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Full text of "The ancestors of Sarah Jane French : the French family of Huntington, Conn., 1690-1922"

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1690 1922. 


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Hew York 2ity, Aug 

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12, 1922. 


Ancestors of 


second wife of 

Col. William Lav7rence Utley. 


Came to America about 1690 from Eranford, Dorset County, England. 



By occupation a farmer. Located in Huntington, Conn. 

Married Mary Price 

Mary Price, born 


Children by Samuel and Marj (Price) French. 

Jeremiah French, born in Branford, Dorset County, England, July 4, 


Died in Huntington, Conn., 

SAMUEL B'RENCH, born in Branford, Dorset County, England, May 16, 

Died in Huntington, Conn., 


ton of Samuel and Mary (Price) French. 

Py occupation a farmer. 


Wife born 


Children by Samuel 2d. and 

JONATHAN FRENCH, bom in Huntington, Conn., v 1722. 
Died in Huntington, Conn., Oct. 24, 160 1. 


Son of Samuc-l 2d. and 

3y occupaticn a farmer. 

Married Hannah Gilbert 

Hannah Gilbert, torn 


Children by Jonathan and Hannah (Gilbert) French. 

-aniel French,, born 1?45. 
Died about the time of the Revolution. 

JONAS FRENCH, born in Huntington, Conn., June 1, 1751. 
Died in Huntington, Conn., Oct. 23, 1634. 


Son of Jonathan and Hannah (Gilbert) French. 

By occupation a farmer. 

Married Susan Winton Feb. 10, 1760. 

Susan Winton, born "Apr. 19, 1755. 

Died Hep. 6, 1640. 

Children by Jonas and Susan (Winton) French, born in Huntington, 

Andrew French, born Dec. 27, 1782. 
Died Mar. 22, 1852. 

Daniel French, born Sep. 17, 1784. 
Died Sep. 5, 1848. 

Jeremiah French, born Aug. 3, 1786. 
Died in Granvil, Ohio, Apr. 1, 1655. 

Louis French M.D., born Apr. 4, 1763. 
Died in New York City, Aug. 21, 1328. 

SAMUEL FRENCH, born Mar. 26, 1790. 
Died in Racine, Wis., May 23, 1862. 

Lucy Ann French, born Mar. 18, 1731. 
Died Aug. 2, 1310. Unmarried. 

*;*#•::•#-**##*-*## -»#*-:HH^*##4Ht##*^ 


Son of Jonas and Susan (Winton) French. 

For many years a merchant in Derby, Conn. Resided for several 
years in Mllford, Conn. Warden of St. Jame'a Protestant Episco- 
pal Church in Derby, Conn., 1344 to 1850. Warden of St. Luke's 
Protestant Episcopal Church in Racine, Wis., I860 to 1862. 
A man highly respected oy all who knew him. 
Carried Judith Howe of Bradford, Conn. 
Judith Howe, born 
Died in Derby, Conn., May 3, 1652. 

Children by Samuel and Judith (Howe) French. 

Lucy Ann French, born Jan. 8, 181 9. 
Died in Dreby, Conn., Jan. 15, 1637. 

Samuel Howe French, bom Nov. 11, 1322. 
Died in Derby, Conn., Dec. 12, I9J0. 

SARAH JANE FRENCH, bom in Milford, Conn. Aug. 11, 1830. 
Died in Racine, Win. Feb. 21, 1892. 


Daughter of Samuel and Judith (Howe) French. 

Married first, Daniel porter Wooster M.D. May 8, 1854. 

Daniel Porter Wooster M.D., born in Derby, Conn. Feb. 10, 1827. 

Died in Galidonia, Racine County, 7/is. Jan. 17, 1864. 

Married eeoond, Col. William Lawrence Utley of Racine, Wis. Feb. 

22, 1666. 

Col. William Lawrence Utley, born in Monson, Mass. July 10, 1613. 

Died in Racine, Wis. Mar. 4, 1867. 

Children by Daniel Porter and Sarah Jane (French) Wooster. 

Park Wooster, born May 7, 1857. 

Married Elisabeth Amy Davis of Racine, Wis. June S3, 
i860. No children. Mr. and Mrs. Wooster reside in • 
Racine, Wis. 

Children by Col. William Lawrence and Sarah Jane (French-Wooster) 

William Lawrence Utley, born Mar. 27, 1871. 


seconl child of 
Jonas and Hannah (Gilbert) French. 

Born in Huntington, Conn. Dec. 27, 1782. 

Died in Hi 1 lord, Conn. Mar. £2, 1652. 

At the tirue of his death he was the oldest practitioner in the 

state'of Conn. He was a graduate of Yale University and the 

Unlversirty of New York. He was highly respected by all who knew 


Married Charlotte G-lenney Nov. , 1809. 

Charlotte Glenney, born 


Children by Andrew and Charlotte (Glenney) French, born in 
Mil ford, Conn. 

Andrew Winton French, born Nov. II, 1811. 
Died in Athens, Pa., 

Pev. William Glenney French, born June 10, 1614. 
Died in New York City May 27, 1895. 

Jonas Green French, born July 30, 1617. 
Died in Athens, Pa. Sep. , 1694. 

Susan French, born May 18, 1619. 
Dieo. reo. ^2, 1661 . 

Mary French, born Aug. 19, 1821. 
Died June 9, 1844. 

Rev. Louis French, born Nov. 5, 1831. 
Died in Darien, Conn. Sep. 29, 1912. 


Son of Andrew and Charlotte (Glenney) French. 

By occupation a farmer. 

Married Julia A. Bristol 

Julia A. Bristol, born 


Children by Andrew V? in ton and Julia A. (Bristol) French. 

Martha L. French, born Sep. 22, 1831. 

Maria Dickinson French, born Nov. 17, 1634. 
Died Feb. o, 1583. 

Mary Glenney French, born Jan. 8, 1847. 


Son of Andrew and Charlotte (Glenney) French. 

Graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn, and of the General 
Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He was 
ordained Deacon and Priest of the Protestant Episcopal Church by 
the Rt. Rev. Thos. C. Brownell of Conn. Before his marriage he 
was the suoerior of the Order of the Holy Cross, a monastic order 
of the Protestant Episcopal Church in North Carolina. For nearly 
twenty five years he was engaged in missionary work on Black well's 
Island in New York City, working as the representative of the 
Protestant Episcopal City Mission. For some years he was rector 
of Grace Church Saybrook, Conn, and Grce Church Canton, N. Y\ 
Under his ministrations en Blackwell' s Island the beautiful 
Chapel of the Good Shepherd was erected. He was instrumental in 
bringing about zany reforms on the island and he was greatly 
loved by the inmates of the various city institutions. He was the 
highest type of a Christian and spent his whole life in the 
service of others. 
Married Eliza McGeorge 
Eliza McGeorge, born 

Children by Rev. frilllam u-ienney and E.Liza (L'cGeorgeJ French. 

Horatio Glenney French, born Mar. 24, 1863. 
William L. French, born 1868. 

George H. French, born 1870. 


Son of Andrew and Charlotte (Glenney) French. 

Schoolmaster! Taught school in Hilfoed, Conn, and in Athens, la. 

Marrieo. Susan K. Erooks 

Susan H. Brooke, born 


Andrew A. French, born Dec. 23, 1643. 

Ann Eliza French, born Sep. 25, 1845. 

William A. French, born Jan. 3, 1848. 


first child of 
Samuel and Judith (Hove) French. 

Born Jan. 8, 1819. 

Died in Derby, Conn. Jan. 15, 1837. 

ilarrred William M. Hull Oct. 22, 1637, 

Wllllam.M. Hull, born 

Died in Derby, Conn. Apr. 22, 169 L 

Children by William M. and Lucy Ann (French) Hull. 

Seabury Hull, born Aug. 25, 1845. 

Died Jan. 10, 19 10. 

Married Emma A. Abbott. One child. Lillian Elosia, 
born Dec. 2, 1873. Resides in New Haven, Conn. 

Helen Hull, born Oct. 24, 1343. 

Married Samuel Smith who died Feb. 14, 1894. Five chil- 
dren. Minot A. Smith, born Jan. 12, 1862. Kate M. Smith, 
born Nov. 12, 1666. Died Jan. 12, 1871 . Harriet Smith, 
born July 27, 1671. Frank M. Smith, born July 29, 1673. 
Howe F. Smith, born Sep. 29, 1581. 

Julia Hull, born Feb. 26, 1848. 

Diec Oct. 17, 1691. 

Married Clarence May. two cmiaren. William iiull May, 
born Feb. 15, 1673. Charles C. Kay, born May 19, *876. 
• Died Aug. 6, 1676. 

Emma French Hull, born Jan. 21, 1857. 
Resides in New Haven, Conn. 


Daughter of Andrew and Charlotte (G-lenney ) French. 

Harried Ralph W. Chldsey. 

Ralph W. Chldsey, born- 


Children by Ralph W. and Susan (French ) Chldsey. 

Charlotte French Chldsey, born Nov. 14, 1841. 
Died young. 

Charlotte French Chldsey, born Mar. 1, 1844. 

Mary Ella Chldsey, born 

,9 ° 7 - 16^5000 

Lydla C. Chldsey, born Aug. , 1849. 


Son of Andrew and Charlotte (G-lenney) French. 

Graduated from Trinity College Hartford, Conn, in 1853. Graduated 

from the General Theological Seminary of the Frotestant Episcopal 

Church in 1855. Ordained Deacon June 30, 1855. Ordained Priest 

"ar. 30, 1856. A Priect of the Protestant Episcopal Church fiftv 

six years. Rector of Christ Church Sharon, Conn, one year. Rector 

Christ Church Ansonla, Conn, six years. Rector St. Luke's Church 

Darien, Conn, forty nine years. A man greatly loved and respected, 

Married Martha A. Beach 

Martha A. Beach, born 


Children by Rev. Louis and Martha A. (Beach) French. 

William Freeman French M.D., born Aug. 18, 1856. 

Died 1898. 

Dr. French graduated from Trinity College Hartford, 
Conn, in 1679. Graduated from the University Medical 
* College in New York City in 1663. Practiced medicine 
in Darien, Conn, sixteen years. Unmarried. 

Louis French, born Nov. 4, 1857. 

Charlotte Mary French, born Jan. 26, 166 1. 

Susan L. French, born Mar. 3, 1863. 
Died 1863. 

Helen Edgar French, born July 21, 1867. 
Eleanor Gertrude French, born June 21, 1865 ■