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Full text of "Ancestry and descendants of Josiah Hale : fifth in descent from Samuel Hale of Hartford, Conn., 1637"

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3 1833 01282 8254 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 

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Compiled by 





The work of compiling this record was not begun, nor has it 

at any time been prosecuted, with any expectation or desire of 

pecuniary reward, but, on the contrary, was prompted purely 

by a love of kinship, and a desire to get in closer touch with 

» the various lines of descent. 

It is true, the work has grown to proportions beyond all 
expectation, and has required a large amount of time, patience 
and perseverance, but it has at all times been a fascinating and 
delightful labor of love. 

It was the original intention of the compiler of these records 
to confine them to the descendants of his grandfather, Josiah 5 
Hale, but so much information, relative to his ( Josiah 's) an- 
cestry and to other lines of descent therefrom, has been received 
that it has been thought best to extend the record to include 
his direct descent from Samuel Hale, "the settler" of Hartford, 
Conn., 1637. 

An epistolary appendix has also been added showing some 
of the sources of information and incidentally other lines of 
Hale descent. 

In this connection I would fain mention the names of those 
• who have rendered conspicuous aid in the work, but so many 
have rendered such willing and more or less important service 
that to mention any names might seem to imply that the aid 
of all was not fully appreciated, and I must therefore content 
myself with this general expression of appreciation and grati- 

There is a growing desire among the descendants of the 
old New England families to have the genealogies of their 
ancestors compiled, and I shall be most happy if this little 
volume should prove one of the stepping stones to a complete 
genealogy of our American ancestor Samuel Hale of Hartford. 

But if it should only result in cementing the ties of friend- 
ship and consanguinity between those herein named, I shall feel 
amply rewarded. 

Storm Lake, Iowa, Feb. 22, 1909. 



First, study carefully the ancestral paragraph, found under 
"General Remarks" on another page. Then trace from the 
record the ancestry of the two persons whose relationship you 
wish to find, to their first and nearest common ancestor. From 
this ancestor taken as generation No. 1 find the number of the 
generation of each of the two persons. Now, refer to the Chart 
and trace the intersection of the generation numbers, so found, 
(from top and left hand margins of Chart) where you will find 
the relationship stated. 

Examples. Find the relationship between Ray Ernest 
Smith (No. 216 of record) and Oscar Fitzalan Hale (No. 34). 
Turning to No. 216 we find the ancestry of Ray to be: (Bay 10 , 
Milford 9 , Ira s , Julia 7 Adsit, Hannah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses*, 
Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Now, turning to No. 34 we are re- 
ferred to No. 32, where we find the ancestry of No. 34 to be: 
(Oscar 7 , Daniel 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses*, Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 )- 

An inspection of these ancestries shows Josiah 5 to be the 
first and nearest common ancestor, from whom as first Ray is 
the 6th and Oscar 3rd generation. The intersection on Chart 
of numbers 6 and 3 or 3 and 6 shows them to be 4th cousins. 

Again, take John White Hinckley, No. 26, and Kenyon 
Tudor Fay, child of No. 202. From No. 26 we are referred to 
No. 23, where we find for No. 26 John 7 White Hinckley, Sarah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses*, etc., and from No. 202 we get Kenyon 10 
Tudor Eay, Frances 9 Wheeler, Mary 9, Clarke, Elvira 7 Hinckley, 
Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses*, etc. These show Sarah Hale as 
nearest common ancestor, from whom as first generation, Hinck- 
ley is 2nd and Fay is 5th generation. Tracing on chart the 
intersection of 2 from the left with 5 from top and 5 from the 
left and 2 from the top, we get the senior and junior relation- 
ship to be great-great uncle and great-great nephew. 

For practice, take Milford Knowles Smith, child of No. 216, 
and Emily Rogene Seymour, child of No. 158, and find Josiah 6 
Hale as nearest common ancestor, from whom as first generation 
find Milford to be the 7th and Emily to be the 6th generation, 
and their relationship that of eighth cousins. 

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•<nHSNOixvrra^j HOLNnp 


The consecutive method of numbering is now used by all 
genealogists and is the standard adopted by the New England 
Historical-Genealogical Eegister nearly half a century ago and 
still adhered to as being simple and easily understood. It will 
be noticed that children's names following their parental record, 
with their consecutive number on the left hand margin, are 
carried forward, in order, to the body of the record for fuller 
treatment. Children under age and those without issue are, 
as a rule, given no consecutive number, but their record is given 
in full under parental record. The collection of these records 
has been a difficult task and many are not as full as they should 
be, but the best has been done under the circumstances. Doubt- 
less many errors have unavoidably crept in, and in order to 
correct the same and prevent them from being perpetuated by 
future genealogists, all who recognize such errors are requested 
to inform me of the same, and at some time in the future I will 
endeavor to send out to all purchasers of the record an errata 

The ancestry of the members of each family is given fol- 
lowing the name, in the body of the record, of the oldest mem- 
ber of the family and a reference to this member, by number, 
follows each successive member of that family- Children who 
have been given no consecutive numbers will of course get their 
ancestry from their parental records. 

Particular attention is called to the above ancestral para- 
graph, as it will greatly aid in the use of the Eelationship Chart 
found on another page. 

The abbreviations used in this record are few and will be 
readily understood without explanation. 

0. F. H. 

Ancestry and Descendants 




Samuel 1 Hale was our first American ancestor, born in 
England A. D. 1610 (Middletown Upper Houses, Grafton Press, 
N. T City, p. 166). 

The exact date of his coming to America is not known, but 
he is known to have been a settler at Hartford, Conn., in 1637 
and that he bought land on the east side of the river Connecticut 
in 1639. He served in the Pequot war, with his brother Thomas, 
for which he received a lot in the Soldiers' Field (Glastonbury 
for 200 Years, p. 166, Hartford, 1885) and a grant of fifty 
acres was made to his heirs "for his services in the Pequot 
Warre" (Colonial Records, Conn., p. 423). In 1643 he resided 
in Weathersfield, Conn., moving to Norwalk, where he lived 
in 1655. While living in Norwalk he represented that town in 
the General Court in 1656, 1657 and in 1660 (Colonial Records, 
Conn., 1656—65, pp. 282, 288, 298). He returned to Weathers- 
field in 1660, living in that part now Glastonbury (set off in 
1692), where he is reputed as having been a leading man. Died 
Glastonbury, Conn., Nov. 9, 1693. His wife's given name was 
Mary, thought by some to have been Mary Wells, but her maiden 
name is not certainly known. 

His ancestry is not definitely known, but at the time when 
the settlement of New England was begun there were in England 


at least three large families of Hales in different parts of the 
Kingdom, viz. : the Hales of Kent, the Hales of Hertford and 
the Hales of Gloucestershire, and it is believed that Samuel of 
Hartford was descended from one of these (Appendix, letter G). 

Contemporary with Samuel Hale in this country was 
Thomas Hale of Newbury, Mass., and Dea. Robert Hale of 
Charleston, Mass., 1630, and from these three all the Hales of 
New England stock are descended. They are not known to have 
been related, the Thomas Hale of Newbury not being the 
Thomas spoken of as having served in the Pequot war with his 
brother Samuel (Appendix, letter C). 


i. Martha, b. 1643. 

ii. Samuel, b. 1645; m. 1st Buth Edwards, 1679, dau. of Thomas 
Edwards. She d. Dec. 26, 1682. M. 2nd Mary Wells, eld- 
est dau. of Geo. Thos. Wells. She d. Feb. 18, 1715. He 
d. Nov. 12, 1711. 
in. John, b. Eeb. 21, 1647; m. Hannah Nott. He d. July 9, 1709. 
IV. Mary, b. 1649. 
v. Eebekah, b. 1651. 
2. vi. Thomas, b. 1653; m. Naomi Kilburn. 
vii. Ebinezer, b. 1661. 

VIII. Dorothy, b. . 

For further information see Appendix, letters F. and G. 


Thomas 2 Hale (Samuel 1 ). Born 1653, probably at Weath- 
ersfield; m. Naomi Kilburn, most likely at "Weathersfield, now 
Glastonbury. He d. Dec. 23, 1723. 


i. Naomi, b. Sept. 20, 1680; m. John Gains. 

ii. Mary, b. Nov. 20, 1682; m. Edward Benton. 

3. in. Thomas, b. Jan. 26, 1684; m. Susanna Smith. 

iv. Euth, b. , ; m. Benj. Hollister. 

v. Eunice, b. , ; m. Ebinezer Kilburn. 

vi. Timothy, b , 1692; m. Sarah — . 



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Thomas 3 Hale (Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born Jan. 26, 1684; 
m. Susannah Smith, dau. of Nathaniel Smith. Lived at Glas- 
tonbury, Conn., all his life. Cannot learn that he had more 
than one child. 


4. i. Moses, m. Mary Edwards. 


Moses 4 Hale (Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born at 
Glastonbury, Conn. ; m. Mary Edwards of Middletown, Conn. ; 
was at one time a resident of Lanesboro, Mass. He was one of 
the original proprietors of the Town of Rutland, Vt., a grant of 
land having been given by George the III of England to seventy 
men known as the "Original Proprietors" of the town of Rut- 
land, Vt. This grant was something over six miles square and 
contained about 26,500 acres, "to be divided among them in 
seventy equal shares." (See frontispiece.) The records of the 
town show that he was at one time the owner of over 2,000 acres, 
a large part of which was within the present City of Rutland, 
including Main Street, North and South, and all East. (See 
Plate III, p. 9.) He left, as a family relic, his Bible to be 
given to "such of his descendants as should be named Moses." 
This Bible passed first into the hands of his son, Moses, Jr., 
second to Moses B., son of Moses, Jr., and is now a much prized 
possession in the family of S. Moses Hale (son of Moses B.), of 
North Stockholm Station, N. Y., and is yet in a good state of 
preservation. It was printed in 1791 (Appendix, letter A). 
Milford Hale Smith (No. 156) of Rutland, Vt., writes: "In the 
old grave yard on North Main St., in the City of Rutland, I have 
found four tombs with the following inscriptions: (1) 'Thomas 
Hale, B. 1755, D. Oct. 29, 1812, A. 57'; (2) 'Ruth Hale, wife of 
Thomas Hale, B. 1757, D. Jan. 27, 1801, A. 44'; (3) 'Joseph 
Hale, son of Thomas and Ruth Hale, B. 1779, D. April, 1800'; 
(4) 'Sarah Hale, Dau. of Thomas Hale, B. 1777, D. July 4, 1801.' 


I am unable to find the tomb of Moses Hale." The above-men- 
tioned tombs are, no doubt, those of Thomas, the second son of 
Moses, and his wife and two children. 

i. Mercy, m. Asa Fuller. 

II. Thomas, b. 1755; d. Oct. 29, 1812; m. Euth — , b. 1757, 

d. Jan. 27, 1801. 
5. m. Josiah, b. 1757; m. Abigal Williams. 
iv. Asa, lived in Eutland, Vt. 
v. Chloe, died in infancy. 

vi. David, m. Mary Child. Moved to Boston, Mass. 
vn. William, b. July 1, 1767; m. Sarah Perry, Eutland, Vt. 
vni. Hial. 

ix. Moses, Jr., m. Freelove Barber. Moved to Stockholm, N. Y. 
1820; d. 1840. 
x. Sarah, m. Barnard. (See Appendix, letters A. and D.) 


Josiah 5 Hale (Moses*, Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
probably Glastonbury, Conn., 1757 ; m. Rutland, Vt., Aug. 5, 

1778, Abigal Williams, b. 1760, dau. of Williams and 

Abigal Girley. Lived at Rutland until between 1787 and 1790. 
Moved to Middlebury, Vt., where he lived till 1796, in which 
year he moved to Georgia, Vt., where he d. July 1, 1811. Farmer. 
She d. Jan. 5, 1808. (See Plate IV.) 


6. I. Hannah, b. Ma. 25, 1780; m. Aug. 30, 1800, Jacob Adsit. 

7. ii. Elisha, b. Jan. 9, 1782; m. Dec. 5, 1805, Lucy Hinckley. 

m. Experience, b. May 11, 1784; d. Jan. 23, 1804. Never married 

8. iv. Sarah Mariah, b. Sept. 29, 1786; m. July 10, 1806, Ira Hyde 


9. V. Daniel Moses, b. Apr. 21, 1791; m. 1st. Aug. — , 1817, Phoebe 

Adams; m. 2nd Jan. 2, 1831, Mrs. Ada Mary (Aldrich) 
Pool, widow of Peter Pool; m. 3rd Nov. 4, 1852, Anna 
vi. Josiah 1st, b. Aug. 5, 1788; d. May — , 1789. 

10. vn. Abigal, b. Jan. 26, 1794; m. Medad Baker. 

11. vin. Mary, b. Apr. 19, 1796; m. Barton Jones. 

12. ix- Josiah, 2nd, b. June 7, 1799; m. 1823, Martha Scott. 

13. x. Joanna, twin of Josiah, 2nd, m. Apr. 4, 1822, John Goddard. 



Hannah 6 Hale (Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Sam- 
uel 1 ). Born, Rutland, Vt., Mar. 25, 1780; m. Aug. 30, 1800, 
Jacob Adsit. (See Plate V.) His ancestry has been traced back 
to one John Adsit, who settled in Lyme, Conn., 1716. His son 
Samuel, b. 1719, lived in Lyme until about 1760, then moved to 
Stanford, Dutchess Co., N. Y. His son Samuel, Jr., b. Stanford, 
1754, served in the Revolutionary War, in Peter Van Ness' Regi- 
ment. He m. Phoebe Perdy, 1778, and moved to Willsboro Point, 
N. Y. His son Jacob, who m. Hannah Hale, as noted above, was 
b. Stanford, 1780, served in War of 1812. Was a farmer and is 
said to have been a, noted mathematician. Of his wife Hannah 
but little knowledge comes to us. She d. Jan. 20, 1805, at Wills- 
boro Point, N. Y., in the prime of life and felicitous motherhood, 
leaving two children, Jacob and Julia. He m. 2nd at Wills- 
boro, about 1806, Sally Moore, dau. of and , 

b. Sept. 6, 1787, by whom he had fourteen children as follows: 

1. Lurinda, b. 1807; 2. Louisa; 3. Alva; 4. Elias; 5. James; 
6. Moses; 7. Enos; 8. Phoebe; 9. Mary; 10. David; 11. William; 
12. Harvey; 13. Himon and 14. Hulda, b. 1831, and the only one 
living, Oct. 1908. (For further information of these children, address 
Mary E. Fowler, Burlington, Vt., dau. of Harvey.) 

He d. Willsboro, about 1862, and his second wife about 1864, 
and both are buried in Willsboro Cemetery and probably his first 
wife also. The old log house in which al lhis children by 2nd 
wife were born, is still standing. 


14. i. Jacob, b. June 21, 1801; d. March 26, 1881; m. Isabel Hall. 

15. ii. Julia, b. Aug. 18, 1802; d. March 21, 1886; m. James Smith, 

at Willsboro Point, N. Y., March 31, 1819. He was born 
at Shelburne Point, Vt., Oct. 2, 1793; d. May 15, 1871, at 
Willsboro Point, N. Y. 

Elisha 6 Hale (Bro. to No. 6). Born, Rutland, Vt., Jan. 
9, 1782; m. Georgia, Vt., Dec. 5, 1805, Lucy Hinckley, b. Say- 
brook, Conn., April 14, 1782, dau. of Ira Hinckley and Elizabeth 


Hyde.* Previous to his marriage he located a farm in the east- 
ern portion of the township of Georgia, Franklin, Co., Vt., 
where he took his bride and where he lived until within a few 
years of his death, which occurred at the home of his son Hiram 
H. in Georgia, Vt., Sept. 22, 1874. The following brief obituary 
mention appeared in the St. Albans Messenger: 

"Hale. — In Georgia, Vt., Elisha Hale in the 93rd year 
of his age. He was one of the pioneers of the town and, with 
one exception, the oldest citizen. A man of considerable ability 
and force of character in his day and generation. ' ' He is other- 
wise described, by his last to survive child, Mrs. Almira Gris- 
wold, as "a typical New England pioneer, strong in constitution, 
energetic, persevering and of sterling integrity, a kind father, 
an indulgent husband and a genial friend. He accepted Christ 
as his Saviour when forty years of age and was ever after a 
firm believer in the efficacy of the atonement of Christ to save 
from sin." Lucy, his wife, d. Oct. 19, 1867, while on a visit 
to their dau. Almira Griswold, near Waucon, Iowa, and was 
buried in the old Waucon Cemetery, where a monument marks 
her grave. 


16. i. Hiram Hinckley, b. Mar. 26, 1807; m. Asenath Bowker. 

17. II. Olive Experience, b. Jan. 11, 1809; m. John Churchill. 

18. in. Sarah Sophira, b. Dec. 10, 1810; m. Wm. Henry Sweet. 

iv. Lucretia, b. Georgia, Vt., Jan. 25, 1813; d. near Freeport, 111., 

March 12, 1849. Not married, 
v. Luther Barnard, b. Mar. 20, 1815; d. Mar. 20, 1817. 

19. vi. Almira, b. Feb. 2, 1817; m. Geo. Griswold. 

20. vii. Jane, b. Oct. 20, 1820; m. Curtis Hubbard. 

21. viii. Francis Barnard, b. Aug. 26, 1822; m. 1st Kenney, 2nd Jane 


22. ix. Elisha, b. Sept. 20, 1824; m. Eliza Deborah "Witters. 

*For Hyde genealogy see next consecutive number. 


Sarah 6 Mariah Hale (sister to No. 6). Born, Rutland, 
Vt., Sept. 29, 1786 ; m. Georgia, Vt., July 10, 1806, Ira Hyde 
Hinckley, b. Saybrook, Conn., Aug. 12, 1785, son of Ira Hinck- 
ley and Elizabeth Hyde. She was a woman of wonderful mem- 
ory of historical events, a devout Christian, a great church 
worker and a devoted wife and mother. She d. Georgia, Vt., 


Mar. 12, 1829. He was brother to Lucy, who m. Elisha Hale 
(No. 7). He married 2nd Phoebe Martin, b. Aug. 28, 1797, and 
d. April 7, 1876. He d. Georgia, Vt., Apr. 20, 1860. 

I. Lucy Lavina, b. Georgia, Vt., Aug. 3, 1808. Learned the mer- 
chant tailoring business with her cousin Robert Spencer, 
of Boston, became an expert tailoress and taught the busi- 
ness to her sisters Sarah and Caroline and cousin Jane 
Hale. She d. at home unmarried June 14, 1837. 
II. Sarah Mariah, b. Georgia, Vt., Oct. 11, 1809. Learned the 
tailoring business from her sister Lucy and gave special 
attention to making men's dress suits. She d. unmarried 
on an island in Lake Champlain, May 12, 1868. 

23. in. Caroline Philena, b. Feb. 22, 1811; m. Nesmith Wallace. 

24. iv. Adeline Eliza, b. Nov. 25, 1813; m. Orrin Landon. 

25. v. Abigal Williams, b. Apr. 2, 1816; m. Hiram Beardsley. 

26. vi. John White, b. June 13, 1817; m. Lucinda Wait. 

27. vii. Alvira Augusta, b. May 18, 1820; m. Rufus Clark. 

28. viii. Ira Bradford, b. Aug. 22, 1822; m. Sarah Baird. 

29. ix. Charlotte Fidelia, b. Jan. 31, 1824; m. Jno. Beardsley. 

30. x. Edward Franklin, b. Dec. 12, 1826; m. Lydia Buckley. 

31. xi. Edwin Hyde, b. Apr. 21, 1828; m. Mary Paton. 


"William 1 Bradford, b. Austerfield, Yorkshire, England, 
Mar., 1588. Mayflower emigrant, Colonial Gov. and author. 

William 2 , Jr., Joseph 3 , Althea 4 , m. David Hyde, Elizabeth 5 
Hyde, b. Sharon, Conn., April 8, 1758 ; m. Lebanon, Conn., Apr., 
1779; Ira Hinckley, b. Chatham, Conn., Mar. 16, 1756, son of 
John Hinckley and Ruth Gillette. Ira Hinckley, d. Georgia, Vt., 
Aug. 21, 1825. She d. Georgia, Vt., Apr. 8, 1818. 

I. Philena, b. Lebanon, Conn., Feb. 11, 1780; m. Dec. 1797, John 
White, Jr. She d. Brooklyn, N Y., Feb. 15, 1859, and 
buried in Greenwood Cemetery. 
ii. Lucy, b. Saybrook, Conn., Apr. 14, 1782; m. Elisha Hale 

(No. 7). 
in. Ira Hyde, b. Saybrook, Conn., Aug. 12, 1785; m. Sarah Hale 
(No. 8). 

rv. Juha, b. , . Lived with her sister Avis, and d. s. p. 

at the age of 99 yrs. 8 mos. 19 
V. Avis, m. Caleb Goddard. 
VI. Elizabeth, m. Smith Brush, 
vii. Anna, m. Moses Cheeney. 


Daniel 6 Moses Hale (Bro. to No. 6). Born Middlebury, 
Vt., Apr. 23, 1791. Served in war of 1812, for which he received 
a land warrant for 160 acres and later a pension of $8.00 per 
mo. Went to Scioto Co., Ohio, in 1816; m. 1st at Scioto Fur- 
nace, Ohio, Aug. 1817, Phoebe Adams, from whom he was 
divorced; m. 2nd at Scioto Furnace, Ohio, Jan. 2, 1831, Mrs. 
Ada Mary (Aldrich) Pool, b. Scioto Co., Ohio, July 17, 1804, 

dau. of Aldrich and Mann. (She m. 1st Peter 

Pool, who d. from gunshot wound received on muster day, 1829). 
Moved to Holland's Grove near Peoria, 111., 1832, returning 
to old home in 0. 1833. Moved to Carroll, Co., Ind., in fall of 
1844, and soon after to Cass Co. near what is now "Walton. Here 
his wife d. Dec. 7, 1851 ; m. 3rd Mrs. Anna Armstrong, Nov. 4, 
1852 who d. Feb. 25, 1867. Spent his remaining days among his 
children dying at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Amanda M. 
Ward, near Walton, May 22, 1874, of paralysis. Always a 
pioneer farmer. His leading characteristics were his sterling 
honesty, his industry and frugality and his religious zeal. A 
devout and consistent christian he died in the hope of a glorious 

I. John, b. Scioto Furnace, O., 1820; d. fall of 1829. 


ii. Martha, b. Scioto Furnace, O., Oct. 15, 1831; d. Dec. 12, 1835. 
32. hi. Josiah Ezra, b. July 27, 1833; m. Nancy Stanley. 

iv. Romulus Thomas, b. Scioto Furnace, Ohio, Feb. 8, 1837. Grad- 
uated from the Ohio State Normal School at Lebanon, 
Ohio, 1861. Enlisted as color sergeant in 27th Ind. Vol. 
Infantry and d. of camp fever Feb. 1, 1862, at Oamp 
Wycliff, Ky., where his remains rest in an unknown grave. 
Remus Daniel, twin of Romulus, m. Jane Rose. 
Oscar Fitzalan, b. April 1, 1839; m. Mrs. Mary Steele. 
Amanda Malvina, b. Oct. 10, 1842; m. Homer Ward. 


i. John Calvin, b. Scioto Furnace, O., Nov. 8, 1825; still living 

at Sampsonville, Ohio, 
n. Luther Aldrich, b. Scioto Furnace, 0.,; d. Brown Co., Ind. 









Abigail 6 Hale (Sister to No. 6). Born Middlebury Vt., 
Jan. 26, 1794, m. Georgia, Vt., Medad Baker (widower) where 
they spent all their lives. They had four ch. all of whom d. in in- 
fancy. Had also one adopted ch. Hannah Hale (dau. of Josiah 6 ) 
who, to their great sorrow, also d. at about the age of 13. She 
d. July 26, 1843. He led the quiet life of a farmer and was 
highly esteemed by his fellow citizens. He d. Oct. 10, 1865. 


Mary 6 Hale (Sister to No. 6). Familiarly known as Aunt 
Polly, b. Georgia, Vt., April 19, 1796. Taught school summer 
and winter for sixteen years, then went "West with John Goddard 
who m. her sister Joanna (No. 13). M. at Holland's Grove, 111., 
Oct. 14, 1834. Barton Jones b. Dec. 1, 1799. Moved to Bureau 
Co. thence to Stephenson Co. 1835, thence to near Evansville 
Rock Co., Wis. She was a sincere and devout Christian woman 
and in her last days it was her wont to repeat the following 
touching lines: 


I am looking over my labor, 

By the light of the Setting Sun ; 

For I see by the lengthening Shadows, 
That my day is nearly done. 

My work for the blessed Master, 

Is drawing toward its close ; 
Far less have I done in the Vineyard 

Than I hoped, when the morning rose. 

And yet while the daylight lingers, 

I will work as well as I may; 
Nor waste the remaining moments 

Regretting a misspent day. 

And ! if now in the vineyard 
Are any, led there by my hand, 

I give you this word at our parting, 
As nearer the gateway I stand : 


"Do all you can for the Master, 

Do better than I have done 
And then, when the day is ended 

You may Welcome the Setting Sun. ' ' 

Barton Jones d. near Evansville, Wis., May 24, 1844, of 
consumption. Farmer. She d. subsequent to 1881. 


36. I. Abigal, b. June 16, 1836; m. Otis L. Blackmail. 


Josiah 6 Hale 2nd (Brother to No. 6). Twin of Joanna, b. 
Georgia, Vt., June 7, 1799. M. Mrs. Martha Scott, (nicknamed 
Patti) Georgia, Vt., 1823. He was noted for his great memory 
of dates. Would visit a cemetery and remember the birth and 
death dates of every one he had ever known, ever after. Was 
honest and truthful, simple in his habits and hated ostentation 
and pride. At one time he was mentally deranged and became a 
great wanderer. Shortly before his death he predicted the day 
on which he would die, and requested to be allowed to come to the 
home of his nephew Rufus King Clarke, Georgia, Vt., where he 
d. on the day predicted, 1855. (Appendix, letter I). 

I. Mirando, b. Georgia, Vt., 1824; d. in his seventh or eighth yr. 

ii. Hannah, b. , ; d. at age of thirteen (see No. 10). 

in. Daniel, b. Georgia, Vt., 1828; d. about the age of 12. 

37. iv. Abigal, b. Georgia, Vt., May 21, 1830; m. Wm. W. Bishop. 

v. Emeline, b. Georgia, Vt., , 1832. An unusually bright 

child, "budded on earth to bloom in heaven," d. at age 
of 13. 

38. vi. Cornelia, b. abt. 1834; m. Alexander Barta Coutermarsh. 
vii. Hannah, 2nd, d. in infancy. 


Joanna 6 Hale (Sister to No. 6). Twin of Josiah 2nd, b. 
Georgia Vt., June 7, 1779, m. April 4, 1822, John Goddard, 
Georgia, Vt., where they lived until 1827, when they moved to 
Lawrence, N. Y. Moved to Putnam Co. 111., in 1833, thence in 
1835 to Cedarville, Stephenson Co. to Freeport, 1849, to near 


Lena 1854 and soon after to Lena where they spent the re- 
mainder of their days. She d. Sept. 5, 1869. He was a farmer the 
greater part of his life but was later a successful dealer in 
general merchandise, at Lena. Born at Lyman, N. H., Sept. 22, 
1809, d. Lena, Ills., Mar. 16, 1869. 

i. Mary Ann, b. Georgia, Vt., Dec. 16, 1823; d. Apr. 24, 1824. 
ii. Henry, b. Georgia, Vt., Aug. 20, 1824; d. Feb. 9, 1827. 

39. in. Sarah, b. Juno 17, 1826; m. Wm. Warren Hall. 

iv. Caleb H., b. LawTence, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1828; d. Freeport, 111., 

Oct, 18, 1853. Not married, 
v. Mary Jane, b. Lawrence, N. Y., Apr. 23, 1831; d. Mar. 3, 1832. 
vi. Albert, b. Lawrence, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1832-; d. near Freeport, 

111., Nov. 11, 1845. 

40. vii. Lucy M., b. Mar. 31, 1836; m. Dr. John E. Chambers. 

viii. John William, b. near Freeport, June 10, 1838; d. Dec. 28, 


ix. Harriet, b. near Freeport, Nov. 3, 1841; In delicate health 

at eighteen, she was as amiable and loving as her health 

was delicate. She d. s. p. Lena, 111., Feb. 14, 1872. 

x. George W., b. near Freeport, June 10, 1844; d. Aug. 5, 1844. 



Jacob 7 Adsit, 2nd (Hannah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , 
Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born Willsboro Point, Essex Co., N. Y., 
June 21, 1801 ; m. Mar. 25, 1832, at Isle La Motte, Isabal Hall, b. 
Lyman, N. H. Feb. 25, 1812. Sold farm 1834 and moved to 
Brazier Falls, St. Lawrence Co., where he was engaged in making 
charcoal. In 1836 returned to Willsboro and again engaged in 
farming. In 1838 moved to Ellensburg, where he was engaged 
as a farmer and lumberman until 1853, when he again sold out 
and moved to Mooers, Clinton Co., N. Y. He m. 2nd April 23, 
1837, Mary Ann Strait of Essex Co., b. Chesterfield, July 20, 
1817, who at last report was living with her son Hiram at For- 
rest, N. Y. He d. Mooers, N. Y., Mar. 7, 1880. 


41. i. Wm. Wallace, b. Feb. 10, 1833; m. Matilda Ealow. 

42. ii. Harvey Eansom, b. Oct. 31, 1835; m. 2nd Mary Brow. 




43. hi. Hiram Wesley, b. Essex Co., N. Y., Jan. 23, 1838. Single, 
iv. Louisa Elvina, b. Ellensburg, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1840; d. s. p. 

Mooers, Clinton Co., N. Y., Oct. 6, 1856. 

44. v. Lucinda Elvira, twin of Louisa; m. Hugh Hays. 

45. vi. Elizabeth Eliza, m. James Kellas. 

46. vil. Oblve Irene, b. May 4, 1847; m. Edwin Sartwell. 

vih. Isabel Arioa, b. Mooers, N. Y., Mar. 14, 1850; d. Mooers, 
N. Y., Mar. 7, 1875. 
ix. Catharine Rosilla, b. Ellensburg, Nov. 1, 1851; d. Mooers, 
Mar 27, 1857. 

47. x. Alfred Merrill, b. May 31, 1857; m. Susan Frances Maneeley. 


Julia 7 Adsit (sister to No. 14). Born Willsboro Point, 
N. Y., Aug. 18, 1802 ; m. Mar. 31, 1819, James Smith, Willsboro 
Point, b. Shelburn, Vt., Oct. 2, 1793, son of Caleb Smith and 
Sally Rubeck. She was of a literary turn of mind and was a 
poet of considerable local celebrity. The following retrospective 
poem, written by her in her 82nd year, is clipped from the Essex 
County Eepublican, Keeseville, N. Y. : 

I sat all alone, in my own easy chair, 

My loved ones were absent, I could not tell where; 

I spoke to the winds, as I heard their wild moan, 

Saying where, ye wild winds, where, where, are they flown? 

where is that friend who most lovingly chose 

To sit down beside me each day at its close, 

And where, swift and wild winds, pray tell where is he, 

Whom I rocked in my lap, the last of the three? 

Then answered the wild winds in low plaintive tones, 
Gone with the angels, never more to return; 
Then I sat in my chair, and rocked to and fro, 
Till moments seemed speaking of time long ago. 

And these words I heard, in the voice of the past, 
Life's pleasures are fleeting, too fleeting to last; 
But warm early friendship through life shall endure, 


No waters extinguish a flame that's so pure, 

'Tis heaven's own daughter sent down from above, 

Fair virtue's twin sister, her name shall be Love. 

Willsboro, Point, N. Y., Mar. 10, 1884. 
(For farther record see Appendix, letter I.) 

James Smith, her husband, came to Willsboro Point with 
parents from Shelburne Point, Vt., in 1796, where he spent the 
remainder of his life. He served in War of 1812 and was in the 
battle at Plattsburg Jan. 27, 1814. Appointed lieutenant in the 
37th N. Y. Inf. by Gov. James C. Yates, the original commission 
being now a family relic in the possession of his grandson, Rev. 
Milford Hale Smith, of Rutland, Yt. Served as local magistrate 
and was for many years a class leader in the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. He d. Willsboro Point, N. Y., May 15, 1871. She d. 
at same place Mar. 21, 1886. 


48. i. Wallace F., b. Jan. 16, 1820; m. Eliza Morhous 

49. ii. Elvira H., b. Dec. 6, 1823; m. Hiram Morhous 

50. in. Ira Hinckley, b. Dec. 29, 1828; m. Mary Elizabeth Morhous. 


Hiram 7 Hinckley Hale (Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 ). Born Georgia, Vt, 
Mar. 26, 1807 ; m., Georgia, Vt., Sept. 10, 1829, Asenath Bowker, 

b. , dau. of John Bowker and Sybil Loomis, by 

whom he had four children. She d. Nov. 21, 1859. M. 2nd 
Georgia, Vt., June 19, 1862, Eliza Purcell, b. Feb. 8, 1809, dau. 


He d. June 6, 1878, having spent the whole of his life in 
his native town, and for more than forty years lived on the farm 
where he died. In early life he became an ardent Christian, 
uniting with the Baptist Church. Possessed rare gifts in read- 
ing, prayer and exhortation and often supplied the pulpit in his 
pastor's absence. Social, genial, winning in his address, he was 
loved and highly respected in life and greatly missed in death, 
having served over forty years as deacon of his church. His wife 
Eliza d. Georgia, Vt., Feb. 18, 1895. No children by second wife. 

51. i. J. Madison, b. June 27, 1830; m. 1st Laura McGowan; m. 

2nd Jennie Noble Swift. 


52. n. Almira Asenath, b. No. 6, 1834; m. Rev. Joseph Gibb Lorrimer. 

53. ni. Hiram Harrison, b. June 15, 1840; m. Rogene Mears. 

iv. Laurentia Eliza, b. Georgia, Vt., Jan. 1, 1848; d. s. p. Aug. 
14, 1875. "Loving and beloved." 


Olive 7 Experience Hale (sister to No. 16). Born, Stowe, 
Vt., Jan. 11, 1809; m. Georgia, Vt., Feb. 28, 1828, John Chur- 
chill, b. Stowe, Oct., 2, 1802, son of Churchill and 

Lived in succession at Stowe, Vt., Brandon, N. Y., 1843, Free- 
port, 111., 1849, and Lansing, la., 1856. While visiting her sister, 
Almira (Hale) Griswold, at Waucon, la., in Oct. 1878, she fell 
down the cellar stairs and was instantly killed. Mrs. Griswold 
refers to this sad accident as one of the most agonizing of all 
her sorrowful experiences. Three doors, all alike in appearance, 
led from the room in which the evening had been spent, one into 
the parlor, one up stairs, and one down cellar. The good nights 
had been said and opening, as she supposed, the stair door, she 
took the fatal step. Her remains lie buried beside her mother 
Lucy (Hinckley) Hale (in the old Waucon Cemetery), who, it 
will be remembered, died at Mrs. Griswold 's Oct., 1867, while 
on a visit just eleven years before. 

He was a farmer. Enlisted in 27th Iowa Vol. Inf. in 1861, 
and d. in army hospital, Nashville, Term., June 25, 1864. 

Lucy Hinckley, b. Dec. 16, 1828; m. Asa Hemenway. 
Harriett Emeline, b. July 12, 1830; m. David Shoemaker. 
Luther Barnard, b. Dec. 12, 1831; m. Mary Jane Hawkins. 
Jane Hale, b. Nov. 21, 1833; m. Albert D. Harron. 
Emily Jeanette, b. July 23, 1835; m. Edward L. Stone. 

Safronia b. Dec. 20, 1837; m. Geo. Frank Nye. 

John Franklin, b. Stowe, Vt., Aug. 31, 1841; d. Center Town- 
ship, Alamakee Co., la., Sept 19. 1856. 
Abigal Williams, b. Nov. 30, 1844; m. Chas. Allison. 
Edwin , b. Apr. 27, 1847; m. Mary Phillips. 


Sarah 7 Sophira Hale (sister to No. 16). Born, Georgia, 
Vt., Dec. 10, 1810 ; m. Swanton, Vt., by Rev. Moffett, Jan. 29, 
1837, William Henry Sweet, b. West Broom, Canada East, April 
13, 1812, son of Steven Sweet and . 



















He was ordained a minister of the Christian Church, Marsh- 
field, Vt., 1843, and for many years led an itinerant life, preach- 
ing at various places in Vt., N. Y., Canada, 111., and Iowa, finally 
settling on a farm near Utica, Winona Co., Minn., spring of 
1854. Moved 1873 to near Springfield, Minn. In 1886 he went 
to live with his son Hiram, where he had a stroke of paralysis 
and d. Rochester, Minn, (where he was taken for treatment) 
Jan. 18, 1886. 

She was a zealous Christian woman, well versed in Scripture, 
a devoted church worker, a great controversialist, and a public 
speaker, often filling her husband's pulpit when occasion de- 
manded. Her last days were spent under the care of her dau. 
Ellen Maria, at Leavenworth, Minn., where she d. Jan. 31, 1882, 
and remains buried in family burying grounds near Minnesota 


Elizabeth , b. Nov. 23, 1827; m. Geo. Henry Sanford. 

William Henry, b. Mar. 15, 1839. 
Hiram Ford, b. March 21, 1841; m. Alice C. Smith. 
Edward Eollen, b. Fletcher, Vt., Jan. 25, 1844. Enlisted, 
1861, in Co. F, 2nd Eegt. Minn. Vol. Inf. and d. in hos- 
pital, Louisville, Ky., Jan. 25, 1862 (his eighteenth birth- 
day). Gifted in the art of public speaking. 
Mary Jane, b. Fletcher, Vt., Oct. 5, 1845, d. s. p. Lewiston, 

Minn., Oct. 5, 1865. Epilepsy. 
Albert Burbanks, b. July 14, 1847; m. Fanny Simpson. 

Lueretia , b. Sept. 12, 1849; m. William Evans. 

Anna Mandanna, b. Sept. 24, 1851. Drowned July 5, 1878. 
Ellen Maria, b. Dec. 2, 1853; m. Frank Hubener. 


Almira 7 Hale (sister to No. 16). Born, Georgia, Vt., Feb. 
2, 1817; m. by Rev. A. Sabin, at Georgia, April 18, 1842, to 

Geo. Griswold, b. Hubardstown, Vt., April 23, 1818, son of 

and . 

Settled on a farm near Brandon, N. Y. Moved to Potsdam 
1845, where he carried U. S. mail between Plattsburg and Og- 
densburg. Returned to Brandon 1849, and to old home, Georgia, 
Vt., 1850 to care for her parents. In 1852 went west and settled 
on a farm at Center, Alamakee, Co., Iowa. Moved to a farm 
near Waucon, la., 1866. It was here that her mother died while 

















on a visit. Sold farm 1877 and moved into Waucon. It was 
here that occurred the sad death of her sister Mrs. Olive Ex- 
perience Churchill, as recorded in No. 17. In 1852 moved to a 
farm near Pucwana, S. D., where he d. Oct. 12, 1886. He was 
adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Willard when only one 
year old, and was cared for by them as lovingly as their own 

After his death she lived alternately with her dau. Mrs. 
Lucy Varcoe, and her son Francis. On Feb. 11, 1903, she fell, 
while at the home of her son, and broke her hip joint, which 
never healed. For nearly four and a half years she was com- 
pelled to lie in one position enduring her suffering with great 
patience and Christian fortitude, until death came, a welcome 
guest, to end her suffering. She possessed a wonderful mem- 
ory of dates and occurrences, and to her is due much credit for 
the record of the early events recorded in this compilation. She 
d. at the home of her dau. Lucy Varcoe, Elk Point, S. D., July 
16, 1907. Remains taken to Kimball for burial. 


Geo. Willard, b. Oct. 17, 1843; d. Jan. 5, 1865. 

Francis Hale, b. May 13, 1848; m. Hannah Emily Sloan. 

Lucy Jane, b. Dec. 5, 1855; m. Kobt. Geo. Varcoe. 

Wilber Freeniont, b. Center, Alamakee Co., Iowa, Oct. 10, 
1862. Single. Engaged in lumber industry on the Missi- 
ssippi river for four years. Moved to Kansas in 1885, and 
to Missouri in 1896. Worked in Kansas on cattle ranch 
and with threshing machines. In 1896 engaged in mining 
at Zincite, Mo., for about seven years. Present address 
Anderson, Mo. 


Jane 7 Hale (sister to No. 16). Born, Georgia, Vt., Oct. 
20, 1820; m. Swanton, Vt., Mar. 25, 1845, Curtis Burton Hub- 
bard, b. Mar. 2, 1812, son of Clarke Hubbard and Martha Brig- 
ham. He was a prosperous farmer of Swanton, Vt., where he 
seems to have lived all his life. He d. Nov. 3, 1887. She was 
a woman of rare excellence and Christian character. D. Swan- 
ton, Vt, Mar. 31, 1880. 









I. Geo. Myron, b. May 5, 1847, Swanton, Vt. Educated in St. 
Albans. Now in the commission business, Boston. Ad- 
dress, 35 Worcester Square. Single. 
II. Sarah Myra, b. Swanton, Vt., June 2, 1849; d. June 1, 1851. 
in. Hiram Hale, b. Swanton, Vt., June 14, 1851; d. Mar. 7, 1853. 
72. iv. Francis Morton, b. Feb. 4, 1855; m. Jessie Freemont Waite. 
v. Lucy Jane, b. Swanton, Vt., Sept. 27, 1858. Single and lives 
with her brother Francis on the old homestead, of which 
she is joint owner by terms of her father's will, 
vi. A son, d. in infancy. 


Francis 7 Barnard Hale (brother to No. 16). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., Aug. 26, 1822; m. Georgia, Vt., Jan. 1, 1845, to 
Clarissa Kinney, who d. s. p. one year later. In 1848 he emi- 
grated to Freeport, Stephenson Co., 111. M. 2nd at Koscoe, Win- 
nebago Co., July 22, 1851, Jane A. Smith, b. Mill Hall, Clinton 
Co., Penn., Nov. 10, 1831, dau. of Thomas Smith and Beula 
Templeton. Moved to Alamakee Co., Iowa, and bought a farm 
near Center, where he lived until 1864, when he enlisted in Co. 
B, 27th la. Vol. Inf. and d. of brain fever in Adams Hospital, 
Memphis, Tenn., July 2, 1864. She has lived in Lansing most 
of the time since her husband's death and still resides there, in 
poor health and very retired. 


I. Clara Jane, b. Center, Alamakee Co., Iowa, Oct. 29, 1854. 
Not m. and lives with her mother. Has poor health and 
goes little in society. Very fond of music and fancy 

II. Frank Lincoln, b. Center, Alamakee Co., Iowa, Oct. 21, 1862. 
Learned the harness makers' trade when quite young, but 
afterwards became a telegraph operator, which business 
he preferred, and was held in high esteem by his employers 
for faithful and expert duty. D. s. p. in Idaho Falls, 
Idaho, June 22, 1895. 


Elisha 7 Hale. Jr. (brother to No. 16). Born Georgia, Vt., 
Sept. 20, 1824; m. in Georgia, Sept., 1848, Eliza Deborah Wit- 
ters, b. May 5, 1821, dau. of "Witters and 


Settled near Freeport, 111., 1848. Moved to Lansing, Iowa, in 
1851. Here he became a noted beekeeper, having thousands of 
colonies distributed for many miles up and down the Mississippi 
river. He was the originator of the method of steering rafts 
by steam boats, which was afterwards fraudulently patented by 
one to whom the plan was confided. In Nov. 1883, his wife died 
very unexpectedly, after which he became very despondent and 
later mentally deranged and was taken to Independence, Iowa, 
for treatment, where he d. Aug. 30, 1884. 


73. i. Albert Elisha, b. July 17, 1849; m. Ella Suvilla Stamy. 

74. ii. Albert Lucretia, b. Dec. 9, 1851; m. Geo. Wm, Albert. 

75. in. Homer Hiram, b. Mar. 17, 1855; m. Laura S. Flacker. 

iv. William Witters, b. Lansing, la., Dec. 26, 1861, and lived in 
the house in which he was born for forty years. Living on 
the banks of the majestic but treacherous Mississippi, he 
became an expert boatman and boat builder, and was in 
many instances instrumental in heroically saving people 
from drowning. Failing in health, he sought relief in 
the milder climate of California, but returned unimproved 
to the home of his brother Homer, Oronoque, Neb., where 
he d. s. p. Dec. 2, 1904. 


Caroline 7 Philena Hinckley (Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Georgia, Vt., Feb. 
22, 1811. Being the oldest of the family, she assisted greatly 
in the care of the younger children and was a great favorite 

in the family. M. 18 — , Thomas Nesmith "Wallace. 

He was a farmer and at one time owned a good farm near Pots- 
dam, N. Y. She was his 2nd wife. Their conjugal relations 
were not amicable, resulting in a separation, after which she 
went to keep house for her brother Ira at Lena, 111., where she 
also did sewing and taught school. Later she went to Beveir, 
Mo., to live with her son Oscar, where she d. Sept. — , 1870. 

T6. i. Frank Newell Nesmith, b. Feb. 17, 1849; m. Sarah Hopkins. 
77. ii. Oscar Dwight, b. Dec. 25, 1849; m. Jane Wright. 


J W £S "'1' -' ~& ? / 6> r , < p- v * ~*4i r/"^! 

! j£ ' 

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{ $jt&» • ■" < fad/ay **isf ff*.$t*/r/^ ^ftjj —- . ; 

'C /!»-t. A 'frffli^ ntnn*.. '— •• * • • ' — - ■ J 


Photographic copy of original record in " Records of 
Original Proprietors of the Town of Rut/and.'" On this 
record Moses Hale is referred to as Leut. Hale. In 
another record he is referred to as Leut. Moses Hale. 



Adeline 7 Eliza Hinckley (sister to No. 23). Born, Bur- 
lington, Vt, Nov. 25, 1813 ; m. Georgia, Vt., Feb. 19, 1835, Orrin 

Landon of Willsboro, N. Y., b. Dec. 21, 1810, son of 

Landon and . Settled at Burlington, Vt., but soon 

moved to Willsboro, N. Y., where they spent the greater part 
of their married life. She was a very gifted woman, intellec- 
tually, an earnest faithful Christian and member of the M. E. 
Church. He was a farmer and owned one of the finest fruit 
farms in Essex Co., about half way between Willsboro village 
and Willsboro Point. Was also owner of freight boats on Lake 
Champlain, the fastest sailing boats and the "Excelsior," the 
second largest on the lake. Moved to Whitehall 1862 and to 
Plattsburg in 1874, where he d. Mar. 18, 1878. She returned to 
Burlington, Vt., where she d. Sept. 23, 1891. 


Cynthia Eliza, b. July 24, 1836; d. s. p. Dec. 27, 1853. 

Cassius Durella, b. Dec. 16, 1837; m. Josie Benjamin. 

Sarah Mariah, b. June 30, 1842; m. Hiram Fox. 

Mary Ann, b. Nov. 12, 1849; m. Geo. Davis Kiernan. 

Eufus Clark, b. July 31, 1851; m. Ella D. Allen. 


Abigal 7 Williams Hinckley (sister to No. 23). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., April 2, 1816 ; m. Sept. 23, 1835, Hiram Beardsley, 

of Chesterfield, N. Y., b . D. Oct. 26, 1850. 

They lived at Clintonville, N. Y. She d. May 9, 1841, of con- 

I. Euth, b. at Clintonville, N. T., Oct. 26, 1839; d. July 7, 1851, 
of consumption. 


John 7 White Hinckley (brother to No. 23). Born Geor- 
gia, Vt., June 13, 1817 ; m. April 10, 1844, Lucina Wait, b. High- 
gate, Vt., July 14, 1819, dau. of Benjamin Wait, b. in Conn., 
Oct. 21, 1787 (served in War of 1812, d. Swanton, Vt., Sept., 
1878) and Eunice Skeels, b. Lanesboro, Mass., May 14, 1887, 
d. Swanton, Vt., May 23, 1873. (See genealogy of the Wait 











He was educated at the Georgia Academy and after mar- 
riage settled first at Swanton, but soon removed to St. Albans 
Bay, where for seventeen years he worked at his trade of black- 
smith. Was for many years a Justice of the Peace and was 
deacon of the Presbyterian Church at St. Albans during his 
long residence there and filled the same position at Georgia until 
the infirmities of increasing years compelled him to retire. His 
wife Lucina d. April 17, 1871, and he m. 2nd Sept. 2, 1872, 
Frances Elizabeth Rich, b. Canada, July 15, 1844, dau. of John 
Palmer Rich, b. County of Kent, West Peckham, Eng., Nov. 28, 
1816, and Fannie Elizabeth Smith, b. on Isle of Wight, Eng., 
Oct. 28, 1820. They were m. in English Church, Kent, Eng. 

John White Hinckley and wife are now (Jan. 1, 1909) 
living at Fairfax, Vt, he in good health and sound mind and 
the oldest living descendant, and she the staff and comfort of 
his mellowing age. 

Archie, b. Swanton, Vt., 1844; d. in infancy. 
Ann Eliza, b. Sept. 26, 1848; m. Jed Laben Pattee. 
Sarah Marie, b. St. Albans, Vt., 1851; d. at 10 months. 
John Powell, b. Oct. 4, 1853; m. Cora Loomis. 
A girl, b. June 13, 185 — ; d. in infancy. 
Adella Lucina, b. Sept. 3, 1857; m. Dr. Frederic Kinney. 
Ida May, b. June 28, 1861; m. Dr. Edward Homer Martin. 


Alvira 7 Augusta Hinckley (sister to No. 23). Born, 

Georgia, Vt., May 18, 1820 ; m. , Rufus King 

Clarke, b. Rochester, Mass., Mar. 26, 1815, son of Prisbrey Clarke 
and Rebecca Sears. 

He was twice married, 1st m. Mary D. Haskell of Rochester, 
Mass., July 3, 1838, who d. Dec. 3, 1849. Was in business at 
Georgia, Vt., until about 1865. After taking a course in medi- 
cine at the University of Vermont, he began practice and soon 
moved to South Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt., where he was a suc- 
cessful practitioner until May, 1874, when he returned to Geor- 
gia, where he d. Feb. 12, 1883. 

She went to Long Beach, Cal., to live with her dau. Mrs. 
Mary Wheeler, where she spent her remaining years, retaining 













full possession of her mental faculties till death, which occurred 
Feb. 18, 1904. 


86. i. Albert Warren, b , 1842; m. 1st Nellie Spence, 2nd 

Ruth Pirie. 

87. ii. Orrin Landon, b. June 11, 1846; m. 1st Jane Loomis, 2nd 

Addie Collins. 

88. in. Mary Haskell, b. Feb. 6, 1850; m. 1st Myron Landon, 2nd 

S. H. Wheeler. 


Ira 7 Bradford Hinckley (brother to No. 23). Born Geor- 
gia, Vt., Aug. 22, 1822 ; m. 1st Lena, 111., Aug. 16, 1849, Sarah 
Jane Baird, b. Batavia, N. Y., dau. of Levi Baird and a first 

wife. She d. Lena 185 — . M. 2nd , 

1856, Martha Elizabeth Baird, half-sister to first wife. She d. 
Lena Nov. 4, 1878. Her mother's maiden name was Hannah 

He was widely known as a successful dealer in live stock, 
especially in horses. Most of his married life was spent in Lena, 
where he d. July 18, 1878. 


89. i. Charles Edwin, b. June 1, 1850; m. Susan Jane Kinney. 

90. ii. Oscar Martin. 

in. Frank Eugene, d. young. 


91. iv. Cora Belle, b. July 17, 1856; m. Wm. McManigal. 

92. v. Ira Wilson, b. Aug. 25, 1861; m. Nellie McNeal. 

93. vi. Charlotte Aripteen, b. Nov. 1, 1864; m. A. C. Hughes. 

94. vii. May, b. Sept. 8, 1868; m. F. F. Murray, 
vin. John, b. , — — ; d. in infancy. 

ix. Louise Martha, b. May 5, 1875; m. Rev. Elmer F. Stephens. 



Charlotte 7 Fidelia Hinckley (sister to No. 23). Born 
Georgia, Vt., Jan. 31, 1824 ; m. July 4, 1844, John W. Beardsley, 

b. Sept. 15, 1820, son of and . 

Lived in Clintonville many years. M. a second time and had 
a son James C, who lives at Clintonville, N. Y. 



96. i. John Frederick, b. , 1844; m. 

97. ii. Ira Hinckley, b. , 1848; m. Elizabeth Ritson. 

98. in. Hiram W., b. Nov. 15, 1850; m. Sarah L. Knapp. 


Edward 7 Franklin Hinckley (brother to No. 23). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., Dec. 12, 1826 ; m. 1st Feb. 10, 1848, Lydia Buckley, 

b. , dau of Jonathan Smith Buckley and Eliza 

Martin. Lydia d. Mar. 19, 1865. M. 2nd Abbie R. Clarke, b. 
, dau. of and . 

Settled in Georgia, where he spent the greater part of his 
life, on a farm though a blacksmith by trade. Moved to Glover 
after second marriage, where his wife Abbie d. Nov. 13, 1891. 
Returned to Georgia, where he died Dec. 10, 1891. He was a 
self-educated man, of excellent memory and keen intellect, and 
whose integrity of character won for him the love and esteem 
of his fellowmen. 

Mary Adelaide, b. Nov. 23, 1849; m. Wm. Wilder Dow. 
George Ranslow, b. Oct. 28, 1853; m. Addie Morris. 
Charlotte Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1855; m. Sullivan Clough. 
Arthur Smith, b. Georgia, Vt., Mar. 11, 1857. A bright boy 

and a great favorite. D. of croup June 29, 1861. 
Ellen Maria, b. Mar. 22, 1859; m. Sumner Bliss. 
Albert Franklin, b. Dec. 3, 1863; m. Nettie Clarke. 
Lydia Eliza, b. Feb. 23, 1865; m. Frank Sherburn. 


Edwin 7 Hyde Hinckley (brother to No. 23). Born, Geor- 
gia, Vt., April 21, 1828. Went to 111. in an early day and became 

a successful school teacher. M. at Oneco, 111., , 

Mary Paton, b. Aug. 19, 1831, dau. of and 














. Lived at Galesburg, 1855, Oneco, 1858, and Winslow, 

1859, where he d. Oct. 20, 1859. She m. 2nd Mar. 11, 1863, 
E. F. Hinds and now lives at Clay Center, Kansas. 

105. I. Charlotte Evangeline, b. Sept. 28, 1853; m. Albert N. Street. 
100. n. Phoebe Estella, b. Nov. 23, 1855; m. Thos. H. Dunaway. 
107. m. Sarah Maria, b. , 1858; m. Ernest F. Hornecker. 



Josiah 7 Ezra Hale (Daniel 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , 
Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Hollands Grove, Tazewell Co., near 
Peoria, 111., July 27, 1833; m. 1st Crittenden, Cass Co., Ind., 

, 1854, Nancy Stanley, b , dau. of 

George W. Stanley and Elizabeth Smith. Settled on farm near 
Walton. Moved to Galveston, 1855, where he worked at the 
carpenter trade. Keturned to farm 1859. Moved to farm near 

Crittenden, 1860, where his wife d. , 1866. Moved to 

Transitville, Tippecanoe Co., 1868, where he m. 2nd Mrs. Kate 
Needham. Moved to Logansport 1869, where his wife Kate d. 

, 1870. M. 3rd Mrs. Flora, from whom he 

parted. He d. Logansport Aug. 3, 1887, faithfully cared for by 
his dau. Mary Ellen. 


108. I. Edith Jane, b. Feb. 10, 1855; m. Jessie Boring. 

109. n. Mary Ellen, b. April 11, 1857; m. James McCarty. 

110. in. Julia Ann, b. Dec. 21, 1858; m. Wm. Joseph Quinn. 

111. IV. Chas. Fremont, b. July 12, 1861; m. Johanna Wernz. 

v. Oscar Ellsworth, b. Crittenden, Cass County, Ind., Sept. — , 

1866; d. Transitville, Tippecanoe County, Ind., — , 


VI. Amanda Mahala, b. Logansport, Ind., April 20, 1870; d. Tran- 
sitville, at home of , of diphtheria. 


Eemus 7 Daniel Hale (brother to No. 32). Born, Scioto, 
Furnace, Scioto Co., O., Feb. 8, 1837, being a twin of Romulus 
Thomas; m. Buck Creek, Ind., Dec. 29, 1859, Mary Jane Rose, 
b. near Knightstown, Ind., April 5, 1837, dau. of John Rose and 

Martha . Settled at Battle Creek, Ind., where he worked 

at his trade of blacksmith. Enlisted in Co. H. 10th Reg. Ind. Vol. 
Inf. Sept. 19, 1861, and was discharged for disability Jan. 13, 
1863. Re-enlisted in 12th Ind. Battery and served to close of 
war. Removed to Buck Creek, 1866, and was P. M. under Presi- 
dents Hayes and Garfield. Died of paralysis, Buck Creek, Oct. 
17, 1888. She still survives him and is living with her dau. 
Mrs. Flora Lyon at Noblesville, Ind. 



112. i. Amanda Malvina, b. Nov. 25, 1860; m. Edgar Bozard. 
n. Juna May, b. Dec. 24, 1863; d. Oct. 1, 1866. 

in. Thomas Romulus, b. ; d. in infancy. 

113. iv. Flora Mabel, b. April 2, 1866; m. Wm. Robert Lyon. 


Oscar 7 Fitzalan Hale (brother to No. 32). Born, Scioto 
Furnace, Scioto Co., Ohio, April 1, 1839. Moved with parents 
to Carroll Co., Ind., fall of 1844. Given his time (on death of 
his mother) at the age of thirteen yrs. Graduated from Ohio 
State Normal School, Lebanon, July 3, 1861. Enlisted in Co. D, 
44th 0. V. I., Springfield, Sept. 5, 1861. Re-enlisted Strawberry 
Plains, Tenn., Jan. 4, 1864. Promoted 2nd Lieut, and acting 
Regimental Adjt. May 11, 1865. Final discharge, Camp Denni- 
son, Ohio, Aug. 5, 1865. In seven engagements and three times 
a prisoner of war. (Full military record, Storm Lake, la., Public 
Library.) Emigrated to Kossuth Co., la., fall of 1865, where 
Mar. 13, 1866, he m. Mrs. Mary Seymour (Clark) Steele, b. 
Westminster East, Vt., Jan. 30, 1839, dau. of Benj. Clark and 
Rhoda Harlow Ranney. Settled on farm nine miles south of 
Algona, where he lived for seventeen years. Moved to Algona 
spring of 1883. Returned to farm fall 1889, moved to West 
Bend, Palo Alto, Co., 1891, Pocahontas, 1900, Sioux City, 1904, 
Storm Lake, 1906, and League City, Tex., 1909, where he and 
wife now reside. While living in Kossuth Co. he served on Board 
of Co. Supervisors, a number of terms as Co. Surveyor and one 
term as Dept. Co. Auditor. At West Bend he was owner and 
editor of the West Bend Journal. 

Mrs. Steele was widow of Geo. Perry Steele, b. Saxtons 
River, Vt., Jan. 3, 1838, son of Stearne Steele and Anna Perry. 
He d. Algona, la., Dec. 15, 1860. They had one child, Geor- 
gianna Perry, b. Saxtons River, Vt., July 21, 1861; m. Geo. 

Stewart (b. in Canada, 1853, son of Geo. Stewart, Sr. and 

Richmond). She d. Armstrong, la., Mar. 23, 1898. They had 
seven children (see Middletown Upper Houses, Ranney line). 


114. Cora Ada, b. Jan. 12, 1867; m. Cornelius Darnels. 



Amanda 7 Malvina Hale (sister to No. 32). Born, Scioto 
Furnace, Scioto Co., Ohio, Oct. 10, 1842. After her mother's 
death, 1851, she made her home with friends near Walton, Cass 
Co., Ind., and with relatives at Lena, 111., until 1871, when Aug. 
10, she m. J. Homer Ward, Walton, Ind., b. Feb. 1, 1845, son of 
Enoch Ward and Jane Dudley. Moved to Sugar Grove, Vernon 
Co., Wis., 1880, where she d. Sept. 15, 1903. She had consid- 
erable literary ability and was the author of several poems of 
merit. Member of Christian Church and a great Sunday School 

He m. 2nd Miss Dora Crumrine, Sugar Grove, Wis., Mar. 4, 
1908, b. Sugar Grove, Dec. 2, 1869, dau. of Geo. Crumrine and 
Malinda Miller. Now lives on farm near Sugar Grove. 

114a. I. Arthur Hale, b. Mar. 22, 1881; m. Mary M. Drake. 

n. Ada Mary, b. Crawford Co., Wis., July 14, 1883; d. Nov. 11, 

in. Alice Jane, twin of Ada Mary, d. Dee. 3, 1883. 
iv. Albert Enoch, b. Crawford Co., Wis., near Sugar Grove, Ver- 
non Co., Wis., June 23, 1887. He is a professional cook. 
Enlisted in U. S. Navy as ship's cook Jan. 15, 1909. 
Now stationed Newport, E. I. 


Abigal 7 Jones (Mary 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , 
Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Stephensen Co., 111., June 16, 1836. 
Moved to near Evansville, Wis., where she m. Oct. 6, 1853, Otis 
L. Blackmun. Settled on farm four miles south of Evansville, 
where she d. July 9, 1865, of consumption. He was son of Har- 
ry Blackmun and Lydia . Farmer and carpenter. D. 

Sept. 5, 1885, of cancer of stomach. 


115. I. Frank Otis, b. June 21, 1854; m. Mrs. Theresa Britton. 

116. n. Harry Barton, b. July 15, 1857; m. Nellie McClintoc. 

117. in. Mary Alice, b. May 3, I860'; m. Godfrey Wilder. 

118. iv. Anna Almena, b. Aug. 26, 1862; m. Charles L. Gilham. 


Abigal 7 Hale (Josiah 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , 
Samuel 1 ). Born, Georgia, Vt, May 21, 1830; m. Georgia, Nov. 


30, 1851, William Wallace Bishop of Fairfax, b. July 10, 1829. 
Settled at Georgia, but later moved to Buffalo, N. Y., where she 
became mentally deranged, and was sent to seek her relatives 
at Georgia, Vt., whom, owing to the confused state of her mind, 
she had great difficulty in finding, she herself being found wan- 
dering, drenched and greatly exhausted. She was taken to the 
home of her cousin Hiram H. Hale, who cared for her during 
her remaining days. She is said to have greatly mourned her 
separation from her children and died broken hearted in Nov. 
1874. Her funeral sermon was preached by Elder Sabin and 
her remains laid to rest beside those of her uncle Elisha Hale in 
the Georgia Plain Cemetery. He was a farmer and now living 
at Percival, Iowa. 

I. Miranda, b. July 27, 1855; single, lives with her father. 

119. n. Carleton L., b. Oct. 1, 1858; m. Mary Elizabeth Elder. 

120. HI. Walton M., b. Jan. 3, 1861; m. Mary Connell. 


Cornelia 7 Hale (sister to No. 37). Born, Georgia, Vt., 
about 1834; m. Alexander Barta Coutermarsh of St. Albans, b. 

— , , son of Joseph Coutermarsh and Katherine 

Willet. Lived at St. Albans until her death in 1869. He moved 

to , Canada, where he m. 2nd Minerva Provo, Oct. 25, 

1870. Moved to Escanaba, Mich., 1855, where he d. Apr. 19, 
1902. He was of French descent, very muscular and a good 
hand at breaking colts. His 2nd wife, Minerva, d. Escanaba, 
July 9, 1908. 


121. I. William Henry, b. April 5, 1864; m. Betsey Anderson. 

II. Hattie Mary, b. 1865; d. s. p. Mar. 17, 1884, of consumption. 

122. in. Emma Jane, b. , 1868; m. Thomas Richter. 


Sarah 7 Goddard (Joanna 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , 
Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Georgia, Vt., June 17, 1826; m. Mar. 
17, 1847, by Rev. Watterbury, Freeport, 111. William Warren 
HaU, b. Middlebury, Vt., Nov. 8, 1822, son of Robert Hall and 



Polly Bailey. Settled on farm two miles south of Lena, 111. 
Moved to Lena, 1854, to Wadams Grove (now West Point) 
spring of 1859. Returned to Lena, Oct., 1867. Moved to near 
Sugar Grove, Wis., 1881, returned to Lena, 1896, where he d. 

t 1903. He was a man of ability and great purity of 

life, a member of the Baptist Church, frequently supplying the 
pulpit of that denomination. She still survives him and is mak- 
ing her home with her dau. Mrs. Nellie Seise, at Lena, 111. 


123. I. Anna Edith, b. Apr. 16, 1848; m. Horace E. King. 

n. Emma, b. near Lena, Ills., Aug., 1857; d. Aug. 4, 1857. 

124. in. Albert W., b. Eeb. 17, 1854; m. Jennie E. Curtis. 

125. IV. Carrie, b. Oct. 9, 1856; m. Charles Cummings. 

126. v. Nellie, b. June 10, 1859; m. Peter Seise. 

127. vi. Mary Lizzie, b. Dee. 29, 1861; m. Geo. E. Page. 

VII. Robert Judson, b. Aug. 14, 1866; d. Sept. 5, 1866. 


Lucy 7 M. Goddard (sister to No. 39). Born, Stephensen, 
Co., 111., near what is now Cedarville, Mar. 31, 1836. Her birth 
was an epoch in the history of Stephensen Co., she being the 
first white child born in the county. She was rocked in a cradle 
made from a hollowed out log. The Indians, then numerous, 
frequently visited the house to see the little white "pappoose," 
and the squaws considered it a special privilege to be permitted 
to rock the primitive cradle. She m. Lena, 111., May 15, 1856, 
Dr. John R. Cambers, b. Clearfield Co., Penn., Nov. 5, 1827. 
His mother was a Parkinson. He served as surgeon in the Civil 
War. Moved to Holden, Mo., where he died. Their children 
John and Hellen having established themselves in business in 
Chicago, she in 1887 went to make her home with them, where 
she d. May 27, 1901, of Locomotor Ataxia. Her remains were 
taken to Lena and laid beside those of her infant son Arthur. 

128. I. John Goddard, b. Mar. 20, 1858; m. Cora Howard, 
n. Arthur B., b. Lena, Mar. 12, 1863; d. Aug. 15, 1866. 

128a. in. Hellen, b. Lena, , 18—; stenographer and notary 

public. Address, Chicago, care of Palmer House. 





William 8 Wallace Adsit (Jacob 7 , Hannah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Willsboro, Essex 
Co., N. Y., Feb. 10, 1833. Died a soldier in Co. D, 96th N. Y. 
Regt. Volunteers, in Plattsburg, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1861, leaving a 
wife and two children. She moved to Manistee, Mich., and went 
on still farther west. She and both boys are married. Their 
present whereabouts is unknown. Her maiden name was 
Matilda Ralow. 


129. I. William Wallace, b. Moores, N. Y., fall of 1857; m. 

130. II. Harry Ransom, b. Moores, N. Y., , 1859; m. 


Harvey 8 Ransom Adsit (brother to No. 41). Born Brasher, 
St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Oct. 1, 1835. Was three times married 
but left no children. M. 1st 1864, Ada Brace, b. Altona, Clinton 

Co., N. Y. , — , 18 — , dau. of James Brace, from whom he was 

divorced after two years. He m. 2nd , 1874, Mary 

Brow, b. Swanton, Vt., dau. of Brow and Jane Watts. 

She d. 1884 and in 1885 he m. 3rd Sarah Vond. His occupa- 
tion through life was that of a farmer. He died Mooers, N. Y., 
Oct. 20, 1895. His wife Sarah now lives near Ellensburg Center, 
Clinton Co., N. Y. 


Hiram 8 Wesley Adsit (brother to No. 41). Born, Essex 
Co., N. Y., Jan. 23, 1838. Enlisted Dec. 16, 1861, in Co. D, 96th 
N. Y. Vol. Inf. and was discharged for disability at Mount 
Pleasant Hospital Aug. 25, 1862. Not married, always remained 
at home, engaged at farming and is a beekeeper on an extensive 
scale. Address, Forest, N. Y. 


Elvira 8 Lucinda Adsit (sister to No. 41). Born Ellensburg, 
N. Y., Dec. 19, 1840; m. Mooers, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1860, Hugh 


Hayes, b. Essex, Essex Co., N. Y. , , son of Theron 

Hayes and Phoebia Adsit. He enlisted in 19th N. Y. Artillery 
Jan. 1, 1864, at Malone, and d. in service July 19, 1864, of heart 
disease. He was a farmer. She m. 2nd Mooers, N. Y., Nov. 10, 

1865, John Brewster, b. Burlington, Vt., , 18 — , son of 

Bartus Brewster and Sophia Kimble. He enlisted at Mooers, 
N. Y., Jan., 1860, in Co. B, 96th N. Y. Vol. Inf. and served 2 yrs. 
8 mos. Moved to Jackson 1879, where he d. Jan. 27, 1903. She 
still resides in Jackson, 118 South Grinnell St. 


131. I. ¥m. E., b. Nov. 22, 1860; m. Seddie E. Dunham. 

132. ii. Hattie Elvina, b. Jan. 19, 1863; m. Harvey Bliss. 


133. in. Florence, b. Nov. 22, 1866; m. John Atehenson. 

134. rv. Charles, b. Feb. 16, 1868; m. Mina Cole. 

135. v. Jacob, b. Sept. 18, 1869; m. Nellie Seaman. 

136. vi. Mary, b. July 24, 1872; m. Adelbert Frankenfield. 

137. vu. Ada, b. Oct. 6, 1875; m. Frank Chapman. 

138. vm. Katie, b. May 14, 1876; m. Morris E. Cantrell. 

139. ix. Bernice, b. Feb. 12, 1879; m. William Marshall. 

45 1159C22 

Elizabeth 8 Eliza Adsit (sister to No. 41). Born, Ellens- 
burg, Clinton Co., N. Y., Feb. 12, 1843 ; m. — , 1864, James 

Kellas of Mooers Forks, b. , , son of 

and . Settled at Mooers Forks. Removed to De- 
kalb Co., 111., 18 — , but soon returned to old home. Now live8 
near Forest, N. Y. He is a farmer. 


140. I. Alford J., b. May 1, 1864; m. Mrs. Francis Dunham. 

141. ii. Mary I., b. Apr. 12, 1866; m. Geo. McGregor. 

142. in. Anna, b. Jan. 13, 1869; m. J. Cashman. 

143. IV. Jacob Adsit, b. May 29, 1872; m. Jennie Walker. 

144. v. Edith May, b. Mar. 8, 1881; m. Alexander McCrea. 


Olive 8 Irene Adsit (sister to No. 41). Born, Ellensburg, 
Clinton, Co., N. Y., May 4, 1847 ; m. Mar. 24, 1867, Edwin Sart- 
well, b. Mooers, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1844, son of Moses Sartwell and 
















Hepsy Chapman, b. Chazy, N. Y. (Moses came from Vt., and 
settled at Mooers, N. Y.) Settled at Mooers, N. Y., where she 

d. Apr. 8, 1897. He enlisted , 186—, in 14th N. Y. Heavy 

Artillery and served about two years. Farmer. Still lives at 
Mooers, N. Y. 

Etta Irene, b. Jan. 2, 1868; m. Jaoeb B. Davison. 
Emma Evaline, b. Jan. 29, 1869; m. Samuel R. Alford. 
Mary Ann, b. Eeb. 18, 1871; m. Samuel Davison. 
Jennie Lena, b. Oct. 28, 1872; m. Jacob F. Bacon. 
Ida Elizabeth, b. Feb. 7, 1874; m. Charles Curtis. 
Isabel Esther, b. Moores, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1875; not m. Lives 

at home. 
Edwin Wesley, b. Jan. 24, 1879; m. Elva Ann Evans. 
Mable Estella, b. Moores, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1883. Taking course 
in stenography Albany Business Col. 
ix. Norm Eugene, b. Moores, N. Y., Apr. 14, 1886. Attending 

school at home, 
x. Harvy Eansom, b. Moores, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1887. Attending 
school at home. 


Alfred 8 Merrill Adsit, M. D. (brother to No. 41). Born, 
Mooers, Clinton, Co., N. Y., May 31, 1857. Began the study of 
medicine in the Detroit Medical College in 1878 and graduated 
from the Medical Department of Columbus University, 1879. 
Began practice at Chateaugay Lake, N. Y. M. Dec. 22, 1884, 
Susan Francis Maneely, b. May 11, 1862, dau. of Thomas Ma- 
neely and Catharine Clark. The marriage ceremony was per- 
formed by a cousin of the groom, Rev. Milford Hale Smith, then 
of Saranac, N. Y., who drove over seventy miles in a sleigh for 
that purpose. Settled at Hastings, Minn. Dec. 25, 1884, where 
he is now practicing his profession. Is a member of the Minn. 
Med. Ass., the American Med. Ass. and Hastings Med. and Sur. 
Ass. of Hastings, and Surgeon to the Hastings State Asylum. 

I. Myrtle, b. Hastings, Minn., Oct. 13, 1887. 
ii. "Wesley, twin of Myrtle, lived only three weeks. 


Wallace 8 F. Smith (Julia 7 Adsit, Hannah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Willsboro Point, 


N. Y., Jan. 16, 1820; m. Jan. 1, 1849, Eliza Morhous, b. Wills- 
boro, Sept. 19, 1829, dau. of Charles Morhous and Amy Vaughn. 
Lived at Willsboro all his life. "Was supervisor of the town 
about 1864-5. At one time owned over 300 acres of improved 
farm land but later met with financial reverses. Is now on a 
farm on Willsboro Point, adjoining the premises where Jacob 
Adsit, Sr., his maternal grandfather, began life with his young 
bride, Hannah Hale, in 1800 (No. 6). He is now 89 years of age 
and is feeble in body, but his mind remains clear. His wife still 
lives and their son-in-law, John Osier, and their granddaughter, 
Edith May Osier, who live with them, are caring for them in 
their declining years. 


151. I. Ella G., b. Nov. 6, 1849; m. 1, Wm. Hinkley; 2, James 

Deavitt; 3, John Osier. 

152. n. Eugene Carlton, b. Apr. 5, 1853; m. Josephene Hinckson. 

153. in. Charles H., b. May 19, 1857; m. Mary Hell en Coolon. 

154. rv. Bertha A., b. Nov. 15, 1863; m. Frank Brown. 


Elvira 8 Hannah Smith (sister to No. 48). Born, Wills- 
boro Point, N. Y, Dec. 6, 1823 ; m. , 1858, Hiram Chase 

Morhous, b. Willsboro, 1833, son of Charles Morhous and Amy 
Vaughn. Settled at Willsboro, where she d. Nov. 6, 1893. In 
her early years she taught school and also taught wax work and 
took a course in painting. He d. in the town of his birth, Dec. 
26, 1903. (See Appendix, letter I.) 

i. James Rupert, b. "Willsboro, , 1859; d. , 18.63. 

155. n. Charles Winford, b. Oct. 28, 1863; unmarried. Living in 

New York City in 1909. An attorney and counselor at 
law. His house address is 88 Sands St., Brooklyn, N. T. 


Ira 8 Hinckley Smith (brother to No. 48). Born, Wills- 
boro Point, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1829 ; m. Sept. 19, 1853, Mary Eliza- 
beth Morhous, b. Willsboro, June 1, 1831, dau. of Andrew Mor- 
hous and Sally Woodruff. He was educated at Troy Conference 


Academy, Poultney, Vt., but was compelled, by failing health, 
to relinquish his preparation for college and return to his 
father's farm, where he divided his time between teaching and 
farming. He d. Aug. 23, 1863. She was educated at Troy Con- 
ference Academy and was a teacher for several years before 
marriage. She d. at the home of her son Rev. Milford H. Smith, 
in Granville, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1892. 


156. I. Milford Hale, b. Apr. 25, 1855; m. Emma Jane Knowles. 

157. ii. Alberti Decatur, b. May 7, 1858; m. Bertha E. Ames. 


J. Madison 8 - Hale (Hiram 7 , Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , 

Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Georgia, Vt., June 27, 1830; 

m. 1st , 1853, Laura McGowan, of Grand Isle, Vt., who d. 

Grand Isle, 1876. No children. He then went to Michigan as a 

traveling salesman and m. 2nd Jennie Noble Swift, of Dexter, 

Mich., b. Dexter, Apr. 15, 1847, dau. of Cassius Swift and Emily 

M. . He was a machinist and inventor, having secured 

several patents, and was a man of more than ordinary ability. 

He d. Cleveland, 0., Aug. 7, 1889. She d. Dexter, Mich., Mar. 

10, 1903. 


158. I. Emily Swift, b. June 2, 188&; m. Wm. Seymour. 


Almira 8 Asenath Hale (Sister to J. Madison). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., November 6, 1834. Graduated from Ladies' 
Literary Seminary New Hampton Inst, and became one of its 
teachers. M. Sept. 30, 1862, Rev. Joseph Gibb Lorimer and 
settled in Derby, Vt., where Oct. 15, 1861, he had been ordained 
minister of the Baptist Church, in which capacity he served for 
fifteen years. Moved 1877 to Georgia, Vt., where he served as 
pastor for twenty-five years, when failing health compelled him 
to retire. Moved 1908 to Georgia Center to the old home of Rufus 
King Clarke (see No. 27), where he is now an invalid, very frail, 
under the care of his devoted wife. They had no children, but 
adopted two; Alice Hay, b. in Australia April 29, 1871, who is 
still with them, and Bessie Bowker Bliss, b. Georgia July 24, 


1880, m. South Omaha, Neb. June 9, 1906, Fred Felton Briggs 
and now (Nov., 1908) live in Holdrige, Neb. He is salesman for 
a lumber firm in Omaha. Joseph Gibb Lorimer is son of John 
Lorimer and Isabel Brodie, who came from Portsoy, Scotland, 
in 1830. 


Hiram 8 Harrison Hale (Brother to J. Madison). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., June 15, 1840, m. April 23, 1863, Rogene 

Mears, b. , dau. of Alburn Mears and Laura Lewis. He was 

a man of sound judgment and executive ability, a farmer who, by 
industry and thrift, secured one of the best farms and homes of 
Georgia. The following obituary notice is from the Watchman : 

"In Georgia, Vt., Jan. 8, 1901, Dea, Hiram H. Hale, aged 60 
years and 6 months. By the death of this dear brother the Bap- 
tist church of Georgia Plains loses one of its strongest pillars, and 
the community a worthy Christian citizen. Another name is to 
be added to the notable list of deacons whose deaths have of late 
been noted in the Watchman. Converted in early life, he was 
baptised by his pastor, Rev. Alvah Sabin, and grew up in church 
work. He served as Sunday school superintendent over thirty- 
one years, and as deacon seventeen years. He was the son of 
parents who served their generation by lives of Christian activity 
and usefulness. His father served as deacon forty-two years, and 
was the lifelong friend of Rev. Alvah Sabin. A few years later 
the son took his father's place in all the counsels of the church. 
In his home he will be greatly missed, where he was always the 
congenial companion, the cheerful, loving father and the faithful 
friend. He leaves the devoted wife of his youth, three daughters, 
one sister, and other friends to mourn his loss. The "sombre 
curtain" has fallen between us — but to him the rending veil 
reveals what "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard." "And they 
shall see His face. ' ' The funeral services were fittingly observed 
from his church home, Jan. 10, Rev. W. G. Scofield, of Richford, 
officiating. Text, 2 Tim. 4: 6, 7." 


159. I. Myra Asenath, b. Mar. 1, 1864; m. Eev. Elmer I. Nye. 

160. II. Anna Eogene, b. Sept. 27, 1867; m. William A. Gooley. 


in. Jennie Eliza, b. Georgia, Nov. 19, 1875; d. s. p. June 21, 1899. 

rv. Jessie Louise, b. Georgia, Nov. 11, 1877; single. Graduated 
from Johnson, Vt., Normal School 1903. Taught school four 
years at Fair Haven, Vt., and now has a position as 
teacher at Waverly, Mass. 


Lucy 8 Hinckley Churchill (Experience 7 Hale, Elisha 8 , 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas, 3 Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Stowe, Vt., 

Dec. 16, 1828; m. Freeport, 111., , 1855, Asa Goodnow 

Hemenway, b. Potsdam, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1826, son of Vashni Hem- 
enway (b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Nov. 24, 1778) and Eliza Good- 
now (b. near Boston, 1779). Asa and wife settled on a farm near 

Freeport, moved to New Hartford, la., 18 — , and to Oakes, 

N. D., 1884, where he became proprietor of the Argyle Hotel. 
Was for many years a Justice of the Peace and was popularly 
known as Judge Hemenway. He d. Oakes, Mar. 11, 1900, and 
remains taken to Cedar Falls and buried in Greenwood Cemetery 
with Masonic honor's. His death was a great shock to her, both 
physically and mentally, from which she never fully recovered. 
She d. at the home of her dau. Hrs. Mattie White, of Oakes, N. D. 


161. i. Jessie Freemont, b. Sept. 29, 1856; m. Francis B. Koyce. 

162. II. Flora Jane, b. Jan. 26, 1858; m. James Stephens Williams. 

163. in. Matilda Marilla, b. Aug. 29, 1862; m. Andrew White. 

164. rv. Howard Vashni, b. Aug. 24, 1869; not m. 


Harriet 8 Emaline Churchill (sister to No. 54). Born, 
Stowe, Vt., July 12, 1830; m. Center, Alamakee Co., Iowa, Oct. 
31, 1856, David C. Shoemaker, b. in Wyoming Co., Penn., Oct. 

6, 1833, son of and . Settled at 

Pine Island, Minn. Moved to Strawberry Point, la., about 1860, 
where he enlisted in Co — 1st Iowa Cavalry and served to close 
of war. Removed to near Lincoln, Kan., 1867, where he d. Nov. 
9, 1890. Was a farmer. She is making her home among her 
children at Mulhall and Ponca City, Okl. 


165. I. Edith S., b. Dec. 8, 1857; m. W. A. Burress. 

166. II. Frank C, b. July 30, 1863; m. Augusta Ellis. 

167. in. Bertha J., b. Feb. 8, 1869; m. Homer S. Brunt. 



Luther 8 Barnard Churchill (brother to No. 54). Born, 
Georgia, Vt, Dec. 12, 1831; m. Feb. 15, 1853, at McConnels 
Grove, 111., Mary Jane Hawkins, b. in Critington, Pendelton Co., 
Ky., Oct. 20, 1833, dau. of Thomas Hawkins and Abigail Race. 
Settled at Wadams Grove, Stephensen Co., 111. Moved to Center 
Tp., Alamakee Co., la., about 1856, and pre-empted 80 acres 
Gov. land and built a home. Enlisted Oct., 1862, in Co. B, 12th 
la. Vol. Inf. Participated in battle of Fort Donaldson. Dis- 
charged for disability the day before battle of Shiloh. Moved to 
Madison Station, Miss., about 1884, and Blair, Okl., 18 — , where 
he now lives. 


168. I. Herbert De Forrest, b. June 24, 1855; m. Harriett Ann Pace. 

169. n. Willie T., b. Apr. 8, 1861; m. Delia Stanley. 

169a. m. Abigail Experience, b. Sept. 17, 1863; m. Albert Price. 

170. rv. John Lincoln, b. Aug. 3, 1866; m. Betty Swatty. 

171. v. Franklin Elmer, b. June 14, 1868; m. Maggie Bell Love. 


Jane 8 Hale Churchill (sister to No. 54). Born, Stowe, 

Vt., Nov. 21, 1833 ; m. , 1855, Albert D. Harron, b. Bel- 

mont, N. Y., Apr. 20, 1825. She d. Ion, Alamakee Co., la., Jan. 

19, 1862. He m. 2nd , 1865, Mary Jane Pratt. She d. 

near Gaylord, Kansas, , 1897. He d. Gaylord, Jan. 9, 



172. i. Eva Jane, b. Feb. 1, 1857; m. Roscius Hagedon. 

173. n. Alice , b. Feb. 18, 1860; m. Alba O. Collins. 

m. Alma, twin of Alice, d. in infancy.- 


Emily 8 Jeanette Churchill (sister to No. 54). Born, 
Stowe, Vt., July 23, 1825 ; m. Freeport, 111., April 23, 1855, Ed- 
ward L. Stone, b. Compton, Perm., , 1828, son of Raphael 

Stone and Sarah Ingham. Settled at Freeport, 111., where he 
enlisted Mar., 1864, in Co. B, 46th 111. Vol. Inf. and d. in 


service. Buried in New Madrid, Mo. In April, 1865, she and two 
daughters moved to Campton, Penn., where at last report she 
was still living. 

I. Franklin, b. Freeport, 111.; d. young. 

173a. ii. Harriett, b. — , 1860; m. David Wilmot Van Ness. 

in. John, b. Freeport, 111.; died young. 

rv. Ella Lucretia, b. , 1864; d. s. p. Compton, Pa., Jan. 

19, 1882. 


Safrona 8 Churchill (sister to No. 54). Born, Stowe, Vt, 

Dec. 20, 1837; m. Pine Island, Minn., , 1858, Geo. Frank 

Nye, b. Eden, Erie Co., N. Y., June 30, 1830, son of Hiram Nye 

and Beardsley. He enlisted Dec. 1861, in Co. B, 12th 

la. Vol. Inf. and d. in service Nov. 16, 1862, of disease contracted 
at seige of Vicksburg, Miss. She now resides at 423 E. 16th St., 
Flat 3, Minneapolis, Minn., with her dau. Mrs. Ida Tousley. 


174. I. Ida Harriett, b. Aug. 1, 1859; m. Ed. Tousley. 

175. ii. Emma Jane, b. Feb. 19, 1861; m. Wm. Tousley. 


Abigal 8 Williams Churchill (sister to No. 54). Born in 
Franklin Co., N. Y., Nov. 30, 1844 ; m. Village Creek, Alamakee 

Co., la., Oct. 8, 1861, Charles Allison, b. , , son of 

and . Lived at Ion, Alamakee Co., 

la., Prairie Du Chien, Wis., and finally settled at. Excelsior, Rich- 
land Co., Wis., 1869; where he was, for eighteen years, head miller 
of Excelsior Flouring Mills, and where he d. Nov. 27, 1892. She 
still lives at the old home in Excelsior. Recently m. again. 


Martha Sophia, b. Aug. 26, 1862; m. Milton H. Rosemeyer. 
Mary Ellen, b. Aug. 27, 1863; m. William Hinkle. 
Olive S., b. Nov. 14, 1865; m. Thomas T. Shannon. 
Lucy Jane, b. Ion, la., Aug. 24, 1869; d. Oct. 6, 1869. 
James Elmer, b. Excelsior, Dec. 15, 1876. 
VI. Charles Everet, twin of James, d. Excelsior, Nov. 26, 1896. 











Edwin 8 Churchill (brother to No. 54). Born, Brandon, 
Franklin, Co., N. Y., April 27, 1847 ; m. Oct. 9, 1869, Waucon, 
la., Mary Elizabeth Philips, b. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 29, 1851, dau. 

of and . Moved to Lincoln Co., 

Kan., 1878, where she d. Dec. 8, 1894. M. 2nd Mrs. Amanda 
Wilford, 1898. He served two enlistments : Co. B, 27th la. Vol. 
Inf., and Co. — , 12th la. Address Lincoln, Kan. 
I. Jessie Edwin, b. French Cr., Alamakee Co., la., May 2, 1872; 

not m. 
n. Marian Alma, b. Oct. 17, 1874; m. J. S. Boots, 
in. Arthur James, 
rv. Mary Almira. 


Elizabeth 8 Sweet (Sarah 7 Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , 
Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born Dickensen, N. Y., Nov. 23, 
1837. At New Ulm, Minn. Mar. 22, 1876 she became the 2nd 
wife of Geo. Henry Sanford, b. Peteite, Nova Scotia, Nov. 4, 
1837, son of John Sanford and Elizabeth Slater, "a Scotch 
ladie." His father was a ship owner and all his people were 
sailors. Emigrated with parents to Canada and just before the 
eivil war came to Shewansie Co., Mich., where he m. 1st Eliza- 
beth Brandt, by whom he had three children, all living in Mich. 
He traveled for three years as clown with P. T. Barnum's show. 
At Perry, Mich., he and first wife and three children were taken 
up in a cyclone and all badly injured, from the effects of which 
she died later, and from which he never fully recovered. Sold 
farm in Minn, and moved to Seattle, Wash., and again to Genes- 
see, Idaho, where he d. Jan. 21, 1898. She (his 2nd wife) and 
only child are still living at Genessee. 

I. John Albert, b. New Ulm, Minn., Nov. 6, 1878. Is a miller 
by occupation. Member of Modern Woodman. 


William 8 Henry Sweet (brother to No. 62). Born, Morris- 
town, N. Y., Mar. 15, 1839. His father in 1852 having taken a 


claim near what is now Jefferson, Minn., left his son William 
with a Mr. Hull on an adjoining farm. On his return in the 
spring with family, found his son "William had died under sus- 
picious circumstances, his body exposed and mutilated and 
finally deposited in an old well. His death occurred Feb. 6, 1853. 
Remains finally taken to Minnesota City and buried in Wood- 
lawn Cemetery. 


Hiram 8 Ford Sweet (brother to No. 62). Born, Jefferson, 
Franklin Co., N. Y., Mar. 21, 1841. Reared on old farm near 
Utica, Minn. Was J. P. in Norton Tp. and for many years a 
teacher in the public schools of Minn., Idaho, Oregon and Wash- 
ington. Enlisted in Co. I, 11th Minn. Vol. Inf. and promoted 
to 2nd Lieutenant. Was injured in service. M. at Winona, 
Minn., May 8, 1879, Alice Cora (Vail) Smith, b. Highforest, 
Olmstead Co., Minn., Mar. 4, 1861, dau. of James Colbourne Vail, 
of Broom, Canada East, and the adopted dau. of her grand- 
mother, Harriet Vail Smith. He owns a home in Winona, Minn., 
but is at present on a fruit ranch near Blaine, Wash. 


I. Lester, b. Winona, Minn., Nov. 27, 1880. Graduated 1905 

from University of Wash., Seattle; m. Annie Corey of 
Seattle, who is also a graduate of Washington Univer- 
sity. He is now principal of Valdez, Alaska, High School. 

II. Alice Maud, b. Winona, Minn., Nov. 26, 1883; m. Oct. 26, 

1908, Prof. Edward Ellis, a graduate U. of W. and a 
mining engineer. She is also a graduate of same institu- 

II. Wm. Dean, b. Winona, May 13, 1886. Attending high school. 

m. Eva Mae, b. Winona, Sept. 16, 1888; d. Winona Nov. 5, 1889. 


Albert 8 Burbanks Sweet (brother to No. 62). Born, Wal- 
den, Vt., July 14, 1847. Enlisted when a mere boy (1864) in 

Co. F, 4th Reg. Minn. Vol. Inf. Wounded at Altoona Pass, , 

1865. M. Marshall, Minn., Dec. 5, 1880, Fanny Hortense Simp- 
son, b , , dau. of Wm. A. Simpson and Ellen . 

Engaged in the sale of drugs, Marshall, and afterward studied 


medicine and began practice at Hopkins, Minn. Moved 1908 to 
Medford', Oregon. 

I. Harry E., b. Marshall, Minn., Jan. 4, 1882. 
n. Lottie V., b. Marshall, Feb. 3, 1886. 


Lucretia 8 Sweet (sister to No. 62). Born, Hammond, St. 
Lawrence Co., N. Y., Sept. 12, 1849 ; m. Lewiston, Minn., Oct. 15, 
1865, William Evans, b. New Town, Ireland, Aug. 8, 1827, son 
of William Evans and Sarah Pratt. He enlisted July 16, 1861, 
Fountain City, Wis., in Co. H, 6th Wis. Vol. Inf., promoted to 
Sergeant, participated in battle of Gettysburg, where he was 
wounded. Discharged July 19, 1864. Settled at Wausica, Minn. 
Moved to Lewiston, Idaho, 1875 and in 1885 moved to near Blaine, 
Wash., where he bought a farm and where he d. Nov. — , 1907. 

I. Emma, b. July 17, 1867; m. William Harmon. 

Isabel S., b. Feb. 22, 1869; m. William Zehring. 

John Edward, b. Apr. 18, 1870; m. Frances Lucretia Eowan. 

Clara, b. Dec. 3, 1831; d. Mar. 5, 1873. 

Evylin, b. Oct. 14, 1873; m. — Pruner. 

James Alfred, b. Lewiston, Idaho, Sept. 1, 1876; not married. 

Charlotte, b. Feb. 11, 1878; m. Crutchley. 

William Thomas, b. Oct. 4, 1879; m. Nettie Hoyt. 

Eobert Henry, b. Nov. 25, 1881; not m. 

x. Charles Clayton, b. Sept. 3, 1885; m. Madge 

xi. Josephine, b. Feb. 24, 1893; at home. 


Anna 8 Mandana Sweet (sister to No. 62). Born, Bloods 
Point, 111., Sept. 24, 1851. Drowned in Mississippi River near 
Richmond, Minn., July 5, 1878. She, in company with a Mrs. 
Bissit (with whom she was spending the day) and two children 
and a young lady friend, crossed to an island to picnic, and while 
all were bathing Mrs. B. got beyond her depth. Her eldest child, 
a former pupil of Miss Sweet, excitedly rushed to her relief and 
Miss Sweet, in trying to rescue both, saved Mrs. B. but she and 
the child were both drowned. Was a teacher of public schools 




















and member of I. 0. G. T. and was buried under the ceremonies 
of that order in "Wood Lawn Cemetery, Minnesota City. St. 
John xv, 13. 


Ellen 8 Maria Sweet (sister to No. 62). Born, Franklin, 
Alamakee Co., la., Dec. 2, 1853. Began teaching at the age of 
fourteen. Graduated from the State Normal School, Mankato, 
Minn., spring of 1877, and for many years taught school in 
Minn., Washington and Idaho. M. Minneapolis, Feb. 6, 1900, 
Frank Hubener, b. Gardelegen Germany, May 1, 1842, son of 

Geo. Christian Frederick Hubener and Wilhelmina . At 

majority he emigrated to America and settled at Eauclare, Wis., 
where for nineteen years he was engaged in mercantile business. 
Came to Marietta, Minn., and became proprietor of a town site. 
Is now engaged in farming and real estate business, Marietta, 
Minn. No children. 


George 8 Willard Griswold (Almira 7 , Hale, Elisha 9 , Jo- 
siah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Brandon, 
N. Y., Oct. 17, 1853. Enlisted Lansing, la., Aug., 1862, in Co. 
B, 27th Iowa Vol. Inf. Was in Red river expedition. Wounded 
and taken prisoner in battle of Pleasant Hill, La., Aug. 9, 1864. 
Paroled and came home, where he remained two months, then 
went to Keokuk, where he d. s. p. of small-pox in hospital, Jan. 
9, 1865. 


Francis 8 Hale Griswold (brother to No. 69). Born, Pots- 
dam, N. Y., May 13, 1848 ; m. Lansing, la., Dec. 24, 1872, Hannah 
Emily Sloan, b. Bedford, Penn., Oct. 30, 1850, dau. of Samuel 
Sloan and Mary Cuppert. Moved to a farm near Puckwana, 
S. D., in 1883, where he has since resided, his P. O. address being 
now Chamberlain, S. D. 


186. I. May Almira, b. Nov. 8, 1873; m. James W. Lawless. 

187. n. Georgianna Maud, b. Sept. 21, 1876; m. Kalph Oliver. 


188. in. Fred Willard, b. Feb. 3, 1879; m. Genevive May Ochsner. 

rv. Euth Esther, b. Alamakee Co., Iowa, Feb. 16, 1881. Worked 
in printing office at Chamberlain, S. D., and now assist- 
ant cashier in State Bank at Kimball, 
v. Charlotte Alice, b. Puckwana, Feb. 21, 1884. Took a three- 
year course of training in St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, 
Sioux City, la., and is now a registered nurse at 1524 
Court St., Sioux City, la. 

VI. Callie Victoria, b. Puckwana, Aug. 16, 1888. Now in train- 
ing school for nurses at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, 
Sioux City, la. 

vii. Florence Edna Dean, b. Puckwana, Aug. 29, 1890. Now in 
training school for nurses at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, 
Sioux City, la. 
vm. Ethel Lillian, b. Puckwana, Oct. 31, 1893. At home. 


Lucy 8 Jane Griswold (sister to No. 69). Born, Center Tp., 
Alamakee Co., la., Dec. 5, 1855; m. in Mitchell S. D., July 4, 
1884, Robert George Varcoe, b. Linden, Wis., April — , 1854, 
son of Robert Varcoe and Elizabeth . Settled near Puck- 
wana, S. D. Moved to old home, Linden, Wis., 1885, Lincoln, 
Kansas, 1887, Superior, Neb., 1888, returned to S. D. and settled 
on a farm near Flandreau, 1896, and to Butler, Day Co., Dec, 
1904, and later to Elk Point, S. D., where they now reside. 

i. Geo. Eobert, b. Linden, Wis., Dec. 1, 1886; m. Vesta Barker, 
b. Dec. 3, 1888, of Anderson, Mo., Dec. 25, 1908. Lives 
at Anderson, Mo. 
II. Clara Blanche, b. Lincoln, Kan., July 27, 1888. 
in. Frank Hale, b. Superior, Neb., Jan. 25, 1890. 

rv. Euth , b. Superior, Neb., July 29, 1894. 

v. Bessie Fern, b. Flandreau, S. D., July 19, 1898. 
vi. Agnes Thelma, b. Flandreau, S. D., Feb. 14, 1901. 


Francis 8 Morton Hubbard (Jane 7 Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Swanton, Vt., Feb. 
4, 1855 ; m. Dec. 28, 1881, Jessie Freemont Wait, b. Swanton, Vt., 
Nov. 3, 1856, dau. of Uriel Wait and Caroline Albee. Lives on 
old home farm near St. Albans, of which by the terms of his 
father's will he is joint heir with his sister Lucy. 


189. I. Caroline Jane, b.. April 2, 1884; m. Earl Ayer. 
II. Florence Eliza, b. Swanton, Vt., July 3, 1886. 
in. Clark Curtis, b. Swanton, Vt., July 2, 1890. 
rv. Horace Waite, b. Swanton, Vt., June 23, 1893. 
v. George Kaymond, b. Swanton, Vt., Dec. 14, 1900. 


Albert 8 Elisha Hale (Elisha 7 , Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , 
Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born near Freeport, 111., July 17, 
1849. In 1851 his parents moved to Lansing, la. In 1878, in 
company with his bro. Homer, he went to Norton, Co., Kan., 
where he took a homestead. M. Norton, Kan., June 4, 1882, Ella 
Suvilla Stamy, b. Franklin Co., Penn., May 30, 1863, only child 
of Geo. Stamy and Anna Maria Keefer. Moved to Abilene, Kan., 
Mar., 1885, Beatrice, Neb., May, 1891, and to Omaha, Jan., 1900, 
where he worked in a planing mill, being a carpenter and builder 
by trade. Is at present employed in the stair building depart- 
ment of the Segelca Kolehaus Mfg. Co., of Lacrosse, Wis. 

I. Georganna Alwilma, b. Omaha, Neb., June 8, 1893. 


Alberta 8 Lucretia Hale (sister to No. 73). Born, Lansing, 
Iowa, Dec. 9, 1851, and has the distinction of being the first white 
girl child b. in Lansing. Owns land in Neb. near her brother 
Homer's, but still lives in the town of her birth and until recent- 
ly in the house in which she was born. M. Lansing, June 2, 1908, 
William Albert, b. Wheeling, Va., April 7, 1842, son of Elin T. 
Albert and Jane Gilchrist. He is a dealer in real estate. 


Homer 8 Hiram Hale (brother to No. 73). Born, Lansing, 
la., Mar. 17, 1855. Went to Norton Co., Kan., in company with 
his brother Albert June, 1878, and took a homestead and timber 
claim nine miles west and two miles north of Norton, where he 
has continuously resided since. M. July 8, 1855, Laura Savilla 
Flacker, b. in Powells Valley, Dauphin Co., Pa., July 24, 1868, 


dau. of Enoch Supplee Flacker and Sophia Margaret Gates. He 
was one of the pioneers of Norton Co., and his first house was 
built of prairie sod. Antelope and other wild game were abund- 
ant during the early days of his settlement. 

I. Arthur Ernest, b. near Eockwell City, Norton Co., Kan., 

Nov. — , 1886. Graduated from Norton High School and 

now studying medicine at State University, Lawrence. 

Address 1329 Kentucky St. 
II. Albert William, b. Aug. 19, 1888. Taking four-year course 

in Norton High School, 
in. Clarence Leroy, b. Jan. 25, 1890. Also taking course in 

Norton High School, 
iv. Aura Loraine, b. Mar. 21, 1893. Public school graduate. 
V. Inez Alberta, b. Jan. 31, 1895. 


Frank 8 Newell Nesmith Wallace (Caroline 7 Hinckley, 
Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born 
Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Feb. 17, 1849. Adopted by 
Samuel Newell Goddard, son of Caleb Goddard (see under 8). 
M. Beveir, Maeon Co., Mo., Sept. 5, 1869, Sarah Elizabeth Cath- 
erine Hopkins, b. in Ky., Nov. 26, 1851, dau. of Geo. Washington 
Hopkins and Eliza Jane Smith. Settled on a farm in Macon 
Co. Recently moved to Greer Co., Okl., and later to El Reno, 
Canadian Co. Occupation, farmer. 

Minerva Philena, b. Aug. 14, 1870; d. Sept. 6, 1870. 
Julia Mary Ellen, b. Jan. 1, 1872; d. Sept. 12, 1872. 
Geo. Leslie, b. Lena, 111., Nov. 30, 1876. 
Lucretia Ann, b. five miles west of Lena, May 20, 1878. 
Clara Ellington, b. Yell Co., Ark., July 26, 1880. 
Lester Vernon, b. Mar. 25, 1886; d. same day. 
Pearl A., b. Mead Center, Mead Co., Kan., June 2, 1887. 
vin. Louella Anava, b. Aurora, Lawrence Co., Mo., June 3, 1891. 


Oscar 8 Dwight Wallace (brother to No. 76). Born, Pots- 
dam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Dec. 25, 1849. Was adopted by 
Caleb Goddard (m. Avis Hinckley, see under No. 8) and reared 












on a farm in Stephensen Co., 111. Went to Bevier, Mo., fall of 
1867, where he farmed two years. M. Bevier, Oct. 22, 1869, Ar- 

milda Jane Wright, b. Mar. 21, 1845, dau. of and 

. Married 2nd Sept. 20, 1889, Mrs. Louie (Curtis) 

Bell, b. in Ky., Feb. 21, 1847, dau. of Cyrus Curtis and Electa 

, and widow of John Bell, by whom she had two children, 

Minnie (b. 1877; m. Thos. Russell, has three children and lives 
at Littleton, Colo.) and Grace Odessa (b. 1887; m. Wm. Robison, 
have one child, Minnie, and live at Sunnyside, Colo.). His first 
wife d. Higbee, Mo., Mar. 10, 1895. His second wife is paralized 
and has lost her memory. He is now a miner and lives at Little- 
ton, Colorado. 

Elizabeth Philena, b. Bevier, Mo., Mar. 16, 1871; m. Higbee, 
June 23, 1898, Stephen Dermont, b. Hamburg, G-ermany, 
Sept. 6, 1865, son of John Dermont and Emily Sneider. 
Settled at Elliott, Randolph Co., Mo., where he was en- 
gaged in mining coal. Moved 1902 to Higbee, where he 
is still engaged in mining. R. F. D. No. 1. 


Cassius 8 Durelle Landon (Adeline 7 Hinckley, Sarah 6 Hale, 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born Dec. 16, 
1837, Willsboro Point, N. Y., where he spent his boyhood. Studied 
law at Whitehall, N. Y., and began practice at the age of twenty- 
two and developed into an able lawyer. M. at Whitehall, May 
1, 1866, Josephine Benjamin, dau. of Samuel Benjamin and Mary 
Jane Wilson. (The Benjamin and Wilson families came to White- 
hall from Conn, about 1790. Lemuel Wilson, father of Mary 
Jane, was the wealthiest farmer in Whitehall in his time.) After 
the civil war he went to Miss, and was for a time city marshal of 
Vicksburg, afterwards becoming a member of the state legislature. 
Leaving the south he established himself in the law business in 
New York City and d. a few years later in Brooklyn, Jan. 27, 
1873. She was well educated and was much interested in lit- 
erary and educational work. She m. 2nd John W. Hall, by whom 
she had a son, b. 1876. She d. from accidental burns, Whitehall, 
Oct. 6, 1906. 

194. Elmer Lee, b. Aug. 3, 1868; m. Elizabeth Rockey. 



Sarah 8 Mariah Landon (sister to No. 78) . Born, Willsboro, 
N. Y., June 30, 1842 ; m. 1st Willsboro, Nov. 3, 1860, Hiram Fox, 

of Pulaski, N. Y., b. , — — , 18 — , son of 

and . He d. Pulaski, Dec. — , 1864. She 

m. 2nd Whitehall, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1868, Charles W. Hurd, of 

Cornstalks Landing, N. Y., b. Fitzwilliam, N. H., , 18 — , 

son of and . Sarah d. Glens Falls, 

N. Y., May 6, 1842. He m. 2nd b. , 

— , 18 — , dau. of and . She now 

lives in Fort Ann, N. Y. 


i. Edward Henry, b. Whitehall, N. Y., Oct., 1861; d. Dec. 27, 

n. Emma Eliza, "b. Willsboro, Jan. 1, 1863; m. May 17, 1892, 
Chester Van Antwerp, who was a building and loan agent. 
He d. N. Y. City, Feb. 27, 1897. She went to San An- 
tonio, Tex., for her health, where she d. Jan. 20, 1899. 

195. in. Albert Charles, b. Feb. 14, 1870; m. Mary Frances Eaton. 
IV. Carrie, b. May 16, 1871; d. Sept., 1871. 


Mary 8 Ann Landon (sister to No. 78). Born, Willsboro, 
N. Y., Nov. 12, 1849; m. Whitehall, Washington Co., N. Y., at 

home of her father, May 4, 1869, Geo. Davis Kiernan, b. , 

— , 18 — , son of Rev. John Kiernan, Episcopalian, b. in Ire- 

land and Emily Jane (both dead). He graduated from 

Law School of Albany, N. Y., and studied another year in the 
office of Judge Potter, of Whitehall, and commenced practice in 
same place. He d. Jan. 4, 1870. She and son, George Orrin (for 
whom she is agent and assistant, see No. 196), have their home 
at 1208 Conestoga St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

196. I. George Orrin, b. Apr. 22, 1870; not m. Impersonator. 


Rupus 8 Clark Landon (brother to No. 78). Born, Wills- 
boro, N. Y., July 31, 1851 ; m. Chesterfield, Essex Co., N. Y., June. 


2, 1880, Ella D. Allen, b. Clintonville, Clinton Co., N. Y., Aug. 
12, 1857, dau. of William Allen and Mary Keith. They, Rufus 
and wife, now reside at Ticonderoga, N. Y., where he is proprietor 
of a variety store and a highly esteemed Christian gentleman. 
They have no children. 


Annie 8 Eliza Hinckley (John 7 , Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, St. Albans Bay, 
Vt, Sept. 26, 1848 ; m. Mar. 15, 1870, Jed Laben Pattee, b. Geor- 
gia, Vt., May 25, 1834, son of Laben Lewis Pattee and Harriet 
Amanda Lewis. She was his 2nd wife. He m. 1st Feb. 5, 1862, 
Mary M. Wightnian, b. Georgia, Vt., May 30, 1837. They had 
two children, John Laben, b. Georgia, Vt., Nov. 16, 1863, and 
Amanda May, b. Georgia, Aug. 29, 1865. His 1st wife d. Apr. 
8, 1867. He is a carpenter, but in poor health. Owns a farm, on 
the income of which they live : Address, St. Albans, Vt., R. F. D. 
No. 2. 


197. I. Harriet Lucina, b. Oct. 21, 1870; m. John A. Williams. 

198. n. George Herman, b. June 30, 1872; m. Alice Minkler. 

199. in. Ethel Adella, b. Feb. 17, 1878; m. Allen Nelson Cleveland. » 
IV. Warren Carlton, b. Georgia, Vt., Nov. 13, 1900. 


John 8 Powell Hinckley (Brother to No. 82). Born St. 
Albans Bay, Vt., Oct. 4, 1853. M. at Georgia, Vt., Oct. 23, 1872, 

Cora Loomis, b. dau. of and . 

He is a physician. Began practice in Salisbury, Vt., moved to 
Spink Co. S. D. thence to Filmore, California and in 1902 to 
Ventura where he continues the practice of medicine. 


200. I. Ira Loomis, b. ; m. Kate Krusan. 

n. Mary Lucina, b. 

m. Vinnie. 
rv. Jennie. 


Adella 8 Lucina Hinckley (Sister to No. 82). Born, St. 
Albans Bay, Vt., Sept. 3, 1857, m. May 16, 1883, Frederic C. 


Kinney M.D. of Greensboro, Vt., b. St. Albans, Vt., Mar. 1, 1858, 
son of Benj. Dewey Kinney and Clarissa Goss White. Settled at 
Greensboro, Vt., where they still reside, he in the practice of 

I. Albert Clarke, b. Greensboro, Vt., April 11, 1888. Now tak- 
ing a course in the medical department of the "University 
of Vermont. 


Ida 8 May Hinckley (Sister to No. 82), b. St. Albans Bay, 
Vt., June 28, 1861, m. in Georgia, Vt., Oct. 18, 1882, Edward 
Homer Martin, b. Feb. 4, 1861, Foo Chow China where his 
parents (Carlos Martin and Mary Elizabeth (Allen) Martin were 
then missionaries of the M. E. church and where his father died 
of cholera. The mother and son returned to the U. S. where she 
gave him an education at Amherst from which he graduated, 
afterward taking a course in the medical department of the Uni- 
versity of Vermont from which he also graduated. Settled at 
Burlington, Vt., but soon removed to Salisbury, where he began 
practice. Moved about 1890 to Middlebury, Vt., where he is still 
engaged in the practice of his profession. 


i. Edward Homer, b. Salisbury, Vt., Aug. 7, 1883. 

II. Carl Sumner, b. Salisbury, Vt., Aug. 13, 1884. 

m. Harold Hinckley, b. Salisbury, Vt., Jan. 20, 1887. 

w. Mable , b. Salisbury, Vt., Sept. 16, 1888. 

v. Marjorie , b. Middlebury, Vt., May 12, 1891. 

VI. Mildred , b. Middlebury, Vt., July 18, 1898. 


Albert 8 Warren Clarke (Alvira 7 Hinckley, Sarah 6 Hale, 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Georgia, 

Vt., 1862. Served as Sergeant in Co. — 

Reg. Vt. Vol. Inf. 1862-3. Graduated from University of 

Vermont 1865 and from Hartford Conn. Seminary 1868. Served 

as pastor in Conn, four years before marriage. M. 1st 

1868, Nellie Spence, b. dau. of 

-and . She d.s.p. 1881. 


M. 2nd 1884, Ruth Pirie, b. dau. of Rev. 

James Pirie and Ruth , Scotland. In 1872, he 

went as a missionary under the auspices of the American Board 
of Boston, to Bohemia, where he has served since that date. Is 
Pres. of the Y. M. C. A. which he founded at Prague. Also 
director of the Colporteurs of the Scotch Bible Society in Austria 
and is the Author of several book and tracts in the Bohemian 
language and preaches in three languages. 


I. Euth Alvira, b. — , . 

n. Annie Lawson, b. Jan. 18, 1887. 
III. Mary Winnifred, b. Sept. 22, 1888. 
rv. Alice Warren, b. Sept .9, 1890. 

v. Constance, b. Dec. 2, 1892. 
vi. Hilda Maud, b. 0«t. 12, 1894. 
vn. James Albert Warren, b. Nov. 20, 1897. 
viii. Grace Gordon, b. Dec. 27, 1900. 
All b. in Prague, Bohemia. 


Orrin 8 Landon Clarke (Brother to No. 86) . Born, Georgia, 
Vt., June 11, 1846. M. 1st Georgia, Vt., Jan. 1, 1868, Jane M. 

Loomis, b. , dau. of Don Loomis and Asenath Wood. 

She d. Georgia Sept. 4, 1876. M. 2nd Jan. 1876, Colchester, 

Vt., Addie Collins, b. ; dau. of and 

. He was a highly esteemed farmer of Georgia, 

deacon of the church and Sunday School Sup. and was entrusted 
with responsible and important duties by his fellow townsmen. 
D. Feb. 4, 1888. 

201. I. Daisy Ellen, b. Dec. 23, 1872; m. Frank Leonard Knight. 

II. Albert. Loomis, Chemist, C. E., 32nd St., N. Y. City. 


Mary 8 Haskell Clarke (Sister to No. 86). Born, Georgia, 
Vt., Feb. 6, 1850, m. 1st South Hero, Vt., Dec. 8, 1868, Myron T. 
Landon, b. South Hero, Feb. 6, 1842, son of Wm. Landon and 
Lydia Newcomb. He d. Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 8, 1870, of 
consumption. M. 2nd Georgia, Vt., Dec. 9, 1875, Rev. Sheldon 


H. Wheeler, b. South Hero, July 20, 1850, son of Rev. 0. G. 
Wheeler and Amelia Sanford. Settled Waterbury where he was 
pastor of Cong, church for fourteen yrs. Moved to Los Angeles, 
Cal., where he was assistant pastor of first Cong, church. Was 
Sec'y of Y. M. C. A., Redlands, for one year and pastor of Cong, 
church of Compton for six years. He is now at Long Beach. 

i. Wm. Proctor, b. South Hero, Vt., Jan. 13, 1870; d. Aug. 31, 


202. ii. Frances Clarke, b. Aug. 21, 1878; m. Frank Paige Fay. 

ni. Hellen S., b. Waterbury, Vt., Oct. 19, 1882; d. Aug. 14, 1883. 


Charles 8 Edwin Hinckley (Ira T , Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). B. Wadams Grove, 
Stephensen Co. Ills., June 1, 1850, m. Lake City, Minn., Jan. 4, 
1883, Susan Jane Kinney of Lake City, b. in Wis. dau. of Elisha 
Eichards Kinney and Charlotte Dewey Mosely. Settled at Lake 
City, where he has since resided. Dealer in furniture. 


I. John Arthur, b. Lake City, Dec. 31, 1883; m. Winona, Minn., 

Dec. 26, 1907, Ada Hennessy. Besides Spokane, Wash. 

II. Kenneth Freemont, b. Lake City, Aug. 30, 1885; m. Lajunto, 

Colo., June 28, 1907, Jessie Davis. Address, 70-72 Mather 
St., Chicago. 
hi. Frank Harrold, b. Lake City, Sept. 13, 1887. 


Oscar 8 Martin Hinckley (Brother to No. 89) b. Lena Ills., 
m. a widow with one son. Lived in Worcester, Mass., and now 
supposed to be in Springfield, Mass. Has several children. Wife 
now dead. This is all the information obtainable. 


Cora 8 Belle Hinckley (Sister to No. 89). Born, Lena, 
Ills., July 17, 1856. M. William Allison McManigal, b. Attica, 
O., Jan. 20, 1852, son of William McManigal, (first cousin to the 


late senator Allison of Iowa), b. Nittany Valley, Center Co. 
Perm., Feb. 5, 1815 and Margaret Keith Childs, b. Steuben Co., 
N. Y., Oct. 20, 1824, who were m. May 5, 1844. He was for a 
while in the furniture business at Lake City, Minn., but now 
connected with the Omaha R. R. She has been dead a number of 
years. His address is 828 Watson Ave., St. Paul. 

I. William Allison, b. Lake City, Minn., July 13, 1881; m. June 

17, 1908, Harriett Bird Furlong, b. St. Paul, April 5, 1883. 

He is a lawyer. Address, 913 N. Y. Liie Building, St. 



Ira 8 Wilson Hinckley (Brother to No. 89). Born, Lena, 
Ills., Aug. 25, 1861. M. Lake City, Minn., Oct. 16, 1883, Nettie 

McNeal, b. 18 dau. of Wm. McNeal and 

Amanda Harding. Worked in grocery store St. Paul one year. 
Moved fall of 1884 to Emery S. D. and engaged in general 
merchandise. Moved to Lake City, Minn., fall of 1895 and again, 
spring of 1896 to Ono, Pierce Co. Wis., and again engaged in 
general merchandise. Moved summer 1901 to Spring Valley, 
Wis., and engaged in grocery business. Sold out in spring 1893 
and took homestead near Little Fork, Minn., but is still interested 
in general merchandise at that place. 

I. Grace Marie, b. Emery, S. D., July 31, 1889. 
ii. Bradford Fay, b. Ono, Wis., Oct. 30, 1899. 


Charlotte 8 Aristean Hinckley (Sister to No. 89) b. Lena, 

Ills., Nov. 1, 1864. M. Mar. 1891, James Edwin Hughs, b. 

Kansas, Dec. 1868, son of Curtis Alonzo Hughs and Marietta 
Electa Petitt. He d. in Washington state 1904 and buried at 
Three Rivers, Mich. She now makes her home with her sister, 
Mrs. F. F. Murray, Wyoming, Ohio. Member of Wyoming 
Baptist church. No children. 


May Hinckley (Sister to No. 89). Born, Lena, 111., Sept. 
8, 1868. M. St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 15, 1890, Franklin F. Murray, 


b. Cincinnati, 0., Sept. , 1867, son of James Henry Murray 

and Matilda Williams. He was b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 1867. 
Is now engaged in insurance business at Wyoming, Ohio. Trus- 
tee of Wyoming Baptist church of which she is also a member. 


I. Bradford Hinckley, b. Louisville, Sept. 29, 1891. 

II. Donald Chase, b. Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 13, 1896. 


Louise 8 Martha Hinckley (Sister to No. 89). Born Lena, 
Ills., May 5, 1875, m. Jacksonville, Florida, Feb. 21, 1899, Rev. 
Elmer T. Stevens, b. Kentvill, Nova Scotia, June 21, 1867, son of 
Jacob Stevens and Phoebe Turner. He was educated at Arcadia 
Academy, Nova Scotia, Colgate University, N. Y. and University 
of Chicago. First pastorate Deland, Florida, 1899-1901, second 
Wyoming, Ohio 1901-5, third, Middletown, Ohio, 1905-7 and now 
pastor of the First Baptist church of Sioux City, Iowa, Residence 
1625 Boulevard. 

I. Elmer Bradford, b. De Land, Fla., Jan. 5, 1901. 
ii. Franklin Huntington, b. Wyoming, O., Mar. 22, 1903. 
in. Elizabeth May, b. Middletown, O., Aug. 9, 1905. 


John 8 Frederick Beardsley (Charlotte 7 Hinckley, Sarah 8 , 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born 
Keesville, N. Y. 1844. 


Ira 8 Hinckley Beardsley (Brother to No. 96). Born Clin- 

tonville, N. Y. 1848, m. Elizabethtown, N. Y., May 

18, 1879, Elizabeth Alice Ritson, b. North Hudson, Essex Co., 
N. Y., Feb. 10, 1853, dau. of James Ritson and Nancy Maria 
Graves. Settled at Crown Point, N. Y., but moved after eighteen 
months to Clintonville where he lived to time of his death about 
1901. Served 2 yrs. 8 mos. in Civil War. She still lives in 


I. Media Lillian, b. Clintonville, July 20, 1882; m. at CHnton- 
ville, Oct. 24, 1900, Edward Fountain, b. Ausable, June 
30, 1878, son of Edward Fountain, Sr., and Emma Hatha- 
way. She d. s. p. — , 1901. 

ii. Nellie Maria, b. Dec. 1, 1885; d. May 26, 1905. 
in. Bertha May, b. Clintonville, Nov. 22, 1887; m. at Ausable 
Forks, Mar. 8, 1905, James Archibald Ross, b. Burden, 
near the Hudson, June 25, 1886, son of James Ross and 
Elizabeth Brown. 


Hiram 8 W. Beardsley (Brother to No. 96). Born Chester- 
field, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1850. Learned the iron makers trade at 
which he worked fifteen years. M. Jan. 1, 1873, Sarah L. Knapp 
of Lewis, N. Y., b. Aug. 1, 1853. Lived several years at Clinton- 
ville where he was a farmer. Moved about 1899 to Keesville, 
where he works at carpenters trade summers and blacksmithing 
winters. A. F. & A. M. Ausable River Lodge, No. 149. P. O. 
Box 302. 

I. Fred B., Saranac Lake, N. Y. 

ii. May, b. Clintonville, Oct. 14, 1875; m. July 4, 1898, McKen- 
dric Martin, of Bloomingdale. Child, Carl B., b. Oct. 31, 
in. Katharine F., b. Chesterfield, Dec. 29, 1882; m. Dec. 26, 1901, 
undrew F. Hoag, of Keesville. Child, Dorothy J., b. June 
10, 1903. 
rv. Ettie L., b. Chesterfield, Jan. 7, 1883; m. Ausable Forks, N. Y., 
Dec. 26, 1901, Charles H. Griffen. Child, Alien M., b. June 
4, 1904. 
v. Winifred A., b. Chesterfield, Apr. 7, 1890; m. July 20', 1908, 
Emery J. Fisher, of Montpelier, Vt. He. d. Montpelier, 
Vt., Dec. 29, 1908. 


Mary 8 Adelaide Hinckley (Eward 7 , Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Georgia, Vt., Nov. 
23, 1849, m. Newport, Vt., Feb. 26, 1870, William Wilder Dow, 
b. Coventry, Vt., April 19, 1845, son of William Dow and Emma 
Knight. Settled on a farm near Coventry where they lived until 
1907, then moved to Newport where they now reside. 


I. Frank Forrest, b. Coventry, Mar. 25, 1872. Carpenter and 
builder, Island Pond, Vt. Married and has one child, 
Philip Fenton, b. Nov. 11, 1903. 
203. ii. Josephine Anna, b. Jan. 17, 1876; m. Clinton Wood. 

III. Sumner Wayne, b. Coventry, June 28, 1881. Is fireman on 

Boston & Maine R. R. Headquarters, Lyndonville, Vt. 
iv. Harlod William, b. Coventry, Dee. 17, 1888. At home, 
v. Hazel May, b. Coventry, May 2, 1891. 


George 8 Ranslow Hinckley (Brother to No. 99). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., Oct. 28, 1853, m. Addie Morris. He is a carpenter 
and builder. Lived several years in Chicago, but now at 226 
Latham St., Lincoln, Ills. 

I. Henry Marion, b. Chicago, Aug. 20, 1887. 
ii. Adelaide Ellen, b. Chicago, Oct. 25, 1889. 
in. Charlotte Deborah, b. Chicago, May 27, 1893. 


Charlotte 8 Elizabeth Hinckley (Sister to No. 99). Born 

Georgia, Vt., Oct. 28, 1855, m. Glover, Vt., 1871, 

Sullivan E. Clough, b. Albany, Vt., July 14, 1849, son of Solo- 
mon Clough and Mary Ann Clement. He is a successful farmer 
of Irasburg, Vt. 

i. Arthur Mayland, b. Irasburg, Vt., Dec. 13, 1871; m. Catharine 
Daisy Post, b. Irasburg, Dec. 26, 1872, dau. of Albert 
Baker Post and Angeline Martin. Children: (1) Angeline 
Marie, b. Nov. 3, 1896; d. Jan. 26, 1905; (2) Arthur May- 
land, Jr., b. Oct. 16, 1899; (3) Charlena Eva, b. July 6, 
1904. All b. in Irasburg. 


Ellen 8 Maria Hinckley (Sister to No. 99). Born, Georgia, 
Vt., Mar. 22, 1859, m. Swanton, Vt., Mar. 16, 1881, Sumner Wait 
Bliss, b. Swanton, Jan. 29, 1856, son of Milton Holmes Bliss and 
Lydia Ann Wait. Farmer. Address St. Albans, Vt., R. F. D. 
No. 1. 



I. George Milton, b. Swanton, Vt., Sept. 2, 1884. 
II. Orrin Hinckley, b. Swanton, Vt., Nov. 11, 1890. 


Albert 8 Franklin Hinckley (Brother to No. 99). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., Dec. 3, 1863, m. Glover, Vt., June 1, 1891, Nellie 
Clarke, b. Charleymont, Mass., Dee. 4, 1872, dau. of Franklin 
Clarke and Manilla D. Smith. 

I. Herman Franklin, b. Glover, Vt., Jan. 20, 1894. 
n. Edward Marcellus, b. Glover, Vt., Nov. 12, 1899; d. Nov. 1, 

in. Mater L., b. Glover, Vt., Aug. 8, 1903; d. Jan. 20, 1908. 


Lydia 8 Eliza Hinckley (Sister to No. 99). Born, Fairfax, 
Vt., Feb. 23, 1865, m. Mar. 19, 1890, Frank Sherburn of 

Wheelock, Vt., b. son of and 

. Farmer. Greensboro Four Corners, Vt. 


I. Eaymond Franklin, b. Greensboro Four Corners, Vt., Dee. 25, 

II. Edith Harriet, b. Greensboro Four Corners, Vt., Sept. 21, 1893. 


Charlotte 8 Evangeline Hinckley (Edwin 7 , Sarah 6 Hale, 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born in Stephen- 
sen Co., Ills., Sept. 28, 1853. In July 1881, she, in company with 
her sister Sadie, went to near Lander, Wyoming to visit an uncle 
(Jas. J. Patten) where she was employed as assistant Matron in 
Indian Gov. School Shoshone Agency. M. Nov. 26, 1885, Albert 
Nathan Street, b. Lenawee Junction, Mich., May 30, 1853, 
youngest son of Robert John Street and Almira Clarke (formerly 
of New York City, later of Lenawee, Mich.) At the age of seven- 
teen he went to Colorado with Greeley Colony. Worked in a 
flouring mill at Greeley for several years, then engaged in pros- 
pecting and mining and was among the first settlers of Leadville. 


Was at one time a prisoner among the Sioux indians in Black 
Hills, but made a perilous escape. Finally settled at Lander, 
Wyoming, where he m. as above and where he d. Mar. 1st, 1890. 
She moved to Adrian, Mich., to educate her children where she 
now resides. 

I. Eobt. Edwin., b. Lander, Wy., Aug. 30, 1886. Telegraph 

n. Leland Clarke, b. Lander, Feb. 26, 1888; d. Shoshone Agency, 

Aug. 27, 1892. 
in. Albert Nathan, b. Lander, July 22, 1890. Attending High 
School and working in a printing office. 


Phoebe 8 Estella Hinckley (Sister to No. 105). Born 
Galesburg, Ills., Nov. 23, 1855, m. at Monroe, Greene Co., Wis , 
Dec. 16, 1877, Thomas Howard Dunaway, b. Licking Co., Ohio, 
Aug. 21, 1853, son of Thomas Lewis Dunaway and Catharine 

Elizabeth Dodson. Moved to Benton Co., Iowa, 18 

where they lived about one and a half years, then went to near 
Winslow, Ills., where they still live, on a farm. 


204. i. Edwin Erastus, b. Nov. 12, 1878; m. Lola Glenn. 

205. ii. Lola Bell, b. Jan. 21, 1881; m. Charles Bert Wohlford. 
ill. Emma, b. April 19, 1883. 

iv. Nellie, b. April 25, 1885. 
v. John Earl, b. Jan. 18, 1889. 
vi. Thomas Lewis, b. May 8, 1891. 
Last four at home. 


Sarah 8 Maria Hinckley (Sister to No. 105). Born, Oneco, 

Stephensen Co., Ills., 1858. In 1881 she and sister 

Charlotte went to near Lander, Wyoming, where she met her 
future husband, Ernest F. Hornecker, whom she m. Clay Center, 

Kansas, April 22, 1885. He was born, Baden, Germany 

1848, son of and . Came, with parents, 

to U. S. 1854 who settled at Oregon, Holt Co., Mo. In 1869 he 
went to Wyoming Ter. and worked on U. P. R. R., tried mining 
at South Pass and Atlantic Mines. Finally came to near Lander 


where he engaged in farming, securing a homestead 18- 

at that time 150 miles from a R. R., where for a number of years 
he lived in constant fear of roving bands of hostile Indians. 
They still reside on farm. P. 0. Lander. 

I. A son, d. in infancy. 

n. Edna Florence, b. Lander, Sept. 30, 1888. Graduated from 
Lander High School May 10, 1906. Teaching school 
Marysville (April, 1907). 
in. Mary F., b. Lander, May 21, 1893. "Mamma's little house- 


Edith 8 Jane Hale (Josiah 7 , Daniel 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , 
Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Galveston, Ind., Feb. 10, 
1855. After the death of her mother 1866 she lived with her 
Aunt Mrs. Edith (Stanley) Tracy, Lincoln, Ind., where she m. 

Apr. 15, 1875, Jessie Boring, b. near Lincoln 1852, son 

of Absalom Boring and Isabella . Settled near 

Cairo Hall Co., Neb., where they still reside. He is a farmer and 
extensive stock raiser. Fourteen children. 


206. I. Fred B., b. Apr. 10, 1876; m. Rosa Ethel Jacobs. 
ii. Myrtle May, b. Oct. 10, 1878; d. Aug. 8, 1878. 

207. in. Arthur, b. Oct, 13, 1879; m. Zylphia Caturia Scott. 

208. IV. Grace B., b. Dec. 31, 1881; m. Horace Dodd. 

209. v. Laura, b. Feb. 15, 1883; m. Charles Ricard. 
VI. Ray, b. Dec. 24, 1886; d. in infancy. 

210. vn. Warren Ward, b. Aug. 1, 1887. 

VIII. Mabel, b. Dec. 16, 1889; d. in infancy. 

ix. Earle, b. Dec. 8, 1890. 

x. Nellie b. July 22, 1892. 

xi. Daisy, twin of Nellie; both d. Aug. 12, 1892. 

xn. Joy B., b. , ; d. Aug. 16, 1894. 

xin. Irma, b. , ; d. July 16, 1896. 

xrv. Pearl Marie, b. Nov. 29, 1808. 


Mary 8 Ellen Hale (Sister to No. 108). Born Galveston, 
Ind., April 11, 1857. After the marriage of her sister Julia she 
became the sole housekeeper for her father and faithfully cared 


for him until his death in 1887. In 1890 she went to Sugar 
Grove, Wis., to make her home with her aunt Amanda (Hale) 
Ward, (No. 35), where she m. James McCarty, a genial and 
highly esteemed retired business man, formerly of Viroqua, Wis. 

I. Mae Hale, b. Sugar Grove, June 22, 1891. Graduated from 
Viroqua High School Mar. 5, 1908. Now teaching school. 


Julia 8 Ann Hale (Sister to No. 108). Born, Galveston, 
Ind., Dec. 21, 1858, m. Logansport, Ind., Sept. 30, 1886, William 
Joseph Quinn, b. April 4, 1856, son of William Quinn and Mary 
Dunkin. Settled near Carrolton, Carrol Co., Ind., where they 
have since resided. He is at present a farmer. Address Flora, 
Ind., R. F. D. No.—. 

I. Mary Maud, b. Aug. 13, 1887; m. Dec. 24, 1908, Walter Em- 
met Wharton, b. Mar. 18, 1886, son of James M. Wharton 
and Susan Amanda Salisbury. Farmer; lives near Bring- 
hurst, Carroll Co., Ind. 
ii. Hazel May, b. May 27, 1889; d. Dec. 18, 1891. 
m. Uba Mabel, b. Jan. 6, 1895; d. Sept. 19, 189-5. 
rv. A son, d. in infancy, Mar. 21, 1896. 
v. Lester Hale, b. Oct. 22, 1897. 


Charles 8 Freemont Hale (Brother to No. 108). Born, 
near Crittenden, Cass Co. Ind., July 12, 1861. After the death 
of his mother, 1866, he lived with his uncle John Simmons and 
later went to Clinton, Mo., with another uncle John Stanley. M. 
Clinton, Mar. 16, 1890, Johanna Fredrica Wernz b. Washington 
Co. Ills., Aug. 14, 1868, dau. of Nicodemus Wernz, b. Wertem- 
berg, Germany, Sept. 9, 1829, and Mary Bolken, b. Aldenberg, 
Germany, July 8, 1829. (These emigrated to the U. S. 1853). 
Lived in Clinton several years where he was proprietor of a 
laundry. Moved to Kansas City where he continued the Laundry 
business. Went to Los Angeles, Cal., buti soon returned to 
Kansas City in poor health and broken fortune. Now in the 
employ of a cement, brick and tile manufacturing company. 
Residence 1619 Norton Ave. 


211. I. Marie Alma, b. June 29, 1891; m. Emerson Walters. 

n. Louise Mildred, b. Clinton, Mo., Nov. 29, 1893; d. Aug. 5, 1894. 
m. Eugene Joseph, b. Clinton, July 19, 1895. 
IV. George Freemont, b. Clinton, Aug. 15, 1896. 


Amanda 8 Malvina Hale (Remus 7 , Daniel 8 , Josiah 5 , Moses*, 
Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born near Buck Creek, Ind., Nov. 
25, 1860, m. June 6, 1888, Edgar Bozard, b. Galveston, Ind., Jan. 
8, 1856, son of S. and J. Bozard. Lived at Indianapolis eight 
years. Moved to Monon, where they lived two years and are now 
at Alexandria, Ind. He is a photographer. 


I. Ralph D., b. Indianapolis, May 27, 1889. Graduated from 

Alexandria High School, and is working in store at Elm- 

II. Hellen June, b. Indianapolis, June 20, 1895. 


Flora 8 Mabel Hale (Sister to No. 112). Born, Buck Creek, 
Ind., April 2, 1866, m. Nov. 26, 1889, William Robert Lyon, b. 
near Buck Creek, Aug. 9, 1863, son of William Lyon and Caro- 
line. Settled at Buck Creek. Moved to La Fayette 1898 where 
he was bailiff in Tippecanoe Co. Circuit Court. Returned to 
Buck Creek 1891. Carried rural mail a number of years and 
later served as R. R. mail agent and was interested in a stock 
farm and a fuel Co. Removed to Nobelsville, Ind., where he now 
is proprietor of a meat market. Have no children. 


Cora 8 Ada Hale (Oscar 7 , Daniel 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , 
Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born near St. Joseph, Kossuth Co., la., Jan. 
12, 1867, m. Algona, la., Sept. 25, 1888, Cornelius Onno Ihmels, 
b. Steamboat Rock, Ills., Sept. 24, 1866, son of Folker Ihmels and 
Anna Mariah Rosenbaum. Settled West Bend, la., where he was 
proprietor of a wagon shop and later engaged in the furniture 
business. Moved to Pocahontas Dec. 8, 1900, and engaged as 
travelling salesman with C. T. Hopper, wholesale furniture, 


s ■ ~ -n. ' . 


■ 6 ■ / 

r . , -■ ' . ■-■■,/- ; - -- '* L "~ 



.. /^ t H * /■' <& ^ cY 7 

* &ey o ) J, si? & ^--A 

J ' 4 

Deed for five rights or shares of land of the original 
seventy into which the town of Rutland was divided 
given to Moses Hale of Lanesboro, in the county of 
Berkshire and province of Massachusetts Bay, by 
Solomon Johnson and others. 



Sioux City. Moved to Sioux City, Sept. 1904, and to Storm Lake, 
la., April 2, 1906, where he d. July 27, 1908 of heart failure 
following inflammatory rheumatism. Senior Councilor Storm 
Lake Council United Commercial Travellers. She and children 
reside with parents, League City, Texas. 


I. Frank Seymour, b. West Bend, Jan. 12, 1890. 

n. Albert Hale, b. Pocahontas, Sept. 22, 1902. 


Arthur 8 Hale Ward (Amanda 7 Hale, Daniel 6 , Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Crawford Co., Wis., 
near Sugar Grove, Mar. 22, 1881. Graduated Readstown High 
School, 1898. M. Sugar Grove, Vernon Co., Dec. 7, 1903, Mary 

M. Drake, b , , 18—, dau. of Benjamin A. Drake 

and Sarah Beighley. He was cashier Blue River, Wis., bank, 
1904-6, and now cashier Readstown, Wis., State Bank. 

I. Nellie M., b. Blue River Sept. 27, 1904. 
H. Edith N., b. Readstown, June 10, 190.6. 
in. Bessie O., b. Readstown, May 5, 1908. 


Frank 8 Otis Blackmun (Abigal 7 Jones, Mary 6 Hale, Jo- 
siah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born near Evans- 
ville, Wis., June 21, 1854 ; m. Mrs. Theresa Britton Lincoln, Neb., 
Feb. 19, 1890. She is dau. of James Curran, d. 1859, and Han- 
nah McDonald (killed in cyclone, Comanche, la.). Settled in 
Denver, Colo., where for fifteen years he was a barber. Now 
clerk in head office of Woodmen of the World, Pacific Jurisdic- 
tion. She was the widow of H. P. Britton, of Cedar Rapids, la. 
No children. 


Harry 8 - Barton Blackmun (brother to No. 115). Born 
near Evansville, Wis., July 15, 1857 ; m. West Union, la., May 

8, 1884, NeUie McClintoc, b. , Dec. — 1857, dau. of 

William McClintoc and Athalia Lacy. Settled Evansville, where 


he worked three years in printing office. Moved to West Union, 
la., April, 1887, where he was for a time associate editor of the 
"Fayette Co. Union." Now in insurance business and working 
at trade of printer. 

I. Thalia May, b. West Union, Sept. 2, 1892. 


Mary 8 Alice Blackmun (sister to No. 115). Born near 
Evansville, Wis., May 3, 1860; m. Evansville, Nov. 10, 1886, Fred 
Godfrey Wilder, b. Varysburg, Wyoming Co., N. Y., May 12, 
1863, son of Ceo. Wilder and Clementine Godfrey. Settled in 
Evansville, where they still live. He is employed in a wind-mill 

i. Frank Blackmun, b. Evansville, Dec. 10, 1887. 
n. Marjorie, b. Evansville, June 11, 1893. 
m. Loyd Leonard, b. Evansville, June 11, 1896. 


Annie 8 Almena Blackmun (sister to No. 115). Born near 
Evansville, Wis., Aug. 26, 1862; m. Evansville, Mar. 29, 1885, 
Charles L. Gilham, b. Columbus, 0., Sept. 25, 1854, son of James 
Gilham and Mary Linnamon. Settled at Wausau, Wis. Moved 
No v ., 1891, to Cavours, Forest Co. ; returned 1893 to Wausau, 
thence to Duluth, Minn., 1897, and now lives at 365 Broadway, 
New Orleans, La. Surveyor and civil engineer. 

I. Harry Lysle, b. Wausau, Aug. 1, 1886. 
n. Edna May, b. Wausau, Nov. 25, 1887. 
in. Loyd Elmer, b. Wausau, Feb. 24, 1890. 


Carleton 8 Luthee Bishop (Abigal 7 Hale, Josiah 6 , Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Georgia, Vt., Oct. 

1, 1858 ; m. at , Dec. 20, 1879, Mary Elizabeth Elder, 

b. near Carlisle, Ky., June 12, 1853, dau. of Alexander Elder, 
of Knox, la. Address Percival, la. 


212. I. Vesta Elizabeth, b. Dec. 7, 1880; m. James Harvey Mathews. 
ii. William Samuel, b. Percival, la., June 6, 1886. Has a home- 
stead in S. D. 
in. Kuby Jane, b. Percival, la., Mar. 15, 1893. 
w. Otho Elder, b. Percival, la., Nov. 8, 1896. 


Walton 8 M. Bishop (brother to No. 119). Born , 

Jan. 3, 1861; m. , Jan. 15, 1889, Mary Connell, b. 

, — , , dau. of and 

. Farmer, Percival, la. 

I. Mattie Irene, b. Feb. 12, 1890. 

II. Donie Eees, b. Dec. 12, 1892. 

III. Cora Edith, b. July 24, 1898. 
iv. Jessie, b. Aug. 19, 1904. 


"William 8 Henry Coutermarsh (Hale) (Cornelia 7 Hale, 
Josiah 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
St. Albans Bay, Vt. f April 5, 1864; m. Escanaba, Mich., April 

— , 1889, Betsy Anderson, b. Nenah, Wis., , 1863. After 

the death of his mother, when he was five years old, he came to 
be called Wm. Hale, after his mother's maiden name, which 
name he has long assumed as his true name and all his children 
bear the name of Hale. He came to Escanaba, Mich, 1880 (from 
St. Albans, Vt.), where he is now chauffeur, running and caring 
for a number of cars. 

I. Wallace William, b. May 8, 1891. 
n. Irene Margaret, b. June 8, 1893. 
m. Eoland Alexander, b. Oct. 16, 1896. 
iv. Mable, Cornelia, b. Nov. 4, 1898. 
.v. Mildred Mirva, b. Dec. 26, 1900. 
VI. Eobert Samuel, b. July 26, 1903. 
All in Escanaba. 


Emma 8 Jane Coutermarsh (sister to No. 121). Born, St. 
Albans Bay, Vt., Feb. 28, 1868; m. Escanaba, Mich., Nov. — , 


1889, Thomas Richter, of Escanaba, son of Epouse De Jerenie 
Richter (farmer) and Octavius St. Jaques. They were born in 
Canada about 1838.) He is proprietor of "City Livery Stable," 
Escanaba, and keeps a stock of over thirty horses and two antos. 
Address, 1405 Lud St. 


I. William M., b. Oct. 23, 1890. 

II. Walter Wilfred, b. Sept. 25, 1892. 
in. Thomas B., b. Jan. 5, 1894. 

rv. May Kaelia, b. Dec. 5, 1900. 
All in Escanaba. 


Anna 8 Edith Hall (Sarah 7 Goddard, Joanna 6 Hale, Jo- 
siah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born two miles 
south of Lena, 111., April 16, 1848 ; m. Lena, Oct. 13, 1868, Horace 

E. King, b. , Wis., July, 30, 1846, son of William King 

and Anna , then of near Nora, 111. Settled on farm near 

Lena. Moved to White Rock, Kansas, and entered homestead 
fall, 1871. Moved temporarily April, 1882, to Vernon and Rich- 
land Cos. Wis., where he had charge of a portable saw-mill. 
Returned to Kan. farm, Nov. 1890, where he is engaged in farm- 
ing and stock raising. Many instances of the hardships of fron- 
tier life are related, among which were the blowing away of their 
home, the drowning of their son Albert, and other distressing 

I. Sadie May, b. near Lena, 111., May 16, 1870; d. July 17, 1870. 
213. n. Warren, b. Dec. 16, 1872; m. Pearl Keim. 

ni. Albert Hale, b. near White Eock, Kan., Oct. 13, 1875. 
Drowned while playing with saw logs in a mill pond near 

Tomahock, Wis., , . An unusually bright and 

energetic boy. 


Albert 8 W. Hall (brother to No. 123). Born while parents 
were temporarily in Freeport, 111., Feb. 17, 1854. In 1876 he 
went to Republic Co., Kan., and engaged in farming and stock 
raising, and where he m. May 20, 1886, Jennie E. Curtis, b. Rock 


Island Co., 111., Mar. 22, 1862, dau. of Albert T. Curtis and Mary 

L. , formerly of Trumbull Co., Ohio. Moved to Plain- 

ville, 1887, where for ten years he was engaged in mercantile 
business; since has been principally interested in his former 

I. Mattie, b. Sept, 13, 1887. Graduated from High School and 

attended college at Topeka, Kan. 
n. Edna Gladess, b. Aug. 21, 1889. 
in. Albert Warren, b. May 10, 1892. 
IV. Jennie Winnifred, b. Aug. 7, 1894. 
v. Marguerite Bernice, b. Mar. 1, 1896. 
All b. Plainville. 


Carrie 8 Hall (sister to No. 123). Born, Lena, 111., Oct. 9, 
1856; m. Lena, on 21st anniversary of birth to Charles Cum- 

mings, b. Stafford, Conn., Dec. 28, 1849, son of 

and . Settled in Lena, where they have since 

resided. He has been engaged in trade and as a travelling sales- 


I. Willard Hall, b. Sept. 19, 1880; d. Nov. 8, 1887, after a Bhort 

illness of spinal meningitis. Unusually bright and greatly 
loved by all who knew him. 
n. Charles Clifford, b. April 10, 1888. 


Nellie 8 Hall (sister to No. 123). Born, Wadams Grove, 
now West Point, Stephensen Co., 111., June 10, 1859; m. Lena, 
111., April 15, 1880, Peter Seise, b. Lena, Jan. 9, 1856, son of 
Peter Seise and Catharine Rockemier. Settled in Lena, where 
they still live. He is in hardware business. His parents were 
from Bavaria, Cer., and came to America in a sailing vessel and 
were sixty days on water. 

I. A boy, b. July 22, 1881; d: in infancy. 

II. A girl, b. Nov. 6, 1885; d. in infancy. 
m. Peter Hall, b. Eeb. 5, 1888. 

rv. A boy, b. July 16, 1891; d. in infancy, 
v. John Goddard, b. Mar. 7, 1898. 



Mary 8 Lizzie Hall (sister to No. 123). Born near what is 
now West Point, Stephensen Co., 111., Dec. 29, 1861. In early 
life she was a teacher, but later went to Kansas to keep house 
for her brother Albert. She m. Lena, 111., Feb. 10, 1886, Geo. F. 
Page, b. Crawford, Co., Wis., Nov. 26, 1862, son of James Page 
and Charlotte Fairfield. Settled in Scandia, Kansas, where he 
was editor of the Scandia Journal. Moved to Pomonia, Cal., 
where he was admitted to the bar. Enlisted as private in 7th 
Cal. Vol. Inf., Pomona, June 18, 1898, and served in the Spanish- 
American war, and returned home in broken health. He d. 
Pomona, Oct. 18, 1901. She now lives at Godfrey, 111. 

I. George Hall, b. Cuba, Kan., May 3, 1888; d. Pomona, Cal., 

Sept. 27, 1902. 
n. Anna Louise, b. Scandia, Kan., Mar. 4, 1893. 


John 8 Goddard Chambers (Lucy 7 Goddard, Joanna 6 Hale, 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Lena, 111., 
Mar. 20, 1858; m. Freeport, 111., April 28, 1881, Cora Howard, 
b. Lena, Oct. 30, 1861, dau. of Alfonso Howard and Harriette 
Armagost. Lived in Lena until 1888 ; Hinsdale, 111., Feb., 1888, 
to Mar., 1890; Clinton, la., Mar. to Nov., 1890, and since in 
Chicago, and is now in the employ of the Pullman Co. Address, 
3332 Armour Avenue. 

I. Mable Goddard, b. Lena, 111., Feb. 18, 1882; m. Chieago, July 
12, 1904, Truman Clifford Buss, who is now in the employ 
of Joseph Harris & Co., Pittsburg, Pa., Address, 234 North 
Craig St. Child, Truman Buss, Jr., b. June — , 1905. 


Hellen 8 Chambers (sister to No. 128). Born, Lena, 111., 
1868. Went to Chicago, 111., 1887, where she established herself 
as stenographer and Notary Public, in which business she still 
continues. She enjoyes the distinction of being the last, in line 
of descent, of the eight American generation, Josiah Hale line. 
Address, Palmer House. 



William 9 Wallace Adsit, Jr. (William 8 , Jacob 7 , Hannah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., fall of 1857. Went to Mamstee, Mich., with his 
mother and thence farther west, all trace now being lost. 


Harvey 9 Ransom Adsit (brother to No. 129). Born 

— , 1859. Same as 129. 


Wilber 9 Eugene Hayes (Elvira 8 Adsit, Jacob 7 , Hannah 9 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1860 ; m. Ellensburg, Feb. 24, 1881, Sed- 
die E. Dunham, b. near Mooers, Apr. 25, 1862, dau. of William 
Dunham and Samantha Bond. Has been a teacher most of his 
life. Now florist at A. G. Vanderbilt's Sagmore Lodge, Roquette 
Lake, N. Y. 


I. Fred Cornelius, b. Dec. 2, 1882; m. Ellensburg Depot, Jan. 22, 

1905, Cora Elsie Roberts, b. Nov. 1, 1885. She graduated 
from Chateaugay High School, training class, 1904. Child, 
Myrtle Cornelia, b. Aug. 24, 1906. 

II. Myrtle Samantha, b. Aug. 2, 1888. 

III. Harry, b. July 19, 1890; d. Oct. 31, 1892. 

iv. Clifford, b. Oct. 29, 1892. In the employ of Alfred G. Vander- 
bilt, Raquette Lake, N. Y. 
All b. Ellensburg Depot, N. Y. 


Hattie 9 Alvina Hayes (sister to No. 131). Born, Jan. 19, 
1863 ; m. Jackson, Mich., Aug. 22, 1881, Harvey Bliss, b. Genesee 
Co., N. Y., Nov. 7, 1859, son of Amasa Bliss and Elizabeth Bu- 
chanan. He lives at Plattsburg, N. Y. 


I. Beatrix, b. , 18 — ; d. , . 

II. Nica May, b. Dee. 30, 1884; m. Mar 17, 1903, John Caska. 


in. Marshall Nay, b. Aug. 18, 1892. 

iv. Stewart Avery, b. — , ; d. , . 


Florence 9 Brewster (half-sister to No. 131). Born in Can- 
ada, Nov. 22, 1866; m. Jackson, Mich., Nov. 11, 1899, John 

Atcheson, b. , 18 — , son of Thomas Atcheson and Anna 

Hawkins. Address, 222 East Mason St., Jackson, Mich. No 


Charles 9 Brewster (half-brother to No. 131). Born, Feb. 
16, 1868; m. April 25, 1892, Mina Cole, b. Eaton Co., Mich., 

, 1870, dau. of Emmet M. Cole and Sarah A. Bennett. 

Address, 603 Michigan Ave., Lansing, Mich. 


Mary 9 Brewster (half-sister to No. 131). Born, Clinton 
Co., N. Y., July 24, 1872; m. Jackson, Mich., Oct., 10, 1892, 
Adelbert Frankenfield, b. Hillsdale, Mich., One child, b. Feb., 
1899. Address, 214y 2 East Mason St., Jackson, Mich. 


Jacob 9 Brewster (half-brother to No. 131). Born, Mooers, 
N. Y., Sept. 18, 1869 ; m. Jackson, Mich, Jan. 6, 1900, Nellie Sea- 
man, b. , 18 — , dau. of Moses Seaman and Martha A, 

Mosher. Address, 616 W. Franklin St., Jackson, Mich. 


Ada 9 Brewster (half-sister to No. 131). Born Mooers, 
N. Y., Oct. 6, 1875; m. Jackson, Mich., July — , 1894, Frank 
Chapman, son of Elton Chapman and Loretta Haywood. One 
child b. Sept. 18, 1895. Address, 320 W. Mason St., Jackson, 


Nettie 9 Brewster (half-sister to No. 131). Born, Mooers, 
N. Y., May 14, 1876 ; m. Hillsdale, Mich., June 13, 1893, Morris 


E. Cantrell, b. Jackson, Mich., April 29, 1874, son of Geo. Can- 

trell and Sarah Latimer. Address, S. Grinnell St., Jackson, 



I. Harry Leman,-b. Aug. 23, 1894. 
n. Raymond Emmerson, b. Sept. 8, 1897. 
ni. Edwin Leroy, b. Apr. 29, 1902. 


Bernice 9 Almeda Brewster (half-sister to No. 131). Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., Feb, 12, 1880; m. Jackson, Mich., by Rev. William 
Farkell, Jan. 17, 1903, Wm. Marshall, b. Wytton Park, County 
of Durham, Eng., July 21, 1876, seventh child of Wm. Marshall, 
Sr., b. Mordan, Wiltshire, Eng., May 12, 1840, d. Mar. 6, 1906, 
and Mary Elizabeth Spratt, b. Farmington, Norfolk, Eng., June 
2, 1839. They were m. Nov. 7, 1861, at Gedney Parish Church, 
Eng. She is still living. Wm. Marshall, Jr., came to this country 
with parents April, 1887. After marriage lived at Jackson, Mich, 
until Aug. 10, 1907, when he moved to Detroit, where they now 
reside at 454 Euclid Ave. E. 

I. William Eugene, b. Jackson, Oct. 27, 1904. 
n. Harry Spratt, b. Jackson, Jan. 5, 1907. 
in. A girl (still born), Detroit, Aug. 26, 1908. 


Alfred 9 , J., Kellas (Elizabeth* 5 Adsit, Jacob 7 , Hannah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Clin- 
ton Co., N. Y., May 1, 1864 ; m. Mar. 7, 1885, Frances Deborah 

Dunham, b. Clinton Co., N. Y., , 18 — , dau. of William 

Dunham and Samantha Bond. Lived in Lewis and Clinton Cos., 
N. Y. until 1895, when they moved to Waterbury, Conn., where 
they now reside. He is employed by the Waterbury Brass Co. 
Her father served three years in the civil war and returned in 
broken health and remained an invalid until his death, Juiy 25, 

I. Leroy Charles, b. Lewis Co., N. Y., Mar. 28, 1887. 
n. Vera Samantha, b. Clinton Co., Feb. 20, 1889. 


in. Calla May, b. Clinton Co., Nov. 26, 1892. 

rv. Clayton Dunham, b. Waterbury, Conn., Sept. 9, 1896. 

v. Winnifred Wiley, b. Waterbury, Conn., Nov. 21, 1903. 

vi. Fern Estella, b. Waterbury, Conn., Oct. 12, 1906. 

vn. Kuth Elizabeth, b. Waterbury, Conn., Oct. 12, 1908. 


Mary 9 I. Kellas (sister to No. 140). Born, Dekalb Co., 111., 

April 12, 1866; m. Mooers, N. Y., , 1886, Geo. W. 

McGregor, b. Mooers, N. Y., May 6, 1867, son of William Mc- 
Gregor and Mary . Lived at Mooers, until 1890, when 

they moved to Waterbury, Conn., where he is engaged in the 
grocery and meat business. Her parents returned from DeKalb 
Co., 111., to Mooers, N. Y., 1867-8, and settled on a farm. She 
was a teacher until married. 

I. Elsie M., b. Mooers, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1887. 
II. Irene Ethel, b. Mooers, N. Y., Sept. 3, 1890. 
in. William Howard, b. Waterbury, Conn., Mar. 20, 1897. 


Anna 9 Kellas (sister to No. 140). Born, Mooers, N. Y., 
Jan. 13, 1869; m. Mooers Forks, N. Y., July 27, 1888, 
June Daily Cashman, b. Ellensburg, N. Y., May 29, 1866, son 
of George Cashman and Sarah Daily. Soon after marriage they 
moved to Waterbury, Conn., where they have made for them- 
selves a home. He is half owner of the Commercial Printing 
Office, No. 42 Bank Street. 


i. George b. Mooers Forks, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1892. Second year in 
high school. 


Jacob 9 Adsit Kellas (brother to No. 140). Born, May 29, 

1872 ; m. Jennie Walker, b , , dau. of Walker 

and . 

I. Clifford. 
II. Stanley, 
in. Hazel Pearl. 



Edith 9 May Kellas (sister to No. 140). Born, Mooers, 
N. Y., Mar. 8, 1881 ; m. Champlain, N. Y, Dec. 24, 1901, Alexan- 
der McCrea, b. Champlain, N. Y., June 30, 1874, son of Joseph 
McCrea and Mary Jane McQuillin, m. April 16, 1855. She 
(Edith) was a teacher before marriage. He is a farmer and 
lives on old home farm where his parents always lived. 


I. Kenneth, b. Champlain, June 28, 1903. 

n. Joseph Donald, b. Champlain, Mar. 8, 1906. 


Etta 9 Ieene Sartwell (Olive 8 Adsit, Jacob 7 , Hannah 8 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ) Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1868 ; m. Mar. 2, 1892, Jacob B. Davison, 
b. Mooers, N. Y. , 1867, son of Thomas Davison, of Scotch- 
Irish descent. Farmer and lives . 

i. Walter Edwin, b. , N. Y., Oct. 20, 1897. 


Emma 9 Evaline Sartwell (sister to No. 145). Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., June 20, 1869 ; m. June 2, 1889, Samuel R. Alford, 

of Mooers, b , 1860 of '61. Farmer. His father was a 

soldier in civil war. 

i. Gaylord, b. , N. Y., Dec. 22, 1892; d. Sept. 1, 1897. 


Mary 9 Ann Sartwell (sister to No. 146). Born, Mooers, 
N. Y., Feb. 18, 1871 ; m. Sept. 6, 1893, Samuel Davison, b. about 
1868, son of Jacob Davison and Ann , both of Scotch- 
Irish descent. He is a farmer and lives . 

I. Ealph, b. June 24, 1894. 
II. Stella, b. Mar. 6, 1896 
in. Casper, b. April 5, 1898. 
iv. Preston, b. April 3, 1900. 



Jennie 9 Lena Sartwell (sister to 145). Born Mooers, 
N. Y., Oct. 28, 1872 ; m. Feb. 24, 1895, Jacob F. Bacon, b. about 
1876, son of Alfred Bacon, of English descent. Farmer. Ad- 
dress, Chazy, N. Y. 


I. Edwin Alfred, b. Dec. 16, 1895. 

n. Olive Irene, b. Mar. 30, 1897. 

ni. Viola May, b. Mar. 6, 1899. 

rv. Susie , b. Jan. 10, 1901. 

v. A boy, b. Nov. — , 1902. 


Ida 9 Elizabeth Sartwell (sister to No. 145). Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1874; m. Nov. 13, 1899, Charles Curtis, 
Jr., b. Feb. — , 1873, son of Charles Curtis, Sr., and Rachel Greer, 
of Scotch-Irish descent. He is a farmer and mail carrier on 
Rural Route. His father was soldier in civil war. 

v. Ethel May, b. Aug. 29, 1900; d. at seven months old. 
n. Perry Edwin, b. Aug. 7, 1901. 


Isabella 9 Esther Sartwell (sister to No. 145). Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1875. Unmarried, lives at home of 


Edwin 9 Wesley Sartwell (brother to No. 145). Born, 
Mooers, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1879. Attended common schools, worked 
on his father's farm and taught school one year, then took a 
classical course in State Normal School, Plattsburg, N. Y., from 
which he graduated June, 1903. M. Sept. — , 1903, Elva Ann 
Evans and settled at Bolton Landing, N. Y., where he was prin- 
cipal of the Union free school for three years, then resigned and 
began the study of medicine in the Medical College of Burling- 
ton, Vt., class of 1910. She was also a graduate of the Platts- 


burg State Normal School, b. Peru, N. T., Sept. 20, 1881, dau. 
of Samuel Evans and Martha Black, who were both b. Peru, 
N. Y. 


Ella 9 G. Smith (Wallace 8 F., Julia 7 Adsit, Hannah 6 Hale, 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Willsboro, 
N. Y., Nov. 6 1849 ; m. 1st Elizabethtown, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1866, 
William Hinckley, who was accidentally killed at Frisbie's Dock, 
Willsboro, N. Y. They then lived near the scene of the accident. 
M. 2nd about 1873 James Deavett. Lived at Willsboro, where 
he d. about 1877. M. 3rd Aug., 1880, John Osier, b. Montreal, 
Canada, and is now living at Willsboro. Farmer. 

I. William, b. 1867; is m. and lives at Willsboro. 


n. Effie B., b. , 1871; d. — , 1879. 

Hi. Ladonna 10 , b. , 1875. Was for several years a member 

of the family of Kev. Milford Hale Smith (No. 156) and 
subsequently was educated in Osborn Missionary Training 
Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Christ Hospital, Jersey 
City, N. J., as trained nurse. Went to China, 1904, as 
missionary of Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church. M. 1907, A. Rosenburg, 
Supt. Methodist Publishing House, Shanghai, China, where 
they now live. Have one son", b. 1908. 

IV. Merdon, b. , 187 — ; d. s. p. 1904. 

V. Bertha A., b. Willsboro, Jan. 26, 1881. Single, trained nurse 

at Concord, N. H. 
vi. Alfred J., b. Willsboro, Apr. 28, 1883. Single; lives at North 

Bellerica, Mass. 
vn. Ethel May, b. Willsboro, Aug. 19, 1888. Singla; lives with 
her father and grandfather, Wallace F. Smith (No. 48), 


Eugene 9 Carlton Smith (brother to No. 151). Born, 
Willsboro, N. Y., April 5, 1853 ; m. Bloomingdale, July 3, 1877, 
Josephine Hinkson, b. Worcester, Vt, July 25, 1854, dau. of 
Daniel Hinkson and Mary Ann Watterson. Was proprietor of 


Junction House at Saranac Junction, N. Y., but sold out some 
time before his death, which occurred May 18, 1906. She and 
two boys, Floyd and Fred, now live at Saranac Lake, N. Y. 

214. i. Leon Wallace, b. Tuppers Lake, Franklin Co., N. Y., Mar. 
20, 1879. 
n. Floyd Charles, b. McColums, Franklin Co., N. Y. Mar. 15, 1887. 
in. Fred Eugene, b. Saranac Junction, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1898. 


Charles 9 H. Smith (brother to No. 151). Born, Willsboro, 
N. Y, May 19, 1857 ; m. Mary Ellen Coolan. Lived at Harrets- 
town, N. Y., where he was a guide. He d. Mar. 28, 1906. She 
lives at Lake Clear Junction, N. Y. 

I. Blanche. 


Bertha A. Smith (sister to No. 151). Born, Willsboro, 
N. Y., Nov. 15, 1863 ; m. Willsboro, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1881, Frank 
Brown. She d. Rutland, Vt., Dec. 14, 1890. He is married 
again and lives at Castleton, Vt. 

I. Lulu. 
II. Oda. 

Both m. and live in Franklin Co., N. Y. 


Charles 9 Winford Morhous (Elvira 8 Smith, Julia 7 Adsit, 
Hannah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 
Born, Willsboro Point, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1863. Graduated from 
State Normal College, Albany, N. Y., June, 1900. Taught school 
at Hilburn, studied law in the office of Hand, Kellog & Hale, 
Elizabethtown, admitted to the bar May, 1893. Now engaged 
in the practice of law at 44 Court St., Brooklyn. (See Appen- 
dix, letter I. 



Milford 9 Hale Smith (Ira 8 , Julia 7 Adsit, Hannah 6 Hale, 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Willsboro 
Point, Essex Co., N. Y., April 25, 1855. Educated in common 
schools, Crown Point Academy, and graduated from Albany- 
State Normal College in 1878. Subsequently he took a post- 
graduate course in the American National University, at Harri- 
man, Tenn., from which institution he received the degree of 
Ph. D. M. Peru, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1873, Emma Jane Knowles, b. 
Peru, Dec. 25, 1847, dau. of Ira D. Knowles of Peru and Jane 
Southard of Keesville, N. Y. In April, 1880, he was admitted 
to the Christian ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church 
and received his first appointment from the Troy Conference, 
to Dennamora, N. Y. His subsequent appointments have been, 
Ellensburg, N. Y., Saranae, N. Y., Vergennes, Vt., Granville, 
Mechanicville, Greenwich and Ballston Spa, N. Y., and his pres- 
ent charge at Rutland, Vt., where he has supervision of the pub- 
lication and distribution of this record. 

215. I. Ray Ernest, b. Oct, 11, 1882; m. Ethel M. Burgess. 


Alberti 9 Decatur Smith (brother to No. 156). Born, 
Willsboro Point, Essex Co., N. Y., May 7, 1858; m. April 24, 
1887, Bertha E. Ames, of Willsboro, b. April 20, 1864, dau. of 
Benjamin C. Ames and Hannah Babcock. He was a farmer 
and dairyman previous to 1900, when he was elected Superin- 
tendent of the poor of Essex Co., Which office he has continuous- 
ly occupied since. He is a very popular and efficient officer and 
is now serving his fourth term of three years each. Address, 
Whallonsburg, N. Y. 

I. James A., b. Essex Co., N. Y., Feb. 13, 1880. He is now a 
Freshman in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., Troy, N. Y. 
il. Harold Hinckley, b. Nov. 16, 1890. 
m. Rupert B., b. Dec. 26, 1892. 
rv. Ruth H., twin of Rupert B. 
V. Mary E., b. Dec. 14, 1805. 
vi. Emma L., b. Aug. 13, 1808. 

ii, ni and iv are attending high school at Westport, N. Y. 



Emily 9 Swift Hale (J. Madison 8 , Elisha 7 , Josiah 6 , Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Dexter, Mich., June 
2, 1882. Graduated from Dexter High School, 1900, and took 
a course in the Training School of Upsilanti, Mich., and was, 
before marriage, a teacher. M. June 29, 1907, William Seymour, 

of Grand Rapids, Mich., b. , 18 — , son of Geo. Seymour 

and Eliza Drake. Living at Grand Rapids, where he is superin- 
tendent of the manufacture of gas for the Grand Rapids Gas 
Light Co. Address, 77 S. Fuller St. 


I. Emily Eogene, b. Grand Rapids, Apr. 7, 1908. 


Myka 9 Asenath Hale (Hiram 8 , Hiram 7 , Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 . Born, Georgia, VI, Mar. 
1, 1864 ; m. Georgia, Jan. 29, 1895, Elmer Isaac Nye, b. Stoning- 
ton, Conn., June 23, 1853, son of Oliver Howard Nye and Mary 
Louisa Kirby. Settled in East Hubbardstown, Vt. He m. 1st 
Abbie Ashley Witters, Oct. 4, 1872, by whom he had no children. 
She d. Apr. 20, 1894. At the age of five years his father d. and 
his mother moved to Providence, R. I., where for several years 
he was a news boy. At the age of thirteen his mother died and 
he went to Milton, Vt., and later to Burlington, where he clerked 
in a grocery store for several years, then to Georgia, where he 
engaged in farming until called to the gospel ministry. Was 
ordained a Baptist minister July 1, 1896, and began labors with 
the East Hubbardstown Baptist Church, where he lived five years. 
At the death of her father, Hiram H. Hale (No. 53). He moved 
to East Georgia but continues to serve the Hubbardstown parish. 

I. Hiram Hale, b. Hubbardstown, Vt., Dec. 4, 1899. 


Anna 9 Rogene Hale (sister to No. 159). Born, Georgia, 
Vt., Sept. 27, 1867 ; m. Georgia, Vt., June, 19, 1892, William A. 
Cooley, b. Georgia, Aug. 10, 1858, son of Henry Boardman 


•',,,... ,/■ /,„, M iLau ^>,.,,.,6 ft**, f, %U4a* A/tUz, oJ 

'' ": ■"" / / , f ■ a/,'/ ' 

, .>',./ „/ K ., y . .•/>..<• a.^*" j""- 1 '■<'■ UrtU-aA ! (11--^. </> iu^f _<2V, t 

L- ^ ./,.;., _ ;£ /«^ J tfun^X o^tJ^ M^^LJ, au, 

.•■/,/■ U JU, -4_jrviJfcu*JA-l, £^>nAjLrr »/ -&**^"Z .-/*/, ,'f/^tf H^e-'/^ I* iff /. 

t /IS- -/ ' / ' ' ' 

/,, a ;/_, !■ , WZiul**, ■&***/$% UjoAJ^ t-^-X* .xfry dl) a^x^A. /T'ViJrAiA 

• [*7 /■£>'£ ' J 1 / /, f 1 „ /'/ ' 

J«-<r A* fas} h.Lxs>~Q uax^ a^a_AA-<ywi /-ff->-<w-c^r- -*> *w->? <*^t*^J(. t*KjtAst- *Lcr~i*i_ - 
/ict J-cl^La.. U-^ot^h, /Vii/e k*ji Aju/r^ a^,.J! u^^a.^^ Xt^/, ajt Qst**£ lc^vU*, 

I . / " a / I 

..'•£ ? ' /iA.,j__iaJL.*.AB vl '•'"^jt. fisKA^Jji ° <"+■ CArdUJ. ■--'*.,,.' <■' -/ '•: i!^^tuA^-J^i <L* 

/ SlA-Jj.± <?#vc' •->„<:' UuLi l£l t_, UAmJU <^- Ua !<-*■-•- ,h/,~ CU*Jt *-«-t>-t' ?<r«/ ^'^f/ 

-^ iAA-asKx. OrtM^r- ^-*^ <W<»^tX-^ ^"-^ -<2A-*^<^ c^-v. KA-Osusvi^trr- A**-*/ f-ff-i-t^^. 0^7 

aJLtmj. uj-i~itlZ'^_ , a^.^/ /<---^-4fe-)-i^xr>-t. / ^£* ^-«^«C ( ?H^4jui Wait. cC Ats^Ay 

! ■' } -3- , f . , ; J ( 1 ^3 n . , . . 

&&JL ^ 2f< AM // ;/ . fv^^jjL JL»U £• ~Jfc — / ! 

j %*u* HoJ+ o,U^J^jJ r J £ o^Xj. ,-.:■ '\..^L £ A fat 

Deed of land to Josiah Hale from Moses Hale his 
father. This land includes a large tract in the center 
of the present city of Rutland. 


Cooley and Marion Frisbee. He was educated in Georgia public 
schools and New Hampton, Inst., Fairfax, Vt., and took a course 
at Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Resided in 
Georgia, Vt., until Oct., 1905. Removed to Essex Junction, where 
he owns and cultivates a farm. 

I. Harry Hale, b. Nov. 13, 1893. 
n. Sumner Dewey, b. July 21, 1896. 
in. Hollis Kaymond, b. Mar. 9, 1899. 
rv. Oscar William, b. Nov. 13, 1901. 
All in Georgia. 


Jessie 9 Freemont Hemenway (Lucy 8 Churchill, Olive 7 
Experience Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , 
Samuel 1 ). Born near Freeport, 111., Sept. 29, 1856; m. New 
Hartford, la., Oct. 25, 1882, Francis B. Royce. Address, Apling- 
ton, la. 

I. Lucy Sophia, b. Apr. 22, 1884. 
II. Jessie Emily, b. Oct. 4, 1885. 
in. Margery Marilla, b. Nov. 29, 1886. 
rv. Mabel Hemenway, b. Dec. 9, 1888. 
v. William T., b. Oct. 9, 1890. 
vt. Edwin Theodore, b. Jan. 1, 1893. 
vn. Hazel Loraine, b. Jan. 9, 1898. 


Flora 9 Jane Hemenway (sister to No. 161). Born, Free- 
port, 111., Jan. 26, 1858 ; m. Aberdeen, S. D., Dec. 20, 1887, James 
Stephens Williams, b. Oregon City, Ore., Dec. 3, 1855, son of 
James Stevens Williams, Sr., and Frances Helen Whitcomb (m. 
Otumwa, la., about 1845). Settled at Aberdeen, moved to Fred- 
eric, thence to Oakes, N. D., and again to Aberdeen, S. D., and 
now live in Blakesburg, la, For dates of residence see birth 
places of children. 

i. Asa Harrison, b. Aberdeen, S. D., Nov. 6, 1888. 
n. Charles Howard, b. Frederic, S. D., Dec. 11, 1889. 


m. May Hellen, b. Oakes, N. D., Dec. 8, 1891. 
iv. Jennie Emeline, b. Aberdeen S. D., May 5, 1893. 
V. James Herman, b. Aberdeen, S. D., Mar. 26, 1895; d. June 

2, 1896. 
VI. Henry Clarke, b. Aberdeen, S. D., April 8, 1897. 


Mattie 9 Marilla Hemenway (sister to No. 161). Born, 
Freeport, 111., Aug. 29, 1862 ; m. Feb. 5, 1891, Andrew White, 
of Oakes, N. D., b. Huntington, Canada, Dec. 21, 1857, son of 
John White and Elizabeth Paul. Settled in Aberdeen, S. D., 
but soon moved to Oakes, N D.., where at last report he was 
joint proprietor of the Argyle Hotel. 


i. Jessie Elizabeth, b. Oct. 14, 1892. 

II. Jennie Marilla, b. Nov. 15, 1895. 

in. Flora Hemenway, b. Mar. 23, 1899. 

IV. Lucy Alexandria, b. Dec. 25, 1900. 

All b. Oakes, N. D. 


Howard 9 Vashni Hemenway (brother to No. 161). Born, 
Freeport, 111., Aug. 24, 1869. Was for eight years engaged in 
Minneapolis, Minn., as an electrician in the employ of the Elec- 
tric Light Co. and hold an electrician's diploma. Since his 
father's death he has taken his place as joint proprietor of the 
Argyle Hotel, at Oakes, N. D. Not m. at last report. 


Edith 9 S. Shoemaker (Harriet 8 Churchill, Olive 7 Ex- 
perience Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , 
Samuel 1 ). Born, Pine Island, Minn., Dec. 8, 1857; m. Lincoln, 
Kan., Sept. 7, 1880, W. A. Burress. Now living near Grant 
City, la. 

I. Ruth, b.- Grant City, Feb. 2, 1893; d. Jan. 13, 1899. 



Frank 9 C. Shoemaker (brother to No. 165). Born, Straw- 
berry Point, Clayton Co., la., July 30, 1863 ; m. Lincoln, Kansas, 
Mar. 9, 1888, Augusta Ellis. Now living in or near Mulhall, 

I. Zadia E., b. Lincoln, Kan., Feb. 24, 1890. 
n. S. Ellis, b. Lincoln, Aug. 16, 1891. 
in. Hattie Esther, b. Mulhall, Okl., Jan. 4, 1900. 


Bertha 9 J. Shoemaker (sister to No. 165). Born at or 
near Strawberry Point, Clayton Co., la., Feb. 8, 1869; m. Lin- 
coln, Kan., Apr. 12, 1891, Homer S. Brunt. Now living at 
Ponca City, Okl. 


I. Hattie May, b. Lincoln, Kan., Nov. 2, 1894. 

II. Lydia Fern, b. Mulhall, Okl., Nov. 12, 1897. 


Herbert 9 De Forrest Churchill (Luther 8 , Olive 7 Ex- 
perience Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , 
Samuel 1 ). Born, Wadams Grove, Stephensen Co., 111., June 24, 
1855; m. Stephensen Co., 111., Feb. 3, 1877, Harriet Ann Pace, 
b. Ulster Co., N. Y., July 29, 1860, dau. of Peter Pace and Mar- 
garet Short. Moved to Madison Station, Miss., 1884, Santa Cruz, 
Cal., 1898, and to Blair, Jackson Co., Okl., 1901. Blacksmith, 
musician, police judge. 

I. Luther Barnard, b. Stephensen Co., 111., Feb. 2, 1878. Address, 

Sonora, Cal. 
n. Mable Maud, b. Jan. 9, 1876; m. Frank McKay, nicknamed 

Jack. Live Colwill, Mono Co., Cal. 
m. John Stanley, b. Stephensen Co., 111., Nov. 6, 1881. Address, 

Quartz, Tuolumna Co., Cal. 
iv. Ealph Waldo, b. Stephensen Co., 111., Aug. 1, 1883; m. Hazel 

Richards. Address, Quartz, Tuolumna Co., Cal. 
v. Peter Phillip, b. Madison Co., Miss., July 6, 1885; m. Minnie 
Pugh. Address, South McAlister, Okl. 


vi. Margaret May, b. Madison Co., Miss., Oct. 10, 1888. 

vii. Paul Apostle, b. Madison Co., Miss., Dec. 18, 1890. 

vni. Thomas Oliver, b. Madison Co., Miss., Sept. 1, 1893. 

ix. Mary Pearl, b. Santa Cruz, Cal., Nov. 24, 1897. 

X. Ruth Jane, b. Blair, Okb, June 4, 1904; d. Nov. 15, 1905. 


William 9 T. Churchill (brother to No. 168). Born, Cen- 
ter Township, Alamakee Co., la.,; m. Delia Stanley. Settled 
in Madison Co., Miss., where he d. Sept. 6, 1892, leaving a widow 

and three children. She m. 2nd McCurdy, and now lives 

at Lugert, Kiowa Co., Okl. 


I. Golda b. , , 18 — ; m. Ernest Hawkins. 

Have one son, Bert, b. , . Live Granite, Greer 

Co., Okl. 

II. Emma, b. , , 18 — ; m. Hing. Address, 

Sentinel, Kiowa Co., Okl. 
ill. Bessie, b. , , 18—; d. Sept. 14, 1895. 


Abigail 9 Experience Churchill (sister to No. 168). Born, 
Center, Alamakee Co., la., Sept. 17, 1863; m. 1880, Albert Price; 

m. 2nd John Rodenhouse; m. 3rd Willets. Address, 

Sonora, Cal. 

I. Bessie, b. , , 18 — ; m. Knowles. Ad- 
dress, Sonora, Cal. 

II. Loia, b. , , 18 — . 


John 9 Lincoln Churchill (brother to No. 168). Born, 
Aug. 3, 1866. Served in war with Spain in Co. C, 2nd Texas 
Reg. Discharged Savannah, Georgia, Nov. 20, 1897. M. near 
Martha, Okl., Mar. 16, 1901, Betty Swaty, b. twelve miles north 
of Jackson, Miss., Dec. 6, 1877, dau of Antone Victor Swaty 
and Amelia Avenia Hearn. Farmer; now resides near Blair, 



I. David Hearn, b. near Madison Station, Miss. Jan. 29, 1894. 

n. May Bell, b. Blair, Okl., Jan. 29, 1902. 
in. Pern Eddy,' b. Blair, Okl., Apr. 19, 1904. 
rv. John Victor, b. Blair, Okl., July 12, 1907. 


Franklin 9 Elmer Churchill (brother to No. 168). Born, 
Wadams Grove, Stephensen Co., 111., June 14, 1868; m. Maggie 
Bell Love, b. Cherokee, Co., Texas, Aug. 10, 1878. He is man- 
ager of the Jacksonville Drug Co., of Jacksonville, Texas. 

I. Frank Love, b. July 10, 1906. 
n. Winston , b. Oct. 30, 1907. 


Eva 9 Jane Harron (Jane 8 Churchill, Olive 7 Experience 
Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 
Born near St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 1, 1857 ; m. May 23, 1875, Eos- 
cius Hagadorn, b. Schenectady, N. Y., May 12, 1847. Settled 
near Gaylord, Kan., where he still lives. Carpenter. 


I. Lydia Jane, b. June 27, 1876; m. Gaylord, Nov. 10, 1894, 

Eugene Dedrick, b. Gaylord, Dec. 20, 1875. 

II. Cora May, b. Oct. 27, 1877; m. Lincoln Kan., Apr. 19, 1898, 

Winfield N. Hamilton, b. Bedford, la., July 26, 1872. 
in. Roscius D., b. Sept. 9, 1879; m. Smith Center, Kan., Mar. 
25, 1904, Lesa Henning. 

IV. Frank Albert, b. Apr. 9, 1882; m. Oct. 6, 1906, Lizzie Paul, 

b. Aug. 23, 1884. 

V. Celia Alice, b. Feb. 3, 1885; m. Smith's Center, Kan., Dec. 

8, 1903, Blaine C. Stranathan, b. near Gaylord, Kan., June 
29, 1884. 
vi. Earl Edgar, b. May 14, 1888. 
vn. Harvey Harron, b. Oct. 3, 1896. 

The above children all b. Gaylord, Kan. 


Alice 9 Harron (sister to No. 172). Born, Alamakee Co., 
la., Feb. 18, I860; m. Lincoln, Kansas, Feb. 17, 1878, Alba O. 


Collins. He is a miller, in charge of Lincoln, Kan., Flouring 


I. Albert W., b. Smith Co., Kan., July 26, 1879; m. Aug. 2, 

1906, Leota Putnam, 
n. Effie A., b. Smith Co., Kan., Aug. 1, 1883; m. Jan. 20, 1902, 

Oscar Diehl. 
III. Oliver R., b. Smith Co., Kan., Sept. 1, 1885; m. Aug. 2, 1906, 
Cora Campbell. 


Harriet 9 Stone (Emily 8 Churchill, Olive 7 Experience Hale, 
Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Freeport, 111., July 22, 1858; m. Campton, Pa., July 4, 1878, 
David Wilmont VanNess, b. New Milford, Pa., Oct. 8, 1857, son 
of Wesley VanNess and Rabecca Angel. She d. Camptown, Pa., 
Apr. 10, 1890. He is in the general merchandise business at 
Camptown, Pa. 

I. Luella, b. Camptown, July 29, 1889. Now lives with her 
grandmother, Mrs. Emily Jeanette Stone, Camptown, Pa. 


Ida 9 Harriet Nye (Safrona 8 Churchill, Olive 7 Experience 
Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 
Born, Pine Island, Minn., Aug. 1, 1859 ; m. St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 
1, 1883, Edward Marvin Tousley, b. Omaha, Neb., Aug. 20, 1859, 

son of J. "W. Tousley and S E . Resided at 

Denver, Colo., where he was in the employ of the Ohio Southern 
Oil Co. Now Sec'y and Treas. of the Right Relationship League, 
an organization for the promotion of co-operative enterprises. 
Residence 423 E. 16th St., Flat No. 3, Minneapolis, Minn. 

I. Mable Etna, b. St. Paul, Minn., Mar. 17, 1887. Legally 
adopted when 2 yrs. old. See also children under No. 175. 


Emma 9 Jane Nye (sister to No. 174). Born near Lansing, 
la., Feb. 19, 1861; m. Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 21, 1889, Will. 


Judson Tousley, b. Troy, N.Y., Dec. 27, 1856, son of S. E. Tous- 
ley. Settled at Howard Lake, Minn., where he owns a beautiful 
farm. For seven years Mayor of Howard Lake and for five 
years President of the Wright Co. Agricultural Society, and 
travelled in the interest of the Ohio Southern Oil Co. She d. 
Howard Lake, Feb. 21, 1905, of pulmonary tuberculosis. He 
is now (Oct. 1908) at Plaza, N. D. 


I. Bertha Allene, b. Howard Lake, June 10, 1891. 

H. Alta Lucille, b. Howard Lake, Nov. 19, 1895. 

Both are living with their uncle E. M. Tousley of Minne- 


Martha 9 Sophia Allison (Abigal 8 Churchill, Olive 7 Ex- 
perience Hale, Elisha 6 , Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , 
Samuel 1 ). Born, Center Township, Alamakee Co., la., Aug. 26, 
1862; m. Excelsior, Wis., Dec. 24, 1884, Milton Horace Rose- 

meyer, b. Jan. 4, 1846 ; son of Geo. and Jane Rosemeyer, 

of Platteville, Wis. Settled Richland Center, Wis. ; moved to 
Excelsior in 1886, where they still reside. He enlisted in Co. 
I, 33rd Reg. Wis. Vol., Sept., 1863, and served to Nov., 1865. 
Harness maker. In poor health. 

I. Frances Alma, b. Bichland Center, Dec. 25, 1885; d. in infancy. 
II. Flossie Chloe, b. Excelsior, Jan. 11, 1887; m. April 8, 1903, 
Oscar Albert Daly, b. April 27, 1881. Children: (1) An 
infant d. at birth; (2) Alma Bertha, b. Dec. 15, 1904; 
(3) Vaughn, b. Sept. 29, 1906; (4) Eaymond Oscar, b. 
Jan. 21, 1908; d. Feb. 13, 1908. 
ni. Eeuel Horace, b. Excelsior, Dec. 31, 1889. 
IV. Merl Eansom, b. Excelsior, Mar. 2, 1894. 


Mary 9 Ellen Allison (sister to No. 176). Born, Village 
Creek, four miles south of Lansing, la., Aug 27, 1863 ; m. Ex- 
celsior, Wis., Dec. 6, 1889, William Hinkle. Settled near Wood- 
stock, Wis., moved to near Boaz, where they still live. He is a 



I. Cleon William, b. Excelsior, Dec. 15, 1890. 

II. Charles Cornelius, b. Basswood, Dec. 21, 1891; d. June 20, 

in. Clifford Henry, b. Boaz, Nov. 16, 1895. 


Ollie 9 S. Allison (sister to No. 176). Born, Ion, Alama- 
kee Co., la., Nov. 14, 1865; m. Excelsior, Wis., July 27, 1884, 
Thomas T. Shannon, b. Richland Co., Wis., Dec. 25, 1859, son 
of A. B. Shannon and Harriet Evans. Moved from Excelsior, 
Wis., to Rudd, la., Apr., 1890, and later to town of Nora Springs, 
la., where he was proprietor of a restaurant. Removed to Mason 
City, 1902, where he engaged in R. R. work. Now in the insur- 
ance business. Residence, 1203 Second Ave. 

I. Koy Vivian, b. Excelsior, Wis., July 10, 1885; m. Sept. 20, 
1905, Mary Ellen Swanson. Children: (1) Harold Leroy, 
b., Dec. 30, 1906; (2) Claudia Quae, b. Jan. 3, 1909. 
n. Fern E., b. Excelsior, Jan. 23, 1887. Employed in office of 

Dr. -. 

HI. Lucy Marie, b. Nora Springs, la., Sept. 30, 1896. 
rv. Nellie Beatrice, b. Nora Springs, Eeb. 8, 1898. 


Emma 9 Evans (Lucretia 8 Sweet, Sarah 7 Hale, Elisha 8 , 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Waseca 
Co., Minn., July 17, 1867 ; m. William Hamm. Address, Belling- 
ham, Wash. 


Isabel 9 S. Evans (sister to No. 179). B. Waseca Co., 
Minn., Feb. 22, 1869 ; m. William Zehring. Address, 7193 Pipe 
St., Seattle, Wash. 


John 9 Edward Evans (brother to No. 179). Born, Waseca 
Co., Minn., April 18, 1870; m. Mason, Nez Perces Co., Idaho, 
Frances Lucretia Rowan, b. Near Princeton, Mercer Co., Mo., 


Apr. 6, 1874, dau. of John Rowen and Alice Catharine Cox. 
Have lived in or near Lewiston, Idaho, except short time in 

Asotin Co., "Wash. He is a contractor, Residence 117 

St., Lewiston, Idaho. 

i. Clarence D., b. Morrow, Ida., Nov. 8, 1894. 
II. Mildred Lenora, b. Morrow, Ida., Oct. 1, 1900. 
in. Walter John, b. , , . 


Evylin 9 Evans (sister to No. 179). Born, Eugene City, 
Ore., Oct. 14, 1873 ; m. Primer. Address, Blaine, Wash. 


Charlotte 9 Evans (sister to No. 179). Born Lewiston, 
Ida., Feb., 11, 1878, m. Crutchley, Address, Blaine, Wash. 


William 9 Thomas Evans (brother to No. 179). Born, Lew- 
iston, Ida., Oct. 4, 1879; m. Blaine, Washington, Feb. 5, 1908, 
Nettie May Hoyt, b. Cady, St. Croix Co., Wis., Oct. 12, 1891, 
dau. of John Hoyt and Nellie Hoyt (maiden name). He is 
engaged in farming near Blaine. 

I. Bert, b. Blaine, Nov. 25, 1908. 


Robert 9 Henry Evans (brother to No. 179). Born, Gen- 
esee, Idaho, Nov. 25. Entered University of Washington, 1900. 
Grad. 1904. Studied law and was admitted to the bar 1906. 
Now practicing law at Seattle, Wash. Office 402, 4 Globe Block. 


Charles 9 Clayton Evans (brother to No. 179). Born, 
Blaine, Wash. Sept. 3, 1885; m. Aug. 27, 1906, Madge Valerie 
Heathcote, b. Deer Creek, Ottertail Co., Minn., Dec. 18, 11 


dau. of Walter Scott Heathcote and Mary Amelia Ruggles. 
Address, 2244 Nic Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 


May 9 Almira Griswold (Francis 8 , Almira 7 Hale, Elisha 6 , 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born near Wan- 
con, Alamakee Co., la., Nov. 18, 1873 ; m. Sioux City, la., June 
18, 1895, James W. Lawless, b. New York City, July 21, 1861, 

son of Thomas Lawless and Ella . Settled at Puckwana, 

S. D. Moved to Chamberlain, where he is now associate-editor 
and proprietor of the Chamberlain Register. 


I. Blanche Edna, b. Puckwana, July 6, 1896; d. Aug. 9, 1896. 
II. James Griswold, b. Chamberlain, Aug. 6, 1897. 
in. Grace Theo, b. Chamberlain, Sept. 22, 1898. 
rv. Bernice Zoe, b. Chamberlain, Nov. 12, 1899. 

V. Ruth Ella, b. Chamberlain, Aug. 2, 1906. 


Georgianna 9 Maud Griswold (sister to No. 186). Born 
near Waucon, Alamakee, Co., la., Sept. 21, 1876. Removed with 
parents to near Puckwana, S. D., 1883. Taught in public school 
at Chamberlain. M. Mar. 1, 1905, Ralph Oliver of Canton, 

S. D., b. , , 18—, son of 1 and 

. Occupation, . 


I. Lois , b. — , , 190—. 


Fred 9 Willard Griswold (brother to No. 186). Born near 
Waucon, Alamakee Co., la., Feb. 3, 1879; m. Kimball, S. D., 

Oct. 14, 1908, Genevieve May Ochsner, b. , , 

18 — , dau. of Edward P. Ochsner and Clara . Cashier 

Kimball State Bank. 


Caroline 9 Jane Hubbard (Francis 8 , Jane 7 Hale, Elisha 6 , 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, S wanton, 


Vt., April 2, 1884 ; m. June 26, 1907, Earl Ayer, of St. Albans, 
b. Peterboro, N. H., Sept. 4, 1880, son of George Augustus Ayer 
and Arvilla Harriet . Merchant, Milton, Vt. 

I. Dorothy Maud, b. Milton, Jan. 25, 1908. 

190, 191 and 192 as given under No. 76. 


Elizabeth 9 Philena Wallace (Oscar 8 , Caroline 7 Hinckley, 
Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 
Born, Bevier, Mo., Mar. 16, 1871 ; m. Higbee, Mo., June 23, 1898, 
Stephen Demort, b. Hamburg, Ger., Sept. 6, 1865, son ©f John 
Demort and Emily Sneyder. Settled at Elliott, Randolph Co., 
Mo., where he was engaged in mining coal. Moved 1902, to 
Higbee, where he is still engaged in mining. 

I. Minnie Philena, b. Elliott, Jan. 15, 1900. 
ii. Oscar Lyle, b. Higbee, July 11, 1905. 


Elmer 9 Lee Landon (Cassius 8 , Adeline 7 Hinckley, Sarah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Whitehall, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1868. At the age of eighteen entered 
law office of Potter & Lillie as a law student (Potter being the 
son of the Potter in whose office his (Elmer's) father studied 
law). Admitted to practice Feb. 1892, became Court sten- 
ographer 1889, reporting Courts in Washington and Essex Coun- 
ties. In Nov. 1895, he gave up stenography and the practice of 
law, moved to Philadelphia, Pa., and engaged in the silk and 
cotton yarn business as a brokers and spinners selling agent, in 
which business he is still engaged. Held a commission as Lieut, 
in N. Y. National Guard for three years. Sept. 1, 1904 he m. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Rockey, b. March 30, 1861, dau. of Chalkey Berry 
and Mary Elizabeth Fithian. Through her mother, Mrs. Lan- 
don is related to some of the oldest and most influential families 
of south, New Jersey. Her great grandfather participated in 
the burning of teas at Grenwich, N. J., in the year after the 


' ' Boston tea party, ' ' and had four uncles who held commissions 
in the Continental line. Her first ancestor in this country was 
Christiana Clinton, who was aunt to George Clinton, major-gen- 
eral in Continental army, for eighteen years Gov. of New York 
State, and twice Vice-President of the U. S. They have no chil- 
dren. Address, Mariners & Merchants Building 3 and Chest- 
nut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Albert 9 Charles Hurd (Sarah 8 Landon, Adeline 7 Hinck- 
ley, Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 
Born, Whitehall, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1870; m. Ft. Ann, N. Y., Feb. 
3, 1892, Mary Frances Eaton. He is a jeweler and optician. The 
Hurd ancestry in this country dates back to 1635 when 
John Hurd came from England and settled at Strat- 
ford, Conn. He was a land surveyor and was a mem- 
ber of Ancient and Honorable Artillery of Mass., 1640, and 
served several years in Conn, legislature. Nathan Hurd, son 
of Samuel, was b. Killingworth, Conn., Feb. 2, 1746, and was 
one of the six first settlers in Newport, N. H., June, 1766, and 
served several times as militiaman in Revolutionary War. M. 
Feb. 22, 1770, Ruth Labree. David Hurd, son of Nathan, was 
b. Newport, N. H., Jan. 2, 1784 ; m. Nov. 23, 1807, Sally Robin- 
son, of Pembroke, dau. of John Robinson, who served several 
years as Revolutionary Militiaman. Nathan Hurd, Jr., son of 
David, was b. Newport, N. H., Jan. 9, 1815 ; m. Betsey Angier, 
granddaughter of Silas Angier, who served nearly seven years 
in Revolutionary War, most of the time leading scouting par- 
ties, and took part in the Saratoga campaign. Charles W. Hurd 
(noted under No. 79), son of Nathan, Jr., was father to Albert, 
the subject of this number, whose address is 144 Sixth Ave., N. 
End, Troy, N. Y. 

I. Madeline Evelyn, b. Troy, N. Y., May 18, 1901. 
II. Albert Landon, b. Troy, N. Y., July 27, 1908. 


George 9 Orrin Kiernan (Mary 8 Landon, Adeline 7 Hinck- 
ley, Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 


Born, Whitehall, N. Y., April 22, 1870. Began his literary career 
as professor of elocution in high school, Pittsburg, Pa., and later 
filled the same position at Lakeside Academy, but resigned to 
take up the work of Dramatic Recitals for Colleges and Schools, 
which work has proven him to be very gifted and popular, and 
his recitals are in great demand. He is soon to open a course 
for the Brooklyn, N. Y., Institute. Single. 

Following is one of the very many testimonials he is receiv- 
ing from the press and literary critics: 

Dartmouth College. 
' ' My Dear Mr. Kiernan : — It gives me great pleasure to 
write you of your success here. It is indeed a 'rare man,' we 
find, who is able to hold the complete attention of the students 
for two solid hours. But your 'lovable Rip' with his quaint 
toast of good fellowship, quite took the boys by storm. You have 
set for yourself probably the most difficult task in the whole 
dramatic world — that of reproducing, not impersonating, the 
character, atmosphere and lovableness of Jefferson's characters. 
You are the more to be congratulated therefore on your great 
success. I understand you are to give 'The Music Master' next 
season. We shall await your coming to us again with much inter- 
est. Sincerely yours, 

H. R. WELLMAN— The College Club." 

His home address is 1208 Conistoga St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Harriet 9 Lucina Pattee (Annie 8 Hinckley, John 7 , Sarah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., Oct. 21, 1870; m. Georgia, Aug. 18, 1892, John 
Armstrong Williams, who is a boat builder. They live in Georgia, 
Vt. His father, John Armstrong Williams, Sr., was b. Granby, 
Mar. 10, 1801, and d. at his son's home at the advanced age of 
104 yrs. 10 mos. 29 days. His mother Zoia (Blanchard) Wil- 
liams, b. Farnham, Canada, Aug., 1810, d. Georgia, July 24, 1897. 

I. Kalpb Allen, b. Nov. 12, 1892. 
ii. Earl Albert, b. Aug. 12, 1897. 
in. Rutn Hattie, b. Aug. 24, 1901. 


iv. Zoia Amanda, b. Sept. 20, 1904. 

v. L-ucina Anna, b. July 12, 1908. % 

All in Georgia. 


George 9 Herman Pattee (brother to No. 197). Born, 
Georgia, Vt., June 30, 1872 ; m. 1st Georgia, Vt., Dec. 31, 1895, 
Prudence Abigal Shepard, b. Georgia, Mar. 7, 1874, dau. of 
Russell Shepard and Anthana Bradley, d. in Georgia, Mar. 14, 
1898. M. 2nd South Hero, Vt., Jan. 10, 1900, Alice Laura Minck- 
ler, b. Grand Isle, June 12, 1875; dau. of Jeremiah Charles 
Minckler and Matilda Jane Haymaker. Enlisted Co. B, 1st Reg. 
Vt. Vol. Inf., Spanish-American War, Fort Ethan Allen, May 
10, 1898; mustered May 16, 1898, and discharged, St. Albans, 
Vt., Nov. 5, 1898. Farmer. 

I. Warren Carlton, b. Georgia, Vt., Nov. 13, 1900. 


Ethel 9 Adella Pattee (sister to No. 197). Born, Georgia, 
Vt., Feb. 17, 1878 ; m. Georgia, Dec. 7, 1898, Allen Nelson Cleve- 
land, son of White G. Cleveland and Lydia Swift Montefour. 
Farmer, Georgia, Vt. 


I. Anna Bell, b. Nov. — , 1900. 

ii. Merril White, b. Sept. 4, 1902. 
ni. Florence Ethel, b. July 1, 1905. 
iv. Marvin Jessie, b. July 21, 1908. 


Ira 9 Loomis Hinckley (John 8 , John 7 , Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 . 

Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born , 

18— ; m. , Jan. 1, 1900, Kate Crusan, b. , 18—, 

dau. of and . He has a dental 

office and drugstore, Filmore, Cal. They have one child, a boy, 
name and date of birth not given. 



Daisy 9 Ellen Clarke (Orrin 8 , Elvira 7 Hinckley, Sarah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Georgia, Vt, Dec. 23, 1872; m. Georgia, Mar. 24, 1896, Frank 
Leonard Knight, b. Waterbury, Vt., Apr. 5, 1863, son of Moses 

M. Knight and Sarah Blush . He is a merchant in his 

native town of Waterbury, Vt. They have no children. 


Frances 9 Clarke Wheeler (Mary 8 Clarke, Elvira 7 Hinck- 
ley, Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 
Born, Georgia, Vt., Aug. 21, 1878 ; m. Long Beach, Cal., Oct. 14, 
1901, Frank Paige Fay, of Los Angeles, son of Henry Tudor 
Fay and Maryette Sanford. He is a fruit shipper at Los Ange- 
les, Cal., and Pres. of California Citrous Union-. Address, 743 
Garland Ave. 

I. Kenyon Tudor, b. Los Angeles, July 27, 1902. 
n. Sheldon Paige, b. Los Angeles, Jan. 28, 1905. 


Josephine 9 Annie Dow (Mary 8 Hinckley, Edward 7 , Sarah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Cov- 
entry, Vt., June 17, 1876; m. Coventry, June 28, 1900, Clinton 
Allen Wood, b. Gardner, Mass., Oct. 21, 1867, son of Cyrus Kings- 
bury Wood and Elizabeth Allen. He m. 1st Oct. 31, 1889, Lot- 
tie L. Crossman, who d. Nov. 30, 1895. Began the machinists' 
trade 1888, at Chickopee Falls, Mass., but now is assistant P. M. 
at Newport, Vt. 

I. Dorothy Elizabeth, b. Chickopee Falls, Nov. 15, 1902. 


Edwin 9 Erastus Dunaway (Phoebe 8 Hinckley, Edwin 7 , 
Sarah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Urbana, Iowa, Nov. 12, 1878; m. Freeport, 111., Dec. 13, 1905, 


Lola Glen, b. Winslow, 111., Mar. 28, 1889, dau. of Daniel Roden- 
baugh and Lottie Lathrop. He is a farmer, near "Winslow, 111. 

I. Flossie Fay, b. June 19, 1906. 
II. Glen Edwin, b. Feb. 1, 1908. 


Lola Bell Dunaway (sister to No. 204). Born, Oneco, 
111., Jan. 21, 1881 ; m. Freeport, III, Aug. 15, 1901, Charles Bert 

"Wohlford, b. Wadams Township, Stephensen Co., 111., , 

18 — , son of Franklin Wohlford and Lovina Stiles. He is a 
farmer and lives near Oneco, 111. 


I. , d. at birth June 25, 1902. 

n. Ralph Earl, b. July 5, 1903. 

III. Ray Ellsworth, b. Mar. 19, 1905. 

rv. Kenneth Dunaway, b. Dec. 30, 1908. 


Fred 9 B. Boring (Edith s Jane Hale, Josiah 7 , Daniel 6 . 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Cairo, Neb., 
April 11, 1876 ; m. Dannebrog, Neb., Aug. 17, 1897, Rosa Ethel 
Jacobs, who d. May 6, 1899, after the birth of a dau. She was a 

natural musician. He m. 2nd , 1908, Joice Webster, b. 

, Iowa, May 22, 1882. Her father, James Webster, b. 

in Pennsylvania, is a descendant of Noah Webster. Farmer and 
stockman; resides at Butte, Mon. Address, Care of Braund 

I. Esther Rose, b. Apr. 23, 1899. Now living with her aunt 
Gusta Osborn, 628 Wyoming Ave., Sheridan, Wyo. 


Arthur 9 Boring (brother to No. 206). Born, Cairo, Neb. 
Oct. 13, 1879 ; m. Apr. 27, 1898, Zylphia Caturia Scott, dau. of 
Jacob Scott, formerly of Columbia Co., Ohio, and Barbara Cot- 
terell. He is a farmer and stock raiser. Address, Cairo, Neb. 


' ' " ■ j ' X 


-Hi- 9.? 3 nu 

/7#4 ^ 3U.,J 

f£_ ,~? j-*^ i 

Photographic copy of Family Record in the handwriting of 
Josiah Hale. Written on fly leaf of Watt's Hymn Book. 
(See lower right hand corner). Also copy in handwriting 
of Mary E. Smith, mother of Milford H. Smith. Now 
the property of Milford H. Smith. 



I. Ray Everett, b. July 29, 1899. 
n. Lorn, b. Jan. 22, 1903. 

in. Marvin, b. May 27, 1907. 


Grace 9 B. Boring (sister to No. 206). Born, Cairo, Neb., 
Dee. 31, 1881 ; m. Feb. 22, 1899, Horace Dodd, who is engaged 

in the creamery business, b. , 1872. Address, Dannebrog, 

Neb. No children reported. 


Laura 9 Boring (sister to No. 206). Born, Cairo, Neb., Feb. 

15, 1883 ; m. Feb. 22, 1899, Charles Ricard, b. Sept., 1878. He 

is a farmer and stock raiser. Address, Cairo, Neb. R. F. D. 

No. 2. 


I. Eva Marie, b. Nov. 18, 1899. 

II. Glenwood, b. July 4, 1903. 


Warren 9 Ward Boring (brother to No. 206). Born, Cairo, 
Neb., Aug. 1, 1887; m. Dec. 24, 1908, Maggie May Hemersling, 

b. , 1888, dau. of August Hemersling and Mary Gibson. 

Father b. in Germany and mother b. in Canada. Farmer and 
stock raiser; lives near St. Paul, Neb. 


Marie 9 Alma Hale (Charles 8 , Josiah 7 , Daniel 6 , Josiah 5 , 
Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, Clinton, Mo., June 
29, 1891 ; m. Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 21, 1907, Emerson Walters, 
b. Aug. 22, 1888, son of James Franklin Emerson (b. DeWitt 
Co., 111.) and Martha Orlenia Elkinton (b. Greene Co., 111.). 
He is in the employ of the Benedict Paper Co., Kansas City, Mo., 
and lives at 1619 Norton Ave. 

I. Charles Franklin, b. Kansas City, Nov. 6, 1908. 



Vesta 9 Elizabeth Bishop (Carleton 8 , Abigal 7 Hale, Josiah 6 , 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born near Per- 
cival, la., Dec. 7, 1880; m. Nebraska City, Neb., Oct. 13, 1897, 
James Harvey Mathews, b. Terre Haute, Ind., Jan. 29, 1870, 
son of Robt. Mathews and Eunice Williams. 

I. Carleton Robert, b. Percival, la., Jan. 22, 1900. 
II. Lizzie Marie, b. McPaul, la., Apr. 2, 1903. 
in. Jason Wallace, b. Exeter, Filmore Co., Neb., Feb. 5, 1906. 


"Warren 9 King (Anna 8 Hall, Sarah 7 Goddard, Joanna 6 Hale, 
Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, White Rock, 
Kan., Dec. 16, 1872 ; m. White Rock, Apr. 14, 1897, Pearl Keim, 
b. Rooks, Co., Kan., July 8, 1879, dau. of Israel Keim and Clara 
Kleck. Settled in Grove Co., Kan., Mar., 1898. Moved, 1903, 
to Wyandotte, Kansas City, where he now lives engaged in street, 
lot and railroad grading. R. F. D. No. 1. 

I. Blanche May, b. Gove Co., Kan., Nov. 9, 1899. 



Leon 10 Wallace Smith (Eugene 9 , Wallace 8 , Julia 7 Adsit, 
Hannah 6 Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). 
Born, Tupper's Lake, Franklin Co., N. Y., Mar. 20, 1879; m. 

, N. Y., , — , , Catherine Coolon, b. Harretts- 

town, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1883, dau. of Frank Coolon and Alida Car- 
ley. He is an engineer on the N. Y. Central and Hudson River 
R. R. Residence, Malone, N. Y. 

I. Althea, b. Mar. 6, 1902. 
II. Leon, b. July 12, 1903. 
in. Oakley, b. June 10, 1905. 



Floyd 10 Charles Smith (brother to No. 214). Born, 
McColurns, town of Brighton, N. Y., Mar. 15, 1887. Graduated 
from Saranac Lake High School, 1904, and later from Albany 
Business College. Accepted a position as amanuensis to the 
U. S. Consul, Hon. James H. Worman, Three Rivers, Quebec, 
Canada. Came home 1906 and has since resided with his wid- 
owed mother at Saranac Lake. Is now cashier in N. Y. Central 
R. R. office. Expects to go to New York City soon to take a course 
in music. 


Ray 10 Ernest Smith (Milford 9 , Ira 8 , Julia 7 Adsit, Hannah 6 
Hale, Josiah 5 , Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thomas 2 , Samuel 1 ). Born, 
Ellensburg, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1882. Educated in public schools, 
Round Lake Military Academy, Troy Conference Academy, 
Balliston Spa High School, Syracuse University and graduated 
a Doctor of Medicine at the Albany Medical College, May, 1908. 
Opened an office for the practice of medicine and surgery, Rut. 
land, Vt., June 1, 1908. Has specialized in surgery and has a 
successful practice. M. June 29, 1905, Ethel M. Burgess, of 
Mechanicville, N. Y., b. Albany, N. Y., April 18, 1880, dau. of 
Charles E. Burgess, of Albany, and Harriet Badgley, of Mechan- 
icville, N. Y. 

I. Milford 11 Knowles, b. Albany, N. ¥., Mar. 25, 1906. 
n. Gordon Burges, b. Eutland, Vt., Oct. 12, 1907. 



The following letters were not prepared for publication, but 
were written in that free and offhand manner in which one 
friend writes to another, and they should, therefore, be accepted 
only for the valuable information which they contain. 

I am prompted to make this explanation because I am tak- 
ing the liberty of inserting them without the knowledge or con- 
sent of the writers or any of their immediate relatives or friends. 

I am induced to insert them because I consider them a val- 
uable addition to this little compilation and because I think 
the information which they contain should be securely preserved 
for the use of future genealogists. 

Trusting this explanation of motive will be accepted, by the 
living writers and the friends of those deceased, as a sufficient 
apology for the liberty taken, I remain, 

Devotedly yours. 

0. F. H. 


North Stockholm Station, N. Y., July 9, 1900. 
0. F. Hale : 

My Dear Kinsman: 

I received your letter some time ago by the hand of my 
cousin Oscar 7 H. Hale (Ira 6 , Moses 5 , Jr., Moses 4 , Thomas 3 , Thom- 
as 2 , Samuel 1 ), who lives in the town of Norfolk, N. Y. * * * 

You ask for the family record in the old Hale Bible. I will 
say that I have this old keepsake in my possession on account of 
my name being Moses S. on the family record. This Bible was 
printed in 1791 and is in a good state of preservation for so old 
a book. But there never was any record in it, to my knowledge, 
but of my grandfather's family, Moses, Jr., fifth in descent of 
our first ancestor in this country, as you will see by the record 
I am sending you, which was furnished my uncle Ira 6 Hale, my 
father, Moses B., and my cousin, Edward 7 W., by the Hon. 
Robert S. Hale, of Elizabethtown, N. Y., in the year 1870. * * * 


This Robert S. Hale was a congressman from Essex Co., 
N. Y., some thirty years ago, and was, as you will see, writing 
a history of the Hales in this country, but he died some years 

4t- jfc jfc 

ago. * * * 

I will give you the names of my grandfather's family, 
Moses 5 , Jr: 

i. Ira (O. H. Hale's father). 
ii. Moses B. (my father), 
in. Asa (Edward W.'s father). 

iv. Eloisa, m. Blake; d. in state of Ohio. 

v. Isaiah B. B., lived and died in Iowa, 
vi. Luther, lived and died in Wisconsin. 
vii. Mary, 
vin. Alvin. 
ix. William E. 
x. Emma F. 
You are right as to Moses Hale, Jr.. once living at Georgia, 
Vt., and emigrating to Norfolk, N. Y. Most of his family, how- 
ever, were born in Georgia before emigrating to N. Y. My 
father Moses B. was eight years old when the battle of Plattsburg 
took place (1814) across Lake Champlain, from Georgia about 
30 miles, and he, with others of the family, heard the cannon 
roar and saw the smoke of the battle from the hills near their 
home. * * * 

Yours truly, 

S. M. HALE. 


(Referred to in Letter "A.") 

Elizabethtown, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1870. 
Edward W. Hale, 

My Dear Sir : 

I thank you very much for your letter of the 12th and ac- 
companying statement, and from it I can give you, connecting 
it with facts in my possession, your complete American pedigree. 

You [Edward W. Hale] are seventh in descent from Samuel 
Hale 1 , who emigrated to this country in or before 1637 and 
finally settled at Glastonbury, Conn., where many of his descend- 
ants still reside. His son Thomas 2 married Naomi Kilburn and 


lived at Glastonbury. His son Thomas 3 married Susannah Smith 
and also lived at Glastonbury. His son Moses 4 married Mary 
Edwards and emigrated to Rutland, Vt, about 100 years ago 
(1769). Your grandfather was Moses 5 , your father Asa 6 and 
yourself 7 . 

I have a large amount of information relating to the fam- 
ily — descendants of Samuel 1 , of Glastonbury, among whom are the 
late James T. Hale, M. C. from Penn., Reuben C. Hale of Phila- 
delphia, Gideon Welles, late Secretary of the Navy, and his wife, 
Rev. Albert Hale, of Springfield, 111., etc., etc. I will be glad to 
furnish you anything in my possession relating to the family. 

Wm. F. Hale, a clerk in the Interior Dept., is your second 
cousin, his grandfather, Asa Hale, having been a brother to your 
grandfather Moses. 

I am not of this family, my first ancestor in this country 
having been Thomas Hale, of Newbury, Mass., who may have 
been a relative of Samuel, but certainly was not his brother, as 
Samuel had a brother Thomas who was another person. 

All the Hales of New England stock, whom I have succeeded 
in tracing, are descendants of either one of these two (Thomas 
and Samuel) or from Robert Hale who settled at Charlestown, 
Mass., about 1630, and among whose descendants are Hon. John 
P. Hale, Rev. Edward, Nathan, the spy, etc., etc. If these mat- 
ters have any interest for you please pick up all the information 
you can about every person of the name of Hale, and send it 
to me. 

I am accumulating all I can in the hope of sometime getting 
a complete history of the family in print. 

Very truly yours, 

To Edward W. Hale. 

(Referred to in Letter "A.") 

Elizabethtown, N. Y., Mar. 14, 1870. 
Moses B. Hale, 

Dear Sir: 
Very pressing engagements have prevented my earlier ac- 
knowledging your valued letter of January last with its very 
full information in regard to your family and connections. * * * 


I send you the following information in regard to your 
ancestors from the beginning of their residence in this country, 
which you may like to preserve for the benefit of all your branch 
of the family. 

Samuel Hale 1 was your first ancestor in this country. 
[Here follows a brief biography of Samuel as embodied in No. 
1 of Record, and then the letter continues.] His brother Thomas 1 
was a "single man" at Roxbury, Mass., in 1634, removed soon 
after to Hartford, Conn., returned to Roxbury and there married 
Jane Lord in Feb., 1640, returned to Conn., and was among the 
first settlers at Norwalk in 1654; returned to Charleston, Mass., 
and there, Dec. 14, 1659, married a second wife, Mary Nash, and 
had by her a son John 2 , baptized Apr., 23, 1665. I have no 
further record of his children or descendants. * * * 

Among the descendants of Samuel 1 I will mention, besides 
the descendants of your family, the following : Rev. Albert Hale, 
D. D., of Springfield, 111., Hon. James T. Hale, late M. C. from 
Penn., Hon. Reuben C. Hale, of Philadelphia, Hon. Gideon 
Welles, late Secretary of the Navy, and his wife, Sylvester Hale 
and his son "William Henry Hale, both of Albany, and a large 
number of the name still residing in Glastonbury. 

During the Revolutionary War, sixteen of the name of Hale 
[one Josiah, 1777] residing in Glastonbury, took the oath of 
fidelity to the colonies and seven of them served in the Revo- 
lutionary army, two dying in the service. They were doubtless 
all descendants of your ancestor Samuel 1 . This gives about all 
I have of the Glastonbury Hales except the descendants of the 
other sons (some of them) of Samuel 1 . * * * 

My own descent is from a different stock, my first ancestor 
in this country being Thomas Hale 1 , (a different person from 
Thomas the brother of Samuel 1 ), who settled at Newbury, Mass., 
in 1635, and died there Dec. 21, 1682. 

Among his descendants, besides my own immediate family, 
are Rev. Benj. Hale, D. D., late president of Geneva College, 
Hon. Salma Hale, of Keene, N. H., Hon. Artmus Hale, late M. C. 
from Massachusetts, Hon. Eugene Hale, now M. C. from Maine, 
Geo. S. Hale, Esq., of Boston, Mass., William G. Hale, Esq., of 
New Orleans, and a numerous posterity in Mass., New Hamp- 
shire, Vermont, New York and other states. 


Besides these original emigrants there was Deacon Robert 
Hale, who settled at Charlestown, Mass., in 1630, among whose 
descendants were Nathan Hale, the Revolutionary Capt., who 
was executed by the British as a spy; Hon. John P. Hale, of 
N. H., Rev. Edward Everet Hale, of Boston, David Hale, for 
many years editor of the New York Journal of Commerce, and 
many more. I have no evidence that Thomas, of Newbury, Rob- 
ert of Charlestown, and Samuel, of Glastonbury, were related. 

Very truly yours, 

To Moses B. Hale, Esq. 


Written to Robert S. Hale, of Elizabethtown, N. Y., (now 
deceased) (see Letter "A.) and endorsed by him as follows: 

"Descendants of Moses 5 Hale of St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., 
son of Moses 4 , of Rutland, Vt., son of Thomas 3 , of Glastonbury, 
son of Thomas 2 , son of Samuel 1 , of Glastonbury — Received 14 
Dec, 1870, from Edward 7 Warren Hale, of Washington, D. C, 
son of Asa 6 , son of Moses 5 ." 

Moses 5 Hale. Born in Vermont — Rutland, I think — grew 
up there and married Miss Freelove Barber. He removed to 
Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., about 1820, where he died 
about 1840. His family consisted of ten children, seven sons 
and three daughters. I cannot give them in the order of their 
ages exactly. They were named Ira, Alvin, Moses B., Luther, 
William, Isaiah, and Asa H., Mary, Emma and Eloisa. I take 
them in the order named and give you their descendants. 

Ira has been married three times and is now living with his 
third wife. Has no children except by first wife, who was a Miss 
Amelia Judson, and who bore him three children : Ozro J., Oscar 
and Louise. The first two married, and are still living. Ozro is 
in Milwaukee, and has two children, both girls, I do not know 
their names. His wife 's maiden name was Dumdorf . 

Oscar resides in Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., and mar- 
ried a Miss Gage and has three children, all girls, I don't know 
their names. 


Louisa married M. R. Knapp and died leaving one child — ■ 
a girl. 

Alvin died several years ago, unmarried. 

Moses B. is now 66 years old, living in Norfolk, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., married a Miss Melissa Sumner, who died recent- 
ly and who bore him four children: Wallace, Sumner [Moses 
Sumner, writer of Letter "A."] Janet and Sarah. Wallace 
married a Miss Manchester, has one child — a girl — and lives 
near his father. Sumner is still single, a young man of 22 or 
thereabouts. Janet married Giles Holbrook, of Potsdam, has one 
child — a boy. Sarah is single and an invalid. 

Luther married Gomes and losing his wife soon after, with- 
out having children, became a wanderer and I believe is now 
somewhere in Wis., still single. 

William is now about 60, did not marry until somewhat ad- 
vanced. His wife was a Miss Thompson, who bore him one child, 
a dau. now married and living near him at Potsdam Junction. 

Isaiah B. d. in 1856 or 7 in Wis. He removed in early life 
to Wheeling, Va., and was for some time in the practice of law 
there and afterwards connected with the P. 0. Dept. His wife, 
who was a Miss Cooley, died before him and he left a family of 
four children, two boys and two girls, the oldest being a girl 
who married and removed to Minn., her younger brother and 
sister going with her. Of this uncle's family I know little* save 
this— I don't know their ages, nor am I certain about their names. 

Asa H., my father, is now 56 years old, Avas married in 1838 
to Miss Sarah Felch and has six children living, two sons and 
four daughters, named Mary, Fannie, Agnes and Elizabeth, 
Edward (myself) and Charles, who is now twelve years old. 
The daughters are all single. I am the only one of his family 
who has married and my wife died only a few months after my 

Mary married a man named Mears and died young, I think 
without children. 

Emma married a man named Morgan and is still living in 
Potsdam, having no children. 

Eloisa married Hamilton Blake and removed to Ohio, where 
she still lives. Has a large family, but I do not know much of 


These are briefly the facts I am in possession of in regard 
to our immediate family. I have not the accurate data as to ages 
of those named nor the dates of the death of those who have 
passed away. Can procure them if you desire, which will I pre- 
sume depend upon your ability to connect this branch with the 
family history you are trying to complete. 


Written to Robert S. Hale (obtained through the kindness 
of his daughter Mary E. Hale, of Elizabethtown, N. Y.) and 
endorsed by him: 

"Descendants of William 5 Hale, Moses 4 , Samuel 1 , of Glas- 
tonbury. Received 4 Dec, '74, of Mrs. Luther B. Wyman [Fran- 
ces Ann] through James W. Hale." 

William 5 Hale, born July 1, 1867 ; m. Sarah Perry, of Rut- 
land, Vt., lived there and died there Feb. 7, 1889 His widow m. 

Emmons, of Fort Edward, N. Y., and lived but a few 


Asa 5 Hale [brother to William] lived in Rutland, had a 
son, Edward, who m. and went to St. Louis to live, and two 
daughters, one of whom m. a chaplain in the Navy by the name 
of Cheever Felch and who, at the time my father resided in 
Boston, had their residence at the Charlestown Navy Yard. 

David Hale [also brother to William] moved from Rutland 
to Boston, Mass., m. Mary Child and had five children : Thomas 
(died single) Henry Martin (died young), David W., and Helen 
and Mary Pickard. 

William 5 Hale (my grandfather) had nine children, born 
in Rutland : 

(1) Frances, m. Enos Farnsworth, went to Missouri to live 
and in a few years was left a widow with two children, Enos 
and Sarah. She afterward m. Henry Ham, of Bass, Canada 

(2) Chloe, died unmarried. 

(3) Ann m. David Bristol, of Fort Edward, N. Y., had five 
daughters, the eldest being named Chloe. 


(4) Harriet went to Mayfield, Fulton Co., N. Y., and I 
think died unmarried. 

(5) Henry died, a young man, in New Orleans, La. 

(6) William died in infancy. 

(7) William Hiram (my father) born in Rutland, Vt, 
April 25, 1799. When he was nine years of age, his father lost 
all his property by endorsing a note for a friend, and it hastened 
his death. The family were soon scattered, William going to 
live with his uncle David, in Boston. He remained there a few 
years and went to Providence, R. L, to learn the trade of silver 
pencil case making. There he met May Bowen Cooke, the 
daughter of Thomas and Sarah Cooke, of Providence, and m. 
her in that place Feb. 1, 1820. From the time father left his 
home in Rutland he never returned to it, and did not see any 
member of his family for many years. After his marriage he 
continued to live in Providence for a year or more; he moved 
to Boston, remaining there only a few months and finally came 
to New York City and went into the employ of Thomas Adison, 
remaining there until 1831, when he moved his family to Brook- 
lyn, L. I., and commenced manufacturing on his own account. 
He was very successful, but close attention to business told on 
his health and he died at a comparatively early age, Nov. 22, 
1839. * * * 

Father was of an inventive turn of mind and after coming 
to Brooklyn, occupied himself in inventing several machines for 
engravers' use, also the invention of a steam carriage designed 
to run upon common roads. He also invented and patented a 
machine for gauging or registering the amount of water in steam 
boiler as a preventive to explosives. The steam carriage came 
home a year before father's death, but was never put to any 
use or taken out again as he was taken ill immediately after. 
It cost over $2,000.00 and was sold several years afterward for 

Children of William Hiram and Mary B. Hale: 

Sarah Frances born and died in Providence, Dec. 8, 1820. 

Mary Cooke, born in Boston, Jan. 19, 1823, m. Geo. Atwater 
July 2, 1840. 

Frances Ann [the writer of this letter], born Jan. 13, 1826, 
in New York City, married Luther B. Wyman Nov. 15, 1849. 


Eliza Maria, born in New York City, Mar. 18, 1828; m. 
John J. Wizeman, Oct. 17, 1854. 

Harriet Emily, born Mar. 3, 1830 and died Aug. 12, 1831. 

Grandchildren of William Hiram Hale. 

Children of Geo. and Mary Atwater. 
William Hale Atwater, born May 5, 1841 ; died Nov. 30, 1844. 
Mary Esther Atwater, born Mar. 28, 1843. 
Isabel Taylor Atwater, born May 17, 1847, m. Henry 

Frances Wyman Atwater, born Oct. 5, 1849. 

Hellen Frances Atwater, born Jan. 13, 1856. 

Percy George Atwater, born Feb. 15, 1859. 

Frederic Holland Atwater, born Jan. 1, 1863. ^ 

Ada Wyman Atwater, born Mar. 12, 1866. 

Children of Luther B. and Frances A. Wyman. 
Ida Frances Wyman, born in Brooklyn, Nov. 2, 1851; m. 
Henry L. Nelson, of B., Oct. 14, 1873. 

Leon Hale Wyman, born in Brooklyn, Oct. 8, 1856. 

Children of J. J. and Eliza M. Wizeman. 
Lillie Frances Wizeman, born Mar. 12, 1855. 
Clifford Hale Wizeman, born Sept. 13, 1857. 


105 Christy St., Akron, Ohio, Feb. 12, 1901. 
Mr. Oscar F. Hale, 

Pocahontas, Iowa. 
My Dear Cousin: 

Your letter to Edward Warren Hale, which I enclose, was 
sent to me by some mistake or misunderstanding of the advice 
given you by Mrs. Marcia Turner Hale, of Glastonbury, Conn., 
who is a very dear friend and relative of mine. Her husband, 
Hezekiah Hale, Jr., is a son of my grandfather, Gideon Hale, 
Jr.'s brother, Hezekiah Hale, Sr. She has a habit of referring 
genealogists to me, due I suppose to her knowledge of my interest 
in the history of our family. Some years ago when I had more 


leisure, I enjoyed very much hunting up records of our ancestors, 
but of late have been too busy with other matters. 

I think your letter should have gone to Mr. E. W. Hale, of 
New York City, who I believe is connected with the U. S. Sub- 
Treasury. I have not his exact address, but if you will write 
to Mr. W. Farrand Felch, of Hartford Conn., P. 0. Box 149, I 
think you may get it from him, and I presume he can furnish 
you with some of the information you require. 

I have been writing to him to-night and have mentioned you 
and your letter to him. He is editor of the Genealogical Depart- 
ment of The Hartford "Times." I think he is in some way 
related to the E. W. Hale of New York City. I would be very 
glad if it were in my power to furnish the information you seek, 
but cannot except as this may put you on the right track. 

In your letter you speak of Bishop Charles Reuben Hale, 
late bishop of Cairo, 111. He died on last Christmas day. His 
father, Reuben C. Hale, was the son of Elias White Hale (another 
brother of my grandfather Gideon Hale, Jr.), who was the son 
of Gideon, Sr., of Benjamin, of Samuel, Jr., of Samuel, Sr., who 
was the father of your ancestor Thomas, from whom you descend 
through Thomas, Jr., Moses, Josiah and Daniel. 

I am going to send you with this a copy of part of a letter 
which I wrote to a lady in Minnesota, which may contain some- 
thing of interest to you. [See Ap. Letter "G. "] Please return 
it to me when you are through with it. 

There are quite a number of Hales here in Summit County, 
descendants of Jonathan Hale, who came and settled here from 
Glastonbury, Conn., in 1810. Jonathan was the son of Theodore, 
of Jonathan, of Samuel, Jr., of Samuel, Sr. 

They are good people ; no better anywhere. I came here from 
Connecticut three years ago. Othello W. Hale, Deputy Clerk 
of our County, a grandson of Jonathan, a few years ago published 
a chart showing the ancestry of Jonathan Hale and giving a com- 
plete list of his descendants down to the date of publication. 

He intends to send you a copy. I don't think he will for- 
get ; if he does just write and jog his memory. 

Mr. James Buckingham, of Zanesville, Ohio, son of Eunice 
Hale (Buckingham) the daughter of Benjamin Hale, son of 
Timothy, Jr., son of Timothy, Sr., of Thomas, of Samuel, Sr., has 


also compiled and published a history and chart which I am sure 
would interest you, as it includes some of your ancestors. 

I wish you all success in your work, and wish I could help, 
but unfortunately the pressure of other work prevents. I would 
be glad to have a copy of the chart enclosed in your letter. If 
you ever come this way be sure to come and see us. Very Respect- 
fully, Your Kinsman, 



Portion of a letter written by Edward White Hale, of 
Akron, Ohio, to Miss Julia M. Bassett, of Glyndon, Minn. 

Edward White 7 Hale is the son of Osmer 6 and Susan Smith 
(North) Hale, son of Gideon 5 Hale, Jr., son of Gideon 4 Hale, 
Sr., son of Benjamin 3 Hale, son of Samuel 2 Hale, Jr., son of 
Samuel 1 Hale, "the settler" at Hartford, Conn., 1637. Miss 
Julia M. Bassett is the maternal granddaughter of Mason Hale, 
son of Benjamin Hale, who was born in R. I. and removed to Pa. 

About the end of the twelfth century Alexander Hales 
was a noted scholar and philosopher. He is reputed to have 
been the teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas. At the time when 
the settlement of New England was begun there were in Eng- 
land at least three large families of the name of Hale in different 
parts of the Kingdom. There were the Hales of Kent, the Hales 
of Hertford, and the Hales of Gloucestershire. Of the last of 
these families was the celebrated Sir Mathew Hale, who was 
nearly contemporary with Samuel, Robert and Thomas Hale, 
having been born 1609 and died in 1676. 

Robert Hale, the ancestor of the immortal Nathan Hale, 
was of the family of Kent. He came to Massachusetts in 1632 
and settled at Charleston. I think that you may find that you 
are descended from him — Robert — of whose descendants, Rev. 
Edward Everet Hale, of Boston, Mass., has written some his- 
tory — part of which I have seen in his appendix to "The Life 
of Nathan Hale," by I. W. Stewart, published at Hartford, 
Conn., about 1850. My only reason for this opinion is the prox- 
imity of Bristol R. I., to Charleston, Mass., as compared with 
Newbury, Mass., where Thomas Hale settled in 1635, or with 
Hartford, Conn., where we find Samuel Hale in 1637. 


Thomas Hale, who settled in Newbury, belonged to the 
Hertfordshire family. The name in England appears to have 
been spelled, now with a final s, and now without. Probably 
most of the Hales in New England have sprung from Thomas 
of Newbury, Robert of Charlestown, or Samuel of Hartford. 
There is a tradition that Thomas had a brother who came with 
him to Newbury and afterward went to Connecticut and settled 
there. This may have been my ancestor, Samuel Hale 1 . 

We know that he was at Hartford in 1637 and that he was 
a soldier in the Pequot War and that for his services therein, 
he received a lot in the "Soldiers' Field." In 1639, he owned 
land in Hartford on the east side of the river, but in 1643 he 
lived in Westersfield. In 1655, he resided in Norwalk, Conn., 
but returned to Westersfield in 1660 — though he did not sell 
his property in Norwalk until 1669. 

While residing in Norwalk he represented that town in the 
General Court, 1656-7 and in 1660. After his return to Westers- 
field he hired the estate of Gov. Thomas Welles, which, from 
testimony in a case tried in 1671, appears to have been on the 
east side of the Connecticut River. 

Samuel Hale's wife's name was Mary. When they were 
married we do not know. Their children were all born in this 
country as follows: (1) Martha, b. 1643, (2) Samuel, b. 1645, 
(3) John [1647], (4) Mary, b. 1649, (5) Rebeckah, 1651 (6) 
Thomas [1653], (7) Ebinezer [1661], (8) Dorothy. Samuel 
Hale, Sr., died Nov. 9, 1693. Of his wife's death we have no 

Samuel Hale 2 , Jr., of Glastonbury, Conn., was married in 
1679 to Ruth, daughter of Thomas Edwards and had the follow- 
ing children: Samuel 3 , Mary 3 , Ruth 3 . His first wife died Dec. 
26, 1682, and Samuel Hale 2 married Mary Welles, daughter of 
Samuel Welles and granddaughter of Governor Thomas Welles, 
and had the following children [by second wife] : Jonathan 3 , 
David 3 , Joseph 3 and Benjamin 3 . 

Lieut. Samuel 2 Hale died Nov. 18, 1711. 

Mrs. Mary (Welles) Hale died Feb. 18, 1715. 

Benjamin 3 Hale, of Glastonbury, Conn., married Han- 
nah Talcott, Jan. 30, 1792 [1729] and had the following chil- 
dren: (1) Hannah 4 , b. May 9, 1732, (2) Ruth 4 , b. July 14, 1734, 


(3) Gideon*, b. Dec. 30, 1736, (4) Rachel 4 , b. April 25, 1739, 
(5) Mary 4 , b. March 1, 1742, d. June 22, 1790, (6) Benjamin 4 , 
b. Feb. 1, 1745, (7) Josiah 4 , b. Jan. 27, 1747 ; graduated at Yale 
College, 1765, was clerk of his native town, Glastonbury, from 
1781 until 1804. He died July 8, 1808, of consumption. 

Benjamin 3 Hale died July 22, 1784 at 76 ; Hannah Talcott 
died Feb 6, 1796, at 89. 

Gideon 4 Hale, son of Benjamin Hale and Hannah Talcott, 
his wife, was married to Mary White, daughter of Ebinezer and 
Ann (Hollister) White, of Catham, Conn., Dee. 23, 1762. They 
had the following children: (1) Anna 5 , b. Sept. 21, 1763; mar- 
ried May 2, 1782, Samuel Welles, of Glastonbury. She died 
Jan. 11, 1816 (Gideon Welles, Sec. of the Navy, 1861-1869, was 
her son) ; (2) Hannah 5 born March 2, 1765; married her brother- 
in-law, Samuel Welles, Oct., 1816. She died Dec. 6, 1818; (3) 
Gideon 5 [Jr.], born Feb. 28, 1767, married Anna Case, May 18, 

1803 ; (4) Esther 5 , born , , baptized Mar. 12, 1769, 

died Jan. 30, 1830, aged 60; (5) Ebenezer 5 , born Jan. 22, 1771, 
married Sarah Cornwall, died June 25, 1843; (6) Reuben 5 , born 
Feb. 6, 1773, married Wealthy Tracy, of Towander, Pa.; (7) 
Elias 5 White, born April 11, 1775; graduated at Yale, 1794, 
married Jane Mulhallan, Feb. 26, 1810; (8) Amelia 5 , born Aug. 
16, 1777, married Aaron Kinnie, of Groton, Conn. She died 
March 12, 1847, aged 69. (Aaron Kinnie died April 24, 1815.) 
(9) Hezekiah 5 , born Oct. 14, 1779, married P-amelia Coleman 
(b. 1792). He died Feb. 25, 1832, aged 52. (10) Mary 5 , born 
Jan. 25, 1782, [married] Solomon Cole, of Glastonbury, Conn. 
She died March 9, 1860. (11) Nancy 5 , born April 11, 1785, 
died, unmarried, March 19, 1808, aged 22. Gideon 4 Hale, Sr., 
died Oct. 10, 1812. Mrs. Mary (White) Hale, his wife, born 
July 11, 1740, died April 11, 1820. 

Gideon 5 Hale, Jr., son of Gideon and Mary (White) Hale, 
was born in Glastonbury, Conn., Feb. 28, 1767. He married 
Anna Case, daughter of John and Rachel (Smith) Case, May 
18, 1803. They had the following children: (1) a son, b. Oct. 
30, 1807, died Oct. 30, 1807; (2) Nancy 6 , born 1809, died un- 
married Nov. 20, 1844; (3) Osmer 6 , born Oct. 14, 1811. Gid- 
eon 5 Hale, Jr., died April 27, 1831, aged 67. Anna (Case) 
Hale, his wife, died Jan. 9, 1859, aged 78. 


Osmer 6 Hale, son of Gideon and Anna (Case) Hale, was 
born in Glastonbury, Conn., Oct. 14, 1811. He was twice mar- 
ried, first to Elizabeth Meigs Southmayd, daughter of Allyn 
and Lucy (Meigs) Southmayd, of Middletown, Conn., June 24, 
1840. There children were: (1) Allyn Southmayd 7 , born June 
6, 1841 (married first Georgia Lascelle, of Syracuse, N. Y., June 
8, 1863; second, Ida Belle Terry, of Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1874). He died March 8, 1883. (2) Elizabeth Meigs 7 , born 
July 23, 1843, died Feb. 25, 1845; (3) Charles Osmer 7 , born 
July 11, 184—, died March 11, 1878. 

Elizabeth Meigs Southmayd, wife of Osmer 6 Hale, died at 
the homestead in Glastonbury, July 31, 1846, and he married 
second wife Susan Smith North, daughter of James and Mary 
(Doud) North, of Middletown, Conn., April 13, 1847. Children : 
(4) Elizabeth Southmayd 7 , born Aug. 15, 1848, died Nov. 10, 
1851; (5) Reuben North 7 , born Aug. 26, 1852, died Sept. 22, 
1843; (6) Edward White 7 Hale, born Jan. 19, 1854, married 
Catharine Roosevelt (North) Holway, Feb. 7, 1876; (7) Emma 
Susan 7 , born Mar. 30, 1856, died Aug. 8, 1870; (8) Mary North 7 , 
born July 9, 1863, married Arthur Pardew Hart, April 11, 
1888; (9) James North, born Oct. 2, 1866. 

Osmer Hale 6 died at his home in Glastonbury, Conn., Aug. 
4, 1870. 

Allyn Southmayd 7 Hale, son of Osmer and Elizabeth Meigs 
(Southmayd) Hale, married twice, first to Georgia Lascelle, by 
whom he had one child, 1 Morris 9 , born 1870, died . 1870. 

Georgia Lascelle, wife of Allyn S. 7 Hale, died at Hartford, 
Conn., June 18, 1871, and was buried in Syracuse, N. Y. He 
married, second, Ida Belle Terry, of Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1874. They had two children: (2) Mary Bessie 9 , born April 
16, 1876; (3) Osmer Terry 8 , born January 28, 1878. Allyn 
Southmayd 7 Hale died March 8, 1883, aged 41. (Mrs. Ida B. 
Hale, widow of Allyn S. 7 Hale, and her two children live at 
Clearwater, Cal.) 

Edward White 7 Hale, son of Osmer 6 and Susan Smith 
(North) Hale, was born in Glastonbury, Conn., Jan. 19, 1854. 
He married, Feb. 7, 1876, Mrs. Catharine Roosevelt (North) 
Holway, daughter of (his mother's brother) Henry Savage 
North and Angelica (Meigs) North, of Middletown, Conn. 


They have one son Edward Osmer 8 Hale, born March 19, 1877. 
Baptized July 23, 1877. 

Mary North 7 Hale, daughter of Osmer 6 and Susan Smith 
(North) Hale, was born in Glastonbury, Conn., July 9, 1863. 
She was married April 11, 1888, to Arthur Pardew Hart, of 
Wethersfield, Conn. They have three children: (1) Howard 
Hale 8 Hart, born Aug. 5, 1889; (2) Arthur Cyprian 8 Hart, born 
June 27, 1891; (3) Richard North 8 Hart, born Dec. 7, 1895. 
They reside (1898) in Wethersfield, Conn. 

James North 7 Hale, son of Osmer and Susan Smith (North) 
Hale, was born in Glastonbury, Conn., Oct. 2, 1866. He has 
been married three times; first to Catharine Bulkley Warner 
(Oct. 12, 1891). She was the daughter of John and Catharine 
(Bulkley) Warner, of Wethersfield, Conn. Mrs. Catharine 
Bulkley (Warner) Hale died at Weathersfield, Conn., Aug. 26, 
1893. He was married, second, Dec. 25, 1895, to Gertrude 
Louise Nott, of Niantic, Conn. She was the daughter of Mr. 
William and Mrs. Ellen Louise (Harris) Nott, of Middletown, 
Conn., where she was born April 20, 1876. Mrs. Gertrude 
Louise (Nott) Hale, the second wife of Jas. North 7 Hale, died 
at Weathersfield, Conn., July 6, 1897, leaving twin babies born 
June 29, 1897. Their names are Osmer William 8 (died Sept. 
8, 1898) and Gertrude Mary. James North 7 Hale married, third, 
Harriet Deutith, April 6, 1898. They have one child, Lillian 8 


Hartford, Conn., March 14, 1901. 

Dear Cousin 0. F. Hale: — 

I have your favor of Feb. 19th, nearly a month old, and 
Would have answered sooner, but my genealogical column in the 
Hartford Times has taken up all my time that I have to give 
to genealogy. I have also been having the grip, and am at home 
at present suffering from it. I had heard that you were going 
to write me, from Mr. Edward White Hale, of Arkon, Ohio, 


formerly of Wethersfield, Conn., who wrote me that you had 
written him and he had referred you to me. 

No, I am not a Hale descendant, but related to the family 
distantly. The Cheever Felch you mention was my grand- 
father's brother — both of them ministers, only uncle Cheever 
was a chaplain in the Navy many years. My grandfather was 
Rev. Nathan Felch, of Felchville, near Reading, Vt., which was 
settled from Reading, Mass., where the Felchs lived from 1640 
down to the Revolutionary "War. Rev. Nathan Felch, Sr., father 
of Nathan, Jr., and Cheever, married Mary Cheever, who was a 
great-granddaughter of Ezekiel Cheever, who taught school for 
seventy years in Boston, New Haven, etc., founded the famous 
Boston Latin School, where he taught three generations of pupils, 
and was also a leader in the movement that founded Yale College. 
A great many of the Cheever descendants and of Mary (Cheever) 
Felch are teachers. It seems to run in the blood. 

So much for the Felchs. Now for the Hales. I wrote up 
the Felch Family when I was in school, a mere boy, and pub- 
lished it in pamphlets, down to my grandfather's time. I also 
wrote up the Ward, Bruen, Farrand families on my mother's 
side. Then I was attracted to the Hales, and spent a whole 
winter of my leisure, outside of office-hours, evenings, etc., in 
tracing the origin of the family back to 1300 or somewhere then, 
and bringing it down for 300 years; then I was going ahead to 
trace out the various English titled lines but circumstances pre- 
vented at the time, and my cousin, Mr. E. W. Hale, of New 
York City, told me not to go ahead till I heard from him, and 
he heard from other members of the family about it. So it was 
never taken up. I furnished him and one or two other a copy 
of what I had written at great labor and covering a whole win- 
ter, and have a copy myself. I also wrote to Dr. Edward Everett 
Hale, of Boston, the famous author and clergyman, and he 
loaned me his papers, which I copied entire ; only he is of another 
line. And that line is printed now. The sticking point in our 
investigations was to get the English ancestors of Samuel Hale, 
of Hartford, 1637, and I had, I believe, when we stopped the 
work, the proper line, but it was never fully ascertained. It 
would require some trans-Atlantic search and considerable ex- 
pense, and I think Mr. Hale did not get the co-operation he 


wanted to trace it. There it has hung fire ever since, but I have 
been willing to go on with it at any time ; and am now, only my 
General Department will prevent me from doing more than 
supervising the work. 

I feel already assured that my cousin (second cousin) Mr. 
Edward W. Hale (who is an officer in the TJ. S. Sub-Treasury, 
in New York City), will feel highly gratified and perhaps sur- 
prised when he learns that you have undertaken the descendants 
of Moses Hale, who is his forbear. I will send him a copy of 
this letter and tell him that you will write him soon. I feel sure, 
also, that Mr. Edward White Hale, of Akron, Who has a barrelful 
of data as to the first Hales here and at Glastonbury, will co-op- 
erate with us, as far as they are concerned, and he has a great 
many historical papers, letters, deeds, wills, etc., of Samuel, 
Thomas, etc., and his own particular line. Then there are the 
Hales of Glastonbury and Hartford and E. Hartford who are 
working on their own lines; and I have recently been in corre- 
spondence with an Asaph H. Hale, of Portland, Conn., a great- 
grandson of an Ephraim Hale, who settled there 200 years ago, 
and he is very greatly interested in tracing his line, and is to 
call and see me soon. He has given me a lot of other addresses 
of descendants of Ephraim, and between us we can work up that 
branch. So that, by all co-operating together, we can in a year 
or two get up a very creditable genealogy of the descendants of 
Samuel and his brother ( ?) Thomas, of Norwalk. What do you 
say to that proposition? I can, myself, only work on it inter- 
mittently, as my General Department takes up all the time I 
have outside my office hours. I search for an hour after the 
office closes, then the library closes, and I come home evenings 
and write out my notes, etc. 

Write to Mr. Edward Warren Hale, care Sub-Treasury, 
Wall St., N. Y., and tell him what you tell me, and I will write 
him meantime. Let us all get together our heads and hearts 
and see what we can accomplish. When it is all done and ready 
for the printers, we will see that it is gotten out in beautiful 
form, fine type and paper — somehow, I feel sure. 


Box 149, Hartford, Conn. 



88 Sands Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1908. 
O. F. Hale, Esq., 

Storm Lake, Iowa. 
My Dear Sir and Kinsman: 

Your communications to Hiram Morhous and to me, directed 
to Willsborough, N. Y., have been forwarded to and received 
by me. 

Willsborough is the correct name of the town, but by com- 
mon usage it is shortened to Willsboro. It is located on the 
western shore of Lake Champlain, and at the northern end a 
point projects into the Lake, the Lake being to the east and 
Peru Bay to the west. This point is about five miles long, is 
nearly surrounded by water and is variously called "Wills- 
borough Point," "Willsboro Point," and locally, "The Point." 
Willsboro Point is a part of the town of Willsboro, Essex Co., 
N. Y. 

Wallace F. Smith and his wife, Eliza Morhous Smith, now 
Hvq on Willsboro Point upon premises adjoining that where 
Jacob Adsit lived with his young bride, Hannah Hale. 

I well remember my grandmother, Julia Adsit Smith, 
daughter of Jacob Adsit and Hannah Hale. She was at Geor- 
gia, Vt., at the time of the battle of Plattsburg and heard the 
firing of the cannon. She was at the village of Willsborough 
Falls when a party of British soldiers came up the Bouquet 
River. She was then a girl of 14 with black eyes and red cheeks 
and she used to tell of how a British officer complimented her 
in an admiring way about her good looks. She was a rather 
large woman and was well preserved in her old age, and when 
80 years of age had bright eyes and remarkably red cheeks and 
was active, working in the garden and picking berries and tak- 
ing quite lengthy walks to the neighbors and to our house a 
mile away. She was religious and held strictly to the exact 
wording of the Scriptures. I remember her having an argument 
with some wandering canvasser and her silencing him upon the 
point of whether the World was created in six days by triumph- 
antly quoting the account in Genesis and asserting that it was 
the word of God and could not be denied. She was given to 


poetry and on one occasion had a dream that she stood by the 
grave of one Abram Weldon, then recently dead, and was called 
upon to prepare an epitaph, which she did, and which made 
such an impression that she remembered it when she awoke. 
It was as follows: "0 Abram, You rest now I trust, Ashes to 
ashes and dust to dust, But when you hear the Archangel sound, 
Rise up, Abram, and leave the ground." Her final illness 
(which so far as I know was her only one) was peculiar. She 
told my mother that she was not going to live long and without 
any special pain or ill-feeling took to her bed. The doctor said 
she had heart trouble. She had some difficulty in breathing, but 
in other respects had no pain or trouble. She desired to remain 
in a room without heat although the weather was very cold. She 
gradually grew weaker and passed away without a pain and 
saying and apparently feeling fully content to go. 

Julia Adsit married James Smith. William Smith, known 
as ' ' Quaker ' ' Smith, because his wife was a Quakeress, the grand- 
father of James Smith, came from Danbury, Conn., with his 
sons in ox-carts to Shelburn, Vt., about 1780, and settled at what 
became known as Quaker Smith Point. One of his sons, Caleb 
Smith, the father of James, crossed Lake Champlain upon the 
ice with a fine team of horses and settled upon the New York 
side of the Lake. He became very dissipated and his family 
grew up in extreme poverty. Caleb Smith married Sally Roback, 
the daughter of Dr. Jacob Roback (or Ruback). Roback was a 
surgeon in the army of Frederick the Great. He went to Que- 
bec and enlisted in the British army as a sergeant, left the army 
and went to Connecticut, where he married a Miss Hill. He 
was at the Battle of Bennington and cared for the wounded. 
Afterward he was surgeon in a Vermont regiment for several 
years. After the war, he settled on Grand Isle, Vt., and prac- 
ticed with great success along the whole length of Lake Cham- 
plain. He was one of the founders of the first medical society 
of the State of Vermont, at Rutland. 

Elvira Hannah Smith was the second child of James Smith 
and Julia Adsit. In her early years, she taught school and also 
taught wax work and had a course in painting. She visited the 
Hale family in Vermont (I think at Georgia) and used to tell 
of how the family where she visited began their Sunday at sun- 


down on Saturday evening and how strict they were in observ- 
ance of the Sabbath. She told of an uncle of Julia Adsit Smith, 
a brother of Hannah Hale (I think he was a brother and that 
his name was Josiah, but am not- certain) who was somewhat 
unsound mentally. He was a great mathematician and covered 
his barn all over with figures and mathematical calculations. 
He had recently returned from a visit to the West and told of 
his experiences. He was an incessant talker and told how he 
talked with people upon his trip, and they would say to him, 
"What is the matter with you, old man? Are you crazy?" 
And he would answer, "No. I am neither crazy, nor a fool, 
nor a crazy fool, but I am every whit whole." Elvira Hannah 
Smith married Hiram Chase Morhous about 1858 (I cannot give 
the date) and had two sons, James Rupert Morhous, who died 
in 1863 at the age of four years, and Charles Winford Morhous. 
She died at Willsboro Point in November, 1893. 

Hiram Chase Morhous, husband of Elvira Hannah Smith, 
was born in Willsborough in 1833, was married in Willsborough 
and died in the town of his birth in December, 1903. His 
parents were Charles Morhous and Amy Yaugh. Charles Mor- 
hous was a son of John Morhous and a grandson of John Mor- 
hous, Sr., who was a sergeant in the Fairfax regiment in 1773, 
and is believed to be the same John Morehouse who was born to 
Thomas Morehouse in Saybrook, Conn., in 1732. 

(Further information of the Adsit, Morhous and Hoffnagle 
families may be obtained from Rev. Milford Hale Smith, of 
Rutland, Vt.) 

I, Charles Winford Morhous, was born October 28, 1863, on 
Willsborough Point, in the same house where Milford Hale 
Smith and Alberti Decatur Smith were born, and where Julia 
Adsit Smith had lived for many years and where she died. The 
three children of Julia Adsit Smith were born in an older house 
upon the same farm, I believe. He is unmarried ; taught school ; 
graduated from the State Normal College at Albany, N. Y., in 
June, 1900; taught school at Hillburn, N. Y. ; studied law in 
the office of Hand, Kellogg & Hale, Elizabethtown, N. Y. ; was 
admitted to practice in May, 1893 ; is now engaged in the prac- 
tice of law at 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


I appreciate the difficulty of obtaining matter for a genea- 
logical record and have endeavored to give you such information 
as I possess and you may find useful, and regret that I cannot 
be more definite as to dates, but I do not have my memoranda 
at hand and have to give from memory. You may rest assured 
that you have my best wishes and hopes for your success in the 
' ' labor of love ' ' which you have undertaken, and if I can at any 
future time be of service to you, please write me. I enclose 
order for one copy of your work. 

Very sincerely yours. 




Adams, Phoebe 9 

Adsit, Alfred M 47 

Alva 6 

Catharine E 14 

Elias 6 

Elvira L 44 

Elizabeth E 45 

Harvey 7 

Harvey E 42, 130 

Himon 6 

Hiram W 43 

Hulda 6 

Isabel A 14 

Jacob 6 

Jacob, Jr 14 

James 6 

John 6 

Julia 15 

Louisa 6 

Louisa E 14 

Lurinda 6 

Myrtle 47 

Olive 1 46 

Samuel 6 

Samuel, Jr 6 

William W 41, 129 

Wesley 47 

Albert, William 74 

Alford, S. E 146 

Gaylord 146 

Allen, Ella D 81 

Allison, Charles 60 

Charles E 60 

James E 60 

Lucy J 60 

Martha S 176 

William B 91 

Atchison, John 133 

Ayer, Earl 189 

Dorothy M 189 


Bacon, Edwin A 148 

Jacob F 148 

Olive 1 148 

Susie 148 

Viola M 148 

Baird, Martha E 28 

Sarah J 28 

Baker, Medad 10 

Barber, Freelove 4 

Beardsley, Bertha M 97 

Ettie L 98 

Fred B 98 

Hiram 25 

Hiram W 98 

Ira II 97 

James C 29 

John W 29 

John F 29, 96 

Katharine F 98 

May 98 

Media L 97 

Nellie M 97 

Euth 25 

Winnifred A 98 

Bell, Mrs. Louie 77 

Benjamin, Josephine 78 

Benton, Edward 2 

Bishop, Carleton L 119 

Cora E 120 

Donnie E 120 

Jessie 120 

Mattie 120 

Miranda 37 

Otho E 119 

Euby J 119 

Vesta E 212 

Walton M 120 

William W 37 

William S 119 

Blackmun, Anna A 118 




Blackmun, Frank Otis 115 

Harry B 116 

Mary A 117 

Otis L 36 

Thalia M 116 

Bliss, Beatrix 132 

Bessie 52 

George M 102 

Harvey 132 

Marshall N 132 

Nica M 132 

Orrin H 102 

Stewart A 132 

Sumner W 102 

Boring, Arthur 207 

Daisy 108 

Earl 108 

Esther 206 

Fred 206 

Grace 208 

Gusta 206 

Irma 108 

Joy 108 

Joy B 108 

Jessie 108 

Laura 209 

Lorn 207 

Mable 108 

Marvin 207 

Myrtle 108 

Nellie 108 

Pearl 108 

Bay 108 

Warren W. 210 

Bowker, Asenath 16 

Bozard, Edgar 112 

Ealph 112 

Hellen 112 

Brace, Ada 42 

Bradford, Joseph 8 

William 8 

William, Jr 8 

Briggs, Fred F 52 

Brow, Mary 42 

Brush, Smith 8 

Brewster, Ada 137 


Brewster, Bernice 139 

Charles 134 

Florence 133 

Jacob 136 

John 44 

Mary 135 

Nettie 138 

Brunt, Homer 167 

Hattie 167 

Lydia 167 

Burgess, Ethel M 216 

Brown, Frank 154 

Lulu 154 

Oda 154 

Burress, W. A 165 

Ruth 165 

Campbell, Cora 173 

Cashman, June D 142 

George 142 

Cautrell, Morris E 138 

Edwin L 138 

Harry L 138 

Raymond E 138 

Chambers, Arthur B 40 

Helen 128A 

Dr. John R 40 

John G 128 

Mable G 128 

Chapman, Frank 137 

Cheeney, Moses 8 

Child, Mary 4 

Churchill, Abigal E 169 A 

Abigal W 60 

Arthur J 61 

Bessie 169 

David H 170 

Edwin 61 

Emily J 58 

Emma 169 

Fern E 170 

Franklin E 171 

Frank L 171 

Golda 169 

Harriet 55 

Herbert De F 168 




Churchill, Jessie E 61 

Jane H 57 

John 58 

John F 17 

John L 170 

John V. 170 

John S 168 

Lucy H 54 

Luther B 56. 168 

Mable M 168 

Marian A 61 

Mary A 61 

Margaret M 168 

Mary P 168 

May B 170 

Olive E 19 

Paul A 168 

Peter P 168 

Ealph W 168 

Euth J 168 

Saf ronia 59 

Thomas 168 

William T 169 

Winston 171 

Clarke, Albert W 86 

Albert L 87 

Alice W 86 

Annie L 86 

Benjamin, 34 

Constance 86 

Daisy E 201 

Grace G 86 

Hilda M 86 

James A 86 

Mary H 88 

Mary W 86 

Mary S 34 

Eufus K 27 

Euth A 86 

Cleveland, Allan N 199 

Annie B 199 

Florence E 199 

Marvin J 199 

Merril W 199 

Clough, Angeline M 101 

Arthur M 101 


Clough, Arthur M., Jr 101 

Charlena E 101 

Sulivan E 101 

Collins, Alba 173 

Albert W 173 

Effie A 173 

Oliver E 173 

Coolan, Mary E 153 

Cooley, Harry H 160 

Hollis E 160 

Oscar W 160 

Suniner D 160 

William A 160 

Cole, Mina 134 

Connell, Mary 120 

Corey, Annie 64 

Coutermarsh, Alex. B 38 

Emma J 122 

Hattie M 38 

William H 121 

Crutchley, 183 

Crusan, Kate 200 

Cummings, Charles C 125 

Charles 125 

Willard 125 

Crumrine, Dora 35 

Curtis, Charles 149 

Ethel M 149 

Perry E 149 

Davison, Caspar 147 

Jacob B 145 

Preston 147 

Ealph 147 

Samuel 147 

Stella 147 

Walter E 145 

Daly, Alma, B 176 

Oscar A 176 

Eaymond 176 

Vaughn 176 

Davis, Jessie 89 

Deavitt, Effie B 151 

James 151 

Ladonna 151 

Merdon 151 




Dederick, Eugene 172 

Demort, Oscar L 193 

Minnie P 193 

Stephen 193 

Diehl, Oscar 173 

Dermont, Stephen 77 

Dodd, Horace 208 

Dow, Frank F 99 

Harold W 99 

Hazel M 99 

Josephine A 203 

Phillip F 99 

Sumner W 99 

William W 99 

Dunaway, Edwin E 204 

Emma 106 

Flossie F 204 

Glen E 204 

John E 106 

Lola. B 205 

Nellie 106 

Thomas H 106 

Thomas L 106 

Dunham, Francis D 140 

Edwards, Mary 4 

Elder, Mary E 119 

Ellis, Edward 64 

Evans, Bert 184 

Charles C 185 

Charlotte 183 

Clara 66 

Clarence D 181 

Elva A 150 

Emma 179 

Isabel S 180 

Evylin 182 

James 66 

John E. 181 

Josephine 66 

Mildred L 181 

Eobert H 184A 

Walter J 181 

William 66 

William T 184 

Fay, Frank P 202 


Fay, Kenyon T 202 

Sheldon P 202 

Flacker, Laura S 75 

Flora, Mrs. 32 

Fountain, Edward 97 

Fowler, Mary E 5 

Fox, Edward H 79 

Emma E 79 

Hiram 79 

Frankenfield, Adelbert 135 

Fuller, Asa 4 

Furlong, Harriet B 91 

Gains, John 2 

Gilham, Charles L 118 

Edna M 118 

Harry L 118 

Loyd E 118 

Gillette, Euth 8 

Girley, Abigal 5 

Glen, Lola 204 

Goddard, Albert 13 

Caleb 8 

Caleb H 13 

George W 13 

Harriet 1.". 

Henry 13 

John 13 

John W 13 

Lucy M 40 

Mary A 13 

Mary J 13 

Sarah 39 

Griswold, Ahnira 17 

Callie V 70 

Charlotte A 70 

Ethel L 70 

Florence Edna D 70 

Francis 19 

Francis H 70 

Fred W 188 

George 19 

Georgiana M 187 

George W 69 

Lucy J 71 

Mary A 186 




Griswold, Euth E 70 

Wilber F 19 

Hale, Abigail 10 

Abigal 37 

Albert E 73 

Alberta L 74 

Albert W 75 

Arthur E 75 

Almira 19 

Amanda M 35, 112 

Almira A 52 

Amanda M 32 

Anna E 160 

Asa 4 

Aura L 75 

Charles F Ill 

Cloe 4 

Cora A 114 

Clarence L 75 

Cornelia 38 

Clara J 21 

Daniel M 9 

Daniel 12 

David 4 

Edith J 108 

Elisha 5, 7 

Elisha, Jr 22 

Emeline 12 

Emily S 158 

Eugene J Ill 

Eunice 2 

Experience 5 

Flora M 113 

Francis B 21 

Frank L 21 

George F Ill 

Georgiana 73 

Hannah 5, 6, 12 

Hiram H 53 

Hiram Hinckley 16 

Homer Hiram 75 

Inez A 75 

Irene M 121 

J. Madison 51 

Jane 20 

Jennie E 53 


Hale, Jessie L 53 

Joanna 13 

John 9 

Joseph 4 

Josiah 5 

Josiah 2nd 12 

Josiah E 32 

Julia A 110 

Juna M 33 

Laurentia E 16 

Lucretia 7 

Luther B 7 

Louise M Ill 

Mable C 121 

Mae 109 

Mary E 109 

Marie A 211 

Mildred M 121 

Mary 2,11 

Martha 9 

Mercy 4 

Mirando 12 

Moses 3 

Moses, Jr 4 

Moses B 4 

Myra A 159 

Naomi 2 

Olive E 17 

Oscar E 32 

Oscar F . 34 

Eemus D 33 

Eomulus T 9 

Eobert S 121 

Eobert, Dea 1 

Eoland A 121 

Euth 2 

Samuel 1 

Sarah 4 

Sarah S 18 

Sarah M 8 

S. Moses 4 

Timothy 2 

Thomas 1, 2, 3 

Thomas E 33 

Wallace Wm 121 

William 4 




Hale, William W 22 

Hagadorn, Celia A 172 

Cora M 172 

Earl E 172 

Frank A 172 

Harvey H 172 

Lydia J 172 

Eoscius 172 

Hall, Anna E 123 

Albert W 124 

Carrie 125 

Edna G 124 

Emma 39 

Isabel 14 

Jennie W 124 

John W 78 

Marguerite B . 124 

Mary L 127 

Mattie 124 

Nellie 126 

Eobert J 39 

William W 39 

Hamilton, W. N 172 

Hamm, William 179 

Harron, Albert D 57 

Alice 173 

Alma 57 

Eva J 172 

Haskell, Mary D 27 

Hawkins, Bert 169 

Ernest 169 

Mary J 56 

Hay, Alice 52 

Hays, Clifford 131 

Fred C 131 

Harry 131 

Hattie A 132 

Hugh 44 

Myrtle C 131 

Myrtle S 131 

Wilber E 131 

Heathcote, Madge V 185 

Hemenway, Asa G 54 

Flora J 162 

Howard V 164 

Jessie F 161 


Hemenway, Mattie M 163 

Hemersling, Maggie 210 

Hennessy, Ada 89 

Henning, Lesa 172 

Hinds, E. F 31 

Hinckley, Abigal 25 

Adella L 84 

Adeline E 24 

Adelaid E 100 

Albert F 103 

Alvira A 27 

Annie E 82 

Anna 8 

Archie 26 

Arthur S 30 

Avis 8 

Bradford F 92 

Caroline P 23 

Cora B 91 

Charlotte A 93 

Charlotte D 100 

Charlotte E 101 

Charles E 89 

Charlotte E 105 

Charlotte F 29 

Edwin H 31 

Edward F 30 

Edward M 103 

Elizabeth 8 

Ellen M 102 

Frank E 28 

Frank H 89 

Grace M 92 

George R 100 

Henry M 100 

Herman F 103 

Ira 7 

Ira B 28 

Ira H 8 

Ira L 200 

Ira W 92 

Jennie 83 

John 8, 28 

John A 89 

John P 83 

John W 26 




Hinckley, Julia 8 

Kenneth F 89 

Louise M 95 

Lucy 5, 7, 8 

Lydia E 104 

Lucy L 8 

Mary A 99 

Mary L 83 

May 94 

Mater L 103 

Oscar M 90 

Philena 8 

Phoebe E 106 

Sarah M 26, 107 

Sarah Mariah 8 

Vinnie 83 

William 151 

William, Jr 151 

Hinkle, Charles C 177 

Clifford H 177 

Cleon W 177 

William 177 

Hinkson, Josephine 152 

Hollister, Benjamin 2 

Hornecker, Edna F 107 

Ernest F 107 

Mary F 107 

Hoyt, Nellie M 184 

Howard, Cora 128 

Hubener, Frank 68 

Hopkins, Sarah E. C 76 

Hurd, Albert L 195 

Hurd, Albert C 195 

Charles W 79 

Carrie 79 

Madeline E 195 

Hubbard, Caroline J 189 

Clark C 72 

Curtis B 20 

Florence E 72 

Francis M 72 

George M 20 

George B 72 

Hiram H 20 

Horace W 72 



Hubbard, Lucy J 20 

Sarah M 20 

Hughs, James E 93 

Hyde, Elizabeth 7, 8 

David 8 

Ihmels, Albert H 114 

Cornelius 114 

Frank S 114 

Jones, Abigal 36 

Barton 5, 11 

Jacobs, Bosa E 206 

Keim, Pearl 213 

Kellas, Alfred J 140 

Anna 142 

Calla M 140 

Clayton D : 140 

Clifford 143 

Edith M 144 

Fern E 140 

Hazel P 143 

Jacob A 143 

James 45 

Le Boy C 140 

Mary 1 141 

Euth E 140 

Stanley 143 

"Vera S 140 

Winnif red 140 

Kiernan, George D 80 

George 196 

Kilburn, Ebinezer 2 

King, Albert H 123 

Blanche M 213 

Horace E 123 

Sadie M 123 

Warren 213 

Kinney, Albert C 84 

Clarissa 21 

Frederick C 84 

Susan J 89 

Knight, Frank L 201 

Knowles, Emma J 156 

Knapp, Sarah L 98 




Landon, Cassius D 78 

Cinthia 24 

Elmer Lee 194 

Mary A 80 

Myron T 88 

Orrin 24 

Kufus C 81 

Sarah M 79 

William P 88 

Lawless, Bernice Z 186 

Blanche E 186 

Grace T 186 

James W 186 

James G 186 

Euth E 186 

Loomis, Cora 83 

Jane M 87 

Lorimer, Joseph G 52 

Love, Maggie B 91 

Lyon, William R 113 

Marshall, Harry S 139 

William 139 

William E 139 

Martin, Charles S 85 

Edward H 85 

Edward H., Jr 85 

Harold H 85 

Mable 85 

Marjorie 85 

Mildred 85 

Phoebe 8 

Mathews, Carleton E 212 

James H 212 

Jason W 212 

Lizzie M 212 

McClinton, Nellie 116 

McCrea Alexander 144 

Joseph D 144 

Kenneth 144 

McGowan, Laura 51 

McGregor, Elsie M 141 

George W 141 

Irene E 141 

William H 141 

McManigal, William A 91 


McManigal, William A., Jr.. 91 

McNeal, Nettie 92 

McKay, Frank 168 

Mears, Rogene 53 

Minckler, Alice L 198 

Morhous, Charles W 155 

Eliza 48 

Hiram C 49 

James R 49 

Mary E 50 

Milford H 156 

Morris, Addie 100 

Murray, Bradford H 94 

Donald C 94 

Franklin F 94 

Needham, Kate 32 

Nye, Elmer 1 159 

Emma J 175 

George F 59 

Hiram H 159 

Ida H 174 

Ochsner, Geneveive M 188 

Oliver, Ralph 187 

Lois 187 

Osier, Alfred J 151 

Bertha A 151 

Ethel M 151 

John 151 

Pace, Harriet A 168 

Page, Anna L 127 

George F 127 

George H 127 

Pattee, Ethel A 199 

George H 198 

Harriet L 197 

Jed Laben 82 

Warren Carlton 82 

Warren C 198 

Patton, Mary 31 

Paul, Lizzie 172 

Perry, Sarah 4 

Phillips, Mary E 61 

Pirie, Ruth 86 




Pool, Ada M 5, 9 

John C 9 

Luther A 9 

Peter 9 

Price, Albert 169A 

Bessie 169A 

Pruner, 182 

Provo, Minerva 38 

Pugh, Minnie 168 

Purcell, Eliza 16 

Putnam Leoto 172 

Quinn, Hazel M 110 

Lester H 110 

Mary M 110 

Uba M 110 

William J 110 

Ealow, Matilda 41 

Bicard, Charles 209 

Eva M 209 

Glenwood 209 

Eichards, Hazel 169 

Eieh, Frances E 26 

Eichter, Mary K 122 

Thomas 122 

Thomas B 122 

Walter W 122 

William M 122 

Eitsen, Elizabeth A 97 

Eoberts, Cora E 131 

Eockey, Elizabeth 194 

Eodenhouse, John 169A 

Eosemeyer, Flossie C 176 

Francis A 176 

Oscar D 77 

Merl E 176 

Milton H 176 

Eeuel H 176 

Bosenberg, A 151 

Eose, Mary J 33 

Eoss, James A 97 

Eowan, Frances L 181 

Eoyce, Francis B 161 

Hazel L 161 

Jessie E 161 

Lucy S 161 


Eoyce, Mabel H 161 

Margery M 161 

William T 161 

Sabin, Eev. Alvah 53 

Sartwell, Edwin W 150 

Emma E 146 

Ettie 1 145 

Edwin 46 

Ida E 149 

Isabel E 46 

Isabel Esther 149A 

Jennie L 148 

Mary A 147 

Scott, Martha 12 

Zylphia 207 

Seaman, Nellie 136 

Seise, John G 126 

Peter 126 

Peter H 126 

Seymour, Emily E 158 

William 158 

Simpson, Fannie H 65 

Shannon, Claudia Q 178 

Fern E 178 

Harold L 178 

Lucy M 178 

Nellie B 178 

Eoy V 178 

Thomas T 178 

Shepard, Prudence A 198 

Sherburn, Edith H 104 

Frank 104 

Eaymond F 104 

Shoemaker, Bertha J 167 

David C 55 

Edith S 165 

Frank C 166 

Hattie 166 

S. Ellis 166 

Zadie E 166 

Sloan, Hannah E 70 

Smith, Alberti D 157 

Althea 214 

Bertha A 154 

Blanche 153 




Smith, Charles H 153 

Ella G 151 

Emma L 157 

Elvina H 49 

Eugene C 152 

Floyd C 152 

Floyd C, Jr 215 

Fred E 152 

Gordon B 216 

Harold H 157 

Ira H 50 

James 15 

James A 157 

Jane A 21 

Leon W 214 

Leon 214 

Mary E 157 

Milford H 15, 156 

Oakley 214 

Milford K 216 

Nathaniel 3 

Eay E 216 

Rupert B 157 

Euth H 157 

Susanna 3 

Wallace F 48 

Spence, Nellie 86 

Stamy, Ella S 73 

Stanley, Nancy 32 

Steele, George P 34 

Stevens, Rev. Elmer T 95 

Elizabeth M 95 

Elmer B 95 

Franklin H 95 

Stone, Edward L 58 

Ella L 58 

Franklin J 58 

Harriet 58 

John 58 

Strait, Mary A 14 

Stranathan, Blain C 172 

Street, Albert N 105 

Albert N., Jr. . . . . 105 

Leland C '. 105 

Robert E 105 

Swanson, Mary E 178 


Sweet, Albert B 65 

Alice M 64 

Anna M 67 

Edward R 18 

Ellen M 18, 68 

Elizabeth 62 

Eva M 64 

Harry E 65 

Hiram F 64 

Lester 64 

Lottie V 65 

Lucretia 66 

Mary J 18 

William D 64 

William H 18 

William H, Jr 63 

Swatty, Betty 170 

Swift, Jennie N 51 

Tousley, Alta L 175 

Bertha A 175 

Edward M 174 

Mable E 174 

S. E 175 

Van Antwerp, Chester 79 

Van Ness, David W 173A 

Luella 173A 

Varcoe, Agnes T 71 

Bessie F 71 

Clara B 71 

Frank H 71 

George R 71 

Lucy 19 

Robert 71 

Ruth 71 

Vond, Sarah 42 

Wait, Lucina 26 

Jessie F 72 

Walker, Jennie 143 

Wallace, Elizabeth P 193 

Frank N. N 76 

Julia M. E 76 

Lester V 76 

Luella A 76 

Minerva 76 

Oscar D 77 

Pearl A 76 




Wallace, Thomas N 23 

Ward, Ada M 35 

Albert E 35 

Alice J 35 

Arthur H 114A 

Bessie 114A 

Edith N 114A 

Homer 35 

Nellie M 114A 

Walters, Charles F 211 

Emerson 211 

Webster, Joice 206 

Wells, Mary 1 

Wharton, Walter E 101 

Wheeler, Frances 202 

Helen S 88 

Mary 27 

Eev. Sheldon 88 

White, Andrew 163 

Flora H 163 

Jennie M 163 

Jessie E 163 

Lucy A 163 

Wilder, Frank B 117 

Fred G 117 

Loyd L. 117 

Marjorie 117 

Willard, Francis E 19 


Willets, 169A 

Loia 169A 

Williams, Abigal 4, 5 

Asa H 162 

Charles H 162 

Earl A 197 

Henry 162 

James H 162 

James S 162 

Jennie E 162 

John A 197 

Lucina 197 

May H 162 

Ealph A 197 

Euth H ! 197 

Zoia A 197 

Witters, Eliza D 22 

Wohlford, Charles B., 205 

Kenneth D 205 

Ealph E 205 

Eay E 205 

Wood, Clinton A 203 

Dorothy E 203 

Wright, Jane 77 

Yates, Gov. James C 15 

Zehring, William 180