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Full text of "An Arabic-English Vocabulary of the Colloquial Arabic of Egypt"

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^i>r ^ 

.- • 

49 # 

• ♦ 

« • 

§> ) 

#••■ * 


% • 

♦* ., «•• 

*» •»,•% 

%" ♦ 

.*:* .. 













OF THE (colloquial ARABIC OF EGYPT, 









AU rights reterved. 

P5 w^^ 


S Va 



Perhaps no apology is needed for introducing the present work to 
the notice of oriental scholars in general and Arabic scholars in 
particular. Having been interested for many years in the colloquial 
Arabic of Egypt, the compiler was struck - as, no doubt, all 
those who have studied colloquial Arabic must also have been-by the 
wealth of the dialect, not only in words but in forms of expression and 
subtle meanings, and the more he studied the subject, the more he 
became convinced of the necessity and utility of a vocabulary to 
introduce the foreigner to the still uncomprehended treasures of 
colloquial Arabic. 

But it was not until 1891 that he began to collect his materials. 
His plan at first was to compile a simple book of some two hundred 
pages, but as the work progressed he found that it was gradually 
gro^nng larger until at last its size as originally contemplated was 
greatly increased. Finding this to be the case, the compiler decided 
to give the book a wider scope, and for this purpose he introduced a 
large number of administrative, financial, engineering, mechanical and 
military words which he met with in his perusal of a mass of official 
publications. The idioms and the slang phrases were obtained not only 
by reading almost all the literature of which colloquial Arabic can 
boast, but by listening ancj carefully noting casual words and trivial 
phrases as they were used in common conversation. 

In the early part of the year the book was ready for the press, but 
it must not for a moment be imagined that all the phrases and charac- 
teristic expressions in use amongst the natives of this country have 
been given. No single compiler can hope to make an exhaustive 
collection. But it can be confidently stated that the material here 
collected represents almost all that a foreigner would meet with in 
conversation with the natives of Egypt. 

Great difficulty was often met with in ascertaining the precise 
meaning of some words. The compiler then had recourse to his 
friends and in certain instances conflicting definitions were given. The 
reason is not far to seek. Colloquial Arabic not having been written 
until quite recently, words are sometimes used as the fancy of the 
speaker dictates. In these cases, the meanings given are those most uni- 
versally accepted. As regards the idioms and the slang, the compiler did 

his best to obtain the equivalent English idioms, and where this was 
not possible, an expression as near as possible resembling the original 
was given. For this reason many of the English idiomatic and other 
expressions can be improved upon, but the student can be assured that 
no pains have been spared to render the book accurate and trust- 

While the book was in the press objections were made to the de- 
rivatives separately given and to the transliteration. Those experienced 
in teaching Arabic to foreigners in Egypt know that only a small per- 
centage of these study the syntax and the grammar and that the 
Egyptians themselves are often at a loss to find a word in a purely 
Arabic lexicon where the derivatives are given only under the root 
verb. As far as the transliteration is concerned, the system adopted is 
that of the late Spitta Bey - pronounced by scholars to be the most 
scientific - simplified by a distinguished American scholar. It may per- 
haps be added that no system of transliteration is perfect and the 
adoption of system is a matter of taste. 

In conclusion, the compiler wishes to express his grateful thanks 
to his numerous friends, both in this country and abroad, for their 
kind assistance and encouragement which gave him fresh vigour at 
moments when he felt weary, and enabled him to summon up courage 
to bring his work to a conclusion. He wishes that it were possible 
for him to name them all, but certain considerations prevent his doing 
so. Mention must, however, be made of I. G. Mussawir Bey, of the 
Public Works Department, who read a part of the manuscript making 
valuable suggestions. 

Thanks are also due to the printers for the diligence and skill 
with which they have executed their difficult and complicated task, 
submitting to numerous alterations and corrections whilst it was in 
the press. 

Cairo, S. S. 

November i895. 



The manner which the compiler has adopted in giving the verbs 
frppears to him to be easier than that hitherto followed by Arabic 
lexicographers. Only such forms and derivatives are given as are more 
generally used by the natives. The present tense, given in parenthesis 
after the past, is omitted in the transliteration when it is formed from 
the past by the prefix ^^ji'\ The plurals, the formation of which is 
one of the main difficulties of the language, are invariably given. 
The asterisk denotes that the word is foreign. 

mil. stands for military, 

nav, '* naval, 

eng. '^ engineering, 

arch. '* architecture. 

























The Alphabet. 

The Arabic Alphabet consists of 28 letters : — 




• »-< 

a . 











CD >> 

CU ^ 






















































A 1 

^» 1 

• ! 




























































1 V. 


I ' 





































hd t^ 


♦ t 

























1 j^ 



J y 


• All the vowels. 

^\Jc)i\ el a^ddd^ 
The numbers. 

\ wdhid 

r itnin 

r taldta 

1 arba^a 

• liamsa 

^ sitta 

Y taba^a 

A tamdnja 

^ tWa 

\ ' 'asara 

t \ hiddiar 

\x itnd&ar 

w talattdiar 

\i arbaUdktr 

\ • bamastdsar 

^^ sittdkir 

tY aabaHdaar 

\ A tamantdiar 

\\ tiaaHdkar 



lodhid we ^ihryn 

itnin we Hiryn 
















\ • • • • 
Y* • • • • 

liamsyn 50 

ai^^^n 60 

sa6*yn 70 

tamanyn 80 

ftVy/i 90 

mj/ya 100 

myja we wdhid 101 

m jy a toe ^asara 110 

me/W/i 200 


tultumyja 300 

urbu^myja 400 

bumsumyja 500 

suttumyja 600 

8ul!'umyja 700 

tumnumyjO' 800 

tus'^umyja 900 

ay 1000 
ai/ we hamastAkar iol5 

aZ/ loe myt^/i tee teVa 1209 


talatyn alf 

myt alf 








4*1-1 ^\il ayjdm el gurri'a^ 


days of the week. 


j6m el hadd, Sunday 

Cj^H\ f y. 

'^ el itn^n, Monday • 


'' el taldt^ Tuesday 

(l^VI fy. 

*^ ^iarfta', Wednesday 


'^ elliamys, Thursday 


'* elgum%, Friday 


'^ elsabt, Saturday 

^/ J^ sa/iur ""arabyja. 
The lunar months. 

^4 j^^ suhAr es sana^ 
The months of the year. 

^j\ jy^ sahdr ufrangyja^ 

The European months. 
jM j<^^^jir, January 
























raby'' auwil 
raby'' tdny 
gamdd auwil 
gamdd tdny 
zul q'Cda 
zul higgcL 


A-k.i j^ suhAr qibtyja, 
The Coptic months. 


ba ram Ada 


ayjdm el nasy 

4^\ el 'umla. 
The monev. 

= 1 piastre. 

= 1 £. E. 

= 1 £stg. 


or 40 Paras 
1000 milli^mes 
or 100 Piastres 
975 milli6mes 
or 97 1/2 Piastres 

877. 5 millifemes ) 

> = 1 £ T 
or 87 3/4 Piastres ( 

771. 5 milli^mes } 

on 7 6/40 Piastres 

48. 75 millifemes 

or 4 35/40 Piastres 

38. 75 milliSmes 

or 3. 34 Piastres 

400 drahms 1 
or 2 3/4 rails J^ = 1 oke 
or 1. 236 kilos. J 
36 okes 
or 44. 493 kilograms 

> =1 qintdr* 

> = 1 Napoleon. 

= 1 Shilling 

0U«J\ jy^kushr el fadddn, 
The fractions of the fadddn . 
1 fadddn = 24 qyrdts 
1 qy^^t = 3 habbas 
1 habba = 2 ddniqs 

333. 3 square qasabas 
tor 4200 square metres. 
1 qasaba = 3. 55 metres 

1 fadddn = 

= 1 Franc. 

v-»^jVl jyJ^ kus&r el ardabb^ 
The fractions of the ardabb. 
1 ardabb = 6 w^bas 

jtji^U elmauoazyn^ 
The weights. 
12 drahn:s = 1 ounce 
12 ounces = 
100 rails = 


2247 1/2 rails 

or 1000 kilograms 
r 809. 114/000 okes 
r 22 475/000 qintdrs 

1 rail 
1 qintdr 

^ = lton 


1 w^ba = 
1 fc^to = 
1 rub' = 
1 ardabb = 

2 Ar^tos 
4 ra6'5 
4 qadahs 
197. 75 litres. 

^j^VI el adru\ 

The pics. 

^^j^dird' nyly =0.54 

ijljLu '^ dird"" hinddza =0.656 

J^lli^l '' dir(i'esian6il/t/ = 0.665 

<^ji. ^' dr4' 6atod(/ =0.58 


f^ viiCji-u mudyryjAt masr, 
The provinces of Egypt. 

^j4 bahary^ Lower Egypt. 

A^^\ elqaljd^byja 
jj^\ elkarqyja 
U|J Jl el daqahlyja 
oyM eljarbyja 
ijyX\ el menufyja 
ijjS^l elbihira 

U gibi^. Upper Egypt. 

,yX\ el gyza 
^y^\ el fayjAm 

LAI el minja 

\J qina 
a^ji-l el hudM ( the Frontier 


vlilliiU mufyxfzdt ma§r, 
The Governorates of Egypt. 
jjt^ masr^ Cairo 
4jjaj:C*l iskindiryja^ Alexandria 
JVjJI eZ kandl^ Suez Canal 
^^\ e# 5a^#, Suez 

U^^VI elisma^ylyja^lsmBilieh 
JjjS\ el ^aryk^ Ariche 
j^^\ el qusir^ Kosseir 
J^U^ dumjdty Damietta 
J^j raSyd, Rbsetla 
^y* sawdkin, Suakin. 

i« cjMS atmdn masr^ 
The districts of Cairo. 
AiCjVl i^i azbakyja 

Siy. huJAq 
w:ijiJLJ\ ei sayjida zinab 
aJJ:.! eZ hPLlyfa 
OcJ^^W 'abdyn 
y^)t^K^jM el darb el ahmar 
\jii hubra 
Uj^l el gamalyja 
^^\}\ el wdjly 
y^jL\ el mtisky 

masr ^atyqa (old Cairo). 

j^ wWJ^ wahdl masr, 
The oasis of Egypt. 
^yj\ C1UI3 wahdt el fayJAm . 
J^^l '' '' asJAt. 

•y^ '' '' sywa. 



lu/^l wtjlki nUardt elhukdma, 
The Government Ministries. 

aJ\U elmalyja, Finance 
aJ#.UI eldablyja, Interior 
4j\2i.| elhaqqanyja, Justice 
4->-j\tl ei 6a rgryja, Foreign office 
A^y/^l JUiVI eZ akjdl el ^umumyja, 

Public Works. 
A^j/^\^j\A.\el motArif el 'umumyja^ 

Public Instruction. 
ajiJ^\ elharbyJa^War Office. 

i-ULI el masdlih^ 
The Administrations. 
Vy^' ^1 i^ ma^lahet es sihfya 
el ^umAmyJa, Public Health 
tf3^^ J^l ^^ ma^^al el kymdwy, 
The Chemical laboratory. 

J^JI •J^ ^ ^^^ maslahet man' 
tigdret er raqyq, Department 
of the suppression of slavery. 

^y}\ 4jt-^ maslahet el bolys, 
Police Department. 

Ojif^l ii-^ maslahet es 8ug{in^ 
Prison Department. 

41^1 AiU-jojJl ed daftarbdna el 

masryja, Central Archives of 

4J?-JI •JjJLl ijl^l eddret ^Z garyda 
er rasmyja^ office of the Direct 
tor of the Official Journal. 

(^J\ fy^Jj^ taftys'um&m er raj, 
office of the Inspector General 
of Irrigation. 

ZM\^\ l^ maslahet el bfizzandt, 
Reservoirs Department, 

Jb jlII :6^\ i^ maslahet es sikkael 
hadyd^ Railway Administration. 

wliWIt^OljU* ^y^lj\^\iddret 'umAm 
el fanardt toil lymandt, Ports 
and Lighthouses Administration. 

vilj\tVI S^ maslafiet el asardt, 
Archasological or Museum De- 

JJ* viljyji l^ maslahet wahurdt 
en nyl, Nile steamers Service. 

^liUtl ^yf" ijl^' iddret ^umtim el 
hisabdt, Control of Government 

•jjSlI J*yVI •j\^\ iddret el amwdl 
el muqarrara, Department of 
the Contributions Directes. 

•jj^je^^i}^y)i^ij\^\ iddret el amwdl 


el g^r muqarrara^ Department 
of the Contributions Indirectes. 

•j^lc^jjll ili*4( \j\^\ iddret amhXk el 
myry el hurra^ Department of 
Government free lands. 

^^^^1 oijjl J3^'^ sandixq ed ddn el 
^um^my^ Public Debt office. 

aAaVI 4iuUl el matba^a elahlyja, 
^ National Printing office. 

^1 i^ maslahet el malh, Salt 

^jUrl f>^ Ijl^l iddret 'umdm eg 

gamdrik. Customs Department, 
J^I^J\ yp ;i*^* maslahet gafar es 

sawdhil^ Coast Guard Service. 
Ja-»^l fyf' ij\^\ iddret ^umttm el 

bdsta, Post Administration. 
4L*^I c^\jy\3 l^ maslahet wabtu 

rdt el bdita, Khedivi6 Steamers 



A^Uj^JI er ruzndma^ Pension 

^\^j^\ i^ maslahet el asmdk, 

Fisheries Department. 
<I)\j jlUI 3u.^ju madraset el mubta- 

dajdn^ Primary school. 
^JJiti^i ojjJlI elmadrasael taghy- 

zyja^ Preparatory School. 
ii'l^jLijLI iUjJu madraset elmihan- 

dishdna. Polytechnic School, 
j^tl i^jjL* madraset el huqAq^ 

School of law. 
wLl^l ojjla madraset el ^amaly^ 

jdt, School of arts and trades. 
wJJl i-jJL» madraset et tibb. School 

of medecine. 
oV^I i-^jjL* madraset el wilAda, 

School of midwifery. 
^\y)\ JUjX. madraset ez zird^a, 

Agricultural College. 
4j^aU iL;Wji-#j|l er rasadhdna el 

masryja, The observatory. 
UikVl ^> elmahdkim el ahlyja^ 

Native courts. 
iiUi^i^Ul el magdlis el muhtalita^ 

Mixed Courts, 
j^^lil \\i.\ elmahdkim essar^'yja, 

Courts of Mohamedan law. 
{^>'j^ J3' ^<) o'JLtiVl K^' elmah. 

kdma el ibtiddyja( mahkamet 

auwil daraga ), Court of first 

o^iJ^j^-'Vl l^ mahkamet el istyndf, 

Court of Appeal. 



fUVl 3^jA5JU^maA/came< en naqd 
wil ibrdm. Court of Cassation. 

ufL\ lilAi .-i qism qaddja el 
hukAmay Department of Go- 
vernment legal advisers ( Con- 
tentieux ). 

oy^lAiU'^n nijdba el 'amumyja, 
Office of the Procureur Gdn^ral. 

iUjI^i^vI^U^I ^yf' iM iddret 
himdm essarfyjdt wil lawa-- 
zimdt, Surveyor General's 

aj>> s:^\^ r>^o'->' iddret 'umAm 
tayjindt harbyja^ Departn:ent 
of supplies. 

Ai'W aX\ l^maslahet eg gabafidna, 
Powder Magazines. 

y^VI >rl thl^ iijla^ hukamda^ 
ryjet sawdhilel bahr el ahmar^ 
Governorale of Red Sea Littoral. 

ijU^Vl ^yf' ij\^\ iddret 'umdm el 
awqdf^ Wakf ( Religious pro- 
perty ) Administration. 

V-J* 'jt*-^^ ^^ ddjra es sanyja, 
Daira Sanieh. 

(qs*3-JI) 'iJ^^ ^^j^\ ^^"^ maslahet 
el arddy elmyryja(el dom6n), 

The State Domains Administra- 

olub^U^ Aij^l l^\ l^ maslahet 
es sihha el bahryja wil karan^ 
tyndt, Quarantine Board. 

i^ji^Jl o^^A^dl el komisjdn el bala^ 
dy, Municipal Council. 

Ai^p ^j rutab 'askaryja. 
Military grades. 
Jl? m}% muldzim tdny, Sub-Lieu- 

J3I ^j%maldzimauwil^L\eM{endini. 

J^\jylJU2bdkii, Captain. 

^...UVy p-U sdg qulagdsy^ Adjutant- 

J^\^^binbdha^ Major. 

j^licli qdjim maqdm, Lieutenant- 

(^Vlju myraldj. Colonel. 

1^ liwa^ Brigadier-General. 

jij faryq, LieutenanLGeneral. 

j%^M musyr, Field-Marshal. 

yi nafar^ Private. 

(3^^^' J^ wakyl onbdka, Lance- 

^U jl on bdka^ Corporal. 



JL15U iawyk^ Sergeant, 
JLi^lfl Mi ia to yi, Sergeant-Ma jor. 
tiul iJjl huluk amyn^ Quarter- 
master sergeant. 
Jr^ ?^h Warrant officer. 

^•w*^ rutab mulkyja^ 
Civil grades. 

i A^\k\AjJ\ er rutbael bdmsa, 
5th grade. 

2 A^\J\ ajJ\ er rutba er rdb'a, 

4th grade. 

3 A^\^\ ajJI er rAtba et tdlta, 

3rd grade. 

4 -uUl ajJI er rutba et tdnja, 

2nd grade. 

5 j^\jil iJj rutbet el mutamdJU. 

6 o'jfr»j!j^Vj ^ti<6^t myr myrdn. 






*^.J^ Ji' f-^*^ V*^ rutbet ru-- 
mily beklerb^y. 
VI 4jj raffeef Mto. 
j^ aJj rutbet mukyr. 

wUII aZgdb, addresses. 

<^JLi» JL«- himjatlu afandy. 
(fjji\ Jiji fat watla afandy. 
ifjji\ jc^j rifatlu afandy. 
SiJsy> ""izzatlubi. 
fj^* js^ *^ afandim. 
^jS\ ^-^Lm. sa'ddatlu afandim. 
ifjij^ (j^\ ^^\^ sa^ddatlu 
afandim hadratlary. 
ifjiji^ f JLiI ^jbP 'uttifatlu 
afandim hadratlary. 
ifJSj^ fjuil jWi3 dawlatUi 
afandim fyadratlary. 




\ = a, d, e, S, i, y, o, 6, Uy ^. 


,\ ab,ov y\ ahu, father, posses- 
sor of, pi. Zj\^} ahbahdt;^-\c 
^yl ^dmil ahu 'aly,\\Q plays 
the grandee, he gives him- 
self airs ; .Jb-!^ Cj^ y.l ahu 
^in wAhda^ one^yed;^o y,\ 
ahu daqn, bearded man ; y\ 
,^Mahu ed dahah, genevms, 
liberal, wealthy; J.y ^.1 ahu 
qir 8, worth a piastre;ol^yy.l 
ahu qirddn, ibis; f ^*^l (^hu 
en n0m, poppy ; •3J y} ^bu 
farwa, chestnut; ^i y^ahu 
kahat^ venomous spider ; y\ 
J^l ahu el hdly sphinx ; ^\ 
Jj\«a6a magdzil, stork; 
T\ij ^\ ahu rijdh, weather- 
cock; jJ^yj ahu diqyq^hul- 
terfly; ^JU y\ ahu galamho, 
crab; j^y,^ ahu kihyr, as- 
safoetid8;0^l^^ia6a fa^da, 
wag-tail. (fji\ llU ahdna el 

lazy^ the Lord's Prayer, 
Paternoster. 1*^1 ahdna, our 

4^U ihdha^ see A 

4SjU ahdrka^ wine used for the 

tjLXil ihtida, see U 
ll\ ahadan^ never, at all; JXX 
ill bima ^(t j /^ena ahadan, 
he never came here. Jb^ 
muahhad, perpetual; JUiVI 
llV ii\iS\ el akgdl eiSdqqa 
muahhadan, hard labour 
or penal servitude for life. 

^\j\ ihrdm, see ^ ji 

A^^l a6ra%'a, diocese of a bi- 
shop, pi. wLijjl ahrakyjdt. 
Bj\ ihra, needle, p/.^l i6ar;#jil 
jLi Jb^i&ra hadydj iron point; 
•jjVlc-ib^^^i iftra^compass. 

Ji je' flbryg, jug, pitcher, pt jijl.l 



^.j\abryi; April 
fy\abzym^ buckle, pi. jcjll 

JlLil ibtdl, see JL 

4i^Ula6'adyya, see -inj 


jlilabtog, see jL 

jJLiI abello* appeal; jll J/ 'amaZ 
abellofiv jli ^jvafd abello, 
or jll (iUl ag(!tm abello^ he 
appealed( against the judg- 
ment of a court of justice). 

jjijlafti^^, alluvial deposit of 
the Nile. 
^.\ablys^ the devil, sa tan, pi, 

^y.l i6n,son,pi. ^^ bany;^;)i\^\ 
ibn el ibn^ grandson ; J\ j\ 
ibn el 'amm,cousin(masc.); 
rVl ^J ife^ ^i abb, nephew; 
v-*^ft jil ifcn 'a raft, Arab ; ^1 
ju^ ibn masr^ Egyptian; ^|l 
ily ibn turk, Turk ; ^^U jjl 
ibn nds^man of gocd family; 

tr^' u*.' *^^ ^^ fl^i/i«, fellow 
countryman ; jiJl ^J ibn ed 

dynfine of the same religion; 
jtTj^l i6n kdr, artisan;^! 
A-pjJu i6n madrasa^ educa- 
ted, man of education; ^l; ^>»l 
i6n 6afad, townsman, refined 

man; c- cty^jjl i6n 'isrt/n 
sana, twenty years old. 

^yj| abnAs or abanAs^ ebony. 
yta6a,see wi 

y^y\abukdto, or y^^\ afukdto* 

lawyer, advocate, pi. o*'^.' 

^abyb, lllh month of the 

Coptic calendar. 

(^Ul atdby,or^j\:\ atdry^seejj^-] 

wlrlafd^, see^M 

^Ul ittibd\ see iuT 

^•|( cjl ) attit^ to furnish a 
house.^\;iifa<<i7,to be fur- 
nished.^'U maaifi7,or zJ\u 
mitattit^ furnished, vi^ll; 
toij/i, act of furnishing a 
house, olii aittf , furniture 

•Ifl itiiVt*/i, see Jiiij.3 



pUJ\ i£tis(t^^ see lu-^ 
ttisdl, see J^^ 
see jij 
<g(tn^ see ^;;i 
ttikdl, see JSj 
tldf, see ujJJ 
itmdm, see ^ 
in^n^ see ^ 

thdm^ ^^ f^Y 
t f 

J* ( Jli ) ala (jdty)^ to come. 

t "• 

JlJl t<a«a, or Jlj<(Xa«a^ to 

result, be derived from; JUI 
'-»^ J W ^ illyjitatta min 
k ida, what will be the re- 
sult of this? ^\dty^ coming; 
,1,1 yk ^kama huwa dty, as 
follows, viz. ; uVI i:J^ es 
sanaeldtja^ next year. oV' 
atajdn, act of coming. 
J\{ J\i jassar^ to affect, make 
an impression ; j,J\ U ^v^ 
aJ kaldmy ma assars fyh, 
my words have made no im- 
pression on him.^' 1 1 i tassar^ 

to he affected, impressed. 
ylu mitassar, affected, im- 
pressed. j^*k tasyr, effect^ 
influence, impression, pi 
C^ljj?li<ast/mt.^-lasar,or ^1 
aiar^trace; ^M A vJjP jlj^ U 
ma haddiS "^irif loh asar 
no one could trace him, no one 
could find where he was. jUT 
asdr^ monument, relic^ pi 
Z»\Ji\ asardt. 

AiUl igdba, see ^.i^U 

•-Ul agdg^ native salted fish, s(7. 

. jUI agdza, see jU 
flcT* igtimd\ see ^ 
■^V^r' igiihdd^ see jl^:*- , 

j>.l*U7ag'flrar,to be let,hired. 
^1:^1 istdgar, to take on 
hire.jjp-bmitog'fl^ar^let, hi- 
red, jfi^-l; tagyr,eict of letting 
or hiring. jWSUI isit/gfdr^act 
of taking on hire. j>-\i-^ma5. 
tdgir, tenant^ pt. ot^^ 




mustagiryn. ^^ muaggir, 
landlord, pi CjLjf^-y muag^ 
hire,fare, wages.pZ. J?- lag^a r. 
jUil ys^dr^ rental, lease^ pi 

/tZ a^ra, or M^ ^. 6^t Zii 
ygdr^a house to let; ij^-l o^ 
^arabyjet ugra^ hackney 
1^1 «5^ra, see ^syr 

• J* ^ * • ^» 

Oj?j-l igrann^ or ^$T ikminn^ or 

jbl a^dfty, or (^jbl atdry^ 
this is why, therefore; Oj^' 
J^;i^rwU\ igrann elbdb 
kdn maqfUl, this is why the 
door was closed; J.yj-U ^^^1 
igrannuhum ma gM, this 
is why they did not come, 

\yA agzA^ and^j>-! ag zagy ^and 

m • 

^^yr\ CLgzcLbAna, see •Ij*- 

>' ((>5i)^fl'fl''i,to delay,put off. 
^^\ itoflfg'iZ, to be delayed, 

put off. J.jj-t tagylficX of de- 

laying,putting off, ^\ agal. 

fixed period^term^end of life; 
4^1 j^ I Uf J rabbina abad 
agaloh, he died, he kicked 
the bucket. 

^}t^\ag I, for ^ so that; diUV lag- 
lak, for you; ^^j U Jij.'il tofl'Z 
ma turdh, so that you may 
go; J^ U All J15.V toflfi innoA 
majigys, so that he may 
not come. 

t:j,\agana, chisel, pi d^^ 


AtirtJg, see Jj»- 
7i<i/WZ,see Jo. 
htiqdr^ see j4> 
htiqdn^^ee ^ 
htikdr,see ^ 
htildl, see^y 
ahad, see j^^ 

ihsdn, and ^«^l aA^an, and 
I afysanyja, see 



U>.l ihsa, statistics, pZ. «:*Tu»>l 

• • • 

^ ahaqqyja^ see j^ 


t>-| ihna^ see lil 
Jj>-I a/ttoaZy see J^ 
tiU't ahjdnan, see Oj}>- 
^1 a6A, or j>l afta^ brother, pi. 

/losein ma {^i ahli, in- 
comparable horse, c^laftt 
sister ^pZ.wly-l abatodt; 1^>.I 
uhtaha, her sister,the other 
one ( of a pair ). jl^l od- 
lodn, brethren. Ai^lafta to y- 
ja, brotherhood. ^ jihyfir 
j-\i ya 6tv, contraction of li 
>l ya afty, my brother I 

r-t aftft, flel interjection of pain 

or regret; siU* ^l abb min- 

nafc, what a devil you arel 

jX^ U J\ ^ abb illy ma gdi 

I am sorry he did not come I 

i. I ibb, orj-\ ibby, interjection 
of disgust; |^3 ^M U li ^1 ibb 
Jamanta wisib, oh I how 
dirty you are. 

VI ubb, interjection of pleasure; 
aJ^ ^I abb ^al^h^ how nice 
he is I 
^p.1 ubt^ see 4A 
c^Ji>'\ ibtird\ see ^j> 
jlai>'\ ibtisdr, see ^^ 
^Ui^l ibti^ds^ see^ 
^:ili>l iftiiWs, see ^ 
ip'^\ibtildt,see ]^ 
sJ'j^\ ibtildf, see U\a^ 
j\i>'\ ibtindq, see j:>. 
j\JS'\ibtiJdr, secjW . 

afta^ ( jdbud or jdbuz )^U> 
take; 3j» ^1 a6^d 6ard, he 
caught cold;, j^l ^^Sen ndm 
abadoh, sleep overcame 
him;iJj:p J^Jy^. •jUl^i tna-^ 
tara bitqAl bud 'andak^ it 
is raining hard; ii^f^Ja^\ 
ify^^ abad fy wi^oh we 
giry, he took to his heels; 
4cL# sZ»J^\ 4:iCj\ 68 sikkyna 
abadet subd^oh^ the knife 
cut his finger oS;^jji\'^J^\ 
abad ^alayja ed dars, he 




heard me recite my lesson; 

I became familiar with him; 

wJJ* l)*3 J^l «6ttd wiss el 
bint^ he consummated mar- 
riage; ISI3 tlii j^l a^d 

p. wAyJdh we idda^ he had to 
do with him^he bandied 
words with himr^Lj^U^lS^j^L 
bijdbud kdm mahyja^vfYidX 
pay does he get? AlJi^l ^Pl 
ek sams abadetoh, he had a 
sunstroke, i^'dfti^^ to blame. 
A-uu ^ ji-tl ittdbid fy naf- 
soh,he felt hurt. Jtf-tl itdl^is, 
to be blamed, j;^^ abd, act of 
taking;lk^3 j^l abd we ^ata, 
business^ trade^affairs. •i^U 
midb^a, or Ai^lyi mudbza, 
blame; ^JoAy jjp ^ mm ^6r 
mudb^cif or JLJi^lrU ma. 
tidbunys, donH blame mel 
I beg your pardon I excuse 
me I J»-U mdbaz^ place of 
taking, take-off, pi i^-U 
• madbu. 

>' (>^) aMar^to cause delay^ 

postpone, keep back; jS^U 
>b 5d'<^ bitabb(^r^ my 
watch loses time. j?-l' tdbir, 
to move backwards, ^li I it- 
abbcLr ^to delay, tar ry^be late, 
be kept back, go backwards. 
^^1 ittdbir^ to be moved 
backwards. j^b mitabibcur^ 
delayed, postponed, late, 
backward. c^J^lA mitab- 
bardty arrears, jji-t tabyr, 
delay, postponement, back- 
wardness, lateness. •j>-b. 
mi<(i6ra,act of moving back, 
ward. 4^\ abyr^ last, ^i 
dbir^ end, \ast^pl.j^\^^awd^ 
bir; J^)i\ i^ftldbir, or iV 
abyran, at last, finally; jp 
j;-l ^andbir, entirely, alto- 
gether; •>! Jl tto dbroh, 
and so on, etc.; j>.l^'^l ^ fil 
awdb'ir^ about the end, at 
last; />i\ el dbar, or jAj 
rdbo^r, the other one, also. 
•^T(4ftra,end;#^VI e/ dftra, 
the end, the day of Judg- 
ment. i}\^\ abrdny, the last 



one. j^y m&hir, rear; J^y 
^^Jj^mAhir el mar/c 16, stern 
of the ship.{fj^3wabry, late. 

ibs 'aUk^ fie upon you I I am 
ashamed of you I 
i^\ abdar, see jj^ 
j\Li^\ ibtdr, see JL^ 
fjiii-l abnaf, see vj;i- 
^1 a6r^^andAj^ia6cttoyya,see ^1 
jj>l a%r, see j^! 
tjl^U'deira^see jti 


w3l ( w^C ) addib, to educate^ 

teach manners.^'A'U'fadde6^ 

to be educated^ taught man- 


mi taddib, or ^^^\ad{ib^welL 
bred, polite^ gentlemanly, v^^l 
adab, education, good man- 
ners, politeness ; ciAj^' J J^l 
imsy fy adabak, behave 
yourself 1 w^ol" tadyb, edu- 
cation ,punishmcnt;^p\; ^^ 
maglis tady&,council of dis- 
cipline. A>\igjl adabbdna. 

water-closet, pi. cX^^\ 

provisatore of street rhymes. 

iJljil idrdk^ see iljj 

W"^leddra, see ^3 

p^\ad^am^ piebald. 

(often pronounced|i plummet, 
dim ),mankind^pZ.A>l-ii6any 
(tdam^orjjolu minadmyn. 
^^\ (tdamy^human, gentle- 
manly ^pZ.o'ji awddim; ^ll 
(i^ljl n(t8ato(ic{im,respecta« 
ble people. 

(I)il (o^\i)tdda/i or add in, to call 
to prayer; ^^ItSlVj wala 
iza iddant^ not even if you 
ring the alarm-bell, jbl 
addn^ act of calling to pra.. 
yer, dawn. aJ^U] mddna^ 
mijiaret,pi. o^l^ mawddin, 
di;i,one who calls to prayer, 
pi. c^^y m&addinyn. 
C#t^^l adawdt^ articles, materials, 

wj^l addb, see w^l 


<f >l (^ Ji) idda (Jiddy ),see \p 

(S*:t\ {(fiy, ) adda (Jiaddy), to 

fulfil. 413 U tadyja, MtHment, 

(f>\ddy, herel behold I ^^lac^j/- 

ny, here I ami s^\^\ i^Mdy 

el gawdb, here is the letter I 

rajhyn Jiktibu, they are 
going to write nowl 
ISli^a.if; Uf J^V^\ iza kdn 
kida^it it is so; J.U U V>\Ua 
ma gdi^ if he does not come. 
TSl izan, therefore^ then. 

oil {c)^^\i)azan(jyi^)^io allow^ 
permit, o^^l is tds in ^to ask 
permission. 05S^» ma^^n, 
allowed, permitted ; ^^^iU 
^\i\ mazUn el qddy, re- 
presentative of the qddy^ 
licentiate authorized to 
celebrate marriages, jiii^n, 
leave^permission, authority, 
i^Vi V3^ idfa' li iznoh, pay 
to his order I 

tf SI {ifji{\aza(jizy),\x> do harm, 
torture,lnjure.rfi\ilifa^a^ to 


be done harm to, injured, 
tortured. ($'^1*1 iiazza, to be 
offended. {f\\zM mitazzy, 
offended. 4iil azyja^ harm, 
torture, injury. ^Sy mAzy, 
mischievous, pernicious, pi. 
^^\j\ erdda, see^lj 
-^^1 arba\ and am\j\ arba^a^ and 
f^K^j\ arbi'^yriy see ^j 
ijljjl irtibdk, see dlj ^ 

^j\ irtigdg , see ^j 
^j\ irtifd^ see Jj 
J^j\ irtikdb^ see ,^ 
^^yj\ oriodofcs/orthodox.^jT^y jl 
artodoksy, appertaining to 
the Greek church . 
9'j\{r'j\i)arraby or ^Jtarrdb, 
to give ( letter, etc.) ^ date. 
^jlil itarrah, or •.yi 
itiarrab, to be dated, ^jy 
muarrabfiv ^jl:* mitarrab^ 
dated, ^jt iaryft, dat«, pZ. 
j^jly tawaryb; ^jt f jijiJiii 
taryboh^ today,on the same 
date; Aigjl; jj*^ jomin 
taryboh^ these two days. 



w3 jl ardahb, measure for cereals 

( =197.75 cubic litres ),pZ. 

s^^\j\arddih or aradibb. 

4iU^ jl arda^(lna/feast,entertain- 


jlj^jl ardiwdjs;* slate. 

J^ji irsdl^ and ^JLjl irsalyja^ 

see J- J 
^Ujl ersdd, see xij 
(ilJ-^'O' ar&imandryty* dean, 
o^jl ard^land,earth,soil,ground, 
f^\f^n arcdyh eljdm^wheve 
is he now?do you know his 

whereabouts?jj#jVI»i^^ 41U 
hdtoh min taht el ard, you 
are responsible for him, you 
must bring him;^* J*i AL ^n 
c>jVI z^huwa j italloL'' hu^l 
min taht el ard, he creates 
to the ground ; ^jl j^^ ddr 
ardy ^ground floor. a^ j\ ar- 
dyya,floor,fee for warehous. 
ing, rental of ground. 
*tUjl ttr^d to/ capstan, wind-lass, 
pl. wltiijl urdatdt. 

JijI ar^raZ, reed pipes, pl. Jiljl 

|ljl arqam, rogue, rascal. 
i>3il* jl arnai!lf,Albanians^5flf, Jp/j^tjl 
arnadty, pl. aLIjI ardn^. 
wi jl ar/ia6,hare, rabbit,pf . wi Ijl 

ardnib, or wj\»l andrib. 
ljij<ara66a or oro66a, Europe, 
<^^l5jl arubbdwy or (^.^jl 
or o66y,European,pZ. lijijl^jl 
arubbawyjyn^ or ciWij' 
j\j\ izdr, see j^J 
Jljl i>(tto, see Jlj 
<#ljl iszdj^ howl <^ljl J/l a^mi7 
izzdj, what shall I dol ^Ijj 
\h^izzdj baqa^ho^ thenl ^jl 
i^^ay,how?dJiijl izzayjak^ 
how are you? b ^\ <^ *fiijl 
izzayjak fil b6t da,how do 
you like this house^what do 
you think of this house? 
^lj>jl izdijdd, see ^tj 
Jjj\azraq, see jjj 
^j\ az'-ar, see jpJ 
J^ jl azmyl^ chisel^ P^. Jt^O' ^^^- 


^3' _» 

j^JKJt •M\t^)azhar ( gdmV el ), 

S66 %^ i 

^la^yn, mean, mlser^ pl.\lj\ 

J^As^ ace ( in playing cards ), 

pi, wiUl asAt, 
, ^ I i«s, and ^Ll asAs, see ^j^l 
••l-l is(!la^ see -L 
^\r^\ isbAty, or JL- sibAty, club 

(in playing cards), 
jfU^lisMnift, or ^l^ sabAnib, 
a]\z^\ isbitAlJa,^ hospital, pi. 
C^^\u^\ isbitaljAt ; l^\i^\ 
^l\MisbitAlJet el magazyb^ 
lunatic asylum;^(ai' Jlr^l isbi. 
tAlja naqqdly, field hospital. 
yjy0\isbirto,^ alcohol. 
^jLiL-l isbalyta^'' ipaulette fihoxA^ 
der.strap,/>i.ifti^l isbalAjit. 
fy^\ dsbA^, see ^ 
p|JU-.l isbydAg, or^^lju- sibydAg, 

J^\l-1 istanbU, or ajIl-I ustAna^ 
Constantinople. i^y^^^\ i^- 
tanbMyj Constantinopoli- 
tan, Turkish; ^jjjjl-^l^jw 


sa^ra istanbdly, Turkish 




iatibddd, see Jb 


wfiftcWi, see Joj 




istigrAr, see j*. 


isf igfMfe, see Jtt- 

m * 


\ istigwAb,w^^^V 


istihrds, see^y^ 




i8tihddr,see j-^ 


istihqdq,see j>' 


\ istifidAm^ seefJ^ 


istihfAf^ see ^i^ 


istidrdk^ see ilj3 




\ istirdha^see^j 


1 i5<ir6(i/i,see^j 


1 i8tirgd'^,see ^j 


istirydja,'' oysters. 


istisqa,see 1^ 



isti^ra,see jU 


i><is/i(lcJ,see JL^i 


i^^istodb. see wU 


isf i'dna, see ^^ 


isti'Md, see jlp 


esirflfdf^see J^ 





i«<rd4d, seejfr 




isfiYa, see j^ 


istVmdl, see J/* 

• ^ 


iatujiummdja, see^ 


istijna^ see ^ 


i8tifrd§, see iji 


istifhdm^ see ^ 



isiigdma, see^U 


wiegsa, see^ 


istimdra^"^ printed form. 


pt ^Ijt-I istimardt. 






istinfd\ see ^; 


istihwa^ see^^^* 


i8tudd\ and fl JuL-l istydd^ 

•' istdfa^ or aJ^J istdfct* 
stufif, material for uphols- 
tering furniture. 
I istygdr, see ji^l 
dUUI a^f^/c, see viUjT 
olSS-l is<y/i(t/,seeiJtol 

j^\ (^l) asar {Jysir), or ^li^^l 
t^^sar^ or ^.^a:^! istajsar^ 

to take captive or slave. ^-1 
usr, or ^^ jasr, captivity, 
bondage, jj-l as|/r, or j^^ 
Jdsyr, or j^U masAr^ 
captive, slave, pl.\j^\ usara, 
or 1^ jusara^ or Otj^U 
masuryn. j^j|uj Jasyrgy,,pi. ^jH. J^- 
I(j-M.l»)as5t«, to found, es- 

tablish, ^^-^lll itassis, to be 
founded, established. 
founded, established. ^,^\> 
tasys, foundation,establish- 
ment. ^Ulasd^, foundation 
of a building, base, depdt; 
origin, data, pi. C;UUI asa-- 
sdt, ^\ i5s,basis, cause; J/^ 
r^\ Sj^'^amalkidabi issu^ 
hum, he did this on their 

JJL^\ istabl,'' stable, pZ, oiUL-il 

aJ^\ istubba^^ tow, waste,oakum. 

uiU^I is^df^ see sJtm^ 
ju!.uulM(^jub) itassif, to 




grieve, be sorry. Uum\z^mit^ 

assif^ regretting, sorry, 

grieved, iju. I asaf, regret, 

sorrow, grief. 

L0\asfalt* asphaltum. 

^-1 isflng, or ^siftng,'^ spon- 
ges, sg. 4^\ isfingafiv 4^- 
sifinga^pl. w\f^l isfingdt^ 
ov cJ^ sifingAt. 

^Ui-I a^/'j/n, wedge. 

^\Lm\ isqdt^ see Jol^ 
iaum\asqufl^ bishop, pl AtfUl 
asdqfa; iOiUl ^j ray j is 
asdqfa^ archbishop, jt-l 

asqufy, episcopal. 
asqufyja, bishopric. 
•jC^\ iskdra fiVt J^$ikdra^'^ grid- 
iron, pi. c*IjKC-I iskardt. 
^^\iskdfy, cobbler, pi aJKI.1 

ifj^^ iskamry, or <; jCL sukum^ 

ry^ kind of salted fish. 
i^\ iskamla^ footstool, pi. 
. ^:^^l iskamldt. 
^jJ^\ iskindiryja^ Alexandria. 
^IjjuCl iskandardny, 
Alexandrian;^ I; ju^ I ^§ant 

iskandardny^ bees' wax. 
yb*^l iskonto^"^ discount. 
(»iLI isldm, see L 
^1 ism, see jf 
j^^asmar^ seejp* 
,i;y?»l ismant^"^ cement. 
JV-' ts/teii, see J^ 
^^--l istoid, see^^ 
#j>-l iswira, bracelet, cuflf of a 

shirt, pi. jjLl asdwir. 
^^i-l isAny, water of cistern, 

reservoir or well. 
•^t istoa, equal to; ^^^^ ij^\ ifi- 
toei ba^duhum^ equal to one 


another, like each other. 


asyr^ see 


* * t^, indeed I dear me I 

isdra^ see ^ 
i§d'a^ see pli 
iktiha, see^^ 
iktijdq, see jLi 
(y^'l ) ai^ar,to mark, sign, 
put a visa upon, annotate. 
^lil itas§ar^ to be marked, 
signed,annotated. ^y mu- 
a§§ar^ marked, signed, an- 
notated, jyili ta&yr, mark. 

• h 




sign^ signature, annotation^ 
cnark^sign^signal, signature, 
annotation^ pZ.wiljlil ik^rdt; 
aJ I jilii jli \ isd ra t i U^rafyja^ 
telegram. j^ji.\ isargy^ or 
j^jlil ikaratsy, signalman^ 
pi. k^>'^\ikargyja,oTiJi>Jii>\ 
isaratsyja.j^\J'\ a^tt; ir,ban-. 
ners of Mohamedan religious 
j\^\ asrdq^ see j^ 

f yti asram, see ^^ 

ijil akrangdq, kind of millet. 

jUil U^dr^see jiX 

jLi\ aiqar, and ^)\jU^\asqardny, 

AjCil iskamba.ov ASjisakamba* 
• ^ • ' 

tripe, soup made of small 
pieces of meat. 
j\jJ'\ Um izdz^ see y* 
jl^Jll ishdr^ see ^^ 
J^l akwal, see J^i 
AiUl i^&a. see wU 
wiU^I i^tmdt, see cJu# 
jL#I oj/tor^ and «^l >#l asfardny, 


J-^\ asf, origin, root, pi. J j^l 
asiif; Jj-^l w§AZ, the right 
thing,laws, regulations; J^l 
^y^3 usM we bus{lm, debit 
and credit;J^VIw-.^ Je'ato 
hasab elusdl, according to 
rules,in the right manner; 
origin of it,at flrst^in the be. 
ginning; J-^l ^S^jtdgil ibn 
asl, man of good family; ^^ 
J^^l j.^U kaldm ma l{i& asl, 
nonsense,lies; J-^Vlo*»l ^nta 
el asl^you are the cause of it; 
A^^ J-^l,^ s^jdkadddb fy asl 
wikkoh^ he is a confounded 
liar I SU\ aston, never; U 
5Ut j,^ ma kuftHk aslan, 
I never saw him. J-^lasZy,or 
(^iUlasWny, original, pi. 
0^\ aslyjynfiT ^i^^Ulas- 
^^yjyn. J.-^l asyi, or J^L 
mtiassai^noble,of good birth, 

^iUI isWA, see ^ 
^iosamm, see^ 

(:)l^l aswdn, Assouan. Jiljr^l 





■^"■^^— "^p^ 





aswanly^ appertaining to 


asyl, see J^t 

idet/'a, see vjU 

addlja^ see jjl 


O'trAn, see ^^^jLi 

Iff i&t^ see ^ 


atlas,* satin, atlas, /)Z. ^lll 


a^'ar, see j\L 

Vdna, see ^^U 

Vtibdr, see^ 

iHizAr, seejic 

iUirdd, see ^^ 

iHirdf, seejjp 

iHimdd, see ju^ 
V^ddm, see ^Ji6 
aVaflf, see £/ 
i'/Vl, see jp 
a'^mah, see JL/ 
a*ma, see ^ 
o!^voag^ see r^ 

jjp\ a'^war, see j^ 

\i\ a^a,* eunuch,, esquire, pi, 

wjUl a^awdt. 

4iiM\ iifdza, seeiiSo 


JLiI agba&, see jLi 

1^1 ig^ra^ see ^^^ 

p\ agostos* August. 
^1 a^tofe, see ^ 

\>l e^ma, see ^ 

^\uff,oh\ fiel 
.^lil ifdda, see ^U 
IjJil iftira,see (Sj 

JUI ly^i'^ii, see Jii 
^I>1 ifrdg, see ^y 
iyl a f rang, see £/ 
di)_^l afrank* see ctiiy 
jil ufuqy, horizontal. 
^ jLiI a/'andt/yEffendi, gentleman, 
pL 4iJu;ii afandyja; bJu>l 
a/'andyna^His Highness the 
S\ dfa, damage,defect,plague^ 



pi cM\ afdt. 

or ^yj\ afjAngy, opium- 
eater, pi, aJ^I afjunyja. 
jLcil iqtisdr^ see 
Uiil iqtida^ see ^ 
^\£3| igtin(t', see ^ 
jlyl iqrdr, see y 
Jilagiym/ province, pZ. Jlil 

j^\ akdbir, see ,;j5" 
^\^iktitdb, see w^:^ 
^A-:<r^fe^^&jr see 

f::^\akta\see ^ 
jyS^Soktdbar/ October. 

J^\{^k) o^^^id, to assure, 
confirm; criA V* JJI Jc a^ 
akkid ^alal walad ma 
ji^ybS, warn the boy not to 
be late 1 jStl itakkid, to be 
assured, confirmed ; ^ J$u\ 
b jjtl itakkid rain el 6a- 
bar da, ascertain this news! 
jjf\ akydfivjfyM maakkad, 
certain, sure, a^' takyd. 

assurance; jl5u J^ 6i kull 
takyd, certainly, for sura. 

Jif\ ikrdm^ see ^j 

j^\aksyr^ touchstone; j^u^^i 

dahab aksyr^ pure gold, 

24-carat gold; jj-u^Vleia/lc- 

syr, elixir. 

J\ {fi^akal, or jT ftaZ O'^- 

kul),U) eat; ^^^akal 

mulihoh,^^he got round him*'; 

^^\ J<r aftai eZ filAs^ he 

squandered the money, he 

embezzled the money; ^^ 

42ic akal ^alqa, he got a 

licking; jJL\ J^\X\ el 

mayja kalet elgisr, the 

water scoured the bank; JH 

cS^i3 jdkul we juskut, 

sand-flies. jVT akkil, or J$^ 

wakkil^ to feed, give to eat. 

^Mttdkil^to be eaten;^^ jLl 

zJl^\el gazma ittdklet, the 

' shoe is worn out. J/u ma^ 

kAl, eaten; J/timafc<ii,eata- 

ble, pi. cMf^M makulAt. JJl 

akl, act of eating, food; jTl 

JL^ akl '^i, act of gaining 




one*s livelihood. JiS^akla, 
a meal, pi. c^:^\ akJdt. j5l 
akkyl,g\uiion^pl.^\ akky- 
to. cS^SakaJdn, itching, 
hMg%.^taakkul, scouring. 
S^\aklyl^ see JlT' 
^fl ifemm/i, see Oj«r' 
ifj^/^ikwdry,see J^ 
s^akyd^ see jTi 
^akkyl, see Jf I 
JleZ,the; J^l el walad, the 
boy; jj^UJI el walad el ku 
byr,ihB big boy;JJ»i^^ Wt eZ 

a?atoci,the house of the boy. 

^^ • 

J'dtZ, possessor of ;#jji.JI(ti 

bibra^ expert, experts. 

6i ^ 

3" i7to, but, except, unless ; VI 

c^\ ilia enta^hui you,except 

you ; #C^ ^ij I ^t J^ g^i 
iZto arti/i wayjdh^ he in- 
sisted that I should go with 
him; ^.^Vl ^lu JLilTU ma 
kdn&minnoh ilia daraboh, 
the first thing he did was 
to strike him, he could not 
help striking him. 

• • 

ij^'TalAty, see ^ 

4».Vl a^ci^ra,* striped material of 

cotton and silk. 
oVI eJAn, see ^^1 

(fVla&V, regiment, pi. viljVl 
alajdt ; if)i\jy myraldj\ 
colonel, pi. Cj\i>t\j\Mmyra- 
lajdl; ii'i\(j\x^myddn aldj\ 
military review. 
fIjOi iltizdm^neii^^j 
c\id\ iltifdt^ see cJ^ 
^\^\ iltimds, see ^ 
%J^\ iltihdb, see wi 
j^V ^%/ ambassador, pi. ^Vl 
jli.| ilhdq^seej^ 
lJ^\aldad, see^J 
OljJill ildiwdn,* glove, pi. wlM^JI 

^Jl eZto^y,who;oc^Ji|l3 wi^ijfl 

o/^aZ toe iiri& willazy min. 

no/i, heate and drank and 

was pleased, 
f j)\ aZ^am, see ^ J 
ii^\alista* ready, in perfect 

iui)\(<jJli) aZZey, to compose. 




compile, 1*1 itallif, io 
be co(nposed,oompiled,writ- 
tea^i) bm itallif ^composed, 
composition^ compilation , 
hook,pl%Ji^ ^taalyf, or C^i4^ 
talyfdt. ui^ muallif^ au- 
thor, compiler^ pi. c*i)^ 
wJl» a//", thousand, pi. ^)\ uUtf, 
or iUVl alafdt; i\j^ui\ j^ 
hattaralf b^rak^ a thou- 
sand thanks ! 

4il\ ii/te, see ^V 

U\ iZiy,who masc. and fem.,8g. 
andpt; J.UUJIJ.^\;I 
ana ma&^tif iZIy ma gd&^ I 
am glad he did not come, 
ll (^V)dUm,to pain,be painful. 
JlIiI itallim, to feel pain. ^\ 
alam, pain. 

j\l\ almdjs^, or ^\H almds, didL-^ 
mond,8g. o\ll almdsa,pl. 
almdz^ asparagus, ai j\Ll at- 
mazyja^ kind of sweet jelly* 

^!. (4)^ 4Sl:i) taallah, or ^1*1 

itallah^ to be deified. 4!lu« 

mitallah, deified^ haughty^ 

lofty. 4)1 ildh, a deity,a god. 

<ttl al&tA^ God ; ^\ <»l al&t/i 

aI2tt/i,how grand! how nicel 

^i\c^\z^ hit alldh ^alih, a 


fine house; 4^1 \ ya2to,let us I 
Willi 4ttl \i jalla nit ah ^ let us 
play 1 T-3 J du^l \i jaito rth, you 
must go nowl«iJl\i4j3l \jalla 
janta^ I wish you would I 
4S ZiZ&tft, freely, gratis, VBl 
allahumma, on the condi- 
tion that^provided that.^5^1 
alldwy^ simple-minded, pi. 
Ai3^\ allawyja. 
j[jf(tto, tool, instrument, ma- 
chine, pi vi^vT a&t<; 
wijI»4SI dte^ torab, musical 
instrument : aIU- jfl diet 
bijdfa, sewing machine ; 
41 j\i$ 4) t dla bubaryja^sieam 
engine ; 4iilj 4^ dla rdf% 
lifting machine. ^^'i\aldty^ 
native musician or singer, 
pi. 4JVI alatyja. 





Jl ifa,to;<ilJU'to inn,until that. 

%! amm, mother^ pi. il^lam- 
maM< ; ^^^ ^1 umm gir^, 
worth a piastre; aA vil 6^ 
ummoh^ Bey by courtesy; 
Jiilld\ fl umm el faldfil, 
cakes of mashed beans fried 
in oil; Jjltl ^ I umm elhulM, 
mussels; ji^^lt^mm quwiq, 
owl; cWj'i ^.jl fl wmm 
arWa we arbVyn, centi- 
pede^ small insect said to 
have 44 feet; J^l J amm ef 
toiW^matrix; *•! Ji^o^ ji6ar« 
tuqdn "^ala ummoA^oranges 
on the tree ; ^1^ ^ I amm we 
abb^ at all, completely, en- 
tirely ; jX\ f I umm el hibr, 
cuttle-fish ; J j^\ ^1 umm ek 
ku^'Hr^ weeping- willow. ^\ 
umma, nation^ pZ. ^\umam; 
^1 ^\i nds umam, crovids of 
people. 1^1 ummg, illiterate. 

f I am either, or. 

Ct amma^but, as regards;^ Ul 

rijicT^'^.^ ^^^^ /^titoa ma 
biddM jur&h,diS for him he 

does not wish to go; j^, 1^ Ul 
JW amma da bit ^dly, what 
a high house this is I how 
high this house is I aiI Ul 
amma 6^ what then % C^ 
imma,either, or; fJU^I UUl 
imma hena aw hendk^ 
either here or there. 
ijUl imdra and amdra, see y^\ 

JUI ummdl^ or ^^tl ummdly^ of 
course, certainly; Jllct* JUl 
\:>Jl^ummdlmynilly kdn 
hena, who was here then? 

M\A\amdm,in front of; •JLiJiS ^Ul 
amcim ei gan^a ra^upstream 
the bridge. 

A.\ imdm^ leader in prayer, 
Mohamedan priest. 

oUI am(t/i,andA;Ula/ndna,seej«l 

Ul am&a, seeLM 

r-jUl imbdrih, yesterday. 

j^ljul imbiratdr^'^ emperor, pi. 

,^j^.^jtljul imbiratoryn. 

ijj^ljul imbiratoryja^etn- 

pire, pi. J^lj^tljyl im6i- 

j)\**l imtifydn, see j^ 




^^jc»\ imtiddd, see ju 

^1 imtila, see^ 
Alii em to, orjUl em ton, when ? 
^ Ai«lemto jiflfy, when will 
he come ^ az»\ ^ min emtA, 
since when? <;U c*! ^ min 
emta gdj\ he will not be 
long coming. 

jL>^ imtijdz, see jfu 

3'A*t imddd, seeo* 
•^' ( u^^, ) amar (jdmur ), to 
order, command, ^^l;! itam^ 
mar, to be imperious, j^t 
tamyr^ or tjUl imdra, au- 
thority, imperiousness. ,^1 
amr, order, command, pi. 
,^iy atodmir; ^^lamr, busL 
ness, afifair, pi jyl umAr; 
^^\A^jf^ fdkir fy 
nafsoh amr 'azym, he 
thinks a great deal of him- 
self. jy\A mamAr, delegate, 
representative, official, pZ. 
oLjy^* mamuryn ; fy jyU 
mamtr markas^ officer in 
charge of a district ; j^U 
^y^ mamAr holys, Police 

officer in charge of a pro- 
vince. ^j>«U mamuryja, 
mamAr^s office, mission, pi. 
z\jy\A mamuryjdt. #jUI 
am(tra,sign,token, ptwiljUl 
amardt. j^\ amyr, prince, 
pi. 1,^1 umara ; jy-\ij^\ 
amyrjabAr, or jy-^*^ or 

je* Jr'j ^^fl^i'^ amyr, noble- 
man,gentleman,man of res- 
pectability, man of honour. 
jC^« mAtamar, congress, 
, I ams^ yesterday. 

ilU*l imsdh^andiSx^Umsakyjaj 

JL-lamiyr, 6th month of the 
Coptic calendar. 

A4I imda, see^^« 
oSCl imkdn, see ^ 

J*l amai, or J^U mamtii,hope, 
desire ; ^\ J») ^ ma lAh 
amal, he has no hope ; «jdj 
wli^t Jit toto/ amai el 
kitdb^ he ruined the book, 
he completely spoiled the 




book; p^ ^ ^yi I el amal 
min hadritkum, or J^ILI 
^« el mamAl min 
hadritkum, I beg of you, 
you are requested. 

iUl imto, see J* 

^ t (^l) dmin,to believe in, be 
faithful, be safe.^l ammin, 
to confide^ intrust. ^\i^\ 
istdmin^io consider faithful, 
intrust; 4U^ 4ub#l istdmi- 
noh ^ala mAloh, he intrusted 
him with his fortune, jc^ 
mutaman , trustworthy, 
safe. Cj^\i tomy/iyConfldence, 
caution-money ,deposit,sea. 
nviV^yPl.zJcJ^tamyndt. ^\ 
amn, or o^' amdn, safety, 
faithfulness; aiUI amdna^ 
deposit, security, pi. wl*Ul 
amandt. (>ul am yfi,faithful, 
honest, store-keeper, amen, 
el gumruk, director of the 
custom-house ; Jii:^\ ^l 
amyn es ^ndAq^ treasurer. 

oUVl ^ A»Ud\ en naddfa 
min el ymdn, cleanliness 
is next to godliness, ^y 
mAmin^ faithful, believer, 
pi. {^ymuminyn. 
di\| umma^ see y\ 
j^\amyr, and Jy^lJt»\ amyr- 

jabdr^ see ^1 • 
^^1 amyn, see ^1 
C)\i03^.)^^ (j^^^), to be time; 
0I3VI oA ^ l^^^O' juHn el 
.ato(t/i,when the proper time 
comes, o'jl CLwdn^ time,sea- 
son. oVi el dn^ now, at 
present ; jVI ^ min eldn^ 
from now ; j^,^ lit dn, 
until now. 
0\ inn, that, if; ^^^U aiI JU gdZ 
innoh ""ayjdn^ he said he 
was sick; Uo'^Ol inn kdn 
hena^ if he ishere;^:)^ liann 
or to inn, because; ^^1 ^ 'a to 
inn,that,while; J^^l J^wi^^ 
^Uftatob 'ato innoh mui 
gdj\he wrote that he was not 





I; I ana, I. c^^enta, thou masc.; 
cJ\ enty^ thou fern. l>.| 
i/tna, we. yil entu, or ^1 
en turn, you. 
Ul a/i6a,orUlam6a/Reverend. 
J^LjI in6f8(lt, see JLia 
i>yj\anb{lt, or J^^^l amhtit,'' 
little by little ( Alexandria 
dialect ). 

^1 enta and enty, see lil 
tUI intibAh ,^iQB iJi 
jlk:;! intizAr, see jbi 
l^lkil intizAm, see J4) 

^1 entum^ and y:il entu^ see I; I 
42^1 or 4^\ dntyka* antique, 
ancient^ pi. c^2Ji\ or cJ^\ 
antykAt; 4^\ J^lj r(i^il 
antyka, an old fashioned 
man, an old man. a;U aliiI 
antybAna, museum, pi. aUI 
w\;U antybanAt. 
ji,\angar^ copper plate^ pt 
iij\ji^\ ingiraryja, see jij. 
jjUl or jjlSol tn^tZy^^the English 
(people); ^^1 ^% bilAdel 

ing ilyz ^ EnglBind. ^jAiC-\ or 
^jJl^\ ingilyzy, English. 
Ji^t anflf j/Z,gospel, pl.\^^\ ana. 
gyl. J#l angyly, appertain, 
ing to the Gospels, Evange- 
lical, /)i. ujLfl angylyjyn* 

j\^\ inhidAr^ see jji#* 

ji^l inhirAf^ see ^ij^ 

••Ujf I inzVAg, see ^j 
^1 ( ^l ) d/if^^ to be sociable^ 
entertain pleasantly jluUfwiM 
enta Anistina, you have 
given us the pleasure of 
your society 1 we are glad 
to see you 1 ^3 wannis, to 
keep company, be the com- 
panion of a lonely person, 
jjyt itwannis, to have a 
companion. aJI^i muAnsa^ 
sociableness^ intimacy. ^jJj 
wanas^ society^ company 
( to a lonely person). ^\ 
uns, social life^ politeness^ 
affability. ^1 uns or ins, 
mankind. ^1 insy, apper- 
taining to mankind (as 
distinguished from ghosts), 




human. ^\ any 8, sociable^ 
aflfable. c)^\ insdn^ man, 
gentleman. ajI^I insAna, 

gentlewoman, lady, ^l; 

nds, people, pi. wUli 
nasAi) ^U\ "i^ J zaj en nds^ 
in a decent manner^ in a 
respectable manner; w-^ 
^j-U\ {fj iktib zaj en nds, 
write properly I ^U\ ^ j ^1 j 
r(ii^ ^o/ en nds^ he went 
to ease nature; ^jM\l»\c 
"^ammet en nds^ the public; 
^UW pUj ri^d' en nds, the 
lower classes. ijLil m«a- 
^K/^, humanity, politeness, 
aflFability, courtesy. 


nsirdh^ see 


n'^dm^ and a^U\ in'^amyja, 

see ji 

^Uni^ inHqdd, see jlSp 

^l.cjalt-l (iJu\:u-i) istdnif, 

to appeal against the judg- 

riient of a lower tribunal. 

sJ\:SlJ istyndf^ appeal; 


istyndf^ court of appeal. 


oi;U.^ mas<(in eY, appellant, 
pi, ^'li-u mustanifyn. 
aScUoVU^ mustdnaf "^alih^ 
^\J^\ infirdd^ see ^j^ 
JUul inflsdl, see J^ 
JUiM infi^dl, see Jui 
^Vii't anqdd, see ^^oS 
fAki)') inqitd\ see mU 
jSCil inkdr,see ^ 
Ul innama, see jl 
1^:1 in^a, petition, 

ilLfl inhimdkj see dLi^ 

til any, which? cIJLlj ^ <^i 
any hit Mtak^ which house 
is yours ? A5y ^1 j ^\^>, il 
anyhosdn rdjihtirkaboh, 

which horse will you rWe? 

•"• .• .^ •'^ 

J\ . jl»l(jb ) itanna, or jl:-l 

i«taa/ina,or ^1 istanna, 
to wait, expect ; U* »U!L.I 
istanndh hena^ wait for 
him here! Jt toanny^ 
patience, slowness. 

pl. wiVl 





r\dh^ ah I 

^UlaMZy, seej^l 

aiUI ihdna^ see jU 

J j^l ahbal, see Jj^ 

J^' . J^^'l ( J*W ) itahhil, to 

become married. J^^' 

istdhil^ to deserve, merit, 

be worth; dJUlL^ 1^ wl:iJ\ 

el kitdb da Jistdhlak^ 

this book is worthy of 

you ; aSU J^IlmJ yi hutoa 

jUtdhil ""alqa^ he wants 

a licking. ^^\:a mitahhil, 

married. JaL--. mistdhil^ 

deserving, worth. Jut 

taahhul, marriage. J*l 

aAZ, family, parents, pi 

^Ul aWZy ; c^\ Jul aAf 

eZ 6^^, the inmates of the 

house; oj^ J^) dhl &i6ra, 

expert, experts; ^^Ul a-jJu 

madra$a ahdly, private 

school (as distinguished 

from Grovernment schools); 

^Ul ahdly ma^r, the 

natives of Cairo, the inha- 
bitants of Cairo. ^U\ahly, 
appertaining to the family, 
native, indigene ; k^\ S^ 
mahkama ahlyja, native 
tribunal. "aAa I ahlyja^ ap- 
titude, worthiness. iUi 
ahlan, or Si^-i SU' a^ton 
toe sahlan, welcome ! 
dL SUI ahlan bak, you are 

^\ahammyja, see |^ 

^yfcl ah wag, see ^y^ 
^1 aio, or, unless, 

C)\3\ awdn, see jl 

Ijj^l dbera^^ opera. 

•^3! ^d», or Ai^l dda, room, pt 
^3! awxxd, or ^3! atotf(3J; o^l 
^y ddei ndm, bed room; 
•J^ ;^3l ddef sufra^ dining 
^j3\orta^'' battalion, pi. i0jy\ 

^' J3I ornik* form, printed form, 

pattern, pi dUjI aranyh. 
^^yosting* levelling instru- 
ment, pi cJ^3\ ostingdt. 





Jiu0s\ osta,* master artisan, cook, 
coachman, pL wt^jl osta- 

^'; jy})^ J^3^ ostael wa^ 
Mr^engineer of the steamer. 

^3\ oda^ see ^^^ 

^}\ wiqqa, see ai^ 

^3* aiogyja, see aJ^ 

•^1 iJfera, handle, bell-pull. 

Jj»l auwil, flrst,beginning;j3^l 
elauwily or JV3VI elauwi- 
Idny, the first, the former, 
JA Ji' ^atoi! &{ auwil, as 
soon as, proportionately, A 
fur et d mesure; ^^^ ^ J3I 
auwil maJurAh, as soon as 
he goes; ^jU\ J3I aaioiZ tm, 
64 ri A, the day before yester. 

eot7 imMriJi,three days ago; 
^U J5I aatoi7 Adm^in the 
first place, firstly; J^'f^ 
^dm en auwil^ last year; J5I 
J^l fW autoiZ "(im e/i auwil, 
year before last ; j^l ^y^ J3I 
aatoil *a/i (iftir, entirely, 
in all, altogether ; J3VI ^ 

min el auwil,from the first, 
from the beginning. Sf^l au- 
walan, at first, firstly, in 
the first place. 4J3I auwaly- 
ja, priority. 
^U^l onbdSa^'' corporal,/)^. A-iU^l 
onbaiyja; ^U'^l J5^eoaftyZ 
on Mia, lance-corporal. 

•3! d^, interjection of pain or 
Oji^i ojon^'' a game, a playing^ pZ. 
'^^r.3^ ojoadt. 

if\ iy, particle joined to the 
personal pronoun; wi$J ilV 
iyjdktiktib, I warn you 
not to write Ij^U ^\i\ en nds 
iydhum, the same people, 
the people you know . 

^ I iy^ indeed I really 1 

^1 aj, that is to say; ji if^aj 
na^am, yes, certainly; C)\ ^1 
aJ inn, that is to say, 
wU f/y(:i6,return; WU3 wUs ifji 
tazkara zihdh we yjdb^ 
return ticket, 
%^\^( y^4bi see ii^iU 





jul (-^.yjct^yjid^ toconfirm.ojlil 
itayj id ^to be confirmed. Ji^« 
muayjad, or J^\umitayj id, 
confirmed. jljIt tayjyd,coTL 

Jb I yd, or JiJCidd, hand, handle, 
pldL-^^ydin , or (f^\i\ajddy; 
^ jJli U ma biljadd hyla, 
it cannot be helped ; UjjI j* 

Vrjcr* ^^^ ydhCi min rig^ 
laha, in a haphazard way, 
carelessly ; tOjl Je ^o Jl-il 
ei masdla kdnet ""ala ydoh, 
he had a knowledge of the 
whole aflfair; ^\^\ ilJiiJ^ ^j 
nlA 'dto (/da/c ek kimdl, go 

to the left 1 ^rj^^-^} *^ v^* 
elkitdbda ydy we rigly, 
I cannot do without this 

book; (^ J^\ z^ ^huwa taht 
ydy^ he is under my orders, 
he is my subordinate; ^f ji-l 
iloj 1 el haqq fy ydak^or j^\ 
^jj\elhaqq bi (/da/c,you are 
right, you are in the right; 
i)jb Jii\ Uij rabbina Jdbud 

bijaddah ^uiBiY God help you I 
•j^lj Jbl > hum yd wdfyda^ 
they are of one accord ; il-Vil 
c/yVlj a:u ydak minnoh toil 
ard^ do not count on him! he 
is not to be relied upon; ^ 
ilojl mm ydak^ you are the 
cause; o Jil yd benna^ pen- 

j^l ^r,sexual organ in the male^ 



^Ul yrdd, see ^ji 

O'ji' yrdn^\^\ng^pl,Cj\i\x^yrandt; 

Oljtl ^^ Jj^ dawla ""alyja 

yrdn, Imperial Persian 

Government. ^^\j\ yrdny^ 


^{^j^\)djis, to despair of, 
risk; •j^J&jj^'y^ huwa djis 
'ala ^umroh, he despairs of 
his life, he risks his life.^ U 
midJiSy one who is in des- 
pair, one who risks. a-jU 
m idjsa, despair,risk;l|J ^^ 
k^J^dyfyha midjsa, this 
is risky. 


%^^:£^ . ■•¥..- 



jNoCi yhingy* second ; (^V 

yhingy aldj\ the second 
regiment; UJ\ ^/t;^\ yhingy 
el galam,ihe subxhief of the 
jljl i/mdn, see^J 
jtl^n^see cfti 

Ai I ^ or ih.^ or JLjl ^^^what? Ai I j^W 
'dto i> ^, what do you want? 
All cLllU mdlak i, what is the 
matter with you ? Ail ^"^ala 
i, what for? j^^^^* f*! ^ min 
/i(:is^ what a crowd I aiI^^M 

A.I ^Vli enta fyiwallafyi, 
attend to this important thing 
first ! dlUjLil ^s Mtofc, how 
do you do? il jl:a jljI ^i 'an- 
dafe, what have you got? Jij I 
dU Jl? is qdl lak, what did 
he tell you? 
\^\ajwa, yesl V ^y^^ lyj fy.ydm 
o/ioa 10^ j6m la, every 
other day. 
ot^l ywdn^ hall^saloon^pi.wliljil 

^ = b 

w & or 6i, forj,by^ at, with,also 
sign of the present tense; ^^i 
bi qirk, for one piastre ; auI 
hilldhi, by God 1 JJIl* a:usJ 
Uxqitoh bil Ul^ I met him 
at night; ^\»j^ijakldh bil 
malh, they eat it with salt; 
jTL bijdkul, he eats; \Juju, 

biji milu, they do. 
wli M6, door, chapter, subject, 
pl.^\ y\abwdb, or c;\j^bybdn; 
,^U\ wU\ eZ M6 eZ 'dZj^, the 
Sublime Porte; ^U\ \j3 VfifT 
iktibha wara el Mft^bear it 
in mind 1 remember this 1 
i^l wl ^ Ji^-lj rttflf ii 'a to bdb 




alla^ a poor man, a man in 
the hands of God; wl J^^V 
-cul Idbis ""ala bdb alla^ care- 
lessly dressed ; jlkO wU^ ^ 
min el bdb lit tdq, for no 
reason ^without provocation; 
-UL>.VI v^. ^ mm M6 eZ i>- 
tijdt, by way of precaution; 
All ^ ^^ 6^^ mm bdboh, a 
separate house^a house with 
a separate entrance; ^ z^^ 

AUp*ijd\ ill bH min bdbet alf 

• • • • ' 

• ginS, a house worth about 
one thousand pounds, wl*^. 
bauwdb, door-keeper^ pi, 
Oej'Si bauwabyn.Ai^y^bauwd. 
b^S^^^jpL ^\{^y,bauwabdt, 
{X bdba,"" papa; U, bdba, Pope^ 

pi, wljlili babawdt. 
All M6a. second month of the 
Coptic calendar, 
^ylftaft^gr/ slippers, pi, ^y^ 

jj$\ babHir^'^see j^l^ 
iJyli babtinig'/ camomile. 
j^\i (.lA^) Mi, or j^J bayjit, to 
pass the night in a place.^l 

bdjit^ one who passes the 
night, one who stays for the 
night; ^IjJLp'^^i Myt7,stale 
bread. wL bajdt, or C)^ ba. 
jatdn, act of passing the 
night, sl^ bdt, house, home, 
family, pi. O^, bujOit ; JaI 
,i^\ ahlelb^t, the inmates 
of the house ; JIU ^^ 6(^i eZ 
mdl, sacred Moslem treasu- 
ry; w^Vl z^^ b4t el adab, or 
'i^\)\ z^bSt er rdha, water- 
closet. il'j*| bujutdt^ com- 
mercial houses, firms. ^ 
6^i(/, homemade, domestic, 
i^^'l batardo,"^ coffre-dam.l 
^^Utiil bitingdn^ or ^^I^^\^'li6iim, 
gr^tn iswid^ or jU^l bidin. 


gdn, egg-plant, aubergine, 
bitingandt; o^f^'li Jf-ljrdgrt7 
bitingdn^ an idiot, a fool ; 

A^yo^l. &^^^^fl^^^ ^^(a, or 
V[^ tamdtim^ tomatoes. 

^.{^r)^^0'ibyh)^ to divulge 

a secret, permit.^L. mubdh^ 

permitted, permissible. 4#.U 



ibdha^ act of divulging a 
secret^granting permission. 
A (ryi)bdh(jubM)yto be stale, 
rotten. ^Ij bdjil^^ stale, 
rotten ; ^li ^"j^kalAm M- 
yift, meaningless words, 
nonsense, r- 1 ^^ buwdhy vapour , 
C)^:S{ hiding Arty see j)Uiili 

^^:^\ Mdj/, see I Jli 
J^. (j^J hAr(jub{ir) ^io be spoil, 
ed, useless, left on one's 
hands, jy^ bauwar^ to spoil, 
cause to be useless, leave on 
another's hands. jX bdjir^ 
spoiled, left on one's hands; 
BjX ^ bint bdjra^ an old 
maid, jy^ 6dr, waste land.^^^ 
tabwyr^ act of spoiling, 
causing to be yseless, causing 
to be left on one's hands. . 

^j\» bdridy see^ji 

pj\t bdri\ see ^j» 

jkjli bdrinty see ^j, 

•j\j bAray"" para (-jQth. part of a 
piastre), pi, wtjl bardt, 
^yj\ barind^ gun-powder. 

^3j\bari)Lka^ see 6j^ 
J^3j\bdromitr^^ barometer, pi. 
Cj\J^^j\ baromitrdt. 
^.j^ibdrja^ mallet, pi, ^lijl 
jli M^,* drum, tonutom. 
j^li bazdr^ market, bargain ; 

j^'^.\^S^^ Tmti wayjdh 
bazdr^ bargain with him! 
settle the price with him I 

(j-V (<j-^h) ^^ (JttbUs)^ to kiss; 
»ji#- <^ <-l bdsoh fy baddoh^ 
he kissed him on the cheek, 
^j^yftaa to 15, to.allow to kiss, 
kiss repeatedly. ^Lll inbds^ 
or ^Lil itbdsy to be kissed. 
^[{^m inbds^or^\jum itbds^ 
kissed.^y 6()5,act of kissing; 
JijVl^^.#l>il istardh bi bds 
el yd, he bought it with 
great difficulty, ^i-^^ bdsa^ 
a kiss, pi, oL^^ 6os(t<. 

crV 6ets, harm; ^l JLi U ma /'ys 
Ms, there is no harm, there 
is no objection, I do not 
mind; au ^^li V Jij-lj rdgrii to 
Ms minnohy a good fellow. 





%ijyUli basabort^^ passport, pi. 

w\j jy.Ul basabortdt, 
jWUl. frasag'rfr,* ship Jamp (board 
and starboard lamps), 
j^li basA r, piles, hoemor rhoids, 
pi. jt-*'^. bawasyr. 

tr^'. (cr jri) ^^ (JubAs)^ to soak. 
^^^6aatoi5,to cause to soak. 
jij\i 6d/fs, soaked. j^iyS tab^ 
wys^ act of soaking. 

J.^. Ms, chief, head; ^JlSCil ftai. 
kdtiby chief clerk ; ^jiji^^lj 
bdsmihandis^ chief engi- 
neer ; ^jMie'^bdsmufattis^ 
chief inspector ; Ul jlI bdk- 
a^a^ chief eunuch ; yui^l 
bdsmuhdir^ chief process- 
server (^c/i^/ huissier) ; ^\j 
JLi^U bassawys^ sergeant- 

Ul Msa,* Pasha, pi. ol^lil &a. 

^\j bdsa or M^*^/, chief ; ^Jll X^ 
hakym bdsa^ chief medical 
officer; ^\ij^yw^Msa,cap» 
tain in the army; ^^UC 6m- 
Msa;major in the army;^iUjl 

onMia ^corporal in the army. 
jlil) bdsliq^ head.stall, pi. j)lii 

J^\ ( o^zi ) b^4 (jibyd)^ to lay 

eggs. A^Ci ^jfarha bayjd. 

da^ hen which layseggs.^j^i 

6(?d, eggs, sg. lA^ b^da^ pi. 

C*U^. beddt; ^ JLiuAt U U^M 

4JLJ\en<a lissa ma tilitis 

•• • 

min el b4da^ you are still a 
novice, you are inexperien- 
ced; Ai.J\ J^.^\ J^. Jl 
illyjisrag el bida jisraq el 
farba, he that will steal a 
pin will steal a greater thing. 
^bid^ testicle, pi. ci^^ by^ 
ddn^ or ^^ bujAd 
^\ bdt^ armpit, pi. ^lllj batdt; 
^l z^ Ia f!^* el kaUXm 
da taht bdty^ you cannot 
palm off such a statement on 
me;^iv>eJ\iAil* bdtoh win nig^ 
ma, he has not a penny, he 
has nothing he can call his 
own;J#li#lj 5 J^n i^il wayjdh 
bdt^ he wrestled with him ; 
]fi\J\ X^^f-'arAsetel Mf,boil 




which grows in the armpit. 
i>\i bdt^ fruit of a kind of the 

sycamore tree. 
JU bdtil, see Jk 

^\ ( ^yi ) ^^ (juhAz)^ to be 
spoiled, dilapidated, oblite- 
rated, useless. J^^^ bauwaz^ 
to spoils dilapidate, oblite- 
rate, cause to be useless ; ^ 
cX^^ i^y, huwa bauwaz el 
bint^ he seduced the girl. Jail 
bdjiz^ or 1^^ mubauwaz^ 
spoiled, dilapidated, oblite- 
rated, become useless. Ji» ^J 
tabwyz^ spoliation, dilapi- 
dation, obliteration. 

1^1 bdz*, fire-bar. 

^.{C^,)bd'(Jiby'), to sell ;^^ 
•^U M* bdtroh^ he would 
not oblige him, he had no 
consideration for him. ^ 
bayja^ to cause to sell. A>M 
inbd\ or ^LM itbd\ to be 
sold. ^Lu minbd''^ or pLii 
mitbd\ sold. «j 6^\ sale, a^-i 
6^'a, a sale, pi.^Uj6e'(ti. *oli 
Myr, a seller. ^ bayjd\ 

tradesman, pZ. (^L bayja^ 
""yn, AioU mubdfa^ sale, 
contract of sale, pi wUU 
l^\ bdHsy see 

^li bdga^"^ tortoise shell. 

Jl* M^^, see J, 

}\bdkir^ see t^ 
^^. bdkja^ arcade, pZ. j^ly, &a- 

d^.(^^^^)bdl(jubM)^ or J^'l 
itbauwil; to urine, jy. 6dZ, 
urine. J^« mabwala^ urinal, 
joZ. JjU mabdwil, 

J^. Mi, memory^ mind; ^^ \^ ^;- 
dD\i bcclly da fy bdlak^ 
bear this in mind ! ^^li ^ •.! j 
rdi^ mm bdly^ov ^^\ ^ *-lj 
rdh'^an bdly^ or^^lj JoJ^WU 
ma gdh^'ala bdly^ it escaped 

my mind; l:^J^IJI (^ J^lj M- 
tofes /Ir rtAgrii! da, don't you 
remember this man? «^liW\ 
AJdDliJII elkitdb illybdlak 
/'(//i,the book you know;<^ji#- 
b 0^1 !>• ^\ hud ly bdlak 
min el hosdn da, look well 

^ • • 7 




at this horse! aij-U <^ »-lj Jlj 

I was thinking of something 
else ; ^^li ^ JL* \il ana mus 
""ala bdly^ I do not care; lu-l 
^1 U Jli Jft istanna 'ala bdl 
ma agy^ wait until I cornel 
/jVI baUxnko^'' tackle. 
^Ul Mtto,* overcoat, pi. sl^l^l 
^li hAli^, see i| 

^li feaZto,* dance, ball, pi. wiUl 
balldt^ or wl>Bli ballowdt. 
0ji\i balldn,'' haHoon^ pi, c#\l^lj 

Jli Mto,* bale, pi. oVl 6aZ4<. 
^JlfbaW?, see ^, 
A^JV ftaZji^a,* kind of sweet jelly, 
vk 6etmja, hibiscus (leguminous 
plant);A*.li J^ljrrfgreZ bdmja^ 

0^ (o^)^^, t^ appeap,be seen, 
^^^fcayym^to cause to appear, 
show. (j^\ itbayjin, to be 
shown. jt\j bdjirij apparent, 
distinct, clear; j^L^ a; I jJ^ctl 
Mjm 'aWA inno/i "^ayjdn^ 

he looks ill. ^^ mitbayjin^ 
showing one's self; cfrf» Jf-lj 
rdg^iZ mitbayjin^ a person 
of note.oL* bajdn^ clearness, 
detail, pi. wl'U bajandt. a^i 
bayjina^ evidence, proof ,pZ. 


cM^ bayjindt. 

\j M/tit.see^H* 

JulM/ii^, excessive. 

J\ . J\J\ ( v/U ) itbdha^ to be 
proud of. (/Lu mutbdhy^ 
proud of.#ULima6aA(J,pride. 

•ill My if, see sl^il 

^\jMyi&,see A 

j^\i Mjir, see jli 
JL)lMyi^see ji\j 

Jiil My i^, see J;li 

j^l bdjiriy see ,^1 

j,\;ui baba^dn^ or j^UJa ba^ba^dn^ 
parrot, />Z. w\jUj6a6a^an(!l<. 

c^bitt, seec^ 

^^ bitd\ of, the property of, 
fem.i^\:^bitd''ay pl.^but{i\ 
or ctJ^y^t butu^'yti, or w\c\a 
6i<a'(iZ;^\i6ef(:i', orA^Ui 6i<(J. 
'a,a thing;Vl:i> da bitd'ha, 
this is hers; >/>:* wi^* ^l ku. 




tub but{t%umy their books; 
JLJ\ ^li J^IJI er rdgil bitd' 
eVik, the man who sells 
bread ; Acji\ pb iS\ ei /amm 
bitd^et fir'a, the head of the 
canal ; J^IJI p b 6ii(i' er 
rdgr rZ^the sexual organ in the 
male; tj.! ^^ bitd'' el mara, 
the sexual organ in the fe- 
male; J'Jdiif:i\ Ail^b bitd' 4 
addy tofcgir^^why on earth 
should I give you a piastre? 

3^.battdWy bread made of In- 
dian corn flour (eaten by pea- 
sants), sg. 0^1:, battdwa pi, 
wUb battawdt. 
' ^i:H batbyt,"^ whirlpool^ pi, ^^b 

(^.bat\ power, help. 

j?S butum* complete ; w OjCpL 
saHin butum.two full hours. 

^.bittyja, cask, hogshead^ 
vat, pZ. Jb batdty, 

(^ baga\ swans, 55^. k^baga^'a, 
pi. vLU^ baga'dt. 

^.bagam^ mute, stupid. 
d>*^ bagamdn ^\voMg\i^ pl.C^^y^. 


to be hoarse. ^^ 

•^( # ) 6aM (jibihh), to cause 

to loosen, cause to enjoy 
one's self. ^1 inbahh^ to be 
hoarse, j^'l itbahbah, to be 
loosened, enjoy one's self. 
mabhdih^ hoarse. 
m^ mibahbah^ loose, enjoy, 
ing one's self;**^ Oj5 tjoazn 
mibahbah^ an exceeding 
weight. AjHJi; bahbaha, act 
of loosening, enjoyment, 
pleasure, a^ bahha, hoarse, 
ness, r>:^ bahbiih^ one who 
is fond of pleasure. 

^ ( j^L ) bahtar^ or jLij W tor, 
to scatter, disperse. j4\ it^ 
bahtar^ to be scattered, 
dispersed, jt^* mibahtar^ 
scattered^ dispersed. ^J^ 
bdhtara, act of scattering, 

^{^.)bah4is (jibhas), to 
search, look for, examine. 
,t^\^bdhis fivi ^tAjMtbdhis 
wayja, to discuss, d.^ 6ai^«, 




search, examination^ \vi- 
quiry.Ai»-Lmii6dAsa^ discus, 
sion, debate, joi. ^li^^U 

J^i/:.) hahhar, to go north- 
ward, shake the buttocks 
in Arab dancing, jf mu^ 
bahhar^ going north- 
ward, j^' tabhyr^ act of 
going northward, shaking 
the buttocks in Arab dan- 
cing, ^ bahr, sea, the Nile, 
river, large canal, pi. j^ 
buhAr ; Mil ^1 el bahrel 
mdlih, the sea; jQSi\ j^\ 
el bahr el abjad, the Medi- 
terranean, the white Nile ; 
1^^ j^ bahr barra, abroad, 
foreign countries ; y? <^ 
jlyil fy bahr en nahdr, 
in the course of the day;^^il 
J^\ ^ israb min el bahr^ 
drink up the sea ! go and be 
d— d I {f^bahry or bahary, 
ing to the Nile;(^j^6a^rj/,or 
if^\^)\elwagh elbafyary, 

Lower Egypt ; c^^l J^ l^U 
fdtihha ^alal bahary^ he is 
playing the grandee, ifjfi' ba^ 

h^yfi^J^. 6a^^ r, sailor, mo. 
riner,boatman,pf. a^j^ bah^ 
ryja, or .J^ bahhdra. a^j^ 
bahryja, navy; ^ij^l olji^ 
dywdn el bahryja, the Ad- 
miralty, ejt^ buhird, lake, 
pl ^\j^. buherdt, tj^\ ai j^ju 
mudyryjet el bih^ra^ the 
bihira Province; 
bihiry, appertaining to the 
the bih^ra Province. ajIj^ 
bahrdja^ pond, small lake, 
pi, vi»\ilj^ bahrajdt. 
^ {^^bahUiqfiv^^ybarbaq, 
to open the eyes wide, stare. 
jU;M itbahUxq^ to be opened 
wide. jJjfc^ mubahlag^ wide 
open. JJ^ bahlaqa, or ^j^ 
barbaqa, act of opening the 
eyes wide, staring. 

^(^ji ) babb (jububh), to spout 

forth, squirt. ^6aM, act of 
spouting forth, squirting. a54 
bahhcf^, ejection, effusion, pi. 





squirt^ syringe, -pZ. wl^ij 

^ 6a&<,* luck, fortune, pi. wyf 
buhAL or CM\ abhdt ; 1^ >il 
iiiijjiiUlf Utiryda baUtak 
rizqak, buy this for good or 
badl dUif li ya babtak, how 
lucky you are I cj^ mubbat^ 
lucky, fortunate, pi. ij^cifr^ 

J4 (>r.)&a&6ar, to perfume with 
incense. J^\ itbabhar, to be 
perfumed, j^m u babba r, per. 
fumed, j^ tabbyr^ act of 
perfuming, jjk) bubdr^ in- 
cense. jU; bubdr, vapour, 
sleeim,» j^mabbara, censer, 
pi, jj-U mabdbir, 
i|^l'4 babsauMngyj!" gardener, pi, 
^\yts^ babsatoangyja. 

' Ji^( JSd ) &^'*^'^ (Jibbal), to be 
avaricious, stingy ; ^J^ Jj< 
wli^l) bibil'^CLlayja bilki-- 
tdby he refused me the book. 
f}k{bubl, avarice, stinginess. 

Ji^6i6l/^,avaricious, stingy, 
pi. ife4 btt^bala. 
^. ( tr*S. ) bdkmq, to muffle the 
head. ^\ itbabnaq, to be 
muffled. ^yfM mubabnaq, 
muffled. Uaft babnaqa^ act of 
muffling the head. 

Ak,:^ bubb^bcby see ^ 

J^^bibyl, ^ee^jicj 

tibidd)y to be tyrannical. 
aIjJLI istibddd, tyranny. 
juL^ mustabiddy tyrant, pi. 
OL^l^ mustabiddyn, 
^ 6idd,wish,desire;(^Iv6id(ij/, 
my wish, I wish; l^tC ^% 
bidduhum JiktibUy they 

wish to write;vilJ^.^V^^* 
el kitdb illy biddak fyh^f \ 

the book you wish ; Jb J^^^ | 

minkull bidd, of cour^ J 

certainly, by all means. ^ 

(V ) lu budd (la)y no escape, oi v 

course, necessarily ; U Oi V 

w:^ to 6add ma Jiktiby I 

am sure he will write;^ Oi V 




a7^4 la budd ''an mdtoh^ he 

must die: IjS^OiV to hudd 

* • 

ft ida, it must be so; jb Vj JLi 
mt/s toato budd, it is not so 
well or good. 
U ( Ijui ) bada (jibda)^ or iJiil 
ibtada, or I JuL-i istabda, to 
begin, commence. I Jii I r6<ida, 
orlJLt-t mubtada, beginning, 
commencement. (ilJL:»l i6ii- 
tMy, primitive^ preliminary, 
appertaining to an early 
stage; oMjllI il^^s mahkama 
ibtiddyja^ tribunal of first 
instance, c^^l bddy^ begin- 
ning, beginner ; ^^V l<^^l) (^ 
fy bddy el amr^ at first. 
^jl:*4 mubtady^ beginner, 
pi, ^^j^jSu» mubtadyjyn, 
o\^^ 3UjJL« madraset el 
mubtadajdn, preparatory 
JU biddl^ and ^\\ badddla,see 

jji ( jJLi ) badar (jubdur)^ to 
scatter. j^lMdir, to hasten, 
attend to. jJb baddar^ to be 

early; oU\^li jJLi baddarna 
''an el 'dda^ we came earlier 
than usual ; aIj)\ J jju L'x 
biddina nibaddar fll qi-- 
jdm^ we wish to rise early. 
jJlSI inbadar^ or jJlJI itba-^ 
dar^ to be scattered, j^ju 
mabdAr^ scattered. jjb&adr, 
act of scattering. tjj) badra, 
shower (of money, etc.), pi. 
iljjb badrdt. j^^jj tabdyr^ 
being early. (^jJb badry^ 
early; <^jJLi ^ijj\ ei toagt 
badry^ it is early. 4jjJli 
badryja^ early morning ; 
4i jji) badryja^ chicken, />/. 
t^jlji) baddra, o^L. mubdd. 
ra^ act of attending to. 
jjb badr^or^\iJqamar tarndm, 

full moon. 
•jjb budra^ or ^j^ybddra^* pow. 
der for the face. 

(i-^jJ^ badrdn* basement, story of 
a house under ground level, 
pi.ol»*3jJb badrondt. 

$fjjj badry^andZjS> badryja^see 




^JLi (f- J^») badda\ to produce a 
new thing, create, ^jli bid\ 
nbvelty, singularity, man- 
nerism; 9^^j^tiW fy bid\ 
he makes himself singular. 
*) Jb bady\ splendid, magnL 
flcent, excellent. 

J-^. (Jju) badal(jibdil)^ or JSii 
baddiL or JjlJLI istabdil 
to exchange, substitute. 
Jill bddil^ to exchange, bar. 
ter. JjLlI inbadaL or J jut I 
itbadal^ to be exchanged, 
substituted. J^Ji*^ mabdM, 
exchanged, substituted. Jjli 
badl, or J^U mubddla, 
exchange, barter, pZ. oV^U 
mubadldt, J^-U tabdyl, 
exchange ; ly» JjJlJ tabdyl 
hawa, change of air. Jjb 
badal^ or ^ Ji* badalyja, 
substitute, in the place of ; 
^jyUJjL) badalma tirdh^ 
instead of going; ^ji*.Ja; 
6adaZ safaryja^ travelling 
allowance ; a^/j J jli badal 
rukAba, horse allowance; 

Jil»* J Jj 6ada? ma''d§, ex- 
change in lieu of pension ; 
if^^\ J jj\ ^Z 6adaZ el ^as^ 
kary, or aiJLJ\ kSjJ\ el 
badalyja eVaskaryja^pur^ 
chase money (from military 
service); jJ^\ ij Ji) badalyjet 
eVdna^ corv6e redemption 
money. JUfctdctZ, instead of, 
in the place of ; p\ jl> biddl^ 
fet^m, instead of you, in your 
place. Jjb badla^ suit of 
clothes, pi, JjLi bidaZ. AS\5b 
badddla^ aqueduct,/)Z.^VlJb 
baddaldt, JIjul-I istibddl^ 

^;,ji, 6adan,body,trunk(of human 
body ), pi. ol^jl abddn ; ^l; 
<^jlJ\ M6 elbadan, anus. 

jJl, 6ida, bedwins, sflr. (^jjii 

•-jjL) 6ad^^, name of the genii - 
who was supposed to car > 
letters (usually represeimtii 
on envelopes by the figures 
*) jLj bady\ see pju 





zar^ to dissipate, be a 
spendthrift. j^JuJ tahzyr^ 
dissipation. ji-# mubazzir^ 
spendthrift, pi, oiji-« ma- 
'j.barr^ shore, main land,/)i. 
jij! burAr ; jil bil barr^ or 
jjM^ 'alal barr^ by land; 

-^* WV J^ ^* huwa mui 
gdjibha el barr^ he shall 
not bring the case to a suc- 
cessful issue; ^\J^\ ji barr 
essdm^ Syria; *ijS\jbarr 
et turkj Turkey ; ^4 j 
barr masr, Egypt ; ^i 
J^^Wl barr el anaddl^ Asia 
Minor, ifj birry^ wild.<^jl^l 
bardry^ wastelands. 

J birr^ righteousness. 

\y( cfj\i)barra (Jibarry)^io 

acquit ; t^l^ barradh^ or 

c^-U Ijlj barrau sdhtoh^ 

they acquitted him. IjJl r7- 

barra^ to be acquitted; III 

iii' 6* ^V ^^^ itbarrit 
min ibny^ I have repudia- 1 

ted my son.(ijo mutbarry^ 
acquitted. Jojy tabryja, 
acquittal. if^» bary^ inno- 
cent^/)/. 1*^1 abryja, b%\j^ 
barad^ or a^-UI U\j bardet 
es 5(ti^a, innocence, acquittal; 
tt\j> barad^ vizirial letter. 
Ai^, burri^ what a horror 1 
dear me ! (women's talk ) ; 
viU» f)^) barr^ minnak^ I 
repudiate you. 
|-^ barra^ out, outside ; ^^li J 
\j ly fulAs barra^ people 
owe me money ; 1^^ 1^^ ^ ^\j 
rdh min barra barra.he 
went off straight to his des- 
tination. Jl J, barrdny^ out. 
sider^ stranger^ pi cih»*lji 
barranyjyn;i)\j J^'^umla 
barrdny, counterfeit mo- 

^\y^ bardh^ see ^^ 

^\y barrdd^ see i^ 
^>\ji bardd'^y, see ap^j[ 
•^Ij) burdda^ see ^j 
Ao' j» barradyja^ see ^ jj 

j\y bardz^ see J^j 



j!'\j^ bardsmy, see ^-ji 
4^lj» bard^'a^ see ^^^ 
ji\j^ birdfo*, bravo! well done! 
^^^\j\birdfo 'ai^fe, bravo! 
well done ! capital ! 
^\j^ birdm, earthen pot^ pi, 
C^Ulj* biramdt. 
^\j. baramylgy^ see J^jj 

i^\j. barrdny, see 1^^ 
J^^j. baranyty, see i\^j> 
•^•j> barad^ see 1^. 
•J^.jl burbdra^ boiled wheat with 
^>. barbab^ culvert, earthen 

pipe, pi j^ljj bardbib, 
j.ji (jjjh) barbar, to mutter to 
one's self, grumble.* jj^^ bar. 
bara, act of muttering to 
one's self, grumbling, 
jiji ( Jl 3!^ ) barbar (bildd el). 
Nubia, ifyj^ barbary^ Nu- 
bian, pi. •y.lji bardbra ; 

*j}ji "^j^ mattaret bard^ 
bra, it rained cats and dogs; 
•jjljj if^ hi^y bardbra, he 
was frightened to death. 
jij{ birbir^ young chicken, pi. 

J^J. bardbir, 

J^ji ( Jl-tt) barbaq, see jl^ 

Ai j> birba^ * ancient temple, pZ. 

^}j. bardby. 
jy.j. barbAr, soft mucus of the 

nose, pi. j^\ji barabyr, 
C)^j. burtuqdn^ordinges^sg . aJIt^, 
burtuqdna, pi, ^l}i\£J^ 

^J. burg^iDv/er,pl. ^j\ abrdg; 
f^ ry. b^^9 hamdm^ pi- 
geon-house; r- jJ- *^rj. b^ ^9 
""aqloh harag, or ^Jjlo ^^ 
jU» fearer ""aqloh tdr^ he was 
d^J,bargal,* or j^ bykdr, 
compasses,pi. f^r^j, bardgil. 

^J. ( (TJh) hargim, or ^^. 6ar- 
(am, to mutter to one's self, 
talk unintelligently, talk 
incoherently, at-ji bargima, 
act of muttering to one's self, 
unintelligent or incoherent 

rjir/a) bar ah (Jibrah)^ to 
depart, pass away; l^^ j^^r^i 
ibnah m in hena, move from 





this place ! ^1^^ bar Ah, open 
space; ^1^ ^j\ciird bar Ah, 
free Jahd. 
^jX^jii) birid (jibrad), to 
feel cold, be cold ; kmii ,^ ^jj 
fcirid /(/ nafsoh^ he felt 
ashamed^ he was abashed. 
3^ barrad^ to cool^ rebuke^ 
give a rebuflF^ put to shame. 
^jjjI itbarrad^ to be cooled, 
be rebuked, receive a re- 
buff, be put to shame. Jjji 
tabr yd, dici of cooling,giving 
a rebuff, putting one to 
shame, ^j bard, cold ; LloM 
3^> ed dinja bard, the w^ea- 
ther is cold, ^jl bdrid, cold 
to the touchy ^jl ^U^ daft- 
64/1 bArid, mild tobacco; 

^V Jr'j ^^9^1 bArid, un- 
energetic man, dullard. 
Objj bardAn, one who is 
feeling cold, joi. iijiM^jj 6a r- 
danyn. ^^j burtid^ rebuff, 
shame. 413^. bardyja, cold, 
fever and ague, iiij^j buru- 
dyja^ coldness, ii^lj* &ar- 

radyja^ water-coolfer, pZ. 
cJ^^^\j^ barradyjAtl, C^l^^ 

mubarradAt^ cooling 
drinks, refreshments. 

^j*. ( ^-% ) fcarad (Jubrud ), to 
fit with a file. ^j^\ inbarad^ 
or 3jj*l itbarad^ to be fitted, 
^iju mabrAd, fitted, ^^i 
6ard, act of fitting. ^I^j 6ar- 
rdd, fitter, /)Z. j^^lj^ barra-- 
dyn. 3jj^ mabrad^ file, /)Z. 
3jU mabArid ; ^ju ^\i 
qumAs mabrad, diagonal 
cloth ; t^ljr burAda^ file 

^j^bard^ or ^y, 6a rd, still, 
also ; U il^^^ bar dak hena, 
are you still here? lj\$X; j^^^. 
barduhum bijAklu^ they 
are also eating. 
^^I^j^^ bardAn^ see ^j^ 

r?j! ( r?-W ) bar dab, to polish, 
burnish. ^jJl i 1 6a rdaft, to 
be polished, burnished. 
^3ju mubardah^ polished, 
burnished, a^^^j^ bardaha^ 
act of polishing^ burnishing. 



^^jibarda^'a, donkey saddle^ 
pi, ^\jbarddi\ ^^\j^ ha- 
rdd^f/, maker of donkey sad. 
dles^joZ. ^jo^iji barad^yja, 
^y^j^bardaqds, marjoram. 
t^j^barda,'^ curtain^ pi, ol;>j| 

$>jtburda, mantle worn by 
native women of the peasant 
class, pi. ol^jj burddt. 

^.^jibardyja^see 3^ 

-IhCjjji) baraz^ (jubrui), to 

project, issue, jut. jjj. bu- 

ruz, projection. •Jy. barza, 

a projecting thing, pi, 

C^ljjj barzdt. j\j bardZy 

or aj jljjji ^Ijll eZ mawdd el 

barazyja, fecal matter, 

sewage, human excrement. 

^jibarsym, clover. j:'\j\ ba- 
rdsmy, clover seller, pi. 
^jC-Iji barasmyja. 

J'J. ^J'J^\ (J--*^.) inbaraSCJin- 
birU), to be squatted down, 
laid flat. j»3j^ mabrAk, or 
^jju minbirik squatted 
down, laid flat, J,j^ barS^ 

act of squatting one's self 
down, lying flat, ^^i burs, 
rough matting of native 
make, pi. J^\j.\ abrds, 
f Uj* bursdm, and jf^j, bursdm^ 

gy, see ^j, 

^-ijl (^j)6irisfV6^d;,soft boiled 
eggs,eggs in the shell, eggs 
d la coque. 

(^-i1((^jh) barsim, to rivet, 
close with wafers (enve- 
lope, etc. ). ^jul itbarhim^ 
to be rivetted, closed with 
wafers, ^jk. mubarsim, 
rivetted,closed with wafers. 
AS'ji barHma, act of rivet- 
ting, closing with wafers, 
j^lij?, bursdm, rivets, wafers, 
sg, AtLijj barsdma^ pi, 
sL\Aijbursamdt,^^\Ji'j^ bur. 
sdmgy or barsamgy, ri- 
vetter, pi ^.jtfU^. burkim-- 


^/r^j. bars^mj/, kindofflgs. 
jui^ barkyd, clods of earth. 
^j burs, house lizard. 
Jltji bur^dl^*" porter. 




J^jt ( cr^-^. ) Cartas, to clatter in 
walking with an old shoe, 
be abundant ; ASp^iXj III 
ana bartast ^alSh^ I took no 
notice of him.»ji bartasa^ 
act of clattering in walking, 
abundance, ^i'j^j, bartdsa^ 
old shoe or slipper, pi, 
^y^ (^ju) bar(a^ to gallop,run, 
go about enjoying one's self. 
^j» barta^'a^ gallop, run. 
S^J. ( J^-« ) bartalj to bribe. 
Jijjj'l ifbartoZ, to be bribed. 
Ji^jii ma6ar(aZ,bribed. ^y 
6ar(ato,act of bribing. ^}Sy 
bartyl^ bribe, pi. JJ*1^, 
^y{f-jii)bartam,see ^y 

(j^ jbartamdn ^ see ^M^u^ 

dii^^ barttisa, see jL^y, 
f^ji bartum^ beam of timber, pi, 
Ji»\y baratym, 

^ybartyly seejl.^. 
tJ' ^M*-) ^^^' (jibra')^ to ex- 
cel. ^M itbarra\ to give 
freely, pyy tabarru\ act of 

giving freely, ^jl Mrf, 
excelling, a^l^i bard'a^ ex- 

J^>. ( J^-^. ) bargain to edge off. 
^j. bargala, act of edging 

Jcji bur^ul^ seethed corn coarse- 
ly brayed. 

j^j^ bar^At^ flea, pi. c^\j^ ba^ 
^^9yi;j4^ ^^'^. bara^yt el 
bahr^ shrimps ; vi*J\ J^ljj 
bara^yt es sitt^ small 

(/jt bi^^^i/, screw-nail, pi, J^\y 

<ijl ( J-« ) ft^A-ag, (jubruq), to 
glitter ; jjCi lJaJ\ ed dinja 
bi tubruq, it lightens. J^i 
barq^ lightening, gold 
fringe to necklaces of native 

(^J- .sL^^^j^^ ( VjOi' ) itbarqa'et 
(titbarqa^)^ to veil one's 
self. ^Jjumafearga'a, veiled, 
one who is wearing a veil 
^j. [burqu\ veil, pi. ^l\y 




harqdqa^ pi, d<i^j^ bar- 
ilj» ( ilju ) 6am/c (jibrik)^ to 
kneel down, il ji hdrrik^ to 
cause to kneel down, iijl 
bdrik^ to bless, congrat- 
ulate : dii iljUi Ui • rab" 
binCijibdrikfyk^ may God 
bless you I vfJ) iljL; U>.j ra/i- 
na nibdrik lak^^we went 
to congratulate you. iijUl 
itbdrik, or ilSyl itbarrak^ 
to be blessed, receive a 
blessing, iljl* Mrt/c, one 
who is kneeling down. iljL. 
mubdrakfiv iljjy mabrAk^ 
blessed, I congratulate you ; 

^^^VoV" ^^yj^^ ^^^ mubd^ 
rik^he is suffering from sy- 
philis, ijjjjj burdk, act of 
kneeling down.dli j\T to6r|//c, 
actof causing tokneel down, 
congratulation.^C^. baraka^ 
blessing, joi. O^y barakdt; 
^^ji\ dU T-^, Uij rabbina 
Jitrah fykel baraka^ may 

God bless you! ^j baraka^ 
or ^ji ^Sl^ walla baraka^ 
thank God 1 I am glad of it ! 
so much the better 1 U Jll ^j» 
baraka illy ga,l am glad 
he camel j^^^vl^K^^. bara- 
kdt war sin* many thanks, 
I am much obliged to you, 
quite enough 1 ^3j\ bard-- 
ka, a lucky coin, a thing 
kept to bring good luck. 

4^1 6 rrfea, lake, marshy ground, 
pi, iJj birak, iS3^. birkd- 
toy, appertaining to the 

j^y^birlanty * brilliant, 
f y. ( r-^. ) baram (jabrum)^ to 
twist, go round, twine ; 

fJH jV^* J a ?^^ ^^ nahdr 
jubrum^he moves about the 
whole day. ^j^ bar ram ^ to 
twist or twine repeatedly, 
cause to go round; ^jyl inba. 
ram yor pj<S\ itbaram^ to be 
twisted, twined, ^^ju mab^ 
rdm^ twisted, round shaped, 
twined; |CjV ^cibarym, na- 





who is going round; fjl»J«r»j 

live bracelets. A jlj Mrtm, one 


rdgil bdrim^ a man of the 
world, a man of common 
sense. ^ j» fearm, act of twist, 
ing, going round, j. I ^j^^ 
naqd we ibrdm^ cassation, 
aaj j\j^ musmdr bur ma ^ 
screw-nail, i^ji barryma^ 
cork-screw, boring tool, 
auger, pZ. ^Icy^ barrymdt, 

^j, bar mag yy"" procurer, pi. 
A^\j bardmga^ov kj^j^ bar- 

^yJ. barmaq* baluster, spoke 

of a wheel, pl,^y\jbardm iq, 

^^jibaramhdt and t^yjbara" 

mMa^ 7^ and 8*^ months 

of the Coptic calendar. 

i}:fjtbarmylj casjc, barrel, pi. 
J.-'y. baramyl; J^^. o^ 
""arabyja barmyl^ tumbrel. 
fj^\j, baramylgy^ cask- 
maker, pi, v«^»'^. bara- 

f\lj birndmig* table, return, 

^j.biirungug* gauze. 

^j,biringy,* first; (^Vl ^j^ 
bir ing y aldj^ the hvst regi. 
ment; Ula\ ^j biringyes 
saffy the first in the class. 

^jJj^ ( <j-i JM ) barnasy to put be- 
tween parenthesis. aJj 
barnasa, act of putting be- 
tween parenthesis. 

^yijburnuSy mantle, cloak, pZ. 
^Ij bardnis, 

^j{berins*y prince, pi, cXJj 

^^j,burndta, hat, cap, pZ. JoJl^i 
baranyt; ^^^ aL^j burn6ta 
tawyUiy top hat. J^^j, ba-- 
ranyty^ hatter. 

uV. ( u*"-^ ) barhan^ to prove ; 
dJu^K^ Jc ^j» barhan "ala 
kaldmaky prove what you 
sayl j/kjJl itbarhanytohe 
proved. Ji^j^ burhdn yproof^ 
pi, u!3>lj» barahyn. . 
4>^ 6a r/ia, moment, short space 
of time. 
. j\^jbirwdz,s>ee j^^i 
cJxJ^j^ berdtistant* Protestant. 



jJLi^ji berdtistaniy, ap- 

pertaining to the Protestant 

r^^J. her6tisto* legal protest,/)Z. 

oli-J^ji berotistdt ; J>^ 

y^>>3j, ^cbmal herdtisto, he 

f 'j^V. berogrdmj^ programme, pZ. 

^^'jTV. berogramdt. 
^3ji hurdgy; see cij^. 
^3 J. burud ^and ^^^3j> burudyja^ 

see ^j» 


j3jXj3J^. ) barwiz'^y to frame a 
picture. j^^T I itbarwiz^ to 
be framed, j^ju mubarwiz , 
framed, ij^y barwiza, act 
of framing, jl^^^ birwdz^ 
picture frame,/)Z. j^^l^ 6a- 

jjy 6ar^^, see j^ 
J»l^,ber6s* brooch, /)Z. cXi'^j 



•3j» beruwa^^ prow of a ship. 
<^jl(<^-^>i) 6^^^ (JibryJ^ to cut 
or mend a pen. ^^jyl inbara, 

or tfjJi itbara, to be cut, 
mended. (^ mabry, cut^ 
mended, (^^ ft^^rr^/, act of 
cutting or mending a pen. 
A>^ barja, a cut, pi. c^j 



jb ji bar yd y Postal Service. 

Atjbarryma, seei*^^ 
ji ( Jo ) bazz (Jibizz), to pro- 
ject, spout out, spring ; Uy^ 
J^JL j.j>> huwa ma jibiz- 
zis bi qirs, he would not 
give or spend a piastre. j» 
6i>;r, woman's breast knot, 
pi. jiji fei-s'd^, orjlj)! ab- 
zdz ^^ A*lj; jMj^babar min 
bizz ummoh^ news from 
an authentic source ; J& J^ 
ji\ walad^'alal bizz ^suck^ 

jljj bizdq, see jj, 

Jy.ji bazbAz^ spout, tap,pZ. juljj 
j'J. ( j> ) bazzar, to produce 
seeds, jy.bizr^ seeds, sg^. 





•jjj bisra, pi, wIjjj hizrdt ; 
J^jy hizr kittdn ^Wn^e^d., 
2*jy,bazramyt^ one whose pa- 
rents are not of the same 
nationality ^cross-breed. 

3y. ( J JJ; ) ba;saq (juhzuq), to 
spit, j^^ bazzaq^ to spit 
repeatedly, to cover with 
spittle, jju mahazzaq, 
covered with spittle, sali- 
vated. J ji ba-rg', act of spit, 
ting, jiji bizdQy saliva, 
spittle. aJji basqa^ spit, 
spawljpZ. olJj, bazqdt. aijv. 
mabzaqa^ spittoon, pZ. jjL 

^^ybasawang* procurer, pi, 
sZJ^^y bazawangdt, 
jj-i bass^ only, enough, that is 
all; li ^ feass baqa^ this 
will do, stop! ^1 us^ji 9ir- 
^n 6a5s, only two piastres; 
^^IjS^J JJ q^aZ loh keda 
we bass^ tell him only this! 
do not tell him any thing 
41 jUs b isd rja^ * small fish. 

]Xj^busdt^ and ^U basdta^ * 

see ja-.» 

J^^ bustdriy garden, orchard, 
pi, (js^L^ basatyn, 

UiL^(Uit^^) bastif^ to twit. 
Utt^\ itbast if ^io be twit- 
ted, ^la-^j bastifa^diCt of twit, 

Oji^\ bast&n*^ piston. 

^^yi^bastdny^ spade (in playing 
Ja-i(J*-^*i) basat (jib^it), to 
please, spread out, explain. 
\^^\ inbasat^ or k^Ji 
itbasat^ to be pleased, be 
cheerful, enjoy, ]0y^mabs{it 
pleased, cheerful, in good 
health, well off. J^l-Jl inbi^ 
sdt^ pleasure, amusement, 
cheerfulness, enjoyment. 
^U| basdta^ simplicity. J^Uj 
busdt^ carpet, pi, wltLj 
busatdt, or Ak-.>1 absita; 
A^JIJ^La basiAf er rahma, 
pall, drap moriuaire, la,^) 
6asj/(, simple ; Joj-j ^iK^ 
kaldm basyi, small talk. 




Ak-^6as(a,step of a staircase, 
pi. wlk-j bastdt, Ai^k-j bas^ 
tawyja, roll of cloth, pi, 
o\i^k-4 bastawyjdt, 
( li) Ifc^; bast (qalam), reed pen. 
A.Jtu^^ bastarma* dried meat 

(prepared in Turkey). 
41 ^L^ bastawyja^ see Ii-^ 
j^^-^ baskawyt* biscuits, 6^5^. 
A.:i^w) baskawyta, pi. 
wb^wj baskawytdt. 
^^Xisilla^ French peas, 
jn^. .^l itbassim, to stnile. ^ 
tabassum, act of smiling. 
AT-:* tabsyma^ a smile, pi. 
vl^V-t* i<^bsymdt, ^r^ mab- 
sam, mouth. 
^,bisysa, native sweets; jJ^ 

5a, it fell and broke to 

U-.J basyt^ see Ja.^j 
•jUj bikdra^ see ^ 
-uiU; 6a«tsa, aflfability.\ ba- 

sds, afifable, pi. tfri^ij ba- 

4tli basA'a, see /%i» 

jLii.;(jui^) baibis, to soak. 
JUiJi itbasb is, io be soaked. 
JU±** mubasbiS, soaked. 
4.1xi{ baSbisa^ act of soaking. 

.iJ:^ 6aii/ catamite. 

AaH Msto^to/chest of drawers, 
small box, pi, cilu^"-^. bas- 
jL{^ ) feasar (jubsur)^ to 
pare, peel, scrape. ^ 6as- 
kur^ to give good news, 
preach, ytl Mstr, to under- 
take, begin. ^M inbasar^ 
or ^'1 itbasar, to be pared, 
peeled, scraped, yic-l ts- 
to6&Dr,tobe hopeful, expect 
good news, jyt^ mabsdr^ 
pared, peeled, scraped, yl; 
basr^ act of paring, peeling, 
scraping. j^iJ tabsyr^ act 
of giving good news, preach, 
ing. ty^U* mubdsra, act 
of undertaking, beginning; 
"iytU mubasaratan^ direct, 
ly; 1;yiL. ^j rayjisoh 
mubasaratan , his imme- 
diate superior. jLia-l i^iib. 




sdr, hope, expectation of 
good news, t^^ mdhsara, 
paring tool, pi, ytU mabd- 
sir, (Sji^, husra, or o^ 
bisdra^ good news, pl,j^^ 
busar^ or j^Lij basdjir ; 
•jUJ\ JLP V^ ^^ bisAra^ 
Lord's day. ^^ basar^ man- 
kind, sexual organ in the 
male; ^Jl ^^ bang el basar^ 
mankind. ^1*« mubassir^ 
missionary, preacher, ph 
cLj^ mubassiryn, 
j,3j^ bdsards^ flamingo. 
iSj^^ busra^ see ^ 

jb^ basryd^ block of mud. 
-i,i(ftJLj) baSsa\ to horrify, 
cause to be hideous. ac\1\ 
basA'a, hideousness, ugli- 
ness. ^^ &i^r,hideous, ugly. 
Aisj basqa* different, other, 
excellent; aiLi zJh ^^ 
kahXmoh dilwaqt basqa ^ 
he says a different thing 
now; Alt) j^W hosdn basqa^ 
a fine horse. 

j^JL) 6as/c^ r,iron rod for moving 

bread in the oven, pi. jj^lLj 

J^^ bashyr^"^ towel, napkin^ pi. 
jf\i^ basakyr, 

JftJLii baslamyty thick stick or 

^^Juii basans^ 9*** month of the 

Coptic calendar, 
jiij ((3^^-) basnaq^ to muffle the 
head, tie a shawl etc. from 
under the chin to the top 
of the head. Aiiij basnaqa^ 
act of muffling the head, 
tying a shawl etc. from 
under the chin to the top of 
the head. 

j;^ basics^ see ^ilij 
Jjyi^ biswis^ see ^ 

<> ( u^» ) bass (jubussj^to look. 
^^^o^ basbas, to court, make 
love. ^^L^\ itbassas^ to spy 
out. ^^\{ bdsis^ one who is 
looking.^ ba§s, act of look, 
ing. A>A^^ basba§a^ act of 
courting, love making, a^ 
bassa^ look, live coal, pi. 
wU) ba^dt. ^U ba88d§ 




detective^ spy, pi. a^L^j bas, 
sdsa^ or uj^Uj hassasyn, 

j^^ basar^ sight, jya^ basyr^ one 
who sees. ^1 ^.1 cibsar &, 
I do not know what, God 
knows! iljJu^l absar mid. 
rik^ such and such a thing, 
so and so, and so forth. 

J^. 6asai,onions,sfl^.^^^ basaUi, 
pi, w:iLij ba^alAt; U J^lj 
^ ^L-j rdgil ma jiswds 
basala, a man who is not 
worth his salt. 

1^. ( ^^ ) basam* (jubsum), to 
take an impression, imprint, 
stamp. ^Mnbasam, ov^\ 
itbasam^ to be imprinted, 
stamped ^^^^mabsam, im- 
printed, stamped. ^. basm, 
act of taking an impression, 
imprinting, ac^. basma, 
impression,print, chintz, /)i. 
^\^^ basmdt.jdS^.basmagy, 


one who seals. 
jjUD basyr^ see ^ 
aJ^ itj^ ) badda\ to buy goods, 

make purchases. AcUj&acW'a, 

goods, merchandise ; J>lj 
4^UJ\ JJi rdgri7 qalyl el 
bucWa^ ignoramus, half- 
J^\ 6adato,*stupid,unenergetic. 
Jttj batt^ ducks, sg. 4.kj batta, pi. 
olki battdt: aU\ i^ ^ mur- 
g^het el 6aWa,kind of native 
low swing. 
^jlL batdrih, fish roe, ^J^* ^ 
sam'aka mubatraba^ fish 
that has roe. 
Aijlk) 6atort/ya,*battery,pZ.J^\ij\L 

A>\\i\ 6a(d(is,*potatoes, sg. ^.J^IL 
baidisa,^UWki batatsdt 
Jlki &a(((Jf,and JlLfeiYdto, seeJJaj 
Uailki batenta* bill of health, pro. 

fessional tax. 
AilL butdna, and^^jlL battanyja^ 

see ^ 
JaJai ( iu.k*i ) batbat^ to play with 
water, splash water. ^LJLj 
batbata^ act of playing with 
>i(^J 6atoA (jibtah)^ to 
wound the head, ^i^l m&a- 




tah. or f.k.T| itbafah^ to be 
wounded. r-^« mah[{ih^ 
wounded. jcL 6a(/?', act 
of wounding. ^J^. hatha ^ 
a wound in the head, 
pi. J^. bathdt ; Jf Jl 

'a to rdsoh hatha jihas^ 
si8 ^aUha^ the guilty 
one should take the hint. 
^jJ^^hatahgy^ ring-leader, 
bully, pi, iu«J*i batahgyja, 
^ .j\lZ\ ( ^^^ ) itbattar^ to be 
discontented. ,l» mtithat- 
(ttr, or 4^1 jki hatrdn^ dis- 
contented. JLj hatar^ discon- 
^;^^L> hatra^yn* robe worn by 
priests while officiating. 
iJ Jaj hatrak or iJJtJ^ hatri- 
jark* Patriarch, /)Z. ^U^j 
batdrka, ^»VC^L; batrikbd- 
na,Patriarchate,/)i. ^li\^^, 
^W5(JLU*») ba(as (jubtu§), to 
throw one on his face ; JLL 
* aJ bata&fyh^ he flew at him. 

JLLjI inbatas^ or JLkJl i7- 
6atos, to be thrown on one's 
face. J>»y^-* mahtds^ lying 
on one's face. 4.iki batkn^ a 
fall on the ground with the 
face downwards, pi, C^IIL 
iak ( Jflku ) battat, to flatten, 
crush. Ja.L;l ithattat, to be 
flattened, crushed. kk*% mu^ 
battat^ flattened, crushed. 
Jo-Uj tabtyt^ act of flattening, 
Jl-! ( >- ) bitil (Jibtal), to be 
discontinued ; JW> I3 Oy^^ 
e/ qaniin da bitil^ this law 
has been repealed ; .iJiLi $sA 
ydoh billet^ he has lost the 
use of his hand. JU) hattal,to 
discontinue, cancel, cause 
to be idle: ^.j^ \^ battalna 
niktib^ we gave up writ- 
ing; jJJai A-jJil el mad-^ 
rasa battalet^ the school 
is closed ( for a vacation ) ; 
\o J^ battal 'alayja^ he 
got the better of me, he com- 





peted successfully against 
me. JJ«j tabtyl^ discontin-. 
uation, act of cancelling^ 
causing to be idle. JU»j| ib- 
tdl^ repeal, abrogation^ 
abolition. -JiLi bitdla, holi- 
day^ vacation, idleness, pi, 
vl;VU»3 bitaldt, jLr batal^ 
courageous, brave,/)/. Jlkil 
abtdl, Jlk; 6a«(iZ, bad, idle, 
pi, ^Ji\k\ batialyn, Ji»*j Mf i7, 
false^ falsehood. 

cM^J^t^ 6attan, to line a 
dress. ^Ljl itbattan to be 
lined. jL.. mubattan, lined. 
tl^^jlaJ tabtyn^ act of lining. 
AilL; butdna, lining, /)Z^ 
wUL butandt^ or otU»! 
batdjin, JL batn^ stomach, 
belly, pi. 'oAl 6r^(^n ; d^- 
jLJ\ gatak el batn^ fle upon 
youl jJJl* 6ii 6afn, worth-, 
less, valueless ; .^lJ\ ^^^Lj 
batn el baqara^ the Delta ; 
ji4J\ jkv bafn eVaqd^ intra- 
dos, under side of an arch ; 
.JS^I JL\ batn el markib^ 

hull, hold of a ship ; z^\ ^l 
a;.1^ jM aggar el bit min 
batnoh^ he sublet the house. 
AJlkj batianyja^ blanket, pi. 
o^ML bafatyn, or ^LjlL 
battanyjdt, ^\ biitdny^ 
glutton, gourmand^ P^. V^*} 

^btitA, slowness. J^| baty, 

^. battyl}, water-melon, sg. 
a3^ battyha^pl, cM^. bat- 

tyhdt ; 4t^jJ\ i^W; battyhet 

el bardaa, pommel of a 
donkey's saddle; dJUk; (^ J^ 
i^ ^^:^ ^i^?? fy batnak 
battyfja sify, do not be un- 
easy 1 
Ji; ( Ja-i ) baz^ ' (jubuzz)^ to 
spout out, ooze, squirt. iaiiJ 
bazzaz, to cause to spout 
out, cause to ooze, cause to 
squirt; ^uLp Jakv bazzaz 
"^enih^ he paid him dearly 
for it. JoJi,; tabzyz^ act of 
causing to spout out,* to 
ooze, to squirt. 

• \ 

-•J ( ,ja.-fu. ) ba'^bas, to tackle the 
hind partSjSpoil; ^uA5J\J ^^ 
ba^bas loh el qadyja, he 
put a spoke in his wheel. 
^^ ba^'bds, finger, un- 
lucky affair, pi, ^y^S^, ba^'a- 

^^\bu%u\ bugbear, pi, »jU 

iri ba'bAsj see ^jo^^ 
i(,l^-,) ba'at (jib'at) to 
send ; 4 ^.j ba'at loh^ he 
sent for him. ^ol inba^'at, 
or vi^Jl itba^alAo be sent. 
Oyu- mab'^dt^ sent. ^ ba'^^ 
act of sending, vi^l 6d'i5, 
reason, motive, pi. l^^\y, 

jUi ( Ji»^ ) 6i'td (jib^id or yi6- 
""ad), or Jui\ ibta'^ad, to be 
far,distant;;^'Ju^6rd issarr, 
God forbid 1 (women's talk). 
JUi ba''ad, to cause to be 
far. aljl itba^'^ad, to be 
sent or taken far. juJL.1 is- 
tab^'ad, to consider far, 
deduct. jiiJ-.4 mustaVad, 

far, distant, improbable ; 
vi;l JLiul-^ mustab'addt, lands 
not registered in cadastral 
survey books and paying no 
taxes. Jiio 6a'd, distance, 
juii bi'yd, far, distant ;JL. 
j^ mus bVyd, not impro- 
bable, iiQt impossible ; Ji,«J\ 
elbVyd, or Jii^Vl el ab'ad, 
the distant person (not the 
person addressed); ^^}j 
j^i s^ qardba min bi^yd 
li bi^yd, distant relation- 
ship. JiiO ba^dj after ; iljuj 
fea'da/c, or cllu juj 6a'd mm- 
nafe;, after you ; Aiki U Jini 
6a 'd ma suftoh^ after I saw 
him ; U juj ba^daha, or ot Ji*i 
ba^'dSn, afterwards, then, 
later on; \j^j<m,\ j^la. U ma 
baqds ba^d heda, or ^^ U 
|j^ ju> ma ^{/s ba^d keda, 
nothing can be better ; o^-»>- 
#jLi»i Vj J^ V /los^tn la qabloh 
wala ba^'doh, an incompa- 
rable horse; t^-u ba'd buk, 
ra. after to-morrow: ju* jl-) 

7 ^ • • 




t^ba^d ba'd bukra^ after 
three days. Jii^\m\\ ab'adyja^ 
large farm^ estate, pi. JcU 
abdHd^ or^C^m ab^adyjdt, 
j«j 6aV, globular dung of cattle 
55^. tjmj ba'ra, pi. ol^; 
•J3j^, ba^rAra^ young camel. 
jy^ ( Jyr\ ) ba'zaq, to scatter, 
squander. J3«Jl itba'^sag, 
to be scattered, squandered, 
jj.j* mtiba^saq^ scattered^ 
squandered. Ajy) ba'^zaqa^ 
act of scattering, squander- 


o^ ( ^jA«j ) fta'a.s (jib^CLs), to 
annoy, irritate. ^jA%J( inba-- 
'as^ to be annoyed, irritated, 
^j^^iu- mab^iX^^ annoyed, ir- 
ritated. 4.^«ii ba^sa, annoy- 
ance, irritation. 

j^m) ba^'d^ some; ^^i ** ma' 6a V/, 
with each another ; ^VJ^^^;^^. 
6a'rf en nds^ some people; 
^^ <-i*i i^l aiad ba'doh 
we misy^ he took his de- 
parture ;<^\(fj ^cbj ba^doh, 

all the same ; aJ^ms 

min ba^'doh^ all alike, all 


one ; ^jkJ \)\i qdlu li ba^d, 
they said to each other; 
\y>'\jjaA)\ el ba\l rdhUyOT 
\j>-\j ^mj ba'duhum rdhu^ 
some went ; ^^ ^i:^ 
granb ba'd^ one by the side 
of the other ; ^^ ^ij\kp ^j\ ^ 
jcL^\ h u tea arba"^ ^afaryt fy 
ba'd^he is four devils in one; 
\^^m) (fj Ai^^ hikdja zaj 
ba^daha ^snugly story, very 
bad news! 
J»! ba'aly, vegetables which 


do not require any watering 
while growing. 
^^\ ba'Ad, gnats, sg. *<^y^^ ba- 
%da,pl, cU^^, ba^uddt, 
x^\ bi'ud, see ji^^ 
^m.y\ bagbagdn^ see ^^l^j 
^Iji;^ bugddd, Bagdad. J^U;ii 
bugdadly, appertaining to 
Bagdad; J^IJii; 4jU bindja 


bugdadly^ lath and plaster 
^Jk oJiaJl ( ^-J^:i ) itbagdid, to 




be saucy ^ pert. $^s'm:^ ba^di- 
da^ sauciness, pertness. 
J^. bagl, or j^ bagla, mule, pi. 
JU bigdl, or ^::)U feag'idi ; 
^JLj^\ :\^ haglet el qanfara, 
pier of a bridge. 

Jxii* baglyt^ corpulent^ stout. 
'mi . Juii janbagy^ it ought to 
be ; vlUft J^'rlJ^^bagy ^alik, 
you ought to^it is your duty. 
aUi bafta* calico ; o"^.?!^ ^i 
bafta dabuldn^ Madapolan 
calico ; •js'^i bafta samra^ 
or J^M ^'ju bafta maUt- 
kdn (corruption ofamery- 
kdn), unbleached calico ; a;:«» 
U^ bafta bMa, bleached 

,*XjiMi^ bift^k^^hee^sieok. 
jju^ buff^y* side-board, refresh- 
ment room, pi, ol^ bttffe-^ 
j! ( J:; ) ^^^ (jtibuqq), to 
spout out from the mouth, 
jji baqbaq^ to bubble^ 
swell. jJlj4 mubaqbaq, swol. 
len. ji buqq, mouth, mouth- 

ful ; ji w^. Jidrab buqq, 
he chatters, he talks non- 
sense; j; ^\ j,;>darrdbbuqq^ 
chatterer , chatter-box . 
4.Lai baqbaqa, act of bub- 
bling, swelling. a1^ buq^ 
biqa, bubble, pi. j.»li 
Ji baqq, bugs, sgr^ a2» fcagga, 
joi. C*^ baqqdt; jJ\ lj3 da- ' 
toa el baqq^ insect powder. 
\iibaqa, see j, 

j(5j baqqdr, see j2> 

JU baqqdl^ grocer, pi. Jli &ag- 
gdto, or 4i(JU) baqqalyn. JU 
biqdla, grocery. - 
aS^. buqbdqa, see j) 

A^^biiqga* parcel, bundle of 
clothes, /)i. £. buqag, or c.1^. 
^^SLbaqdtinis, parsley. 

^, baqar, cows, sg^. •ji baqa-- 
ra, pi. oljS) baqardt, j\i{ 
baqqdr, cow-driver, pi. 
^j\hbaqqdra. (fJL baqary, 
bovine; iSy^, ^ lahma ba^ 
qary, beef. 



^jUihaqSy box-wood. 

huqsumdta , pi, ^11^-2* huq. 
J:JLii ( j.Li^ ) baq^is,"" to make 
a present^ tip ; v^^J cr^ 
baqsis ly kitdb, he made 
me a present of a book. 
JJLajl itbaqsis, to be given 
as a present. ^JiiJi baqsisa, 
act of making a present, 
tipping. Ji-vi^. baqsys, pre- 
sent^ tip^ pl,^^\ii baqasys, 
f M ( ^*i; ) baqqa\ to stain. Ajl 
itbaqqa\to be stained. iO^ 

gt/^^act of staining. AaAj baq^'a, 
stain^ ispot^ /)Z. ml buqa\ 
ii, bag/", dunce, stupid fellow, 
pi, iiykt^ baq&fa, 
•3^^ baqhXwa* Turkish pastry. 
1 ftiggim, log-wood, red dye. 
lyii buqAty, small basket made 
of palm leaves. 

j! ( Ji ) ^^S'^^ (jibqa)^ to re- 
main, continue; .^^i^baqa 
jiktib, he went on writing ; 

mubaqqa\ stained. ^^ 

viJ) Jyl j|( a6gaag^ZZa/c, I 
shall tell you later on; liJ) j*i 
aA jibqa lak ^, what is he to 
you? what kinship is there 
between you? j^4>.l j^^ jibqa 
ibn ^ammy^ he is my cousin; 
U JJI ^<fc j^^ jibqa huwa illy 
ga, it must be he who came. 
^^ibaqqa, to cause to remain; 
jjVi J^V la bulla wala 
baqqa^ he left nothing un- 
said or undone. \h baqa, 
therefore, then, now; ajI Jv** 
li n I'm il ^ baqa^ what shall 
we do then? c^U jM^ L ma 
baqds gdj^ he shall not 
come any more; ai\\i baqa 
^,what then? Jlj bdqy^ or 
4jSi baqyja^ balance, remain. 
der,pi. Jl^^ bawdqy^OT c^USj 
vil 6^,* Bey, pi. wl^. behawdt; 

Ai^C 6e/iatot/ya, Beyship. 
1^ 6a /ca, see ^^ 

^il^bmMsa,* major in the ar- 
my, pi, 4.*iLC binbasyja, 

' ^bikr^ virgin, eldest born; 



^ *lJj hint bikr, virgin, 
spinster, pl.j^^ zXi^ bandt 
bukkar ; J^ J^ ball^bikr, 
pure, strong vinegar. <^^ 
bikry, eldest born,pZ. <^jl^. 
bakdry; If^i j^ (#3 dy 6i/c- 
ryjetha, this is her eldest 
JC bakar, bobbins, reels, pul- 
leys, sg, i^ bakara, pi, 
C bakrag or bakarag, coffee 
jjot, pi, r-jSv) bakdrig, 

J C ( j^, ) bcikrar, to be swol- 
len (eyes), j^* mabakrar, 
swollen. •jjC bakrara^ 
swelling of the eyes. 
^ C bukra, or jT, bdkir^ to- 
morrow; ^jC JJ bjl^W en 
nahdr da qabl bukra, 
the sooner the better. 

^^^ bakald", cod fish. 
^^ bukla^ buckle, pZ. J^Ti bukal, 
orj^i^SC biikldt, 

^bakam, dumbness ; S^l ct&- 
/cam, dumb, fern, 1$C 6a/c- 
^^^ i>Z. p^bukm. 

5'. (vS^,) ^^^f/ (Jibky), to weep, 
mourn; a.*! Jc ^^^ bijibky 
''(Xla ummoh, he mourns 
his mother. ^ bakka, to 
cause to weep, cause to 
mourn. ^^ buka, act of 
weeping, lamentation. 
Ji(Jt») ball (jibill), or Jji 
balbil, to moisten, wet. JJl 
inhall^ or JJ\ itball, 
to be moistened, wet. Jjl^4 
mablM, moistened, wet. 
J* 6aZZ, or ^Jii balbila, act of 
moistening^ wetting. 4^^, 
6 iZt/to, seethed Indian corn 
or wheat eaten with milk 
and sugar ,/>Z. Ji^^j balAjil, 
^^ bala^ see J| 
^^, bildd, see AlT 

•^^1 baldda, see jL 

J.!i^» ftaZds, see "^ 

^^1 ballds, or ^o^'^. balldsy, jar 
(made in a village called 
ballds), pi, t;«J!i^ balalys; 
uf^^. Jr'j MgfiZ balldsy, 
man of straw. 
^, bald§qa, cav^ry shoexase. 




pZ. oIa^!^. bakisqdt. 

i^^ baldt. see )J> 

» • ^ • 

^^. balld'a, see -L 

^il baldija, see ^. 
0^^. {,Jl^)balamdn (kalb)^ mon- 
ster dog. 

^'>l, balldna, bath-woman^mas- 
seuse,pl. C^W» ballandt. 

cWj (u^ ) balbas, to wipe with 
a mop.^Ui bulbdsy mop, /)i. 
^j!)1 baktbys. 

J:^. balbulj" nightingale, pi. Ji^^^l 
^bakih, dates, sg^. a^. baktha, 
pl,d^, bakthdt;^yf'l[ bakth 
^amry, rich black dates ; ^ 
C*l^*l6ato/i am/ici^, soft black 
dates ; <^^- ^ 6ato/t sywy, 
or i^|<- ^ 6akt^ samdny, or 
^\^. balahasfar, yellow 
dates; jij,\^bcilahabrymy/ 
Nubian dates; #^1^:^11^. 6a- 
UxhUn el mi^sa^ goat's 
M{j^)bilid(jibktd), or ballid, 
to be slow, dull. $^^, bald- 
da, slowness^ dulness. jJb, 

balyd, slow, dull, pi, l^ 
jii balad, village, town, pi, ^^i 
6iWd. 3^. 6iWd, country. 
ifj\)^ baked y^ native,country. 
made; {fj^^sj^kalb balady^ 
street dog ; (^j^}\ ^jAil el 
mdglis el balady, the Mu- 
nicipal Council ; <^j4j l^Jki 
qaddyha bakxdy^ do it any 
how ! J j4» yi^huwa balad yjy^ 
he is my countryman ; \^a 
,^\jjii humma baladyjdty^ 
they are my countrymen. 
O^Ji| bakisdriy elder tree. 
^S balsam, balm. 

o^. ( u^:* ^ 6aias (jublus ), to . 
impose upon,extort; Jl^.4^^ 
balasoh bi rijdl^he extorted 
a dollar from him. ^JA^\ 
inbalas, or ^^aVjI itbalas^ to 
be imposed upon, cheated, 
^\bals^ imposition, cheat. 
^^l) balAs, sexual organ 
in the male. 
Jalj (JaL) ballat, to pave; <^iali y^ 
4CJ\ /latoa &aitoi /i^ sikka. 




he could walk no further ; 
cT-^^ Je Ub ^ hawa ballctt 
""alal filds, he does not wish 
to pay the money; c^y ^ 
ialji katab marriUn we 
ballat^ he wrote twice and 
discontinued. JaLjI itballat^ 
to be paved. iaL* muballat^ 
paved. JoJj tablyt^ act of 
paving. J^^. baldt^ slabs of 
stone, stone for pavement, 
sg, ^X^^ baldta^ pi, wlt:^^) 
balatdt,]A^muballat, i^eiver^ 

pl. cifrl*V i^ttballatyn. 

aU) balta, hatchet, axe, pl. C^Uali 
baltdt, or Lli bulat, J^- 
6<3ti(a5^t/,pioneer, sapper, pi. 
aJ^. baltagyja, 

JJ, 6aZ(j/, trout, sg^.^. baltyja^ 
pl^ vliULl) baity j At. 
Jj ( Juj ) 6a to' (jibla^)y to swaL 
low. f\> balla\ to cause to 
swallow. AjI inbala\ ov^\ 
itbala\ to be swallowed, ^i 
bar, act of swallowing. 4cil 
balWa^ sewer, drain, pl, 
Z^t^^, balla'dt. J:iL balaly\ 

iJLi ( ib ) balag (jublug), to 
reach, attain, be of full age; 
^^ balagny, I heard. ^ 
ballag^ovMablag^to notify, 
communicate, inform, ill 
iblag^ to be of full age. ill* 
MZi^, to exaggerate. ^*l 
itballag^ to be notified, com- 
municated. ^\) bdli^, of full 
age.AAJ tablyg^ notification, 
information, pl, »^U.Lt toftiy. 
gfdi.ijil) bald^, notice,ne*ws, 
iL* mabla^^ sum, total, a 
great deal, pl, *%• mabdliif, 
iU muballi^^ informant, pZ. 

^a, exaggeration, pi. c^UU 

jij balgam^ phlegm. 
Ai^balga^ yellow leather native 

shoe, pl. ^^ bula^, 
UiL baZ/',* valve, 
jij 6a tog, dappling. jl*l a&tog, 

dappled, piebald, /em. lij 

fcai^i^a, pi. jli &aig. 





'4^1 bulka* ladies' jacket, pi. 

olSui bulhdt. 
C)^^ balkdn* balcony, small sail, 
pi. y^XfL balkondt, 
<Aj balky ^"^ perhaps;^ ^5^,6aZ/cj/ 
jigy, he may come; IjS^ 5^. 
bdlky keda^ perhaps so; ^\j 
JL>.| J U balky ma rdhk^ he 
may not have gone. 
1) ( u^ ) ballim^ to be mute, 
silent, dumb. L^muballim^ 
mute, silent ,dumb,astounded. 
4^. balanga* iron fish-plate, 
/)Z. o\f^. balangdt. 
^♦iij balansyta* plane table, 
planchette^ pi, siML^iA* ba- 
J.^^ ballM^ seeV 
iJj^i 6a ia/c /company of soldiers, 
wing of a building, pZ.olTili 
bulukdt ; 4>y.| iljlj 6aZa/c 
amyn^ quarter-master ser- 

Jl ( Jrf ) ^^ (Jibly), to afflict. 

JIM to, to care, give impor. 
. tance. JJl inbala, or Jjl 

itbala^ to be afflicted. Jj\ 

iiballa, to make a false 
statement, accuse falsely. Jai 
mably fir J:^^mubtaly, affile 
ted. !Ai6ato,affliction, vicious 
kind of skin disease, leprosy; 
^\i cjid^ hosdn bil bala, or 
JjjVi:^J^,iU>i^os(in bil bala 
ela:sraq^ miserable horse, 
worthless horse. •VUmufta. 
to, care, anxiety. Jjto6a%, 
pretence, false accusation. 
iS)^, balwa, or Uj balyja, 
affliction, misfortune, pi. 
(f3%^ baldwy; iS^.^\jrdgil 
balwa, tenacious man; J^^lj 
4lIu rdgil balyja^ good-for- 
nothing man;»jU(^3^^A4)SA:ui 
&^<o/i kallifoh baldwy 
hdrra^ his house cost him 
heaps of money. 
33 jU) biljdrdo* billiards, billiard- 

jJb 6aZ{/d, seej^i 

^lij bilyla^ see Ji 

^^balyjay see J» 

\,bimm^ bimt jC Jy* f-jl ^^"^ 
iagiiZ bimm, hold your 

- -I 





tongue ! not a word more 1 
iU6amM^,* cravat^ pi. C*UU 

^bumb* shells, bombs, sg. 
A*c biimba, pi, c^Lc bumbdt. 
A^ bamba* rose coulour, rose 

(j^, fcann, cofifee-berries. o^ 
. banndriy coffee seller, pi. 

^'b banndna, 
L 6ma, and ^:» banna, and ^b 


bindja, see^^^ 
Z^ bint, girl, daughter, pi. ob 
bandt: J\ ^'i 6mf ^i ""amm. 

and Jli:-! ^ bmi ei Mi, 
cousin fern. ; ^Vl ^ii bint 
elabby niece; O^^wi; 6iVii 
bintit^ damsel, virgin; ^^j 
j^l-i zibyb bandty^ pipless 

raisins; o'^j*^ I ^W bandt 
el uddn^ glands on both 
sides of the throat: ^i^bitt, 

contraction of z^ bint ^ln 

• • • • 

binayja^ daughter pi, vl»Ui 
^l»:iu bantufly,"^ pair of slippers^ 
pi. oi^. bantufldt. 

yuj bentOy or j:» benty, or j;i 
venty* Napoleon, 20 Fr. 
piece^ pi. <^b bandt y, or 
^Ui bentyjdt, 

p^i { ^^. ) bann ig, to put under 
chloroform. ^1 itbannig, 
to be put under chloroform. 
T*:-* mubann ig ^or 7^,^ mit^ 
bannig^ put under chloro- 
form. ^JLi" tabnyg^ act of 
putting under chloroform. ^ 
bing, chloroform. 
J^. bangar^ beet-root. 
Xi band, article, clause, pi. ^^i 

j-^ bandar y chief town of a 
province^ pi. jjli banddir, 

jjui ( ja-Li ) bandaq, to shoot, 
execute; tyJUi bandaqAh^ or 
^\^jjjbandaqu ""al^h^ they 
shot him. J Jiifcandag^ guns, 
rifles, sg^. 4Jji::i bunduqyja^ 
pi. J^^ banddiq^ oro\JJ^^ 
duqyja Sisbdna, rifled gun. 

jjii bunduq, nuts, 85^. ^JIj 6an. 
daga, pi. olJJ^. bunduqdt. 



jxj ^i>- basab hunduq^ 
Venetian timber.Jjio6anda- 
qy, Venetian sequin^ />i.ii^\i. 
banddqa; Jjiii ,,^^ dahab 
bundaqy, 24 carat gold. 

•Jt-^ bund^ra* flag, banner^ 
standard, pi. ji^b banadyr^ 
or o'jiJiH bunderdt, 

J^^^JH bansahdr^ lemon, antidote; 
-«^>. J?' hagar banjsaMr^ 
benzoar stone; j^ji viU»- y^ 
huwa ganbak bansaMr^ 
compared to you he is a great 
deal better.. 

^\bini^^ robe, loose gown, 

pi, oli^'j biniSdt, 
V^i bunt^ or \^ butt*^ punt. 
C))i^^bantal6n* trousers ; o^^ 
{fj\y» bantaldn sawdry^ 
riding breeches. 

<:f^.banafsig^ violets, 55^. Aif^. 
banafsiga^ pi, sZA^. ba- 
nafsigdt, js^. banafsigy^ 

m * 

violet colour. . 
db) bank*^ bank, office, bench, 
seat. pi, ^y} bunuk^ or ^^y* 
bunHka ; (^jISjJ\ dLJ\ ei 

bank el iqdry^ land and 
mortgage bank ; vijl'y^^i vib 
bank er ruhundt, pavs^n- 
shop. j^ banker ^ banker, 
pi ajjaCI bankeryja, 
^^^ bankit*^ banquette, berme 
of a canal 
Ai benna* steel pen, pi, oH 
benan, or vl»ti benndt, 
jyi bannAr^ crystal.#jyj bannA. 
ra^ small bottle for liquor, 
phial, pi, Cj\jy{ bannurdt^ 
or jjOb bananyr, 

^»((^. ) *«^« (Jibny), to 
build^ construct. ^M in- 
6ana, or ^"1 itbana^ to 
be built^ constructed. Jul 
itbanna, to adopt (a son), 
j^*4 mabny^ built^ construe- 
ted. b 6ma or buna, or ^^b 
bindja, or ^^^Li) bunjdn^ 
building, edifice^ construc- 
tion^ pi, 4.U1I abnyja^ or 
wU:i binajdt or «^L« ma- 

^^{/j u^j'^l Jy ^»l^. bindja 
fdq eiaM^ superstructure. 
f:i banna^ mason^ pi, j^^[:i 




bannayjyn; Jc ib bundan 
""ala^ therefpre^ for this 
reason, according to. ^u:, 
btinja^ constitution, phy- 

jb. binny^ best Nile fish. 

J* bany^see^\ 
oVi bunjdn, see ^ 
iS^j bannyka, trestle on which 
hawkers place their boards, 
pi, wl^, bannykdt, 

^Ji*bunja, see ji 

AJL) binayja, see ^ 

j\f:buhdr, spices^ pi. Zj\j\i 

'^i^^^. ) bahat ( jibhat) to 
fade (colour), be pale. ^^M 
inbahat, or ^te' itbahat, 
to be surprised, astounded. 
^1>1) bdhit^ or^l:^ bahidn, 
fading, pale, slty^* mabhdt^ 
surprised^ astounded. 
JjL|. ( Jj^ ) bahdil, to maltreat, 
disgrace. J-x^-Jl itbahdil^ 
to be maltreated, disgraced. 
J Ji^4 mw6a/i(it7, maltreated, 
disgraced. ^Ijl^ bahdila^ 

maltreatment^ disgrace. 
^jti^j^.) bahrag, to adorn, 
decorate. ^j^\ itbahrag, 
to be adorned^ decorated, 
r-j^ mubahrag. adorned, 
decorated, ^j^ bahraga^ 
adornment, decoration, fin- 
ery. 0^-^ buhrugdn, feast. 
Jft|^ ,iA^\\ ( Ja^:i ) inbahat (jin^ 
bihit)^ to be greatly asto- 
nished, fascinated. J^j^« 
mabhdt^ greatly astonished, 
fascinated. Ja.^ bahta^ as- 
tonishment, fascination. 

Jl^c.j^tr'l (c>tri) itbahlil, to 
be delighted, amazed. Jl^ 
mubahlil^ delighted, ama- 
zed. ^ bahlila^ delight, 
amazement. Jjl^ bahlAly 
silly, idiotic, maniac. 
j)lj^ bahlawdn"*, rope-dancer, 

acrobat, circus, pi, C^lJlj^t: 
^)^bahl{il,^^e jSi^^ 
J^ bahly^ openly ; ^l^y- z^\ 
J^\ U es sitt daraget ^alal 
bahly^ the lady went out 



without covering her face. 

Jjt:ij3fA) bah war, or j^ 
bahwaq, fo bore wide^ be 
too wide. j^\ itbahwar^ 
or jj^l itbahwaq, to be 
bored wide, too wide, j^^ 
muhahwar, orj^^« mubah. 
waq, bored too wide, too 
wide. o>t: bahwara, or 
Af^ bahwaqa, act of bor- 
ing too wide. 
^ bihym, brute,beast, pi, A^^ 

j{baw, scare-crow. 

wlV bauwdb, and a»\\ bauwdba^ 


• • 

^^ buwdh, see A 
J^-<^. bawasyr, see j^l» 
Ai^jMtoga, crucible, pi. wli^ 

•j-iy. bddra, see ijo* 
^^^y body no* ^ pudding. 

j^ &(3r, see jl 
J\jy^bordnyy special manner in 
which vegetables are some- 
times cooked. 
^^jy. bdrsa,"^ stock exchange, pi. 

c*Uj^. borsdt, 

•3jy, bord*, chest of drawers, 
pi, oU^jy^ borohdt, 

(fjy bAry, bugle, pi, (fj\ji bawd. 
^y;^}y^ or ^5j^. burAgy, 
bugler, pZ. 4,^3^. or oj-^jy 

^jf.bAry, whiting (fish), sg. 
^.jy. baryja^pl,^\jybury^ 
^.jy, burik*, meat patties, 55^. 
^.jy burika, pi, C^'SCjy^ 
Jf. (j^.)bauwis, to pout,be sul- 
ky . jy^mubauwiz, pouting, 
sulky. jjJ tabwyz, act of 
pouting, sulkiness. jy bAs, 
mouth, muzzle, snout, pi, 
j\y\ abwdz ; ^jy (s) lawa 
bAzoh, he is cross, he is in 
ill-humour ; kmjL\ jy bAz el 
gazma, toe of shoe ;^^jy 
bAz el baijla, cut waters 
(of a bridge). 

^y bds^ and K^y bdsa, see ^l 

ya^y bAsto* corset^ pi, sl^\y^y 



bdsta, or aL«.i bdsta, * Post 
office, moil, /)i. c^l^^jj 6os- 
t&t ; As-.y, ^L 5^'t/ h6stay 
or i^^^ bostagy, Postman; 
Ai-y^ j^*L mamAr bdsta. 
Post Master 

z • 

^^^. 6ds,' bosh, trash, nil, 

useless; J:y, sd^'^kaldmak 

6(3i, you are talking stuff 

and nonsense. 
^y. bu§yja^ see aj/' 
u^y. bAsy reeds, sg. i^y^ bAsa^ pi, 

cX^ybusdt;A^jl &ilisa/inch; 

if'^^fj^ybAs /imd{/, bamboo. 
^y, bAski^* note, memorandum, 

compass, mariner's needle, 

pi. o^iUy. busldt. 
^ybAza^ Nubian beer, Nubian 

beer shop, pl,]^^^ buwaz, or 

olky. buzdt. 
\ bA\ metatarsal bone of the 

great toe; Acy^ ^ ^f^pyi ^ 

maji^rafkkA'^ohmin bA^oh^ 

he does not know his right 

hand from his left. 
?\ijj bo^dtki* Turkish patties. 
#^Uy^ 6o^4da,*washing with ashes. 

j^y bo^dz, strait, harbour, pass, 
pi. ^Ijliy. bo^azdt; j\cy 
Aijdi^\boddz iskindiryja^ 
entrance to the harbour of 

Jy. ( Jyi ) bauwaq^ to play the 
trumpet, reply insolently, 
ji^' tabwyq^ act of playing 


the trumpet, replying inso- 
lently. Jy bAq, trumpet, pi, 
J\y\ abwdq, 
^^y bdl^ see Jli 
^Hy buldd^ steel. 
jHybuldq^ quarter of Cairo; •.! J 
Siy f^ ^Afy '^to buldq, he 
vomited. jVy buldqy, ap- 
pertaining to buldq^pldj^y 
A)iiy bdlta,"" walk, stroll; w^^.^lj 
Ai^y rdh jidrab bdUa, he 
went for a stroll. 
J^^y bolytyka* diplomacy, com. 
pliments; 4^y 4J J/ "^amal 
loh bolytyka, he flattered 
fj^y bolys* Police ; ^y if}.^ 
""askary bolys, or ^y JU-li 




wdhid bolys, a policeman; 

if^^»^ <j^y. bolys ""askary^ 

military Police. 
^y. bolysa* invoice, bill of lad- 
ing^ pi, ^\\y^ bawdlis, 
^y.bolyt^ doormat. 
f>. bAm, owls^ sg. ii*^ bAma, 

pi. C^Uy^ bumdt, 
dy. &(3n,*bond^security^ pl^^^y. 

^y. bAnyJa or bAnja* fist, box, 

pl,Cj\^ybunyjdt or bunjdt, 
^* A baAna, 10th. month of the 

Coptic calendar. 
^.y bdja^ paint, pi C*\iy, bojdt; 

f jij- iiy, &djye^ gizam, shoe 

blacking, jjty bdjagy, pain. 

ter, shoe-blacky pi. ^^ijiy. 60- 

cJ^hajdt^ see ^l 
•^Ui bijdda* infantry; t^L ^.^ 
gazma bijdda^ ankle boot. 
•jW &^f/J^^^,spring in a river or 
a canal, /)i. viljU bayjardt. 
^L bajdd^ see ^j^aj 
^li bayjd\ see ^\i 
^i^bajdn, seej^li 

^, 6^t, and J)\:l) bajatdn^ and 

(i:i 6^^f/, see oVi 
JJi^y^ well, joZ. jLl abjdr, 
or jL» fcy^r. jC bayjdr^ 
professional clearer of vs^ells. 
3j!:».b^raq* standard, banner, 
flag, colours of a regiment, 
ensign, pi, jju, bajdriq. 
j\jij^^ bSraqddr^ standard 
bearer, pZ. ajjIjJj^, bdraq- 

' •-*• byra*, beer, beer shop, pi, 
^^Ai byrdt, Aijl^. byra^ 
ryja, beer shop, beer shop 
maid,pZ. oCy j^. byraryjdt, 

•j^'^bysdra^ native dish of 
mashed beans. 

uf^^AiJ^^) ^yJ^^y to whiten, 
whitewash, enamel cooking 
utensils, copy fair. ^ajJI 
itbayjad, to be whiten- 
ed, white washed, enamelled 
(cooking utensils), copied 
fair, jo,^ mubayjad, or 
^^mitbayjad, whitened, 
whitewashed, enamelled, 
copied fair. jkJJ tabyjyd. 




act of whitening, white- 
washing, enamelling cook- 
ing utensils, copying fair. 
^Lf bajdd, whiteness, 
white of eggs, badigeon, 
plaster ; ^L ^ 'a to 
bajdd, blank. oUL ba^ 
jaddi, bed sheets, under- 
dress. ^^1 abjady white, 
fern. LLj bida, pi, ^.. byd ; 
Jom} iJi qalboh abjad, he 
bears no malice; (jao\ ^3 
da/iafcafeyad, platinum; ajjU 
U*> gdrja bida, Circassian 
female sloy e.ja^^mubayjad, 
copying clerk, one who 
enamels cooking utensils,one 

who whitewashes, pZ. <iU^ 
^jluj b^d, and jU*; byddn, see^li 
jlW^ bytdr, farrier, pZ . t^L 
bajdtra. ifja^ ^C- hakym 
bitary, veterinary surgeon. 
^. 6^^, see ^1 
J^^.bykdr, seej^j; 
^^ bylja* marble taw, pi, 
. ^LL byljdt, 

ctt 6^Ai, between; ti<:J\ ct<> 6^n 
eZ benin^ middling, medi^ 
um ; ^/^ ^ ciJ Vi-I istanna 
libdn ma jigy^ wait until 
he comes 1 
^ bccyjina, see oV 
^'^Jyt bijuraldy* brevet of rank. 

w\l (w^:* ) <46 (jutAb) to re- 
pent ; ^^\ ^;^ ^\i tdb ""an 
es 8ukr, he gave up drink; 
^ w/i Uij rabbinCL JutAb 
^alayja, may God forgive 

me! w^y tauwib, to lead 
one to repentence. ^4/ idba, 
repentence.w^^yrf <ditot/6jact 
of leading one to repentence. 
wit ^4yi6, repentant, pi. 






<iulr tajhyn. 
Ji tdbV, see *J 
C^y}j tabAt^ coffin, sarcophagus, 
pi. ^l^,\y tawabyt; aJ\^ 
sdqja tabAt, water-wheel 
in which no jars are used. 
^^ tdta^ step by step (babies' 
•jy^ tat A r a, see ^j Jb 
jjJ^' tasyr, seej\ 
^ tdg, see ^y 

•^^CjrW) t^Qi^y to trade, 
traffic^ carry on commerce, 
•j^ tigdra, or ^ matgar^ 
trade, commerce, /)i. wljU 
tigardt, or ^b matdgir. 
y^j tctg^ I r merchant, trader, 
pi. jl^ tugdr or ia^'- 

ya tdgir, publicly. 4^j\f 
tigdry. commercial. 
jiJstagyr, see j:^! 
jj».U iaflfyZ, see J^! 
j^b taUyr, see j>.l 
4i^u tadyja, see ^$^\ . 
>-(jg:i) <tir ryti{/r), to fly 
at^ attack; Upj\i «JS3\ e2 

kalbtdr ^al^h^ the dog flew 

at him. 
j^ tdr^ revenge, vengeance; ji^l 

^j\saliad tdroh^ or ^jb Ji^l 

afiarf bitdroh^ or .jlr ^^^aU- 

6aZtos tdroh, he had his 

^\; tdr, native tambourine, 

small drum, pi, o'-^ tyrdn, 
jj,yj)S termdmitr* thermometer, 

pi. olju^^jlr termomitrdt, 
"ijl; tdratan^ a time, at times; 

vO. '•J^*^ o^'jj^* tdratan 

jimsy we tdratan jirkab, 

he sometimes walks and 

sometimes rides. 

'Aj\itaryh, see ^j\ 

^ jlr iary^y, cadastre,land survey. 

^jt td^a,* fresh, freshly made. 

iu^yX tasAma, slipper, pi. ^\y 

u tasys, see ^^.^-.l 

takyr, see yt\ 
JS't taakkul, see JTI 
jS\itakyd, see jS^I 
^li idZii, see 3" 
ui)li<(t;e^ see u^ 





|l\; tdlim, see ll 
s^^ talyf^ see uJl 

j^t ^dm^ see ^ 

f ^ 

jri^u tamyr^ see ^^1 

O^h tamyn, see ^\ 
«^b taanny, see Jl 
iJ^tdny, see ^ 
•\J ( t^ti ) i(i/i (jutAh), to lose 
one's way/go astray ; jp tlT 
•y-l^(J/i 'an aJiith, he missed 
his brother. •>* tauwih^ to 
cause one to lose his way, 
lead astray. <4 tayjih, to be 
proud or haughty, feign not 
to hear or see,As}^tdjih, lost^ 
gone astray ; aX J^ ""aqloh 
tdjih, his wits have gone a 
wool gathering. cs# mutay- 
y i/i^proud^haughty^one who 
feigns not to hear or see.Ajyi 
tatwyh^ act of causing one 
to lose his way, leading one 
astray. aJu tCbtyjyh^^vidLe, 
haughtiness, act of feigning 
not to hear or see.oUy tawa^ 
/id/i,act of losing one's way. 

^^\* taahhuly see JaI 

v^^ .v-5^*' ( v-^W ) ittdwib, to 
yawn. ai^Ii* mutdwba^ act 
of yawning. 

^tdjih, see v-ili 
4j\r tdjih^ see ^li 

Jut tayjyd, see Jul 

^\j tahdt, see ^* 
^[jtabatyk, false pretences^ 
make up. 

j^Cj tabbdn, see jc 

^ (viZL ) to66u, see c^* 

^^ tahbyr, see .^ 
J, jlj tabdyl, see Jju 

^^ JLj tabzyr^ see j jb 

c.*jjr tabarru\ see^^ 

Ji^* tabryd, see ^ ^j 

vili^* tabryk^ see il ji 


aj jj tabryja, see fl^^ 

jjij tabsyr^ siee ^^ 

IftJxJ tabtyt^ see JJas 

JJv ^a6^t/Z, see JL 

•J ( *j^ ) tofta" (jitba'' ), or 
•J I ittaba\ to follow, ly'l 
ittabba\ to follow^ act 
upon, obey. ^ijlT M6i\ fol- 
lower^ servant^ joZ. Art 
a/;M'; ^^j}J\ ^IJl atbd' el 




berins^ the Prince's suite. 
^ taba\ belonging to; 
^i\^da taha\ this depends; 
Aiui U v-iltS3\ eZ fei7d& da 
taba^oh, this book is his. 
AiuT taba'^a^ or a*«j taba'^y- 
ja^ allegiance^ nationality; 
oudl) 6ii taba^'yja^ in turn^ 
successively, one after the 
other. A* I ittibd\ act of 
following, compliance; CLM 
ilj*V ittibd'^an liamrak^ in 
compliance with your order. 
«jl:U ma^ai^&r^consecutive^ 
J? (Jfi) i(^bbil,io season^ spice, 
baste, ^yjs tatbyl, act of 
seasoning, spicing, basting. 

iaJj tablyt^ see iali 
^' tably^^ see ^^ 
u>** i i&n, chopped straw;^ 
(jy huwa mayja taht tibn, 
he is sly. ov tabbdn^ straw 
seller^/)/. ^'G tabbdna. ajCj 
tabbdna, straw magazine. 

2^' ^aftn^^r, see ^^ 

jj^* tabwyr^ see jli 

i:^:i tab coys, see j}» 

JLj^ tab toys, see^ 
iai^" tabwyz^ see Jil 
^.^tabwyq^ see j-^, 
*l^* iiWi,*kind of cloth material 
C^' to&yi, see cJ 
J^.j^ tabyjyd, see ^j, 
iJJ^tatbyl, see Jj 
^5* tatmyniy see i^ 
u^^ tatmyn^ see ^ 
0^' <a<a/i,* tobacco, ^^i?* tutun^ 
fl'y, pipe-bearer, valet, /)/. 
A-f?* tutungyja. 
^. ^» tatwyb, see ^t 
^yitatwyg^ see ^y 
Ajyj tatwyh, and aJu tatyjyh^ 
see tt 

* «*r tasbyt^ see ^ 

^•. ' • 

^J^tigdra^ see ji^l; 

^l^ tagdsur^ see ^^.^ 
^[itagdh^ see 4^^ 
j^tagabbur, see jijj- 

^taghym^ see < 

joj^itagdyd^ see jl> 
Uusitagdyf^ see oa#- 

A>J^tagriba^ see w^i^- 

•^.jf ictg^yd, see ^^^ 
u-lj^ ^^S'ri/^, see ^^ 





f^tagrym, see ^j^ 
\f:^tagsy^ see ^\y^ 
j^f^tagassus^ see 

J^tag^yr, see 
C^taglyb, see ^ 
'^taglyd, see j(J^ 

^tagmyd, see 
y^taghys, see 
j^tahbyr, see j* 
^^tahbyz^ see Jk^ 

^aA^^ under^ below, be- 

ia/t^ elard^ 
subterranean; ^iji tahtoh, 
or 4U c^ ^aAt minnoh, 
under him^ below him^ be- 
neath him^ his junior ,his 
subordinate; z^ c^ ^ m in 
taht li taht^ secretly^ on the 
sly. Jlu^ tahtdny^ the lower 
one, sly^ cunning. 
jaji^tahdyd^ see Jb- 
^^jAtahdyq^ see JJ^ 
j^i^ tahzyr^ see 
^/ <a/ir(/5r^ see ^ 
j^jito/irt/r, and ^^j:^ <a/i- 

^y^fl^y. see y. 
u^.^tahrys, see ^j,. 

SiZ-tahryk^ see iJy 
iTj^ tahrym^ see |*j^ 
ifjrtaharry^ see tjj»- 
(Cj^ tahzym, see ^^ 
ciu^ tahsyn, see ^^^>- 
JUi^ tahsyi, see J^ 
*ri^ tahiyja, see ^^i*. 
J^^ iai^s(/Z^ and jjAr^ ^^ 
and J li^ tahsylddr 
(j^tahsyn, see 
Jtr^tahdyr, see ^ 
"M*^ tcihtyt, see Ja^ 

i^ ( ^ ) ^a/ia/^ {jithif)> to 
present or invest with. «JiiM 
intahafy to be presented or 
invested with^adorned. oyi^ 
mathdf, invested, adorned^ 
[gay. sii tuhfa^ rarity, 
master.piece, pi, ui tuhaf. 
matkaf, museum, pi. 
j^Sza matdhif. 
Jiii tahaffuz, and iLJ^ tahfyz, 

see Jko- 
^Jdf- tahfyd^ see ^^^ 
U^tahfyf^ see wO.- 
jjji tahqyq, see j». 
^^tahkym^ sec ^ 


JJd^ tahlyl, see J#- 
Ui tahlyja, see J^ 
jj*^ tahmyr^ see 
tahmys^ see 
a;^ tahnys, see ^j^:^ 
ui^ to/tn«/^,seeJi:?- 
jl^ tahwyr, see j> 
JL)^^ tahwys^ see J^W 
J^^i tahwyt, see J«»U 
Ji ji tahwyl^ see JU 
tahyja, see 

^(-g ^ iaM (jutubh), to rot. 
^t <(ifti^, rotten. 
Alli tabdna^ see jj 

:*^ tabby's^ see 
ijt^tabbyl, see JJ^ 
aJ* tafjbyja, see ^^ 
5^ toftt^ bench, joZ. s::.yi ^aM<; 
-idJLj\ ^ iafti es saUana, 
capital of a country; o'V \zJ^ 
taht alatyja, band of native 
musicians or singers. Aii 
tabta^ blackboard,platform, 
plank^ pi c^tuhat^ or cJ^ 

• • • 

ji iiftti^ stout, thickset. 
ty^i- tabtabds* blackboard. 

^^Ijjti^ tabtarawdn* litter^ palan. 

J.x>^ toft5^t/Z, see ji- 
x-^ tabdyr, see joi- 
wi j^ tabryb, see w/- 
-k^ tabryt, see I»> 
'-'ij*^ tabryf, see o> 
fj^tabrym^ see fj^ 
^-^^^aft^^fta, see w.t». 
L^^^tab^yn, see ^i;. 
t'^^ tabsys, see 
tabdyr, see 
^tabtyt^ see J^ 
^"^tabfyd, see 
tabfyfy see 
u^r^ tablySy see ^joIj- 
^tably\ see •U- 
S^tablyl, see J^ 
(^(X) taboLTYi (jutbum), to 
cause indigestion. jSl mto- 
6am, to suffer from indiges- 
tion. pyS*ma^6^m,one who is 
suffering from indigestion, 
iui^ tubma indigestion. 
tabmyr, see y^ 
f^^tabmyn, see ji" 
^i ( j^. ) i i6 in (j t <6a/iJ, to 


* *il 



be thick^ stout. ^ tabban^ 
to cause to be thick or 
stout. ^ tubn, or A;\i 
tahdna^ thickness, stout, 
ness, rudeness. o(}S^ tibyn, 
thick, stout, coarse ; o^ J^ 
""aqloh tibyn, he is stupid, 
he is slow of understanding. 
ii^tabwyf, see oW 

uL^tabwyn, see ^W 
u^ tibyn, see ^ 

^\xtaddbul, see J^3 
j«-^' tadbyr^ see ji^ 

J:»^' tadbyq, see jji 

J:r-^' iadgyl, see Jij-3 

S^-^tadbyl, seej^^ 

^j-^' tadryg, see £j3 

^}^^ tadqyq, see J^ 

*i^-tf tadkyk^ see iJ^ 

trr-^' tadlySy see ^^J^ 
^•^' tadlyja, see J3 

^•^' tadmy\ see a*^ 

^3-^' tadwyb, see v'^ 
jci-^' tadwyr, seejl^ 

^^'^' tadwy^, see ^^^ 

•X*^' tazkara,eindj^/^Sjtajgkar. 
gy,Bjid j^jStaxkyr, see /^ 

• :• 




turdb^see ^y 
tarab^sa^or^j<i \jUarab^za,* 
table, /)Z.c.ljjil^* tarabezdt, 
tarrds, driver of pack ani- 
mals, pi, j^^\y tarrdsa. 
tarddy, see ^j 
teramwdj* tramway, 
(wjt) tarrab, to raise 
duist, cause to be dusty. 
^y\ ittarrabj to be dusty, 
covered with dust, w >. 
muttarrab, dusty, covered 
with dust. ^\J turdb, dust^ 
earth, pi. a»j\ atriba; 
^jU\ wljL ^Ul inbd' bi 
turdb el filAs, it was 
sold dirt cheap. A»y turba, 
grave, pi. s^j turab. ^^j 
turaby, grave - digger,/)?. 
Ljturabyja. jl/ turdby, 
appertaining to the dust^ 
dust colour ; ^\y <-J5 
nafsoh turdby, he is very 
modest. A{Jj^ ma tr aba, bor- 
row-pit, /)Z. w jls« matdrib. 
(tri>l) tarbis, to close 




with a bolt, barricade: 
\^jy^huwa tarbis ^alay- 
j(i, he locked me up. ^y I 
ittarbis, iohe closed, bar- 
ricaded. ^.>* mutarbis^ 
closed, barricaded. A,^\j:tar- 
bisa, act of closing with 
a bolt, barricading. ^\$^j 
tirbds, door bolt^pZ. ijri^J 
^J turba, and ^j)/ turaby, 
see w-y 

^.Jtarbyt, see Jajj 

^j tarby^a, see ^j 

^J tarbyja^ see v^,j 
jjtirtir^ small round pieces 
of gold or silver used for em. 
broidering ladies' dresses, 
sg. ^jj tirtira, pi, CAJJ 

j\yj terotwdr* side-walk^foot- 
path, pi. Cj\j\yJ terotwa- 

^j tartyb, see w* j 

frJ ( ^^^ ) ^^^5^1'^, to translate, 
interpret. r'J\ ittargim, to 
be translated, interpreted. 

j^ju mUtargim or mittcir- 
gim, translated, interpret- 
ed, jjt-j targima^ trans- 
lation, interpretation ,pZ. 
j^\J tardgim, or d^j 
targimdt, ^ju mutargim, 
translator, interpreter, pi. 
cni^># mutargimyn, cM'J 
turgumdn, dragoman, pi. 
A?"!/ tardgma, or c«triy 


^J tarhyla, see ^j 
^:rj tarliys, sec ^^ 

<rj tarhyja, see J^j 
33 j' taraddud, see ^j 

Ji^jT tarzyl, see Jij 

^Jjtarzy,'' tailor, pi. a^j^ 

^j^jtirs, shield, cogged-wheel, 
pi. ^3^ turds. A^J tirsa, 
turtle,pZ. siA^J tirsdt. 

^j tar as* cuckold, pi. cX^J 

^j tars,* in a contrary man- 
ner; ^jai vitti^ J? hull 

kalfUHik bit tara^ all you do 

^L J 



is wrong. 
4>Uy tarsdna^ or iJli^^j? tarsabd- 
na, arsenal^ dockyard, pi, 
si^liLi tarsandt, or wliU^^jr 
AiL^j tarasyna^'' balcony, pi. 

cA'k-^j tarasyndt, 
^j tarhyh, see ^j 
JI-* J tarassud, see ju#j 
^jA:^y i^r?t/s, see ^j 
^j? tardyja, see ^j 
^J tor(t/&, see wl^j 
^J tir'a, canal, j)Z. ^j^ itra'; 
AC J tir^et sarf, canal 

of discharge; iljt.' W tir'^et 
^Md/ canal of supply; S^y 
Ul^ tir^'et tabfyfj canal of 
relief ; ^^\ i«V hXjhetettU 
ra'', canal act. 

to Be stout, corpulent. ^jJ>* 
mutarfis, stout, corpulent. 
4-i> tarflsa^ stoutness, 
iijtirfa, early fruit or vege- 

• ^ 

^j taraqqy, see Jj 

*^y tarqy\ see ^j 

ilj? ( ilji^ ) tarah (jutruk)^ to 

leave, give up, abandon.iljlM 

mtorafe,tobe left,given up, 

abandoned. ^^Jij, matrAk^ 

left^ given up, abandoned ; 


sl^^3j^ matrukdt, objects 
belonging to a deceased per. 
son.iJj? tark, act of leaving, 
giving up, abandoning. J^J 
tirka, estate of a deceased 
person, pi, jCj tirkdt. 
^J turk^ Turks ; iJj3\ 3:^^* bildd 
et turk, Turkey. ^J turky, 
Turkish;^!, i^c^^i^:, ,jU\ 
eribdradabalet 'aleh bit 
turky, he could not make 
head or tail of the case, it 
was Chinese to him. if^^J 
turkdwy^ a Turk, /)Z, •/(/ 
tardkwa, or iSl> I atrdk. 

sjf'j tarkyb, see ,jS^j 
JJy toratoZi{/,*lightJiiinded; ^ 
^j'aqloh tarahxlly^ he has 
a screw loose. 

4kj*ty turumb^ta* drum,tamhou^ 
vine, pl.^\!L^ J turumbetdt. 





^J»-j4j» turumhitsy, trum- 
peter, pi, jl^JL^J turum- 
^j^j tirmis, lupine, sqa-^mJ tir. 

misaypl. sZA^J tirmisdt. 
^^j tarmyl,see^yj 
^j tarmym^ see \j 
ij turung^ kind of lemon, cit- 
ron, sg, idij turunga, pi. 
vl»Uj? turungdt, 
C^^j tirinkyt, small sail at the 

stern of a ship. 
4-J5J tarwysa^ see ^^j 
\lj iarayya,chandelier,pZ.wl* 

jiJ'SiJ^i&Ji) ittarjaq, to 
bother, find fault, ihj tar- 
jaqa^ act of bothering, find, 
ing fault. 

Jrj/ i(^r^yjyl. see Ju 
^,j tar yjym, seep 

A^^ tazga^OTJ^ytazka,* bench, 

bank, artisan's work-table, 

pl.^ytizag jOvcJ^ytazgAt. 

j^yj tazryr, see jj 

wXp^- iax'yf^ see 


c^y^j tazfyt^ see ^J 
jJj" tazqyqfind^Jtazqymfieeij 
^jT tazkym, see fj 
Jaj^jT tazmyt^ see J^^J 
jj^jT tazhyr^ see ^^j 
ji^jT tazwyr, see j^j 
•ai tazyra^ see j.j 
^j: tazyjyt^ see ^j 
J-^>' ta^yjyQ, see j, j 
C«i >• tazyjyn, see otj 
^v^r tasabbub. see w- 
^juJ ta56^/t, see ^ 
ji^juJ tasbyb^ see ^ 
jjuJ i!as&(/Z, see J^ 
,jLLJ tastyf^ see 
jjjj^* tasgyl, see 
jj^c-J ^asfej/r see 
<ii;c-J tasbyn, see ^ 
JL* JuJ tasdyd^ see Ju 
^^* tasryh see r/- 
j^jL-J tastyh^ see ^ 
ifc-J tisa*", or AiuJ ii^'a, nine, pi. 

malet tis^a we dimmetha^ 
he did all the bad he could, 
^tus^one ninth part, pi. 



AJ\ atsd\ mJ: tdsi 

:', the 

m*LJ tasnyh^ see ^ 

ninth one jS\::^tisa'tdkLr^ 

^^^c-j tasnyn, see ^ 

nineteen; oju-j t is^yn , ninety; 

J^^r tashyl^ see J^^ 

^^]i^\ ^""alat tis^yn. 


ji^* taswyd, see a^- 

Otu-J*yl 'ala abut tis'yn. 

^jj^* taswys, see ^^^ 

for sure^ for certain. 


ii^* taswyja^ see tj^ 

tus'umyja^ nine hundred, j^^i 

w^-J tasyjyh, see wV- 

*oy^\j j6m tasd^'a, 9th day 

^^xJ" tasyjyh^ see »-L 


Aili) to^6u/i,see A^i 

j^^ tas'yr^ see ^^ 

^if tasbyr. see jii 

^^^ tis^yn, see ^-J 

*:^ij ta&byh, see A*i 

j^- tasfyr^ see >- 

^e^ ^aifi'y', see ^ 


^.j...» ^«s^«/A see ^a- 


o*:^*^ tasbys^ see ^jajCT 

A.s^r tasqyja,see j^ 

^.-^Uasdyd^see Jii 

^^Cis taskyt, see jd 

^j^ tasryh, see r-^i 

j^^ taskyr^ see ^ 

J»i/^* tasryt^ see J«»y^ 

jXj iasZe/^, see viX- 

^ir^* tosrt//", and (^W^^* msry- 

^U) <as7j//i, see ^ 

/itft/, and^^Uiy^* tahryfdt- 

jJuJ taslyt, see Uu 


Sy, see ^yt 

,jlLJ taslyf^ see ^U 

^.J^- <as(j/6, see .J^ 

s*X\J taslyk^ seevilU 

^jukiT ia^j//', see .Jkki 

AJ taslym, see U 

J^- <a^Sry2, see JJti 

^Lj taslyja;see ^ 

j5j.Liji tasqyr^ see yLi 

j^* tasmyr.see js^ 

^iStasqy\ see ^ 

^^ tasmy\ see •c* 

j,LiJ takqyq, see ji 

>^H tasmym, see x^- 

viliwJ taskyk^ see dLi 

-ur^ taamyja, see ,^ 

Jidr taikyl^ see J^ 




mliS taslyh, see ^ 

j^ tasmyr^ see j?* 
^i) tis^, stout,corpulentrmasc. 
and fern J, 

j^tash'yd^see J^^ 

^y^tashyl^ seej^ 
J^lyiS taswys, see ^^ 
^^ takwyn^ ,see (:,;^ 

Ai J,r tahwyh. see Ai 

•^iT <o^si/yj/', see ^b 
iJiUr tasdduf^ see cJJu# 

f iUr tasddum^ see a jl^ 

jj^^) tashyr, see jv^ 

C^ujt^ tasbyn^ see c>w» 

^^^? <asAt/A, see ^ 

jXjtJ tasdyr^ see jx^ 
j>jur tasdyq, see, jJi^ 

^j^J tasryh, see ^^ 

tosa r/6. see 

jK^^itas^yr, see >-^ 

^' t(^?fyh^ see ^ 

4;i^r tasfyja, see ^. 

iJUJ tasqyf^ see cJu^ 
)" taslyby see wA-^ 
^taslyh, see^ 
xs^ tasmyd^ see jic^ 

ij^*' tasmyg, see ic^ 

^C^" tasmym^ see ^ 

*:^r tasannu^^ see ii::^ 

,^jLx-flj tosn t//", see ,^1-^ 

j^^^-tf)' taswyr^ secj^ 


s^}^ tadbyb^ see ^-^ 

• • • 

dJL^ tadhyk^ see vfJi^ 

j^' tadarrur^ see ^ 
^^* tadryb^ see ^j*^ 
trly^*^* tadrys, see ,^^ 
j!<i-Aj' tadfyr, see y^ 
u.^"^- tadmyn, see ^y:^ 
^:^tadyjy\ see^U 

J^^'fa/daf, see Jit 

^Ja3 tatabbu, see *Ji» 
^J*r tatbyb^ see wi» 
J^i> tatbyh, see J;J» 
ih^tatbyq, secjJ. 
Cx^ tatgyn, see j^ 
ci*^* tcitarruf, see o^ 
3.^- ^afrt/^, see j> 
^kr tat'ym, see •!» 

^lu tatallub, see ^U* 

• • 

AiStatly\ see At 
jj.*^ tatmyr, see ^ 
^J^ tafrnyn^ see ^ 




jK^ tathyr^ see j^t 
JLj^* tatwys^ see ^^ 
jl^ tatwyq, see J> 
Jj^; tatwyl^ see Jli 
-^i" tatyjyr, see jU. 
4^Ur ta^dsa^ see ^^' 
JU tcCdkb^ see U 
u-^'( ^^o ) <i'i6 (jii'^cib)y to 
be tired, fatigued, w*** ^a'a& 
or ta'^ab^ or ^M ai'^aft, to 
cause to be tired ^ cause to be 
fatigued, give trouble. s^yU 
mat^ub, or jVfSta^dn, tired^ 
fatigued, troubled, ^ta'ab^ 
trouble, fatigue^ fee, wages, 
pi, wWt afdb, ^^..jix* mutHb^ 
fatiguing, tiresome. 
f^XuS ti'bdn, serpent, snake, pi. 
i^\»! ta'abyn;j4^j\^ tVbdn 

el 6a/ir,eel;o^^ o^^ "^ J' 
Jj-I ^ illy ^addoh et tibdn 
Jibdf tain el habl^ a burnt 
child dreads the Are. 


J, J ta'abbud, see xp 
jjyyJ ta^byr^ see jjp 
j^" ia'6(/g, see j-^ 
*^* ta'byja, see ^ 

•:•)" ( •iii )ia' to',to move a Heavy 
thing, move with difficulty, 
^\ ittaUa\ to be moved, 
move with difficulty. ^uuT 
taHa'a^ act of moving a 
heavy thing, moving with 
^" ta^aggub, see ^^ 
^ijuJie'd^d, seeJe 
(C jlJ iafadd^^ see ^^ j^ 
^^* ta'arrud^ see ^^jP 
^*^r ta'^arruf, see iJ^c 
^^^r <aV(/5, see ^^^ 
^iy) faVf/d, see ^^ 
^yj ta^ryf^ see cij^ 
4j ^r ta^ryja^ see c5^ 
J)jaWaVf/i,see Jjp 
4ijiJ ta^'syja^ see cSj^ 
^j^«r f ^«^) ia'as (jit'is)^ to cause 
to be unhappy, cause to be 
miserable. ,^-^1 inta'^as^ to 
be unhappy,miserable.^yAi 
mafds^ or ^^^jJ ^ct't/5, un- 
happy, miserable,wretched, 
pi. (j^^y^ mat^'usyn^ or LjJ 
ta'^asa. 4.-^W ta'^dsa^ or a^ 



4 ? 

• • * 

ta'^sa^ unhappiness, misery, 
aUyla, see J-^ 
ix*iyi, see JLjlp 
c^^^yq, see ji^ 
a^assub^ see ^ 
o'fyZ, see JU 
a'^zym, see J^ 

\a''fyn, see ^iP 

^u'^qyd, see jl2^ 

la^aqqul^ see JJp 

la^hyr, see ^ 

ta^kys, see ^ 

ta*to&, fox, joi. wlU to'dZeft. 

la^alluq, see j\o 

ta'i^?^ see Jc 

taHym^ and >c^ taHymgy^ 

and A;Ui^»> taHymbdna^ 

see U 
4IIL1J taHyJa, see Jo 
jyf^ ta^myr^seeyf' 
^ ta'^mym^ see > 
j!^ ta^ahhud^ see a^^ 
^^r ta'^awud^ see 3'^ 
^yj to'toj/gr, see ^^ 
j^^yu ia'wyr^ see j^o 
^^jul ta^'wyd^ see ^^^ 


• -«o 

a t/s, see ,j-«» 
a'^ayjuk^ see ^_^W 
(^'yjyfy see j|ft 
C'^yJyn, see u^fr 
a^dyr, see jJ* 
O'^ryja, see tf > 
a^?t/s, see ^t 
O'Myjc'', see Jai- 
a^afful, see Jic^ 
a^lyja,see Ji 
agmys^ see ^^^ 
ap^mt/d, see^/' 
agmyja, see j^ 
cf'dyjy^, see > 

^'(^.) <«/r ryi^i*/r^ to spit. 

i^jUiJ to/'i i^to spit repeatedly. 
Uuiaff^ act of spitting, a;::*! 
taftifa^ act of spitting re- 
peatedly. -^" ^a/fa, spittle, 
saliva, pi, z,^ taffdt^ or jlu 

^ tiffdh^ apples, sg, 4^^ tiffd. 
ha, pi c^WW tiffahdt, 

JU ii/VtZ, rag for covering 
dough, jpZ. z^^V^ tifaldt. 

\:jS tifta,"^ aniline. 




px.S taftys, see JL-i 

^' ( p. ) taffab, to cause to be 
swollen. ^ mutaffaby 
^ tafbym , see i^ 
^jS tafryh^ see ^> 
JajyT tafryt^ see J*^ 
^>; i^/^J/^, see ^> 
jiyl ^^/'^i/S', see jy 
j^-Ui tdfsyr^ see ^ 
A^tafsyja, ^ 
^ tafsyl^ see J^ 
oi- tafdyd, see ^^ 
^^^^- iaf(j/s, see ^i 

JLAJ <«/^{/5, see JLS 
Jajm tafqyt, see Ja2i 
•^iT tafkira^ seejS 

JiT <«/?, refuse, dregs^ sediment. 
^^^Jij tafLys, see ^^Ji 
^taflyq, see jU 

aAs taflyja, see ^ 

f^tafhym^ see^i 
^.yi tafwydy see ^li 
^.^tafwyl, see Jy 
J^la! taqd^ud, see Jui 

4)U; tuqqdla and taqdla^ see Js! 
^jU: taqdwy, seed for sowing. 


[ ^i ) taqab (jutquh), to 

bore, pierce. wJtil intaqab^ 

to be bored, pierced. ^yb« 

matqdhy bored, pierced. ^ 

fa^6,act of boring, piercing. 


^* tuqh^ hole^ bore, /)Z, 


^UiM atqdb. wUu mitqdb^ 


boring-tool^ joZ. ^l:# ma-- 




taqaddum^ see ^ Ji 

taqdyd, see ^ Ji 


taqdyr^ seejM 


taqdyf^ see sJJi 


taqdym, see ^Ji 


taqryb, see s^} 

•* 1 

taqryr^ see J 


taqrys^ see ^} 


taqryt^ see i^J 


taqryq, see J J 


taqsyt^see Jc-J 

M> 1 


taqsyrrty see ^ 


taqiyr^ see jli 


taqiyt, see J*ii 


taqassud^ see XiM 

• • 

taq^yba, see w**! 

taqsyr, see ^ 


taqtyr, see ^ 



*Ja; taqty\ see *kJ 

jlJail iaqtyf^ see u^li 
Ja) ( Jsiii ) tiqil^or Ji* sigiZ, to 
be heavy; Jal 4*^ sama'^oh 
tiqil, his sense of hearmg 
has grown weaker; viAi^jUl 
ei matara tiqlet, it is rain- 
ing harder ; aJ^ JaJ UJ\ ^Z 
"(X/a iigiZ 'aZ^/i, he (the pa- 
tient) has got worse; JaJ y^ 
Mc/iatoa tegii ""alayja^ he 
pressed me hard. Ji taq- 
qal, to cause to be heavy, 
make heavy ; JsJ ^\J^ el 
""ayjdn taqqal^ the patient 
has got worse; ^^tllj^JaJ y^ 
/iutoa taqqal fi& karh^ he 
drank too much ; silWj Ji 
taqqal riglak^ walk slow- 
ly 1 JfliM ittdqil, to be 
weighed against another 
thing. Jf\?l issdqil, or JiliTl 
itsdqil, to impose upon, 
bother, be cheeky. Ja^-I 
istatqal, to consider heavy 
or troublesome, jal tagi, 
or JS?«agZ^ weight, jpZ. Jlsll 

atqdl, Jit ttiqla^ heaviness, 
imposition, trouble. JJJ 
iig(/i, heavy, difficult, pi. 
^}\Stuqdl; JJu Ji>-lj rdgil 
tiqyl^di bore,a plague; JjTa^IS^ 
kaldm <igt/Z, harsh words, 
words which strike home ; 
Jju ^3^ masrdb tiqyl, 
strong drink; J-^' 4^ ''aqloh 
tiqyl, he is stupid, he is 
slow of understanding. ^ 
saqyl^ rude, antipathetical, 
repugnant. 4Ji6\ '^ kahb ^t 
tiqyla^ he eased nature. 
Jlai taqdla, or 4Jlif saqdla^ 
rudeness, antipathy, impo- 
sition ; ^i4 Ju; jJ tibqa ta-- 
qdla minny^ it shall be an 
imposition on my part, JuT 
tuqqdla^ paper-weight, /)Z. 
wV\a^ tuqqaldt. Jls:* mi7- 
gdZ, standard weight (equal 
to about 72 English grains), 
pi, JJ\i4 mataqyl, 

,^^ taqlyb,see J^ 

jds) taqlyd, see j^ 
JiJ taqly\ see iJ 




JisJ taqlyl, see Ji 
^ taqlyja, see J« 


jt^ taqmyr^ see^ 

j^* taqmyz, seeji 
O^ ( ly^. )t(iqan (jitqin), or^"l 
atqan, to perfect, ^sil inta. 
qan^ to be perfected. o^% 
ma^^din^perfected.^" taqn^ 
or 0^1 if gtin, perfection. 

^iyi taqwa^ see J^ 

jj^yu taqwyr, see jy 

ji^' taqwyq^ see Jy 

£^' taqwym^ see aIJ 

iyC taqwyja^ see c$y 
jj iagy, see Jj 

JjSliigj/Z^see JSi 
^' taqyjyd, see JiJ 

::* tcf'QyJyty see i*i 
j^- takabhur, and jrv^ takbyr, 

see jjT 

^_^x5j takbybj see 
• •• • 

.jL:5j taktyf^ see u^iT' 
j^ takhyl, see jC 
^ jSj takdyb, see^J^ 
j^JS^ takdyr^ see jiS^ 
j\ptikrdr, and j^jj takryr^ 
see j^ 

^jjptakrys^ see ^/^ 
^^takry\ see p'/^ 
|C^' takrym^ see ^^ 
v5j taksyja^ see ^^-5 
jg.i^ taksyr^ see ^^ 
O^takfyn, see ^o 
uA-So taklyf^ see w-io 
Jt:^' takmyly see jT' 
^f^ iakwym^see 0^^ 
^:^» tikyja^"" dervish monastery, 
asylum, alms-house, />i. llW 
^^ takyjys, see],^ 

JJtoZZ, hill, heap, pZ. Ji^Iii- 

Wi, or JjlU iaftii. 
^tull*y gauze. 
C>:i^i toilf, and 0:>ri^i talatyn, 

see ^' 
mJj talbyhy see ^ 
^joJj talbys, see ^jJ 
J^^talbyh^ seejJ 
.JJ(^i) «aiii^, to do a third 
time. sJ^M ittallit, to be 
done a third time, argue, 
bother, find fault with; U 
•Jo jJcJ ma tittalliWalay- 
ja^ do not bother me I do 





not be indifferent with me! 
^\i« mutallit^ or Jjl* mu^ 
sallas^ three fold, three 
cornered, triangular^ trian- 
gle^ pi. wlili* musallasdt, 
jjii tatlyt^ act of doing a 
thing a third time, finding 
fault with^argument^bother. 
iS"^ taldta, three, pi. oUj 
talatdt ; j^ oWj hagar 
talatdt, small blocks of 
ashlar, z^^ tdlit^ the third 
one, third day after a 
death. ^ tult or tilt^on^ 
third, pi. Cj:)^\ atldt. ^lr:^r 
talattdsar, thirteen. o>»^* 
talattjn, ihvci^ ,k^ tultumy. 
ja^ three hundred. w^\ ^^i 
jdmet taldt^ Tuesday. 
J-Jj( J^. ) taltil, to fill to the 
brim, heap up. J:lJl ittaltil, 
to be filled, heaped up. Jdit 
mutaltil, filled, heaped up ; 
iiJuu J\»^ dimdgy mutalti-^ 
la, I have a cold in the head. 
^JiJ faZiito, actof filling to 
the brim, heaping up. 

^' ( ^: ) tallig^ to be frozen, 
cold as ice. ^ mutallig^ 
frozen, cold as ice. ^' talg^ 
ice, snow. 
^ talgym, see JL- 
^ ( ^^ ) talham^ to be tenac- 
ious, cheeky. J^mutalham^ 
tenacious, cheeky . k^ ta Iha- 
ma, tenacity, cheek, 
^^j^r taldyn^ see C)Ji 
^' taltyh see ^ 
JJj toZ^t/s see JJJ 
-JJj faZ(y\ see «U 
uJtJJj taltyf^ see »^L) 
^\JiStiligrdf* telegram, tele- 
graph, pl.c^s\j^stiligrafdt. 
UlyA; tiligrafyjan^hy wire. 
^lyilra'Zig'M/'fl^y, telegraph- 
ist, pi. ^Ijdj tiligrafgyja. 
U^i{^i) tilif (jitlaf)^ to be 
spoiled,damaged. ijilr toto/, 
. or u^\ atlaf, to spoil, 

damage, u^t toZaA ^^ '-i^*' 
itldf, spoliation, damage, 
losses. f^V^ ialfdn, spoiled, 
damaged; o^" J^^walad taL 












fdn, a good-for-nothing 
boy. ui\y J^j\ ard tawdlif^ 
waste land, terrain endom" 
magi, ^b, mutlif, spoiler, 
destroyer, waster, pi jrub 
d; tilifdn*, telephone,/)Z.C*l;yu" 



ilqa^ see jJ 

alqyh^ see ^^ 

alqyt^ see JaSl 

alqyrriy see al • 

aZfey^ see *<J 

(^\z)tilim (Jitlam), to be 
blunt. At tallim, to cause to 
be blunt, be blunt. ^\itAlim^ 
AM^umara matldm<x^v/omsin 

of ill fame. ^ ^}rh ^^9^ 
tilim, a cheeky man, an 
impudent fellow. 
talmyhy see ^ 
tafmy-s', pupil, student, fern, 
•JJi talmyza^ pi, JL.^* ta- 
Icimysy or •I-«;^r taldmza. 
taljdny, or cidL taljdny^ 



lu mutallim^ blunt, t^ 

Italian, pZ. j:;lJj taljdn, or 
olJb' taljanyja, lJU»3 1 y((tZ/a, 

^^Jj tallys, corn sack, /)Z. ^jJ^' 

tri^* talyjys^ see^i 

u^^ talyjyn, see oV 

f ( fi) t(Xmm,(jitimm), to be 
settled, i tammim, to com- 
plete, finish, arrange, settle. 
(lUI itmdm, or ^* tatmym, 
completion. aU tamdm, com- 
pletion, complete, complete- 
ly; Ij6 ^Ic tamdm keda/]ust 
so;>U j^\ edduhr tamdm, 
midday precisely. ^Ir Idm, 
complete, entire, il timma, 
cortipleteness, total; li ^{\^ 
icS'maljdn li timmet ""^noh, 
full to the brim, choke-full. 

^\i tamdn^ or olc tamdnjCL, 
eight, pi, oIjU tamanjdt. 
^Iti toman tdsar,eighteen. 
^iU tamanyn, eighty, ijf^ 
tumntimyja^eighi hundred. 
^V) tdmin, the eighth one. 




^ tumn, one eighth part, 
district of a city_,Police office 
of the district of a city, pi, 
C)\l\ atmdn, 

^:c tamattu\ see ^ 

•» ^- " 

di^ tamhyk^ see dl^ 

^^jJLc tamaddun, see o-^« 
y (j^. ) ^^^<^^ (jutmur), to 
bear fruit; ^ JLTy U Aioil ef 
hidyja md tamarits fyh^ 
he is not grateful for the 
present ( he received ). J, 
tamr^ dates, sg, oj. tamra, 
pl.Zj^JL tamrdt.ifJiX^J. tamr 
hindy, tamarind. 

>.y tamargy/ hospital nurse, 
pi. ^J, tamargyja, 
\i,- J, tamr hinna^ see ^ 

^J. tamr y^, see ^. 

-)^ tamzy\ see ^j. 

•Li timsdh^ crocodile, pi, ^Jl 

mJd tamty\ see ^* 
Aii tam^a, see A*^ 
Jx tamally, constantly, per- 
manently, always; 0^ Jc 1^1 
ana tamally ^ayjdn^ lam 

always sick; Jc ^J^5^ mus- 
tard im tamally^ permanent 
employs, pi. ciJc Cj^jis^ 
mustahdimyn tamallyjyn. 

Ji {^Jtammin, to estimate, 
value. ^1 ittammin, to be 
estimated, valued, ^mu- 
tammin^ estimated, valued, 
Cfii tatmyriy estimation, 
valuation, ^c taman, value^ 
price, pi. C)^\ atmdn. jd 
tamyn^ valuable, costly, 

^^ tamanny, see ^^ 

4jitimma^see ? 
yJitamyjyz^ see> 

^^tann, or Cj^dann^ always, 
constantly; J^* dluJ tannak 
tdkul^ you are always eat- 
ing; ^U AS^tannoh md^y^he 
walked away, he went on 
Jjb' tandzul, see J ji 
^\^tunhdk^, nicotina gluca^ 
tombac. ^^^^ tunhdksy, 
tombac seller, pi. <Xl:: 






( JJb )tan&ei, to be idle, 
lazy. mIo' tanbila^ idleness, 
laziness. J-iT tanbal, idle, 
lazy, pi. ^iU tandbla. a;ULj 
tanbalbdna^ asylum for the 
lazy, alms-house. 
tanbyt, see JoJ 
tanbyh^ see aJ 


tantilla* lace. 
tangyd^ see ji 
tangyz^ see jf 
tangys, see ^^ 
tangym^ see ^ 
i m lA, cheeky , irrepressible, 
^anda, *awning,pZ.x-;i mod, 
or otxi tanddt. 

^3u tanazzuhy see tjJ 
\ jjjU tanzyl^ see J^ 
^_v,\ ^T tansy f^ see uJuU 

j^r tansyr, see ^.^ 
Uu-L-I tandyf^ see «JLa) 

Ji:; tanzym, see Jii 

jOJ tanaffus, see ^jji 
^^jk^T tan f yd, see ^j2l«I 

JxJL-r tanqyt^ see iaS 

AjaJ tanqyja, see jJ 

sjJb* fa/iafe/ tin-sheet, i^* fana. 

fca,or4^ kanaka, metal 

pot^pi. wSCj tanakdt. ^ 

tanaksy, tinman, pi. aj^^' 


tinkdr^ tincal, borax. 

tankyt,see ^C' 


tanhyd,see j^ 

tanhyq^ see j|; 

tanniira^y skirt, petticoat, 

pi. j^'U) tananyr, or wlj>S 

•yl to/i toa, coffee dregs. 
4yr tontoy/t, see^y 
j^^ tanwyr,see jy 
^^yUanwy\ see^y 

c^' ( tri ) ^^^^, *^ ^^^^' ^^^^• 
Jr Carina, to bend or fold in 

many places, do a thing a 

second time, repeat. ^M 

intana, to be bent^ folded. 

^ matny, bent, folded. 

^r tony, act of bending, 

folding. V* t^^J^y ^ ^^^^^ 
a fold, pi. C.U tanjdt,c^A 
itnSn^ov Cj^\ isn^n, two ; 
jfCrVl f^ y<5m el itnin, 




Monday.. Jt tdny, second, 
other, again, also, fern, ajI" 
tdnja^pl, i^^\^ tanyjyn;kJ\J 
$*js marra tdnja, a second 
time; Jt ajV* hdtoh tdny, 
bring him again! JW»^lj-j 
rdh enta et tdny, go you 
tool aJ\? sdnja, a second, pi. 
Jly sawdny, 


j^- tanyjyq, see j_J 

j^- tanyjyl, see JJ 

jj\j: tahdjul, land slip. 

_^u*i tahbyb, see .^ 
^i; (a.s^J tahtih^ to stutter. 4^:^ 

tahtiha, stutter. 
•^ tahaggum, see j»j? 
to/igft/s, see^^ 

^^ tahryb^ see w^y^ 

A£^ fa/tre/ma,coping of parapet. 

^i^ tah&ym^ see ^ 
/Y^ ( A=i ) i^f^^^ (jithim)^or ^^\ 
atham, to accuse. ^^\ inta- 
ham^ to be accused. ,^y^ 
mathAm^ or ^ mutta" 
ham^ accused, defendant, 
pi. ij^^jff^ mathumyn^ or 






^^ muttahamyn ; j^^ 
^^ (^ mathdm fysirqa^ he 
is accused of a theft. A^\ 
iihdm^OTK^^ tuhma, accusa, 
tion, pi, oUl^l ithamdt, or 
^: tuham^ or si^l^^: tuhmdt, 
tahnyja, see ^^^ 
tahawur^ seQ jU 
to/itoyZ, see J^ik 

fa to, now, as soon as; U t^y 

iawoh ga^ he has just come; 

^^ U ^^taw ma jigy,as soon 

as he comes. 

tawdlif^ see waIt 

fd6, dress, loose over gown 

worn by native ladies under 

the habara, roll of material, 

pi. s^^y\atwdb. 

tdba, see J\J 

tawbyb.see ^5 

f^i,flrst month of the Coptic 

wy tAt, mulberry trees, sg, Ajy 

tAta,pl,sZ^\:y tutdt, 
Li'y tdtjCL* zinc, zinc ore. 
?rV 1 7ry-l ) tauwig, to crown. 

r-V' iffaatotgf,tobecrown- 


m • 




ed. ^^ mutauwig, or 
mitt'auwig^ crowned, ^p* 
ia^ to j/5^, coronation, ^-^r ietg^, 
crown, pZ. ^j^^ tygdn ; ^Ir 
julJ\ tdg el - ^aqd, crown of 
pier; ^^U ^l; i^gf eVamM^ 
capital of column ; ^t r-lJ 
% ^a/ir, washer (tube). 
Afiry tawagguh, see 4^-5 
-^f-y tawhyd,see ju^^ 

jy fdr, ox, pi. ^:,|j^- tyrdn. 
•\jyiawrd, Bible, pi. ^Ulj/ 

awryd, see ^j^ 

O'toryt, see i^j^ 

awryq, see Jj^ 

awryja, see cSj^ 

ato^e/', see cy^ 

awsys, see JL-i^ 

awsyl, see J-^^ 

awsyja^ see ^3 

awdyb,see ,^^ 

awdyh^ see^^) 

dfaksy* armonrer, pi. <^y 


awfyr, see js 

awfyq, see j»j 

• m 


xjAy tawaqqaf ,hnAsjJyiawqyfy 
see v-aJ^ 

Jfy tawakkul^ see JS"^ 
j^r Wfea/act of touching glasses 
in drinking. 



tawkyl^see J^3 
tawly\ see J^ 

tawlyja, see J3 

Mm, garlic, twins. 

^^y tAnis, cable of a sdqja(^ to 
which thejars are attached), 
pi. ^j-ily tawdnis. 

^y tawnyn, see j,:^ 

^Uy tawdhdn, see #\i 
*y tawahhum, see /^ 
(iy ( (^yij) iatoa {jitwy),or(S3^ 
tdwa, to put asidejhide.cffil 
intawa^ or cfjlrl ittdwa^ to 
be folded, put aside, hidden; 
jlfJ* J^ J^y^* ^ *^j rigloh 
ma tintiwys tAlen nahdr^ 
he does not sit down the 
whole day, he goes about 
the whole day. (^^ mat toy, 
or if^\u miitdwy, put 
aside, hidden. ^^^\u muta- 
wyja, act of putting aside^ 




3 j\{* tijdtro'', thesitre, pi viljU 

jIj tayjdr, current^ stream, pi. 

viljlr tayjardt, 
^}tJ Utal^ elk,i>i. JrU tajdtiL 
^ Uta, grand-mother. 

tr.^' ( crft ) ^^yJi^i to be 
stupid, dull, ^^c* mutayjis, 

stupid, dull. ^^^-..-7 tis, he- 
goat, block-head, pi. ^^ 

j^» taysyr^ see ^.-a 
^iJ tyfus* typhus. 
^y^ tyl* linen; ^l^J tyla, twisted 
rope used for flogging, 
cat o'nine tails, pi. c*!iU 
}3>yJ tijodolyt,* theodolite. 
u^ tyn, flgs, fig-trees, sg^. ixJ 
tyna,pl. sl»\i;i tyndt. 




=^ d 

\^{J:)9<^ (J^dy), to come; 
,1.^ lil ana gH^ I came ; 3^' 
ta^'dla, comel au JL;^ U ma 
yigfe/s minnoh, it is too late 
to mend, it is no use crying 

over spilt milk; ^*^ 


iza gSt lis sahyh, speaking 
seriously, as a fact; ^^ \^ jj^l 
Ax^elwalad da Jigy min^ 
noh, the boy promises well; 



^- ^'•^ 

tf U t$j zaj ma jigy 
Jigy, come what mayl 
coAte que co&tel if^ ^aII 
a! ^ el hudiXm dy tigy loh^ 

^^ ^ J^ <#■> f 3-^^' ^Ihuddm 
dy ^ipy 'o^l^h, these clothes 
fit him ;if{3^g(i toayjdja, 
he sided with me ; ^Jc U g^a 


""alayja^he opposed me;l>- lil 
sliU i^a g^a mdi^ if he should 
die; aj^\^ S^gatak ddhja, 
OFA^At^dB ^y^gat lak ddhja^ 
go to the devil 1 the devil 
take you! damn you! ^ U 
^•:1\ ma jigy et ta'^ab, it is 
not worth the trouble ; 
J-^J ^Jjigy(^rba' qurAs, 
about four piastres. ciU gdj, 
coming ; (^U-l ^JL^\ essahr el 
gdj, next month; <^U^3^* 
ta'dla li gdj\ come this 
way! (iU fl^cty, help! help! 
^migy, and ^ migyja, 
act of coming, arrival. 

V(^) fl^^fe (Jigyb), to 

bring ; U* dlU jJj I ^s g'dfea/c 
hena, what brought you 

here? J^ If- ,^U g^dft minha 
walad, he had a child by 
her : ^i jl w»U aJ^\ elkaWa 
gdhet arha^a^ the bitch 
gave birth to four ( little 
ones ); I J 1^ wU J^\ 6s 
gdb da li da^ or wU JLjI 
v-^U- ^s g^tJ& ii g^dfe, what has 
this to do with that ? there 
is no comparison between 
the two; «ii)^-. wU y^ huwa 
gdb syrtak^ he mentioned 
you, he spoke of you. ^Ul 
a^'cAft, to reply^ grant a re- 
quest. ^^i-^\ istagdbj to 
grant a prayer. ^^ g6b^ 
pocket/ pi ^^^ gujAb ; \^ 
<^ ^ ^^\ hatt el fulAs 
ming^boh^ he paid the mo. 
ney out of his own pocket. 
A^ giba^ or a^ migyba, 
act of bringing. 


^\^gdhid, see 

iU (•>>*: ) 9'^^ (JugM), to be 
generous. i^>- gAd, genero. 
sity. #>y>. gAda, excellence^ 




goodness^ benignity. ^\y^ 
gauwdd, generous, liberal^ 

P^, ct-^'yr gauwadyn, 


J^{j^.) 9(^r (Jugilr), to be 
unjust ,tyrant;t^;-l J& J^gdr 
'ala aJiiih, he treated his 
brother unjustly. j\i^\ ista- 
gdr, to implore help.jy^gdr, 
injustice ^partiality^inequity^ 
unfairness, ^jli^l istigdra, 
act of imploring help. Jjj 
j^U waraq gdjir^ large - 
sized paper. 
j\c.gAr, seej^U 

^3jU garAs, small stone-mill for 
bruising corn. 



jV ( J^ ) S^^ (j^9^^ )y to be 
allowed , permitted, j^ 

gauwiz, to allow, permit, 
marry. J'^l iggauwiz, or 
j^l itgauwiz, to get mar- 
ried. >^U gdjiz^ allowed^ 
permitted^ permissible, pos. 
sible ; ^^l j^U p'd/ 1-^' asi:i- 
foh, I may see him. j^ 

miggauwiz^ or j;^ mii- 
g^af/M?i>^ ncarried. Jlj^-g'a- 
lod-s', tolerance, authorisa- 
tion/ marriage. oV fl'^^'2'Ot, 

or •^ 5'f/'«'«, or .jt^^ gra- 
io(i-3'a, marriage. •jUlag'd^a, 
permission, leave of absen- 
ce, pi. vI^IjV* agazdt; .jUI 
-u^UpI agazd i^tijadyja^ 
ordinary leave ; ^y ;jUl 
agdzet marad, sick leave. 
jy>. g^d-j', husband, pair, pi. 
jl^\ as^toA^ ; -fVl jyr 9^^ 
el umm, step-father >j»- jy^ 
gdz gizam^ipsLir of shoes; 
j^l bil gdz ^in pairs, brace; 

ra& bilgdz, horse which 
kicks out with both legs. 
Jyf m ig' to i^, double, twice 
as large or as much. 

j^ gdz"" , see j\c 

j^ gdz*, gauze, 
v-ijV ( ^j\^ ) gdz if , to risk, en- 
danger ; A-JUi JjU fl'^'i'^Y hi 
nafsoh, or a.-j; ^ sJJV 
gfd^i/ 'a to nafsoh,he risked 




his life, AijU mugdzfa^nskj 
• -j^S^a^d^a,* efifervescent le- 



^j\^9<^^^i^*, see oj\^ 
^ 5^as^s, see ^^^ 

^u ( t^ ) 5^^' ryt^^^';, to be 

hungry, fy^ gauwa\ to 
cause to be hungry^ starve. 

^yr 9^\ hunger^ famine^ 
scarcity ; J^ ^^\ el gd"- 
kdfir^ necessity knows no 
law. o^r go^'^dn, or o^^r 
gu'dn, or jU.;^ gy^dn, hun- 
gry, pi. cc'V ga'anyn; 

mean fellow, a miserable 
fellow, a wretch. 

i ^ ^^ lt/^ iafe^s/carpenter's 
hammer^ joZ. JL^T^ or JL^I^ 

"' J\^5^aW5, block of mud, pZ. 
^\^ gawalys. 
xXf.gdmid^ see jj; 
^gdmi\^ee ^ 
AfA\c^gamkyja* pay, salary, pZ. 
wCCU gamkyjdt. 

(j-y V gdTniis^ buffalo, sg^. a-^>»U 
gamdsa, pi, oUyW g^a^ 
musdt^ or jj-:*t>^ gawa- 
mys. ^(t- gammds^ driver 
or keeper of bufifaloes, pi. 
A^\^' gammdsa, 

wiU gdn ib, see w^ 

]^\argdny,see ^ 
•Ugf(i/i/ honour, authority, 
dignity ; ctUU J \il ana fy 
gdhaky I throw myself on 
your generosity, I am at 
your mercy. 

jibU gdh iz^ see y^ 

^\pr gdhil,sQe ^^ 

wilrC v-J^)fl^^^^^^ *^ answer, 
reply, v^^' itgdwib, to be 
answered, replied. ^^\ 
istagwib^ to interrogate. 
A»UI igdba,orA>3\^ mugdw- 
ba^ answer, reply, pi. o^.Vl 
igabdt^orc^\»3\if mugawbdt. 
s^\^gawdb^ answer, reply, 
letter, pi. zX\y: gawahdt. 
s^\^\istigwdb^ interroga- 
tion. ^l$l j/g'ttfe, affirmative. 




J3^ij3^^) gdwir, to be neigh- 
bour, j^lf I itgdwir, to be 
had as a neighbour. jU gdr, 
neighbour, pi. (:)ljr>- gyrdn. 
»*r gy^^f neighbourhood ; 
d\jj^i^ III ana fy gyrtak^ 
I throw myself on your 
generosity I I am*at your 
mercy. j\^ bi guwdr, in the 
neighbourhood of. j^U ma- 
gdwir^ student in a mosque, 
pl. ctjilf mugawryn. 
jLijUor JL)jli sa toys'", sergeant, 
pl. A-ij^Wor A.J.)3U kawsyja, 

Jij ^U gd^ytcL, see Aki^ 
(iUS'^y, seeU 

jX^gdjir, seejU 

y\^gdjix, seejU 

^^gibb, mi, deep well, pi.wUl 

U-gra&a, seej;*. 
' jL>. gabbdr, see jj?- 
A<»C- gabbdsa^ see ^j^ 
{^gabdn, see^^u^ 
A;U-gfa66(:lna, cemetery, burial 
ground, pl ol'U gabbandt. 
iiU. gibdja^ see ^ 

JL^ (x^)5^<x6ad (jigbid)^io pull. 
Jl^I ingabadyOvx^\ itgabad^ 
to be pulled. .^^ rnagbAd^ 
pulled, tju?- gabda, a pull, 

-^ ( -^ ) 9^^&ar (jtigbur ;, to 
compel, repair,set (a broken 
bone);ji>.jlaJ^\ eZ burtuqdn 
gabar^ the oranges are all 
sold; jj>-^p^ jO'^ ^dn zamdn 
we gabar, it used to be so in 
former days, but it is not 
now the case, jy^ gabbar^ 
to set a broken bone j^l 
ingabar, or jif I itgabar, 
to be compelled, set, repaired. 
j\^\ ig gabbar, or j^\ itgab- 
barrio be repaired, set,cruel. 
jyo^ mag^ 6^ r,compelled, re- 
paired, set. jvf mugabbar^ 
repaired, set. j)>. gabr, com. 
pulsion,act of repairing, set. 
ting a broken bone, break- 
ing;jji.| eZ5ra6r,algebra;l![^ 
gabran, or jX\t btl gabr, 
by force; j^\ jj>- gabr el 
bahr^ cutting of the hc^lyg 


• • 

(well known ceremony in 
Cairo when the flood water 
is let into the canal which 
runs through Cairo), (^jv^- 
gabrtfy forcible, violent; ^y 
A*^>. quwa gabryja^ force 
majeure, j^i- tugbyr, act of 
repairing, setting a broken 
bone.^>. gtibr ^ or j\^ tagab- 
bur, tyranny, cruelty, se ve- 
rity. jt>g'a6Mr,tyrant,cruel, 
severe, pi, oj'X>- gabdbra, 
j^mugabbar , bone-setter, joZ. 
Cx,j^ mugabbaryn, 
^ ( ^j^ ) gabbis, to be as hard 
as gypsum, turn to gypsum. 
j{2 mugabbis, hard as gyp. 
sum, turned to gypsum; ^jip 
^j^^ ""aqloh mugabbis^ he is 
dull-brained, he is thick- 
skulled, he is a blockhead, 
cr:^ 9ibs, gypsum.^(l>. gab, 
bdsa, gypsum quarry, pi, 
- siX^Kw^gabbasdt, 
X^gabal^ mountain, pi, Jl^ 
S'iMZ. J>. gabaly, mountain, 

taineer, wild, savage, pi, 
^ii^.r gabalawyja, ai%^ 
gabalAja^ hillock, grotto, 
pl,c\i%>- gabalajdt. 


aL>. g^i&rZto, natural constitution, 

pi, ^%>- g ibilldt , 
(j^gibrifiv AX^gibna^ cheese. 
(j\fr gtibn, or d\\^gabdna, cowdiV' 

dice. oW S'^^Mn, coward, pi, 

^gibba, long loose coat worn 

by native men, pi, ^^ g ibab. 
^'W i^gabahdna* ammunition, pZ. 

slXi\o^ ^>'gabahandt, 


ls^['^.) gcf^bba (jigabby ;, to 
•• •• 

oflfer gratis; s:.Uir'si:i\;Utf ^j^ 
• ^ gabba "^aUna talat kasdt^ 
he ^^stood" us three drinks. 
l>gaba, gratis. ^^.U gdby, 
rent collector, pi, X>' gubd. 
aA^ gibdja^ collection of 
taxes or rentals, commission 
for collecting taxes or ren- 
tals. . 
(j^jf:- g ibyn ^ ov kf:>' gibha, fore- 



^ gitta, carcass,corpse,body^ 

^ ( jL^t.^ ) gahad ( jighid ). to 
deny^disbelieve. J^U gdhid^ 
apostate^ /)Z. cjL^y^^^gcihdyn; 
K/^\ Jb-W gdhid en nV^ma^ 
Tguhr^ hole, den, pi, j^ 

r g(^hs^ young ass, ignorant, 
stupid, pi J-yT guh^s. -ci^ 
gahkfj, young she-ass, short 
smoking pipe, pi, wLi^ 

^ ( ^ ) gaham {Jighim ;, to 
send one to hell, ^gahham, 
to bluster, be impudent. mClS 
ingaham^ or *^\ itgaham^ 
to be sent to hell. f^>*j? 
maghAm^ sent to hell. ^ 
gahm, act of sending one to 
hell, f^' taghym^ bluster, 
impudence, r^ gcihym, hell. 

^ (^)gabb{jugubb),io boast, 
talk big, vaunt. ^ gab/}^ 

boast, vaunt, ^i?" gabbci^ a 
lie, anexaggeration,pZ.C*l^ 
gabbdt, ^^ gabbdby boas- 
ter, one who talks big, /'an, 
faron^ pi, u^\xr gabbabyn, 
jb- ( 0^ ) gadd (Jigidd ), to 
exert one's self, be new. ^ Jb- 
gaddid, to renew. ^ Ji«>-1 ig^ 
gaddid^or ^-vil itgaddid, 
to be renewed. JiiPt' I isto- 
gadd^ to be new. of-^ 
mustagadd, new, modern. 
Oi jii tagdyd^ renewal, juiji^. 
gidyd^ new,modern, joZ.^Jb. 
gudad, or ^\Jc>-guddd;$^JL\ 
ft ji» ai-iei mdda el g id yda, the 
latest fashion; JiJb- ^ 'a/i 

gidyd, or JjJc^ ^•min gidyd^ 
afresh,anew, recently ; J 3I ^ 

jjj^^minauwilwe gidyd^ 
afresh, anew, again, over 
again; JLiJii-l ^Whelgidyd^ 
a game of chance; Jba». gL 
dyd^ para, 1/40 th part of a 
piastre, pi. ^Jb- gidad, 
jb- gadd, seriousness, earnest; 
jc^M^kalAm gadd, seriously. 



seriously speaking; jl«I 

oi-l ^y imsy 'alal gadd, or 

gadd, be serious 1 act se- 


riously! s>- ^ ^ih hitit^ 
kallim min gadd^ are 
you talking seriously? \^ 
giddan, Yery^ exceedingly. 
>.gidd, grandfather^ joZ. i^jb- 
gudAd, or ^Ijb-I agddd ; j:l 
iJjb. i6n giddak/ the man 
you know^ the man of whom 
we were speaking, j^j^ 
gud{id, or ^|jb-l agddd, 

j\j^giddr^see ja>. 
Jlj^S'iddZ^ see Jj«>. 
j\>'{jJ^)gaddar^ to have the 
small-pox. ^jjuj- gidry^ 
small-pox. jJd^ mugaddar^ 
one who has had the small- 
>• gidr, root,the sexual organ 
in themlae, pi. jjJb- gudAr; 
#jjb. JJ ga(a*' gidroh^ he 
expelled him, he got rid of 
him. jIj>. giddr, foundation 

of a building,wall,pZ.c,lj|ju>. 

brave, clever, intelligent, 
j^'jf'j^ gad^ana, or 4cJuf 
magda^y bravery, courage, 
cleverness, intelligence. pSt^ 
gada\ brave, courageous, 
clever, intelligent, young- 
man, pi. c^^Sj^- gid^'dn, ^jjf- 
magda\ brave, courageous 

Sj^ {JU<)gaddif, to blaspheme. 
tJbJLi tagdyf^ blasphemy. 

Jjb-(J-J^) gadal (jigdil), to 
twist, plait, braid. J^U 
gddil^ or li^ J^Cp-I iggddil 
wayja^to have a controversy 
or a dispute with. J -if I in ga- 
dal^ or Jofl itgadal^ to be 
twisted, plaited, braided. 
Jjjbf magdAl^ twisted, 
plaited, braided. Jj>. gadl, 
act of twisting, plaiting, 
braiding. ^}\j^giddl, orJ^U 
ma5^(lcito,controversy, alter. 



cation, debate, dispute, pi. 
slM^^mugadl/Xt, ^i^m-gidy- 
la^ braid or tress of hair,pZ. 
JiIj:p- gaddjil, 
63^r (J^^) goidwil, to checker, 
cross-rule. ^}^J^\iggadwil^ 
or J^JLf 1 itgadwil^ to be 
checkered,cross-ruled. J ^jl^ 
m ugad to i Z^checkered ,cr oss- 
ruled.ji ^j^ gadwila^ act of 
checkering, cross-ruling. 
J^-^r gadwal^ hst, return, 
table, time-table, pi, J^'J^ 
gaddwil^s.^jji^\^^s^ gadwal 

eddar6,multix)licaUon table. 
if^gidy^ kid, pi, jIjip- gidjdn; 

el gidy, he broached the 
subject, he drew aside the 

j^^j^gidyd^ see 
^i^y-gidyUi^ seejji^ 
f\j^guzdm^ leprosy, elephan- 

^i^( wi^ ) gasab (jigzih)^ to 
pull, attract.v^Jif I ingazab, 
or,^jjk\itgazabyto be pulled, 

attracted, lunatic. w^J^ 
magzdh, pulled, attracted; 
pl^ ^.SU magasyb. 
'j^{'^)90'rr(jugurr), or j>.j^ 
gfarg^ar, to drag, draw, pull, 
trail; ^^i*^ ^^^ ^ garr 
wayjdhum kaldm, he 
entered into conversation 
with them; JSCi ^ gfarr 
sakal^ he wanted to pick a 
quarrel. j^l mg^arr, or ji^^t 

iggai^ga^y or j>rjf ' itgar- 
g'ar, to be dragged, drawn, 
pulled; ^J3 KjL:.J^\essanf da 
jingarr, there is a demand 
for this article; V> ^y jsf I 
ingarr min hena^ begone I 
leave this place 1 ^f^l ista-^ 
garr ^io draw gradually, 
buy on account, jf'manp'arr, 
^^ J3J? magrdr^ drawn, 
pulled; ^jf^ sJj.\€lmarkib 
mungarra ^the ship is going 
with the wind, j^- garr^ 
or oyryr gar gara, act of 
dragging,drawing, pulling. 



trailing. .^ garra^ a pull, 
Pl^\yr 9(^^^At.jVj>: gar- 
rdr, traces of a harness, pi. 
Oljl^ garrardt; ^1^ jy}^ 
wabdr garrdr, tug-boat, 
jl^l istigrdr^ act of 
drawing gradually, buying 
on account, pi ^\A ^1 
istigrardt, j^jZ magrdr^ 
cess-pool, sewer, pi, ^ jU 
magaryr. ^ij\J^\ ingira^ 
ryja, towageyremorguage, 

v'-rrfl^^^^*, deep leather bag, 
sheath, pZ. a>^| agriba, or 
wU^^ girabdi; ajI^ ^ ^\c 
'dm'alagirdboh^ he swal- 
lowed the bait, he took his 
word for it . 
^^yrgurdb^ see ,^\^ 
\ c'-^ garrdh, see r-yr 
\ ^^j^ gardd, locusts, sg, t^l^ 
gardda, pl,siA^\y^garaddt, 
j^^f^-garrdr^ see j;>. 
A^gerdm* see aI^p 

^\y:'ger(myt* granite. 

• I^5rara(t, bravery, tfjrgary, 

iP.i^frgarawys^ sweetnieat paste 
of opium. 

^}y:girdja^ see <^y^ 

v^( vj^) garabfjugrub ),or 
vjt' i9^<^bb^ to f«<^e, have 
the itch.^>- flrarraft, to try, 
test, make an experiment. 
rab^ to be tried, tested, s^'jf 
mugarrab, or^ jf* m itgar-- 
rab, tried, tested, aj^ 
tagriba, trial, experiment, 
temptation, pZ. ^jl^ <agr(t_ 
rib, or o\i^ tagribdt. ^j^ 
garab, itch^ scab, mange. 
^j52 mugarrab^ one who 
tried, experienced, expert, 
pi. u^^jf mugarrabyn. v^^\ 
agrab, or ;:>\i^ garbdn, one 
who is suffering from the 
itch, mangy, scabby. 

jb^( Jbj^ ) garbid, io cause to 
have a rough or a wandering 
life. JLij>-l ig garbid, or Jb jf I 
itgarbid, to have a rough or 





a wandering life, ^s^f^ga r- 
hida^ rough or wandering 
4i JUi jp. garabdndyja^'^ knapsack^ 
pi. ^bJLiij>. garabandyjdt, 


Jt^rjrg^^gy^^ water-cresses. 
Z/r{^A)9(^^^h (Jigrah), to 
wound ; 7-j$ iJLt Mbbdk 
jig rah, an over-looking 
window. ^^ garrah^ to 
cover with wounds, r-jf I 
ingarah, or ^/f I ifg^ara^^ 
to be wounded. »-^l iggar, 
rah, or ^jifl it gar rah, to 
be covered with wounds, 
•^3j52 magr{lh, wounded, pZ. 
^jU magaryh, ^j<mugar. 
rah^ covered with wounds. 
^jf ^<^g^y^y fi^ct of covering 
with wounds, ry: gc^rh^ 
wound, pl.^3f: gur{lh, ^.l-^ 
garrdh, surgeon, /)f,uj>-ly^ 
garrahyn. V"!>r ^^ ""cttna-^ 
lyja girahyja^ surgical 
^ jT ( ^ J$ ) g^^(^d (Jugrud ), to 

fade (colour), take stock. 3>- 
garrad^io deprive^degrade. 
^jt' iggcirradfir ^^\ itgar. 
rad, to be deprived, degra- 
ded. 3>^ mugarrad, or 3^ 
mitgarrad, deprived, de- 
void of, degraded, bare, 
simple; ^^ ^yf mugarrad 
^an, destitute of; U ^"j^ bi 
mugarrad ma, as soon as; 

•^ j^l cjb*'' ^^ '^^ ^^ mugar- 
rada^ the naked eye. Ja jf 
tagryd, deprivation, desti- 
tution. iJii^ tagryda, expe- 
dition ("mil. ) pZ. slilJii^ 
iagryddt, ^^ g^ard, act of 
taking stock,inventory.^3^l 
agrdd^ beardless. 
{^^:>j^g(^rd Caskar )* guard of 
f^\^y^girddn^ see 0'^/ ^^ 

^ij^gardal, bucket, pail, joR- 

cr> (ct'j^) gO'rras, to disgrace, 
cr'j^' iggarras, or ^'j^l 
itgarras, to be disgraced. 
o*jf mugarras, or ^^^f* 



mi^5^arra5,disgraced. ^j^^jf- 
lagrys, act of disgracing. 
K^y^ gursa, a disgrace, 
a shame, pi. j^y^- guras. 
.^j>- giirasy, tale-bearer, 
scandal-monger, pi, ^2^j>' 
fj^jr gar as, hell, pi. ^\fr\ agrds. 

( ^/i ) 9<^^^f (mruf), 
to shovel, rake, ij^-^l inga^ 
raf, or ijjf I itgaraf, to 
be shovelled, raked, ij^jf 
magr{if, shovelled, raked. 
c-Ai ^ tagryf, act of shovel- 
ling, raking. o3j*>- fl^^^^A 
or Ai^ magrafa, shovel, 
pi, Uu^j\^ gawaryf^or^j\^ 

ga rf ^hank or edgeof a river 
or a canal, pi, ^ij>-guruf, 
JLSTpj. or <ji^ sarkasj^ Circas- 
sians, sg, ^^Sy:- or ^c^J^ 
sarkasy^pl <-S^j>- or^iJjTyt 
f >( f VfJ ^ gar ram, to fine, f j^l 
iggarram,ov^^\ itgarram, 
to be fined, ^^if mugarram, 

or ^^ mitgarram^ fined. 
jT ji tagrym, act of fining. 
^•'jT gardma, fine, pi. 
vl^Ul^ garamdt. *c^ ^ro- 
rj/ma, crime^offence, p^l>r 
gardjim.^jt mugrim, of- 
fender, culprit, guilty, /)f. 
cS«jj(2 mugrimyn, 

f jr Qi^if^, enormous, large. 
J^jT 9^<3trmasag, maple tree. 
iyyrgarmaq, crowd, swarm, 

dy: 5^^^^, wooden mortar, thre- 
shing floor, barn, pi. C)^j^^ 
J; >^gurndl* journal, newspa- 
per, report, pi. JJl^ gara^ 
nyl, or oVlJj^r gumaJAt. 
^j^gurra, root, origin, spe- 
cies, pi. jyr Qurar; iSy^ ^ 
qata"" gurretoh^ he expelled 
him, he got rid of him. 

^Sjri^jS:) Qara (jigra), to 
happen, take place ; ajI jy^- 
gar a ^^whOit has happened? 
what is the matter ? what is 
the harm? aA A iiyr go^r^a 




loh ^, what has become of 
him ? what is the matter 
with him? j^ iSfr gar a 
b^r^ thank God 1 it may 
have been worse ; (Sj^ U (fj 
(Sj^ ^o/ ma jigra Jigra^ 
come what may 1 coAte que 
codte / z^>'3 iSfr ^ (^IJI 
izzdj ma gara we g^t, hov^ 
is it that you came ? (Sy^ aj I 
4u S gara minnoh^ what 
wrong has he done ? <ij>.l 
agra^ to do^ perform ; 1>1 
j^» l:» Ui^l eAna agr^na 
bina Mt^ we built ahouse^ 
we had a house built. 1^1 
igra^ action^ performance, 
compilance, behaviour, pi, 
cJl^l igradt ; \^^\ ^ ^ 
katab loh bil igra^hewvoie 
to him to comply; j»jiU\ 1^1 
igraelUXsim^ act of doing 
what is necesssry, perfor- 
mance, compliance ; s:^llj>-l 
,jiil igradt el muglis, the 
proceedings of the Court. 

^jt(^j^) gi^y (Jig^y). to 

run, flow; ^\ Jo if j^, ^ 
htiwabijigry ^alaV^la^ he 
supports the family, he is 
the bread-winner of the 
family ; o^\ Jc ^j^, fl\ 
el hakym bijigry ""alal 
"^ayjdn^ the doctor attends 
the patient; kJ^\ Jo (fj^.y^ 
huwa bijigry ^alal qadyja, 
he looks after the case, cf* 
garra^ to cause to run. 
cjjf-*! istagra^ to dare, 
venture. (ijU g^tirt/, running, 
current; t^jl^-l j^\es sahr 
el gdry^ the present month; 

usual. iSf^ gary, or Cj\/r 
garajdn^ act of running; 
iSj>rr}j rdh gary, he went 
as fast as his legscould carry 
him. Aij\c>' gdrja^ female 
slave, negress, pi, jly>- 
guwdr, 4jly»-g^tr(t;/a,rations, 
coarse bread. ^Sj^ migra^ 
stream, channel, gutter, pi. 
ifj\f magdry, 
r gary, see ^t\y^ 




• — 

•^yr Q^^M^y ribs of palm-tree 
branches, sg, oJbj>- giryda^ 
pi. sl^lOi/r giryddt. •Jb^ 
giryda, journal^newspaper, 
pf. ^J jr gardjid. 
garyma^ see ^^ 

Cj*) ^^^^ {Jigi^^Jy to 
shear; ^jU ^4 j>- gaz;^: 

minhum fil{is, he made 

money by them, he fleeced 

them, jf I ingass^ or ji^l 

itgazs, to be shorn. J^j^ 

mag^A^, shorn. j>- g^a;r^, 

act of shearing, jl^ gazza:s^ 

shesvev ^pl.^j\j>'gaszazyn, 

i 1^) gazza^ to divide into 
parts. \yA iggazza, or Ijf I 
itgazza, to be divided into 
parts.ljif mugazza^ divided 

into parts, tsyc^ tagzy^ 

division. >j>- guz, part, 
portion, division, volume, 
pi. •Ij^l agzd, \y>^\ agzdj 
chemical substances. ^y^S 

o^g^CLgy^ chemist, drug- 
gist, apothecary, pi, 4..>-j>-l 


madraset el agzagyja, 
school of pharmacy. ^'Wj>-I 
agzabdna, pharmacy, dis- 
pensary, pi, CiliU-j?-l agza- 
bandt. i^^j^rguzy, partial^ 
small; KS^\\\^\dlqaddja 
elguzyja,ceises of summary 

j\"y^ gazzdr, see jy>- 
jl j>- gazzdz^ see j?- 

j;r ( JJ< ) gazar(jagzur ), to 
slaughter, butcher, jjfl 
ingazar. or j^l itgazar, 
to be slaughtered,butchered. 
J 3352 magz{ir^ slaughtered, 
butchered; j^j^ oU mdi 
magzAr, he died of a broken 
heart, he died of grief. 
jJr g^^^^ slaughter, killing. 
j\ j>. gazzdr, butcher, pi, 
^J^.jl;r gazzaryn. ,j\y^ 
gizdra ^huichevy, butcher's 

jyrg^^^^j carrots, sg. ^jy^- 
gazara,pl. ^\jy>'gazardt. 



jjT ^^^1*^ see ju 

purse, />Z c^\j^ y>- guzlandt, 
lA'f^gazma, shoe, boot, pi. aj^ 
guaiu) dUJ 4.. J?. ga;sma 
lastih^ side elastic boot;^.^^ 
]fi\»ji gazma hi rubdt, lace- 
shoe or boot ; (Sj^y a.*j?- 
gazma sawdry^ knee boot, 
top boot, jl^y^gizamdty^or 
<y^gazmagy ^shoe^makev, 
pi, ajUj?- gizamatyja, or 

^yr{^fy(:) gct^ci (jigzy), to 
recompense, reward. c5jV 
gdza^ to punish, cf j^l ifl'- 
gdzd, or cJj^l itgdza^ to 
be punished. Ij>. g^i-s'a, or 
^\j^^ mugazd, or ajjU 
mugazyja, punishment, pi 
s:J\\y>' gizadt^ or wl^lj^- gi- 

^Xjr9i^y^^, island, pi. j^\yr 
gazdjir;,y^;^\iSjJ^\j rd- 
gil zaj el gizyra^a huge 
man, a big bulky fellow; ^% 
x\J^\bildd elgazdjir^Alge- 

viei,^^y^y>-gazajirly^ islan- 
der ,/)i. AJyJ^>. gazajirlyja. 

^I'frgizjCb^ taxation^ tribute, pi. 
^\'fr 9'^-J^t, 

trr Of: ) 9(^^^ (Ji9iss), to feel, 
touch, take soundings ; a.!^ 
(ii 4m»\ J gissoh fil mas- 
dlady^ find out his opinion 
in this case ! ^^1 ingass^ 
or ^il itgass, to be felt, 
touched, ^j-.-:^^ iggassis, or 
j^-^l itgassis, or ^^^^1 is- 
tagass., to spy out, make 
secret enquiries. ^^ g^ass, 
feeling, touching;sounding; 
^\^\ iA/ ^amalyjet el gass^ 

sounding operation. 


tagassas, act of spying out, 
making secret enquiries. 
fj-r\ 9^s{iSy spy,detective, 
intelligencer, pi. ^-I^^r 
ing apparatus, pi. ol-^f 

•jWfl^^^^^^^see ^--^ 
s^>'gasad, or x->- gism, body, 
pi. 3L>-1 agsdd^ or ^L^l 



or %jJ<magdsra^ or ^ 

agsdm, ^.L.>- gasdma^ bulk, 
importance. ^-^ gasym^lsir. 
ge, great, important. 
::-.^lil (^l?^.) iig^tisir, to 
dare, venture. $jL.>-gasdra, 

tagdsur, courage, bravery, 
boldness, j^^^-g^as^r, dar- 
ing, courageous, brave, pi. 
CjLjy*^ gcisuryn. 
^ g is r, bank embankment, 
approaches, road, pl^jy^ 
^ gism ,and ^^gasym ,see jl-.>- 
jy^ gasAr^ see ^-^ 
JL»-or^ sism* eye_salve. 
lij^ or ^H sisny* test, verifi- 
cation, pi, Jli>. or Jli-i 
knsdny^^Li^^ 'amal Hsny, 
he tested, he verified ; ^j--^ 
(ili>- mtihandis sasdny^ 
surveyor of contracts, j^'' 
sisnagy, mint essayer, pi. 
4.ji'*^ sisnagyja, 
^L^ . jlx^l ( jk^'4 ) iggastan^ 

^\^ ga"'dsy, see ^^>. 

^r (^^) i^aVa', see j^ 
Ji»>- .JUiS muga'^ad^ curly (hair), 

OJu>- ( 0-J^!r ) O-J^r' i99(^'din, to 
be vulgar, insolent, shabbily 

dressed. a;ji*>. ga'dina, vul- 
garity, insolence, shab- 
biness. (^-^^gi'^dy^ vulgar, 
insolent, one who is shab- 
bily dressed, pi, ^„'^:»>' 
j^:^{j-^. ) ga^'cir, or ^^ ga'ga\ 
to howl, roar, shout, yell. 
j^-r gi'yr, or jj.i tag'yr^or 
^^A>. ga'^ga'a, howl, roar, 

^3i^*>.5^a Vein, beetle, scarab, large 
playing top, pi, ^jU>- 

^^>- ,qcl^\ ( j^^Aa^J inga^as {Jin-- 
gi'isXov JL.^\ iggastan^ or 
o^**ri iggcCmas, to recline, 
lounge, sit back (on a sofa, 
^t^.)u^^ ^(^g'As^ or ^;;W-Af 
maggastan, or ^jAv*f mug^ 
ga^mas^ one who is reclin- 
ing, lounging, sitting back 



( on a sofa^ etc.). <-a«>- ga'^sa^ 
or 4J*^>. gastana^ or a.-*/^ 
ga'^masa^a recline, a lounge. 

u^>' 9i'y?y great, grand, 
proud, pi, ^\^>- gu'ds^ ^J^>- 
gcC^'^dsy, large^ enormous; 
.^U>- ^JS^ kalh ga^^'dsy^ a 
monster dog. 

J-r( J-«) fl'^'^i ry^yaZ;, to 
make, render. Jail inga^'al, 
or Jail itga^'al, to be made, 
rendered. J^«fma5^'Ai,made, 
rendered, fee, wages, com- 
^j^^tc^ guHus^ thick, stout, clumsy. 




Vl>r fl^ti^M/:/a/geography .^|l>- 
gu^rdfy^ geographer. 
cJ^>-g<^ft, or ^ti styi,* tongs, 
pincers, forceps, pi. sl^y?- 
gufdt;zA'\ wU /i(t^ ^Z g^a/'i, 
do not draw aside the 
curtain 1 do not broach the 

subject 1 do not let the cat 
out of the bag I (silversmith's 
talk ). 

^hid^^) 9(^M (Jigfal), to 
shy ( horse ) . 

i\U>-or vfJU- ^i/J!i/c,*farm, estate, 

pl,siJi\k^ or dJi[kiSafdlik, 

O^gif^j eyelid, pi, Oy^cjufdn, 

j^gifyr,^ sheath, pi, sl^lj^?- 


J>-or Ji sall^ horse-cloth. 

^-giUi.sec ^ 

s^^^galldb^ and ^o "^galUihyja^ 

see u-Je- 
cT^r 5^^^^^,* thin bread used for 

making Turkish cakes. 

^%'galldlay see^U 

^(wlg) 9(^^b (jiglib)^ or 

• wl^l istagliby to bring, 

import. ,Jil ingalaby to be 

brought, imported. wjU 

magUib^ brought, imported. 

,Jit>- galbfiv w-»!^^l istigldby 

act of bringing,importation. 

s-.:)^p- galldb slave-dealer, 

pi. A>:>U galldba. j.Su 

5^afW&t/,imported. K^galba^ 




abroad^ foreign country. 
^ "^gallabyja.long blouse, 
pi. ^%' galalyb^ or »l»L!iU 
C\^ gilbdn, peas, sorgho. 

to be refined, gentlemanly^ 
stylish. ^ or ^U salaby^ 
refined, gentlemanly, stylish, 
/)Z. A..i:j- or ^-U salabyja: 
a:-U or <JLi salbina, refine- 
ment, gentlemanliness, sty- 
j^^gilba^ ringof metal^ union- 
piece^pi. ,J^ gilab. 

v^gilgily or ^^'^^gingil, small 
bell.pi. ^<r^gahXgil',i»^jJ> 
J>-^)Ui ktic daraboh ^alqa bi 
galdgil^ he gave him a 
sound thrashing. 



'IPT (mWj)g^aZtoft^to whet (razors^ 
etc.). Ar* igga^lloLh, or^lil 
itgalUxb, to be whetted, r^i^ 
mugallahj whetted. ^J^ 
tagiyhy act of whetting. ^U 

gaU}, whet-stone. 
i^(i^) galad (Jiglid), to 
whip,scourge. jSe^gallid, to 
bind a book, jif I ingalad, 
or jjil it galad, to be whip- 
ped,scourged. aUI iggalUd, 
or jlUI itgallid^tohe bound. 
^jliss magliXd, whipped^ 
scourged. jU mugallid, 
or ji^. mitgallid, bound. 
j^ gald, act of whipping^ 
scourging. jJf taglyd, 
book-binding, jji^g'ifd, skin^ 
leather^ pZ. ^J^ galM;^^^\M 
•j4i> mdt fy gildoh, he was 
frightened to deaths he 
trembled like an aspen leaf; 
•M: qa\p^ bilisbi gildoh^ he 
had a hair breadth escape ; 
(^ji/Tji^ gild ikcodry^colf 
leather ; ^\^ j^ gild sift- 
tijdn^ Morocco leather; J^ 
y!>-J gild lustrynd^ pSiieni 
leather ; j^ J?- gild hUr, 
coarse leather, tji^ gilda, 
apiece of leather, cover of 
a book^pi. j^gilad, or^\j^ 





gilddt, ^j^ galda^ a stroke, 
a hiding, pi, ol-J^ galddt, 
j^ mugallid, or ^^Ijif mu- 
galUddty, book-binder, pi. 
CX.M- mugallidyn^ or *^\j^ 

ctV ( ^j^ ) galobs (jiglis), to sit 
down ^jSt>- gallis, to cause 
to sit down. ^^ gulAs^ 
act of sitting down, acces- 
sion to the throne. 
taglys^ act of causing to sit 
down. ^jA^ maglis^ council^ 
court, company, assembly, 
pi, ^U magdlis ; j\ki\ ^J^if 
maglis en nuzzdr^ Coun- 
cil of Ministers ; c5 j>- a^ 
t:j^\^\ maglis kawra el 
qawanyriy Legislative Goua. 
cil ; 06-^ ^rj^ ^'M b(^t^oh 
baraget maglis^n, his 
bowels moved twice. aA>- 
galsa, meeting, stance ^ pi, 
oLV galsdt. ^jJc^ go^lys, 
companion, pi. IJ^ gulasa, 

JA>.(Jal^) galat (juglut), to 
skin. JJf 1 ingalat, or iJf I 

itgalat^ to be skinned ; Llf I 
U* j» ingilit min hena^ 
begone! leave this place 1 

J*V 9^^y ^pt ^f skinning. 
J>%- galldty, rough,coarse. 
y^ galambo* see yj\ 

i^gilla, dung. i^"^>- galJAlxi, 
girl who picks up dung 
froj)! the streets, pi. cMy^ 

^ gulla/ or ^ kulla* bomb, 
shell,pi. Jt- guUil;^[Uifj \^ 
hawa zaj el gulal, keen 
blasts of wind. 
^jm^ galAs, see ^^ 

Jr ( ^. )g(^^(jigly )y^o polish, 
burnish, cause to be happy 
or gay. If I ingala, to be 
polished, burnished, happy, 
gay. \fi magly, polished, 
burnished, happy, gay. ^e, 
gila, or J^ galy, polish, 


burnish,act of silver-plating, 
gilding. ^ gil^gy, one 
who silver-plates or gilds, 
^j4^ gcf'lys ,SQQ ^ 




iaXy ( Jaifj ) Qaljat, to smear, 
cause to be greasy. Ja^^-I 
i99(^lj(^t^ to be smeared^ 
greasy. L.U mugaljat, 
smeared, greasy; JaJ:f (»!i(^ 
kaldm mugaljat^ rude or 
.vulgar words. iLAA>. galjata^ 
act of sirearing, causing to 
be greasy. 
3^?- gamdd^ see jl^ 
aSUU- gamaddna^'' see aJU^ 
^6- gammds, see ^r^*U 
ol?- gimd"^^ see *^ 
Jl?- gamdl^ beauty. J^ garnyl, 
or si»Vl^ gamaldt^ beautiful, 
handsome^ pretty, pi. Jlr 
gumdl, ^j^ gimyl, favour. 
JlV gammdl^ see J^ 
\^ gamaUxstik, seedliJ 
(^ j>r' g<^^bary^* shrimps. 
^y.9; gamhdn* ham. 
A^^d^ gimgimcL^ skull, />f. i>-l^ 

JL?- ( JUifi ) gimid (jigmad), to 
be dry, solid, hard, stiff, 
frozen; a-JK J -Ur- gimid fy 
nafsoh^ he was astounded. 


Jj; gammid, to dry, freeze, 
cause to be solid, hard, stiff; 
iiUi jjt- gammid qalbak, 
have courage! be brave! 
s^^i- tagmyd^ act of drying, 
. hardening, freezing,causing 
to be solid, dry or stiff. juU 
gdm ed,dry, solid,hard, stiff, 
frozen, strong ; JuU Ui 
qalboh gdmid^ he is coura- 
geous, he is brave, ^l^ ^ 
gamdd, inanimate ,/)Z. ol^l?" 
gamaddt; J^l ^l?" gamdd 
auwil, and jp-I ^l^g^ctmdcf 
dfiar, 5th and 6th months 
of the lunar calendar. a»3 
gumudyja, dryness, soli- 
dity, hardness, stiffness. 
jt-gamr^ live coal, sg, •^ 
gamra, pL Z^\/; gamrdt, 
^jt- gamra^ or ^ ^y /"arft 
gamr^ carbuncle. 
J^ gummar^ crown of date 

^j^gumruk, or 6j^kumruk* 
gamdrik. J^jf^ gumruksy. 

• J • 




custom-house officer, pi, 
*Jry: gumruksyja. 
^JA^- 5^am,rough,unpolishecl(man) 
^{^<) go^tna' (jigma')yio 
collect^gather^add, compile; 
^3 VI >»r ^-^ ^^ gama^ ilia 
waffaq^theY are worthy of 
one another, they match 
one another. »?- gamma^^ to 
collect many things toge- 
ther, gather, compose type. 
*^il ingama\ or jm^I iig^a^ 
ma''^ to be collected, gather- 
ed, added. ^i^\ igtama\ 
to meet, assemble ; 
4i igtamaH boh^ I met 
him, I had an interview 
with him. *?^ gcim\ collec- 
tion, gathering, addition, 
plural. ^^ tagmy\ collec- 
tion, gathering. A^gimd\ 
sexual intercourse, 4^1?- 
gamd'^a, people, party, 
family, wife, pi, Z^c\J^ ga- 
. ma^'dt, «jJr magma\ council, 
meeting, assembly, synod, 
pi, iwU^ magdmi\ ^j^ 

magmii'' y total, collection, 
pi, d^oyf: magmu^dt^ oi 
A^W* magamy. *.W gdmi\ 
mosque, pi. ^^^t^ gawdmi , 
^>'\ igtimd\ assembly, 
meeting, pi. vi.Wl;>-l igtima- 
^dt, 4-.^" gam'yja^ meeting, 
society, company, p/,. ^La?- 
gam'yjdt, ^?- g'amt/', al'- 
^*.?- gam y^hum fill of them; 
^^^^ liT j^lU si..» 6^i miattit 
mifnma gamy^oh, a house 
thoroughly furnished ; b^-l 
i.m,.^' \c istar^na mimma 
gamy^oh^ we bought all that 
was required. AVg^ammt/', 
type -compositor, pi, a*;.?- 
gammy^a, ^?- g^am'a,week, 
pi, ^ gama'; A.Jrl > 4» j6m 
j(5m ei gtim'a el kihyra, 
Good Friday. 
^^ { ^y^) gamal(jigmil), to 
add, put together. J^l 
ingamal^ or J^^l itgamal^ 
to be added, put toge- 
ther. 4^?- gumla^ several, 




total^ phrase, pi. J?- gumal; 
^li '^^ gumlet nd$^ many 
people ; ^U\ i^ bi gumlet 
en nets, among other people, 
along with others ; -jJrli bil 
gumla, in brief, wholesale ; 
4,^ \j^ y^ huwa jiqrCb 
gumla, he reads without 
spelling the words. 
J?- ^ramaZ, camel, pi. ^}\.^gimdl 
Jl?- gammdl^ camel-driver, 
pi 4\ir gammdla ; JJrl ^^^T 
^}^\(f:i^3ddyel gamal we 
ddyel gammdl^ here are 
both parties concerned ; U 
jJrl V I j^.^j 3 jl:^ ma 'andM 
kibyr ilia fears 
or considers no one. 

oM' 9^<^''^Wn,*arGh,brace,truss, 
( arch. ), pi cX^ gama- 
londt; C)^i:\ >- sath el 
g^amaWn, ridge^upper angle 
of a roof where the rafters 
meet each other. . 

J yf^ garnhdr ^ crowd, pi. j^l?- 
gamahyr;jy^\ el gamhAr, 
the public, ^j^ gamhu^ 

ryja, republic, pi. wlij^.^r 

^■^>r gumudyja, see jl?^ 
j^^ gimmiz, sycamore-trees, 

fruit of the sycamore-tree, 

sg. .jj.f gimmiza^ P^vjlji?- 

^gamy\ see ^ 
J^ gamy I, see Jl?- 

ur{0^)9<^^"- (J^dinn), or 
^1 iggannin^ovjd^ itgan. 
nin^ to be mad, insane, j^r 
5^annm, to cause to be mad 
or insane, ^f^l istagann^ to 
consider mad. ^ g^mn, or 
jU g^dn,genii, 55^. fj>'ginny. 
4^::>- ginnyja^ fairy, pf. sl^Lv 
ginnyjdt. o^v gindn^ or 
0/r gunAn^ madness, insa. 
nity. jyst* magnAn^ mad, 
insane, lunatic^ pZ. u^»*U:* 
maganyn ; o'y?- ^.U II 
lamma titet gannAntoh^ 
when he became exaspe- 
rated, when he lost his 
s^\:>'gindb^^nd a-iIv gannabyja^ 



T^ gindh, wing, pi. Aii^;^\ agniha^ 

or s:JA:>-ginahdL. 
j\:>-ginndj3;, see^ 
C)\:>>- gindn , see ^>- 

li^^^gdndjny, see a^juv 

« * * 

^i^'^gindja, crime, pi. ^^^'>- 
ginaJdt.jV^-gindj^ criminal 
( case \ ^^^gdny^ criminal, 
faulty^ blameable, pi (joU 
ganyjyn; dl^il ^ (jU-l ^M 
enta el gdny^'ala nafsaky 
you have yourself to blame. 
iJc ^il elmagny %l£h^ the 
victim of the crime. 

^9. ganby or ^?- gamb^ side, 
flank, pi, ^Lvi agndb, or 
^\y^gawdnib; jO dJL:>. y^ 
huwa ganbak sukkar^ you 
are worse than he;lXAJ\ »-^V:>-l 
agndbel ^aqd^ haunches of 
a building. 4^'>- g^anfea, basket 
(one of two carried on cattle 
back), pi, ,^ ginab, or 
CiU>- ganbdt, s-^li*. gindb, 
Highness, Lordship; ^\^>- 
gindbkum^yonv Highness, 

your Lordship; ^^U\ >J^\ 
elgindb el ^dly, or wUi-l 
(f^ljX\el gindb el f^id^wy^ 
His Highness the Khedive. 
4.^1:?- gannabyjay canal 
alongside the railway, pi, 
oLU- gannahyjdt, ^^'U 
gdnib, side, part^ quantity; 
i*^l ^U Jc ^c^ juhsam 
^ala gdnib el hukdma, to be 
charged against Govern- 
ment. ^:>-ia^na6y,stranger, 

foreigner, joi. w»*U' o^gdnib, 

j^gunbds* gymnastics.-" 


' ^( ^) ganah (Jignah or 
jignih), to find guilty. ^^1 
inganah, or TLr.<\ itganah^ 
to be found guilty, ry^* 
magntlh, found guilty, a^ 
gunha, misdemeanour, deJ- 
ii^, offence, pi. ^ gunah; 
<Pt,'i^, sZj^y marfAt bi gun- 
ha^ discharged with igno- 
miny;«.:^l l^mahkamet el 
ganah, tribunal correc- 

^%js:^ gandarma* Constabulary. 



\jj^^ gandaryja^ regulation tim. 
ber,/)Z. siAijXi>'gandaryjdt, 

Uxv gandufly,* oysters. 

if^^^gindy^ soldier, pi. t^^U?- 

K^^J^gin iral,* general officer, pl^ 
C^i^J^ g in ir aid t^ or *J^>r' 
giniralyja-^ J*>r J-^^ qun- 
sul ginirdl, consul General, 
pL aJ\>>. J^Ui qandsil 
•^{j^) gannis, to read the 
funeral service over the 
deadjlv ginndz, funeral, 
funeral service^mess de r^- 
gai^m.ijl:;>-gf met ^a, funeral, 
funeral procession,/) i. Ci' j^^- 
ginazdt; ^K'jJ.I^ O^ 0^' 
elgindza hdrra toil may- 
jet kalb yioo much ado about 
nothing; ^^^ ^}^\ Jii ^ 
aijUp-J huwa j iqtilel qatyl 
wejimsy fy gindstoh, he 
strokes with one hand and 
stabs with the other. 

jSj^ginzdr^ see jjU- 

byl, ginger. 
j>r ( J>$ )ganzar^ to be rusty. 

jjl^ muganzar^ rusty. 

jlji>'gfm-3'dr, rust. 
x'Mganzyr, or ji^f j ^angyr^ 

chain, joi. j^jU- ganazyrpr 

jjp-l> J zanagyr. 

"^(j-'is ) gc^nnis, to mix, assi- 
milate, make a thing of 
different kinds* ^Ug^tini^, 
to entertain, keep company, 
(j^i^l iggann is,or^^\itgan. 
nis, to be mixed, assimi- 
lated, naturalized, made of 
different kinds.^j-jbt* mugan. 
nis, or ^^-.if* mitgannis, 
mixed, assimilated, natura- 
lized, made of different 
kinds;^-jbc4 Ulj rdgil mu- 
gannis^ man whose parents 
are not of the same nationa- 
lity. cT^ gins, kind, sort, 
nationality, /)i. ^^.U-l agnds; 
wliS^^j-i^ J^. J^^* T^^ct "^andyk 
gins hitdb, I have not got a 
single book, I have not got 
anything like a book. 

• • 



ginsyj'a, nationality, jiJ'»m 
mugdnsa, entertainment, 


society, company. 
^ganna^ paradise, pi. wVi>- 

ganna, nightingale. 


C)r^ guniin ,Qin^ f^ginntj ,s^e u'T 
J^ganillOL*^^iWGOQ\.,pl ^":^^>- 

^^gin^na, garden, pi, ctb^ 
gandjin. ^[V^ gandjng; 
gardener, pi. ^^i^^- gandj-- 
<r^gin^, or ^ giny* Pound, 
£ /pi. >lA^:>' ginehdt ; ^j>- 
^J5^\ gin^ ingity^y,i^ound 
sterling; (fj^M kj>' gini 
rnasry, pound Egyptian; 
ifji^fisj^ ^u>- gind magydy, 
Turkish pound; ^14 k^ g ind 
6enfo^Napoleon,20Fr. piece. 

if:^¥T y^^^^y^ see j^ 
\j\^gihdran^ see j^ 
}\^glhd:i, see ^|>. 
x^ . ji^l ( jLf t^ ) igtahad (jig^ 

tihidj^to exert one's self, 

endeavour, be diligent . jl^U 

grd/ierf^ to struggle, j^^^gikd 

or gtihd^ effort, exertion; 

iJji4>- J/l i^mil gihdak^ do 

your best! (/A4>- JSo 61 feaW 

gri/idt/,withallmy strength; 

ju^U s^'Cbi gihd el gihyd, 

with the greatest difficulty. 

^y^>-\ igtihddy diUgence, 

, effort, exertion. JL^« mug- 

ta/i id, diligent, pi. Ci-J^t^* 

mugtdhidyn. iS^^er 9^- 

/iddt/, military, soldier, pi. 

^.^Wr gihadyja; aj^I^I u'y.^ 
dywdn el gihadyja, War 
Office . 
j^ .j^l aghar, one who is day. 
blind. Ij4.:»-5^a/ira/i, or IjV^j- 
gihdran^ publicly, openly. 

be ready, 3^ gahhiz^ to 
prepare, equip; <--^yJ\ l^j^ 
gahhiza el ""arAsa^ the 
bride's trousseau has been 
made.jf^l iggahhis^ or j^^l 
itgahhiz, to be prepared, 


\ v^ 


equipped, j^ mugahhiz^ov 
j^ mitgahhiz, prepared, 
ready, jr^ taghyz, prepara. 

* tion^ equipment, pi. Zj\j^ 
taghyzdt; <ij^^\ <-jjAI el 
madrasa et taghyzyja^ 
preparatory school.jJkL gd-- 
hiZj ready, prepared. j\^ 
gihdz, system, apparatus^ 

d^{^¥r.) gcf'hal (jighal)^ to 
be ignorant, lead a free life. 
Jff^l istaghil, to consider 
ignorant. ^^ gahl, igno- 
rance, want of experience; 
^ffr fj-J^ fil^s bi gahla^ 
heaps of money. ^}»^\t>- gdhil^ 
ignorant, inexperienced, pi, 

^gahannam^ hell; j^ Jc ^y 
rAh ""ala gahannam^ go to 
the devill ^j^^-gahannamy^ 
appertaining to hell, devilish, 
energetic. ^«^ gahanna- 
myja^ bougainvillea. 
^fifa to, atmosphere, sky. 

Vy^guwa^ inside. J\'y^guwdny^ 
inner, internal. 
^\^>-gawdby see ^3^ 
■^' Vr g<^tcwdd^ see ^U 
jIjt guwdr, see j^U 
4l^Uj\^5^atoarda5dto, or ^y^\^j3 
toardasd ta,*awning, tent, pi. 
vliV^l^jl^?- guwardasoldt , 
or sLV^I^j^ wardasoldt. 
j\^g(iwdz^ see jU 
ii\y^gawdfa,'^ guavas. 
Jly»- or Jl^i ^uwd I* corn sack,pi. 

v:;Vl^>-orsLVI^ suwaldt. 
^\^>-gawdly, crutches ( mech. ). 
^^j^^yr gc^^cihirgy, see ^^^ 

T-y^- gAb, broadcloth, woollen 
material;r-y>-4) f^masah loh 
giXli, he flattered him; ^C^ 
r-^>- massdh gAf^^ flatterer. 
^^ g^^d, see .^U 

/ ^jyrg^^j pit, hole, pi. ^Ijy^ 

<#J^ (^J3 ) fl'^^J/ (ward)^ Bengal 
jf^gdz^ walnut-trees, fruit of 



the walnut-tree, sg. #3^ 
gdza^ pi. ^\jyr gozAt^ Oy*- 
gdza^ hookah ( native ), pi. 
^'jjT 9 ox At; tj>r jS^kas- 
$ar gdza^prepare a hookah 1 

wJJ* J^r 9^^ ^^ ? J/^> nutmeg; 
(^ jUk j^ ^d J A indy^ cocoa- 

^^^i j3j^I JJiT 9^^^t ez z6r, 
Adam's apple; J>^ ^t>- 
bd§ab gdz, walnut timber; 

^Jyr ^3^ halAwa gozyja, 

almond cake. 
jyr 9^^, see jU 

t/r 9^\ ^^^ O^^^T 9^^dn, see ^U 
sjy^-gdf, inside,interior^ bowels, 

pl.^\yr\ agwdf. 
Jyr 9^^y theatrical company, 

group, pi, jl^l agwdq, iiy^ 

gdqa^ crowd, assembly, pi. 

siMy^ goqdt. 
^y:96laq^ nozzle, i^Z. j)\y^ ga^ 

^f^-gdla, hub of a wheel, pi. 

i^y: ( 0>!: ) gcf^uwin, to cause to 
go deep or far. o>r' iggO'U- 
win, or ;jyc\ itgauwin^ to 

go deeper far;jtjjl J oyr' y 
huwaiggauwin fyeddin^ 
he is steeped in debt, he is 
over head and ears in debt. 
jt^ tagwyn, act of going 
deep or far. 

^ f:- guwanty ^"^ g\oy e^pl, ^Uyr 

^y:g6har, jewels, pearls, sg. 

•yy: g^^(^^cL> P^- u>'yr 9^- 

wdhir^ or ol^^>- gohardt. 
^Iyfcyjfc« mugohardiy jew- 
elry, j^y^yr g6hargy^ or 
^^y^\yrgawahirgy, jewel- 
ler, pi A^y^^ gohargyja, 
or ^y\yr gawahirgyja. 

^^^guwyta, or ilaj^U 9<^^y^.^> 
trenail, iron stand, brass 
bolt, pi, wU«iy|- guwytdt^ 
orCiUai^U gawytdt, 

^j\^gayjdra^^Q jo:^ 

.^ flf^fe, see ^U 

^5f(/r, lime; J^/^^ gyr 

mahrdq ,or ^ j^ flfyr 

matfy, freshly slacked lime, 

•j^ 9<^yjdra^ lime kiln, pi, 


viljU- gayjardt. 



•J^ 9yf^, see j^U 
. j«- fl'f/'»^«, see jU 

^ g'^s, army, pi. j.^ gujAs. 
^^yX^ ^ gabal el gujMy, 
Mokattam mountain. 

Vr ( o^< ) gctyjas, or ^.>. ^ 
faqd^ gys, to break wind. 

d^9y'<^n, see ^U 
ii^gyfa, carrion, carcass, pi. 
xfr gijaf. 

S.Tyy^} century, generation, 
pi.JUl agjdl. 
iry^ yujMy, see J^ 


= h 

^ ha, contraction of ^Ij rdjih 
(going); Jf'UliM anahdkul^ 
I shall eat; ^JUU jy.ljJ\ ei 
wabAr ha jimsy^ the train 
shall start; Ai^ J^o U ^ (^m e7 
^, what shall you do? 
^U .2^\:^\ (^^l:^) i/^<(4fl^, or ^^z^\ 
ihtawag^ov r-^il inhawag, 
to require, be in want. ^^ 
ha wag, to be in want, cause 
to be in want; vy^ *^y^ ^ 
lamma hawaget lid darh, 
when it came to blows, ^c^ 
muhtdg, or r-^^ mahuAg^ 
in want, in need ; ^3\^J^ 

a"j^ muihdwga kaldm, the 
least said the better. »-L>l 
ihtijdg, want, need, require, 
ment, pi, ^i»ULi*-\ ihtijagdt. 
^U Mg^a, thing, object, 
want, necessity, /)i. c»UU 
hagdt; 4^U jl* mai Mgra, it 
is nothing, it is a trifle, it 
does not matter; 4i^U ^-x*i U 
ma qa^'adS hdga, he did not 
stay long; a>.U<^ jua 4l^!u- U 
mahaddisloh'^andy hdga^ 
I do not owe any thing to 
any one, I care for no one; 
A^UViJ^IV la akal wala 




hdga^he has not eaten at all^ 
he hardly ate any thing;4>U 
Ac^W hdga mihtdga^ any 
thing whatever. A\y^hawd. 
jig, clothes. 
^W hdg, see ^ 

y^\9'hdgis^ see ^f 
4<>-Wi^gra, see ♦-U 

£yr^^£yr^ ^«5^i!ifl^ toe magdg^ 
Gog and Magog. 
fUU/ia6(im, rabbi, pi, Cj^SiA^^ 
^U {x^)hdd(jihyd),io deviate, 
turn aside from. ^y»- hawad, 
or ^^>- hauwid, to turn a 
corner; viUU Jc :>>- hatiwid 
""ala Simdlak^ turn to the 
left! A-j Jc sL:>^>- l!l ana hau, 
witt ""ala hithum, I called 
at their house on my way. 
jLi^ tahwyd, act of turning 
a corner. $^j>- hawda, or 
aj b^ hawddja, turn, curve, 
pl. ^^^j> hawddtfiv szX\^y- 
hawdajdt; ol^jJ^ oi^y*- 
hawddt we lawddt, bends 

and curves. 

vi*.>W hddiSy see j^Jb- 
j^WMdig, see jji^^ 

jU.jUl (jl:<) i/ii(4r^ orj^\ 
ithayjar, to be perplexed, 
bewildered;*^.! J j^l ilhay. 
jar fy amroh^ he is in a 
dilemma. jj.»- hayjar, to per- 
plex, bewilder. j.U hdjir, 
or jl:< muhtdr, or j^ mit- 
hayjar, or o'j!!^ hayrdn, 
perplexed, bewildered, ^jk,^ 
hyra, perplexity, bewilder- 
menl;#^»-J^*/iatoa fyhyra, 
he is in a dilemma. jJ^ 
tahyjyr, act of perplexing, 
bewildering, ^J^hdra, lane, 
quarter, pi. vi^ljU hardt, or 
(i jl^ hawdry, 

jU Mr, see ^ 
^jU hdris, see ^j>- 
t jU hdra, see jU 

j^ ( J/:) ^-^ (juhdz ;, to pos- 
sess, keep, retain. jjU hdjis^ 
possessing, keeping, retain- 
ing. #j^ hdza^ or #jL>- 



hijdza^ possession, keep. 
>jU hdzim, see ^y-^ 

ur^^cr/s^^^ (J^^^^)y to be 
bewildered, perplexed, pot- 
ter about. ^^U hdjis, bewil- 
dered, perplexed, one who 
is pottering about. ^^^ ^^ 
hds dds,pell-mell.A-.^/id5a, 
bewilderment, perplexity, 
act of pottering about. 

J-^ {J' A ) ¥^^(Ju^^s ;, to pre- 
vent, restrain; ^^)-\ JL>- 
h{i$ el hardmy, stop the 
thief! J.UI inhds, or J,lil 
i7M5, to be prevented, res- 
trained. jL>-i^aa to i^, to save 
money, collect, gather. js.^>- 
hdSy prevention, act of res.. 
training; ^J.^/t(3s, courtyard, 

pi. d^^:r ^y^^.^j^ hdkb^ 

cultivated land between the 

Nile and the safety bank, pi, 

J;,y. huwas^ or vl^U^?- hokit, 

^^^ tahwys, act of saving 

money,gathering, collection. 

UU hdki, God forbid I 

^iU hdsif, dry. 

^U hdSJd^ see i>- 

J^W i^si7, see J-*?- 

^^U(^^^) i!i(tdf< {tihyd), to 
menstruate, ^^^k-^ A^d, mens- 
truation, menses. 

^U hddir^ see ^^ 

j,u(M)M( ry%u. or J.> 

hauwat^ to surround, en- 
close; O^ i*U hdt'^ilmoh^ he 
informed him, he notified 
him.l^^l ithauwatfiT J#^lil 
ithdwit, to surround, be 
surrounded. J^j^ tahwyt^ 
act of surrounding, enclos- 
ing . ^ik) jji ^ai^to(/(a, enclosure, 
pi. CiUa)^ tahwytdt, a^UI 
iMto, act of surrounding, 
information; a]»U^U ^! jji- 
taharrar loh HI ihdta^ 
notification was given him 
( by writing), ix*^ muhyt, 
circumference, ocean; y^ 
Ja-^l v-i^> huwa jikrah el 
muhyt ^ he drinks like a fish. 
L^ ML or iik^ A^(a, wall, 

enclosure, />Z. o^^V" ^l/(^^. 
1pL:p.\ ihtijdty precaution. 




J^\^\ ihtijdty,iprecButionr' 
ary, reserve, provisional, 
temporary j ^^L:^VI f^^ el 
jdm el ihtijdt y^contrihixiion 
towards pension. 

tjWM/", only, alone, tout court; 
^U JL.^ '^i /kt/^, bread with- 
out adjunct; ^W aJ- jTC 
bijdkul lahma hdf, he eats 
meat only ( without bread 
with it ). 

yU hdfir, see jk 
^\>hdfza^ seeJiip. 

^UM/to, brim, edge, pi. cUU 

Q^\^hAfy, see^ 

jW ( J yj) ^5^ (juhiiqJy or j^ 
hauwaq^ to have effect, be 
enough. J j^Aatcag,to stare. 
hayjaq, to taste, put a 
sufficient quantity of salt in 
food, j^ h6q,ov jU hijdq, 
taste of food (as to saltness). 

ilU (viJL^) hdk(jihyk)^io weave. 
iJUl mM/c, or iJlil i^/i4/f, 
to be woven. ii\i^ minhdk, 
woven. J^if' hijdka, act of 

weaving. iJt>- hayjdk^ 
weaver, pi. oi^t»- hayjakyn. 

\\^hdkim, see C- 

JU( J^ ) Mi ry%y, to refer; 
•y-i U ^U Mint/ 'a/a aftfl/i, 
he referred me to his bro- 
ther;AfUl Jt .^U /la W/i 'atoi 
/m/Mfcma,he was sent up for 
trial. J>-Matoi7,tochange, 
turn from, transfer, divert, 
deviate. jUl inhdl, or Jlil 
i7Mi, to be referred. Jlu-I 
iAidi, to be sly, use strata- 
gem. J^W /uttoii, to preva- 
ricate, beat about the bush. 
J^i I ithauwiljto be changed, 
turned from, transferred^ 
deviated. JU^ mm/uti,or Jli* 
mi^Mi, referred. J"^ ma- 
hauwil,ov^^ mithauwil, 
changed, turned from,tran&. 

ferred, diverted, deviated. 


^!H iMto, reference. J*^ 
to A to (/ i, act f changing , 
turning from, transferring, 
diverting, deviating. J^^ 
tahwyl, or 4!!^ huwdla^ 



cheque, pi. Ji^li^ tahawyl, 
or o"^!^ huwahXt, ^Jj^ 
tahwyldt, JU MZ, state, 
condition, circumstance, pi. 
Jl^i ahwdl; JU JT Jp 'ato 
kullhdl, any how, in any 
case; JU-' ^ fil hdl, or ^U 
hdlan, at once, immediately; 
S^3 J^ ^i ^^ mihtdl^ 
ways and means; dllU- •y 
r^A lihdlak^ or dlU (^ ry 
rAhfy hdlak^oT JU ^^ r-j 
dlU- niA jft/ hdlsabylak, go 
about your business 1 aiu^ 
4\^ sayjibtoh li hdloh^l left 
him to himself; dllU Jj\ 6h 
hdlak, or viBU (^Jl i-3'^ay 
hdlak, how are you? how is 
the world treating you? Jip-\j 
JU(^ rdgilfyhAloh,h quiet 
man, a harmles man; Ji Jc 
dJJU 'ctto gadd hdlak, to 
suit your means; J^ J& Jr'j 
4lUrdfl^ii ''ato gadd hdloh^ 
man who lives from hand to 

mouth; ^al JWiJkli injigy. 

as soon as he comes; ^ 4U 
hdloh Jigy, it is time he 
should come. JU/utto, state, 
condition, pi. ^VU haldt; 

ty^a man like myself;^ I^^IU-I 
elhdla hdzihi, now, under 
the present circumstances. 
^^U MZy, actual, present. J^ 
h6l,0Tj^\^ AatoaWn, round, 
around; ^\ ij^\y^hawal6n 
el h6t, all round the house; 
jl»- JL\J\^^- U ma hawaUkh 
6^r, you do good to no one, 
you are no good to any one. 
^!^U muhdwla, prevarica- 
tion, act of beating about the 
bush. Jj^ mustahyl^ im- 
f U (f^<i) hdm (juhAm)^to hover 
about, go round. jrU hdjim, 
one who is hovering about, 
going round, jy- Adm, act of 
hovering about, going round. 
Ay hdma, group. 
U Adm i^, austere,, severe. 


Ai'Ui^na, den, persons assem- 
bled together to drink, pi, 
wl'U handt. 
^^y\9^han{ttY^ grave-digger, pi 

aJjIU hanutyja, 
J3^{ j^^ ) Mtoir, to parry, 
debate, tj^l^ muhAwra, act 
of parrying, debate^ pi, 
vl/lj^U muhawrdt* 



di^i JiV<)/t(tyi7,or >Ji>l itfui. 
jil ''aUx^ to coax^ cajole. 4i^ 
mufydjUi, act of coaxings 
cajoling. J^ fyyl^, trick, 
stratagem, pi. J^ ^yaZ; i^ 
4^ icatod/tyto,anonly son; 

abAha we ummaha^an only 
daughter of her parents; U 

•^'^ ^. -*^ LT-y^ ^^ hyltAs 
^6r bit wdhid^ he possesses 

only one house. 4>W j»y^ U 
ma hyltAs hdga^ he has no- 
thing he can call his own. 

^^ hijaly^ wily, cunning, 
- ( L^ ) Aa66 (jihibb)^to love, 
like, wish; #Jbl Jt 1^ habb 
^ala ydoh, he kissed his 


hand; . U-x» , i-^-U ma habbis 
Judbuly he would not enter; 
ij^^^ ^4 Aatoa habb keda, 
ha wished it so. ^^ habbib, 
to cause to love,cause to like 
I inhabb^ or ^1 ithabb^ 
to be loved, liked, ^^j^ mah, 
b&b, loved, liked; s^^^ 
mahbUb, lover, sweetheart, 
ancient gold coin, pi, w^U 
mahabyb, w*- hubb, love, 
passionate love. ^.^ mahab- 
ba, love, affection, ^u?- 
habyb, friend,lover,pi.v^U. 
habdjib.^ muhibb ,friendy 
pi. Cx^Tnuhibbyn. ^\ U,^l 
ahabb ma ""alayja, I like 
nothing better, with all my 

. habb^ grains, seeds, cereals. 

A'^ habba^ grain,seed, boil, 

*pill^ some, a little, pi. zXf^ 



habbdt^ or ^^ hub&b: Cu( 
4-^ istanna habba, wait a 
little! U i->- ^1^1 iddyny 

m — 

habbet mayja^give me some 
water! l^^-i 4:*>- habba sdda, 
seed of the fennel flower rJL^ 
Cj^\habbet el '^/i, pupil of the 
eye;^L>Aa66e^ mai/i/^beg- 
gar my neighbour'' game. 
^L^AiM^, sauce for mussels. 

iiC^/ia6M/c,see dL^ 

jC»- habbdl, see J^ 

(^habatty^ wily, cunning. 
^ - . • 

-^(-^v4) fy^bbar^ to ink. jv^l 

ithabbar, to be inked. j>tf 

muhabbar, inked, jj^ toA« 
6yr, act of inking, ji^ ^ibr, 
ink; o/" j%?^ i^i6r kdbja, 
copying ink; y J j\* fyibr si- 
fir^ printing ink; ^ j^hibr 
bitm^ sealing ink. #^ 
mahbara^ inkstand, pi, jX^ 
j^habar, black silk material 
of which the habara is made. 
^j^habaray cloak worn out 
of doors by native ladies, pi. 

sl»lj3^ habardt. 

( Lrt< ) habas (jihbis ), to 


imprison.^^^»- habbis, to im. 
orison one after the other. 
^^^\ inhabasy or - ^jJC'\ 
ithabas, to be imprisoned. 
^y^ mahbds, imprisoned ; 
^jmy^ mahb&s^ pi^isoner, pi. 
^J^\< mahabys. ^j^ habs, 
imprisonment ; ^^y^ habs^ 
prison, pi. siA^yf^ hubusdt. 
^j.j^$>3\ ddahabys^ room 

which has no window. 
dljL^Ji mahbas el usUk^ 

" • 7 

clasp of a neck watch-chain; 

^^\ ^j.^ mahbas en nafas, 

safety valve. 

hxibah or hibh, or jli^ 

hib§An, Abbyssinians, sg. 
1^ hubahy^ fern. aJl^ 
habasyja;jJ^\ ^% biJAd el 
habas, Abbyssinia. 
{iaJ^)habbaz^ to play low 
farce, do a thing with 
precision and care. Jk^ 
tahbyz, act of playing low 
farce, doing a thing with 



precision and care. Ji^ 
maA^66a^,l,owfarce player, 
pi. u\ii^ muhahhazyn. 

i^( viL^ ) hahak (Juhbuk ), to 
sew together, unite. firmly, 
weave; dlj4 Ikp §ata juhbuk 
a well-fitting lid; .iSS- J 
must it be done now? SJk\ 
inhabakfiv dJUil ithabak^ 
to be sewn together, united 
firmly/ woven. iJ^ mah- 
biHk^ sewn together, united 
firmly, woven. viJL»- i^6/f, 
act of sewing together, 
uniting firmly, weaving, iltp. 
habbdk^ weaver, pi. Cjf^ 

iSf^iiSi^ ) f}OLbbil^ to cause to be 
pregnant. ^Ju^ hiblet, to - 
conceive, be pregnant. X^^ 
hibla^ pregnant, pi, JU- 
habdla, J^ habal^ preg- 
nancy, conception. 

J4> /ia6Z, rope, pi. JLp- ifeiMi; 

yd^ft^ at your disposal, at 

• •• 


your service; Aii>l» ^V'^^ 
huwahibdloh tawyla,he is 
slow, he is lengthy, he is 
dilatory. jC.^ habbdl^ rope- 
maker, pZ. (jJt^ habbalyn. 
Cj\^ habbahdn^ cardamom seed. 
c5^ ( t5< ) haba(jihby), to crawl, 
walk on all fours. jU/wi6a, 
to defend, be partial to. 
ito6(/,act of crawling, walk^ 
ing on all fours. »liU muhabd^ 
or oUma/wt6{/ya,partiality^ 
preference, favour. 
habyb, see^.^ 
habys, see ^j^ 
( ^ ) ^^^ (jihitt)^ or .;^ 
hathity to cut one bit after 
another,rub out, ^i-Mnhatt, 
or c^l ithatt, or ,i,.^\ 
ithathit, to be cut, rubbed 
out.,1^ hattfiTiCs^ ha thita, 
act of cutting, rubbing out. 
A-^ Ai^<a,piece, slice, bit, pi. 
Cjo^ hitat; J^ a1^ hittet 
toatod, only a boyl such a 
I)oy! '*ji»-lj tip- j,J A^ myt 




• • 

piastres in a lump sum; ^1 
Px^elhitta^'anduhum, or 
*^j lL>. hittet hHhum^ their 
street, their quarter. 

f^i f^) hatam ( jihtim)^ to 
decide.rj^Aa ^man^ decided- 
ly, without fail. 

^hatta, until, even; ^Ij 
hatta mn, so that, in order 
that,until;^l ^hatta enta, 
even you. 

*->• (^) ^55 ijihiss)^ to 
exhort, urge, encourage; 
Jiil\ ^ ^ has sin y ^ala eh 
sugl^ he urged me to work, 
vi^ ^6t5s,exhortation, encou. 
ragement. - 

-^(-^O ^fl'fl^ U^f^^99)> to 
make a pilgrimage to a holy 

land, 'f h^gg, pilgrimage. 
^U hdg, pilgrim, fern. 4^U 
fj^ggO'jPk j^ higgdg, 

f . f H £^ ) iMo^gg, or ^1 

li^g^g'ig', to argue, ecxuse 
one's self, make a pretext. 
A^ /tiflrgra^argument,pretext, 

pretence^ proof,title-deed of 
a property, pi. ^ higag ; 
U^i) A9^ U ga bihigget 
jukdfna^ he came with the 
pretext of seeing us; a^\ ^S 
zul higga, 12th month of 
the lunar calendar. 

<J^higdb^ see ^^ 

j^f)^ggAr,see ^ 

j\^ ifeig^(t^,Hijaz, Arabia Petrsea; 
jU.i.1 Jl (i7r ei higAz^ he 
went on a pilgrimage to 
Mecca. <^jlf /iig'^l-s^y, apper- 
taining to theHijaz, 

i^\i:higAma^ cupping. 

^i: ( s^.^ ) /uifl^aft (jihgib), to 

• • • • 

hide, cover. .^^ hag gib, 
to cause to wear an amulet. 

s-^l inhagab. or ,^pe#l 
ithagabXo be hidden, cover- 
ed. ^^^1 ithag gib, to wear 
an amulet, w^t^ mahgtib, 

hidden, covered.^^^nt^ma/wig^. 

• * 

gib. or ..^r^t^ mi thag gib. one 
who is wearing an amulet. 
w^ l^agb, act of hiding, 
covering. ^l^/iifl'(!l6,8mulet. 



pi K^\ahgiha^OT vliUi^ higcL 
6dt. w>-U hdgib, eye-brow, 
pi. wt'^ hawdgib ; w>-U 
hdgib, attendant at the door 
of an ofRciQl, pl,s^t^ hug gdb, 

f ( j^ ) ^9<^^ (Jihgir), to 
retain, imprison; aSc \^yS^ 
hagaru ^alih, he was put 
under guardianship, j^ 
haggar^ to be as hard as 
stone, converted to stone. 
jPt^\ ithaggar^to be as hard 
as stone, pet rifled, converted 
to stone. j»t^ nuhaggar^ 
hard as stone, converted to 
stone. jS^ hagr, retention; 
^\ j^l\ elhagr es sihhy, 
quarantine.^ /lag^ar^stone, 
pawn, chessman, bowl of a 
pipe,pZ. .J^higdra; ^ ^ 
hagar gahannam^ nitrate 
of silver;^^ hagar naht, 
cut stone; Ji^.^ ^ hagar 
dabk, rough stone, rubble; 
Jr^^ jf hagar dastAr^ 
ashlar,large blocks of stone; 
^(i>. y^ hagar fyaffdf^ 

pumice stone; j^ ^) I6h 
hagar, slate; JJui\ jsr hagar 
el ""aqd, voussoir,^^ mah. 
gar^ quarry, pL j^-^j^ mafuL 
gir. j^ haggdr^ stone- 
purveyor, pi, 0^2" haggdra. 

jf Aigrr, lap, knees; ^1 ^ J3 
walad "alal higr^ baby in 
Q.rms;0 J^<^3Ji^^y^y:>da^ial 
^alal 'arAsa bihigroh, he 
consummated marriage in 
the natural manner, 

yT (y^)hagaz(JihgU),io seize, 
reserve, detain, prevent, 
sequester. yJ^Mnhagaz^oT 
y^\ ithagaz^ to be seized, 
reserved ,detained,prevented, 
sequestered, j^ mahgAz, 
seized, reserved, detained, 
prevented, sequestered. yS" 
hagz, seizure, detention, 
prevention, sequester, pi. 
C»\jy^ huguzdt.;^hdgiz, 


barrier, enclosure, partition, 
pi, js^ly- hawdgiz. 

Jf OO^^^^ (Ji^giU, to 
hop, leap on one leg. J^f 



hagl, act of hopping, leaping 

on one leg. 

higga, see '£ 

( Juft ) hadd (jihidd), to li- 


mit, sharpen. ^Jb- haddid^ 
to fix the limits, fix, wprk 
at blacksmithing. j^l it- 
hadd^ to^ be limited^ shar- 
pened. ^o^l ithaddid, to be 
limited^fixed. ^^jji^mahdUd, 
or ^Ji52 muhaddad, limited, 
fixed; 33JL5S jj taman mah^ 
ddd, or ^JL^ Ji taman mu- 
haddad, fixed price. JbJii 
tahdyd^ act of limiting, 
fixing. Ji> /ladd, limit, edge, 
point, boundary, pi, ^^jp- 
hud{id: ^^jX\ i j^Ji^ mudy- 
ryjet el hudAd, Frontier 
province; jX- li hadd, as far 
as, until ; j!\ U jj- (iLI 
istanna li hadd ma Jdkul^ 
wait until he has eaten I 
C)^ z^\ jX li hadd enta 
kamdn, even you too 1 Uj^ Jii- 
li hadd hena, or Ui^^Jii* 
li haddyt hena, as far as 

this place. Jb- hadd, some 
one ; U* j^ JC kdn hadd 
hena, has any one been 
here? r-lj \J»J^ U ma haddih 
rdh, no one went -, jX\ m^ 
j6m elhadd^ or J^VIf ji Jdm 
el ahady Sunday ; a*xmzS\ Jm- 
hadd ek sa^nyna. Palm Sun. 
day. ^U Md, sharp, acute ; 
^U A«J» tab'^oh hdd, he is 
hot tempered ; ^U v^^^ ^^ 
ti/i(46 Md, acute inflamma- 
tion. Oi Jb- hadyd^ iron; JiJb. 
^ hadyd zahr, cast iron ; 
jyLi* aiJb- hadyd mak^M^ 
wrought iron ; ctJiSfl Jb jb- 
hadyd el yd^n^ hand-cuffs. 
#01 jp. hadyda^ piece of iron, 
pZ. a,|jb- /laddjr £d;tai jJ-l J& \;| 
ana "^alal hadyda, I am very 
hard up, I am penniless; 
J.5 l^ij^hadydet na*Z,horse 
shoe ; jU^ ;jjjb. hadydet 
tumdr, curry comb. ^Ij^ 
hadddd, blacksmith, pi, 
jt^ljb* haddadyn ; JiJ ^Iji^ 
hadddd na'Z, shoeing-smith. 







•^IJi^ hiddda^ blacksmith's 

hada, near, with (peasants' 
talk); ^\J^ luiddk ^with you, 
close to you. 
hadddd^ see o^ 
hidd§ar, eleven ; ^lo^ a^ 
'en6h hiddiar^ or ytlj^-y^ 
huwa hiddkir, he is blind, 
he has weak eyes. 
hidddja^ kite, pi. <^3la>- 
hadddyfiv sLUj^. hiddajdt. 
(OJ^) haddit, to speak, 
talk. OJiil ithaddit^ to talk. 
^ j^ luidyt, speech, con- 
versation, talk. aJ^jl*- Aad- 
dilta, fable,story, pi, ^^'y 
hawadyt. z>j^ mahdat, 
conversation. J I' jlis m uhad- 
ditdty, story-teller, pi, 
ajItju? muhadditatyja, 
(si.J^ ) Aadas (jihdas), to 
happen, occur. ^i^^Jio- hudAs^ 
occurrence. vi^U hddiSy 
epidemic. ii^\o^hddsa, event, 
incident, pi.w^l^ hdwddis. 
C,J^ muhdas, upstart,par- 

venu. c^^J^ hadys, tradi- 
tions of Mohamed. 
jjo- . jjL^I ( jjji^ ) inhadar (jin^ 
hidir)^ to descend, glide 
down, jji^ munhadir, 
sloping,slope. jl Jiil inhiddr, 
slope, inclination. 
^^ {JM) hadaf(Jihdif)^ to 
throw away. ^Jb- haddif, 
to throw one thing after 
another. vJJ^I inhadaf^ or 
vJ.vil ithadaf, to be thrown 
away, vJ^J^ mahdAf^ 
thrown; .J^jl^ z^ b6t mah-- 
dtf, an out-of-the-way 
house* ,J Jb- fy^df ^ or ^i Jii 
tahdyf yhoi oi throwing, o Jo- 


hadfa^ a throw, pi. oUjb- 

J Jo ( J j^ ) haddaq^ to eat salt 
food (herring, cheese, etc. ). 
ji j^ tahdgq, act of eating 
salt food. j^UMdig, salt, saL 
tY.Aj^j^huduqyJa^ saltness. 

jj^ hid iq, intelligent, sharp- 
ij^j^haddAta, seeo 



huduqyja, see 

hidwa^ see c$Ji^ 

(<^Jbi) /lada (jihdy), to 

shoe, (ij^l inhada^ or <^j^I 

ithada, to be shod, (/jl^ 

mahdy^ shod, t^jb- hidwa^ 

horse shoe,pZ.(^5' J^^^cidtoy. 

hadytj see C^Iw- 

hadys^ see di J^ 

hadyd, see o^. 

( j^^ ) hoLzzar^ to warn, 

•• - 

caution, guess, j-v^l itfuxz- 

zar^ to be warned, on one's 
guards guessed. jJb- hazar^ 
caution, care, heed, x^ 
tahzyr, act of warning, 
guessing. •jiJb- luizzAra^ 
guess, riddle, enigma, pi. 
jt^'y- hoLwazyr^ or C/lj^-U 

(oJl4 ) /i^-s'af (jihzif)^ to 
remove, cut off, suppress. 
ciiil ihhazaf, or vjiil 
ithazaf^ to be removed^ 
cut off, suppressed. vJ^Jl^ 
mahzHf^ removed^ cut off^ 
suppressed. ^J^ fyO'^f, act 

of cutting oflF^ removal, 

( j4) ^^^ (Jihirr ),or j^j^ 
harhar, to be hot. ^^ 
luxrrar, to set free, set at 
liberty^ write a letter. j^\ 
itharrar, to be set free, set 
at liberty^ written, jji^ 
mitharrar^ set free, set at 
liberty, written. ^ harr^ 
hot { weather ); j^ Lf Jl ed 
din J a harr, the weather is 
hot. jif- tahryr^ act of 
setting free, setting at liber- 
ty, writing ; x^ tahryr^ 
letter, pi. C^\x^ tahryrdt; 
Z*^x^\^QCLlam et tahryrdt, 
correspondence oflBce.^^ j^^i 
tahryrgy/^ writer, letter- 
writer, pi. A^x^ tahryr-- 
gyja.jj^muharrir,e6iior of 
a paper, pljLj^ muharri^ 
^yn. jU hdr, hot ; jU ^j 
z6t hdr, linseed oil, hemp 
oil;#jU iJL mabdli^ hdrra^ 
heaps of money. ,^1^ har^ 
rdn, one who is hot, pk 








OjmI^ harranyn. Bj\^h(i- 
rdra^ hesX, warmth; C)^ju 
•j\^\ mysdn el hardra, 
thermometer. ajV hurryja^ 
freedom^ liberty. "^ hurr^ 
free^ independent, pi. j\f^\ 
ahrdr; y^ ^\j rdgil hurr, 
an honourable man 
dahab hurr, pure gold;^^ 
jlj?-VI Aa^& eZ ahrdr, the 
liberal party. 

harrdt^ and J I j^ hirdty^ 
see wj^ 
hardg, see ^ 
hardra^ see 
harrdk, see J. 
/lirrdga, see j^ 
hirdm, blanket, plaid, pZ. 
4«^l ahrima, or vi^Ul^^ 

hardm, and ^1^ hardmy, 
see f j^ 
Aarrdn, see jp- 

( v>s ) ^^^& ( jihrih ), to 
attempt, do one's best;wjP- 
tJi^l U Jit wli!$3i ^ harab 
^alal kitdb liljadd ma aba- 

doh, he did his best until he 

obtained the book. 


to fight one another, s^f 
harb,orAt^j\^ muharba ,vfhT ^ 
fight, campaign, pi. w^jp- 
hurdb, or ^IjU muharbdt. 
A,^ harba^ lance, spear, pi. 
w ^ harab, oVsiAt ^ harbdt 
^.j>/iar&^,military; 4^^^ 
maglis /iar&t/,court.martial; 
kjjl\j^ji^dywdn elharbyja, 
War Office ; o^l ^u-jjII el 
madrasa el harbyja^ the 
military school. 

Ai\^hirbdja, chameleon, pi, 

w> ( Cj/z ) harat ( Jihrit ) to 
plough, vi^jjil inharat^ or 
C.^leiAarai,to be ploughed, 
w^j^ mahrAt, ploughed. 
Cjf^hart, act of ploughing. 

^IV harrdt, one who 

■ < ij 

ploughs,pi.i:,jlj>- harratyn. 
^ 1^ /tir(J^(/, vegetables, etc. 
cultivated on ploughed land. 
C#lj^ mifyrdt, plough, pi. 


c^^U maharyt, 

( r j< ) harrag, to forbid; 

'ai^/i el^urdg bit UlfiVrf- 

'aW/i ma jubrugS bil l^l,he 
forbade him going out at 
night, ^ji tahryg^ act 
of forbidding. t'j>' harag^ 
blame; r- j>. Jl^ic U ma 
""ai^fci harag ^ you are not to 
blame, ily ^\j>- hardg 
mazdd, auctioneer's cry; 
^Ul inbd' hardg 





ma^dd^it was sold by public 

( f?r/5 ^ hargim^ to hover 
round^attempt;wl:55\ ^ >-^ 
hargim ""alal kitdb^ he 
endeavoured to obtain the 

book. 4^-y- hargima, act of 
hovering round. 
U>s)^^«d (yiArid ),to go 
in an oblique direction . ^^ 
hard, act of going in an ob- 
lique direction. .3 j>- harda, 
oblique direction, oblique 

line, pi. ^\^y^harddt, 
jy-hirz, keepsake, amulet. 

u^^ ( o^A ) f^^^<^^ f juhrus ), to 
watch over, guard. ^>il 
inharas, or ^^\iiharas, to 
be watched over, guarded. 
^j0ji>'\ihtaras, to be on one's 
guard. ^jU hdris, foreman 
in a bath, pi. uj-^jl^ harsyn. 
yj^^f- mahrdiSy watched 
over, guarded, son, child, 
pi, Ofr-jj^ mahrusyn; ifj\ 
ay03^\ izzaj el mahrusyn, 
how are your children? 
4-3^1 el mahrAsa, Cairo. 
^^ haras, guard, escort. 
^tj\»-l ihtirds, watch, care. 

LT^j^i J^'A ) harrak, to excite or 
stimulate the stomach. 
tahryk, act of exciting or 
stimulating the stomach. 

j^j^hirS^ or j,\''y harrdi^ a 
kind of melon,unripe melon, 
^9» ^j^ /tir&i, or 4^1^ 
harrdia^ pi. dHj^ hiridt. 

u^>iu^y) fj^^^(^9y or ^/\ 





to be careful or cautious; 
Jjl ^ ^j^>- harras 'alal 
walad, take care of the boy 1 
4-» jJ\ ^ ij^[^ harras m in el 
'arabyja^ beware of the 
carriage 1 ^Jal/z tahrys, or 
u^y ^ irs, or ^\j^\ istih- 
rdSy carefulness^ cautious- 
ness, ^j^,^ h<irys, careful, 
cautious^ pi. utH4/- hjat'ysyn. 
^j^ ( ^A ) ^^(^f (Jihrif), to 
turn from, o^ harraf, to 
incline^ transpose (letters or 
words), uijil inharaf, or 
sjj^\ itharaf, to deviate, be 
turned from, ^ij^ munha- 
rif, deviating from, askew; 
Aij^ bJ^ qantara munha- 

riya^skew bridge; r- 1 Jll ^j^ 
munharif el masdg, indis- 
posed^ out of sorts. ^\ji'\ 
inhirdf, hct of turning from, 
deviation; ^p ^Ij^l inhi- 
rdfel mazdg^ indisposition, 
jy- harf, end, extremity , 
edge, letter, press-type, pi. 
hurAf. UtTj^ fy^rryf, 

conr)oisseuv ,pl,Ah gharry fa. 
^j-hirfa, profession, trade, pi. 
oy- hiraf; 43 y^ ,^U sdhib 
hirfa, artisan. 

( 3 A) ^^^^ (Ji^^^g), to 
burn, be painful, smart; \l 

f-yLl ^p^ lamma haruqny 

el g{l\ when I felt the pangs 

of hunger; ijy- haraq 

lohum^ he swore at them^ 

he reprimanded them, j^ 

har r a q, to be too low (water 

level in a river, canal, etc, ). 

Jyil inharaq, or j^\ 

itharaq^ to be burnt, j^j^ 

mahrAq, burnt; Jj^ aJj 

qalboh mahrAq^ he has 

suffered much, j^ harq, act 

of burning; j^ /iarg,burnt 

place, pi. j3^ hurAq. j.^ 

conflagration; j,J^\ ^1^ 

mawdd el haryq Juel, am^ 
haryqa^ fire, conflagration, 
pi. jii^ fyirdjiq, or oUy- 
haryqdt; j,!^ hardjiq^ 
flre^works, bonfire. Jljl>l 




ihtirdq, combustion. aJI" 
hirrdqa^ blister, pi, ji^i 
hararyq, or olilj^ hirra^ 
qdt. Sj^ muharraq^ hard 
up, penniless, iiy hurqa^ 
pain, feeling. jij\^taharyq, 
low water level, 6tiage, 
iJ^ ( iJj< ) Aarafe (juhruk), to 
stir, move. iJ^ harrak, to 
cause to stir, move. iJj^l 
itharrak, to be stirred, 
moved, ilji' mutharrik, 
stirred, moved; ilji£* (^jjS^ 
kubry mutharrik^ swing 
bridge. Si/- tahryk^ act of 
stirring,moving.^> Aarafea, 
motion, stir, movement, 
mincing, voluptuous coquet- 
ry, pi. cX'j^ harakdt; uu^ 
^)^\ bafyf el haraka^ 
nimble, quick, smart; {fy 
J, J uS\ "^^ dy haraket alf 
girs, itisa matter of 1000 
piastres. ^^»- ^^ mara 
hirka, v/insome woman,flirt. 
J5^( JL^) harkis^ to agitate, 
excite. J^l itharkis, to be 

a g i t a ted , excited . AJL5y- /la r- 
kisa, agitation, excitement. 
Aj> ( ^yc ) haram (Jihrim ), to 
deprive, forbid one, disin- 
herit, excommunicate. f>- 
harram, to forbid, prohibit; 
»^ i»V harram jiVab. or 
wJJI f>- harram elWb^he 
gave up play; f'^\ ^Jc f > 
harram 'alayja el kaldm^ 
he forbade me to speak.j^jil 
inharam^ or >jil itharam, 
to be deprived, forbidden, 
disinherited, excommuni- 
cated. 0j^\ ihtaram, to 
honour, respect, venerate. 
A^\ istahram^ to consider 
unlawful. f^jC' mahrAm, 
deprived, forbidden, disin- 
herited, excommunicated, 
f j^ muhtaram, respected, 
venerated, venerable, ^ji 
tahrym, act of forbidding, 
prohibiting, ^j^ /iirm, ana- 
thema, excommunication. 
C)\*^ hirmdn, deprivation, 
disinheritance, anathema. 



excommunication^pZ. w\5U^ 
hirmandt. ^j^harym^wMe, 
lady, family, pi. wUj>- hary. 
mdt, ji^harymy, apper- 
taining to ladies; j:^>- A^y^- 
gasma harymy, ladies' 
shoe. dJUj?- haramlik, or 
jrj>. harym^ ladies* apart- 
ments. >lj>-/iardm,unlavYful, 
wrong, sin; ^Af>(\^ hardm 
''alayja,it would be a sin for 
me; a\j>' ^I ibn hardm, 
illegitimate son, scoundrel, 
rascal, pZ. ^\^ ^)i^\ awldd 
hardm; ^•j ly^^, ^\J-\ 3V3I 
awldd el hardm ji'rafu 
ha^'d, set a thief to catch a 
thief! ^\j^ hardm y, thief, 
pi, v^-r l^^amyja; ^yli 
^1^1 fanAs pi haramyja, 
bull's eye lantern. 4»j>- hur- 
ma, woman, old woman; 
KJkj^ hurmitoh, his wife. 
JjJ?.| ihtirdm, respect, ve- 
neration, pZ. oUlj^^-l ihtira. 
mdt; ily V JUijUl fji qad^ 
dim ihtiramdty li abAk^ 


give my respects to your 
father 1 ^^JeZ ^ram, sacred 
shrine of Mecca ; o^)^\ el 
/laram^n, Mecca and Medina. 
^""j^ muharram^ the first 
month of the lunar calendar. 
J^j>- harmala, pelerine^ ladies' 
or officers' cloak. 

C>ri OA ) ^^^^ (juhrun ;, to 
be restive, vicious (horse). 
0-5 j^ /lar^n, restive, vicious. 
(Sj>' . <i j^ ^iiji ) taharra (jit^ 
harra)^ or (^ j^l itharra, 
to inquire into, investigate; 
<^^ 4JLII jP ^^j^l itharrH 
^an el mxisdla d«/, I have 
inquired into this case, (^ji 
taharry, inquiry, investi- 
gation,pZ.v:,</^ taharryjdt, 
xj^fmryr, silk. y\y^ hardjir^ 
silk materials, 
u^j j^ Aarys, see ^^ 
^.> hcirryf^ see o^^ 
ji^ ^ryg^, see J^>. 
(.j-harym^ see^^ 
ATj^hurryja^se^ j^ 
J*- ( J« ) ^'^'3' (jihizz), to cut. 




notch, make incisions; Jjt 

cr-^j^->V^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ 
jihizz filAs^ he is making 

money the whole day. .^ 
fuxzzei^ a cut, a notch, an 
incision, pi. sl^\y^hazzdt. 
hizdm, see A J?- 
hazb^ party, pi. ^lj>.|ai^^(t&. 
w^^ muthazzib, partisan, 
fanatic, strongly attached 
to an opinion, pi, ^KJ*^ 
( Jj4 ) Aa^ag (jihzaq), to 
press, put in a corner; dJU^^M 
ijj>. ed dihk hazaqoh^ he 
was pressed with laughter; 
^U\ JAP- j^^ hazaqny ^and 
el bdb, he caught me at the 
door. J^to^r^a^jto tighten. 
jyi,\ inhazaq^ or j^il itha- 
zaq, to be pressed, put in 
a corner, j^il ithazzaq, to 
be tightened. Jsyzmahz^iq^ 
pressed, put in a corner; 
Ji^iJ* ^ Jbj^ ^^i tamally 
mahzAq 'ala es ki§l, he is 
always in a hurry to finish 

his work, he is always 
pressed with work. Jy^ 
muhazzaq, tightened. jj>. 
/^^g,act of pressing, putting 
in a corner, jiyfi^ iahzyq^act 
of tightening, jjis mahzaq^ 

f3^ ( f j^ ^ hcLsam {jihzim), to 
tie or bind together, make a 
bundle. fj>- hazzim^ to tie, 
girdle.|»3^l inha zam, or ^^\ 
ithazam, to be tied. Ajil 
i<i^^^i/n,tobetied, girdled, 
f 3j^ mahzAm^ tied, made a 
bundle, ^y^ muhaszim,tied^ 
girdled, ^y^ hazm^ or ^-/^ 
tahzym, act of tying, 
girdling. iuj>- Ai^ma,parcel, 
bundle, pi. ^y- hizam. f\y- 
hizdm, belt, sash, pk cAs\y^ 
hizamdt, or iuj?-! ahzimd. 
py^ mahzam ^tipr on J pi. ^ jU 
mahdzim, fj\^hdzimfivm, 
reisolute; {f\J\ Aj\>hdzim er 
rdj, a man of sound judg- 

^^{o/i) /li^m (jihzan)j to 


grieve, be sad or sorry, be 
in mourning; aJc z^j>-fyi^i^t 
'al^h, I was sorry for him. 
Oj^ hd^^i^j to cause to 
grieve, cause to be sad or 
sorry. C)j^ hi^n or huzn^ 
grief, sadness^ sorrow, 

mourning, pi. o'j>-' ahzdn. 
^y>.hazyn, grieved, sad, 
sorry, one who is in mourn- 
ing- (^I'j^ fj^^Ajny, apper. 
taining to mourning. 

( tr^ ) ^^^ (Jiff'i^s), to feel; 
vlli- ^ Ij^ hiss 'ala Uxhmak^ 
you should be ashamed of 
yourself 1 ^\J-\ l>^ ^ torn- 
mahassu bilkardmy,v/hen 
they became aware that 
there was a thief(in the house, 
etc.);^^lji- ^ qalby hassiny, 
I had a presentiment. 
hassis^ to grope, feel ( with 
the hand,etc.);4JLiJ\;^,^^.^^iU 
mdiy Jihassis fil dalma^he 
goe3 groping in the darkness. 
^^^,^1 istahass, to detect, 
become aware of, ^^-.^^ ^^ 

kaldm mahsAs, arrUre^ 
pens6e, double^entendre , 
^^a^ <a/?s(/s,act of groping, 
feeling (with the hand, etc. ). 
A.l>./iis5^ya, sensibility, feel- 
ing. ,^l^>- hawds^ senses 
( the five). ^^Uj^ hassds^ or 
j^w p-Aas t/s,sensitive/ouchy. 

^p- hiss, voice, sound; tiL^ aU» 
- • 

toito hissak^ or di->- Jc 

'aWy hissak^ raise your 

voice 1 A-^>- jl«| jpj za'^'^aq bi 

^'uUi hissoh^ he shouted at 

the top of his voice; U J^ 

LlJIf^dl-^ tM ma hissak 

fil dinja, so long as you 

are alive: ^i^.^ wJ^^M ana 

* • • 

tayjib bi hissak^ thanks to 
you that I am living. 

^L.^'hisdb, seCw- 

^[.^.^hassds, see 

( w-.4ii) hasab (jihsib)^ to 
calculate, reckon; viL-.4 lil 
ana bahsibak mus 
hena,l thought you were not 
here:\ jS^Ai\,^^.^\ihsib innoh 
keda, grant that it is so! 


he paid him at the rate of 
two piastres. ^jL^hassib^ 
to think; ^UU^ilw.-**- hassib 
ab&ha mdt, he thought 
her father died. sj^l inha- 
sab, or ^^\ ithasab. to be 
calculated. ^-W hdsib, to 
make account with, take 
heed, take care; jJ^I Jt »^-U 
fidsib alobl toa tod. take care 
of the boyl OjJ\ ^^.-U 
hdsib min el ""arabyja^ 
beware of the carriage! 
km^y^^ mahsAb^ calculated; 
^^ mahsAb^ prot6g6^ 
pi. »^*-W mahasyb, wL»- 
hisdb^ account, calculation, 
arithmetic, salary, bill ( of a 
trader, etc.), pi. cXL^ hisa. 
bdt:A»\.^^^9^\ihsib hisdboh, 
take him into consideration! 
wL.P- ji^U ^\jrdgilmalAs 
hisdb, a man of no conse- 
quence; AiL^ ^yi\^ jy^ huwa 
bdlis bi hisdboh^he received 
what was due to him,his bill 

is settled. wlUi- ^^ kdtib 

• • 

hisabdt, or ^>r"^ mahasib- 
gy, accountant, pi, Xs^ 
w\iL^ kutabet hisabdt, or 
A^U mahasibgyja. a^p^ 
Ais6a, arithmetical problem, 
account, pi. w-i*>. hisab, or 
siL-*- hisbdt'^*^ lu^»^hi$bet 
birma, a complicated prob- 
lem. ^•-•UmaMsba, accounts, 
comptability; ^u -Ul c^ sjj^ 
sarf taht elmuhdsba, pay- 
ment on account.^^-^ muh- 
tisib, inspector of measures 
and weights, pi. uj*-^ 
muhtisbyn. o^r-**^ fyisbdn^ 
surmise, expectation; U I3 
oLJ-l <^ JiilS^ d^ rna kanh 
/iZAisMn, thisis an unex- 
pected thing. wM-*»- hasab^ 
according to, nobility of 
ancestors: ^^ bihasab, or 
w.-^ ^'ato Aasafe, according 
to; ^^^4 1 3 da bihasab, this 
depends, w^-^ hasyb, man 
of noble birth. ^^-.^ ^Jjf 
mag lis hdsby^ Moslem 



Probate Court. 
{xJz)hasad (jihsid), to 
envy. JU^I inhasad, or ju^l 
ithasad^ to be envied. ^^-^ 
rmhsiid, envied. s.»^hasad, 
envy.^^-^^-tosAd, or(^3^^-^ 
hasAdy^ envious, envier,pi. 
jt^^-^ hasudyn. 
. ^^1 (y.-jS ) ithassar, to 
regret, ty^-^ hasra^ regret ; 
t^-^li ya hasra^ what a 
pityl aJasl (women's talk). 

cr^Cj-^) f}^ssi^, to improve, 
ameliorate, embellish, praise. 
^^\ithas3 in yto be improv- 
^^\ C)^)t\elatmdn ithas- 
sinet^ the prices have risen. 
j^P'\ah8any to give alms^do 
good; za*^\ ahsant^ well 
done 1 ^y^\ istahsin, to 
approve of,like.^^iai^5t/n, 
improvement^ amelioration, 
embellishment, ^y^ fyusn, 

dimple,A:-->. /kisana, charity^ 
good action^ mole, pi. cA: 


fiasanAt,c^-^>'\ iAs(tn, charity, 
bounty^ favour, pi. wl»'U»-i 
ihsandl. j^-^l ahsan, more 
beautiful, better, all the 
better; ^W U ill ^-o-la/tsan 
iW(/ ma g^di^ I am glad he 
has not come; viB j-j>-l ahsan 
lak, all the better for you ; 
j^\ ahsan fiv j^^^lahsan , 
because, lest that; Ui^yi ^.^V 
lahsan huwa hena^ because 
he is here ! U utJ^. Cx^ 
jlO^I lahsan ba^d^n ma 
Jildqyks^ lest he shall not 
find you. iuU>-i dhsanyja^ 
superiority, preference.^U 
mahdsin, charms. ^:)L^I 
15 1 ihsdn^ approval, applause. 
^-^ muhsin^ charitable, 
benefactor,- pi, 
hasdd^ see Ju>- 
{i^yj^)haswik^ to potter 
about,fumble. ^-^Aasio ifea, 
act of pottering about, 
fyusAm, bad days^ name of 

* • 


• • 

an unhealthy wind. 

hasyby see ^^...-^ 

hasys, and ^jm^ fyissyja^ 


J^iJ^) ^s^ (JifyiW, to cut 
grass, eat grass. JLi^m^^^, 
or j^hitha§s^io be cut. JLi>- 
haisis, to cut or eat grass, 
be intoxicated with ha^yi 
J,^ mahkCih, cut.jL^ ha^, 
act of cutting or eating 
grass, juii tahkyh^ act of 
smoking or state of being 
intoxicated with hasyk, JLc 
hasyk, grass^ weed^herb^ia- 
toxicating extract of hemp, 
haSyS; JLw- ^^. yi hawa 
Jiirab hasys, he smokes 
hakys; J^ ;^ qahwet 
^ haiy&, cojBfee-shop where 
hakyi is smoked.^LiJl^ mah-- 
kika, haSy&-den^ pi. c^t^Ji 
mahsasdt. j>»\z^ haksAh, one 
who smokes hahys^>\i^ 
haMkij or^ilip- hahkisyn. 
^yf\^ fyaiakyl^people of the lowest 

jU ( yi^ ) hasar ( juhkur ), to 
put between, insert. ji^\ 
inhakar, or jiJ^\ ithakir^ to 
be put between, inserted; U 

wayjdhum^ do not mix or 
interfere with tlieml yJ^.w4 
(^ J^(^ jihihh Jinhiiir fy 
hull k4, he likes to have a ^ 
finger in every pie.j^i^ma/L • 
k(li\ put between. ^^ hahr, 
act of putting between. 
|il9- ( JL4 ) hassim, to be respect, 
ful. liT^ hikma, respect, 
reverence, modesty; 48^*" ,1^ 
sitt hisma, a respectable 

^ ( c>^ ) ^«i C/ i'^y ).to stuff; 
^JiJ\ ^^ Aaia e2 bundu^ 
qyjcK', he loaded the gun.^ 
Aa^, to stuff one thing after 
the other, write between the 
words of the lines. ^J^\ 
inhaka^ or ^^1 itliakn^io be 
stuffed, ^yi. mah&y^ stuffed; 
J^iC. maliky, stuffed vegetab- 
les^ sg. 4^ mafyiyja^ pl^ 




wl^ mahiyjdt. ^^ fyo^sy, 
act of stuffing. ^ hahu, 
stuffing^ panel, rectangular 
portion between the rails of 
a door; ojlJ\ *i^ haku el 
bunduqyja^ projectile of a 
gun. ii^\ kJji tah&yja bil 
mtina^grouting (mas.). aJ^U 
hAkja, marginal note, post- 
script um,joi.(^l^ hawd&y, 

JUJL>. hasyi, see JL»- 

^[jk^husdd and hassdd, see jua^- 

jLi>- hisdr, see yut>- 

4)C*»> ha§sdla^ see Jia^ 

^U^/^a^dn, horse, joZ. 4:.a>-I aA^ 
sma, or Jj- 6^Z, or J^ 

AtyAi. jt;- bc^yjdl^ horse- 
man, pi. JU. bayjdla. 

^j^U^ hasdwy, s^ t^^?- 
w3fc>-(w-^^)^ssa6, to have the 
measles. A* ii^ Aa^&a, measles. 
( JLdug ) Msad {Juhsud ), to 

mow, reap. aLi>- husdd, 


har vest. ^fA>-/ias§ddI, mower, 
reaper, />i. Oi^U^-ijiassadyn. 
(^4 )/wt§ar (juh§ur )^ to 
encompass^besiege; a^\ 

/lasar ei^afe/ia^he suspected. 
j^\ inha§ar^ or ^^1 itha- 
^r, to be encompassed, 
besieged, jy^t^ mahsAr^ 
encompassed^ besieged. 
ha§r^ act of encompassing, 
besieging;^ll ^\^\ashdb 
bil hasr, fast friends, bosom 
friends, chums. ^Ll*. hisdr^ 

^yui^ /tasrflm, unripe grapes, sour 
grapes, sg. ^mj^l^ husruma, 
pi. oU^^ut>- husrumdt. 

[^yui^ husary^ see ljff^i>' 

^j^{^) luisal (jihsal)^ to 
happen, occur^ take place; 

4il J.AP- Aasai ^, what has 


happened? what is the mat- 
ter? Ai I ^« J-A>. /lasaZ m i/iny 
^, what have I done? what 
wrong have I done? UJS^ 
J^j ^y^>- hull ma hOLsal 
wasal, small contributions 
thankfully received. J,ap-Aa§. 
$aZ, to reach, collect, obtain; 
J^f^li J-a>. hassal bil 'agal, be 
quick 1 J-«^l itiJas§aZ,or J-^l 



istahsal, to obtain^ procure. 
J^-a*. /tastii, happenings oc- 
currence^ realisation. J-#U 
hdsil^ happening, taking 
place; J-->U hdsil^ result, 
product, store, prison-cell, 
pi, J-^ly- hawdsil. Jj-fti tafh 
syl^ act of reaching, obtain- 
ing, collecting. ^yJL^ tah^ 
sylgy, or j\j^^tahsylddr^ 
debt-collector, pi. ^»eL^ 
tahsylgyja, or 4ijlji^ 
tahsyldaryja,^y.a3^ mahsAl^ 
yield, crop, pi. CjHy^ 
mahsuhXt^OT ^^\<mahasyl, 
4lL»P- hussdla^ money-box, 
stomach of a bird, pi. wVUp- 

• • • • 

j)UU>- hasalbdn, rosemary. 
Cx^^{,y^) hassan^ to fortify. 
j^li^/ia5sa/i,to be fortified. 
muhassan. fortified. 
^^-^ i^fsn, fortress, pZ.j;^.*^ 
husAn. Cj^i tahsyn^ fortifi- 
cation, pi. wUuo^ tahsyndt. 
iUAP- ^i«sa, portion, share, space 
of time, pi. ijA-A^ hi^a?. 

husdlj see J- 
i^stoa,small pebble, gravel, 
pi, ^^ hasa; ^ lyjk^fiaswet 
mai/t, a lump ^of salt. iSy^^- 
haswa^ town in Arabia, 
(^ jU>- Aas<itoy,appertaining 
to haswa. 

hasyra, grass mat, pi. 
husr;.j^\ Je J*ii /idii 'atoZ 
hasyra, he lost every thing, 
he lost all his fortune; Ji ^ 

hasyrtak m idd riglak^ you 
must stoop if you have a low 
door! •jmJ-I ^ ,v ijy.^ 
bijusrufmin tahtel hasy-^ 
ra^ he has private means. 
ifj^^^ husary^ mat-maker, 
pi. hjj^husaryja. 
(y^ ) hidir (jihd(^r),io be 
present, ready, jmp- haddar, 
to bring, prepare. ^Jkil if- 
hadd^r, to be prepared.^^Jtif I 
istahdar^ to bring, prepare, 
procure, j^^ tahdyr, act of 
causing to be present, prc- 



ready; ^U-l z^)\ ^^ fll waqt 
elhddir^ at present^ now; 
ifj^\}j^\t>- hddirja sydy, 
veryj^ood^ Sirl all right, 
Sirl jyAP- hudAr^ presence. 
hadritak^ Your. Highness^ 
your honour; Ai^^jLtl »j^\ 
elhcidra elbidiwyja^ H. H. 
the Khedive.c^ jli;^^ fuxdraU 
lary^ address of a Pasha 
holding the rank of Rumely 
heklerbi or a muhyr, j\j^\ 
istihddr, preparation,acl of 
causing to be present. ^fS 
mahdar^ society, report, 
minutes of proceedings, pro. 
cis-verhal, pi, ^U mahd^ 
dir; cJuU •jm^ mahdaroh 
latyf, he is a pleasant com- 

ser\er,huissier,pl, ^^ 

muhdiryn. js^hddyr^hell^ 
unroofed room. 

^ ( cr^ ) hadan (juhdun), to 
embrace, hug. j^l inha^ 
,Jno. ^^, or j^l ithadan, to be 

embraced, hugged. 
maM^n, embraced, hugged. 
jJi9^hadn, act of embracing, 
hugging. ^yi?-^arfn,embrace, 
hug, hosom, pl.o\j^\ahddn; 
fyi^\> •J>'\ ahodoh bilhudn^ 
he embraced him, he re- 
ceived him with open arms. 

j^^>. hudAr^ see ^^ 
^^ . ^s^^\ ( ^^^^^^ ) istahda, to 
have as a concubine, ^^.i^ 
mahdyja, concubine, plj 
^^^ mahddy. 

jLdk^ hady'r, see ^>- 
li>. ( Jaitf ) /ux« (juhutt), to put, 
place ; t^M ^ Ja:»-jy^\ ei 
"a^/iir hatt ""aUx el sagara, 
the bird alighted on the tree; 
j0\^\k>' hattaha wdty^ he 
humbled himself, he humi- 
liated himself : , W Ax^ia>' hatt 
""dnoh ^ala^ he coveted; UJ«>- 
^J<A\ hattjna el fllAs, we 
paid the money ; L>- b J15-I J 1 
er rdgil da hatt^ this man 
has become very weak. JLia>- 
hattat^U) cause to put or place. 



Ja^l inhatt, or i^\ ithatt, 
to be put, placed. I^^k^ma/t- 
(^(, put, placed. la?- /ia((, act 
of putting, placing. J^Ja^ 
tatuyt, act of causing to put, 
causing to place. Ja^ mahatt, 
alighting place, station; Ja>. 
Ja^ a1 Aa(( io/i mahattj he 
hinted something against 
him. ALfimahatta, railway 
station, pi, ^lk>f mahattdt, 
^^ hitta, disparagement; 
dU?- ^^ aL^- {f^dy hitta fy 
haqqak^ this is disparaging 
to your honour . AL^^^-hatyta, 

( w^ ) f^t^Ab, to use harsh 
language. wJ^ tahtyb, act 
of using harsh language. 
wJi>- hatab^ wood for burn- 
ing ; >-V3wJ.- -JS^IVJU 
mdlla jdkloh hatab wala 
ndr^ inexhaustible wealth. 
wtL- hattdb^ wood-seller, 
pi. 4iVk>- hattdba. 
(Ji<) /kx-a'^ (ji¥^^)i to 
please. Ja^l inhazz, or Jki^l 

i7/wt-a'-3', to be pleased. J^^ 
mahzAzj pleased, ii?- hazz^ 
or ^^ mahzuzyja, plea, 
sure, delight, enjoyment, 
gaiety, joZ. J^^ huztz, or 
. ^LkjkfS mahzuzyjdt. 
J^ ( j^ ) haisar (juhzur), to 
prevent, forbid, drive into 
a corner, capture. Ji^Mnha-- 
zar^ or ^^1 ithazar^ to be 
prevented, forbidden, driven 
into a corner, captured. 
j^ mahzdr^ prevented, 
forbidden, driven into a 
corner; j^i^ mahz{ir^ ob- 
jection, obstacle, pi. CjSj^ 

J^ ( ^« ) /^/r (Jif^iff), to eat 
too much of one kind of food; 
aaJ\ i^ Jji U ma tihiffti fil 
Uxhma, do not eat so much 
meat ( with so little bread )1 
u-iiil ithafftf^ to pluck out 
one's hair, remove one's 
unnecessary hair. ^>- ^tf, 
act of eating too much of one 
thing (with too little of the 




other ). iJLti tahfyf, act of 
plucking out hair, removing 
unnecessary hair. 
U^ hafa^ see ^ 
jtU haffdr^ see jt>' 
^^li>- hufdd^ see ^^^kii- 
y^( ^ ) /la/ter (juhfur)^ or 
i. fahar, to dig, excavate^ 
engrave. ji/VxA/iar^ to make 
one hole after another, yil 
inhafar, or yil ithafar^ to 
be dug,excavated^engraved. 
jyu^mahfAr, or jyif maf-- 
hdr^ dug,excavated^engrav. 
ed. y^ mufahhar, full of 

holes, jtf. ^/'r, or ^ A*^^^ 
act of digging^ excavation^ 
engraving; p^j3 ^ hafr we 
radm, earth- work, ^y*- 
pl. j^ hufar^ or ^i fuhar. 
jW haffdr, or jli fahhdr, 
engr oyer, ply^j^haffaryn^ 
or jtj^ fahharyn.)\f^hdflr, 
hoof, /)i. yiy. hawdfir, 
-( ^jk^S ) /wt/ted or Ae/id 
(Jihfadjy to learn one's les- 



son. ^j;i- fyiffady to teach . 
^il in ha fad ^ or ^^^ki^l 
ithafad, to be learned, j,..^! 
ithaffadet, to wear a sani- 
tary towel (woman j. ^^U 
M/id, one who knows his 
lesson, ^y^ mahfAd^ learn, 
ed. A-ii^ muhaffada, wo- 
man who is wearing a 
sanitary towel. ^_,ki>- Atyd, 
act of learning one's lesson. 
^ji-tahfyd^diCt of teaching. 
^\a^ hufdd^ woman's sani- 
tary towel,/)?. wUlt^ hufa- 


( iak^ ) hafaz (jihfaz)^ to 
keep, learn; i3j)\ Ji«^ Aa/itx^ 
el waraqa, he filed o» 
guarded the document. Jao- 
haffaz, to teach. JiiW M/i^, 
or iaiil ithaffaz, or Jiii^l 
istahfax^ to take care 
of. Jai^l inhafaz, or JaAi^l 
ithafaz^ to be kept, 
learned. liy^ mahftz^ kept, 
learned; oltyi^ mahfuzdt^ 
archives. Ja«^ fr^/''^^^ act of 

• • 


keeping^ learning . ; JiikI 
aJLJ\3 el hifz wit sijdna^ 
guard and protection. JiJ 
tahfyz^ act of teaching. Joi 
fOi^/f w^^watchfulness^care; 
JiiiSl ^^^1 el habs et tahaf^ 
fuzy^ detention pending 
trial. ^U hdfza, bulletin^ 
list, memorandum^ /)i. wUiiU 
hafzdt, or Jiil^ hawdfiz. 
Jiwi! mahfaza, portfolio, /)i. 
JaiU mahdfiz ,)ii\< muhdfiz^ 
governor of a city, pi. cfr^ii^ 
muhafzyn, iJiiU muhdfza, 
g^oa t?e rn ora i^guandianship^ 
pi. viUiiU: muhafzdt, Ji-M-lj 
ja hafyz^ dear me 1 ci5l»«^ 
mustahfazyn, municipal 

i^(ji«) fy^M(jihfaq), or 
jk> 'afaq, to catch, entrap, 
grasp, ^^haffaq, to catch 
or entrap one after the other, 
jiil inhafaq^ or ji^l ii/^- 
/'a^,tobe caught, entrapped, 
grasped, jy^ mafyfdqy 
caught, entrapped^grasped. 

ja». /ta/'g, or j^p 'a/'g, act of 
catching,entrapping, grasp, 
ing, a2a^ fy^fqO', or 42«p 
'^/'S^^^ a catch, pi. cMl^ 

d^ .^\{,y^)ihtafal(jihtifll), 
to receive one with pomp, 

celebrate. JUl^l ihtifdl^ 

ceremonial , celebration, 
meeting, pomp, pZ. %:#Vlil^i 
ihtifaldt.^hafla^ or Ja^ 
maA/'ai,ceremonial meeting, 
pi. ^^ hafldt^ or Jil^ 
mahdfil; ^ya^ mahfal, maso. 
nic lodge, assembly. 

JJ^C JaUj ) haflat, to arrange or 
adorn carefully. iaUil ithaf^ 
laL to be arranged or 
adorned. LU^ muhaflat, 
carefully arranged or adorn. 
ed;\^^}>'\jrdgil muhaflat^ 
or J^iU^ /ti^4(, fop, man 
'^dressed up to the nines." 
^i^haflata^eict of arranging 
or adorning carefully. 

Of^icy^) Wo^n (Jihfln), to 
take a handful. ^ fyafn, 




barefooted, ^^i:^ 

ectof taking a handful. ^lO^ 
hifna, a handful, pi. ^ 
hifan, or cJ^ hifdn. 

^{^)Wy (JihfO'), to be 

haffa, to 

cause to be barefooted. U>- 

hafa^ barefootedness. i^U 

/ki/'y^ barefoot^ unshod, pi. 

•U* /la/Vl, or tijJU hafyjy^. 

5^ i ^< ) ^9^9^ r juhuqq), to 
be right; a^TJ j^ Juhuqq 
ly akallimoh, I have the 
right to talk to him; ^^^ 
^y^C^yhuwa juhuqq ^aJa mdt 
ahUh, he was old enough to 
remember his father's death. 
jJ^- haqqaq, to verify^ 
investigate, inquire into, ji^l 
itliaqqaq, to be verified^ in- 
vestigated^ inquired into^ 
realized, made sure, j^l 
istahaqq^ to deserve,be due 
^muhaqqaq^ sure^ verified . 
ing, jyt< mahq&q, in the 
wrong, faulty, jji tahqyq^ 
yeriflcation, investigation^ 


inquiry, pi, oliO^ tahqyqdt; 
^}J^ i^\i qddy tahqyq^ exa. 
mining judge^ juge dHns- 
traction, ^y' fyaqq^ right/ 
justice, pi. jyU. huq&q; y 
jy^l Him elhuqAq^ science 
of law; j^\ ^-j^ Jy qU 
kaldm el haqq, teU the^ 
truth I ilCi jll el haqq 
wayjdk, you are right; jil 
siXScel haqq^'al^k, you are 
wrong; j>-3 j^ j-m in haqq 
we haqyq^ really, truly, 
seriously; ^C^ ^^j diL cx^ 
kdn haqqak tur{lh wayjdh, 
you should have gone with 
him; dlt»- <^ ^, ^U\ en nds 
bitihkyfy haqqak^ people 
are talking against you; ^ 
j>*m in haqq or m in fyaqqa^ 
really 1 truly! by the wayl 
j»-l ahaqq, worthier. cs>.| 
ahaqqyja^ a better right. 6^ 
haqqa^ really, truly, i^(i>- 
haqqdny^ right, just, pi. 
Oi<ilA9- haqqanyjyn. o*lal>l ei 
fyaqqanyja, mixed courts of 



justice; olsi-l ^jl^j dywdn 
el haqqanyja^ Ministry of 

Justice. JiJ»9^ ^QyQy, ^0^1, 
t vue.Ai^haqyqa, truth, fdiCi; 
AiJ>- haqyqatan, really , 
truly, jli^l istihqdq, due, 
merit, pay, salary ^pi.wUU^I 

huqq, or ^^ huqqa, small 
box, pot, casket, pk J^>-l 

( jlS< ) haqad (jihqid \ to 
bear malice, ^i^^ haqd, ma- 
lice, grudge, hatred. iSiy>' 
ha qAdy ^\indicti\e,pl. jt^yp- 

( jS« ) ^ggar, or yi^l 
ihtaqar, to despise, disdain, 
jlii^l ihtiqdr, despise, j^ 
haqyr, poor, miserable, 
wretched, of little value. 
( Cj^ ) haqan ( jihqin or 
Juhqun ), to inject. Jii'\ 
inhaqan^ or ^i\ ithaqan, 
to be injected. ^?-l ihtaqan, 
to be congested, oy^ ma^- 
g<in,injected. j^mufytaqin^ 

. congested. jS>. Aaq^Ti, injec- 
' tion. jl^p-l ihtiqdn ^conges-' 
tioij. AiA>- huqna. syringe, 
clyster, pi, ji^^huqan ; J.»-lj 
^s> M^^ii huqna, a touchy 
man, a man who is hard to 
deal with 
if:>^ haqddy, see jJb^ 

* * 

^5A>. haqyr, see ^s?- 
<2u5?- /ia qyqa , see j>- 

ctl^( dl^ ) ^/cfe [Jtihukk \ to 

rub, scratch, dl^ hakhak, 

to rub or scratch repeatedly. 

siA^I inhakk^ov dlil ithakk, 

to be rubbed, scratched. iJ^ 

mai^/cii/c, rubbed, scratched. 

viio- hakk, act of rubbing, 

scratching. 4!^hakhaka, 

act of rubbing or scratching 

repeatedly. ^ hakka, a 

rub, a scratch, the itch, pi. 

dbo-hakkdt. 6^hakkdky 

one who polishes precious 

stones,/)i. c^f^hakkakyn. 

dU mahakk^ touch-stone, 

pi. vl^ISC^ mahakkdt. 

A>1^ fyikdja, see ^^ 




^(j^) hakar (jihkir), or 
^^1 ihtakar, to monopolize, 
withold. j^^\ ihtikdr, mo- 
nopoly. ^ hikr, rental of 
ground on which a building 
is raised. 

' V- ( 1^ ) hakam ( juhkum ) , 
to judge^ govern^ rule; ^ ^ 
hakam ly^he gave judgment 
in my favour; ^c ^ hakam 
alayja, he gave judgment 
against me^ he forced me; 

•\i r3j' "^1 ^ boL^CLTn ilia 
ardh wayjdh, he insisted 
that I should go with him; 
I jiT S^ hakamet keda, it 
so happened; ^Ji\ ^x pi 
juhkum j6m eiar6a\it falls 
on a Wednesday; i^ji^ 
juhkum qaddy, it is my size^ 
it will fit me; ^-i*' ^ p- 
hakam "^ala nafsoh, he con- 
trolled himself. C- hakkim^ 
to give authority , attend as a 
physician; •y ^^hakkimoh 
fyja, he gave him authority 
over me; ^^Ij iS- hakkim 

rd/o/i, he insisted. ^U hd- 
kim^ to try by law. ^l 
liM/cim, to be tried, go to 
law. <^l inhakam, or <j^l 
ithakam, to be judged; 4.*^\ 
l^ <!^l ei qadyja inhakam 
fyha, judgment has been 
given in the case; U^ Ol 
^^pJ-li inhakam ""alih bil 
habs^ he was sentenced to 
imprisonment. <^1 it hak- 
kim, to have authority, treat 
independently or arbitrarily^ 
be treated medically. <^l 
istahkim, to come right^ 
judged^ sentenced; k\c ^f^\ 
el mahkdm ""al^h, the con- 
demned ( person), p- hukm^ 
judgment, sentence, reign, 
pi. ^^\ ahkdm; j^VI p- 
hukm elamr^ according to 
order; jy\i\ m^\ ahkdm el 
qandn, the stipulations of 
the law; j^l^s-VI ^jl^ maglis 
el ahkdm^ final court of 
appeal. J^ tahkym^ act of 




giving authority^ medical 
treatment. 5^ tahakkum^ 
authority, arbitration. fU 
hdkim, ruler, governor^ pi. 
f\C- hukkdm; y^ hdkim^ 
because, for; j^ ^ Y^ 
hdkim huwa 'ag^^-s' ^because 
he is old. yjS^ hukumddr^ 
commanding officer, com- 
mandant ,pi. jtj^JilC^/tw /cam. 
daryn, ajjU^ hukumda- 
ryja, commandant's office, 
4.*^ hukdma, government, 
state, pi. CiU^C- hukumdt, 
A^^ mahkama, court of 
justice, pi, fl^ mahdkim; 
k^'j^ A^ mahkama guzyja^ 
court of summary justice; 
oMji:,! iSZf^ mahkama ibti^ 
ddyja, or *^j^ J5I ^I^ 
mahkamet auwil daraga^ 
court of first instance; 1^ 
oVil-V I ma/ifeamei ^Z isty- 
ndf, court of appeal; ^^ l^C^ 
f^j}} mahkamet naqd we 
ihrdm, court of cassation-^ 

^^^ Si^mahkama kir^yja, 
court of Mohamedan law^ ; 
k\h\ Ss< mahkama ahlyja, 
native court; iS^\ S^\ el 
mahkama el muhtalita^ 
mixed convi ,i^\^muhdkma , 
trial. A^ hikma, wisdom^ 
medical art. ^>- hakym^ 
physician, • wise, • pi. I$C 
hukama; ijkx.p^ S<^ hakym 
'en^n, oculist ; o^-*' ^ ^- 
kym isndn, dentist. sLUI^^I 
Istihkamdt^ fortifications. 
5^f 5^^ ) h^ka (jihky)^ or ^\ 
ahka, to speak, say, relate. 
^1 inhaka, or ^Mthaka, 
to be spoken _, said, related. 

spoken of, mentioned, ^ 
haky ^act of speaking,saying, 
relating. Ai^^hikdja ^story^ 
tale, pi, sZAi^ hikajdt. 
jS^ hakym J see C>- 

!}>•( JO ^^^^0^^^^y> to untie, 
• solve, occupy, be allowed; 
4S1 ^. Jl\< U»3 da majihillis 
min alia, God will not 




approve of such an in justice j» 
this is a sih;^^[yhill ""anny^ 
leave me in peace I Ui j l^ 
Jihillaha rabbuna.God will 
help, we shall see later on ; 
f^jL ^ L^ hilliny. lamma 
Jirga\it shall be long before 
he comes back. jU hallil^ to 
dijssolve, analyze, permit, 

allow. Jil inhall or jil 

<.. . • 

liAaZi,. to be untied, solved, 
impotent. 'Jli I ithoLllil^ to be 
dissolved, beseach, humble 
one's self. J^l istahall, to 
consider lawful. J jUmaAZ^Z, 
untied, loose, dissqlved,sol- 
ution,impotent. J?-/iaZi,act of 
qntying, loosening, solution 
of a problem; Jl-I i% mayjet 
el hall,ov jlli^ mayjet ndr^ 
aqua fortis. Ji^ tdhlyl^ 
dissolution, analysis, act of 
causing to be lawful. J:iU 
halAl^ lawful ; j!^^^ ^.1 ihn 
haldl, legitimate ( son )^ 
honest; ^^%-haldly^ I have a 
right to it, it is my due. 

^}J^hulAl^ arrival of a date. 
J^Ai^l li^tiMZ, occupation. J^ 
mahall, place, site, pi. ^^ 
mahalldt;^^hall mahall, 
to replace; ^ <^ ^"j^kalA- 
mak fymahalloh^ you said 
the truth, you are not mis- 
taken, I agree with you. 
^ mihalloi, winding skein, 
pi. o:^«! mihallAt, A^ ma- 
fuilly, local. 

4:»-!^p- hihXga] see ^ • 

J%-halldq, see jl<>- 

J^-tofclZ, seej>. 

^^^o^halAwa^ see J«> 

wio- ( 3$ ) /^to6 (jihlih) , to 
milk. ^Ji-\ inhalab, or wl^l 
ithalab to be milked. ^^' 
mahlAb, milked, s^ hctlb, 
act of milking, s^^halyb, 
act of milking, milk. ^liU 
mihldb, milk-pail, pi, wJU 
mahalyb, sj^"" mustahlibj 
emulsion. ' . 

K^^hilba^ fenugreek. 

^{^.) halag (jihlig)^ to gin 
cotton. «lil inhalag^ or 7=.l^l 




ithalag, to be ginned. ^M 

or ^'^ toiygf, act of ginning; 
^^ jyji toabAr hildga^ 
ginning-factory. r-^*: mi/t- 
Wg^, carding instrument. 

Cjy'j^haJazdnj. well^ spire, pi, 
wlJ^jU halazondt. J^jU 
hdlaxdny, spiral. 
^* (^lO /liZi/ (jihlif), to take 
an oath, ui^hallif, to give 
the oath, ^ilil ithallif, to 
be made to take an oath, 
resolve to do evil. <J^\ 
isiahlif, to resolve to do 
evil.^^" hilf^ov J^^hilfdn^ 
oath, Wma/t4Z/'a^ 
treaty^ alliance, pi. wUU 
\j^h<ilfa^ rushes, sg, iiUU/wtZ- 
fdja^ pi. c^UtU hulfajdt; 
4iUU J Jft>. /ia(( to/i halfdja\ 
he hinted something against 
him, he put a spoke in his 

j,UU hilfdn^ see ^U 
jl^( jl<) ^tog (jihlaq), to 

shave. jU hallaq, to sur- 
round, bar the way; ^ jU 
^1^1 hallaq 'alalhardmy, 
stop the thief 1 jj<^mahl&q, 
shaved. jU- halq, ov i}%. 
hildqa, act of shaving. jSU 
halldq, barber, pi. ^j^^- 
hallaqyn. jl»- J«»^lj Mg^iZ 
halyq^ man who shaves his 
beard. ^U halaqa, ring, 
earring, circle, pi. vl^laU 
halaqdt, or ^^laU hulqdn ; 
/.k2)\ isU , hdlaqet el qutn, 
cotton market.4JiUAatogjya, 


circle; A:aU <.1c ly ^^ daraba 
""alSh hala q yj a, or Ai^\ J 
darabu halaqyjitoh, they 
surrounded him. jU /kxig, 
throat, pi, jjU AaZiJ^' ; ^ 
'JcAiU/txiaA halqoh ^alayja, 
he shouted and shrieked at 
me, he overwhelmed me 
with abusive language; jU 
i)LiJ\ ^Zg es Hbbdk^ outer 
frame of a window. 
ji^U; li^lj ) halqAm { rdhet )* 
Turkish delight, fig-paste. 




U ( U; ) hilim (jihlam), to 
dream, have patience; ^Ic Ui 
ihlam ^aUhy give him time I 
W A i7m^ patience, gentleness; 
dUtf* jpl iddyny hiltnak^ 
please have patience with 
me I JJ.U halym, patient, 
gentle, pi. UU hulama, 
^ halama, teat, /)Z. ^IJ^ Aato- 

^^^; 0^^' i^ halamet el 
widn^ lobe of the ear. 
^hilu, and C)^ J^ fyHtodn , ^nd 
^IjU halawdny^ see J»- 

u^^i^j'M) halwis^ to lick, flat- 
ter. ^jU halwisa, act of 
licking, flattery. 

iJjU haMf ^hog, pl^.\%^halalyf, 

^^^o-huUil, see J#- 

^jU ^Wm,kind of nativecheese. 

^(JO ^ii{/ ry^'/^toj, to be 

sweet, pretty, nice; viD J». 

*13^^3 f!^^ /iiij/ to/c el kaldm 

dilwaqt^ you like to talk 

now I ^^w^halla^ to sweeten, 

cause to be pretty or nice. 

Jil i</uzHa,to be sweetened, 

pretty, nice. J*^l istahla^io 
consider sweet, pretty or 
nice. aJl^ tahlyja^ act of 
sweetening _,beautifying, em. 
bellishment. #5!iU haldwa, 
sweetness,prettiness, nicety, 
sugar-plqms, sweets; o^*-^ 
Ja haldwa^how nicel how 
pretty! ( women's talk ); \i 
^r^^^ ya halawitha^ how 
nice she is I (women's talk ); 
^3^^ (fj ^'ijinbd'' zaj el 
haldwa^ it shall be sold in 
no time; ^^^iU ^U^ Jfl afcaZ 
6i ""aqloh halAwa, his senses 
hate gone a wool gathering. 
J^ hilu, sweet, pretty, nice, 
handsome; ^J^ o mayja 
hilwa^ fresh water; jU ^^l 
?^n ^iZa, alluvial deposit of 
the Nile. ^\ ahla^ sweeter, 
prettier, nicer; j^\ J»-l L <i 
\^jamahlaelb^t da^ what 
a pretty house this isl ^\Ji^ 
hilwdn^ broker's fee for 
finding a house for hire. Jljl*. 


confectioner^ /)Z. k^\^haloL- 
wan yja, or A^>.^j^halwagyja, 
• y^ hiUwa^ nice, pretty, 
elegant, stylish. 
halyh, see ^U 

^ halyg, see ^ 

^ ha lym , see U i 

1\^- hamdt, mother-ini-aw. 

jlr humdr and hammdr^see jr 

J\^ hammdl, see Ji- 

f\^- hamdm^ pigeons, doves, 
sflf. ^tU- hamdma, pi, vi^UU- 
hamamdi, 4j\jf hamdma, 
sexual organ in the male. 

f \^ hammdm, and ajI?- himdja^ 
see jr- 

J*r^ ( J».^ ) hambat, to be stiflf. 
Ja.^ /iam6af a, stiffness. Ja^ 
muhamhat, stiff, hard. 

j€,f {jt^)ham ham, to be warm; 
c^3t^ U J' ed dinja hamha^ 
met, the weather has become 
warm. <^j!- hamhama^ 
warmth, heat. 

jL^ ( JL^ ) hamad (jihm id ), to 

praise, thank; viJljj jj-\ ih- 

^. mid rabbak^ thank your 

stars 1 JL^- hamd^ praise, 

thanks ; -ul jj-l el hamdu 
lilldh, or xjt- dLj rabbak 
hamyd^ fortunately, thank 

( j^ ) hammar, to cause to 
be red, roast; siX-^ J^^ 
hammar hh '^na/c,threaten 
himl show him that you mean 
business I y^l ihmarr, to 
blush,be ved.j^\ithammar, 
to be roasted, jf mihmirr, 
reddish, blushing. ^ mu- 
hammar, roasted. ^^ tah- 
myf, act of roasting, j9^\ 
ahmar, red, fem,\jrhamra^ 
pl. j^ humry j^H\ vijll el 
mdtel a/imar, violent death; 
\J-\ OjulU iSj} warra loh el 
'^n el hamra, he threatened 


him, he showed him that he 
meant business, ^y hamra ^ 
rouge, burnt bricks in pow- 
der; ^rV I j^\ 4fy ed duh r el 
ahmar ^ in midday, in broad 

\ { j^.) istafymar , to 



consider ignorant or stupid. 
j\g- humdr^ donkey^ pi. j^^ 
himyr; ^j\^ J^^ J l:;:^-. 
sikitna loh (jialial hi hamd. 
roh, we gave him an inch 
and he took an'ell; iJ)W j\^ 
humdr lukdf, donkey for 
burden. Ji^ hammdr, don- 
key-boy ,joZ.#jl?" hammdray 
or jijV^" hammaryn; jl^ 
jCf humdr hammdr, or J^ 

^ humdr sihka, donkey 


y for hire; Ji-\ ifj ^Li, ^ 

huwajista^alzaj el ham^ 


mdr, he works like a horse. 
41^- hamrana^ ignorance, 
Jj^ ( Jj^) hamraq{jihamraq), 
to disappoint,play one false. 
iiji- hamraqa^ disappoint- 
ment^act of playing one false. 
[ ^jA^ ) ham mas, to roast 
seeds. ^jia«4^1 ithammas^to be 
roasted, ^jof^ muhammas, 
roasted, ^y^ tahmys, act 
of roasting, ^jat- hummus^ 
roasted pe&s^ ^^. k^j^ fyum^ 

musa^ pi, sl/Li?" hummusdt-, 


haldwa hummusyja^ 

candy made with roasted- 

* ■ * . 

peas.4.<Ai^maAma5a, roasting 
machine, shop where peas 
are roasted, pi, \jbl*\^ 

. . mahdm iS, 

u^^ ( u^< ) himid {jihmad), to 
be sour, ^^hammad, to be 
sour, cause to be sour; ^Jl^^ 
/►i<So\ ^^ t(^ hammad way- 
jdh fil kaldm, he spoke 
harshly to him. ja^ himd, 
acid. ^•CA(tmid,sour,acid; 
^%U jc taman hdmid, 
exorbitant price; ^jk^U ^ ^ 
kaldm hdm id,havsh words. 

dj>y^ humAda, or 


humudyja, sourness, aci- 
dity. ^^?- hummed, sorrel. 

himiq), to be angry, lose 
one's temper, a^ j*.il 
inhamaq ""aUh^ he got an- 
gry with him. j^ma/tm^g, 
angry^ oflfended. jr fyumq. 




anger ,ill-temper.jf-i^imag«/ 


touchy, one who is quick to 
take an offence, one who 
has a violent temper, pi, 
aJU- himaqyja. 
J^ ( J^ ) hamal (jihmil)^ to 


bear, carry. J?" hammil^ to 
load. J-jil inhamal, or J^l 
ithamal,iohe borne^carried. 
J^liii^mmfZ, to bear, last. 
Jfi^l i/t<amaZ, to suffer,bear; 
JJ^ juhtamal^ it is pro- 
bable, J^-*! istahmil, to 
bear,resist, last. J^UMmii, 
carrying. J# muhammil, 
loaded. J^ m ithammilfine 
who is carrying a weighty 
one who is bearing malice; 
^ ^yi^ y^ huwa mithdm- 
mil minnyy he bears me 
malice. J?- haml^ act of 
carrying. J?- himl, load, 
huT^en, pi, ^}\J^\ ahmdl. ^ 
/^mto,load,burden, expedi- 
tion (mil.), pl. ^!i^ hamlAt; 
i-Ji^ ^^ hamlet hatab, stan. 
dard of weight for wood 

(= 33 okes ). ^yf^ mahmal, 
Holy Carpet. JV?- hammdl, 
porter ,/)Z. ^^ig- hammalyn. 
jJ\'A\^ hammdlet ez zyr^ 
filter-stand ; Jl?- hammdla^ 
or vliVV?" i^mma&ti, braces, 
suspenders. J?^^imaZt/,water. 
hawker, pi. aXi- himalyja. 
Jy^ humAla, wedding pres. 
ent ( sugar, rice, etc. ); 5ly- 
^JI^U humdlet el marhib, or 
^,JJ,\ ^}yf' mahmAl el mar- 
kib, tonnage of a ship. J^ 
muhtamal, probable; ^ 
J*jii min el muhtamal, it is 
^>^ hum Ada ^ see Jajt 
J^{^) ^^^ (jihmy), to 
defend, heat, jr- himy, to be 
hot, sharp, jr- hamma^ to 
heat,sharpen, wash another 
person. ^UMma,to defend, 
^^l inhama^ or j^\ itha-- 
ma^ to be defended, heated. 
^\A\ ithdma, to defend 
one's self, take refuge. ^jJf^\ 
istafyammd, to take a bath. 






4 V 

^ma/tm y^defended, heated. 
mustahammy, one 
who has had a bath, jr- 
hamy, act of healing, ^y 
Aam^m, act of taking abath. 
^W hdmy^ protector^ hot, 
sharp; .W I ya hAmy, dear 
me I great God! ^U o^^ 
dubbdn hdmy, strong tobac. 
co; 3jUl» ^..Itli bil hAmy bil 
bdrid, by threats and by 
promises; ^^^ j\^ humdr 
hamy, a fast donkey;^ U^ 
JiiJ\ J At/ioa Mm(/ fy eh 
kujl,^^ is quick at work.4^U 
hAmja, garrison, pi. iUU 
hamjdt, Jr mi/tma, bath- 
heater, pi, ^\j5 mahdmy. 
^^U muhdmy, advocate, 
lawyer, defender, pi. 06*^ 
muhamyn. jr- himma or 
Aamma, fever, pi. ^U?- Aim. 
myjdt. Aj}^ himdja, protec- 
tion, foreign subject. ^\^ 
hammdm^ bath, pi. wU\^ 
hoLmmamdt, or cnu\^ Aam- 
mamyn. ^\f- fyammdmy, 

or ^\^ /wtmmdmg^y, bath- 
keeper ,pi.Aj4\^/iammamyya. 
Jj\ y^ Aama en nyi, prick- 
ly-heat. a^ hammyja^ 
zeal, diet, jlb^- himjatlu, 
address of an official holding 
the 5th civil grade. 
c)A;^ hummed, see ^ 

u^ (^/i) ^^^ (jihinn)j to have 
compassion. ^^ hannin, 
to cause to have compassion. 
y>. hunu, or l^>'hinnyja^ 
compassion, kindness. <><>. 
hunayjin, kind-hearted, 


l^i^cyS)hi^t ("i&n^, scoundrel,rascal, 
duffer, cunning, sharp. 
.J^l ( J^. ) itfyingil, to 
hop, dance.^fS^ Aangrtto, act 
of hopping, dancing. 

^^^Js^'handawyl^ small loaves of 
Indian corn flour, sg. Jj^Ji:^ 
fyandawyla^ pi w^jJ^ 
>-(^af^)/tanrji5,to tantalize, j.^1 

i^Aa/i/ii^. to be tantalized 

• # • 




^jx2 tahnys fiiOXoi tantalizing. 
( ^j^ftii^ ) hansas^ to have 
orderly habits, be stylish, 
be accurate. ^LAij:>- hansasa, 
orderly habits, stylishness, 
accuracy, exactness. 
handaly colocynthis^ bitter 

(Joi^ ) hannat, to embalm. 
Liil ithannaty to be embal- 
med. J^:^ muhannaty embal- 
med. Joji tahnyty act of 

hanttlLr^ Victoria carriage, 
pi. jjJrli^. hanatyr, 
hanafyja^ tap, water-cock, 
hanak, mouth;dl:>- ^^5 a»> 
""azamhum hi nuss hanak^ 
he invited them half-heart- 
edly; viliU 4I Jli qdl loh bil 
hanak,he told him verbally . 
:^hunUj see^ 
hanAty, corpse- washer, pi. 

( J< )hana (jihny),\o bend, 
curve. ^^ f i^nna^ to dye 

with hinna, ^\ inhana^ or 
^^1 ithana^ to be bent, cur- 
ved. j^^lii/kznna,to bedyed 
with hinna. ^ mahny, or 
^li^ minhiny, bent, curved. 
^ist muhanny , OT ^ii^ mit^ 
hanny^ dyed with hinna. 
Aji^- hanja, a bend, a curve, 
pi. c\^>'hanjd t .c:^ tahn yja, 
act of dying with Ainna. ^ 
hanyja, space under row of 
fire-hearths or under a 
staircase, cave, pi, oLv 
hany j At. ^ hinna, lawso- 
nia inermis;l>- J, tamr 
hinna^ mignonette, ^a^ 
munhany^ curve, pi. wU^ 


fyL:>'hunayj inland <.>- hinnyja^ 

see ^ 
^c^ hin4ny, small loaf of bread, 

pi. vI^Uup- hinenyjdt. 
Aj>'hanja and hanyja, see ^^ 
\y'hauwa. Eve. 
^f fyiwds, see ,jj^ 
A^S ^ hawdta ,sae ^0 ^ 





Jl^ huwdla^and OflJ*^ hawaUn, 
see JU 

^^ha wAj ig ^ see ^ 

ij^y^hawAja, round pad placed 
under loads when carried 
on the head or on the back^ 
pi, cMy^- hawajdt, 

^y^h&t^ whale, cod, pi, o^ 

4ij3^ hawddja, and •^^ hawda, 
j>-(jyj) hauwar, to alter^ 
change, modify. j^U hdwir^ 
to parry^ debate, evade. jyi\ 
i than war ^ to be altered, 
changed, modified, x^tah- 
toyr^ alteration, change, 
modification. fj^U muhdw" 
ra^ act of parrying, evad- 
ing, debate, pi. C^J3^ 
muhawrdt^^if Uj^U^to- 
rinja kyka, or ^^§ kyka, 
game of **hide and seek". 
hAr, kind of fish,poplar tree, 
j^ hd^, see jU 

iT^ /ids, see ^U 

hawah, vulgar people, gyp- 

J,y. hdh^ see J-U 
J^^^hosala, stomach of a bird, 

pi Cj>':)^y-hosalAt, 
<>^ Add, basin, tank,pond, dock, 

pi, c^^.>^ hydAn. 
^y^hawaty or <Llj>. hawAta^ 

acuteness,cunningness. Jai ^ 

hawyt, cute, cunning, sly. 
Jj»-^toai,cross-eyedness. Jj^-I 

ahwal, cross-eyed, squint- 

eyed, fern. V^ h6la,pl. J^ 

• • 

J^ i^dZ, see JU 
f^hdnij see^U 

^^ ( ^y^ ^ ^"^^ (jil}^y), to 
charm against the bite of 

venomous snakes, deceive, 
play a trick on another; {Sj^ 
ASchawa ^al^h, he fooled 
him. (Sj^ mahwy, charmed. 
\y> hiwa, deceit, artful, 
cunning, sly. (^^U hAwy^ 
snake - charmer, juggler, 
thought.reader,pi.#I^Aa wA, 
Jt)y hawyt^ see i^y 
(/■ fy^jj 8^nd L^ hcLja^ see ^ 




\ , 


•jU- hijdza^ see jU 
aJ^ hijdsa^ leather strap which 
goes round a donkey's or a 
horse's hips and is buckled 
to the saddle, pi. vlUU- 

J^hijdq^ jU 

il^^ hayjdh^ see ilL 

ij^\>'hayjdnyy and .U- or i^**- 
^a/d, see ^ 

^l^-^h^s, or d^ ^y ^m ^s, 
because of^since, considering 
that, whereas; d^ Jl ^j 
nJA I to /i^s, go to hell ! d^ 
/il 6e/i^« m/i, so that, ^t^ 
haysyja, relevancy, status, 
pi. cXX^ haysyjdt. 
Cj\ji^hajrdn^ and .jj^- i^yra, see 

If hys, miser, mean, stingy. 
h4d, see ^U 
hit, see J»U. 
^f h4l, strength; J^ J^lLi U ma 
fyjdk hily there is no 
1 strength in me; Jj-l (^^ 
girybilh6l,he ran as fast 

as his legs could carry him; 
dti^xi iedd hilak, have 
courage 1 dlU- ^ sJi\ uqaf 
""ala hilak, stand upl ^ juil 
iiJU- ag^'t/d 'ato hSlah, sit 
4^ hy la, and \f hijaly, see JiU 

(>i^(uJ<) ¥'yjin, to supply 
another with money, ^^jil 
ithayjin^ to have money, be 
supplied with money, cxj^ 
muhayjin, or 4^ mithay-- 
jin^ one who has money. 

aj>- hyn^ time, pZ. oU-l ahjdn; 
Ci^Jfi^ fy J^tcll hyh, at 
every moment ; (j^^ C)^ JS^ 
kullhyn we myn, now and 
then. CU-I ahjdnan, some, 

(^ ( (^ ) ^y ^ (Jif}'Jd), to be 
alive. ^;^ hayja to salute, 
greet. jS-^l istaha^ to be shy. 
L^l 15 iai^ya, to revive. 
mistihy, shy; Aj^mistihy^ 
Ja^ sensitive plant.iU-or.^^ 
hajd, life; ily. liU^ to%'4i 
aMft, or iljil ;U& 6%'(4i 





abAhjtov your father's sake! 
Ill J ;U-3 wihjdt rabbuna^ 
by Gk>d 1 iU-li bil hajd^ alive; 

in the land of the living, li, 
iai^i/ja, salutation, greeting^ 
pi. cXi tahyjdt.j^ haj^ 


alive, living thing, pi. L^l 
ahja, OTC:^ Hyjyn; ^ JT 

fewM toy, every one; ^^ 


min /ia/,how often! l» ^»- ^>* 

i^min haj ma kallimtoh^ 
how often have I spoken to 
him! J^ij il ^ hajalla 


rdgil^ only a man! U ^ 
/lo/ 'atom,evergreen,house. 
leek, semper^vivum, \^ 
haja^ shyness. <^L?- ^ 6atoA 
hayjdny, green or unripe 
dates. V- ^yj^j serpent, 
pi. s:A^hayjdt.C)\yf-hywdn^ 
animal, pl.cX\yf^ hywandt. 

= h 

be disappointed; 4^^. (^ «_»U- 
6<t6 /^ sa'^Joh, his efiforts 
were in vain, ^^ho-yjih, to 
disappoint, baffle. ^jU-M- 
yi&, disappointed, frustrated 
in one's attempts; wi^ J^ 
walad hdjib, a good-for- 
nothing boy. A^ A^6a, dis- 
appointment, failure. 
j^.U- AaftAr, peg, wedge, picket. 

pi, j^\^ hawabyr. 


jU .jlli^l ( jUs^) iftidr, to choose, 
select,opt.j^ftayyar,to give 
one the choice, j^ mubay- 
Jar^orj^mitbayjar^ one 
who has the option jU;- 1 
ihtijdrfiT ^j^ b^ra fihoicB, 
option, selection; iljl^li 
bibt ijdrdk ^do as you please I 




please yourself! jLl>.l J^lj 
rdgil ibtijdr^ an old man. 
J!^b6r, good, blessing, pZ. 
sl,\j^herAt;^jfi^ J^kattar 
Mrak, I thank you! U j^;- 
^y b6r ma tVmil, this is 
the best you can do; jj3^ y^ 
huwa bib^r, or 0U3 jd^ y^ 
/iaioa fej^^r toe ""dfja he is 
in good health; jji- J^^Aa?a2 
A^r^ or jfo- (Sj: QO^^cl ft^r, it 
does not matter 1 it may have 
been worse! j}^ j^ xfy <^ 
fy hithum b^r kityr, their 
house has a well-stored 
larder; .jji- dl jUi-1 iftfdr 
to/c bira, chose between 

the two! chose for yourself! 


• jj^ b6ran^ I hope you have 
good hews! what can I do for 
you? J^ mubtdr^ head of a 
corporation, pl.^j^ mabdt-- 
ra. i^jj>. b^ry or bcLjry^ 
charitable ^benevo lent, 
r- jU- Adn'^^ and iu>-jU- bo^rgyja, 

JtjU Mr(a^ see J^ > 

j3jU ^^iig, see J j> 

^U A^^^and AL^U^dsse/yaysee^^ 

^U- bddV, see a.^ 

^U 6(if ir^ see Jk>- 

iJ W ( »j\iij) Ad/, to fear, be afraid 
of; J-^'i^ j!^^huwajibAf 
^alal walad^ he is anxioua 
about the boy. »j}^ bd^utoif^ 
to frighten. ^^ ft()^ fear^ 
fright,^y£ tabwyf, act of 
frightening. JbW 64yi^ af- 
raid, frightened, pi. Ob^U 
bO'jfyn. J>l}>- bauwdf^ or 
ijb>. bci'Uwyf, coward, />;, 
^1^ bduwafyn, or Ai^ 

JW ( Ji!j ) 6(42 (Jibyl)^ to appear 
well in a dress, be comely. 
JiU.6(i/ i7^one who is appear, 
ing well in a dress, comely. 
J^ hawal, dancing-man, 
eflfeminate, catamite, pi. 
JU Mi^maternal uncle, pl.^}\y^\ 
abwdl. 4IU bdla, maternal 
aunt^ pi. c#VU bci^ldt. 




^\^ bdlis, see ^j^ 

jJl^ftdZig, see jU- 

(jil^ bdly, see Ji- 

f ^ 64m /aw or crude material. 

^^bdmis^ see 
0^ (oyS) ^^ (juh^n), to abuse 
confidence, betray. 
Uauwin, to consider dis- 
honest, attribute treachery 
to another, ^ji^ tahwyn, 
attribution of treachery or 
dishonesty to another. a;U. 
bijAna, or 4\^ huwAnd, 
abuse of confidence, betray- 
al, treachery, ingratitude. 
C)L\^^bAjin, betrayer, disho- 

pl}cj^\^ bo^jnyn. 
i)\i'bdn, inn, bazaar, pi. C#\;W 
bandt. AiU bdna^ column 
(of a table, statement, etc.), 
pigeon-hole, pi. cJi\^b(irLdt, 


tf 3^ ( if 3^ ) bdwa (jibdwy)^ or 
ij3 ^ila^l itbdwa wayjA^ to 
be on brotherly terms with. 
#1 jU mubci'Wd^ brotherhood. 

A^bdjib^ seewU. 

ijU6(t/i/, seejU- 
ctUfedym, see^:,U 

V^ {'Uii)babb(jububb), to shake. 
w>- 6a&6, act of shaking. 

A?U. babdsa, see ,i^ 

jU- babbds^ see j\i. 
ij^Cj- bdbbds, see .y^.^ 

i^ 6a6s, or aJU- babdsa^ wick- 
edness, malice. dA-^i- bo^bys^ 
wicked, malicious, pZ. Il^ 

-^ ( jjiS) babbar^ or jjp.| abbar, 
to inform. jjW^6ir,orC3^ljil 
ithdbir wayja, to commu. 
nicate with, correspond 
with, negociate with, jci-l 
ibtabar^ to examine. jji-l 
istabbar, to inquire, jj^ 
bO'bar, information, news, 
pi. jU-l abbdr ; Ailjjtl ef 
bdbard^ what is it? what 
is the matter ? jo^ c^c JL# 
muh taht bo^bar ^ it does not 
matterl never mind ! jj^ \^\ 
ahkara babar, publicly, 
openly. jt^-JLi^JL^Uma ""andyi 

• . • 



babar^ I am not aware of it ; 
ji^ ^ol iddyny babar^ let 
me know ! a^^^ boiharyja, 
report^ piece of news, pi, 
cJiijj^bO'baryjdt. ^jo^bihra, 
or jUr^l eftizMr^experience, 
knowledge. jU-l ibhAr^ in- 
formation j^^bahyr, guide, 
connoisseur, pi \ji^bubara, 

j^mubbir ^detective, pl.OLj^ 
mubbiryn. .^.li^ mubdbra, 

communication, correspon- 
dence.pourparler, pl.z^\j\S^ 
mubabrdt jOlj.!^! ]5 qalam 
el mubabrdt. Intelligence 
jy- (jy^)bcLbaz(jibbiz), to bake; 
a:£^ •J>>- y^ /li^toa babazoh 
we ^aganoh, he knows all 
about him, he knows him 
thoroughly jvi I inbctbaz^ or 
j^\ itbabaz, to be baked. 
j^ mabb{iz, baked, j^ 
bobz^ or Ji!^ babyz, act of 
baking ; ju^ babyz, baked 
bread, bread going to or 
coming back from the oven. 

#3}>.6a6^a, sailors' bread, jjit 
mabbaz^ bakery, pi. y\sc 
pi. tt jU. bo^bbaxyn. 
o^^y{^^.)habas(jubbus), or 
babbas, to mix, embroil, 
muddle, tell a lie, deceive, 
slander; ^ \iA.>- babasna 
""al^hum^v/e told them a lie, 
we deceived them;JS'y I^^^ja^ 
babbas fit akl, he ate all 
kinds of indigestible food, 
^jil inbabas, or ^^^l 
itbabas, to be mixed, 
embroiled, muddled. 
mabbds^ mixed, embroiled, 
muddled ; k^y^ ^ qadyja 
mabbAsa^a complicated case. 
^jA*i. babSj or ^jA^-i tabbys, 
act of mixing, embroiling, 
falsehood, deceit, slander; 
^.>. j.^ kaldm babs, mis- 
representation, fabrication, 
invention. ^\1;>. babbds, 
scoundrel, liar, pi. OiJ-^U. 
babbasyn ; iL#l>- ^y mara 
babbdsa,a fast woman. ^la^ 





babysa ^nSitive pudding. 

L^ {i^) babat (Jibbat)^ to 
to strike repeatedly. Ja^il 
inbabat, or lui^l it babat, to 
be struck. \>^ mabbtit, 
struck, hit, knocked. ifxS- 
babt, or JaJ^ tabbyt^ act of 
striking, hitting, knocking, 
making a noise. J*o- babta^ 
a stroke, a hit, a knock, pi. 
w\k-^ babtdt. 

Jf- {S^)babal(jibbil)pvbabbil, 
to confuse, perplex, puzzle. 
J.fliI i/i6a&aZ,or J*il itbabal 
or itbabbily to be confused. 
^yjCmubabbil, orjS* mitbab. 
bilfivSyj^Tnabbtil^ confused. 
^^tabbyl, act of confusing. 
J^ tabbyla^ a confusion ; 
4^ Jr'j ^^5^'^ tabby la, an 
awkward man, a slow man. 

t^r^ ( <^^ ) 6^fe6a (jibabby), to 
hide, conceal.^:^! ibtaba^ or 
r^^**! i8ia6a66a,to hide one's 

self.'^li76a66a, to be hidden, 


concealed. ^ mubabby^ or 

y^ mitbabby, or ^^;^^ mws. 

•• •• 

tababby^ hidden, concealed, 
^i tabbyja^ act of hiding, 
concealing. iJ^mibba^ or 
lA^i^mibbdja^ hiding-place, 
bdt, or viliU: mi66a/*di.4*iU. 
6(A&/'a, vat,pi. ;jjl^^ bawdby. 
(fj^babjdry^* caviare. 
^LaS- babys^ see z^ 
^ 6a6yr, see j.^ 
jif- babyz, see >^ 
t^j^'hhtibbiza, mallow. 
A^^ babysa^ see ^jao- 
->*^ {J^^)batar(Jubttir) ^to strut. 

j^batr^ conceited gait. 
(^ {f^)bcitam(jibtim),io seal, 
sign; f^T-Jr^el garh batam^ 

the wound has healed. 


battim^ to cause to seal or 
sign. A^l inbatam^ or ^il 
ei^tom,to be sealed,signed. 
Y^U^ma/ii^m, sealed, signed. 
^^ batm, act of sealing, 
signing. jo^fei7m,seal,signet, 
impression of a seal, pZ. *l:^l 
abtdm. /tU M/im, finger- 





ring, pi. /■\^i- hawdtim. *Gi- 
Jiattdm, seal-engraver, pi. 
a\*\i^ battamyn. ^•\z^ bat- 
tdma, setxling-hox^ pZ.vl,Ul^^ 


ish f^atrm, religious Moha- 
medan ceremony, pi. c^i^ 
batmdt^ov ^ hitam, as^ 
fiitma^ bread. 
J^( J^) liigil (jibgal), to 
blush^ be ashamed^ be shy. 
ij^bagoih to cause to blusli, 
put to shame. J^i tabgyl, 
act of causing to blush, put- 
ting to shame. J:^ b^gal, 
blush^ shame, bashfulness. 
Cj':J(f^ bag Idn ^ashamed , bash- 
ful, shy, pZ.c^ii^i^ baglanyn. 


J^bO'dd, cheeky pl. ^jJ^bttdM, 
• lu^ma^adda, pillow,cushion, 
pi. wljLi! mabadddt. 4iJii Ji- 
bidedyja, small pillow, pf. 
w\iiiJi>. bidedyjdt. 


^\JiP-badddm, seeo^ 


jjb.(jjLitf) baddar ^io intoxicate, 
be intoxicated. Jj^ mubad- 
dar, or ^5^ mitbaddar. 

intoxicated, j^ji- tabdyr^ 
intoxication.oljjii mubad- 
d I rd^, narcotics. 

L>-^( J-^^ ) 6^^^^ (Jibdis), to 
scratch, excoriate; ^^^ J;, jl;- 

hadas sarafy^ he touched 

my honour. ^^Jiiil inbadak, 

or j^Jtf^l itbadas, to be 

scratched, excoriated. Ji^ JJ^ 

mabdds, scratched, excori. 

ated. ^^J^ bads, scratch, 

excoriation, mutilation, pi. 

j^^j^ budAs, 

Jj^( Jjl;^) ^idiZ (jibdal), to 

be tired, exhausted, ci^j^ 

badldn^ tired, exhausted. 

^J^{MMc.)badam (jibdim)^ to 

serve, /j^baddim, to em- 

ploy;#jiJ\ Jp \yAj^bO'ddimu 

""alaes sufra^ they served 

at table. ^ Ji;il inbadam, or 

/I j^l itbadam, to be served. 

A Ji}£*li^to6dim,to employ,be 

employed, fj^^m as ^ofidim, 

employed, employ6, official, 


tabdym^ act of employing, 




serving, »^if\ isti/iddm, 
act of employing, using, 
employment, ^ij^ hidma,OT 
*uk\j^ hiddma^ service, em- 
ployment, a favour^ pZ. ^So- 
hidam^ or oU I a^^idamdi. 
dant, employed, fern. k»\s^ 
hadddma,pl,C)<*\^ badda- 
myn, ^s^mubaddim, regis- 
ter-office keeper, pi, cfr»Jiii 
mubciddimyn, ^^M^ mab- 
d^m,lord,master,pi. c^jJ^ 
A^Jj j^bidedyja, see j^ 
if^lM^ bids to y^* Khedive of Egypt, 
> ( >: ) barr (Juburr ), to 
leak, trickle, drop, j^ bo^rr, 
act of leaking^ trickling, 
\j^b(^ra, see 4^/. 

Ai^ji^ bo^rdha^ see wj^ 

T-lj> burrdg and b^rdg, see r-^ 

I»l>. bo^rrdt^ see J^^i- 

^\J^ bird fa, see vJ> 

V> ( v/? ) 6^^^& (Jibrib), to 

destroy,ruin,demolish; wj>- 
\J4JI bo^rab ed dinja, he 
^ moved heaven and ear Ih : 
j>^^ 4.L5U mdZto birbet, has 
the world come to an end ? 
wj^ birib^ to be destroyed, 
ruined, demolished. y^\y^ 
bardb, destruction, deso- 
lation, ruin. kAj^ bardba^ 
ruin of a house, pi. Cj\\f- 
barabdt.^ji-tabryb, des- 
truction, devastation. Cj^J- 
barbdn, destroyed, ruined. 
^,^J^ b^rAba, mischievous. 

^ j> . ^ j^ ^ lahmoh birbiSj he 
has no feelings, he does not 

jbj^- ( JL5J4) barbis, to scratch. 
JLjJ^I be scratch- 
ed. JL; j^ma6^r?>is,scratch- 
ed. il^^^bO'^bi^a, a scratch, 
pLJ^i}j- bo^rabys, 

oe> ((>. J^ ) barbaq, to pierce, 
perforate, jj^l itbarbaq, 
to be pierced, perforated, 
ji^ mubarbaq, pierced, 
perforated,full of holes. Aii> 

• • 



barbaqa, act of piercing, 

bartyt, rhinoceros, rhino- 
ceros horn. 

( ^J^) b^^(^9 (jubrug ), to 
go out, come out; ^^4 U>-j?- 
Mji^l ho^ragna min el did- 
ma^ we left the service; oWj 
>'j^ bat n oh ^araget, his 

bowels were moved;r> J^ 
""aqloh barag, he was en- 
raged,he was exasperated. 
barag ( Jibrig ), to 
distil. r-jJ-l abrag^ to take 
out, expel, send away. ^J^ 
bar rag, to take out, graduate, 
ryil inbarag, or ^jil 
itbarag, to be distilled. ^^^1 
itbarrag^ to be graduated. 
r-yS^I istabrag^ to extract, 
distil.r-3j^6arii5^,act of going 
out, exodus. r-j^64^^5^,out, 
outside, projecting, branch 
canal, ^^jltl o'^i^ dywdn 
el bargyja. Ministry of 
Foreign Affairs, Foreign 
Office, r ^ mustabrag, 

extract. ^^^ baryg^ distil- 
lation. r\j^^* istibrdg, 
extraction, distillation. ».|^;- 
bardg, land-tax, tribute. 
^\j^ bardgy^ lands paying 
bardg.^^ji^burrdg, abscess, 
tumour,pZ. ^\t>'\j^burragdt. 
T-J- barg, ration,food allow, 
ance; J^auJi^ r-j> barg el 
fustdn, trimming or fringe 
of a dress, la^^ bo^^ga^ pro- 
jecting part of a building, 
funeral, pi. vl»Uj> bargdt. 
rj^ mabrag^ outlet, anus, 
pi ^j\» mabdrig. *•> 
burg, saddle-bag, pl.^J-\ 
abrdg; ^^/l ^^ ia^ hutt 
fll btcrg, don't mind ! forget ! 
don't believe itl 
^^3> burdagy,* see .^y. 
^^j^b(^rdaq^sma\\ shot, sg.A^j^ 
bardaqa,pl cJi^j^ bo^rda-- 
i^^J-bo^rdal, mustard, mustard 
seed, sg. J3> bardala, pi. 
wV^> bardaldt, 
#3^ 6a rrfa,* copper coin, snjall 




ware, haberdashery^ half- 
worn-out articles, pi, Cj\^J- 
burdacodt, ^^j^hurdagy, 
haberdasher, pi, ^^^^ 

^.^J-burdyJa, mattresse^ pi. 
o\i^> burdyjdt. 
jj-(jj^)baraz (jabras), to 
pierce, bore. Jyil inharaz, 
orj^U'^ft^raj, to be pierced, 
bored J^ bars^ act of pier- 
cing, boring, j^ bciras, 
beeds, sg, ; j^ l^araza^ pi. 
olj> barazdt; j^\ ijj^ 
baraset el hyr, curb of 
a well, j\jc mibrds, awl, 
boring tool, pi. y^J^ maba^ 

Cj^jJ^bdrazdn, see olj> 

cr> ^cr-^) 6^^''^ (jibras ), to be 
dumb;^^l i6^^s,hold your 

tongue ! shut up ! ^j^f-boLras, 
dumbness.jj^j^ Ia6ra5,dumb, 
fern. \^j. barsa, pi. ^j. 
burs, or o^-> bursdn. 
^J^ birs^ barren land, land unfit 

for cultivation. 
4;U^ fjarasdna* concerto. 
f^f^ (^J4 ) bcirsim, to cause 
be bruised. Ji^il itbarsir 
to be bruised. Aj^ muba 
sim^ bruised. 4C^ji- barsirrn 
act of bruising, bruise. 
vjPji- i^ars^ /"jarlichokeSjSg^.^^i 
bars{lfa,pl. cJi yi- J^ bcH'^ sl 
{lfij^)harat{jubriU)^ tocuv 

with a knife, turn on a lathe, 
brew, exaggerate.i^^ bar- 
rat, to cut into small slices: 
J-^ J^ J^ J-t-J^Uma tibar- 
rats ""ala qalby basal, do not 
distress me! do not make me 
uneasy ! J^js^l inbarat^ or 
J^^il itbarat^ to be cut, 
turned on a lathe. J»^l 
iiiarra?,to be cut into small 
slices. ip^J^mabr{Lt,CM\. with 
a knife, turned on a lathe. 
J^^i! mubar rat, cut into small 
slices. J^j^ bci^rt, act of cut- 
ting with a knife, turning 
on a lathe. ^1^ birdta, act 




• • 

of turning on a lathe; JSui 
l^j^ su^l bar t, or a]*I> Jii 
iugl liirdta, lathe-work, 
wood-work in arabesque 
style. JaJjii tafjryt, act of 
cutting with a knife, cutting 
into slices. a\pJ^ bci^tdy 
fib, exaggeration, pi, cM^J- 
bartdt; Al^j^barta, slice, pi. 
J^> burat^ or slilt^i- b^^rtdt. 

Alj\i>' lid r la, or ^li^bci^yta, 

ma]), plifij.burat, or Jjll»jU 
bartdt^ or vl*lL)^>- bci'^'ytdt, 
-tl^;. barrdt^ turner, /)i. 
Oei»l^ barratyn,^j^ mab. 
ra(a,lathe. pl^^J^mabdrit, 
'j^bc^rtth* cartridges, car-^ 
touche, sg. ^i^i»j^ bctrtusa^ 
pi. wU^^ barttisdt, 
^Sj^bcirt{tm,hose, snout of the 
elephant, /)i. f^»\J^bci^CLtym. 
f >" .fyl^l ibtara^ {JibtirV ), to 
invent. ^^1 inbctra\ to be 
weak-niinded, insane, f-^j^ 
mabrA\ weak-minded, in- 
sane. Ac^^ ba^'f^p imbecility, 
insanity. 9AJ^\ ibtird\ in- 

weniion, pls:^^c\ji9^\ibtira^dt. 
9'Ji'C mubtO'ri , inventor, pi. 
Cj^y^< mubtari'yn. 
o>(vJji:) birlf or ba^rraf^ to 
become childish from old 
age,dote.vJ>6ara/',or sjb j2 
tabryf, imbecility, supers- 
tition. Cj^y^barfdn,ov ^'jr 

titious. 4i\j^ hirdfa^ fable, 
pi. cM\j- birafdt, 
JLi^(JL»j5^) fiar/'fs, to scratch 
(with pen on paper), rustle, 
be rough or uneven. Jij^ 
mubctrfls, rough, uneven. 
Aii^6ar/isa,rustling, rough- 
ness, unevenness. ij-ij^ 
burfds^small cards(playing), 

sg .kLij^burfisa^pl.cALjf- 

J>(J-r^) fi^^^Q (Jihraq)^ to 
pierce, drill a hole; JJ^ y^ 
sZa)\ huwa b<^^€bqolbint^ he 
seduced the givl.j'j^barraq, 
to drill one hole after another, 
Jji\ inbaraq^ or j^\ it-^ 
baraq, io be pierced, Jji] 




itbarraq, to be full of holes. 
j^j£ mal}rdq^ pierced; \i^^ 
di3j^ bint mahrAqa, a sed- 
uced girl. Sj^ mubcirraq^ 
full of holes. j^>. barq^ or 
ji^ tahryq, act of piercing, 
drilling a hole; j^>. fiarg, 
hole, rent, perforation, pi, 
33j^bur{Lq; J>l(J ^sAydoh 
fyhaharq^ money burns a 
hole in his hand. Aij^birqa^ 
rag, tatter, pi. J J- biraq; 
ii J- J.\iqumds bi^qci, cotton 
material of native make, 

f j^ if A) li^^(^^ ( Jubrum ), to 
pierce, go wrong; 4ILII 
^^•> eZ masdla bcirame^t, 
the case was a failure, ^y- 
bcirram, to drill, make one 
hole after another, take a 
short cut across. ^ jil inbo^ 
ram, or ^^\ itbaram^to be 
pierced. > J^l itharram^ to 
be full ofholes.iT^'iaftrym, 
act of piercing, making a 
short cut across; AC^ii tab- 
ryma,a short cut across,/)?. 

mdt. ^j^burm^ hole, bore, 

pl. f3> burAm. ^^•> 
barmdn^ out of order, 

^3j^ bO'^^^b, carob-tree, cerate^ 
nia siliqiia^ fruit of the 
carob-tree, sg. aj^^ bci'^- 
rAba^ pl. ^1X3*^^ b^rrabdi; 
A, 3^ bar r Aba, i/ib3Q part 
of an ardabb. 

fijj- ba^toa\ castor oil plant; ^1 j 
pjj^ sH boirwa\ castor oil. 

sJ3j^bar&f, one sheep, pl. c^\ij^ 
(^ j> (cf >S) biry ( jibra ), to ease 
the nature, be frightened; 
•^sJi (^^^ U ^jLi matrah ma 
biry sanaqAh ,blanc bonnet 
bonnet blanc, six of one and 
half a dozen of the other. 


^ j^ barra^ tocause to ease 
the nature, frighten. 1^ 
\j^ /ci7(J6iara, a worthless 
book; ^J l^jj \>l jj^ 




qawawyr el bara Jiddaq- 
ligu li ba'd, birds of the 
same feather flock together. 
•j\j- barrdra^ cess-pool, 
drain, pi. c^\j\j.b<^rrardt, 
Aij^ barja, a stool, a cake of 
dung, pf. ^\i^ barjdt, 
^> baryg^ see ^j. 

iai/- {i^^j^^)barjat, to frighten, 
be frightened. LiJ^ mubar^ 
Jat, frightened. Akjj>.6ctr~ 
jata, fright. 

A]mij^ bci'ryta, see i^j- 

Uuy- bO'^yfy autumn. 
^.^biryja, ancient gold coin, 

f\y'buzdmy see^^;- 
^1 j>. b<^zzAn^ see o>- 

C^J;f- bazccrdn, or o' j> b(^razdn, 
cane, rattan, sg. aJI jj;. bdza. 
J> ( 3j^.)bazaq (jibzaq) or 
bdzzaq^ to tear, pierce, 
Jj^il inbdzaq, or j^\ itba. 
zaqov itbCLzzaq^ to be torn, 
pierced, jjjtf mubc^zzaq, 
or jjSi* mif^^-a'-a'ag, torn, 

pierced, j; jji tabzyq^ act of 
' tearing, piercing. Jy-bazq, 
a tear. 

pj9^ ( fj^ ) bdzam (Jibzim ), to 
pierce the nose. ^ji^\ inba- 
zam^ or ^^1 itbazam, to 
be pierced. pj5(i mabzAm^ 
pierced. ^^ bO'Zm^ act of 
piercing, j.^ ji- buzdm^ nose- 
ring, seton, pi, wUljP- fta- 

Oj^ ( c)j4 ) bcf'Zan (jibzin ) or 
bazzin, to store up, make 
a provision. ^^1 inbazan, 
or f;;^\itbazan or itbazzin^ 
to be stored up. o^j^ ma6- 
-g'^/i, or ^:)j5tf mubO'Zzin, 
stored up. oj^ Aa^/i, or jtj;. 
bazyn, or cjL^^tabzyn, act 
of storing up, making a 
provision, ii^f^bcu^zna^ trea- 
sury, small room, closet, pi. 
^y^bi^CL^, or ^J^'^bO'Zndt. 
4;\ji- bazdna, cupboard, pi. 
^\l\y^ bazandt; JiJ^j. ^^ 
bazna hadyd, or J»a^ Ai\y^ 
hazdna fyadyd, iron safe. 




^iiji^ ba^yna, treasury, pi. 
reservoir, pi. w^'lji- hazza^ 
ndt. j\Xy>'liizinddr^'^ trea- 
surer, paymaster ,pZ. Aj jl JLi J,^ 

bizindaryja. ^^^ mabzan, 
magazine, store, pi. jj\sc 

mabdzin; CjJ^ ^.^ '^i^yi 
mahzoin^ railway shunting, 
pi. KjijC. mabzangyja. 

(Sy- ( <^ j4 ) b^^^ci' (jib^y)y to put 
to shame,disgrace.<^ jy^fti>i/^ 

or (Sj^\ inbo^^(^, or 4^^! 
itbO'Za^ to be ashamed, dis- 
graced., (^yimab^yy or o*» j^ 

(^ji^ fta^y^ shame, disgrace. 
ajj>. bo^zja, a shame, a 
disgrace, pZ. sil*>- bo^zjdt. 


'^(lt^) b(^ss(jibi^)y to di- 
minish, be less,become lean, 
^j-.^>. fi^ssis, to reduce,cause 
to be less 

minished^ reduced, lean, 
meagre. aI-i^- hissyja, 

^j-^U- bdsis, di- 

diminution, reduction, lean- 
ness,meagreness, meanness, 
^jo-^i- 6a5y5,mean, ungrate- 
ful, pi. L^^busasa, 
^>'b(iss^ lettuce, 
•jl-^ bisdra, see ^^^i- 

itbastik^ to be indisposed, 
's^Sx^'<muboi'Stik^ indisposed. 
45CL^ 6a5^i/ca,indisposition. 
A;\j£-^ia6*fai(i/ia, infirmary, 
hospital, pi, cJi^^ir^ bcLsta- 
^( r-^ ) ftfSiV (jibsar), to 
lose, be damaged,be spoiled. 


^ bassar^ to cause to lose, 
damage, spoil; ^\i\ /-.i- 
bcLssar el bint, he seduced 
the girl. ijLi- bisdra, loss, 
damage, pi. j^Li- fiasdyir, 
or itjl-^6i5ar(i<;#jV-.i.'iya 
bisdra J what a pity 1 ^1:531 
\i AjL^ t^ eZ ft 1^(26 da 
bisdra fyh, this book is 
thrown away on him, he is 
not worthy of having such a 
book. Cj\<^ bO'Srdn^ loser, 


« • 

damaged, spoiled, pZ. ^^ijiM 

^ ( *lic ) bassa\ to be shaky, 
unsound, deficient in weight 
or measure, ^is muli(issa\ 
shaky, unsound, deficient. 

^ ( vJLii ) basaf (jibsif), to 
cause to sink or disappear. 
Ui^i.\ inbasafy or i^J^I 
itftasa^ to sink, disappear; 
vJu^l mStsiy, begone! goto 
the devil ! ^^ mabsAf, 
sunk, disappeared;^^.*4tf J^ 
u?atod mabsAf, a damned 
boy, a young rascal. cJi-^ 
fia^/", act of causing to sink 
or disappear. 

^basys^ and 4^--i- bissyja^ 

( Jj^)bci'S& (JubuiS) ^to enter, 
go in; 05V' JLj- 6a^ eZ 6da, 
or .3^Vl J JL^ 6a8i /?Z <3da, 
he entered the room; ^ JLi- 
<^3yi\ ba^ ''cLloi'l ""ardsa, he 
consummated marriage. JLi> 
Basil's, to cause to enter^deco. 
rale the head with flowers 

jLifci^ basbi&y to rustle. *i^ 
bo^sa, act of entering. JLiii 
tabsyk, act of decorating 
with flowers, iiiicio-fias^isa, 
rustle. JUii- fit^s^s, flowers 
for decoration (of ladies' 
CO e/f a re5),artiflcial flowers. 

jS^ busdf^ sherbet. 

^^ {JJ:j^) baskih , to plank, be 
as hard as timber. ,^iil 

itbcL^ih^ to be planked. ^^ 
mubassib^ planked, hard as 
timber. wUi tabsyb, act of 
planking, iiaijc tabsyba^ 
wooden shed, pi, ,^]^ 
tabdsyby or sliUii^ tabsybdt, 
w-i^ 6aia6, timber ,pZ wtii-l 
absdb; ^^y ^i^ ^a&t& 
mdsky^ Russian or Swedish 
timber; JX) ^i^- 6asa6 
bunduq, Venetian timber; 
AiljiV w-i^ bd^b latazdna, 
Trieste timber; ^^ jU 
maiflaq bccsab^ or wJU- j^U 
Aldir bcL^b, timber-yard; 
w-t^rj I6h basab, board of 
timber, plank; ^}^.^ bakib 

• Al 



elmurr, quassia; jil ^.i^ 
haknh t//wgt/,sleepers(irrig.) 
duL^hO'Saha fii piece of timber, 
pi. cXlS^ baSabdt; cJ.\ i-i^ 
liakxhet el mayjet, coffin. 
wUi^6asAi6,seller of timber, 
pi. a\1^ bassdba . 
C^ti^bist* lance, spear. 
<i'\il^bu§tdsa^*womein who sells 
silk embroidery, etc. in the 
^rt/m, female attendant to 
a lady in the harym^ pi. 
wUlii>. bustasdt. 
j:i^(jri5S) Jiasiaq* io seduce, 
copulate. AiiL>- hastaqa^ 
seduction, copulation. 

JL^6^im, mouth. 
Cr^ (u*^) ha^in, to cause to be 
rough or coarse. J)i^l i^ 
sann, to be rough, coarse. 
ujJLi tabkyn^ act of causing 
to be rough or coarse. ^t,i^ 
hisin^ rough, coarse; c^S- J- 
Uthma bisna, veal. ^l^i. 
busAnay or ^jti- busunyja, 
roughness,coarseness, rude- 
ness. ^^ buiny^ a rough, 

rude person. 
^i^ . ^i:^» ((3^) ibtasa (Jib- 
tisy ), to be shy, bashful; 
JL:i-l ibtisy^ for shame I you 
ought to be ashamed of your, 
self 1 behave yourself I JLi^ 
mubtisy, shy, bashful. yU- 
bi^u, shyness, bashfulness. 
ju*.;. bus6iy see JL^ 

u*>- (uA^)6^?? O'tfti?? or jubuss), 
to appertain to, concern, 
belong to;dili^ JlM^5 bo^ssak, 
or dUsc JL)| ^^ jubussaky 
what have you to do with it? 
this is not your business, 
i- bdssas, to dedicate, 
allot, specialize, divide. fjai^\ 
ibicL§s, to appertain to, con- 
cern, be the property of. 
;il itbassas, to be dedi- 
cated, specialized, divided, 
uj^ mubtctss, appertaining 
to, concerning, belonging 
to. .yt.^ mubdssas, dedi- 
cated to, allotted, divided. 
Q^^ tabsys, dedication, 
allotment, specialization, di- 



attribution, competence, pi. 

j^lwii>Vl gihat el ibtisds, 
prober authorities. fj^y^>- 
busHs, subject, concern; <^ 
o^r^^fy busAsfiv ^y^ ^ 
m m fiasdis, with regard to, 
asfor;^j*^^l ^aJalhusdis, 
or C^^j- husijLsan^ particu- 
larly, especially. ^yUL^hU- 

sAsy^ or ^j0yA^ mabs&s, or 
j^W bds, special, private; 

Lf^ cr:^ '^^ bds, fine white 
bread; A-^ltl ^^ Ul ed ddjra 
el bdssa^ Department of the 
household of H.H.the Khedive. 

^p-bassyja, property, pec- 
^l^ l^isdm^ see ^^^o^ 

>.fte§6, fertility. ^^.-^ mubsib, 

ui-l (yutiij) ibtasar (jib- 
t isir),lo abbreviate,abridge, 
cut short, j.^^ mabtdsar^ 
concise. ^U:>.| ibt i.sct r,brevi- 

ty, conciseness; jIai^-VIi bil 
ibtisdr, in short, briefly, 
i- bdsr, waist, pi, j^>. busdr, 
^-Ai. bisUx, habit,custom, jof. JLi>. 
bisd I, or Jil-a^ bct'Sdjil; ^U?- 
6i>to, lock of hair,pf. J-^i. 

^(w«4) ftasam {Jib§im\ to 
deduct,subtract. ^Wfitisem, 
or ^^ ^liil itbdsim wayja^ 
to have a dispute with, be on 
unfriendly terms with. waJit 
inbO'Sam^ or ^^1 itbc^sam, 
to be deducted, subtracted. 
>^-As^ mabsAm, deducted, 
subtracted. ^>a> 6a5m,deduc. 
tion, subtraction. M[u^(ii8dm, 
dispute, contest, quarrel, pi. 
vi/ULi^ bisamdt, wt> ^t^m, 
rival, opponent, adversary 
in alaw-suit,pZ.AU?-la6<5^m. 
^^y^ busAs, see ^^ 

i. (<^) 6asa (jib?y), to 
castrate, shun. ^>^l inbasa, 
or ^i;! itbasCi, to be cast- 
rated, shunned. ^^oSC mabsy, 
castrated, shunned.^^Ai-fia^y, 

• • 



castration/act of shunning, 
*^>- hisjdy testicle, pi, 

Jit^(i^.)bcidd{Juliud4), to 
shake, jolt, frighten. ^_^l 
inbodd^ or jki\ itbadd, to 
be shaken, jolted/rightened. 
^y^ mabdAd^ shaken, jol- 
ted, frightened. ^^ boMy 
act of shaking,jolting, frigh- 
tening; ^^ j^ laban bo^dd, 
butter-milk. ai>- bo44(^, a 
shake, a fright, pi. cXi^ 
^ ( jJ^) bdddar^ to cause to 
be green ; ^ji\jJ^ baddar 
elard, he sowed the seeds. 
jjt^\ ibdarr ^io become green. 

"jjt^^mubdi^r-y greenish, ^it 
mubcLddar ^sown (land). 4^^ 
iabdyr, act of causing to be 
green, sowing seeds. 
budra,green herbs, ^^laft- 
rfar^green, fern. \jMi^bo4ra, 
pi, jki^ budr; I^A^#j^ wizza 
badra, a young goose. jU^ 
baddr^ greenness; jU^ 

buddr^ vegetables, greens, 
pi, ^\j\ji>- budardt. ifj^^ 
budary, vegetable seller, 
green-grocer, pi, ^./^>- 
^^ ( ^ ) bo4a' ( jibda' \ to 

submit. *iU b^di\ submis- 
sive, obedient, pi, u^^ 
bad'^yn. pjJi9-budA\ submis- 
sion, obedience. 
^ {i^)batt (jubutt),io draw a 
line,vvrite.iaia^6a(ta?,to align, 
pencil or dye the eyebrows 
black JcL^I inbatt, or Lil 
itbatt^ to be drawn, i^kil 
i7^a((af,tobe pencilled, dyed. 
ifi^k^ mabtAty drawn, iaimj^ 

mubcittat, or ]a!L:i^mitbo4tat, 
aligned, pencilled , dyed. J^-ImC 

tabtyt, alignment, act of 

drawing lines, dying the 

eyebrows black.ia^fta((,line, 

hand-writing,caligraphy , pi, 

ip^^ but At; jLiia5-6a(? jadd, 

hand-writing, manuscript; 

JjjX\ ^SCJI Ja>- boi^ttes sikka 

elhadyd, railway line, i^ 




btitt, quarter or section of 

battdt^ caligraphist, pL 

black dye for the eyebrows, 
Ikp- bata, see J^ 

^li. ( ,J,ij ) batab, { jubiub ), to 
deliver a speech, betroth, 
^il inbatab, or „.J^I 
itdatab, to be betrothed. 
^U bdtib, ov^X^mali- 
(^6, betrothed. U.>. i&a(6a, 
speech, pZ. w.ti- butab; ^Ja>- 
btitba, or ^.^1*^ butdba^ 
betrothal; Ai^i J*^ Aa((eZ 
6w(^6a,he gave the engage- 
ment ring. wJ^ bO'iyb, 
preacher, orator, pi. Lki- 
butaba. aJ^U. 6(i(6a, woman 
whose business is to find 
candidates for matrimony, 
pi. viUli^ batbdt. 

JLp^ (JL!^ ) batar ( jubtur ), to 
remember; ^^l ^ cr^^ 
ma bo^tari ""ala bdly^ it did 
not occur to my mind. JLU 

bdtir^ to expose, risk, ^^-1 
abtar, to inform, notify. 
•J»Ij^ maM(ra,act of expos- 
ing one's self to danger^risk. 
Jk>> batar, danger, risk, 
accident, pi. jILp^I abtdr^ or 
sZ,\J^batardt; wA-aii>p-^l3 
da 'ato 6a(ar we nisyb^ this 
is risky, this is a speculation; 
JLk\ ^j?- fl^aras ef bdtc^r^ 
alarm-bell . Jm^mubtir^daru 
gerous, risky. J^bMr, oi' 
pi. J^Vji^bci'todtir; t^U^jli 
kdfb^troh^ he had consider, 
ation for him, he favoured 
him; t^W ^ JiA dbad ^ala 
bdtroh, he was ofifended; 
•J^\^ji^\ abad bdtroh, or 
•JMjyT gabar bi bdtroh^ 
he soothed him,he consoled 
him,he helped him;#^U^^.w-^ 
kasar bdtroh^ or .^W p^Li 
M' ^(ro/i,he had no consi- 
deration for him, he would 
not oblige him,he abandoned 
him ; 6JM bibdtrak, do as 



you please 1 please yourself! 
iJ JpU- cM ^y^iloL kAn bdtrak, 
for your sake; ^^i^^U- 
bdtritsin* for friendship's 
sake, favouritism 
ifji^ruht bi butry^ I went 
of my own free will, ifj^ 
butary^ volunteer^ pi. aj ^U- 
hutaryja. j\J^^ ibtdr, 
notification, pi. oIjLLp-I 

jj^ {sJj^^) hatmfy to rave, be 
delirious, tij^ batrafa, act 
of raving, delirium 

ULU(^k5ft) bataf {jmafX to 
snatch, elope, carry away. 
U^^\ inhataf, or ijikil 
it bataf, to be snatched, 
carried away.^^l^maft^A/", 
snatched, carried away . 
c-Ak> 6^(/, act of snatching, 
carrying away. AiJa>.6afy/'a, 
stolen object,object snatched 
or carried away. oU^«^ 
mubtdf^ or ^\\^ buttdf, 
hook^ anchor, pi. wJ 



6 i*(^ yjcHy marsh-mallow . 
but&ba, see JL^ 
( y^5$ ) 6ct«a ( Jibatty ), to 
step, walk, crossover. J»?-l 
a^«, to sin,transgress, err . 
M^bata^ paces, sg. t^ 
batwa, pi, (^^Ikp- batdwy; 
#^kp- #^L?- JL^l imsy b<^twa 
batwa, walk gently 1 walk 
slowly 1 Ut^. 6a({/ya,sin, pl^ 
\ilk^ batdja, 
batyb, see ^^ 
( ^iij ) 6a/f ( jibiff \ to be 
light,easy;^i- J;CJ\ el 'ayjdn 
baff, the patient is getting 
better; vjkp- J;JLH e& &a§l baff, 
the work has decreased. ^Ju^ 

b(^ff^f> to cause to be light 
or easy, relieve, reduce. 
V-A3&-I istabaff^ to consider 
light or easy, disdain. ,jLii 
tabfyf,SiCt of making light 
or easy, relief^ reduction; 
Aui- tabfyfa, undress, 
indoor dress. jUi-lt5<f6/(t/', 
disdain. Ai> biff(^y or ^ 
biffyjc^, lightness^ ease. 


loveliness, charm; <^^ ,:^\ 
Ai^ es sitt dy biffa^ this 
lady is sympathetic. Uui^ 
bafyf or bufayjif, light^ 
easy^ lovely, charming^ 
nimble, pi. ^\jl>- bufdf, or 
uiU^ bufayjifyn; cJi^i^^ 
^aqloh ho^fyf, he is silly, he 
is foolish. 
»>• buff, shoe, slipper, hoof of a 


• • 

• • 

bifdj see Jl^ 

(>:) bafar(jubfur),see ^ 

( o-*^ ) ^/"^^ (Jibfis), to 
cause to sink, depress, ^^pisil 
inbafas, or^^^l itbafas, 
to sink, be depressed, ^j-iil 
inbifis, begone I go to the 
devil 1 ^yi2 mabfAs, sunk, 
depressed, ^jj^ bafs, act of 
sinking, depression. 
(t^4) W^ci ryi6/?d or 
jubfud), to lower, reduce. 
jjoisil inbcLfad^Qv^^jiMtba^ 
fad, to be low^ered, reduced. 
mabfdd, lowered, 
reduced. jki>' bo^fd^ or j^ji^ 

• ••/ 

tabfyd^ act of lowering, 

c^^{^.)bafaq(jubfuq), to 
beat together, mash, palpi- 
tate ( heart ). jiil inbafaq^ 
or jeil itbafaq ^io be beaten 
together, mashed, j^itf 
mabfiiq, beaten together, 
mashed, jip- bafq^ act of 
beating together, mashing. 
C)\ik^ bafaqdn, palpitation, 
J^bafqy, plastering(ma5.), 
enduit hydraulique, 

J^{^^)bafa(Jibfy), or ji.\ 

abfa^ to hide, conceal; j^H 

la Jab fa, it is evident, ji^\ 

inbafa, or j.i'\ itbafa, 

to be hidden, concealed ; 

begone 1 go to the devil 1 
ji:>l ibtafa, to hide one's 
self. ji\ itbaffa, to be 
disguised. Jiitma6/'j/,hidden, 
concealed. '^ mitbaffy, 
or bifa, secret; UtI ^^ ^J 
&i/'a,orUii.li6ii ^i/a, secretly^ 


• • 



on the sly. '\k^'J\lJ\i0taqyJet 
el iUfdy cap of invisibility. 
'^bafyr,see ji- 
Ui- ^a/'f/Aand^J^^t/f (ya^secwi^ 

X J^e ) ^" (Jibill), or J^l 
inball^ to be unsound, 
threaten to fall. J^ I ilitall, 
to be insane. JIp- ^Wii^ to 
pickle, preserve in vinegar, 
[pit muliill, unsound, threat, 
ening tofall. jia^ muballil, 
pickled, preserved in vine- 
gar. JjJas mablAl, or J^ 
essu'tir, insane, lunatic. JU- 
ftatai, unsoundness; JU ^^ 
b&tbalal^ an unsound house. 
JU bulal^ insane, foolish, 
madcap. Jib-I ibtilAl, men- 
ial alienation. Jii ta^lyl, act 
of pickling, preserving in 
vinegar. J^ 6^W, vinegar; 
Jp- USU- ballAha ball, he 
aggravated matters,he went 
too far. 

iU- feato, see Jo- 
^^ 6aZ(t^y see ^^ 

o!A^ feiW/", see ,jiU ■ 
j!iU-fti&tZ, tooth-pick. 
^.!^^ baldja^ see J^ 

tr^^Cur:^) bO'lbas, to make 
mischief, tell lies. a--J^ 
balbasa^ act of making mis- 
chief, telling lies. ^^ 

pl. a^^ balabys. 
^ (JJ^y 6^Z6a(, or LJ:- to^ftaZ, 
to disarrange, confuse, mix. 
iJi-\ itbalbat^or iJ^\ itlab^ 
bat, to be disarranged, 
confused, mixed. Ji-U^ mu- 
balbat^orii^mulabbat, dis- 
arranged, confused, mixed. 
04^ balbaia^ or 

Jl^ftaZfidZ, anklet, pl. J^^Aj- 
•aU- ( J^) ballid^ to be eternal. 
^^ huUid^ eternity. JU. 
Jidltd^ eternal. 

o-!^ .u-^' (cr^) ibtalasfjibti-- 
lis )^ to embezzle, defraud. 




^J0^h^\, ibtilds, embezzle- 
mentjraud J d^tournement, 
^jJixji^ mufitaliSy embezzler, 
swindler, pi, i^Ji-:^ mubta^ 


o^ (^j^)hilis(jihlois),io finish, 
save one's self; ^^^j Jfl 
akal we f}ilis, he finished 


eating, ^h^ ballas^ to cause 

to finish, save; \J^ dJUlii 

jihall/xsak keda, are you 

pleased with such a thing? 

aJ^ 4J ^^ballas loh haqqoh^ 

or #j\j- ^^yA^ Dallas loh 

tdroh^ he avenged him; 

4cUJ\ Jc ^jaU. liallas ^alal 

hufWa, he paid duty on the 

goods;wl^l Jc ^U. ballas 

""aialgawdb^he paid postage 

on the letter;A.J^ \ yd^i^|}allasu 

"ixf^/t, they assasinated him; 
, j.^Jj^ U \^da ma j ihallasM^ 

this will not please him; U 

jihy^hit taman da,he could 
not sell at this price. ^j^\ 
itballas, to get rid of, be 

saved, ^jo^ tahlys, act of 
safety, deliverance ; ^P^ 
^j^^ el fulAs balds, there is 
no more money; ^%- c^)\ 
el wagt balds, the time is 
up;dU!)l^ ^j^Wmilbaldsak, 
do as you please! do your 
worst I fjp^ buUts, termi- 
bdlis^a great deal, too many, 
too much;^U^./fcaM?ay- 
Jis b^lis, very nice; ^^^y^ 
^jJU. el foqdny bdlis, the 
topmost. K^"^^ buJAsa, con- 
clusion, result, essence, pi, 

settlement of account, dis- 
charge of debt, pi, siXjJi\^ 
mubalsdt, ^j^!^l iblds, sin- 
cerety . ^^^ mt/^Zis, sincere, 
pi, CA^mublisyn. 
i^{)^)baUit (jiblit), to mix. 
JLlil inbalat ^or i^\itbalat^ 
to be mixed, i^^ mabl&tf 
mixed. JJ^ 6aZ(, act of 



mixing^ talking nonsense. 
iikUfiatta.a mixture;^ ^iLW 
balta baUa, pelLmeU, topsy- 
turvy. iikW bul^a, or J^^i^^l 
ibtildt, social intercourse; 
•b^ ^Jai^ jlJ L ma fe/s feafta 
wayjdh, I do not mix much 
with him. 

^(^) 6aZa^ (Jim"), to 
dislocate, unhinge, depose, 
dismiss from office, strip; J 
fjM,ij\\ J ^ hyja tibia' fy 

( er rags, she shakes herself 
in dancing( in an indecent 

j manner ). A^ lialla\ to 
dislocate one thing after 
another, mimic. Jil inbala\ 
or jili\ ithala\ to be dislo- 
cated, unhinged, deposed, 
dismissed from office, strip- 
ped. ^Jk^ ma6Zii',dislocated, 
unhinged, deposed, dismis- 
sed from office, stripped, 
^is muhalla\ unsound, 
disjointed; ^ j\fM ^\hAh 
en nag gdr muballa'' /^ shoe- 
makers' bairns are aye ill 

shod". ^ tal^ly", act of 
dislocating^ unhinging. A»ii 
taf^ly^'a, a make-up, show, 
acting, pi. ^l5C tabaly\ 
Ji^ baf, deposition,unhing- 
ing, dismissal from office. 
^U.( uJiij ) balaf (jiblif), to 
change, alter, succeed; i-jU- 
^"^ balaf kaldmoh , he did 
not keep his promise. u\^ 
ballifj to succeed, leave on 
one's death, have an oflf- 
spving.Ut\[i^bdlifjio disobey, 
disagree, vJk:>^l ibtalaf, to 
disagree. ^%- bilAf, or 
o!ib^l ibt t M/^disagreement, 
difference of opinion; o^ 
\jS bibildf keda^ besides 
this. iUli> bilfCi, offspring, 
second growth of sugarxane. 
^J^balf^ behind; ♦^^\ U^ 
balfel gantora,downstream 
the bridge. ,J^ 6^to/,suc - 
cessor. iOJ^ balyfa, Caliph, 
plSi^bulafa, Ai^Sj^mub/Alfa, 
contravention, pi, wUJte 
mubalfdt. 43^ mdbl&fO', 






camel's riding saddle. 
ji^(jl^)6atog (Jiblaq), to 
create; Al ^^ j L; Jl jU lij j 
rabbina balaq ed dinja fy 
sitt yjdm, Rome was not 
built in a day; ^ (^V^ li Ji 
^^uU baqaja mawldja ka- 
ma balaqtiny, he lost all he 
hBid, j^Mnfialaq, or ^\ittiOL 
to?^ to be created. jUI I ^6aL 
tog, to be angry,be enraged, 
swear at. jlU-64ii?, or jSlo- 
balld q^creeiiov; ji»U* jlltUi j 
zayjoh el bdliq en ndtiq, 
he looks exactly like him. 
J^ matMq, created, pi 
C^i^ mahluqdt, or ji!)!^ 
bdldjiq. Ajli^liilqa^ creation^ 
natural^ countenance, phy- 
siognomy; AiU C)y^ ^ huwa 
magnAn bilqa^he is naturaL 
ly mad. jU tiulq^ temper, 
disposition, character, pi, 
j%-\ ablAq; ^ ii:^\ ^ 
talla'' abldqoh fyhum, he 
vented his wrath on them, 
jd^^ bilqy, natural. ji> 

hulaqy, hot-tempered, pi, 
aJ^^ bulaqyja, jU- bo^lq, 
crowd. J!^l ibtildq, lie, 

Ji^ bulal and balal^ see J^ 

j^bulu^see J^ 

^^bulAd.see jS^ 

fjo)^ bulAsy see ^^ 

^(^Jbaki (jilily), or J^| 
a^to, to evacuate; ^-r'J^' 
aAto sabyloh^he set him free, 
he discharged him( prisoner). 
J^ bily, to be empty, Ji. 
balla^ to leave, let; rjx^ 
ballyh jurdh^ let him go I 
^^ (ji!iU balldny "^ijyt, it 
made me ill; dU J^ ftc^ZZt/ 
''annak^ let me help youl 
let me do this for youl V 
UrV J J^ to fiaZto i€>ato baqqa^ 
he left nothing unsaid; U aS^ 
^^liU satamoh ma bo^lla- 
Ids^ he heaped insults on his 
head. J»i. MZt/, empty; ^. 
^;^1\ JU. b^t bdlyes sakan, 
a vacant house; ^Jk' JU 
6^ if/ gciT^ad, disinterested. 




impartial. jU- fiulu, empti- 
ness; ^y^■J ^ hulu rig I, 
purchase of lease.#^ hilwa^ 
inner private room, bath- 
room, pi, viljU hilwdt. %- 
fiala^ desert, open space, 
open ground, country. 4j^ 
i&a&iya, bee-hive, pi, wl^^^ 
balajdt ,d^m iftto,nose-bag, 
school-boy's knapsack, pZ. 
J3j? m iftaZ, or J\is mafidly, 

iiL\<j- balyfa, see v-iU 

iiaAi- balyqa, see jU- 
;^\^- bamasyn, see ^^i- 
^^\j^humm en ndm, lethargic. 
^^- (j*i$) 6im ir f jibmar ), or 
jJ^l ibtamar^ to leaven, rise 
(dough). ^?- fyammar^ to 
ferment. ^^1 itharnmar, to 
be fermented. j^j^y-ftamrdh, 
leavened. ^^ muharnmar , 
fermented, j^^ tahmyr^ act 
of leavening^ fermentation. 
jj- bamyr^ yeast, sg, tjt^ 
bamyra, pl,Cj\j^i-b(^Tnyrdt; 

jiqtd^el bO'tnyramin el b^t. 


he is ugly, his face would 
turn the milk sour .y-ftamr, 


wine. ^J- bo^mra, wine, 
spirits. ^ jxi-bam md ra, ho tel , 
or j(j*\>- bdtnamyr. ^/-jy^ 
hamurgy, wine or spirits 
dealer, pi, ^jyi- bO'fnur-^ 

^jJt'bO'rnas^ or k^bo^rnsa, five, 
pi, si\^^ b^msdt; k^^, Ao- 
hitta bibdmsa, five para 
or five piastre piece, pi, 
^\^ bdmdsy, J,\z^i- 6^- 
mastdsar^ fifteen, us-*^ 
hamsyn^ fifty, o^^-l^ barna- 
5t//i, hot wind, sirocco, ^^.f- 
bums^ one fifth part, /)Z. 
^\^l abmds. ^^.U- bdmisy 
the fifth one. ^^:i^l f y. y<3m eZ 
hdmys^ Thursday. 
a^( c>'^ ) bcLrnmin, to think, 
surmise, guess, cfr^^^/^i f/^ , 
thought, idea, surmise, con- 
jecture,pZ.^lL-»i tabmyndt; 
A}\ dii^i iabmynaki^ what 
do you think? what is your 



i- bamurgy^and Bj^bamyra, 

see ji- 

bamys^see ^jj- 
Cf- bunn, poultry-house, pi. 


oU-l abndn, 

j\:^bindg,see ^ 
^ ( c^ ) ^an/lit, to copulate^ 
render effeminate. ,i^l li- 
bannit, to be copulated.,!^ 
mubcLnnit^ copulated, cat- 
amite. olLP-^undi^copulation. 
z^ bo^nas, catamite, effe- 
minate fellow. U:^ bunsa, 
i^bangar^ dagger, poniard, 
pi j>r\i^bahdgir. 

^j^bo^ndciqj ditch, trench, pi. 
J3I:?- bo^nddiq, 

xj^ ban;syf\pig, pLxj\^ bana-- 
^yr;xj^\^\^dd elbanazyr^ 
of a well. 

i^jj^) 6ansar,to embezzle, 
defraud, ^^jt^h^ bo^nsara, 
embezzlement, fraud. 
bandar, the little finger^ 

butcher's small knife, pi. 
U^ bdndsir. 



bo^naf, twang. u^\ abnaf, 
.one who talks through the 
nose, fern. U:^ bo^nfa^ pi, 

fta/i^s,black beetle,sg^.4-ji:^ 
{^y^^ ) bo^naq ( jubnuq ), to 
choke, strangle, suffocate. 
y^ b(Xnnaq^ to strangle one 
after the other. jlU b/dniq, 
to rebuke, reprimand. j;;il 
inbanaq, or jijil itbfl^naq, 
to be choked, strangled, 
suffocated. jlliEl itbdniq, to 
dispute, quarrel, jyj^ maft- 
/lAg, choked, strangled, 
suffocated. ^ banq, stran- 
gulation,* suffocation. jI;:p-\ 
dispute, quarrel, row, sg. 
aJIs^ bindqa^ pi, olJU- bir^- 
qdt ; aJU- j* i^L« miskoh 
minbindqoh, he held him 
by the collar. jlJ\ U:^ bunqet 
el yd, wrist. jjlU bcLntiq, 

Wl 4> 



Ui^ or Ac^\^bawdga,* gentleman, 
Mr.Sir^dry goods' merchant, 
pi. oUly- bawagdt; Ais^\y^ 
Uawdgtoh^ his master. 

^Sy-JiauwAf^ see ^il^ 
*i\^huwAna, see ^^U- 
*^^ ( ^-^^ ) bci^^^t ( jifiwit )y to 
annoy, bother, disturb. sl#yi I 
inbawat^ or Oy^l itbawat, 
to be annoyed, bothered^ 
disturbed. O^^i^ mabudt^ 
anonyed, bothered, disturb- 
ed. Ai^- dawta^ annoyance, 
bother, disturbance. 

^3^b^9(^* teacher, professor, 
school-master, pi, wU^ 

rV" (r^) bcLuwab, to be rotten. 
^^ muhauwali , rotten. 

. rf-h^b, peaches, S5^* A^y^b^bd, 
pi. CiU-y- 6o6(ti; 4^y- ft()6a, 
wicket-gate, small door in 
a big gate. 
j^b6r, periodical channel of a 
river, jpi. j\y^\abwdr. 

^j^bdwarnaq, small cupboard 

in the wall, pl^ vililj^ 
3jf-{3jj^) b6mq^ to impale. 
3jyi\itb6zaq\,o be impaled. 
bdzaqa, act of impaling, 
J3j^ bcizdq^ impaling ma- 
chine, stake, peg,pi. ji jl^ 

ZoA bo^zAq^ he fooled him; 

JusAfhum ^ala bo^zAq, he 
wishes to see them hanged; 

eZ 'aia walaw '^ala bci^zAq^ 
he likes elevation were it 
evenon a gallows. 

ji>- ( J ji)^sag('u?a rag;, brown 
paper(for wrapping parcels). 

^^ bAs leaves of the date- 
palm tree,sg'. s^y^ b^sa^ pi. 
CiUy- busdt, 

i^"^ {J^'i^)hau wad, io ford. ^^y. 
fedd, or Ja-iyi- tabwyd^ act of 
fording. ^^ j4\ el bahr 
b6d, water is shallow in the 



J>- b6f, see J^ 
J^ 6«toaZ, see Jl;- 
<^>>- Wiy, gardener, overseer of 
peasants on a plantation, joZ. 

•i^ bduwyf, see ^U- 

J^ bU^^, cucumber, $g. ijU- 

itXj^ bP^yjdt^ see J*^ 
Jlo- AydZ, see J^i- 
JC>. bo^yjAl, see oU>. 
45U- bijdna, see o^ 
4*^ ^6a, see v^U 
A.^ ^i/^a,weak,coward,chicken, 

4P- ft^r^ see jU 
JL>- ( jLjg ) bf^yjUy to embroider 
with gold or silver thread, 
envelope with canvas, ju^ 
bpoidered material. ijSLje^ 
mubayJiiAtyy embroiderer, 
pi, AJliJtf mubayjiiatyja. 
JL^ 6^i, canvas ; 4i^ 6^&3t, 
piece of canvas,bedwin tent, 
sack,pZ. ^U^&^AAi. 
p. (J^) bayjat^ to sew. 

copulate. Jaj^I itbayjat, to 
be sewn, copulated. JaJe 
mubayjat^ sewn.Al^U-^yetfa, 
act of sewing.ii.^6^(, thread, 

pZ.6^ 6^0/^; oljjil Jv^^li 
gttir b^t el myzdn, dead 

drunk. ip(l>. bayjdt, tailor, 
pZ. Ofr^U- bd'yjatyn. Alts- 
bayjdta, dress-maker, mil- 
liner, pi, ^lILU- bayjo^tdt, 
d^ ( J^) 6^jaZ ry %-j7;, or J.U 
bdjil^ to daze, dazzle the 
eyes. inbajal^ or J^^l 
itbO'jal^to be dazed, dazzled. 
Jiliil liftttyeZ, to fancy; \i» 
4j J jb-l^^Ail ana itbdjilt bi 
wdhid zayjoh^l fancy I saw 
one answering to his descrip. 
tion. J^\^ mubdjla, act of 
dazing, dazzling the eyes. 
JU-ftydZ, shadow, pl.cJiU^ 
bijCLldt; J^W JU. bijdl ed 
dill, punch and judy; JU- 
Ail2lt ^tyttZ eZ maqdta, scare, 

Jji-^Z, see^U^^ 
^ W^>secret,thought; Aif* o^-l 





abad liimoh^he sounded him. 

^bima, tent, P^* fi^ bijam. 

^^biJO'my^ tent-maker, pi. 

Kjf^ bijamyja. 
J- bayJa^noose^pl.cj^bO'yJdt. 

:> = d 

b da, this, fern. (^^ dr/, pi. J 3^ 
ddlor'^3^d6la;\^^Vj\ er 

retg'iZ da, this man; J j3 o'^* 
ennisvodn d()Z, these women; 
b ^ 'ato da Jor this reason, 
therefore; \^ ^\^ jMminda 
""ala da, from this and from 
that, mixed,middling; Cjt* I3 
I3 da myn da, who is this? 
All l^.vdlA^ 'aZ^fc mm da 61 
^, why should you take the 
trouble? ^-j I^U ^ kail 
ma dajisman, he is getting 
falter everyday ; \jj^^ deh^ 
da, or {fSA^ dehdy, what is 
this? what 1 
•T> dd,disease,vice^pZ.c>lbdadf. 
w|^ (wiJj) dd6 (jud{JLh)^ to melt, 
be dissolved, be worn out; 

v-*l3i ^^ ^ /"ass maZA toe 
dd6, he vanished, he disap- 
peared, ^j^daa to 16, to cause 
to melt, dissolve, wear out. 
s-.3^l iddauwib, to be melted, 
dissolved, worn out. w>3J^" 
iadwyb, act of causing to 
melt, causing to dissolve, 
causing to wear out. ^^b 
ddj i6,fnelted,dissolved, worn 
out; A*»l3 <M^ kumdmoh 
ddjba^ he is out at elbows. 
<:)\*3^datoaMn, act of tnelting, 
s^\^ddb, custom,habit; JS^VI ^.b 
ddboh el akl^ he lives to eat; 
AXMAi\^]a^ hatt ddboh m in-- 
no/i,heis always down upon 
him, he is always hard 




upon him. 
ji\^ddbir,see ji^ 

•jy'^ datAra, or .jyl" tatilra, 
^b (rv5Jb) ddli (jud{iJi), or ^^Jiil 
indawali, to be giddy, sea- 
sick, ^^^dawahov dauwal^, 
to stun, cause to be giddy, 
cause to be sea-sick. ^^^ 
ddba^ or 0^3^ dawabdn, 
giddiness, sea-sickness. 
^1^ ddjib, giddy, sea-sick, 
pi. Cx^S^ dajbyn, 

i^\^ dablyja^ see J^^ 
^3(3 d(tda/nurse, maid,pZ. C^lj^lj^ 

jl3 ( j^Jb ) d(tr (judtLr), to go 
round, go about; t>J\y»- jb 
^\ d(tr hawaUn el bSt^ he 
went round the house; wJI 
jb el Wb ddr, play began; 
f^^\ (^ jt^ d(tr /iZ bcubs, he 
led a fast life; >»>-ji3 j^Jb^ \l 
lamma judAr we jirga^, 
when he comes back; ^ I; j:> 
^y^durna^ald bujMhum^ 
we called at their houses, j*^^ 

dauwctr, to cause to go 
rounrI,make round, fetch; J33 
A^^jiS dauwar el "^arabyja, 
turn the carriage round \\ij3^ 
^ dauwarna ""alShum^ we 
looked Yor them; diipU j^^ 
dauwar sdUak^wind up your 
watch I JiP4j j53 dauwar 
loh ""aqlohy he made him 
change his mind;s^^\ a.> j53 
dauwar fyh ed darb^ he 
began beating him, he order, 
edhim to be beaten. jIjjI 
inddr, or j^^l iddauwar^ 
to turn round, be turned 
round- j^\^ ddjir, going 
round, working, circumfer- 
ence ; c^\ jIju j^U d4/er 
maddr elbSt, all round the 
house; ^U^ axJ\ ^ j\:iddjir 
"^alaalsinet en nds, talked 
about, rumoured; ^a-jHi j^-I 
^u> j^b afiad fuUtsoh ''ala 
ddjir bamsa^ he received 
every penny of his money; 
j\^ LJ\ el ^aja ddjir, 
sickness is prevailing. ^j\^ 





dAjra^ circle, household or 
private estate of a prince, 
etc., pi. xh^ dawdjir-, j^lj^ 
am^\ dawdjir el hukAma, 
government departments, 
j^jjj tadwifr, act of turning 
round, fetching, search. j3^ 
ddr, turn, story of a house, 
floor, joZ. jl^^l adiodr; jjjl 
hil ddr, by turns; ^ J^^lj 
ifj3^ rdgil m in ddry^ a man 
of my age;^j3:>d<5r ma$na, 
a song. gj3^ ddra, a turn, 
a procession,pi,wlj33dordi. 
o'j3^ dawardn, act of going 
round, moving about, rota- 
tion; o'ji^ j^^ minSdr 
dawardn^ circular saw. j\^ 
ddr^ house, mansion, pl.j\i^ 
dijdf;s^j^\ j\:^ddreddarh, 
mint; jUB j\ jjl ^min ed ddr 
lin ndr,hom the frying pan 
into the flre.jt:>d^r,con vent, 
pi. tji^l adjura^ or t^j^^^ 
dujdra, jjju mudauwar, 
round,circular. j^Ju mudyr, 

of a province, pl^ ctjt-*^ 
mudiryn. 4i j^Jumudyryya, 
province, pi. C^lij^ju mudy-' 
ryjdt. jl*33 dautodr, cattle 
pen. •jl^3dato4ra,free life, 
libertinism, tjl^l iddra, 
management, administration, 
direct ion, pZ.J^l^l^t idardt, 
ifJ\:^ iddry^ administrative. 
Aij^:idawryja, picket, patrol, 
pi. cXj^^ daw ryjdt. 

^j\^ddrig^see ^y^ 

^^'* (cT^-^.) dds(judAs), to tread 
on, trample, walk on ; U y^ 
^ ^^\^huwamaddssh4ty , 
he has never entered my 
house; Ai-b 4^.jp 'arabyja 
ddsitoh^he wasrunover by 
a carriage. ^5^ dauwis, to 
cause to tread or walk on, 
tread repeatedly. ^bsWnc&lfi^ 
to be trodden on, walked 
on. ^(JLu mindds, trodden 
on, walked on. ^^^ dds, act 
of treading on, walking on. 
4-33 ddsa, Mohamedan cere, 
mony lately suppressed in 



which a i^ft on horseback 
walks on men lying on the 
ground. ^Iju maddsy a 
kind of rustic shoe^joZ.oUlji* 

^b dd^y, see j^^ 

^b dd^, see ^5^ 


J'* (j3^) ^^Q (judug)^io taste, 
j*33 dauwaq, to cause to 
taste. JlJJl inddq^ to be 
tasted. (^jU^^ dawaqdn, act 
of tasting. Jj3 dd^', or jji 
^<3g,taste; j^Jljrjc ""adym ez 
zdq^ rude, impolite; w^L> 
j5S§^-^i& 'S'dg, man of taste, 
polite; 33^^ fahhimoh hi 
zdq^ give him a hint I 

f '^ ( f ^-^ ) ^^ ( juddm ), to 
continue, last, be permanent; 
f 1^ U ma ddm, so long as; U 
j^ y^ f^l^ ma (2dm huwa 
fciqyr, so long as he is poor; 
Ija J& J^ o' ^^ ddm ""ala 
feerfa, if he should continue 
so. jrl^ ddjim^ everlasting, 
permanent, (cl^ ddjman, 

always, ^^x.^ mustadym, 
permanent; ^x.^ j»\ amr 
mustadym, standing order. 
0\^^ dawdm, or A^^tju 
mudd wma, continuation^ 
permanence, perseverance; 

f'iJI J^ '^to ^^ dawdm^ 
constantly; jUl j^ Jli-I j^l^^ 
dawdm elhdlminelmuhdl, 
every long street must have 
a turn . aJ 5^ dau wdma, 
whirlpool, pi, oUI^3 dau- 
O'^ (ot J^.) ddn (jidyn), to judge, 
condemn. <:,*53 dauwin, to 
put onrecord.^ii^liddayyin, 
to adopt a religion, be pious. 
ctl^l idddjiriy or o'-J^^' 
isfadd/i^tobe indebted. j;,"5ju 
mudauwirty put on record. 
otJ.^ madda^y in, religious, 
pious. ai\s* mudddjin, or 
^:)^ju madjdn^ indebted, 
debtor, jt^ dt//i> or aJ\ia 
dijdna, religion, creed, pi. 
Cj\:i\adjdn fir ^ilJlj^d yanetf; 
^^jlil^ 033 ^ ^aqloh we 




dynoh el fulAs,he worships 
money; ^^^J Ji»l atalla"^ loh 
dynoh ^l will serve him out I 
(j^^Si^ f^jiby'^bi dynSn^ he 
does not sell at a fixed price. 
f^^ d^n,deht,pLc)^i:>dujAn; 
j^jH cx^M ed d6n el muwah. 
had, the unified debt; Jt-Jl 
jlroAl ed din el mumtdz, the 
privileged debt; y\J\ otJI 
eddin es s(!t/^^^*he floating 
debt. 0^^ dayjdn^ or ot'-^ 
muddjin^ creditor^ pi. aIU^ 
dayjdna, 03> ddn^ inferior^ 
vulgar;^:,^jLi bid{tn^ without; 
^U\ Cj3> ty ^ huwa min 
ddn en nds, he of all the 
world; ^2)3^ ^U libds d&n, 


drawers; cj^Jj^ muddn, 

^y\^ddniq, l/144th part of a 
fadddn^ pi. jM^^ dawdniq. 

^\i ddhja^ see ^^^ 

J3I3 {^}^\Sl)ddwil^or\3 ^}3^\iddd. 
toil wayja^ to deliberate 
r Btion, pl.^Ji 3\x»mudawlAt, 

^b ddjib^ see ^1^ 

'^\^ddjihy see^l^ 

^\^ddjim,see ^1^ 

^J^ ddja^midwi{e,pl,zAi\^dajdt. 

V^(s^jj) dabb (jidibb)y to 
tread with noise, walk 
heavily; asU a^.> dabboh 
"aZga^he gave him a thrash- 
ing;^VI w^ dabb el akla; 
he bolted the food. s^s>^ 
dabdib^ to tread with noise, 
walk heavily, make a sharp 
point, v-^."^ mudabdib, 
having a sharp point. ^3 
dabb, or a»jl)^ daMi&a, act of 
treading with noise,walking 
heavily, noise of footsteps. 
A» .Ai^ dabddba^ sharp point, 
pi. ^. ^3 dabadyb. 

s^^^dibb, or ai^ dibba^ bear^pZ. 

,^3 dibab. 
^li3 dabbdh, see ^^ 

o\p dabM^, see ip 

^^\i^ di6Mn,flies,s5'.A>li3(ii6Mna^ 

^^ (^J^JdaftaA (Jidbah),to kUl, 



slaughter, butcher, ^3 dab^ 
bah^ to kill one after the 
other; ^ ^dabbafy fyhum, 
he killed them one after the 
other. ^jJl indabah, to be 
killed, slaughtered, butcher- 
ed; ^^\fe^fyissy indabah, I 
am hoarse. r^Ju madbAh, 
killed, slaughtered, butcher- 
ed. ^^ dabh^ act of killing, 
slaughtering, butchering. 
♦•C^ dabbdh, butcher, pi, 
slaughtered cattle, sacrifice, 
pi. ^li dabdjih, ^ju mad- 
6ai^,, joi.^l Ju 
maddbify. ^^Ju madbaha^ 
massacre, carnage, pi, ^Iju 
A) jJb^ dabddba, see w3 

^^(y^jb) dabbar, to manage, 
contrive,arrange.^.il iddab^ 
bar^ to be managed ; j^ oU 
Oil ^1*^.3! m(ti mohammad 
iddabbaret ummetoh^ le 
roi est mort^ vive le roil 
j^ju mudabbar or middab- 

bar, managed. jjiJJ tadbyr^ 
management, arrangement, 
measurtf^step, tada. 

byr;^^)\3j^\4 OU^I 
j^^ jLd\ eZ ms(tn /'y ^i tafkyr 

weer rabb fyet tadbyrjcm^n 

proposes and God disposes; 

^jiU\ jgiljL:i\jii-l abdd et ta^ 

dabyr el lAzma,he took the 

necessary measures.ji Juma. 

dabb i r, manager^economical. 

j\^ ddbir^ root; .^jl^ fi!Li 

qata"" ddbrohy he got rid of 

him, he exterminated him. 

JLji dabas^ furniture, effects. 

JL)^ dabh^ or jl)3 jf /wfl^ar 

dabs^ rough stone, rubble, 


^{^s$)dabag (judbu§), to 

tan, curry. i^jLlI indabaif, to 

be tanned, curried. p-y.J^ 

mad6ii5',tanned,curried. ^^ 

da6^, or apI ^ dibd^a, act of 

tanning, currying. Mj^ ' 

dabbd^, tanner, currier, pi. 

^\{^ dabba^yn. aii|Ji« madr- 

bada^ tannery, pi. ^Iju 




jj^ ( j» Jb) dabbaq, to be sticky^ 
gluey^obtain^procure; ctji ^y 
l^wii mm /'^/i dabbaqt da^ 
where could you get this 
from? Bj^ ji.3 dabbaq mara^ 
he procured a woman ( for 
immoral purposes). ^^^ jl id- 
dabbaq ^io procure for one's 
self; sJ:S"^ J ^'^1 U ana 
iddabbaqt ly 'ala kitdb, I 
was able to obtain a book. 
jiJLiI indabaqy to stick to, 
adhere^be very fond of; ji jlJI 
w«J5^, indabaq bil iHb^he took 
to play^ he became addicted 
to play, j^ jumadbilg^ stuck 
to^ adhered, j^^jj tadbyq, 
act of sticking^ adhering, 
obtaining, procuring. aLijj 
iadbyqa, occasion, pl,^\S> 
tadabyq. .^^3 dabqa^ addic- 
tedness. jj^dibg, bird-lime. 

4^^rf^&^'ca,*noise^ inconveni- 
ence, trouble, pi. wl^.3 

Ji^CJiJii) dibil{jidbal\ to 

wither^ fade^ decay. Jjl^ 
d(16i7,or 4:;^,^da6&4/i^ with- 
ered, decayed. 
j^^diblAq, covdi of fibre. 
d^^^dibla^ plain betrothal ring^ 
pi. J)j dibal; aJj^ ^C^ 'abbdd 
dibla, sodomite. 
At^dibba.see ^^ 
jji^dabbdr^ wasp, pZ. j|il#^ 

^X> dabbds, pin, /)Z. ^^l> 

CjHy.^ dabulAn* see A:ii 
^•j\ij drbM/na /diploma ^/)Z.oUjl,3 


i:> dibyha^ see ^^ 

t)r^((>-J^) dafl'^Z (jidgil) or 
daggil^to cheat^deceive^guU^ 
dupe; r^ JiP*^ daggil ""aU- 
hum, he duped them^ he 
fooled them. J^JJ tadgyl, 
act of cheating, deceiving, 
gulling, duping. J^^daflfaZ, 
deceit, fraud, charlatanism. 
JU^ daggdl, quack, char- 
latan, pZ. t«JW^ daggalyn. 

K^:> dagana^ cudgel, pi. c#br> 




dagand t . 
^^ (^jb) dahh (jidihh),io^^^\^ 
one's self to, go on steadily; 
^^jjl i^ T^i Ji«5 qa'^adjidihh 
fid dars^ he apj^lied himself 
to the study of the lesson. 
^J^^\ iddahdah, to walk 
with difRculty^walk clumsily. 
iLo-j^i dahdaha ^act of walk- 
ing with difficulty, walking 
p> dahh, or S^ dahha, nice, 
pretty (children's talk ). 

^U^ dahdh, see ^^-^-^^ 

jjb-^ (j-^-J^:) dahdar, to cause to 
roll downfall off, fail, jj^'^l 
tdda/idar^to roll down;.^>.U\ 
jjff-^l e< M^^ir iddahdar, 
the merchant's affairs are 

on the decline. jJ^-^^^^^^ 
dar^ sloping; falling off, 

failing. .jJ^j dahdara, act 
of rolling down •y.J^^ 
duhd^ra^ slope, incline, /)Z. 
j^^^U^ dahadyr, 
{r^^l)dahrag fir^:^daqlig ^ 
to cause to roll on the ground . 

^jf-ciUddahrag, to roll.Ao-j»-j 

duhrig^ pieces of dry earth 
with which cereals are mixed. 

Ji^^ ( JLv Jb )dahah ( jidhis)^ or 
^^^ dass (jidiss), to thrust, 
shove, insert, put between. 
JL^jiM indahas, to be thrust, 
shoved, inserted, put bet- 
ween; lUil J J-^-^'i J^ 
tamallyjindihisfy as^dl- 
hum^ he always interferes 
with their works. ^^3 ^^\ 
indass wayjdhtim, he pined 
shoved,inserted ,put between. 
^J^^ dahs, act of thrusting, 
shoving, inserting, putting 
between. 4-3 dassa.or a-ju^ 
dasysa, intrigue, plot, pi, 
^^U^ dasdjis, 

sJ^:> . ^o^^\ ( wU^) iddahlib, to 
beguile, practice on one's 
credulity; A.Jift ,Jio^\\iddahlib 
''aUh, he beguiled him. ^\ 
dahlihcu, guile. 
0^^ dubbdn^ see^>> 






^y^{^^i) dabal( jadljul), to 
enter; r}-^3 J^-^ ^ ^huwa 
la dabal wala barag^he has 
nothing to do with it, it is 
none of his business; Jc J^^ 
f^io dabal ^ala 'aqluhum, 
he threw dust in their eyes; 
Ji-Ji» 1^ J.VjA\ el gumds da 
Judbul, this stuff shrinks ; 

^jjJ^ Jp J^-> dabal ^alal 
^ariisa, he consummated 
marriage, ^y^^ dabbcily to 
introduce, admit; j;tiJ\,^ t^U^ 
dabbal^h fllsugl^theY found 
an employment for him. J^-l JJ 
taddba:l, or J^l^l idddbil, 
to interfere, intercede. Ji-I^ 
ddbil^ one who is entering, 
interior; J^l^ l:iJ\ ^6* ^i7a 
. ddb'd, winter is approach- 
ing. J;?-J^" tadbyl, act of 
introducing, admitting. J^^^^ 
dubtil, or 4^^ dabla, entry. 
J*J-3 cZa^Z, interference; 

J^^ cTjJ ^ ^^ ^'^^^ dabl, 
he has no right to interfere. 
J^:i dabla^ consummation of 

marriage. J^ju madbal, 
entrance^door, interference, 
pi, ^y>^\XM maddbil, J^U* 
muddhla^ or Ji^ljj taddbul^ 

interference, pZ. w^^lju 
mudabldt, J^^Ju madhAl, 
income, revenue.'^rfa^- 
Z{/ya, interior; ^Ai-IJl ;jUi; 
nizdret ed dablyja, Minis- 
try of the Interior, Home 
Office. ^}y^^ditbulyja^ town 
dues, octroiy pi. ^iXj.^^ 
^^^ (u^J^) dabban, to emit 
smoke, ^^ju mudabban, 
smoked. ce^JJ tadbyn^ act 

of emitting smoke. C)^y 
dtibbdn, smoke, tobacco. 
^j^U^ daja/fn^, tobacconist, 
pi, ^u^W.> dababnyja. a^x, 
a steamer),pt j^l JumodtJ^m. 
^3 dubriy millet, panicum 
^y^^ (ia6n^iga,hole,corner,niche, 

pi, <3JU-3 dabanyq, 
J^.> dub^l, and aJ^^^ dubulyja^ 




see J>.j 

•j^:idihyra, treasure, pi, j\i^:^ 
j3 ( jJj ) darr (Judurr), to 
yield milk, j^ darr, act of 
yielding milk. 
Ij3 da ra, maize; ^-li Ij^ dura 
sdmy, Indian corn; ah^^ Ij^ 
dura "^uw^ga^ sorgho. 
CjL'j^j:^ darah:syn* railing^ balus- 

4-^ljj dirdsa^ see ^jj 

^j:>dlrd\ arm, cubit, pic, pi 
^j^l adru'; Jj ^Ijj d/rd' 
n^Zf/ =0"^54: (^ jL ^j:^dird' 
balady = 0^ 58; .jIa^ ^Ij^ 
d/rd' /imdd^a=0"^65; »J^I 
p\jji\iafjadoh bid dird\ he 
took it by force. 

4j|j^ dirdja, see ^^j^ 
wjj darb, lane, street^ pi. ^jj^ 

vili ji ( ii^ijJ^. )darbik, to make a 
noise, tread with noise. 4^^^ 
darbika^ noise, noise of 

^j^ darabukkay native small 

J^iJjj dortnaH* gallop. 
jr-;:> (^^j-^. ) darag ( jidrlg or 
judrug ), to include, insert. 
r-j3 da rrag^, to cause to be 
accustomed to, familiarize. 
^ J Jill indarag, to be inclu- 
ded,inserted.^j jl Iddarrag, 
to be accustomed to, fami- 
liar with. r-ijJu madrugy 
inserted, ^jx* muddarrag, 
one who is accustomed to, 
familiar with, r-j^ darg, 
act of including, inserting, 
^jjb" tadryg, act of accus- 
toming one to, causing to be 
familiar with ; ^jJ^d^ bit 
iadryg, orCiCjjb' tadrygan, 
gradually. r-j-Xi mudarrag, 
amphitheatre, jyb ddrig^ 
current, usual; ^^y:^ ^f' 
himla ddrgapxvTeni money; 

ddrga, four current pias- 
tres ( = 2 Egyptian piastres). 
4IJ-J.5 daraga^ degree, class. 




rank^ step of a staircase, 
momeni^pl, iUj^ daragdt; 

li dbir daraga, extremely 
nice;4>.j^ J^l l^mahkamet 
auwil daraga, court of jfirst 
instance ; A:<>.ji ^^^ j'Craf 
daragtoh,he is aware of his 
own dignity. 
jT^j:^durg^ drawer, pi. r-tj^l 

adrdg, or ^^j^ durAg, 
:ij:^dirdjOV (f:ij^ dirdy^ sedi- 
ment, dregs, mud. 
rfJ^{r^j^l) dardah, to teach, 
cause to be experienced. 


a-jj^l iddardah, to be 
taught, experienced, expert 
in things in general. tojJi^ 

mudardah^ experienced. 
A.J.JJJ dardaha^ experience, 
knowledge of the world. 

tr^J^ ( cr-^->-4 ) dardik^ to chatter, 
prattle. <i:ij^dardisa, chat- 
ter, prattle. 

r^j^ ( (^J-^i ) dardim^ to cover 
with earth, bury, ^^^k^j^dar- 
dima, act of covering with 

earth, burying. 

(f^j^dirdy,see ^jj 
jj^ ( jj-^i ) daraz (jidriz ), to 
cram, fill to superfluityJjaJl 
indaraz, to be crammed, 
filled. J^jJU madrtiz^ cram- 
med, full, JJ3 rfar^, act of 
cramming, filling to super- 
fluity. 0jj^ darza^ crowd, 

{fjj^ durzy^Dvuze^pl.j^j^dur&z. 

o^J^ ( cT-^-^ ) daras ( jidris ), to 
thresh corn, study, ^j^ 
darris, to teach. ^jJJI in- 
daras, to be threshed.^jjju 
act of threshing, studying; 
^ji dars, lesson, pi, ^^j^ 
darAs, ^IjjcZeMsa, study, 
education. a-*.jJu madrasa, 
school, joi. ^jlJu maddris, 
fj^ c/ir', cuirass, /)i. ^3j:idur&\ 
Acj Ji« mt(riarra'a, ironxlad, 
pi. iiUjJi* mudarra^dt. 

cr* J^ (cr*J-^:) ^^^^/^«, see ^j^- 
iij^darfa, window shutter,leaf 
of a door, pi, sjj^ duraf,ov 




J^j:^ darfdt. 

^^j:>darfyl^* dolphin, pi JJIj^ 
Jj^daraq, shields, sg, aJj^ 
daraqa^pl, zMj:^daraqdt, 

4cli jj durqd^a, part of the floor of 
a room lower than the rest, 
pi. c^UUjjj durqa'dt, 
iJji .ilj^l {i\jj{ja,drak(jidrik), 
to understand, perceive, 
attain the age of puberty. 
6j\jjtaddraky to overtake, 
rectify what has been neg- 
lected, buy, prevent danger, 
meet the evil, take precau- 
tions. iJ;JiL-l istadrak to 
perceive, retract an error, 
take precautions. *1 J Ji« mud- 
rik^ one who is of full age. 
illj^ltdrd/c, perception, age 
perception, act of taking 
^j^darak, beat of a policeman 
or a watchman, pi, zJ€^^ 
/Uj3(i«jjij) darma^, to cause to 

roll on the ground, smear 
with mud. kMj\\ iddarmap^ 
to roll on the ground, be 
smeared with mud. k^jx* 
mudarmafj, smeared with 
tnud. iik-j^ darma^a^ act of 
rolling on the ground,smear- 
ing with mud. 
•ji durra,peiVVoi,pl.jj^durar, 

>;:> rfar/iim,dram,l/l2thpartof 
an ounce, pi ^\j:^dardhim, 
( 400 drams equal an oqqa). 
Ji^j^darawand,'' groove, pi. 
oUi^j^ darawanddt. 

»jj^ dirwa, see <^j^ 
iJi3j^darwys* Derviche, men« 
dicant, a simple-minded 
person, pL Jj^\j^darawys. 

ifj^ (iSj^i)d iry (J id ra), to knoy/, 
be aware ; j\,^\ ^u^ diryt 
bilbabar, did you hear the 
news? is'j:> darra, to in- 
form, winnow, scatter. iS^^ 
ddra^to shelter^hide,defend; 
•j(j daryh, or aJIc j\:> ddry 
'al^h^ shelter himl defend 
hinil (Sj\^\ idddra^ to be 



sheltered, hidden. ;^jli ddry^ 
or o\ij3 darjdn, aware^ 
informed. (^jU% mudddry, 

sheltered, hidden. ^jjIjl^ 
mudaryJa^Qict of sheltering, 
hiding. 4j\j^ dirdja, know- 
ledge,experience.. •jjdiVtca, 
shelter, parapet, entrech- 
ment, pi, ^1 *j^ dirwdt, •jJl. 

m id ra, pitch- fork,pZ.^I J ji* 
midrdt.iSj-^* midra^ sound, 
ing pole, sailors' pushing 
pole, pl.iSj^J^ maddry, 
^Ij^ dirys, dry clover; /Up 
A-jjJI ^asdkir ed dirysa^ 
plate-layers, railroad labou- 


Aijj^ durryja^ see aj ;i 
4.4 j^ dazzyna^ see aij j^^ 
cr-^ {^-^^dass (J i diss), see J^:^ 
^•U^ dasdma, see ^^ 
j^3 di5<,caldron,/^-*^ dusdt, 
Ai^^ dasta* packet, quire,dozen, 
j^3 dastiir/ permission; V J^j 
j^jU V3 j^^ dafiaZ to das. 
<(Jr tea/a hadiir^ he entered 

without saying ^'with your 
leave" or *'by your leave". 
A^^dasam, fat, grease. a.U.> 
das(im a,fatness,greasiness. 
^zdisim, fat, greasy. 
j^:^disimhar,'^ December. 
\j^»^^ dasuntdrja * dysentery. 
^-•^ dasysa^ see JL?.j 

cT^ (cT-^J ^^^' (jidiss),[o crush, 
smash ,chatter.j.JLi^dasdis, 
to crush, smQif>h,j,M\indasSj 
or ^Jii'^l iddasdik^ to be 

crushed, smashed. 



madirts, or J- JiiJL. midaklik, 
crushed, smashed. ^^ das8, 
act of crushing, smashing, 
chatter ,prattle. jXt:^dassds, 
chatter-box, pi. ^^kjM^^ 
dassasyn,J.i^^ d /s{/s,crush- 
ed corn 

jli^ dwAtr,*uselessly,to no avail. 
C^:^daMy^ disorder, confusion, 

Cj^^dasmdn^^ enemy, enmity, 

jLiijdis(/i, see J:.> 
\c>da'a^ see^^^ 




^•\c ydu^dm a ^ column, buttress. 

erf •> ( tri^-^. ) d^'^bis, to look for^ 
fumble, grope^ feel about in 
the dark. 4-.ap^ da^bisa, act 
of looking for, fumbling, 
groping, feeling about in the 

J^^^C J^^ )da'bil, to cause to 


. , to wither, be tliumbed. J^a. 

mw(ia'6f7, withered, thumbed. 

4:^^d«'&i*to^oct of thumbing. 

cr^^ ( cr^-^! )d(^^^s (Jid'is)^ to 
press^ cram^ cause to be 
crowded. 4^^^ dasa, pres- 
sure^ crowd. 

J^^ij^^. )da'aq (jid'aq), to 
rebuke, reprimand, curse, 
jp jj i inda'aq^ to be rebuked, 
reprimanded, cursed. j^Ju 
mad'^g^rebuked, repriman- 
ded, cursed, j^^ da^q, act of 
rebuking, reprimanding, 
cursing. A.rp^da'ga,a rebuke, 
a reprimand^ a curse, pi . 
ols^i da'^qdt, 

dip^ ( viUjLi ) da'ak (Jid'akJ, or 

iD^ dato/c (jidlik), to rub. 
d)pj;i inda^ak ^io be rubbed. 
ijjpju mad'Ak, rubbed. dU^ 
da'/c, act of rubbing. 4$^^ 
da'/ca, a rub, a crowd, pi, 

jy^j ( J^^-^ ) da^'war, to hurl, 
throw, cause to roll down. 
j^^l/dda'toar,to be hurled, 
thrown, roll down. #j^.> 
da'^wara^ act of hurling, 
throwing, causing to roll 

J^ ( ;/-^. ) da'a O'td'y;, to call, 
invite ; ^1 ^^ dad loh, he 
blessed him; aSc ^/^ da' a 
'aZ^A,he cursed him; ^}>-j 

(C^L'i' c/*^ ragul jud'a 
ibrdhym^ix man whose name 
is Abraham. ^^1 idda'a, to 
pretend ; a.V ^^I idda^'a 
'al^h^ he accused him.^JL:-l 
istad'a. to call, send' for 
( a person), ^cji. mudda y, 
plaintiff ,complainant,pi.Cft^Ju 
mudda'' yn; A^c^fJu»mudda'a 
'aUh^ defendant, joZ.^Jc^^Ji* 


• • 


mudda^a 'aUhum. ^/'J- 
muddy^ plaintiff, pZ. cc^ I J* 
whose name is. W^ du^'a, 
prayer. »jP3 da'^wa, curse, 
law- suit, business, pi. (^^Ic^ 
da^^dwy^iS^^ J>^ I* tna lakh 
da'a;a,this is not your busi- 
ness! leave this to me to 
settle l;ijP3 ^jrafa"" da'^wa, 
or iS^^ *Ul aqdm da^'wa^ he 
brought an action, he sued; 
All cijPjJI ed da'wa ^, what 


is the matter? ^\^ dd^'y^ 


reason^ motive^ pi. j'\^:> 
dawd'y;^\ji lidd'y^ for the 
reason that. U^l iddTa^pre- 
tention, pi. c^\\c^\ iddi^adt, 

pjc^{ i^^c^l) da^dag, to crush^ 
bruise, smash. 9^i^\ idda^- 
dacf, to be crushed, bruised^ 
smashed. f'-^J^ mudagdag, 
crushed, bruised, smashed. 
*cj^:^da^da^a^acl of crush- 
ing^ bruising, smashing. 

ifj'^ dugry* straight, Iruth^ at 

once; <ij^3 jL*lims(/ dugry, 
walk straight 1 behave your- 
selfl if ji'M ^jiqAled dugry, 
tell the truth 1 if^:> r^ ba- 
rag dugry, he at once went 
out;^^^^ J3^ dds dugry ^ on 
a si right line. 
JLit^ ( cT-^-^. ) dagsis, to be dim. 

X i 

^^JLpjia mudagsis, dimmed; 

Aiipju L;J\ ed diivja mu^ 

dagsisa, it is dark. ^JLii^ 

dagkiki, dimness,obscurity • 
Cf^ ( o^^i ) dagan (jidgin), to 

thrust. Ail:^dadna, a thrust^ 

pi. C*li3 dagndt, 
^^ daff, iron knees (mech.). 
U^ da/'a^and d^y^^daffdja^seei)^ 
cAi^di/it^see *}3 
Ji^ daflar^"" book, register, pi. 

jTli.jda/'ctf ir.AlU-jr^i.^ daftar- 

bdna, archives. 
lij\b diftyria* diphtheria. 
}^ dafar, inflammation of the 

eyes ( in cattle). 

lt*^ ( cr*-^ ^ da fas ( Jidfls ), to 
bury, hide. ^Jiil indafas 




to be buried, hide one's 
self, ^yJL* madfAs^ buried, 
hidden. ^3 dafs, act of 
burying,, hiding. 

^^( Jjb) da fa" (jidfa'), to 
pay. J^ daffa\ to cause 
to pay, push. ^\^ ddfi\ 
to defend, protect; ^ *iL 
dd^' 'an /if/, he defended 
me. «ijbl indafa\ to be 
pushed, paid, ^y Ji* madfA\ 
pushed, paid. *ij cZa^, act of 
pushing, paying, ^3 dafa, 
a push, /)Z. oU^da/^(:if ; J:^l j 
^Jl kXP rdgil ^andoh ed 
dafa, a self-asserting man, 
a pushing man. i^^ dufa^ a 
payment on account, pi, J^ 
dufa\ or oUj dufdt, ^iju 
madfa\ cannon, gun, pi, 
•ilju maddfi" ; *5ju ^^^^ 
darah madfa\ he broke 
wind, he became bankrupt. 
kti\x^muddfa, or^li^ di/it', 

jj^^ (jiJLi )dafan (jidfin)^ to 
bury. jiJJl indafan^ to be 

^y^ dafn, act of burying, ^i^ 
dafna^ a burial, a funeral, 
pZ. ^U^ dafndt,cj^:^daffdn, 
grave-digger, pi, Allij da/L 
fdnafiv (jy\i:^daffanyn,^j<* 
madfariy cemetery, pi. ^Hju 
maddfin. ^iiyju madftina, 
or ij^:> difyjiy pilaw with 
minced meat. 

Ai;^ daffa,r\idder,pl.siM:idaffdt; 
♦j^^lill (oJl ^ mined daffa 
lih kbhdra^ one and all, 
without exception. 

J^C^-^. ) dify{Jidfa ), tobe 
warm, J3 daffa, to make 
warm.J^I idda/fa,to warm 
one's self, (jju muddaffy^ or 
0U3 dafjdn, one who is 
warm. j\^ddfy^ warm. U^ 
da/ct, warmth. aiU.^ daffdja^ 
fireplace, native heating- 
stove, hearth, pi, zAAi^ 
daffajdt,^:i diffyja, nditiye 
cloak, pl.(j!\i:>dafdfy, 

(j^^ difyn^ see ji^ 

3^ C *J-4 ) ^^33 (Juduqq ), to 





knock, ring a bell, grind, 
smash, play a musical ins- 
trument^ vaccinate, coin, 
tattoo; J^=»Tvi \) Jj daqq 
fyja ilia dkul^ he insisted 
that I should eOii ;AAcAhdaq^ 
qoh "^alqa, he gave him a 
hiding; J <^d^; J^daqq tilig- 
rd/',hewired;^J\ J ^b j^^ 
ewndr daqqet fil hH, the 
house caught fire. j>3 daq- 
qaq^ to insist, be precise, 
jjb daqdaq, to knock 
repeatedly, grind, smash. 
Jyju madqAq, ground, pul- 
verized, smashed, coined, 
tattooed. "j> daqq^ act of 
knocking, ringing a bell, 
grinding,smashing, playing 
a musical instrument, vac- 
cinating, coining, tattooing. 
Ai^ daqqa, a knock, a ring, 
sauce for boiled beans, i}^ 
duqqa, ground spices eaten 
v^ith bread ( by the poor ) ; 
aJ^ cttC-^ maskyn duqqa^ he 
is as poor as a church mouse. 

^5^ digga,precision, exacti- 
tude; J:> jU naggdrdiqqy^ 


cabinet-maker .jijj tadqyq^ 
precision, insistence, jjl. 
midaqq, track, path, ^-u 
midaqqa^ large trestle, pi, 
sljMj^midaqqdt. jSj daq- 
qdq^ hammer of a clock; 
• A5l5^ AcU sd'a daqqdqa jclock 
which strikes the hour. ^tJ j 
daqyq^ minute, precise. jJ^ 
diqyq, flour. a13^ diqyqa, 
moment, minute, pi, jjIij 
daqdjiq, jl5^dr^g'dg,lupines 
in powder ( used as soap by 
the poor). j\}^ duqmdq, 
mallet, pL Cj\i\}:^ duqmaqdt, 
jjj^duqduq^ small, young. 
j»j iJ^. ) daqqar^ to press one 
thing against another. ^JJ 
tadqyr^ act of pressing one 
thing against another. 

fyij^ daqsAm^ small rough stone, 
sg. AAyii^ daqsAma^ pi. 
CiU^j daqsumdt, 
^^(£'^.)daqlig,see^j^^ I 

j\^j duqmdq^ see Ji ^ 



^^ daqn, beard^ chin, pi. C)i^> 
dag^n; dUj Jc Ss^ dihik 
""ala daqnak^ he fooled you, 
he duped you; UU\ ^^daqn 
el bdki, , blossom of the 
acacia Egyptiaca. 

^oduqqa^ and J^ diqqy^ and 
j^;^ diqyq and daqyq, and 
Al3^diqyqa^ seej^ 

^3 ( 'ilJLi )dakk (jadukk)\ to 
ram. cJjS^ dakkik^ to insert 
a band into drawers, etc. . 
iJjjl indakk^ to be rammed. 
iJ/jL. madkdk, rammed, il^ 
dakk^ act of ramming. aS^ 
dakka, concrete, pZ. ^V^ 
dakkdt; JLsJ\ jy A^I dakka 
fdq el 'aqd, filling in of 
masonry above the haunches 
of an arch. ^S^ dikka^ 
band for drawers, bench, 
seat, pi, dl^=»^ dikak, 
dUjJ tadkyk^ act of insert- 
ing a band. ilJi* midakk^ 
ramrod,pZ. cJ€l*midakkdt. 
i)t^dukkdn^ shop, joi. uj^^ 
dakakyn. ^/oS dakdkny^ 

shopkeeper, pZ. 2L;5dS 
j^:.^ doktdr* physician, doctor, 
pi, $J^:i dakdlra. ^j/^ 
doktoryja, doctorate. 

f^(f\ ) dakkar, to fertilize 
female palm-trees, jj.^" tad- 
kyr, fertilization of female 
palm-trees. jr> dafear^male, 
pi, jf^ dukdr, or ^j/^ 
duk{Lra\ f^ J>-lj rtJgrii 
dakar^ man in every sense 
of the word; iM^ f":^dakar 
we nitdja^ temon and 

^ dife/ca, seeiJ^ 

•J^ ( J j» ) daZZ (jidillj^to direct, 
guide, indicate; <U) ^ J3 
dilliny ^ala Mtoh, direct 
me to his house I show me his 
house I JJ^- daldil, to hang 
down, suspend .JJ idaZZZZ, to 
sell by auction. jS^iiddaZZZZ, 
to be amorous, coquettish. 
JjLL-il istadall, to discover, 
find out. JV-xi-l istidlAl, 
indiiction,' discovery. JJ3 





dalylj guide, proof, indicsu 
tion. JV3 rfafcif, amorous 
gesture, coquetry, feigned 
coyness. JV^ dalJdl, auc- 
lyn.^)i^dildla, act of selling 
by auction, auctioneer's fee. 

Ai V^ dalldja^ see J^ 

jJ^ ( jJj^. ) daldaq^see j5j 
^^J^^daldtl, see J 3 

^3 ( o-'-^. ) dallis, to cheat, 
defraud, flatter; ^^^ ^j*. 
dallis ^al^hum^he cheated 
them. fjJj>^ tadlysj cheat^ 

fraud, flattery. 


J^ ( j*^JL» ) dalla\ to pet, spoil 
a child. J^l iddalla\ to be 
spoiled,saucy, capricious. J Ji« 
mudalla\ spoiled ( child ). 
^^dala, sauciness, caprice. 
Ac)j>dallA^a^ a spoiled or pet 
child. ^^dili\ insipid, 

i^^{ 3-^. ) ^^tog (judluq ;, to 
pour out, spill. jJi daldaq^ 
to spill repeatedly, jlji: I in- 
dalaq ^to be poured out, si pit. 
jj^l iddaldaq, to be spilt 

repeatedly, j^ju madlAq^ 
poured out, spilt. jjJju ma- 
daldaq, spilt repeatedly, 
^5^3 daZg,act of pouring out^ 
spilling. ^jJ^ daJdaqa, act 
of spilling repeatedly. 

^^:^dilq^'' long ragged cloak 
worn by Persians. 

iJI^( dfijii )dalak (Jidlik), see 

aI.3 datoma, passion^in woman) 
for sexual intercourse. 

j)^ dilti, see J^ 

i):> dilwaqt, see ^i^Jj 

J^(Jjii) dalla ( J idally ) , or 
J J^ daldil, to hang down, 
suspend, let down. J3I 
id<iaito,orJJ3l iddaldil^io 
. be hanged down, suspended, 
let down. Jju mudally, or 

JjJjL. mudaldil, hanged 

down, suspended, let down; 
J Jju A1I33 ^Ij M)^ widdnoh 
mudaldila^ he went with 
tail between his his legs. 
AjSi tadlyja, or 4 ji:idaldila, 
act of hanging down. 




suspension. ajVa dallAja, 
watch-chain^ pendant of a| 
watch-chain, pi, wW^ dal- 
lO'Jdt. J^dilu, bucket^ pail, 
pi, 3V3I adWto.J^jJj daldAl^ 
tail, pZ. ^^:i^^daladyl. 
^^^dalyl^ see J J 
'f ^ damm, blood; '^3 ^3 Jlt? ^* 
^^ fj/^ fy toissoh damm, 
he is shameless : aSc f^x bi 
damm ""aUh, so much the 
worse for him 1 let him go to 
the devil I v.^^ <*^dammoh 

hO'fyf, he is sympathetic; 
JJ5t 4*^ dammoh tiqyl^ he 
is antipathetical. (^yjdama- 
wy^ bloody, sanguine, of 
sanguine temperament. 4^ ^ j 
damawyja, plague ; ai^^ 
il-Vi^lr damawyja tdhdak, 
the devil take you ! 
9\»:>dimdg, head, brains, pi, 
J.UI0 dimagdt ; Aiil; ^^U^ 
dimdgoh ndsfa^ he is stub- 
born, he has a will of his own; 
dl^l.^ ^ U^a ^ato dimdgak, 
you have suffered for it. 

^(GUi damagdna^QT si\^\i^ gama- 
ddna^ demijohn, /)Z. c^l;U.i 

^» J damas, fire place . 
>u3 ( ifc. ji4)damma^,to shed tears; 
*- jiTi Ijjjied dinja hit dam-- 
ma\ it drizzles. ^•Ju ma- 
damma\ wet with tears, 
shedding tears. k%M^ dim^'a^ 
tear, pZ* ^^^ dumd^; U 0^3 
^t\S dim'^etoh ma tinsafs, 
he is constantly weeping; 
^.3 dim^a, sauce, gravy. 
A^3 ( ^mJj ) damag ( judmug )* 
to mark, stamp, brand. i#JJl 
indam/xg, to be marked, 
stamped, branded . f- v^' 
madmdg, marked, stamped, 
branded, i.3 damg^ act of 
marking, stamping, brand- 
ing. Aiorfctmg^a,orA;itomg^a, 
mark, stamp, brand, hall- 
mark; Ai*^ Jj3 waraq 
damga^ or a;ic Jj^ waraq 
tamga, stamped paper. 

dLi.> ( vfJU Ji ) damak (judmuk)^ 
to press together, compact. 




yiX*X\ indamak, to be pres- 
sed. iJ^jumadmri /expressed. 
flL^Ju midmdk^ course 
(building),continuous range 
of brick or stone, pi. dl^Jju 
madam yk, 
j^^ dumaksy* founder pi, o^^j 

^^•^dimmiL boil, blain, sore, 
pl^ J^^ii damdmil; ci^p Jc U 
^•M ga'^ala'Sn ed dimmil, 
he hit the right nail on the 
l^^dimma^ see ^.^i 

JM3 dimyr^ old fashioned jacket^ 

zouave jacket. 
•j^^dimyra, flood time. 

^O^dinn^ cask^ vat, pZ. i^l;^ 

C)^dann,see fj 

•<l'^ dan(Ja,ori^\i^da/idtoa,seeJ^ 

w»'^ danafe, tail; ^b ^ I ^ nig ma 

umm danab, comet. 
^^ ding* dengue fever, influ- 

Jf^ dungul or'dmg^i7,axle-tree, 
pi, ^y>\\:idandgil. 

(ij^jJ J danda&i!i rt/,poor,moneyless. 
^•jjj J dandurma* ice-cream, 
^^jj J ( J!.JilJL»)dand/s, to load with 
jewelry. j.JoJ<m mudandis, 
loaded with jewelry. A-iJi;^ 
dandisa^ act of loading 
with jewelry. 
iJ^JJ^ dandtif, miserable fellow, 
wretch, pi. ^:X^ danadyf, 
0-^^ (O-^-^.) dandin^io hum.^jj^ 
dandina^ act of humming. 
{fX:^ dindy^"^ turkey. 
Aii^ dinsa^ slice, bit (Upper 
Egypt dialect),/)^. JLi^dma^, 
or cAiS^ dinsdt. 


J^ ( J-^i jdanna (jidanny),io 
bemean. J3I iddanna, to 
bemean one's self. $^\i^ 
dandwa, or #^1*^ danda, 
meanness, vileness.jjdant/, 
mean, vile, base, pi, U^l 
adnyja, Jjl adna, lower, 

viler, slightestjAlTj^ldlL^lil 
isa kallimak adnakilma, 
if he should tell you the least 
[J^dunja or dinja, world. 




weather^ pi, d^ ^ dunjdt ; 

^j. ^:*-*5l ^d dinja bard^ the 
weather is cold ;Ll ^ ^\i nds 
dunja^ or Li^ \\c ""dlam 
dwnja, a crowd of people. 
<^^J^ dunjawy^ worldly, 
U:>da/ia,see J^ 

0^^ dahdn, see ^^^ 

w^a.^ ( w.*J^ ) dahab^ (jidhib) ^to 
wear out. ^^^dahhib. to 
gild. ^ Jill indahab, to be 
worn out. ^a^I iddahhib, 
to be gilt.v^^Aju madhAbfOr 
J[^y dahbdn, worn out. 
w*A« mudhab, gilt. w>3 
da/i6, act of wearing out. 
^3 dahab^ gold ; w>3 v 
may jet dahah, golden fluid 
for guilding.A-..a^3 dahabyja, 
Nile house-boat, pi, c^U^^ 

I-U3 dehda^ see 1^ 
^ ( u-^-^. ) dahas (jidhis), to 
• tread over, crush; ai^^ o^ 
^arabyja dahasetoh^he was 
run over by a carriage. ^oi I 

indahas, to be trodden over, 
crushed. ^j-^^^Ju madhAs^ 
trodden over, crushed, 
da/is, act of treading over, 
crushing . k^t^ydahsa^tredid, 

J*j dtihull, dunce, simpleton. 

jOift.i da/ii{/^,*vestibule, corridor, 
pi. j^^^ dahalyz. 

u^^ i u*"^i ) ^^^^^ (Jidhin), to 
paint. ^ajliI indahan, to be 
painted. j^^Mddahhin^ to 
be perfumed. o>*-^ mad- 
hdn^ painted. ^ju muddah. 
hin^ perfumed ^^ dahn, 
or 0^^ dahdn, act of paint- 
ing. 0^^ dahdn, paint, pZ. 
' ollUi da/iantJi. ^^ di/in, 
grease, fat, pi. oy^^ duhdn, 
jf^j^mudhiuy fat (meaty 
4:^1 ju muddhna^ flattery. 
^aIju muddhin, flatterer, 
pl.(^\j^ mudahnyn* 
J^^-^ ( Jy^-^ ) dahwil, to cause to 
be miserable, poor, wretch- 
ed,broken up, slovenly, J ^^^l 
iddahwil, to be miserable, 





poor, wretched^ slovenly. 
t^^j<Amudah w i7, miserable^ 
poor, wretched, slovenly. 
Jyfc^ dahwHa^ misery, 
poverty, wretchedness, slo. 

(/^((/ai) daha (Jidhy), to 
astound. Jji\ indaha^ to be 
astounded, c^a* madhy^ 
shrewdness, fineness;U^ J»-lj 
rdgil duha^ sagacious man, 
prudent man, clearheaded 
man. ^\^ ddhja, calamity^ 
misfortune,/) i. c^ I jjdatod/i {/; 
3uaI^ «^ T^J rdh fy ddhJUy he 
went to the devil! Jij^ ^^ 
fuUis dawdhy, heaps of 
money; ^U*i <k ^"^'^ ddhje- 
toh ""ala hdtnoh, he lives to 
\^^dawa, see c5^^ 

jlS^daatodr, see j\^ 

^Ij^ dawdja, inkstand, pi. (ijj 

diwy^ or c»\ilj^ dawajdt. 

^ (ii) dd6(ya), almost Just enough. 

hardly, when; U ^^y I ya 
d(56 pa, as soon as he came; 
0^^J^3^ \i-jci ddhqirsiriy 
scarcely two piastres. 
^j\^^ duhdra* twine, tricky ruse; 

•jV^^ ^ l-A^ 'arnalu 'aUh 
dubdra, they played him a 
trick, they fooled him. §j\^^ 
duhdra, twos ( in backgam. 
mon game. 

0^3^ dawabdn, see^l^ 
^3^ d6ta^ dowry. 

\j^^^ ( ^j-j^j-J^ )d6kaSy to have an 
abscess under the nail, 
having an abscess in the 
finger. ^U^daA45,abscess 
under the nail, whitlow, 

C)\^3^dawabdnj and i^^^ ddba, 
jj)^(^jju ) dauwidy to have 
worms, be putrefied, j^ju 
mudauwidy having worms, 
putrefied, .i^ J dtid, worms, 
sg. oj^ ddda^ pi. wl^i^ 
duddt; 0^3^ dAda^ strong 




habit;AJ^I :^^^d{id el hikma, 
j3^ ddr^ and o'jj^ datoardn, 
see j\^ 
Jj3^ ddraq^ long necked water- 
bottle, joZ. Jjljj dawdriq. 
Aij^^ dawryja^ see jb 
^j33 duisyna,OT oj^ dazzyna^ 
or o jL tazzyna* dozen, pi, 

^^j^ d(35^ see, ^b 

J^j3 ( J*^-^. ) dawas (jidwU), 
to bother, annoy, deafen. 
J,3X I mdatoa5,to be bothered, 
annoyedj deafened. jtjjJu 
moduHis, bothered, annoyed, 
deafened. Jii^^ dawsa, loud 
noise, bother, din. 

j,^:^ dASy* shower bath. 
j,^^ ( J-) dds * (^ toi^ma ;, breast 
of mutton. • 

dUj^ ddsak, small mattress, (for 


a chair, etc.), pZ.dJLilj^da- 
03^ ( f-i-J^. ) dauwa^* to brand, 
mark. Kj^' iddauwaj/y to 
be branded^ marked, ^3 Ju 


mudau wag, branded ,mark- 
ed. ii^jJ tadwyg^ act of 
branding, marking, il 3 d(i^, 
brand,mark, pZ.c»Ul^da^(tf ; 

Ac\:> vV 9^^* ddgoh^ he 
subjugated him, he humbled 

J^^ddg, and o^^j^ dawaqdn, 
see JI3 

^j ddka,"* inconvenience, trou- 
ble, noise, uproar. 
J^5^ daZ(t6,*cupboard,wardrobe, 
wheel, factory, trick, pi. 
^^J\3^ dawalyb ; wV^^ Jr'j 
Mgrji da W6,a business man. 

Jj^ ddla, kingdom, power, pi. 
J^j duwal, )\^3^ dawUxtlu, 
His Excellency ( address of 
a field-marshal ). 
^3:^d6m^ a kind of palm-trees, 
dum palm-trees, fruit of the 
dum palm-trees, sg. a^j^ 
d6ma,pl.d<*3^ domdt, 

C)^3:idomdn* rudder, steering 
gear .^^U J ^domangy^ steers- 
man, pl.s^\A3^domangyja. 
03:>d{tn, see^U 





ii ^^ dunanma ,"" fleet of ships^ 
/)i.%LU*j3 dunanmAt. 

iS3^ ( <j?j-*i ) d^M?« (jidwy), to 
buzz/esound. ^^jl ^ ddwa^to 
treat medic&Uy. cjjl^l iddd- 
wa, to be treated medically. 
#\j|ju mudawd, or f»jlJu 
mudawyja, medical treat- 
ment. (j^^lJ^- muddwy, 
physician. <^ j^ dawy, buzz^ 
noise, sound. Ij^ dawa, 
medecine, remedy^ pl.^.5:^ 
if^dy^see b 

Ailij dijdna, see j^l^ 

wi^ dy&, wolf,/)f. %-»\i^ dijdb. 
C^i^^i^dedabdn,"^ sentry, sentinel, 

pi. szX\i$Jii^dedabandt. 
y^^dSr^ see jl^ 
iili^ dyk, cock^ /)i. iJy^ ^ dujAk; 

</Jj ^.-^ ^(/'^ ^'limt/^ turkey. 
Ji^ d^Z, tail, train of a dress, pi. 

CjL^dyn^ see ^^b 
(fj^.^dyndry* diamohd (in play- 
ing cards ). 
^.^dyja, rhnsom,pl.^ltt^dyjdt. 
C^y.^dywdn* sofa^ settee, pi. 
w\ily.3 dywandt; oljd^d^- 
todn^ office^ department^,3\3:idawawyn; 
{}\jl^^''unila dywdny , coin 
at government rate. 
Cfji:idayjd$^ cuckold. 

^ see 





= r 

vb( v^ji) ^^& (JurAb), to 
curdle (milk). ^Jj rdyift^ 

^brdfciA; see ^j 

aLjIj r(i6to, see Ljj 

^\jrdtiby sJj 

C'-^ ( 2:^ji ) ^^9 (jurtig), to be 
current in the trade, r- jj 
rauwig^ to create a demand 

for an article. 4b ^^yifl', 
current:^ljAJ^5iiQ^o/i rdjig^ 
there is a demand for it in 
the tradeiA^ljJIj^-l ahwAloh 
rdjga, his affairs are pros- 
per ous.r-l^j rawdg^or C)^3j 
rawagdriygood market (for 
goods ), good business. 

w-t J ^dg^^a^ see p-j 

^\jrdgil, or J^j ragul, man, 
king ( in playing cards), pi. 
JUj riggdla. aX>j» marga^ 
lyja^ manhood, manliness. 

^ytnara mustargila^ 
virago, amazon. 

C'-^(CV. ) ^^^ ( jurah ),io go, 
depart;^i^r(2A,go ! go away I 
fj^\ 7y rAh im§yj begone! 
leave this place! 7^jzJ)\ el 
waqt rdh, it is late, it is too 
late; ^ ^Ij J^\ el kitdb 
rdhminny^ I lost the book; 

'drifjurAh waUx jigy, heis 
puzzled, he is not able to 
make either head or tail of 

it; ^^-c^j \5l ana ruht 
balds, I am done for. ^jj 
rau wahy to go home, go to 
one's business, ^j rayjah^ 
to give rest to, set at ease, 
settle, ^tjl irtdhy or ^jLI 
istirayjah, to rest, beat 
ease. ^Ij rdjih, going, 
departing; JS'\i ^Ij rdyi/Ji 




jAkuly he shall eat, he is 
goipg to eat ; ^1 j^ Ui^ ^* m in 
hena we rAjih, henceforth; 
(^U ^JjB^jjtazkara rdjih 
gdj, a return ticket. ^3^. 
murauwah, one who is 
going home, one who is 
going to his business, ^\^j 
rawdh, OT^\^y mirwdh^act 
of going, departure. 4^-1 j 
rdha^ rest, ease, comfort; 
dJb-lj J^ hudrdhtak, make 
yourself comfortable I z^ 
i>.\)\Mt errdha,OT ^IjjL^ 
ma5<Ard/i,water-closet, pi, 
Ao.\)\ z^yi^ bujdt er rdha, or 
c.Uljw4 mustarahdt; Cj<*^. 
4>IJli JomSn bir rdha^ 
two full days, fully two 
days; 4^ljH. (Sj raj bir 
rdha, flush irrigation. a^IJv^ I 
istirdhay repose, rest; ;^j| 
4o-l>-Vl ddetel istirdha^ 
v/aliing^room. ^\jymurtdh, 
or ^>-l4 mistirayjahy com- 
fortable, at rest, at ease.r-^j 
rdhy soul, spirit, pi. ^\^j\ 

arwdh ; 4#-^j ^j rama 
rdhoh, he threw himself; 

patient, good natured ; a:»cjuU 
^l^jl »i^-j tabanga bi sitt 
arwdhy or^l^jl c^^\ :^J fard 
bi' sitt arwdh, revolver 
Ap-3j Jc $y^\ w5^ feafcft el 
qahwa'^ala r8i^o/i,hespille'' 
the coffee all over himself 
r3j\ ^^^ ashdb bir rdh^ 
very intimate friends,chumi. 
\^\^3j rohdny, spiritual, 
ecclesiastical. 4 j ryh, wind, 
colic, pi qI jl arjdh ; ^j a^Ic 
'aW/i rj/A, or ^^i^ marJAh^ 
he is possessed by an evil 
spiril;^\i jl ^ jV» j. JU j^\ 
eZ 6^f bdly min el arba^et 
ctr/'ttA, the house is open on 
all sides; di<j <^ \j^ budoh 
fy ryhaky take him by your 
sidel make room for him by 
your side! a9^^J a> J,yi\ . Ul 
it'^allim el ^araby minnoh 
li rdhoh, he learned Arabic 
by himself, A< J ry/ia, smell 




odour, pi, ^(^j rawdjih; 

•j^^j rj//ia /iiZtoa, perfume. 
• ^Cj rayjAh, feeder canal. 
^^j{^.x)r^d (jiryd), or jljl 
(Xrdd, to wish^ desire; y^ 
\p^Siyhuwajirydha^he likes 
her, he is fond of her. jl^ 
murdd, or#jljliMda,wish, 
desire; jiJL. oIjI irdda 
^anr/ya^Khedivial order. 

'^IjMs.see ^)^ 


(^Ij ^^^^, see ^j 

j\j rd'y, see j^j 

olj( olji ) raaf(jiraf), to be 
merciful. ^Ij rafa^ mercy, 

J'j( J3jc ) rdq(jurAq)^ to be 
clear; jljj:,LJ\^raj/y(Jn rttg^ 
the patient is better; jlj ^y^\ 
ei sugl rdq, work has 
decreased; iui:3 j\j IL tomma 
rttg li nafsoh, when his 
excitement abated, when he 
became quiet,when he cooled 
down. J3 J raatoag, to cause 
to be clear, purify, filter;. 

t^^VI J^j rauwaq el 6da^ 
tidy the room! jj^y tar toyg, 
act of clearing, purifying, 
filtering, jilj rdjiq, clear, 
clear-headed, quiet, j^^^ 
murauwaq^ clear, filtered, 
jlj r4g, layer, course, pi, 
sL\i\j raqdt; d^j ^joJ ^V 
idbis qamys rdqy^ he has 
nothing but a shirt on, he is 
in his shirt sleeves; aJI^j 
rawdqa, clearness, quiet- 
ness; ^il^jjc w^ katab 'ala 
rawdqa^ he wrote when he 
had time. 

^Ij(w.5lji) rdqib, to watch, 
observe, wii ;l itrdqib, to 
be watched, observed. Kj\y 
murdqba, watch, observa. 
tion. wJlj* murdqib, one 
who watches or observes, 
maraqbgn. ^j raqyb^ 
guardian, pi. \3j ruqaba, 

s^jrdkib. see^5j 
f'j( r jji ) ^^^ (jurAm ), to 
wish, desire; j^ I j^ U J& 'a to 





majurdm^diS desired, good ^ 
excellent. aI^ mardm ^wish, 
desire; viUI^ Jp ""ato mard^ 
mak, as you please. 

^\j rdhiby see (jk^j 

Ji3\j rawind, rhubarb. 

cJl J ( iSx ) ^^^ (J^^^J, to see ; I 
iSj JG' tara, interrogative; 
ilU ^H\ iSJ \j(^ tura ala. 
qyh hendk^ shall I find him 
there? cJji' awra, or <^j3 
warranto cause to see^show. 
{S^\j tarda, to appear, j^l j 
My^ opinion, view, pi. •Ijl 
ard,A>)jr{tja, sight,dream, 
vision, pi cii jj ^H/^^. 
^Jj Myfft.see^ij 

^\jrdjig^see ^j 


^\jrdjiq,see jlj 

Ai Ij Mya, flag,banner^standard, 
/)Z. wUj rajdt, 

L*j ra66,lord,master,possessor, 
ov^ner, pi. wl jl arbdb; ajIi^^ 
IjJ^ wj bindqa li rabb es 
sama^ a tremendous row; 
o": ^^\j^ ^CLbbJigy, I wish 

he would come! b I rabbina 
or rabbuna, the Lord God; 

artisans; JI^VI i-*\i^l ar646 
eZ amwdl, capitalists; wljl 
4I J JlarMfc ed cZau;to,states- 
men, ^^\i^ J rabbdny, natural, 
as the Creator made it. 

s^jrubba, or L^i birubba, or 
If J rubbama, perhaps, 
Vj ri6a,money-interesf,usury. 
J\j^ murdby^ usurer, pi, 

Aili J ribdba, violin, native fiddle, 
/)t c*V»j ribabdt, 

i>\»jrubdt^ seeJaij 

4c\i J ribd^a^ see i»; j 

^^lij rabbdny, see cjj 

^j ( ^jt )ribih(jirbah)^io gain. 

^^ rabbah, to cause one to 

gain. ^Ij rdbih or o^j 

rabhdn, gaining, winner; 


aIUj A«^ &^'a rabhdna, a 
profitable sale.^jrifci^^gain, 
profit, pi. A^l arbdfy, A jl-t 
istf rMi^,girder, joZ.c^Wl >*•! 





V-^--^ ( Vji Jt y^^brabjto be fleshy, 
plump. Aj^ J ra6ra6a,fleshi- 
ness, plumpness. ^j.j^ 
ma rabrab, fleshy, plump. 

^jj jribs/material for upholster- 
ing furniture. 

c^.J . c^.i' ( c^./^ ) itrabbas^ to 
watch for, wait for, waylay. 
^\jrdbisfir ^Jj^mutrab^ 
basy watching for, waiting 
for, waylaying, ^jtarab- 
^ bus, act of watching for, 
waiting for, waylaying. 
Jtti j( Jftjj^ ) rabat( Jur but) yto tie, 
bind; tlij \a^j rabat wayjdh, 
he agreed with him; 1^,^ 
J^3^\ rabatu ek kcrAt^ they 
agreed on the conditions, 
they signed the contract; 

byja^ he arranged for a 
carriage; Jo* J jy\)\el wabAr 
' rabat. the train stopped, the 
steamer anchored . )^^j rab. 
bat, to tie in many places,tie 
one thimz after another ^make 

a bundle. iaij\ itrabat,to be 
tied, bound. \^j\ itrabbat, 
to be tied in many places, 
made into a bundle. ^}iy 
marbAt^ tied, bound; i^yiy 
oMjrAlmar6A( te myzanyja^ 
the provisions of the budget. 
4^Hl i^y^j^marbAt el mahy" 
ja, the fixed pay of the post. 
Jftj^ rabt^ or iwy tarbyt, 
actoftying,binding;J\ll Jajj 
rabt el mdl, assessment of 
taxation. X>\tj raM(,thingto 
tie with, rope, scarflng,bin- 
ding stone, pl.zM^ijrubatdt; 
^iJ^i>\»jrubdt hadyd, iron 
plates placed across the 
junction of two or more 
timbers for securing them 
together; AAy^ i>\»j rubdt 
gazma, shoe-laces; 4*^ 
l»l j5 gazma bi rubdt^ lace- 
shoe, lace-boot; aJj J#lj 
rubdt raqaba, cravat. 4ijj 
rabta^ bundle, parcel, pac- 
kage, pi. Ji) J rubat, otJ^j 
rabbit ; Jj.JI ^iij rabbet ef 




^igly putty. aL\j rdbta^vule^ 
rotation^ pi. wlLlj rahtdt, 
place where cattle are 
fastened^ stable, pi, Jajl^ 

^j( ^.jl) ^^&^' (jirbi')yio trot. 
4cl|j riM'a, trot. 

rtJ ( ^ji ) ra66a , to square, eat 
clover (cattle), sit cross-leg- 
ged, ^jl-l istarabba\ to sit 
cross-legged ,^j^mura bba\ 
cross-legged; ^ytnu rabba\ 
a square,/)Z, w^J* murabba, 
"^dt. /ijjw mistirabbd\ 
cross-legged, ^j rafc", one 
quarter, l/24th part of an 
ardabb^ pi pAi jl .arM\ ^j 
raft''^ tenement house ypl.Acy>j 
rubA^a. A^^\ ^j risr el 
qdma^ or 4^ld\ p-y^^ marb{t^ 
el 3(i/na,(person) of medium 
size. A^jrub^'a, l/384th part 
of an ardabb, pi. wUj 
rub^dt. ^j\ arba% or ai^jI 
ar6a*afour; wjSli ^^ ^ 
J i/n^(/ 'a2a2 ar&cc'a^he walks 

on all fours; ^.jVI a1^ 
muqatta'' el arba^'a^ thief^ 
robber; ^ji\ ^y, j^rn el 
arba\ Wednesday; ^^1 «j jl 
arba"^ ayjAb^ioVs Wednes- 
day. *» I j rd 6 r^ the fourth 
one. cijiijjl arbi^'yn^ forty. 
^j ^CLby\ spring time, 
clover eating. J3l^.j^^&y' 
auwily and ^^Ir iu. j raby' 
i(iny, 3d and 4th months of 
the lunar calendar, i^: 
tarbya, square piece, tile, 
pl. /ujly taraby\ or d^j 
4iljj( diij^^ ) rabak (jirbik ;, to 
confuse, perplex, bewilder. 
dUjI irtabak, or dliyl 
itrabak, to be confused, 
perplexed^ bewildered. iJy^j. 
mar6^/c,confused, perplex- 
ed, bewildered, ^So j rabka, 
or iJU jl irtibdk^ confusion, 
perplexity, bewilderment. 
\f J rubbarna, see wj 
A) J ri66a, clover blossom. 




•y.j raftil/i/plane^ jack-plane. 

<iy ( ^.x ) ^^bba (Jirabby)^ to 
bring up, educate, train up, 
breed; 45^14 J ^(^bba daqnoh, 
he let his beard grow; A g^ j 
CxSij rabba loh zabAjin, he 
made oisiomQvs.J^jVitrabba, 
to be brought up, educated, 
bred. J^^ mirabby, or (^>. 
mitrabby^ brought up, edu- 
cated, trained up; t^>. ^\j 
rdgil miirabby ydiVi educated 
man, a gentleman, oy 
tdrbyja, act of bringing up, 
education, manners,cultiva-. 
tionof plants, raising of 
cattle, kind of sauce ( made 
with eggs, lemon, etc. ). J.^ 
mirabba, or J.^ mirabby, 
jam, marmalade, pi, oVi^ 
mirabbdt, or C*Uj j» mirab- 

^ J ^^&y\ see ^j 

oj rubbyjOr* rupee, pi. C^Lj 

^j (^j^)ra<ii6, to put in order, 

arrange^ organize;iLjkli4) I^J; 

rattibu loh mahyja^ they 
fixed his ^eLY.s^j\itrattib^to 
be put in order, arranged. 
murattib, or ^JU 
mitrattib,in order,arrang- 
ed; s^j» Jo-lj rdgil murat- 
tib, man of order, man who 
is regular in his habits. v^'y 
torie/6,order, arrangement, 
organization,precedence, pi, 
sIXJJ tartybdt ; ^Z^o^J:> ^j 
^:^uJ^-*^l tartyb daragdt el 
mustal}dimyn^ or »^JlI 
J^VI el murattab el asly, 


cadre, establishment, ^J 
murattab, or ^\j rdtib, 
allowance, pay, ph zXfj^ 
murattabdt^ or w^'l^j ra- 
wdtib; (^y.J^I ylX} ymurat- 
tabdt el liidiwy, civil list of 
the Khedive. 4Jjra< 6a, rank, 
grade, pi. w*j rutab, jjy 
martaba, grade, rank, 
mattress, pi. ^\ymardtib. 
}rj{ "jrjt ) ragg(Jurugg), to 
shake, cause to quiver,cause 
to jolt, r-j^j ragrag, to 





quiver, quiver repeatedly. 

gy ragg, or ^j\ irtigdg, 

or ^jf^j ragraga^ act of 


^j ^o^gga^ a shake^ pi. ^Wj 

^j ragah, 7th month of the 

lunar calendar. 

^J ( ^x ) ^(^99<^h, to prefer, 
outweigh, ^yl itrdggah, 
to be preferred^outweighed. 
^Ij Mflfi/i^ preferable, suc- 
cessful. ^J targyh^ pre- 
ference, probability, 

^j( ^jt ) ^^fl^i' (Jirga' ), to 
return, go back; 4:p *^jI 
eVg^a'' "^annoh, leave him 
alone! amJ^^^ a^-j riflfT /"y 
kaldmoh^ he did not keep 
his promise; Upy^^» ^x 
jirga"^ margA'^na^ let us 
resume our discourse! let us 
go back to our subject ! ^1 j 

rdsy rig'^et td- 

ga'^ny, my head aches again. 
^j t'agga\ to cause to 

return, restore. ^\j rdgi\ 
to check, control, repeat ^ 
contradict. ^j\ itraga^^ or 
^j\irtaga\io be held back, 
desist from. ^>-l istarga\ 
to take back, withdraw. 
«^y targy\act of returning 
back, restoration. f-Ujl-l 
istirgd\ withdrawal, f^j 
rug{t\ act of going back. 
dbuNj rag^'a^ a return. «>.|j 
rttflf t',returning,going back; 
•:^IJli6ir rdgi\ backwards. 
At^\j r(tflf^a,receipt,counter- 
foil, p1.c\m>'J raggdt, or ^\^j 
rawdgV. ^j rig y\remeiin- 
iag from the day before; JLp 
•^j^'^sriflft/', stale bread. 
^y marga\ip\ace to which 
one ret\irns.AM>'\j^ murdg^'a, 

^j ( ^jl ) r(^9(^f (Jirgif), to 
tremble, shiver. Ait^j rag fa, 

a tremble, a shake, pi. cJi^j 
Jr J ragul, see ^\j 



^j rigl^ foot, leg, pi. C^^j 
rigUn; ^iJ^J Jc ^j rigly 
"dto rig^Zafc, we will foot it 
together, I shall not let you 
out of my sight ; Ji>-j 4) ^}^ 
^1 <^ ''amal hh rig I fy 
bithumj[ie has got a footing 
in their house; i! Lil <^ J^j 4) 
loh riglfll masdla, he has- 
a finger in the pie ; <j$ ^j 
(j^j\ rdh fir rigUn^ he 
came to grief between two 
stools; Cj^j j.}\a wJi53\ el 
kidb ma IA& rigUn^ liars 
have short wings; ijik^l 
J^\ ^ C1U3 ^a^J ibtaf 
riglak we hdt ly elkitdb, 
lift up your heels and get 
me the book quickly !U)t j^\ 
jJ^j ^ abad el 'a/a 'ato 
riflfWA, he passed the sick- 
ness off his legs; J 4^ j Jo- 
^;i^\hatt rigloh filhamsyn, 
he has just turned fifty years; 
Ji».j^j4J\ >y qauwim el 
balad "^ala rig I, he aroused 
the populace ; Wn Jy "J^p-j^ 

we rigloh fdq ga/(A^, willy- 
nilly; jJui\ j^j r iflfZ eZ 'agd, 

4^j rip^to, purslane. 
fTJJi fry. ) ragam (jitgim ), to 
stone. ^j\ it rag am, to be 
ij-j ragm^ act of stoning. 

l^jrug{l\ see ^j 

^j . J:-^*H^j;i)iiraflfflfa,to beg, 
pray , solicit; iJ UjT la < rafl^fl^dfc, 
I beg you, please! Uj rap^a, 
prayer, request, hope, pi, 
^^3^j ragawdt; y^J^\ el 
margu, the favour asked; 
^jM^jM j>.J.I elmargumin 
hadritkum^ I beg you, you 
are requested. 

^ J rigy' see ^j 

4iUj rahdja, a hand-mill, pi. 
^\iUj rahajdt. 
jiSx) rahfyibfiv ^^j\ 
itrahhab bi, to welcome. 
\jf^y marhaba^ welcome 1 
diiU-y marhabdbak^ you 
are welcome! with all my 
heart! ,„^j\ irhib^ you are 




welcome I I am glad to 
see you ! 

rahaba^ opien space. 
r^ji^rf-x) rahrah, to make 
flat or thin ( dough ). rf-y 
murahrah^ flat^ thin, a^^j 
rahraha, act of making flat 
or thin. 


J*'-^( (J^jt )^CLhhal,to expatriatQ^ 
send one on a journey, pro- 
vide one with the necessaries 
of a journey. ^j\ itrahhal^ 
to be expatriated, sent on a 
journey, provided with the 
necessaries of a journey. 
^y^j tarhyl, expatriation, 
act of sending one on a jour- 
ney^ providing one with the 
necessaries of a journey. 
J^'>-j ^ari^i/to^necessaries of 
a journey. 
•. J ( 2-j^ ) raham (Jirham \ to 
have pity, have mercy, ^j 
rahham, to show compas- 
sion; ^X\ ^ ^j rahham 
""alal mayjet, to pray for 
the dead^ give alms for the 




sake of the dead. ^j\ itra- 
ham^ to be pitied. ^^\ 
istarham, to ask for mercy, 
pray. e^j» marhdm^ pitied; 
(^jjl^ ^f}^ el marh&m 
wdldy, my late father^ my 
late lamented father, ^j 
tarhym, act of praying for 
the dead, giving alms for the 
sake of the dead. 4.^ jrai^ma, 
or ij^jm marhama^ pity, 
mercy, compassion. 4S1 ^ 
ff)^ (j^J^ bism ilhXh er 
rahmdn er rahym, in the 
name of God, the merciful, 
the compassionate; ^ J5 
^j\l ^j^i di-^ q^l ""ala 
ful{isak ja rahmdn ja 
rahym, you may whistle for 
your money. 
rahma, see ^j 

( ^ty. ) ^^^6 ( j^^^^hh )j to 
shower. r;^j ra^rali^ to 

loosen. 'rf^j\ itrobrah, to 
to be loosened, ^j^^murafi^ 
rah loosened. 4tf-j rabbet, a 
shower, pi. c^Uj rabbet . 





rabraba^ act of 
loosening, looseness. 
U-j raha^ see ^j 

j^Uj rubdm^ see >j 

^j ( ^^^, ) ribis (Jirbas)^ to 
be cheap, ^^j rabbas, to 
reduce the price^ allow, 
permit^ authorize. 
itrdbisy to bemean one's 
self, be cheeky. ^ja^>-I 
istarbas^ to consider cheap. 
^jaS- J tar bys, act of reducing 
the price^ allowing, permit- 
ting, authorizing. 
rubs, cheapness of price. 
i^\^j rabdsa, cheapness of 
price, meanness, ^ja^jribys^ 
cheap^mean, pi, ^^i^jrubds, 
A-Aj-j rubsa^ permission, 
permit, leave, authority, pi, 
fjAi^j rubas. 

&^ji hx ) rabbam^ to pave 
with marble.>-yl itrabbarn^ 
to be paved, ^-ymurabbam, 
paved, ^j tarbym^ act of 
paving. ^Wj rafi^m, marble. 
aa\^j rub/dma, a slab of 

marble, pJ. iUWj rubamdt. 
i-y murabbam, or i^\i^j» 
murabbO'Trtdty^ one who 
hews marble, pi. u^j^ 
murabb^myriy or ^\j^y 

J-j( ^x ) ^^ba (jirby) or 
rabbO'yio loosen,relax,leave, 
drop down ; ^j J-j rabd 
daqnoh^ he let his beard 
grow; 4JLp ^j raba ^enSh^ 
he dropped his eyes. J^j\ 
itraba, to be loosened, 
relaxed, left, dropped down, 
flabby, j^y marby^ loose, 


relaxed, dropped down, 
suspended, impotent. Wj 
raba^ ease, comfort, abun- 
dance,luxury.A.?-y tarbyjo^^ 
act of loosening, dropping 
relaxation, languor. 
jj ( j^ ) radd ( jurudd), to 
reply, bring back ; wU\ 3 j 
rwdd ei bdh, shut the doorl 
keep the door a-jar ! ^ \^ 





^%»i\radd ""alayja es saJAm, 
he returned my salute ; 4>-3 j 
V ^A^ rdhoh raddet fyh^ 
he revived. '^^^I itradd^ to 
be brought back^ shut. "jJjl 
irtadd^ to go back, revert. 
j3^'l itraddid^ to frequent, 
hesitate. ^jUI istaradd^ to 
take back, recall, ^^j^* 
mardAd^ replied, brought 
back,shut. ^^j^mutraddid^ 
frequenting^ hesitating, jj 
radd, act of replying,bring. 
ing back, shutting; ^jradd, 
reply.pZ. 3^3j rad^d; JJ^^j 
raddel fiH, reaction; ^j 
v:^^\ radd es sdt, echo; #3 j 
Jp- J I radde ter rigl^ return 
of a call; Cj^^j. . jU saira 61 
raddiUn, double-breasted 
coat. 33^' taraddud^ act of 
frequenting, hesitation. 

•^l^j raddwa, badness, wicked- 
ness. <^3jrad(/^bad,v^icked^ 
pi. lijjl ardija. 

rj^jir^ji) radah(jirdah)^ to 
upbraid in a vulgar or 

insolent manner. p>j radh^ 

act of upbraiding. ^\^j 

raddAh, vulgar, insolent 

person,/)Z.^ljj raddahyn. 

^j ' ^J^ (t^^^ itradah {jit- 
ridib\ to be in a tranc_ 
(from illness), ^^^y/nard^ft, 
one who is in a trance, a^^j 
radha, a trance, pi. iU-^j 

Ji^j rodi, rubbish,ruins,remains, 
ballast, dihris. 

sJ^j ridf, haunches^ hind parts, 
pi. iJbjl arddf. 

^:>j ( A^^^ ) radam {Jirdim ), to 
mi up ( with earth ). ^ ^yi 
it radam, to be filled up. 
fiV mardAm^ filled up. 
oj radm, act of filling up, 
debris, rubbish; ^^j^ y^- 
Aa^r we radm^ earthwork. 
$:>jradda^ bran. 

(f^j rady^ see o'^j 
k-io J ridyf,QLVTny reserve, militia. 

JSj ( J ij:)ra^^i/!, to reprimand, 
blame in harsh words. Jijl 
it razzil, to be reprimanded. 



blamed, JiljTl itrdzil^ to 
bemean one's self^be insolent, 
be abusive. Ji S^* tarzyl^diCi 
of reprimanding, blaming 
in harsh words.^J^jtarjgy- 
Ui, a reprimand, a reproach, 
a disgrace, /)i. C/^.S J* tar- 
baseness,insolence,/)i. c* V IS j 
razaldt, JSj ra^eZ, or JjSj 
razyl, mean, base, abusive, 
insolent, pZ. VS j ruzaJa, or 
cijJSj rizlyn. 
jj ruzz, rice, sflf. Oj ruzza^ 
pl. ^Ijj ruzzdt.Jjj ruzza, 
a gentle slap, pZ. ^Ijj 
ruzzdt; Bjj ruzza^ hinge, 
/)Zjjj ruzaz. 

jl jj razzAq, see jjj 

All jj razAna, seriousness,solem- 
nity, dignity of manner, j-jj 
razyn^ serious, solemn, 
grave, pZ. 4ijj ruzana. 
i^jjruzbyt, or i^j^j rusbyt* 
extra, reserve, duplicate, 
spare piece of machinery; 
ikj^j ^U mahasibgy rus. 

byt^ comptable de reserve. 

^jA 55 jt ) ^^^»' (jirza' ), to 
knock down; k^\S\ ^jj raza"" 
el bdb,he slammed the door. 
^jjrli^ra^a',tobe knocked 
down; U pjj\ itrizV hena^ 
put yourself here! ?jj^ 
marzii\ or ^jju mitrizV, 
knocked down, fjj raz^^ 
act of knocking down. 

JjjC JJjt ) razaq(jurzuq), to 
grant, provide for. jjyi 
itrazaq^ to be granted, 
provided for. 45jjl-l istar- 
zaq, to gain one's living, 
obtain the necessaries of life. 
3jj ^i^Q> means of living, 
share, gift, property, pl. 
J\jj\ arzdq; Jljj' w^^ 
sdhib ar^dg, proprietor; aJ J J 
4mI ^ rizqoh ""ala alldh, he 
puts his confidence in XJod ; 
jjj\ ^^ Ki3 wi&hh jiqta!^ 
er rizq^ he is a bird of ill- 
omen, jljj razzdq, one 
who provides (God). 

AMjjruzma,* parcel, package. 




bundle^ pi, ^jjruzam; 
^jjra^^a, see4iljj 
JLj risdla^ see ^y^j 
^Uj rassdm, see ^-j 
^x^j rushyt^ see ia^j Jj 

j:-j . J^-;i ( cT-JH ) itrastaq, 
to be well off, possess capital 
(money), ji-^j^ mutrastaq^ 
well ofif, possessing capital. 
AiLiij rastaqa^ prosperity, 
possession of capital (money). 

^J ( ^fy. ) ^(^sab (jirsaJi)y to 
be firm, solid ; Jp ji^j -JS'VI 
,^ju. el akla rasah^t ""ala 
m Vdity, the meal lies heav- 
ily on my stomach. ^Ijrds ift, 
firm, solid, ^^^j rusiih, 
firmness, solidity. 
^\j^jrisrAs, libixse glue, colle 

to send, despatch. J^j* 
marsdl, sent, despatched. 
JU^\ ersdi, act of sending, 
despatching.^JL jl irsalyja, 
expedition, mission, pl^ 

messenger, prophet, pl.^j 
rusul, J-*j* mursal, envoy, 
missionary, plCj^j^mursa- 
lyn. J-*lj» ma rdsii, corres- 
pondent, reporter, pZ.ojl-l^ 
muraslyn. ^^\j» murdsla^ 
correspondence, pi, iliUlj* 
murasldt ; aUIj* (f^^^ '^^- 
kary murdsJa^ orderly 
soldier. JU^* mirsdl^ mes- 
senger, pi ^^\y marasyl, 
4\^jri8dla, message, mis- 
sive, epistle, expedition, pi. 
sZMImj risaldt, or JiUj 
^j{ ^y^yrasam(jirsim)^ to 
draw, sketch, paint, pho- 
tograph, ordain. s^j\ itra^ 
sam,U) be drawn, sketched, 
painted, photographed, or- 
sketched, painted, photo- 
graphed, ordained, ^j 
rasm, act of drawing, 
sketching, painting, pho- 
tographing, ordination; ^^j 
rasm, drawing, sketch. 



painting, photograph, plan, 
pi, oU^j rusumdt; ^j 
rasm, fee, tax, toU^ duty, 
pl. f ^j rusAm: jil ^jrasm 
ufuqy, horizontal plan ; ^j 
(^Ij ra^m rdsy^ vertical 
plan;(^^liJ ^jrasmnazary, 
sketch; J/ ^jrasm ^amaly, 
scaled plan; ^j rasm, 
address; JAiS ^^j ,^ly»- 
gawdbbi rasm en ndzir, a 
letter to the address of the 
Minister, j^j rasm^/^official; 

J^j jf" 9^^ rasmy, demi- 
official ; Is^j iij^ waraqa 
rasmyja, document; ^c*ja! jli 
badla rasmyja, uniform. 
^Cj rassdm^ draughtsman, 

pl. u<^^j rassamyn. ^j 
rassym, painter, artist, pZ. 
u^j rassymyn 

i}^j{d^jL) ^(^^rnil, to give 
capital (money). Jtf'jl itras. 
mil, to have capital. JcJU 
mitrasmil^ possessing capL 
tal JUj rismdl^ capital. 

^^jraamy^ see -.^j 

^>-j ^usAb, see j^j 

J^-j rasAl, see J--j 
<^->( (^jt ) ^isy(jirsy), to settle 
upon, decide, understand, 
agree with, cast anchor;Ui^j 
^iK^Jt risyna 'a to fcaW- 
mo/i, we understood what 
he said; 4il Jt '^j risytu 
'ala 6, what have you 
decided or agreed upon? jlJLI 
b J3UI ^ ^^jelmaxdd risy 
""alal muqdwil da^ the 
contract fell to this contrac- 
tor, j^j rassa, to acquaint 
with, explain; 4IIJ.I Jc a;-j 
rassyhum "^aJal masdJa, 
explain the case to theml 
(^ij rdsy, settling upon, at 
anchor, agr^ing, au coa- 

rant; JuH Jt^ (€-»'j^'' ^^^^ 
rdsy 'alal &u^l^ I am aa 
CQuraht of the work, I am 
weU up in the business, ^s^y 
mirsa, anchor, port, pl. 
^\y mardsy. 

^j rassym^ see ^j 

J'Aj^x ) rai6(juru6i), or J.^ J 




rasraSy to sprinkle, water. 
j^j\ it r ass, to be sprinkled, 
watered. J»y^j» marhds^ 
sprinkled^ watered. J. J rask, 
or Ki'j^j rasrasa, act of 
sprinkling, watering; i^^ 
j^^jdrabyjet rass, watering 
cart.4ij rassa^ a sprinkling, 
a watering, pi, c*Uj rassdt, 
J-^ w^. ^Ij rdh Jidrab 
mirask, he went to urine. 
A-i^ miraski^ watering pot, 
pi. slXij^miraskAt, 
j-j ra^s, small shot. 
JUj ra^tiZ, river dog. 
^j-( ^jt ) raia/i (jirsah), to 
ooze, leak, fj rakknh, to 
liave a cold in the head, ^y 
murassah, one who has a 
cold in the head, ^j rash, or 
^j tarsyh, act of oozing, 
leakage, a cold in the head, 
ij . jLij\ (six) o^rhad (jirhid), 
to guide, direct. xi>-l 
istarHd Jto ask for guidance. 
^Ujl irsdd^ guidance, indi- 
cation, pZ. ^blijl irkiddt. 

xiytnursid, guide, leader 
in prayer, pi, u^xiy mursi^ 
dyn. JLij rusd^ adult age; 
JL-iJl ^ sinn er rukd, age 
of discretion. 

xtj ( ^^^ ) rasam( jirsim )^ to 
make the sign of the cross 
^j rosm, act of making the 
sign of the cross. 

^^jrasma, halter, nose-strap, 
scraper, pi, ^j risam^ or 
C^l^j rasmdt. 

(J' J {J^x) rasa (Jirsy), to bribe. 
^^ilj) irtosa^totakea bribe. 
(_^lj rdiy^ one who bribes. 
JL\j» murtasy, one who 
took a bribe, •^j rakwa^ 
bribe, pZ. (^^Uj rasdwy, 
A.uijm^^ to,* doctor's prescrip- 
tion, pi. C^laij rasettdt. 

>j ( c/>ji)^^??0'wrassj, or ^^,^j 
rassas, to put in a row, 
arrange, stack stone, ^j^j^j 
rasras^to become very cold. 
^j\ itrasSy or i^f^j^ 
it rassas, to be put in a row, 
arranged, stacked, ^^y^y 





mdrsAs^or ^ja^y murassas, 
put in a row, arranged, 
stacked. ^ f^y murasras^ 
one who is very cold, ^j 
rass, or ^o^J t^^?y?, sict 
of putting in a row, stacking, 
layer, pi. cXa^j tarsysdt, 

^^j^j ^CL^^(^'P', coldness, 
want of heat. ^U j rassds^ 
.one who stacks stone, pi, 
c^Uj rassasyn. 
^y>\^jrusd,% lead, minor water- 
pipesj^L^j li qalam rusds^ 
pencil, pi, ^\'^j ^^\ aqldm 
rusds, A^L>j rusdsa^ piece 
of lead,ball cartridge,bullet, 
pi, iUUj rusasdt, 
-x^j( ju^ji ) rasad (Jar sad), to 
watch the stars. x^j\ itra- 
sad, to be watched. x^j\ 
it rassad, or x^Ji^\ is tarsad, 
to watch for, waylay, jl^j 
rasad, talisman, x^j rasd^ 
observation of the stars; 
Ai\i^x^j rasdalidna*ohser'' 
vatory, pi. s:j\i\o^x^jrasda- 

dandt, x^j tarassud, act 
of watching for, waylaying. 
x^j ra.?t/Gf, stock in hand, 
balance of account. 

^jgL^j risis, heavy, weighty. 

sJu^j rcLsyf, quay, platform, foot- 
path, wing- wall of a bridge, 
pi, ajUj\ arsifa, 

fj>jraddj a bruise, /)L ij^y^j 

Ujrirfa, see ^j 

/uij ( ^j,^ )ridi'' (jirda'') ^to suck 
the breast, ^j radda\ to 
suckle a baby. 4pU J ridd'a^ 
act of sucking the breast, 
suckling a baby. 4cUj rod- 
dd'a, feeding-bottle, pi, 
oUUj radda^'dt. ^u^j* 
murda^'a^ wet-nurse, pi. 
*J>I •• marddi\ 

irtada^ to agree, consent; 
Ijl^ 45^j ridy hi keda, he 
agreed to this ; ^is^j ridy 
^aUh, he forgave him, he is 
pleased with \i\m,^^jradda, 
or\^\ J rdda^ to cause to 




agree or consent, satisfy, 
please. Uj rida, plea- 
sure, satisfaction, consent^ 
contentment, ^Ij rddy, 
agreed, content^ satisfied. 
^1 jT ^ar(Jd (/^consent, agree. 
ment;(^lj\l\i bil tarddy^ by 
mutual consent, A Vamiable, 
k^j tardyja, satisfaction. 

Cj^j rutdn, see ^j 
^j ( wJ'jt ) rattab^ to moisten^ 
get soft; viliil^l wi»j rattab 
abldqak, do not fly into a 
rage I keep calml cool down ! 
s^jtartyb, act of moisten- 
ing, refreshing, ^i^j ritib, 
moist, wet,damp.wi^jrato6^ 
fipe dates. A)^j rut{tba, 
moisture, dampness. 
balahmu rattab, soft or ripe 

^J'j ( J^^ji) ra(ra^, to soil,cause 
to be dirty, be abundant. 
abundant. ^J^j ratrata^ 
filth, dii't^ abundance. 
J^j ^, pouiJd weight pi. JlLjl 

tr^j( O^y. ) ^^i^^ (jurtun ;, 
speak in a foreign language 
J^j ratriy or o^tj rutdn ^ act 
of speaking in a foreig 
language,a foreign languag 
^.y^j ratJUba, see v^j 

^^j ra'^'dd, see jicj 

^^j ri'ei", the masses, the pie 

frighten, terrify. w«>*jl ir 
to'a&, or w^yi itra^ab, tu 
get frightened, terrified 
w^^.* mar'^Ab, frightened 
terrified, ^j ru'b, fright, 
terror, fear. ^^ - murHb. 
frightful, terrible. 
jcj ( J^a ) raW (jirHd ovjur^ 
'udj^ to thunder; j^jL Vjjl 
ed dinja bi tur'ud, it thun- 
ders, j^j ra'd, thunder; 

O'^l Ji^^u* •^-^' ^-^*^^ simVt 
er ra^'d min ijir awdn, 

damn youl the devil take 

you! :>\cj dk* samak ra^^'dd, 

electric fish. 




ffj ( ^f'y. ) ^^Va", to refresh^ 
be refreshed. ^jpyi itra'ra\ 
to be refreshed, healthy. ^jp^ 
mura''ra\ refreshed^ fresh, 
full of health, ac^j ra'ra^a, 
freshness. v-»^il pj^j rctra"^ 
CLyjttb, inula arabica, 

J^ji LT^ji ) ^^'^^ iJi^'i^). to 
cause to tremble, frighten. 

JS'J\itra''as,orJ^j\ irta'^as, 

to tremble^ quake^ waver, 

be frightened. JL^j ra% act 

of causing to tremble,fright- 

ening. ^lLp^ ra^sa^ a fit of 

trembling,a fright^a tremor, 

electric shock, pi, sIAIpj 


*e.jra^an^ nervousness, excit- 
ability, impatience. j^j\ 
ar^an, nervoi\s, irritable, 

J'j(j'x) ^«'« (yi>'a),to graze, 
tend sheep. ^Ij M'a, to 
respect, favour, have consi- j 
deration for, be partial 
towards. ^^ mar'y^ taken 
into consideration, respect- 

ed ; a^JlI ^1^1 el lawdjih 
elmar''yja, the regulations 
in force. j>j ra^y, act of 
grazing, tending sheep. 
j'\j rd^'y, shepherd, pastor, 
pi, .Uj ru'A, j^y mar'a^ 
• meadow, pasture, pi. j\y 
mard'^y. ks^j riyja, subject 
of a ruler, subject of the 
local government, pi, lUj 
mura'^yja^ act of taking 
into consideration, favour- 
ing, respect, regard. 

^J ( ^y. ) ragab{jir§ab ), to 
wish, desire, ^pj ^^^^<3t6, 
to encourage, excite desire . 
^\j rd^ib, desirous, wish, 
ing, pi. u^\j ragbyn, A.i-j 
rugba^ or ^^y mar^db^ 
desire, wish, eagerness. 

J-j i^y.y(^9<^ (yi>^f/).to foam, 
lather, chat, babble, J^j 
ra^^a^ to foam, lather. $y^j 
ra^toa ,foam,lather,pi.(i^Uj 
rcigdwy, ^j ra^y^ act of 



foaming, lathering, chatter. 
(^\cj ra^gdj^ talkative, 
chatter-box, babbler, pi, 
Cj^\ij rag^ayjyn. 
^^J ^igyf, loaf of bread,pi,^Pji 

^^ {^jy^^ft {jiriff),ioQutier, 

flap, leap ( as a babe in the 

womb), come unexpectedly. 

li J raff, shelf, pi. ^yj rufAf, 

or uij\ arfuf. 
\ij raffa, see J j 
(j-^j raffds^ see ^jJj 

j>ij rifd'y, see ^3 

^:f^^j rafahyja^ luxury. a>jU 

mutaraffih, voluptuous. 
^j ( ^J. ) ^^f(^t ( jir/ii or 
jurfut), to dimiss, dis- 
charge. z^j\ itrafat^ to be 
dismissed, discharged. iy^t 
mar/'A <,dismissed ^discharg- 
ed, ^j raft^ dismissal, 
discharge, ^uij raftyja^ 
certificate of discharge, pi. 
^lij rafdty. 
ijjj ( fJJx ) rafraf, to hang a 

bandage over the eyes( when 
sore), flap. kJJj\ itrafraf^ 
to have a bandage hanging 
over theeyes.Ai^j rafrafa, 
act of bandaging the eyes, 
flapping. o>j rafraf^ 
cornice, eaves, pi, ojlij 
rafdrif; A^yi\ sjjj rafraf 
el ^arahyja, splash-board 
of a carriage, sj^jj rafrdf^ 
bandage or shield for the 
eye,pZ. ^^^j^jrafaryf, 

tr^^ ( cr^ji ) ^^f^^ {jt^^fus ), to 
kick, ^ij raff as, to kick 
repeatedly, struggle, kick 
against. ^JiJ\ itrafas, to be 
^j rafs, act of kicking, 
A-^i J rafsa, a kick, pi. iUij 
rafsdt;<^J\ ;U l^let er 
rafsa, eve of the 1st day of 
ramaddn. ^Uj raffds, 
animal which kicks, steam- 
launch, screw-steamer, pi; 
oLlij raffasdt, or 4.^lij 




reject^refuse.^^iyl itrafad^ 
to be rejected, ret used. tjaij\ 
it raff ad, to be fanatic in 
religion, bigoted . ^Jfy^y 
marf&d^ rejected, refused, 
c^j ^(^fdy rejection, refusal, 
^j rafady, unbeliever, 
renegade, heretic, pi. s^j 
rafadyja, ^j^ mutrafjid, 
fanatic, pi, Cjy^^ mutraf-- 

^j(^ji ) ^^Z'^' iJir- fa'), to 
raise, lift up, take off ; •ij 
yj,l\ rafa^'el hag z, he with- 
drew the seizure; Jill *ij 
rafa'' el mdl, he remitted 
the taxation. *ijl itrafa\ 
to be raised, lifted up, taken 
off. iujl irtafa\ to rise, 
become high. *i)j:l itrdfi\ 
to plead ( before a court of 
justice). ^^yjnarfd^^vBised, 
lifted. nSj. murtafi\ high, 
elevated. Jj ra/^, act of 
raising, lifting up; Jill ^j 
ra/^ ei mdl, remission of 
taxation; ^)\ ^ju madfa"^ 

er rafa\ last gun fired 
before day.break(during the "^ 
month of ramaddn ) to warn 
Mohamedans to fast, ^laijl 
irtifd\ height, elevation, 
pitch of a roof, iuilj rdfa, 
lever, pZ. c*U)j rafdt) 4IT 
<iilj dto r4/^a, a lifting 
machine. k^\j^ murdfa, 
pleadings. (^-ui I ^jrifatlu 
afandy, address of a Major 
in the army or a civilian 
holding the rank of salissa. 
^^\ij rlfd^'y, snake charmer, 
pi. ^\ij rifa'^yja. 

^.j ( (^x ) rifi' (jirfa' \ to be 
thin, lean, slender. ^j raffa"", 
to cause to be thin, m^ij 
tor/'y', act of causing to be 
thin, iiij ruf, thinness, ^ij 
rafy- or rufayja\ thin, 
(h ( (hi ) ^affa\ to keep the 
carnival. Mij rifd\ or Jy 
marfa\ carnival, pi. ^y 

^jrifatlu^see ^j 




ipji iPx )rafaq(jirflq ;, to 
join^ attach, annex, jilj 
rdfiq, to join, acconapany, 
have a lover. j^\j\ itrdfiq, 
to be accompanied. ASjr i/ga, 
or ASi\jM murdfqa^ compa- 
nionship, jij ra/'ag^, act of 
having a sweet-heart, jij 
r ifyq^ companion , colleague, 
lover, pl.\&j rufaqa, or jjlij 
T^afdjiq, AlJj ^ifyQ(^, com- 
Pl. Ji^j rttfdjiq or vl^laij 
jij^j refolfar^"^ revolver, pi. 
sillily J refolfardt. 
^^ ( ^x ) ^(^f(^(jirfy)y^o mend, 
darn. jjMtrafa^io be men- 
ded, darned. J J rafy^ act of 
mending, darning.Uj raffa, 
one who mends or darns 
• clothes, pLoi>^jraffayjyn. 
^jrufayja', see^j 

Jj ( Jx ) raqq{jiriqq\io have 
compassion, make thin or 

fine, be thin, be polite. jJj 
raqqaq, io make thin or fine. 
Jj\ itraqq^ to be thin, fine. 
J^j* marqAq, made thin or 
fine, jjj tarqyq^ act of 
making thin or fine. 4ij 
riqqa, thinness, fineness, 
tenderness, good manners. 
^}z^jraqyq, thin, fine, polite, 
slavery. jJjraga(/yag,thin, 
fine* jUjrag^g, wafer-like 
cakes, sgf. xWij ruqdqa, pi 
slM\ij raqaqdt, 

J J ^^Q[Q> native tambourine; Jj 
Jljp rigggra^^ti^parchment. 

^iJj ruqdd, see JlJj 
^j^^j raqqds, see ^ij 

4J J raqaba^ neck, pZ. oUj 
raqabdt; ^ ax3j (^ /*(/ 
raqabtoh '6la, he is the sole 
support of his family, he is 
the bread -winner of the 
family; di'Jj J ^'S zanhoh 
fy raqabtak^his blood is on 
your head. A^ij raqabyja, 
collar of a horse's harness, 
pi. wCjj raqabyjdt. 




^j0\ij raqqds es sd^'a^ 

Jij ( Jij^ ) raqad (jurqud ), to 
lie down, be sick in bed. Jij 
raqqad^to cause to lie down. 
Jiij rdqid, Imd down. ^l?j 
ruqdd^ or ^yj ruqdd^ act of 
lying down. ^^1 Jiy 
marqad el hagar, bed of 


o^J ( o^x ) ^^9^? (jtirqusj, to 
dance, ^j raqaas, to cause 
to dance, ^j raqs, dance. 

pendulum of a clock. 

(h ( (hi ) ^(^Q^' (jirqa'), to hit, 
strike; AtVaP aoj raqa^oh 
^asdja, he dealt him a blow 
with a stick; aIT VI vj raqa"^ 
el akla, he bolted the 
food ; •jll vj raqa"" elmara^ 
he had sexual intercourse 
with the woman. J J raqqa\ 
to patch, mend clothes, de- 
fend, be partial to ; J ji Ac 
1 tamally jiraqqa'' lohum, 
he is always partial in their 
behalf. Jyi itraqa\ to be 
hit, struck, *Jy\ itraqqa\ 

to be patched, mended. J^ 
J J rag^^ act of hitting, 
striking. *Jy tarqif^ act of 
patching, mending, partia- 
lity. A»Jj ruq^'a^ a patch, pi. 
^jruqa\ or cXij ruq'^dt. 
Jj ri^r, effeminate. 

^ J raqm, numerical figure, pi. 
I^lijl arqdm. ^j raqym, 
dated; <#jU.l \ • ^j ^1^ 
gawdbkum raqm ""akira el 
gdry, or ifj\l\ \ • ^^j ^1^ 
gawdbkum raqym "^akira 
elgdry, your letter of the 
10th instant, ^^j^ marq{tmy 
mentioned, aforesaid, spo- 
ken of. 

iij riqqa^ see jj 
^yj ^uqAd, see jij 

Jj(Jji) ^^9« (Jirqy), to 
charm by magic ( against 
bite of snakes), fascinate. 
J J raqqa, to promote, 
advance. J^l itraqa, to be 
charmed. J^M i^ragga, to be 
promoted, advanced. ^jU 


^ • 


mitraqqy^ promoted, ad- 
vanced, ^^j raqwa^ or aJj 
raqja^ charm, incantation, 
pl. ^^yj raqwdt, or slXij 
raqjAt, Jj taraqqy^ or 
diSJ tarqyja, promotion, 
advancement, pl. cAJj 

wJj raqyb, see ^\j 

jJj raqyq and ruqayjaq, see jj 
f^j raqym^ see ^j 
ilj ra/c/c,reliance; ^j- jUJ\ ^ dJS^ 
rakkak 'alal flUts^ if you 
can only obtain money, mo- 
ney is what you are in need 
of; iiU^ Sj rakky ^al6k^ I 
rely on you, I put my 
confidence in you; ^^ ljk>- 
JS^I ^ hattu rakkuhum 
^alal akl^ they applied them, 
selves to eating, they gave 
themselves up to eating. 

y!^j rikdmo* embroidered lace. 

^j ( jT^ ) rikih (jirkab )^ to 
ride, mount; o f wC r ik ib 
""arabyja^ he drove in a car- 
riage; jy^\)\ ^j rikib el 

wabtlr, he took the train; 
c^Jp ^ rikboh ""afryt, he 
is possessed by an evil spirit, 
he has got mad or furious. 
J rakkib, to cause to ride, 
cause to mount, fix, put 
together, erect, build,adjust. 
jO' itrakab^ to be ridden, 
mounted. jT;! itrakkib, to 
be fixed, put together, built, 
erected, adjusted. jJjjl ir^ 
takab^ to commit an offence 
or acrime.wl^r4fei6,riding, 
mounted; w5f> rdkiby rider, 
passenger by a train or a 
steamer, pl. ^J^j rukkdb; 
^^j jy.\3 wabAr rukkdb, 
passenger train. ,^/j* mar^ 
/c^6,ridden, mounted; w/^ 
markdb, shoe, pl. ^jf^y 
mafakyb. sS^y murtakib, 
criminal, guilty, pl. u^fsy 
murtakibyn. ^^fj iarkyb, 
act of causing to ride,causing 
to mount,fixing, adjustment; 
dLiJ\ IS^J tarkybet es 
«a6a/c,mouth-piece of a pipe 


for smoking, pi. ^^j^jrikdbptivru])^ 
pi. v^IXj rikabdt; J^j 
n'teJ6,brigade(of surveyors, 
engineers^ etc. ), pL ifji 

arkiba. ^S^ markib, ship, 
barge^ boat, pi, s^j^ raa- 
rdkib;j\i ^j»markib ndr^ 
or j^ ^jS^ markib bubdr, 
steamer; pjHi ^y markib 
qulA\ or ly^ ..^i^ markib 
hdwa, sailing ship, ^y 
mardkby, boatman, pi, 
kJf^j^ rrici'^akbyja, ^fj 
rukHb^ act of riding ; ^/j 
^y^\rukAb eZi^Z, equitation. 
A^j rakba, a ride, pL cXfj 
rakbdt. ai/^ rukAba, a 
'^mount/' /)Z. wjlS^ rakdjib; 
At/^ jy^\3 wabAr rukAba^ 
steam yacht; Jb^ Ju^p 
""arabyjet rukAba^ a car- 
riage. Ajfj rukbay knee, pZ. 
,^ rukab. «Jliy murak- 
kibdty, one who sets 
precious stones^ /)f. ^\Sy 
murakkibatyja. sJ^j\ 

irtikdb, act of committing 
an oflfence,a crime^etc.j'J^ 
r ik ibdd r* horse-breaker. 

fj ( y^JL ) ^<^^<^^ (jirkiz ), to 
settle down^ fix, ^j\ itra^ 
kaz^ or ^j\ irtakaz, to be 
settled down, fixed. ;f^j 
rdkiz^ settled down, fixed; 
j^j ^ ""aqloh rdkiz, he is 
a steady man, he is a man 
of sound judgment. jS3jl 
iriife(t^,act of settling down, 
fixing. j>y markaz , centre^ 
district of a province,/)^. j^T^* 
mardkiz; aJ^u ;^^markaz 
rijdsa^ head-quarters of an 

^j{ i^ ) raka" (jirka^)^ to 
kneel down. X) rakka\ to 
cause to kneel down, j5Tj 
rdki\ one who is kneeling 
down, ^fj ruk{i\ act of 
kneeling down. aJ^j rak'^a^ 
a prostration, pi, wlO 
rak'^dt; c^j \^ ?(^l^ ^^'^- 
*it^n, he made a short 
prayer ( Mohamedan ). 



fj . flj?l ( flji) itrdkim, to be 

heaped up^ form a heap. 

cf^ ( JS[^ ) rakan ( jirkin \ to 

put aside. ^^1 it rakan, or 

^^jl I riafcan, to be put aside^ 

lean or rely upon. o/>» 

markHn^ put aside^ leaning. 

,^ymurtikin^ leaning or 

relying upon, ^j rakn, act 

of putting aside, leaning 

upon, sjj^h^ irtikdn, 

reliance, ^j rukn^ corner^ 

pi. Cj^j^ arkdn ; ^J^lS^l 

^y- arkdn harb, staff 

( niil) ; v-r o'^jl J^> -^^ftj'? 
ar/c4n harb, ^staflF officer; 

^jiVI v-T d^j\o^rkdn harb 
el orta, adjutant-major; ^:;(rjl 
\ji\^^arkdn harb el liwa, 
brigade-major; cj^j\ ^j 

vj^ ^CLyJis arkdn harb^ 
chief of staff. 
v/^ ^tikitb^ see ^j 
^/j ruk{i\ see X> 
'f J ( f j: ) ramm (Jurumm ), to 
repair, heal^ put right, ^j 
rammim, to repair, ii^j 


ram ram, to eat nasty food. 
mJ\ itramm^ or ^j\ itram- 
mim, to be repaired, ^y 
murammim, or ^Ju mit-- 
rammim^ repaired. ^%j 
tarmym,vepQirSj pi. cAc»J 
tarmymdt, uy^j ramrama, 
a^ctof eating all sorts of 
nasty food. 

i^Uj rimdha^ see fj 

iUj rumAd, ashes, cinders .(^^Uj 
ramddyy grey. 

JUj rammd?^ see J-j 

^;;Uj rummdn , pomegranate 
trees, 55^. a5Uj rummdna, 
pi. cX\aj rummandt; iiUj 
<^LiJ\rt^mmd/ie< eZ qabbdny, 
weight of a steel-yard. 
fj ( fJi ) ramah (jirmah\ to 
' run, gallop off; duit <^ ^j 
ramah fy gaflitoh^ he took 
advantage of his ignorance . 
^j rammah^ to cause to run 
or gallop off. i^Uj rimdha, 
act of running, gallop. ^U^ 
mirmdh^ (horse ) race, pi, 




Juj ( Smj^ ) rimid (Jirmad ), to 
have the ophthalmia. JUj 
ramad^ ophthalmia. o'J^j 
ramddn^ one who is suffer- 
ing from ophthalmia, pi. 
oi»lJUj ramdanyn. 
J^j ( J^*x ) ^^^^^ (jirmih)^ to 
wink, twinkle, ^j ramk^ 
act of winking, ^j ramsa, 
a wink, a twinkle, /)i. ^li»j 
rams4<. JLiij rims,eyelashes, 

Cj\^j ramaddn^ the 9th month of 
the lunar calendar (month of 
^yJ ramaq^ last breath of life. 
J^j fj*j., ) rammil, to be like 
sand, dry ( writing ) with 
sand, ^j^j tarmyl, act of 
drying with sand, ^^j rami, 
sand, pi. JUj rimdl, j^j 
ramla, grain of sand,sandy 
ground. JUj rammdl, for- 
tune-teller, geomancer, pi, 
(ji\^j rammalyn.Xjramly, 
sandy; \»j j^hagar ramly, 
sand- stone. ^JUj a^U sd^'a 

ramlyja, hour-glass. J^^j^ 

mardmil, ^j\ armila, 
widow, pi. Jiljl ardmil. 
**j ramma, totality; ^•Jlw^U 
sdhiber rumma,ihe person 
most concerned or interested 
in the matter; ai^j. bi rum- 
m^etoh^ the whole of it, 

^j rimma, corpse, carcass, pi. 


^j rimam. 

^A i^x) ^^^^ (Ji^^y), to 
throw; 4o-<^^^jrama fyhaq. 

qoh, he spoke against him, 

he hinted something against 

him; f!A--^j rama saJAm, 

or ^4C ^j rama tamanny^ 

he saluted; jUj M yt^ huwa 

illy ramdny, it is he who 

denounced me. ^^j\ itrama, 

to be thrown.^ jrl if ramma, 

to throw one's self. ^Ij 

rdmy, one who throws.^^j. 

marmy^ thrown, •j. mu-- 

rammy, thrown or strewed 

over the ground, ^j ramy^ 




act of throwing. *-• J ramja^ 
a throw, pi. c>\*j ramjdt. 


dj {c^y.Yonn(jirinn),io tinkle, 
re-echo, copulate. ^Jr^ dj 
rinnelga ras /ing the bell ! 
^ a; J rannoh ""alqa, he 
gave him a thrashing, oj 
rann, act of tinkling, re- 
echoing. Aij ranna^ sound, 
^j ringa* her ring, 

r^j ( r-^V. ) randah, to chant. 
Ap-Jij randaha^ act of 

^\tbj rahdn, see ^j 

C^j • (J^J^ ( uj^jh) itrahhin, to 
be a monk, live a bachelor's 
life, ^j rahbina^ celibacy, 
monasticism. ^^\j rdhib, 
monk, pi, ^\^j ruhbdn. 
A^\j rdhba, nun, sister of 
charity, joi. ^Ulj rahbdt. 

Jjlaj . J-uyl (Jji^j^i) itrahdily to 
be slovenly, untidy in one's 
dress, J-Uj» murahdil^ 
slovenly, untidy. 4J -Uj rah- 
d ito,slovenliness^untidiness. 

it^jkj ( i0jkx)rahrat^io be flabby, 
flimsy, ^j^y mu rah rat, 
flabby,flimsy. aJ^^j ra/ira(a. 
flabbiness, flimsiness. 

u*J ( c^J*- ) ^^f^^^ (Jirhan )^ to 
paw^n, mortgage, pledge. 
jaIj rdhin^ or Lj ^y^ljl 
itrdhin wayja^ to betvs^ith. 
jA^M itrahan, io be pawned, 
mortgaged, pledged, oy^j* 
marh^n, pawned, mortga- 
ged, pledged ;iJj^^j,^^ 
marh{tn ""ala huddrak^ it 
depends on your presence, it 
cannot be done (or settled) 
except in your presence, ^j 
rahn, Bict of pawning, mort- 
gaging; ^4^ rahn, or auj^j 
rahnyja, pledge, pawn, 
mortgage, pk oyj ruhAn, 
or wlfyfcj ruhundt, or ^L>j 
rahnyjdt; wli^i^JI *ib bank 
er ruhundt jXnortgeige bank. 
^\f^j rahdriy orAj^l^mardA- 
/ia,bet, stake, pi. wIjUj 
rahandt; a>\J\ 4JU-I <^ ^Z 
A(tto er rdhna, at present. 




under the present circums- 
Oy^j( C^^x ) ^Oihwin* to cause 
to go like a rahwdn^ train 
one up to the purpose .oy^^"' 
itrahwin^to go like a rah-- 
wdn, become expert in.AJy^j 
rah w ina^pace of a rah wdn . 
O^y^j rah wdn, horse which 
has an easy pace^ ambler. 
1^^ rawdg, see ^j 
\^jrawdh,see ^\j 
j\^j rawdq, gallery, room, 
cloister, pi, ii^j\ arwiqa^ or 
iI^lJljj ruwaqdt, 
Aflij rawdqa, see jlj 
oViJ ^(^^o^gdn^ seer- 1 J 

»-3j r(5A,and(^U3jro/klnt/,see^lj 
iJij^j ruzndma* pension depart- 
^k-ijj r(5s(o,*roast meat; ^^j^} 
farha rdsto, roasted fowl. 
^3 J rdkiny air-hole, sky-light. 
iJjj rdfe/ general, common 
estate; iJ^JI Jc *atof rdft, 
in cdmmon.^i^ jrd/c/a, total 
of an estate. 

pj rAm, Greeks, Greek Ortho- 
dox. ^3j r^my, Greek, 
belonging to the Greek 
Orthodox church, pi. m\^j\ 
arwdm; ^^j^^^dyk rAmy, 


a turkey ;^^*3j Jjf^'^s rUmy, 
European bread ; ^^j a:^ 
gibna rAmy,Turkish cheese; 
^ijsJ^halhrtimy, dog of 
a foreign breed, 
^j\A^jrumatizm* rheumatism. 
ij*»3j ^Am is, raft made of jars, pi. 
^^ijj rawdmis. 

Ji3j^awind^ rhubarb. 

jJij rdnaq^ good appearance, 
beauty, splendour. 

^3j( c5iji ) ratoa/yirtoj/J, to 
quench, water, irrigate. 
(S3j\itrawa^to be quenched, 
watered, irrigated/ ifsj^ 
martoy^quenched, watered, 
irrigated, ifj ra/,irrigation; 
4^1Jl* ifj\ er raj bir rdha, 
flush irrigation, free flow; 
iVVli ifj\ er raj bil aldt, 
lift irrigation. tS3y mirwa^ 
waterxourse, pool, channel, 




P^' ^3^y mardwy. 

^.J^V^^hypocrisy. j\ymurdj, 
^.j rayjdh, see ^\j 
A,^\tj rijdsa^ see ^^j 
J\ij rijdl, dollar^ 20-piaster 

piece, pi, wV\jj rijaldt. 
^\ljrijdla,see ^}ij 
C)\j ray jdn, fresh, tender. 
(V)w!jr^< (jcL), I wish! would to 
God! U^Ayct ritoh hena^ 
I wish he were here I Uj^^, j\i 
J.y'\jjCL rithum ma rahM^ 
I wish they had not gone ! 
^J ryh^ see ^1 j 
i^^j ryhdn, basil-plant. 
^jtJ rizik, goldsmith's form, pi. 
iJj\*j rajdzik. 

«#^(crijt) ^<^yJ^^} to appoint 
chief. ^^j\ itrayjia^ to be 
appointed chief, be a chief. 
^J^ mitrayjis, appointed 
chief. ^33y warAs^ a subor. 
dinate. ^^j rayjis^ chief, 
captain of a ship, president, 
pi. \mijruja8a,or\^3j ruoaa; 

i* crl J ^ciyjls qalam^ chief 
clerk; jU^JI ^^^j ray j is el 
huddz, pilot; l^ JJ\ ^^U 
jjV* c*-^.j ^^ raarkih illy 
fyha rayjisin tigraq, too 
many cooks spoil the broth. 
^\j rijdsa^ chiefdom. ^\j 
rds, head, chief, summit, 
cape, pi ^3 J r&s; ili^ ^ 
^\j tiW wayjdh rds, he 
could hold his own against 
him, he was a match for 
him; ^\jZ^^ rnin taht 
rdsoh, on his account, he 
was the cause; k^\j JLij^ U 
^j ^* ma ji'rafS rdsoh 
min rigl6h, he does not 
know his right hand from 
his left, he does not know 
which way to turn his head; 

matrah ma tuhutt rdsak 
halt rigUk, do your worst! 
do it and be damned! 
^Wji#-U(^lj JU| ha'^d rdsy 
ma hadd '(ii, after me the 
deluge; ^ ^>j j> ^V>l 




awlddfdq r&s 6a'd,children 
born in unbroken succession. 
u-U'i uvJ\ Jc'atoZ V/i toil 
rdsy with pleasure, with all 
my heart; ^^^J I Jc'atoZ riJs, 
into the bargain; ^\j Jf" 
/caZZ rds, every one, every 
individual; jUil ^Ij rds eZ 
hosdrt', halter; a.:JI\ ^ij rd^* 
es sana, new year's day;^l j 
jir rds hagar, spur in a 
river; ^ ^\j rds sukkar, 
loaf of sugar; ^-.^. ^\j rds 
barsym, first growth of 
clover. ^\j rdsy^ vertical. 
<^l3j tar toy sa^ heading, 
title (of achapter)^pZ. ^J^,3^y 

J^.J' J^IJ^ (criJH ^ itrayjik, to 
be well off , in easy circums- 
tances. JLi>. mitrayjis^ 
well off, in easy circums- 
tances. jLjj ry§, feathers, 
plumes^sg'.A.i) jryia^plsZMij 
rySdt; »^l^\ ii)j ryhetel 
fisdda, lancet; J^JLjj rija& 
wizz, quill pens; OjJ^ Jjj 

rijah hadyd, steel pens;it* j 
jyj^\ ryset el wabdr , screw- 

J^ijiLMx ) rayjad, to exercise. 


i^^j\ itrayjady to be exer- 
cised, take an exercise. 
A^\j J rijdda, exercise, pro- 
menade^ constitutional, pL 
wUli J rijaddt. 

(ij^6\ yield, revenue of land. 
^jld\ l^ maslahetet tar-^ 
yjy\ land survey de- 
^.j^yf> ''country", village, pi. 
vJli jl arjdf. ^^.jryfy, rustic. 

3iJ ^y^^ saliva, spittle;, jijl Jc 
^alal ryq^ before breakfast, 
on an empty stomach;^ jjj^ 
ifayjar ryqoh,he breakfas- 

*6<i; JiJ -i-i> /lai^tY rj/gy, 
he worried me, he pestered 

^®; -^ (ii^ ^^9 ^i'^^^ kind- 
ness, kind treatment; JJfi 

J^9^y> it makes the mouth 
Ah J ryqa, or AaJ Zyga,^ sponge 





inside a native inkstand, 
pl.Z^iiJ ryqdt, or sZj\l}lyqdt, 
Jij( Jfx) rayjil,\.o foam, froth. 
J^y toryyyZ,act of foaming, 
frothing. JU j ryVtto,salver, 
drivel; A\j jn} abu rijdla^ 
idiot/^^ marjala, apron, 
pinafore, joZ. Jil^ mardjil, 

*(CJ ( f.jy(^yjirn, to exaggerate, 
deceive, dupe; ^cjj^j U ma 
tirayjimk "^aUh, do not 
deceive him! ^jy taryjym, 
deceit, misrepresentation, 
imposition, exaggeration, jrj 
rym, or iij ryma, foam. 

^.j ^J/y^. lung, P^. ^^.J ^0/4^ • 
i^^j J- siW riawy^ pul- 
monary consumption. 

), ^ and Jifi^ = 


iuVk ^6i(, see J^ 

wis ^4t, personality, self, same; 
^IS ti ana ^dty, or Jlii \il 
ana bizdty^ 1 myself; ^\^\ 
^\xahwdty bUdthum, my 
brothers themselves ; olS (^ 
fy. /'y ^dtjdm, or vili j^ fy. 
f \iVl y^m men zdt el ayjdm^ 
one day, on a certain day; 
wlJ8» .^ Aa6b e-3' ^ -s^dt, 
selfishness; vi» S -«'At, distin- 
guished person, grandee^Z. 

vii^i -j'aeodt. Cms ^(iton, or 
uii zdtyjan, personally. 

qIj ( ^Jt ) ^dfy (Ji^yh), to move, 
remove. ^^\ inzdh,or ^^\ 
itzdh,U) be nx)ved,rpmoved. 
^I> minzdh^ or ^lj;% mit- 
rd/i, moved, removed. 4^33 
-a'dAa, ejection, dislodgment. 

^0 ( J^.ji ) '^^d O'f-^f/d;. to add, 
increase, surpass ^'^J zau- 
10 id, to add, increase, give one 
provisions for a journey.^bji 





Uddd,iohe 9iAded^ increas- 
ed. 3*331 izzauwid^ or 33^'! 
itzauwid,to take provisions 
for» journey. j^Ij ^(t/id, 
increasing', superfluous, 
rising^ overflowing. l^\ij 
zijAda, or ^^^jl izdijdd^ 
addition, increase, augmen- 
tation, pi. vl»l3^j zijaddt, 
or J^blij^Wtooc^dt; Jj\ l^\jj 
zijddeten nyZ, the rise of 
the Nilejii^i ji \^dabi zijdda^ 
this will do^ this is enough; 
o\ij|l l3\ij{ I3 da bizijddet 
ez zijdda, this is more than 
enough, this is too much, 
•jl^j ^atodda^provisionsfor 
a journey. tJul^;* muzdjda, 

jl J ( j^y. ) ^^^ Quztr)^\,o visit, 
make a call. J^j zauwar,io 
cause to visit, take one to 
visit. •J^^j zijdra, visit^call, 
pi wljl j zijardt.x^jzdjir^ 
visitor, pilgrim, pi. ^r^J 

j\ J zd r, negro incantations. 

Uj ( lii Jl ) zdt (jizyt), to make 
a noise, rejoice, be gay; ^Ij 
41 jj^l ^ JLjjc rdhjizyt fy 
ishindiryja^ he went to 
enjoy himself in Alexandria. 
Jfti J zayJoU, to cause to make 
a noise, disturb. UJj zdjit^ 
noisy, gay. aIo J ^^<a, noise, 
disturbance, confusion. 

'^j{'fjjL)zAd (juzAd), to 
disappear, slip,escape; ijjyk 
^iMhuwa zd^ minny^ he 
gave me the slip; c^l j ^ 
*^ny ^d^^t, I did not know 
which to choose. ^\ J zdj id y 
one who has disappeared or 
escaped; 4^lj ii^ ^inoh 
zdj§a,he is mean. ^^jU^j 
^a w0jidn , disappearance, 

^*J (^ijt )^^f(Juz{)Lf)^io push, 
remove, sweep away. iJl^l 
inzdf, or ijl>*l itzdf, to be 
pushed, removed^ swept 
away, ^jjj z6f,act of push- 
ing, removing, sweeping 
away. 413 j fdfa, a push, pi. 




cMsj sofdt; Ai^jli bil zdfa, 
abundantly, in great quanti- 

JlJ ( Jij: ) '3'ttf (juzAl), to dis- 
appear, cease, remove. JI^J 
sawdly disappearance, ces- 
sation, removal. Jl jl Udla, 
removal. Jilj ;sdjilj tempo- 
rary, changeable, transient. 
Jij zdly appearance, form, 

•JIS ^(tZZ, see JS 

|LU;5(tiim,see It 

f I J ( f3jL ) ^^^ (JujsAm J, to 
groan, ^^j 26m, act of 

0' J ( ctjt ) ^^^ (Ji^yn), or ^j 
. zayjin^ to adorn, decorate. 
<>/jl izzayjin, or ^^j?l 
itzayjin^ to be adorned, 
decorated,shave, have one's 
hair cut. ;i^>* muzayjin, or 
;it>i mitzayjin, adorned, 
decorated, shaved. <j^ujr 
tazyjyn^ adornment, deco- 
ration, act of shaving or 
having the hair cut. A^i j 

zyna, ornament,decoration, 
illumination, /)i. cjlj zijan, 
or Crbj zyndt.Cf.C^tnuzay- 
jin^ barber, coiffeur^ pi, 
(jciy muzayjinyn. 

i)\j zdn, beech-wood. Ai\jzdna, 
beam of beech-wood, pi. 
oil I J zandt. 


j^\jzdhid^ seeJiAj 


Ai^lJ zdwja^ see (S3j 

jAjzdjid, see^lj 

jtlj^djir, seejlj 


'Lrj-3'i6b, or ^j ^a6r, sexual 
organ in the male, pi, jlijl 

ard, concincum. 
^Ij J zubdta^ cluster of dates, pi, 

j-U^lij zubatdt, or L)l» J ^a- 

^}\j^jzabbdl,see Jij 
^:;li J -s^aMn, dart of a scorpion, 
jbj zabad, or »jbj zabada^ 

kind of musk; jJjl Joi Q'a^f 

e^ zabad^ musk cat. 




•x J zihda^ fresh butter. 
4i jii j zihdyj a, smd\\ bowl,pZ.(iili j 
zabddy^ or v1»\jJL|j Jibd^yd^. 
^J^afcr, see Lj 

Jji J . %:^jj j> ( Jj!>5 ) izzahraqet 
(titzabraq) ^to adorn one's 
self, be adorned, be ostenta- 
tious. *ijiy muzabraqa^ 
adorned. Aijj zabraqa^ 
adornment, ornamentation, 

Ja; J zabat, street mud, mire. 

iui;( J^^ ) zabat (juzbutjy or 
ia^dabat, to arrest, control 
JoJ^I in zabat ^ or iJUl 
itzabat, to be arrested, 
controlled, J^^« mazbAt^ 
arrested,controlled, regular, 
exact, in perfect order; J^^lj 
J^^Jl. rdgrtZ mazbAt, an 
honest man,a man of honour, 
ul; -sraft^ arrest, control, 
act of putting a thing in 
order; JftJiH JUj rigdl ez 
zabt^ men of the police; 
A^\}\ J^yui^ mahdar zabt 
el wdq^'a, police report. JaiU; 

-2^(16 17, military officer, pre- 
fect of police,/)Z.-UCt zubbdt; 
JaP lai\k zdbit 'azym, field 
officer ;(r^^^U;^a6i( karym. 
general officer, AJLJiizabtyja, 
police office, head office of 
the police of a city,/)Z.^LkJ; 
zabtyjdt, aLxLi mazbata^ 
judgment,sentence, pi. iajlk* 

JJJ ( AX ) ^ccbaqfjuzbuq)^ to 
dart, escape. All J ^a6ga, an 

S.J {^.yM<^f>bil, to manure. Ji*jl 
izzabbil, or Jij7i itzabbil, 
to be manured. Jjj4 muzab- 
bil, or Ji>« mitzabbil^ 
manured- ^}iJ zibl, pigeon 
manure, dung of animals. 
Jlij^iMto, refuse, sweep- 
ings.Jlj zabbdl, scavenger, 
pi. Jlij zabbdUx^ or ujlCj 
zabbalyn. j^^y mazbdla^ 
dust-heap,/)Z. J1I34 mazdbil. 

^J . ^. jl ( ^a ) e>^a6to/t, to 
abuse,revile;*J&^jl ^huwa 
izzablah ^alayja^ he reviled 





me, ^.y muzahlah, abusive, 
insolent (^person). a^J zah- 
laha^ abuse^ insolence. 

iy.J'uO^ (uj'ji) i^^CLbbin, or 
^^•| itzahhin^ to be a client, 
a customer, j^j zubAn, 
client, customer, pZ. ji^J 
zabdjin. Cj^^j tazbyn,Bci of 
giving a trader one's custom. 

u-^j zibyb,Tbi%ins,sg .^Jzibyba^ 
Pi ^U J ^%Mi ; ^ J jj^ 
"^araqy -s^i6y6,native whisky 
made of raisins. 

c>yj*8'aij2/i,see o>ij 

Jr J zagal, cheat,deceit; Ji>. j Ji- 
himl zagalyWulgdLV lampoon. 

^^jzifyAnifSee ^j 

f^-j ( f-j?- jt ) zahzahy to move a 
heavy thing . r>^ j 1 i^^oJi- 
zaiiy or r>»r>*l itzahzah, to 
be moved, r-^ J* muzahzah^ 
or T-yrji^m it zahzafy^ moved. 
4rj^ j'3^^^'S'a/wD,act of moving 
a heavy thing. 

Aj^jzihlifa^ov aj^j zVlifa^ tor- 
toise,turtle,/)Z. wil W'J-s'aAdZi/'. 

'c5^ J ( J^jt ) ^cbfyf^Q> to cause to 

slide or slip. jU jl izzahUxq, 
or jU^M itzahlaq, io slide, 
slip. jUj» muzahlaq^ slip- 
pery. AiJb-j^a/iZ^ga, slippery 
ground,/)/. jJW J zahalyq, 
^j{ ^ji) zaham (jizhim ), or 
^\ j zdhim^ to crowd, press. 
•-jfl inzahaniy or ^^1 
iizaham, to be crowded, 
pressed, j^y-^* mazhAm, 
crowded, pressed, ^rj^a/ima, 
or f Uj zihdm, or 4J-I3. 
muzAhmay crowd,pressure; 
jiJLl\ 3lr J zahmet ۤ kugl, 
pressure of work. 

•> J ^<^b^^j munition of war. 

ij-jzubma^ thong, strap, pZ. 
>j zubam. 
J J ( jjt ) ^^^^ (juzurr)^ to be 
pressed (by laughter) ; ,^j j 
dU^l zarrinyed dihk, or 
4i^l *^ jj -3'arr "^alayja ed 
dihky I could not help 
laughing, I could not keep 
my countenance ; U ^ji il j J 
zarrak tigy /ie/ia,dare you 



come here? jjjzarrar^ to 
button, jjjl izzarrar, or 
jjj\ itzarrar^ to be but- 
toned, jjjjli^^ar^ar/ to be 
angry, fly into a rage, lose 
one's temper, jj^ma^arrar, 
xjj tazryr^ act of button- 

^^S' J J ^^^^y button, pi. j\jj 
zirdr, or oljljj zirardt, 
o^jtUj zardjir; ^j^ jj ^irr 
ward, rose-bud; j\^jjzirr 
hijdr, a cucumber; J»jiJ^ j} 
zirr tarhdh, tassel of a fez; 
J J idS'^^'ala "^^noh zirr, he 
has a staphyloma( in the eye). 

•Ij j zurdt, see J^jj 

;ljj zird^a, see ^jj 

-iljj zardfa, or ^JUllb Ji^art/Z'et 
ei ma^'dny^ giraffe. 

'i\Ji zardfa, see oji^ 

jljj zardq, see j^j 

VJJ ( VJji) -^^^^^ ( jazrub ), to 
flow, relieve nature; Jc </ 
^V^ s^j^hiya tamally tuz- 
rub wildd^ she gives birth 
to one child after another. 

wjj zarb, flow. Aj jj zurba^ 
crowd; ai^j 3V ^I $j^''andoh 
awldd zurba, he has many 
children. ojj-3'iry6a,catlle- 
pen, pZ. ^Jjj zardjib, j^ 
^iljj tofean zardjby,goixVs 
milk; ^yj jj •y^mi'za zardj^ 
by^ goat which gives much 
milk, -ujj zarbyja, hedge, 
fence, pi, J^lijj zarbyjdt. 
sJ^jy rhizrdb, gutter, pi. 
wijl j« mazaryb. 
s^jj zarb, lattice-work. 

*->-> • af^^ ^ Cf.y^' ) i^^^^rbin, to 
fly into a rage, use abusive 
language.^ /^ muzzarbin, 
or jijjJ.m it-s'ar6m,enraged, 
furious, o jj zarbina, rage^ 
fury , abusive language.oy. ^ 5 
^ar&An, vulgar, mean,pZ. 
ettbJ ^arabyn-;^ ai-jIjJ ^ 
. (aito' zarabynoh "^alayja, 
he vented his wrath on me. 

<:ijj zarbyja, see ^j J 
c^jj zargyna^ grab. 

rjj ^i^b, armour, cuirass; ^C^ 
Tyj markib zirb, ironclad 




jiTjj ^arfiagy, cuirassier, 
P^. ^jj ^arbagyja. 
^jj • "^ J Jl ( ^jji ) i^radd, to be 
flushed (face),deep (colour). 
^jy mi zridd, flushed, deep 
^ J J ^CL^CLd^ coat of mail, cuirass. 


ijjj zaradyja, stretcher, 
pi. ^\i:^jj saradyjdt. 

O^^jJ ( ^^ ) ^ardabdn ( fdta ), 
Persian towel. 
• J jj zarda^ kind of pudding. 

j^Jjj'3'ar^Ar, starling, pZ. jijbJ 

J#jj ( J^j^i ) -3'ara( {juzrut), to 
break wind.J# jj zarrat, to 
break wind repeatedly. Jol jj 
-s'ard^, wind, sg, ^X^jjzarta^ 
pi. CjW^jj zartdt', ^^j)\y 
toil zarta fyk^ I laugh 
at you! you are beneath 
my notice! J#l jj zarrdt, 
sorry fellow. ^\jy mizrdt, 
one who talks big, upstart, 
braggadocio. i»jjl azrat^ 
worse; dLu J^jjl ^ huwa 
azrat minnak^ he is worse 

than yon. 

^jj( ^jy. ) ^(^^(^' { jizra'), to 

sow, cultivate; ryLJS J pyjl 

i^ra' /"dg es sutHth^ take no 

^ notice! do not give the 

matter any importance 1 ^jj 

U-aJI) ^zara"" lohbil ""asdja^ 

he pricked him with the stick. 

9'j^\ inzara\ io be sown, 

cultivated, fi'^jy mazrd\ 

sown, cultivated. C#U^jj. 

mazru'^dt^ plantations, 

crops.^ j^ar^,act of sowing, 

cultivation, plantation. ac\jj 

^ird'a, cultivation, agricul. 


f j'j* u^j' ^^^ m(izdri\ 
cultivated or cultivable 
land. ^^ymuzdri\f^vmer^ 
cultivator, pi, a^j^j* mtL. 
sjji . ojiil-l ( vJ^Ui) istazraf^ 
to consider elegant or nice. 
^J^zurf, or ii\)0 zardfa^ 
elegance, sjuji zaryf, ele- 
gant, nice, witty, polite, pi 
ciljt zurdf. 




sjji zarf, envelope, saucer, 
salver, pi. ^Ji\ azruf, or 
^iji zurdf. 
J->J ( Jjjl ) zaraq (juzruq),U> 
escape, dart, j jj zarraq, 
to introduce^ cause to escape 
or dart. 3 jjl izraqq^ to be 
blue, jij^- tazryq, intro- 
duction, act of causing to 
escape or dart^causing to be 
blue. jj}\ azraq, blue^ fern. 
lijj zarqa^ pi. ^jj^tArq. 
jljj zardq, blueness. *jjy 
muzriqq, bluish. j\jy miz. 
rdq, lance Javelin, pi. jjjlj^ 
J^jj ( J^jji ) zarkih^ to embroi. 
der, brocade. JsTjjt muzar^ 
kik, embroidered, brocaded. 
kt^jj zarkika, act of 
embroidering, brocading. 
|£jj zarnyh, arsenic. 
J^ijJC-^j^Jt ) ^(^^(^(^t, to soil, 
smear, be abundant. J^i/Jl 
izzarwat, to be soiled, 
smeared. J^^j J* muzarwat, 
soiled, smeared, abundant ; 

wat^ there is an excess of 
work. ^3jj zarwata, act 
of soiling, smearing, abun- 

A^jjZi ryba, see s^j} 

Utiji zaryf^ see^jt 
4jS zurryja, or 41/^ durryja, 
offspring, posterity. 

t) ^ty^^^' (j^^^'"^ ), to treat 
harshly. ^j^a",harsh treat- 
AiW J ^a'(i/a, see u^j 
^yfj ^ct'6ii(, native woollen cloak, 
pi. lu»Wj za^'ahyt. 
JsPjzaHar, thyme. aj^^J irrfttf- 
rt/ja, meat prepared with 
thyme • 

disturb. £j?l inza^ag, to be 
disturbed. r^> maz'^Ag^ 
disturbed. r-\^^l inzVdg^ 
^J • j^J* az^ar^ without tail, 
fem.\j^j za^ra, pi. ^j zu^r. 
AP^^j za^^ztJL^a^ spike or top green 
part of a sugar-cane,p2. «^jWj 




za azy\ 
sJfi'j ( u^y^ ) za^'^af^ to clean or 
sweep with a palm-tree 
branch. cJL^jl izza'^^af^ or 
US' y\itza''''af, io be cleaned, 
swept, u^y muza^'^af, or 
cJLpjU mitxoJ^''af^ cleaned^ 
swept. ^jLPj ^i'y/^, or ^i^Pj- 

taz^yf, act of cleaning, 
sweeping, c^j ^a'a^palm- 
tree branches, sg. *i\cj 
za'^Afa^ pi, CiUWj za^'afAt-^ 
iju^Jljb- hadd el za^af,PQlm 
jSy^jza^'fardn, saffron. 

i^j ( J^ii ) ^<^'<^Q ( Ji^'^^Q ) or 
za'^'aq^ to cry out, shout, 

shriek. j^J ^I'y^, shouts, 
shrieks,cries, sg.ASf-jza'qa, 
pi. oIspJ za'qdt. 
Jp J ( J^ji ) -s'l'ii (Jiz'al j, to be 
angry ^ offended, irritated, 
annoyed^ bored. Jp j ^a"ai, 
to offend, irritate, annoy, 
bore. Jftj za^'al^ anger, irri- 
tation, annoyance. o^J 
za^'JAn, angry, offended. 

irritated,annoyed, bored,/)?. 

aoLj zilifa^ see AiUj 

^^ J 'S^i'^A see ^iPj 

jjPj^rt/g, seejAj 
Ji^j ( Jcy ) zagad ( juzgud j, to 
thrust, poke, jij^l inza^ad^ 
orac>jrlii^ag'ad,to be thrustj 
poked. :>y^ymazg&d,ihr\is 
poked. Jcj zagd, act oi 
thrusting, poking, ^j^j^a^. 
da,a thrust,a poke,pi.oljk 

f'jiJ'jL) ^^3(^^ {Juzgur ), t- 
stare, look sternly; aJ ^j 
zagar fyh^he stared at him, 
he looked daggers at hir 
•jpj zagra, a stare, a stern 
look, pi. si^>J zagrdt, 
J# jP J ( J* jp ji ) xcLifrat, to make 
cries of joy. ^^j zagrata, 
act of making cries of joy . 
^3>j ^OLg^&ta, a cry of joy, 
pi. Lijtj za^aryt. 

^>J ( ^>jl ) ^(^9^(^f, or o>j 
zaJiraf^ to decorate, adorn, 

embellish, ^jp J \ izza^raf^ 





or^^pj;! itzagraf, to be 
decorated, adorned embel- 
lished. ojt> muzagraf, 
decorated, adorned, embel- 
lished. Aijp J zagrafa, deco~ 
ration, adornment, embel- 
^^/ J '3'a^rAto, see i^^j 

>>j( ^>ji ) ^^9^0.9 y to tickle, 
ijp jl izza^za^^io be tickled. 

^ /'jzagza^a, SiCt of tickling. 

swallow. ]apj\ inza^at, to 
be swallowed.J^^3«ma^^^^, 
swallowed, iatj zaijt^ act of 
swallowing. aLpJ zu^utta, 
or aUj zuqutta, hiccough. 
Jtj(c^ji) ^a^al (Jiz^il), to 
look from one thing to the 
other, cheat; zM>j ^c^ '&ny 
zagalety I did not know 
which to choose. J^ojza^lil, 
to daze. Jfcj za^al^ false, 
deception; Jfcj 4!^^ 'am to 
-3'ag^a i,false coin.AJi^J^a^Zita, 
act of dnzing, ^^i>ymuzaglil^ 

^ji-jzaglM^ young bird, pt 
JJUj zagalyl; iaJi^\ JjIpJ 
zaglM el ^6t^ field rat. 

U J ( li 31 ) -3'a/f ry^- i*/?V, to lead 
in a procession. sJ'j\ inzaff, 
• or ^y:\ itzaff, to be led in a 
procession, cij -s'a/f, act of 
leading in a procession, si} 
zaffa, ( bridal ) procession, 
pi. ilij zaffdt. 

•Jijzafdra, seej^j 

vlij {zjji ) zaffit, to cover or 
smear with pitch, caulk, 
spoil. ^ jl izzaffit, or ^^1 
itzafftt^ to be covered or 
smeared with pitch, caulked, 
spoiled, ^ijt muzafftt, 
covered or smeared with 
pitch, caulked, spoiled; *• 3 JH^ 
A:ij» hudAmoh muzaffita^ 
his clothes are greasy. Z^j 
tazfyt^ act of covering or 
smearing with pitch, caulk- 
ing, spoiling, C'ij zift, 
pitch, asphaltum; z^j\ ifj 
zaj ez zift^ as bad as pitch, 
very bad, very ugly. 




}j ( jy. )isiaffar, to soil with 
grease^ give solid food to a 
convalescent. J'j\ izzaffar, 
or ^^'1 itzaffar,tohe soiled 
with grease. Jy muzaffar^ 
soiled with grease, yj za- 
far^ grease. .jUj zafdra^ 
greasiness, fllthiness; •jUj 
jLIUa/ldret el lisdn, thuse, 
defamation. Jjz t/ir^greasy; 
y jAiU lisdnoh si fir, he is 
a reviler/oul-mouthed, fouL 
^j .JJi jl ( ^ji ) i^:saflat, or 
JJiyi itzaflat, to slip, glide. 
JJij^ muzaflat^ slippery, 
smooth. aJLU j zaflata^ slip- 

JJ(*Jjl)'3'agg (juzuqq)^ to 
push, shove, instigate, urge. 
J J? J zaqzaq^ to chirp; ^U^ 
wUS3i Jp J^jK ^(JtgioA bizaq. 
zaq "^alal kitdb, he covets 
the book, he wishes to get 
the book. Jj^l inzaqq,orjy\ 
itzaqq,io be pushed,shoved; 
fx^ jju ^tamaUyjinzaqq 

fyhum, he always forcf 
himself on them, j^ymaz 
q{tq^ pushed, hidden, j 
zaqq^ act of pushing, 4 
zaqqa, a push, pi. c*li 
zaqqdt, iiyj zaqzaqa^ ac 
of chirping, j^jJj zaqzAq, 
young bird, small fish, p 

JaUj ( J^ j> ) zaqtat, to be ga; 
merry, in ecstasy. IjJLij 
maj'agto^, gay, merry, i 
ecstasy. AkUj^-a^toto^gayet 
^ J zuqutta, see J^p j 

^J zuqUiy cudgel, pi. ^^jzuqa 

f J ( '^ji) zaqqam, or jJj ^ag 
gag, to feed from mouth t" 
mouth, feed into the moulri 
(birds), ^j tazqymfiv^yij 
iOfZqyq, act of feeding froi 
mouth to mouth, feedin 
into the mouth. 

iJj ( "iJj: ) ^cif^f^ (juzukk )^ to 
limp.iJ j^afe/c,act of limping. 

^'^zaka, or •^IS'i zakdwa, 
intelligence. S^ zaky^ 




intelligent^ pZ.lS^SI azkyja. 
^zika^ charity, alms. 

M^zukdnty see ^ 

fi ( f^. ) ^akar (juzkur ), to 
mention, take part in the 
zikr,y^zakkar^io remind. 
jTjjl in^afear, to be men- 
tioned, fji tazakkar, or 
^^jj I ii^afefcar^to remember. 
j/jL« mazk^r^ mentioned, 
/"s -s'lfcr^mention; f*^ zikr^ 
religious Mohamedan cere- 
mony of howling men, pi. 
jiTsi azkdr; /jiJI i^U sdlif 
ez zikr^ above mentioned. 
^ zakar, sexual organ in 
the male, jf'ji tazkyr, act 
of reminding. »^jj tazkara^ 
note, certificate, ticket, pi. 
^i> tazdkir; kS ^fj3 
tazkara tibbyja, medical 
prescription; 4i^4 •f^jj taz- 
kara &a/trt/ya,bill of health; 
->^j* ; jTi; tazkaret murdr, 
permit, passport, pass; j j^ 
JfTir waraq tazdkir^ note 
paper, ^^/j^* tazkargy^ 

booking clerk, pi. ^/^ 
tazkargyja. ^f^X» muzaK 
kara, note, memorandum, 
pL Zf\jSA muzakkardt. 
•jJtJu muzdkra^ discussion, 
pi. il/Tli muzakrdt. jS^*^ 
zakkyr, howling man in the 
zikr, pi. tji^i zakkyra. 

f^ifji) ^akkim, or ^j^l 
inzakam, to have a rheum, 
have a cold in the head. 
5> muzakkim^ or f/j* 
mazkdm, one who has a 
rheum or a cold in the head. 
^J tazkym, ovm€} zukdm, 
cold of the head, catarrh. 

«3i zaky, see ISl 

^^zikyba^ corn-sack, pi.wilTj 

jfO^ zakkyr^ see ^ 

'Ji CJj^.) -^^W (jizill), to 
humble, humiliate. "JiSl 
inzall^ or •Jirl itzall, to be 
humbled, humiliated. JlJjl 
itzallil, to humble or humi- 
liate dne^s self. J J Ju mazldl, 
or JJua munzall, humbled. 




humiliated. Js ^aM,humilia- 
tion,vileness. •Jli-3'(tZZ,mean; 
aIIj Aijp ^^^^o/i -s'tlito, he is 
grasping, he is mean. 

i^Vj mlAhja,*' sweet jelly, a 
thin pancake; oU^\ J^JL* 
4^Vj mws fc^^i!Z el wac^At 
zaldbja^you shall not always 
get off scot free; JlVj 
zalabdny, seller of zaldbja. 

JVj^a&lZ, fresh, pure, clear 
water ; ^^\ JV J -s'a&tZ ei 
6^d, or ^J\ ^Ui bajdd el 
h6d^ the white of eggs, 

Jj'jCJ^ji) ^cil^il, to shake, 

quake; ^^j UjJI ed dm^a 

zalzilet^ there has been 

an earthquake. ^Jjlj ^iL 

^tto, earthquake, pi. JjVj 

JJj ( JJ^i ) -s-aZto^, to strip one 
naked. JJ jl izzallxxt^ or 
Uyi itzallat, to be stripped 
naked. Llj ^aZ(, nakedness; 
JflJ Jl 6i7 ^aZ(, naked. 

JJ J ^ato(,pebbles,55^.^ J^atota, 

pl.zM^j zalatdt; Uj ^^^ 
''umUi zahxt, copper coin. 
lij zala^'a^ large enamelled jar, 

pi, Jj zila\ 
jjj ( j5 ji ) zallaq^ to be muddy ^ 
slippery. j)j« muzallaq, 
muddy, slippery. jjJj zalaq, 
or ^1 J zalaqa, mud ; UJI 
^j ed dmya zalaqa, the 
streets are muddy, o^i* 
mazlaqdn^ slope of access, 
inclined plane, ramp, cause- 
way, pZ.ollWj* mazlaqandt. 
viBS zdlik, ihdii; siJI^':^ nAma'' zdlik, 
U; ( Ikj ) zalam (juzlum ), to 
do injustice, tyrannize. iUJI 
inzalam^ or UJI itzalam^ 
to be unjustly treated. UJI 
itzallim^ to complain. ^jUi* 
tmzUlm^ unjustly treated, 
It ^aZm, or A4jU; zuWuna^ 
injustice,tyranny. \\!^zdlim, 
unjust, tyr ant, oppressor, pZ. 
iUjlj(JJ\) zaMmet (elfyl). 



snout or trunk of an elephant, 
f ^ ( f i> ) zamm (jizimm J, to 
blame, calumniate^ censure, 
^i zammim, to give the 
oath, sell on credit, ^iil 
inzamm^ or |jj> itzamm, 
to beblamed.>^«Ju/na-3'mAm, 
bltmed^ blamable. /^i zamm, | 
or A-iJu mizamma^ blame, 
censure. A^i zimma^ or ^3 
dimma, conscience, respon- 
sibility; j^iJc'aZa zimmity, 
I give you my word of 
honour; jM\ 2Ui ^ ^alct' 
zimmet et tdgir, to the 
account of the merchant; 

• * 

conscientious; ^uJfll JJi gaiyZ 

ez zimma, unscrupulous; 

vii^i Jc b j\i-l eZ homdr da 

^ala -j'immifafe, this donkey 

is at your disposal. viUUi 

zimamdt^ credits. 

fj {mx) zamm (Juzumm), to 

tie together. m^\ in zamm. 

Or ^^"1 itzamm^ to be tied 


together. ^ j zamm, act of 
tying together. j^\ ^Uj 
zimdm el 6a tod ^tax-paying 
lands of a village; |»UJ1I Ji^l^ - 
ddftiZ e-3' zimdm, tax-pay- 
ing land; ^U^l ryW bdrig 
ez zimdm, lands which 
pay no taxes. 
^J^jzummdra, see j*} 
^\aj zamdn^ see j^ j 
AkL^^zambalyta,'' row, quarrel^ 
AUj zamta, closeness of atmos- 
Ij [jky^ ) zammar^ to play the 
zumnidra. t jUj zummdra^ 
reed musical instrument, 
pi. viljUj zummardt; ;jlij 
Ki}\zummdret er raqaba, 
wind-pipe. j\^y muzmdr^ 
native musical instrument 
used in bridal processions. 
^"j^jzumurrid, emeralds^ sg. 
oj*j zamurrida,pl. *2^\^yj 
V3O zamzamyja^ soldier's wa- 
ter-bottle^pi.j.jU jzamdzim. 



• • 

itMj |( J** >. ) :gamat or zammat^ 
to tighten, ^^j tazmyt, act 
of tightening. 
J^jzimlik, hut, pi. dflUj -3'a- 

to contuiue for a long time, 
be chronic (disease), ^j- 
muzmin, chronic, ^^j 
zaman,or o^j -yamttn, time, 

long time; o^O u* '^^^ 
zamAn, long ago, 0U3. 61 
zamdn,hY far , far and away; 
. jUj J* s^l^l a§hdb min 
zamdn^ friends of old stan- 
ding; l> o^J ^ ^^ zamdn 


/iena, has he been long here? 
(^U aJUj zamAnoh gAj, he 
he will not be long coming, 
he will soon be here ; ^ cJC^ 

(^ Jr'-> ^^j ^^^ fy ^<^^^- 

noh rdgil ^any, he was 
formerly a riph man; ^U j JaI 
ahl zamdn, people of old; 
^l-j A^ gum'et zamdn^ a 
week's time, in a week. 
i#^J zamantM/' bandit, bandits. 

•■ _. • 

4*3 zimma^ see ^^ 
jjuj zummir, rye, 
^j zimyl, colleague, comrade, 
pi. %j zumala, or .i^j 
'OJ (*0->. ) ^dun {Jizinn), to 
hum,grumble. "oJ^^^'^^ ^^t 
of humming, grumbling. 

0^(c^.) ^Oi^^ {jizinn or 
juzunn ), to think, suspect; 
aJ ^\i III ana bazinn fyh^ 
or aJ o^U; 1)1 ana ^dnm fyh, 
I suspect him,^^mdznAn, 
thought of, suspected, ex- 
pected. "^ zann^ thought, 
suspicion, pi. ^yt zunAn 
j^ Jp 'ato zanny, I think 
0^ zanndn, suspicious 
person, pi. Cj^^ zannanyn. 

:>l; J zindd, gun-hammer, pi. 
Obllj zinaddt. 

jlij ^inttg, see ji* J 

o(;t zanndn, see ^J 

wiS(w!ii) zannib, to punish. 
w» ■>! i^nct6,to sin,transgress, 
do wrong. »^il iz zannib. 




to be punished, wii -s'anft, 
fault, guilt, pZ. v^yi zunAb. 
^^jj taznyh^ punishment. 
w)*I*maj'nt 6, guilty, pl.Cjt^X^ 
^jzanbaq, lily, ^gf, aLIj ^an- 

'^Q^^^ P^. Ji^ J zandbiq. 

d^jzanballk^ spring of a car- 
riage or of a watch,pZ.viSl;j 

jy^jzanbAr, clitoris. 

iyjj ^an6yi,* large native basket^ 
pi. ^^^^\ijzanabyl. 
^j . j5 jl (> ji ) izzantar, to be 
sullen^ haughty .jJjjAma^a/i- 
tor, sullen, haughty, •jtlj 
zantara^ crossness, sullen- 
ness, haughtiness. 

Jjif J zangabyl^ see J^3^- 

Jl^j^angyr* see^^ji^ 

li-i ( (;|il ) ^o^nnahy to become 
rancid, ^j ^miA, rancid; 
^J aU^ 'aqloh zinib, he is 

oi J ^m(i,fore-arm^Z.^yj-3'a/i<id. 
4il j> J ^m^dna^ close cell for 

cJ^:ij zanzalaht, Persian lilac. 
^^ ( J'jl ) ^(^naq, (juznuq), to 
press, squeeze, ji j zannaq, 
to press many things toge- 
ther; vlbl:^^ j; j zannaq 
kitdblak, write closely! 
jijJl inzanaq^ or jjyl i^^a- 
nag,tobe pressed,squeezed. 
jl jl izzannaq^ or jJjtI tL 
zannaq ^io be pressed toge- 
ther, j^'j^ma-s'n^g, pressed, 
squeezed, ^j. muzannaq^ 
pressed together; Aiiy aiIs^ 
kitdba muzannaqa, close 
writing. j;j ^ang, or ^*j 
taznyq, act of pressing, 
squeezing. a£} zanqa^ pres- 
sure^ gonorrhea; aX%)\Ic\^ 
sd'et ez zanqa, time of 
difficulty or hardship, jtj 

zinaqdt. 4£y maznaqa, 
necklace, pi. j/lj, mazdniq. 
j^j zanqAr, corner, niche, pi. 
jfol J zanaqyr. 
( jtjL ) ^o^nhar* to stand 






to attention. j\^j zinhAr^ 
attention 1 (mil.). 

j^ ( j^^ ) sanhar^ to be deep 
red ( wound ) . 

vij( i)y^ ) zana (jizny), to 
commit adultry. Uj zine*, 
adultry ; kj Cf} ibn zina^ 
illegitimate son, scoundrel, 
rogue, rascal. J I j zdny, 
adulterer, pi. J\ij zund, aJIj 
zAnja^ prostitute, pL <^lij 

^i ( ^ii ) zahab (Jizhab j, to 
go, go away. ^V^ zdh ib, 
going, going away. ^US 
zihdb, act of going, depar- 
ture. w^JU mazhab^ belief, 
creed, chorus, pi. w^lJu 
mazdhib; o^lJu Jl1»I (^jli 
biddy atalla^ mazdhboh, I 
shall serve him rightly, I 
shall pay him dearly. 

jL^j ( •^•j: ) ^if^id (jizhad ), to 
be indifferent to,dislike.JLifcl J 
zdh id ^ ascetic, pi. ^^j 
zuhhdd. jj^j .3'a^d, renunci- 
ation of the world, jlj^J 

zahyd^ partial, small, in- 

^*j( jk^'y^) zahhar , to flower, 
blossom; J^\ j^j zahhar 
el pasyl, put blue in the 
washing! y^'y muzahhar, 
bearing flowers or blossoms. 
jjkj <a^^(/r, act of flower- 
i^^g. ^J xcihr, flowers, 
blossoms, sg, »y^j zahra, 
pl. wly^j zahrdt, or jy^j 
zuh{cr; J--*i^\ Ij^j zahret 
el gasyl^ blue for washing. 
4jj* J ^a/irt/ya, flower- vase, 
pl. Cj\iy^j zuhryjdt. ^U-l 
jkj)l\ elgdmV elazhar, the 
Arhar mosque. i^j^)\ ^^}\ 
elmarad ez zuhry ^venereal 

j^ ( j^^ ) zahar (jizhar), to 
appear. j^\ azhar, to cause 
to appear, produce. ^*U; 
zdhir, apparent, visible. 
jy^ zuhAr^ appearance, 
Cf\j^zuhurdt, temporary, 
provisional ; %ilj^ ^03^ 
mustahdim zuhurdt, 





temporary employ^, 
j^ ( jijb. ) zahr (hadyd), cast 

j^ ( v-JII ) ^a/ir reZ Wh)^ dice, 
i^jjfcj zuhry, see y^j 

•J*jC»». ) ^dhzah, to shine 
brilliantly (light). a*^*j 
zahzaha, brilliancy of 

i^jiiyy.) ^^f^iQ (ji^ho.q), to 

have too much of, be dis- 
gusted or weary of. jlj 
zahhaq^ to cause to have 
too much of, cause to be 
weary or disgusted of iiuj 
disgusted of, weary of, 
sick of. 
^j zahma^ stink, stench, 
jyf^ zuhdr, ^ndc^\j^zuhurdt^ 
see j^ 
yjiioUyy zuhumdt el hahr^ sea-fruit. 

jL>j zahyd^ see Jn^j 

iuJA ^i sul higga, see £ 

•JU2)).^3 '^'aZ g^cZa^ see jui 

•^IjJ zuwdda^ see ^Ij 

Jl^j^aa?(ti,see Jlj 

Aiu^J zdba'^a^ sand-storm, whirl- 
wind, pi. ^3j zawdbi\ 

A>.3j zdhOL, see ^1 J 
j^j{j3j^) ziwir (jizwar )^ to 

be choked, y^j zauwar, to 
falsify , forge, j/j I i-s'^aa toar, 
or j^j\ itzauwar, to be 
falsified, forged, y^^ mu- 
zauwar, falsified, forged, 
ji^j^ tazwyr, falsification, 
fabrication, forgery, per- 
jury, pi. ^\x3j tazwyrdt, 
or ji^lj; tazawyr. j^j z6r^ 
throat; »j^jj J>.j rdgil 
bizdroh^ lonely man. j:)Ij^j 
zawrdn^ choked, j/j. ma- 
zauwar^ or j^lj. muzdwir^ 
cheat, forger, counterfeiter, 
P^. Oij^> muzauwaryn, or 
CjLj9^ymuzdwryn. j^j ^^r, 
force, violence, forgery, 
perjury; j^jllj Jjlil iktardh 
biz zAr^ he had difficulty in 
buying it; j3ji\i sihdda 
zAr^ false testimony. 
^\c^jzawapdn,9ee ilj 

^3j ^^A see uit J 



Jii ^6q, see jb 

j'iJ ( J iji ) ^CLuwdq, to adorn, 
embellish, decorate. J^jl 
izzauwaq, or j'j^M it;gau- 
waq, to be adorned, embel- 
lished, decorated . S^y 
muzauwaq, orj'^jU mit- 
zauwaq^ adorned, embel- 
lished, decorated ; ii^y 43 j^ 
waraqa muzauwaqafigu- 
re (in playing cards), ji^j; 
fai' toy g, adornment, embel- 
lishment, decoration, a^^jt 
. to^to(/ga, an ornament, pi, 
ji^lj; tazawyq. 

^3j^6l, see Jlj 


tf3j(<;^>.) '^*^^ (yi-a'toi/),toput 
in a corner, put aside, 
conceal, ^^^j^l inzawa^or 
{S^j\ itzawa^ to be put in a 
corner, put aside, concealed. 
{f^y mdzwy, or i^^ju 
munziwy, put in a corner, 
put aside, concealed. <;^j 
zawy, act of putting in a 
corner, putting aside, con- 

cealment. 415IJ zdwja^angle^ 
square, corner, tomb of a 
iSb, small mosque^ pi. U^j 

Jj^J zuw6ly^ wooden dish. 
<#J ^ay,as,like; ^jzayjuhum, 
like them; I jT <^ j zaj keda, 
like this, so; 4i j, aJU hdtoh 
bizayjoh, or a:si (^j» ajU 
hdtoh bi zaj minnoh ,hrin^ 
it as it is! bring the whol< 
of it! C)^ (Sj ^(^j ^(^ kdn^ 
as it used to be; ciJ cii l» (^ J 
zaj ma quit lak, as I told 

^Cj xayjdt, see ^j 

»j\i j iryrfra, see jlj 

jji J i'^6ag,mercury, quicksilver, 

*iij( -ii>. ) ff^yJit, to oil. ^jl 
izzayjit, orj^jrl itzayjit, 

to be oiled. i^j» muzayjit, 

or *i^jJ« mitzayjit, oiled. 

j^ jT tazyjyt^ act of oiling. 

c^J ^^f , oil, p?. wji J zujAt. 

sl/Cj zayjdt^ oil merchant, 

/)?. AiCj zayjdta^ or ^"Cj 

t. *, 




zayjatyn. Cty maMjata, 
oil-can^ oil-tin, pi, c^}y 
ma;: A jit. 
^y:tj zetdnfiv C)yj satdn, olives, 
olive-trees, sg. ii yjj zet^,^ 
na, pi. CX yij zetundt; 
AJyj j^ei^na^native necklace. 

XJ ^^1j^ ( j.y^ ) i^^cLyJaret 
(titzayjar)^ to wear the 
tazyra or izdr, ^jlymu- 
zayJara,o^•xJ^ TTiitzayjcL 


ra, one who is wearing the 
tazyra or izdr.^j^jtazyra, 
ladies* robe worn under the 
habara^plc^\y^y tazyrdt. 
j\j\ ij^dr, white shawl worn 
by native women out of 

doors^ pi. sl»\j\j\ izardt.^xy 
muzayjara^ female demon, 
pi. o' ji> muzayjardt . 
jtJ^y^ji^^s native filter, pi. 
j\lj\azjdr. ^j^y mazjara, 
jar or filter stand, pi. J^y 
mazdj i r fyccAjiytnazjard t. 
aL j zSta, see J^lj 

AjCjiJi ) ^(^yjcf^q, to creak, 
squeak,cu t ( paper, cloth,etc.) 
into long narrow slips. j-» jr 
tazyjyq, act of creaking, 
squeaking, cutting into long 
narrow slips, jj j zyq^ long 
narrow slip, pi. j\ij\azjdq. 




A . 

U (*^ ) sd (jisy), or •Ulasd, 

to do evil; s^^ VI ul asd el 

ada6,he misbehaved himself. 

•ym saw or sA^ evil ; ^ »^ 

^^ /iadm, indigestion; »^«* v^ 

da/^ soco, scape-goat ; *^ 
4^^^« 5^ mafhumyja^ ims- 
understanding. ^fUl isda, 
ofiTenc*, pi. wl Ul isa(tt. »^ 
sayji, bad, evil-doer, /)Z. 



(^i^ sayjiyn. At*-* sayjia^ 
evil deed^ wicked action, pi. 
J\L^sayjidt; jJV^ ^j^A\j 
rdjihakaffar loh sayjid- 
toh, I shall serve him 
rightly, I shall pay him 

^L ( ^:-4) sdb (jisyb),io leave, 
let go, let at large; v-»U jU-l 
elhorndr sdb, the donkey 
has broken loose: ^L 4xk^ 
batnoh sdbit, he has the 
diarrhoea. ,^a- sayjib^ to 
leave, let go; ^^ *ti- 
sayjiboh jiktib, let him 
write! ^j^j-.li55ayye6,or,.^-JI 
itsayjib, to be left,let loose, 
wit- s4ye6, loose, untied, 
free, at large. w^s^&, or 
s^^^tasyjyb, set of leaving, 
letting go, letting at large. 

^\i sdbit, see^ 

^L546r, see*. 

a2iL sdbqa^ see j.-* 
jUL sa^r^Jf ^* castanettes. 

^U ( ^_^. ) sdh (jusAh), or »-^l 
issauwah, or ?-^*l itsau-- 

wahj to travel. a^L. sijdha, 
journey, voyage, travel, pi. 
iUL. sijahdt, ^U s(t/i/i, 
or ^1^ sauwdh, traveller, 
tourist, pZ. »!•- syjdh, or 
^1^ suwdh, or cii^l^ 5da- 
wahyn;^\^J^''aqloh sdjih^ 
his wits have gone wool- 
gathering. AOX0 sdha^ open 
ground, pi. Cj\cA^ sahdt. 

^^ ( ^- ) s4^ (ji^yh), to melt, 
flow. ^ sayjah, to* cause to 
melt, cause to flow; a*^ ^ 
sayjah dammoh^ he woun-- 
ded him. ^U sdjih^ melted, 
flowing. ^ tasyjyh^ act of 
causing to melt, causing to 
^jfXmsdhil^ coast, sea or river 
shore, pi, J^'^- sawdhil; 
^y'\yJ\ ji- ii^ masUihet 
gafar es sawdhil^ coast 
guard service. 

4.L ( rr4 ) sdfiCjusAli), to faint. 
j^U sdjifi, one who is 
fainting. 0^^ 5rttoa^/i,8ct 
of fainting, 


^L [^y^Jsdd(jus{td), to goyern, 
rule.xl^ sdjid^ governing, 
ruling. oL-. sijdda, power, 
authority, dignity, lordship; 
V^L* sijdditkum, your 
lordship. Ji.- sayjid or se/d, 
lord, master, pi. ^1^1 asjdd, 
jc- sy, abbreviation of ^ ji*-» 

chief of the sadtii ( descen- 
dants of Mohammed). 
^jL sddis, see »i^ 
•^L sdda^* alone, simple, with- 
out sugar ( coffee, tea, etc.). 

J^ ( j^-i ) ^^^ iJi^y^), to go on, 
walk, proceed. jiL scl/er, 
current, all, rest; ^\^\ jiU 
sdjiren nds^ the public; 
j,U mJ^ kaldm sdjir^ small 
talk> idle talk, j^ s6r^ 
progress,conduct,behaviour; ( 

cavalry walk; jU\ j>- s^r eZ 
^dr, trot. jf^^« masjar, 
conversation, talk. 

*.jU sdrih, see ^^ 

jjjUstirig, see Jyyi 

^j\^sar{i]i^ rocket, /)Z* ^jl^ 
sawaryl^; ^^j\J\ ifjA^ 
tiW zaj es sarAli, he went 
out like a shot. 

c^jU sdr^, see ^^^ 
^U (^^Hl) sds {jusAs), to lead, 
manage; jJJI ^^-j Ji^^ U 
ma *i>eys yastis eZ walad, 
he could not humour the boy. 
A^\^ sijdsa, management, 
statesmanship, diplomacy ; 
o.L-^ bi sijdsa, gently, with 
care. ^,U sdjis, groocn, pi. 
^L. syjds. ^L. sijdsy, 
statesman, diplomate, pi. 
Oij^L-. sijasyjyn, 
J*^( Jftj-j ) s(t? (jisyt), to be too 
liquid, relaxed. J«)U 5(t/i^, 
liquid, relaxed. 

j^^ sat&r/^ large heavy knife 
(^ for mincing meat, etc.), pi. 
j^Sy^ sawatyr. 
^U (^ pL) ) sd' , to hold, con- 
tain. ^L sdyr, holding, 
containing; amA^ ^jiJ^ L ma 
haddih sdfoh^ he respects 
no one, he has become 




independent or concieted. 

^^ sd^'a, hour ^ pi. wWL sd'dt; 
,,^^ i^U sd^et gib, watch; 
Ja^ 5^L sd'^et h4t, clock; 
ii^ Ac\^ sd^a munabbiha, 
alarm-watch: 4^*mC 4cU 5(t'a 
kamsyja, sun-dial ; <^ j JiU 
46U\ mdhy zaj es sd'a, he is 
as regular as a clock; U 4cL 
^yft 54'e< ma jigy, as soon 
as he comes; ^Ua) 46U ^d^a 
!i9ad(2(tm^ as soon as possi. 
ble, the sooner the better; 
icLi\ A^dik es sd^a, or I^tpU 
sd^etha, at that moment, 
then, therefore; 4cL3^£4^U 
w^ sd'a jimiy we sd^a 
jirkabj he sometimes walks 
and sometimes rides; ^^j 
^p\^.»ba^d satod^'y, noy/ and 
then, occasionally. <^UU 
sa'dty, watch-maker, pi, 
ajUU sa^atyja. 

^L 5(i' J/, see j^ 
^U ( c.^^^ ) sdd ( yasa^ ), to be 
lawful. ^U s4y i^f, lawful. 

jU ( j^, ) 5(tg (JusAq ), to 

drive, urge, cause to go; jU 
J'iJI sdqr er rasdla^ he 
pushed impudence far; jiU 
•^lj^5(tgny'atoa6A/i, he 
asked me to intercede for 
him with his brother, j ^^. 
maswaq, to urge with a 
stick. jLil insdq, or jUl 
itsdq, to be driven, urged, 
caused to go. jX» sdjiqfine 
who is driving. mI^- suwd^ 
qa, act of driving, drivinj 
fast. j\^y0 sautodq^ (engine; 
driyer,pl^^\'y0 sauwaqyr 
jL- sijdq^ intercessor 
intercession,pi. c»liU- sija- 
qdt; f^\ jL. 4^ /'y syd 
ef kaldm^ in the course i 
conversation. A»j^ mas toa^a, 
cudgel, thick stick, pl.J^imM 

jjL sdqU or sdkiz^ Chio. Jj?U 
sdqizly, appertaining to 
Chio; j^jJU Jj^ ""araqy 
sdqizly^ mastic (liquor). 


iJimsdqjay seej«» 




^u sdkin, see ^^ 

/L sd/co,* long overcoat, pi. 
Ol/T- sakowdt. 

JU ( Jj-J ) ^•^Z (Jisyl)^ to flow^ 
be liquid. JjU sdjil, liquid^ 
pi. JjI^ sawdjil. J^ s^Z^ 
floods torrent, joZ. J^y- 5a- 
jAl.O%^saJaldn,fiov/, jflux. 

J U ( J l-i ) sct^Z ijisal)y to ask, 
inquire; Uc JJUl U I'l ana 
ma asaZs 'aZ^/i, I do not 
care for him, I snap my fln- 
gersathim; q\^\ Jc UL 
saalna ''alal ""ayjdn, we 
inquired after the patient. 
JUI msaaZjOr JLJI itsaal, 
to be asked^ interrogated, 
held responsible. J'U sdil, 
to have intercourse with. 
j:l0$dil, one who asks or 
inquires ; JfU ^^^ y^^huwa 
mu&sdil, he does not care, 
he is indifferent. JyLumosAZ, 
interrogated, responsible . 
ijjl-^ masAlyJa^ responsi- 
bility. Jl^ sudl, question, 

/>i;wVI^ sualdt. JL* or 
j^L^ masaUx, case, affair, 
problem, pZ. JfL^ masdil. 

iU sdlim^ see L 
^U sdmir^ group of men assem. 
bled at night for singing, 
etc., public singing party. 
-mU sdm i\ see jic* 
aX sadma^ see JL- 
^jjLiU^'Ctndtoi^,* sandwich. 
aJIj* sdnja, see ^^ 
JaU 5(t/n7, see J^^ 
</U 54/1 y, see ^^ 
^[^sdjiby secwU 
4(1 U sdjihy see ^J-*. 

j-X jt^-^1 ) ^^^y^'^ or \i^ j^U 
issdjir wayja, or \j5 j^^LJI 
'itsdjlr wayja, to have a 
conversation with,entertain. 
politeness, amiability. ji\-^ 
musdjir^ polite^ amiable, 
pi. ctji^ musajryn: 





J»)U sdjit^ see A^U 

jiU 5(t/ fg^ see jL 

JiL set/ iZ, see JL 

^y^(L^-j) 5a66 (jisibb), to 

abuse, swear at^ defame. 

,Ju. sabbib. to cause. ^^^^ 
• • ' • • 

sabsib, to smooth the hair, 
w^l insabbfiT ,^\ itsabb. 
to be abused, defamed. ,.^^1 
i5sa66i6,or 1.^-jI itsabbib, 
to be the cause, trade, w---^ I 
issa&sift. to be smoothed. ^.^ 
sabbfir 4x^misabba,3husey 
defamation .,.^-*4mi^ssa66i&, 


OFwiu-i* mitsabbib. dealer, 
seller, pl.^^^mussabbibyn. 
w^^*^ musabsib, smoothed 
hair. ...^x- sabab, cause. 
• reason^goods^pZ.v-iL-lasM6. 
A*-.ju- sa6fii6a.act of ismooth- 
ing the hair.wuJ tasabbub, 
act of causing, trade. A)^«^ 
sabbtiba, a job^ /)Z. ol;^*- 
sabbubdt. i^ sibba^ reason; 

*:' V c^ '^to 5i66et ^, why? 
what for? 


^^L^sibdty, see ^^L-l 

^L-5iMft, see^- 

J^L- saM(, roofed lane. 

jL-siMqr, see j^^ 

'M^sabdniby see5^L*l 

w^ sabab, see ^.^ 
f ( c^. ) sctbai (jisbit ), or 
cJlots&af^to prove^conflrm. 
^j si6i<, to fix, be proved, 
be confirmed . »:^* sabbit, tc 
fix, prove,confirm. ^' tabb i t, 
to hold fast or firmly, be 
tenacious, ^i^tll in sabat or 
cJJI itsabat, to be proved, 
confirmed, vi^.l? sdftif, firm, 
solid,proved, confirmed; C;) 
c^^ Idn sdbit, fixed colour. 
^\; tdbit, fixed, fast, o*^ 
masftd <, flxed,proved, con- 
firmed.c^' tas6y ^,conflrma- 
tion. ^U i isM ^^confirmation, 
proof, evidence, pi. vlillUl 
isbatdt; C.UVI ^^ ia/t^d 
eZ isMi,evidencein support 
of a charge. c\i sabdt, 
firmness, perseverance. cU 
tabdt^ firmness^ tenacity. 


^J«a6yi,tenacious, cheeky. 

t-( Jlf^. ) saht (Jdmes), 
Saturday^ pi, a7^^ subAta, 

Y^sahat* basket, pl^ olu- 

^sibtimbar* September, 

^( ^ ) sabbih, to praise 
God. ^ tasbyh, act of 
praising. ^^ sibha, or a^s-^ 
masbaha, rosary, string of 
beads, pi. ^ sibah, or ^L^ 
masAbih.. 4^1 <:,l^ subhdn 
allAh, praise be to God ! 

^ ( g-4 ) sabba}}, to manure; 
^l '^ yk huwa sabbah ly, he 
swore at me, he gave it 
to me hot, he reprehended 
me. 'f^\ issabbab^ or ^M 
itsabbali^ to be manured. 
'p^ tasbyh y^(^^ of manuring, 
reprehending. ^ sabah, or 
».L-. sibAhy manure. 

•j-* ( **-j ) sabba\ to complete 
seven days, ju- 6-a6a^, or 
An^ sabd^a, seven ; ^bu-i- 
sabaHdkar, seventeen. ^-.-^ 
sab^'yn, seventy. wL sdftr. 

the seventh one. -^ safe", 
one seventh part, pi, ^L.1 
a5M'.^^^5a6A',the seventh 
day ( after wedding, birth 
of child, etc. ). p^l asbd\ 
week, pi. *^Ul asaby"^. 
sab\ lion, pZ. ^^^ subA\ or 

r* ( Jt--l ) sabaq {jisbaq ;, to 
precede, go or come before, 
win a race, j^ sabbaq^ to 
forestall, come beforehand, 
come before the usual time. 
j«Ju 4cU\e8 sd'^a bit sabbaq^ 
the watch gains time. jiL 
sdbiq, or\i^ Jt^** itsdbiq 
wayja^ to have a race w ilh 
another, j^ sabaq, or 
jL* sibdq, or a5»L.a musdb^ 
qa^ horse-race, j^ saftg, 
priority; j\j^^ j*- sa6g 
isrdr, premeditation. j*L 
sdbiq, the previous one.^iU 
sdbqa^h precedent,^?, jil^ 

sawdbiq: j»l^^ w^' 6* 
mm a§M6es 5aio(t6ig, an 
old offender. aJL- I asbaqyja. 



priority^ seniority. 
^ ( dL-j ) sabak (jusbuk )^ to 
cast metals^ mould; ^^i^r- 
sabak 'alayja^ he deceived 
me, he fooled me. di^\ 
insahak, or dLJI itsabak, 
to be cast, moulded. iJ,^t-»« 
masbAk^ cast, moulded ; 
^^"it-^ 4^ ^J/to masb&ka^ a 
perfect ruse. dL- saftft, act 
of casting metals, moulding. 
ilL- sabbdk, one who casts 
metals, founder, inducer, 
pi, oMj- sabbakyn. dL-^ 
masbak, foundery, joZ.dliU* 
pi. di*L» sabdjik, 

Jr- ( c3H. ) «^&^^ (jisbil)y to 
pour. Jj- sabbil, to oflFer 
freely, close the eyes. J^l 
issabbil, or Jj*&fl itsabbil, 
to be offered freely, closed. 
J*^* tasbyl, act of offering 
freely, closing the eyes. 
J*w. 5i6(/Z or sabyl, foun- 
tain, pZ. ij^l asbila, J**-. 
5a6yZ, road, way; JU 4^ »-lj 

4^*7- rdA /'j/ hAlsabyloh, he 
went his way; J-^ ^ 'ato 
5a6yZ, by way of; 4!^- J^l 
ahla sabyloh^ he released 

J^-t saftai, ears of corn, sg. d^ 
sabala^ pi, w!^ sabalAt, 
^J^ sinbila, ear of corn,pi. 
Jib. sandbil. 

J^sabhx^ loose overgown for 
ladies, dung, pi. c^L- 

sibinsa* brake-van, pi. 

sa^^^, brakeman. 

5 ibba. and ai >4-. sabb&ba. 

see ^^^ 

•^ subA\ see *^ 

^- (t^-j) ^^afca (jisby), to take 
captive, enchant, delight 
with. ^1 insaba, or ^^*l 
itsaba, to be taken captive. 
^-*.« masby, captive, pi. 
^>i^* masbyjyn ; ^^-^ £> 
harag masby^ he went out 


like a madman 



• • 




2^1 ju- sibyddg, seer-tju-.! 

J^L^ sibyka^ see dL- 

J:^ sabyl^ see J^ 

5ffi, or 4i-5i7<a, six. ^(L 
sixtyj^y-J^^jl ^^ ""ala abu 
es 5i7i^n^certainly,undoub- 
tedly, at any raie.^x^suds, 
or ^^ suts, one sixth 
pa^t^^ pZ. ^Iju-I asdds, ^^\^ 
sddis, or ^"L 5(4fi7^ the 
sixth one. 

jli-. sattdr, see >- 

saifti^, to behave like a lady. 
ci^M mussattita^ one who 
is behaving like a lady, 
ladylike, z^ sitt^ lady, 
grandmother, Mrs., Miss, 
pi. wis-, sittdt; ^yS\ c^ 
sitt el husn, belladonna. 
(j^U- sitidty^ appertaining 
to ladies. 
>- ( >-j ) satar (justur)^ to 
cover, conceal, veil; Uc jL.1 
a^iar ""aUh, do not disgrace 
him ! do not denounce him I 

>J I insatar^ovyJi\ itsatar^ 
to be covered^concealed . ju.1 
issattar^ or jL^ri itsattar, 
to cover or hide one's self, 
conceal, jyu.^ mast&r^ 
covered; jyL^ J»-lj rd^rfZ 
mastAr^ v^ell-to-do man. 

jLm satr or 5i<r,veil,/)i. j^' 
astdr ; •>- Iyi5 kakifu 
satr oh, they disgraced him. 
jl:-. sattdr, or yL 5(tiir,one 
who covers sins or pardons 
( Ctod ); j\J^^ ja sdtir, dear 
me 1 good God 1 bj\z^ 
sitdra, curtain, pi. j\i^ 
satdjir,$ji^ satraoT sitra^ 
coat, tunic, pi. >- sitar^ or 
wl>-. satrdt. 
^Sj^sutary* buffoon^ pi, ?4jjL. 

{sJti^^ ) sattif^ to arrange, 
put in order, vju-*. I issattif, 
or wjU-JI itsattif, to be ar- 
ranged, put in order. »Jii-^ 


arranged,put in order. ^jli-j 
tasty f, arrangement, act of 




putting in order. 
iS^^^ sitakrAta* satin cru. 
^i^sitta^ and ^^j <^ sittyn, 



•j\h>0 sigdra* cigarette, pi. j}^ 
sagdjir; J^}\ tjlf sigdra 
uf rangy, cigar. 

ijU^ 5 f^^^t/^, edging, border, pi, 
^lilf^ sigafdt. 

6W-- saggdn^ see ^ 
^ ( jifHl ) sagad (jisgid j, to 
worship, adore,kneeldown, 
Jif^ masgid^ mosque, place 
ofworship, pZ. Jb-l^ masd- 
gid,^^ sag Ad, worship, 
adoration. #3^ siggdda^ 
carpet, pZ.jL>-lf sagagyd^ 
or wbl?* siggaddt. 
sagaq* fringe or trimming 
of dress. 
suguqq* Turkish sausages. 

J^ ( Jf^- ) ^^99^ly to register, 
puton record. Jf I issaggil^ 
orjjjr^l itsaggil^ to be re- 
gistered, put on record. Jf^* 
musaggily registered, put 


on record, authenticated. 
Jjp^"^as5^t/Z,registration, act 
of putting on record. Jfr 
sigill, register, record, pi, 

Z."^ sigillAt; cJ^ ^^ ^ 
kdtib sigilldt, registrar. 
( oT*- ) sagan {j is gin ), to 
imprison. ^^ I insagan, or 


jf^Mtsagan, to be imprison. 
ed.C)yr^masgAn^ imprison- 
ed, prisoner, pi. u^yf^ 
masgunynfiv Cj^^» masa- 
Qy^'C/^ sign, prison, /)Z. 
OyfsugAn. 0^ saggdn, 
gaoler, warder, pi. il\^ 
saggdna, or ji\^sagganyn. 
sugAdy see jl< 
sahhdr,see ^ 
( w^ ) sahab (jishab ), to 
drag, pull, draw; J' y»- Vu^ 
sahabna huwdla,we drew 
a cheque; 4:^ ^^*-^ sahab 
"^alih sikkyna^he threatened 
him with a knife. ^-^1 
insahab, or ^^^ I itsahab, 
to be dragged, pulled, retire. 
:-\ issahhab, or ^^l 




itsahh^ib^to move stealthily, 
sneak away, ^^y^ mashAby 
dragged, pulled;,w^* Jrlj 
Aj\Ji jM rdgil mashAb min 
lisdnoh^hyo\\ih\e man. ^^ 
sahb, act of dragging, 
pulling, drawing. <^sahba^ 
a pull, pU oL< sahbdt. 
^U- sahdb^ clouds, sg, aA^ 
sahdba^ pi, ^iy^ sahabdt, 
sahtAi, mite, pi, c^\^ 

( j^. ) sahar (jishir ), to 
charm with magic, be witch, 
enchant, j^ sahhar^ to an- 
nounce the period of the 
suhAr or last meal before 
fasting in ramaddn. j:^\ 
insahar, or y^l it sahar, 
to be charmed, bewitched. 
ys- 1 issohharfivy^'' \ i tsahhar^ 
to eat the last meal before 
fasting, jys^ mashAr^ char- 
med, bewitched; jy?^ j^^ 
ddr mashAr^ underground 
floor, set of low-roofed 
rooms between two floors. 

j:^ s f /ir,magic, sorcery. j(U" 
sahhdr, magician, sorcerer, 
P^. C)ij^ sahharyn, or # 
Sahara, j^r suhAr, time 
before dawn when Moha- 
medans take their last meal 
during the mouth of rama- 
ddn. jK.^ muso^fyhar, or 
^^\yc^%musahhar&ty^ man 
who goes round during 
the month of ramaddn 
to awaken Mohamedans 
to take their last meal before 
day-break, pi. Cj^ft^^ 
musahharyn, ^J^sahhdra, 
syphon, pi, c»\J^sahhardt; 
•jGu^ sahhdra^ large wooden 
box, trunk, pL jp-L^ 

j-.-rr " ( j*-^ ) sahsah^ to leak, 
urine. Ajt^i.,^ sahsaha, act of 
leaking, urining. 

Ui^ ( vJb^. ) safyjLfiJishaf), to 
creep, crawl. ^J^ sahf, act 
of creeping, crawling. 

j< ( c?^ ) «ct/iag 0* i^*^ )> to 
crush, reduce to powder. 




j*:^! msahaq, or ^yt^\ 
itsahaq^ to be crushed, 
reduced to powder. 
masMtq, crushed^ reduced 
to powder, powder. j< 

sahq^act of crushing, reduc- 
ing to powder. 

J^ ( J^- ) sahal ( jishil ), to 
cause to be thin or lean. J*r^l 
insahal^ or J^^'^M itsahal, to 
be thin, lean. J^--^ mashAl^ 
thin, lean. 

,J^ sahJah, salep. 

aSsct sihlyja, lizard, pZ. JUr 

4^ sihna, physiognomy, pl.ji^ 

j^ suhAr^seej^r 

'f M) sal^b(jusubb\to strike. 
f^i^sahsaj}^ to have a faint- 
ing fit. j^ I insabh^ or ^M 
itsahby to be struck. ^-4cr^ 
musafisabj fainting, a^ 
sahhot'y^ thrashing,a hiding. 
Ait.Jifi' sahsaha^ fainting fit. 

\tf saba, or •^lif^ sabdwa, gene, 
rosity^ liberality, ^ic-i. «a&y, 

generous, liberal, pi. Uc-.! 
' asbyja. 
f\^ subdm^ see ic-*- 
^Li^r sibtijdn, see jlU 
i^ ( >-**^- ) sabbar, to cause to 
work without wages. ^1 
issabbar, or yt^Htsab^ar, 
to work without wages, jk,^ 
masaftftar, employed with- 
out wages. ,pc-J tasftyr, act 
of causing to work without 
wages • Bjh^ suhra^ forced 
labour, corv6e, pi. j^ 

Jc--ir sabsaba, see ^- 
Jak- ( ift^--» ) sabat ( yis6^< ), tc 
curse, be furious at, meta- 
morphose. Jm.41 insabat^ 
or L;it-Jliisa6^<,to be meta- 
morphosed . A^yc-** masbAt, 
metamorphosed, monster, 
idol, miserably small, pi. 
Jaj-U« masabyt ; i^y^^^ jiIj 
walad masbiAt^ an urchin. 
Jft^ sab;t, act of cursing, 
metamorphosing,rage,fury . 
^ ( A--i ) sabbcim, or 


sabmat, to daub, besmear, 
work badly, copulate. >"! 
issaliliam, or L.,^\ issadmat, 
to be daubed, besmeared, 
badly done, copulated. 
musahbarn^ or Ja.»Jt>wi 
5a6ma(,daubed, besmeared, 
badly done. aL^jt sahmata^ 
act of daubing, , besmearing, 
working badly, copulation. 
^Kkf subdm^ an ugly thing, 
sexual organ in the male or 
the female, pL zXX}^ suba- 
mdtsjffr\ asfiam, worse; 2cr1 U 
j^ VI ifJu^ ^ ma asbam 
min sydy ilia sitty^ the 
kettle calls the pot black . 

o^{ u^- ) ^^b^^ (jisbin ;, to 
wound, cause pain, repri- 
mand. ^;^l insabariy to be 
wounded, pained, repriman- 
* ded. ^ic sabn, act of wound- 
ing,causing pain.^xii sabna^ 
a wound, a reprimand, pi, 

^(o'^ ) 5^6^^^ (jisban)y to 
be hot./^ sabbarij to heat. 

ban, to be heated, ^i^e^* 
tasbyn, act of heating, a; ^ 
sub^na, heatj fever, 
sa6n,hot, warm, JU.- JLp 
'^s sabbdny, hot bread, 

J^saby,see U;- 

JL-* ( jl«j ) sadd ( jisidd ), to 

close, bar, dam; juj j^-l^ ^\ j^ 
badddm wdhid jisidd^ one 
servant will do; c-« '-^^^sadd 
nafsy, it deprived me of my 
appetite; ^llJU ^Ju lit ana 
saddH biddloh^ I did his 
duty for him ; jl. JjU Ji qr^f 
til walad sadd, tell the 
boy to keep quiet 1 jX*. 
saddid^ to close, settle. aJI 
insadd, or jljI itsadd, to 
be closed, barred, dammed; 
jiJI insadd^ hold your 
tonguel 3JuiU'^5at2t2it2,to be 
closed, settled. ^^Ju.* mas- 
^A^ mmaddidy or >JiJu 
mitsaddid, closed, settled. 
*ju sadd, act of closing^ 




barring^damming; j^sadd, 
closure, barrier, dam, pi. 
^jju suddd ; ju- AjU hdra 
sadd^ blind alley; vili\ju- 
sadd el hanak, kind of 
native pudding. jjJl-J tas- 
dyd^ closure, payment. aiIju 
siddba^ or otju siddda, 
cork, stopper, pZ. oUlJi- 
jju sidr, lotus-tree. 

AijX^sidryja, large bowl in a 
native ca/i^ in which cups 
are washed, pL oIjjJu 

^ju sads, see ^^^ 

Jx* ( Jju) ) sada/ (jisdil), to 
let down acurtain. JjusadZ, 
act of letting down. 
J- ( ^ ) ^^^^ (jusurr ), to 
please, cheer; wii^ j-i -**• '-^ 
da lifuhar jusurr el qalb, 
this is good news, I am glad 
to hear it. ^1 insarr^ or 
^*i itsarr^ to be pleased, 
cheered, j^j-^ maartlr, 
pleased, cheered, jj^ su^ 

^y^L j^ ^^ kdtim sirr^ 

c: • 

rdr, pleasure, joy. z»\j^ 
masirrdt, pleasures, joys. 
j-r sirr, secret, sacrament, pi, 
Jj^^ asrdr ; ^ ^^ kdtib 
sirr. OT j^ 2-^ 
secretary; .^ <^ la-^ ^CLyjat 
fysirroh^ he wept secretly; 

sirrak^or ^^ <^ M^j^kalAm 
fysirrak, keep this secret 1 
JJl j^ sirr el Ul, watch- 
word; f^ J Ui^ siribna fy 
sirroh^ we drank to his 
health; j^\^^ ta'ab es sirr, 
trouble, anxiety, cares, 
worries. (^"^ sirre/, secret ; 
{fj^ jjc mubbir sirry^ or 
(^yw- ^ybolys sirry,detec- 
tive, i*^ sirryja, female 
slave, concubine, /)Z. (^jl^x- 
^ sir,* chief; jlj^l* ^'sirja^ 
w irdn yChief aide-de-camp; 
^U^* ^ sir tasryfdty. 
Grand Master of ceremonies, 
J^^j.^sir W/ear,comm£ui- 
deriachief;jU^sir tugdr. 



chief of the corporation of 

^\j^ scLrdb, excrement, fecal 
matter . Jl ^^ sardbdty^ 
night-man, pi aJ\>j^ sara^ 
batyja • 
^j^sirdg, or ac^j^. masraga, 
lamp^pZ. Ac^-^J asriga^ or 
^j\^ masdrig, 

ic^\^sirdga^see ^j^ 

4p-I^ sardga^ gldnders. 

jl*^ sirrdq^ see j^ 

AAj^sardja,* palace^ pZ. wU^- 
scLrajdt'^ aAjJS ^j^ Vi ^s 
sardja^ kind of Turkish 
cake eaten with cream, 

w"^ ( V j4 ) sarrab^ to let loose^ 
cause to go astray. vV^' 
to be loose, go astray. ^^^» 
micssarrab, or ^j^ mit^ 
sarrab, loose, astray; j\jf 
s^j^ homdr mussarrab^ 
missing donkey. ^.r^ 
tasryb, act of letting loose, 
causing to go astray. 

4^1^ sarabdty,see ^l^-. 

•j^ ( m^j^i ) sarba\ to hurry, 
iii^l issarbd^, or ^^-il if- 
sarba\ to be hurried, in a 
hurry. *;^^ mussArba\ 
impatient, hurried, am^j^ 
sarba^^a^ hurry. 

Oj- sart, unripe melon. 

rV ( £>i ) sarrag, to baste, 
register a letter on a delivery 
book, ^j^\ issarrag^ or 
^jJ\ itsarrag^ to be bas- 
ted, registei'ed. r-^-M musar- 
rag, or rj^ mitsarrag^ 
basted, registered. ^^* 
tasryg, act of basting, 
registration. ac^\j^ sirdga, 
basting. j>-^ ^argft/, or 
j5j- sarky,* delivery-book, 

• • * 

^^ fed^ife $argy, copy- 

ingxlerk,ea?p^d i ^ ionna ire. 

rr'^^^Qy horse saddle, /)Z. 
^3j-'SurAg; J^^j^sarg 
sittdt, side saddle. fj-3j^ 
suriigy^ saddler, pi. ^3j^ 

P-J-*. ( ^j-i ) sargin* to exile 




transport. j:^j-^l issargin, 
or ^7^ j^\ itsarg in, to be 
exiled, transported, ^j^* 
mussargin, or ^j^* mit^ 
sargin, exiled, transported. 
As^yM sargina, exile, trans- 

C-^" ( C-^i ) 5Ctra/i (jisrah)^ to 
rove^ go to pasture (cattle), 
go to one's work; ^^ J^ 
*^aqloh sdrah, his wits have 
gone woolgathering, ^j^ 
sarrah^ to send to pasture, 
send one to his work , 
comb the hair, ^j^\ issar-- 
rah^ or r-^j-^\ i tsar rah, to 
be sent to pasture or to 
one's work, combed. ^jL 
sdrihj going to pasture or 
to one's work, ^j^ musar- 
rah^ or r;-i« mitsarrah^ 
combed. ^^* tasryh, act of 
sending one to pasture or 
to his work, combing. 
fjj^ sarryh, intinerant 
dealer, pi. a^j^ sarryha. 

C)^j^ sarhAn, thoughtf 

ry^sirih, tall and straigb 

wl^^ sirddb* underground pai 

sage, vault, tunnel, pZ.wJ^^ 

j\^j^ sirddr* commander-in 

chief, Sirdar; ai jl 3^ sii 

daryja, ofRce of the con 

(jL^j^ sardyn* sardines,s5^.03 

sardyna, pi. vi»Vd^^ sar 

w-'j- ( .^j^Jsarsib^ to sprinkl 

Aj-j-.5arsi6a, actof sprinJ* 

O^j-* saratdn, cancer ( disease ;, 

crab . 
^j- ( ^j^^ ) sara' ( jisrC ), to 

frighten, shock, ^j J 1 insara\ 

or f-j-JI itsara\ to be 

frightened, shocked. f5j-^ 

mas rA',frightened .shocked. 

ACj^ sar'a, a fright, a shock, 

pLz^^j^ sar'^dt. 
^j^ sur\ reins, pi. pl^l asrd\ 




Jj- ( jj^^ ) saraq (jisraq)^ to 
steal, rob. jj -il in saraq ^or 
Jj.ri itsaraq, to be stolen^ 
robbed; ^^^ ^ Jj-^' insa- 
rag min h6nhum^ he with- 
drew unperceived from 
among them, j^^^ masrdq^ 
stolen, robbed; J^^-^ ji^ 
d(3r masr{cq, set of low 
roofed rooms between two 
floors. Aij^ sirqa, theft, pi, 
sl,\ij^sirqdt;4ij^ ^y] akal 
sirqa^ he ate on the sly, he 
ate unperceived by others. 
AhyM siryqa, stolen article^ 
pi. wl5i^ siryqdt, jjU 
sdriq^ thief, robber, pi, 
c^j\^ sarqyn,^\ ^ sirrdq, 
a kind of saw. 

^ sarhy^ see ^^^ 

fj^-^j'^i^j-i) issarmah, 
to lead a fast life, have fre- 


quent relations with women. 
A«2^ sarmaha, fast life, 
debauchery, sexual inter- 
. course. A^j^ sirmdh. One 
who runs after women. 

debauchee ^pl.A<\j^sardmha. 
^j^ surra, navel, pi, jj^surar. 
^j^saru, cypress-tree. 

jSj'-surAr^ see j- 

(Sy-iifj^.) sara (jisry), to 
extend, spread; (^^^ cjy^\ 
kScel qanAn Jisry ""al^h^ihe 
law is applied to him. (^ jL 
sdry, in force ( law ). jJ)\j^ 
sarajdn, extension. 

^'j^sarryh^see ^^ 

ji^ siryr, bedstead, pi. j^ \j^ 

^.j^siryqa,seejj^ ' 

^.j^ sirryja^ see^ 
^ ( \!L^i ) sa(( (jusutt)^ see jJ» 
^(^^. ) sato/^ (jistah)ov 
sattah, to cause one to lie on 
his back,cause one to lie flat. 
>-M insatah, or ^\ itsa- 
tah, or ^\ issattah. to lie 
on Oxie's back, lie flat. ^* 
mussattah, or ^^^mitsat^ 
tah, or ^ sityh^ lying on 
one's back, lying flat. ^^ 
tastyhy act of lying on one's 



back^ lying flat. ^ sath, 
surface, level; Mji\ ^ sath 
el ^aqd, crown of the arch; 
^ sath^ or ^^ sutAh^ 
roof of a house, pi. a^I 

of a canal,pf. ^\^»masatyh. 


jL- ( J^ ) sattar^or JL^Mmas-- 
tar, to rule ( lines ). ^-.1 
issattar, or ,k-JI itsattar, 
or ^^k-*il itmastar^ to be 
ruled. J^^. musattcir, or 
JL^c mumastar^ ruled, jk- 
5a(r, line, pi. j^ stUAr. 
mastara, ruler ( for 
drawing lines), pi, ^U. 
masdtir ; ^c-^ ..^^ .^-^ 
mastara fiakah muqassima, 
ranging rod.^^tj^J^ masta-- 
r6n^ trowel. 

^Jk^ sat rang, see ^JJ^ 

JJL^( Jk-j ) satal ( jistil), to 
intoxicate. Jk-il insatal, or 
Jk-il itsatal^ to be intoxi- 
cated. J^k-.» mas(AZ,intoxi- 
cated. ^JJft^ satla, an intoxi- 
cation. Jk-. sutal, hasys 

Jk- 5a(Z, bucket, pail, pi, J^^ 

^ satUy see J^-*. 
r ^ sut&h^ see ^ * 

J*-.( Ja^^ )sa?af>i5?y;, to assail, 
attack. ^ Ja— !»• ^^ masty 
'af^/i, victim of brigandage. 
•^5aiM?a,influence, autho- 
rity, power. 

oU*- 5a'(ida,andjlr^'ada^Za, 
see ju^ 

^}\m^su'dl^ see Ja-*. 
ju^ ( JL»-4 ) sVid {Jis^ad ), to 
become wealthy- a^L sd^'id, 
to help,assist. Jia-la^W, to 
enrich, render happy; jl»^ 
^^L^jisHdsabdhak, good 
morning to you! ( women's 
talk).joLl issdHd^ or jcUJl 
itsdHd^ to be helped, assis- 
ted. Aim. sa'd, happiness, 
good luck; iljjt- ^ min 
sa^dak^ fortunately for you. 
•JipL.. musd'^da^ help, assis- 
tance, pi, Cj\^c.\^i^musa''ddt, 


si yd, wealthy^ rich, pi. 
|jL*-*i su^'ada; jl»-. sa^'yd^ or 
Xk^.mus^ad, happy, fortu- 
nate; JL*-. ^jl^ nahdrak 
sa^yd, good (norning to you I 
oU- sa^'dda, wealth, happi- 
ness. Excellency; ^U\;^U-. 
sa^'ddet en ndsir^ His 
Excellency the Minister; 
lo^U- sa^adetkuniy Your 
His Excellency . JcU* musd- 
Hd^ assistant, pi, Cjlj>c\^ 
musa'dyn; )J ^^j jcL^m 
musdHd rayjis qalam, 
sub-chief of an office, 
j^ ( j*-i ) sa^^'ar^ to fix a price. 
jiu.1 1 ssa"ar, or yuJ I iisa^ar, 
to be fixed, j^^* musa^'^ar, 
or jiu-Ju mitsa^'^ar, fixed, 
yu* seV, price, rate,pZ. jU^I 
as'ttr; J. b j^ J^\el himma 
si^r ddjir, fever is prevail- 
ing. jjn-J ias'{/r^act of fixing 
a price, o jn^J ia£'{/ra,tariff. 
O* J*- ( ♦-J^J sd'rdn ( /caZ6 ), mad 

iiu- ( Uui^^ ) i^a'a/ ( jis'if ), to 
help, assist, rescue ; ^i*-! 
U ii^ij isHfny bi swayjet 
mayja, give me some water 
quickly! vJU-il is'd/, assis- 
tance, help, relief, subscrip- 
tion to a charitable object, 
pi si»\i\^\ is^'afdt, 

J»- ( J»-i) ^'^'^^ O'ls'^O? to cough. 
J^»-*« mas%l, one who is 
sufifering from cough. 4L1- 
si'to, or JU- sa'tti, cough. 

^^ ( ^^. ) sa'a (jis'a ), to 
attempt, endeavour; i^^^^\ 
4IUU is'a loh ftl masdla^ 
help him in the easel ju- 
sa^'y, or ji-*4 ma5'a,attempt^ 
effort, endeavour, pi. j\^* 
masd'^y; ^-.>- ju*** mas^(t 
hasariy a good cause. ^^L 
stt't/, one who attempts, pi. 
uh^^ sa'yjyn; j\^ sd% 


messenger, office orderly, 

pi. •U- su^'a; *L-.^^ ^L sd^'y 

6ds(a,postman, letter-carrier. 

JU- si'^yd and sa'^yd, see jl*-*' 

U-("c^J saff (jisiffh to 




swallow ( grains, etc. ) ; 
^^\ iju yfc huwa saff el 
ful&s, he appropriated the 
money, he pocketed the 
money. ^yU sufAf^ medi- 
cinal powders. 

•jlu sifdra, see jl^ 

Afi\L^ safdha, see li^ 

^< ^. ) safah(jisfab),tohit; 
asU i^-" safahoh ^alqa^ he 
gave him a thrashing; ^^ll- 
s-*l::5l5\ sa/aA el kitdb, he 
appropriated the book, he 
took possession of the book, 
he robbed others of the 
book. A^ safba^ a hit, a 
blow, pi. c^^ safbdt^ 
jk^ ( J^. ) saffar^ to send one 
ona journey' despatch. yL 
sdfir^ to go on a journey, 
depart^ travel, j^) tasfyr^ 
act of sending one on a 
journey, despatching. ^ 
safar, journey, travel, 
voyage, pi. jU-l asfdr.At^jL^ 
sa/tersfja, a journey, a trip, 
a campaign, pi. wlijL* 

safaryjdt. J\^y musdfir, 
traveller, passenger, guest, 
musdfir lidna ^residence pu' 
by government at lh( 
disposal of distinguished 
travellers. jjO- safyr, am- 
bassador, pi. \ji^ sufara 
^j\Lm sifdra, embassy, pi 
wljU-*. sifardt. 

^}^ jl- safargil^ quinces, sg.j\c^J 
safargila, pi. o!iUy- 
• jL- sufra^ table, dinner-lablc 
pi, J^sufar;^ju.sufragy ' 
waiter ,pZ . ii.>. Ji^sufragyjo 

d^jt-sa/rdi, small playing toj 
^ij*- -«5^ walad safrAt^ aj 
urchin, a young rascal. 

jCi^ji^^safryta, small silver coin 
(value 70 paras ), pi. ^.j^*- 
Aiji^safaryja, seejL^ 
JftL* 5a/to?, jewel-box. 

(i*^ ( J^H ) ^^ff^Qj to blow 

( wind ).^, lower part of a wall, 



bottom. ^^U JiUI asdfil en 
nds^ the lowest classes of 

jLu- . jLul ( jU-^. ) issaflaq, to 
be parasite. asU^ saflaqa^ 
parasitism; ajL^ A^JTI a/ca2 
wayjdh saflaqa^he ate with 
him without being invited. 
J^ sifldq^ parasite^mean, 
hanger on. 

^ sifing, see ^1 

aL- ( A4-i ) sa/te^ (jisfah ), to 
revile, swear at. aL. safah, 
or Aiblu safdha, defamation, 
insolence. Aji^sa/yA^insolent, 
reviler^ pi \^ sufaha. 
8ufAf,see Ut^ 

jji^ safyr^ see ^ 

sufayjif, lean, meagre. 
sifyna^ chicken-breast, pi. 

OiU- safdjin. 
safyh^ seoAi- 
(L saqqa, see ju 
Ai»(L Buqqdta^ see ItS^ 

AllL^sagdZa^see J2> 
^^.a^( j^«l^^ ) saqsaq, to soak, 
saturate. aUm^ saqsaqa, act 

of soaking, saturation. 
Jfti^ ( JoA^ ) $aga( {jisqat), to 
fall down, miscarry ; 3^2^ y^ 
<i:P fyhuwa saqat m in ^iny, 
I lost all consideration for^ saqqat, io drop one 
after the other,cause to mis- 
carry. J#^ suqtit^ fall; J^yu 
ji>1 suqtit el haqq, lapse of 
right. J#l2^\ tsgd^, discount. 
^iJlJflX-^ masqat er rds^ 
birthplace. aLsL sdqta^ 
accident, p2« ]Mi\y0$awdqit, 
ial^ saqt, miscarriage, 
still-born foetus . iuU. saqa{, 
unsound ; Joa^ z^bit saqat 
house which threatens to 
fall ; JftL* J>-lj rdgil saqat, 
an infirm man;^^jU;.| JiL- 
saqat el hardf, head, feet 
and entrails of a sheep 
(slaughtered);JaJ\^ J^r^j-^ 
hisir el gild wis saqat, he 
lost all he had. i\^^suqqd^, 
door-latch, pi. wU^tL sug- 
qatdt, or IlJIl* saqaqyt. 
C ^jLL^j^agga^to roof .^.jut 




to be roofed. UuLmm musaq-- 
qaf^ roofed • oULi tasqyf, 
act ofroohng. AiJLJtasqyfa^ 
a shed, a roofing, pi. c\uu^ 
tasqyfdt. ou- saqf, roof, 
ceiling, pi. vJ>L. suS^A/", or 
^^ suqAfa; jU-l ^juU sa^/ 
elhalq, palate • 
J#yu suqUti, see Jali* 
J-. ( j-j ) saga C/esgy), to give 
to drink, water, irrigate, 
temper ( steel ). J-^ saqqa^ 
to soak bread in broth, 
etc. . j-Jl insaqa, or j-JI 
itsaqa, to be given to drink, 
w^atered, irrigated. jlJI 
iisaqqa^ to be soaked, jl-^ 
masqy, watered, irrigated. 
JL- saqy, or aJu» siqyja, act 
of giving to drink, watering, 
irrigation. aX. saqja^ an 
irrigation, a watering, pi. 
cXl0 saqjdt. (L saqqa^ 
water-carrier, pL ^(1- 
saqqajyn ; ;jU ,^ U ^ .jl, 
^^\2J\ biddoh j iby"^ mayja 

fy hdret es saqqajyn^ he 
wishes to bring coal to New- 
castle, ^u sdqja, water- 
wheel, pi, Jl^ sawdqy. 
^y^ m is qa , water-course, 
pi. Jl--. masdqy. (^^U-.* 
misgd toy, vegetables which 
require irrigation. ajLJ tas- 
qyja, bread soaked in 
broth.UJLI ist is qa ^dropsy, 
dJL ( viJLj ) sakk ( jusukk ), to 
lock. siJLJl insakk, or dLJl 
if«a/c/c, to be locked. ii/L. 
rnaskAk^ locked. dU sa/c/c, 
act of locking. J^ sikka, 
road, y/BY^pl. viiC sikak; 
A^ljj ^ sikka zira^yja, 
agricultural road; jujb- ^ 
siTc/ca had yd ^ railway; 4SC- 
(^ILU sikka suUdny^iugh" 
way ; ^^1^ a5C- si/cfca tou- 
todZy, direct road. 

wSC sukdt, see .iC 

^SC sakdkir, see ^ 

( c5C1j ) sikit (juskut ), to 
be silent^ hold one's tongue^ 




be quiet ; ks^ ^^I uskut 
^annoh, leave him in peace! 

•j\^ J>-^ ^ ^^ sikitna 
loh dahal bi homdroh^ 
v/e gave him an inch and 
he took an ell. jX- sak- 

kit, to silence^ cause to 
be quiet. .zSu sdkit^ silent, 
quiet, zJ^ taskyt, act of 
silencing, causing to be 
quiet, wl^ sukdt^ or •iyCl 

5afeiJi,orcXl safeto, silence, 
quietness ; 4:5CJ\ •I^ dd es 
safe <a^ apoplexy, c^f^ suk^ 
k6t, sand-flies. 
JC- ( jdj ) sikir (jiskar), to be 
intoxicated^ drunk. ^ 
sakkar^ to intoxicate^cause 
to be drunk, crystallize. ^ 
sukr, intoxication, drunk- 
enness. .^ sakra, a fit of 
drunkenness, pi, z»\f^ 
sakrdt. ^ sukkar^ sugar; 
^\J f^sukkor naMi^candy; 
. Jl. J>.lj rttgfiZ sukkara^ a 
very nice man.^l J^sctferdn, 
intoxicated,drunk, pl.iSj^ 

sakdra, or ujJljCL sdkra^ 
pi. 4i^ sukaryja, ^SC- 
sakdk « r^sweetmeats^sugar. 
plums. ifjC0SUkkary, su- 
gary;c^^ J^ftdi sukkary, 
diabetes. ^^ sukkaryja, 
sugar-basin, pZ. olijw 
^y^ (^b) saksHka,"" (daqn), 
beard imp^riale, 
Xl ( X^. ) safea' (jiska"^ J, to 
strike; USA^saka'^oh kaff, 
he slapped him ; -JfV X- 
safea' ^iafe to, he bolted the 
food. AiX- sak^a, a blovsr^ 
a thrashing, pi. ^l^ 
^^( ^2^. ) 5ifei/i ijuskun ),to 
inhabit, dwell in ; ^^ z^^ 
el h6t sikin^ the house has 
been rented. ^jCm sakkin^ to 
cause to inhabit or dv^ell in, 
let. ^Cu sdkin, inhabited, 
occupied, rented; ^M^^ cf^ 
sdkin el gindn^ or J^^ 
gdnnatmakdn ^the late;^;^ 




sAkin, inhabitant^ tenant of 
a house^etc. pl.o^sukkdn. 
^/CLi maskAn^ inhabited^ 
occupied; o^^^ W< mas^ 
kAn, a haunted house. ^^ 
sakan, act of dwelling^ 
residence. ^^^L^ maskan^ 
residence,pi. jfUiumas(t/c in. 

^ <C^ sukM^ see cXl 

A:^^sikkyna , knife, pZ. ti^^- 
Lp ( J-J ^ saK { J is ill ), to un- 
sheath. JJu salsil, to chain. 
J-JI insall^ or J-Jl itsall, to 
be unsheathed^consumptive. 
JJU\ issalsil, or JJuJl 
itsahily to be chained, J jIU* 
maslAl, unsheathed, con- 
sumptive. JJLm^ musalsil, 
or jJi-^m I isafeii, chained; 
4LA...^*y n im ra m itsaZs I to, 
serial number. J- siM, con- 
sumption, pulmonary phthL 
sis. AJl^ silsilaj chain, pZ. 

silsilet ed ddhr, back- 
J- 5a W, or aL salla, basket, pi. 
J^ silAl, or vi*^- salhXt. 
^^silAh^ see^ 
(3y^- salaqdn, red-lead. 
J%^{J^)sildqy(kalb), grey- 
|l^ saWiim,and ^^ saWm,and 

dJU^ salAmlik, see U 
-i.^ saHma/ sausage. 
wL-(wA--i) sata6 (jislib), to 
plunder, madden. wLJi 
insalahy or ,Juj I iisato6,to 
be plundered, maddened. 
wjlL* maslAb, plundered; 
^jH-^ maslAb, mad, insane, 
pZ. wJL^masaZy&, ^JusaZft, 
plunder. A\^salba, tnEdness^ 

salab^ cable of palm-tree 
labre, sg.<X^salaba^ pi. siXL. 

. laJul ( JJlj ) issaWaty to 
make false pretences,impose 
upon. AkA> saWala^ false 
pretences,imposition, fraud. 



uL> salaband, silk sash. 

iJu.(c<L-») salat {jislit ),io 
draw out ^extract, c^^sallit, 
to draw out or extract one 
after the other.cAJI insatoi, 
- or zXJMtsalat, to be drawn 
out, extracted, sneak away. 
wjH-.^ maslAt, drawn out, 
extracted, cX- salt, or jjLJ 
taslyt^ act of drawing out, 

*iJi? sulus, capital letters. 

H^ ( ^* ) sallah, to arm,equip. 
^1 issallah^or ^^Mtsallah^ 
to be armed, equipped , >Ju* 
musallahfiT^^^0>i*m itsallah, 
armed, equipped.^* taslyh, 
act of arming, equipping. 
9^%0 silAh, arm. Weapon, 
blade, pi, a^I asZiAa ; Jj\ 
9^%S\ c^ ^ itraqqa min 
taht es sildh^ he rose from 
the ranks; <^j\> t^^ sildh 
/i(try, fire-arm. jij^-^siZi/L 
d4r, arm manufacturer, pi. 
Aijl-xi^ silihdaryja. 

rJu. ( ^- ) satoft (juslufy ), to 

skin,split,fleece, reprimand. 
i-M msatoft,or^*li75atoft, 
to be skinned, split, fleeced, 
reprimanded. ^jL- masUlb, 
skinned,split, fleeced, repri- 
manded, r^ saUi, act of 
skinning, splitting, fleecing, 
reprimanding. A;\i-- sato- 
h,Ana^ slaughter-house, pi. 
wlil^ salaband t. 

4LJL-iSiteito, see J- 
LU ( LLj )saZta(,to incite; 4JJu 
U sallatoh "^alayja^ he set 
him against me. JaLl is^aZtof , 
orJJujliisaito^,to be incited, 
domineer. JJU* musallat, or 
JJl^^ mitsallat^ incited. 
IJuJ taslyty act of inciting. 

oUJu. saWttn, see ^^^Ju- 

mU- ( ^JA-i ) saKaA,tomake flat, 
»JJlm musaUah, flat ; j^ 
yJJiM sahn musaUah, plate. 

^Uu . Ji^\ ( ^;,U-j) issaUan^ to 
have absolute authority, be 
conceited. j^Llu^ musaUan, 
or ^;^U-ju mit saltan, one 
who is possessing absolute 



authority, conceited. aJJu. 
saltana^ possession of 
absolute authority ; ^) 
4JJlJ\ kursy e$ saliana, 
capital of a country, o^!^ 
suUAn^ Sultan, emperor, pi. 
c^}i»iL salatyn; c^i^ JL) W y^ 
aJUj huwa "^Ajih sultdn I 
zamAnoh^ he lives like a 
^iUl- suUa, authority, domi- 
aJJu sultanyja, bowl, /)?. f^^%^ 
salatyn,ov ^i^UliaL sultan y- 

iJtL- salata* salad. 

<LLsaZto,old fashioned jacket, 
zouave jacket, pZ.LU sulat^ 
or vi^UJusat^df . 
iU ( c-il^, ) saZZiY, to lend. vJli^t 
istalaf, to borrow. ^d-J 
tasty f, act of lending. ,^ 
sata/, or 4iL sulfa, loan,/)Z. 
,^iL st^to/, or c*UU sulfdt. 
i^lU sdZiy, previous, prior; 
/jjl cJiJL sAZtY e^ zikr, 
above mentioned. 

uX^silf, brother of a wife's 

husband. ^oL si7/la, wife of 

a husband's brother, o^l 

. asldf, ancestors. 

(^ {^^^.)salag ( jusluq ), to 

cook by boiling, scald. jl-Jt 

insalag, or jLJl i<satog,to 

be cooked. JjH-** masUlq, 

cooked, jl-^ saZ(j^, or jA- 

siZt/g, act of cooking by 

boiling. AijUw* maslAqa^ 

boiled meat. 

' ^^ salg, chard beet, 

JiAi 3 Ja2l-. saZga^ toe malqat (origin 

and meaning unknown ) . 

IasL.3 JasL ^ <Sc si»j3^ dau- 

wart ^alSh fy salqat we 

malqat^ I looked for him 


vii- (vifi^Hi) silik (jislak or 

juslukjy to get on, behave 


one's self. vliU sallik^ to 
clear (road,etc.),cause to get 
on; I3 J>-l jl vlJlU saZZi/c er 
Mg^iZda, have done with 
this man! attend to this man's 
business and let hin^ gol 




d\UI issallik^or d^\itsal- 
lik^ tobecleared.vdlLsttii/c, 
clear; a53^U d6wi\ es sife/ia 
sdlka, the way is clear^ the 
way is open. viLLJ talsyk^ 
act of clearing.viU.-.«masto/c, 
road, way, behaviour, /)Z. 
diL^masdlik. Jl^^ mti- 
sallikdty, pipe-cleaner, pi. 
(j^L^musallikyn yOr aJ^^Ju^ 
musallikatyja; jjai\ c^fi^. 
musallikyn et turuq^ pio« 
neers (mil.). iJjL sulAk, 
conduct, behaviour; Lx 
iijiul\ Him es suUik, good 
*HU5i7fe, wire,pZ. illiUl a^W/c, 
or iJjUsa&i/c. 
Li ( Lj ) silim (jislam), to be 
safe, i-*^ sallim^io hand over, 
submit, cause to be safe, 
salute, shake hands;4a ^^l U 
sallim amroh lillah, he 
resigned to God's will ; ^^ i-? 
ily^l ^ sallim ly "^aUi dbAk, 
give my regards to your 
father 1 ^Jj\ U sallim ydak, 

or vik^L sallim ^inak^ 
well done 1 bravo I I thank ' 
you I Ll islam, or LJul 
istaslim,io become a Moslem. 
It-l istalam^ to receive^take 
over. Ju) taslym, act of 
handing over, causing to be 
safe, shaking hands, salut- 
ing, submission; c^c\^ tas^ 


iymdi, salutations, regards, 
respects. ^^1 isJ/Xm, Islam- 
ism, Mohamedanism. L^ 
pZ. fjJimAmuslimyn, l^silm^ 
OT^%0saJdm, peace. ^^ 
saldm^ salutation, regards, 
compliments ; f iL \j ja 
saldm, or Lj ^^ I ja 
salAm we sallim^ dear me I 
l»^\3 wis saldm^aWis said, 
et voild tout^ifji ^"^h^saldm 
ndry, feu^e^joie. aa^ 
sdldma, safety ; wU^ 
salamdt^ how .do you do? 
AM%^\ »» ma"^ es saldma^ 
goodJ^yel farewelll dbi^ 
saldmtak ,lhoj^ you will be 



weU; *«5L ^ oU J\ ^ ji-l 


saldma. all is well that 
ends well; Ij 4<^t^l4Li^, &e 
saldmtoh el hawdga da, 
this fine gentleman, this 
good fellow. Xm salym^ or 
JIL sdlim^ safe, healthy^ in 
good condition; aJ\ Ju» 
salym en nyja^ person of 
clear conscience. U sillim, 
stairs ; A^\ U sillim et 
taslym, rope-ladder, escape 
ladder ; w4*l )- ^iWim ei 
^tm&yaccommodation ladder; 
^.jjii. LsiMim 6a&i6,ladder; 
L. ^JuJij j^W ^dwU jVmilny 
sillim, he wishes to make a 
cat's paw of me. iX^sillima^ 
a step, pi. cXX* sillimdt, 
d^%m saldmlik, men's re- 
ception rooms in a MohamcL. 
dan house. 
A^^ailla^ thorn,p{. c^ silldt. 
sL salla^ see J^ 
^jL ( pJU) ) $alwa\ to press, 

pressed, urged, hurried; jjj 
>jL4 walad mu8alwa\ a 
quick boy. 4cjL salwa'^a, 
pressure, hurry. 
AJi^sulAk,see dlU 

(^ ( (i-i ) ^^to {jisly ), to melt 
(butter, etc.). J-- saZto, to 
amuse. JJl insala, or J-JI 
itsa2a,to be melted, meagre. 
J-l issalla, or J-J i itsalla, 
to be amused, have sexual 
intercourse. A— masly, 
melted, melted butter. ^1*^ 
mussally, or A«.i« m itsally^ 
amused. L. saZy^ act of 
melting. k\^ taslyja,anu 
usement, pi, ^^\J iasdly. 
jJuseiyg, see jU 

Ami salym, see U 
(^Uu silymdnyy sublimate. 

iT summ or summa, then, 

^( ^. )«<*^''^ {jisimm ), to 
poison; Aii^^ j^ Aatoa 
samminy hi kaldmoh^ he 
offended me with his words. 
fJMnsamm, or ^JHtsamm, 



to be poisoned,* ^masm&m, 
poisoned. ^ tasmym, act 
of poisoning. ^5 imrriy poison^ 
pi. 0^ sumAm; j\i ^^simm 
fdr^ rat's bane ; j^yr^l ly^ 
hawa es sumdniy sirocco, 
simoom. (^^1^^ simmdwy, 
magician, /)i. du^\^ simma-- 
\^ sama, sky, heaven. <^^!c- 
5am4 to {/, light blue; c^^lc* t^^l 
dda samtt to ^, roofless room. 
4^\c- sa/nti^'ct^rudeness^antipathy. 
^-^ samig, rude, antipathe- 

--1^ samAh, see <?•*• 

jl^samttr, see ^^ 
j^^samafdr* semaphore, pi, 

wljylc- samafordt. 
j(c^ sammdq, sumach, 
iltc-sammdfe, see die-" 
^^ samdka^ see viLi-* 
^i(5?« sammdn^ see ^ 
(^3\^ samdwy, see \c^ 
if ^^^ simmdwy, see xs* 
samig, see 4^^^^ 
(gc4 ) ^amai^ (jismah), to 


permit,allow,tolerate; 7«J^ V 
' -oil to ^arnah alldh, God 
forbid I ^Us4m t/t, to forgive, 
pardon. »c.c^ I insamah^ or 
^\ itsamah^ to be permit- 
ted^ allowed. ^eUl issdmih^ 
or 4:LJl itsdmihy to be 
forgiven, pardoned. 7-y?*^ 
masmAhj permitted,allowed. 
fV samdh^ forgiveness, 
pardon^ permission. a^L- 
musdmha^ forgiveness, 
pardon, vacation, holiday, 
pi. si^UL.* musamhdt. ^ 
simihj pleasant; ^ *ij 
wiSSoh simih, he has a 
smiling face. 
j^ . ^^1 (ji^-) ismarr^ to be 
brov^n, dark ( complexion ), 
sunburnt, jr* musmirr^ 
dark, sunburnt, fem. 1^ 
samra, pi. jC sumr; J^ 
ha§yra samdr^ grass mat 
(of a superior quality) . 
j^{ Jsri) sammar, or ^ 



masmar^ to nail^ copulate, 
jd issammar, or jr^\ 
itsammar, or ^1 itmas- 
mar, to be nailed. jC^ 
musamwar, or jr^ mumas- 
mar, nailed, j^' tasmyr^ 
or ijir* masmara, act of 
nailing. j\j^- musmdr, nail, 
bolt, pi. jiuUwi masamyr; 
•j.^ jW rnusmdr ibra^ 
French point; i^^3'^j\t^* 
musmdr qaloAz^screw nail; 
^U jic^ musmdr qaba- 
«^y&y, peg nail; jj j#- j\^ 
^y\^\ musmdr hadyd bi 
samdto, hook bolt; (^^ :iJS^i 
^^\ j^^elakla dy musmdr 
el batn, this meal is the/) idee 
de resistance. 
.c*( ^^*^l ) samsar^*^ to act the 
broker, intercede . t^^^ 
samsara^ brokerage, bro- 
ker's fee. jL^c simsdr, 
broker, pi, ^^J^ samdsra. 
^simsim, sesame, coriander 
seed, sg. u..j;r simsima,pl. 
wlc^^ simsimdt. 

( kiH. ) samat ( jusmut )^ to 
scald with boiling water, 
cookby boiling, JaiH I insa- 
mat, or Jac-^'l it samat, to be 
scalded, cooked. \>^c^ mas. 
mUt, scalded, cooked. Jac* 
samt^ act of scalding witr 
boiling water, cooking. W: 
masmat, scalding-house, 
pi. ]ajX^ masdmit, 
Av-( AiH- ) simi' (jisma"^ )^ t 
hear, listen ; a!^1 *e-i U jjj 
eZ walad da jisma'' el kil 
ma^ this boy is obedient, «i. 
samma"", to cause to heai 
recite. ms^\ insama\ or .r 
itsama\ to be beared. ^A 
sdmi\ listener, pi. (>mI 
sam^yn, ^ sama\ sense c 
hearing, singing, music, 
iur^ tasmy\ act of causing 
to hear, recitation, acw sam. 
md'a, stethoscope, pZ. Cj\o\^ 
viiv- samafe,flsh,sfl^.45Cc*sapia/ca, 
pi. d^ samakdt ; die* ^j 
;s:H sam/Cik^ cod liver oil; ^^ 




aCc* '^n samaka^ corn in 
the foot. iJv- sammAk, fish- 
erman, pi. ^\^ sammdkay 
or C;S\^samrmkyn. 

vilv- sumk, or S\^ samdka, 
thickness. dJLursam yk, thick, 

^^ ( ^^-j )5t/nmfyi5/na/i^,tobe 
fat, corpulent, ^cr sammin^ 
to cause to be fat or corpu- 
lent. Aic* simna fatness^ 
corpulency, f^ simyn^ 
^c* samn^ melted butter. 
^\i:'sammdn, seller of melt- 
ed butter, pL4i\^^sammdna; 
o\^ sammdn^ quails, sg. 
^V- sammdna, pi Cj}'\^ 
sammandt; \^)\ iH^- sam^ 
mdnet er rigl,c,d\{o{ the leg. 

y^ sumA, Highness ; (^^ jJ=-l y^' 
sumA elhid6wy. His High- 
ness the Khedive. 

j^ sammAr, beaver, sable. 

jf ( J^- ) samma (jisammy), 

to name; JJl Jp x- sarhmy 

""alobl walad^ hold the boyl 

^1 issamma^ovjr^\ itsam^ 

ma^ to be named, c^ mu-^ 
sammyfiv jr^ mitsammy, 
named. <x^ tasmyja, act of 
naming^ ^\ ism^ name, pi. 
^Ul asdmy; A^c4Si\ ^'^\ ism 
alldh 'a«/i, God guard him I 

JaJ^'simyt^ native cakes, sfl^. <l«-c* 
simyta,pL siMLf* simytdt. 

dUr samyk^ see siJLc* 

O^simyn, see ^y:^ 
cT ( aH ) 5^^^ (jisinn )^ to 

sharpen (knife, etc.); ^<^^>- 
sann Wy/kx,he formulated a 

regulation, ji^ sdnnin, to 

teeth. ^1 in8<Xnn\ or j-jI 

itsann, to be sharpened, 

^^^-.» masnAn, sharpened. 

J-* sarin, act of sharpeningj 

j^c-J ^as/i(/n,act of teething. 

j^Mtn i sarin yOr^y^ jS'hagar 

m isann,v/hetstone,pl. J^U-^ 

misanndt, or ^y-4 ;jl^ 

higdret misann, ^^ sinn^ 

age; ^ sinn, tooth, cog, 

/)/. oU- sindn, or o^' 

asndn; cj^\ ^ ""agala 

bi sindn, cog-wheel; j- 



^}^$inn fyl^ov r ^ '^fi^jivory; 
dlss^ c^ sinnoh jidhak^ he 
has a smiling face; ^ K^dli- 
sinnak kdm, how old are 
you? ^ JLo '^ssmn^coarse 
bread. ^\:^ sanndn^ knife 
grinder^ pi, aiIl- sanndna^ 
or uJ»^^ sannanyn* c*^ 
sunna^ Mohamedan law. 
^^^* musinn, aged. 
Ut sana, see ^ 
^j^sinndra^ fish-hook^ pZ. 
^U- sananyr, or sl^ljU-. 

^^U- sinndry, see Jy 
^\i^ sanamikky^ cassia. 
^j^L. sanamilra^ native herring. 
0^ sanntin, see ^-» 
dJU- 5an6a/c,rivetting punch, pZ. 
dlb--. sandbik, 
J^^Jjt-^st/nftaZ toe huzdm, tulip. 

^y*L. sinbila^ see J.- 

dU^^u sanhdsik^ meat patty ( of 

triangular shape)^s5'.^^*:- 

sanb^ska,pl, zJ^^i^san- 


^sx^santo, or ji^ sdnty^ or 

>r^5an<im itr,*centimeteri 
pi. c^l>£*^ santimitrdt, 

(jU^ singdby^ grey-coloured. 

jj^ sangaq^"^ flag^ governor of 
a province^pZ. j>-U-*san(t5reg. 

^ Af^ singa, weight of a balance, 
pLf^sinag; #^1^ ^^Jf tri'^ 
Z(i6is 'aZa singet 'asara,he 
is dressed up to the nines. 

^4^ singa,see^iy^ 

^ ( mUJ ) sannah, to feign not 
to hear, be indifferent. ^^ 
musannah, one -who feigns 
not to hear, indifferent. 
^.uJ taisnyh, act of feigning 
not to hear, indifference. 

j^u ( -u^-j ) sanad ( jisnid )ov 
sannid, to support. jx^\ 
insanad, or JO^l it sanad, 
or jui-l istanad, to lean 
upon, be supported. ^^-.^ 
masn{id,oTXx^^ mustinid, 
leaning upon, supported.JU- 
sand, or Jui-J tasnyd, act 
of supporting. ^U:-lZsim(td, 
act of reclining on,x^samd^ 
support, proof, receipt, pi. 




Ct\x^ sanaddt. j:u-s4 mus- 
tanad, proof, voucher, pi. 
^\xi^* mustanaddt. 

masnad, a thing to lean 
upon^ pi, m\^ masdnid; 
Jii^z^c^f^kursy bi masdnid, 
^^\x>sinddl^ anvil, pi Ji^U-- 

•jjLi^ s(indara,ov ^jx^sandara^ 
attick, loft. 
^3jjLU sandarAs* yBVDXsh, 
j^Ij ju- sindijdn^ holm- wood . 
li:- sant, acacia nilotica, 
jik-.5an(e/r, musical instrument 
( kind of harp ). 
y^ {y^)sanfar, to polish with 
sand-paper. jd^\ issanfar^ 
or jii-JI itsanfar^ to be 
polished, jii^* musanfar^ 
polished, •yi-' sanfara, act 
of polishing; $ yi^j j^waraq 
sanfara^ sand-paper ; ^jn^ 
Ji j^ sanfara hadyd, bur- 
if}^ sankary^ tinker, pi. ^i^c-* 

jL5c-i s in iksdr/^ life of the Saints, 

r^^ sankdh^ miserable, wretch, 
pi. /U- sanakyh. 
Ai^ sana^ year, pi. ^c- sinyn; 
c-^oi-*-* si<i«/n sana, or ijd\ 
Ai^ aZ/ sana, so much the 
worse I aSc ^i:- ^\ alf sana 
''al^h^ so much the worse 
for himl let him go to the 
devil I (^y-sa/iaiot/, yearly. 
<^ sunna^ see^- 
c/ (c^^l ) sanaCJisny)^ to praise. 
Vjr^\ istasna^io except.^^i^ 
mustasna, excepted. Ui 
sana^ praise. 1:^^-1 istisna, 
exception. b*l asna^ while ; 
dDi Ul <^ fy asna zdlik, 

ijui-. smd6r(X,necklace,pi. wl^ 
jf^( j^^^ ) sihir (JisharJ^ to 
keep awake at night; 
(^jUjup sihirt ^and gdry^ I 
passed the evening at my 
neighbour's.^^ sahhar, to 
cause to be awake. j^f^J 




tashyr^ act of causiog to be 
awake, j^ sahar, wakefuU 
ness.o'^- sahrdn^ one who 
keeps vigil, ^j^ sahra^ 
evening, soirie^ pi. Cj\j^ 
sahrdt, ifj\^ •y^ qahwa 
sahhdrtffioffee^shop which 
is open all night. 

Jk ( Jf^H ) sihil (jishal), to be, 
easy. J^ sahhil, to cause to 
be easy, facilitate, ^y\^\ 
itsdhilj to be lenient. J^JUI 
istashil, to consider easy. 
J^* task t/Z,facilitation.4J ^^- 
suhAla^ ease, facility. J^ 
sahl^ or Jj^U sdhil, easy; 
ji^VJl ^jj^ hilisbis sdhil^ 
he got off cheap. J^ saht^ 
plain, pi. J^^ suhAl, 

J^ ( J^^ ) sahal (jish il), to 
give diarrhoea. Ji^ I insa/iaZ, 
or J^*l itsahal^ to have 
diarrhoea, J^^^ mashMfine 
who is suflfering from diar- 
rhoea. Jl^Us/i(iZ, diarrhoea. 
J^ mUshil, purgative. 
^^ sahm, arrow, pivot, share 

in a company jpZ.^lasAam; 
^J\ jOi nafad es sahrrty 
the die is cast. ^U-« J^jS 
sirket musdhmd, compa- 
gnie anonyme. 

y^ sahUy see ^^ 

Ay^suh{ila,see J^ 

^/-^{iSr^.)sihy(jisha),io forget, 
overlook, neglect ; ^ ^^ 
si/i(/'ato(/ja, it escaped my 

memory. J\^ sdhy, wily, 
heedless : ctl*^ ^ Lf\J\ es 
s(J/i(/ tahtoh dawdhy^ 
smooth water runs deep. 
^^ sahu, forgetfulness, 

y0saWy see »U 

l^satoa, together; SymSx^ 
mUyna sawa, we walked 
together ; \y^ db J zayjak 
saioa^ exactly like you; lil 

'r* '>^' V ^-^^ fl'^ ^^ hawa 
sawa, if the wind is fair, if 

circumstances favour. 

s^\y sawdb, charity. 

J\ysm sauwdh, see ^L 

3'^ sawdd^ see j^-* ^ 

^■^-*^'-^ ■ 




(^ ji^ tawdry* cavalry ; ^fj\y^ 
jy\)\ sawdry el wabAr, 
captain of a steamer. 
j\y^ sauwdq, see jU 
<^^^s{lbja^ Nubian beer. 
^^ sUbJa* trousers-strap. 

>rr- ( jrr-i ) ^^S'^^/ see /^ 
0^>-» satoa^^n^see^L 
i''^-( 3^-j ) sCLuwid, to blacken; 
v'yr ^!>- ^^^^id gawdb, he 
drafted a letter; ^^ ^^-J Vjl 
A'^d tisauwid wikky, don't 
shame mel aiJLp 4) li^^ 
sauwidna loh "^yktoh^ we 
made his life a misery to him. 
^^1 issauwid^ or ^yJ\ 
i tsau w id , to be blackened, 
j^l iswadd^ to become 
black, ^y^*muswidd^ black, 
ish. JoyJ taswyd^ act of 
blackening. ^MyJtaswyda^ 
or o^-A muswadda^ rough 
draft, proof-sheet, pZ.Jij^l-J 

d(i^ ^^1 iswid, black^/'em. 
b^ S()c{ay pZ. ^y0 sAd ; aJJ 

^^-1 qalboh estoid, he bears 
malice, he is vindictive; 4j jU 
1 3^ 5^(ir/a sdda, negress 

j slave ol^saio(id,blackness. 
sodd 10 1/, melancholic. 

0'^>- suddn ,SudeLn.i^\^y0Suddny^ 
Sudanese, pZ. aJI^^ suda- 
nyja^ or^tuU^ sudanyjyn, 
j^- s^r, wall^pZ. jl^l aswdr, 

Jjr' ( Jj^-i)s<3rag,tofaint.jj^-^ 
misdraq^ one who is in a 
faintingfit. Aij^^ soraqa, 
fainting fit. 
•j>-i sAra, chapter of the Koran, 
pi, jj^suwar. 

ifjy* sAry, Syrian. 

^"^ ( ^j->-*i )sauwis, to be moth- 
eaten, be worm-eaten,decay. 
^^ taswys^ rottenness, 
decay* <j->-« ma5attw?is, 
rotten, moth-eaten,decayed. 
sAs, moths, worms, sg. 
k^y' sAsa^ pi. wU^ susdt, 
J*>- sdt, lash, whip, pZ.J^L-s V^/ 
J>- • J>-^ ( J>-*i ) issauwaq^ to 
purchase, buy. J^ sAq, 




market-place, bazaar, pi. 
Jl^l aswdq^ jy0 s{iqy^ 
appertaining to \he market^ 
vulgar. 4Si ♦- s uw^qa, sipall 
market-place, pi.oU^ sa- 

to secure, insure ; ^y^ y^ 
v-#l4-i.l huwa sdkar el 
gawdb^ he registered the 
letter ( at the post office ). 
y^\ is sdkar ^ or fy^\ it-- 
sdkar ^ to be secured^insur- 
ed./^« musdkar, secured^ 
insured. ^\l^y*> sokortd, or 
#1? j/L- sykortd, insurance, 
^^'^sungy, or 4^** singa, ba- 
yonet^ pi. olS^>- sungdt, 
or 4^ sinag. 

iSy^ (tf >-l ) ^^^^> (jiswa), to 
be worth . ^^"^ sauwa^ to 
make equal, settle^ arrange, 
smooth^ ripen,cook;t^^*«3 J/ 
'amal toe saatoa,he did and 
accomplished. ^^^U sdwa, 
to make equal, smooth, ar- 
range, settle, be equal, be 

worth, (iyi-l istavoa, to be 
ripe, cooked ; iSy-* ^.y^\ ^' 
ihna istavo6na sawa^ we 
agreed together. ^^^Cl is- 
5(iioa, or t^^VJl itsdwa^ 
to be arranged, settled, 
equal to; 1^- \^5Ul issdu 
sa tort, they agreed together. 

(fy^ ij^-h rdgilmustiwy, 
a worn out man. .I^Lut ma- 
sawd, or 4.^1-^ fnusawyja, 
arrangement, equality. ai^ 
taswyja, arrangement,set- 
tlement, act of ripening, 
cooking • 

Ai^-. suwSqa, seej^ 
^ sy, see ^U 

A^sijdg, hedge, pi. cXoX^ 

4^L- s ijdha^ see ^U 

•^L« sijdda, see ^U 

^L*sydsa, and ^L- sijdsy, 
see^L^, see jL 

4lUi sayjdla^ channel of water 



0^ sybdn^ eggs of lice • 
*n-^ syba^ or a*..- sybja, trestle, 

tripod, pi, c^L;-- sybdt^ or 

oU^ sybjdt, 
^ ^y9^y game of draughts. 
j^ sj/ft, skewer, spit, iron bar, 

pi, A*^\ asjdli^ 
^2^ syd^ see 3U 
J^^ s4r, see jL 
J^^ s6r^ band, leather belt, 

^^t'^^Y^^.-*^^^ biddy awarry 
loh essSr jitla'^ minin^ I 
shall serve him rightly, I 
shall pay him dearly. 
z-ji^syrig^ sesame oil. ^^-j^^ 
syrga^ sesame oil mill, pi, 
^UjfV-. syrgdt, 
•j^^syra, story, pi. j^^ sijar ; 

ajI Sjj<^ syrtak ^, what is 
the matter with you? JL^ U 
Jo^ IjK^ ma tigybs syret 
/kzdd, do not gossip I ^^\j 
aA ^j^\ oj^. rdgil Ji'raf 
es syra^, man who knows 
what 's what. 

^^-5t/5y, pony, young rat, pi. 
^Iw-. sajdsy, 

Ut^s^f^ sword, pi. ^yr^ sujAf. 
vjL- sayjdf^ swordsman, 

oljj^^ sykortd* see /\^- 

^..MsSl,txndj%^sajaldn, seeJL 
JL^ {A^l ) siim ( jisam ), to 
feel aversion for, loathe. a* L 
sadma, aversion, disgust. 

^^sym, enigma. 


( V ) W syjama (la), especially. 
^f^sayji, see »L 


r=: § 

\i ( Ai» ) ^ ryisy ;, to wish, 
desire ; <»l U 0' ^'^ ^ alldh 

or insalla^ if God wish, 
would to God 1 I hope ; V i ^^1 





C.J-J U <ul inialla ma ruht, 
I do not care a bit if you go 
or not 1 go to hell! -it U U 
ma sd allAh or masalla^ 
how nicel how grand I bra- 
vol 4ii Li U Jl ila! ma sd 
alldh, for ever, 

^li ( wiA ) ^b (jiSyb), to age, 
grow old, have white hair. 
Jiisayjib, to cause to grow 
old, cause to have white 
hair. s^Ai sdjib, old, white- 
haired. , i s^6, or A— i ^ba, 

old age, white hair..^Ustt66, 
or ^ &i66, lad,young man, 
youth, pi, oL-i subbdn ; ^ 
^y W sa66 gamAs^ a young 
buffalo. 4,U A466a, girl, lass. 
v-#Li &t6(l6, or owi ^ubu- 
byja^ juvenility, youthful- 
ness; ^Li \.J y^ huwa lissa 
kibdb^ he is still young, 
tj^li kabdra, fog, mist,prow of a 
ship ; IjyliJI *»Jl j;^* mm ed 
daffa lih sabdra, one and 
all, from first to last. 
^U (^i)) kAb (jUyb), to age. 

grow old, become tough 
(vegetables). ^_wi sayja^^ to 
instal as chief or &eb. tc-J- 
s^bj aged, old man, chief, 
saint, pi, ^^ ^ujAb,ov 'a}1^ 
mxisdJifi;j^^rc.J'i^b ^l balad^ 
or <^\i\ f^J' s6b ^Ti ndhja, 
headman or mayor of a 
village ; r-yp^,^^^ maglis 
es suJAb, the Senate. ^U 
sAJib, aged, old,tough. a^ 
maSjaba, or 4^Li HjAba, 
office of k^b: 

^^U ^bis, stake, pole, pl,^>'\y^ 
J^U kddly, gratis. 

^y>\^ kaddf, see oA-i 

jli ( j^i) ) itlr, (jusdr), to ad- 
vise; Jo jP ^Ar "^aknyja, 
advise mel j^U sdtoir, to 
consult, beckon, point out, 
make a sign. jliL-l ista§dr^ 
to consult, ask advice. j^Ul 
ihkAwir, or j^liil itsdwir, 
to be consulted. »j^ ^dra, 
or ij^Lt makwara^ advice. 





consultation, pZ.wlj^^Mi, 
or c#lj^-i« ma&wardt, ^jji^ 
oy^y^^(Sjyimagli$ Sdra el qa, 
wanyn, legislative council. 
» jUjL. I is t isd ra^consulta tion, 
pi. oljlil-l istikirdt, »j^\-i« 
musdwra^ consultation, «ct 
of beckoning, making a 
sign, pointing out. ^4 ma- 
syr, adviser, counsellor, 
field- marshal, pi. ^J^.j^-i» 
musyryn. jVLX^^ mustaidr^ 
mustakaryn ; ^^\ jLiLAl el 
mustasdr el mdly^ the fi- 
nancial adviser; Jud^jliULl 
el mustasdr el gaddy, the 
judicial adviser; (^y j^jliJL.* 
masiakdr ftid^toj/,Khedivial 
adviser. Government legal 

c,j\ji,sdri\ see^yJt 
^^ jU ^ry, see ^Sj^ 
J;,U ids, muslin. 

I>Li ( Ja.i» ) sdt (jisyt )^ to burn 
slightly, take fire. iAJ^kijdt^ 
act of burning slightly. 

JAi, sdtir, see JLi 

J.U &i<j/, see Ja-i 
«.Li(*ji))stt' (ji^y'')^ to spread 
(news). ^Lil a&t',to rumour. 
>^i sayja\to send. -^U idjV, 
or f-li* mu8d\ spread, ru- 
moured. 4cli\ i&t'a, rumour^ 
pi. sl^W-il i&i'(ii. ^' tai- 
jy\ 8^ct of sending. 

^oli stt'er, poet, story-teller in 
native caf6s^ pi. Sj^Su'^ara. 

jAi^ijir^ camel saddle. 
Jy>U Ai^^Z, cable of main sail, pi. 
Jjpl^ SawagyL 

oU(^^ii) Al/', (jukCif)^ to see, 
think : A-^'^l-i y^ ftatoa sdf 
nafsoh^ he took good care 
of himself, he became con- 
ceited ; ^ ii-.i; ol^ y^ huwa 
sdf nafsoh 'aUxyJa^ he looks 
down upon me ; AiS^^Vi ^ 
huwa sdf kifoh^ or ijLi y^ 
Ac^Syhuwa Sdf mazdgoh,he 
consulted his own pleasure. 
^'y^kauwif, to show, cause 
to see. ,jli)l inkAf^ or JMS\ 
it sdf ^ to be seen; JLiliiU ^y 



• • 


mara ma tinsdfs^ an ugly 
woman, ^p sdf^ or o^r^ 
sawafdn, sight. Ai^Ji ^d/'a^ 
a sight, pi. o^^i so/ilf. 

jli . jllil ( jl:u!Li) is<(igr^ OF J^'i 

itsauwaq, to desire, long 
for. j>i sauwaq^ to excite 
desire, jl:!- mustdq, desir- 
ous, eager. jlJLil istijdq, 
desire, a longing for. 
jU sttg^g, see ji 
ij fii. sdkiryja, dagger ^pl. Z^lfh. 

j^fitsaMs* see J^/'U 
oj/ti safeo/i^to,* jackonet, 
S^§dky,see ^ 

J^ (J:^.) ^^ O'lsr/O, to lift up, 
(i^^^ ts'Li y^huwa sdlny we 
hattiny^ he looked me up 
and down; ^ JiJLij l» J<>lj 
rctgrii ma y/^^Z^ hamm^ a 
happy-go-lucky fellow; y^ 
^j\» ^y^^huwabijisylfllus, 
he puts by money; • j^lu JU 
ailmanatyroh^ he became 
conceitdjhe became haughty. 





Jliil in§dl, or JULTI i7sttZ,to 
be lifted up,carried,removed, 
kept. J-i s^Z, act of lifting 
up, carrying, removing, 
keeping,contalning.4^ Ji s^la^ 
load, weight, pi. Zj%i'Seldi;^ 
j^^ ^ s^la b^la, altogether, 
without weighing or count- 
ing. JU«ma&iZ,or4)Uii//(tZa, 
porterage. J Li sa^y^lZ, porter, 
pZ. 4[J^ sayjdla^ or i^Li 
hayjalyn, ^jL-i sayjdUx^ bra- 
cket, pi. vi^Vl^^ kayjaldt ; 
jj\ 4lLi sayjdlet ez zyr^ 

sctZ,* shawl, pZ. 0^^^ syhXn. 
Mlja, earthenware bowl, pi. 
oUU saljdi. 

sdm r^4*, Syria ; »jfi53\ aUJ\ e^ 
8(tm eZ kibyra, Damascus. 
^Aisdmy^ Syrian, pi. fip 

sdma^ beauty-spot, mole,pZ. 
C*Uli samdt. 

sdn, affair, sake; cM ^^ *^to 
sttn , or jl-i^ ""asdn, or ^^ ^y 
mm sdln, or ^;)l±.^ lisdn^ for. 

# w 



because; A^ljli^ ^asdn ^, 
what for?;iiollp 'a^(t/i mj/n, 
for whom? iJ^U- o^-<^ ^asdn 
fidtrak, for your sake; c^t\c 
z^P'j U ""alasdn ma ruht^ 
because you went ; 1 jJ^^^^Liic 
'alasdn keda/or this reason, 
therefore; U^^U^Ui^'ato^n 
ma huwa hena, just because 
he is here. 
,[isdh* Shah. JUU sahdny, 
royal. jj^iAJ:. sdhbandar, or 
jj:.-; ^fcandar, chief of the 
corporation of merchants. 
t/U s(t/it/, striped silk ma- 
terial. A.4U sahyja^ roll of 
striped silk material. . 
Ji^b ^h id^ see Ji^ji 
A>.j^U sdwirma* rich stew, roast 

JL3 3U sa u? (/s, see JLi ^U 
(^U %*,* tea. 
^\J.sdjib, see ^U 
^U %*i^, see ^U 
-)li stt/r, see p-U 
^ (^1 ) sa66 (jisibb)^ to stand 
on tiptoe. ^ sabb act of 


standing on tiptoe. 
sabb, or ^ sabba, alum. 
sabdb, see wLi 
sibbdk, window, pi. viLLi 
sababyk ; ^i- ilU-i sibbdk 
lahma, gridiron. 
sabai^ dill (plant). 
( ^1 ) sabah (jisbah), to 
open the arms, crucify. ^ 
sabh, act of opening the 
arms, cruciflction. kf^sabhu, 
shackles, fetters for animals. 
^"-^ musabbah, broad dried 


{ j,ll ) kxbbar^ to point out 
with the hand, gesticulate. 
j^^* tasbyr^ act of pointing, 
gesticulation . ^-i sibr^ span, 
space between the ends of 
extended thumb and little 
finger, /)f. jLiI asbdr; J>.y^ 
Ujvij huwajigraqfysibr 
mayja^ he quickly loses his 
Jj^ ( J-^-^1 ) sabraq, to feast 
(children), give (children ) a 
treat. J^l issabraq^ or 


A. ft 


jjjiji itsabraq^ to be feas- 
ted, given a treat, ^i^ 
sabraqa, treat, pocketHno- 
"6y>pi. Jj^r^ kibdriq. 
^isi6ii&,* slipper, pZ, w-i^^ 

Ja^ ( L^i) ) sabat (jisbat)^ to 
lake hold of, take a fancy to. 
J*Ji sabbat^ to cause one to 
take hold of, cause one to 
take a fancy to.o^l*t-^ sabtdn, 
one who is taking hold of, 
having a fancy to. 

mJ' { ^^ ) sibV {jikba'' ), to be 
satiated, satisfied. ^ sabbd^ 
to satiate, satisfy. ^^ saba\ 
satiety, fulness, satisfaction. 
j\»J* sab^dn^ satiated, full, 
satisfied; j^ Jr'j ^dgil 
sab^'dn, man of means; j4 
^\m^bahr sa6'4n, deep >\ater, 

viLi ( viljij ) soibak ( jusbuk ;, to 
entangle, attach, entwine, 
engage,betroth. viLi kubbik^ 
to entwine. dL-lil insabak, 
-or diJjl itsabdk, to be 
entangled, attached, entwi- 

ned, engaged , betrothed , 
iJ^.-i« makb{tk, engaged. 
viLi« musabbik, entwined. 
^.i sa6/ca,engagement,be- 
trothal, difficulty, pi. jC^ 
sabkdt. diwi sabak^ nets, sg. 
'^l sabaka, pi. vi^SCi &i6a. 
kdt'^^i. sibyka^ net- work. 
dLi* masbak^ hook, paper- 
fastener^ pi. ^U* masdbik, 

^J.subuk* smoking pipe, pi. 
pipe-seller, pipe-maker, pi, 
kS:" subaksyJCL. 

A J, ( ^.tSjkibahQ'isbih) ^io resem-- 
ble,cause to be suspected. 
A)Li sdbih, to resemble, com- 
pare. ^ 8a66i/i, to compare, 
liken; aSc aJiI lil anabasab- 
bih 'aldh, I take him for 
some one I know, <*iil 
istabah, to suspect. <JJI 
insabah, or <JLf I ithabah. to 
be suspected, iuifl itsabbih, 
to imitate, follow the exam- 
ple of another,be compared, 
be likened. »^*i« masbdh, 






'• • 

suspected. **^i^« »j* mara 
mas6iJ/ia,courtesan;«^« ^*i 
hitmasbiih^ secret brothel. 
A.^.!) tasbyh^ comparison^ 
imitation,pZ. z\^^tStoshyhdt, 
A^subha^ doubt, suspicion; 
^^ JLi U ma /"t/s Subha, 
there is no doubt; ^il^ ii^iJ\ 
aJc es saft/ia wdq^'a ^aUh, or 
^ » j^-A^A|JJ\ es subha mah- 
sAra fyh, he is the only 
person suspected. <^[L» 
'musAbha, or Ajlir tasdbuh, 
comparison, resemblance. 
A.-i sa6a/i or sibh, resem- 
blance^similarity; o^l \.i y^ 
huwakabah afidh^ he looks 
like hisbrother.^LtiU'^tfM/i, 
doubt, suspicion, ambiguity. 
sububyja, secwU 
Hbyka, see viLi 
8 tbt/n/ godfather, pZ. ^^^^ 
kibyja^ see a^ 
( ^i) )&i<< {jisitt ); to run 
away, desert; ^ J^^'aqloh 
hatt^ his wits have gone 

wool-gathering, he became 
insane . 
Vi>hita^ see j-i 

fliisa^Mm, see /i 

Jti(Jil)) safaZ {jikil), to 
transplant. Jii ^<Z,nursery 
plant . 
^ ( ^ij ) iaZam {jistim ), to 
revile, swear at. ^iil m^a- 
<am, or xtS\ itsatam^ to be 
reviled. ^yiLM mastdm^ 
reviled, ^i satm, or 4.r- 
sityma^ defamation, abuse, 
pi, Aii katdj im . A^^knttdm , 
reviler, one who uses foul 
language,pZ. ^•liii^ix ttam yn . 

iS^ ( (i^! ) ^^^^ ( jisatty ), to 
winter,rain. lii ^iZa, winter, 
rain. A^yiJi ^i7a;(/ya, a winter 
season, pZ. j^\iy:Ji kitwyjdt, 
if j:^ si twy ^v/intry, winter 
crop, ji* masta^ winter 
residence or resort. 
pV sugd\ see m^ 

j^r • yAiS\ ( y-liSi ) ithdgir, to 
quarrel. •j>-li^ musdgra, 
quarrel, row, pi. z^\j^jlm 




f- sagar , or jfT sagar, trees, 
sg, ^j^ hagara^ pi, ^1^ 
sagardt.or j\^\ asgdr,^^\J' 
sagardja,shvuh\pl, C»Vj5r 
sagarajdt, j^ musaggar, 
adorned with drawings of 

• Aj-" ( »fi^. ) sagga\to encourage. 

* * 
^\ issagga^ovn^ \ itsagga\ 

to be encouraged. *jf^ faig't/', 
encouragement. 4c\5c^ kagd^'a, 
courage, bravery.p^i< kugd\ 
or ^j^ sagy\ courageous, 
4r brave, pi c^^5^ Sug^dn. 
( ^- ) §ahh [jUihh\ to dimi- 
nish, be rare or scarce. ^ 
Hhha^ rarity scarcity, ava- 
rice. J J\ ^hal)Ajih en nyl, 
low water level of the Nile, 
d^ hahhdt, see si^^ 
jj< ( jj^. ) hahhar, see j^ 
c^ ( .i^ii ) kH'hat ( jishat ), to 
ask for charity, beg. o^ 
iahhat, to give gratis, lend • 
C0^ makhAt^ given gratis, 

city, beggary. sl^U^ sahhdt, 
street-beggar, pL uj»U^ 
sahhatyn . 

W ( Ja^itJL) ) sahat (Jishat ), to 
strand, strike the bottom, 
rub (a match). ia\^ sahtat^ 
to drag about from place to 
place. W.*'sa/t^,act of strand- 
ing, striking the bottom, 
rubbing (matches). a!L\^ 
sahtata, act of dragging 
from place to place ,J[atigues 
of journey • 

^^ sahmagy, waggon- 
greaser , pi. kf^<'sahmagyja. 

C^( a^' ) sahan {jiShin ), to 
load, fill up. ^5r^l insahan, 
ovji^\itsahan,iobe loaded, 
filled up. ^y-Ul is^dhin, or 
^liJl itsdhin^ to dispute, 
quarrel . ^y^mash^n, laden ^ 
filled,crowded. ji^hahn^ act 
of loading, filling up. ^u*r 
hahna^ load, freight, cargo, 
pi. cUj^ sahndt, ii>LJL* 





• i 

mukdhna^ dispute, quarrel, 
disagreement, pi. siU^-li* 

jy^(j>*-H) sahwar, or j^ kth- 
bar^ to blacken, smear with 
black. j^\ iskahwar^ or 
jyi^\ itkbhwar^ to be black- 
ened, smeared with black. 
j^musahwar^ blackened, 
smeared with black, •j^ 
sahwara, act of blackening, 

^ * smearing with black. jl^< 
sihwdr^ soot, 
^i( ^.) sabb (juhahh)^o ease 
nature • ^i^ sah§ali, or JlStf? 
sa6^ti, to rattle, ^i^ Mbctb, 
to attend a child while easing 
nature.M^sa6ti&, excrement, 
urine. Ak,±it^ knh^aJia, act of 
rattling. ^ kahba, a stool, 

§alibet eVagtiza^ dry muia- 
ft^ya prepared without meat; 

i^mm(tm, he was sacrificed. 
Ai^* mikahbo^j public latrine. 

^ubs^ba^ rattle, sky-light, 

j^ §af}bdr , see ^ 

to smudge,soil, blot,scrawl, 
disfigure. k.jJ'\ ikkahbat^ 
or JaJr-M itkahbat, to be 
smudged, soiled, blotted, 
disfigured. )a^ musahhat, 
smudged, soiled, blotted^ 
disfigured. iXj^ sahhata, 
smudge, blot, scrawl. 
>kr . jJi^l O^l ) iskibtar^ to 
bluster, snub. #j%i^ kihtara, 
bluster, snub. 

jc:{ jc-^) kahar, (jukhur ) or 
sahbdr^ to snore, snort, j^ 
sabr, or j^ &itnfr^ snore. 
J^ sabbdr , snorer ^ pl.y,j\kr 
sabhar yn . 
icJL^ sabs^bo^y see p 

^ (t/^^. ) Mbot'S^ to personate, 
act a play on the stage; J!X\ 
UJ\ ^^ el hakym sabbfi^ el 
""ajd, the doctor found out 
the disease. .^u^iS tak-- 
by?, act of personating/ 



• t t 


^W-l a^fids. ^, 


LiJ' sabs, person^ form, 

individual, ancient coin, pi, 

tW- sabsy, 
personal, ^..^i-- ^bsyja^ 
personality, identity. 

Ja^i ( Ls^. ) .sai&a? (jakbut ;, to 
swear or thunder at, snub; 
jj^l J Lif sabat fll walad, 
he thundered at the boy.L^cr 
scLbty act of thundering at, 

^.^\ {A-^-iyissabla^io sheike 
one's self in dancing, have 
bewitching manners, ^^ 
sablo^OLj act of shaking one's 
self in dancing, bewitching 

• I 

J^^sibyf*, see jfT 
"^ ( xt{ ) sadd (jisidd )^ to 
pull, strain, draw, tighten; 
d\U- JLi sidd MUxk, take 
courage 1 take care of your- 
self 1 4j^ xi yi /iau?a sadd 
ta^'myra^ he smoked a g'd-s'a; 
jU-l jii sidd eZ homdr, 
saddle the donkey I ^^\ xi 

sidd el ""arahyja, get the 
carriage ready 1 ^^ Ji 4:;LJ\ 
^i ""ayjdn sadd h^loh, the 
patient is progressing to- 
wards recovery. 3 jisadd id, 
to urge, press, be severe, be 
strict. Jiiil inkadd, or xtS\ 
it sadd, iD be pulled, strained, 
drawn, tightened, -xr-il is^ 
<add,to be severe, aggrava- 
ted, intense • ^^xi^ masddd, 
pulled, strained, drawn, 
tightened, xi. sadd, act of 
pulling, straining, drawing, 
tightening. •jU sadda^ a 
pull, pi. vlilxi sadddt; 3^3 
^jJ.waraq sadda, playing 
cards. $xi sidda, strength, 
intensity, distress, stress. 
JLi JuU <asde/d,severity, per- 
sistence, strictness. Jijui 
hadyd, strong, powerful, 
intense, pi. ^\xi' suddd^ ^ 
^4 jLiI huwa asadd minny, 
he is older than I. 
vjj-i( ^xL\ )sadaf(jisdif), to 
lift water by means of a 




sad^/'jJi^Usadii/', well-known 
native water-lifting ma~ 
chine(consisting of lever and 
bucket), pi. ^i^\y^sawadyf, 
^\Aisadddf ^one'who w^orks 
a sadAf^pla^)^^ saddafyn. 

JM . jIm ( jxLi ) issaddaq, to 
turn a thing in the mouth. 
jA-i sidq, jaw, corner of the 
mouth, ^}\x^\akddq, 

•^^ sidda^ and jijjLi sddyd^ 

* * 

ji'{ jXi) iarr (Jusurr ;, to 
trickle, drip, dribble. 
sarsar^ to cause to trickle, 
drip or dribble, make the 
edge uneven (like a carpen- 
ter's saw ). •y^ysi sarSara, 
act of trickling, dripping, 
dribbling, making the edge 

*jSsarr^ evil, wickedness, pi. 
j)^&ur{lr;jiS\ JU) fei'd es 
sarr^ God forbid I (women's 
wicked, quarrelsome, pi. 

\ji sira, see cif^i 

v^l^i sardb, see ^^i 

v-*l r^ sardb or surrdb, or w^ •>- 
gurdby sock, stocking, pi. 
oU/-- surabdt^ or wijl^- 
sararyb, or wU^ gurabdt, 
Ai\j,t surrdba^ tassel, pZ. 
oU^i surrabdt, or ^.j\j^ 
sararyb; ^>l il^i (^j ^aj 
surrdbet el burg^ super- 
fluous, ornamental. 
j\ji» sardr^ sparks, sg, ^j^^i sa^ 
rdra, pi, oljl^i sarardt, 

A-il^i sardsa, ferocity, ill-nature, 
coarseness, rudeness, ^j^ ji» 
sariSy ferocious, ill-temper- 
ed, ill-natured, rude. 


j\^sardqyy see j/. 

^\Asardniqy slough. 
^1^ karrdnyy see ^ 

Ai^i^i sardha, see #^ 
^ji ( ^^. ) .sire6, (jisrab), to 

drink ; o^^ v^ ^^^^^ ^^*-- 
/j(iAi,he smoked, w^ts a rraft, 
to cause to drink, saturate, 
w^lil insaraby or w^^'l 




itSarab, to be drunk.»-»yial 
itsarrab, to be saturated. 
,^j^lyt sarhdn, quenched/ 
drunk, ^^yt ^arfe^ . act of 
drinking. A)^ sarba, a 
drink of water, pZ. wlyt 
sarbdt ; L :iyt (^ ^1 j rd/i /"y 
sarbet mayja, he was lost 
cheaply, he was sacrificed ; 
4*^i sarba^ purge, pi, w^t 
surab.s^^^masr Ab^liquor, 
drink, beverage, pi, wl^^li 
mahrubdt^ ^\ji. sardb^ or^!i^arMi,syrup,sherbet. 
Jjlj^i harbdtly, sherbet 
seller,/)/. k^\/;,sarbatlyja, 
^^i sarryb^ one who is 
addicted to drinks, one who 
endures the effect of drinks. 


^.Jr^ s(5r6a,* soup. ^J^ 
sArib, or ..^ sanab, mus- 
tache, pZ. vj'^-^ sawdrib^ or 

vile- wjU .s(ir/6 samak, 
%iJlj^i (^,^1) ) sarbik^ to embroil, 
confuse, entangle. viJby^l 

to be embroiled, confused, 
entangled, dl^l* musarbik^ 
embroiled, confused, entang- 
led. ^^ sarbika, embroil- 
ment, confusion, 

C-r ( c/-i ) ^^^^. (Jisrah), to 
explain, please; wl^ljc^yi 
sarai^ 'atoZ g^a tod 6, he wrote 
an annotation on the letter ; 
J^^\ rr^\ israh el fil&ka^ 
bring the boat alongside 
the shore! ^•^ sarrah^ to 
dissect, cut into slices, r j-til 
iniarah, or rr^\ itkarah, 
to be explained, pleased, 
^^1 issarrah^ or ?-^*l 
itkirrah, to be ^dissected, 
cut into slices.^j>;^masr6/i, 
pleased, ^ji saM, explana- 
tion, commentary, note, 
annotation^ pi. il»W^j-i su-- 
ruhdt, or ^^^i surAh, 
i^ji sarhoh, ditto. ^1^-151 
insirdh, pleasure, gayety. 
A yJLT tasryh^ dissection,au- 
topsy. ilLiU Juj^ siryhet 




6s sibbdk^ window shutter, 
plA\j^ sardjih,Ao^ji sarha^ 
slice, plr-ji surah^or oU^Ji 
sarhdt. r)^ sirih, airy, 
spacious ; ^ji j^. 6^i sirih, 
house with a good view^ 
^ji ( r^l) sarab, (jukrub)^ to 
split, crack, f^i sarrah, to 
split or crack repeated ly.f^l 
insarah, or f j-^H itkarah, 
to be split, cracked, f^^l 
issarrab, or^^*' itsarrab, 
to be split or cracked re- 
peatedly. ^^j-» ma^rAli, 
split, cracked. ^j-l« musar^ 
rahy split or cracked in 
many places, ^j-i* takryh, 
act of splitting, cracking, 
f^ sar6, split, crack, pi. 

slice, pZ.wU-j-i sarfidt,^ji 
sarbagy^ skirmisher, pi 
^itji sarfjagyja. 
^ji» ( 3j-ii ) 8arad (jisrid ), to 
escape, err. ^j-it* mutasar- 
rid, vagabond, pL Cjl^jL^a 

^ji. sard, hot wind, sirocco, 

f 3ji ( f^j-^i ) sardim^ to notch. 
^3j^l iskbrdim, or f^^H 
itsardim, to be notched. 
^3j-i« musardim, notched. 
<»^jisard ima fict of notching. 
* saris, see a-^I^ 

J^^Hrs, root, spray, pi. J.3y. 

^^sarsar^ sickle. 

jLi^ sars^x/, *bed-sheet,pZ. i^-il^ 

.]0ji. ( -Uj-^i ) ^ara( (jusrut)^ to 
tear, impose a condition; 
aJc J^^ asra? 'aZ^/i, or J^^l 
•U3 wsra? wayjdh, impose a 
condition on himl agree 
with him! J^jU sdrit^ to 
make a condition with, agree 
with.J*jJisarra(,to cut with 
a razor ^bleed. i^j^Mnsarat, 
or ifijSS\ itsarat^ to be torn. 
-UjiH itkLrrat^ to impose 
conditions, cut with a razor, 
bleed. i^^jL^ makrdt, torn. 
J* J.* musarrat, cut with a 



• t 

razor. Jajj-i* tasryt, act of 
tearing,cutting with a razor, 
bleeding. -U^-i sart, tear^ 
condition, stipulation, pi. 
J^3^ §ur{it, or wU^jji 
surutdt ;i^jJ:. U "alasart, 
or J^^N bisart^ on the con- 
dition. J*ljJ^W*sfird(,orAi»jlit 
musdrta^ mutual contract, 
agreement, pi. ^\^l\J.:.\ 
istiratdt^ or c*lUjli. mu- 
sartdt, ^ji'laraty, pick- 
pocket, pi, U,^ji saraty- 
ja, AA^ji sarlyja^ written 
contract. JaJji^ire/f, ribbon, 
tape, pL JaJlj-i sard jit, or 
^Ljil a^rito; j^jj^ ia)^ stre/( 
mahzaTiy railway shunting; 
^•V Jaj^Ji itre/( Idmba, lamp 
wick; Jb 0^ a$C- ia) ji 'Sere/? 
sife/ca hadyd^ railway line. 
ifijL% masrat^ lancet. 

f-T ( tj^' ) ^^^' ( y/ira' ), to 
begin, undertake; .^Li ^ji 
sara' hinhum, he served as 
arbitrator between them. 
9jjt,% masr{i\ project, pi. 

c\csjL^ masrudt; ^\ pj^L^ 
^cmahrO!^ amr ""dly, draft 
attempt. ^jU sdri\ main 
road, street, boulevard^ pi 
pjtji sawdri\ ^jX sard', 
sail; ^ji ^y mar kib sard\ 
sailing ship. 

9j^sar\ Mohamedan law. j-J^ 
sar^'y, appertaining to Mo- 
hamedan law, legal; j/ji^ 
tibb sar^'y, legal medical 
science; a*c ± a^ mahkama 
sar^yja, court of Mohame- 
dan law. im^j^ sary'^a, 
Mohamedan law, religious 
law, pi, ^Iji sardji'; j4 
A>^^ ji}\baJir es sary' a ^Jowrdan 

fj'ji ( cJ^i ) sarrafy to honour. 
rafy to be honoured. ^jL* 
m issarraf, or ^jLumit sarrafy 
honoured, ^j^ saraf, ho- 
nour; ^j^^^kahXm saraf^ 
word of honour, parole, 
promise; ijj-i aJj rutba 




saraf, brevet rank; vJ^>^ 
Hdu ^ra/"^ honorary mem- 
ber, ^i^-i ^^^yf, noble, 
honourable, aristocrat^ des- 
cendant of the Prophet, pi, 
\i^iSurafa, or ^\jJ:>\asrdf. 
^ijJ:Stasryf,3ct of honour- 
ing.4;,^±r fasry/'a, reception 
at a palace, levee, pi. vi^U* ^iJ 
tasryfdt;ki}jl.'\\ i^jTkiswet 
et tasryfa, full dress uni- 
form, ^lii^ir tasryfdty, or 
^"^^jtS tasryfdtsy^ master 
of the ceremonies,pZ. iu'Ui^if 
ta^ryfdtyja, or ^.jfUi^ij 
Jr^ {Jj^l)^araq(jusruq)yios\p. 
j^-i sarraq, to be in want 
of water, be dry (, land ), 
go eastward, j^i saraq^ 
drought. Jl^i ^j>j\ ard ^- 
rdqy, land not inundated 
with flood water. Jj— ^ 
sarg,east,orient. J^ sarqy^ 
eastern, oriental, easterly 
direction. *J^i ^arqyja, 
province in Lower Egypt, 

(^^li^i sarqdwy, native of 
or appertaining to the pro- 
vince of sar^e/ja, pi. 6^1^ 
sardqwa. j^^i hurdq, sun- 
rise. Jl^-i sirdq^ or jl^l 
asrdq, resinous wood (for 
fire). 4iLi hirdqa, or ol^il 
asrdqa^ white female slave, 
( given in marriage by her 
master to one of his cour- 
tiers), pi. z^i\J^\ ahraqdt. 
^j- ( '^A ) scirak (jihrik), or 
^jX\ asrak, to allow to 
share in a thing. iJj*-i idrik^ 
to share, take a part with, 
enter into partnership with. 
iJj\il imrik^ or ilj\JLn 
itkirik, to take a part, be 
a partner. iljJi\ ikarak, to 
take a part, subscribe to, 
commune. iJj-i ^trfe, asso- 
ciation. J^^isirka^ partner- 
ship, association, company, 

pi. C^^ji Hrkdt. S^j^t. 


muhtarik^ common to se- 
veral, of common interest ; 





^JjL^muktarik, subscriber, 
partner, pi. u^J^* musta-' 
rikyn. dl^-i hiryk^ partner, 
associate,Go., pl!C^suraka. 
illjUl i^^/Mfe, act of taking 
a part, subscription, com- 
munion. ^jL%muhrik^ poly- 
theist, infidel, pL uf y^^ 
iJ^ kurak* unsound, defective. 
^ji. kurkas* see ^ji^ 

dISi i)^ kurk falak, passion flower. 

(^jVjSpi kirkulAry^'^ circular letter. 

C-r ( f-Ai ^ saram (Jusrum)^ to 
split, slit,cut, A^lin&iram, 
or ^^*l itkaram^ to be split, 
slit, cut. pj-i* masrAm, 
split, slit, cut.^^iarm,gap, 
opening,- cut. ^jil akram^ 
one who has a hare-lip ; 
Uji \^ mara kcLrma, a 
disorderly woman. 

s^ji^ Surumb^* thong. 

Ja«^ ( i^jti ) karmat, to tear to 
pieces, ki^l ikkarmat, or 
Ja*^*I itsarmobt, to be torn. 
Ji*^* muiarmat, torn; o^ 

Ja.4^t gindn musarmat , 
sheer madness. aIm^J; sar,^ 
ma(a, act of tearing. Alyji 
sarmAta, rag, prostitute, 
pZ. i^/lj-i saramyt, 
•yi sara/i, or iUkl^,isar(J/ia,greed, 
gluttony. #^ sarih^ greedy, 

Jl^jiseriodZ, native loose trou- 
sers, knickerbockers pL 
Ji^lji sarawyl 

J3j^ surAq^ see J^Ji 

^3 ji sariiga, flame. 
^^ 'isJ^\ ( <i>il ) istara (jiL. 
tiry), to buy; ^^J^\ dl^j^s? 
/^ "^ardak Utiryny, for 
God's sake save me 1 Iji 
iira, or c(>i« muktara, 
purchase. c^jU sdry, or 
{fj.1* muhtary^ buyer, pur- 
chaser, pi, jtj'-i saryn,ov 
O^^JJi^mustaryjyn.^^ji Sar^ 
wa, a thing bought, pi, 

A4^i Hryha, see r/i 

iMjiiiryt^ see J^^ 

A»l ji, ki ry^'a^ see ^ ^ 


Slji'siryk,see ^ji 
viii^^^ar^/c,* Turkish biscuit. 
^l^^ si^na* rifled gun. 
A^ sikm* see ^ 
^^^iisma* water-closet, pi. 

^ sikum. 
^^^ sisny* see^i>. 
iai ( Jail ) kitt (jusutt)^ to rub. 
JxiJi insatt, or JoiTI i^^^(^to 
be rubbed, go at full speed. 
J^^ki* mas^iif, rubbed, going 
at full speed. \J:» kitt^ act of 
rubbing, going at full speed, 
ia-i &i«,or J»Ustltf/,shore,coast, 
pi. J^^ SutAt, 
•jUii §atdra^ see ^ 
Ji^i(JLti) satab(ju^.ub J, to 
strike off, cancel; ^^wJ^-^l 
^u^-l is?a6 ""ato ismoh, strike 
off his name 1 ^i sattab, to 
finish, end; Jk3 ^ ^JJi 
iattab ^ala es sugl,he finish- 
ed work. wJaiil inkttab^ or 
**l itsatab^ to be struck 
off,cancelled.^^kl» maktdb^ 
struck off, cancelled. ^ki« 

mwsa^toft, finished. ^\J:>kitb^ 
act of striking off, cancel- 
ling: wJa.i j3i daftar satb^ 
ledger. ^^^ tastyb^ act of 
finishing, ending. 
^^ ( ^i )kitah (Jistah),to bolt, 

run away,escape. ^^U(^f}, 
to unfold, do a thing with 
energy; ^ly>. 4 ^ sa<fa/i 
Zo/i gawdb.he scribbled him 
a letter. aJ^^ kitha^ depar- 
ture, escape. 

jk-i .^1 {JxLi )issattar, or JLiS\ 
itkittar^ to be intelligent, 
make progress, be clever ; 
J^j^JaiJU ma tissattars 
'cbldyja^ do not take advan- 
tage of my weakness! •jlki 
satdra^ intelligence, clever- 
ness, ability, skill. >li sdtir, 
intelligent, clever, able, pi. 
jlLi suttdr. 
^^i satrang* or ^^k- satrang, 
game of chess. 

.aki( ^ikii ) &ataf (juktuf), to 
chip off a piece, wash,rinse. 
wiki kalitaf, to wash^ rinse. 



I insatafy or .^ikiTl 
itsataf^ to be chipped off, 
washed, rinsed. u^\ is- 
sattaf, or v-ikiTI itsattaf, 
to be washed, rinsed. sJ^^-i^ 
mastAf^ chipped, washed, 
rinsed, coping.uA-i* mukit^ 
taf, or u^iL\A mitsattaf^ 
washed, rinsed, ^jiki satf^ 
act of. chipping off a piece, 
washing, rinsing. iJLkiT 
tastyf^ act of washing, 
rinsing. AiLi satfa, chip, 
piece, pi. ^-Aki sato/"; ^Jjii 
^Jaij bunduqyja hi satfa^ 
flint-lock gun, 
i satta^ red pepper . 
^ ( „^*ij ) sa"a6, to separate 
into many branches, ^^il 

iski^'ab^ or *^M i<sa''a6, to 

be separated. ,,^ si 6,rock, 
coral-reef. AAiwi si'6a,branch, 
tail, pi. w-*i si'ab, or 
^Ui si'Mi.,.^ ^'6, nation, 
people, pZ. w^ ^a'^6. 


jL^i, §a'hAn, 8th month of the 
Mohamedan calendar. 

k.*^ . L.ail ( L.^ ) isSa'bat^ or 
Jft^i) li7ia'6a(,to clinab,cling. 
ALf^ki'bata, act of climbing, 
yii ( yii) ) ^a'^ar (JiS'ir or juS- 
''ur), to feel, notice, crack 
( glass, earthen-ware, etc.) ; 
^\ji ybj Vi c^jJ^ \*ma ka'art 
ilia wehuwa qudddmy^ I 
suddenly found him before 
me. yJil aS'^ar, to notify, 
inform, intimate, feel. j»iil 
inka'^ar, or ^iTI itsa'^ar^ to 
be cracked, insane. jiJLUI 
istaS'ar^ to feel, perceive, 
be aware of.j^JLiw.aJ'iJr,in_ 
feeling; j^»iH J:^ muhtall es 
su'dr, insane. jLii is'dr, 
notification, information, pi. 
C\j\^\ ik'ardt. j^ Sa'r, 
hair, sg. tji^i ki^'ra^pl, z^\jj. 
ki'rdt..yJ;* siVa,hair which 
is removed with a depilatory, 
i^Sjj^ muk'^ardny^ hairy, 
4^^ siVyya, vermicelli.Ai ^ 
ki^'ryja^ lattice work. 



JUi ( iuial) ) sa'^sa^ to sparkle, be 
slightly intoxicated. .JLai* 
mwsa'sa", sparkling, slightly 
intoxicated . A»i*i sa^'sa'^a, 
brilliancy, slight intoxi- 

J^ ( Jai) ) sa'aKjWill or JU 
^'Zi7, to kindle, flame, ^^i 


sa'lila, act of kindling. 4i-l*i. 
su'Ula, flame, pZ.. JJLi 
ki'alyl, or c^:iUui suUeldt. 
^m^ si^la, burning piece of 
wood, flame, pi. o^-is^Wi. 
^yt^ mas al, torch, pZ. J^LL. 
maitl'iZ. Wliii ma^'Z^,exec- 
utioner, pZ. ^\JiAmasa''lyJa, 

jUi(jUij) sa^'laq, to suspend. 
j)i«i\ ma'ldq, or jlutni7sa - 
tog', to climb, be suspended. 
j)uiu musa^'laq^ or jUiu 
mitsa''laq, suspended. ^iUi 
sdlaqa, suspension, act of 

AijLai kCnyna, see j^ 

jyjiia'dr, see^ 

J^^ ( I^ytii ) sa^wat^ to burn a 
part. l>y*il issa^wat^ to be 

burned. J^y^JL^ muktwat^ 
burned, ^^^i kb^'wata, ?ict 
of burning. 

jjyci s^j/r, barley, sg.^j^^hi'yra^ 

Jli sa^^^JZ, see ^ki 

wii &i^ai, flabby meat. 

Jiui ( j;i) ) sa^^al, to employ, 
occupy. Ji:.*! ista^aly to 
work. Ji-iil insagial, to be 
busy^ occupied, J^ii« mas- 
g{cly worked, made, busy, 
occupied; J^iui- J^J^ had yd 
masgAly wrought iron. JiiJ 
tasgyl, act of employing, 
working, making, manufac. 
turing. Jii Su^ly work, 
occupation, business, em- 
ployment, pi. JUil as^dl; U 
(^x-pjiui J:^ ma ZiJi sa^Z 
''andy^ he has nothing to do 
with me; \i^ aA dlU-i suglak i 
hena, what are you doing 
here? J Utilise i^dZ, orOyui* 
mai^ulyja, occupation, bu- 
siness, anxiety. Jlvi sa^gdl. 
workman^ labourer, pi, ^jUi 



sa^^dUx, or ^iOUi saij^alyn ; 

toh kdnet sa^gdla we huwa 
^ayjdn^ he received pay for 
the time he was i\],4^sugla, 
or AJ^Li su^ldna, ]oh^ occu- 
pation, pZ. w!^Ji suifldt, .or 
^l)!i^;i suglandt; V Ji^jJ^U 
4lil# "^3 4i-i ma ^andM la 
§ugla wala mahgala, he has 
no occupation whatever, he 
is out of work. 
Uisf/Vx, and ^Uli: sifabdna^ 
see ji 
^\ii.saffdta^ seeJai-i 
4clii safd^'a, see *i^ 

^-i8t7i,*see wi5- 
jci^-i siftisy* filigree work, 
•jyii-i kiftAra, or ^.^J: saldAma, 
thick lip, joi. j^lli-i safatyr, 
or A^^ saladym 

jii ( y-i) ) sa/'ar (jus far ), to 
scold, reprimand, y^il msa- 
far^0VjizS\ itsafar, to be 
scolded, reprimanded. ^ 
sa/r, act of scolding, repri- 
manding. #yi safra, repri_ 

mand, rebuke, pi. wl/i 

yi safr, lip,sexual organ in the 

female, pi. jliil asfdr. 
iaii ( iaiij I sa/'a^ ( jusfut ;, to 
suck, sip. lu-i sa/'^, act of 
sucking, sipping. A^xk^safta, 
suck, sip, pZ. clkiA sa/'^d^ 
aJ^IU saffdta, syphon, pi. 
vl^li^lii saffatdt, 

^(^ll) safa' (jihfa' ), or 
iiiil issaffa\ to intercede ; 
V *iil issa/fa' fyh, or 4 *iJ:\ 
issaffa'' loh^ he pleaded for 
mediation. A%i-i sa/^a, inter- 
cession, mediation, right of 
pre-emption on neighbour- 
ing property. ^ safy\ 
intercessor, mediator, pi. 

^ {jkl\)safaq(jisfag)^to have 
pity, have compassion; ji-i 
AJc^a/'a^'aZ^/^jhe pitied him. 
AAiLi safaga, pity, compas- 
sion, kindness. jyLi safAq, 
merciful, compassionate. 



• a* & 


kind, ^^laii safqdn ^one who 

is moved with pity or 


siflik* seeviJli>- 

siffa, lip^ border, edge, pi* 

c-ii-i sifaf, or ,^»lii safdjif. 

tlUj; Mfdhan, or C^Ui siya- 

hyjan^ verbally. 

sa/^iig^ see jii 

( j±j ) sa/a 0'/^/'f/>), to heal, 

cure. U-i sifa, recovery, 

health; Ui b da sifa, this is 

wholesome • Ai\o^\kisifal}dna, 

ambulance, infirmary, pi- 


tasfa^ hospital. 

sifyt^ lean meat. 

safy\ see >u-i 

( (i-ii) ^5^5^ {jusuqq), to 
split, distress, visit; 'Jp jij 
iiL^r Jusuqq ''alayja ta^'abak^ 
I am ^sorry to trouble you; 
4:)UJ\ Jd jij 7-ij rd/i juhuqq 
""alal "ayjdn, he went to call 
on the patient. jiJ-i saqsaq, 
to shine, beam ( light ) ; 
jyi\ j-iai II lamma saqkaq 

en ndr, at the streak of 
dawn, jiil inkiqq, or jiJT 
itsaqq, to be split, jl-i sag- 
gag, to split into many 
parts( wood) . jaij'Viisaggag, 
to be split into many parts, 
jy.l»masqAq, split- jii^ 
musaqqaq^ split into many 
parts. ju2-i> tasqyq, or j-i 
^gg, act of splitting, j-i 
^gg, hole^ crack, pi. JyLi 
sag^g ; ^aVl j-ij ^U J-iil 
ithassal ^alih bi saqq el 
anfusj[ie obtained it with the 
greatest difficulty. Aiisagga, 
apartment, flat, slice, jaw, 
half a loaf of native bread, 
pi, jLi suqaq, Alt.* makiqqa, 
fatigue, trouble, hardship^ 
difficulty- ^yl^ ^QyQy full 
brother, fern, ^i^li saqyqa. 
jU sdqq^ hard, difficult; 
AfU Jl;uil asgdl sdqqa, hard 
labour, penal servitude. 
lii saga,and#^lLisagdtoa,seejJi 
ciJ^i(^J^J saqdif^ to throw 
from one place to another. 




^ Jlisaqdif a ficid throwing. 

j^{yitj)kiqqar^ to call, visit; 
^ jLi>\ (fjj biddy asaggar 
'al^hum, I wish to call on 
them, j^" takgyr, act of 
visiting. tjjOij <a^g(/ra, short 
call, short visit. 

jLi . jSil asgar^ or i^\JJ^\ asqa- 
rdny, fair-haired, malign, 
of a spiteful disposition^/'em. 
1^ sagra, pl.jLi sugr, 
Jj^{jy-k) ^qrag, to be gay, 
gay with drink, hilarious. 
AijLi. kagraga, gayety, 
hilarity • j jLm mukngrag, 
gay, gay with drink, hila- 

^ ( ^^ ) sagga\ to drink 
liquors, be slightly intoxi- 
cated. *JLtr tahgy\ drink, 
slight intoxication. *ijL» 
musagga\ gay with drink, 
slightly intoxicated. 

amU. sagfa,hroken earthen-ware, 

Js^( J2i^) kagal (jusgul), to 
fling. Jiiil inkagal^ or JiiJI 

it§agal, to be flung. Jaiil 
i&tagaly to take as commis- 
sion. J^J-i» masgM, flung, 
Jti sagZ, act of flinging. ^Jii 
^gto, a handful, /)t ^"iM^ 
kLgldt.4\sii\ isiigdto, profit, 
gain, commission. ' 
wii-i ( wS^-ti ) saglib, to overturn, 
upset, cause to turn head 
over heels, cause to whirl 
round. ^1^1 iSsaglib, or 
wisiTI ilsaglib, to be over- 
turned, upset, turn head 
over heels. J^* mukaglib, 
overturned, upset, upside 
down ; ^Itiil) bil muhaglib, 
in a contrary manner, 
wrongly^ upside down. Jai 
saglibUj act of overturning, 
upsetting. ^JuJJi sugUba^ 
whirl, pZ. cLki sugkbdt, 
ji ( j-i)) ^ig^ (jisgct), to work 
hard, JUl ti&tga, or JliJI 
itsdgttjto be unruly, naughty 
(child). Is-i &Dga,hard work, 
fatigue. #31lS hagdwa^ un- 
ruliness, naughtiness. ^Ji 

• t^ 



saqy, unruly, naughty, ua- 
pi, LjLiI akqija. 

o^ saqyq, see ji 
viLi ( diii ) sakk (jusukk ), to 
doubt, prick ; Ki\x^^Sii\ 1:1 
anaaSukk fy saddqtoh, I 
doubt his honesty, vilivi 
koLkkik, to prick repeatedly. 
st^ sdkkik, tobuyorsell 
on credit. dUUl insakk, or 
dli) I itkikk, to be doubted, 
pricked. iJ^* makkilk, 
doubted. vULi sa/cft, act of 
pricking ; dU iakk^ doubt, 
pi. j\fj. sukAk. ^Ci sak- 
sika, act of pricking repeat- 
edly, sij^i sukuk, on credit. 
dlSCii tahkyk, act of buying 
or selling on credit. j^Citj. 
mara kaksAka,{dsX woman, 
courtisan ; die* ilSCi* mi^ 
fcd/c 5ama/c,cluster of fishes, 
pi. siXSiL^makLkyk. 

AjlWi hikAja, see ^ 
^( i^. ) s^fectr (juskur), to 
thank, praise; ^i^^^^ 

huwa bi juSkur minnak, 
he speaks well of you , he 
is grateful to you; SJ^Lu^ 
huwa hi jukkur fyk, he 
praises you. ^^l iniakar^ 
or jCln it&akar^ to be 
thanked, praised. ^^*l ii- 
kbkkar^ to thank, express 
thanks. fxJi^sdkir, thankful 
jfj^* ma§kAr^ thanked, 
praised; j^. J/ ^amal. 
makkAr ; a good deed. jCi 
iwfer, or ^^ lj3 kukrAn^ 

praise, thankfulness ; o*j^ 
jJrl hukrAn el gamy I, 
J^yi^ sakkCika, see dU 
J^-i(JSCii) sakkil, to compose, 
make a thing of different 
colours or kinds. JS'U §Akil, 
to pick a quarrel. jC-il 
e^/c/ciZ,or j^-1 ithakkil, 
to be composed (council, 
committee, etc. ), made of 
different colours or kinds. 
to pick a quarrel, dispute. 



J$Ci* musakkil^ or JSCil* 
mitsakkil, composed, made 
of different colours or kinds. 
^yfJiS taskyl, composition, 
act of making a thing of 
dilBferent colours or kinds. 
J$Ci kikl, form, shape, ap- 
pearance, colour, manner, 
Pi S^\askdl;^L\\j.p\. 
b ma tikallimM bis sikl 
da^ do not speak to him in 
this manner! AiJllSCi I l&j^Jal\ 
et tujAr ^ahx askdlha tuqa\ 
birds of the same feather 
flock together. J$Ci sakal, 
or aJTU.* musdkla^ dispute, 
quarrel, pi. 0!ilStl. musak^ 
Idt, JSCI4 muskil, or aKCIi 
muhkila, difficulty, scrape, 
pi, J5ii. moi§Akil^ or o!>^Sw* 
relsome,pZ.4J5Ci hukalyja, 
^ (^J sakam (juskum), to 

refrain. <Jtil in&akam^ or 

Cl)tiiiafcam,to be refrained. 

^kikm, act of refraining. 

^ Ax/cmagryya,* dressing case. 

casket, joZ. v;,L>tSCi kikma-- 

^.)f^sukiXrja, chicory. 

p (jTi) ) 6afca (jisky)^ or 5:1^1 
istaka^ or ^^i itsakka, to 
complain, accuse; ^^-^u y^ 
•j^j{ huwa bijisky bi:s6roh^ 
he suffers from the throat. 
^J:S\ itsaka^ to be accused. 
iSli sdfej/, or ^dL.mustaky^ 
complainant, plaintiff, pL 
(^Hi hakyn, or ^^^^SCii^ mai- 
takyn. isf^ kikwa^ ova^^ 
sikdja^ or ^fj. hikyja^ 
complaint, charge,/)/. (^3^ 
iakdwy^ or ul^ sakdja, 
orviliCi sikyjdt. 

J-i . JI51 ( Jill ) insaZZ, to be 
paralyzed. JliiaZZZZ,to baste. 
Jlil ihhallilfiv JiiiM i7&iZZZZ, 
to be basted. Jli* mukallil, 
basted. JU salal^ paralysis. 
Jjli* mahUil^ paralytic. 4l:AJi 
Hldla, act of basting. 

^yiiull^ see J<> 
J>U ^aZZctZ, cataract, fall, pZ. 
C^ViU kLllaldt. 




A\isim, kind of Nile fish. 

Jii salaby* see <><i». 

cM ( Jiii ) sallit, to kick, si^ 
saZiii, to make thin and flat 
(dough). zJ^^rnukLltit , thin 
and flat. c*Ai saMt, kick, 

upper mattress of a bed . 
Alyii &alt{ita^rag,pl.c^':)J>kalatyt. 

^ ( ^^. ) satoA r y tstoA ;, to 
undress; ^Lud\ 1^ salahu 
el qassys, they unfrocked 
the priest. ^ hallah, to lift 
up one's dress, cause one 
to undress. iUMiiA^undres- 
sed. p* kilh^ act of undress- 
ing, unfrocking. ^^ tahlyh, 
act of causing one to undress. 
C^&ilibt, or Ji^ Hlibtin* 
aa^bU saldAma^ see o^^ 
iudi^ ( lulJL) ) ^^ya^, see ia^ 

JliiatoZ^see Ji 

^silin,* shilling, ;)Z. c^ULi 

4U &xZ&i^ skein, pi. JU itbxZ, or 

C^^U §alldt. 
)J^§alawlaw^ cooked herring. 

Adui salyta^ large sack. 

viLLi sil^k!^ strawberries. 

t* ' 

* ( JLj ) samm (jikimm), to 
smell; 1^1 f^\ r/- dotmgf 
jihimm el hawa, he went 
for a walk, he went for an 
airing; ^Ixi^amm eltj/obar, 
he got wind of it. ^ &tm- 
mim, to cause to smell. fiJ' 
&tm5 im , to sniff . JL5 1 m&Dm m , 
or ^U^l it samm ^ to be 
smelt, f ^c*** masmdm, smelt. 
wUyr* masmumdt, flowers 
which have perfume.^&tmm, 
act or sense of smelling; Ji 
p-il\ Samm en nesym, a 
general holiday falling on the 
Greek Easter Monday; \^ si 
kamm hawa^ promenade, 
airing, k^^ia'm&ima^ act of 
sniffing. ^]^i sammdm, musk 
melon, sg. aa)^ kammAmjoi, 
pi. ^U|ci iammamdt. 





j\^ iumdr , see jr' 
^\^sammds^ deacon, pZ. <^]^ 

J!^)^ samakyr* linen clothes. 
K^Jt^\^ ^rnasyrgy^ valet, 
pi. ^j^\^ samasyrgyja. 

X,)^ sammAt, see Lir 

c\^ §ammd\ and 4^1^^ sammd'a, 
see ijr 

Jl^ Simdl, see Jc^ 

|i|^ sammdm, see ^ 
AibLJ: samdha^ exhausted soil. 
(jU-)jjjrsam6ar (bijdr)^ cassia. 

c^fi^ ( c^ ) samat (jismat ), to 
rejoice at the misfortune of 
another; Ui ^ simit fyna, 
he was glad at our mis- 
fortune. ^ kummit^ to 
cause one to rejoice at the 
misfortune of another. ^>li 
sdmit, or <:)br' kamtdn, one 
who is happy at the misfor- 
tune of another. 4j|^ia/n(t to, 

happiness at the misfortune 


of another. 
jT ( jH ) sammar^ to tuck up 
the sleeves,lift up the dress. 

j\sr* tasmyr^ act of tucking 
up the sleeves, lifting up 
the dress. J^ sumdr, shouL 
der band ( for tucking up 
the sleeves ), pi, wljici 
j^ samar, dill, fennel. 

Cjj^samurt, young. 

rj/' kiLmrdJi^ branch of a tree 
stripped of its leaves, stalk 
of bunch of dates, pi. '^j\^ 
yr . jirl ( jtc^. ) ismaaz^ to 
shudder at^ dislike, shrink 
from. jljSfi^l ihmizdz, aver- 
sion, dislike,disgust. 

cH^- cr*^' (o-^"^- ) i^sammis, to 
bask in the sun. ^j^ sams, 
or ^jS' sams^ sun, pi. ^^ 
iumAs;^jj^\ u^'^in es §ams^ 
disc of the sun* ^-jr samsy^ 
appertaining to the sun, 
solar. iu^sam8yja,VLxnbreU 
la, parasol, pi. ^Ici hamdsy, 
or wU-c- samsyjdt; l^ 
iJLiJ\ samsyjet es hihhdk^ 




Jiir ( JaH ) samat (jmmut), to 
strike;..^4Jdr8ama?o/i kaff, 
he struck him a blow on the 
face; Jlij ali ^ samat 
minnoh rijAl, he obtained 
a dollar from him on false 
pretences or against his will. 
]as^ samt, act of striking. 
A]»s^samta^ blow, pi, cM^jsr 
samtdt. l>lci sammdt, one 
who charges exorbitant 
prices.I^y^^ masm^(,struck; 
i^yr^ J 3 walad makmtlt^ a 
young rascal, an urchin. 

^U^ kimata^ row, quarrel , pZ. 

^( •c^. ) sainma\ to wax; y^ 
4^\ iui Aatoa samma'^ el 
fatla^ he bolted^ he gave me 
the slip, *c^ mukumma'^ ^ 
waxed. ^ musamma\ oil- 
cloth^ water-proof^ /)Z. wUc^ 
sg. A««i kum'a^pl. wUi &im- 

'Af . 2^»/^ s^^^ ^ i^^, tallow 
candle; ^ ii«i ^m^ 6ffm^ 
sealing wax* jIjuk^ samH-- 

ddn^ candlestick, pi. otJ^Ici 
sama^'dyn. ^ sammd\ 
candle- seller, pi. c^]^ 
samma^yn Act^ samrnd'a^ 
peg for hanging clothes, pi. 
oWIji samma''dt. 
( Jc^- )samal (Jismil ), to 
Jc- include, go to the left side. 
Jii simZ, union. J-b sdmil^ 
comprehensive, exhaustive. 
JIci ^^imdf, left, left-hand 
i^^samUJil^ dandy, generous. 
^j^xj^ samandHra^* buoy, beacon, 
pl. Zj\j^Xi^kiimandurdt. 
w:i sanab^ see w^ 
jci sanbar,'' ridge round, 
circle, iron washer, pZ. jilLi 

j^jLui Hntijdn, ladies' loose 
pantabons,pi. ^^iT \iisana f yn , 
or v^lJUli sintijandt. 

Ai\ir singdna^'' gipsy, pi. cX\ti^ 

(SXi sindy* now; (^Jiii ^^ Jj^ 
da/'a'' Zo/i 8md(/,he paid him 

1 ... > .M 



JJLli . Jutlil ( JiiiJ ) iskansilit 
(tiksankil ), to pass a hand- 
kerchief behind ones' neck 
and hold the ends one in 
each hand ( in wailing for 
the dead ). 

^iJli(^iii3) kansin^ to crack, 
be cracked ( glass, china^ 



( li:ij ) sanatfjusnut), to tie^ 
hang; JiJ^ <^ ^^j^ Li^sanat 
dirdf'oh fy mandyl, he 
hanged his arm in a sling. 
Ii:-ii) insanat^oT JatiTl itsa^ 
nat^ to be tied^hanged.l»yi^ 
mahnAt, tied, hanged. Jaii 
sari<, actoftying^ hanging. 
^LaJ^^aJLAP "ugcta toe sinyta^ 
running knot, ^u santo,* 
travelling bag^ valise, 
haversack, pi. iiii' §unatfiv 

:. * 


,sm^ net-sacks, sg. Ati 
kinfa^pl, Ul:J> sinaf^oTsiXLi 

{^yti)sanaq (juknuq)^to ex- 

ecute by hanging. jLi(jJ:j) 
kiniq{jiknaq), to reiterate 
in the throat, throttle, be 
choked ( with water, etc- ). 
^yjLA insanaq, or jiili ifsa- 
nag, to be executed, jyi^* 
masndq, hanged, executed. 
j:i sang,execution by hang, 
ing. AiiL^masndqa^galLows^ 
pl^itAmakdniq.AL'^ kanqa^ 
reiteration in the throat, act 
of throttling. 
viUifdUij) sannih^ to dress 
showily, dress one's best, 
dJLui* musannik, showily 
dressed, dressed in one's 
best. ctJLiij tasnyk^ act of 
dressing showily, dressing 
one's best. dJL-i sinnik, fes- 
tivity, fire-wo rks . 

j^iiHnkdr^ farrier's paring 

JjJ' ( Juii ) sankar ^to copulate, 
•^i sankara^ copulation. 

J$^ ( J5^ ) sankil* to hook, 
trip up, cause to stumble 
down. jC-il iskankil, or 


^^^\itkLnkil,to be hooked^ 
tripped up^ stumble down. 
jC-i-ma^an/c i7,hooked. AJ^ii 
sankila, act of hooking, 
tripping up^stumbling down 
jCli sdnkal, hook, pi. JTlti 

-***-i( >Li)) sanjar^ to mill coin. 
jjU-il fssan/ar, or jjcil I it^an- 
Jar^ to be milled, jci* 
musanjar^ milled; jci.. iui^ 
gin^musanjar^ one pound 
hard cash. 

jL^jt ( jL|,i) ) siA id ( jishad ), to 
give evidence, bear witness; 
4J Ji^Jt hihid loh, he gave 
evidence in his favour; jl^ 
klosihid ""aUh, he gave 
evidenSe against him. Ji^Jt 
sa/iAid, or jL|JLjLI istashid^ 
to call as a witness. jlaU 
sdhid, to see, witness. jL^Lil 
issti/i id, to repeat the sihd- 
da. B^\i sihdda, evidence, 
certificate ,diploma,voucher, 
pi C^\\i sihaddt; Ajjol^ 
diJc sihddet rutba Hlmyja^ 

diploma; ^:\i!<\ es sihdda^ 
the words: a^<«l VI A\ V 
mSi J^j to ilAha ilia alldh 
mohammad rasdl alldh, 
there is no god but God and 
Mohamed is his prophet. 
jU|Jtj task yd, or :i\^J:i^\ istii^ 
hdd, act of calling to evid- 
ence, u^li sdh id ^witnpss, pi. 
^l^ suhhdd, or ^^i suhAd; 
jj,\3\ ^LJ\es subd'' es Sdh id, 
the forefinger, jl^ Hhyd, 
martyr ,/)i. Ijl^ suhada.J^ 
mashad, funeral procession, 
pi, jjAI* masdhid, •jlaH* 
musdhda, act of seeing, 
jf^ ( jf±i ) sa/iar ( jikhir ), or 
j^las^ar,to declare, spread 
news, publish ; ^1^1 <^ j^\ 
ashar fil masdd^ he put up 
to auction. ^^1 istahar, or 
j^^\inSahar ^to be declared, 
renowned. j^^# mashdr, 
declared, renowned, celeb- 
rated;^ ill a;p j^^mash{ir 


*annoh innoh dany, he is 



t fr 

known to he rich, j^kihyr, 
renowned, celebrated, fam- 
ous.^l^l ishdr, declaration, 
publication, act of spreading 
news, •j^sw/ira, renown, 
celebrity, repute. 

j^ sahr, month, pi. j^l ashur^ 
or j^ suhAr. (^^ sahry^ 
monthly. <jij^ knhryja, 
monthly wages. 

ot^ ( Jf^. ) ^hoiq (jishaq ;, to 
sob, sigh, take breath. a2^ 
sa/iga,sob, sigh, breath, pZ. 
Cj\l^Ji §ahqdt. 

J^ ( J^^ ) sahhil, to hurry on, 
urge to do a thing. J^* 
hyl, act of hurrying, urging. 

isri (^ )sahha{ji^hhy)^ to 
cause to desire or covet or 
long for. ^^1 iktaha^ to 
desire, covet, long for. ^^ii» 
mustahy^ desirous, longing 
for. l^-il istiha, a longing, 
i^^i sahwa, desire, lust, 
semen. Jl^^— i sahwdny, 
sensual, pZ. lhjuII^ sahwa^ 
nyjyn. a^ sahyja, appetite. 

• y _- f 

Ju^ sihyd, see s^ 

j^ sahyr, see ^ 

wjl^ sawdriby see ^^ 

A^ifyi Sauwdka^ see iJ^ 

jr^isaato(tf, 10th month of the 
lunar calendar. 

Jl^ satodZ, see J <y»- 

w^ sd6, hot wind, sirocco . 

^yZ, ^(56as, present usually given 
to dancing men after a 
native wedding • 
r^i ry^l) sCLuwah, to swing 
(one's arm, etc.). ^yL\ tas- 
toyh, act of swinging, ^^i 
suhyja, plank, pi. wU-^ 

Atjyisdrba^see w^ 

Bjyisawra, embroidered hand- 
kerchief, pi. Z^\jy^dawrdt. 

Bjy^ sdra, see jl-i 

^^jyi suryja, censer, pi. C^Vj^^ 
i^ ( tyZ^)sauwis, to cause to 
be sick, communicate a dis- 
ease. J-^i' Ukiu wis, or ^ yl\\ 
itsauwis, to be sick, ilL 
J»y^% missauwiSj or J, •• 

• * 



mitsauwis, sick^ ill, pi. 
oi:^yX% missauwisyn . JLi^iT 
taswys, sickness, illness, 
venereal disease, pi. JLi^UT 

^^yi^kdkura, noise, quarrel, pL 
CJ\ ^ y^ sosardt . 

Ai^ stisa^ tuft of hair, crest, pi, 
j^yi> suwasiki^yi'y} abu ^sa^ 

tufty ; 'Aiiy^ ^M ^ 0^> 
garqdn fy ed d4n li kdstoh, 
he is up to his eyes in debt. 
4i)^j,l Cj\f^ Mrrdt abu 
kuwisa, kind of leeks. 

J^^ sd(, race, ramble, pi. J<»l^l 

*J^ s6ffiSiAc)3^sawafdn,seej\^ 
d^yi' hofdn, oats. 

J>i idg, see jU 

il^( iJ^i ) sauwik^ to prick 
(with a needle, etc.). flj^l 
^ isiaatoifc,ori]^'litiaatoi/c, 
to be pricked, il^ ^dfc, 
thorns, sg. ^ ^ s6ka^ pi. 
d^3i kokdt. ^yi sdka^ 
fork, spur, pi, iJ^ kcwak^ 
ovd^yikokd t.^^ kiu wdka, 

spur, pZ. wVTT^ §auwakdt. 
^y^Cs^ tyn sdky^ or J^t\ ;>u 
tyn bi idkoh, prickly-pear. 
ij)i/^^§okoldta* chocolate. 

J^ ^atoaZ,left-handedness. J>il 
aswal, left-handed, /"em. V>i 

f p i&m ,of evil augury, sinister; 
^^\ ^^ \i ja '^6 eS sAm, 
what a shame I (women's 
talk), f jiui ma^iim,unlucky, 
unfortunate, bringing ill- 

f p Mm, kind of stick used by 
donkey-boys, sg. ^yi s&ma^ 
pi . Cj\^ yi humdt . 

6>-^C dA ) ^^w5i^,to store up. 
C^yi»\ ihkauwin^ or C)y^^ 
itkiuwin, to be stored up. 
Oyt% mukiuwin y stored up. 
j»^yiS tCLswyn, act of storing 
up. Aiji §dna, storehouse, 
magazine, pi. Oj^ huwan. 

•>i ( .^^ ) sauwih, to mutilate, 
deform. ^^I i§kLUwih^ov$yiS\ 
it sauwih^ to be mutilated, 
deformed. gJ^ muSauwah^ 




mutilated, deformed. -uJii 
ta^wyh, mutilation. 

^yi. {ifyti) sawa (jiswy), to 
grill ; vj-^^o* 4^J^ satodny 
min ed darh^ he tortured 
me with beating, cj^l in- 
sawa^ or c^j^ri itkiwa^ to 
be grilled. (fy^J^ ma§wy^ 
grilled, (fyi savoy, act of 
grilling ; <^>i ^>E taman 
kawy^ exorbitant price. 1^ 
sauwa^ roaster, pi. usjl>i 

Ai^ kuwayja, a little, some ; ij^ 
OjJ §uwayjet laban^ some 
milk; fll L^i huwayjet 
yjAm, a few days ; 4) ^ o^T^ 
kamdn kiwayja^ a little 
more, after a while ; aj^ jli^^ 
ba^d kcwayja^eSter a while; 
Ai^ ^ /nm suwayja, a 
short while ago ; 4i^ lo-l 
istanna^ kuwayja^ wait a 
little ! 41^ 41^ kuwayja 
Sawayja, slowly, gently. 
^^ 5^ or &aj\ thing, pZ. Lila4/a, 
or wUl a4/4i ; ^^ V^<^V 

-- to so/ toato m(3tsto^,nothing 
whatever; jlS'<^JS^4in afeto 
feaZZ sin kdn, an ordinary 
meal ; aiU c^l ahjitoh 
^ayjdna, he is indisposed, 
he is ill, his affairs go 
wrong. JL)^^ bi§wH^ gent-, 
ly, slowly. 

4^Li kijdiia^ see ^li 


JLi&tj/jtlZ, seeJU 

4^ s^6a, lichen. 
W.JI 5t/<,* chintz, calico. 
^kyh, wormwood^ artemi-- 

sia maritima. 
^Ji idb, see Ai 

#j|i ^^ra, Aai^^ ( for smoking ). 
JUis^s, rapier; ilLii\ JUi iy& 

ehkibhdk, Venetian shutter. 
4^Ji syka,* hubble-bubble, pi. 

^liti kyMit, or JLxi ^yas. 

c>M • 6^1 ( u^ii ) i^itan, to 
be naughty, wicked, mis- 
chievous, iukwi i6tana, 
naughtiness, wickedness, 
mischievousness. ^ * ^ Ik^ 




^yt(Xn, devil, naughty, 
wicked,mischievous,pZ. uJ»Li 

JJt ^l, see Ju 

^^ymja, whirlpool, pi, ^Li 
sajdmy. , 

U^ = 

w\^ ( wr^. ) ?^6 (jisyb), to hit, 
afflict, be right ; JLu*^ U ma 
jisyH, it does not matter 1 
never mind 1 sj<^\ insdb, to 
be hit, afflicted : ^uUm wUil 
ms(t6 hi Hnih, he almost 
lost his sight. w^aI-I istas- 
wab, to appi;ove, prefer. 
wIau munsAb, hit, afflicted. 
^^^5^ musyb, one who is in 
the right, ^u^ masyba, 
misfortune, calamity, pi, 
^Ia. masdjib ; jl:^ ^y ^.^ 
•^.'y f y masdjib qdm 'and 
gdm fawdjid, one man's 
meat is another man's poison. 
AiUl i§dba, act of hitting, 
affliction,case, accuracy, pi. 

right; wl^J\ j^^}cgdjib ""an 
es sa wdb, unconscious, in a 
trsnce.s^\ y^i^\isti^wdb, ap- 
proval, preference; dl|l^-AS-#l 
istiswdbak, do as you 
please I 
j\^sdbir^ seejy-^ 
^^sdbi\ see M*^ 
•j^.U sabdra^ ballast ( of a ship ). 

6>.^sa6A/i, seeo^^ 
^U s4s^ , * sheet-ir on^. 
^^ ( ^. ) s(iA (Jisyh), to shout^ 
cry out, warble. ^L^ 
sydA, shout^ cry,warbling; 

crowing of the cock, 
rW^ jAj bulbul sayjdh^ 
singing canary, nightingale. 
w^U ^fyib^ see 





^U (jL^^. ) sdd (Jisyd), or ^IL^I 
tstod, to shoot, hunt, fish. 
^Uil insdd, to be shot, cap- 
tured (prey). ^ s4d^ act of 
shooting, hunting, fishing. 
•a^5^da,game, ipvey ,pl,^\j^ 
seddt, ^L* sayjdd, hunter, 
sportsman, fisherman, pi. 
jt^L^ sayjadyn . • jua^ m(X5- 
yada, trap, fishery, pi. jA^ 
j^L>sAdir^ see jX^ 
J^U sddig, see J ju> 

jU (jjVA) ) sdr (jisyr)^to become, 
happen;^ jU sdr jimsy, 
he began to walk; a^I J jU 
sArloh6,ov ^1 o jU .sdr 
fyh ^, what has become of 
him? jru# sayjar^ to render^ 
attend (a child jwhile easing 
nature; jy/ i^j^tisayjarny 
mamnAn , you will oblige me. 
jj^l i§sayjar, or j^\itsay-' 
jar, to ease nature. j<^ 
tasyjyr^ act of rendering, 
. easing nature. ftj^aT tasy- 

Jyra^ a stool, pi. wlj^-^T 

tasyjyrdt, jy^m masyr, end; 

rijt •j^-*- masyroh jurdh, 

he is sure to go at last. 
^3jL> sanid,shoot, wooden trough, 

pi. -4jI^ sawaryd. 
<^jU sdry^ mast of ship, pZ. c^j'^ 

^U ( -^-fljJsA' (j isy') ^to wander. 

^U sd/r, vagabond, OjwU 

j^L>^'^c{, see ju<^ 

4«pU stt^ga, thunderbolt, pZ. ,3^!^ 

. y^ ( ^^^ ) sdd (Jisyd), to work 
in gold or silver. iX^Sinsd^, 
or iLJI if§(i^,to be worked. 
9\aU minsdd, worked. *iL# 
sijdga, goldsmiths' art. aJu^ 
sy^afiv iLumas(!l^,jewelry, 
/)Z.olpUima8a^(ii;^.Ul iiu^ 
§^^ei eZ mubdfa^ contract 
of sale. iiUsd; ^^^goldsmith^ 
silversmith, pZ. iA--» ^yy^^. 
i'U sd^,in perfect condition, 
sane, sound ; A^ f-U sdg 
salym, safe and sound; j,j 



^U qirs sdg^ a full piastre, 
piastre Egyptian, i'U 4^ 
""umUn sAij , coin at Govern- 
ment rate. *i\^ sd^a silver- 
smiths' quarter. 

sy* Adjutant Major^ pi. iU 
KJ^c>iy% sakulajiasyja, 

^^U sdfy, see j^ 

iX^sdUh^ see ^ 

^\^sdla* saloon, drawing- 
room, waiting-room, pi. 
^'4\^ saldt, 

^^\^ sdly, block of earth,pZ. Ji^ 

f^{^yja{ ) sdm (jusdm), to fast; 
J^ W jLi^ A^ m\^ sdm sdm 
we fitir ^ala basala^ he 
gazed at the moon and fell 
in the gutter A*^-^ sauwim, 
to cause to fast. ^^^ s6m, or 
^V^sijdm^ fast, lent. A^ 
sd j im , one who is keeping 


the fast or lent,pi.;>4cU saj- 
^y^.^At'^?iJdmy ^lenten food. 
J^U>samfito, screw-nut, riv^t, 
pZ. J*^!^ sawamyl. 

JjiiU sam&ly, coarse breads 
soldiers' bread. 
jU (o^0?^^0^?^'^>'^'^ protect^ 
guard. 0^1 insdn, to be 
protected, guarded. 0^ 
0^-^ s6n^ or a;U^ sijdna^ 
protection, maintenance. 
j)^-a* mas^/i protected; j; jtl 
j^-J.1 eZ haram el masdn, 
the Khedive's wife. 
jiiL? s(i/i f ', see ic-^ 
j^U ( t^U> ^ sAhir, io be connec- 
ted by marriage with, j^^ 
si/ir^brother-inJaw, son- 
ky>sdjiii^ see p\^ 
jrUs(t/im, see ^U 
w-> ( w-dj) ?^&& (jusabb), io pour 
out, cast, mould , ^-;U'/i.?a66, 
to be poured out,cast,moulded. 
t issabbibAo be charmed 
with music, w^^* masbAb, 
poured out.w^r^^ mussabbib^ 
sa66, act of pouring out. 
sa66a^ catarrh of the 



nose. AiL^ sabdba^ intense 
love; A)}^^:*moiyjit sabdba^ 
he is madly in love. ^^^ 
misabb, tail of a canal^ 
pi, c»La- misabbdt. 

^V^sabdh, and a^\^ sabahyja, 

ju^sa6Mr,cactus^ prickly pear. 

^\^saM', or -jl-^ sd6r, finger, 
pi. ^y^sawdbi';^)y^^ 
mbd"" er rigl, toe. 

M-^siM^ and sabbdg^see k^ 

^.^ ( ^. )sibih(jisbah), to be 
in the morning; j^ ^ j^* 
tisbah ""ala hir, I hope to see 
y u in good health tomorrow 
morning; ^\if \ lamma 
sibihessubh, when it was 

• • • » » 7 

morning; llyU l:^ sibihna 
sdftrnay we went away the 
next morning. ^sabbah,to 
wish good morning; J ^*-^ 
ily I ^ sabbah ly 'ala abHk^ 
wish your father good mor- 
ning from my part! j^J*^l 
istabah, to find in the 
morning; i^i-li^k^ I istabah 

bi abAh, the first one he 
saw in the morning was his 
brother. ^ subh, or •-l-^ 
sabdh^ morning; jikl ^L^ 
sdbah el 6^r,good morning! 
^^ subhyja^ or ^^ 3cU 
sd'^ei subhyja^ early in the 
forenoon. a^L^ sabahyja, 
morning -after a wedding 
day, wedding present, pi, 
^\^L^ sabahyjdt, ^^^'^'^sab- 
bdhy, every morning; UU*^ 
j\^ qadd^ndha sabbdhy^ 
we sat up the whole night. 
^^ sdbih, freshly made, 
jj^ { y,^^ ) sibir ( jusbur ), or 
j\L-^l istabar^ to have pa- 
tience, wait; J-, J^^\ usbur 
^alayja, give me time! have 
patience lju».9cr66ar,to cause 
to wait, enbalm. j^ .safer, 
patience ,aloes; r-jd\ ^Azisj^JiS 
es sabr muftdh el farag, 
after clouds sunshine. >*-** 
tasbyr, act of causing to 
wait, enbalming. bj^^ tas^ 
byra^ tiffin, j^^^ sabAr^ 



patient. ^U sdbir^ waiting, 
expecting, patient ,pf. ^ ,jU 

Q^ (^^^sabag (Jusbug), to dye, 
tinge, -•-ail insabag, or k^U 
itsabag^ to be dyed. 9j^m 
ma^bdg ^dyed.Ak^ sabga^ or 
cA--^ 8eM^,dye,paint,colour, 
tincture. ^c\^ sibdga^ art of 
dying. '^ sabbdg, dyer, pi. 
^a, dyer's yard, pi. i^U4 

u}-^ ( <;;iwai ) sabbin^io wash with 
soap. ,y^\ issabbin^ or ;>u«n 
itqabbin^ to be washed, j;!-** 
musabbin, washed. <^.-a) 
tasbyn ^Qci of washing. jyU 
80(6^/1, soap. ^»^U sabAna, 
piece of soap,pZ.^l; ^ U sa6a- 

^^^i Jr-^'ayV sab&net er 
g' J/, soap- seller, soap-maker, 
pi, ^^.U sabungyja, 
jy^ sabAr^see ji^ 
^C'x^ ?^b&ga , smoked fish. 
(jff ?^f^, youngman, lad,youth, 

pi, ott-^ subjdn ; jU ^^ 
sa6(/ naggdr, apprentice 
to a carpenter • a.^ sabyja, 
young woman, girl, dam- 
sel, pi. IL^ sabdja. 
^^ ( ^. )5a/i/^,to be right^ pro- 
per;JLi^l U l^da ma ji^h- 
his, this will not do, it is not 
fair; f o^z^^ ^l 'ayjdn §ahh, 
the patient has recovered • 
m^ sahhah^ to correct, rec- 
tify. ^1 issahhah, or ^\ 
itsahhah, to be corrected, 
rectified, ^^^ sahh^ correct. 
A^ sihha, correctness, au- 
thenticity, truthfulness, 
health/^ sihhy, sanitary. 
true, right; m^sf/tt/i^, whole, 
complete, ?*^* tashyfy, 
correction, pZ. ^W-^' iashy. 
hdt- 7^^ musahhah^ proof- 
reader, pi, u<^^^ musah- 

. s^A^\ ( ...^Uj ) issdhib, to 
associate with, be a friend ; 
•Ij^C^^-^^ issdhibt wayjdh^ 




I made his friendship, I 
became his friend. ^.^'-^ 
sdhib, friend, owner, pro- 
prietor, pi. wW^I ashdb, A.^ 

suhba, or a^^ suhubbyja, 

friendship; a^?c-p suhba, 

nosegay, bouquet, pi. ^ 


\yc^sanra, desert, pi, ifj\ 

^yc^ ( ^. ) sahan (jishan ), to 
pound, grind, reduce to 
powder -j;^ I insahan, or 
j^ I it sahan, io be pounded, 
ground, reduced to powder. 
Cjyif^^ mashdn, ground, 
reduced to powder. j?c-^ 
sahn, act of grinding, reduc- 
ing to powder. Ai^mosAana, 
mortar, handmill,pZ 

^^sahn^ plate, dish, pi, C)^ 
suhAn; o> j^^ sahn garf, 
meat plate; ia^yi' ^yt^ sahn 
Siawyt^ or Atjyi ^-> sahn 
sdrba, soup plate. 
sihha, sbbtc^ 

^9^ sahu, clear atmosphere, fine 


(^^t^J sihy (jisha)y to wake 
up,recover from illness; ^\ 
wlxisii *.^" isha tidayja'' el 
kitdb, you must not lose 
the book! jc^ sahha, to 
awaken another, rouse, o^ 
suhjdn, act of waking up. 
^U sd^e/, awake, sober, 

sahyh and sihyh, see ~» 
yt-^ ?a6r, rocks, 5g^. ^J^ sabra^ 

pi. j^^subAr. 
Ji-^ ( jla) ) sadd (Jusudd), to 
repul se,pr event . jl^ 1 insadd^ 
orx^\itsadd,iohe repulsed, 
prevented, ^^xam masddd^ 
repulsed , pre vented .a--?sadd, 
repulse, prevention. »j^ 
sadda^ a repulse, pi. oU-^ 

o\x^sudd\ neuralgia, headache, 

Ao\j^ saddija^ see c. ju» 

Ail j^ ^^adetga, see jjl^ 



jji^ ( jJU) ) sadar (Jusdur j, to 
come out, issue; ^Vl ^^ jS^ 
sadar ly el amr^ I received 
the order; ^ ajI jX^ sadar 
6 mmn t/,what have I done? 
what am 1 guilty of ? ^"j^\ 
dlu jj-^ 111 el kaldm illy 
sadar minnak^ the words 
you said. Jx^ saddar^ to 
export , begin, jS^\ asdar^ 
to cause to issue^ promulgate, 
jju^l issaddar, to be expor- 
ted, interfere, stand in the 
way . j^^^ sddir^coming out^ 
issuing; j^U sddir, export^ 
pi. ^\j^\^sadirdt; j^U ^"^ 
kdtib sddir, clerk of out- 
going correspondence; >i^ 
j^U da f tar sddir, register 
of outgoing correspondence, 
j^ jL^' tasdyr^ act of causing 
to issue^despatching^expor- 
tation,> sud^r, issue, 

^ source, emission . jX^ sadr 
or sudr, chest ( of human 
body)^/)Z. j3JL# §ud{cr;jj^ 
^fl^l sadr ei gam ys^shirt- 


front; li^Vl jJuJ\essadr el 
a^'zamy the Grand Vizier, 
(^j^a-^ §ud£ry, waistcoat, 
bodice, pZ. (^jU-^ saddry. 
jjLA«ma5dar,source, origin, 
pZ. j^Ia. masddir. 


( ^J^, ) saddaji, to insist 
in a rude manner^ be impu- 
dent, be irrepressible, be 
cheeky. ^^\x^ saddga^ rude- 
ness, impudence, cheek, ^jl-p 
sidi^^ rude, impudent, ir- 
repressible, cheeky,brazen- 
faced. '^Ju> sad^, temple of 
the head, cheek, pi. flJi^l 

( ciJU) ) sadaf (jisdaf ), or 
,J^L^l issddif^ or ^i^LJI 
itsddif, to happen by 
chance ; aiIjU (^I (Jjl# sada/ 
inny qdbiltoh^ I happened 
to meet him. ^i^U sddi/, to 
meet, encounter, iix^sudfa^ 
or ^.)Ia« musddfa, or .J^UT 
iasdda/,chance, coincidence, 
/>Z. <JJu^ sudaf^ or wU^U^ 
mu^dfdt ; AiJLJ\ ji^, &i 


taryq es sudfa^ or cj^l-a:5^. 
bit tasdduf^ by chance. 

ci Ju> sadaf^ mother-of-pearl, sg. 
Aijup sadafa^ pi. wUa-^ 

JJ<^ ( jju> ) sadaq {jusduq), to 
tell the truth; .1*^ ^x^Msduq 
wayjdh^ tell him the truth 1 
deal honourably with him I 
f/^^ ly J-^ sadaqu fy ka^ 
l/Xmhum^theY said the truth, 
they kept their word, jj^^ 
saddaq^ to believe, sanction^ 
approve; L-a^'bll ^^ JJ^ 
saddaq ^alal imda^ he lega- 


lized the signature; J ju> U 
jlfJ\jiUol^^ saddaq in 
tiW en nahdrj^he impatien- 
tly waited for the break of 
the day. J:>U sddiq, to 
confirm, sanction, approve. 
jjuJI itsaddaq, to be belie- 
ved, sanctioned, approved. 
J Jui4 musaddaq, believed, 
sanctioned, approved, jx^ 
sudq^ truth. jiJuJ tasdyq, 
faith, belief; jiJuJ ta§dyq, 

tasdyqdt, J^U sddig^ 
truthful, sincere, pi. Ot^^U 
^ad g (/n . 41 1 Ji-^6fad(t ga, tr u th- 


fulness, sincerity . jj s^ 
saddyq, friend, pi. Uju>I 
asdiqa.Aij^^sadaqa, charity, 
pi. wliJL-^ sadaqdt • 
^j^ ( jfc juu ) sadam {Jusdum)^ov 
\ijA^'ul issddim wayja, to 
hit against, collide. ^^Lm 
musddma ,0T ^ :X^ tasddum ^ 
collision, pi. ^U^l^mosad- 
mdt. K^xasadma^a shock, 
a collision,pZ.c*Uju>5adm(t<. 

j^x^ sudAr^ see jS^ 

c$ Ju^ ( ifXai ) sadda ( jisaddy ), 
to'be rusty.(^JLA4 ma^addy, 
rusty* Iju^ 8ada, rust, ^s^^ 
sada, echo. 

jjji^sadyd^ matter, pus. 

^^Ji^ saddyq^ see J x^ 

j^ {'j^^)sar r(Jusurr J ^to tie up, 
make a bundle. j^\ insary, 
or ^\ itsarr, to be tied u|p, 

made a bundle. j-5/^'^§^4^^ 





tied up, made a bundle. 
sarr, act of tying up, mak- 
ing a bundle, specie. 9jj> 
surra^ parcel, bundle, bag 
of money, navel, pi* jy> 
surar ; j^\ ij^ surret el 
balad, the heart of the city • 
sardha^ see ry^ 
surdl^^see ^j^ 
sarrdf, see ^j^ 
( ry^. )sarrah^ to explain, 
permit, allow, grant; A ry^ 
tjUli sarrah hh bi agdza, 
he granted him a leave 
issarrahnv •- .^n itsarrah^ 
to be permitted, allowed^ 
granted. ^ja% musarrah, 
permitted,allowed,granted . 
4j^ tasryh^ explanation. 

permission, leave • 4^ I ^ 
sardha^ clearness. ^^ 
saryh, clear, unambiguous • 
( fyMi)sarab {jusrub) or 
sarrah J to cry out, shout, 
scream. ^Ay^surdb, or 'Aj^ 
s i ryby cries, shouts, screams . 
^rba, a cry, a scream, 

pi. vi»U.j-> sarfidt* 
j\^j^sirsdr, cricket, pi* j^lj-^ 

Cj>)\j^x^ sarsAr el widn^ tragus of 
the ear . 

( ^/^. ) saraf (jusruf or 
jisrif)^ to spend or change 
money, dismiss; ^ ^ sJj^ 
JIJlI saraf nazar 'an el 
masdla, he disregarded the 
case.^ j-^ sarraf ^to cause to 
spend,drain.vJ^«il insaraf, 
' r^ ^n I isara/, to be spent, 
changed^depart.^j-^i issar^ 
raf^ or sJj^A itsarraf^ to 
dispose of, drain, behave, 
have free action* ^^j-a« 
masrAf^ spent, changed; 
^J3jA% masrAf, expense, 
expenditure, pi • cJi 

masrufdt^ or uJi j^-a% masa- 
ryf; uJijU^ ^j^ saraf 
masaryf, he incurred ex- 
penses, ^jau munsarif^ 
spent,drained.*ju j*J tasryf, 
act of causing to spend, 
draining. ui'>D" tasarruf, 




. disposal of, freedom of action; 
kJj^ tasarruf, l?ehaviour, 
conduct^ pi. siMj^ tasar-- 
fuf&t; 4cj3\ sjj^ tasarruf 
ettir'^a^ discharge of the 
canal. ,J^ §^^A ^ct of 
spending or changing mo- 
ney^ drainage ; iJj-> ; J*i 
qantaret sarf ^scSipe bridge. 
^j^ sirf^ pure, sheer ^ 
mere. ij\'y> sarrdf, or 
UtTj^ sarryf^ money-chan. 
ger; cashier, pi. ciiil*^ 
sarrafyn^or Ai^ sirafyja. 
<^y> sarfyja, or ^jU^ 
musdrfa, commission for 
changing money; XmJp^ 
cXjjJ\badamet es sarfy^ 
jAt, pay department. sJ^am 
masraf^ drain, pi. JjU« 
masdrif. ^\j^\ insirdf^ 
departure, dismissal. 
Mj^surm^ Snus, 

sarma, shoe, -P^-f j*^ suram. 
^U^ suramdty, cobbler, 
pi. o'U^ suramatyja. 
§armyja^ money capital. 

3yu» sara, cypress trees • 

^^ ?ar y^, see ^^^ 

( ^>^> ) si' 16 (jis'ab), to be 
painful, difficult; 'Jo ,i.Mu^ 
srifef ''alayja^ lam sorry 
for you ; ^J^ w-u? sVib^aU- 
hum, they were offended* 
sa''a6, to render 
difficult, make dif5ticulties, 
,^,m^\ issa^'^'ab^ to express 
regret at the misfortune of 

another. w-uAi^l istas'ab. to 

• * ^ -. 

consider hard or difficult. 

tasoi aby expression of 
regret at the misfortune of 
another. 4>yu^ su'Aba^ hard, 
ship, difficulty, pi. z\y^ 
^u'ubdt. ,^^ sa% or siHb^ 
hard, difficult, painful; ^^^iu> 
dUc sa'b ""alik, you will find 
it hard or difficult. 
j^^( JLiudK) ) sa^'ad ( jisad), to 
rise, ascend, ^y^^ svC^tLd, 
ascent. jujU sdHd^ rising, 
ascendant; j^U^ cji\ ^ min 
eldn wa§dHd, henceforth, 
in future.JUu^^a^^d or $i^yd^ 




Upper Egypt ( south of as- 
JAt ) . <^JUiu^ ^i'^ydy, native 
of Upper Egypt/ pi. ^J^m^ 
su^Uba, see ,^^ 
( ^-^. )si§ir (Jis^ar), to be 
small; >JVi I3 wl:53i ^.^1 
iddyny elkitdb da wala 
tis^ar, would you mind 
giving me this book? >-» 
sa§§ar yio cause to be small^ 
reduce in size, i-oi-l istas- 

gar, to consider small. jryuT 
lasgyr, act of reducing in 
size, yu^ ?^^^j smallness; 
^J\ yu^ sugr es 5mn,youth; 
J2J\ yu^ su^r el 'aql^ opaJ > 
sa^rdna, childishness. 
sugayjar, or jiiu^su^annan^ 
or Jaiuu^ sugattat, small^ 
little^ tiny^ young, pZ. Cjlj^^ 
mgayjaryn, or jU-^ ?a^(tr; 
j^sidyr^ baby, pi, jU^ 
sugdr; jU-^ ,1^ siif su^dr, 
a young lady; jU-^ ^jb- 
g^ada' su^dr^Ci young man; 
j\;i^ ^b &it(t' su^dr, sodo- 

mite. jiA^mUsjar, young 
( cattle) . 
i^ ( ^J^. ) ?^/f (Jttsuff), to put 
in a row, array. Ut^^ 


safsaf, to remain, be desert, 
ed ; 4io jl ^ l;i-M-^ safsafna 
""ala arba^a, there were only 
four of us left. ^-^ I insaff^ 
or kJJ^S itsaff, or ^JiL-^l 
*?(^/f^ to be put in a row, 
stand in a row, arrayed. 
i^-au munsaff; or i^-^it 
mitsaff, or jkt.^* V^k^Aftf 
or ^^^ manftf^ put in 
a row, standing in a 
row, arrayed. ^^ saff, 
row, class, rank, line, pi. 
sj^^ sufAf; Jailb Ui^ saff 
zdhit, non-commissioned 
officer, pi. J^\J; <J^ saff 
zubbdt. sjyj^ sj\l^ saffdf 
hurAf^ type compositor, pi. 
^3^ C^i^-^ saffafyn hur^f. 

^sa/te, see j-^ 
jyi^safdr^ see j^ 
•j^'^ suffdra^ seeji^ 

^{r^^) safah (jisfah)^ to 



forgive, pardon ; j^ ^ 
safah 'annt/,he forgave me. 
^^ saffah, to cover with 
metal plates. f^\ issaffah,or 
^\ iisaffah, to be covered. 
^^^ musaffah^ covered, f^ 
sctfh, forgiveness, pardon. 
^ tasfyh, act of covering 
with metal plates. j^J-^sa/'j/Zi^ 
tin plates. ^^ safyha^ tin, 
can^ pi, ^\k^ safdjih 

JL^ {jLA\ ) safar {jus fur) or sa/L 
far, to'whistle. ^i-J tasfyr, 
or JL> safr, act of whistling. 
tji^ safra, cry,whistle, pZ. 
c^\jL^safrdt. .jU^ suffdra, 
whistle, pi, Cj\j\M^suffardt, 
or jA\k^ safafyr . 

jU>. ji^l (>-Ai) isfarr^ to be 
yellow, pale- jLa^ musfirr^ 
or J ly^ I a^/ardfiy, yellow- 
ish. ji^\ as far , yellow , pale, 
/em. ly^ safra, pLjt^ sufr; 
jL^\ lyfc /latoa as/^ar^cholera. 
I^i^ safra, bile. <^^<y^ 
safrdwy^ bilious, jli-^ sa/iir 
yellowness; ^jiJ\ jU-,* sa/itr 

el 6^d, yolk of eggs. <^ jU-^ 

^safdry sams, ]usi before 

y-^ sA/tor, 2nd maithof the lunar 

calendar . 
ji^sifr or sj/^r, cypher, zero, 

pi. j\k^\ asfdr, 
^VAl^sifsdf^ willow. 

cy^ ( cy-^1 ) ?^f^^ (Jis/in ), to 
reflect, think. 

Ai^suffa^ stone shelf, mantle- 
piece, pi. sJJL> sufaf. 

Ala si fa ^ see Ul^^ 

J^( J^.) ?ify (Ji?f^ )> to be 
clear, pure; ^jl ^ UJ--> 
sifyna^alaarba^a^only four 
of us were left; Jc ^-^ ^J HI 
ljif"eZ masdla si f jet ""ala 
/c Ida, this is the result of the 
case. Ju-> sa/fa, to strain, 
filter, liquidate, j^l issaffa^ 
or i^Htsaff a, tohe strained, 
filtered, liquidated, j^* mL 
saffy, clear, pure, strained, 
filtered, liquidated; flj>-^y.i 
i-A. i6/i hardm misaffy^ a 
fine rascal ^uuJ ta§fyja. 


act of clearing^ purifying, 
straining, filtering^ liquida- 
tion. ^^\^*}\ l^ may jet et 
taadfy^ drainage water. U^ 
safa, clearness, purify, 
pleasure, hair ornament 
(for women).^^!-^ sdfy^desir, 
pure, remainder, balance, 
net. J-A% masfa^ strainer, 
pi. JU- masdfy, 

^^safyh, see ^^ 

A\L^saqd1d, scaffolding, gang- 

J^ sagr^ hawk, pi. jyi^ §uqAr, 
mi^l ml^^)siqV{Jisqa'')ocsaqqa\ 
to be cold, icy. ^\-^ sdqi"^ or 
C)\MA^saq^dn^ cold, icy. a^^ 
saq% piercing cold, intense 

^suq\ central position, pi. 
^^\ asqd\ 

sJJL^ ( vJiS-«) ) saqqaf, to clap the 
hands, applaud, ^s^ tas^ 
qyf, act of clapping the 
hands, applause. 

Js^ ( Ji-^, ) saqal ( jusqul ), to 
polish, give a lustre. J2-^I 

insaqal, or J2-JI itsaqal^ to 
be polished, given a lustre. 
Jy-A* masqdl, polished.' Js-* 
saql,hci of polishing, giving 
a lustre, J^^ saqla, polish, 
lustre,p^ ^%^ saqlAt. ^a« 
masqala^ polishing tool, pi. 
Ji\-A4 masdqil, 
( viA-^, ) sakk {jusukk ), to 
hit, strike. 4i^ sakka, a hit, 
a stroke, pi. dC.^ sakkdt. 

At^^saldba, see wl-^ 

^^^JAh, and s^^^ satahyja^ 

•il-^^^aW, see J.^ 

Ji^ ( wUj ") salab {juslub ), to 
crucify; wU^ J& ^^U ^iL? 
salabny sd'a 'alal bdb, he 
kept me waiting an hour at 

the door.^.^ sallib. to fix 

• * 

temporarily ; ^^ iJj^i* wU 
si}J>ysallib ydak "^aJa wihkak^ 
cross yourself 1 ,^X^ \ insalab^ 
or ^^\ itsalabj to be cruci- 
fied. ^JuJI it^llib, to be fixed 
temporarily, ^^1 i,?to66, to 
be dry, stiff, «^jl^« masldb. 





crucified. .Jua* musallib, 
fixed temporarily . ^^* 
iasZj/6^ act of fixing tempo- 
^^ §alib or si7i6,hard,stiff. 
Ai^^salAba ^hardness, stiff- 
ness^ solidity, wi-^ saife^steel. 
wJ-^ salyb, cross^ pZ. d^\ 
sulbdn. JjJ\ ^-^ sa2y& en 
nyl, time at which the flood 
reaches its maximum. aA^ 


salyba, cross-bank, basin- 
bank, pi. k^%> saldjib. 
^{ ^.) salah{jislih), to be 
good, be right, improve. ^ 
sallah^to repair,set right,put 
in good order, correct;^ 
^^i)l\sallaheldda^make the 
room 1 .yii A ^ otjli el 
mizayjinsallah loh sa^roh, 
the barber cut his hair for 
him; ^jVl ^ sallah el ard^ 
he reclaimed the land. Jl#I 
aslah^ to set right, improve. 
fU sdlih^ to reconcile, make 
peace with. T^Lii I insalah,ov 
^^\itsalah^io be corrected^ 

set right^ improved. ^\ 
issallah, or JuJI itsallah to 
be repaired, set right, im- 
proved. Jik^l istalah^ to be 
improved, reconciled, agree 
upon, M^l issdlih^ or MwJI 
ifo(tii/i,to be reconciled. ^ 
musalUih^ or ^^^m itsallah, 
repaired, set right, in good 
order , CO rrected . ^^jUi isldh^ 
or ^ taslyh^ act of 
repairing, improvement, pZ. 
,iU!)UI islahdt, or i»*^* 
taslyhdt; ^ji\ .'r^\ is- 
Idhelard^land reclamation, 
^^k^l istildh idiom, tech- 
nicity, pi. oUilL^I is^ito- 
hdt.'^ sulh^peacey recon- 
ciliation, ^^ sa&lj^, piety. 
A^!iU salahyja^ fitness, 
suitableness. ^^ sdlih^ fit 
for, proper, pious; ^V^sdlih^ 
interest, ad vantage, pZ. l\y^ 
sawdlih; dXi-U ^) fysdlhak, 
to your advantage. U-Lm 
musdlha, reconciliation. ^ 
muslih. salt, a^ maslaha^ 



administration, service, bu- 
siness, interest, pi. ^\^ 


• • • • 

aA^ sa&a,* sauce, gravy. 
A^saUi\ baldness. ^1 asUi\ 

^^^.) ^^^ (jisally), to 
pray; ^gS\ ^ ;j-^ sally "aUi 
en na&y,praise the prophet 1 
.^or tiU sai4,prayer. •^^ 


sahoa^ a prayer, pi. wl^> 
salyb^ see \Ju> 
^( wi) )samm (jusumm)^ to 
bedeaf. jr^sammim, to in- 
tend, determine, insist ; 
4»ltSi\ Jc lux^ sammimna 
""alal kitdba^ we intended to 
write. ^\asamm,desS^fem. 
\^ samma, pi, ^ summ; J^ 
^\ hagar asamm, rock, 
granite, hard stone, jj^** 
musamm im^ intending, 
insisting. ^ tasmym, ia. 
tention, determination, 
insistence, project, pl.cJ\cf^ 
tdsmymdt, or ^UT ta^- 

^\^simdm, valve, pi. il*UV^ 


JLC^ ( Jirt ) sammid, to save 
or put by money. ^^ 
tasmyd, act of saving or 
putting by money. 

ic^ ( i^. ) samma^, to gum. 
icf\ i§^mmad^ or wJI 
itsamma^, to be gummed. 
j^?** musammajif gummed. 
Ajj4--J tasmyji, act of gum- 
ming, Ac^ §am^,gum arabic. 

Jc^( Jc*l )samai {jusmul ), to 
resist, bear, stand; ^jc^. 1^ 
jl-l Jc dajusmuValalharr, 
this stands the heat well. 
J*U sdmil^ resisting, bear- 

Cr^ ( 6^. ) ?^^^ {jisinn ), to 
wait, stink; a^ aSc ^ sinn 
"-aUh habba, give him a 
little time\ Ax^sanna ^or ^U 
$m(tn, stench. 
^^L# sa/i(tc{9^, see j 
4^U^ sind^'d, and ^Vu^ sandfy 
see «L^ 




• • 



sindn, see ^^ 
, ^;L^I ( ,1^^ ) istanat 
(yi^^miO^ to listen; 4Vo;l«^i 
i5(mi7 'af^A, listen to himl 
,1^^ Jii qata'^sant^ he held 
his tongue. oUk^l i$(m(t^, 
act of listening. 
sandal, small boat^ canoe, 
barge, pZ. J^U^ sanddil; 
J JuJt ..^JU- ^^& es sandal^ 
sandal wood. 

1^ $and]:^9,box,trunk,camo/i^ 
coflfre-dam,/)Z. ji^\:^ sana-- 
dyq; JjJl:^ Ojp ^arabyja 
sand^g, tumbrel; oijJl J^Jt:.^ 
sanddq ed d6n^ public debt 
office; cA^\ 33-^^ sandAq el 
may jet, coffin; ^^^l J^jll^ 
sandAq e& aahm, axle-box; 
JjJ^ J3-^^^ sandAq hadyd^ 
safe; J^U^ sanddqy^ box or 
trunk maker, pZ. aJ^Il^ 
sanadqyja • 

^ ( •i-ii* ) 8ana\ (jisna"^ ), or 
^L^\ istana\ to make, ma- 
nufacture, ^l i8^nna\ or 
^1 it^nna\ to be affected 

sa/i a, or 

in manner* ^U ^/iT, or 
^•jli^ ^ndfy, workman, 
artisan, artificer, pi, ^ 
sunnd\ or ^.li-^ sanafyja. 
py^masnA'' , made,manufac- 

pi. »L^ suna\or^^sandjV; 
Ami^ c^ hit san^a, a well 
built house: ,^J:> ^L<» sm(t- 
""et el bakah^ woodwork; 
•iU J\i->W^I ashdh es sandji\ 
artisans: am:^ bi san'^a, or 
4»UJ am:^ bi san'^et latdfa, 
gently; Or^'^3 rt^^* 5UjJu 
madraset es sandjV toil 
ftnAn, school of arts and 
trades, 6cole des artset 
metiers, JumiA* masna^yja^ 
workmanship. ^ tasan-- 
nu\ affectation, artifice. 
iL# ( vJLuj ) sannif, to classify, 
compile, assort into kinds. 
<JL>I i8§annif, or iju^l i7- 
sannif, assorted. Un^^ 
masa/i/iiy, classified, com. 




classification^ compilation, 
act of assorting. Ud^sanf^ 
kind, sort, pi. jU-^l asndf; 
ujp iji:^ sanf '^n, hard cash, 
ready money. 
1^ ( ^^ ) sannim, to be dull^ 
mute, ^^musannim, dull, 
mute. ^ fos/iym^duUness^ 
muteness. ^ sanam, idol^ 
pi. fU^l asndm. jJ^I 
sanamet el gamal, hump of 
the camel. 
j^^sindbar, or ^^ §m^6ar^ 
fir, pine-tree, fruit of the 
pine-tree, tju:^ sin£hra^ 
native necklace, pi c^ljU 

A^sanyjaov sinyja, or aJu-^ 
?y /I J/y<3t,tray, salver, pZ.i^i^ 
jy^sanjAr, or jyj^ sanjAr* 
Mr., gentleman, ^jy^ san-- 
jAra^ Mrs., lady, doll, pl,^ 
j^y^ sanayjir^ or wIj^jl^ 
iu^ §ahba, men assembled to 
A sing, company of i^V^ 

• • 

smokers, pi. oU^^ sahbdt. 

Aj^ sah ryg^ cistern, tender 
(rail.), pi. ^jV^ saharyg. 
^j^sahrygy ^apipevtdiining 
to the cistern* 
Ofrh* ( Ofit^. ) sah j in, io hold one's 

wl v^ sawdb. see .^L» 
Cj\j^ suwdt, see ^j-^ 
OlV^stiatodn, flint, granite^, sg, 
ii\y^ sauwdna, pi. wlil^ 
w^sdft, direction; j^i^^ ^^-^ ?<56 
eZ 6^i, in the direction of the 
house,in the neighbourhood 
of the house. 
sl,^{Cjy^^ ) sauwat, to shriek, 
shout (women). ii*!^ suwdt, 
or c^^-^ suwyt, shrieks, 
pi, o^ sauwyta . Cjy^ sdt^ 
voice, vote, pl.Cf\y^\ a$wdt. 
jy^ ( j^ ) sawar^ to deafen, 
annoy with shouts or cries. 
/^ §aaa?ar,to paint ,draw, 
sketch, photograph. j^\ 




insawar ^ or jy^\ itsawar, 
to be deafened, annoyed, 
y^^\ issauwar^ or J'y^\ 
itsauwar, to be painted^ 
drawn^ sketched^photogra- 
phed^imagine. j^^wi^masa A r^ 
deafened, annoyed,thought^ 
less, jyAM mussauwar, or 
jy^iA mitsauwar, painted, 
drawn^sketched, photogra- 
phed, jy^ aawr, act of 
deafening, annoying with 
shouts or cvv^Tjiy^taswyr^ 
act of painting, drawing, 
sketching , photographing; 
c^/)\ xr^ taswyr biz z6t, 
oil painting; UlI j^y^ tas- 
wyr bil mayjay,. water- 
colour painting, ^^y^ tas- 
^y^<^, picture, painting, 
sketch,photograph,p i . ^ ^UT 
tasawyr^or Cj\xyaS taswy-- 
rdt.jy^ tasawAr, imagi- 
nation. #j^ sAra, picture, 
painting, photograph, copy 
( of a letter, etc ; ) manner, 
face, jpZ.j^ §uwar; dAl 

^\i\sArtak yjdk^ six of one 
and half a dozen of the other. 
blanc bonnet bonnet blanc; 
aA BjyJ\ ^j^. Jrlj rdgil 
jVrdf es sAra ^, man of 
experience. ^\jy^ musau-^ 
wardty, painter,photogra- 
pher, pi. kj\ J yAMmusauwa- 

{y^y^^sawsaw, see iSy^ 
sAf, wool, woollen • 
d^y^sufdn, tinder, 


iiy^sdl, or ^tVyJ^ sdlkoUi" 
gdsyj^ warrant-officer, pi. 
cMy^ sQlAtyOv ^WyJ^ 
solkolagdsyja . 

f ^§()m,see fU 
soma'^a, cell* 

dy^sdn^ see o^ 

tf>^ ( <^^^, ) sawa (jiswy), or 
sawsaw, to squeak,coo. 
\S'y^ soLuwd, to squeak or 
coo repeatedly. <^^ sawy^ 
sauwyt^ see w^ 

A^ sijdfy and sayjdfy^ see ^U 





^L^ sayjdd, see ^\^ 

4cL^ §ijd§a, see iL» 

^Vj^sijAm^ and ^L-^ sijdmy^ 
see ^U 

Ai'L^syVina, see^^ 

,1^ ( ,1^^ ) sayjat, to repute, 
cause to be renowned, vi^-^l 
i?§^yjc^t, or .1^*1 itsayjat^ 
to be reputed^ renowned. 
^i^-A* mussayjat, or ^i^-^^i. 
mitsayjat, reputed, renow- 

ned, ,1^^ sj/<, reputation^ 
s6d^ see ^L^ 
A^u^ syga, see cA-^ 
c^(J'^^. ) ?y^ (bilddel)^ 
China, ^^ ?J/^i/, Chinese^ 
china, porcelain. 
aJu-^ syn yja^ see 4^ 
ol ,^:-> §y totin^large tent^pZ. Ci3^ 
sawawyrifivd^ I y^sywanA t. 

U^ =^ d 

33U(iiU)) dddid, to oppose^ 
disagree. ^^Ul iddddid, to 
be opposed^ disagree. ajJ-^ 
diddyja^ov ^V^Ji^ mudddda^ 
or AiiUi. mudadyja, opposi- 
tion^ enmity^ pi. cXsi 
diddyjdt^ or wbl^ ma- 
dadddt, or ^iljU* muda- 
dyjdt. xi dedd, contrary, 
against; xJ\ jl^ didd es 
simm, counterpoison; jUbII 

biddidd^ in a contrary 
manner, vice-versa; \J^^ 
iii jJli ""amalkedabiddidd 

m • • • 

fyh, he did this to spite him. 
^U ( 4^ ) 0' (jidy^ J, to be lost, 
missing, ^-i dayja^, to lose, 
spend, squander;. a^\j I 
dayja^u rdsoh, or • 
dayja^Ah,he was beheaded. 
•)U oWyr, lost, missing; 
mAi aIj^ babtoh ddji\ he is 




unlucky. p\*J> dijd\ or a^^ 
tadyjy\ act of losing, spen- 
ding, squandering. f\^r^ 
madj^\ expense, pocket- 

jU ( ^^. ) ddf (jidyf), to add, 
entertain, give hospitality, 
^.i rfae/jiY, to entertain, give 
hospitality. vjUil inddf, to 
be added, entertained, given 
hospitality. yj\Jtu munddf^ 
added, entertained, given 
hospitality. a}\j>\ iddfa, 
addition, annexation, pi, 
Cj\i\j>\ idafdt. 4iL> dijdfa, 
entertainment, hospitality, 
pi. oUL^ diJafdt.ALJu mad. 
Jafa, entertainment, hospi- 
tality, banqueting-hall. ^^ 
d^f, guest, pi. or> duj^f; 
^^^W o^l ddet ed dujAf; 
drawing- room, saloon. 

jU(j>J ddq (Jidyq)^ to he 
narrow; jU ^jS^ sudroh 
ddq; he lost patience,he was 
annoyed, j^ dayjaq, to 
cause to be narrow;L; Jl j^i 

f^5 4 d^yjo^q ed dinja fy 
wissohum^ he made them 
despair; J^l cXi dayjaqt 
afyldqy^ you have annoyed 
me. jjl^ ddjiq^ to oppress, 
embarrass, tease, jilil 
idddjiq, to be oppressed, 
embarrassed, teased. jiLi« 
midddjiq, oppressed, em- 
barrassed, teased, j^i dyq^ 
narrowness, poverty, dis- 
tress; jJlJ\ j*^ dyq esmdr, 
or ^jjJ\ AiXtabqet en nafas, 
asthma; jlitl j--i dyg eZ 
AaZg, illiberality of disposi- 
tion, impetuosity. AJLidyqa^ 
distress, poverty, misery, 
pi • wU^ dyqdt. j,-i dayjaq, 
narrow, tight; j*^ Ai^ftai- 
qoh dayjaq, he is impatient, 
impetuous. aSjU. muddjqa, 
pZ. wUU^ mudajqdt, 

^{^ddmin, see j^c^ 

A^UcWma,* game of draughts ; 
a*U Jl1» (izr ddma, he crow- 
ned (a pawn). 



i^U ddny^ov^\j> li-lahma ddny, 

i( (/U ) dAha (jidAhy)^ to 
compare. «/Ul iddAha^io be 
compared. </U- midddhy, 
compared. Kj\^mudahyja^ 


ct^ ( Lt^-^ ) ddjin, to last^resist, 
stand. ^U* muddjna, resis. 
tance. Cj^jidcjAn, strong, 
stout well made. 

-^ ( ^J dahh (judubb ), to 
seize, close, shut; iJl:^ <^ ^-^ 
da6& fy hindqoh, he caught 
him by the collar..^-ida66i6, 
to test f^water-melon by 
cutting out a small piece/ 
w-i5l indabby to be closed^ 
shut. ^^^1 iddabbib, to be 
tested . w ••-*• marf&^ 6, closed , 
shut.,,..^A mudabbiby tested, 
w-i da6&, act of seizing, 
closing^ shutting;^ 4abb^ 
jaw; w^-i; Jp-I^rdg^eifti da66^ 
man with a projecting jaw* 
A^ dabba, wooden lock. 

door-latch^ pi. ,^J> dubab. 

^K.Ji\ tadbyb, act of testing. 

i^ (K^. ) dAbat (judbut J, see 

A*^ dab', hyena^ pZ. ^yJ>dab{t\ 
or AcyJ!> dubA'^CL* 
^-•A^ ( ^^. ) dahdah, see ^^^ 
iii^ ( vii^- ) df/iifc (Jidhak), to 
laugh; juU vii^ dihik 'al^h^ 
or iuJ^ Jd diicf di/iifc 'ato 
daqnoh, he laughed at him, 
he fooled him, he swindled 
himriHi^vil^lililana bcdhak 
wayjdk^ I am joking with 
you, it is only a joke, di^ 
dahhak^ to cause to laugh. 
sl\^t^ tadhyk fid of causing 
to laugh. si\9tJ>dihk, laugh- 
ter^ joke, A)oe^ df Afca,laugh, 
pi. CiSCLi dihkdt. iSCt^ 
madhaka^ laughing-stock. 
viJUc^ mudhik, ridiculous, 
funny, comic. ,JI^St^ ma- 
4ahhakdty, buffoon, pi. 
ajI^auo^ mudahhakatyja. 
^ .jcJ>\ {j^ ) idMhha, to be 
late in the morning; Cr^\ ti 



^yl\ J ana iddahhSt fy en 
ndm, I got up late this 
morning. Uf rfaAa, morning 
after sunrise, forenoon; 
^^U\ \^c^\ ed daha el "dly^ 
morning between Sand 10 
o'clock.^Vt J^^'ydeladha, 
sheep for sacrifice. j-\y^ 
dawdhy, suburbs. 
jLJr didd^ see ^^\J> 
;(^) darr ( Judurr )^ to 
injure, hurt, do harm. ^1 
indarr, to be injured, hurt. 
jj^\ iddarrar, or jjH 
tadurrar^ to complain. ^ 
mundarr^ injured, hurt. 
j^-au muddarrar, one who 
is complaining • j^ darar, 
or tj-ft* madarra^ injury, 
harm, damage, pi. Jj^S 
adrdr^ov slf\jA4 madarrdt-^ 
jj^^3 ^}^^el ^utlwiddarar^ 
damage and interest, dom- 
mages et int6r6ts. jjiS 
tadar ru r, compilaint . 
mudirr^ injurious, harmful. 

j^j^ daryr, blind, .j^^ 
dur{ira, necessity; tj^j-UI 
1*1^1 lid durAra ahkdm, 
necessity knows no law, 
circumstances alter cases. 
^j^j^ durdry, necessary, 
requisite,urgent..yu; darra, 
fellow-wife of the same 
husband, pi. y\j^ dardjir, 
; ( 1^^-^^ ) darab (Jidrab ), to 
beat,strike; jj-*^ ^^j^ darab 
mazyka^ he played music; 
4jU ^j^ darab halagyja^ 
he surrounded ( person, 
house, etc.); tj^ wj^ 
darab maswara^ he consul- 
ted, he held a council: ^^^ 
^JK darab mahdat.or w r^ 
ji darab buqq, he chatted; 
It w .M^ darab tulum, he 
chatted, he talked nonsense; 
k^^jj^ darab suhubbyja^ 
he made friendship; s^j^ 
s^^ darab tdb^ he manu- 
factured bricks; ^ s^j.^ 
darab 'wmto,he struck coin. 
Sj^ darrab^ to multiply. 


mix. ^j^\ indarab^ to be 
beaten, struck, ^y^jUliddd- 
rib, to fight. i-*3^ madrHbj 
beaten, struck. «^^ darb^ 
act of beating, striking; j\^ 
w^\ d4r eddarb, or Alliiy 
darbabdna, mint ; J^ji^. 
^^\ gadwal ed darb, 
multiplication table, ai^ 
darba, stroke, blow, pi. 
zX^y^ darbdt. >j v'V 
( by means of sand ). wj/ftT 
tadryb^ multiplication. iu^* 
tadryba, multiplication 
problem,pZ.wijU) tadaryb^ 
or cXxj^ tadrybdt. o^ 
daryba^ tax, /)Z. ^Jy^ 
dardjib. ajjU* muddrba^ 
Qghiy PLzXjIam mudarbdt. 
s^jAM mddrab^ a thing to 
strike with, bat for playing 
ball, pi. ^j\^ maddrib. 
A^jA» midarrabyja, coat 
padded with cotton, pL 
j,Uj jA* m idarrabyjdt, 
jj-» 4arar, see ^ 

jj._;«J ( t^j-ii ) darras, to set the 
teeth on edge, to grate on 
the ears, ^jj^y^ tadrysj act 
of setting the teeth on edge. 
^j^dirs^ molar tooth, />Z, 
^1^1 adrds; Ji^\^j^dirs 
el ""aql^ wisdom tooth ; 9J3-\ 
^yii\ -U abadoh bi qat 
ed dirs, he took it with 
much difficulty . 
BjJdurra^ and »j3j^ durAra, 
and {fj3j^ durAry, and 
yjjdaryr,see j^ 

H^ dO'^y^^ see ^j*^ 
itiu^ ( n^^ ) (ia W, or ;«Jbc^ 
dahdah^ to weaken, break 
down, •-ii^l iddoi!'da\ or 
^9b^l iddahdah, to be 
weakened, broken down. 
mJuJu mudcL dcC , or pr.rtitti^» 
mudahdah^ weakened, brou. 
ken down, a^.^^ da'^da^ or 
AfcJt^tJ> dahdaha, weakness, 
juu^ ( u^ ) diHf ijid'af), to be 
weak, feeble. Uuuai^l is^a^- 
'a/, to be weak, feeble^ 



consider weak or feeble. 

Uuui day, weakness. ^Oiu^ 
da^fa^ illness, sickness, pi, 
wU-u^ da'fdt. Ul^ da' yf, or 
Cj\MM^daydn^ v/eok, feeble, 
pl.UL\mJ> du^df, or uoUi 
f^^dufda\ frogs, sg, icM^ 
dufda'a^pl. p^\is dafddV. 
J^{j^^)dafar {Judfar\ or 
daffar, to braid, plait, ^iil 
iddaffar, to be braided, 
plaited. jJu mudaffar, 
braided, plaited, j^ tad- 
/f/r,act of braiding, planting. 
•j^difyra, tress of hair, 
Ju^dufr, finger nail, claw, pi. 
JAy^ dawdfir; ^^i^-^U ^ 
^JL^huwamajiswdh duf-^ 
rak, he is not worthy of 
tying your shoe-strings. 
#j(Li difyra,see jii 
^^ dill, see JU 
^{Xii)dala' (jidlV), to be 
unjust against. ^\indala\ 
to be unjustly treated. ^jIUu 

madW, unjustly treated. 
^ dar, rib, pi. P^dul&\ 
JU ( jUi ) dailil, to shade,over- 
shadow, jUl iddallil, to be 
shaded, overshadowed. JUu 
mudallil, shaded, over- 
shadowed. J*# diW, shade. 
U ( W ) dallim^ to darken; U 
Je J^' ma iidallimi 
^aluyja, do not shut out the 
light from me I L^Hddallim, 
to be darkened. Uui/nu^IZim, 
darkened, dark. 4JU dalma^ 
darkness,obscurity.oUli!H y^ 
bahr ex xuhimdt ^ihe Atlan. 
tic ocean. 
^dulma* stuffed vegetables, 
a (^Jdammr,tocollect,gather, 
add. ^1 indamm, to be 
collected, gathered, added; 
^ f^\ indamm ""alihum, 
he joined them. ^^ mad-^ 
m{tm^ collected, gathered, 
added • ^ damm, collection, 
addition, act of gathering; 
^\ ^j zaman ed damm, 
harvest time, ^sf iamma. 




harvest, comma, pi, Cj\^ 
dammdt, a-^^jC^ damyma, 
increase of pay, allowance, 
pi, f\fidcbmAjim. 
jf ( jiA) damar (judmur )^ to 
be slender or lean, wither, 
shrink, determine secretly; 
aSc jif> damar ^al^h^ he 
cheated him, he duped him. 
jC^ I mrfamar, to become slen. 
der or lean, wither, shrink, 
be determined secretly, ^c^ 
damr^ leanness, act of 
withering, shrinking, secret 
determination , cheating , 
swindling. J^i dammdr, 
swindler, cheat, pi, ^^J^ 
dammaryn. jjc^ damyr, 
conscience, mind, pi, y}^^ 
^{ C)^" ) daman or dimin 
(jidman ), to go bail, gua- 
rantee, insure. ^ dam- 
min, to accept bail, offer 
bail, cause to guarantee^ 

ji:^\ indaman, to he gua- 
ranteed ,jc^ tadamman, to 
include, contain • j.U 
ddmin, on who goes bail, 
-one who guarantees, pi. o^ 
dummdn; &j^(>j»^ dd- 
min §drim, a responsible 
bail, oy*"^* madmtin, gua- 
ranteed, insured, sense, 
object, tijc^' tadmyn^ act of 
bailing out, letting out on 
bail. ^\^ damdna, bail, 
security, guarantee, insur« 
ance, pi. d^\^ damandt ; 
^ ^\^ damdnoh "^alayja, 
I go bail for him, I guaran- 
tee him. jc^ dimriy among, 
between; (Ic^dimnan ,tscitly. 
AC^ damma, and K^js^damyma, . 

see ^ 
j^ damyr, see jf 
\xidana, offspring. 
j^dahr, back; jt^^^jJ^\J^ 
aAJ hifid ed dars^ala dahr 
qalbohy he learnt the lesson 
by heart ; tjul j^ J^ J^ U y^ 
huwama iammU^ala dahr 




ydoh^ he could not foretell 
the future- j^ J.)\m yi huwa 
ma Unh dahr^he is not back- 
ed up; U^ [^ </ hyja 
'aUha dahraha, she has 

X the menses; ^O' jt^ 
clahr el markib, deck of a 
ship; JLaiil\ j^dahr el ""aqd^ 
extrados, exterior curve of 
an arch- 
j^duhr yUOon. tjj^duhryja, 
or 4jj|^ipU sA*^et duhryja, 

midday time • 
(^yi( (fy^^)dawa (jidwy) or 

dauwa^ to light* i daw, or 
>i day, light* »^^ dauwy^ 

oflBce messenger, /)Z. 4j^ 

f^\^dijA\ see ^U* 
AiLi dijAfa^ see ^U 
oLi dajdriy see j^U 
,ju^ oW/, see vjU 
jji dyg and dayjaq^ see jU 

i> = ( 

^Up (wJ»i) tdb (jityh)^io recover 
health, be ripe.^^^ (ctyyift, 
to cure. wJ^I ittayjib, to be 
perfumed, remove hair 
(which is removed with a 
depilatory). wJ^i-l istatjib^ 
to consider good, like. 
tyb, perfume. AJ0 fy&a,good. 
ness.^ to^y 16, good, well. 

^J>«i;l«/(u{2s(ina toe enta 
tayjib, happy new yearl 
many happy returns of the 
day! ^J* VJ ^ Autoa lissa 
tayjib, he is still in the land 
of the living; wJ» wij ^^^^ 
tayjib, olive oil; ^, JLi U 
j#LJ» ma /y^ bSnhum 
tayjibdt^ they are on 
bad terms; IjS^ J>Ij I:^ 




da rdgil keda tayjib, 
this man is a rascal ; ;ijuJ» 
tayjibyn^ how do you do? 
w^W* mutayjib^ attendant of 
a native singer ( man goes 
round among the audience 
to communicate to the 
singer the names of the 
songs they wish him to sing\ 
pi, Lji^ mutayjibyn. ^U» 
tijAb, north wind. 
wU» (d6, game played with four 
pieces of sticks. 

J, Up tAbiq, see jJp 
^, Up ((166a/ cork, stopper, pZ- 

jy,lt(a6Ar/ parade, line ( mil, ), 
pi. j^\^ tawabyr, 

4iyU»(a6Ana/ bakery, pi. C:^^^ 
tawabyn^or s:j)i y\i0 tabundt . 
^^Up tabAny, appertaining 
to the bakery. 

^AUtdbJa* fort, fortress, pi. 
jk\^tawdbyfir^\}\U tabjdt. 
^\Ltdgin, saucepan, pL ^\^ 

^{^') tdh (jityh), to strike 

repeatedly; liLaJl *i r-Up tdh 
fyh biVasAja^ he gave him 
a hiding with the stick, he 
went on thrashing him with 
the stick, r-y^ tauwah, to 
fling away, r-^l ittauwah, 
to be flung away, totter, 
swagger.^(^A, act of strik- 
ing repeatedly. ^^Utatwyh^ 
act of flinging away, totter- 
ing, swagger. 
^y-\i^tahAna, see^ 

jUp(^) tdr(jityr)^ to fly, j^ 
(cyar, to cause to be thought 
less. jrJp tayjar, to cause to 

fly; cijiyjJ- tAyj(^^ qirs^n, 
he embezzled two piastres, 
he pilfered two piastres ; jjJp 
C tayjar mayja, he 
urined. j^Lil intajar^ to 
be thoughtless, j^* tat- 
yjyr, act of causing to 
fly. j\l. tdjir^ flying. cj^j^I 
tajardn, flight, j^ t6r^ 
birds, flies, sg. •j^t t6ra^ pi, 
^\j^terdt;jyS> tuj{Jir,h\TAs. 
jO» tayjdr^ current, stream. 




0jti^tayjdra,chM's kite, pi, 
^lj(lt tayjardt .Bj\Stajdra, 
thoughtlessness. j^\ at jar, 
or j^Jk*ma(:y^r,thoughtless, 
frivolous, silly, pi. Cxjy^* 
matjuryn. ifj\J»tayjdry^not 
stable, not permanent. <^ljLk. 
m utayja rd ty^ embezzler, 
pi. Vl>l.^^ mutayjaratyja. 

amJ^ tdrma, cabin at the stern of 
aship,pZ. zAAjK'^tarmdt, 
•jU» Uira^ wheel, hoop, paddle, 
pulley, pL sL^^jMtardt^^SxkA 
•jU» muqddf tdra^ float of a 
paddle wheel. 

4^U»((i5a, metal bowl, helmet, 
vase, pZ. :j\^\i>tasdt. 

^It ( ^IL) ) tdsa (jitdsy)^ to 
cheat, dupe.-u-Vk.mafasf/ya, 
act of cheating, duping. 

J.U,( J.J. )((lsryi?f/s;,tobesilly, 
frivolous, light-headed.jLili 
tdjisfiv J.yA^ matJAs^ silly, 
frivolous, light-headed, pi, 
iicijU» taj&yn, oil. uj^^^- 
matjuhyn . ^VU tajdsa, 
silliness, frivolity, foolish- 

ness. Ai^ td§a^ or a11» taisa, 
noise, row, pZ. wLi^ (o&tf, 
or si. lit tassdt. 

au,(j,U4) ((4(a ryi?%;, to 

lower the head, bend down . 
J^MLm mutdty, one who is 
bending down. ^JUlk. muta^ 
tyja, act of lowering the 
head, bending down- 
^{^^)td' (jityj, or ^^u. 
tdwi\ to obey, ^jl tauwa\ 


or A.t tayja\ to cause to 
obey, subjugate. fALiI intd\ 
to obey, be obeyed. ^^\ 
ittauwa\ to volunteer. *)Ur 
tdji\ obedient, pi, ^:^«)lt 
to^fyn. ^ t6\ or a^U» td/'a, 
or Ac^lk* ma?(ia?'a, obe- 
dience; • y.'f' t^ Ij J^^eZ walad 
datd^'abdh, this boy obeys 
his father, p^ ma tauwa''^ 
volunteer, pZ. us^^W:. ma?- 

jiy>U»(a'iin, see j^ 
J^lt ?(t^(/, see ^;i. 

to roam, patrol, go round. 




,j;^(aatoiy,to cause to roam, 
patrol, go round, sj^ tdf, 
patrol, night police. ,jl^ 
(aaioti^ watchman, a patrol, 
pi, Aii^l» tauwdfa,*i\^ ^'^^. 
bdsta tauwdfa, Rural Post* 
AiiU» tdj fa, sect^ corporation, 
pl.^A^l tawdjif; ^.UJ\ '^ 
^h €t tdjfa, head of the cor- 
poration • Ai!^ taffa, crowd, 
pi. z^i^taffdt, cJ^^ tofdn 
or tawdfdn^ deluge. 
JU, ( jj^ ) tdq (jityg ), to bear, 
suffer. jlUil intdq, to be 
borne, suffered; JiU»j t* J>-'j 
rdg ilmaj intd q% an unbear- 
able man. aJU» tdqa, power, 
endurance, time, roll of cloth, 
pi. wUlt taqdt;^^^^> i^ fy 
tdqty^ in my power; jp ryU 
uU» fi^ri^^ 'an tdqty^ be- 
yond my power ; wlJlt ^i^l 
arbaUaqdt, four folds; ^ 
^ 4^1:1 1 jUJUamane(?(ig itn^n, 


double price; 1^ Cj^\i^\ w^ 
yi^'t/ft e^ (ag^n sawa^ to make 
both ends meet ; a5U» (dg^a 

^^ J^LJU* dy masdla 

window, pZ. vi*liU»(ag4i, or 
Cj\a,1 tyqdn; j^Ul iiU^ tdqet 
elmanafiyr, nostril. 

iiU, taqyja, skull cap, lining of 
a fez,p/. jl^t tawdqy. 

Jit ( J^U) ) ((iZ ^jutai), io belong, 
extend, reach, obtain; <^^ 

jutMkarhaha^ this is a long 
affair; a:^ w^JL-U U UZis^a 
ma tultiSfulAsy minnoh^ I 
have not yet recovered my 
money from him. J •^^aa w il^ 
to lengthen, prolong, cause 
to reach, grant; V^ J^W V 
^^ la titauwil wala tiqas- 
sar, do not say too muchl 
cut your story short 1 "V^l 
dUU J^k) A'a titauwil 
lisdnak^ do not be abusive 
iiOli J^ tauwil bdlak^ 
or J^k di-p-ij tauwil 
rdhak, have patience 1 keep 
your temper 1 J^l ittau^ 
wil^ to be extended, prolon- 
ged. ^}^[L\ittdwil, to be rude, 
insult; ^ ;>(^li J^Jilkl ittdwil 




^alayja bil kaldm^ he ab- 
used me. Jltil intdl^ to be 
reached. J^ia^-.! istatwil^ to 
consider long. Ji^U tatwyl^ 
extension, prolongation^act 
of causing to reach, grant- 
ing. 41^Um mutdwla^ or J^UJ 
tatAul, rudeness, insult. 
J^ (AZ, length, height; J ^l 
hit tdl, lengthwise; JJII J^ 
tU el m, all the night; J> 
L-ii cipl U ttil ma enta hena^ 
so long as you are here; J^l j 
4) Jb) rdgilbitAloh^ only one 
man; dB^ ^^ lllana /y (iJtofe, 
or viUy> (^ l;lana /"y "^ardak, 
I throw myself on your 
generosity; J^Jc JL*' imst/ 
*afet tAl^ or Jl^ JL#I im^'j/ 
tauwdly^ walk straight! 
j^i^ 4^ 5ife/ca tauwdly, 
straight road; J& wl:53\ ^j 
*clj3 J^ ramael kitdb "^ala 
tAl dird'^oh, he flung the 
book away; ^j^\{ s^^^\ bit 
tAl bil ^ard, in any way,any 
how; 4^ ^ J^ loigr mm 

tdloh^ he turned head over 
heels; JU\ J^ t{il el bdl^ or 
JU\ ;j^U(Atei eZ MZ, patience. 
Ji> (^w?yZ, long, tall, high, 
pi, Jl^ tuwdl'^ aiVI Ji>t 
tawylel yd^ thief, one who 
strikes at the least provoca- 
tion; <:;VJBI Jif^U toiot/Z €Z 
lisdn, abusive, insolent; 
JU\ Jj^ tawyl el bdl, or 

patient,good-natured, long- 
suflfering. J^ ^AZy, longi- 
tudinal; J^ jU mitr t{Lly, 


meter run. Jl^ tuwdla^ 
manger, stable, pi. ciVl^ 

JU, tdlih see Jit 
• ' • 

JU. ?<tir, see At 
J5U»?4«jto,* table, stable, pi, 

Zr6e( tdwla^ backgammon. 
^j^U»^aA«, peacock, pr ,y.^l^ 

J.)U» (^y^'i, see jA]m 
f^a^tdjV, see^lt 
aJu\\> tdjfa, see ^Up 



(^^)tabb(Jutubb), to drop, 
fall down: -ui* ,JL # C 


bukrajutubbmasr^ he will 

reach Cairo tomorrow; 
^ Jft to66 "(itto s^a/lla, or U 
Jili ^ ^ ga "^ala tubbin 
d^fil, he came suddenly; 
wJ» ^ gaZ6y tabb, my heart 
sank in me ; m'^S ^^^ y^ 
huwa tabb fil kalAm,he con- 
fessed. ^k,L> tabtab, to 
caress,pat; ^ ^L..U y^huwa 
tabtab^'alayja^ he caressed 

me.,,^to66i6. to cause to 
• • • ' 

drop or fall down, treat me- 
dically. wJ»l ittabbib^ to be 
treated medically . aJ» (ab&a, 
a drop^ a fall, pi. oU» to6- 
Mt. ^JaJ* tabtaba, caress. 
^^.aJJ tatbyb, act of treating 
medically. *-^lki» (i6((t6, 
Soudanese beer ; ^ 4J U 
w\kJj\5ra Zo/i "am tibtdb, 
it suited him marvellously,it 
is just the thing' he wants. 
^ tibb, medical science ; 
wUt ^jJu madraset e^iibb, 

the school of medecine. 

tabyb, physician, pi. \S\ 

atibba,^ tibby^ medical. 

^Ck tabbdfp, see ^ 
j|iLk tabahyr, chalk, *^Lk (a6a- 
^y^^, piece of chalk, pi. 
CiljjJiU» taba§yrdt. 

^tk tabbd\ see ^ 

jCktoftMZ, see JJ» 

<iU» toMn^ top of wall. 

^ (^.) (aftaft (Jutbub), to cook. 
^1 intabaJi, to be cooked. 
^^ matbAb, cooked. ^ 
^a6^, cookery. 4;^ toftfta, 
cooked food^pZ. ds^ tabbdt; 
aJ^I ^ JI>* huwa illy ta^ 
babet tabba^ it is he who 
laid the plan, ^-J» toftyft, 
Cooked food, culinary art. 
Cuisine; ^^ ^y^\j rdgil 
tabyh, cuckold. Ak tabbdl^, 
cook, pi. ttt^Uk tabbabyn. 
'^ matbaby kitchen, pi.|lL. 

JLl»(JLkj)<a66t^, to play with 
water, splash water. JLukf 
tofdyJ, act of playing with 




water, splashing water. 

^{^Jaba' (jitba')^ to print. 
^S> tabba*^, to cause to be 
accustomed, habituate. *Ja5l 
intaba\ to be printed. ^1 
ittabba\ to be accustomed^ 
habituated, ^^« matb{i\ 
printed ; *iU^.k* matbu^dt, 
printed matte republications; 
wW^U U qalam el matbu^ 
''At^ Press Bureau. ^% 
mi((a66a% accustomed, ha- 
bituated. *jL (a6^, act or art 
of printing; ^ tab\ dispo- 
sition, character, nature, pi. 
^U»i atbA'', K%J^ taby^a^ 
nature, disposition, pi. ^S^ 
tabdjV; ^^l blttab\ or Cut 
tab'an, or ^)^\i bit taby^'a, 
naturally; J^A^ aLuJ» (abt/L 
toh mdsha, heis constipated. 
^juJ» taby^'y^ natural. a^JL^ 
matba'a, printing-oflOice, pi. 
^Ik* matdbV. p^ tabbd\ 
or ^jwJm matba^'gy, printer, 
pl. ^tl> tabba^'yn^ or 

<fcM^M^ matba^gyja • ^^ 
tatabbu\ acquired habit. 
jj» ( jJaj) toftag (j i76ag),to take 
hold of, fold, shut ; o . jJ» 
iabaq fyh, he got hold of 
him, he collared him. jJ» 
tabbaq, to fold, demolish, 
apply, shoe a horse. jJ.5\ 
intaboiq, io be taken hold of, 
folded, shut, applied. jJ»l 
ittabbaq, to be folded, de- 
molished, shod.j^A«ma( 6 A g, 
folded,shut; J^J«.«^-ti na/'a- 
sy maidAg, I breathe heavi- 
ly, I am depressed, jJm 
mitabbaq^ folded, demolish- 
ed, shut ; jJ*. j\2^ huddr 
mitabbaq^ chopped vegeta- 
bles cooked with meat. ,i^W 
tatbyq^ act of folding, 
shutting, demolishing, a p. 
plying. alJJ fa(6j/ga, horse- 
shoe, pi. J.4^* tatabyq. jJt' 
ta6g,act of foldlng,shuttlng. 
jjt (i6g, conformity, exact- 
ly, completely ; jJ^ ai j 
zayjoh {ibq, exactly like 




him; ^^H\ ^ tibq el ad , 
true copy ( of a document ). 
AiA> tabaqa^ story, floor, pi. 
wlsJt tabaqdt. j>\t (46ig, 
valve^ lid, crowd around a 
performer. jJa, mutbaq, 
full ; jaLi dilip ^a/{a mu^&ag^ 
a stupid piece of ignor- 
ance . jJ» tabaq, plate^ 

wi§§oh zaj tabaq el ward^ 
he has rosy cheeks. 

jj, ( J-la) ) tabbil, to play the 
kettle-drum ; jJ» to6Z, act 
of playing the kettle-drum ; 
tabid ^ pi, o:ii, tablAt, or 
J^ tubiil. J (It tabbdl^ one 
who plays the kettle-drum, 
pZ. 4lU» tabbdla, or oeJM* 

iJut tablyja, pedlar's board, 

low table^ pi. A\Stabdly. 

» * 

ii^^tabanga* pistol, pi, zM 

waJ> <a6y6, see ^ 
^ ^a6y&, see ^ 

. i«J» taby'a, see -J* 

f-r^ ^ f .■?^- ) ^.^Qram, or ^ 
tag gin, to speak in a vulgar 
manner, speak coarsely. 
^.j>J^ tagrama^ or ^^jj** 
tatgyn, act of speaking in 
a vulgar manner, speaking 

^\istuhAl, spleen, pi, oVUa» 

^^ tahhdn, see ^yj, 

jj? ^a^Z, dregs of coffee. 

^( 6^- ) i(^^ri (jithan), to 
grind, reduce to powder. 
j^l intahan^ to be ground, 
reduced to powder, cj^ 
mathUn^ ground, reduced 
to powder, ^yj* tahn, act 
of grinding, reducing to 
powder. Cj^ tihyn, flour. 
A:i^ltihyna^ dregs of se- 
same oil; ^^ j4\ S^.^ 
huwa jVmil elbahr tihy^ 
na^ all his geese are swans. 
^l tihyny, tihyna colour, 
coffee colour. A5y.U» tahdna, 
mill,pZ. Cj^ \^ta wafyyn\ii^\!^ 





\^ {a^net hawa, wind- 
null 4>* ma(/ki/ia, hand- 
imll^ pL ^y-Ua.. matdhin. 
^^t takhdriy miller, pZ. 
^*UJi tahhanyn. 

'^(^O (aA& (jutuhbh to 
beat^ strike ; asI^ <iJ> tahhoh 
'aZga^he gave him a hiding; 
j\^ 4^ toft^ miswdr, he 
walked a long way. 
^\J0 tarablus, Tripoli, silk sash 

of Syrian make, 
ijrol^ tarahiza,"" see • jjil j 
4»-l'Jp turrdha, see ryt 
^iy» tarrdd^ see ^^ 
j\'J^tarrdr, pickpocket, thief, 

pZ* •j»'^ tarrdra. 
^^\J^tardwa^ see<^^ 
w> ( w>e ) taraft (jitrih), to 
cause to be delighted,charm 
with music or singing .wjt I 
intarab, to be delighted, 
charmed. ^3}lm matrdby 
delighted, changed. ^^ 
taraby delight, charm ; c^ 
wji» bH tarab, a beautiful 

ji^t (jiJ^J tarbaq, to demolish. 
ji^tl i(tor6ag, to be de- 
molished, jijk* mutarbaq^ 
demolished. Ai)ji» tarbaqa, 
act of demolishing. 
J.>i> (arftAs, fez, red cap, pi. 
jul^ tarabyi. ^^^J^ ta^ 
rabysy, seller of red caps, 
tarbdk colour. 
^> ( ^^^ ) tarah (jitrah ;, to 
throw away, bear fruit, 
subtract. ^J^ tarrah, to 
cover the head with a veiL 
rj^\ intarah^ to be thrown 
away, subtracted, c^'jtl 
ittarrahety to cover one's 
head. ^^jk*ma(rAi^,thrown 
away,subtr acted. ^jU»i(t r ii^, 

bearing fruit ( tree). ^3j^* 
mat r Ah, thrown away, sub- 
tracted. A^ Jx» mittarrafj^^ 
veiled (woman). ^^ tarh, 
act of throwing away, bear- 
ing fruit,subtraction;rjt^^jl 
j4 ard tarh bafyr^ land from 
which the sea or river has 




receded. 4#-^ tarha^ wo- 
man's veil^ pi. r^ turah. 
r)^^Tnatrah^ place, pl.T-JL» 
matdrih; ^^j U r-jk« r- j 
rAh matrahma tirith^ go 
where you please ! go to 
the devil ! ao^JLm matraha, 
bake^^s wooden shovel, pi. 
».jlk« matdrih, A^\Joturrd^ 
ha, mattress, pi, si.Uljt 
turrahdt^ OTAj\}>tararyh, 
^j^\ J^ su§l hit taryha, 
task work. \ 

3 jt ( ^ J*i ) tarad ( jutrud )^ to 
dismiss, discharge, expel. 
^^1 intarad, to be dismis- 
sed, discharged, expelled. 
^^Ja.* mat r Ad, dismissed, 
discharged, expelled. :^J> 
tard^ dismissal, discharge, 
expulsion. t^J> tarda^ a 
dismissal, pi. si.l^jt tarddt. 

A ^l'ji» tarrdd^ Nile embank- 
ment, longitudinal embank- 
ment, pi. Jij\J> tararyd. 

^J^tard, parcel, package, pi. 
^^J^tur&d; Ax^y^ ^jt tard 

ftds^a, parcel postj^^jUy ^^ 
tard faransdwy^ goods 
sent A grande vitesse, 
goods sent by passenger 

jV» ( jj»i)tarras, to embroider. 
jj>\ ittarrajsf, to be embroi- 
dered, jja.^ mutarraz, em- 
broidered, yja^ tatryz, act 
of embroidering. jjL^ mu^ 
tarras^one who embroiders^ 
pi. uLjJ''* mutarrazyn 

j> ^arz^ form, shape, type, pi. 

J'J^ ( J-M ) ? i>«'s (jitraS), to be 
deaf. J:^ (aras^ deafness. 
J.J>\atras, deaf, fern. \^J^ 

J' J' ( c»l ) («^«^' (Jutrus)^ to 
vomit, throw one on his face. 
J^jkii m(aras,to be thrown 
on one's face. j^^jL^ matrAs^ 

lying flat with the face' 


downwards. J:^ tars, act 
of vomiting,throwing one on 
his face. J.l^l» turds, vomi- 
ted matter. ^^« mutarraS, 




ji jj» ( ji jk) ) tar sag, to burst, be 
enraged . jJi^L. mutarsaq, 
burst, enraged. ui^(arsa- 
^a, act of bursting, rage. 
• ifi'jl tur §y, pickles. j;^jltur sag y, 
pickles- seller^ pl^ ^}> 
jlj,{ Jmjmi) tartar, to urine. 
J» .ti ittartar, to sit on a 
height. ji»ji»» mutartar^ 
sitting on a height, •ji^ji^ 
tartara, act of urining, 
sitting on a height. 

J^j^ ( cri»^. ) tartak, to splash. 

4-iL,i» tartasa, act of 
splashing. J^UJ> taratys, 

splashes ; ^"^ ij-i^^j^ (^- 
ratys kaldm, snatches of 
a conversation. 

J^X J^>i) tCLr^taq, to prick 
the ears. j^jL* mutartaq^ 
pricked. <si»^ tartaqa, act 
of pricking' 3^^j^ ((^^i^q^ 
fop, upstart, pL j^\J» 
j^U^tartdr^ high pointed cap, 

conical cap, pi. jt^\^ 
taratyr; jylj0 Ui^ j^li c^W 
enta qdHd hena tartAr ^are 
you here dnly for show? 

^3^J^ tartdfa, end, extremity^ 
point, crest, pi. Ul^^}p 
taratyf) ^>l> Jc ^U 
^liil^ mdsj/ 'a to taratyf 
sawdb^'oh, he is walking on 

J^jJ» tartAq, seeji^jt 
^J»{^J^^) tar^am, to fill to 
overflow. ^^i»\ i((ar'am, to 
be filled. ^^ mutar''am, 
full, 4/^ tar'ama, act of 
filling to overflow. 
sJj-{sJjLi)taraf(jutruf)^ to 
hurt the eye. o'ji» tarraf^ 
to cause to go to the end or 
beyond the limit, ^^iail 
intaraf^ to be hurt. sjj^\ 
ittarraf^ to go to the end, 
go beyond the limit. ^^Jk» 
matrAf, hurt. ^J, to,rf, 
act of hurting the eye, sjj»^ 
tatarruf, act of going 'to 
the end, going beyond the 




limit. vJ^ tor/, end, extre- 
mity, pi cii>l CL^i^df, or 

tarfet ""Sn, in the twinkle of 
an eye. yjj» taraf, end, 
extremity, with; ^^^4 min 
taraf, in the name of, de la 
part de; #^1 o^^^-V fi'a 
min taraf abAh, he came in 
his father's name; IJL* ^^ 
^jkW minhdsa et taraf, 
from this place, locality or 
oflficer^^Jc 'ala taraf, at 
the expense of ; iJ^k; bi 
taraf, with, at, ekes; JW ^ 
^jUl/it^toa 6(ifo/ ^f taraf ^ 
he has no government 
property in his charge. 
jliji» tarfdny^ the one at 
the end. wiiji» taryf^ un.. 
clean (to the jews ), extra- 
neum quid. ^jL» mutrif, 
man who has a developed 
sexual organ • 
j>(j^») (arag (jutruq), to 
knock ; a»\^c a}^1» taraqoh 
'asdja, he dealt him a blow 

with a stick; ^l-U-l jj*^* ^^» 
bSnhum ma taraq el had^ 
ddd, they are at daggers 
drawn. yj» tarraq, to 
dismiss, to hard-hammer 
metals, j^l intaraq, to be 
knocked. J J>\ ittarraq^ to 
be dismissed, hard- ham- 
mered; U^* Jjl»l ittarraq 
m in hena, leave this place 1 
begone! Jo'-* matrAq, 

JjJ^ J^jJ^ fy^dyd matrAq, 
wrought iron; J^^* ^jU 
sdrC matrAq, frequented 
road.jji» tarq^ act of knock- 
ing, hard-hammering me- 
tals* a;^ (arga,blow,once,^ljjt tarqdt, AJ» turqa, 
passage, corridor, pi, z^ijc^ 
turqdt. j»jl» taryq^ road, 
way, pi J> turuq; JLi^l U 
A^ji» ma a^'rafh taryqoh, I 
do not know where he is ; 
iji,%S\^^ taryq es saldma^ 
good bye 1 pleasant journey 1 
AhJ^ taryqa, manner. 

\ / 





means^ system, measure, 
religious sect, pi. jiLt 
tardjiq, or jj^iuruq; w^lj^ 
jJLi\ arbdb et turuqy 
followers of Mohamedan 

religious sects ; aSi^ diJ _a^ 
huf lak taryqa, find a way 
out of this difficulty! asJLm 
matraqa^ivon hammer, pZ. 
jjVk* matdriq, 
^J>{JJL) tarqa\ to crack, 
burst, produce a sound. 
hi\> tarqa'^a^ act of crack- 
ing, bursting, producing a 

f j^ ( f-^i ) tar ram, to extract 
teeth. M \>\ ittarram, to be 
extracted, j. JL. mutarram, 
extracted; ^J^ j[^ tVbdn 
mutarram, snake whose 
fangs are extracted. 

$J»turra, small lash ( made of 
a piece of rag), head of a 
coin, cypher of the Sultan 
on Turkish coins, pl.jj> 
turar; I^l* VI3 •^ turra 
walla jdz^ heads or tails? 

<5>(c$>. )?iry (jitra), tob< 
soft, loose. iS jt tarra^ 1 
cause to be soft or loose, 
i,)> IjJl ed dinja tarret^ 
the weather has become 
cool. -41 ^" tatryja^ act 01 
softening, loosening. (fj> ' 
/ary, soft, tender, cool, pi. 
(^ijU turdj. B3\J> tardwa^ 
cool weather, freshness. 

4<> taryha, see ^> 

Ju^?ar{//, see J> 

j,J,?are/g,^see j> 
ji,it/^^, or !♦ jt ^a-sr^ ^si, 
pshaw 1 Ji jL^":J^kaldm 
tuzz fiss^ trash, stuff and 

nonsense; J^^ 'i!?^* ^/i 
natyga tuzz fi&s, the result 
is nil ; viU 3!^ <a^^ /e/fe, 
you are worthless ! you are 
beneath any body*s notice! 
T snap my fingers at you ! 
^i>{^,) tass {Jutuss ), to hit, 
strike.^jJaii intass^ to be hit, 
struck. jj-^-l»- mats&s, hit, 
struck. ^jJ» tasSy act of 
hitting, striking; c»WL o^* 




^ talat sa^'At tass, three 
consecutive hours, k^ tas- 
sa,a stroke,a blow,pi. oLJ» 

^^^taslaq, obsolete, old fa- 
shioned. * 

^LlJ» tasd&, darkness, obscurity, 

.l^iist, washbasin, pi. w^ 
JLkti» ( JLkiL ) takas, to fizz, 
4».L.nUa^asa,act of fizzing . 
aH, tassa, see jiU» 
JJJ»fa(Zy, sweets offered to 
visitors in oriental houses. 
^Ui» tu'^dm, see jil» 

^ (^0 («'^y (JH'(^9), to dent, 
dint, bend. ^JaiM inta'^ag, to 
be dented, dinted, bent. 
r-^kima^'2!^^,dented, dinted, 
bent. ^ td'g,hQX of denting, 
dinting,bending. amJ» ta^'ga, 
dent, dint, bend, pi. wUmI* 
J» ( Jw ) ta'ajn ( y tVem ), or 
to"c(m, to feed, graft, vac- 

. cinate. ^\ itta'^'^am, to be 

fed, grafted, vaccinated. aIi* 
muta'^'am or m itta^^am, 
fed, grafted, vaccinated. 
jJaLi*! istat^am, to find the 
taste good, wikf tafym, act 
of feeding, grafting, vacci- 
nation. j^Ut tudm^ food, pf. 
4^jJ»l a(^ima. jiL tu^'m, bait 
forfishmg. iJ» ta^'m^ taste, 
flavour. /i^Ji'^im, relishing, 
tasting good, a^ ta'myja, 
balls of mashed beans fried 
in oil. 
<y^ (^yi^ ) (a'an (jit'^an), to stab, 

libel; ^ 6^ (^'^^ /y^^^ be 
libelled him. jaUl inta'an^ 
to be stabbed. Oy>^ mat'^n, 
stabbed, Ubelled. ^ to'n, 
act of stabbing, libel. Aui» 
ta^na, a thrust, a libfel, pL 
C^if^ ta'^ndt, ^^U» ^a'An, 
pestilence • 

J^ ( ;/W ) f ^^^ O'i^^y ;, to be 
excessive,flood.oUi» tudjdn, 
excess, flood. j\^ t^dy, 
wicked, pi. tUi^ (ayd. 
iiri^^iiUJfa/f rMa/f;, see ^\l 




^{^.)tafah{jitfah), to 

overflow, vomit. ^ taffah^ 

to cause to overflow, cause 

to vomit ; jL^y k^j\ ^^^ 

taffahny arba'^a qurAs, he 

fined me four piastres. ^ 

tdfihflyevQov/ing • ^ tafh, 

overflow, vomiting. 

J^{j.^.)tafa&{jitfas), to 

escape,runaway.JLti» taffis, 

to cause to escape or run 

away. JLiU> tdfii, or c^^ 


act of causing to escape, 

causing to run away • ^itt 

tafia^ escape, pi Jiti^ taf- 

^t^i^yiA^tafidny, truant, 

fugitive,pi. aJ ^x^tafsun yja. 

Jit .Jik-l (Jik-j) istafal {jiS" 
6 i^i), to leave to one's own 
devices; X^3 cJ\ J*!*-*! istifil 
enta way j Ah, make it up 
between yourselves! 

Jit tafl^ yellow clay. 

t^ (yjJ^. ) tAfO' (jitfy ), or taffa, 
to extinguish flTe;j^\^^tafa 
elgyr^ he slacked the lime. 

jj«5l intafa, to be exting- 
uished, ik* matfy^ exting- 
uished, jit^a/'y, act of exting- 
uishing. tjWJ^ iJit tafjet 
es s igd ra , cigarette ashes, 
ji, {j^,)tOLqq,io burst,produce 
a sound; cJ^ ojlJ\ el bun- 
duqyja taqqet,\hQ gun went 
off; t^J^ jt taqq el ^a^wa^ 
he ate the supper; jL> Oii 
siX^^qa^'ad jutuqq hanak,he 
went on jabbering, he contin- 
ued chatting; ^ ^st taqqoh 
""alqa^ he gave him a hiding, 
jkat taqtaq^ to crack,clacL, 
crackle, make a noise. ^ 
taqqa, burst, sound, once, 

akaltaqqeUn^ he ate twice. 
uLftt (agtoga, act of crack, 
ing, clacking, crackling, 
making a noise. U^Lst (ag- 
t6qa, cracker, pL ji»l*l» 
taqatyq. j^4 ^^ dafo!^ 
loh taqtaq^}[ie paid him hard 
cash; CSc p%Ji jLit ^* min 
taqtaq lis saldmu ^al^kum, 




from beginning to end^ from 
first to last. \}jh\l taqldq, 

fop^ coxcomb. 4ij^ ^y 

mara taqt&qa, fast woman. 

^2lf taqs^ weather, religious rite^ 
liturgy, pi, ^yll tuqAs. 

JLsi» ( JLtk) ) taqas ( Jutqus )^ to 
break, smash (china, gl^ss, 
etc.). JLa^ taqqas, to break 
or smash one thing after 
another. JL5J»il intaqah^ to 
be broken, smashed, j;.^* 
matqAs, broken, smashed. 
JL5l» taqS^ act of breaking, 
J^)»j^taqt&q, and aIJLuI tuqt^qa^ 


see ^ 

j!L{JlLi) taqqam, to clothe, 
dress. jLt! iltaqqam, to be 
^ clothed, dressed, ak* mutaq. 
qam^ clothed, dressed. iU 
taqm^ suit of clothes, set, pi, 
fyii, tuqdm,or a«^ tuqAma; 
(^U Ji^ (agm At/, tea ser- 
vice; ^Li>- lU togm fio§An, 

Jt ( Jlu. ) faZi Oa(t^«;, to look. 

peep, visit; ^^Jlp Ji^ U-jra/ma 
nutull ^al^hum, we went to 
call upon them. Jk-mitoH, 
view from a window. Alk* 
mitalla, call, visit, pZ. c^Hk* 
^ toZto^ see Jk 

Jik (wJk)) (atob (jutlub), to ask, 
demand ; ^-^4 Uk talaboh 
jihdar^ he asked him to 
come, he sent for him. ^\k 
tdlibAo claim.^JJJ tatallab, 
to request, apply for. .JLkll 
intalab, to be asked, de- 
manded, summoned. ^U» 
tdlib, claimant, pi, wi^k 
tulUXb^ or i^\^ talbyn ; i^ 
Aj\k kalba tdlba. bitch in 
heat, vj^ matlAb, asked, 
demanded,summoned; vi'^'** 
matlAb^ debt, claim,pZ.^lk« 
matdlib, or wJU*- matalyb^ 
or *il^U». matlubdt ; w^^Vk- 
j^y V mailAboh kam qirh, 
how many piastres does he 
claim? ^ fatod, or ^kT 





la(aifai6^ request, demand, 
daun, requisitioa , applica- 
tion pL ^Ui talabdt^ or 
CiUk: taiatliibdt: JiL« mu- 
^tba, claim for payment. 
^Jl^lsam, talisman, pi. ^^i» 
,j^^ taliamys, blind, dim. 

Ok ( ^^ )tili' (jitla'), to rise, 
go up, appear, become; ^1 
I J i7to'6arra,gooutI leave 
the room! a)lSp <^ ftll^fizr /«/ 
*agZo/i, he made up his mind, 
he imagined; ifj^ ^ tiW 
jigry, he took io his heels; 
j^I» A^^j rd/to/i ^fZ'ei, he 
breathed his last; c^ ^♦^t 
ei&tm^^ire^, the sun rose; 
^l^l JLU fizr en nahdr, 
the day broke; Up- ^ JJ^ 
(izr min haqqoh, he was 
a match for hini; I^Aki 
Jb-I^ Op- j 111(1% gin6 wdhid, 
they amount to £ 1 ;J jfl^ JJ»I 

^liSoli^Za" winzilbilkitdb. 
• • • ' 

I hold you responsible for 
the book, you are bound to 

find the (lost) book; j.«lU J 
J11J\ ^\ <^ /i|/ya titet fy es 
k6 el hcut^dl,%he became infa- 
mous, she became a prostit- 
ute; #y V At tilV li abtih^ he 
takes after his father; 4I iJJ* 
jjU5\ j^ U7r Zo/i mm el ^dly, 
he assumed a high tone with 

him;lj!r'j^' ^J^.' a* f^. 
jitla^min ydak tVmil keda, 
canyoumanagetodo such a 
thing? JlLj J^3 A tili' 
walad battdl, he grew up to 
be a bad boy ; k^^^\ ^ Al 
tilVmin elbidma, he left 
the service. ^ talla\ to 
cause to rise, go up or ap- 
pear, extract; f ^ J^ ^^ ^ 
huwa hijitalkC' ""alayja ka-- 
Idm^ he invents things about 
me ; \jl ^Ji* talla^'oh barra^ 
show him the door 1 kick him 
out ! 42U Al taUa*" hulqoh^ 
he vented his wrath; 4^ji; ^ 
talkC' rdhoh , he annoyed 
him, he bothered him ; JX 
faZto' hissak^ speak 





louder I ^ tdli\ or ^ ^\ 
ittala*^ ^ala,io study, peruse, 
take note of. JJJfa<Z(/',actof 
raising, lifting, extraction. 
V^ tulA\ act of rising, 
going out, ascent, appear- 
ance, swelling, abscess, 
boil; ^^^ I ^jUt tuUt"" ek sams, 
sunrise ; .-XjI ^^ 9j^ 4I JlU 
tili"^ loh tuW fy ydoh, he 
has an abscess in the hand . 
^U, tdli\ rising; ^U, C)^ i^ 
hissoh kdn tdli\ his voice 
was heard; J\i» tdli\ appear, 
ance, pi. ^\^tawdli\ ^l\ 
ittild\ act of taking note, 
study, perusal; ^^^ Jr'j 
^l\ rdgil sdhib ittild\ a 
well informed man. aJIL^ 
ma?(tra,study,perusal, read- 
ing. am\1 taVa, a going out, 
an inclined plane, pi. wUl» 
tatdt ; jfcJLI Ui> taCet el 
mayjltyn, visit to the tombs 
of dead relatives on a certain 
day in the year.^!iU»* mitld\ 
climbing noose for mounting 

date-palm trees. 

Ji» tala\ game of chance played 
with four dice. 

jU» ( jlk ) ialaq (jitllq or jut-^ 
luq), to let go, leave at large, 
suffer pains of child birth ; 
iiijuJt jU^ yk huwa talaq el 
bunduqyja,heRred the gun. 
^^l tallaq^ to divorce, jitl 
atlaq^ to leave at large; y^ 
aL^ jll*! huwaatlaq saby- 
loh, he set him free. jlLil 
intalaq, to be allowed to go, 
left at large, jltl ittallaq^ 
to be divorced. a5111» ((iZga, or 
4Slkt mutallaqa, divorced 
woman, jlit (aig, pains of 
child birth. jU» ^atog, dis- 
charge of a gun; jlL iiJ jiii 
j^l^ bunduqyja bi Ialaq 
wdhid^ one-barrel gun. 
j':)<l taldq, divorce, j^tl 
itjdq^ generalization ; Jp 
j:iU,VI 'atoZ img, or 
OLU mutlaqan, absolutely, 
It tulum^ jabber, garrulity ; 




Ll» vJk j^4^<^b tulum^he 
talks nonsense. 

aJU» talumba, or ^ J» tarumba* 
pump, flre-englne, pi. olJlL 
tulumbdt: \j^'iu^tulumbet 
hawa, air-pump. >o)?* 
tulumbagy, fireman, pi. 
x^cAl tulumbag yja . 

^^tulA\see Jii^ 
J^ ( J^) ^^to ryt(/t/;, to overlay 
with gold or silver. JUii 
intala, to be overlaid ; 
aSc ^Ikil AiJ^I ei hikdja 
intalet "^aUh^ he swallowed 
the bait, JU^i rncUly, over- 
laid. Ji» (aZj/, act of over- 
laying with gold or silver. 
aJlI, talja, a layer of gold or 
silver, pZ, z^[Sltaljdt, ^l 
talla, one who overlays 
with gold or silver, pL 
ciji>i. tamyjyn, 
J^taljdn, see j;Ur 

J,\^ tamdtim^ see oU^'l 
^CJL tammd\ see J^ 
oU»?otm(in, see j^ 

#j^*^tom6^ra/ guitar; tJbll^JaJ 

•j^^U ^:^ qata^u ydoh 

sahhet /i((am6Ara,he turns 

everything to good account. 

4i^*.l» tambAsa^ paddle-box^ cage 
and point, pi. cMyj^ tam^ 
jj» ( jM ) tamar ( jutmur j, to 
hide in the ground, jji^tam- 
mar^ to brush a horse. j^k;l 
intamar, to be hidden. jS\ 
ittammar, to be brushed. 
jyJL* matmAr^ hidden, y^ 
mitammar, brushed, j^ 
(amr,act of hiding. j^kHat-- 
myr, act of brushing, tj^^l^ 
matmdra, hiding-place, 
cave, pi* ^-^ matamyr, 
jU» tumdr^ horse-brush; 
JA> Ijjjo^ hadydet tumdr, 

^j^J> ( j^^L ) tamas (jutmus)^ to 
fill up,efiface. ^J^^'^ intamas^ 
to be filled up^effaced. ^^1^ 
matmAs^ filled up, eflfaced. 

* • 

^^J» tarns, act of filling up, 





nj^^ ^^)timV (jitma^)^ to 
covet; Ai ^timV fyh^he 
took advantage of him^ he 
imposed upon him. «J» tarn. 
ma\ to cause to covet ; y^ 
l^ A^i* huwa tamma^oh 
fyha, he made him take 
. advantage of her.i»J» ^ama'^ 
covetousness^ greed* ^XS 
t(fmmd\ covetous^ greedy, 
pi, c^Li tamma'^yn, 

u^dyM, )tATr^Tnin, to set the 
mind ai ease^ reassure; 
aA^ ^i» tamminny ""al^h, 
give me his news! ^M 
ittammin^ to be set at 
ease, reassured. jja« mi<- 
tammin, at ease^ reassured^ 
trusting, confident. Cj^JL! 
tatmyn^ act of setting the 
mind at ease, ^lij* tamAn, 
tranquillity of mind, confld» 
ence, security. 

^ (^J tama (jitmy\ to 
silt up. ^ tamy^ silt. 

^ (^J^) ttt^^ (jitinn),ov 

tantan, to ring. 

tinkle, ai^ tanna, ring^ 
tinkling. A^Ld» tantana^ ^ 
noise, pomp, 
•j^ tangara^* saucepan, pi. 

jLit(jLik) ) (annis, to feign not 
to hear. ^JJ^ tatnys, act of 
feigning not to hear. 
4j*d tantana, see ^ 
j^ l^^l ) tihir (jithar), to be 
clean, pure. ^^ tahhar, 
to clean, purify, disinfect; 
Ap^\ \^j^tahharu et tir^a^ 
they cleared the canal. 
j^U» tdhir, to circumcise. 
^1 ittahhar, to be cleaned, 
purified, disinfected. ^UpI 
ittdhir, to be cirumcised. 
^^IJ tathyr\ act of cleaning, 
purifying, clearance of ca- 
nals, silt clearance, pi. 
Z^J^ tathyrdt; J^}i\i j^iJ 
tathyr bil karrdka, dred- 
ging, •j^ talidra^ cleanli- 
ness, purity- ^U» tdhir, 
pure, j^ tuh{tr, circum- 
cision, j^* mathar , 




purgatory. j^\L* mitdhir^ 
circumcised boy^ pL utj*Ua.t 

i}t^{ji^i ) iAhaq (jUhaq), to 
be disgusted, unable to bear 
any longer, sx^ tahqa , 
disgust. ;j\i^ tahqdn, dis- 
gusted^ one who is unable 
to bear any longer. 

j^(a/i^r, see^ 
^1^ tawdsy^ see J:^ 

^^j^tauwdf^ see oU» 

^^^tuwdla^ see JU> 

v^?^&, bricks, stones, sg, ai^ 
06a, pi. wli.p^ (aMi; w^ 
ci 06 naj, unburnt bricks ; 
j^l w^ 06 ahmar^ burnt 
bricks; J*-* J^ v-*^i» 06 'aia 
sathoh^ bricks laid flat; ^yl 
jrU Jt 06 'ato? qdjim, 
bricks on end ; J> ^^^ 06 
galy ^ bath brick. 

^^tubgy^* artillery - man , pi, 
A^^ tubgyja. Ailit^ 06- 
64na^ gunnery arsenal pZ . 
w\il>i>i» tuhbandt. 

y.j^ (j!^l) ^^6a^, to lower the 

head ^ bend down, jj ^ 
mi?(36a^, one who is low- 
ering the head , bending 
down . .j» ^ tdbaza , act 
of lowering the head, bend- 
ing down. 
4i^ 06a , 5th month of the 

Coptic calendar. 
j^ . /^\ ( /jLi ) ittauwar^ to 
be excited, lose control over 
one's self, j^ mittauwar^ 
one who is excited. j^^LI 
tatwyr] excitement. 
dJj^ tuzlak , gaiter , pL dOljt 

j^^f^^Ui) tauwiS, to castrate. 
j>.yi\ittauu) is, io be castrated. 
^ J'^yL^ mittauwis^ castrate' 
JLj^' tat toys , castration. 
^1^ tawdsy, eunuch ^ pi 
4--il^ tawahyja. 
A-i^ 0sa , see^lt 

C^> • ^>' ( C^>1 ) U0tM, to 
totter, swagger. J?^ 0- 

0/ia, act of tottering, 


^^0^see Mi» 




ifj^y^ to§ry* straight, direct line. 

^^tdf, and j\ijh tawafdn, 

J^ ( J^j tauwaq , to encircle 
with a band, wipe with a 
towel; c^i-j Jy» tauwaq 
ri§yf^n,he devoured two 
loaves of bread. jy»l it- 
tauwaq , to be encircled , 
wiped. j^4 mitauwaq , 
encircled, wiped, jiyll tat^ 
wyq, act of encircling, wip- 
ing. jyL idq, neck-collar, 
iron ring, pi. J\^\atwdq; 
\^^ ^^y J hyja nazsile-- 
toh min tdqha^ she adop- 
ted him as her son. 

J^0Z, and ^^^ My, see JIL 
jU^ tumdr, rammer and sponge 
ij'i y ^ tonolAta , .too-weight, pi. 
vitVy^ tonolatdt. 
»jl tauwa^ frying«pan, pL ^\y^ 

fold, put by. cj^l intawa^ 
to be folded, put by. (f^ 

matwy^ folded, put by. ifjl 
tawy^ act of folding, put- 
ting by. ^ taj, enclosure, 
enclosed. ^ tayja, a fold, 
pi oU* tayjdt. 
Jj^(aa?yi, see J\J» 
J>taj, see^^^ 
sJStijdb^ see sJ\> 
j\^tayjdr, see j\^ 
ii.\Stajdsa^ see j^lL 
o(^^tayjdn, see 4>jl» 
w-t?«/6 and tayjib^ see w^U» 
mJUf^/^, seer-U» 
j^ 0r^eindj\j^ tajardn^see j\l 

Ji^ ( jM) ^Ayji^ , to lift up the 
buttocks; 4I wjkl> \:l ana 
tayJUt loh , I gave him a 
cold shoulder, I took no 
notice of him. jjt tyz^ 
buttocks , pi. jLtl atjds; y^ 

ydA tyzin fy libds , he is 
hand and glove with him ; 
tj^ •^j jyjj)\ el wabtir 
rigV bityzoh, the steamer 
moved stern foremost ; J>l j 
^yju #jjJ» r<iyi7 tyzoh tiqyla. 




a slow man. jJLm mitjiz^ 
one who has large buttocks. 
kL\>tysa^ one who receives no 
portion, one who takes part 
in a game with both sides ; 
4^ ^ tiW tysa^ he was 
left in the cold. 
4iLLL tajlasdna^ coping of a 

C^^iCgiii) tayjin^ to cover with 
mud; 4II-II o^ ^ huwa 
tayjinel masdla^ he made 
things worse, he added fuel 
to Are. ^>tl ittayjin^ to 

be covered with mud. / 

mutayjin, covered with 
mud. Cj^ tyn, mud, clay, 

land. oM*' (^U^^j landed 
property. ^ Cj^ tyn hilu, 
or j^^\ u^ tyn ahlyz, .Nile 
mud; ofiJ^* if J say et tyn^ 
dirty, miserable, wretched. 
AiJ, tyna, piece of mud ; 
Vwtjl^ sakrdn ((/na,dead 
drunk. f:j\Mayjdn,lQbourev 
(who carries mortar to the 
mason), pi, AiLt tayjdna. 




^\c{.^j'db (ji'yb), to be 
faulty; Jp^ ^^ sjc y^ huwa 
'db fy haqqy, he was guilty 
of a discourtesy against me. 

w^ 'ayyt6,totaunt,critici2e, 
mimic, make faces; ^ lu^ 
'ayjibna ''aUhum,v^e taun- 
ted them. wi> 'djib, faulty 




defective, one to blame • , * 

'^6^ defect^ shame, vice, pi, 
^r^'uj&b; iJjLiP w^J\ el'ib 
"^andak, you are to blame; 
dXSc ,^ '^b 'al^k, you ought 
to be ashamed of yourself! 
A^p '^6a. a shameful or 
disgraceful thing, an in- 
dignity ,an outrage, pi. wLp 

J^^'^dbid, see jlp 

^»W'(i6tr, see jjp 

^W 'dg^, see ^-. 


^\c (j^ ) 'ad (Ju^M), to return 
to; jW (JUi^ytid (ji'yd)^lo re- 
peat ; ^\ ^W 'dd en nazar, 
to reconsider, re-examine. 
/^ ^auwid, to cause to be 
accustomed to. ^\^\ in'dd, 
or^UI e7'dd,to be returned, 
repeated. ^\:p\ iHdd^ or ^^Jl 
Wauwid, to be accustomed 
to. ^Uu mun'ddj returned, 
X repeated ; ^\mu ^O sukkar 
mt^n^(ici^ refined sugar. ^lu« 
muHdd^ov ^^nu mit^auwid^ 

accustomed to ; J& ^y^u l;l 
JL'wl ana mifauwid ^alal 
masy, I am accustomed to 
walk. >/> ^6d, return, o^ 
'dda, a return, pi, wl^^ 
^'odd^ ^V»* ta^awdd, ^ct of 
accustoming one's self to. 
^Lj4 mt/'dd, season, time, 
pi. JlpI^ mawa'^yd ; J^Ji^r 
jlpI^I gadwalel mawa'^yd, 
time-table; ^U.. dB (^ Jb 4^- 
ballyh jiddy lak my'dd^ let 
him cnake an appointment 
with you! #>U ""dda, custom, 
habit, pi. c\^\c ^addt, or 
ji)l^p 'awdjid ; oU\ l^J^ 
^aUhaeVdda, she has the 
menses; .^Uli J.^ U ma ftis 

bil ""dda^ or •Jiil^ 6* J** ^^ 
dy mus min ^awdjdoh, he 
has not this habit. ^U "dd, 
or i^U ""dwid, later on, 
afterwards ( talk of the 
natives of Upper Egypt ). 
•^V 'V^^^, doctor^s visit, 
clinic, pi. c^>^ HJaddt. 
(f^\^\ i'iydde/^ customary. 




ordinary; j^^UipJ j^ ^6r 
iHijddy, or oU\ jjU bdriq 
el ""dda, extraordinary. 
w^W '^ddib^ see 4^ J Jo 
J^U'ddti, see Jjuj 

SW . ^Uli^I (Ju«:^) islands (jis^ 
tV^ys )^ to seek refuge; S^l 
-Oil a'ti-^t/ billdh^ what a 
horror! God forbid! ^i SU 
ma'^dz allAh^ God forbid 1 

j^'dr, see^ 
ijfS^'drid, see^jp 
tJj*c '(Jtri/", see Oj^ 
'^J^{^M)'drik, or C3 iJjWl 
Wdrik wayja^ to fight, 
quarrel, struggle, wrestle 
with, ill^ '^*^^fe, or 4^liu 
mu^drka^ or 4^ ^arka, 
fight, quarrel, row, dispute, 
pi. *ilSX>^'iraft4<, or fJjU. 
ma^'drik^ or c^lsy ^arkdt. 

> ( Jj^. ) '^'^ (ju'ttz), or jUI 
ri(!l^, to want, be in need of. 
j^\c ""dwU, or y\c ^djis^fine 
who is in want, pL ct J3W 
"^awzyn, or ct3»\o ^ajzyn ; 
^W\;i ana '^jiV, I want, I 

wish. 0j\c 'dza,ov • j^ '()^a, 
want, need. 

s^j\c 'dzih^ see 03JP 

J'^U.-l) 'ds(Ji'ys), to live; 
^1 JL^J tyl abAh ti^ysenta^ 
his father died; c^Lp "^ist, 
thank youl J^'^ayjis,U) cause 
to live , provide for. ^^\ 
Wayjik, to gain a living; 
ajI ^ J-f^'^ bijWayjii min 
i^ how is he making his 
living? jAc ^djU, living, 
existing. JLJ ta'ayjuh, act 
of making one's living, kt^ 
^ysa, or ^^ ma'ykL^ life, 
existence, Ji^p '^i, bread; 
i- ^ cr:^ '^^ '^to toi^m,cake 
with minced meat ; JL^p 
wl>l\ Vi ei ifurdb, mush- 
room. ^^Li ma'^dk, living, 
subsistence, pi. ^jS^ ma'^d-^ 
Ji&; JlU ma'^dh, pension, pi. 
viUU ma^a&dt ; wlijl ^ 
^liUl min arbdb el ma'^a^ 
sdt^ State pensioner; J^l 
J.UI ^ uhyl ""alal ma^ds, 
he was pensioned o£f; ^U« 




^}S ma'^dk el marhib, 
passengers in a ferry-boat. 
j.(U ^ayjds^ seller of bread, 
pL u^-^U ^ayjasyn. 

j^^'dsir^ and \jyi,\c ^a&Ara^ 
see jXp 

J^U 'd&iq^ see jIp 

c^*^ ( u*-^- ) '^? (y^'^? ), to soil, 
smear. ^Uli m'ds, or ^Ul 

Wds, to be soiled, smeared. 

^U:* m in^'d^, or ^Ic- mit-- 

^ds, soiled, smeared/ ^^ 

M?, act of soiling, smearing. 

^W ^dsy, see^AdP 

A^W'(J/ya,see jp 

^W( ^U ) 'dgib, to punish. 
^\tS\it^dqib, to he punished. 
^liC- mif'dqib, punished. 
w*UU^ 'i^'tife, punishment, pi, 
wliliA Hqabdt, ai^sp "agiifta, 
punishment, penalty, pi, 
^\y^ 'uqubdt; wliyuH oy^ 
qan{tn el ""uqubdt, penal 
code. aJW "d^M, issue, end, 
result; iJjLip aJU\ ei '4g6a 
^andak^ ordBU^ ""uqbdlak^ 
I wish you the samel I hope 

your turn will come next ! 
JiW 'dqil, see jap 
J^ ( J^l) '^l (ju'M), to provide 
for ; <^3 4IHI ^ jlU L ma 
^a'^2^ hamm el masdla dy^ 
do not be uneasy about this 
affair 1 JjW ""djil, providing 
for, bearing; j^xT^ ^}^c y^ 
ftatoa ""djilhamm kityr, he 
has many cares. ^.W ^(t/to, 
or aJ^ '^to, family, wife, pi. 
w:ilU 'ayWi, or c-^iU ^e&t^ 
^p'ayjil, boy, child, pf. 
JU 'ydZ. J^ mu^'jal^ or 
JLp ,.j^L» §(!l/ti& "ydZ, one 
who has a large family to 
provide for. Ji^ ""awyl, one 
who lives at the expense of 
others, hanger-on, pi. ^^ 
""uwala. 4ll^ ^uwdla, mean, 
ness , living at the expense 
of others. 
JU "di, and ^^\c "^dly, see U 
i\c ( Ao ) ""dlig^ to treat medical- 
ly. ^\ it'dlig, to be treated; 
C^ xp ^miji bijWdlig ""and 
myn, who is his doctor? 



jXXtu mu^'dlga^ medical treat 
ment. r-^ ""il^ffy remedy. 
i\c ^dlam and ^dlim, see U 
f^(f>^.) '^^ Iju^Am)^ to floaty 
swim, ^y "^auwim, to cause 
to float, cause to swim, flood, 
irlc 'djim^ floating, swim- 
ming, flooded, f^ "dm, 
natation; ^^ j^^el bahr ""dm, 
water is deep enough 
for one to swim.^ '^ ^auwdm^ 
swimmer, diver, pi a^I^ 
'auwdwa^ or u<-l^ ^auwa^ 
myn. Jj jlu)\ i4i^^ ^auwdmet 
el qandyl, piece of cork 
floating in a night-lamp 
through which the wick 
is placed, pi wUl^^ ""auwa" 

Ac ^dm, year, pi ^1^1 a^wdm; 
j^ Ii\3 ^\c JS' fcaZZ 'dm we 
antum bib^r, happy new 
year! merry Christmas! 
Ac'dm^ see> 
juIp "^dmid, see jl-*^ 
^#W'4m«r, see^C' 
J«W(tmi7, see Jvp- 

3yiip 'am^d, see 
0^^(d6^.)'dn(ji'yn ), to help, 
assist, remove, lift up. ^Ul 
in'4n, or C)^\ ifdn^ to be 
hel[»ed, assisted, removed, 
lifted up. 0^1 ista'^dn^ to 
seek assistance. O3U1 ii'd- 
torn, to be assisted. ^Lu 
min'^dn, removed, lifted up. 
4i\c\ r(J/w,aid^help,assistance, 
subscription for a charitable 
purpose, pi sL>\i\c\ t'andt. 
^^ ^dn, help, assistance; 
vili^p J mS^ Cj^ kdnalldh fy 
''dnak^ may God help you! 
I sympathize with you! aJ^ 
'dna, help, assistance, cor- 
v^e, forced labour. 03^ 
mu^dwin, assistance, repre. 
sentative,delegate,pi. 0^3^ 
mu^'cLvonyn; ^^J^ 03^ ^^■" 
'dwin bolys, police officer 
in charge of a district; C)3^ 
aW mud win mahcUta^ 
assistant station-master; 

'd w in, assistant-engineer • 



aI^Iiu mu'^dwna^ assistance, 
help. 4i\mi^\ isti^dna, an 
asking for help* ai^. ma- 
^Ana, power, succour. <^^U 
ma^dn, receptacle. aJ^U 
ma'Ana, lighter, barge. 
j;U ( jjU ) ^dn iq, to embrace, 
clasp about the neck. j^\»a\ 
Wdniq, to be embraced, 
clasped about the neck.^siU^ 
mu^'dnqa^ embrace. 
^"^'dha, infirmity, pi. oUU 

ja^ 'dwis, or y\c "djiz^ see jW 
wi^ ^djih^ see J^ 
cr»> '<!t/es, see J.U 
cH^ 'djiq^ see j^p 
4'>'(iyto,see JW 
^ 'i6&, breast pocket, pf. wUl 

Hbb, he encouraged him, he 
showed him favour; jU)\ ^J 
A^ (^ K'i6 el fdr fy Hbboh, 
he became uneasy, he be- 

• • 

came suspicious. 

•jU 'iftdra, see j\^ 

illc' ""abdta, see W 

AA^^'abdJa, woollen cloak, pi. 
^Hby, or wlU "abajdt. 

d^ 'a6as, a trifle , nonsense, 
error in judgment. 

jup (JL«0 'aftad (jV^bid), to wor- 
ship, adore, juil in'^abad , 
or jL-uJI Wabad, to be wor. 
shipped, adored. jlJI Wab- 
bid^ to be pious, religious. 
s.^Msta'^bid ,io enslave. >>4»« 
ma^Ad , worshipped; ^^m 
ma^dd, object of worship, 
idol , pi. Cb^ou ma^buddt. 
B^\s'Hbdda, worship, pi. 

^\^\^Hbaddt, JU) ta^abbud , 

• • ' 

piety .JbU '(l&id,or Juu mii- 
'a6&id , pious , religious , 
worshipper, pi, jd-XjW "aft- 
dyn, or ct-V*^ mWabbidyn. 
JLP "aftd, slave, negro, pi. 
jup ^abyd. (^^^^ j^^p ^abdil 
Id wy, kind of melon, cucu-- 
mis melochate,j^^ ma'^bad. 
place of worship, pi. jliLi 
ma^'dbid. ^.>^ "^ubudyja ^ 




slavery. ^Lc-I istVbdd^ act 
of enslaving^ slavery. ^Cp 
^^^jr^l ""abbdd e& sams, s\in- 
flower^ heliotrope. 
jjp(ju)) 'aiar {ju'bur\ to 
cross. j)p "^abbar, to express^ 
explain. jcpI Vtabar, to 
respect^ consider. jiJ i t^'ab- 
bar, to be expressed, ex- 
plained. j}g 'dbir, passer 
by,pi. OLj^abryn; ji> ^> 
'db/r tdryq^ wayfarer. jv»* 
mu'abbar, expressed, ex- 
plained; Ajjp' jkA\ el mu^abbar 
""annohj spoken of, referred 
to. j<um ma'ia6ar/espected, 
respectable, pi. jt^ia^ mu^- 
tabaryn. j^l ta'^byr^ expla- 
nation, definition, pi. z*\j^ 
ta^yrdt, jUpI VtibAr^ res- 
pect, consideration, esteem; 
jLipI 4^ qillet iHibdr, 
incivility, want of i^espect. 
#jLp Hbdra, expression, 
phrase, matter, affair, pi 
^IjU- Hbardt ; ^ .jU 
Hbdra 'an, meaning, equal 

to, amounting to, $j)P Hbra, 
example ; »j^ j» 4U hdloh 
baqa Hbra^he became mise- 
rable, he became wretched. 
ifji^'ibry^ or ^iijip 'ibrdny^ 
Hebrew, Hebraic. 

trt^ (tr:^.) "^(^bbis, to frown, bo 
stern, ^^J ta^bys^ act of 
frowning, stern look, ^j^* 
mu'^abbis, stern, austere; 
^j„^ ^il tags mu^abbis^ 
threatening or cloudy 

iuP ( ]^j,i ) 'abat (ju^but ), to 

cause to be silly or foolish, 
take hold of a thing with the 
arms. Ja!^ ""abbat, to take 
hold of a thing with the 
arms.\ inabat or L*JI 
it'abat, to be silly or foolish, 
held with the arms. J<»^** 
ma'bMf silly, foolish, held 
with the arms. Ja.p ^abt or 
li-aJ ta^byt, act of holding a 
thing with the arms. Ai»l*p 
"abdta, silliness, foolishness; 


ei s^tana 'alal ^abdta, he is 
more knave than fool. J*.^ 
^abyt^ silly, foolish^ pZ. J^p 
""ubt, or \Ls ""ubata. 

•7 • • • 

w-uPf^i^J 'a6'a&, to fill, be 
filled. s.,»jL. mu'ab'ab, full: 

minnak, I have many grie- 
vances against you. 
J:^(j-i)'a66ag,to fill the air 
(with perfume, smoke, etc.)- 
^y^\\Wabbaq, io be filled, jj 
mu^'abbaq, full; j^* yLl eZ 
5^aio mu'abbaq, the sky is 
cloudy, the weather threat- 
ens to be stormy. j^iJ<a'b(/g, 
act of filling the air. 
^i\s''(^bak. material made of 
camel hair. 
H^yf ^'abadyja, see jlp 

^ ((^J '^&6^ (ji'abby), to fill 
up; aJ jlJ\ ^p 'a66a eZ 6an- 
duqyja^ he loaded the gun. 
^"1 Wabba^ to be filled, ^m 
/na'a66y,filled. a^J ta'^byja, 
act of filling. t^-P ""ubuwa, 
sack, receptacle, pZ. sl^l^^p 


""ubuwdt ; Jtfoji I^ ^u5j 
sihyba ""ubuwet ardobbin^ 
sack of two arda6b,capacity. 
'ab(/(, see i^s- 

(c^J 'aZi (ji'itt), to be 
moth eaten. ^i-:a 'aZ^at, to be 
hale and strong in old age. 
^•\p ""Atit, moth-eaten. c^Cmm 
mu'at^at^ hale and strong, 
^p Htt^ or AiP ^iZZa, moth- 
worm, pZ.^i^'ZZaZ. 
'i^dg, seej:p 
'aZZ(lZ,see J::p 

(,^J 'atab (jVtib), or ^'U 
'(iZib, to blame, reproach; 

*Jc^ ^^^^^ ""^^yj^^y or 
^*U 'dtibny, he reproached 
tne» ,.^:p "^attib, to cross a 
threshold, trespass; JXju U 
d^i^plma &ag^Zei d'attib 
bitak, I shall never darken 
your door again. ^\mS\ WA^ 
t ib, io be blamed,reproached. 
w^aIh* maHtib, blamed, 
reproached.^^ 'aZa6,or^\:p 
""ZZetft, or ajIiu mu^AtbOs, 
blame, reproach; ^ „y^\ 



eVatab 'alihum, they are 
to blame. ..^ ta^tyb. act 
of crossing a threshold, 
trespass. ^:t "^atah, thresh- 
olds, sg. AZfi' "^ataba, pi. 
oUa ^atabdt, 
jJ^ (JiMi) Hiir (jiHar)^ to stum- 
ble over , fall ; so c^Jlf- \l 
lamma Htirt boh , or II 
4J OjiP lamma Htirt fyh , 
when I met him, when I 
came across him. j^^'at tor, 
to cause to stumble over, 
cause to fall; ^j^^^y c^-Xi 
ki biddy wdhid Ji^attarny 
fy/i, Iwish some one will 
tell me where I can find him 
♦jjp ""atra, false step, pi. 
*iljip ^atrdt. jU* jJ^ walad 
mu^'attar^ a vagabond, a 
street arab. 
^>p (^>io) "^atras, to struggle, 
resist. ^J^ mu'^atras, 
stubborn. a^Jp ^atrasa, 
struggle, resistance, stub- 
^{^^y^^^''(ltaq(jiHaq), to set 

free, deliver; ^^tol Vtaqny, 

leave me in peace 1 j:^ 'at- 

taq^ to be old. jtnil in'^ataq^ 

to be set free, delivered. 

j^ maHdq^ set free, deli- 

vered,enfranchised,pZ. jJU. 

mdatyq. j^ ''ai(/g,ancient 

Aisc-^* mxisr ""atyqa. Old 

Cairo, jip ^utaqy, cobbler, 

pZ. jj^ ^utaqyja, jUp 'tidg, 


^}^{^^)"atal(JiHil), to drag 

or walk on heavily, Jip 

'atoZ, iron crowbars, sg .^ 

^atala^ pi. ^^c^ 'ataldt. 

Jup ""attdl, carrier, porter, 

pi. Jlip 'aiidto, or tisJl:^ 


M'(m) ""attim, to be dark, 

obscure. ^^ mu'^attim. or 
F ' 

ipHtim^ dark, obscure. aSP 
'aima, darkness, obscurity; 
AS^t^^^^l eldda 'atma^ the 
room is dark 
^ .Aiiol ( Aio ) in'atah (Jin-- 
Htih ), to be mad, insane. 
B^M maHtih, mad, insane 




pi. uLi ma^atyh. 

jjp 'atyq^ see ^ 

Jflc^ ^usmanly, or ^ "^usmally^ 
Ottoman, Turkish. 


Cj^ ^aggdn^ see ^ij^ 

-^ (-^O '(^gci'bfji'gib)^ to 
please; JU-I viJU^ ""agabak el 
hdl, are you pleased? ^ 
"^aggib, or ^1 it^aggib, or 
wf^l ista^gib^ to wonder 
at, be astonished, admire ; 
All J& ..^^jitiaJl bitista^gib 
^ala 6, what are you won- 
dering at ? w^l in'^agab^ to 
please, wrf^ m Wag gib, as- 
tonished. ^ 'agab^ or ^j^ 
ta^'aggub, wonder, asto- 
nishment ; ^£^ JLj I ^i 'ag^aft, 
why ? for what reason ? U 
^M J.^. ma jVgibA& el 
^agab, nothing will please 
him, he is hard to please. 
w^ '^o.gyb, wonderful, asto-* 
nishing.Aj^ 'a5^(/6a,marvel, 
miracle, pi. ^\£: 'agdjib ; 
^l^ ^agdjib^ how curious I 

indeed ! dl> ^\^ 'agdjib 
""aUk^ I am astonished at 
you! w^'ag^ft, pride, vanity, 
^ (/-y«ff«^r/«fl^^^>>, to strike; 
IjV<ap #^ ^agaroh ^asdja^he 
struck him with a stick. jU^* 
/nr5^rfr,sexual organ in the 

^j^i^j?"') 'cigraf^ or J^"l 
Wagraf, to be haughty, 

arrogant. ^Jy^ mu'agraf, 

haughty, arrogant. Aij^'a^^. 

r afa^ haughtiness,arrogance . 

ji:{yA) Hgiz (Ji'gaz)^ to be 

old,inflrm,blind, incapable; 

A-Uj ^ ^igiz bi "^enih^ he 

lost his sight ; J*iJ\ ^^ y^p 

Hgis ^an es kujil, he became 

unable to work. jWp 'aggiz, 

to grow old, be or cause to 

be infirm or incapable, be 

deficient ; z^ycf- a^UjAI el 

my zany j a ^aggizet, there 

is a deficit in the budget. 

j*^ mu^aggiz, deficient ( in 

accounts), ytp 'agaz^ old 





age^ infirmity^ blindness. | 
"^cagz, deficit, deficiency, 
pi. oljytP ^ugusdt, j^-^c 
^dgiz, old, infirm, blind, 
powerless. Jycp'ag^^^^aged, 
old, pi. j^\yc^ ^awagyz ; ^^ 
jy»-U\ 6ard ef ""agAz, last 
cold days in winter. $y^ 
mu'giza, miracle, pi >^\jj^ 

hurry, be in a hurry ; 

ista^gil fil akl, he ate 
quickly ; 4J^^\ ista^'giloh^ 
hurry him 1 J^^*^-^ musLa"- 
gil, in a hurry, urgent; 

^'^ • • • 

gfito, goods sent Agrande 

Vitesse, JU*!*! istV^gdL or 

^a^ ""agala^ hurry, haste ; 

Jl»t«:-*l 4) luiT' katabna loh 

istVgdl, we wrote to him a 

reminder (lettre de rappel); 

i^j^%haldh ""agalOL^o not 

hurry I do not be in a hurry ! 

^^^agal^ wheels^rollers,^^^. 

•^ • 

J^Jlj ^^ iA:a*6 6iZ 'apaZ, 
write quickly 1 ^^cmm mu- 
'aggil, in advance, in 
^^"Igl, calf, pi, Jyj^ 'aflf^f. 
^^Up ""aggdly, appertaining 
to the calf, veal. 

j^'^^ "^agam, the Persians. 

^agamy , Persian, pi ^^WpI 
a^'gdm ; i^\ ^:^^ 6i&id el 
^agam^ Persia. 

u^p ^agamyja , marmalade for 
stuffing cakes. 

ma^g in, to knead(dough);^?fcp 
^"j^\ i^^agan fil kaldm,he 
unnecessarily repeated what 


he said. j5^'agf5^m,to knead^ 
mix together. ^^MnJ'agan, 
or ^ywJI if'agan, to be 
kneaded, ^ycji\ it'aggin, to 
be kneaded, mixed. Cjy^ 
ma^gAn, kneaded, mixed; 
C)^^ ma^gdn, /ta%s-paste, 
putty, kind of cement, 
'ctg^n, act of kneading ^ti^cP 




•^cf^^ '' ^ - 

^agyn^ dough. au?^p "^agyna, 
a piece of dough. cj\^'^ag-' 
gdn^ one who kneads, pZ. 
iiiUp 'aggdna, or u<iWo 
""agganyn. jf^^ma^agynyy 
or ^•^<» ma'gungy^ hasyh- 
paste seller^ druggist, pZ. 
A^Hgga^ omelet, pi. ^ ''igag. 
j^^'dggixr, kind of melon, 
cucumis melOj sg, •jy^^CLg- 
gdra, pi, si^ljy^^ 'aggurdt, 
jytp ^agiiz, see y>^ 
Jy^ "a^^AZ, young camel. 
Byt'^agwa, compressed dates. 
^'agyb, see,^^^ 
C:i9cf'^CLgyn^ see ^p 
Ji^ (juj) 'add (jVidd), to count, 
number. /ju> ""addid, to 
mourn or wail over the 
dead. Jinil in'^add, or jliJI 
it'add, to be counted, num- 
bered. Ju:-1 ista'add, to 
prepare one's self, be ready, 
^^ju^ ma^dAd, counted, 
numbered, jl** mu'add, rea- 

dy, prepared. Smi^ musta^ 
'add^ prepared, ready, 

capable. Jic'a(id,act of count- 
ing, ^jc 'adad, number, 

numerical figure, pi. ^\j^\ 

a'ddd.A^j^ ^iddyja, number. 


:>\j^''addddfine whocounts, 
meter ( tech. ), pi. $:>\jfi' 
""adddda, or jt^lJ^ ""adda- 
dyn. 3^Ju) ti'^ddd, census, 
preparation, readiness, flt- 
isti'^daddt..^XnA mu'addida, 
hired mourner (woman), pi. 
wl^Jt*« mu'addiddtfiTjL^j^ 
mu^addidyn.tJc 'fdda,tool, 
instrument, apparatus, pi. 
:iJc Hdad; s1j\j. iJc Hddet 
marrdi, of ten, several times. 
Jljif^'iddZa, see Jj^ 

^^1 jip "addwa, see <f oc 
IjjLP ^adra^ virgin; IjJlJ\ jt^ 
marjam el ^adra, Virgin 

I Mary. 
^ jip 'ads, lentils, sg. ^j^' ^adsa, 
pi. oUj^ ^adsdt ; Jl^\ ^j^ 




''ads OLsfar^ crushed lentils; 

•>i-* cT-^ '^^^ iswid, or 
A^ y^\ ^j.jc^'ads abu gihha, 
not crushed lentils. 
Jjip(Jju))'adaZ (ji^dil), to ren- 
der straight, do justice. Jjc 
'addiZ, to set right, render 
straight, modify, alter.JjuJI 
in'^adal, or JjiJI ifadal, 
to improve,be made straight, 
be made right.JJuTU'^'addii, 
to be modified, altered. J 3 JUi* 
ma'^dA Z,made straight, made 
right, ^ji^m) ta^dyl, modifi- 
cation, alteration. Jj^ 'adZ, 
or ij I j^'idtiZa, justice ^equity. 
Jjc 'ZdiZ, straight; Jjc^^ 
hitHdil^ a good enough 
house; J jc r-^;- bo^rag Hdil^ 
he immediately went out. 
J^'c 'ddiZ, just, upright, pi. 

ciii:\c''adlyn,S'^* mu'^addil, 
average,rate; J^l ^ ^ y. JT 
b hulljdm ^alal mu^addil 
da^ the same thing every 
day. -fjju* ma'^dala^ tool for 
straightening sticks. 

f jLp( ^ju) ) 'adam (jt^dim ;, to 
destroy, fjcl a^'dam^ to 
destroy, put to death. 
jijuil in'^adam, or aJuTI if'a- 

dam^ to be destroyed. ^ jui-l 
ista'^dim, to be worn out, 
become useless. mJl*^ ma'- 
d^m, destroyed, has no 
existence; olJ\ a^j.^ l ya 
ma'^ddm el ""Afja^ you accur. 
sed fellow 1 ^^jcI i^'ddm, 
destruction, capital punish- 
ment. #jio ""adam^ want of, 
non-existence; f J^^»i^. f 5->l' 
elhudAm baqet ""adarriy the 
clothes are quite worn 
out ; ^JLp ji j;LJ\ eZ "^ayjdn 
baqa 'adam, the patient is 
despaired of; jyS^ ^jlp 
^adam huddr^ absence • 
Cj\»jc ""adrndriy on the point 
of destruction, useless, jrjip 
'adym, lacking, wanting; 
w^Vl iTJLP 'ad^m eZ ada6, 
rude, impolite. 

^Js-'idda^ see JLP 

^op'adA, see<^ap 




o^Jc *^udubyja , insipidity. s^^\c 
""ddih , insipid. 
iiJs- ( <^JU3 ) ""ada (ji^dy ), to in- 
fect^communicate, contagion, 


iS^'^adda, to cross, pass, 
cause to cross, cause to pass. 
iS^^ ""dda ^to make an enemy 
of. cfjuil in^ada^ or cJJlJI 
Wada^ to be infected, take 
contagion from another, 
(ijufi Wadda, or <f juT ta'ad. 
da, to encroach on the rights 
of others, trespass, be cros- 
sed, be passed. (i^Wl Wdda^ 
to make an enemy of. ^fSmM 
ma'^dy, infected, one who 
has taken a disease from 
another person. (^ju* mu'^dy^ 


contagious, (^juli muta'^ad^ 
dy, one who trespasses on 
the rights of others, cfjjp 
""adwa, contagion, infection. 
(fxS ta'^addy, trespass, 
oflfence. aj JuT ta'^dyja^ act of 
crossing, passing, o'-^^ 
"^addwa^ enmity, hatred, 
ijp^ad^, enemy, pi. IjlpI 

a^da, or ot^-^^ ^aduwyn.'add«/ya,fepry-boat, 
pi. <^^\«4 ma'^ddy, or oIj JUii 
ma^addyjdt. c^^^Ju^ mal'ad'' 


ddwy, fevvy man, pi. aj^^ju* 

Ji jLp 'adyi, husband of a wife's 
sister, pi. JiUp "^addjil. 

jtop "^adym^ see a jp 

4j JLP Hddyja, see jp 

^ip . wic { w*i«» ) 'azzib, to tor- 
ture, maltreat. w*I*>l if'az^ 
-? 16, to suffer, be tortured,be 
maltreated. wJL^ miCazzih, 
tortured, maltreated, suf- 
fering, miserable, unhappy. 
^»iiJia'^(/6,act of torturing, 
maltreating. s-*Up "^azdh, 
torture, suffering, unhappi^ 
ness, pain, pi, wUip^ 

jip ( jjuj ) 'd^ar ( jv^zur ), to 
excuse, jif "^azzar^ to re- 
proach, blame, reprimand. 
jJLipU'^^a^aTjto excuse one's 
self, apologize. J JuiU'/i'a-s'ar, 
or ^JuTl Wazar^ to be 



excused; j^-ii-l ^p jJuil 
in'^azar ''an el hud{ir, he 
was unable to come. jXbz^\ 
ista^'zar^ Xo apologize, ask 
to be excused. j^Ju* ma'^zdr^ 
excused, allowance should 
be made for him, prevented. 
jJLp "u^r, or J* jlIpI iHizAr^ 
excuse, apology, pi. jli^l 
a'^zAr^ or c^ljU^^I iHizardt. 

^'i yi) ^^^^ (j^'^^^)y to dis- 
grace. jii\ in'^arr^ or jJI 
Warr^ to be disgraced, 
j*^-.! ista'arr, to feel disgra- 
ced, be ashamed. j\c 'dr^ 
disgrace, infamy, ••y- "ar- 
ra, infamous, prostitute. 

^\^Hrdk^ see 6j\c 

^^/'"ardjsy, see ^^.y^ 

^f^'^arab, the Arabs. J.jP 'ctra. 

6y, bedwin, pZ. wjP ''arab, 

or 0^1 j^ ^arbdn; JjP ''araby, 

Arabic; j,yJl» ^ilT kallimoh 

bil 'araby^ tell him in plain 

language 1 tell him candidly 1 

^/^^^'arbagy, and ^'^f ""ar- 

balidna^ see oy- 

jl»^(jlj^j ) 'arbid, to pillage, 
loot. 0jLi^ ^arbida, pillage, 
act of looting. 

Cf'/'dy.ji) ^arbiriy to engage, 
give earnest-money, o^ 
""arbina^ act of engaging, 
giving earnest. money. Dyy- 
""arbdn, jjledge, earnest- 

^.Z" ^arabyja, carriage, car, pi. 
oC^ ""arabyjdt ; i^fj l^y- 
""arabyjet rt^/cz!i6a,carriagej 
jjib o^p ''arabyjet karro^ 
cart ; SAS^J^^l^f-'^arabyjet 
sikka hadyd, railway car- 
riage,truck,waggon;j^ i^y. 
""arabyjet mayjet, hearse. 
j^j- ^arbagy* coachman, 
driver, pi, k^,/^ ""arbagyja. 
ii\^j, ''arbalidna^'' coach- 
house, pi sii\;\34j^ ^arba^ 

^J'^^yi) '^^^9> (ju'rug)^ to 
limp, be lame, r-^c^ 'arag^ 
lameness, r-^^l a^rag, one 
who limps, lame, fem. U^^ 




'o^rga, pi. ^j> 'urg ; ^j>\ 
a^rag, knave ( in playing 
cards ); ,jyJ^ ^ U^ 
"^arga ""ala maksdra, one 
with the other. 
O^rj^ "^argAn, bunch of dates, 
cluster, pi. <ii>-lj^ 'aragyn. 

^y-Hrsa^ weasel, pi. ^^ Hras. 

J^y' (J'j^.)''cirras, to grow on 
a trellis,creep (plants). J^j^m 
mu^arras^ growing on a 
trellis^ creeping. JjyS ta"^- 
rys^ act of growing on a 
trellis, creeping. A^^yi ta""- 
rysa , bower , arbour, pi 
JUjU ta^arys. 

ijB^^f' ( ^^ji ) ^arras , to act the 
procurer, ^y. 'ar§, or ^j>^ju^ 
mu'^arras, procurer, cuck- 
old, pimp, pi cJi^f' ""ar^ 
sdt^ OT Cj^juMmu^'arrasyn. 
fjoiyS ta'rys, act of procur- 

J^^{J^A)'^^^ (ji'rid), io 
propose, submit, exhibit. 
J^j^ Hrid^ or ^/^\ i^radd, 
to be wide, broad, ^'y 'ar^ 

rad, to expose, widen, J^j\c 
^drid, or j^Jf'\ iHarad, or 
^'jS ta^arrad^ or ^jS\ 
Warrad^ to expose, object, 
interfere. <»ul ista^rad, 
to review, consider wide. 
^3j^ ma^'rAd^ proposed, 
submitted, exhibited, half- 
witted, cracked, ^j^ mit^ 
""arrad, opposing, interfer- 
ing,widened.^jiM ma'arrorf, 
or^jC4 m ii'ar rad, exposed, 
widened. JaiyS ta^ryd^ act 
of widening, causing to be 

exposition ; ^^p '<3trd, 
honour, width, breadth^ 
pi J^^y ^urAd^ or ^\j^l 
a^rdd; viUjP <^ \il ana fy 
^ardak,! throw myself on 
your mercy 1 I implore your 
protection 1 have mercy on 

mel 4ijp i^ J3 wiqV fy 
''ardoh^ he threw himself 
on his mercy, he implored 

his protection; J^f' ^j3 

dULi^ warruny ^ard 



kitdfak, shov/ me the last 
of youl ^/' p\!Li qitd'' 
""ardy, cross-section; JJ^jJlj 
bil "^ard, abreast; Js^j- 
'ard^ or JI^^p 'ardahdl,'' 
petition, application, pi. 
J^^f' ^urM, or cJi\^ f 
''ardafyalAt. ^"^^ '^^- 
dahdlgy* public letter- 
writer, pi. 4^1^ jp ""ar^ 
dahalgyja. j^^y^ 'aryd, 
broad, wide, pLj^\/' ^urdd; 
^JtiJ^\ AS kallimoh bil 
""aryd, speak to him in plain 
language! ^.yi\(f^^ mdsy 
bil ''ar yd ^ he lives in grand 
style, ii^ jp "^aryda^ petition, 
pl. cj^iljP "ardjid; aJi^j^ 
""aryda, or ^^^^ ""arysa, 
commission of rank, pi 
^JjP ^ardjid, or Jail^ 
'ardjis. aJ>j\^ mu^drda, 
or ^\jip\ iHirdd, or Jf'^ji 
ta^'arrud, opposition, inter- 
ference, /)Z. C^UjU mu'^ar- 
ddt. ^j\c ""drid^ accident, 
sleeper, girder,cross-beam, 

pi, j>jl^ ^awdrid. ^Jf\J^^\ 
isti^rdd^ review, parade, 
pi. oUlyL-l istVraddt. 
^j>^ ma'^rad, exhibition, 
pl. cKj^ ma^drid. ^^i^ 
""arad, accident, unforeseen 
thing; ^jj\ jlJL) bi taryg 
el'arad, accidentally, a^^ 
J^ K^f' %rda HI batar, 
exposed to danger. 
i^f'^'urdy* camp, pl, ^^^ 

^J'i^yi) 'i^'^f (Ji'raf)^ to 
know, learn ; ,^5 ^Jyo yi 
huwa Ji'^raf fy^ he has a 
knowledge of; JS"\» J^jpI* 
ma Hrif§ jdkul, he could 
not eat well. S'f' ^drraf^ 
to cause to know; ^f- 
b ^\^\ ^arrafny bil ba^ 
wdga da, introduce me 
to this gentleman 1 sJji\ 
irCaraf^ or sJjS\ ifaraf, 
to be known. vJjJpI Vtaraf, 
to confess. ci>ri ifarraf^ 
to make the acqualatance of. 



b6 introduced ^n:-*! ista"^. 

raf^ . to recognize, identify. 
vJjU'^tnY^knowing^aware of. 
vJ^^) mol'rtLf^ known; vJ jjm 

ma'^rtf, favour^ kindness; 

please I do the favourl ^.^J 

^^'^J/A^c* of making known, 

description, info rmation. 

A«^* ta'^ryfa^ tariff, pi. 


ta'ryfa, a ^'small" piastre 

(= 5 milli6(nes). oV ^^''^^- 
ruf, act of making the 
acquaintance, introduction* 
, 43ju ma'^rifa^ knowledge, 
acquaintance, means, ins- 
trumentality, pZ.iJjU* ma'd. 

^if} ^j^\ o'^^ dywdn el 
ma'drif. Ministry of Public 
Instruction. aJj** ma^'rafa, 
horse's mane. vJjW ""drif^ 
informed^ acquainted, aware 
of, pi. 4>aj\p ""arfyn; jjW \i\ 
ana ""drif^ Iknow; ju- ^l 
C^j\^\ enta syd el "^arfyn, 
you know best. oIjJaI e^ti- 

rdf, confession. vJu jP 'aryf, 
school-master, leader In a 
game, pi. o^jP Hrfdn. ^JjP 
dLjJl'arf ed dyk, comb of 
acock, (^jp 'ar/(/, private, 

perspire,sweat. J y. ^arrcig, 
to cause to perspire, cau- 
se to sweat. jjP ""araq , 
perspiration, sweat, wages. 
^\ijp' ^arqdn^ perspiring. 
aJjp 'arraqyjay skull-cap, 
pi. cAJf- 'arraqyjdt. J^ 
"^araqy, native whisky. J'jm 
mu'^arraq, diaphoretic. 

Oj^'irg, vein, pZ. Jij- 'ur&q; 
LJ\ jjp'irgen hisa, scia_ 
tica; ^^i>. j^p 'irg 6ct&i&^ 
beam of timber; ^ji\ JjP 
""ir^f ed dahab, purgative 
plant; J^ Jo-lj rdg^iZ 'irg, 
a strong man (physically). 

v^^(w^jii)) 'arqab, to pilfer, 
embezzle, abstract. aJ^ 
''arqaba, act of pilfering, 
embezzlement, abstraction. 




^y-if ""irqisAs, liquor ice- water. 
i^y^f- "^irgisA^y, liquorice- 
water seller. 

Jijp(JijMj ^arqal, to confuse, 
entangle. JiyJI ifarqal^ to 
be confused, entangled. ^;^ 
'arqala, confusion, entan- 

J^ ^araqy^ see jy^ 

^^ ^arka, see il jW 

f y (f-« ) '^^^^^^, to heap up, 
pile up. ^'^a mu'^arram, 
heaped up, piled up. ^yS 
ta'^rym, act of heaping or 
piling up. 4^^p "^urma^ heap, 
pile, />Z. j*^ 'a ram. 
A^3j^ ^ariJisoit, see |j-> j^ . 
•3y> Hrtoa, button-hole, />Z. 

tf> ( <^>. ) '^^^^. (Ji'c^rry), 
to strip. ;jjUl Vtara^ to be 
seized, afflicted. (^yJl it^ar- 
ra, to be stripped, naked. 
(^>u mit^rry, stripped, 
naked. 4*^* ta'ryja^ act of 
stripping. C)kf' ^i^jdn, 
naked, pZ. II jp ''ardja.if/' 

"^iry, native gown worn by 
men of the lower classes, 
pi. (f\^\a''rdj. 

o-i-^ 'tirys, bridegroom, fianc6, 
pl. Cj^^y^'irsdriA^^yarAsa, 
bride, fiancee, girl of a 
marriageable age, doll, pl. 
tri'y ^0Li^djis,^J^''ardjis, 
axle-guards. ^^Jj^ ^(^^^Jsy, 
nuptial, bridal. 

cri j^ 'ary^, shaft of a carriage, 
pl.d^f- HrhAn. JLjjJ\ ei 
'ar(/^, ElAriche. 

^j^^j^^aryd,and^^^ ""aryza^ see 

Ubjp'ary/', see vJjp 

y'{yi)''azz (jVixs ), to love, 
be dear, be rare; wl:53\ jp y^ 
/iatoa 'ajr^ e{ kitdb 

'anny, he refused me the 
book. yi\ in'^axz^ or ^"1 
Waxx, to be loved. jyi\ 
i^'ajr^ri^^ to make one's self 
dear, feign to refuse, hesi- 
tate, ^c-l ista^'azz^ to 
estimate highly. ^^ ma'^az^ 
za^ love, affection, esteem. 

* t - 





jp "^122, glory, wealthy 
intensity; jp ^^.I ihn H22, 
one born in the purple ; 1^ 
•^ jp fy ''12 z ^indh, in the 
height of his wealth ; jp i^ 
\JS\ fy H22 es saba, in the 
flower of youth; liiM y- i^fy 
H22 es sita^ in the depth of 
winter, jiy ^a2y2 dear, 
rare, pi. JIjp ''u2d2 ; y^y^ 
\^\ 'azyz en nafs, proud^ 
of noble character ; y.^ 
:>y^)\ ""azyz el ugdd, rare. 
yl a'azz^ dearer, rarer ; 
i^^Vjl y\ a!^a2z awlddy, 
the dearest of my children ; 

^yrJ^^ jp| aW^ el mawgAd, 
or jo^ji U y>\ a'a22 ma 
jAgad, the best there is.^'jp 
H22atlu^ address of a Bey« 
I jp ^a2a, see iSy 
Jljp'udZ^see Jjp 
^.jp 'azahangy, see a-, <jjp 
Aj^'i^ba, hamlet, village, farm, 

Ojj^ . Oj^ • ( dyj^. ) it'azran^ to 
be furious, enraged. Oj>« 

mu'^azran^ or OjJ^ mit- 
''a2ran^ furious, enraged. 
Aljjp ''a2rana, fury, rage. 
Cj^\jy''u2rdjyn, the angel 
of death. 

J/(jj~) 'a^ag (ji^2aq)^ to 
till the ground. J yl m'a- 
^ag, or j^JI it'^a2aq, to be 
tilled. j^j». ma'zdq, tilled, 
jjp '^^g^^ tillage. 4iyu 
ma''2aqa, hoe, spade, pi. 
jjU* ma'dziq. 

t^j^(Jfjpu ) 'a^gaZ, to cause to 
be elegantly or smartly 
dressed. Ji>n it^azqal, to 
be elegantly or smartly 
dressed. Ji j«« mu'^azqal, or 
Jfjau mifazqal, elegantly 
or smartly dressed.^J / 'ct^.. 
gaZa, elegance in dress, 

Jjp'a^gy, vessel in which, the 
coflfee-pot is brought into 
the room in native houses. 
J^(J;*i) ""azal (ji'zil), to 
depose ( an official ). J^ 
""azzil, to remove to another 
house, shut up shop for the 




night. J^^H in'azal^ or JjJI 
it'^azal, to be deposed. Jij** 
mob'ztlLl^ deposed. Jjp'a^Z, 
deposition. Ji jj ta^zyl, act 
of removing to another 
house, shutting up shop for 
the night, J'jo'ijrfZ, furni- 
ture, luggage. 
(^ {(yi) 'azam (JVzim), to 
invite, resolve ; iSc f jpV 
i'zim 'al^h, invite him 1 
(to eat with you) .ajp W- 
^i/n^to charoQjConjure.f ^U'rt 
^azamfiv myS\ ifazam,\jo be 
invited.^j<Jli*i"(t^im, to do a 
thing with all one's might; 
*f^^ f jUl ifdzim we 
darahqh, he struck him 
with all his might. mj\p 
"^dzim, intending ; mj\c \i\ 
ana 'dzim, I intend. mj*« 
ma^zAm, invited; mj»« 
ma'^zdm, guest, pZ. jrj\». 
ma'^azym. ^u^jp ""uzAma^ 
invitation, party, banquet, 
pZ. Ay'^azdjim.^yS ta^'zym^ 
Charm^ inQantations. ^ ^ 

^a^m, intention, deter mina. 
tion; ^^\ J\ fjJl 4^ cj^hdn 
fil ""azm inny aktib, it was 
my intention to write. ^ j^ 
^izm, force, might; ^jj\i 
6iZ Hzm^ violently. 

Kji^'^uzuhyja, celibacy. wjW 
'4^16, or j^.jp "^azabangy^ 
unmarried,bachelor, />i.wl^ 
Hzzdh, or Ailjp Hzzdha,o. 
Ui^y> 'azabangyja. a^j\c 
""dzba, widow, divorced 

^3^ "^uzAma^ see f jp 

t5> ( ^H ) '(^^^ci, (ji'azzy ), to 
console, comfort. c$jJl 
it^'azza, to be consoled, 
comforted. (fy> mWazzy, 
consoled , comforted, ai yi 
ta'^zyja, consolation, com- 
fort, condolence. 1^ aza, 
>. jp 'a^y^, see jp 
cr^ ( cT^. ) ^^^^ (ji^iss)^ or ^j-*-i^ 
''as^'is^ to grope or feel in 
the dark. iUiu^p ""as'isa, act 
of groping or feeling in the 


j^ .j^\ ( j.^ ) Wassar^ to 
be difficult, hard ; ^\ j^^i 
Ail:53i jWassar 'alayja el 
kitdba, if would be difficult 
for me to write. ^^ ^usr. 

difficulty^ . restraint. 


f^^ ^askar, or ^\^ 'asdkir, 
soldiers^ troops. <^^-^ ""ds- 
kary, soldier^ military, 
martial; <^^p ^.I amr 
"^askary, army order. aj^Lp 

'askaryja, military service. 

«i ■ 

J-^ (J-Mi) ) 'assiZ, to be sleepy^ 
^^ '^ny ^assilet, I 

slept. 4).^^ ta'^syla, a nap. 
J-^p'asaZ^ or ^^J J^p 'a«aZ 

aftyad, or J^ J-^ 'a^aJ 

na/ti, honey ; 3^1 J-^ 'asai 

iswid, treacle, molasses. 

\^p ""asaly, brown. 
^s^^asa, perhaps; ^ hJI ^^ 

'asaiZa /iflry^ l hope he will 

come ! 

JL^ Hss, see J;^ 
tip 'asa and Hsa, see ^^ 
jit^HiAr, see ^ 

(ilip "a&l/i, see cM 

A^^lpHsba^ sarsaparilla. 

j^tp ( jljii ) ""assar^ to copulate, 
cause to be pregnant. yiW 
""dsir, to associate with, be 
intimate with. yiU I ifdsir, 
to be associated with, jjio* 
ta^'iyr^ copulation. »^JLp 
'lira, or #yiU« mu'^dsra, 
society, social intercourse, 
intimacy. jU^ "i&ir, or »^ 
ma'a^ra, pregnant (ani- 
mal); {fj!L^ Hsary^ sociable, 
pi. Aijip ""isaryja. 

/j^^'akir^ or t^io 'asara^ ten, 

"^ala ""akira^ for sure, for 
certain. ^W '4s ir, the tenth 
one. Jip "air, one tenth part, 
pi j\tp\ a'kdr, Cf^jLP 'isryn^ 
twenty. j^ 'a Air, tithes; 
4ijjip ^\j\arddy'usuryja^ 
lands which paythe'ai^r. 

Ij^*p ^akdra, feast of 
the tenth day of muharram^ 

native pudding made of 
boiled wheat and §ugar. 

s * 


* « 

( jJm ) "^assis, to nest. JLi 
mu'^assis, nesting. JLiiJ 
ta^'sys^ act of nesting.JLp 'is8, 
nest, pi. J»y^ ""usCik. a^ 
'/ssa, cottage, hut, pi. J^ 

ix^ ( J^. ) '^^i« (ji'saq ). to 

love passionately, ^jip ""as- 
iagr, to join by tongue and 
groove- jiiJI iti'asaq^ or 
jiJI zt'asagr, to be loved 
passionately. ji«ili<ma'sag, 
to love and be losred passion, 
ately. ji^ ^fsg, passionate 
love, jil^ '4s ig, lover, pi. 

^^ # 

small bone ( with which 

native children play ). J^i-. 

ma^iAq, loved. aJ^^jm ma*^- 

s^ga, lady-love, mat tr esse, 

pi, wU^iiM ma'sagdt; jiU 

''(tsig eoe ma^s&q, 

tongue and groove, ^yl^ 

ta'hyq, mortise and tenon. 

±p{ ftM{ ) ""aUim^ to give hope, 

encourage. ^ri«)l it^a^im^ to 

hope. JLaU m i f'a^im , 

hopeful ^ asam^ hope; 
^ fts-^loh ""aktm fyk, he 
is sure of your friendship. 

*^ c • » 1, 

* ^ t^JC. 


issa, see jLip 
jyt^^'usAr, see ^ 
^ ( ^j^yaskxfji^assy), to cause 
tosup.^^M ifaska, to sup. 
e5^ mWassy, one who 
supped. Lip 'asa, supper, 
evening meal. #^1^ ""akvoa, 
a supper, pZ. c^l^ ""asvodt. 


^dsyja, evening, ^i^ 
'assy, cook, pi. ^^ ""aSsyJa. 
Up 'isa, an hour after 
LftP 'asa, or ajLp "^asdja^ cane, 
stick, pi. ^ 'ast/, or oW*^ 
""usjdn^ or w\iUp 'asajdt. 
tjCoP ""as^ra, see^ap 

(...^.a-ij ) ""assab, to tie the 
head, w^nfl it^assab, to tie 
one's head, form a league, 
be fanatic w^a^* ta^syb, act 
of tying the head, ^ama 

ta'^assub. formation of a 
• • / 

league, fanaticism • ^ 
^asba, headkerchief, pl^ 



^usab, or oLap "^asbdt. iujtp 
• -^ • • • 

^usba, or a^^^p ""ussabyja, 
league^ complot, band^ pi. 
^.^ ^usab^ or c«L.ap ^assa- 

*^ • 7 •• • • 

ftyyd^. ^^^map ""usbagy^ ring- 
leader^ pt ^Uff^p^'usbagyja. 
^asab^ nerye^pL JL^\ a^'sdb. 
^^^aP "^asaby, nervous. 
( juud ) 'asar (ju'^sur)^ to 

press, squeeze ; c^, U, ,iJli' 
I itball^t lamma baqit 
a'sur, I was wet through 
and through. jM/i\ in'asar, 
or jAtS\ Wasar, to be pres^ 
sed, squeezed, j^juiMma'^sAr, 
pressed, squeezed, j.^ "^asr^ 
or jt-Ap.'a§(/r,act of pressing, 
squeezing ; j^ ^cisyr, juice 
of fruit, tjtao ""assdra, oil- 
press, pressingLmachine, 
pi. c»\jLlc "^assardt. 
"^asr, or joj^ "^OLsryja, after, 
noon ; ^^^ ^^ s(t^6t 
^a§ryja^ in the afternoon; 
^^\ ;^ qahwet el ""asr^ 
afternoon coffee ; j-aJ\ ^U 
s(V eZ ^asr, afternoon tea. 

(^^aa^J Was, or ^^ 
'a/'tos, to struggle, ota^ 
^as'asa, or aJiap ^aflasa^ 

Wii§,cndof the backbone. 
jUp ""usfur, safflower, cartha^ 

mu8 tinctorius. 
jyUp ""asftlr^ small bird, pi jjiUp 
wip ( ^. ) ""osam (Ju^sum >, to 
guard against, give consti- 
pation. f^\ in^asam, or 
wuTI I t'osam, to be infallible, 
constipated, ^yduu^ ma'^sAm, 
infallible, constipated, a^^^aa 
Hsma, infallibility, chastity. 
JIum^ Hsmatlu^ chaste, 
address of a Princess. 
if^ {iS^.) 'm (J i'sa), to disobey, 
rebel, revolt; aJp ^^ ^isy 
""aUh, he rebelled against 
him«(3ap 'assa^ to cause to 
disobey, cause one to 
change his mind, c)^^ 
""usjdn or ^asajdn, disobe- 
dience, rebellion, revolt, 
mutiny, ^U ^(!l§y, or C)^^ 

• • 


'asjdn, disobedient, rebel; 
a-jjAI ^ (^Lap jJ^I el toalad 
"^asjdn ""an el madrasa^ the 
boy refuses to go to school, 
'asyda^ thick gruel made of 
flour^pZ. OiU^ ^asdjid. 
""asyr, see ^^ 

c^(c^.) 'cLdd (ju'udd), to 
bite. (^2uuap "'ad'^ad, to bite 
repeatedly. ^^1 irCadd, or 
^^*l Wadd, to be bitten. 
jkyAM^ma'^dAd, bitten. ^ 
""aMy act of biting. aJuJ^ 
'ad'ada^ act of biting repea- 
tedly, 4iip 'adda^ a bite, pi. 
cJ^''a44dt. jp[^ ""adddd^ 
one who has the habit of 
biting, pi: ^^^Up "-addadyn. 

^^adm, or ^Up Hddm^ bones, 
sg. AS^ "^adma^ pi. oW 
^admdt ; x^\ i^>i)5^ kaldm 
fll ""adm, words which 
strike home. 

^ ^ddu^ member, pi. UpI a^'da. 

UiP ''ata, see Jmp 

jVLp^attdr^sQQ JLp 
^j\Lp 'atdrid. Mercury ( planet ), 

{f^j\^ J>.lj rdgil "^atdrdy, 
an ingenious man, jack of 
all trades. 
^Ikp Htds^ see ^jJ«p 
^J*p ( wJ^. ) ""cLttab, to rot, be 
spoiled. w^« maHAb, or 
^Lm mu'^attab, rotten, 

• * 

spoiled. wJftp 'atab, rotten- 
jkp ( jLi) ) ""attar, to perfume." 
^'lit'af<ar,to be perfumed. 
^^ ma'a^ar, or jkni. m it- 
""attar, perfumed. Jap "-itr^ 
( or J^p ^iir ), perfume, otto, 
pZ. C^\j^ 'uturdt;^j)\ J^ 
""itr el ward^ otto. •jUp 
'ifra, (for t^P Htra)^ 
breed. jVLp *a(0r, native 
druggist ,pZ. utjUa^ %ttaryn. 


•jVkp 'i((tra, drugs, profes- 
sion of druggist. 
^jJkP ( ^jJm) ) 'ef e5 (JiHas ), to 
sneeze. ^jJ^ ""attas^ to cause 
to sneeze, sneeze, sneeze 
repeatedly. ^^J^p 'a^«, or 
^Ikp "ifAs, act of sneezing. 
Am^ ^atsa. a sneeze. Pi 


jLk^ (. JLW.) ) ^i(« ( jVtai ), to be 
thirsty. pLp 'attas^ to cause 
to be thirsty. J:Wp 'a(as^ 
thirst. cAHLi^^'atsdn. thirsty, 
pL jjylikp 'atkan'yn. 

J-^'ata&gy* stoker, jjZ. *:** 

to implore. <ikp 'a(/ix, lane, 
pi. ^lap ""utaf^ or oUkp 
'ai/^di. jb^Lp 'utdfatlu. 
His Excellency (address of 
a Pasha holding the rank 
of Cabinet Minister). 
JU ( JU ) ^f(iZ rji^(aZ;, or Jka-l 
it'attal^ to stop, be inter- 
rupted, be detained. J^ 
^attalj to stop, interrupt, 
detain. JJ^u mit'^attal, or 
^l^^Akp ^atldn^ stopped, inter- 
rupted, detained. J--WiJ 
ta'tyl^ delay, interruption. 
JU 'a^i, delay. J^'atala, 
state of being without work, 
interruption; ^^V^^cbyjdm 
el ^atala^ holidays. 

JLp ( jko ) ""attan, to cause to 
be rotten or brackish^ slink, 
f^VwS\ it^'attan, to be rotten 
or brackish. J^^m mu'^attan, 
rotten, brackish, stinking, 
^dap "^atana, rottenness, 
brackishness, stench. 

J^{^i)'(^ta(jiHy),.ov ciil 
idda,to give; 4) Japl T^y Zo/i, 
or Ala^l Vtyh, or J 3 I iddy 
Zo/i, or ^3 1 iddyh^ give 
him! J^iil irCata^ or JaJl 
it'' Ota, to be given. Jt^t-I 
isia'^a, to beg, ask charity. 
^Ul Wdta, to take, under- 
take, exercise. J**i-4 y^ 
o\i5ji4/iutoa j istaHa maL^ 
rubdt^ or vilj^ t^^^ 
/laioa jWdta ma&rubdt, 
he is in the habit of drinking 
liquors. J*** mu'ty, one 
who gives, (God). ILp "^ata^ 
act of giving, charity; Ikp 
'afa, offer, tender, pZ. il^^ 
'a(aio4i, or CillU 'a^adt. 
ii.U 'afyya, gift, pZ. \.\U 





Jip ( liio ) 'azzarriy to glorify, 
magnify, praise,exaggerate. 
JiJl it'azzam, to be glori- 
fied, magnified, praised, 
exaggerated, proud, hmz^] 
ista^'zam, to consider great, 
consider too much. .Uju 
maW^am, or Ju:* mit'^az^ 
zam^ glorified, magnified, 
His Highness the Khedive. 
^^ ta'^zym^ pomp, solenu 
nity, act of glorifying, 
praising. Jip 'azym, great, 
magnificent, superb, good, 
/)Z. ^Uip ^uzAm. Jtpl a'^zam^ 
greater; Ji^VI j4\ el bahr el 
a'-2'am, the Nile. ^Jip'a^ama, 
glory ,dignity,pride, haugh- 
tiness, greatness. Ja*^ ma''-- 
zam^ the greater part, the 
utmost, the majority. 

Ui^iUL^.) 'aff (jViff), to gather 
(insects). ^1^ ^dfif^ ga- 

jU "^ufdr, see yP 

V jUp 'a/it r em , *bra vo ! well do ne ! 
viLW f jUp ''afdrim ^aUk, you 
have done well 1 
yp ( yni ) ""affar^ to raise dust ; 

j^l 'r fl^^ ji''(^ff(^^i he came 
in a fury. jiIp '(t^r,to strug- 
gle, use violence. jUTl 
ifaffar, to be covered with 
dust. jiiM mv!'affar, or ji*:* 
mit'affar, covered with 
dust, j^ ^c^y^r, act of 
raising dust, typ ""afara^ or 
jUp 't^/ilr, dust ; t^ L'jil ed 
dmya 'afara^ the weather 
'is dusty. # iU« mu^'Afra^ 
struggle, violence, /}i.wlj^U» 

Oyp ( sL^y»i ) ^ aft at, to irritate, 
enrage; ^^\ Ojip ""afrat 
ei/'aZii^, he squandered the 
money. c^yJi it'a/'rai, to be 
irritated, enraged, jivicked, 
naughty, romp about. Oy** 
mu'^afrat, or viyic^mii'a/'- 
raf, irritated, enraged, 
wicked, naughty. aI^Jp 'a/- 
rata, rage, wickedness. 




naughtiness, act of romping 
about. ^,J^ 'afryt^ devil, 
demon, satan, ghost, spirit 
of a dead person, pi, ^.jU^ 
"afaryt ; caJ^ V ^J^\ el 
fulds fyha ""afryt, money 
slips through one's fingers; 
^.y^ J^ waJad 'afryt, a 
naughty boy,a cunning boy; 
c^^j^\ ^j ^j\3 ^3j\ ardh 
we arga"^ zaj el "^afryt, I 
will go and come back in 
no time. A::iyf'''afryta, rage, 
fury, traversing or screw. 
jack, pi. ^b>P 'afrytdt ; 
o^p ^*U» \l lamma tiVet 
""afryttoh^ when he became 
exasperated, when he lost 

cA*^ ( J^*i ) '^/?^^» t^ collect 
useless things,throw things 
about. JLuJ ta^'fyk^ act of 
collecting useless things, 
throwing things about. JLap 
'a/^s,b8Pggage, luggage, fur- 
niture. JLiiP ""ifis, untidy, 

tp'a/5, gall-nut. 
jip(ji*)) 'afaq (Jiyaq)^see 

^joUp Cc/^*^. ) '^/^<3t5, see 

J^ ( a**l ) ^(^ffin, to be putrid, 
decayed. j^a«f ^aYyn, rotten- 
ness, putrifaction. ^jUm mu- 
'^O'ffin^ putrid, decayed, 
stale. <;_^p ^uf{ina^ rotten- 
ness, decay, bad smells, 
miasma ; ^ly^M Jj j* muzyl 
el ""uf&na^ disinfectant. 

Aip'eYfa, chastity, honesty, oy^ 
'afdf^ or ^-ip 'a/'t//', chaste, 
honest, one who does not 
accept bribe. 

jp {^.)'afa (yiYt/), to for- 
give, pardon, exempt ; b^ 
(iJLiP j*> rabbina ji^y ""an^ 
nak^ may God grant you 
recovery 1 Ij ^\k3\ ^y ^p| 
i^yf^y ^i^ es sugl da, do 
not charge me with this 
work 1 JU ^dfa , to give 
strength. jUl ii'(l/'a,to gain 
strength, recover health, 
ui-l ista^a, to ask to be 



excused, resign, o^i^i 
it'afwin^ to get strong, to 
use violence. ^Ui. mit^'dfy, 
strong, heolthy. j*4 mayy, 
or jlnii mu^dfa, exempted, 
yp 'a /"t^ forgiveness, pardon; 

I beg your pardon, Sir! 
aJW 'ei/^/'a^ good health, 
strength ; dlJc A^i^^ '(t/ya 
•'ai^/c, we]] done I \iU\ bil 
'Afja, by force, with vio- 
lence. A?y<^'a/^ ma, strength, 
violence, jp 'a/'^, strong, 
powerful tt*:-r isti'fa^ 
resignation. \kp\ i'^fa^ or ^i\^ 
mu'afd^ exemption. 

ijLiP 'afyf^ see a^p 

wUo'/g'ttft, see^U 
^U^ 'aqqdd, see j2p 
jllp'ig'^tr, landed property, pZ. 
w'jUp "iqardt ; i^j\hi\ vfJLJ\ 
^Z 6an/c eZ Hqdry, land 
mortgage bank, credit 

J Up 'agtJZ, see Jap 

wi^ 'w96> end, extremity, rem- 

nant^ pi wUpI a'g46. wAt 
"agfc, hinge of a door. 

aJp ""aqaba^ ship decorated with 
flags, etc. used on the festi- 
vity of the opening of the 

jOp ( jLSiO ) "^aqad (jiqid or 
Ju'qud), to tie a knot 
congeal ; ^^j^ l^-^s^ "^aqadu 
kardt, they made an agree- 
ment, they passed a ccmtract; 
A-;)\ Jiip 'agarf e/i riyja^ he 
made up his mind. jlJp 'aq^- 
gad, to tie one knot after 
another. si^\ in^aqad^ or 
ji2ioi Waqad, to be tied into 
a knot, assemble ; Jiii^i ^j^ 
el maglis in'aqad, the court 
met. JLiiOi it^'aqqad, to be 
tied into many knots, com- 
plicated. Jiiip^ i^'taqad, or 
Mmz^\ ista'qad, to believe 
in ! ,js^l* jatiJ l;^l i/tna nV- 
i/gfd 6i7 Bihr^ we believe in 
magic, j^s** ma'^qixd, tied. 
JUa* muaqqad^ knotty, 
complicated, jjui ta^qyd. 




act of making knots^ com- 
plication, jjc "^aqd, act of 
tying a knot, passing a 
contract; jlIp ^aqd, arch, 
vault, arcade, act, contract, 
pi 3/^ ''uqtid ; JiU J2^ 'aqd 
mdjil^ askew arch, oblique 
arch.»a?p ^uqda, knot, joint, 
inch, pi, Jip ""uqad, or^ljuc^ 
'uqdAt \ •jlSp (^^ dy^'uqda, 
this is a hard nut to crack. 
• ji2p'agda, parcel,bundle, pZ. 
Cj\xi^''aqddt,Xi^'uqd, neck- 
\B.ce,pli}if>\a'^qdd, ^^i\^\ iUL 
creed^ dogma, pi. ci^lu^i 
Vtiqaddt, or .li'-Ui*. ma^- 
taqaddt ; ^juli vi.'^^— >ipl 
i^tiqaddt fdsda, supersti- 
tions. ^\*4P 'aqqdd, maker of 
silk cords, or tassels, pL 
ut^lij ^aqqadyn, ^\jus\ inH- 
qdd, act of assembling, 
j^{ j^^i) "^aqar (ju'qar ;, to 
bite, ^aiiil irC'aqar^ or j^\ 
it'aqar^ to be bitten, jyu* 

ma'^qOLr , bitten, yp '^Q'^, 
act of biting. »Jp "^aqra, 
a bite, pi J^»^ 'aqrdt. 
s^j^^'aqraby or ai^sp 'aqraba , 
scorpion, pi. ^j^io^'^aqdrib ; 
A^IJ\ s^^ 'aqrab es sd'a^ 
hand of a clock. 
JSp .( Ja.) ) 'aqal (ji'qil ), to tie 
the feet of a camel, etc. Ja^ 
Hqil, to be wise. Jsp ^aq--- 

qal , to inspire wisdom. 
Jimil in'' a qal ^ or JiJI lY - 
'agaZ, to be tied. Ji.rU^'ag« 
gaZ, to reason, be inspired 
with wisdom. Ja«i-.l isfa'- 
gaZ, to consider wise. J^a** 
ma'^qAl, tied. Jap 'agZ, act 
of tying. Ja«) ta'aqqul, con- 
ception, act of reasoning. 
J.a.F ta^'qyl^ act of inspiring 

wisdom. Jap 'agZ, mind ^ 
reason, intelligence, intellect, 
pi Jyp ^uqdl; ^ic^ 0^1 
asridn^'aql^ wisdom teeth; 
•OS Ji^ 4j.:p J^lj rtt^ZZ ^aqloh 
^aUx qaddoh, a man whose 
wits can be trussed up in a 




nut shell ; ^4«i J«*p JLI/i U 
mCLa'^mils ""aqly bi ""aqloh, 
I will not act as foolishly as 
he did, I will not take him 
seriously; j« 4>U JLl-r* I. 
si^C'TTta tV^miU hdga min 
^aqfak^ do not act on your 

own initiative 1 <^ , )li 

4llj J2P qdl fy %ql bAloh, 

he said to himself ; jli J^ 

"^aqloh tdr, he flew into a 

rage ; Ji»i Iff ikkallim bi 

'aql^ talk sensibly 1 JJU 

'4gi7^ wise^ intelligent, pi, 

:il5p ^uqala. "^li^ ^aqlan, 

by improvisation. J^* 

ma'^qAl^ comprehensible, 


intelligence. JUp 'agtJZ, foot- 

TO^e,kufyja cord, pZ. wVla^ 

^uqaldt. ^if' ^uqla, knot in 

bamboo or cane, knuckle, 

pi. J2P 'uqal 

Ai^ 'w g^6a, see w^U 

jjp "^aqyq, cornelian. 

• jSCp ' e/cd ra, see ^ 

j^ ^ukkdz, see ^ 

j^lSS %kkdm^ see <p 
JCp ( jCu ) 'akkar, to trouble 
( water, etc. ); ^j <3^ 'afc- 
/cart^ dammy^ or j»-lj- I^JTp 
""akkaru mazdgy, they 
annoyed me. JCjI iCakkar^ 
to be troubled. ^^^ mu^ak^ 
kar^ or^CiL. mit'^akkar, or 
jCo ""/feir, troubled, full of 
/ dregs ; 0^ v.. ma^ya 'ikra, 
muddy water ; ^^ Ae^\y 
mazdgoh mu^'akkar^ he is 
indisposed, he is out of 
temper. jS^ ta^'kyr^ act of 
troubling. ^J^c^ ^ukdra^ 
dregs, sediment, impurities. 
Zjfs'i^ ^^, ) "^akraty* to act the 
procurer. 4?jCp ""akrata , 
act of procuring. ^^S^ 
^akrdt^ cuckold, procurer, 
yip.j!^\ ( jCq) Wakkiz, to 
lean on, use crutches. ^.mi» 
mit'^akkiz, one who is 
leaning on, using crutches, 
j^ ta'kyz^ act of using 
crutches, j^e^ ""ukkdz or 




•jl^ ""ukkdza, crutch, pi. 
jjjT'l^p ""akakyz^ or wlj^ 

o-^f cr^. ^ 'a/ca« (jCkis), to 
reverse, ^j^r'lc "dfeis^ to 
tease, oppose, annoy, bully, 
counteract. J^\ inakaSy 
or jjiCjl Wakas, to be 
reversed. ^/Cu ma'^kds, 
reversed. ^^^ ""a/cs, reverse, 
contrary; ^jXJii 6ii 'ct/cs, on 
the contrary, vice versd. 
4-Mu mu''dksay act of teas- 
ing, pZ. zXSxam mu^aksdt. 
$^ ( 5^1 ) 'o,kam ( ju^kum ) , to 
taike hold of ; aj>- 4u ^ 
^akam minnoh gin6 , he 
defrauded him of a pound,h« 
obtained a pound from him 
on false pretences.^ J>-!;r(l. 
gil 'dkim^ a wealthy man. 
/►l^p 'akkdm, waiter (one 
who carries food from the 
kitchen tp the dining-room 
in Turkish houses),pi, 0^^ 

^^iC/^.) ""cbkninAo cause to 

be unhappy or indisposed ; 
\^Ji^ ^aknin ^aUhd^ he 
made her unhappy, he of- 
fended her. i>ixiol ifaknin^ 
to be unhappy, indisposed. 
CfS^^ mu^'aknin, or ;>wCa4 
mifaknin^ unhappy, indis- 
posed AiSs^'aknina^ unhap- 
piness, indisposition. 
Jp OJ 'all (JVill ;, to bother, 
annoy, disgust. JU ^allil^ 
to prove. Ji^l i/i'aZZ, or JJI 
Wall, to be bothered, an- 
noyed, disgusted. jUl it^ 
^allil, to make excuses; JUTI 
v^53\ Jc i7'aMi7 'alal kitdb, 
he found fault with the book, 
he refused the book. Jjlu 
ma^ldl, sick, patient, poorly, 
pl. JJU# na^alyl, ^c Hlla , 
reason,defect, excuse, sick- 
ness, jj^.jW'itoi. ^ta'lyly 
assignment of reason. ^ 

p-iU'ei(i^, see lU 

^^"alldf^see u!ic 

^i'j^Hldqa, see ^ 




4.^'dWma, see \p 

^i^^'alAwa^ see l;j 
K^Hlha, casket^ small box, tin, 

can, pi. wJ^ Hlah. 
uJtU ( ^ ) 'aloLf ( JiHifX to 
feed animals. u^A in'aloLf^ 
to be fed. o^ ma^lAf, 
well-fed. cA '^to/, hay, 
fodder, forage. \j:^ 'aiW/, 
forage-seller, pi. ^% 'ai- 
W^a, or c^% "^allafyn, 
jIp (^U ) ^iZig, {jVUiq), to 
stick to, liang to. jL 'ai- 
tog, to hang up; ^ Jj:.) jic 
Lj\ 'allaq eiyi fil 'ara. 
byja, harness the horses 
to the carriage! 4^1 ^ ^^ 
""allaq ""alallahma^ put the 
meat on the fire 1 j\^ j)t 
"aitog III fiamdr, feed the 
donkey! jUl it^allaq, to be 
suspended, hanged up. jU4 
mu^'allaq^ suspended, han- 
ged up. jJmT taHyq, act of 
hanging up; ji** S-«V Mm- 
6e^ ia^'Zyg, suspension lamp. 
Ai^U HJAqa^ relation, con- 

nection, pi. ^'^% Hlaqdt, 
a}% Hlldqa, thing with 
which an article is suspend- 
ed, pi, Cj^i% Hllaqdt. 
jJU ta^alyq, decorations 
( flags, lanterns, etc. ) in 
native festivities. jU ta^'aL 
ItXq, the property of 
belonging to. jj^ ""alyq 
forage, pi. ji% 'alAjiq, 
atAc ^alqa, hiding, punish. 
ment,pZ,j\c 'atag, or oVsli 
.'alqdt; ^^ :^ "^alqet 
kahXm, ov Ai^lAc ""alqet 
safah^ a strong reprimand. 
4aU« mu'allOLqa^ pretext, 
pretence, excuse, pi. cM^^ 
sg .AjL''alaqa,pl.z>\A\c'alaqdt, 

M^'oLlqam, colocynth. 

d^ . jiUlv j2U:>)ii'aigan,to have 
the manners of a catamite, 
^have in an effeminate 
manner. *:slic 'algana, efife- 
minacy. ^3!^ Hlg, catamite , 
pi. 3}c ^uW,q. 

dtt»(dtt*)^ 'atofc (JVlik), to 




chatter, talk too much, talk 
confusedly. si\L'aZ/c,chatter, 
act of talking too much, 
talking confusedly. ^% 
^alldk, chatter-box, talka- 
tive, pi, ij(S^% "^allakyn. 
\p (UJ Hlim(ji'lam)^ to know. 
\c ""allim, to teach, mark, 
sign a letter. Id aHam, to 
inform. Uru7'aZZim,to learn, 
be marked, be signed, k^-l 
ista'lim, to inquire, ascer- 
tain. iW ^dlim, learned, 
savant, scholar, pi. \Ao 
^uUxma. 4IW "^Almd, canta- 
trice^ pi, \\^t' ^awdlim. ^jL. 
ma'Uim, known, certainly, 
of course; ^jLi ^fj juk&n 
maHdm, let it be known I 
di^jU* C)fi Jtikdn maHd- 
mak, you must know. 
A* '^ mdlam yja ,k nowled ge, 
information. U Hlm^ science, 
knowledge, pL ajU ^ulAm ; 
JLJIc U ma HlmyS^ I am not 
aware ; dUU Jc ^ala Hlmak, 
as you are aware ; dlJ^ ^J^c 

'ilmy Hlmak, I know ( of 
this case ) as much ( or as 
little) as you do; \c Hlm^ 
note, memorandum, pi. m%\ 
a^ldm ; j^ Ic 'ilm babar^ 
receipt ; ^JJ» \c Him talab, 
summons. iW "^dlam, the 
universe, people ; iU ^l; 
nds ^dlam^ crowds of 
people, ^c 'alym^ learned, 
wise. «^U^ Hlmdny, layman, 
secular, pi. C}^j\Ac ''ilmany- 
jyn. jcSjS taHym, or ^% 
'aldm^ teaching, education, 
instruction, drill, pi. ol^U 
ta'lymdt ; w\^U taHymdt^ 
instructions. ^^^ taHymgy, 
instructor, riding-master, 
pi. A^i^ taHymgyJa. a;>:^~" 
taHymhdna ,, 
pi. v:^lili^.^' taHymbandt. 
[^ mu^'allim^ teacher, fore- 
man, pi. c^Jl»« mu^allimyn ; 
(j\X^\ 2L.JJU madraset el 
ma'aZffmyn, Normal school; 

, ^-^ 

u» W muallim banna 

master mason. 4^^ 'aUXma, 





sign^ mark, signature^ pi, 

' c\M%"alaTrdt.p^ ^%\i'ldm 

sar^y^ judgment pronounced 

by the mahkama sar'yja, 

Jlp . J^\ iji^j «'ton (jilin)y to 
make known^ declare, pub- 
lish, advertise. Ju* mu'^lan, 
made known, declared, 
published, advertised. ^%\ 
i^ldn^ notice, advertisement, 
pi, wli^^^l i'landt. (:\c ^alcu 
nan, publicly. 

jU Hlu, sheaf of grass or 
clover, pi, ^%\ aHd(v, 

^y ( Jl ) ^^^y (Ji'W, to rise, 
soar, be high ; aSc J^%i '- 
majV^lAs ""aUh^ nothing can 
be better ; JUr -ui alUXh 
ta'dlafiodi the Most High. J^ 
'aito,to raise. J*fl Walkn^ to 
be raised, elevated. J*i-I is- 
ta'to, to rise, consider high. 
^ ''ulu, height. aJuT taHyja^ 
act of raising. JU ""dly, 
high, sublime; JW ..I amr 
"^dly, Khedivial Decree ; 
<^U\ jjjjl ed d6r el ^dly, 


the upper floor ; 
JW (^^p maglis ^aska^ 
^y ^^^y^ general court 
' martial. ^3% ^ahXwa, in- 
crease, allowance, surplus, 
pi, >l,\yU 'alawdt. JW 'd/, 
grand, excellent, first rate, 
best quality ; J U\ JW ^dl el 
'dl, far and away the best. 
i^y^ Hlldwy^ highly. ^^ 
^alawla, at random, one 
with the other. Jc ""ala, on, 
upon, over, against, to, 
about; Mi ^alayja, on me ; 
vilJc^fli J^irmi7 illy 'aUk^ 
do your duly ! J;ui 'Jo 'a- 
toyya sas'Z, I am busy, I 
have to work ; ^\i^ ^ 
^aHhum kitdba^ they have 
to write ;^ viLU <^^ 4liil\ es 
sugla dy 'alik^ you should 
look after this business ; 
Ail Jft 'ato ^, why? for what 
reason? aJ^ y^ U Jc 'ato ma 
huwa ''alSh^ as he was, he 
has not changed; ^l» ^ 
'a to ma jiV^, ^^^1 he 



comes ; '^ <^U gdj "aUzyJa^ 
he is coming towards me 
or against me ; <Ji»l ^ ^ald 
aito,trust in God ! ^'nkJS CU 
""aUkum es saldm, peace 
be with you ! a}> ^ 'ala 
f6n^ where to ? ^^^ dLU 
All) I3 'ai^/c mm da 61 ^, 
why should you give 
yourself the trouble 1 •J^l ^ 
^ala ingiUza,dL VAnglaise; 
I JiT'jc 'dla keda^ or dDS ^ 
'ato zdlik^ for this reason, 
therefore ; ^.U U ma 'aZ^s, 
it does not matter! never 
mindl vil! ^Jc ^alayja lak, 
I owe you ; J dlJi^ 'aZ^fc it/, 
you owe me ; ^i^ J dUI 
i/tfey Ze/ 'aW/i, tell me all 
about him! 4icAj^-i ^jr^^ 
elagra suwayja 'al^h, the 
fare is too little for him ; Jl5 
Cjis' ^\ ^c qdl 'ala innoh 
'ayjdn, he said he was sick; 
xJ\^ 'alal ""yd^ at feast 
time ; ^u J^^ U ma 'aZ^fes 
minnoh^ take no notice of 

him! do not mind him! 
iy^^'^o.lyq, see ji^ 

•p ( >i ) 'amm (jVimm ), to be 
general, universal. /' ''am-- 
mim, to cause to be general 
or universal, tie a turban 
for one. /^\ Wammim^ to 
tie on's turban . -^^mii'am- 
mimjturbaned. x^J ta'^mym, 
act of causing to be general 
or universal. ^\c 'dm, ov ^yf' 
^um&m, or ^yf' ""um/lmy , 
general, universal, public; 
^U\ ^yF' ^umAm en nds, or 
^U\ \»)c ^dmmet en nds,lhe 
general public. C^ "^umd^ 
man, generally. ^•\^\ el 
^dmma^ the masses. ^ 
'emma, turban,pZ*^ ''imam. 

^/'^amm, paternal uncle, fa- 
ther-in-law, pZ.fl^la'mttm ; 
a/ ^I abu 'ammoh, nick- 
name of the natives of Upper 
Egypt. J^ 'amma^ paternal 
aunt, pi. w\^ ^ammjdt. 

\f' ""ama, see ^ 
^\^'imdd^ see 



^\S'''umdSy see ^ja/ 

J\p 'ammdZ^see J/ 

9^\S'^amAwa, see j^ 

JU>( ju*l ) ""amm id, to baptize. 
jLc^l Vtamad^ to rely upon^ 
intend, sanction, approve; 
jiJ\ Jc iJji^l Vtamadna 
""alal safar, we determined 
to travel. -xAl it'ammid, 
to be baptized. a._i^ 
muHamad, to be relied 
upon, trustworthy, sanc- 
tioned, approved, delegate, 
represeritative, pi. ^it^^* 
muUamadyn, x^ mit'am- 
mfd, baptized. j\jp^ V'timdd^ 
reliance, confidence, sanc- 
tion, approval, credit ( mo- 
ney ),pZ. ol^lj^' iHimaddt. 
x/^ ta^myd, or ^V^ Hmdd, 
or 4i.>y^ ma''mudyja,beip- 
tism ^jjf''amdan^ or jl.\JIi 
bifdmid, intentionally, on 
purpose. ^y\o ^amAd, co- 
]umn,pillar, pi. a^V 'ottoa- 
mi/d, or Jb^U'amato^rf, or 

.jl/1 a^mida, or jIjl/ ^im- 

sawdry; Pompey's pillar 
JTl :>y W ""amdd akl, parte- 
manger ; (i^y'i? Ja^ 6a<v 
""amddy, perpendicular line 
^y^o^ nas5 ^am{td^ pilaster 
t ji-^ ""umda, notable ( of . 
village ), pi, ^f' ''umad;^\Q 
.xf- 'dmil ^umda, he gives 
himself airs. 

{ yi ) Hmir (jX'mar)^ tc 
be inhabited, j^ 'ammar, 
to inhabit, repair; ^JjtiJ^^ 
'ammar el bunduqyja^ he 


loaded the gun. y**l 
ifammar^ to be inhabited, 

repaired, jy^ ma'mdr^ 
inhabited; j^* z^^ bit ma^- 
milr,hounted houSe. y^mu. 
^ammar^ repaired, loaded. 
'dm ir el bit, house serpent . 
j^ ia'm yr,act of repairing. 

UjuJ* ijKt^ id" my ret el 
bunduqyja^ rifle-load. #^^ 
""amra^ repairs, pi. ^Ij^ 




""amrdt (Sj^ mV'mdry, 
appertaining to the art of 

building ; {£j\^ cr-^V ^^- 
handismVmdry^ architect. 
j\^ 'amdr^ land on which 
houses are built^ houses ; U 

j^ (Tzi J-^ ^^ fy^ 

binhum 'amdr, they are 
at daggers drawn. ^j\^ 
Hmdra, construction, buil- 
ding, pi. ^01^ Hmardt, j^ 
""umr, age, lifetime, pL jU^I 
a!'mdr) ^ is jif'^umrak kdm 
how old are you ? C)^ iJ^ 
^^"^umrak in filiht, you 
will never succeed ; ^ {fj^ 
a:^ ^umry ma kallimtoh, 
I never spoke to him ; tSj^ 
iul? ol "^umry inn kallimtoh^ 
I shall never speak lo him 
again; -JS^y^l j^^ii U ma 
saftM el 'umr kulloh, I na 
ver saw him in my life; y*'l 
dJI Ji^l»'\ el 'umr et tawyl 
lak^ I wish you long life! 
( to be said to one who has 
just lost a relative ); j^ qos 

nuss ^umr, half- worn out, 
serviceable, second-hand. 

JL^ ^amxiS, blearness, blindness; 
jy^\ ^}>'\j rdgil hiVamas, 
a wretched man,a worthless 
fellow, js.^1 a'mas, blear- 
eyed, blind, fern. liu»> 
""amkifpl, j.^^ ""umk^ 

^yr^ ( ^_^aV^. ) ^ammas, to have 
white matter in the eye. 
^\c. %mds^ discharge of 

the eye. 
S^ {yiyamal(ji"mil), io do, 

make ; c5*>3 J^ ""amal we 
sauwa^ he did this and that ; 
(C^* ^5j ^}^^CLJnal rdhoh nd- 
Jim, he feigned to be asleep; 
4^ aJc J^ ""amal 'aUh 
hyla, he played him a trick, 
he duped him ; l|- J-%jJ. •/jJ 
aM ijllc tazkara ju^'mal 
hiha tamdnjet ayjdm^ 
ticket available for eight 
days; 4$^ J^ ""amal bi 
akloh^ he earned his liveli- 
hood ; J^\ 4 ^^ ^ ^ 
""amal loh gini fil kildb^ he 




offered him f 1 for the book; 
cJkP ^fJ^ nafsy ""amalet, I 
have the nausea ; ^jP J*^ 
^amal ""arbagy, he became 


a coachman. J-%^ ""ammil^ 
to have whitlow. J*W '4m i7, 
to treat, transact business 
with another. J^U irCamal^ 
or J^l Wamal, to be done, 
made. J^Wl Wdmil^ to be 
treated. J-^c-l ista'mil, to 
use ; ^V^V J^"w-j y^ huwa 
jista^milelawldd,he is a 
pederast. J*U ""dmil^ doing, 
nr.aking ; i^\j>- J^W y^ /itztoa 
^(JmiZ bawdga^he considers 
himself a gentleman, he 
gives himself airs ; J^W 
'(tm i7, workman, labourer, 
pi. Jlp ""ummdl, J 
ma^mAl, made, manufac 
tured, kind of Syrian cake ; 
4i J>%j^« 0^^ qanAn ma^mAl 
boh, a law in vigour. J^ 
""amal^ work, act, deed, pi. 
^}\^\a^mdl; Ail J^\ei ""amal 
6, what is to be done? Jj-lj 

^J^\K\crdgiVaUh eVamal 
a man of importance, a man 
to be relied upon. J^ ""amUx, 
an act, a deed, pi zJ^jj^ 
""amldt, or Ji\^ ""amdjil ; 
4^^ #^^ miskdh bi 
'amlitoh^ he was caught 
en flagrant d6lit ; Jj^tK^ 
""amal ^amdjil^ he commit- 
ted all sorts of offences. 
J^ f^j rasm ""amaly, 
plan made to scale. aJu^ 
^amalyja^ work, operation, 
corvee, pl^sijt^^ amalyjdti 
^Uu.J\ i-^jji* mad rase t el 
""amalyjdt, school of arts 
and trades,^coZe des arts et 
metiers. J\,^'amm(li,work_ 
ing, one in the act of doing ; 
J^ J\^ lil ana 'ammdl 
bdkul, I am eating ; J\,c l;|^ 
JMj wana ^ammdl bdkul^ 
while I was eating. J.^** 
ma^'mal, factory, distillery, 
pi. JiiL. ma^dmil;^) J^. 
mammal flrd}}^ incubatory 
oven. J^-iui mu^ammil. 




having matter or pus. J.»aj-i*« 
musta'^mil, used, second- 
hand^sleersman^pi. OeJ^-*^--* 
business, behaviour, treat- 
ment ; j^\fK% mu'dmla^ or ^U-p 
^umla, cash, coin. jLic-il 
istVmdl, use, employment. 
^y^ 'umUla^ commission^ 
percentage,welLmade ; ^•y^ 
J^^ gazma "'umula^ a 
stout pair of shoes. J**^ 
^amyl, commission agent, 
representative, correspoa- 
dent, pL ^^^ ""umala. 

t/^ ( (/^. ) 'i^y (Ji'ma ; , to be 
blind; ^ II JC- s/fcir torn- 
ma 'im(/,he got dead drunk; 

sugl, he was exhausted w^ith 
work. ^ 'ama, to cause to 
be blind ; UI,p l^ U ga 
jikahhalha "^amdha, he 
made things worse. ^1 
in'ama, or ^^"1 it^'ama^ to 
be blinded. ,jMjna''my, or 
oL^ ^amjdn, blinded. \^ 

'ama, or#^\^ "amettoa^bjind^. 
ness. ^ftl a'ma, blind, /em. 
L-j^ ''amja^ pi ^^J-^imy^ or 
0^*-*^ "^imjdn ; l^l» ^ 6^i hil 
""ama^ a worthless house. 
i^\^^ 'imjdny, blindly, 

Jj4^ '^amyly see J-%^ 
j^'cLn^ of, about, than,ihstead; 
4j1 ^ cs kallimtoh ""an i, 
what did you tell him aboutf 
AiPjj^ii faqyr ^annoh^ poorer 
than he; ^^^ 'S^\ ihHd ""anny^ 
leave me alone I ^y^ U ma 
^ann{iS, it does not matter I 
Z^ ^ U ma ^annak g6t, 
or j.->- dl:p ^ to 'anhak git, 
I don't care whether you 
come or not I 

^Up Hnndb^ jujube-tree, fruit of 
the jujube-tree. 

^Up ""indd^ see jl:p 

'mab, grape, vine, $g. a^ 
Hnaba,pl.^\^Hnabdt; ^ 
w» jSI ina^^ ed dyh, gooseL- 
berry; wi^ Jj3 waraq Hnab^ 
grape leaves. 




jcfi'^anhar, ambergris, maga- 
zine^ store, hull of a ship, 
pi, ^Up ""andbir; J^J\ ^Up 
jl,jlH 'andbir es sikka el 
hadyd, railway workshops. 
j-jc:^ 'anbargy , holder 
(nav. )^pl.^jcp'anbargyja, 
<^juo ''anbary^ Curasao. 
ifjCfi' ""antary, ladies' vest^ pi. 
•yU 'andira' 

^ ( J?^* ) ''o^Tigar, to wear the 
head dress askew, cock up 
the head dress, jf^l Wan- 
gar, to be worn askew, 
cocked up. ^ mu'^angar^ 
askew^ cocked up. 
(jLu)) Hnid ( JVnad), or 
jJU ^dnid^ to oppose^ resist, 
be obstinate. JJ*«n Wdnid, 
to be opposed, resisted. jjU:- 
mWdn id, opposed, resisting. 
jjifi' Hnd^ or ^U Hndd, 
opposition, resistance, obs- 
tinacy; JuJl bil Hnd, 
purposely, intentionally, out 
of spite ; aJ Jiulli IjT Jwp 
^amalkeda bil'ind fyh^ he 

did this to spite him. 
^anyd^ or ^^x'^ Hnady^ or 
jLiLi mu'dnid^ obstinate, pZ. 
ajJulp Hnadyja, or jijiiIm 
JLip 'and, with, at, near ; <^ jiip 
^andy^ with me, I have ; 
j^\\ 4 iSXS' ^andy fil bit, 
chez moi : ii»l ilx^ 'andak 
i, what have you gotf J^ 
ifxs' kdn "^andy^ I had ; U 
JL) jLip ma ''andyh^ I have not 
got; i3 Jup <j^« (^jl i>^a/ mt/n 
"^andak^ how is your 
family ? ^x^ J Z^ "^andoh, 
he owes me; t^jiip a1 Zo/i 
'andy, I owe him ; ^ J\ Jlip 
'and elbit, near the house ; 
^:;^Ijl:lJ Wand ed dukkdn, 
as far as the shop ; j« vi^ 
•Jip git rain 'andoh, I come 
from his part; il-UP ^1 
istanna 'andafe, stop where 
you arel ^^>-l \jS^ ^fxc- 
""andy keda ahsan^ I consi- 
der this best, I prefer this ; 
s^jI^J^3xAa jk huwa ma 




^andds kidb, he does not 
tell lies ; il-^ j;« *^W JJ^ U 
magibtis hdga min''andak, 
you said nothing new. xc- 
pjW 'and el luzAm^ when 

•jip ^ansah, see t^i^ 
ft^A;p ( Jl Jb- ) "^ansara (hadd el), 

^L-p ( jkw ) 'antaz^ or jkw 1 
Wantaz, to be haughty, 
arrogant, lofty. jLi^ii mu^an. 
taz^ haughty, arrogant, 
lofty, •jklc ^aniaza, haugh- 
tiness, arrogance loftiness. 
^y^'inq, peduncle, pi. j\ipl 

^jAi^^'anqAd, bunch, cluster, pZ. 

sL^fsp^ankabAt^ spider^ spider's 
dr^{ dy-^i ) "^CLTiwin, to address 
(a letter). Cjy^^ it^anwin^ 
to be addressed, ^^^m mu" 
^anwin, addressed. 4iyp 
'anwina, act of addressing. 
Cj\yp Hntodn, address of a 

letter, pZ. vLlil^P 'inwandt. 
(S^ ( ci*i ) '^^^ (Jo^'ny ovji'ny), 
to mean; y|-iya'ny,it means, 
that is to say; ajI^*) ja'nt/ 
^, what does it matter ? 

^^*y^ «i*l y^^'^i/ huwa hena^ 
I wonder if he is here 1 ai I , i«i 
<^.> ^^Jiya'n^^ ez z4ta dy^ 
what is this noise for? ^l 
i'tana^ to be careful. 
^-.1 ista'^na^ to be careful, 
give importance, consider ; 
JL^ ^l;«:-.)vU yik huwa ma 
Jista'^nds bi hadd, he cares 
for no one. ^^«t ma^na, 
meaning, sense, pi. ^^U 
ma'dny ; ^ J:. J U J;i sa^Z 
ma Ziis ma'na, useless work; 
^^'^t^* rna^na kaldmoh, 
he means to say ; ^^ J^. I 
ismVnd^ why? what for? 
•y^ ''inwa, or ^'^ ''inja, 
purposely, intentionally ; 
o ^ iJ^ J^ 'amai keda 
"^inja fyh^he did this to spite 
him. Uc-^l isti^na, care, 
importance, consideration. 



jlja "^anyd^ see jlip 

CjCc- Hnnyn^ impotent. 

jc^pf ji^^*) 'a/iad (Ji'hid)^ to 
charge, enjoin. -uU 'dhidy 
to make an agreement with. 
JL4JI it^dhhad, to engage^ 
undertake, jl^*^ mufahhid, 
responsible^ contractor^ pi. 
^y^Ji^c. muf'ahhidyn. jl^iJ 
ta^'ahhud, engagement, 
agreement, contract^ joZ. 
wU^* ta^'ahhuddt, 3^^* 
ma%{td^ known ; o 3^^^** 
Ai'UVl ma^hM fyh elamdna^ 
he is known to be honest. 
Ji^'a/id, initiatory covenant^ 
pi ^^ 'uhdd ; J^ ""ahd, 
time ; dTu jl^p ^ mm 'a/id 
ma kallimtoh, since I spoke 
to him; Ujl^o ^min^ohdaha^ 
since then ; Ji^J^ ^i^ waly el 
""ahd. Crown Prince; .Ji^ 
"^uhda, responsibility, char- 
ge; aJi^p ^^kdtib ""uhda, 
clerk in charge (of stores/ 
etc.) ; J^\ ^j^ bamys el 
''ahd, Good Friday. •jl*L 

pi. wIjlaIm mu^ahddt. 
jf- "^uhr, fornication. tjScdhra, 
prostitute^pi.^^^^ ""awdhir, 
^\"^''auwdd^ see^y^ 
j\^ "^awdr, see j^ 
^\^ "^uwdd^ see ^^ 
jl^ ""uwdq^ see j^ 
/»l*^''aato4m, see^U 

2;^ ( ^^.) '<^^<^9 (ji'wig X to 
bend^ twist, cause to be 
crooked.r-'y ""auwig^io bend 
or twist repeatedly. ^yi\ 
in\awag, to be bent^ twis- 
ted, crooked, cross, offen- 
ded. rV*' if'auwig, to be 
bent or twisted repeatedly. 
^3^4 ma't^^5^,bent, twisted^ 
crooked.r-'ywma'oa to e^'^bent 
or twisted in many places. 
^^ "awg, or ^^ ta'toyg. 
act of bending, twisting, 
causing to be crooked. a> 
'awga,ei bend, a twist, pt 
^U^ ""awgdt. ^^ ^awag^ 
ill-humour ; ^yi\ dJUU y^ 
huwa mdsik el "^awag^ he 




is out of temper, r-^l 
a'wag, bent, twisted,crook- 
ed, fern. U^ "6ga, pi ^^ 
^{ig. Uly^ 'aWflfa, one who 
has crooked legs^ cripple. 

>^ 'dd, guitar, pipe, figure (of 
a person), pl.:>\^\ a^'wdd; 
^^ 'dd, stick, /)Z. ^^Ijlp 
'yddn ; wJ*>- ^y^ ^Ad haiah, 
a piece of Are- wood; ^^^^y> 
'iid qasab, a sugar-cane; 
^.jf^^^ "lirf kabryt, a 
match. ^I'^ 'auwdd, one 
who plays the 'dd, harpist, 
pi. •^\'y^ 'auwdda. 

^^ ^6d\ see^W 

jV ( Sfi ) '^^^^^, to damage^ 
mutilate, wound. y^JI i7- 
^auwar^ to be damaged, 
mutilated, wounded, jycj^ 
mWauwar^ damaged, mu- 
tilated, wounded, y^^ 
ta^wyr ^damage, mutilation, 
wound. jly> 'aio(lr,damage, 
defect, j^ ""awdr^ loss of an 
eye, injury. j^\ a"" war, one^ 
eyed, fern. \j^ ^dra^ pi, jjc^ 


a^'war b4n el "-imy suUdn, 


in the kingdom of the blind, 
one-eyed people are kings; 

juqUl HI a" war a^'war fy '^- 
noft,he calls a spade a spade, 

• J^ ""dza^ see jW 

u^^ ^()5, see ^W 

^'Z' ( ^>) ) ''auwad, to com- 
pensate, indemnify, replace; 

^^^ u^-rt Wj ^cLbbina 
jV'auwad ""aUk^ I am sorry 
for your loss 1 ^j^^ri it'^au^ 
wad, to be compensated, 
ista^'dd ,0V ^ yCL^\ ista^wad, 
to substitute, replace ; 
Uij ^yu-l ista'^wad rab^ 
bina^ he resigned to God's 
will. JaS^yS ta^wyd, com- 
pensation, indemnity, pL 
oUiyJ ta^wyddt. ^^ 
""awad or ''uwad^ or ^1^ 
"^uwdd, substitute, in the 
place of, instead of; Ci^ 
'atooda/i, instead of; ^^\^ 




U* jj U ^uwdd ma tibqa 
hena, instead of remaining 
here; JlUIjP 'uwddak^ 
instead of you ; I3 <j^ V '-^ -^ 
bud da ""uwdd da, take this 
instead of thatl 

JV(«3>*i) ^(^uwaq^ to be late, 

delay ; Jc JL5yi> u ma 

tVauwaqs "^alayja, do not 

keep me waiting long ! j 1^ 

^ "atodg'^orji^Jia'to^g^delay. 

M^'^dm, see aU 

Aly^Mna, see^:)^ 

c5^( <^J-*i ) '^^^ iJi'^y), or 
""auwa^ to bark, (^y^ 'cttof/, 


A^^ ^uw^ga^ see Ij^ 

^Ijp-'awyl^ see J\c 

U 'o/a, see ^^ 

•^Lp ""ijdda^ see jW 

j^S'^'ayjdr^ winch, crane, pZ. 

vl/ljU ""ayjardt, 

j\j^Hjdr^ seejjp 

^U 'ayJdS, see ^J.U 

JpLp^'yd^, see ii^^ 

j3[^'ijdqa, see j^ 

i^^'ayjdn, see^^sp 

^S'^'^b^ seewU 

xp ( JU«)J 'ayyfd, to feast, keej 
the feast : aSc jl,J U>m ruhna 
nraj/yid 'ai^/i, we went t( 
wish him a merry feast, jlp 
^yd,{QBsX,f6te,pl,:\s'\ a'^jdd 
jrti-J\ jlJ\ ^r^d essugayjar 
Christmas, Bairam; j^\ jlJ 
eZ ^yd el kibyr^ Easter^ 
Courban Bairam. ajXc- "^ydy- 
ja, new year's or a feast's 
present, tip, pZ. Ujp ^addja, 
or ol-x.^ "^ydyjdt. »ajU« ma- 
""(lyda^call during a feast^ pi, 
c»\^^^ mu''ajddt, 

jf- {^. ) ^^yj^^3 or jtu« ma'' jar, 
to reproach, taunt, twit. y\c 
^djir^ to measure, verify^ 
reproach, taunt, twit; \ij\c 
Ac\J\ ^djirna es sd^'a, we 
set the watch right ; l^jr^U 
w>Ji!l ""djru ed dahab^ they 
alloyed the gold. jjuJl 
Wayjar, or jjuil iima'^jar^ 
to be reproached, taunted, 
twitted. j^^Ul it^djir, to 
be measured, verified. 



reproached, j^ mumajar^ 
reproached^ taunted, twit- 

ed. j^ icL^yjy^, reproach^ 
taunt, twit. #^^^1*4 mu'^djra, 
measure, verification, rep- 
roach. 9j\fi' ^yra, temporary, 
borrowed ; •j^A^ jdqa 'yra 
detached collar, faux col ; 
•jjp j^sa^r'yra^ false hair. 
jU- 'y4r, measure, standard, 
alloy, pi. Ci^jU Hjardt; 
fjij^j^ w>3 dahab "^ijdr 
'isryn^ 20-carat gold ; jU 
(^j\l HJdr ndry, discharge 
from a gun. 
^^^ 'ysa^ or ^^^. jas{i\ Jesus. 
j'y^^ jas{t"y, Jesuit, pi. 



* ^ '^s, see jJ^ 

j^ ( J^jni ) "ayjat, to weep, cry; 
A^l ^ ia,^ hy^ayjat 'ala 
ummoh^ he mourns his 
mother, he cries for his 
mother (child), -Ul-p "^ijdt, 
act of weeping, crying. 

j^l itmajaq, to be proud 
of, dandy. iii^Hjdqa, or 
^uLm ma^'jaqa^ pride, dandy- 
ism. j»U ''djiq, dandy, pi, 
jU 'yjdq. 4h\c 'djqa, 
patroness of a brothel, pi. 

^^'cbyjily see JW 

ui^ ( a.^. ) '<3tyym, to appoint, 
nominate. uj«»ri Way j in, to 
be appointed, nominated ; 
dLl^ 0^*^ jit'dyjifi '^cii'Uk, it 
is your duty. ^W '4/m, to 
see^ visit, examine. <iu^im e7- 
'a (/J n, appointed, nominated, 
or^^* ia'^yjyn, appointment, 
nomination, allowances, ra- 
tions, pi. yiXi^ ta^yjyndt ; 
wlu^* OJ^ Tnabdzin ta^'y- 
jyndt^ ration stores ; j^jl« 
C^L-j«r mudyr ta^yjyndt^ 
director of supplies. ajU« 
mu^djna, inspection, pi. 
ob l«M mu'^ajnd t. at-p ^ayj ina, 
sample, specimen, nation- 
ality, pi slSis^ ""ayjindt. CU 
""ajdnan, by sight, publicly. 




oU^I a^jdn, notables, distin- 
guished persons, c^ '^n, 

^Y^ypl^O}^ 'ajd/i, or jcs' 
""enin ; J^ j^ Vn samaka^ 
corn on the foot ;^ u^ Vn 
mayja, spring of water ; 
JlyH 4^)^ 'ajA/i el ^ar- 
MZ, meshes of a sieve; 
ajLaJtjrjA '^n eZ qantara, 
arch or opening of a bridge ; 

Lr<^' Of '^^ ^& sams^ disc 
of the sun; ^by^ ""uwendt^ 
eyeglasses ; 4^ Jp „Jo- 
fta^aft 'afa "^inoh^ he chose 
his own wife, he saw his 
wife before he married her ; 
^i^i^ ^ kallimoh '^ny 
'6nak^ he spoke to him face 
to face, he spoke to him 
pubUcly ; J^Jl Ojp ^> U gra 
'a to V/i ed dimmil^ he hit 
the right nail on the head ; 
^u-io yfc huwa bi ""inoh^ he 

himself : a:^ wil:53\ el kitdb 
y • • • 

bi "^^noh, the very book; ^ 
t^S' min "^iny, or ,i^ U 
'ato Vny, or ^l^s-J* ^^ 

^J^)\3 ""alal '^/i toeV rds, 
with pleasure ; 4u dl^p Jj>. 
6aMf/ Vna/c minno/i^ watch 
himl do not let him out of 
your sight! fi ai. ^ VnoA 
fyhfiVAu K^f-'^^noh minnoh, 
he covets it ; ^ a:-p J«- /ia( ( 
'^noA "^alayja^ he selected 

me;4iy4^ *^^^^ Q^^yJ^j 
he is shameless, he is chee- 
ky; 4ijli4up *^no/i fdr^a, 
he is mean, he is ill-bred ; 
AiUu a:^ ^^noft maljdna, he 
is well bred. ^ cJU-^ 4 ii^ 
dafa"" loh sanf ""in, he paid 
him in kind, a;^ lu muna 

""inoh^ his heart's desire ; 
jjJt Ji^U trui jimlAs el 
'^n, he does not inspire 

respect ; k\o ^ l Ja ^^ny 


'aZ^A, lam sorry for him! 
I pity himl (women's talk);^ 
j-p^ J^ nizil min ''^ny^ 
I lost all respect for him ; 

fuUis min "^^noh,! shall ma- 
ke him pay dearly for this 




money ; a: J c\^ maljdn li 
'^no/i,full to the brim^choke 
full ; w Jc J>.^ daftaZ 'ato 
'en^/i,he imposed on him, he 
threw dust into his pyes. 

^((^. ) 'iji (jV^^j to be ill, 
sick. Lp ^cLyja^ to cause to be 

ill or sick. U^aja, illness, 

sickness, o^ 'ayjdn, ill, 

sick, pi. u^»U ""ayjdnyn. 

= ^ • 

wU ( ^. ) ^46 (Jidybhio delay, 

be absent; "Jo JLJJ U ma t i- 

dib& ^alayja, do not keep me 

waiting long 1 z^\c ^^Pl es 

kams §dbet, the sun set. 

wJol it^ayjih, to delay, ab- 

^ sent one's self. wU ^y(t6, 

or Ay^ ^^6a, delay^ absence; 

^^^1 wU ^y46 ei Aims , 

sunset. jU ^y46y, by de - 

fault. ^^ ^^6, unseen, fu- 

ture; i-^.Ji^|^\© '(Atom el ^^6, the 

unseen world, the future. 

wi'i ^4/i'&^ absent ; ^ 4.a«». 

wiU\ ^hafadoh 'alal d^jib, 

or Cp aJuL?. hafadoh d^ban, 

he learned it by heart. 

wU ^(t&, reeds, sg. a»\c jAha, pi 

d> ^abdt; A,\i ^(t6a,forest; 

<^JL^ wL^ ^tt& hindy^ 

4,U(^J das (Jidys), or ^\c\ 

a^ds^ to help, rescue. wUi-l 
ista^ds^ to cry for help. 

4iU:l*I isti^dsa, a cry for 


J^ (jri) d^^ (jud^^)> to sink; 
> d^r^ go to the devil 1 

damn youl ^ ^y y^ ^^^ min 

Aena, begone I j^li ^(t/ir, 

sinking. ^J^& ddjra, raid, 

quarrel, pL j^l^ ^awdjir, 

J^(J!^ii) ^^^ (Jidyr), to be 
jealous,' ticklish : ^ 4^ y^ 




Ally I hutoa jigyr "^ala im-- 
rdtoh, he is a jealous 
husband, $j^h dif^^y jealousyj 
zeal, jjs- ^ayjiir^ jealous, 
zealous, pl.OLjy^^ayjuryn. 
^\j^ ^ajrdn^ one who is 
pressed with jealousy or 


jU jdr, laurel. 

j\c §az, or jU gdz* gas, 

petroleum, /)Z. vl*!j\i §azdt, 
CijM- gazHa^ or ojU gazHa^ 

gazette, newspaper, pi. 

AijU ifazyja^ a professional 
dancing girl, an obsolete 
goldcoin^pi. ^j\^p^awdzy. 
qM^ {^j^j^Jd^s(ju§As)^to plunge, 
dive. ^^\c §dji§^ plunged. 
u^> d^y act of plunging. 
^j^\^^ ^auwds, diver, pi. 
A^i^ dauwdsa^ or ttf-^l^ 
jiauwasyn . ^. ^ d^^y?> 
deep, profound. 
^^i^t^(4(ls, see ,ji^p 
J#\i (JoJ^J ^(t-s- (jiSiy^Jf to irri- 
tate, offend, provoke. 

enrage. -UUl inifdz, or J^UTl 
ifg^tt^, or Jilrpl i^id^, to be 
irritated, offended, provo- 
ked, enraged. l»Uu mungdz, 


or ii^itii mit^dz, or J#l:a« 
mi^tdz^ irritated, oflFended, 
provoked^ enraged, iLs-g^z, 
irritation^ anger. Ji.p d^za, 
or aU^^I ig^d^a, grudge, 
revenge, spite, pi olU\il 
i^azdt; aJ AkUl IjTj^p 
'amai feeda ig^ci^a /'y/i, he 
did this to spite him. 

dc\i, §diia, TQ'w^ noice. 

^\igdlih, see ^\o 
JU^(ii|/,see U 

j4\i grdm jg^ see j^ 

^iig'4np^o,*boat hook. 

<^^li^4to(/, seecJji- 
wiiis^ttyib, see wt 
j5,li^(i/er, see jU 

iJ^}igdjU^ professional dancing, 
man, pi. jlU g^j/yds. 

Jaj\i^(4/if, see-U/ 
Ailt 5^(tya, object, extremity, pi. 
sL\i\c §ajdt; l^r J AiU J loh 
jdja fy k6da, he has an 



object in this; w^-U J>-lj 
zX\i rdgil sdhib d^jdt, a 
partial man; ,i^\ JLU) 
li§Ajet el bSt^^s far as the 
house; ai\«B iti i^tt/a, 
extremely,very; ^^^ ^lUU 
elifdja hiddoh fuUls, the 
fact is that he wants money; 

^V^ ^.^ <^ ^ huwa fy 
^dja we nahdja, he is 
happy and contented. 

^{^i) gabb (jugubb), to 
swallow quickly, ^t dO'bb, 
act of swallowing. 

ij\s' ^abdny^ cashmere cloth. 
j^ ( jj«) §abbar, to cover with 
dust. jv«l it^abbar^ to be 
covered, ^t mugabbar, 
covered' ji^j*' tajbyr, act of 
covering. jU §ubdr^ or ^jjp 
^abara^ dust. jjpI agbar, 
dust coloured, grey, /^m. 
Ijjp ^abra^ pi j\t gfabr. 

JL;p ( J^iw ) gabbis, to darken, 

cover with dust. JLii* mu, 

pabbik, or JLJtu mit^abbU^ 

darkened, dusty. JUp ^abas, 

grayness, dusk. Jji\ a§bas, 
dark, gray. 
aLJ^ ^abta, Beatitude (title of a 
Patriarch ). 

a^ ( ow ) 9<^^^ (ji^bin ;, to 
offend. juJI inddban, or^>ui'l 
it^aban^to be offended. ^^# 
ma^&dn, offended, o'^^abn, 
act of offending, state of 
being offended. 

^ gabyt yCdimel saddle;^L-» J*^ 
gabyt siMft, dung sack 
carried on camels. 

jatt, to dip, plunge ; a:p 
kixJ\i gattoh bis sikkyna, 
he stabbed him with the 

knife. c^\ in§ati^ or ^\ 

/ it^att, iohQ dipped, plan* 

ged. w^i. mag^fAf, dipped, 

plunged. ^P ^att^ act of 

dipping, plunging. a::p ^atta, 

a dip, a plunge, p/. ^\i^ 


iI(zm) ^attim, to be dark. 

^^mu^att im,dark,obscure. 

w^ §at{it, cheeky,irrepressible. 





(Sjr^dcLtwary, vulgar, insolent 
J^iJ^') ^ctggo^r* lo speak in 
fln insolent manner, be 
abusive. ^^* t(^dffy^, act of 
speaking in an insolent 
manner, abuse, ffjS^ ^a- 
gary^ vulgar, insolent, 
gipsy, pi. / ^agar, 
Iji^ada, see^^oi 
jii( J^. ) d(^dar (ju^dur), to 
betray, do injustice to, 
refuse, change one's mind. 
jJLi ^addar, to cause to 
refuse, cause one to change 
his mind. J jju I ingadar^ or 
jj^\ it^adar, to be betray- 
ed, done injustice to. j^Jii* 
ma^d A r,betrayed, deceived, 
cheated. jSi §adr^ betrayal, 
perfidy, treachery, deceit, 
j^o^' ta^dyr, act of causing 
one to refuse. j\ji ^(^dddr, 
betrayer, treacherous, pi 
Cx^j^^ d^i'ddaryn. tjlJi^ 
gadddra, pistol, revolver, 

$Jc §udda^ gland, tonsil, pL^JiC 
iS'^ (<^ J^J d<^dda (ji^addy ), to 
give one a mid-day meal. 
iSXtSS itgadda^ to eat at 
mid- day, lunch. Ijlc d^da^ 
mid-day meal, lunch, ijjic 
gadwa^ a mid-day meal, a 
lunch, pi si,\^Jc^adwdt. 

>(>!)^^^^ (Murr)) to 
deceive, beguile. J^J^ ^ctr« 
g^ar, to gargle. ji\ in^arr^ 
or j^Mtifarr, io be deceived, 
beguiled. JP'jiS itgarifar, 
to gargle one's throat, j^j^ 
magrAr, deceived, beguiled. 
•» garifara, a gargle. 
Ijp^ira, sbe cfjP 

wljp ^urdb, crow, raven, hook, 
pi AiJ'\ a^riba^ or c>^j> 

fly^ derdm, or fljs^ gerdm,^ 
centigramme, pZ. c\a\J^ 

^\J'dardm,see ^jf> 

Ajljp ^arrdja, see c$ V 

wXw^^)^ara6 {ji^rib), to 



go west ; ^^J> ^[ es 
sams §arabety the sun set. 
vV' d^^^<^b, to go west, 
cause one to go abroad. ^j^J I 
itifarrab, to travel, go ab- 
road. v>^' ista^rab^ to 
wonder, be astonished, wjp 
garb^ west. i^,j> garby^v/es-^ 
tern. wjjP gurAb, sunset. 
v-ilytL-l istigfrdb, wonder, 
astonishment. ^^J> garyb, 
foreign/oreigner, stranger, 
extraordinary, pl.s^J^ ^urb, 
or lijp ^uraba ; i^yJ\ ^U\ 
eri n(4s el ^ar6, strangers, 
outsiders, aj^ Sfurba, state 
of being in aibreign coun- 
try. 4»\^ ijardba, strange- 
ness. wjM mA^ribj or ^^i^i- 
magribyja, or o^u i^-U stt- 
'ei ma^n'&yya, sunset time, 
evening, c^^u ma^raby. 
Moor, Moorish, pZ. ai jU 
magdrba ; aijUI^^j &jMd eZ 
magdrba, the Barbary states, 
^j^* *ijf^ ^tcdyryjet el 
^arbyja, the ^arbyja pro - 

vince. a-j jp ^aryfta, wonder- 
ful thing, strange event, 
miracle, wonder, pi. ^\j> 

dardjib; ^\/, ^\^ 
""agdjib we ^ardjib, how 
wonderful! how curious! 
Ji^ ( Ji^3 ^c&r6i7, to sift with a 
^urbdl. JiyJI it^arbil, to be 
sifted. Jiyu ma^ar6i7,sifted. 
^.j^ d^r^iloL^ act of sifting. 
S^.J' ifurbdl^ sieve with 
large meshes, pi. J:j'jP 
garabyl. Jj^* mugarbil, 
one who sifts with a §arbdl, 
pi. C)^{j^M mugarbilyn. 
J> ( J jH ) 9^^^^'3' ( ji^riz)^ 
to stick, prick, stitch. jyJl 

in^araz, to be stuck, pric- 
ked,stitched. j^^i^ ma^rAz^ 
stuck,pricked, stitched, j^p 
^ar^,act of sticking, pricks 
ing, stitching. • J jP d^ ^^(^f ^ 
stitch,pZ.jj^ §uras, or C0\jf' 
gurzdt. jju ma^raz, trick, 

' intrigue, pZ. jj^' ma^driz, 
jju O ^ '^amal fyh ma§. 
raz, he played him a trick. 





^jfj. ^ararf,object in view, desire, 
intention, pZ.^\y.| agrdd ; 
w\:5^jfc^aradj/ kitdb^l re- 

quire a book; <*i> J^^ J.V^» '-^ 
da ma gd§ "^ala garady^ this 
did not suit me; ^^ (^J^^ ^^ 
garad marad, none is blind 
as that who will not see; 
^y>j' ^9^^ sdhib ^arad , or 
^^i* mugrid^ prejudiced^ 
partial; ^Jfj> S^Hly d^rad, 
impartial. ^^Jp garadyja^ 
partiality, partisanship, pi 
wl^jp daradyjdt. 
•>/ ^CLr^ara, see J^ 

*4iA/ d(^^d(^^y^(^i * gangrene. 
^H^A) 9araf{Jidrif\to 
ladle. sJJi\ in^araf, or 
^>n it^araf^ to be ladled. 
^^j;- ma^r{lf, ladled. ^^ 
garf^ act of ladling. 6j,. 
ma^rafa, ladle, scoop, pi. 
^j\iu ma^drif, 
J> {JA)di^iQ(jidr'aq),U) sink, 
be drowned, be wrecked, 
be flooded, j"^ ^CLrraq, 

to cause to sink, drown, 
wreck, floodi j^;ii-.l istag-^ 
raq, to go deep ; ^ J>2-' 
>yl\ istagraq fy en ndm, 
he slept soundly; Jy^l Jii! 
A^Ues ia^i istagraq sd^a 
it took an hour to do the 
work, jjh garaq, act of 
sinking, drowning, ship- 
sunk, drowned, wrecked, 
flooded ; aAH ^ tfJLc Cj^jS\ 
el^arqdn Jimsik fy qai^ 
§dja^a drowned man catches 
at a straw, jijfc d^^yq^ 
a drowned person, pi. lijp 

f> ( fyi ) ^i^i*^ {Ji^ram ), to 
lose (money), pay a fine. 

fV d^^^^^, to cause to 
pay, fine. ^jS\ it^arram, 
to be fined. ^ ^« mu^ramy 
one passionately in love.ryJ 
taifrym, act of causing to 
pay, fining, j^ljfc ^ardm^ 
passionate love ; w«tl ^Ij^ 
§ardmoh el IV h^ he is all 




for play. 4^1^ §ardma, 
money fine, indemnity^ 
compensation^ pi. cUl^p 
gararridt. £/ ^arym, ri\Q.l, 
adversary, debtor, creditor, 
pi. \0^ ^urama. 
•> gurra, first day of the lunar 
wjr5jp d^r&b, see wjp 

^>i <;>. ) ^^^^^ iJ^do^rry ), 
to glue; ^ c5*/y^ /iaw^a 
^arra ""alayja^he duped me. 
^^1 a^ra^ to tempt, lead 
astray. iS'jS\ itgarrd, to be 
glued, (f'ji. mu^arry^ or 
<;•>:. mit^arry, glued, aj/ 
ta§ryja, act of gluing, 
deceit. I^p gfira, glue. a^V/ 
garrdja,g\ue^pot^pl. Ci\il> 
^arrajdt, 1^1 e^ra^ act of 
leading astray. 

wi> ^ar(/6, see w> 

V,j^ durayjiba, kind of native 

J!> daryg, see j> 

(C> darym, see (.> 

J^ ( >l ) fl^^'^'^ ( J^^tJLZZ ), to 

prick, thrust, jii I ingazz, 
or jif I it^azz, to be pricked, 
thrust. j^jF^. maifzdz^ 
pricked, thrust, jp gdzz^ 
act of pricking, thrusting. 
• jp ^azza^ a prick, a thrust, 
pi. *ilj^ ^azzdt, 
C^ ^azz, the Mamelukes ; 3^. 
^\ hiJAd el^uzz^ Egypt. 
J'c;^ ^azdl, deer, gazelle, pi. 
oVjt ^uzldn. JV> ^uzlA^ 

^Hj ^^ u'j** mu^azlin, 
slim (figure). 

JX J>.) ^^'^^i {Jid^il)f to 
spin (wool, etc. ). JjiJI in- 

ifazal, 6t JjiJl itgazal, to 

be spun. J^^;^ ma^z&l, 

spun. Jjt ^a^Z, act of 

spinning, spun yarn; Jj«>oj4 

badyga fy s&q el ^azl, to 
look for a needle in a stack 
of hay ; Cj\iS\ J jp ijazl el 
bandt^ native sweet. J^* 
maifzal^ spindle, pi. JjU 
ma^dzil. aJjp d^zlyja^ na- 
tive striped cotton material, 



i^^Q^.) SlcLsal (jidsil), to 
wash. JJ> §assil, to cause 
to wash, wash the dead. 
J,— Jo I in^asal, or J^-tfi 
it^asaly to be washed J^« 
ma^sHil^ washed. J-i ^a«Z, 
act of washing. J— i ^asyi, 
act of washing , clothes 
which are washed or to be 
washed. Jl-i ^assdla^ wa- 
sherwoman, pi, oNC-^ gel's - 
saldt. 4JL^ ^usdla^ dirty 
water. J-»i* mag^saZ, laundry, 
lavatory, pZ. J-.U» ma^dsil. 
J-.i« mupassil, corpse- wa- 
sher, pi oil-Ju mu^assilyn. 

v> (cr^l) fl'^s^ (jigis^Jjto cheat, 
deceive, dupe, adultrate. 
jl;5I in^a&s, or jl;JI i7^as^, 
to be cheated, deceived, 
adultrated. J»yik^ ma^kCis^ 
cheated, deceived, duped; 
Aiytk^ J^ "^umla mags&ka, 
counterfeit coin. JLt d^ks , 
cheat, deceit, fraud, adul- 
tration. J.Ui ^oi&t^^ disho- 
nest, deceitful, false, pi 

tjfcilip ^assasyn. 

JLp( jlij ) gasHm, or ^-.1 is- 
tadsim, to consider ignorant 
or inexperienced; ^uJi^iSut ^ 
huwa hyijaskim nafsoh^ 
he pretends not to know. 
^tc §aiym, ignorant, inex- 
perienced, novice, pi ^ 
§ahm ; ^it jl-^jl^ hadyd 
gasym^ un worked iron. JLi 
gusm, or a-«^ gusamyja^ 
ignorance, ine}y)erience. 

(/^ ( J^.) 9isy (Ji^ka), to faint; 
Uc <^ giiy ^aWh, he fain- 
ted; dl^^l j» aSc ^^ ^iky 
'alih m in ed difyk^ he was 
in a fit of laughter. 4^c ^.±k• 
maifhy 'alAh^ov c^^ ^ak - 
y4/i, fainting, o^^it gasajdn, 
fainting fit. 
*c ijakym, see JSi 

y^(.-^ii) ^CLsah (jiijsih or 
Jugsub j, to force, oblige ; 
Mc,^ ^asa6 ""alayja, he 
forced me. ^^.•^ I ii^osafe, to 
be forced, obliged. ^^.^Ai-ri 
it^assab^ to feign to refuse, 



make one's self dear, w^^*"* 
ma^sAb, forced, obliged. 
s^ ijCLsh^ or A-J^P ^usha- 
nyja^ force, violence; w^^ 
ju.j^^asb §asyba^wiih great 
difficulty; v^-aJIi bil^a§b^ by 
force ; aip w-*^ ^^s& ^annoh, 
against his will. 

^t ( ^;.i ) mib (Ji^dab ), to 
be angry, offended ; ^Jcw-it 
^idib ^alayja, he is angry 
with me; J<'i^\^s^^idib 
^alal kitdb^he refused the 
book. ^^ ^addab^io offend, 
^p ^adab, anger, rage ; 
dUp -cSl ,^§adaballa '^aUk, 
curse you I oV^ ^adbdn, 
angry, enraged, offended, 
pZ. uyL^p ^adbanyn. 
U (Iiii ) ^a« rya^a« ;, see ^ 
Uiii ^ato, see Jap 

^\ki ^t74s and ^attds, see ^Lp 

cT J^ ( cT-^-) ^a(rai, to shut one's 
eyes to. Aji^ gatraki, act 
of shutting one's eyes to. 

cr^( cr^. ) ^'^^'^ (Ji^tas), to 
dive, disappear .^j.^ d^ttas, 

to dip,immerse. ^tp ^tt(i5, 
or o^kp ^cUsdn, diving, 
under water; Cj^ ^>IJ^ ci 
ftani §atsdn f6n, where 
have you been hiding 
yourself; ^}\ ^\i ^4- 
tis el markib, draught of 
a ship. ^jJ«;J ta§tys^ immer- 
sion. ^\kp d^ttds^ diver, pZ. 
A^UaP ^a(((t$a, or ofwUaP 

Epiphany. ^i# madias , 
bathing pond, pi. ^JX\kM 
ma^dtis. ^jj^c^ §alys, dark 
( colour ) ; ^-Up ^I ahmar 
gatys,^diV\fi red. 

J^(^.) ^a«a (JiMty), to 
cover. JLuJI it§at ta ^lo cover 
one's self, be covered. Lk% 
muijaity, or Jki^mit^atty^ 
covered. aJuJ tadtyja, act 
of covering. ILp ^ato, cover, 
lid, pZ. ^[^^ dutjdn; 3^j ^If 
UlkpfeiZma we radd ^atdha, 
just one word 1 
,jJ«p ^^^ys, see ^jJtP 
>^(>. ) ^»/ot^ (Mfur), to 




forgive, pardon, guard^ 
watch ; o'S 4 jiS i^fir loh 
zanhoh, forgive him 1 jSf- 
iiaffar^ or jii- l^afar, to 
guard, watch, ji^^\ istag- 
far, to ask God's pardon ; 


4il yit-l ista^far alldh, 
God forbid! jy'^ ma^f&r^ 
forgiven^ pardoned, guard- 
ed^ watched ; 4} ^yill el 
maiff&r loh, the late 
lamented. cj\Jp gufrdn, 
forgiveness, pardon, j^ 
gafyr, or j^ bafyr, 
watchman, guardian^ pi 
Sji' §ufara. ^ ^afaf, 
guard, escort; iljjjl ^ 
gafar ed darak, watch^ 
menontlie Nile embankment 
during flood. 

close the eyes^be inattentive, 
heedless; JJI J^JLdifc \ 
""iny ma giflith tAl el Ul^ 
I have not closed my eyes 
the whole night. Jip^a/7?Z,or 
Ji^iL-.! ista^fily to consider 

ignorant or stupid. Jit 
gdfil^io surprise^to take one 
unawares. JaS ta^ffal^ or 
Jji? ta^fyl, ignorance, 
stupidity. ^ d^fla, nap, 
inattention, ignorance ; ^ 
j^ 'ala gafla, suddenly, 
unawares; ^ J& Ojll ^i 
md^ 'a to g^a^a, sudden 
death. 0^ ^cuflAn, one who 
is dosing, asleep, unaware. 
^^^ mugaffal^ ignorant, 
stupid, cuckold, pi. ce^^it 

j^;p gafyr^ see yt 

Jtf^ . J;o.| ( Ji:-j ) istapall 
(J is tig ill), to derive an 
income, revenue or profit. 
Acgalla, crop, yield, corn, 

'Jc^ull, griidge, spite,rancour, 
enmity ; aU iii JLi faks fyh 
^ulloh, he broke his wrath 
on his head. 

% gala, see \f> 
A^%d^ldza^ rudeness, coarse- 
ness. JiJc ^alyz, or jk^ 





dalyrlfioavse,ru(ie, impolite, 
pi. ^% ^uldz. 

Ai^Ai galldja^ see Jc 

wli(wJ;^. ) galab (jidUh), to 
conquer, win ; ^JJ' J ^^ ^"^ 
ana galabtoh fil Wb, I have 
beaten him in the game. ^ 
dilib ( jiiilab), to do one's 
best,leave no stone unturned; 
*!s\c^i ^ilibt akallimoh, 
I have often spoken to him^ I 
am tired of speaking to him; 
(fjj- ^i ifilib hamdry, I 
give up the guess, ^i ifallib, 
to worry^ bother^ annoy. 

Ji\i ddlib, or 1 3 ^\iS\ 

• • • 

it^dlib wayja^ to wrestle 
with, bandy words with. 
^ii\ in^alab, or ,^^*l 
it^alab^ to be conquered. 
^\& ^dlib^ conqueror, win« 
ner, probability, pi. j^\p 
galbyn • wJW^ 4 fil gdlib, 
or Qli gdliban, generally, 
probably. w^« ma^Ulb, 
vanquished^bealen ^§ulb, 
misfortune, distress, a game 

won, pi, sJ%^ agldb. vJ^I 
a^lab, the greater part, 
most ; ^U\ ^1 a^lab en 
nds, most people. a.U 
^alaba, jabber. ^\^l ^albdn, 
poor, miserable, wretched, 
pl ^^^^ ^aldba^ or cj^\^c 
^albanyn. (^^Ui ^alabdwy, 
talkative, jabberer, pi. Ai^Ui 
^akbbawyja. JU« mu^dlba, 
act of wrestling. aJ^I a^to- 
byja^ majority. 

cX ( ^U ) §allit,io disgust ; U 
^^ojMma ti^allith ^alayja, 
do not disgust me I ( talk of 
the natives of Upper Egypt). 

Joli (L\;uJ ^ilit (jidlat >, to err, 
make a mistake. Li^ d^llO't, 
or i^k% ma^laty to cause 
another to make a mistake, 
find out the mistake of 
another. isi\& gdlit^ to cheat, 
deceive. J*^Z^f, wrong, 
incorrect. Jaii ^ato(,mistake, 
fault, wrong; ]t^\ bil 
galat, by mistake, wrongly; 
333^ Li2J\ el §alat mardHtd, 





ot err is human. ^lUi gal^j 
a mistake, a fault, pi. oUJi 
gaUAt. o^l-U §aUAn, mista- 
ken, wrong, pi. o^'lLU 
gaUanyn. aUU. mu^dUa, 

J^ ( L^"i ) goi^lf^Qy to be 

mugcUlaq^ hoarse, incom- 
prehensible; jU. ^vu>- ^155^ 

mag^aZtog, I am hoarse ; Aii' 
^. lu^atoh muyallaqa^ 
his language is incompre- 

t)^ galaq^ native small basket, 
pannier, pZ. cJ^ gulqdn^ 

d\igalla^ see Jc 

J^ ( ^>1 ) fl'^^ (Jigly), to boil. 
J;il ingala^ or Jiol itpala, 
to be boiled. Ji* magly^ 


boiled, a decoction. J& fl^aft/, 

or <Sc goLlyjcL,. or ^U^^ 
g^atoyd/i, ebullition. ^^gaU 

wa,OT ^ gcf'ljO', a boiling, 
kettle, /)i. ^\i%gallajdt. 

^OJ d«y ryi^to;, tobe 

dear, expensive. ^ galla, to 
raise the price. JliT taglyja, 
act of raising the price. j\i 
^afa, or 5(c ^ato, dearness 
(of goods), high price. <^U 
irttZy, dear, expensive.^^ljU* 
mi^luwdny, one who charges 
high prices, pi aJ1^% mi^- 

^jiJi ^alydfiv JiAi graZy^^seeAU^ 
^iSigallyny^ calm weather on 

the sea. 
f\^galjAn, steamer, smoking 
pipe. pi. t>v!^i galajyn. 
> ( ij ) ^ramm (ji^imm or 
jugumm), to cause to grieve 
or be sad. /t.i gamgam, to 
partly cover the face. Jal 
grieved, sad. j.^.*^ madm&m, 
mu^amgama^ one who has 
her face partly covered, i- 
gamm^ grief, sadness, sor- 
row, pZ, ^^ gumAm. a^^ 
gamgama^ act of partly 
covering the face. 




\> guma^ see ^^ 

jlf. ^ammdz, see j^ 

j\> gamdq, see j*^ 

f\> gamdm^see ^ 

y^{yiygamas (jigrniz), to 

• ♦ 
wink, make a sign ; K^yf' 

u<i»Ji^ gamazny hi qirs^n, 
he gave me two piastres on 
the sly. y^^dm iz, orli^ j-Wl 
itgdmiz wayja^ to make 
sign to one another, y^ 
gamz^ act of winking, mak- 
ing a sign, ^yf' ^amza, 
wink, sign, hint, pi. C»I>p 
ifamzdt^ j\> gammdz, dim- 
ple, trigger. 
yj^^ (^"i) gammis, to (Up one's 
hand into a plate, ^j^ tag- 
mys , act of dipping one's 
hand, ^yf" gamds, relish, 
adjunct to bread. 

J^ ( J^ ) d^^^^j ( ji^mad)io 
be closed (eyes), jo/' ifam- 
mad ^io close. Ja^kik mu^am- 
mad, closed, (ja^^ tagmyd, 
act of closing the eyes, ^c^ 
^amm^rfy^with closed eyes. 

^yJ' ( J-^^. ) go^mmaq, to cause 
to be dark (colour). ^yp\ 
igmaqq , to be dark. jJt 
gdmiq, or j^Ju mi^miqq, 
dark colour; ^y^J^\ ahmar 
^dmiq, dark red. j^*^ ga- 
mt/g, deep. jA^g^i^mg, depth. 
J\}'gamdq, or ^.ly^gumuqy^ 
Ja^ darkness of colur. 
wr^ gumAs, see ^_yJ^ 

i/- { ^j^,) gimy ( ji^ma ), to 

faint; AScjf'gimy'^alSh^he 

fainted. ^^^ gamma, to 

blindfold ; j./ Lj Jl ed 

dinja gammet, the weather 

has become cloudy ; lyP 

^J^\ gammu el qantara^ 

they closed the arches of the 

regulator.^^M it^amma, to 

be blindfolded. _^-^\ 

istagamma^ to bind one's 
eyes. C)^^ gamjdn ^one who 
is in a fainting fit . jJu mu- 


ijammy, or ^jjcu mitgam^ 
my^ blindfolded. \,p1 i^ma, 
fainting fit. A-.»^r ta^myja^ 



or \> guma act of blindfol- 
ding; U^ ijL\i qantaret 
^ama, regulator ; \^ sJJ^\ 
absdb ^uma, regulating 
timbers. 4i\;:i-l istugunt" 
mdya^gameof hide and seek. 
^ damyq, see j^^ 
Up 5^a/ia and g^ma, see ^ 
f (1p ganndm^ see >i 

^A ( j^* ) ganaget ( tugnug ;, 
to feign coyness, mince, be 
motions of coquetry or vo- 
luptuousness. 4<> Up ganndga, 
woman who feigns coyness^ 

jIjup gunddg,* gun-carriage, 
^i'xp g^t^/id(tgfl^y^armourer, 
gunsmith, pi, *:^lj^ gun- 
jjup (jjuij ) gandar^ to adorn. 
jXiS\ itgandar, to be 
adorned dandy. jXi^^ 

mugandar^ or jjjaa* mit^ 
^andar, adorned. #jJup 
gandara^ dandyism, high 
fashion, ^^j^i^ gand&r, 

dandy, fQj(, coxcomb, pi 
f^{j^^ d^nnim, to take as a 
spoil. 4^ ganyma^ spoil, 
prey, pi ^Ut ^andjim, ji 
^anam^ sheep, sg. aj^ 
^anama^ pi. wl^ ^anamdt, 
or f Up! a^ndm. ^ Up ganndm^ 
shepherd, pLki^^ganndma. 

ti^(/H) fl'^^^ iJ^dny), to 
enrichjsfJliP ^c;^^ Ui jra&6a/ia 

Jignyny 'annak, I hope I 

shall have no more need of 

youl ^ ganna, to sing. 

^-•^1 istagna, to be rich, be 

wealthy, dispense with ; \l\ 

wU:^* ^ ni^aiii-il ana istag- 

nSt ""an el kitdb, I have 

no more need of the book, 

I can do without the book. 

^:;. mugtany, or ^t-.- 

mustagny, one who has 

become rich. Up gina^ 

riches, wealth ; dUp Up V to 

gina ^annak^ I cannot do 

without youl U;:^l istigna^ 

\^ealth, slate gf being 



beyond need. ^ gan y^rich, 
wealthy, pi, Lfcl a^nyja ; 
dl:p id\ -Oil aZW/i el gang 
^annak, may God enable me 
lo do without youl li ^ina 
or ^ana^ or Ui. ma^na^ 
singing. ,yp g^mtoa^ a song, 
pi wiyi ginwdt. ^ 
mudanny, singer, pi. Cjtrk* 

o^l^ gauwds, and ^^t gr(js, 

J»S^(l»^;t) ) gautoat, lo deepen. 
i»^;ri itgauwat^ to be deep- 
ened, ease nature. JaJ^;J 
lagwyt, act of deepening. 
-U^" tagaw&i, act of easing 
nature. A>^ gAt, depth. Jai^p 
gdwyt^ deep^ profound, pi. 
J<»l^p guwdt, la)U g^4yi<, 

^i^g^l, demon, vampire, pi 

c5> (<#>:) 9^^<^ (jig^y^y or 
c5^l agwa, to lead into 

errpr, takq as a hobby; 

Cj\i^p\ 4\j> gawdny es Sy^ 
tdn^ satan tempted me. (^jli 
^d toy, one who has a hobby, 

pl* #1^ guwd ; sJ^{f3^ 
gdvoy kutuby bibliomane ; 
m\p. if^M gdwy hamdm^ 
pigeon-fancier. ^ dyj^, 
hobby, fad, mania, pi ^(!p 

gyjdt; pW '^zi-dyJ^^ hamdm, 
private flock of pigeons. 

kh^guwika^ glass bracelet, pi 
Cj\t{^f' gawekdt, 

^^^i^gawys,see ^\i 

la}^ gawyt^ see J»^ 
s^ys' g ijdb , see s^\c 

J^(j^i) g(^yJ^^> to change^ 
alter, substitute. j^\ it gay ^ 
jar^ to be changed, altered. 
j^ mugdyjar, or j^ku 
m /igra(/yar,changed,altered; 

!•> J^^ J^* ^*' ^^^ mugayjar 
en nahdr da^ I have my 
best clothes on today; ^\ 
\^ j\^\ j^ enta mitgayjar 
en nahdr da, you do not 
look as usual today, you 
do not look well today. j\k* 



mugdj ir, conlrarYf opposed 
to. j^;J ta^yjy^y alteration, 
change, joZ. ^\jt^^ tagyjy^ 
rdt, jU ^ijdr, change, 
relief^ pi. ^ijU ^ijardt. 
jri §^r, other than ; Cj^ 
g^rkum^ other than you ; 
cTj j^ g^^ rasmy^ demi- 
official ; j^i^>i la^^r, only ; 
C)\ jrjt g^r mn^but^although; 
j^ ^ymin ^irfiv j^ bi g6r^ 
without ; J, ji' ^arhy^ only, 
simply ; sJiS .Ju ^ jj-p 
garkg biddoh kitdb.he only 
wants a book; ^^j^ ^j^^ 
min ^arsy^ at all events ; 
\jS^j^ Ai 1 i— fyi ^6r keda, 
what else is there ? ^j^ ^ 

I j^^ J>rt ma qidirk ji'^mil 
g6r keda^ he could not do 
Cj\ jti^ gaj rdn ^ and ^jyJ-gyra, see 

\xs^ g6t, field, /)Z. ^J^lk> ijytdn. 

J^J^g^iy, rustic. 
Jii. S'^^, see ]^^i • 
^(^J gayjim^ to be cloudy; 
the weather has become 
cloudy. ^ mu^ayjim ^clou^ 
dy, ^ 5^^m, or f.\> gamdm, 
clouds, sg. A^^ gima^ or 
i-.\> gamdma, pi z^c^ ge-- 


mdt, or wli\> gamamdt, 

AS- gyja, see c5/ 
jyj> gayjAr, see > 

uJ = f 

iJ /"e or fa^ and, then ; ^Ij^ 
fardhj he then went away. 
ALj\i fabryqa^oraj^\i fawryqa* 
factory, mill, pL olsi^^li 

fabryqdt^oT Z»\hj3^fawry^ 
qdt^ or j»jl/ fawaryq. 

leave ; cJ* s* '> •^ /^^ 




^alayja fil bit, call at my 
house I \. »:Jl» AUd\ el ^alta 
fdtet ""alayja, the mistake 
escaped me ; illj ^d \jl ana 
futtoh wayjdk, I left him 
with you ; il^li ^j^\ el waqt 
fdt, the time is up, it is too 
late ; c^li 4^U (^^ dy hdga 
fdtet ^ this is an old story ; 
Cli Zj^ jJ\ illy fdt fdt, let 
bygones be bygones ! JJ\ auJ^ 
^i\i es sana illy fdtet, last 
year ;\:a ^ fAt hena, come 
here! A' ACJi o\i ti\ iWj/ /itf 
qadymoh tdh^ it may be a 
change for the worse ; jy\j\ 
^•li el wabAr fdtny^ I 
to cause to pass, allow to 
pass ; j^^\ ^y fauwit el 
waqt^ he spent the time, 
he killed time ; jy\)\ ^xTy 
fduwitny el ipabAr, he mdide 
me miss the train.^\? fdjit, 
passing; z^\i lit 3 wana 
fdjit, as I was passing, ^ly 
fawdt^ or i^^fawatdn, act 

ofp assing, leaving. ^Ull^'y 
fawdt el my^dd, lapse of 
the interval. ^^W tafdut, 
^fdtih^ see£ 
Jli /^(tiir, see j3 
•j^^fattra^ sample of cloth, 
X^ (q>.) f^h' (jufdh), to exhale 
odour. 4\i /iljri^^ exhaling 
( odour ). <;,Uy fawahAn, 
^ifdhik^ seeli^ 

jMfdhif*,^^^ /aftAra ,pottery,jf4: fubbAr, 

pottery, china,earthenware. 
(^1^ faliardny^ manufac- 
turer of pottery, pi. jl^SjI 
3\i ( JLii) fdd, (jifyd ;, or ^Ut 
afdd^ to inform, benefit some 
one, interest, be useful. 
^\jii^\ istafdd^ to derive 
benefit, profit, ©juli fdjda^ 
profit^ benefit, use, advan- 
tage, interest on money, pi. 




jbl^ fawdjid. i^lil ifdda, 
use, interest^ letter, coofimu- 
nication, pi. c^\^\i\ ifaddt. 
JJu mufyd, useful ^advanta- 
geous, interesting; ajI jljU 
el mufyd ^,what is the long 
and short of it? ^U* mafdd, 
meaning, sense , object. 

J^^ ( J^. ) f^^ (JufAr ), to boil, 
reach the boiling degree, 
bubble, /y fautoar ^to cause 
to boil, discharge semen ; 
;/•> jy fCLuwar dammy,he 
irritated me, he provoked 
me. j\i fdjir, boiling. j)ljy 
fawardn^ act of boiling, 
reaching the boiling degree, 
ebullition, effervescence ; 
&MC)\)^fci'toardn ed damm^ 
rage, irritation. $j\%J fau-- 
wdra^jet d^eaUy fountain, 
spring of water, pi. oljl^ 
fauwardt. I^y fawran, or 
j^\ ^ 'atoZ fdr, at once, 
forthwith ; Gy vJl ed daf 
fawran^ prompt cash. 

Jifdr^ oT^Ji fdra^vdA, mouse. 

Pl u^j^ fyrdn ; •jU fdra^ 
carpenter's plane, pi Cj\j\J 

^j\i fdr is ^ see ^j 
yifdrig, see^y 
• jujli /'ara/Kia,*unique,excellent, 

first rate. 
hJifardZy or }iji fyrHs, 


J^ Oyi) f^^ (M^^ )y to win, 
succeed. ^ fdjiz, winning, 

successful, pZ. jLj}i fdj^yn. 

Jy f^^, victory, success. 

^^j^fcL^ugly, province in the 

Soudan to which criminals 

were transported; J^^Jli Jc^j 

rAh %lcL fasugly, go to hell I 

the devil take you 1 

^^fdsy pick-axe, hatchet, pL 

^li fds, birds' vermin. 
jL>ili fahAs, useless, uselessly. 

J-^li/lAsii, see J-ai 

J^^[J^:k) f^d(jifyd)y to be 
excessive, be abundant, 
overflow ; C:^J ^ ^^\i fdd 
maV qirkin, I have two 





piastres left ; ^"^ J\ I3 da 
fWy /"(td, this is what 
remains, this is the balance. 
^j2»ji fauwad^ to intrust, 
give full powers, discharge 
semen. ^^jLii I i tfd w id, 
to consult together. ja{)i 
fdjid, excessive, overflow- 
ing, interest on money. ^jkJ 
/^rf, abundance, flow; ^ 

(c/^* L^ '^^ /'^^ ^' karym^ 
at God's mercy. o^t> /aya- 
ddn, excess, overflow, flood 
of a river,pZ. ^\;Ui fajada- 
ndt. jkiyS tafwyd, act of 
intrusting, giving full 
powers, discharging semen. 
Ki ^li. mufA toda,cons\iltation, 
conference, pi, C^liilu 

^\i fddify^ see f^ 

^]ifddil, see JJ^ 

(^U /ttdy, see (^ 

>U /Vt(er, see > 


3^ {Jjk) f^^ (M^^h to excel, 
surpass, wake, recover 

health, or consciousness; 
Aily I J& jli y^ huwa fdq "^ala 
aqrdnoh, he excelled his 
colleagues. j5* fcH'Uwaq^ to 
cause to recover health or 
consciousness. j»U fdjiq, 
superior, excelling, cons- 
cious, awake ; ^^\ ^ j*li ^ U 
gdm fdjiq min en ndm^ 
sleep refreshed him. 
^y\i /aggiis, see ^^ 
A^ fdkha^ see ^ 
Jli /VtZ, see Jy 
^U /dZfflr, see £ 
^li fdlih, see Jii 
•j^U /'ciZ(/^a/valise,portmanteau, 

pi lilj^li falyzdt. famylja,'' family, p/. ^VJuiU 

famyljdt; 4:»li ^-^^ . Jr' j 
rdgfiZ s(t/ii6 famylja^ man 
who has a large family to 
provide for, 

^y^fanASy lantern, pZ. ^\^ 

^.ji^ fo^toryqa,^ see aLj^U 






B3^fdwa^ ochre. 

» Jbli fdjda, see ^U 

Ji)li fdjiz, interest on money 
jt'j^ /?&r4/ ir/ February. 
>(^) fatt ( Jifitt)^ or 
fattit, or j^ fat fit ^ to cut 
into small pieces ; J;^ dJul Ji 
Ax£ quddAmak''6h tiflttoh, 
you have much to learn yet^ 
you have all your battles 
before you ; ,^1 Jjy Lei 
fattina waraq el Wb, we 
dealt the playing cards. ^ I 
infatt^ or zJS\ itfatt, or 
Z^\ itfattit, or .i^iiiJl 
it fat fit, to be cut into small 
pieces, o/^ maftAt^ or ,1^ 
mufattit^ or j^iii- mufatfit, 
cut into small pieces. ^ 
/teii^act of cutting into small 
pieces ; ^ /toit, or o /tetia^ 
bread cut into small pieces 
soaked in broth or milk, 
pottage. a::*^ fatfita, or z^ 
taftyt, act of cutting into 
small pieces. 4jyi fatfdta, 
small piece of breads 

crumby pi. ^b fatafyt. 
jUi fitAq, see j^i 

j^ (^J ratoiji (jiftah), to 
open ; vi^\ ^ /teia/i eZ hint^ 
he seduced the girl ; 4A\ ^^ 
yif^a/iaito^ I cannot sell for 
this price^ this cannot be ; 
viUcj^Uij rabbina J if tali 
""aUk^ may God grant you 
success 1 #jju^ ^ fatah 
sadroh, he talked big, he 
vaunted ; asU ^ fatah 
halqoh^ he shouted and 
shrieked ; dU^ ^1 iftah 
'^nak^be careful 1 mind you 1 
^ fattah, to open one thing 
after another ; ^ ^j^\ e& 
sams fattahet, the sun came 
out again. ^\i fAtih^ to 
address one first, begin a 
conversation. mUJl in fatah, 
or ^Mtfatah^io be opened. 
•cUjI it fattah^ to be opened 
one after the other, jcta^l 
istaftah, to have for the 
first thing in the tnorn. 



ing ; wlysi ^^^1 istaftaht 
hi gawdb^ the first thing I 
had in the morning was a 
letter. f\i fdtih, opening ; 
^\i o) l^Ti /(A iift, light colour. 
4^\al\ el fdtha, the first 
chapter of the Koran, ^fis 
maft^th^ open, opened ; iST 
T-y^^ hallimoh bil maftAh^ 
tell him in plain language 1 
A9^yiM j^i sahyjity maftd" 
ha, I have an appetite ; •jj} 
4^yU4 ydoh maftAha^ he is 
generous, he is a spendthrift. 
f^ /a^A^ act of opening, ^i? 
fatha, an opening, an 
aperture, pi. cJ^ fathdt ; 
^y^,^\ i»c:3 fathet eVSn, head- 
sluice. rAi:i\ i/'ietdA, opening 
(a sitting Of a court ). ^\zii^\ 
istiftdh, opening of a day's 
work, first thing done in a 
day. ^^:iiM muftdh, key, 
point {vd\\.),pl4\AMmafatyh; 
jjuS\ ^u muftdh el ""aqd, 
key-stone, binder of an arch; 
^J* f^^ r^Tnuftdh el kubry^ 

bridge spanner. ^Ua* muf- 
tAf}9y, pointsman, jpf. ^\:am 
muftahgyja. ^^ fattdh, 
one who opens (God) ; li J5 
^\i Jbi qAl ja fattdh ja 
'alym^ say your morning 
prayers first I 

j3( >5i ) fitir (j if tar), to be 
tepid, lukewarm : Cjji Cj^j^ 
himmetoh fitret, he is 
discouraged, yli fdtir^ 
tepid, lukewarm. 

Jifitr^ space between the 
ends of extended thumb and 
forefinger, pi. jlil aftdr, 

J^{J^.) f(^iCL^ (jiftis), to 
spread a rumour, divulge 
a secret. jL^fattii, to search, 
inspect; ^ \Ji6 fattihna 
'al^hum^v/e looked for them^ 
we inspected them. JL:«I 
infatai, or j^\ itfataS^ to 
be spread, divulged. jLiul 
it fat t is, to be searched, 
inspected. JL:i fats, act of 
spreading a rumour, divulg, 
ing a secret, jlc*; tafitys. 

At ^b3 


search, inspection, pi. 
JLjUt tafatyk; ^f)\ Jxjs 

taftyk er raj, Circle of 
Irrigation; JLcii J^^ toafcyZ 
taftyh, assist antJnspector. 
^J^kMfnufattis, inspector, pi. 
ctfJLtiii mufattiSyn. 


j6( jtii ) /totog (jiftaq) or 

fattaq, to undo sewing, rip 

a garment, rend ; a* j^p ^1 ji 

fattaq loh ""ujdhoh^ he 

upbraided him. j:« I mfa tog, 

or j:«l itfataqov it fattaq, 

to be rent, undone, ripped. 

J^i« maft^q, or jil. 

mufattaq, rent, undone, 

ripped. Ai:«« #5^ haldwa 

mufattaqa, native jam 

made of molasses j-ri; 

taftyq^ act of undoing 

sewing, ripping a garment, 

rending. ^;^ifatq^ rent in a 

garment, pi. jyj futiiq. 

J2i {yK)fc^^<^l(jiftil), to twist, 
spin. J:i fattil, to twist or 

spin one thing after the 

other. ^\ infatal, or Jijf 
itfatal^ to be twisted, 
spun Jyi* maftdl, twisted, 
spun. J:i faf Z, act of twist- 
ii^g^ spinning. J^ fatla^ 
needleful of thread, pi, Ji 
fital, or ^:)ci fatlAt. 

u^ ( 0^. ) /c^^ctn (J if tin ;, to 
denounce, tell the faults of 
another, stir up revolt. 4::^ 
fitna^ sedition, communica- 
tion of another's faults, ^^fe 
fattdn^ or ^jcsi fitnagy, 
calumniator, pL Cx^^ fatta^ 
nyn, or a^^c^ fitnagyja, 

^futna^ blossom of the sant 

Ai/toifa, see^ 

•^ futuwa^ ringleader, athlete, 
strong, pZ sIj^p futuwdt. 

iP ijk) M<^ (Jifiy), to give a 
legal decision. jAi^l istafta, 
to ask the solution of a 
learned or judicial question. 
iSyi fatwa, legal decision 
or opinion, pi. (^^U fatdwy, 
or wl/i fatwdt. jA# mufty. 




Mohamedan judge who 
delivers the fatwa^ mufty. 

^^fityl, wicks, sg. ^3 fityla, 
pl.^lifatdjil; ^ji fityla, 
small bottle, phiaL 
Aclsji fagd'^a, see ^ 

jo fagr^ dawn, aurora ; j^\ ^* 
min el fagr^ before day- 

>»^/a5rr,debauchery,^li fdgir^ 
debauchee, immoral, shame, 
less, pi jiL fuggdr. 

^faga\ or Ac\i fagd^a, 
gluttony. cM- M^n, 
glutton,pZ. oy^^ fag'^anyn. 

d^figl, radish, sg. ^ flgla, 
pi, ^iUi flgldt. 

fy^f^9^^y> impulsive, hasty, 
j^ fahhdr, see ^o- 

^^fahhdm, see J- 

^ (.1^) fahat (jifhat)^to dig. 
o^l in fahat ^ or ,>tiil 
it fahat ^ to be dug. vi^ytii* 
mafhAt, dug. ci- A^^<, act 
of digging. 

yd (ydi) fahar {jifhar),seejL>' 

\Lod fahka^ prostitution, lust. 

JL>-U fdhik^ excessive, out- 
rageous, disgraceful. aJL^U 
fdhkx, prostitute, pl.J^^\^ 

tW ( J'^. ) Z"^^^^. to grow 
fat, be enormous, ^jfJu 

mufahhal, fat, enormous, 

pi J J J. fuhAl; J^ 

cr>*V /a/iZ gamtLs, a fine 

buffalo ; 0^* J J3^ At^i ram. 

m4n, a large pomegranade* 

po[^) fahham ^to turn to coal, 

be as black as coal ; ^— jlL > 

/to/»m balady, charcoal ; i. 

<^j^ /ix/tm hagary, mineral 

coal. AuJ^ fahma^ piece of 

coal, pi. sl»\A fahmdt. A, 

fahmy, black as coal;^^! 

A, is to id /"aAmy, jet-black. 

^li fahhdm, coal merchant, 

pZ.tiuGti fahhamyn^ or ^Cti 

i^fabfy, trap, snare, pZ. ^^ 
fa&^A, or ^lil a/'fi^ft. 

j(Li fubbdr, see ^j^U 

JL?ti /tefid, or iOii fabda, thigh, 
pi. ^liil afbdd, or wl-xst 




fabddt ; o3jU ;jL5i fabdet 
fiar^/", leg of mutton. 

>i .^\{jiczki)iftabar(jiftibir), 
to boast, be proud of. ^t^i. 
muftibir, boasting^ proud. 
ytilk muftahar^ splendid, 
rich, excellent, magnificent, 
superb. Ji fabr, or jUtil 
iftibdr^ pride, boast. 

^ ,^itf I ( jtasft ) itfabfaby to 
vaunt, be luxurious. A^eiiti 
pomp, luxury. 
f^^A) f<^bb(^m, to praise 
to be praised, glorified. ^ 
m u fab bam , pr ai sed , glorified , 
honourable. ^^ tafbym, 
glorification. ^Ui faba^ 
matlu^ His Highness ( title 
of the Grand Vizier). 
\ji fida^ see (S^i 

C)\ji fadddh, Sicre of land(=4200 

square meters ), pi. ^Ji\ 

afdina, or C)^ fidn, or 

f^^\ji fadadyn. 

if^\j3flddwy^ athlete, robust man. 

giant, brigand, pi aj^U* 
c$JLi( (^SL ) fada (jifdy), to 
redeem, ransom. c$*^l 
infada^ or cf aatI itfada^ to 
be redeemed, ransomed. 
ifjju mafdy, redeemed, 
ransomed. Iji fida, or Ai-vi 
/idiya, ransom, pi cXji 
> ( >. ) rarr ( jifirr ), to 
escape; w#jU ^ /arr hdrib, 
he escaped, he ran away. 
» fc^rfar, or LiU /"a^/a^, 
to flutter,flap the wings, jl^ 
fardr, escape, flight ; ^\j 
j\} rdgil fardr, a fine 
rascal. • xJfu rri ra, spinning 
top, whirligig, pZ. Cj\x} 
furrerdt. ^. mafarr^ 
place of escape or refuge ; V 
ku ju la mafarr minnoh^ 
inevitable , certain. ^}} 
farfara^ov aLaI^ fat fata, 
act of fluttering, flapping 
the wings. 
\[^ farra^ see .^y 



K^\j fardsa^ see^^y 
j.\j farrdS^ see j>»j 

J\J furdq, see j j^ 


0\'J farrdn, see cjj 
V^ly ferdwJa^ strawberries. 

i^jfarhalxi^ flouncing. 

y^jj iirt, belly, stomach. 

^j{ "^yi V A^^^^*, to t^^r to 
pieces, desti*oy, dissipate, 
disperse. di;>M itfartik, 

to be torn, destroyed, 
dissipated, dispersed, dii^* 
mufartik, torn, destroyed, 
dissipated, dispersed. 4oy 
fartika, act of tearing to 
pieces, destruction, dissipa- 
tion, dispersion. 
Aiyjfortdna* fortune, wealth, 

tempest on the sea, pi. 
o\iy> foriundt; iiyj 4) J/ 
"^amal loh fortdna,he has 
made a fortune. 

5:>( ^Ji)f^^<^9 {Jifrig ), or 
^J\afrag^to set free, acquit, 

relieve, release; ji^^y farag 

el ^amm^ he recreated 

himself; viL\c Wryi ^-> 
rabbina jifrigha 'aUk, 
may God relieve you of 
your difficulty I g^y farrag, 
to relieve, dispel^ show; 
b Jft ^jfd'i^^o^gng ''Ola da, 
show me this I ^yi I it farag, 
to be set free, acquitted, 
relieved,released.^'>u \ I t/ltir- 
rajf, to see for one's self. 
^Ij^uyrdflf, acquittal, release. 
^j farag ^ relief, ease, 
comfort ; ^J^ Jum jj J\ e^ 
sabr muftdh el farag ^ after 
clouds sunshine ; ^ l^J • jC^ 
bukra fyha farag ^ we will 
see to it tomorrow ; 4jal ^y 
faragalla^ ancient gold 
coin, pZ.v:,:iW\ ^Jfaragalldt. 

^J f^^g^f show, p^ ^y 
farajf, or c^Uy fargdt. 
^ji^mutafarrig fii^tator, 
pi. Cifrj^ mutafarrigyn. 
Kjf<^^g> sexual organ in 
the female . 
^Jfaragyja, loose robe, pL 



Cj%:} faragyjAt. 

C/(C>.) firihUif^^^ )> to be 
glad, happy ; ai ^j^ firih 

boh, he was glad on his 

account; jlj r} fiT*ih fyh, he 

rejoiced at his misfortune. 

T^ farrahy to cause to be 

glad, give pleasure, r} 

farah^ joy, happiness, 

wedding, pL r^j\ afrdh. 

40^ J farha, joy, happiness. 

J^j farhdn, pleased, 

joyful, happy, pi. c^\p^Jf(ir- 

fyanyn. ^Jltafry/i, pleasure, 

joy, gaiety. ^\J fardjhy, 

appertaining to the wedding; 

i/t^J o^ ^^^? f^^^^J^f^y^ dress 
fit for a wedding, ^ju 

mUfarrih, causing joy. 

r} A*^ft, sheet of paper, pZ. ^)\ 
afrub, or ^3 J furdb ; ^ 
s^jb' far}} ""aqrabj a young 
scorpion. i^J farfia, hen, 
pi ^J^ ftrdhy or J\o^j 
farbdt; ^^j 4^> farl^ 
rdmy, a turkey. 

^}{^Ji) farad (J if rid), to 

separate, put aside, unfold, 
spread out. ^yil infarad^ 
or 3ji»M it farad, to be 
separated, put aside, unfol- 
ded, spread out, in good 
humour, ^jii-l istafrad^ to 
take advantage of a weaker 
person when alone or 
unprotected. ^^Jl* mafr&d, 
or 3>U4man^rid!,separated, 
put aside, unfolded, spread, 
out,in good humour.^^fard, 
unit, odd number, one of 
a pair, individual, basket, 
pistol, pl.^3jfurAd; Ji».lj 
Aj^f^ ^ju rd'gil bi fard 
karyma, one-eyed man; 
^3 oy fardet wata,a shoe; 
^yi i^f'^'arabyja bi fard^ 
one-horse carriage ; /j» ^J 
fard marra^ once only, •^j 
farda, one of a pair, pi 
zA:^)fardAt. 3ji« mufrad, 
single, solitary, singular ; 
>yl\i bil mufrad, in retail, 
i^l^ji* mufraddny , single 
person, bachelor ; ^jM\ ^\j\ 




afrdd en nds^ihe public, the 
masses. Jby far yd ^ unique^ 
matchless. ^\j^\ infirdd, 
solitude, isolation, .jj j 
faryda, 1/2 quire of paper, 

pl. -^Jj fardjid, or Ca\Jjj 
faryddi . 
•^j firda, license, tax on 
artisans, pi. ^J firad, or 

3>(j>.) f^^^^ (jifru)y to 
sort, select, jji \ infaraz^ to 

be sorted, selected, j^jf 

mafrdz, sorted, selected. 

J J farz, act of sorting, 

recruiting, selection. 

y .^j5l iftaras (jiftiris)^ to 

devour. ^yS\ itfarras^ to 

look attentively, reflect. 

^3j* mafrAs, devoured. 

^\Ji\ iftirds^ act of 

devouring. A-ly fardsa, or 

a:^j farsana^ courage, 

bravery,sagacity. ^jiMtnuf. 

tar 18, devouring, ferocious. 

^j furs, the Persians ; ^Ji\ 3^, 

bilddel furs, Persia. <^jU 

fdrsy, Persian. 

^j faras^ mare, pl.^\J\afrds; 
>rl u^J fci'^CLs el bahr, 
hippopotamus; ^^^^j^jfaras 
en naby^ grasshopper. ^Ji 
fdris, horseman, hero, pi. 
o\^j fursdn. 

^^J farsana, see ^y 

spread out, furnish a house. 

^yjfarrak,ov ^Xj farhin, 

to brush. J.yil infarak^ or 

J.^*l itfarak^ to be spread 

out, furnished. jrji\ itfar- 

raS^ or <;,-i>'l itfarHn, to be 

brushed. J^^jU mafrdk, 

spread out, furnished. J. ji^ 

mufarrak, or ^ju mufar- 

hin, brushed. j,j fari, 

furniture,bedding, pl.d^^} 

furukdt ; p\J\ J, J farh el 

bayjd\ stall of a dealer ; 

.^^\ J, J fark el qantara, 

floor of a bridge. ^J far&a, 

a bed, pi zM) farkdt. j^ju 

mafras, table-cloth, pL 

J.jUi mafdrib. sJi} furka^ 





or ij;.j^ forha, brash, pi. 
^j furak, or ^\ij furkAt, 
^^J-J? foraS; jlLUjy 
fcrset tumdr, horse-brush. 
J.Vj farrdk, volet, ofiBce- 
keeper, purveyor of tents, 
lamps, etc. in weddings^etc. 
pi c6f^\J f arraign. 

fj ^CT^^^ farkih, to bestride. 
^j farkiha^ act of 

4uiy farkyna,^ hair-pin, pi. 

Cluiy furiyndt. 
A^j /ar§a,opportunity, occasion, 
pL ^j furas. 

i^jii^A) f^^<^ Uif^i<^ or 
Jt^/'rad), to suppose, impose 

duty or tax, apportion, allot. 
^jSl iftarad, to suppose. 
^3y* mafrdd, supposed, 
imposed. J^J fc^^dy suppo- 
sition, imposition of a duty 
or a tax, portion of a 
prayer, religious duty,moral 
obligation, pi ^3} furdd. 
J^\ji\ iftird4, hypothesis; 
^\ji\ ^ •ato iftird^'^ or ^ 

J^j ^ala fard, supposing 

J^XVJ A^^«( (Jufrut), to 
unstring, pick fruit off a 
bunch. J^-^ farrat, to pick 
fruit oflf a bunch, part with 
a thing easily or cheaply. 
J^>'l infarat, or i^yi\ 
itfarat, to be unstrung, 
picked oflf a bunch. l/ji\ 
itfarrat, to be picked oflf a 
bunch, parted with. ]^js 
tci'f^yt^ act of unstringing, 
picking fruit off a bunch, 
parting with. i^J fart, 
unstrung, picked oflf a 
bunch ; \>j ^ Hnab fart^ 
or ^ju ^Hnab mufarrat, 
fallen grapes. -U^j ftrit^ 
cheap, inexpensive. J^y 
farat, money-interest. 

tJ ( tA ^ f^^^^""* ^ P^* forth 
branches, fju^ mufarra\ 

having branches. 9}far'^, 

branch, pi P3}fur{JL\ ^J 

far^'y^ minor (detail). s^jU 

mufarra^a, chandelier, pi 




wC^ji. mufarra^dt. 

i^J ic^jO A^^'^^> to cause to 
be naughty , wicked or 
tyrant. ^js\ itfar'an, to 
be naughty, wicked, tyrant. 
fA mufar'an^ naughty, 
wicked^ tyrant. Aipy far- 
"^ana, naughtiness, wicked- 
ness^ tyranny, unruliness. 
O^j fara'^dn, Pharaoh, 
naughty, wicked, tyrant, 
pi. a:^\J fard^'na. 

t^itA) firid (Jifrad), to 

finish, be empty ; '^ JLJ\ 

el ^ii firi^^ there is no more 

bread; A»li5^\ ^ '^ firiji 

minel kitdba^ he finished 

writing. *py fdrra^, to 

empty,pour out. '^juJistaf^ 

ra^, to vomit, k ju tafry^, 

. act of emptying, pouring 

out. yji fdrt§^ empty, 

vacant ; <>Ji ^ ^ hdlAm 

fdri§^ nonsense; pjU\ <^ fil 

/(tri^,uselessly. ^j\i fdr^a, 

herring from which 'the roe 

has been extracted. i^^> 

fu rAdf act of finishing, f- l>:-l 
istifrdd,eict of vomiting. 
Jij ijiji ) farfi&, to refresh, 
cause to be in easy circums- 
tances. JiJ^\ itfarfih^ to 
be refreshed, be in easy cir- 
cumstances. Jiju^mufarfih, 
refreshed, in easy circums- 
tances, iiiij farfisa^ re- 
freshment, comfort, easy 

i^J ( ^A ) f^^f^h to cut into 

small bits. 
j^} farfdr, or vlAc* j^j farfdr 
samak^ a large fish, pl.j^\} 
<fj?J f^^^f^^Hf fi^^ porcelain. 

J> ( J>. ) r<^^<^Q ( j'^mq )^ 

to separate , distinguish 
between ; 4-> c^j v*^' 
el hisba faraqet 


liamsa qurHs^ there iS a 
difference of five piastres 
in the account, j^ farraq^ 
to separate, distribute. J jU 
fdriq, to be separated from, 
leave, quit; ^jiji ^ rdh 




fdriqny, or ^^Jyl ifriqny^ 
leave me in peace 1 Jj*ii 
infaraq^ or j>'l itfaraq, 
or jjvil iftaraq, to be 
separated , isolated. jjSi. 
muftiriq, orj;li- mufdriq^ 
separated from^ far from. 
j»^ tafryq, separation, 
distribution. j\j furdq^ or 
jljSI iftirdq, separation, 
departure, j^i* mafraq^ 
by-street, pi. Jjlu mafd-- 

mafdriq, crossroad, jj^ 
faryq^ lieutenant-general. 
a} J firqa^ party, division, 
class, pi. J J firaq. jj 
farq, difference, balance, 
pl. 30 furiiq, or ^li^y 
furuqdt ; oj'/J* J^ f<^^Q ^l 
tawdzun, lift, difference of 
level between the surface of 
water in the upper and 
lower reaches of a lock, 
^liy furqdta, frigate, pi. zM^j 

(^}{(^A) f<^^Q^\ to explode, 

burst, make a sound like 
that of an explosion, hi) 
farqa'^a^ an explosion, a 
cracking ; j^^jfurqu' 16 z^ 
kind of black beetle. 
iSij /'argj7to,lash,whip of twis- 
ted cov^s, pl.Zj^jfarqiUAt 
6} (iJ^J farak (jufruk ;, to 
rub. d^M in farak, or il/l 
itfarak^ to be rubbed. 63 j^ 
mafrdk^ rubbed. 6 J fark^ 
act of rubbing, friction ; j) 
^J I6z fark, soft almonds. 
^j farka^ a rub, pi. dC) 
farkdt ; ^^^} farket 
ka%, a short walk. 
J^j{J^Ji) f^^^^^f to scatter, 
disperse. J^S^\ itfarkis, to 
be scattered,dispersed. JtT^ 
mufarkik, scattered, dis- 
persed. Ai5^i farkisa^ act 
of scattering, dispersing. 

fj (f>.) foi'^OLi^ (Jufrum), to 
mince (meat, etc.), cut into 
small bits with a knife, chop. 
0j}\ infaram^ or ^^'l it- 
faram^ to be minced, cut 




into bits, chopped, ^^ju 
mafrAm, minced^ cut into 
bits, chopped, ^j farm, act 
of mincing,cutting into bits, 
chopping; ^j <J- lahma 
farm, meat for mincing, j^l^ 
farrdm, professional cutter 
of tobacco or meat, pi. Ojul^ 
farramyn. ^ y* mafram, or 
uyiAmaframa, machine for 
mincing meat, machine for 
cutting tobacco, pi. ^ jU 
Oy^^J fO'rmasdn/^ freemason. 
i^ yJj^jfarmasonyja, free- 

C)\mj faramdn^ firman, Imperial 
order, pl,cJi\M jfarawxindi . 

^jfarmala, or A^JJarmyla, 
fender, brake, joZ. ^y\J fa- 
rdmil, or ili% J far maid t, 
i* i farmalgy^ brakeman, 
pi. AjJt^y farmalgyja. 

amJ firm/x/ signature, pi ^\mJ 

^J f urn J* oven, hakevy, plcj\)\ 
afrdn. i)\^J farrdn^haker^ 

pi. c:jj;l^ farranyn. 

V -i^"' ^t^^ itfarnag; to 
adopt European habits or 
manners, ^ju mitfarnag , 
one who adopts European 
habits or manners. <i^j 
farnaga, adoption of Eu- 
ropean habits or manners. 
^}\uf rangy or af rangy, 
European, pi. fyl Ufrang 
or a f rang ; jiyVlU^eZ 'aja 
el uf rangy, venereal disease. 
^>VI 3!Ai bildd el ufrang, 

l^j far ansa, France, if 3^ J 
faransdwy, French, pL 
4i3Liy faransawyja. 

Si J ferank, or Sij\ afrank/^ 
Franc, pi. d^} ferankdt. 

jj,j ( smju ) farhad, to exhaust 
( by excess of walking in 
hot weather, etc. ). Jj^Ju 
mufarhad, exhausted •••uy 
farhada, exhaustion. 

r3jf^^^^9y chicken, hen, pi. 
^j\j fararyg.^j\j fardr^ 
gy, QhickQn-seller, pi ^j\j 





'^3 J furAd, see ^> 

•3 J fci^rtva, fur, fleece^ pi (f3\} 
fardwy. $3yS\ ^ naff ad el 
farwa, to criticize, censure, 
punish. 1^ farra, furrier. 

to slander ; ^ iSj!i\ iftara 
^al6hum, he slandered them. 
\ji\ iftira, slander. ^Ju 
muftary, slanderer, pi, 
csjjiuL. muftaryjyn. 

jjj far yd, see ^J 

•JlJ ft^^^^^<^, see J 

oiy f^^yQ> see j> 
y (>.) A^'3'^ (Jifi^^), to jump 
up ; l> ^ j> f u^ mi/i Aena, 
leave this place I begone 1 • j> 
fazza, a jump, pi. si,\y 

jy ( Jjk ) f^^<^^ (jufzur ), to 
cause to burst. j^Mnfazar^ 
or jjill itfazar^ to burst, 
jijii ma/'^^r,burst. jjfazr, 
act of bursting. 

threaten, frighten ; aJ^ ^^ 

or \iLiJli aJ ^j^ /'a^a^ fyh 
bil ^asdja^ he threatened 
him with a stick, he flew 
at him with a stick. ^\ 
infaza\ or ^jJTi itfaza\ 
to be frightened, ^jjm 
mafzA\ frightened, acj 
faz'a, a threat, a fright, pi. 
si»\c y faz^'dt. 
^ fisa, see ^ 

3Ui fasdd, see jui 

y^fustuq^ pistachio nuts, sg. 
a2i^ fustuqa, pi clsi-i 
fustuqdt. Ji^ fustuqy, 
sea-green colour. 

^if^.) fasah (jifsah), to 

make room, exaggerate, f^ 

fassah, to make room, 

promenade. ^\ it fassah^ 

to promenade, ease nature. 

^ • 

^ fasah, room, place. <^ 

/asA, exaggeration , lies. 
APfc-i fasaha^ hall, open 
space, /)Z. iU-J fasahdt^ov 
^ /isa/t. 4ifc-j fusha, pro- 
menade, airing, holiday. 



vacation, pi. c>U?^ fushdt. 
JLi fassdh^ one who exag - 
geratcs, one who talks big. 
^ ( ^-iL ) fasali (j if sab), to 
cancel^ resiliate, stretch ( a 
book), cut into two parts, 

fade (colour). ^-j fassab, 
to stretch a book, cut into 
many parts. ^\ itfasab^ 
to be cancelled, resiliated, 
stretched, cut into two 
parts. ^*^"l itfassab, to be 
stretched, cut into many 
parts. ^y.jtA mafsAbj can- 
celled, resiliated, stretched, 
cut into two parts. ^^ 
mafassab, stretched, cut 
into many parts, j^* fasb, 
act of cancelling,stretching, 
cutting into parts, fading, 
^U^ fasabdny, see ^ 

i( JL^ ) fasad (Jifsid)^ to 
corrupt, spoil, jlJ . flsid, or 
Juiil in fasad, to be cor- 
rupted, spoiled.3 yJutnafsAd, 
or C)UJ fasddn. corrupted. 

spoiled, immoral, pi. i^^yJu^ 
mafsudyn, or «^1jui fas- 
immorality. JUuU mufsid, 
corrupter, knave, pi. ^xJi* 
j^ ( jmb ) fassar, to explain. 
^"1 itfassar,\o be explained. 
ii-l istafsar, to inquire. 
Ju mufassar, explained. 
Ju mufassir, one who 
explains^ conunentator, /)2. 
Jj^^^mJu mufassiryn. j^ 
tafsyr^ explanation, com- 
mentary, sense, meaning^ 
pi ji^Ui tafasyr, or cAjt^ 
to/'syrdi. jl-ii*l istifsdr^ 

oU»-J fustdn,* ladies* gown, pi. 
^Li fasatyn. 

^^jlJ ( ^^juii ) /tesj^^, to be 
superstitious, have whims 
and fancies. ^jJuJa mufasfis, 
one who is superstitious, 
one who has whims and 
fancies. ^Li J^ ""aqloh 
fasafysy ^heis superstitious^ 




be has whims and fancies. 

Li fa$fi$a, superstition, 
imagery, fumes of fancy. 
A^jk^fa8fA8a,smB]l abscess^ 
pi. ^^Li fasafys. 

cJ-^ ( i}^. ) fdssaq, to prove 
false, j^l itfassaq^ to be 
proved false. ^yJumufassaq^ 
proved false, j^-i; tafsyq^ 
act of proving false. 

kJLi fasqyjayfountoxnjet d^eau^ 
pi. t^Li fasdqy. 

if^{^f-k)fi^y (Jifsy),^o break 
wind, ^yj fassa, to break 
wind repeatedly. ^ f(^sy, 
or Aj-ii taf^yja, act of 
breaking wind.4;^ /"asya, a 
wind,pZ. cXyJfcLsjdt, or Li 

blossoms which have no 
perfume. ^Ci fassdj, 
sorry fellow. 
«r^ /'i^y^, Egyptian salted 
fish, Egyptian herring, sg. 
A^^-i fisyha, pi wUj-i 
fisyhdt. (^U^ fasabdny^ 
one who sells /i^y&, p2. 

ciUfc^i fasabanyja. 
i(J^Jf(^ss (jifiss), to force 
a lock open ; J^ f j^\ ei 
waram fakk, the swelling 
has subsided; ^ aU JLi /"o^ 
^aZtoA fyhum, he vented 
his wrath upon them. JLiil 
infa&§, or JJu\ it f ass, to be 
forced open. Jj fass^ act of 
forcing a lock open. JLi* 
mifaks, snob, ostentatious, 
one who gives himself airs. 
4ii /i^, lung, /)Z. JLii 
fikxk. J^yii fahdk^ failing, 
abortive, j^yti c^ J^VX\ el 
masdla titet faiAs^ the case 
turned out to be a failure. 

jlii fisdr^ roasted maize. 

jVii fahlAr, see jii 

^ii (^J fahah ijif^b), to cut 
a thing into two, open the 
legs. ^Jjb\ infakali,ov ^^\ 
itfakLb,io be cut,open.r>ii4 
ma^&ift, cut, open. ^i» /aift, 
act of cutting, opening. a^JL» 
/lai^, a step, a pace, a 
stride, p2.c^Uii/aiMt. 




jli{j^^,) fakir [jufhur), to 
exaggerate, tell a lie; *1 j\ll ^ 
fasckr el mulAk^ kings 
cannot be better oflfl jJH 
fair^ exaggeration, lies, 
garrulity. j(!li faskXr, one 
who exaggerates, one who 
talks big, braggadocio, pi, 
Ot^fii fa§saryn. 

jCli(jCiti) fakkil,io confuse, 

put into disorder. jClul 

itfaskil^ to be confused, put 

into disorder. ^^iAmafah" 

kil, confused, in disorder. 

AJSCii fakkila, confusion, 


kli /l8ia,and J^^ii fa^s^ seeji 

Jti (^J faki (Jifsy), to reveal. 

^* mafSy, revealed, liil 

ifsa, act of revealing. 

dl.-ii fus^k* cartridges, sgf. /Ci» 
fusika^ pi J^Lii fahekdt ; 
lyfc viJLli /"a^^fe hawa, blank 
o^ A*s§, see ^j^^ 

iaX^ fa^ha, see 7c«a» 

•^Ui fifdda, see JUf 

^(^h)fasah Cjifsah), to 
explain, talk intelligibly, 
•t Atil ii/'assa/t, to be eloquent. 
41^1^1 fdsdha, eloquence, 
intelligence, t^-ai fasyh^ 
eloquent, intelligent, pi. 
U^ fusaha, 
JL-oi ( jL^i, ) /iisad ( jif^id or 
jafsud),\jo bleed (surgicAly). 
JLftAil infasad, or juiirl 
itfasad, to be bled. 3^^« 
mafsAd, bled, jlai /'asd^ or 
i^Ui flsdda, phlebotomy. 
^jo-^i {(jA^)fcissas, to shell, cut 
into slices, ^^i^'l itfas^a^, 
to be shelled, cut into slices. 
^^4 m a /iissas, shelled, cut 
into slices. ^ fass, precious 
stone, pi, ^y^ fuq&s ; ^ 
cMj fass burtuqdn, piece 
of an orange; ^ J>.|j rdgil 
fass, a snob, an ostentatious 
man; ^^ja> fa^ maUi^ a 
lump of salt; wbi^ ^ 
fa^s malhwe ddb^ he gave 
me the slip, he suddenly 





J-i(>H) /"a^ai (jifsil), to 
separate, bargain ; J-^il 
.^4; iy?ti b^nhum^ judge 
between them I ^1 J-^il 
ifsil et iaman, name the 
price! ^Uj^ jp i^Ui fasaUXh 
''an wazyftoh,ihey relieved 
him from his duties. J-^i fas- 
8aZ,to detail^cut out a dress, 
order a dress, etc.; J-Aiiy^ 
sfAjj 4^0)1 huwa jifassal 
itnin zayjak^ he is twice 
your size ; A^y^ zS^ I'l ccna 
fassalt gazma, I ordered a 
pair of shoes. J-^\i /VtsiZ^ to 
bargain. J-^iil infasal, or 
J-Aiilff/VisaZ^to be separated^ 
valued. J-fliil itfassal, to be 
cut ( dress, etc. ). J^-^i. 
mafsAl, separated^ valued. 
J^M mufassal^ cut to 
measure. J-^ii tafsyl, act of 
cutting a dress ; J^ ^jJn^ 
hudAm t^fsylj clothes made 
to order; ^^*^tafsyl, detail, 
particulars^pZ. ^^\Xitafa§yl, 
or wiLoJ taf§yldt ; J-^lj 

6i7 tafsyl^in detail. J-iii fasl, 
separation, bargaining, 
valuation; J-ai /iasZ^chapter, 
season of the year, pi. J^ 
fusAl; ^J\^yai fasl bdrid, 
or ^l; J-fli fad ndqiSy a 
mean or disgraceful act. 
J^li /(t.jiZ, partition, pi 
J^ly fawdsil, Jl^ /?5(ti^ or 
4^^\a. mufdsla^ act of bar- 
gaining^ valuation. JUii'l 
J-Aiu mafsal^ articulation, 
joint, /)Z. J-^li. mafdsil; ^3 
J-^Ul toa^ra' el mafdsil^ 
rheumatism. A^*mufassala^ 
hinge,pZ, si.'^^.mufassaldt. 
^yaifasAlja^ French beans. 

^ /a?y/i, see ^* 

a^ ( u^. ) f(^4d (Jufudd ), to 
end, finish; •^\ ^^ fudd es 
syra, or #4-^ l^ fuddaha 
syra, or <^j •jtJ\ j* dUi 
fuddak min es syra dy, 
drop this subject 1 ^ di-Ai 
Jjil fuddak min el hazl^ 
jesting apart I joji faddad. 




to silver-plate, j^'l in f add, 
or jjfti'l it f add, to be ended, 
finished; U ^^1 infoM 
baga, have donel ^^irl 
itfaddod^o be silver-plated. 
^j-Aii tafdyd, act of silver- 
plating. A^ fadd^, silver, 
para (1/40 part of a piastre). 
A^ foMijja^ silver-plate, 
plate, /)Z. sl»t^ facldyjdt. 
\^ fada^ see ^ 

{-^(^J rct^^^ (Jlfdah), to 
disgrace, ^i fcuidO'h', to 
disgrace one after* thig other. 
^^1 infadah^ or f^\' itfa^ 
dah^ to be disgraced. 4:^li 
fddih^ disgraceful. ^ ^a 
ma/yi4/i,disgraced. ^fadh, 
act of disgracing. a«w^ 
fldyha, disgrace, pi ^Lii 

J-ii ( J^J /idiZ (jifdal), to 
remain, continue ; JLUi U 
iJUiima /idiK hendk, he did 
not remain there ; ^U J-ii 
/i^tZ mdsyy he continued 
walking. j!if faddal, to 

prefer, favour, J-iJi itfad- 
dal^ or J^* tafaddal^ deign! 
please! pray! help yourself! 
jLiil J^r ta faddal uq*'ud^ 
pray take a seat ! • jlfr J^M 
itfaddal sigdra, wrill you 
have a cigarette. ? jlp J-i« I 
itfaddal '^s, help yourself 
to some bread! J^li fddil^ 
remaining, left, continuing; 
U J-^U I; I ana /VtdiZ /lena, 
I will remain here ; Jc J^\i 
*y, f l^iJy- /VidiZ 'ala safa- 
rak kdm j6m^ how long 
will it be before you leave? 
when will you leave ? J-ii 
fadl, merit, credit, favour, 
kindness, pi. JUil afddl; 
J-ii ,^U sdAt& fddl^or JiU 
/Vl</iZ, meritorious ; ^iLii ^ 
m m fadlak, if you please! 
^ /'arfto,surplu8, remnant^ 
pi. JJi /'adaZ, or o!iUi /terf- 
W^; iiBi ^ "bUi fadUxn 'an 
zdliq, moreover , besides 
that. 4j..Ji fadyla, virtue, pi. 





ijifadda^ see ^ 

^(^J /kZy (Jifda), to be 
empty, vacant, at leisure ; \l 
^1 lamma afda, when 
I shall have time. ^yiJ foM^j 
to empty, vacate, ^ci'i /itdy, 
empty, vacant, at leisure ; 
^<ilijL4\il ana mt/s fddy,l 
am busy, I have no time. Ui 
/Virfa, space, leisure, time; 
\_^ j,j\ ard fada, waste 
. land, open ground. 

^ fidylw, see ^* 
^^ /'ady to, see JA» 

Li ( U) fatt (jufutt ), to jump, 
shot out. ^i fattCLy a jump,a 
shot, pZ. ^ILi /'a^df . 
suMLi fitdma, see JL> 

>i Oh 7l(ir ( Jiftar\ to break 
one's fast, eat during rama - 
ddn. JLi fattar, to cause to 
break one's fast, give 
breakfast to one,cause to eat 
during ramaddn,jLM fdtir^ 
or o'j^ fatrdn, one who 
has had his breakfast, one 
who is not fasting. J^\ ji.p 

""yd el fatr^ BaYram. j^Wi 

futtir^ breakfast. (^jlU fi^ 

tdry, food not allowed in 

lent, j^ fityr^ pastry, 

tarts, sg. #j|\li fityra, pi 

j,lU fatdjir, or ^Ij^ 

fityrdt. C^^j^Li futurdi^ 

pastries. </ji»^l»i fatdtry, 

pastry-cook, pi. i$ JLMLi 


cr^(cr^*:)/'^^^^ 'j^fi^^)j tob 
choked,suffocafed, strangled 

die. ^\»i fattasy to choke 


fatsdn, dead. ,^Ju /"iVy.^ 

carrion. ^J^^^^ to^ftys, ac 

of choking, suffocation, 


Li {}mii)fatam(juftum)^\ovjedx 

an infant Un m/*afam, or U J 

itfatam^ to be weaned^ ^i* 

maftAm, weaned. A.\ki /"i- 

tdma, act of weaning. 

jyLifutdr^ and jrjLi /*t/yr, see ^ 

^j-JJ /"i^ys, see ^^i 

Alilki /te^d^a, rudeness, impolite- 
ness. J^ /'a^^,rude, impolite. 





l|ji istafal fyha, he had 
sexual relation with her. 
J-iil m/*a'aZ,or Jaiil itfa'al, 
to be enraged ; iSc JuiJl 
infa^al^alih^he was furious 
at him. J-61 ifta'^al^ to com- 
mit, forge, ^.i:--.! istafal^ 
to have sexual relation . Jai 
/i7, action, deed, verb, pi. 
JUl a/^di. ''%ifi'lan, in fact, 
actually. Jcli /"(t'ii, actor, 
doer, labourer, workman, 
pL ^*i fu'ala. J^^iJl infi'dl, 
emotion,rage. di\m:i\ iftVdla, 
forgery, injury done on 
purpose, plz/)i\»:iHfti'aldt 

^^i faqqdqa, balLflsh, pZ.^life 

s& ( JLSij ) faqad (jifqad ;, to 
lose. Jili fdqid, or ^yo 
mafqud^ lost, missing ; jj^\ 
I3 i^iU ^i walad el mafqAd 
da, this young rascal! »sii 
faqda, a loss, pL sL\s& 

)i (y^i) faqar (jifqlr)^ or Ji\ 

ctfqar, to impoverish. jS 

* ^ 

/igir, or y:i\ iftaqar^ to be. 
come poor.^ii/(ag^ar,to nod 
(in sleep). /^ fuqr^ poverty, 
need, necessity; ^ Jl Ji fuqr 
ed damm,aneemia.j^i/'agyr, 
poor, needy, miserable, pi. 
\ji fuqara; JU^l ^Jr»j 
rdgilfaqyr el hdl,ei needy 
man, a poor man. 

cr^ iu^'^k^fC'qcX'S(jifqis),to hatch 
(eggs) ; v^*^' ^^-*^ faqasna 
el mal'^&b,we discovered the 
trick. ^jJi faqqas^ to cause 
to hatch. ^j-Sil infaqas, or 
^^4ftM itfaqas, to be disco- 

jlS ( JL2i ^ /'aga^ {jifQis ), to 
smash hollow things. JJi 
faqqas, to smash one thing 
after another. JLaiul infaqak, 
or JLS«1 itfaqah, to be 
smashed. J^^SA^i mafqM, 
smashed, ^j^ ^<^f<iy^^ act 
of smashing. 




J»S ( W«i ) faqqat, to write 
numbers in words. J*««;l 
itfaqqat, to be written in 
words. JaiA4 mufaqqat^ 
written in words. Ljuj taf-^ 
qyt, act of writing numbers 
in words. \ui faqcit, only, 
not more. 

C? ((^k)f<^gcL" (jifqa'\io burst, 
cause to burst ; asU 4Liu» 
faqa!'oh ""alqa^ he gave him 
a thrashing ; jl^. ^ faqa"" 
miswAr^YiQ walked a long 
. distance; ^^^ ^ faqa"- gys, 
he broke wind; d^ *ii /toga" 
dihka, he burst out laugh- 
ing ; JLunSii U ma tifqa^'nyS^ 
do not disgust me! lui faqqa\ 
to burst one after the other. 
^5i»M in/ixga', toburst. c-^u. 
ma/*gA', burst; •-yio mafq&\ 
idiot, foolish, pZ. *JU« 
^yAor ^j.^\i faqqAs, kind of 
large cucumber, sg^. ^--^S 

ji fiqyy school-master, reader 

or reciter of the Koran, / 
l^ faqaha, 

j<& faqyr^ see Ji 

viU ( dJUi ) fakk (Jufukk ), to 
untie, unscrew, take ti 
pieces (machine^ ; ^j-jld^vi 
fakk el futds^ he changOL 
the money ( against smal' 
change); Juu^^*}i fakk hsar,\[ 
urined, he relieved nature ; 
#11-1* ctA» fakk el masdla, he 
solved the question ; aaJ> dU 
fakk dyqoh,he relieved hir 
(from want ); ^ly viii fakk 
qawdm, escape at once I viU 
03^' /"afefe el huzn, he is out 
of mourning, ^i^ fakkik, 
to cause to untie.dUrl iffakk, 
to be untied, unscrewed, 
taken to pieces, relieve 
nature. il/'feAfe^untied, 
unscrewed, taken to pieces. 
vili fakk^ net of untying, 
unscrewing, taking to pie- 
ces. 4$o fakka^ or ^ 
mifakka^ small change, 
pleasure, gaiety ; J^lj 





^ ^s^rdgilsdhib fakka, 
free liver^carpet knight. dU. 
mifakk^ screw-driver, pi. 
oISCa* mifakkdt. 

Jo ( ^; ) fakkar, to remind. 
^i\ iftakar, to think, 
remember; aJ ^I iftikir 
/"(/Althing of him! remember 
himl j.yL»^\iftikroh bi 
qirh, do not forget to give 
him a piastre I yi fdkir\ or 
^Cm muftikir, thinking^ 
remembering? fi flkr^ 
pi. j^\ afkdr, ^p flkra, 
mind^ intelligence; •j^i JpaIp 
kallimoh ^ala flkra^tell him 
before you forget 1 ^Jjs 
ta fkir a, reminder^pl c*\^ 

J^[4JuJ fakah {Jifkih), to eat 
fruit, aCj^ fikih, savoury, 
fiavoury. kf\i fdkha, fruity 
dessert, pZ. 4$ly fawdkih. 
^)\fi /a/ca/Ki/iy, fruit -seller, 
pi. ^'l^ fakahanyja, a^^ 
fakdha^ flavour. 

J» {M mi {jinn ), to cut, 
escape ; Oj jlI-I VI Jb Jii^l Jii V 
Ui jiflll el hadyd ilia el 
/tad^c{^dianfX)nd cut diamond. 
Jili falfil, to season with 
pepper ; jj hyi ULAi falfilna 
&u way jet rtizz^ we cooked 
some rice. ,^i^ mafalfil^ 
seasoned wih pepper; JiJu jj 
ruzz mufalfil^ boiled rice^ 
pilaw ; J«U« jl^ walad mu-^ 
falfil, a smart boy, a quick 
boy, an intelligent boy. Jlli 
fdlil, escaping. JaU fllfll 
pepper, pepper-trees, sg. 
4iiii fllfila, pi, oiUi 

Ji fullj kind of jasmine, Arabic 
^^ faldty^ see 3 
p-iHi /"aWA and falldh, see Jl> 
^i^ /ifetn or /"aWn, or ^:Ad\ oi^> 
/'afetn eZ faldny, a certain 
person. So-and-so ; ^1^1 
^:,^ eZ bawdga fuldn, Mr. 
So-and-so ; o^3 6^ /"afcl/i 
we "^illdn, such and such 




persons, all the world and 
his wife ; ^:^\ ^\ v ^^ 
daf(f fyh eski el fuldny,he 
paid a large price for it, ^"^ 
fuldna^ a certain woman. 
i^ fildw,'^ boiled rice^ pilaw. 

^^"jA faldjky, see ^ 

' c^i^d^)falat{jiflit\ or Jciii 
infalat, to escape, be let 
loose^ be free. cA*;! itfaltin^ 
to lead a fast life, have 
sexual relation.^li fdlit^ or 
w^ maflAty loose^at large; 
lijU tjU Hjdroh mafldt^ 
he is out of order. zM fdlat, 
debauchery, j^^ faldty^ 
debauchee, robber^ pi, ^"ji 
falatyja. ^ falta, slip, 
freak, unexpected event, pi. 
CiVii faltdt. 
Ji .^1 (^:i) infalag {jinfi- 
tig ), to be paralyzed, 
frightened. ^jU* maflAg, 
paralytic, frightened. jA> 
fdlig, paralysis. 

succeed^ prosper. Mi fdlih^ 

successful. 9^ faldh, suc- 
cess, prosperity. 

^\i filh, ''country",country life. 
9^ falJAh^ cultivator, 
farmer, peasant, pi. ij^^ 
fallahyn. ap^"::^ fildha^ 
cultivation, tillage. ^^ 
falUXhy, rustic. 

cr^ ((j-^) fcf'llis, to be or cause 
to be bankrupt, penniless. 
^\kM mufallis, bankrupt, 
penniless. ^^^Juii taflys, or 
^^1 if Ids , bankruptcy, 

insolvency. ^-Ji*' tciflysd, a 
bankruptcy case. ^jU fil&s 
or fulAs ^or ^LJifilayJisdt^ 
money, cash, j^^falasan- 
gy, penniless. 

^ fils^ anus. 

jiJi .^JluM (cOJi:) ) itfalsif^ to 
philosophize, speak the 
highest wisdom. iiiJi/'aka/'a, 
philosophy, sophistry . 
^yAifajlasAf^ philosopher, 
pi Ak^^ f aids fa, UlJiu 
mitfaUif, sophist, pi 
C^\^» mit falsi fyn. 





u**J* ( (j^. ) fo-lfas, to struggle. 
Wii falfa^a struggle. 

Jili fHfil, see Ji 

jU (jU) /tetog (jiflaq)^ to split 

into two parts; J^U^ jU 

faUxq dimd^y, he annoyed 

me, he bothered me. jU 

fallaq^ to split into many 

parts, crack, jliil infalaq, 

or jUil itfalaq, to be split ; 

jUit \L JduP 'a^ya( Uxmma 

infalaq, he cried his heart 

out; jUil inflliq^ go and 

hang yourself IjUi I iifallaq, 

to be split into many parts. 

jjU. maflAq^ split. ^^4 

mufallaq^ split into many 

parts, jiii taflyq, act of 

splitting. j)i /'aZ^, beam of 

timber^ girder, pi. j)i 

fulAq, or si^ fulAqa ; J^lj 

jU\ <^j rdgfii zaj el falq^ 

a huge man. a2U /teZga, slice^ 

half (of a pea, etc.), pi, olsU 

falqdt. A^i falaqa^ bois 

aux pieds^pl. oUli falaqdt. 

tr^Ccr^.) f<^lQ(^s, to lower the 

head, bend down. 4-Jdi 
falqasa, act of lowering 
the head, bending down, 
villi falak, sky, firmament ; U 
d^SHlmelfalak, astronomy. 
<3i falaky^ astronomer, p/. 
c<i^ faJakyjyn. 
»iUi /tiZfe, boat, ark. 
akU falaka, thigh, buttock, pi. 

w<ii falakdt. 

sikJH falamank , or muAi /toto- 

mang^ the Dutch. ^Ji 

falamanky^ Dutch. viiiJaH^^^ 

&i2(l(2 e! /'a2aman/c,Holland. 

4lJi /Viton/ca,*sleeper ( irrig. and 

rail. ), pi. wlSCiu falankdt. 
^jUi /'aWs, see ^ 
J^^filAka or falAka/" small 
boat,canoe, pi. dj'^hfaldjik. 
^j:)i faldjky^ boatman, pi. 
^^:i^ faldjkyja, 
Ji (^^.) /'^^to (jifally), to pick 
out vernrin ( from the head^ 
dress, bed, etc.). ^MtfalUx, 
to pick out one's vermin. aJUT 
taflyja, act of picking out 







j^fallyn, cork. 4Ji fallyna,ei 
cork, pi. oUi fallyndt. 
ifamm, mouthy orifice, pi. 
f\i\ afmdm; ^ji\ i fumm et 
tir'a^ head of canal ; 
•jlf^li fumm es sigdra^ 
mouth.piece;jijB ^ lil afmdm 
lir rakk, water-tap ; j^ I i 
fumm el bahr^ the Barrage ; 
C^ fijil J^ ^asal el 
huddm fumm^n, he gave 
the clotlies two wasiiings. 
li fana, see ^li 
J^fandrJ" chandelier, light- 
house, pi. slljli fanardt. 
ji venty^"^ see ^^ 
o\^fingdn, cup, pi. ^Ui 
ji ( ji^^ ) fan gar f to open the 
eyes wide, be proud, gene- 
rous, j^'l itfangar, to be 
opened wide, proud, 
generous. ^ mufangar, 
wide open. .^^ fangara, 
act of opening the eyes 
wide^ pride, generosity. 

ify^ fangary^ generous, 
open-handed, pi. ^ j^ fan- 
gar yja. 

^{^.) fanab (jifnab)^ to 
cancel, resiliate, go back in 
one's word; c^^fciAi^ktl el 
butdhafamhet^ihQ betrothal 
is broken oflF. ^U fdnib, 
cancelled, resiliated.^/ianft, 
act of cancelling, resiliating, 
going back in one's word. 

jLi( xii) fannid, to criticise, 
JuUi tafnyd, criticism. 
JAi ( JJ^ ) fandaq, to open a 
window or a door wide. 
jXMi\ it fandaq,tohe opened 
wide. JJLU4 mufandaq^v/ide 
open. AfJii fandaqa, act of 
opening a window or a door 

cr^(tr^. ) fcf^nnis^ to bristle, 
open the wings. JUurta/'nyi, 
act of bristling, opening the 
^Iki funtds, watering-cart ( for 
the streets), pi. ^^-J^Ui 




jki(jkij) fantaz, or J^\ 
itfantaz,^ to show off. 
jka. mufantaz^ showing 
off. .jki fantaza^ act 
of showing off. ^jl*— '^ 
fantazyja, fantasy^ show, 

j^ fanella^"^ undershirt^flannel 
shirt, flannel, pi ^5b 

Cf^ (o^) fo^nnin, or ^^UTl itfan^ 
nm, to invent, devise. Cj^ 
tafnyriy invention, devise, 
pi. cijiUr tafanyn^ or c#lu-ir 
tafnyndt. J^ fann, art, pZ. 
0>i fun&n ; ^ ,^U 5(i/ii6 
/ttnn, artful, skilful. 

^ ( jii) /ttna (Jifny), to cause 
to perish, cause to cease to 
exist. ^'1 in f ana, io perish, 
cease to exist. Ui fana, state 
of vanishing, evanescence. 
^L.» /i^^y, transient^ 

jL^ fahd, panther, pi, <>^ 
A^j^fahrasa^ index of a book. 

pi. ^j\^ fahdris. 
(V( (Vi ) flf^imC J ifham), to 
understand; <^ ^ y^ huwa 
J if ham fy^ he is a judge of. 
^ fahhim, to cause to 
understand, explain. ^\ 
infaham^ or ^\ itfaham, 
to be understood. r/s^\ 
is ta fh im ,to inquire, ask. ^\i 
fdhimpnewho understands; 
>U ^M enta fdhim, do you 
understand? ^y^ mafhAm, 
understood, explained, 
implied. ^" tafhym^ expla- 
nation, p/. wlc^ii tafhymdt. 
.y fihm^ intelligence, com- 
prehension. ^ fahym, 
intelligent. Awi^jA* mafhumyja, 
intelligence, comprehension. 
^l^a-.l istifhdm, inquiry, 
question, pi. oUlfit-l istif^ 
^ly fuddy heart, soul. 

•j'V fauwdra, see jU 

Jly/'aatodZ, see Jy 

<i;\jy fawatdn, see ^\i 

<j)Uy fawahdn^ see ^li 



•^y fdda^ oven mop. 

jy fdr^ see jU 
V;y forsa^* force, strength. 
4i jy forsa^seej^j 

Jy /'(Jjr, see jU 

A^^fAta, towel, napkin, ser- 
viette,pl. J^y /'atoaf ; iiy 
^3 /'^(^^ tof^, towel ; ity 
•^-. /Atet Vifra^ or ii»y 
ct-^' /'^(ef ydin^ napkin, 

jy /'(Jg, on, up, upon, over, 
above , upstairs; ^iy fdqoh^ 
or Cm Jy /"(Jg minnoh, over 
him,above him.^Uy foqdny^ 
upper, uppermost; cilii i^lJy 
foqdny tahtdny^ topsy 
turvy, upside down. 

Jy {J>ii) fauwil, to augur evil. 
JiyT tafwyl, evil prediction. 
Jli /(df, omen. Jly fauwdl, 
one who augurs evil. 

^^f&lj beans, 8g.4^ fAla^pL 
wVy raWt ; ^b^ Jy /AZ 
auddny, or ^jl:- J^ /'^Z 
finndry^ pea-nut ; J^d* ^ 
/%A^m eZ fAla, he found out 

the trick, he understood the 

dodge ; J<^ Uj Jy Jf kuU 

fAla we laha kayjdl, every 

bird has its mate; Jy J^ V 

J^l (^j»^. c^ to tugdZ /"dZ 

/la^to Jisyr fil makjAl, 

do not reckon your chickens 

before they are hatched! 

J^y foi'UwAl^ seller of beans, 

pl, Jly fauwdla. 

/yfuwa, madder, garance. 

^y W^*, foil. 
i^fy, in, into, among, at, 
about; JLp ^ /'y ^H, is 
there any bread? JLi U ma 
/'y^, or JL j fy&, there is not ; 
U* Ji^ ^^ /"yi itodd hena, 
is there any one here? 

there is a man here ; <^ C)^ 
J^^j fedn /"y rdgil, there 
was a man ; k\\ ^^ fil myja, 
per cent ; z^\ ^ ^j rdh fil 
bit, he went to the house ; 
'^^ j^\ iftikir fyja, ihinli 
of me ; f S^^ a^t tdhud fyh 
vkdm, how much will you 



take for it ? ^^\ ^^ ^\j rdh 
fin /idm,he fell soundly as- 
leep; J Vbima /'y, including; 
4j 4u <^ da iamanoh fyh^ 
this is worth the price; J^j-lj 
JLUV^ JLiVretgfiZ to fis 
wala HUs, a man of no 
importance ; JLJ U 4cU\ 
Atj ^1 es sd^a ma fyk arba^a, 
it is not four o'clock yet. 

V Ti^y^^ ''^^ price, pl^ 

C.^ fyjdt 

AJdiska"", flask, pi. siSCU 
^^ fijaskdt. 

{^iCjfitaq, to have the 
JV hernia, jui* mufHaq^ one 

who is suflTering from 

hernia. jUi /"ifdg, hernia. 
J^jfti/'yrti^, see j5j\* 

^jkJ /'^d^ and oW f(^J<^^^> see 

JJ /'t/f, elephant, pi. JUl a/ydZ. 
i^-..lJ fajlas{tf, see ulJA 

^fyja,see ^ 

i^f^n, or OtI ^n,where-? Jtl ^ 
mm ^/i^or c^ ^minf^n, 
where from? ^^ji Jt 'ato /"^n, 
or OjiJ li f^n^ where to? dUi 
finak^ where are you? <>j> 
^4j2\l f^n lamma jigy^ it 
will be long before he 
comes ; Cjl\ ^ ^iXj^J ^ huwa 
qarybak min ^n, how can 
he be your relation ? 

yj /"j/no,* fine, of good quality. 
^jjJfayjys, generous, liberal, 
open-handed, pi. oj-^ 




O = q 

#li .tsl (Lt») itqayja, to vomit. 
J Q^J> vomit, gjit muqayjy, 

Jili gd&i7^ and aXU qabilyja, 
see JJ 

jrl; gd<i7,see J5 
^U (^^J gdd (JigAd), to light, 
kindle. ^Isl m^dd, or ^Isl 
itqdd, to be lighted ^kindled. 
^LaZa munqdd^ lighted, 
kindled, jui q^d, act of 
lighting, kindling. 

j^U qddir^ seejM 
^3^\i qadAs^ar of a water-wheel^ 

^3^\isdqja gad^s, water- 
wheel in which jars are used 
for lifting the water. 

f 3jli qadAm, or a^jlJ qadddm, 
adze, joi. ply qawadym. 

wj\J qdrih, small boat, canoe, 
large woodqn bowl for 

carrying mortar, pi. ^jly 

qawdrib; ^j> wjlJ gdrift 

S^ar/, dish. 
<!)3j^ qO'^^n^ croesus. 
Aij\i qdrja^ yard of a mast, pl^ 

silijli qarjdt, 

u-^ ( crA) S'^^ (Jkys), to 
measure ; ajU ^ ^jlII ^li qds 
el huddm ""alih, he tried the 


clothes on. ^j.i QCiyjis^ to 
cause to measure- ^\£\ 
inqds, or^ltil itqds, to be 
measured. ^Uu munqds, or 
^j^\si^mitqds^ measured.^^U 
qijds^QT ^\Ji% miqjds, or 
^\ju maqds^ measure, 
standard of measure, pi. 
wLU qijasdt, or ^^M* 
maqajys, or wLli* maqa-- 
sdt ; JJl ^^Lu miqjds en 
nyl, Kilometre, Nile gauge; 
^\jqijds, mat; ^U ^U 
maqds el markib^ tonnage 






of a ship. ^U qayjds, 
measurer, chainman, one 
who daily reads the Nile 
gauge, pi c^^ qayjasyn. 
A--G ga^ydsa^fighter^barge^ 
pi. sLLU qayjasdt. juAam 
mugdjsa^ estimate, compa- 
rison, pi. siUjll* muqajsdt. 

^\i qdsy^ see ^ 

juli qdsid, see 
U qdsir, see 

^U( ^^^^ ) ^dd O'lgid ;, to be 
worn out.^^ligd/id, worn out. 


jAU qdti^and ^^\i qat{t\ see ^ 
0^^ qattin, private quay or 
verandah on a canal, pi. 

Cj^\^ qawatyn. qd\ bottom, floor, pi. wUli 

qa'^dt; Acj^\ c^li qd"^ et tir^'a, 

bed of canal. 4c\J gd'a,hall, 

room, saloon, /)Z. C/UU qa'-dt. 

^jAi qd'da, see ji«i 

sJ\i qdf, letter of the alphabet ; 
OyS\^ tjl5)\» bil qdf win ndn^ 
in the most accurate manner, 

4»li qdf la, see Jtf 

aJ\J qdfja, rhyme, play on the 
words, pi <^ly qawdfy; 
^\J\ oU viJUU mdsik qdf jet 
en nds^ he is talking about 
people, he is gossiping. 

J^ ( ^A) qdl(juqAl), to say ; 
JU)3 JyLi ^^ kdn byqAl we 
ji^yd, he spoke at great 
length. Jy qauwil^ to 
attribute a saying to another, 
quote. JU 1 mgdZ,or JlSl itqdl, 
to be said. Jili qdjil, sayer, 
speaker, pi, ^U qajlyn. 
Jy gdi, saying, pi. Jlyl 
aqwdl; JjM^ JlsJ» eZ getZ toi7 
gyf,rumour,gossip, trouble. 

qdlalrydirka*the following 
statement is respectfully 

Jli ( wJ ) gdZ r IVb ;, game of 
buck and thorns. 

«JU 9(i2i&, see ^ 
f ^ ( f y^. ) Q^^ (JuqAm ), to 
stand up; •fi^Ajy})^ ^^ 
wahdr juq&m bukra^ the 
steamer leaves tomorrow ; 





"^amalt keda, if I should do 

so ; f ^ t^ J^ ^^^' ^^^ 
qdm, every body ; b i q{tm 

bina, let us gol J^b I gAm 

bina ndkul^ let us eat I 

A c^i qumt quit loh, I then 

told him ; U)t J* f ^ qdm min 

el ^aja, he recovered health. 

I»y gaatotm^to cause to rise^ 

cause to get up. ^Ul a^dm^ to 

remain, stay, set up, raise. 

A\2zMsta qdm ^to be straight, 

continue, last, jrli qdjim, 

rising, getting up ; ^ ^\J 

UH qdjim min el ^aja, 

convalescent ; /i qdjim, 

cylinder, pZ. ^ly qawdjim. 

Ai\i qdjma, list, bordereau, 

pi. jrly qawdjim ; :^\yls)i 

qdjmet mazdd, feuille 
d^enchdres. fly qawdm, or 
dUly qawdmak, quickly, 
at once; fly "JUT ta'^dla 
qawdm, come quickly I fly 
qawdm^ form, figure, 
stature. wSi^ mustaqym. 

straightforword, just, up- 
right, f y qdm, or iuy q6ma, 
or fU qijdm, act of rising, 
revolt; iulil\ f^^ jdm el 
qijdma^the day of resurrec- 
tion. f\a» maqdm^ rank, 
dignity, position, tomb of 
^6^ pl' wU\2i maqamdt ; 
j^«y^ fUc &i magdm jom6n^ 
equivalent to two days ; jrli 
^\juqdjim mag'(lm,lieutenant 
colonel ; liUli. ^\i\ en nds 
maqamdt^ there are the 
masses and there are the 
classes ; ^\2« f\» y^ ft a tea 
^(tm maqdmy, he replaced 
me. 4i\i gdma, stature, 
fathom, pl, ^Vi qamdt. 
k»\i\ iqdma, residence,stay, 
sojourn, a^ qyma, value, 
duration; 4^U i^ ^ min 
qymet sd'^a, an hour ago ; 
i^\i^c ^\jrdgil ""aUh el 
qyma, a respectable looking 
man; OjJIjj ii^ qymet rija^ 
Un, about two dollars. 
/;yi taqwym, calender, pl 



^^lai taqawym. ^•\jiiM>\ isti-- 
forwardness. ^ qayjim, 
guardian^pi. Cjss? qayjimyn. 
^\i(^^)qdm(jiqym),io raise^ 
lift, remove. ^Ul inqdm, or 
^\£\ itqdm^ to be raised^ 
lifted, removed. 
^y^ qamtis, dictionary^ pi 

Oy^ qan{tn, see o^ 
^3^ ( rj^i ) 9^M? t^, to contradict 

openly. a^^Ii* muqdwha, 

open contradiction, •-^li. 

muqdw i/i,impudent,brazen. 

facel ^unblushing, pL o^^Vs« 

^.-tj^U qdvoirma* rich stew. 
J5^((j3^) qdwil, to make a 
contract, bargain^ agree on 
a price. J^lajl itqdwil, to 
be contracted^ bargained, 
J^li* mugdioii, contractor, 
purveyor ,pZ. ^^^la* muqaw. 

bargain,/)i.j^V3lA*ma g^aioW <. 
mU ( pU )qdwim^ to oppose, 
resist, a^^li. muqdwma^ 
opposiJ,ion^ resistance. 
J33U qaw^lq^" felt cap worn by 
Persians; J*^^ J j^ Aa^^ 
toft gato^g,he flattered him. 
033^ gato^n*,kirid of melon. 
Jj^\i qawyb, girder^ great 

. beam^ pi. wHj ^li qawykdt. 
JLiU qdjik, belt, razor strop, pi. 

J:ii^ qawdjis. 
^^\i ( ^.U ) qdjid^ or ^^;^ ^> 
darab maqjad^ to barter, 
exchange. a^J^ muqdjda, 
or ^-1. maqjad, barter, 
jjli qdjic^^ small boat, canoe^pi. 

jil/f qawdjiq. 
^y}iqdjil, see JU 
jrli g(l/i/n,see A^ 
wi ( w^»)9a66 (Jiqibb)^ to rise, 
rise to the surface, float 
(corpse on water, etc.); u^^ I 
wJ ^l ""agyn qabb^ the dough 
leavened ; ^ ^^!; jiui &iV 
rdd^ ga&&^ my hair stood 





on end. .jijqabqab, to swell. 
^iAm muqabqab, swollen. 
w^ muqabbibj domed, 
convex. aJ qubba^ dome^ 
cupola, pi, ^ qubab. aJJ 
qabqaba, swelling. 
\j qaba^ see \f 

4^U qabdha, see if 

^j\i qabdrsa^ money, cash. 

,^Cj qabbdny,see ^>ji 

^^U qabdwa, native sausage. 

^ ( ^- ) qO'bbah, to abuse, be 

insolent: A 3 lA?^^ ^ ma 

tiqabbahs wayjdh, do not 

be insolent to him I j^\J 

qabdha^ abuse, insolence^ 

foul language. *^J qa^byh^ 


ed, vile^ugly^ pl,\4 qubaha. 

jA{jik)Q^^^ (jMbur), to 

bury the dead.jjiil inqabdr^ 

or jiill iiqabar, to be buried; 

jjiil mgi6ir,goto the devil 1 

jji qabr, tomb^ grave, pi. 

jyi qab&r; j^\^ o^ J^lj 

rdgildarbitoh toil qabr ^sm 

exorbitant man.i^ma^&a- 

^ jji qubrus, Cyprus. J^ jJ ga6- 
rwsZy, Cypriote, pi, U-^jo 

L^ ( <>A ) 9^^^ (jiqbad)y to 
receive money, cash ; c^-^J 
4.4^ qabddt kalAmoh, did 
you believe what he said? 

4^3 J u^ u^.' ^biys qabdd 
rdhoh^ he got off the hooks, 
he kicked the bucket. ^ 
qabbad, to pay .^^ij; 1 in gabad, 
to be cashed, oppressed. 
^y^ maqbiid, cashed, 
oppressed. ^U qdbid^ one 
who has received cash, 
astringent. (J^ qabd, act of 
receiving money, cashing, 
oppression, constipation . 
Ul.J\ XaJ qabdet e$ s^f^ 
handle of a sword : xu a^ 
qabdaband, sword-knot. 
k^^AJqabdy J a, money cashed, 
JaJ qibt, the Copts. JLJ qibty, 
a Copt,Coptic,pZ. J^U\ aqbdt, 
^MLiqabtdn or qubbutdn, or 




C)^^yi qdbudAn* captain of 
a ship^ pi. Cj^\3 qabatyn. 
^{^^.)qaba' (Jiqba'j, to 
swallow liquids^drink eager- 
ly. ^ q^f>\ act of swallowing 
liquids^ drinking eagerly. 
wliJ qubqdb, wooden shoes^ pi, 
^Li qabaqyb. gjJUjW 
musmdr qabaqyby^ short 
thick nail of native make. 
J:»( J:^, ) qibil (jiqbal), to 
receive, accept^ consent. J.i 
qabbil^ to kiss, go south- 
ward. JjU qdbil, to meet, 
compare, check; '3 J^ 1^ J»^ 
qdbil da ""ala da, compare 
this to thatl Jjsil inqabal, 
or Jjw I itqabal^to be accept. 
ed.JU)Mi7g^a66ei,to be kissed. 
J)ls;l itqdbily to meet, be 
compared, be checked. J^si- 1 
istaqbil^to receive( visitors), 
accept. Jili g^d6i7, one who 
accepts or consents, pi. Cx^\Ai 
qablyn ; JilsH ^\ es kahr el 
qdbil, next month. J^ 
maqbd i,accepted,acceptable. 

pi. Lj^yJi* maqbulyn. JJU 
muqabbil, one who is going 
southward . Jill, muqdbil^ 
equivalent, in front of. ^\mm 
m u g46 to,meeting, reception^ 
comparison, cheeky pi. 
yl,%\AM muqabldt ; ^ b J^-l 
Ij ^^,li• aliad da fy muqdb^ 
let da^ he took this in 
exchange for that ; ^IjUI Jjc 
vous. ^}yJ qabM or qubdl, 
acceptance; J^ J& 'ato 
qabM^ by way of, as. Jiii-1 
istiqbdl, reception, levee. 
aJl,^ qabilyja^ appetite. JJ 
qabl, before ( of time ), 
previous ; U qably, or JJ 
^ qablminny^ previous to 
me. ^U gafrto, beforehand, 
previously; iU Askallimoh 
qabla, speak to him first 1 j. 
JJmm gi6aZ,in the name of, 
de la part de. IJ qibly^ 
south, Upper-Egypt ; Ui 
qiblyh, to the south of it. 
^ gibto, direction to which 




a Mohamedan turns in 
prayer. JU qabdla^ in front 
pl,^)XiqahAjil. ^Jm muqbil, 
next, coming (month, etc.). 
J.S:-^ mustaqbil^ future. 
^ (6A) qo^bbin, to weigh with 
a sleeLvcrd. <^iM itqabbin, 
to be weighed, i)\Jqabbdny, 
steel-yard, one who weighs 
with a steel-yard, a; I J qibdna, 
act of weighing with a steeL 
yard, fee for weighing. 
^^ g'afrfca, collar, collar "band, 

pi. ^ti qabbdt, 
^qubba, see ^5 
^ qabu,see ^^i 
^\^^3qct'buddn, see j^lkJ 
^jjqabbAs, sheaf of dry grass 
or clover, pl^jo^liqababys. 
\sic^^ kabukatfiuda* , steward. 
^}^qabAl,see JS 

J^ (t5%) <1^^ (jiqby ),to vault, 
^c*- mag'fc^, vaulted.^ gabu^ 
vaulted place. »^ qabwa^ 
a vault, an arcade, an arch, 
pi. ^I^J qabwdt. 


4^ qabyla^ see J J 
uJ qatta, cucumis setinus,$g. 
Ai^i qattdja^ pi ^ife 

Jto qitdl, see J^ 

wiJ qatab^ hunch^ hump ; ^ yl 
abu qatab, ov ^i^Im muqd- 
tab, hunchback. 

i}^[d^.)Q(^tal (jiqtil)^ to kill, 
murder ; ii-i* JS qata 
nafsoh, he committed 
suicide. Js5 qattil^to k;ll om 
after the other. J;li qdtil^ or 
C^ J;U;I itqdtil wayja, to 
fight with. Jolt inqatal, or 
Jtrl itqatal/to be killed, 
murdered. JO:-* I istaqtil^ to 
feign to be dead. jiU gdfeZ, 
murderer, pZ. ^^^1*1; qatlyn. 
^yiMA maqtdl^ or J^ qatyl, 
murdered, victim, pZ ujJ^ts* 
maqtulyn, or ^i qutala. 
Jli; gi7(JZ, fight. J:; gaiZ, 
murder. 4^ qatla, death by 
murder, a thrashing. ^^ 
qatyla^ native herring, pZ, 




vl;!A-:t gatyldt. 
A^qahba, .whore^ prostitute, 

harlot, pi, wUi guhhdb. 
LpJ qaht, famine, o^*^? qahtdn, 


'^^Jgahf^ lower part of a date- 
palm branch, rude, unpo- 
lished, pi. ^^5 quhdf^ov 

Ay9^ quhdfa. 


j^ gaMy, thoroughbred, innate; 

^ JaJ qihty quhhy, a 

thoroughbred Copt. 

a; qadd^ size, form, quantity, 

pL^^JSqudAd; iijiqaddak, 

your size ; iJjiJ ^fy a^j1\ 

el hudAm dy qaddak, or 

i) j5 Jc (^3 *53il ^Z hudAm dy 

""ala qaddak^ these clothes 

fit you ; ^M Jc j\ac ""aqloh 

""ala qaddoh, he is not 

bright, he is obtuse ; ilyj aJ 

qadd abAk^ of your father's 

size, as old as your father ; 

35J153 iJji y^ huwa qaddak 

we qudAd, he excels you ; 

I3 Ji3 jj JL« y^ huwa muh 

qadd es sugl da^ he is not 

capable enough to do this 
work ; J^sJ\ j^ ^\j rdgil 
qadd el qdl^ man of his 
word, man of authority ; ^ 
f^j^3 r^J^ U Ji^ala qadd ma 
arAh we arga\ until I come 
back ; icU ji qadd sd^a, 
about an hour, after an hour; 
A) I Ji qadd 6, how much? 

o^ij ^,j^ -^^ ^'^^ ^ddy loh 
qaddarba"" qurAs^ give him 
about four piastres! A538I -^i 
qadd el luzAm, as much as 
is necessary. 
^\j}quddds,see ^si 

f I ji; qudddm, see > ji 

9-jiJ f 7- J^St ) qadah (jiqdah)^ to 
strike ; <i>- J ^-aJ qadah fy 
haqqoh, he libelled him ; 
io-Si ^y^^ ek hams qadahe-- 
ioh.he had a sun-stroke. ^-JiJ 
gad/i,act of striking, libel. 
»- jiJl aqdah^ more striking. 

^-i; qadah^ measure for cereals 
( = l/98th part of an ar-- 
dabb),pl 7^Si\Ciqddh, ^ 

^ji f^J^Si) qaddid, to cause to be 




dry ( bread, meat, etc. on 
fire )oAarl itqaddid^ to be 
dried.3AA4 rnuqadd id, dried; 
J JO* JL^ ""S^ muqaddid^ 
toast bread, jujxriagdj/d^act 
of drying. 
jji{jjju)qidir(j iqdar ),to can^be 
able to; ^ jMl tiqdar tigy, 
can you oome'i/ji qaddar^to 
enable, estimate, value,fate; 
jJlSi V -all alldh lajiqaddar, 
God forbid! J ^U gdder,able, 
capable, powerful, pi. Ot j^^ 
qadryn. jj}\aqdar, abler, 
more capable. jJCa. ma^- 
tadir, able,capab]e,solvent, 
well-to-do, wealthy, pi. 
jijMl* muqtadiryn. »jJS 


qudra^ or ^jjJU maqdara^ 
power, ability, jji qadr, 
quantity, power, fate, des- 
tiny ; jjL2j\ '^ Ulet el qadr^ 
night of Power, 27th of 
ramacldn; o^Vi jJii Jp "^ala 
qadr el im/f(tn, asmuch as 
possible, jjj qadar, fate, 
destiny; jjLiM 3 Us) li 6e7 qa^ 

toil qadar, by fate and 
destiny, accidentally. jJ^ 
muqaddar^ fated ; jjiit C)^ 
s^XSc kdn muqaddar "^alik, 
it was your fate. j^jlSi 
taqdyr, estimation, valua- 
tion, pi. wl^^-xsr taqdyrdt ; 
j^j}; taqdyr^ fate, pL y.^Ui 
taqadyr, jljii* muqddr, 
quantity, pi. j^^U* maqadyr. 
j\jci\ iqtiddr, ability, capa- 
city; jlxJI ..^U J^lj rdgil 
sdhib iqtiddr, a well-to-do 
man, a wealthy man. 

^jjjqidra^ earthen pot, jug, pZ. 
jji qidar. 

^jLi(^jL2j ) qaddis^ to sanctify, 
render holy. ^jS quds, 
holiness, saintship ; ^Jji\ 
el quds, Jerusalem. ^IjlJ 
qaddds^ mass, liturgy, pi. 
^^ ^ I jii qadad ys. ^^Ji 
qaddys^ pious, saint, pi. 
4:^1-4 jii qaddysyn. 

^si { iJJiSi ) qadaf (jiqdif), to 
throw, row. ,jJLi qaddif, to 
row.^jial inqadaf,OT^X£\ 





itqadaf, to be thrown. ^3 jlI» 
maqjsH f,ihrov^n; o-uJ^^^ii* 
maqddf el bunduqyja, 
projectile of a gun.iJ Ji qadf, 
act of throwing, rowing. 
4iji qadfa^ a throw, a row, 
pi. oliJi qadfdt, cJi-XAi 
iaqdyf, act of rowing. 
^\Mk muqddf^ oar, pi. 
Kjil^maqadyf; Ati^li^J^^-^ 
kassar loh maqadyfoh,he 
discouraged him. 
Mji(Mjju) qidim(jiqdam),io be 
old. ^Jiqaddim, to advance, 
come forward, present, 
offer, introduce, promote, 
fjiari itqaddim, to come 
forward, be advanced, be 
offered, be introduced, be 
' promoted. ^Jc^ qddim, next 
(month, etc.) . aJlIu mitqad. 
dim, advancing, advanced, 
old. rjA? taqdym^ act of 
presenting, oflfering, introd- 
ucing, advancing, promoting. 
^S7S taqaddum, advance- 
ment, promotion. aJlJ qudm^ 

or A.j»3Ji qudumyj a, oldness, 
seniority. a^jJI aqdamyja, 
seniority, precedence* /rji 
qadym, old, ancient, pi. mJ} 
qudm, or ^Iji quddm. # Ji5l 
agdam, older, senior, 4CJi 
qadyma^ old shoe.^lJtf qud- 
ddm, in the presence of, in 
front of.before; viUiJi z^ lil 
ana g6t qudddmak, I have 
just come ; f IjiaI acU sd'a 
liqudddm^ as soon as pos- 
sible, the sooner the better. 
jUIjJ quddamdny, the one 
in front, ^jam muqdim^ front 
part; wO* f -^^ muqdim el 
Tnarkib,pvov/ of ship, flo* 
muqaddim, one who offers, 
pi. cft^J^ muqaddimyn ; 
mM» muqaddim, or 4^ #jla« 
muqaddim fu'^ala, foreman 
or overseer of labourers. 
A.»aa« muqaddima^ preface, 
introduction. f^Ji quddm^ 
approach, arrival. 

^jLi qadam,foot^pl.^\j}\ aqddm. 

•oi gt(i(ia,batter, pL ^jS qidad. 



M^ji qadAm^ see ^^^ 
/C-^ qadym, see aJli 
•jliJ 5a^(ira,fllth,dirt. jSiqizir, 
fllthy,dirty,/)Z. jcjii qizryn. 

settle down; Jc ^^1 J\ y garr 
er rdj "^ala^ it was decided 
that, yj qarrar, to lay 
down^ decide, cause to 
confess, J J qarqar, to exa- 
mine carefully ; olJi^ y} }} 
qarqar aha gidddoh^ he 
heaped insults on his head. 
J j.lMtqarrar, to be decided. 
^:-l istaqarr^ to settle 
down. jjA» muqarrar, laid 

down, decided ; ^Ij^l jy^* 
muqarrar el myzanyja,ihe 
provisions of the budget. 
J 1 y U* g^rd r^confession^akaow- 
ledgment, declaration, pi. 
wljljjl iqrardt. J J qardr^ 
decision, verdict, bottom 
(of sea), pi o\j\J qarardt; 
j\} J J^f' J.Jp' U ma 
haddih Hrif loh qardr, 
no one knew where he was. 

no one could trace him. j 
muqirr, one who confesse 
JL* maqarr, a fixed place. 
y^j; taqryr^ report, pZ. 
j^j\a\ taqaryr. J J qarqar 
tiny, small, young. 
j{Ji)qarr (juqarr)^ t 
mutter to one's self,grumblL, 
J qarr, act of muttering I 
one's self, grumbling . 
\j ( \Ji ) qara (Jiqra )^ ta rea 
ly qarra, to cause to reac 
\jii^\ istaqra^ to read, caus 
to read. 1^31 inqara^ ov\j 
itqara, to be read, if^ 
maqry^ legible; (^J^ J^ 
batt maqry^ clear banc 
writing. a^JJ qirdja\ act of 
reading. (^Ji Qdry, reade 

Ally qardba^ see s^J 
Li\j qarabyna, or AiUy qarabd. 
na* carabine, pL wl^iy 

^\y qurdd^ tick on animals, sg, 
oljJ qurdda, pi. o'^'y 
quraddt. - 

j\j qardr^ see J 





^J qurd\sQe ^J 

^\J qardfa, cemetery, pi. Cj\i\j 

jlj5 qurdn^ Koran. 

Aily qarrdja^ bowl ( used as 
lamp), pL oUy qarrajdt, 

Aily qirdja,see \J 

^J (v>.) Q^^ib (Jiqrab ), to be 
near. w^J qarrab, to come 
' near, cause to be near ; i^j 
La qarrab hena, come here! 
,^^jS)\itqarrabyto come near, 
approach. ^/'--I istaqrab, 
to consider near, ^^.y qaryb 
or qurayjib^ near ; ^y ^p 
^'an qaryb, recently ; s^^J ^ 
sj!^\ j« /latoa qaryb min el 

qalby he is sympathetic; wiy 
qaryb^ relative,kinsfolk,pL 
s^Aj qardjib- ^^J qurb^ 
nearness, vicinity, kinship ; 
dij^i biqurbak^or dl:- wj^^^J 
bil qurb minnak, near you ; 
dlu ^ ,a\\ ^U. ^ huwa tdlib 
el qurb minnak, he seeks 
alliance (by marriage) with 
you. A)lj5 qardba, kinship. 

w^2:-^4 mustaqrab, near. 
^^aJ\ A:»*y 6i wagh et 
taqryb, or C^ST taqryban, 
nearly, approximately. 

fj\ij qurbdn , Eucharist, sacra- 
ment, pi. i^\J qarabyn. 

u^\j(ij^.ji) Q(^^basy to tighten 
the reins. a^J qarbasa^ act 
of tightening the reins. ^j^y^J 
qarbds^ pommel of a saddle, 

i^y (Jai^A.)gar&a(,to economize, 
be avaricious. L\J,* muqar-^ 
bat, economical, avaricious, 

P^' u^l*lJ^• rnuqarbatyn. 

AksJ qarbata, economy, 

a!j5 ( ^jSj ) qarba\ to drink 

eagerly, i<^\j% qarba'a, act 

of drinking eagerly. 
A)^% qirba, water-skin, pi, v-»y 

qirab. ^^^J qiraby^ maker 
of water-skins, pi, oy 

rJ (rJi^ qarrah, to be greasy^ 
dirty. ^^. muqarrah, 



greasy, dirtf . ^^ qarah^ 
greasiness^ dirt. 
^y qird, monkey^ pi. ^^} 
qur&d. (j^b'y quraddty^ 
monkey-keeper, pi. ^\^\J 
Js>J qardihy, common- place ; 
<^}^3^idadwa qurd^hy, 
a miserable dinner. 

J'JiJ'jH, ) Q^^^^ (juqrus ;, or 
j^%J qarmU,orJjJ qarqak^ 
to eat ( crisp or dry bread, 
etc. J> make a grinding noise. 
J,)i qdrik, or C^ J'j\2S\ 
itqdris wayja, to interfere 
or intermeddle with. JU^. 
muqarmii^ ccisp, dry. j^J 
qarh, or iii*y qarmiha^ or 
AZi) qarqika, act of eating, 
making a grinding noise. 
^ijU. mag(lr&t,interference 
or intermeddling with.^iy jJ 
qarq{tia, native dry biscuit^ 
pl.J-i\J qardqyi 

J, J qirs, or j.j> ijirh, piastre, 
Pi J* 3 J qardk; ^ J.J 
qirS ahja4, ^^small" piastre 

( = 5 milli6mes ); j./Zi ^ 

""ak filjdm el iswid^ put by 
for a rainy day IjL^^magri^^ 
wealthy, welLlo -do. 
AlLiy garastina/'irago,flre-eater. 

o^J ( o^A ) Q^^^? (Juqrus ), to 
pinch, bite, sting ; ^J^j^\ 


el bard qarasny, I was 
nipped by the cold; p-yLi 
^i^J el gOC" qarasny, I felt 
the pangs of hunger, ^y 
qarras, io pinch, bite or 
sting repeatedly, make into 
loaves or cakes. o^y^\ inqa^ 
ras, or ^J.'\ itqaras, to be 
pinched, bitten, stung. ^^M 
itqarras, to be made into 

loaves or cakes, ^^yi. 
maqrds^ pinched, bitten, 
^stung. ^j0ji. muqarras, 
made into loaves or cakes. 
o^J Q^^?f 8ict of pinching, 

biting, stinging. ^^^• 
taqrys, act of making into 
loaves or cakes. A^Jqar^, 




pinch^ bite, sting, lever^tool 
for forcing doors open, pi. 
Z\j>}qar^t, ^Jqurs^disc, 
round cake, lozenge, pastil, 
pi. ^\j\ aqrds; ^\)\ ^} 
qurs er rds, crown of the 
head, a-a) jJ qur^sa, cakes of 
mashed beans fried in oil. 

t>y (c». ) ^^^^^ (juqrud ), to 
cut with the teeth, extermi- 
nate. ^j^jSl inqarad^ or^Jf jS\ 
itqarad, to be cut wih the 
teeth, exterminated, ^yi^^y^ 
maqrAd^ cut with the teeth, 
exterminated; ^5j^^ -^3 
walad maqrAd, a brat, a 
young rascal, ^y ^otrrf, act 
of cutting with the teeth, 
extermination. aJ>J qarda, 
or A^y qaryda, a cut ; ^J^^J 
^Jo^: qaryda tdbdak, damn 
you! the devil take youl 

]J^J ( J^>^ ) qarraty to tighten ; 
jij\^i>yqarrat ^aUxl walad, 
be strict with the boyl 
isjjZ taqryt, act of tight- 

^jM>J qurtds^ paper rolled up in 
a coincal form, pi. ^j^^J 

}^J (>j2i) qartam, to cut off the 
extremities. a^J qartama, 
act of cutting off. 

j^Jqurtum^ safflower, wild 
<J^J qartima, bit, snaffle, pi 

Uj qardtim. 
t/ ' ^y^Kt/^i)inqara''(jinqirV), 
to be ashamed, abashed. 
4CjA# rrnqra^'a, date-palm 
whip, pi cylii maqdri\ 

pj qara\ or ^J qurd\ ring- 
worm, baldness, ^jil aqra\ 
one who has the ringworm^ 
bald, fern. \cj qar'-a^ pi. pJ 
qur""; ^J\ ^jL^sutAh aqra\ 
terrace or roof which has no 
railing or wall around it. 
^\}\ XcVj qurrd^'et er rds, 

f\f qar\ , vegetable marrow, 
dried vegetable marrow 
used for helping one to switn^ 
^9. ^} qcuf^^CL, pl wU^ 




AC J 9ar'(X,mililary conscription, 
recruiting, ballot. 

^Ji^jk) qi^if(JiQ^(^f)Ao be 
disgusted, sick of. ^j 
qarrafy to cause to be 
disgusted or sick of. ojl5 
qdrif^ to argue, dispute. Oj5 
faraf^ disgust, sickness of. 
Cj^J qarfdn, one who is 
disgusted or sick of; J^U 
^lijjj) J A^y} ^dmil lamAna 
fy balad gar/iJna, he thinks 
a lot of himself, he values 
himself highly. ^ ^a* muqrif^ 
causing disgust, flllhy. aJj^a. 
mwgctr/'a, argument, dispute, 
pL c^lijU. muqarfdt, 

u^'J ( u^Ji ) Q^^M> or Jo x; 
^^\Jqa^ad 'a la qarafysoh^ 
to sit with the knees drawn 
closely to the body, a^^J 
qarfasa, act of sitting with 
the knees drawn closely to 
the body. 
^J Q^f^^y cinnamon. 

J V' ( 3jh) QCL^^CLQy to say witty 

vulgar things with play on 
the words, jj^r taqryq^ 
act of saying witty vulgar 
JjJ ijjjk) qarqas, see j.J 
AV(/*b*i) Q(^^Q(^^y to clatter, 
make a noise. Ami J qarqa^a, 
clatter, noise. 

J'^*J qaraqds, name of an Egyp- 
tian minister renowned for 
his cruelty ; j>*^j V- hukm 
qaraqds, an unjust judg- 

^yy qa^qAsa^ see ^J 
a{9j% quraqyja, hinge, pi ^^^J 
pf (jiyj) qarram, to be econo- 
mical, mean, stingy, artful. 
/►•^A. ma gar ram, economical, 
mean, stingy, artful; ^J-^j^ 
'agAs muqar r am ^he is very 
old. r^ar taqrym^ economy, 
meanness, stinginess. 

LT^jiJ^/i) qarmis, see j^J 
4.mJ qurma, log, stump of a 
tree, p/. ^J qtiram; <*Jj^ 
i^^j^la'an qurmet gudAdoh, 



he heaped insults on his 

J^yy qarmiit^eel, claries hassel- 

quistu^ pi. ia^*\J qaramyt 
Oj gam, horn, pi. 03J qardn, 
AilJy qurndfa ,hMii-eM of a rifle. 
Ja.Jy qarnahyt, cauliflower, 55^. 

AkJjqamabyta^ p/.^ilkj^ 

a^J {^J^^Jk) qarnas^ to be chilled 

with cold. ^ jA. muqarnas, 

one who is chilled. ^\J 

qarnasa^ chilliness. 
Jily qurunfil^ clover, carnation, 

sg. ^i^l Jqurunfila^pl^c^^ J 

h^O 9^^^£/<5j,* marionettes, 

punch and judy. 
Jj5#j»or C)yu} karakdn* Police 

station, pi vi^l'y^y kara- 

kondt; ^Op Oy^^J karakdn 

'askar, guard of soldiers. 
ij\3jlqarawdna, tin plate, pZ. 

ilX^^J qarawandt. 
^3j{ ^3jh) qarwat, to cut or 

bite ofifthe extremities.^I*^^ 

qarwata, act of cutting or 

biting off the extremities. 
^yqaryb or qurayjib, see wj? 
2uw J qur^sa, see^jJ 

ii ^ .vji» ^M ( i-i» jS:*) itqarjif^ to 
be out of temper, gloomy, 
melancholy.^»y#m wgar/iYj 
one who is out of temper, 
gloomy, melancholy. AkiJ 
qarjifa^ ill-humour, gloo- 
miness^ melancholiness. 

^^(/aryn, colleague, pZ. C)^J\ 

j\yqi;^ds^ glass; j\Jr) MA 
qis^dz^ pane of glass. ^j\'} 
qi;sdza, bottle, pi, j\j^ 
qasdjis. or wljlj? qi:sazdt. 

jl ji ga;?^^^^, weaver, pZ. jtJIjJ 

j^^lj? qazdn^ boiler, caldron, 
pi. zX\'} qazandt. J\'} 
qazdngy, boiler«.maker^ pi. 
4^1 ji qazangyja. 

^y qazah^ see ^y 

4^ J? qaz^a^ dwarf. 

j) ( -^ j^ ) Q^^Q^^^ ^^ crack, 
shell (nuts, etc. ). •jJji qaz^ 

qaza^ act of cracking, 




- iMyqazma* pickaxe, pi. ^y 

qizam^ or wUjJ qasmdt. 
•3I-J qasdwa^ see ^ 
Au..J(J*^5j) qassat^ to divide into 

instalments. Ja^aTI itqassat, 

to be divided. Jx^* iaqsyt, 


or Ja*J Q'is^^ instalment^ pi. 
Ja^U taqasyt^ or M-Jl 

J*-^i qist, oil-pitcher, pi, J^Lil 

(^(f-k ) qc^sam ( Jiqsim ), to 
take the oath, divide; J Cjf^ 
iJ^J x^* viSTz^- tuHn fy 
hanakak tuqsam li ^^rak^ 
there is many a slip twixt 
the cup and the lip; l^-^-J 
^L^:&\ qasamu el qassys^ 
the clergyman wasordained. 
j>J qassim, to divide into 
many parts. ^Ji qdsim, or 
\,3 f^^*^ itqdsim wayja^ to 
divide a thing with another. 
^1 aqsam, io take the oath. 
^31 inqasam, or ^27 1 
itqasam, to be divided. 

jvJmI it qassim^ to be divided 
into many parts. ^yJu maq- 
sdm, divided, fated; f ^-l* U 
Jda maqsAm ly, this is my 
fate. j-J« muqassim, or^^JbA 
mit qassim, divided into 
many parts. -^wJl taqsym, 
division; ^^ Sjki qantaret 
taqsym, bifurcation bridge. 
^J|^ qism^ part, division, 
district of a city, pi, ^Uil 
aqsdm. f^qasam,0BXh.Aj^^ 
gisma,division, fate, pi ^ 
qisam. ast^ qasyma, receipt 
foil which is torn out of a 
book of counter-foils. 
if-H is^.) qisy(jiqsa)^ to be 
hard, cruel. ^sJ qassa^ to 
harden, cause to be cruel ; 
dUi IjJ qassy qalbak, be 
severe 1 ^U qdsa^ to bear^ 
suffer, endure.* iV-Jgasdioa, 
hardness, severity, cruelty, 
^^li qdsy, hard, severe, 
cruel. X*\kMmuq(Xsd^OTK^\jim 
muqasyja, sufferings, trou. 




i-J gassy5^clergyman,chaplain^ 
pi, ^j^ qusus. 

JJ {J.\)qa§k(juqusSj, to sweep. 
JLii qas&U^ or JLlU qasqis, 
to pick up things from the 
ground, rob, loot, take 
away every thing ; k^\J-\ 
c^\ l^i^ elharamyja qai^ 
sisu el hH^ the thieves stole 
all there was in the house. 
JLSil inqais^ or JLaJI itqa&s,to 
be swept. JLiSl itqas§U, or 
jLiiari itqasqU^to be picked 
up, robbed, looted. J^^ti. 
maqsAs^ swept. JLia* ma- 
qassU^ or JLiil. muqasqU^ 
picked up, robbed, looted. 
Jl; qa§s^ act of sweeping. 
JLviojiagsj/i^or^iii; qaiqi§a, 
act of picking up, robbing, 
pi. ^\li. maqa&sdt.JS qahs, 
straws, spf.4ij qahsa^ pi.wCii 
qahsAt'^ aJL5 jU- 6y4r gassa, 
small cucumber. J.liijy.1^ 
wabAr qasidS^ extra train 
run during fairs^ etc. gene- 


rally composed of third class 

jj qiss, stern of a steamer. 
]piLi qu§At^ see LLi 

^ti{^.)qasah (jiqsah)^ or 
&ij qa§a\to get rid of, drive 
away. ^^^ qahh,ov ^ qas, 
act of getting rid of, driving 

^( Ak ) ^otsar (yagsa r ; or 
qasiar, to peel^ shell, skin. 
j^^maqkdr^ peeled, shelled, 
skinned. ^ qasr, or jjlir 
taq&yr, act of peeling, shel- 
ling, skinning. ^ Q[i^'^^ 
rind,peel, shell, bark of tree 
sg. i/iJ qisra, pL ^\jii 
qisrdt, or jyli qu&Ar ; ^^ 
^\)\ qihret er rds, dandriff. 
a ( JaiJb ) ga&i( (juqhat ), to 
erase, skin, remove the 
upper part. Jxli qa§sat^ to 
erase, skin or remove the 
upper part repeatedly, rob, 
pick ( pockets), l^^il* mag- 
Jail, muqa&kai, robbed. 




picked. Lli qcLsty act of 
erasing, skinning, removing 
the upper part. LJJv taqsyt, 
act of removing the upper 
part repeatedly, robbing, 
picking ( pocket s ) . LLh maq- 
5a(,scratching.knife,pZ. kiU* 
maqdkit. l»\ii qukdt, leather 
strap, pi. ^WAzi qusatdt. 
Akii qista, cream, pi, ^\ij 
qa§dty; A.lii«J\ ij< sagaret 
el qista, pine-apple. 

A^ (aIs^) qasa"^ (jiqsa^)^see ^ 
^ii ( j*l«j ) qas'ar^ to shudder, 
shiver, make the flesh creep. 
tjjLi qah^ara^ shudder, 
uili ( wAla. )qasHf, to be chap- 
ped {h^nds ),sJitAMmuqasHf^ 
chapped. Ull\ qahaf, chil- 

Aiii qisfafivxisi of bread,/)Z. ^JLi 
qisaf, or ^liii qisfdt. 

J^ { J^: ) Q^^^^^ (Jiqsal ), to be 
penniless, bankrupt, jlj 
qahsil, to cause to be 
penniless^rob of everything^ 

be penniless, be bankrupt. 
JIJ gasaZ, narrow means, 
poverty. o>li5gasfcl/i,impe. 
pi.,uii!Ai5 qaslanyn. 
JML5 qusld^^'' barrack, pZ. ^.15:^11; 

4S.-iig'as to,* hospital, infirmary, 
pi. ^jJilqisal^ or^^i; gasfcl^. 

o^Ku^^i) qass ( juqass ), to 
narrate, cut, cut with scis- 
sors;^jli Ca ^qass minnoh 
falAs^ he made money out 
oi him. fjoJLai qasqas^ to cut 
into small pieces with a pair 
of scissors. ^jCL^\i qdsis, to 
punish, chastise.^^ I in qass 
or ^jaJS\ itqass^ to be cut. 
fjA^\S\ it qdsis, to be pu- 
nished, chastised. ^^^* 
maqsAs,c\it; ^y^i^maqsAs^ 
love -lock, pi. ^jA-^ls* maqa- 
sys. ^jaJLoa^ muqasqas, cut 
into small bits. ^ qci^ss, 
act of cutting with a pair of 
scissors, 4^A^S qasqasa, act 
of cutting into sirall bits. 




A^i qussa, fronUock^ fringe 
of hair^ pi. ^^5 qusas. 
^ gissa^ story, fable, pi 
^^\ qisas. i^^tai qasqAsa, 
small bit, clip, pi. ^jaJU» 
qo^saqys. ^ai^ maqass, pair 
of scissors, pi. wUi» maqas. 
sdt; ^joA^ ^}>'\J rdgil maqass^ 
swindler, cheat, ''sponge'*. 
jljL-fiA. maqassiddr, tailor's 
cutter. ^j^U5 qct'Ssds^ profes- 
sional clipper of horses or 
donkies, pi. <^U} qas^sa, 
or (^^\^i qa§sasyn. i^Vai 
qusdsa, clips, cuttings. 
^UJ qisds, punishment, 

r-LiJ qisdg^ nippers. 

^\jti qusdd^ see Ji^i 

w^^ (^^A*:) qassab^ to hit one on 
the legs ; Ji>Ji\ ^ qa^ab 
el ard, he prepared the land 
for cultivation, he levelled 
the ground, kxoa: taqsyba^ 
cudgel, ^tai qa§sdb, land- 
surveyor, pl.jKX^iqassabyn. 
oLJ qa^sabyja, rake, pi. 

oLLai qassabyjdl. 
i qasab, gold or silver thread, 
sugar.cane. a^ qasaba, 
reed, standard of measure 
( = 3. 55meters ), pi. wL^ 
qasabdt; ^jiM^ qa^abet 
el burqu\gold tube attached 
to the veil of native women; 
<-AU^\ l^^qasabet el kanyf^ 
drain-pipe; ^}>'J\'L^qasabet 
er rigl^ shin-bone, ^ati^ 
muqsab^ embroidered with 
gold or silver thread. 
j^; ( J^\ ) qasad (Juqsud J, to 
intend ; 4U« (^ »J^jtiqasadoh 
fy masdla, he asked his 
assistance in u cose ; Ujuil 
^'{^aqsudha wayjdk, will 
I thwart you? will I oppose 
you"^ juaTI itqassad, to have 
a grudge against one,waylay. 
JUli qdsid^ one who intends 
to do a thing, one who does 
a thing on purpose. JLoi^a^d 
or Ju2« maq^ad, or ^^2* 
maqsAd^ intention, aim, 
purpose, pi. JL#l24 maqd^id. 




Ijui qasdan, on purpose. 
juaT taqassud, or aj^^a^ 
pi. oIjuaa' taqassuddt. ^Ui 
qusdd, in front of, opposite 
to; (^^ 3U; (^3 dy qusdd dy, 
tit for tat. 
j^^juM qoi'Sdyr^ tin. 
^(^J gisir (Jiqsar), to be 
short;j^ •^^iligsfro/i ""anny, 
let him leave me in peace I 
qasar or gas^ar^to shor- 
ten, limit ; I) JUP ^Af qassar 
^andma^ will you step into 
our house? /jl:p ^ dlUj ^ 
qassar rig lak min ""andu- 
hum, do not visit them so 
often I j^A>\ itqasar, or jA:i\ 
iqtasar, to limit one's self, 
j^^u taqsyrfiicX of shortening^ 
defect^ fault, oj^uiar taqsyra^ 
short stick. ^uJ qusr^ short- 
ness; ^^ gasro A, the long 
and short of it, j^^ qasyr or 
qusayjar, shorty pi. jUJ 
gasdr. ^IJ g4ser, minor^ 
under age^ pi, ^ qus§ar. 

•j^A.magsAra, private room^ 
residential house, palace^ 
villa^ pi, jyii qusAr yOr ^jy^ 
qusAra. jl^dl iqtisdr^ act of 
limiting one's self^avaidance. 
jyai qusAr, neglect, short- 

^y^ qusrumill, mortar made of 
burnt refuse. 

Ai^gasr^ya^ flower-pot^ cham. 
ber-pot, pi (^Jud qa§dry. 
^ ( ^1 ) qasa' (jiqsa' ;, to 
bend. a^M inqasa\ or juoSlI 
itqasa\ to be bent. ^t:\ 
itqassa\to bend one's self in 
a voluptuous manner. ^-aJ 
qas\ act of bending, aiuaS 
qas'a, large wooden plate, 
bowl-sleeper^ pi ^ qusa^. 
^^ taq^y\ act of bending 
one's self. 
; ( «Ji<A?i) qO'Saf(juqsuf)^ to 
break, snap (wood, etc.). 
cJUi qassaf^ to break one 
thing after the other. ULwiSI 
inqasafy or ujusri itqa§af^ 


15 1 


to be broken. <J^«aI» rnaqsAf^ 
broken; ^yaiM J^ walad 
maqsAf, a young rascal, a 
brat. ^-i-A* qasf, act of 

J^ qasal^stBlks,sg. J^ qasala, 
pi. o^^ qCLsaKXt, 

^^ .^5:-. I ( ^^i^^ istaqsa, to 
investigate, incjuire ; "^jaa^-I 

find out whore his house is I 
Ua;^t ts^tg^a, investigation, 

jmJ qci'?y^, see ^J 
^. ^^l(^jAAi)mgradd,to pounce 
upon ; ^c JaS\ inqadd 
""aUh^ he pounced upon him 

^ qadam, bold, sturdy, 

is^ ( ^^J goda O'^'S'c^y >, to do, 
perform, finish, judge; o^i 
a::>.U grada hdgtoh^ he did 
what he wanted, he eased 
nature ; cJ)^ <c^ 1^ da 
jiqdu dilwaqt, this will do 
for the present. ^ qadda^ 
to do, perform ; jlfJ\ ^ 
qadda en nahdr^ he passed 

the day. ^^ I inqada^, to be 
done, performed, finished. 
^^\iqta4a,ijo be necessary, 
require. ^^oAt-l istaqda, to 
perform, procure,accomplish. 
^^AOa muqtada or muqtady, 
required, necessary; ^^^lii 

Aj^.i>- muqtady hud/lroh^ 
it is necessary that he should 
be present; ^^A. Jo 'ato 

muqtada, in accordance 
with ; v'^' cj^^ muqtada 
el gawdb, the tenor of the 
letter. Ly garfa, act of doing, 
performing, finishi^ig, fate, 
destiny .-^^ qadyja, case, 

lawsuit, pi, ILii qaddja; 
\l\jaA\ ^ qism el qaddja^ 
department of government 
legal advisers, con ieniieao?, 

^\i qddy, judge, pi •UJ 
qudd; ^^^^\iqddysar'y, 
judge of Mohamedan reli- 
gious law; ^y^\iS^^qAdy 
et tahqyq,juge dHnstruC" 
tion ; AJji-l ^Ijll (^l5 g4dy 
e{ mawdd el guzyja^ judge 




pi. itl^ qawdti^ ; mtU 
Jl> qdti' taryq, highway 
robber, pi ji^ cAki quttd'' 
taryq. ^^^ maqtA'^y cut; 

who has no relatives; J^ 
Ai^JLiM sikka maqtA^a^ 
unfrequented road, dti^ 
m u qatta"^ , cut to pieces . JaJ 
qat\ act of cuttting; J«5 qat\ 
cut, breach, pi. ^pj qutA'; 
^\1A\ *Li Jif mahallqaC et 
<a^4feir, Cki 
qafan^ decidedly, by all 
means. aJJ qafa)cMi, bit, 
slice, piece, pL *k5 gato^ 
^ki ga('^, decisive. *.ks? 
taqty\ act of cutting to 
pieces. J^)\ •^lar taqaty' el 
wiss, features (of the face ), 
Ai. maqta\ breach or cut 
made on purpose, pi, ^\a* 
maqdtV ; jj^ Ja* maqta'' 
waraq^ paper_knife; ^Lam 
jXimaqta'' qumds^ roll of 
cloth. ^U»J gi^d", section; 

type-section ; J^k ^IkS gi7(4* 
0Zy, longitudinal section, 
^^ ^\ki gifd^ ""arady, 
transversal section. cAks 
qattd\ one who charges 
exorbitant prices, hanger- 
on, ''sponge", pi. cSpUJ 
qatta'^yn, ^^U 6iZ mag- 
tu'^yja, for a lump sum, b^ 
the job, prix A for fait. aaJ. 
ga({/'a,damnation (women': 
talk ). ^lUil inqitd\ inter- 
ruption, cessation . ^U 
qattd^'y^ in retail. 
cAJ ( ^>iU ) qataf (Jaqtuf ), t( 
pluck ( flowers or fruits ) 
uXi qattaf, to pluck one 
after the other.^^^mag^Af, 
plucked : ij^a^i ^y Idnoh 
maqtAfy he is pale. wiL 
qatf, or Uukv taqtyf, act 
of plucking. *JLk^ maqtafy 
native basket (made of palm- 
tree leaves), pl. UtiAju ma- 
qdtif. •Jblki qatdjify native 
cakes fried in butter ( eaten 
with sugar or honey ). 




(^ ( M ) qcH'tam (juqtum ), to 
cut with the teeth, snap^ 
snip. i^Mnqatam^ov \»S\ 
itqatam^ to be cut^ snapped^ 
snipped. iJ qatm, act of 
cutting, snapping, snipping. 
kJ^ qatma, a mouthful, pi. 
oUai qatmdt. 

^ qutn, cotton, pi, jUJ aqtdn, 
^kJ gatnt/!/a, striped cotton 

qa^yfa, velvet. 
Jui ( jbui) qa^ad (juq^ud), to sit 
down, stay; So xi qa'^ad 
Jitkallim, he continued to 
speak. Jui qa'^'ad^ to cause to 
sit down, cause to stay. j^^U 
gd'id, one who is sitting 
down, staying. .^Ui qu^'dd^ov 
:>yi qu%d, act of sitting 
down, staying. jliu« maq^ad^ 
bench, seat,saloon of a ship, 
pi, Jc\i» maqdHd. tJL^l; 
qd^da^ model, method, pe- 
destal, base of column, pi, 
wljK^li qa^ddt^ or Jely 
qawdHd. jc\S taqd'^ud, 

retirement from service; 

JLftlsd^^Ut ma'^ds et taqd'ud, 

retired pension. j^la* 

mutaqd'id, retired from 

service. •JUAi\ 3^ zul qt'da, 

11th month of the Mohame- 
dan calendar. 

ji qa^r, bottom, anus, pi. jyi 


ui .sji2i^\ (vJLax-jJ istaqaff, to 

consider ignorant, think 

lightly of, despise. uiZii 

qO'fqO'fy to shiver with cold. 

^ ga/to, back of the neck, nape, 
pi. ^I^a qafawdt ; Ui ^\j 
rdgil qafa, cuckold; J&JL>\^ 
•jjjp Ui ""djii ""ala qafa §6roh, 
he lives on others ; ^^^^^itj 
•xlUf jikta^al min qafa 
ydoh^ he works carelessly. 

u^^ Q(^ff^?y see ^^ 
>*(>2i) qafaz (jiqfiz\ to 
jump, spring, skip. :fi\qO*fz, 
act of jumping, springing, 
skipping.* jif qafza, a jump, 
a spring, pi. C^y^ qo^f^dt. 
j^qaffdx, metal spring, pi. 




bracket, pi. wljjuJ qafyz At. 
JLti ( JU5* ) qafah (yig^i ), to 
seize, arrest. JLtf qaffti, to 
seize or arrest one after the 
other. JJuiMnqafah^ or jjSiS 
itqafas,to be seized, arrest- 
ed. JJi qafs, iftct of seizing, 
arresting; JLJ M^kaJ/Xm 
qafk^ stuff and nonsense ; 

qafs, he did not learn the 
profession systematically. 
^;s qafas, cage, basket or seat 
of date-palm ribs, pi. 

maker of cages, baskets o r 
seats, pZ. A^^ q(^ff^sa^ or 
^:,i^U qaffasyn. 
^Mui^quftdn, long robe worn by 
cnen, pi. ^\ii qafatyn. 
mS (^) qaffa\ to be hollow, 
become a skeleton. ^ 
muqaffa% hollow, bag of 

up, close; ^Ulj wU jal 


ig^Z eZ M6 6iZ muftdh, lock 
the door up! Js qdffllj to 
lock up one after the other ; 
Is* ja qaffil baqa^ shut upl 
hold your tongue 1 JlSl 
inqafal, or Jisrl itqafal^ to 
be locked, shut, closed. jU^ 
JilJ homdr qdfil, an old 
shut,closed; J yuu ,^\^hdgib 
maqfAl^ joined eyebrows. 
ja^ ga/i, act of locking, 
shutting, closing, ja, gi/?^ 
padlock, pi JUI ag/ilZ. ^^iU 
gd/?a, caravan, pi. Jily 

aH quffa, native basket of date- 
palm leaves, pi UiH qtifaf. 

Ji^ gafy-y, see jd 

JJ (j5»)gaZZ(y(5i7Z;,to decrease, 
diminish, be scarce; 4^ Ji 
r-lj3 gaZZ 'agZoA toe rdh^ 
he was foolish enough to go. 
Jli gaZZiZ, to reduce, lessen. 
Jali qalqal, to stir, move a 
heavy thing. jUMiigrtZgaZ, to 
move, be moved, be stirred. 



Jai.^1 istaqall, to consider 
loo little, be independent; 
l2p Jii^^ j istaqall "^aqly^ he 
considers me foolish. jAs 

JJi qalyl or qulayjil, little 
of, few, slight; j2J\Jii 
gaZj/Z eVaql, foolish, silly, 
pi JiJ\ i,:^ qulaldt el 'aql; 
s-iiVI S^^qO'lyl el ada6,rude, 
impolite ; U-l JJi gai{/Z eZ 
/kx/a, shameless, insolent, 
impudent ; d^ U JJi gaZyZ 
makallimtoh, how often 
have I spoken to hi ml JJi 
JL»-Ij U ^\ qalyl in ma rdhk, 
it is not improbable that he 
will go; Ai^illlJJi qalyl 
lamma asdf&h^ I seldom 
see him. J5\ aqall, less ; ^^il 
aqalloh^ at least, j^ qilla^ 
scarcity, want, paucity ; i^ 
^^\ qillet adahj rudeness, 
want of politeness; di j-^-^l 
ahsan min qilletoh, better 
than nothing ; vAS ifj J<^j 
rdgil zaj qilletoh, a useless 

man; iJuUl^Jc ""ala qillet 
fdjda^ to no avail, uselessly, 
i^ gaZ9aZa,stir,moveTr.ent, 
disturbance, pZ. Ji:^ga&JgiZ. 
J^Ui-l istiqlAl, indepen- 
dence. Ja* muqill, mean, 
miser, pi. ^>0x. muqillyn. 
^yUmM mustaqill, indepen- 
^^^qilAda, necklace, pi xiU 
qaJAjid, or c^b^ qiladdt. 
i^33^ qalaAz, see ^^J 
4j^ qalldjay residence of the 

Coptic Patriarch, 
wli (.jLSj)gaZa6,fyigZi6),to turn 
over, upset, overturn ; ^^ 
^ nafsy qalabet^ I have 
the nausea,! am sick.^gaL 
ZI6,to turn over one after the 
other, examine, choose, wis: I 
inqalab, or J^\ itqaUxb, 
to be turned over,upset,over. 
turned. vJLs; U7gaZZi&,to turn 
one's self, be turned over ; 
IIkLiU^ \^\ itqallibu 'aHh 
el fiukama,he was attended 
by one doctor after another. 





wjU- maqlAb, turned over, 
upset, overturned; s^jnAibil 
maqliib, upside down, in a 
contrary manner. ^ qalh, 
act of turning over^upsetting, 
overturning; ^)iqalhj heart, 
inside, interior, kernel, pi 
i^jU qulAb; aIjj vJj*^ fy qalh 
6^^o/i,inside his house, right 
in his house; a;U J^a^AJ J JI 
illy fy qalboh ^ala lisdnoh^ 
he has no secrets, he is 

sincere ; wli viD ^ yiVi/ ^/c 
qalb, will you have the 

heart ? ^^ ^ 4 fy Q<^^^ 
6a'd, one with the other ; 
Utf ^ qalby 'aUh, I am 
anxious about him. ,„^ 
iagZy6,act of turning over, 
examining, choosing. vJi« 
mag to6, place where rubbish 
is thrown, discharge pub^ 
lique, trip, pl,^\Asmaqdlib. 
^\i qdlib^ form, mould, pi, 
wJly qawdlib ; ^^ ^li 
qdlib ttib, hrick; jljjJlwllJ 
gdZife iWitodn, glove- tree; 

^ ^li gdZift gazma, 
shoe- last. 

jji gaZ6ag,hood,pZ. j;^gaM6ig. 
l{^.)qakLg (juqlugj, to 
totter in walking, roll. 
JUJi ( ,J^ ) qalhaf^ to be dry, 
hard. UlhIIm muqalhaf, dry, 
hard, ai^ qalhafd^ dryness, 
hardness, aridity. 

M { jja, ) qallid, or w i^rl ii- 
qallid bi^ to imitate ; jiU^i ^* 
^^Vl /laioa jitqallid bil 
ufrang^ he Imitates the 
Europeans, jiai. mitqallid^ 
one who imitates* aiaj 
taqlyd, imitation. 

O^U (^^lii) gaZK^, to ridicule, 
make fun of, mimic ; k\c ^ 
qallii 'al^h^ he made fun of 
him. ^jUa; taqlys\ act of 
ridiculing, making fun of, 

JJi (JLU) qallat^ to ease nature. 
JLlar taqlyt, act of easing 
nature. J^jji qallAt^ excre- 
ment, cake of dung. 

/^ i^Jqala"^ (jiqUx'^)Jto uproot^ 




take off (clothes);^;.Pii!igato' 
'^/io/i,he took out his eye. 
Vi qal1a\io uproot one thing 
after the other, cause to tjake 
off; Ua^^aJJ qalUx^oh min 
hena, hustle him away 1 get 
rid of him! JlSI inqala^, or 
JiSl itqaku!'^ to be uprooted, 
taken off. ^ qal\ act of 
uprooting, taking ofif. *U 
taqly^, act of uprooting one 
thing after the other ^causing 
to take ofif. Ji qal\ sail, pi, 
p^i quid""; p- jU ^y markib 
quld\ sailing ship. <Ji qaVa^ 
fort^ fortress^ pi ^li qila\ 
or p^qild^; aA^\ el qaVa, 
the Citadel of Cairo, p^l* 
miqld\ sling, pi, *JU« 
maqaly\ a^-Ss taqly^a, 
innovation^ pZ. Jla? taqaly^; 

hull j6m fy taqly^a^ he 
gets up something new every 
lili gato^or U!S^feaZ/'a,*architect, 
foreman of workmen, head 

woman -servant in a harym. 

i^iLAhJqalfat* to tar, calk 

a ship, work carelessly. ka)ju 

maqalfat, tarred, calked, 

carelessly doncAUligaZfato, 

act of tarring, calking, 

working carelessly. 

^lylJ qalafunyja, colophony. 

c^Kvi^^ ) Q^^^'^^l (Jiqi^q), to be 
uneasy, be awakened at 

night, pass a sleepless night. 

jli qalaq^ to cause to be 

uneasy, awaken at night, 

cause to pass a sleepless 

night, jlf gatog, uneasiness, 

anxiety, sleeplessness. jUU 

qalqdn^ uneasy, anxious, 


^[siSqulqds^colocasia antiquo- 
rurriy native potatoes, sg. 
A-lAi qulqdsa^ pi, iLULs 

JJilJ qulqH, clods of earth. 

ii ( ii) qallim, io box the ears, 

trim the branches of a tree, 

etc. \vmuqallim^ striped, li 

qalam^ pen, oflBce, stripe, 


• • • 


slap, pi. f^t aqlAm. 4iii 
maqlama^ pen-rack, pen- 
tray, pi. ^\as maqdlim. 
iSi qulUjL^ native water- bottle^ 
pi JU qulOLl. Jfi qulaly, 
water-bottle seller, pi, ^ 
4- jU gaZfti«a,clergyman's hat,pZ. 
^^ qalalys. 

Jr^ gaZZ^(, see Ui 

J^jli(J^^U)gaitoa-3', to join with 
screws. J^^'l itqalwaz, to 
be joined. l^Jli* muqalwaz, 
joined. 4l;jlli qalwaza, act of 
joining -U 33^ ji<^ musmdr 
qalaAz, screw-nail, 
ji ( Js. ) gato r y ig«j/>, to fry. 
Jal inqala, or Jsrl t^gafo 
or itqalla^ to be fried. Ja* 
maqly^ fried. Ji gaZy, act of 
pan^pZ. c\%^miqlajAt, Js* 
rmqlOL, place where peas 
are roasted^pZ. ^^lii maqdly. 
aAk taqlyja^ sauce of chop- 
ped onions, etc* 

*^ qalyfa^ see kJ^ 

JiJ gaZt/Z, see Ji 
^CLi qammdh, see ;«i 
j\}qumdr^ or jVi^ ^ 1^6 eZ 
qumdr^ game of chance, 
gambling. ^j\^ qumdrgy^ 
or «5^->l? qumdrty^ gambler, 
pZ. a^jI? qumargyja, or 
4j j\i qumartyja. 
i^\j\} qimardty, glazier, pZ.AJljU 
j.\i qumds^ stuff, cloth, pZ. 4JLil 
aqmisa; si^^ j0\} qumds el 
6^Z, surface of a house, 
ground on which a house 
stands, j. qdrnmds^ seller 
of cloth, pi. Ai\^ ^am-- 

J^l? qumdt, see. Jj 
aJI-J qumbanyjay see aJLT^ 
jy^(-^) gam&ar, to place at a 
height, prop, ^jii qambara, 
act of placing at a height . 
propping. jyJ qambdr, 
hunch; jyJ ^J abu qambAr, 

jtJ qamh^ wheat, corn, sg. 
qamfya, pi, c^n^qamhdt.^ 


• M 

qammdh, seller of wheats 
pi. ^\jJ qammdha, or ^y^\} 
qammahyn. ^i qamhy, 

j*i ( j^i ) qammar, to toast 
bread. ^M it qammar, to 
be toasted, j^l^muqammar^ 
toasted. jkJC taqmyr, act of 

j^ qci'mar^moon^pl,j\}\aqmdr; 
otJl ^ qamar ed d(//i^paste 
of dried apricots. ^^ qama^ 
ra, moonlight; ^yJqamara, 
cabin of a, ship, pZ. ^|^ 
qamardt, iSji qamar y^ 
lunar. (^^ qimry, turtle- 
dove. Ai^ qimryja, bower^ 
skylight, small window, 
pi. d^ij^ qimryjdt, 

yj • jviil ( ylu ) itqammiz, or 
ryisi itqanzah,io rebound, 
skip about, jryff iagm y-3',act 
of rebounding, skipping 
about. %^ qamza, a skip, 
pi olj5 qamzdt. 

i-J qamka^ whip, lash, pt vl^lii 
Q'am&ti, ^^nii qamSagy^ 

coachman, groom, pi. v^ii 

(fjA^,) qammas, to skip or 
kick about fj^^JS taqmys, 
act of skipping or kicking 
about, frolic. 
qummus, archpriest. 

L^ ( ]^ ) qamat (Jaqmuf ) or 
qammat^to tighten,swaddle 
a child. JavaD itqammat, to 
be tightened, swaddled. 
iajJi»maqammat^ tightened, 
swaddled. J&^r taqmyt, act 
of tightening, swaddling. 
J^Ugamd^^swathing clothes, 
pi. siM\} qumatdt, aIU 
qammdta^ board to which 
women were tied to be 

f,^qum\ funnel, cone, pi. ^\ 

juiqumqum^ scent bottle, pi. 
}\} qamdqim. 

^}^qaml^ lice, $g.^^ qamla, 
pi wiLi qamldt. ^yju 
muqammil, infested with lice. 
i qamamja, stuffed fish. 


• •r 


jiii qunfid^ porcupine^ hedge- 
hog^ pi. ail 5 qandfid. 

u^ ( ui«i ) qannin, to assign^ 
apportion. (;;U* muqannin j 
assigned^ share^ portion. 
u>^ qanAn, law, code of 
law, regulation^ dulcimer^ 
pi (jjiMy qawanyn ; 4 tf^l 
Oyli^'j idda loh hil qandn^, 
he gave him as much as he 
ought lo^ he gave him his 
right share ; lj^jyUJ\ el 
qanAn keda^ this is what is 
right. j^y\i qantLngy^ one 
who plays the dulcimer, 
^yj qan{i\ see *:i 

^ ( ^5i ) qana (jiqny), to ac- 
quire, possess, f^i qdny, 
possessor; o^-A>-^^lilM ana 
qdny hosdn, I keep a horse. 


^ qany^ or ^i qanyja^ 

acquirement, possession. 

aUu5 qannyta* dry biscuit. 

y ( jA ) 9^/^ar (jiqhir)^ to 

offend, grieve, ^linga/iar, 

or j^aTI itqahar, to be 

offended, grieved, j^t. 

maqhAr, or jl^ qahrdn, 
offended, grieved. ^ gaftr, 
grief, sorrow, chagrin, .y^l; 
qdhra, Cairo; .^^U *y gatoa 
qdhra^ force majeure. 
jLj^ qahramdn, major-domo. 

•V S^^'^ ^^f coffee; ^y^ qah wa^ 
ca/'^, coffee-house, pZ. if^\^ 
qahdwy. ^^ qah wag y, 
coffee-house keeper, pZ.iUj-^ 
qah wagyja, 
•jiy qauwdra, broken ware, pi. 
wljly qauvoardt^ or jt^ly 
^j0\^^qauwds^ Cavas, consular 
guard, pZ.i-iy qauwdsa, 

^iy gatodm, see aU 

vy Q^^&> dry scubs,5gr. At^^q&ba, 
pi. sLf\^qubdt. 

Oy ( c^i ) qauwit^ to feed, 
nourish. O^SJl itqauwit^ to 
be fed, nourished, iy gdii, 
food, nourishment ; Z^^lW 
(^j3j^\ elqdt edr durAry^ 
the bare necessaries of life. 

J? (jyb) qauwar^ to hollow. 
jyS\ itqauwar, to be 


• t 


hollowed. jjA. muqauwar, 
hollow. j^yL^ taqwyr., act of 
hollowing, tj^* maqvoara^ 
tool for extracting the pith 
of vegetables^ pi. j^Li, 
•j^ q&ra.j forehead, pi jy 

ifjyl qOizy, young lamb. 

tr-^ g(5s^ bow, arc ; J^i^3 ^^^ 

el qds win na&sAb, bow and 

arrow ; ^» ^y qds qazah, 

^^ qAttty see oUilli 
jy(j^2i) qauwaq, to cackle. 

jjyu toga?yg,act of cackling. 

jiy j»l umm quwiq, owl, 
Jy gdga'^snails,si)f.4iJy qdqa'a, 

pi. sJ^^qoqa^dt. 
J y gdZ/ column, army corps, 

pi. oVy qolAt. 
Jy gdZ^see Jli 
Ai^yqdlaha, cob (of maize), pZ. 

J-ly gatodZiA. 
f y gdm, see ^ U 
0>>-*y komisjdn^^ board of direc- 

tors,commission, committee. 

policeman, pi. cM^^y- 
komisjondt. j^>:-*y ko- 
misjdngy, representative of 

a commercial firm, pi. 
Awf ^^•y komisjongyja. 
Cj^jjiM^ komanddn/ commader, 
commandant, pi, wUtjiuy 
komandandt;4i\it^X\ u'-J^*y 
komanddn el habsabdna, 

provost marshal. AjUi.y 
komandanyja^ comman- 
dant's oflBce. 
4^y qonasa^ gizzard, pi ^ly 

Aiy q&na/icon, pi. oy quwan 
^fi-^lkijy kaitkLd^sy* Turkish postiL 
lion,pZ. A.-^\i ijy kadka^asyja. 
<^y (^>^. )qiwy(Jiqwa ), to be 
strong, powerful, cjygaucoa, 
to strengthen, encQurage, 
consolidate; viUi^ qauwy 
qalbak^ have courage! cf^l 
itqauvoa^to be strengthened, 
encouraged, consolidated. 
(fyk^ mitqauwy^ streng- 
thened, encouraged. Ai^utog- 
wyja^ act of strengthening, 

o •o 


encouragement, consolida- 
tion, t^ quwa, force, 
strength, power ; t • ly jy^ij 
jLa»- wab&r quwet H&ryn 
fyosdn,20 horse-power engine; 
wU'< ;y quwet el qalb, 
courage ^bravery, c^y qawy^ 
strong, powerful, pi. \i^i) 
aqvoyja ; (^y gaioy, very ; 
if^^.f kuwayjis qawy^ 
very nice ; c^^S'l aj^I idra^ 
boh bil qawy^ strike him 
with all your might 1 (^yill* ^!f 
hallimoh bil qawy, talk 
loudly to him I tf^fj^^ 
^hby qawy, he is a great 
friend of mine ; ciy» (^^5J\ j>- 
/wg^g eZ gatoy aqwa, might 
is right. c^^A. jj^ waraq 

magaa toa,pasteboard.c*\i^s« 
muqaawyjdt^ tonics. 

J QCLJi see U 
ii\^ qijdfa, style, fashion ; w^-l* 
AiUi sdijifft qijdfa, stylish, 
4)Cj qayjdla, see JJ 

4^lJ qijdma, see ^\J 

^ ( ^- ) Q<^yJ<^b, to have pus 
or matter, j^^ muqayjah^ 
having pus or matter.^ qSh, 
pus, matter. 

J^ (jl2») qayjid^ to tie down, 
register, JLi'i itqayjid, to 
be tied down, registered. 
A:i» muqayjid, or Ju2:> 
mitqayjid^ tied down, 
registered. jlJ g^^d, or juS 
taqyjyd, act of tying down, 
registration; #1X1 jlJ Jc 'ato 
g^d eZ /wyVt, in a state of life. 
wl^^ qijuddl, registration 
office, record office; w*^ 
^i^t:* /c(t<i6 qijuddt, regis, 
trar. ^^i* maqwid, halter, 
thong for tying the legs of 
a donkey together, pi. ^3\jU 

jlJ g^d, see ^M 
i^l jj5 qyrdt, inch, l/24th part, pi 
iaij\J qararyt ; A.ijl jU ^^ 

arba'^a we 'ihryn qyf^dt^ 
24-.carat gold ; ot j^^i ^.j' 





i0\j^rab^a we H§ryn qyrdt, 
perfect condition. 
^^\tS gysttny, earthenware pottery. 
laJ(JaJb) qayjat, to upbraid, 
taunt. Jft-Ju taqyjyt, act of 
upbraiding, taunting. 
^\L:9 qytdn, thick cotton cord. 
JJ ( JA) qO'lfJil, to take a siesta. 
Jui; iciqyjyl, siesta. JUi 

qoLyjdla^ mid-day iieat. 
J:t gyZ, see JVJ 
Uj ( y Ji ) q^lat, to have a 

hydrocele. JJUu muq^kU, 

one who has a hydrocele. 

iikJi qalyta^ hydrocele, pL 

sl^lkJi qalytdt. 
Af^ qyma.see mM 

^ = fe 

il a/c, Ihee, thy, thine ma«. ; ik^ 
thee, thy, thine fern. ; ^il*^ 
darabak^ lie thrashed you ; 
il fea, as, like ; o ^kainn ,as 
if. ^kum, you, your ; ^.y-^ 
darabtukum, I struck you; 
^)sS^kitdbkum, your book. 
^ylS' kabAs, see ^^-5" 
J^JS' kabMy^ cantaliver. 
^^kdtib, see ..j^ 
viUylS' katulyk* Catholics, sj^. 
^ y^ katulyky. 
3l5'(jLiC) fedd (Jikyd), to 
displease^ tease, outwit. ^IWt 

inkdd,OT 3^'i itkdd^ to be 
3!^ munkdd, or ^1^ mit- 
/cdd, displeased, teased, 
outwitted. JL^ fe^d, or ^ji^ 
fe^da, displeasure, anger, 
vindictiveness. (f^^kajd^ 
dy, vindictive, pi. *o^^ 
j6 kdr* profession, work, pi. 
slAj^ kardt; o^jSOl wljl 
arbdb el kardt, artisans. 
A^J^kdrista^ articles for repairs 
of saddlery. 



^ /c(trr,slender part of the leg 
of a sheep,j3Z. ^f^kawAr'C ^ 

jij^karliz, see j^ 
^^kds, cup, glass, pi. viLK^ 
kasdt; c^Ul^l ^jII j0^t 
a^d ed damm bil kasdt ^ 
Ailf kdfa^ seejS^ 
j/*'^ kafAr, camphor. 
4)/tr fea/cA to,old.fashioned jacket^ 
pi. zJ^f^'^kakuldt, 

S^ ( S^^ ) '^^'^^ ryife^fey >), to 

crow, cackle. a5^^ muka- 


kyja, act of crowing, 
J^)^ kaUtk," golosh. 

o)^ kalAn, see o A*^ 
^^kdm^ or l^^fcam, how much? 
how many? ^B* acLS\ es sd'^a 
kdm, what time is it ? ^SC 
bikdm^ for how much? ^.^f 
My kdm jom, how many 
days? Ckam^ or ^i a/cam, 
some, few; J»}f^ akam 
qirh, few piastres, k^ kirn- 
myja, quantity, pi d^ 


^y^ kdmil, see J^ 

0^ {Cjfi) ^^^ (jukAn ), to be ; 
0^ ,t^ z^^^b^t hajsu kdn^ 
a poor house, a simple 
house ; J C)^ kdn fy, 
there was; i^3^ y ^y. ^} C^ 
kdnfyjdmmin ddl, there 
happened on a certain day. 
0^\ ikkaawin, or j^l 
itkauw in yto be formed, 'j/^ 
fedn, being, existence; j/^ 
ma'' kdn, although ; ^^^ 
likdn, for,because ; ^j a5jS^ 
kdnoh rdh, the fact of 
his having gone ; ai/^^IU 
fjAlet kdnoh^ while that. 
j^y^kdjna, calamity, mis- 
fortune, pi. c^\:»y kajndt. 
f^iS^kaJdn, being, existence. 
i^kunja, surname, title. 
C^^ makdn, place, pL ^^1 

C)y^kanAn, stove, hearth, fire-. 
place, pi, C^\f^ kawanyn. 

^^ kdhin^ priest. 

( ^jC ) kabb (jukubb )^ to 

• •A 

pour out^ upset, discharge 
semen.sJjS^kabbib^ to make 
round balls^ heap up. wXp 
feafcfc ifc, to spill .,^1 inkabb, 
or J^\ itkabb, to be poured 
out, upset. ^^,3^ ikkabbib^ 
or ,jf^\itkabbib^ to be made 
round, heaped up ; \y^^\^^ 
JiSc en nds ikkabbiba 
^alih, people gathered 
around him. sJ^\ikkabkib, 
to be spilled, s^y^makb&b^ 
poured out, upset, w^ 
mukabbib, round. jHcabb, 
act of pouring out, dis- 
charging semen, s^^tak- 
byb, act of making round 
balls, heaping up. a^? 
kabkiba, act of spilling. a5^ 
mikabba^ dish or tray 
cover, pi. wlid mikabbdt. 
\S^kaba^ or U qaba, obsolete, 
old-fashioned, clumsy. 

sJS^kabdb, small pieces of meal 
roasted on a spit. 

3(^&a6Md/nedical lemon,citorn. 
^tf^kabbAs, see ^j^ 

lAf kubbdja^ glass, tumbler, pL 

jl5^. jl5^ ( jiXT ) ikkabbid, to 
endure;i^jt-A* \xS^\ikkabbid 
masaryf, he incurred great 
expenses. •Jbl^ mukdbda, 

x^kibd, or ^x^ kibda, liver, 

pi. j<f^ kibad. 
Ji^(jf^J kibir (Jikbar ^ to be 
large, be great, grow, age ; 
z^jf^A^ nafsoh kibret, he 
became conceited; ^j?y^ 
^^jiil huwa kibir "^alal 
hud&m, the clothes have 
become too small for him. 
jf^ kabbar ^io enlarge, cause 
to be great, magnify, ex- 
aggerate, j^ kdbir, to 
contradict, be obstinate. j^\ 
ikkabbar, or jf:\ itkabbar, 
to be enlarged, conceited. 
jjM-l istakbar, to consider 
large, be conceited. >jS^/ca6r, 
greatness, magnitude, size; 
^\ j^kubr es sinn, or ^ 
kabar, old age. jf^ kibr. 


or \ijf kibryja, or j^ 
takabbur, conceit, pride, 
vanity. jS^ kibyr^ large, 
great, enormous, old, aged, 
pi. j\f kubdr ; ^j^\ j^ 
kibyr en nafs, or j^ 
mitkabba r,concei ted , proud, 
haughty; ^j^i ^\ el UUi el 
kibyra, last night of a fair ; 
Ap\:i^^\ el kibyr 6iid'oA,his 
chief,his superior.^a/c&ar, 
larger,greater,older ; jS(4a\ 
allAhu akbar, good Godl 
dearmel j^\ akdbir^ or 
^\j\f kubardt^ grandees, 
distinguished people, j^ 
mukdbir, obstinate, •j^^ 
mukdbra, obstinacy, con- 
jS^kabar^ mustard seed. 

(fjf^OT if y/'^kubry^ bridge, pi, 
<fj^ kabdry, 

c^^jf^kabrytfiv c^^/S^kasfaryt, 
matches, sg. o jf kabryta^ 
pi. ^\:ijf kabrytdt ; ^^ 
>y\c kabryt "^am&d^ brim- 

lt^^ kTTt ) kabas (Jikbis)^ to 
press, capture, conserve 
( vegetables in vinegar ) ; 
f yH Jc ^jS^^kabas ""alayja en 
ndm, sleep overcame me, 
Jjf^ kabbis, to shampoo, 
^j^l inkabas, or ^^^\ 
itkabas^ to be pressed, 
captured, conserved. ^^^C 
makbAsj pressed, captured, 
conserved, ^^kabs^ act of 
pressing, capturing, conser- 
ving. A^ kabsa, sudden 
attack, alarm, pi. siX^ 
kabsdt. ^\^kabbAs ^^ision, 
valve. ^^^ kabds night- 
marc.jj^ ma/cbas, pressing 
machine, pZ. ^^makdbis. 
^j^ »:^ sana kabys^ leap 
Cj y^S^kabsUn ^ capsules, percus- 
sion caps, 55^ . a; y^kabsA na^ 
pi. cJ^ y^ kabsundt . 
J4^ ( J^. ) kaba& (jikbik), to 
grasp. JLi"/ca6i,act of grasp. 
ing.^5"/ca6&i, grasp, hand- 
ful, ladle, pi. wl-li^ kabsdt ; 

• ^■ 

iV^ili feab^f wildd, few 

boys. Alfkubki^ hook, pi. 

jSkubas; ^^ kzS kubia 

we '^n, hook and eye. 
AS^kubba, plague, pestilence, 

pi. ,^ kubab. 
C^^kabb&t, or ^^^ kabb&d,'' 

cloak, great-coat, pi. i>il^ 

kababyt; <oji\s:j^kabbAt 

el *^arabyja^ hood of a 

' -^(c/i^) f^CLba ijikby)^ to be 

tarnished, dull coloured. 

<^ir fcdby, tarnished, dull 

ajS^ kub^ba^ Syrian dish made 

of mashed meat and pearl 

j^ kibyr^^/e^ jf 
Ja5^( A*i jP) kubb6l ( "^arabyja)* 

coup6 carriage, brougham. 
sJcS^ kitdb, see ,j^ 
^\::^kitidn^ flax, linen; C)\i^j-^ 

bizr kittdn, linseed ; ^ j 

C)\if rSt kittdn, linseed oil. 
wi5^( .-^t^ ) katab{jiktib ), to 

write;^ ^ <^ w^ /carafe 

ly'ala qamAs, he ordered 
a dictionary for me. 
kattib, to cause to write. 
^^ kdtib, to correspond. 
i^ inkatab, or wi^* 
itkatab, to be written. 
v-»y^ maktilb^ written ; 
w^iC maktAb^ letter, pi. 
writing, inscription, pi, 
s:.\A-^ kitabdt, sJiS kitdb, 
book, pi. ^i^kutub; ^J^ 
\^ A) 1:5^ katab kitdboh 
"^aliha^ he betrothed her. 
AiU. .j^/cufa664na, library, 

bookshop, pi. ^I'U- w*:^ 
kutubbandt. wftT kuttdb, 
elementary school,pi. ^'l:^ 
/catoit/6,.^*l^ft(t<t 6, writer, 
clerk, pZ. A^kutaba, or 
v^liT/caiittb^^^C maklab, 
desk, office, study, school, 
pi. wi^ makdtib. a-:C 
maktaba, desk, library, pi. 

vi#l-iC maktabdt. ^^ 

. • 

makdtib, correspondent, 
pi. uo^ mukatbyn. aJ^ 



mukdtba^ writing, corres- 
pondence, engagement, pi 
oUiSCi mukatbdt. ^JoS\ 
«/c t if (t6,subscription,enlist-. 
ment. ^5^/cai6y,bookseller, 
pi. Aj^:^ kutbyja. 
^jj^^katidra^" cathedral 
jJ^( jlSi ) kitir ( jiktar )^ to 
increase, be numerous. jS^ 
kattar^ to increase, add to ; 
f^J'J^^ ma tikattari 
kaldm, do not talk too muchl 
.1 istaktar^ to consider 
too much; iJjjO^ j^^^l y 
huwa bijistaktar bi birak, 
he is much obliged to you. 
j^\ itkdtir, to be numer- 
ous, too many. JiS^kutr, or 
^JS kutra^ plentifulness, 
abundance. jC^ kityr, 
much, many, great deal, pi 

hyja ahsan minnoh bi 
kityr^ she is a great deal 
better than he ; ^:^\ jc^^ 
huwa kilyr elkaldm,he is 
talkative; jjiTwl^ I fhumma 

ashdb kityr, they are great 
friends. jS\aktar, more; 
^U\ jiM aktar en nds^ 
most people. 
mxS^kata\ having one arm. fi^ 
akta\one who has one arm, 
fern. \^kat'a^pl. ^ kut\ 
^:S^(^JU^ ) kattif, to tie tiie 
hands together. ^^i/c/ca<- 
tiY, to have the hands tied 

together, fold the arms 
across the chest. 
mukattifj oruc>i^ mitkat^ 
tif, one who has the hands 
tied together or the arms 

folded across the chest. 
sJlcS^ taktyf, act of tying 
the hands together, folding 
the arms.vJL:5^/cii/',shoulder; 
abutment, wing, pi. vJli^j 
aktdf^ or vJli^ kitdf'^ \^j\^ 
Ailii"! ddru aktdfoh^ they 
tied his hands together 
behind his back; uc^ \» 
hatt kitf, he ran away, 

he bolted ; ^lAtS^^ ^Jijl 

ydy ""ala kit f ok, I will 



follow you ; AiliTl ^ ^ ^j 
ramamin ^ala aktdfoh,he 
shirked the responsibility. 
C^^( c5oC^ ) katkit, to be curly 
( hair ). c5cSC mukatkit, 
Z^^katk{it^Gh\QkQTi,pl zS^ 

Af^kutla, beam, bulk, lump, 
mass^ pi. ^ kutal. 

f^{ fS^) katam (Jiktim )^ to 
conceal a secret, hold one*s 
tongue or breath. c^\ 
inkatam, or x^\ itkatam, 
to be concealed^ held. 1^1 
itkattim, to keep silence, 
withhold the truth. ^/^ 
maktAm^ concealed, held; 
iUjiSCi ^^ batny maktAma, 
or c^ ^, batny katamet, 
I am constipated. ^ katm, 
OT c^ ft i<m(tn, concealment 
of a secret, act of holding 
the tongue or the breath.4? 
feaima,closeness of atmos- 


Ax^katyna* watch-chain, pL 

Cji\S katdjin. 
4i\iS kasdfa, rudeness, s^^ 

kasyf, rude, 
f ( j^ ) ^(J^bb (jukuhh ), to 

cough, ^kahfy^act of cough. 

ing. jS-kuhha, cough; 4^ 

kahha, a cough, pi zjC 

cJr{c^eS^^) kahat (jikhat ), to 

scrape, j^ kahhat^ to 

scrape repeatedly, c-^l 
inkahat, or z^^ itkahat, 
to be scraped. vliytSCi mak-^ 
h&t^ scraped. cS kaht, act 
of scraping. 

^ kahk^ cakes, sg. S^ kahka^ 
pl.zJ^C kahkdt, 

J^(j^) kahhal^ to dye the 
eyes black, put coUyrium in 
the eyes, ^y^ ikkahhal, or 
Jji^l itkahhal, to be dyed 
black. J^ mukkdhhal^ or 
J?t^* mitkafihal^ dyed 
black. J-?tSo takhyly act of 
dyeing the eyes black, 
putting coUyrium in the 



eyes, ^^kuhl, black dye 
for the eye^ collyrium. J^ 
kuhla^ pointing {mas. ). Ji 
kuhly^ light black. -4^ 
mukhila, pot of black cos- 
metic for the eyes. 
J-i i^. ) ^ihy (Jikha ), to be 
worn out ; J^tiH Cf^^ ^' 
ana kihyt min ei iu^l,! 
am exhausted by work. 
C)Vf kahjdn, worn out, 
miserable^wretched, worth- 

jX /ci/A^Z^thorough bred horse^ 
pi. ^\S^kahAjil 

^ /cfftya/steward, stewardess 

in a Turkish family. 
^^(jC) kadd (jikidd), to 

work hard. J^kadd, hard 

work, fatigue ; •J^j* •'>il 
istardh min kaddoh^ he 
bought it with money 

earned by the sweat of his 

\^kida^ so, thus; \J^J^mui 

kida, not so, not in this 

manner ; Ij^ JU ma^ *ato 

kida, not for this reason; 
IjS^^jJ bass kida^ only so, 
this is all 
vJ^(v->^) f^idib (jikdib),io tell 
a lie : U^ wjT kidib "^aUh, 

he told him a lie. wJ^ 


kaddib, to contradict, give 
the lie to ; j^ trl-*^^ ^ct 
kaddibs babar, he lost no 
time. wiJ»^ takdyb^ act of 
proving to be false. wjT 
ftidft, falsehood, lie. aijT 
kidba^di \ie,pl.s:j\{j^kidbdt; 
Jiyl Sij^/cidbei aftryi, April 
fool. sy^'JiS^ kadddb, liar, /)i. 
(ijiljS' kaddabyn. ^^j\ 
amr kddib^ slander, libel, 
jJ^( J^.) kaddar^ to annoy, 
vex, grieve, reprimand.jJSI 
ikkaddar, or jjSjI itkad-- 
dar^ to be annoyed, vexed, 
grieved, reprimanded. jJx« 
mikkaddar, or J J^Zm mit" 
kaddar^ annoyed, vexed, 
reprimanded. j^j$J takdyr^ 
act of annoying, vexing, 





kadar^ ill-humour^ grief, 
vexation, annoyance. 

•-^kudda, ugly woman^pZ. 3-6 
kudad, oroljT kudddt. 

S (^) karr (jukurr )^to come 
successively^ undo a reel of 
cotton; w^fWl el ayjdm 
karrel, days passed, /f^ 
karrar, to repeat^ distil, 
refine, jfkarkar^ to roar 
with laughter ,laugh heartily. 
j/T ikkarrar, or j^'l 
itkarrar^ to be repeated, 
distilled, refined. jjCi ma- 
karrar, or jJsLm itkarrar^ 
repeated, distilled, refined. 
y^ karr, act of coming 
successively, undoing a reel 
of cotton; ^ w\i>Usi»^' talat 
sa'(4^/ca^^, three consecutive 
hours. j.^p takryr^ repeti- 
tion, distillation, refinement, 
jljj tikrdr, repetition, 
recurrence.! jl^ iikrdran^ 
repeatedly. $f^f karkara^ 
loud or hearty laughter. 

Aij\f kurraryja^ bobbin, 
reel, pl.Z\j\fkurraryjdU 
\y kira^see(sf^ 

jl^feardr, pantry, pi. z.\j\/ 
karardt, ^^j\f^kardrgy^ 
steward,questor, pi. ^^-J^f 

^\[f karrds^, pi. 
iy.j^f^^^^rys. k^\fkur^ 
rdsa, pamphlet, pZ. ^jt/' 

J^\} karrdka* dredger, pi. 

k^f kardma, see ^f 

^\f kardtia^ see •/ 

^^i\f kardwja^ caraway. 

v/ (vj^ ) ^^^^6 (Jikrib ), to 
grieve, v-^^l inkarab, or 
s^^\itkarah,io be grieved, 
have cares, v^^ makrAb, 
grieved, one who has cares, 
v^^ karbj grief, sorrow, 
cares, anxiety, distress. v-^jC 
mukrib, grievous,tiresome. 
^.fkurbdg, lash, whip, pZ. 


o |e 



^}\f kurbdl, sieve for straw, 
pi, ^^\^karahyl, 

tH-r (ctJ-^) fearfcis^ to push oae 
down (stairs, etc.). ^j^^f\ 
ikkarbis^or^j^^y itkarbis^ 
to be pushed down^ fall 
^fi^^,)kartin* to put in 
quarantine; ^c\y:'J^karti'' 
nu ""aUhuniy they put them 
in quarantine. a:»^ kartina, 
act of putting in quarantine. 
Ax;^or ^J karantyna, 
quarantine, pi. ^Uu-j^fea- 
Ai^fearia/ remnant of a meal. 

^yfkartdn, pasteboard. 

AlU./' karabdna* brothel, pi. 
cX\i^ j^ karaiianAt , 

C)\>fkirdAn, or c^^jt gi^ddn^ 
necklace, pl.^*^^\fkaradyn. 

^^y{j»>J^.) kardis^ to commit 
self-pollution, ki^^kardi- 
sa, masturbation. 

4ii^/^/card^to,*ribbon,pZ. ^i*o/^ 
jf [^jfi) karaz ( jikriz ), to 

preach. •ji/^/ctM^a, act of 

preaching, o/^r ^^^^^9 ^ 
sermon, /)Z. Cj\jJ^ karzdt, 
j^j^kar&z, preacher, pi, 
}^karaz, cherries, cherry- 
trees, 55^. ^jf karaza^ pi, 
C>\jf karazdt, 

^*f (^}i)karras, to consecrate. 
^^^ takrys^ consecration. 

^^f kursy, chair, pi ^\) 
kardsy ; jIja ^f'^ kursy 
hazzdz^ rocking-chair;^^'-/' 
jjL^ kursy bi masdnid, 
arm-chair; 4$CuM ^^^y^ursy 
el mamUika, capital of a 

j.fij'fi ) karas {jukruk ), to 
drive away, hurry, scratch. 
^^5jCmafer6i,driven away, 

hurried,scratched. ^^Wcars, 
act of driving away, hurry- 
in g,scratching. ki>} karsa^ 
discharge, hurry, haste. 
j.^kirs^ belly, stomach; y\ 
j^f aba kir§^ potbellied. 
Aif^ kirsa^ tripe. i^U/' 



kurakAty, tripe seller^ pi. 
KlM^f kurakatyja, 
^^fkarsAny, Arabic in Syriac 

retch, ^^ takry\ act of 

^fkarafs^ celery. 
^ f kurk ,"" fMV ^ sable. 

kSf{s^S^}i karkib, to make a 
noise^ confuse, upset ; <fj 
^%^\^^ ^ kdrkiboh min 
^ala es saldlim^ he pushed 
him down the steps; jLjlf^'U 
^^jUa ma tikarkiblM 
masarynoh^ do not make 
him uneasy 1 do not frighten 
himl wS^/T ikkarkib, or 
^fi\ itkarkib, to be 
confused, upset. w^Ci ma- 
in a state of confusion^tupsy 
turvy. Af^f^karkiba, noise^ 
disorder, confusion, fuss. 
^.^y ^^^^^ba^ piece of 
furniture,poor furniture, pi. 
^.f karakyb; hff • Jy^ 

""agijLza karkAba, helpless 
old woman. 

^J^ kurkum^ saffron, 
^^/cara/ca, native ladies* vest, 
pi. cX^ karakdt. 
C)ffkarak6n, see Jy.y 

^y *&^{&^^)(ikram {Jikrim\ 
to honour, respect. ^^ 
ikkarram^ or m^\ itkar^ 
ram J to be generous ; ^/T 
• jUuj aJ^ ikkarram ^al^h 
6i sigdra^ he oflFered him 
a cigarette.f jC mukarram^ 
honoured, respected. ^Jj 
takrym, act of honouring, 
respecting, ^f^ karam, 
generosity, liberality. kA} 
kardma, honour, dignity. 
^\^ikrdm, respect, hospi- 
table reception ; il^V Cl^ 
ikrdman liab&k, out of 
respect for your father, for 
your father's sake. |c/^ 
karym, generous, liberal, 
hospitable, pi. \j^f kurama^ 
or ^\f kurdm ; ir^JajU; 
zdbit karym, general 



^j^f^ ikkarmii. 

officer. A£^/cart/ma,daugh- 
ter, pi. C^\xf^ karymdt. 
^*jC makrama^ noble 
deed, generosity, pi, mJ^ 

•f'(j^J^) karmik^ to wrinkle^ 
frounce. J. 
or y^^p\ itkarmik^ to be 
wrinkled^ frounced. JL^^C 
m ikarm is, wrinkled, froun- 
ced . KL»fka rm isa, wrinkle, 
ii\l^kurnAfa, butt. end of rifle. 
,^} kuranb ( or s^ykurumh), 
cabbages, sg, ^^fkarunha, 
pi sZjU/^kurunbdt. 
AXif^karantyna, see ^'^ 
Jjfkornik,'^ cornice, pl.J*^\J^ 
^f (tf) karah or kirih 
(jikrah),OT ^^L^Mstakrah, 
or # jTl ikkarrah, to hate^ 
detest, gf^karrah^ to cause 
to hate or detest. ijCTl 
inkarah, or ^p\ itkarah, 
to be hated , detested. o^jC 
makrdh. hated, detested : 

oj^ dli jy. V L*tj rabbina Ui 
jAryk makrAh^ may evil 
never befall youl ^fkurh^ 
or iul^ kardha, or K^^y 
kuruhyja, hatred. 4j^ 
karyh^ hateful^ detestable^ 
bad, foul, ^f\akrah^ more 
hateful; U U ./T afera/i ma 
"^alayja, what I hate most, 
tij <^feiraa?(tia/cravat^ neck- tie, 
pi, otli/^ kirawatdt. 

^\^y karawdn, caravan, pi 

oli 1^^ fea ra wand t. 
S^ykerAkyJ" sketch ( plan ), 

kj^^fkuruhyja, see^f 

c^^j^ karawit , sofa^ divan, 

iSfiif^) kara (Jikry), to let, 

hire, cjj^l inkara, or cf^vl 

itkara^ to be let, hired. 

(i^CLl istakra^ to take on 

hire. c^jC* makry^ let, 

hired. \f^kira, rental, hire, 

fare: I <0 .i^ 6^« Zei kira, a 

house to let; Ij^V. j^ 'araby- 

Jet kira, hackney carriage, 

^./^kur^^,"" frill 


si^ifkarSk, shovel, pi. cJCf 

jt/* karym^ see ^f^ 

^,j karyh,see»f 

•jif^kuzbara, or »js.Skusbara, 

dD/^ kazUxk^ small butcher's 
knife, pi dJll^ kazdlik, 

^ kuss, sexual organ in the 
female, pi. ^^l-Tl ak$ds. 

\jC^ kisa, see ^ 
-LS^ kusdh, see ^ 

( ,^^C) fei5e& (jiksab), or 
^^^:5^l i/c<a^a&,to gain,earn. 
^Skassib, to cause to gain 
or earn : dJL.CUj rabbina 
jikassibak^ I accept the 

price (or sum) you name. 


^[^^\ iktisdb, actof gain- 
ing, earning. ^-C maksab^ 
gain^ profit, pL ^^^. 
makdsib. C)^ kasbdn^ 
gainer,pi. a^[yS^kasbanyn. 
iuSkusbd^ refuse of sesame. 
J^y^kasabdny ,se\\eT of kas- 
ba, pi, o'Li^ kasabanyja. 
4i\x^ kastanO'^* chestnut. 

f;j\uS^kustibdn,^ thimble, pi 

C^jVS^ kasatbyn. 
AiSi^kustiUta/^ chop (mutton, 

etc. ) . 
yiXjiJ^kustik, or ^iXJu.\ustik /"long 

watch-chain, pi, ^iXJVS 

kasatyk, or dJL»Ll asatyk, 
jc J^( ^^ ) feasa/i (jiksah), to 

drive away ; w^ ^J»' ^^ 
markib kasahet^ the ship 
went with the current. ^S^ 
kassah^ to cripple. j*-^l 
inkasah, or jcJjl itkasah, 
to be driven away. »«.iri 
ikkassah^ to be crippled. 
•clC mukassah, cripple, pZ. 
Ojiflfc-C mukassahyn. r-l-5" 
kusdh^ rickets, f^ kash, 
act of driving away, ao^^ 
kasfuXy a discharge, pi. 
diU-i^ kashdt. 
jJ^{ jJ^^ ) /casar (Jiksar ), to 
break, defeat. ^^ kassar, 
to break to pieces. ^^-C^l 
inkasar, or ^^Jjl itkasar, 
to be broken, defeated ; 
•j^l S^ j^^ inkasar fy et 




tigdra, he failed in conc- 
merce; ^jA iS^jJ>l\ in kasar 
%lSh faUis, he still owes 
money. jS\ ikkassar^ to 
be broken to pieces. j^-iC. 
maksAr, broken ; bj^JCil^ 
'Snoh maksAra^ he is asha- 
med. j^C ma feassar, broken 
to pieces. j-CL munkasir^ 
poor, miserable, helpless. 
j^ kasr, act of breaking ; 
jS kasr^ fraction, pi. j^jT 
kusAr ; j^-5^ ^,J 4clJ\ es 
sd^a arba^'a we kusAr, it is 
after four o'clock ; J^^J a-> 
j^-^Tj fiamsa qurAs we 
kusdr^ more than five 
piastres. i^JT kasra^ de- 
feat. Bj^^ kisra^ piece of 
bread, pZ.^^ kisar, j^Jt^ 
taksyr, act of breaking to 
pieces, jy^^ takasyr, 
'^change". ^jJC maksara, 
ii^j^^S kasardna* saucepan, 
casserole^ pi. y^l^^jj^ ka^ 

^Ja^kuBtarra^ ruler ^for draw- 
ing lines ^, pi. wljJL-T 
yJ^S { ^jJZ ) kasaf (Jiksif)^ to 
give a sharp reply or 
rebuff, refuse a favour, 
disappoint, shame. iJuiJl 
inkasaf^ or Ui^^\ itkasaf^ 
to receive a sharp reply or 
a rebuff, be refused a favour, 
disappointed, be shy or 
ashamed. o^JCI maksAf, 
ashamed, shy. amS kasfa^ 
sharp reply, rebuff, refusal 
of a favour, disappointment, 
pi. cJ^S kasfdt. iJ^X 
kusAf^ shame, shyness, 
eclipse of the sun. 

^^C-S (^CIC) kaskis, to move or 

cause to move backwards, 

4-.C5 kaskisdy act of 

moving backwards. 

^S^ kuskusy, kind of native 



^^S^ {^^JC) kisilijiksal) , orjl^ 
kassil, or J-^lJjl itkdsil, 
to become idle, lazy, J-.^ 



• * 

kasal, idleness^ laziness. 
j^^LT kasldn, idle, lazy, pi. 
JLT kasdla, or ^iiS 
kaslanyn. aLC mak^ala, 
asylum for the lazy. 

^kasm, shape, form, figure, 
ijyjf kasAf, see Ui 

^{^Ji) kasafjiksy), to doihe. 
^A inkasa^or ^jSj\itka$a, 
to be clothed. ^^-C maksy^ 
clothed, l-^ kisa, clothing, 
dress. ^yS^ kiswa, suit of 
clothes, dress, uniform, re- 
giment8ls,/)Z.(^^Lr kasdwy; 
^yS^\ el kiswa, the Holy 
Carpet; Akt^^MyS kiswet 
et takryfa, full dress 
uniform, k^ taksyja, act 
of clothing, covering,pitch- 
ing; iJ-iU\ Jt^uX" taksyja 
^ala en nAhif, dry rubble 

J^ {JjC)ka&i(j ik is§), to shrink, 
shrivel, draw back sulkily, 
frown. jlCiT' kaikis^ to 
gather, frounce, plait. JlC'-.^ 


ikka&kiS, to be gathered, 
frounced, plaited. *^* 
mukaskis, gathered, froun- 
ced, plaited. J^kash, act of 
shrinking^ shrivelling, 
drawing back sulkily, 
frowning. kL^<^ kaskiku, 
act of gathering, frouncing, 

^j\l<rkasdra, seeylT 

^[t^kasdf and kassdf^see u^lf 

^i" ( r-^) f^<^^f} ( jif^^h ), to 
get rid of, drive away.^iSjl 
inka§ah, to be got rid of, 
driven away. ^yiSCitnaksAh, 
got rid of,driven away.^^iS 
feasi^, act of getting rid of, 
driving away. 
^ ij^l) ka^ar ^lo frown; j^ 
i^ kaskir fyja^ he looked 
daggers at me.^^vi^ takkyr^ 
or $j\t^ kakdra^ frown, 
austere look. j!i^ kiiir, 
austere, severe, unkind. 
itr( eJLliJ) kaiaf (jikkif), to 
uncover ; ^lU «JLi^ kakif 
hAloh, he disgraced him; 



examine me physically 1 
iJLiSjl inkakif, or iJLi^l 
itkasaf, to become uncover- 
ed. ^jLii<r iktakaf, to dis- 
cover. oLL^I istaksif^ to 
discover,flnd out, ascertain, 
iJ^jlC mak&Af, uncovered. 
Uii^kasf, act of uncovering; 
ra^/', table, list^state- 
ment, return, report, pi 
^yLf kusAf, or oU^^ 
ku&ufdt ; ^\ Ul1S^\ 

maktab el kasf et tibby, 
bureau des mceurs. ijUi^ 
ka&df, or tJLi^ /cai/", open 
air, unroofed place. ^OS^ 
fcas&l/',custom house officer, 
^liiTl iktikdf, discovery. 

siXi^kihk, cakes of flour and 
milk (for cooking with 
minced meat);j\ll ^t^kihk 
almdz, asparagus. 

dXiS kuhk, kiosque, large sentry 
box, pl,d^iL^kuUidt)^iyj^ 
ju^l kukk el muMyka^ 

)^iSkuskdr^ coarse meal. 
£{J^.) ka''(juku''),toyomit; 
^J^W f ka"' el fultLs, he 
was obliged to pay the money. 
^ ka'^^ act of vomiting. 

^jTka'by ankle, heel, pi. \^^ 
ku'^tb.ov sj^ak'^db\ s^ 
Jljd\ ka% el §azdl^ native 
small biscuit;\*LaJ\ w*S^fca'6 
el ""a^ja^ ferrule of a stick. 
k^\ el ka^ba. the shrine at 

J^(J-i^)fea'6iZ, to cause to 
stumble down, entangle. 
J-iTi ikka'^bily to stumble 
down, be entangled. aJ-hT' 
ka^bila^ act of stumbling 
down, entanglement. 
J^{^^.)kVy, {J ik^a), to endea- 
vour hard, do one's best. 

uS"{Ui^J) kaff(jikiif), to cease; 
•Jj I kJl^ kaff ydoh^he with- 
drew, he ceased. 
kaffif^ to hem, seam. iJLi 
kafyf, hUnd. ii\iS" kifdfa, 
act of hemming. 



LA^kaff, palm of the hand, slap, 

gloves. Ak'T kaffUy platter of 
a pair of scales, pi cAmS^ 
kaffdt; 33jl» iir' kaffet 
barMy pouch; jl^ 1*5^ 
kaffet bytdr, farrier's pa- 

•jUS' kaffdra^ see jiS^ 

AAk^kifdJa^ see^juS^ 
!r.sU^\ {cjS^^inka fat (Jink i- 
fit), to die, sleep, lie down. 
cjL^kafta^ death, sleep. 

oiT kufta, balls or cakes of 
mashed meat fried in butter. 
y^ (/5^)fei7ir or kafar(jikfar), 
to disbelieve,blaspheme, be 
an infidel, lose patience, be 
enraged. J^ kaffar^ to 
expiate a crime ; 4! J-^iS-^^ 
Alls' biddy akaffar loh 
""yhtohy I shall serve him 
rightly, I shall pay him 
dearly. jS^kufr, ungodli- 
ness, unbelief, loss of pa- 
tience, rage, j^" kdfir, 

pLj\iSltuffdr. o\J^kafrdn, 

angry, enraged, pi, ^ijJl^S" 

kafranyn. ^j\i^ kaffdra^ 

expiation, funeral ofiferings 

of charity. 

jSkafr, hamlet, small village, 
pi. j^kuftr, or .^^ 

^kafaly or ^k^ka fan, hind 
quarters of a horse or 

Cf^ic^^J kaffin, to cover with 
a shroud, ^yiff ikkaffin, or 
^y^Htkaf fin, to be covered. 
jkk^ mikkaffin, or jSca 
mitkaffin, covered, ctt*^ 
takfyn^ act of covering 
with a shroud. jS^ kafan^ 
shroud, pi. cj^k^ akfdn. 

J^{j^.)^(^f<^ (Jikfy),tjosufRce, 


be enough, upset ; •^^^iC 
Jikfa kaldm, you have 
talked enough 1 ^\ -il^C 
kafalla ek ^rr, God forbid 1 
^3 Jf •li^" kafdh 'ala wii^ 
sohy he threw him on his 
face. jijT' kaffa, to suflSce, 


be enough ; zJ):> J^, >3 da 


jikaffy dilwaqt, this will 
do for the present, j^kdfa^ 
to reward, recompense. Ji^ 
iktafa, or ^iXL-l istakfa, 
to be satisfied, have enough; 
^j^ J^\ \L lamma istakfa 
surb^ when he had drunk 
enough. jS^I itkdfa^ to be 
rewarded, recompensed, 
J::^ muktify^ or J>L^ 
mi<fe(J^y,rewarded, recom- 
pensed. jlC makfy^ thrown 
on one's face. ACm ikaffy^ 
satisfied ; j^» A^j^badddm 
mikaffy, servant onboard 
wages. J^ kafy, act of 
throwing one on his face.AiU^ 
enough ; dJbli5^ J^ bud 
kifdjtak, take enough for 
yourself 1 •lil^ mukdfa^ 
or aJSCi mukafyja ^rev/divd^ 
gratuity, compensation, pi. 
^\i3^ mukafdt .h^kdfet, 
all, the whole of ; ^^U\ ^^ 

kdfet en nds, every body, 
all the world and his wife; 
iJjLip U ii^kdfet ma^andak, 
all you have. .t\i^ kafda^ 
sufficiency, ability. 

IjS kafyf^ see ^ 
^ykully all, every, each; JT' 
Jif>l3 /cu22 wdhid, each one ; 
^U\ ^]f^kull en nds^ every 
body : aS^ kulloh^ or AdS^ 
kulletoh, all of it ; JT' 
kulluhum ,bX[ of them ; jT' ■ 
^•^ fcaZZ minhumy every one 
of them; '>K' ^ 'ato kullan, 
comparatively better ; J$^\ 
4lJ^^Z feaZZ feaZ(/to,the whole 
lot, altogether, ''x^kullyja-' 
tan^ at all, altogether. 
k^k^jAm madrasa kullyja, 
college. \JS^/caZtoma or kull 
ma, whenever, whatever, 
all that. 

iJ^kallAba. see ,J^ 

S^ kalldf^ see u!i^ 

^^kaldm^ see j^ 
J^ kalb^ dog, pi sJjC kilAb ; 
j4\ ^J^halb el bahr, shark; 


cJ<^,J^ kalb halhdn, or 

s^^ JC kalb maklAb. 
• • ' 

mad dog ; a^\ ^J^kalb e$ 
syQ^j pawn of a draught- 
board. Ai^ kallAba, or 
ij/^ kalbiUn, pincers, 

L.J^kulbasty^'' beefsteak. 

JJT kalabh, handcufifs. 

^{ J^ ) kalah (Jiklah)^ to 
fade (colour) ; UJSl^ iklah 
baqa, you ought to be asha- 
tned of yourself 1 JIT kdlih, 

x>iJ3 (.>4il^i) kaldam, to be cross, 
out of temper. ^>2JSC. mukaL 
dam, cross, out of temper. 
AC^ kaldama, ill- humour, 

cJd (i^SC) /caZZi/, to charge 
with a duty, cost ; ^^^^ 
By^kallifnyaktib liabdh^ 
he asked me to write to his 
father; il>U J^ kallif 
bdtrak, will you take the 
trouble? will you be so kind? 
please 1 ^j^ ikkaUif, or 

sjt^Mtkallif^ to be charged 
with a duty, cost. ijJ^-l 
istaklif^ to consider it a 
trouble :^^Cut^^\ istak^ 
lif jiktib, he considered it 
a trouble to write. ^JJ^ 
mikkallif, or ^^ mit- 
kallif, charged with a 
duty, costing. UlS^ taklyf, 
act of charging with 
a duty, costing, bother, 
fuss ; >U:-I Ul^ taklyf el 
bdtir, giving a trouble; 
cJulSo taklyf^ cost, expense, 
pl.Ui^^takalyf; s-iJ^JLi U 
ma fyh taklyf^ or vJl1S3i 
^^y et taklyf marf{i\ 
without standing on cere- 
mony. Aii^ kul fa or kalafa^ 
cost, expense, trouble, pi. 
U^kulaf, or oUlT kulfdt; 
oUa-jJl :uir ftaZ/'^f el fustdn^ 
trimming of a dress; aaI 
mukalUxfa, register of land 
tax, pi. zMl^ mukallafdt. 
sJ^ kalldf^ servant who 
looks after the cattle in a 



\^kalfa^ see Us 

.liJ^( ZjH^i ) kalfit, to hide, dc 
a thing badly or secretly. ciK^ 
kalfltajSiCt of hiding, doing 
a thing badly or §ecretly. 

cP (Jl^J kallily to marry a 
couple, join in marriage. 
Jiff ikkallil^ or jSC'l 
itkallil^io be married ;Jl<ryk 
1(^1^ ^atoa ikkalUl ""aldha, 
he married her^ he went 
through the marriage cere- 
mony with her. JJTl aklyl^ 
or JJSC' taklyl, marriage, 
marriage ceremony. 
jr(J^) kallim, to speak to 
some one ; jf kallimny, 
speak to me I listen to me 1 
^Mkkallim ,0V ^\ itkalliniy 
to speak, talk; 1^ \^\ 
ikkallimu sawa^ they 
talked together. MJ^kaJAm, 
conversation ; ^ ^\ Uc Jij-lj 
rdgil ^aldh el kaldm, a man 
of importance ; j^l^ ^^ 
kaldm wdfyid, a word of 

honour, fixed price; 'I3 f^* 
A»\ el kaldm da 6, is that sof 
really? ^.J^ V3 fliK' V /• 
misy la kaldm wala hadyt^ 
he walked without saying 
a single word; dU^ jup lili 
wana "^and kaldmak^l will 
act on your advice 1 JLJ U 
/jCma fys kaldm, undoubt- 
edly, it goes without 
saying, i^kilma, a word, 
pi cJf kilmdt; ^^\ ^- Jj 
waladjisma' el kilma,axx 
obedient boy.ASC^muftd/ma, 
speaker, pZ. C;^ mitkaU 
limyn. J\J^ muklimdny, 
voluble, pi. uwl^ maklu 

^kulla, see ^ 
^^kilwa^ kidney, pZ. c^^i^S^ 
// ^ kilym, car pei, pl.i!f\aklima. 
ii/camm, sleeve, pZ. ^Ifl a/c_ 
/n(4m, or ^^kumdm. 

^ kam^ see ^ If 
I j^^j^f kamarira* chambermaid, 


pl.c^xj^ kamarerdt, 
aX^ kammdsa, see jS^ 
S^kamdl, and j^^ kimdla, 

see JSl 
A»^ kimdma^ see C 
O^kamdn, or J^ kamdny, 

again^ more, also; jlT^^' 

iddyny kamdn, give me 


some morel ^1 J^kamdn 
enta, you also, even you. 

^ V or ajIJ kumhanyja,'^ conu 

pany^ society, firm, pi. 

wLiliorwUlJ kumbanyjdt. 

^.j9kambaryt,'^ cambric. 

^^t^kambijdla *bi\l of exchange^ 

pl.cMi^ kambijaldt. 
^ kambjo,"^ rate of exchange. 

^j^kummitra, pears, pear- 
trees ,55^. \Aj^kummitrdja^ 
pi cMj^ kummitrajdt, or 
^ .j!S^\ (jlCi) inkamad (Jin- 
kimid), to he sad, gloomy. 
3^ makmAd, or jl^ 
minkimid, sad, gloomy, 
ja kamad, sorrow, grief, 

J^kamar* belt, pL Cj\J' 
^^gumruk* see iJ^ 
B^kamara, beam, girder, pZ. 
c>\ ^kamardt, 
iijVS kumsdry, ^gueivd or conduc- 
tor of atrain,ticket-collector, 
pi. AiJU^^kumsaryja, 
JLf(jLC) kamah ( j ikmih ), to 
grasp,shrink. JJW I inkamas, 
to be shrunk in one's self. 
J:^C makmHis^ shrunk .JL$^ 
/cams, act of grasping, 
shrinking. A^lf kammdsa^ 
pincers, tongs,hoof«extrac- 
tor, pl.zAi^kamma§dt. 

J^( J^ ) '^^'^^^ (jikmal)^ or 
j^-i istakmil, to be comp- 
lete,perfect. JS^ kammil, to 
complete,perfect,flnish. JJ^ 
takmyl, act of completing, 
perfecting, finishing. JJ^ 
takmyly^ supplementary. 
aJ^ takmila, complement, 
balance. Jif^ kamdl, com- 
pleteness, perfection. aUT' 
kimdla J remainder, rest^ 



balance, pZ. sl.'rfif kimaldt. 
\}m^ kdmilj entire, whole, 
complete, perfect; ^y^^}>'\J 
rdgil kdmilj a respectable 
man, man of a certain age. 
a1^ biakmaloh, the whole 
of it, altogether. 
f( fl)kammim, to muzzle, 
ii ikkammim^ to be muz- 
zled. X» mukammim, or 
J^ mitkammim, muzzled. 
^ takmym, act of muz- 
zling. AM^kumdma, muzzle, 
pi. ^V^kumamdt, 

•$^(u^) ^^^(^^ or kimin 
(jikman), to hide, waylay, 
sit quietly, ^^1 inkaman^ 
to hide one's self.^lS^/cdm m, 
hidden, waylaying, sitting 
quietly. Cj^ kamyn, ambus, 
cade, ambush. 
A^ kamanga* violin, pi, oU:^ 

Cj^kammdn, cumin. 

iS kimmyja^ see aIS^ 

^( cf^.)kann (jikinn)^ or 
^^CmiI istakann, to rest^ 

repose, conceal one's self. 
\i^U5^/randr/a,*canary, pZ.^lj jU5" 

, ^^S^kannds. and oiUi^ kundsa. 


AiL-ir/can(i/'a,vermicelli prepared 
with butter and sugar ; ^ 
Ai\jij;t^^ii\i^sahn kundfa we 
ganboh dfa, no larder but 
hath its mice. 

AJifkanaba. or ajiS^ kanoM,^ 
sofa,cana/)^,pZ. cA^kana^ 
bdt^ or olfyu^ kanabehdt 
\j^\J^kontrahanda^* smuggling, 
yljli^or jiljcJ konterdto,* con- 
pZ. c-l'ljcT or c.\rljy 

yi'S^kanto* public auction; 
jx^li ^Ut in&d' 6iZ kanto, 
it was sold at public auction. 

C^kantyn^ canteen. 
\j^^kundura, slipper. ^jA> 
kundurag y^^Wer or maker 
of slippers, pi. ^j^ 

j*^( ji^. ) ftana^ (jihnu), to 



treasure, conceal, hide, jv^j 
inkanaz^ or yS^\ itkanaz, 
to be treasured, concealed, 
hidden. j^tC ma/cnA^, trea- 
sured, concealed, hidden. 
jiS^kanz, act of treasuring, 
concealing,hiding. jlSfem^, 
treasure, hidden treasure, 
pi. j^kunHz, (fjSkuna^ 
zy^ miser, one who hoards 
money, pi. ^ jtT' kunazyja. 
^io^^ /ca/ias (jiknis or 
juknus), to sweep. J!:^ 
kanniSy to cause to sweep. 
^j-:5^1 inkanas, or yj^\ 
itkanas^to be swept, ^^y^ 
makndsy swept. ^jjiSTkans^ 
act of sweeping. ^U^/can- 
nds, scavenger, pi a-o 
fcann(tsa,or j^wUil/can ruisy'n. 
kJ^kundaay refuse,sweep- 
ingsr,rubbish. A-^mafcn isa, 

broom, pZ. ,jjl^* makdnis. 
t:S konhyna* 
4^ kanaka^ see ^ 
^[ji^kunjdk* cognac, brandy. 
^jX^kinys, synagogue/ 

kinysa^ church, pi. ^U5^ 
sj^ kanyf, water-closet^ pZ* 

K^kunja, see ^^IT 
C^» ^ kahramdn y yellow amber. 
Ax^kuhna, rags, tatters ; ^\j 
Aif^rdgil kuhna, a worn- 
out man. j€,if kuhnagy, 


dealer in rags, pi. 
^j^y kuwirta* deck of a ship, 
^-•ly fca to(J5a,niceness, prettiness, 
fascination, ^j^fkuwayjis^ 
nice, pretty, fascinating, 
pi. a<^^f kuwayjisyn. 
^/[ak was, nicer y prettier, 
^i)\fkawalyny^ see C)^ 
ifjt^kubry^ see (fjf^ 
Aifktba^ heart ( in playing 

jfktr, large bellows of forge, 
pl.j\f( akwdr. 
if^jfkoraga^ an odd lot, one 

with the other. 
C)3^jf"kord6n,'^ cordon, watch- 




^jfkdra, ball, pi j^ kuwar^ 

pr Z^\jf hordt. 
Slj^ kor^k^* pitchfork, shovel, 

pl.zJ^^jf^ korekdt. 
j/* /cA^, mug, pitcher, pZ. Jl/f 

akwdz; Ij3 j^ kdz dura^ 

head of maize. 
\^f^k{lLsa^ vegetable-marrow, 

sg.AA^^kasdja, pi zM^p 


J'^iJ'fi) kauwis^ to grasp, 
collect,gather. JLj^V takwyh^ 
act of grasping, collecting, 
gathering. Ai/' /cd&x, corner, 
what-not, shelves, lime- 
kiln, pi cMi^f kokdt^ or 
^/^ kuwah. 
tf^{ tfi^ kawa'' (j ikwV ),io 
lie down and lean on the 
elbow, ^p kauwa\ to lie 
down, sleep, ^^ mukau- 
wa\ lying down, asleep. 
^^ k{i\ elbow, bend, 
tube, pi. c^^f ky'dn ; 
^fc^-^j^ juhrug min 
kA^ak^ or ^i^f^ ^.J^M 

min kA^ak^ I defy you to do 
the samel aJU^^^ Jtl^lu 
saqdh el ball min ky'^dnoh^ 
he paid him dearly for it. 

i^^kAfy, Kooflc writing. 

Aj/^kufyja, or juiy^ buiyja^ 
silk muffler, head-shawl,pZ. 
\^fkoUra* cholera. 
^f [(fi) kauwim^ to heap up. 
m/^ ikkauwim, or ^/jl 
itkauwim^ to be heaped up. 
f^ mukauwim, or ^fi^ 
mitkauwim, heaped up. 
^f:takwym,eici of heaping 
up. f/' kdm, or A^f kdma, 
heap, pL Af\ akwdm, or 

ul^ kymdn ; ^f\>3 ^f^ 
kulloh kdm we da kdm^ 
any thing but that I 
^yi^fkomobyly see j^ilj 

C)f^k6n, see j^lT 
^y^fkonsdl,^ consoUe. 
^\^3foT ^Uui^y kaAkaydsy,"" 
Turkish postillion, pi. 




^f{i^fl)kawa (Jikwy)^ to 
iron or starch ( clothes ), 
cauterize, cause to suffer. 
(S^\ inkawa, or iS^\ 
itkawa, to be ironed, 
starched, cauterized, suffer. 
if^ ma/ctoy^ironed, starch- 
ed, cauterized, suflfering. 
(f ^ kawy, act of ironing, 
starching, cauterizing. S^ 
kaj\ cauterization. ^jC 
ma/ctoa, flat-iron, pi. (f^^ 
makdwy, j^^ makwagy, 

m • 

ironer, laundry man, pi. 
^^f^ makioagyja, 
^f kuwayjis^ seeA-l/' 
Jl^ kayjdl^eind^[fkijdla,see^}f 
C)\S^kajdn, seeo^ 
sJ^ Aryft^small hut made of mats. 
s^k6d, see :i^ 

ij^iij^.) kayJi$,tor\ihviiihei 
kys fihBxxx^.^^ ikkayjis , 
or ^jSi\ itkayjis^ to be 
robbed, shampooed. ^jjSj 
takyjys, act of rubbing with 
a kys^ shampooing. ^jS^ 
kya, rough hair glove for 

rubbing bathers in Turkish 
baths, purse, sack, bag, 
coin of 500 piastres, pi. 
^lf\ akjds ; ,jkI ^^}\^ 
sdfir 'a la ky$ g4roh^ he 
travelled at the expense of 
another; jlS ^ ^:^ da fa'' 
min kysoh^ he paid it out 
of his own pocket. JLiCI 
mukayj isdty , professional 
rubber with a kys in 
Turkish baths, pi aJL^C 

rf (f-54) f^<^yj^\ to torture, 
^^takyjy^^d^cX of torturing. 
(»ji^) kayjif, to give plea- 
sure, humour, intoxicate 
slightly, sjifs ikkayjif, or 
uJiio I itkayjif, to take one's 
ease, be pleased, be intoxi- 
cated. «JL^ m ikkayjif^ or 
sjSza mitkayjif, at ease, 
pleased, gay, intoxicated. 
Uif k6f, how? ease, 
pleasure, comfort, placid en- 
joyment; SJifUifk^f kifak^ 
how are you? UlS^J,J U ma 



lAk k6f, or u^j^^xp U ma 
^andAs k^fyhe is indisposed, 
he is not well ; d^f ^^aUt 
Mfak^ or viUr k^fak, as 
you please! iJif kajfyja, 
mattep,affair, circumstance, 

JSiJ^kyka* game of hide and 

S^iSfi^ kayjil, to measure 
grains or dry goods ; ^J J5^ 
Idli kayjil loh bil qaUxm^ 
he slapped him. Ji^ ikkay-- 
jily or J.C;I itkayjil^ to be 
measured. JiCi mikkayjil, 
Jjj takyjyl, or J^ fe^Z, 
act of measuring; J.5^ fe^Z, 
measure. ^J/" fe^to, l/l2th 

part of an ardabb^ pi. 
C/^kelAt. ^^f kayjdl, 
one who measures grains, 
etc. pL ^\f kayjalyn^ 
or ^\f kayjdUx. 
Jj^jSkylomitr* kilometre, pi. 
wl>«^ kyhmitrdt. 
O^kylAn, or C))^ kalAn, lock, 
pi fj^\f kawalyn. ^^\f 
kawalyny, lock-smith, pi. 
A^\/^ kawalyn yja. 
Lif^/cj/mya,chemistry, alchemy. 
\^kyna* quinine; U^Si ^^-^ 
basab el feyna,cinchona bark. 
J^kyndr, border, edge, ^^-^ 
tremity, jU^/cynar4t. 
^iX^ kijdk^ 4th month of the 

Coptic calendar. 
ii^yfkajddy^ see ^^ 

j = 



J i, li, to, for, because of, as 
far as; dB to/c, to you, for 
you; j^JB III bit, as far as 
the house ; Ui^^icl-^J loh 


sanatin hena, he has been 
two years here ; aj^ J^U 
ma laki tidraboh, you have 
no right to strike him. 



)i lA, no, not, neither, nor ; 
i^VjbV la da wala da, 

> neither this nor that ; ^1J^\ 
^j^)i3 iu>-V ahattoh la 
bamsa wala ""asara^ I took 
it gratis, il 6a to, without ; 
^^. r3j^ O'^^h balAk^ I 
will go without you ; ^ ^ %^ 
bala kalAm^ do not say such 
a thing 1 JJ^i^ balds^ gratis; 
^^J^% balAi tigy, you need 
not come I J^'^^^ja halAs^ 
how cheap I J.!i b ^J ^f '^1 
idda loh da balds^ he gave 
him this gratis ; J^ (^^ A^^ 
J»% vi8 Aj^lj el ^amla dy muh 
rdjha Uxk bald§, you will not 
do it with impunity^ you will 
not get off scot free ; J-^\ 
AuJ^ el balds kat tar min^ 
noh, make hay while the 
sun shines I 

4i\^^ latazdna^ see ^i>. 

^V (^A) ^* U^^h)y to please, 
be attractive; ixs-^^ ^ wl:^\ 
eZ fcifdfe Idh fy "^^noh^ he 
liked the book. , ^V ityiA, 

pleasing,attractive.|^m ilyh, 
nice, excellent, joi. ^^ 
mildh. 4o.^ malAha^ nice- 
ness, excellence, beauty. 

<33V Wdin, see^iU 

pjV W^im,see^J 

J.V ( J- A ) Ws (julU ), to sling 
( scorpion, etc. ), Ai) I6ka^ a 
sting, pi. vliU; ZoMt. 

o^'iio^h) ^? 0'^«i?A to be 
confused^ be bewildered, be 

embarrassed, lose one's 

head. ^^ lAjis^ confused, 

bewildered, embarrassed, 

losing his head, i^) Idsa^ 

confusion, bewilderment, 

^V(^A) ^' (JuUi'), to be 
distressed, in trouble. 9^ 

Uxuwa\ to distress. ji)Vitt/*'i 
distressed, troubled, suffer- 
ing. Ac} Wa, distress, 
trouble, misery. 

sSi (^A) lAffJul&f), to asso- 
ciate; IfjU^Vy^ huwaldf 
'aUha, he lived with her, 
he had a liaison with her. 
S^lauwif, or d^3wallif,%o 



cause to associate together. 
iJy tawlyf^ act of causing 
to associate together. Uui 
Jdjif, associated with, in 
love with. sJ) 16 f, or ^^ 
wilfa, or ^^\ itiJAf, or 
^* ilfa^ company, friend- 
ship, harmony, accord. 

jV(jii) lAq(jilyq), tobtflt, 
suitable ; dJL. JLaX U b da 
mCt Jilyqi minnak, this is 
not becoming of you. jiV 
M/ig,flt, suitable, becoming. 
ajU lijdqa^ fitness, suitable- 
ness, propriety. 

VV ^to, tutor,* pi, zM'i UxldL 

(^ (f A ) ^^ (julAm ), or ^ j! 
lauwim, to blame, fit I ii- 
fclm, or f jln itlauwim, to 
be blamed. ^^ maldm, or 
f jlb* mitlauwiniy blamed, m) 
I6m, or jk^ ma&tm, or am% 
maldma^ blame, reproach. 

At'y Idm i\ see JL 

<iV (tsli) fct/i (jilyn), to be soft, 
flexible. <:;}) layjin, to cause 
to be soft^ cause to be flex- 

ible. 0(j)Jl it la yj in, lo relieve 
the bowels. Ob^ lyn, softness, 
flexibility, diarrhoea.^^^Jtoy- 
jin, soft, flexible ; aJ ^^Ui 
6ain(/ layjina,! have a touch 
of diarrhoea. OtJ^lr talyjyin^ 
act of softening, causing to be 
flexible, relieving the bowels 
(>!• mulayjin^ laxative. 
^^V ( ^^:i\j ) JAwi\ to make false 
promises. 4^^^ muldw'a, 
false promises. 
^^^V lawingy, attendant at a 
bath, pi. aJl/^ lawingyja. 
(f)i lAj, hose ( of a hubble- 
bubble), pZ. w\iV toydf. 
A^'i lAjha^ rule, regulation, pi, 

^) lawdjih. 
f^ ( |C^ ) Idjim, to shorten, 
abridge ; 4ILII jcV Idjim el 
masdla^ do not let the case 
assume great proportions! 
do not let the case become 
aggravated! rib I itldjim, 
to take hold of, take posses- 
sion of; wl:J^\ ^ z^:^\ 
itldjimt 'alal kitdb, I took 

* • 



possession of the book. 
wJ libb, pith^pulp, sg. l^ libba^ 

pi ^IJ libbdt; A}libba, 

necklace^ slight slap, pi. wJ 

libab, or cXi libbdt. 
V^ libAb^ crumb, soft part of 

the bread. 
:>0 to664d, felt ; .^Q tabbdda^ 
horse-cloth, pi. C^ljO 

labbaddt. ^x^libda^ felt cap, 

pZ. jJ libad. 
<j-U ZiMs, see ^ 
c)U libdUy or o'J liddn, or ^:,^V 

lAdin^ frankincence, resin ; 

.^^lO^ZiMn ei markib, 

tow-rope of a ship. 
oO Idbbdn, see jJ 
J7 ( ^ ) to66aft, to apply a 

poultice. ^JJ tdlbybj act of 

applying a poultice, a}^ 

toftfta, poultice, cataplasm, 

pi. ^ Zw&aft, or ^l»\4 lO'bbdt. 
j^labafi, Icbbek tree, acacia 

egyptiaca, sg. ^^ lababa^ 

pi. w\^ lababdt. 
jJ (jJi) libid (jilbad)^ to lurk, 

stick to one's place. JLiVitlft id, 

lurking,stuck to one' splace. 

•-^' Ziftda, see ^iJ 
• / • 

lt* (cr^J ^^^^^ (y ii6is),to wear, 
put on dress ; ^y^ ^ 
libsoh ""afryt^ a devil pos- 
sessed him. ^J labbis, to 
dress, clothe. ^jJi\ itlabas, 
to be worn, put on. ^^ 
Idbis^ dressed,clothed. ^y^ 
malbAs, worn ; ^^* J^l j 
rdgil maWAs ^m^n possessed 
by an evil spirit;^^Umai6A5, 
or ^ libs, dress, clothes, 
garment, pi. <j-j!A« maldbis^ 
or slA^j^ malbusdt. ^^j^ 
taWySy act of dressing^ 
clothing, pitching. ^U libds, 
pair of drawers, pi. c^UU 
libasdt^ or a«J\ albisa. ^jA^ 
milabbis, comfits, bonbons, 
sg. kmJLmilabbisa , pi. cXJ^ 

jJ(JLAi) labbis, to confuse, 
stack or protect Nile and 
canal banks with reeds, etc. 
JJ^Mtlabbik ,io be confused. 




stacked. Jj\im mitlabbis, 
confused^ stacked. JuAr tat-- 
bys, act of confusing, 
stacking. aJJ libki, bundle 
of sugar-cane^ bundle of 
reeds, etc. with which Nile 
and canal banks are stacked, 
pi. J^libas, or cAt} libiAt. 

JtJ(JaAi) tobftaf, to dip the pen 
into the inkstand, apply 
colly rium to the eye. In^iL'l 
itldbit. to wrestle. Ja*.\j 
talbyt ^aci of dipping the pen 
into the inkstand, applying 
collyrium to the eye. 1»U 
libdt^ or aL^ mulAbta, act 
of wrestling. 

^(i^k) lOLbaq (Jilbaq), to 
become one, flit ( clothes 
etc.), 4i jJi <^3pxll el 
hudAm dy tilbaq loh, 
these clothes become him. 
j»V lAbiq^ becoming,fitting. 

dU(vlJLli) labak (julbuk), to 
perplex, embarrasi. dUrl 
itlabak, to be perplexed, 
embarrassed, i}^ malbAk, 

perplexed,embarrassed .4^ 
labka, perplexity, embar- 
rassment, trouble, 
w!^ libldb. dolichos lablab, 

creeping plant. 
wU liblib, thoroughly, fluently; 
wU^^j^Jo^U M/i^ darsoh 
liblib, he knows his lesson 
thoroughly ( schooLboy's 
vJ^ lO'blAb^ tendril of a branch, 
pi. wJU labalyb. 
ujJ toban, milk. jO labbdn, 
milkman, pZ. a;U labbdna, 
^ labany^ colour of milk. 
•^ kubwa, lioness, word of 

insult to native women. 
^J^ libys, sabeo vulgaris. 
Ji ( Ju) latt ijilitt),io knead, 
chatter. cJ latt, act of 
kneading,chatter.o'& lattdt, 
talkative,, pi. 
^B lattatyn. 
jJ.j^tl (^J itlattim, to 
cover a part of the face. 
^ mitlattim^ on who is 
covering a part of the 




face. fW litdm, veil fori 
the lower part of the face, 
pi. c^Uy litamdt. 

^(jk) 1^99 (Jili99)A^ i^ist. 
Jik laglig, to cnofuse, cause 

to stutter. Ji**l itlaglig, to 
be confused, stutter. Jii^ 
mitlaglig, confused, stut- 
tering. X Idgg, insistence. 
A^tli- lagliga^ confusion, 
L( ii ) laggim, to bridle. ^\ 
itlaggim^ to be bridled, 
confused, stuttering. > 
milaggim^or p^'mitUiggim^ 
bridled. ^ talgym^ncX of 
bridling. ^ It Zi^^dm, bridle, 
joZ. ^UU. ligamdt, or aI-I 
algima; Jj a^ ^ U- {t^(tm 
hadyd, bit. 
ii4* lagna, committee, commis- 
sion, joZ. ililA. lagndt. 
^(^)lahh(Jilihh\io insist.jJi^ 
lahlah, to cause to be active 
or quick. U^'l itlahlah,io be 
active, quick. 4^ lahlaha, 
activity, quickness, energy. 

A^ milahlah^ active, quick, 
energetic. Al-I ilhdh, insis- 
^\^lahdfj bed quilt, cotton 
blanket, pi. aJ^I aZAiya, or 

^li- lihdm, see i. 

cr^Ctr^.) to/w« (jiV}as), to 

lick, ^'l itlahas, to be 

licked. ,j-^ mai/^s, licked. 

^ lahs, act of licking. kJL 

lahsa, a lick, pi. wUX 

Jii- (Ji^. ) lafiaz^ ( J iZ/ia^ ), or 
Ja>.V itt/iii', to observe, 
remark, notice. ii£\ itJahaz^ 
to be observed, remarked, 
noticed. J^^ maUiHz, or 
remark,pZ.vLU;^ maUiuzdt^ 
or ^IiUl^:^ mulahzdt. ^% 
overseer, petty police officer, 
pi, ^^% mulahzyn. ^ki. 
Uxhza, moment, tv/inkling 
of an eye, pZ. wlkt lahzdt. 

li^ (o^)to/iag(; t7/iag),to reach. 




overtake;^! ^ AsLUlhaqoh 
"^alal mahatta, follow him 
to the station ! catch him at 
the station I \^ hy^ ^^\ 


ilhaqny bisawayjet mayja^ 
give me some water quickly I 
Jfli j^ lihiq jdkul, has he 
had time to eatf has he eaten 
already? ji* I Ja malhaq, 
how quickly! \s,^\^\ ilhdqan 
bi ma, in continuation to. 
j^ mulhaq^ annex^ ap- 
AjJi* lahlaha^ see ^ 

A. ( >. ) laham (Jilhim ), to 
solder^ copulate, i? I i<to/iam, 
to be soldered, ^^malhdm, 
soldered. j^U- lihdm, solder, 
joint, pi c^UU- lihamdt. 

J-toA/n,or ^ lahma, meat^ 
flesh, jdZ. ^^i. luh&m, or 

toAm es sindn, gum of the 

v-rA ( <j^^- ) lahtois, to lick 
repeatedly, flatter. ^^ 
lafywisa, act of licking. 


J^ luh&qy, saucepan with 

^ ZiA/a, beard. 

iai. ( J^j tod&a^, see JJo* 

jOt (^^) tofttoft, to jog, shake, 
cause to be unsound. M^Jll 
imhlOLh, to be jogged, 
^6, jogged, shaken, unsound, 
li^ lablaba^ act of jogging, 
shaking, want of solidity. 
^{^.) labam (jilhim)^ to 
embarrass, confuse. -^1 
itto6am,to be embarrassed, 
confused. ^^ mal^Am, 
embarrassed, confused. Ait- 
lalima^ embarrassment, 
confusion ; Jr J^lj rdgil 
Uibma, a slow man. 

oU liddn, see cj\} 

^J(^ii) toda' (Jilda')^ to 
sting,copulate. pjirl itlada\ 
to be stung, ^^ji* rnaldd'^, 
stung; 4^5j(^ t^ mara ma2- 
dA^a, a prostitute, pl\ ^^^% 
malady\ ^ lad\ act of 





stinging^ copulation. 4^j) 
lad'a, a sting, pi. ^\cj 
H (^•4i)toctogf (Juldud), to lisp. 
4pJ tod^a, lisp. ^Jl alda^, 
one who lisps/^m.UJtod^a^ 

^J(Ojdi)toddin,to dry bread on 
fire. <:jji^ muladdin, dried. 
oijdr taldyn^ act of drying 
bread on fire, 
jj ( Jii) toj'i' (jilizz), to please. 
jJJl itlazz^ or ii\ iltazz^ to 
be pleased, enjoyo^JiU maZ- 
^6-3'^ pleased, enjoying. ^Jil 
Jazza, or tJil^ malazza, 
pleasure, delight, enjoyment , 
pi. iliU lazzdt, or c^lji. 
malazzdt. iij lazyz, de- 
lightful, ^delicious, jdZ. iU 

jJ ( J^J liziq(jilzaq),to stick, 
adhere to ; J J^l eZ^ag to/i, 
stick to himl do not leave 
him in peace I jJ lazzaq, 
*o cause to stick, paste ; jj 
^l:^ 4) lazzaq loh kitdh, he 

palmed off a book on him. 

j^jumalz&q, or jjL mt- 

lazzaq^ stuck, adhering to, 

pasted. aJj) lazqa, poultice, 

plaster, pi. jjl hczaq, or 

OliJ lazqdt. 

y} ^f jJ^.) ii'3'im (jilzam), to be 

necessary ; ^^ wliCi\ f ^ y^ 

huwa lizim elkitdbmin- 

ny, he held me responsible 

for the book, ^'j lazzim^ 

or fjll alzam, to hold 

responsible, compel. Aji\ 

iltazam, to be compelled, 

have a monopoly or a 

contract. >^j\# mdlzAm^ 

responsible,compelled . jum ^ j)u 

malzumyja, responsibility. 

^j^* milt trim, compelled, 

contractor, one who has a 


pL uujS. miltizmyn. ^ji 

Idzim, necessary, requisite, 

required; Jiil\ j^ ^j)i Idzim 

^an es kaijl, it is necessary 

to work, we ought to work; 




properly^ decently, respec- 
tably. >lj3\ iZii-a'dlm, respon- 
sibility, monopoly,contract, 
pi oUlj3\ iltiiamdt. ^j\) 
lawdzim, necessaries, pi. 
necessity, aj) la Zf'am, unless; 
^H\ fjll alzam alaqyh, 
unless I find him. ^j Uxzam, 
one's Own ; a J Ajf' ^.l ift/i 
"^ammoh lazam^ his first 
cousin. J5I fj% muldzim 
auwil^ lieutenant; ,^1; 0}% 
muldzim tdny, sub-lieu- 
tenant. A4ji«mai-3'ama,screw- 
press, part of a book, 
livraison^ pi^j%maldzim. 
U lissa, still, not yet; ilU L) y^ 
huwa lissa hendk, he is 
still there ; U ilU Zis6»(ifc 
hena^ are you still here ? 
J;,U U U iissa ma gdk^ he 
has not come yet. 
j)U iisdn, see j^J 

^jJJ lustryno* see jJii^ 

ditJ lastik^ or diiJl?- gamalas- 
t ik,'' India-rubber;dUJ 

gazma lastik^ side-elastic 
boots ; dkJ 4oL.. massdfya 
lastik, ink or pencil eraser. 

*J (^li)tosa' (Jilsa^), to sting; 
AiW AiuJ lasa^oh ""alqa, he 
gave him a thrashing; au « J 
Jl J tosa^ minnoh rijdl, he 
got a dollar out of him, he 
got a dollar from him on 
false pretences. ^J las\ act 
of stinging. AaJ las'^a^ a 
sting, joZ. oU J las^dt. 

Cr^ (^--Vi) tossin, to hint, speak, 
til JJ talsyn^ act of hinting, 
speaking. j)UZis4n,tongue, 
language, pi, ^J< alsina^ 
ov yiM^lisandt'y i:J\ ^ a^I 
^U\ ismoh ^ala alsinet en 
nds, he is talked about, i 
diiU Zimm lisdnak, hold 
your tongue! restrain your 

tongue I C)^^ cf' '^^ Zi«(t/i, 
from hearsay ; jy\k\ o^-J 
Zisdn el babAr, edge of 
9jJi(^f^^. ) laswa\ to urge, 
hurry, strike ( with a lash^ 




etc.)- <^r^^ laswa^a, act of 
urging, hurrying^ striking. 
cjJa j)j walad mulaswa^ 
a smart boy, a quick boy. 
^ (^. ) todam (juldum >, to 
thread a needle^etc. ; •\ij ^^ 
ladam wayjdh, he entered 
into conversation with him, 
wa5 ladm, act of threading 
a needle. 

U .U-| (LlL) i<to«,to have the 
syphilis. JJ^ mitlatt^ or 
J»^ maUdt^ syphilitic. aJJ 
latta^ syphilis. 
AiUJ toid/te, see ulU 

^(^.) to^aft (jiUfih), or 
Uittah, to soil, bespatter. 
^^ i7totoA or itlattab, to be 
soiled, bespattered. 5^' 
taltyt, act of soiling,bes pat- 
tering. 4i!?^ to(6a, stain, pi 

fool,an idiot,a stupid fellow. 
JJJ ( JLUi) tofai (Jultus),to slap, 
strike; 4:ik)^^^^l^s &xm5 
lataietoh^ he had a sun 
stroke; jlUj Uc^Jle/i /leftyi 

dajutUih^ this wine gets up 

into the head, jjj to(to5, to 

slap or strike repeatedly; 

J^ji\^^jA^^^huwa bylattak 

fil ""araby, he has a 

smattering of Arabic; j\^ 

dlCJ\^ JU ddrjilattas fil 

sikak, he roamed in the 

streets. JLkU I itlatak, to be 

slapped, struck.JLUil itlat- 

ta&^ to be slapped or struck 

repeatedly. J.^ maltdk^ 

slapped, struck ; JL>U* cJ\ 

dtt^s^J^ enta maU&s ""ala 

""aqlak, are you mad? JlU 

latS, or JUUj taltys, act of 

slapping, striking. JLkl 

lut§y or 4iJj to^ia, a 

slap, a blow, pi. ^liU 

2a(&t^. JJaU ma2^a^, waggoa. 

buffer, pi. jLt^^ maldtis. 

A) (itUi) lata''{jilta'')^ to cause 

to wait, paste, kiss. JJJl 

itlata\ to be kept waiting, 

pasted, kissed. Alrl itlat-- 

ta\ to loiter, loaf. ^^ 

talty\ act of pasting. 



loitering, loafing. 

vjUf^iJ,) lataf (jultuf), to 
have mercy^ be kind to. vJjJ 
lattaf, to alleviate, mitigate. 
^W Idtif, to treat with 
kindness. olU:^) istaltaf^ to 
consider nice or pretty, like. 
ka .Jm\' taltyfy alleviation, 
mitigation. uJlJ lutf, or a»\W) 
graciousness, pleasantness ; 
olD 4 J.A9. hasal loh lutf^ 
he became insane.^Jukito y/, 
nice, pretty, gentle, polite, 
gracious, witty, pi. ^UJ 
Jj ( A ) latam { juUum ), to 
strike the face with the 
hands ( in grief ). JaJ latm, 
act of striking the face. <JJ 
latma, a blow, a slap, pi 
<ii\J^ latmdt. JDu maUam, 
mortar-pit, pl,i%maldtim. 

uJJJ to^y/', see olJ.) 

Jalb) lazlaz^ or Jdik!l« muUizlaz^ 
fat, plump. AJaUiS lazlaza, 
fatness, plumpness. 

^) (^L) lVih{jitah ), to play. 
w«' to^'afe, to cause to play ; 
^:^,^J^\el kalb byla'^'^ab 
diloh, the dog wags his 
tail. ^V Wi6, to play with 
another, amuse, wJ ii^'ft, 
play, game, pi. wU\ afetfr^ 
aJ zr6a, toy, plaything, pt 
wJ zra6. ,^yJu ma f 6 6,t rick, 
pi. ^"^mala'yb; iJ y 
wyJu 'amaZ /t/^ mafHtb, 
he played him a trick. ^% 
muWib, deceitful. a*p^ 
muWba, fraudulence. 
iJi (L^iL ) to'a( {jil'at), see ^ 
^ ( ^ ) to'a/i {jit an )fiv J«; 
na'aZ ijin'^al)^ to curse^ 
damn, j^lil itla^ariy to be 
cursed, damned. J jJi« mai- 
"6/1, or Cj^ to^y/i, cursed, 
damned, wicked, pZ. Oi^% 
mala'^yn. ^^\ at an, more 
wicked, worse ; l^ ^J* ^ 
huwa atan minha, he is 
worse than she. ^yi la^'n^ 
act of cursing, damning. ^ 
to'na, a curse, pi. wUJ 




Ux'ndt; aL. iJ la' net safah, 
J^J la'dq, miserable, wretch. 
J^J lugd^ gullet, flesh under the 

ii lagam^* mine, blast, pi, >W\ 
al^dm. jcjJ^ Ictd^mgy^ 


miner, blaster, pi. a^pc^ 
^hjL§a, language, pi, dJ 
luifAt, $yi laifwa, dialect, 

o^^io^y^^ t^d^dSj or iyJ 
lagwat, on iujJ lagmat, to 
besmear, soil, stain, a^^ 
la^wasa, or AJ»yi la^wata^ 
or aL^^ la^mata, act of 

' JJ (J^li)W«(jiW. to cancel, 
annul. jAri itlaga, to be 
cancelled, annulled. jJU 
rnal^y, cancelled, annulled. 
W\ iZgra, or yJ to^a, act of 
cancelling, annulling. 

^{uk)laffUilifrh to go 
round, wrap up, roll up; j\^ 

aSc iJJu ddrjiliff 'al6h, he 

went about looking for him. 
wjiliJ laflif^ to wrap up. ^ 
to/ys/, to cause to go round. 
cJjJl i^to/f, to be wrapped 
up, rolled up. ^jiiij\ itUxflif, 
to wrap one*s self up. ,^^# 
malfdf^ wrapped up, rolled 
up. x^-i^ laffdf sagdjir^ 
professional roller of ciga- 
rettes, pl.y\^ c^W laffafyn 
sagdjir, ui Uiff, act of 
going round, wrapping up, 
rolling up. ^iU laflifa, act 
of rolling one's self up ( in a 
shawl, etc. ). ^iJ laffa, a turn 
round, parcel, package, pi. 
siM laffdt .sjiL. miUiffy roll, 
turn, file of papers, dossier, 
pi, cMLAmilaffdt.Ai\;ilifdfa, 
wrapper, bandage. 
^ (^J lafat (jilfit), to turn 
or look round. j^r\ itlafat, 
or ^i\ilta fat ^to look round, 
look to, be attentive ; ^d\ 

j)^ iltifit HI walad^ look 


after the boy 1 take care of 
the boy I ciiil itlaffit, iQ bok 



right and left. j^ multaftt, 
turning round, looking to, 
attentive, ci lafta, a look 
round, pi. c^U Uiftdt. cXi6\ 
iltifdt ^Bci of looking round, 
attention ; Uc dtlid* ^^ 
^Z2a(/ iltifdtak ^al6h, 
look after him 1 take care 
of him 1 

^ lift^ turnips, sg. Aid lifta, 
pi. c.y ii/'iet^ 

j.i (^J tofaA (y «M). to blow, 
to lift up. '^ to/fai^, to cause 
to lift up; IjUp ^a^ laffahoh 
ham ''asAja, he struck him 
a few blows with a stick. 
J^\ it la f ah, to be blown. 
«aln itlaffah, to wrap one's 
self up. \yk irf! to/'/iei hawa, 
gust of wind. 

Jii) ( Jioli ) lafaz { julfuz ), or 
Jii^il itlaifaz, to utter, 
pronounce, speak. JiJ to/jjr^ 
or Jo^U malfaz, pronun- 
ciation, words, speech, pl^ 
J^U alfdz. 

^ (^J lafa' (jilfd ), to carry. 

lift up, •ilJ) i<to/a', to be 
carried,lifted up. J laf, act 
of carrying, lifting up. 
ji) (jili) lafaq{julfuq),io sew, 
put together, jd laffaq, to 
put together, invent lies-^jiU 
muldffaq^ put together, 
invented, fabricated. jJ; 
talfyq fict of sewing,putting 
together, humbug, fabrica- 
tion, falsehood. 

c55( J^J ^99 iMuqq), to 
shake, jog. jld laqlaq^ to 
shake or jog repeatedly, 
make a rattling noise, be 
tale-bearer, jj laqq, act of 
shaking, jogging. AsUttogto. 
ga, rattling noise, tale- 
bearing. a2) laqqa^ a shake, 
jof. ^IsJ laqqdt. j^ Zig&tg, 
tale-bearer ,scandaLmonger. 
«^ togab or togb, or ^ naqb^ 
surname, alias. 

^ (mSlj) laqqah,to throw, hint; 
aJi^ ^ laqqah ^al^h, he 
hinted something against 
him. ^\ itlaqqah^ to be 




thrown, throw one's self; 
^•| itlaqqah^ go to the 
devil ! «jlr talqyh^ act of 
throwing, hinting. 

I2) (Uj) Idqat (julqut), to pick 
up froro the ground. \^ 
Uiqqat^ to pick up one thing 
after waolher. ]iM4^.mulaqqat^ 
foundling; J^ J^^jjl ibn 
hardm mulaqqat^ a fine 
scoundrel. Jajb talqyt, act 
of picking up. aLA luqta, 
occasion, a rare thing, 
second-hand, copuling- 
tongs, pi. iai luqat. i^lsL 
milqdt^ pincers, tongs, pL 
\^% malaqyt. 

^ ( ^2!ii ) toga^ (julquf), to 
catch a thing falling from 
a height;uudLi(:)Lp ^ayjdn bi- 
Julquf, he is at death's door. 
ULAs\itlaqaf^ to be caught. 
iJ'J i^ iJuAij bijitlaqqaf 
^ala qirS, he is very much 
in need of a piastre, oudi* 
malqaf^ ventilator , air-shaft, 
wind-sail,p!. sji%maldqif. 

j!W liqldq, see j) 
jU) Uiqlaq, stork, 
a (jUj ) laqam (Julqum ), to 
catch by the noouth. j) tog- 
gam, to feed; *^l j^laqqam 
el qahwa^ put a dose of 
ground coffee into the boiling 
water! j.J ^ J^ Uiqqamoh 
kam qiri, give him a few 
piastres I bribe him I ^ 
talqym^ act of feeding. aJ^ 
luqma^ mouthful, morsel, 
screw- nut, axle-brass, pi. 
i! laqam ; aJlBI Ji J^lj 
rdgil qadd el laqma, 
a tiny fellow. ^lfl\ 2uJl 
luqmet el qddy^ fritter. 
^(^) laqqan, to dictate, 
suggest, iustruct. ^^Oli 
talqyn, dictation, sugges- 
jj ( jL) laqa (jilqa), or ji\ 
iltaqa, to find, meet with ; 

miloh en nahdrda tiltiqyh 
6aftra, asyou brew so you 
must drink. ^1 istalqa, to 




catch a thing falling from a 
height. jli-\ istilaqqa, to 
catch a thing falling from a 
height^lie on one's back. Jfllt-^ 
mustalqy, lying on one's 
back. 4^i^ mulaqyja^ en- 
counter, meeting,interview. 
kju l2)j ^ mm <iZga nafsoh^ 
of his own accord, on his 
own initiative. 4^51 liqyjc^y 
treasure, windfall, pi. Lid 
4p)^ lakd^'a^ see i^ 
jlS3 ( jl?- ) to/cd^ ( humdr ), 
f . ^\ i^i) itkLkkiz, to 

pretend, make a pretext. 
^.^\ [^) itlakka\ to 
temporize, loiter,delay. a^W 
to/cd*a, or ^ talky\ 
loitering, delay. Xi liki\ 
slow, unenergetic. 
vfAlS^ ( viJll^) laklik^ to do a thing 
carelessly or badly, copu- 
late. 4^3 laklika^ act of 
doing a thing carelessly or 
badly ^ copulation. 

^ {pi) lakam (jalkum ), to 
give a blow with the fist; 
Jju* ^ zS^ ^"J\ el akla 
lakamet ^ala mVdity, the 
meal rests heavily on my 
stomach. <i'l itlakam^ to 
be struck with the fist, hold 
one's tongue; ps\ itlikim, 
shut upl hold your tongue! 
p lakm^ act of striking 
with the fist, a^ lakma, a 
blow,a box, pl,d^ lakmdt. 
kSSlukkamyja^ fist, blow 
with the fist, box, pL 
/^^ lakakym^ or C^^ 

^lAkin^ but, however. 

j^lakka, sia\n,pl.cJ^ lO'kkdt. 
|L ( ]i ) lamm ( Jilimm ), or Jl 
lamlim, to gather, collect, 
pick up things from the 
ground; dUU 'i Zimm iwtt- 
nafe; restrain your tongue I 
1 lamm im,to cause to gather 
or collect. Ill itlamm, or ^\ 
iltamm^ to be gathered, 
collected; U^^*I^U\ ^n 





nds itlammet '^aUh, people 
crowded around him. a^JL 
maim <im,gathered,collected. 
|t tomm, act of gathering, 
collecting, picking up things 
from the ground. A lamma^ 
crowd, assembly, subscrip- 
tion for a charitable 
purpose, pi. zM lammdt. 
4i\l limdma^ refuse, any- 
thing picked up from the 
ground; 4i\l ^y^\j rdgil 
limdma^ a common fellow. 
(i lamma, when ; </? ji U. 
lammajibqajigy^ when he 
fCltommdm, pepper-mint. 
i(;Jl) lamah (jilmah)^ to 
notice, glance at. i lammah, 
to hint, ogle, make love. ^ 
talmyh, hint, act of ogling, 
making love, a^ lamha, 
glance, twinkling of an eye, 
plCj\^ lamhdt.4% maid- 
mih^or ^"^ talamyh, points 
of resemblance. 
^{^^) lamas (Jilmis), to 

touch. ^jJj\ itlamas^ to be 
touched. ^\ iltamas, to 
request,petition,pray. k^% 
muldmsa^ or ^ lams, 
touch. aJl lamsa, a touch, 
pi. wLl lamsdt. ^\i!\ 
iltimds ^ request, petition, 
application, pi oLy\ 

(A (^.) toma' (jilma'' ), or U 
to'af, to shine, glitter, 
sparkle. ^ lamma\to cause 
to shine or glitter. ••"^Wmi*, 
shining, brilliant. U lam^'a, 
or 4JL lam'^yja^ or j^U 
lama^dn, brightness. oU 
A gild lammy\ or JL oU 
fl^iW 6 yeZma', patent leather. 

11 lamlam,atriplex halimus. 

Ojl lam&n, or oyj^Zt/mA/i, lemon, 

^S'. ^^ lamAna, pi. o\J^l 

g:) lang,* shining; ^JjJi^ 

gidyd lang, brand new. 
A^ linja* line. 
J^U 2a/tA(t^, see UL 




wi(w,ld) lahab (Jilhib), to 
inflame, blaze, burn. ^\ 
itlahab, or .^Mltahab, to 
be inflamed^catch flre,burn. 
wf^ multihib^ inflamed, 
burning. wl^\ iltihdb^ in- 
flammation. w^Zr/iy6^flame. 

^ {^J)lahag(jilhig)^\o press, 
urge, cheat, defraud; aIc ^ 
Jahag ""aUh^ he defrauded 
him. A^^ZaAfl^a, hasle,hurry, 
artful dodge^swindle. c^^Ui 
lahgdwy, cheat, impotser, 
quack, pl.Ai^\9cilahgawyja. 

U(J*|L) lahat (jilhat)^ to 
eat greedily; ^jUH Jol 
to/ia( eZ fulAs,he embezzled 
the money, iai laht, act of 
eating greedily. 1,11 lahhdt^ 
pi c^\i lahhatyn 

wa1( ^^ ) lahaf (jilhaf), to 
snatch ; a^V^p Ail lahaf oh 
"^asdja^he struck him a blow 
with the stick ; ^jUH u^i 
lahaf el ful&s^ he embez- 
zled the money. wJ^ lahf^ 

act of snatching. 

wU (^♦'i) Ic^hlib, to burn, catch 
fire, be very hot, urge. aAI 
lahliba^ act of burning, 
catching fire, urging. aijH 
lahl{tba, flame, pi. ^U 
lahalyb; aijU j)j walad 
lahlUba, or ^l^L J^ waUxd 
mulahlib, a smart boy, a 
quick boy. 

^^ (^,^,)lah wig, to press,urge. 
^yj^ \ it lah wig, to be pressed, 
urged.r^matoA to (^, press, 
ed, urged. 4p-^ lahwiga, 
pressure, haste. 

J A 3y^\{3y^yitlahwaq,\,o flat, 
ter, beservile.At^ to/itoaga, 
flattery, servility, jl^ lih^ 

i}(i^.) ^^^ (yi%^to occupy, 
cause to pass away the time; 
jiil\ j,p JU lahdny ^an es 
su^l, he made me forget 
work. J^\ itlaha, or ^\ 
iltaha, to be occupied ;^d*^j 
rAh iltihy, go to the devil I 
^M malhy^ occupied, busy. 




yl lahu^ occupation; yl J^lj 
rdgil lahUy or ^^* J<»-\j 
rcig'ii malhy, a wretch, a 
poor devil; ^ vlU>. g^ato/c 
to/iw, the devil take youl 
) law, if ; [s) Uima , or H) 
lAla, unless, had it not been; 
*iA 0^ -^ toto /cdn A^na, if 
he were here; jy^J^^^) 
law ma kdns ^ag&z^ if he 
were not old; ^5 walaw, 
although, even. 
1^ liwa^ brigade, brigadier 

ip\) luwdt, sodomy. J^) lAty^ 
sodomite, pi, aJL) lutyja. 

^J l&bja^ haricot beans. 

r) Wgf*, box in a theatre, lodge, 
pL ^U^ logdt. 

rj Wi^, plank, board of timber, 
pl^)\alwdh'^ jl^ ^) I6h 
qizdz^^dJie of glass;^-^ J^lj 
rdgil I6h^ an unpolished 
man. 4^-^ I6ha, door-plate, 
sign-board, pi, oU^ lohdt. 
j) Idz, almonds, sg. $j) I6za^ 
pi. OlJ^ lozdt; C)^)\ ij) 

I6zet el widn, tonsil; j) W 
"aly Idz^ sweets sold by 
children in Mohamedan 
^j3j) ^0'^^^^cr,ultramarine colour. 

^^ I6$a, see jlV 

^^ Idsa, see ^)i 

L^ W(t/, seei^lj 

Ac^ Id'a^ see ^V 

^) l^fj snake- root, arisarum 
vulgare, sg. Ai) Utfa^ pi. 
cM) lufdt. 

^) Idf, see ,jV 

•jl:5^ l6kanda^*hote\,restaurant, 
pl,^\xS^ji lokanddt,^jjiC^ 
Idhandagy, hotel keeper, 
restaurateur, pi, a^jli^ 
J J Z()to6, screw, metal spring, 

pi J^) lawdlib. 
^^) l&ly, pearls, «5^. J^ lAlyja, 

pi. sZ^\^) lulyjdt. 

^) Idm, see j^V 

f^\*^] lumdn^ hard labour, penal 

servitude. ^K*) lumangy, 

convict,pZ. A.i\»)luman.gyja. 

Cf){Cjh) toutoi/i, to colour. 




paint. C)^^ itlauwin, to be 
coloured, painted, cjj^ f^u- 
lauwin, or ^^ mitlauwin^ 
coloured, painted. ^) I6n, 
colour, paint, complexion, 
pi. ol^^ alwdn. 
#aj^ lawandafiT kJ^jlawanda* cologne ^perfumevY. 
^) iifh) ^^^ (jilt^y)^o bend, 
twist, ^p lauwa, to bend 
or twist in many places, 
bend or twist one thing after 
the other, cijti itlawa^ to be 
bent, twisted,, out of temper. 
c$^M itlauwa^ to be bent or 
twisted in many places, 
(^jl- malwy, bent, twisted, 
out of temper.i^'^matoaioy, 
bent or twisted in many 
places, ^f) lawy, act of 
bending or twisting, dj) 
lawja^ a bend, a twist, pi, 
siX) lawjdt* 
\yji luwyza* lemon verbina. 
Ail) lijdqa, see jV 
^i^k)^yJiSy lo block up, 

stop ( an opening ). ^^'t 
itlayjis, to be blocked up, 
stopped; ^^^IJI itlayjis^ shut 
upl hold your tongue! ^j-^U 
mulayjis,ov ^umitlayjis^ 
blocked up, stopped. ^joX* 
talyjys, act of blocking up, 
J^} lyf, fibre of the date-palm 
tree, sg. alJ lyfa, pi. iUJ 


*aJ lyqa^ see *.hj 

jJ m, night time; A^ lila, a 

night, pi. ^VJ lajdly,or 0!)U 

teWf; JJV 6iZ «Z, at night. 

^iU ieWi^, every night. 
oU lymdn* port, harbour, pi. 

wl;\e3 lymandt. 


C)A ^y^^^y see 0^ 
0(<) /yn and layjin^ seec/i 
aJ Zj/r/a, fat of the tail of sheep. 

J WA, why? Jt>"lj^* *-J W/^ rna 
rdAi, why did he not go? 
j^l^ lywdn, raised part of the 
floor of a room. 




= m 

U ma, not^that which ; Jjui U 
ma mftik^ I did not see; U 
U JLiB^ ma /cdns Aena, he 
was not here ; 4) U m(t ZoA , 
what is the matter with him? 
what does he want ? j.) U 
ma Ids, nothing is the mat- 
ter with him, he wants 
nothing; ^^U I; I ana mdly, 

what have I to do with 
it? I do not care I 

^^ U ahsan ma kdn^ 
better tlian it was; ^:ii U ^y^ 
j6m ma kuftoh, the day I 
saw him; Jo-lj VI U ma ilia 
rdgil^ what a manl U^dl) U 
4) mdlak we mdloh, what 

have you got to do with 
him ? JL» mu^, not ; J^W J:« 
mukh 'dwiz^ I do not want ; 

pb jL* mai ftifd'y, not mine. 
wU (w^) m(ti (Jum&t\ to die; 

W ^^ >* huwa jum&s 
fyha^ he dies for her, he i; 
passionately fond ot her 
w> mauwit, to kill, 
murder; wjji ^:)l ^•^^ 
mauwiiny in qidirt^ hang 
me if you can I w^lcl 
itmdwitfivz*^\ istamwit, 
to feign to be dead, j^ 
mayjit, dead, pZ. ^j^iL* 

mayjityn; ^l^o'.>ji barddn 
mat/yii,he is perishing with 
cold;,^ A^ qalboh mayjit^ 
he is slo w,he is unenergetic; 
^l bil mayjit, at the very 
least. Cjy mdt^ or oW 
mamdt, death; o^ ^j, bard 
mdt^ severe cold. aT^. mdta^ 
a death, pi. ^U^ motdt, j^U^ 
majtdn, weak, miserable, 
wretched. ^ mitam^ 
funeral, mourning, p. ^U 




majdtim, Cj\^s ^j\ ard 
mawdt, uncultivable land. 
^U magAr^ see j^f 
j^U mdhy, see js 
i^U mdbaz, see Jii-I 
AijU mddna^ see o^l 
oU mddda^ pus, matter ; .^U 
mddda, matter, article, 
paragraph, pi, ^\y mawdd, 
iii^ mazdn^ see oS* 
j^- mdr, or (^ jU mdry* Saint ; 
crT-^ (^ jU mdry girgis, St. 
^j^ mdrid, giant, pZ. ^jl^ 
ma tod rid. 
u-j^*(^jU ) mdris^ to practise, 
exercise. ^^-jUI itmdris, to 
practise, exercise, contend 
with, agree with. a-^jW 
mwmd r«a, practice,exercise, 
pi ^UjW mumarsdt; ^ 
A-.j\i\i 6^' &i7 mumdrsa^ 
sale by private agreement. 
^j\^ mdrig* month of March. 
^jU mdrig*, sown field, crop. 

^jU mdrh* musical march. 
^j\Mmdrka* mark, sign, pi. 
olS^U markdt, 

«^^ jU marAny, maronite,pi. aJjI^ 

ifj^mdry^ see jU 

^ j^ maryna^ see ao j^ 
2^J^(rJ^) mdzig^ to humour, 
entertain. r-jUl itmdzig^ to 
be humoured, entertained. 
4j-jlc mumdzga^ act of hu- 
mouring, entertainments- ly 
mazdg, humour , constitution, 
temperament, pi, Ag^yS 
amziga; f^ 4>ly mazdgoh 
mu'^akkar, he is indisposed, 
he is out of temper;^-! j» ^^U 
sdhih mazdg, man of taste, 
one who is fond of his 
own comfort. j^\y mazdg y^ 
ladies' headkerchief. 

j^Uma«Ar, see^l 

.jy^M masAra^ pipe ( water,etc. ), 
tube, pi, jfv^l^ mawasyr. 
liU m(lia,ordUli mdiife*, tongs, 
pZ. ^LiU ma&it, or dlilj* 




Ak^\« mdkta, see J^JLi 
4J^li mai&la, pile-driver. 
^^** mdiy^ see ^ 
g?^L» mddy, see ^ 
JiU ( Ji^lj) mdtil, to put oflf, give 

false promises. J^\c mu-' 

mdtla^ delay, false promise. 

jtliC mumdtilj one who 

gives false promises, pi. 

Cx^\c mumatlyn, 
^U f B^ , ) md' ( J emy' ), to be 

liquid. ^U mtt/T, liquid. ^U-* 

maja'^dn, liquidity. 
jpU mdHz, goats. .^ mVza, 

or #3;^ ^an^a, she-goat^ pZ. 

jjUA mVyz. jU ma^'dz,. 

shepherd of goats^ pi. • jU 

j,^U ma^An^ bowl, dish, recepta- 
cle,pi. uipl>* motoa'y/i.Ai^p^* 
ma%na, barge, lighter, pi. 
w\5^U ma^'undt, 
^^mdkin,see Jit 
J/ti makdl, see JS"! 
4L.^ orcCmafema*,machine,insu 
trument, pL ^UStimafe end i. 
JU ( J^) mdi ( yfm^i ), to lean. 

incline, consent ; i J^ yi 
huwa jimyl hxhum, he 
likes them. J> mauwil, 
to impose tax. J^ mayjil, 
to cause to lean,incline,bend, 
cause to consent ; ^v, ^^ ^ 
mayjilna ""ala h6lhum, we 
called at their house (on our 
way). JiUI itmdjil, to bend, 
totter. JiUmdy i7,leaning, in- 
ch ned,oblique,bent, consen- 
ting. j5im^i,oro!A-/niayaidn, 
inclination^good disposition, 
liking, consent ; J^ m^/, 
slope, pi. J^ mujdl. JU 
mdi, property, fortune, 
wealth, pi. ^}\y\ amwdl; JU 
^J^\mdleldrd, land tax; 
JU l^ da mdiy, this is my 
property, this is my own. 
A^^\o\y^^dywdn elmalyja. 
Finance Ministry. 
JU madi,meaning,signification, 

^U mdlih, see ^ 
<UU mdita, Malta ; ^^ o^W J" <fj 
aUU ^ay i% bijid4cLn fy 




mAUa, like one who is 
speaking to the deaf. JtlU 
mdlty^ Maltese^ pi aJJ^ 

dBUm(tZe/e, seedlU 
aJU malyja, see JU 
j^U mamAr^ see yl 
^U md/iT, see mu 
if U manyfesto^^ manifest. 
•U md/i,* month ; j^ljji .U ^ /y 
md/i ^brdyir^ in the month 
of February. 
i^\^mahyja, pay, i^alary, pi. 
iUU mahyjdt. 
^:^jj^Tnawarda^ forepart of a 
Ai'^U ma^na^ see ^> 
^^^U mdtoy, seeU 
3jLjIi majistro^'' ledger. 
4-.J U wi Mty^a, see ^^J 
JjU mdjil, see JU 
4iU mdya, gye bolts. 
y^U mdjOj!^ month of May. 
4!>.Li mubdhsa, see ^ 
•j^U mubddra^ see jJl* 
^^U mubddla, see Jju 
•yiU muMira^ see ^. 

Aii\^ mubdl^a^ see aL 
•UU mubahd, see </\i 
AioU muhdfa^ see ^\i 
I jli.« muhtada, see I Jb 
vU^mu&ftat, see^ 
•j^ mabbara, see ^ 
j-V mubazzir^ see ji# 
^ jj* mabrad, see ^jj 
*ijy* mabzaqa, see j ji 

jT*":* mabsam^ see ^j 
,rt* maftcx^ir^ see ^ij 

^ mubalJat, see liii 

^ mablaj, see ^, 

4>:* mabwaloi, see Jl 
c/^ mubayjad, see ^ 
•>^ miirfftra, see ^i 

^'^maid/ia, solidity^ firmness. 

^^ matyn, solid^ firm. 
4i^\ii mutdwba^ see w^^i 
ajjVu mutawyja^ see c^y 

j^ mat gar ^ see^b 

sl^muttahid^ see jb*^ 
^^mutltazzib, see w^ 

vjtt^ mathaf^ see wJbi^ 
>. mitr/metre, pZ. jlt^lamtdr; 

standard rod. 





^\j^ mitrds, trenches, rampart, 

redoubt, pi. ^j-i^b* matarys, 

A» ju mat r aba, see ^^y 

j^>* mutargim, see jj-y 

^jlu mutraffid^ see^j 

wL-^ mi7sa66i6, see ^.^ 

^yii. mutakarrid^ see ^^ 

^^ martaatoa', see ^\i 

wu ( *i:5)ma<<a*,to cause to enjoy 

or profit by. ^1 itmatta\ 

to enjoy, profit by, ^ mit^ 

matta\ one v/ho is enjoying 

or profiting hy > ^tamattu\ 

enjoyment . 

[* mufih^ see 

juii mWabbid, see jlp 
• ' • 

^jus mutafarrig, see ^y 
wlSi» mitqdbj see ,^* 
jcSjiIm mutaqdHd, see JuS 
Jl2:4 mitqdl, see Jar 
jfcMinitkabbar^ see jj^ 
ijJlu mutlif^ see uiir 
III mutallim, see li 

^i- muttaham, see ^ 
L^yu mi^toassa^^ see L^i 
^yu mitwaffy^ see j^ 

•y>(#yx ) matwih, to put off, 

give false promises, take no 
heed, feign not to see or hear. 

Ofi» matyn^ see ai\u 

4i\i» masdna, urinary bladder. • 
Ji» ( Jic) massil, to compare, 
liken. Jiul imtasal, to obey, 
comply with. Jic I itmassil, 
to imitate. JJi tarns y I, assL 
milation, analogy, imitation. 
JiimasaZ, example, proverb, 
pZ. Jltil amsdZ. ^masalan, 
for instance. Jju masyi, 
equal, equivalent^ similar. 
JliH timsdl, statue^ pi, J^U 

vtiii musallas^ see«::Jir 

A^\<mugddla, see Jjl»- 

^\j\s^ mugazd , and 4jjU^ muga- 
zyja, see (^j;*. 

AijU mugdzfa^ see oj V 
•^If mugdsra, see ^m-jj- 
Clf mag^dnan, gratis. 
aJU mugdnsa, see ^>. 

413U mugdwba^ see w^U 

j3\^mugdwir^ see j^U 
jif mugabbar^ see jjjf 

JL(;f mugtahid, see o^*. 


Of (a^) mag g id, to glorify. 
Xpd tamgyd, glorification. 
^ magd, glory. 
•j^jf m igaddara, boiled rice and 

^ magda\ see ^j^ 
V^if magzAb^ see wJu> 

f magfar,Hungarian gold coin 
( value 12 Francs \ pi Cj\jf 
magardt; j^\ el magar^ the 
Hungarians; ji\ ^:il bildd el 
magar, Hungary. (^^ 
magary^ Hungarian. 

iijgt magrafa, see sjj^ 
mjfi, mug rim, see a^j^ 
j^jC, magrAr, see ^s^ 
4^^ migra, see ^^^ 
oj^ mag^a^^a', coloured or orna. 
mented paper. 

^migass^ see 
^}y^ mag^'Al^ see J»»- 
j^mugallidy and ^^IjlU mu- 

galliddty, see jU 
^j-U maglis, see ^^^iij. 
•^ magma"", and ^y^magmA\ 

see ii^" 
j^yi^ magnAn, see /^f 

j>? ^O^^ magf^r, ear then ware 
basin, pi. ^^'^ mawagyr. 
jyt^migwiz, see Jy^ 
I olj^y? mugohardt^ see y^^ 
A^ m igyba, see wU 
ifj^magydy or migydy*Tur- 
kish;(^ju?2 ^-^^-gini magydy^ 
Turkish pound. 
.\,\^ muhabd^ or o^^ muhabyja, 

see ^ 
j\^mahdr, shell-fish, sea-shell. 
AijU muhdrba, see «^j^- 
A^l^ muhdsba. see w-^ 
^U mahdsin, see ^y-.^ 
Jailtf muhdfiz, see Jai>. 
aIU muhdkma, see C>- 
AdU muhdlfa^ see cJii^ 
^U muhdmy^ see jr 
•j^l^ muhdwra, see jy- 
4)31^ ma/kttoto^see JU 
4I1U muhdjla, see JjU 
w^ muhibb. see w> 
•jy»t* mahbara, see jt>- 

;^ mahbas, and ^^-^^ mahbAs, 

-^ mahabba, and K^^mahbAbj, 





gAirf mufytdg, see r-W 
c^mi^muhtisib, see^ 

f jJ^ muhtaram, see f j^ 
Jwijti: muhtamal^ see J^ 

jjNii: mahgar, see ^ 
C».x^A mahdat^ see CJi^ 
w.x^ muhdis, seed»Ji^ 
4J.x^ mahdala, roller, pZ. J^U 

w'j^ mihrdt, see C/j>- 

f j^ muharram, see ^ j^- 
*^j»*- rriahrama, handkerchief, 

pi. fj\^mahdrim. 
A^3j^ mahrAsCL^ see 

f j^ mahzam , see ^ j> 

^-^ muhsin, see j.-^ 
w^..^A mah${ib, see ,^-^--^ 
Aii^ mahsasa, see JL^ 

J^mahkam^ testicle, pZ. ^^jc 

*^ mahky, see ^^ 
J^-idie mahsdil, see J-a^ 
j^ maM, pure, sheer; ^^ wjT 
/cid6 ma Ad^pure fabricatioa 
A^A muhdir and mahdar^see 
malyiyja, see ^ 

4k»b« mahatta^ see i»- 
j^lbfcA mahzdir, see ^^ 
aJ*^ mahzuzyja^ see Ji>. 
^.^i^ mahfada, see ^ja«^ 
Aks^ mahfaza^ see i^t^ 
J*^ mahfal, see Ji>- 
due . iJbJi ( vii^^ ) itmahhak^ 
to endeavour to enter into 
conversation with one. dJbJ 
tamhyk ^act of endeavouring 
to enter into conversation 
with one. 
^i^^ mahakk^ see dJU 
A^ mahkama, see <^ 
^ymahall^ and 1^ mahally^ 
see J^ 
w^^ m lAWft, see »J^ 
r^ mihJAg, see ^ 
^} ^ mahUil^ see ^y 
^^^ mahma^, see ^^- 
J^ ma/imai^ see Ji- 
^^ m ihma, see ^ 

tihin), to examine, test. 
^^li*l imtihdn^ examination, 
trial, pi. ^l*\^l imtihandt. 
mumtahin^ examiner. 



pi ^^ mamtahinyn. 
j^mihwar^ axis. 
i^^j^ mafyuAt, miserably small. 

obliterate, blot out, erase. 
^1 inmaha, to be obliterated, 
blotted out,erased. jfmomAy, 
obliterated, blotted out, 
erased. ^ mahy^ act of 
obliterating, blotting out, 
erasing.^\4 mdhy^ penniless. 


Ja^ muhyt, see J.»U 
^ mubh, brain, marrow, pi. 
^Uc.l amhdh'/f^^\j rdgil 
maM,dullor stupid fellow. 

^ .\^ mubdbra^ see jj>. 

J^\^ ma^(, seeJa*^ 

4A)te mubdlsa^ see ^U 
Aa)l^ muhdlfa, see <jtU- 
»l^\itf mubawd, see c^^U- 
^lil^ mubdjla^ see JJ- 
Ai\J^mibbdja, and a*;^! mibba^ 
j}5^ mutbir^ see jj> 
jj^ mahhaz^ see ^ 
j\d4 mubtdr, see jW 

^JStmubtarl", see ^jf- 
fcdtf ma^asar,abridged,concise. 
Jdtf muhtall, see J^. 
^^^cdtf mubtalis^ see ^^J^ 
si(jJi3^ mubaddirdlj see jJ^ 
fj^mad^ddim, and pjse ma^ 

d^m^ see aJ^ 
•JL^ ma6adc{a,see J?- 
Jl^ m jftrd^, see J^ 
^J^ mahrag, see gy^- 
At^ mabrata^ see J«»> 
J>^ mubarraf, see ^^ 
Oj^mah^an, see o> 
wM^Sti mubsib, see w-^i- 
«^ma6f^s, see <j^ 
Jaafi ( L^ ) maftaf (jumtut)^ to 

blow the nose. JaS^ maftf^ 

act of blowing the nose. J,»ltf 

ma64f, mucus of the nose. 

mutitdf, see -Akp- 
>^.>s£l ( >^i ) itmahtar, to 

balance the body in walking. 

•^,U^ mabtara, conceited 

JijcA mutt ir^ see 
^jt^PcA muhlis, see ^je^ 
JU^ muhallil, see J^ 



4f^ mibla^ see ^ 

iijAj^ mabUifa^ see «J^ 

^^jc ( ^^i^ ) mahmad, ^ rinse 
the mouth. aJi^ mahmada, 
act of rinsing. 

Jyt* (Jy£ ) mabwil, to astonish^ 
perplex. Jy£l itmal^wil, to 
be astonished^ perplexed. 
J^c^ m I tmafttoiZ^ astonish- 
ed^perplexed. 4)ytf mabwila, 
astonishment, perplexity. 

JLJtii muhayjik, see JL^ 

ju( oc ) madd {jimidd ), to 
stretch/ prolong, extend^ 
help, walk fast; l^ • Jul ju y^ 

he laid his hand on her; ju ^ 
^^ ^ .jbl Aatoa madd 
ydah 'ala giby^ he put his 
hand in my pocket ; ju Ul 
jAj)\ el mu^allim madd el 
walad, the teacher gave the 
boy a bastinado ; J,Ji U ma 
timiddi§^ do not walk fasti 
s^MmtaddyU) be prolonged, 
extended, jxl it madd ^ to be 
stretched, prolonged,exten- 

ded, helped, ^-ul itmad- 
did^ or ($jcl itmadda^ to 
stretch one's self, lie fiill 
length ; ^^l^ iS-^^^ cf jJJI 
^(3 itgadda wit madda 
wit ^asia wit massa, 
after dinner rest a while, 
after supper walk a mile! 
jLiif mumtadd, prolonged, 
extended, ^^jj: mamd&d^ 
stretched, prolonged, ex- 
tended^ lying full length. 
3j£* m if maddid, extended, 
lying full length. ^\jzm\ 
imtidddy prolongation, ex. 
tension, ju madd^ act of 
stretching, prolonging, 
walking fast, extension ; 
jJ^^^A\elmadd wil gazr^ 
ebb and flow,tide.*Jumadc{a, 
duration, interval, tinre, 
period, p{. ^Ju mudad; U ;ju 
l> J^muddet ma kdn hena, 
while he was here; iJV> 4) ji 
•JU haqa loh hendk mudda, 
he has been there long. 
^IjuI imdddy or ai^IjuI 




imdadyja^ support, relief, 
supply, reinforcement; '^J 
^IjuI tir'et imddd, feeder 
canal, jli ju »ju mudda ma- 
dyda, long period of time. 
-U, madddh^ see pX» 
4^1 ju muddf^la, see Ji^^ 
Aij\j^smudaryjay see <^ j3 
^Iju madds^ see ^j-l^ 
^1 ju mudd^y^ see ^/^ 
Anil Jiii muddfa^see ^3 
Jji^maddm, wine. 
^.Ijumaddma*, wife, lady, pi. 

wUIju madamdt. 
^\j^muddhinfiee ^y^^ 
•I3I ju mudawd, see C$33 
4«3lju macKdtoma, see^l^ 
^1 ju muddjin, see^b 
^Jutnidabby stupid, ignorant, 

^j^madbah, see 4^ 
j» ju mudabbir^ see ^ ^ 
4^ Ju madbaija, see *3 
r-Ju (rUc) madah ( jimdah ) or 
maddah, to praise; Ci »jlc y^ 
ftatoa jimdah fykum, he 
speaks well of you, pJil 

inmaddh, or pul i^mada^t, 
to be praised.^^jc mamdAh, 
praised. *.ju madh, praise, 
eulogy. A^ju midyha, song 
of praise, pi. ^Iju maddjih. 
^j^madddh, street beggar 
who sings the praises of 
God, pi. (^^-^^^cbddahyn, 
J3.JU madfiai, and J>.ju madb&l, 

a:>-ju madhana^ see ^3 
4-.J JU madrasa, see ^j> 
4^jJu mudarra^'a, see^j^ 
•j^and ($jju midra, see tf j3 
j^^ mudda' y, see ^^ 
vx» madfa\ see ji^ 
j>A4 mad fan, see ji^ 
J«^ m idagg, see J^ 
^•A^ m idakk, see i)^ 
^^•^ midmdk, see vtJU^ 
cr*-^ m idamm t5, or ^j.^ Ju Jy 
f^i miclammii,baked beans 
(generally eaten for break- 
fast by the natives). 
(!)-^ ( 0-^ ) maddirty to cause to 
be civilized, teach polite 
manners. jjlcI itmaddin, to 



become civilized, taught 

polite manners, o-^ '^^^" 
maddin, civilized, polite^ 
polished. J)Jl£ tamaddun, 
civilization, polite manners. 
Aijju midyna, city, town, 
pi. j)ju mudun.^^x^madany^ 
civil (law). 
i-V- m idda, pus, matter. 
B^mudda^ see JU 

>5^madwid, manger, pi. ^^la* 
model tot (2. 

j^'^muda uwar^ see jl> 

^•^ midyha, see pju 
jt-^ mudyr fiindAi j^J^MfnudyryJa^ 

a;^^ midyna, see j)Xi 
•/til ma-rdfera^andi/ju'ma-rafe. 

ftara, see/1 
**-^ miVamma, see ^ i 
wJa* muznib, see wJS 

y (jc) marr(jumurr)yio pass, 
go by^ inspect, jy marrar^ 
to cause to pass;^^ marrar, 
or jk jkTnarmar ,\o embitter. 
j/\ itmarrar, to be embit- 
tered. jr\ istamarr, to 

continue. j^ytnurAr, act of 
passing, inspection ; o'>i> 
jij^l dywdn el muriir^ 
office of railway tra£Sc 
manager, jk murr^ bitter, 
myrrh; Jil 4) (^ j^ warra loh 
el murr^ or A:-!Lp4jy 
marrar loh ""yitoh^ he made 
his life a misery to him, • jl^ 
mardra^ bitterness, gall- 
bladder, tyy marmara^ 
bitterness. •j^>3 jLAI e2 
mdrr zikroh^ the afore- 
said, y mamarr^ place of 
passage, jl/^' istimrdr, 
continuance.j^maa torn irr^ 
gjlyi martt&y, see Ij 

Aj«f\y murdg^a, see ^ j 
^\ymurdd^ see^lj 
^ j\y mardra^ see / 

J^i^ murdsily see J--j . 

#Uj« mara'(l,and4^lymara^yya, 

Anily murdfa see •Jj 
4Sly murdfqa, see j>j 
wily murdgib, see wSI j 




i^y mardkbyy see ^j 

^^^y murdhna^ see ^j 
^}ymirdja, looking-glass, pZ. 
cMj^ mirajdt ; J^^\ iijy 
mirdjet el falAka, back- 
board of a canoe, 
^.j* mar bat, see Jaj j 
^y murabba\ see ^j 
^.j^ m irabba^ see J^ 
^y murattabfinA^j»martaba^ 

o^ymurtafaq, or^Uy mir^ 
hdd, latrine, water-closet, 
joZ. vilUiy murtafaqdt, or 

r V Cr jS) tnarrag^ to commit 

self-pollution. ^/ tamryg^ 


Cj\c^j» murgdn, coral ; cMy vile* 

samafc murgdnyrouget{&sh). 

^y(^A) margah, to swing, 

give false promises. ^^\ 

itmargah^ to swing one's 

self,b6 svAing.A^ymargaha^ 

act of swinging, a^^ 

murgSha, swing, see-saw. 


pl ^Ij* maragyh. 
^y marga\ see «j- j 
U^j* margalyja^ see Jij.j 
y^j- margu, see ^j 
^y^-ymargdna, casket made of 
date-palm leaves, pi.^lij>->» 

A^y murg6ha^ see ^^ 
U^j* marhaba^ see ^^^ j 
^^y marhdm^ see ^j 
i-y murahbam, see >j 
^y. 3y I am rad,beardless youth, 

joZ. 3y murd, 
^.j/ rnarzabba, iron trestle, 
pounder, sledge-hammer, 
flogging-hammer, /)Z. wC jj« 
^\^yinirsdl, and J-^ mursal, 

see J-.J 
o\i^j« murustdn^^ madhouse, 
lunatic asylum, pi. ^\l\i^y 
murustandt. (^l^-y murus-- 
tdny^ keeper of a mad- 
fy marsah^ theatre, pi. f\jM 

^y mirsa, sec ^j 




f^jM marsyn, myrtle. 

JLiy murSid, see xij 

^ymiraika^ see ^j 

(t/'jS ) ^(^^CLd ( jimrad), to 
be ill, sict^jijc-*! 15 torn rod, 
to feign to be iW.^ymarad, 
illness, sickness, pi. ^\y^\ 
amrdd. ^^y mar yd, ill^ 
sick, pi. Uy murada. C)^y 
marddn^ or ^^jc mamrdd, 
ill, sick, poorly, miserable. 
iy murda^a, see •ij 
^U»j« martabdn^orc)\)0jbartamdn, 
glass or earthenware jar or 
ewer, pi. oWJ^y martabanAt. 
t_y (fjS)'^^^^* (jimra'^) ^io tear, 
^jil inffiara\ or ^Jtl iima- 
ra\ to be torn, impose upon 
the kindness of another, be 
discontented, pjj: mamrA\ 
torn,discontented. ^y mar\ 
act of tearing, icj^ mar'^a, 
imposition, discontentment. 
murHb^ see 

^y tnar^a, see ^j 
ty (ijC ) mara^ (jumru§ ), to 
put ofif, delay^ give false 

promises. K^'l inmara^, or 
^/l itmara§, to be put off, 
delayed,given false premises. 
yjA itmarra^^ to roll on 
the ground. ^^ mar§, act 
of putting off, delaying, 
giving false promises, ij/ 
tarn ry^, act of rolling on the 
ground, icj^ mar^a, delay, 
false promise, pi. c,\iy 

^^jM margiib, seew^j 

Jj* iJ^) maraq (Jumruq), to 
pass, dart. jjU mdriq, 
passing, darting. 

^''j, maraq, or aJ^ maraqa, 
broth, sauce, gravy, j^^ 
miriq, soft, liquid ; aJ^ ^y 
mara mirqa^ effeminate 
woman, fast woman. 

jijM marqad, sec Jij 

Jy .^^\ i^J^J) itmarqa\ to be 
effeminate, adopt woman's 
manners, itiy marqa^'a, 
feminality, unmanliness. 

w5/ markib^ and w^ markdb, 
ijee \__^j 




fy markaz, see /^ 

KT^fy i^^^^^^y^!^ marquee tent. 
Mj^mirimm^ filthy, dirty ^miser, 
••U^ m irmdh, see fj 
yy marmar,alabastcr. 
^f ( -^jS ) ^<^^tnat^ to soil, 
spoil,use badly(book, dress, 
etc.y *\t^y marmata^ act of 
soiling,spoiling, using badly. 
O^j* marmatdn* scullion, pi. 
o\5^j* marmaiondt. 
4^^ marmala, see J* j 
L)S* (OjS) rnarran, to exercise^ 
practise. j)^l itmarran, to 
be exercised. (j;jC tamryn, 
exercise, practice^ pZ.wUi/ 
iam r (/nd i fivjLj^ tama ryn . 
tytnara, woman, pi o^r^ 
niswdn; o^r^ ^. bitd"^ 
n is wdn, woman-hunter, 
^y marra^ once, a time, pi 
C»l^ marrdt ; »^ ^ kam 
marra^ how often? •JLl bil 
marra^ altogether^entirely. 
\j\y^ mirdran, often. 


^y mar ah m,ointment,pomatum, 
ungent, pi f\jM mardhim. 
^\^ymirwdh, see •-Ij 

rjy (r^jS)^^^^^^^ to fan. 
marwaha, fan, pZ. r-l^y 
33y marto id,pencil for applying 
coUyrium or kohl to the eye, 
pi. ^3\y mardwid. 
j3ymur{ir, see y 
•^y marUa, humanity, virility ; 
B'iysr^^^hib marAa^ or 
Ji5j* maruatly, humane, 
kind, obliging. 
tS^ymirwa^ see iS3j 
jyA^y mirjabdry'^ see y\ 
^c^^y mirysy, south wind. 
^^ mar yd, see ^^^ 
^Ji^ marjala^ see Jj j 
jT j4 mar jam, Mary. 
k^ymarjamyja, kind of sage, 
u-^y Tnarynds* merino. 
^y.y marjdih, see ^-1 j 
J ji^ marjAl, see Ji j 

y ( jc ) ma^-r (jimizz)^ to eat 
relish ( when drinking 
liquors), t^moy^a^appetizer. 



• liUtA 

relish, pi Cilj* mazzdt, jy 
miziz^ acid taste ( of fruit ). 
*y mazz, or ^y^ mazd^ inner 
shoes made of felt or leather. 
Ay mazdg^ see r- jU 
i;f^\y muzdhma, see ^J 
Pj\y muzdri\ see p* jj 
j^l^ muzdwir^ see^^j 
4» j« mazbala^ see Ji J 
^^ mazd^ see j» 
v'j/ mizrdb, see wjj 
J^ljj* mizrdty see i^jj 
J'jj* mizrdq, see jjj 
g\/ ( C.J5 ) maza"^ ( jimza'' ), to 
tear. ^'j« mazza' , or jy 
mazzaqy to tear to pieces. 
c.^1 inmaza\ or ^jcl 
itmaza\ to be torn, ^jcl 
ifma^^a^or J jcl itmazzaq, 
to be torn to pieces, p^y 
mamz{i\ torn, ^y mumaz^ 
za\ or J/ mumazzaq, \ 
torn to pieces, frj* ma^', or 
^^jJfam-jry'jOr jjjc tamzyq, 
act of tearing. 
^Wy mazlaqdn, see j) j 
jU^ ma-s^m(tr,see yj 

^4^ muzmin^ see j-J 
jyymazm{ir, psalm, pi. jt^lj* 

A£y maznaqa, see j; j 
J^j* mazwala^ sun-dial,pi. J^j* 

Aitytnazjala^ see ^J 
•ji> rnazjara^ see j. j 
jt> mizayjin, see jij 
4i ji mazyja, advantage, privi- 
lege, pi. \i\y mazdja. 
^jj^(^)mass(jimis$), to touch, 
^^cl itmasSy to be touched. 
^j.» mass, touch.A^ massd, 
a touchy pZ. ^\^ massdt. 
L^misa, see ^wi 
AiVwi musdbqa^ see j?- 
^Lji massdh, see ^* 
■*^l-* musd^id^ see Ju-* 
^l-^ musdflr, see ^i- 
AiL^ masdfa^ distance, interval, 
pZ.wUL- masafdt ; U:UL^ 
w:5!!r masdfet ma jiktib, 
while he writes. 
4) L^ masala, see J U 
A^L^ musdmhd, see 
#ljL«m(/saa?d, and 4ijL»4 ma^a. 



toyya, see ^Sy 
jL^ musdjir, see j^L 
A«-^ masbaha, see ^c^ 
dL^a masbak. see dl-- 
V^ Tniiabbd, see w- 
(*-*• masby, see ^^ 
^L-^ masi^J^fir^see^l 
j^-^ mustagadd^ see j^ 
\^ mustahlib. see ,^ 
j.;^-^ mustahyl, see JU 
^if^ mistihyja^ see ^ 
^osS?^ mustahdim , see ^j<^ 
^ji^ mustadym, see J^ 
mustardh^ see »-lj 


jLtjL4 musta^r, seejb 
jJLL^ mustahfa, see ji 

jus-^ musta^'add, see jc 

J^ni^ musta'mil^ see J^^ 

Jjt-^ miistaqbil, see JJ 

w^?^ mustaqraby see w^ 

Ja:-.* muslaqill^ see Ji 

^:-^ mustaqym^ see ^.U 

^L^mistika, see 5^*-*^ 

J^rmstilla'', tub, pZ, c#ib-.* 

mustanad, see 
^lu^masto/iga'', see ^ 

^jimMmu8tawda\ see ^^^ 

JLiy:^ mustawqad^ see Ji^ 
Jif^ masgid, see Jif" 

O^jjt--^ masgArty see ^^^f 
^w* ( ^ ) masah ( jimsah ), to 
wipe; ^jVl f^ masah el 
ard, he measured the land ; 
^y^l ^ masah el hakib, he 
smoothed timber with a 
plane, f..-^ massah^ to cause 
to wipe, wipe repeatedly. 
^linma«aA,or ^l ifma- 
sa/i, to be wiped. ^^ 
mams^A, wiped. ^ mas/t, 
act of wiping. ioX^ misdha^ 
land measurement, surface, 
area, survey,wood shavings. 
49.lLi ma^tfct/ki^pencil or ink 
eraser,pi. Cs\^[^0mas8ahdt. 
yX^massdhy land surveyor. 
a^\m ^ 'umla mdsha, 
effaced coin. A^mamsaha^ 
rag for washing the floor, 
door-mat, pi f\c mamdsih. 
yf^ musahhar, see /^ 

j^mashAq^see ,y^ 
jr^masyhy^ Christian^ pL Oy;^ 




masyhyjyn, or AJg-^ nia-- 


^ ( ^ ) masali {Jimsab ), to 
disfigure^ transform into a 
vile shape. V^ masb, distL- 
amusing, buffoon. j^Umctsi^^ 

/^ .j^l ( j^t-^. ) itmasbar, to 
mock, ridicule, mimic, make 
fun of; aSc \3jc^\itmasb(iru 
^al^h, they made fun of him. 
maslj/ara^ mockery 
ridicule, carnaval, fun, pi, 
j\^ masdbir ; bJc^ ^ 
libs masbara^ fancy dress ; 
•>^ jttl ballo masbara, bal 
ma$qu6 ; »^ c^ Mt mas- 
bara, a worthless housa 

Ai^^^ mas rag a, see ^-1^ 
j3j^ masrdr, see ^ 

misra^ 12th month of the 
Coptic calender. 
^LumM m istdh, see ^-^ 
Cf^jMLmM mastarin, see ^L^ 
JL^ ( jk«^ ) mastar^ and • 
mastara^ see Ja^ 


#3^1^^ mustarda* mustard. 

mus'^ad, see Jk^ 

ma$%, see ju^ 

masga^, see LL0 

misqa, see ju 

( dl^ ) misi/c ( jimsik )^ to 

hold, catch; c^\ ^^ jCL* ^U\ 

enndrmisket fll bit^ the 

house took fire; JuLl ^ dJL^I 

fm^i/c ^atoZ gadd^ behave 

like a man! iSJblitL^l imsik 

ydak, do not be lavish 1 i*x^ 

massik, to cause to hold, 

viJUil inmasak, or idUil 

itmasak, to be held,caught. 

dUil itmassik, to cling to, 

rely upon. dl-U mdsik, 

holding, catching; 4^U 4lL 

batnoh mdska, he is constL 

pated. iJ^ mamsdk^ held, 

caught. dL^ mas/c, act of 

holding, catching, di-jf 

mumsik, miser, economical. 

ill^l imsdk, constipation. 

Jj5 5^Ut massdket waraq, 

paper-clip. 4il-^U'msa/cj/rya, 

calendar of the month of 




sii^^misk, musk. Js^ miska^ 
cattle d\lng.^iLxmumas8ik, 
perfumed^scentedjdUx ^y\^ 
sabitn mumassik, scented 

^Z^ .j^cl i^^f^i) itmaskin^ to 
humble one's self, feign to be 
poor or miserable. AiSd* 
maskina, act of humbling 
one's self, poverty, misery. 
t:^^^ maskyn, poor, mise. 
rabic, wretched, pi, o^-^ 
masakyn; OfljClil ja mas- 
kyn, poor fellow I 

jCl. maskan, see jd 

w/CIa moskdb, Russians. ^.^^ 
moskdby, Russian, ^ilj 
wjClil bilAd el moskdb, 

^CLi maskyn^ see ^^-^ 

dIU* maslak, and ,J^^uu musal- 
likdty^ see dJU 
L.4 muslim, see U 
4^^ misalla, packing-needle, 
obelisk, /)Z. o^ mUalJAt. 

A^JLu masl&qa^ see j)u 

A^ masly, see L- 

jlj-.^ masmdr, see jB^ 
. JftC^ mdsmat, see lac* 

^^-^ m isann ,see ^ 

J^i-^ masrtad, see JU-^ 

Jr** mushil^ see J^ 
iJl^^ miswdk, tooth-pick. pi. 
Si^KmA masawyk, 


•^y*^ m iswadda^ see ^^ 
J>-^ ( J^ii^) mastoaq, see jL 
^>^ masAlyja, see J U 

c^((c4 ) ^^M^ (jimassy ), to 
wish one good evening ; [^ 
^y)^^i)} massy ly^ala abAk, 
wish your father good 
evening from my parti dLLi 
j^\» massyk bil b^r, good 
evening to youl L.« misa, 
evening ; j^tl U* misal Ji6r, 
or saJbir^ good evening I 
<L^ An) jl 4ftV J\ es sA^'a arba^a 
mi«(4an, 4 o'clock p.m. 

j^masjar^see jL 

JL4. m ii^, cheese whey, curd. 

J^mus^ seeU 
k^\LA mukdhha^ see ^i 
•j^IIa mu&Agra, see jjf^ 


o-li. mu&Ahna, see ^ 

j^j\tM musdrka, see iJ^i 
pU« mukd\ see pli 
UUu makAHy^ see J*i 
jli^ mistJg, tow, refuse of hemp. 
^jjTli. mukAkUx, see jCi 
Jtii makAl, see Jb 
^ jjiVi^ mukAhda, see JL|i 
•jjlli musAwra^ see jli 
ajI!L maikija^ see ^ 
dJLia ma^k, see ^iLi 
SJitMtnuhtara^ and <;>i^ mai- 

fary, see cjyt 
^JitMfnuHarik, see iJyt 
^^ masta, see ji 
iijr^ m ikihhf^^ see ^ 
o^ mahrahyja^ Egyptian pro- 
jecting window, arabesque 
woodwork, pi. vi^Uj /^ 
^ji^ musrikj see ^ji 
9j^ makr(jL\ see ^^ 

*!, ( J^ij ) moMUy to be rotten 

( eggs), ** 


ki* (Jiix )mas&rf, to comb. 
JfticI itmaisat^ to be combed. 
Jfti^mamaito^.combed. i^Jl 
tamsyt, act of combing. IJU 
mrs^, comb, pi. J^Liil amsAt; 
dlcJoi- miif samak, few 
fishes attached by the tail 
( fan like ); JiVl Jai^ mis< eZ 
yd, palm of the hand. 
4!W-i»misia, carding board for 

<^\ jJ^ muS'^ardny^ see ^ 
J^iwi mas'al, see J.ui 

Jyui^ masifulyja, see J;i 
ji* ( jic ) ma&x^ (Jimsaq or 
jumsuq )^ to cause to work 
hard, exhjaust, cause trouble 
to another, reprimand, jici 
inmasaq, or jiil itntoMq^ 
to work hard, be exhausted, 
be troubled,be reprimanded. 
j^i^ mamkHq^ one who is 
working hard, exhausted, 
troubled, reprimanded. aiLm 
makqa, hard work, exhaus- 
tion, trouble, reprimand. 
makq^ model for writing. 




maiiqqa, see ji 
^^Lm m iskdk^ see dU 
£^ .^fh\ (j?5Cl&) itmaskah, to 
loiter about, walk in a slo- 
venly manner.A^-^mai/ca/ia, 
act of loitering, walking 
in a slovenly manner. 
JSCi* muskil, see J^Ti 
J^%mahka, awl, p2. cJ^Lm 

J.c^(Jjri)masmi&, to pound, 
mash. ^Jjr*mUm is fipricots, 
apricot-trees, sg. ^^* 
miim isa^plzAt,^miimisdt; 
jJ^\ f^ fil mUm is ^ or (^•^ 
^jJ^\bukra filmiimis, or 
^^^1 Jik \l lamma jitla^ el 
mi&mii, when you become 
young again 1 sine die, 
Ar* mukiLmma\ see •»?* 
4r^ muhmula, medlar tree. 
OiIa mahnaqa, see j:^ 
cit m ikanna, native basket 
made of rushes, pi. CiUi* 

!• ma&had, see jl^ 
j^* makhAr, see ^i 

j^w»(j^ic) makwar^ to cause to 
stroll, cause to walk up and 
down. jyZX\ itmaswar, to 
stroll, walk up and down^ 
promenade, ^j^L%maswara^ 
a stroll, a walk up and 
down, a promenade. jl^« 
m iswdr, long walk,ramble, 
errand, pi. j^iVi* masawyr; 
j\^l»^i%J'kLyja'^ny mikwdr, 
he sent me on an errand. 
^jyLk masvoara, see jb 

f * » makAm^ see |»p 

(^i- ((^-^ ) ^% 0*t*/^^y ^to go, 
walk, march ; U •^ JLal 

im§y min hena^ begone! 

be oflfl cAi» a:L batnoh 

mii/i?<, his bowels moved ; 

^ic A^^IS^ kaldmoh Jimsy, 

his order will be carried out, 

his wishes will be respected; 

(^ jy\)\ el wabAr jimiy, 

the train starts ; JLc a:S\\ 

el makyna timiy, the 

machine works. ^ maksa 

to cause to go, walk or 

march ; iJ^ ^ maika 




kaldmoh, he enforced his 
orders; viAJic ^"^ ^J^ ^^huwa 
jimahhy kaldmoh ^al£k, he 
will make you obey him, he 
will make you carry out his 
order. ^1 itmaska, to take 
a walk, stroll. J^\* mdsy^ 
going, walking, marching; 
OV:^ ^*3 ^-i^* A:-«fclf mdhytoh 
mdsja we huwa "^ayjdn, he 
gets his pay while he is sick; 
4JiU A'JL balnoh mdsja ^ his 
bowels are loose, he has the 
diarrhoea. ^ . masy, act of 
going, walking, marching. 
A*l. ma&Ja, gait. Aili. mfli- 
idja^ wheel-crutches, pas- 
sage, gangway, pi ^lAAL* 
massajdt. Jicmamsa^ alley, 
road- way , passage, pi. <^lc 

iS^^ mcLkjaba, see ^U 

j^ muhyr, see jli 

(u^) rnassfjumuss),^ suck. 

^c^* masmas, to suck 

repeatedly , rinse.^jAS 1 1 ^mosj, 

to besucked;^^! b JrlJWr 

r4gre7 da it mass, this man 
has become very thin.^c^l 
itmasmas, to be sucked 
repeatedly, rinsed, ^j^ 
mamsCis^ sucked ; (^^-^rji^!; 
rdgil mamsds, a leanman, 
a bag of bones, ^ja^ ma??, act 
of sucking. 4-ac^' masmasa, 
act of sucking repeatedly, 
rinsing. ^a« massa, a suck, 
syphon,/)i. si^t^mamassdt. 
As^Vam musdsa^ sugar-cane 
trash. oLa. massdsa. owl. 
pi. s1»UIa4 massasdi. 

A>>U« musddfa^ see ^ 

aa>1-a4 musddma^ see ^ 

A»jU4 musdrfa^ see ^j 

A^Ui masd5a,andmass(lsa^seejiiii 

^Uii masd^j see i-U 
Ai-Ui musdlha,see^ 
^^^ misab&, see ^..^.^ 
4k^AM mashaijA, see ju^ 
•^^'^ musahfyah, see 4^ 

mushaf^ book, copy of the 
Koran, pi. ^i^-U, ma§dhif. 
ma§fyana, see ^^ 




masdar^ see jju 
jMA masr, Cairo, Egypt, ^^jam 
masry, ndXiwQ of Cairo^Egyp- 
tian, pi. i^jl-A* masdrwa^ or 
ciij^ masryjyn. 
musrdn, bowels, intestines, 
pi. (jljVaa masaryn. 
masraf^ and ij jja* masrAf^ 
see cij^ 

mastaba, or ^uk-^* mastaba, 
stone or mud bench, pi. 
w^Uii masdtib 
mistika, or JCL* mistika^ 


musgar, see j;i^ 
j^ mas/(X, see j-^ 
4^tA* masqala^ see J;-^ 
Ja* masZ, whey. 
A^ maslaha, see ^^ 
odA« masnCi^yJa,see ni^ 
^\jyxukmusauwardty^ seejy^ 
Aa^ masybA, see w*-^ 
#juaa masJadcL^ see ^l^ 
j^4 mCLsyr, see jL* 
/>^^ mudddda, aud 4i^Lk4 muda^ 

dj/r/a, see ^^U 
A; jLSui muddrba^ see w^ 


mudahyja, see ctU 
muddjqa, see jU 
muddjna, see ^U 
mudhik^md ^Jl^ic^ mudahr- 
hakdty^ see dJ 
mudirr, see j*^ 
madrab. and iui -.a* m idar^ 
rabyja, see s-^^m^ 
( ^ ) mada^ (Jumdud), 
often pronounced '^mjoda§, 
or i-jJ nadad^ to masticate, 
chew. *-a£l itmada^, to be 
masticated, chewed. ^^ 
mamd{lL^ , masticated, chew- 
ed. jui4 mad^^ mastication, 
chewing. a;ua« t:;^^ dubbdn 
madga , tobacco for chewing. 
(^^) '^^ (Jtmdy)^ to go, 
depart, sign a document. 
^ madda, to cause to, 
sign, spend or kill ( time) ; 
ip.ji\ Jd ^^ madda ^aUxl 
farha^ he killed the hen. 
^^1 itmada, to be signed. 
^^1 itmadda to be spent, 
killed. t^U mddy, passing, 
past; ^\ll j^\ ei kxhr el 

• Yt 


mddy, last month, ^c^ 
mamdy, signed. U-l imda, 
sigRature^pZ.s:*lU^I imdadt^ 
or c-I^U^I imdawdt. 
aSLu^ madjafa^ see ijl-i 

^^ madj{t\ see pU 

JL. ( iaj ) ma(^ (jumutt )^ to 
stretch (a thing). JaHl itmatt, 
to be stretched. Lkllit ;na^(a(y 
to lie down. J^^L^ mamttit^ 
stretched. -LLy mumattat^ 
or JJ4* mitmaitat, lying 
down.liiima((^act of stretch- 
ing. JoJaJ <am(yf,act of lying 
full length, stretching one's 
self down. 

:L-IL. mutasyja, see ^^U. 

3L>lk4 mutatyja^ see U»lt 

^^•IL. mutdVa, see Jl 

aJUm matdnwafiv ^JlU matdnja, 
courtesy, bow, pZ, wl^'lk^ 

jk^ mitdhir^ see j^ 

4^^\k« mutdw'^a, see ^U» 

JjUm mufdwlaj see JU» 

^J^ matbab, see ^ 

^.k* matba'^a, see «.!» 

i J^ mathana, see ^ 
J»* (J^) matar ( jumtur ) or 
ma(Wr,(often pronounced^ 
nattar), to rain ; ^k? UjJI 
ed dmya 6i7t/m<ar^it rains. 
jk. matar^ or ^ki na(ar, 
rain. »^ matara, a rain, a 
shower, pL wl^ ma^ardi. 
4i^l^Z ma(aryya,Heliopolis. 
{f}\jLk matardwy, apper- 
taining to Heliopolis. 

C^\Jk^mutrdn^ bishop, pi <;j\k* 

^JLm mat rah, see ^-^ 

jLjk* mutarrah, see J^^k 

Aijk« matraqa^ see j^k 
Jm( Ac) mafa' {jimta''), to 
escape, disappear; «k« wlwl 
€lkitdbmata\ the book has 
gone 1 you will never see the 
book again! ^L^^huwa ma^ 
ta\ he took to his heels. Jul 
itmatta\ to stretch one's 
self, pull one's self up; 
4iyw^j Acl itmatta'^ we 
daraboh,he struck him with 
all his might. mJLi tamty\ 




act of ^retching one's self^ 

pulling one's self up, 

p^Um m itld\ see Jit 

^\^mitalla,see ^^ 

wjU*« matUih. see wJi» 
• * ' • 

•j^Im ma/mAra, see J^ 
j^^ mathar, see ^ 
#^A or cJ^Li ma^toa, pen-knife, 
^pocket-knife, pi. (^^ll* 

w-Im mutayjib, see w\t 
j^Jm ma/y^ r, see jU» 
J,^* matj{is, see 
a1^ mazhata^ see lui; 
tJ^^ mazrtLf^ see ij^ 
l^jUu mazHjLm^ see ]U 

^ ma"", with; jt« ma'y, or (^U 

ma^'dja, with me ; j5C^ 

ma'akk^ have you not ? •• 


however; jV r* tk' ^^ ^^ 
nahdr, night and day. 

j^l *• ma' inn, or 0^^ 

ma'' /c<3n,although,whereas, 

A^ma'yya,suite(of a prince, 

etc.), pi. wC* ma'yjdt ; >U 

en ndzir, he travelled on 
the suite of the minister; 
aJLJ\ aJ.1 ^i ma^yja es 
sanyja, court of H. H. the 

aJU. mUdtba, see ..^ 

^«au ma'agyny, see ^ 

4^jliu mu^drda^ see ^j^ 

^U mu^drka^ see iJ jW 

j\L ma'^ds, see ^U 


Jiliu/na'di, see j.\^ 
•^liM mu^dsra^ see ^Jl^ 
♦j^U mu'^dfra^ see ^ip 
aJu* mudksa, see ^^^ 
4-^ mu^dlga, see ^ 
^Im mu^'dmloi, see J/ 
JLlUi mu^dnid^ see jup 
asIiu mu'dnqa^ see jiW 
• jlaIu mu^'dhda^ see JI4P 
0^^« ma'dtoin, see oW 
•JuU mu'^djda^ see jlp 
•ji^^ mu'djra^ see jj^ 
^^ mu'djna^ see (^ip 
'^•ma^bad^ and^^* ma'&^d^ 

^1 maUabaVj see jj^ 




jlu mu^'attar, see jJ^ 
. jl2u« mu^taqad, see JiiS^ 
JL6** mu^tamad^ see a>^ 
#ju* maHAh, see a:^ 
•js** mu^gisa, see j^f 
J^^ma'agrgriZ, see J^ 

c^^'fo^) ma^m, and o^ 
ma'^gAn, see ^^^ 
(^^iJUi* ma^adddwy, see c^j^ 

*3i^ mu^addida^ see j^ 

J-^ mu^addil, see J jp 

d'^^md'dan, mine^ metal, /)/. 
O^liu ma^ddin;C)Sm0ma^dan, 
good, excellent; c^Jj^mc^ 
^ihhetoh ma'dan,his health 
• is good; lj^^/^\oJu# 
ma'' dan illy ^amalt keda^ 
I am glad you did that 1 

$SmMmVda, stomach, pi. ju« 

(^ jLiM mu'^dy^ see ^5 jo 
^^ mu^arras^ see^j^ 
^juM ma^'rad^ see ^j^ 


J jM mu^arraq, see Jjp 

^^ ma' saga, see j j^ 

^y^mV^za, seej^U 

• ^ ma azza, see jp 
A3j»« ma^zAm, see /»^ 


]»• ma'^zam^ see Ji^ 
aJjXu ma^qulyja^ see JSp 

^sUma^ga, spoon, pZ. JJL. 

^laU mu'allaqa, see jU 

U> mu^allim, see le 
Jjli»* ma^l&l, see Jc 

f jJ** ma^'lAmy see W 
(^j\^ mVmdry^ see yP" 

A^M (iMjic) ma^ma""^ to bleat. a«aa« 
ma^'ma^a^ bleat. 

J-*^ mammal, see J-».t^ 
4i3^^uu ma^'mudyja, see jl^ 
Jj-%ji4i ma'mAi, see J^ 

^ ma^na, see ^^ 

-*^ ( jfc) ma'Jar, see jjp 

Ai-ju ma^'yka, see j^W 

ALft* ma^'jaqa^ see j.p 

J^iM mu^jal, see JW 

,c •. 

^ ma yja^ see ^ 
sl^liw mu^dt, syrup made of nuts, 

almonds, etc. 
aJU mugdlba, see^J^ 




ajJIm mugdUa, see LU 

vjj^u ma^rib, and (^^i. tna^raby, 

see i».i. 

Ji ^it m ag^a r& 1 1, see Ji J:. 

J,ju mugrid, see ^jfc 

Aij;^ magrafa^ see ^jp 

f ji* musiram^ see f ^ 

•J^mugra* red ochre^ red 

J>« magzal^ see J^p 

J-J»* m u§assi l^ see J-. p 

fjok%ma§as. colic. 
^jJ»»* maiftas, see ^^JaP 

^y^* mu§affal^ see Jit 

J^»* (JJ^J^) ma^kut, see JJp 
«^l-^« migluwdny^ see J^ 


^*^ ( AJ^ ) magmag, or ij^Jl 
itma^ma^^ to hesitate, 
feign to refuse, ^i^ ma^- 
ma^a, hesitation, act of 
feigning to refuse. 
U^u mu^na* mahogany, 
Ua tna^na, see ^jfc- 
l j\M ma^n Uja^* magnesia. 
^Jcii mafl'na^ys^magnet^loadstonp. 
gpi* mujiann y, see ^^ 

^U mafdd, see ^li 
4-^U mufdsla, see J^i 
Ai jlu mufdwda, see^^i 
^lii- muftdh, see ^ 
ytiu muftahar, see ji 
<;>i* muftary, see cJy 
JL:*- mil f at t is, seeJLi 

^^miftisir, openly, plainly, 
blandly ; ^ill Ji5^ kalli^ 
mohhil miftikir^ tell him 
in plain language! 
42:14 mufattaqa, see j^i 
jutnafarr^see J 
jji, murfrad, see ^y 
J.^* mafrak^ see J^/ 
4c^i4 mufarra'^d^ see ^y 
Jy4 mafraq^ see Jy 
JUU4 mufsid^ see Jui 

ju mufassir, see j^ 
JLa4 m e/as^, see J3 
J-Ai4 mafsal, see J-«i 
dU. mifakk, see viU 
4^^ mafhumyja^ see ^ 
JLi» mufyd, see ^\i 
4iVii magdftto/see JJ 



wIl maqdt^ creeping vegetables 
or fruits (cucumber, water- 
melon, etc.). 
4ijli# muqdrkLj see j^J 

iij\iM muqdrfa, see kJJ 
'^U* maqds^ see ^j-U 

•Ulu muqasd, and 4^^l2« muqasy* 
Ja, see ^^ 
j^liimagdm^see fU 

^^U. muqdwih, see ♦■^U 

J^Ua muqdwily see J^li 

4i^\2« muqdwma, see ^ 3I1 

4^\i« muqdjsa, see ^U 

iuiill* mag4/da, see^^lJ 

•jjS> maqhara, see jj5 
CA{ wSc ) maqat {jimqit ), to 
maltreat, torture. j^,acl 
inmaga^, to be maltreated, 
tortured. w^5c mamq&t, 
maltreated, tortured. cJ* 
maqt, ill-treatment, torture. 

jjLtiu muqtadir, see jJi 

^i:!. muqtady^ see ^ 

jl-XL muqddr^ see jOJ 

vj JLS4 muqddf^ see J Ji 

•jjJL maqdara, see jJJ 

fjLiimttgdim and muqaddim, 

see ^ji 

^^4 muqrih, see J,^? 

4^jA« maqra%^ see ^y 

cij44 tnuqrif^ see JjJ 

JaJL24 maqsat, see J^li 

^l. maqaskLj see JJ 

^^^ maqa§s, see ^ 

w«A«« muqsab, see ..^ 

maqsCid, and ^^.A2«ma9$^o 


u maqstLra, see j-a! 

i« maqsAs, see ^i 

Jt2A ma g^a% see ^ 

iJLiaii maqtaf, see ulU 

•j^A maqtAra. see jLi 

4Hi^^L2# maqtu^yja^ see Ai 

-2- ( ^ ) maqqa\ to drinl 

liquors, be drunk. juLt ma. 

maqqa\ drunk, *Jc tarnqy"" 

act of drinking liquors 


JU24 rmq^ad^ see Jini 

Ji, muqill, see Ji 

^iHl^megfct", see^ 

4jiU4migWya, see^ 

yi&> magtob, see JLi 

cJli(cJa5) maqlit, or Jd^J-E 





itmaQlit ^ala, to mock at, 

sneer at. ^dju maqlila^ 

mockery, sneer. 
Uii maqlama^ see U 
^ii muqla, large turban, pZ. jSi 

muqal, or c^ils* muqldt. 
^jAM maqwid, see JuJ 
oj24 maqwara^ see ^y 
t$yu muqauwa, see c^y 
^j-La4 m ig;/cts, see ^l5 
^Jiii maqjad, see ^li 
SCi makka, Mecca. (^3^ ma/c- 

kAwy, native of Mecca, pZ. 

Ai^lSCl makkawyja. 
^J^ mukdbir, see ji^ 

f b^ makaddm* road metal. 

j^ makkdr, see jC^ 
^^^ makkdra^ pulley. 

-.1^ makkds^ see^* 
^\i^mukafd^ see j3 
A^tsCi mukakyja, see Jo 

j^SC makdn, see o'^ 

^^C makbas, see ^^^ 

A^Cmifeab&a, see 

•1.C ma/cia6,and w^yiSCi makttLb, 


4^^* mukhila, see jC^ 
>* ( jCc) makar (Jumkar)^ to 
deceive, practise artifice ; 
AjU ^ makar ""alih^ he 
deceived him. jC^ makr, 
deceit,artifice. j^* makkdr^ 
deceitful, cunning, /)i. ^y^j^ 

^f^ makrama^ see j»^ 

tA' ( (j-^ ) makkis, to pay city 
dues, ^j^C maks^ city dues, 
octroi, ^j-^t^^ makkds, 
collector of city dues, pL 
C)O0^ makkasyn, 

^^^. maksab, see^^-3 

• • 

Bj^ maksara^ see jS^ 

^l^C maksala^ see J-i^ 

^iC muka^'^ab. vine arbour, 
trellis work, pi. cX^ 

^lKCi mukallafa, see cJlIS^ 

j^l!^' muklimdny, see ir 
^(^) makkin, to enable, 
permit, strengthen. jCl 
amkarij to be able; J^^:^! U 
^d^ ma amkanM jiktib 




he could not write ; ^ 
Jimkin^ it is possible ; ^ 
^i^ Jimkin jigy, he may 
come. ^ I itmakkin, to be 
enabled, permitted, fixed, 
^ mumkin^ possible, per- 
haps. Cjf^ tamkyn, act of 
enabling, permitting, fixing. 
CJ^\ imkdn^ possibility ; 
olCvl jJi Jc> 'a to qadr el 
imkdn^as much as possible. 
^ mukn^ solid, strong. 
A..I4C muknisa, see 

4:5C» makina* see aiSu 

iJ^ makAk^ shuttle. 

tS^rnakwa^ ^onsf 
^LX» mukayjisAty, see ^^^ 

J*( Js) ^^^^ (jimill)j to be 
weary, bored,tired, exhaus- 
ted. JIU mafi7, weary,bored, 
tired, exhausted. JU malal, 
fatigue, weariness, exhau&. 

ili(5^c)mato, ryimto;,tofill. 
^1 itmala, or^l im^ato, to 
become full. ^^^U* maljdn^ 
full, empty. JU maZa, or Aa 

maly^ act of filling. •• 
malwa, 1/4 8th part of 
ardahhy pi. wljL maZto^ 
^1 imtila^ state of beii 
^I^^A mulAbta^ see iJ 
Ak^^A muldhza, see J^i- 
4^^ maldha, see ^V 
A j^4 muldzim^ see |»J 
^.^;A» muWih, see ^ 
aJ^I^ mulaqyja^ see ^ 
il^iU maldk, see dJU 
^^ maldmihy see ^ 
4*^ maldma, see /•V 
Ai^mrttona, cicer arietinu 
Ciy^ mcilatoyn, or Ci jU malaw^ 
na^ lever, handles, crov 
bar, crank, pZ. wb^^ 

Ai%mildja^ bed-sheet, larg 
cotton shawl worn b^ 
women out of doors, pL J 
mily, or dl^ milajdt. 


^JJJk mulabbis^ see ^ 
Cj^maJhan, Turkish delighi 
fig- paste. 
^^ malb{is, see ^ 




^^•miltUim, see ^j 
^{M.) mallah, to salt ( food, 
etc.). ^\itmallah^ to be sal- 
ted. Jir- lis icimta/i, to become 
salty. ^ mumallah^ salted. 
*lr^ mustamlah, salty, i* 
malh^ salt, hail; c^jjJfl^ 
maZA ingilyzy, Epsom salt. 
4^^ miluhyja, saltness. 
ib* jU m 27^/ia, saltness, kind 
of salted fish. fUmdZiA^salt; 
^\j4\ ^l bahr el mdlih, the 
sea. Ao^^ mallAha, salt- 
cellar, salt-mine, pi. wW^ 

J^^ malhdz^ see Jil- 

1^ ( ^ ) rnalab (jumluh), to 
dislocate. ^ mallab, to 
dislocate one thing after the 
other. '^\ itmalali, to be 
dislocated. ^ mamlAbj 
dislocated, i* maZft, disloca- 

4.« JU maUama, see ^ j| 

^ malas^ kind of silk material 
for ladies' wear. 

^ ( u^ ) ^^^? (jumlus ;, to 

extract, pilfer, escape. ^L 
mate, extraction, escape^ 

]Jlm malt, stark naked ; Ul« J5 
gato' maZ<,he stripped him- 
self naked. 

Uu maZ^as, see JLU 

JLU maltam, see JD . 

w^Jia mar^&, see w>J 
iJiUmfto/y', seciJiJ 
JaiU ma{fa^,seeJ^i) 
jU malaq, open space; ^jl 
^^ard malaq, open land, 
free land. 42U malaqa, 
certain undefined distance, 
league, p{. claU mafogd^. 
J^lsU m i7g(i(, see Jos) 

UuU malqaf, see cJu) 
ifJU (vfJflx) matofe (jumluk ), to 
possess, reign ; ^.C J^U 
mamalaki Jiktib, he was 
not able to write, he had no 
time to write.dUu mallik^ to 
give possession, cause to 
reign. d^M\ imtalak^ to 
possess,own. dUxl itmallik, 
or dJJr'li5tomit/c,to appro- 



priate, take possession. dBl* 
mdlik, possessor, owner^ 
propvieior, pi. c^^\*malkyn. 
6J(C mamldk^ while male 
slave, pi. dUlr mamalyk. 
aM- mulkyja, right, pro- 
perty, d^^milk^ property, 
pl.i]%\ amldk;6%'J'ifi:>^* 
min zawy el amldk, or 
dS^M ^>\^ sdhib milk, 
proprietor ; ifJU,. j^^ bit 
milk, private house. tS^- 
malldky^ private ;t5^4 o^p 
^arabyja malldky^ private 
carriage. dlJ^ mulk, realm. 
dllT malik, king, pZ. il^^. 
mai(ife;iJj\ll •l^dd el muldk, 
gout. J^Mmalika, queen, pi. 
malaka^ eau de Cologne. 
i\% maldk^ angel, pi. S^^% 
maldjka. ^ mamlaka, 
kingdom, empire, power, 
pldSl\^mamdlik.^ mulky^ 
civil; f^. ^^M maldbis 
mulkyja, civil dress, civil 

Jl. malal, see J^^ 
aU miZto,nation,creed,religi" 

pZ. JU milal. 
jU maZa, see ^L 
^jU m ildha, see ^ 

^J^ mulufiyjciy co^chorus a 

o^U malawyna, see ut^^* 

J* ( (^^5 ) ^^^to ( jirnally ), 
dictate writing. ^1 i/Wi 
dictation, pZ. J^^l imal, 

L maly^and^Uu^maljdn, see 
^milyhj see^^il 
Jul mallym* m illi^me ( = 
l/lOOO th part of a pou 

^^^J* maljdn* million, pi. ^^^ 

j^V. mamdt^ see wU 
4-j\^ mumdrsa, see ^ jU 
4>j\^ mumdzga^ see r-jU 
4il»\^ mumdtla^ see JL* 
^^y mamrAd, see ^jl^^ 
A5?^ mamsaha, see ^ 
^ic mcLm§a, see ^^l* 
^jA^ mamass, see ^ja» 





^ mumkin, see ^m 

J^ mamlaka} and iJjlc mam- 
lAk^ see dIJ.- 

u* (uS) ^^^^ (jiminn)^ to 
grant, be benevolent; ^ 
#jUH Uc mann ^al^h bi 
sigdra, he kindly gave him 
a cigarette. c^\ imtann, to 
be grateful, jyic mamnUn, 
grateful, o^ mamnanyja, 
j\min^ from, of; Ua^* min 
hena^ from here, this way ; 
9-jUI ^^4 mi/i emMr i/i,since 
yesterday; a:^ ^Mmin sana, 
a year ago; dU. ^>-^l y^ 
huwa ahsan minnak, he is 
better than you ; vil:-^^* 
, minny minnak^ were I in 
your place, if I were you ; 
jt>.\^ ^^ minhum . wdhid, 
one of them; ills wjy qaryb 
minnoh^ near him: Lit* 
. minna fyna, among our- 
selves; jj-jli 4;- 3 wll^A^ 
minnoh kdtib we minnoh 
mutargim, he is clerk and 


^^ mm/i ,see •c^ 

L muna, see ^« 

Ao\iM mandha, see 9-y 

^U mandb, climate. 

Ij-lu mandhly^ see jsi 

jj?-U manahyr, or jUcu minbdr^ 

nose, nostril, 
^^li, minddim, see ol 
^^\li munddy, see c$-^' 
4c jl:^ mundz^'a^ see p- jJ 

,^^\;u mundsiby see w--i 

« • 

aIpL. mundifsa, see JLpIj 
^U^ mundfsa^ see j^ 
jilu mandfiq, see j>\i 
♦^li* mundqra, see yu 
4^1li mundqsa^ see^joi* 
ii^U mundqda, see ^jaS 

fVumanrfm, seej»lJ 
♦ jjfclu mundhda, see Jif 
Ai^lu man(4eo6a,see s^^lJ 
tj^Umandeora,* manoeuvre, pt 

C^lj^U munawrdt, 
4I3U mandtoto,see Jl; 
JLi^Ui manawyi, or ^1) 3^ mana-- 
tot/i{/,dark violet. 
jLumanfedr, or jljC mumbdr^ 

• «• 



intestines ( of sheep, etc, ). 

,;x* manbat. see ^ 

jcsinanbar, pulpit, tribune, 

pi. j\u mandbir, 

AjiM munabbih. see *J 
• ^ • 

J^ munaggid^ see J^ 

f)i^ mangal, sickle, pL J«>-lu 
mandgil. ^ mangala^ 
vice (screw), pZ. w^« 

^ munaggim^ see^ 

y mangra/iyg/cistern of water. 

closet, pZ. c*l2^:»tu manga- 


yf^ mango, or a^^ia manga, 

j^mangdr^ see^ 
jjcju munaggy, see jf 
j^i^ munhadir ^ see jO^ 
^ munhany, see ^ 
jfe* minbdr, see jj^U 
\^manbul, see Ji 
Jljiuminddto, pile-driver, pZ. 

ii*yiJiu mindalAt. 
$jj:j^mandara^ saloon on the 
ground floor for the recep- 
tion of men visitors, pi. j^U* 

Jju* mandai,magic,clairvoyance; 

J jdl ^ fatah el mandal^ he 

practised magic. 
^^Xi»mand&b^ delegate, repre- 
sentative, pL uH^*^ man- 

^sumandyl, handkerchief, pi. 

Ji jUa manadyl. 
J ju mansal, see J j; 
^u mansig^ see ^ 
cJL-J* mansaf, carding board, pi. 

ijub mandsif, 
k^y^t^ mansdb^ see ,^-4 
j\Lu minsdr, see ^ 
4ilu mansaf a^ see ijiii 
Ai:^ mind^ia, see »} 
j^iu manhdr, see ^ 
yui:u mansar, see ^ 
(^Iku mmf(!liy,row, quarrel, noise, 
jku (^) mantar^ to cut off the 

head, i^^a;* mantara, act of 

cutting off the head. 
j!Lm mantaq^ and aAoLim man- 

taqndma, see jLi 
j\ku minzdr^ and ^ manzar, 






^•^ ( *:c ) mana'' (Jimna'^ ), to 
to be prevented^ forbidden. 
^m\ imtancC, to abstain, 
/^l itmanna\ to decline. 
^^ mamnA\ prevented, 
forbidden. »u min^^ preven- 
tion, prohibition. -iU mdni\ 
objection, obstacle, pZ. Jl^* 
mawdni\ ^U JLi U ma fys 
mdn i\ there is no objection, 
I have no objection, 

^U;, munfdb, see A«i 

ja;^ man fad, see joi 

^^^ man fas, see ^^ 

4.Ai;« manfada, see ^* 

Aiuu manfa^'a, see ^i 
i^i man fa, see j; 

^lS:» minqdr, see jtf 

JLL4 manqad, brazier^ /)Z. jliU 

4)iu manqala, see Js 
jJiSCL* m i/ifeds, see jl5o 

j^ man war, see ^y 
jU^ii manomitr,* manometer. 
(5* .^^cl (^Jifmanna^towish, 
ask a favour^ salute j J^ i*il 

itmanna ^alayja, ask what 
you wish of me! ^^ taman. 
ny, wish, desire^ salutation. 
U muna, wish^ desire; U 
^ muna "^/lo/i^ his heart's 
iS^many, semen. 
^ man Jam J see A* 
Oj^ minajn, cakes. 
vV muhdh, see ^U 
V'V muhatyja, see JU 
*j^V muhdgra, see j?^ 
^jV* muhdrsa, see Jiyi 
-^(jtS) rnahhar, to give a 
dower to a girl on her 
marriage.Oj^l itmahharet, 
to be given a dower. ^ 
j^ muhr, foal of a mare. 
J)Vjf muhrugdn* feast^ wedding, 

pi. C*l;Wj|^ muhrugandt 
jl^jf mihriddr* seaUbearer, 
garde des sceaux. 
Ijf (IjrS) maA^(t, or ^\j^\ 
itmahzd ^ala, or l^^iAa^^rd, 
to mock, ridicule, tlj^ 
mahzad, mockery, ridicule. 


# jf# m ihazia, see ^ 
^mihaffa, see iJij^ 

iiV (As ) f^f^^^ (jumhuk \ to 

masb^poand. dl|£l inmahak, 

or «il^l itmahak^ to be 

mashed, pounded^ indulge 

in; f)^mamA^/c^ mashed, 

pGunded^Ddulging in^ busy^ 


Jf'C J|£ ) mahal (jimhil), to 

give time, grant delay. J|£l 

inmahal, or J^l itmahal^ 

to be given time^ granted 

delay. J|£l itmahhil,or ^^\ 

istamhil^ to give time^ 

grant delay^ wait. J^ 

maAZ, slowness; J|ll ^ 

^alal mahl, or dil^ ^ 'a to 

mahlak^ slowly, gently .^^ 

muhla, delay, interval, pi. 

J^muAa/^Ofw^ muhldl. 

kA^muhallahyja, kind of sweet 
^ muhimm fiXi^ CJ^ muhim- 
mdt^ see ^ 

i»A*(i»^ ) mahmat, to cause to 
be flabby. L^l itmahmat, 




mumahmat^ flabby. 
mahmata, flabbiness. 
m ihminddr^ major- domo, 


jy^ mahmHtx^ see ^ 
jjLi^mu/iandi^, or 
hand is ^ see 

itmahjas, to show off, be 
ostentatious. ^Lo^ mahjosa^ 
display, ostentation. ^\^ 
m ihjds^ fanfaron, brag« 
CjSy maxjodt^ see oU 
#Ji^l^ mudtia^ see i^l 
(^jl^ muw&ry, see c5 j^ 
lyi muwdsfa, see iJL#^ 

Jl^^^^^^^j song, pt Ji>l/i 

Acl^ muwdjma, estimate of a 
work, pi. cM\ymuwajmAt. 
Oi y muabbad^ see Jb I 
Ui^ mubylja* furniture, pi, 

cLb^ mubyljdt. 
Cjy* mdt, see oU 
jC^ mAtomar, see j|il 



£i*-^y^' (j;^^-) itmauwig, to 
wave, swing to and fro. r-y 
mdg^ waves, sg. ^y mdga, 
pi. ^Uy mogdt. 
^^^^M mAgib.see,^^^ 

j?Ny muaggir, see j?-l 


<^i^ muaddin, see j^l 

t^j* mdda, or 4iy m6da* 
fashion, fashionable, pi. 
wby moddt ; t^^l Ji> 'atoZ 
mdda, fashionable, 

•^yi mucuddcLy see ^> 


Az^^^yi modysta* dress-maker, 
millinerjpZ.olt-ijyi modys^ 
i^yy mAzy^ see c5il 
o jy mdrada, see ^j^ 
Oj^moryna^ or azj^U maryna, 
pole, beam of timber, 
scantling, rafter, /)i. d^^jy^ 
jy mdZy bananas, banana- 
trees, sg. $jy mdza, pi. 
d jy mosdt. 
9jy ma wazzo!'^ see ^J3 
^^ m^fi,razor, pl.^\^\(xmvods. 

^ymAsim, season^ pi. ^'-•I^ 
ma tods im. 
I ^^yOt 4^J>i muzyka* music, 
band of musicians, pi. 
wl^jy muzykdt. ^^^^jy 
m a^yfett t y, musician,bands- 

J^i'y^ muwahsik^ seejLi^ 
^iyk mawda\ and ^^iy ma wd{t\ 

see ^^3 
A-iy mdda^ see ijyi 
9y mawazzaf, see iJiU^ 
Sy muwaqqat, see ^J^ 
jjy mawqa\ see ^i^ 
s-iJy mawqaf, see wja^ 
wS^ mdfcab, procession, pl^^\y 
jjy miiiid, see J1I3 
^^« mdlas^'^ mole. 
*jJ> muallif^ see ijd\ 
A-^y mdmisa^ prostitute, pi. 

j,4^« mUmin^ see ^^,4! 
A;iiy mAmja* mummy, pi. O^y 
05*(d'^) rnauwin^ to make 
provisions, ai^ mtlna^ 




provision, mortar. aJ^U 
matina, provision. 
%^mayja^ or Ul ummayja, 
water, plcX* mayjdt ; iki^ 
Ul iSj ^j3 /ki/ix^ darsoh 
zaj el mayja, he learned 
his lesson thoroughly; si^AJl 
L« c^ U. itball6t lamma 
6ag^< mayja, I was wet to 
the skin.<^>Umdeoy,aqueous, 
watery(melon, etc.). v'Li ^U 
mabdny mdyja^ hydraulic 
juM m6bar, packing needle, />i. 
jjU majdbir. 
mt/t, village. 
^mayjit, and o^r* majtdn^ 


and ^;u» mitam, seej^U 
aJIjl* myddlja* medal, pZ.::*U*Ju 

O^lju mydaljdrty'' medallion, pen- 
dant, pZ. Ci\i>J^t mydaljo- 
^:)|ju«myd(tn, square, open space, 

field for exercise, pi. Jt^^ 
(^ju* mayjidy, para, ( l/40th 

part of a piastre), pi. i^^L. 

Iju« mydya,* oysters. 

iljj* myrdsj seeij^ 

Vljt* myraldj, see^i^ill 
#ji« myra, ammunition. 

c)3Ji^ myrtin* holy oil. 

c-** /^y^y> government ^govern- 
Jy (jfS) rnayjiz^ to distinguish, 
prefer. jj^Hl itmayjis, to be 
distinguished , preferred, 
jjv^ mitrmyjis^ or j^jif 
mumayjaz, distinguished, 
preferred, preferable, jrii 
tarn t/y {/-3',distinction,prefer- 
ence,diflFerence, intelligence; 
jt^l fJc ""adym et tamyjyz, 
stupid. jt:*l imtijdz^ mono, 
poly, concession, pZ,^:,ljLul 
imtijazdt ; jUuVl w^U 
$(tAt& el imtijdz^ conces- 
sionnaire ; J^jl ^iiJjLiiil 
imtijazdt ^ddatoaZ, capit- 

wljju myzdb, gutter, drain. 




^^ mys, target, mark, pi ^Ul 

U** m6da, see ^3 
^lu« my^&d^ see ^W 
oliu* maja'^An^ see M« 
^** m^'a, storax. 
5^*lsl^ myhanyky,* see jJiu^ 
^^ myl, mile, pi. JL^l amjdl. 
J^ m^i,andj^4maya&in,seeJU 
^^ myldd^ see jj> 
ci^myn, who? whom? b^ 
myn da^ who is this? C^^ (^j* 

myn Aamma, who are they? 

tiu c^^jj^ darabt myriy 

whom did you strike? jup ^ 

t^ min ^and myn, from 

\x^myna, harbour, port, pi 

J\y. mCLwdny^ or ^^u mijan. 
Ai^ my/ia,diaLplate(of a watch), 

pZ.iU-j« myndt. 
^myja, hundred, pi. zA^ 

myjdt; kX\ ^^ fil myja, per 



= ft 

fly ni, we; k^jii niirab^ we 
drink. <^ ny, me ; ^.^ y^ 
huwa darabny^ he struck 
me. \i na, we, us, our; IJS*! 
akalna,v/e ate;b^ykfcatoa 
darabna, he struck usiUl^ 
kitdbna, our book, 
v^ (vj^) ^^^ (jundb), to 

supply one*s place, represent 
one, obtain; aI^v^ ndb 
^anhum,hG replaced them. 
All dill* ndbak 6, what did 
you gain ? what good did it 
do you? s^!i\i\ itndwiby to 
do a thing in lurn.^y^ndjib, 
portion, share ; ^ ndjiby 






jc^ ndjim, asleep, ly^^^g; 
jrli ^\indjim qdjim, siaying, 
living, ^y ndm, sleep. A^y 
ndma, a sleep, pi. cXy 
nomdt. f U mandmj vision, 
dream, pi. cUU manamdt. 
^ man jam, bed of a 

fj'y^* namAs,mosquitoes,s5^. A^y^i 
namdsa ,pl.C\^ y^namusdt . 
A^^*l* namt/st/ya,mosquito- 
net, pZ. cl*-^*li namusyjdt^ 

0)3^* nawUtn, freight. 
if^ ndj, native reed flute, pL 
^U najdt. ^U- najdty, 
w»l>' ndjih^ see w\J 
L;.(ljl(Cb) itnahha, to pro- 
phesy, t^^naftaioa^prophecy, 
pZ. wl^* nubuwdt^ ^ naby^ 
prophet, pZ. Lil anbyja. 
i^yS nabawy, appertaining 
to the prophet. 
cL; nabdt, see j^ 

cijU nabdry, winter crop of 

AfX.1 nabdha, see 4J 

^.* ( ^^ ) ^^6ctt ( jinbit)^ to 
grow ( plant ). jjj nabbit, 
to sew fine stitches, ^l' 
Tidbit, growing ; ^\; Jy 
/AZ ndftit, boiled beans. zX^ 
nabdt, plant, vegetation, pi. 
zM\^nabatdt; zX^'^Wilm en 
naM^botanv. zxj^ manbat. 
nursery (of trees), pL ^li. 
mandbit, ax^ nabta, plant, 
germination ,pZ. ^IsJ nabtdt. 

^iry^\ ) ^^&^^ (jinbah)^ to 
bark ( dog ). p* nabk^ or 
^U n iMA, bark. 

JLJ ( jLo ) nabas (Jinbis or 
junbuh), to dig^ search. 
JLJ nabbik^ to search, 
examine, put in disorder. 
JLuJ tanbyk^ act of digging, 
search, examination. 
jjaJ na6d, or iaJ nabt, pulse. 

la*j (Jft-;) nabbat, to criticise ; I* 
Uc JLkjJ ma tinabbati 
'aW/i,donot criticise himl 
JajiS tanbyt, criticism. 
^J nab\ spring of water, pL 
A^Janaby\ ov^ nub&\ 


jJ na6g,lotus, zUyphus spina 
christi^ sg, ^ nabqa, pi 
c\2J nabqdt. 

d^} nihUx, arrow, pZ. w5lj 

zaj en nibla,he went out 
like a shot. 
aJ {^jj ) nabbih, to warn, give 
notice^ draw attention to^ 
stimulate ; U^ a J nabbih 
"aW/i^ warn hicn! give him 
notice I iuril intabah, to 
perceive^ take notice of. a^iM 
itnabbih,U) be warned,given 
notice, have one's attention 
drawn to, stimulated .axJ 
tanbyh^ warning, notice, 
instruction, pi. iV^-cJ tan- 
by hdt. A ibL..; nabAha, 

intelligence. w\^\ inlibdh, 
attention,care, wakefulness. 
Aj.u muniabih, attentive, 
careful. aJ Ma6yA,intelligent, 
pi. \fi nubaha. au« munab^ 
bih, stimulant ; a^«4^L s(t^a 
munabbiha^ alarm watch. 
l0yjnabbM^ club, thick long 

stick, pi. ^jU nababyt ; 
w^:Jl 6en nabbAt, hy force, 
j^a^n c^^; *^:^. haJAwa 
nabb&t el d<^fyr^ candy in 

^^ nubuwa,eind ^^ naby, see U 

ZA;}nibyty wine. 

Jiyl nabyh^ see o* 

r-b* natdg, see £ 

aJIl* naidna, see ^^* 

4ib* nitdja, female, pi. jJ m7y. 
£( mti) ) natag {Juntug ), to 
result from, ^ui^t i^^an^ i^, 
to deduce, infer, ^l; ndtig, 
result, consequence, pi. ^ly 
natodiigr; ^U\£\; ndtig 6{ 
(amy, spoil ( of a canal ). 

k^ natyga, result, conse- 


quence, summary, almanac, 
pl.A\inatdjig;^ natdg, 
parturition of animals, foal^ 

Ji{jo) natar (juntur)^ to 
scatter, throw. jJ; nattar^ 
to scatter or throw one after 
the other. JisMtnatar, to be 

» scattered, thrown. jyL> 




mantdr, scattered, thrown; 
j/u £j> barag mantCLr, he 
went out in a rage. wJb jIai 
4ijS masaryf natryja^ 
sundry expenses. 
JL-;( JLuj ) nataS, (jintii), to 
sna\ch;A]icAlinatasoh ^alqa, 
he gave him a*'licking". JLi 
nattis^ to snatch one thing 
after the other .JLiJlitnatoi, 
to be snatched. J-jUt man- 
t{i&^ snatched, penniless. 
JL:; nati, act of snatching. 
Ai:J natia, a snatch, p2. 
cli:; natkdt. 



(^: ) nata' {jinta' ), to lift 
up a great weighty carry 
away ; »^ U\ ^ ^i; bj 
rabbina jinta^ny min el 
^aja da^ may God save me 
from this illness 1 ^ nat\ 
act of lifting up a great 
weight, carrying away. 
( uc:^ ) nataf (jintif)^ to 
depilate, pluck out hair or 
feather. ui:; nattif, to pluck 
out one hair or one feather 

after another. Jy:. mant&f, 
depilated^ deprived of hair 
or feather, ucl act of depi- 
lating, plucking out hair or 
feather. Ak:! nit fa ^ piece, 
slice, pi. U£nitaf;c^ 
n Itfet hosdn, such a horse! 

o5 (u^:) na tt in, io stink, have 
abadodour^ be putrid. Jil 
nitin^ or jc* munattin^ 
stinking, having a bad 
odour, putrid ; Cr^ i^r^j^Agil 
nitin^ a miser, a mean 
fellow. ^*\;i* natdna, stench, 
offensive odour, putridity. 

4^ natyga, see ^ 

AiU na5r(t6a,intelligence. wJ^na. 

Jii nagdh, see ^ 

Ji^naggdr^ and tjU nigdra, 
see j^ 

Jlf nagdz^ see ^ 
kJ^i-nagdsa, see^ 

•U nagd, see ^ 

^ (^o) nagra^, (Jingah ), to 
to give success. Aa napdi^. 



success, prosperity, ^l* 
ndgih^ successful, prospe- 
rous, pi. (ij^li naghyn. 
si ( JL:^ ) nagad (jingid)^ to 
help, rescue. Jif nag g id, to 
furnish a house with uphol- 
stery, card cotton. Jbiil 
itnagg id, to be furnished, 
carded. jlpcU munaggid. or 
JbfcO. meinaag^ edjfurjiished, 
carded, j^-j tangyd^ act of 
furnishing a house, carding 
cotton. J^^ munaggid, 
upholsterer, mattress - 
m^kev,pl. jtJbtii munag- 
gidyn. »ajf nagda, succour, 

>f { Ji) ^^99(^^i to exercise 
carpenter's profession, jli 
naggdr, carpenter. pl.^^J^ 
nag gar yn ; J^ j^ naggdr 
diqqy, cabinet-maker, tjlf 
nigdra, carpentry, chips 
of wood, jy^ mangdr^ 
wood-work of a house. 

jff (jpcij) naggiz^ to finish, 
complete, carry out. -.^tSl 

itnagg iz^ to be finished, 
completed, carried out. j»*u* 
m iinag^flf i>,finished,comple. 
ted, carried out. jU nagdz^ 
or J5V0" tangyz, execution, 
completion, achievement . 

i- ( ^^^^ ) naggis^ to cause to 
be unclean. j^i7|i7nagfg^i«,to 
become unclean.^^^-^ tong^ys, 
act of causing to be unclean. 
^^ nagdsa^ uncleanliness, 
cunningness, naughtiness, 
^j-jf nigis^ unclean,cunning, 
naughty, pi. Lf nugasa. 
^^^tiMTnangds ^cunning^nau. 
ghty,pi. d^yc.''^ mangusyn. 

^ nag\ hamlet,pZ. ^yf nugA\ 
or AQyifL nug&'a, 

-if nagaf, chandeliers, sg. Aif 
nagafa, pi dif nagaf dt. 

Jf naflfi, son, pi. JUl ang^dZ. 

j^f (jijO )naggim^ to consult 

the stars, foretell the future. 

^ tang ym, act of consulting 

the stars, foretelling the 
future, astrology.j^mt^nagr. 

gim^ astrologer, pi. cJu^ 





munaggimyn. Js, nigm, or 
i^ nigma^ star, pi. ^^ 
nugdm ; a^I ^m min en 
nigma^ very early in the 
morning^ before sunrise; 
j\^\ ^ ^yS\ dlj^ <^jb biddy 
awarryk en nugUm fy en 
nahdr, I shall pay you 
dearly! I shall make your 
life a misery to you 1 

^ ( ^^J naga (Jingy), or^'l 
itnagga, to be saved^ 
rescued, ji- nagga, to save, 
rescue. M nagd^ rescue^ 
safety, j^ munaggy, savi- 
our ; ^j^ \i ja munaggy, 
dear me 1 what a horror 1 

^ nagyh, see ajU 

wU nafyhdt, see ^ 

^U naM^ and nahhds^ see ^ 

4f U nahdfa^ see 
i(^. ) na/kJtf (jinhat)^ to 
hew stone. ci»<^*l itnahat, 
to be hewn, wj^ manhAt, 
hewn. ^ /laAt^ act of 
hewing; j^ jf liagar naht 
cut-stone, ashlar, ^\i, nafy^ 

M<^ stone-hewer, pL ^M- 
^i jk) nahar ( jinhar ), to 
kiU, butcher. 

' tr^(o-^-) nahas(jinhi8), to 
cause to be unlucky, ^^i 
nahhas, to cause to be as 
hard as brass, overlay with 
brass. ^^^1 itndhas, to 
become unlucky, ^^man. 
hds^ unlucky. ^^ nahs, 
of eviLomen,ill-luck,misfor. 
tune ; ^ Jj-lj MgriZ /laA^, 
an unlucky man, an unkind 
man. y-^l ^U na/kts as far ^ 
brass; ^1 ^U /laA^^ 
ahmar^ copper; ^^U nahds, 
household utensils in brass or 
copper. ^Iji na/tMs^copper- 
smith, pi. Os-*^ nahhasyn. 
iJbi (cJ^J nihif (jinhaf), to be 
thin, slender, lean. 4»l^ 
nahdfa^ thinness, slender- 
ness, leanness. sJl^ Tiahyf, 
thin, slender, lean, pi. ^U 
nuhdf, or Ui nttfyafa 
J* ( J4) /^ciijkii (Jinfyil), to 




wear out, be threadbare; 
•j»3^ J^lfjV Idzim anhil 
loh wabaroh^I shall serve 
him rightly 1 J^ manhdl^ 
worn out, threadbare, ji 
na/tZ, act of wearig out. 
Ji /la/iZ, bees, $g. ^ naAto, p/. 
w!)U nahlAt. 4^ na/tto, 
spinning-top, pi. Ji nt/Aat 
^ . ^"l (^^) itnahnah^ to 
clear the throat, cough 
gently, hem. i^.^ nahnaha^ 
act of clearing the throat, 
coughing gently, hemming. 
j^ na/ta,syntax. <^^ nahawy, 
grammatical, too pedantic. 
ijui nahyf, see ijti 

^C^^. ) ^^M (jinibh), to 
bend or kneel down. ;;J^ 
nahhahy to cause to bend or 
kneel down. ?"l5 nAhih, 
bending or kneeling down. 
'^nahfy, act of bending or 
kneeling down. 
A-li nahbdsa^ see ^ 
Al\;i /ii/^to, see Ji 


^(A) ^(^h^r ( junhur ), to 

pierce, be decayed. ^*l 

itnahdr, to be pierced, 

decayed, jycu manbdr^ 

pierced, decayed. ^ nabr, 

act of piercing, decay. 

"^ (cr^. ) ^^6^« (Junhus ), to 
prick. ^jJtiil itnabas, to 
be pricked. ^^ytU manb&s, 
pricked. ^ nahs^ act of 
pricking, k^ nabsa, a 
prick, pL zXJ^ nahsdt. oli 
nabhdsa^ spur, pZ. c#U\5i 

j^yti^naUa^, nostril, pi. JxiSi- 
^i^^.) naba' ( jinba' ), to 
shake. ^\ itnaboL\ to be 
shaken, f-y^ ma^^^, 
shaken. ^ na^^, act of 
shaking. a»^ nab^a^ a shake, 
pi. ^Ui naft'tt^. 

t^ (i^M^fi^^ (junbul), to sift 
with a sieve. JitUl itnalj/dl, 
to be sifted. J^d* manbAl^ 
sifted. j;i naftZ, act of 
sifting with a sieve, ^[i- 
nubdla^ bran. Jkju manhul, 




sieve, pZ. Ji-\u mandbil 
^U. mandbly, maker or 
seller of sieves, /)Z. aSpAu 
^nabl, or J.i nibyl, date- 
palm trees^ «^. d^ nabla, 
pi. CJ^ nabldt; ^ nabloL, 
contraction of JJlstf mybdjyl 
( Michael ) . 
JJ n idd, companion^ coUea. 
gue^ equal, pi ^\X\ anddd. 
\ji nada. see (^oi 

Ailjb' nadddba, see wJi 

4\X naddla, or aJ^jl! nudulyja, 
cowardice. J Jb* nadf,coward, 
pi. JljJl anddl, or ^jjj 

aaI jl; naddma^ see |» jj 

^JJ ( ^J^ ) nadab (jindib )^ to 
mourn the dead, bewail. wX 
nad6, act of mourning the 
dead^ bewailing. lAM nad-- 
ddba, hired-mourner^ pi, 
cMji naddabdt^ or ^Jjj 
^Ji ( ^JLii ) naddidy to remark, 
criticise. OjJlS tandyd^ re- 

mark, criticism, /)Z. w1 JU JUi 

jX ( ^JL:* ) nadar (jundur), to 
be rare.jjJnadar (Jindir)^ 
to make a vow. >>\i nddir^ 
seldom, rare. •j^\i nddra, 
incident, rare thing, story, 
anecdote, pt jjiy nawddir. 
jji nadr, vow, pi. j^X 
nuddr; '^jXnadr ^alayja^ 


I make a vow. 

c-m; {^Jju)nadda\to drop( water, 
etc.); ^^, tJJI €d dinja 
bitnadda', it drizzles. acX 
n id' a, drop, pi. ^jj /i ida^ 
or Z^cX nid'^dt, 

cJl; {'^J)noda§(Jundug)j;seekJtA 

^}x nadl, see ^\x 

mX ( f JiiJ ) nidim (jindam), or 
AjI itnaddim^ to regret, 
repent. j^Iu naddim ^to cause 
to regret or repent, ^jt 
nddim^ or ^[MXnadmdn, or 
l» ju:«m i tnadd im , repentant; 
^Ujj ^3 walad nadmdn, a 
good-for-nothing boy. A*tjj 
aad(ima,regret, repentance, 




remorse; a^I Jilli ja naddma, 
what a pity 1 (women's talk). 
#aJ ( bXj ) nadah (Jindah), to 
call or cry out ; aajJI inda- 
hoh, or ^ •JL»I indah loh, 
call him 1 tju* nad/i, act of 
crying out, AMji nadha, a 
cry, pi sl^Ujj nadhdt. 
aJ^^* nudulyja^ see Jl Ji; 
•3-U nadtjoa, cotton worm. 

tf-^*(^-^) ^^c^d^ {jinaddy ),to 

cause to be damp.^^^V^tida^ 

to call or cry out ; ^i 3I1 

n(tdy to/i, or^Jc ^l' nddy 

""aJ^h, call him in a loud 

voice 1 Jt-J*^^ Ij^^i hynddu 

%lal 'is, they hawk bread. 

(^JUi*! itnadda, to be wet. 

<^jl:« munaddy, or (^jl::* 

mitnaddy^ wet. Ijj nada, 

dew, (^^U munddy, public 

crier, crier who goes round 

during flood to announce 

the daily rise of the Nile, pi 

Ai^lu munadyja. 4j^l:« mw- 

nadyja^ act of calling or 

crying out, hawking. 

jrjj nadym, companion, asso- 
ciate,friend, pl\»Xnudama. 

jjj .jJJl {jXj) anzar {jinsir), 
to warn, reprimand. jliM 
in-s'dr, warning,reprimand, 
pf. wljlill inzardt. 
^j^j nargis, narcissus plant. 
y {^Jnazz{jinuz), to ooze, 
leak out^grumble. J jfna^a^, 
infiltration water. 

p\y n izd\ see ^j? 

ry ( r-iH ) ^^'3'a/t ( jinzah ), to 
drain, bale. ^jWl itnazah^ 
to be drained, baled, ^3ju 
manzdh, drained, baled. 
»-ji na^/t, act of draining, 
baling. ^1 ji naj'^(tA,night- 
man, pi C:^\y nazzahyn. 

jy- nazaz, see y 

9- J ( ^>. ) ^'3'a' {Jinza' ), to 
strip, remove, c-jll ndzi\ to 
dispute, be in the agony of 
death. ^3;?! itnaza\ or ^jSl 
intaza\ to be stripped, 
removed. pjUl itndzi\ to 
have a dispute with. ^^ji. 
man-3'A', stripped, removed. 




^ najg\ act of stripping, 
removing ; ^5^1 pJ naz'' el 
maUxkyja, expropriation 
(of land). p\y ni^tt', dispute^ 
agony of death. a-cJIu 
mundz^a^ dispute,/)*UjU 
Jj»( Jju) nizil (jinzil), to 
descend, alight^ dismount, 
be reduced; #^1 jl:^ Jj? 
ni>i7 ^andabAh^ he stayed 
in his brother's house; Jjf 
U ^ nizil ""aUh "^aja, he 
wits taken ill. ^}jnazzil, to 
lower, cause to descend, 
or dismount, reduce^deduct; 
A$y Jj; nazzil daqnoh, he 
let his beard grow. JjlJ 
<and-3'af,or JjbM itndzil,to 
condescend, cede, abdicate. 
JjU-^l istanzil^ to deduct. 
J^jf nuzdl, act of descen- 

reducing; J^jJ nuzAl, 

indisposition, illness, /)Z. 

Jjly naio(t^e7. Jj? nazla, 

catarrh, cold in the head. 

, pi. C.'iy nazldt ; ^\ iiy 
nazlet el hagg, coming 
back of the pilgrims. Ji>i 

tanzyl^ act of lowering, 
causing to descend or dis- 
mount or be reduced. Jjlr 

tandzu I, condescension, 
cession. JjU ma/ij'aZ,house, 
abode, pl. Jj\ju mandzil 
4ljU manzala^ degree, posi- 
tion, respect, /)Z.wVji«man- 
zaldt, ^}y nuzul settlement. 
• J* ( •-^i ) ^<^^^ih, to cause to 
recreate or divert one's self 
take out for an airing. tjUl 

itnazzih, to recreate or 
divert one's self,takea walk; 

\j3^ s> •j^. ^j ^^h jitnaz^ 
zih fy orobba, he went to 
enjoy himself in Europe. Ai^y 
nuzha, or ^ys tanazzuh, 
recreation, promenade, air- 
ing, enjoynnent, pl.^^nuzah. 
Jy nuzahy, one who is 
fond of pleasure, one who 
lives for amusement, pl. j^^ 




^3 J nuzAl, see JjJ 

^j^* n «^t/^ hemorrhage, loss of 

^V J nassAby see '^ 

^ILinisdto, see J15 

(^Li nassAj ,SQ^.^\ 

J ( w-^Ii ) nasab (jinsih), to 

attribute, ascribe to ; ^ w-i 

wJi^^t nasab loh el kidb, he 

accused him of lie. w^lJ 

ndsib, to be convenient, 

related to : ai:> L^ k^\] 

J • • • 

ndsboh fy bintoh, he be- 
came his relative by his 
marriage to his daughter. 
w>^l:^l istansib, to approve 
of, find convenient, ^ymu 
manaitb^ attributed, ascri- 
bed to. *^ nasab^ kinship, 
relationship . cJ n isba, 
relation, proportion. <«-\> 
mundsba^ proportion, fit- 
ness, aptitude ; ^\u JL*^ U 
ma tigibs nundsba, do not 
mention the subject I aa-^A 
limundsba, on account of. 
1.5^ n isyb^ relative, relation. 

brother-in-law^, son-in-lfliw, 
pi. w«UJ natdjib. ^y»^ 
mansAb, attributed, ascri- 
bed to ; w>«»^ mansdb^ 

reduced level, gauge, pi. 

wx«l^ manasyb. w^^Lju 
m u nds ib^ convenien t,proper, 
suitable; a^U* •y mara 
mundsba, a pretty woman. 
'f^ ( A-Jj ) nasals {Jinsab or 
jusnub ), to copy out. ^ 
nassabf to cause to copy 
out. r>--:« mansAb, copied 
out. ^^ nasby act of copy- 
ing out, manuscript. a^^J 
nws6a,a copy,a manuscript, 

or Aj-i nassyby copying 
clerk, pZ. cs>-l-i nassabyn. 
j^ nisr, eagle, pZ. j^J nusAr, 
or tj^-i nusdra, 


J J ( J-<Ji) nassil^ to ravel out, 
fray. J-JnasZ,act of ravelling 
out, fraying. JLI nisdla, 
^Hnisma, see^ 
^U J n isnds^ monkey, pi, ^\^ 



i)\y»i niswdn^ see §y 

^ ( ^J nisy ijinsal to for- 
get Jj nassa^ to cause to 
^c*5 ncLsy, or <;,LJ nisjAn, 
for getfulness; ^\^\\ayjdm 
en nasy, 5 or 6 days in. 
tercalated to the end of the 
Coptic calendar. (^Una««4/, 
forgetful, pl.^yinassajyn. 
^^-^nisyb. see w-»' 
jiuJ nassyh, see ^-J 

^ n i«^, or Ai?*'n e^ma^breeze^ 
zephyr ; ^^\ ft kamm en 
n isym , general holiday 
usually spent in the fields 
(it falls on the Greek Eastern 

JL)(JLL)na^(ymi^^), to drive 
away flies, etc. JjJ^nasnik, 
to revive, refresh. JLlt^ul 
itnaknih^ to be revived, 
refreshed. ^J^ljj^munakni&^ 
revived, refreshed, jl; naks^ 
act of driving away. 
naknisa, revival, refresh- 

*! *: 

ment. kZ^ minaski^ fly- 
whisk, pi, wliu m inasidt, 
liiniAi, see Jt: 

w^Ci) naksdb, arrow, pL wlVi; 

J jliJ nakddir^ anunonia. 

•jlii n ik&ra, see ^ 

-tlli nastt^, see J^i 

^Vii nasd/, and ^UJ nasAfa^ 

Jlii nakkdl^ see Ji; 

oLi) nakdn^ and ^UJ nasAngy, 


(^^lU na^ lot/, novice (in Govern- 
^ ment service). 
j^ ( ^^ ) nasar {junkur), to 
spread out, make public, 
publish, promulgate, saw 
wood. ^1 intakar^ to be 
spread out, made public, 
published. ^'1 iinaiar, to 
be spread out, made public, 
published, promulgated , 
sawn, j^iju mansAr,spread 
out, made public, published, 
promulgated, sawn ; j^i^ 
mankdr, circular letter, pi. 



Cj\j jU* man surd t.jti nasr, 
act of spreading out, sawing 
wood, publication, promul- 
gation, jl-iia minsdr^ car- 
penter's saw, pi. j^^\u 

manaSyr. j\li nai&lr, wood- 
sawyer ,/)f. ^^j^ nakkaryn. 
•j\-ij ni&tra, saw-dust. 
Jai) ( Jaiij) naSiat, to encourage. 
ift^M itnaksat, to be encou- 
raged. Jplii nasdt^ energy, 
alertness. L-ii na5y(, ener- 
getic, pi. Ikt; nukata. 
^ i^yakx' {jin§a'),io infil- 
trate, ^ii na§a\ infiltration. 

i ( UilXi ) nisif {Jiniaf ), to 
dry up. Ut^ nak&if, to 
cause to dry up. uJX ndhif, 
dry, hard ; wJLtl* J^lj rdflri7 
nd^iy, miser, stingy. ijLiu 
tan&yf, act of drying up ; 
iJLill Jj3 waraq tansy f, 
or oU; jjj waraq nakkAf, 
blotting-paper, kj^ nuiu^ 
fyja^ or aiLJLI na§dfa, 
dryness. Ai-i^mania/'a, bath 
towel, pi. uiiU mandiif. 

iil^' nawdhif^ dried meat, 
dried sweets. 
jii( jiu) na^g, to give to 
snuflF. jlvil itna&kiq, to 
snufif. jiJcul istansaq, to 
inhale, jjii; tankyq, act of 
snuffing. jUit-l wtm&tg, 
inhalation, j^' nusdq, 
snuff ( tobacco ). jLiU; 
nasAsqy, seller of snuff, pf. 
^Ui naiahqyja, 

Ji> C J^.) ^^^^ (jinkil)^ to lift 
up, save from drowning, 
pick ( pockets ), steal. JiLM 
ilnasal, to be lifted up, 
saved. J ^u maniiiiZ, lifted 
up, saved. JiJ naH, act of 
lifting up, saving, picking 
pockets. Jlij fia^AlZ, pick- 
pocket, pt ^lij nuskilyn. 

O-** (tr^) naiSin, to aim. 
0^* n/^n orna^n, aim, 
mark, target, pi. wkLi; 
naiandt, ^[ii nasdn^ or 
C)\lji nykdn^ order, decora- 
tion, pi. ^lilii nakxndt^ or 
OlsUri nykandt, or OipU 


a • 4* 



naja&yn. ^Ui nakingy^ 
marksman^pZ. ^Ui nasan. 

Aj^i) nukufyja, see iJLii 

j>ij nuS&qj see jii 
^' ( JLu) nasa ( jiniy), or 
Li;lan^,to construct/enew, 
^1) na^^ to starch ( linen). 
JLj^\ itnakL, to be construc- 
ted^ renewed. ^M itnakka, 
to be starched. J^i ndsy 
resulting from. ^^ maniy 
constructed^ renewed. ^^ 
mma^t/, starched, liil insa, 
construction, renewal, lii 
n isa, starch. 

JLJLi naSyt, see JJii 
c^ nass, exact text, /)Z. ^>-^ 

c^ nti^^, one half^ middle^ pi. 

ntiss, it is half past twelve ; 
^^jjS^ma'aki kam nuss, 
have you not got a few 
piastres? i}^\ (j^ ^ttss el 
161, midnight, 
w^ ( wiA^ ) na^b (Jun§ub)^ to 

erect, flx^swindle; <^\ \^ 
nasabu el b^ma, ihey pitch- 
ed the tent; iSc c^nasabet 
*ai^^ .she swindled him.^li 
nassaby to appoint to a high 
post. w>^;Jl itnasab, to be 
erected, fixed, swindled, 
w^:;! itnassab, to be ap- 
pointed, ^y^:^ mansdb, 
erected, fixed. ^.^^^4 munas- 
sab^ appointed. w-Ai/ias&,act 
of erecting,flxing,swindling. 
^*l/I\ A^ nasbet el kawa- 
nyn, range of fire-places (for 
cooking purposes ). 
tansyby act of appointing to 
a high post. w>^:« mansab, 
office, rank, post, pi. ^^\u 
mandsib. wLii nt$(t&,handle 
(of a tool), pi. L^\ ansiba, 


^^ • • • • • I 

swindler, pZ-tftU) ncmabyn. 
^^^nasyb or ni§yb, portion, 
share, fate; ,^^ \ija na§yb, 
^ ( j»^ ) nasah (jinsah)^ to 
advise, be in good health. 

• «» 





J I itrtCisah, to be advised. 

lU manstih^ advised. ^ 
riush^ act of advising, a^c^ 
nasyha,eid\ice^ counsel, pi. 
^U nasAjih. ^b ndsi/i^ 
healthy, intelligent • 
L) ( ^:u ) nasar (junsur), to 
give victory.'^; nassar, to 
baptize, make one Christian. 
kJl itnasar, to be victo- 
rious. -utiil itnassar, to be 
baptized, j^u mans&r, 
victorious, pkCjLjy^'^ man- 


suryn. ^:% mitnassary 
baptized. ^uaJ nasr^ or jL»lM 
intisdr, victory, triumph. 
rj tansyr^ baptism, pi. 
Christian, /)Z. iSj^ na^ra. 
c* mansar, band of bri- 
gands, pi, j^\u mandsir. 
1.,^ nasyb, see ^-^ 
A^ nasyha^ see 9«<^ 
tjCtti nadd&ra^ see ^ 
i-il ( wi-ki ) nfdiY (jindaf), to 
be clean, uiii naddaf, to 
cleanse, purify. cJLiJi iinad. 

duf, to be cleaned, iJLu^j 
tandyf^ act of cleaning. aJI-^ 
naddfa, cleanliness. vJu^ 
nidyf filehn^pl oUi nuddf. 
lai (J^l) na^^ (junutt)^ to jump, 
leap, skip, copulate; It^jl^ 
ddr junutt^ he roamed, he 
prowled about. ]^nattat,\o 
cause to jump, leap, skip, or 
copulate, jolt. Joi natt, act of 
jumping, leaping, ii^natta, 
a jump, a leap, pi, ^ikJ 
nattdt. l^ltJ nattdt^ restless, 
one who constantly moves 
about, pickpocket, pi. ujilLi 
JUiJ nattdl, see JJ.J 
^ ( ^Jo ) natah (jintah)^ to 
strike with the horns or the 
head. ^Ls\ it natah ^ to be 
struck. Ms\ itndtih, to 
strike one another. ^^ 
mantAh, struck. ^ nath, 
act of striking with the 
horns or the head.^J^nai/ia, 
a blow with the horns or 
the head, pi. c\^ nathdt. 




^d) nattdh^ animal which 
strikes with the horns. 

jU natar, see J^ 
^^J^natrAn^ or Oi^' atrdin, 

•Ui naf , see a^^ 

jLi(jL;i) nataq (jintaq\ to 
pronounoe^speak.jki na/^a^y 
to lift^raise up. jkJl iinato^, 
to be pronounced^ spoken. 
jUil itnattaq, to fae lifted, 
raised up. jkUl istantaq^ 
to interrogate, examine, 
vomit. ji»\; nd^ig, articulate; 
AS!L^A>\i£&kiiAha nAtqa ^le- 
gible writing. j^man( A g, 
pronounced^ spoken ; l^o^l 
asU J^t^ abadu mantAq 
liadnoh^ they took down his 
evidence. jLi/iu^g,orjl>:«ma/i- 
(ag, pronunciation, speech. 
j*ki tantyq, act of lifting^ 
raising up. jULx*l istintdq^ 
act of interrogating, vomi- 
ting. A«\uku mtzn^agncima, 
verbal declaration, confes- 
sion, evidence. 

Jl.) ( Jlo ) na(aZ ( juntul ), to 
lift water by means of a 
nattdl JVLi /lOttilZ, water- 
lifting instrument worked 
by two men. 
JJi3 ni(i7, good^ useful, 
^^i nutu'^yja, inexperience, ig- 
norance, rudeness. jJL! nat\ 
inexperienced, ignorant , 
rude, pl^ 4cJ^ nutH^a. 
fUa)nU(tm, see J^ 
Jb ( Jkb ) nazar ( junsur ), or 
^/iadar,tosee, consider;yb 
^Lil (^ ^^ huwa hijunzur 
fil masdla^he considers the 
case, he examines the case. 
^1 intazar^ or Jii-I 
istanzar, to wait for, ex- 
pect, jjiku manzAr^ seen, 
foreseen, expected ; j^> 
^ mdnzAr hudAroh,he 
is expected to be here, jbi 
na^ar, sight, vision, favour, 
evil-eye, pi jlkil anzdr ; 
iljlkJI^ III ana /a/ii anj'd- 
rafe,I am under your orders, 
I amyourpro<^fl^^;o/Jl^ 





nazaran Ze/cdn^considering 
that, on account of. t^ 
nazra, a glance, a look, 
pi. C^\j& nazrdt. Jp\i 
ndzir, minister, director, 
superintendent , overseer , 
mahatta^ station-master; 
tjUai nizdra^ ministry, 
direction, superintendence, 
pi Cj\j\iii nizardt. tjCii 
nad(id ra,spectacles, opera- 
glass, telescope, pi. wljUi 
maker or seller of spectacles, 
etc. j^ nazyr, equivalent, 
similar, the same as ; U ^ 
j^J») hit ma IAS nazyr ^ a 
matchless house. ^^ man- 
zar^ sight, view, spectacle, 
pi. jtb mandzir.}!ik:j^min- 
zd r,speculum. jlko I in t izdr^ 
expectation, waiting. 
Jk) na^Z(/,delicate gentlemanly, 

Jti ( Ji:j ) nazam (Jinzim or 
junzum ) or nazzam, to 

arrange, put in order,orga- 
nize. jail intazam, or j^l 
it nazam or itnazzam^ to 
be arranged, put in order, 
organized. A^k:«man^^m,or 

jaitu muntazim^ or iij:u 
mitnazzam^ arranged, put 
in order,organized;^^li:4A5^ 

tabba. manzdma, a well 
prepared food. JiJ tanzym, 
arrangement, act of putting 
in order ^organization; i^tLu 
Jx::)\ maslahet et tanzym, 
road and building depart- 
ment ; ^]mxi\ i^ hatt et tan- 
^ym^ alignment. ^\U) nizdm^ 
or p\)k:l\ intizdm, order, 
regularity; M\]iifL^^asdkir 
nij'(tm, regular troops;^yliH 
^^lk:U el qandn en nizdmy, 
ov ^y\J^\ 0^\&\ elqandn el 
asdsy, organic law. a^U^^W 
nizamndma^ statute, 
j^ nazyr ^ see Jii 
viLki nazyk* delicate, tender. 
tjC) na'^^dra^ see ji 
^Una^dm^ ostriches^ sg. amU 




na^dma, pi. ^UU na^amdt, 
Aitf na^ga, ewe, pt^U* na'gdt; 
Af* Jj.|jr4gfi7 na^ga^h weak- 
minded man, a submissive 

^ (j»^) ^^"^^, to croak,make 
a rough sound (like that of a 
working water- wheel). jj»3 
tarC^yr, act of croaking, 
making a rough sound, jfui 
nVyr, croaking, rough 
sound. •jUi na^^Ara, humm- 
ing top, pi c*ljU na^^'ardt, 
or jjpU) na^a^yr, 

j^ ((j-^J ^^'^^ (Jiri'^as), to be 
drowsy, sleepy. ^ na'as, 
drowsiness,sleepiness. c^^ 
na^sdn^ drowsy, sleepy, pi. 
^[mfi na^sanyn. 

jJ (\y:j)na'aq(jin'aq), to bleat. 

jjni nV'yq, act of bleating. 
J^ ( J*^l) ^^'cti ( jin'al)^ see jJ 
JiJ na*Z, sandal, sole of shoe, 

sole of foot, horse-shoe, pi. 

jj ( jo ) nr«/n (jirC'am ) to be 

smoth. ^na^'^am, to smooth. 
^1 an^'am, to confer upon, 
bestow. 21 Jl itna'^^am, to 
enjoy life, luxuriate, lead a 
life of pleasure. fUilen^4m,or 
kJ^\ in'am t/ya,gift,present, 
mercy, pi. wUUl in'^amdt, 
or ji^LiUil in^amyjdt. wi 
na'^ym, paradise, j^ na^am^ 
yesl I beg your pardon I a/* 
ni^ma, blessing, gift,pZ. jrU 
na^djim, or i»' mVam; (^Jby^ 

nVma istihqdqha^ he is 
aware of his own dignity. 
>\i ndHm^ smooth, soft. 4*^* 
nu%ma, ovA^y^ nu^'umyja^ 
smoothness, softness. 

^loi) ni^nd\ mint (plant). 

JL:J ( JL:o) na'n i^, or JL«* na'as. 

to refresh, revive. 

*. . 



itna'^nis^ to be refreshed, 
revived. JLi^:* muna''ni^, or 
pimiumitna'^nU, refreshed, 
revived. JLic* muriHs^ ve-- 
freshing, <l:*i na^'ni&i, re- 
freshment, revival. 




AMyi nu'^uma^andAj^yinu'^umyja^ 

see HI* 

» _ "C 

j|«) ni t/r^ see ^' 


^ na^ym^seeji 

>5 ( >^. ) ^ciQCi'^ (Junius ), to 
prick, jy na^^az^ to prick 
repeatedly. yo\ itna§az^ to 
be pricked. jy^:# man^&z, 
pricked. ^ na^z, act of 
pricking, ^y^nagzafi pricks 
pl.^\^ na§zdt. 

}i n i^kt, see JLtl 

.;i ( JLJ^. ) na^mi&, or j./ 
naqras, to ornament^ en- 
grave, paint with many 
colours. J^^iot munajmi&f 
ornamented, painted, en- 
graved. aJum na^mikL, or 
OyB naqrasa, ornamenta- 
tion, painting, engraving. 
Ui ( Lkb) naff{jinift),\.o blow 


the nose. uJuu naff if ,io cause 
to blow the nose.cJLUi nafnif 
to snifif. ui naff fict of blow- 
ing the nose. aS naffa, or 
jUi n tyd^mucus of the nose. 

if^\iinaffddy, see a«; 

^li; n ifds, state of woman in 
child -bed, woman's deli- 
very. Li; nafasa, woman in 
chil(l-bed,pZ.wLii; nafasdt 

oU; n ifdf, see ^' 

jU;ne/(tg, see jil; 

•jliJ nafdwa,dindA>\iinifdJa,seeJ 
^ ( ^i:> ) na/;otd, ( junfuh), to 
blow wind, swell, inflate, 
puflf. f naffab, to blow or 
puff repeatedly.AiSi ii/ia/'aft, 
to be blown, inflated, swol- 
len, conceited, rt^i^'^^^/^ftd, 
blown, inflated, swollen, 
conceited. ^ nafb^ act of 
puffing. 4tf nafba, giist of 
wind, puff, conceit. ^U;^ 
munfdb^ bellows, pli ^l;* 

of the head. 
jLi ( JLi;i ) na/ad (JinfU), to 
penetrate, escape; ^l^J*^ JUi 
nafad min el ^al^a^ he 
escaped the punishnpnt. jlu 
naffid^ to cause to pinetrate 



I have no appetite ; jjp ^Jf 
^j^akallimny min g^r nafs, 
he talked sullenly to me ; 
jj^oil i-> hamas tin f us, five 
persons ; ^-..ii \^^ \^ ^ 
""amal keda min nafsoh, 
or ^uii laL" ^4 1 J$^ J/ 'amaf 
/ceda min tilqa nafsoh^ he 
did this by his own right or 
on his own initiative ; JUj 
A^ bijdkul nafsoh^ he is 
gnawing his heart ; k^Xi Jd 
qatal nafsoh^ he committed 

Li; nafasa^ see ^U; 
i^Ui; nafsdny, see ^a; 

jLi; ( J;iu ) nafas ( jinfih ;, to 
prick the feathers, swell, be 
swollen. JLWl itnafai, to be 
pricked, swollen. J*^ 
manf&s, pricked^ swollen. 
JLii nafsy act of pricking the 
feathers, swelling ; JJd JJi^ 
^afs nafk^ useless things, 
old furniture. 

c>*» ( u^ ) /la/ted (junfud)^ to 
shake off; aj ^^t^ aJui nafa4oh 

"^asdja^ he gave him a 
blow with a stick, ^jai^ 
naffad, to dust,clean, brush. 
^^:l itnafad^ to be shaken, 
tremble. ^^Tl it naffad^ to 
be dusted, cleaned, brushed. 
jaix^ munaffad, dusted, 
cleaned, brushed : , j^a:* ,^^ 
g6hy munaffad,! have not a 
penny about Tne;^UAijMtoh 
munaffad^ there is nothing 
in his house ; A^i:. z^i^\JM 
ed dinja kdnet munaffada, 
there was no one there, ja^ 
nafd, act of shaking ofif. 
^^.lUr tan f yd, net of dusting^ 
cleaning, brushing^ aJux* 
manfada, ash-tray, pi. 
^b mCLndfid. 

^;(^J nafa' (jinfa'), to 
profit, be of use ; liAiuj:^ I3 I3JI 
ed! datoa dajinfa^'ak, this 
medicine will do you good. 
^\ intafa\ or ^i^i-l istan^ 
fa\ to gain, profit by. «L* 






nafa\ or 4iii> manfa'a, or 
^>^\istinfd\ utility, ad- 
vantage^ profit, use, pi. vU* 
manAfV ; ^\ ^\u mandfi^ 
el b^ty dependencies of a 
house. *ili' ndfi\ useful. 
Aianafaqa, expense, alimony, 

;; (jzi) nafa (jinfy), to 
expel, banish, exile, deny. 
Jill itnafa, to be expelled, 
banished, exiled, denied. ^ 
manfy, expelled, banished, 
ju nafy^ expulsion, trans- 
tion. ji^man/'a, place of exile. 
Ailii nifdja^ or o^ nafdwa, 
poor, miserable, wretched. 

j^nifyr, trumpet, pi. Zf\j^ 

j; ( j4 ) naqq (Junuqq), to 
murmur, grumble, jia; 
naqnaq, to eat slowly, de- 
licately or sparingly, j! 
naqq, murmur, grumbling. 
42;i; naqnaqa, act of eating 

slowly, delicately or spar- 
Is naqa^ or ly nawa, stones 
of fruits, sg. aiU; naqdja, 
or 4ily nawdja, pi. w\ils 
naqajdt, or wUy natoajdt. 
Aij\z nuqqaryja, see j« 
^.U; naqqds, see JL2 

J la naqqdly, see JS 

t^lS nagtttoa, see j» 

^ai ( wS^ ) nagaft ( junqub ;, to 
bore a hole. *^yCA manqAb, 
bored. ^ naqb, act of 
boring a hole. 

sJ&naqb, see,^ 
^(^S;i) naqah(jinqah),OT 
cjuJ naga/', to strike, hit. 
^ naqqah, to strike or hit 
repeatedly. ^M itnaqah, to 
be struck, hit. ^ naqh, act 
of striking, hitting. 4rf* nag- 
/kx, oTiiA naqfa^9i stroke, pi. 
cU? naqlidtfivcSijinaqfdt] 
c^ 4a2; naqfet b6t, such a 
fine house 1 Aji^o li£ naqfet 
'alqa, such a good lickingl 

aa; (jiiu) naqad (Junqud) often 





pronounced j^tl naqad^ to 
choose carefully. :i^u man-- 
q{td^ chosen carefully. jlS 
naqdj act of choosing care- 
^jJLS naqdyja, or ^yB nuqAd^ 
cash,money . I jls; jiijl el daf 
naqdan^ ready money, 
yi; ( jiIj ) naqar ( junqu r ), to 
knock, pierce, peck at, copu- 
late. j2; naqqar, to knock 
or peck at repeatedly, yll 
nAqir, or li^ jJ\Jl itndqir 
tjoayja, to quarrel with. ^Jl 
itnaqar^ to be pierced, 
pecked, j^u manq&r, pier- 
ced, pecked. ^* nagr, act of 
knocking, piercing, pecking 
at, copulation. ^JS naqra, a 
knocks ^a hit with the beak, 
pi. wljil naqrdt. ^jlnuqra^ 
hollow, cavity, pi jti nuqar. 
jj2 niqyr,ov^J\> mundqra, 
quarrel, pl.Z»\}\xM munaq-' 
rdt, j\2u minqdr^ beak of 
bird, nose, chisel, pi. jjolu 
manaqyr, J\u mundqir ^ 


quarrelsome, pi, jtyU ma- 
naqryn. 4^jlsi nuqqaryja, 
kettle-drum^ pi. ^IjU 
C)\jj: naqrazdn, small drum. 

jijS ( J;,^ ) naqras^ see JLJi 
34) nag^, branch of tree strip- 
ped of its leaves, pi, Jyu 
nuqdz, or Oyl nuq&sa. 
JLS ( jLSii ) naqas (junqus), to 
paint, engrave, ornament; 
v'yr c-r^* nagas gawdb, he 
wrote a letter carefully ; JX 
x^naqas l}itm,he cut a seal. 
JLiJi itnaqas, to be painted, 
manqAs^ painted,engraved, 
ornamented. jLinag^, paints 
ing, design^engraving,orna- 
meni,pl,Jsyinuqus,OT cMyi 
nuqusdt. J. la naqqds^pein- 
' ter (ofwalls,etc.),engraver^ 
sculptor,/) Z.Otj-ila; naqqasyn. 

ij^(u^) niqis (jinqas)^ to 
diminish, decrease, become 
less, fjai naqqas, to sub- 
tract, reduce. ^\i ndqis^ 






deficient, imperfect^ incom- 
plete; t^Aill Jr'j ^Agil ndqi^^ 
an ungrateful mein.^y^naq§, 
or 0^ nuqsdn, deficiency, 
decrease, reduction, defect. 
^joJi^ tanqys, reduction, 
subtraction. a^Iu mundqsa^ 
adjudication^ pi. ^LiU 
Jx& ( t)A^ ) naqad (junquid)^ to 
demolish^refute.^Sli ndqid, 
to contradict. ^^S nagd^ 
demolition^ refutation. kJi\u 
mundqda^ contradiction^pZ. 
j^l^Vi# munaqddt. ^\il\ 
anqdd, ruins, detritus. 
JaS ( Jaiu ) naqqat, to drop 
( liquids ), dot (letters),give 
presents or contributions to 
a bride. JaSiil itnaqqat^to be 
dotted^ given presents or 
contributions. aLi; nuqta^ 
drop, dot, spot,beat,circuit, 
pi. \ui nuqat ; aLS nuqta, 
present or contribution to a 
bride,pi. i^yl nuqUtt; ALli\T3 
dd en nuqta, epilepsy. 

*s i^'i) naqa"" (jinqa"^ ), to 
soak,macerate.^:Jl itnaqa\ 
to be soaked, macerated, 
^^au manq{l\ soaked, mace- 
rated, infusion. •£ naq\ 
act of soaking, macerating. 
iiJa-^ mustanqa\ marsh, 
swamp,pZ.^liu:u^ mustan- 

J2 ( J2:i ) naqal (jinqil or 
Junqul )^to transfer, trans- 
port, remove, copy out. J£ 
naqqal^ to transfer, trans- 
port or remove one after the 
other, dictate. JaJl itnaqal^ 
to be transferred,transpor- 
ted,removed,copied out. Jyu 
manqAl, transferred^trans- 
ported,removed,copied out; 
o jl-l Jo Jytu manqAl ""alal 
harbyja, he is transferred 
to the War Office. Ja; naql^ 
transfer,transport, renx)val, 
copying out. ^^5 naqla, a 
transport,a transfer,pi.Ci^ 
naqldt. 42 nuqJa, method 
( to copy ), pi. jaJ nuqal. 




sl^Jyiu man quid t J personal 
property, movables. J^ 
mangato,game played with 
72 small shells on a board 
of 12 holes, square. ^^\£ 
naqqdly^ movable, ambula- 
tory.^lla; /laggdto^stretcher. 
ja nuql, dessert^ dried fruit. 
Js; nuqaly, dessert seller, 
dry-fruit seller, pi, Us 
JK . a I ( jfeii ) in taqam(j intiq im)^ 
to revenge. ^Iwl intiqdm, 
or iJ* naqma, vengeance, 
calamity, pz. ^U naqmdt. 

4t3J naqnaqa, see ^^ 

^^S nuqAd, see ai jjb 

jyi . jyS\ ( jy:i ) itnaqwar, to 
mock,sneer dX.^jyinaqwara, 
mockery^sneer.jl^S niqwdr^ 
one vyrho mocks or sneers, 

J^yS nuqM, see JaS; 

c^ C^/h) ^i^^got ( Jinaqqy ), to 

choose, select, pick up. j5 1 

iinagga, to be chosen, 

selected, picked up. j^m 

minaqqy, chosen, selected. 

picked up. aju tanqyja, act 
of choosing, selecting, pick- 
ing up. ols nag(ieoa,choice, 

^ n iqyb, oflBcer of a J^ft ; w^S 
Jl^Vl nigyft eZ aSrdf, 
representative of "aZy. 

jjSnigyr, see ^' 

J^ n ifed A, see ^ 

Ai^ nikdja, revenge, malice. 

A^i nafe&a, misfortune,calamity3 

cS^ ( c5Cu ) nakai ( junkut ), to 
lament, regret, change one's 
mind, empty ( bowl of 
smoking pipe); ^l^^ ^ 
^iSCl^ ga'ad Jihry we 
junkut, he was in despair, 
he bewailed, z^nakkit, to 
criticise, make fun of. c^:*! 
itnakat^io be emptied.o^* 
ma/i/c^i,emptied. cSi nakt, 
act of emptying, z^s tan^ 
kyt^ criticism, witty or 
humorous sayings, a: ^^ * 
nukta, tit-bit, epigram, pi 
cSi nukat ; cS^ ^\::^kitdb 



nukta^ an excellent book ; 
AiC* ^\ ibn nukta^ or j5^ 
nakaty, witty, humorous^ 
pi. aj:^ nukatyja, aTS^ 
nukkdta^in pieces^in atoms, 
in shreds. 

f{^.) nakah (jinkah ), to 
copulate, r^ mankAh, 
copulated. ^1^ nt/c(t/i,copu- 

jSj ( J^ ) nakkid, to cause to 
be miserable or unhappy ; 
LU IjjSj nakkidu ""aUna^ 
they made us unhappy. jSoM 
itnakkid, to be miserable^ 
unhappy. jC« minakkid^ or 
jS^ mfifia/c/cid,miserable, 
unhappy. aC nakad^ misery, 

pi {S^.)nakar (jinkir ), or 
^1 ankar ^OT piMtnakkar ^ 
to deny, jl^l inkdr, OT^Sp 
nukrdn, denial, jl; ndkir^ 
one who denies ; o^^J.! /I; 
ndkir el maVA/^ or J-l-l/t' 
ndkir el fl' imy Z^ungrateful. 
j^3 f\i ndkir we nikyr. 

the two angels who inter- 
rogate the dead in the tomb; 
jf^3 f^ ^j ^ humma zaj 
ndkir we nikyr^ihey are 
always quarrelling. 

^j^ •^j^\ (^j^^) itnakas (jiU 
nikis), to be upset, have a 
relapse. ^Xi naksa, upset, 
relapse, pi cXJ^ naksdt 

J^iJ^.) nakah (junkuS ), to 
search, put in disorder. 
^JLxJl itnakas, to be put in 
disorder. j^pimankAs, in 
disorder, topsy-turvy; # j»i 
J^p* ka'roh mank&h^ his 
hair is dishevelled. JlC 
naks, search, diso r der . ^^ 
minkds, hoof-picker^ pZ. 
jS\u manakyk 
jC ( j^l ) nammar,* to give a 
given a number, j^munam. 
mar, or Ji^ mitnammar, 
given a number. $J: n imra, 
number,numerical flgure,pl. 
ji nimar, jjjc* tanmyr^ act 
of giving a number. 



J nimr^ tiger, pi j^ numAr^ 

or $j^ numAra. 
3jC . ^^\ ( ^Jri ) itnamrad^ to 
become tyrannicalojC^mii- 
namrod, tyrannical, ijj/nam- 
<^jC namrt^sy, seller of porcelain^ 
pi A-jlc namdrsa. 
$^nimra*see Jk 
:>3^namrAd, see ^jc 
^jinims, ichneumon, pi ^^i 

^nimsa, or [J}\ ^"^ bildd en 
nimsa, Austria. (^^l-i nim-- 
sdwy, Austrian^ pi Ai^Ui 
JH J^. ) nammilj to be be- 
numbed. Ji* muTkO^mmil^ 
benumbed. Ji^ tanmyl, 
JinamZ, ants, sg. ^ namla, 
meat-safe^ pi ^^\i namdly, 
or oLU namlyjdt, 
ji namnam^cannibal^cannibals. 
^ ninny* pupil of the eye. 


wl^ nahhdb, see w^; 

jl|: nahdr^ day^ daytime; l^jlfJ* 
en nahdr da^ today; U jl^ 
ilU ^'S^ nahdr ma hunt 
hendk^ the day I was there; 
[^j\x naharyha^ that day, 
the same day. 

aA^ nahdja^ see ^ 

^ ( wfi* ) nahab ( jinhab ), to 
rob, plunder. ^^^M itnahab, 
to be robbed,plundered.s-j>(;4 
man/iA6,robbed, plundered. 
w\i^^ manhubdt, spoils, 
things pillaged. ^ naA6, 
robbery, plunder, iu^ nihy- 
ba, stolen article. ^(J: 
nahhdb^ robber, plunderer, 
pi ctJtV nahhabyn. 

^{^ik) nahag (jinhag), to 
be out of breath, pant, ^li 
ndhig^ one who is out of 
breath, panting. iJ^ nahga, 
state of being out of breath, 

ji^.ji^M CV^) it^(^f^f^id, to 
sob, sigh. -ulJ ndhid^ or 
\i^ ja\s\ itndhid wayja^ to 
argue or bargain with, ju^j 




tank yd, act of sobbing^ 
sighing,#JL^;7<anAyda,a sob, 
a sigh^ pi. ^IJL|:T tanhyddt. 
•jiaU mundhda^ argument^ 

JL|; nuhd^ woman's breast^ pi 

^y^ nuhAd. 
LTt ( cThi ^ nahas {Jinhas ), to 
bite with the front teeth^ 
gnaw.JLj: naAs^act of biting 
v^lth the front teeth, gnawing. 

Jrijri) nahhaq, to bray. ^ 
nihyqfiv^y^S tanhyq^ bray. 
AA^ nahqa^ a bray. j\^ 
nahhdq, donkey which 

A^ nahma or nihma, energy, 


j^ ( j^:i)na/itoag,to weep,sob. 
iiy^nahwaqa, act of weep- 
ing, sobing. 

^: ( ^o ) naha (jinhy), to 
finish, complete ;\h ^\ inhy 
baqa, have donel ^^1 anha, 
to complete, petition. ^jci\ 
intaha, or jcJl itnaha, 
to be flnished,completed.^ii 

manAy, finished^ completed. 
^: nahu, act of finishing, 
completing. 4j\|; nahdjafivA, 
extremity ; ^}^\^ toil nahd- 
ja, and olf nahdjtoh^ at 
last, finally, the long and 
short of it. Jlf nahdj, final 

^y^nihyq, seej^ 
y /lato, storm on the sea. 

ly naeoa, seeU nuwdh^ see »-y 
jly nauwdr^ see jy 
Jly nato(iZ, see Jk 

4iy fidfta, see wll 

A7y ndta* note, memorandum, 

^y nAiy, sailor, pZ. AJynutyja. 

ry ( n^- ^ ^^^^^^, to lament, 
wail. ^^J tanwyh^ or j-ly 
nuwdh^ or 4^lu mandha, 
lamentation, wailing, 

^y nA/i, Noah ; ^y a^ Jp ^ 
jifila^ %la sanat nAh,ii will 
be ready when the world 
comes to an end. 

jy OVi) nawwar, to light : U . 



« « 

dU^ jyi rabbina Jinauwar 
"^aUk^ or jy dU^ 'aZ^/c n^r^ 
bravo! well done! thanks I 
j^\itnauwar,\o be lighted, 
jyu munauwar ,\\g\i\Qd.. j^yS 
tan toy r, act of giving lights 
enlightenment, jy/ijir, light, 
pi. j\y\ anwdr.j\ynauwdr, 
blossoms, sg. ^j\ynauwdra, 
pi C^\j\y nauwardt. j^ 
man war, sky-light, pL jjU# 

p-jy ndrag^ threshing-sledge, 
pL ryly nawdrig. 

•jy tidra, depilatory (unslacked 

c^jjJnArt/, gipsy, pZ. jjJ nawar. 

4iy ndia, fever, pZ. ^Uy nos(t<. 
f.V( fr! ) ^(^tLwa\ to change, 
alter, ^yi I ii/iat^toa^, to be 
changed, altered. ^^Zm mit- 
nauwa\ changed, altered ; 
40^ Cj\^\ asjdt mitnau" 
wda, different articles, ^yl 
tanwy\ change, alteration, 
f-y n6\ species, kind, sort, 
pi. p\y\ anwd\ 

$Jy ndfara, fountain^ Jet d^eau, 

pi. c^\jy nofardt: 
j>5y ndfembar^'' November. 
Jy ndZ, loom, pi. Jlyl anwdl. 
d)y or oJit nawUtn/ freight, 
fy ndm, see fll 
yy nunUj"^ small, tiny, baby. 
tSj ( <^^^ ) nawa (jinwy)^ to 
intend^ resolve. c^V nauwa^ 
to mew ( cat ). ^^^ll ndwy, 
intending. <^;nyya,intention, 
conscience, pi c.U nyjdt; 
^ Jt dO (^^t ndeoy to/c 'ato 
nt/ja, he means to do you 
harm; ^'tj ^ J>-b rdgil 
""akt nyjdtoh^ a simple- 
minded man: aJ\ Im%0 
saldmet en nyja, good 
(^ no/, raw, uncooked, not 
baked, unripe; ^^ J>-lj rdfl'ii 
fiay, a slow man, an 
undetermined man. 
aA^ n ijdba^ see sJj 
(^JU nijdzy, florist. 
Ja^* ( JaJi ) nayjaz, to cause to 




be pleased^ contented. JauJI 
itnayjaz, to be pleased^ 
contented. JijU munayjaz^ 
or JiJis. mi^nayja^^pleased^ 
contented. Ji^tf tanyjyz^ or 
J^iU fiy(t^, or aUU nijdza^ 
pleasure, contentnient, lu- 
xury, contort. 
A-* J najsa^* any how 1 never 
mind I 
4»jliJ nyidn, see ^yii 
^* ny/Vx, meat dried in the 

c^ ( (ird ) ^<^yJ(^Qf to bother, 
annoy, jjl itnayjaq^ to be 

bothered, annoyed. jJcu 
mitnayjaq, bothered, an- 
noyed. ^^tanyjyq,holher, 

annoyance. a2J nyqa^ 
different; a2J J^-Ij rdflfiZ 

nyqa^ an original man. 
dLin^fe,see iJ\i 
J$^ nikal* nickel. 

lV ( Jri ) ^^yJ^h ^ dy^ with 
indigo, warp, colmatage. 

J^l itnayjil^ to be dyed, 
warped. J^ munayjil, or 
JJii. mitnayjil, dyed, war- 
ped. 4^* n^2a, indigo;^^' db^- 
gatak nyla^ the devil take 
you 1 J-j nyZ, NUe^ flood 
time. Jj ri^iy^ appertaining 
to the Nile or to the flood ; 
Jj AC J tir^a nyly, canal 
which receives water during 
the flood only. J^ f'<^^yjyl, 
act of dyeing with indigo, 
warping, colmatage. 

AiJ n^na, mother, mamma. 

aJ nyja, see tSy 



violently, explode; w> wK3^ 
ji)\i^el kalb habb fll walad, 
the dog flew at the boy. w^ 
habbib, to soil with soot, do 
a thing badly or carelessly, 
copulate, s^^^ habhab, to 
bark. ,..^1 ithabbib, to be 
soiled^ badly or carelessly 
done^ copulated. w^ma/ia6^ 
bib, or ^.^^^ mithabbib. 

soiled, badly or carelessly 
done, copulated; 1^ »^l J^l 
el walad el muhabbib da, 
this wretched boy! this 
accursed boy 1 ^u^ tahbyb, 
act of soiling, doing bidly 


or carelessly, copulation. 
A^ habba, blow, explosion, 
pi. cU habbdt.^^.f, hubAb, 
blowing of wind, blast of 
wind. sJiA.hibdb, soot; wU 
Jp-IJI AiMfc eZ rtigr (7^ sexual 
organ in the male; ^y^\ J^j^ 
I3 hibdb el wahl da, this 
wretched man I K^habhaba, 
*• ( ju^ ) habad {jihbid ), to 

knockdown: aj^c oXj^ haba-- 
doh ""alqa^ he gave him a 
licking. JLfil inhabad, 
or JL^I ithabad, to be 
knocked dov/n.^y^mahbdd^ 
knocked down. jl-j^ habd, act 
of knocking down. tJU* 
habda, a knock down, pi, 
vlib^ft habddt. 

jyb (jj^)/ia6ar(ya/i6ar),to rush 
at, attack: o jj* wl^\ el 
/cato /labar /'r/Zi, the dog 
flew at him. $j\f^ habra^ an 
attack, pi. ^1^* habrdt. 

j\* Aaftr, lean meat. 

^(JL^) /lafcai (jihbiS), to 
rush suddenly at, grasp 
suddenly or violently. JLa 
/lafti, act of rushing sudden, 
ly at, grasping suddenly or 

jjA ( J*|:) habal (Jlhbil)^io cause 
to be silly, foolish. J*^l 
inhabal^ or J^l ithabal, to 
be silly, foolish. J^^ ma/i- 
fciii, silly, foolish, jji habal, 
or 4IU habdla, silliness. 



foolishness. Jj^\ahbal, silly, 
simpleton, foolish, pi, Jj^ 
hubl, or ^ hubala, or^^ 

J>(^) /ia« (jihitt), to 
threaten, frighten. ^1 in- 
^aif, to be threatened, 
frightened, c^ Aait, act of 
threatening, frightcning.AiA 
hatta, a threat, a fright, pi. 
j,l> hattdt. 

J^ .j^t ( jV-4) istahtar^ to 
think lightly of, disdain, 
ji-^l esii/i<(ir, act of think- 
ing lightly of, disdain. 

viJb> (dl:^) /ia<a/c {Jihlik or 
juhtuk ), to disgrace, di:^! 
inhatak, or db^l ithatak^ 
to be disgraced, dyy ma/i- 
f Afe^disgraced.4SCl:ifc hatyka^ 
disgrace, pi. vi\il> hatdjik. 
f^ hatam, toothlessness. >l 
ah tarn ^ toothless, fern. \^ 
hatma^ pl.^hutm. 
f (^) hagg (jihigg), to 
desert,emigrate. ^^hdgig, 
one who is deserting, emi- 


cf^ haggd§, see ^ 

y^( JTT^) f^^O^''^ { juhgur), to 
desert, abandon. yA^ hdgir, 

to emigrate. yc^\ inhagar, 
or ytj:! ifhagar, to be 
deserted, abandoned, j^^ 
mahg&r, deserted, aban- 
doned, j^hagr^ or 
/las' rdn, desertion, abandon, 
^l^ma/^rf^rirjemigrant, pi, 
Cx.yrK' muhdgryn. bjJ[^ 
y muhdgra^ emigration. a;l. 
Aijfi sana hagryja, year of 
the Hijra. 

{^ja^^)haggas^ to say or do 
any thing nonsense. 
tahgys^ or ^jo^f hagas, act 
of saying or doing any thing 
nonsense, nonsense, hum- 
bug; ^jaJ^ ^"^kaldm hagas, 
bosh, trash, nonsense. ^]c^\j 
^^ rdgil hagas^ a worth- 
less man. ^l^ haggds^ 




braggadocio, liar, pi, a^'i^ 


^if^) hagam {jihgim\ or 

.^*:l ithaggim, to rush at, 


attack ; ^ j^ hagam ""aUh^ 
he rushed at him ^.^ 

hug&m, attack, charge, a^ 
hagma^ an attack, pZ. c^l^ 

wA (^:^) hag gin, to walk like 
a camel. Cxy? hagyn^ or Ai.i^ 
hagyna, dromedary, pi. ^ 
hign^or ^l-^ hagyndt. C)^^ 
haggdn, dromedary rider, 
pi. aIIj^ haggdna. 
Myf hug{Lm^ see jt 

^/ . ^/^K j^A ) ithagga, to 
spell. l»?A iga,0Th\^h igdja, 
or o^ tahgyja^ spelling ; 
\pcJL\ ^3f- hurilf el higa^ 
letters of the alphabet. 


JL* (ji^) hadd {jihidd\ or ^ jl* 
hadam^ to demolish, ^jl* 
haddid, to threaten, ji^l 
inhadd, or jif I ithadd, to 
be demolished, ^jji^ maA- 

ddd, demolished. -u hadd^ 
or jjiA hadad^ ov^ja hadm, 
demolition. OiJi^ tahdyd, 

jjLA/iadar,impunity, z^\j 4-»jU 
jjj^fuldsoh rdhet hadar^ 
he spent his money uselessly. 
jjiA /ladr, hurl, pZ. jl j^l 
ahddr. j^jj^ iuiU sdgja 
hadyr^ water-power sdqja; 
jjj^ Aly-lt tahCLna hadyr, 
water-power mill. 

|ijLA( fS^ ) hadam {jihdim ), 
see jla 

iMjj^hidma, garment, article of 
dress, pL ^ jju hudHm. 

Ai jla hudna, truce, armistice. 

jl*jl* hidhid, hupoo, pi. a^U* 

iS'y^{(SJ^^)hada (jihdy), to 
guide, give a present. tf^U 
hdda^to give a present. tfJL|;| 
inhada, or c$J^^I ithada, 
to be guided, given a pres- 
ent, (fj^ mahdy, guided^ 
given a present. (^^U hddy, 
or <^ji^ muhdy, one who 




guides, one who gives a 
present. 4i-u hidyja, pres- 
ent, pl.\i\M haddja. 

ffjj^ (c$ J^v: )f^idy{ jihda ), to be 
quiet, tranquil, calm down. 
(^JU hadda^ to cause to be 
quiet, tranquil or calm, 
slacken speed; iJ^ Ji^haddy 
sirrak^ do not be uneasy 1 
(^^U hddy^ quiet, tranquil, 
calm, ^jla /ladii, quietness, 
tranquillity, calmness. 

^ jla hadyr, see j jla 

^ ju A idyja, see (^jla 

IJU /id-s'a, this. 

J JU (j-if:) hazzar^ to jest, joke, 
jl JiA hizdr^ jest, joke. 
^(^) har r (juhurr), to Qov/^ 
drop, leak, relieve nature, 
j^ harr, act of flowing, 
dropping,leaking, relieving 
^1^ harrdsa^ see ^y^ 

^jk ( ^^ ) harab (jihrab ), to 
escape, desert, ^'y^harrab^ 
to cause to escape or desert, 
smuggle. K^j^ muharrab^ 

or ^jfMTnitharraby smug- 
gled, wjjf: tahryb, act of 
causing to escape,deserting, 
smuggling, k^^j^ hurAb, 
escape,desertion. ^\y^ har^ 
Mn, deserter, fugitive, pi 
jLi^ ( ji^ ) harbid, to tear to 
pieces. jli^I itharbid, to be 
torn. Jiij^ muharbid^ torn. 
#XjA/iar6ida, act of tearing 
to pieces. 
l\^y^ hardabakt^ in disorder, 
topsy turvy : z^^^j^ ^t 
nds hardabast , the masses, 
the plebians. 

cr> ( lTj^ ) f^^^^^ (jihris \ to 
crush. ^j^\ inharas^ or 
^^1 itharas ^to be crushed. 
^3j^ mahrAs^ crushed. 
^y^ hars, act of crushing. 
u*'j* jyJ3 wabAr harrds^ 
or A-lyb harrdsa^ street- 
roller. A^^y^harysa, kind 
of native sweets. 

J*^ ( crjts ) Actrai {juhruk ), to 
scratch. j^jU Adrii, or^^j\f I 




\yithdris wayja, to sport 
or jest with. j»j^ /lars, act 
of scratching; • JiJ^^y^ /^ctri 
eZ 'idda, wear and tear of 
a machine. ^jl^maMrsa^ 
act of sporting or jesting 

^}ly^ ( jl^jt:) hartaq^"^ to become 
heretic, ui*^* hartaqa^ 
heresy. J^^ hart{iqy^ 
heretic, pi. ^\y^hardtqa. 
uC* (uCi^) /^arfci/i^ to wear out, 
tear to pieces, ruin. t^j^\ 
itharkirij to be worn out, 
torn to pieces, ruined, ^j^ 
muharkin^ worn out, torn 
to pieces, ruined. 
^^haram^ pyramid, pl.^\j^\ 
ahrdm ; Ovi-I ^\j^\ ahrdm 
el gyza^ the pyramids of 

K^3y^ hurdh^ see ^^ 

^^ ( ^j^ ) ^^^^ (Jihry ), to 

wear out, use up, (Sjf\ 

inhara^ov <i^l ithara, to 

be worn out, used up. (^j^ 

mahry, worn out, used up. 

ifj^ hary, act of wearing 
out, using up. 
iujyfc harysa, see ^y^ 

^ (3^)/ia^^ (jihisz), to shake; 
Ailo 3* /la^^ kitdfoh^ he 
shrugged his shoulders, j^;! 
inhazz^ ov jfS ithazz, to be 
shaken, j^j^ mahztiz^ 
shaken, ji^ hazz^ act of 
shaking. #3* hazza, a 
shake, pi. vilj* hazzdt. tj^ 
m J /la^^a, sieve, pZ, ^lj|^ 
l^ifc (tjts) hazzd, or ^ Ij^i 
islahzd bi yio mock,ridicule. 
13^1 istihzd, mockery, 

^y • J jr' CJjri) inhazal (Jin-' 
hizil)^ to be thin, poorly. 
J^3f* mahzAl, or (:)V3* 
/ia^Wn,thin, poorly. 

^^y^hazly jest, joke. 

f j^ (f J?:) ^(^^^^ ijihzim ), td 
rout, defeat, ^3^1 inhazam; 
or ^3^:1 ithazam^ to be 
routed, defeated. (1331^ mah- 
zHm^ routed, defeated. Ag^ 




hazyma^ or Vj^j inhizdm^ 

Twi, defeat. 

huss^ husbl silence I 

J^C-rts) '^^^^ iJif^i^X to drive 
away ( flies, etc. ). 

tLu ( dU^ ) hassik, to dandle. 
^IJL^I ithasiik, to be dan- 
dled. dLi^ tahsyk, act of 

^(JL>^) hassim, to mutilate, 
break, smash, damnge. .lf\ 
ithamm^ to be mutilated^ 
broken, smashed, damaged. 
^rV fnuhasiim, mutilated, 
broken, smashed, damaged. 
f^tf. tahiym, act of mutila. 
ting, breaking, smashing, 

jr^haimy^ gigantic, enormous. 

^( ^.A^ ) hadam (jihdlm or 
juhdum ), to digest ; U li 

hadam tii er rdgil da, I 
do not like this man. ^^:l 
inhadam^or ^f.\ ithadam^ 
to be digested. ^^^ mah- 
didm, digested. ^* hadm, 

sJ^ (^) Aa/f ryi* ifDAo blow 

with the breath ; J^ J& u> 
Aa/f Vito Mfy, it flashed 

across my memory, it 

occurred to my mind ; 
^ ^^yS nafsy haffitny^ 1 

longed for, I desired. 
Ut^haff, act of blowing. 
AtA haffa, a blow with the 
breath ; ly^ Ikt^ haffet hawa, 
a gust of wind.Ai^maAa/fa, 

feather-duster, pi. di^ 
muhaffdt.jJJ^ hafyja,weBk, 
Olu^ /la/idn, fainting, weak (from 

hunger, elc, ), pi. ^;l:i* 
^hafaq, or Jlu haffdqy, 
unsound,weak. JUa ^akla 
haffdqy, a sorry meal. 

> ( Jts) ^^^^ (jihill\ to 
appear, be in sight ; U\ ^1 
Ji5 ei sa/ir illy jih ill ^ next 
month. JU hallil, to hoot, 
vociferate. J|1a halhil, to 
upbraid, disgrace. JiJ^I 




ithalhil^ to be upbraided, 
disgraced. J^U hildl^ new 
moon. JJi^ tahlyl, or JjU 
halldla^ shouts^ vocifera- 
tion. J^t^ halhila, upbraid- 
ing, disgrace, ^^hilihly^ 
hilarious, jovial^ happy-go- 
lucky^ pZ. k\y hilihlyja. 
^^ hallds, see ^j^U 

J^hilb, hook^anchor, pi, ^^jUl 

c^ /ia/6a<</perhaps,probably; 
< ^A halbatt jigy, or 
^^U siJi* halbatt ma jigy, 
he may come. 

cr^* (cT^c ) f^<^llis, to jest, tell a 
lie^ do or talk nonsense. 
^jSt^hals, nonsense, trifling; 
^jAf^ ^"j^ kaldm hals^ or ^^ 
^:iU kaldm halldsy, stuff 
and nonsense; ^^-.U A\^ 
masdla hals^ei trifling case, 
^jjif i<^f^iysy act of jesting, 
telling a lie,doing or talking 
nonsense, ^j-*^* hallds, liar, 
braggart ^ boastful , pi. 
Ot^^^ hallasyn. 

dlU(iH^c) halak ( J ihlik)^ to 

destroy, cause to perish, 

cause to be exhausted with 

work, etc. ; iljj vilU halak 

badanoh,he paid him dearly. 

(iiU hilik, to be destroyed, 

perish, be exhausted, dll^l 

istahlik, to be worn out, 

consumed, used up. dBU 

hdlik^ perishing, pi, OtiSJu 

halkyn, ^1^ halkdn^ 

destroyed, perishing, worn 

out, exhausted, pL 4ij;B^ 

halkanyn. il^iU haldk, 

destruction, perishing, ex^ 

haustion ; il^^U J>.|j rdgil 

halAk, or d\^\ ^ diJ.^ J^l^ 

rdgil jihallikmin eddihk, 

a funny man, a comical 

fellow. iJ:ilf--l istihldk^ 

consumption of produce, 



cT-^* ( lT^^ ) haltois, to be 
delirious, rave, talk uncon- 
sciously. a-jIa halwisa, 
delirium, act of raving, 




talking unconsciously. 
4J^haMla,see ^\t^ 
^ {f^)hamm(jihimm)^to rise^ 
interest; a>^^ > hamm jid- 
rabohjhe rose to strike him, 
he threatened to strike him; 
^^^^\^da jihimminy, this 
interests me. ^t ihtamm, to 
take interest, ^muhtamm^ 
interested^ anxious about. 
Aj/^l ahammyja^ interest, 
importance. ^ muhimm^ 
interesting^ important. >l 
ahamm^ more interesting, 
more important. w\^ 
muh immdt^ necessaries^ 
materials, articles^ accou- 
trements. ^ hamm^ care, 
anxiety, pi. ^y^ humAm ; 
> J^lj rdfl^eZ hamm, a 
useless or worthless fellow. 
ji\jaI ihtimdm, anxiety, 
forethought, a^ himma^ 
energy, pi. j^ h imam. 
^ hum J or \^ humma^ see n 
Jb^(ju^ ) himid (jihmad ), to 
calm down^ subside. JuU 

hdmid, or o'-^ hamddn, 
calm, quiet. tJu^ hamda^ 
calmness, quietness. 
^ (>-tc ) hamaz (jihmiz ), to 
spur, jy^ mahmdz, spur, 
jpl. j!ul|^ mahamyz. 
^j^ K^J'^ hamas (jihmis ), to 
touch lightly. ^^^Im/iamos, 
or ^j-^fl ithamas, to be 
touched, ^j^ ham.s, act of 
touching, iuu* hamsa, a 
light touch, pZ. c^L^ 

vil^ . dU^I ( dJL|j:i ) inhamak 
(jinhimik), to be engros- 
sed. ^ y^mahmdk ^ov *' 
m inh im i/c,engrossed. ilU^I 
inhimdk^ entirely devoting 
one's self to a thing, zeal, 

J^ . J>^K Jn?)^^^^i (jihmil), 
to neglect. J\.i^l ihmdl, 
negligence. * J.*^ muhmal^ 
negligent, careless. 
l> hena, here; U'^^iimm Ae/ia, 
this way I U ^ JL^ jU- 
humAr musmin hena^such 




a fine donkey I l> ^»z^j cJl 
1> ^M U ykj en to ruht min 
hena we huwa ga min 
hend^ no sooner you went 
away than he came. 
U hana, see ^ 
ill> hendk, there. a^^> hendk- 
hayja, yonder. 
(Jl) Ji> Amd (el\ or Jitil :^it 6/Wd 
el hind, India. <iJiiA hindy, 
Indian^ pi. jj> hunAd, or 

^1^:^ Aindifta^ chicory. 

j-x;fc(jj:^) handiz, or ^Juuk 
handis^to arrange, put in 
order^ act the architect or 
the engineer. J JijXi I <Aandt>^ 
to be arranged,put in order; 
jj^i^\^^libis withandiz^ 
he dressed his best, jjl:^ 
muhandiz, or jSi^»mit- 
handiz, arranged, put in 
order. Jji:^ muhandiz/ or 
fj^J^*^ muhandis^ engineer, 
pl. uiJJ^ muhandizyn; 
<^jW (j-^» muhandig 
mVmdry, architect; ^^-Ju^ 

^jSC. muhandis myka- 
nyky, mechanical engineer; 
AllscT'jii^VI iujju madraset el 
muhand is^^na^Poly technic 
school, ijji^ handaza^ or 
^Ji^handasa, engineering, 

architecture; ^ijj^ J^U I^Xj^ 
handaset el mudyryja, 
office of the chief engineer of 
the province.*jU:*/imd(l^a, 
pic ( = 0. 656 metre ), pi. 
C>ljju% hindazdt. 

fX>(|»ji:^) handim^ to arrange, 
put in order. ^ JUf i ithan^ 
dim, to be arranged, put in 
order, ^ju^. muhdndim, 
arranged, put in order. ^jl> 
/landima, arrangement, act 
of putting in order. 

Job(Jc^) hankar, to potter 
about. # JC> hankara, act of 
pottering about. 

4>U (^^^5) hannin, to lull a child 

to sleep. 
is'^ ( <i^^ hanna (Jihanny), to 
congratulate, cause to be 
happy, ^i ithanna, to be 



congratulated, made happy. 
•if* milhanny, happy. ^ 
tahnyja, congratulation, l^ 
hana. happiness. G^ hany^. 
Jan, or Ulli hilhana, may it 
do you good 1 (said to one 
who has eaten or drunk), 

^^•/ir^toa, see • 

Sj/khawa^ see ^y^ 
^fjS^hauwAry, bedwin horse- 
man, pi. »jlyk hauvodra. 

i\^ hawdnmy^ see <U 

r-yfc /iatoafl^,impatience,nervous. 

ness/ thoughtlessness, r-^^l 

ah wag, impatient, nervous. 

ro^A^da^^^ palanquin, pZ. ^^i^* 


^^f^{^j^)hawa$ ( jihwis ), to 
cause to be silly, mad, or 
foolish. ^^\ inhawas, to 
be silly, mad, foolish, ^j^ 
mahuAs, silly J mad, foolish, 
pl. u^3jf^»mahuAsyn. A-yi 
hawsa^ silliness, madness, 

J> ( J>^)/taatoi7,to exaggerate. 
Ji^ tahwyl, exaggeration. 

pZ. w!^^ tahwyldt. 
J^A (Jl yj) h6l(abul), see w»l 
O^^ /^(3n, mortar (for pwDunding), 

pi cj\^\ ahwdn. 
iS^{i}y^)hawa (jihwy),b> 
cause to be insane, fall down. 
^yk hauwa^ to fan, air, 
ventilate. (S^f^\ inhawa, or 
iSyf>\ ithawa, to be insane, 
iSryf\ ithauwa^ to be fan- 
ned, aired,ventilated. c5^l 
istahwa^ to catch coli 
(f.^ mahwy^ insane. (^V 
muhauwy^ or cf^ niiL 
hauwy, aired, ventilated. 
ifyf^* m is tahwy, one "wl^ 
has a cold. I^^l istihwa, 
act of catching cold. \^ 
hawa, air , wind, weather, 
atmosphere^ musical march, 
pl. ^.^'^I ahwyja ; \y^ liyM 
tah&net haw%, wind-mill; 
if\y^ J^'^ rdgil hauoAy^xtm 
of fits and starts, man of 
whims and fancies. 
^j^yf^hawys^ canal-lock, pl. iu/1 




</ hyja^ see ^^ 

U (L^.) hayjA, to prepare^ 
treat well, flatter. L^U7/ia(/- 
jA, to be prepared, treated 
well, flattered.L^ma/iajyd, 
or Lfi^mithayjd^ prepared, 
treated well, flattered. aIji 
hajd or h^a, form, type, 
shape, appearance, pi. wllj^ 
/laydi; 4l.i\,Ai^\a'rafoh bil 
hajd,\ know him by sight. 
4«jb /i^&a. see ^U 

(1)1^ hajagdn^ see r-U 

cr:^ (Jnts) hayjis, to grow wild 
(trees, etc.). 
ijb /i^sa, see ^^U 

Mda^ excitement, noise, 
insurrection,cholera, epide- 
mic, pi. cAiJ^ heddt. 
J^Mkal, temple, pi. J^j^ 
hajdkil; fUpjC^ Mkal 
Hddm^ skeleton. 
oB> hayjin^ see ^^ 
cX^hajhdt, I wish it would 1 


= w 

3 M;e,and, while; o^lj ^huvoa 

we aMh^he and his brother; 

JTX liMj a;e ana M/caZ, while 


I was eating ; jJllj wallAhi, 
by Godl ilyl ;Uj wihjdt 
abAk^ I swear by the life of 
your father I for your fa- 
ther's sake I ^^Uj ^'1^ U 
ana we enta wil qddy, let 

us both go to the judge I 
j^lj wahdr, or j^li 6a6Ar,* 
steam engine, pi. wlj^Ji 
waburdt, or ^J^^ bawabyr; 
U jylj wabAr mayja^ 
water-works, steam pump; 
Jiji^ 4SCI. jyjj wab&r sikka 
hadyd, railway engine, 
train; /: jy\3 wab&r bahr. 






steamer; ^i^^fj^.'^ oHiWir' 
sAbet, fixed eogine; jy^^j 
^yf wab&r komobyl, 
locomobile engine ; Oe^ jyA^ 
wab&r tihyn, steam mill ; 
•j^ j^.'3 wah&r tdra, pad- 
dle-wheel steamer; jjil^ 
^^jijTl wabAr iksibris^ 
express train ; sJ^ jySj 
wabdrrukkdb, passenger 
train; 4fU; j^l^ loabAr bu- 
cW*a, goods train ; •3\^ jj;!^ 
wab&r 'dda, local train. 

3 todgha^ see 415-^ 

^ wdfy^ oasis^pZ. vl^Ulj wahdt. 

3 wdhid^ see .^#-3 

3 u?dci, see J 3 

3 toddy ^ valley, pl. d^.^3 

3 wdris, seeij3 
3 wdrid^ see 3 jj 

J wdsta.see iA^3 
^ wd8i\ see *-.5 
3 tod^iZ, see J^3 
3 wddih, see ^3 
3 wdty, see ^^^ 

j^<3 ^4'y, see j^^ 
JLpIj icdgis, insect, insects. 
4^1^ icdq^a^ see J^ 
iJSI^ wdqif^ see ^Ji^ 
JI3 wdlid^ see J^ 
Jl^ icdZy, see J3 
^3^3tDdwa^ painful, sick (chil- 
dren's talk). 
^{3 waba, pestilence, epidemic. 

ji3wabdy, epidemic. 
^^(5^y.) tcabbab^ to scold, 
rebuke, reproach. 5^ji 
tawbyfi, scolding, rebuke, 
reproach, pl. cM.y taw^ 
j.3wabar^ soft hair, nap of 
cloth, fleece; j,y^ j.\i qumdi 
bi toafrar, woolly cloth; ^J^ 
^j3 J^l lAzim anhil wa^ 
bar oh, I shall make him 
suffer for it ! 
x>3 watad, tent-peg, stake, pl 

^li^l awtdd. . 
j^ watar^ beam, chord of 
musical instrument, pl. jlr^l 
S^3wigdq* hearth, cooking 



stove,depot of musical band, 
pi. oliWj wigaqdt. 
r^3 (wTji) wagab {jitgib), to be 
necessary, become a duty. 
^^ywaggibj to treat with 
hospitality, do one's duty to 
another. ^>-^l awgab^ to be 
due ; j^W ^^^1 II lamma 
awgab ed duhr, when it 
was noon, w^r/-! istawgib, 
to call for . deserve. w>-li 

wdgib, duty, pi. wU-lj 
wagibdt; dLi^ ^..^-Ij wdgib 
^aUk^ it is your duty; J/ 
AJi^w>'l^l "^amal el wdgib 
'aUh, he did his duty, w^^ 

milgib, reason, cause, 
motive; w^r^ bimAgib, ac- 
cording to, in compliance 
with, w^ J agfA6,obligation, 
( ji^ji ) wagad ( y^fl^ad ), to 

find; v^^-^^ J'-^ii j^9<^dh 
'andah kitdb, have you not 
got a book"^ Jb-^l awgad^ to 
create, cause to be. Jb-yi 
inwagad, ov^c^ y\it wagad ^ 

or Ji>lyl itwdgid, to be 
found. ^^^matog^Ad, founds 
existing. Ol^>>->i mawgu-- 
ddt^ existing things, ^^j 
i^fl^did, existence. 

^^i^y.) ^^90^ (y^fl^^'), to 

pain,ache; dl-lj J^y ^ ^^ 
tAga^S rdsak,do not trouble 
yourself 1 do not puzzle your 
head I ^j^/i, ^s^'j rdsy bi^ 
tAga^ny, I have a headache. 
^y\ inwaga\ or ^y\ 
itwaga\ to sufifer pain. 
f^r>* mawgA\ suffering 
pain, ill. ^3 wagd\ 
pain, ache; <j-ljf^j waga"^ 
rds^ headache, trouble; ^3 
^i^^\ waga"" el 'en6n, oph- 
thalmia ; ^)\ c^ bH bil 
waga^', a miserable house. 

^i • W ( ^A ) itwaggih^ or 
A^y tawaggah^ to depart. 
Aii|j7to5^a/i,to turn towards, 
go to. 4^/*t mitwaggih^ 
proceeding, departing. A^y 
tawagguh, departure, act 
of proceeding. tUl itiigdh, 





direction. Ae^^ wagh^ face, 
page, side, reason^ motive, 
pZ.A^^I awguh pvoy>- *ug{ih^^ 
A^^U#^^ U 'ato wagh el 
""umAm, generally. 4L1 ac^) 
liwagh ilUXh, io please God, 
gratis; c^y^l Ai>-^l el wagh el 
bahary, Lower Egypt; ac^)\ 
Jjd^eZ wagh el gi6Z(/,Upper 
Egypt ; j^S\ ,^>'3 ugAh el 
balad, the notables of the 
country, a^ fl^i/ia,direction, 
locality, place, pi, ^^er 
gihdt;\^\^^ mingihaty 
ana, as for me. ♦If tagdh^ 
in front of. a^^^ wdgha^ 
front (of an edifice), facade, 
pi. ^l^er^3 waghdt. a^^ 
wagyh, notable, pi. \^3 
ugaha. a^^^^ muwdgha, 


AiU^ wahdha, see JLp-j 
j^3 ( jb-ji) wahhidj to unify; a^j 
4]ul wahhid allAh^ declare 
that there is only one God I 

j0^y^ j^\ elgafyr bywah - 
i^fd,the watchman is crying 
or challenging, ji' ittahad, 
to agree, be united, j^yl 
itwahhid, to be unified, jl^ 
muttahid, united, allied ; 
iJiiM oliV^I el wilajdt el 
muttahida, the United 
States. Ji^^l jlM ed din el 
muwahhad^ the unified debt, 
ju^y tawhyd, unification. 
^\il ittihdd, union, agree- 
ment, concord, j^lj wdhid, 
one, unit ; ill:* ^3 J fy 
wdhid hendk^iheve is some 
one there; •Ji>-lj^jA5 nus^ 
wdhda, half and half ; *^l 
•Ji^^j aJ^I^ im&{/ wdhda 
wdhda, walk gently I jl^^ 
wahyd, only, unique; jl^j J^ 
waUxd wahyd, an only son. 
4^'j^3 wahddny^ single, 
bachelor. tO^.^ wihda, or 
aJIj^^ toa/idan f/ya^solilude; 
<^j^3 III ana wahdy, or l;l 
(^ j^^ ana liwahdy,! alone, 
by myself. 



( (.r^ji ) wahas {jOhis ), to 
confuse, embarrass. ,^r^y^ 
it wahas ^ to be confused, 
embarrassed. ^^^ maw- 
hus^ confused, embarrassed. 
A, ^9-^ wahsa^ confusion, 
{J^y.) wahas (Jiiha§ \ 
to cause to feel lonely at a 
friend's absence ; U±>.j ^1 
enta wahastina, we are 
longing to see you 1 we are 
glad to see youl J^>-^l 
is taw has, to feel lonely at a 
friends' absence, be savage, 
be wild; I ^U^-l 111 ana 
istawhaht luhum, I am 
longing to see them, I am 
anxious to see them. <i^^ 
wahsa, state of longing for 
another person. JL?-yiatoai^ 
hakj savagery, barbarism. 
J>-j wahs^ brute, pi J^y^ 
uh&i, ^ *?.• wihiL bad, evil 

ugly; JLi-j Ji^ii U il li ol 
insalla ma tisAfs wihih^ 

may evil never befall you 1 

A^Uj wahdsa, ugliness, 
badness. JL>^» mitwahhis, 
savage, pi. Cj^i^yumitwah, 

strand,run aground; z^^3 U 
ana wihilt^ I have come to 
a dead lock. J*.^ wahhal, to 
soil with mud; cJ^5 ^Ijji ed 
dinja wahhalet^ the streets 
have become muddy. J^yl 
itwahhal, to be soiled, o^^ 
wahldn^ stuck, at a stand- 
still, pi. 0^%-^ wahlanyn. 
J^j wahl, or ^l^^-j wahla, 
mud, mire ; ^J^j Ujil ed 
dinja ioaAto,the streets are 

^3 . ,i^y I ( ^-yi ^ itwahhamet 
( titwahham ), to have a 
desire for a particular food 
( pregnant woman ) . >-3 
waham, whim of a pregnant 
woman for some particular 
ry^ ( rj^3i ) wahwah, to flinch, 
wince, a^j>'^ wahwafiaj act 



of flinching, wincing. 
wahyd^ see J^3 
if ^5 toabry, see ^^1 
>i (>-^) wabbam^ to feel drow- 
sy. >^4 muwabboi'm, or ^\J-^ 
wabmdn^ drowsy. >j 
loa^ctm, drowsiness. 

desire; <^3ji ^^ huwajiwid- 
dirty, he likes me, he is fond 
of me. ^j!, widd, or ^l^^ 
widdd^ or #^^1 mutoadda^ 
aflfection, friendship, ^^^j 
t/?adAd, affect ionate,sociable, 
pL C}L^3>3 wadudyn. 

o|^3 widd^, see f-^^ 

j^^ ( j^^ ) waddar, to lose^ 
squander, sacrifice, j^^y 
tawdyr, act of losing, 
squandering, sacrificing. 

^33 (^3y ) wadda\ to take leave 
of and wish good bye, see off. 
fo/-l istawda"", to recom- 
mend to one's care, be put 
on half pay ("Government 
official or army officer ). 
^^^-.ii mistawda\ official 

or officer on half pay, 
en disponihilit6.^^^wid&\ 
farewell, f-'^yu.! istudd^ or 
f'l -U-il istydd\aci of putting 
an fficial or an officer on 
half pay, retirement, dig- 
ponibiliti, m^^ wady^a^ 
deposit, pZ. >»il33 w(xddji\ 

p^j wada^, small sea- shells, $g. 
ic^y wada'^a, pi. wW^^ 
wada'dt; p^3 s^\j^ darr&b 
wada\ fortune-teller by 
means of sea-shells, pi. 
fj^i ui»}j^4arrabyn wada\ 

iJ^j(iJjyJ toaddtfe, to instruct, 
train. iJ^yl itwaddik^ to be 
instructed, be trained, gain 
experience. 6>yM mil wad- 
dik^ instructed, trained, 

O^j widn, ear, pi. ^(^^I aivddn; 
D^^l w^ ^ 6^io/t ganb el 
ttn'dn, his house is very near. 

J3^^ wadAd, see ^3 

(S^3 {^^}l ) ^^^dda ( jiwaddy ), 
to give, carry, take of ; ^^^^ 
iJi:^ waddyny "^andoh, take 




me to him I a^\^ ^^ h^^\ (^ jli 
biddy awaddyh fy ddhja, 
I wish to send him to hell ; 

dy tiwaddy "^ala /"^n, where 
does this road lead to? Ai.>y 
tawdyja^ act of giving^ 
carrying, taking to. 
^•i^3 wady^a, see p^^ 
'j5 i^ara, behind; r^J\ Ij^toarai 
Mt, behind the house ; illjj 
aj 1 wardk ^, what have you 
got to do? A»\i^iS^j^wardja 
kitdba, I have to write;w^'^ 
iJljj^ J I^OLtah ly min 
wardk, he wrote to me with- 
out your knowledge ; a^lj 
iU\ \j5tc(!tAirf toara eif tdny, 
successively, consecutively; 

loara 6a^d, twenty consecu- 
tive days; ^Ijl* U^ ^Ijj U A 
M^ ma wardh we ma 
qudddmoh^ he sold all he 
had. Jljj warrdny, the 
hind one, the back one ; J.>. 
i^\j^habl warrdny^heelrope. 

s^j3{ i^jy. ) warab(jurib), or 
wjlj wdrib, to place in an 
oblique direction. ^3jy^ 
mawr{ib^ors^j\ ymuwdrib, 
placed in an oblique direction. 
w^j3 toar6,obllque direction, 
transverse; s^j)\{ bil warb, 
obliquely, transversally. 

ij3^( sijjy^ ) wiris ( jAras ), or 

sl^j3 wirit, to inherit, c^jj 

warras, or^j^ warrit, to 

bequeath,grant by will.d^ jy 

tawrys^ act of appointing 

an heir, vl^jlj wdris,orz^j\3 

wdrit, or^jj wary$,he\v^ 

legatee, pi. ^j^warasa. 4\j3 

w ir(tsa,heritage,succession. 

Cj\jumyrds,or z*\j^myrdt, 

legacy^ estate inherited , 

pi. c^jl^* mawarys. ^jy 

mt^ team's, testator, legator, 

pl. uyjy muwarrisyn. 

3j5(^jy.) warad (jdrid)^ to 

arrive; wl^ J ^j3 warad 


lygawdb^l received a letter. 
^j^ warrad^ to give into^ 
supply; o/ ^^jU\ 3^3 




warrad elfulAs lilho^zyna, 
he paid the money into the 
treasury; sJ^^\^^j^ war^ 
radna el gawdb, we regis- 
tered the letter ( in an office 
book). 3jyl itwarrad^ to 
be given into^ supplied, s^y 
tawryd, act of giving into^ 
supplying;^' ji^yfator^/ddi, 
supplies, stores. 3 jl J wdrid^ 
arriving, arriver^ income^ 
supplied, allotted ; i;l J ^'IT 
kdiib wdrid, registrar of 
correspondence received ; 
^jli joj daftar wdrid, 
inward register; ^j\^wdrid, 
import, />Z.i'3j'^ wariddt. 
3^j^t^ri/d,arrival. 3^ jil^rdd, 
income, revenue,supply of a 
caiial,/)tc**^'jit yraddt;Acj 
i^jjl tir'^et yrdd, canal of 
supply , feeder,^ J y mawrad, 
access,entrance. • ^jytadra. 
da^ mooring-place, landing, 
place, />i. wl^jyi moraddl^ 
or^jl^ mdwdrid^ 
^j3 { ^jy.) warrad, to bloom. 

be ros^^ ^, 

^-^>* muwarrad^ 
bloomin^> rosy, red. .j^ 

pl.z^':,j^warddt. :,j^lma 
ward, rose-water. <^^jj 
wardy, rosy, oj^ warda^ 
washer ( mec, ), pi, ^jj 
wirad, #^j3 warda^ flange, 
cocade, pi. 0)3^3 warddt, 
^*jiwird, schedule showing 
receipts of instalments of 
taxes pSiid, pi, ^^ J ^\ a wrdd, 
^y^^^j^ wardasdla,* see J^l^jly^ 

(i**^j3 wardamdn,* sailmaker's 

c\i^j3 wirdajdn,* guardian, 

4J4J3 wardyja, on duty^ sentry 
box ; Aij3 ^^ kdiib war- 
d^ya, clerk on duty ; ^jLI 
AJ3J3 ^,5 imbdrih hunt 
wardyja, I was on duty 
Oj3 war ha 1^ workshop, yard, 
factory,oflfice,jpZ. ^j3toiras^ 
or lilijj warkAt. 
^J^ {i^ J y.) war rat ^lo place in an 




awkward position, cause one 
to commit himself^ embar- 
rass.-Wj^l intoara^^orUjyl 
• itwarratj to be placed in an 
awkward position, commit 
one's self, be embarrassed. 

rat, placed in an awkward 
position^embarrassed. Jajjy 
tawryt^ act of placing in 
an awkward posit ion, embar- 
rassing. Atjjtoarto,awk ward 
position, embarrassment^ 
dilemma, difficulty, pi 
o\tj3 wartdt, 
Jjj( Jjy.) war rag, to^paper, 
produce leaves (tree). jjy\ 
itwarraq^ to be papered. 
jjymtiwarraq^ papered, 
bearing leaves. j{jy taw-- 
ryq, act of papering, pro- 
ducing leaves, jj^ waraq, 
paper, leaves, sg, iij^ 
waraqa ,pl^ siMj^waraqdt. 
Aijj waraqa, document, pi, 
j\j3\awrdq; a!L^ y»jj^waraq 
bdsta, postage stamps ; Jj j i 

v^ waraq Wb, playing 
cards. aiUJjj waraqbdna, 
paper factory, pi. c^l'U jj^ 

iJ^3 voir k, thigh, pi 6\ J ^^awrdk. 

fj3(fjy.)wirim (j&ram)^ to 
swell, be swollen, aj^ 
warranty to cause to swell. 
I^jlj wdrim, swollen, mj^ 
waram^ swelling, tumour. 

^j^ waran, lizards, sg. Aij^ 
warana, pl.^\ij3warandt, 
jL-j j^ warnyh^ * varnish. 

^jjjarAd,se.3 3jj 

iSj3{^jy.)w<^r^^ (juwarry)^io 
show, make a pretence.^ jl^ 
wdra^ to hide. (Sjy^Uwdr^ 
ra^ to be shown. {Sj\yi\ 
itwdra^ to be hidden. <^jlyi 
muwdry^ hidden, hypocrite. 
Aljy taw ryja, act of showing, 
making pretence. 
^Ij3 warysy see viij5 

j3 ( Jii ) w^^^ ( jawizz )^ to 
^^.yt)#j^ wazzoh jidrabny^ 
he set him to beat me. Jjll 



inwazi^ or jy\ itwas;i^ to 
be incited^ instigated, in- 
instigation, inducement. 
j3 will, geese, $g. ^j^wiiza, 
pl^\j3wijidt; J^f-jiwiii 
^irdqy, or L) taft, ducks. 

•j'j3 wiidra, see j^j^ 

O'Ji waiidn^ see ^^^j^ 
^i(^jj#)M?aj^j^a', to distribute^ 
apportion ; b^ ^y apJ^ loa^- 
za'oh m in hena^ get rid of 
him I hustle him awayl pjyl 
itwazza\ to be distributed^ 
apportioned, ^j/ tawzy\ 
cjy muwazza\ one who 
distributes ( letters ), post- 
n:an^ plCj^jytnuwazza^yn. 

Cjj^iojji) toazan ( jitzin), to 
weigh, cjj^3 wdzin, to ba- 
lance, weigh against. oJy' 
inwazan^ OTCjjji\ itwazan, 
to be weighed, balanced. 
Cj3jy mawzAn, weighed ; 
Ojlj wdz in, or C)3jy maw^ 
z{in, drunk. C)j3 wazn, act 

of weighing^weight, pl.C^j^ 
awzdn. j)lj^« mj^jrdn, scales, 
balance, pLjij^yBmatcazyn; 
L» cj\j^ myzdn mayJa^laYel 
(eng.) ; CH C)^jkm myzdn el 
banna^ plumb. aJI^^^ my. 
zanyja^ financial budget, 
le velling(eng.), equilibriam, 
pi. wUljju myzanyjdt.4ij\y 
ma tc(t^na, equilibrium^ pi. 
zdn, professional weigher, 
pi. uj»*lj5 wazzanyn. 

j^j^ wazyr^ minister, vizier, 
queen { in chess), pL \jj3 
urara, or jj^wazar. .jlj^ 
wizdra, ministry, cabinet, 
pi. wljlj^ wizard t. 

'fy {fy) wassab, to soil, cause 
to be dirty. 'fy\ itwassab, 
or j^l ittasab^ to be soiled, 
become dirty. 5^y tawsyb, 
act of soilings causing to be 
dirty. ^^ wasafi^ or aiJ-U^ 
wasdha^ dirt, filthiness, />!. 
wUU^ wasabdt. '^^ wisili, 
dirty,fllthy,pZ.c>^3to iabyn. 




^3{^3i) wassat, to cause to 
be in the middle^ cause to 
come between^ cause to 
intercede. ,?^j wastan^ to 
cause to be in the middle. 
Ja^y t it wassat, to be in the 
middle, cause to come bet- 
ween, cause to intercede. 
JL^ y\ it wastan, to be in the 
middle. L^yit mi t wassat, 
mean^average. ia^^ wast or 
ust, waist, middle, centre. 
Jlk-ij wast Any, one in the 
middle, central, middling, 
pi a>JVk-.^ wastanyjyn. 
4k^\^ wdsta, means, instru- 
mentality, intermediary, 

pi, JaiU^ Wasdjit ; A!L^\y^ 

biwdsta^ by means of, 
through. Jflu-jl tawassut^ 
intervention, iu-.^ wasyt^ 
mediator, pi. Ik-* 3 usata. 
f^5 (/^y.) ^^'^r (jitsa'' )y or *-Jl 
ittasa\iQ be wide,spacious; 
J;JL^\^^*JI ittasa"^ fy eh 
sugl, his business has in- 
creased. ^3 wassa\ to 

widen, make room, cause to 
be spacious; 4SCJI n^^wassa"^ 
es sikka^ open the way I 
n^y\ itwassa\to be widen- 
ed, made spacious, enlarg- 
ed, A-.lj wdsi\ or *-^ 
mutiasi\ wide, spacious, 
vast, ^j w;asa',open space; 
^jJ\ (^ jSC:-» bijitkallim fll 
wasa\ he draws the long 
bow; j\|J\ ^^3 1^ fy wasa"" en 
nahdr^ during the day, im^^ 
wasa'a^ or ^lU-.^ wasa^'dja, 
open space, square,/)Z. 0U-.3 
wasa'dt, or w\jU^i wasa- 
'ajdt. ^Ul i«/5(l% width, 
spaciousness, extension. 
J-^ ( (i-y.) ^(^saq (jdsiq ;, to 
load, j-^l inwasaq, or 
^^yl itwasaq^ to be loaded. 
J- 1 3 wdsiq, or jj-.^.mau?- 
sug, loaded, j^^ loasg, act 
of loading; wS^^I j--ja?asg el 
markib, tonnage of a ship, 
capacity of a ship.Ai^^wasqa, 
cargo,load,pZ. zAi^^wasqdt. 
^y»3 (crr'ji) ^cLs to is, io whisper, 



4 » . 

suggest wicked things to. 
^^^yl it was wis, to have 
fancies or scruples^be uneasy 
or anxious. jj->-^* muwas^ 
wis, superstitious, one who 
has scruples, a-^ 3 was w isa, 
or ^\y0} wiswds, disquiet, 
ing inspiration, scruple. 

u-i wisyja, large landed estate, 
property of the community. 

^3 toi^/ace, page, surface, pL 
J;.^j wisAs;j,3 ^1 cf^l idda 
loh wiss, he encouraged 
him; \jy^ j^^ wisS bdja, coat 
of paint; ^liy, a.>- gfm^ 6( 
toii£o/i,one pound hard cash; 
U Jl J;.^ ^""ala wis§ ed din^ 
ya, in a state of life; J;,;^ J^^ U 
U <malCi8 wissjigy hena^ 
he is ashamed to show him- 
self here; U 3 (ij lA^hikdja 
zaj wissoh, an ugly story ; 

fy wissy ibla ly, he took to 
his heels, sauve qui pent ; 
Allkj ^ J;.^^)^^! iddina 
loh wiss talab butdna^ we 

gave him an inch he took on 

ell;iJ^V^dlijV j.5j?A^.jl 
arba^a qurM la wiksak 

waladahrak, exactly four 
piastres, o^'y, Jr^J rdgil bi 
wiss^n, sneak, hypocrite, 
double-faced knave; J.^1 jy 
f6qelwis§, on the surface; 
^^\ J,3 wiiiessubh^ in the 
early morning, at sunrise; 
cfriy jiJL sdqja biwissin, 
water-wheel with a double 
set of wheels;U J J A Jli^di 
loh fy wi&soh, he told him 
to his face; »j\p ^j wisi 
"^yra, mask; t-xil j.^ wiks el 
mabadda, pillow-case; JcU 
jy^\ J^5 <^ qdHd fy wiss en 
nAr, hois sitting against 
the light; 4)1 jj J.3 y^ huwa 
• wiss razdla, he has little 
self respect. 
jLij(jJi^) wa^sis^ to abuse, 
defame; ^ JL-iy U ma tu- 
wa^ik 'aUh, do not abuse 
himl do not insult himjj^y 
tawsy&y abuse, defamation. 




^JJ'ymuwHssU, abusive, in- 

iJ^i wisna* sour cherries. 
ij^y^^ ij^r^y^tvaswis^io whisper. 
A-ipj waswiha^ whisper. 

JU3 wisdl, see J-^j 

U^3 wisdja^ see ^5^3 

^^3 ( -J^y. )^toa5a/ (jAsif), to 
describe, prescribe; J e-i^^l 
di:4i tisiy ly bitak^ tell me 
where your house isl UL^yl 
inwasaf, or ijuyl itwasaf, 
to be described, prescribed. 
^y^ymaws&f^ described, 
prescribed; «J^^ I33 datoa 
mawsAfy tried remedy, sure 
remedy. iJi-^3 w;a§/, act of 
describing, prescribing. Ai-^3 
tion, r ecipe,p Z. wU-^ 3 toa?/lct t. 
Ai^s ifa^ quality, qualification, 
pi. c\l^ sifdt ; ill>4j| a:*^ 
sifatoh 6 hendk, in what 
capacity is he there? AL0\y 
muwdsfa^ description, pi. 
wU^IjA muwasfdt. 

arrive, reach; J^^ *iU^ 
saldmak wi^il, your re- 
gards have been conveyed ; 

we irga\ go to the house 
and come backl J-^iJ-A^-UJf 
hull ma hasal wa.^l, small 
contributions thankfully re- 
celved. J^'^wasal ( j As 11)^ to 
attach, join, combine. J^3 
wassaLto cause to arrive or 
reach, conduct ; ^kil ^^3 
wassalny el mahatta, he 
took me to the station; 
sUUi JjJ ^s wa^salak^ 
how dare you I J-^y' 
itwasaL to be attached, 
joined, combined. J^'l 
ittasal, to reach. J-^yl 
itwassal, to obtain, succeed 
in. J-At. muttasil^ reaching. 
J^y tawsyl, act of causing 
to arrive, causing to reach, 
sending, conducting, ^y 
tawsyla, single journey, 
single trip, strap, nozzle^ pi. 
C^%^y tawfylAt J^3 wa§l, 



act of attaching^ joining^ - 

combining; J-^^ y^<^l, 

receipt, pL a>i^^ wimJdt. 

4^3 wasla, rifle end^ junc- 

lion piece, entracte^ pi, 

^^-^^ tcafW^ JU3 wisdl, 

sexual intercourse. JLJI 


^SUiMttifaldt. ^}^\swdsil, 

reaching, never, at all; J.V ^ 

J-^13 ma gdk wdsil^henevev 

came. J^3 wiml or t/?tiZ, 

arrival ; dflj-^^ 5^1- «4'et 

usAlak^ the moment you 


^3 ((^y.) "^^??^ (jawas^y ), to 
recommend, bequeath by 
will;'^ A^jU?a^^/i ^alayja^ 
recommend me to him I Uv^* 

hudAm f we ordered some 
clothes, ^^y I itwa§8a, to be 
recommended, be generous; 
Ai ^yl itwassa boh^ I 
recommend him to you! be 
generous to him! ^y taw, 
§yja, recommendation, pi. 

^\y tatcdsy; V^yf>u 
hudum taicsyja^ clothes 
made to order. 4^3 u^i^yja^ 
order, reconunendation , 
commandn)ent,will^ pi. ijU^ 
tcasdja, or z\^3 tcisyjdt. 
^3 wasy, guardian, execu- 
tor of a will, testator, pi 
\^}\awsyja. ^A^^ wisdja, 
w-ii (w^y.) toaddab, to put in 
order, arrange, adjust, fit 
w^li wddib, to persevere, 
w^yl itwaddab, to be put 
in order,arranged,ad justed, 
fitted; ^J:}\^^y\^huwa 
itwaddab ^ala es ku§l, he 
has become au courant of 

work.w-i#^ muwaddab. in 
order, arranged, adjusted, 
^i^y tawdyb,fxct of putting 
inorder,arranging, adjust- 
ing, fltting.A^l^mu todd&a, 
or A-tly mtiwdzbay perse- 
^^i^y.) waddah^ to explain. 
^y\ itwaddah^ to be 




explained. ^1 ittadah, to 
appear, be evident, be clear. 
clear,distinct. ^ytawdyh, 
explanation, pi. C\^y 
iawdyhdt. rj^3 udilh^ 
clearness, distinctness. 
*Ji (^ji) toada"^ (jH(^'^)y to put, 
place, iuiyi itwada''^ to be 
put, placed. ^V itwddi\ 
to be modest, humble one's 
self. PjJ^y mawdd\ put, 
placed ; Pj^y mawdu\ 
subject, purport, pi. ^\y 
mawady\ ^\yi» mitwddi\ 
or ^u muttadi\ modest, 
humble, •^j wad\ act of 
putting,placing. mi^% maw- 
da\ place, spot,positlon, pL 
juil^ mawddi\ ^\y tawd^ 
du\ modesty, humility. 
yi^udu,see ^^ 
T-yi^ udiih, see f*.i^ 

^^.^yHis^ri) itwadda, io 
perform religious ablutions, 
-u-iy tawdyja, or ^3 udu^ 
ablution. U^m^rfa,lavatory 

in a mosque where ablutions 
are performed, pi. c\^ 

C^3 -u^y I ( cAri ) itwattan, to 
adopt a country as a father- 
land . ^yu m i i wattan , one 
who is residing in a country, 
domiciled. JLy tawattun, 
adoption of a country as a 
fatherland, residence. ^3 
watan, fatherland, native 
land, pa^r ie,home, pL 0^3' 
awtdn. ^^watany^ native, 
>3 uti\, see J,3 
Jtl^3 wHwdt, flying bat, pi 
Jft) ^Iti watawyt. 
l^ {J>jl)toity (jAta ),to become 
low.J»^ioa((a,to lower. J^jll 
itwatta, to be lowered. J*!^ 
wdty, low; jlI\^ A^J&nafsoh 
wdtja^ he is modest, he is 
not conceited. ^3 ut{i, 
vjil;^ (Utiiji) waszaf, to place in 
a high o£Bcial position.u^y I 
itwazzaf^ to be placed in a 




high official position. vJl»^ 
muwazzaf, ot ^yu mit- 
wazzaf, placed in a high 

official position; vJt^ 
muwazzafj official^ func- 
tionary, pZ. (^^•muwaz'- 

zafyn. alU^ wazyfa, 
official position,function,pZ. 

ii It^ wazAj if; ii ^\i J U ^^ 


^*J»i fy M^ tddyjet 
wazyftoh,in the execution 
of his duty. 
AiW^ wa^dja^ vessel, receptacle, 
earthenware bowl, pl.z\\c3 

Ji^^(jbji) loa'ad ijA'id\ to 
promise; wliCtJ^jtoa'ado/t 
&t/^(7(i&, he promised him 
a book. Jc\3 wd'id, to make 
an agreement or an appoint, 
ment with. Jcy\ itwa'^ad, 
to be promised, ^^^t 
maw'^dd, promised; jc^ 
wa^d, promise, pi, ^^^^ 
u'^xid. BJcy wVda, delay, 
term, pi. wIj^^ wVddt. 

^/^ (w^ji ) ^^'« (-/^'^ ), to take 

heed, take care, look out ; 
IjS'^J "p.jl u^a t'Cmil kida^ 
mind, you must not do so I 
diUj V5I A'a riglak, take 
your foot away I ^^ toTy, 
to be conscious, take care. 
pIj wd^y^ conscious, care- 
ful, watchful. ^f3 wa^y, 


consciousness; <iJi:^ JLilS" U 
^>3 ma kdns ""andy wa^y, 
or ^1^ JLl:5u ma kuntii 
wd^y, I was not conscious. 
J»^3 (cT^^y.) w^agrMjis, to cause to 
be uneasy, cause to suspect 
or have scruples. ^J^^y\ 
itwapwii^ to be uneasy, 
suspect, have scruples. 
J^^ymuwa^wii, uneasy, 
suspicious. ^^3 wagwiia^ 
uneasiness, suspicion, anx- 
iety, scruples. 
U^ wafa^ see J3 
jlii wifdq^ see ji^ 
j3{/yi) waffar, to save^ 

economise; w^^J^ }3^CLffCL^ 
""alayja et to'aft, save me 

the trouble 1 jf\ itwaffar. 



to be saved, economised, 
}^ muwaffar, saved, 
economised; jy^ o^ hosdn 
muwaffar, horse which is 
not much employed.y^toa/r, 
or j^y tawfyr, saving^ 
economy, pi. oljy^ ufurAt^ 
OFwIj^iy tawfyrdt; C^y^ 
y^l) marfM bil wafr^ 
dismissed for reduction of 


ji3(jiyj waffaq^ to make an 
arrangement between par- 
ties,flt one thing to another, 
cause to succeed, ^y\}wdfiq^ 
to agree, jiyi itwaffaq^ to 
succeed in one's enterprise. 
jS\it tafaq^to agree,chance, 
happen; A^}i ^^\ jarl ittafaq 
inny qdbiltoh^l happened 
to meet him. j^y muwaf-- 

^Q> 0^ c5*y* mitwaffaq, 
successful. ^p\y muwdfiq^ 
agreeing, consenting, con- 
venient. jUil ittifdq, or 
iJ\ij\ittifaqyja^ agreement, 
convention, coincidence, pi 

C-UliTI ittifaqdt, or cAJ\S\ 

wifdq, agreement, harmo- 
ny, jjy tawfyq, success. 

J3 ( ^y. ) ^afO' { jiify), to fulfil, 
complete; a:.^ j^ wafa 
d6noh^ he paid his debt, 'j^ 
waffa^ to give one his full 

muddet el habs^ he was 
imprisoned the full time he 
was sentenced to. jyi 
it waff a, to die. Jyu-I is taw- 
fa, to complete ; Jfl J/^-l 
istawfa akl^he ate enough. 
(^^ mitwaffy^ dead, de- 
ceased. (^^t^A mustawfy^ 
completion.tli^ wdfd, death. 
iL:-! istyfa, completion, 
fulfilment, accomplishment, 
t^agf, time, pZ. sL^i^Sawqdt; 
^^3 dilwaqt, or ^p)^ 
dilwaqty^ now, at present; 
Oji biwaqtoh^ or ^^i ^ 
/iZ toagf, at once, immedia- 
tely, d la minute ; l^d^ j* 



min tcaqtaha, or ^^j^ 
min waqtyha, since then. 
^p3 waqty,ov c^ymuwaq- 
gai, temporary, provisional; 
^y ^j^f^ mustabdim 
muwaqqat, orcAj^ # jj£-^ 
mustabdim zuhurdt^tem- 
porary employ6. Gi^i ma- 
waqqatan, provisionally. 
oij ( Jiy^ ) waqad (juqid ), to 
burn^light a Qve.JiS^wdqid, 
or ^yymawqud, burning^ 
lighted. jLi^ waqd^ act of 
burning, lighting. ^-xJ^ waq- 
da, illumination, pZ. wloJ^ 
waqddt. jlJ^ wiqyd, fuel, 
jiy^ mistawqad, bath- 
heater, pZ. CiloJ^:-^ mw- 

^^ (y^J waqqar^ to be in half 
mourning. Vj^ tawqyr^ 
half mourning. 

Jj( Jyjtoigi'or waqa'(jiiqa') , 
to d rop, fall down; .<^ ^ J LI I 
,1^3 elmasdla dy waqa^'et, 
this thing really happened, 
this is a fact;s^\:S"^^wiqV 

minnoh kitdb,he dropped 
a book, he lost a book; ^ J^ 
f:J^\ wiqV fil kaldm, he 
committed himself. ^3 
waqqa"^^ to cause to drop or 
fall down; a^\1\ ^3 waqqo!^ 
el mubd/a, he legally 
affected the sale. «il^ lodqC^ 
dropping, falling; Jl J\ ^^ fil 
wdql'^ in fact. ^^ uqu\ 
act of dropping y falling 
down,occurrence. Aii^ioag^a, 
fall.pZ. siUJj waq'dt; 41^3 
U^ waq^etoh hida, or oi^ 
b^ waq^etoh sdda, or oJ^ 
^Jl i^j waq^'etoh zaj ex 
zift, he will pay dearly for 
it! his punishment M^ill be 
great I A1JI3 wd(^a, event, 
occurrence, battle, pi. ^^ 
waqdji\ or oUI^ waq'^dt. 
^y mawqa\ place, site, 
spot, pZ. •»ly»mato(tgr. 

stand up, stop, discontinue, 
cost; ^jjJl) wJi3j.% Autoa 
waqaf til madrasa^ he 





endowed the school; iiyMJiS 
•1^3 ^t tAh{ina wiqfet, the 
mill does not work any 
more ; ^^U Jc Ui^ b c^\ 
el h6t da wiqif ^alayja 
^dly^ this house cost me 
too much, vjki^ waqqaf, 
to cause to stand up, 
stop or discontinue, sus- 
pend from duty; fjjup iJLi^ 
waqqaf ^andafe, stop where 
you arelvJLi^latoga^to cause 
to stop, suspend one from 
or %Jiji\ it waqqaf, to hesi- 
tate, refuse. Ui\3 wdqif, 
standing up, stopping, 
discontinuing, costing; j^\ 
cjSI^ es sHq wdqif ^ trade is 
dull, business is bad; jl^ 
Aii\^saldlim wdqfa, steep 
stairs; ^Ji-il^ Jjl nizil 
wdqif, he fell on his feet; 
eiJI^ f^ kaJAm wdqif, 
improper tone. <Jy>» maw-^ 
qiif, stopped, suspended 
from duty, ^iJ J tawqyf. 

act of causing to stani 
pending. *jsy tawai 
hesitation, refusal. 
uqdf^ act of standin 
stopping, discontinua 
Jl^l fJjii uqdf el hdl^ 
nation of trade. 
mawqaf^ position, { 
carriage or donkey s 
pi. Ui\y» mawdqif. 
waqf, church or m 
property, pi. olijl a 
403 waqfa, or ^^1 ^ 
el waqfa, the eve of a 
UlJ3 waqqyf^ oversee 
i^waqm, honour, rei 
Si^ ^M JL« b da mu. 
waqmak, this is not 1 
mount to your honour. 
^3oqqa, or 4S3I wiqqa^ 
(=2 3/41bs or 400 dri 
pi. j^3 tviqaq, or 
pj3 uq{l\ see ^3 
sJ^3 uqtf, see vja^ 





to fear God,be pious; dL j jSI 
ittiqy rahhak, fear God! 
Jtaqy^ pious, pi. \Jl\atqyja. 


iSji taqwa, piety. 

JLJ3 wiqyd^ see Ji^ 
U^^ waqqyf^ see ULii 

^3wiqyja, or ^^1 awqyja^ 
ounce, pZ. ^Ui wiqyjdt, or 
gll^l awdqy. 

l5^.dJl?l(vil:.) ittofc, or ^Jl 
ittakka, to lean upon, 
recline. ^^/ni«i/cy,leaning 
upon, reclining.!^ I itt efca^act 
of leaning upon, reclining. 

Jf^ (J$7» ) wakkil, to appoint as 
agent or represenlative.Jfyl 
itwakkil, to be appointed ; 
iit^t(^«lJS>l liltina itwakkilt 
fll h6\ I am charged with 
the sale. jSol iitakal, to 
rely upon, trust, put one^s 
confidence in; mjSi^JSjI 
i«i/ciZ 'ato/to, or il ^jsyi 
it wakkil ""alalia, trust in 
God 1 JS^ mit wakkil, ap- 
pointed agent or repre- 
sentative, relying upon. 

trusting, putting one'^ 
confidence in. ^•mittikil, 
relying upon, trusting,put- 
ting one's confidence in. Ji^' 
tawkyl^ act of appointing, 
authority, power of attor- 
ney, procuration. Jfy 
tawakkul^ or JSC"I ittikdl^ 
reliance, trusty confidence. 
J^ wakyl, agent, repre- 
Secretary of State, pZ. ^^ 
ukala ; JU^W J^3 wakyl 
kiwys^ lance-sergeant. ^HT^ 
to ifc(ito,inn, tenement house, 
large building, large store- 
house,khan, okelle, pl'J»y3 
Ai^i^wildja^ see J^ 
J 3 (Jji) to Hid (jdlid), to give 
birth. jJi wallid to attend 
one medically when giving 
birth, jjyl inwalad, or jjyl 
itwalad^to be born, jjyl if- 
wallid, to spring from. 3^^ 
maioMd,born.#^V^ wildda, 




birth, act of giving birth ; 
oVjJ\ i-jju madraset el 
to iWda, school of midwifery, 
jj/ waJad, boy, child; pZ. 
^Hj wildd^ or ^Vjl awldd; 
otj ^Vil awlAd rdbja^ 
native street actors, jilj 
lotZd, son, child^generation; 
j} J\ j^ Mt el wild, matrix. 
M3 wdlid^ father. $M^ 
wdlda^ mother; Ul ijl^ 
wdlda Mto, mother of H. H. 
the Khedive. ^^ myldd, 
birthday ; ^^1 jl.p ^yd el 
myldd^ birthday, Christ- 
mas. J^\y matoai^d^births. 
Ai^^Al a:J\ es sana el 
myladyja. Anno Domini, 
jj^ mdlid, fair, pU Jl^ 
mawdlid;J^y^^ J^ J.juS U 
ma tuq^uds tVmilly mMid^ 
do not cnakea noise here 1 
iij^ waldana, childishness. 
jlJj wilayjd^ small boy, 
child. ^1^ wdd^ contraction 
of J1I3 walad. 
u^^wils^"^ bribery, deception. 

deceit, treachery. 

^y {^a) ^ili' iJ^^'X to be 
lighted, take fire, ^ij walla\ 

to light, set on fire. Jyl 
itwalla% to be lighted, set 
on fire. J^i wdW, lighted, 
burning, ^y tawly\ act of 
lighting, setting on fire. aJ^ 
tofra,live coal, pl.A^ wila\ 
or viUj witdt. 
J^(«^y.) ^^^to (juwally)^ to 
appoint as governor or 
ruler. Jy^-I is ta tola, to take 
possession, seize. Jy I itwaL 
to, to be appointed,rule over. 
J^m ef toaZZy,appointed. J^^:--ui 
mistawly, in possession of. 
A^y tawlyja, act of appoin- 
ting as governor or ruler, 
accession to throne or power. 
A^ waly, saint, possessor, 
pi. U3I awlyja; ^ Jl ^3 waly 
ed damm, nearest relatives 
of a murdered person 
claiming vengeance; j^\ ^^ 
waly el *a/id,heir apparent; 





benefactor, the Khedive. J 1 3 
uWl.kS^ walyja, old woman, 
helpless woman, pi. IV^ 
walAjaM^ ywilAja^ gover- 
norship, saintity, dominion, 
jj^ wilayjid^ see J^ 
U3 wama^ supposition, con- 
jecture, sign^ hint, wink. 
03{dy.) ^^^^ (Jiwinn), to 
buzz, hum. ^y^ wannin, to 
be gay with drink, drunk, 
jl^ muwannin^ gay with 
drink, drunk. 03 toann, act 
of buzzing, humming. Cj^ji 
tawnyn^ state of being gay 
with drink, intoxication, 
yj\i}ontdrjo^^ inventory, stock- 
^^ wanas, see ^1 
JLi^ 10 in^,* crane, winch. 
( w>y. ) toahab{j{ihib ), to 
grant, give freely. ^^\ 
itwahah, to be granted, 
given freely. wy^>» maw-- 
hdh, granted, given freely. 
wahb, act of granting. 

giving freely. a^3 wahba, 
tip to an apprentice, pi 
si^Ui wahbdt. ^tk^wahhdb, 
one who gives. 
£3(^1) tocLhag {JAhig), to 
confuse, cause to be nervous. 
^\ inwahag, or ^\ itwa. 
hag, io be confused ,nervous. 
ry^>* mawhiig, confused, 
nervous. aj*3 wahga, con- 
fusion, nervousness. 

(/*-j((/>3i) ^^'^^^ (viiAir), to 

frighten. ^y\ inwahar^ or 

jfcjiU7u?aAar,to be frighten. 

ed. jyk^a J9%a to/i li r, frightened. 

Bj^} wahra, fright, fear. 

>3 {fy^ waham (Juh im ), to 

cause to be uneasy. ff\ 

inwahamfiv fy\itwaham, 

to be uneasy, imagine, sus. 

pect. ^f^y\ itwahhim, to 

imagine, suspect. ^^^ 

mawhiim, uneasy, disquiet, 

suspecting.>^« mitwahhim^ 

imagining. ^3 wahm, or ^y 

ta wahhum , imaginatio n, 

idea, notion. ^3 wahmy^ 



^■KiWW^"— ^- 

\i} wayja^y/ith; (^b/JU ta'dla 
wayjdja, come with me I l^ 
t^wayja myn, with whom? 
lJ^(^ il\i3 \;| ana wayjdk fy 
kida^l agree with you in this. 
^3 w^ba, l/6th part of an ar^ 


dabb, pi. cXj^ webdt. 
yx^to^^ko,* artisans taxes, 
tribute paid by Egypt to 
j^^^w^ka* bdmja cooked in 
a peculiar manner (by the 

i$ "= j\ y 

^ y>^y'y{si ^^^y^ ^y house; 
adjectival suflBx; yuM masr, 

Egypt; (fj^» masry, Egyp. 


\ija, oh 1 either; jij^ \Ja waUxd, 

boy I 1^ li b lya da ja da^ 

either this or that: li ou; l 

^ ja tuq'udja timiy^ you 

must either sit down or go 

away! I ^(2, indeed 1 is that 

sol really! 

^j^^ijdbis, see ^jjj 

p-jjlya^irflra,* astrology. ^jj\i 
jazirgy/ astrologer, pL 
^jJk Ja^irgyja. 

i^\lja$myn, jasmin, $g. c^li 
jasm yna, pl.>l\xsf\ jasm y- 
i^\ijdz^ tail of coin. 
aLiIj jdfta,'' sign-board, pi. 

^\iJdqa, collar of a coat, shirt, 

etc. pi. slM\iJaqdt. 

C^^\iJaqAt, ruby, sg.iS/iiJaqAta, 

pi cXj\ijaqutdt. 

\/k\jdma, often, many ; JTU li 

jdma kallimtoh, how often 

have I spoken to him?U I ^\i 

nd$ jdma, crowds of 

people; iJlU y^ U I jama 




huwa latyf, how nice he is I 
^y^ijansAn^ aniseed, 
j5\jAwir* aid- de-camp, pi. 
Aij3\ jawryja, or obA 
if^''Jdj\ metal spring, pi cUi 

crtt ij^) jibis ( jybas ), to 
become dry, ^j^ Jabbis, to 
cause to be dry.A^^jub&sa^ 
dryness, ^^jl Jdbis^ dry. 
^\ f'i)^ kaldm jdbis , hard 
or harsh words. 
A (^i)yaf itm, to cause to be 
an orphan. ^\ itjattim^io 
bean orphan. ^ tajtym^ 
act of rendering one an 
orphan. Ajcbtym^ orphan, 
pi ^b jatdma. a^\ J^\ 
el ISla el Jatyma^ extra 
night after a fair. 
c^jabt,'' yacht. 
^JO'bny* stew, 
j^jadd, seea»l 
i^j^jaraqdn, jaundice. 

4 JIM, stop 1 (to cattle). 
f^^.Jasdqgy^* jannissary of a 

consul^etc., consular guard, 
pi. \J\^jasaqgyja. 

^^ (y-ti) Jassar, to facilitate. 
I itjassafy to be facili- 
tated , j^ m i tjdssar^ 
faciUtated; .^.^ A\y^\ 
ahwdloh mitjassara, his 
afifairs are prospering^ he is 
doing well in business. ^ 
jusr^ or j^-^ tajsyr, pros- 
perity,success,ease, comfort. 

j^Jusr, black coral. 

^^ jusr, and j^-j jasyr^see jj 
c^ymiJOLsA^, see ^^^ 
cilP. jasmak,'^ Turkish-ladies' 

jL) jataq* berth (in a ship),pt 


M ffSi) j^d^^^* to plunder, 
eat or take much of. aJj 
ja'dma^ plunder, enormity. 

jyj^j'admAr,'^ waterproof. 

j^^Ja^myS* douht, deception, 

jJii jf afctoma/inspection,parade. 
^J(^Qyn^ certainty. "CjLjaqy^ 




nan^ certainly^ for certain. 
^f^^.jaklingy,^ boatswain. 

vilJijato/c, ladies' bodice or vest, 
pi. siil^ Jalakdt. 

jamdma^pl.zX^[^ jamarndt. 

^Jamak^"^ ration, food. aIUS^ 
jamakJi/Ana, military mess, 
pi. d^i\?S^ Jamakbandt. 

^ Jaman^ Yemen, Arabia 
Felix. ^ Jamany, apper- 
taining to Yemen. 

ij^jamynoTjimyn, oath, /)Z. 
wU-c jamyndt; 4^1^ I i^iU 
fyilif el Jimyn^ or ^1 (^^1 
adda eljamyn, he took the 
oath. Cj^ jamyn or jimyn, 


right hand, right hand side; 

jftmynafc,keep to the right! 
j\:iJOLTidjir* January. 
^^.jahM, jews, 5flf. <^3^ 

i^^\iJjlJuzbd6U^* captain in the 
army,pZ. aJ^^j^^ j{tjfbakyja. 
j^yj'Asif, Joseph; <^jl^I wJUj^ 
jVi^i/" afandy or jusf a fan- 

dy^ mandarins, sg. 
4jjLil yA«iy afandyja, pi. 
z\j^\sJL^yJ{>L8if afandyjdt. 
fyj'dm, day, pi ^\A ayjdm; 
Vj4 4 fy J^rnha, or v^^ ^ 
/y jdmyha, that day, the 
same day; l^ll ayjamyha, 
at that time, then; ^^3 j>^ Jf 
fcaZZ ydm toe J dm, every 
other day; ^ji oli -y4< jfdm, 
on a certain day, once. ^^ 
jdmy^ or^^Uji jom(i<y,daily, 
every day ; 4L1 Jc ^^ ydmy 
*ato aiM/i, regularly every 

d^y ; (/y. u^ ^^'&« y^^i/i 

every day dress, oflBcers' 
undress, a^^i Jdmyja^ daily 
wages ; v>^V ^^^ Jomyja, 
at a daily rate of wages; jS^ 
A^ydaftar Jdmyja, diary, 

oliy. jundn, Greeks, sg. *^t^ 
jundny ; ^^^^ ^^^ 6iiid ei 
jundn, Greece. 

aJ^ jtnja^ June. 




Jp»J^Jf-^j wada"^ ydoh ""ala, he 
appropriated^ he took posses- 
sion of; Ij5"j/ il JuiI ^4 JL*Vkj U 
ma jit la' hm in ydak tim^l kida, 

or \J^ ^y^ iloil Cj^J^J^ ^ '^^ 
jufirugs min ydak ti^mil 
kida, I defy you to do the samel 

\j (^3 tjv. J\ JL^ U ma tigybs es syra 
dy barra, do not tell this to 
any one 1 

4.JH\ ikJy hurn6tet el lamba, 

U^^ 6ass feeda,* this is all 1 is 
this all? ^^ Jl5 IV ^yt ^irift torn. 
ma qdl bass^ he drank to his 
heart's content. 

ajJ tabyjyda, fair copy, pi, wU^ 
tabyjyddt. ^L ^^ samak 
bajdd^bayrus bayad. 

Jl ^ tt <(tA "^an bdly, it escaped my 

siS^^j tirinkyt, mizzen-spanker. 

A,\^ cjAi tahaf sihhetoh , he ruined 
his health. uJlr td/ty, spoiled^ 
pZ. j^jdU talfyn. ^^k matlAf, 
ingratitude, severity, arbitrary 
power, evil. 

^J ^^j^^^/: J'^Qy ^^ min da 6, 
what good will this do you? cJ^ 
A,j^\ J if\t^kdn gdj ly adraboh, 
I felt like striking him. 

i^ Asy^ ^y^\ ihzimhum hazma 
gadd, tie them well together 1 

^-^1 (> ^J^. y^ f^^^<^ bijigry 'alal 
wazyfa, he is endeavouring 
to obtain the post. 

J^l ^ (^i£ ^"^ kaldm Jim&y 'alih 
el gamal^ words on which one 




JptJLjl*^3 wada'' ydoh ""ala, he 
appropriated^ he took posses- 
sion of; I jTj/ ii J^J u* cr-^^l ^ 
maJitla'Smin ydak tiw!^il kida, 

or IjS^Ji*** iJjbl Cj^J^J^- ^ ^^ 
juJirugs min ydak ti^'mil 
kida, I defy you to do the samel 

\j <^3 ij^. J\ JLi U ma tigybs es syra 
dy barra, do not tell this to 
any one I 

A*JIU ikJji hurnitet el lamba, 

U^^jj feass feeda^" this is all! is 
this all? ^ JU II w^ si>i6 torn, 
ma g(iZ feasfi, he drank to his 
hearths content. 

ajJ tabyjyda, fair copy^ pi, dUjJ 
tabyjyddt. ^^L viJb?» samak 
bajdd^bayrus bayad. 

Jli ^ it tdh ""an bdly, it escaped my 

^iJ^j tirinkyt, mizzen-spanker. 

Vs^ cjjj talaf sihhetoh , he ruined 
his health. cjJl? <(ihy, spoiled, 
plCx^\; talfyn. ^jt» matldf^ 
ingratitude, severity, arbitrary 
power, evil. 

All I3 j^ liU ^^ yifi^j/ ta/c min da i, 
what good will this do you? ^^ 
Ajyw^l J c^U/cein grtiy ly adraboh, 
I felt like striking him. 

jb- Aiij> A-yl ihzimhum hazma 
gadd, tie them well together I 

^-s^l J^ tf Jir. >* '^wioa bijigry 'alal 
wazyfa, he is endeavouring 
to obtain the post. 

efpamaf, words on which one 



can rely. 

j^^y- fy^rf kibyr^ capital letter, 
majuscule ;j^^y- harfsu^ay. 
Jar^ small letter, minuscule. 

j)j^ muhzin^ grievous, sad. 

JiU Aa&tZ, sexual intercourse. 

JL:^- hanas^ serpent, Ghenasch. 

^j^ fJi d!<> i} C)f^ tukdn fy ha^ 
nakaktuqsam li^^rak, there 
is many a slip twixt the cup 
and the lip. 

4cU bdtma, end ; l^ly4 j>*Vl el 
umdr bi bawdtimha^all is well 
that ends well. 

•, JLlJU-U lil ana ma battStii 
bSthum, I was never at their 
house ; (^^ A^il J^ j^j' ^'^ ^^- 
batty el giha dy,you must never 
goto that placet 

UJl jt^ U md tiliassari ed din 
do not spoil the whole thing! 

cf jXU I /a haltara, I wonder if! 

^jT tardkum, accumulatic 
JUiVl J^y tardkum el i 
ddl, excess of work. 

3l> mazdd, auction, pZ. c#lj 

JU (^ dk» ) AtZ r samafc ;, lyn 
don t is marcodon. 

I> ^ sabh bara, to relieve i 
bowels; L% ?ti saftft may^ 
to urine. 

^j^ ( ^^. ) sarsa\ to make 
shrill sound, am^j^ §arsa 
shrill sound. 

ifj^\ AVjf- I' I ana bammintoh 
ingilyzy, I took him for an 
Englishman, I thought he was 

s^,^ (wJu^J ?ait/i7, to spend t 
summer. Uuu^ sif, summ 
season, j^ §^/y, summer 
j^ jV^ /tarn A r s^/^y^ dw« 
donkey. aJ^^ sSfyJa^ or 
summer season. 

4kU ^/ib jidrab abdza^ to mas 



•jliUa mu^dnda, obstinacy. 

iis^jS^ kasar ''inoh, he shamed 
him; a^p ^ viiii> Ja>- hutt 
"^inak fy ^Snoh, look him 
in the face I contradict him 
if you can I 

^ fymto,* miet. 

miti\hj^dahraha qata\ she does 
not menustrate any more, 

UU qalafty^ caulker, pi. AJ*di 


A-S^ (a-^) kas^am, to disable, 
cripple, shatter, annihilate. 
incapacity, annihilation. 

filS^ JU b da mas kaldm, this can- 
not be I it is all nonsense I 

UU mdma,* mamma. 

o^}^ ( ^j^^i ) na'was^ to cry, 
weep, sob. ^^yi na^wasa^ 
cry, weeping, sob. 






a ' 





; ^ 

a, i 






t 19 

lightening lightning 

266 217 

fixed colour 

fast colour 

43 S 

! 4 



286 1|21 



48 S 

1 5 



299 1113 

j [ 



52 i 


each another! each other 

312 1 22 




56 i 

L 4 



315 214 



65 1 

J 19 




2; 2 

^y^ CX} 


95 1 







dL jj 1 ^ 

146 1 

L 3 







155 1 

I 10 







156 1 

2 9 




1 4 



164 1 

I 1 




1 5 

man goes 

man who goes 






2 22 


dl^3j J> 

184 ; 





2 21 




193 1 

2 3 

piece of dry etc. 







201 : 





2 5 



504 ; 





2 8 



204 '. 

2 25 

tail between 

his tail between 






213 1 

2 22 







225 1 

I 9 

scaled plan 







253 1 

2 16 

cold of the 

cold in the 




u-> ^.W^ 

^)i .0. aM\ 

258 d 

I 1 

to attention 


at ^^attention*' 







I 1 

















457 1 


into disorder 

in disorder 
































































































see ifc 


















to 6epu