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Full text of "Ancestors - descendants, John I. Jones, who married May Ellen Swartzwelder (a McCann), Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky"

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>!.;»■ 1' '.i 

Ancestors - Descendants 
Aonn ^, AoneA 

who married 

tvlaru C^llen ^wartzwetder 


(a McCann] 


Bourbon County 

Family of 


Samuel S^warlzwelcii 
who married 

L^uninla iKebeccc fr/cL^t 




Bourbon County 

oliatefat <=>Lu 


Printed in separate pamphlets 

WRIGHT FAMILY CHART, by Walter F. Wright, 1952 
ARGALUS McNETT WRIGHT, by Walter F. Wright, 1952 
SUNDERLAND FAMILY CHART, by Frank S. Wright, 1953 
SOME SUNDERLAND GENEALOGY, by Prof. Ferris W. Norris, 1956 
FAMILY OF JOHN CURRENT, by Mrs. William C. Endicott 
FAMILY OF THOMAS CURRENT. JR. - in preparation 
DESCENDANTS OF ELIZA R. McCANN - in preparation 

Ancestors - Descendants 

Aoltn ^. Aones 
who married 

iflai'u C^ilcn S^wartzivelcii 


(a McCann) 


Bourbon County 




ITE:.'i G'. nOLL 



FAM Mist 

RE{\]F"' '^'-^•''-? c^rr^-Tv 



The lineages herein are collateral to that of John McCaim (!7li!)-LS-}!h. 
as described, in brochure titled '■Some Descendants of John Kcand of 
Whithorn Scotland", W. R. & R. L. McCaJin. 1953. When the aforesaid 
pamphlet was isstied, we had practically no knowledcje of any descend- 
a7its of Cynthia Rebecca McCann. a daughter of John McCunn, born 
September 13. 179S, who married Samuel Swartzwelder in Bourbon 
County, I\:entucky. 

In 19.54 we ascertained that Cynthia Rebecca Swartzwelder had a 
daughter. Mary, who married John I. Jones: and they had a daughter. 
Cynthia Rebecca Jones. Research as to the latter developed a full 
Wright lineage, which ivas published under title '■James Wilson Wri(jht. 
Sr. m. Cynthia Rebecca Jones". W. R. & R. L. McCann, 1954: the Jones 
lineage we publish herein under title ''John I. Jones m.. Mary Ellen 

About ready to go to press, xoe discovered that Mary Ellen Swartzicelder 
had an older sister, Eliza Ann. Research, accompanied by a bit of luck, 
developed a full Swartzwelder-Greenleaf-Sindle lineage, the luck consist- 
ing of a couple of clues contained in tivo letters of 1905-vintage coordi- 
nateu with an unusual name found in a recent Gallatin (Tennessee) 
telephone directory. This cornbination of fact and luck enabled the 
preparation of "Samuel Swartzwelder m. Cynthia Rebecca McCann". 
Allan R. Sindle & W. R. McCann, 1957, included herein, with its col- 
lateral "The Greenleaf-Sindle Lineage." 

In developing the forebears of John I. Jones, our task resolved itself 
largely into a coordination and amplification of copious data gathered 
by the late Leslie V. Hagan Jr. whose untimely death ichile we were 
engaged in the u'ork has made iinpossible a final check of our manu- 
script by tliat energetic and untiring researcher. Inadvertently we may 
have incorporated soine errors herein; but we believe that such errors 
are indeed minor, and ivill not detract in any way front Die integrity 
of the work. 

To Elizabeth (Lizzie) May Jones, Nevada, Missouri, loe are especially 
grateful for sharing her family records and for gathering from scattered 
relatives the many vital facts that made it possible to assemble this 
recording. Thanks to Miss Jones' devotion to family and her painstak- 
ing efforts, we are able to name in this pamphlet, or in its collateral 
Wright lineage, very nearly all descendants of subject marriage. Our 
appreciation likeivise extends to Miss Mary Schooler Gorham, Clinton- 
ville, Kentucky, and to Mmes. Wade Hampton Whitley and William 
Breckenridge Ardery, Paris, Kentucky, all of whom have graciously 
placed many records at our disposal; and we would be roniss were we 
not to mention unusual helpfulness fram Miss Grace Greenleaf Sindle 
of Gallatin. Tennessee. 

May cV, 19:56 Mary Elizabeth Hagan-Bowman 

William Ray McCann 




Jones Forebears & Kinsfolk Page 1 

Schooler Kinsfolk Page 4 

Ashurst Kinsfolk Page 5 

Kennedy Kinsfolk Page 5 

Stille' Kinsfolk Page 6 

Jones - McCann Confluence Page 7 

Jones Sixth - McCann Fourth Generation Page 8 

Jones Seventh - McCann Fifth Generation Page 8 

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Jones Eighth - McCann Sixth Generation Page 10 

Jones Ninth - McCann Seventh Generation Page 1 1 

Some Military Services Page 12 

Some Present Addresses Page 12 

Samuel Swartzwelder m. Cynthia Rebecca 

McCann Page 13 

Samuel Swartzwelder's Bible Page 15 

The Greenleaf-Sindle Lineage Page 16 

Index Page 18 

Abbreviations: b. - bom; m. ■ married; d. ■ died; i. ■ interred; f. ■ father: q.v. ■ see elsewhere herein. 



Bourbon County, Kentucky 

May S, 19GG Mary Elizabeth Hagan-Bowman & \Vm. R. McCann 

The parents of John L Jones (our subject) were THOMAS JONES b. January 1!J, 17iJ2 on 
Baughmans Creek near Athens in Fayette County, Kentucky; d. July 26, 1883 in Paris, Bour- 
bon County, Kentucky; i. Paris Cemetery; m. (1st) January 22, 1812 (a Bible record, but 
January 22, 1814 according to Bourbon Countv record ami Perrin-j). 474) in North Middletown. 
Bourbon County, to his first-cousin MARTHA (PATSY I ASHURST (q.v.) who was b. No- 
vember .30, 1<94 in North Middletown precinct, d. February 8, 186.3, i. Paris Cemetery; he m. 
(2nd) Lucy A. Monday of Madison Countv, Ky., b. 1841, d. January 1.5, 1891, i. Paris Ceme- 
terv. Martha's parents were JOSIAH and REBECKAH KENNEDY ASHURST, Rebeckah be- 
ing daughter of JOHN (Jr.) and ESTHER STILLE' KENNEDY (q.v.) Thomas Jones volun- 
teered as a soldier in War of 1812, was a member of Colonel Johnson's regiment of cavalry, 
was at the Battle of the 'ihames ( i'ji.;>i. ni a \ as honorably discharged (see Perrin, History oj 
Bourbon, Scott, Harrison, & Nicholas Counties, Ky.. 1882, p. 474). 

Children of Thomas and Martha Ashurst Jones of which we have record, all b. near Clinton- 
ville, appear to be - 

1. James B. Jones, b. November 14, 1813, d. September, 1835. We think James B. was son of 
Thomas and Martha, but are not certain; stated dates are in a Jones Bible, with a group of 
names and dates of the other children of Thomas and Martha. 

2. Josiah Ashurst Jones, b. February 20, 1815; d. before 1882. which is the date of Perrin's 
History wherein he is mentioned as not living; the Bible, while mentioning his death, reveals 
no date; nor does the Bible indicate his marriage or anv children. 

3. JOHN I JONES, b. Februarv 4. 1820, our subject -q.v. 

4. Rebecca Kemiedy Jo7ies, h. October Id, (1824?); d. after 1893; m.(lst) June 17. 1844 (ac- 
cording to the Bible, but June 8, 1844 according to Bourbon County records) in Paris, Kentucky, 
to Valentine Hildreth who was b. April 6, 1814, d. July 10, 1873. i. Paris Cemetery. They had 
two children - Thomas, d. 1848 and Valentine, d. 1851. She m.(2nd) July 5. 1887 in Paris. 
Kentucky to Griffin Kelly (1815-1893), 

,5 SaraJi D. Jones, b. July 29. 1824; d. December 11, 1863; i. Paris Cemetery. 
6. Thomas D(evine) Jones, b. February 7, 1831; d. August 31 (or 29), 1883 at Gallatin, Ten- 
nessee; m. October 17, 1855 by minister I. D. Adams to Cordelia G. Osborne who was b. Octo- 
ber 17. 1836. It appears that their children were Victor V. Jones, b. March 25, 1857. m. Addie 
T , resided in 1900 at Dale, Oklahoma; T. P. Jones, unmarried in 1900; Paul Jones, un- 
married in 1900; Eureka L. Jones, m. R. T. Barnes, resided in 1900 at Ardmore, Indian Terri- 
tory; and Osborne S. Jones, m. Maggie T . resided in 1900 at Tioga (not on 19o4 mapi. 


7 Paulina (often spelled ■■Perlina") Martha Jones, b. January 7. 1834; d. December 23. 1869: 
m Julv 21, 1853 in Bourbon Countv to Reverend AVilliam A. Osborne (a resident of Harrison 
Countv) who was b. January 16, 1826 in Putnam County. Georgia, d. March 1. 1912. u with wife 
in Paris Cemetery, and whose parents, we think (proximity of grave-markers) were George (b. 

1790, d November 30, 1869 ) and Margaret S (b. November 18, 180o. d. November 20. 

1883^ both i Paris Cemeterv. The distribution of children m 1900 follows - George Tlioma^ 
Osborne b April 21 1854, was unmarried in Atlanta. Georgia: Mattie Ray Osborne b^ Decem- 
ber 24 1855 m J P Adams, was residing in Washington. D. C: Rebecca Ophelia Osborne, b. 
February 19, 1858. d. March 12. 1861, \. Paris Cemetery: Paulina Osborne, unmarried, resid- 
ing in Atlanta, Georgia. ^, ,, ^ j ut^ ^ i 
The Lilly Jones, (1865-1900), who is mentioned in will of Thomas Jones, Sr. as daughter and 
heir, was b. of his second marriage to Lucy A. Monday of Madison County. Lilly m. Julv Z-. 
1886 in Bourbon Countv J. Wm. Lowrv, We belie^•e there were no children of this marna.gc. 
She d. widowed in Washington. D. C; i. Paris Cemetery. Above progeny of Thomas and Maitha 
Ashurst Jones has been fitted together cross-word-puzzlelike from deed-m ormation compiled 
by Leslie Vernon Hagan, Jr. (unfortunately recently deceased), of Austerlitz. Kentuck>. from 
cemeterv gravestones, from newspaper clippings, from numerous Bible entries supplied b> Mi-. 
William" B. Arderv of Paris. Kentucky, and from vital records of our own gathering. Oui com - 
Dilation mav not be complete, nor 100 '^ correct: but we believe it to be reasonabh accu a e. 
Before proceeding to the'lineage of Martha Ashurst (q.v.). the mother of John 1, Jone> (ou. 
subject ) , we proceed with - 

The paternal grandparents of John 1. Jones (our subiect ) ^^'^1:? JA^^ES J(3NES b^l758 m N^^^^^^^^^ 
C.-^n.. d. June 3, 1839 near ClintonviUe, Bourbon County. I^^f "^^y. 1. Jame. Joi e. gia e^^^^^^ 
which is on farm now (1954) owned by William Stipp. Sr., westerly of intersection of Clinton- 

ville and Ironworks Roads, m. August 17, 1782 in (old) St. George Church of England at Fred- 
ericksburg, Virginia, to SALATHIAL (probably a form of Sallie, and a Biblical name) SCHOOL- 
ER who was b. 176i in Spotsylvania County, Virginia d. April 8, 1850 at home of daughter 
Sarah Talbott on Paris Pike near CHntonville, i. beside her husband. A nearby grave is that 
of Mary W. Jones (their unmarried daughter), b. February 26, 1797, d. November 24, 1882. 
Two other graves thereat, marked only by fieldstones, are said to be the resting places of Sa- 

lathial Schooler's parents - Benjamin Schooler I. m. Devine; both d. 1795. Another pile 

of stones is said to mark the grave of their son Benjamin II. "James Jones was put in Revolu- 
tion at Yorktown under Washington; he migrated to Kentucky, locating (on Baughman's Creek 
near Athens) in Fayette County in 1789 movmg to Bourbon County in 1799; he (and wife) 
joined Stoney Point Regular Baptist Church, 1837; he acquired about 800 acres of land at Jones 
Crossroad in Bourbon County ( the original land was purchased from Dr. Henry Clay and Archie- 
bald Bedford); and he had a small cigar factory in Clintonville." - L. V. H. Jr., 1953. Accord- 
ing to Perrin (18S2, q.v. ), James Jones was the first to manufacture tobacco in Bourbon County. 
In" 1883, on the back of a Thomas Jones funeral ticket, Cynthia Rebecca Jones Wright (1842- 
1915) wrote, "The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781 - my great-grandfather, 
James Jones and his brother William Jones were there - also my great-grandfather, Benj. Penn, 
went through the Revolutionary War." Before the war, James Jones worked as an overseer on 
a relative's plantation in North Carolina. The log cabin which James built (or acquired from 
his father-in-law, Benjamin Schooler, Sr. according to Mary S. Gorham, 1953) as a home in 
Bourbon County still stands on the place, now (1954) owned by Mrs. Mattie Lou Stipp Weath- 
ers, back from the intersection of Clintonville and Ironworks Roads; the graveyard is on the 
hill above the house on the farm of William Stipp. Before his death, James added extras to his 
house, including cherry and mahogany furniture; some bearing shipping addresses from New 
Orleans are treasured by the family. The inventory of James Jones ( Bourbon County Will Book 
2, p. 387) shows the estate to be appraised at $8,732, as of July 2, 1839. 
Children of James and Salatliiel (Schooler) Jones 

1. Wharton Jones, b. May 21, 1783 in Fredericksburg, Virginia; d. July 21, 1845 in Bourbon 
County; i. James Jones graveyard near Clintonville; m. February 1, 180(3 in Bourbon County to 
Cassandra Talbot whose father was Captain John Talbot of West River County ( now probably 
Anne Arundel), Maryland. In 1816, Wharton joined the Stoney Point Regular Baptist Church. 

2. William Schooler Jones, b. December 14, 1784 in Fredericksljurg, Virginia, d. May 15. 1846 
near North Middietown, Kentucky; i. on his farm thereat; m. May 20, 1819 in Bourbon County 
to Nancy (sister of Martha - q.v.) Ashurst. William S. Jones was one of the executors of his 
father's.', interesting will, dated October 15, 1835, probated July 4, 1839 (Bourbon Coun- 
ty Will Book "L", p. 385 and inventory at p. 387). Among descendants of this marriage are 
John W. Jones and other North Middietown families, the line of descent being (a) John Wil- 
liam Jones(5) b. June 15, 1820, d. March 4, 1889, m. October 20, 1840 Anna Armanda Talbott 
who was b. October 2, 1823, d. May 10, 1850, and who was daughter of Samuel and Ann Leach 
Talbott; (b) William Schooler Jones m. Emma Collins; and (c) John William Jones(7), b. Octo- 
ber 24, 1884, d. July 24, 1957, m. Beulah Bridges. Other children of William S.(4) and Nancy 
Ashurst Jones, according to Perrin, were Nancy R. m. Charles Howerton - p. 542; Benjamin 

F. Jones b. June 24, 1824 and m. in 1850 to Amanda Roberts (f. Joseph of Bourbon County) 
- children Bell, Luty, Lillie, John, Ida, Rosa, and Frank - p. 563; and Josiah A. Jones b. March 
16, 1826 and m. April 15, 1847 to Leoma Talbott who was b. August 7, 1830 - children William 
Mason Jones, Allen Gano Jones, Susan A. (m. Alexander K. Young), and Mary L. (m. John 

G. Redmon) - p. 542. 

3. Patsy Schooler Jones, h. April 23, 1787 in Fredericksburg, Virginia; d. August 15, 1845 at 
Stoney Point; i. at farm later owned by Alfred Clay; m.(lst) August 24, 1822 Jesse Foster, and 
(2nd) March 25, 1836 John Hodge. Among the descendants of these marriages are the Whalevs 
of Paris, Kentucky. 

4. Nancy B. Jones, b. December 10, 1789 on Baughman's Creek in Fayette Countv; d. Novem- 
ber 11, 1881 at Georgetown, Kentucky; m. June 24, 1822 to Robert (brother of Martha, q.v.) 
Ashurst. Among descendants of this marriage are Ashursts in Georgetown; others have mi- 
grated to Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma. 

5. THOMAS JONES (1792-1883) m. (1812) MARTHA (PATSY) ASHURST (1794-1863) - q.v. 

6. John Jones, b. April 10. 1794 on Baughmans Creek near Athens; d. October 17, 1819; m. 
Paulina (sister of Martha, q.v.) Ashurst. No child. 

.". Mary Ware Jones, b. February 26, 1797 on Baughman's Creek near Athens; d. November 

24, 1882 in Clark County; i. Jones Gravevard near Clintonville; unmarried. In 1836 she joined 

the Stoney Point Baptist Church, but withdrew "in haste and indignation in 1859". 

.V. Benjamin Jones, b. September 13, 1799 near Clintonville; d. September 14, 1824 thereat; m. 

Armanda Hall; seven children. 

9. Sarah Devine Jones, b. January 10, 1802 near Clintonville; d. September 21, 1891; i. Paris 

Cemetery; m. January 26, 1832 to Louis (Lewis) Talbott who was b. 1802. d. April 6, 1847, i 

Pans Cemetery. The home of the Talbotts was a farm called Pleasant Hill Plantation on Clin- 

tonville-Pans Pike now owned (1954) by H. C. GaitskiU. Children of Lewis and Sarah Jones 
Talbott were: - (a) James William Talbott, b. May .3, IS.Ti, d. March :], 18G1; i. Paris Cemelerv 
(b) Ariabelle F. Talbott m. W. A. Bacon from which Mrs. Harry B C^'ay and some Humes and 
Bacons of Bourbon County descend; (c) Annie Eliza Talbott (.3-19-1840 - 1-14-1934 i Clintun- 
ville Cemetery) m. February 11, 1857 James Thomas Hagan (1831-189G); (d) Molly Cas«andra 
Talbott, b. January 17, 1838, d. October 21, 1854, i. Paris Cemetery; (e) Nicholas Talbott; and (f • 
Thomas Talbott. From James T. and Annie E. Talbott Hagan, we note the following line of 
descent: - Leslie Vernon Hagan, Sr. (11-30-1867 - 4-7-1956, i. Paris Cemetery) m Xovember :;() 
1910 Ellen Frances Reynolds (b. about 1876); Leslie Vernon Hagan, Jr. (12-30-1918 - 7-'?9-195;; 
i. Paris Cemetery) m. September 6, 1943 Mary Elizabeth Thatcher (b. January 7, 1917 in Alex- 
andria, Campbell County, Kentucky). 

Other lines are Lewis Hagan m. Lydia Reynolds: William K. Hagan m. Etta Bean: Charles Ha- 
gan m. Margaret Lowe; Ware Hagan m. Elizabeth Scott; Thoma's Hagan m. Etta Crim: Xettic 
Hagan m. Thomas Brock; Rosalie Hagan m. W. L. Crim; Bessie Hagan m. James McDonald: 
Speed Hagan, Sonnie Hagan. From William Kelly and Etta Bean Hagan, we note the follow- 
ing lines through son Flournoy Garth Hagan (b. July 12, 1896 in Wmchester, Clark Countv 
Kentucky) m. Dec. 10, 1923 Ruby Elder (b. Dec. 6, 1899) - (a) William K. Hagan II (b Oct 
16, 1924) m. June 24, 1950 Lola Stokes (b. Aug. 10, 1926); children - William K.'" Hagan III (b. 
Mar. 22, 1951), Margaret Louise Hagan (b. Feb. 22, 1953), Mary Elder Hagan I'b. Oct. 28. 
1956), and Nancy Hagan (b. Oct. 30, 1957). (b) Martha Danna Hagan ( b. June 29, 1926 1 m. 
April 21, 1946 James Nicholas Heaton (b. June 7, 1920); child - Danna Virginia Heaton (b 
April 22, 1952). 

10. Elizabeth Ann Jones, b. April 3, 1804 near Clintonville; d. June 5. 1895 in Clark Countv: i. 
at Scott faim on Winchester-Mt. Sterling Road; m. September 13, 1841 to Robert Scott who'has 
several descendants in Clark County. 

11. Rebeckah Jone.^. who died young. 

The ancestry of James Jones( supra), grandfather of our subject John 1. Jones, is narrated by 
L. V. Hagan, Jr. thus: - "There is not a great deal to be found on the forebears of James Jone.s. 
who was the son of THOMAS and AFFIA ASHURST JONES, and who was grandson of WIL- 
LIAM JONES of North Carolina and a native of Wales. Will of William Jones mentions his son 
Thomas Jones and a maiden daughter, Elizabeth Jones (see North Carolina Calendar of Wills). 
Affia Ashurst, mother of James Jones, was a native of Savannah, Georgia, and a half-sister of 
Josiah Ashurst, who settled early in Bourbon County and became the ancestor of the Ashurst 
family thereabouts; several children of Josiah Ashurst married their half cousins - children 
of James and Salathiel Schooler Jones." - q.v. It is not known definitely when THOMAS JONES 
came to Kentuckj^: but before 1799 he was located in Paris, was an original trustee of Bourbon 
Academy, and was proprietor of the Paris Mills on east side of Stoner Creek as shown by early 
plats of Paris." {Sketches of Paris, by Keller & McCann (1876), at p. 7 notes that on February 
20, 1797 he. with James Duncan and Charles Smith, were "appointed Commissioners to let out 
and superintend the building of a new courthouse", which was to last for 75 years; and at p. 
16 it is noted that in 1805 the residence of Thomas Jones was a two-story log building on the 
west side of High Street near the then outskirts of "the compactness of the town", presumably 
about where Cherry Street now shows on the Hardin-Ardery map (1951) of Paris.) "Thomas 
Jones, before coming to Kentucky, served in the Revolution from his native state of North Caro- 
lina; and. at outbreak of War of 1812, he received a civil commission as Warehouseman in Paris. 
He was buried in the old Paris Cemetery, located where the Ice Plant later .stood; all signs of 
this earlv cemetery have now disappeared, although many graves were moved to the new ceme- 
try on Sixteenth Street. His will, dated October 4, 1811, was probated at the July. 1813 term 
of the Bourbon Court. The will of Affia Ashurst Jones is also on file thereat." 
Children of Thomas and Affia Ashurst Jones, all b. in North Carolina, and last five living out 
their lives there. 

;. JAMES JOXES, b. 1758; d. 1839; m. SALATHIEL SCHOOLER. (q.v.> 

2. William Jones, d. 1832; served in the Revolution; settled on farm on the Bourbon-Fayette 
line, where Winston Spears now (1955) lives; i. at rear of that farm. 

,?. Sally Jones, b. April 19, 1776; d. November 16, 1837; i. Paris Cemetery; m. Anthony Mc- 
Ginty. Their family remained in Paris until 1860. 

4. Garrard Jones. 5. Jane Jones. 6. Betsy Jones. 7. Zovin Jones. s. Ale.raudni} 
Jo7ies m. Browne. 

At this point it seems advisable to note, for benefit of those who may in\'estigate further their 
Jones' lineages, that all Jones' of Bourbon County and thereabouts may not tie into the herein- 
described William-Thomas-James line which derives from painstaking research and accurate ir 
vestigation of several years by L. V. Hagan, Jr. who shows the line to stem from North Carolina 
forebears. As of the turn of the century "( 1800), we find in Bourbon County records another 
Thomas Jones whose dates misalign with those of our Thomas (d. 1813); this alternate Thomas 

Childreyi of Dr. John Kennedy, Sr. by 2nd wife. Orven. 

3. JOHN KENNEDY Jr. (1742-1781) fought and died in Revolution, m. ESTHER STILLE' 
-- great-£!randparents of subject, John I Jones - q.v. 

4. Tlwwas Kennedy, Sr. b. January 2G, 1744 in Frederick, Maryland, m.(lst) Ann Locker who 
d. 1779 at Fort Strode and (2nd) Mrs. Rachael Cook (widow of David with one child Abigail 
Cook); built the old stone house on Paris-Winchester Road at Cassius M. Clay's farm where he 
is buried. In Scott's Papers, 1953, Kentucky Historical Society, p. 154, it is stated "Thos. Ken- 
nedy, a£?e 74, says on December 9, 1817, in Paris, Ky., that he came to Ky. in 1776 by Old Wil- 
ilerness^Road, returned to Va. and back to Ky. in spring of 1779, and settled at Boonesboro, 
then back to Virginia and back to Ky. with my family and settled at Strode's Sta. till fall of 
1779 and there till 1785, then where I now live near Paris." Mrs. Thompson Tarr descends 
therefrom. Children of Thomas Sr. and Ann Locker Kennedy were, (1) Thomas Kennedy Jr., 
moved to Illinois: (2) James Kennedy, moved to Illinois: (3) Nancy Kennedy m. Ephriam 
Holland - their son Thomas Kennedy Holland lived in Scott County, Kentucky. Children of 
Thomas Sr. and Rachel Cook Kennedy were ( 4 ) Jesse Kennedy - his daughter was named Mary; 
and (5) John Kennedy who d. young. 

5. James Kennedy, b. Frederick County, Maryland; m. Hazel ; came to Kentucky, and 

had a family of which we have no record. 

6. Joseph Kennedy, b. Frederick County, Maryland; m. Christine A^an der Akers, the Dutch wi- 
dow King, mother of John King from whom the Kings of Bourbon County descend. Joseph 
Kennedy was an ancestor in the Bourbon County families of Hildreth, Grimes, Donaldson, 
Schooler, Gorham, Houston, Darnaby, Haley, Stipp, Weathers, Stephenson, Crombie, Perry, 
Adair, Bobbitt, and Sexton: and Mary S. Gorham (Clintonville, 19o6) descends therefrom. 
Children of Joseph and Christine Akers Kennedy were (1) David Kennedy, died young; (2) 
Elizabeth Kennedy m. Joseph Hildreth; (3) Jacob Kennedy, left no children; (4) Sophia Ken- 
nedy m. John Redmond Sr. - a daughter m. Henrv Croxton; (5) Rebecca Kennedy m. James 
Hildreth, lived in Rush County, Indiana; (6) Nathan Kennedy; (7) Hugh Kennedy, m. a widow 
in Frederick County, Virginia; (8) Butler Kennedy, m. and moved to North Carolina; (9) Eliz- 
abeth Kennedy, m. Hagerty. 

Children of John Jr. and Esther Stille' Kennedy, all b. in Virginia. 

;. Elizabeth Ann Kennedy, b. April 25, 1771; m. December 9, 1791 in Bedford County, Vir- 
ginia to Judge Zachariah Wheat of the Kentucky Court of Appeals from whom many Wheats 
of Bourbon and Fayette Counties descend. 

2. Julia Kennedy, m. October 26, 1789 in Bedford County, Virginia Samuel Hatcher; she d. 
June 29, 1835. 

3. Eli Kennedy, i. Ned W. Brent farm on Lexington Pike; m. (1st) Patsy McConnell, (2nd) 
Polly McClanahan, from whom descend some Smiths, MacLeods, VanMeters, and Snells of the 
Blue Grass Country. 

4. Sophia Kennedy va. June 19, 1797 Joshua Rawlings, from whom descend a number of Bed- 
fords, Gerrards, and Shropshires of Bourbon County. 

5. REBECKAH KENNEDY m. JOSHIAH ASHURST - grandparents of our subject John I. 
Jones - q.v. 

6. Captain Washington Kennedy, b. June 25, 1779; d. August 14, 1832; i. H. B. Clay Jr. farm 
on Winchester Road; m. June 25, 1812 to Elizabeth Bedford. He fought in the War of 1812. 
Some of the Edwards and Ware families of Bourbon County and Mrs. Mary Kennedy Tarr are 

7. Aria Kennedy, b. 1781; d. 1861 on Kennedy Creek near Clintonville, Kentucky; i. E. F. 
Pritchard farm on Paris-Clintonville Road; m. Mav 19. 1799 in Bourbon County to Captain 
Nicholas Reagon Talbott b. November 10, 1776, d.'May 1, 1828, served in War of' 1812. Many 
of the Jones, Bacons, Humes, and Hagans, including L. V. Flagan Jr., and several Talbotts of 
Bourbon County are descendants. Their children were - ( 1 ) Sophia Talbott b. August 29, 1800, 
d. October 24, 1833, m. November 24, 1824 William B. Morris; (2) Lewis Talbott b. August 15, 
1802, m.(lst) Phoebe Muir, (2nd) Sarah D. Jones(q.v.); (3) Courtney Talbott b. September 3, 
1804; (4) Tabithia Talbott b. August 21. 1806, m. September 7, 1824 Jesse Smith; (5) Elizabeth 
Ann Talbott b. January 11. 1808, d. September 9, 1809: (6) Coleman Talbott b. July 13, 1809, m. 
April 26, 1831 Drusella Bells, moved to California. 

S^tiiie ^Kiniwih 

The below information pertaining to the Stille' family has been excerpted and rearranged from 
letter dated July 20, 1953 and other notes written by L. V. Hagen, Jr. - q.v. "The first member 
of the Stille' family of which we presently have knowledge was PETER STILLE'(A), a French 
Huguenot who fled France for Sweden. "Two sons, Olaf and Axil Stille', both b. in New Amstel. 
Sweden, emigrated to New Sweden (Wilmington, Delaware) during the colonization period. It 

has been impossible to learn from which of these brothers our Kennedy line descends- Ijui it i = 
believed to descend from Axil, since our line is more closelv identified with the Maryland area 
of Axil, while Olaf's family seem to have lived in the Philadel])hia-Xew Jersey area Bv the 
mid-1700s the Stille' families were numerous in both areas." 

7. Olaf Stille'. a soldier of Queen Christiana, arrived at Fort Christian \ew Sweden with two 
children on February 9, 164,3 - see Hacord's Atnials of Pennsylvanhi, footnote by Rev. Dr. Col- 
lin. Olaf. in lGo8, was appointed by the Dutch to deal with the Indians; and later he settled be- 
tween Ridley and Cram Creeks in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on a farm called Techore- 
hasse (Techoherasse) where he d. in lG(i6. 

2. AXIL STILLE'(l), a miller, in Kill arrived at New Sweden aboanl the Chority. and he .set- 
tled first at Upland in Che.ster County, Pennsylv ania. In IRfil and 1G73 Axil received grants of 
land in Cecil County, Maryland: and in 1G74 he was naturalized into Maryland and d Ijefore 

The proven ancestor of ESTHER STILLE' (and of our subject John I. Jones i was JACOB 
STILLE'O) b. 1687; m. Rebeckah Calloway(?l: his will is filed in Christina Hundred, dated 
September 4, 1771 and probated February G, 1774 - see Delaware Collection, of Wills. Book K 
pp. 74 and 114; he is probably the son of JOH\ STILLE'(2) whose f. was AXIL STILLE'(l), 
supra. John Stille'(2) m. a Miss Moore; and, in IGSD he received a grant of land in Harfoni 
County, Maryland. Jacob Stille'O) was Church Warden of Holy Trinity (Old Swede's i Church. 
Wilmington, 173.3; he received four grants of land in Frederick County, Maryland. 1744-1753.' 
The family of Jacob and Rebecca Stille' is recorded in the published Cliiirch Book of Holy Trini- 
ty. Wilmington, Delaware. 1890, their children (all presumably b. in aforesaid parish) being- 
1. Andres Stille'{4). 2. Jonathan Stille' (4). 

3. Mary Stille'(4) b. June 22, 1714, baptized July 3, 1714, m. February 14. 1736 to Charles 
Hodges, they being ancestors of some Hodges and Ewalt families of Bourbon County. Ken- 

4. PETER STILLE'(4) b. March 8, 1717, baptized March 10. 1717, d. 1765 in Frederick Coun- 
ty, Maryland, m. widow MARY BIGGS whose first husband was John Biggs. Peter Stille'(4i 
furnished a substitute in French and Indian War. 1740-1748 - see Marylatul Archives, vol. VI. 
p. 256. 

5. Susanna Stille'(4) b. January 19, 1719, baptized January 28, 1719. 

6. Elizabeth Stille'(4l b. April 8, 1721, baptized April 20, 1721. 

7. Margaret Stille'(4) b. December 18, 1722, baptized December 23, 1722. 

8. Rebeckah Stille'(4) b. February 4, 1725, baptized February 14, 1725. 

9. John S. Stille'(4) b. April 22, 1727, baptized April 30, 1727. 

10. Seth Stine'(4) b. January 16, 1732. 11. Melchoir Stille'. 

Children of Peter(4) and Mary Biggs Stille'. ancestors of our subject John 1. Jones. 

1. .Jacob Stille'(5). 2. Rebeckah Stille'(5) m. Benjamin Ogle, Governor of Marvland. 1798- 

1801. 3. John Stille'(5). 4. Peter Stille'(5).5. ESTHER STILLE'( 5) m. JOHN KEXXEDY, 

JR. - q.v. 

Children of John and Mary Biggs, half-brother and -sister of Esther Stille'(5). 1. James Biggs. 

?,. Sarah Biggs, m. Joseph Hodge (f. Charles Hodge), i. Stoney Point Cemetery in Bourbon 

County, Kentucky. The Hodge-Ewalt family of Bourbon descends therefrom - see Will GM-2. 

Folio 137, for Maryland. 

Jnlm Ljeneration \^ ^|cL^alll^^^ 

Ashunst - 4thC) .Tones - 5th Kennedy - 5th Penn - 6th 

Schooler - 7th Stille" - 8th 

MARY ELLEX SWARTZWELDER(3) -Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), Johml). Johni.A>: b 
October S, 1820 in Paris, Kentucky; d. Jv.V- lU, 1887 near Clintonville, Kentucky: i. Paris Ceme- 
tery; m. February 13, 1842 in Paris JOHX I JOXES ^yho was b. February 4. 1820 near 

Clintonville. Kentucky: d. April 9. 1884 near Clintonville: i. Paris Cemetery; but location of both 

graves is unknown. 

Children, of John I. and Mary S w art ziu elder Jones. 

Cynthia Rebecca Jones(4). b. Xovember 29, 1842 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 

Martha Ann Major Jones(4) b. December 23, 1843 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 

Eliza Jones(4) b. April 1. 1845 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 

James Thomas Jones{4) b. Xovember 11, 1846 near Clintonville. Kentucky. 

John S(wartzwelder) Jones(4) b. March 6, 1856 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 

ELIZA AXX SW"ARTWELDER(3) - Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. May 

13, 1818; d. February 8. 1909; i. Gallatin (Tennessee) Cemetery; m. February 13, 1845 to Hen- 

rv Miller Greenleaf.' Descendants of this marriage are described elsewhere under this cover - 

see caption Family of Samuel Swartzwelder m. Cynthia Rebecca McCann. 

fourth Ljeneration ( fvlcL^annil 

Ashurst - r^thC?) Jones - 6th Kennedy - 6th Penn - 7th 

Schooler - 8th " Stille' - 9th 

CYNTHIA REBECCA J0NES(4) - Mary SAvartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John 
(1), John(A); b. November 29, 1842 near Chntonville, Kentucky: d. March 27, 1915 at Paris, 
Kentuclvv; i. Paris Cemetery thereat; m. December 21, 1871 in Paris, Kentucky, to James Wil- 
son Wright, Sr., whose forebears and progeny are described in brochure entitled James Wilson 
Wright.^Sr. m. Cynthia Rebecca Jones (W. R. & R. L. McCann, 1954). 

MARTHA ANN MAJOR J0NES(4) - Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John 
(1), Jchn(A); b. December 23, 1843 near Chntonville. Kentucky: d. May 31, 1926 thereat: i. 
Paris Cemetery. She did not marry. At death, she was the oldest member of the Paris Presby- 
terian Church "with which she affiliated in 1858. 

ELIZA J0NES(4) -Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A): b. 
April 1, 1845 near Clintonville, Kentucky: d. March 20, 1894 at Middletown in Montgomery 
County. Missouri, without child: i. Fairmount Cemetery thereat: m. September 9, 1879 in Paris, 
Ky., to Silas Allen Elkins, who previously had m. September 26, 1864 Catherine Kerr and had 
fwo children, Caleb Fielding and Alice Catherine. The Elkins moved to M'iddletown in 1881. 
Silas Elkins was b. November 27, 1843 in Clark County, Kentucky, d. May 26, 1911 in Mont- 
gomery, Missouri: i. Wellsville Cemetery nearby. He served in the War Between the States 
m Company A, 14th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry: he preached forty years for the Primitive 
Baptist Church, for the most part at its church near Buell, five miles south of Middletown, Mis- 
souri. His parents were James and Lucinda Osborne Elkins of Clark County, Kentucky, the 
family migrating from Virginia and stemming from Ralph Elkins, Sr., who first came from Eng- 
land in 1657 and settled in York County in 1661. A family tree is possessed by Mrs. Calvin Hen- 
ry (Kathryn Kfrr) Moore cf Lincoln Pork. Michigan. In 1894, Silas m. (3rd) Mrs. Susan Thomp- 
son, d. 1943, i. Montgomery City, Missouri - a widow with a two-year-old daughter who is now 
(1956) Mrs. Russell Dudley, a widow, residing in Middletown, Missouri. 

JAMES THOMAS J0NES(4) - Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), 
John(A): b. November 11, 1846 near Clintonville, Kentucky: d. December 5, 1910 at Nevada. 
Missouri: i. Bickett Cemetery, nine miles southeast cf Nevada: m. Anr'l 22, 1875 in Lexington, 
Kentucky, to Alargaret Emily Lloyd, who was b. No\'ember 21, 1850 near Lexington. Ken- 
tucky, d. Februarv 6, 1939 at Nevada, Missouri, i. Newton Burial Park, a mile north of Nevada. 
Her parents were" Thomas W. Lloyd (b. May 24, 1820 probably in Kentucky, d. July 5, 1898 
near Lexington, Kentucky, i. Battle Ground Cemetery, Tippecanoe County, near LaFayette, 
Indiana) m. November 27, 1845 to Elizabeth Alexander (b. January 23, 1824 in Indiana, d." 1864 
near Battle Ground, Indiana, i. Battle Ground Cemetery). Thomas W. Lloyd and family re- 
sided in Indiana during part, or all, of the Civil War, but later returned to Kentucky where 
they lived until he died. 

Children of James T. and Margaret Lloyd Jones 

Lizzie May Jones(5), b. February 11, 1876 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 
Adelia Kate Jones(5), b. July 1, 1877 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 
Becca Lou Jones(5), b. January 23, 1879 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 
Thomas Dodd Jones(5), b. May 16, 1880 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 
Vollie Lloyd Jones(5)^ b. January 13, 1885 near Clintonville, Kentucky. 
James Blanton Jones(o), b. January 9, 1889 near Nevada, Missouri. 
Cynthia Willa Jones(5), b. March"l6, 1891 near Nevada, Missouri. 

JOHN S(wartzwelder) J0NES(4) - Marv Swartzwelder(3), Cvnthia Rebecca McCann(2), John 
(1), John(A): b. March 6. 1856 near Clintonville, Kentucky:" d. May 29. 1927 at Paris, Ken- 
tucky: i. Paris Cemetery. He was a farmer, and unmarried. 

^iftk Ljeneratioii f^/cL^anndJ 

Ashurst - GthC?) Jones - 7th Kennedv - 7th Penn - 8th 

Schooler - 9th " Stille' - 10th 

ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) MAY J0NES(5) - James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cvnthia Rebec- 
ca McCann(2), John(l). John(A): b. February 11, 1876 near Clintonville in Bourbon Countv, 
Kentucky: unmarried. The stature of some persons is inversely proportional to their phvsic"al 
size: a few pint-sizers are intrinsically jewels of giant energ>' a"nd wonderful mentality. Such a 

description fits Lizzie May Jones, the conscientious and accurate record-keeper of the James 
Thomas Jones family. Loved and respected by all the family, she has insi)ired the authors (dis- 
tant cousins) to leave no stone unturned that underneath might reveal a bit of information 
to improve the quality of this work; and she at age SO hai- turned (jver many a .-lone f(.r u.>. 

Lizzie May's parents, when she was nine years old, moved the family from Kentucky to south- 
western Missouri in April 1885, stopping for a few months at Lamar, Barton County. In Novem- 
ber 1885, they moved a few miles north to stay over the winter at .\e\-ada in X'ernon County: 
and in March 1886 settled on a farm seven miles south of Nevada, which was the Jones home- 
stead until 1910 when father Jones died on December 5th. Mother Jones purchased in Nevada 
a small domicile which was Lizzie May's home as brothers and sisters departed until her mo- 
ther died on February 6, 19.39. Elementary schooling for Lizzie May was of the rural varietv - 
the little red-brick symbol of those who struggled for mastery of the three R's. Starting in Ken- 
tucky and continuing in the rural schools of Missouri, she advanced and attended Cooper College 
at Moundsville, Missouri. 

Choosing teaching for a career, Lizzie May taught and went on to school as she could, stopping 
long enough to attend one term at Cottey - a junior college for women at Nevada, Missouri; anri 
she received from Missouri State Teachers College at Springfield her much-deserved Life Cer- 
tificate. In January 1912. an attack of typhoid fever forced a withdrawal from teaching, which 
was not resumed until the fall of 1917 when Lizzie May reentered the schools and pursued her 
cherished vocation uninterruptedly for thirty years, the last twenty-three of which were spent 
in refined teaching of fifth-grade pupils in Nevada schools: she retired in May 1947 at the close 
of the 1946-7 term. This long service, endearing her alike to pupils and faculty, was never a 
task. Teaching was a fascination that outranked all activities other than home and church. 
As a member of the Methodist Church, attending with great regularity, she also served as 
teacher in the Sunday School. 

Long-suffering Lizzie May endured a minor displeasure, years on end, regarding her given names. 
For the facts, we feelingly quote from one of her several 1955-letters - "In regard to my name. 
my parents really first named me Mary Elizabeth, and then turned it around, shortening it to 
Lizzie Mny. and so recorded it: and they always called me that name, which I can tolerate all 
right - but I have a dislike for plain Lizzie. Preparatory to my retirement, in 1946, I wrote to 
Washington, D. C, to ascertain if the date of my birth were available. They answered that in 
1880 the Census Bureau showed the name Mary E.; but in the end, with the help of affidavits. 
I secured two delayed birth certificates with Lizzie May thereon, one from Mis.souri and the other 
from Kentucky." So, for purposes of this writing, we chronologists are re-christening our little 
lady Elizabeth May: but we shall continue, with her family and intimates, to love and admire 
Lizzie May. 

ADELIA KATE J0NES(5) - James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(.3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann 
(2), John(l), John(A); b. July 1, 1877 near Clintonville in Bourbon County. Kentucky; d. July 
28, 1889 near Nevada, Missouri; i. Bickett Cemetery nine miles away. 

BECCA LOU J0NES(5) - James T.(4), MaiT Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2). 
John(l), John(A): b. Januarv 23, 1879 near Clintonville in Bourbon County. Kentucky: d. No- 
vember 20. 1879 thereat: i, Clintonville Cemetery. 

THOMAS DODD J0NES(5) - James T.(4), Marv Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann 
(2) .Johnd ). John(A): b. Mav 16, 1880 near Clintonville in Bourbon County, Kentucky: d. April 
13 1955 at Glendale, California; i. Forest Lawn Cemeterv thereat; his occupation in 1917 was 
that of a rancher in California: m.(lst) June 28, 1911 in Los Angeles, California, to Nora Veril- 
la Lindsev who was b. December 2, 1881 in Missouri, d. July 17, 1912 m Los Angeles, i. Ingle- 
wood Cemetery thereat, and whose parents were Jasper (b. in Missouri in 1849) and Elnora 
Van DeVer Lindsey (the latter b. in Missouri in 1850): and m.(2nd) June 2, 1915 m Los An- 
geles, California to Elizabeth Katherine (Schubert) Hunnell who was b. October o. 1883 in Roch- 
ester, New York. 

Child of Thomas D. and Nora Lindsey Jones 

Barbara Elnora Jones(6), b. July 15, 1912 in Los Angeles, California. 
Child of Thomas D. and Elizabeth Schubert Jones 
Elizabeth Fave Jones(6), b. April 9, 1917 in Los Angeles. California. 
Child of Elizabeth Schubert Hunnel 
James Madison Hunnell, b. November 19, 1911. 

VOLLIE LLOYD J0NES(5) - James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCan- 
(2). Johnd), .John (A): b. Januai-y 13. 1885 near Chntonville in Bourbon Count>.^ Kentuck^^ o. 
September 13, 1938- i. Moore Cemetei-v just south of Nevada, Missouri: m. October 2,. 190S in 

Sir Thomas Wright 
Kilvestone Hall (1509) 
County Norfolk, England 

Sir John Wright 
Kelvedon Hall, 1488-1551 
County Essex, England 

Nicholas Wright (A, B, C) 

of England 

William Wright(l) 
m. Priscilla Carpenter 


Peter Wright(l)— 
m. Alice Wright 

_m. Alice Wright 

m. Peter Wright 

Edward Penn(l) 
Cecil Co., Maryland 


Adam Wright, Sr. 

m. Mary (George) Dennis 


Benjamin Penn, Sr. 
m. Dinah 

Wm. J ones ( 1 
a native of 

Adam Wright, Jr. 
m. d. 1749 

.John Keand(A) 

m. Alargrat M'Colough 

Benjamin Penn, Jr. 
m. Rebecca Rvan 

Thomas Jone 
m. Affia As 

Peter Wright 
m. Jane Hughart 

John McCann(l)- 
m. Nancv Penn 

-m. Nancy Penn 

m. John McCann 

James Jones^ 
m. Salathia 

James Wright 

m. Martha Hamilton 

Cynthia R. McCann 
m. Peter Swartzwelder 

Thomas Jone' 
m. Martha 

John Wright 
m. Martha Kelly 

Mary Swartzwelder- 
m. John I. Jones 


John I. Jones 
m. Marv Sa 

James W. Wright, Sr. m. 

m. Cvnthia R. Jones 

.Cynthia R. Jones 

m. James W. Wright. Sr. 

-brother & sister- 

- James Thoma 
m. Margare 

Martha W. Wright m. 

m. Malcolm T. Boswell 

.Malcolm T. Boswell 
m. Martha W. Wright 

VoUie Lloyd J 
m. Hazel B. 

X'irginia W. Boswell 
m. Vernon 0. Tavlor 

Clara Mae Boswell 
m. Jack H. Dycus 

Lloyd Wilbur 
m. Ruby M 

Anna B. Taylor 

m. Ralph G. May. Jr. 

Sharon May J 
b. Dec. 23, J 

Patricia Anne May 
b. Dec. 11. 1953 


Peter Stille' I( A i 
a French Hupuenut 


Axil Slille'i 1 
of Sweden 

William Schooler(l) 
a native cf London 

John Stille' 

ni. Moore 

Thomas Schooler 

of Spotsylvania Co.. Va. 


Jacob Stille' 

m. Rebecca Caik)\vav 

John Schooler 

m. Martha Wharton 

Dr. John Kennedy, Sr. (1 
m. Owen 

Peter Stille" II 
m. Mary Biggs 

Benjamin Schooler, Sr. 
m. Devine 

.John Kennedv. Jr.- 
m. Esther Stille' 


.Esther Stille' 

m. ,Iohn Kennedv, Jr. 

-Salathial Schooler 
m. James Jones 

Rebeckah Kennedy 
m. Josiah Ashurst, a 
native of Georgia 




Henry M. Greenleaf 
-sisters — m. Eliza Ann Swartzwelder 

-Patsv Ashurst - 

m. Thomas Jones — 

-sisters Xancy Ashurst 

— brothers m, Wm. S. Jones 

Sarah D. Jones (sister above 
Thos. Jones) m. Louis Talbott 

John Wm. Jones 
m. Anna A. Talbott 

Cynthia Grace Greenleaf 
m. Robert H. Sindle Sr. 

Annie E. Talbott 

m. James Thomas Hagan 

William Schooler Jones 
m. Emma Collins 

Robert H. Sindle, Jr. 
m. Allan Bell Rash 

Leslie Y. Hagan, Sr. 
m. Ellen F. Reynolds 

John William Jones 
m. Beulah Bridges 

Charles Rash Sindle 
m. Helen J. Bunch 

Leslie V. Hagan, Jr. 
m. Marv E. Thatcher 

Charles Ronald Sindle 
b. January 27, 1944 

Dmgrammed by 
Wm. R. McC.wn. l!)5'; 


Nevada, Missouri, to Hazel Belle Ashley who was b. February 1, 1885 in Burchard, Nebraska, 
and whose parents were John Thomas (b. July 27, 1848 in Iowa) and Clarissa Cathryn Ashley 
(the latter b. July 29, 1859 in Iowa). Hazel Ashley Jones m.(2nd) November 12, 19.39 Clifton 
Clyde Zaring who was b. October 20, 1880 near Montevalo, Vei-non County, Missouri. Xo child. 
Children of Vollie L. and Hazel Ashley Jones 

Fleeta Bernece Jones(6), b. September 12, 1912 near Nevada, Missouri. 
Mildred Fern Jones(G), b. April 8, 1914 near Nevada, Missouri. 
Lloyd Wilbur Jones(6), b. July 31, 191G near Nevada, Missouri. 

JAMES BLANTON J0NES(5) - James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebecca Mc- 
Cann(2), John(l), John) A); b. January 9, 1889 near Nevada in Vernon County, Missouri; d. 
June 1, 1911 thereat; i. Bickett Cemetery, nine miles away. 

CYNTHIA WILLA JONES) 5) - James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(3 ), Cynthia Rebecca Mc- 
Cann(2), John)]), John) A); b. March 16, 1891 near Nevada in Vernon County, Missouri; m. 
October 28, 1919 in Lexington, Kentucky, to Addis Volney Wheat who was b. May 24, 1878 in 
Bourbon County, Kentucky, d. March 24, 1929 at Santa Rosa, New Mexico, and i. March 28, 
1929 Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky; an outline of his forebears and of his progeny 
by his first wife appears near end of this pamphlet. 
Daughter of Addis V. and, Cynthia Jones Wheat 
Margaret Blanton Wheat(6), b. July 20, 1921 in Lexington, Kentucky. 

S^ixtk Ljeneraiion { It lUcK^annij 

Ashurst - 7th(?) Jones - 8th Kennedv - 8th Penn - 9th 

Schooler - 10th " Stille' - 11th 

BARBARA ELNORA J0NES(6) - Thomas D.(5), James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cyii 
thia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. July 15, 1912 in Los Angeles, California; m. 
August 21, 1937 in Glendale, California, to Frederic Theodore Muegenburg who was b. March 31, 
1911 in Los Angeles and whose parents are Harry (b. September 22, 1889 in Los Angeles) and 
Celeria Marie Duciuette Muegenburg (the latter b. April 17, 1890 in Los Angeles). 
Children of Frederic T. and Barbara Jones Mnegenburg 

Frederic Theodore Muegenburg 11(7), b. May 8, 1939 in Hermosa Beach, California. 
Margaret Elizabeth Muegenburg(7), b. September 4, 1940 in Hermosa Beach, California. 
Faye Marie Muegenburg(7). b. August 13. 1942 in Hermosa Beach. California. 

ELIZABETH FAYE J0NES(6) - Thomas D.(5), James T.(4), Maiy Swartzwelder(3), Cvnthia 
Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. April 9. 1917 in Los Angeles, California; m. July 4, 
1944 in Tijuana, Mexico, to Otis George Berge who was b. August 12, 1916 in Richmond, Cali- 
fornia, and whose parents are George Wallace ( b. 1884-5 in New York. N. Y. ) and Helen May 
Welsh Berge (the latter b. 1887-8 in California). 
Children of Otis G. and Elizabeth Jones Berge 
Linda Berge(7), b. October 22, 1945 in Lcs Angeles. California. 
George Otis Berge(7), b. October 13, 1947 in Los Angeles, California. 

FLEETA BERNECE J0NES(6) - Vollie L.(5), James T.(4), Marv Swartzwelder(3). Cynthia 
Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. September 12, 1912 near Nevada, Missouri; m. De- 
cember 4, 1930 in Fort Scott. Kansas, to Loyd Hurley Harper who was b. August 21, 1906 near 
Nevada. Missouri, and whose parents were Lee ( b. 1875 in Bloomington, Illinois, d. January 12, 
1838 near Nevada, Missouri, i. Newton Burial Park thereat) and .Josephine Hester Harper, (the 
latter b. April 13, 1877 in Bentonville, Arkansas; no children. 

MILDRED FERN J0NES(6) - Vollie L.(5), James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cvnthia Re- 
becca McCann(2), John(l). John) A); b. April 8, 1914 near Nevada. Missouri; m. November 12, 
1933 thereat to Leonard Earl Berry who was b. September 4, 1906 in Benton Countv, Miss^"r', 
and whose parents were James Washinjjton Berry (b. January 14, 1880 in Camden County, Mis- 
souri, d. January 24, 1948 at Nevada, Missouri) and m. December 28, 1902 in Celt, Missouri to 
Mattie Lavina Merchant (b. August 31, 1880 in Dallas Countv, Missouri, d. Julv 27, 1950 at Fort 
Scott, Kansas) - both i. at Newton Burial Park, Nevada, Missouri. Parents of' James W. Berry 
were Andrew J. Berry m. Katherine Admire; parents of Mattie L. Merchant were Lewis Mer- 
chant m. Elizabeth Dugger. 

Daughter of Leonard K and Mildred Jones Berry 
Mona Faye Berry(7), b. October 8, 1935 in Moundsville, Vernon County, Missouri. 

LLOYD WILBUR J0NES(6) - Vollie L.(5), James T.(4), Mary Swartzwelder(3), Cvnthia Re- 
becca McCann(2), John(l). John(A); b. July 31. 1916 near Nevada, Missouri; m. February 13. 


llCilJ m Fort Scott, Kansas, to Ruby Meldon Taylor who was b. September !i. I!)1.0 m Warren- 
burg, Johnson County, Missouri, and whose parents are Artie Francis (b March 13 188'^ in 
Knob Noster, Johnson County, Mis.souri) and Bertie Elizabeth May Taylor (the latter b Mav 
17, 1S83 in Schuyler (or Adams) County, Illinois). ' 

Daughter of Lloyd IV. and Ruby Taylor Jones 
Sharon May Jones(7), b. December 23, 1940 in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois. 

MARGARET BLAXTOX WHEAT(6) - Cynthia W. Jones(5), James T.(4», Mary Swartzwelder 

(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A): b. July 20, 1921 in Le.xincton, Kentucky: 

m. June 7, 1941 in Lexington to Harry English Gabbard who was b. Mav 5, 1922 in' Lexington, 

and whose parents (m. December 27, 1918 in Jellico, Tennessee) are Thomas (b. October 21. 

1891 in Rock Castle, Kentucky) and Ella Bee Shearer Gabbard (the latter b. September 29. 

1899 in Madison County, Kentucky). 

Son of Harry E. and Margaret Wheat Gabbard 

Thomas Leslie Gabbard(7), b. April 10. 194(i in Lexington, Kentucky. 

S^euentk Ljene ration I fvicy^c 


Ashurst - SthC?) Jones - 9th Kennedy - 9th Penn - 10th 

Schooler - 11th Stille' - 12th 

MONA FAYE BERRY(7) - Mildred F. Jones(6), Vollie L.(5), James T,(4), Mary Swartzwelder 

(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2). John(l), John(A); b. October 8, 193.5 in Moundsville, Vernon 

County, Missouri; m. April 25, 1954 in Lee's Summit, Missouri, to Larry Robbs Fowler who was 

b. July 3, 1935 at Nevada, Missouri, and whose father, Benjamin Franklin Fowler of Nevada, 

Missouri, m. Allyne Robbs of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Daughter of Larry R. and Mona Berry Foicler 

Sabrina Lynne Fowler(8), b. X'ovember 30, 1954 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Although not of Jones nor McCann blood, the following is of interest to our families — 
James Madison Hunnell. son of Elizabeth Katherine Hunnelliq.v. ) by her first marriage, was b. 
November 19, 1911: m. June 14. 1946 in Glendale, California, to Maude Ila Dayton of Pocatello. 
Idaho. They have one .son, Bryan Albert Hunnell, b. March 15, 1948 in Glendale, California. 
Dr. Volney "Godney Wheat, b. 1810 in Bourbon County, Kentucky: d. 1867: m. Dorothy Johnson 
who was b. in Adair County, Kentucky, d. 1897. 

Orville Perry Wheat, son of Dr. Volney G. Wheat, was b. October 23, 1851 in Bourbon County. 
Kentucky; d. February 1896 in Fayette County: i. Paris (Ky.) Cemetery: m. February 23. 1875 
near Lexington, Kentucky (license in Bourbon County) to Alary Elizabeth Lloyd (sister of 
Margaret Emily-q.v. ) . 

Addis Volnen XVheat, son of Orville P. Wheat, was b. :\Iay 24, 1878 in Bourbon County. Ken- 
tucky; d. March 24, 1929 at Santa Rosa. XeAv Mexico; i. March 28, 1929 Lexington (Ky.) Ceme- 
terv;"^ m. (q.v.) 1st. 1907 to Lennis Lee Booth who was b. August 22. 1889 in Stamping Ground. 
Kentucky, "d. February 5, 1917, i, February 7, 1917 Lexington (Ky,) Cemetery, and whose par- 
ents were John (b. in X'ew York) and Sallie Cra^mis Booth, the latter b. in Kentucky. 
Manj Eleanor Wheat, daughter of Addis V. AVheat, was b. January 1, 1911 in San Antonio, Texas; 
m September 28, 1930 in New York City to John J. Cusick. They have one daughter, Lennis Lee 
Cusick, b. 19.32. 

Addis Volney Wheat Jr. was b. October 16, 1916 in Lexington, Kentucky, and m. February 2, 
1948 Anna Wells Turpin in Lexington. They have a son. William Addis, b. August 14. 19.^2 in 


Abbrcvinlion,: h.-born: ,n. - married : d.-ilhd; l -interred: i. -father: q.v. ■ see ehcu-here nem,,. 




American Revolution 
Josiah Ashurst (cl. 1844 in Bourbon) 
Major Stephen Greenleaf (1759-1850) 
James Jones (1758-1839) 
Thomas Jones (d. 1813) 
William Jones (d. 1832) 
John Kennedy, Jr. (1742-1781) 
Benjamin Penn. Jr. (1753-1827) 
Benjamin Schooler I (1725-1795) 
Benjamin Schooler II (1760-1835) 
Wharton Schooler (b. 1723) 
Wharton Schooler (son of Benj. I) 
WiUiam Schooler (b. 1727) 
James Wright (1751-1825) 

iiiariA J^e 



French & Indian War 
Dr. Daniel Greenleaf (1702-1795) 
Peter Wright (early 1700s-1793) 
James Wright (1751-1825) 

War of 1812 
Washington Kennedy (1779-1812) 
Thomas Jones (d. 1813) 
Thomas Jones (1792-1883) 
William Jones (d. 1832) 
Nicholas R. Talbott (177G-1828) 
William Wright (1783-1880) 
War Between States 
Silas A. Elkins (1843-1911) 
Robert H. Sindle (1833-1912) 

J^ome 1^ resent ^y^ddreS5e6 - 1936 

Berge, Mrs. Otis G.(6), 527 Helberta Street, Redondo Beach, California. 

Berry, Mrs. Mildred(6), 316 South Tower Street, Nevada, Missouri. 

Bowman, Mrs. Perry, 252 Wilcox Avenue, Paris, Kentucky. 

Fowler, Mrs. Larry R.(7), 328 West 46th. Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Gabbard, Mrs. Harry E.(6), 3630 Church Street, Latonia, Kentucky. 

Gorham, Miss Mary Schooler, Briar Hill Road, Paris, Kentucky. 

Harper, Mrs. Loyd H.(6), RFD-2, Nevada, Missouri. 

Hunnell, James M., 1032 East San Jose Avenue, Burbank, California. 

Jones, Miss Elizabeth (Lizzie) May(5), 410 South Cedar St., Nevada, Missouri. 

Jones, Lloyd W.(6), RFD-5, Princeton, Illinois. 

McCann, Wm. R., 104 Prince George Avenue, Hopewell, Virginia. 

Moore, Mrs. Calvin H., 4235 Duplex, Lincoln Park, Michigan. 

Muegenburg, Mrs. Frederic T.(6), 522 Helberta St., Redondo Beach, California. 

Smith, Miss Calla, 634 Buena Vista, Burbank, California. 

Sindle, Mrs. Allan, 186 West Bledsoe Street, Gallatin. Tennessee. 

Sindle, Miss Grace Greenleaf, 186 West Bledsoe Street, Gallatin, Tennessee. 

Taylor, Artie F., Moundsville, Missouri. 

Wheat. Addis V. Jr., 490 Longview Drive, Lexington, Kentucky. 

Wheat, Mrs. Cynthia J. (5), 1633 Courtney Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky. 

Whitley. Mrs. E. T., 525 Vine Street, Paris, Kentucky. 


Family of 

Samuel S^wartzivctclcr 

who married 

(^uiiuila iKebccca fl'/cL^t 




Bourbon County 


Bourbon County. Kentucky 
May 8, 1957 Allan Rash Sindlu & Win. R. McCann 

SAMUEL SWARTZWELDER, b. June 10, 171)0 in Pennsylvania; d. August 20, 1826 (according 
to Bible - 1828) at Paris, Kentuc]<y; m. February 27. 1817 in Paris CYXTHIA REBECCA Mc- 
CAXX. The Reporter. Lexington (Ky.), in issue of Monday Eyening, September 4, 1826, carries 
item captioned "DIED" and reading "In Bourbon, Mr. Samuel Swartzwelder, of Paris." Xo 
other information. "Samuel, a native of Pennsylyania, emigrated to this (Bourbon) County at 
an early date." - p. 500 Perrin's History. At time of Samuer.s death, there were two other Swartz- 
welders in Bourbon, Peter and Jacob, but we know not their relationships, if any. Peter was 
listed in the 1800 list of taxpayers in Bourbon County; he was a yolunteer fireman. 1810; in 
1840 Census he is listed in Harrison County, age 60-70 (i.e. b. 1770-80). "About the vear 1817, 
principally through the energy of Peter Swartzwelder, Esq.. then a citizen of that place ( Paris)! 
a brick church (Methodist - South) was built on the lot where the present church stands." 
Sketches of Paris. 1876, p. .31. The entries in Samuel Swartzwelder's Bible, owned by Mrs. Al- 
lan R. Sindle of Gallatin, Tennessee, are transcribed elsewhere herein. Of Swartzwelder for- 
bears we presently know nothing. A yahied possession of Miss Grace Greenleaf Sindle, Galla- 
tin, Tennessee, is an old blue teapot and cup treasured by her grandmother ( q.v. ) and said to 
have been brought by some Swartzwelder from Switzerland. 

CY'XTHIA REBECCA McCAXN(2) - John(l), John(A); b. September 13. 1798 near Paris. 
Kentucky; lived in Paris until later than January 7, lS.")fi; d. and i. presently unknown. Her 
ancestry is described in Jolui McKeand of Whitlwrn. ScotUind. W. R. & R. L. McCann. 1953. Her 
father, John McCann (McKeand) emigrated from Scotland about 1785. migrated to Kentucky, 
and was among the early settlers near Paris, Bourbon County. Her mother was Xancy Penn(4) 
whose Penn lineage is Benjamin Penn, Jr.(3) b. 1753 in Maryland, d. May 10, 1827 in Franklin 
County, Kentucky, and m. 1774 in Montgomery County. Maryland, to Rebecca Ryan (b. 1760. 

and d. January 10, 1840 in Franklin County); Benjamin Penn. Sr. (2) who m. Dinah and 

d. 1777 in Ann Arundel County, Maiyland; and Edward Penn(l) of Cecil County, Maryland. 

whose will was filed for probate thereat in 1741. X'ancy Penn was b. June 3, 1779 (Bible of Emily 

W. McCann), m. August 24. 1797 near Paris. Kentucky, and there d. April 10. 1842, re-inteired 

Paris Cemetery. Edward Penn was in Cecil County, Maryand, as early as May 4, 1676 - six 

years earlier than Quaker William Penn's landing at Xewcastle. 

Children of Samuel and Cynthia McCann(2) Sivartzwelder 

Eliza Ann Swartzwelder (3). b. Mav 13, 1818 in Paris, Kentucky. 

Mary Ellen Swartzwelder(3), b. October 8, 1820 in Paris. Kentucky. 

Martha Jane Swartzwelder (3), b. May 4, 1823 in Paris, Kentucky; d. June 2. 1823. 

John Wesley Swartzwelder(3), b. April 6. 1824 in Paris, Kentucky; d. December 20. 1829. 

^kim, ^ourtk CS> ^ink Ljenerationi 

ELIZA ANX SWARTZWELDER(3) - Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l). John(A); b. May 
13, 1818 in Paris, Kentucky; d. February 8. 1909 in Gallatin, Tennessee; i. Gallatin Cemetery 
thereat; m. February 13, 1845 in Columbus, Illinois, to Henry Miller Greenleaf who was b. Aug- 
ust 22, 1815 in Brattleboro, Vermont, and d. July 3, 1848 at Columbus, Illinois, and whose fore- 
bears are described in "The Greenleaf-Sindle Lineage", elsewhere herein. Eliza Ann probably 
met-up with Henry while she was visiting her uncle, Wesley D. :\IcCann. who had moved from 
Paris, Kentucky, to Columbus, Illinois, about 1837. After death of her husband, she remained 
a few months at Columbus, and then returned (before 6-13-1849) with her young daughter to 
Paris. Kentucky, to reside with her mother there, subsequently serving as a matron m the early 
days of Berea College. Kentucky. After her mother died, Eliza Ann and daughter Cynthia Grace 
(during the Civil War) moved to Gallatin, Tennessee, where Grace, a graduate of Berea College, 
taught private school and music for many years in their Gallatin home. The deed to the place 
dates 1868; it is still occupied by descendants (1957). 
Children of Henry M. and Eliza Sirartzwelder(3) Greenleaf 
Cynthia Rebecca Grace Greenleaf (4 ) . b. March 26, 1846 in Columbus, Illinois. 
Henry Greenleaf (4) date of birth not known; indication is that he probably d. young; he was 
sickly in 1848; but no positive evidence of death has been found. 

MARY ELLEX SWARTZWELDER(3) - Cvnthia Rebecca McCann(2). Johnd). John(A); b. 
October 8, 1820 in Paris, Kentucky; d. .lulv 10. 1887 near Clintnnville. Kentucky: i. Pans Ceme- 


tery; m. Februaiy 13, 1842 in Paris to John I Jones who was b. February 4, 1820 near 

Clintonville, Kentucky; d. April 9, 1884 near CKntonville; i. Paris Cemetery; but location of 
both graves is unknown. AH descendants of this marriage and all Jones ancestors are set forth 
in John I. Jones m. Mary Ellen S wart zto elder, elsewhere herein. 

CYNTHIA REBECCA GRACE GREENLEAF(4) - Eliza Ann Swartzwelder(3), Cynthia Rebec- 
ca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. March 26, 1846 in Columbus, lUinois; d. March 16, 1914 
at Gallatin, Tennessee; i. Gallatin Cemetery; m. October 2, 1879 to Robert Henry Sindle, Sr. who 
was b. December 16. 1833 in Dayton, Ohio, d. September 12, 1912 at Gallatin, Tennessee, i: Gal- 
latin Cemetery. The following obituary appeared in a Gallatin newspaper; "Robert H. Sindle, 
one of Gallatin's oldest and best-known citizens, died suddenly at his home here at 7:30 o'clock 
Saturday night (September 12, 1912). Mr. Sindle was 79 years of age and was born in Dajlon, 
Ohio. He came to Gallatin November 6, 1859. Two years later he joined the Confederate army 
and fought bravely through the war as a member of 1st. Company, 2nd. Tennessee Regiment. 
He lost an arm at Chickamauga. After the war he was proprietor of a carriage manufactury in 
Gallatin for many years. He married Miss Grace Greenleaf who survives him. He is survived 
also by one son, Robert H. Sindle, Jr. Mr. Sindle was a splendid citizen and enjoyed the confi- 
dence and respect of the entire community." 

Child of Robert H. and Cjinthia Rebecca Grace GreenleaU4) Sindle 
Robert Henry Sindle. Jr.('5), b. March 12, 1882 in Gallatin, Tennessee. 

ROBERT HENRY SINDLE, .Jr.( 5) - Cynthia Greenleaf (4), Eliza Ann Swartzwelder(3), Cyn- 
thia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l). John(A); b. March 12, 1882 in Gallatin, Tennessee; d. Octo- 
ber 28, 1957 at Nashville Hospital: i. Gallatin Cemetery; m. September 9. 1902 in Covington, 
Kentucky, to Allan Bell Rash who was b. July 10, 1888 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, and who.=;e 
parents were Charles Clay Rash (b. Clark County, Kentucky) and Nettie Berry Anderson who 
was b. in ]\It. Sterling. Kentucky, and whose forebears embrace the Lairs and Millers (of Millers- 
burg) who defended Ruddel's and Martin's Forts (see paper by Maude Ward Laffert3^ Kentucky 
Historical Society. 1957). 

Children of Robert H.(5) and Allan Rash Sindle, all born in Gallatin. Tennessee 
Annette Greenleaf Sindle(6), b. June 13, 1904, d. June 17, 1904. 
William McCann Sindle(6), b. Julv 5, 1905, d. Julv 9, 1905. 
Roberta Shaw Sindle(6), b. September 14, 1906. 
Grace Greenleaf Sindle(6), b. Julv 7, 1908. 
Charles Rash Sindle(6). b. November 28, 1910. 
Nettie Berry Sindle(6), b. December 15. 1912. 
Robert Henry Sindle 111(6). b. September 17, 1914. 
Roger Allan Sindle(6), b. February 9, 1917. 

J^ixtn Cjf J^cuentk LjenerationS 

ROBERTA SHAW SINDLE(6) - Allan(5), Cvnthia GreenleaK 4 ). Eliza Ann Swartzwelder(3), 
Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A): b. September 14, 1906 in Gallatin, Tennessee; 
attended George Peabody College in Nashville, and has taught school since age 17: m. Julv 9. 
1948 William Roy McCormack of Gallatin, who was b. March 3, 1902 near Cottontown, Sum- 
ner County, Tennessee, and whose parents were James W. and Daisy Shaw McCormack, both i. 
Gallatin Cemetery. No child. 

GRACE GREENLEAF SINDLE (6) - Allan (5), Cvnthia Greenleaf (4), Eliza Ann Swartzwelder 
(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), Johnd ), John(A): b. Julv 7, 1908 in Gallatin, Tennessee: un- 
married (1957). 

CHARLES RASH SINDLE(6) - Allan (5). Cvnthia Greenleaf (4), Eliza Ann Swartzwelder(3), 

Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), Johnd), John(A): b. November 28, 1910 in Gallatin. Tennessee: 

m. May 12. 1943 in Gallatin to Helen Jeanette Bunch who was b. July 10, 1920 in Fountain Head 

(Sumner County). Tennessee: and whose parents are Edward J. Bunch (b. September 8. 1887. 

i. Upper Sumner County Church Burial Ground) and Nora Dywell (b. about 1887) of Upper 

Sumner County. 

Children of Charles R.(6) and Helen Bunch Sindle 

Charles Ronald Sindle(7), b. Januarv 27, 1944 in Sumner Countv, Tennessee. 

Roger Allan Sindle(7), b. August 23, 1946 in Sumner Countv, Tennessee. 

Edward Clay Sindle(7), b. June 20, 1952 in Davidson Countv, Tennessee. 

Deborah Anne Sindle(7), b. Oct. 10, 1953: d. January 19, 1955: i. Crestview Cemetery, Gallatin. 


NETTIE BERRY SINDLE(6) - Allan) 5), Cynthia Greenleaf(4j, Eliza Ann SwarlzweiderCl ». 
Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. December 15, 1912 in Gallatin, Tennessee; 
m. February 14, 1942 in Las Vegas, Nevada to Jefferson Walker Hosay. a native of Tennessee 
and a resident of San Bernardino, California. No child. 

ROBERT HENRY SINDLE IIKG) - Allan(5), Cynthia Greenleaf(4), Eliza Ann Swartzwelder 
(3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. September 17, 1914 in Gallatin, Tennes- 
see; m. December 21, 1947 in Gallatin to Mrs. Mary Odell (nee Roberts) of Gallatin, who was b. 
June 10, 1913, and whose parents were Fred LeRoy Rubens (b. 1892 in Putnam County. Teim- 
essee) and Rosie H. Herrin (b. 1S96 in Putnam County. Tennessee.) No child (1957i. 

ROGER ALLAN SINDLE( 6) - Allanlfj), Cynthia Greenleaf(4), Eliza Ann Swartzwelder(3 1. 

Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2l. John(l), John(A); b. February 9, 1917 in Gallatin, Tennessee; m. 

August 10, 1937 in Gallatin to Adelle Russell who was b. April 11, 1914, and whose parents are 

Alvis Paschal Russell (b. August 22, 1874 in Smith County, Tennessee, i. Gallatin Cemetery) 

and Iva Belle Thawbush (b. November 12, 1S9G in Clay County, Tennessee). 

Child of Roger A.(6) and Adelle Russell Sindle 

Faye Allan Sindle(7), b. June 18, 1938 in Gallatin, Tennessee. 

FAYE ALLAN SINDLE(7) - Roger(6), Allan(5), Cynthia Greenleaf(4), Eliza Ann Swartzwel- 
der! 3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. June 18, 1938 in Gallatin, Tennes- 
see; m. December 19, 1955 in Gallatin to Bobbye Eugene Butler, Korean War veteran, who was 
b. October 23, 1932 in Sumner County, and whose parents are Robert J. and Lillian Wheeler 
Butler of Sumner Countv, Tennessee. 
Child of Bobbye E. and Faye Sindle(7) Butler 
David Russell Butler(8), b. May 21, 1956 in Sumner County, Tennessee. 

J^afnuei J^ivartzLveider 6 (Oible 

This caption is written outside on the back cover of a quaint old New Testament, owned and long- 
cherished bv Mrs. Allan Rash Sindle of Gallatin, Tennessee - great-granddaughter of the original 
owner. Dim'ensions of the little book, in inches, are 51 2 long, 31 4 wide, and % thick, 214 pages 
- \'est-pocket size to the moderns. Covers are protected with age-worn rough buckskin, neatly- 
folded and strongly-tied bv one that loved the Gospel. Faint writing on the front leather is 
undecipherable. What appears to be a shot-hole pierces the front leather only. The title page 
reads — 



of our 

Lord and Savior 


translated out of 

The Original Greek 

and with 

The Former Translations 

diligentlv compared and re\-ised 



Printed By And For William W. Woodward 

No 52 Second, corner of Chestnut-street 


With one exception, the vital entries on flv-leaf and memorandums pages are clear and distinct 

The following is a careful transcription of the entries in order of their appearances, 

"SamueTswartzwelder's Testament Wich is Called The Word of God" . front flyleaf K 

"Samuel Sw^artzwelders Testament Bought of Jacob Swartzwelder m tne leai 1. ■ 

"Samuel Swartzwelder" (back of front flyleaf). 

"Elizaann Swartzwelder (1) Was born the 13 day of may 1818 (Memo. \\l) (Memo 

"Maryelnen (Ellen) Swartzwelder (2) Was born the 8 day of October 1820 - Sondaj (Memo. 

"Marthau Jane (Swartzwelder) (3) wase born the 4 day of may 1823 - Sonday" (Memo. p. D. 
"John Wesley Swartzwelder) 4) W^ase Born The 6 of April 1^24 (Memo p. _. 
"John Wesley Swartz(4) Departed this life December the 20 1829 (Memo. p. -i. 
"Samuel Swartzwelder was born June 10 1790" (Memo. P- ^'•. , ^ , ^ ., .,- ,o-|-.. ,\iemo 
"Cvnthia(5) was born September the 13 1798 And was marid febuaiy the _.. i-M' i-^i^^m • 

p. 3). 


"Marthau Jane(3) Departed this life the 2 day of June, 1823" (Memo. p. 4). 

"Samuel Swartzwelder departed this life August 29 1828" (Memo. p. 4). 

"Mary Ellen(2) Was Born the 8 of October 1820 - Sonday" "Was Maried Febuary the 13 1842 - 

Sonday. She was 21 years old 4 month and ■! days when she married" (Insert p. 1). 

"Cvnthia Rebecker(6)" the daugher of Maiy E. and John Jones was Born the 29 of November 

tusday 11 oclock 1842" (Insert p. 1). 

"Marthy Ann(7) the daugtr of John & Mary Jl nes was Born the 23 december 1843 - 12 clock 

Saterday" (Insert p. 2). " (FINIS) 

For clarification, the foregoing entries have been numbered in parentheses. Numbers (1), (2) 

(3), and (4) are children of Samuel and Cynthia McCann Swartzwelder; number (5) is wife of 

Samuel who m. Cvnthia Rebecca McCann; numbers (fi) and (7) are daughters of John I. Jones 

m. Feb. 11, 1842 Mary Ellen Swartzwelder (3). 

Regarding spelling of Samuel's surname we note that without exception in Samuel's Bible the 

orthography is Swartzwelder. Heretofore, in our writings, we have spelled this surname 

"Schwartzwelder", based on majority instances in the records. We now adopt "Swartzwelder" 

as correct, and shall use the latter spelling henceforth. W.R.M. - 1957 

^ke LjfeenleafS^indle cU-ineaa 


1. Edmund Greenleaf, son of John and Margaret (probably Huguenots), was baptized Jan. 2, 
1574 in the parish of St. Maiw's la Tour in Ipswich, County Suffolk, England (elsewhere we 
have noted a reference, we believe erroneous, stating birthplace of Edmund to be parish of 
Brixham, town of Plymouth, Devonshire, England, which was the birthplace of Tristam Coffin, 
see below). A silk-dyer by trade, Edmund with his family emigrated to America and in 1635 
settled at Newbury (now Newburyport), Massachusetts, where he kept tavern and was ensign 
there, June 1639, and later was a lieutenant, moving about 1650 to Boston where he died March 
24, 1671. He m.(lst) Sarah Dole (d. Jan. 18, 1663 in Boston) and by her had nine children 
whose names appear in the records of the parish of St. Mary's la Tour and two other children, 
John and Mary, not there recorded; he m.(2nd) Mrs. Sarah (Jurdaine) Hill (d. 1671 in Boston) 

of Exeter, England, relict of (1st) Wilson and (2nd) William Hill of Fairfield, Conn. - no 


2. Stephen Greenleaf, baptized Aug. 10, 1628 in St. Mary's, came to America with his parents 
and resided at Newbury, Mass., until his death, Dec. 1, 1690. He m.(lst) Nov. 13, 1651 Eliza- 
beth Coffin whose parents were Tristam and Dionis (Stephens) Coffin, Sr.; of this marriage there 
were four children of record; he m.(2nd) March 31, 1679 Mrs. E.sther Weare Swett, relict of Ben- 
jamin, and daughter of Nathaniel Weare of Hampton, N. H. Although a Quaker, Stephen was 
an ensign 1670, Lieutenant 1685, Captain 1686, and he drowned in a vessel wrecked off Cape 
Breton while participating in expedition against Port Royal. The name of Stephen Greenleaf ap- 
pears in a deed, dated July 2, 1659, as one of several (ultimately twenty) proprietors who pur- 
chased for 30 pounds and two beaver hats all of Nantucket Island, and shared the island in 
equal parts; but it appears that Stephen never lived on his proprietorship. 

3. Captain Stephen Greenleaf, Jr.. b. Au.saist 15, 1652 in Newbury. IMass.. became a prominent 
man in ])ublic affairs thereat, was famed as the "great Indian fighter", was wounded and maim- 
ed in Indian warfare, and was one of Newbury's selectman in 1675-76, dying Oct. 13. 1743 at 
Newbury. He m.(lst) October 23, 1676 Elizabeth Gerrish (daughter of William and Mrs. Joan- 
na (Goodale-Oliver) Gei'rish of Newbury), who was b. Sept. 10. 1654, d. August 5, 1712. and 
bore him ten children: he m.(2nd) 1713 Mrs. Hannah Jordan of Kittery, Maine, who d. Sept. 30, 
1743, no children of record. "June 4, 1685 Ensign Greenleaf was promoted to Lieutenant." "Oc- 
tober 24, 1689 Lt. -Captain Greenleaf was much distinguished in Indian Wars." 

7. Rev. Daniel Greenleaf. h. Feb. 10. 1679-80 in Newbury, Mass., d. Aug. 26, 1763 at Boston, 
graduated at Harvard 1699. practiced medicine for siv years, started preaching about 17^6, and 
was pastor of Congregational Church at Yarmouth, until 1727 when he moved to Boston. 
He m. Nov. 18, 17(31 Elizabeth (16S1-176?), daughter of Samuel (16.52-1730) and Mary Cooking, 
and granddaughter of Major-General Daniel Cooking (1612-1687) who m. Mary Dolling; the 
Cookings were a distinguished family in the early days of Massachusetts and Virginia, origin- 
ating in Canterbury, England, and running back to the reign of King John. Daniel and Mary 
(Cooking) Greenleaf had twelve children. 

.5. Dr. Daniel Greenleaf. b. Nov. 7. 1702 in Cambridge, Mass., was for a number of years a 
practicing nhysician at Hingham, Mass., moving about 1732 to Boston (or Bolton) Mas.s.; he d. 
July 18, 1795; he was Surgeon of Regiment at siege of Louisburg, C. B., sailing from Boston 
March 24, 17^5; afterwards in sam? v-r he ■^-^ived on a Colonv Ship. He m.(lst) July 18, 1726 
"^Trs. SJencp Marsh (relict of David, and daughter of Israel and Maiy (Summer) Ni'^hols) b. J"!" 

4. 1702 in Hingham, d. May 13, 1762; he m'.(2nd) Nov. 18, 1762 Mrs. Dorothy Richardson, ve)ict 
of Josiah. Daniel and Silence Nichols Greenleaf had ten children; according to text, the first 


three children apparently were born in Hingham; of the other seven, the stated places of birth 
alternate between Bolton and Boston - both in Massachusetts. 

6. Stephen Greenleuj, b. Oct. 15, 1735 in Boston, d. June 8, 1802, m. .Jan. 11, 1758 Eunice Fair- 
banks of Boston (d. Alarch 8, 182G). They had eleven children, six b. in Bo.ston and five b. in 
Brattleboro, Vt. to where they moved in 1771 and, upon an unoccupied tract of 800 acres (later 
known, 1896, as the East Village of Brattleboro) built a home, followed Vjy a store (.said to be the 
first in Vermont), a saw mill, and a gristmill (afterwards u.sed for a machine shop). 

7. Major Stephen Greenleaj, b. Jan. 31, 1759 in Boston whence he departed at age twelve with 
his parents moving to pioneer at Brattleboro, Vt. whereat he lived until death March 5, 1850; 
self-educated while he worked at his trades of carpenter and wheelwright, he was elected in 
1799 to be Town Clerk of Brattleboro, to which office he was re-elected for forty-five years. In 
the American Revolution, Stephen served in various Vermont commands - Capt. John Sargean'. 
Col. Warner, Gen. Stark at Bennington, Col. Schuyler at Saratoga, Col. Morgan's riflemen in 
Gates' Army, and at Stillwater which terminated in capture of Burgoyne and his army; later 
he was commissioned Major in the State militia, and his portrait hangs with others in the town 
hall at Brattleboro. He m.(lst) Anna Sargent (d. Oct. 11, 1813), and by her had three children; 
he m.(2nd) Mrs. Cynthia Rvan (d. Sept. 7, 1859, age 92) bv whom he had no child. 

S. Major Thomas Sargent' Greenleaj. b. March 25, 1784 in Brattleboro, Vt., d. May 2, 1859 at 
Columbus, Illinois, i. (Columbus Cemetery thereat, m.(lst) Dimmis Xash by whom he had three 
children, one dying in infancy and the other two marrying and remaining in the East; he m(2ndi 
1812-1814 Lydia Miller of Brattleboro, Vt., by whom he had seven children, one dying in infancy, 
five apearing later in Adams Count}', Illinois, and one marrying but habitat uncertain (probab- 
ly Adams County"); Lydia d. February 9. 1857, age 64, at Columbus, Illinois, i. Columbus Ceme- 
tery thereat. Subject lineage pivots on Thomas Sargent Greenleaf who with his family-by-Mill- 
er,"in 1840 migrated to Cotumbus. Illinois, then a small but thriving village competing with 
Quincy (18 miles to the west) to be the county seat of Adams County, the latter after a battle 
of years ultimately winning: whereupon Thomas Sargeant and most of his family (in 1850') and 
McCann kinsfolk gradually moved to Quincy to participate in its wonderous development. 
"Thomas Greenleaf and Sons manufactured wagons and buggies quite extensively in Colum- 
bus. M. T. (Miller Thaddeus) Greenleaf (1821-after 1896) introduced the first machine lathe. 
Lvtle Griffing was the first in the saddlery and harness business. W. D. :\IcCann established a 
cabinet shop and continued manv vears." - History of Adams County, Illinois. 18^9. Murray. 
Williamson, & Phelps, Publishers. Chicago. The first family settled in Adams County in 1821; 
the first in Columbus township in 1830. Town of Columbus was laid out 1835. Population of 
Adams County in 1830 was 2186. in 1840 was 14.476, in 1850 was 26,508. Quincy in 182, had 
but nine houses. 

9. Henry ]\Iiller Greenleaj. b. Au.gust 22. 1815 in Brattleboro, Vt., moved in 1840 with his par- 
ents and three brothers and two sisters to Columbus, Adams County, Illinois where he d. July 
2, 1848; marker in Columbus Cemeterv reads "Died July 3, 1848 - age 33 yrs." He m. FebruarA- 
13. 1845 in Adams Countv Eliza Ann Swartzwelder who was b. May 13. 1818 in Pans. Ky.. d. 
Feb 8, 1909 at Gallatin. Tenn.. i. Gallatin Cemeterv. and whose parents were Samuel Swartz- 
welder (1790-1826) of Pennsvlvania m. Feb. 27. 1817 in Paris, Ky.. Cynthia Rebecca McCann 
(1798-after 1856) a native of Paris, Kv. - q.v. One child, a daughter, was born to the Greenleafs - 
Cvnthia Rebecca Grace Greenleaf, b. 'March 26. 1846 in Columbus, Illinois, and m. Oct. 2. 18/9 
in Sumner Countv, Tennessee, Robert Henry Sindle (1833-1912) - q.v. 

7(9. For descendants of Henry and Eliza Swartzwelder Greenleaf. see Descendants of Samuel 
Sirartzu-'elder m. Cynthia Rebecca McCann - q.x. , ■ ^ , t 

This Greenleaf-Sindle lineage has been gleaned largely from the comprehensive Genealogy of 
the Greenleaf Family bv James Edward Greenleaf. 1896, 553 pp. Frank Wood. Printer. Boston. 
Mass. The material has been rearranged, briefed, and somewhat augmented as to facts. 

.Abbreviations: b. - born: m. - married: d. - died: i. 


interred: f. - father: q.v. - sec ciseirhcre herd 

(I J 

'NumcraU in parentheses. c.(/. (4). qeneridUj sUjnifij the fourth qeneratian of McCann Mood; and (4m) signifies a 
spouse married to a foiirlh-generation MeCann. I>ut not gemraJlii of that blood. A child of shc/? marriage would be 
of McCann t)Iood. and u-ould be designated (5). except that (Gl). (02). (G.3). etc. denote the first, second, and third 
generations of Greenleafs. and (SI). (S2), (S3), etc. have siinilar designation for the Stille's. Names without num- 
erals, with few e.rccpticns. are kinsfolk, mostly by marri-ige. The illustrative chart on the mid-pages of this pamph- 
let, xvhlch diagrams the seven principal lineages of the te.v!. has a broader application tlian that of the relatively few 
name^ that are spelhd-out. Any descendant of a brother irr-sistcr of any name below the eight marriage lines ivould 
inherently possess tlie same ancestry as that of the stated names. 

ADMIRE. Katlierinc-10. 

ALEXANDER, E!izabeth-8. 

Ai\'DEi;SOX, Nettie BeiTv-14. 

ASHLEY. Clarissa C.-IO; Hazel Belle(5m)-10; John T.-IO; 

ASHUKST. Affia-3, 5; Anne Redmoncl-5; Annie Hild- 

reth-.5: Cassandra Boulden-5; Isabella Pctly-.j; John 

Kennedy-5; Josiah-1, 3, .5, 6; Martha (Patsy')-1, 2, 4, 5; 

Mary Redmon Nunn-5; Nancy-2, 5; Nancy B. Jones-2; 

Paulina-2, .5; Polly-5; Rebecca Kennedy-l; Rebeckah 

Kennedv-1. 4. 5. G; Robert-2. 5; William-5. 
BACON. Arabella Taibott-3: \V. A.-3. 
BARNES, Eureka Jones-1 ; R. T.-L 
BEDFORD, Elizabeth-C. 
BELLS, Drusella-6. 
BERG. Elizabeth Faye(r.)-10; George Otis(7)-10; George 

W.-IO; Helen Welsh-10: Linda(7)-10; Otis George(6m)- 

BERRY. Andrew J.-IO; James Washington-] 0; Kather- 

ine Adniire-10; Leonard Earl(6m)-10; Mattie Mer- 

chant-10; Mildred Jones(6)-10: Mona Fave(7)-10. 11. 
BIGGS. Janies-7; John-7; Marv-7: Sarah-7. " 
BOOTH. John-ll; Lennis Lee-11; Sallie Cravnis-U. 
BEAN. Etta-3. 
BOULDEN, Anne-.5. 
BRIDGES, Beulah-2. 
BROCK, Nettie Hagen-3: Thonias-3. 
BROWNE, Alexandria Joncs-3. 
BUNCH, Edward J. -14; Helen J.(RniM4; Nora Dywell- 

BUTLER, Bobbye E.(7m)-1.T; Robt, J.-l.^: Lillian Wheel- 

CALLOWAY, Rebeckah-7. 
CLAY. Mrs. Harry B.-3. 

COFFIN, Dionis S.-IG; Elizabeth-lfi; Tristan Sr.-IG 
COLLINS, Emma-2. 
COOK. Abigail-G; David-G; Rachel-G. 
CRAVNIS. Sallie-ll. 
CRIM. Etta-3; RosaUe-3; W. L.-3. 
CROWE. Elizabeth Schonler-4. 
CROXTON. Henrv-G, 
CUSICK, .Tohn J.-ll; Marv Wheat-11. 
DAVTON. Maude Ua-lO. 
DOLE, Sarah-16. 
DUDLEY. Mrs. Russell-,'^. 
DUGGER. E!izabeth-H). 
DUQUETTE. Celeria Maria-in. 
DYWELL. Nora-14. 
ELDER. Ruby-3. 
ELKINS, Alice Catherine-8; Caleb Fielding-.S; Catherine 

Kerr-S; Eliza Jones(4)-,8: James-S; Lucinda Osborne- 

8; Ralph-8; Silas(4m); Susan Thompson-S 
FAIRBANKS, Eunice-17. 

FOSTER. Jesse-2: Naomi- 4; Patsv Jones-2; Patsv-4 
FOWLER. Allyno Robbs-U; Benj. Franklin-11 ;' Lar: 


Robbs(7m)-ll: Mona Beri-y(7)-ll: Sabrina Lvnne(S) 
'\BBARD. Ella Shearer-U; Harrv English(6m)-ll ■ 
Margaret Wheat(G)-ll; Thomas-11;" Thomas Leslie(8)'- 

GATEWOOD. Margaret-4. 

GERRISH, Elizabcth-IG; Joanna Goodale-Oliver-IG- 

GREENLEAF. Anna Sargent-17; Cvnthia Grace(4)-13 
17; Cynthia Ryan-17; Rev. Daniel (G4) -16; Dr. Daniel 
(G;j)-1G; Dimmis Nash-17; Dorothy Richardson-IG- 

Edvvard(Gl)-17; Eliza Ann(3)-13; Elizabeth Coffin- 
IG; Eliz. Gei-rish-lG; Eliz. Gooking-IG; Esther Weare- 
16; Eunice Fairbanks-17; Mrs. Hannah Jordan-16: 
Henry(4)(G10)-13; Henry Miller(3m) (G9)-7.13. 17; 
John(G2)-16; Lydia Miller(G8m)-17; Miller Thaddeus 
'Gr>)-17; Sarah Dole-IG; Sarah Hill-16; Silence Marsh- 
16; Stehen(G2)-lG; Stephen Jr.(G3)-lG; Stephen(G6)- 
17; Major Stephen(G7)-17; Thomas Sargent(G8)-17. 

GOOKING. Daniel-16; EUzabeth-16; Mary-lG; Mary Dol- 
ling-16; Samuel-IG. 

GRIFFING, Lytle(2m)-17; Pauline Ashurst-5; Preston-5. 

GORHAM, Mary Schooler-4, 6; Sanford Jr.-5; Thomas 
Lane-4; Wm. Rogers-4. 

HAGAN, Annie Talbott-3; Bessie-3: Cassandra Boulden- 
5; Elizabeth Scott-3; Ellen Reynolds-3; Etta Crim-3: 
Flourney Garth-3; James Thomas-3; Leslie Vernon 
Sr.-3; Leslie Vernon Jr.-3; Lewis-3; Lola Stokes-3; Ly- 
dia Reynolds-3; Mary Thatcher-3; Margaret L.-3; Mar- 
tha Danna-3; Mary Elder-3; Nancy-3; Nettie-3; Rosa- 
lie-3; Ruby EIder-3: Sonnie-3; Speed-3; Thomas-3; 
Wm. K. I-.3; Wm. K. 1 1-3; Wm. K. II 1-3. 

HAGERTY. Elizabeth Kennedy-G. 

HALL. Armanda-2. 

HARPER, Fleeta Jones(6)-10; Lee-10; Josheahine Ples- 
ter-10; Lovd Hurlev-10. 

Harrison! Betsev-i. 

HATCHER, Julia Kennedv-G; Samuel-G. 

HEATON, Danna V.-3; James N.-3; Martha Hagan-3. 

HERRIN. Rosie H.-1.5. 

HILDRETH, Annie-.'i; Dorcas-4; Eliz. Kennedy-6; James- 
(i; Rebecca Kennedy-6; Rebecca Jones-1; Sophia Stan- 
diford-4; Valentine-1. 

HODGE (HODGES). Charle.s-7; John-2; Joseph-7; Marv 
StilIe'-7; Patsy Jones-2; Sarah Biggs-7. 

HOLLAND, Ephriam-G; Nancy Kennedy-6; Thomas 

HOSAY. .ieffer.son W.(6m)-15; Nettie Sindle(G)-15. 

HOWERTON. Charles-2; Nancv Jones-2. 

HUNNELL. Addis Volney-11; Addis Volnev Jr.-ll; An- 
na Turpin-11; Bryan Albert-11; Dorothy Johnson-11; 

Elliz. Katherine-11 ; James Madison-11; Lennis Booth-11; 
Mary Lloyd-11; Mary E!eanor-ll; Maude Davton-11; 
Orville Perrv-ll; Dr. Volnev-11; Wm. Addis-11. 

JOHNSON. Dorothv-10. 

JONES -BEFORE JOHN I. JONES. Affia Ashurst-3; 
Alexandr)a-3; Amanda Roberts-2; Anna Talbott-2; Ar- 
manda Hall-2; Benjamin-2; Benj. F.-2; Betsy-3; Cas- 
sandra Talbot-2; Cordelia Osborne-1; Elizabeth Ann-3; 
Emma Collins-3; Garrard-3; Jane-3; James(1758-1839)- 
1,2.4; James (b. 1758)-3; James B.-l; John(1794- 
lSlfi)-2: John (f. James)-.5; John WilIlam-2; Josiah 
A. (f. Benj. F.)-2; Josiah Ashurst-1: Lucy Mondav-1 ; 
Lcona Talbott-2; Martha Ashurst-1, 2,' 4, 5; Mary 
Ware-2; Nancy-.5; Nancy B.-2; Nancy R.-2; Patsy 
Scholer-2; Paulina-1: Paulina Ashurst-2, 5; Rebecca 
Kennedy-l; Salathiel Scholer-2; Sallv-3; Sarah D.-1.6; 
Sarah bevine-2; Thomas (1792-18S3)-1. 2. .5; Thomas 
(1799)-3; Thomas D.-l; Thomas (others)-4; Wm. (d. 
1832)-2, 3; William (of N. C.)-3; Wm. S.-5; Wm. 
Schooler-2; Wharton-2; Zovin-3. 

JONES -AFTER JOHN I. JONES. Adelia Kate(5)-S. 9; 
Addie T.-l ; Allen Gano-2; Barbara Elnora(6)-9, 10; 
Becca Lou(.3)-S, 9; Bell-2; Beulah Bridges-2; Cvnthia 
Rebecca(4)-7, 8. 16; Cynthia Willa(.j)-8, 10; Eliza(4)- 
7,8; Elizabeth Fave((3)-9, 10; Elizabeth (Lizzie) May 


(5)-8, 9; P'leeta Beinice((i)-10: Eliz. Huiinell(5m)-9; 
Eliz. Scliubert(5m)-9; Eureka-1 ; Frank-2; Ida-2; 
James Blanton(5)-S. 10; James Thomas(4)-7, 8; John 
I.(3m)-1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 14, 15; John S.(4)-7, 8; John (f. 
Benj. F.)-2; John W.-2; John WiIliam-2; Lillie (f. 
Benj. F.)-2; Lilly-1; Lizzie IV-Ia y ( 5 ) -8, 9 ; Lloyd Wilbur 
(6)-10, 11: Luty-2; Margaret Lloyd(4m)-8; Mary L.-2; 
Mary Swartzwelder(3)-7. 13. 15; ' Maggie T.-l ; Martha 
Ann Major(4)-7. 8, 16; Mildred F\'rn(G)-in; Nora Ver- 
illa(5m)-9; Osborne S.-l; Paul-1 ; Rosa-2; Sharon May 
(7)-ll; Susan A.-2; Thomas Dodd(5)-8, 9; T. P.-l ; Vic- 
tor V.-l; Vollie Lloyd-8, 9; Wm. Mason-2. 

JORDAN, Mrs. Hannah-16. 

JURDAINE, Sarah-16. 

KELLER, & McCANN ■ "Sketches of Paris, Bourbon 
Co., Kv."-3. 13. 

KELLY, Griffin-1; Rebecca Kennedy-1. 

KENNEDY, Sir Alexander-.?; Ann Locker-G; Aria-6; 
Butler-6; Christine Akcrs-6; Daniel Sr.-.5; David-6; 
Eli-5, 6; Elizabeth Ann-6; Elizabeth Bedford-6; Eliza- 
beth (f. Joseph)-G; Esther Stille'-l, 5, 6; Francis-5; 
Hazel-6; Hugli-6; Jacob-G; James-6; James (f. John 
Jr.l-G; Jesse-G; John-7; Dr. John-5; John (f. David)- 
5; John Jr. -1,5,6; Joseph-5; Joseph (f. John Jr.)-6; 
Julia-6; Mary-6; Nancy-6; Nathan-6; Owen-o; Patsy 
:\IcConnell-6;" Rachel-6'; Rebecca (f. Joseph)-6; Re- 
beckah-1,6; Sophia (f. Joseph)-G; Sophia (f. John 
Jr.)-6; Thomas'Sr.-6; Thomas Jr.-6; Capt. Washing- 

KERR. Catherine-8; Katherine-8. 

KING. Christine Akers-6. 

LEACH, Ann-2. 

LINDSEY. Elnora-9; Jasper-9; Nora Verilla-9. 

LLOYD, Elizabeth Alexander-8; Margaret Emily(4m)-8, 
11; Marv Elizabeth-11 ; Thomas W.-8. 


LOWRY. J. William-1. 

MARSH. David-IG; Silence Nichols-IG. 

MAY. Bertie Elizabeth-11. 

McCANN. Cvnthia R.(2)-13, 15. 17; John(l)-13; Weslev 
D.(2)-13. 17. 

McCONNELL, Patsy-6. 

McCORMACK, Daisy Shaw-14; James W.-14; Roberta 
Sindle(G)-14; Wm" Roy(6m)-14. 

McDonald, Bessie Hagan-3; James-3. 

McGINTY, Anthonv-3; Sallv Jones-3. 

MERCHANT, Matt'ie Lavinia-10. 

MILLER, Lvdia-7; Henrv--7. 

:\IONDAY, Lucy A.-l. 

MOORE, Calvin Henry -8; Katherine-S. 

MORRIS, Sophia Talbott-6; William B.-6. 

MUEGENBURG. Barbara Elnora(G)-10; Celeria Duguet- 
te-10; Faye Marie(7)-10: Frederick T.(6m)-10; Fred- 
erick Theodore II(7)-10; Harrv-10; Margaret Eliza- 

MUIR. Phoebe-6. 

NASH, Dimmis-17. 

NICHOLS, Israel-IG; Marv Summer-IG; Silence-IG. 

ODELL, Mai-y Roberts (6m) -15. 

OGLE. Benjamin-7: Rebeckah-7. 

OSBORNE, Cordelia-1; George-1; George T.-l; Lucinda- 
8; Margaret S-1. PauIina-1; Paulina Jones-1; Rebec- 
ca Ophelia-1; William A.-l. 

OWEN. Miss-5. 

PENN, Benj. Sr.-13: Benj. Jr. -2. 13; Dinah-13; Edward- 
13; Nancy(lm)-13; Quaker William-13; Rebecca Ryan- 

PETLEY, Isabelle-5. 

RASH, Allan Bell(5m)-14; Charles Clay-14; Nettie An- 

REDMON, Anne-5; Elizabeth Kennedy-6; John G.-2; 
John Sr.-G; Mary-5; Mary Jones-2. 

REYNOLDS. Kllen Frances-:!; Lvdia-:',. 

RHOIHS. .Mrs. I'attie Ware-5. 

RICHARDSON, DnrothylG; JosiahlG 

H0BF:I^TS, Anian(la-2; Fred LeRoy-15; Joseph-2; Mars 
<Gm)-15; Rosie Herrin-15. 

RUSSELL, Adelle(0m)-15: Alvis P.-15; Iva Thawbush- 

PiYAN. C\nthia-17; llebecca-13. 

S.-VRGENT, Anne-17. 

SCHOOLER. Benj. 1-2.4; Benj. II-2. 4; Henj. IIM; Benj. 
Reaj-on-4; Betsey Harrison-1; Devine-2. 4; Dorcas Hil- 
dretli-4; Elizal)eth-4; Henry -4; John-4; John S.-4 ; 
Margaret Gate\voo(i-4 ; Mary S.-l ; Martha Wharton-4 : 
Nancy (f. Benj. II)-4; Patiy-4; Samuel-4; Salathicl-2. 
3,4; Sophia Hildreth-4; Wliai-lon (f. John)-4; Whar- 
ton (f. Benj.)-4; William (native of London)-4; Wil- 
liam (b. 1727)-4; William ( 1760-18:55) -4. 

SCHOOLNER, Pattv-4; Horton-4. 

SCHUBERT. Elizatieth Katherine-9. 

SCOTT. Elizabeth-3; Elizabeth Hagan-3; Robert-3. 

SHAW. Daisv-14. 

SHEARER, Ella Bee-11. 

SINDLE. Allan Rash(5m)-13, 14; Annette Grepnleaf(6)- 
14; Charles Rash(G).14; Charles R()naki(7)-14; Deb- 
orah Anne(7)-14; Edward Clav(7)-14; Faye Allan(7)- 
15; Grace Greenleaf (4)-13, 14;"Gracc Gre-Jnleaf (G)-14 : 
Helen Bunch(Gm)-14; Nettie Berrv(G)-13. 14. 15; Robt. 
H. I(4m)-13. 17; RoM. H. II(5)-1.3; Robert H. 111(6)- 
14,15; Roger Allan(6)-14. 15; Roger Allan(7)-14: Wm. 

SMITH. Calla-4; Jesse-(i; Tabithia Talbott-G. 

STEPHENS, Dionis-16. 

STILLE' ,\ndres(S4)-7; Axil(Sl)-7: Elizabeth(S4)-7; 
E.sther(S5)-5. 7; Jacob(S3)-7; Jacob(S5)-7: John(S2)- 
7; John(S4)-7; Jonathan(S4)-7; Mary(S4)-7: Mar>- 
Biggs(S4m)-7: Margaret (S4) -7; Melchior(S4)-7: Miss 
Moore(S2m)-7; 01af(Sl)-7; Peter(A)-6; Peter(S4)-7; 
Peter Jr.(S5)-7; Rebeckah(S4)-7; Rebeckah(S5)-7: 
Rebecca Calloway(S3m)-7; Seth(S4)-7; Susannah(S4)- 


STIPP. William Sr.-l. 2, 4. 

STOKES, Lola-3. 

SWARTZWELDER, Cvnthia McCann(2)-13. 15. 17; Eliza 
Ann(3)-7, 1,3, 15, 17; Martlia Jane(3)-13, 15: Mar\- El- 
len(3)-7, 13, 15, 16; John Wesley(3)-13, 15; Samuel 
(2ni)-i:3, 15. 17. 

SWETT, Benjamin-16; Esther Weare-16. 

TALBOTT, Ann Leach-2; Anna Armanda-2; Annie Eliza- 
3; Aria Kennedy-6; Ariabelle-3: Cassandra-2; Cole- 
man-G; Courtnev-6; Elizabeth Ann-G; James Wm.-3; 
Capt. John-2; Louis(Le\vis)-2. G: Molly Cassandra-3: 
Nicholas-3: Nicholas Reagan-6: Samuel-2: Sarah-2: 
Sarah D. Jones-2, 6: Sophia-6; Tabithia-ti; Thomas-3. 

TARR, Mrs. Thompson-G. 

TAYLOR, Artie Francis-ll : Rubv MeldoniGm)-ll ; Ber- 
tie May-11. 

THAWBUSH, lva-15. 

THOMPSON. Mrs. Susan-S. 

TURPIN. Anna Wells-! 1. 


VAN de VER, Elnora-9. 

WATTS, Judith-4. 

WEARE, Esther-16: Nathaniel-16. 

WELSH. Helen-10. 

WHARTON. Martha-4. 

WHEAT. Addis Volnev-lO; Cvnthia Jones-lO; Elizabeth 
Kennedv-6; Margaret Blanton(6)-10, 11 ; Zachariah-6. 

WHEELER, Lillian-1.5. 

WRIGHT, James WUson Sr.(4ni)-S; Cynthia Rebecca 

ZARING. Clifton Clyde-10; Hazel Ashley (.im)-10. 

Abbreviations : 


m. . married; d. - died; L - interred; f. - father; q.v. - see elsetcliere herein.