preaching on the mountain, in the plain, 
m the temple, — ^in the s3'na^ogue. — on the 
sea^de,— i n the ship,— in the city,— the town, 
and the village 


Been in the conduct, and the langua^^ of all 
olassets the disciples, the priestd, the rulers, the 
oommoti people arising from ignorance, na< 
tional prejudice, and self-righteous pride. 


B/ enemies endeavouring to entangle Him in 
hissayings, throwing odium upon him as being 
of Nazareth, representing him as a companion 
of sioners. a glution and a vnne-bibbtr^ and as 
working his nuracles by Satanic agency. - 


By the PharUea^ the Herodiant, the ckirfprieMU 
and ruUr* — xa> lay hold on him. 

v.— Various Scenes of Cqpi8T*s Mihistrt. 


By Satan for forty days: 


In the districts of Judea, Samaria, Galilee, 
and beyond Jordan^ in the cities of Jerusalem, 
Capernaum, Bethsaida, Cie^area, Philippi, Sy. 


Observed in an npper room, bv Jesu<« and the 
twelve Apostles, after which the ordinance of 
the Lord's Supper was instituted probably in 
the absence ot Judas who had gone ouL 


Bargaining for thirty pieoet of silver to hand 
over Jesus to his enemies, and aproachin^ his 
master with a kiss the symbol of friendship^ 
he betrayed him, afterwards smitten wiUi 
despair* 1^ committed suicide. 


Designed by thp chief priests, scribes, and 
elders, — Jesus in Gethsemane the scene of 
sorrow,— in an agony,~^His sweat as great 
drops of blood, — Judas with a baud coming 
into the garden, apprehended him. 


Firit before the Sanhedrim, the charge against 
him being blasphemy, the witnesses false, 
snbomed, and contradictory, sentence of death 
pronounced. Secondly before Pontius Pilate 
the Roman governor, the charge sedition, and 
the sentence clamorously demanded was cruci- 

8. mS DEATH. 

Suffffing manifold indignities, spat on, buf- 
feted, smitten on the nead, crowned with 
thorns, arrayed in a purple rot^e, worshipped 
in derision, and ignomiuioiisly crucitiea on 
Calvary nigh to Jerusalem, between two 
male&ictors, amended by supernatural dark- 
ness, an earthquake, — ^rending of the veil of. 
the temple, — and the opening of the graves of 
saints, — witnessed by the women of Galilee, 
John, and Mary the mother of JesiLS the Cen- 
turion and lioman soldiers, and by many of 
the Jews,->8tiU mocked on the cnxjs, — lie 
presented his prayer on behalf of his 
persecutorR, — his promise to the thief, — ^his 
charge to John, — ^liis complaint of thii^t, — iiis 
attestation of his work being finished. He 
commended his spirit into the hand of His 
Father— His death designed as an atonement 
in the room of sinuera, — Reeled according to 
tbe determination of God through the instru- 
mentality of the wicked Jews, — variously re* 
girded as foolithnest-^ Uumbltngblock, or ai 
the wudom of God 

char, Nattii-etli, etc., preaching the dospel, •• HIS burial. 

oofidrmiug His comraitfedon by miraculous The body procured from Pihite— was taken 

works, calling, ordaining, instructing His down from the cross— wrapt in fine linen with 

apostles, etc. — * ^ '-'" ' ^' ^ "^ 



Biding on an as^'s colt accompanied by multi- 
tudes strewing the way with branches of palm 
trees, and fiiliug the air with exclamations, 


spices, and laid in a new tomb — the persons 
who took part in it being Joseph of Arima- 
thea, Nicodemus, eta 


The tomb secured by a great stone rolled to 


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the mouth of it— sealed and gnarded by a 
detachment of Roman soldiers, — was opened 
on the morning of the third day by an angel 
descending from heaven— Jesns risingagain to 
life — ^the event proved by the subsequent 
appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene, to 
the other women from GTaUlee, to the disciples 
on their way to Emmans, to the ten on the 
same evening, to the eleven on the following 
liOrd 8 dayj at the sea of llberias and on a 
mountain m Galilee, and by his frequent and 
familiar intercourse during a period of forty 
day&— resurrection proving— his work was 
finished — approved — tl0Fa,theT giving asJinU 
fruits the hope of a resurrection to ail his 


On the Mount of Olives, and in the presence 
of His followers, in the act of blessing them, 
i^parated from them— seen to ascend and en- 
ter into a cloud, the disciples gazing after 
Him, addressed by two angels, who gave pro- 
mise of His return a^iu to earth, ascension 
necessary for the gilt of His Spirit, the pre- 
paring ot heaven for His folio wers^ and making 
continual intercession for them. 

VI— Christ's Chabaotxb. 
Humility— intercourse in social life. Mend- 
si dp, instanced in the case of the family of 
Beihauy, unostentatious maimer in which He 

ioent about doing good, our example in purity, 
in meekness* m self-denial, in patience^ and 
in love. 

VJL Chsist*8 Officer 


Confessed under the designations of prophet of 
Nazareth, in^ prophet of the Highest, tlie prrphet 
thit should oome into the word, a great prophet, a 
prophet mighty in word and in deed, namet> veri- 
fied in loretf Uing of ialse Chiists the down- 
fall of Jerusalem.the treachery of Judas, Peter's 
denial. His own Apprehension and Death, 
Burial, and Besurrection, etc* • 



King €f ZioHf King of righteousnufs, ef o^ His 
Kingdom being universal, eternal, supreme^ 
vet subordinate to the Father, Uis mission 
being to glorify the Father, and to finish the 
work which the Father gave Uim to do; 
exercising this office, accomplishing the con- 
version, sanctiticiition, and gloriHcation of 
His people — the subjugation ot hi3 enemies at 
the last day, sitting as Judge of the righteous 
and the wicked, with full power to acquitand 
justify the one and condemn and punish the 


OBionv or the jewisb hatiov. 

Traced to Abraham; called a people above aiU 
ethers, a holp nation, a kingdom of priests; se- 
lected not Uecuuse better^ or more numerous 
ttiuu other nations, but simply of Qovereign 


Covenant with God, — dwelling in his land, — 
protected by his favour, — en joying the services 
of his tabernacle, — the ministrations of His 
priests, and the teiicliings of His prophets 


Subjected to cruel bondage, described as a 
state of oppression, an iron furnace, a rigorous 
service, bui seen and cherished by God; gieatiy 
iiicieased in number. 


Given by God at the burning toA to demand 
the release of the tribes; executed by doing 
simis and wonders, calUng down plagues upon 
Pharaoh and his people — eventually leading 
forth the chosen people to the land of pro- 

THE sxonus. 

Six htmdrcd thousand marching out of Egypt, 
besides women and children, accompanied by 
a mixed multitude, along with flocks and herds; 
achieved by the power of God; Egyptian pur- 
suers drowned in Ked 6e& 


Forbidden to look back to it, to traffic with 
it — to form alliances with it— Egypt a bruised 
reed to trust im, yet in the wiidemess Israel 
olten seeking to return to it. 


For forty years, by the way of the Bed sea^ 
Edom and the plains of Moab, led by Jehovah 
in the pillar of the cloud, fed by manna, and 
water from the flinty rock, defended irom 
enemies by the Captain of the Lord's hotU 


Murmuring against God. and against Mosee 
and Aaron; committing fornication; with the 
exception of Joshua and Caleb, the entire 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 

fleDemtion. above twenty years of age^ which 
left Egypt in the wildomess, dying. 


CoDq^aering the land, destroying thirty-one 
king8, settled in it, enjoined to separate 
themselves from all other nations, were for- 
bidden to make covenant with them. 


In one of the provinces of Palestine in the 
time of our Lord, descended from a colonv 
Bent by the kin^ of Assyria duilng the capti- 
riiy; at first enUrely idoiatrous, but afterwards 
miugled the ceremonies of the Jews with 
their idulatrous rites; held in great aversion 
l^ the people of LiiaeL 


Forsaking the worship of God, and taming to 
the worship of idols, in following the customs 
of surrounding nations, and forming alliances 
with them, in ^'hankning ilieir neck," and in dis- 
obe^ring the statutes of Jehovah; famine, and 
pestilence, and war sent upon the people, God 
**fortook His dwelling plaUt" ftnd 8ont the 
people into captivity. 


The ten tribes conqnered by Sbalmanezer 
king of Assyria, and curried to flalah, Uabor, 
etc.; Judah, by Nebuchadnezzar king of Ba- 
bylon, and carried to ChaldeSi wheie thoy 
remained lor seventy yeaia 


Their land mourning in sditude, Jerosalein 
iitting t» widowhood, Zion covered with a cloud, 
and the other cities of the land as a wilder- 
ness, the people in captivity as totting by 
the rivers of Babylon. 


With the promise that they should be ga- 
thered again, restored to their own land, and 
there again take root, animated hy the hope of 
deliverance, and by the ezx)ectation of seeing 
their temple again built up. 


Accomplished by the proclamation of Cyrns, 
who had tftken Babylon, granting liberty to 

the captives to retnm and build Jerusalem, 
in oonformity with which many went back« 

(rebxtildino or Jerusalem, See under canaan.) 


From the Samaritans, false pretences of 
friendship, folse representations to the king^ 
and active opposition to the undertaking. 


Predicted by Moses as the con«;eqnence of 
persisting in disobedience, by Christ as the 
consequence of rejecting him — was accom- 
plishea by the Bomans under Titus when 
Jerusalem was destroyed, the Jewish polity 
broken op, and the people Kcutered over aU 


Having allnsion to the enemies of Israel, to 
captivity, to a return from it, to the joy at- 
tending such a retiun, to the enlargement of 
the nation, to Zion attired in beauty, to the 
Church of Israel as the light of the Gmtiles, eta 


The heathen as the Messiah's inheritance, aU 
nations flowing to the temple, the isles wait- 
ing for Qod's law, incense being offered from 
the rising to the setting of the sun, eta 


Seen, the former in the converts on the 
day of Pentecost, and in the numerous 
converts to the gospel which were gather, 
ed by the apostles from all ranks, tlie 
latter seen in the obstinacy and zeal with 
which the nation at large maintained the per* 
petiial obligation of the ceremonial law, in- 
Btanced in Peter's preaching to Cornelius, in 
the church at Antioch, in the ^nod at Jeru- 


Made up of believers from all natk)n8, Paul, 
theApoUle of the Gentiki. 


Involved in Ood's promise to Abraham, often 
the theme of prediction by Isaiah, repeatedly 
foretold by PauL 




Forbidden, by God to Noah, by the law of 
ikioees, by Christ, and by the Apoetlefr-often 

committed In pmpose or &ct. 

Cain, David, 


life for life without mereji- 

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PanishineDti natnrel and Bopematoral— 4n 
thifi life ftnd in the liCo to oom& 


Hatred of Eean towards Jacob,— of the btetb- 
ren of Joe^pb towards him— -of Hamao to. 
wards the captive Jews—of Saul toward David 
—and of the BuleiB of the Jews towArds 


By Bebekah, the mMwives of Egypt, Jona- 
than* and by the (Spirit of Qod iDrormiog 
Elisha of the designs of Ahab^ 


Made in case of the death of a pemm tak* 
in2 place la circumstances of sn'tpicion, de- 
volved upon the elders of the nearest city, — 
attended by a special rellgioos ceremony. 


Or the death of a person undesignedly, that 
is a^ expressed bv MuAes, nob in malic^e, nor 
by the use of a lethal weapon, nor by lying in 
wait— the person implicated required to flee 
to one of the cities of refuge, or be exposed to 
death ^om the nearest kinsman or the avenger 

omss or rifugb, 

SKnated three on each side of the Jordan, 
furnished an asylum for the manslayer till 
the death of the high-priefft, when he might 
return again to his inheritance, meanwhile 
not to pa&H beyond the sacred boondacjoD 
risk of death. 


Awarded death for smiting a father or mother, 
in other cases recompense for injury done, 
some I lines a tine in money, and generelly re- 
taliation— e^« /or e3/e. 

Law GuABnuro Prqpsbtt* 


Forbidden; its penaltv the restoration of the 
thing stolen, and adding to it^ iwo^ Ibnr, 
or in some cases seven fold* 


Source of theft; is described in Scriptme as 
being greedy of gain^ running greedly after the 
error of Boolean; forbidden as wfoia^— in- 
stanced in Ahab and Jezebelr-varioos kinds 
of it 


FdUe weights and fMoiKfM, bribeiy. 

and entail, extending to danghtflEB^oo oertaia 
conditional •• well as son& 


Begnbtfons respecting the recovery of it, the 
remiadon of it, pledges in st-curity of it, can* 
tionary, etc.; many allusions to it in Scrip- 
ture; £^ 6amnMr ox jerrtzn^ to rAe ^(Tui^* 


Sitperiority of master— oontracts — Abraham* 
Mephiboeheth, and Solomon, and tlieir ser- 
vants—servants good and bad ; the Jfbrmer^ 
wise and faithful; the latter, b& stubborn, un- 
faithful, and tiiliog their master's houses with 

YL Aectent Slavebt. 


Or service rendered among the patriarchs, 
under the kincs. in the^days of Ciiru^t and his 
apoe^tles, and in foreign nations as well as in 


Forbidding all trading in the persons of men, 
stealing of a Hebrew punished with death,— 
the heathen alone held in bond service, the 
Hebrew, if so held, might redeem himMf, at 
all events became free on the year of Juoilee, 
and whether Hebrew or stranger, servants 
were to be kindly treated by their masteia 


Obedience to masters, singlness of heart, per- 
formance of duty, not with ey. service ae men- 
pleasert; allusions as when Christ's people are 
called servants of righteousness as made free 
by the truth, and when the world is spoken 
of as the servmU of sin, and as being under the 
bondage of ein, 

• PoobLaw. 


An inevitable state of society— fi^ poor ehaU 
never ceate out of the land; the poor if e have akoa3i9 


In thOTOUgfaliEures and places of public resort 
as at the gate of the templ^ and of rich menff 
houses, the wayside; 


Often alluded to in their appropriate charac- 
teristics; theybrTn^ strong, honoured, amiter-^ 
ing roughly, and havino many friends; the latter^ 
using entreaties^ being hatedt and being separatea 
from their ndghbouiBi 


Involving picuiiar ri^^hts of primogenittue Maiptaining theh: light^ being thek poiw 

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tlon. fulfilled, in provMing for them, and in 
makiog them rich in folth. . 


The (?1eaniDg8 of the harvest field, of the 
▼intake, the tithe of the third year, and the 
spontaneous prodactions of the seyenth. 


Almf^vinfi: enjoined — characterized, when 
rightly performed, by being done^«^y, readilpt 
• and wioitentaiiouily. 

yiII.~Al>lfINI8TRATI0V Of LaW. 

Appointed by Moses ; afterwards in all the 
cities of Israel — were set to hear the 
causes of the people, to dispense righfeout 
judgimnt, neither ret<p<}Cting the pereons of the 
rich iror favouiing the poor, noted 9A fearing 
Qod, hating eoviUoumeit, 


Beqnired to be faithful, considerate, and 
oonscientiouR ; in number at least two cr three; 
sometimee fiEUse* instanced in the trial of 


Persons employed in transcribinar and inter- 
preting the law of Moses, in later times, orators 
or lawyers, employed in pleading before 
judges, instanced in TertuUus. 

In ancient times set at the gates of cities, as 
in Ruth; in latter times in halls, as the 
judgment hall of Pilate, set for deciding in 
controversies, involving accusation, defence, 
and appeal 


Imprisonment sometimes with fitters and 
ttockM — Paul at Philippi ; tcourgtug, wiiich, 
however, might not be inflicted on a Roman 
citizen, and limited by Mosaic law to strokes 
fcriy. tavi one, retaUation, fine, ttoning^ the 


Hanging, instanced in Haman, — burning alive, 
the sentence pronounced upon bhadrach, 
Mc8hach and Abednego, — expostire to vnld 
beasts, instanced in Daniel^— €uMm^ asunder, 
threatened by Nebuchadresssar to his wise 
men — decapitation, instanced in John the Bap- 
tist, and crucifixion inflicted upon the Saviour. 



Governing Israel between the time of Joshna 
and that of Samuel, the office not hereditary, 
-but the men raised up, qualiti^, and ap- 
pointed by God when the circumstances of 
the nation called for them, usually invested 
with extraordinary powers, and continued as 
the supreme magisti-ates of Israel for the space 
of four hundred and Unity years. 


Sometimes chosen by Qod, who had also the 
formal approval of the people, as Saul and 
David, wiih whom Qod covenanted that the 
throne should be his, descending in his family 
in the line of Solomon ; also Solomon by im- 
mediate revelation and appointment 


Behoboam, Abijah, Asa, Jehoshaphat, Jehc 
ram, Ahaziah, Athaliah, Joash, or Jehoash, 
« Amaziah, Uzziah *or Azakriah, Jotham, Ahaz, 
Hezekiah. Manasseh, Amon, Joeiah, Jehoa- 
haa, Jehoiakim, Jehoiacliin, and Zedekiab. 

Knras of thb ten tribbsl 

Jeroboam, Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, 
Omri, Ahab, Ahuzlah, Jehoram, Jehu, Jehoa- 
bftS, Jehoaab, or Joash, Jeroboam the second. 

Zachariah, Shallnm, Menahem, Pekahiah, 
Pekah, and Hoshea. 


Hanun and Nahash, kings of Ammon, Ha- 
ziel, Ben-hadad, and Aretas, kings of Syria, 
Cyrus, king of Persia, Darius the Median, 
Herod ana Agrippa, kings of Judea, and 
Tiberias, emperor of Bdme. 


Conducted with great pomp, the pouring of 
oil on the p<r»on consecrated, sounding of 
trumpets, the shouts of the people, God save the 
King, the congratulations and good wishes 
of officer?, men of rank, and neighbouring 
kings, accompanied with general festivity, 
among the people, instanced in the coronation 
of Sol^non, eto. 


Punctiliously attended to, the throne was very 
magnidcent in the case of Solomon, the crown 
was sometimes of ma(«ive gold and precious 
stones, instanced in that ofDavid, the fceptre 
also of gold, instanced in the book of Eatner, 
i and Ufe royal robes were of great magniO- 

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With little limitation, extending to the power 
of life and death, the making of peace or the 
declaration of war, the levying of armies, and 
the collection of taxes, rulers often surrounded 
by flattererg, as the poung men who gave 
counsel to Eehoboam. 

Cha&aotsbs ot EiNaa. 


Their throne being established hy righieousne^s, 
Bcattering wicked mefiy exaraplcB in David, 
Asa, Jehoshnphat, Amaziah, Azariahj Jotham, 
Hezeklab, Josiah, Behoboam (for a tune), and 


Ganshig ihepeople tomoum— examples in Solo- 
mon, in some thincs, Abijam, Nadah, Baasba, 
Omri, Ahab, Ahaziah,Jehu,Jehoahaz,Jeh(>ash, 
Zechariah, Ahaz, Jehoram, Jehoiachim, Man^ 
aaseb, Jeroboam, Fekah, and Fekehiab. 


Lurwy, pride, jUUUry, faUehood, aoariee, tjh 
fmmy, and idoldry as in Jeroboam. 


Ansing (h>m the compact, real or Implied, 
between the king and the Bubjfct— devolving 
upon both parties—^ thai ruUth aoer men mutt 
beJusL Honour the king, 


Were levied tiwm the people as bv Pharaoh, 
the kings of Israel and Judah, the Roman 
fimperor, etc, — rogal revenues and landK as in 
daj-s of Solomon — gathered hy t(tz collectors as 
the publicans who collected the Boman tribute 
fL'om the Jew& 


Under the king, executed the offices of govern- 
ment, described as being over the host— over 1M 
tribute— over the house, ftc.^ as bein^ recor .cr*, 
scribes, wist men, eounscUon, eompanioni ot the 
king, etc* 


Rebellion forbidden and loyalty enjoined and 
enforced— ^repeated instances of rebe fion\ ra- 
volts, revolutions, repcide, and even Uio eaUiroa- 
tionot a royal faouJj* 


sntTff. 1 9ee through a gla^s cfor^?y— eameRt efforts ta 

See Wider Pamiit— Appetttes AUD ObGANS, ' obtain \x>— seek for lier a% silver. Wisdom pe«- 
9ee under Body— Fbailty and MoBTALmr, see sonitied in liooiL of Froverba. 
under Disease and Death, 



His first estate holv, made in Cfo^s image and 
bis firet abode in ^(/<n— subsequent ailusionf 
to Eden's beauty by the sacred wnteia* 


Adam's rin and exile from Eden; Hereford 
he drove out the wan— labour and mortality 
in the curae— bread to be eaten in sweat oj 
hrow—bv OM man sin came— human depravity 
declared to be grea', universal, hereditary, early 
manifested— seen in sins of every class, wilftil 
violation of God's law, and in spite of all his 
warning— the Apostle's account of the innei 
comhaX— what I would, that I do not, 


See under Bsdemption, 


The evil of ignorance great— blessing of wis- 
dom and its responsibility— a wise man ts 
,^ron^— instances in Solomon and Daniel— the 
wisdom of the world crafty— of no avail before 
God— wisdom God's pift as seen inSolomony 

Its m!<!chie(— contrasted often In Proverbs 
with Wisdom. 


Counsel— questioning, many instances of it hi 


The pursuit of happhiess— vam'<j( of vanities 


Industry, diligent in business, idleness and its 
baneful results — vineyard of (hujgurd-r-lion in 
y/ray— wealth, Gods gift, but not to be coveted; 
treasure in heaven, earthly riches often iil-ac. 
quired, of small value in many cases, and 
very precarious — riches fly away as an' eagle — 
dangers of wealth— ostentation-pride— owe 
thing thou lackaU 


Sorrow, patience, pride and its ruin, humi* 
lity, contentment, joy, hope, anxiety, mur- 

Gort— wisaom lioasgiiL as seen wio(;*w/wrt*| ^ i^ . * i ' ^ 

drftw»-yet imperfectly possessed by man. we ' Anger, revenge and its ainfuhicss, envy, shi- 


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oerity of dealing and speech, hypocrisy, strife, 
meekDeES— eqmty, gratitude and ingrati- 
tude, love— 'first (mdoreai commandments-second 
like mto t^-«pipathy, forgiveness of injuries 
until Meventv tmet «et«vi--duiy of setting a good 
example— pad example to be ayoided* 


Original equs^iy—^ich and poor rest together: 
solitude in various forms, neighbourhooo, 
firiendship— DavidandJonathan— lalae friends 
— K3Yil company to be shunned— 4nfluonce of 
piety and of sin upon otheis. 


Placet of rendenee—fareweU^'tiMh a Hif— 
journeying dngly and with flocks and herds 
— m^ont of traod-'Ocrip and eUtff— meetings— • 
refreshmmts, hospitality, feel washed, and salu- 
tation of peae^— provender for the asses— stay, 
abide with vf— frequent injunctions that stran- 
gers be well treated— God's, tender care over 
strangers and travellers— the return to home 
imd its j(7, Damdrebtmadto hUu his house* 


Old age— pffi^y hairs— Ungtii of days a bleflring 
— 4n8tance8 dt longevity before the flood and 
among the patriarchs— the aged to be treated 
^th great lespect-fiigos of agd— dimneas d 

vision, deafness, want of heat— oZi and graa 
headed — {tee under Body) weariness of 11% 
AYidpecuUar instances of it— suicide in Samaon, 
Saul, Zlnui Ahithophel, and Jndaa 


(ISee under Disease and Dsath)^ 


A prominent doctrine of Scripture— the work 
of God— special proof in Christ's resurrection 
— Sadducean ol^ection and ita refatation by 


Solemn, oerUdn^ universal^ and impartial— ^!tr0JM 
set and books opened— allusion to its awftil 
phenon mn a earth burnt up, and heaven pas- 
sing away. 


A state of hajjpiness and glory— /ulness of ioir 
—of immniaikty— eternal Itfe^ enjoyment of the 
divine pieieno&— its qwdal occupation being 


Place of finally wicked— of intense anguish— 
fire, pit, brimstone^ darkness~4ia miserv without 
end— solemn lesKms— <^0 tenor qf tm Lord^ 
awfiil imageiyaiMl allosiOQ. 



Ifan and woman — a male and /«iuil»— peiflonal 
beauty often referred to,and furnishing imagezy 
in the book of Cantidee— <^ ar^/a«riNif /ova 


Zhmsde employed in carrpmg water, and In 
votoii^ the flock. 


Various in Scripture— «tdb of hoe; eaurtship 
in various forms— Bebecca, Dinah, Samson, 
Adonijah; rape, and its pimiahmfnt— death by 
law to the lavisher. 


Of divine origin in Eden— its oontinnanoe an 
onlinance; marriage is honotnrable. conditions 
as to selecting a partner for such a union* 
both hi Old and x^ew Testament— image of 
the imion of Christ and his church: parental 
authority of old over children in fonmng ma- 
trimonial matdies — apostolic law — the 
nuptial feast— scene of great rejoicing and 
lasting niany days— procession with lamps to 
meet the wedded paur— marriages of polfey— 

Merab promised, but MIchal given to Dai^d; 
dowry given for the bride bv her husband- 
law about marrying a brothers widow— case of 
the kind proposed to our Lord— peculianto 
and restrictions of varions kinds in Jewian 
marriage law. 


Duties of husbands, fidelity and love; of wife, 
affection and obedience— Sarah, eta ; good 
wives— one of them described in Proverbs; 
bad wive8-Jesebel-«on<0i4(n« and brawling 

nissoLunoK or mabbiaqb. 
By death— widows often desolate— special ob- 
jects of qrmpathy, at least such as are widowt 
indeed; God himself being the Judge of the 
widow— second marriages— i^oki^ widows 
f^lMMf as office-beaies in the choich, 

Hebrew law permitting divoroe, allowed for 
hardness of heart^-biU to be formally writt^ 
out— the judgment of Jesus on this subject 
and his ooudosion, ttaXfonneaiim only war- 


Digitized by 




[lONisrEBS or bjeugios. 

rants divorce— instances of patting wives 
away in the book of Ezra— divorce the symbol 
Df God's separation from Israel; other kinds 
referred to both in Old and Kew Testament. 


Polygamy — ^Lamech— a common occmrenoe 
among the patriarchs and Jews, wherefort onef 
tiuU he might seek a godly seed— 9k violation of 
the original law of marriage, which united 
only one man and one woman — concubines, 
or secondar^r wives, common in Jewish and 
particularly in royal householdsL 


Incest— its punishment to be death— at^^fjf 
a heinous crime — uventh isommandment— image 
of the national hifidehties of Israel;— an ordeal 
of jealousy prescribed in drinking of water of 
the o\ine--cha8Uti/ and modesty solemnly en- 
joined — ^flee j/otUHftd lusU — lewonest condemn- 
edf and all practices leading to it, the Hebrew 

law prohibiting the sexes from exchanging 
garments — cautions against lewdness — a co- 
venarU with the eyes; uncleanness not to be 
named; FomiccUion — associated often with 
idolatrous worship — such whoredom with 
daughters of Moab— spiritual allusion, the 
symbol of idolatrj-— ^on« a whoring from Ood-^ 
Babylon, motiier of harlo't; Hebrew statute 
against it, and frequent condemnation of it, 
punished often in providence by poverty, loss 
of health and character,and final ruin — brought 
to apiece ofbreai—her iteps take hold on heU;pro^ 
stitution {orXjiddeOr-sheforgetteth the covenant cf 


Bastards not admitted to the congregation of 
the Lord, and not subjected to discipline and 
training— ^^(is and not eons — sins against 
nature— sin of Sodom — its terrific punish- 
mentr-^e and brimstone rauied down fiom 



Found In Havilah— gold of Parvaim— plentiful ' 
in days of Solomon, iri^ bv /ire— gold of 
QpAM*, very tLxi^-^edges and shekels qfit. 


Made into vessels— ibund In veins^ tried in a 
furnace, and the drost taken away— a com- 
mon medium of exchange. Gold and silver 
often connected together as a general expres- 
sion fbr money — siJUfcr and Qold have I none, 


Dug out of mines — employed in making 
vessels, doors* and gates-4hd emblem of 


Spielted out of stones— tormed into tools-nof- 
them iron and steel speciaWy hard— the emblem 
of hardness— brass and iron often connected 
OS useful metals. 


Ck>pper or bconie— lead and tin. 

ini^RALS, STa 

gait— jewels— precious stones— predous stones 
mentioned in connection with Aaron's breastr 
plate, and the gates of the New Jerusalem — 
Agate and Carbuncle— Beryl— Coral— Dia- 
mond — ^Emerald and Sardine — Jacinth— Jas- 
per— Onyx— Pearl— Euby— Sapphire. 



Under the old di8pensation-^7r«««&— Mekhi- 
zedec king and priest.-V«wA prusts,—holy to 
GcMi— their various duties, to teach the people, 
—take charge of the sacred things, oflfer sacri- 
fice and form a board of health, as inspecUon 
oflepei8,—theu:8ervice8in rotation,— <»Mr«« m 
ftw<wn,— their services, etc. 


Chief of them,— not allowed to mourn or 
marry a widow or a divorced woman,^Aaron 
and his sous in herediiaiy succession poB«eis- 

ing the pontificate.— /oi/Vu^ priests blessed of 
oSdt—law of truth in their mouth, 


Bebellion as of Eomh,— and dissipation as in 
sons of Eli,— profanity,— polluted fbom want 
of register,— praotiiang idolatry as pictured by 


Turban and Mitre,— that of high-priest with 
the inscription on it of fiouvESS to thb 

Digitized by 


mNtsneiui of ssliqtoit.] 



LoiiD,-4he ooat or tnnio of fine linen or woven 
icorkt the robe of the Epbod of blue, — the liuen 
breeches of fine twined lined,-^the girdle, — 
bells and pomegranates on hem of garments, 
the Ephod joined at shoulder by epaulette 
of onyx stone, — Ephod^ the characteristic 
portion of sacerdntal dress,— the breastplate 
with its gems,— >27riot and Thummm, 


Dedicated in room of the first bom,— to be 
without corporeal blemish, — to serve from 
thirty to fifty yearsof age,— divided into three 
classes, Geiisnon, Kohath and Merari, — ^in- 
ferior to the prie^t8 and paying tithes to them, 
their general duty, — as a help to the priests, 
assisting in the national worship, and taking 
charge of the sacred edifice,— wauderijig hdi' 
ites,— Micah, etc 


Descendants of the Qibeonitesr-doing the 
menial work of the sanctuary. 


The seventy elders, — elders of cities— Naia- 
rites with their vow of abstinence and pe- 
culiar restraints. 


Levites having no inheritance, but only some 
land round their fortv-eight cities^— Tithes 
paid to them,— ^iotf thaU sure^ tithe all the 

increase of thy «««/,— other perquisites belong- 
ing to them, as first-fruits and firstlings, the 
hides of the victims, and portions of some of 
the sacrifices,— with fines, redemption-money, 
poll-tax, share of booty, and voluntary t?ift>— 
the treasury— royal gifts during the period of 
tho temple. 


Twelve Apottles Chosen by Jesus, Matthias and 
Paul added,— having special prerogatives to 
bind and looee, — witnesfee of the resurrection, 
—their special claim on the people to hear 
them,— /A« teoenti/,'-'biehqp9r-ilder$r'4eaoon9, 
itinerant labourers. 


His sudden conversion, — his travels and 
labount. — ^his exemplary conduct, his preach- 
ini^, — ^his character in several aspects, — on 
him devolving the core of all the chwchee. 


A divine Institute,— duties enjoined, ybi'^yi/^ 
ne^9^ — ftudiousneea^ — consie^ency, — aptnett to 
teach,— preach the word, — sins ascribed to it in 
the old Testament, — idleness, — the prophet is a 
fool, {eee under animals, flocks,) its punish- 
ment severe— under New Testament,— sins 
referred to,— jealousy, contention, plde, here^. 
seldshness: duty of people, obedience and 
esteem, affection, support^—thq/ whtck j^reach 
tiiould Uoe <$'the Oospck 



Their pmpose to produce convl<HIon of a 
divine interposition,- sometunes toiling to 
effect this, both in days ot Moses. Chnst and 
his Apostles,— a divine work, and beyond the 
power of man, and often causing a great 
sensation of marvel axidjear. 


Those in connection with Enoch, Noah, Abra- 
ham, Lot, Hagar, Er, Moses,— ten plagues of 
Egypt, water turned bato blood, Irogs, Lice, 
Flies, Murrain, Boils and Blains, Hail, Lo- 
custs, Darknew, Death of First-born,— Red 
8ea, — the Shechinah, — Transfiguration of 
MoseF-Water sweetened. Manna, Quaik, Water 
from Book, Aaron's rod blossoming. Leprosy of 
Miriam, destruction of Korah, death of Nadab 
and Abihu.— waters in Kadesh, healing— 
braacn serpent-n^lague, fire from God. those 
miracles often referred to, and forming themes 
of subsequent meditation and praise. 


capture of Jerfcho, enn and moon arrested 
as toid in Jasher, — in ccnec tion with Sam- 
son, men killed, Philistines slaughtered, 
efforts of personal strength;— in connection 
with Samuel, thunder storm in harvest, 
disease, death ot Uzziah, men of Beth-shemesb: 
descent of fire upon the altar in days of David 
and Solomon,— Jeroboam's hand withered. 


Mirades of Elijah, drought, widow*s meal, nro- 

f>het fed, dead child restored, fire upon altar 
n contest with priests of Baal, captain and 
tifty destroyed— Jordan divided by his mantle. 


Water healed, young men destroyed, in the 
dearth, child restored, Naaman healed, Qehazi 
punished, iron swimming, Syrians smitten 
with bliudneas, restored to sight, Syrians 
defeated, man revived by touching his corpea 



In connection with Joshua, Jordan divided. Water turned into wine,— draught of fisheBg— 


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tempefit calmed, — four thousand fed, — Christ 
walking on the sea, — five thousand fed,-^ 
fish witii the money in its mouth,— fig-tree 
blasted,— draught of fishea 


Thenobleman'8 son,—- Peter's mother-in-law,-— 
Leper,— Centurion's servant^— man sick of the 

SLisy,— woman with the issue of blood,— the 
me man at Bethesda,— man with a withered 
hand, — daughter of Syro-Phenlcian woman. 
^4nan deaf and dumb cured, — woman cm-ed 
of eighteen years' infirmities,— dropsical man, 
—ten lepeis cleansed,— the ear of Malchus 


Two blind men, — blind man restored to sight, 
—man born blind xeoeiylng sight,— bund 


liKan with an imcleon spirityr-demoniacs of 

Gadara,— dumb demoniac^— blind and dumb 
demoniac boy. 


Daughter of Jainis,— son of the widow of 
Naln,— Lazarus of Bethany. 


By the seventy disciples, — by and in con* 
uection with the apostles^ eta,- by Peter,— 
lame man cored,— death of Ananias,— death 
of Sapphira,— the dck healed— Eneas made 
whole,— Don»s restored to life;— by Stephen, 
—great miracles;— by Philip— various miracles; 
—by Paul,— Elymas smitten with blindness,— 
lame man cured,— an unclean spirit cast out^ 
special miracles,- Eutychus restored to life.— 
viper's bite made harmless,- father of Publius 
heiaied; — Paul and Barnabas, — various mir- 
acles,- signs requested,- signs given, — a 
solemn caution, since the power to work mi- 
racles is not equivalent to the possession of 
genuine £ftith and saving graoO|— / netw knew 



Writing, scribes, writing iabUi—parchmenii, let- 
ters, matters of antiquity recorded in Old 
Testament— Heraldry — pedigrees of the tribes 
originally, and of such as camo back lh)m 


Yocal-4emale choir»-<;hoirB in temple; in- 
strumental music invented by Jubal, and 
used in families and in public worship— 
Heman, A*«ph, Levites and David— harp, 
psaltery, organ, comet, trumpet, etc., power 
of music— among sons of prophets, and over 
Saul and Elisha. 


Einrioyed by the tribes to survey the country, 
and by Nehemiahover the ruins of Jerusaleni* 


Merchandise— old and early-gatting ffatn, 
Tyre the great mercantile city— ^y the'truA 
and tell it nUi artiotos of merchandise very 

various, wine, wool, cedar, pearls, clothlnir, 
"petals, spices, etc.,— accounts regularly made 
up. The Christian 2ata— enjoining Industry and 
quiet— Paul a fe/ifena'icr. 


Preparation of food, cooking— pots— wine in 
9tone boUUs, cedar, timber for building,— 
of clothing— n0{0 doth on old ^arwcn^— spin- 
ning, weaving, needle-work; earthenware 
—potters, pitchers, ireaswre in eoHhen vessels; 
leather, Simon a temner; working in metaJs— 
Tubal-Cain, silver and drost, (tee wider 
Metals) gold-smiths— silver-smiths— lamp*-^ 
carving— jewellery; mills, women grinding: 
roads, eatt ye up, east ye up; fowling applied 
to devices of the wicked— done by pit, ain, 
mare, net; (Navigation, see under W atee.) 


Often refeiTed to, often given for mere sell^ 
interest, and also from fear, and as compli- 
ments,— a truly oriental fashion* 


Ceremonial InsJ^T^^^^^ ofl iS^^S^f S?*SL^!^'^ 

incense in center ---thQ symbol of prayer; symbol of complete purifiaiion-of thicSf 
^^ead in twelve loaves, removed every -showing their dedicaUon to divine sS 
fiabbath, and to be eaten only by Aaron and ! vice, as in case of otf <;ijw^* iy <^i^?^^ 

lii ^ 

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with blood— nncleannesB and necessary cere- 
monial ablation— the question among John's 
diBCiplas— ablations very frequent— the special 
purification of the leper — and other forms of 
It— ^mointing— the sacred oil after the art of the 
apothecary, used in sacerdotal consecmtion 
alone» the symbol of anion and the Uoly 
Ghost— sick anointed wi6h <ul in New Testa- 
ment timea 


C^cf^maVon— ordered to Abraham and his 
hoose— for every mwrchildon. eighth day, and 
to be observed by his posterity applied spi- 
ritually to renoyation of heart and obedi- 
ence — circumcision not made wUh handt—ob* 
served by Abraham— Jacob and sons of She- 
chem, by Zipporah, wife of Moses, en her sons 
—Joshua on the nation after crossing the 
Jordan— Paul on Timothy, but not on lltus 
— subiect of keen dispute in days of the 
apostles— Inspired dedi^iun declarmg that it 
was not to be enforced on Gentile converts, 
for it availed nothing— the coneUion, 


First observed on the night Israel left Egypt— 
tbp tmschal lamb without spot— slaio— and 
blood sprinkled on lintels and door-posts— 
roasied— not abone broken — eaten with bitter 
herbs and unleavened bread, and none of it to 
be left until the moming— the feasteis having 


their staff \n their hands and kneading troughs 
on their shoulders — observed annually in 
Jerusalem— unleavened bread the bread of 
affliction and haste, and also symbol of sin- 
cerity and truth — the feast lasting seven days, 
and no leaven during that period to be found 
in amr house— kept on the fourteenth day of 
the nrst month — no stranger, or one uncir- 
cumcised, allowed to eat of it— ceremonial 
purity an indispensable preparation— many 
sacrihces often accompanying the feast— 
Christ's last Passover^in the tqmer room with 
his disciples preceding the insutution at the 
same table of the Lora's Supper. 


Instituted by Jesu3— baptism the figure of 
suffering in some places— apostolic baptism 
recorded often in Acta— its spiritual blessings- 
Christ baptized by John— baptism dispensed 
by Christ through his disciples— the baptism 
of John initiatory by teater in contrast with 
ihsXhy Ho^ Ghost 


Instituted on the night on which he was he- 
irayed in the upper room and at the paschal 
table— bread broken, his body broken— wine 
poured out, his blood poured out— ^nni ye all 
q/'i^-the apostle PauFs account given to the 
church in Corinth— sin of unworthy commu- 
nicating and its flwful penalty— many sUep-^ 
Zct a num examine himse^. 



A fiivourite mode of teaching in the 

similitudes also commonly employed— Pai'ables 
in the Old Testament— Koyal Bramble— Ewe 
Lamb — Quarrelsome brothers — Ambitious 
ITiistle— Fruitlefflvineyard— Red wine vine- 
yard—Eagles andViue-tree— Lioness— Christ's 
Parables— Parables in the New Testament— 
The two foundations— axes— Mustard-seed 
— Heaven- Treasure found— Fishing— Debt- 
ors and Creditors— Day labourero— The two 
sons— Marriage feast— Ten vhrghis— Talent- 
Sower— -Seed n>ringingupimperceptibly— Hus- 
bandmen-Blind guide— The Good Samaritan 
—Midnight visitor— Unclean spirit— Kich fool 
—Barren fig-tree— Great supper— Lost sheep 
Lost money- Pro^^gal son— Unjust steward— 
Bich and poor— Unjust judge and importu- 
nate widow— Pharisee and Publican— Ten 
pounds— Vernal trees— Shepherd— Allegories, 
Cedar,- Vine out of ^pt 



Bowsandwnrows— Bottles— llazoT— compound 
animal— Candlestick-4;hariots and hoiBcs— 
Cookery — Re^ crowns — Ephah— Flying 
book— Ripe frmt— Confined posture— Girdle- 
Horns and Carpenter*— Equestrian scene- 
Submersion— Naked prophet— Plumb-line— 
Removing furniture— Plan of a siege— Sticks 
and staves— Vine-tree— The whale— Cup of 
wine— rokeflL 


Presence of Satan— Heaven hi council— Jo. 
shua and Satan— Riddle& 


The branch— Breads Water— Shepherd— Life 
— L4unb — Foundation — Foretold as thecor^ 
per »'tone--ApplicaU6n— Predicted asa rtnm- 
bliDg-block- Livinir stone— As light and btm 
—Light of the world -A star. 

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[pBAlSBlin) FRATZk 



SpriDgiDg from hatred of the lighteotn, bnt 
foreUMd and expected, often keen and rever- 
ing natural affection, ton against father— 
Christ and his Aftostlea warning tho churches 
of coming tribukuion, 


Bldicnle, ^Kizma-*tocifc— hatred— outrage— con- 
spiraciea— tooA; ooitriKl to A;(7{— stimulating 
others to violence — as against Jeremiah and 
against Paul— judicial process— preaching si- 
lenced as in case of Jeremiah ajid Apostles- 
fines— imprisonment— scourging —excommu- 
nication, exile — death by sword— James killed 
by Herod— by stoning^ and in Yanotis other 
wajs— 40^ A asunder^ 


Defaming the apostles as disaffected— Elijah 
accused also of disafifection — persecutors 
imagining that they are doing Qhdserviu — > 
Apostles represented as tiouble&omo— thek 
enemi^^-oft^ refeired ta 


The apostles and early church waxing bolder, 
and when scattered oXixoA^ diffusing the gospel; 

gersecution forbidden by God, and punished 
y Him— blood required — they shed blood, 
and they must drink blood; sufferers supported 
by God — blessed, inspirited, and clotued at 
length in white robes — suffer with him, reign 
with him— ^ be avoided however— persecuted 
in one cits— flee ye into ono/A^r- remarkahle 
deliverances celebrated in Scxipture. 



Offered to God alone, as alone worthy of it, 
and as the one benefactor— offered to Hiniby 
angels, by saints, by all — by every thing that hath 
being; on earth, in public worship, in the con- 
gregation, and in heaven-^allelmab. 

BSA80N8 0? PRAIS& 

It is good — for his mercy — his providence, 
miohfy acts—iox Christ and his blessings— /A« 
unspeakable gift— tor prayers heard— for daily 
mercies, more in manoer them the sand, for si)e- 
cial mercies, as bv Abraham, Jethro, Hannah, 
etc. — for public blessings— for success in war, 
victory gotten by hii right hand and fioly arm. 


Seven times a tfoy— doxologies in Scripture- 
public processions of vaUeyofBerachah, 
and at rebuilding of Jerusalem— two great 
companies— one ever against the other^ praising 


Commanded without ceasing— ^e example in 
our Lord's prayer— forms of prayer— wwn repe- 


Morning, noon, evening, midnight; place, 
anywhere — Jeremiah in dungeon^ Jonah in 
wnalt*s beUy; postttre, kneeling, bowing, and 


Kecessary, as the expression of genuine peni> 
fence— I have sinned— many instances and 
records ctf it in Scriptures, as in Ezra, Nehe- 

miah, Joshua, and Daniel; dn confessed to 
others as Achan to Joshua— «o;7/eM your faults 
one to another. 


Based upon the promises-^upon providence 
—upon the divine goodness— upon the divine 
justice. Lord hear the right— upon the divine 
glory— upon confidence in God and relation 
to Him, in Thee is my trmt. 


Commanded /or all saints— 9ome instances of 
it, as in Moses, Eli, Job — some exceptions — 
pray not thou for this people — the sin unto death 
not to be prayed for— intercession requested 
by Pharaoh — ^intercession for ministers of the 
gospel — pray for us — for saints — for family 
{fee under family)- for our country — Wm* 
thine inheritance; in public distress, for victory 
—command deliverances for Jacob. 


Importance of prayer—^ is good unto them that 
wait for Aim— its value often experienced, from 
the time of Seth to that of Pentecost and the 
Apostlea— omission of prayer a €\n—restraintng 
prayer; once forbidden by a human law, whicli 
Daniel disregarded. 


Azk and it shall be given; conditions of being 
heard, sinceritv, fervour, and faith; hope of 
being heard — the Lord will Aatt— sprayers beard 
in many recorded instances — prayers not 
heard, and reason given— if I regard iniquity 
in mine heart, the Lord vhU not hear me. 


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Ai Mo8O0^ Danielf Job^ Ftolmist 


For general and temporal bleselngi— ^ 
quent prayer in affliction, sorrow, and dan- 
ger, in old asre and at death— social prayer, 
where tih or three are gathered together'-iox di- 
vine mercy— ^oM merqf Hpofi mei iat divine 


On temporaf things— on the events of wop-. 
daogerof omitting this often Been in Jewish 
history— enquiiies nnanswered* 


For deUvenuoe torn eneudei^oomplaint to 

f God against them— Aou^ are they inereaeed that 
trouble me, for their overthrow— /or punish* 
ment to them— prayer lor them, laynoilM* 
em to their diorge, 


Form in Old Testament— Bbai and Gerizfm 
—form nnder the New Testament— in tba 
vaxioQS epistles* urace andpeaee^ 


Severely reprobated, instances in Shelomotht 
eon. — Rabshakeh; — various forms of it— de- 
niate of Providence — etout worde^ of divine jus- 
tico— <^ way of the Lord not emial^-ci divine 
power, can Ood furnish a tabief — of diidne 
truth and goodness— penalty oi blasphemj— 
staling to death vfithoot mer^. 



Neceffiary— given to Moses, Samnel, Kathan, 
Jehu. Gad, bhemaiah, David, Solomon, filijab, 
Isaian, and the other prophets 


PoesefiBion of God's Spirit-eons of the pro* 


Made fn various forms to the prophets— woni 
at a burning fire mit in my 5qam— Jeremiah* 


Even in Balaam— certain^r of fatOlment— fo U 
will comtf— seen in rehuiiding Jericho— pro- 
ptiecy to Eli— doings of Josiah, Zimri— death 
of Ahal>— Spoiling of the Syrians— death of 
Joram— prosperity of Israel under Jerolsoam 
the secona-lessonsofconftdenceADd warning 
80 taught to all pious minds. 


Timet time ana dividing of timet 1360 days— end 
1836 days-ottmben of Beast. 666» 


When no vinon people ««mA*Bchool8 of the 
prophets— prophetesses, Miriam.Del)Orah,HnU 
dab — Anna, daughters of Agabus— li^opbets 
in the New Testament— Judas and Silas— j 
special gifts of edification— prophet^ some-* 
times re8i)ected, but sometimes persecuted as 
Micaiah, Elijah, Jeremiah, Amos—ezample qf 
efiffering affliction, an proposed by the Apostle 

DUTY or people; 
To listen and obey— sin and penalfyof on- 


Warning against tbfem often ^ven by Jere« 
miah— abounding in his time— TTo/v^t ineheep'e 
dothinff—^ the fpirtie, their character, mercen- 
uy* false, lull ot flatter?, crying, Peace, peace, 
dBpeaally in time of war; the criterion, tulfil- 
ment of the prediction; penalty— death— re- 

Sroot often aaministered to them and their 
opes; e^ecially by Jeremiah and fisekieL 



In individuals— t^ hai9'$ qfyowr head are nmn- 
hered—ixi public afiairsae shown m tiie historv 
of Israel and its numerous changes,— incul- 
catiuK lessons of submission, obedienoeb and 


OQie divine decrees and choioe-si« boot mt 

choeen me— calling according to Me own purpose 
an^r^acff— divine rejection— eesi«2f qf wraUh^ 
illu8tration&-Jacob and Esau, Piiaraoh em 
symbol of potter's work. 



Sxc^thouolndein the «;b>-taonslnciikated 

Digitized by 





of duhr, praise, and hamili^-^Ao maketh thee 


Independent of the divine foreknowledge- 
man b destiny determined by ^hia choice — ye 
mU not come to me. 


In providence— always found, but sometimes 
apparently indiscriminate—^ thinffe happen 
alike to aU, therefore mysterious — as in the 
command to Abraham to offer Isaac— in the 
oomplaint of Asaph, eta 


In providence often wonderful as in Saul and 
David— depression also— yet always just— «^ 
ehaU be totU with them that fear Ood-^-Qoa bef ng 
goTemor— mysteries in providence— teaching 
us patience and holy resignation. 


Wicked often dgnaUy punished, Isniel and 

Egrpt, Adonibezek, Abimelech, Haman— 
Caleh— contrast often seen In this life— often 
descri bed in the Book of Proverbs— and also for 
e^&^—tverloMting ptmielitnitUt life eUmoL 


In early times an appeal to God— land of 
Canaan divided by it— Achan apprehended by 
it — Saul elected by it— Jonathuui taken by itL 
and Jonah— lot coat into lap. 


Towards righteous in temporal blessings 
under old economy — and giving them 
support and deliverance— Z^;^A< m the£trkneet; 
in spiritual blessings— imparting favour and 
strength and final peace; toward the wicked 
— bringing shame and penalty— no /jeaee to the 
tt^tcA:«(i— especially when their sins are aggra- 
vated— fafu(^« qf Omn^-^iational disaster— the 
result in the case of Israel — death here and 
hereafter, the deluge, plague, eta* 



Con^tfng In deUveranoe from the cnrse and 

Sower of sin, througn faith m the divine Re- 
eemer who gave himseljfor tie (His Divinity — 
Humanity, Jdessiahship, and Character, see 
wider Jesus Chbist). Christ the ditpeneer of 
grace out of his /tc/rKM— Mediator and Inter* 
cessor— OR0 €hd and one Mediator— the Advo^ 
ea/«— maintains communion with believers- 
union ^ymt>oiised in vine and its branches^ 
body and its membei& 


The blood of Christ-a» qf a Uanb without 
blemish — ^his death uredetermmed b^ore Uie 
foundation of the looruty and often predicted by 
theproi>hetsand by Christ himself, (Narrative 
of-sufferingB, eee under Jesus Cbaist). 


Implying humanity, sympathy, dnlessness 
and ihB possession of somewhat to offer^pnest 
ofUr the order qf Melehizedeo-^ua now over 
Chouse of God and hi the Holy of Holies with- 
in the vaiL 


Blood poured out freely in room of the guilty 
by him who became itri— and the sacrifice not 
to be repeated it being once for all-^-propiiia- 
Uon effected— enemia reconeuedf midiUe wall 
broken down—^ew and Gentile in onebocb. 


Hie pardai of tix^-ito condemnation^-Dob of 


fiforks, \mt\jg faith uhH leading tosanctifioa- 


Full, free, and frequent— the gift of God- 
sins of impenitent men not forgiven,they bear- 
ing tlieir own iniquity. 


Through the tliood and by the Spirit of Christ 
—robes made white in (he blood of the Lamb-^ 
beginning in regeneration and peilected in the 
<f(QV of Christ 


The Holy Ghost— convincer, teacher, and 
applier. Juis Z>/t;*m/y— proved from his names, 
perfections, and worship offered to liim, his 
personality also proved, for he comes, speaks, 
is given, may be grieved, and sin may be 
committed against him. 


Often promised and described and in a variety 
of fbnns iUu8trated,refeiTed to, and instanced. 


Regeneration — bom again^ newness of life, — 
puttiujp; off old man andputting on new man— 
sons of God— (Me under Family). 


The great and necessary principle, often en- 
joined and exemplitied — to be professed but 
sincerely— awful penalty of unbelief— seen in 
the early Jews who could not enter because of tm- 
beiiirf. Faith in connection with salvation-- 

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[sabbath AMD HOLT DATS. 

conn ted for rigkteousneu—taoed through ffuth. 
Justification not by toorka^M men guilty — 
beiug of the lavf— wider the eurse^ but by right- 
eousness of Christ, yet the law not macU void^ 
eecoud Adam gaining for us what the first 
Adam lost Faith of Miracles^eeeD. in Abra- 
bam and in many in our Lord's day. JustijU 
cation leading to good works—yet no merit in 
man, at beat but wiprqfitable tervantt, 


Its duty, necef!6ity, and bles^ug—hrohen hearty 
tender Aeor^— followed by reforfflation-Hsin 
and curse of impenitence. 


A divine institute— composed of various con- 
gregations— its membere believers and taints— 
organized for mutual edification— heresy there- 
fore be avoided, and for mutual love— the new 
commandment— jpower qftheChurch— in. expelling 
the inconsistent— its unity— sin and danger 
of divisions— vnt/^ of the Spirit— Jowhh sects, 
Pharisees, Sadducees, Hei-odians— believers 
called Christians at Antioch— Preaching {see 
under Minister. Baptism— Ijord's Supper see 
under Obdinances). Church designed to pro- 
mote progress— backsliding often witnessed— 
but not alwavs fatal as is seen in the divine 
invitations to backsliders, but to be avoided 
—-its evils manifold and warnings against it 
numerouSb Seed on stony ground— AvoBtticy — 
a terrible eyil— crucifying the Son ofUoc^fresK 


Knowledge, giace» aasuiBnoft«-4a contrast with 

selfright6ousneas—!^\MoS!R often threatened— d? 
eofe in Ztiofi— genuine confidence — communion 
with God, rejoicing, hoping and glorying in 
hXm— perseverance promitied and secured on 
God's part, and on man's part enforced as a 
duty— its nobleness and benefit— 4^ by the 


Confeadons of dn still, on the part of so many 
—yet perfection secured to believers— duty to 
reach it— 6e ye i>w/tfc<— instances of compara 
tive perfection in Noah, Israel, Asa* Job, 
Zechanah and Elisabeth, NathanaeL 


To love God— /r<^ and great command-io iear 
liim, to woiship him, to meditate upon bim, 
to beware of ein, temptation to sin common, 
but to be guarded against— safeguards— v^o^ 
onipr^Q^— gratitude to God— cautions against 
ingratitude— nonconformity to the world—- 
friendship of world enmity with God— obedience 
the test of ^th and love— a frequent tbeme 
of admonition— to be sincere, or out of a good 
heart — oitea involving eelf-deuioX— plucking 
out the right eye— demanding seal, aa seen in 
Phinehaa^ John,— univeisal iova 


lis tmiversal power— accusing or else excu^ng 
—an evil conscience its honoTB—infearwh4a-e 
no fear was— seared— e^ good conscienQp— void <f 
ojfenee,fkadji\u$ed from dead workh 



Instituted in Eden,— the seventh day one Of 
xeet^ blessed and sanctified by God* 


Bay of leet,— sign between the people and 
God, — previous day called the preparation t— 
began at sunset,— kept in wildemees,— its 
historical connection with the manna, no 
secular work done in it, no burden carried or 
fire kindled,— day to be spent in meditation 
and reading and worship in Qrnagogoe— 
in latter times; exception in cases of necessity 
and meicyt—shefp w pi/,— disciples plucking 
ears of corn,— Bome of Curists mkacles done on 
Sabbath,— a Sabbath dajfs journey. 

A heinous sin, and incurring awful penalties, 
•»-man stoned in wildemess^-^high blessingB 
attached to Sabbath keephig. 

orating his resnrrection,— Jcrrish Sabbath not 
Hnding on Christiansb 


Every seventh year,— the land to rat and U$ 
still, and vineyards not to be dressed, 


The fiftieth year, or after sewn Sahbalhs of 
years,— trumpet to sound on taith day of seventh 
month,— ^i\b epoch of universal liberty and 


Three annual feasts,— feast of unleavened bread, 
—feast of weeks,— fesai of tabernacles, all the 
nudes going up to Jerusalem. 

FEAST or NEW M005, 

Trumpet blown at it,— sacrifices offered and 
(east held. 


Thefirttdt^ qf week,— Lords day, Moommem' Featt qf firtt fruits, — tbo shectf waved,— 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 




feast of iDsatherin^,— feast of tabernacles, 
people dwelling in l>ooth8, beginning on fif- 
teenth day of seyenth month^nd lasting seven 
dajs;— feast of dedication, instituted by 

Rolomon,— feast of Parim in coromemomtion 
of national deliverance through Esther, — 
these feasts not binding upon ChristianR, but 
are beggarly elanmUt-'-zMdo» of things to c 



Often offered in patriarchal times, instances 
in Cam and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Balaam, 


Offered on an aliar, and by Aaron and his 
sons, very rarely in other places as at Sinai, 
'^"— \ the token of devotion, acceptable to 

God,— sacrifice ci a broken spirit, of oelievers, 
a living sacrifice, — also of praise,— sacrifice 
never a substitute for obedience; instanced 
in Saul and the Hebrew nation, as described 
by the psalmist, the prophets Isaiah, Jere- 
miah and Hoeea,— a nght spirit essential to 
aooeptance, sacrifice of wicked an abomination; 
the discontinuance of sacrifice threatened as 
a great calamity to the Jewish people. 


Quadrupeds from flock and herd, and birds-— 
their qualifications, that they were without 
blmish, and of a certahi age. 


For priests and people,— 5)repared in different 
ways, — fmukmceiuie,— <innk offering of wine, 
—salt necessary to every meat-offerh)g, but 
neither kaven nor honey to be employed! 


Burnt-offering whollv consumed by fire,-— 
peace-offering in which only certain parts were 
oousomed, the priest and woishippeis eating 

the rest,— fiinoffering and trespassofferings 
particularized,— instances of great sacrifices 
at GUgal, at carrying up the ark, in time of 
Solomon, Hezekiah and Ezra. 


Daily at morning or evening, double saciifioe 
on Sabbath, — at new moon, — at the passover, 
on the first, tenth and fifteenth of seventh 
month,— ceremony of scape-goat bearing ini* 
quities into a land not tfiAa6i<«d^— sacrifices at 
child-birth.- for sins of ignorance on part of 
people ana ruleis,— for priests, and at cleans- 
ing of lepers,— at dedicationof sanctuary, with 
the consecrating of its altar and priesthood. 


Victim to betoken and slain, its blood poured 
out, its carcase flayed, and fat, kidneys, eta 
removed, its inwards and legs to be washed 
in water, — h^rnds laid on it, — and confession 
made over it,— its breast and right shoulder 
waived toward the four quarters of heaven. — 
carcase of beasts whose blood is carried with 
the yail, to be burnt unUioiU the camp, — no 
stranger to eat of holy things, bat these to be 
eaten by Aaron and his sous in the holy place. 


To secure pardon, — the priest shall make an 
atonement; seasons of sacfitice, therefore joy, — 
without power in themselves, — but simply 
types,— not possible that blood of bulls and 
goats should take away siM» 



Its Bourcein divine revelation,— ^uwi hy inspire 
ation of Ood, the Lord spdke^ as to Noah, Moses 
Aaron, Eleazar, Joshua, Job, — (mi vnder 

truth of scripture, 
Evinced by many statements, — tried words, 
upright^ truef faithful, not to be superseded,- 
ot great power, converting the soul, ingrafted 
word able to save. 


Patience and contort of the scripture. 


Pharisaical error,— tradition of the Apostles 
to b3 held,— the possession of scripture a 
gre^'it privilege,— famine of hearing the word 
of the Lord, nxi awful menace,— advantage of 
Israel, in the possession of the oracles of Ood, 



Principally by writing as enjoined and 
practised by Moses and the prophets, — by 
Evangelists and Apostles,— wi/tf the vis on,etc, 
— ^the Dfcalogue written by Jehovah on two 
tables ot stone,— received by Moses on mount 

Digitized by 





Sinai, first tables brolcen, and others prepared 
and inscribed by the divine finger. 


In earljr times the copy of the law was laid up 
m the tide of the ark, and was found by Hil- 
kiah,— read by Ezra.— Books of the old Testa- 
ment, — the^, the prophets and the pealms.^^ 
booics in New Testament, Goi>pels» Acts, Epis- 
tles, and Apocalypsa 


Book of wars of the Lord, quoted in NumberSi 
— Jashermioted in Joshua, and 2nd. Samuel — 
boolc of Natiian the prophet, and Uad the 
seer, — ^prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite, and 
visions of Iddo, — ^book of Shemaiah the pro- 

I^het, and Iddo the seer, story of the prophet 
ddo in 2nd. Chronicles, —• also refierred to in 
same plaooi the book of John, —Life and 

Times of Uzziah, written by Isaiah,— acts of 
Hezekiah, also written by him,— Book of the 
kings of Israel and Judah,— Lamentation for 
Josiah by Jeremiah; Books of the Chronicles 
of the kings of Judah and Israel often referred 
to,— profane Authors sometimes referred to, 
as in Esther, and by PauL 


Neither to be diminished nor added to,— to 
be read in public, as it was often in early 
Jewish history, and latterly in the Synagogues, 
—obligation to hear it,— ^Vs ear, who hath 
ears let him hear^ — also to obey — neglect of 
this dutyresultmg in ignorance,— exixwition 
of the Scripture as by Ezra and Philip, Israel's 
happiqesss dependant on olx^dieuce, desire 
and benefit of understanding and seai*cii- 
ing scripture— obligation at the same time to 
remembeir it» and to meditate upon it 



Prfmeval tongue— naming of animals by 
.^f&zm— confusion of tongues at jBafccJ— a peo- 
ple of unknown tongue often meaning a dis- 
tant and fierce people— various languaijes 
mentioned in Scripture, and a dialective 
variety— 5t&6o^e/A— names of persons and 
places significant of old, usually explained and 
often referred ta 


7^fi^U0— government of it difficulty bnt essen- 
tial— wora spoken in season — slow to speakt 
hridUng the tongue,— soft answer^ eta — Ixxiua- 
Qily— prating foolr-^uttering all his mimi— fiileuce 
^Iwas dumb and opened not my mouth* 


Often TBed In challenge or address, and reply 
— numeroumnsiances in Scripture tmd iu Job- 


A duty specially referred to often ia F!ro- 



Ezprefised by the Jews and by indlvidoalB. 

Of Jacob. Israel, Absalom— the Ptelmtet— of 
Paul— vows to be kept, or paid with punctn- 
allty— rash vows of Jepthab, and of the Jews 
against Paul— special and kind, Levi tical law 
in case of a woman vowing. 


Sacerdotal and private— instanosB often re- 



An appeal to God— M« Lord Ztp«fA— oath to 
be scrupulously kept— instances of oaths— 
in Old Testament — of Abraham to the 
king of Sodom, and to Abimelech— of Abra- 
ham's servant to his master — of Jacob to 
Laban— of Joseph to his father, of Joshua to 
Bahab— of Joshua to the Gibeonites — of Moses 
to Joshunr— oath of Gideon— Saul's adjuration 
to the people— in the intercourse of David 
and Jonathan— in the history of David and 
Solomon— of Elijah— Nehemiah — Geduli ih — 
Jeremiah: in New Testament— of Herod- 
Peter— forms of adjuration used by Paul; self- 
imprecation on the part of David, Job and 
the Psalmistk 


Based on many qualities— prindpally valonr 
in Hebrew times— a good name to oe valued — 
the good often evil spoken of— contemned 
and maligned. 


Falsehood in various forms— equivocation— 
dissembling- in^'tances in Abraham, Sarah, 
Jacob, David, Peter, Ananias— ^/cry, taU- 
hearinaf—4mn boasting— .\)oajitm% of Paul— a 
record of facts, mockery, reproach, censorious 
judgments, calumny— hsird names not always 
unjust— HeitKi, that /oz— swearing forbidden 
in the form of prof asuty and perjury. 


Satire In song of Deborah, etc -/rony— Elijah'! 
speech to the wornhi^rs of Baal, eta, clijnax^ 
hyperlole—comparison^meiaphor—stnkmg say. 
iugs of Soiomon—personijication — various in- 
stances of M—gifls of tongues at Pentecost, not 
to be used for an idle display, aoordiug to 
Paul's advice to the Church in Corinth. 


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AngeU~-«A to nature, spirits, as to nmnber, 
ya»l-^\Delve Ufrioru; distributed into various 
orders — Oabrid, Miehad, of great power, ex- 
oelling in «^o^(4--atanding in the pretenee of 

' THBiaorfiCB, 
Instructors, descending with oracles— law le- 
oeived by the dtsposiUon of angels: guardians, 
ministering xptrifjKrBome times innicting ven- 
geance— as seen by David in the angel with 
the drawn sword over Jerusalem, in the de* 
struction of Sennacherib's anny, and In the 


Often in the form of men with brigJd ap. 
ore^-strange symbols in the book of i!lzekiel 
— the angd of the covenant — prominent 
in patriarctial history— with whom Jacob 

wrestled— appearing in fhe burning bush— 
and to Joshua, and to Manoah and bis wife— 
the God of the temple — even Jesus Christ — 
-angels to be venerated, not worshipped — 
worshipping of angels reprobated — not ac- 
cepted on any account by them^-see thou do ie 


M&lignant and fallen- their head, Saiai^-^ 
Abaddon, ApoUyon, i7od and prince of this 
world— lying— evil in character— ^i^nfl^o^rug of 
Satan— num^rotM— name Z/egion—o( mysteri- 
ous power, and influence — scene in Job— Apo- 
calyptic ima^nr— final doom of fallen spirits 
— Satan ^n/ise^^— worship paid to them in the 
customs of idolatrous countries— cui> o/deviU 
—apocalyptic dragon, or old erpent, 

(DEMQH8, eee ufM^ermaACLES.) 



Of divine origin— made according topaitern 
Mhoum in iTWMnt— a quadmngular structure— 
formed of Acacia boards, each* ten cubits 
high, and a cubit and a AaZ/ broad, with two 
tenons fitting into silver Bocketa— twenty boards 
on north and south side-^tir (or west side, and 
two for each of its comers— held up by boards 
of Acadar— with a curtain of blue axid purple 
suspended over eastern side or entrance, iiav- 
ing over it three coverings of Zwwn— cashmere 
or goat's hair— morocco leather or ranut -skins 
^ed M— and badger's skin for the outer 


Bound about, fenced in by curtains— Taber- 
nacle— divided by the veil into the hol]f and 
most holyplacs. 


In holy niace- the iomp— with seven lights— 
tabu ot show-bread— and golden a/torof incenee. 
In HoJy of ffolies—Hne ark, or sacred chest, 
with tbe and cherubim — the 
august dwelling-plaoe of Jehovah, who dwelt 
in thick darkness^ Ark. solemnly guarded 
when carried from place to place— sometimes 
taken out in war— once taken captive b^ the 
Philistines, but soon released, and stationed 
with solemnity at vaiAua places prior to the 
erection of tkie temple. 


In court of Tabemaclo— made of ham for 

daily burnt-offerings— having on it a five 
which was never to go out-^laver of brass, 


Of Bozaleel and Aholiab, in constructing the 
'J'abernacle and its furniture — they being 
filled with the Spirit of God 


In wildemesB; amidst numerous sacrifices tCad 
costly offerings, made by the princes of the 
tribes and the descent of the Shccinnh— 
Tabernacle pitched at various places— Sinai, 
GikaU Shiloh, Nob, and Gibeon— spiritual and 
typical meaning of the structure and its 
services illustrated in the Epistle to the He- 


David's Intention to build It not allowed to 
be carried into execution— he bein^ a man of 
tear— materials of all kinds amassed by hiui — 
erected by Solomon in the48oth year a'^ter tl.o 
Exoiius— its site— the threshing jloor or Ornan 
— Sion. 


Sixty cubits long, twenty broad, and thirty 
high — divided into the Iloly oflloliea, twenty 
cubits square, and into the ftoly place, forty by 
twenty cubita 


120 cubits high, with two brazen pillars bean- 
tifully carveo, called Jachin and Boaz— its 
doors of fir and posts of olive, and ceVing floors, 
and waUs panelled with cedar, lis'iited by 
narrow windows. ^ 

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Bound about, and of three 9tme9» 


In hoW plac^ lampe, etc.,-in Eolp qfffoUeh 


There beliiff in ii ihe lava and molten 100— 
the breaen altar^sxi asylum as well as a idaoe 


By Solomon wiUi great splendoDi; 


Asa taking away treasures of the temple— also 
Jehoash— Abas mutilating its fu£itui«— 
Heaekiah guilty also. 


By Joash, king of larael— Shishak, and Nebu- 
chadnezzar — ^temple veseelt being used at ban- 
quets in palace of Belfihazzar. 

TJoder kings Jehoash and Jodah— pun^^on 
under Ht zekiah and Jodah Rum of Jbwjpr 
foretold by various prophetBiandaccomj" 
by the Chaldeana 


Fredicted and acoomplisbed under QyriB^ 

rebuilt under dirine promise, uttered Ij 
Ha^gai and Zechariah— c>6«tocZr« presented by 
vanouB adrersaries, but at length overcome— 
Dedicaiion—ymd&t Ezra— purified by JeetMi 
and its ruin foretold by Hmi— EEekiel's mys> 
tic temple— its measurement and form, eta, 
detailed at length in the concluding chapteis 


Places for leadingof Scriptures, and for prayer 
on Sabbath — ^veiy numerous — ^presided over 
by rulers — filled with seats, some chief or 
vppermoit ««ir«— oflfenders punished in them, 
expelled from the blind man to whom Jesoi 
had given sight coMt ovC 


As the dwelliog-place of Jehovah— acoesB to 
him, and oracles from him there— very holy— 
ihoee put off in token of reverence, sin and 
death of Aaron's son8,for profanation — Chiist's 
vindication of its sacreoneas— strange event 
in apostle Paul's histoiy. 

niYnni pbomisb of pbotsotiob and blsssibci^ 
The promise to hear prayer— command to 
worship followed by the bleaed experience ol 
worshippeiB— ^roiitnt^ and blemna God; the 
scene of resort— instanced in Hesekiah— Jeho- 
shaphat— Jeremiah — Anna— the Apostles— i 
Doeg detained b^nn Hm Lord-EKA and his 



A common and early possession,— one pHnted 
by Noah, vineyards very numerous in Judea, 
planted on htUs^ sometimes trained on sides 
of houses, sometimes let and rent paid in 
fruit,— fruit of, not to be eaten for three years, 
the symbol of Jewish privilege,— parable of 
the husbandman, and its reference to Jesua 
Its blossom,— ^iir ^j»««,— grapes in dueters 
often heavy as at ^cAcoZ,— dwcllinjg under 
vine symbol of security,- wood of vine use- 
less save for yw/,— a fruitful source of imagery 
to the prophets. 


One who had newly planted, exempt ftom 
military service. — not to be sown with diverse 
see<^8,— dressed bv husbandmen with pruning- 
hooks,— protected by hedget and towere. 

Grapes gathered into baskett with tinging. 
trodden in vinepreeeee with thoutingy—eym\H)\ 
of divine wrath,— vine, a figure oirGmist,— 
Its branches^ of his people. 


Characteriaed as green, with fndffitl homhs, 
partj of tree, the stock, root, leaves^ fruit often 
serving for illustrations to the poets of Israel, 
Forests, — tAtdb,— felled wiUi tron, or axe. — 
symbol of spiritual sterility,— forests mentioo- 
eid in Scripture,— Bashan ond its oaks,— 
Haroth,— Ephraim and its wood, Lebanon, 
Carmel,— of Arabia and of the southr-king's 
forest and its timber. 


A scene of greenness,— planted with trees and 
shrubs of pleasant ^uutow, in vaUeys and by 
«ffieai7u,— liable to devastation, — ti-ees known 
by iruit,— ^ood trees and ^ood ^iiik 


Fruit for first three years to be reckoned tsi. 
circumcised and not to be eaten,— no extortion 
to be practised in transfer,— and fruit trees 
not to be cut down and emphytd in a siege. 
Flowers and aromatics in song of Solomon. 


Almondr-4ts;lourijAm7,— Almug ibri>tZ2ar«^— . 


— U 

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Apple, its beauty.— Ash,— Bay. its verdure, 
Box, Cedar, goodly and fvll qf tap, Cheanut, 
Cjpreft?,— Fig, its fruit very abundant, its 
leaves indicative of Summer,— Fir,— Juniper, 
Lign,— Aioes, planted by the Lord, Mulberry, 
Myrtle,— Mustard, teed small, Oak, Oil tree, 
Olive, green, goodly fnUt shaken oflf when ripe, 
— Palu), straight and tall, the righteous one, 
Fine,— Pomegranate,— Shittim, — Sycamore, 
common by wayside,— Teil,— Willow ,by th©|/«Mfc 


Aloes; Oalamns, Myrrh, Saffron, Spikenard, 
very costly. Anise, Cummin, mint, tithe of them, 
Cucumbers, Garlic, Leeks, Melons, Onions 
in E^ypt,— Oa^a, Fitches thrashed or beaten 
with «to/,— JGourd, its rapid growth,— Hyssop^ 
Beeds aud Flags, by wati^r-course, and slender 
or shaken wUk the vin^ — Mauua, angels' 



One mode of divine revekitlon to the prophets, 
open vision, false vtition,— the trod viaion to be 
written, plain t(pon tables, 


From Jehovah to Abraham, Jacob, Moses in 
the bush,— Samuel the child, and Nathan, 
—the sublime description of JBliphas,— vision 
of Isaiah and symbolic ones to Jfisekie],- to 
Nebuchfidnezzar,— to Daniel of empires and 
changes, — and to Amos and Zechaiiab, — {fee 
under Faeables and Emblkms.)— Id New 
Testament of various kinds to Anaoiaf^ Cor- 
nelius, Paul, John, and the disciples 

Kight and Sleep— dreams natural coming 

through multitude of business, -^9D SQpernahxral 
ones from God, — anxiety to interpret them, 
very common, as seen in Pharaoh and Nebu- 
chadnezaar— true interpretation onJiy fromOod 
ai in&ned by Joseph and Daniel 


Of Abimelech concerning Sarah,— Jacob,^ 
the Ladder. -Laoan concerning Jacob.— 
Joseph about his future elevation,— Pharaoh's 
butler and oaker about their own fate,— 
Pharaoh himself about the coming famine^ 
— Midianite soldiens about Gideon's victory, — 
Solomon, and the gift of wisdom, Nebuchad- 
nezsar, the colosRal image, — and the mystic 
tree,- Daniel,— Joeph about the dUld Jesus, 
Pilate's wife and thai just man. 



A frequent occtnrrence, and nsnally the result 
of sintul paaiion-'Whenee come wars aiidfighiingsf 
— ^rten exemplified in Jewisii history — ^under- 
taken sometimes iov conquest, as under Joshua 
against the nations of Canaan — sometimes for 
sSf-d^tnce, as Israel against Amalek, eta 


Or simultaneous uprisings, as at Jerusalem, 
against Paul — civil wars and passions, as in 
ancient armies, whm every man^s sword was 
tunUd against hisfeUow. 


A scourge of Providence, severely felt by 
many nadons— and therefore peace esteemed 
a preat blessing— universal pence predicted — 
«»7ori«con verted into^i<7Z(^A«Aartf«(Stronxholds, 
Fenced and Walled Cities,(«ctfw»Mfer Architec- 
TURE)--:pat<M sometimes watched andguaided 
garrisons put into sirongholds-^triot watch 
kept by sentrieik 


Proclamation of peace or surrender to be 
made ere the siege commenced, often pro- 
ductive of gi*eat miseiy to the belliserent city 
— ^parable of the lillle city, besieged by the 

great king, and delivered by a poor wise man. 
lockade — the raising of a bank, or casting up 
a mounts—the trench — building a/or^ and setting 
an engine — the battermg-ram and axes— ^eocA 
made, and city taken. 


Abel, Ai and the ambush, Debir, Eglon, 
Gibbethon, Uamath-Eobah— Hebron, cities in 
north of Palestine— Jabesh-Gilead-^ericho, 
the ram's horns and ark— Jerusalem {see 
under Jebusalbm)— cities of Judah, Keilab, 
Lachish, Libeah. Makkedah, Bamah, Ra» 
moth - Oilead, Samada, Shechemi, Tiisah, 
Thebez, Ziklag. 


Overthrow and spoliation— fortress levelled, 
and (he city often set on fire, as instanced in 

Digitized by 





many of the citietf enumerated above, and 
ttureatened against otber cities by Amoft 


The maich— Hebrew soldiera during it to 
be pure — the roule of Seonacheiib's land 
drawn by Isaiah — attempt of Israel to march 
through Edom and the land of the Amorites, 
and its consequencx^s — ^the march of an army 
productive of great devaatadon. licking up all 
round about— etopping wells, telling trees, pil- 
laging barvesta 


Producing victory — ambushes, ns of Joshua at 
M, and of Israel atGibeah — tiffnals employed 
of various kinds— the scarlet ime of £abab~- 
the arrows of Jonathan, eta 


Often necessary to an army, and sometimes 
got of .old from a divine source, as from the 
prophets— fromreconnoitering—fromprisoners 
and deserters, from the natives— or from 
secret emissaries and spies — manjr examples 
of all these in Jewish aunals — various effects 
produced by such intelligence— evil tidings, 


Hushai, AhithopheL 


Campaigns and mauoeurres under Joshua 
and the kings— and serving often foriUostia- 
tion to the prophets. 


Hebrew law— priests addressing the army-— 
sanitary regulation for the host, the poodle 
fixed to the weapon of war— watchword of 
Moses— i?u0 ttpt O Lord, Return — the camp^ 
array of h9\J(^Q~-proclamalion before engage- 


Mentioned in Scripture, confederate kings, 
Amalek, Og, Anachim, Anakims, Sihon— Uie 
aborigines of Canaan, Abimelech, tribe of 
Benjamin— Philistines— of David and the 
other kings. 


CfarmerUs rolled in blood-^gtiet and wailing 
by tho Uoofiahsa-^Oh that tny head 


Israel's valour and resolve based on divin 
promise — vain-glory, sometimes manifested, 
and caution ana cowardice both exhibited- /or 
divisions qf Reuben there were gnat searching of 


God the^'wr of victory — acknowledged by 
Joshua and David— the promiter of it also 
— defeat from him, and on account of sin, 
and that defeat threatened by him* 


The pursuit— and the flight often in vain— 
the wounded not able to r w«— the ilain, David's 
lament over Jonathan — ^recorded number of 
Jews slain, and of Gentiles also— special 
cause of disaster and hardship in ancient 
Israel, the treatment of the Levite's oonca- 
bine by the men of Gibeah. 


ORen taken in great numbers, as by Moses, 
David and Nebnohadnezzar— sometimes Artm^ 
ly i r£!at^d . pitied by those who carried them captive 
— ^o^li1 times with ignominy; the tive kings. 
avhi liiL'ii necks made a footstool by Joshua; 
Dkvii/d ireatment of the Ammonites — 
Ztidekioh blinded and carried to Babylon. 


Often referred to^-^poil and spotler^-oftea 
great— distributed among the soldiera, and 
also among the women who tarried at home, 


Paid by the vau(^uished — Mesha king of 
Moab, Hezeldah, paid in money, and in sheep 
and goats, 


To prevent war or in consequence of it— em- 
bassies as of Jephthah to the Ammonites — 
treaties as between Ahab and Benhadad— 
treaties sometimes violated — ambassadors — 
league with Gibeonites through their feigned 


Not always successful— not a few instances in 
the historical books. Capitulation, result of 
conscious weakness— and lu-ged by the strong 
party— miscellaneous allusions to war and its 
ooncomitantB in various poitioos of Scriptui'e. 



GaAered together on the third day— the scene 
of great wonders— Jorcfan and the Red Sea^ 
IQrmbols of affliction — always imder the coxn- 
l of God, the Lord tits Jang on the floods. 


Mentioned in Scripture, Adria— Mediter- 
ranean variously named— Bed sea— iialt or 
Dead sear-Sea of Galilee or Tiberiar-Sea of 


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Often oyerflowlng the banks— aQ run into 
tht seOt-^yet the sea not full-^mystio liTezs in 
KsekieU Zediariah, and I^yqModb, 


Mentioned in Scriptares, Abana and Pharpar, 
Aroon. Ohebar. Euphrates, and HiddekeJ, 
Qihon, Gozan, Jabbok, Joitian, Eanab, Kis. 
bon,Ulai,of Pison, Ahava, of Babylon, of £deD, 
of E^ypt, of Ethiopia* of Jotbatb, oi Jodab, of 


The ar^ ot Noah, built of gopher-wood, thipi 
<lf war from Chittim, ferryboat in Jordan, 
navy of Solomon and Jehoshaphat, boati often 
naed by Christ at the Lake of Tiberias— voy- 
asing ships with their taoklhig, masts, sails, 
pilot, anchor, helm, rudder-bandSjOars, rowers, 
shipmen, mariners, captain, lading and un- 
ladmg, crew, cargo, and pasaengera— ship with 
figure head of Castor and FoUox —Shipwreck 
of the Apostle Paul, storms sent by Ood, g^gU 
wind, rebuked by Christ, shipwreck — of 
ships of rarshiah, of the navy of JehOBhapbati 
of Paul,— ^moclydon. 


Abonnding in Canaan — mentioned in Scrip- 
ture, Amon, Besor, Cherith, Eshcol, Qaosh, 
Kihon» KisboDi Zered, Oi the WUio«r« 


Abounded in Canaan, highly prized, ospedally 
in gardens, mentioned in &;riptnre, near 
Shur,i\ear the waters of Nephtoah, J iEre6)»l«hi« 
Pisgah, Upper and nether springSi 


Pools mentioned in 8criptnr&— Betbesda^— 
Gibeon, — Hebron,— Samaria,— Siloam,— Up- 
per pool,-JiOwer pool,— King's P9o)«— Old 


Highly prised, dug by the Patriarchs, and 
sometmies scenes of strife on account of their 
Talue,— occasionally found in the court9 of 
houses,— symbol of spiritual blesongs. 


Mentioned in Scripture^ Beer-labaf-rol, — 
Betb-lehem.— Beer-sbeba, — Elim, — E«ek,— 
in Hagafs nistory, — ^Haran,— Jacob, — ^Marah* 
— Eehubotb,— Sitnah, — Floods ofleu breaking 
out suddenly— iSymboi of revolution aad in- 


The flood of Noah, the rainbow token of 
the divine covenant^— Swimuung,—fp'eadtf^ 


A fearful punishment,— •water ftHiog; (mb 
mder H£AV£if.) 


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JAmt. xzTi, 62-66. And the 
LoBD 8pake nnto Moms, m,j\ng, 
Unto these the land sludl be di- 
Tided for an inheritance accord- 
hig to the number of names. To 
many thoa slialt sire the more 
inheritance, and to few thon shalt 
giro the less inheritance: to every 
one shall his Inlieritance be given 
acoordhig to those that were 
numbered of him. Notwlthstand- 
Ing the land shall be divided by 
lot: according to the names of the 
tribes of their fiUhers they shall 
inherit. According to the lot shall 
the possession thereof be divided 
between many and few. 

Ifum, ixxUl, 68, 64. And ye 
shall dispossess Me tfiAoftttofiteo/ 
the land, and dwell therein: for I 
have given you the land to pos- 
sess it. And ye sliaU divide the 
land by lot for an inheritance 
among your fiunllies : and to the 
more ye stiall give the more in- 
heritance, and to the fewer ye 
shall give the less inheritance: 
every manrs inheritance shall be 
in the place where his lot falleth; 
according to the tribes of yonr 
fiUhers ye shall inherit 

Jo«;ktiaziv,l-6. And these ore 
the eowUries which the chQdren 
of Israel inherited in the land of 
Canaan, which Eleazar the priest, 
and Joshua the son of Nun, and the 
heads of the fltthers of the tribes 
of the children of Israel, distri- 
buted for inheritance to them. By 
lot was their inheritance, as the 
Loan commanded by the hand of 
Moses, for the nine tribes, and for 
the half tribe. For Moses had 
given the inheritance of two tribes 
and an half tribe on the other side 
Jordan: but unto the Levites he 
gave none inheritance among 
them. For the children of Joseph 
were two tribes, Manasseh and 
Ephralm: therefore they gave no 
part nnto the Levites in the land, 
save cities to dweU in, with their 
■obnrbi for thehr cattle and for 

their substance. At the Lobd 
oummanded Moses, so the chll- 
dr«;D of Israel did, and they divided 
the land. 

Joshua zviU, 10. And Joshua 
cost lots for them in Shiloh before 
the Lord: and there Joshua di- 
vided the land unto the children 
of Israel according to their divi- 

JoBh. xlx. 6L These are the 
inheritances, which Eleazar the 
priest, and Joshua the son of Nun, 
and the heads of the others of 
the tribes of tb» children of Israel, 
divided for an inheritance by lot 
in Shiloh before the Lord, at the 
door of the tabernacle of the con- 
gregation. So they made an end 
of dividing the country. 


Lev. zxT, 18-17. In the year of 
this Jubilee ye shall return everr 
man unto his possession. And tf 
thou sell ought unto thy neigh- 
bour, or buyest ought of thy neigh- 
bours hand, ye shall not oppress 
one another: According to the 
number of years after the Jubilee 
thou Shalt buy of thy neighbour, 
and according unto the number 
of years of the fhilts he shall sell 
unto thee: According to the mul- 
titude of years thou shalt increase 
the price thereof, and according 
to the fewness of years thou shalt 
diminish the price of it: for ac- 
cording to the number q^ the 
veare of the fHiits doth he sell 
unto thee. Te shall not therefore 
oppress one another; but thou 
Shalt fiBar thy Ood: for I <I8I the 
Loan yoor Ood. 

LevTxr.V^iS. The land shall 
not be sold for ever: for the land 
(s m|ne; tM ve are strangers and 
sojourners with me. And in all 
the land of your possession ye 
shall grant a redemption for the 
land. If thy brother be waxen 
poor, and hath sold away eome of 
his poss essi on, and if any of his 
Unoome to redeem it, then shall 

he redeem that whldi hit brother 
sold. And if the man have none 
to redeem it, and himself be able 
to redeem 1^ Then let him count 
the years of the sale thereof, and 
restore the overplus unto the man 
to whom he sold it; that he may 
return unto his possession. But if 
he be not able to restore U to him, 
then that which is sold shall re- 
main hi the hand of him tliat hath 
bought it until the year of Jubilee: 
and in the Jubilee it shall go out, 
and he shall return unto tus pos- 


J7ttMlT,8,4. And he said unto 
the Kinsman, Naomi, that is come 
again oat of the counMof Moab, 
selleth a parcel of lano^hich vxu 
our brother Eiimelech's : And I 
thought to advertise thee, saying. 
Buy U before the inhabitants, and 
before the elders of my people. 
If thon wilt redeem it, redeem it: 
but if thou wilt not redeem U, 
then tell me, that I may know: for 
there is none to redeem it beside 
thee; and I am after thee. And 
he said, I wlU redeem it. 

J7taAIv,6-«,ll. AndthelOnaman 
said, I cannot redeem it for my- 
self, lest I mar mine dwn inheri- 
tance : redeen^ thou my right to 
thyself for I cannot redeem it. 
Now this loas the manner in 
former time in Israel concerning 
redeeming and ooncemtaig chang- 
ing, for to confirm all things; a 
man plucked off his shoe, and 
gave « to his neighboun and this 
teas a testimony in Israel. There- 
fore the kinsman said unto Boaz, 
Buy tt for thee. So he drew off 
his shoe. And Bosk said unto the 
elders, and unto all the people, Yo 
are witnessefthis day, that I have 
bought all that toos Eiimelech's. 
and all that wu Chilion's and 
Mahlon's, of the hand of Naomi. 
And all the people that toere in 
the gate, and the eidatB, said. 
We are witnesses. 

1 Kings xxl,8. And Nabothsatd 
to Ahab, The Loan forbid It m^ 

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that I sboQld glre the inheritaooe 
of my fitthers unto thee. 

i Kings tUI, 8-6. And it came to 
pass at the seven year^ end, that 
the woman returned oat of the 
land of the Fhilktines: and she 
went forth to cry nnto the Ung 
for her bonae and for her land. 
And the king talked with Geliazi 
the eervant of the man of God, 
Baying, Tell me, I pray thee, all 
the great things that Elisha hath 
done. And it came to pass, as 
he was telling the king how he 
had restored a dead body to life, 
that, behold, the woman* whose 
son he had restored to life, cried 
to the king for her house and for 
her land. And Gehazi said, My 
lord, O king, this is the woman, 
and this is her son, whom EliHha 
restored to life. And when the 
king asked the woman, she told 
* him. So the king appointed nnto 
her a certain offlcer, saying, Re- 
store all that was bet's, and all 
the fruits of the field since the 
day that she left the land, eren 
until now. 

Lam. r, 8. Our faiheritanoe If 
turned to strangers, our bouses to 


Om, zxiii, 7-0. And Abraham 
stood up, and bowed himself to 
the peopy||f the land, even to the 
children wlletb. And he com- 
muned with them, saying. If It 
be your mind tbat I should bury 
my dead out of my sight; hear me, 
and intreat for me to Ephron the 
son of Zohar, That he may give 
me the cave of Machpelah, which 
be hath, which is in the end of his 
field; for as much money as it is 
worth he shall give it me for a pos- 
eesaion of a buiying-plaoe amongst 

Cfen. xxill, 18-ie. And he spake 
unto Ephron in the audience of 
the people of the land, saying, 
But if thou vHU give it, I pray 
thee, hoar me: I wiU give thee 
money for the field; take it of me, 
and I will bury my dead there. 
And Ephron answered Abraham, 
saying unto hhn. My lord, hear- 
ken unto me : the hmd is worth 
four hundred shekels of silver: 
what is that betwixt me and thee? 
btury therefore thy dead. And 
Abraham hearkened unto Ephron; 
and Abraham weighed to Ephron 
the sllV'er, which he had named 
In the audience of thnons of Ileth, 
four hundred shekels of silver, our- 
rent numev with the merchant. 

Oen, xxxill, 18, 19. And Jacob 
came to Shalem a city of Bhechem, 
which <s in the land of Canaan, 
'When he came from Padan-aram; 
and pitched his tent before the 
dtr. And he bought a parcel of 
» field, where ha had spread bis 


tent, at the hand of the chOdren 
of Hamor, Shechem's father, for 
an hundred pieces of money. 

Josh. xxiT, SS. And the bones of 
Joseph, which the children of Is- 
rael brought up out of Egypt, 
buried they in Shechem, in a par- 
cel of ground which Jacob bought 
of the sons of Ilamor the father of 
Shechem for an hundred pieces 
of silver: and it became the in- 
heritance of the children of Jo- 

Jo/m It, 5. Then cometh he to a 
dty of Samftria, which is called 
Sychar, near to the parcel of 
ground that Jacob gave to his eon 


t Sam. xzi V, Sl-24. And Arannah 
said. Wherefore is my lord the 
king come to his servant? And 
David said, To buy the threshing- 
floor of thee, to buUd an altar unto 
the LosD, that the plague may be 
stayed from the people. And 
Araunah said unto David, Let my 
lord the king take and offer up 
what stemeUi good unto him: be- 
hold, htrt be oxen for burnt sacri- 
fice, and threshing instruments 
and other instruments of the oxen 
for wood. All these things did 
Araunah. as a king, give nnto the 
king. And Araunah said unto 
the king. The Lord thy God ac- 
cept thee. And the king said unto 
Araunah, Nay; but I will surely 
buy it of thee at a price: neither 
will I offer burnt oflferings unto 
the LoBD my God of that which 
doth cost me nothing. So David 
bought the threshing-floor and 
the oxen (br fifty shekels of sil- 

Jer.zxxU,6-9. And Jeremiah said, 
The word of the Lobo came unto 
me, saying, Behold, Hanameel the 
son of Shallum thine undo shall 
come unto thee, saying, Buv thee 
my field that is in Anathoth : for 
the right of redemption i9 thine 
to buy it. So Hanameel mine 
uncle's son came to me in the 
court of the prison according to 
the word of the Loan, and said 
unto me, Buy my field, I pray 
thee, that is in Anathoth, which 
is in the coimtry of Benjamin: for 
the right of inheritance is thine, 
and the redemption is thine; buy 
it for thyself. Then I knew that 
this teas the word of the Ix>bo. 
And I bought the field of Ilanar 
meel my uude's son, that was in 
Anathoth, and weighed him the 
money, even seventeen shekels of 

J&r. xxxlL 43. And fields shall 
be bought m this land, whereof 
ye say. It is desolate without man 
or beasu it is given into the hand 
of the Chaldeans. 

Prov, zxxl, 1& She oonsldereth 
a field, and buyetb it: with the 

fhilt of her hands *e planteth 
a vineyard. 

Acts T, 1, 2. But a certain man 
named Ananias, with Sapphire his 
wife, sold a possession. And kept 
back part of the price, his wife 
also being privy to it, and brought 
a certain part, and laid it at the 
apostles' fbet. 


<?en.xxlil, 17, 18. And the field of 
Ephron, which vras in Machpelah, 
which tctu before Mamre, the field, 
and the cave which was therein, 
and all the trees that xcerh in the 
field, that were in ail the borders 
round about, were made sure unto 
Abndiam for a possession in the 
presence of the children of Ueth, 
before all that went in at the gate 
of his dty. 

Jer. xxxli, 10-15. And I sub- 
scribed the evidence, and sealed 
it. and took witnesses, and weighed 
Aim the money in the balances. 
So I took the evidence of the pur- 
chase, both that which was sealed 
ooTord^n^ to the law and custem, 
and that which was open: And I 
gave the evidence of the purchase 
unto Baruch the son of Neriah,the 
son of Maaseiah, in the sight of 
Hanameel mine uncle's son, and 
In the presence of the witnesses 
that subscribed the book of the 
purchase, before all the Jews that 
sat in the court of the prison. 
And I charged Baruch before 
them, saying. Thus eaith the Loan 
of hosts, the God of Israel; Take 
these evidences, this evidence of 
the purchase, both which is sealed, 
and this evidence which is open; 
and put them in an earthen vessel, 
that they may continue many days. 
For thus saith the Loao of hosts, 
the God of Israel; Houses and 
fields and vineyards shall be pos- 
sessed again in this land. 

Jer, xxxii, 44. Men shall buy 
fields for money, and subscribe 
evidences, and seal them, and take 
witnesses in the land of Benjamin, 
and in the places about Jerusalem, 
and in the cities of Judah, and in 
the cities of the mountains, and in 
the dties of the valley, and in the 
cities of the south: for I will cause 
their capUvlty to return, saith the 

Kvrni. xlY, 6-8. And .Toshua the 
son of Nun, and Caleb the son of 
Jephunneh, wh(ch were of them 
that searched tho land, rent their 
clothes: And they spake tmtoall 
tho company of the children of 
Israel, saying. The land, which we 
passed through to search It, is an 
exceeding good Und. I f the Loao 
delight in us, then he will bring 
us into this land, and give it us; 
a land which floweth with milk 
and honey. 

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Deut t, 22-25. And ye came near 
nnto me every one of yon, and 
said, We will send men before ns, 
' and they shall search ns out the 
land, and bring us word again by 
what way we most go up, and into 
what dtiea we shall come. And 
the saying pleased me well: and I 
took twelve men of yon, one of a 
tribe: And they tamed and went 
op into the mountain, and came 
onto the valley of Eshcol, and 
loarched it out. And they took 
of the fruit of the land in their 
hands, and brought it down unto 
08, and brought us word again, 
and said. It is a good land which 
the LoBD our God doth give us. 

2>eut. viil, 7-10. For the Lord 
thy God brlngeth thee Into a good 
land, a land of brooks of water, of 
fbuntains and depths that spring 
ont of ra^-rn nurl li"'- A In'il of 
wheat, aii : i ai I fc y: rmd v . nd 

fig trees tnifJ paaiciE:r.= a 

land of cil ^Uve, an-l' Ii..- ■-. r A 
landwher> In them shait f^t bivad 

without 6' irciinoMfl^Miou vlmlt not 

lack any ■■•' .j../ in in a lin.i u h<ise 
fitonee ar «se 

hills thou Ui^j t o: u.|j «i «»^ , , „on 
thou hast eaten and art ftill, then 
thou Shalt bless the Lord thy God 
for the good land which he hath 
Slven thee. 


the ears with thine hand; but tbou 
Shalt not move a sickle unto thy 
neighbour's standing com. 

DeuL xrvU, 17. Cursed be he 
that remoyeth his neighbour's 
landmark. And all the people 
ahaU say. Amen. 

Job xxlv, 8. Some remove the 
landmarks^ they violently take 
away flocks, and feed t/icreo/. 

Prov. xxll, 2a Remove not the 
andent landmark, which thy ft- 
thers have set. 

Prov. zzlil, 10, 11. Kemove not 
the old landmark; and enter not 
into the fields of the Ibtherless: 
For thehr redeemer to mightr, he 
shall plead their cause with thee. 

Deut. xl, 10-12. For the lan^, 
whither thou goest In to pos- 
sess it, is not as the land of Egypt, 
from whence ye came out, where 
thou sowedst thy seed, and water- 
edst U with thy foot, as a garden 
of herbs: But the land, whither ye 
go to possess it, is a land of hills 
and valleys, and drinketh water 
of the rain of heaven: A land 
which the Lord thy God careth 
for: the eyes of the Lord thy God 
are always upon it, from the be- 
ginning of the year even onto the 
end of the year. 

Exod, xxli, 6, 6. If a man shall 
oanse a field or vineyard to be 
eaten, and shall put in his beast, 
and shall feed In another man's 
field; of the best of his own field, 
and of the best of his own vlne< 
yard, ghall he make restitution. 
If fire break out, and catch in 
thorns, so that the stacks of com, 
or the standing com, or the field, 
be consumed thereicith; he that 
kindled the fire shall surely make 

DeiU. xix, 14 Tbon shalt not 
remove thy neighbour's landmark, 
which they of old Ume have set 
In thine Inheritance, which then 
Shalt Inherit in the laud that the 
Lord thy God glveth thee to po»-' 

Deiti. xxUl, 25. When thoQ oom- 
est unto the staodlug com of thy 
ne]ghbour,ihen thou mayest pluck 

Gm. U, 15. And the Lord God 

took the man, and put him Into 
the garden of Bden to dress it and 
to keep it. 

Gen. m, 17-19, 23. And unto Adam 
he said. Because thou hast hear- 
kened unto the voice of thy wife, 
and hast eaten of the tree, of which 
I commanded thee, saying, Thou 
Shalt not eat of it : cursed is the 
ground for thy sake; in sorrow 
Shalt thou eat of it all the days 
of thy life; Thorns also and this- 
tles shall it bring forth to thee; 
and thou sluUt cat the herb of the 
field; In the sweat of thy fiice 
Shalt thou eat bread, till thou re- 
turn unto the ground; for out of 
it wast thou taken: for dust thou 
art, and unto dust shalt thou re- 
turn. Therefore the Lord God 
sent him forth from the gar- 
den of Eden, to till the ground 
from whence he was taken. 

Jud. xll, 16. And, behold, there 
came an old man from his work 
out of the field at even, which xcas 
also of mount Bphndm; and he 
sojourned in Gibeah : but the men 
of the place vxre Bei\|amite8. 

1 (?»r. xxvll, 26. And over them 
that did the work of the field for 
tillage of the ground voas Ezri the 

8 (7Aron. xxvl, 10. Also he bunt 
towers In the desert, and digged 
many wells: for he had much 
cattle, both In tlie Ic^ country, 
and in the plains: husbandmen 
also, and vine di-esscrs in the 
mountains, and In Cannel: for he 
loved husbandry. 

Bcae8.y,9. Moreover the profit 
of the earth Is for all: the Mnp 
Mmself is served by the field. 

EccUs. vi, 7. All the labour of 
man is for his mouth, and yet the 
appetite is hot filled. 

Fsaim civ, 23. Man goeth forth 
onto his work and to his labour 
nntQ the evening. 

Ftalm cxxvlll, 2, For thou shalt I 


eat tlie labour of thfaM hands: 
happy sfMU thou be, and « shaU 
be well with thee. 

Isa. XXV, 10. For In this moun- 
tain shaU the hand of the Lord 
rest, and Moab shall be trodden 
down under him, even as straw la 
trodden down for the dunghllL 

iMke xvll, 7. But which of yon, 
having a servant plowing or feed- 
irg cattle, will say unto him by 
and by, when he is come from the 
field, €ro and sit down to meatf 

2 Tim. 11, 6. The husbandman 
that laboureth must be first par- 
taker of the fruits. 

Deut. xxli, la Thon shalt cot 
plow with an ox and an ass toge- 

1 Sam. xfli, 19-21. Now there 
was no smith found throughout 
all the land of Israel: for the Phil- 
istines said. Lest the Hebrews 
make them swords or spears: But 
all the Israelites went down to 
the Philistines, to sharpen every 
man his share, and his coulter, 
and his axe, and his mattock. Yet 
they had a file for the mattocks, 
and for the coulters, and for the 
forks, and for the axes, and to 
sharpen the goads. 

1 Sam. xiv, 14. And that first 
slaughter, which Jonathan and his 
armour bearer made, was about 
twenty men, within as It were an 
half acre of land, taMch a yoke of 
oxen might plow. 

1 Kings, xlx, 19-21. So he de- 
parted thence, and found Elisha 
the son of Shaphat, who teas plow- 
ing wOA twelve yoke of oxen be- 
fore him, and he with the twelfth: 
and El^ah passed by him, and 
cast his mantle upon him. And 
he left the oxen, and ran after 
ElUah, and said. Let me, I pnty 
thee, kiss my fiither and my mo- 
ther, and tJien I will follow thee. 
And he said unto him, Go back 
again: for what have I done to 
thee? And he returned back from 
hJm, and took a yoke of oxen, and 
slew them, and boiled their flesh 
with the instmmcnts of the oxen, 
and gave imto the people, and they 
did eat. Then he arose, and went 
after Elijah, and ministered unto 

Job 1, 14, 16. /Lnd there came a 
messenger unto Job, and said. The 
oxen were plowing, and the asses 
feeding beside them: And the 
Sabeaus fell upon them, and took 
them away: yea, they have slain 
the servants with the edge of the 
sword; and I only amescaped alone 
to tell thee. 

Jot> xxxix, 10. Canst thou bind 
the unlcom with his band in the 
furrow? or will he harrow the 
valleys after thee? 

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no. TzwW, m, %L OlYB JB Mr, 

and he«r my voice; hearken, and 
hear my speeclL Doth the plow- 
man plow aU day to sow? doth he 
op3D and break the doda of his 

Jsa. 1x1,6. And strangers shall 
stand and feed yonr flocks, and 
the sons of the alien «/toUfre your 
plowmen and yonr vlndressers. 

Amos vl, 12. Shall hohies run 
upon the rock? wm one plow Mere 
with oxen? 

Judaa x!t, la And he said im- 
to them. If ye had not plowed 
with my heifer, ye had not found 
ont my riddle. 

Job It, & Even aa I haTO seen, 
thoT that plow iniquity, and tow 
wickedness, reap the same. 

Job zxxl, 8S-40. If my land cry 
against me, or that the ftirrows 
likewise thereof complain: If I 
have eaten the flmlts thereof with- 
out money, or have caused the 
owners thereof to lose their life: 
Let thistles grow inM«ad of wheat, 
and cockle instead of barley. The 
words of Job are ended. 

Fs. cxxix, 8. The plowers plow- 
ed upon my badcrthey mode long 
their ftirrows. 

Prov. .XX, 4. The duggard wHl 
not plow by reason of the cold; 
thertfort shall he beg in harvest, 
and have nothing. 

Pn>o.xxi,4. An high look,' and 
a proud heart, caid the plowing ot 
the wicked, is sin. 

/M. U, 4. And he shall Jndge 
among ue nations, and shall re* 
buke many people: and they shall 
beat their swords into plowshares, 
and theirspears into prunlnghooks: 
nation shaU not lift np sword 
against nation, neither shall they 
iMm war any more. 

Ver Iv, 8. For thus salth the 
Lord to the men of Judah and 
Jerusalem, Break up your fiiUow 
ground, and sow not among 

Jer. xlT, 4. Because the ground 
Is chapt, for there was no rain in 
the earth, the plowmen were 
ashamed, they covered their heads. 

Jer, xxvl, l& MIcah the Horas- 
thite prophesied in the days of 
Uezeklih king of Judah, and 
spake to aU the people of Judah, 
saying. Thus salth the Lobd of 
hosts; Zion shall be plowed Wee a 
fleld, and Jerusalem ShaU become 
heaps, and the mountain of the 
house as the high places of a 

^os.x, 11-18. * • Judah ShaU 
plow, afui Jacob ShaU break his 
dods. * * break up your fkl- 
low ground: for U is time to seek 
the hoKD, tiU he come and rain 
righteousness upon you. Ye have 
plowed "viokednesi^ ye have reap- 


ed Iniquity; ye have eaten the 
ftmit of Ues: because thou didst 
trust in thy way, in the multitude 
of thy mighty men. 

Mtcah ill, IS. Therefore diaU 
Zion for vour sake be plowed as 
afield, and Jerusalem shaU be- 
come heaps, and the mountain 
of the house as the high places 
of the forest. • 

Joel tU, 10. Beat your plowshares 
Into swords, and your prunlng- 
hooks into sprats: let the weak 
say, I am strong. 

Luke Ix, 62. And Jesus said 
mito him. No man, having put 
his hand to the plough, and look- 
ing back, is fit for the'klngdom of 

1 Oor. ill, 9. For we are labourers 
together with God: ye are God's 

1 Cbr. Ix, 10. Or salth he U alto- 
gether for our saketf For our 
Balfts, no doubt, this is written: 
that he that ploweth should plow 
in hope; and that he that thresh- 
eth in hope should be partaker 
of hla hope. 


Oen. xlvil, 23. Then Joseph said 
unto the people. Behold. I have 
boufrht you this day and your land 
for Pharaoh: lo, here is seed for 
you, and ye shaU sow the land. 

Lev. xlx, 19. Ye shaU keep my 
statutes. Thou shalt not lot thy 
cattle gender with a diverse kind: 
thou Shalt not sow thy fleld with 
mingled seed: neither shaU a gar- 
ment mingled of linen and wool- 
len come upon thee. | 

/)ei<<.xxll, 9. Thou shaltnotsow ; 
thy vineyard with divers seeds: 
lest the fruit of thy seed which 
thou hafet sown, and the fhUt of 
thy vineyard, be defUed. 

Ps, cxxvl, 6, 6. They that sow In 
tears shaU reap In Joy. He that 
goeth forth and weepeth. bearing 
prodous seed, shall doubtless 
come again with r^olcing, bring- 
ing his sheaves with him, 

BccUs. xl, 4, 6. He that observ- 
eth the wind shaU not sow; and 
he that regardeth the clouds shaU 
not reap. In the morning sow thy 
seed, and In the evening withhold 
not thine hind: for thou knowest 
not whether shaU prosper, either 
this or that, or whether they 
both ShaU be aUke good. 

ISO, xxvlU, 25, 26. When he hath 
made plain the face thereof, doth 
he not cast abroad the fltches, and 
scatter the cummin, and cast in the 
prindpal wheat and the appointed 
barley and the rie In their place? 
For his God doth Instruct him to 
discretion, and doth teach tiim. 

Isa, xxxU, 20. Blessed are ye 
that sow beside aU waters, that 
send forth VOther the feet of the 

A.xovU, 11. Light Is lown for 
the righteous, and gladness for 
the upright in heart. 

Ps. cvU. 87. And sow the fields, 
and plant vineyards, which may 
yield faults of increase. 

Jer, xxxl, 27, 28. Behold, the 
days come, salth the Lobd, that I 
wiU sow the house of Israel and 
the house of Jndah with the seed 
of man, jmd with tlie seed of beast. 
And It shaU cume to pass, Ma< 
like as I have watched over them, 
to pluck up, and to break down, 
and to throw down, and to de- 
stroy, and to affiict; so wlU I 
watch over them, to buUd, and 
to pUmt, salth the Lobd. 

Ezek. xxxvl, 9-11. For, btibold, 
I can toit you, and I wiU turn 
unto you, and ye shaU be tiUed 
and sown: AndlwlU multiply men 
upon you, aU the house of Israel, 
even aU of it- and the cities shall 
be inhabited, and the wastes stiall 
be buUded: And IwUl multiply 
upon you man and beast; and 
they ShaU Increase and bring 
fhiit: and I wiU settle you after 
your old estates, and will do bet- 
ter unto vou than at your begin- 
nings: and ye shaU know that 1 
am the Lord. 

Hosea 11, 23. And I wfll sow 
her unto me in the earth; and 1 
will have mercy upon bor that 
had not obtiUncd mercy; and I 
wiU say to them trhlch vert not 
mypeople,Thou a»t my people: and 
they shall say. Thou art my God. 

Hosea X, 12. Sow to yourselvea 
In righteousness, reap in mercy. 
^.x,9.And I WiU sow them among 
the people: and they shaU re- 
member me in fiar countries; and 
they ShaU Uve with their chUdrei^ 
and turn again. . 

MaU. xiU, 1-8. The same day 
went Jesus out of the house, and 
sat by the sea side. And great 
multitudes were gathered to' 
gether unto him, so that he went 
into a ship, and sat; and the 
whole multitude stood on the 
shore. And he spake many things 
unto them In parables, saying, 
Behold, a sower went forth to 
sow: And when he sowed, some 
seeds feU by the way side, and the 
fowls came and devoured them 
up: Some fell upon stony places, 
where they had not much earth: 
and forthwith they sprung up, 
because they had no deepness 
of earth: And when the sun was 
up, they were scorched; and be- 
cause they had no root, they with- 
ered away. And some IbU among 
thorns; and the thorns sprung up. 
and choked them: But other fell 

Sto good ground, and brought 
rth fruit, some an himdrodfold, 
some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold. 

JiaU. xUl, 18-28. Hear ye there- 
fore the parable of the sower 

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Wben any one heareth tbe word 
of tba kingdom, and understand- 
eth U not, then cometh the wicked 
cnc, and catcheth away that which 
was sown In his heart. This Is he 
which received seed by the way 
side. Bat he that received the 
seed Into stony places, the same 
Is he that hearoth the word, and 
anon with )oy reoeiveth It; Yet 
hath he not root In himself, but 
dumth for a while: for when trl- 
. bai^tion or persecatlon ariseth 
because of the word, by and by 
ho Is offended. Ho also that re- 
colTod seed among the thorns Is 
ne that heareth the word: and 
the care of this world, and the 
deceltniinees of riches, choke 
the word, and he becometh un- 
fhiitfUl. But be that received 
seed Into the good ground Is he 
that heareth the word, and under- 
standoth it; which also boareth 
fruit, and bringeth forth, some an 
hundredfold, some sixty, lome 

OaL vl, 7, 8. Be not deceived: 
Ood la not mocked: for what- 
soever a man soweth, that shall 
he also reap. For he that soweth 
to his flesh shall of the flesh reap 
corruption; but he that soweth to 
the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap 
Ufy eYorlastlng. 


^^.xxtL 13. Thenlsaacsowed 
in that land, and received in the 
same year an hundredfold: and 
the LoBO blessed him. 

Gen. zll, 47. And in the seven 
plenteous years the earth brought 
forth by liandAils. 
£«v.xxT,iai9. Wherefore ye Shan 
do my statutes, and keep luy 
Judgments, and do them; and yo 
jtaall dwell tn the land in sanity. 
And the land shall yield her fruit, 
and ve shall eat your fill, and 
dwell thereiB in safety. 

Lev. xxvi, S-6. If ye walk In my 
statutes, and keep my command, 
mcnts. and do them; Then 1 will 
give you rain In due season, and 
the land shall yield her increase, 
and the trees of the field shall 
yield their l^ult. And your 
threshing shall reach unto the 
vintage, and the vintage shall 
reach unto the sowing time: and 
ye shall eat your bread to the full, 
and dwell in your land safely. 

Lev. xxvi, 10. And ye shall eat 
old store, and bring forth the old 
because of the new. 

Deut, xxxil, Id. He made him 
ride on the lilgh places of the 
t;artli, that he might eat the In* 
crease of the fields. 

RvUh i, 8. Then she arose with 
her datigUters tn law, that she 
miglit return firom the country ot 
Moob: ftor ibe bad beard in the 


ooxmtry of Moab how that the 
Loao had visited his people in 
giving them bread. 

2 Kttifft xix, SO. And this shdU 
be a sign unto thee. Ye shall eat 
this year such things as grow of 
themselves, and in the second 
year that which springeth of the 
same; and in the third year sow 
ye, and reap, a^d plant-vineyards, 
and eat the fruits thereoC 

Fscdm Uv, 9-18. Thou vlsltest 
the earth, and waterest it: thou 
greatly enrlchest it with the 
river of God, which Is ftall of waten 
thou preparest them com, when 
thou hast so provided fur It Thou 
waterest the ridges thereof abun- 
dantly: thou settlest the fiirrows 
thereof: thou mokest it soft with 
showers: thou blessest the spring- 
ing thereof. Thou crownest the 
year with thy goodness: and thy 
paths drop fatness. Tney drop 
upon the pastures of the wilder- 
ness: and the little hlUs r^oloe on 
every side. The pastures are 
clothed with flocks; the vallejrs 
also are covered over with corn; 
they shout for Joy, they also sing. 

Faalm Ixxil, 16. There shall be 
an handful of com in the earth 
upon the top of the mountains; 
the fruit thereof shall shake like 

Ezek. xxxvl, & But ye, O motm- 
tains of Israel, ye shaU shoot forth 
your branches, and yield your 
fruit to my people of Israel; for 
they ore at hand to come. 

Ezek. xxxlv, 37. And the tree of 
the fleld shall yield her f^lt, and 
the earth shall }ield her Increase, 
and they shall be safe in their 
land, and shall know that I am the 
.Loao, when I have broken the 
bands of their yoke, and delivered 
them out of the hand of those that 
served themselves of them. 

Joet U, 84.*And the floors shall 
be full of wheat, and the fats shall 
overflow with wine and olL 

Joa 11, 26. And ye shall eat in 
plenty, and bo satltifled,and praise 
the name of the Lokd your God, 
that hath dealt wondronsly T>ith 
you: and my people shall never be 

Amos ix, 13. Behold, the day Is 
come, saith the Lord, that the 
plowman shall overtake tlie reaper, 
and the treader of grapes him tliat 
soweth seed; and tho mountains 
shall drop sweet wine, and all the 
hills shaU melt. 

Zcch, vlll, 11, 12. But now I wfU 
not be imto the residue of this 
people as In the former days, saith 
the Lord of hosts. For the seed 
ahaU be prosperous; the vine sluUl 
give her fruit, and the ground 
shall give her increase, and the 
heavens shall give tlieir dew: and 
I will cause the remnant of this 
people to possess all these things. 

neb. m, 7. For the earth whldi 
drtnketh in the rain that cometh 
oft upon it, and bring:oth forth 
herbs meet for them by whom it 
is dressed, receiveth blessing fhun 


Oen. Till, 22. While the earth 
remalneth, seedtime and harvest^ 
and cold and heat, and summer 
and winter, and day and night 
shall not cease. 

Oen. xxxvll, 7. For, behold, we 
Vfere binding sheaves In the field, 
and, lo, my sheaf arose, and also 
stood upright: and, behold, your 
sheaves stood round about, and 
made obeisance to my sheaf. 

Lev.xxy,6. That which groweth 
of its own accord of thy harvest 
thou Shalt not reap, neither gather 
the grapes of thy vine undressed: 
jfor It is a year of rest unto the land. 

Ruth 11, 4. And, behold, Boaz 
came ftom Bcth-lehem, and sold 
unto the reapers. The Lord be 
with you. And they answered 
him. The Lord bless thee. 

1 Sam. vi, 18. And they qf Beth 
shemesh were reaping their wheat 
harvest in the valley: and they 
lifted up theUr eyes, and saw the 
ark, and r^olced to see it. 

1 Sam. vlll, 12. And he vfll ap- 
point him captabisoverthowands, 
and captains over flitles; and wiU 
set them to ear his ground, and to his harvest, and to make his 
instruments of war, and inBtn»> 
ments of his chariots. 

1 Siun. XXV, 11. Shall I then take 
my bread, and my water, and my 
flesh that I have filled for my 
fearers, and give it unto men, 
whom 1 know not whence theybef 

2 Kings Iv, 18. And when the 
child was grown, it fell on a day, 
that ho went out to his lather to 
the reapers. 

Job V, 6. ^yhose harvest the hun- 
gry eateth up, and takoth It oven 
out of (he tlioms, and the robber 
Hwalloweth up their substance. 

Job xxiv. 6. They reap ecervone 
his com In the field: and they 
gather the vintage of the wicked. 

Prov. X, 6. He that gathereth In 
summer is a wise son: but ho that 
sleepeth in harvest is a son that 
causcth sliame. 

Prov. XXV, 18. As the cold of 
snow In the time of harvest, so is 
a faithful messenger to thoni that 
send Irim: for he refircsheth the 
soul of his masters. 

Job xxlv, 24. They are exalted 
fbr a little while, but are gone and 
brought low; they are taken out 
of the way os aU other, and cut oil 
as tho tops of the ears of com. 

ISO, lx.8. Tbon bast mnlUplIed 

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the nation, and not increased tbe ; 
Joy: thoy Joy before thee according 
to the Joy in hanest. and o» men 
retJoice when they divide the spoil. 

Im. xvli. 4, 5. And in that day 
it shall come to pass, .that the 
glory of Jacob shall be made thin, 
and Uie fotness of bis flesh shall 
wax lean. And it shall be as when 
the harvestman gathereth the 
corn, and reapeth the ears with 
tils arm; and It shall be as be that 
gathereth eon in the vaUey of 

Jer. V, 24. Neither lay they In 
theU: heart. Let us now fear the 
Lord our Ood, that giveth rain, 
both the former and the latt«r, in 
his seaiion: he roseWeth unto us 
the appointed weeks of the har- 

Jer. Till, 20. The harreatls pa«t» 
the summer Is ended, and we are 
not saved. 

Jer.lx, 22. Speak, Thus salth 
the I^no, Even the carcases of 
men sh ill fiall as dung upon the 
open Held, and as the handful 
after the harvestman, and none 
6hbU gather them. 

Jer. 1, 16. Cut off the sower from 
Babylon, and him that handleth 
the sickle in the time of harvest: 
for fear of the oppressing sword 
they shall turn every one to his 
people, and they shall flee every 
one t(%is own land. 

Hosea vi, 11. Also, O Judah, ho 
hath set an harvest for thee, when 
I i-etumed the captivity of my 

Joel ill, 13. Put ye In the sickle; 
for the harvest is ripe: come, get 
you down; for the press is full, the 
fiits overflow: for theh* wlcked> 
nes8i« great. 

Matth. ix, 87, sa Then salth he 
unto his disciples, The harvest 
truly is plenteous, but the la- 
bourers are few; Pray ye there- 
fore the Lord of the harvest, that 
he will send forth labourers Into 
his harvest. 

3latth. xill. 24-80. Another par- 
able put he forth unto thom, say- 
ing, The kingdom of heaven is 
likened unto a man which sowed 
good seed in his field: But while 
men slept, his enemy came and 
sowed tares among the wheat, 
and went his way. But when the 
blade was sprung up, and brought 
forth fi-uit, then appeared the 
tares also. So the servants of the 
householder came and said unto 
him, Shr, didst not thou sow good 
seed in thy field? fh}m whence 
then hath it tares? He said unto 
them, An enemy hath done this. 
The servants said unto him, Wilt 
thou then that we go and gather 
them up? But he said, Nay; lest 
while ye gather up the tares, ye 
root up atio the wheat with them. 
Let both grow together until Und 


harvest: and In the thne of harvest 
I will say to the reapers, Gather 
ye together first the tares, and 
bind them in bundles to bum 
them: but gather the wheat Into 
my bam. 

Matth. xill, 86-43. Then Jesus 
sent the multitude away, and 
went into the house: and his dis- 
ciples came unto him, saying, De- 
clare unto us the parable of the 
tares of the field. He answered 
and said unto them, He that soweth 
the good seed is the Son of man; 
The field is the world; the good 
seed are the children of the king- 
dom; but the tares are the chil- 
dren oi the wicked one; The 
enemy that sowed them Is the 
devil: the harvest is the end of the 
worlo; and the reapers are the an- 
gels. As therefore the tares are 
gathered and burned In the fire; 
so shall it be in the end of this 
world. The Son of man Bhail send 
forth his angels, and they shall 
gather out of his kingdom all 
things that oflend,and them which 
do iniquity; And shall cast them 
into a furnace of fire: there shall 
be walling and gnashing of teeth. 
Then shall the righteous shine 
forth as tho sun in the kingdom of 
their Father. Who hath ears to 
hear, let him hear. 

Mark iv, 26-29. And he said. So 
is the kingdom of Ood, as if a man 
should cast seed into the ground; 
And should sleep, and rise night 
and day, and the seed should 
spring and grow up, he knowoth 
not how. For the eaf th brlngeth 
forth fruit of herself; first the 
blade, then the ear, after that the 
full com in the ear. But when 
the fruit b brought forth, immed- 
iately he putteth In the sickle, 
because the harvest is come. 

lAike X, 2. Therefore said he un- 
to them, The harvest truly to great, 
but the lalwurersarcfew: pray ye 
therefore the Lord of tho harvest, 
that he would send forth labourers 
Into liis harvest. 

Jo?m Iv, 85-88. Say not ye. There 
are yet four months, and then 
cometh harvest? behold, I say un- 
to you, Lift up your eyes, and 
look on the fields: for they are 
white already to harvest. And 
he that reapeth recelveth wages, 
and gathereth fruit unto life eter- 
nal: that both he that soweth and 
he that reapeth may rejoice to- 
gether. And herein is that sa>ing 
trae, One soweth, and aiiother 
reapeth. I sent you to reap that 
whereon ye bestowed no laboun 
other men laboured, and ye are 
entered Into their labours. 

1 Qor. Ix, 11. If we have sown 
unto you spiritual things, is it a 
greatthhigifwe shall reap your 
carnal things? 

James v, 4. Behold, the hire of 

the labourers who have reaped 
down your fields, which is of yon 
kept back by fraud, crieth: and 
the cries of them which have 
reaped are entered into the ears 
of the Lord of Sabaoth. 

James V, 7. Be patient therefore, 
brethren, unto the coming of the 
Lord. Behold, the husbandman 
waiteth for the precious fruit of 
the earth, and hath long patience 
for it, until he receive the early 
and latter rain. 

£ev. xiv. 14-16. And I looked, 
and behold a white clond, and up- 
on the cloud one sat like unto the 
Son of man, having on his head a 
golden crown, uid in his hand a 
sharp sickle. And another angel 
came out of the temple, crying 
with a loud voice to him that sat 
on the doud, Thrust in thy sickle, 
and reap: for the time is come for 
thee to reap; for the harvest of the 
earth is ripe. And he that sat on 
the cloud thrust In his sickle on 
the earth; and the earth was 


Lev. xlx, 9. And when ye reap 
the harvest oT yoiu* land, thou 
Shalt not wholly reap the comers 
of thy field, neither shalt thou 
gather the gleanings of thy har- 

Lev. xxllL 22. An 1 when yo reap 
the harvest of your land, thou 
Shalt not make clean riddance of 
the comers of thy field when thou 
reapest, neither shalt thou gather 
any gleaning of thy harvest: thou 
Shalt Ifeave them unto the poor, 
and to the stranger. I am the 
Lord your God. 

Deut. xxiv, 19. When thou cut- 
test down thine harvest in thy 
field, and ha«t forgot a sheaf in the 
field, thou Shalt not go again to 
fetch it: it shall be for the stranger, 
for tho fatherless, atid for the 
widow: that the Lord thy God 
may bless thee in all the work of 
thine hands. 

Deut. xxiv, 22. And thou shalt 
remember that thoii wast a bond- 
man in the land of Eirypt: there- 
fore I command thee to do this 


Suthi\,l-S,b-9. And Naomi had a 
kinsman ofher husband's, a mighty 
man of wealth, of the family of 
Elimeiech; and his name vas 
Boaz^. And Ruth the Moabitess 
said unto Naomi, Let me now go 
to the field, and glean ears of com 
after him in whose sight I shall 
find grace. And she said unto 
her, Go. my daughter. And she 
wont, and came, and gleaned in 
the field alter the reapers: and her 
hap was to light on a part of the 

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field hOonghHf imto Boas, who 
vxu of the kindred of EUmoIeob. 
Then said Boaz unto his servant 
that was set over thb reapers, 
Whose damsel is this? And the 
sorrant that was set over the 
reapers answered and said. It is 
the Moabitlsh damsel that came 
back with Naomi out of the coun- 
try of Moab: And she said, I pray 
yon, let me glean and gather after 
the reapers among the sheaves: so 
she came, and hath continued even 
from the morning until now, that 
site tarried a little hi the house.- 
Then said Boaz unto Ruth, Hear- 
est thou not, my danghter? Oo 
not to glean in another field, 
neither go from hence, but abide 
here fast by my maidens: Let thine 
eyes be on the field that they do 
reap, and go thou after them: have 
I not cliarged the young men tht|t 
they shall not touch thee? and 
when thou art athirsL go unto the 
vessels, and drink of that which 
the young men have drawn. 

RiUh U, 14-19. And Boas said 
unto her. At mealtime come thou 
hither, and eat of the bread, and 
dip thy morsel in the vinegar. 
And she sat beside the reapers: 
and he reached her porched com, 
and she did eat, and was sufficed, 
and loft. And when she was risen 
up to glean, Boaz commanded his 
young men, saying, Let her glean 
even among the sheaves, and re- 
proach her not: And let &11 also 
some of the handfuls of purpose 
for her, and leave tJitm, that she 
may glean them, and rebuke her 
not. So she gleaned In the field 
until even, and beat out that she 
had gleaned: and it was about an 
ephab of barley. And she took U 
up, and went into the city: and her 
mother in law saw what she had 
gleaned: and she brought forth, 
and gave to her that she had re- 
served after she was sufficed. 
And her mother In law said unto 
her, Where hast thou gleaned to 
day-? and where wroughtest thou? 
blessed be he that did take 
knowledge of thee. And she 
riiewed her mother In law with 
whom she had wron.^hf , and Mid. 
The man's name with whom I 
wrought to day is Boaz. 

Suth U, Sl-23. And Ruth the 
Moabltess said. He said unto me 
also, Thou Shalt keep test by my 
young men, until they have ended 
all my harvest. And Naomi said 
unto Ruth her daughter in law, It 
is good, my daughter, that thou 
go out with his maidens, that they 
meet thee not in any other field. 
So die kept fast by the maidens of 
Boax to gtoan unto the end of bar- 
ley harvest and of wheat harvest; 
and dwelt, with her mother In 

Judge$ zz, 40. And they turned 
and fled toward the wUdemeflt 


unto the rock of Rlmmon: and 
they gleaned of them in the high- 
ways five thousand men; and pur- 
sued hard after them unto Gidom, 
and slew two thousand men of 


6(en. xxiv,25. She said moreoTar 
unto hfan, We have both straw 
and provender enough, and room 
to lodge In. 

Oen, xxiv,d2. And the mah came 
Into the house: and he unghded 
his camels, and gave straw and 
provender for the camola. 

Gen, 1, 10. And they came to the 
thresUng-floor of Atcid, which if 
beyond Jordan. 

EooodLy, 10-18. And tbo task- 
masters of the people went out, 
and their officers, and they spake 
to the people, saying, Thus salth 
Pharaoh, I will not give you straw. 

00 ye, get you straw where you 
can find it: yet not ought of your 
work shall be diminished. 8o the 
people were scattered abroad 
throughout all the land of Egypt 
to gather atubble Instead of straw. 

Deut. zxv, 4. Thou shalt not 
pxuzzle the ox when ho treadeth 
oni the com. 

Judges vl, 11. And there oome 
an angel of the Lobo, and sat un- 
der an oak which was in Ophrah, 
that pertained unto Joash the 
Abi-ezrite: and his son Gideon 
threshed wheat by the winepress, 
to hide U ft*om the Midlanites. 

1 Sam. xxlil, 1. Then they told 
David, saying. Behold, the Phllla- 
tbies fight agahist KeUah, and 
they rob the threshing-floors. 

1 (7Aron. xxl, 18-26. Then the 
angel of the Lobd commanded 
Gad to say to David, that David 
should go up, and set up an altar 
unto the Lord in the threshing- 
floor of Oman the Jebuslte. And 
David went up at the sayhig of 
Gad, which he spake hi the name 
of the LosD. And Oman turned 
back, and saw the angel; and his 
four sons with him hid themselves. 
Now Oman was thresUng wheat 
And as David came to Oman. 
Oman looked and saw David, and 
went out of lhethre6hlngfloor,and 
bowed himself to David with his 
fitce to the ground. Then David 
said to Oman, Grant me the place 
of this thrcFhlngfloor, that I may 
build an altar therein unto the 
Lobd: thou sliall grant It me for 
the fun price: that the plague may 
be stayed firom the people. And 
Oman said unto David, Take it to 
thee, and let my lord the king do 
that which is good to his eyes: lo 

1 give thee the oxen also for burnt 
oflerfngB, and the threshing to- 
Btruments for wood, and the wheat 
for the meat offering: I give it alL 
And king David said to- Oman, 


Nay: but I wIU verily buy It for 
the niU price: for I will not take 
VuU whi(di is thine for the Cobd 
nor ofl^er burnt oflerlngs without 
cost. So David gave to Oman for 
the place six hundred shekels of 
gold by weight. 

ISO, xxvUl, 87-29. For the 
fitches are not threshed with a 
threshing tnstmment, neither Is a 
cart wheel turned about upon the 
cummin; but the fitches are beaten 
out with a staff, and the cummin 
with a rod. Bread com i» bruised; 
because he will not ever be 
threshing It, nor break it with the 
wheel of his cart, nor Imiise ft 
with his horsemen. This also 
Cometh forth trom the Lobd of 
hosts, which is wonderftil to coun- 
sel, and excellent to working. 

8irfn.xiil, 7. Neither did he 
leave of the people to Jehoahaz 
but fifty horsemen, and ten cha- 
riots, and ten thousand footmen; 
for the king of Syria had destroy- 
ed them, and hod made them like 
the dust by threshtog. 

Job xxl, 18. They are as stubble 
before the vrtod, and as chaff that 
the storm carrieth away. 

JPsalm \^. The ungodly are not 
so: but are like the chaff which 
the wtod driveth away. 

Psalm XXXV, 6. Let them be as 
chaff before the wtod: and let the 
angel of the Lobd chase <Aem. ■ 

Fsalm Ixxxili, 18. O my God, 
make them like a wheel; as the 
stubble before the wtod. 

/so. xxi, 10. O my threshing, uid 
the com of my floon that which I 
have heard of the Lobd of hosta. 
the God of Israel, have I declared 
unto yon. 

Isa. XXX, 24. The oxen likewise 
and the young asses that ear Uio 
ground shall eat clean provender, 
which hath been vrinnowed with 
the shovel and with the fon. 

Isa. XXX, 28. And his breath, as 
an overflowing stream, shall reach 
to the midst of the neck, to sift 
the nations with the sieve of 
vanity: and there shall be a bridle 
to the Jaws of the people, canstog 
them U} err. 

Isa. xxlx, 6. Moreover the mul- 
titude of thy stitmgers shall be 
like small dust, and the multitude 
of the terrible ones shcdl be as 
chaff that passeth away: yea, It 
shall be at an instant suddenly. 

Isa, x^pUil, 11. To shall conceive 
chaff, ye shall bring forth stubble: 
your breath, a« fire, shall devour 

Isa, xll, 16, 16. Behold, I vriD make 
thee anew sharp threshing instru- 
ment having teeth: thou shalt 
thresh the mountatos, and beat 
them small, and shalt make the 
hUlB as chaff. Thou shalt fiux them, 
and the wtod shall carry thenc 

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ftway, tcoA tte whMwtnd dnll 
fCfttter them: and then shalt re- 
joice in the LoED, and shalt glory 
In the Holy One of Israel. 

Jer. xtti, 24. Therefor© will I 
•eatter them as the stubble that 
paaseth away by the wind of the 

J«r. zxiil, 88. What i» the chiff 
to the wheat? salth the Lord. 

Jer. 11, 1, 2. Thus salth the Loan; 
Behold, I will raise up against 
Babylon, and agalnM them that 
dwell In the midst of them that 
rise op a^nst me, a destroying 
vrind; And will send nnto Babylon 
fiumers, that shall fan her, and 
shall empty her land: for in the 
day of trouble they shall be 
against her round about. 

Jer. U, 88. For thus salth the 
Loan of hosts, the God of Israel; 
The daughter of Babylon i4 like 
a threshlngfloor, U is time to 
thresh hen yet a little while, and 
the time of her harvest shall come. 

ffosea X. 11. And Ephrabn is as 
an heifer that is taught, and lor- 
eih to tread out the com: but I 
passed orer upon her Iktr neck: 
I will make Ephralm to ride. 

Bosea xiil, 8. Therefore they 
Shan be as the morning cloud, and 
as the early dew that passeth 
away, as the chaff tliat Is driven 
with the whirlwind out of the 
floor, and as the smoke out off the 

Amos i, 8. Thus salth the Loan; 
For three transgressions of Dam- 
ascus, and for four, I will not turn 
away the punishment thereot bo- 
cause they have threshed Gllead 
with threshing Instmmenta of 

Amos Ix, 9. Foi\ lo, I will com- 
mand, and I will sift the house of 
Israel among all nations, lilce as 
com is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not 
the least grain fall upon the earth. 

Mlcah iv. 12, 13. But theyknownot 
the thoughts of the Loao, neither 
understand they his counsel: lor 
he shall gather thenms the sheaves 
into the floor. Arise and thresh, 
O daughter of Xiom for I will 
make tmhe horn iron, and I will 
make 'thy hoofb brass: and thou 
Shalt beat In pieces many people: 
and I will consecrate their gain 
unto the Lord, and their substance 
mito the LoBo of the whole earth. 

Bab. m, 13. Thon didst march 
through the land In Indignatian, 
thou didst thresh the heathen in 

Matt, ill, 12. Whose Can it In his 
hand, and he will throughly purge 
his iioor, and gather his wheat 
into the gamer, but he will bum 
up the chaff with unquenchable 

Luke ill, 17. Whose fim itlnhis 
hand, and he wUl throughly purge 


his floor, and will gattier the wbeai 
into his garaen but the chaff he 
will bum with fire unquenchable. 
Luke xxli. 81. And the Lord said, 
Sbnon, Simon, behold, Satan hath 
desired to have yon, that he may 
tift mm as wheat. 

1 por, ix, 9. For It Is written In 
the law of Moses. Thou shalt not 
muzzle the mouth of the ox that 
treadeth out the com. Doth Qod 
take caro for oxen? 


Deid. xl, 15. And I will tend 
grass in thy fields for thy cattle, 
ttiat thou mayest eat and be ftill. 

i^. civ, 14. Hecausetb the grass 
to grow Ibr the cattle, and herb 
for the service of mam that he may 
bring forth food out of the earth. 

Fs. cxlvil, 8. Who covereth (he 
heaven with clouds, who prepar- 
eth rain for the earth, who makcth 
grass to grow upon the mountains. 

Prov. xxvii, 25. The hay appear 
eth, and the tender grass sheweth 
itself, and herbs of the mountains 

Mark vl, 89. And he command- 
ed them to make all sit down by 
eomp^es upon the green grass. 

John vl, 10. And Jesus said. 
Make the men sit dowiL Now 
there was much grass in the place. 
So the men eat down, in number 
about five thousand. 

J7eo. Ix, 4. And it was command- 
ed them that they should not hurt 
the grass of the earth, neither any 
green thing, neither any tree; but 
only those men which have not 
the seal off Qod In their fbreheads. 

Bum. xxil, 4. AndMoab said un- 
to the elders of MIdian, Now shall 
this company lick up all that are 
round about us, as the ox lickcth 
up the grass of the field. And 
Balak the son of Zipper vxis king 
of the Moabites at that thne. 

2 8am. xxill, 4. And he shaU be 
as the light of the morning, when 
the sun riseth, even a morning 
without clouds; as the tender 
grass springing out of the earth 
by clear shining after rain. 

2 Kings xlx, 26. Therefore their 
Inhabitants were of small power, 
they were dismayed and con- 
founded; they were ols the grass 
of the field, and as the green herb, 
as the grass on the house tops, 
and OS com blasted before it oe 
grown up. 

Psalm Ixxil, 6. He shall come 
down like rain upon the mown 
grass: as showers that water the 

Psalm Ixxil, 16. And they of the 
city shall flourish like grass of the 

PsaXm zo^ 6y 6. Thoa carrlest 

Qiem away as with s flood; lliay 
are OS a sleep: in the momhig 
tkev are like grass iohieh groweth 
up. In the morning itflouriKhetlu 
and groweth up; in the evening n 
is cut down, and wlthereth. 
Psalm xcU, 7. When the wicked 

rng as the grass, and when all 
workers of iniquity do flour- 
ish; it is that they shaU be de> 
struyed for ever. 

PsaXm dii, 15. As for man, his 
days are as gross: aa a flower of 
the field, so he flourlaheth. 
- ISO. xxxvU, 87. Therefore their 
Inhabitants tcere of small power, 
thoy were dismayed and con- 
founded: they were as the grass off 
the field, and as the green herb, as 
the grass on the housetops, ana as 
com blasted before it be grown 

Isa. xl, 6-6. The voice said, Cry. 
And he sad, What shall I cryf 
All flesh is grass, and all the good- 
liness thereof is as the flower of 
the field: The grass wlthereth, the 
flower fiiideth: because the spirit of 
the Lord blowcth upon it: surely 
the people is grass. The grass 
wlthereth, the flower fadcth: Imt 
the word of ourGod shall stand for 

Matih. Ti, 80. Wherelbre, If God 
so clothe the grass of the field, 
which to day is, and to morrow is 
cast into the oven, sJiaU he not 
much more clothe you, O ye of 

1 i^. i, 24. For aU flesh U as 
grass, and all the glory of man as 
the flower of grass. The grass 
wi!hereth, and the flower thereof 




2 Sam. xvii, 2a Brought beds, 
and basons, and earthen vessels, 
and wheat, and barley, and flonr. 
and parched corn, and beans, and 
lentiles, and parched piUse. 


Bxod, 11, 8. And when sh&oould 
not longer hide him. she took for 
him an ark of bulrushes, and 
daubed It with slime and with 
pitch, and put the child therein; 
and she laid it in the flags by the 
river's brink. 

Isa, Iviii, 5. Is It such a flutt that 
I have chosen? a day for a man to 
aflUct his soul? is it to bow down 
his head as a bulrush, and to 
spread sackcloth and ashes under 
Mmf wilt thou call this a fast, and 
an acceptable day to tlys Loan? 

Job viii, 11. Can the rash grow 
up yrithout mire? cantheflaggrow 
without wateit 

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Exod. tx, 81. And the tax and 
the barley was gmltten: for the 
barley ^oas in the ear, and the flax 
teas boUed. • 

Josh. 11, 6. But she had brought 
them up to the roof of the house, 
and hid thorn with the stalks of 
flax, which she bad laid in order 
upon the root 

IM. xlii. 3. A bruised reed shall 
he not break, and the smoking 
flax shall ho not quench: he shall 
bring forth Judgment unto truth. 

ExOc, xl 8. And he brought me 
thfther, and, behold, thert was a 
man, whose appearance was like 
the appearance of brass, with a 
line of flax in his band, and a 
measuring reed; and he stood in 
the gate. 

Hos. II, 6. For their mother hath 
played the harlot: she that con- 
oekved them hath done shame- 
fully: for she said, I will ^o after 
my lovers, that give mt my broad 
and my water, my wool and my 
flax, mine oil and my drink. 

Hos. il. 9. Therefore wfll I re- 
turn, ana take away my corn in 
the time thereof, and my wine In 
the season thereof, and will re- 
cover my wool and my flax given 
to cover her nakedness. 

2 Kings Iv.aa. And one went out 
Into the fleld to gather herbs, and 
found a wild vino, and gathered 
! thereof wild guuTds his lap full, 
and came and shred them into the 
pot of pottage: for they know them 

Jer. xvii, 6. For ho shall be like 
the heath in the desert, and shall 
not see when good comoth; but 
shall inhabit the parched places 
In the wilderness, in a salt land 
and not inhabited. 

6i^zxT,84. Then Jacob gave 
Esau bread and pottage of len- 
tiles; and he did eat and drink, 
and rose up, and went his way: 
thus Esau despised his birthright 

Oen. zxx, 14. And Reuben went 
In the days of wheat harvest, and 
found mandrakes In the fleld, and 
brought them unto his mother 
Leah. Then Rachel said to Leah, 
Give me. I pray thee, of thy son's 

Son^ of Solomon t11, 18. The 
mandrakes give a smell, and at 
our gates are all manner of pleas- 
ant fruits, new and old. which I 
have laid up for thee, O my bo- 


Job XXX, 4. Who cut up maUowt 
by the bushes, and lun^>er roots 
/or thoir meat. 

Rsek. Iv, 9. Take thou also unto 
thee wheat, and barley, uid beans, 
%nd lentUos, and mUlet, and fltches, 
and put them in one vessel, and 
make thee bread tliereof, accord- 
ing to the number of the days that 
thou Shalt lie upon thy side, three 
hundred and ninety days dialt 
thou eat thereof. 


Job xl, 91. He lleth imder the 
shady trees In the covert of the 
reed^ and fens. 

Jsa. xlx, e. And they shall turn 
the rivers flir away; arid the 
brooks of defence shall be emptied 
and dried up: the reeds and flags 
shall wither. 

JSk. ix, 8S. But the wheat and 
the rye were not smitten: for they 
were not grown up. 

Matt. xUI, S4-S1. iScd Wider 
Seapfng and Harvest.) 


1 Kings xvili, 5. And Ahab said 
unto Obadiah, Go into the land, 
unto all fountains of water, ana 
untu all bn)ok3: poradventure we 
mav find grass to save the horses 
and mules alive, that we lose not 
all the beasts. 

Jer. xlv, 6, 6. Yea, the hind also 
calved In the fleld, and forsook U, 
because there was no grass. And 
the* wild asses did stand in the 
hi}?h places, they snufled up the 
wlud like dragons; tholr eyes did 
Mi, because there was no grass. 

Joel 1. la How do the beasts 
groan! the herds of cattle are per- 
plexed, because they have no pas- 
ture; yea, the flocks of Ou^ are 
made desolate. 


Drntt. xxvlll, 88, 84. The fhitt ot 
thy land, and all thy labours, shall 
a nation which thou knowest not 
cat up; and thou shalt be only 
oppressed and crushed alway: 
So that thou shalt be mad for the 
sight of thine eyes which thou 
Shalt see. 

;7«utxxvltl,88. Thou shalt cany 
much seed out into the fleld, and 
Shalt gather but little in; for the 
locust shall consume it. 

Isa. iU, 1. For, behold, the Lord/ 
the LoBo of hosts, doth take away 
Crom Jerusalem and from Jadah 

the stay and the staff; the whole 
stay of bread, and the whole stay 
of water. 

Isa. vii, 28-25. And It shafl come 
to pass in that day, VuU every 
place shall be, where there wert 
a thousand vines at a thousand 
silverllngs, it shall even be for 
briers and thorns. With arrows 
and with bows shall men come 
thither, because all the land shall 
become briers and thorns. And 
on all hills that shall be digged 
with the mattock, there shall not 
come thither the fear of briers and 
thorns: but it shall be for the 
sending forth of oxen, and for the 
treading of leaser cattle. 

Isa. XV, 6, 7. For the waters of 
Nimrim shall be desolate: for the 
hay is withered- away, the grass 
foiieth, there is no green thing. 
Therefore the abundance they 
have gotten, and that which they 
have UtId up, shall they carry 
away to the brook of the willows. 

Isa. xvil, 10, 11. Because thou 
bast forgotten the God of thy sal- 
vation, and hast not been mindftil 
of the rock of thy strength, there- 
fore Shalt thou plant pleasant 
plants, and shalt set it with strange 
slilis: In the day shalt thou make 
thy plant to grow, and in the morn- 
ing Shalt thou make thy seed to 
flourish: btU the harvest skaU be 
a heap in the day of grief and ot 
despcurate sorrow. 

Isa. li, 19. Those two things are 
come unto thee; who ^ hall be sorry 
for thee? desolation, and destmo- 
tion, and the fomlne, and the 
sword: by whom shall I comfort 

Jer. xli, 18. They have sown 
whoat, but shall reap thorns: they 
have put themselves to pain, but 
shall not proflt: and they shall be 
ashamed of your revenues because 
of the fierce anger of the Loan. 

JExeJc xiv. 18. Son of man, when 
the land sinneth against me bv 
trosspoMlng grievously, then will 
I stretch out mine hund upon it, 
and will break the KtalT of the 
b; cad thereof, and will send fomine 
upon it, and will cut off man and 
beast from it: 

Sisek. xxvl, 6. And her daugh- 
ters which are in the fl^ld shall be 
slain by the sword; and they shall 
know that I am the Lobd. 

Hosea vili, 7. For they have sown 
the wind, and they shall reap 
the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: 
the bud shall yield no meah if so 
be it yield, the atrangert shall 
swallow it up. 

Hosea Ix, 2. The floor and the 
winepress shall not feed them, and 
the now wine shall foil in her. 

Amos T, 16. Therefore the Loan 
the God of hosts, the Lord, saith 
thus; Wailing statt A6 in all streeta; 

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tnd they shall say fai an the htgh- 
wayB, Alas! alasl and they shall 
call the husbamlinan to moumlngr, 
and anch as are akilfol of lament- 
ation to wailingr. 

Amos tUI, 11-14. Behold, the 
days come, salth the Lord God, 
that I will send a fiunlne in the 
land, not a funlne of bread, nor 
a thirst for water, hut of hearing 
the words of the Lobo: And they 
shall wander fix>m sea to eea, and 
fit)m the north eyen to the east, 
they shall nm to and tro to seek 
the word of the Lobd, and shall 
not find ff. In that day shall the 
foir vli^rlns and young men foint 
for thirst. They that swear by the 
sin of Samaria, and say. Thy God, 
O Dan, liTcth; and. The manner 
of Becrsheba llTotn; even they 
8ball foil, and never rise up again. 

Joel i, 10, 11. The field Is wasted, 
the land motimeth: for the com Is 
wasted: the new wine la dried up, 
the oil langul.shcth. Be ye asham- 
ed, O ye husbandmen; howl, O ye 
vinedressers, for the wheat and 
for the barley; because the harvest 
of the field is perished. 

Joel i, 17. The seed Is rcrtten 
under their clods, the gamers are 
laid desolate, the bams are broken 
down; for the corn Is withered. 

Micah vl, 15. Thou Shalt sow. 
hot thou Shalt not reap; thOu shalt 
tread the olives, hut thou shalt 
not anoint thee with oil; and sweet 
wine, but shalt not drink wine. 

Zeph. 11, 11. The Lobd w(U be 
terrible unto them: for he will 
fiunish aU tlie gods of the earth; 
and men shall worship him, every 
one from his place, even all the 
Isles of the heathen. 

Sev. vl. 5, 6. And when he had 
opened the third seal, I heard the 
third beast say. Come and see. 
And I beheld, and lo a black horse; 
and he that sat on htm had a pair 
of balances In his hand. And I 
heard a voice In ^he midst of the 
four beasts say, A measure of 
wheat for a penny, and three 
measures of barley wr a penny: 
and see thou hurt not the oU ana 
the wine. 


Lev. zxvl, 9&-89. And when I 
have broken the staff of your 
bread, ten women shall bake your 
bread in one oven, and they shall 
deliver you your oread again by 
weight: and ye shall eat, and not 
bo satisfied. And If ye will not 
for an this hearken unto me, but 
walk contrary unto me; Then I 
will walk contrary unto you. also 
In fury, and I, even I, will chastise 
you seven tunes for your sins. 
And ye shall eat the flesh of your 
sons, and the flesh of your daugh- 
ters shall ye eat. 

DeuL zxxil, 24. 2Vy 8haU be 


burnt with hunger and devotired 
with burning heat and with bitter 
destruction: 1 will also send the 
teeth of beasts upon them, with 
the poison of serpents of the dust. 

S Kings Tl, 24, 2S-29. And It 
came to pass after this, that Ben- 
hadad icing of Syria gathered 
all his host, and went up, and 
besieged Samaria. And as th« 
king of Israel was passing by up- 
on the wall, there cried a woman 
imto him, saying, Help, my lord, 
O king. And he said, if the Lord 
do not help thee, whence shall I 
help thee? out of the barofloor, 
or put of the winepress? And the 
king said unto her, What aileth 
thee? And she answered, This 
woman said unto me. Give thy 
son. that we may eat him to day, 
and we will eat my son to morrow. 
So we boiled my son, and did cat 
blm: and I said unto her on the 
next day, Give thy son, that we 
may eat him: and die hath hid 
her son. 

2 Kin, vU, 8, 4. And there were 
four leprous men at the entering 
In of the gate: and they said one 
to another. Why sit we here until 
we die? If we say. we will enter 
into the dty, then the flamlne is In 
the city, and we shall die there: 
and 11 we sit still here, we die 
also. Now therefore come, and 
let us fall unto the host of the Sy- 
rians : if they save us alive, we 
shall live; and If they kill us, we 
shall but die. 

Ps. cv, 10. Moreover he called 
for a famine upon the land: he 
brake the whole staff of bread. 

Lam, i, 6. And from the daugh- 
ter of Zion all her beauty is do- 
parted: her princes are become 
like harts tfuU find no pasture, 
and they are gone without 
strength before the pursuer. 

Lam. 1, 11. All her people sl|^ 
they seek bread; they have given 
their pleasant things for meat to 
relieve the soul: see, O Lord, and 
consider, for I am become vile. 

Zam.ll, 11, 12. Mine eyes do fail, 
with tear8,my bowels are troubled, 
my liver is poured upon the earth, 
for the destnictlon of the dauprhter 
of my people; because the children 
and the sucklings swoon In the 
streets of the city. They say to 
their mothers. Where is com and 
wine? when they swooned as the 
wounded in the streets of the city, 
when their soul was poured out 
Into their mothers' bosom. 

Lam, iv, 8-5. Even the sea 
monsters draw out the breast, 
they give suck to their young 
ones: the daughter of my people 
is become cmel, like the ostiiches 
in the wilderness. The tongue of 
the sucking child cleaveth to the 
roof of his mouth for thh^ : the 
young ctiildren ask bread, and no 

man breakethi^ unto them. They 
that did feed delicately are deso- 
late in the streets: they that were 
brought up in scarlet embrace 

ZoflC Iv, 7-10. Her Nazarites 
were purer than snow, they were 
whiter than milk, they were more 
mddy In body than mbles, their 
polishing was of sapphire: Their 
visage is blacker thon a coal; they 
are not known In the streets: their 
skin cleaveth to thcfr bones; it Is 
withered, it is become like a stick. 
They thai be slain with the sword 
are better than Uif]/ that be slain 
with hunger, for these pine awair, 
stricken through for want of the 
fhiits of the Add. The hands of 
the pitiful women have sodden 
their own children: they were 
tlieir meat In the destmctlon of 
the daughter of my people. 

Lam, r, 10. Our sMn was black 
Ilk i an oven because of the ter- 
rible famine. 

Kzek, It, 16, 17. Moreover he 
said unto me. Son of man, behold, 
I will break the staff of bread in 
Jerusalem: and they shall eat 
bread by weight, and with care; 
and they shall drink water by 
measure, and with astonishment: 
That they may want bread and 
water, and be astonled one with 
another, and consume away for 
their iniquity. 

Esxk. xil, 18, 19. Son of man, 
eat thy bread with quaking, and 
drink thy water with treiubling 
and with carefulness; And say 
unto the people of the land, Thus 
saith the Lord God of the Uihabl- 
tants of Jerusnlcm, and of the 
land of Israel; Thf y shall eat their 
bread with cari'fulness, and drink 
their water with astonishment, 
that her land may be desolate 
from all that is therein, because 
of the violence of all them that 
dwell therein. 

Joel 1, 8. 9. Lament like a vir- 
gin girded with sackcloth for the 
hu.s] >and of her yout h. The meat 
oUcrlng and the drink oflering is 
cut off from the house of the 
Lord; the priests, the Lord's min- 
isters, mourn. 

Joel i, 13-16. 19. 20. Come, He all 
night in sackcloth, ye ministers 
of my God: for the meat olferlng 
and the drink offering is with- 
holden from the house of your 
God. Sanctify ye a fast, call a 
solemn a«sombly, gather the el- 
ders and all the inliabitants of 
the land into the house of the 
Lord your God, and cry unto the 
Lord, Alas for the day! for the 
day of the Loao is at hand, and 
as a destruction fh)m the Al- 
mighty shall it come. Is not the 
meat cut off before our eyes, tfea, 
Joy and gladness from the house 
of our God? O Lord, to thee 

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will I cry: for the fire hatb de- 
Tonred tlie oastures of the wU- 
derness, and the flame hath 
bnraed all the trees of the field. 
The beasts of the field cry also 
unto thee: for the rivers of waters 
ere <b1ed up, and the fire hath 
devoured the pastures of the wtt- 

Afno9 It, 6. And I also bave 
driven you cleanness of teeth In all 
your cities, and want of bread In 
ell your places: yet have ye not 
returned unto me, saith the 

Otn, xll, 10. And there was a 
famine In the land: and Abram 
went down Into Egyin to sojourn 
there; for the fomlue vxis grievous 
In the land. 

Oen. xxvl, 1. And there was a 
ftmlne In the land, beside the 
first famine that was In the days 
of Abraham. And Isaac went 
unto Ablmelech king of the Phllls- 
tlnea unto Qerar. 


Gen. xli, 28-32. This is thething 
which I liave spoken unto Pha- 
raoh: What God ia about to do he 
sheweth uuto Pharaoh. Behold, 
there come seven years of great 
plenty throughout all the land of 
Egypt: And there shall arise after 
them seven years of famine; and 
all the plenty shall be forgotten in 
the land of Egypt; and the famine 
shall consume the land; And the 
plenty shall not be known In the 
land by reason of that fkunine 
following; for it shaU he very 
grievous. And for that the dream 
was doubled unto Pharoah twice; 
U is because the thing is estab- 
lished by God, and God will 
shortly bring it to pass. 

Oen. xU. 63-66. And the seven 
years of ptentcousness, that was in 
the land of Egypt, were ended. 
And the seven years of death be- 

Sn to come, according as Joseph 
d said: and the dearth was in 
all lands; but in all the land of 
Egypt there was bread. And 
when all the land of Egypt wad 
famished, the people cried to 
Pharaoh for bread: and Pharaoh 
said unto all the Egyptians, Go 
unto Joseph; what he salth to 
you, do. And the famine was over 
all the face of the earih: And 
Joseph opened all tlie storehouses, 
and sold unto the Egyptians; and 
the famine waied sore In the land 
of Egypt. 

Gtn. xlvii. 18-20. And there ioas 
no bread In all the land; for the 
fkmine vxu very sore, so that the 
land of Egypt and aU the land of 


Canaan fklnted by reason of the 
fimiine. And Joseph gathered 
up all the money that was found 
in the land of Egypt, and in the 
land of Canaan, for the com which 
they bought: and Joseph brought 
the money Into Pharaoh's house. 
And when money fiUIed in the 
land of Egypt, and in the land of 
Cenaan, all tne Egyptians came 
unto JoseptL and said, Give us 
bread: for why should we die in 
thy presence? for the money Call- 
eth. And Joseph said. Give your 
cattle; and I will give yon fbr 
your cattle, If money fidL And 
they brought their cattle unto 
Joseph: and Joseph gave them 
bread in exchange for horses, and 
for the fiocks, and fof the cattle of 
the herds, and for the asses: and 
he fed them with bread for all 
their cattle for that year. When 
that year was ended, they came 
unto him the second year, and 
sold unto him. We will not hide it 
fh)m my lord, how that our money 
is spent; my lord also hath our 
herds of cattle; there is not ought 
left in the sight of my lord, but 
our bodies, and our lands: Where- 
fore shall we die before thine 
eyes, both we and our land? buy 
us and our land for bread, and we 
and our land will be servants unto 
Pharaoh: and give us seed, that 
we may live, and not die, that the 
land be not desolate. And Joseph 
bought all the land of Egypt for 
Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold 
every man his field, because the 
famine prevailed over them: so the 
land became Pharaoh's. 

Acts Tli, 11. Now there came a 
dearth over all the land of Egypt 
and Chanaan, and great aflHction: 
and our fathers found no susten- 

Buth 1, 1. Now It came to pass 
In the days when the Judges ruled, 
that there was a famine In the 
land. And a certain man of Beth- 
lohem-Judah went to sojourn m 
the country of Moab, he, and his 
wife, and his two sons. 

2 Sam. xzl, 1. Then there was a 
Ihmine m the days of David three 
years, year after year, and David 
enquired of the Lord. And the 
Lord answered, It is for Saul, and 
for his bloody house, because he 
slew the Glbeonites. 

1 Kings xvU;i. And Elijah the 
Tishbite, n^Jio was of the inhabi- 
tants of Gllead, said unto Aliab, 
As the Lord God of Israel llveth, 
before whom I stand, there ahall 
not be dew nor ram these yean, 
but according to my word. 

t KiTigt It. 88. And Elldutoame 
again to Gilgal: and there toas a 
dearth in the land; and the son^ 
of the prophets ireresltthig before 
him: and he said unto his servant, 
Set on the great pot, and seethe 
pottage for the sons of the pro- 

2 Kings vl, 25. And there was a 
great fhmlne in Samaria: and. be- 
hold, they besieged it, until tn 
ass's head was sold for fourscore 
pieces ot silver, and the fourth 
port of a cab of dove's dung for 
five i)(ece« of silver. 


2 Kings viii, 1. Then spake 
Ellsha unto the woman, whose 
son he had restored to life, saying, 
Arise, and go thou and thine house- 
hold, and sctJoum wheresoever 
thou canst sojourn: for the Lord 
hath called for a famine; 
shaU also come upon the land 
seven years. 

Jer. xlv, 1. The word of the 
Lord that came to Jeremiah con- 
cerning the dearth. 


2Jrin^sxxv,3. And on the ninth 
datf of the /ourtA month the fam- 
ine prevailed in the city, and there 
was no bread for the peojAe of the 


Keh. V, 8. Some also there were 
that safdf, We have mortgaged our 
lands, vineyards, and houses, that 
we might buy corn, becatiseof the 

Acts xi, 28. And there stood up 
one of them named Agabus, and 
signified by the spirit that there 
should be great dearth throughout 
all the world: which oame to pass 
in the days ol Claudius Caesar. 

1 Kings xvii, 2-7. And the word 
of the Lord came unto him. say- 
ing. Get thee hence, and turn thee 
eastward, and hide thyself by the 
llt>ok Chcrith, that is before Jor- 
dan. And it shah be, that thou 
Shalt drink of the brook; and I 
have commanded the ravens to 
feed thee there. So he went and 
did according unto the word of 
the Lord: for he went and dwelt 
by the brook Cherith, that is be- 
fore Jordan. And the ravens 
brought him bread and flesh in 

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Che monitor and taetdand flesh 
tn the evening; and he diank of 
the brook. And it came to mm 
after a whUe, that the brook vied 
op, because there had been no 
rain In the land. 

Jdb T, 80. In fiEunlne he diall re- 
deem thee from death: and in war 
from the power of the sword. 

Jtatm xxxiU, 18, 19. Behbld, the 
eye of the Lord is npon them that 
t&BiT him, upon them that hope in 
hl% mercy; To deliver their sool 
fi-om death, and to keep them 
alive in fiunine. 

PaaUm zxxvii, 19. They Shan 
not be ashamed in the evil time: 
and in the days of fiunine they 
BhaQ be satisfied. 

Ezek. xxxvl, 89, 80. I wIU also 
save yon from all your nndean* 
nesses; and I will call for the com, 
and will Increase it, and lay no 
fiunine npon yon. And I will 
multiply the firuit of the tree, and 
the increase of the field, that ye 
shall receive no more reproach ot 
fiunine among the heathen. 

Joel ii, 19. Yea, the Lobd will 
answer and say unto his people. 
Behold, I will send yon com. ana 
wine, and oil, and ye shall be 
satisfied therewith; and I will no 
more make yon ft reproach among 
the heathen. 


Gen. xli, 84-87. Let Pharaoh do 
this, and let him appoint oQlcers 
over the land, and take up the 
fifth part of the land of Egypt in 
the seven plenteous years. And 
let them gather all the food of 
those good years that come, and 
lay up com under the hand of 
Pharaoh, and let them keep food 1 
hi the cities. And that food shall 
be for store to the land against 
the seven years of famine, which 
shall be hi the land of Egypt; that 
the land perish not through the 
famhie. And the thing was good 
in the eyes of Pharaoh, and in the 
eyee of all his servants. 

6en.j\\ 48,49. 57. And he gather 
ed op all the food of the seven 
years, which were in the land of 
Egyi>t, and laid up the food in the 
cities: the food of the field, which 
vxLS round about Qvery dty, laid 
he up in the same. And Joseph 
gathered com as the sand of the 
sea, very much, until he left numr 
berlng; for it teas without number 
And all countries came Into 
. Egypt to Joseph fbr to buy corn; 
because that the fiunhne was 90 
Bore in all lands. 

iim, xlii, 1-5. Now when Jacob 
saw that there was com In Egj'pt, 
Jacob said unto his sons, Why do 
ye look one up<» auotheit And 


he said. Behold, I have heard that 
there u com In Egypt: get yon 
down thither, and buy for us fhrai 
thence; that we may Uve, and not 
die. And Joseph's ten brethren 
went down to buy com in Egypt. 
But Benjamin, Joseph's brother, 
Jacob sent not with his brethren; 
for he said, Lest peradTentare 
mischief beftdl him. And the 
sons of Israel came to buy com 
among those that came: for the 
famine was In the land of Canaan. 

Otn. xliil, 1-S. And the fiunine 
toas sore in the Umd. And it came 
to pass, when they had eaten up 
the com which they had brought 
out of Egypt, their father said un- 
to them. Go again, buy us & little 
food. And Jodah spi^e unto him, 
sa>ing, The man did solemnly 
protest unto us, saying. Ye ahall 
not see my fiiice, except your 
brother be with you. If thou wilt 
send our brother with us, we will 
go down and buy thee food: But if 
thou wilt not send him, we will 
not go dowm for the man said un- 
to us. Ye shall not see my fitoe, 
except your brother be with you. 

Oen. xliv, 35, 86. And onrfitther 
said. Go again and buy us a little 
food. And we said. Wo cannot go 
down: if our youngeot brother be 
with us, then will we go down: 
for we may not see the man's face, 
except our youngest brother be 
with us. 

Prw. xi, 26. He that wlthhold- 
eth com, the people shall curse 
him: but blessing ahaXl be upon the 
head of him that seUeth U. 

Acts zil, 80. And Herod was 
highly displeased with them of 
T>Te and Sidon: but they came 
with one accord to him, and, hav- 
ing made Blastus the king's 
chamberlain their friend, desired 
pcice; because their country was 
nourished by the king's country, 


Gm. iv, 12. When then tlllest 
the ground, it shall not hence- 
forth yield unto thee herstrcngth; 
a fugitive and a vagabond shalt 
thou be in the earth. 

Nam, xlv, S: And all the chil- 
dren of Israel murmured against 
Hoses and against Aaron: and the 
whole congregation said unto 
them. Would God that we had 
died In the land of Egypt! or 
would God we had died In this 

Devt. xxix. 23. And that the 
whole land tnereof <s brimstone, 
and salt, and burning, that it is 
not sown, nor beareth, nor any 
grass groweth therein, like the 
overthrow of Sodom and Gomor- 
rah, Admah, and Zebohn, which 
the Tioao overthrew in his anger, 
and In his wrailu 

DeuL xxslL 10. He fbimd him 

In adeseri huid, and In the waste 
howling wilderness; he led him 
about, he instructed him, he kept 
him as the apple of his eye. 

Joth, xvll, 17. 18. And Joshua 
tpake unto the house of Joseph, 
even to Ephrahn and to Manassch, 
saying. Thou art a great people, 
and hast great power, thou shalt 
not have one lot only: But the 
mountain shall be thine; for It is a 
wood, and thou shalt cut it down: 
and the outgoings of it shall be 
thine: fi^r thou shalt drive out the 
Canaanitee, though they have Iron 
chariots, and though they be 

8 Sam, xvtil. a For the baHle 
Was th'^re scattered over the llaoe 
of all the country: and the vooi 
devoured. more people that day 
than the sword devoured. 

•ro&xxx,7. Among the bushes 
they brayed; under the nettles 
they were gathered together. 

Job xxxvlll, 87. To satisfy the 
desolate and waste ground. 

Psalm cxxxli, 6. Lo, we heard 
of it at Ephmtoh: we fbund it Id 
the fields of the wood. 

Isaiah V, 17. Then shall the 
lambs feed after their manner, and 
the waste places of the fot ones 
shall strangers eat. 

Isaiah 11, 8. For the Lord shall 
comfort Zlom he will comfort all 
her waste places; and he will make 
her wilderness like Eden, and her 
desert like the garden of the 
Loan: Joy and gladness shall be 
found therein, tlianksglving, and 
the voice of melody. 

Jer. ii, 2. Go and cry In the ears 
of Jerusalem, saying, Thus salth 
the Lono; I rcmeinlior thee, the 
kindness of thy youih, ihe love of 
thine eni^ouscils, wIku thou went- 
est after mo In the wildeme8s,ina 
land that teas not sown. 

Jer. ix, 2. Oh that I had In the 
wilderness a lodpins: place of way- 
faring men; that I niijrlit leave my 
people, and go from'tbeni! for they 
be all adulterers, an assembly ot 
treacherous men. 

Jer. XXV, 84. And all the kings 
of Arabia, and all the kings of the 
mingled people that dwell in the 

Jer. 1, 12. Your mother shall be 
sore confounded; she that bare 
you shall be ashamed: behold, the 
hindcrraost of the nations sfiall be 
a wiideraess, a dry land, and a 

Ezek. xlvil, 11. But the miry places 
thereof and the marlt-hes thereof 
shall not bo healed; they shall be 
given to salt. 

Mlcah Yli, 14. Feed thy people 
with thy rod, the flock of thine 
heritage, which dwell solitarily in 
the wood, hi the midst of Camiel: 

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let them feed in Baaihan and 
Qilead, as In tlio days of old. 

Zeph. II, 9. Therefore as I live, 
ealth the Lobo of hosts, the Qod 
of Israel, Surely Moab shaU be as 
Sodom, and the children of Am- 
nion as Gomorrah, even thebreed- 
ingr of nettles, and saltplts, and a 
perpetual desolation: the residue 
of my people shall spoil them, and 
the remnant of my people shall 
possess them. 

Matth. xl, 7. And as they de- 
psjTted, Jesus began to say onto 
the multitudes concerning John, 
What went ye out Into the wilder- 
ness to see? A reed shaken with 
the wind? 

Jiatth. XT. 83. And his disdples 
say nnto him. Whence should we 
have so much bread In the wilder- 
ness, as to All so great a multi- 

Mark vi, 81, 83. And he said 
mito them, Come ye yourselves 
apart into a desert place, and rest 
a while: for there were numy 
coming and going, and they had 
no leisure so much as to eat. And 
they departed Into a desert place 
by ship privately. 

Luke i. 80. And the diildgreWi 


and waxed strong In spbit, and t 
was in the deserU till the day of 
his shewing unto IsraeL 


Psalm Ivtli. 9. Before your pots 
can feel the thorns, be shall take 
them away as with a whirlwind, 
both living, and in his wrath. 

Prop, xxlv^l. And, lo. It was aU 
grown over with thorns, and net- 
tles had covered the Coce thereof, 
and the stone wail thereof was 
broken down. 

Eccles. vii. 6. For as the crack- 
ling of thorns under a pot, so is 
the hiughter of the fooh thisalso is 

Isaiah xxis, 17. li it not yet a 
very little while, and Lebanon 
shall be turned Into a fhiltful 
field, and the fhiltful field shaU. 
be esteemed as a forest? 

Isaiah xxxUfia. Upon the land 
of my people shall come up thorns 
and briery yea, upon all the 
bouses of Joy in the Joyous city. 

Isaiah xxxiil, 12. And the peo- 
ple shall be as the burnings of 
lime: as thorns cut up ihali they 
be burned in the thre. 

Isaiah xxxlv, 18. And thomi 
shall come up in her palaces, nettles 
and brambles in the fortresses 

ffosea ix, 6. For, to, they are 
gone because of destructlom 
Egypt shall gather them up, 
Memphis shall bury them: the 
pleasant places for their sUvet, 
nettles shall possess thom: thorns 
sAaU be M their tabernacles. 

ffosea X. 8. The high places also 
of Aven, the sin of Israel, shall be 
destroyed: the thom and the 
tlilstle shall come up on their 
altars; and they shall say to the 
mountains, Cover us; and to the 
hills, Fall on us. 

Micah vii, 4. The best of them 
iff as a brier, the most upright is 
sharper than a thorn hedge: the 
day of thy watchmen and thy 
visitation cometh; now shall be 
their perplexity. 

MaUh. vii, 16. Ye ahaU know 
thom by their fruits. Do men 
gather grapes of thorns, or figs of 

Heb. vl, a But that which bear- 
eth thorns and briers is rejected, nigh unto cursing, vdiiota 
end if to be burned. 

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am, 1, 90-2& And God said. 
Let tbe ^vaters brtn^ forth abund- 
antly tbe moving creature that 
bath life, azul fowl that may fly 
above the earth in tbe open fir- 
mament of heaven. And God 
created great whalee, and every 
living creatnre that moveth, 
which the waters brought forth 
abund&ntly, after their kind^ and 
every winded fowl after hia kind: 
and God saw that it was good. 
And God blessed them, saying. 
Bo fhiltful, and mulUply, and fill 
the waters in the seas, and let 
fowl multiply In the earth. And 
the evening and the morning 
were the fifth day. And God 
said. Let tbe earth bring forth the 
livlQg creature after his kind, 
cattle, and creeping thing, and 
beast of the earth after his kind: 
and it was so. And God made 
tbe beast of the earth after hla 
kind, and cattle after their kind, 
and every thing that creepeth up- 
on the earth after his kind: and 
God saw that U toas good. 

Cf€n. ii, 19, 20. And out of the 
ground the Lobd God formed 
every beast of the field, and 
every fowl of the air, and brought 
them unto Adam to see what he 
would call them: and whatsoever 
Adam called every living crea- 
ture, that uxu tbe name thereof. 
And Adam gave names to all 
cattle, and to the fowl of the air, 
and to every beast of the field: but 
for Adam there was not faimd an 
help meet for him. 

Jer, xxvll, 6. 1 have made the 
earth, the man uid the beast that 
are upon the ground, by my 
great power and by my out- 
stretched arm, and have given It 
unto whom It seemed meet onto 

1 ()br.xv,89.All flesh is not the 
some flesh: but there is one' kind 
o/ flesh of men, another flesh ot 
beasts, another of fishes, and an 
other of birds. 


Oen. i, 80. And to every beast 
of the earth, and to every fowl of 
the air, and to every thing that 
creepeth upon the earth, wherein 
there to life, / have given every 

green herb for meat: and it was 

Gen. y\, 19, 20. And of every 
living thing of all flesh, two of 
every sort shalt thou bring into 
tbe ark, to keep £Aem alive with 
thee; they shall be male and fB- 
male. Of fowls after their kind, 
and of cattle after their kind, of 
every creeping thing of the earth 
after his kind, two of every sort 
shall come unto thee, to keep 
M«m alive. 

Oen. vll, 14-16. They, and every 
beast after his kind, and all the 
cattle after their kind, and every 
creeping thing that creepeth upon 
the earth after his kind, and 
every fowl after bis kind, every 
bird of every sort. And they 
went in unto Noah into the ark, 
two and two of all flesh, wherein is 
the breath of life. And they that 
went in, went in male and female 
of all flesh, as God had command- 
ed him: and the Loan shut him 

Oen. xxxvii, 81-33. And they 
took Joseph's coat, and killed a 
kid of the goats, imd dipped the 
coat in the blood; And they sent 
the coat of many colours, and they 
brought it to their father: and 
said. This have wo found: know 
now whether it be thy son's coat 
or no. And he knew it, and said, 
/j i0 my son's coat; an evil beast 
bath devoured him; Joseph is 
without doubt rent in pieces. 

Lev. zxvi, 21, 22. And If ye walk 
contrary unto me, and will not 
hearken unto me; I will bring 
seven times more plagues upon 
you according to your sins. I will 
also send wild beasts among you, 
which shall rob you of your chil- 
dren, and destroy your cattle, and 
make you few in number, and 
your high ways shall be desolate. 

Jcb V, 22, 28. At destruction and 
Cuninethou shalt laugh: neither 
Shalt thou be afVaid of the t>eai»ts 
of the earth. For thou shalt be 
in league with the stones of the 
fleld: and the beasts of the field 
shall be at peace with thee. 

Jcib vl, 6. Doth the wild ass bra> 
when he hath grass? orloweththc 
ox over his fodder? 

Job xli, 7-10. But ask now the 
beasts, and they shall teach thee; 
and the fbwls of the air, imd they 
shaH tell thee: Or speak to the 
earth, and it shall teach thee: and 
the fishes of the sea shall declare 
unto thee. Who knoweth not in 

an these Chat the hand of ths 
Loan hath wrought this? In 
whose hand is the soul of every 
living thing, and the breath of all 

Job xxxvii, 7, 8. He sealeth up the 
hand of every man; that all men 
may know his work. Then the 
beasts go into dens, and remainin 
their places. 

Job xxxviil, 89-tl. Wilt thou 
hunt the prey for the Hon? or fill 
the appetite of the. young lions, 
When they couch In their dens, 
and abide in tbe covert to Ue in 
wait? Who provldetb for ihe 
raven bis food? when his young 
ones cry unto God, they wander 
for lack of meat. 

Jd) xxxix, 13. Qavest thou the 
goodly wings unto the peacocks? 
or wings and feathers unto the 

Psalm \y 10. For every beast of 
the forest is mine, and the cattle 
upon a thoysand hills. 

Fsalm xMx, 12. Nevertheless 
man being In honour abideth not: 
he Is like the beasts that perish. 

Psalm dv, 20-22. Thou makest 
darkness, and It is night: wherehi 
all the tieasts of tbe forest do 
creep forth. Tho young lions 
roar after their irey, and seek 
their meat from (iud. Tbe sun 
arlseth, they gather themselves 
together, and lay them down In 
their dens. 

i^wfmcxlvll,9. Heglvethtothe 
beast his food, and to the young 
ravens which cry. 

PS. cxlvlli, 7, 10, Praise the 
Lord from tho earth, ye dragon^ 
and all deeps: Boasts, and all 
cattle; creeping things, and flying 

Is. 1, 8. The ox knowoth his 
owner, and the ass his master's 
crib: tnii Israel doth not know, my 
people doth not consider. 

/*. xmi,20. The beast of the 
fleld shall honour mo, the dragons 
and the owls: because I give 
waters In the wilderness, and 
rivers in the desert, to give drink 
to my people, my chosen. 

Is. xxxiv, 16. Seek ye out of the 
book of the Lord, and read: no one 
of these shall fail, none shall wont 
her mate: for my moufh it hath 
commanded, and his sphlt it hath 
gathered them. 

Jer. vlli, 7. Yea, the stork hi the 
heaven knoweth her appointed 
limes; and tbe turtle and the 

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crane and the awallow oTieonre 
tbe time of their coming; bat my 
people know not the judgment of 
the Lord. 

Jer, xli, 4. How long shall the 
hmd mourn, and the herbs of 
©rery field wither, for thewicked> 
nessofthem that dwell therein? 
the beast8 are oonsnmod, and the 
birds; becanse they said. He shall 
not see oar last end. 

Bosea U, 18. And hi that day 
will I make a oovonant for them 
with the beosU of the field, and 
with the fowls of heaven, and irftA 
the creeping things of tho ground: 
and I wni break the bow and the 
•word and the battle out of tho 
earth, and wlU make them to He 
down safely. 

Jb^tU, 21, 2S. Fearnot. O land; 
be glad and rejoice: for the Lord 
wlU do great things. Be not 
atyaid, ye beasts of the field: for 
the postnres of the wilderness do 
spring, for the tree brareth her 
trait, tlie fig tree and the Tine do 
yield their strength. 

Jcmah It, 11. And shonld not 
I spare Nlnereh, that great city, 
wherein are more than dxscore 
thonsj \ persons that cannot di». 
ceni between their right hand and 
their left hand; and olm much 

Zech, xlT, 16. And Bo shall be 
fbe plague of the horse, of the 
mule, of the camel, and of tho ass, 
and of all the boasta that shall be 
tn these tents, as this plague. 

Maiih. vl. 26. Behold the fowls 
of the air. forthcy sow not, neither 
do they reap, nor gather Into 
bams; yet your heavenly Father 
feedeth them. Are ye not much 
better than thejt 

UaJtUi. X, 29. Are not two spar- 
rows sold for a farthing? and one 
of them shall not fUl oa the 
ground without your Father. 


Qtn. I, 28. And God blessed 
Chem. and God said unto them, Be 
fhiitful, and multiply, and replen- 
ish tbe earth, and subdue it: and 
have dominion oTor the fish of the 
sea, and over the fowl of the air. 
and over every living UUng that 
moveth upon the earth. 

6m, Ix, 2. 8. And thefearof you 
and the dread of you shall be upon 
every beaet of tho earth, and upon 
every fowl of the air, upon all that 
moveth upon the earth, and upon 
all the fishes of the sea; into your 
hand are they delivered. Every 
moving thbig that llvetb shall be 
meat for you; even as the green 
herb have I given you all tmngs. 

JttdgtM xlv, 6, 6. Then went 
Samson down, and his &ther and 
bis mother, to TImnath, and came 
to the vlneyttda of Timnath: and. 

behold, a young lion roared 
against him. And the Spirit of the 
Lord came mightily upon hhn, 
and he rent him as he would have 
rent a kid, and he had nothing in 
his hand: but he told not his 
father or his mother what he had 

1 Sam, zvU, 84-97. And David 
said unto Saul, Thy servaAt kept 
his father's sheep, and there came 
a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb 
out of the flock: And I went out 
af>er him. and smote him, and de- 
livered It out of his mouth: and 
when he arose against me, I 
caught him by his beard, and 
smote him, and slew him. Thy 
servant slew both the lio.i and the 
boar, and this unclrcumciaod 
Philistine shall be as one of them, 
seeing he hath defied the armies 
of the living God. David said 
moreover, The Lo|tD that deliver- 
ed me out of the paw of the lion, 
and out of the paw of the bear, he 
will deliver me out of the hand of 
this PhiUstlne. And Saul said 
unto David, Go, and the Lobd be 
with thee. 

9 Sam. xxlll, 20. And Benafah 
went down also and slew a lion 
In the midst of a pit In time of 

Jo&xxvlll,T,8. ThenU a path 
which no fowl knoweth. and 
which the vulture's eye hath not 
seen. The lion's whelps have not 
trodden it. nor the fierce lion 
passed by it. 

Job xxrv, 11. Who tcacheth us 
more than the beasts of the earth, 
and maketh us wiser than the 
fowls of heaven? 

P8. vlll. 6-9. Thou madest him 
to have aominlon over the works 
of thy hands; thou hast put all 
thingi under his fieet: All sheep 
and oxen, yea, and the beasts of 
the field; The fowl of the air, and 
tho fish of the sea, and whatsoever 
passeth through the paths of the 
seas. O Lobd our Lord, how 
excellent is thy name In all the 

Ralm xxxll, 9. Be ye not as the 
horse, or as the mule, which have 
no understanding; whose mouth 
must be held hi with bit and 
bridle, lest they oome near unto 

James illf. For every Wnd of 
beasts, and of birds, and of ser- 
pents, and of things in the sea, la 
tamed, and hath been tamed of 

/so. zxxlv. 14. ThewUd beasts 
of the deinert shall also meet with 
the wild beasts of the Island, and 
the satyr shall cry to his fellow. 

Jer. X, 89. Therefore the wild 
boasts of the desert withthe wild 

beasts of the Islands shall dweD 
there, and the owls shall dwell 
therein: and It shall be no more 
Inhabited for ever, neither shall It 
be dwelt In f^m generation to 

Dan, Iv, 12. 25. The leaves 
thereof tpere mlr. and the fruit 
thereof much, ana in it was meat 
for all: tho beasta of the field had 
shadow uhdor it, and tho fbwis of 
the heaven dwelt In the boughs 
thereof, and all fiesh was fed of 
It. That they shall drive thee 
fh>m men, and thy dwelling shall 
1)0 with the beasts of the field, 
and they shall make thee to eat 
grass as oxen, and thoy shall wet 
thee with the dew of heaven, and 
seven times shall pass over thee, 
till thou know that the most High 
ruloth In the kingdom of men, 
and glveth It to whomsoever he 

Mark I, 18. And he was there 
In the wildemeM forty days, 
tempted of Satan; and was with 
the wild beasts; and the angels 
ministered unto him. 



2 Kincs II, 24. And he turned 
back, and loolied on them, and 
cursed them In the name of the 
Lord. And there came forth two 
she bears out of tbe wood, and 
tare forty and two chUdren of 

8 Sam. xvlf, 8. For, said Hush- 
al, thou knowest thy father and 
his men, that they &e mighty men, 
and they be chafed hi their minds, 
as a boar robbed of her whelps In 
tho field: and thy father is a man 
of war, and will not lodge wlththe 

Prov, xvW, 12. Let a bear robbed 
of her whelps meet a man, rather 
than a fool hi his folly. 

Lam. ill. 10. He vxi8 unto me aa 
a bear lying In wait, and a» allon 
In secret places. 

Hosea xlll, a I will meet them 
as a bear tfuU is bereaved qffier 
tthelps, and will rend tho caul of 
thch- heart, and there will I de- 
vour them like a Uom the wild 
beast shall tear them. 

/o6xl,lS-20, 22-24. Behold now 
behemoth, which I made with thee; 
In eateth grass as an ox. Lo now 
his strength is hi his lohi8,Tind 
his force is hi tho navel of his 
belly. He moveth his tail Uke a 
cedan the sinews of his stones are 
wrapped together. Ulsboneears 
as strong pieces of brass: his 
bones ar« like bars of hxm. Hets 
the chief of the ways of God: he 
that made him. oaa make his 

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•word to approach icnto khn. 
Surely the moontalus bring him 
forth food, where all the beasts of 
the field play. The shady trees 
cover him with their shadow, the 
willows of the brook compass him 
abont. Behold, he drhiketh up a 
river, and hosteth not: he trosteth 
that he can draw up Jordan into 
his mouth. Ue taketh it with his 
eyes: his nose pierceth. through 

A. Ixxx, 18. The boar out of the 
wood doth waste it, and the wild 
boast of the field doth devour it 



F8. cIv, 18. The high hills are a 
reftige for the wild goat^ and the 
rocks for the conies. 

Prov.zxx, 26. The conies are 
but a feeble folk, yet make they 
their houses in the rocks. 



Gen. xMx, 21. Naphtalt i$ a hind 
let loose: he giveth goodly words. 

Job xxxlx, 1-4. Knowest thou 
the time when the wild goats of 
the rock bring forth? or canst thou 
mark when the hinds do calve? 
Canst thou number the months 
that they fUini? or knowest thou 
the time when they bring forth? 
They bow themselves, they bring 
forth their young ones, they cost 
out their sorrows. Their young 
ones are In good liking, they grow 
up with com; they go forth, and 
return not unto them. 

J^. xvlli, 83. He roaketh ray feet 
like hinds' feet, and setteth me 
upon my high places. 

i^. zxix, 9. The voice of the 
Lord maketh the hinds to calve, 
and discovereth the forests: and 
in his temple doth every one speak 
of Ms glory. 

J^. xlii, 1. As the hart pantcth 
after the watei' brooks, so panteth 
my soul after thee, O God. 

Prov.r, 19. Let her be as the 
loving hind and plnasant roe; lot 
her breasts satisfy thee at all 
times; and be thou ravished 
always with her love. 

Qant 11, 17. Until the day break, 
and the shadows flee away, turn, 
my heioxed, and be thou Like a 
roe T>r a young hart jnpon the 
mountains of Bother. 

(Stmt, vll, 8. Thy two breasts 
are like two young roes that are 

Cant, vill, 14. Make haste, my 
beloved, and be thou like to a roe 
or to a young hart upon the 
moxmtains of spices. 


Bob. Ui, 19. The Loan God U 
my strength, and he will make my 
feet like hinds' feet, and he will 
make me to walk upon mine high 
places. To the chief singer on my 
stringed instruments. 




JSxod, xl, 7. But against any of 
the children of Israel shall not a 
dog move his tongue, against man 
or beast: that ye may know how 
that the Lobd doth put a differ- 
ence between the Egyptians and 

• Deut. xxlll. 18. Thou Shalt not 
bring the hire of a whore, or the 
prioe of a dog, into the house of 
the LoBD thy Qod for any vow: 
for even both these are abomina- 
tion unto the Loan thy God. 

Judffes vll, 5. So he brought 
down the people unto the waten 
and the Loud said unto Gideon, 
Every onelhat lappeth of the 
water with his tongue, as a dog 
lappeth, him shalt thou set by 
himsoll^ likewise every one timt 
boweth down upon his knees to 

1 Sam. xril, 43. And the Phnis- 
tine said unto David, ^m I a dog. 
that thou comcst to me with 
staves? And the Philistine cursed 
David by his gods. 

1 Sam. xxlv, 14. After whom l3 
the king of Israel come out? after 
whom dost thou pursue? after a 
dead dog, after a flea. 

S Sam. ill, 8. Then was Abner 
very wroth tor the words of Ish- 
bosheth, and said. Am I a dog's 
head, which against Jndah do 
shew kindness this day unto the 
house of Saul thy fiather, to bis 
brethren, and to his friends, and 
have not delivered thee into the 
hand of David, t^at thou charprcst 
mo to dny with a fault concerning 
this woman? 

9 Sam. \x, 8. And he bowed 
himself, and said, What is thy 
servant, that thou shouldest look 
upon such a dead dog as I amf 

2 Sam. xvl,9. Then said Abfshai 
the son of Zcrulah unto the king, 
Why should this dead dog curso 
my lord the king? let me go over, 
I pray thee, and take off his 

1 Kin. xlT, 11. Him that dlcth 
of Jeroboam in the city shall the 
dogs eat. 

1 Kin. xvi. 4. Him that dleth of 
Baasha in the city shall the dogs 
eat; and blm that dieth of his in 
the fields shall the fowls of the air 

1 Kin. xxi, 19, 28. And thou 
Shalt speak unto him, saying. 
Thus saith the Lobd, Hast thou 

knied, and also taken possenloitf 
And thou shalt speak unto him, 
saying. Thus salth the Lobo, In 
the place where dogs licked the 
blood of Naboth shall dogs lick 
thy blood, even thine. And of 
Jezebel also spake the Loed, say- ' 
ing, The dogs shall eat Jezebel by 
the wall of Jezrccl. 

2 Kin. Till, 18. And Hazaelsold, 
But what, is thy servant a dog. 
that he should do this great thing?* 
And Ellsha answered. The Loan 
hath shewed mo that thou shalt 
be king over Syria. 

Jcb XXX, 1. But now thev that 
are younger than I have me in 
derision, whose fathers I would 
have disdained to have set with 
the dogs of my flock. 

Ps. xxil, 16. For dogs have com- 
passed me: the assembly of the 
wicked have inclosed me: they 

Slerced my hands and my feet 
>ellver my soul from the sword; 
my darling from the power of the 

Ps. lix, 6. They return at even- 
ing: they make a noise like a dog, 
and go round about the city. 

Ps. UvUi, 23. That thy foot may 
be di[)pod in the blood of thine 
enemies, and the tongue of thy 
dogs in the same. 

Prov. xxvi, 11, 17. As a dog re- 
tumcth to his vomit, so a fool re- 
tumelh to his folly, lie that 
pas!K»th by, and meddleth with 
strllo belonging not to him, is like 
one tliat taketh a dog by the ears. 

Prov. XXX, 31. A greyhound; an 
he goat also; and a king, against 
whom there is no rising up. 

Eccles. Ix, 4. For to him that is 
Joined to all the living there is 
hope: for a living dog Is better 
than a dead lion. 

Isa. Ivi, 10, 11. His watchman 
are blind: they are all ignorant, 
they are all dumb dogs, they can- 
not bark; sleeping, lying down, 
loving to slumber. Yea, Utcj/ are 
greedy dogs which can never hove 
enough, and they are shepherds 
that cannot understand: they all 
look to their own way. every one 
for his gain, from his quarter. 

Isa. Ixvl, 8. He that kllleth an 
ox is as if he slew a man; he that 
sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off 
a dog's neck. • • • 

Jer. XV, 8. And I win appoint 
over them for kinds, saith the 
Lord: the sword to slay, and the 
dogs to tear, and the fowls of the 
heaven, and the beasts of the 
earth, to devour and destroy. 

MaUh. vU,6. Give not that which 
is holy unto the dogs, neither cast 
ye your pearls before tiwine, lest 
they trample them nnder their 
feet, and turn again and rend you. 

Matth. XT, 26, 87. But he answer 

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ed iDd nld. It Is not meet to take 
the children's bread, and to cast 
tt to dogs. And she said, Truth, 
Lord: yet the do;^ eat of the 
cnunbs which fall trom their 
master^ table. 

Luke xv\, 21. And dcslrlngr to 
be fed with the crumbs which fell 
Ih>m the rich man's table: more- 
over the dogs came and licked 
bis sores. 

I^a. ill, 9. Beware of dogs, be- 
ware of evil workers, beware of 
the concision. 

Jtev. xxU, 15. For without are 
dogs, and sorcerers, and whoro- 
mongers, and murdororsi and 
idolaters^ and whosoever loveth 

niAu:. BOT OTKimro. 

JTeft. !▼, 8. Now Toblah the 
Ammonite vxte by him, and he 
said, Even that which thoy build, 
If a fox go up, he filiall even break 
down tholr stone wall. 

P?. IxiU. 10. They Shan fall by 
the swor^: they shall be a portion 
fior foxes. 

Laf.u ▼, 18. Becanse of the monn- 
tain of ZIon. which Is desolate, 
the foxes walk upon It. 

Ezek. xlil, 4. O Israel, thy pro* 
phets are like the foxes m the 

JTo/M. Till, 20. AndJesnssalth 
unto him. The foxes have holes, 
and tlio birds of the Air Have nests; 
but the Son of man hath not 
where to lay his head. 

Z^X:exil!,82. And he said nnto 
them. Go ye, and tell that fox. 
Behold, I cast out devils, and I 
do cures to day and to morrow, 
and the third day I shall be per- 



Omt. It, & Come with me from 
Lebamon, my spouse, with me 
from Lebanon: look from the top 
of Amana, from the top of Shenir 
and Hermon, flpom the llon^ dens, 
firom the motmtalus of the leo- 

Isa, xf, 6w The wolf also shall 
dwell with the lamb, and the leo- 
pard shall lie down with the kid; 
and tlie calf and the young lion 
and the fatling together; and a 
litUe chUd BhaU lead them. 

Jer. xiU. 28. Can the Ethiopian 
change his skin, or the leopard 
his spots? then may ye also do 
good, that are accostomed to do 

Dan, tU, 6. After this I beheld, 
and lo another, Uke a leopard. 


which had npon the back of it four 
wings of a fowl: the beast had also 
four heads; and dominion was 
given to It. 

Ilosea xlli, 7. Therefore I will 
be nnto them as a lion; as a leop- 
ard by the way will I observe 

Hab, 1, 8. Their horses also are 
swifter than the leopards, and are 
more fierce than the evening 
wolves: and their horsemen shall 
spread themselves, and their 
horsemen shall come from for. 
they shall fly as the eagle thai 
hasteth to eat. 

i?«p.xiii,2. And the beast which 
I saw was like nnto a leopard, and 
his feet were as the feet of a boar, 
and his mouth as the mouth of a 
lion: and the dragon gave him his 
power, and his seat, and great 


Judges xlT, a And after a time 
he returned to take her, and he 
turned aside to see the carcase of 
the lion: andf, behold, there was a 
swarm of bees and honey In the 
carcase of the Uon. 

1 Kinos xlll, 24-28. And when 
he was gone, a lion met him by 
the way, and slew him: and his 
carcase was cast In the way, and 
the ass stood by It, the lion also 
stood by the carcase. And, be- 
hold, men passed by, and saw the 
carcase cast in the way, and the lion 
standing by tho carcase: and they 
came and told it In tho city where 
the old prophet dwelt. And when 
the prophet that brought him 
back from the way hoard therecif, 
he said. It is the man of God, who 
was disobedient unto tho word ol 
the Loao: therefore the Loan hath 
Oclivored him unto the lion, which 
haUi torn him. and slain him, 
according to the word of the 
LoBD, which ho spake unto him. 

1 Kings XX, 86. Then said he 
nnto him, Because thou hast not 
obeyed the voice of the Lord, be- 
hold, as soon as thou art departed 
from mo, a lion shall slay thee. 
And as soon as he was departed 
from him, a Uon found him, and 
slew him. 

2 Kings xvil, 25, 26. And so It 
was at the beginning of their 
dwelling there, UuU they feared 
not the JjORd: therefore the Lord 
sent Uons among them, which 
slew some of them. Wherefore 
they spake to the king of Assyria, 
saying, The nations which thou 
hast removed, and placed In the 
dues of Bumarla, know not the 
manner of the God of the land: 
therefore he hath sent lions among 
them, and. behold, they slay them, 
because they know nbt the man- 
ner of the Qod of the land. 


Its Boldxbss avd Powxb. 

Gen. xllx, 9. Judah is a lion's 
whelp: from the prev, my son, 
thou art gone up: he stooped 
doAvn, he couched as a lion, and 
as an old lion; who shall rouse him 

Num. xxlii, 24. Behold, the peo- 
ple shall rise up as a great lion, 
and lift up himself as a young 
lion: he shall not lie down until he 
eat oif tho prey, and drink the 
blood of the slain. 

Num. xxlT, 9. He couched, he 
lay down as a lion, and as a great 
lion; who shall stir him up? Bless- 
ed is he that blesseth thee, and 
cnrsed is he that curseth thee. 

Deut. xxxlil, 20, 22. And of Gad he 
snid, Blessed be he that enlargeth 
God: he dwelleth as a lion, and 
teareth the arm with the crown of 
tho head. And of Dan he said, 
Dan is a lion's lybelp: he shall 
leap frx>m Bashan. 
. 2 8am. xvll, 10. And he also 
that is valiant, whose heart is as 
the heart of a lion. shaU utterly 
melt: for all Israel knoweth that 
thy father is a mighty man, and 
thev which be with him are vali- 
ant men. 

1 Kings tU, 29, 86. And on the 
borders that irers between the 
ledges vxre Uons, oxen, and chero- 
bUns: and npon the ledges there 
vxis a base above: and beneath 
the Uons and oxen vxre certain 
additions made of thin work. For 
on the plates of the ledges thereof; 
and on the borders thereof, he 
graved chcrublms, lions, and palm 
trees, according to the proportion 
of every one, and additions round 

1 Kings X, 19, 2a The throne 
had six steps, and tho top of the 
throne xcas round behind: and 
there vrere stays on either side on 
the place of the seat, and two lions 
stood beside the stays. And 
twelve Uons stood there on the 
one side and on the other upon 
the six -steps: there was not the 
like made in any kingdom. 

Job, It, 10, 11. The roaring of 
the lion, and the voice of the 
fierce lion, and the teeth of the 
youug lions, are broken. The old 
Uon pcrisheth for lack of prey, 
and the stout lion's whelps are 
scattered abroad. 

Ps. X, 9. He Ueth In wait secret- 
ly as a Uon hi his den: he Ueth hi 
wait to catch the poor, ho doth 
catch the poor, when he draweth 
him into his net. 

Fs. xvU, 12. Like as a Hon that 
Is greedy of his prey, and as It 
wore a young Uon lurking In 
secret places. 

i^. lvlU.6. Break thefr teeth. O 
God, in theli moutii, break out the 
great teeth of the young Uons, O 

LOBD. _ 


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Frov. zfz. 19. The king's wnth 
<9 aa the roaring ofa lion; bnt his 
fttTonr i$ as dew upon the grass. 

Pnv. XX, S. The fear of a king 
i9 as the roaring of a lion: whoso 
provoketh him to anger sinneth 
against his own soul. 

Prov, XXX, 80. A lion tohkh ia 
strongest among beasts, and torn- 
eth not away for any. 

I8a. y, 29. Their roaring aJiaU 
te like a lion, they shall roar like 
young lions: yea, they shall roar, 
and lay hold of the prey, and shall 
carry tt away safo, and none shali 
deliver tt. 

ita. xxl, 8. And he cried, A lion: 
Ky lord, I stand continually upon 
the watchtower in the daytime, 
and I am set in my ward whole 

Isa. xxxYlli. 18. 1 reckoned tm 
morning, that, as a Uon, so will he 
break all my bones: from day evtn 
to night wUt thou make an end of 

Jer. It, 7. The lion is come up 
from his thicket, and the destroy- 
er of the Gentiles Is on his way; 
he is gone forth from his place to 
make thy land desolate; atid thy 
dtles shall be laid waste, without 
an inhabitant* 

/er.xii.a Mine heritage is unto 
me as a lion In the forest; it crieth 
out against me: therefore have^I 
bated it. 

Jer, xxv, 88. He hath forsaken 
his corert, as the liom for their 
land is desolate because of the 
fierceness of the oppressor, and 
because of his fierce anger. 

Jer. xllx, 19. Behold, he shall 
come up like a lion from the swell- 
ing of Jordan against the habita- 
tion of the strong: but I will (sud- 
denly make him run away from 
hen and who is a chosen num, 
that I may appoint over her? for 
who is like me? and who will ap- 
point me the time? and who is 
that shepherd that will stand be- 
fore me? 

Jer. U, 88. They shall roar to- 
gether like lions: they shall yell 
as lions^ whelps. 

Ezek, xlx, 2, 8, 6, d. And say, 
What is thy motheif A lioness: 
she lay down among lions, she 
nourished her whelps among 
young lions. And she broug^ltt 
up one of her whelps: it became 
a young lion, and it learned to 
catch the prey; it devoured men. 
Now when she saw that she had 
waited, and her hope was lost, 
then she teok another of her 
whelps, and made him a young 
llont And he went up and down 
among the lions, he became a 
young lion, and learned to catdx 
the prey, and devoured men. 

Joa 1. 6. Fev a nation Is come 
up -upmi my land, itroag, and 


without number, whose teeth are 
the teeth of a lion, and he batii 
the cheek teeth ofa great lion. 

Amos Hi, 4. 8, 12. WIU a Uon 
roar in the forest, when he hath 
no prey? wHl a young lion cry out 
of ills den, If he have taken noth- 
ing? The lion hath roared, who 
will not fear? the Lord God hath 
spoken, who can but prophesy? 
Thus saith the Loan; As the shep- 
herd taketh out of the mouth of 
the lion two legs, or a piece of an 
ear; so shoU the children of Israel 
be taken out that dwell in Sa- 
maria in the comer of a bed, and 
in Damascus in a couch. 

JHoah V, 8. And the remnant of 
Jacob shall be among the Gentiles 
in the midst of many people as a 
lion among the beasts of the forest, 
as a young lion among the flocks 
of sheep: who, if he go through, 
both treadeth down, and teareth 
in pieces, and none can dettver. 

Nahumii, 11-18. Where is the 
dwelling* 01 the lions, and the 
feeding place of the young lions, 
where the lion, even the old lion, 
walked, and the lion's whelp, and 
none made them afraid? The lion 
did tear In pieces enough for his 
whelps, and strangled for his lion- 
esses, and filled his boles with 
prey, and his dens with ravin. 
Behold, I am against thee, salth 
the Lord of hosts, and I will 
bum her chariots in the smoke, 
and the sword shall devour thy 
young lions: and I will cut off thy 
prey from the earth, and the voice 
of thy messengers shall no more 
be heard. 

2 Tim. iv, 17. Notwithstanding 
the Lord stood with me, and 
strengthened me; that by me the 
preaching might be fully known, 
and that all the Gentiles might 
heon and I waa delivered out of 
the mouth of the Hon. 

1 PeL ▼, a Be sober, be vigilant; 
because your adversary the devil, 
as a roaring lion, walketh about, 
seeking whom he may devour. 

Bev. Iv, 7. And the fhrst boast 
was like a lion, and the second 
boast like a calf, and the third 
beast had a fiftoe as a man, and the 
fourth beast was like a flying 

Bev. T, 6. And one of the elders 
saith unto me. Weep not; behold, 
the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the 
Root of David, hath prevailed to 
open the book, and to loose the 
seven seals thereot 

Jtev. X, 8. And cried with a loud 
voice, as what a Uon roareth: and 
when he bad cried, seven thunders 
uttered their voices. 

Dan. Ti, 24. And the king com- 
manded, and they brought those 
men which had accused Daniel, 
and they cast them Into the den 

of nons, liiflm, thehr ohlldreiL and 
their wivee and the Uons had the 
mastery of them, and brake all 
their bones In pieces or ever they 
came at the bottom of the den. 
(See under Miracle.) 



Job xU, 81, 82, 18-21, 11. He 
maketh the deep to boil Uke a 
pot: he maketh the sea like a pot 
of ointment. He maketh a path 
to shine after him; one would 
think the deep to be hoary. By 
his neeslngs a Ught dotti shine, 
and his eyes are like the eyelids 
of the morning. Out of his mouth 
go burning lamps, and sparks of 
nre leap out. Out of his nostrils 
gooth smoke, as out of a seething 
pot or caldron. His breath kind- 
leth coals, and a flame goeth out 
of his mouth. Who hath prevent- 
ed me, that I should repay hin^ 
whatsoever is under the whole 
heaven is mine. 

Impbiietbablb Scaues. 
JobxM. 7, 12-17. 23, 2&-8a. Canst 
thou fill his skin with barbed 
irons? or his head with flsh spears? 
I wiU not conceal his parts, nor 
his power, nor his comely propor- 
tion. Who can discover the foce 
of his gaiment? w who can come 
to him with his double bridle? 
Who can open the doors of his 
&ce? his teeth are terrible round 
about Bis scales are Ms pride, 
shut up together as with a close 
seaL One is so near to another, 
that no air can come between 
them. They are Joined one to 
another, they stick together, that 
they cannot be sundered. The 
flakes of his flesh are Joined toge- 
ther, they are firm in themselves; 
they cannot be moved. The 
sword of him that layeth at him 
cannot hold: the spear, the dart, 
nor the habergeon. He esteem- 
eth iron as straw, and brass as 
rotten wood. The arrow cannot 
make him flee: sUngstones are 
turned with him into stubble. 
Darts are counted as stubble: he 
langheth at the shaking of a spear. 
Sharp stones are under him: he 
spreadeth sharp pointed things 
upon the mire. 

Job xU, 1-6, 8-10,22, 24, 25, 83, 84. 
Canst thou draw out leviathan 
with an hook? or his tongue with 
a cord which thou lettest down? 
Canst thou put an hook into his 
nose? or bore his Jaw through 
^th a thorn? WUl he make 
many supplications unto thee? 
will he speak soft words unto 
thee? Will he make a covenant 
with thee? wilt thou take hhn 
for a servant for ever? Wilt thou 
play with him as with a bird? or 

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wHtfhoQbtiid Mill tor tliymald- 
taOt Shall thy companions make 
a banquet of him? shall they part 
him amon? the merchants Lay 
thine hand npon him, remember 
the battle, do no more. Behold, 
the hope of him is in valm shall 
not one be cast down CTen at the 
tight of him? None U to fierce 
that dzi^ stir him np: who then 
Is able to stand before me? In 
his neck remalneth strength, and 
sorrow Is turned Into Joy before 
him. Hi9 heart Is as firm as a 
stone; yea, aa hard as a piece of 
the nether mOUtone, When he 
raiseth np himself, the mighty are 
afraid: by reason of breakings 
they purify themselves. Upon 
earth there to not his like, who is 
made without ftar. He behold- 
eth all high thinffs: he is a king 
OTer all the children of pride. 

i^. Ixxir, 14. Thou brakest the 
heads of leviathan In pieces, and 
gaTeet him to be meat to the peo- 
ple inhabiting the wilderness. 

Ft. dtv, 26. There go the ships: 
there is that lerlathan tohom 
thou hast made to play therein. 

/so. xxvll, 1. In that day the 
LoBo with his sore and groat and 
strong sword shall punish levi- 
athan the piercing serpent, even 
leviathan that crooked sorpont; 
and he shall alaj the dragon that 
is la the sea. 



Nim, zxlii, 93. Ood brought 
them out of Eg>'pt; he hath as It 
were the strength of an unlcom. 

Kum. xxiv, a Ood brought him 
torth out of Egypt; he hath as It 
were the strength of an unicorn: 
he shall eat up the nations bis 
enemies, and shall break their 
bones, and pierce them through 
with his arrows. 

Deut. xxxlU, ir. His ^ory is me 
the firstling of his bullock, and his 
horns are Wee the horns of uni- 
corns: with them he shall push the 
people together to the ends of the 
earth: and they are the ten thou- 
sands of EphraiDL and they are 
the thousands of Manasseh; 

Job xxxlx, 9. 11, 12. WOl the 
milcom be willing to serve thee, 
or abide by thy crib? Wilt thou 
trust him, because' his strength is 
great? or wilt thou leave thy 
labour to htm? Wilt thou believe 
him. that he will bring home thy 
seed, and gather U into thy bam? 

Pi. xxll, 21. Save me from the 
lion's month: for thou hast heard 
jne fh>m the horns of the unicorns. 

A. xdi, 10. But my horn shalt 
thou axalt like thehomqf an unl- 
oorm I Shall be anohited with 
fresh olL 

/so. zzzlT«7, And the unloons 


Shan come down with them, and 
the bullocks with the bulls; and 
theh* land shall be soaked with 
blood, and their dust made fltt 



Oen, zllz, 27. BeuJamhi shall 
ravin as a wol£ in the morning 
he shall devour the prey, and at 
night he shall divide the spoil. 

Jer. V, 6. Wherefore a lion out 
of the forest shall slay them, and 
a wolf of the evenings shall spoil 
them, a leopard shall watch over 
their cities: every one that goeth 
out thence shall be torn in pieces: 
because their transgressions are 
many, and tbehr backslidlngs lure 

Bzek, isSl, 27. Her princes In 
the midst thereof ars like wolves 
ravening the prey, to shed blood, 
and to destroy soulsi, to get dis- 
honest gain. 

Bab, 1, a Their horses • • • are 
more fierce than the evening 
wolves. • • 

Xatth. yU, 15. Beware of fUse 
prophets, which come to you in 
sheep's clothing, but Inwardly 
they are ravenlnig wolves. 

Matth, z, la Behold, I send you 
forth as sheep in the midst of 
wolves: be ye therefore wise as 
serpents, and harmless as doves. 

John z, 12. But he that Is an 
hireling, and not the shepherd, 
whose own the sheep are not, 
sceth the ^rolf coming, and leav- 
eth the sheep, and fleeth: and the 
wolf catcheth them^ and scatter- 
eth the sheep. 

Acts XX, 29. For I know this, 
that after my departing shall 
grievous wolves enter in among 
you, not sparing the flock. 

Dan, vU. 8-6. 7, 11, 12, 17. And 
four great beasts come up from 
the sea. diverse one from anolher. 
The first teas like a lion, and had 
eagle's wings: I beheld tiU the 
wings thereof were plucked, and 
it was lifted up fh>m the earth, and 
made stand upon the feet as a 
man, and a man's heart was given 
to It. And behold another beast, 
a second, like to a bear, and it 
raised up Itself on one side, and it 
had three ribs in the mouth of it 
between the teeth of it: and they 
said thus unto it, Arise, devour 
much flesh. After this I saw In 
the night visions, and behold a 
fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, 
and strong exceedingly: and it 
had great iron teeth: ft devoured 
and brake In pieces, and stamped 
the residue with the feet of it: and 
it was diverse fTom all the beasts 
that toere before 1*: and it had ten 

horns. I beheld then beoauss of 
the voice of the great words which 
the horn spake: I beheld even till 
the beast was slahi, and his body 
destroyed, and given to the burn- 
ing fiame. A s concerning the rest 
of the beasts, they had their 
dominion taken away: yet their 
lives were prolonged for a season 
and time. These great beasts, 
which are four, are four kings, 
iBhich shall arise out of the earth. 


Oen. x, 9. He was a mighty 
hunter before the Loan: where- 
fore it Is said, Even as Kimrod 
the mighty hunter beCoro tho 

Gen. XXV, 27. And the boyi 
grew: and Esau was a cunning 
hunter, a man of the field; and 
Jacob wot a pUiin man, dwelling 

0en. xxvll, 8, 6, 80. Nowthere- 
foro take, I pray thee, thy wea- 
pons, thy quiver and thy bow, and 
go out to the field, and take roe 
some venison; And Rcbekah 
heard when Isaac spake to Esau 
his son. And Esau went to the 
field to hunt for venison, and to 
bring tt. And it came to pass, as 
soon as Isaac had made an end of 
blessing Jacob, and Jacob was 
yet scarce gone out from the 
presence of Isaac his fhther, that 
Esau his brother come In from 
his hunting. 

Judges xv, 4, 6. And Samson 
went and caught three hundred 
foxes, and took firebrands, and 
turned tail to tail, and put a fire- 
brand In the midst between two 
tails. And when he had set the 
brands on fire, he let them go Into 
the standing com of the Philis- 
tines, and burnt np both the shocks, 
and also the standing com, with 
the vineyards and olives. 

1 Sam. xxiv, 11. Moreover, my 
father, see. yea. see the skirt of 
thy robe in my hand: for In that I 
cut off the skirt of thy robe, and 
killed thee not, know thou and so 3 
that there is neither evfl nor 
transgression In mine hand, anri I 
have not sinned against thee; yet 
thou huntest my soul to take It. 

Jdb X, la For it increaseth. 
Thou huntest me as a fierce lion: 
and again thou shewest thyself 
marvellous upon me. 

Prw. vi, 6. Deliver thyself as a 
roe from the hand of tJie ftunter, 
and as a bird from the hand of tho 

Qant. 11, 15. Take us the foxes, 
the lltUe foxes, that spoil the 
vines: for our vines have tender 

iBo. 11, 20. Thy sons have faint- 
ed, they lie at the head of all the 
streets^ as a wild bull in a net^ 

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ihej are ftan of the tarj of the 
LoBD, the rebuke of thy God. 

Mlcah vll, 2. The good man la 
perished oat of the earth: and 
there is none upright among men: 
they all lie In wait for blood; they 
bnnt every man his brother with 
a net. 

2 Pd. II. 12. But these, as natu- 
ral brute beasts, mode to be taken 
and destroyed, speak evil of the 
things that they understand not; 
and shall utterly perish in their 
own corruption. 


Gen. vil, 8, 14. Of fowls also of 
the air by sevens, the male and 
the female: to keep seed alive 
upon the race of all the ettrth. 
. . . And every fowl after his 
kind, every bird of every sort. 

Om. xL 17, 19. And In the up- 
permost basket there teas of all 
manner of bakemeata for Pharaoh; 
and the birds did eat them out of 
the basket upon my head. Yet 
within three days shall Pharaoh 
ua up thy head from off thee, and 
shall hang tbee on a tree; and 
the birds shall eat thy flesh ttom 
off thee. 

1 £bm. xvli, 44. And the Philis- 
tine sold to David, Come to me, 
and I %vill give thy flesh unto the 
fowls of the air, and to the beasts 

li:/7t.iv,83. . . . He spake 
also of beasts, Und of fowl, and of 
creeping things, and of fishes. 

lKln.xlr,n. ' • • Andhlra 
that dicth hi the field shall the 
fowls of the air eat: for the Loao 
hatb spoken U, 

i^. xi, 1. In the Lord put I my 
IrusU how say ye to my soul, Flee 
as a bird to.your mountain? 

Ps. 1, 11. I know all the fowls of 
the mountains. .... 

i*. Ixxvill, 27. He rained flesh 
also upon them as dust, and fea- 
thered fowls like as the sand of 
the sea. 

ISO. xvill, 6. They shall be left 
togtithor unto the fowls of the 
mountains, and to the boasts of 
the eaith: and the fowls shall 
summer upon iheni, and all the 
beasts of the earth shall winter 
upon them 

Isa. xxxi 6. As birds flying, so 
will the Lord of hosts defend 
Jefusalom; defending also ho will 
deliver U; and passing over he 
will preserve it. 

Isa. xlvl, 11. Calling a ravenous 
bird ftx)m the cost, the man that 
exccnteth my counsel from a for 
countrr. yea, I have spoken i<, I 
will alsi> bring it to pass; I have 
purposed it, I will also do it. 

Jer. xU, 9. Mine heritage is un- 
to me a« a Bpockled bird, the 


birds romid about are a^minst 
her; odme ye, assemble all the 
beasts of the field, oome to de- 

Ezek. xxxix, 17. And, thou son 
of man, thus saith the Lord God; 
Speak unto every feathered fowl, 
and to every beast of the field. 
Assemble yourselves, and come; 
gather yourselves on every side 
to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice 
for you, even a great sacriflco up- 
on the mountains of Israel, that 
ye may eat flesh, and drink blood. 

Ecdes. x,20. Curse not the king, 
no not in thy thought; and curse 
not the rich in thy bedchambon 
for a bird of the air shall carry the 
voice, and that which hath wings 
shall tell the matter. 

Qant. 11, 12. The flowers appear 
on the earth: the time of the 
singhig of biros Is come, and the 
voice of the turUe is heard In our 


Jer. T, 27. As a cage is ftiTl of 
birds, so are their houses full of 
deceit: therefore they are become 
great, and waxen rich. 

Set. xvill, 2. And he cried 
mightily with a strong voice, say- 
ing. Babylon the g^reat is fallen, 
is follen, and is become the habit- 
ation of devils, and the hold of 
every foul spirit, and a cage of 
every unclean and hateful bird. 


Deut. xxlf, 6, 7. If a bird's nest 
chance to bo before thee in the 
way in any tree, or on the ground, 
whether mey be young ones, or 
eggs, and the dam sitting upon 
the young, or upon the rgrerH, 
thou Shalt not take the dam witJi 
the young: But thou sbalt in any 
wise let the dam go, and take 
the xoung to thee; that it may be 
well with thee, and that thou 
mayest prolong Uiy days. 

Job xxix, 18. Then I said, I 
shall die in my nest, and I shall 
multiply my days as the sand. 

Ps. Ixxxlv, 8. Yea, the sparrow 
hath found an house, and the 
swallow a nest for herself, where 
she may lay her young, even 
thine altars, O Lord of hosts, my 
King, and my God. 

Ps. civ, 12, 17. By them shall 
the fowht of the heaven have 
their habitation, vchich sing 
among the branches. Where the 
birds make thoU: nests: as for the 
stork, the flr trees are her house. 

Prov. xxvil, 8. As a bird that 
wanderoth fi^>m her nest, so is a 
man that wandereth from his 

750. X, 14. And my hand hath 
found as a nest the riches of the 
people: and* as one gathereth eggs 

that are left, have T gathered aU 
the earth; and there was none 
that moved the wing, or opened 
the mouth, or peeped. ■ 

Isa. xvi, 2. For It shall bo, that, 
as a wandering bird cast out of the 
nest, so the daughters of Moah 
shall be at the fords of Amon. 

Jer. xxil. 23. O hihabitant of 
Lebanon, that makest thy nest in 
the cedars, how gracious shalt 
thou be when pangs come upon 
thee, the pain as of a woman In 

Obad. 4. Though thou exalt 
thyself sa the eat;:le, and though 
thou set thy nest among the 
stars, thence will I bring thee 
down, saltb the Lord. 

Bab. U, 9. Woe to him that 
covetoth an evil covetousncss to 
his house, that he may set his nest 
on high, that he may be delivered 
from the power of evil! 

Matth. xm, 32. Which Indeed is 
the least of all seeds: but when it 
is grown, It is the greatest among 
herbs, and becoraeth a tree, so 
that the birds of the air come and 
lodge in the branches thereof. 

Luke Ix, 68. And Jesus said 
unto him, Foxes iiave holes, and 
birds of the air hare nests; but the 
Son of man hath not where to lay 
his head, 


/so. 11, 20. In that day a man 
shall <^8t his idols of Hilver, and 
his idols of gold, which they made 
each one for himsrll to wori»liIp,to 
the moles and to the bats. 


Isa. xiv. 23. I will also make it 
a possession for the bittern, and 
pools of wat«r. 

Isa. xxxlv, 11. But the cormor- 
ant and the bittern shall possess 

ZepJu 11, 14. . . Both the cor- 
morant and the bittern shall 
lodge in the upper lintels of 



Gen. viil, 8-12. Also he sent 
forth a dove from him, to see If 
the waters were abated from off 
the face of the ground; But the 
dove found no rest for the sole of 
her foot, and she returned unto 
him into the ark, for the waters 
toere on the face of the whole 
earth: then he put forih hh) hand, 
and took her, and pulled her in 
unto hhn into the ark. And he 
stayed yet other seven days; and 
again he sent forth the dove out 
of the ark; and the dove came in 
to him in the evening; and, lo, in 

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her month was an oltve leaf 
pluckt ofl': so Noah knew that the 
waters were abated from off the 
earth. And ho stayed yet other 
seven days; and sent forth the 
dove; which returned not agahi 
nnto hUn any more. 

F9. Iv, 6. And I said, Oh that I 
had wings like a- dove ! /or then 
would I tly away, and be at rest. 

Ps. IxvlU,13. Though ye have Uen 
among the pots, yet shall V6 beas 
the wings of a dove covered with 
silver, and her feathers with yel- 
k>w gold. 

P9, Ixxlv, 19. O deliver not the 
soul of thy turtledove nnto the 
multitude qf the wicked: forgot 
not the congregation of thy poor 
for ever. 

Qant, if 15. Behold, thon art 
fair, my love; behold, thou art 
fair, thou hast doves' eyes. 

Qant. U, 14. O my dove, that art 
In the clefts of the rock, In the 
secret places of the stairs, let me 
see thy countenance, let me hear 
thy voice; for sweet is thy voice; 
and thy countenance is comely. 

Qcmt. V, 2, 12. 1 sleep, but my heart 
waketh: it is the voice of my be- 
loved tliat knocketh, 8aj/fng,0pen 
to me, my sister, my love, my 
dove, my undeHlod: for my head 
Is filled with dew, and my locks 
with the drops of the night. Ills 
eyes are 9s the eyes of doves by 
the rivers of waters, washed with 
milk, and flliy sot. 

(}ant.y[,9. My dove, my unde- 
filed Is but one; she is the onty 
one of her mother, she is the 
choice one of her that bare her. 
The daughters saw her, and 
blessed her, yea, the queens and 
the concubines, and they praised 

ISO, xxxvlll. 14. . . . I did 
mourn as a dove: mine eyes fall 
with looking upward: O Lobd, I 
am oppressed; undertake for me. 

Isa, llx, 11. "We roar all like 
bears, and mourn sore like doves: 
we look for Judgment, but there is 
none; for salvation, &u^ it is fiur ofl 

Isa, \x, a Who are these that 
fly as a doud, and as the doves to 
thelp windows? 

Jer. 3dvlU, 2a O ye that dwell 
In Moab, leave the cities, and 
dwell in the rock, and be like the 
dove that maketh her nest In the 
sides of the hole's mouth. 

Bzek, vU, la But they that 
escc^ie of them shall escape, and 
shall be on the mountains like 
doves of the valleys, all of thorn 
mourning, every one for his Ini- 

Uoeea vfl, ll. Ephralm also is 
like a sniy dove without heart: 


they call to Egypt, they go to 

Hosea xl, 11. They shall trem- 
ble as a bird out of Egypt, and as 
a dove out of the land ox Assyria: 
and I will place them in their 
houses, salth the Lobd. 

Nahum 11, 7. And Huzzab shall 
be led away captive, she shall be 
brought up, and her maids shall 
lead her as with the voice of doves, 
tabering upon their breasts. 

Matth. Ill, 16. And Jesus, when 
he was baptized, went up straight- 
way out of the waten and. lo, 
the heavens were opened unto 
him, and he saw the Spirit of God 
descending like a dove, and light- 
ing upon him. 

MaWu zxl, 12. And Jesus went 
into the temple of Ood, and cast 
out tdl them that sold and bought 
in the temple, and overthrew the 
tables of the moneychangers, and 
the seats of them that sold doves. 

John 1, 82. And John bare re- 
cord, saying, I saw the Spirit de* 
scendlng from heaven like a dove, 
and it abode upon him. 

John 11, U, la Aod found In the 
temple those that sold oxen and 
shocp and doves, and the changers 
of money sitting: And said unto 
them that sold doves. Take these 
things hence; make not jny 
Father's house an house of mer- 


rrs POWEBFin, pixioifs, bto. 

Exod, xix. 4. Ye have seen what 
I did imto the Eg>'ptians, and/uno 
I bare you on eagles' wings, and 
brought you nnto myselt 

Deut. xxvlll, 49. The Loan shall 
bring a nation against thee firom 
far. from the end of the earth, as 
swift as the eagle flioth; a nation 
whose tongue thou shalt not un- 

De:uJt. xxxil, 11. As an eagle 
stirreth up her nest, fluttereth 
over her young, spreadeth 
abroad her wings, taketh them, 
beareth them on h^ wings. 

Job Iz, sa They are passed 
away as the . swift ships: as the 
eagle that hasteth to the prey. 

Job xxxlx, 27-80. Doth the 
eagle mount up at tliy command, 
and make her nest on high? She 
dwelleth and abldeth on the rock, 
upon the crag of the rock, and the 
strong place. From thence she 
secketh the prey, and her eyes 
behold afar off. Her young ones 
also suck up blood: and where the 
slain art, there is she. 

Jer. xlvlU, 40. For thus saiththe 
Loan; Behold, he shall fly as an 
eagle, and shall spread his wings 
over Moab. 

Jer, xllx, 16. 22. Thy terrlbleness 

hath deceived thee, and the pride 


of tWne heart O thon that dwell- 
est in the clefts of the rock, that 
boldest the height of the bill: 
though thou shouldest make thy 
nest as high as the eagle, I will 
bring thee down from thence, 
salth the Lord. Behold, he shall 
come up and fly as the eagle, and 
spread his wings over Bozrah: and 
at that day shall the heart of ttie 
mighty men of Edom be as the 
heart of a woman in her pangs. 

Lam, iv, 19. Our persecutors are 
swifter than the eagles of the 
heaven: they pursued us upon the 
mountains, th3y laid wait for us 
in the Avildemeas. 

Micah 1, 16. Make thee bald, and 
poll thee for thy delicate children; 
enlarge thy baldness as the eagle; 
for they ore gone Into captivity 
from thee. 

Uatth, xxlv, 2a For whereso- 
ever the c»rcase is. there will the 
eagles be gatherea together. 

Luke xvll, 87. And they an- 
swered and said unto him, 
Where. Lord2 And he said unto 
them. Wheresoever the body is, 
thither will the eagles be gatherea 


Jcb xxxlx, 26. Doth the hawk 
fly by thy wisdom, and stretch 
her wings toward the south? 


.Tofe xxxlx, 14-ia . . . Which 
leaveth her eggs in the earth, and 
warmoth them in dust, And for- 
getteth that the foot may crush 
them, or that the wild beast may 
break them. She is hardened 
against her young ones, as though 
they were not her's: her hibour is 
in vain without fear; Because 
Ood hath deprived her of wisdom, 
neither hath he imparted to her 
nnderstandlng. What thne she 
lifteth up herself on high, she 
soometb the horse and his rider. 



Jbfr XXX, 29. 1 am a brother to 
dragons, and a companion to 

i^.cU,a . . lamllkeanowl 
of the desert. 

Isaiah xiii, 21. But wild beasts 
of the desert shall lie there; and 
their houses shall be full of doleful 
creatures; and owls shall dwell 
there. .... 

Isa. xxxlv. 11, 14. la But the cor- 
morant and the bittern shall pos- 
sess It; the owl also and the raven 
shall dwell in it. . . . The 
screech owl also shall rest there, 
and find for herself a place of 
rest. There shall the great owl 
make her nest, and lay, and hatch, 
and gather under her sha- 
dow. .... 

MicaJh i, a ... I win mako 

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a waning like the dngooe, and 
mourning u the owls. 

Isa. xxxlv, 11. • • • The owl 
also and the raTen shall dwell in 
it: and he shaU stretch ont npon 
it the line of concision and the 
stones of emptiness. 


Jer. XTii, 11. A8 the partridpre 
sitteth on eggs, and hatchoth 
them not; 8o he that getteth 
riches, and not hy rli^ht, shall 
leave thom In the midgt of his 
days, and at his end shall he a 

1 Kin. X, 22. For the king had 
at sea a nary of Thorshlsh with 
the navy of Hiram: onco in three 
Tears came the nivy of Tharshlsh, 
hringhig erold, and silver, ivory, 
and apes, and peacocks. 

Pi. cti, 6. 1 am like a pelican of 
the wilderness. . . . 


Matth. xxlli, 37. O Jomsalem, 
Jerusalem, th<m that klllest tJie 
prophets, and stonost thom which 
are sent nnto thee, how oHen 
would I have gathered thy chil- 
dren to?other, even as a ben 
gathereth her chickens nnderA^r 
wings, and ye woiild noti 

MaLth. xrvl, 84, 74, 75. Jesus 
said unto him. Yerily I say unto 
thee, Tliat this night, before the 
cock crow, thuu shalt deny me 
thrice. Then be^n he to curse 
and to swear, saying, I know not 
the man. And immediately the 
cock crew. And Peter remem- 
bered the word of Jesus, which 
said nnto him. Before the cock 
crow, then shalt deny me thrice, 
▲nd he went out, and wept 


Bxod, xvi, 12, 13. I haTe heard 
the murmurings of the children 
of Israeh spcak nnto them, say- 
ing. At even ye shall eat flesh, 
and In the morning ye shall be 
filled with bread; and ye shall 
know that I am the Lobo your 
God. And it came to pass, that 
at even the quails came np, and 
covered the camp: and In the 
morning the dew lay round about 
the host. 

Num. xi, 81, 82. And there 
went forth a wind from the Lobo, 
and brought quails fh)m the sea, 
and let tMm fall by the camp, as 
it were a day's Journey on this 
side, and as it were a day's Jour- 
ney on the other side, round 
about the camp, and as it were 
two cubits fUgh upon the face of 
the earth. And the people stood 


vp aU that day, and aU Mot night, 
and all the next day, and they 
gathered the quails: he that 
gathered least gathered ten 
homers: and they spread them all 
abroad for themselves xoond 
about the camp. 


Cftn. tW, 6, 7. And it came to 
pass at the end of forty days, that 
Noah opened the window of the 
ark which he had made: And he 
sent forth a raven^ wliich went 
forth to and fro, until the waters 
were dried up from off the earth. 

<}ixfU.T, 11. His head is as the 
most fine gold, his locks are 
bushy, and black as a raven. 

Luke xil, 24. Consider the 
ravens: for they neither sow nor 
reap; which neither have store- 
house nor bam; and God feedeth 
thom: how mucli more are ye 
better than the fowls. 


A. Ixulv, 8. The spnrrow hath 
found an houa^ for lier^lt 

Ps. dl, 7. 1 watch, and am as a 
sparrow alone upon the house 

Prov. xxvi, 2. As the bird by 
wauderinjf, as the swallow by fly- 
ing, so the curse causeless shall 
not come. 

Isa. xxxvlli, 14. Like a crane or 
a swallow, so did I cliatter. • • 

Matth. X, 31. Fear ye not there- 
fore, ye are of more value than 
many sparrows. 

Luke xli, 6. Are not five spar- 
rows sold for two farthings, and 
not one of them is forgotten be- 
fore God? 

Isa. xxxiv, 15. • • • There 
shall the vultures also be gather* 
ed every one with her mate. 


A. xd, 8. Surely he shall de- 
liver thee from the snare of the 
fowler, and from the noisome 

Ps. cxxlv, 7. Our soul is escaped 
as a bird out of the smire of the 
fowlerr. the snare is broken, and 
we are escaped. 

Prov. i, 17. Surely In Tain the 
net is spread in the sight of any 

Prw. Til, 23. Tin a dart strike 
through his liver; as a bird 
hastcth io the fnure,and knoweth 
not that U(s for his life. 

EccUs. ix, 12. For man also 

knoweth not his time: as the 

flsbes that are taken hi an evil net. 

and as the birds that are caught 


hi the snare; lo ors the tons of 
men snared In an evil time, when 
it Cilleth suddenly upon them. 

Lam. ill, 63. Mine enemies 
chased me sore, like a bird, with- 
out cause. 

Bos. Til, IS. When they shall go, 
I will spread my net upon them; 
I will bring them down as the 
fowls of the heaven; I win chas- 
tise them, as their congregation 
hath heard. 

Hos. ix, 8. The watdmian of 
Ephrahn toos with my God: but 
the prophet is a snare of a fowler 
in all his ways, and hatred in the 
house of his God. 

Amos ill, 6. Can a bh^ fall in a 
snare upon the earth, where no 
gin is for him? shall one take up 
a snare fh>m the earth, and have ' 
taken nothing at all? 


Ejod.yW 18. And the fish that 
is in the river shall die, and the 
river shall stink; and the K^^ptluos 
shall loathe to drink of the water 
of the river. 

Num. xi, 22. ShaU the flocks and 
the herds be slain for them, to 
sufllce them? or shall all the flsh 
of the sea be gathered together 
for them, to sutUce them? 

Neh. xlli, 16. There dwelt men 
of Tyre also therein, which 
brought fish, and all manner of 
wore, and sold on the sabbuth nn- 
to the cliildren of Judah, and In 

Ps. dv, 2&. Sois (his great and 
wide sea, wherein are things 
creeping Innumerable, both small 
and great beasts. 

Isa. \ 2. Wherefore, when I 
came, was there no man? when I 
called, vxis there none to answer? 
Is my hand shortened at all, that 
it cannot redeem? or have I no 
power to deUver? behold, at my 
rebuke I dry up the t»ea, I make 
the rivers a wUdomess: their tlsh 
stinketh, because there is no 
water, and dleth for thirst. 

Bzek. xlvii, d. And it shall come 
to pass, that every thing that liv- 
eth, which movetb, whithersoever 
the rivers shall come, shall live: 
and there shall be a very great 
multitude of fish, because tliose 
waters shall come thithun for 
they shall be healed; and every 
thing shsdl live whither the river 

JonahX, 17. Now the Lord had 
prepared a great flsh to swallow 
up Jonah. And Jonali was in tlio 
belly of the fish three days and 
three nights. 

Maith. xiv, 17. And they say 
nnto him, We have here but five 
loaves, and two fishes. 

Digitized by 



Oomi, Til, 4. Thine eyes Uke the 
'flihpools in Ueshbon. 

ISO, xlz, 8t 10. Tlie flshen also 
shall moorn, and all they that cast 
angle into the brooks shall lament, 
and they that spread nets npon 
the waters shall languish. And 
they shall be broken in the pnr- 
poses thereof, all that make 
slalces and ponds for fish. 

Jer. zTi. 16. Behold, I will send 
fbr many fishers, saith the Loan, 
and they shall fish them; and after 
will I send for many hunters, and 
they shall hunt them lh>m every 
mountain, and trom every hill, 
and out of the holes of the rocks. 

Eiiek, xItU, 10. And it shall come 
to pass, that the fishers shall stand 
upon it trom En-gedl even unto 
£^i-eglalm; they shall be a place 
to spread forth nets; their flsh 
shall be according to thehr kinds, 
as the flsh of the great sea» ex- 
ceeding many. 

AmoB iv, 2. The Lord Ood hath 
sworn by his holiness, that, lo, 
the days shall come upon you, 
that he wUl take you away with 
hooks, and your posterity with 

Bob. i, 14-17. And makest men 
as the fishes of the sea, as the 
creeping things, that have no ruler 
over them? They take up all of 
them with the angle, they catch 
them in their net, and gather them 
in their drag: therefore they re- 
joico and are glad. Therefore 
they sacrifice unto their net, and 
bum incense unto their drag; be- 
cause by them their portion is fiit, 
and their meat plenteous. Shall 
they therefore empty their net, 
and not spare continually to slay 
the nations? 

Matth, iv, 18-SO. And Jesus, 
walking by the sea of QaUlee, saw 
two bretliren, Simon called Peter, 
and Andrew his brother, casting 
a net into the sea: for they were 
fishers. And he saith unto them. 
Follow me, and I will make you 
fishers of men. And they straight- 
way left their nets and followed 

Matth. xill, AT-eo, Again, the 
kingdom of heaven is like unto a 
net, that was cast into the sea, and 
gathered of every kind: Which, 
when it was fhll, they drew to 
shore, and sat down, and gathered 
the good into vessels, but cast the 
bad away. So shall it be at the 
end of the world: the angels shaU 
come forth, and sever the wicked 
firom among the just, And shall 
cast them into the furnace of fire: 
there shall be wailing and gnash- 
ing of teeth. 

, ifiitt».zvil,S7. Notwithstanding. 
I0it we UuNild olEuul them, go 


thoa to the sea, and cast aa hook, 
and take up the fish that first 
oometh up; and when thou hast 
opened his mouth, thou shalt ftud 
a piece of money: that take, and 
give unto them for me and thee., 

Umrkl, 16-20. Now as he walk- 
ed by the sea of Galilee, he saw 
Simon and Andrew his brother 
casting a net into the sea: fbr they 
were fishers. And Jesus said un- 
to them. Come ye after me, and I 
will make you to become fishers 
of men. And straightway they 
forsook thehr nets, and followed 
him. And when he had gone a 
little fiirther thence, he saw James 
the son of Zebedee, and John his 
brother, who also were in the ship 
mending their nets. Andstrai&rht- 
way he called them: and they 
left their fiither Zebedee in the 
ship with the hhred servants, and 
went after him. 

Luke r, S-11. And saw two 
ships standing by the lake: but 
the fishermen were gone out of 
them, and were washing U^eir 
nets. And he entered hito one of 
the ships, which was Shnon*s, and 
prayed him that he would thrust 
out a little trom the land. And 
he sat down, and taught the peo- 
ple out of the ship. Mow when he 
had left speaking, he said unto 
Simon, Launch out into the deep, 
and let down your nets for a 
draught And Simon answering 
said unto him. Master, we have 
tofied all the night, and have taken 
nothing; nevertheless at thy word 
I will let down the net. And 
when they had this done, they in- 
closed a great multitude of fishes: 
and their not brake. And they 
beckoned unto thetr partners, 
which were in the other snip, that 
they should come and help them. 
And they came, and filled both 
the ships, so that they began to 
sink. When Shnon Peter saw it, 
he toll down at Jesus' knees, say- 
ing. Depart trom me; for I am a 
sinful man, Lord. For he was 
astonished, and all that were with 
him, at the draught of the fishes 
which they tiad takem And so 
teas also James, and John, the 
sons of Zebedee, which were 
partners with ^imon. And Jesus 
said unto Simon, Fear not; fh>m 
henceforth thou shalt catch men. 
And when they had brought their 
ships to land, they forsook all, and 
fbllowed hhn. 

John zxi, 3, 6, 8. Simon Peter 
saith unto them. I go a fishing. 
They say unto him. We also go 
with thee. They went forth, and 
entered into a snip immediately; 
and that night they caught noth- 
ing. And he said unto them. 
Cast the net on the right side or 
the ship, and ye shall find. They 
oast therefbre, and now they were 
notable to draw It for the multl- 

tnde or fishes. And the other dlf- 
ciplea came in a little ship: (for 
they were not far fh>m hmd, but 
as it were two hundred cubits,) 
dragging the net with fishes. 

Used as Food. 
KunuTl, 6. We remember the 
flsh which we did eat in Egypt 
fireely; the cucumbers, and the 
melons, and the leeks, and the 
onions, and the garllck. 

Luke xjdv, 42. And they gave 
him apiece of a broiled flsh, and 
of an honeycomb. 

John zxl, 9, 10, 12, 19. As soon 
then as they were come to land, 
they saw a fire of coals there, and 
fish laid thereon, and bread. 
Jesus saith unto them, Bring of 
the fish which ye have now 
caught. Jesus saith unto them, 
Come and d\nQ. And none of the 
disciples durst ask him. Who art 
thou? knowing that it was the 
Lord. Jesus then cometh, and 
taketh bread, and giveth them, 
and fish likewise. 


S Chr. zxxlll, 14. Mow after this 
he built a wall wlUiout the dty of 
David, on the west side of Glhon, 
in the valley, even to the entering 
in at the flsh gate, and compassed 
about Ophcl, and raised it up a 
very great height, and put cap- 
tains of war in all the fenced 
cities of Judah. 

Keh. ill, 8. But the fish gate did 
the sons of Hassenaah build, who 
also laid the beams thereof, and 
set up the doors thereof, the locks 
thereof, and the bars thereof. 

Keh. xii, 89. And fh)m above 
the gate of Ephraim, and above 
the old gate, and above the fish 
gate, and the tower of Hananeel, 
and the tower of Moah, even unto 
tiie sheep gate: and they stood 
still in the prison gate. 

Ztph. t 10. And it shall come 
to pass in that day, saith the Lord, 
that there shall be the noise of a 
cry from the fish gate, and an 
howling fh>m the second, and a 
great crashing firom the hills. 


Cfen. vil, 8,21. Of dean beasts, and 
of beasts that are not clean, and 
of fowls, and of every thing that 
creepeth upon the earth, And all 
fiesh died that moved upon the 
earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, 
and of beasts, and of every creep- 
ing thing that creepeth upon tho 
earth, and every man: 

Oen. vm,17, 19. Bring forth with 
thee every living thing that is 
with thee, of aU flesh, both of fowl, 
and of cattie, and of every creep- 
ing thing that creepeth upon the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

earth; thai thej may breed abund- 
antly in the earth, and be flrultfttl, 
and multiply upon the earth. 
Every beast, every creoplnjT Ihln^, 
and every fowl, and whatsoever 
creepoth upon the earth, after 
their kinds, went forth oat of the 

Ezek. vlU, 10. So I went fn and 
saw; and behold every form of 
creeping things, and at>omlnabIe 
beasts, and all the idols. of the 
house of l8ra*»l, pourtrayed upon 
the wall round about. 

D R A a O N. 

Deut. xxxil, 83. Thehr wine is 
the poison of dragons, and the 
cruel venom of asps. 

Fs. xllv, 19. Thougrh thou hast 
sore bn)ken us in the place of dra- 
gons, and covered us with the 
shadow of death. 

i^. Ixxlv, 13. Thou didst divide 
the sea by thy strength: thou 
brakost tho heads of the dragons 
In tho waters. 

Pj. xcI, 18. Thou Shalt tread up- 
on tho lien and adder, the yoimg 
lion and the dragon Shalt thou 
trample under feet. 

i«a.xIU.22. And the wild beasts 
of the islands shall cry in their 
desolate houses, and dragons in 
Vtelr pleasant palaces: and her 
time is near to come, and her days 
shall not be prolonged. 

laa. XXXV, 7. * * • In the habi- 
tation of dragons, where each lay, 
shall b6 grass with reeds and 

Isa. 11, 9. Awake, awake, put on 
thy strength, O arm of the Lobd; 
awake, as In the ancient days, in 
the generations of old. Art thou 
not it that hath cut Rahab, and 
wounded the dragon? 

Jer, ix, 11. And I will make Jer- 
usalem heaps, and a den of dra- 
gons; and I will make the cities of 
Judah desolate, without an inhab- 

Jer. X, 22. Behold, the noise of 
the bruit is come, and a great 
commotion out of the north coun- 
try, to make the cities of Judah 
desolate, ajid a den of dragons. 

Jer. xllx, 83. And Ilazor shall 
be a dwelling for dragons, and a 
desolation for ever, there shall no 
man abide there, nor anif son of 
man dwell in it 

Jer. 11. 37. And Babylon shall 
become heaps, a dwellingplace for 
dragons, an astonishment, and an 
hissing, without an inhabitant. 

Ezek. xxix, 8-6. Speak, and say, 
Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, 
I am against thee, Pharaoh king 
of Eg3'pt. the great dragon that 
lleth in the midst of his rivers, 
which hath said, My river U mine 
own, and I liave made it for my- 
Mil But I will put hooks in thy 


Jaws, and I will cause the ftsh of 
thy rivers to stick unto thy scales, 
and I will bring thee up out of the 
midst of thy rivers, and all the 
fish of thy rivers shall stick unto 
thy scales. And I will leave thee 
thrown Into the wilderness, thee 
and all the flsh of thy rivers: thou 
Shalt fall upon the open fields; 
thou Shalt not be brought together, 
nor gathered: I have given thee 
for meat to the beasts of the field 
and to the fowls of the heaven. 

ifal. 1, 8. And I hated Esau, and 
laid his mountains and his heritage 
waste for the dragons of the wil- 

liev. xll, 3, 4. And there appear- 
ed another wonder In heaven; and 
behold a great red dragon, having 
seven heads and ten horns, and 
seven crowns upon his heads. 
And his tall drew the third part 
or the stars of heaven, and did cast 
them to the earth: and the dragon 
stood before the woman which 
was ready to be delivered, for to 
devour her child as soon as it was 


Exod. vlll, 2. And If thou reftaso 
to let them go behold, I will smite 
all thy borders with frc^:s. 

F9, IxxvlU. 45. ♦ • • And Crogs, 
whicli destroyed them.,30. Their land brought 
forth frogs in abundance, in the 
cliambcrs of their kings. 

Itev.xvl, 18. And I saw three 
unclean spirits like frogs come out 
of the mouth of the dragon, and 
out of the mouth of the beast, and 
out of the mouth of the Cetlse pro- 


Prov. XXX, 16. The horseleech 
hath two daughters, crying, Give, 
give. There are throe things that 
are never satisfied, yea, four 
things say not^ It is enougli. 


ESeod. xv\, 20. 24. Notwithstand- 
ing they hearkened not unto 
Moses; but some of them left of it 
until the morning, and It bred 
worms, and stank: and Moses was 
wroth with them. And they laid 
It up till the monflug. as Moses 
bade: and It did not stink, neither 
was there any worm therein. 

Job vll, 6. My flesh is clothed 
with worms and clods of dust; my 
skin is broken, and become loath- 

Job xvll. 14. I have said to cor- 
ruption. Thou art my fathen to 
the worm, Thou art my mother, 
and my sister. 

Job xxlv, 20. The womb shall 
forget him; the worm shall feed 
sweeUy on him; he shall be no 
more remembered; and wickedness 
shall be broken as a troe. 

Jonah tv, 7. But God prepared 
a worm when the morning rose 
the next day, and it imota tho 
gourd that it withered. 

Ps. xxll, 6. But I am a worm, 
and no man: a reproach of men, 
and despised of the people. 

Isa, xll, 14. Fear not, thou worm 
Jacob, and ye men of Israel; 1 will 
help thee, saith the Loao, and thy 
redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. 

Isa. Ixvl, 24. And they shall go 
forih, and look upon the carcases 
of the men that have transgressed 
against me: for their worm shall 
not die, neither shall their fire be 
quenched; and they shall be an 
abhorring unto all flesh. 

3ficah vil, 17. . . . They shaU 
move out of their holes like worms 
of the earth: they shall be afhdd of 
the LoBO our God, and shall fear 
because of thee. 

Mark Ix, 44. Where their worm 
dleth not, and the fire is not 


Cfen. III. 1. Now the serpent was 
more subtile than any beast of the 
field which the Loan God had 
made. And he said vnto the 
woman. Yea, hath God said. Ye 
shall not eat of every tree of tho 

Exod. Iv, 8. And he said. Cast it 
on the ground, and it became a 
serpent; and Moses fled from bo- 
fore it. 

Num. xxl, 6-9. And the Lono 
sent fiery serpents among the peo- 
ple, and they bit the people; and 
much people of Israel died. 
Therefore the people came to 
Moses, and said. We have sinned, 
for we have spoken against tho 
Lord, and against thee; pray unto 
the Lord, that he take away the 
serpents fW»m us. And Moses 
prayed for the people. And the 
Loud said unto Moses, Make thee 
a fiery serpent, and set it upon a 
pole: and It shall come to pass, 
that every one that is bitten, when 
he lookcth upon it, shall live. And 
Moses made a serpent of brass, 
and put it upon a pole, and it 
came to pass, that If a serpent had 
bitten any man, when he beheld 
the serpent of brass, he lived. 

Deut. vUI, 16. Who led theo 
through that groat and terrlblo 
wilderness, tcfierein icere fiery 
serpents, and ecorpions, and 
drought • • 

2 Kings xviil, 4. He removed 
the high places, and brake the 
images, and cut down the groves, 
and brake in pieces the brasen 
serpent that Moses had made: for 
unto those days tho children of 
Israel did bum inoenso to it: and 
he called it Nehushtan. 



jr<ib xxTl. IS. By hts spirit ho 
bath garnished the heavens; his 
hand hath fonned the crooked 

Ecaes, X, a He that diggeth a 
pit Shalt M\ Into it; and whoso 
breakcth an hedge, a serpent shall 
bite him. 

Gen. xllx, 17. Dan shall be a 
serpent by the way, an adder in 
the path, that bitoth the horse 
heels, so that his rider shall lall 

I^, xl, 8. And the sacking child 
shall play on the hole of the asp, 
and the wo mod child shall put his 
hand on the cockatrice' den. 

Amos V, 19. As If a man did flee 
fh>m a lion, and a bear met him; 
or went into the house, and leaned 
his hand on the wall, and a serpent 
bit him. 

Afnos ix, 8. And though they 
hide themselvea in the top of 
Carmel, I will search and take 
them out thence; and thouprh they 
bo hid fh)m my sight in the bot- 
tom of the sea, thence will I com- 
mand the seipent, and he shall 
bite them. 

JTicah vli, 17. They shaU lick 
the dust like a serpent. . . . 

Markxvi, 18. They shall take up 
serpents: and if they drink any 
deadly thing, it shall not hurt 
them; thoy shall lay hands on the 
side, and they shall recover. 

Luke X, 19. Behold, I give unto 
you power to tread on serpents 
and scorpions, and over all the 
power of the enemy: and nothing 
shall by any moans hurt you. 

THKm Poisoir. 
2)«i^.xxxli,24,.80. .... I 
will also send the teeth of beasta 
upon them, with the poison of ser- 
penta of the dust. How should 
one chase a thousand, and two put 
ten thousand to flight, except 
theb* Rock had sold them, andtho 
LoBO had shut them up? 

Job XX, 16. He shall suck the 
poison of asps: the viper's tongue 
shall slay him. 

F8. IvlU, 4. Their poison is like 
the poison of a serpent: theu are 
like the deaf odder that stoppoth 
her ear. 

Ps, cxI, 3. They have sharpened 
their tongues like a sorpont; 
adders' poison is under their lips. 

Pror. zxlil, 31, 82. Look not thou 

upon the wine At 

the last it biteth like a serpent, 
and sthigeth like an adder. 

IM. lix, 5. They hatch cocka- 
trice' eggs, and weave the spider's 
web: he that eateth of their eggs 
dieth, and that which is eroshed 
breaketh out into a viper. | 



F», Ivlii, 4, 6. Their poison ts 
like the poison of a serpent: theu 
are like the deaf adder that 
Rtoppeth her ear; Which will not 
hearken to the voice of charmers, 
charming never so wisely. 

£ccles. X, 11. Surely the serpent 
will bite without enchantment; 
and a babbler is no letter. 

Jer. viii, 17. For. behold, I wlU 
send serpents, cockatrices, among 
you, which will not be charmed, 
and they shall bite you, saith the 



Ps. IvIII, a As a snail which 
melteth. let everj/ one of them pass 
away: like the untimely birth of a 
woman that they may not see the 


Acts xxviil, a And when Paul 
had gathered a bundle of sticks, 
and laid (hem on the Are, there 
came a viper out of the heat, and 
fastened on his hand. 


Prov. vl, 6-8. Go to the ant, 
thou sluggard; consider her ways, 
ahd bo wise: Which having no 
gnldo, overseer, or ruler, Provid- 
eth her meat in the summer, and 
gathereth her food In the harv^t. 

Prov. XXX, 25. The anta are a 
people not strong, yet thoy pre- 
pare their meat in the summer. 


Deut.l,U. And the Amorltes, 
which d>velt in that mountain, 
came out against you, and chased 
you, as bees do, and destroyed you 
in Seir, even unto Hormah. 

P8. cx>iil, 12. They compassed 
me about like bees; they are 
quenched as the fire of thorns: for 
in the name of the Lord I will 
destroy them. 

I8a. vil, la And it shall come to 
pass in that day, that the Loau 
8hall hiss for the bee that U in the 
land of Assyria. 


Gen. xliil, 11. And their lather 
Israel said unto them. If it must 
be so now, do this; take of the best 
fruits in the land in your vessels, 
and carry down the man a pre- 
sent, a little balm, and a litUe 
honey. .... 

Exod.iU,S. And I am come 
down to deliver them out of the 
Iiand of the Egyptians, and to 
bring them up out of that land unto 
a good land and a largo, unto a 
land flowing with milk and honey; 
unto the place of the Canaanites, 
and the Hittites,and the Amorltes, 
and the Perlzzites, and the Hivites, 
and the Jebusltes. 

Lev. XX, 84. But I havB said mi- 
to you. Ye shall taiherit their land, 
and I %vill give it unto you to 
possess it, a land that floweth 
with milk and honey: I am the 
Lord your God, which have 
separated you from other people. 

Num. xvl, 12-14. And Moses 
sent to call Dathan and Abiram, 
the sons of Eliab: which said. We 
will not come up: Is it b, small 
thing that tliou hast broucrht us 
up out of a land that floweth with 
milk and honey, to kUl us in the 
wilderness, except thou make thy- 
self altogether a prince over us? 
Moreover thou hast not brought? 
us into a land that floweth with 
I milk and honey, or given us in- 
heritance of fields and vineyards: 
wilt thou put out the eyes of these 
men? we will not come up, 

Deut. xxxli, 13. . .* . And he 
made him to suck honey out of 
tlio rock, and oil out of the flinty 

1 Sam. xlv, 25, 28. And all theu 
of the land came to a wood; and 
there was honey upon the ground. 
And when the people were como 
Into the wood, behold, the honey 
dropped; but no man put his hand 
to his mouth: for the people feared 
the oath. 

3 Sam. xvll, 29. And honey, and 
butter for David. 

1 Ktn. xiv, 8. And take with 
thee ten loaves, and cracknels, 
and a cruse of honey, and go to 
him: he shall tell thee what shall 
become of the child. 

2 ghron. xxxi, 6. And as soon as 
the commandment came abroad, 
the children of Israel brought in 
abundance the first fimits of com, 
wine, and oil, and honey. . . . 

Job XX, 17. He shall not see the 
rivers, the floods, the brooks of 
honey and butter. 

Ps. Ixxxl, 16. . . . And with 
honey out of the rock should I 
have satisfied thee. 

Jer. xll, a But ten men wore 
found among them that said unto 
iGhmael, Slay us not: for we have 
treasures in the field, of wheat, 
and of barley, and of oil, and of 
honey. So he forbare, and slew 
them not among theb: brethren. 

Ezek. xxvii, 17. Judah, and the 
land of Israel, thoy toere thy mer- 
chants: they traded in thy market 
wheat of Mlnnith, and Pannag, 
and honey, and oil, and balm. 

Used as Food. 

jattxi.xvl, 81. And the taste of 
It teas like wafers made with 

Jud. xiv, 9. And he took thcr». 
of In his hands, and went on eat- 
ing, and came to his fother and 
mother, and he gave them, and 
they did eat: but he told not them 

Digitized by 


tbat lie had taken tbe honey ont 
of the carcase of the Uon. 

1 Sam. xlv, 27, 29. 43. But Jona- 
than beard not when his father 
(barged the people with the oath: 
wherofore he put forth the end of 
the rod that teas hi hia hand, and 
dipped it in an honeycomb, and 
put his hand to his moutli; and his 
eyes were enlightened. Then 
said Jonathan, My father hath 
troubled the land: see, I pray 
you, how mine eyes have been 
enlightened, because I tasted a 
litUe of this honey. Then Saul 
said to Jouathon, Tell me what 
tliou hast done. And Jonathan 
told him, and said, I did but taste 
a little honey with the end of the 
rod that was in mine han<^ and 
to, I must die. 

Prov. xxiT, 18, li. My son, eat 
thou honey; because it is good; 
and the honeycomb. vA/cAi^ sweet 
to thy taste: So thail the know- 
ledge of wisdom be unto thy souh 
when thou host found it, then 
there shall be a reward, and thy 
expectation shall not be cut ofiC 

Frov. xrr, 16, 27. Hast thou 
found honey? eat so much as Is 
sufficient for thee, lest thou be 
filled therewith, and vomit it It 
is not good to eat much honey: so 
for men to search their own glory 
is not glory. 

Prov. xxvll, 7. The full soul 
loatheth an honeycomb; but to the 
hungry soul every bitter thing Is 

(kint T, 1. I am come into my 
garden, my sister, viy spouse: I 
have gathered my myrrh with my 
spice; I have eaten my honey- 
comb with my honey; I have 
drunk my wine with my milk: eat, 
O friends; drink, yea, drink abun- 
dantly, O beloved. 

Isa. vli, 16, 22. Butter and honey 
dmll he ea^ that he may know to 
refuse the eyH, and choose the 
good. And It shall oome to pass, 
for the abundance of milk that 
they shall give that he shall eat 
button for butter and honey shall 
every one eat that is left in the 

MattK HI, 4. And the same John 
had his raiment of camel's hair, 
and a leathern girdle about his 
loins; and his meat was locusts 
and wild honey. 

Lu^xxiv,42. And they gave 
him a piece of a broiled fish, and 
of an honey-comb. 

Allusions to rrs SwEETmcss. 

Ps. xix, 10. More to be desired 
are thev than gold, yea, than much 
fine gold: sweeter also than honey 
and the honeycomb. 

Ps. cxlx, 108. How sweet are 
thy words unto my taste! yea, 
stceeter than honey to my mouth. 

Prov. Y, 8. For the lips of a 


strange woman drop at an honey- 
comb, and her mouth i$ smoother 

Prov. xvl, 24. Pleasant words 
are as an honeycomb, sweet to 
the soul, and health to the bones. 

Qant. It, 11. Thy Ups, O «iy 
spouse, drop as the honeycomb: 
honey and milk are under thy 
tongue; and the smell of thy gar- 
ments is like the smell of liO- 

Ezek. ill, 8. And he said unto 
me. Son of man, cause thy belly 
to eat, and fill thy bowels with 
this roll that I give thee. Then 
did I eat it; and it was in my 
mouth as honey for sweetness. 

Bev. z,9. 10. Audi went unto the 
angel, and said unto him, Give 
me the little book. And he said 
unto me, Take it, and eat it up; 
and it shall make thy belly bitter, 
but it shall be in thy mouth 
sweet as honey. And I took the 
little book out of the angel's hand, 
and ate it up; and It was in my 
mouth sweet as honey: and as 
soon as I had eaten it, my belly 
was bitter. 


Ps. IxxvUi, 46. He gave also 
their increase unto the cater- 
plller, and their labour unto the 

P3. cv, 84. He spake, and the 
locusts came, and caterplller8,and 
that without number. 

Isa. xxxlil, 4. And your spoil 
shall be gathered like the gather- 
ing of the catterpiUen as the run- 
ning to and flx> of locusts shall he 
run upon them. 

Jer. II, 14, 27. The Lord of hosts 
hath sworn by himself, saying, 
Surely 1 will fill thee with men, 
as with caterpillers; and they 
shall lift up a shout against thee. 

. . . Cause the horses to come 
up as the rough caterpillers. 



Joel i, 4. That which the pal- 
merworm hath left hath the 
locust eaten: and that which the 
locust hath left hath the canker- 
worm eaten; and that which the 
cankerworm hath left hath the 
caterpiller eaten. 

Joel II, 25. And I wlU restore to 
yon the years that the locxist hath 
eaten, the cankerworm, and tbe 
caterpiller, and the palmerworm. 
my great anny which I sent 
among you. 

A'aAumlli, 16, 16. There shall 
the Are devour thee: the sifv'ord 
shall cut thee olf. It shall eat 
thee up like the cankerworm: 
make thyself many as the can- 
kerworm, make thyself many as 

the locusts. Thou hast multiplied 
thy merchants above the stars of 
heaven: the cankerworm qK>ileth, 
and fleeth away. 


t Sam, xxiv, 14. After whom is 
the king of Israel. corae out? after 
whom dost thou pursue? after a 
dead dog, after a flea? 

1 Sam. xxvl, 20. Now therefore^ 
let not my blood fall to the earth 
before the face of the Lord; for 
the king of Israel is come out to 
seek a flea, as when one doth 
hunt a partridge in the moun- 


JEsood. TlU, 21, 22. Else, if thou 
wilt not let my people go. behold, 1 
will send swarms o/Jlies ujwn thee, 
and upon thy servants, and upon 
thy people, and into thy honees: 
and the houses of the Eg>'Ptlans 
shall be full of swarms qf flies, 
and also the ground whereon 
they are. And I will sever In 
that day the land of Goshen, in 
which my i>eople dwell, that no 
swarms of flies shall be there; to 
the end thou mayest know that I 
am the Lobd In the midst of the 

i^.lxxvlll, 45. He sent divers 
sorts of flies among, which de- 
voured them 

Ps. cv, 31. He spake, and there 
came divers sorts of flies, and lice 
In all their coasts. 

Eccles. X, 1. Dead flies cause the 
ointment of the apothecary to 
send forth a stinking savoun so 
doth a little folly him that is hi 
reputation for wisdom and hon- 

Isa. vli, 18, 19. And It shall 
come to pass In that day, that the 
Loed shall hiss for the fly that is 
In the uttormost part of the 
rivers of Egypt, . . .And they 
shall come, and shall rest all of 
them in the desolate valley, and 
in the holes of the rocks, and upon 
all thorns, and upon all bushes. 


J/irftA. xxlll, 24. rdbUndgnldes, 
which strain at a gnat, and swal- 
low a camel. 

Amos vli, 1. Thus hath the 
Lord God shewed unto me; and, 
behold, he formed grasshoppers 
In the beginning of the shooting 
up of the latter growth; and, to, it 
was the latter growth after the 
king's mowhigs. 


Jud. vi, 6. For they came up 
with their cattle and their tcnti 
and they came as grosshoppert 
for multitude. 

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JwL tU, IS. And Uie Mldtaolta 
and the Amalekltet and all the 
dilldren of the east lay ^ong In 
the Talley like grasshoppers for 

•Tsr. xlrl, S8. They shall cat 
down her forest, saith the Lobd, 
though it cannot be searched; 
because they are more tbah the 
grasshoppers, and (ure Innnmer- 

^oAum lli. 17. Thy croimedartf 
as the lo^bsts, and thy captains as 
the great grasshoppers, which 
camp in the hedges in the cold 
day, but when the son ariseth 
they flee away, and their place is 
not known where they arc. 


Ifum, xili, S3. And there we 
saw the giants, the sons of Anak, 
whUA come of tho giants; and we 
were in our own sight as grass- 
hoppers, and so we were in their 

EccHea. xil, 6. . . . And the 
grasshopper shall be a burden, 
and desire shall fail. . . . 

/so. xl, 22. /2 to he that sitteth 
upon t^ circle of tho earth, and 
the inhabitants thereof are as 
grasshoppers. . . . . ■ 


BxoA, xxill, 93. And I will send 
hornets before thee, which shall 
drive out the Hivlte, the Ca- 
naanite. and the Ulttite, tiom 
before thee. 

Deut. vU, 20. Moreover the 
LoBD thy God will send the hor- 
net amoug thcin, until thoythat 
are left, and hide themselves firom 
thee, be destroyed. 

Josh, xxiv, 12. And I sent the 
hornet before you, which drave 
them out from before you, ettn 
the two klngd of tlio Amoritc8;&t^ 
not with thy sword, nor with thy 


Bxod. viil, 16. And the Loan 
said unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, 
Stretch out thy rod, and smite 
the dust of tho land, that it may 
become lice throughout all the 
hmd of Egypt. 

Bxod, z, 3-6. And Moses and 
Aaron came in unto Pharaoh, 
and said unto hhn. Thus saith 
the Loud God of the Hebrews, 
How long wilt thou refuse to 
humble thyself before me? let my 
people go, that they may serve 
me. Else, if tliou re fuse to let my 

r3ople go, behold, to morrow will 
bring the locusts into thy coast: 
And they shall cover the face of 
the earth, that one cannot be 
able to see the earth: and they 
shall eat the residue of that 
which is escaped, which remaln- 
eth unto you from the haH, and 


Shan eat every tree whldi grow- 
eth for yon out of the field: And 
they shall fill thy houses, and the 
houses of all thy servants, and the 
houses of all the Egyptians; which 
neither thy fathers, nor thy 
father^ fkthers have seen, since 
the day that they were upon the 
earth unto this dav. And he 
turned himself, and went out 
from Pharaoh. 

Prcv, XXX, 27. The locusts have 
no king, yet go they forth all of 
thom by bands. 

i^. dx, 23. . . . I am tossed 
up and down as the locust. 

Mark 1, 6. . . . And he did 
eat locusts and wild honey. 

Rev. ix, 8, 7-10. And there came 
out of the smoke locusts upon the 
earth: and unto them was given 
power, as the scorpions of the 
earth have power. And the 
shapes of the locusts XDtre like 
unto horsee prepared unto battle^ 
and on their heads were as It 
were crowns like gold, and thofr 
faces were as the fac^ of men. 
And they hod hair as the hair of 
women, and thefr teeth were as 
the teeth of lions. And they 
had breastplates, as It were 
breastplates of iron; and the sound 
of their wings vxia as the sound 
of chariots of many horses run- 
ning to battle. And they had 
tails like unto scorpions, and 
there were stings in thefr tails: 
and thefr power lOOS to hurt men 
five months. 



Job iv, 19. . . . TF%faA are crush- 
ed before the moth? 

•To&xili, 28. And he, as a rotten 
thing, consumeth, as a garment 
that is motheaten. 

Fs. xxxix, 11. When thou with 
rebukes dost correct man for ini- 
quity, thou makest his beauty to 
consume away like a moth: surely 
eyery man ie vanity. Seiah. 

Isa. 1, 9. Behold, the Lord Goo 
will help me; who is he that shall 
condemn me? lo, they all shall 
wax old as a garment; the moth 
shall &iX them up. 

Isa. li, & For the moth shall eat 
them up like a garment, and the 
worm shall eat them like wool: 
but my righteousness shall be for 
ever, and my salvation fr^m 
generation to generation. * 

Hotea V, 12. Therefore wiU I he 
unto Ephraim as a moth, and to 
the house of Judah as rottenness. 

Matih. vl, 19. Lay not up for 
yourselves treasures upon earth, 
where moth and rust doth corrupt, 
and where thieves break through 

James v, % Tour riches are 
corrupted, and your garments are 



Jclb Till. 14. Whose hope dull 
be cut off, and whose trust shatt 
he a spider's web. 

Prov. XXX, 2a The spider taketh 
hold with her hands, and is in 
klngs^ palaces. 



6^. xli,16. And he entreated 
Abram well for her sake: and he 
had sheep, and oxen, and he asses,, 
and menservants, and maidser- 
vant, and she asses, and camels. 

6^.xxU, 8. 6. And Abraham 
rose up early m the morning, and 
saddled his ass, and took two of 
his yotmg men with him, and 
Isaac his son, and dave the wood 
for the burnt offcrinp:. and rose up, 
and went unfo tho place of which 
God had told him. And Abraham 
said unto his young men. Abide 
ye here with the ass; and I and 
the lad will go yonder and wor- 
ship, and come again to yoo. 

Gen. xlii, 26. And they laded 
thefr asses with the com, and de- 
parted thence. 

Gtn. xll^ 11, 14: Binding his 
foal unto the vine, and his ass^s 
colt xmto the choice vine; he 
washed his garments in wine, and 
his clothes in the blood of grapes: 
Issachar is a strong ass couching 
down between two burdens. 

^uiTi. xvl, 15. And Moses was 
very wroth, and said unto the 
LoBD,. Respect not thou thefr 
offering: 1 have not taken one ass 
from them, neither have I hurt 
one of them. 

ITum. xxil, 25-^ And when the 
ass saw the angel of the Lobd, she 
thrust herself unto the wall, and 
crushed Balaam's foot against the 
wall: and he smote her agahi. 
And the angel of the Lobi> went 
ftuther, and stood In a narrow 
place, where was no way to turn 
either to the right hand or to the 
left And when the ass saw the 
angel of the Lobd, she fell down 
under Balaam: and Balaam's 
anger was kindled, and he smote 
the ass with a staiL And the 
LoBO opened the mouth of the 
ass, and she said unto Balaam. 
What have I done unto thee, that 
thou has smitten me these three 
times? And Balaam said unto the 
aas. Because thou hast mocked 
me: I would there were a sword 
in mine hand, for now would I kill 
thee. And tiie ass said unto B^ 
laam, Am not I thhie ass, upon 
which thou hast ridden ever since 
Ivoas thhie unto this day? was I 
ever wont to do so unto theej 
And he said. Nay. Then the 
Lobd opened the eyes of Balaam, 
and he saw the angel of the Lord 
standing In the way, and his sword 

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dravn In hts hand: and he howed 
down his head, and foil flat on his 
foce. And the anp^ol of the Lord 
said nnto him, Wherefore hast 
thou unitten thhie ass tliese three 
times? behold, I vent out to with. 
sUuid thee, because Uty way is 
perverse before me. And the ass 
saw me, and turned from me these 
three times: unless she hod turned 
fVom me, surely now also I bad 
slain thee, and saved her alive. 

Judges xy, 16. And Samson said, 
. With the Jawbone of an ass, heaps 
upon heaps, with the Jaw of on 
ass have I slain a thousand men. 

Judges six, 10. But the man 
would not tarry that night, but 
he rose up and departed, and came 
ovoro^lnst Jebus, which is Jer* 
usalcm; and there were with him 
two asses saddled, his concubine 
also was with him. 

1 Sam, ix, 3-5. And the asses of 
Kish Saurs father were lost. And 
Kish said to Saul his son, Take 
now one of the servants with thee, 
and arise, go seek the asses. And 
he passed through mount Ephralm, 
and passed through the land of 
Sbaliiilia) but they found themnoU 
then they ppssod through the 
land of Shalim, and there they were 
not: and he passed through the 
land of the Benjamites, but they 
found them not. And when they 
^ere come to the land of Znph, 
Saul said to his servant that was 
with him, Come, and let us return; 
lest my father leave caring for the 
&SSCS, and take thought for us. 

1 Sam. X, 2. When thou art de- 
parted fl-om me to day, then thou 
Shalt And two men by Ruchel's 
sepulchre In the border of Ben- 
jamin at Zelzoh; and they will say 
unto thee, The assea which thou 
wentest to seek are found: and, lo, 
thy fatlier hath loft the care of the 
asses, and sorroweth for you, say- 
ing. What shall I do for my sun? 

3 Sam. svi. 1, 2. And when 
David was a little p^t the top o/ 
the hill, behold, Ziba the servant 
of Mephibosheth met him, with a 
coupl^ of asses saddled. AnrI the 
king said unto Zlba, What mean- 
est thou by these? And Ziba said. 
The asses be for the king's house- 
hold to ride on. • • • 

S Sam. xvil, 28. And when 
Ahithophcl saw that his counsel 
was not followed, he saddled his 
ass, and arose, and gat him home 
to his house. • • • • 

1 Kings II, 40. And Shhnel 
arose, and saddled his ass. . . • 

1 ^//»-o».xxvil,30. . . And over 
the asses was Jehdelah the Mer- 

JSTrro, il, 67. . . . Tketr asses, six 
thousand seven hundred and 

Keh. vll, 69 ... Six thousand 
•even hundred and twenty 


Jer. xxit, 19. He shall be bnrfed 
with the burial of an ass, drawn 
and cast forth beyond the gates 
of Jerusalem. 

Zech. Ix, 9. Rejotce greatly, O 
daughter of ZIon; shout. O daugh- 
ter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King 
Cometh nnto thee: he is Just, and 
having salvation; lowly, and rid- 
ing upon an ass, and upon a colt 
the foal of an ass. 

2 Pet. II, 16. But was rebuked 
for his iniquity: the dumb ass 
speaking with man's voice forbad 
the madness of the prophet. 

WILD A88. 


Jb& xl, 12. For vain man would 
be wise, though man ho bom like 
a wild ass's colt. 

Job xxlv, 6. Behold, as wild 
asses in the desert, go they forth 
to their work; rising betimes for a 
prey: the wilderness yleHtth food 
for them and for their cliUdren. 

Job xxxlx, 6-8. Who hath sent 
out the wild assfhje? or who hath 
loosed the bands of the wild ass? 
Whose house I have made the 
wilderness, and the barren land 
his dwellings. lie scomcth the 
multitude of the city, neither re- 
gardeth he the crjing of the 
driver. The range of the moun- 
tains is his pasture, and he search- 
eth after every green thing. 

/8a.xxxll,14.» • • The forts ond 
towers shall bo for dens for ever, 
a Joy of wild asses, a pasiure of 

Jer. II, 24. A wild ass nsed to 
the wilderness, that snuffeth up 
the Avlod at her pleasure; in her 
occasion who can turn her awaj-? 
all they that seek her will not 
weary themselves; hi her month 
they shall find her. 

Hosea vlil, 9. tor they are gone 
up to Assyria, a wild ass alone by 
himsem Ephrahn hath hhred 



Oen. xxlv, 11, 19, 20, 81, 46. And 
he made his camels to kneel down 
without the city by a well of wa- 
ter at the time of the ovenlug, 
even the time that women go out 
to draw water. And when she 
^ad done glvbig him drink, she 
said, I will draw tcater for thy 
camels also, until they have done 
drinking. And she hasted, and 
empUed her pitcher Into the 
trough, and ran again unto the 
well to draw water, and drew for 
all his camels. And he said. Gome 
In, thou blessed of the Lord; 
wherefore standest thou without? 
Ibr I have prepared the house, 
and room for the camels. And 
she made haste, and let down her 

pitcher from her sikonOder, and 
said. Drink, and I will give thy 
camehi drink also: so I drank, and 
she mode the camels drink also. 

Oen. xxxl. 34. Now Rachel had 
taken the images, and put them 
In the camel's furniture, and sat 
upon them. And Laban searched 
all the ten^ but found them not. 

Gen. xxxvil, 25. And they sat 
do^vn to eat bread: and they lifted 
up their eyes and looked, and. be- 
hold, a company of Ishmeelites 
came from Gilead with their 
camels bearing spleery and balm 
and mjrrrh, gohig to cany it down 
to Egypt. 

Judges vl, 5. . . . For both they 
and their camels were without 
numben and they entered into the 
land to destroy it. 

1 Sam XXX. 17. And David smote 
them ftom the tw ilight even nnto 
the evening of the next day: and 
there escaped not a man of them, 
save four hundred young men 
which rode upon camels, and fled. 

S Kings vlll, 9. So Hazael went 
to meet him, and took a present 
with him, even of eveiy good 
thing of Damascus, forty cameltf 
burden; and came and stood be- 
fore him, and said. Thy son Ben- 
hadad khig of Syria hath sent me 
to thee, sayiug, Shall I recover of 
this disease? 

1 <;hron. V, 21. And they took 
an ay their cattle; of thoir camels 
fifty thousand, and of sheep two 
hundred and fifty thousand, and 
of asses two thousand, and of men 
an hundred thousand. 

1 ^hron. xxvll, 30. Over the 
camels also vxis Obil the Ishmacl- 
Ite. • • • • 

Eisra U. 67. Their camels, Ibnr 
hundred thirty and fivci , 

Keh. vil, 69. Their camels, four 
hundred thirty and five 

Isa, XXX, 6. The burden of the 
beasts of the south: into the land 
of trouble and onguish, fh)m 
whence come the young and old 
Hon, the viper and fiery flying 
serpent, they will carry their 
riches upon the shoulders of young 
aeses, and their treasures unon 
the bunches of camels, to a people 
that shall not pront Viem, 

Isa. Ix, 6. The multitude of 
camels shall cover thee, the dro- 
medaries of Mldlan and Ephah; 
all they fh)m Sheba sliall come: 
they shall bring gold and Incense; 
and they shall shew forth the 
praises of the Lord. 

Ezek. XXV, 6. And I will make 
Kabbah a stable for camels, and 
the Ammonites a couching place 
for flocks: and ye shall know that 
I am the Loan. 

Hatth. xix, 24. And agato I say 
nnto yon. It is easier for a came) 

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to go tliroQKh the eye of a needle, 
than for a rich man to enter Into 
the Jdngdom of God. 

JSmdL zv, 21. And Mhiam 
answered them. Sing ye to the 
LoBo, for he hath triumphed 
gloriunsly; the horse and his rider 
hath he ttirown Into the sea. 

DetU. icTii, 16. Bat he shall not 
multiply horses to himself, nor 
cause the people to return to 
Eyypt, to (ha end that he should 
multiply horses: forasmoch as ihe 
LoBD hath said unto you, Ye shall 
henceforth return no more Uiat 

2 Ktngs II, 11. And It came to 
pass, as they still went on, and 
talked.that, Iwhold, tAere appeared 
a chariot of Are, and horses of fire; 
and parted them both asunder, 
and Elijah went up by a whirlwind 
into heaven. 

2 Kings xxIU, 11. And he took 
away ttie horses that the kings of 
Judah had given to the sun, at 
the entering in of the house of 
the Load, by the chamber of 
Nathanmolech the chamberlain, 
which toas in the toburbs, and 
burned the chariots of ttxe sun 
with Are. 

2 ^hron. ix, 28. And they 
brought unto Solomon horses out 
of Egypt, and out of all lands. 

Ezra II, 60. Their horses toere 
seven hundred thirty and six. . . . 

Esther vi. 8, 9. Let the royal 
apparel be brought which the king 
ti5e//t to wear, and the horse that 
the king rlclcth upon, and the 
crown royal which is set upon his 
head: And let this apparel and 
horse bo delivered to the hand of 
one of the king's most noble 
princes, that they may array the 
man wfthal whom the king de- 
Itghteth to honour, and bring him 
on horseback through the street 
of the dty, and proclaim before 
Jiim, Thus shall it be done to the 
man whom the king deligbteth to 

Ps. xxxlll, 17. An horse is a vain 
.tiling for safety: neither shall he 
deliver any by his great strength. 

Ps. cxlvll, 10. He delighteth not 
in the strength of the horse: he 
tikothnot pleasure in the legs of 
a man. 

Eccles. X, 7. 1 have seen servants 
rpon horses, and prbices walking 
as servants upon the earth. 

2$a. Ixlll 13. 14. That led them 
through the deep, as an horse in 
the wilderness, that they should 
not stumble? As* a beast goeth 
down into the valley, the Spirit 
of the Lord caused him to rest: 
so didst thou lead thy people, to 
make thyself a glorlouf uame. 


ITosea xlT, 8. Asshur shall not 
save as; we will not ride upon 

Zech. xii, 4. . • . Andl will open 
mine eyes upon the house of Ju- 
dah, and will smite every horse of 
the people with blindness. 

Zech, xiv. 20. In that day shall 
there be upon the bells of the 

ussd bt thb obbat. 

Oen. xlvi, 29. And Joseph made 
ready his chariot, and went up to 
meet Israel his father, to Goshen, 
and presented himself unto him; 
and he fell on his neck, and wept 
on his neck a good wliile. 

Oen. I, 9. And there went up 
with Iilm both chariots and horse- 
men: and it was a Tery great com- 

Eeod. xiv, 6. And he made ready 
his chariot, and took his people 
with liim. 

1 Ktiia$ vli, 33. And the work 
of tlie wheels teas like the work 
of a chariot wheel: their axletrees, 
and their naves, and their felloes, 
and their spokes, toere all molten. 

1 Kinas xvlll, 44. And It came 
to pass at the seventh time, tliat 
he said, Beholil^ tliero arlseth a 
little cloud out of the sea, like a 
man's hand. And he snid, Go up, 
say unto Aliab, l*repai*e Uiydiariot, 
and get thee down, that the rain 
stop thee not. 

1 KlHQS XX, 25. 83. And nnmber 
thee an army, like the army •that 
tliou host lost, horse for horse, and 
chariot for chariot: and we will 
flght against them in tlie plain, 
and surely we shall be stronger 
than they. And he hearkened un- 
to their voice, ^nd did so. Mow 
the men did diligently observe 
wlictlicr any Vilng tcotdd come 
from liim, and did Itastily catch it- 
and they said, Thy brother Ben- 
hadad. Then he said. Go ye. 
bring him. Then Ikin-hadad 
came forth to him; and he caused 
him to come up into the chariot. 

1 Kings xxU, 35. And the battle 
Increased that day: and the king 
was stayed up in his chariot 
against the Syrians, and died at 
even: and the blood ran out of the 
wound Into the midst of the 

2 Kings v, 9, 21, 26. So Kaaman 
came with his horses and with his 
chariot, and stood at the door of 
the house of Elisha. So Gehazl 
followed after Naaman. And 
when Maaman saw him running 
after him, he lighted down from 
the chariot to meet him, and said, 
Js all well? And he said unto him, i 
Went not mine heart with thee, I 
wh«& the man turned agiUn fhun I 


hts chariot to meet thee? 7« it a 
time to receive money, and to re* 
oeive garments, and ollveyards. 
and vineyards, and sheep, and 
oxen, and menservant^ and maid- 

2 Kings ix, 16, 21. So Jehu rode hi 
a chariot, and went to Jczreel; for 
Joram lay there. And Ahuziah 
king of Judah was come down to 
see Jonun. And Joram said, 
Make ready. * And his chariot was 
made ready. And Joram king of 
Israel and Ahazlah khig of Judah 
went out, each in his chariot, and 
they went out against Jehu, and 
met him in the portion of Naboth ■ 
the Jezreelite. 

' 2 Kings x, 16. And he said. 
Come with me, and see my zeal 
for the LoBD. So they made him 
ride in his chariot. 

Qant. ill, 9. King Solomon made 
hhnself a chariot of the wood ol 

Ads vIU, 28-80. Was returning, 
and sitting In his chariot read 
Esaias the prophet. Then the 
Spirit said unto Philip. Go near, 
and Join thyself to this chariot. 
And he commanded the chariot 
to stand still: and they went down 
both into the water, both Philip 
and the eunuch; and he baptlEed 

2 Kings II, 12. And Ellsha saw 
U, and he cried, My father, my 
father, the chariot of Israel, and 
the horsemen thereof. And he 
saw him no more: and he took 
hold of his own clothes, and rent 
them in two pieces. 

Ps. Ixvlll, 17. The chariots of 
God are twenty thousand, even 
thousands of angels: the Lobd is 
among them, as in Sinai, in the 
holy ptoce. 

Ps. dv, 8. Wholayeththe beams 
of his chambers in the waters: 
whomaketh the cloads his chariot: 
who walketh upon the wings of 
the wind. 

Qant. 1,9. 1 have compared thee, 
my love, tt^a company of horses 
in Pharaoh's chariots. 

QantM, 12. Or ever I was aware, 
my soul made me like the chariots 
of Amminadib. 

Isa, xxl, 7, 9. And he saw a 
chariot toith a couple of horsemen, 
a chariot of asses, and a chariot of 
camels; and he hearkened dili- 
gently with much heed: A nd. be- 
hold, here cometh a chariot of 
men, with a couple of horsemen. 

Isa, Ixvi, 20. And they shall 
brhig all your brethren for an 
offering unto the Lobd out of all 
nations upon horses, and In 
chariots, and in litters, and upon 
mules, and npon swia beasts, to 

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017 holy motmtaln Jeroftfem^ 
aaith tbe Lobd, as tlifi obildren of 
Israel bring an offering In a clean 
Tessel Into the boose of the Lobo. 

JtT. xTll, 25. Then shall there 
enter Into the gates of this dty 
kings and princes sitting upon the 
throne of Daviil, riding in chariots 
and on horses, they, and their 
princes, the men of Jbdah, and 
the inhabitants of Jerusalem: and 
this dty shall remalofor ever. 

Jer, zxil, 4. For If ye do this 
thing Indeed, then shall there en- 
ter in by the gates of this house 
kings sitting upon the throne of 
David, riding in diariots and on 
horses, he, and his serrants, and 
his people. 

JtfZcoA 1, 13. O then Inhabitant 
of Lachish, bind the chariot to the 
swift beast: she to the beginning 
of the sin to the daughter of Zion: 
for the transgressions of Israel 
were found in thee. 

Eab. Hi, a Was the Loan dis- 
pleased against the rivers? was 
thine anger agahist the rivers? 
vxu thy wrath against the sea, 
that thou didst ride upon thine 
houses and thy chariots of salva- 

(/fise undeer Armn, Qamartf,) 

Jb5 xxxix, 19-25. Hast thou 
fidvcn the horse strensrth? hast 
thou clothed bis neck with thun- 
der? Canst thou make him afraid 
as a grasshopper? the glory of his 
nostrils is terrible. lie paweth In 
the valley, and rcjoiceth In his 
strength: he goeth on to ijieet the 
armed men. He mocketh at fear, 
and is not affrighted; neither tiim- 
eth he back fh>m the sword. The 
quiver rattleth against hhn, the 
glittering spear and the shield. 
Ho swalloweth the ground with 
fierceness and rage: neither be- 
lieveth he that it is the sotmd of 
the trumpet, He salth among the 
trumpets. Ha, ha; and he smelleth 
the battle alar off, the thunder of 
the captains, and the shouting. 

ZiOi. 1,& I saw by night, and 
behold a man %1din&: upon a red 
horae, and he stood among the 
myrtle-trees that were in the bot- 
tom: and behind him were there 
red horses, speckled, and white. 

SSech, vl, l-a And I turned, and 
lifted up mine eyes, and looked, 
and, behold, there came four 
chariots out flrom between two 
mountains; and the mountains 
tcere mountains of brass. In the 
flrst chariot were red horses, and 
in the second chariot black horses. 
And in the thh^ chariot white 
horses, and in the fourth chariot 
grislea and bay horses. Then I 


answered and said unto the angel 
that talked with me. What are 
these, my lord? And the angel 
answered and said unto me. These 
are the four spirits of the heavens, 
whidi go forth from standing be- 
fore the Lord of all the earth. 
The black horses which are there- 
in go forth into the north country; 
and the white go forth after them: 
and the grisled go forth toward 
the south country. And the bay 
went forth, and sought to go, that 
they might walk to and fh> through 
the earth: and he said. Get you 
hence, walk to and fro through 
the earth. 8o they wiOked to and 
firo through the earth. Then 
cried he upon me, and spake unto 
me, saying. Behold, these that go 
toward the north country have 
quieted my spirit in tbe north 


Cfen, xxxvi, 24. And these are 
the children of Zibcon; both A jah, 
and Anali: this was that Anah 
that found the mules in the wil- 
derness, as he fed the asses of 
ZIbeon his Cather. 

Ezra II, 66. ... . Their 
mules, two hundred fbrty and 

K^. vll, 63. Thebr horses, seven 
hundred thirty and six: their 
mules, two hundred forty and 

Ezeik. xxvil, 14. They of the 
house of Togarmah traded in thy 
fairs with horses and horsemen 
and mules. 


Oeru xxlv, 61. And Rebekoh 
arose, and her damRcls, and tliey 
rode upon the camels, and follow- 
ed tbe man: and the servant took 
Rebekah, and went his way. 

Gen, ili, 43. And he made him 
to ride in the 6ec<md chariot 
which he had; and they cried be- 
fore him. Bow the knee: and he 
made him rtiler over all the land 
of Egypt. 

Exod, iv, 20. And Moses took 
his wife and his sons, and set 
them upon an ass, and he return- 
ed to the land of Egypt: and 
Moses took the rod of God in his 

Num, xxll, 21. And Balaam 
rose up in the morning, and 
saddled his ass, and wont with 
the princes of Moab. 

Josh. XV, 18. And it came to 
pass, as she came unto A/m, that 
she moved him to ask of her 
father a field: and she lighted off 
her ass; and Caleb said unto her. 
What wouldest thou? 

Judges I, 14. And it came to 
pass, when she came to him, that 
she moved blm to ask of her &ther 

a field: and she lighted fh>m ofl 
her ass; and Caleb said unto ber. 
What wUt thou? 

JtAdges V, 10. Speak, ye that 
ride on white asses, ye that sit in 
Judgment, and walk by the way. 

1 Sam. zxv, 20, 23. And it was 
80, as she rode on tbe ass, that 
she came do^-n by the covert ol 
the hill, and, behold, David and 
his men came down against her; 
and she met them. And when 
Abigail saw David, she hasted, 
and lighted off the ass, and fell 
before David on her face, and 
bowed herself to the ground. 

2 8am, ziii, 29. And the servants 
of Absalom did unto Amnon as 
Absalom had commanded. Then 
all the kbig's sons arose, and 
every man gat him up upon his 
mule, and fled. 

2 8am. xvl, 2. And the king 
said unto Ziba, What meanest 
thou by these? And ZIba said, The 
asses be for the king's household to 
ride on; and the bread and sum- 
mer friilt for the young men to 
eat; and the wine, that such as be 
faint in the wilderness may 

2 Sam. xviti, 9. And Absalom 
mot the servants of David. And 
Absalom rode upon a mule, and 
the mule went under the thick 
boughs of a great oak, and his 
head caught hold of the oak, and 
he was taken up between the 
heaven and the earth; and the 
mule that was under him went 

2 Sam. xix, 26. And he answer- 
ed, My lord, O king, my servant 
deceived me: for thy servant 
said, I will saddle me an ass, that 
I may ride thereon, and go to the 
king; because thy servant is 

1 Kin. i, 83, 38, 44. The king 
also said unto them, Take with 
you the servants of yoiu* lord, and 
cause Solomon my son to ride 
upon mine own mule, and bring 
him down to Gihon* So Zadok tlie 
priest, and Nathan llie prophet, 
and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, 
and the Chcretliitos, and the 
Pelethites, wont down, and caus- 
ed Solomon to ride upon king 
David's mule, and brouglit him to 
Gihon. And the king fanth sent 
with him Zadok the priest, aud 
Nathan the prophet, and lU*nai:ih 
the son of Jeholada, and tho 
Cherethites, and the Pelctliitos, 
and they have caused him to ride 
upon the king's mule. 

1 Kin. ziii, 13, 23, 27. And he 
said unto his sons, Saddle mo tho 
ass. So they saddled him the qss: 
and he rode thereon. Anditcunio 
to pass, after he had eaten bread, 
and after he had drunk, that ho 
saddled tor him the ass, to wit. for 
the prophet whom be hod 

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bronglit tack. And he spake to 
h!s sons, saytnfT, Saddle me the 
mm. And tlioy saddled him, 

2 Kin. Iv, 24. Then she saddled 
on ass, and said to her serrant, 
Drive, and ffo forward; slack not 
tliv riding for me, except I bid 

Esther vHi, 10, 14. Andhe wrote 
in the kin? Ahasnenis* name, 
and scaled it ^vith the king^s ring, 
and sent letters by posts on 
horseback, cmd riders on mules, 
camels, and young dromedaries: 
So the posts that rode upon mutes 
and camels went out, being ha»< 
tened and pressed on by the king's 
commandment. And the decree 
was given at Shoshan the palace. 

Frov. xxvt 8. A whip for the 
horse, a bridle for the ass, and a 
rod for the fool's back. 

Z^ch. xll, 4. In that day, saith 
the LoBD, I will smite erery 
horse with astonishment^ and hU 
rider with madness. 

Matth. xxl. 2, 8, 7, a Saying on- 
to them, Go into the village oTer 
against yon, and straightway ye 
shall And an ass tied, and a colt 
with hen loose them, and bring 
litem unto me. And If any man 
say ou^t unto yon, ye shall say, 
The Lord hath need of them; and 
straightway he will send them. 
And brought the ass, and the colt, 
and put on them their clothes, 
and they set him thereon. And a 
very great multitude spread their 

garments in the way; others cut 
own branches from the trees, 
and strawed them in the way. 

James ill, 8. Behold, we put 
bits in the horses' mouths, that 
they may obey us; and we tnm 
about theh" whole body. 
(See under Army, Qavalrv.) 

Itev. fi, 1-8. And I saw when 
the Lamb opened one of the seals, 
and I heard, as it were the noise 
of thunder, one of the fonr beasts 
saying, Gome and see. And I 
saw, and behold a white horse: 
and he that sat on htm had a bow; 
and a crown was given unto him: 
and be went forth conquering, 
and to conquer. And when he 
had opened the second seal, I 
heard the second beast say, Ck>me 
and see. And there went out 
another horse that teas red: and 
power was given to him that sat 
thereon to take peace fh)m the 
earth, and that they should kill 
one anothen and there was given 
unto him a croat sword. And 
when he had opened the third 
seal, I heard the third beast say, 
Come uid see. And I beheld, 
and k> a black horse; and he thai 
sat on him had a pair of balances 
In his hand. And I heard a voice 


fn the midst of the fonr beasts say, 
A measure of wheat for a penny, 
and three measures of barley for 
a penny; and see thou hurt not the 
oil and the wine. And when he 
had opened the fonrth seal, I 
heard the voice of the fourth 
beast say. Come and see. And I 
looked, and behold a pale horse: 
and his name tliat saA on htm was 
Death, and llell followed with 
him. And power was given unto 
them over the fourth part of the 
earth, to kill with sword, and with 
hunger, and with death, and with 
the bcastc of the earth. 



Gen. vlU. 20. And Noah bullded 
an altar unto the Lord; and took 
of every clean beast, and of every 
clean fowl, and offered bnmt 
offerings on the altar. 

Lev. X, 10. And that yo may pnl 
difference between holy and un- 
holy, and between unclean and 

Lev. Td, 46,47. This it the law of 
the beasts, and of the fowl, and of 
ever>' living creature that movcth 
in tlie waters, and of every crea- 
ture that creepeth upon the eartlu 
To make a diircrt*nce between the 
unclean and the clean, and be- 
tween the beast that may be 
eaten and the beast that may not 
be eaten. 

Lev. XX, 25. Te shall therefore 
put difference between dean 
beasts and unclean, and between 
unclean fowls and clean: and ye 
sliall not ma Ice your souls abom- 
inable by beast, or by fowl, or by 
any manner of Uvlng thing tluU 
creepeth on the groimd, which I 
have separated Irom yon as un- 

DeiU. xlv, 8. Thou Shalt not eat 
any abominable thing. 


Gen, xxxil, 82. Therefore the 
children of Israel eat not of the 
sinew which shrank, which is up- 
on the hollow of the thigh, unto 
this day: because he touched the 
hollow of Jacob's thigh in the 
sinew that shrank. 

Gen. xliil, 83. And they set on 
for him by hlmsell^ and for them 
by themselves, and for the Egypt- 
ians, which did eat with hhn. by 
themselves: because the Egyptians 
might not eat broad with the 
Hebrews; for that is an abomina- 
tion unto the Egyptlfns. 

Dan. i, & But Daniel purposed 
In his heart that he wonld not 
defile himself with the portion of 
the king's meat, nor with the wine 
which he drank: therefore he re- 

quested of the prince of the 
eunuchs that he might not defile 

ffoaealx,^ They shall not dwell 
in the Lord's land; but Ephraim 
shall return to Eg>*pt, and they 
shall eat unclean tfUnga In Assy- 

Acta X, 9-16. On the morrow, as 
they went on theh* jouniey, and 
drew nigh unto the city, Peter 
went up upim the housetop to 
pray about the sixth houn And 
he became very hungry, and 
would have eaten: but while they 
mode ready, he fell Into a trance. 
And saw heaven opened, and a 
certain vessel descending unto 
him, as it had been a great sheet 
knit at the four comers, and let 
down to the earth: Wherein 
were all manner of fburfooted 
beasts of the earth, and wild 
beasts, and creeping things, and 
fowls of the air. And tlicre came 
a voice to hhn, Rise, Peter, kill, 
and eat. But Peter said, Not so. 
Lord; for I have never eaten any 
tiling tliat Is common or unclean. 
And the voice apake imto l*Jm 
again the second time. What God 
hath cleansed, that call not then 
conunon. This was done thrice: 
and the vessel was received up 
again Into heaven. 


Gen. ix. 8. Every moving thing 
that livetn shall be meat for yotu 
even as the green herb have I 
given yon all things. 

DetU. xll. 20-23. When the 
Loan thy God shall enlarge thy 
border, as he hath promised thee, 
and thou shalt say, I will eat 
fleah, because thy soul lonseth 
to eat flesh; thou mayest cat llfsh, 
whatsoever thy soul Insteth aflor. 
If the place which the Loro thy 
God hath chosen to put his name 
there be too fiur fh)m thee, then 
thou Shalt kill of thy herd and of 
thy flock, which the Lord hath 
given thee, as I have commanded 
thee, and thou shalt eat in thy 
gates whatsoever thy soul lustelh 
after. Even as the roebuck and 
the hart is eaten, so thou shalt 
eat them: the unclean and the 
dean shall eat qf them alike. 

Leut. XT, 19-28. AU the first- 
ling males that come of thy herd 
and of thy flock thou shalt sancti- 
tf unto the Lord thy God: then 
Shalt do no work with the first- 
ling of thy bnllock, nor shear the 
firstUng of thy sheep. Thou shalt 
eat it befbre the Loan thy God 
year by year In the phioe which 
the Lord shall dioose. thou and 
thy household. And if there be 
any blemish therehL as if U be 
lame, or blh&d, or have any Ul 
MftiwUh^ thmn mhmlt not aarrl fln e li 

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onto the Lobd thy Ood. Thoa 
Shalt eat It within thy gates: the 
andean and the clean perBoii 
shall eat it alike, as the roebucjc, 
and as the hart. Only then shalt 
not eat the blood thereof thon 
Shalt pour It upon the ground as 


t Kin. iv, 23. Ten fat oxen, and 
twenty oxen out of the pastures, 
and an hundred sheep, beside 
harts, and roebucks, and fiallow- 
dccr, and Catted fowL 

Ifark Till, 6, 7. And he com- 
manded the people to sit down on 
tlie ground: and ho took the seven 
loaves, and gave thanks, and 
brake, and pave to his disciples to 
sot before them; and they did set 
tfiem before the people. And they 
had a few small fishes: and he 
blessed, and commanded to sot 
them also before then. 


Gen. Ix, 4, But fiosh with the 
life thereof, which is the blood 
thereof, shall ye not eat. 

Lev. vii, 26, 27. Moreover ye 
shall eat no manner of blood, 
whether it be of fowl or of beagt, 
In any of your dwellings. What- 
soever soul it be that eateth any 
manner of blood, even that soul 
shall be cut off from his people. 

Lev.xvH, 10, 18. And whatso- 
ever man there be of the house of 
Israel, or of the strangers that 
sotJoum among you, that eateth 
any manner of blood; I will even 
set my fiice against thLt soul that 
eateth blood, and will cut him off 
from among his people. And 
whatsoever man there be of the 
children of Israel, or of the stran- 
gers that sojourn among you, 
which himteth and catchelli any 
beast or fowl that may be eaten: 
he shall even pour out the blood 
thereof and cover It with dust. 

Deut. xil, 16, 24, 26. Only ye 
shall not eat the blood; ye shall 
pour It upon the earth as water. 
Thou Shalt not eat It; thou shalt 
pour it upon the earth as water. 
Thou Shalt not eat it; that it may 
go well with thee, and with thy 
children after thee, when thou 
Shalt do that which is right In the 
sight of the Loan. 

1 Sam. xlv, 82-34. And the peo- 
ple flew upon the spoil, and took 
sheep, and oxen, and calves, and 
slew them on the ground: and the 
people did eat them with the 
blood. Then they told Saul, say- 
ing, Behold, the people sin against 
the LoBD,h) that they eat with 
the blood. And he said. Ye have 
transgressed: roll a great stone 
unto me this day. And Saul 
said, Disperse yourselves among 
the people, and say unto them, 
Bliss mo hither every man his 


ox, tnd every man his dieep, 
and slay them here, and eat; 
and sin not against the Lord 
in eating with the blood. And all 
the people brought every man his 
ox with him that night, and slew 
tAem there. 

Ezek. xzxill, 26. Wherefore say 
unto them. Thus salth the Lord 
God; Ye eaftwlth the blood, and 
lift up your eyes towards your 
idols, and shed blood: and shall ye 
possess the Und? 


Lev. xvll, 11. 12. 14. For the life 
of the flesh i« in the blood: and I 
have given It to you upon the 
altar to make an atonement for 
your souls: for it is the blood tfiat 
maketh an atonement for the 
soul. Therefore I said imto the 
dilldren of Israel, No soul of you 
shall eat blood, neither shall any 
stranger that sojoumeth among 
you eat blood. For it is the life 
of aU flesh; the blood of It is for 
the life thereof, therefore I said 
unto the children of Israel, Ye 
shall eat the blood of no manner 
of flesh: for the life of aU flesh is 
the blood thereof: whosoever 
eateth It shall be cut ofL 

Deut. xll, 23. Only he sure that 
thou eat not the blood: for the 
blood is the life; and thou mayest 
not eat the lile with the flesh. 

Lev. ill, 16. 17. . . . AU the 
fat is the Lord's. It shall be a 
perpetual statute ft)r your pener- 
ations throughout all your dwell- 
ings, that yo eat neither fat nor 

Lev.yiX, 23-26. Speak nntp the 
children of IsraeC saying. Ye 
shall oat no manner of fat, of ox, 
or of sheep, or of goat. And the 
fkt of the beast that dieth of itself, 
and the fat of that which Is torn 
with beasts, may be used In any 
other use: but ye shall in no wise 
eat of it. For wliosoover eateth 

tOQcheth the carcase thereof staaill 
be unclean nntil the even. And 
he that eateth of the carcase of it 
slmll wash his clothes, and be un- 
dean until the even: he also that 
beareth the carcase of It shaU 
wash his clothes, and be unclean 
mitil the even. 

Lev. xvll, 16, 16. And every 
soul that eateth that which died 
ctf itself, or that which was torn 
tofth beasts, witetlier it be one of 
your own country, or a stranger, 
he shall- both wash his clothes, 
and bathe himself in water, ana 
be unclean until the even: then 
shall he bo clean. Bat if ho wash 
them not, nor bathe his flesh; then 
he shall bear his iniquity. 

Lev. xxil, 8. 9. That which dleth 
of itself, or Is torn ip//A beafta, 
he shall not eat to defile hlimelf 
therewith: I am the Lord. They 
shall therefore keep mine ordin- 
ance, lest they bear shi for it, and 
die therefore, if they profjme it: I 
the LoBo do sanctify them. 

Deut. xiv, 21. Ye shall not eato/ 
any thing that dleth of Itself: thou 
shalt give it unto the stranger 
that is in thy gates, that ho may 
eat it; or thou mayest sell it unto 
an alien: for thou art an holy peo- 
ple unto the Lord thy God. Thou 
Shalt not seethe a kid In his 
mother's milk. 

Ezek. Iv, 14. Then said I, Ah 
Lord GodI bchoM, my soul hath 
not been pollut'^d: for from my 
youth up even till now have I not 
eaten of that which dioth of itself, 
or Is torn in piccc.^; noiliicr cume 
there abominable flcah into my 

Ezek. xliv, 81. The priest shall 
not eat of any thln^ that Is dead 
of itself, or torn, whether it be 
fowl or beast. 



Jfatih. XV, 11. Not that which 

goeth into the mouth deflleth a 

man; but that which cometh out 

of the mouth, this defiloth a 

the fat of the beast, of wlildi men , nian. 

offer an oUerUig; made by lire unto j Markrll, 15. There Is nothing 

the Lord, even the soul that eat- 
eth U shaU bo cat oflT from his 





Escod. xxil, 31. And ye shall be 
holy men uito me: neither fhall 
ye eat any flesh that is torn of 
beasts in the field; ye shall cast it 
to the dogs. 

Lev. xl, 89, 40. And if any beast, 
of which ye may eat, die; he that 

from without aman,that entering 
into him can dettlo him: but the 
tilings which come out of hhn, 
those are tliey that defile tho 

Acts XV, ^8, 29. For It seemed 
good to the Holy Ghost, and to 
us, to lay upon you no* greater 
burden than these necessary 
things; That ye abstain irom 
meats offered to Idob, and from 
blood, and from things strangled, 
and from fornication: from which 
if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do 
welL Fare ye well. 

Acts xxi, 25. As touching tlio 
Gentiles which believe, wo have 

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written and oondndad thai tliey 
obeervo no such thing:, save only 
that they keep themselTes from 
tJilriffS offered to IdoLj, and irom 
blood, and from strangled, and 
from Ibmication. 

J?07n. xlv, 14-23. I know, and 
am persuaded by the Lord Jeans, 
that there is nothing nnclean of 
Itaelf: but to him that esteemeth 
any thing to be unclean, to him 
U is unclean. But If thy brother 
be grieved with thj/ meat, now 
walkest thoU not charitably. De- 
stroy not him with thy meat, for 
whom Christ died. Let not then 
your good be evil spoken oft For 
the kingdom of God is not meat 
and drink: but righteousness, and 
peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost 
For he that In these things serv- 
eth Christ is acceptable to God, 
and approve<i of men. Let us 
therefore follow afler the things 
which make for peace, and th'ngs 
wherewith one may edify another. 
For meat destroy not the work of 
God. All things Indeed are pure; 
but it is evil for that man who 
eateth Avith oCfenco. It is good 
neither to eat flesh, nor to drink 
wine, nor any thin^ whereby thv 
brother stumbleth, or is offended, 
or is made weak. Hast thou 
faith? have U to thyself before 
God. Happy is he that con- 
demneth not himself In that thing 
which ho alloweth. And he that 
doubteth is dammed if he eat, 
because he eateth not of folth: 
for whatsoever is not of fiath Is 

1 (hr. viil, 8-18. But meat com- 
mendoth us not to God: for neither, 
if we eat, are we the better 
neither, if we eat not. are we the 
worse. But take hecu lest by any 
means this liberty of your's be- 
come a Btnmblingblock to them 
that are weak. For if any man 
see thee which hast knowledge 
sit at meat in the idol's temple, 
ahall not the conscience of him 
which is weak be emboldened to 
eat those things which are offered 
to idols; And through thy know- 
ledge shall the weak brother 
perish, for whom Christ died? 
But when ye sin so against tlie 
brethren, find woxmd their weak 
conscience, ye sin against Christ. 
Wherefore, If meat make my 
brother to offend, I will eat no 
flesh while the world standeth, 
lest I make my brother to offend. 

1 <;br. X, 25-88. Whatsoever Is 
sold in the shambles, that eat. ask- 
ing no question for conscience 
sake: For the earth is the Lord's, 
and the f^ness thereof. If any 
of them that believe not bid vou 
to a feast, and ye be disposed to 
go; whatsoever is set before you, 
eat, asking no question for consci- 
ence sake. But if any man sav 
unto you. This it offered in sacrU 


flee mito idols, eat not Ibr his 
sake that shewed it, and for con- 
science sake: for the earth is the 
Lord's, and the fulness thereof: 
Conscience. I say, not thine own, 
but of the other for why Is my 
liberty Judged of another man's 
conscience? For If I by grace be 
a partaker, why am I evil spoken 
of for that for which I give thanks? 
Whether therefore ye eat, or 
drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all 
to the glory of God. Give none 
offence, neither to the Jews, nor 
to the Gentiles, nor to the church 
of God: Even as I please all men 
in all things, not seeking mine 
own profit, but the profit of many, 
that they may be saved. 

QoL il. 20-23. Wherefore If ye be 
dead with Christ from the rudi- 
ments of the world, why, as 
though living in the world, are ye 
8ul]tle<^ to ordinances, (Touch no^ 
taste not; handle not; Which all 
are to perish with the using;) after 
the commandments and doctrines 
of men? Which things have in- 
deed a shew of wisdom in will 
worship, and humility, and 
neglecttng of the body; not in any 
honour to the ntisfying of the 

1 Tim. It, S-5. • • • And com- 
manding to abstain fh>m meats, 
vriiich Go%hath created to be re- 
ceived with thanksgiving of them 
which believe and know the 
truth. For eyery creature of God 
is good, and nothing to be refused, 
if it be received with thanksgiv- 
ing: For it is sanctified by the 
word of God and prayer. 

CLEAv AVD uircLSAjr lar 


CUP Air. 

Lev. xi, 2, 8. Speak unto the 
children of Israel, saying. These 
are the beasts which ye shall eat 
among all the beasts that are on 
the earth. Whatsoever parteth 
the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and 
cheweth the cud, among the 
beasts, that shall ye eat. 

Deut. xlv. 4-6. These are the 
beasts which ye shall eat: the ox, 
the sheep, and the goat, The hart, 
and the roebuck, and the fallow 
deer, and the wild goat, and the 
pygarg, and the wild ox, and tlio 
chamois. And every beast that 
parteth the hoof, and cleaveth the 
cleft; Into two claws, and chew>3lh 
the>cud among the beasts, that ye 


Lev. xl, 4-a, 28-28. Nevertheless 

these shall ye not eat of them that 

chew the cud, or of them that 


divide the hooft as the camel, be- 
cause he chewdlh the cud, but 
divldeth not the hoo^ he is ui^ 
clean unto yon. And the coney, 
because he cheweth the cud, but 
divideth not the hoof, he is 
unclean unto you. And the harcL 
because he cheweth the cud, but 
divideth not the hoof; he is un- 
clean unto you. And the swine, 
though he divide the hoof, tmd be 
clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not 
the cud; he is unclean to you. Of 
their flesh shall ye not eat, and 
their carcase shall ye not touch; 
they are unclean to you. The 
carcases of every beast which 
divideth the hoof, and is not 
clovenfooted, nor cheweth the 
cud, are unclean unto you: every 
one that toucheth them shall be 
undean. And whatsoever goeth 
upon his paws, among all manner 
of beasts that go on ail four, those 
are unclean unto you: whoso 
toucheth their om^ise shall be 
unclean until the even. And he 
that beareth the carcase of them 
shall wash his clothes, and be un-v 
clean until the even: they are mh> 
clean unto yon. 

Devi, xiv, 7, a Nevoil^elesv 
these ye shall not eat or them 
that chew the cud, or of them 
tliat divide the cloven hoof; as the 
camel, and the hare, and the 
coney: tor they chew the cud, but 
divide not the hoof; therefore they 
are unclean unto you. And the 
swine, beoiuse It divideth the 
hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it 
is unclean unto you: ye shall not 
eat of their flesh, nor touch their 
dead carcase. 

Isa. lxT,4. Which remain among 
the graves, and lodge in the monu- 
ments, which eat swine's flesh. and 
broth of abominable things is in 
their ^ 

Isa. Ixvl, 17. They that sanctify 
themselves, and purlfV thorasclvoa 
in the gardens behind one tree in 
the midst, eating swine's flesh, and 
the abomlnati<m, and the mouse, 
shall be consumed together, saitb 
the Lord. 

Jer. xvl, la And first I will re. 
compen«e their iniquity and their 
sin double; because they have de< 
filed my luid, they have filled 
mine inheritance with the car- 
cases of their detestable and 
abominable things. 



Lev. xi, 9. These shall ye eat of 
all that are in the waters: whatso- 
ever hath fins and scales in the 
waters, in the seas, and in the 
rivers, them shall ye eat. 

Dexa. xlv, 9. These ye shaU eat 
of all that are in the waters: all 
that have flnf and scales shall ye 

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Lw. xl, 10-12. And all thftt hare 
not fins and scales In the seas, and 
In the rivers, of all that moTe In 
ttie waters, and of any living thing: 
which iB in the waters, they BhaJO. 
be an al)ominatlon unto you: They 
shall be even an abomination unto 
yon; ye shall not eat of their flesh, 
bnt ye shall hare their carcases 
in abomination. Whatsoever 
hath no fins nor scales in the 
waters, that shaU be an abomina- 
tion unto you. 

DetU. xlv, 10. And whatsoever 
hath not fins and scales ye may 
not eat} it is unclean unto yotu 



Deut. xlv, 11, 20. 0/ all dean 
birds ye shall eat. BH qf all 
clean fowls ye may oat 


Xev. xl, 13-20. And these are 
they lohich ye shall have in abom- 
ination among the fowls; they shall 
not be eaten, they are an abomin- 
ation: the eagle, and the ossifrage, 
and the ospray, And the vulture, 
and the kite after his kind; Every 
raven after his kind; And the owl, 
and the night hawk, and the 
cuckoo, and the hawk after his 
kind. And the little owl, and the 
cormorant, and the great owl. 
And the swan, and the pelican, 
and the gier eagle, And the stork, 
the heron after her kind, and the 
lapwhig, and the bat. All fowls 
that creep, going upon all four, 
shall be an abomination unto you. 

Deut. xlv. 12-19. But these are 
theyoi which ye shall not eat: the 
eagle, and the osslfrage, and the 
ospray. And the glede, and the 
kite and the vulture after his 
kind. And every raven after his 
kbid. And the owl, and the night 
hawk, and the cuckoo, and the 
hawk after his kind. The little 
owl, and the great owl, and the 
swan. And the pelican, and the 
gier eagle, and the cormorant. 
And the siork, and the heron after 
her kind, and the lapwing, and the 
bat. And every creeping thing 
that flioth is unclean unto you: 
they shall xu>t be eaten. 



Lev. xi, 21, 22. Yet these may 
yo eat of every flying creeping 
thing tliat goetk upon all four, 
which have legs above their feet, 
to leap withal upon the earth; 
Even these of them ye may eat, 
the locust after his kind, and the 
bald locust after his kind, and the 
beetle after his kind, and the 
grasshopper after his kind. 


£6V.xi.23-25. 29-38, 41-45. ButaO 
oGier flying creeping things, which 
have four feet, shaU be an abonUn- 
ation unto you. And for these ye 
shall be unclean: whosoever tonch- 
eth the carcase cf them shall be 
unclean until the even. And 
whosoever beareth ought of the 
carcase of them sliall wash his 
clothes, and be unclean until thd 
even. These also shaU be unclean 
unto you among the creeping 
things that creep upon the earth; 
the weasel, and the mouse, and 
the tortoise after his kind. And 
the fbrret, and the chameleon, and 
the lizard, and the snail, and the 
mole. These a/re unclean to you 
among all that creep: whosoever 
doUi touch them, when they be 
dead, shall be unclean until the 
even. And upon whatsoever any 
of them, when they are dead, 
doth fall. It shall be unclean; 
whether u be any vessel of wood, 
or raiment, or skin, or sack, what- 
soever vessel it be, wherein any 
work is done, it must be put into 
water, and it shall bo unclean un- 
til the even; so it shall be cleansed. 
And every earthen vessel, where- 
Into any of them fiiUeth, whatso- 
ever is in it shall be unclean; and 
ye shall break it. Of all meat 
which may "be eateiL tliat on 
which such water com#h shall be 
unclean: and all drink that may 
be drunk in every such vessel 
shall be unclean. And every 
Viliig whereupon any part of theh* 
carcase fallcth shall do unclean; 
whether it be oven, or ranges for 
pots, they shall be broken doAvn: 
for they are unclean, and shall be 
unclean unto you. Keverthclcss 
a fountain or pit, wfterem there is 
plenty of water, shall be clean: but 
that which touclieth their carcase 
shall be unclean. AndlfanypaH 
of their carcase fall upon any 
sowing seed which is to be sown, 
it shall be clean. But if any 
water be put upon the seed, and 
any part of their carcase foil 
tlicreon, it sftall be unclean unto 
you. And every creeping thing 
that crcepeth upon the earth 
shall be an abomination; it shall 
not be eaten. Whatsoever goeih 
upon the belly, and whatsoever 
goeth upon all four, or whatsoever 
hath more feet among all creep- 
ing tilings tliat creep upon the 
earth, them ye shall not oat; for 
they are an abomination. Ye 
shall not make 3'ourselves abom- 
inable with any creeping thing 
that creepeth. neither shall ye 
make yourselves unclean with 
them, that ye should be dcflled 
thereby. For I am the Lord your 
God: ye shall therefore sanctify 
yourselves, and yo shall be holy; 
for I am holy, neither shall ye de- 
file yourselves with any manner 
of creeping thing that creepeth 

upon tbe earth. For I An ihB 
Lord that I ringeth you up out of 
the land of E?jT)t, tobe yourOod: 
ye shall therefore be holy, for I 
am holy. 



Gen. xviii, 7. And Abraham ran 
unto the herd^ and fetcht a calf 
tender and good, and gave rtunto 
a young man; and ke hastod to 
dress it. 

1 8am, vl, 10. And the men did 
so; and took two milch kine, and 
tied them to the cart, and shut up 
their calves at home. 

1 Sam. xxvlil, 24. And the wo- 
an had a fat calf in the houses 
and she hasted, and killed it, and 
took flour, and kneaded it, and 
did bake unleavened bread there- 

/«a. xxvll. 10. .... There 
shall the calf feed, and there shall 
he lie down, and consume the 
branches thereot 

Bosea xlv, 2 So will 

we render the calves of our lipe. 

JfaLIv,2. . . . And ye Shan 
go forth, and grow up as calves of 
the stall. 

Luke XV, 27, 80. And he said 
unto hhn. Thy brother is come; 
and thy father hath killed the 
fatted calf, because he hath re- 
ceived him safe and sound. But 
as soon as this thy son was come, 
which hath devoured thy living 
with harlots, thou hast killed Ibr 
him the fktted calt 



jPs. Txil. 12. Many bulls have 
compassed me: strong bulls of 
BosUon have beset me round. 

Ps. Ixvill, 80. Rebuke the com- 
pany pf spearmen, the multitude 
of the bulls, with the calves of the 
people, till every one submit him> 
self with pieces of sllven scatter 
thou the people that delight hi 

Jer. xxxl, 18. I have surely 
heard Ephraim bemoaning him- 
self thus; Thou hast chastised me, 
and 1 was chastised, as a bullock 
unaccustomed to the yoke: turn 
thou me, and I shall be turned; 
for thou art the Lord my God. 

Jer. 1, 11. Because ye were glad, 
because ye rejoiced, O ye de- 
stroyers of mine heritage, because 
ye are grown fat as the heifer at 
grass, and bellow as bulls. 

Jer. Hi, 20. The two pillars, one 
sea, and twelve brasen bulls that 
toei'e under the bases, which king 
Solomon had made in the house of 
the Lord: the brass of all these 
vessels was wlthont weight. 

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JStOt. xxxiz. la Ye BhaU eatthe 
flesh of the mighty, and drink the 
blood of the princes of the earth, 
of rams, of lamb5», and of goats, 
of bullocks all of them &tllDg8 of 

l>eut xxTlH, 4. 18, 81. Blessed 
ihaU be the fruit of thy body, and 
the fhiit of thy ground, and the 
fruit of thy cattle, the increase of 
thy kine, and the flocks of thy 
sheep. Cursed tltaU he the fruit 
of thy body, and the fruit of thy 
land, the Increase of thy klne, and 
the flocks ok thy sheep. Thhie ox 
ihaU he slain .before thine eyes, 
and thou shalt not cot thereof: 
thine ass shall he violently taken 
away from before thy fhoe, and 
shall not bo restored to thee: thy 
ehoep ehaU he given unto thine 
enemies, and thou shalt have none 
to rescue Vtem, 

1 Sam, XT, 9, 14, 15. But Saul 

and the peoplu ^r'^i^fid A^.l^t, rmd 
the b€«t of Uk -fi'^x 7\tA n3 i!ie 
oxen, and of t le 

lambs, and all id 

would not ut n: 

but every thin id 

refuse, that tb< . y. 

And Samuel Enid, VVua.1. meancth 
then this bleating of the sheep In 
mine ears, and the lowing of the 
oxen which I heai? And Saul 
said, They have brought them 
ftx)m the Amalekitos: for the peo- 
ple spared the best of the sheep 
and of the oxen, to sacriflco unto 
the LoBD thy God; and the rest 
we have utterly destroyed. 

1 Chron. y, 9. And eastward he 
Inhabited unto the entering In of 
the wilderness fr*om the river 
Euphrates: because their cattle 
weie multiplied in the land of 

Job xxlv 8. They drive away 
the ass or the fotherless. they 
take the widow's ox for a pledge. 

Job xlll, 12. So the LoBD blessed 
the latter end of Job more than 
his beginning: for he had ft)urteen 
thousand sheep, and six thousand 
camels, and a thousand yoke of 
oxen, and a thousand she asses. 

P8. Ixxvill, 48. He gave up 
their cattle also to the hall, and 
their flocks to hot thunderbolts. 

ltd, vll, 21. And it shall come to 
pass fn that day, that a man 
shall nourish a young oow, and 
two theep. 



J9bm.vii.8. And they brought 
their offering before the Lord, six 
OQTercd wasoDa» and twelve oxen; 

a wagon for two of the princes, 
and for each one an ox: and 
they brought them before the 

Devi, v, 14. But the seventh day 
is the sabbath of the Lord thy 
God: in it thou shalt not do any 
work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy 
daughter, nor thy manservant, 
nor thy maidservant, nor thine ox. 

1 Sam, vl, 7. Now therefore 
make a new cart, and take two 
milch klne, on which there hath 
come no yoke, and tie the kine to 
the cart, and bring their calvee 
home from them. 

2 Sam. vl, 6. And when they 
came to Nachon's threshlngfloor, 
Uzzah put forth Ms hand to the 
ark of God, and took hold of It; 
for the oxen shook it, 

1 Kin, xlx, 19. So he departed 
thence, and found EUsha the son 
of Shaphat, who was ploughing 
with twelve yoke pf oxen before 
him, and he with the twelRh: and 
El^ah passed by him, and cast his 
mantle upon him 

1 ghron, xil, 40. Moreover they 
that were nij?h them, even unto 
Issachar and 2ebulun and Naph- 
tali, brought bread on asses, and 
on camels, and on mules, and on 
oxen, and meat, meal, cakes of 
flgs, and bunches of raisins, and 
wine, and oil, and oxen, and sheep 
abuuflonay: for there was Joy in 

Fs. cxUv, 14. That our oxen 
may he strong to labotir;fAa^ there 
be no breaking in, nor (?ulng out; 
that there be no complaining In 
our streets. 

Prov, xlv, 4. Where no oxen 
are, the crib is clean: but much 
increase is by the strength of the 

Jer. 11, 28. 1 will also break In 
pieces with thee the shepherd and 
his flock; and with tnee will I 
break in pieces the husbandman 
and his yoke of oxen; and with 
thee will I break in pieces cap- 
tains and rulers: 

ffos, Iv, 16. For Israel slideth 
back as a backsliding heifer, now 
the Lord will feed them as a lamb 
in a large place. 

Luke xlv, 19. And another said, 
T have bought Ave yoke of oxen, 
and I go to prove thenu I pray 
thee have me excused. 

Exod. xxl, 28-86. If an ox gore 
a man or a woman, that they die: 
then the ox shall be surely stoned, 
and his flesh shall not be eaten; 
but the owner of the ox shall be 
quit. But if tlie ox were wont to 
push with his horn In time past, 
and it liath been testifled to his 
owner, and be hath not kept him 

In, but that he hath killed a man 
or a w^oman; the ox shall be stoned, 
and his owner also shall be put to 
death. If there be laid on him a 
sum of money, then he shall give 
for the ransom of his life whatso- 
ever is laid upon him. Whether 
he have gored a son, or have gored 
a daughter, according to this 
Judgment shall it be done unto 
blm. If the ox shall push a man- 
servant or maidservant; he shall 
give unto their master thirty 
shekels of silver, and the ox shall 
bo stoned. And if a man shall 
open a pit, or if a man shall dig a 
pit, and not cover it, and an ox or 
an ass fall therein; The owner of the 
pit shall make it good, and give 
money unto the owner of them; 
and the dead beast shall be his. 
And if one man's ox hurt another's 
that he die: then they shall sell 
the live ox, and divide the money 
of it; and the dead ox also they 
shall divide. Or if it be known 
that the ox hath used to push in 
time past, and his o\%7ier huth not 
kept him in; he shall surely pay 
ox for ox; and the dead shall be 
his own. 

Exod. xxil, 10, 11. If a man de- 
liver unto his neighbour an ass, 
or an ox, or a sheep, or any beast, 
to keep; and it die. or be hurt, or 
driven away, no man seeing it' 
Then shall an oath of tlio Lord be 
between them both, tliut he hath 
not put his hand unto his neigh- 
bour's good"?; and the owner of it 
shall accept Vtereof, and he shall 
not make it good. 

Exod, xxlll, 4, 5. If thou meet 
thine enemy's ox or his a.Hs going 
astray, thou shalt surely bring it 
back to him again. If thou see 
the ass of him that hateth thee 
lying under his burden, and 
wouldest forbear to help him, 
thou Shalt surely help with hUn. 


Gen, xlvll, 4. They said more- 
over unto Pharaoh, For to sojourn 
in the land are we come; for thy 
servants have no pasture for their 
flocks; for the famine is sore in 
the land of Canaan: now therefore, 
we pray thee, let thy servants 
dwell in the land of Goshen. 

Num. xxxil, 1-6. Now the chil- 
dren of Reuben and the children 
of Gad had a very great multitude 
of cattle: and when they saw the 
land of Jazor, and the land of 
Gllead, that, behold, the placti was 
a place for cattle; The clilUlrcn of 
Gad and the children of Reuben 
came and spake unto Moses, and 
to Eleazar the priest, and unto tho 
princes of tho congrcjraUon, say- 
ing, AUroth, and Dibon. and 
Jazer, and Nlrarah, and Hesbbon. 
and Elealeh, and Shebom, and 
Nebo, and Boon, Even the coun- 
try which tho LoBo smote before 

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the congregation of Israel, is a 
land for cattle, and thy oerrants 
hare cattle: Wherefore, said they, 
If we have found grace In thy 
sight, let this land bo glrennnto 
tliy servants for a poAsession, and 
bilng OS not over Jordan. 

Isa. xllx, 9. That then mayest 
say to the prisoners, Go forth; to 
them that are in darkness. Shew 
yourselves. Thev shall feed in 
the ways, and their pastures <AaU 
te in all high places. 


^«n.xvlli.8. And he took butter, 
and milk, and the calf which he bad 
dressed, and set it before them; 
and he stood by them under the 
tree, and they old eat. 

Gen. xxxll, 15. Thirty milch 
camels with their colts, forty kine, 
and ten bulls, twenty she asses, 
and ten foals. 

Oen. xlix, 12. . . . And his teeth 
white with milk. 

Dent., xxxil, 14. Butter of Wne, 
and milk of sheep, with £&t of 
lambs, and rams of the breed of 
Bashan, and goats, with the fat of 
kidneys of wheat; and thou didst 
drink the pqre blood of the grape. 

Judges Iv, 19. And he said unto 
her. Give me, I pray thee, a little 
water to drhik; for I am thirsty. 
And Shu opened a bottle of milk, 
and gave him drink, and covered 

Judges, v, 25. lie asked water, 
and she gave him milk; she 
brought forth butter In a lordly 

1 Sam. xvll, 18. And carry these 
ten cheeses unto the captain of 
their thousand, and look how thy 
brethren lore, and take their 

2 Sam. xvll. 29. . . . And Phoep, 
and cheese of kino, for David, and 
for tlie people that were with him, 
to eat: for they said. The people 
is hungry, and weary, and thirsty. 
In the wilderness. 

Job X, 10. Hast thou not poured 
me out as milk, ani curdled me 
like cheese? 

Job xxix, 6. VThen I washed my 
steps with butter, and the rock 
poured me out rivers of olL 

Ps. Iv, 21. The vxfrds of hia 
mouth were smoother than butter^ 
but war was in his heart. 

Prov. XXX, 83. Surely the churn- 
ing of milk bringeth forth butter. 

Isa. Ix, 16. Thou slialt also suck 
the milk of the Gentiles, andshalt 
suck the breast of kings: and thou 
Shalt know that I the Loan am 
thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, 
the mighty One of Jacob. 

Lam. lv,7. Her Nazarite§ were 
purer than snow, they were whiter 
than milk. 


Smek, xxT, 4. . . . They shall eat 
thy fhilt, and they shaU drink thy 



Deut. vl, 8. Hear therefbre, O 
Israel, and observe to do it; that 
It may be well with thee, and 
that ye may Increase mightily, as 
the LoBD God of thy fiithers bath 
promised thee. In the land that 
floweth with milk and honey. 

Deut. zl, 9. And that ye mav 
prolong vour days in the land, 
which the Lord sware unto your 
fathers to give unto them and to 
their seed, a land that floweth 
with mll)c and honey. 

Deut. xxvl, 16. Look down from 
thy holy habitation, from heaven, 
and bless thv people Israel, and 
the land which thou hast given 
us, as thou swarest unto our 
fathers, a land .that floweth with 
milk and honey. 

DeuL xxvll, 8. And thon sbalt 
write upon them all the words of 
this law, when thou art passed 
over, that thou mayest go In unto 
the land which the Lord thy God 
giveth thee, a land that floweth 
with milk and honey; as the Lobd 
God of thy fathers hath promised 

Deut. xxxl, 20. For when I shall 
have brought them Into the land 
which I sware unto their fothen, 
that floMeth with milk and honey; 
pud they shall have eaten and 
filled themselves, and waxen fat; 
then will they turn unto other 
gods, and serve them, and provoke 
me, and break my covenant. 

Jer. xl, 5. That I may perform 
the oath which I have sworn un- 
to your fathers, to give them a 
land flowing with milk and honey, 
08 it is this day. 

J'cr. xxxll, 22. And hast given 
them this land, which thou didst 
swear to their fathers to give them, 
a land flowing with milk and 

Exek. XX, 6, 16, In the day f*<rf I 
lifted up mine hand unto them, 
to bring them forth of the land of 
Egypt into a land that I had espied 
for them, flowing with milk and 
honey, which is the glory of all 
lands. Yet also I lifted up my 
hand unto them in the wilderness, 
that I would not bring them into 
tlie land which I had given them, 
flowing with milk and honey, 
which is the glory of all lands. 

1 8am. xlv, 81. And Saul said, 
Disperse yourselves among the 
people and say unto them. Bring 
me hither every man his ox, and 
every man his sheep, and slay 
them here, and eat. • • . 

1 Kin. 1. 9. And Adon<]ah slew 
sheep ana oxen and fat cattle by 
the stone of Zoheleth, which is by 
En-roge^ and called all his breth 
ron the king^s sons, and all the 
men of Judah the king's ser- 

1 Kin, It, 23. Ten fld oxen, and 
twenty oxen out of the pastures, 
and an hundred sheep, beside 
harts, and roe-bucks, and follow- 
deer, and fotted fowl. 

2 (!hron. xvlll, 2. And after cer 
tain years he went down to Ahab 
to Samaria. And Ahab killed 
sheep and oxen for him in abund- 
ance, and for the people that he 
had with him, and persuaded 
him to go up with Aim to Ramoth- 

Neh. ▼ la Now that which was 
prepared /or me dally vxu one ox, 
and six choice sheep. 

Frov. vfl, S2. He goeth after 
her straightway, as an ox goeth 
to the slaughter, or as a fool to the 
correction of the stocks. 

Prov. XV, 17. Better is s dinner 
of herbs where love is, than a 
stalled ox and hatred therevrith. 

ISO. xxll, 13. And behold joy and 
gladness, slaying oxen and killing 
sheep, eating flesh and drinking 
wine: let us eat and drink, lor to- 
morrow we shall die. 

Jer. xi, 19. But 1 v\u like a 
lamb or an ox that Is brought to 
the slaughter, and I knew not 
that they had devised devices 
against me. 

Jer. xlvl, 20, 21. Egypt U like 
a very IWr heifer, but destruction 
cometh; It comet h out of the 
north. Also her hired men are in 
the midst of her like fatted bull- 
ocks; for they also are turned 
back, and are fled away togolhen 
they did not stand, l>ecause the 
day of their calamity was come 
upon them, and the tUne of their 

Jer. 1, 27. Slay all her bullocks; 
let them go down to tho slaughter: 
woe unto thcni! for their day is 
come, the time of their visitation. 

Matth. xiii\,4. . . . My oxen and 
mv fatllngs are killed, and all 
things are ready. .... 



1 Sam, 11, 1. And Hannah pray- 
ed, and said, My heart rejoiceth 
in the Lord, mine horn Is exalted 
in the Lobd; my mouth is enlarged 
over mine enemies; because I re- 
joice in thy salvation. 

2 Sam. xxll, 8. The God of my 
rock; In him will I trust: fieismj 
shield, and the horn of my salva- 
Uon, my high tower, and my r»- 

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ftage, my Sarlonr; thou saTOit me 
from Tiolenoe. 

1 JTin^ zxll, 11. And ZedeUah 
the son of Chenaanah made him 
horna of iron: and he said, Thus 
saith the Lomo, With these shalt 
thOQ push the Syrians, mitU thou 
have consumed them. 

rs. Ixix. 81. TMs also shaU 
please the Lord better than an ox 
or bnllock that hath horns and 

F8. IzxT, 4, 5, 10. I saldnnto the 
fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the 
wlclced, Lift not up the horn: Lift 
not up your horn on hlgli: speak 
not with a stiff neck. Ali the 
lioms of the wicked also will I cut 
ofl^ but the horns of the righteous 
shall be exalted. 

Ps. Ixxxix, 17, 24. For thou art 
the glory of their strength: and in 
thy ftiTour our horn shall be ex- 
alted. But my falthftilncBS and 
my mercy shaU be with Itim: and 
iu my name shall his horn be ex- 

F8. cxii, 9. He hath dispersed, 
he hath given to the poor, his 
righteousness endureth for ever; 
his horn shall be exalted with 

jP8, cxlviil, 14. He also exalteth 
the horn of his people, the praUe 
of all his saints; even of the chil- 
dren of Israel, a people near unto 
him. Praise ye the Lord. 

Jer, xlvlll, 25. The horn of Moab 
is cut off, and his arm is broken, 
saith the Lord. 

Amos vi, 13. Ye which rejoice 
In a thing of nought, which say, 
Have we not taken to us horns 
by our own strength? 


Dan. vli. 8, 24. I considered the 
horns, andf, behold, there came up 
among thorn another little horn, 
before whom there were three of 
the ftrat horns plucked up by the 
root«: and, behold, in this horn 
were eyes like the eyes of man, 
and a mouth speaking great things. 
And the ten horns out of this 
kingdom are ten kings that shall 
arise: and another shall rise after 
them; and he shall be diverse from 
the first, and be shall subdue three 

Zech. 1, 18, 19, SI. Then lifted I 
up mine eyes, and saw, and be- 
hold four horns. And I said unto 
the angel that talked with me. 
What be these? And he answered 
me. These are the horns which 
have scattered Judah, Israel, and 
Jerusalem. Then said I, What 
come the8e to do? And he spake, 
laying, These are the horns wtiich 
have scattered Judah, so that no 
man did lift up his head: but thase 
are oom« to fiay them, to cast 3iat 


the horns of the OentUea^ Which 
lifted up their horn over the land 
of Judah to scatter it. 

Luke i, 09. And hath raised up 
an horn of salvation for us in the 
house of his servant David. 

Hev. V, 6. And I beheld, and, 1o, 
in the midst of die throne ana of 
the four beasts, and in the midst 
of th^ elders, stood a Lamb as it 
had been slain, having seven 
horns and seven eyes, which are 
the seven Spirits of God sent forth 
Into all the earth. 

P^v.xiil, 1. 11. And I stood upon 
the sand of the sea, and saw a beast 
rise up out of the sea, having seven 
heads and ten horns, and upon 
his horns ten crowns, and upon his 
heads the name of blasphemy. 
And I beheld another beast com- 
ing up out of the earth; and he 
had two horns like a lamb, and 
he spake as a dragon. 

Bev. xvll, 12. And the ten horns 
which thou sawest are ten kings, 
which have received no kingdom 
as yet; but receive power as kings 
one hour with the beast. 




Gen, xiil, 6. And Lot aIso> 
which went with Abram, had 
floclLs, and herds, and tent^. 

Gen. xxiv. 85. And the Lord 
hath blessed my master greatly; 
and he ia^become great: and he 
bath given him lloclcs, and herds, 
and silver, and gold, and men- 
strvants, and maioservanta. and 
camels, and asses. 

Gen. xxvl, 14. For he had pos- 
session of flocks, and possussion of 
herds, and great store of sor\-aut3: 
and the PhliisUnes envied him. 

ExodL X. 9. And Moses said. We 
will go with dhr young and with 
our old, with our sons and with 
our daughters, with our flocks and 
with our herds will we go; for we 
must hold a feast unto the Lord. 

1 Sam. XXV, 2. And there vxu a 
man \a Maon, whose possessions 
toere in Carmel; and the man teas 
very groaty and he had three 
thousand sheep, and a thousand 
goats. • . . 

2 Sam. Ill, 2. The rich man nad 
exceeding many flocka and 

2 Kin. m, 4. And Meshakingof 
Moab was a sheepmaster, and 
rendered unto the iLing of Israel 
an hundred thousand iambS;, and 
an hundred thousand roms^ ivith 
the WOOL 

2 (;!hron, xlv, 16. They smote 
also the tenta or cattle, and carried 
away sheep and camels ta abun- 
dance, and returned to Jerusa- 

2 (fhron XXX, 24. Por Hezeklah 
king of Judah did give to the con- 
gregation a thousand bullocka 
and seven thousand sheep; and 
the princes gave to the congrega- 
tion a thousand bullocks and ten 
thousand sheep: and a great 
number of priests sanctified them* 

Job xlU, 12. So the Lord blessed 
the latter end of Job more than 
his beginning: for he had fourteen 
thousand sheep. . . . 

Ita. xvl, 1. Send ye the lamb to 
the ruler of the land from Sola to 
the wilderness, unto the mount dT 
the daughter of Zion. 


Bxod. xzv, 6. And rams' sldns 
dyed red, and badgers' skins, and 
shittim wood. 

Judffea vi, 87. Behold, I wHI put 
a fleece of wool In the floor; and 
if the dew be on the fleece only, 
and U be dry upon all the earth 
beside, then shall I know that 
thou wilt save Israel by mine 
hand, as thou hast said. 

Job xxjd, 20. If his loins have 
not blessed me. and 1/ he were 
not warmed with the fleece of my 

iVov.xxxl,18. She sccketh wool, 
and flax, and worketh willingly 
with her hands. 

Bzek. xxxiv, 8. Ye eat the tat 
and ye clothe you with the wool, 
3ro kill them that are fed: but ye 
feed not the flock. 

Bcb.xl,9r. They were stoned, 
they were sawn asunder, were 
templed, were slam with the 
sword: they wandered about in 
sheepskhis and goatskins; being 
destitute, afflicted tormented. 

1 ^771. XXV, 1& Then Abigail 
made haste, and took two hun- 
dred loaves, and two bottles of 
wine, and Ave sheep ready dress- 
ed ... . 

1 Kin. i, 19. And he hath slain 
oxen and fat cattle and sheep in 
abundance, and hath called all the 
sons of the Icing, and Ablatharthe 

Eriest, and Joab the captain of the 
ost: but Solomon thy servant 
hath he not called. 

A'e*. V, la Now that which 
was prepared /or me daily was one 
ox and six choice sheep; also 
fowls were prepared for me, and 
once In ton days store of all sorts 
of wUie: yet for all this required 
not I the bread of the governor, 
because the bondage was heavy 
upon this people. 

ISO. xxii, 18. And behold Joy 
and gladness, .'..... and 
killing sheep, eaUng flesh, and 
drinlUng wine; let us eat and 
driulu ttit to morrow we ahoU 

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/«r. xll, 8. But thon, O Lord, 
knowest me: tbou bast seen me. 
and tried mine heart toward 
thee: pull them ont like sheep for 
the slaughter, and prepare them 
for the day of slaughter. 

Gen. xxil, la And Abraham 
lifted up his eyes^and looked, and 
behold behind htm a ram caught 
In a thicket by his horns: and 
Abraham went and to6k the ram, 
and offered him up for a burnt 
offering In the stead of his son. 

JTum. xxvll, 17. Which may go 
out before them, and which may 
go in before them, and which 
may load them out, and which 
may bring them in; that tlie con- 
gregation of tho LoBD be not as 
ibeep which have no shepherd. 

lJrin.xxli, 17. And he said. I 
mw all Israel scattered upon the 
hills, 08 sheep that have not a 
shepherd: and the Lord sold, 
These hare no master: let them 
Tetum every man to his house In 

2 Ohron. XTlil, 16. Then he said. 
I did see all Israel ecattorcd 
upon tho mountains, as Fhccp 
that have no shepherd: and tho 
LoBD said, These bare no master, 
let them return therefore every 
man to his house in peace. 

P8. xliv, 22. Yoa, for thy sake 
are wo killed all the day long-, 
we are counted as sheep for tho 

Fs. cxlz, 176. 1 have gone astray 
like a lost sheep; seek thy servant; 
for I do not forgot thy command- 
ments.,7. He was oppressed, 
and ho was afflicted, yet he open- 
ed not his mouth: he Is brought 
as a lamb to the slaughter, and as 
a sheep before her shearers is 
dumb, so ho openeth not his 

Jer. I, 6, 17. My people halh 
been lost sheep: their shepherds 
have caused them to go astray, 
they have turned them oway on 
the mountains: they have gone 
from mountain to hill, they have 
forgotten their restlngplaco. Is- 
rael is a scattered sheep; tho 
lions have driven him away: flrst 
the king of Assyria hath devoured 
him; and last this Nebuchadrezzar 
king of Babylon bath broken his 

Mlcah 11, 12. I will surely as- 
Bemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will 
Krely gather the remnant of Is- 
rael; I will put them together as 
the eheep of Bozrah, as tho flock 
In tho midst of their fold: they 
shall make great noise by reason 
of the mttUUudA qf men. 

AKIMALB.,7. Awake, O tword, 
against my shepherd, and against 
the man that is my. fellow, saith 
the Lord of hosts: smite the 
shepherd, and tho sheep shall be 
scattered: and I will turn mine 
hand upon the little ones. 

MaUh. Ix, 86. But when be saw 
the multitudes, he was moved 
with compassion on them, be- 
cause they fainted, and were scat- 
tered abroad, as sheep having no 

MaUh.x, 6. But go rather to 
the lost snoop of the house of 

Xatth.T7,2i. But he answered 
and said, I am not sent but unto 
the lost sheep of the house of 

Mark Tl,M, And Jesns, when 
be came out saw much people, 
and was moved with compassion 
toward them, because they were 
as sheep not having a shepherd: 
and he began to teach them many 

Acts vlH, 82. The place of the 
scripture which he read was this. 
Ho was led as a sheep to the 
slaughter, and like a Iamb dimib 
beforo his shearer, so opened he 
not his mouth. 

Som^ vllt, 86. As it is written, 
For :hy sake we are killed all the 
day long; we are counted as sheep 
for the slaughter. 

1 Fet. if, 25. For ye were as 
sheep going astray; but are now 
returned unto the Shepherd and 
Bishop of your souls. 


Oen. zxl, 28-30. And Abraham 
set seven ewe lambs of the flock 
by themselves. And Ablmelech 
said unto Abraham, What mean 
these seven ewe jambs which 
thou hast set by themselves? And 
he said. For tAe^e seven ewe lambs 
Shalt then take of my hand, that 
they may bo a witness unto me, 
that I have digged this welL 

Oen. xxlx, 2, 8, 7, 8, 10. And 
ho looked, and behold a well in 
the field, and, lo, there vere three 
flocks of sheep lying by it; for out 
of that well they watered the 
flocks: and a greatstone tow upon 
tho well's mouth. And thither 
were all tho flocks gathered: and 
they rolled the stone from tho 
weirs mouth, and watered the 
sheep, and put tho Ft n-^ "iln 
upon the well's in m :< iii liis 
place. And he said Lm. ^ r^i yet 
high day, neither f^ -f Tiuu: tiiat 
the cattle should b<' i-.i in n iJ to- 
gethen water ye tlM -li vp, jind 
go and feed them. Ai j i u , .. -dd, 
We cannot, until all Uio i]>->-t.< be 
gathered together, ami iRl ifiey 
roll the itone from the avi^U's 

month; then we water the sheep. 
And it came to pass, When Jacob 
saw Rachel the daughter of Laban 
his mother's brother, and the 
sheep of Laban his mother's 
brother, that Jacob went near, and 
rolled tho stone from the well's 
month, and watered the flock of 
Laban his mother's brother. 

Etod. 11, 16-19. Now the priest 
of Mldian had seven daughters: 
and they came and drew water, 
and flllod the troughs to water 
their father's flock. And the 
shepherds came and drove them 
away: but Moses stood up and 
helped them, and watered their 
flock. And when they come to 
Renel their father, ho said, How 
is it that ye are come so soon to 
day? And they said. An Egyp- 
tian delivered us ont of the hand 
of the shepherds, and also drew 
ttater enough for as, and watered 
the flock. 

Num. xxxll, 16. And they come 
near unto him, and said. We will 
build sheepfolds here for our cattle 
and cities for our little ones. 

Jxidg. V, 16. Why abodest then 
among the sheepfol Ja, to hear the 
bloatings of tlie Cocks? For the 
divisions of Reuben there were 
great scorchlngs of heart. 

1 (^hron. Iv, 39, 40. And they 
went to the entrance of Godur, 
even unto the eat;t sldo of the 
valley, to seek pasture lor their 
flocks. And they found Cat pasture 
and good, and tlie land was wide, 
and quiet, and peaceabio; for they 
of Ham had dwelt there of old. 

gant. i, 7, 8. Tell me, O thou 
whom my soul lovoth, where thou 
feedest, where thou makest thy 
flock to rest at noon: for why 
should I be as one that tumcth 
aside by the flocks of thy com- 
panions? If thou know not, O 
thou fairest among women, go thy 
^vay forth by tho footsteps of the 
flock, and feed thy kids beside 
tho shepherds' tents. 

(taut. Iv, 1. Behold, thou art 
fair, my love; behold, thou art 
fair, thou hast doves' eyes within 
thy locks: thy hair is as a flock of 
goats, that appear firom mount 

QanU y\, 5, 6. Turn away thine 
eyes ftom me, for they have over- 
come me: thy hair <« as a flock of 
goats that appear fi-om Gilcad. 
Thy teeth are as a flock of sheep 
which go up from tho washing, 
whereof every one beareth twins, 
amd there isixoX one barren among 

Ezek. xzvil, 21. Arabia, and all 
tho princes of Kedar, they occu- 
pied with thee in lambs, and rams, 
and goats: in these were thejf thy 

Eztk. zzxlT, 14> 1ft. I wm feed 

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tliem'ln » good pastnfe. and npini 
ttie higb monntaiiis of Israel shall 
their fuld be: there shall they Ue 
In s good fold, and in a fat pasture 
shall they feednpon the mounralns 
of Israel. I will feed my flock, 
and I will cause them to lie down, 
salth the Lord Goo. 

JToaA IL 12. I Will torely •»- 
semble, O Jacob, all of thee; I wlU 
sorely gather the remnant of Is- 
rael; I will put them together as 
the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock 
In the midst of their fold: they 
■ban make great noise by reason 
of Vie multitude of men. 

£^7L il, 6, 7. And the sea ooast 
ihall be dwelling and cottages 
fbr shepherd^ and folds for flocks. 
And the coast shall be for the 
remnant of the house of Judah; 
they shall feed thereupon: In the 
bouses of Ashkelon shall they lie 
down iu tlie eyening: for the 
liOBD their God shall Tisit them, 
and turn away their captivity. 


Gen. ir, 2. And she again bare 
hia brother AbcL And Al^l was 
a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a 
tOler of the ground. 

Gm. xxix, 6, 9. And be said un- 
to them, Is he well? And they 
said, He is well: and, behold, 
^chel his daughter cometh with 
the sheep. And while he yet 
spake with them, Rachel came 
with her feither's sheep: for she 
kept them. 

Oen. XXX, 85, M. And heremoT- 
•d that day the he goats that were 
ringstraked and spotted, and all 
the she goats that were speckled 
and spotted, and every one that 
had some white in it, and aU the 
brown among the sheep, and gave 
them into the hand of his sons. 
And bo set three days' Journey 
betwixt hhnself and Jacob: and 
Jacob fed the rest of Laban's 

Gen. xxxl, 88, 89. This twenty 
years have I been with thee; thy 
ewes and thy she goats have not 
cast their young, and the rams of 
thy flock have I not eaten. That 
which was torn of beasts I brought 
not unto thee: I bare the loss of it; 
of my hand didst thou ireijuire it, 
whether stolen by day, or stolen 
by night. 

Gen. xxxlii, 18. And he said on- 
to him, My lord knoweth that the 
children are tender, and the flocks 
and herds with young are with 
me: and if men should overdrive 
them one day, all the flock wUl 

Gen. xxxtU, 19. And his breth- 
ren went to feed their other's 
flock in Shechem. 

Gen. xlvL 81-34. And Joseph 
aaid nntotaii brethi«o» and unto 


Ms flither's house, I win go op, 
and shew Pharaoh, and say unto 
him. My brethren, and my tether's 
house, which were In tlie land of 
Canaan, are come unto me; And 
the men are shepherds, for their 
trade hath been to feed cattle; and 
they have brought their flocks, 
and their herds, and all that they 
have. And it shall come to pass, 
when Pharaoh shall call you, and 
shall say, What is your occupa- 
tion? That ye shall say, Thy sor- 
vantsf trade hath been about 
cattle firom our youth even until 
now, both we, ana also our fathers: 
that ye may dwell in the land of 
Go^en; for every shepherd is an 
abomination unto the Egyptians. 

Gen. xlvlL 8, 6, 6. And Pharaoh 
said unto his brethren, \i;hat <5 
your occupation? And they said 
unto Pharaoh. Thy servants are 
shepherds, both we, and also our 
fathers. And Pharaoh spake un- 
to Joseph, saying. Thy finther and 
thy brethren are come unto thee. 
The land of Egypt is before thee; 
in the best of the land make thy 
fitther and bretliren to dwell; in 
the land of Goshen let them dwell: 
and if thou knowest anv men of 
activity among them, then make 
them rulers over my cattle. 

Ejood. Ill, 1. Now Moses kept 
the flock of Jethro his lather in 
law, the priest of Midian: and he 
led the flock to the backside of the 
desert, and came to the mountain 
of God, even to Horeb. 

1 Sam. xvi, 11. And Samuel said 
onto Jesse, Are here all thif chU- 
dren? And he said. There re- 
maineth yet the youngest, and, be- 
hold, he keepeth the sheep. And 
Samuel said unto Jesse, Send and 
fetch him: for we will not sit down 
tai he come hither. 

1 Sam. xvfl, 15, 80. But David 
went and returned from Saul to 
feed his lather's sheep at Beth- 
lehem. And David rose up early 
In the morning, and left the sheep 
with a keeper. » . . . 

1 8an%. xxlv, 8. And be came to 
the sheepcotea by the way, where 
was a cave; and Saul went in to 
cover his feet: and David and his 
men renudned in the sides of the 

1 8am. XXV, 15, 16. But the men 
were very good unto us, and we 
were not hurt, neither missed we 
any thing, as long as we were con- 
versant with them, when we were 
In the fields: They were a waU 
unto us both by night and day, 
all the while we were with them 
keeping the sheep. 

9^m.vil,a Now therefore so 
Shalt thou say unto my servant 
David, Thus salth the Lord of 
hosU, I took thee firom the sheep- 
oote, ftom following the sheep, to 

be raler over mj people, over 

lAike 11, 8. And there were In 
the same country shepherds abid- 
ingin the field, keepUig watch over 
their flock by night. 

John X, 1-6. Verily, verily, I say 
unto you. He that entereth not by 
the door Into the sheepfold, but 
cilffibeth up some other way, the 
same is a thief and a robber. But 
he that entereth in by the door is 
the shepherd of the sheep. To 
him the porter openeth; and the 
sheep hear his voice: and he call- 
eth his own sheep by name, and 
leadeth them out. And when he 
putteth forth his own sheep, he 
goeth before them, and the sheep 
foUow him: for they know his 
voice. And a stranger will they 
not fbllow, but will flee firom him: 
for they know not the voice of 
strangers. This parable spake 
Jesus unto them: but they under- 
stood not what things they were 
which he spake unto theuL 

A. xxlli, 1-4. The Loan if my 
shepherd; I shall not want. He 
maketh me to lie down in green 
pastures: he leadeth me beside the 
stiU waters. He restoreth my 
soul: he leadeth mo in the paths of 
righteousness for his name's sake. 
Yea, though I walk through the 
valley of the shadow of death, I 
will fear no evil: for thou art with 
me; thy rod and thy staff they 
comfort me. 

Ps. Ixxvli, 20. Thou leddest thy 
people like a flock by the hand of 
Moses and Aaron. 

A. lxxviii,52. But made his own 
X>eople to go forth like sheep, and 
guided them in the wilderness like 
a flock. 

J>s. Ixxx, 1-8. Give ear, O Shep- 
herd of Israel, thou that leadcst 
Joseph like a flock; thou that 
dweUest between the cherubUniL 
shine forth. Before Ephrahn and 
Benjamin and Manassch stir up 
thy strength, and come and save 
us. Turn us again, O God. and 
cause thy fiu» to shine; and we 
shall be saved. 

J*. 0,8. . . . TTe ar« his peo- 
ple, and the sheep of his pasture. 

ISO. xill, 14. And it shaU be as 
the chased roe, and as a sheep 
that no man taketh up: they shall 
every man turn to his own people, 
and flee every one Into his own 

Isa. xxxvlll, 18. Mhio age to de- 
parted, and is removed from mo 
as a rtiepherd's tent: I have cut 
off Uke a weaver my life: ho wUl 
cut me off with pining sickness: 
fi-om day even to night wUt thou 
make an end of me. 

Isa. xl, 11. He Shan feed Wa 
flock like a shepherd: he ihail 

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gather the lambs witb bis snns. 
and carry them In his bosom, and 
shall gently lead those that are 
with young. 

/so. xUv, sa That salth of 
Cyrus, Ife is my shepherd, and 
shall perform all my pleasure: 
even saying: to Jerusalem, Thou 
Shalt be built; and to the temple, 
Thy fbundailon shall be laid. 

Isa. Ixiil, 11. Then he remem- 
bered the days of old, Moses, ajid 
bis people, saving, Where is he 
that brought them up out of the 
sea with the shepherd of his flock? 
where is he that put his holy 
Sphit within hhn? 

Jer. Ti, 3. The shepherds "with 
their flocks shall come unto her; 
they shall pitch their tents against 
her round about; they shall feed 
erory one In his place. 

Jer. xlll, 20. Lift up your eyes, 
and behold them that come from 
the north: where is the flock that 
was given thee, thy beantimi 

Jer. xxill, 4. And I wni set up 
shepherds over them which shall 
feed thonu and they shall fear no 
more, nor be dismayed, neither 
flhall they be lacking, salth the 


Jer. xxxl, 10. Hear the word of 
the LoBD, O ye nations, and de- 
clare it in the islos alar off, and 
0ay. He that scattered Israel will 
gather him, and keep him, as a 
shepherd doth his flock. 

Jer. xllU, 12. And I wiU Undle 
a flre in the houses of the gods of 
Egypt; and he shall bum them, 
and carry them away captives: uia 
ho shall array himself with the 
land of Egypt, as a shepherd put- 
toth on his garment; and he shall 
go forth from thence In peace. 

Jer, XXV, 84-^. Howl, ye shep- 
herds, and cry; and wallow your- 
selves in the ashes, ye principal of 
the flock: for the days of your 
slaughter and of your dispersions 
are accomplished; and ye shall foil 
like a pleasant vessel. And the 
shepherds shall have no way to 
flee, nor the principal of the flock 
to escape. A voice of the cry of 
the shepherds, and an howling of 
the prhidpal of the flock, shaU 
be heard: for the Lobo bath spoiled 
their pasture. 

Jer. xxxUI, 12, 18. Thus salth 
the Lord of hosts; Agahi in this 
place, which is desolate without 
man and without boast, and in all 
the cities thereof, shall be an habi- 
tatlun of shepherds causing their 
flocks to lie down. In the dties 
of the mountains, in the cities of 
the vale, and in the cities of the 
souUi, and in the land of Bei^Jamin, 
and in the places about Jerusalem, 
and in the dties of Judah, shall 
the flocks pass agftin under the 


hands of hhn that teUeth tHem, 
salth the Loan. 

Ez^. xxxlv, 1, 2, 4-18, 16-26, 28- 
81. And the word of the Lobo 
came unto me, saying, Son of man, 
prophesy against the shepherds 
of Israel, prophesy, and say unto 
them. Thus salth the Lord Goo 
unto the shepherds: Woe be to the 
shepherds of Israel that do feed 
themselvesl should not the shep- 
herds feed the flocks? The dis- 
eased have ye not strengthened, 
neither have ye healed that which 
was sick, neither have ye bound 
up that iDhich vxis broken, neither 
have ye brought again that which 
was driven away, neither have ye 
sought that which was lost; but 
with force and with cruelty have 
ye ruled them. And they were 
scattered, because there is no shep- 
herd: and they beoune meat to all 
the beasts of the fleld^ when they 
were scattered. My sheep wan- 
dered through aU the mountains, 
and upon every high hilh yea, my 
flock was scattered upon all the 
face of the earth, and none did 
seardi or seek after them. There- 
fore, ye shepherds, hear the word 
of tne Lobo; As I live, salth the 
Lord God, surely because my 
flock became a prey, and my flock 
became meat to every beast of the 
fleld, because there was no shep- 
herd, neither did ray shepherds 
so£urch for my flock, but the shep- 
herds fed themselves, and fed not 
my flock; Therefore, O ye shep- 
herds, hear the word of the Lord; 
Thus saith the Lord God; Behold. 
I am against the shepherds; ana 
I will require my flock at their 
hand, and cause them to cease 
from feeding the flock; neither 
shall the shepherds feed them- 
selves any more; for I will deliver 
my flock from tl^ir mouth that 
they may not bo meat for them. 
For thus saith the Lord God, Be- 
hold, I, even I, will both search 
my sheep, and seek them out. 
As a shepherd seeketh out his 
flock in the day that he Is among 
his sheep that are scattered; so 
will I seek out my sheep, and will 
deliver them out of all places 
where they have been scattered 
in the doudy and dark day. And 
I will bring them out from the 
people, and gather them ticom the 
countries, and ttill bring them to 
their own land, and feed them up- 
on the mountains of Israel by the 
rivers and in all the inhabited 
places of the country. I will seek 
that which was lost, and bring 
again that which was driven 
away, and will bind up that which 
was broken, and will strengthen 
that which was sick: but I will 
destroy the fiit and the strong; I 
will- feed them with Judgment. 
And as for you. O my flock, thus 
saith the Lord God; Behold, I 
Judge between catUe and cattle. 

between Che rams and the be- 
goats. Seemeth it a small thing 
unto you to have eaten up the 
good pasture, but ye must tread 
down with your feet the residue 
of your pastures? and to have 
drunk of the deep waters, but ye 
must foul the residue with your 
feet? And as for my flock, they 
eat that which ye have trodden 
with your feet; and they drink 
that which ye have fouled with 
your feet. Therefore thus saith 
the Lord God unto them; Behold, 
I, even I, will Judge between the 
fat cattle and between the lean 
cattle. Because ye have thrust 
with side and with shoulder, and 

gushed aU Uie diseased with your 
oms, till ye have scattered them 
abroad; Therefore will I save my 
flock, and they shall no more be a 
prey; and I will Judge between 
cattle and cattle. And I will set 
up one shepherd over them, and 
he shall feed them, even my ser- 
vant David; he shall feed them, 
and he shall be their shepherd. 
And I the Lobo will be their God, 
and my servant David a prince 
among them; I the Lobd have 
spoken U. And I will make with 
them a covenant of peace, and will 
cause the evU beasts to cease out 
of the land: and they shall dwell 
safely in the wilderness, and sleep 
in the woods. And I will make 
them and the places round about 
my hill a blessing; and I will 
cause the shower to come down 
in his season; there shall be show- 
ers of blessing. And they shafl 
no more be a prey to the heathen, 
neither shall the beast of the 
land devour them; but they shall 
dwell safely, and none shall make 
them hTnid, And I will raise up 
for them a plant of renown, and 
they ehall be no more consumed 
with hunger in the land, neither 
bear the shame of the heathen any 
more. Thus shall they know that 
I the Lobd their God am with 
them, and that they, even the 
house of Israel, are my pedple, 
salth the Lord Goo. And ye my 
flock, the flock of my pasture, are 
men, and I an your God, saltb 
the Lord Goo. 

Amos 1, 8. And he said. The 
Lobd will roar fh)m Zion, and, 
utter his voice from Jerusalem; 
and the habitations of the shep- 
herds shall mourn, and the top of 
Carmel shall wither. 

Micah ▼, S. And this man shall 
be the peace, when the Assyrian 
shall come into our land: and 
when he shall tread in our 
palaces, then shall we raise against 
him seven shepherds, and eight 
principal men. 

Mlcah vli, 14. Feed thy people 
with thy rod, the flock of thine 
heritage, which dwell solitarily 
in the wood In the midst #f Car* 

Digitized by 


mel: let them flMd In Basban and 
CHlead, as In the daya of old. 

IfaAum Ui, 18. Thy ahepherds 
Bhimbcr, O king of Assyria: thy 
nobles shall dwell in the dust- thy 
people Is scattered upon the 
mountains, and no man gathereth 

Zech. X, 2. 8. .... Therefore 
they went their way as a flock, 
they were troubled, because there 
VX18 no shepherd. Mine anger 
was klndleil against the shepherds, 
and I punished the goats: for the 
LoBD of hosts hath visited his 
flook the house of Judah, and hath 
made them as his goodly horse in 

Zech, xl, 8-10, 16-17. There U a 
▼olce of the howling of the shep- 
herds; for their glory Is spoiled: 
a Toice of the roaring of young 
lions; for the pride of Jordan Is 
spoiled. Thus salth the Lord my 
God; Feed the flock of the slaugh- 
ter: Whose possessors slay them, 
and hold themselves not guUtjr: 
and they that sell them say. 
Blessed tfe the Loan; for I am 
rich: and tbeir own shepherds 
pity them not. For I will no 
more pity the bihabltants of the 
land, salth the Lord: but, to, I wUl 
deliver the men every one Into 
his neighbour's hand, and Into the 
hand of his king: and they shall 
smite the land, and out of theh* 
hand I will not deliver them. And 
I will feed the flock of slaughter, 
even you, O poor of the flock. 
And I took unto me two staves; 
the one I called Beauty, and the 
other I called Bands; and I fed the 
flock. Three shepherds also I cut 
off in one month; and my soul 
lothed them, and their soul also 
abhorred me. Then said I, I will 
not feed you: that that dleth, let It 
die; and that that is to be cut off. 
let It be cut ofl( and let the rest 
eat every one the flesh of another. 
And I took my staff, even Beauty, 
and cut it asunder, that I might 
break my covenant whidi I had 
made with all the people. And 
the LoBo said unto me, Take unto 
thee yet the Instruments of a fool- 
ish shepherd. For, lo, I wUl raise 
up a shepherd in the land, which 
shall not visit those that be cut 
off, neither shall seek the young 
one, nor heal that that is broken, 
nor feed that that standeth still, 
but he shaU eat the flesh of the 
fat, and tear their claws in pieces. 
Woe to the idol shepherd that 
leaveth the flockl the sword shall 
be upon his arm, and upon his 
right eye: his arm shall be clean 
dried up, and his right eye shall 
be ntteriy darkened. 

JfattA.xvili.12,18. How think 
ye? if a man hath an hundred 
sheep, and one of them be gone 
astray, doth he not leave the 
ninety and ntaie, and goeth into 

the monntahDa, and seeketh that 
which Is gone astray? And if so 
be that he find it, verily I say un- 
to yon, he rejoiceth more of that 
8he^, than of the nhiety and 
nine whlchirent not a&^ray. 

Matth, zxv, 82. 88. And before 
him shall be gathered all nations: 
and he shall separate them one 
from another, as a shepherd dl- 
vldeth his sheep from the goatr. 
And he shaU set the sheep on his 
right hand, but th» goats on the 

John X, 7-11, 13-16, 96. Then 
said Jesus unto them again. 
Verily, verily, 1 say unto you, I am 
the door of the sheep. All that 
ever came before me are thieves 
and robbem: but the sheep did not 
hear them. I am the door, by me 
if anv man enter in, he shall be 
saved, and shall go in and out, and 
find pasture. The thief comcth 
not, but for to steal, and to kill, 
and to destroy: I am come that 
they might have life, and that 
they might have U more abim- 
dantly. I am the good shepherd: 
the good shepherd giveth his Hie 
for the sheep. The hireling floeth, 
because be is an hireling, and 
careth not for the sheep. I am 
the good shepherd, and know my 
«A««p, andamknonnofmine. As 
the Father knoweth me, even so 
know I the Father and I lay 
down my life for the sheep. And 
other sheep I have, which are not 
of this fold: them also I must 
bring, and they shall hear my 
voice; and there shall be one fold, 
and one shepherd. But ye be- 
lieve not, because ye are not of 
my sheep, as I said unto you. 

John xxl, 15, 16. So when they 
had dined, Jesus salth to Simon 
Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest 
thou me more than these? He 
salth unto him. Yea, Lord; thou 
knowest that I love thee. He 
salth unto him. Feed my lambs. 
He salth to him again the second 
time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest 
thonmeP He salth unto him. Yea, 
Lord; then knowest that I love 
thee. He eaith nnto Myn, Feed 
my sheep. 

ffeb. xiiJ, sa . . . . Our 
Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd 
of the sheep, through the blood of 
the everlasong covenant. 

1 ftter V, 4. And when the chief 
Shepherd shall appear, ye shall 
receive a crown of glory that 
Ikdeth not away. 

Oen, XXX, 87-48. And Jacob 
took him rods of green poplar, 
and of the hazel and chesnut tree; 
and pilled white strakes hi them, 
and made the white appear which 
was hi the rods. And he set the 
rods which he had pilled before 

the flocks hi the gutters hi the 
watering troughs when the flocks 
came to drink, that they should 
conceive when they came to drUik. 
And the flocks conceived before 
the rods, and brought forth catUe 
ringstraked, speckled, and spott- 
ed. And Jacob did separate the 
hmibs, and set the faces of the 
flocks toward the ringstraked. and 
all the brown in the flock of La- 
ban; end he put his ow-n flocks by 
* themselves, and put them not un- 
to Laban's cattle. And It came to 
pass, whensoever the stronger 
cattle did conceive, that Jacob 
laid the rods before the eyes of 
the cattle hi the gutters, that they 
might conceive among the rods. 
But when the catUe were feeble, 
he put them not In: so the feebler 
were Laban's, and the stronger 
Jacob's. And the man increat^ed 
exceedingly, and had much cattle, 
and maidservant^ and menser- 
Tants, and camels, and asses.\,B,d. If he said thus, 
The speckled shall be thy wages; 
then all the cattle bare speckled: 
and if he said thus. The ringstrak- 
ed shall be thy biro; then bore 
all the cattle ringstraked. Thus 
God hath taken away the cattle 
of your ffetther, and given them to 

Deut. vii, 14. Thou Shalt be 
blessed above all people: there 
shall not be male or female barren 
among you, or among your cattle. 

Job xxl, 10. Thehr bull gender- 
eth, and fJEdleth not; their cow 
calveth, and casteth not her calf. 

A. cvU, 41. Yet setteth he the 
poor on high fh>m afllicUon, and 
maketh him Ihmllles like a flock. 

Ps. cxllv. 18. tntat our garners 
map be Urn, affording all manner 
of store: that our sheep may bring 
forth thousands and ton thousands 
in €^ streets. 

Qant iv, 2. Thy teeth are like a 
.flock of sheep that are even shorn, 
which came up fiom the washing; 
whereof every one bare twins, 
and none is barren among them. 

Ezek. xxxvi, 87. Thus salth the 
Lord God; I will yet for this bo 
enquired of by the house of Israel, 
to do it for them; I will increase 
them with men like a flock. 


1 Scan, xxiv, 2. Then Sanl took 
three thousand chosen men out 
of all Israel, and went to seek 
David and his men upon the rocks 
of the wild goats. 

Job xxxix, 1. Knowest then the 
time when the wild goats of the 
rock bring forth. 

JPs. dv, 1& The high hills are % 
refuge for the wild goats. .... 

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Lid IK Flocks. 
Gen. xxxll, 14. Two htindred 
she goats, and twenty he goats. . . 

Oen. xxxTll, 14, 81. And he said 
to him. Go, I pray thee, see 
whether it be well with thy 
brethren, and well with the flocks 
and bring me word again. And 
they took Joseph's coot, and, 
killed a kid of the Croats, and 
dipped the coat In the blood. 

1 Kin. XX, 27. And the children 
of Israel were nimibered, and 
wore all present, and went against 
them: and the children of Israel 

E itched before them like two 
tUe flocks of kids; but the 
Syrians filled the country. 

2 Chron. xvii, 11. Also some of 
the PhiltBtlnes bronght Jehosha- 
phat presents, and tribute silver; 
and the Arabians brought him 
flocks, seven thousand and seven 
hundred rams, and seven thou- 
taj\d and seven hundred he goats. 

(kmti,B. . . . Go thy way 
forth by the footsteps of the flock, 
and feed thy kids beside tlie 
shepherds' tents. 

^ant. lv,l. . . . Thy hair <« 
as a flock of goats, that appear 
flrom mount Gilead. 

Qant. yl,^ . . . Thy hair is 
as a flock of goats that appear 
Ik-om GUead. 

Lsz> BT A Hb Goat. 

Jer. I, 8, Remove out of the 
midst of Babylon, and go forth 
out of the land of the Clialdeons, 
and be as the he goats before the 

Jer, U, 40. I will bring them 
down like lambs to the slaughter, 
like rams with he goats. 

Gen, xxxvlli, 17. And he said. I 
will send Uiee a kid Trom the 
flock. And she said. Wilt thou 
give me a pledge, till thou send 

JudgeM XT. 1. But it came to pass 
within a while after, in the time 
Of wheat harreal^ that Samson 

' AKlMALa 

visited his wife with a kid: and he bring Into the house of the Loid 

said, I will go in to my wife into 
the chamber. But her Cather 
would not sufler him to go in. 

Judges t1. la And Gideon 
went in, find made ready a kid, 
and unleavened cakes of an ephah 
of flour, the flesh he put in a 
basket, and he put the broth in a 
pot. and brought U out unto him 
under the oak, and presented it, 

1 8am. X. 3.*Theu shalt thou go 
on forward from thence, and thoo 
Shalt come to the plain of Tabor, 
and there shall meet thee three 
men going op to God to Beth-el, one 

thy God. Thou Shalt not seethe a 
kid in his mother's milk. 

1 8am. xlx, 13, 16. And MIchal 
took an image, and laid U In the 
bed; and put a pillow of goats' 
hatr for his bolster, and covered 
U with a cloth. And when the 
messengers were come in, behold, 
Uiere was an imago In tho bed, 
with a pillow of goats* hair for his 

Prov. xxtU, S6, 27. The lamba 
are for thy clothing, and the goats 
are the price of tho field. And 

^^^;^%Ki«^vi^ .^ nnAthor thoushoU have goats' mUk enough 
SS^nS tS^ Vna^^nf S?i^ ' fo*" ^^y food, for the food of thy 
carrying three loaves of bread, hon«AhnM^nrt /Wr thA mftJnten. 

and another carrying a bottle of 

1 Sam. jy\, 20. And Jesse took 
an ass laden with bread, and a 
bottle of vrliie, and a kid, and 
sent them by David his son unto 

XuX:6xv,29. And be answering 
said to his ikther, Lo, these many 
years do I serve thee, neither 
transgressed I at any time thy 
commandment: and yet thou never 
gavest me a kid, that I might 
moke merry with my Criend. 


Gen. xxvii, 9, 14, 16, 17. Go now 
to the flock, and fetch me from 
thence two good kids of the goats; 
and I will make them savoury 
meat for thy &ther, such as he 
loveth: And he went, and fetched, 
and brought them to his mothen 
and his mother made savoury 
meat, such as his father loved. 
And she put the skins of the kids 
of the goats upon his hands, and 
upon the smooth of bis neck: And 
she gave the savoury meat and 
the broad, which she bad pre- 
pared, into the hand of her son 

Exod. XXXV, 26. And all tho 
women whoso heart stirred them 
up in wisdom spun goats' hair. 

Num. xxxl, 20. And purify all 
your raiment, and all that is made 
of skins, and all work of goats' 
hair, and all things made of wood. 

mcod. xxitl. 19. The first of the 
flrstfiruits of thy land thou ehalt 

household, and for the mainten- 
anoe for thy maidens. 

Daniel vill, 8-7. Then I lUled 
up mine eyes, and saw, and, be- 
hold, there stood boforo the river 
a ram which had tiro horns: and 
the two horns «<?rc high; but one 
teas higher than the otuer, and the 
higher come up last. I saw the 
ram pushing westward, and nort h- 
ward, and southward; so that no 
beasts might stand before him. 
neither was there any that could 
deliver out of his tiaud; but ho did 
according to his will, and became 
groat. And as I was considering, 
behold, an ho goat ctmie from the 
west on the fiEice ol the whole 
earth, and touched not tho ground: 
and the goat had a notAblo hom 
between his eyes. And ho came 
to the ram that had two horns, 
which I had seen standing before 
the river, and ran unto him In the 
fury of his power. And I saw him 
come close unto the ram, and he 
was moved vrith clioler against 
htm. and smote tho ram, and 
brake his two horns: and there 
was no power in the ram to stand 
before him, but he cast him down 
to the ground, and stamped upon 
him: and there was none that 
could deliver the ram out of hif 


Matth. XXV, 33. And he shall set 
the sheep on his right hand^ but 
the goats oo the left. 

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Gen. It, 20. And Adah bare 
JabaL* he was the fother of audi 
as dwell In tents, and qf such as 
have cattle. 

Gen. Ix, 21. . . . [Noah] was 
drunken; and he iras nncorered 
within his tent. 

Gen. xli, a And he remoyed 
from thence nnto a mountain on 
the east orUeth-el,and pitched his 

the tabernacle, that all the people 
rose up, and stood every man €U 
his tent door, and looked after 
Moses, nntU he was gone Into the 

Ihcm. t, 52. And the children of 
Israel shall pitch their tents, every 
man by his own camp, and every 
man by his own standEurd, throogh- 
ont their hosts. 

Num. xxlv, 2, 5. And Balaam 
lifted np his eyes, and he saw 
Israel abiding in hts tents, accord- 

tent, fezt?/n(7 Beth'-el on the west, i ^^JJ** 1^*^*^ tribes; and the spirit 
-*~ ■ "of God came upon him. How 

and Hal on the east: and there he 
bnilded an altar nnto the Lokd, 
and called upon the name of the 


Gen. zlll, 8, 12. And he went on 

hisjoumeys fhHn the Bonth even . , , 

to Beth-el, nnto the place where i hi Are by night, to shew you by 
his tent had been at the beginning, vhat way you should go, and hi a 
between Beth-el and Hal; Abram cloud by day. 
dwelled in the land of Canaan, 
and Lot dwelled in the cities of 
the plahi. and pitched hts tent to- 
ward Sodom. 

goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, an<i 
thy tabernacles, O Israel! 

Deut, 1, 83. Who went In the 
way before you, to search you 
out a place to pitch your tents in, 

Gen. xviil, 1, 9. And the Lohd ap- 

days of my youth, When the secrol 
of God was upon my tabernacle. 

Job xxxvl, 29. Also can anp 
understand the spreadings of the 
clouds, or the noise of his taber- 

A. Ixxxlv, 10. For a day in thy 
courts is better than a thousand. 
I had rather be a doorkeeper in 
the house of my God, t^n to 
dwell hi the tents of wickedness. 

Ps. cix, 6. Woe is me, that I so- 
journ hi Mesech, that I dwell hi 
the tents of Kedar 

Qant. I, 6. I am black, but 
comely, O ye daughters of Jeru- 
salem, as the teuis of Kedar, aa 
the curtains of Solomon. 

Jsa. zlil, 20. It shaU never be 
inhabited, neither shaU it be 
dwelt in from generation to gen- 
eration: neither slmll the Arabian 
pitch tent there; neither shall thQ 
shepherds make their fold there. 

poared unto him in the plains of bah and Jogbehah, and smote the 
Mamre: and he sat to the tent host: lor the host was secure, 
door to the heat of the day; And 

Deut. ▼, 80. Go say to them. Get 

you toto your tents agato. i t^ , «« «,w._. .^ 

T ^ -^,i «« . J ^.^ /*i.xl,22. . . . That strotch- 

Juages viil, ll. And Gideon eth out the heavens as a curtain, 

went up by the way of them that and spreadeth them out as a tent 

dwelt in tents on the east of No- to dwell in. 

they said nnto him. Where is 
Sarah thy wife? And be said. Be- 
hold, to the tent 

Gen. XXV, 27. . . . And 
Jacob teas a plato man, dwelling 

Gen. xxvl, 17, 25. And Isaac de- 
parted thence, and pitched his 

1 (i^hron. T, 10. And In the days 
of Saul they made war with the 
Hagarites, who fell by their hand: 
and they dwelt to their tents 
throughout all the east land of 

Jer. xxxy, 7, 10. Neither shall 
ye build house, nor sow seed, nor 

SSTin S« T»iiJ; nf*^SS?r nn^ P^* vtoeyar^, nor have 'anv: 

dw«iSh«™ An J ?I £?ffici^«^"*»» y««r days ye shaU dwSl 
dwelt there. And he bullded an *„ ♦«„♦-.*' ♦Uft* ' ' ^ „-^ «,„„„ 

altar there, and called upon the 
name of the Lobd. and pitched 
his tent there: and there Isaac's 
servants digged a weU. 

<?^.xxxl, 25, 88. Then Laban 
overtook Jacob. Now Jacob had 
pitched Ills tent to the mount: and 

intents; that ye may live mapy 
days to the umd where ye be 
stiungers. But we have dwelt to 
tents, and have obeyed, and done 
according to all that Jopadab our 
fiither comnumded us. 

AcU xvlli, 8. 

For by 

£ucnea J1I9 ieu( m me mouni: anu ♦Ki»ii. /wv>nn*tt^n «k«;» «»«.i^ V^.r« 
abanwith his brethren pitched ^Jk^"*^**" they were tent- 
to the mount of Giload. And , ™*^®^ 

Laban went toto Jacob's tent, 
and toto Leah^s tent, and toto the 
two maidservants* tents; but he 
found them not. Then went he 
out of Leah's tent, uid entered 
toto Rachel's tent. 

Gen. xxxUl, la And Jacob came 
to Shalem, a city of Shecliem. 

. . . and pitched his tent 
before the city. 

Gen. XXXV, 21. And Israel Jour- 
neyed, and spread his tent be- 
yond the tower of Edar. 

Exod. xxxlll, 8. And U came to 
posi^ when 'Moses went out unto 

J7e».xl,9. By faith he sojourn- 
ed to the land of promise, as Oi a 
strange country, dwelling to 
tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, 
pronS^ with hhn of the same for Moses, ind one for Eiiw. 

ISO, llv, 9. Enlarge the place of 
thy tent, and let them stretch 
forth the curtatos of thine habita- 
tions: spare not, lengthen thy 
cords, and strengthen thy stakes. 

Jer.x,20. My tabernacle is spoiled, 
and all my cbr^s are broken: my 
children are gone forth of me, and 
they ars not: there is none to 
stretch forth my tent any more, 
and to set up my curtains. 

Eosea xli, 9. And I that am the 
LoBo thy God ft-om the land of 
Egypt will yet make thee to dwell 
In tabernacles, as to the days of 
the solemn feasts. 

Bob. HI, 7. I saw the tents of 
Cushan to affliction: aruf the cur- 
tains of the land of Mldian did 

Matth. xvll, 4. Then answered 
Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, 
It Is good for us to be here: if thou 
wilt, let us niuKO here three 
tabernacles; one for thee, and one 

JcXty, 24. And thou shalt know 

2 got. v, 1. For wo know that If 
our earthly house of this taber- 
nacle were dissolved, we have a 

that thy tabernacle OuM be to^uUdtog of God, an house not 
P?!^'..^^.R^.-_*.^'."'^.*** *^y niado with hands, eternal to the 

habitation, and shalt not sto. 

Job xvlli, 6. The Ught shall be 
dark to his tabernacle, and his 
candle shall be put out with hhn. 

Jcb zzix, 4. As I waa to the 


2P«terI,18,14. Yea,Ithtoklt 
meet, as long as I am in thla 
tabernacle, to stir you up by put. 
ting you to remembrance; Know* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

in^ that'fiborUy I muse put off 
this my tabemade, eren as our 
Lord Jesus Cbrlst liath shewed 




€fen, six, 80. And Lot irent op 
out of Zoar, and dwelt In the 
mountain, and his two daughters 
with him; for he feared to dwell 
In Zoan and he dwelt in a cave, 
be and his two daughters. 

Judgt$y\, 2. And the hand of 
H idlan prevailed against Israel: 
and ^ecause of the Mldianltes 
the dnldren of Israel made them 
the dens which are In the moun- 
tains, and ^ caves, and strong 

1 8am, xili, 6. When the men of 
Israel saw that they were in a 
strait, (for the people were dis- 
tressed,) then the people did hide 
themselves in caves, and in 
thickets, and in rocks, and in high 
places, and in pits. 

1 8am. xlv. 11. And hoth of them 
discovered themselves unto the 
garrison of the Philistines: and the 
PhiUstlncs said, Behold, the Heb- 
rews come fbrth out of the holes 
where they had hid themselves. 

1 8am, xzlT. 10. Behold, this 
day thine eyes nave seen how that 
the LoBD had delivered thee to 
day into mine hand in the cave: 
and some bade mt kill thee: but 
mine eye spared thee; and I said. 
I will not put forth mine hand 
against mv lord; for he it the 
Loan's anointed. 

1 Kin, xviii, 4, 18. For it was to, 
when Jezebel cut ofT the prophets 
of the Loan, that Obadlah took 
an hundred prophets, and hid 
them by flfty In a cave, i)nd fed 
them with bread and water. Was 
it not told my lord what I did 
when Jezebel slew the prophets 
of the Lord, how I hid an hundred 
men of the Loan's prophets by 
fifty In a cave, and fed them with 
bread and watext 

1 Kin, six, 9. And he came 
thither unto a cave, and lodged 
there; and, behold, the word of 
the Lord came to hiia, and he 
said unto him, What doest thou 
here, ElUah? 

Heb. xi, 88. (Of whom the world 
was not worthy.) they wandered 
in deserts, and in mountains, and 
in dens and caves of the earth. 

ISO. 11, 19. And they shall go In- 
to the holes of the rocks, and into 
tlie caves of the. earth, for fear of 
the LoBD, and for the glory of his 
majesty, when he ariseth to shake 
terribly the aarth. 


JiT. vli. 11. Is this honse, wUdi 
Is called by ray name, become a 
den of robbers In your eyesf Be- 
hold, even I have seen it, saith the 

Ezek. xxxlii, 27. . . . And 
they that be In the fbrts and In the 
caves shall die of the pestilence. 

Matth, zxi, 18. And said onto 
them. It Is written, My house shall 
be called the house of prayer, but 
ye have made It a den of thieves. 

Mev. vi, 15. And the kings of the 
earth, and the great men, and»the 
rich men, and the chief captains, 
and the mighty men, and every 
bondman, and every freeman, hid 
themselves In the dens and in the 
rooks of the mountains. 

oaYbb mektiokbd im 


Josih, X. 16, 17. But these five 
kings flea, and hid themselves in 
a cave at Makkedah. And it was 
told Joshua, saying. The live 
kings are found hid in a cave at 


1 8am. xxll, 1. David therefore 
departed thence, and escaped to 
the cave Adu11am:and wlicn his 
brethren and all his father's house 
heard it, they went down thither 


1 8am. xxiii, 29. And David went 
up lh>m thence, and dwelt in 
strong holds at En-gedL 

1 8am. xxlv. 1, 8. Anditcame to 
pass, when Saul wais returned 
ftom following the Philistines, 
that it was told him, saying, Be- 
hold, David i» In the wlldemess of 
En-gedL And he came to the 
sheep cotes by the way, where 
loosaoave. • . . 


J^tttR. xxxll,24. BuOd you cities 
for your little ones.- and folds for 
your sheep; and do that which 
hath proceeded out of your mouth. 

Deut. vLlO, 11. And It shall be, 
when the Lord thy Ood shall have 
brought thee into the land which 
he sware unto thy fathers, to 
Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, 
to give thee great and goodly 
dtles, which thou buildedst not. 
And houses full of all good, things, 
w^hich thou fllledst not, and wells 
digged, which thou diggedst not. 

Deut, vill, IS. Lest tcJien thou 
hast eaten and art full, and hast 
built goodly houses, and dwelt 

ISO, V, a Woe xmto them that 
Join house to house, that lay field 
to field, tin there be no place that 

they may be placed alone in the 
midst of the earth! 

l»a. Ixv, 21. And they shaO 
build houses, and inhabit thtm. . 

Jer. xxix, 4, 6. Thus saith the 
Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, 
unto all that are carried away 
captives, whom I have caused to 
be carried away fh>m Jerusalem 
unto Babylon; Build ye houses, 
and dwell in them; and plant gar- 
dens, and eat the fhiit of them. 

Amos ill, 15. And I wiU smite 
the winter house with the smn- 
mer house; and the houses of 
ivory shall perish, and the great 
houses shall have an end, saith 
the Lord. 

HousEJ— crry. 


Joth. vi, 26. And Joshua adjured 
tMm at that time, sayhig, Cursed 
be the man before the Lord, that 
riseth up and buUdeth this city 
Jericho: he shall lay the founda- 
tion thereof in his firstborn, and 
in his youngest ton shall he set 
up the gates of it 

1 Kings vil, 9-12. All these were 
of costly stones, according to tha 
measures of hewed stones, sawed 
with saws, within and without, 
even from the foundation unto 
the coping, and to on the outside 
toward the great court. And the 
foundation ictM of costly st4)no8, 
even great stones, stouos of ten 
cubits, and stones of eight cubits. 
And above tcere costly stones, 
after the measures ofhewed stones, 
and cedars. And the great oomt 
round about tcos with three rows 
of hewed stones, and a row of 
cedar beams, both for the Inner 
court of the house of the Lord, 
and for the porch of the house. 

1 Kings xvl, 34. In his days did 
nielthe Bethclito build Jericho: 
he laid the foundation thereof in 
Abirara his firstborn, and set up 
the gates thereof in his youngest 
san Segub, according to the word 
of the Lord, which he spake by 
Joshua the son of Nun. 

Ezra Iv, 12. Be it known unto 
the king, that the Jews which 
came up ttom thee to us are come 
unto Jerusalem, building the re- 
bellious and the bad city, and 
have set up the walls thereof, and 
Joined the foundations. 

Dmt. xxxil, 22. For a fire Is 
kindled in mine anger, and shall 
bum unto the lowest hell, and 
shall consume the earth with her 
increase, and set on fire the foxm- 
dations of the mountains. 

2 Sam. xxll, 8. Then the earth 
shook and trembled; the fbunda- 
ttons of heaven moved and shook, 
became he was wroth. 

Digitized by 


Job xxxTlII, 4, 6. Where wart 
thon when I laid the fonndatlons 
of the earth? declare. If thou hast 
imdoreUindlnff. Whereupon are 
th3 fuundatioDs thereof fastened? 
or who laid the corner itono 

Ps. xvlil, 15. Then the channels 
of waters were seen, and the foun- 
dations of the world were dlscor- 
erod at thy rebuke, Lord, at the 
bloat of the breath of thy nostrils. 

Pa. xxlv, 2. For he liath founded 
it upon the seas, and establlBhed 
it upon the floods. 

P».cir, 6.8. TF^lald the foun- 
dations of the earth, that It should 
not be removed for ever. They 

50 up by the mountains; they jfo 
own by the valleys unto the 
place which thou hast founded 
for them. 

MaUh, xUI, 35. That It might be 
fhimied which was spoken by the 
prophet, sayinj^, I Kill open my 
mouth in parables; I will ntter 
things which Iiave been kept 
secret firom the foundation of the 

Heb. It, 8. For we which h*Te 
bellcred do enter into rest, as he 
said, As I have sworn in ray 
wrath, If they shall enter into my 
rest: aUIu>n<;h the works were 
finished from the foundation of 
the world. 

Pkhson-al A}n> OTHKB Allusiokb. 

•Toft Iv, 19. How much less in 
iliom that dwell In houses of clay, 
whose foundation is In the dust. 

Ps. x\, 3. If the foundations be 
destroyed, wliat can the righteous 

Ps. IxxxII, 6. They know not, 
neither will theytmderstond; they 
walk on in darkness: all the foun- 
dations of the earth are out of 

Prw, X, 25. As the whirlwind 
passeth, so <« the wicked no more: 
but the rif?hteous U an everlasting 

190, xxvtll, 16. Therefore thus 
saith the Lord Ood, Behold, I lay 
in Zion for a foundation a stone, 
a tried stone, a precious corner 
$tone, a sure foundation: he that 
belleveth shall not make baste. 

Isa. llv, 11. O thou afflicted, 
tfK^sod with tempest, and not com- 
forted, behold, I will lay thy 
stones with fiUr colours, and lay 
thy foundations with sapphires. 

lAike vi, 47-49. Whosoever 
Cometh to me, and heareth my 
sayings, and doeth them, 1 will 
shew you to whom he is like: Ho 
Is like a man which built an 
house, and digged deep, and laid 
the foundation on a rock: and 
when the flood arose, the stream 
heat vehemently upon that house, 


and eould not shake it: for It was 
founded upon a rock. But he that 
heareth, and doeth not, is like a 
man that without a foundation 
built an house upon the earth: 
against which the stream did beat 
vehemently, and immediately it 
fell; and the ruin of that bouse 
was great 

Bom, XY, 20. Tea, so haTO I 
strived to preach the gospel, not 
whore Christ was named, lest I 
should build upon another man^s 

1 Ciw.m,9,10. . . . FeorsOod'B 
building. According to the grace 
of Ood which is given tmto me, as 
a wise masterbnllder, I have laid 
the foundation, and anotlier build- 
eth thereon. But let every man 
take heed how he bnlldeth there- 

Eph. 11, 20. And are bunt upon 
the foundation of the apostles and 
prophets, Jesus Christ himself 
being the chief comer stOM, 

Seb. vl, 1. Therefore leaving 
the principles of the doctrine of 
Christ, let us go on unto perfeo- 
tlon; not laying again the founda- 
tion of repentance from dead 
works, and of fedth toward Ood. 

Heb. xi, 10. For he looked for a 
city which hath foundations, whose 
builder and maker is God. 

Rev. xxl, 14. And the wall of 
the city had twelve foundations, 
and in them the names of the 
twelve apostles of the LamlK 



Oen. xl. 3. And they said one to 
another, Go to, let us make brick, 
and bum them throtighly. And 
they had brick for stone, and 
slime had they for morter. 

Exod. !, 11, 18, 14. Therefore 
they did set over them taskmas- 
ters to afflict them with thehr bur- 
dens. And they built for Pharaoh 
treasure cities, Pithom and 
Roomses. And the Egyptians 
made the children of Israel to 
serve with tlgoun And they 
made theh- lives bitter with hard 
bondage, in morter, and In brick, 
and hi all manner of service in 
the fleld:all their service, wherein 
they made them serve, vxu with 

Lev. x!v, 42. And they shall 
ti^e other stones, and put them in 
the place of those stones; and he 
shall take other morter, and shall 
plalster the house. 

Judges ill, 19. But be himself 
tamed agahi ttom the quarries 
that wert by OUgal, and said, I 
have a secret errand unto thee, 
O king: who said. Keep silence. 

8 Kings tI, 1-8. And the 
sons -of the prophets said unto 

Ellsha, Behold now, the plaoe 
where we dwell with thee is too 
strait for us. Let us go, we pray 
thee, unto Jordan, and take 
thence every man a beam, and let 
us make us a place there, where 
we may d weU. And he answered. 
Go ye. And one said. Be content^ 
I pray thee, and go with thy ser- 
vants. And be answered, I will go. 

Ita. U, 9, la And all the people 
shall know, eren Ephraim and the 
Inhabitant of Samaria, that say in 
the pride and stoutness of heart, 
The bricks are fallen down, but we 
will build with hewn stones: the 
sycamores are cut doB-n. but we 
will change them into oedanu 

Amos V, IS. .... Ye have bunt 
houses of hewn stone, but ye shoU 
not dweU in them.. .... 

HaJb. U, 11. For the stone shaU 
cry out of the waU, and the beam 
out of the timber shall answer It. 


2 8ctm. V, 11. And Hiram king 
of Tyre sent messengers to David, 
and cedar trees, and carpenters, 
and masons: and they built David 
an house. > 

1 Kings vtt, 1. Bnt Solomon was 
building his own house thirteen 
years, and he finished aU his 

1 Kings Ix, 1. And It came to 
pass, when Solomon had finished 
the building of the house of the 
Lord, and the khig's house, and 
aU Solomon's desire which he was 
pleased to do. 

1 (Jftnw. xlv, 1. Now Hhram 
king of Tyre sent messengers to 
David, and timber of cedars, with 
masons and carpenters, to buUd 
him an house. 
.2 Qhr(m. U, 8. And Solomon 
sent to Huram the king of Tyre, 
saying. As thou didst deal with 
David my father, and didst send 
hhn cedars to buUd hbn an house 
to dweU therein, even so deal toUh 

Easod. 1, 81. And It came to 
pass, because the wldn Ives fear- 
ed God, that he made them 

Dent. XXV. 9. Then shaU hlf 
brother's wife come unto him in 
the presence of the elders, and 
loose his shoe from off his foot, 
ana spit in his face, and shall an- 
swer and say. So sludl it be done 
unto that man that wiU not build 
up his brother's house. 

Ps. xxvlU, 6. Because they re- 
gard not the works of the Loan, 
nor the operation of his hands, he 
shaU destroy them, and not buUd 
them up. 

Ps. cxvill, 22. The stone vMdh 
the builders refhsed is become 
the head stone of the comer. 

Digitized by 


i^ cxzTll, 1. Except the Lord 
tnifld the house, they labour in 
vain that bolid It. ... . 

Prov. U, L Wisdom hath bnfld- 
«d her house, she hath hewn out 
her seven pillars. 

Prov. xxlv, 8, 27. TbroQgb wis- 
dom Is an house bullded; and hy 
understanding it is established. 
Prepare thy work without, and 
make it fit for thyself in the field 
and afterwards build thine house. 

ZAtke xlr. 88-30. For which of 
you, Intendingr to build a tower, 
altteth not down first, and count- 
eth the cost, whether he have 
tvfficient to finish it9 Lest haply, 
after he hatU laid the ibnndatlon, 
and is not able to finish it, all that 
behold it be^n to mock him. Say- 
ing; This man began to build, and 
was not able to finish. 

2>u&6 XTli, 2d« Likewise also as 
It was in the days of Lot; they did 
eat, they drank, they bought, they 
told, they planted, they bullded. 

Hd>, m, 8, 4. For this man was 
counted worthy of more glory 
than Moses, inasmuch as he who 
hath bullded the house hath more 
honour than the house. For 
every house is bullded by some 
man; but he that bunt all things 

Jude 20. But ye, beloTed. 
building up yourselves on your 
most holy £Uth, praying in the 
Holy Ghost. 

DeuL XX, 5. And the ofllcers 
shall speak unto the people, say- 
ing. What man is there that haih 
built a new house, and hath not 
dedicated it? let him go and re- 
turn to his house, lest he die in 
the battle, and another man de-, 
dicate it. 

i^. XXX, 1-12. 1 will extol thee 

Lotto; for thou hast lifted me 
up, and host not made my foes to 
rejoice over me. O Lobd my God, 

1 cried unto thee, and thou hast 
healed me. O Loan, thou host 
brought up my soul firom the 
grave: thou hast kept me alive, 
that I should not go down to the 
pit. Sing unto the Lord. O ye 
saints of his, and give thanks at 
the remerobmnce of his holiness. 
For his anger etidureth but a mo- 
ment; in his favour is life: weep- 
ing may endure for a night, but 
Joy Cometh in the morning. And 
in my prosperity I said, I shall 
never be moved. Loan, by thy 
fovour thou hast made my moun- 
tain to stand strong: thou didst 
hide thy Cetce, and I was troubled. 
I cried to thee, O Lobo; and unto 
the Lobo I made supplication 
What profit is there in my blood, 
wheni go down to the pit? Shall 


the dust praise thee? shall it de- 
clare thy truth? Hear, O Loan, 
and have mercy upon me: Lord, 
be then my helper. Thou hast 
turned for me my mourning Into 
dancing: thou hast put off my 
sackcloth, and girded me with 
gladness; To the end that my 
glory may sing praise to thee, and 
not be silent O Lord my God. I 
will give thanks onto thee for 



1 Sam. zz, 25. And the king sat 
upon his seat, as at other times. 
even upon a seat by the walU ana 
Jonathan arose, and Abner sat by 
Saul's side, and David^s place was 

2 KinffS It, 10. Let ns make a 
little chamber, I pray thee, on the 
wall; and let us set for him there 
a bed, and a table, and a stool, and 
a candlestick: and it shall be, 
when he cometh to as, that he 
shall turn in thither. 

2Jrin(7Sxx,9. Then he turned 
his fi&oe to the wall, and prayed 
unto the Lobd, saying, .... 

Dan, r, 6. In tbe same hour 
came forth fingers of a man's hand, 
and wrote over against the 
candlestick upon the plaister of 
the wall of the khig's iKilace: and 
the king saw the part of the hand 
that wrote. 

2 Kings zx, 4. And it came to 
pass, afore Isaiah was gone out 
into the middle court, that the 
word of the Lobd came to hhn, 
saying. .... 

Bsth. 1, 5. And when those days 
were expired, the king made a 
feast unto all the people that were 
present in Shushan the palace, 
both unto great and small, seven 
days, in the court of the garden of 
the king's palace. 

Ssth, vl. 5. And the king's ser- 
vants said unto him, Behold. 
Hamanstandcth in the court. And 
the king said. Let him come in. 

Luke V, 19. And when they 
could not find by what t<jgy they 
might bring him In because of the 
multitude, they went upon the 
housetop, and let him down 
through the tiling with his couch 
into the midst before Jesus. 

Deut xxll, 8. When thou buHd- 
est a new house, then thou shalt 
make a battlement for thy roof, 
that thou bring not blood upon 
thine house, if any man &11 from 

JbsAua li, 8. And before they 
. 419 

were laid down,die c&me vp unto 
them upon the root 

Judges xvl, 2S-27. And it came 
to pass, when their hearts were 
merry, that they said. Call tor 
Samson, that he may make us 
sport And they called for Sam- 
son out of the prison house; and 
he made them sport: and they set 
him between the pillars. And 
Samson said unto the lad that held 
him by the hand, Suffer me that 
I may feel the pillars whereupon 
the house stan\letb, that I may 
lean upon them. Now the house 
was full of men and women; and 
all the lords of the Philistines t^er^ 
there; and there were upon the 
roof about three thousand men 
and women, that beheld while 
Samson made sport 

1 8am, ix, 26, 28. And when they 
were come down from tbe high 
place into the city, Samuel com« 
muned with Saul upon the top of 
the house. And they arose early: 
and it came to pass about the 
spring of the day, that Samuel 
called Saul to the top of the house, 
sayhig. Up, that I may send thee 
away. And Saul arose, and they 
went out both of thorn, he and 
Samuel, abroad. 

2 Samr. xi, 9. And It came to pass 
In an evenlngtide, that David 
arose flx>m ofi^ his bed, and walked 
upon the roof of the king's house: 
and from the roof he saw a woman 
washing herself; and the woman 
ioas very beautiful to look upon. 

2 Sam. xvl, 22. So they spread 
Absalom a tent upon the top of 
the house; and Absalom went In 
unto his father's concubines in 
the sight of all IsraeL 

2 Sam. xvlll, 24. And David sat 
between the two gates: and the 
watchman wont up to the roof 
over the gate unto the wall, and 
lifted up his eyes, and looked, and 
behold a man running alone. 

1 Kings vil, 2, 8. He built also the 
house of the forest of Lebanon; 
the length thereof vras an hun- 
dred cubits, and the breadth 
thereof fifty cubits, and the height 
thereof thirty cubits, upon lour 
rows of cedar pillars, with cedar 
beams upon the pillars. And it 
teas covered with cedar above 
upon the beams, that lav on forty 
five pillars, fifteen in a row. 

2 Kings xi, 14. And when she 
looked, behold, the king stood by 
a plUar 

Cant, i, 17. The beams of our 
bouse are oedar, ami our rafters 
of fir. 

Qant. V, 15. His legs are as pil- 
lars of marble, set upon socketi 
of fine gold: his countenance is at 
Lebanon, excellent as the cedars. 

Jer. xlx, 13. And the houses of 

Digitized by 


JerasaTem. and the honms of tbe 
kings of .Tadab, shall be dc01ed as 
the place of Tophet, because of all 
the houses upon whose roots they 
have burned incenae unto all the 
host of heaven, and have poured 
out drink offerings unto other 

ISO, XT, 8. In their streets they 
shall gird themselves with sack- 
cloth: on tbe tops of their houses, 
and in their streets, every one 
shall howl, weeping abundantly. 

Jer. xlvlH, sa There shaU f>e 
lamentation generally upon all 
the housetops of Moab, and In the 
streets thereof: for I have broken 
Moab like a. vessel wherein i^no 
pleasure, salth the Loan. 

Matth. X, 27. What I tell you to 
darkness, that speak ye to llffbt: 
and what ye hear to the ear. that 
preach ye upon the housetops. 

JfaUh. xxlv, 17. Let htoi which 
Is on the housetop not come 
down to take any thing out of his 

Mark U, 4, And when they could 
not come nigh unto him for the 
press, they uncovered the roof 
where he was: and when they had 
broken it up, they let down the 
bed whereto the sick of the palsy 

Luke xll, a Thereforo whatso- 
ever ye have spoken to darkness 
shall bo heard to the light; and 
that which ye havo spoken to the 
ear to closots shall be proclaimed 
upon the housetops. 

Luke xvll, 31. In that day, he 
which shall be upon the houBetop, 
and his stuff to the house, let him 
not come down to take It away: 
and he that is to the field, let him 
likewise not return back. 

Jcb Ix, 6. Which shaketh the 
earth out of her place, aad the 
pillars thereof tremble. 

Job xxvf, 11. The pillars of hea- 
Ten tremble and are astonished at 
his reproot 

Ps. Ixxv, a Theearthand all the 
tobabltants thereof are dissolved: 
I bear up the pillars of it. Selah. 

Qnt. 11, 9. And when James, 
Cepbaa and John, who seemed to 
be pUlars, perceived the grace 
that was given unto me, they 

Sive to me and Barnabas the 
ght hands of fellowship; that we 
stuAdd go unto the heathen, and 
they unto the circumcision. 

1 Tim, ill, IB. But If I tarry 
long, that thou mayest know how 
thou ougfatest to behave thyself to 
the house of God. which is the 
church of the living Ood, the 
pillar and ground of the truth. 

fiev. lU, 18. Hhn that overcom- 
eth will I make a pillar to the 
temple of my God, and he shall go 
Qomoreont. . • . 


(?en.xlIII, 19. And they came 
near to the steward of Joseph's 
house, and they communed with 
him at the door of the house. 

2 8am, xlil, 17, la Then he called 
his servant that ministered unto 
him, and said. Put now tliis tro- 
man out from me, and bolt the 
door after her. . . . Then his 
servant brought her out> and 
bolted the door after her. 

1 Kin, Til. 6-a And he made a 
porch of pillars; the length thereof 
vxa fifty cubits, and the breadth 
thereof thirty cubits: and the 
porch was before them: and the 
oiJi^r pillars and the thick beams 
xcere l)efore them. Then he ma<le 
a porch for the throne where he 
might Judge, evm the porch of 
judgment: and it xoca covered 

to with him to the marriage: and 
the door was shut. 

Luke xl, 7. And he fVom withto 
shall answer and say, Trouble me 
not: tlie door is now shut, and my 
children are with me in bed: I 
cannot rise and give thee. 

Luke XTl, 20. And there was a 
certato beggar named Lazarus 
which was laid at his gate, f\ill of 

John zx, 19. Then the same 
day at eventog, being the first 
day of the week, when the doors 
wore shut where the disciples 
were assembled for fear of the 
Jews, came Jesus and stood to the 
midst, and salth unto them. Peace 
^6 unto yoo. 

Actajii, 18, 14. And as Peter 
knocked at the door of the gate 

with cedar from one side of the ^ damsel came to hearken, namea 
floor to tbe other. And his house Rhoda. And when she knew 
where he dwelt Aa4 another court , Peter's voice, she opened not the 

within the porch, V3hieh was of the 
like work. Solomon made also 
an house for Pharaoh's daughter, 
whom he had taken to wifi, like 
tmto this porch. 

3 Kin. It. 4, 5. And when thou 
art come in, then shalt shut the 
door upon thee and upon thy sons, 
and Shalt pour out into all those 
vessehi, and thou slialt set aside 
that which Is ftiU. So she went 
from hlui, and shut the door upon 
her and upon her sons, who 
brought the vessela to her, and she 
poured out. 

3 Kin. xxT, la And the captain 
of the guard took Seralah the 

gate for gladness, but fan in, 
and told how Peter stood before 
the gate. 

Ps. xxlT, 7. Lift up your heads, 
O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye 
everlasting doors; and the Klngot 
glory shall come to. 

PS. Ixxxvli, 2. The Lord loveth 
the gates of ZIon more than all 
the dwelltogs of Jacob. 

iVot;. xvll, 19. He loveth tran»- 
gression that loveth strife: and he 
that exalteth his gate seeketh 

Prov. xxvl, 14. Aa the door 

SfnTr^S. -i5r% ^Xr'rl :S® '^©th upon his hinges, so doth 

^n J^ ^-^'^n^^^P ♦J^'^K**'® ^^ slothful upon hlS hid 

second priest, and the three ^ a ..;,,... . 

- - '- Qant. T, 4, 6. My beloved put to 

his hand by the hole of the door, 
and my bowels were moved for 

keepers of the door. 
Esther 11, 21. In those days, 

S^"r„?S "iJS.'lJS '•!*' r^i ~» «p toojllln >., 

gate, two of the king's chamber- 
lains, Blgthan and Teresh, of 
those which kept the door, were 
wroth, and sought to lay hand on 
the ktog Ahasuerus. 

Esther V, 1. Now It came to 
pass on the thhrd day, that Esther 
put on her royal apparel, and 
stood to the toner court of the 
king's house, over agatost the 
king's house: and the ktog sat np> 
on his royal throne in the royal 
house, over agatost the gate of the 

Jer. xxxT, t, And I brought 
them into the house of the Loan, 
into the chamber of the sons of 
Hanan. the son of Igdallah, a man 
of God, which teas by the cham- 
ber of the princes, which was 
above the chamber of M^aseiah 
the son of Shallum, the keeper of 
the door. 

Jfatth. XXT, 10. And whUe they 
went to buy. the bridegroom cam^ 
and they that were ready went 

beloved; and my hands dropped 
toUh myrrh, and my fingers with 
sweet smelling myrrh, upon the 
handles of the lock. 

Cant Till, 9. If she 5e a wan, we 
will build upon her a palace of 
silven and if she 6« a door, we 
will inclose her with boards of 

Isa, xxvi, 2. Open ye the gates, 
that the righteous nation which 
kecpeth the truth may enter to. 

1 Qor, xvl, 9. For a great door 
and effectual Is opened unto me, 
and there are many adversaries. 

9 Qor,H, 12. Furthermore, when 
I came to Troas to preach Christ's 
gospel, and a door was opeuod 
unto me of the Lord. 

CoL It, a Withal praying also 
ft)r us, that God would open unto 
us a door of utterance, to speak 
the mystery of Christ, for which I 
am also to bonds. 

£ev. Hi, 20. Behold, I stand at 
the door, and knock: if any man 

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hear my TOioe, and open tbe door. 
T will come In to mm. and will 
flup with him, and he with me. 

Jtev. It, 1. After this I looked 
and, behold, a door vxu opened In 
heaven: and the first voice which 
I heard vxis as It were of a tram- 
pet taUdngr with me; which aald. 
Come up hither, and I wiU shew 
thee thhigs which must be here* 


Gen. Tl, 16. A window shalt 
thou make to the ark, and in a 
cubit sbait thou finish It above; 
and the door of the ark shalt thou 
sot In the side thereof; wiUi lower, 
second, and third stories shalt 
thon make it. 

Gen. ixvl, a And It came to 
pass, when he had been there a 
long time, that Abimelech king of 
the Philistines looked out at a 
window, and saw, and, behold, 
Isaac uxM sporting with Bel>ekah 
his wife. 

Josh, U, IS, SI. Then she let 
them down by a cord through the 
window: for her house vxis upon 
the town wall, and she dwelt up- 
on the wall. And she said. Ac- 
cording unto your words, so be It. 
And she sent them away, and 
they departed: and she bound 
the scarlet line In the window. 

1 Aim. xlx, 12. So Kichal let 
David down through a window: 
and he went, and fled, and 

1 Kin. Til, 4, 6. And there ioere 
windows in three rows, and light 
was against light in three ranks. 
And all tbe doors and posts icere 
square, with the windows: and 
light was against light in three 

9 Kin. 1, 9. And Ahaadah fell 
down through a lattice in his 
upper chamber that vxts In Sar 
i^uia, and was sick. . . . 

9 Kin. xlll, 17. And he said 
Open the window eastward. And 
he opened it. Then EHsha said. 
Shoot. And he shot And he 
said. The arrow of the Loan's 
deliverance, and tbe arrow of 
deliverance from Syria: for thou 
Shalt smite the Syrians In Aphok, 
till thou have consumed them. 

Jer.lx, 91. For death is come up 
Into our ¥rindows, and is entered 
Into our palaces, to cut off t)ie 
children from without, and the 
young men from the streets. 

Joel 11; 9. They shall run to and 
tro In the city; they shaU run up- 
on the wall, they shall climb up 
upon the houses; they shall enter 
In at the windows like a thief. 

Zeph. 11, 14. And flocks shall Ue 
down In the midst of her, all the 
beasts of the nations: .... 
their voice shaU sing hi the wtai- 
dovis desolation shaU te in the 


thresholds: fbr he shaO uncoTer 
the cedar woxIl * 

Acts XX, 9. And there sat tai a 
window a certain young man 
named Eutychus, being fiUlen In- 
to a deep sleep: and as Paul was 
long preadiing. he sunk down 
with sleep, and fell down from 
the third lofty and waa taken np 

9 Kin. vU, 9. Then a lord on 
whose hand the khig leaned an- 
swered the man of God, and said, 
Behold, if the Lobd would make 
windows In heaven, might this 
thing be? And he said, Behold, 
thou Shalt see it with thine eyes, 
but Shalt not eat thereot 

Beeles.xa,Z. . . . Andthose 
that look out of the windows be 

Ckxnt. U, 9. My beloved Is like ft 
roe or a young hart: behold, he 
Btandeth behind our wall, he 
looketh forth at the windows, 
shewing himself throughi the 

J$a, llv, 19. And I wm make 
thy windows of agates, and thy 
gates of carbuncles, and all thy 
bordexB of pleasant stones. 


9 Kin. zz, 11. And Isaiah the 
prophet cried unto the Loan: and 
he brought the shadow ten 
desrees backward, by which It 
had gone down In tbe dial of 

ISO. xxxvill, a Behold, I will 
bring again the shadow of the 
degrees, which is grone down In the 
sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees back- 
ward. So the sun returned ten 
degrees, by which degrees it was 
gone down. 


Lev. XXV, 99-SL And If a man- 
sell a dwelling house In a walled 
city, then be may redeem It with- 
in a whole year after it Is sold; 
iriM^ a ftUl year may he redeem 
it. And If it be not redeemed 
T^ithln the spooe of a ftill year, 
then the house that is in the 
walled city shall be established 
for ever to hhn tliat bought it 
throughout his generations: it 
shall not go ont In the Jubilee. But 
the bouses of the villages which 
have no wall round about them 
shall be counted as the fields of 
the country: they may be redeem- 
ed, and they shall go out in the 

Lev. xxvU, 14, 15. And when a 
man shall sanctify his house to be 
holy unto the Lord, then the 
priest shall estimate It, whether it 
be good or bad: as the priest shall 
estimate It, so ShaU It stand. And 
If he that sanctified It will redeem 

his house, then he shaU add tha 
fifth part of the money of thy 
estimation unto It, and It shall be 

Acts xxvUl, 80. And Paul dwelt 
two whole years In his own hired 
house, and received all that came 
in unto him. 


Gen. xliii, 80. And Joseph made 
haste: for his bowels did yearn up- 
on his brothen and he sought 
where to weep; and he entered in- 
to Ai« chamber, and wept there. 

Judges m, 28-25. Then Ehud 
went forth through the porch, and 
shut the doors of the parlour upon 
him, and locked them. When he 
was gone out, his servants came; 
and when they saw that, behold, 
the doors of the parlour were 
locked, they sold. Surely he 
covereth his feet In his summer 
chamber. And they tarried till 
they were ashamed: and, behold, 
he opened not the doors of the 
paiiour, therefore they took a key, 
and opened them: and, behold, 
their lord was fidlen down dead 
on the earth. 

1 Kin..xXf 80. But tbe rest fied 
to Apbek, Into the city; and there 
a wall fell upon twenty and seven 
thousand of the men that tccre 
left. And Ben-hadad fled, and 
came Into the city, into an inner 

1 Kin. xxll, 95, 89. And Micalah 
said. Behold, thou shalt see In 
that day, when thou 8halt go into 
an Inner chamber to bide thyselt 
Now the rest of the acts of Ahab, 
and all that he did, and the ivory 
house which he made, and all 
the cities that he built, are they 
not written in the book of the 
chronides of the kings of Israel? 

9 Kin. Iv, 11. And it feU on a day, 
that he came thither, and he 
turned into the diamber, and lay 

9 Kin. Yi. 19. And one- of his 
servants said. None, my lord, O 
king: but EUsha, the prophet that 
U in Israel, telieth the king of 
Israel the words that thou speak- 
est In thy bedchamber. 

9 Ktn. ix, 9. And when thou 
comest thither, look out there 
Jehu the son of Jchoshaphat the 
son of Nimshi, and go in, and 
make him arise up fhnn among 
his brethren, and carry hhn to an 
Inner chamber. 

Esther I, 6. Where were whit©, 
grreen, and blue, hangings, fasten- 
ed with cords of fine linen and 
purple to sliver rings and pillars 
of marble: the beds were oj gold 
and silver, upon a pavement of 
red, and blue, and white, and 
black, marble. 

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JfiirftxiT,14,15. Andwhereso- 
erer he shall (iro in, say ye to the 
goodman of the house. The Mas- 
ter saith. Where is the guest- 
chamber, where I shall eat the 
passovcr with my disciples? And 
ho will show yon a large upper 
room famished and prepared: 
there make ready for us. 

Luke il, 7. And she brought 
forth licr flrstbom son, and 
wrapped him in swaddling clothes, 
and laid him in A man^r, because 
there was no room fur them in 
the Inn. 

Acta i, 18. And when they were 
come in, they went up into an 
upper room, where abode both 
Peter, and James, and John, and 
Andrew, Philip, and Thomas, 
Bartholomew, and Matthew, 
James tM son of Alphasna, and 
Simon Zelotes. and Jadas the 
brother of James. 

Act* Ix, 87. And It came to pass 
in thtise days, that she was sick, 
and died: whom when they had 
washed, they laid her in an upper 

Acts XX, 8. And there were 
many lights in the upper cham- 
ber, where they were gathered 

ft. xlx, 6. Which i« as a bride- 
groom coming out ot his chamber, 
aiid rqjoicolh as a strong man to 
run a race. 

ft. xxxl, S. And host not shut 
me up into the hand of the enemy: 
thou hast set my foot in a Large 

Prov. xxl, 9. It is better to dwell 
in a conic 1- of the housetop, than 
with a brawling woman in a wide 

Qant I, 4. Draw me, we will 
van alter thee: the king hath 
brought me into his chambers: 
we will be glad and rc;Joice in 

Qant. 11, 4. He brought me to 
the banqneting house, and his 
banner over me teas love. 

Qant. m, 4. It vjoa but a little 
that I passed ft*om them, but I 
found him whom my soul loreth: 
I held him. and would not let 
him go, until I had brought him 
into my mother's house, and into 
the chamber of her that conceived 

/«a. xxtI, 30. Come, my people, 
enter thou into thy cliambers, ana 
shut thy doors about thee: hide 
thyself as it wore for a little mo- 
ment, until the indignation be 

Jer. zxU, 14. That saith, I will 
build me a wide house and large 
chambers, and cutteth him out 
wlndowi; and U is deled with 
cedar, and painted with TermU- 


Szek. xzi, 14. Thou therefore, 
son of man, prophesy, and smite 
thine hands together, and let the 
sword be doubled the third time, 
the sword of the slain: it U the 
sword of the great men that are 
slain, which entereth into their 
privy chambers. 

Eaggal 1, 4. I8 it time for you, 
O ye, to dwell in your clelod 
houses, and this house lie waste? 

Matth. xxlU, 6. And love the 
uppermost rooms at feasts, and 
the chief seats In the synagogues. 

Matth, xxlv, 26. Wherefore if 
they shall say unto you. Behold, 
he Is In the desert; go not fortli: 
behold, he is In the secret cham- 
bers: believe U not. 


Gen. xlvU, 81. And he said, 
Swear unto me. And he sware 
unto him. And Israel bowed 
himself upon the bed's head. 

Deut. Ill, 11. For only Og king 
of Bashan remained of the rem- 
nant of giants: behold, his bed- 
stead toas a beclstcad of iron; is it 
not in Rabbath of the children of 
Ammon? . . . 

1 fom. xtx. 18, 16. And Michal 
took an image, and laid U in the 
bed, and put a pillow of goats' 
hair for his bolster, and covered 
U with a clulli. And when Saul 
sent messengers to kUce David, 
she sald,^Ie is sick. And Saul 
sent the meitsengers affoin to see 
David, saying. Bring him up to 
me in the bed, that I may tlay 

1 Kin. xxl, 4. And Ahab came In- 
to his house heavy and displeased 
because of the wur I which Nubotb 
the Jezreelite had spoken to him: 
for he had said, I will nut give 
thee the inheritance of my Tathera. 
And he laid him down upon his 
bod, and turned away bis face, 
and would eat no bread. 

2 Kings 1. 4. Now therefore thus 
salth the LoBD; Tboo shalt not 
come down from that bed on 
which thou art gone up, but iihalt 
surely die. And ElUaU departed. 

2 Kings \T, 21. And she went 
up, and laid him on the bed uf 
'the man of God, and shut ^ door 
npon him, and went ouu 

Job Til, 13. When 1 say. My bod 
shall comfort me, my couch shall 
ease my complaint. 

Job xvll, 18. If I wait, the grave 
is mine house: I have made my 
bod in the darkness. 

Job xxxiM, 15. In a dream, in a 
vision of the night, when deep 
sleep folleth upon men, In slum- 
berlngs upon the bed. 

ft. iv, 4. Stand in awe, and sin 
not: oonunnne with your own 

heart iip6ii your bed, and b« still. 


Ps. xxxvi, 4. He devlseth mls< 
chlof upon his bed; he setteth 
himself in a way that is not good; 
ho abhorreth not evlL 

ft. xll, 8. The Lord will 
strengthen him upon the bed of 
languishing: thou wilt make all hla 
bod in his sickness. 

Prov. vil, 16, 17. I have decked 
my bed with coverings of tapestry, 
with carved works, with fine 
linen of Eg>i)t. I have perfomed 
my bod with myrrh, aloes, onddn* 

Prov. xxil, 27. If thou hastnoth* 
ing to iiay, why should he take 
away thy bed from under thee? 

Qant. i, 16. Behold, thou Off 
fab*, my. beloved, yea, pleasant: 
also our bed is green. 

Isa. xxvlli, 20. For the bed Is 
sliorter than that a man can 
stretch himself on it: and the 
covering narrower than that he 
can wrap himself in it. 

Isa. Ivll, 2. He shall enter Into 
peace: they shall rest In their 
beds, e*ich one walking in his up- 

Ezek, xxiii, 41. And satest upon 
a stat4ily bed, and a table prepar- 
ed before It, whereupon thou 
hast set Tnina Incense and mine 

jlmofvl, 4. That He upon beds 
of ivory, and stretch themselves 
upon their couches, and eat the 
hunbs out of the flock, and the 
calves out of the midst of the 

ifarA: Iv, 21. And he said unto 
them, is a candle brought to be 
put under a bushel, or under a 
bed? and not to be sei ona condlo- 

Acts V, 15. Insomuch thai they 
brought forth the sick into the 
streets, and laid them on bods and 
couches, that at the least the 
shadow of Peter passing by might 
overshadow some of them. 


Gen. xxl 14. And Abraham 
rose up early in the morning, and 
took bread, and a bottle of water, 
and gave it unto Hagar, putting it 
on hei^ shoulder, and the child, 
and sent her away: and she de- 
parted, and wandered in the 
wlldomess of Becr-tfhel)a. 

Ps. Ivi, 8. Thou tellest my 
wanderings: put thou my tears 
hito thy bottle: are thetf net in thy 

ft. cxlx, 83. For I am become 
like a bottle hi the smoke; i/et do 
I not forget thy statutes. 

Jer. xix, 1, 10. Thus saith the 
LoBO, Go and get a potter's 
earthen>et4K Md take at ib% 

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tndents of Uio people, and of the 
ancleiitB of the priests; Then 
Shalt tboQ break the bottle In 
the sight of the men that go with 

Mark II, 22. And no man pntteth 
new wine into old bottles: else the 
new wine doth bnrst the bottles, 
and the wine is spilled, and the 
bottles will be marred: but now 
wine must be put into new bot- 

Oen. zxlT, 14,15. And let It come 
to pass, that the damsel to whom 
I shall say, Let down thy iiitchcr, 
I pray thee, that I may drink; and 
she shall say. Drink, and I will 
give thy camels drink also: let the 
same be she that thou bast ap- 
pointed for thy servant Isaac; and 
thereby shall I know that thou 
host shewed kindness nnto my 
majiter. And it came to pass, be- 
fore he had done speaking, that, 
behold, Rebekah came out, who 
was bom to Bethuel, son of Mil- 
cah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham's 
brother, with her pitcher upon her 

Judges rli, 16. And he divided 
the three hundred men into three 
companies, and he put a trumpet 
fa) every man's hand, with empty 
pitchers, and lamps within the 

Lam. Iv, 2. Tlie precious sons of 

Zlun. comparable to flne gold, 

how are Uiey esteemed as earthen 

. pitchers, the work of the hands of 

the potted 


Judges i, 7. And Adoni-bezek 
said, Threescore and ten kings, 
having their thumbs and their 
• great toes cut off, gathered t/telr 
meat undor my table: as I have 
done, so God hath requited me. 
And they brought him to Jeru- 
salem, and there he died. 

1 Kin. X, 6. And the meat of his 
table, and the sitting of his ser- 
vants, and the attendance of his 
ministers, and their api>arel, and 
his cupbearers 

Neh. v, 17. Moreover there 
were at my table an hundred and 
fifty of the Jews and rulers, be- 
side those that came unto us from 
among the heathen that are about 
us. • 

Is. xxlll, 6. Thou preparest a 
table before me in the presence of 
mine enemies: thou anointost my 
head with oil; my cup runneth 

Mark vii, 4. And when they 
come fh)m the market, except 
they wash, they eat not. And 
many other things there be, 
wlilch tliey have received to hold, 
ets the washing of cups, and pots, 
brazen vessels, and of tables. 

£u/Mxxii,81. Bat, behold, the 


hand of him that betrAjeth me if 
with me on the table. 

John xil, 8. There they made 
him a supper; and Martha served: 
but Lazarus was one of them that 
sat at the table with him. 

Som. xi, 9. And David saith. 
Let their table be made a snare, 
and a trap, and a stumbllngblock, 
and a recompenoe unto them. 


1 5x171. 1, 9. So Hannah rose up 
after they had eaten In Shiloh, 
and after they had drunk. Now 
£11 the priest sat upon a seat by a 
post of the temple of the Loan. 

1 Sam. iv, la And it came to 
pass, when he made mention of 
the ark of God, that he fell from 
off the seat backward by the side 
of the gate, and Ills neck brake, 
and he died: for he was an old 
man, and heavy. And he had 
Judged Israel fory years. 

1 Kings il, 19. Bath-shcba there- 
fore went unto king Salomon, to 
speak unto liim for Adonijah. 
And the king rose up to meet her, 
and bowed himself unto her, and 
sat down on his throne, and caused 
a seat to be set for the king's 
mother, and she sat on his right 

2 (^hron. ii, 17-19. Moreover 
the king made a great throne of 
ivory, and overlaid it with pure 
gold. And there were six steps to 
the throne, with a foo^tool of 
gold, which were fiutenA to the 
throne, and stays on each side of 
the sitting place, and two lions 
standing by the stays: And twelve 
lions stood there on the one side 
and on the other upon the six 
steps. There was not the like 
made in any kingdom. 

J€b xxix, 7. When I went out to 
the gate through the city, when I 
prepared my seat in the streetl 


Oen. xxxl, 37. Whereas then 
hast searched all mv stuff, what 
hast thou found of all thy h<iuse- 
hold stufl^ sot it here before my 
brethren and thy brethren, that 
they may Judge betwixt us both. 

Biood. xxxviil, 8. And he made 
the laver of brass, and the foot of 
it of brass, of the lookingglasses 
of the women assembling, which 
assembled at the door of the 
tabernacle of the congregation. 

Judges v, 26. She put her hand 
to the nail, and her right hand to 
the workmen's hammer; and with 
the hammer she smote Slsera, 
she smote off his he^d, when she 
had pierced and stricken through 
his temples. . 

2 Kings Iv, 2. And Ellsha said 

unto her. What shall I do tor thee? 

tell me, what hast thou In the 


hoQMP AiidBhenId,TUnehaii<I* 
maid hath not anything in th» 
house, save a pot of oIL 

Neh, xiif, a And It grieved me 
sore: therefore 1 cast forth aU the 
household stuff of Tobiah out of 
the chamber. 

Luke ix, 17. And they did eat, 
and were all filled: and there was 
taken up of fragments that re- 
mained to them twelve baskets. 

2 Tim, ii, 20. But in a great 
house there are not only yessela 
of gold and of silver, but also of 
wood and of earth; and some to 
honour and some to diahononr. 


£eod.xxxv,8. Ye shall kindle 
no fire throughout your liabita* 
tions upon the sabbath day. 

1 Kings iv, 40. So they poured 
out for the men to eat. And it 
came to pass, as they were eating 
of the pottage, that they cried 
out, and said. O thou man of God, 
there is death in the pot. Ana 
they could not eat therei^f. 

Isa. XXX, 14. And he shall break 
it as the breaking of the potters* 
vessel that is broken In pieces; he 
shall not spare: so that tliere shall 
not be found in the bursting of it 
a sherd to take fire fh>m the 
hearth, or to take water withal 
out of the pit. 

ISO, xliv. 16. He bumeth part 
thereof in the fire; with part there- 
of he eateth flesh; he roasteth 
roast, and is satiafled: yea, he 
warmeth himself, and saith. Aha, 
I am warm, I have seen the fire. 

Jer. Til, 18. The children gather 
wood, and the fathers kindle the 
fire, and the women knead their 
dough, to make cakes to the 

3ueen of heaven, and to pour out . 
rink offerings unto other gods, 
that they may provoke m& to 

Jer. xxix, 22. And of them shall 
be taken up a curse by all the 
captivity of Judah which are in 
Babylon, saying, The Lord make 
thee like Zedekiah and like Ahab, 
whom the king of Babylon roast- 
ed hi the fire. 

Jer. xxxvl, 22, 23. Now the king 
sat in the winter-house in tlie 
ninth month: and there was a fire 
on the hearth burning before 
him. And it came to pass, that 
when Jehudi had read three or 
four leaves, he cut it with the pen- 
knife, and cast it into the fire that 
u?as on the hearth, until all the 
roll was consumed in the fire that 
was on the hearth. 

Exek. xv, 4. Behold, It Is cast 
into the fire for fuel; the fire de« 
voureth both tbo ends of it, and 
the midst of it is burned. la it 
meet for any work? 

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Jtatth. ztU, 15. Lor^L baye 
mercy on my son: for he is luna- 
tick, and Boro vexed: for ofttimes 
lie ftdieth Into the fire, and oil in- 
to the water. 

Mark j\r, 54. And Peter foUow- 
ed him aftr ofT. even into the palace 
of the htg^ priest: and he sat with 
the servants^ and warmed himself 
at the lire. 

Luke xxll, 66. Bat a oertain 
maid beheld him as he sat by the 
Are, and earnestly looked npon 
him, and said, This man was also 
with him. 

John xTiil, 18. And the serrants 
and olflcers stood there, who had 
liiade a fire of coals; for it was 
cold: and they warmed them- 
selves: and Peter stood with them, 
and warmed himselt 

Acts xxviii, 2. And the barbar- 
ous people shewed ns no little 
kindness: for they kindled a fire, 
and received us every one, because 
of the present rain, and becanse of 
the cold. 

Job xvUI, 5. Yea, the light of 
the wicked shall be put out, and 
the spark of his fire shall not 

F». zxxtx, 8. Hy heart was hot 
wiUiin me. while I was musing 
the fire burned: then spake I with 
my tongue. 

i^. Uxxiii, 14. As the Are bum- 
eth a wood, and as the flame set- 
teth the mountains on Are. 

H. cU. 8. For my days are con- 
sumed like smoke, and my bones 
are honied as an hearth. 

A. cxl, 10. Let burning coals 
fiill upon them: let them be cast 
into the fire; into deep pits, that 
they rise not up again. 

T9. cxli, 7. Our bones ate scat- 
tered at the grave's mouth, as 
when one cutteth and deaveth 
toood upon the earth. 

Prov, z. 26. As Thiegar to the 
teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, 
so is tho sluggard to them thai 
lend him. 

Frov, xxvi, 10. Where no wood 
Is, tAere the lire goeth out: so 
where there is no talebearer, the 
strife oeaseth. 

(tont viil, 6. Set me as a eeal 
npon thine heart, as a seal upon 
thine arm: for love U strong as 
death; Jealousy U cruel as the 
grave: the coals thereof are coals 
of fire, which hath a most vehe- 
ment flame. 

/sa.xlvii,14. Behold, they shaU 
be as stubble; the flre shall bum 
thorn; they shall not deliver them- 
selves from the power of the 
flame: there ihaU not be a coal to 
warm at, nor flre to sit before it. 

Jte. 1, 11. Behold, all ye that 
kindle a flre, that compass your- 


iOffes about with sparks: walk In 
the light of your flre, and in the 
sparks that ye have kindled. 
This shall ye have of mine hand; 
ye shall lie down in sorrow. 

7stx.Ixiv,9. As toAen the molting 
flre bumeth, the flre causeth the 
waters to boil, to make thy name 
known to thine adversaries, that 
the nations may tremble at thy 

Jer. 1, 18. And the word of the 
Lord came unto me the second 
time, saying. What seest thou? 
And I said, I see a seething pot; 
and the lk» thereof is toward the 

» Sseek, xxlv,8, 6, 11, IS. And utter 
a parable unto the rebellious 
house, and say unto them, Thus 
saith the Lord <jk>o; Bet on a pot, 
set it on, and also pour water into 
it. Wherefore thus saith the 
Lord God; Woe to the bloody 
city, to the pot whose scum is 
therein, and whose scum is not 
gone out of itl bring it out piece 
by piece; let no lot foil upon it. 
Then set it empty upon the coals 
thereoi; that the brass of it may 
bo hot, and may bum, and that the 
fllthlness of it may be molten in 
it, that the scum of it may be con- 
sumed. She hath wearied herself 
with lies, and her great scum 
went not forth out of hen her 
scum shall be in the flre. 

Jflcah 1, 4. And the mountains 
shall be molten under hira, and 
the valleys shall be cleft, as wax 
before the flre, and as the waters 
that are poured down a steep 

Micah ill, 8. Who also eat the 
flesh of my peopie, and flay their 
skin fh>m off* them; and they break 
their bones, and chop them in 
pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh 
within the caldron. 

Zeeh. iii, 2. And the Loan said 
unto Satan, The Loao rebuke 
thee, O Satan; even the Lobd that 
hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke 
thee: is not this a brand plucked 
out of the flre? 

Zech. xil, 6. In that day win I 
make the governors of Judah like 
an hearth of lire among the wood, 
and like a torch of flre in a sheaf* 
and they shall devour all the peo- 
ple round about, on the right 
hand and on the left: and Jerusa- 
lem shall be inhabited again in 
her own place, even in Jerusalem. 

math. iU, 10. And now also the 
ax Is laid unto the root of the 
trees: therefore every tree which 
brlngeth not forth good trait is 
hewn down, and cast into the 


Jdb, xxl, 17. How oft is the candle 

of the wicked put outf and how 

<&t oometh their destraction upon 


them? God distribnteth sorrows 
in his anger. 

Job xxlx, 8. When his candle 
shinod upon my head, and when 
by his light I walked through 

Fs. xvlll, 28. For thou wilt light 
my candle: the Ixmo my God wUl 
enlighten my darkness. 

F». cxix, 106. Thy word is a 
lamp unto my feet, and a light 
unto my path. 

Prov. xiU, 9. The light of the 
righteous rejoiceth: but the lamp 
of the wicked shall be put ouL 

Prov. XX, 20. Whoso curseth his 
fletther or his mother, his lamp 
shall be put out in obscure dark- 

iYot». xxlv, 20. For there shall 
be no reward to the evil man; the 
candle of the wicked shall be put 

Prov. xxxi, 18. She percelveth 
that her merchandise is good: her 
candle goeth not out by night 

Jer. XXV, 10. Moreover I will 
take from them tho voice of mirth, 
and the voice of gludnens, the 
voice of the bridegroom, and the 
voice of the bride, the M>und of 
the mlllstoues, and the light of the 

JTatth, V, 15. Neither do men 
light a candle, and put It under a 
busliel, but on a candlestick; and 
it giveth light xmto all that are in 
the house. 

Matth. XXV, 1, 7, B. Then shaU 
the kingdom of heaven be likened 
unto ten virgins, which took their 
lamps, and went forth to meet the 
bridegroom. Then all those vli^ 
gins arose, and trinuned their 
lamps. And the foolish said unto 
the wise. Give us of your oil; for 
our lamps are gone out 

Luke viil, 16. No man, when he 
hath lighted a candle, covereth it 
with a vessel, or putteth it under 
a bed; but setteth it on a candle- 
stick, that they which enter in 
may see the light 

Luke xl,86. If thy whole body 
therefore be full of light, having 
no part dark, the whole shall be 
full of light, as when the bright 
shining of a candle doth give thee 

Luke XV, a Either what woman 
having ton pieces of silver, if she 
lose one piece, doth not light a 
candle, and sweep the house, and 
seek diligenUy tiU she find US 

Acts xvi, 29. Then he caUed for 
a light, and sprang in, and came 
trembling, and leU down before 
Paul and Silas. 

Bev. xvlll, 28. And the light t)f a 
candle shiol sWne no more at aU 
in thee 

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Lev. xlv, 34-41. When ye be come 
Into the land of Canaan, which I 
give to you for a possenslon, and 
I put the plaffue of leprosy In a 
house of the land of your posses- 
ston; And bo that owncth the 
house shall coroe and tell the 
priest, saying, It seemeth to me 
there to as It were a pla^uo In the 
house: Then the priost shall com- 
mand that tboy empty tho house, 
before tho priest A'O into it to see 
the plague, that all that is In the 
house bo not made uncloan: and 
afterward the priest shall go In to 
see the house: And he shall look 
on the plajuo, and. behold, if tho 
plague he in the walls of the house 
with hollow strakcs, greenish or 
reddish, which in sisht are lower 
than the wall; Then the priest 
shall go out of the house to the 
door of the house, and shut up the 
hotmo seven days: And the priest 
shall come again the seventh day, 
and shall look: and. behold, if the 
plague be spread in the walls of 
the house; Then the priest shall 
command that they take away tho 
stones in which the plague is, and 
they shall cast them into an un- 
clean place without the city: And 
bo shall cause the house to be 
scraped within round alxmt, and 
thoy shall pour out the dust that 
they scrape off without the city 
Into an uncloan place. 


Cfen. X. 11, 12. Out of that land 
went forth Asshur, and bulMod 
Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, 
and Culah. And Re^on between 
Nineveh and Colah: the same is a 
great city. 

Gen. xi, 4, 6. And they sold, Oo 
to, let us build us a city and a 
t<»wer, whose top may reach imto 
heaven; and lot us make us a 
name, lest we be scattered abroad 
upon the face of tho whole earth. 
And tho Loud came down to see 
the city and the tower, which tho 
children of men buildod. 

1 Ktn{;s tx, 17-19. And Solomon 
built Gezer, and Bcth-horon tho 
nether, And H:ialath,and Tadmor 
In the wilderness, In tho land. 
And all the cities of store that 
Solomon had, and cities for his 
chariots, and cities for his horse- 
men, and that which Solomon de- 
sired to build in Jerusalem, and 
in Lebanon, and in all the land of 
his dominion. 

1 Kin(fs xU, 25. Then Jeroboam 
built Slicchem in mount Ephraim, 
and dwelt therein; and went out 
from thence, and built PenueL 

a Kttiffs xlv, 22. Ho built Elath, 
and^restored it to Judah, after 
that the Ung slept with his 


1 Qknm. yll,a4. (And his daugfa- 
ter ipcvf Sheran, who built Beth- 
horon the nether, and the upper, 
and Uzzen-sherah.) 

1 (fhron. vlU, 12. The sons of 
Elpaal; Ebnr, and Mlsham, and 
Shamed, who built Ono, and Lod, 
with the towns thereot 

S C^ron. Tilt, 6, 6. Also he built 
Both-horon the upper, and Betli- 
horon the nether, fenced cities, 
with walls, gates, and bars; And 
Baalath, and all the store cities 
that Solomon had, and all the 
chariot cities, and the cities of the 
horsemen, and all that Solomon 
desired to build in Jerusalem, and 
In Lebanon, and throughout all 
the land of his dominion. 

2 C^an. xxvU, 4. Moreover he 
built cities In the mountains of 
Judah, and In the forests he built 
castles and towers. 

a Qhron, xxxll, 29. Moreover he 
provided him cities, and posses- 
sions of flocks and herds in abund- 
ance: for Qod had given him sub- 
stance very much. 

Jonah Hi, S. So Jonah arose, and 
went unto Nineveh, acc/)rdlng to 
the word of the Lord. Now 
Nineveh was an exceeding great 
city of three days' Journey. 


Gen. xl, 8. So tho Lord scattered 
them abroad from thonce upon 
the face of all tho earth: and they 
left off to buiW the city. 

1 KtnffS XV, 21,22. And it came 
to pass, when Baasha heard there- 
of, that he left off bulldlitr of 
Rarnah, and dwelt In TIrzjh. 
Then king Asa made a proclama- 
tion throughout all Jud ili; none 
trtw exempted: and they took away 
the stones of Ramali, and the tim- 
ber thereof wherewith Baasha 
had builded; and king Asa built 
with them Ooba of Benjamin, and 


Gen. iv, 17. . . . He builded a 
city, and called the namn of the 
city, after the name of his son, 

Judges xvlil, 29. And they call- 
ed the name of the city Dan, after 
the name of Dan their father, who 
was bom unto Israel: howbeit the 
name of the city teas Laish at tho 

1 KinifS xvl, 24. And he bought 
the hill Snmariaof Shemer for two 
talents of silver, and built on the 
hill, and called the name of tho 
city which he built, after the name 
of Shemer, owner of the bill, 



Num. xxl, 26. For Heshbon teas 
the dty of Sihon the king of the 
Amorites, who had fought against 
the former king of Moab, and 
taken all his land out of his hand, 
even unto Amon. 

Jo8h.x, 2. That they feared 
greatly, because Glbeon teas a 
great city, as one of the royii 
cities, and because it vxis gieater 
than AI. and all the men thereof 
tcere mighty. 

2 Sam. xll. 26. And Joab fought 
against Rabbah of the children of 
*Ammon, and took tho royal city. 

Exod. i, 11. Therefore they did 
set over them taskmasters to 
afflict them with their burdens. 
And they built for Pharaoh trea- 
sure-cities, Pithom and Raamscs. 


Isa. xxlll, 11. He stretched out 
his hand over the sea, he shook 
the kingdoms: the Lord hat h given 
a commandment opalnst the mer- 
chant citv, to destroy the strong 
holds thereof. 

Ezek. xxvll, 8. And say unto 
Tynis, O thou that art situate at 
the entry of the sea, irliich art a 
merchant of tho people for many 
isles. Thus salth the Lord God; O 
Tyrus, thou hast said, I am of 
perfect beauty. 


2 Qhron. I, 14. And Solomon 
gathered chariots and horsemen: 
and he had a thousand and four 
hundred chariots, and twelve 
thousand horsemen, which he 
placed in the chariot cities, and 
with the king at Jerusalem. 

2 Chron. ix, 25. And Solomon 
had rour thourand stalls for horses 
and chariots, and twelve thousand 
horsemen; whom he bestowed In 
the chariot cities, and with tlie 
king at Jerusalem. 


2 C^ron. vill, 4. And he built 

Tadmor in the wilderness, and all 

the store cities, which he built in 



KUm. xlli. 28. Nevertheless the 
people be strong that dwell In the 
land, and the cities are walled, 
and very great: and moreover we 
saw the children of Anak there. 

Num. xxxll, 17. But we our^ 
selves will go ready armed before 
the children of Israel, until we 
haye brought them unto their 

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8 lace; and our little ones shall 
wrll In the fenced cities because 
of the Inhabitants of the land. 

Deut. 1, 23. Whither shaU we 
go up? our brethren have dis- 
couraged onr heart, saylugr, The 
people is n-entc* and taller tlian 
vic\ the cities are great and walled 
up to heaven; and moreover we 
have seen t-he sons of the Anaklms 

Deut. III. 5. All these cities were 
fenced with higrh wails, gates, and 
bars; beside unwalled towns a 
great nuny. 

Dent. Ix, 1. Hear, O Israel: Then 
art to pass over Jordan tills day, 
to gro In to possess nations greater 
and mig-htier than thyself, cities 
great and fenced up to heaven. 

Joeh. X, 19, 20. And stay ye not, 
but pursue after your enemies, 
and smite the hindmost of them; 
Buffer them not to enter Into tlieir 
cities: for the I/Obd God hath 
delivered them Into your hand. 
And It came to pass, when Joshua 
and the children of Israel had 
made an end of slaying them with 
a very great slaughter, till they 
wcro consumed, tliat tlio roMt 
which remained of them entered 
into fenced cities. 

Josh, xlv, 12. Now thereffire 
give me this mountain, whereof 
the LoBD spake In that daj*; for 
thou he:irdest in that day how tho 
Analilms irrre there, and tJuii the 
cities were great and fenwd: if 
BO be tho Lord vtIU frdwith mo, 
then I 8hrill l>e able to drive them 
out, as tho Loqd s:iid. 

1 Sam. xxIII, 7. And It waa told 
Saul that David was come to 
Kcilah. And Saul said, God hath 
delivered him into mine hand; for 
ho Is shut In, by entering into a 
town that hath gates and bars. 

2 Sam. V, 9. So David dwelt In 
the fort, and called It the city of 
David. And David built round 
about from MIUo and Inward. 

2 Sam, XX, 6. And David said to 
Ablsh'\I, Now shall 8hcl>a the son 
of Bichrl do us moro harm tlicn 
did Absalom: take thou thy lord's 
servants, and pursue after him. 
lest he get him fenced cities, and 

2 Kings x, 2. Now as soon aa 
this letter cometh to you. seeing 
yo'.ir muftir'ssons are with you 
and there are with you chariots 
and horses, a fenced city also, and 

1 Chron. xf , 7. And David dwelt 
tak the castle; therefore they called 
it the city of David. 

2 (;hron. xl, 6-12,23. And Roho- 
boam dwelt In Jeru-alem, and 
buUt cities for defence in Judah 
He built even Beth-lehem, and 
Etam, and Tekoa, And Beth-zur. 
and Shoco, and Adnllam, And 

Oath, and Mareshah, and ZIph. 
And Adoraim, and Lachlsh. and 
Azekah. And Znrah. and Aljalon, 
and Hebron, which are In Judah 
and In Benjamin fenced cities. 
And he fortified the strong holds, 
and put captains In them, and 
store of victual, and of oil and 
wine. And in every soven^ city 
he put shields and spears, and 
made them exceeding strong, hav- 
ing Judah and Ber\JamIn on his 
side. And be dealt wisely, and 
dispersed of ail his chiidren 
throughout all the countries of 
Judah and Benjamin, xmto every 
fenced city: and he gave them 
victual In abundance. And he 
desired many wives. 

2 Qhron. xll, 4. And he took the 
fenced cities which pertained to 
Judah, and came to JerusaleuL 

2 Qhron. xlr, 0, 7. And he built 
fenced cities In Judah: for the land 
had rest, and he had no war In 
those years; because the Lord had 
given him rest. Therefore ho 
said unto Judah, Let us build these 
cities, and make about them walls, 
and towers, gates, and bars, while 
tho land is yet before us; becauso 
we have sought the Lord our God, 
we have sought him, and he hath 
given us rest on every side. So 
tliey built and prospered. 

2 (7iron. xvll, 2, 12. And be 
placed (orci'9 In all the fenced 
cities of Judah. and set garrisons 
In the land of Judah, and In the 
cities of Cphralm, which Asa his 
father had taken. And Jeliosho- 
phat waxed great exc<!edlngly; 
and he built In Judah castles, and 
cities of store. 

2 <^hron. xlx. 6. And ho set 
Judges In the land throughout ail 
the fenced cities of Judali, city by 

2 Qhron. xxl, 8, And their father 
gavo them great gifts of silver, 
and of gold, and of precious 
things, with fenced cities In Ju- 
dah: but the kingdom gave he to 
Jehoram; becauso he was the 

2 Chron. xxvl, 9. Moreover 
Uzziah built towers In Jerusalem 
at the corner gate, and at tJie 
valley g:ito, vid at the turning of 
the wall, and fortified them. 

Isa. xxU, 8-11. And he dis- 
covered the covering of Judah, 
and thou didst look in that day to 
the armour of the house of the 
forest. Ye have seen also the 
breaches of the city of David, that 
they are many: and ye gathered 
together the waters of the lower 
pool. And ye have numbered 
the houses of 'Jerusalem, and the 
houses have ye broken down to 
fortify the wall. Ye made also a 
ditch between the two walls for 
the water of the old pooh but ye 
have not looked unto the maker 

thereof, neither had respect unto 
him that fashioned It long ago. 

/so. xxxvl, 1. Now It came to 
pas. In the fourteenth year of 
king Ilezeklah, Viat Sennacherib 
king of AssjTlacame up a;?ainst 
all (he defenced cities of Judah, 
and took them. 

Isa. xxxvil. 26. Hast then not 
heard long ago. Aot0 I have done 
It; and of ancient times, that I 
have formed It? now have I 
brought It to pass, that thou 
shouldost be to lay waste defenced 
cities into ruinous heaps. 

Jer. tv, 6. Declare ye in Judah. 
and publish In Jerusalem; and 
say, Blow ye the trumpet In the 
land: cry, gather together, and 
say, Assemble yourselves, and let 
us go into the defenced cities. 

Jer. T, II. And they shall eat up 
thine harvest, and thy bread, 
which thy sons and thy daughters 
should oat: they shall eat up thy 
flocks and thine herds: they shall 
eat up thy vhies and thy flg trees: 
they shall Impoverish thy fenced 
cities, wherein thou trustedst, 
with the sword. 

Jer. vIH, 14. Wliy do we sit 
stIlU assemble yourselves, and let 
us enter Into the defenwd cities, 
and let us be silent there: for the 
Loud our God hath put us to 
silence, and given us water of gall 
to drink, because we have siniied 
against the Lord. 

Jer. xxxlv, 7. When the king of 
Babylon's armv fought against 
Jerusalem, and against all the 
cities of Judnh that were left, 
against Lacliish. and against 
Azekah: for these defenced cities 
remained of tlie cities of Judah. 

Dan. xl, 15. So the king of the 
north shall come, and cast up a 
mount, and take the most fenced 
cities: and tho arms of the south 
shall not wlthstind, neither his 
chosen people, neither shall there 
be any strength to withstand. 

Hosca vlli, 14. For Israel hath 
forgotten his Maker, and buildeth 
temples; and Judah hath multi- 
plied foncod cities: but 1 will send 
a fire upon his cities, and It shall 
devour tho palaces thereof. 
{See under War.) 

P8. xWII, 12, 13. Walk about 
Zion, and go round about her: tell 
the towers thereof. Mark ye well 
her bulwarks, consider her 
palaces; that ye may tell (t to the 
generation following. 

P*. cxxv, 2 As the mountalra 
are round about Jerusalem, so the 
Loan is round about his people 
from henceforth even for ever. 

/so. xxvl, 1. In that day shall 
tills song be sung In the land of 

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Jadah; We hare a atnag dty; 
salTatlon will Ood appoint for 
wans and bulwarks. 

Nah. U, 1. Ho tbat daabeth in 
pieces is oome ap before thy Ikce: 
keep the monition, watch the 
way, make thv loins strong, fortify 
thy power mightily. 

Zeph. 1. 16. A day of the trompet 
and alarm against the fenced 
cities, and against the high towers. 

Jo8h. 11, 15. . . . For her 
bouse teas upon the town-wall, 
and she dwelt upon the wall. 

Joeh. Tl, 6. And it shall come to 
pass, that when they make a long 
blast with the ram's horn, and 
when ye hear the sound of the 
trumpet, all the people shall shout 
with a great shouh and the wall 
of the dty shaU fall down flat, and 
the people shall ascend up erory 
man straight before him. 

2^in.xxII,ao. For by thee I 
bave run through a troop: by my 
fiod have I leaped over a wall. 

2 Kin. vl, 26. And as the king of 
Israel was passingr by upon the 
wall, thero cried a woman unto 
him, saying. Help, my lord, O 

2 Kin. XTlU, 26. Then said 
Ellakira the son of Hllklah, and 
Shobna, and Joah, unto Rab- 
shakeh, Speak, I pray theo, to thy 
servants in the Syrian language; 
for we understand it: and talk not 
with us in the Jews' language in 
the oars of the people that are on 
the wall. 

2 Qhron. zjcvii, 8. He built the 
high gate of the house of the 
Loud, and on the wall of Ophel 
he built much. 

Neh. 11, 15, 17. Then went I up 
in the night by the brook, and 
viewed the wall, and turned back, 
and entered by the gate of the 
valley, and so returned. Then 
said I unto them. Ye see the dis- 
tress that we are In, how Jerusa- 
lem lieth waste, and the gates 
thereof are burned with fire: 
come, and let us build up the 
wall of Jerusalem, that we be no 
more a reproach. 

NeA. It, 6. So built we the wall; 
and all the wall was Joined to- 
gether unto the half thereof: for 
the people had a mind to work. 

Neh. vii, 1. Now it came to pass, 
when the wall was built, and I had 
set up the doors, and the porters 
and the singers and the Levltes 
were i^;)polnted. 

Isa. 11, 16. And upon every 
high tower, and upon every 
fenced wall. 

Jer. xllx, 27. And I will kindle 
% fire In the wall of Damascus, 


and It shaJQ consame Uie palaces 

Ezek. xill, 10. Because, even 
because they have seduced my 
people, saying. Peace; and there 
vxu no peace; and one built up a 
wall, and, lo, others daubed it 
with untempered morter. 

Actslx,2S. Then the disdplee 
took him by night, and let htm 
down by the wall In a basket. 


Cfen, xxlil, 10. And Ephron 
dwelt among the children of Ueth: 
and Ephron tlie lllttlte answered 
Abraham in the audience of the 
children of Heth, even of all that 
went in at the gate of his dty, 

&en.zxzlv,20, 94. And Hamor 
and Shechem his son came unto 
the gate of their dty, and com- 
muned with the men of their city, 
saying. And unto Hamor and 
unto Shechem his son hearkened 
all that went out of the gate of his 
city; and every male was circum- 
cised, all that went out of the gate 
of his city. 

Josh. 11, 5. And it came to pass 
about the time of shutting of the 
gate, when It was dark, that the 
men went out: whether the men 
went I wot not: pursue after them 
quickly; for ye shall overtake 

Judges xvl, 8. And Samson lay 
till midnight, and arose at mid- 
night, and took the doors of the 
gate of the dty, and the two posts, 
and went away with them, bar 
and all, and put them upon his 
shoulders, and carried them up to 
the top of an hlU that is before 

2 Kin. Vu, 1, 18. Then EUsha 
said. Hear ye the word of the 
LoEo; Thus saith the Lono, To 
morrow about this time shall a 
measure of fine flour be sold for a 
shekel, and two measures of bar- 
ley for a shekel, in the gate of 
Samaria. And It came to pass as 
the man of Ood hod spoken to the 
king, saying. Two measures of 
barley for a shekel, and a measure 
of fine flour for a shekel, shall be 
to morrow about thiS' time in the 
gate of Samaria. 

2 (piron. xviil, 0. And the king 
of Israel and Jehosbaphat king 
of Judah sat either of them on his 
throne, clothed in their robes, and 
they sat in a void place at the 
entering in of the gate of Samaria; 
and all the prophets prophesied 
before them. 

Neh. xUl, 19, 22. And It came to 
pass, that when the gates of 
Jerusalem began to be dark before 
the sabbath, I commanded that 
the gates should be shut, and 
charged that they should not be 

opened tfll after the sabbath: and 
some of my servants set I at the 
gates, that there should no burden 
be brought In on the sabbath day. 
And I conmianded the Levitet 
that they should cleanse them- 
selves, and that they should come 
and keep the gates, to sanctify 
the sabbath day. Remember me, 

my Ood; ecneeming this also, 
and spare me according to the 
greatness of thy mercy. 

ISO. zlv, 1, 2. Thus salth the 
Loan to his anointed, to Cyrus, 
whose right hand I have holden. 
to subdue nations before him; and 

1 will loose the loins of kings, to 
open before him the two leaved 
gates; and the gates shall not be 
shut; I will go before thee, and 
make the crooked places straight: 
I will break In pieces the gates of 
brass, and cut in sunder the ban 
of iron. 

Jer. xxxix, 8. And all the princes 
of the king of Babylon came in, 
and sat In the middle gate, even 
Ncrgal - sharezer, Samgar-nebo, 
Sarsochim, Bab -saris, Nergal- 
sharezer, RalMnag, with all the 
restdne of the princes of the king 
of Babylon. 

JVa^.ii, 6. The gates of the rivers 
shall be opened, and the palace 
shall be dissolved. 

Acts Ix, 24. But their laying 
await was known of SauL And 
they watched the gates day and 
night to kill him. 

Acts xil, 10. When they were 
past the flrst and the second ward, 
they came unto the iron gate 
that leadeth unto the dty; which 
opened to them of his own accord: 
and they went out, and passed on 
through one street; uid forthwith 
the angel departed 1h)m him. 

Acts xlv, 13. Then the priest of 
Jupiter, which was before their 
dty, brought oxen and garlands 
unto the gates, and would have 
done sacilflce with the people. 

Ps. evil, 16. For he hath broken 
the gates of brass, and cut the 
bars of iron in sunder. 

Prov. I, 21. She crieth in the 
chief place of concourse, In the 
openings of the gates: in the dty 
she uttereth her words, saying. 

Prov. vili, 84. Blessed is the man 
that hoareth me, watching daily 
at my gates, waiting at the posts 
of my doors. 

Prov. xxxl, 23. Her husband Is 
known in the gates, when he 
sitteth among the elders of the 

ISO. 1x11, 10. Go through, go 
through the gates; prepare ye the 
way of the people; cast up, cost up 
the highway; gather out the stones; 
lift up a standard for the people. 

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C^ad, 11. In the day that iboa 
itoodest on the other tide, in the 
day that the etrangera carried 
away oaptire his foroefl, and 
foreigners entered Into his gates, 
and cast lots npon Jerusalem, 
even thou toast as one of them. 

MaWt, Til, Id. Enter ye In at 
the strait gate: for wide i$ the 
gate, and broad U the way, that 
leadeth to deaUuctlon, and many 
there be which go In thereat 

Matih, ZTl, la And I say also 
imto thee, That thon art Peter, 
and npon this rock I will build my 
church; and the gates of hell 
shaU not itreraU against it 


Oen. six, S. And he said. Be- 
hold now, my lords, turn in, I 
pray you, into your servant's 
house, and tarry all night, and 
wash your feet, and ye shall rise 
up early, and go on your ways. 
And they said, Nay; but we will 
abide in the street all night 

Josh, ii, 19. And it shaU be. that 
whosoever shall go out of the 
doors of thy house into the street, 
his blood ShaU be upon his head, 
and we tofU be guiltless: and who- 
soever shall be with thee in the 
house, his blood shaU be on our 
head, if any hand be upon him. 

Judges xix, 15. And they turn- 
ed aside thither, to go in and to 
lodge in Gibeah: and when he went 
in, he sat him down in a street of 
the city: for there vxts no man 
that took them into his house to 

2 £ixm. i. 20. TeU « not in Oath, 
publish it not in the streets of 
Askelon: lest the daughters of 
the Philistines rcijoice, lost the 
daughters of the undrcmndsed 

1 Kin. zx. 81 And Ben^iadad 
said unto him, The cities, which 
my &ther took from thyfiilber, 
I wHi restore; and thou shalt 
make streets for thee In Damas- 
cus, aa my Ibther made in 
Samaria. Then said Ahab, I 
wiU send thee away with this 
covenant So he made a covenant 
with him, and sent him away. 

a^ant, iU. 2. 1 wUl rise now, and 
go about the city hi the streets, 
and in the broad ways I will seek 
Urn whom my soul loveth: I 
sought him, but I found him 

.2te/LTlll,5. And the atreett of 
the dty shall be foU of boys and 
girls luayfaig In the streets there- 

JKir](TL66. And whithersoever 
be entered, into villages, or dttes, 
or country, they laid the sick in 
the BtreeU. and besought him that 
they might touch if it were but 
the border of his gannentiuod aa 


many aa tonohed Um were made 

Luke X, 10. Bui hito whatsoever 
dty ye enter, and they receive 
you not, go your ways out into 
the streets of the same, and say. 

Luke xiv, 21. So that servant 
came, and shewed his lord these 
things. Then the master of the 
house behig angry said to his 
servant, Go out quickly into the 
streeta and lanes of the dty. and 
bring in hither the poor, and the 
maimed, and the halt, and the 


Pb. evil, 86. And there he mak- 
6th the hungry to dwell, that they 
may prepare a dty for habitation. 

Ps, cxxvli, 1 Except the 

Loan keep the dty, the watch- 
man waketh but in vain. 

Qaat. T, 7. The watchmen thai 
went about the dty found me. 
they smote mo, they wounded 
me; the keepers of the walls took 
away my veil from me. 

Isa. xxl, 11. The burden of 
Dumoh. He calleth to me out of 
Seir, Watdhman, what of the 
night? Watchman, what of the 

Jsa, xxxil.'l8, 19. And my peo- 
ple shall dwell in a peaceable 
h^itatlon, and in sure dwellings, 
and in quiet resting places; When 
It shall hail, coming down on the 
forest; and the dty shall be low In 
a low place. 


Deut. xix, 12. Then the eldersof 
his dty shall send and fetch him 
thence, and deliver him into the 
hand of the avenger of blood, that 
he may die. 

DeMt, xxl, 8. And an the aiders 
of that dty, that are next unto 
the slain man, shall wash their 
hands over the heifer that is be- 
headed hi the valley: 

/oflA. XX, i. And when he that 
doth flee unto one of those dtles 
shall stand at the entering of the 
gate of the dty, and shall declare 
his cause In the ears of the elders 
of that dty, they shall take hhn 
into the dty unto them, and give 
hhn a place, that he may dwell 
among them. 

Judges viil, 18. And he took the 
elders of the dty, and thorns of the 
wilderness and briers, and with 
them he tanght the men of Suo- 

Ruth iv, t. And he took ten 
men of the elders of the dty, and 
said. Sit ye down here. And 
they sat down. 

Ezra X, 14. Let now our rulers 
of all the congregation stand, and 
let aU them whidi have taken 

strange wives in our dtles come 
at appointed thnes, and with them 
the eiders of every city, and the 
Judges thereof, until the fleroe 
wrath of our God for this matter 
be turned from us. 

ciry OP GOD. 

Ps, xlvl, 4. There is a river, the 
streams whereof shall make glad 
the dty of God, the holy pUxee of 
the tabemadea of the most high. 

Ps. xli^l, 1, 8. Great is the Loan, 
and greatly to be praised in the 
dty of our God, in the mountain 
of his holiness. As we have 
heard, so have we seen in the dty 
of the Lord of hoets, in the dty of 
our God: God wiU establish it for 
ever. SehdL 

Ps. Ixxxvii, 8. Glorious thbigs 
are spoken of thee, O dty of God. 

Bdb.rH, 22. But ye are come 
unto mount Slon, and unto the 
dty of the living God, the heaven- 
ly Jerusalem. .... 

Bev. ill, 12. . . . And I wiU 
write upon him the name of my 
God, and the name of the dty of 
my God, lofticA is new Jeru- 


Keh. xl, 1. And the rulers of the 
people dwelt at Jerusalem: the 
rest of the people also cast lots, 
to bring one of ten to dwell in 
Jerusalem the holy dty, and nine 
parts to dwell in other dtiee. 

Neh. xi, la AU the Le'vites in 
the holy dty were two hundred 
fourscore and four. 

'ISO, xlvlli, 2. For they caU 
themselves of the holy dty, and 
stay themselves upon the God of 
Israel; the Loao of hosts is his 

Isa. Ui, 1. Awake, awake; put 
on thy strength, O ZIon; imt on 
thy beautiful garments, O Jem- 
Mdem, the holy dty: for hence- 
forth there shall no more come 
into thee the unclrcumdsed and 
the unclean. 

Dan. ix, 2i. Seventy weeks are 
determtaied upon thy people and 
upon thy holy dty, to finish the 
transgression, and to make an end 
of sins, and to make reconciliation 
for iniquity, and to bring In ever- 
lasting righteousness, and to seal 
up the vision and prophecy, and 
to anoint the most Holy. 

Matth. Iv, 5. Then the devtt 
taketh hhn up into the holy city, 
and setteth him on a plnnade of 
the temple. 

Matth. xxvii, 68. And came out 
of the graves after his resurrec- 
tion, and went toto the holy dty, 
and appeared unto many. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Sev. zl, 9. But the oonrt which 
is without the temple leave 
out, an<1 measure it not; for it \a 
prlven unto the Gentiles: and the 
holy city fUiall they tread under 
foot forty and two months. 

Sev. xxl, 2. And I John saw the 
holy city, new Jerusalem, coming 
do^vn from God out of heaven, 
prepared as a bride adorned for 
bar husband. 

Sev. xxli, 19. And if any man 
shall take away from the words uf 
the book of this prophecy, God 
shall take away his part out of the 
book of life, and out of the holy 
city, and from the things which 
are written in this book. 


Oen. xxvill, 18. And Jacob rose 
up early In the morning, and took 
the stone tliat he had put for his 
pillows, and set it up for a pillar, 
and poured oU upon the top of it. 

Gen. xxxi, 45, 46, 61, 52. And 
Jacob todk a stone, and set it up 
for a pillar. And Jacob said unto 
his brethren. Gather stones: and 
they took stones, and made an 
heap: and they did eat there upon 
the heap. And Laban said to 
Jacob. Behold this heap, and bo- 
hold this pillar, which 1 have cast 
betwixt mo and thee; This heap 
be witness, and this pillar be wit- 
ness, that I will not pass over this 
heap to thee, and that thoQ shalt 
not pass over this heap and this 
pillar unto me, for harm. 

Gen. xxjtv, 13, 14. And God 
went up from him in the place 
where he talked with him. And 
Jacob set up a pillar in the place 
where he talked with him, even 
a pillar of stone: and he poured a 
drink offering thereon, and he 
p4)ured oil thereon. 

Exod. xxlv. 4. And Moses wrote 
all the words of the Lord, and 
rose op early in the morning, and 
bullded an altar imder the hill, 
and twelve pillars, according to 
the twelve tribes of Israel. 

Deut. xxvil, 4. Therefbre it shall 
be when ye be gone over Jordan, 
that ye shall set up these stones, 
which I command you this day, 
In mount EbaU and thou shalt 
plalster them with plalster., 1-0,20,21. And it come 
to pass, when all the people were 
dean passed over Jordan, that 
the Lord spake unto Joshua, say- 
ing. Take you twelve men out of 
the people, out of every tribe a 
man. And command ye them, say- 
ing. Take you henoe out of the 
midst of Jordan, out of the place 
where the priests' feet stood firm, 
twelve stones, and ye shall carry 
them over with you, and leave 
them In the lodgiog place, where 


ye shall lodge this night. Then 
Joshua called the twelve men, 
whom he had pi<dpared of the chil- 
dren of Israel, out of every tribe 
a man: And Joshua said unto 
tliem. Pass over before the ark of 
the Lord your God into the midst 
of Jordan, and take you up every 
man of you a stone upon his 
shoulder, according unto the 
number of the tribes of the chU- 
dren of Israel: That this may be 
a sign among you, that when 
your children ask tJietr fathers In 
time to come, saying, What Trnaa 
ye by these stones? Then ye shall 
answer them, That the waters of 
Jordan were cut oflf before the 
ark of the covenant of the Lord; 
when it passed over Jordan, the 
waters of Jordan were cut off: 
and these stones shall be for a 
memorial unto the children of 
Israel for ever. And the children 
of Israel did so as Joshua' com- 
manded, and took up twelve 
stones out of the midst of Jordan, 
as the Lord spake unto Joshua, 
according to the number of the 
tribes of the children of Israel, 
and carried them over with them 
unto the place where they lodged, 
and laid them down ftiere. And 
Joshua set up twelve stones in 
the midst of Jordan, in the place 
where the feet of the priests 
which bare the ark of the cove- 
nant stood: and they are there 
unto this day. And those twelve 
stones, which they took out of 
Jordan, did Joshua pitch in Gll- 
gal. And ho spake unto the chil- 
dren of Israel, saylnpr, When your 
children shall ask tJjcir fathers in 
time to come, saying, Wliat mean 
these stones? 

Josh, xxlv, 26, 27. And Joshua 
wrote these words In the book of 
the law of God, and took a great 
stone, and set It up there under 
an oak, that uxis by the sanctuary 
of the Lord. And Joshua said 
unto all the people, Behold, this 
stone shall be a witness unto us; 
for It hath heard all the words of 
the Lord which he spake unto 
us: it shall be therefore a witness 
unto you, lost ye deny your God. 

1 ,<kim. vll, 12. Then Samuel 
took a stone, and set it between 
Mb.peh and Sben, and called the 
name of it Eben-ezer, saying. 
Hitherto hath the Loan helped 

2 Sam, xvlll, 18. Now Absalom 
in his lifetime had taken and 
reared up for himself a pillar, 
which is in the king's dale: for he 
said, I have no son to keep my 
name in remembrance: and he 
called the pillar after his own 
name: and it is called unto this 
day, Absalom's place. 

crriKS IN RUiNa 

S Kinas xlx, 26. Hast thou not 

heard long ago how I have done 
it, and of ancient times that I have 
formed it? now have I brought it 
to pass, that thou shouldest be to 
lay waste fenced cities irUo ruin- 
ous heaps. 

Job vill, 15. He shall lean upon 
his house, but it shall not stand: 
be shall hold It £a«t, but it shall 
not endure. 

Job xxvii, 18. He buUdeth his 
house as a moth, and as a booth 
t/uU the keeper maketh. 

laa. y, 9. In mine ears said the 
1a)ud of hosts. Of a truth many 
houses shall be desolate, erai 
great and fair, without hihabitant. 

Isa. xlil, 19, 20. And Babylon, 
the glory of kingdoms, the beauty 
of the Chaldees' excellency, 
shall be as when God overthrew 
Sodom and Gomorrah. It shall 
never be inhabited, neither shall 
it be dwelt in tnan. generation to 
generation. .... 

Isa. xiv, 31. Howl, O gate; cry. 
O city; thou, whole Palestlna, art 
dissolved: fbr there shall come 
(h>m the north a smoke, and none 
shall be alone in his appointed 

Isa. xvii, 1. The burden of 
Damascus, Behold, Damascus is 
taken away from beln^ a city, and 
it shall be a ruinous heap. 

Isa. xxlv, 10, 12. The city of con- 
fhslon is broken down: every 
hoiise is shut up, that no man 
may come in. In the city is left 
desolation, and the gate is smitten 
with destruction. 

Isa. xrv, 2. For thou host made 
of a city an heap; of a defenced 
city a ruin: a palace of strangers 
to be no city; it shall never be 

Isa. xxvil, 10. Yet the defenced 
city shqfl be desolate, and the 
habitation forsaken, and left like 
a wilderness 

Isa. xxxil, 14. Because the 
palaces shall be forsaken; the mul- 
titude of the city shall be left. . . 

Jer. X. 22. Behold, the noise of 
the bruit is come, and a great 
commotion out of the north coun- 
try, to make the cities of Judah 

Jer. xllx.83. And Hazor shall be 
... a desolation for ever: there 
shall no man abide there, nor ant/ 
son of man dwell in it. 

Lam. 11, 7-0. The Lord hath cast 
off his altar, ho hath abhorred his 
sanctuary: he hath given up into 
the hand of the enemy the walls 
of her palaces; they have made a 
noise in the house of the Lord, as 
in the day of a solemn feast. The 
Lord hath purposed to destroy 
the wall of the daughter of Zlon; 
be hath stretched out a line, he 
hath not withdrawn his hand from 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 

destroying: flierefore be made the 
rampart and tbe wall to lament; 
they Umgulshed together. Her 
gates are sunk Into the gronnd; 
he bath destroyed and broken her 
bars; her king and her princes are 
among the Gentiles: the law is no 
more; her prophets also find no 
vision from the Lord. 

EzOc. 3dii, 11, 12, 14. Say mito 
them which danb it with untem- 
pered morter, that it shall fall: 
there shall be an overflowing 
shower; and ye, O groat hailstones, 
phall fall; and a stormy wind shall 
rend it, Lo, when the wall is 
fallen, shall it not be said unto 
ydh. Where is the daubing where- 
with ye have daubed Of So will 
I break down the wall that ye 
have daubed with uutempered 
morter, and bring it down to the 
ground, so * that the foundation 
thoreor shall bo discovered, and 
it shaU foil, and ye shall be con- 
sumed In the midst thereof, and ye 
shall know that I can the Loan. 

Ezek. XXV, 6. And I will make 
Rabbah a stable for camels, and 
the Ammonites a conching-placo 
for flocks 

Amos vl, 11. For, behold, the 
Lord commandetb, and he will 
smite the groat bouse with 
breaches; and the little house with 

Zeph. il, 13, 15. And ho will 
stretch out his hand against the 
north, and destroy Assyria; and 
will make Nineveh a desolation, 
and dry like a wilderness. This 
is the rejoicing city that dwelt 
carelessly, that said in Ijer heart, 
I am. and there is none beside me: 
how is she become a desolation, 
a place for boasts to lie down in! 
every one that passetli by her 
shall hiss, and wag his hand. 


Jitdffesxxi,^. And the children 
of Benjamin did so, and took tMm 
wives, according to their number, 
of them that danced, whom thoy 
caught: and they went and return- 
ed unto their inheritance, r.nd re- 
paired the cities, and dwelt In 

1 Kings xl, 27. And this was the 
cause that he lifted up his hand 
against the king: Solomun built 
MIUo, and repaired the breaches 
of the city of David his father. 

1 Qhron. xi, S. And ho built the 
dty round about, even from MIUo 
round about: and Joab repaired 
the rest of the city. 

2 i^ron. xxix, 3. Ho In the first 
year of his reign, in the first month, 
opened the doors of the house of 
the Lord, and repaired them. 

2 Qhron. xxxil, 6. Also he 
strengthened himself, and built up 
all the wall that was broken, and 
raised a up to the towers, and 


another wall without, and repaired 
Millo in the city of David, and 
made darts and shields in abund- 
ance. • 

Ezra Iv, 2. Then they came to 
Zerubbabel, and to the chief of 
the fathers, and said unto them, 
Let us build with you: for we seek 
your God. as ye do; and we do 
do sacrlflce unto him since the 
days of Esar-haddon king of 
Assur, which brought us up 

Xeh. Ill, 1, 2, 4-32. Then Eliashlb 
the high priest rose up with his 
brethren the priests, and they 
builded the sheep gate; they 
sanctifled It, and set up the doors 
of It; even unto the tower of Meah 
they sanctifled it, unto the tower 
of Hananeel. And next unto him 
builded the men of Jericho. And 
next to them builded Zaccur the 
son of Imri. And next unto them 
repaired Meremoth the son of 
Urijah, the son of Koz. And next 
unto them repaired Meshullam 
the son of Berechiah, the son of 
Mcshezabeel. And next unto 
them repaired Zadok the son of 
Baana. And next unto them the 
Tekoltes repaired; but their nobles 
put not their necks to tho work of 
their Lord. Moreover the old 
gate repaired Jcholada tho son of 
Pnseah. and 3Icshullam tho son of 
Besodelah; they laid the beams 
thereof, and sot up the doors 
thereof, and the locks thereof, and 
the bars thereof. And next unto 
them repaired Melatluh the Gibe- 
onlte, and Jadon the Meronothlto, 
the men of Glbeon, and of Mizpah, 
unto the throne of the governor 
on this side the river. Next unto 
him repaired Uzzlcl the son of 
Harhaiah, of the goldsmiths. 
Next unto hhn also repaired 
Uananiah the son of one u/ the 
aporhccaries, and thoy fortified 
Jerusalem unto the broad wall. 
And next unto them repaired Ro- 
phalah tho son of 11 ur, the ruler 
of tho half part of Jerusalem. And 
next unto them repaired Jedalah 
the son of Ilarumaph, even over 
a^lnst his house. And next unto 
him repaired Hattush the son of 
Ilashabniab. Malchljah the son 
of Ilarim, and Hashub the son of 
Pahath-moab, repaired the other 
piece, and the tower of the fur- 
naces. And next unto him re- 
paired Shallum tho son of Halo- 
hcsh, the ruler of the half part of 
Jerusalem, ho and his daughters. 
The valley gate repaired Ilanun, 
and the inhabitants of Zanoah; 
tlicy built it, and set up the doors 
thereof, the locks thereof, and tho 
bars thereof, and a thousand 
cubits on tho wall unto the dimg 
gate. But the dung gate repaired 
Malchiah the son of Rechab, the 
ruler of part of Beth-haccerem, he 
built It, and set up the doors 
I thereof, the locks thereof and the 

bars thereof. But tho gate of the 
fountain repaired Shallum the son 
of Col-hozeh. the ruler of part of 
Mizpah;. he built It, and covered 
it. and set up tho doors thereof, the 
locks thereof, and the bars thereof, 
and the wall of the pool of Siloah 
by the king's garden, and unto the 
stairs that go down from the city 
of David. After him repaired 
Nehemiah the son of Azbak, the 
ruler of the half part of Beth-zur. 
unto the place over against the 
sepulchres of David, and to the 
pool that was made, and unto tho 
houso of the mighty. And after 
him repaired the Levltes, Relium 
the sou of Banl. Next unto him 
repaired Hashablah, the ruler of 
the half part of Keilah, hi hl^ 
part. After him repaired their 
brethren, Baval the son of Ilena- 
dad. the ruler of tho half part of 
Keilah. And next to hira repaired 
Ezer the son of Jeshua. the ruler 
of Mizpah, another piece over 
against the going up to the armoury 
at the turning of the wull. After 
him Baruch the son of Zabbal 
earnestly repaired the other piece, 
from the turning of Vie wall unto 
the door of the house of Eliashlb 
tho high priest. After him repair- 
ed Meremoth tho son of UrlJah 
the son of Koz another piece, 
from tho door of tho house of 
Eliashlb even to the end of tlie 
house of Eliashlb. And after him 
repaired tho priests^, the men of 
the plain. After him repaired 
Benjamin and Hnsliub over jig-ainst 
their house. After him repaired 
Azariah the son of Maaseiuh the 
son of Ananiah by his house. 
After hira repaired BInnui tho 
soi> of Henadad another piece, 
from the houso of Azariah unto 
the tundng of the wall, even unto 
the comer. Palal the son of Uza!, 
over against tho turning of tJic 
wall, and the tower which lieth 
out from the king's high houso, 
that was by the court of the prison. 
After him Pedaiah tho son of 
Parosh. Moreover the Neth- 
inlms dwelt In Ophel, unto the 
place over against tlie water gate 
toward the east, and the tower 
that lieth out. After them the 
Tekoltes repaired another piece, 
over against the great tower that 
lieth out, even unto the wall of 
Ophel. From alK)ve the horse 
gate repaired the priests, every 
one over against his house. After 
them repaired Zadok the son of 
Inimer over against his houso. 
After him repaired also Sho- 
malah the son of Shechanlah, the 
heepcr of tho east gate. After 
him repaired Hananluh the son of 
Shelemiah, and lianun the sixth 
son of Zalaph, another piece. 
After him repaired Meshullam the 
son of Berechiah over against Ua 
chamber. After him repaired 
Malchiah the goldsmith's son unto 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

the plaoe of the Nethlnlms, and of 
the merchants, over against the 
gate Miphkad, and to the going up 
of tho comer. And between the 
going up of tho comer unto the 
Bbeep gate repaired the gold- 
smiths and the merchants. 

Kek. lY, 10. And Jndah said, 
The strength of the hearers of 
hurdens Is decayed, and there i8 
much rubbbh; so that we are not 
able to build the wall. 

ISO. xlT, 13. I have raised htan 
op In righteousness, and I wUl 
direct all his ways: be shall build 
my city, and he shall let go my 
c^tlvcs, not for pi ice nor reward, 
salth the Lono of hosts. 

Isa. lYlU, 12. And thev that shaU 
be of thee shaU build the old 
waste places: thou shalt* raise up 
the foundations of many genera- 
tions; and thou shalt be called, 
The repairer of the breach, The 
restorer of paths to dwell in. 

Isa. Ixl, 4. And they shaU build 
the old ^rastes, they shall raise up 
tho former dcsolutlons, and they 
shoil repair the waste cities, the 
desolations of many generations. 

£zek, xxxTl, 35, 86. And they 
shall say. This land that was de- 
solate. Is become like the garden of 
Eden; and the waste and de- 
solate and ruined cities are be- 
come fenced^ arid are inhabited. 
Then the heathen that are left 
round about you shall know that 
I the XiOBo build the ruined 
places, and plant that that was 
desolate: I the Lord haye spoken 
tt, and I will do U. 

i>an.lx,26. Know therefore and 
onderstanc^ that fh>m the goiug 


fbrth of the commandment to re- 
store and to build Jerusalem unto 
the Messiah the Prhice shaU be 
sev^ weeks, and threescore and 
two weeks: tho street shall be 
built agahi. and the wall, even in 
troublous times. 

Amo8 Ix, 11,14. In that day wm I 
raise up the tabernacle of David 
that is fallen, and close up the 
breaches thereof; and I will raise 
up bis mins, and I will build it as 
In the days of old. And I will bring 
again the captivity of my people 
of Israel, and they shall build the 
waste cities, and inhabit them; 
and they shall plant vineya^ and 
drink the wine thereof they shall 
also make gardens, and eat the 
fruit of them. 


Neh, xU, 27-^,4(M2. And at the 
dedication of the wall of Jerusa- 
lem they songht .the Levltes out 
of all their places, to bring them 
to Jerusalem, to keep the dedica- 
tion with gladness, both with 
thanksgivings, and with singing, 
loith cymbals, psalteries, and with 
harps. And the sons of the 
singers gathered themselves to- 
gether, both out of the plain 
country round about Jerusalem, 
and from the villages of Neto- 
phathi; Also from the house of 
Gllgal, and out of the flolds of 
Oeba and Azmaveth: for the 
shigers had builded them villages 
round about Jerusalem. And 
the priests and the Levites puri- 
fied themselves, and purified the 
people, and the gates, and the 
wall. Then I brought up the 

princes of Judab upon the wall 
and appointed two great comi- 
panics of Viem that gave thanks, 
U'ficreof one went on the right 
baud upon tho wall toward the 
dung gate: And after them went 
Hoshaiah, andhalf of theprlncesof 
Juduh, And Azuriuh, Ezra, and 
Meshullam, Judah, and Benja- 
min, and Shemulah, and Jeremiah, 
And certain of the priests' sons 
with trumpets; namely, Zechariah 
tho son of Jonathan tho son of 
Shemaiah, the son or Mattaniah, 
the son of Michaiob, the son of 
Zaccur, the son of Asaph: And 
his brethren, Shemaiah, and 
A»irael, MUaiai, Gilalai, Mftd, 
Nethaneel, and Judah, Hananl, 
with the musical instruments of 
David the man of God, and Eera 
the scribe before them. And at 
the fountain gate, which was over 
ajjalnst them, they went up by 
the stairs of the city of David, at 
tho going up of the wall, above 
the house of David, even unto the 
water gate eastward. And the 
other company of them Vtat gave 
thanks went over agahist Uiem, 
and I after them, and the half of 
the people upon the wall, flpom 
beyond the tower of the furnaces 
even unto the broad walk So 
stood the two companies of than 
that gave thanks in tlie house of 
God, and I, and the half of the 
rulers with me: And the priests, 
EUakim, Maaseiah, Mluiamin, 
Michalah, Elloenal. Zechariah, 
and Ilananlah, with trumpets; 
And Maaseiah, and Shemaiah, 
and Eleazar, and UzzI, and Jeho- 
hanan, and HalchiJah, and Elam, 
and Ezer. And the singers sang 
loud, with Jezrablah their over- 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 



Jhtm. xud, 1-^. And the Lobd 
■pake unto Moses, saylner, Avenge 
the children of Israel of the Mld- 
lanltes: afterward shalt thou be 
gathered tinto thy people. And 
Moses spake unto the people, 
saying. Arm some of yourselves 
mito the war, and let them go 
against the Mldianltes, and avenge 
the LoBo of Mldlan. Of every 
tribe a thousand, throughout all 
the trlbM of Israel, shall ye send 
to the war. So there were de- 
livered out of the thousands of 
Israel, a thousand of every tribe, 
twelve thousand armed for war. 

Judges 111, 27. And It came to 
pass, when he was come, that he 
blew a trumpet In the mountain of 
Ephralm, and the children of 
Israel went down with him from 
the mounts and he before them. 


Judges vi, a5. And he sent mes- 
sengers throughout all Manassch; 
who also was gathcrod after him: 
and he sent meH.songers unto 
Asher, and unto Zebulun, and un- 
to Naphtall; and they came up to 
meet them. 

Judges vil, 1-4, 6-a Then 
Jerubbaal, who if Gideon, and 
all the people that were with bim, 
rose up early, and pitched beside 
the well of Harod: so thai the host 
of the Mldianltes were on the 
north side of them, by the hill of 
Moreh, in the valley. And the 
Loao said unto Gideon, The peo- 
ple that are with thee are too 
many for me to give the Mldian- 
ltes into their bauds, lest Israel 
vaunt themselves against me, 
saying. Mine own hand hath sav- 
ed mo. Now therefore gr) to, 
proclaim in the ears of the people, 
saying, Whosoever is fearful and 
afraid, let him return and depart 
early fh>m mount Gllead. And 
there returned of the people 
twenty and two thousan<^ and 
there remained ten thousand. 
And the Lord said unto Gideon, 
The people are yet too many; 
bring them down unto the water, 
and I will try them for thee there: 
and it shall be, that of whom I say 
unto thee, This shall go with 
thee, the same shall go with thee; 
and of whomsoever I say nnto 
thee. This shall not go with thee, 
the same shall not go. And the 

number of them that lapped, 
putting their hand to their mouth, 
were three himdred men: but all 
the rest of the people bowed down 
upon their knees to drink water. 
And the Lobd said unto Gideon, 
By the three hundred men that 
lapped will I save you, and deliver 
the Mldianltes \nX% thine hand: 
and let all the other people go 
every man unto his place. So the 
people took victuais in their 
band, and their trumpets: and he 
sent aU the rest of Israel every 
man unto his tent, and retained 
those three hundred men: and the 
host of Mjdlan was beneath him 
in the valley. 


Judges xx, 1, 2, 8-11,15.17. Then 
all the children of Israel went out, 
uid the cougregation was gather- 
ed together as one man, from Don 
even to Beer-sheba, with the land 
of Gllead, unto the Lobd in Mlz- 
peh. And the chief of all the 
people, coen of all the tribes of 
Israel, presented themselves In 
the assembly of the people of God, 
four hnudred thousand footmen 
that drew sword. And all the 
people arose as one man, saying. 
We will not any <:t^ «4 go to his 
tent, neither will we any of us 
turn Into his house. But now this 
shall be the thing which we will 
do to Gibeah; vje wtll go up by lot 
against it; And we will take ten 
men of an hundred throughout all 
the tribes of Israel, and an hun- 
dred of a thousand, and a thou- 
sand out often thousand, to fetch 
victuals for the people, that they 
may do, when they come to 
Gibeah of Beojamln, according to 
all the folly that they have 
wrought hi Israel. So all the 
men of Israel were gathered 
against the city, knit together as 
one man. And the children of 
Bei\)amin were numbered at that 
time out of the cities twenty and 
six thousand men that drew sword, 
beside the Inhabitants of Gibeah, 
which were numbered seven hun- 
dred chosen men. And the men 
of Israel, beside Bei\)amhi, were 
numbered four hundred thousand 
men that drew sword: all these 
were men of war. 

Judges xxi, 8-10. And they 
said, What one is there of the 
tribes of Israel that came not up 
to Mizpeh to the Lord? And, be* 
hold, there came none to the 
camp firom Jabesh- gllead to the 

assembly. For the people were 
numbered, and, behold, there toere 
none of the inhabitants of Jabesh- 
gllead there. And the oongrega- 
tion sent thither twelve thousand 
men of the valiantest, and com- 
manded them, saying, Go and 
smite the inhabitants of Jabcsh- 
gileod with the edge of the sword, 
with the women and the children. 

1 8am, xi, i-a Then came the 
messengers to Gibeah of Saul, and 
told the tidings In the ears of the 
people: and all the people lifted 
up thoir voices, and wept. AncL 
behold, Saul came after the hera 
out of the Hold; and Saul said, 
Wliat aftefA the people that they 
weep? And they told him the 
tiUtor^s of the men of Jabesh. And 
the spirit of God came up<m Saul 
TThou lie heai*d those tidings, and 
his anger was kindled greatly. 
And he took a yoke of oxen, and 
hewed them In pieces, and sent 
t.'iCtn throughout all the coasts of 
Israel by the hands of messengers, 
saying, Whosoever cometh not 
forth after Saul and after Samuel, 
so shall It be done unto his oxen. 
And the fear of the Lord fell on 
the people, and they came out 
with one consent. And when he 
numbered them In Bczek, the 
children of Israel were three hun- 
dred thousand, and the men of 
Judah thirty thousand. 

1 Chron. xii, 23-89. And these 
are the numbers of the bands that 
were ready armed to the war, and 
came to David to llebron, to turn 
the kingdom of Saul to him, ac- 
cording to the word of the Lobo. 
The children of Judah that bare 
shield and spear were six tliousand 
and eight hundred, ready aimed 
to the war. Of the children of 

I Simeon, mighty men of valour for 
the war. seven thousand and one 

' hundred. Of the children of Levi 

I four thousand and six hundred. 

I And Jehoiada loas the leader of 
the Aaronites, and with him were 
three thousand and seven hun- 
dred; And Zadok, a young man, 
mighty of valour, and of his father's 
house twenty and two captains. 
And of the children of Bei^jamln, 
the kindred of Saul, three thou- 
sand: for hitherto the greatest 
part of them had kept the ward of 
the house of Saul. And of the 
children of Ephroim twenty thoo* 
sand and eight hundred, mighty 
men of valour, famous throughout 
the house of their Cithers. And 

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of the hair tribe of MuiMWli 
eighteen tbonsand, which were 
expressed by name, to come and 
mike David klngr. And of the 
ihildren ot Iftsachar, which trere 
men that had understandin; of the 
1 Iraos, to know what Jfnw^i onglit 
to do; the heads of ttiem were t wu 
liuiidred; and all their brethren 
ircre at their commandment Of 
Zcbulun, Buch aa went torth to 
battle, expert in war, with all In- 
Htruinonts of war, fifty thousand, 
u hich oould keep rank: ihev loere 
not of doable heart. And of 
Xaphtall a thousand captains, and 
with them with shield and spear 
thirty ami seven thousand. And 
of the Danitos expert In war 
twenty and oi;?ht thousand and 
six hundred. And of A^her, such 
as went forth to battle, expert in 
war, forty thousand. And on the 
other Bide of Jordan, of the Reu- 
bcnites, and the Gadltes, and of 
the half tril>e of Manassoh, with 
all manner of instrmnents of war 
for the battle, an hundred and 
twenty thousand. All thcde men 
of war, that could keep rank, came 
with a perfect licart to Hebron, to 
make David kin? over all Isroch 
and all the rest ulso of Israel were 
of one heart to make David kln'.^. 
And there they were with David 
tliree days, catln? and drinking: 
for theU* bretiirun hod prepared 
for them. 

I Sam. XV, 4. 5. And Saul j?athered 
the people to^rotlior, and numl>or- 
ed thorn in Telaira, two hundred 
thousand footmen, and ten thou- 
sand men of Judoh. And Saul 
came to a city of Amalek, and laid 
wait In the valley. 

1 K(n. xll, 21. And when Reho- 
boam was come to Jerusalem, lie 
a.ssembled all the house of Judah, 
with tlie tribe of Benjamin, an 
hundred and fourscore thousand 
cho'ii'n men, which wore warriors, 
to fl?rht against the lJou*«e of Israel, 
to bring: the king^dom u^aln to 
Behoboom the son of Solomon. 

1 Ktn. XX, 13-16. And. behold, 
there came a prophet unto Ahab 
kins of Israel, saying, Thus salth 
the Lord, llast thou seen all this 
gjoat multitude? behold, I will de- 
liver it into thine hand this day; 
and thou sh dt know that I am the 
Lord. And Ahab said. By whom? 
And he said, Thun salth the Loud, 
£t'en by the young men of Ujo 
princes of the provinces. Then 
ho said. Who shall order the 
battle? An 1 he answered, Thou. 
Then he numbori'd the young 
men of the prlucea of the provinces, 
and they were two hundred and 
thirty two: and after them he 
numbered all the people, even all 
the children of Israel, beiiiff seven 

1 ^ron. Y, 13. The sons of 


Ranbeii, and the Oadites, and half 
the tribe of Maoasseh, of valiant 
men, men able to bear buckler 
and sword, and to shoot with bow, 
and skilfnl in war, were four and 
forty thousand seven hundred and 
threescore, that went ont to the 


Oen. xir, 14. And when Ahram 
heard that his brother was taken 
captive, he armed his trained 
servants, bom in his own house, 
three hundred and eighteen, and 
pursued them unto Dan. 

Josh, iv. If, 13. And the chil- 
dren of Reuben, and the children 
of Oad, and half the tribe of Ma- 
nasseh. passed over armed before 
the children of Israel, as Mose<i 
spake unto them: About forty 
thousand prepared for war passed 
over before the Lord unto battle, 
to the plains of Jericho. 

Jvdges Ix, 4. And they gave 
him threescore and ten pUceji of 
sliver out of the house of IWal- 
berith, wherewith Ablnidwh 
hired vain and light persons, 
which followed lilm. 

J«dj7MxvIil, 11. And there wont 
from thence of the family of the 
Danltes, out of Zorah and out of 
E;»htaol, six hundred mbn ap- 
pointed with weapons of war. 

1 8am. xvU, 13, 14. And the 
three eldest sons of Jesse went 
and followed Saul to the battle: 
and the names of hi) three sons 
that went to the battle were EUab 
the flrstbom, and next unto him 
Abinodab, and the third Sham- 
mah. And David was the young- 
est: and the three eldest followed 

1 Sam. xxll, 2. And every one 
that vxvt in distress and every one 
that was in debt, and every one 
t/iat was discontented, gathered 
themselves unto him; and ho be- 
came a captain over them: and 
there were with him about four 
hundred men. 

2 Sam. XV, 11. And with Absalom 
wont two hundred men out of 
JeruHalem, that were called; and 
they went in their simplicity, and 
they knew not any thing. 

1 Qftron. xil, 1-22. Now those 
are they that came to David to 
Zlklag, while he yet kept himself 
clo!4e beoause of Saul the son of 
KIsh: and they tcere among the 
mighty men, helpers of the war. 
Tiiev were armed with bows, and 
could use both the right hand and 
the left in hurling stones and 
shooting arrows out of a bow, even 
of Saul's brethren of Benjamin. 
The chief tooA Ahlezer.then Joash, 
the sons of Shemaah the Glbeath- 
ite; and Jezlel, and Pelet, the 
sons of Azmaveth; and Berachah, 
and Jehu the Antothite, And 

Ismaiah the Olbeonlte, a mighty 
man among the thirty, and over 
the thirty^ and Jeremiah, and 
JahazLel, and Johanan. and Josa- 
bad the Gedoratldte, Eluzai, and 
Jerlmoth, and Bcallah. and Shc- 
marlah,and Sliephutiah the llar- 
uphite. Elkanah, and Jesiah, and 
Azareel, and Joezer, and Jasho- 
beam, the Korhltes, And Joilah, 
and Zebadiah, the sons ot Jero- 
hamofGedor. And of the Gad- 
ltes there separated themselves 
unto David into the IdM to the 
wilderness men of might andmen 
of war fit for the buiilc. that 
conid handle shield and Luckier, 
whose foccB were like the faces of 
lions, and were as swift us the 
roes upon tho mounfains; Ezer 
the firet, Obadiab the second, 
lUiab the thh'd, MlBhmannah the 
fourth. Jeremiah tho flith. Attal 
the sixth, Ellel the sevi-nth. Jo- 
hanan the eighth, Elzubad the 
ninth, Jer^pmiah the tenth, 
Machbanal the eleventh. These 
were of the sons of Gad, captains 
of the host: one of the lea.'^t vns 
over a hundred, and the greati-st 
over a thousand. Tliose are they 
that went over Jordan in the first 
month, when it had ovcrilown 
all his banks; and they put to 
flight all ^/«e»t of the valleys, Ixjth 
toward the east, and toward tho 
west. And there camo of the 
children of Benjamin and Judah 
to the hold unto IXivld. Ai>d 
David went out to UK'^t thcin. 
and answered and said unto 
them, If ye bo come peaceably 
unto me to help me, mine heart 
Bhall be knit unto you: but if ye 
He come to betray me to mine 
enemies, seeing there Is no wrong 
In mine hands, tho God of our 
fathers look Viereon, and rebuke 
it. Then tho spirit came upon 
Amasai, who xcaA ehJ"f of the cup- 
tains, and he said, Thine are we, 
David, and on thy side, thou son 
of Jesse: peace, pe.iee be unto 
tlioe. and peace be to thine lioli>«is; 
for thy God helpeth tiiee. Tlien 
David received them, and made 
them captains of the innd. And 
there fell some of Manass^h to 
David, when ho came with the 
Philistines against Saul to battk>: 
but they helped them not: for tho 
lords of the Philistines upon a4- 
visement sent him away, saying. 
He will fall to his master Saul to 
the Jeopardy of oMT \wm\9^. Ashe 
went to Zlklag, there fell to him 
of Manasseh, Adnoh, and Jozabad, 
and Jediael. and Michael, and 
Jozabad, and Ellbu. and Zlltltal. 
captains of the thousands thit 
were of Manasseh. And they 
helped David against the band 
of the rovers: lor they vrre all 
mighty men of valour, and wore 
captains in the host For at 
that time day by day there 
oame to David to help hhn, untU 

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tt was a great host, like Che host 
of God. 

3 Cf^ron. xlU, 8. And AbtJah set 
tho battle In array with an army 
of valiant men of war. even four 
hundred thousand chosen men: 
Jeroboam aliso set the battle In 
array against him with eight 
hnndred thousand chosen men, 
beitiff mighty men of ralour. 

1 Sam. xiil 1, 2. Saul reigned 
one year, and when he had reign- 
ed two years over Israel, Saul 
chose him three iLuu^mud men of 
Israel; whereof two thousand were 
with Saul in Michmash and in 
mount Beth-el, and a thousand 
were with Jonathan In Glbeah of 
B njamin: and the rest of the 
people he sent every man to his 

1 Sam. xlr, 62. And there was 
sore war against the Philistines 
all the days of Saul: and when 
Saul saw any strong man, or any 
▼allont man, he took him unto 

S Sam. Till, 1& And Benalah the 
son oi .Icholada was over both the 
Cherethites and the Pelethltes; 
and David's sons were chief 

2 Sam. XX, 23. Now Joab was 
over all tho host of Israel: and 
Buniifah the fion of Jeholada was 
ovor the Choretliltes and over the 

2 Sam. XTiT, 1-9. And again the 
anger of the Lobd was kindled 
aorainst Israel, and he moved 
David ajT-Hiist them to say, Go, 
number Israel and Judah. For 
(he king said to Joab the captain 
of the host, which was with him, 
Go now through all the tribes of 
Israel, ftom Dan even to Beer- 
shcl>a, and number ye the people, 
ihat I may know the number of 
(ho people. And Joab said unto 
tho king. Now tho Lord thy God 
add unto the people, how many 
soever they be, an hundred-fold, 
and that the eyes of my lord the 
king may see U: but why doth my 
lord tho kingdcUght in this thing? 
Notwithstanding the king's word 
prevailed against Joab, and against 
the captains of the host. And 
Joab and tlie captains of the host 
went out from the presence of 
the king, to number the people of 
Israel. And they passed ovur Jor- 
dan, and pitched In Aroer, on the 
right side of the city that lieth in 
tho midst of the river of Gad, and 
toward Jazen Then they came to 
Gllead. and to the land of TaLtim- 
hodshi; and they came to Dan- 
Jaan, and about to Zidon, And 
came to the strong hold of Tyre, 


and to aU the cities of the Hivltes, 
and of the Canaanlt'>s: and they 
went out to the south of Jndah, 
even to Beer-sheba. So when 
they had gone through all the 
land, they came to Jerusalem at 
the end of nine months and twenty 
days. And Joab gave up the sum 
of the number of the people unto 
the king: and there were in Israel 
eight himdjvd thousand valiant 
men that drew the sword; and the 
men of Judali toere five hundred 
thousand men. 

1 ^ron. xvill, 17. And Benalah 
the son of Jeholada toas over the 
Cherethites and the Pelethltes; 
and the sons of David were chief 
about the king. 


2 C^ron. x\v. 8. And Asa had an 
army o/t7i«n that bare targets and 
spears, out of Judah three hun- 
dred thousand; and out of Ben- 
jamin, that bare shields and drew 
bows, two hundred and fourscore 
thousand: all these were mighty 
men of valour. 

2 Qhron. xvil, 13-19. And he 
rjehoshaphat] had mudi business 
in the cities of Judah: and the 
men of war, mighty men of valour, 
were In Jerusalem. And these 
are the numbers of them accord- 
ing to the house of their fathers: 
Of Judali. the captains of thou- 
sands; Adnah tho chlet, and with 
him miffhty men of valour three 
hundred thousand. And next to 
him was Jehohanan the captain, 
and with him two hundred and 
fourscore thousand. And next 
him was Amasiah the son of 
Ziohri, who willingly offered him- 
self unto the Lord; and with him 
two hundred thousand mighty men 
of valour. And of Bei^amin; 
Etlada a mighty nnan of valour, 
and with him armed men with 
bow and shield two hundred thou- 
sand. And next him was Jehoz- 
abad, and with him an hundred 
and fourscore thousand ready 
prepared for the war. These 
waited on the king, beside those 
whom the khig put In the fenced 
cities throughout all Judah. 

2 Chron. xxv, 6, 6. Moreover 
Amaziah gathered Judali together, 
and made them captains over 
thousands, and captains over hun- 
dreds, according to the houses of 
their fathers, throughout all Judah 
and Bci\)amim an 1 he numlwred 
them ttom twenty years old and 
above, and found them three hun- 
dred thousand choice f7i«n, able 
to go forth to war, that could 
handle spear and shield. He 
hired also an hundred thousand 
mighty men of valour out of 
Israel for an hundred talenta of 

2 Ghrcn, zzvl, 11-18. MoreoTer 

Uzzlah had an host of fighting 
meA, that wont out to war by 
bands, according to the number 
of their account by tho hand of 
Jelel the scribe and Maisoiah the 
ruler, under the hand ot Hananlah, 
one of the king's captains. The 
whole number of the chief of the 
fathers of the mighty men of 
valour were two thousand and 
six hundred. And under their 
hand was an army, three hundred 
thousand and seven thousand and 
five hundred, that made war with 
ml<rhty power, to help tho king 
against the enemy. 


Exod. xiv, 8^ 9. And the Lord 
hardened tho heart of Pharaoh 
king of Egypt, and he pursued 
aftor the children of Israel: and 
the children of Israel went out 
with an high hand. But the 
Egyptians pursued after them, all 
the horses afui chariots of Pharaoh, 
and his horsemen, and his army, 
and overtook them encamping by 
the sea, beside Pi-hahiroth, before 
Baal-zophon. . 

Judges vii, 12. And the Mldhm- 
Itos, and the Amalekites, and all 
the children of the east, lay along 
in the valley like grasshoppers for 
multitude; and their camels icere 
without number, as the sand by 
the sea-side for multitude. 

1 Sam. xill, 6. And the Philis- 
tines gathered themselves to- 
gether to fight with Israel, thirty 
thousand cliariots, and six thou- 
sand horsemen, and people as the 
sand which is on the sea shore in 
multitude: and they came up, and 
pitched in Michmash, eastward 
from Beth-aven. 

1 Sam. xvll, 21. For Israel and 
the Philistines had put tho battle 
in array, army against army. 

1 Kings XX, 1. 27. And Ben- 
hadad tho khag of Syria gathered 
all his host togethen and there 
were thhty and two kings with 
him, and horses, and chariots: and 
he went up and besieged Samaria, 
and warred against it. And the 
children of Israel were numbered, 
and were all present, and went 
against them: .... but the 
Syrians filled the country. 

2 Kin^ ill, 21. And when aU 
the Moabites heard that the kings 
were come up to fight against 
them, they gathered all that were 
able to put on armour, and up- 
ward and stood in the border. 

2 Kings xxill, 29. In his days 
Pharaoh-nechoh king of Egypt 
went up against the king of 
Assyria to the river Euphrates: 
and king Joslah went against 
htm; and he slew him at Meglddo, 
when he had seen him. 

2 Kings xxlv, 2. And the Lord 
sent a^inat him bands of the 

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ChaldeM, and 1>aiid8 of the 
SyrlaoB, and bands of the Moab- 
IteB, and bands of the children of 
Ammon, and sent them against 
Jadah to destroy it, according to 
tho word of the Lobd, which he 
spake by his eervante the pro- 

9 (Jftnm, xll, 2, 8. And it came 
to pass, that in tbe fifth year of 
king Eeboboam Shishak king of 
Egypt came np against Jerusalem, 
beoiuse they bad transgressoa 
against the Lobd. With twelve 
hundred chariots, and threescoro 
thousand horsemen: and the peo- 
ple toere without number tliat 
came with him out of Egypt: the 
Lnblms> the Sukkllms uul the 

8 Ohron. tLr,M. And there came 
out against them Zorah the Ethio- 
pian with an host of a thousand 
tbousand, and three hundred 
chariots; and came unto Mare- 

Job I, 17. While he was yet 
speaking, there came also another, 
and said, The Chaldeans made 
out three bands, and fell upon the 
camels, and have carried them 
away, yea, and slain the servants 
with the edge of the sword; and I 
only am escaped alone to tell 

Jer. 1, 41. Behold, a people shall 
come from the north, and a great 
nation, and many kings shall be 
raised up from the coasts of the 

Acts xxiil, 83. And he called 
Tmto him two centurions, saying. 
Make ready two hundred soldiers 
to go to Ca^sarea, and horsemen 
threescore and ten, and spearmen 
t^vo hundred, at the third hour of 
tho night. 

XKXviii, 9. Thou ehalt 
ascend and come like a storm, 
thou Shalt be like a cloud to cover 
tho land, thou, and all thy bands, 
and many people with thee. 

JDan. xl, 10-13, 26. But his sons 
shall be stirred up, and shall as- 
semble a multitude of great forces: 
and one shall certainly come, and 
overflow, and pass through: then 
shall ho return, and be stirred up, 
even to his fortress. And the 
king of the south shall be moved 
with choler, and shall come forth 
and fight with hira, even with the 
king of the north: and he shaU 
sot forth a great multitude; but 
the multitude shall be given into 
his hand. And when he hath 
taken away the multitude, his 
heart shall be lifted up; and he 
shall cast down manv ten thou- 
sands: but he shall not be strength- 
ened bv U. For the king of the 
north shall return, and shall set 
f^ith a multitude greater than the 
farmer, and shall certainly come 


after certain yearswith ft great 
army and with much riches. And 
he shall stir up his power and his 
courage against the king of tbe 
south with a great army, and the 
king of the south shall be stirred 
up to battle with a very great 
and mighty army; but he shall 
not stand: for they shall forecast 
devices against him. 

Joa i, 6. For a nation is come 
up upon my land, strong, and 
without number. ' 

Bev.ix^ie. And the number of 
the army of the horsemen were 
two hundred thousand thousand: 
and I heard the number of them. 

Joshua X, 1, 8-5. Now It came 
to pass, when Adonl-zedec king of 
Jerusalem had heard how Joshua 
had taken Ai, and had utterly de- 
stroyed it; as he had done to 
Jericho and her king, so he had 
done to Ai and her king; and how 
the inhabitants of Gibeon had 
made peace with Israel and were 
among them: Wherefore Adonl- 
Eedeo king of Jerusalem sent 
unto Hoham king of Hebron, and 
unto Plram king of Jarmuth, and 
unto Japhla king of Lachish, and 
unto Deblr king of Eglon, saying, 
Come up unto me, and help mo, 
that we may smite Gibeon: for it 
hath made peace with Joshua and 
with the clilldron of Israel. 
Therefore the five kings of the 
Amorites, the king of Jerusalem, 
the king of Hebron, the king of 
Jarmuth, the king of Lachish. the 
king of Efflon, gathered them- 
selves togotJicr, and wont up, they 
and all their hosts, and encamped 
before Gibeon, and made war 
against it. 

Joshua xi, 1-5. And It came to 
pass, when Jabin king of Hazor 
had heard those things, that he 
sent to Jobab king of Madon, and 
to tho king of Shimron, and to 
the king of Achshaph, And to the 
khigs that icere on the north of 
tbe mountains, and of the plains 
south of Chinneroth, and in the 
valley, and in the borders of Dor 
on the west. And to the Canaan- 
ite on the east and on the west, 
and to the Amorite, and the 
Hlttite,and the Perizzlte, and the 
Jebusite in the mountains, and to 
the Hivite under Hermon in the 
land of Mlzpeh. And they wont 
out, they and all their hosts with 
them, much people, even as the 
sand that is upun the soa shore In 
multitude, with horses and 
chariots very many. And when 
all these kings wore met together, 
they came and pitched together 
at the waters of Merum, to fight 
against Israel. 

Judges i, 8. And Jndah said 
imto Sbneon his brother. Come 
up with me into my lot, that we 

may fight agahist the CanaanKas; 
and I likewise will go with thee 
into thy lot. So Simeon went 
with him. 

8 Sam. X, 6, 15, 16, 19. And when 
the diildren of Anrnion saw that 
they stank before David, tbe chil- 
dred of Ammon sent and hired the 
Syrians of Beth-rebob, and the 
Syrians of Zoba, twenty thousand 
footmen, and of king Maacah a 
thousand men, and of Ish-tob 
twelve thousand men. And when 
ttie Syrians saw that they were 
smitten before Israel, they gather^ 
ed themselves together. And 
Hadarezer sent, and brought out 
the Syrians that were beyond the 
river, and they came to Helam; 
and Shobach the captain of the 
host of Hadarezer went before 
them. And when all the kings 
Vuxt were servants to Hadarezer 
saw that they were smitten before 
Israel, they made peace with 
Israel, and served them. So the 
Syrians feared to help the chil- 
dren of Ammon any more. 

1 Kings XV, 20. So Ben-hadad 
hearkened unto king Asa, and 
sent the captains of the hosts 
which he had against tlie cities of 
Israel, and smote IJon, and Dan, 
and Abcl-beth-maacliah, and all 
Cinneroth, with all the land of 

1 Kings xxll, 1-4. And they con- 
tinued three years witliout war 
between Syria and Israel. And it 
come to pass in the third year, 
that Jehosfaaphot tbe king of 
Judah came down to the king of 
Israel. And the king of Israel 
said unto his servants, Know ye 
that Ramoth in Gllead is our's, 
and we be stUl, and take it not 
out of the hand of the king of 
Syria? And he said unto Jehoah- 
aphat. Wilt thou go with me to 
battle to Ramoth -gllBod? And 
Jehoshaphat said to tho king of 
Israel, I am as thou art. my peo- 
ple as thy people, my horses as 
thy horses. 

2 Kings xvi, 9. And the king of 
Assyria hearkened unto him: for 
the king of Assyria went up 
against Damascus, and took it, 
and carried Vte people of it captive 
to Kir, and slew Rezm. 

2 Kings xvill, 19-21. And Bab- 
shakeh said unto them. Speak ye 
now to Hezekiah, Thus saith the 
groat king, the king of Assyria, 
What confidence i3 this wherein 
thou trustest? Thou sayest, (but 
theg are but vain words,) / have 
counsel and strength for the war. 
Now on whom dost thou trust, 
that thou rebellest against me? 
Now, behold, thou trustest upon 
the staff of this bruised reed, even 
upon Egypt, on which if a man 
lean, It will go into his hand, and 
pierce it: so is Pharaoh king of 
Egypt unto all that trust on him. 

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1 Chron. z\x, 6, 7. And when the 
chlltircn of Ammon saw that they 
hail made themselves odious to 
Darid, Hamm and the children of 
Ammon sent a thoosand talents of 
Bilvor to hire them chariots and 
horsemen out of MesoimtamUL 
and out of Syrla-maachah, and 
out of Zobah. So they hhred 
thirty and two thousand chariots, 
and the king of Maachah and his 
people: who came and pitched bo- 
fore Medeba. And the children 
of Ammon gathered themselves 
together fh)m their dties, and 
came to battle. 

2 Qhron. xvl, 2-0. Then Asa 
brought out silver and gi Jd ont of 
the treasures of the bouse of the 
LoBO and of the king's house, and 
sent to Bcn-hadad king of Syria, 
that dwelt at Damascus, saying. 
There is a league between me and 
thee, as Uiere vxts between my 
father and thy father behold, I 
have sent thee silver and gold; go, 
break thy league with Baosha king 

> of Israel, that he may depart from 
I me. And Ben-hodad hearkened 
nnto king Asa, and sent the cap- 
tains of his armies against the 
cities of Israel; and they smote 
IJon, and Dan, and Abelmaim, and 
all the store cities of NaphtaU. 
I And it came to pass, when Baasha 
heard it, that he left ofT boildlng 
of Ramuh, and lot his work cease. 
Then Asa the king took all Judah; 
, and they carried away the stones 
I of Ramah, and the timber thereof, 
wherewith Baasha was building; 
and he built therewith Geba and 
Mlzpah. And at that time Han- 
anl the seer came to Asa king of 
Judoh, and said nnto him. Be- 
cause thou hast relied on the 
king of Syria, and not relied on 
the Lord thy God, therefore is 
the host of the king of Syria 
escaped out of thine hand. Were 
not the Ethiopians and the Lu- 
bima a huge host, with very many 
chariots and horsemen? yet, be- 
cause thou didst rely on the 
Loan, he delivered them Into 
thine hand. For the eyes of the 
LoKD run to and fro throughout 
the whole earth, to shew himself 
strong in the behalf of them 
whose heart is perioct toward 
I him. Herein thou hast done fool- 
ishly: therefore from henceforth 
thou Shalt haye wars. 

2 ghron. XTili, 1, 8. Now Jeho- 
shaphat had riches and honour in 
abundance, and Joined afllnlty with 
Ahab. And Ahab king of Israel 
said unto Jehoshaphat king of 
Judah, Wilt thou go with me to 
Ramoth-^lead? And he answer- 
ed him, I am as thou art, and my 
people as thy people; and we wUl 
06 with thee in the .war. 

2 Qhron. %x, 1. It came to pass 
after this also, that the children 
of Moab, and the children of Am- 


mon, and with them other beside 
the Ammonites, came against Je- 
hoshaphat to Jt>attle. 

2 Chron. xxl{,5. He walked also 
after their counsel, and went with 
Jehoram the son of Ahab king of 
Israel to war against Hazael king 
of Syria at Ramoth-giload:and the 
Syrians smote Joram. 

2 Qhron. xxvIU, 16. 20. At that 
time did king Ahaz send unto the 
kln^ of Assyria to help him. And 
Tilgath-pUneser king of Assyria 
came unto him, and distressed 
him, but strengthened him not. 

Ps. Ixxxiii, 1-12,15-18, Keep not 
thou silence, O God: bold not thy 
peace, and be not still, O God. 
For, lo, thine enemies make a 
tumult, and thoy that hate thee 
have lifted np the head. They 
have taken crafty counsel against 
thy people, and consulted against 
thy hidden ones. They have said, 
Cume, and let us cut them off 
fk-om beinff a nation; that the name 
of Israel may be no more in re- 
membrance. For they have con- 
sulted together with one consent: 
they are confi^derate against 
thee: The tabernacles of Edom. 
and the Ishmaellte^ of Moab, and 
the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Am- 
mon, and AnuUek; the Philistines 
vrith the inhabitants of Tyre; 
Assnr also ii Johied with them: 
they have holpen the children of 
Lot. Selah. Do unto them as 
unto the Midlanites; as to Slsera, 
as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison: 
Which perished at En-don they 
became aa dung for the earih. 
Make their nobles like Oreb, and 
like Zeeb: yea, all their princes as 
Zebah, and as Zalmunna: Who 
said, Lot us take to ourselves the 
houses of God in possession. So 
persecute them with thy tempest, 
and make them afraid with thy 
storm. Fill theh: foces with 
shamo; that they may seek thy 
name, O Loan. Let them be con- 
founded and troubled for ever, 
yea, let them be pat to shame, 
and perish: That 7n«n may know 
that thou, whose name alone is 
JEHOVAH, art the most high 
over all the earth. 

Isa. vii, 1-9. And it came to 
pass in the days of Ahaz the son 
of Jotham, the son of Uzzlah, 
king of Judah, that Rezin the 
king of Syria, and Pekah the son 
of Remallah, king of Israel, went 
np toward Jerusalem to war 
against it, but could not prevail 
against it. And it was told the 
house of David, saying, Syria is 
confederate with Ephralm. And 
his heart was moved, and the 
heart of his people, as the trees 
of the wood are moved with the 
wind. Then said the Lord unto 
Isaiah, Go forth now to meet 
Ahaz, thou, and Shoar-Jashnb thy 
sou. at the end of the conduit of 

the upper pool In the highway of 
the fuller's field; And say unto 
him, Take heed, and be quiet; fear 
not, neither be faint-hearted for 
the two tails of these smoking 
firebrands, for the fierce anger of 
RezIn with Syria, and of the son 
of Remallah. Because Syria, 
Ephralm, and the son of Remallah, 
have taken evil counsel against 
thee, sayhig, Let us go up agahist 
Judah, and vex it, and let us 
make a breach therein for us, and 
set a king in the midst of It, even 
the son of Tabeal: Thus salth 
the Lord God, It shall not stand, 
neither shall It come to pass. For 
the head of Syria is Damascus, 
and the head of Damascus is 
RezIn; and within threescore and 
five years shall Ephralm be 
broken, that it be not a people. 
And the head of Ephralm is 
Samaria, and the head of Samaria 
is Remallah's son. If ye will not 
believe, surely ye shall not be 

Isa, Till, »-12. Associate your- 
selves, O ye pefiple, and ye shall 
be broken In piece^ and gfye ear 
all ye of far countries: gird your- 
selves, and ye shall be broken in 
pieces: gird yourselves, and ye 
shall be broken in pieces. Take 
counsel together, and it shall 
come to nought; speak the word, 
and it shall not stand: for God is 
with ns. For the Lobd spake 
thus to me with a strong hand, 
and instructed me that I should 
not walk in the way of this peo- 
ple, saying. Say ye not^ A con* 
federacy, to all them to whom this 
people shall say, A confederacy; 
neither fear ye their fear, nor be 

Isa. Mr, 16. Behold, they shaU 
surely gather together, but not by 
me: whosoever shall gather to- 
gether against thee shall foil for 
thy sake. 

Josh, Ix, 1-27. And it cftmo to 
pass, when all the kings which 
were on this side Jordan, in the 
hills, and in the valleys, and in 
all the coasts of the great sea 
over against Lebanon, the HIttlte, 
and the Amorite, the Canaanlte, 
the Perlzzite, the Hlvite, and the 
Jebuslte. heard thereof; That they 
gathered themselves together, to 
fight with Joshua and with Israel, 
with one accord. And when the 
inhabitants of Gibeon heard what 
Joshua had done unto Jericho and 
to Al, They did work wilily, and 
went and made as If they had 
been ambassadors, and took old 
sacks upon their asses, and wine 
bottles, old. and rent, and bound 
np; And old shoos and clouted 
upon their feet, and old garments 
npon them; and all the bread of 

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their proTlBlon was dry and 
mouldy. And they went to 
Joshua unto the camp at GUsal 
and 8ald nnto htm. and to the men 
of Israel, We be come from a far 
country: now therefore make ye 
a leagrue with us. And the men 
of Israel said unto the Hlvltea, 
Peradvonture ye dwell among ua; 
and how shall we make a league 
with you? And they said unto 
Joshua, We are thy servants. 
And Joshua said unto them, Who 
arc ye? and ftom whence come 
ye? And they said unto him, 
From a very far country thy ser- 
vants are come because of the 
name of the Loud thy God: for wo 
have hoard the fame of hhn, and 
all that ho did In Egypt, And all 
that he did to the two kings of 
the Amorites, that toere beyond 
Jordan, to SIhon king of Hesh- 
bon, and to Og king of Baashan, 
which ioas at Ashtaroth. Where- 
fore our elders and all the inhabi- 
tants of our country spake to us, 
sayla?, Take victuals with you for 
the jounioy, and go to meet them, 
and say unto them. We are your 
servants: therefore now make ye 
a league with us. This our bread 
we took hot /or our provision out 
of our houses on the day we came 
forth to go unto you; but now, be- 
hold, It Is dry, and It Is mouldy: 
and these bottles of wine, which 
we filled, toere new; and, behold, 
they be rent: and thcso our gar- 
ments and our slioes are become 
old by reason of the very long 
Journey. And the men took of 
their victuals, and askod not couti- 
8€l at the mouth of the Lord. 
And Joshua made peace with 
them, and made a league with 
them, to let them live: and the 
princes of the congregation sware 
unto them. And tt came to pass 
at the end of three days after 
they had made a league with 
them, that they heard that they 
toere their neighbours, and Viat 
they dwelt among them. And 
the children of Israel Journeyed, 
and came unto their cities on the 
thlMday. Now their cities toere 
Gibeon, and Chephirah, and" 
Beeroth, and Kiijath-Jearlm. And 
the children of Israel smote them 
not, be<^u8e the princes of the 
congregation had sworn unto 
them by the Lobo God of Israel. 
And all tlie congregation mur- 
mured against the princes. But 
all the princes said unto all the 
congregation. We have sworn 
unto them by the Loan God of 
Israel: now therefore we may 
not touch them. This we will 
do to them; we will even let 
them live, lest wrath be upon us, 
because of the oath which we 
sware unto them. And the prln- 
oes said unto them, Let them live: 
but let them be hewers of wood 
and drawers of water unto all the 


cimgregatloD; as the princes had 
promised them. And Joshna 
called for them, and he spake un- 
to them, saying, Wh'erefore have 
ye beguiled us, saying, We are 
very far from you; when ye dwell 
among us? Now therefore ye are 
cursed, and there shall none of 
you be treed firom being bondmen, 
and hewers of wood and drawers 
of water for the house of my God. 
And they answered Josliua, and 
said, Because It was certainly told 
thy servants, how that the Lord 
thy God commanded his servant 
Moses to give you all the land, 
and to destroy all the inhabitants 
of the land from before you, there- 
fore we were sore afraid of our 
lives because of you, and have 
done this thing. And now, be- 
hold, we an in thine hand: as It 
seometh good and right unto thee 
to do unto us, do. And so did ho 
unto them, and delivered them 
out of the hand of tho children of 
Israel, that they slew them not. 
And Joshua made them that day 
hewers of wood and drawers of 
water for the congregation, and 
for the altar of the Lord, even 
unto this day, In the place which 
he should choose. 


JSxod, XTll, 15. And Moses built 
an altar, and called the name of it 

Num. 1, 62. And the children of 
Israel shall pitch their tents, . . . 
and every man by his own stand- 
ard, throughout their hosts. 

Num. tl, 1-31. And the Lord 
spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, 
saying. Every man of the children 
of Israel shall pitch by his own 
standard, with the ensign of their 
father's house: far oIT about the 
tabernacle of the congregation 
shall they pitch. And on the east 
side toward the rising of the sun 
shall they of the standard of the 
camp of Judah pitch thonghout 
their armies: and Nahshon the son 
of Amminadab s/iail be captain of 
the children of Judah. And his 
host, and those that were num- 
bered of them, were threescore 
and fouiteen thoiisand and six 
hundred. And those that do pitch 
next unto him shall be the tribe of 
Issachar. and Nethaneel the son of 
Zuar shall be captain of the chil- 
dren of Issachar. And his host, 
and those that were numberea 
thereof, were fifty and four thou- 
sand and four hundred. Then Uie 
tribe of Zebnlun: and Ellab the son 
of Helen shiall be captain of the 
children of Zebulun. And his 
host, and those that were num- 
bered thereor were fifty and seven 
thousand and four hundred. All 
tliat were numbered in the camp 
of Judah were an hundred thou- 
sand and fourscore thousand and 

six thousand and four hundred 
throughout their armies. These 
shall first set forth. On the south . 
side shall be the standard of the 
camp of Reuben according to thehr 
armies: und the captain of the 
children of Reuben shall be Ellzur 
the son of Shedeur. And his host, 
and those that were numberea 
thereof, were forty and six thou- 
sand and five hundred. And 
those which pitch by him shall be 
the tribe of Simeon: and the cap- 
tain of the children of Simeon 
shall be Shelumiel the son of 
Zurishaddai. And his host, and 
those that were numbered of them, 
were fifty and nine thousand and 
three hundred. Then the tribe of 
Gad: and the captain of the sons 
of Gad shall be Ellasaph the son of 
Reuel. And his host.and those that 
were numbered of them, trcre forty 
and five thousand and six hundred 
and fifty. All that were numbered 
in the camp of Reuben were an hun- 
dred thousand and fifty and one • 
thousand and four hundred and 
fifty, throughout their armies. 
And they shall set forth in the 
second rank. Then the taber- 
nacle of the congregation shall set 
forward with the camp of the 
Levites in the midst of the camp: 
as they encamp, so shall they set 
fonvard, every man in his piire 
by their standards. On the west 
side shall be the standard of the 
camp of Ephralm according to 
their armies: and the captain of 
the stms of Ephrafm sh(ilt be 
Ellshama the son of Ammihud. 
And his host, and those that were 
numbered of them, irere forty 
thousand and five hundred. And 
by him shall be the tribe of Ma- 
nosseh: and the captain of the 
children of Uanasseh shaU be 
Gamaliel the son of Pcduhzur. 
And his host, and those that were 
numbered of them, were thirty 
and two thousand and two hun- 
dred. Then the tribe of Benjamin: 
and the captain of the sons of 
Benjamin s/uUl be Abidan the son 
of GideonL And his host, and 
those tliat were numt>ered of them. 
were thirty and five thousand and 
four hundred. All that were 
numbered of the camp of Kphralm 
trcre an hundred thousand and 
eight thousand and an hundred^ 
throughout their armies. And 
they shall go forward in the third 
rank. The standard of the camp 
of Dan sJiall be on the north side 
by their armies: and the captain of 
the children of Dan shall be Ahiezer 
the son of Ammishaddal. And 
his host, and those that were num. 
bered of them, were tlircesoore 
and two thousand and seven liun- 
dred. And those that encamp by 
him slulU be the tribe of Ashen 
and the captain of the children of 
Asher shall be Pagiel the son of 
Ocran. And his host, and those 

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that were ninnt)ored of tbem, toere 
forty and one thousand and Ave 
hundred. Then the tribe of 
KaphtaU: and the captain of the 
children of NaphtaU shaUbeAhlr^ 
the son of Enan. And his host, 
and those that were numbered of 
them, were fifty and three thon- 
land and funr hundred. All they 
that were numbered In the camp 
of Oan were an hundred thousand 
and fifty and seven thousand and 
six hundred. They shall go hind- 
most with their standards. These 
arc those which were numbered of 
the children of Israel by the house 
of their fathers: all those that 
were numbered of the camps 
throughout their hosts toere six 
hundred Uiousand and three 
thousand and fire hundred and 
fifty. But the Levltes were not 
numbered amon^ the children of 
Israel; as the Lord commanded 
Moses. And the clilldren of I erael 
did aocordlngr to all that the Lord 
commanded Moses: so they pitch- 
ed by their standards, and so they 
set forward, every one after their 
families, accordiniff to the house of 
their fathers. 

Num. X, 14. In the first place 
went the standard of the camp of 
the children of Judah according 
to their annies: and over his ho^ 
was Nahshon the son of Anunlna* 


/%. XX, 6. We will rejoice In thy 
•alvatlon, and In the name of our 
God we will set np our banners: 
the-LoBo fulfil all thy petitions. 

Pa. Ix, 4. Thou hast given a 
banner to them that feared thee, 
that it may be displayed because 
of the truth. Selah. 

Qant.\l,4. . . . Andhlsban- 
ner over me vxu love. 

CVw<.vl,4,10. Thou art beautlftil, 
O my love, as Tirzah, comely as 
Jerusalem, terrible as an army 
with banners. Who ia she tluU 
looketh forth as the morning, fair 
•s the moon, dear as the sun, 
and terrible as an army with 

l8a. V, SO. And he will lift npan 
ensign to the nations from far, and 
will hiss unto them from tho end 
of the earth: and, behold, they 
shall come with speed swiaiy. 

Ita. z, 1& And shall consume 
the friory of his forest, and of his 
fhiltful field, both soul and body: 
and they shall be as when a stand- 
ardbearer lainteth. 

/so. xl, 10, 12. And in that day 
there shall be a root of Jesse, 
which shall stand for an ensign of 
the people. . . . And he shall 
set up an ensign for tho nations, 
and shall assemble the outcasts or 
Israel, and gather together the 
dispersed of Judah fbom the fbur 
comers of the earth. 
lta.xlU,a. Lift ye op % 


lipOn the high mountain, exalt 
the voice unto them, shake the 
hand, that they may go Into the 
gates of the nobles. 

Isa, xviil, 8. AU ye inhabitants 
of the world, and dwellers on the 
earth, see ye, when he lifteth up 
an ensign on the mountains: and 
whenjhe bloweth a trumpet, hear 

Ita. XXX, 17. One thousand OtaU 
flee at the rebuke of one; at the 
rebuke of five shaU ye flee: till 
ye be left as a lieacon upon the 
top of a mountain, and as an en- 
sign on an hlU. 

Isa, xxxl, 9. And he shaU pass 
over to his strong hold for fear, 
and his princes shall be aftnid of 
the ensign, saith the Lord, whose 
fire is In Zlon, and his f umooe In 

laa. xlix, 39. Thus saith the 
Lord God, Behold, I will lift up 
mine hand to the Gentiles, and 
set up my standard to the peo- 

IMO. lix, 19. So shall they fear 
the name of the Loan from the 
west, and his glory fh>m the ris- 
ing of the sun. When the enemy- 
shall come In like a flood, the 
Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a 
standard against him. 

18a. IxU, 10. . . . Lift np a 
standard for the people. 

Jer, iv, 6, 21. Set up the stand- 
ard toward Ziom retire, stay not; 
for I will bring evil from the norUi, 
and a great destruction. How 
long shall I see the standard, 
and hear the sound of the trum- 

Jer. 1, 2. Declare ye among the 
nations, and publish, and set up a 
etandan); publish, and conceal 
not: say, Babylon Is taken. . , 

Jer. 11, 12, 27. Set up the stand- 
ard upon the walls of Babylon, 
make the watch strong, set up the 
watdunen, prepare the ambushes: 
for the Lord hath both devised 
and done that which he sfKike 
against th^ inhabitants of Baby- 
Ion. Set ye up a standard in the 
land, blow the trumpet among the 
nations, prepare the nations 
against her, call together against 
her the kingdoms of Ararat, 
MlntU, and Ashchenaz; appoint 
a detain against her. 

Zeeh. Ix, 16. And the Lord their 
God shall save them In that day 
as the flock of his people: for they 
shall de <u the stones of a crown, 
lifted np as an ensign upon his 

S Sam. xvUi, 2. And David sent 
forth a third part of the peo^e 
under the hand of Joab, and a 

thehandoflttaltheOittlte. And 
the king said unto the people, I 
will surely go foith with you my- 
self also. 

1 Kin. XX, 14. 16, 19. . . . Then 
rAhabJ said. Who shall order the 
battlef And he answered. Thou. 
Then he numbered the young 
men of the princes of the pro- 
vinces, and they were two hun- 
dred and thirty -two; and after 
them he numbered all the people, 
even all the children of Israel, 
l>eino seven thousand. So these 
young men of the princes of the 
provinces came out of the city, 
and the army which followed 

1 (^nm. xU, 82. And of the 
children of Issachar, whteh were 
men that had understanding of 
the times, to know what Israel 
ought to do; the heads of them 
were two hundred; and all thehr 
brethren loere at their command- 

Jfatth. Till, 9. For I am a man 
under authority, havbig roldlers 
under me: and I say to this man. 
Go, and he goeth; and to another. 
Come, and he cometh: and to my 
■enrant, Do this, andhe doeth U. 

2Aike vil, 8. For I also amaman 
set under authority, having under 
mo soldiers, and I say unto one. 
Go, and he goeth; and to another 
Come, and he cometh; and to n^ 
servant, Do this, and be doeth U. 



Num. xxxl. 14. And Moses was 
wroth with the officers of the host, 
with the captains over thousands, 
and captains over hundreds, which 
came from the battle. 

Deut i, 16. So I took the chief 
of your tribes, wise men, and 
known, and made them heads 
over you, captains over thousands, 
and captains over hundreds, and 
captains over fifties, and captains 
over tens, and officers among your 

DeuL zx, 9. And it shall be, 
when the officers have made an 
end of speaking unto the people, 
that they shall make captains ox 
the armies to lead the people. 
(See under Amners^ 


Judges Ix, 17. (For my fiither 
fought for you, and adventured 
his Hie far, and delivered you out 
of the hand of Mldian. 

Judges x, 18. And the people 
ami princes ofGlleadsaid one to 
another. What man is he that win 
begin to fight against the chil- 

thlrd part under the hand of dren of Anunon? he shall be 
Ablshal the son of Zemlah, Joab's head over all the Inhabitants of 
brother, and a third part mider I Qilead. 

66 B 

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JudQe$ jX, 6-10. And It WM so, 
that when the children of Ammon 
made war against Israel, the 
elders of GUead went to fetch 
Jephtbah out of the land of Tub: 
And thej said nnto Jephthah, 
Gome, and be onr captain, that we 
may fight with the children of 
Ammon. And Jephtbah said on- 
to the elders of Oilead, Did not ye 
hate me, and expel me oat of my 
flObei's house? and why are ye 
come nnto me now when ye are 
In dlstressf And the elders of 
Gilead said nnto Jephtbah, 
Therefore we tnm again to thee 
now, that thou mayest go with ns, 
and fight against the children of 
Ammon, and be onr head orer all 
the inhabitants of GUead. And 
Jephtbah said nnto the elders of 
Gilead, If ye bring me home again 
to fight against the children of 
Ammon, and the Loan deliver 
them before me, shaU I be yonr 
head? And the elders of Gilead 
said onto Jephtbah, The Loan be 
witness between us, if we do not so 
according to thy words. 

1 8am. xil. 11. And the Lobd 
sent Jerubbaal, and Sedan, 
and Jephtbah, and Samnel, and 
dellTered yon ont of the hand of 
yonr enemies on erery aide, and 
ye dwelled safe. 

1 Sam, Till, IS. And he will ap- 
point blm captains over thoosands, 
and captains over ftAles. 

1 8am, ix, 16. To morrow abont 
this time I will send thee a man 
ont of the land of Benjamin, and 
then Shalt anoint htm to bt captain 
over my people Israel, that he may 
save my people ont of the hand of 
the PhnisUnes: for I have looked 
npon my people, because their 
cry is come nnto me. 

1 8am. ziil. 14. But now fhy 
kingdom shall not continue: the 
Lord hath sought him a man 
after his own heart, and the Loan 
hath commanded him to he cap- 
tain over his people, because thou 
hast not kept that which the 
Loan commanded thee. 

1 8am. xvili, 6, 12-16, ao. And 
David went out whithersoever 
Saul sent him, and behaved him- 
self wisely: and Saul set him over 
the men of war, and he was ac- 
cepted in the sight of all the peo- 
ple, and also in the sight of Saul's 
■ervanta. And Saul was afhdd of 
David, because the Loan was with 
him, sad was departed firom SauL 
Therefore Saul removed him fh>m 
him, and made him his obtain 
over a thousand; and he went out 
and came in before the people. 
And David behaved himself wise- 
ly in all his ways; and the Loan 
VMS with him. wherefore when 
Baul saw that be behaved himsell 


Tery wisely, he was afhdd of hhn. 
But all Israel and Judah loved 
David, because he went out and | 
came in before them. Then the 

}>rinoes of the Pbilisttnes went 
6rth, ai^ it came to pass, after 
they went forth, that David be- 
haved himself more wisely than 
all the servants of Saul; so that 
his name was much set by. 

2 8am, Iv. 1, 9. And when SauTs 
son heard that Abner was dead in 
Hebron, his hands were feeble, 
and all the Israelites were 
troubled. And Saul's son had two 
men that were captains of bands: 
the name of the one toss Baanah, 
and the name of the other Rechab, 
the sons of Rlmmon a Beerothite, 
of the diildren of Bei^Jamlm (for 
Beeroth also was reckoned to 

2 Sam, T, 1, 2. Then came an the 
tribes of Israel to David nnto 
Hebron, and spake, sayhig. Be- 
hold, we are thy bone and thy 
flesh. Also in time past, when 
Saul was Ung over ns, thou wast 
he that leddest out and brought- 
est in Israel: and the Loan said to 
thee, Thou Shalt feed my people 
Israel, and thou shalt be a captain 


2 Sam, v, 8. And David said on 
that day, Whosoever getteth up > 
to the gutter, and emiteth the 1 
Jebusites, and the lame and the 
blind, that are hated of David's 
soul, he ShaU be chief and captain. 
Wherefore they said, The blind 
and the lame shall not come into 
the bouse. 

2 8am, zvli, 25. And Absalom 
made Amasa captain of the host j 
instead of Joab: which Amasa was 
a man's son, whose name was 
Ithra an Israolttf , that went In to 
Abigail the daughter of Nabash, 
sister to Zemiah Joab's mother. 

2 Sam, zvlll, 1. And David num* 
bered the p*!ople thal» were with 
him, and set captains of thousands 
and captains of hundreds over 

2 8am, xlx, 18. And say ye to 
Amasa, Art thou not of my bone, 
and of my flesh? God do so to me, 
and more also, if thou be not cap- 
tain of Uie host before me contin- 
ually in the room of Joab. 

2 Sam. xXf 23. Now Joab was 
over all the host of Israel; and 
Benalah the son of Jehoiada was 
over the Cherethites, and over the 

2 Sam. xxlU, 22, 28. TheBetMnffS 
did Benalah the son of Jehoiada 
and had the name among three 
mighty men. He was more 
honourable than the thirty, but he 
attained not to the ftrsi three. 
And David set hhn over his guard. 

1 ^hron. zl, 6. And David said, 
Whosoever smiteth the Jebusites 
first shall be chief and captain. So 
Joab the son of Zerulah went 
first up, and was chiet 

1 Qkron. xU, 84. And of Naphtali 
a thousand captains, and with 
them, with shield and q>6ar, 
thirty and seven thousand. 

1 enroll. xxvU, 1-24, 84. Now 
the children of Israel after their 
number, to wit, the chief fothers 
and captains of thousands and 
hundreds, and their otficers that 
served the king in any matter of 
the courses, which came in and 
went out month by month through- 
out all the months of the year, of 
every course were twenty and 
four thousand. Over the first 
course for the first month was 
Jashobeam the son of Zabdiek 
and in his course were twenty and 
four thousand. Of the children of 
Perez was the chief of all the 
captains of the host for the first 
month. And over the <x>urBe of 
the second month was Dodai an 
Ahohite, and of his course was 
MIkloth also the ruler, in his 
course likewise were twenty and 
four thousand. The third captain 
of the host for the third month 
was Benalah the son of Jehoiada, 
a <^ef priest: and in his course 
were twenty and four thousand. 
This is that Benaiah, who was 
mighty among the thirty, and 
above the thirty: and in his course 
was Ammlzabad his son. The 
fourth captain for the fourth month 
was Asahel the brother of Joab, 
and Zebadlah his son after him: 
and in his courM were twenty and 
four thousand. The fifth captain 
for the fifth month trosShamhuth 
the Ixrahlte: and in his course 
were twenty and four thousand. 
The sixth captain for the sixth 
month was Ira the son of Ikkcsh 
the Tekolte: and in his course were 
twenty and four thousand. The 
seventh captain for the seventh 
month teas Uelez the Pelonlte, of 
the children of Ephrafm: and in 
his course were twenty and lour 
thousand. The eighth captain 
for the eighth month was SIbbecal 
the Hushathlte, of the Zorliltes; 
and in his course were twenty and 
four thousand. The ninth captain 
for the ninth month was Ablesser 
the Auetothite, of the BenJomltes; 
and In his course toere twenty and 
four thousand. The tenth captain 
for the tenth month was Maliaral 
the Netophathite, of the Zarhltes: 
and in his course were twenty and 
four thousand. The eleventh 
captain for the eleventh month 
was Benaiah the Plrathonlte of 
the children of Ephralm, and in 
his course were twenty and four 
thousands The twelfth caj^atn 
for the twelfth month teas Ileldai 
the Netophathite, of OihnieU and 

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In his oonne toere twentyand four 
thousand. Furtheimore oyer the 
tribes of Israel: the ruler of the 
Beubenites was Ellezer the son of 
Zlchrl: of the Slmeonltes, Shepha- 
tiah the son of Maachah: Of the 
Levltes. Hashabiah the son of 
Kemael: of the Aaronltes, Zadok: 
Of Jndah, Ellhu, one of the breth- 
ren of David: of Issachar, Omri 
the son of Michael: Of Zebolon, 
Ishmalah the son of Obadlah: of 
NapbtaU, Jerimoth thr^ «nn of 
Azrieh Ofthe< hMlrimotliphrdm, 
Hoshea the son ij Aiazlih; or ibe 
half tribe of .\LiJi!wi^^b, jtmi tbe 
son of Pedafaih: ii r i iio h liJf t r ffte 
ofManasseh in OUead, tddo the 
son of ZecharfJii: of Bpnjiiriiia, 
Jaaslel the son of a bntr: O r I > l q, 
Azareel the mn of Jiirohiita, 
These toere the pHncra of i].e 
tribes of Israel, isuc i^nvld tu>..|c 
not the number of thoai ttvm 
twenty years old and under: be- 
cause the LoBo had said he would- 
increase Israel like to the stars of 
the heavens. Joab the son of 
Zeruiah began to number, but he 
finished not, because there fell 
wrath fur it against Israel; neither 
was the number put in the ac 
count of the chronicles of king 
David. And after Ahithophel 
teas Jehotada the son of Benalah, 
and Abiathan and the general of 
the king's army was Joab. 


1 Ktng$ xvi, 16. And the people 
tfiat were encamped heard say, 
ZImri hath conspired, and hath 
also slain the king: wherefore all 
Israel made Omri, the captain of 
the host, king over Israel that day 
In the camp. 

2 Kings 1, 9, 11. Then the king 
sent unto him a capt4iln of fifty 
with his fifty. And he went up 
to him: and, behold, he sat on the 
top of an hill. And he spake unto 
him, Thou man of God, the king 
hath said, Come down. Again 
also he sent unto him another 
captahi of fifty with his fifty. 
And he answered and said unto 
him, O man of GrQd, thus hath the 
king said. Come down quickly. 

S Kinqs ix, 6. And when he 
came, liehold, the captains of the 
host were sitting; and he said, I 
have an errand to thee, O captain, 
And Jehu said. Unto which of all 
us? And he sold. To thee, O cap- 

9 Kings zi, IK. But Jeholada 
the priest commanded the cap- 
tains of the hundreds, the officers 
of the host, and said unto them. 
Have her forth without the 
ranges: and him that foiloweth 
her kill with the sword. For the 
priest had said, Let her not be 
slain in the house of the Loan. 

S Kings zv. 25. But Pekah the 
son of BemaUah, a captain of his, 


conspired against him, and smote 
him in Samaria, in the palace of 
the king's house, with Argob and 
Arich. and with him fifty men of 
the Gileodites: and he killed him, 
and reigned in his room. 

2 Kings jyiU, 24. How then wilt 
thou turn away the ftu» of one 
captain of the least of my master's 
servants, and put thy truat on 
Egypt for chariots and for horse- 

2 Kings xxv, 28. And when aU 
the captains of the armies, they 
and their men, heard that the 
king of Babylon had made Geda- 
liah governor, there came to Geda- 
Uah to Mizpah, even Ishmael the 
Bon of Netbaniah, and Johanan 
the son of Careah, and Seraiah 
the son of Tanhumeth the Neto- 
phathlte, and Jaazaniah the son 
of a Maachathlte. they and their 


1 ghron. iv. 42, 48. And some of 
them, even of the sons o^ Simeon, 
five hundred men, went to mount 
Selr, having for their captains 
Pelatiah, and Neariah, and Be- 
phaiah, and Usziel, the sons of 
IshL And they smote the rest of 
the Amalekites that were escaped, 
and dwelt there unto this day. 

Jer. zxxvii, 13. And when he 
was in the gate of Benjamin, a 
captain of the ward was there, 
whiwe name voas Ir^ah, the son of 
Sheiomiah. the son of Hananiah; 
and he took Jeremiah the prophet 
saying, Thou fidlest away to the 

Jer. xl, 2, 5. And the captain of 
the gruard took Jeremiah, and said 
unto him. The Lobd thy GK>d hath 
pronounced this evil upon this 
place. Now while he was not 
yet gone back, he said, Go back 
also toGedallah thesonof Ahlkam 
the son of Shaphan, whom the 
king of Babylon hath made gov- 
ernor over the cities of Judoh, 
and dwell with him among the 
people: or go wheresoever it 
seemeth convenient unto thee to 
go. So the captain of the guard 
gave him victuals and a reward, 
and let him go. 

Sfsera, whldi dwelt in Harodieth 

1 Kings V, 1. And Htaum king 
of Tyre sent his servants unto 
Solomon- for he had heard that 
they had anointed him king in 
the room of his father, for Hinw^ 
was ever a lover of David. 

1 Kings xz. 24. [And the ser- 
vants of the king of Syria said.! 
And do this thing. Take the 
kings away, every man out of his 
place, and put captains in their 

2 Kings zzv, a And In the fifth 
month, on the seventh dau of the 
month, which is the nlneteonlh 
year of king Nebuchadnezzar king 
of Babylon, came Nebuzar-adan, 
japtaln of the guard, a servant^ 
the king of Babylon, unto Jem- 

2 Qhron. zzxill, 11. Whereforo 
the Loao brought upon them the 
oaptahis of the host of the king of 
Assyria, which took Manasseh 
among^ the thorns, and bound him 
with fetters, and carried him to 

^eA.ii,9. Then I came to the 
governors beyond the river, and 
gave them the khig's letters. 
Now the king had sent captains 
of the anny and horsemen with 

Jer. Ill, 12. Now In the fifth 
month, in the tenth day of the 
month, which was the nineteenth 
year of Nebuchadrezzar king of 
Babylon, came Nebuzar-adan, cap- 
tain of the guarcL lohlch served 
the king of Babylon, into Jeru- 

Dan. ill, 27. And the princes, 
governors, and captains, and the 
king's counsellors, being gathered 
together, saw these men, upon 
whose bodies the fire had no 
power, nor was an hair of their 
head singed, neither were their 
.coats changed, nor the smell of 
'fire had passed on them. 


Gen. xxxvU, 36. And the Mldl- 
anites sold him into Egypt unto 
Potiphar, an oOlcer of Pharaoh's, 
and captain of the guard. 

Gen. xl, 4. And the captain of 
the guard charged Joseph with 
then^ and^e served them; and 
they continued a season in ward. 

£xod. XV, 4. Pharaoh's chariots 
and his host hath he cast into the 
sea: his cho«en captains also are 
drowned in the Red sea. 

Judges iv, 2. And the Loso '-old 
them Uito the hand of Jabin king 
of Canaan, that reigned in Hazor, , 
the captain of whose host was^ 


MaWi. viU, 5,8. And when Jesus 
was entered into Capernaum, 
there came unto hhn a centurion, 
beseeching him. The centurion 
answered and said. Lord, I am 
hot worthy that thou sbouldest 
come under my roofi but speak 
the word only, and my servant 
shall bo healed. 

MaWi. xxvii, 64. Now when the 
centurion, and they that Were 
with him, watching Jesus, saw 
the earthquake, and those things 
that were done, they feared grmt. 
ly, saying. Truly this was the Sob 
of God. 

JfarX;Tl,21. And when a con. 
veniont day was come, that 
Herod on his birthday made a 
supper to his lords, high captains^ 
and chief esiaUs of Galilee . 

lAikn vU, 2. And a certain can- 


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turion'B serranL who wat dear 
unto him, was act, and ready to 

Luke xxli, 4.- And he went his 
way, and communed with the 
chief priesU and captains, how he 
might betray him unto them. 

Luke xxlii, 47. Now when the 
centurion saw what was done, he 
glorified God, saying. Certainly 
tliis was a righteous man. 

John XVIU, 8, 12. Judas then, 
having received a band qf men 
and officers from the chief priests 
and Pharisees, cometh thither 
with lantorns and torches and 
• weapons. Then the band and the 
captain and officers of the Jews 
took Jesus, and bonnd him. 

AcU V, 26. Then went the cap- 
tain with the officers, and brought 
them without violenoe: for they 
feared the people, lest they 
should have been stoned. 

AcU xxl, 81, 82. And a» tt»ey 
went about to Kill him, tidings 
came unto the chief captain of the 
band, that all Jerusalem was in 
. on uproar. Who Immediately 
took soldiers and centurions, and 
ran down unto thenu and when 
they saw the chief captain and the 
soldiers, they left beaUng of Paul. 
Acta xxlil, 17. Then Paul caUed 
one of the centurions unto him, 
and said, Bring this young man 
unto the chief captain: for be hath 
a certain thing to tell him. 

Acts xxiv, 7, 22, 23. But the 
chief captain Lyslas came upon 
U8, and with great violenoe took 
Wm away out of our hands. And 
when Felix heard these things, 
having more pertbct knowledge 
of that way. he deferred them 
and said. When Lyslas the chief 
detain BhaU come down, I will 
know the uttermost of your mat- 
ter. And he commanded a cen- 
turion to keep Paul, and to let 
Mm have liberty, and that ho 
should forbid none of his acquaint- 
ance to minister or come unto 

Acts XXV, 23. And on the mor- 
row, when Agrippa was come, and 
Bemice, with great pomp, and 
was entered into the place ot 
hearing, with the chief captains, 
and principal men of the city, at 
Festu^ commandment Paul was 
brought forth. 

Acts xxvU, 1, 11. 43. And when 
It was determined that we should 
sail into Italy, they delivered 
Paul and certain other prisoners 
unto one named J ullus, a centurion 
oT Augustus* band. NevertMfeless 
the centurion believed the master 
and the owner of the ship, more 
than those things which were 
spoken by Paul. But the centur- 
ion, wlUlng to save Paul, kept 
them ttom thetr purpose; and 
cownanded that they which 


could swim should cast themselvea 
first into M« sdo^ and get to land. 
^ctoxxvIU, le. And when we 
came to Rome, the centurion de- 
livered the prisoners to the cap- 
tain of the guard: but Paul was 
suffered to dwell by himself with 
a soldier that kept him. 

Josh, v. 14, 16. And he said, 
Nar, but as captain of the host of 
the LoBD am I now come. Ana 
Joshua feU on his face to the 
earth, and did worship, and said 
unto him, What salth my lord 
unto his servant! And the cap- 
tain of the Lord's host stOd unto 
Joshua, Loose thy shoe ftrom off 
thy foot; for the place whereon 
thou standest U ho&. And Joshua 
did so. 

9 Chron, xiU, 12. And, behold, 
God himself is with us for our 
captain, and his priests with 
soundtag trumpets to cry «l»nn 
against y«D. O children of Israel, 
fight ye not agatost the Low> 
God of your fltUiert; for ye shaU 
not prosper. 

sa>. 11, 10. For tt became Wm, 
for whom are aU things, Mid by 
whom are all things, In bringing 
many sons unto glory, to make 
the captain of theUr salvation per* 
feet through suflferings. 

Jtev.xlx, 18. That ye ToajesX 
the flesh of kings, and the flesh or 
captains, and the flesh of mighty 

2 Kings XXV, 4. And the dty 
was broken up, and all the men 
of wor fled by night by the way 
of the gate between two walls, 
which U by the king's garden: 
(now the Chaldeos were against 
the city round about:) and the king 
went the way toward the plain. 

2 Chran. xxr, 18. But the sol- 
diers of the army which Amazlah 
sent back, that they should not 
go with him to batUe,feU upon 
the cities of Judah, firom Samaria 
even unto Beth-horon, anJ smote 
three thousand of them, and took 

Ezra viil, 22. For I was ashamed 
to require of the king a band of 
soldiers and horsemen to help us 
against the enemy in the way: 
because we had spoken unto the 
king, saying, The hand of our 
God is upon aU them »r good 
that seek him; but his power and 
his wrath is agahist aU\hem that 
forsake him. 

Jer. xxxvili, 4. Therefore the 
princes said unto the king. We 
beseech thee, let this man be put 
to death: lor thus he weakeneth 
the hands of the men of war that 
remain in this city, and the hands 
of all the people, in speaking such 

words unto thenu for this man 
seeketb not the welfkie of this 
people, but the hurt. 

Jfa«A.xxvli, 27. Then the sol- 
diers of the governor took Jesus 
Into the common haU, and gather* 
ed unto him the whole band of 

MaWL xxvlU, 12. And when 
they were assembled with the 
elders, and had taken counsel, 
they gave large money unto the 

Luke 111, 14. And the soldiers 
likewise demandefl of him, saying. 
And what sliall we do? And he 
said unto them. Do violence to no 
man, neither accuse anv falsely; 
and be content with your wages 

2«iJfcexxill, 11,83. And Herod with 
his men of war set him at nought, 
and mocked Mm. and arrayed him 
In a gorgeous robe, and sent him 
agahi to Pilate. And the soldiers 
also mocked him, coming to hhn, 
and offering him vinegar. 

John xix, 2, 28, 82, 84. And the 
soldiers pUitted a crown of thorns, 
and put it on his head, and they 
put on him a purple robe. Then 
the soldiers, when they had cruel- 
fled Jesus, took his garments, and 
made four parts, to every soldier 
a part; and also his coat: now the 
coat was without seam, woven 
from the top throughout. Then 
came the soldiers, and brake the 
legs of the first, and of tlio other 
which was crucified with him. 
But one of the soldiers with a 
epesT pierced his side, and forth- 
with came thereout blood and 

Acts X, 7. And when the angel 
which spake unto Cornelius was 
departed, he called two of his 
household servants, and a devout 
soldier of them that waited on 
him continually. 

Acts xil, 4, 6, 18. And when he 
had apprehended him. ho put him 
in prison, and delivered him to 
four quaternions of soldiers to 
keep him; Intending after Easter 
to bring lilm forth to the people 
And when Herod would have 
brought him forth, the* same 
night Peter was sleeping betweet 
two soldiers, bound with two 
chahis: and the keepers before the 
door kept the prison. Now as 
soon as it was day, there was no 
smaU stir among the soldiers, 
what was become of Peter. 

Acts xxvll, 81, 82, 42. Paul said 
to the centurion and to the sol- 
diers, Except these abide In the 
ship, ye cannot l>e saved. Then 
the soldiers cut off the ropes of 
the boat, and let her fall oft And 
the soldiers' counsel was to kill 
the prisoners, lest any of them 
should swim out, and escape. 

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Z^ike zl, fil,S2. When 4 Btrong 
man armed keepeth his pahioe, 
his goods are in peace: But when 
» Btronger than he shall come 
upon him and oreroome him, he 
taketh from him all his armour 
wherein he trusted, and dlrldetb 
his spoils. 

Jianu Till, 87. Nay, In aU these 
thbigs we are more than con- 
querors through him that loTed 

8 Qor. X, 8-6. For though we 
walk In the flesh, we do not war 
after the flesh: (For the weapons 
of our warCire are not carnal, but 
mighty through God to the pulling 
down of strong holds;) Casting 
down imaginations, and every 
high thing that exalteth itself 
against the knowledge of Ood, 
and bringing into fxptMty every 
thought to the obedience of 
Christ; And having in a readi- 
ness to revenge all disobedience, 
when your obedience is f ulfllled. 

I^a, 11, 25w Yet I supposed It 
necessary to send to you Epaph- 
roditus, my brother, and compan- 
ion In labour, and fellow-aoidler, 
but your messenger, and ye that 
ministered to my wants. 

1 Tim. 1, 18. This charge I com- 
mit unto thee, son Timothy, ao- 
conUng to the propliecles which 
went before on thee, that thou by 
them mlghtest war a good war- 

1 Tim, vl, 12. Fight the good 
light of fliith, lay hold on eternal 
life, whereunto thou art also 
oalled, and hast professed a good 
profession before many witnesses. 

S Tim. 11, 8, 4. Thou therefore 
endure hardness, as a good sol- 
dier of Jesus Christ. No man 
that warreth entangleth hhnsclf 
with the affairs of this life; that 
be may please hfan who hath 
chosen hiiu to be a soldier. 

8 Tim. Iv, 7. I have fought a 
good flght, I have finished my 
course, I have kept the fidth. 

IMIemm 2. And to our beloved 
Apphia, and Archlppus our fellow- 
soldier, and to the chuixih In thy 


Su)d. xll, 87. And the children 
of Israel Journeyed from Ramoses 
to Sucooth, about six hundred 
thousand on foot that were men, 
beside children. 

^Tum. xl, 21. And Moses said, 
The people, among whom I am, 
are six hundred thousand foot- 
men; and thou hast said, I wlU 
give them flesh, that they may eat 
a whole month. 

Judffes y, 15. And the princes of 
iBsachar tcere with Deborah} even 


Issachar. and also ^Barak: he was 
sent on foot Into the' valley. For 
the divisions of Reuben ifitre toere 
great thoughts of heart 

1 8am. xxil, 17. And the king 
said unto the footmen that stood 
about him. Turn, and slay the 
priests of the Lord; because their 
hand also is with David, and be- 
cause they knew when he fled, 
and did not shew It to me. But 
the servants of the king would not 
put forth their hand to tali upon 
the priests of the Lobd. 

Jer. xll, S. If thou hast run with 
the footmen, and they have 
wearied thee, then how canst thou 
contend with horsed and if in the 
land of pe%ce, toheretn thou trust- 
edst, thev toearied thee, then how 
wilt thou do in the iwelling of 



AifD rrs SKASoir. 

Deut. xvil, 16. But he shall not 
multiply horses to himself, nor 
cause the people to return to 
Bgypt, to the end that he should 
multiply horses: forasmuch as the 
Loao hath said unto you, Ye shall 
henceforth return no more that 

1 Kin. X, 28. And Solomon had 
horses brought out of Egypt. . « . 

Jm. xxxi, 1-a Woe to' them that 
go down to Egypt for help; and 
stay on horse^ and trust In 
chariots, because they are many; 
and in horsemen, because they are 
very strong; but they look not un- 
to the Holy One of Israel, neither 
seek the Lonol Yet he also ie 
wise, and will bring evil, and will 
not call back his words: but will 
arise against the house of the evil- 
doers, and against the help of them 
that work iniquity. Now the 
Egyptians are men, and not God; 
and their horses liesh, and not 
spMt. When the Lord shall 
stretch out his hand, both he that 
helpeth shall fall, and he that is 
holpen shall fall down, and they 
all shaU faU together. 

Gen. I, 9. And there went up 
with him both chariots and horse- 
mem and It was a very great com- 

Bacod. XV, 19. For the horse of 
Pharaoh went in with his chariots 
and with his horsemen into the 
sea, and the Loan brought again 
the waters of the sea upon them; 
but the diUdren of Israel went on 
dry Umd in the midst of the sea. 

1 8am. viil, 11. And he said. 
This will be the manner of the 
king that shall reign over you: He 
will take your sons, and appoint 
them tat himself fbr his chariots, 

I and fo be his horsemen; and some 
shall run before his diariots. 

1 8am. tax, 6. And the Philis- 
tines gathered themselves to- 
gether to flght with Israel, thhty 
thousand chariots, and six thou- 
sand horsemen. 

2 8am. 1, 6. And the young man 
that told him said, as I happened 
by chance upon mount CHlboa. 
behold, Saul leaned upon hit 
spear, and, lo. the diariots and 
horsemen followed hard after 

2 Sam, Till, 4. And David took 
fh>m him a thousand eharioUf and 
seven hundred horsemen, and 
twenty thousand footmen: and 
David houghed all the chariot 
horue, but reserved of them for 
an hundred diariots. 

2 Sam. X, 18. And tiie Syrians 
fled before Israel; and David slow 
the men c/ seven hundred chariots 
of the Syrians, and forty thousand 
horsemen, and smote Shobach 
the captain of thehr host, who died 

1 Kinge i, 5. Then Adonljah the 
son of Haggith exalted himself, 
saybig, I wiU be khig: and he pre- 
pared him chariots and horseniea 
and fifty men to run before him. 

1 Kings iv, 26. And Solomon 
had forty thousand stalls of ltiirM.H 
for his chariots, and twelve tliou- 
sand horsemen. 

1 Kings XX, 20. And they slow 
every one his man: and the Syr- 
ians fled; and Israel pursued tluin: 
and Ben-hadad the king of Syria 
escaped on an horse with the 

2 Kinqs xiil, 7. Neither did he 
leave ox the people to Jchuahnx 
but fifty horsemen, and ten cluu 
riots, and ten thousand footmen: 
for the king of Syria had destroyed 
them, and had made them like 
the dust by threshing, 

2 Kings xviU, 28. Kpw there- 
fore. I pray thee, give pledges to 
my lord the king of Assyria, and I 
will deliver thee two thousand 
horses, if thou be able on thy part 
to set riders upon them. 

Acts xxili, 82. On the morrow 
they left the horsemen to go with 
hhn, and returned to the castle. 

2 Kings 11, 11. And It came to 
pass, as they still went on, and 
talked, that, behold, there appear- 
ed a chariot of fire, and horses of 
fire, and parted them both asun- 
den and ElUah went up by a 
whfriwlnd into heaven. 

2 Kings xIU, 14. Now Elisha 
was fi&llen sick of his sickness 
whereof he died. And Joosh the 
king of Israel came down unto 
him, and wept over his face, and 
said^ O my father, my luher, the 

"Digitized by VriOOQlC 

chariot of Isnely and the hoTBomen 

/M. xxi, 7. And hesaw a diariot 
with a. coxxiAe of honemen, . . . 
and he hearkened diligently with 
much heed. 

Isa. zxil, 7. And it shall oome to 
paaa. thai thy choicest valleys 
shall be fall of chariots, and tlie 
horsemen shall set thenuelres in 
anuy at the gate. 

Jer. It, 29. The whole dty shall 
flee for the noise of the horsemen 
and bowmen; they shall go into 
thickets, and climb up upon the 
rocks: eyery city shall he forsaken, 
and not a man dwell therein. 

Jer. flU, 16. The snorting of his 
horses was heard from Dam the 
whole land trembled at the sound 
of the neighing of his strong ones; 
for they are oome, and have de- 
voured the land, and all that is in 
it; the dty, and those that dwell 

£eeft.zxlll, 6, 28. Which were 
dothed with blue, captains and 
rulers, all of them desirable young 
men, horsemen riding upon horses. 
The Babylonians, and all the 
Chaldeans, Pekod, and Shoa, and 
Koa, and all the Assyrians with 
them: all of them desirable young 
men, captains and rulers, great 
lords and renowned, all of them 
riding upon horses. 

Ezek. xxvi, 11. With the hoota 
of his horses shall he tread down 
all thy streets: he shall slay thy 
people by the sword, and thy 
strong garrisons shall go down to 
the ground. 

E»ek. xxxvill, 4, 15. And I wiU 
turn thee back, and put hooks 
into thy Jaws, and I will bring 
thee forth, and all thine army, 
horses and horsemen, all of them 
dothed with all sorts of armour, 
«renagreat company iriM buck- 
lers and shields, all of them hand- 
ling sworA: And thou shalt come 
f^m thy place out of the north 
parts, thou, and many people with 
thee, all of them riding upon 
horses, a great company, and a 
mighty army: 

Dan. xi, 40. And at the time of 
the end shall the king of the sooth 
push at him: and the king of the 
north shall oome against hhn like 
a whirlwind, with chariots, and 
with horsemen, and with many 
ships; and he shall enter Into the 
countries, and shall overflow and 
pass over. 

Bosea i, 7. But I wlU have 
mercy upon the house of Judah, 
and will save them by the Logo 
their Ood, and will not save them 
by bow, nor by sword, nor by 
battle, by horses, nor by horse- 


JBpsea ziv, 8. Anhmr shall not 
save us; we will not ride upon 
horses. .... 

Zeek. X, 8. And they shaU be as 
mighty men, which tread down 
their enemies In the mire of the 
streets In the battle: and thev 
shall fight, because the Loan is 
with them, and the riders on 
horses shall be confounded. 

Sev. zlx, 14. And the armies 
tohich were in heaven followed 
him upon white horses, dothed in 
flne linen, white and dean. 


Judges V, 22. Then were the 
horse-hoofiB broken by the means 
of the prancings, the prandngs of 
their mighty ones. 

Ps. XX, 7, 8. Some trust In cha- 
rioU, and someln horses: but we wiU 
remember the name of the Loan 
our Ood. They are brought down 
and fallen: but we are risen, and 
stand upright. 

Prov. 1x1, 31. The horse is 

Erepared against the day of bottle: 
ut safety is of the Loao. 

ISO. XXX, le. But ye said, No; 
for we will flee upon horses; 
therefore shall ye flee: and. We 
will ride upon the swift; therefore 
shall they that pursue you be 

Isa. xlUI, 17. Which bringeth 
forth the chariot and horse, the 
army and the power, they shall 
lie down together, thoy shall not 
rise: they are extinct, they are 
quenched as tow. 

Jficah V. 10. And it shall come 
to pass in that day, saith the Lord, 
that I will cut off thy horses out 
of the midst of thee, and I will 
destroy thy charlota. 

Jffaci/ai U, 21, 22. Speak to 
Zembbabd, governor of Judah, 
saying, I will shake the heavens 
and the eartli; And I will over- 
throw the throne of kingdoms, and 
I will destroy the strength of the 
kingdoms of the heathen; and I 
will overthrow the chariots, and 
those that ride In them; and the 
horses and their riders shall oome 
down, every one by the sword of 
his brother. 


Joshua xi, 9. And Joshua did 

unto them as the Lord bade him: 

he houghed their horses, and 

burnt their chariots with fire. 

1 Kin. X.26. And Solomon gath- 
ered together chariota and horse- 
men: and he had a thousand and 
four hundred chariots, and twelve 
thousand horsemen, whom he be- 
stowed in the cities for chariots, 
and with the king at Jerusalem. 

2 Kin. vl, 14, 16. Therefore sent 
he thither horses, and chariots, 
and a great host: and they camo 


by Digbt, and oompaased the dty 
about. And when the servant of 
the man of God was risen eariy, 
and gone forth, he-hold, an host 
compassed the dty both with 
horses and chariots. And hifi ser- 
vant said unto him, Alas, my 
masteil how shall we do? 

2 Kin. Ix, 21, .... And Joram 
king of Israel, and Ahasiah king 
of Judah, went out, each in his 
chariot, and they went out against 
Jehu. .... 

9 ^Ihron. 1, 14. And Solomon 
gathered chariots and horsemen: 
and he had a thousand and four 
hundred chariots, and twelve 
thousand horsemen. .... 

Isa. xxll, 6, 7. And Elom bare 
the quiver with chariots of men 
and horsemen, and Kir uncovered 
the shield. And it shall come to 
pass, that thy choicest valleys 
shall be full of chariots, and the ' 
horsemen shall set then^selvee in 
array at the gate. 

{See under Horse.) 


Josh. xvli« 16, la And the chil- 
dren of Joseph said. The hill is 
not enough for us: and all the 
Canaanites that dwell in the land 
of the valley have chariots of 
inm, both thev who are of Bcth- 
shean and her towns, and thev 
who are of the valley of Jezreel. 

Thou Shalt drive out the 

Canaanites, though they have 
iron chariots, and though they be 

Judges 1, 19. And the Lord was 
with Judah; and he drave out the 
inhabitants <tf the mountain: but 
could not drive out the innabl- 
tants of the valley, because they 
had chariots of iron. 

Judges Iv, a, 18. And the chil- 
dren of Israel cried unto the 
Lord: for he had nine hundred 
chariots of iron; and twenty years 
he mightily oppressed the children 
of IsroeL And Sisera gathered 
together all his diariots, evert nine 
hundred chariots of iron, and all 
the people that were with hhn, 
from Harosheth of the Gentiles 
unto the river of Kishon. 


Joshua i, 10. 11. Then Joshua 
commanded the ofllcers of the 
people, saying. Pass through the 
host, and command the people, 
saying. Prepare you victuals; for 
within three days ye shall pass 
over this Jordan, to go In to pos- 
sess the land, which the Lord 
your God giveth you to possess it. 

Judges vlil, 5-0, 15. And he said 
unto the men of Sucooth, Give, I 
pray you, loavea of bread unto 

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tbe people that follow me; for 
they 06 feint, and lam pursnlng 
after Zebah and Zalmnnoa, kings 
of Mldlan. And the princes of 
Snccoth said. Are tbe hands of 
Zebah and Zalmmma now in 
thine hand, that we should glre 
bread unto thine army? And 
Gideon said. Therefore when the 
%>Bo hath delivered Zebah and 
Zahnnnnainto mine hand, then I 
will tear your flesh with the 
thorns of the wilderness and with 
briers. And he went np thence 
to Fennel, and spake nnto them 
likewise: and the men of Fennel 
answered him as the men of Sao- 
ooth had answered Mm. And he 
spake also nnto the men of Fennel, 
saying. When I come again In 
peace, I will break down this 
tower. And he came unto the 
men of Snccoth, and said, Behold 
Zebah and Zalmunna, wiUi whom 
ye did upbraid me, saying, Are 
the hands of Zebah and Zalmunna 
now in thine hand, that we should 
give bread unto thy meA that are 

Judffei xz, id And we will take 
ten men of an hundred through- 
out all the tribes of Israel, and an 
hundred of a thousand, and a 
thousand out of ten thousand, to 
fiBtch Tictnal for the people. 

8 Sam, ZTil, 88, 29. Brought 
beds, and basons, and earthen- 
Teesels, and wheat, and barley, 
and flour, and parched com, and 
beans, and lentUes, and parched 
ptUae, And hon6y, and butter, and 
sheep, and cheese of kine, for 
Dayid, and for the people that 
were with him, to eat: for they 
said. The people is hungry, and 
weary, and thirsty, hi the wilder- 

8 King$ 111, 9,' 10. So the king of 
Israel went^ and the king of 
Judah, and the king of £dom: 
and they fetched a compass of 
seren days* Journey: and there 
was no water for the host, and for 
the cattle that followed them. 
And the king of Israel said, Alas! 
that the Loao hath called these 
three kings together, to deUver 
them Into the hand of Moab! 

Ezek, zxill, 24. And they shall 
oome against thee with chariots, 
wagons and wheels, and with an 
assembly of people, tohich shall set 
agohist thee buckler and shield 
and helmet round about: and I 
will set Judgment before, them, 
and they shall iudge thee accord- 
ing to theh: Judgments. 

EScek. xxxviil, 7. Be thou pre- 
pared, and prepare fur thyself, 
thou, and all thy company that 
are assembled unto thee, and be 
tttou a guard unto them. 

%Kinif9 six, 28. By thy mes- 
itBgers thou hast reproached the 


LoBo, and hast aaid. With the 
multitude of my chariots I am 
come up to the height of the moun- 
tains, to the sides of Lebanon, and 
will cut down the tall cedar trees 
thereof and the choice flr trees 
thereof: and I will enter into the 
lodgings of his borders, and into 
the forest of his CarmeL 

Jer. xxli, 7. And I will prepare 
destroyers agahist thee, erery one 
with lUs weapons: and they shall 
cut down thy choice cedars, and 
cast them into the fire. 

Jer. xlvl, 22. The Toloe thereof 
shall go like a serpent; for they 
shall march with an army, and 
come against her with axes, as 
hewers of wood. 

Num. X, 8-9. Mako thee two 
trumpets of sllTer; of a whole 
piece Shalt thou make them: that 
thou mayest use them for the 
calling of the assembly, and for 
thejoumeylng of the camps. And 
when they shall blow with them, 
all the assembly shall assemble 
themselves to thee at the door of 
the tabemade of the congregation. 
And if they blow but with one 
trumpet, then the prhices, u^icA 
are heads of the thousands of 
Israel, shall gather themselTes 
unto thee. When ye blow an 
alarm, then the camps that lie on 
the east parts shall go forward. 
When ye blow an alarm the second 
thne, then the camps that lie on 
the south side shall take theh: 
Journey: they shall blow an alarm 
for their Journeys. But when the 
congregation is to be gathered to- 
gether, ye shall blow, but ye shall 
not socmd an alarm. And the sons 
•f Aaron, the priests, shall blow 
with the trumpets; and they shall 
be to you for an ordinance for ever 
throughout your generations. 
And if ye go to war in your land, 
against the enemy thatoppresseth 
you, then ye shall blow an alarm 
with the trumpets; and ye shall 
be remembered before the Loan 
your God, and ye shall be saved 
from your enemies. 




Num. xxxi, 6. And Moses sent 
them to the war, a thousand of 
every tribe, them and Fhlnehas 
the son of Eleazar the priest to 
the war, with tbe holy instru- 
ments and the trumpets to blow 
in his hand. 


JbsAua ▼1,4,6-9, 12, 13, 16. And 

seven priests shall bear before the 

ark seven trumpets of rams' horns: 

and the seventh day ye aball^com- 

pass the dty seven times, and the 
priests shall blow with the trum- 
pets. And Joshua the son of Ntm 
called the priests, and said unto 
them, take up the ark of the 
covenant, and let seven priests 
bear seven trumpets of ranis' 
horns before the ark of the 
Lord. And he said unto the peo- 
ple, Fass on, and compass the dty, 
and let him that is armed pass on 
before the ark of the Loan. And 
It came to pass, when Joshua had 
spoken unto the people, that the 
seven priests beaming the seven 
trumpets of rams' horns passed on 
before the Loan, and blew with 
the trumpeta: and the ark of the 
covenant of the Loao followed 
them. And the armed men went 
before the priests that blew with 
the trumpets, and the rereward 
came alter the ark, the priests 
going on, and blowing with the 
trumpets. And Joshua rose early 
in the morning, and the priests 
took up the ark of the Loao. And 
seven priests bearing seven trum- 
pets of rams' horns before the 
ark of the Lord went on continu- 
aUy, and blew with the trumpets: 
and the armed men went before 
them; but the rereward came after 
the ark of the Loan, the priests 
going on, and blowhig with the 
trumpets. And it came to pass at 
the seventh time, when the priests 
blew with the trmnpets. Joshua 
said unto the people, Shou^ for 
the Lord hath given you the city. 


Judges vl, 84. But the Spirit of 
the Loao came upon Gideon, and 
he blew a trumpet: and Abi-ezer 
was gathered after urn. 

Judges vU, S, 16-20. So the 
people took viotuals in their 
hand, and their trumpets: . . . 
And ne divided the three hundred 
men into three companies, and he 
put a trumpet in every man's 
hand. . . . And he said unto 
them. Look on me, and do like- 
wise: and. behold, when I oome to 
the outslae ofthe camp, it shall be 
that, as I do, so shall ye do. When 
I blow with a tnunpet. I and all 
that are with me, then blow ye the 
trumpets also on everv side of all 
the camp, and say. The sword of 
the Lord, and of Gideon. So 
Gideon, and the hundred men 
that were with him, came nnto 
the outside of the camp in the be- 
ginning of the middle watch; and 
they had but newly set the watch: 
and they blew the trumpets, and 
brake the pitchers that were in 
their hands. And the three com- 
panies blew the trumpets, and 
brake the pitchers, and held the 
hunps In thehr left hands, and the 
trumpets in their right hands to 
blow wtthal: and they cried. The 
sword of the Lord, and of Gideon. 

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1 Sam. zlii, 8. And Jonathan 
tmote the gorrlMn of the Phllis- 
tlnos that toasla Geba,and the 
PhlUsttnes heard qf U, And Saul 
blew the trumpet throughout aU 
the land, aayhigr. Let the Uebrewa 

2 Sam, 11, 88. So Joab blew a 
trumpet, and all the people stood 
still and pursued after Israel no 
more, neither fought they any 

8 Sam. xtUI, 16. And Joab blew 
the trumpet, and the people re- 
turned tram pursuing after Israel: 
for Joab held back the people. 

8 Sam. XX, 1, 82. And there hap- 
pened to be there a man of Belial, 
whose name teas Sbeba, the son 
ot Uichrl, a Beujomlte: and he 
blew a trumpet, and said, We 
have no part In David, neither 
ha^e we Inheritance in the son ot 
Jesse: every man to his tents, O 
IsraeL Then the woman went 
unto all the people hi her wisdom. 
And they cut off the head of 
Sheba the son of Blchrl,and cast 
it out to Joab. And he blew a 
trumpet, and they retired from 
the city, every man to his tent 
And Joab returned to Jerusalem 
unto the king. 

8 Oiron. xlil, 14. And when 
Judaji looked back, behold, the 
battle VMS before and belilnd: and 
they cried unto the Loiu>, and the 
priests sounded with the trum- 

Seh. iv, 18-80. For the buUders. 
ererv one had his sword girded 
by his side, and so buUded. And 
he that sounded the trumpet tra# 
by me. And I said unto the 
nobles, and to the rulers, and to 
the rest of the people. The work 
is great and lU7?e, and we are 
separated upon the wall, one far 
fl-om another. In what place 
iiierefore ye hear the sound of the 
trumpet, resort ye thither unto 
us: our Qod shall light for ua. 

Ps. xlvU, 5. God Is gone up with 
a shout, the Lord with the sound 
of a trumpet. 

Jer, Iv, 19. My bowels, my 
bowels! I am pained at my very 
heart; my heart maketh a noise In 
me; I cannot hold my peace, be- 
cause thou hast heard, O my soul, 
the sound of the trumpet, the 
alarm of war. 

Ezek. vll, 14. They have blown 
the trumpet, even to make all 
ready; but none goeth to the 
battle: for my wrath is upon all 
the multitude thereof. 

Ezek. xxxUl, 8-6. If when be 
seeth the sword come upon the 
land, he blow the trumpet, and 


warn the people; Then whoBoever f 
heareth the sound of the trumpet, 
and taketh not warning; If the 
sword come, and take turn away, 
his blood shall be upon bis own 
head. He heard the sound of the 
trumpet, and took not warning; 
his blood shall be upon him. But 
he that taketh warning shall de- 
liver his souL But tf the watch- 
man see thQ sword come, and 
blow not the trumpet, and the 
people be not warned; If the 
sword come, and take any person 
&on\ among them, be is taken 
away In his Iniquity; but his blood 
will I require at the watchman*! 

Hosea T, a Blow ye the comet 
in Glbeah, and the trumpet tn 
Ramah: cry aloud at Beth-aven, 
aflor thee, O Benjamin. 

Hosea vllt. 1. Set ih^ trumpet 
to thy moutn. He s/iaU wmt as 
an eagle against the house of the 
Lord, because they have trans- 
gressed my covenant, and tres- 
passed against my law. 

Joel U, 1. Blow ye the trumpet 
In Zlon, and sound an alarm in 
my holy mountain: let all the In- 
habitants rf the land iremble: for 
the day of the Lord cometh, for 
it is nigh at hand. 

Amos 11, 8, But I will send a Hre 
upon Moab, and it shall devour 
the palaces of Klrlotb: and Moab 
shall die with tumult, with shout- 
ing, and with the sound of the 

1 Qor. xlv, a For if the trumpet 
give an uncertain sound, who 
shall prepare himself to the 

1 Am. xxljL 1-11. Now the 
Philistines gathered together all 
their armies to Aphek: and tlie 
Israelites pitched by a fountain 
which is in Jezroel. And the 
lords of the PhllisUnes passed on 
by hundreds, and by thousands: 
but David and his men passed on 
In' the rcre-ward with Achlsh. 
Then said the princes of the 
Philistines, What do these 
Hebrews Aeref And Achlsh said 
unto the princes of the Philistines, 
Is not this David, the servant of 
Saul the king of Israel, which 
hath been with me these days, or 
these years, and I have found no 
foult In him since he fell unto me 
unto this day? And the princes 
of the Philistines were wroth with 
him; and the princes of the Philis- 
tines said nnto him, Make this 
fellow return, that he may go 
again to his place which thou hast 
appointed him, and let hlra not go 
down with us to battle, lest In the 
battle he be an advenary to us: 
for wherewith should he reconcile 
hhnself unto his master? shoutd it 

not &0 wMh the tieads of tbeso 
menr Zs not this David, of whom 
they sang one to another In dances, 
saying, Saul slew his thousands, 
and David his ten thousands^ 
Then Achlsh called David, and 
said unco him. Surely, as the 
Lord Uveth, thou hast been up- 
right, and thy going out and tba^ 
coming in with me In the host tf 
good in my sight: for I have not 
found evil in thee since the day 
of thy coming unto me unto this 
day: nevertheless the lords flavour 
thee not. Wherefore now return, 
and go In peace, that thou dis- 
please not the lords of the Phlli*> 
tinea. And David said unto 
Achlsh, But what have I done? and 
what hast thou found in thy ser- 
vant so long as I have been with 
thee unto this day, that I may not 
go fight against the enemies of 
my lord the kiog¥ And Achlsh 
answered and said to David, I 
know that thou art good in my 
sight, as an angel of God: notwith- 
standing the princes of the Philis- 
tines have Slid, He shall not go 
up with us to tbe battle. Where- 
fore now rise up early in the 
morning with thy master's ser- 
vants mat are come with thee: 
and as soon as ye be up early in 
the morning, and have light, do- 
part. So David and his men rose 
up early to depart in the morning, 
to return into Uie land of the 
Philistines. And th^ Phillstittes 
went up to JezreeL 

1 KinffS xU, 28-24. But the word 
of God came unto Shemalah the 
man of God. saying. Speak unto 
Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, 
king of Judah, and unto all the 
house of Judah and Benjamin, 
and to the remnant of the people, 
saying. Thus saith the Lord, Ye 
shall not go up, nor fight against 
your brethren the (mildren of 
Israel: return every man to his 
house: for this thing is from me. 
They hearkened therefore to the 
word of the Lord, and returned 
to depart, aooordlng to the word 
of the Lord. 

1 Kings xxll, 8a And there 
went a proclamation throughout 
the host about the going down of 
the ^un, saying. Every man to his 
city, and every man to his own 

8 C^hron, xxv, 7-10. But there 
came a man of God to him, saying. 
O king, let not the army of Israel 
go with thee; for the Lord is nut 
with Israel, to vrtt, with all the 
children of Ephralm. But If thou 
wilt go, do it, be strong for the 
battle: God shall make thee fiiU 
before the enemy: for God hath 
power to help, and to cast down. 
And Amasdah said to the man of 
God, But what shall we do for the 
hundred talenta which I have 
given to the anny of Israel? And 

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the man of Ood answered, The 
Lord Is able to give tbee much 
more than this.' Then Aroazlah 
separated them, to wU. the army 
that was come to him out ol 
Ephralm, to iro home again: where- 
fore their anger was greatly kin- 
dled against Judah, and they re- 
tmned home In great anger. 

Jer. xU, 18, 14. Now It came to 
pass, UuU when all the people 
which were with Ishmael saw 
Johanan the son of Kareah, and 
all the capUIns of the fbrces that 
were with hhn, then they were 
glad. So all the people that Ish- 
mael had carried away captive 
fh)m Mlzpah cast about and re- 
turned, and went unto Johanan 
the son of Kareah. 


Josh, I, 14. Your wires, your 
little ones, and your cattle, shall 
remain In the land which Moses 
gave you on this side Jordan; but 
ye shall pass before your brethren 
armed, all the mighty men of 
Taloor, and help them. 

Josh. vlll. 8, So Joshua arosoi 
and all the people of war, to go 
up againitt Al: and Joshua oliose 
out thirty thousand mighty men 
of valour, and sent them away by 
night. ' 

Josh. X, 7. So JoKhua ascended 
trom Gllgal, he. and all the people 
of war Willi him, and all the 
mighty men of valour. 

a Sam. X, 7. And when David 
heard of ft, he sent Joab, and all 
the host of the mighty men. 

2 Sam. zvl, 6. And he cast 
stones at David, and at all the 
servants of king David: and all 
the people and all the mighty 
men were on his right hand and 
on his left. 

S Sam. XX, 7. And there went 
out after him Joab*s men, and the 
Cherethites, and the Pelethltes, 
and all the mighty mem and they 
went out of Jcnisalem, to pursue 
after Sheba the son of Blchrt 

t Kings 1, 8. 10. But Zadok the 
priest, and Benaiali the son of 
Jelioiada, and Nathan the prophet, 
and Shimel, and Rel. and the 
mlglity men which beUmged to 
David, were not with AdonUab. 
But ?Sathan the prophet, and 
Benalah, and the mighty men, and 
Solomon his brother, ho called 

1 Chron. T. S4. And these were 
the heads of the house of their 
fathers, even Epher, and Islii, and 
ElieL and Azrlel, and Jeremiah, 
and Hodaviah. and JahUiel, 
mighty men of valour, famous 
-men, and heads of the ho\ise of 
their fathera. 


1 Qhron. vlf, 7, 9. 11, 40. And 
the sons of Bela; jSzoon, and Uzr.I. 
and Uzzlel, and Jcrimoth, and Irl, 
five; heads of the house of Vieir 
fathers, mighty men of valour, 
and were reckoned by their 
genealogies twenty and two thou- 
sand and thirty and four. And 
tho number of them, after their 
genealogy by their generations, 
heads of the house of their fathers, 
mighty men of valou x " i.-i r i,^ . n jr 
thousand and two hinir'-L All 
these tho sons of Ji 1i n i thv Uie 
heads of their flilhir.^, riii--hif 
men of valour, we>f p. v, iiii-.n 
thousand and two ; i!! ir> i ,: r^ 
dUrs,tit to go out i.L >^; ii..i 
battle. All these were the chil- 
dren of Asber, heads of their 
father's house, choice and mighty 
men of valour, chief of the princes. 
And the numlier throughout the 
genealogy of tliem that were apt 
to tho war and to battle toos 
twenty and six thousand men. 

2 Chron. xill, S. And AbUah set 
the battle In array with an army 
of valiant men of war, even four 
Inmdred thousand chosen mem 
Jeroboam also set the battle in 
array against him with eight hun- 
dred thousand chosen men, being 
mighty men of valour. 

2 Chron. xxxil, 8. He took coun- 
sel with his princes and his mighty 
men to stop the waters of the 
fountains which were without tho 
city: and they did help him. 

Neh. xi, 14. And their brethren, 
mighty men of valour, an hundred 
twenty and eight: and their over- 
seer was Zabdiel, the son of one 
c/ the great men. 

2 Qhron. xxvl, 17. And Azariah 
the priest went In after him, and 
%vith him fourscore priests of the 
Loan, that were valiant men. 

PS. ill, 6. I will not be afhxld of 
ten thousands of people, that have 
set themselves against me round 

Ps. xxvil, 8. Though an host 
should enramp against me, my 
heart shall not fean though war 
should rise against me. In this 
wOl I be confident. 

(%zn<. iU, 7. Behold hli bed, 
which is Solomon's; threescore 
valiant men are about it, of the 
valiant of Israel 

Nah. 11, 3. The shield of his 
mighty men is nuuie red, the 
valiant men are In scarlet: the 
cliariots shaU be with flaming 
torches in the day of his prepara- 
tion, and the fir trees thall be 
terribly shaken. 


Oen. vl, 4. There were giants In 

the earth in those days; and also 

after that, when the sons of Ood 


came In nnto the daughters of 
men, and they bare cJiildren to 
them, the sume became mighty 
men which were of old, men of 

Gen. zsxlv, 26-27. And it came 
to paas on the third day, when 
they wero sore, that two^f the 
sons of. Jaoob. Simeon and Levi, 
Dinah's brethren, took each man 
his sword, and came upon the 
city boldly, and slew all the males. 
And they slew Hamor and She- 
chem his son with the edge of the 
sword, and took Dinah out of She- 
chem's house, and went out. The 
sons of Jacob came upon the 
slain, and spoiled the city, because 
they had defiled their sister. 

Judges xf, 1. Now Jephthah the 
aildkdite was a mighty man of 
valour, and ho was tho son of an 
harlot: andOilead begat Jephthah. 

Judges xv, 15-20. And he found 
a new jawbone of an ass, and put 
forth his hand, and took it. and 
slew a thousand men therewith. 
And Samson said.With the Jawbone 
of an ass, heaps wfton heaps, with 
the Jawbone of an ass have I slain 
a thousand men. And it came to 
pass, when he hod mode an end of 
spealdng, that he cast away the 
Jawbone out of his he nd and called 
that plape Rameth-iihi. And he 
was sore athirst, and called on the 
LoBD, and said. Thou hast given 
this great deliverance into the 
hand of thy servant: and now 
shall I die for thirst, and fall into 
the hand of tlie uuclrcumcisod? 
But God clave an hollow place 
that was in the Jaw, and there 
came water thereout; and when he 
had drunk, hts spirit came again, 
and ho revived: wherefore he 
called the name thereof En- 
hakkore, which is in Lehl unto 
this day. And he Judged Israel in 
the days of the Philistines twenty 

1 Sam. xvl, 1& Then answered 
one of the servants, and said, 
Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse 
tho Beth-lehemito thai is cunning 
in playing, and a mighty valiant 
man, and a man of war, and pru- 
dent in matters, and a comely per- 
son, and the Lobd is with him. 

1 Sam. xxvl, 16. And David said 
to Abner, Art not thou a valiant 
man? and who is like to thee in 
Israel? wherefore then hast thou 
not kept thy lord the king? for 
there came one of the people in to 
destroy the king thy lord. 

1 Kings i, 42. And whUe he yet 
spake, behold, Jonathan the son 
of Abiathar the priest come; and 
AdonUah said unto him. Come In: 
for thou art a valiant man, and 
brtngest good tidings. 

1 Kings xi, 28. And the man 
Jeroboam toos a mighty man of 
Taloun and Solomon seeing the 

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yovng man that bo was iodus- 
trtoofl, he made him ruler over 
all the charge of the house of 

S Kijiga r, 1. Now Naaman, 
captahi of the host of the king of 
Syria, was a groat man with his 
master^ and honourable, because 
by him the Loan had given de- 
liverance unto Syria: he was also 
a mighty man in wniouTfbtUhevxu 
a leper. 

1 Chron, Til, 9. And the sons of 
Tola; Uzxi, uid Bepbalab, and 
Jeriel, and Jahmai, and Jlbsam, 
and Shemnel, heads of their 
father's house, to wit, of Tola: they 
were valiant men of might in their 
generations; whose uumber %m» 
In the days of David two and 
twenty thousand andsixhnndrM. 

1 Qhron. vlll, 40. And the sons 
of Ulam were mighty men of 
valour. .... 

1 (Slrcm. xi, 12-14, 26. And after 
him toM Eleazar the son of Dodo, 
the AJiohlte, who vxu one of the 
three mighties. He was with 
David at Pas-dammim, and there 
the Philistines were gathered to- 
gether to battle, where was a 
parcel of ground full of barley; 
and the people fled from before 
the FhlllstUies. And they set 
themselves in th^ midst of VuU 
parcel, and delivered it, and slow 
the Philistines; and the Lord 
saved them by a great deliverance. 

. Also the valiant men of the armies 
were Asahcl the brother of Joab, 
Elhanan the son of Dodo of Beth- 

2 (;;hr(m. xvii, 17. And of Ben- 
jamin; Ellada a mighty man of 
valour. .... 

2 Sam. xxIU, 8-21, 23-39. These 
be the names of the mighty men 
whom David had: The Tachmon- 
ite that sat in the seat, chief 
among the captains; the same was 
Adlna the Eznite: he lift up his 
spear against eight hundred, 
whom he slew at one time. And 
after him was Eleazar the son of 
Dodo the Ahohlte, one of the 
three mighty men with David, 
when they doAod the Philistines 
that were there gathered together 
to battle, and the men of Israel 
wore gone away: He arose, and 
smote the Philistines until his 
hand was weary, and his hand 
clave unto the sword:and the Loan 
wrought a great victory tliat dajr, 
an I the people returned after him 
only to spoil. And after him was 
Shammah the son of Agee the 
Hararlto. And the PhUisUnes 
were gathered together into a 
troop, where was a piece of 
ground ftiU of lentlles: and the 
people fled flrom the Philistines. 


But be stood in the midst of ttie 
ground, and defended It, and slew 
the Philistines: and the Lord 
wrought a great victory. And 
three of the th Irty chief went down, 
and came to David in the harvest 
time unto the cave of AduUam: 
and the troop of the Philistines 
pitched in the valley of Rephaim. 
And David was then In an hold, 
and the garrison of the Philistines 
was then in Beth-Iehem. And 
David longed, and said, Oh that 
one would give me drink of the 
water of the well of Beth-lehem, 
which Is by the gate I And the 
three mighty men brake through 
the host of the FhiUstlnes, and 
drew water out of the well of 
Beth-Iehem, that voas by the gate, 
and took U, and brought U to 
David: nevertheless he would not 
drink thereof, but poured it out 
unto the Lord. And he said. Be 
it &r from me, O Loan, that I 
should do this: is not this the 
blood of the men that went in 
Jeopardy of their lives? therefore 
he would not drink it. These 
things did these three mighty 
men. And Abishai, the brother of 
Joab, the son ofZeruiah,was chief 
among throe. And he lifted up 
his spear against three hundred, 
and slew them, and had the name 
among three. Was he not most 
honourable of three? therefore he 
was their captain: howbeit he at- 
tained not unto the first three. 
And Bcnaiah the son of Jehoiada, 
tho son of a valiant man, of Kab- 
zcel, who had done many acts, he 
slew two Uon-like men of Moab: 
he went down al:<io and slew a lion 
in the midst of a pit in time of 
snow. And he slew an Egyptian, 
a goodly man: and the Egyptian 
had a spear In his hand; but ho 
went down to him with a stafl", 
and plucked the spear out of the 
Egyptian's hand, and slew him 
with bis own spear. He was more 
honourable than the thirty, but he 
attained not to tho first three: and 
David set him over his guard. 
Asahcl the brother of Joab toas 
one of the thirty; Elhanan the son 
of Dodo of Beth4ehem, Shammah 
tho Harodite, Elika the Uarodite, 
Uelez the Paltite, Ira tho son of 
Ikkesh the Tekoito, Ablezer the 
Anethothite, Mebunnal the Hush- 
athlte, Zalmon tho AhnMtg, 
Maharai the Ni [-spbathlto. ]|. !i b 
the son of Bi- Lfuvh.a Nt)(Cfphri(tiii<3, 
Ittal the siHi ot Ulbat uiit H)f 
Oibeahof tho chlldrLH of luiili- 
mln, Benaiah tlio i'iraUj.Miii'3, 
lllddal of tho bmnkH of tj^in-li, 
Abi-albon the ArUitlifcu. A/.^iutr 
veth the Barljutiiitt\ KkUi)3<,L ihe 
Shaalbonlte, of thn ?nnx of J \s\t-i!i^ 
Jonathan, Sliammah Uk' II.h m; ne, 
Ahiam the noei of tue 
Hararite, Eliphelet the son of 
Ahasbai, the son of the Maacha- 
thito, Eliam the son of Ahithophel 

the Gilonite, Hezrai the Cannel- 
ite, Paaral the Arblte, Igal the 
son of Nathan of Zobah, Bani the 
Oadlte. Zelek the Ammonite, 
Naharl tho Beorothlte, armour- 
bearer to Jonb the son of Zeruiah, 
Ira an Ithrite, Gareb an Ithrito, 
Uriah the Hittite: thirty and seven 


Judoes iv, 6-10. 14, 17, 18, 21, 22. 
And she sent and called Barak the 
son of Ablnoam out of Kedosh- 
naphtali, and said unto hhn, Hath 
not the Lord God of Israel com- 
manded, saving, Go and draw to- 
ward mount Tabor, and take with 
thee ten thousand men of the 
children of Naphtall and of tho 
children of Zobulun? And I will 
draw unto thee to the river 
Kishon Sisera, the captain of 
Jabln's army, with his chariots 
and his multitude; and I will de- 
liver him into thine hand. And 
Barak said unto her. If thou wilt 
go with me, then I will go: but if 
thou wilt not go with me, then I 
will not go. And she sold, I will 
surely gu with thee: notwithstand- 
ing the Journey that thou takest 
shall not be for thine honour, for 
the Lord shall sell Sisera into 
the hand of a woman. And De- 
borah arose, and went with Barak 
to Kedosh. And Barak called 
Zobulun and Naphtall to Kedcsh; 
and he went up with ten thou- 
sand men at his feet, and Deborah 
went up with him. And Deborah 
said unto Barak, Up; for this £s the 
day in which the Lord hath de- 
livered Sisera into thlno hand: is not 
the Lord gone out before thee? 
So Barak went down f^om mount 
Tabor, and ten thousand men after 
him. Howbeit Sisera fled away on 
his feet to the tent of Jael the 
wife of Heber the Kenlte: for 
there was peace between Jab\n 
the king of Hazor and the house 
of Heber the Kenite. And Jael 
went out to meet Sisera, and said 
unto hhn, Turn in, my lord, turn 
in to me; fear not. And when ho 
had turned In unto her into the 
tent, she covered him with a 
mantle. Then Jael, Heber's wife, 
took a nail of the tent, and took 
an hammer in her hand, and went 
softly unto him, and smote the 
nail into his templos, and fastened 
it into the ground: for he was fast 
asleep and weary. So he died. 
And, behold, as Barak pursued 
Sisera, Jael came out to meet 
him, and said unto him, Come, 
and I will shew thee the man 
whom thou seekest. And when 
he come into her tent, behold, 
Sisera Uy dead, and the nail toas 
to. his temples. 

J'udgts T, 24. Blessed above 
women shall Jael the wife of 
Heber the Kenlte bo, blessed shall 
she be above women in the tent. 

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JUd^tB Iz, 60-6S. Tlien wait 
Abimelech to Thebez, and en- 
camped agalnal Thebez, and took 
it. Bat there was a strong tower 
within the dty, and thither fled all 
tlie men and women, and all they 
of the city, and shut U to them, 
and got them np to the top of the 
tower. And Abimelech came 
nnto the tower, and fought against 
It. and went hard nnto the door 
of the tower to bom it with fire. 
And a certain woman cast a piece 
of a millstone npon Ablmelech*s^ 
head, and aU to broke his scull. 

Judges zi, 86, 86. And it came 
to pass, when he saw her, that he 
rent his clothes, and said, Alas 
my daughter! thou hast brought 
me very low, and thou art one of 
them that trouble me: Ibr I have 
opened my mouth unto Uie Lord, 
and I cannot go back. And she 
Biid unto him, My Mher, If thou 
hast opened thy mouth unto the 
Lord, do to me according to that 
which hath proceeded out of thy 
mouth; forasmuch as the Lord 
hi^ taken yengeance Ibr thee of 
thine enemies, eotn ot the chll> 
dren of Ammon. 

2 Sam, xl, 21. Who smote 
Abimelech the son of Jerubbeah- 
eth? did not a woman cast a piece 
of a millstone upon him f^om the 
wall, that he died in Thebez? why 
went ye nigh the wall? then say 
thou. Thy servant Uriah the 
Hittlte Is dead also. 

1 Sam, 11. 1. And Hannah pray- 
ed, and said. My heart rejoiceth 
In the Lord, mine horn is exalted 
In the Lord: my mouth Is enlarg- 
ed over mine enemies; beoause I 
reijolce In thy salvation. 


Judges 1, 12, IS. And Caleb said, 
He that smiteth Klijath-eepber, 
and taketh it, to him wUl I give 
Achsah my daughter to wife. 
And Othniel the son of Kenaz, 
Caleb's younger brother, took it: 
and he gave him Achsah his 
daughter to wife. 
I ' 1 Sam, xlv, 6. And Jonathan 

said to the young man that bare 
his armour, Come, and let us go 
over nnto the garrison of these 
unclrcumcised: it may bo that the 
Lord will work for us: for there is 
no restraint to the Loan to save 
by many or by few. 

1 8am, xvU, 8-11. 16, 28^ 88-42, 
46-61. And he stood and cried 
nnto the armies of Israel, and 
said unto them, Why are ye come 
out to set vour battle in array? 
am not I a Philistine, and ye ser- 
vants to Saul? choose you a man 
for you, and let him come down to 
me. If he be able to light with 
me, and to kill me, then will we 
be your servants: but if I prevail 


against bbn, and kffl him, then 
Shan ye be our servants, and 
serve us. And the Philistine 
said, I defy the armies of Israel 
this day; give me a man, that we 
mav fight together. When Saul 
and all Israel heard those words 
of the Philistine, they were dis- 
mayed, and greatly afraid. And 
the Philistine drew near morning 
and evening, and presented him- 
self forty days. And as he talked 
with them, behold, there came up 
the champion, the Philistine of 
Gath, Goliath by name, out of the 
armies of the Philistines, and 
spake according to the same 
words: and David beard them. 
And an the men of Israel, when 
they saw the man, fled from him, 
and were sore afhdd. And the 
men of Israel said, Have ye seen 
this man that is come up? surely 
to defy Israel is he come up: and 
it shall be, that the man who klU- 
eth him, the king will enrich him 
with great riches, and will give 
hhn his daughter, and make his 
father's house flree in Israel. And 
David spake to the men that stood 
by him, saying, What shall be 
done to the man that kllleth this 
Philistine, and taketh away the 
reproach fh>m Israel? for who is 
this unclrcumcised PhilisUne, that 
he should defy the armies of the 
living God? And the people 
answered him after this manner, 
saying. So shall it be done to the 
man that killeth htan. And Eiiab 
his eldest brother heard when he 
spake unto the men; and EUab's 
anger was kindled against David, 
and he said. Why camest thou 
down hither? and with 'whom 
hast thou left those few sheep In 
the wilderness? I know thy 
pride, and thy naughtiness of 
thine heart: for thou art come 
down that thou mightest see the 
battle. And David said. What 
have I now done? /s there not a 
cause? And he turned fh>m him 
toward another, and spake after 
the same mannen and the people 
answered him again alter the 
former manner. And when the 
words were heard which David 
spake, they rehearsed them before 
Saul: and he sent fbr him. And 
David said to Saul, Let no man's 
heart flUl because of him; thy ser- 
vant will go and flght with this 
PhUlstlne. And Saul said to 
Da^d, Thou art not able to go 
against this Philistine to flght 
with htan: for thou artbtUa, youth, 
and he a man of war from his 
youth. And Saul armed David 
wiUi his armour, and he put an 
heUnet of brass upon his beach 
also he armed him with a coat of 
malL And David girded his 
sword upon his armour, and he 
assayed to go; for he bad not 
proved U. And David said unto 
SauL I cannot go with these; fbr 

I have not proved then. An.} 
David put them off him. And lu- 
took his staff in his hand, and 
choose him five smooth stonen 
out of the brook, and put them in 
a shepherd's bag which he had 
even In a scrip: and his sling wu< 
In his hand: and he drew near u. 
the Philisthie. And the Phllb^ 
Une came on and drew ne^ unte 
David; and the man that bare the 
shield went before him. And 
when the Philistine looked about, 
and saw David, he disdained him: 
for he was but a youth, and ruddy, 
and of a fiii^ countenance. Then 
said David to the Philistine. Thou 
comest to me with a sword, and 
with a spear, and with a shield: 
but I come to thee In the name 
of the Lord of hosts, the God of 
the armies of Israel, whom thou 
hast defied. This day will the 
Lord deliver thee into mine hand; 
and I will smite thee, and Uke 
thine head flrom thee; and I will 
give the carcases of the host of the 
Philistines this day unto the fowls 
of the air, and to the wild beasts 
of the earth; that all the earth 
may know that there Is a God in 
IsraeL And all this asnembly 
shall know that the Lord saveth 
not with sword and spean for the 
battle is the Lord's, and he wlU 
give you Into our hands. And it 
came to passy when the Philistine 
arose, and came and drew nigh to 
meet David, that David hastecL 
and ran toward the army to meet 
the PhilisUne. And David put 
his hand in his bag, and took 
thence a stone, and slang it, and 
smote the Philistine in his fore- 
head, that the stone sunk into his 
forehead: and he fell upon his 
face to the earth. So David pre- 
vailed over the Philistine with a 
sling and with a stone, and smote 
the Philistine, and slew him; but 
there vxu no sword in the hand of 
David. ThereforeDavidran, and 
stood upon the Philistine, and 
took his sword, and drew it out of 
the sheath thereof, and slew him, 
and cut off his head therewith. 
And when the PhUlstines saw 
thehr champion was dead, they 

2 Sam. U, 13-16. And Joab the 
son of Zeruiah. and the servants 
of David, went out, and met to- 
gether by the pool of GIbeon: and 
they sat down, the one on the one 
side of the pool, and the other on 
the other side of the pool. And 
Abner said to Joab, Let the young 
men now arise, and play before 
us. And Joab said, Let them 
arise. Then there arose, and went 
over by number twelve of Ben- 
Jamtai, which pertained to Ish- 
boeheth the son of Saul« and 
twelve of the servants oT David. 
And they caught every one his 
fellow by the head, and thrust his 
sword in his fellow's side: so they 


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Mi down together, irlierefiyre 
that place was called Helkatb- 
haszurlm, wbicb is in QibeoiL 

8 Kings j, 2-4. Now, at soon at 
tlila letter cometh to 70a. aeeinir 
jroor master's sons cure with yoo, 
and there are with yon chariots 
and horses, a fenced city also, and 
annonr. Look even oat the best 
and meetest of your master's 
sons, and set him on bis ikther's 
throne, and flight for yonr roaster's 
house. But they were exceedlngr- 
ly afraid, and said. Behold, two 
khi^ stood not before him: bow 
ttien shall we stand? * 

9 Kings xlr, &-19. Then Am 
iob sent mossenffers to Jehoash, 
the son of Jehoahaz son of Jehu, 
king of Israel, saying, Come, let 
US look one another in the Cue. 
And Jehoash the king of Israel 
sent to Amaziah king of Jndah, 
saying. The thistle that vjos in 
Lebanon sent to the cedar that 
was in Lebanon, saying, Giro thy 
daughter to my son to wife: and 
there passed by a wild beast that 
was In Lebanon, and trode down 
the thistle. Thoa hast indeed 
smitten Edom, and thine heart 
hath lifted thee up: glory cf this, 
and tarry tX home: for why 
shouldest thou meddle to U^ 
hurt, that thou shouldest fUl, even 
thou, and Judah with thee? But 
Amaziah would not hear. There- 
fore Jehoash king of Israel went 
up; and he and Amaziah king of 
Judah looked one another in the 
fl&ce at Beth-shemesb. which be- 
Umgeth to Judah. And Judah 
was put to the worse before 
Israeli and tbey fled eyery man 
to their tents.. 


Kum, nil, 81. But the men that 
went up with him said. We be 
sot able to go up against the 
people; for they are stronger than 

Ifum. xxU,2,8. And Balak the 
■on of Zippor saw all that Israel 
bad done to the Amorites. And 
Moab was sore afraid of the peo- 
ple, because they were many: and 
Moab was distressed because ot 
the children of IsraeL 

Num. xxxli, a 0. Thus did your 
fkthors, when I sent them fh>m 
Kadesh-bamea to see the land. 
For when they went up unto the 
▼alley of Eihcol, and saw the 
land, they discourigod the heart 
of the children of Israel, that they 
should not g<} into the land which 
the Loao had given them. . 

Deut 1, 9a Whitlier shall we go 
up? our brethren have discourag- 
ed our heart. .... 

DeuL XX, a And the ofRoers 
shall speak fhrthor unto the peo- 

Sle, and they shall say. What man 
\thert that U tearful and faUit- 


hearted? let bbn go and return 
unto his house, lest his brethren's 
heart fUnt as well as his heart. 

Josh, r, 1. And It came to pass, 
when aU the Ungs of the Amor- 
ites, which were on the side of 
Jordan westward, and all the 
kings of the Canaanltes. which 
were by the sea, heard that the 
Loao had dried up the waters of 
Jordan from before the children 
of Israel, until we were passed 
over, that tlieir heart melted, 
neither was th^ir spirit in them 
any more, because of the children 
of IsraeL 

Judges vll, Z. Now therefore go 
to, proclaim in the ears of the 
people, saying, Whosoever is fear^ 
(til and afraid, let him return, and 
depart early from mount Gilead. 
And there returned of the people 
twenty and two thousand, and 
there remained ten thousand. 

1 8am, Til, 7. And when the 
PhllisUnes hoard that the chii- 
dren of Israel were gathered to- 
gether to MIzpeh, the lords of the 
Philistines went up against IsraeL 
And when the children of Israel 
heard it, they were afraid of the 

1 8am, xUI, 6.7. When the men 
of Israel saw that they were in a 
strait, (for the people were dis- 
tressed.) .... And some of 
tho Hebrews wont over Jordan to 
the land of Oad and Gilead. As 
for Saul, he was yet In Gllgal, and 
all the people followed him tremb- 

1 8am. xvll, 84. And aU the men 
of Israel, when they saw the man, 
fled f^om hhn, and were sore 

1 8am. xxili, a And David's men 
said unto him, Behold, we bo 
afhdd here In Judah: now much 
more then if we come to Keilah 
against the armies of the Philis- 

1 8am, xxvUl. 6. And when Saul 
saw the host of the Phillstbies, he 
was afVaid, and his heart greatly 

1 Kings xxlf, 82. And It came to 
pass, when the captains of the 
chariots saw Johoshaphat, that 
they said. Surely it is the kbig of 
Israel. And they turned aside to 
l)ght against hhm and Jehoshaphat 
cried out. 

Matth, xzvill, 4. And for fear of 
him the keepers did shake, and 
became as dead men, 



Eaood. XV, 14-16. The people 

shall hear, and be afhiid: sorrow 

shall take hold on the inhabitants 

of Pole Una. Then the dukes of 

Edom shall be amazed; the mighty 

men of Moab, tremblhig shall take > 


hold upon tfaem; all the tnhabl. 
tants or Canaan shalt melt away. 
Fear and dread shall fitll upon 
them: by the greatness of thine 
arm they shall be as still as a stone; 
Ull thy people pass over, O Loao, 
till the people pass aiet, vMen 
thou hast purchased. 

Eaood. xxlU, 27. I will send my 
fear before thee, and will destroy 
all the people to whom thou shalt 
come, and I will make all thine 
enemies turn their backs unto 

Lev, xxvl, 86, 87. And upon 
them that are left (dive of you I 
will send a falotneffs Into their 
hearts in the lands of their 
enemies; and the sound of ashaken 
leaf shall chase tbero; and they 
shall flee, as fleeing from a swor^ 
and they shall fall wlien none 
pursueth. And tliey shall fall one 
upiin another, as It were before a 
sword, when none pursueth; and 
re shall have no power to stand 
before your enemies. 

Deut 11, 26. This day will I be- 
gin to pot the dread of thee and 
the fear of thee upon the natlunn 
that are under the whole heaven, 
who shall here report of thee, 
and »hall tremble, and be in 
anguish because of thee. 

Dtut, xi, 25. There shall no man 
be able to stand before you: for 
the Loan your God shall lay the 
fear of you and the dread of yon 
upon all the land Uiat ye shall 
tnad upon, as he hath said unto 

i>«<f. xxvill, 7. The Loan shall 
cause thine enemies that rise up 
against thee to be smitten be- 
fure thy face: they shall come out 
agalust thee one way, uid flee 
iMffore thee seven ways. 

Josh,\i, 9-11, 94. And tiie sold 
unto the men, I know that the 
Loao hath given you the land, and 
that your terror Is fallen upon us, 
and that all the inhabitants of the 
hmd fiaOnt because of you. For we 
have heard how the Loao dried 
up the water of the Rod sea for 
you, when ye came out of Egypt; 
and what ye did unto the two 
kings of the Amorites, that were 
on the other side Jordan, Sihon 
and Og, whom ye utterly destroy- 
ed. And as soon as we had hoard 
these things, our hearts did melt, 
neither did there remain any more 
courage in any man, because of 
you: for the Loao your God, he is 
God in heaven above, and In 
earth beneath. And they said 
unto Jo^ua, Truly the Loao hath 
delivered into our hands all the 
hind; for even all the inhabitants 
of the country do faint because of 

1 8am, xlv, 16. And there was 
trembling In the host, in the field, 
and among all the people: the 

Digitized by 


garrison, und the ipoUers, tber 
alto tremblod, and tlie earth 
qiuked: fo it was a very great 

1 ^Aron. ziv, 17. And the fiune 
of David went oat into ail landft 
and the Loao bronght the fear or 
him upon all nations. 

Esthtr Ix, 3. The Jews gathered 
themselves together in their cities 
throughont all tlie provinces of 
the king Ahasueros, to laj hand 
on soch as songlit their hurt: and 
no man coold withstand them: 
for the fear of them fell upon ail 

/so. zxx, 17. One thonsand shall 
JU6 at the rebuke of one; at the 
rebuke of five shall ye flee. 

Jer. xUz, 6. 87. Behold, T will 
bring a fear upon thee, saith the 
Lord OoD of hosts, ftom all those 
that be about thee; and ye shall be 
driven out every man right forth; 
and none shall gather up him that 
wandereth. For I will cause Elam 
to be dismayed before their 
enemies, and before them that seek 
their life: and I wlii bring evil 
upon them, even my flerce anger, 
•aith the Loru; and I will send the 
sword after them, till I have con- 
sumed them. 

BxOc. xxxil, 9, 10. 1 wfll also vex 
the hearts of manj people, when I 
shall bring thy destruction among 
the nations, into the oountries 
which thou hast not known. Yea. 
I will make manj people ama7.ed 
at thee, and their kings shall be 
horribly aArald for thee, when I 
shall brandish my sword before 
them; and they shall tremble at 
every moment, every man for his 
own life, in the day of thy felL 

Obad. 9. And thy mighty men, 
Teman, shall be dismayed, to 
the end that every one of the 
mount of Esau may be out off by 





1 Sam. xvll, 64. And David took 
Mio head of the Philistine, and 
brought it to Jerusalem; but he 
put his armour in his tent. 

1 Aim. xxi, 9. And the priest 
Kild, The sword of Goliah the 
Philistine, whom thou slowest in 
the valley of Elah, behold. It is 
here wrapped In a cloth behind 
the ephod: if thou wilt take tliat, 
rake iU for there U no other save 
that here. And David said. There 
U none like that; give it me. 

1 Aim. xxxi, 8-10. And it came 
to pass on the morrow, when the 
Philistines came to strip the slain, 
that they found Saul and his 
three sons feUen in mount Qnboa. 


And tiiey cut off his head, and 
stripped off his armour, and sent 
Into the land of the Philisttoes 
round about, to publish U in ib& 
house of thefa: idols, and among 
the people. And they put his 
armour In the house of Ashtaroth: 
and they festened his body to the 
wall o^eth-shan. 

S All. 11, SI. And Abner said to 
him. Turn thee aside to thy right 
hand or to thy left, and lay thee 
hold on one of the young men, and 
take thee his armour. .... 
- 1 Kinge xxii, 88. And one wash- 
ed the chariot in the pool of 
Samaria; and the dogs licked up 
his blood; and they washed his 
armour. .... 


Keh, IH. 19. And next to him re- 
paired Ezer the Sbn of Jeshua, the 
ruler of Mlzpah, another piece 
over against the going up to the 

QanL Iv, 4. Thy neck U like the 
tower of David bulided for an 
armoury, whereon there bang a 
thousand bucklers, all shields of 
mighty men. 

/sa.xxil,8. And he discovered 
the covering of Jndah, and thou 
didst look in that day to the ar- 
mour of the house of the forest 

laa. xxxlx, 3. And Hezektah was 
glad of them, and shewed them 
the house of his precious things, 

.... and all the house of his 
armour, and all that was found in 
his treasures. 


Jndges ix, 54. Then he called 
hastily unto the young man his 
armouifbearer, and said unto him. 
Draw thy sword, and slay me, 
that men say not of me, A woman 
slew him. And his young man 
thrust him through, and he died. 

1 Aim. xtv, 7. And his armour- 
bearer said unto him, Do aU that 
is in thine heart: turn thee; behold, 
I am with thee according to thy 

1 Aim. xvl, 21. And David came 
to Saul, and stood befbre him: and 
he loved him greatly; and he be- 
came his armourbesirer. 

1 Aim. xxxi, 6. So Saul died* 
and his three 8on8,and his armour- 
bearer, and all his men, that same 
day together. 

1 Aim. xiv, 1. Now it came to 
pass upon a day, that Jonathan 
the son of Saul said unto the young 
man that bare his armour. Come, 
and let us go over to the Phillstiner 
arrison, that i» on the other side, 
lut he told not his Ikther. 

1 Aim. xxxi, 4, 6. ThensaldSaul 
unto his armourbearer, Draw thy 
sword, and thrust me througb 


therewith; test theseiuolroaiiidied 
come and thrust me throujsfh, and 
abuse me. But his armourbearer 
would not; for he was sore afhild. 
Therefore Saul took a sword, and 
fell upon it. And when his 
armourbearer saw that Saul was 
dead, he fell likewise upon his 
sword, and died with hhn. 

S Sam. xvlii, 16. And ten young 
men that bare Joab's armour 
compassed about and smote Ab- 
salom, and slew him. 

lAtke xl, S9. But when a stronger 
than he shall come upon him, and 
overcome him, he taketh fh>m 
him all his armour wherein he 
trusted, and dividoth his spoils. 

Bom. xlU, 13. The night is tax 
spent, the day is at hand: let us 
therefore cast off the works of 
darkness, and let ns put on the 
armour of light. 

S QoT, vi, 7. By the word of 
truth, by the power of God, by the 
armour of righteousness on the 
rigtit hand and on the left. 

Kph, vl, 11-17. Put on the whole 
armour of Ood, that ye may be 
able to stand against the wiles of 
the devil. For w# wrestle not 
against flesh and blood, but against 
principalities, against powers, 
against the rulers of the darkness 
of this world, against spiritual 
wickedness in high placea. where- 
fore take unto you the whole 
armour of Qod,that ye may be able 
U> withstand in the evU day. and 
liuviog done oil, to stand. Stand 
therefore, having your loins girt 
about with truth, and having on 
the breastplate of righteousness; 
And your feet shod with the pre- 
paration of the gospel of peace: 
Above all, taking the shield of 
fEilth, wherewith ye shall be able 
to quench all the flery darts of the 
wicked. And take the helmet of 
salvation, and the sword of the 
Sphit, which is the word of God. 




1 Ann. xvll, 6, 38. And he had an 

helmet of brass upon his head. 

.... And Saul armed David 

with his armour, and he put an 

helmet of brass upon his head. . . 

lea, lix, 17. For he put on 
righteousness as a breastplate, 
and an hehnet of salvation upon 
his head 

Jer. xlvl, 4. Harness the horseft 
and get up, ye horsemen, and 

Digitized by 


ftaad Ibiih with v<mr helmeti; 
ftirblBh the qiears, and put <m the 

1 Thesa, T, & . . . . And 
[put on] for an helmet> the hopeof 


Ezek.xxm,U. [They] . . . ehall 
iet against thee buckler and shield 
and helmet round about. . • . 

EzOc. xxvU, 10. They of Persia 
and of Lud and of Phut were in 
thine army, thy men of wan they 
hanged the shield and helmet In 
thee. .... 


Exod. zxvill,88. And there shall 
be an hole in the top of it, in the 
midst thereofi It shall have a bind- 
ing of woven work round about 
Mi<> hole of it, as it were the hole 
ut nn Habergeon, that it be not 

1 Sam, XTii, 6, 88. ... . And he 
wat armed with a coat of mall; 
and the weight of the coat was 
rive thonMind shekels of brass. 
AlBo he [Saul] armed hhn [pavid] 
with a coat of mail. 

IKin^Bjjii, 84. And a eerUOn 
man drew a bow at a venture, and 
imote the king of Israel between 
the joints of the harness: where- 
fore he said uifto the driver of his 
chariot, Turn thine hand, and 
and carry me out of the host; for 
I am wounded. 

S (ptron. xxvi, 14. And Utdah 
prepared for them throughout all 
the host shields, and spears, and 
helmets;, and habergeons. . . . 

Neh. Yf, 16. And it came to pass 
fh>m that time forth, that the half 
of my servants wrought In the 
work, and the other half of them 
held both the spears, the shields, 
and the bows, and the habergeons; 
and the rulers V3trt behind all the 
house of Judah. 

I9CL lix, 17, For he put on right- 
eousness as a breastplate, and an 
hehnet of salvation upon his 

1 Thus. T, & But let us, who 
are of the day, be sober, putting 
on the breastplate of faith and 

B&). Ix, 17. And thus I saw the 
horses in the vision, and them 
that sat on them, having breast- 
plates of fire, and of Jacinth, and 
brimstone: and the heads of the 
horses were as the heads of llouft 
and out of thehr months issued 
fire and smoke and brimstone. 

1 8am. xvil, 6. And Ae had 
greavet of braas upon his lega^ 


and a target of brass between his 

8 Sam. xxiil, 7. But the man 
that shall touch them must be 
fenced with iron and the staff of 
a spear; and they shall be utterly 
burned with fire In the aamA 
place. ^ 



Judget T, a They chose new 

gods; then uxu war in the gates: 

was there a shield or spear seen 

among forty thousand in Israel? 

9 8am. 1, 91. Te mountains of 
Ollboa, let there be no dew, neither 
Ut there be rain, upon you, nor 
fields of offerings: fbr there the 
shield of the mighty is vilely oast 
away, the sliield of Saul, <w 
ihouifh be had not been anointed 
with OIL 

8 Sam. viil, 7. And David took 
the shields of gold that were on 
the servants of Hadadezer, and 
brought them to Jerusalem. 

1 Kings z, 16, 17. And king 
Solomon made two hundred tar- 
gets o/ beaten gold: six hundred 
shekels of gold went to one target. 
And he made three hundred 
shields of l>eaten gold; three 
pound of gold went to one shield: 
and the king put them in the 
house of the forest of Lebanon. 

1 Kings xlv, 28, 27. And he took 
away the treasures of the house 
of the LoBD. and the treasures of 
the king's house; he even took 
away all: and he took away all 
the shields of gold which Solomon 
had made. And king Rehobcim 
made in their stead brasen shields, 
and committed them unto the 
hands of the chief of the giiard, 
which kept the door of the king's 

9 Kings xl, 10. And to the cap- 
tains over hundreds did the 
priest give king David's spears 
and shields, tiiat were in the tem- 
ple of the LoBO. 

9 Kings zlx, 82. Therefore thus 
saith the Lord concerning the 
king of As.s>Tia, He sliall not 
come Into this city, nor shoot an 
arrow there, nor come before it 
with shield, nor cast a bank against 

8 Qftron. xil, 0, 10. So Shishak 
king of Egypt came up against 
J^nisalBm, and tucik away the 
t ri-^iriiirod nf tliD house of the 
l.tynu, and the trv;iBures of the 
liLti^fS huun&y ha took all: he 
carried aw ivy aiw the sliields of 
fjf^l'l which s?iilo[ciiin had made. 
Xia.^ttiiid of Mhikjh kltigRehoboam 
taaili' ^hh lUe of bruas, and com- 
tnlrtofl ifftfii to ihi3 hands of the 
Ui.^ 4,: Uio guu-d, that kept the 
entrance of the king's house. 

9 Chron. xxlU, 9. Moreover 
Jehoiada the priest delivered to 
the captains of hundreds spears, 
and bucklers, and sliiekls, that 
had been king David's which toere 
in the house of Ood. 

Fs. XXXV, 9. Take hold of shield 
and buckler, and stand up for 
mine help. 

Isa. xxi, 6. Prepare the table, 
watch In the watchtower, eat. 
drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint 
the shield. 

Jer. xlvl. 8, 9. Order ye the 
buckler ana shield, and draw near 
to battle. Come up, ye horses; 
and rage, ye chariots; and let the 
mighty men oome forth; the 
Ethiopians and the Libyans that 
handle the shield; and the Lydlani^ 
that handle and bend the bow. 

£!se&. xxxix, 9. And they that 
dweU in the cities of Israel shall 
go forth, and shall set on nre and 
bum the weapons, both the shields 
and the bucklers, the bor-aand the 
arrows, and the handstaves, and 
the spears, and they shall bam 
them with fire seven years. 

Symbol op Diviitb 


C^n. XV, 1. After these thtaigs 
the word of the Lobd came unto 
Abram in a virion, saying. Fear 
not, Abram: I am thy shield, and 
thy exceeding great reward. 

9 Sam. xxlt.81. As for Ood, hit 
way is perfect; the word of the 
Lord is tried: he is a buckler to 
all them that trust in him. 

Pf. ill, 8. But thou, O LoBD, art 
a shield for me; my glory, and the 
lifter up of mine head. 

Ps. V, 12. For thou, Lobo, wilt 
bless the rlgfhteous; with favour 
wilt thou compass him as tcUh a 

Fs. xxxiit, 90. Our soul waiteth 
for the Lord: he is our help and 
our shield. 

Ps. xlvlt, 0. The princes of the 
people are gathered together. 
even the people of the God of 
Abraham: for the shields of the 
cart h belong unto Qod: he is great- 
ly exalted. 

Ps. lix, 11. Slay them not, lest 
my people forget: scatter them by 
thy power, and bring them down, 
O Lord our shield. 

Ps. Ixxxiv, 9. 11. Behold, O Ood 
our shield, ana look upon the face 
of thine anointed. For the Lobo 
Ood is a sun and shield: the Lord 
will give grace and glory: no good 
thing will he withhold froln them 
that walk uprightly. 

Ps. CKV, 9-11. O Israel, trust 

thou In the Lord: he is their help 

and their shield. O house of 

I Aaron, trust in the Lobd: he U 

Digitized by 


thefr help and tbeir shield. Ye 
that fear the Losd, trust In the 
Lokd: he is their help and their 

nt. cxlx, Hi. Thou €trt my hld- 
ln(? place and my shield: I hope In 
thy word. 

Ps. cxVkv, 2. Hy goodness, and 
my fortress; my hiprh tower, and 
my deliverer, my shield, and he in 
whom I trust; who subdueth my 
people under me. 

I/xm. 11. 7. He layeth op sonnd 
wisdom for the righteous: he is A 
buckler to them that walk up- 

Hw. 3DCX, S. Every word of 
God is pure: he is a shield unto 
them that put their trust in him. 


Gen. XXI, 20. And God was with 
the lad; and he grew, and dwelt 
In the wilderness, and became an 

1 8am. XTlU, 4. And Jonathan 
stripped himself of the robe that 
was upon him, hnd gave It to 
David, and his gannents, even to 
bis sword, and to hlB bow, and to 

1 ^m.zx, 90, 88, 40. And I wiU 
shoot three arrows on the side 
thereof, as though I shot at a 
mark. And he said unto his lad, 
Run, And out now the arrows 
which I shoot. And as the lad 
ran, he shot an arrow beyond him. 
And Jonathan gave hj^ artillery 
unto his lad, and said unto him. 
Go carry them to the city. 

1 Sam. xxxl, 8. And the battle 
went sore against Saul, and the 
archers hit him; and he was sore 
wounded of the archers. 

1 Kings xxil, 84. And a certain 
man drew a bow at a venture, and 
smote the king of Israel between 
the Joints of the harness. 

2Jr<n^svl,23. And he answered. 
Thou Shalt not smite them: 
wouldest thou smite those whom 
thou hast taken captive with thy 
sword and with thy bow? set 
bread and water before them, that 
they may eat and drink, and go 
to their master. 

8 Kings Ix, 24. And Jehu drew 
a bow with his tnXl strength, and 
smote Jehoram between his arms, 
and the arrow went out at his 
heart, and he sunk down In his 

9 Kings xlll. 16-18. And Ellsha 
said unto him. Take bow and 
arrows. And he took unto him 
bow and arrows. And he said to 
the king of Israel, Put thine hand 
upon the bow. And he put his 
hand upon IL- and Ellsha put his 
hands upon the klng^s hands. 
And he said. Open the window 
eastward. And he opened it. 


Then Ellsha said, Shoot. And he 
shot. And he sold, The arrow of 
the Lord's deliverance, and the 
arrow of deliverance from Syria. 
...*... And he said. Take the 
arrows. And betook tA«m. ^d 
he said unto the khig of Israel, 
Smite upon the ground. And he 
dmote thrice, and stayed. 

1 phron. X, 8. And the battle 
went sore against Saul, and the 
archers hit hhn, and he was 
wounded of the archers. 

1 (^iron. xll, 2. Tliev were armed 
with bows, and could use both the 
right hand and the left in Imrling 
stones and «Aoof/n(7 arrows out of 
a bow, even of Saul's brethren of 

Neh. Iv, 18. Therefore set I In 
the lower places behind the wall, 
and on the higher places, I even 
set the people after their fiBuniUes 
with their swords, their q^eors, 
and their bows. 






Gen* xxi, 16. And she went and 
sat her down over against him a 
good way off, as it were a bow- 

Gen. xlvlli, 22. Moreover I have 
given to thee one portion above 
thy brethren, which I took out of 
the hand of the Amorite with my 
sword and with my bow. 

Gen. xllx, 24. But his bow abode 
In strength, and the arms of his 
hands were made strong by the 
hands of the mighty God of 
Jacob; (from thence is the shep- 
herd, the stone of Israel.) 

Aitffi.xxlv,a [The Unicom] Shall 
break thefr bones, and pierce 
them through with his arrows. 

2 8am. 1, 18, 22. (Also he bade 
them teach the chlidren of Judab 
the use of the bow: behold, it is 
written in the book of Jasher.) 
From the blood of the slain, fh>m 
the fiit of the mighty, the bow of 
Jonathan turned not back, and 
the sword of Saul returned not 

2 Kings xlx, 82. Therefore thus 
saith the Lord concerning the 
king of Assyria, He shall not come 
into this dty, nor shoot an arrow 
there, nor come before It with 
shield, nor cast a bank against it. 

•7b& XX, 24. He shall flee fh>m 
the iron weapon, and the bow of 
steel shall strike him through. 

Jb&xxlx,20. My glory i0asfk«Bh 
In me, and my bow was renewed 
in my hand. 

/^. xUv, 6. For I wOl not tnisi 


In my bow, neither shall my sword 
save me. 

Ps. xlvl, 9. He maketh wars to 
cease unto the end of the earth; 
he breaketh the bow, and cutteth 
the spear in sunder, he bumeth 
the chariot in the fire. 

Ps. Ixxvl, 8. There brake he the 
arrows of the bow, the shield, and 
the sword, and the battle. Selah. 

Pa. Ixxviil, 07. But turned back, 
and dealt unfolthfully like their 
fathers: they were tuxned aside 
like a deceitful bow. 

Ps. cxxvll, 4, 6b As arrows are 
in the hand of a mighty man; so 
are children of the youth. Happy 
is the man that hath his quiver 
full of them: they shall not be 
ashamed, but they shall speak 
with the enemies In the gate. 

Isa. T, 28. Whose arrows ars 
sharp, and all their bows bent> 
their horses^ hool^ shall be count- 
ed like flint and thefr wheels like 
a whfrlwind. 

Isa. xxil, 8, 6. All thy rulers are 
fled together, they are bound by 
the archers: all that are found in 
thee are bound togethw, which 
have fled ft>om far. And Elam . 
bare the quiver with chariots of 
men and horsemen, and Kfr un- 
covered the shield. 

Isa. xll, 8. Who raised up the 
righteous man from the east, 
called him to his fbot, gave the 
nations before him, and made Mm 
rule over kings? he gave them as 
the dust to his sword, and as 
driven stubble to his bow. 

Isa. xllx. 2. And he hath made 
my mouth like a sharp sword; in 
the shadow of his hand hath he 
hid me, and mode me a polished 
shafi; In his quiver hath he hid 

Isa. Ixvl, 19. And I will set a 
sign among them, and I will send 
those that escape of them unto the 
natrons, to Tanhish, Pul. and Lu(L 
that draw the bow, to Tubal, and 
Javan, to the isles afhr off, that 
have not heard my fome, neither 
have seen my glorr, and they 
shall declare my glory among the 

Jer. T, 16. Thefr quiver <« as an 
open sepulchre, they are all 
mighty men. « 

Jer. vl, 28. They shall lay hold 
on bow and spear, they are cruel, 
and have no mercy; their voice 
roareth like the sea; and they ride 
upon horses, set in array as men 
for war against thee, O daughter 

Jer. xlvl, 9. .... The 
Lydlans, that handle and bend 
the bow. 

Jer. xllx, 86. Thus saith the 
Lord of hosts; Behol^ I wiU 
break the bow of Elam, the ohief 
of thefr ml^t. 

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Jw. 1, 9, 14, 20, 4«. Fop, lo, t wfll 
raise and came to come up against 
Babylon an assembly of prreat na- 
tions from the north conntiy: and 
they shall* set themselves in array 
against her; ftom thence she shall 
be takem their arrows «AaU ht as 
of a mighty expert mam none 
shall return in vain. Put your- 
selves in array against Babylon 
round aliout: all ye that bend the 
bow, shoot at her, spare no arrows: 
for she hath sinned against the 
LoBD. Gall together the archers 
against Babylon: all ye that bend 
the bow, camp against it round 
about; let none thereof escape: re- 
compense her according to her 
work; according to all that she 
hath done, do unto ben for she 
hath been proud against the Lo&d, 
against the Holy One of Israel. 
They shaU hold the bow and the 
lance: they art cruel, and will not 
shew mercy: their Toioe shall roar 
like the sea, and they shall ride 
upon horses, wtxy one put In 
array, like a man to the battle, 
'against thee, O daughter of Baby- 

Jer. 11, 8, 11. Against htm that 
bendeth let the archer bend his 
bow, and against htm that lifteth 
himself up in his brigandlne: and 
sparo ye not her yenng men; 
destroy ye utterly all her host. 
Make bright the arrowft gather 
the shields: the Lobo hath raised 
up the spirit of the kings of the 
Medea: for bis device is against 
Babylon, to destroy it; because it 
i$ the vengeance of the Lobo, Uie 
vengeance of his temple. 

Lanu 11, 4. He hath bent his 
bow like an enemy: he stood with 
bis right hand as an adversary, 
and slew all that were pleasant 
' to the eye In the tabernacle of the 
daughter of Zlom he poured out 
his fUi7 like fire. 

Eisek. xxl, SI. For the king of 
Babylon stood at the parting of 
the way, at the head of the two 
ways, to use divinatlom he made 
Ma arrows bright. 

Bzek. xxxlx, 8. And I wfll smite 
thy bow out of thy left hand, and 
will cause thine arrows to tail out 
of thy right hand. 

ffosea i, 6, 7. And It ih^U come 
to pass at that day. that I wlU 
break the bow of Israel in the 
vaUey of JezreeL But I will have 
mercy upon the house of Judah, 
snd will save them by the Lobo 
their God, and will not save them 
by bow, nor by sword, nor by 
batUe, by horses, nor by horse- 

HoBea vli, 16. They return, but 
not to the most High: they are 
like a deceitful bow: thehr princes 
shall fall by the sword for the rage 
of their tongue: this shall be their 
deilalonin the land of Egypt 


Amok 11, 15. Neither dial! he 
stand that handleth the bow; and 
he that is swift of foot shall not 
deliver himself: neither shall he 
that rideth the horse deliver hJm- 


tx, 10, 13. And I wfll cut 
off the chariot f^om Ephralm,and 
the horse fh>m Jerusalem, and 
the battle bow shall be out off: 
and he shall apeak peace unto the 
heathen: and his dominion sliaU be 
fh)m sea even to sea, and fh>m the 
river even to the ends of the earth. 
When I have bent Judah for me, 
filled the bow with Ephrahn, and 
raised uptliysons. OZion, agahist 
thy sons, O Greece, and made 
thee as the iword of » mighty 


£eeh. X, 4. Out of him came 
fbrth the comer, out of htm the 
nail, out of liim the battle bow, 
out of him every oppressor tO' 

Hev. Tl, S. And I saw. and be- 
hold a white horse: and he that 
sat on him had a bow; and a crown 
was given unto him: and he went 
fbrth conquering, and to conquer 





i^ xl, 2. For, lo, the wicked 

Dend their bow, they make ready 

their arrow upon the string, that 

they may privily shoot at the up> 

right in heart. 

Ps. xxxvli, 14. The wicked have 
drawn out the sword, and have 
bent their bow, to cast down the 
poor and needy, and to slay such 
as be of upright conversation. 

Ps, IvUI, 7. Let them melt away 
as waters which run continually: 
when he bendeth his bow to shoot 
his arrows, let them be as cut in 

Ps. Ixlv, 8. Who whet their 
tongue like a sword, and bend 
their bows to shoot thehr arrows, 
even bitter words. 

Prov. XXV, 18. A man that bear- 
eth false witness against his 
neighbour is a maul, and a sword, 
and a sharp arrow. 

Prov. xxvl, 18. A» a mad man 
who castoth firebrands, arrows, 
and death. 

Jer. Ix, 8, a And they bend 
their tongues like their bow for 
lies: but they are not valiant for 
the truth upon the earth; for 
they pnKjeed ftom evtt to evfl, 
and they know not me, salth the 
LoBD. Their tongue is as vi 
arrow shot out; it opeaketh deceit: 
one speaketh peactiably to his 
neighbour with his mouth, but in 
heart he layetb his wait. 


Job vl, 4. For the arrows of th^ 
Almighty are within me, the 
poison whereof drlnketh up my 
spirit: the terrors of God do set 
themselves in array against me. 

Jaib XTl, la His archers com- 
pass me round about, he cleaveth 
my reins asunder, and doth not 
spare; he poureth out my gall up- 
on the ground. 

Ps. lit, 11-13. God Jndgvth the 
righteous, and God la an^ry with 
the wicked every day. If Jie turn 
not, he will whet his sword; oe 
hath bent his bow, and made It 
ready. He hatli also prepared for 
him the Instruments of death; he 
ordaineth his arrows against the 

Pi, zvlil, 14. Yeoy he sent out 
hto arrows, and scattered them 

Ps, zxl, 19. Therefore shalt 
thou make them turn tlielr back, 
when thuu shalt make ready 
thine arrows upon thy strings 
against the lkoet>f them. 

PS. xxxTlII, 9. For thhie arrows 
stick fast in me, and thy hand 
presBoth me sore. 

Ps. xlT, 5. Thine arrows are 
sharp in the heart of the king's 
enemies; wherebjf the people lull 
under thee. 

Ps. Ixlv. 7. But God shafl shoot 
at them with an arrow; suddenly 
shall they be wounded. 

Ps. Ixxvil, 17. The clouds pour- 
ed out water: the skies sent out 
a sound: thine arrows also went 

Ps. zcl, & Thou Shalt not be 
afhild for the terror liy night; nor 
for the arrow that flieth by day. 

Ps. cxltv, 6. Cast forth lightning, 
and scatter them: shoot out thine 
arrows, and destroy thorn. 

Lam. ft, 4. He hath bent his 
bow like an enemy, , , , • 

Lam. lU, 19, 18. He hath bent 
his bow, and set mo as a mark for 
the arrow. He hath caused tlie 
arrows of his quiver to enter Into 
my reins. 

Szek, T, 16. When I shall send 
upon them the evfl arrows of fa- 
mine, which shall be for thetr 
destruction, and vrhldti I will 
send to destroy you 

ITdb. ill, 9, 11. Thy bow was 
made quite naked, aecardina to 
the oaths of the tribes, even tJip 
word. Selah. Thou didst cleave 
the earth with rivers. The sun 
and moon stood stiU In their 
hahitatiom at the light of thine 
arrows they went, and at the 
shlnhig of thy glittering spear. 

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Jv^gti XX, 16. Amnnjr all thin 
people thert vrtrt wvcn hundroil 
chosen men leflhanded; oriry 
one conlcl slln? stones at an hair 
(freadUt, and not mkfii. 

1 Sftmuel xvll. 40. 49. And ho 
took kU stair In hla hand, and 
diooso him five smnotb stones 
out of the brook, and put them in 
a shepherd's hag wliich he hod, 
ev6n in a scrip; and his sling n'tu 
In his hnnih and ho drew near to 
the PliiliRtino. And David put 
his hand In his baft, and took 
thence a stone, and slanr U, and 
smote the IMiillstlne in his fore- 
head, that the stone sunk Into hla 
fbrehead; and be full upon his Uce 
to the earth. 

2 KtitffS 111. 25. And they beat 
down the cities, and on every 
good piece of land cost every man 
bis stone, and filled it; and tlicy 
stopped all the wells of water, and 
felled all the ffood trees: only In 
Klr-harasoth left thry the stones 
thereof^, howbelt the aUnsers 
went about it, and smote It. 

1 Sam. xxT. 29. Yet a man la 

risen to pursue thee, and to seek 
thy sonir but the soul of my lonl 
shall be bound In the bundle of 
life with the J^mo thy God; and 
the souls of thine enemies, tliem 
shall lie slinpT out, Of otf< of the 

P/xw. xxvt, & As he that btnd- 
eth a stone in a slln^ so i« he 
thut givoth honour to a fool. 

/«r. X. la For thus satth the 
LoKD. Behold, I will sling out the 
Inhabitants ol the land at tliia 
ones, and will distress them, that 
they may find it so, 

Judges m, 10, 21, 22. But Ehud 
made him a dogger which had 
two e<lgx)s, of a cubit length; and 
he did gird it nmler his rainimt 
upon his right thigh. And Ehud 
put forth his left hand, and took 
the dagger fh)m his right thigh, 
and thrust It into his belly. And 
the haft also went In after the 
blade; and the fat cloned upon tJie 
bkule. so that he could not draw 
the dagger out of his bcUy; and 
the dirt came out 

Kum, XXX, 7, S. And when 
Phinchas. the son Ot Elcuzar, the 
son of Aaron the priest saw tt, he 
rose up from among the congre- 
gation, ami took a javelin In his 
han<1; Ana he went after the 
man of I>mtel Into the tent, and 
thrust tioih of them through the 
man of Israel, and the woman 
tl.r*<u;rb lier belly. So the plague 

was stayed fhmi the children of 

1 Sam, xvtil, 10. 11. And It came 
toimsM on the morrow, that the 
evil spirit fh>m God cnme upon 
Saul, and he propbeslerl In the 
midst of the houjie: and David 
played with his hand, as- at other 
timef*: and there tma a Javelin In 
Saufs hand. And Saul cast the 
Javelin; Ibr he said, I will smilo 
David even to the wall with it 
And David avoided out of his 
presence twice. 

1 Sam. xlx, 0, 10. And the evil 
spirit from the Loud was upon 
Saul, as he sat In his house with 
Ills Javulln in his hand: and David 
pkiyed with kU hand. And Saul 
sought to smile David even to the 
wall with the Javelin; but he 
slii»ped away out of Sauts pre- 
sence, and he smote the Javelin 
Into the wall: and David fled, and 
escaped that night. 

2 Sam* xvlil. 14. Then said Joab. 
I may not tarry thus with thee. 
And he took three darts In his 
hand, and tlimst them through 
the lioart of Abs.ilom. while he 
teas yet alive In the midst of the 

2 (^rrm. xxxil, 6. Also he 
pler.cUInh] strengthened himself, 
anti built up all tho wall that was 
broken, and raised it up to the 
tower s».and another wall without, 
and repaired &Iillo in tho city of 
David, and mode darts and shields 
In abundance. 

Ifeb. xll. 20. For they could not 
endure thnt which was command- 
ed, And If 80 much as a beast 
touch the mountain, It shall be 
stoned, or thrust through with a 

Prov. Yit. 28. Tin a dart strike 
through his liver, as a bird hasteth 
to the snare, and knoweth not 
that It is for his life. 


Jo$h, nil 18. 26. And the Loan 
said unto Joshua, Stretch out the 
spear that is in thy hand to^vard 
Al; for I will give it into thine 
lutncL And Joshua stretched out 
tho spear that he had in his hand 
toward tlie city. For Joshua 
drew not his hand back, where- 
i\ith ho stretched out the rpear. 
until he had utterly destroyed all 
the InhabltanU of AL 

1 Sam. xlll, 22. So It came to 
pass In the day of battle, that 
there was neither sword nor 
spear found In the hand of any of 
flie people that were with Saul 
and Jonathan: but with Saul and 
with Jenathan his son was there 

1 Sam, jytL 7 And the staff of 
tals spear foos tike a weavei^s 

beam; and bis speat's head 
weighed six hundred shekels of 
iron: curl one bearing a shield 
went before him. 

1 Snm. xxl. 8. And David said 
unto Aliimelech, And is there not 
hero under thine baud ppcar or 
sword? for I have neither brought 
my sword nor my weapons with 
mo. because the klugfs buJblnoM 
required baste. 

1 Sam, xxvl. 7. 8, 11. 10. So 
David and Ablnhai came to tho 
people by nIgUt: and, bclwld. Saul 
lay sleeping within the trench, 
and his spear stuck in tho ground 
at his bolster: but Abner aud the 
people lay around about htm. 
Then said Ablsliai to David, God 
hath delivered thine enemy into 
thine hand this day: now there- 
fore lot me smite him, I pray 
thee, with the spear even to the 
earth at once, and I will woi smUe 
him the second time. The Lobd 
forbid that 1 should stretch forth 
mine hand against tho Lord's 
anointed: but, I pray thee, take 
thou now the spear that is at his 
bolster, and the cruse of water, 
and lot us go. This thing is not 
good that thou hast done. As the 
Loan llveth, ye art worthy to die, 
liecauso ye have not kept your 
master, the Loai/s anointed. And 
now see where tho king's spoar 
is, and the cruse of water that icos 
at his bolster. 

2 Sam. 1. 6. And the young man 
that told him said. As I happened 
by chance upon mount Gilboa, be- 
hold, Saul leaned upon his spear. 

2 Sam. II, 28. Howbelt he refbs- 
ed to turn aside: wherefore Abner 
with the hhider end of tlio si>ear 
smote him under the flfth rib 
tliat tho q>ear came out behind 
him: and he fell down there, and 
died in the same place: and it 
came to pass, thai as many w 
came to the place where Asalicl 
foil doivn and died stood stUU 

2 Sam. xxl, 10. And tliere wnn 
again a battle in Cob with thc 
Philistiiies, where Elhanan the 
son of Jaare-orcglm, a Both- 
lehemlte, slew the brother of Go- 
liath the Olttite,the staff ol whoso 
spear was like a weaver's beam. 

2 Sam, zxiil, T. But the man 
that shall touch them must be 
fenced with hron, and the staff of 
a spear. .... 

1 (;!hron. xl, 11. 20. 28. And this 
is the number of tlie mighty men 
i> hom David had; Jaahubeam, an 
Ilachmonlto. the chief of tho ca)>- 
talns: he lifted up hl.s spear agalD»l 
three hundred slain by him at one 
time. And Ablshal the brotherof 
Joah. ho was chief of the three: 
for lifting up his spear against 
three hundred, he slew them, and 
had a name among the three. 
And he stew an Egyptian, a man 

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of area* ftatare, fly© cnblts h\p^; 
and iu the Egyptian's b&nd toaa a 
spear like a weaver's beam; and 
be went down to him with a staff, 
and plucked the spear out of the 
Esryptlan's band, and slew him 
with his own q>ear. 

1 ffhrm. XX. 6. And there was 
war t^gain with the Philistines; 
and Elhanan tlie son of Jair slew 
Lahml the brother of Goliath the 
G ittlte, whose spear's staff tool like 
a weaver's beam. 

Neh. Iv, 21. So we laboured In 
the work: and half of them held 
the spoan f<x)m the rising of the 
morning till the stan appeared. 

John xlx, SL But one of the 
soldiers with u spear pierced his 
8l(Ie, and forthwith came thereout 
blood and water. 

Acts xxUi. 38. And he called 
unto him two centurions, saying, 
Make ready two hundred soldiers 
to go to Cesarea, and horsemen 
t!iro^t»core and ten, and spearmen 
two itundred, at the thb^l boor of 
tlie night 

Pi. XXXV, 8. Draw out also the 
spear, and stop tke toay against 
them that persecute me: say onto 
my Boul, I am thy salvation. 

F8. Ivil, 4. My soul i$ among 
lions: and I Ue even among them 
that are set on fire, even the sons 
of men, whose teeth are spears 
and arrows, and their tongue a 
siiarp sword. 

Ps. IxvIU, 80. Rebuke the com* 
pany of spearmen. .... 

Jer. vl, S3. They shall Uy bold 
on bow and spear. .... 

NiaJium ill, 8. The horseman 
llftcth up both the bright sword 
and the glittering spean and there 
is a multitude ul slain, and a great 
number of carcases; and there U 
none end of their corpses; they 
stumble upon their corpses. 


Nwn. XXXV, la Or <f be gmite 
hira with an hand weapon of wood, 
wherewith he may die, and be die, 
he is a murderer the murdtier 
shall surely be put to death. 

Jer. 1 43. They shaU bold tin 
bow and the lance 

Jer. 11,80. Tliou art my battle 
ax aihd weapons of war. for with 
thee will I break In pieces the 
nations, and with thee will I de- 
stroy kingdoms. 

Ezek. xxvi, 9. And he shall set 
engines of war against thy walli*, 
and with his axes bo shall break 
down thy towers. 



iir onoaa to bb uskd. 
Smd, XV, 9b The enemy laid, I 


win pursue, I will overtake, I wfll 
divide the spoil; my lust shall be 
satisAcd upon tliem; I will draw 
my sword, my band shall destroy 

Num. xxll, 88. And the ass saw 
the angel of the Loao standing In 
the way, and his sword drawn in 
his hand: and the ass turned aside 
out of the way, and wont into the 
neld: and B.ilaara smote the ass, 
to turn her into the way. 

Judges vUl, 10, 80. Now Zebah 
and Zolmunna trer« In Karkor, 
and their hosts witli them, about 
fifteen thousand men, all that were 
left of all the hosts of the children 
of the east: for there fell an hun- 
dred and twenty tbous.ind men 
that drew sword. And he said 
unto Jother bis firstborn. Up, 
and slay them. Bnt the youth 
drew not his sword: fur he feared 
because be vxis yet a youth. 

Judges xx,t5, 46. And Benjamin 
went fortli agabist them out of 
Giboah the second day. and de- 
stroyed down to the ground of the 
children of Israel again cigliteen 
thousand men; all these drew the 
sword. So that all which fell 
that day of Dei^Jamln were twenty 
and five thousand men that drew 
the sword; all these were men of 

1 Sam. xvll,51. Therefore David 
ran. and stood uponth^ Philistine, 
and took Ills sword, and drew it 
out of the sheath tliereof, and slew 
him, and cut off bis head there- 

2 8am. xx, 8. When tliey ioere 
at the great stone which is in 
Gibeon, Aroasa went before them. 
And Joab's garment that he bad 
put on was girded unto him, and 
upon it a girdle vaUh a sword 
fastened upon bis loins In the 
sheath thereof, and at be went 
foith it fell out. 

8 Kings ill, 28. And when the 
king of Moab saw that the battle 
was too sore fbr him, he took with 
him seven hundred men that drew 
swords, to break through even 
unto the khig of Edom: but they 

1 Qkron. X, 4. Then said Sanl to 
bis armour-bearer. Draw thy 
sword, and thrust me tlirough 
therewith; lest these unclrcum- 
dsed come and abuse me. But 
his armourtiearer would not; for 
he was sore afraid. So Saul took 
a sword, and fell upon It. 

1 (;;hircn, xxi, 27. And the Lomo 
commanded the angel; and he put 
up his sword ogaln Into the sbeath 

John xvlil, IL Then said Jesus 
unto Peter, Put up thy sword Into 
the sheath: the cup wlUcb my 
Father hath eiv«Dmo, shall I not 
drink itf 


Acts xvl, 27. And the keeper of 
the prison awaking out of his 
sleep, and seeing tlu» priMin doors 
open, he drew oot hl^ sword, and 
would have kitlc<i himself, siip- 
posl ng tliat the prisoners had 

Leo. xxrt, 88. And I will scatter 
you among the heathen, and will 
draw out a sword after yon: and 
your land shall be desolate, and 
your cities waste. 

Isa. xxl, 15. For they fled fk-om 
the swords, from the drawn sword, 
and f^om the Ijcnt bow, and fi-om 
the grievousnotw of war. 

•Ter.xlvil 6. O thou sword of the 
Lord, how long will it be ere thou 
be quiet? put up tliygclf Into thy 
scabbard, rest, and be still. 

Ezekiel Xxl, 8-r>. And say to 
the land of Israel, Thus saith the 
Lord; Behold, I am against thee, 
and will draw forth my sword out 
of his slieath, and will cut off from 
thee the righteous and the wick- 
ed. Seeing then that I win cut off 
from thee the rigliteons and tho 
wicked, therefore sliall my sword 
go forth out of bis shoal h against 
all flesh fh)m the 6outh to the 
north: That all fiesh may know 
that I the Lord have drawn forth 
my sword out of his siiealh: It 
shall not return any more. 

EtOc xxviti, 7. And they shall 
draw I heir swords aga°n>t llie 
beauty of thy misdom, and they 
shall defile thy bilghtnesa. 

Xxekia XXX, 11. Ue and his 
people with him, the terrible of 
the nations, shall be brought to 
destroy the land: and they shall 
draw tlieU: swords against Kgypt, 
and fill the land with the slain. 


^cod. xxxii, 37. And he said un- 
to them. Thus saith the rx)RD God 
of Israel, Put every man his sword 
by his side, and go In and out 
from gate to gate throughout the 
camp, and slay every man his 
brother, and every man lib com- 
panion, and every man bis neigh- 

1 Sam. xvH, 38. And David gird- 
ed bis sword upon his armour, 
and he assayed to go; for ho had 
not proved it .... 

1 Sam. xxT, 18. And David said 
unto bis men. Gird ye on every 
man his sword. And they girded 
on every man his sword; and 
David also girded on his sword: 
and there went up after David 
about four hundred men; and two 
hundred abode by the stuff. 

S&HK. xxl,18. And Isbbi-benob, 
which was of the sons of the 
giant, the weight ol whose spear 
weighed three hundred shekels of 
brass in weighty bo belag girded 

Digitized by 


with ft new Mword, thoogltt to 
baTO tlain David. 

JMl It, 1& For tba bafldera. 
every one had his sword firded 
by bis side, and so bondem and 
he that sounded the tnunpet wu 
by me. 

P9. xW, 8. Gird thy sword upon 
eAy tliigh, O most mighty, with 
thy glory and thy majesty. 

pant ill. a They all hold 
swords, being expert in wan ovory 
man hath his sword upon his 
thigh because of fes^ ih the night. 


DeuL xxxll, 41. If I whet my 
guttering sword, and mine hand 
take hold on Judgment; I will 
render vengeance to mine ene- 
mies, and will reward them that 
hate me. 

A. tU, 12. If he turn not. he will 
whet his sword; be hath bent his 
bow, and made It ready. 

JSuk. xxl, 9-11, sa Son of man, 
prophesy, and say, Thus sailh the 
LoBo; Say, A sword, a sword is 
sharpened, and also fhrblshed: It 
Is sharpened to make a sore 
slaughter, it Is furbished that it 
may gUtter. should we then make 
mfrtli? it contemneth the rod of 
my son, as every tree. And he 
hath given it to be rorblshed. that 
It may be handled: Ibis sword Is 
sharpened, and it Is fnrbished, to 
give it into the hand of the slayer. 
And thou, son of man, prophesy 
and say, Thus salth the Lord 
God concerning the Ammonites, 
and concerning their reproach; 
even say thou. The sword, the 
fcword is drawn: for the slaughter 
U is furbislied, toconsume because 
of tho glittering. 

NOhum 111, 8. The horseman lift* 
eth up both the bright sword and 
the guttering spear. .... 


Pb. cxltx.6. Let the high praises 
of God be in their moutii, and a 
twoedged sword in their hand. 

Prov. T, 4. But her end Is bitter 
as wormwood, sharp as ft two- 
edged sword. 

Heb. iv, IS. For the word of 
God is quick, and powerful, and 
iharper than any twoedged sword, 
pierciog even to tlie dividing 
asunder of soul and spirit, and of 
the joints and marrow, and Is a 
iiacemer of the thoughts and in- 
dents of the heart. 

Iteo. 1. 16. And he had hi his 
right hand seven stars: and out of 
lis mouth went a sharp twoedged 
twonk and bis countenance vxts 
u the son shhieth In his strength. 


J00. f I, IS. And to the angel o( 

the church In Fergamos write; 
These things salth bo which hath 
tho sharp sword with two edges. 

Oen. xxxlv. 26. - And they slew 
Hamor and Shechem his son with 
the edge of the sword, and took 
Dinah out of Sbechem's house, 
and went out. 

Exod. xvit 18. And Joshua dls- 
oomOted Amalek and his people 
with the edge of the sword. 

Mim. xxl, 24. And Israel smote 
hbn with the edge of the sword, 
and possessed his land fh>m Ar- 
non unto Jabbok, evon unto the 
children of Ammom for the bor> 
der of the cblidren of Ammontou 

Joah, vl, 21. And they utterly 
destroyed all that vxu in the city, 
both man and woman, young and 
old. and ox, and sheep, and asa, 
with the edge of the sword. 

Josh, Till, 24. And it came to 
pass, when Israel had mode an 
end of slaying all the Inhabitants 
of Al in the field, in the wilder- 
ness wherein thoy chased them, 
and when tliey were all fUUen on 
the edge of the sword, until they 
were consumed, that all the 
Israelites returned unto At and 
smote it with the edge of the 

Judges f r, 16. And the Loan 
discomfited SIsera. and all his 
chariots, and all his host, with the 
edge of tho sword before Barak; 
so tlmt Slsva lighted down ofT 
his Gbarlot» and Hed ftway on his 

Ps. Ixxxix, 43. Thou hast also 
turned the edge of his sword, and 
hast not made him to stand in the 

Jer.xxl,?. And afterward, saith 
the LoB >, I wiU deliver Zedekiah 
king of Judah, and his servants, 
and the people, and sn^h as are 
left in this dty fTom the pestil- 
ence. fh>m the sword, and fVoro 
the famine. Into the hand of Ne- 
bucliadreszar king of Babylon, 
and into the hand of their ene- 
mies, and into the baud of those 
that seek their Ufe: and he shall 
smite them with the edge of the 
sword; he shall not spare them, 
neither have pity, nor have 

Luke xxl, 24. And they shall 
till by the edge of the sword, and 
shall lie led away captive into all 
nations: and Jerusalem shall be 
trodden down of the Gnntiles, 
unUt the Umes of the Gentiles be 

ffdf. xt. 84. Qoenobed the viol- 
enoe of tre. escaped the edge of 

the sword, out of weaknees were 
made strung, waxed valiant Ic 
fight, turned to flight the armiei 
of thealiena. 

2 Sam. 11, 16. And they caught 
every one his flsUow by the head 
and thruU bis sword in his fellowV 

Job XX, 25. It Is drawn, and 
onmeth out of the body; yea. the 

Sittering sword cometh out of 
s gall: terrors are ui)on hhn. 

Prov. xll, la There Is that 
speaketh like the plerclflgs of a 
sword: but the tongue of the wise 
is health. 

/so. xiv, 10. But thou art cast 
out of thy grave like an abomto- 
able brandi, and as the raiment 
of those that are slahi, thrust 
tlirottgh with a sword, that go 
down to the stones of the pit; as » 
carcase trodden under feet. 

Ezek. xvi, 40. They shall also 
bring op a company against thee, 
and they shall stone thee with 
stones, and tbmst thee through 
with theb: swords. 

Szek. xxl, 16. I have set the 
pohit of the sword against all 
their gates, that their heart may 
faint, and their ruins be multiplied: 
ah! tt is made bright^ it is wrapped 
up fbr the slaughter. 

Luke, II, 36. (Yea, a sword shaU 
pierce through thy own soul also,) 
that the thoughts of many hearts 
may be revealed. 


JBeod. V, 21. And they said unto 
them. The Lord look upon you, 
and judge; because ye have mode 
our savour to be abhorred In 4he 
eyes of Pharaoh, and in the evee 
of his servants, to put a sword in 
their hand to slay us. 

Jud(fes vli, 14. 22. And his fal- 
low answered and said. This is 
nothing else save the sword of 
Gideon the son of Joash, a man of 
Israel: /or into his hand hath God 
delivered Mldkm. and all tho host. 
And the three hundred blew the 
trumpets, and the Loao set every 
man's sword against his follow, 
even througliout all the host: and 
the host llod to Beth-shlttoh hi 
Zererath. and to tlie border of 
Abel-mebolah, unto TabbuUi. 

1 8am. XV 83. And Samuel said. 
As thy sword hath made women 
childless, to shall thy mother be 
cliildtess among women. And 
Samuel hewed Agag in pieces be- 
fore the Loan in Gllgal. 

1 Asm. xxl, 9. And the priest 
■aid, The sword of Goliath the 
PhilisUne, whom thou slowest in 

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Om raWvj of Elah, bohoW, ft H 
hire, wrapped in a dutb behind 
the ephod: if thou wilt take that, 
take it; for there is uo other save 
that here. And David said, 
Tliere is none Uke that; give It 

1 8am. xxlt. 10. 18. And he en- 
qnhxKl of Uie Lord for him, and 
gave htm victnals. and gav f him 
the Bword uf Ouliath the Philis- 
tine. And Saul said unto him. 
Why have ye conspired agaiuKt 
me, thou and the son of Jcsso, in 
that tlion haRt given him bread, 
and a i»word, and hast enquimd of 
Ood for him, that he should rise 
against me, to Uo in wait, as at 

2 Sam. it. 26. Then AbnercaUed 
to Joab ani said. Shall the sword 
devour for over? k no west thou not 
that it will be bitterness In the 
latter end? how long sliall it be 
then, ere thuu bid the people 
return from, following ^ their 

2 Snm. ill. 29. Let It rest on the 
head of Joab, and on all his 
father's honse; and lot there not 
fail from the honse of Joab one 
that hath an issue, or that is a 
leper, or that luaneth on a staff, 
or that falloth on the sword, or 
that lacketh bread. 

2 Sam, xl, 25. Then David said 
unto the messenger. Thus shalt 
tlion sny unto Joab, Let not this 
thing disploiise thee, for the sword 
devourcih one as well as anothen 
make thy battle more strung 
against the city, and overthrow It: 
and encourage thou him. 

9 Sam. xll, 10. Now therefore 
the sword shall never dep-.irt from 
thine house; because thou bist 
despised mo, and hnst taken the 
wife of Uriah the UitUte to bo thy 

2 Slam. XX. 10. But Amua toolc 
no heed to tlie sword that ioas In 
Joab's hand: so he smote him 
tliorewith In the Aflh rU>. and 
shed out his bowels to the ground, 
and struck him not again; and he 
died. So Joab and AbbUal his 
brother pursued allor ShoLa the 
sou of HichrL 

1 KliiifS ill, 24. And the king 
sold, Bring me a sword. And 
they brought a sword belore the 

Ezra ix, 7. Since. the days of 
onr fathers, hare we been in a 
great trespass unto tids day; and 
tor our iniciuitios liave we, our 
kings, and onr priests, been de- 
livered Into the hand of the kings 
of the lands, to the sword, to cap- 
tivity, and to a spoil, and to con- 
ftsion of face, as tt is this day. 

Ejthtr ix, 6. Thus the Jews 
smo'e all tlielr eneml*)S with the 
stroke of the sword, and slaughter, 
and destmctlon, and did what 


they wonld onto thoao that hatoA 

Matth. xxvl, 6L And, beheld, 
one of them which wore with 
Jesus stretched out hfs hind, and 
drew his sword, and struck a ser- 
vant of the high priest's, and 
smote off his ear. 

Luke xxIL 36. Then said he un- 
to them, But now. he that ha'h a 
purse, let him take it, and like- 
wise ftis scrip: and he that hath 
no sword, lot him sell ids garment, 
and buy one. 

MatlA. xxvl, 65. In that same 
hour said Jnim<» to the multltutles, 
Are ye come out as agalniit a i 
thief with nwortls and staves for 
to take me? I sat daily with you 
teaching in the temple, and ye 
Uild no hold on me. 

Luke xxll.33. And they said, 
Lord, behoM,hore are two swords. 
And he said unto them. It is 

Job XT, 22. He beBoTeth not 
that he shall return out of dork- 
noiv, and he is waited for of the 

Job r.XTU, 14. Tf his children be 
multiplied, u is for the swoni: 
and his cflkpring shaU not be 
sotittfled with bread. 

1*8. Ixxvilf. 62. He gave his 
people over also unto the swoni; 
and was wroth with his inherit- 

Jsa. xxxl. 8. Then shnll the 
Assyrian fall with the swortl. nut 
of a migltty man; and the sword, 
not of a mt«an man. sbu)> devour 
him: but he shall flee fW>m the 
sword, and his young men shall bo 

Isa. Ixv. 12. Tlierefbre will I 
number you to the sword, and ye 
sLall all bow down to the shiugli- 
ten because whim I called, ye 
did not answer: wh^** I spake, yo 
did not hear, but did cvd before 
mine eyes, and did dioose t/uU 
wherein I delighted uot. 

Jer. XV, 2, 9. And It shnll come 
to pass. If they say vnxUt thee, 
Whither shaB we go forth* then 
tlion tell them. Thus eiitli 
the Loao; Such as a^e for death, 
to deaili; and sucJi as are for the 
sword, to the sword; and such as 
are for the famine, to the famine; 
and such as are tor tlio captivity, 
to the captivity. She tliat hath 
borne st^vcn langtilslietn: slie 
hath given up the ghost; her sun 
Is gone down while it taas yet 
day: she hath been ashamed auvl 
con oundod: and the residue of 
them will I deliver to the sword 
before their enemies, saith the 

Jer. xlTl. la For thU is the day 
of the Lord Goo of hosts, a day of 
Tengeance, that he may avengo' 

hhn of his advcrsarloft and the 
sword shall devour, and It shall 
he satiate and made dnmk with 
their blood: for the Lord Goo of 
hosts Imth a sacrifice In the north 
country by the river Euphrates. 

Jer. xlvlll^ 10. Cursed be ho that 
docth the work of the Lori> de* 
coitfolly, and cursed be lie that 
kecpeth back his sword from 

Ezek. T, 2. Thou shalt bum 
with Are a third part In the midst 
of the city, when the days of the 
siege are fblfllled: and thou shalt 
Uike a third part, and smite about 
it with a knife: and a third part 
thou slinlt scatter in the wind; 
and 1 wiU draw out a sword after 

Sxek. xl, S. Ye have fsared the 
sword; and I will bring a sword 
upon yxm, saith the Lord God. 

Exek. xxi, 12. Cry and howl, son 
of man: for It shall be upon my 
people, it sfiatt be upon all the 
princes of Israel: terrors by reas- 
on of the sword {liall be upon my 
people: smite Uietefore upon (Ay 

J?r«*. XXX, 22. Therefore thus 
saith the Lfird Uoi>: Behold, I am 
against riiaraoh king of lCg>'pt, 
and will break his aim.s, the 
strong, and that which was bro- 
ken; and I will cause the sword to 
faB out of Ills baud. 

Esek. XXXV, ft. Bocatir* then 
thou hast had a porpotual hatred, 
Olid hast shud the blood o/ the 
children of Israel by the force 
uf the sword In the time of their 
ci*J;tinity. in the time UuU their 
luUiuity had an end. 

Ezek. xxxlx, 23. And the heath- 
en shall know that the Iioum of 
Israel wont Into c«.ptlvity for 
tlM»lr Iniquity: because thoy tres- 
pa sed agaliut me, therefore hid 
1 my face from them, and gave 
them iuto the hand of tiiilr 
eneiiiles; so feB they oB by the 

Jt^ 11, & Neither shaB one 
thrust another; tliey shall walk 
every cme In his path: and tchen 
they foil upon the sword, they 
shall not be wounded. 

Amos Ix, 10. All the sinners of 
my people shall die by the sword, 
which say, The evil shaB uot 
overtake nor prevent ui. 

Xech. xl, 17. Woe to the Idol 
shepherd that leavoth the flockl 
the sword sltall be upon his arm. 

Cfen. xxvli, 40. And bT thy 
sword slialt thou live, and shalt 
servo thy brother; and It sh-jll 
come to pass when thou shalt 
have the domlnton, that thuu shalt 
break his yoko firom off thy nock. 

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Ewd, 3ntlU 21. Ana my wrath 
gholl wax hot, and I will klU you 
with the BWord; and your wives 
shall 1)0 widows, and your chil- 
dren liithorlc»8. 

Lets. XXV), 7. And ye shall chose 
your enemies, and they shall fiill 
Defure you by the swor J. 

^^Tiim. xir, 43. For the Amale- 
kItM :tnd the Canonnltes art 
there bufure you, and ye sliull fall 
by tlie sword: bccanse yo are 
turned away from the Lord, 
tlicrororo the Lobi> will not be 
with you. 

Kum. xxxi, & And they slew 
the kings of Midian, leslde the 
rest of them that were slain; 
namelv, Evi. and Rokom, and 
Zur, and Ilur, and Rebo, five 
kins* of Midian: Balaam also the 
son of Deor they sle»v with the 

Deut. xxvlli, 22. The Lord shall 
emitc tlice with a consnmiaion, 
and with a foror, arid with an in- 
flammation, and with an extreme 
buruins, and with the sword. . . . 

Josh. X. IL . . . T^ were 
more which died with hailstones 
than theif whom the children of 
Israel slew with the sword. 

Josh, xt, 10. And Joshua at that 
time turned back, and took Hozor, 
and smote the king tliereof wHh 
the sword: for IloKor bcforetime 
was the head of all those khigrdoraii. 

2 Sam. 1,12. And they mourned, 
end wept, and fisted until even, 
for Sitd. and for Joniitliun his 
son, and for the people of the 
Lord, and fur tlie house of Israel; 
because they were fallen by the 

1 Kings xlx, 10. And he said, I 
bare been rery Jealous for the 
Loan -God of hosts: fur the chil- 
dren of Israel have forsaken thy 
covenant, thrown down tliine 
altars, and slain thy proplicts 
with the sword; and I, evett I on'y, 
am left: and they seek my lUe, to 
take it away. 

2 Kings xlx, 7. Behold, I will 
send a blast upon him, and he 
shall hear a mraonr, and shall 
return to his own land; and I will 
cause him to foil by the sword In 
Ills own land. 

2 Qhron. xxl, 4. Now when Jo- 
borotn was ri«ien up to the kins:- 
dom of his father, he stren^tlion- 
ed himself, and slew all his brotli- 
ren with the sword, and differs 
also uf the prbiocs of Israel. 

2 Qhron, xxix. 9. For, lo, our 
fiitliers have fallen by the sworvl, 
and our sons and our dautchtcrs 
and our wives are In captivity for 

2 C^ron. xxxvl, 17. Thoroforo 
he brou;r1it upon them the kin? 
of the Cbaldoos, who slew their 


» Torniff men with the sword In the 
liouse of tiieir sanctuary, and had 
no compossfun n;>iin yo'mjr man 
or maiden, old mm. or aim 
sto<ipud lor age: be gave them all 
hito his hand. 

Ps. xUv, 8. For they got not the 
land lu possojtslon by their own 
sword, neither did thoir own arm 
save thcnu but tliy riglit hand, and 
thine arm. and tiio light of tliy 
conntonance, bccanse thou hadst 
a favour unto them. 

Pi, Ixxvlii, 64. Thoir priests fell 
by the sword, and their widows 
made no lamentation. 

Isa. ill. 26. Thy men shall m\ 
by tlie sword, and thy mighty In 
the war. 

ISO. xlll, 15. Every one that Is 
found slull bo thrust throngli; 
and every one that is Joined unto 
them sliall fall by the sword. 

ISO. xxxvil. 7, 88. UehoU, I will 
send a blast upon him, and he 
sliall hear a rumour, and return to 
his own Inud; and I will ciuso 
him to fall by the sword in Ills own 
land. And it came to paf». as he 
was worHhippIn? in tlie house of 
Nisrochhii* go<l, tliat Adrommel- 
ech and Sharezer lil^ sons smote 
him with the sword; and tliey 
escaped Into the land of Armenia: 
and Kaar-hoddon his son reigned 
In his stead. 

Jer. xl, 22.' Therefore thus saith 
the LORo of ha5ts, Behold. 1 will 
punish them: the young men shall 
<ilo by the sword; their sons and 
tJieir daugbtora sludl die by 

Jer. xlx, 7. And I will make 
void the counsel of Judah and 
Jerusalem In this place; and I will 
cause them to fall by the sword 
before tlieir enemies, and by the 
hands of tliem that seek thehr 
lives: and tliuir carcases will I 
give to be meat for the fowls of 
the heaven, and for the boasts of 
the earth. 

Jer. XX. 4. For thus salth the 
Lord, Behold, I will make thee a 
terror to thyNOlf, and to all thy 
fHcnds: and they shall foil by the 
sword of tlieir enemies, and thine 
eyes sh.all behold it: and I will 
give all Jndah into the hand of 
the king of Babylon, and he shall 
carry them captive into Babylon, 
and shall shiy them with tho 

Jer. xxx!x, la For I will sorely 
deliver thee, an I thou shalt nut 
fill by tho sword, but thy life sliall 
be for a prey unto thee: because 
thou host put thy trust la me, 
saith the Loan. 

Jer. xll. 2. Then arose Ishmao! 

the son of Nuthaulah. and the ten 

men tliat were with htm. and 

mote Gtodaliah the son of Ahlkam 


tho son of Rhaphan with the 
sword, and sl-iw him, whom the 
king of B.vbylon had made gover- 
nor over the land. 

Fzek. V, 12. A third p-irt of theo 
shall die with tho ppjitllence. :ind 
with famine shall tlioy bo con- 
sumed in tho mitb»t uf thee: and a 
third part shall fail by tlie Rword 
round about tiice; ami 1 will scat- 
ter a third part into all the winds, 
and I will draw out a sword after 

Ezdc. vl, 12. He tliat Is far ott 
shall die of the postilonc^. and he 
'tlMt is near shall fill by tlie sword; 
and he that remnincth anl Is be- 
sieged shall di(' by the fuintne: 
thus will I accomplish my fury 
upon them. 

JSzek. xl 10. Ye shaU fell by the 
sword; I will Juilge yon In tlie 
iNirdcr of Israel; and ye slioU know 
that I am the l.oao. 

JEscfr.xvll.21. And all his fugi- 
tive:* with ail hli bands shall fall 
by the sword, and they that re- 
mail! shall be scaitorod toward all 
win. Is: anti ye shill know thit I 
the Lottu have spoken it. 

Kzek. xxili. 25. And I wHl set 
my Jealousy againBt thee, and 
titcy shall deal furiously with 
thee: they shall take away thy 
nose ond tlilne ears; an^ thy 
remnant shall fall by the sword: 
they shall take tliy sons and thy 
daughters; and thy residue ehoi: 
be devoured by the Are. 

Kzek. xxlv, 21. Speak unto the 
house of Israel, Thus saith the 
Lord God; Behold, I will profane 
my sanctuary, the excellency of 
your strength, the desire of your 
eyes, and that wlUch your soul 
pltleth; and your sons ami your 
daughters whom ye have left 
shall fM by the sword. 

Szek. xVv, 18. Therefore thus 
salth the Lord Goxr, I will also 
stretch out mine hand upon 
Edom, and will cut off man and 
beait from It; nnd 1 will make 
It desolate from Tcman; and they 
of Dedan shall CUI by the HV/ord. 

JErc';. XXX, 5, 6 17. Ethiopia, and 
Libya, and Lydla. and all tho 
mingled people, and Chub, and 
the men of tlie land that is In 
league.sliall fall witli them by tho 
sword. Thus salth the «.ono: 
They also that uphold Egypt blioil 
fall; and the pride of her power 
shall come down: from tlio tower 
of Syene shall they fall in It l»y 
the swonl. sailh the I^rd God. 
The young men of Avon ond of 
PMieseth shall fall by the swonU 
and these cUies shall go into cap- 

Exek, xxxll. 27. And they shaU 
not lie with the miglity tf*at are 
fallen of the undrcumcised, which 
are gone down to hell with their 

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weapons of ttiir txid they hftvv 
laid their sworde under their 
heads, but their Iniquities shall 
be upon their bones, though t&ev 
were the terror of the mighty in 
the land of the llTing. 

Dan, xi, 88. And they that un- 
derstand among the people shall 
instruct many: yet they shall fall 
by the sword, and by flame, by 
captivity, and by spoil, manif 

Bee, xlU, 16. Samaria shall be- 
come desolate: for she hath re- 
belled against her God: they shall 
all by the swurd: their Infants 
shall be dashed in pieces, and 
their women with ohild abaU be 
ripped up. 

• Amos tr, 10. 1 hare sent among 
you tho pestilence after the man- 
ner of Egypt^ your young men 
have I slain with the sword, and 
have token away your horses; and 
I have made the stink of your 
camps to come up unto your nos- 
trils: yet have ye not returned 
unto mo, saiih the Loan. 

^motvlI,9, 17. And the high 
places of Isaac shall be desolate, 
and the sanctuaries of Israel shall 
be laid waste; and I will rise 
against the house of Jeroboam 
with the sword. Therefore thus 
soirh the Loan; Thy wife shall be 
an harlot In the city, and thy sons 
and thy daughters shall fall by 
the sword, and thy land shall be 
divided by lino; and thou shalt 
die In a polluted land: and Israel 
shall surely go Into captivity forth 
of his hind. 

Amos ix, 1. I taw the Lord 
standing upon the altan and he 
said, Bmite tho lintel of the door, 
that the posts may shake: and cut 
them in the head, all of them; and 
I will slay the last of them with 
the sword: he that fleeth of Uiem 
Shall not flee away, and be that 
escapeih of them shall not be de* 

Mieah r, 6. And they shall 
waste the hind of Assyria with 
the sword, and the hind of Nlmrod 
In the entrances thereof: thus 
shall he deliver ue from the Assy- 
rian, when ho cometh Into our 
land, and when he treadeth within 
our l)ordcrs. 

Bte9^U,23. .... IwIW ovei^ 
throw the chariots, and those that 
ride in them; and the horses and 
their riders shall come down, 
every one by the aword of hla 



Devt xxxll, «. I will make 
thine arrows drunk with blood, 
and my sword shall devour flesh; 
and that with the blood of the 
sUiln and of the captives, from the 
beginning of revenges upon the 

2 Qkron, zx, 0. 1% viihen evil 
cometh upon us, as the sword, 
Judgment, or pestilence, or famine, 
we stand before this house, and m 
thy presence, (for thy name U in 
this house,) and cry unto thee in 
our aflliction, then thoti wilt bear 
and help. 

Jdb xlx, 20. Be ye afraid of the 
sword: for wrath bringeth the 
punishments of ttie sword, that ye 
may know there U a Judgment 

P». xxll, 20. Deliver my soul 
fh>m the sword 

Isa. miv. 6. The sword of the 
LoBD is filled with blood, it is 
made &t with fiitnoss, and with 
the blood of lambs and goats, with 
the fat of the kidneys of lams: for 
the Lord hath a sacrifice in Bos- 
rah. and a great slaughter in the 

lea, Irvi, 10. For by Are and by 
his sword will the Lobd plead 
with all flesh: and the slaUi of the 
Loao shall be many. 

Jer. Iv, 10. Then said I. Ah, 
Lord God! surely thou host great- 
ly deceived this people and Jeru- 
salem, saying. Ye shall have 
peace; whereas the aword reacb- 
eth unto the soul. 

Jer. xil, 12. The epoHers are 
come upon all high places through 
the wlldemess: for the sword of 
the Lobd shall devour lh)m the 
one end of the land even to the 
other end of the land: no flesh 
shall have peace. 

Jer, zzv, 81. A noise shall come 
ecen to the ends of the earth; for 
the Lord hath a controversy with 
the nations, lie will plead with nil 
flesh; ho will give them VuU 
are wicked to the sword, soith the 

Jer. 1, 88, 87. A sword is upon 
the liarr, and they Hliall dote: a 
s%vurd is upon her mighty men; 
and they shall bo dismayed. A 
sword U upon thehr horses, and 
upon their chariots, and upon all 
the mingled people that are in 
the midst of her, and they shall 
become as women: a sword is 
upon her treasures; and they shall 
to robbed. 


JUelt T, 17. 8o wni I send Upoz« 
you flimlne and evil beaiits, and 
they shall beredvo thee; uud pes- 
tilence and blood shall pass 
tlirough thee; ond I will bring tne 
sword upon thee. I the Lord 
have spoken U, 

Bxek, xiv, 17, 2L Or V I bring a 
sword upon that land, and say. 
Sword, go through the laud; so 
that I cut off man and beiist fWnn 
it: For thus saith the Lord God; 
How much more when 1 send my 
four sore Judgments up<m Jeru- 
salem, the sword, and the famhie, 
and the noisome beast, *and the 
pestilence, to cut off from It man 
and beast? 

Zech. xlii, 7. Awake, O sword, 
against my Shepherd, and against 
the man thai ie my fellow, saith 
the Lord of hosts: smite (ho Shep- 
herd, and the sheep shall be scat- 
tered; and I will turn mine hand 
upon the little ones. 

MaWi, X, 84. Think not that I 
am come to send peace on cnrtlu 
I came not to send peace, but a 

Rev. 11, 16. Repent; or else I will 
come unto thee quickly, and wlli 
fight against them with the sword 
of my mouth. 

Bev. vl, 4. And there went out 
another horse that ims red: and 
pmo^jr was given to him that sat 
thereon to take peace from tho 
earth, and that they should kill 
one another: and Uiere was given 
unto him a great sword. 


Pa. xvli, 13. Arise, O T^ito, dis- 
appoint him, cast him down: de- 
liver my soul from the wicked. 
ioMch ia thy sword. 

PS. xxxvll, 16. Their sword shall 
enter into their own heart, and 
their bows shall to broken. 

J*. Ux, 7. Behold, they tolcJi 
out with thefr mouth: swords are 
in their Ups: for who, say they, 

Ps. Ixlv, 8. Who whet their 
tongue like a sword, and bend 
their bows to shoot their arrows, 
ecen bitter words. 

Prov, XXV, 18. A man that bear 
eth false witness against his 
neighbour is a maul, and a sword^ 
and a sharp arrow. 

Prop. XXX, 14. There is a gener* 
atlon. whose teeth are as swords 
and their Jaw teeth as knives, to 
devour the poor fr*om off the 
er/tik, and tto needy from aaumg 

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Gm. U, 7. And the Loan Ood 
fbrmed nx»n of the dust of the • 
ground, and breathed Into his 
nostrils the breath of life: and 
man became a livhig souL 

Neh, Ix, 87. And It yleldeth 
much increase unto the kings 
whom thon hast set over ns be- 
cause of onr sins: also they have 
dominion over otlr bodies, and 
over oor cattle, at their pleasore, 
and we ar^ in great distress. 

Jdb X. 0. Remember, I be- 
eeech thee, that thon hast made 
me as the day; and wilt thoa 
bring me into dust again? 

Jobx\\\,\i. Your remembrances 
tart Uke unto ashes, your bodies 
to bodies of clay. 

A. xxU, 0, 10. But thou art ho 
that took me out of the womb: 
thou didst make me hope v)hen I 
was upon my mother's breasts. I 
was cast upon thee ftom the 
womb: thou art my Ood fh>m my 
mother's belly. 

Ps. Uxl, 6. By thee have I been 
holdenup from the womb: thou 
art he that took me out of my 
mother's bowels: my praise tluM 
be continually of thee. 

Ps. cxixix, 18-16. For thou hast 
possessed my reins: thou bast 
covered me In my mother's womb. 
I will praise thee; for 1 am fear- 
fUUy and wonderfully made: mar- 
vellous are thy work^ and that 
my soul knoweth right welL My 
snlistanoe was not hid from thee, 
when I was made in secret, ana 
curiously wrought In the lowest 
parU of the earth. Thine eyes 
did see my substance, yet being 
unperfect; and In thy book all mv 
tnembera were written, wMeh in 
continuance were fashioned, when 
as yet there was none of them. 

/so. U, S3. But I win put it Into 
the hand of them that afflict thee; 
which have said to thy soul, Bow 
down, that we may go over: and 
thou host laid tliy body as the 
ground, and as the street, to them 
that went over. 

Dan. Ill, SB. Then Nebuchad- 
nezzar soake, and said, Blessed be 
the Qod of Bhadrach, Meshach, 
and Abed^iego, who hath sent his 
angel, and delivered his servants 
that trusted hi him, and have 
changed the kUig's word, and 
yielded their bo<Ues, that they 
might not serve nor worship any 
god, except theh: own Ood. 

Dan. vU, 15. I DtDlel was 

grieved In my spirit, In the midst 
of mt body, and the visions of my 
head troubled me. 

Matth, X, 88. And fear not 
them which kill the body, but are 
not able to kill the souk but 
rather fear him which Is able to 
destroy both soul and body In 

J20ffi.vll, S4. O wretched man 
that I ami who shall deliver me 
from the body of this death? 

8 Qor. y, a We are confident, I 
saif, and willing rather to be 
absent from the body, and to be 
present with the Lord. 

8 Qor, X, 10. For his letters, say 
they, are weighty and powerful; 
but hts bodilv presence is weak, 
and his speech contemptible. 

Beb, xill, 8. Remember them 
that are In bonds, as bound with 
them: and them which suffer ad- 
versity, as being yourselves also 
In the body. 

James 11, S8. For as the body 
without the spirit Is dead, so faith 
without works Is dead also. 


JtoM. xU, 4, 6. For «• w© have 
many members In one body, and 
all members have not the same 
office: Bo we, being many, are one 
body in Christ, and every one 
members one of another. 

1 (fer. xll, 14-86. For the body 
is not one member, but many. 
If the foot shall say, Because I am 
not the hand, I am not of the 
liody; Is It therefore not of the 
body? And If the ear shaU say, 
Because I am not the eye, I am 
not of the bod]^ Is It therefore not 
of the body? If the whole body 
loere an eye. where losre the 
hearing? If the whole toere hear- 
ing, where were the smelling? But 
now hath God set the members 
every one of them In the body, as 
It hath pleased htm. And If they 
were all one member, where were 
the body? But now are they 
many members, yet but one body. 
And the eye cannot say unto the 
hand, I have no need of thee: nor 
again the head to the feet, I have 
no need of you. Nay, mudi more 
those members of the body, which 
seem to be more feeble, are neces- 
sary: And those members of the 
body, which we think to be less 
honoorabiSj upon thes* we be- 


stow more abundant honour, and 
our uncomely parts have more 
abundant comeliness. For onr 
comely parts have no need: but 
Ood hath tempered the body to- 
gether, having given more abund- 
ant honour to that part which 
lacked; That there should be no 
schism In the body; but that' the 
members should have the same 
care one tor another. And 
whether one member suffer, all 
the members suffer with It; or one 
member be honoured, all the 
members r^oice with It. 

Eph. 1, 88. Which Is his body, 
the ftdness of him that flUeth aU 

^h, II, 16. And that he might 
reconcile both unto Ood In one 
body by the cross, having slain 
the enmity thereby. 

Eph. ill, 6. That the OentUoe 
should be fellowhelrs, and of the 
same body, and partakers of his 
promise In Christ oy the gospel. 

Eph. Iv. 4, 18, 16. Thare is one 
body, and one Spirit, even as ye 
are called In one hope of your 
caJUng. For the perfecting of the 
saints, for the work of the minis- 
try, for the edifying of the body 
of Christ From whom the whole 
body ntly Jotaied together and 
compacted by that which ever> 
ioint supplleth. according to the 
effectual working hi the measure 
of every part, maketh Increase of 
the body unto the edifying of It- 

^Ifh. V, 88. For the husband Is 
the head of the wife, even as 
Christ is the head of the churclu 
and he is the saviour of the body. 

(Mos. I, 18, 84. And he Is Uie 
head of the body, the cburclu 
who Is the beglnnhig, the first- 
born fh>m the dead; that In all 
things he might have the pre- 
eminence. Who now r^olce in 
my sufferings for you, and All np 
that which Is behind of the afflic- 
tions of Christ In my flesli for his 
body's sake, |rhlch Is the church. 

CMOS. 11, 10. And not holding 
the Head, from which aU tlie 
body by Joints and bands havtog 
nourishment ministered, and knit 
together, Increaseth with the tn- 

Qotos. Ill, 15. And let the peece 
of Ood rule In your hearts, to the 
which also ye are caUod in one 
body; and be ye tbankfUL 

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Horn, xl, 6, 12. Knowing: this, 
tbot onr old man to crudflcd with 
hUn, tlittt tho body of sin might bo 
destroyed, that henceforth we 
Fhonld not serve sin. Let not sin 
Uitirofure reign in your mortal 
body, that ye should obey it in 
the lasts thereot * 

Jiom. via. 10, 11. 18, W. And If 
Christ be in yon, the body is dead 
becanse of sUi; bnt tho Spirit is 
life because of righteousness. But 
if tlie Spirit uf lilui that raised up 
Jesus from the dea<l dwell in you, 
he (litit raised up Christ from the 
dead shall also q^-icken your mor- 
tal bodies by his Spirit that dwell- 
eth in you. For if ye live after 
the flrali. ye shall die: but if ye 
through the Spirit do mortify the 
deeds of the body, ye sliall live. 
And not only thev. l>ut onnelves 
also, which have ihe (Irstfnilts of 
tho Spirit, even we ourselves 

Srroan within ourselves, waiting 
or the adoption, to wit, tlie re- 
demption of our body. 

Bim. xll, 1. I beseech you there- 
fore, brethren, by the mercies of 
Goil, that ye present your bodies 
a livbig sacrince, holy, acceptable 
unto Goil, which ia your reason- 
able service. 

1 Qryr. yl. 18, 15, 18-50. Meats 
for the belly, and the belly for 
moatst but Ood shall destroy both 
it and them. Now the body is 
not for fornication, but for the 
I.^rd; and the Lord for the body. 
Know ye not that your bodies 
are the members of Christf shall 
I then take the members of 
Christ, and make than the mem- 
b«>rs of an hariot? God forbid. 
Flee fomicathm. Every sin that 
a man doeih to without the body, 
but he that commlttoth (bmlcaUon 
sinneth against his own body. 
What? kn«)W ye not that your 
body is the temple of the Holy 
Qliost which i8 in yon, which ye 
have of God. and ye are not your 
own? For ye are bought with a 
price: theretoro glorify God in 
your body, and in yonr sphit, 
which are God's. 

1 Qor. vli, 81. There to differ- 
ence €Uso between a wife and a 
virgin. The unmarried woman 
caroth for the tldngs of the Lord, 
that she may be holy both in body 
and in spirit: but sh# that to mar- 
ried carcth for the things of the 
worid, how she may pleaie A«r 

1 Cor. Ix, 27. But I keep under 
my body, and bring it Into sub- 
jection: lest that by any means, 
when I htive preached to others, 
I myself should be a castaway. 

9 On". Ir, 10. Always bearing 
•boat in the body the dying of 


Rieti«yr9 Jesus, thai the life also of 
Jesus might be made manifest in 
our body. 

2 Qor. ▼, 10. For we must all ap- 
pear before (bo Judgment seat of 
Christ; that every one may receive 
tlie things tUme in fits body, 
according to that he hath done, 
whether U be good or baiL 

Oal. vi, 17. From henceforth let 
no man trouble me: for I bear In 
my body Uie marks of tlie Lord 

PhO. 1, 20. According to my 
earnest expectation and my hope, 
that in nothing I sliall bo asliam- 
ed, but thai with all boldness, as 
always, $o now also Christ shall 
be magnined In my body, wiiether 
Ubeby life, or by death. 

Phn. ill, 21. Who shaU change 
onr Tile body, that it mny be 
foshloned like unto hto glorious 
body, according to tlie working 
whereby ho Is al>le even to sub- 
due all tilings nnto himself. 

1 The*8. V, 28. And the rery 
God of peace sanctify you whoil)*; 
and Jprtty God yonr whole spirit 
and soul and body be preservod 
blameless unto the oommg of our 
Lord Jcsns Christ 

(Su tmder Dlaeau and Death.) 


Gen. vl, 4. There were gtonts In 
the earth in those days; and also 
after that, when the suns of God 
came in unto the dauprliters of 
men, and they bare c/iUdren to 
them, the aime became mighty 
men wliich were of old, men ot re- 

Num. zUI, 22, 82. And ther 
ascendel by the south and camo 
nnto Uc'bron: where' Ahlman, 
Sheshai, and Talmal, the children 
of Anak. were. (N(jw Hebron 
was built seven years before 
Zoan in Egypt.) And tlioy 
brouglit up an evil report cf the 
land which they had searched 
unto the children of Israel, sayiu?, 
The land, through wlilch we have 
gone to search it. is a land that 
eatelh up the Inhabitants thereof; 
and all the people that we saw in 
it are men of a great stature. 

Deut. II, 10. 11, 20. The Emims 
dwelt therein in times past, a peo> 
pie great, and many, and tall, as 
tho Anakiros; Which also were 
accoanted giunts»as the Anaklma; 
bnt the Moabites call them 
Emims. That atoo was accounted 
a hind of giants: giants dwelt 
therein in old time; and the Am- 
monite* call them Zamzummlms. 

Judges I. 20. And they gave 
Hebron nnto Caleb, as Moses 
said: and ho expelled thence the i 
three aooi of Aiukk. I 


1 Sam. X, 23. And ther inn and 
fetched htm [Saul] tlienct: nnd 
wh'»n ho stood anioii-jr tlie ptjople, , 
ho was hijclier tliuu any of the peo- 
ple from his shoulders and upward. 

1 Sam. xvll. 4. And there wert 
out a champion out of tho cinip 
of tlie Phlllrttines, n imod Goliath, 
of Gath. whose height was six 
cttbits and a span. 

2 Jr/n<^s T, f. And tho Syrians 
had gone out by companies, and 
h:ul brought away captive out. of 
the lauil of If^rael a little maid; 
and she waited on Naaman's 

1 ^ron. xl, 23. And he slew an 
EfOptlaii. a man of great stature, 
five cubits high. 

Qint. vU, 7, 8. This thy itatnre 
Is like to a palm-tree, and thy 
bre;itits to ■ clusters qf grapes. I 
said, I will go np to Ihe patiii tree, 
I will take hold of tho boughs 
thereof. .... 

Jifatth. xl. 27. Which of you by 
taking thought con add one cubit 
milo his stature? 

Luke xix, 8. And ho sought to 
soe Jesns who he was; and could 
not for tlie pross^ because he waa 
little of itatoro. 


Gen. xxvll, 27. And bo qamo 
near, and kissed him: and ho 
smelled the smell of his raiment, 
and blessed him, and said, See, 
tlie smell of my son is as the 
smell of a field which the Loan 
liath blessed. 

Bxod. It, 11. And the Loan said 
nnto hira. Who hath ma^io man's 
montli? or who maketh the dumb, 
or deaf, or the seeing, or the 
blind? have not I the Lono? 

1 Aim. ill, 11. And the Ix>bd 
•aid to Samuel, Behold, I will do 
a thing In Israel, at which both 
the ears of every one that beareth 
It shall Ungle. 

Job Tl, 80. Is there Iniquity in 
my tongui^ cannot my taste dis- 
cern perverse things? 

Job xli, 11. Doth not the ear 
try words? and the mouth taste 
hto meat? 

Job xxxiT, 8. For the ear trieth 
wonto, as the mouth tasteth meat. 

Ulcah Yll, 16. The nations shnll 
see nnd be confounded at all tlielr 
might: tliey shall lay their hand 
upon fAe^ mouth, their ears shall 


Job XX, 23. IVhen he is about to 
flu hto belly. Ood shall cast Uio 
fury of hto wrath upon him, and 
shall rain U upon him whiieJie to 

Jofr xzxi,81. If the mon of my 

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tabomarTn rUd not. Oh that wo 
luid of lib llotUil vro canuot bo 

Ps. xwll, 2. When the wiclccd, 
erfn mtnfi enemies and my foes 
CMtko u:>on me to oat up my llosli, 
tlioy stumbled and fell. 

Prov. xlil. 25. The rlprhteons 
otUotli to tljo satlsfylntf of h\» 
soul: but tbo bully of the wicked 
•Uall want. 

Pmtf. xxvll, 7. The fttU soul 
loitberh uii honeycomb: but to 
the hunj^ry soul every bitter ttOng 


DanM !. 12-16. Prove thy sor- 
Tuit«, I bcs(H9cU Uiee, ton days; 
tud lf*t them give ux puUo t4i nat, 
and water to drink. Tben let our 
cormtentnooe bo looked upon 
before ttun% and the countennnoe 
01 the ubiidmn that cat of the por- 
tion of the kin;('8 nunU: and as 
tiKid m*t*9t, dc.ll with t]iy servants. 
8o he cou9(>utod to them hi thU 
matter, and proved them ten 
daydL An I at tlio end of ten days 
tlielrcountenaooes apponreil fairer 
and lalttT In flesh than all the 
diiidren which did ^ot the portion 
of the kiu«:'s meat Thus Meizar 
took ftvay the portion of their 
meat, and the wine that tlioy 
fhooia drink; and g^tvo them 

JllcaJi fif 14. Thon fhalt eat. 
hot not to be Barisdad; and thy 
casthig down gluiU be iu the midst 
of thee; and tliu\i tduU taice hoM, 
hut sh .)( not deliver, and t/uit 
which tlion delivercst will I give 
Qp to the swurd. 

Uatth. r, 6. DIessed are they 
which do hun^r and thirst after 
rifrhtoonsnedst for they ahoU be 

Jokn vf . 28, 27. .Tcsns answered 
them and saM. Verily, verily. I 
say rnto you. Ye seek me, not bo- 
cauiio ye saw the miracles, but bc> 
cause ye did e.^t of the lo.ivos.and 
were filled. Labour not for the 
moat which for that 
meat which en lumth unto ever- 
lasiln? lire, which the Son of m;in 
sh ill give unto yon: for him bath 
CKkI the Father hi alod. 

1 Cbr. x,Jll. TVhothcr therefore 
ye cat, or < ria'c, or whitsoover ye 
do, do ail to the glory of God. 
{Su under Piet and Dress.) 




Gen. II, 21. And tbo Loni> God 
caused a deep sleep to fnll upon 
Adam, and ha slept: and he look 
one of hid riiM, and closed up the 
flesh lns-.ead tliereof:, 7. And he aakl. Put 
thine ban! into thy bosom again. 
And ho put hia hand into hla 


ho«om again; and plucked It out 
of his iKMom. and, behold, it was 
turned again as his other fleah. 

Kum. xii. 12. Let her not be as 
one dead, of whom the flesh is 
half con!»umod when he cometh 
out of his mother's wumb. 

Job vi, 12. Is my strength the 
stron^th of stones]^ or is my flesh 
of brass? 

Job xlv. 22. But his flesh upon 
him slt^ill hare pain, and his soul 
within him sliaU mourn. 

Job xxxill 23. His flesh shall he 
ft'CHher than a chill s: he shall re- 
turn to the days tf tiis youth. 

Luke xxiv,3D. Behold my hands 
and my feet, that it is I myself: 
handle me, and see; for a S)iirir 
luth not flofih and bones, as ye see 
me have. 

Acts U, 81. no soelnpT this before 
spako of the ru^Mirroction oi 
Ciirist. that his soul was nut len 
iu hell, neither hia fleah did see 

J^. V, 29. For no m'»n evci 
yet lilted Ills own flo^h; but 
nouri.Hhoih and clicrislieLhit,evon 
as the Lord the church. 


Gen, Ti,a And the Looo said. 
Hy »pirit shall not always strive 
with man, for that he also is flesh: 
yet his days shall be an hundred 
and twenty years. 

Ps. xvi, 9. Thercforo my heart 
is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: 
mx flesh also shall rest in hope. 

Fs. M, i. In Ood I will praise 
his word, in God I have put ray 
trtisu 1 will not fear what flesh 
con uo unto me. 

Ps. Ixxix. 2, Tho dead t>odlct of 
thy sorvanti have they given to 
he meat uuto the fowls of the 
heavon, tho fle.^ of thy sahiU un- 
to tho boasts of the earth. 

Proo. Iv. 22. For they are life 
unto thoso that flnrl them, and 
health to all tlielr flesh. 

EccUs. xii, 12. And farther, hy 
thoHO. my son, bo adm'mishcii: of 
nwklns many books there is no 
end; and much study is a weorl- 
ncM of the flesh. 

Jfntth, xxvi, 41. Watch and 
pray, that ye enter not Into icmp- 
t ition: the spirit indeed is wUUig, 
hot tbo flciOi is weak. 

John i, 14. And the Word was 
m-ide flesh, and dwelt among us. 
(and we beheld his glory, the 
glory as of the only begotten of 
tho Father^ fuU of grace and 

Acts n, 80. Therefora being a 
prophet, and kiwwing that God 
bath awom with an oath to him, 

that of tho Itnlt of his loins. a<y 
r:unllng to the fluHh, ho would 
i-aUe up Christ to sit on his 

Horn. Ix, 6. Whoso are the 
fathera. and of whom as c«>nceni- 
ing the flesh Chrmt camf, wliu U 
>ver all, God blessed fur ever. 

2 Qor. Iv, 11. For we wh!ch llvo 
are alway dellv(»n»d unto death 
Tor Jesus' sake, that the life oIao 
of.lesusmii?htbe made manifest 
in our moruil flesh. 

GaL n. 20. . . . . And the life 
wlUch I now live In tho flesh I 
live by ilie t^Uth o/the Son ofiiod, 
xrho loved mo, and gave himself 

JSph. vi, 6. Servants, ho obedient 
to them tliat ore four maHters 
according to the flesh, with fear 
and trembling, In singleness of 
your heart, as unto 

PMl. 1. 22. 24. But If I live in the 
llesli. this is the fruit of my liv- 
lioun yet what 1 sluil clioow 1 wot 
not. Nerertbclo^4 tu abide Iu tha 
tlesh fs more needful for yon. 

Qol, 11. 1, 6. For I woul 1 that ye 
knew what great cotflicC I havo 
fur you, anil /or them ui Luo llcea, 
and /or as many as have not seen 
my Ikce In tbo flesh. For though 
I be absent In the flesh, yet am I 
with you In the spirit JojIng and 
beholding your order, and the 
stedfistness of your faith la 

1 Peter Iv, 1. Forasmuch then 
as Christ hath suflored lor us In 
the flesh, arm yourselves llkewiso 
with the same mind: for ho that 
hath sufTcrad In tha flesh hath 
ceased from Bin. 





John ill, 6. That which Is bom 
of the fleah Is floHh; and that 
trhich is bom of tho Spirit is 

JUm. vll, 5, 13. 25. For when we 
ivere in the flesh, the motions of 
sins, which were by the law, «lld 
work in our members to bring 
forth Indt unto death. For I know 
that in me (that Is, In my fl*'»h.) 
dwelleth no good thlnT.forto will 
Is present with me; b t koto to 
perform that whleii is g«>rtd I flnd 
not. I think G«id tlinmsh .le»us 
Christ our Ix)rd. So then wlih 
tlKJ mind I myself serve the law 
of God; but with the flesh tho law 

Jhm. v\n, 8-9. For what the 
law could not do, In th^t It waa 
weak throuarh the flesh, Ood 
sending his u«vn Son In Uie lilte. 
nesa of shif ol flosb, and for aio. 

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Eieek. x\. 6. And I win Itiy tlie 
dca«l nre!ij*e9 of the children of 
Iki'.u'I l>«;ruro their Idols; and I will 
8c:it!or your bones round about 
your altars. 

Ex6k. xxxvll, 1, 8-5. 11. The 
hand of the Lord was upon me, 
ail i cnrrfod mo out In the spirit of 
till* I.oui>. and sot me down In the 
mldHt uiUio Talley whJcli teas full 
of bono.4. And be said unto mo, 
Son of m-in. Qim those bones live? 
Ant I answered, O I^ord Goo, 
ihou knowost. Affitln ho sold un- 
to ine, Pniphesyupon those bones, 
and say nnto them, O ye dry 
iMinos, honr the word of the Lobo. 
Thus Ktlth the Lord Goo unto 
tlieao boiiex; B<*hold, I will cause 
bi-enth to enter into you, and ye 
fhidl live: Then s;tid he nnto mo, 
Pitiiofinan, these bones are the 
whole liouso of Israel: behold, 
they i>ay, Our binies are dried, 
niid our lioptt Is lost: W0 are cut 
off lor our parts. 

Kr^k. xxxtx, 15. And the pos- 
' •u:J.•^.^ l.'.at paws through the 
nii'l, when anp scoth a man*s 
bono, then shall he sot up a sigm 
by it, till the boriers have borlod 
it In tlie Tolley of llamon-goff. 

Amo$ (1. 1. Thus saitbthe Loan; 
?or tlirco (ronogresslons of Moab, 
ami ii>r i> in. I u 111 not turn away 
Vtepwti*-/,uuut ibereol;becausebe 
burned the bones of Uie king of 
£Jom into lime. 

Amoa Tl, 10. And a man*8 trade 
Khkll take him up. and he that 
turiicth Idtii, to bring out the 
Itoiies out or the house, and shall 
say unto him tb:it U by the sides 
ol the hous». Is tMre yet any 
with thee.' And bo shall say, Mo. 
Tlien bhall ho say, Hold thy 
toii;ruc: for we may not moko 
mention of the name of the Loan. 

Jftilt/t. xxlll, 27. Woe nulo you, 
stTilMjs :ind Pharisees, hypoerltoRl 
Ibr yo ore like unto whltod sepul- 
c1in»!*,wldch hideccl apix»ar beauti- 
ful outwnni, but aro within f ill of 
dead m^u's bones, and of all un- 


Dfjn, T, 0. Then the king's 
couiitemiico Wiis changod, ond 
lii.H ilH)U;rlits trunbied liim. so that 
the Ji>!u!8 or his loins were loosed, 
:iM 1 hU kuces suiuto one against 

T^.xxll. 14. I am ponrod out 
liko water, and all my bcnoa are 

out Ol J.iillt. .... 

Pror. XXV, 10. Confldenoe In an 
uiiraiiliriil man In time of trouble 
Is Ul:e a hrukcu looih, and a foot 
out of Joint. 

Cant, vll, 1. now beautiful ore 
tliy l>*et with ikhoes. O prince's 
^uiigliter! the Joints ol' thy thighs 


are like Jewels, the work <if tbe 
bands of a cunulog workman. 

Qot. II, 19. And not bohllng the 
head, from which all the body by 
Joints and bands having nour. 
ishmont ministered, and knit 
together, increasetb vrltb the 
incroase of God. 

Ueb. iv, 12. For the word of God 
iM quick, and powerful, and sliarp- 
er than any two^dged sword, 
piercing oven to the dividing 
ostintlerofsonl and spirit, and ol 
tbe julAta and marrow. • • . • 


£01x1. zxU. 27. For that is his 
covering only, It is his raiment for 
bis skin: wliuroin stiull ho sleep.' 
and it shall come to pass, when be 
crleth unto me, that I wiU bear, 
for I am gracious. 

Job xvl, 13. I have sewed sack- 
cloth upon my skin, and defiled 
my bum in tbe dust. 

Job xviil. 13. It »b9lldeTonrtbe 
strength ol bis skin; ecen the first, 
bom of death shall devour bis 

•Tofr zlx, 20. My bone deaveth 
to my skin and to my fiesh, and 1 
am escaped with the akin of my 

/o&xxx,80. My skin Is bbick 
upon mo. and my booos ore burn- 
ed with boat 

Ft. cU. 6. By reason of tbe voice 
of my groaning my bones deavo 
to my skin. 

Jcr. xlil. 23. Can the Ethiopian 
change bis skin, or the leopard 
his Bpolsf Uen may ye also do 
good, that are accustomed to do 

Lam. HI, 4. My flesh and my 
skin hath he made old; ho bath 
broken my bonca. 

Jcb z, 11. Thou hast clothed 
me with skin and flcsli. oml host 
kneed me with bones and sinews. 

Job XXX, 17. My bones are 
pierced In me in the niglit season: 
and my sinews take no rest. 

Isa. xlvlil, 4. BtMMUso 1 know 
that thou art olistinate, and tby 
neck <^ an h on sineiv. 

Esek. xxxvll, 6. & And I will Hy 
sinews upon yon, and Mil bring 
up flesh nptm you. and cover you 
with skin, and put breath in yon. 
and ye shall live; and yo sliall 
know that I am the I«oru. And 
when I beheld, lo. tbe sinews and 
the flesh came np upon them, nml 
the skin covered tbein above: but 
Mere toot no breath la them. 

Oen. iv, 10. And be said, What 
hast thou doner the voice of thy 

brothel's blood crieth onto ma 
from the ground. 

Deut. xvil. a If there arise a 
matter too hard for thi*o In Judg- 
ment, between blood and blood, 
between plea ond plea, and be- 
tween stroke and stroke. bein(f 
matters of controversy within thy 
gates: then slialt thon arise, nnd 
get theo up Into Uie place which 
the Loan tliy God shall choose. 

1 Kings xvlil. 2a And they 
cried aloud, and cut tlieinsetves 
after their manner with knives 
and lance' p, till the blood ^bhed 
outnpon tl.on. 

Ps. Ivlil, 10. The righteous shall 
rejoice when heseetli llie veiigo- 
inco: ho siiall wat^h his leot in the 
blood of the wicked. 

Ps, Ixxli, 14. He shall redeem 
thelrsonl ftt>m deceit and violence: 
and predous shall tkeir blood be 
ib his sighL 

Etek. xvl, 6, 9. And when I 
passed by thee, and saw thee 
polluted In thine own blcoil, I said 
unto tiieo lo&en tAou icast In thy 
blood. Live; yea. 1 said unto tbco 
when tftou wast In thy blood. Live. 
Then washed I thee with water; 
yea, I throughly washed away 
thy blood from tbco, and 1 anoint- 
ed theo with olL 

EztJe. xxxvlll, 22. A^d T wfll 
plead against him with pestilence 
and with bioml; and 1 will rain 
upon him, ond upon hi.«i bands, 
and uiion the many people .that 
art with him, an overdowiiig 
rain, and groat hailstones, fire, 
and brimstone. 

Zeph, I, 17. And I will bring 
distress upon men, that tliey sliall 
walk like blind men, because 
they have sinned against the 
Lord: and their blood shall be 
poured out ns dust^ and their 
llosh as tbo dung. 

LukA xxil, 20. LDcowlse also the 
cup alter supper, saying, This 
cup is the new testament in my 
blood, wlxich Is shod for you. 

Acts xvil. 26. And hath made of 
one blood all nations of men fur 
to dwell on all the face or the 
eanh. ond bath detennlnod the 
times before appolntcrl, and tbe 
bowids of their babiiatlon. 

Heb. xlU 4. Ye have not yet re- 
sisted nnto blood, striving against 

Bev. xlv, 20. And the winepress 
Wfts trodden without the city, and 
blooti came out of the w ineprcHS, 
even uuto the horse biidles. by 
the space of a thousand and six 
hundred rarlongs. 

Gen. ix, a Whoso aheddeth 

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mxafn Mood, by man Bhall Wa 
I bl(iod be ftlied: for iu tlio linaeo of 
God made be man. 

Lev. XTtl. 4. And bringeth It 
not unto tbe door of tlio tubor* 
n.iclo of the consrrc^tion, to itfliQr 
an oIT«>rlngr nnto the Loru before 
the tahcrn.icle of tho LoRtr, blood 
shall bo tinptitod- unto that man; 
be hath shi^d blood; and that nian 
•hall be cut olT from among Ids 

Knm, .TxxT. 83. So yo aball not 
pollute tho land wherein ye are: 
for blood It dfnioth the land: and 
tho 1 in 1 cannot bo cloansod of the 
blootl that Irt 8li;;d therein. I ut bj 
the blood of him that shed IL 

Dcut. xix. 10. That Innocent 
bbMHl 1)0 not shed In thy fund, 
which the Lord tliy C2(k1 eriveth 
tlieo for an Inheritancu, and do 
Mood be upon thee. 

1 Sam. xxr, SG. Now thorefore. 
my lnrd,a« tlio I«onD llTetli,and 
a» thy sonl livolh. seeing tlio 
Lord liath withholden thee from 
coming to shed bkXMi, and from 
avoiigtug thyself with thhie own 
hauil. now let tliHie enemies, and 
they III It seek evil to my lord, be 
OS NabaL 

9 Sam. Ill, SS^ And afterward 
when David lieard ft. he said. I 
and my kliij^dom are guiltless be- 
fore thn r<i>CD for over from the 
blood of Abucr the sou of Nor. 

2 Sam. Iv. 11. How mnch more, 
when wicked men have slain a 
rl^*itcona pcnion in hi;i own 
upon Ills Imd? Miidl I not there- 
foro now rt'qniro his blood of yuur 
bund, and take you away Irum 
tho earth? 

S Sftm. xyI. 7, 8. And thns said 
Bhlmel when he cursed. Como 
out, ciiine out, thou blomly man. 
and ihon man of llellal: The Lori> 
bith returned upon thee all the 
blood of tho houDO of Saul, in 
whoso stead thou hast rcipnietl; 
and the Loao hath dclivcrml the 
kln;?dom into tho han 1 of Absa- 
lo n thy son: ami, belioM, them art 
talcen iu thy mischief, because 
thou *art a bloody man. 

2 Snm. XX. 12. And Amasa wal. 
lo\rod In Mttod In the midst of tho 
bi^ltw.iy. An<l when the man sa.v 
tliat all the piople stood still, he 
removed Am una out of the higli- 
way Into tho Hold, and cista cloth 
uptm him, wiien he saw that 
evory one that oamo by blm stood 

3 Khiaa III 23, £3. They rose 
up early In the luomhig. and tho 
»nn shone upon the water, and 
the Mo.ibltes saw the water on 
the oilier side m rod as blood: 
An<l tliuy said. This i» blood: tlio 
kliigj are Knrely slain, and tbey 
liavo smitten one anothen nuw 
Uierofuro, iloob, to tbe spuU. . 


JoXf rrl, 13. O earth, oorer not 
thou my blood, and let my cry 
have no place. 

rs. Ix, 12. When he maketh In- 
quisition for blood, he remember- 
oth thenu he forgetteth not tbe 
cry of tbe humble. 

P8. Ixxlx, 8, 10. Their blood 
have they shed like water round 
about Jerusalem; and there tru 
none to bury tliem. Wherefore 
should the heathen say. Where 
is their Ood? let him be known 
among tbe heathen In our #ght 
6y the revenging of the blood of 
thy sorrauts w/uch is shod. 

Pmv. 1. 11, 10. If they say, Come 
with us, let us lay wait for blood, 
let us lurk privily for the Inno- 
cent without cause. For their 
feet run to erll, and make baste 
to shed blood. 

Jer. 11, 34. Also In thy skirts Is 
found the blood of tiio souls of the 

nr Innocents: I bavo not fonnd 
»y secret seaivb, but upon all 

Lam, It. 18. 14. For the sins of 
her prophets, and the iniquities 
of her priests, tliat have shed the 
blood of tliejust In the midst of 
linr. They have wandero<l as 
blUid- men In the streets, they 
have polluted tliem^uflves with 
blood, so that men oould not touch 
Ibuhr garments. 

Etek. xtl. 8S. And I will Judge 
thee. a3 women thit break wed- 
lock and shod blood are Judged; 
and I will give thee bk>od In fury 
and jealousy. 

RteJi. xviii, 13. Ilath given forth 
upon UAury, aud Iiath taken fti- 
crease: shall bo then live? he sliall 
not live: ho hatli done all these 
abominations; he sliall surely die; 
Ids blood shall be upon blm. 

Ezek. xxil,3.4, 6. Then say then, 
Tims salth tho Lonl Gou; The 
city sheddeth blood In the midst 
of it. that her time may come, and 
maketh Idols a^inst herself to 
dcnio herself. Tlion art booomo 
guilty iu tliy blood that thou hast 
slieil; and hast dedled thyself 
bi thine Idols which then liast 
maile: and then hast caused tliy 
(lays to draw uoar. and art como 
even unto thy years: therefore 
have I made thee a reproacli unto 
the heathen, and a mocking to all 
countries. Itehold, the princes oi 
Israel, every one were In thee to 
tbelr power to shed blood. 

Ezek. xxin. 87. 45. That they 
have committed adtdicry, and 
blood is in their hands, and with 
their idols have they committed 
adultery, and have also caused 
(heir sons, whom they bare unto 
me, to pass for tliem through the 
fire, to devour them. Aud the 
rigliteont men, they shall Judge 
tbcm aftor tbe manner of adulter- 

etses, and after the manner of 
women that shed blood; l»ec:iuso 
they are adulteresses, and blood 
is bi their hands. 

Extk. xxxvl, la Wherefore I 
poured my fury upon them fortlie 
blood that they had 8hedup<m U»e 
land, and for their IdoL* wherewith 
tbey bad polluted it. 

ffosea 1 4. And the T<oro said 
unto him. Call his name Jczrecl; 
for yet a little while, and I will 
avenge the blood or Jexreel upon 
tbe house of Jehu, and will cause 
to cease the kingdom of tho bouse 
of IsraeL 

Ifatth. xxiil, 85. That upon you 
may come all the r.ghteous blood 
shed upon the earth, from the 
blood of righteous Abel unto the 
blood of Zacharlas son ot Bara- 
chlas, whom ye slew between tbe 
temple and the altar. 

JfaOh. xxvlt, 6. And the chief 
priests took the silver pieces, and 
said, It is not lawful for to put 
them into the treasury, bocauso it 
li the price of blood. 

iMke xlil, 1. Thero were present 
at that season somo that told him 
of the Qalllnans, whose blood 
Pilate had mbigled with their 

Acts V, 28. Saying. Did not wo 
straltly command yon that ye 
should not teach in this name? 
and, behold, ye have flllod Jern- 
salcm with your doctrine, and In- 
tend to bring Uds man's blood 
upon us. 

JUv. vi, 10. And they cried with 
a loud voice, saying. How long, 
O Lord, holy and true, dost thon 
not Judge and avenge «>ur Hood 
on them that dwell on tbe oartii. 

Sev. xvl, 6. For they have shed 
the Mood of saints aud proplietsL 
and thou hast given them blood 
to drink; for tbey aro wortliy. 

Sev. xvlll. 21. And In her was 
Ibtmd tho blood of prophets, ond 
of saints, and of alltlut woro slain 
upon tho earth. 

{See tuuler Law.) 



JfottA. xvl, 17. And Jesus an- 
swered, and sold unto him. Bteas- 
ed art thou, Simon Bur-Joua: lor 
nosh and blood hath not rovenled 
U unto thee, but my Father wbleh 
Is in heaven. 

1 Oar. XV, 60. Now this t say, 
brethren, that flesh and blood can- 
not inherit the kingdom of God: 
neither doth corruption bibexlt 

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CM, \, 16. To reneal hli Son In 
me, that I might preach hfan 
amoDf^the heathen; imniediately 
I aiuforred not with flesh tnd 

Eph. li, 12. For we wrestle not 
against flesh and blood 

ffO). II, li. Forasmncfa then aa 
tlie children are pirtakers ol flesh 
and blood, he tlio bimself like- 
wise took part of the same. 


Gen. xllz, 26. The blemlngs of 
thy father .... shall be on the 
head ot Joseph, and on the crown 
of the head of him that was 
separate firom his brethren. 

Judges !▼, 21. Then Jaei Uebei's 
wife took a nail of the tent, and 
took on hammer in her hand, and 
went softly unto him, and smote 
the nail into his temples, and 
fluftenod It Into tlie groond. 

1 KitiffS XX, 31. And his ser- 
Tants sold unto him, Behold now. 
we hare heard that the kings of 
the house of Israel are merciful 
kings: let ns, I pray thee, pot 
sackcloth on our loins, and ropes 
upun our heads, and go out to 
the king of Israel: pendrentnre 
he will save thy lifis. 

* 2 Kings Ix, 85. And they went 
to bury her. but they found no 
more of her than the skull, and 
the feet, and the palms of her 

Cant. 11, 6. His left hand is un- 
der my head, and his right hand 
doth embrace me. 

Cant. V. 2, 11 For my 

bead is fillod with dew, and my 
locks with the drops of the night. 
His head is an the most flue gold, 
his locks are busby, and black as 
a raven. 

Cant Yll, 6. Thine head upon 
thee is like Cnrmel, and tlie Iialr 
of thine bead like purple; the king 
is held In the galleries. 

Jer, 11, 37. Yea, then shalt go 
fortli from htm, and thine hands 
upon tiiine head: for the Lord 
hath rejected thy oonfldences,and 
thou Shalt not prosper In them. 

Jfaith, T. 36. Neither shalt then 
swear by thy head, beciuse thou 
canst not miake one hair white or 

, ifafeA.xxTil,30. 88. And they 
spit upon him, and took the reed, 
and smote him on the head. Ana 
when thoy w^re come unto a 
pluce cnllod Golgotha, that Is to 
say, a place of a skull. 

I Qor. xl 4, 10. Every man pray- 
ing or propliesyiii?. having his 
bead ooTored, dlshonuureth bis 


ftead. For this cause ought the 
woman to have power on her 
head becanse of the angels. 

Oen. xJL 20. And it came topaFS 
the third day, iohich was Phar- 
aoh's birthday, that he made a 
feast unto all his servants: and lie 
lifted up the head of the chloi 
butler and of the chief baker 
amoag his servants. 

Josh. 11, 19. And it ^lall be. that 
whosoever shall go out of the 
doors of thr house into the street, 
his blood sAott ^e upon his head. 

Judpes Tlll,28. Thus was Hid- 
ion subdued before the children of 
Israel, so that they lifted up their 
heads no more. And the country 
was In quietness forty years in 
the days of Gideon. 

Judges ix, St. And all the oTll 
of the men of Shechem did God 
render upon their heads: and 
upon them oame the curse ol 
Jotham the ion of JembboaL 

1 Axjii.xxT,89. And when David 
heard that Nabal was dead, he 
said. Blessed be the Lobo that 
hath pleaded the cause of my re- 
proach fh)m Xh% hand of Nabal, 
and hath kept his servant from 
evlh for the Lord hath returned 
the wickedness of Nabai upon 
his own head. .... 

1 Sam. zxvili, 2. And David 
said to Achish. Surely tliou shalt 
know what thy servant can do. 
And Acliish said to David, There- 
fore will I make thee keeper of 
mine head for ever. 

2 Sam,\, 16. And David said un- 
to him, Tiiy blood be upon thy 
head; for thy mouth hath testified 
against thee, saying, I have slain 
the Lord's anoUiled. 

2 Sam, iU, 29. Let it [the blood 
of Abner] rest on the hood of 

2 Qiiron. vl, 23. Then hoar thou 
from heaven, and do, and Judso 
thy servants, by requiting the 
wicked, by recompensing his way 
upon his own head. .... 

Exra ix. 6 Our iniquities 

are increaaed over oar head, and 
our trespass is grown up into the 

Neh. Iv, 4. Hear, O our Ood; for 
ir^ are despised: ond turn their 
ri*pn»ach upon thrlr own I'Pnd nn«l 
give them fur a prey in the huid 
of captivity. 

Esther ix. 25. Dut when Esther 
came before the king, he com- 
manded by letters that his wiclvo 1 
device, which he devised against 
the Jews, should return upon his 
own bead, and tliat ho and bb 
sons should be hanged on tho 
gallows. ' 


Jc* x. 15. If T be wicked, woo 
unto me; and if i he rlgrhteous; 
yet will I not lift up my head. . . 

f)r.lU,3. . . . . O Lono, my 
glory, and the lifter up of mine 

Ps, vll, 16. Ills mischief shaH 
return upon his own head, and 
his violent dealing shall oomo 
down upon his own pate. 

Ps. xxvii, 6. And now shall mine 
head be lifted up at>ove mine 
enemies round about me. . . . 

Ps. xxxvlil, 4. For mine Ini- 
quities are gone over mine head: 
as an heavy burden they are too 
heavy for me. 

Ps. ixvl, IS. Thou hast caused 
men to ride over our heads. .... 

Ps. IxxxilL 2 They that 

hate thee nave lifted up the 

Ps. ex. 7. ne shall drink of the 
brook in the way: therefore shall 
he lift up the head. 

Ps. cxI, 9. As for the head of 
those that compess me about, let 
the mischief of their own lips 
cover them. 

Pro9. X, 6. Blessings are upon 
the head of the Just: but violenoe 
overeth the mouth of the wicked. 

Isa. 11, 11. Therefore the re- 
deemed of the Loau sliall return, 
and come with sln^'-Ing unto Zion; 
and everlasting Joy shaJll be upon 
their bead. 

Jer. xxiil, 19. Behold, a whirl- 
wind of the Lord is gone forth In 
fury, even a grievous whiri- 
wlnd: it slinll fUll grievously upon 
the head of tlie wicked. 

Bxek. xi, 21. But as far them 
whose heart walkuth after the 
heart of their detestable things 
and their abominations. I will re- 
compense their Way upon their 
own heads, saith tiie Lord Qoo. 

Dan, \, 10. And the prince of the 
eunuclis said unto Daniel, I fear 
my lord the king, who hath ap- 
pointed your meat and your 
drink: for why vliould he see 
your faa&s worse liking than the 
cliildren which ate of your sort? 
then shall ye make me endanger 
my head to the king. 

Joel lit, 4. Yea, and what have 
ye to do with me, O T>to. and 
Zldon, and nil the ooasUt of Piiles- 
tiner will ye render me a recom- 
pence? and If ye recompense me, 
swiftly and speedily will 1 turn 
your recompence upon your own 

Lake xxl, 2S. And when these 
things begin to come to pa^s. then 
look up. anil lift up jrour !»♦»?»'<«; 
tift your redemptlOQ draweth 

Aet» ZTlU, 6. And when they 

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opposed tliMQMlTAfl, md hlna- 
pliemed, he shook hts raiment, 
and said onto them, Yonr blood 
be upon yonr own heads; I am 
cteao: from honcorortli I wUl £0 
unto the QoutUes. 



EiBod. xvUI, 2ft. And Moses 
choeo able moo out of all Israel, 
and luaile them heads over (he 
people, rulers of tbonsan'Is. rulers 
of hundreds, rulers of flfUes, and 
rulers of tens. 

Nunu i, 16. These were the re- 
nowned of the congregation, 
princes oT tlie tribes of their 
futliers, heads of thousands In 

mm. xvll, a And thon shalt 
write Aaron's name upon the rod 
ufLevi: fur one rod ahall be for 
(lie head of the house of their 

Num, xxr, 16. And the name of 
the MldianltiMh woman tliat was 
<>liin teas Cozbl. the daugliter of 
Zur^ hetmtfheafloYcrapeople/ifitf 
uf a cldcf house in Midlan. 

DetU, zxvlU, 18. And the Lobd 
ehall make thee the head, and not 
tbe tall; and tJiou slialt be above 
only, and thou shalt not be be- 
neath; if that thon hearken unto 
U|o conimnndraents of the Lord 
!liy God, which I command thee 
:lit8 day, to observe and to do 

Josh, xxU, 14, 31. And with htm 
■ ten princes, or each chief bouse, a 
prince tliruu^out all the tribes of 
Inracl; and each one was on head 
of tbe house of their (ktiicrs 
amimg the thousands of Israel. 
Then tlic children Of Reuben and 
the chiitlrcn of Gad and the h;iir 
tribe of Manassch answered, and 
snid unto tlio heads of the thoo> 
sands of IsraeL 

Josh. xxUl, 9. And Joshna call- 
cd for all Israel, and for their 
ciders, and for their beads, and 
for their Judges, and for their 

1 Sam.xr, 17. And Samuel said, 
Wlien thou wast little In Uiine 
own sl^it, toast thou not made 
(ho head of the tribes of Israel, 
and the I«ocd anointed thee king 
over Israel? 

S 8am, xxtl, 44. Thou also host 
delivered me from the strivings o^ 
my peoplfl, tliou hast kept me to 
be head of the heathen: a people 
which I knew not shall serve mo. 

1 Chmn. xxlx, 11. TMne, O 
Loan, is the greatness, and the 
power, and the glory, and the 
victory, and the majesty: for all 
that is In the heaven ami in tiie 
'•nrth is tltUu; thine is the king- 

om, O Loau.and thou art exalted 
^^ head above jiH. 


t (TAnwi. T, I. Then Solomon 
assembled the elders of Israel, 
and all the heads of the tribes the 
clilef of the fiithers of the children 
of Israel, imto Jerusalem, to bring 
up the ark of the covenant of the 
Loao out of the city of David, 
which is ZIon. 

2 ^ron. xxvltl, 13. Then cer- 
tain of the heads of the children 
of Ephrolm, Azariah the son ol 
John nan, Berechlah the sou of 
Meslililemoth, and Jehizkiah the 
son of Shallum, and Amaaa the 
son of IIotllAi, stood up against 
them that come from the war. 

Ps, ox, 6. Ho shall Judge among 
the heathen, he shall flU the 
places with the dead bodies; he 
sltali wound the heads over many 

ISO. ix, 15. The ancient and 
honourable, he is the head; and 
the prophet that teacbeth Uos, he 
is the toiU 

Jer. xxli, 6. For thus saith the 
Lord unto the king's house of 
Jndah; Thon art Ollead unto me, 
aiid the head of Lebanon: pet 
surely I will make thee a wilder- 
ness, and cities which are not In- 

ffosea i, 11. Then shall the 
children of Judah and the chil- 
dren of Israel be gathered to- 
gether, and appoint themselves 
one head, and they shall come op 
out of the land: for great ehaU be 
thedayof JezrecL 

meah III. 1. And I sal^, Hear, I 
pray you, O heads of Jacob, and 
ye priiicos of the house of Israel; 
Is it not for you to know Judg- 

Ilhb, lit, 18, 14. Then weutest 
fonb fur the salvation of thy peo- 
ple, even for salvation with tiiine 
anointed; thou woumledst the 
hearl ou toft he house ol the wicked, 
by discovering the foundation on- 
to the neck. Selab. Thon didst 
strike throngh with his staves the 
head of his villages: they came 
out as a whirlwind to scatter me: 
their rf^oiclng tKis at to dOYoor 
the poor secretly. 

1 Oor. xl, 8. Bot I would hare 
yon know, that the head of every 
man Is Clirist; and the head of the 
woman is tho mooi and the head 
of Christ /9 God. 

OoL 11, 10. And years complete 
In him. which Is the head of all 
prlndpoUty and power. 

Gen, xxlv, 26. And the man 
bowed down his head, and wor- 
shipped 111- l.'»nt>. 

Oen. xTItl, 2S. And they answer 
ed. Thy servant our father is In 
good health, be is yet alive. And 
they Iwwed down their beads, and 
made obeisance. 

Exod. Iv. 81. And the people be- 
lieved: and when they hoard that 
the Lobd had visited the children 
of Israel, and that he bad looked 
opim their affliction, then they 
bowed their heads and worship- 

Exod, xxxir, a And Moses 
made haste,- and bowed his head 
toward the earth, and worshipped. 

1 QhrotL xxlx, 20. And David 
said to all the congregation. Now 
bless the Lord your God. And 
all the congregation blessed the- 
Lord God of their fi&theis. and 
bowed down thdr heads, ana wor- 
shipped the Lord, and the king. 

2 ^ro7>. XX, la And Jchosho- 
phat bowed his head with hfs 
face to the ground: and all Judalt 
ami the inhabitants of Jerusalem 
fell before the Lord, wor^ipplng 
the I4OR0. 

2 Chron, xxlx, 80. Moreover 
Hezekiah the king and tho prUiccs 
commanded the Levites to sing 
praise unto tho Lord with the 
words of David, and of Asaph the 
seer. And tliey sang praises with 
gladness, and ttiey bowed their 
heads and worshipped. 

John xix, 80. When Jesns 
therefore hail received tiio vinegar, 
he said, It is finisiiod: and ho bow- 
ed his head, and gave up the 





Joeh. vll, 6. And Joshna rent 

hts clothes, and fell to the earth 

upon his face liefore the ark of 

the Lord until the oveutldo, he 

and the elders of Israel, and put 

dost upon their heads. 

3 Sam, 1, 8. It came even to pan 
on the third day, that, behold, a 
man came out of the camp trom 
Saul with hts clothes ront, and 
eartli upon his head: and so it woft, 
when he came to David, that he 
felt to the earth, and did obeis- 

3 Ann. XT, 80. And David went 
up by the ascent of mount Olivets 
and wept as ho went up, and had 
bis head covered, and he went 
barefoot: and all tlie peo; lo tliat 
was with him covered eveiy man 
his bead, and they wont up weep- 
ing as they went up. 

Esther Yl, 12. And Mordecal 
came again to the king's gate. 
Out Ilaman hasted to his house 
mourning, and having bis head 

L- zz'^rz 

Digitized by 


J<ib W, 19. And t7h6n tlH^y lifted 
op thofr eyes afar oft, and know 
him not, tlicy llfhxl up their voice, 
ond wept; and they rent every 
ono his mantle, and nprinklod 
dust npon their heads toward 
heaven. " 

Jcr. x\y, 8. And their nobles 
have sent their Uttlo ones to the 
waters: they cnrae to the pits, and 
I found no watep, they returned 
with their vessels empty, they 
were ashamed and coofoanded 
and covered their beads. 

Amo» If, 7. That oant after the 
dust of the earth on the head of 
the poor, and Uun otido the way 
of the meek. 


Fs. xxIII, 5. . . . Thou anointest 
zny head with oil; my cup nmnoth 

Pa. civ, 16. And wine that mak- 
oth glad Uie heart of man, ctnd 
oil to make his face Ui shine, and 
bread tohlch strensthcneth mau's 

Fi. cxli, 5. I^t the rI/$hteons 
smite mo; it shall be a kindness: 
and let him reprove mc; it shall 
be an excellent oil, ichlch shall 
not break my head: for yet my 
prayer also shall be in their 

JEdOes. \%, B. Lot thy garments 
bo always white and let thy head 
lack no ointment. 

Matth. vl, 17. not thou, when 
thou fastest, anoint thine head, 
and wash thy face. 

IfarJt xtv, 8. And being In 
Betiiany in tlie house of Simon 
the leper, as he sat at meat, there 
came a woman having an alabas- 
ter box of ointment of spikenard 
very precious; and she brake the 
box, and poured it on Ids head. 

Lukf vll, 46. My head with oil 
thou didrtt not anoint: but this 
woman hath onohitod my feet 
with ointment. 



J>a. xsll, 7. All thi'y that soc 

me laugh me to scorn: they shoot 

out the lip, they shake the head. 

Pi. xllT, 14. Thou raokest us a 
byword ainong the heathen, a 
shaking of the hood among the 

Pi. dx. 25. 1 became also a re- 
pro:icli onto them: tohen they 
looked upon me they shaked their 

Matlh. xxvll ca. And they that 
passed by reviled him, ¥ragglng 
their heads. 



Leo, xlll, 40. And the man 
whoso hair Is fallen ofT his head, 
he is baltl; yet is ho clean. 

Judges xvi, 32. Ilowbclt the 
hair of his head began to grow 
again after ho was sluiven. 

2 Sam, xlv, 26. And when he 
polled his head, (for It was at 
every year's end that he polled 
it: liecauso t.'ie hntr was heavy on 
him, therefore ho polled it:) lie 
weighed the hair of his head at 
two hundred shokols after the 
khig^s weight. 

Kxra Ix, 3. And when I heard 
this thing, I rent my garment and 
my manlle, and plucked ofTtho 
hair of iny head and of my board, 
and sat down ostonled. 

Ps. x1, IS. For innumemblo 
evils have cumfiossod me about: 
mine Iniquities have taken lioM 
upon mc, HO tlut I am not able to 
look up: they ore more than the 
hairs of mine head: therefore my 
heart fUiljth me. 

Ps. IxviU, 21. But God shall 
wound tiio head of bis enemies, 
and the hairy scalp of snch an 
ono OS goetb ou stUi In his tres- 

Jer. vii. 29. Cut off thine hair, 
OJernmlem, and cast U atvoy, 
and Uke up a lamentation on 
high pUicos; for the Lord hath re- 
joctod and forsaken tho gouora- 
tion of his wrath. 

liatth. X, 30. But tho very hairs 
of your head are all numbered. 

Luke vii, 3& And stood at his 
feet behind him weeping, and be- 
gan to wash his foot with tears, 
and did wipe them with the Ir.Unt 
of her hoail, and kinged his feet, 
»ind anointed t/tem with tho oint- 

• 1 (Sw. xl. 14. 16. Doth not even 
nature itsdf teach you, tliat, It a 
man have longhair, it fs a shame 
unto him? But if a woman have 
long hair, it is a glory to hi?n for 
her hair is given her for a covering. 

1 Tim. 11. 9. In like manner also, 
that women adorn thoinseh'os In 
modest apparel with shamefaced- 
ness and sobriety: not with 
bnilderod lialr, or gold, or pearls, 
or costly array. 

1 Peter 111, S." Whose adorning 
let it not be that outward adorn- 
ing of plaiting tho hair, nnd of 
wearing of gold, or of putlUig on 




2 Aim. xlv, 11. Then said she. 
I pray tlieo. lot the king remem- 
ber the Loiko thy God, that thou 


wouldest not snfTer tho r e v e ug'e i n 
of blood to destroy any more, lest 
they ilestroy ray son. And ho said, 
As tho Lord llveth, then; shall 
not ono hair of thy son full to the 

1 Kings I, 52. And Solomon 
Slid, If ha will shew himself a 
worthy man. there shall not nu 
hair of him fill to the earth: but 
if wickedness shall bo fooud In 
him, he shall die. 

Lul:e xxl. 18 But there shall not 
an hair of your head poriiih. 

Acts xxvll, 84. Whercf.)re I 
pray you to take sorne meat: for 
this is for your hoalthf for the.o 
shall not an hair fall from the 
head of any of you. 


{7en.x11l,88. And he sold, My 
sen shall not go down with you; 
for his brother Is dead, and he is 
left nlonu: If misohief bor.ill him 
by the way In the whUh ye go, 
'hen shall ye bring down my gray 
hairs with sorrow to the grave. 

Lev. xfx,'82. Thou shslt rise up 
»>'«f«iro tho hoary head, and iiononr 
tho race of the old man, and fear 
Ui/ God: I am the Loa:^. 

Devt. xxxll, 25. The sword 
without, nnd terror within, nhnll 
dcsti-oy both the yoimg man and 
the virgin, tho sue!; ling also, with 
the man of gray hairs. 

1 8am. xli. 2. And now, behold, 
tho king walkoth before you: and 
I am old and graylicaded; and, 
behold, my sons are uilli you: nnd 
I have walked bofi>re yuu from my 
cliiUIhood unto this day. 

Job XV. 10. With us are both the 
gruyheaded and very aged men, 
mucli elder than thy father. 

Ps. Ixxl, 18, Now also when I am 
old and grayheadod, O God, for- 
sake me not 

Isa. xlvl. 4. And ercn to jfoiir 
old nge I am he; and eren to hour 
Iiairs will I carry you: I have 
ma<Ie, and I will bear, even I will 
can7, ond will deliver you. 

Dan. vii, 9. I beheld till the 
tlmmes wero cast down, and the 
Andcnt of days did sit, whose 
garment was white as snnw, and 
tho hair of his head Uke the pui-e 

Hosea vll. 9. Strangers have de- 
Tourod his strength, nnd he kiiow- 
efh it not: yea, gray hairs are here 
%nd there upon blm, yet be kuow- 
oth not. 

JUv. 1,14. His head and hf$ 
hairs irere white like wool. C8 
white as snow; and his eyes loers 
as a flame of lire. 

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(See Dtsease,) 

Lev. Txl, 5. They shall notmake 
baldness upon their head, neither 
f hall they shave off the corner of 
their beard, nor make any cot- 
tings in their flesh. 

2 Kirtgi il, 23. And he went up 
tmm thence unto Beth-el: and m 
be was going np by the way, 
there came forth little children 
out of the city, and mocked him, 
mnd said unto blm, Oo up, thou 
bald-head; go up, thou bald-head. 

Neh.xm,96. And I contended 
with them, and cursed them, and 
•mote certain of them, and pluck- 
ed off their hair, and made thorn 
swear by God, saying. Ye shall 
not give your duuj^hters unto 
thoir sons, nor take their daugh- 
ters unto your sons, or Cor your- 

ISO, 111. 24. And It shaU come to 
pas5, that instead of sweet smell 
there shall be stink; and instead of 
ft e^rdle a rent; and instead of well 
set hair baldness. . . . , 

iBo. XT, S. He Is gone vp to 
B^lith, and to DIbon, the high 
places, to weep: Moab shall howl 
over Nebo, and over Medebm on 
all their heads thail be baldness, 
and every beard cut ofll 

J«z.xxll,12. And In that day 
did the Lord Qjd of hosts call to 
weeping, and to mourning, and to 
baldness, and to girding with 

Jer. xlvMI, 87. For every head 
ehaU be bald, and every beard 
clipped: upon all the bands shail 
be cuttings, and upon the loins 

JStek, Til, la They shaU also 
gird thenuelvea with sackcloth, 
and horror shall cover them; and 
shame tfutU be upon all Cices, and 
baldness upon all thoir heads. 


Deut. xlv, 1. Ye ore the children 
of the Loan your God: ye shall not 
cat yourselves, nor make any 
baldness between your eyes for 
the dead. 

Deut. zxl, 12. Then thov sbalt 
bring her home to thine house: 
and she shall shave her head, and 
pore her nails. 

Jvdgti xvl, 19. And she made 
him sleep upon her knees; and she 
called for a man. ami 9he caused 
htm to shave off the seven locks 
of his head; and she began to 
afflict him, and his strength went 
from him. 

J<ib i. 20. Then Job arose, and 
rent his mantle, and shaved bis 

BODY. . 

head, and fell down upon the 
ground, and worshipped. 

BxOt. xllv, 20. Neither shall 
thev shave their heads, nor sutler 
their locks to grow long; they 
shall only poll their heads. 

AcU zxl, 24. Them take, and 
purify thyself with them, and be 
at charges with them, that they 
may shave their heads: and all 
may know that those things, 
whereof they were Informed con- 
cerning thee, are nothing; but thai 
thou thyself also walkest orderl>; 
and keepest the law. 

Lin. xlx. 27. Ye shall not round 
the comers of your heads, neither 
Shalt thou mar the comers of thy 

1 Ban. xxl, 18. And he changed 
his behaviour before them, and 
feigned himself mad in theirhands. 
and scrabbled on the doors of the 
gate, and let his spittle fsU down 
upon his beard. 

2&im.z.6. When they told it 
mito David, he sent to meet them, 
because the men were greatly 
ashamed: and the king said. Tarry 
ac Jericho nntU your beards be 
grown, and Men return. 

2 Btm. xlx, 24. And Mephlbosh- 
eth the son of Saul came down to 
meet the king, and had neither 
dressed his feet, nor trimmed his 
beard, nor washed his clothes, 
fh)m the day the king departed 
until the day he came aqain in 

2 8am, XX. 9. And Joab said to 
Amasa, AH thou in health, my 
brothel? And Joab took Amasa 
by the beard with the right hand 

Ezra ix, 8. And when I heard 
this thing, I rent my garment and 
my mantle, and plucked off the 
hair of my head and of my beard, 
and sat down astonied. 

lea. vii, 20. In the same day 
shall the Lord shave with a razor 
that is hired, namely, by them be- 
yond the river, by the king of 
Assyria, the head, and the hair of 
the feet: and it sluUl also consume 
the beard. 

Jer. xU, 6. That there came cer- 
tain fhmi Shechem, fh)m Shlloh, 
and fh>m Samaria, even fourscore 
men, having their beards shaven, 
and their clothes rent, and having 
out themselves, with offerings and 
incense in their hand, to bring 
them to the house of the Loan. 

JBsek. V, 1. And thou, son of man, 
take thee a sharp knife, take thee 
a barber's razor, and cause iJt to 
pass upon thine head and upon 
thy beard: then take thee balances 
to weigh, and divide the Aolr. I 



iBa. xlvUi, 4. Because I knew 
that thou art olwtlnate, and thy 
neck (t an iron sinew, and thy 
brow brass. 

Jer. ill, & Therefore the showers 
have been withholden. and there 
hath been no latter rain; and thou 
horlst a whore's forehead, thon 
refhsedst to be ashamed. 

Ezek. ill, 8, 2. Behold I have,' 
made thy Ikce strong against 
their faces, and thy forehead 
strong against their foreheads. 
As an adamant harder than flint 
have I made thy fbrehead. .... 

Eark, Ix, 4. And the Lobd said 
unto blm. Go through the midst of 
the city, through the midst of 
Jerusalem, and set a mark upon 
the foreheads of the men that 
sigh and that cry for all the abom- 
inations that be done In the midst 

Ex/ek. xvl, 12. And I put a Jewd 
on thy forehead, and earrings in 
thine oars, and a beantlfUl crown 
upon thine head. 

JZ60.vii,8. Saying. Hurt not the 
earth, neither the sea, nor the 
trees, till we have sealed the 
servants of our God In their fore- 

J?ev.lx,4. And it was command- 
ed them that they should not 
hurt th« grass of the earth, neither 
any green thing, neither any tree; 
but only those men which have 
not the seal of God In thehr foro- 
heads. • 

J?ev. xili, 16. And he caused oIL 
both small and great, rich and 
poor, ftee and bond, to receive a 
mark in their right hand, or In 
their foreheads. 

Rev. xlv, 1, 9. And I looked, and, • 
lo, a Lamb stood on the mount 
Slon, and. with him an hundred 
forty €tnA four thousand, having 
his Father's name written In their 
foreheads. And the third angel 
followed them, saying with a loud 
voice. If any man worship the 
beast and hlft image, and receive 
hie mark In his forehead, or In bis 

Sen, xvU, & And upon her fore- 
head \Da» a name written. MYS- 

Jlev. XX, 4. And leaxo the souls 
of them that were beheaded for 
the witness of Jesus, and for the 
word of God, and which had 
not worshipped the beast, neither 
tils image, neither had received 
his mark upon their foreheads, or 
in their bonds; and they lived and 
reigned with Christ a thousana 

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JZ^.zxfl,4. And tbeytfnn tee 
talsfhce; and hit nams fAoii ^in 
their foreheads. 


Gen. XTl, 8. And he said. Hagar, 

Saraft maid, whence cameflt thou? 

and whither wilt thon gv9 And 

she said, I flee from the &oe of mj 

. mistress SaraL 

Gen, xxxv, 1. And Ood said nn- 
to Jacob. Arise, go np to Beth*el, 
and dwell there: and make there 
an altar nnto God, that appeared 
nnto thee when thoQ fieddestfrom 
the &oe of Esan thy brother. 

Ebood. xxxiT, 29. And it came to 
pass, when Moses came down 
from mount Binai with the two 
tables of testimony in Hoses' 
hand, when he came down firom 
the mount, that Moses wist not 
that the skin of his face shone 
while he talked with him. 

XUm, zU, 14. And the Lonn said 
nnto Moses, If her &ther had but 
spit In her toco, should she not be 
ashamed seven days? let her be 
shut out fh)m the camp seven 
days, and after that let her he re- 
ceived in again, 

Joth. vil, 10. And the Lobo said 
nnto Joshua, Qet thee np; where- 
fore liest thon thns upon thy taaxf 

1 Kings viil, 14. And the king 
turned his face about, and blessed 
all the con^iTegatlon of Israel: 
(and all the congregation of Israel 

2 Kings It, 29. Then he said to 
Oehazi, Gird np thy loins, and 
take my staff in thine hana, and 
go thy way: if tbou meet any man, 
salute him not; and if any salute 
theo, answer him not again: and 
lay my staff upon the tkoe of the 

2 Kings Till, 16. And H came to 
pass on the morrow, that he took 
a thick doth, and dipped it In 
water, and spread ij on his fsce, 
so that he died: and Hazael reign- 
ed in his stead. 

Luke ix, 63. And they did not 
receive him, because his foce was 
as thbugh he would go to Jerusa- 

Luke xxil, 64. And when they 
had blindfolded him. they strock 
him on the fiice, and asked him, 
saying, Prophesy, who Is It that 
smote thee? 

2 (for. xi, 20. For ye suffor. If a 
man bring yon into bondage. 11 a 
man devour you, if a man take <nf 
fou, if a man exalt himself, if a 
man smite you on the face. 

GaL i, 22. And was unknown by 
twee unto the churches of Jnd»a 
which were in Christ. 

James i, 23. For ti any be a 
hearer of the word, and not a doer. 


he is Uke nnto a man b^li6ldliig Init then shall I knowenena* also 
his natural face in a glass. . I am luiown. 

Gen. xiviii, 12. And Joseph 
brouslit them out fh>m between 
his knees, and he bowed himself 
with his ftce to the earth. 

1 Sam. xxlT, & David also arose 
afterward, and went out of the 
cave, and cried after Saul, saying. 
My lord the king. And when 
Saul looked behind him, David 
stooped with his fiioe to the earth, 
and bowed himself^ 

1 8am. xzv, 41. And die arose, 
and bowed herself on her face to 
the earth, and said. Behold, let 
thine handmaid be a servant to 
wash the feet of the servants of 



0en.izxiI,8O. And Jacob called 
the name of the place Penlek for I 
have seen God face to face, and 
my life is preserved. 

Exod. zxxiil, 11. And the Loan 
spake unto Moses face tofi&ce,as 
a man speaketh nnto his friend. 

Kum, xlv, 14. And they wiU teU 
<t to the inhabitants of this land: 
for they have heard that thon 
Loan art among this people, that 
thou LoBD art seen face to face, 
and that thy dond standeth over 

Deut. T, 4. The Loan talked 
with yon fS»ce to face in the mount 
out of the midst of the fire. .... 

Deut. ixxiv, 10. And there arose 
not a prophet since in Israel like 
nnto Moses, whom the Lobo knew 

Judges yi,^ And when Gideon 
perceived that he was an angel of 
the LoBD, Gideon said, Alas, O 
Lord QoDi for because I have 
seen an angel of the Lord &ce to 

Prov. zzvli, 19. As In water fkce 
answereth to foce, so the heart of 
man to man. 

Szek. XX, 86. And I wiU bring 
yon into the wilderness of the 
people, and there will I plead with 
yon face to foce. 

Actsxxr, 16. To whom I ans- 
wered. It is not the manner of 
the Romans to deliver any man 
to die, before that he which is 
accused have the accusers face to 
fkoe, and have licence to answer 
for himself concerning the crime 
laid against liim. 

1 Qor. xIU, 12. For we now see 

through a glass, darkly, but then 

face to face: now I know in part: 





Gen. 1, 1. la And Joseph fell 

upon his mther's finoe, and wept 

upon him, and kissed him. And 

hto brethren also went and fell 

down before his fiice; and they 

said. Behold, we be thy servanU. 

Buth II, 10. Then she fell on her 
fkce, and bowed herself to th^ 
ground, and said nnto him, Why 
have I found grace in thine eyes, 
that thon shonldest take know- 
ledge of me, seeing I am a stran- 

1 Sam. zx, 41. And as soon as 
the lad was gone, David arose ont 
of a place toward the south, and 
fell on his fkce to the ground, and 
bowed himself three times: and 
they kissed one another, and wept 
one with another, nntO David ex- 

t Sam. Ix, 6. Now when Mephl- 
bosheth,the son of Jonathan, the 
son of Saul, was come unto David, 
he fell on his fkce, and did rever- 
ence. And David said, Mepblbosh- 
eth. And he answered. Behold 
thy servant! 

9 8am, xlv, 4u 22. And when the 
woman of Tekoah spake to the 
king, she fell on her face to the 
ground, and did obeisance, and 
said. Help, O king. And Joah 
fell to the ground on his fkce. and 
bowed hbnsel^ and tlianked the 
king: and Joab said. To day thy 
servant knoweth that I have 
found grace In thy sight, my lord, 
O king, hi that the king hath ful- 
filled the request of his servant. 

1 Kings xvlii, 7, 89. And as 
Obadioh was In the way, behold, 
Elijah met him: and he knew him, 
and fell on his face, and said, An 
thou that my lord Elijah? And 
when all the people saw it, thev 
fell on thefr fiices: and thev said. 
The Loan, be is the God; the 
LoBD, he is the God. 

Isa. xlv, 14. .... The labour 
of Egypt, and merchandise of 
Ethiopia and of the Sabeans, men 
of stature, rtiall come over unto 
thee, and they shall be tbine: 
they shall come after thee; in 
chains they shall come over, and 
they shall fiaU dovrn to thee. . . . 

Isa. xlvl, 6. They lavish gold 
ont of the bag, and weigh silver 
In the lialance, and hire a gold- 
smitl^ and he maketh it a god: 
they fall down, yea, they worship. 

Dan, 11, 46. Then the king 
Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face 
and worshipped Daniel, and com- 
manded that they should offer an 
oblation and sweet odours unto 

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JtotOL it, 0. And saSQi mto 
tiliQ. AU these things will I glre 
thee. If tboa wilt taXL down and 
ivorship me^ 

Lukt T, 19. And It came topass, 
when he was in a certain dty, 
behold a man full of leprosy: who 
seeing Jesas foil on hl$ &ce, and 
besought him, saying. Lord, if 
thou wilt, thoo canst make me 

1 Oor, Jdr, IS. And tbns are the 
secrets of his heart made mani- 
fest; and so Iklling down on Ma 
face he will worship God, and re- 
port that God is in yon of a trnth. 

Gen. XTti 8, If. And Abram 
fell on his mce: and Ood talked 
with Wnv saying, .... Then 
Abraham fell upon his fttoe, and 
laughed, and said in his heart. 
Shall a chUd be bom nnto him 
Uiat Is an hundred years old? and 
shall Sarah, that is ninety yean 
old, bear? 

£eo. iz, M. And there came a 
fire out firom before the Lord, and 
consumed upon the altar the 
burnt offering and the fet: which 
when aU the people saw, they 
shouted, and fiBll on their liKes. 

Kum. sir, 6. Then Moses and 
Aaron fell on their faces before 
all the assembly of the congrega- 
tion of the children of IsroeL 

JTtwn. XTf, 4, «2. 45. And when 
Moses heard «, he leU npc# his 
tM». And they Ibll upon their 
faces, and said, O God,lhe God of 
ilie splrlu of aU flesh; shaU one 
man sin, and wilt thou be wroth 
with all the congregation? Get 
you up from among this congrega- 
tlun, that I may consume them as 
in a moment. And they (eU upon 
their foces. 

Judges xiU, 90. For it came to 
pass, when the flame went np to- 
ward heayen fh>m off the altar, 
that the angel of the Lord ascend- 
ed In the flame of the altar. And 
Manoah and his wife looked on 
U, and IbU on their ftces to the 

1 Ghroii, xxi, 16. And David 
lirted up his eyes, and saw the 
angel of the Lord Atand between 
the earth and the heaven, harhig 
a drawn sword in his Iiand 
stretched out over Jerusalem. 
Then David and the elders o^ 
lerael, who wera dothed in sack- 
doth, feU upon their fiices. 

. ,f»; 1«W. 11. Yea. an kings shan 
rail down before him: all nations 
shall serve him. 

^«*.l,2a^As the appearance 
of the bow that is in the cloud in 
the day of rain, so tooM the ap* 
^!5°*^?t "*® brightness round 
about. This woi the appearance 
of tlie likeness of the glory of thd 


LoBD. And when I ssw«; r fell 
upon my fece, and I heard avolce 
of one that spake. 

ESiek, ill, 28. Then I arose, and 
went forth into the plain: and, 
behold, the glory of the Lord 
stood there, as the glory which I 
saw by the river of Ghebai: and I 
fell on my finoe. 

Evek,iXfe. And it came to pass, 
while they were slaying them, and 
I was left, that I feU upon my 
ikce, and cried, and said. Ah 
Lord Goo! wUt then destroy aU 
the residue of Israel in thy pour- 
ing out of thy tarj vpon Jerusa- 

Bzek. xl, 18. And It came to 
pass, when I prophesied, that 
Peletlah the son of Benateh died. 
Then fell I down npon myfooe 
and cried with a loud voice, and 
said. Ah Lord God! wilt thou make 
a fhll end of the remnant of Israel? 
XMe. zllU. 8. And tt teas ac- 
cording to the appearance of the 
vision which 1 saw, even accord- 
ing to the vision that I saw when 
I came to destroy the city: and 
the visions toere Uke the vision 
that I saw by the river Chebar, 
and I fell upon my ikce. 

Szek, zllv, 4. Then brought he 
me the way of the north gate be- 
fore the house: and I looked, and, 
behold, the glory of the Lord 
filled the house of the Lord: and 
I fell npon my fece. 

Dan. vUI, 17. So he came near 
where I stood: and when he came, 
I was afhild, and fell upon my 
face: but he sdM unto me. Under- 
stand, O son of man: fer at the 
Ume of the end ehaU be the vision. 
Xatth. xvil, 6. And when the 
disciples heard U, they fell on 
their face, and were sore afirald. 

Mfam. xxvl, 88. And he went a 
little farther, and fell on his fece 
and prayed, saying, O my Father, 
if it be possible, let this cup pass 
fh>m me: nevertheless not as I 
wUl, but as thou wOt. 

Rev. iv, 10. The four and twenty 
elders fell down before him that 
sat on the throne, and worship 
him that liveth for ever and ever, 
and cast their crowns before the 
throne, saying. 

Sev. xi, 16. And the fbnr and 
twenty elders, which sat before 
God on their seats, fell upon their 
CMies, and worshipped God. 

cot him off fh>m among his peo- 
ple And the soul that 

tumeth after such as have familiar 
spirits, and after wizards, to go a 
whoring after them, I will even 
set my fece agalnitt that soul, and 
will cut him off firom among his 

Lev, xxvl, 17. And I wlU set my 
fece against you, and ye shall be 
slain before your enemies. . . . 

^um.xxlv,l. And when Balaam 
saw that it pleased the Lord to 
bless Israel, he went not, as at 
other times, to seek for endiant- 
ments, but he set his fece toward 
the wilderness. 

9 Kings xU, 17. Then Hazopl 
king of Syria went up, and fought 
agahist Gath, and took It: and 
Hazael set his fece to go up to 

Dan, zi, 17. He shall also set his 
fece to enter with the strength of 
his whole kingdom, and upright 
ones with hhn 

Luke Ix, 51. And it came to pass, 
when the time was come that be 
should be received up, he sted- 
fasUy set his fece to go to Jem- 


Qarit ▼, la His cheeks are as a 
bed of spices, as sweet flowers: 
his lips Uke lilies, dropping sweet 
smelling myrrh. 

Uim. i, 9. She weepeth sore hn 
the night, and her tears are on 
her cheeks. 


e^.xxxl,9L So he fled with 
all that he had; and he rose up, 
and passed over the river, and set 
his fhce toward the mount Gilead. 

I<».xx.8,6. And I will set my 
face against that man, and will 

1 Kings xxli, 24. Rut Zedeklah 
the son of Chenaanah went near, 
and smote Mlcaiah on the cheek, 
and said. Which way went the 
Spirit of the Lord from me to 
speak unto thee? 

Ja^ xvi, 10. They have gaped 
upon me with their month; they 
have smitten me upon the cheek 
reproaclifully; they have gathered 
themselves together against me. 

Ps. Ill, 7. Arise, O LoBo; save 
me. O my God: for thou hast 
smitten all mine enemies upon 

the cheek bone 

ISO. 1, e. I gave my bock to the 
smiters, and my cheeks to them 
that plucked off the hain I hid 
not my fece fh>m shame and 

Lam. ill, 80. He gl veth his cheek 
to him that smitcth him: he is 
filled full with reproach. 

Mieah v, 1 They shaU 

smite the Judgo of Israel with a 
rod upon the cheek. 

Matth. V, 89. But I say unto jron. 
That ye resist not evil: but who- 
soever shall sniito thee on thy 
right cheek, turn to Idm the other 

Digitized by 


ounp tn the wfldernem, snd tlioa 
mayest be to us Instead of eyes. 

Ifum, xvl, 14. Wilt thou 

put out the eyes of these meitf 
we wIU not come ap. 

Judffea xTl. sa And Samson 
called unto the Lobo, and said, 

Lord Ooo, remember me, I pray 
thee, and strengthen me. I pray 
thee, only this once, O God, that 

1 may be at once avenged of the 
Philistines for my two eyes. 

Job Til, r, 8. O remember that 
my liib <8 wind: mine eye shall no 
more see good. The eye of him 
that hath seen me shall see me 
no more: thine eyes ors upon me, 
and I am not. 

Job zx, 9. The eye also tokieh 
saw him shall see him no more; 
neither shall his place any more 
behold him. 

Job xxlT, 16. The eye also of the 
adulterer walteth for the twilight, 
saying, No eye shall see me: and 
disguiseth his &ce. 

A. IzxxTlii, 9. Mine eye monm- 
eth by reason of affliction: Lobd, 
I hare called daily npon thee, I 
have stretched ont my hands onto 

1^. exxiii, 9. Behold, as the eyes 
of servants look unto the hand of 
theh* masters, and av the eyes of 
a maiden unto the hand of her 
mistress; so onr eyes vxUt npon 
the Lord onr God, \xntil that he 
have mercy npon us. 

Frov. X. 26. As vinegar to the 
teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, 
so Is the sluggard to them that 
send him. 

Frov. XX, 13. The hearing ear, 
and the seeing eye. the Lo&d bath 
made even both of them. 

EedeM.i,6. .... Theeyeisnot 
•atisfled with seeing. .... 

Eccles. U, 14. The wise man*s 
eyes are in his head; but the fool 
walketh In darkness: and I myself 
perceived also that one event 
nappeneth to them alL 

Mattk. vl,i8. The light of the 
I)Ody Is the eye: If therefore thine 
eye be single, thy whole body 
shall be fall vt light. 

MaWL vil, 8. And why behold- 
f St then the mote that Is In thy 
brother's eye, but considerest not 
the beam that is in thine own eyeP 

Luke xxiT, 16. But their eyes 
were hokien that they should not 
know hhn. 


Job XYi, 16, 20. Hy face is foul 
with wtebing, and on my eyelids 
is the shadow of death. My 
friends (scum me: but mine 
eye pourelh out tears unto 

i^. Tl, 6. I am weary with my 


ffroanhig; an the nighi mate I 
my bed to swim; I water my 
conch with my teari. 

i^. cxvi, 8. For thou hast de- 
livered my soul from death, mine 
eyes from tears, tmd my feet from 

Fs. cxlz, 136. Rivers of waters 
run down mine eyes, beoaase they 
keep not thy law. 

Jer. Ix, 1. Oh that my head 
were waters, and mine eyes a 
fountain of tears, that I might 
weep day and night for the slain 
of the daughter of my peoplel 

Jer. xia. 17. But If ye wfll not 
hear it. my soul shall weep in 
secret places for vour pride; and 
mine eye shall weep sore, and run 
down with tears, because the 
LoBD*8 flock Is carried away cap- 

Jer, ilr, 17. Therefore thon 
Shalt say this word unto them; 
Let mine eyes ran down with 
tears night and day. and let them 
not cease: for the virghi daughter 
of my people Is broken with a 
great breach, with a very grievous 

Jer. XXX146. Thus 8atth.the Lomn; 
Rf fraln thy voice from weeping, 
and thine eyes from team f»r tliy 
work sliail be rewarded, salth the 
Loan; and they shall oome agahi 
from the land of the enemy. 

Ltxm. 1, 16. For these IMngs 
I weep; mine eye, mine eye run> 
neth down with water, because 
the comforter that should relieve 
my soul is far from me. . . • . 

Lam. U, la Their heart cried 
untc the Lord, O wall of the 
daughter of Zlon, let tears run 
down like a river day and night: 
give thyself no rest; let not the 
apple of thine eye oeaoe. 

Lam. iU, 49. Mine eye trickleth 
down, and oeaseth not> without 
any Intermission. 

Bev. vll, 17 And God 

shall wipe away all teafs from 



Job XV, 12. Why doth thine 

heart carry thee away? and what 

do thy eyes wink at. 

Ps. XXXV, 19. Let not them that 
are mine enemies wronprfUIly re- 
joice over nie: neither let them 
wink with the eyb that hate me 
without a cause. 

Prov. vl, 18. He wlnketh with 
his eyes, he speaketh with his 
feet, he teacheth with his Angers. 

Prov. X, 10. He that wlnketh 
with the eye causeth sorrow: but 
a prattUng fool shall fiUL 


€fen. xIU, 10.14. And Lot Hfted up 
his eyes, and beheld all the plain 

of Jordan And the 

Lobd said unto Abram, after that 
Lot was separated from him, Lift 
up now thine eyes, and look from 
the place where thou art north- 
ward, and southward, and east- 
ward, and westward. 

Gen. xvlli, 2. And he lift up his 
eyes and looked, and, lo, three 
men stood by hhn. .... 

Gen. xxiv, 68, 64. And Isaac 
went out to meditate in the field 
at the eventide: and he lifted up 
his eyes, and saw, and, behold, 
the oaraels toere coming. And 
Rebekah lifted up her eyes, and 
when she saw Isaac, she lighted 

Gen. xxxi, 10. And it come to 
pass at the time that the cattle 
conceived, that I lifted up mhie 
eyes, and saw in a dream 

Gen. xxxiii, 1. And Jacob lifted 
up his eyes, and looked, and, be- 
hold, Esau came, and with him 
four hundred men. .... 

Gen. xliii, 29. And he lifted up 
his eyes, and saw his brother Ben- 
jamin, his mother's son. 

Saood. xlv, 10. And when Pha- 
raoh drew nigh, the children of 
Israel lifted up their eyes, and, 
behold, the Egyptians marched 
after them. . . . 

Leut. ill, 27. Get thee np into 
the top of Pisgah. and lift up 
thine eyes westward, and north- 
ward, and southward, and east- 
ward, and behold it with thine 
eyes: for thou shalt not go over 
this Jordan. 

Josh. V, 18. And it came to pasa^ 
when Joshua was by Jericho, 
that he lifted up his eyes and 
looked, and, behold, there stood a 
man over against him with his 
sword drawn in his hand. 

Judges xix, 17. And when be 
had lifted np his eyes, he saw a 
wayfiiring man in the street of 
the city: and the old man said, 
Whither goest thou? and whence 
comest thou? 

2 Sam. xiii, 84. But Absalom 
fled. And the young man that 
kept the watch lifted up his eyes, 
and looked, and, behold, there 
oame much people by the way 
of the hill side beMnd him. 

2 KlnffS xlx, 22. Whom hast 
thou reproached and blasphemed? 
and against whom hast thou ex- 
alted tAy voice, and lifted np thine 
eyes on high? even against the 
Holy One of Israel. 

Isa. xllx, 1& Lift np thhie eyes 
round about^ and behold: aU tbete 

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gttlier tbemadTM togeXhm, tmd 
oome to thee. 

IM. 11,6. Lift up your eyes to 
the heaveiiB. and look upon the 
eATtb beDoeXlL 

Jm. 12,4. Lift up thine eyee 
round about, and see: all they 
gather themselves together, they 
come to theo. .... 

Jer. 111,2. Lift up thine eyes 
nnto the high places, and see 
where thou hsst not been lien 

Enek, Till, ft. Then said he nnto 
me, Son of man, lift up thine 
eyes now the way toward the 
north. So I lifted up mine eyes 
the way toward the north, and 
behold northward at the gate of 
the altar this ima^ of Jealousy In 
the entry. 

Dan. It, 84. And at the end of 
the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted 
up mine eyes unto heaven, and 
mine understanding returned unto 
me, and I blessed the most High. 

Dan. z, 6. Then I lifted up mine 
eyes, and looked, and bohold a 
certain man clothed in linen, 
whose loins were girded with fine 
gold of Uphaz. 

Zech. 11, 1. 1 lifted up mine eyes 
again, and looked, and behold a 
man with a measuring line In his 

Zech. T, 1,6, 9. Then I turned, 
and lifted up mine eyes, and 
looked, and behold a flying roll. 
Then the angel that talkodwlth 
me went forth, and said unto me. 
Lift up now thine eyes, and see 
what is this that goeth forth. 
Then lifted I up mine eyes, and 
looked, and, behold, there came 
out two women, and the wind was 
in their wings. 

Zech. Tl, 1. And T turned, and 
lifted up mine eyes, and looked, 
and, behold, there came four 
chariots out fh)m between two 
mountains; and the mountains 
were mountains of brass. 


^^n.zxTll,l. And It came to 
pass, that when Iitaao was old, 
and his eyes were dim, so that he 
could not see, he called Esau his 
eldest son, and said unto liim. My 
son: and he said unto lihn. Be- 
hold, here am I. 

Gen. zlTlll, 10. Now the eyee of 
Israel were dim for acre, so tfuU 
he could hot see. And be brought 
them near unto him: and he kissed 
then^ and embraced them. 

DeiO. xxYiil, 66. And among 
these nations thaXt' ttiou find no 
ease, neither shall the sole of thy 
fDoC have rest: but the Lord shall 
give thee there a trembling hearty 
and failing of eyes^ and sorrow ol 


DeuL zzztT, 7. And Moses was 

an hundred and twenty years old 
when he died: his eye was not 
dim, nor his natural force abated. 

1 Sam. ill, 9. And it came to 
pass at that time, when £U toas 
laid down In his place, and his 
eyes began to wax dim, tiuU he 
oould not see. 

Job zi, 90. But the eyes of the 
wicked shaU f!^. and they shaU 
not escape, and their hopesAoU be 
as the giving up of the ghost 

Job xvii, 7. Mine eye also Is dim 
by reason of sorrow, and all my 
members are as a shadow. 

Job xxH, 16. If I have with- 
held the poor fh>m their desire, or 
have caused the eyes of the widow 
tolklL, 7 Mine eye Is consumed 
because of grlef^ it waxeth old be- 
cause of all mine enemies. 

Fs. xxil 9. Have mercy upon 
me, O LoBD, for I am In trouble: 
mine eye is consumed with grief, 
yea, my soul and my belly. 

1 K^s xlv, 4. And Jeroboam's 
wifis did so, and arose, and went 
to Shilob, and came to the house 
of AbUah. But Abijah could not 
see; for his eyes were set by rea- 
son of his age. 

Lam. V, 17. For this our heart is 
fkln^ for these thfnffs our eyes are 



2Kings\3LfiO, And when Jehu 
was oome to Jezreel, Jezebel 
heard cif it,- and she painted her 
Ikce, and tired her head, and 
looked out at a window. 

Ezek. xxUl, 40. And ftn^ei^ 
more, that ye have sent for men 
to come from finr, unto whom a 
messenger was sent; and, lo, they 
came: for whom thou didst wash 
thyself, paintedst thy eyes, and 
dookeost thyself with ornaments. 


DeitL xxviU, 64. iSb Mae the 
man that is tender among you, 
and very delicate, his eye shall be 
evil toward his orother, and to- 
ward the wife of his bosom, and 
toward the remnant of his chil- 
dren which be shall leave. 

Prov. xxlll, 6. Eat thou not the 
bread of him that hath an evil 
eye, neither desire thou his dainty 

Prov. xxviU, 99. Hethathastetb 
to be rich hath an evil eye, and 
oonsidereth not that poverty shall 
come ui>on him. 

Matth. yl, 23. But If thine eye 
be evil, thy whole body shall be 
full of darkness. If therefore tt\e 
light that is in thee be darkness, 
how great is that darkness! 

MatULxtfiS. Is it not lawtm 

fbr me to do what I will with 
mine own? Is thine eye evil, bo- 
oauselam good? 

Jfarfcvlf, 29. Thifis, covetons- 
ness, wickedness, deceit, lascfv- 
iousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, 
pride, foolishness. 

Luke xi, 84. The light of the 
body is the eye: therefore when 
thine eye Is single, thy whole 
body also is (till of light; but when 
thine eve Is evil, thy body also is 
ftill of darkness. 


Gen. xll, 37. And the thfaig was 
good in the eyes of Pharaoh, and 
in the eyes of all his servauU. 

DetO. xll, & Ye shall not do after 
all the things that we do here this 
day, every man whatsoever is 
right in his own eyes. 

-Detttxvl, 19. A gift doth 

blind the eyes of the wise, and 
pervert the words of the right- 

1 (Ihron. xlll, 4. And all the con- 
gregation said that they would do 
so: for the thing was right in the 
eyes of all the people. 

Fs. xix, a . . . . The command- 
ment of the Lord is pure, en- 
lightening the eyes. 

Fs. cxlx, 1& Open thou mine 
eyes, that I may behold wondrous 
things out of thy law. 

Fs. cxxxl, 1. LOBo, my heart Is 
not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: 
neither do I exercise myself In 
great matters, or In things too 
high for me. 

Prov. xll, 15. The way of a fool 
is right in his own eyes: but he 
that hearkeneth unto counsel is 

Frov. zvl, 9. All the ways of a 
man are dean in his own eyes; 
but the LoBD welgheth the spirits^ 

Prov. xvil, a A gift is OS a 
precious stone in the eyes of him 
that hath it: whithersoever it 
tumeth, it prospereth. 

ISO. V, 16. And the mean man 
shall be brought down, and the 
mighty man shall be humbled, 
and the eyes of the lofty shall be 

Isa. n, 10. Make the heart of 
this people flit, and make their 
ears heavy, and shut their eyes: 
lest they see with their eyes, and 
hear with their ears, and under- 
stand with their heart, and con- 
vert^ and be healed. 

Is. V, 91. Woe unto them that 
are wise In their own ere8,a&d 
prudent in their own sight! 

Isa. xxlx, la And In that day 
shall the deaf hear the words ol 
the book, and the eyes of the blind 
shall see out of obscurity, and out 
of darkness. 

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ite. xlH, 7. To open tho blind 
eyes, to brin^ cat the prisoners 
from the prison, and thorn that 
sit in darkness ont 9t the prison 

IM. xllli, a Bring forth the blind 
people that have eyes, and the 
deaf that have ears. 

Sph, 1, la The eyes of yonr 
nnderstandlngr being: enltsrbtened; 
that ye may know what la the 
hope of his callingr, and 'what the 
riches of the glory of his inheri- 
tance In the saints. 

1 JoJin il, 11. Bat he that 
hatoth his brother is in darkness, 
and walketh in darkness, and 
knoweth not whither he sroeth, 
becanae that df'f"^"" bath blind' 
ed his eyes. 

Bev. lli,ia I counsel thm to buy 
of mo gold tried in the fire, that 
thon mayest be rich; .... and 
anoint thine eyes with eyetalve, 
that thon mayest see. 


Lev. xxi, la For whatsoeyer 
man he be that hath a blemish, he 
shall not approach: a blind znaiL 
or a lame, or he that hath a flat 
nose, or any thing superfluous. 

Ifitm, xl, 80. But even a whole 
month, until It come out at your 
nostrils, and it be loathsome unto 
you: because that ye have despla- 
ed the Lord which is among you, 
and have wept boforo him. saying, 
Why came wo forth out of Egypt? 

S Kin{;8 xix, $8. Beainse thy 
rage against me and thy tiimnlt Is 
come up Into mine ears, f iierefore 
I will put my hook in thy nose, 
and my bridle in tby Itps, and I 
win turn theo back by the way by 
whicb thon camest. 

Prov. TIT, 88. ... . And the 
wringing of the nose bringeth 
forili blood: so the forcing of wrath 
bringeth forth strilis. 

(Ssnt vll, 4 Thy nose is 

as the tower of Labanon which 
looketb toward Damascus. 

J8a. Ill, 81. The rings^ an€ nose 

Exek, Tlil, 17. Then he said unto 
me, Uast thon seen this, O son of 
man? Is it a light thing to the 
house of .Tndah that they commit 
the abominations which they com- 
mit here? for they have tiled the 
land with violence, And have re- 
turned to provoke me to angon 
and, lo, they pnt the branch to 
thdr nose. 


Oen. ii, 7. And the Loud God 
Formed man of the dust of the 
px}und, and breathed into his 
aostrils the breath of life. .... 

Gen, Til, 22. All in whose not- 


trils tMSthe breath of Ufls, of all 
that was in the dry land, died. 

Job xxrii, a All the while my 
breath is in me, and the spirit of 
Qod <8 in my nostrils. 

/so. ii, 22. Cease ye fh>m man, 
whose breath is in his nostrils: for 
wherein is he to be accounted of? 

Lam. iv, 20. The breath of our 
nostrils, the anointed of the Lord, 
was taken in their pits, of whom 
we said, Under his shadow wo 
shall live among the heathen. 


PS. cxv, a . . . . Noses haTO 
they, but they smell not 

ISO. irv, a Which say. Stand by 
thyselt come not near to me; for I 
am holler than thon. These are 
a smoke hi thy nose, a fire that 
bnmeth all the day. 

Bxek. %ix\Xj 11. And It ehaB 
come to pass m that day, that I 
will give tmto Gog a place there 
of graves in Israel, the valley of 
the passengers on the east of the 
sea: and it shall stop the noses of 
the passengers. .... 

Amos iv, 10. 1 have sent among 
you the pestilence after the man- 
ner of Egypt: your young men 
have I shiin with the sword, and 
have taken away your horses; and 
I have made the stink of yonr 
camps to come np unto your nos- 
trils: yet have ye not returned imto 
me, saith the Loan. 



Saeod. XV, a And with the blast 

of thy nostrils the waters were 

gathered together 

2^m. xxll,9.16 There went up a 
smoke out of his nostrils, and flre 
out of Ms mouth devoured: coals 
were kindled by it. And the 
channels of the sea appeared, the 
foundations of the world were 
discovered, at the rebuking of the 
Lord, at the blast of the breath of 
his nostrils. 

Job iv, a By the blast of God 
they perish, and by the breath of 
his neetrils are they ccmsumed. 


liSiim.i,12. And it came to pass, 
as she continued praying before 
the Loan, that Eli marked her 

2 Kings It, 9L And he went np. 
and lay upon the child, and put 
his mouth upon his mouth, and 
his eyes upon his eyes, and his 
hands upon his hands 

Job xxxiv, a For the ear trieth 
words, as the mouth tasteth meat. 

Ft. xxil. la They gaped upon 
mo with their mouths, as a raven- 
ing and a roaring lion. 

A. xxxvUi, la But I. as a deaf 
man, heard not: and / toos as a 
dumb man UuU openeth not his 

Ft. cxT, a They hare mouths, 
but they speak not. .... 

Pi. cxxvl, a Then was our 
mouth filled with laughter, and 
our tongue with stoglng. . . . 

Ps. cxxxv, 17. They have ears, 
but they hear not; neither is there 
anv breath in their mouths. 

Qant. ▼, la His mouth is most 
sweet: yea» he is altogether 
lovely. .... 

Isa. Tl. 7. And he Uld U upon 
my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath 
touched thy liQS; and thine ini- 
quity is taken away, and thy sin 

Isa. Ivll, 4. Against whom do ye 
sport yourselves? against whom 
make ye a wide mouth, and draw 
out the tongue? .... 

Lam. Hi. 29. He putteth his 
mouth in the dust; If so be there 
may be hope. 

Ezek. 11, a But thou, son of man. 
hear what I say unto thee; Be not 
thou rebellious like that rebellious 
house: open thy mouth, and eat 
that I give thee. 

Bev. ill, la So then becanse 
thou art lukewarm, and neither 
cold nor hot, I will spue thee out 
of my mouth. 

JudQes xvIH, 19. And they said 
unto him, Hold thy peace, and lay 
thine hand upon thy month, and 
go with us, and be to us a father 
and a priest 

Job xxi, 5. Hark me, and be as- 
tonished, and lay yuur hand upon 
your month. 

Job xxix,9. The princes refridn- 
ed talking, and hiid their hand 
on their mouth. 

Job xl, 4. Behold, I am vll^ 
what shall I answer thee? I will 
lay mine hand upon my mouth. 

Proif. XXX, sa If thou hast done 
foolishly in lifting up thyself, or 
if thou host thought evil, lap thiM 
lumd upon th^ mouth. 



iVo©. xvlil, a A foors lips enter 
into contention, and his mouth 
calleth for strdkes. 

AcU xxiU, a And the high 
priest Ananias conunanded thAn 
that stood by hhn to smite him on 
the mouth. 

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1 Sam. xir, 28. And wben the 
people were oome Into the wood, 
behold, the honey dropped; but 
no man put his band to his mouUu 
for the people feared the oath. 

Job xll, 11. Doth not the ear 
try words? and the month taste 
his meat? 

Job xvl, 10. They have gaped 
upon me with their mouth 

Fa. IxxvlU, 80. They were not 
estranged from their Inst. Bnt 
while their moat wu yet In their 

A, Ixxxl, 10. 1 am the Lobo thy 
Ood. which brought thee out of 
the land of Efrypt: open thy mouth 
wide, and 1 wUi fill it. 

Prop. xlll,2. A man shall eat 
good by the fhiit of his mouth: 
but the soul of the transgressors 
sfiaU eat Tiolence. 

Prov. xTl, 26. He that laboureth 
laboureth for blmsoll^ for his 
mouth craveth it of him. 

Prov. xix, 24. A slothftil man 
hldnth his hand in Ms bosom, and 
will not so much as bring it to his 
mouth again. 

JProv. XXX, 20. Such is the way 
of an adulterous woman; she 
eatetlLand wlpoth her mouth, and 
sailh, I liave done no wickedness. 

EccUs. vl. 7. All the labour of 
man is for his mouth, and yet the 
appetite Is not Htled. 

QanLYli,d. And the roof of thy 
mouth like the best wine for my 
beloved, that gooth doton sweetly, 
causing the lips of those that are 
asleep to speak. 

Exek. IV, 14. Then nld I, Ah 
Lord Ooo! behold, my sonl hath 

not been polluted: neither 

come thcro abominable flesh into 
my month. 

MattK XT, 11. Not that which 
goeth into the mouth deflleth a 
man; but tliat which comcth out 
of the mouth, this deilleth a 

Acts xl, a But I said. Not so. 
Lord: for nothing common or 
unclean hath at any time entered 
■ into my mouth. 


Gen. xxiv, 67. And they said, 
We will call the damsel, and en- 
quire at her mouth. 

Oen. xlv, 12. And, behold, your 
eyes see, and the eyes of my 
brother Bei\].'miln, that it is w^ 
mouth that spcaketh unto yon. 

Judffes ix, 8& Then said Zebnl 
unto him, Where is now thy 
mouth, wherewith thou saldst, 
Who is Abimelech, that we should 
serve lilmr 

2 Sam. xlv, 3. And come to the 
king; and speak on this nuumer 


nntohbn. So Joab put the words 
In lier month. 

S Aun. xviii, 25 Andthewatch- 
man cried, and told the king. 
And Uie king said, If he be alone, 
there is tidings In his mouth. 
And he came apace, and drew 

1 Kings zxil, 18. And the mes- 
senger that was gone to call 
HIcaiah spake unto him, saying. 
Behold now, the words of the pro- 
phets declare good unto the king 
with one mouth 

Esther vU,& As the word 

went out of the king's month, 
they covered Hamon's foce. 

Job vli, 11. Therefore I will not 
refrain my mouth; I will speak in 
the anguish of my spirit; I will 
complain In the bitterness of my 

Job Iz, SO. If I jnstlfy myself, 
mine own mouth shall condemn 
me: if 1 sa^, I am perfect It shall 
also prove me perverse. 

Job XV, 6, 80. Thine own month 
oondemnetb tliee, and not I: yea. 
thine own lips testify against 
thee. Ho shall not depart out of 
darkness; the flame shall dry up 
his branches, and by the breath 
of tils mouth shall he go away. 

Job xvi.S. But 1 would strength- 
en you with my mouth, and the 
movinpT of my lips should osswage 
Vour i^rief. 

Job xlx, 16. I caned my servant, 
and ho gave me no answer; I in- 
treated him with my moutli. 

Job xxiil, 4. I would order mv 
cause before him, and fill my 
mouth with arguments. 

Job xxxt 80. Neither have I 
sufTered my mouth to sfii by wish- 
ing a curse to his souU 

PS, V, 9. For there is no IhUhfUI- 
ness in their moutli; their inward 
part is very wickedness; their 
throat is on open scpulchi^ they 
flatter with their tongue. 

PS. xvll, 8, Thou hast proved 
mine heart; thon hast visited me 
In the night; thou hast tried me, 
and Shalt find nothing; I am pur- 
posed that my mouUi shall not 

Ps. xxxvl, 8. The words of his 
mouth are iniquity and deceit: lie 
hath left off to be wise^ and to do 

Ps. xxxvU, 80. The month of the 
righteous speakoth wisdom, and 
his tongue talketh of Judgment. 

Ps. xxxix, 1. I said, I wlU take 
heed to my ways, that I sin not 
with my tongue: I will keep my 
mouth with a bridle, wtiile the 
wicked is before me. 

Pt. xlix, 8. My month shall 
speak of wisdom; and the medita- 
tion of my heart shail be of under- 


A. L 19. Thon givsst thymonfh 
to evil, and thy tongue frametb 

Ps. Uv, 2. Hear my prayer, O 
God: give ear to the words of my 

Pi. Ixvl, 14. Which my lips have 
uttered, and my mouth hath 
spoken, when I was In trouble. 

Ps. Ixxlll, 9. They set their 
mouth against the heavens, and 
their tongue walketh tlirough the 

A.lxxvlii, 2. I will open my 
mouth in a parable: I will utter 
dark sayings of old. 

Psalm evil, 42. The right> 
eous shall see it, and rojolce: and 
all iniquity shall stop her mouth. 

A. clx,2. For the mouth of the 
wicked and the moutli of the de- 
ceitful are opened ngnlnst me: 
they have spoken against me with 
a lying tongue. 

Ps, call, 3. Set a watch, O Losd> 
before my mouth; keep the door 
of my lips. 

Prov, 11, 6. For the Loan gtveth 
wisdom: out o( bin luuiith cometh 
knowledge and understandiug. 

Prov. Iv, 6,24. Get wisdom, get un- 
derstanding: furgret it nut; neither 
decline from the words «>f my 
mouth. Put away from thee a 
fro word mouth, and perverse lips 
put far ftom thee. 

Prov. vl, 2. Thon art snared 
with the words of thy mouth, 
thou art taken with the words of 
thy moutli. 

Prov. vU. 24 Hearken unto me 
now therefore, O ye children, and 
attend to the words of my mouth. 

Prov. vlll, 7, 8. For my mouth 
shall speak truth; and wickedness 
to on abomination to my ilps. All 
the words of mv mouth are In 
righteousness; there is nothing 
flroward or perverse in them. 

Prov. xl, 9. An hypocrite with 
his mouth destroyeth his noigrh- 
boun but through knowledge shall 
the Just be delivered. 

Prov. xil, 14. A man shall be 
satisfied with good by the ftuit of 
his mouth: and the rocomi>onc6 
of a man's hands shall be render- 
ed unto him. 

Prov, xill, a He that keepeth 
his mouth keepeth his life: but 
he that opencth wide his lips shaU 
have destruction. 

Prov. XV 2, 14, 23. The tongue 
of the wise useth knowledge 
aright: but the mouth of fools 
poureth out foolishness. The 
heart of him that liutb under- 
standing seeketh knowledge: bnt 
the mouth of fools feudeth on 
foolisbnoss. A man hath Joy by 
the answer of his mouth: and a 
word spoken in due season, how 
good <s it/ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Prov. xvf . 23. The heart of the 
wise teochotb bis mouth, and add- 
etti learnlugr to bis lips. 

Frov. xriii, 4, 7, 20. The words 
of a man's mouth art as deep 
waters, and the wellspring of 
wisdom as a flowing: brook. A 
fool's month is his destmction, 
and his lips are the snare of his 
BonL A man's belly shall be 
satisfied with the fruit of his 
mouth; emd with the increase of 
his lips shall he be filled. 

Prw. xxl, 28. Whoso keepeth 
his mouth and his (onsrue keepeth 
his sonl firom troubles. 

Prov, xxvl, 7, 28. The legs of the 
lame are not equal: so is a para- 
ble in the month of fools. A lying 
tongue hateth Viose that are 
afllicted by it; and a flattering 
month worketh ruin. 

Eccle$. Y, 2, 6. Be not rash with 
thy month, and let not thine heart 
be hasty to utter any tiling before 
God. .... SuiTur not thy month 
to cause thy flesh to sin. 

EecUs. X, 12, 13. The words of a 
wise man's mouth are gracious; 
but the lips of a fbol will swallow 
np himself. The beginning of the 
words of his mouth is foolishness; 
and the end of his talk is mls- 
dilevous madness. 

Isa, Ix, 17 For every one 

is an hypocrite and an eyiUloer, 
and every mouth speaketh folly. 

Jer. XV, 19. Therefore thus salth 
the Lord, If thou return, then 
will I bring thee a.?ain, and thou 
Shalt stand before inc: and if tbou 
take forth the precious from the 
Tile, thou Shalt be as my mouth. 

•Ter.xxxvl, 17. And they as^ked 
Bamcn, saying, Tell us now, How 
didst thou write all these worda 
at his mouth? 

Bssek.xxxy, 18. Thus with your 
mouth ye have boasted og^Unst 
me, and have multiplied your 
words against me: I have heard 

Matth. xii, 84. .... For out of 
the abnndonce of the heart the 
month speoketiL 

MattA, XV, a This people draw- 
eth nigh nnto me with their 
mouth, and honoureth me with 
tlieir Ups; but their heart is tax 
from me. 

Matth. xxl, 16. And said unto 
hhn, nearest thou what these 
say? And Jesus saith unto them, 
Yea; have he never read, Out of 
the mouth of babes and sucklings 
thou hast perlected praise? 

LukeW,2i, And all bare him 
witness, and wondered at tiie 
gracious words which proceeded 
ont of his mouth. And they said. 
Is not this Joseph's eon? 

Luke xl, 54. Laying wait for 
him, and seeking to catch some 


thing out of hto montb, fliat thej 
might accuse him. 

Acts XV, 7, 27. And when there 
had been much disputing, Peter 
rose np. and said nnto them, Hen 
and brethren, ye know how that 
a good while ago God made choice 
among ns, that the Gentiles by 
my mouth should hear the word 
of the gospel, and believe. We 
have sent therefore Judas and 
Silas, who shall also tell you the 
same things by month. 

JZOm. X, 10. For with the heart 
man belie vetb nnto righteousness; 
and with the month confession is 
made unto salvation. 

Eph. vl, 19. And for me, that 
ntteranoe may be given nnto me, 
that I may open my mouth boldly, 
to make known the mystery of the 

James ill, 10. Out of the nmne 
mouth proceedeth blessing and 
cursing. Hy brethren, these 
things ought not so to be. 

Jude 16. These are mnrmnrersr 
complainers, walking afl«r their 
own lusts; and their month speak- 
eth great swelling toords. 





Job ill, 1. After this opened Job 
his mouth, and cursed his day. 

J^o^xxlx, 28. And they waited 
for me as for the rain; and they 
opened their month wide as for 
the latter rain. 

Job xxxii, 20. I win speak, that 
I may be refreshed: I will open 
my lips and answer. 

P$. xxxix, 9. I was dumb, I 
opened not my month; because 
thou didst i^ 

Fs. cxlx. 181. I opened my 
mouth, and panted: for I longed 
for thy commandments. 

Frav. vlil, 6. Hear, for I win 
speak of exocUent thlnprs; and the 
opening of my Ups shaU be right 

Prov. xxxl, 8, 9. Open thy month 
for the dumb In the cause of all 
such as are appointed to destruc- 
tion. Open thy mouth, Judge 
righteously, and plead the cause 
of the poor and needy. 

Ezek. xxlv, 27. In that day 
shaU thy mouth be opened to him 
which is escaped, and thou Shalt 
speak, and be no more dnmb. . . . 

Ezek. xxxiU, 22. Now the hand 
of the LsbD was upon me In the 
evening, afore he that was escap- 
ed came; and had opened my 
month, nntU he came to me in 
the morning: and my mouth was 
opened, and I was no more 


Dan. X, 16. And, behold, one 
like the similitude of the sons of 
men touched my lips: then I 
opened my month, and spake. . . . 

Matth. T, 2. And he opened hlft 
mouth, and taught them, saying. 

Luke 1, 64. And bis uioudi 
was opened immediately, auU bis 
tftnguu loosed, and he spake, and 
prtti.»e«l (J<»d. 

Acts vill. 86. Then PhHip open- 
ed his mouth, and bepran at the 
same scrlptnre, and preached un- 
to him Jesus. 

Aetsx,SL Then PGter*opened 
his month, and sold. Of a truth I 
perceive that God is no respecter 
of persona. 

AOs xvlll, 14. And when Paul 
was now about to open fifsmonttif 
Gallio said nnto the Jews. If It 
were a matter of wrong or wicked 
lewdness, O y« Jews, roason would 
that I should bear with you. 

2 Qor. vi, 11. O ye Corinthians, 
our mouth is open imto yon, our 
heart is enlarged. 

Num. XXX, 6. And it she had at 
all an husband, when Bh« vowed, 
or uttered oujjrht out of her lips, 
wherewith she bound hor soul. 

1 Sam. 1, 18. Now Ilannal). she 
spake in her heart; only h(*r lips 
moved, but her voico was not 
hoard: therefore Eli thought ^e 
had been drunken. 

FS. xll, 4. Who have said, With 
our tongue will we prevaili our 
lips are our own: who is lord over 

Fs. Ux, 12, For the sin of their 
month and the words of their lips 
let them even be taken in their 
piide: and for cursing and lying 
which thy speak. 

Ps. cvl,88. Became they pro- 
voked bis spirit, so th it he spake 
unadvisedly with his lips. 

Isa. Ivli, 19. I create the fruit of 
the lips; Peace, peace to him that, 
is far off, and to hfm that is near 
saith the Loed; and I wUi heal 

Bzek. xxlv, 22. And ye shaH do 
as I have done: ye shall not cover 
pour llpii, nor sat the bread of 

xxxvi, 8. Ye are 

taken np In the Ups of talkers, 
and are an infiomy of the people. 

Mtcah ttl, 7. Then shall the 
seers be ashamed, and the diviners 
confounded: yea, they shall aU 
cover tlieir lips; for tfiere is no 
answer of God. 

Beb. xUl, 16. By him therefore 
let OS offer the sacrifice of praise 

Digitized by 


lo Ctod eontlmiilty, fhat Ul the 
fruit of our lipt giTing Uuuiki to 
hit name. 



MMLfl, 18. And Moses spake 
before the Lord, saying. Behold, 
the dilldren of Israel nave not 
hearlcened nnto me; how then 
shall Pharaoh hear me, who out of 
imdrcomolsed lips? 

Ps. xli, % 8. They speak Tanity 
OTery one with his nelghbonn 
vHth flattering llpe and with a 
double heart do they speak. The 
Lord shall cat off all flattering 
lips, and the tonjenxe that speak- 
eth proud things. 

Ft. zxzl, 1& Let the lying lips 
be pot to silence; which speak 
grieroos things proudly and con- 
temptttoosly against the rlght- 

J^ IxHI, 6. My sonl shan be 
satisfied as vfith marrow and fat- 
ness; and my month shall praise 
Mee with joyful lips. 

Prov. Til, 91. With her much 
fkir speech she canseth him to 
yield, with the flattering of her 
Iip« she forced him. 

Prov. X. 1& He that hldeth 
hatred wUh lying lips, and he that 
nttereth a slander, is a fooL 

Prov. xii, 22. Lying lips are 
abomination to the Lord: but they 
that deal truly are his delight. 

Prov. xTl, 18, 21. Righteous lips 
are the delight of kings; and they 
loYo him that speakoth right. 
The wise In heart shall be called 

Brudent: and the sweetness of the 
pe increaseth learning. 

Prov. xwli, 4,7. A wicked doer 
gtTeth heed to false lips; and a 
liar glYeth ear to a naughty 
tongue. Excellent speech be- 
cometh not a fooh much less do 
lying lips a prince. 

Prov. xxTl, 28. Burning llpe and 
a wicked heart are like a pot- 
sherd covered with silver dross. 

lea. ri, 6, Then said, I, Woe is 
me! for I am undone; because I am 
a man of unclean lips, and I dwell 
In the midst of a people of unclean 
lips: for mine eyes have seen the 
King, the Lobd of hosts. 

Prov. V. 2. That thou mayest 
regard discretion, and that thy 
ips nay keep knowledge. 


Avv. z, 18. 19, 21. IntheUpe of 
him that natn understanding 
wisdom is found: but a rod U for 
the back of him that is void of 
understanding. In the multitude 
of words there wanteth not gin: 
but he that refiraineth his lips O 
wise. Ttie lips of the righteous 
feed many: but fixrii die fbr want 
of wisdom. 

Prov, xil, 18, 19. The wicked Is 
snared by the transgression of Ms 
lips: but the Just shall come out 
of trouble. The Up of truth shall 
be established for ever: but a lying 
tongue is but for a moment. 

Prov. xiT. 7, 28. Go from the 
presence of a foolish man, when 
thop perceivest not in him the 
lips of knowledge. In all labour 
there is profit: but the talk of the 
lips tenaeth only to penury. 

Prov. XV, 7. The llpe of the wise 
disperse knowledge: but the heart 
of the foolish doeth not so. 

Prov. XTl, 10, 27. 80. A divine 
sentence is in the lips of the king: 
his mouth transgresseth not in 
judgment. An ungodly man 
dlggeth up evil: and in his Ups 
there is as burning fire. He 
shutteth his eyes to devise fro- 
ward things: moving his lips he 
brhigeth evU to iiaas. 

Prov. xvil, 28. Even afbol, when 
he holdeth his peace. Is counted 
wise: and he that snutteth his 
lips is esteemed a man of under- 

Prov. XX, 16, 19. There is gold, 
and a multitude of rubies: but 
the llpe of knowledge are a 
precious jeweL He that goeth 
about OS a talebearer revealeth 
seo^ts: therefore meddle not 
with hhn that flattereth with his 

Prov. xxlL 11, la He thalloveth 
purenees of heart, for the grace 
of his Ups the king ehaU be his 
friend. For itisu. pleasant thing 
if thou keep them within thee; 
they shaU withal he fitted In thy 

Prov. xxtU, 16. Tea» my letais 
shall rejoice, when thy lips q>eak 
right thhigs. 

Prov. xxiv, 2, 28, 2a For thehr 
heart studleth destruction, and 
their lips talk of mischlet. Everv 
man shall kiss his lips that glyeth 
a right answer. Be not a witness 
against thy neighbour without 
cause; and deceive not with thy 

Prov. xxTl, 24. He that hateth 
dissembleth with his Ups, and 
layeth up deceit within him. 

Prov. xxtU, 2. Let another man 
praise thee, and not thine own 
mouth; a stranger, and not thine 
own Ufia. 


€fen. xlix, 12. Hia teeth 

white with milk. 

Kiitn. xi, 83. And while the fleeh 
teas yet between their teeth, ere 
It was chewed, the wrath of the 
Lord was kindled against the 
people, and the Lord smote the 
people with a very great plague. 

Job xiil, li. Wherefore do I I 
take my flesh in my teeth, and 
put my Ufe in mine hand? | 

Jobxlx,90. , . . .1 am escaped 
with the skin of my teeth. 

Job xxix, 17. And I brake the 
jaws of the wicked, and plucked 
the spoil out of bis teeth. 

Pb. UI, 7. . . . Thou host broken 
the teeth of the ungodly. 

Ps. cxxiv, 6. Blessed be the 
Lobd, who hath not given us as a 
prey to their teeth. 

Sxk. xviU. 2. What mean ye, 
that ye use this proverb concern- 
ing the laod of Israel, saying. The 
fathers have eaten sour grapes, 
and the chUdren's teeth are set on 

Amos Iv, 6. And I also have 
given you cleanness of t«eth in ail 
your dtles. and wont of bread In 
aU your places; yet have ye not 
returned unto me, salth the Loh>. 

Mieah ill, 6. Thus salth the 
Lobd concerning the prophets 
that make my people err, that 
bite with their teeth, and cry, 

zech. Ix, 7. And I wm take 
away his blood out of his mouth, 
and his abominations fh>m be- 
tween his teeth 

Matth. xxvU, 44. The thieves 
also, which were cmcifled with 
him, cast the same in his teeth. 


Job xvl, 9. He teareth f?ie In his 
wrath, who hateth me: he giiosh- 
eth upon me with his teeth; mine 
enemy shaipeneth his eyes upon 

. Ps. XXXV, 16. With hypocritical 
mockers In feasts, they gnashed 
upon me with their teeth. 

P8. xxxvli, 12. The wicked plot- 
teth against the just, and gnashed 
upon him with his teeth. 

PS, cxU, la The wicked shall 
see it, and be grieved; he shall 
gnash with Ills teeth, and melt 
away: the deshre of the wicked 
shaU perish. 

Lam. U, 16. Ail tUne enemies 
have opened their mouth against 
thee: they hiss and imaah the 

Matth. vili. 12. But the chUdren 
of the kingaom shall be cast out 
into outer darkness: there shall 
be wiping and gnashing of teeth. 

Digitized by 


Mark Is, 1& And trberesoeT«r 
he taketh htm, he tearcth hlra: 
aiid he foanieth, and gnasheth 
with his teeth, and plneth away. 

Lttke xlll. 23. There shaU be 
weeping and gnashing of teeth, 
when ye shall see Abraham, ana 
Isaac, and Jacob, and all the 
prophets, in the kingdom of Ood, 
and yon youraelutB thrust out. 


JoOl X, 21. And all the people 
returned to the camp to Joshna 
iit Makkedah In peace: none 
moved his tongue against any of 
the children of Israel. 

JfarA:Til,33, 35. And he took him 
aside from the multitude, and put 
his flngors into his ears, and he 
spit, and touched his tongue. 
And straightway his ears wore 
opened, and tlie string of his 
tongue was loosed, and he spake 

Lvke \, 64. And his month was 
opened immediately, and his 
tongue loosedf and be spake, and 
praised Ood. 

Acts it, 8, 4. And there appear- 
ed unto tbem cloven tongues like 
as of fire, and it sat upon each of 
them. And they were all filled 
with the Uoly Ghost, and began 
to speak with other tongues, as 
the Spirit gave them utterance. 

Job f, 21. Thou Shalt be hid 
ttova. the scourge of the tongue: 
neither shalt thou be afraid of de- 
struction when it Cometh. 

JobjsXx, 10. The nobles held 
their peace, and their tongue 
doaved to the roof of their mouth. 

Lam. Iv, 4. The tongue of the 
sucking child cloaveth to the roof 
of his moulh for thirst. 

Luke xvl. 24. And he cried and 
said, F.ther Abraham, have 
mercy on me, and send Lazarus, 
that ho may dip the tip of his fin- 
ger in water, and cool my tongue; 
for I am tormented in this flame. 

James i, 28. If any man among 
you seem to be religious, and 
bridleih not his tongue, but de- 
ceit eth his own heart, this man's 
relis^on U vain. 

James 111, 5, 6, 8. Even so the 
tongue is a little member, and 
boastoth great things. Beliold, 
how great a matter a little fire 
kindleth! And the tongue is a 
fire, a world of iniquity: so is the 
tongue among our members, tliat 
it dcfileth tlie whole body, and 
r«tteth on fire the course of na- 
ture; and it is set on fire of hell. 
But the tongue can no man tame; 
it is an unruly evU, full of deadly 

Ren. xvl, 10. And the fifth angel 
poured out his vial upon the seat 
of Iho beast; and his kingdom was 


ftin of darkness; and theygnswed f mor« fkyonr than he that flitter- 
their tongues for pahi. eth with the tongue. 



Ps. r, 9 They flatter 

with their tongue. 

Ps. X, 7. His mouth h taXX of 
cursing and deceit and fhind: un- 
der his tongue is mischief and 

Ps. XT, 8. He that backblteth not 
with his tongue, nor doeth evil to 
his neighbour, nor taketh up a 
reproach against his neighbour. 

Pt. xxxlv, 13. Keep thy tongue 
fW>m evil, and thy lii^ from speak- 
hig guile. 

Ps. xxxvil, 80. The mouth of 
the righteous spcaketh wisdom, 
and his tongue talketh of Judg- 

Ps. 1. 19. Thou glvest thy month 
to evil, and thy tongue frometh 

Ps, HI, ». Thy tongue devlseth 
mischief!^ like a sharp raxor, 
working deceitfully. 

Ps. cix, 2. For the month of the 
wicked and the mouth of the de- 
ceitful are opened against me: 
tliey have spoken against me with 
a l]^g tongue. 

Ps. cxXf 8. What shaU be given 
unto thee? or what shall be done 
unto thee, thou false tongue? 

Prov. vl, 17. A proud look, a 
lying tongue, and hands that shed 
innocent blood. 

Prot?. X, 81. The mouth of the 
Just bringcth forth wisdom: but 
the fh)ward tongue shall be cut 

Proo. xll, 19,20. The lip of truth 
shall be established for ever, but 
a lying tongue is but for a mo- 
ment. Deceit is in the ieart of 
them that imagine evil: but to the 
counsellors of peace is Joy. 

i'/oo. iL\ii, 4, 2a A wicked doer 
giveth heed to flUse lips; and a 
linr giveth ear to a naughty 
tongue. Ue that hath a froward 
heart flndeth no good: and he 
that hath a perverse tongue lall- 
eth into mischief. 

Prov. xxl, 6. The getting of 
treasures by a lying tongue is a 
vanity tossed to and fro of them 
that seek death. 

Prov. XXV, 28. The north wind 
driveth away rain: so duUi an 
angry countenance a backbiting 

Prov. xxvl, 28. A lying tongue 
hateth those that are ofllicted by 
it; and a flattering mouth worketh 

Prot^. xxviil. 23. He that rebnk- 
eth a man afterwardB shall And 


PS. xll, 4. Who havesaM, With 
our tongue will we prevail: our 
lips are our own: who is lord over 


Ps. xlT. 1. My heart Is Inditing 
a good matter I speak of tlie 
things which I have made touch- 
ing the king: my tongue is the 
pen of a ready writer. 

Ps. Ixxlil, 9. They set their 
mouth against the heavens, end 
tlieir tongue walketb through the 

Ps. cxxTl, 2. Then was our 
month filled with laughter, and 
our tongue with singing: then said 
they among the heat lien, The 
Lord hath done great thinJES for 

Ps. cxxxvll, e. If I do not re- 
member thee, let my tongue 
cleave to the roof of my mouth; 
if I prefer not Jerusalem above 
my chief Joy. 

Ps. cxxxlx, 4. For there is not a 
word in my tongue, but, lo, O 
Lord, then knowest it aitogelher. 

ISO. xxxll, 4. Tlie heart also of 
the rash slinll understand know- 
ledge, and the tongue of the stam- 
merers shall be ready to speak 

ISO. Ivil, 4. Against whom do ye 
sport yourselves? ngninst whom 
make ye a wi(!e moulh, and draw 
out the tonguv? are ye not chil- 
dren of transgression, a seed of 

Jer. xvlil, la Then said they, 
Come, and lot us devise do vices 

against Jeremiah Come, 

and let ns smite him with ttie 
tongue, and let us not give heed 
to any of Ids words. 

Acts 11,11. Crotes and Arabians, 
we do hear them vpeak in our 
tongues the wonderful works of 


Ps. hrix, 8. 1 am weary of my 
crying: my throat is dried: mine 
eyes full while I wait for my God. 

Ps. cxv, 7 Neither spuak 

they through their throat. 

Prov. xxill, 2. And put a knife 
to thy throat, if thou be a man 
given to api)ctite. 

Matth. xviil, 28. But the same 
servant went out, and found one 
of his fellowservants, which owed 
him an hundred pence: and ho 
laid hands on him. and took him 
by the throaty saying. Pay mo 
that thou owest 

Pi. T, 9 Their throat Is 

an open sepulchre. 
Jer. 11 26. Withhold thy foot 

Digitized by 


ftt>m bein? unshod, and ttay tbroat 
fh>in, thirAt: but thou Ealdst, 
Thei-e is no hope: no; fur I Iiaye 
loved Btrongen. and after them 


€fen. zxTii. 16. And she put the 
skins of the kids of the goats upon 
his hands, and upon the smooth of 
his neck. 

1 Sam. It, la And It came to 
pass, when he mode mention of 
the ark of God, tliat he fell fh)m 
off the seat 'backward by the side 
of the gate, and his neck brake, 
and he died; for he was an old 
man, and heavy: and he had 
Judged Israel forty years. 

Keh. ill, 6 But their 

nobles put not their necks to the 
work of their Lord. 

/so. ill, 16. Moreover the Loan 
saith, Because the dauKhters of 
Zion are haughty, and walk with 
stretched forth necks and wanton 
eyes. . . 

MaWi. XTUi. 6. Bnt whoso shall 
offend one of these little ones 
whicli believe in me, It were better 
for him that a millstone were 
hanged about his neck, and that 
he were drowned in the depth of 
the sea. 

Uicah li, 3. Therefore thus 
salth the Lord; Behold, against 
this family do I devise an evil, 
from which ye shall not remove 
your necks.'. . . . 

Horn, xvl, 4. Who have for my 
life laid down their own necks: 
nnto whom not only I grlve 
thanks, but also all the chorches 
of the Gentiles. 

Gen. xli, 42. And Pharaoh took 
off his ring fh)m his hand, and 
put it upon Joseph's hand, and 
arrayed him in vestures of fine 
linen, and put a gold chain abont 
his neck* 

Jitdgea r, 80. Hare they not 
sped? have they not divided the 
prey; to every man a damsel or 
two; to Sisera a prey of divers 
colours, a prey of divers colours 
of needlework, of divers colours 
of needlework on both sides, 
mtet for the necks of them that 
take the spoil? 

Prop. 1. 9. For they tihhJl be an 
ornament of grace unto thy head, 
und chahis abont thy neck. 

Prw. HI, 8, 22. Let not mercy 
and truth forsake thee: bind them 
about thy neck; write them upon 
the Uble of thine heart. So shall 
they be life unto thy soul, and 
grace to thy neck. 


Cant. I, 10. Thy cheeks are 
comely with rows qf Jetoelt, thy 
neck with chains o/goUL 

Qant. Iv, 4. Thy neck Ib like 
the tower of David bullded for 
an armoury, whereon there hang 
a thousand bucklers, all shields of 
mighty men. 

QaiU. iv, 9. Thon bast ravlsbed 
my heart, my ulster, my spouse; 
thou hast ravished my heart with 
one of thine eyeB, with ono chain 
of thy neck. 


Gen. xlix, & Judah, thou art he 
whom thybrdhren shall praise: 
thy hand sAoZt be in the neck of 
thine enemies; thy fitther's Chil- 
dren shall bow down before 

Deut. xxTllI, 4S. And he 

shall put a yoke of Iron upon thy 
neck, until he have destroyed 

Josh. X, 24. And It came to pass, 
when they brought out those 
kings unto Joshua, that Joshua 
called for all the men of Israel, 
and said unto the captains of the 
men of war which went with him, 
Come near, put your feet upon 
the necks of these kings. And 
they came near, and put their 
feet upon the necks of tbeoL 

2 Sam. xxtl, 41. Then hast also 
given me the necks of mine ene- 
mies, that I might destroy them 
that hate me. 

I»a. X, 27. And It shall come to 
pass In that day, that his burden 
shall be taken away from off thy 
shoulder, and his yoke fh>m off 
thy neck, and the yoke shall be 
destroyed because of the aiu>hit- 

ISO. HI, 2. Shake thyself fhim 
the dust; arise, and sit down, O 
Jerusalem: loose thyself from the 
bands of thy ne<^, O captive 
daughter of Zion. 

Jer. xxvU, 2, 8, 12. Thus salth 
the LoBD to me; Make thee bonds 
and yokes, and put them upon 
thy neck. And it shall come to 
pass, that the nation and kingdom 
which will not serve the same 
Nebuchadnezzar the king of 
Babylon, and that will not put 
their neck under the yoke of the 
king of Babylon, that nation will 
I punish, salth the Lobd, with the 
sword, and with the &mlne, and 
with the pestilence, ontil I have 
consumed them bv his hand. I 
spake also to Zedeklah king of 
Judah according to all these 
words, saying, Bring your necks 
under the yoke of the king of 
Babylon, and serve hhn and his 
people, and live. 

Jar. xxTlll, 10, 14. Then Hanan- 

lah the prophet took the yoke 
firom off the prophet Jeremiah's 
neck, and broke It. For thus 
saith the Lobd of hosts, the God 
of Israeb, I have put a yoke of iron 
upon the neck ot all these nations^ 
that they may serve Nebuchad- 
nezzar king of Babylon; and they 
shall serve him: and 1 have given 
him the beasts of the field also. 

Jer. zxx, a For It shall come to 
pass in that day, salth the Lobd of 
hosts, that I will break his yoke 
from off thy neck, and will burst 
thy bonds, and strangers shall no 
more serve themselves of bhu. 

Lam. T, 6. Our necks are under 
persecution: wa labour, and have 
no rest. 

Acts XT, 10. New therefore why 
tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon 
the neck of the disciples, which 
neither our fiuhers nor we were 
able to beait 


Gen. xxxiil, 4. And Esau ran to 
meet him, and embraced him, and 
fell on his neck, and kissed him: 
and they wept. 

Gen. xlv, 14. And he fell upon 
his brother Benjamin's neck, and 
wept; and BeAjamin yrept upon 
his neck. 

Gen. xlvf, 29. And Joseph made 
ready his chariot, and went up to 
meet Israel his father, to Goshen, 
and presented himself unto him; 
and he fell on his neck, and wept 
on his neck a good while. 

Luke jr, 20. And he arose, and 
came to his fUther. But when he 
was yet a great way off, his fatlirr 
saw him and had compassion, and 
ran, and fell on his neck, and 
kissed him. 

Acts XX, 87. And they all wept 
sore, and fell on Paul's neck, and 
kissed him. 




Exod. zxxll, 0. And the Lobd 
said unto Moses, I have seen this 
people, and, behold, it is a stiff- 
necked people. 

Exod. xxxiil, 3. 4, 6. Unto a land 
flowing with milk and honey: for 
I will not go np In the midst of 
thee; for thou art a stlff-ncckcd 
people: lest I consume tliee in 
the way. And when the people 
heard these evil tidings, they 
mourned: and no man did put on 
him his ornaments. For ilir* Lord 
had said unto Moses. Say unto the 
children of Israel, Ye are a stiff- 
necked people: I will come up 
into the midst of thee In a mo- 
ment, and consume thee: there- 
Core now put off thy ornaments 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 

from thee, ttuit I iBfty know ulttft 
to do unto thee. 

Exod. xxxlr. 9. And he laid. If 
now I have found grace In thy 
light, O LoHD, let my Lord, I pray 
thee, go among ns; for it if a Btiff- 
necked people; and pardon onr 
iniquity and our sin, and take u 
for thine inheritance. 

Deut. xxxl. 27. For I know thy 
rebellion, and thy stiff neck: be- 
hold, while 1 am yet alire with 
Ton this day, ye have been re- 
bellious against the Lobd; and 
bow much more after my death. 

9 Kinai xTii, 14. Notwithstand- 
faig they would not hear, but 
hardened their n^ks, like to the 
neck of their fathers, that did not 
believe in the Loan their God. 

9 Chron. xxx, 8. Now be ye iot 
stlflhecked, as yoor fathers were, 
hut yield yourselves unto the 
Lobd, and enter into bis sanctnary, 
which he hath sanctified for even 
and serve the Loao your God, 
that the fleroeness of his wrath 
may turn away firom yon. 

2 C/iron. zxxvl, 18. And he also 
rebelled against king Nebuchad- 
nezzar, who had made him swear 
by God: but he stiffened his neck, 
and hardened his heart from 
turning unto the Loan God of 

P8. Ixxv, S. Lia not np yonr 
horn on high: speak not with a 
■tiff neck. 

Prov. xxlz, 1. He, that being 
often reproved hardeneth his 
neck, shaU suddenly be destroyed, 
and that without remedy. 

Jer. vii, 26. Yet they heartened 
not nnto me, nor inclined thehr 
ear, but hardened their neck: they 
did worse than their Cftthers. 

Jer. xlx, 15. Thus saith the 
Loao of hosts, the God of Israel; 
Behold, I will bi-lng npon this 
city and npon all her towns all 
the evil that I have pronounced 
against it, because they have 
hardened their necks, that they 
might not hear my worda. 


Deut, xxxili, 13. And of Ben- 
jamin he said, The beloved of the 
Lobd shall dwell in safety by 
hhn; and the LORD shall cover 
him all the day long, and he shall 
dwell between his shoulders. 

j&tefc.xxlx,7. When thev took 
hold of thee by thy hand, then 
didst break, and rend all their 

Gen, Ix, 28. And Shem and 
Japheth took a garment, and 
laid tt npon both thehr shoulders, 
and went backward, and covered 
the nakedness of their tether •• 


Gen. nt, 14. And Abraham 
rose up early in the morning, and 
took bread, and a bottle of water, 
and gave it nnto Hagar, putting 
U on her shoulder, and the child, 
and sent her away: and she de- 
parted, and wandered In tbewll- 
demess of Beer-sheba. 

Gen. xxlv, 16. And tt came to 
pass, before he had done speaking, 
that, behold, Rebekah came out, 
who was bom to Bethuel, son of 
Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abra- 
ham's brother, with her pitcher 
ni>on her bhonlder. 

Sxod. xli, 84. And the people 
took their dough before It vras 
leavened, thehr kneading-tronghs 
behig bound up In their cdothea 
npon their shoniders. 

Num. vii, 0. But nnto the sona 
of Kohath he gave none: because 
the service of the sanctuary be- 
longing unto them vxu that they 
should bear npon their shoulders. 

Joeh. It, 6. And Joshua said 
nnto them, Pass over before the 
ark of the Loao yonr God into 
the midst of Jordan, and take yon 
np every man of yon a stone upon 
his shoulder, according nnto the 
number of the tribes of the chil- 
dren of IsraeL 

Jvdges Ix, 48. And Abtanelech 
gat him np to mount Zalmon, he 
and'all the people that were with 
hhn: and Abimelech took an axe 
inbis hand, and cut down a bough 
firom the trees, and took it, and 
laid U on his shoulder, and said 
nnto the people that ioere with 
him, What ye have seen me do, 
make haste, and do as I have 

Gen, xUx, 16. And he saw that 
rest toae good, and the land that 
it teas pleasant; and bowed his 
shoulder to bear, and became a 
servant nnto tribute. 

9 Ohran. xxxv, 8. And said nnto 
the Levites that taught aU Israel, 
which were holy onto the Lobd, 
Put the holy ark in the house 
which Solomon the son of David 
king of Israel did build; it shaU 
not be a harden npon four shonl- 
dersx serve now the Loan yonr 
God, and his people Israel. 

Neh. Ix, 99. And testlfledst 
against them, that thou mightest 
tning them again nnto thy law: 
yet uiey dealt proudly, and heark- 
ened not unto thy commandments, 
but sinned against thy judgments, 
(which if a man do, he shaU Uve 
In them;) and withdrew the 
shoulder, and hardened their 
neck, and would not hear. 

Ff. Ixxxl, 6. I removed his 
shoulder from the burden: his 
hands were deUvered firom the 

jGNkhLii For thon hast broken 

the yoke of bis tmrdett/and the 
staff of his shoulder, the rod of hit 
(^pressor, as In the day of Mldlan. 

lea. xl, 14. Bnt they shall fly 
npon the shoulders of the Philis- 
tines toward the west; they shall 
spoil them of the east together; 
they shall lay their hand npon 
Edom and Moab; and the children 
of Anunon shall obey them. 

ISO. xlv, 28. That T will break 
the Assyrian in my land, and npon 
my mountains tread bim nnder 
foot: then shall his yoke depart 
ttom off them, and his burden de- 
pMt from off thehr shoulders. 

Bzek. xil, 6, T, 19. In thehr sight 
Shalt thou bear It npon tAy shoul- 
ders, and carry it Ibrth in the 
twilight: thou shalt cover thy 
ftice, that thou see not the ground: 
for I have set thee /or a sifrn nnto 
the hOQse of Israel. And I did so 
as I was commanded: I brought 
forth my stuff by day, as stuff for 
captivity, and In the even I digg- 
ed through the wall with mine 
hand; I brought it forth in the 
twilight, and I bare it upon my 
shoulder in their sight. And the 
prince that is among them shall 
bear npon his shoulder in the 
twilight, and shall go forth: they 
shall dig through the wall to 
carry out thereby: he shall cover 
his fiice, that he see not the 
ground with his eyes. 

Zech. Til, 11. But they reftised 
to hearken, and pulled away the 
shoulder, and stopped thehr ears, 
that they should not hear. 

Jfatth. xxUi, 4. For they btod 
heavy burdens and grievous to 
be lM)me, nnd lay them on men's 
shoulders; but they themselves 
wiU not move them with one of 
tbeh* fingers. 

Luke XV, 5. And when he hath 
found U. he hiyethit on his dionV 
ders, rejoicing. 


Exod. xxviii, 7, 12. It shall have 
the two shonlder pieces thereof 
Joined at the two edges thereof; 
and so it shall be joined together. 
And thou Shalt put the two stones 
upon the shoulders of the ephod 
for stones of memorial unto tlie 
children of Israel: and Aaron shall 
bear their names berora the Lobd 
upon his two shoniders for a me- 

Job xxxl, 88. Surely I would 
take It upon my shonlder, and 
hind it as A crown to me. 

ISO. ix, 6. For nnto nsa child to 
bom, unto us a son Is given: and 
the government shsll be npon hia 
shoulder * 

710. zxli, 99. And the key of the 

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bouse of Daild wm I lij upon blf 
shoulder; so he shall open, And 
none shall shnt; and he shall shaty 
and none shall open. 


JM^ xTl, 19. Delilah there- 
fore took new ropes, and bound 
him tberowith, and said unto hUn, 
The Philistines 6e upon thee, 
Samson. And UUre voere liers In 
wait abiding In the chamber. 
And he brake them ftom off his 
arms like a thread. ^ 

S Aim. t 10. So I stood upon 
him, and slew him. because I waa 
snre that he could not live after 
that he was fallen: and I took the 
crown that wot npon his head, 
and the bracelet that toca on his 
arm, and have brought them 
hither unto my lord. 

Dan. 11, 82. Tht» image's head 
toos of fine gold, his breast and 
his arms of silver 

Mark ix, SflL And he took a 
child, and set him In the midst of 
them: and when he had taken 
him in his arms, he said unto them. 

Luke U, 28. Then took he him 
up in his arms, and blessed God, 
and said. ■ ' 

2 8am. xxii, 85. He teachetb my 
hands to war, so that a bow of 
steel is broken by mine arms. 

Jdb xxxl, 22. Thtn let mine 
arm ftill from my shoulder blade, 
and mine arm be broken from 
the bone. 

QaM. vili, 6. Set me as a seal 
upon thine heart, as a seal upon 
thine arm: for love U strong as 

/M. ix, 20. And he shall snatch 
on the right hand and be hungry; 
and he shall eat on the left hand, 
and they shall not be saiisfled: 
they shall eat every man the flesh 

/M. xllv, 12. The smith with the 
tongn both worketh in the coals, 
and Lishloneth it with hammers, 
and worketh it with the strength 
of his arms. .... 

Botea xi, 8. I taught Ephralm 
also to go-, taking them by thelr 
armt; but they knew not that I 


t Ckron. xxxU. & With him U 
an arm of flesh; but with as is the 
LoBD our God to help us. and to 
flght our battles. And the people 
rested themselves upon the words 
of Hesekiah kUig of Jndah. 

J<ib xxH, 9. Then bast sent 
widows away empty, and the 
arms of the fatherleit bare been 


Jdb zrH, t. How bast tlion 
helped him that is without power? 
how savest thou the arm that hath 
no strength? 

Job XXXV, 9. By reason of the 
multitude of oppressions they 
make the oppressed to cry: they 
cry out by reason of the ann of 
the mighty. 

Job xxxvlii, 16. And ftrom the 
wicked their Ught Is wlthholden, 
and the high arm shall be broken. 

Job xl, 9. Hast thou an arm like 
God? or canst thou thunder with 
a voice like him? 

Ps. X, 16. Break then the arm 
of the wicked and the evil man: 
seek out his wickedness tiU then 
find none. 

F8. xxxvil, 17. For the arms of 
the wicked shall be brokem bnt 
the Lord npholdeth the righte- 
ous. » 

Ps. xllT, 8. For they got not the 
land in possession by their own 
sword, neither did their own arm 
save them: but thy right hand, 
and thine arm, and the light of 
thy countenance, because thou 
hadst a Ibvour unto theoL 

/so. xxxlU, 2. O Loan, be grad- 
ons tmto us; we have waited for 
thee: be thou thehr arm every 
morning, onr salvation also in the 
time of trouble. 

Jer. xvii, 6. Thus salth the 
Lord; Cursed be the man that 
tnisteth in man, and maketh flesh 
his arm, and whose heart depart- 
eth from the Lobd. 

Ezek, zxx, 21. 22, 24, 26. Son Of 
man, I have broken the arm of 
Pharaoh king of Egypt; and, lo, 
it shall not be bound np to be 
healed, to put a roller to bind it, 
to make it strong to hold the 
sword. Therefore thus saith the 
Lord God, Behold, I am against 
Pharaoh king of Egypt, and wiU 
break his arms, the strong, and 
that which was broken; and I 
will cause the sword to lUl oot 
of his hand. And 1 will strength- 
en the arms of the king of Baby- 
lon, and put my sword in his 
hand: bnt I wfll break Pharaoh's 
arms, and be shall groan before 
him with the groanings of a 
deadly wounded man. But I will 
strengthen the arms of the king 
of Babylon, and the arms of Pha- 
raoh shall fidl down. 

Exek,JXxL 17. They alio went 
down into bell with him unco 
them that be slain with the sword: 
and thev that were his arm, that 
dwelt under his shadow In the 
midst of the heathen. 

Dan. xi, 6. And in the end of 
years they shall Join themselves 
together, for the khig's daughter 
of the south shall come to the 
king of the north to make an 

agreement! but she ^a11 not re- 
tain the -power of the arm; neither 
shall he stand, nor his arm. . • • . 


Cfen. xix, 16. Apd while he ling- 
ered, the men laid bold upon his 
hand, and upon the hand of his 
wife, and upon the hand of his two 
daughters; the Lord being merci- 
ful unto him: and they brought 
him forth and set him without 
the city. 

Gen. xzvii, 22, 28. And Jacob 
went near unto Isaac his fkther; 
i^d he felt him, and said. The 
voice is Jacob's voice, bnt the 
hands are the hands of Esau. And 
he discerned him not, because his 
hands were hairy, as his brother 
Esan's hands: so he blessed him. 

EiDod. iv,4. And the Lobd said 
unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, 
and take It by the taU. And he 
put forth his hand, and caught it» 
and it became a rod in his hand. 

JBeod. xvii, 11, 12. And it came 
to pass, when Moses held up bis 
hand, that Israel prevailed: and 
when he let down his hand, Am»- 
lek prevailed. But Moses' hands 
were heavy; and they took a stone, 
and put it under bhn, and he sat 
thereon; and Aaron and Hur 
stayed up his hands, the one on 
the one side, and the other on the 
other side; and his hands were 
steady until the going down of 
the sun. 

1 Sam, xiv, 18. And Jonathan 
climbed up upon his hands and 
upon his feet, and his armour- 
bearer after him: and they fell 
before Joi^than; and his armour- 
bearer slew after him. 

1 Kings xvlU, 44. And it came 
to pass at the seventh time, that 
he said. Behold, there ariseth a 
little cloud out of the sea, like a 
man's hand. 

2 Kings tU, 2. Then a lord on 
whose hand the king leaned 
answered the man of God, and 
said, Behold, if the Lobd would 
make windows in heaven, might 
this thing be? And be said, Be- 
hold, thou Shalt see it with thine 
eyes, but shalt not eatthereoL 

Bcdes. It, 6. The fool foldeth 
his hands together, and eateth his 
own flesh. 

Mark ill, 1. And he entered 
again Into the synagogue: and 
there was a man there which had 
a withered hand. 

Mark xiv, 68. We beard bhn 
say, I will destroy this temple 
that is made with hands, and 
wlUiin three days I wiU build 
another made without hands. 

Luke vi, 1. And it oame to psm 
on the aecond sabbath after (ha 

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flnty that he w«nt tiirotififi the 
corn flelds; and bis disciples pluck- 
ed the ears of com. ai^^l aid eat, 
robbing Utem In their bauds. 

Luke xxll, 21. Bat, bebold, the 
hand of him that betrayetb me U 
with me on the t4ble. 

' Luke ziiT, 40. And when he 
had thas spoken, he shewed them 
his hands and hie feet. 

Aet$xx,3i, Tea, ye yoorselTes 
know, that these hands have 
ministered nnto my necessities, 
and to them that were with me. 

1 (tor. It, 12. And laboor, work- 
ing with our own hands: being 
reviled, wo bless; being persecut- 
ed, we suffer it. 

1 These. It, 11. And that ye 
study to be quiet, and to do your 
own business, and to work with 
your own hands, as we command- 
ed you. 

Ueed in a great varletv of idiame, 
exampUe of which are too num- 
eroua to be quoted; Thus: **At 
Hand!* signifies near either i%\ 
time or space.—-" By the BandT 
bp means of.—" Into'* or "In 
the Hand;* into or in the power 
of, and " From'the Mand,"from 


t Kings xl, 19. And he brought 
forth the kind's son. and put the 
crown upon him, and gave him the 
testlmjur, and they made him 
king, and anointed him; and they 
clapped their hands, and said, 
Qod save the king. 

Jdb xxTil, 23. Men shall dap 
their hands at him, and shall hiss 
him out of his place. 

/oft xxilv, 37. For be addeth 
rebellion unto Ids sin, he clappeth 
hie hands among us, and multlpU- 
eth his words against God. 

J^. xlTli. 1. O dap your hands, 
all ye people; shout unto Ood with 
the voice o( triumph. 

Ps. xcvlll, & Let the floods dap 
iheir hands: let the hills be Joyfhl 

/so. Iv,18. For ye shall go out 
with Joy, and be led forth with 
peace: the mountains and the 
hills shall break forth before you 
Into singing, and all the trees of 
the field shall dap their hands. 

Lam, 11, 15. AU that pass by 
dap their hands at thee; they hiss 
and wag their head at the daugh< 
ter of Jerusalem. .... 

A^.xzv,6. For thus saith the 


Lord OoR Because thou hast 
clapped ttJne Jiands. and stamped 
with the feet, and rejoiced ta 
heart with all thy despite against 
the land of Israel. 

Kahum 111, 19. There is no heal- 
ing of thy bruise; thy wound is 
grievous: all that hear the bruit 
of thee shall clap the hands over 
thee: for upon whomliath not thy 
wickedness passed continually? 




Gen. xxll, 12. And he said. Lay 
not thine hand upon the lad, 
neither do thoa any thing nnto 
him. • • • 

Gen, xxxvli, 22. And Bouben 
said unto them. Shed no blood, 
but cast him into this pit that U 
in the wlUlemess, and lay no 
hand upon nhn. . • • . 

Neh. xlil, 21. Then I testified 
against them, and said unto them, 
Why lodge ye about the wall? if 
ye do so again, I will lay hands 
on you. From that time forth 
came they no more on the sab- 

Esther 11. 21. To those days, 
while Mordecal sat in the king's 
gate, two of the king's chamber- 
lains Bigtban and Teresh, of those 
which kept the door, were wroth, 
and sought to lay hand on the 
king Ahasuerus. 

Esther iU, 6. And he thought 
scorn to lay hands on Mordecal 
alone; for they had shewed him 
the people of Mordecal: where- 
fore Haman sought to destroy all 
the Jews that xoere throughout 
the whole khigdom of Ahasuerusi, 
even the people of Mordecal. 

Matth, xxl, 46. But when they 
sought to lay bands on him, they 
feared the multitude, because they 
took him for a prophet 

Luke xxl, 12. But before all 
these, they ^all lay their hands 
on you, and persecute you, de- 
livering you up to thesjmagogues, 
and into prisons, being brought 
before kings and rulers for my 
name's sake. 

John vll, 30. Then they .sought 
to take him: but no man laid 
hands on him, because his hour 
was hot yet come. 

Acts It, 3. And they laid hands 
on them, and put them In hold 
unto the next day: for It was now 

AeU xxl, 27. And when the 
seven days were almost ended, 
the Jews which were of Asia, 
when they saw him in the temple, 
sUrred up all the people, and Ui^d 
hands (m him. 






Kum. xxvll, 18. And the Loan 
said unto Moses, Take thee 
Joshua the son of Nim, a man In 
whom iS'the spirit, and lay thine 
hand upon him. 

Mark r, 28. And besought him 
greatly, saying, My little daugh- 
ter lieth at the point of death: 1 
pray thee^come and lay thy hands 
on her, that she may be healed; 
and she shall live. 

JfarA; vl, 6. And he could there 
do no mighty work, save that ho 
laid his hands upon a few sick 
folk, and healed them, 

Luke Iv, 40. Now when the sun 
was setting, all they that had any 
sick with divers diseases brought 
them unto lilm; and he laid his 
hands on every one of them, and 
healed them. 

Acts vl, 6. Whom they set be- 
fore the apostles: and when they 
had prayed, they laid their hands 
on them. 

Acts vlil, 17, 1& Then laid they 
their hands on them, and they re- 
ceived the Holy Ghost. And 
when Simon saw that through 
laying on of the apostles' hands 
the Holy Ghost was given, ho 
offered them money. 

Acts xiii, 8. And when they had 
fasted and prayed, and laid their 
hands on them, they sent them 

Acts xlx, 6. And when Paul had 
laid his hands upon them, the 
Holy GhoHt came on them; and 
they spake with tongues, and 

Acts xxvlll, a And It came to 
pass, that the fother of Publlns 
lay sick of a fever and or a bloody 
flux: to ^hom Paul entered In, 
and prayed, and laid his hands on 
him, and healed him. 

1 Tim, Iv, 14. Neglect not the 
grift that to in thee, which was 
given thee Ly prophecy, with the 
laying on of the hands of the 

1 Tim. V, 22. Lay hwifls sudden- 
ly on no man,nclt*icr be partaker 
of other men's sins: keep thyself 




Gen, xiv, 22. And Abram said 
to tbo khig of Sodom, I have lift 
up mine hand unto the Loan, the 
most high God, the possessor of 
heaven and earth. 

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A. XJCTIII, f. Hear the Toloe of 
my ■nppUcatlons. when I cry 
onto thee, when I llA up my hinds 
towerd thy holy oncle. 

F$. IxUl, 4. Thns wUl I MeM 
thee while I live: I wlU lift up my 
hendt In thy name. 

I^. cxlx, 48. My hand! also will 
I lift np unto thy oommandmente. 
which I have loved: and I will 
meditate in thy statatea. 

Ps. czzxlT, 9. Lift np yonr 
hands in tb» sanctnary. and bless 
the Loan. 

A. 0x11, 9. Let my prayer be 
set (brth before thee <u Incense; 
and the lifting np of my hands 
Of the evening sacrifice. 

Lean, ii, 19. Arise, err ont in the 
night: in the beginning of the 
watches poor ont Uilne heart like 
water before the face of the Lord; 
lift np thy hands toward him for 
the life of thy yonng children, that 
Iftint for hanger in the top of 
every street. 

1 71m. U, a I wiU therefore that 
men pray every where, lifting np 
holy hands, without wrath and 

JTefr. zil« 18. Wherefore lift np 
the hands which hang down, and 
the feeble knees. 


9 Sam, XX, 91. The matter it 
not so: bat a man of meant 
Ephraim, Sheba the son of Bichrl 
by name, hath lifted np his hand 
against the king, even against 

1 Kings xl. 20. And Jeroboam 
the son of Nebat, an Ephrathite 
of Zereda, Solomon's servant, 
whose mothet's name teas Zeruoh. 
a widow woman, even he lifted 
up hit hand against the king. 





9 KinQt X, 15. And when he 
was departed thence, he lighted 
on Jehonadab the son of Rechab 
eominQ to meet him: and he 
sainted him, and said to him, Is 
thine heart right, as my heart is 
with thy heart? And Jehonadab 
answered. It is. If it be, give me 
thine hand. And he gave htm 
his hand; and he took him np to 
him into the chariot. 

Frav, xl. 21. Though hand Join 
in hand, the wicked shall not be 
nnpunisbed: bnt the seed of the 
righteons shall be delivered. 

Pfoff. zvl, 6. Every one that it 
proud In heart it an abomination 


to the Loan: though hand join In 
hand, hd\hall not be mipani|hed. 

Gal. 11, 9. And when James, 
Cephas, and John, who seemed 
to be pUlars, perceived the grace 
that was giren nnto me, they 
gave to me and Barnabas the 
rUght hands of fellowship. . . . 

Oen. xxlv, 49. And now If ye 
wlU deal kindly and truly with 
my master, tell me: and if not, 
tell me; that I may turn to the 
right hand, or to the left 

JBxod. xlv,99. And the ofaildren 
of Israel went Into the midst of 
the sea upon the dry ground: and 
the waters were a wall nnto them 
on their right hand, and on their 

/>etc&xvll,90. That his heart be 
not lifted np above his brethren, 
and that he turn not aside from 
the commandment, to the right 
hand, or ft> the toll 

Josh. 1, 7. Only be thou strong 
and very courageous, that thou 
mayest observe to do according 
to all the law, which Moses my 
servant commanded thee: torn 
not Crom It to the right hand or 
to the left, that thou mayest pros- 
per whithersoever thou goest. 

9 Aim. xlv, 19. And the king 
said, Is not the hand of Joab with 
thee In all this? And the woman 
answered and said. At thy sool 
liveth, my lord the king, none can 
turn to the right hand or to the 
left firom ought that my lord the 
king hath spoken: for thy servant 
Joab, he bade me, and he put all 
these words in the mouth of thine 

2 Kings xxll, 9. And he did that 
which was right in the sight of the 
Loan, and walked in all the way 
of David his Ikther, and turned 
not aside to the right hand or to 
the left. 

Job xxiil. 9. On the left hand 
where he aoth work, but I cannot 
behold him: he hideth himself on 
the right hand, that I cannot see 

Frov. ill, le. Length of days is 
in her right hand; and in her toft 
hand riches and honour. 

Qant 11, 6. His left hand it un- 
der my head, and his right hand 
doth embrace me. 

Ita. liv, 8. For thou shalt break 
forth on the right hand and on 
the left; and thy seed shall Inherit 
the Gentiles, and make the desol- 
ate dUes to be inhabited. 

Jonah iv, 11. And should not I 

spare Nineveh, that great city, 

wherein are more than sixscorei 


thousand persons that cannot dis- 
cern between theUr right hand and 
their left hand: and aito mvuh. 

Zech. jli, 6. In that day wm I 
moke the governors of Judah like 
an beirth of fire among the wood, 
and like a torch of fire in a sheal( 
and they shall devour all the peo- 
ple round about, on the xight 
hand and on the toft. 

Matth. vi, 8. But when thou 
doest alms, let not thy left hand 
know what thy right hand doeth. 

Matth. XX, 91. And he said unto 
her. What wilt thou? She salth 
unto him, Grant that these my 
two sons may sit, the one on thy 
right hand, and the other on the 
left, in thy kingdom. 

9 Qor. vi, 7. By the word of 
truth, by the power of God, by the 
armour of righteousness on the 
right hand and on the toft. 

h Jttdget ill, 16. But when the 
children of Israel cried unto the 
Loan, the Loao raised them up a 
deltvecer, Ehud the son of Gera, 
a Bei^amite. a man leftjianded: 
and by him the children of Israel 
sent a present unto Eglon the 

Judges XX, 16. Among all this 
people there were seven hundred 
chosen men lefthanded; every 
one could sling stones at an hair 
Intadth, and not miss. 

Judges v, 28. She put her hand 
to the nail, and her right hand to 
the workmen's hammer; and with 
the hammer she smote Sisera, she 
smote off his head, when she had 
pierced and stricken through his 


1 Kingt 11, 19. Bath-sheba there- 
fore went unto king Solomon, to 
speak unto him for AdonUah. 
And the king rose up to meet 
her. and bowed himself unto her. 
and sat down on his throne, and 
caused a seat to be set for the 
king's mother; and she sat on his 
right hand. 

Job xl. 14. Then will I also con- 
fess unto thee that thine own 
right hand can save thee. 

Pt. xvl, 8, 11. I have set the 
Loan always before me: because 
Ae is at my right hand, I shall not 
be moved. Thou wilt shew me 
the piTtb of life: In tliy presence it 
falDo^s of Joy; at thy right hand 
there are pleasures for evermore.,l. The Loan said unto 

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mj Lord, Sit tbon at my riglit 
hand, ni^tn I make thine enemies 
ihj rootstooL 

SeeUa. x, 2. A wise man's heart 
iff at his right hand; but a fool's 
heart at his left. 

Ua. IxUI, 12. That led Viem by 
the right hand of Moses with his 
glorious arm. 

Jer. xxli, 9i.Asl lire, saith the 
LoBD. though Coniah the son of 
Jehoiaklm king of Judah were the 
signet upon my right hand, yet 
would I pluck thee thenoe. 

Matth. T, SO. And If thy ri^t 
hand oflTend thee, cut it ofl^ and 
cast it from thee 

Mark xir, 62. And Jesus said, I 
anu and ye shall see the Son of 
man sitting on the right hand of 
power, and coming in the clouds 
of hearen. 

Jtark xTi, 19. So then alter the 
Lord had spoken unto them, he 
was received up into heaven, and 
sat on the right hand of Qod. 

Acta Til, 65, 66. But he. beln9 
ftill of the Holy Ohost, looked up 
stedfasUy into heaven, and saw 
the glory of God, and Jesue stand- 
ing on the right band of God, 
And said. Behold, I see the heav- 
ens opened, and the Son of man 
standing on the right hand of 

Oolos. ill, 1. If ye then be risen 
with Christ, seek those things 
which are above, where Christ 
sitteth on the right hand of God. 

Sxod. xxiz, 80. Then shalt thou 
kill the ram, and take of his blood, 
and put U upon the tip of the 
right ear of Aaron, and upon the 
tip of the right ear of his sons, 
and upon the thumb of their right 

Judifes 1 6,7. But Adonl-bezek 
fled; and they pursued after him, 
and caught him, and cut off his 
thumbs and his great toes. And 
Adonl-bezek said, Threescore and 
ten kings, having their thumbs 
and tbelr great toes cut off, gath- 
ered tlieir meat under my table. 


Eaeod. xxlx, 13. And thou shalt 
take of the blood of the bullock, 
and put it upon the horns of the 
altar with thy finger, and pour all 
the blood besldewe bottom of the 

2 Sam. xxi. 80. And there was 
yet a batUe in Oath, where was a 
man of great stature, that had on 
every hand six Angers, and on 
every foot six toes, four and 
twenty in number, and he also 
was bom to the giant. 


DanUl T, 5. In Uie lune boor 
came forth Angers of a man's 
hand, and wrote over against the 
candletitlck upon the plalster of 
the wail of the king's palace: and 
the king saw the part of the band 
that wrote. 

Mark vii, 88. And he took tihn 
aside from the multitude, and put 
his fingers into his ears, and he 
spit, and touched his tongue. 

John viil, 6. This they said, 
tempting him, that they might 
have to accuse him. But Jesus 
stooped down, and with Ms finger 
wrote on the groimd, a$ though 
he heard them not, 

John XX, 86. The other disciples 
therefore said unto him. We have 
seen the Lord. But he said unto 
them. Except I shall see in his 
hands the print of the nails, and 
put my finger into the print of the 
nails, and thrust my hand into his 

Exod. vili, 19. Then the magici- 
ans said unto J^iaraoh, This i$ the 
finger of God.;. . . 

1 Kings xU, 10. . . . Thus shalt 
thou say unto then^ My little 
ftnger shall be thicker than my 
father's loins. • 

Fs. cxliv, 1. Blessed be the Lord 
my strength, which tcacbeth my 
hands to war, and my ilngers to 

I*rov. vii, 8. Bind them upon 
thy fiugers, write them upon the 
table of thine heart. 

Isa. IviU, 9. Then shalt thou 
call, and the Lord shall answer, 
thou Shalt cry, and he shall say. 
Here I am. If thou take away 
from tlie midst of thee the yoke, 
the putting forth of the finger, 
and speaking vanity. 

Luke xi, 20. But if I with the 
finger of God cost out devll^no 
doubt the kingdom of Goa is 
come upon you. 


Deut. xxi, 12. Then thou shalt 
bring her home to thine house; 
and she shall shave her head, and 
pare her nails. 

Dan. tv, S3. The same hour was 
the thhig fiilfilled upon Nebuchad- 
nezzar: and he was driven fh)m 
men, and did eat grass as oxen, 
and bis body was wet with the 
dew of heaven, till his hairs were 
grown like eagles^ feathers, and 
his nails like bird's Oaws. 

Oen. xli, 47. And hi the seven 
plenteous years the earth Inrought 
forth by handfuis. 

£xod. ix, & And the Lord said 
unto Moses and unto Aaron, Take 

to yoQ handfUs of asbei of the 
ftimaoe,and let Moees sprinkle it 
toward the heaven in the sight 
of Pharaoh. 

Jiuth 11. 16. And let fiiU also 
some of the handfUIs of purpose 
for her, and leave them, that she 
may glean them, and rebuke her 

1 Kings xvU, 18. And she said, 
As the Lord thy God Uveth, I 
have not a cake, but an handful 
of meal in a barrel, and a UtUe 
on in a cruse 

1 Kings xz, la And Ben-hadad 
sent unto hhn, and said. The gods 
do so unto me, and more also, if 
the dust of Samaria shall suffloe 
for handfuis for all the people that 
follow me. 

J^. Ixxli, 16. There, shall be an 
handful of com in the earth upon 
the top of the mountains: the 
fruit thereof shaU shake like 

EoOes. iv, 6. Better is an hand- 
fhi with quietness, than both the 
hands mil toith travail and vexa- 
tion of spirit 

Jer. ix, 22. Speak, thus salth the 
Lord, Even the carcases of men 
shall Call as dung upon the open 
field, and as the handful after the I 
harvest man, and none shall 
gather tA«7n. 

Szek. xUi, 19. And wlU ye pollute 
me among my people for hand- 
ftils of barley and for pieces of 


Exod. iv, 6. And the Lord said 
furthermore unto him. Put no# 
thine hand into thy bosom. And 
he put his hand into his bosom: 
and when he took it out, behold, 
his hand uxu leprous as snow. 

1 Kings ill, 20. And she arose at 
midnight, and took my son from 
beside me, while thine handmaid 
slept, and laid It in her bosom, 
and laid her dead child in my 

Luke xviil, 13. And the publican, 
standing afar off; would not lift up 
so much as his eyes unto heaven, 
but smote upon his breast saving, 
God be merdftil to me a slnuer. 

Luke xxlii,48. And all the people 
that came together to that sight, 
beholding the things wlilcli were 
done, smote their breasts, and re^ 

John xlil, 25. He then lying on 
Jesus' breast saith unto him. 
Lord, who la itt 

Jer. xxxH, 18. Thou showest 
loving-kindness unto thousands, 
and recompensest t