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APR 2 5 ]2SL 
















Edith Bartlett SumAer 


960 South Oxford/4venue,'^^'^^^u^^,^^ 
Los Angeles 6, California 


No ' 




The compiler Is Indebted to her uncle, Samuel Otis 
Bartlett, for the first research on the Bartlett ances- 
try. In 1918 he wrote: "l have been working at Inter- 
vals all winter on the Bartlett and Hall ancestors, and 
I am sending you a notebook containing nearly all the 
data I have gathered . I am sending It to you for your 
perusal — If you are Interested (as you are), and as* a 
record In case mine gets lost, as much of the earlier 
material did.... I Intend sending you a second notebook 
which I have already started...." The notebooks proved 
very Interesting, but the writer foimd no time for re- 
search until a few years before his death In 1940, In 
the meantime having moved to California, the Genealogi- 
cal Department of the Los Angeles Public Library, with 
upwards of 20,000 books and complete microfilm of the 
1850 Cenaus, was used for research. After visiting Mr. 
Bartlett in 1939, the work progressed with his valuable 
co-operation. Later research was made In the Connecti- 
cut State Library at Hartford, the New England Histori- 
cal Society Library, Boston, etc. 

No claim Is made that this compilation Is a complete 
history of the Bartlett family. It Is not a genealogy. 
Every effort has been made to avoid errors, but It Is 
Impossible to gather so much from so memy sources with- 
out some errors. Corrections and additions wlU be ap- 
preciated by the writer, and will be Inserted In the 
Bartlett-Hall Ancestry soon to be published. 

A narrative form has been avoided, and no attempt 
has been made to speculate or express opinions as to the 
lives of these forebears from the records. With these 
facts before him, the reader can make his own analysis 
and draw his own conclusions. 

The plan followed is that used by the New England 
Historical and Genealogical Register. Numbers above the 
line denote generations, the immigrant being the first. 

Abbreviations are obvious: b., born; m., married; 
d., died; dau., daughter; cl847, circa (about) 1847. 

Bartlett ancestors occurring in other families have 
been underlined. 

DATES. The calendar correction by Gregory XIII in 
1582 was immediately adopted by all Catholic countries, 
but not by England or her colonies until 1752, Before 
then the new year began on March 25th, causing the con- 
fusing double -dating, as January 14, 1722/3. After 1752 
this became January 14, 1723, "new style." When known, 
the writer has used "new style" dates. For brevity, nu- 
merals have been used, 1-14-1723, the month first, ac- 
cording to accepted American usage. 


In addition to BARTLETT and JENKINS families, the 
following allied families are arranged alphabetically 
following BARTLETT: 



































Mitchell: History of Brldgewater, Mass., 109 

Torrey-Blske Genealogy. 

Benedict Genealogy. 

Hooper Genealogy. 

Stanton Genealogy. 

New England Register, 101:176 (Wright; "Rlt.") 

Annals of Winchester, Conn., 4o8 

History of Litchfield County, Conn., published by 
J. W. Lewis & Co., 1881, page I89. 

Doane Robinson: Encyclopedia of South Dakota (Arah-6) 

Kingsbury: History of Dakota Territory, 402, 419, 420. 

Rev. John Lothrop's Scituate and Barnstable, Mass., 
Church Records. 

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mouth, Mass., Vital Records. 

Bridgewater First Congregational Church Records. 

Boston Record Society, 15:322. Selectmen's Minutes. 

Plymouth Probate Records. 

Genealogical Advertiser, 1:39 (Plymouth County Mar- 

Job Bartlett Bible, now in possession of Mayflower 

Manuscripts of Hannah Hall Bartlett. 

Photostat of Hull, Mass., original vital records, con- 
taining birth of Wright Bartlett. 

Photostat of original report of Coroner's Jury on the 
drowning of Wright Bartlett. 

Correspondence with many sources of information. 

Notebooks of Samuel Otis Bartlett, in the possession 
of the compiler. 

Children of the American Revolution membership of 
Linda Merle Sumner, on Snmuel-3 Bartlett. 

Daughters of American Revolution membership. National 
No. 356667, Edith Bartlett Sumner. 


JOHN^ BARTLETT of Hull, Massachusetts, is the first 
ancestor we have so far found in this line, although the 
John Bartlett who died in Hull in I708 may he his fath- 
er, there being no record of earlier Bartletts in Hull. 

John Bartlett married about I69I, Mercy, daughter of 
Edward and Lydia (Sylvester) Wright of Scituate, Massa- 
chusetts. Mercy was baptized in' Scituate on 6-IO-I666. 
She had married first on IO-I3-I685, in Hingham, Massa- 
chusetts, Benjamin, son of William Chamberlain, Junior. 
Benjamin was baptized in Hingham on 5-18-I662. He and 
Mercy had one son. Mercy Bartlett died on 4-29-1740, 
"in her 74th year," recorded InHull, as is that of John 
on 8-21-1750. Their graves are not InHull. See WRIGHT. 

John Bartlett is said to have been a mariner. There 
are very few records to be found regarding him. A deed 
was recorded in 1704 by John and Mercy Bartlett to Is- 
rael Sylvester, for land "granted to our Honorable fa- 
ther, Edward Wright." In 1739 a Bridgewater, Massachu- 
setts, record states that John Bartlett and wife, and 
Katherlne Williams were warned to leave town, and that 
"Wright Bartlett was forewarned not to entertain them 
longer." In the opinion of this compiler, this refers 
to the parents of Wright Bartlett, as the John Bartlett 
who died in Hull on 1-2-1748/9 is recorded as "Jr. ," im- 
plying a living "Sr." The colonial towns watched very 
carefully that no sojourners tarried long, not desiring 
any other town's aged. Needy, or ailing on their hands. 

Only child of Benjamin^ and Mercy Chamberlain: 

1 Benjamin"^ Chamberlain, 7-28-1686, recorded in Hull. 
Children of John and Mercy Bartlett, born in Hull: 

2 John2 Bartlett, 4-19-1692. "Jr." d. 1748/9- M.I716, 

Experience^ (Richard^ & Rebecca) Stubbs (b.l692): 

1 John3 Bartlett. (Will 1748. M.1739, Jane Doty?) 

2 Mercy Bartlett, 10-14-1718. 

3 James Bartlett, 12-7-1720. 

4 Isaac Bartlett, 2-3-1722. 

5 Mercy Bartlett, 12-26-1723. 
--6 Hannah Bartlett, 3-17-1727 . 

7 Experience Bartlett, 4-5-1728. M.1759 (2d wife) 

3mith2 (Ebenezerl) Woodward ( b. Hingham, I725. ) 

8 Lucretla Bartlett, 2-18-1731 

9 Anne Bartlett, 9-17-1735. 


Children of Johnl and Mercy Bartlett, continued: 

2 Anna2 Bartlett, 12-4-1693- M. , 5-28-1719, John Hay- 

den (d,176l) . Chll. : 

1 Ann Hayden, 2-16-1720. M.,mo, Ephralm4 (jos- 
eph3, John2 ( Quint on ^) Pray (b.l7l8); 2 chll. 

2 Rachel Hayden, 3-15-1724. M.,1742, William 
Rouse; 6 chll. 

3 John Hayden, 1-6-1726. M.,1753, Betty Arnold. 

4 Elizabeth Hayden, 3-5-1729- M.,1745, Thomas 

5 Margaret Hayden, 11-22-1729. M.,1750, John 
Ranger; 3 chll. (See Hannah Bartlett, belov.) 

6 Mercy Hayden, 2-24-1732. 

7 Daniel Hayden, 9-6-173^- 

3 Hannah Bartlett, 8-26-1702. M., Boston, 4-17-1722, 

John Ranger. Chll.: 

1 John. M.1750, M.1750, Margaret Hayden (5 above) 

2 Hannah, 10-6-1727. M.,1751, Justin (or Austin) 
Alden; son John. 

3 Mary, 1-28-1730. 

(Hannah Bartlett Ranger prob. m.,2, 6-30-1735, Cuth- 
bert Engleby (d.l754); 6 chll., 1736 - 1746. 
+ 4 Wright Bartlett, 4-7-1704. See below. 

5 Benjamin Bartlett, 3-21-1706. A Benjamin Bartlett 

m.l, Brattle Square Church, Boston, 1729, Elizabeth 
Larkln; and 2, Boston, 6-26-1735, Mary Ann Katon. 

6 Nicholas, 6-5-1708. 

WRIGHT^ BARTLETT was born In Hull, Massachusetts, 
on 4-7-1704. His name was entered In the town records 
by the clerk as "rlt." He and Bethla Packard were mar- 
ried In Brldgewater (now West Brldgewater) , Massachu- 
setts, 7-21-1731, by Reverend Daniel Perkins. Bethlah 
was born In Brldgewater about 1710. Wright was drowned 
In Boston Harbor on 3-I6-I747. Bethlah died In Bridge- 
water on 10-7-1750. See PACKARD. 

This compiler has a photostat copy of the original 
page of Hull town records, on which the ancient script 
Is plainly "rlt," the clerk's phonetic spelling of the 
name Wright. The first copyist of the records, taking 
It to be "rlc," printed It "Rlc [hard]" In the New Eng- 
land Register, 27:67. The next copyist, at the time the 
Hull vital records were published in book form, took it 
for "nic," and it was so printed, causing much trouble 
for genealogists. Mitchell, quoting from the Job Bart- 
lett Bible, wrote that Wright Bartlett was from Hlngham 
probably, and Wright was never Identified with Nic until 
one enterprising and persistent searcher discovered the 
original page. When the 1704 deed was found by that 


searcher, and the name of his mother found to be Mercy 
Wright, there was no longer any doubt as to his identi- 
ty. (See New England H. and G. Register, 101:176.) 

From the following records it Is evident that Wrl^ 
Bartlett left Bridgewater about 17^0, and did not re- 
turn. He was apparently a ship carpenter in Boston in 
1742, but his occupation in some records Is given as a 
cooper or set cooper. Bethla seems to have been living 
with her parents, the Packard s, when she died in Bridge- 
water in 1750* Her death was recorded as the "widow of 

Bartlett," the names of her parents being given, 

a most unusual procedure. The last recorded child was 
born in 17^1. Samuel^ Bartlett was about four years of 
age when his father left, and fourteen when his mother 
died; consequently it Is not surprising that his grand- 
son Job Bartlett had incorrect Information about Wright 
in his family Bible. 

3-15-1731» Wright Bartlett bought from Eleazar Snow in 
Bridgewater. (Plymouth Deeds, 31:l6.) On this land he 
built a house and barn. 

7-29-1731, he and Bethla Packard married in Bridgewat- 
er by Reverend Daniel Perkins. (Genealogical Advertis- 
er, 1:39 - Plymouth Coimty Marriages.) 

10-3-1733 • He and Ichabod Wade were appointed hogreeves 
in Bridgewater. (They had to accept or pay fines.) 

8-29-1734. Daughter Bethlah born; baptized at Christ 
Church Episcopal, Quincy, Massachusetts, 6-I-I735. 

6-1-1735. Daughter Phillis baptized with Bethlah. 

3-20-1736. Son Samuel born. 

4-6-1737. Sold land in Bridgewater to Samuel Hayward. 
(Plymouth Deeds, Book 31:83, Bridgewater.) 

5-28-1737. Bought land from Ichabod Wade. (Plymouth 
Deeds, Book 31:64, Bridgewater.) 

2-15-1738. He was the first of about a dozen Bridge- 
water men to sign a petition to Governor Belcher for a 
house of worship nearer to their homes. 

5-12-1738. Sold land to John Fobes . (Plymouth Deeds, 
Book 3^:45, Bridgewater.) 

1739. Warned not to entertain John Bartlett and 
wife and Katherlne Williams longer. 

, 5-26-1740. Sold property to Ichabod Wade. (Plymouth 
Deeds, Book 33:268-269, Bridgewater.) 

8-29-1740. Bought house and land in Raynham, Massachu- 
setts, from Phineas Crossman. (Book 36:9, Bristol Deeds 
at Taunton.) He apparently never built in Raynham, but 
about this time went to Boston. 

3-10-1741. Daughter Releaf born, Bridgewater. 

I-I3-I742, Boston. "At a meeting of the Selectmen ... 
Mr. Savell is directed to Warn Wright Bartlet to Attend 
next Wednesday, who lately came into this Town from 


Brldgewater and now lives in Gibbons House at the South 
end with One Elizabeth Basset." (Records of Boston Se- 
lectmen, 1736-17^2, Boston Record Society, l6:322) The 
Gibbons* boat yard was close to Gibbons' Court on New- 
bury Street, on the edge of the water before Back Bay 
was filled in. Elizabeth Bassett, vmidentlf led, proba- 
bly kept a boarding house. 

3-I6-I747. He was drowned in Boston Harbor. "An in- 
quisition Indented, Taken at Boston within the said 
County of Suffolk the Sixteenth Day of March in the 
Twentyth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord, George 
the Second, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France 
and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. Before 
Joseph La by, Gent. One of the Coroners of Our said 
Lord the King, within the Coimty of Suffolk aforesaid 
upon the Body of WRIGHT BARTLETT then and there being 
Dead, by the oaths of Alexander Hunt, foreman, Joseph 
Indegot [Endicott], Holmes Simpson, Ed^d Robinson, Jos- 
eph Scott, Samuel Conell, Joseph Putnam, Thomas Walker, 
William Bleye, Benjamin Colton, Jeremiah Snow, Jo^ . 
Smallfleld, Hugh Paul, Jeffery Jackson, Good and Lawful 
Ken of Boston, aforesaid, within the County aforesaid, 
who being Charged and Sworn to Enquire for Our said Lord 
the King, When, by what Means, and how the said WRIGHT 
BARTLETT came to his Death; Upon their Oaths do say, 
that the said WRIGHT BARTLETT on the l6th dayofMarche, 
five men coming on Shore in a Chonnew & by the distress 
of the wind a wether, the Chonnew sank under them in 
the harbor of Boston and the said BARTLETT came by his 
Death. In Witness whereof as well I the Coroner afore- 
said, as the Jury aforesaid to this Inquisition, have 
Interchangeably put our Hands and seals the Day and Year 
abovesaid . " 

[signed by the Foreman, Alexander Hunt, and the 
twelve Jurors.] (From Suffolk County Records.) 
June 1757. Edward Powers and Phylis Powers, his wife 
and Samuel Bartlett, Grantors, deeded to Abraham Jones! 
Grantee, that whole tract of land "which our Honorable 
iT^n^" o^^ Bartlett bought of Phineas Grossman, in 

il!2; . r^' y^^^ °^ ^""^^^^^ ^^ mentioned in th^ ac- 
knowledgment. (Bristol County Deeds, Taunton, Mass.) 

Bridgeware': °' ""''''' and Bethiah Bartlett, born in 

' ''"'chir.'hVT''- ^'^^''• ^^P- 6-1-1735, at Christ 
Church Episcopal, Quincy, Mass. D., 10-4-1771 

R<i;;i. u^°"iP^' ^^"^"^ Powers. He m. 2,10-15-1772 
Bettie Wheatley. Chll. of first wife: 

' Church TT ' 9-30-1753. Bap., 5-9-1756, First 
Church, Brldgewater. 

2 Samuel Powers, 4-16-1755. Bap., 5-9-1756, same. ; 


3 Bethia Powers, 8-15-1757. Bap. ,6-24-1759, same. 

4 Kezlah Powers, 5-^-1759. Bap., 6-24-1759, same . 
M., 1779, Prince Ford; 6 chil., 168O - I695. 

5 Roland Powers, IO-6-I76O. Bap. ,10-12-1760, same . 
D. 1761. 

6 Battle Powers, 3-21-1762. Bap. ,10-12-1760, same. 

7 Noah Powers, 5-3-1764. Bap., 5-6-1764, same. 
M.I787, Rhoda Williams; 2 chil., I787, I789. 

8 Silvia Powers, 5-3-1764. Bap., 9-7-1766, same. 
D. 1770. 

9 Daniel Powers, 4-5-1769- Bap., 8-7-1774, same. 

Children of second wife: 

10 Silvia Powers, II-IO-1773. Bap. ,8-7-1774, same. 

11 Roland Powers, 7-25-1773 ^5?] Bap., 7-30-1775. 

Children of WrightSand Bethia, continued: 

2 Bethiah3, 8-29-1734. Bap., 6-1-1735, with Phillis. 
+ 3 Samuel, 3-20-1736. Bap., 11-7-1736. See below. 

4 Relief, 3-10-1741. Prob. last child. D.I788+. M., 

8-25-1761, Ebenezer4 (Nathaniel'5,John2, Williaml) 
Hooper (1740-1782, Titicut); 2 chil. d., Titicut, 
1773 and 1776. She m.2, 9-4-1788, Joseph Howard, 
of Raynham. Both husbands were in Revolution. 

5 Richard? Given by Mitchell. Did not sign the 1757 

deed. Bap., 1740; no parents given. A Richard 
Bartlett m., 11-17-1757, Mary^ (Gainl) Robinson; 
11 chil.; no Bethiah or Wright. Another Richard 
Bartlett m., Bridgewater, I763, Rebecca Holmes. 

6 Lydia? Given by Mitchell. D.I8OI. M. ,12-26-1751, 

Rev. Ebenezer4 (john3, William^,!) Hinds. Chil.: 

1 EbenezerS Hinds, 1753. 

2 Bartlett Hinds, 1755. 

3 Susannah Hinds, 1757. 

4 John Hinds, 1759. 

5 Leonard Hinds, I76I. 

6 Lydia Hinds, I763. 

7 Preserved Hinds, I766. 

8 Abanoam Hinds, 1768. 

9 Keziah Hinds, 1772. D.177^. 

10 Hannah Hinds, 1775. 

11 Richard Hinds, 1777. 


SAMUEL^ BARTLETT was born in Brldgevater, Massachu- 
setts, on 3-20-1736, and baptized at Christ Church Epis- 
copal in Quincy, Massachusetts, on 11-7-1736. He mar- 
ried in Bridgewater, 5-12-1757, Susanna Dunbar, who was 
born there on 5-31-1739, the daughter of David Dunbar. 
Susanna died on 5-13-l82^ and Samuel en 7-31-1827. Both 
are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in what is now Vest 
Bridgewater. Samuel's birth is given as 3-31-1736, in 
the Job Bartlett Bible, perhaps a baptism. See DUNBAR. 

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors records "Samuel 
Bartlett of Bridgewater" as a Minuteman. He served as 
Sergeant in Captain Eliakim Howard's Company, Colonel 
Edward Mitchell's Regiment, which marched to Braintree 
Neck on March k, I776. Other services given for "Sam- 
uel Bartlett" in the above named record undoubtedly re- 
fer to the Samuel Bartlett of Bridgewater. 

Samuel Bartlett is listed in the First United States 
Census (I790) as living in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, 
with a family consisting of one white male over I6, one 
under I6, and five white females. These would be Sam- 
uel and wife, son David, and daughters Susanna, Hannah, 
Rachel and Keziah. Daughters Sarah and Lucy were mar- 
ried, sons Samuel and David were married, and son Job 
had died in 177^. 

Children of Samuel and Susanna, born in Bridgewater; 
details taken from family records and Mitchel's History 
of Bridgewater (q.v., for further generations): 

1 Susanna^, 6-I-I758. D.,1851. M., 1-15-1792, as 2d 

wife, Capt. David"^ (Zachariah^, ^, Richardl) Gur- 
ney (b. ,7-22-1765; d.,8-1-1832) ; went to Bath,Me. 

1 David^ Gurney, 1793. 

2 Austin Gurney, 1795. 

3 Susanna Gurney, 1796. M. Harding; 1 son. 

h Harris Gurney, 1799. 

2 Sarah^, 3-7-I76O. M.,1777, Isaiah^ (Edmond^, Thom- 

as3, Joseph^, Thomas l) Hayward (b.,1755). "Had 
Barzillai, and moved away . " 

3 Lucy, 3-28-1762. D., 8-20-1831. M., 12-5-1781, Wal- 

do^ (Edmond'i, Thomas^ , Joseph^, Thomas l) Hayward , 
(b., 5-1^-1758; d., 11-18-1834). 

1 Ira6 Hayward, 9-I8-I782. D.I85O. M.,l806, Sa- 
rah"^ (Josiah°, ^, James*, Joseph^, 2^ Samuel 1 ) 
Ed son (d.1819); 5 chil. M. 2, 1820, Wid . Susanna 
Fish (d.1826); 2 daus. M.,3, Olive McLauthl in. 

Chil. on next page. 


Children of Ira^and Sarah Hayvard : ■ 

1 Otis''' Hayvard, 1806. 

2 Ambrose Hayvard, I810. M.I833, Hannah (Jabez) 
Hovland; 6 sons; 1 dau. 

3 Sumner Augustus Hayvard, l8l2. 
k Julia Hayvard, l8l4. 

5 Sarah Reliance Hayvard, 1818. 

2 Abbie^ Hayvard, I786. M.I8II, Isaac Eames. 

3 Bela Hayvard, I787. M., Levina Drake; 2 sons. 
k Zina Hayvard, I789. M., Almira'i' (Merritt^, 

Isaiah^, David"^, Edvard^ , Thomas ^, Edvard 1) 
Jenkins (b.l80l) . 

5 Waldo Hayvard, 179^. M.,l,l8l6, Polly^ (Ebene- 
zerl) Alger. M.,2,l8l8, Mercy Alger. M.,3,Mr3 
Laura Hayvard . 

6 Otho Hayvard, 1796. M. Roena Hovard. 

7 Lucinda Hayvard, I8OO. D. inf. 

Children of Semuel^ and Susanna Bartlett, continued: 

4 Job4 Packard, 1764. D. 1774. 
+ 5 Samuel, 12-27-1766. See folloving: 

6 Hannah, 5-6-I769. D.,June 1805. M., 4-6-1794, Sim- 

eon^ (Eliakim^, David^, Ephraim2, Johnl) Hovard 
(d.1856). Simeon m.2,l807, Bathsheba^ (Ephraiml) 
Jackson. Chil. : 

1 Harrison^ Hovard, 1794. 

2 Maria Hovard, 1797. 

3 Davis Hovard, I8OO. 

4 Ancel Hovard, l8o4. 

5 Hannah Hovard, I809. (Dau. of Bathsheba.) 

7 Rachael^, 6-8-1772. D. ,3-12-1862. M., as 2d vife, 

1813, Barnabas^ (Edvard^, 3^ Samuel^, Mark ^ ) La- 
Lathrop (b.1758) . 

8 Keziah, 8-4-1775. D. ,7-19-1857. M., 2-4-1798, Abi- 

el5 (David4, David^, Ephraim2, johnl) Hovard (b., 
I76O; d., 4-7-1852). Chil.: 

1 lantha^ Hovard, 1799. 

2 Levis Hovard, l802. 

9 David'*, 1-28-1778. D., 2-1-1867. M.l, 11-12-1796, 

Polly2 Brett (George Jr. & Parnell) Hovard. Sol- 
dier, War of 1812. Polly b. ,11-30-1777; d.,9-26- 
1812. He m.,2,5-l4-l8l4, Susanna Fish, b., 8-11- 
1783; d., 12-31-1848. Chil. of 1st vife: 

1 Charlotte^, I-II-I797. D. I8l2. 

2 Job, 1-5-1799. D., 3-9-1867. His 'iTob Bartlett 
Family Bible" nov in possession of Mass. Soc. 
Mayf lover Descendants. M. ,9-9-1827, Mary2 (Ca- 
lebl& Zerviah) Jackson (b. ,12-21-1801) . 


Children of Job^ and Mary Bartlett: 

1 Mary^ Frances, 6-25-182?. D., 2-25-1906. 
M.,1851, Lewis Lincoln (l8l9-l85^); no chil. 

2 Spmuel Dunbar, 9-5-1830. M., 4-4-1917. M., 
11-27-1856, Mary A. Maroni (1838-1914). 

1 Louise''' F., 12-26-1861. D.,1933. M.,6-3- 
1890, A. Hambly. 

2 Alice R., 1-15-1867. D., 1928, unm. 

3 Grace H., 2-I3-I869. D. I87I. 

4 Ruth H., 7-16-1873. 

3 Henryti, 3.25-1834. D., 8-25-1864. 

4 Horace, 4-l8-l837. D. 19 . M., I869, Abi- 
gail^ (Charles^) Howard (b.l842). In Civ .War. 

1 Annie? Williams, 5-IO-I87O. D. I87I. 

2 Henry, IO-3I-I87I. D. 194 , unm. 

3 Helen Frances, 7-21-1874. D. 1940. 

4 Jane Howard, 5-25-1877. Res: Bridgew. ,1949. 

Children of David^ and Polly Bartlett, continued: 

3 PollyS, 10-24-1801. D., 1-9-1895. M.,l-l-l826, 
Ephraim Snell, Jr. (d., 7-5-1847). 

1 Ephraim Thomas Snell, 5-3-I83O. D.1917. M., 
11-30-1854, Emily Ryder. 

2 Mary Jane Snell, 8-28-I833. D.I89O. M.,Nov. 
1853, Wellington Caldwell. 

3 Sarah Ann Snell, I-22-I836. D., 3-13-1920. 
M., Jarvis Burrell. 

4 Jane^, 3-7-l8o4. D., 1-5-1886. M., 4-23-1840, 
as 2d wife, Ambrose^ (Alpheus^, James'^, Nehemi- 
ah3, john2, Giles!) Leach (b.l79l); 1 dau. 

5 Susan, 5-28-I807. D. ,10-14-1838. M. ,5-13-1838, 
Nathan Alger. 

Jo David, 2-11-1811. D., 5-31-1898. M.l, 11-29- 
^ 1838, Rhoda Hayward, b.l8o8; d . ,11-5-1840 . M.2, 
12-1-1841, Patty Wood (d.l874). No chil. 

Children of David* and ^sanna Bartlett: 

7 Charlotte^, 6-I9-I818. D., 10-5-1848. 

8 Henry Lewis, 7-24-1820. D., 6-28-I832. 

9 Julia Franklin, 9-14-1825. D., 9-22-1905. M., 
I-I6-I86I, Henry Whitman(Ambro3e)Leach. D.I903. 

1 Ada Whitman Leach, II-26-I861. M.I887, Irving 
E.Wheeler (b.1863); son Henry Irving b. I895. 

2 Clara Bartlett Leach, Jan.1863. M.I888, Alton 
W. Snell. Chil.: Walter Henry Snell, 5-I9-I889. 
Maud Wesley Snell, 8-3I-I89O. Ruth Bartlett 
Snell, 11-18-1892. Raymond Franklin Snell, 
6-26-1894. Helen Webster Snell, 7-27-1902. 


SAMUEL* BARTLETT was born in Bridgewater, Massachu- 
setts, on 12-27-1766 and baptized there on 3-22-I767. 
He married Lucy Jenkins on 1-22-1786, according to Ply- 
mouth County records. Records of First Church of East 
Bridgewater state that marriage intentions of Lucy Jen- 
kins and Samuel Bartlett, Jr., were filed in I785 . The 
Job Bartlett Bible states the date as 2-5-I786. Lucy, 
the daughter of Edward Jenkins, was born in Scituate, 
Massachusetts, on I2-3O-I766. The family Bible is auth- 
ority that Samuel died in Vaymart (then Canaan), Penn- 
sylvania, on I-I4-I83O, and that Lucy died there, but 
the date is not given. See JENKINS. 

They were living in Bridgewater when the first Unit- 
ed States Census was taken, 1790, the family consisting 
of one male over sixteen, one under sixteen, and three 
females. These would correspond to Samuel, Lucy, and 
children Rhoda, Arab, and Emeline C. 

The History of Bridgewater says he moved to Croyden, 
New Hampshire, but it was more likely to Cornish, near 
Croyden, and where his son Henry Boyd Bartlett was born. 
The birthplace of Bera and Arba is also given as Corn- 
ish in the notes of Samuel's grandson, Samuel Otis Bart- 
lett. Annals of Winchester, Connecticut, says: "Samuel 
Bartlett, a native of Cohasset, came from Malone, New 
York, to Winsted, Connecticut, built and occupied until 
his removal from town, the 'Widow Marble house.' He re- 
moved with his family to Wayne County, Pennsylvania . 
His wife was sister of Benjamin Jenkins. His children 
resident with him: Arab, Rhoda, Amanda and others whose 
names are not remembered." The "Widow Marble house" was 
built in l8l4. The Cleveland house. East Village, was 
built in 1815 by James Cleveland and Arab Bartlett. At 
that time Samuel and Lucy Bartlett were living in Win- 
sted, and their last child was born there. History of 
Litchfield County, Connecticut, says Samuel Bartlett 
settled at Winsted between I8II and I82I. Samuel Otis 
Bartlett records: "Grandfather moved from eastern Mass- 
achusetts to Cornish, New Hampshire, to northern New 
York [Malone], to Newburgh, to Winsted, Connecticut, the 
last child being born there in I815." Hannah Hall Bartr- 
lett, his mother, wrote to him: "Your Grandpa Bartlett 
lived in New Hartford a f ev. years before moving to Penn- 
sylvania." They obviously lived in a number of places, 
where Samuel Bartlett was engaged in building houses. 

Among Hannah Hall Bartlett 's manuscripts is an amus- 
ing story of the ruse Lucy employed when she went to a 
new place, to determine which of her new neighbors she 
could trust. It involved borrowing a pillowcase full of 
flour, which was not opened, but after a suitable time 
returned intact, with the hope expressed that she had 


returned as much as had been borrowed. The comments of 
the new neighbors were noted, and influenced future re- 
lationships, according to Lucy's daughter-in-law. 

Children of Samuel* and Lucy Bartlett: 

1 RhodaO Keith Bartlett, Bridgewater, 3-12-1787- D., 
Waymart, Pa., 5-9-1846. M. ,Waymart, 9-1^-1820, Asa© 
(Asa^, Davld4, John^ , John^, Thomasl) Stanton, b. 
Paupack, Pa., 7-27-1793; d-, Waymart, 9-5-l88l. 

1 Fitz Henry? Stanton, Waymart, 5-7-1823. D.1906. 
M.,l844, Mary Rounds. Chil., b., Clinton, Pa.: 

1 Warren^ Stanton, 1845 . D. yg. 

2 Arba Stanton. D. yg. 

3 Ara Stanton. D. yg. 

4 Henrietta Stanton, 1848. D. yg. 

5 Emma Stanton, 1849. D. 1855- 

6 Edgar William Stanton, IO-3-I850. Professor, 
Ames Agricultural College. Living I918. M., 
1877, Margaret McDonald. 

1 Edwin^ McDonald Stanton, 1879- 

2 Roger William Stanton, I882. D. inf. 

3 Margaret Beaumont Stanton, 1883. 

7 (Daughter) Stanton, I856. D. yg. 

8 Hannah Stanton, I859. D. yg. 

9 Jennie Augusta Stanton, I86 3. Liv. Waymart, 1891. 

2 Asa"^ B. Stanton, ll-l-}824. D. inf. 

3 Lucy Bartlett Stanton, Waymart, II-3O-I825. D., 
8-23-1905. M.1843, Horatio Nelson Edgett (18II 
-1872). Chil., b., Dyberry, Pa.: 

1 Eugene Edgett, l845. "Killed by the car3,"Port 
Jervis, N.Y., I88O . M.I87I, Isabelle Brooks. 

1 Fannie Ora Edgett, Honesdale, Pa. ,8-27-1877. 

2 Horatio Nelson Edgett, I879. D. I883 . 

2 Arthur Edgett, 8-6-I85O. D. I85I. 

3 William H. Edgett, I852. M., Lida (William & 
Addle [Bartlett] Baker, adopted dau. of Lydia 
[Bartlett] and Homer Grenell. 

4 Frank Augustus Edgett, 8-26-1854. 

5 Edward Edgett, 12-7-1857- D. i860. 

6 Ella May Edgett, 2-I3-I86O. D. 1875 . 

7 Charles Asa Edgett, 6-26-1862. 

8 Albert R. Edgett, 4-13-1865. 

4 Charles''' Stanton, 11-2-1827. D. I829. 

5 Samuel C. Stanton, 6-3O-I830. D.I902. M.I853, 
Ann (Stephen ) Bennett. 

1 Arthur^ Stanton, Waymart, I856. Liv.l891, ;inm. 

2 Clara Stanton, I86I. D. 1882. 


Children of Samuel^ and Lucy Bartlett, continued: 

2 AraS Bartlett, Bridgewater, 5-14-1788. D., Bethany, 

Pa., 9-21-1824. M., 11-9-1822, cousin Louisa^(Ben- 
jaminV, Edward'*) Jenkins. She ci.,2, Jacob Davis. 

1 Amanda^ Bartlett. M., M. H. Cobb, 

2 Arab, 1824. Said to be posthumous. 

1 child. 

From Kingsbury's History of Dakota Territory, 
pp. 402, 419, 420: "Ara Bartlett of Kankakee, 
111., was appointed associate justice of Dakota 
about 7-1-1864, to succeed Judge Villiston of 
the First District, who had been promoted to the 
chief justiceship of Montana." From Robinson's 
Encyclopedia of South Dakota: "President Lin- 
coln made a number of federal appointments for 
Dakota in March 1865; ••• Ara Bartlett of Ver- 
million to be chief justice, vice Philemon Bliss 
resigned." "For the first time since the ter- 
ritory was orgEinized 'a full bench of the Su- 
preme Court was convened at Yankton on the 6th 
of July 1865. There were present His Honor Ara 
Bartlett, chief justice .... The court ... ad- 
dressed itself to the solemn duty of making ap- 
propriate Lincoln memorial addresses, after 
which it adjourned." "He served until I869, and 
sat as Chief Justice in the first court assem- 
bled to hear appeals, 7-6-I865." 

3 Emeline^ C. Bartlett, Bridgewater, II-22-1789. M., 

11-11-1814, ArunahS (Enos^-) Wood. He and Nathan 
White (see below) were two of 73 men who mortgaged 
homes, etc., to raise money for Franklin Adademy. 

1 George^ Wood, I815. 

4 Samuel^ Bartlett, 2-25-1794. D., Galesville, Wis., 

8-22-1861. M., 2-26-1815, Anna Blair. 

1 Delia° Bartlett 

2 Amanda Bartlett 

3 Martha Bartlett 

4 Lucy Bartlett 

5 Ann Eliza Bartlett 

6 Selina Bartlett 

7 Ara Bartlett 

8 Henry Bartlett 

5 Lucy5 Bartlett, 3-15-1795. D., Malone,N.Y., 11-21- 

1862. M.,Malone, 3-2-1813, Nathan White; 6 chil. 


Children of Samuel^ and Lucy Bartlett, continued: 

6 BeraS, Cornish, N.H. , 7-21-1797. D.Cornish, I803. 

7 Lydia, 12-6-1799. D., Pa., 1859. M. , 8-I7-I823, 

Homer Grenell. No chll. Adopted two-weeks old 
dau. of Wyman Bartlett [no relationship found] 
after death of mother; named her Adaline for Ada- 
line (Bartlett) Mcintosh, who had d. soon after 
marriage. Adaline m. William Baker, and their 
dau. Lida Baker m. William H. Edgett. (See p. 12.) 

8 Arha^, Cornish, 2-5-1802. D., Cornish, I803. 

9 Louisa, 6-10-1804. D., Pa., l864. M., 6-7-1821, 

Luther Blair. 

1 Henry Blair. M. twice; no chil. 

2 Lucy Melinda Blair. D. inf. 

3 Adaline Miranda Blair. M., Rodney Eaton; h chll. 

4 William Blair. D. yg. 

5 Samuel Blair. D. age I6. 

6 Rodney Augustus Blair. D. yg. 

7 James Douglas Blair. In Civ .War. "End unknown." 

8 Hiram Gilbert Blair. M. twice; 1 child. 

9 Lucy Jenkins Blair. D., Carbondale, Pa., I88O . 
M., George Burrell; had dau. Rowena Burrell. 

10 Franklin Blair. M.; no chil. 

11 Alice Blair. M., 1, M. Mainer; no chil. M.2, 
Charles Green. 

10 Amelia^, 2-II-I806. D., Pa., I880. M., Waymart, 
1-16-1836, Spafford Barber. 

1 Edward Barber. M. 

1 Grace Barber. M., Barthold . 

2 Emma Barber. 

+11 HenryS Boyd , Cornish, N. H. , 12-17-1807. See fol- 

12 Adaline^ , 2-9-I809. D., Waymart, I2-27-I83I. M., 

M., 10-16-1831, John Mcintosh of Burlington, N.Y. 

13 Rowena^, Winsted, Conn., 8-IO-I8I5. (Benedict Gen. 

says Rowena Keth Bartlett, b. Torringford, Conn.) 
D., Carbondale, Pa. , I-3-I890. M., Waymart, 6-I5- 
1837, Silas3 Seeley (Seymour?, Caleb^, 5^ 4, John^ 
John2, Thomas!) Benedict, b. Walton, N. Y. ,3-7-l8l6; 
d . .Carbondale. Member of Pa. Assembly, I85O-5I; 
City Commissioner; school director; editor, Car- 
bondale Advance. Chil., b., Carbondale: 

1 Eugene^ Augustus Benedict, 3-I7-I838. M.,1859, 
Sarah Louise Russ (b. I838) . 

1 Rena^O Benedict, 9-24-l860. D. yg. 

2 Carrie Augusta Benedict, 3-I5-I863. 


Children of Si la ^ and Rowena Benedict, continued: 

2 George^ Wood Benedict, Carbondale, II-29-I839. 
D., Scranton, Pa. M., 1864, Jennie (William ) 
Widger of Cornwall, Eng. (b.l842). 

1 Augusta^ May Benedict, Carbondale, 3-22-1865. 

3 Augusta^ Amelia Benedict, Carbondale, 8-28-1842. 
M., 1864, Samuel D. Baker. 

1 Albert Silas Baker, I870. K.; had 2 daus . 
3 Benedict Baker, I88O. D. yg. 

4 Henry^ Bartlett Benedict, 7-10-1844. D. 1846. 

HENRY^ BOYD BARTLETT was born in Cornish, New Hamp- 
shire, on 12-17-1807. His birth is not recorded there, 
but it was a fact well known to his children. He mar- 
ried in Branford, Connecticut, on 8-28-I&36, Hannah-3 
Celina Hall. She was born in Wpymart (then called Ca- 
naan), Luzern County, Pennsylvania, on 4-10-1817, the 
daughter of Captain Amaziah Hall. Her mother was Bet- 
sey Baldwin.* Henry Boyd Bartlett died in Ellenville, 
New York, on 4-3-1868. Hannah died in Niantlc, Connec- 
ticut, on 12-2-1906. 

Not much is known of the early life of Henry Boyd 
Bartlett. As his father was what is now known as a con- 
tractor or builder, they lived in various towns. Ac- 
cording to Henry's son Samuel Otis Bartlett, the first 
compiler of the Bartlett ancestry, they went to northern 
New York from Cornish, and lived in Malone. From Malone 
they went to Wlnsted, Connecticut, then to Pennsylvania. 
The Jenkinses followed about the same route. Ara Bart- 
lett, Henry's brother, was also a builder, but died in 
1824, and his family went to Dakota Territory. 

After their wedding in Branford, Henry and Hannah 
traveled to Wpymart, and lived there until some time in 
1837. Henry shared the Bartlett characteristic of mov- 
ing about. He was Interested in various enterprises, 
which accounts for some of the moves, but the itinerary 
is not precisely known. Two of their children were born 
in Branford. They lived for a time in Olive, New York, 
where he owned a store and wlntergreen distillery, and 
extensive mountain property in Ulster County. This New 
York property is now covered by the waters of the Asho- 
kan Dam. In I859 they moved to Ellenville, New York, 
where Henry died about nine years later. 

* The Hall-Baldwin Ancestry is the subject of another 

Henry B. Bartlett 






John B. 









Tho^ Bushln 






Demas Judd 




The 1850 United States Census, New York, shows the 
following living in Olive: 

$7000 b. N.H. 

Of Ellenville Hannah wrote: "The big freshet that 
destroyed the factories and mills that my husband had 
erected in Ellenville to carry on the various branches 
of business he was conducting, was one of the most ex- 
tensive that had occurred on Esopus Creek in the memory 
of the inhabitants. The water rose over twenty feet. 
The walls built to protect my husband's mills were also 
carried away; in fact, there was hardly anything built 
by man that was left." 

Several of his business ventures were mentioned in 
a letter to Hannah a few weeks before they were married . 
This she always kept, and it was given to this compiler 
by Samuel Otis Bartlett. The letter begins unromantic- 
ally: "Think not, dear girl, that I have neglected an- 
swering your communication from any cause derogatory to 
my affection for you . I have waited longer than I 
should, thinking of arranging some business for your 
Father and communicating it to him in this letter . . . 
I am 30 immersed in business, having engaged to do so 
much work, and help being so scarce we are rather be- 
hindhand ... I have it in mind, together with H. [Ho- 
mer] Grenell and D. S. West, to purchase a lot of wild 
land, about 500 acres situate on the turnpike above Le- 
vi Stanton's, including his clearing. There are good 
water privileges on the tract and we think it may be 
profitable to set up sawmills and turning machinery . . . 
My business for some time to come will be in Carbondale, 
as we have a large railroad job on hand." 

He was In his twenty-ninth year, and Hannah In her 
nineteenth. They were married in Branford a few weeks 
later. Of this Hannah wrote: "Father had had to sell 
his property, consisting of dwelling house and farm, one 
store In Canaan, one store and a hotel in Carbondale 
City, to pay for trusting a man too pious to laugh on 
Sunday. Father was persuaded by relatives to return to 
Connecticut . . . When I was making my farewell visits, 
he asked me to stay in Pennsylvania. I said I could not 
do that — it would be too hard for Mother — but if he 


wanted me enough to come to Connecticut for me in the 
fall, I would go back. We moved the last of April, then 
I had a letter telling me he would not come till New 
Year's. But he came for me in August without any no- 
tice - I had made scarce any preparation ... A sister 
of his whose husband had left her with seven children 
(two brothers furnishing her a house and support), when 
she found her brother had gone for a wife, she gave up 
her house, scattered her children and moved her house- 
hold goods into his house . . . But he told her his in- 
tended should not be troubled with her, he would not al- 
low it ... . However, the first meal I ate in my own 
dwelling, one child was sent to share it. The next 
morning the mother and baby came, and one after another 
came till I had a family of seven to care for .... It 
was backbreaking work for one who had never known what 
work was - Mother always had a servant . . . But at last 
I broke down, and had to go home to Mother to be taken 
care of, and I was unable to get away for three years." 
The only sister the facts seem to fit would be Lucy who 
married Nathan White. This intimate human document is 
perhaps of interest only to the family, who know Hannah 
was lame from her seventeenth year till her death. 

Hannah was a devout Christian, kind and patient, and 
greatly beloved by her children and grandchildren. She 
was very intelligent, and kept her faculties until her 
sudden death at the age of almost ninety. She was over 
eighty when her son Henry Baker Bartlett left to fill 
his engineering contract in Germany, and as he had lit- 
tle hope of seeing her again, he asked her to write down 
the numerous stories she had told the family. These 
were stories of her own experiences and those her moth- 
er and grandmother had told her, concerning pioneer life 
in Pennsylvania, and of Connecticut in the Revolution. 
Henry returned in 1905, a year before his mother died. 

The compiler possesses this voluminous manuscript, 
but nowhere does Hnnnah refer to her lameness. The cir- 
cumstances, however, are known to the family. She was 
thrown from her horse when seventeen, breaking her hip. 
The bones were not properly set and she was confined to 
the house for a long time. The first time she was taken 
out in a carriage, the horse ran away and she was thrown 
out. She said the bones snapped into place with a loud 
noise, but by that time "hip disease" had set in, and 
she was lame all her life. She was a widow for thirty- 
eight years, living with one of her children or another 
from time to time. The last years of her life she and 
her son John lived together in Niantic, Connecticut. 

There are several different photographs of Henry 
Boyd Bartlett. These show him to be a man of medium 


build, broad shouldered, a dignified facial expression, 
but with twinkling eyes. He was very musical, as in- 
deed were all his children. In the long letter before 
quoted, he wrote: ". . .On the Fourth of July we had a 
very fine celebration in Waymart. We sang two pieces 
on the occasion, 'Ode on Science,' and 'Wake Columbia.' 
I selected the best singers in the vicinity, practiced 
with them beforehand, and carried out my old violin to 
the meetinghouse, played as well as I could, and on the 
whole it was said the music was very good." 

Samuel Otis Bartlett wrote of his father: "Father 
was very musical; he was am excellent violinist, had a 
beautiful voice with a range of three octaves, and had 
studied under Baker of Boston. Father had a drug, book 
and piano store in Ellenville. I remember when I was 
little he wore a shawl instead of an overcoat. He was 
a Grand Master of the Masons, and I remember them at his 
funeral when I was seven and a half." 

Hannah's autograph album, apparently begun when she 
was sent to school in Connecticut in 183O, and taken up 
again when she was "making her farewell visits," con- 
tains the usual pious poems aind sentiments of the day, I 
the only exception being one written by her future bus- ' 
band. This was dated October 25, I835, when Henry was 
courting her. 


In hours of the future when time will have shattered 
Youth's beautiful casket of pleasure and bliss. 
How precious the sentiments love will have scattered 
As diamonds of thought in a volume like this. 

In moments of darkness should deep-rooted sorrow 
Refuse to thy heart the relief of a tear. 
What deep gushing sympathies still it may borrow 
From fountains that friendship will open thee here. 

01 yes; and as tie after tie shall be broken 
Thy spirit has cherish 'd and lov'd ones depart. 
How touching - how beautiful - then every token 
Inscribed by affection will seem on thy heart. 

Then having expressed his sentiments, he inserted a hymn 
"Nothing True But Heaven," inscribed with many a flour- 
ish, the script and music like copper plate. 


Children of HenryS and Hannah Bartlett: 

1 John^ Boyd Bartlett, Branford, Conn., 12-15-183?. 

D., Amltyville, L. I., 6-15-1913- M., II-6-I889, 
Mrs Fanny [Skillman] Knight, a widow with 2 chil- 
dren: Harry Knight (d., unmar. at 33), and Stella 
Knight (m. Claude Clarke; dau. Marcelle Clarke m. 
Fred Courtney (no chil.); son Knight Clarke unmar. 
1951. John Boyd Bartlett was a fine pianist, com- 
poser and poet; was at one time a concert singer. 
Traveled with Emma Abbot and Theodore Thomas Or- 
chestra. Also invented several articles, includ- 
ing glass insulator still used on telegraph poles, 
and said to be importsint factor in communications 
of Northern Army in Civil Wpr. In appearance he 
resembled "Buffalo Bill" Cody, although of medium 
height. He was a man of culture and humor, remem- 
bered by the writer as visiting the family in Bal- 
timore, the children impressed by his silk hat, 
fur-collared coat, and gold-headed cane, but es- 
pecially by his "thousand-dollar repeater," which 
chimed the hours, minutes ajid seconds. No chil. 

2 Adaline^ Miranda Bartlett, Branford, 6-29-1840. D. 

Katonah, N.Y., 6-I7-I89O. M., 1-15-1862, Henry-2 
J. (Henry-1 and Esther [Hanford] ) Sinsabaugh, b., 
10-7-1839; d. 1899. "Aunt Addle" was a lovable 
character, with a sweet facial expression, and had 
a beautiful singing voice. "Uncle Henry" was a 
very tall man, with a long black beard and snap- 
ping black eyes. The surname of his second wife, 
"Aunt Christina," has not been learned. 

1 Adeline'^ Bartlett Sinsabaugh, Branford, 12-1- 
1862. A tall striking-looking woman, remarka- 
ble for her beautiful teeth, and a fine figure. 
Held a high place in the nursing profession, her 
last position being in charge of The House of 
the Holy Comforter in New York City. She died 
at her brother's home in Shelton, 12-23-1915- 

2 Homer Nelson Sinsabaugh, Olive, N.Y. , 3-1-1864. 
D., 3-9-1912. M.,1896, Edith Emily Lund, b. El- 
gin, 111., 3-11-1878. 

1 Lucille Sinsabaugh, Elgin, 12-7-1897. M., 
1923, Leroy V. Penvell, born Challls, Ida., 
11-23-1880. D. 1949. 

1 Carver Sinsabaugh Penwell, b. Evanston,Hl. 


Children of Homer Nelson Sinsabaugh, continued: 

2 Homer Clair Sinsabaugh, Elgin, 111. ,2-25-1900. 
M., Chicago, 111., 12-31-1922, Virginia Marie 
Scharff, b., Milwaukee, Wis., 11-5-1902. 

1 Homer Clair Sinsabaugh, Chicago, 5-29-I923. 
D., Aurora, 111., 4-29-1931. 

2 Richard Bartlett Sinsabaugh, Aurora, 4-10- 

Children of Adallne^ (Bartlett) Sinsabaugh, continued: 

3 George Sinsabaugh. D. Inf. 

4 Jennie H. Sinsabaugh. D. Inf. 

5 John Newton Sinsabaugh, Branford, IO-I-I869. D. 
Shelton, Ct., 3-14-1941. M.,Shelton, 6-I-I895, 
Lllas"^ May Chadeayne, dau. of Thomas ^ Jefferson 
& Elizabeth [Heater] Chadeayne, b. Shelton, I871, 
and sister of Emma'i' Jane Chadeayne, 2nd wife of 
Henry6 Baker Bartlett. John Sinsabaugh was re- 
sponsible for several Important Inventions; was 
Deputy Judge of Shelton Court 14 yrs.. Judge, 3 
yrs. Representative In Conn. State Legislature 
2 terms; at death was Asst. Pros. Atty. He was 
a handsome six-foot man; had a beautiful tenor 
voice; sang In church and concert. 

1 Adallne Bartlett Sinsabaugh, Derby, Ct., 6-1- 
1902. M., 12-31-1926, Rupert B. McGunlgle. 
Dlv. M., 3-12-1944, Florida, as 2d wife, James 
Dlnsmore Tew. She grad . Smith College, I923. 

2 John Newton Sinsabaugh, Derby, 7-3-1904. [jack] 
M. 1932, Frances, dau. of Arthur J. Wlllard 
(2d husband of Emma? Jane Chadeayne). Frances 
grad. Vassar College, I930. 

1 Susan Wlllard Sinsabaugh, 2-7-1943 . 

2 Sarah Frances Sinsabaugh, 6-5-1944. 

3 Jay Arthur Sinsabaugh, 6-I9-I947. 

3 Lorraine Chadeayne Sinsabaugh, Sharon, Penna. 
2-11-1908. Grad. Smith College, I930. M.1934, 
as 2d wife, William^ Channlng (Wm.8 Charming, 
Francis? Psrker, Nathaniel^ Walker, Nathaniel^ 
Walker, Nathanlel4 , Nathaniel^, johr^, Samuel^ ) 
Appleton. His chil. by 1st mar., AnjJ-0 Turner 
Appleton and Sarah^O Sherman Appleton. 

1 BetseylO Gale Appleton, 12-29-I934 

2 Lorraine Chadeayne Appleton, 6-24-1937. 

3 William Channlng Appleton, 8-16-1944. 

4 John Newton Greenleaf Appleton, 4-26-1949. 


Children of Henry^ and Hannah Bartlett, continued: 

3 Homer^ Newton Bartlett, Olive, N.Y. ,12-26-18^^5; d., 
Nev York, 4-3-1920. M., 11-17-1868, Emma Louise 
Cornell, of a wealthy old New York family. She 
d. 1925. He was one of the foremost American 
composers. His first work, written when but sev- 
enteen, and dedicated to his future wife, was the 
well known Polka de Concert. Other works, number- 
ing several hundred. Include many organ and piano 
pieces, orltorlos, an opera and a symphony. Pres- 
ident of the Manuscript Society at one time. Was 
organist and musical director of Madison Avenue 
Baptist Church over thirty years, and organist at 
Masonic Temple. He organized the lOO-boy choir. 
He was a 33rd degree Mason, member of Kane Lodge, 
N.Y.C. A man of keen Intellect and jolly nature, 
he was loved by all who knew him. His family was 
remarkably devoted. His mother wrote: "You would 
sing seven tunes before you could speak a word — 
you were about a year old, sang the times to the 
syllable 'la'; your brother John and sister Addle 
taught them to you mornings before breakfast, while 
I had a snooze." Also: "Until fifteen years old, 
he picked up music and played by Instinct. His 
father played the bass viol, violin and piano.... 
When Homer was three years old he would get his 
father's violin and hold It bass viol fashion, but 
altho so young he never hurt it in the least. Then 
his father bought a tiny Instrument which he used 
In the same position .... When he was four years 
old he would stand at the melodeon and play every 
tione he knew and put In the chords. When nine he 
played his violin In concerts. When fourteen he 
composed some creditable music, and at fifteen his 
father gave him a musical education." He studied 
under Mills, Guyon, Braun and Jacobsen here, and 
went to Europe to study in l887« 

1 Emma? Bartlett, II-I7-I869. D., 3-4-1904, N.Y. 
M., James Inness; 1 son, d. at birth. James 
Inness m.2, a lady from Akron, Ohio; had 2daus. 
Emma was a woman of Intellect and sweet person- 
ality; sang and played the piano. Never recov- 
ered her health after the birth of her baby. 

2 John Black Cornell Bartlett, N.Y.C, 3-24-1871. 

M., Louise Becker of Hoboken, N.^. 

1 Emma Loul3e Caroline Bartlett, 4-7-1897. 

2 Alexandra Bartlett. 


Children of Homer^ Newton Bprtlett, continued: 

3 Isabelle^ Bartlett, I876. D.,l879. A child of 
exceptional beauty, intelligence, and musical 
precocity. "Little Belle" died suddenly at the 
age of three . 

Children of Henry^ and Hannah Bartlett, continued: 

4 Ara6 Amaziah Bartlett, Olive, N.Y., I2-IO-I85I. D., 

Calif., December, I916. M. 1,1877, Helen S. Brook; 
3 chil. M.,2, Edith ; 2 sons. 

Children of Ara^ and first wife: 

1 Charles''' Bartlett. Has head engraver for Shreve 
& Co., leading San Francisco jewelers. Married 
No records available. 

2 Homer Bartlett. Was a captain in the Merchant 
Marine. Retired. No records available. 

3 Helen Bertha Bartlett. M. and div. At one time 
a nurse. No other records available. 

Children of Ara^ and second wife: 

4 Luis? Bartlett. Record not available. 

5 Becher Bartlett. Record not available. 

Children of Henry^ and Hannah Bartlett, continued: 

5 Samuel^ Otis Bartlett, Ellenville, N.Y. ,10-17-1869. 

died in Englewood, N. J., 12-26-1940, unmarried. 
Although he was the youngest child, he is placed 
here, as he had no descendants. He was rather a 
small man, with very bright black eyes. A matha- 
matical genius, inventor, and musical. He had a 
keen sense of humor, and was a rare story teller. 
( His nephews and nieces will never forget the ex- 
citing and fantastic stories, continued from day 
to day, to the delight of all the neighborhood 
children — before the day of movies.) He never mar-' 
Tied, taking on the responsibility of his invalid 
mother's care. He and Henry were the closest of 
the brothers. He spent some time in England as a 
consulting engineer, while Henry was in Berlin, 
and visited the family there. It was he who began 
this Bartlett Ancestry in I918, visiting many of 
the New England towns in his research, and carry- 
ing on a large correspondence with relatives, in 
compiling the material. He lived for a time with 
the writer, in Leonia, N.J. 


Children of Henry^ and Hannah Bartlett: 

6 Henryo Baker Bartlett, Olive, N. Y. , I2-I7-I856,- 
his father's birthday. When staying with friends 
in Bogota, to conclude the sale of his property 
there, he contracted pneumonia, and died there on 
I-I8-I920 after an illness of nearly three weeks. 
He was buried in the Old Cemetery in Litchfield, 
Conn., beside his first wife. Flora Rebecca Blake, 
the daughter of Dr Edward "7 Wales (Joseph^, SethS, 
Ebenezer4, Joseph^, James^, William^) Blake. She 
was born in Litchfield on 8-6-I86O, and died in 
Baltimore, Md , , on 8-2-1889. He married second, 
Shelton, Conn., 6-5-189^, Emma Jane (Thomas^ Jef- 
ferson, Joseph^ Crawford, Jeremiah^, Henry^, Hen- 
ry 2, Jeanl) Chadeayne, born 7-20-186?. She is the 
sister of Lilas May Chadeayne who married John N. 
Sinsabaugh, son of Adaline® Miranda Bartlett. (P. 
20.) Emma Jane [jenn] married second, 4-12-1934, 
Shelton, Arthur J. Willard, father of Jack Sinsa- 
baugh 's wife, Frances. Mr Willard died in Shel- 
ton in 1940. Mrs Willard is living in San Diego , 
Calif., in very good health, having just celebrat- 
ed her eighty-fourth birthday (I951), in the com- 
pany of her sister, her son David Hall''' Bartlett, 
his family, and this compiler. 

Henry Baker Bartlett was a fine musician, an ar- 
tist, engraver, inventor and mechanical engineer, 
a member of A.S.M.E.; contributed articles on en- 
gineering subjects to scientific magazines; was 
responsible for improvements on Merganthaler Li- 
notype which made it commercially practical. He 
was one of the three engineers sent for by Germany 
in 1898 to put their factories on an efficient 
basis. The family lived in Berlin for six years, 
except Harry, who was in the Philippines, and the 
writer, who lived at a boarding school (Pension) 
for two years, and returned to the United States 
with Mr Chadeayne after he visited the family. On 
returning home Henry Baker Bartlett was for a few 
years professor of applied mechanics in the Hebrew 
Technical Institute in N.Y.C., but lived in Bogo- 
ta, N.J., a suburb. Later he was an executive and 
consulting engineer with B. F. Perkins and Son in 
Holyoke, Mass. 

* See Ancestors of Edward Wales Blake and Clarissa Ma- 
tilda Glidden and Ninety Allied Families, Sumner, 1948. 


•Vlo** was a pretty girl, tiny, high spirited, 
intelligent and full of fun. She was valedictor- 
ian of her graduating class in Waterbury High Sch 
School. Being nearsighted, she wore eye-glasses. 
(The myopia was inherited by Edith.) Flora died 
of pneumonia a few days before her twenty-ninth 

Children of Henry^ Baker and Flora Bartlett: 

1 Henry? Blake Bartlett [Harry], Waterbury, Conn., 
2-26-1880. M., Mary Rhine of Brooklyn, N.Y.;no 
chil. Div. She m.,2, Edmond Sentenne . Harry 
m.,2, Laura Sutton of Kingston, N.Y. (d.19^2). 
Harry served in the Spanish American War, Phil- 
ippine Insurrection, 1900, returning by way of 
Europe, and visited the family in Berlin, Germa- 
ny, and his uncle Samuel Otis Bartlett, in Rugby, 
Eng. Lives (1951) in Berryville, Ark. Child: 

1 Robert^ Bartlett, Kingston, N. Y. , 2-I3-I932. 
Joined Marines, 1951- M., 5th August 1951, 
Miss Eleanor Carl, Lake Hill, Woodstock, N.Y. 

2 Edith? Blake Bartlett, Waterbury, 3-20-1882. 
M., 1, 4-20-1908, Litchfield, Charles Emil, son 
of Charles Thomas and Charity [Nostrand] Sumner 
of Brooklyn, N. Y. (Charles Thomas Sumner was 
b., London, Eng., 8-10-1845; d., Brooklyn, 1937, 
son of Henry [Thomas, John] Sumner, all of Lon- 
don.) Charles Emil Sumner was born in Sheepshead 
Bay, N.Y., 8-22-1877; killed in a coasting acci- 
dent, Leonia, N.J., 1-18-1922. Edith m.,2. New 
York City, 2-II-I925, Malcolm MacHarrie. Re- 
moved to California with family. Div., and re- 
sumed name of Sumner. Educated, Hartford, Conn. 
Highschool and pensions in Berlin, Ger. Member 
D.A.R., Founders and Patriots, Descs. Ancient & 
Hon. Artillery Co., Mayflower Society, New Eng- 
land Women, Daus . American Colonists. Genealo- 
gist; compiler of this Ancestry. Res: Los Ang- 
eles, Calif., 1951. 

1 Charles Bartlett Sumner, New York, 7-17-1904. 
M., Los Angeles, Elvina Brown. Div. No chil. 
M., Hollywood, 2-3-I951, Mrs Lilian Kennedy; 
k., auto accident, 2-I7-I951. Charles served 
3 yrs., U.S. Air Forces, World War II. Sgt.; 
engineer. Res: Van Nuys, Calif., I951. Com- 
mander American Legion Post 644. 


Children of Charles and Edith (Bartlett) Sumner, contd: 

2 Homer Newton Bartlett Sumner, Palisade Park, 
N.J., 11-6-1913- M-, Las Vegas, Nev.,7-5-l<530, 
Allene, dau. of William and Leona (Lucas) Lu- 
cas, b., Meadeville,Pa. , 8-I7-I917. Res: San 
Bernardino, Calif., 1951- 

1 Linda Marie Sumner, 2-7-1958. 

2 Donald Allen Sumner, 12-17-19^9. 

3 Edith Cornell Sumner, Leonia, N.J. ,11-6-1915. 
M., Glendale,Calif ., 9-23-19^5, Hoyt^ Lester 
(Earl^, Peter''', John^, Aaron5, Arent4, Caspa- 
rusS, Arent2 , Philip Pietersel ) Schuyler, of 
Glendale, b. 7-15-191^. Res: Glendale, 1951. 

Children of Henry^ Baker and Flora Bartlett, continued: 

3 Mabel'7 Bartlett, Thomaston, Conn., 7-8-I885. 
M., 1, Bogota, N. J., 1911, Walter Faulkner of 
N.Y.C. Div. M., 2, Los Angeles, Calif., 1922, 
Claudius Baxter Peyton; div., deed. M.3, 19^1, 
David Johnson West. No chil. Res: Descanso, 
Calif., 1951. 

Children of Henry*^ Baker and Emma Jane Bartlett, contd: 

4 Bryant'^ Chadeayne Bartlett, Derby, Conn., 3-3- 
1896. M., Troy, N.Y., 10-11-1929, Esther, dau. 
of Harry Gilbert. Bryant served. World War I., 
P.F.C., 26th Div. [Yankee], 104th Inf., 2 yrs., 
France. Served, World War II, Provost Marshal, 
La., Miss., East Texas. Major. With B. M. T. 
Squadron, Samson Air Base, Geneva, N. Y., 1951. 

1 Carol^ May Bartlett, Bridgeport, Conn. , 12-22- 
1930. Grad. Bridgeport University. M., St. 
Paul's Episcopal Church, Fairfield, Conn., 4- 
27-1951, Walter Reeves Goldsmith. 

5 rfavid''' Hall Bartlett, Hackensack, N. J., 10-27- 
1908. M., New London, Conn., 5-15-1933, Marie 
Alida Cornelia Moens, dau. of Abraham Johannes 
and Hendrika [Van Gruenevelt] German, of Water- 
bury, Conn., where she was born. David grad., 
U. S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, in 1933. 
Served, World War II, as Commander. Awarded Ci- 
tation and Legion of Merit Combat, etc. Captain 
of Port of Long Beach, Calif., 1951. 

1 Joy Hendrika Bartlett, 7-9-1938. Adopted. 



DEACON SAMUEL^ BASS was born in England about I6OO . 
The parentage of his wife Anne is not known. She died 
on 9-5-1693, "aged 93," and Samuel died on 12-30-169^, 
"aged 94," both in Braintree, Massachusetts. 

He settled first at Hogg Bridge, Roxbury, Massachu- 
setts, and became one of the leading citizens. No re- 
cord has been found that he was first in Boston, as one 
writer states. The ship he came on probably arrived in 
Boston. Both Samuel and Ann joined the Roxbury church 
very early, and Samuel was made a freeman in May I634, 
indicating that he was both a church member and a pro- 
prietor of the town. 

In l640 the Basses removed to that part of Brain- 
tree which is now Quincy, Massachusetts. Samuel was ad- 
mitted to the Braintree church on 7-5-1640. He was the 
first deacon to be elected, and remained its deacon for 
over fifty years. He was also a member of the Massachu- 
setts militia. He is mentioned often in the Braintree 
records. One interesting item is the record of the mar- 
riage of his servant Anne Noakes to Giles Leach of Wey- 
mouth, Massachusetts, in I657. 

From Americana: "Samuel Bass was elected Represen- 
tative to the Colonial Congress in l64l and for twelve 
years represented the town [Braintree] in the Legisla- 
ture. He was a man of strong personality and vigorous 
mind, eminently fitted for the position of leadership 
which he occupied. . .for so many decades ... .This remark- 
able couple were the progenitors of a family which has 
never relinquished the position of influence it held in 
the early days of the Colony." 

The town clerk recorded his death as follows: "Dea- 
con Samuel Bass, aged 94, departed this life upon the 
30th day of December, l694; who had been deacon of the 
Church at Braintree for the space of above fifty years, 
and the first Decon of that Church, and was the father 
and grandfather, and great-grandfather of l62 children 
before he died, the youngest whereof, Beniamin Bas , the 
son of Joseph Bas and mary his wife, born seven days be- 
fore his Death." 

Children of Samuel and Anne, order not known: 

1 Samuel^, b.Eng. D.I653. M.1648, Mary2 (Robertl)How- 
ard; at least 2 chil. She m. 2,1659, Isaac Jones. 



+ 2 Hannah. See following. 

3 Mary, CI63I, perhaps Roxbury. D.1704. M.1647, as 

2d wife, Capt. John2 (Bernardl) Capen of Dorches- 
ter (CI612-I692) ; 8 chil. (See History of Dor- 
chester for love letters of John and Mary.) 

4 John, Roxbury, CI632. D . I716 "in 84th yr." M.,1, 

1658, Ruth Alden ( CI633-I674) , by her father John 
Alden of Duxbury, Mass.; 7 chil. (Ancestors of 
President John Quincy Adams.) John Bass m. 2,1675, 
Anne, widow of Samuel Sturtevsmt. 

5 Thomas, Roxbury, cl645. D.1720. M.l,l660, Sarah^ 

(Nicholas!) Wood of Medfield, Mass., (d.1678); 6 
chil. M. 2,1680, Susanna2 (Edwardl) Bates, widow 
of Nathaniel Blanchard . (5 Blajichard children.) 

6 Joseph, Roxbury. B.ljlk. Wife Mary d. I678; no 

chil. M. 2,1679, Deborah . 

7 Sarah, Roxbury. Living 1739. M.,l,cl662, John2 
(Simonl) stone (I635-I69I); 10 chil. M. 2, 1693, 

Joseph2 (James^) Penniman (d.l705). 
8 Ruth. M.I656, David Walsbee, as 2d wife, 
recorded in 1659, I667, I673. 


HANNAH^ BASS is thought to have been born in Eng- 
land. She married at Braintree on II-I5-I65I, Stephen, 
son of Moses Paine. Stephen was born in England, I626, 
and died in Braintree, 7-29-I69I. Hannah married sec- 
ond, 9-I3-I692, Shadrach, son of Samuel Wilbore of Taun- 
ton, Massachusetts, where he was born in I632. Hannah 
died in I696 and Shadrach in I698. See PAINE. 

Hannah -2 Bass 



Lydia-3 Paine 



Jonathan-3 Neale 



Jerusha-4 Neale 



Lucy-6 Jenkins 



Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 



Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 



Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 



Stephen- 2 Paine 
Benjamin- 2 Neale 
Rebecca-4 White 
Edward -5 Jenkins 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah -8 Celina Hall 
Flora" Rebecca Blake 
EmmaT Jane Chadeayne 


Ancestors of David Paine 

Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society: His- 
tory of Dorchester, Mass. 
Americana, 12:452. 

Wilbur: The Wildbores in America (1933), 1:36. 
Thwing: History of First Church of Roxbury, Mass. ,48 
Newhall: The Record of my Ancestry, I80. 
New England Register, 45:311-13. 
Roxbury and Braintree, Mass., Vital Records. 


DOCTOR NICHOLAS-'- BYRAM, the son of William and Mary 
Byram, Is said to have been born about I610 In England, 
perhaps in Kent. The date of his marriage is not of re- 
cord, but he was called son-in-law of Abraham Shawe in 
October I638, Susanna Shawe being his wife. Nicholas 
Byram died in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on 4-13-1688, 
and Susanna died in 1698 or I699. See SHAWE. 

Mitchell records a tradition of the family: "Nicho- 
las was the son of an Englishman of Kent, who moved to 
Ireland about the time of his birth. When he was about 
sixteen he was sent to England in care of a friend, to 
visit relatives there. The friend proved false to his 
trust; Nicholas was robbed of all his money, and put on 
board a vessel bound for the West Indies, where he was 
sold to service to pay for his passage. After the ex- 
piration of his time he made his way to New England." 
The records show that he was a Physician in Weymouth, 
Massachusetts, from I638 to I662. In I639 Joseph Shawe 
and Nicholas Byram "of Weymouth," granted to Robert Ma- 
son their house and groiinds in Dedham, Massachusetts. 
On 10-29-1640 the court appointed him one of the admin- 
istrators of his father-in-law's estate in Dedham. In 
1656 he had five acres of his original Weymouth grant, 
and in I660 he bought three original proprietary rights 
from Moses Simmons, Philip Delano, and George Soule. He 
does not seem to have lived in Bridgewater until I662. 
He was a town officer there, therefore must have been a 
member of the church and a freeman, though the records 
have not been foiond. In I667 he was on the jury to lay 
out "Wales requisett," in I668 he petitioned the court 
about taxation, and in 1673 was on the church building 
committee. He probably took part in King Philip's War, 
and in I676 it was recorded that all dwellings except 
his were burned by the Indians. In I683 he was granted 
lots in the "outer lands," two on the north and five on 
the south. See Notes on Bridgewater. 

His will of 1-13-1687 was proved 6-I3-I688. "l Rat- 
ifie unto my brother John Shaw of Weymouth my whole In- 
terest in the North adition which was granted by the 
Court to Bridgewater Town ... & to each of my children 
what land I formerly Gaue unto them." The rest of the 
estate was to go to wife Susanna, who was appointed Ex- 
ecutrix. Witnesses were Samuel Allen, Senior; William 
Brett, and John Whitman. The inventory was presented by 
his widow Susanna on 6-I6-I688. 


Susanna's will of 9-7-1698 was probated I2-I8-I699. 
It provided for son Nicholas, his wife Mary and children 
Nicholas and Mehitable; daughters Abigail Whitman, De- 
liverance Porter, Experience Willis, and Susan Ed s on ; 
grandchildren Ebenezer Whitman, Mary Leech, and Mary 
Willis; and gave freedom to her maid and her negro Tom. 

Children of Nicholas and Susanna, said to have been 
born in Weymouth (History of Weymouth) : 

1 Abigail^. M.I656, Thomas^ (Ensign Johnl) Whitman 
(CI629-CI712); 7 chll. 

2 Deliverance. D.1720. M.I66O, John2 (Rlchardl) 
Porter (d.l717); 9 chll. 

3 Experience. D.cl712. M.1654, John2 ( John l) Willis 
(d.1712); 4 chll. See Notes. 

+ 4 Susanna, about 1648. See following. 

5 Nicholas. Captain. D.I727. M.I676, Mary^ ( Sam - 
uel l) Ed son ( cl647-1727) ; 10 chll. 

6 Mary. M. Samuel^ (Giles2, Lawrencel?) Leach (b. 
1662); 4 sons. 

(Sons: Bass, Ebenezer, Joseph and Joslah given in 
some accounts, but no further record.) 

SUSANNA^ BYRAM was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, 
about l648. She married In Bridgewater, I678, Samuel 
Edson, Junior, who was born in Salem, Massachusetts, In 
1645. Samuel died on 4-10-1719, and Susanna died, "age 
93," on 3-12-1742, both in Bridgewater. See EDSON. 

Authorities : 

Mitchell: History of Bridgewater, Mass., 127-8. 
Chamberlain: History of Weymouth, Mass., 3:149. 
Genealogical Advertiser: Vol. 1:20 (will). 
Bridgewater and Weymouth, Mass., Vital Records. 

Su3anna-2 Byram m. I678, Samuel-2 Edson 

Elizabeth-3 Edson m. I705, Samuel-2 Packard 

Bethiah-3 Packard m. 1731, Wright-2 Bartlett 

Samuel-3 Bartlett m. 1757, Susanna-4 Dunbar 

Samuel-4 Bartlett m. I786, Lucy-6 Jenkins 

Henry-5 Bartlett m. I836, Hannah-8 Cellna Hall 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.l,l879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.2,l894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 



RICHJi.RD^ CHURCH was born in England, about I608, as 
in 1656 in a deposition he gave his age as forty-seven, 
and again in 1664 as about fifty-six. He married about 
1635 or 1636, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Warren, one 
of the Mayflower passengers. Elizabeth was born in Eng- 
land, the date and place not known. Richard Church died 
on 12-27-1668 in Dedham, Massachusetts, and Elizabeth 
on 3-4-1670 in Hingham, Massachusetts. See WARREN. 

Elizabeth Warren did not come on the Mayflower with 
her father, but with her mother and four sisters on the 
Ann and Little James in I623. Richard Church arrived in 
Boston, Massachusetts, probably in the fleet with John 
Winthrop in I630. 

Richard Church requested admission as freeman on 
IO-19-1630, but did not take the oath. He went to Wey- 
mouth, Massachusetts, and then to Plymouth, before I632, 
in which year he became freeman of Plymouth Colony. He 
lived at Eel River, Plymouth, until 1649 when he sold 
the property "given him by Mrs. Warren," and went to 
Eastham, Massachusetts. This property may have been a 
marriage settlement, as the Widow Warren provided well 
for her five daughters. In Eastham he sold a lot to his 
brother-in-law Robert Bartlett (husband of Mary Warren) 
for L25. In payment of l8. lis. of this amount he took 
"a red ox called Mouse." He is thought to have lived 
in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Hingham also, but as 
he was a house builder, his residence in those places 
may have been temporary. He bought from Thomas Jay on 
6-24-1653, "One halfe or moytieofhis Come Mill stand- 
ing upon the Ryvercaled the towne cove in Hingham." He 
also owned a share in the Taunton Iron Works. 

The gun carriages in Plymouth were built by him, and 
he is said to have designed the first church there, and 
to have built it with John Tomson, Plymouth Colony re- 
cord, 8-23-1633: "Will Mendlowe bound to serve Richard 
Church the full terme of seaven yeares in the trade of 
Carpentry, wherein the said Richard sufficiently to in- 
struct & teache him & at the exp^acon of his terme to 
give him two suites of appell." As Sargeant Church he 
was a volunteer and fought against the Pequot Indians 
in 1637. He served as a selectman of Hingham in 1665. 

He died at the home of his son Caleb in Dedham, but 


was buried in Hingham. Reverend Peter Hobart recorded 
in his famous diary \inder date of 12-27-1668: "Richard 
Church dyed at Dedham, Sab: day erly in the morning." 

His will of 12-25-1668, two days before his death, 
directed that his estate was to go to his wife, and af- 
ter her death to be divided among his children; his son 
Joseph to be executor and to have a double portion, "by 
reason of the lamnes of his hand, whereby he is disin- 
abled above the rest of my children." The inventory of 
his estate amounted to -fe365, and included home property 
in Hingham, shares in the Taunton Iron Works, four spin- 
ning wheels, and so forth. 

Children of Richard ajid Elizabeth, order not known: 

1 Elizabeth^. D.I659. M.1657, Caleb^ (Thomas^, Ed- 

mundl) Hobart. He m.2,l662, Mary^ (Francisl) El- 
iot (d. 1675) J 5*11.; m. 3, 1676, Elizabeth, widow 
of Richard Faxon (d.l704); 1 son. 

2 Richard, Plymouth, CI636. D.I659. 

3 Joseph, Plymouth, CI637-8. D., Little Compton,R.I , , 

1711. M. , Hingham, 1660, Mary2 (John^) Tucker 
(I6if0-1710) ; 10 chil. Ancestors of Sarah Delano, 
mother of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

4 Benjamin, Plymouth, I639. Famous captain in Indian 

wars. Thrown from horse and killed, 17l8,age 79. 
M.I667, Alice2 (Constantl) southworth (1646-1719) 

6 chil. 

5 Priscilla, Plymouth, cl645. (M.l, Samuel Talbot, 

and 2, John Irish?) 

6 Caleb, Plymouth, cl646. D.1722. M.l,l667, Joanna^ 

(Williaml) Sprague (l644-l678); 9 chil. Perhaps 
m.2, Deborah (d.l691); and 3,1691, Mrs. Rebecca 

7 Hannah, bap. 8-8-1647 (Plymouth?) 

+ 8 Abigail, Plymouth, 6-22-1648. See following. 

9 Sarah. (M.1674, James Burroughs of Boston, and had 

10 Lydia? "Married a Frenchman and moved to France." 

New England Register, 11:154. 

11 Nathaniel. D.bef.l700, Scituate. Elizabeth Soule 

sued him, I663, for breach of promise, with be- 
trayal, and recovered tlO and costs. He m.cl665, 
Sarah^ (Williaml) Barstow, and moved to Boston; 

7 chil. 

12 Deborah, Hingham, 1-27-1657- Bap. 3-22-1657. 



ABIGAIL^ CHURCH was born on 4-22-1648 in Plymouth, 
Massachusetts, She married, Hingham, 12-19-1666, Samuel 
Thaxter, the ceremony being performed by Captain Joshua 
Hobart. Samuel was born in Hingham, 5-19-1641, the son 
of Thomas Thaxter. Abigail died, Hingham, 12-25-1677, 
and Samuel married again in Hingham, 6-I3-I678, Deborah 
Lincoln, daughter of Thomas. Deborah died on 12-7-1694 
and Samuel on 5-27-1725, "age 84," both in Hingham. 


Abigail-2 Church 
Sarah-3 Thaxter 
David-3 Dunbar 
Susanna-4 Dunbar 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

















Samuel-2 Thaxter 
Peter-2 Dunbar 
Susanna-4 Hayward 
Samuel-3 Bartlett 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hannah -8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


Lincoln: History of Hingham, Massachusetts. 

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5:118 (genealogy). 
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FRANCIS^ COOKE was born in England, perhaps in ths 
hamlet of Blyth, not far from Scrooby in the county of 
Nottingham, in which hamlet on the Ryton he is known to 
have lived. As he was under sixty in 1643, he must have 
been born after I583 — but not much later if he was mar- 
ried in 1603. He married in Leyden, Holland, Hester, the 
daughter of Jenne Mahleu, of Canterbury, England. Fran- 
cis died in Plymouth, Massachusetts, "seaventh of Aprill 
1663, above 80," according to a note on the margin of 
Governor William Bradford's History of the Pilgrims. 
Hester died after 6-8-I666, when Francis Cooke's estate 
was distributed, but before 12-I8-I675. 

"Aengetsycekent den lesten Junij XVI'^ drel. 
Francholjes Couck, wolcommer, Jongman uijt 
Engelant, vergeselschapt met Phllllppe de 
Veau und Raephael RoelaJidt zyn bekende 

Hester Mahieu, Jonge Dochter van Canterberch 
in Engelant, vergeselschapt met Jenne Mahieu 
haer Moeder and Jenne Mahieu haer Zuster. 

English translation: 

Entered the last of June, I603. Francis 
Cooke, woolcomber unmarried, from England, 
accompanied by Phillippe de Veau and Ra- 
phael Roelandt, his acquaintances, 

Hester Mahieu, unmarried, from Canterbury, 
in England, accompanied by Jenne Mahieu, 
her mother, and Jenne Mahieu, her sister. 

Francis Cooke was one of the twenty-one Scrooby Con- 
gregation in England that went to Holland. They did not 
all leave at the same time, but as they could. Francis 
was in Leyden in I603, six years before Pastor Robinson 
and the Separatists from Scrooby settled there. Hester 
was a Huguenot, one of the company that settled on the 
Wall river in Holland, but had lived in England. How- 
ever, careful search of the Huguenot Society of London 
has "ailed to identify the ^amily of Hester, her mother 


and Sister among the numerous records of Mahleus In and 
:^ouJd Can;erbury. Perhaps she was born before the Can- 
terbury church was established. Hester was admitted to 
the Walloon church at Leyden on 6-I-I603. ^^^^/^IJ^f 
and TTrench sneaking Walloons who attended Pasoor Robin- 
son's services at Leyden were Godbert Godbertson— the 
Cuthbert Cuthbertson who married the widow o. Degory 
Pr^es^ — • Philippe de la Noye— now Delano; Moses Symon- 
IS^nd'Edward Bompasse, all of whom came to New ^ Eng- 
ird later. Governor Edward Wlnslow wrote, lo4b, .... 
Also the wife of Francis Cooke being a Walloone holds 
communion with the Church at Plymouth, as she came from 
the French [church], to this day by vertue of communion 
of churches . " 

Francis Cooke, with his son John, a lad of twelve or 
so embarked with the Leyden Pilgrims on the sixty-ton 
ship Speedwell, which left Delf shaven, Holland, late in 
July 1620, and joined the l80-ton Mayflower at Southamp- 
ton England. After two weeks delay spent in repairing 
the Speedwell, they followed the Mayflower out to sea. 
Leaks in the Speedwell forced them to return, and two 
weeks more were spent in repairs. After another attempt 
the Speedwell was abandoned, and most of the passengers 
were crowded into the Mayflower, together with such pro- 
visions as could be accommodated. "The weake ones...& 
most unfite to beare the brunte of this hard adventure 
were sent back to London, and the ship, after a stormy 
voyage, arrived at what is now Provlncetown, Massachu- 
setts, in November I62O. Francis Cooke was the seven- 
teenth of the forty-one who signed the famous Compact, 
drawn up on the Mayflower. See Note MC . 

Later the Pilgrims decided on what is now Plymouth, 
for their settlement, and on Christmas day the company 
came ashore to "fell tymber, saw, reve, and carry." A 
few days later they measured out the grants for the sev- 
en single houses on lots, "a halfe pole in bredth by 
three pole in length to every person." Crossing "The 
Street" was a small highway to the water. On one side 
of this road, south of The Street, were the houses of 
John Blllington, Mr. Isaac Allerton,and Edward Wlnslow. 

Hester came on the Pilgrim ship Anne in I623, bring- 
ing the rest of the children, Jane, Hester, and Jacob. 
On the Anne were others in whom we are interested: Ex- 
perience Mitchell; Cuthbert Cuthbertson with his wife 
Sarah and the two Priest girls; Mrs. Elizabeth Warren 
and five daughters; and Mr. Timothy Hatherley, brother 
of Eglln Hanford. 


In 1623, the year his family arrived, Francis was 
granted four acres additional for his larger family. In 
the first division of lands in 1624 he was allotted lot 
No. 1, seven shares. In this group were Moses Simmons , 
Experience Mitchell , Phineas Pratt , and two others . ''To 
this lott fell the least of the 4 black heyfers come in 
the Anne, and two shee goats." As surveyor he came to 
know the land around Plymouth, and rivaled Isaac Aller- 
ton in his real estate transactions. Besides his first 
grants in Plymouth, by I639 he owned "a parcell of up- 
land at Smelt River, also land at Rocky Nook next to 
John Coombs." He was one of the first purchasers of 
Dartmouth, now New Bedford, in I652, and in I653 he and 
son John purchased more land there. He was granted "3 
holes of meddow lying at the thither end of the Greats 
meddow caled Jones River," in 1655- In I657 he and sons 
John and Jacob with three others were in a list of cit- 
izens who were interested in what is now Little Compton, 
Rhode Island. In I662 he was one of the first purchas- 
ers of Middleborough, and the next year he and son John 
were granted lot No. I8 there. 

That Francis Cooke was an important man in the Col- 
ony shown by the records, a few of which are given... 
In 1627 he was on the committee of six "layers out" of 
land at Plymouth. The most important thing he did at 
this time was to sign in June 162? as one of the "Pur- 
chasers" who bought out the London Adventurers, agree- 
ing to grant to the "Undertakers" power over the furs 
and other products in the common store, the Purchasers 
to pay to the Undertakers three bushels of corn or six 
pounds of tobacco a year, in return for which the Under- 
takers were to pay all the Colony's debts, amounting to 
L600, and to supply Plymouth each year with L50 worth 
of shoes and hose to be traded for corn at 6s. a bushel, 
the arrangement to last six years. He was in the first 
list of freemen in I633, also on the I637 list and one 
in 1658. In 1637 he was one of a committee of twelve, 
appointed to lay out highways about Plymouth, Duxbury, 
and Eel River, and in 1642 he and William Hanbury were 
appointed constables and surveyors for Jones River in 
Plymouth, both re-elected the next year. He served on 
juries nine sessions from l637tol643, and on the grand 
inquest in I638, l640 and 1643. In January I638 he was 
a member of the jury which tried the case of John and 
Elizabeth Willis against the executors of the estate of 
William Palmer, Senior. His name is on the 1643 list of 
men "able to bear arms, "(over eighteen and under sixty). 
In 1642 he and son John contributed one-sixteenth of the 
cost of building a bark of forty or fifty tons, tl2.10. 

In 1636 John Harmon was apprenticed to him for sev- 
en years, to what trade is not apparent. There is no 




reference to Cooke ever plying the trade of woolcomber, 
his occupation in Leyden. Woolens vere the chief man- 
ufacture of Leyden, and most of the Pilgrims were con- 
nected with it. 

In Bradford's account (I65O) of the Mayflower 
passengers' increase, he says: "Frances Cooke is still 
living a very old man and hath seen his children's chil- 
dren have children; after his wife came over (with oth- 
er of his children) he hath 3 still living by her, all 
married and have 5 children, so that their increase is 
8. And his sone John which came over with him is mar- 
ried and hath 4 children living." 

Francis Cooke was generous with his children and 
provided well for them before his death. For instance, 
he gave a hundred acres to Jacob on his marriage, and 
gave land at Middleboro to his sons-in-law, John Tomson 
and Richard Wright. 

His wijl is dated 12-7-1659. "My dear wife Hester" 
was to have all movable goods and all cattle, and to 
"have and enjoy my lands both upland and meadow lands"; 
Hester and son John to be joint executors. "The last 
Will and Testament of Francis Cooke of Plymouth late de- 
ceased: exhibited before the Court held att Plymouth 
aforesaid the fift day of June I663, on the oathes of 
m^ John Aldin and m^ John HowlaJid." The estate was dis- 
tributed 6-I8-I666, at which time all the living heirs 
signed an agreement. Daughter Jane was already dead. 

Children of Francis and Hester, order not known: 

1 John2, "eldest sonne." "Jean Fils de FrancS Houck 
& c 'Ester Mahieu, " was baptized in Leyden, l607. 
D.I695. M.I634, Sarah2 (Richardl) Warren (alive 
1697); 5 chil. John came on Mayflower with his 
father; turned Baptist; removed to Dartmouth. 
+ 2 Jane, Leyden, cl6o8. See following. 

3 Jacob, Leyden, cl6l8. D.I676? M.l,l646, Damaris2 

(Stephenl) Hopkins (I618-I666); 7 chil. M.2,l669, < 
Ellzabeth2 (Thomasl) Lettice (I636-I693); 3 daus. 
[Elizabeth2 Lettice m.,l,l655, William Shurtleff 
(1624-1666); 3 chil. She m. 3,1689, Hugh2( Jamesl) 
Cole (1627-1694) , as 2d wife. Hugh2 Cole had m., 
l,l654,Mary2 (Richardl & Anne Shelly) Foxwell of 
Barnstable (b.1635). Hugh m. 3, Barnstable , 169^, 
Mpry2 ( Robert l) Shelley (b.1639) , widow of 1, Wil- 
liam Harlow, and 2, Ephraim Morton (d.l693).] 

4 Hester, Leyden, cl620. Alive I666 . M.1644, Rich- 

ard Wright (d,l691); had 3, perhaps 6, chil. 

5 Mary, Plymouth, I626. D.1715 in 88th year. M.1646, 

John Thomson (I616-I696); 12 chil. 



JANE^ COOKE was born in Leyden in 1608 according to 
the Bassett-Preston Ancestry, or in I609 according to 
a manuscript called "Francis Cooke and his Descendants" 
quoted by the Fallass Genealogy. She married Experience 
Mitchell, who came as a lad on the ship Anne, in which 
Jane came with her mother in 1623. The marriage is not 
recorded, but it was after 5-22-1627, as Experience was 
a single man on that date. He was born in Holland about 
1609, the son of Thomas Mitchell. Jane was dead by 
6-8-I666, when her father's estate was settled. Exper- 
ience died shortly before 5-14-1689, when the inventory 
of his personal estate was taken. He left a widow Mary, 
about whom nothing is known. See MITCHELL. 

Jane-2 Cooke m. I627, 

Sarah-2 Mitchell m.cl66l, 

Susanna-3 Hayward m. 1702, 

;;3usanna-4 Hayward m. 1738, 

Susanna-4 Dunbar m. I767, 

Samuel-4 Bartlett m. I786, 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.l,l879, 

'Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.2,l894. 

Experience-1 Mitchell 
John- 2 Hayward 
Thomas -3 Hayward 
Davld-3 Dunbar 
Samuel-3 Bartlett 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

ftuthorlties : 

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Plymouth Colony Records. 

Plymouth Vital Records. 



JOHN-^ DAMON was probably born in England, the datj 
unknown. His mother may have been a Gillson. He mar- 
ried in Scituate, Massachusetts, 6-16-1644, Catherine, 
daughter of Henry Merritt. The date of her birth is 
not known, but she died in Scituate on 12-8-1655 . John 
married second, Scituate, 1-15-1659, Martha, the daugh- 
ter of Arthur Howland . John Damon died in l677jand his 
widow married on 2-19-l680, Peter, son of George Bacon 
of Taunton, Massachusetts. Peter and Martha Bacon had 
a daughter Susanna born in 1682. Peter Bacon died,Hing- 
hara, Massachusetts, 8-9-1694, and his widow Martha died 
there on 12-19-1732, "age 93." See MERRITT. 

John Damon and his sister Hannah were brought to 
New England before I633 by their uncle William Gillson, 
being called "very young" in the Scituate records. Wil- 
liam Gillson built the first mill in town, "on the third 
cliff." His will of 1639 bequeathed to wife Frances,, 
cozen [nephew] John Damon to have "my lot on the third 
cliff after the next crop is taken off"; cozen Hannah 
Dammon to have i,20 in money. Edward Foster testified! 
that he persuaded William Gillson to give John Dammen 
more than he had - "w^h as I did conceive was not much, 
considering that he had beene a long tyme his servant 
and was his kinsman too, & he haveing no child neither, 
I persuaded Mr. Gilson to give him something more.... He 
answered me that he would not give any moore to him but 
tould me that hee thought that his aunt would employ him 

in the windmille after his Death " Gillson died on 

2-1-1640, "but they were not established into their in- 
heritance until 1649." In 1549, after Widow Gillson '3 
death, John and Hannah were allowed by the court "to be 
lawful heirs of William Gillson, it being proved by di- 
vers persons that M^ Gillson had often said that he in- 
tended making them his heirs." 

It is supposed that John Damon always lived on this 
land on the Third Cliff. He was already called planter 
in 1644 and was one of the Conihasset Partners In 1646. 
(See Note C. P.) Before he was made a citizen he was on 
the Grand Inquest, 1648. A record in 1648: "John Damon 
to take up his freedom next Court." In I65I he was one 
of those "ppounded to take up their freedom." In I653 



he was appointed one of the eleven men on the Council of 
War. (See Note C. W.) 

In 1660 Sergeant John Damon was directed by Plymouth 
Court to take charge of a troop of horse which had been 
ordered in I658. In I666 the Military Company elected 
Cudworth and Pierce as officers and submitted the names 
to Plymouth Court. The Court returned this answer: "As 
to Mr. Cudworth it is directly against the advice of 
this Court, and as to Mr. Pierce he is a stranger to us 
therefore Seg'''. Daman is directed to take command till 
further orders." Cudworth had maintained a lenient at- 
titude toward the Quakers, to whom the Massachusetts Bay 
Colony van very severe in its dealings. 

There are two records in 1673, his name is on a list 
of "allowed and approved inhabitants," to whom portions 
of the common lands (for grazing) were assigned; and the 
town of Scituate chose Sergeant John Damon "to go with 
Joseph Turner and procure a cure for him." 

His sons John Junior, and Zachary both took part in 
King Philip's War, but it was "Sergeant" Damon who was 
recorded in an action against the Narragansett Indians, 
12-19-1675. This apparently did not interfere with his 
serving as deputy from Scituate to the General Court in 
1675 and 1676. 

Kurd says: "He was an influential man and seems to 
have been much employed in public affairs, and was re- 
peatedly chosen to represent the town in General Court." 

His estate was divided in I679, the heirs named be- 
ing John, Daniel, Experience, "Ebenezer,a weake childe," 

Children of John and Catherine, bornin Scituate: 

1 Deborah^, 4-25-1645. Alive I696. M.I667, Thomas^ 

( Walter ^) Woodworth ( cl649-1719) ; 9 chil. 

2 John, 11-3-1647. Alive I679. Unmar. Soldier in 

King Philip's War. 

3 Zechary, b. and d. 1649. 

4 Mary, July 165I. D. unmar. bef. I696. 

5 Daniel, Feb. I653. D.I696, unmar. Willed estate 

to sister Deborah Woodworth and brother Zechary . 

6 Zechary, I654. See following. 

Children of John and Martha, born in Scituate: 

7 Experience2, 4-17-1662. M.l, Patience ; 

several chil. M.2, Ruth Low; 7 chil, 

8 Silence, 1-2-1664. D.I702. M.I683, Samuel2( johnl) 
Tower (1662-1724); 5 chil. He m.2, 1704, Deborah^ 
(Daniell) Howard (1672-1742); 6 chil. 


9 Ebenezer^, I-II-I665. Called "a weake childe" In 
division of father's estate, I679. Perhaps m. a 

10 Ichabod, 4-8-1668. D.I730. M.1708, Sarah^ (Josi- 

ah2, Lawrence!) Litchfield ( l674-cl739) ; 5 chil. 

11 Margaret, 7-20-1670. D.1749. M.I697, John Bull; 

9 chil. 

12 Hannah, 12-2-1672. One writer says m. Benjamin 

Voodworth and had 11 chil. Deane says she d., 
1741; m. 1,1695, John2 (Samuell) May {I67O-I728); 
and m. 2,1730, Preserved2 (Edwardl) Hall (1663- 
1740) . No chil. 

13 Martha. Named in division of father's estate, 

1679. D.I726. M.I699, Edmund*^ ( Clement 2, (isaacl) 
Groce {I669-I728); 9 chil. 

Lieutenant ZECHARY2 DAMON was born in Scituate in 
1654. He married there in June I679, Martha, daughter 
of Walter Woodworth. She was born about I656, but no 
record of her birth or death has been found. She was 
living^in I72I. Zechary died in Scituate on 9-3-1731. 
"age 76," according to the record, in which he is callca 
Lieutenant. See WOODWORTH. 

He was a lieutenant in King Philip's War, when the 
pay of a lieutenant was 4s. a day, and that of a gener- 
al was 6s. Either Zechary or his brother John, Junior, 
was wo^unded. Both received lands for their services in 
that war. He and John are on the list of Scituate men 
who made application for land in payment for their sei^ 
vices. At Plymouth Court, 7-22-1676, John Damon, Jun- 
ior, was awarded l6 . 5s. 7d . , and Zachery Damon l6 . 6s. 
to be taken in lands which were taken from the Indians 
at Showamett and sold for the relief of "maymed sol- 
diers, widows," &c. He is listed among the 'men who 
bought Showamett lands in I677, He was also one of the 
Conihasset Partners. (See Note C. P.) 

"Martha, wife of Lieutenant Damon" was admitted to 
the First Church of Scituate, 5-7-I72I. 

Children of Zechary and Martha, born in Scituate: 

+ 1 Martha-^, July l682. See following. 

2 John, June 1684. Prob. m.l712, Temperance2 (Na- 

thanl) Nye (b.1689); 7 chil. (Or Elizabeth 

3 Zechary, June I686 . D.1764. M.I712, Mehltable2 

(Stephenl) Chittenden ( I686-CI768) ; 8 chil. 

4 Dsniel, March I688 . D.1733. M. 1,1712, Bathsheba^ 

(Israel2, Richard l) Sylvester ( I692-I720) ; 4 chil. 
M. 2,1721, Jemima^ ( 2^ Robertl) Stetson; 5 chil. 



5 Marj"^, March I69O. M.I7II, Thomas 2 (johnl) Tobie 

(I68O-CI753); 8 chil. 

6 Abigail, Oct. I692. M.I716, John^ (john^) Perry, 

(1684-1760); 9 chil. 

7 Hannah, Nov. 169^. D.1790. M.1722, Elijah^ (John) 

Perry (1701-1773); 8 chil. 

8 Mehitable, Feb. I696. M.I728, Jonathan (john2, 

Henry-^) Merritt; 7 chil. Perhaps res: Hebron, Ct. 

MARTHA*^ DAMON was born in Scituate, Massachusetts, 
in July 1682. She married there on 9-6-1705, Edward, 
son of Thomas Jenkins. Edward was born in Scituate on 
8-3-I683. Martha died in Cohasset, Massachusetts, on 
11-28-1727, and Edward married in Scituate on 9-12-1727 
or 1728, Widow Abigail Merritt, who died on 3-7-1736. 
Edward survived Abigail, but his death record has not 
been found. See JENKINS. 

Martha- 3 Damon 
Samuel-4 Jenkins 
Edward -5 Jenkins 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 


1705, Edward -3 Jenkins 

1740, Rebecca-4 White 

1764, Jeru3ha-4 Neale 

1786, Samuel-4 Bartlett 

1836, Hannah-8 Cellna Plall 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.l,l879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 2, 1894, Emma-7 Chadeayne 

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NINIAN DUNBAR, founder of the family at Grange Hill, 
Scotland, vas born in 1575, and had a son Robert born in 
1630, who disappeared early in life, and it is reasona- 
ble to conclude that he is identical with the Robert 
Dunbar of Hingham, Massachusetts. 

The Dunbar family is a branch of one of the oldest 
families of ancient Scotland, and derives its name from 
the Scottish city of Dunbar. The family traces its lin- 
eage to George, Earl of Dunbar. (Cutler's American Fam- 
ilies, Genealogical and Heraldic.) 

ROBERT-'- DUNBAR was probably born about l530 - 1634, 
and was perhaps the son of Ninian Dunbar above. In 1559 
he stated in a deposition that he was about twenty-five, 
which approximates the age of the Robert Dunbar who dis- 
appeared from Grange Hill, Scotland, "early in life." 
He died in Hingham, Massachusetts, 10-5-1693, and his 
widow. Rose, died there on 11-10-1700. Her identity is 
not known. 

Reverend Peter Hobart wrote in his celebrated diary: 
"Robert Dunbarr settled in Hingham in 1655' He was a 
Scotsman and lived on Scotland Street. The opinion gen- 
erally prevailed in Hingham that Mr .Dunbar brought money 
enough with him to begin life without embarrassment, as 
for years there were but two men in the place who paid 
a higher tax. " 

Robert Dunbar's will of 9-I9-I693 mentions eight of 
his eleven children. The inventory of his estate con- 
tains such items as: a dwelling house and land, -LI30, 
two oxen, seven swine, two cows, two calves, household 
goods, etc. He left his home lands to sons John, Jos- 
eph and Peter ; Joseph to have an additional bequest — 
"Enough apples annually from the trees In my orchard to 
make two barrells of cyder." 

Children of Robert and Rose, born in Hingham: 

1 John^, 12-1-1656. D.I733. M.l, 1679, Mattithiah^ 
(Georgel) Aldridge; 4 chil . M.2, cl697, Abigail2 
tPeter^) Norton, widow of Joseph Beers, M. 2,1700, 
Eli?',abeth2 (John^) Beecher (1675-1758); 7 chil.— 
2 daus. surviving. 


2 Mary2, lO-25-l560. D.I707. M.I698, as 2d wife, 

Isaac2 (Arthur^) Harris of Bridgewater (d.l707); 
2 chil. 

3 Joseph, 3-13-1662. D.I725. M.CI69I, Christian^, 

(Johnl) Garnet (I668-I726); I3 chil. 

4 James, 6-5-1664. D.I69O. M.CI683, Jane<5 (Isaac^, 

Arthur!) Harris ( l671-bef .169I) ; 3 sons. She m., 
2,cl692, Pelatiah Smith; 9 chil. 

5 Robert, II-I-I666. D. inf. 

+ 6 Peter, 9-6-1568. See following. 

7 Joshua, 10-6-1670. D.I736. M.I099, Hannah2 (Thom- 

as^) Hatch (1673-17^3); 7 chil. 

8 Robert, 1-31-1673- D. inf. 

9 Sarah, l674. M.1696, Benjamin^ (John^) Garper 

(1666-1736); 4 chil. 

10 Hannah, ^-31-1677- D.1715. M.I709, as 3d wife, 

Edmond"^ (Ephraim2, Edmond^) Tilson of Plympton 
(CI667-I754+) ; 2 sons. He m.4, I716, Deborah 
Caswell (b.cl675); 2 chil. 

11 Benjamin. D. I688. 

PETER2 DUNBAR was born in Hingham, Massachusetts , on 
9-6-I668. He married there on 3-25-I69I, Sarah, daugh- 
ter of S"muel Thaxter. She was born in Hingham, II-I6- 
1668. Peter died there on 4-23-1719- Sarah's death has 
not been found, and it is possible she married again. 

This Dunbar family seems to have lived at first in 
Hingham, although their second child is recorded in Wey- 
mouth, Massachusetts, in 1693- Peter was selectman in 
Hingham in I699, but in I706 he removed to Bridgewater, 
where he bought the place of Jacob Leonard. His death 
is recorded In Hingham. 

In 1725 Peter Dunbar, Junior, then about twenty - 
four, was appointed guardian to his brothers John and 
Dpvid, "aet 16 and 14 resp^tivly." 

Children of Peter and Sarah: 

1 Abigail^, Hingham, 12-4-1691- M.I7II, Joshua? (Ed- 

ward2, Johnl) Fobes (I689-I767); 7 chil. 

2 Sarah, Weymouth, 6-26-1693- M.1724, Thomas^ (Isra- 

el2, Thomas^) Alger (b.l687); had children. 

3 James, 169^. D.1778. M.1722, Experience*^ (Snmuel^ 

Nathaniel 2, Thomas 1) Hayward (b.l701); 6 chil. 

4 Leah, 1697- D. yg. 

5 Elisha, 1699. D.1778. M.1727, Mercy^ (Nathaniel'5 , 

Nathaniel 2, Thomasl ) Hayward (b.l702); 9 chil. 

6 Peter, I7OI. D.1750. M.I728 Hannah Dunbar; 9 

chil. See DAVID DUNBAR, following. 


7 Samuel^ , Bridgewater, May 1704. D.I786. Graduated 

Harvard, 1723 . Res: Stoughton. M. 1,1732, Mela- 
tiah (Joseph^, John ^, Thomas ^) Hayvard (I706- 
1743); 5 chll. M. 2,1745, Msry4 (Thomas^ , John 2. 
Thomas ^) Hayvard ; 8 sons. 

8 Josiah, Bridgewater, 7-21-1706. D. yg. 

9 John, Bridgewater, 9-I8-I709. Liv. 1725. See DAV- 

ID DUNBAR, below. (Perhaps had wife Abigail, and 
6 children, Leicester, Mass.) 

DAVID^ DUNBAR was born in Bridgewater on 6-27-I71I, 
"the last of several child^." He married there in 1738, 
Susanna, daughter of Thomas Hayvard. Susanna was born 
in Bridgewater on I-IO-I7II and died there on 4-12-1749. 
David married second, in the First Church of Bridgewat- 
er, 9-21-1749, Sarah Blake. Sarah and David had no 
children. He married third in I763, Mercy Soule. Widow 
Mercy Dunbar married John Fann in I78I. This is said to 
be David's widow, but in I78I there was another Mercy 
Dunbar, the widow of his brother Elisha. See HAYWARD. 

David was under eight years of age when his father 
died in 1719. Peter Junior was about eighteen. Where 
the younger children were until 1725 is not apparent, 
but in that year Peter Dunbar Junior was appointed the 
guardisin of his brothers John and David, "aet 16 and 14 
resp^tvly . " 

The month and day of the marriage of David Dunbar 
and Susanna Hayward are not legible in the records, but 
the record is between one on 3-I6 and one on 4-26-1738, 
and their first child was born on 5-31-1739. 

This David Dunbar is on Deane ' s list of those who 
served in the French Wsr. He was at the second taking 
of Louisburg in 1758, and also at Crown Point in 1759. 

Children of David and Susanna, births recorded in 
Bridgewater; baptisms in West Bridgewater: 

+ 1 Susanna^ 5-31-1739. See following. 

2 Lucy, 8-25-1740. D. 1741. 

3 John, 3-19-1742. Bap. 6-6-1742. M.I768, Mary^ 

(Eleazer^-, Joseph2, Jamesl) Keith of Easton. No 
children found. 

4 Lucy, 5-19-1744. D. 1760. 

5 David, 5-26-1746. Bap. 7-13-1746. M., Halifax, 

1768, Joanna (John"^, Joseph^?, Robert-^) Dunbar 

6 Jemima, 12-24-1747. Bap. 3-20-1748. 

Children of David and Mercy, see next page. 



Children of David and Mercy: 

7 Rhoda'^, 12-9-1763- Bap. 7-8-1764. 

8 Abel, 4-26-1767. Bap. 6-2I-I767. Perhaps m.,1, 

1785, Sarah Howard. M.I806, Phebe Brett. 

9 Mercy, 8-II-I769. Bap. 10-29-1769- 

10 Sylvester, 1-10-1772. Bap. 6-21-1772. 

11 Walter, bap. 5-14-1775- M.I796, Lydia Rider of 

Middleboro { cl777-l843) . Dau. Elizabeth b.l796. 

SUSANNA DUNBAR was born in Bridgewater, Massachu- 
setts, on 5-3I-I739 and baptized in the First Church of 
Bridgewater in 1740. She married there on 5-12-1757, 
Samuel Bartlett. Samuel was born in Bridgewater on 
3-2O-I736, the son of Wright and Bethiah Bartlett. Su- 
sanna died on 5-13-1824 and Samuel on 7-31-1827- Both 
are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in what is now West 
Bridgewater. See BARTLETT. 

Susanna- 4 Dunbar 
Spmuel-4 Bartlett 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

m. 1757, Samuel-3 Bartlett 

m. 1786, Lucy-6 Jenkins 

m. 1836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

m. 1,1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

m. 2,1894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


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SAMUEL^ EDSON was baptized on 9-25-l6l3 at Villough- 
by, Warwickshire, England, the son of Thomas and Eliza- 
beth [Capson] Edson. He married in Warwickshire, I638, 
Susanna Orcutt, who was born there about I618. He died 
on 7-20-1692, and Susanna on 2-20-1699, both in Bridge- 
water, Massachusetts. 

The first record of Samuel Edson is in Salem, Mass- 
achusetts, where on 7-25-I639 he "was intertayned to be 
an inhabitant of this towne," and granted a half -acre 
house lot and five acres for planting ground. He was 
granted twenty-five acres adjoining Henry Woodbury's 
farm in Mackerel Cove, and two acres of meadow "where 
he can fynd that thereabout," on 8-10-1642. In 1643 the 
two acres meadow were laid out in "the pyne meadow near 
Mr Kenniston's farm." 

The first settlement of Bridgewater was about I65I, 
with fifty-four original grantees, two additional shares 
being granted, one to Deacon Samuel Edson, and another 
to Reverend James Keith, who later married the daugh- 
ter of the Deacon. At the founding of Bridgewater, the 
only citizens to bear the title of distinction "Master" 
were the minister, Mr James Keith, and the deacon and 
miller, Mr Samuel Edson. 

Deacon Samuel Edson built the first cornmill, which 
was the only mill for a long time. On 12-10-16^2 he 
bought land from Vfilliam Brett, and later acquired a 
very large estate in Bridgewater, where he is recorded 
as holding many offices. He was made freeman in I656, 
and was probably occupied chiefly with the cornmill un- 
til 1666, when he began to serve on important commit- 
tees. His son Samuel was then twenty-one, and may have 
taken over the mill. That year he, with John Willis and 
Nicholas By ram were appointed by the Plymouth Court as ' 
Counsellors of War, with the military officers. Samuel 
continued in that office until the end of King Philip's 
War, 1676. In I667 and again in I672 he was one of the 
"jury to lay out all waies requisett." He was one of a 
committee of three to receive a deed of conveyajice from 
the Indian Chief Pomonoho of the Titicut Purchase, by 
order of the Plymouth Court, and one of three to receive 
a confirmatory deed of the Indian Chief Wampatuck cf all 
land previously conveyed by Massasoit. In I672 he was 

ED SON hj 

one of three to settle the boundary lines. In 1673 he 
witnessed the will of Samuel Totrikins. (In I695 Thomas 
Haywai'd , the other witness, made oath that he saw Samuel 
Edson, "now deceased," subscribe.) He represented the 
town of Bridgewater at the Plymouth Court in I676 and 
1677. In 1683 he received a grant of the "outer lands." 
(See Note 0. L.) (Also B. 2d Ch . ) 

His will of 1-15-1689 was proved 9-20-1692. It be- 
gins, "Having already Disposed of moste of my lands and 
a Great part of my Estate to my Children, as By their 
Deeds Doth appear...." He bequeathed to "my eldest son 
Samuel , my Fowling Peece," and to Joseph and Josiah his 
musket, sword and bandaleers; to three sons Samuel, Jos- 
eph and Josiah, each "a Draught Chaine and also a Logg 
Chain"; his "loving Wife Susanna Edson" to be residuary 
Legatee and executrix, joined by Joseph and Josiah. The 
inventory of the estate was taken on 7-29-I692, and be- 
sides the house and land there was an item of "Thirty 
Pounds in Silver money." 

One writer says: "He was of a large athletic frame, 
and robust constitution, and his moral character partook 
of the hardihood of his physical system. He was grave, 
somewhat austere in his manners, yet kindly and sympa- 
thetic and full of beneficence. He was a good lecturer 
and a good debater ... .His education was superior to that 
of his associates. His intellect was strong and vigor- 
ous, perceptions quick, and his memory accurate.... His 
wife's education was fully equal to his...." The source 
of this information is not given. Goodman may have had 
access to the same source, for he says, "Deacon Edson 's 
wife is said to have been 'of majestic figure and great 
benignity . ' " 

Their gravestone in the old South Street Graveyard, 
Bridgewater, bears the inscription: 


Children of Samuel and Susanna: 

1 Susannah^, 1638, probably Eng. Liv. I690 . M.I665, 

Rev. James Keith ( CI643-I719) ; 9 chil. He m.,2, 
Mrs Mary [Macy] Williams. 

2 Sarah, prob. Salem, l64o. Liv. I69O . M.I663, John 

Dean, Jr. (16^4-1677); 9 chil. 

3 Elizabeth, prob. Salem, 1643. D.I695+. M.l,cl663, 

John2 (Henryl) Kingman; 6 chil. M.2, as 2d wife, 
aft. 1679, Richard Phillips ( cl640-l695) ; no chil. 
+ 4 Samuel, prob. Salem, l645. See following. 

5 Mary, prob. Bridgewater, 1647. D.I727. M.l676,Capt. 
Nicholas2 (Dr .Nicholas 1) By ram (d.l727); 10 chil. 

48 ED SON 

6 Joseph^, prob. Bridgewater, 1649. D. cl712. M.,1, 

1678, Experience Field, sister of John Field of 
R.I. (d.1685); 3 chil. M. 2, 1686, Mary2 (Georgel) 
Turner; 5 chil. See Note K. P. W. 

7 Josiah, prob. Bridgewater, I65I. D.173^. M- Abigail 

or Elizabeth Dean (d.l734); no chil. See K.P.V. 

8 Bethiah, prob. Bridgewater, 1653- Liv.l690. M.I676 

Ezra2 (Walterl) Dean (d. 1727-32); 6 chil. 

SAMUEL^ EDSON was born in l645, probably in Salem, 
Massachusetts, according to the Trinity Church records, 
Bridgewater. He married in Bridgevater, I678, Susanna, 
the daughter of Dr. Nicholas Byram. She was born in 
Weymouth, Massachusetts, about l648. Samuel died on 
4-10-1719 in Bridgewater, and Susanna died there on 
3-12-17-42, "age 93-" See BYRAM. 

Samuel was called eldest son in his father's will 
of 1689. The will indicates that the sons had already 
received most of the estate. Deane says Samuel had re- 
ceived his on his marriage in 1678 - the only record we 
have of the marriage date . 

He was one of the Bridgewater young men who cap- 
tured a large number of Indians, "without the help of 
Captain Church." (See Note K. P. V.) His house and 
barn were burned by the Indians in King Philip's War — 
unless this was his father's house. If it was Samuel 
Junior's, he may have had a first wife, unknown. 

He served as representative of Bridgewater to the 
General Court of Massachusetts in I697 and in I7I3. 

Children of Ssmuel and Susanna, born Bridgewater: 

1 Susanna^, I-I5-I679. M.l,cl698, John^ ( john ^, Thom - 

asl) Hayward (b.lo67); 2 daus . , 1699, 1703. M.2, 
Elihu Brett (d.l745); 3 chil. 

2 Elizabeth, 8-29-1684. See following. 

3 Samuel, 1-14-1690. D.1771. M.,1708, Mary^ (Benja- 

min^, Walterl) Dean (1687-1770); I3 chil. 

ELIZABETH-^ EDSON was born on 8-9-1684 in Bridge- 
water, Massachusetts, and married there, on 5-24-1705, 
Samuel Packard Junior. He was born in Bridgewater about 
1680, and died there on 12-22-1749. She was probably 
the "Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Packard," who died in 
Bridgewater in I716. See PACKARD. 



Ellzabeth-3 Edson m. 1705, 

Bethiah-3 Packard m. 1731, 

Ssmuel-3 Bartlett tn. 1757, 

Sainuel-4 Bartlett m. 1786, 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836 , 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 1,1879, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.2,l894. 

Samuel- 2 Packard 
Wrlght-2 Bartlett 
Susanna- 4 Dunbar 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hannah -8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

Authorities : 

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JEFFERY HANFORD married in Fremington, Devonshire, 
England, a widow, Mrs. Eglin Downe. She was the dau^- 
ter of Elinor Mortimer or Tanner, by her former husband 
named Hatherly. Eglin was the sister of Mr Timothy 
Hatherly, a wealthy and prominent Plymouth, Massachu- 
setts, planter. The record of the burial of Jeffery 
Handford is found in the Alverdiscott-Huntshaw, Devon, 
register on 5-12-1626. Again a widow, Mrs Eglin Han- 
ford married in Scituate, Massachusetts, on 12-I5-I637, 
Richard Sealis. He was baptized in Biddenden, county 
Kent, England, on II-26-I58I. He had four children by 
an unknown first wife, who died at Biddenden in l6l2. 
He had four more children by a second wife, Margery Lea, 
whom he married in I613. Richard Sealis died in New 
England between I653, the date of his will, and I656, 
when it was probated. 

William Mortimore 's will of l6l4, proved 12-9-1615, 
names sons William, Mathew and James, daughter Ellynor, 
and wife Ellynor. The will of "Ellinor Mortimore, alias 
Tanner, of Fremington, widow," was proved, Barnstaple, 
Devonshire, 8-30-1637. After directing that her body 
be buried in the churchyard near the sepulchre of her 
husband William Mortimore alias Tanner, she bequeathed 
her estate to "sons Matthew and Henry Mortimore alias 
Tanner, daughter Ellinor Friend, son Tymothy Hatherly, 
and daughter Eglin Hanver." 

It is thought that Mr Timothy Hatherly brought his 
nieces Lettice and Susanna with him on one of his voya- 
ges, before their mother came over. Mrs Hanford sailed 
in the ship Planter from Sudbury, England, ^-10-l635. 
Her age is given on the ship's list as forty-six, her 
daughter Margaret, sixteen, and liar daughter Elizabeth, 
fourteen. This was the very month Lettice married, so 
the mother and sisters could not have attended her wed- 

Mr Timothy Hatherly deeded to his sister Eglin Han- 
ford "five acres of land in Scituate on the north side 
of Stoney Brook, the third lot from the Brook, boiinded 
...on North by land of Gowin White." 

Records kept by Reverend John Lothrop of the first 
Scituate Church show:"Egglin Hanford Mr Hatherly 's sys- 
ter, joyned [the church] 21 Nov I635." Also: "Marryed, 

I 0123175 


Richard Syllice and Egglin Handford the 6th day of the 
weeke beeing the 15 day of Decemb. I637." 

Children of Jeffrey and Eglln Hanf ord : 

+ 1 Lattice^, England, I617. See follovlng. 

2 Margaret, I619. D.1649. M. I636, Isaac2 (Reverend 

Johnl) Robinson; 6 chil. He m.2, Mary ; 

4 chil. 

3 Elizabeth, l621. Caine to Mass. No further record. 

4 Susanna. D., Mass., by I665, vhen "uncle Edward 

Jenkins " helped Joseph Whetstone settle her es- 
tate. M.l, John Whetstone; 4 chil. "Uncle Ed- 
ward Jenkins " appointed guardian to son John 
Whetstone. M.2, William Brooks. 

5 Eglin. Richard Sealis named "Eglin Hanver, daugh- 

ter of his wife," in his will of I653. 

6 Thomas, 7-22-1621. D .Norwalk, Conn. ,1693 . M.l,l652, 

Hannah2 (Thomas^) Newberry of Windsor, Conn. No 
chil. M.2, 1661, widow of Jonathan Ince, Mary2 
(Hon.Richardl) Miles ( CI635-I73O) , of New Haven, 
Conn. First minister of Norwalk. Legacy from 
Mr Timothy Hatherly, l566 . On 6-7-1673, calling 
himself "only son of Ellen Sillis deed., sister 
of Mr Timothy Hatherly, deed." ceded his right as 
heir to Hatherly estate, and made his "beloved 
brother Edward Jenkins " his attorney. 

Children by second wife: 

1 Theophilus*^, 1662. Living 1687 . I705. 

"Went to parts unknown." 

2 Mary, I663. M. John Edwards. 

3 Hannah, I665. M.1704, Joseph Piatt as 2d wife. 

4 Elizabeth, 1667. D. bef. 1708. M.CI693, John 

Burr of Fairfield, Conn.; 4 chil. 

5 Thomas, 1668 . Chosen l693> "schoolemaster to 

learn childeren for to reade and write." D., 
1743. M. CI692, Hannah2 (Gershom^ and Lady 
Ann Millington) Lockwood, widow of John Bur- 
well; 3 sons and 3 daus . She d. 1745. 

6 Eleazer, 9-15-1670. D.bef. 1728. M. Hannah 

Frisbey (d.cl758); 8 chil. She m.2, John 
Reed; 2 sons. 

7 Elnathan, I672. D. cl702. M. cl694, Sarah^ 

(Thomasl) Wilson; 3 chil. M.2, Abigail, wid. 

of Daniel Lockwood; 1 dau. Abigail m.3, El- 
nathan Sherman; 1 dau. 

8 Samuel, 4-5-1674. D. 1751- M. CI709, Isabel2 

(William!) Haynes; 6 chil. See Amos Richard- 

son Genealogy, 114, 





Children of Thomas^, continued: 

9 Eunice^, I676 . M.CI7OO, Gershom Bulkeley (d. 
1753); 1 dau. 

10 Sarah, I678. M.1705, Samuel^ ( Chris topher-l-) 

Comstock (1680-1752); 7 chil. 

11 Susanna? Perhaps daughter. 

LETTICE^ HANFORD was baptized on 6-8-I617, accord- 
ing to the Transcripts of Lost Parishes of Devonshire, 
under Alverdiscott . Record of her first marriage, from 
the Reverend John Lothrop's church records: tdward Fos- 
ter and Lettice Handford, marr^ att m^ Cudworths by Cap- 
taine Standlge [Miles Standish] Aprill 8 the 4th day of 
the veek I635." Edward Foster had been a lawyer in Eng- 
land. His will, 1643, evidently made on his deathbed, 
mentions an infant yet unborn. 

Children of Lettice and Edward Foster: 

1 Timothy^ Foster, bap. Scituate, Mass . ,3-7-1636 .D .inf. 

2 Timothy Foster, bap. 4-22-1638. Beq. from Timothy 

Hatherly's will, 1664. M.l, Ruth [Tileston] Den- 
ton; M. 2,1681, Relief [Holland] Douse; 4 chil. 
(Relief, b.l650,dau. of John Holland, m.l,l672, 
John Dowse; 4 chil. She m. 3,1692, Henry Leadbet- 
ter (CI633-I722) ; no chil. 

3 Elizabeth Foster, l644. "infant yet unborn" in fa- 

ther's will, 1643. Beq. from Timothy Hatherly ,l664, 
M.I666, Ephraim Hewitt. 

LETTICE^ [HANFORD] FOSTER married second, Edward 
Jenkins, the date not found. She died after l664, when 
she was named in Mr Timothy Hstherly's will, but before 
1684, when Edward Jenkins married his second wife, wid- 
ow Mary Ripley of Hingham, Massachusetts. Mary was the 
daughter of Joseph Farnsworth. Edward Jenkins died in 
Scituate, Massachusetts, I699. See JENKINS for lineage 
to Henry-6 Baker Bartlett. 

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RICHARD^ HASSELL was born in England about 1622, as 
In a deposition on 12-17-1662, he gave his age as forty. 
His wife's name was Joan, sometimes called Joanna,Jane, 
and even Anna. They were married in Cambridge, Massa- 
chusetts, but her maiden name and the date of marriage 
in the record of the First Congregational Church is ob- 
literated. There is no record of the death of either 
Richard or Joan, but they probably died in Woburn, Mass- 
achusetts, at the home of their son-in-law, Jo3eph-2 
Wright . See WRIGHT. 

Richard and Joan Hassell were in Cambridge by 1643. 
He was a church member there and was made a freeman of 
Cambridge in 1647. In the division of land at Shawsin, 
now Billerica, Massachusetts, in 1652, he was allotted 
sixty acres, but does not seem to have lived in Biller- 
ica until 1676. He signed the petition of Cambridge to 
the Massachusetts General Court, 1664, expressing satis- 
faction with the present government, and asking for its 
continuance. In I676 he made a proposal to the town of 
Cambridge that he take up the 3OO acres of land granted 
to John Stedman by the town; the town offered him LIS, 
or as an alternative, 200 acres of land next to the An- 
dover line, together with Mrs Winthrop's farm, for his 
claim. It does not appear which he accepted. The re- 
cords of Billerica show that on 4-12-1678 he was ap- 
pointed "to inspect the young lads on the Sabbath days," 
that is, tithing man. In l677 he was one of five tith- 
ing men having the families in the center of the church 
in his charge, but by I679 his name had disappeared. By 
that time he had moved to the new town of Dunstable, 
Massachusetts, where Stearns writes that "he was an in- 
telligent man and a worthy citizen." 

From the wording of a Middlesex deed from Richard 
Hassell to "his loving son Joseph Wright at Woburn, "for 
a parcel of land granted him by the town of Dunstable, 
it is thought Richard and Joan in their old age went to 
live with the Wrights, probably before I683, and that 
they died there . 

Their first three children were baptized in Cam- 
bridge at the First Church, 



Children of Richard and Joan 
others unrecorded: 

there may have been 

+ 1 Elizabeth^, 9-20- or 30- l643. See below. 

2 Joseph, 9-20-1645. D.I69I. M.,1667, Mary or Anna^ 

(William and Annal) perry; 6 chil. Parents and 
son Benjamin were killed by Indians in I691. 

3 Esther [Hester], 12-6-1648. M.l, Vatertown, I667, 

0badiah2 ( Williaml and Anna) Perry (k. by Inds., 
1691); 6 chil. M. 2,1693, Martin Townsend{d .I698) 

4 Alice, CI665. Perhaps dau. M.l,l685, Christopher^ 

(Richardl?) Temple ( cl660-k.l691) ; 3 chil, M.,2, 
1694, as 2d wife, Jacob2 (Prancisl) Kendall. 

ELIZABETH^ HASSELL was born in Cambridge, Massachu- 
setts, and baptized on 9-20 or 9-30-1643. She married 
on II-I-I66I, Joseph, son of Deacon John Wright. Joseph 
was born about I639. Elizabeth died on 6-28-I713, and 
Joseph on 3-11-1724. 

Elizabeth is said to have taught school in Woburn. 
Joseph Wright was a deacon and selectman of that town. 
This couple was deeded land in Woburn by Elizabeth's 
father. See WRIGHT. 

Elizabeth-2 Hassell 
Sarah-3 Wright 
Abigail-3 Pratt 
Jeru3ha-4 Neale 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

m. 1661, Jo3eph-2 Wright 

m. 1707, Aaron-2 Pratt 

m. 17^1 > Jonathan-3 Neale 

m. 1764, Edward-5 Jenkins 

m. 1786, Samuel-4 Bartlett 

m. 1836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

m.l, 1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

m. 2, 1894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

Authorities : 

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THOMAS-^ HAYWARD was from Aylesford, Kent, England. 
He married, in England, Susanna, the sister of William 
Towne of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Susanna died early 
in 1678 and Thomas died in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, 
a few days before 3-8-I68I. 

Thomas Hayward arrived first in Boston, Massachu- 
setts, on 6-5-I632 in the ship William and Francis. He 
returned to England and brought his wife and five chil- 
dren on the ship Hercules in March I634. He was called 
Thomas Heyward of Aylesford, tailor, on the ship's list, 
the names of the children given as Thomas, John, Eliza- 
beth, Susan and Martha, in that order. 

He was a proprietor in Cambridge in I635 or 6, and 
bought land in I638 in Duxbury, Massachusetts, where he 
was made freeman, l637- He must also have been a mem- 
ber of the church, thus eligible for office, for he was 
appointed constable for Duxbury in l648. In I665, call- 
ing himself of Bridgewater, planter, sometime an inhab- 
itant of Duxburrough, he testified he had sold the land 
granted him by the Plymouth court, to George Russell. 
In Duxbury, I669, he and son Thomas witnessed a deed, 
and he sold his Duxbury land to William Pabodie. 

His will of 6-29-1678 does not mention his wife, and 
she is thought to have died early that year. His inven- 
tory was taken in Bridgewater on 3-8-I68I, and the will 
was proved on 6-7-1681. His son Thomas was a witness. 

Children of Thomas and Susanna: 

1 Thomas^. Prob. eldest son. Lieut., I667; Capt.,l692; 
Mayor and Governor's Assistant; First magistrate 
of Bridgewater. Thrown from his horse and killed 
in 1698. M. Sarah Ames; no chll. 
+ 2 John. Came on the Hercules. See following. 

3 Elizabeth. Came on Hercules. No further record. 

4 Susan. Came on Hercules. No further record found. 

5 Martha. Came on the Hercules. D.I65I. M. John 

Howard (d.cl700); 7 chil. 
+ 6 Nathaniel, cl640. See Second Line, following. 

7 Joseph. Deacon. D.I718. M.l, Sarah Brett. M.2, 

Alice^ (William^) Brett; 1 son. M.3, cl68l, Han- 
nah2 ( Experience !) Mitchell ; 8 chll., I683-I702. 

8 Mary. M.I666, Edward ^ ( Experience !) Mitchell (b. 

cl643); no chil. 

9 Elisha. Will I703 . D. unmarried. 



JOHN^ HAYWARD, said by some writers to have been 
born in Duxbury about 1642, was more likely the son John 
who came with his father in the Hercules, I634. He mar- 
ried about 1661, Sarah, daughter of Experience Mitchell. 
No records of the birth, marriage or death of John and 
Sarah have been found . Sarah was probably born in Dux- 
bury about 1645, and she was living when her father's 
will was probated, I689. John Hayward's inventory was 
taken in Bridgewater in 1710, therefore he died but a 
short time previously. See MITCHELL. 

John lived on "The Plain" near the old Powder House 
In Bridgewater, and was called "John of the Plain," to 
distinguish him from his brother-in-law John Howard, 
both names being pronounced the same. This homestead 
was later occupied by his son-in-law Nathaniel Brett. 

In 1671 he was one of a committee of three who were 
appointed by the Bridgewater Court "to enquire who drunk 
strong liquors in the ordinaries." Mark Lothrop was on 
the same committee. See Note K, P. W. for the raid on 
the Indians in l675. John also fought in other engage- 
ments in King Philip's War. 

Children of John and Sarah, born in Bridgewater: 

1 Daughter^, June 1662. D. inf. 

2 Sarah, IO-25-I663. D.,1737. M.,1683, Nathaniel^ 

(Williaml) Brett (I662-I7IO); 7 chil. 

3 Son, 1665. D. inf. 

4 John, 4-20-1667. D.I705. M. CI698, Susanna3(5am- 

uel^ , Samuel^) Ed son (b.1689); 2 daus . She m.,2, 
1706, ilThu (Elihu2, Williaml) Brett (d.l745); 3 

5 Joseph, 11-23-1669. M.I700, Mehitable^ (Daniel^) 

Dunham; 10 chil. 

6 Mary, 4-20-1672. D.I712. M.I698, William^ (john^, 

Williaml) Ames ( l673-cl712) ; 6 chil. 

7 Thomas, 1-10-1675 . Deacon. D.,174l. M.,1706, Be- 

thiah2 (Williaml) Brett (d.l745); 5 chil. 

8 Benjamin, 11-26-1677- D. 1684. 

+ 9 Susanna, 8-IO-I680. See following. 

10 Elizabeth, 4-16-1683- M.1717, Edmund^ (Grindall^, 

Edward-"-) Rawson; had children. 

11 Benoni, 3-I7-I686. M. 1,1717, Hannah Gould. M.,2, 

1743, Hannah Page. 

12 Mercy, IO-29-I687. 

SUSANNA^ HAYWARD is recorded in Bridgewater: "The 
ninth, a daughter named Susanna, b" the 10th of August, 
in the year I680." She married her cousin Thomas, son 
of Nathaniel Hayward, in Scituate, Massachusetts, on 
11-11-1702. See HAYWARD, Second Line, next page. 


NATHANIEL^ HAYWARD was born about l640, probably In 
Duxbury, Massachusetts. He married about I663, Hannah, 
daughter of Deacon John Willis of Duxbury. Hannah was 
named in her father's will of 1692, but no record of her 
death has been found. See WILLIS. 

Hannah's father called her "eldest daughter" in his 
will, in which he left her his household goods, and an 
equal portion of his estate after other bequests were 
made . 

Nathaniel was a soldier in King Philip's War, I675. 

Children of Nathaniel and Hannah: 

1 Nathaniel^, Duxbury, 4-26-l66^. Will 173^- Wife 

Elizabeth; 11 chil. 

2 John. M.I707, Sarah"^ (Nathaniel^, John ^) Williss ; 

2 sons. 
+ 3 Thomas, I67O. See following. 

4 Benjamin, cl677. D.1733. M.CI7OO, Sarah 2 (John^?) 

Aldrich; 4 chll. 

5 Samuel. Wife Elizabeth; 3 chll. 

6 Elisha. M.I708, Experience Harvey; 5 chil. In- 

herited the homestead. M., 2, 1721, Bethia^ (Wil- 
liam^) Snow; 3 chil. 

7 Patience. D.I692+. M.cl688, Israel Alger; 5 chil. 

Named in grandfather John Willis ' will, 1692. 

THOMAS^ HAYWARD was born in I67O, but no record has 
been found. He married in Scituate, Massachusetts, on 
II-II-I702, his cousin Susanna, daughter of John Hay- 
ward "of the Plain." She was born in Bridgewater on 
8-IO-I68O. Thomas died on 5-18-1746 and Susanna three 
weeks later, 6-8-1746, both in Bridgewater. 


Children of Thomas and Susanna, born in Bridgewater: 

1 Susanna"^, "First born, 8-24-1703." D. 1704.. 

2 Jacob, 1-29-1705. D. inf. 

3 Elizabeth, 3-I3-I707. D. 1772. 

4 Thomas, 1708. M.1746, Eliza^ (Matthewl) Gannet 
(CI718-I812), widow of Nicholas Byram; 4 chil. 

+ 5 Susanna, I-IO-I712. See next page. 

6 John, 9-18-1713. 

7 Jacob, 3-21-1717. M.I742, Tabitha4 (Elisha^ , 

Nathaniel 2^ Thomas ^) Hayward; 8 chil. 

8 Jemima, IO-II-I72I. 



SUSANNA^ HAYWARD was born on 1-10-1712 in Bridgewa- 
ter, Massachusetts, and married there, 1738, David, the 
son of Peter Dunbar. Susanna died there on ^-12-1749, 
and David married Sarah Blake the same year. He may be 
the David Dunbar who married Mercy Soule in 1763* This 
couple had five children. A widow Mercy Dunbar married 
John Fann in I78I. See DUNBAR. 

Thomas -1 Hay ward 
John -2 Hay ward 
Su3anna-3 Hayward 
Su3anna-4 Hayward 
Susanna-4 Dunbar 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

















Susanna-1 Towne 
Sarah-2 Mitchell 
Thomas -3 Hayward 
David -3 Dunbar 
Samuel-3 Bartlett 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Erama-7 Jane Chadeayne 

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WILLIAM HODGKINS, spelled also Hoskins and Hsskins, 
lived first in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married on 
II-2-I636, Sarah Cushman, and second, I2-2I-I638, Anne 
Haynes, He removed to Ipswich, Massachusetts, about 
l64l, and was living in I69I. His sister: 

ELIZABETH HODGKINS was called "of Plymouth" in the 
record of her first marriage in Plymouth, 3-27-1634, to 
William Palmer, Junior. He was born in England about 
1613, the son of William and Frances Palmer. He came on 
the ship Fortune in I62I with his father, William Palm- 
er, Senior. He died before 12-4-1637, the date of his 
father's will, in which hevas not mentioned. Elizabeth 

married second 
Massachusetts . 

, on 1-2-1636/7, John Willis of Duxbury, 
John Willis married second, in Boston, 
2-11-1654, Hannah Elsse. See WILLIS. 



EDVARD-'- JENKINS was from Kent, England. He married 
after l643, probably in Scltuate, Massachusetts, Lettice 
Foster, widow of Edward Foster, who died in 1643. She 
was baptized in Alverdiscott, Devonshire, 6-8-I617, the 
daughter of Jeffrey and Eglin Handford. She had been 
married on 4-8-1635 by Captain Miles Stand Ish, to Edward 
Foster. Lettice was alive in 1664, when she received a 
bequest in her uncle Timothy Hptherly's will, but before 
1684, when Edward married Mrs Mary Ripley of Hingham, 
Massachusetts, daughter of Joseph Farnsworth, and widow 
of Abraham Ripley. Edward died in Scltuate in I699, 
"very aged." See HANFORD. 

It is not known to which of the Jenkins families in 
Kent Edward belonged. The Sfirah Jenkins who married in 
East Greenwich, Kent, 1633> George Lewis, axid emigrated 
to New England the same year, is said to be his sister. 
They had ten children, among them a Thomas and Edward. 
A Martha Jenkins, baptized St. Johns, Thanet, Kent, on 
I-23-I605, married I628, William Eaton, who came to New 
England. Martha, who died in I68O, was the daughter of 
Edward and Msry [phillips] Jenkins, and a granddaughter 
of Henry and Margaret Jenkins. 

Edward Jenkins arrived on the ship Hercules in I634, 
one of the seven servants brought by Nathaniel Tilden. 
Although many emigrants attached themselves to some 
party as servants in order to get to America, it is cer- 
tain that Edward was in fact bound out to Tilden, and 
was probably fairly young. In Tilden's will, l64l, he 
directed that his servants Edward Tarte and Edward Jen- 
kins were to serve out their time with his son Joseph. 
They may, of course, have been apprentices. Edward must 
have been over eighteen in 1643, when he was classified 
as "able to bear arms." He married at least eight or 
nine years after his arrival in New England. 

Deane says the Jenkins home in Scltuate was on Kent 
Street, "where lived the Kentish men." He became one 
of the respected and substantial settlers of the town, 
but not at all Puritanical, as the records show. He was 
one of the Conihasset Partners in l646, therefore may 
be assumed to be over twenty-one. See Note G. P. Al- 
though one of the owners of the tract, he did not live 
in that territory, but on the north part of Edward Fos- 
ter's lot, which came into his possession in 1647. That 
year he was made freeman of Scltuate, and licensed by 


the Plymouth Court "to keep an ordinary and sell wyne at 
Scltuate." Records show he was interested in many of 
the fishing vessels in Scituate Harbor. In 1649 he was 
appointed to do some surveying, and in 165O was on the 
Grand Inquest. The next record is in I657, when he re- 
presented the town of Scituate at the Plymouth Court. 
In 1660 hesold land to John Allen. The uncle of Let- 
tice, Mr Timothy H?therly, whose will was probated on 
10-30-1666, bequeathed to "Edward Jenkins, his wife and 
children, twelve pounds to be payed within one year af- 
ter my Decease." In I665 he served on the Council of 
War. See Note C. W. Sergeant John Damon , who was also 
on this Council, was the grandfather of Martha Damon, 
who married Edward's grandson. In I665 he was made the 
guardian of John Whetstone, and went on the bond of his 
brother Joseph Whetstone; in both cases called "unkell 
Edward Jenkins." These were the sons of Lettice ' sis- 
ter Susanna. In I673 he served on a coroner's inquest, 
and in 1677 his license to keep the ordinary was renewed. 
After that there is little of him in the records un- 
til he made his will, 3-2-1699, probated 8-9-I699. It 
is from his will that we learn the names of his living 
children, for no birth records have been found. He be- 
queathed to "wife Mary, son Thomas, grandchildren Daniel 
and Edward Jenkins; grandchildren Mary Jenkins, Hannah 
Turner, Mary Bacon; daughter Mary Cooke or Cocke . Item: 
It is my will that bread and beer be given at my funer- 
al; also that a sermon be preached by M^ Jeremiah Gush- 
ing or some other minister whom my Executor shall think 
meet: also I give to the minister that shall preach my 
funeral sermon 20 shillings. From this last item it is 
apparent that although a church member, Edward was not 
a strict Puritan, for sermons and even prayers at fu- 
nerals were forbidden in New England, the custom of the 
Church of England of preaching at funerals, as well as 
the "Papish" custom of saying prayers for the dead, be- 
ing disapproved of. 

Known children of Edward and Lettice: 

1 Mary^. M.l,l668, Marmaduke Atkinson. He deserted 

her and she obtained a divorce in I675. M.,2, 
CI692, Robert Cooke or Cocke; k chil. Robert per- 
haps m., 1703, Agnes Kent. See end of sketch. 

2 Sarah. M. Bacon of Taunton; had a daughter 

Knry, named In Edward Jenkins' will, I699. 

3 Hannah. M.,1693, Thomas'^ (Thomas 2, Humphrey!) 

Turner, Esq. Lawyer. 10 chil. 
+ 4 Thomas, CI653. See next page. 


THOMAS^ JENKINS was born about 1653, probably In 
Scituate, Massachusetts. He was married in I678 to his 
wife Martha, whose identity is not known. She died be- 
fore 7-12-1721, when Thomas married /Abigail Steel. In 
the First Parish Cemetery, Meeting House LsJie , now Pros- 
pect Street, Scituate Harbor, is a broken gravestone, 
containing the inscription: 


The last figure is broken off. This is undoubtedly the 
grave of this Thomas. Abigail's grave is in the Second 
Church Graveyard, and bears the inscription: 


Thomas inherited his father's property in l699, be- 
ing the only son, but no doubt took over the tavern at 
the time of his marriage, for Deane says he settled on 
his father's lot "near the present Methodist Chapel" on 
his marriage in 1678. It is from this account that we 
have the date of the marriage. Unfortunately, Deane did 
not reveal the surname of Martha. Thomas and his wife 
must have been members of the Second Church, since they 
had children baptized there. 

Children of Thomas and Martha, born In Scituate: 

1 Hennah<3, 7-21-1679- Bap. 5-I6-I68O, Second Church. 

2 Thomas, I-I5-I68I. Bap. 6-II-I682, Second Church. 
+ 3 Edward, 8-3-I683, recorded as the "son of Thomas 

Ginkings." See below. 

4 Dpniel, 1685 . 

Grandchild named in Edward Jenkins' will, 1699- 

5 Mary. 

Grandchild named in Edward Jenkins' will, l699« 

EDWARD^ JENKINS was born on 8-3-I683 In Scituate, 
Massachusetts, and baptized there in the Second Church, 
9-24-1683, by Reverend William Wetherell, who died the 
next year. In Scituate, "6 Sept 1705, Edward Genking 
and Marth damon, both of Scitt. ware m*^ . " Martha was 
born there in July 1682, daughter of Lieutenant Zachary 
Damon. She died in Cohasset, Massachusetts, "Nov. 28, 
1727," according to the vital records. Deane says that 
Edward married second. Widow Abigail Merritt. The date 
of this marriage is given in the vital records as 9-12- 
I72-, "the date worn," but follows it with [1727?] . The 
church record is 1728. Their son Daniel was born the 
next June. See DAMON. 

Edward received a bequest in his grandfather's will 
of 1699, and seems to be the only Jenkins who remained 


In Scituate. He probably carried on the tavern. Martha 
joined the First Church, 10-1-1721. One Scituate record 
shows the marriage of "Margaret, servant of Edward Jen- 
kins, and Cuff, negro of Nantasket." 

Children of Edward and Martha, born in Scituate: 

1 Mary4, I-31-I706. D. I716. 

2 Thomas, 3-5-1707- M.1731, Sarah^ (Johr'^ , ^ , '^ , 

Thomasl) Bailey (b.l7l4)j 2 chil. 

3 Anna, 9-13-1708. Nothing further found. 
+ 4 Samuel, 8-13-1700. See below. 

5 Thankful, 5-I7-I712. M.1733, Thomas Orcutt, Jr., 


6 Edward, 11-25-1713 • See Edward-3. 

7 David, 3-15-1715. D.,1792. M.,174l, Elizabeth"^ 

(Jonathan2, Henry l) Merrltt (I719-CI747) ; 9 chil. 
(M.2, Mary2 (Nethaniell) Stetson of Hanover?) 

8 Mpry, 9-18-1717. Perhaps m.l74l, Peleg2 (Thomasl) 

Bryant (b.l7l8); had children. 

9 James, 2-15-1719. M. 17^+6, MaryS (Jacob^, John^, 

John^, Widow Annal) Vinal (b.1725); 5 chil. 

10 Martha, 2-15-1724. Perhaps m.l745, Joseph^ (Jacob^) 

Vinal (b.1721); 5 chil. If so, Martha d. 1794, 
and Joseph, 1795. 

11 Content, 9-10-1726. Nothing further found. 

Child of Edward and Abigail, born in Scituate: 

12 Danlel4, 6-29-1728. Bap. 7-26-1730. D. I812, "age 

83." M. 1759, "Elizabeth Nichols, Jr." (cl726- 
1791); 8 chil. 

DEACON SAMUEL^ JENKINS was born in Scituate, Massa- 
chusetts, on 8-13-1710. He married there on 3-2-1740, 
Rebecca, daughter of Timothy White, Jr. She was born 
in Scituate on 10-29-1717- Her death is shown in Scit- 
uate records as 1802 only, and that of "Deacon Samuel 
Jenkins" as I805 only. See WHITE. 

We know from the records that Samuel Jenkins was a 
respected man. He is always called Deacon in the re- 
cords. When Samuel and Rebecca were married, they had 
at least one servant, Judith, whose marriage is record- 
ed in 1740 to Bristol, negro of Captain S. Barker. In 
1776 their negro man servant Brister— probably the son 
of Bristol and Judith— married Chloe, servant of Captain 
James Turner. 


Rebecca participated in the settling of her father's 
estate in 1756. Samuel was a Conihasset Partner, being 
its last clerk in I767. See Note C. P. The I79O Cen- 
sus, which is not alphabetical, shows the Whites to be 
near neighbors of the Jenkins. 

Deacon Samuel Jenkins was chosen, 10-3-1774, a mem- 
ber of the Committee of Inspection, "to see that the 
Continental Association shall be strictly adhered to." 
(This provides eligibility to the Daughters of American 
Revolution, and women descendants of the Jenkins surname 
are eligible to membership in the Daughters of Founders 
and Patriots of America.) 

Deane says the Deacon lived nearly a century. His 
will of 7-2-1804 was probated on 8-3-I805. 

Children of Samuel and Rebecca, born in Scituate: 
Baptisms from First Church records, Scituate. 

+ 1 Edward^, 12-4-1741. See below. 

2 Samuel, 5-8-1742. Bap. 4-17-1743. D.179^. M.1771, 

Abigail Cole; 7 chil. 

3 Joshua, 7-25-1744. Captain. He and 2 sons lost at 

sea, 1819. M. 1,1767, Mary Jenkins; 2 chil. M.2, 
1778, Mrs Ruth Sparrell, dau. of John Vinal, Jr.; 
2 chil. 

4 Ebenezer, 3-8-1745. Bap. 4-6-1746. D. yg. 

5 Rebecca, 9-17-17^7. Bap. 3-I6-I75O. (D., I823, 

"age 76"? ) 

6 Nathaniel, 3-11-1748. D. yg. 

7 Martha, 3-I6-I750. 

8 Nathaniel, 10-28-1752. D. yg. 

9 Caleb, 4-24-1754. D. yg. 

10 Joseph, 10-5-1757. Moved to Sandy River, Me. Had 

a family. 

11 Caleb, 10-9-1758. D.I820. M.179I, Elizabeth^(fterez^ 

Edmund'*, 2, Ephraim2,Edmondl)Tilson( 1765-1851) ;o ch. 

12 Abigail, 2-24-1759. Perhaps m.1789, Joseph Jenkins. 

13 Sarah, 7-I6-I76I. 

EDWARD^ JENKINS was born in Scituate on 12-4-1741. 
He married in Cohasset, Massachusetts, on 6-4-1764, Je- 
rusha, daughter of Reverend Jonathan Neale of Cohasset, 
where she was born on II-23-I747. The death of Edward 
has not been found, but he was living in Bridgewater, 
Massachusetts, before I780, and is doubtless the Edward 
Jenkins living there when the I79O Census was taken. He 
was listed with three males over sixteen, two under six- 
teen, and four females. Jerusha is said to have died, 
11-25-1827. A "Mrs Jenkins" died in Scituate, 3-9-I836, 


"age 87," who may be Edward's widow. See NEALE. 

Seven of the children were baptized in Scituate Sec- 
ond Church on 8-25-1776, including Lucy , whose birth is 
entered in the Job Bartlett bible. The Jenkins family 
was living in Bridgewater before I78O and were there in 
1790 when the first census was taken. 

The Revolutionary record of Edward Jenkins follows: 

"Edward Jenkins, Scituate, private, Capt. Stockbridges 
Com. of Minute Men, Col. John Bailey's Regt., marched 
on alarm of April 19, 1775- Served 21 days." 

"Edward Jenkins, Scituate, private, Capt. Stockbridge 
Co. in Genl. John Thomas' Regt., muster roll dated Aug. 
1st 1775. Enlisted May 10, 1775, served 2 mos. & 6 ■ 
days. Co. '3 return dated Oct. 7- 1775-" 

"Edward Jenkens, Co. drafted from Scituate and Hanover, 
Sept. 5. 1777. Disch. Oct. 28th 1777; served 1 mo. 6 
days. Ordered to march on Tiverton, R. I., on a secret 
expedition. Private, Capt. Hayward Pierce's Co. Col. 
Theophilus Cotton's Regt." 

"Edward Jenkins, Bridgewater, Capt. Eliakim Howard's 
Co. MaJ . Eliphalet Gary's Regt. Co. marched to Rhode 
Island on an alarm July 30, I78O. Disch. Aug. 9, I78O." 

It appears from the Revolutionary record that after 
serving twenty-one days as a Minute Man, immediately af- 
ter being mustered out on May 10, 1775, he re-enlisted, 
but was not called upon until August 1st of that year, 
and was mustered out on October 7th. He was then draft- 
ed and served about seven weeks on a "secret expedition" 
to Rhode Island. Again in I780 he was in Rhode Island 
about a week. 

Children of Edward and Jerusha (all but Asa bap- 
tized in Second Church, Scituate: 

1 Charles^, 9-13-1764. Bap. 8-25-1776. M.1785, Jane 

Collier (cl764-l843) ; 10 chil. 

2 Benjamin, IO-I5-I765. Bap. 8-25-1776. D.I853. M. 

1791, Elizabeth^ (Samuel2, Jamesl) Boyd (d.l85l). 
Built first scythe works, Winchester, Conn. ,l8ll . 
Dau. Loui3a-7 Jenkins m.l822, Ara-5 Bartlett. 
+ 3 Lucy, 12-30-1766. Bap. 8-25-I776. See following. 
k Edward, bap. 8-25-I776. Over 16, I79O Census. 
5 Ellice [Alice], 1771. Bap. 8-25-1776. (Named for 
her aunt Alice Neale?) D.I833. M.l, Bridgewater, 
1793, John Kent of Cohasset (drowned I80I) ; 6 ch. 
M. 2,1808, as 2d wife, Rufus^ Cleveland; 2 chil. 


LUCY JENKINS was born in Scituate, Massachusetts, 
on 12-30-1766, according to the Bartlett family bible. 
Lucy was one of the seven Jenkins children baptized in 
the Second Church of Scituate on 8-25-I776. She married 
in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, 1-22-1786, Samuel Bart- 
lett, Junior. Judge Nahum Mitchell's copy of the First 
Church of East Bridgewater records, shows their marriage 
intentions were recorded in I785. Samuel Bartlett was 
born in Bridgewater on 12-27-1766, and died in Vaymart 
(now called Canaan), Pennsylvania, on 1-14-1830. The 
family bible states that Lucy died there also, but the 
date is unfortunately not given. See BARTLETT. 

Lucy-6 Jenkins m. I786, Samuel-4 Bartlett 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m, I836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 1,1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.2,l894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

Authorities : 

Deane: History of Scituate, Mass., 13^, 154, etc. 

Mitchell: History of Bridgewater, Mass. 

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(Hatherly 's will) . 

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Church Records, Second Church, Scituate, now First 
Unitarian Church of Norwell, Mass. 

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New England Historical Society. 

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West Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records. 

Goodwin: Pilgrim Republic, 597: "Edward Jenkins of 
Taunton petitioned that his daughter Mary be div- 
orced from Martnaduke Atkinson, who had been out 
of the Colony and made no provision for her dur- 
ing seven years or more.... 'The Court sees no 
cause to grant a divorce, yet they do apprehend 
her to be no longer bound, but do leave her to 
her liberty to marry if she please.'" 



JOHN-^ LOWTHROP lived in Cherry Burton, a parish some 
four miles from Lowthorpe, county York, England. As itj 
was from this town that the Lothrops originally got thai 
name, it is logical to suppose that the immigrant Mark l 
Lothrop was connected with that family. John Lowthrop,r 
while belonging to a junior branch, was a gentleman ofj 
quite extensive landed estates, both in Cherry Burton,! 
and in various other parts of the county. He appears onj 
a Yorkshire subsidy roll in 15^5, assesed twice as much 
as any other inhabitant of the parish. As no records ofi 
baptisms before 1597, marriages before 1562, or burialsj 
before 156I now remain, the following information aboul 
the family was taken from wills. This John Lowthrop ' s 
will shows a family of a son Robert and three daughters J 

ROBERT^I LOVTHROP succeeded to his father's estates 
in Cherry Burton. Ke died in 1558 and his wife Ellei 
in 1572. In his lifetime he made considerable additions 
to the estate. His will, dated North Burton (Sheribur- 
ton), 7-16-1558, was proved in York on 10-20-1558. He 
provided for his wife Ellen, his three sons, a daughte] 
Margaret, and his three sisters. Widow Ellen Lowthrop'! 
will supplies the names of some of her descendants. 

1 John^i^, eldest son In father's will, 1558. Nc 

+ 2 Thomas, eldest son in mother's will, 1572. See 


3 Lawrence. Wife Elizabeth; 2 chil. 
h Margaret. K. Robert Hodgson; 3 daus. in 1572. 

THOKASm LOWTHROP was probably born in Cherry Bur- 
ton. He married first a widow, Mrs Elizabeth Clark, who 
was buried in Etton, Harthill wapentake. East Riding, 
Yorkshire, 7-29-157^. His second wife, Kary, was bur- 
ied on 1-6-1588. His third wife, Jane (Johnson?) sur- 
vived him and married a Mr Coppendale. Thomas died in 
Etton in I606. 

Thomas Lowthrop moved to Etton about 1576, although 
some of his children were baptized there before that. 
His will of 10-5-1606 was proved the following January. 
The property and personal effects mentioned show he was 
a very prosperous man. The will names wife Jane, and 
five daughters and five sons. Including a Mark. 


Children of Thomas and first wife, Elizabeth: 

1 Robert^^, eldest son. M.,l6o8, Ann Pattison. 

2 Katherine. M. William Aket. Named in will of 

Thomas, 1628. 4 daus . in I606 . 

3 Audrey. M. Wykam; 3 chll. in I606 . 

h Elizabeth. M. I588, Thomas Rowood. 

5 Anne, bap. Etten, 2-I3-I569. D. yg. 

6 Isabel, bap. Etten, 7-3-1570. Perhaps m.bef. I606, 

William Burne . 

7 Martin, bap. Etten, 10-21-1572. D.inf. Not in fath- 

er's will. 

8 Andrew, bap. Etten, 4-23-157^. Not in father's will. 

Children of Thomas and second wife, Mary: 

9 Anne^^, bap. Etten, 7-29-1576. Perhaps d. yg. 

10 Mary. Alive 1628. M. John Gallant. Perhaps Mary 

Garwood in l64l. 

11 Thomas, bap. Etten, 10-14-1^82. Attended Queen's 

College, Cambridge Univ. Wife Elizabeth; 4 daus. 
Will, 1628; pro. 1629, named sisters Margaret and 
Mary, brothers John, William, Richard and wife 
Dorothy; Martin [Mark?], Lawrence and his 3 chiL ; 
and Bartholomew. 

12 John, bap. Etten, 12-20-1584, Minister. D., Barn- 

stable, Mass., 1653. M. 1,1610, Hannah^ (Rev.Jdm) 
House (d.cl634); 9 chil. (M-2, Anne^ (Williaml) 
Hammond?). Anne b.cl6l6; d.l688. 6 chil. 

13 William, bap. 5-24-1587. Living I628. Perhaps in 

Richard's will,l64l, with son John. 

Children of Thomas and third wife, Jene: 

14 Margaret^^, bap. Etten, 2-I3-I59I. Margaret Bateman 

in Richard's will,l659, and Mark's, I66O. 

15 Isabel, bap. Etten, 9-29-1592. 

16 Lucy (Luce). M. I6I3, Ralph Cawnsby . 

17 Richard, bap. 10-12-1595- D.1641. M. Dorothy Low- 

don (d. 164-5); sons Thomas and Richard, and daugh- 
ter Mary. Unmar. son Richard's will, 7-3-1659; 
adm. 4-I9-I660 to uncle Bartholomew, "executor 
Marke Lowthrop having also departed this life." 
+18 Mark, bap. Etten, 9-27-1597- See next page. 

19 Lawrence. At least 3 chil. in 166O. 

20 Jane. In father's will, I606, and Thomas', I628. 

21 Joseph. In Richard's will, 1659- Had son Thomas. 

22 Bartholomew. In wills, 1606, I628, l64l, 1659- 

Bap. Etton, 3-1-1605. See Richard, 17, and also 
Mark, next page. 


MARK''" LOTHROP, the immigrant, was perhaps the Marks 
Lowthrop baptized, Etten, Harthill wapentake. East Rid- 
ing, Yorkshire, England, on 9-27-1597, or possibly his 
son. The name of his wife is not known. Mark Lothrop 
died in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on IO-25-I685. 

Holmes says Mark was the brother of Reverend John 
Lothrop. Flagg says Mark was the son of the third wife 
of Thomas Lowthrop, and that Reverend John was the son 
of the second wife. Davis says Mark "according to fam- 
ily tradition, was brother of the first John." The La- 
Lothrop Families says Captain Thomas Lothrop* was prob- 
ably related to Reverend John. As Mark Lothrop called 
Captain Thomas Lothrop his kinsman, it would seem that 
Mark belonged to the Yorkshire Lowthrops . 

The will of one Richard Lowthrop, "batchelor," dated 
North Cove, Yorkshire, 7-3-1659, named parents Richard 
and Dorothy, sister Mary and aunt Mary, uncles Martin, 
Lawrence, Bartholomew and Marke, the last to be execu- 
tor. Administration was granted, 4-19-1660, to "imcle 
Bartholomew Lowthrop, executor Mark Lowthrop having al- 
so departed this life." The will of one Mark Lowthrop, 
dated I-3-I659/6O, was probated. North Cove, 4-17-l660. 
The only relatives named are brother Bartholomew and 
sister Luce. Even without the record of the deaths of 
these two men, these wills would seem to exclude the 
immigrant Mark Lothrop from this family, except that Mr 
Lawrence Withington, who found these wills, calls these 
testators the uncle and cousin of Reverend John Lothrop. 
The Richard who died in I659-I66O was the nephew of Rev- 
erend John, who also had a young brother Mark. 

The first record of Mark Lothrop is in Salem, Mass- 
achusetts, Town Records, 12-11-1643: "Marke Lothrop is 
receaved an inhabitant and hath a request for some ground 
neere to his kinsman, Thos .Lothrop. Thomas Lothrop de- 
sires some medoe if there be any undisposed of." Again, 
5-I7-I652: "Granted to Hugh Voodberrie, Marke Lothrop, 
and Thomas Priton a spot of medoe lying betweene Benja- 
min Feltons medoe and the Great Swamp neare Wenham, to 
be divided equallie betweene them." 

He seems to have been for a time in Duxbury, Massachus- 
etts, but was in Bridgewater in I656, the year it was 
founded, and shared in the division of the Outer Lands. 
See Note 0. L. He took the oath of fidelity in I657, 
and was elected constable in I658. The records of both 
town and church show that he took an active part for 

* Illustrious military man. Served in Pequot War, I637; 
Captain of Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, l645; 
killed at Bloody Brook, King Philip's War, I675. 



on the jury 

as surveyor 

on the com- 

in the or- 

twenty-flve years. He was often appointed 
for trials, on the grand jury, and served 
of highways. See Note W.R. In I671 he was 
mlttee to "enquire who drunk strong liquors 
dinarles." See Note S.L. 

His Inventory was taken IO-27-I685, and amounted to 
L253. Among those who signed It were John Hayward, Mark 
Lathrop, Samuel Lathrop and Samuel Packer . Administra- 
tion was granted to Samuel Lothrop on 3-2-1686. 

Children of Mark and unknown wife: 

+ 1 Elizabeth . See below. 

2 Samuel. Of age and a freeman in I682. D.C1724. 

M.CI682, Sarah Downer; 7 chll. Barnabas^ (Ed- 
ward » ) Lothrop (1757-1838) m. Rachel^ Bartlett 

3 Mark. Of age and freeman, 1682. K., Canada, 1690. 

Will 1690. See Elizabeth2, below. 
k Edward. Of age in I682. D.I696, unmarried. 

ELIZABETH^ LOTHROP was probably born in Massachus- 
etts, but the record has not been found in any of the 
towns in which her parents lived. About I678 she mar- 
ried Samuel Packard Junior, who was born about 1646, in 
Hingham, Massachusetts, perhaps. Samuel's death has not 
been found, but his estate was settled in 1698. The 
"Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Packard" who died in Bridge- 
water on 6-16-1716, was perhaps this one. See PACKARD. 

The will of Mark Lothrop, Jr., made on the eve of 
his departure with Phlpps on the Canada expedition, con- 
tained a bequest of one cow and one yearling heifer to 
his sister Elizabeth Packard. 

Ellzabeth-2 Lothrop 
Sgmuel-3 Packard 
Bethiah-4 Packard 
Samuel-3 Bartlett 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

















Samuel-2 Packard 
Elizabeth-3 Edson 
Wright-2 Bartlett 
Susanna- 4 Dunbar 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

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HENRY-'- MERRITT is said to have come from Tenterden, 
Kent, England. His wife, whose name is not known, may 
have come to America with him. Henry died in Scituate, 
Massachusetts, on II-3O-I653. His wife's death has not 
been foxond. 

About 1626 some of the settlers of Plymouth, Massa- 
chusetts, decided to make a new settlement about twenty 
miles north of that town, in a place called Satuit by 
the Indians. Henry Merritt may have been among the men 
who came from Plymouth, but probably merely had "plant- 
ing lands" in Satuit at that time. The first mention of 
the name Scituate is in a deed of 4-10-1628, recorded in 
Plymouth, land sold by "Henry Merritt of Scittuate in 
America, Planter," to Nathaniel Tilden, which Merritt 
"had of Goodman [Thomas] Byrd on the Third Cliff." The 
deed is signed with an "H" only. 

In 1633 Scituate received a large accession of set- 
tlers from Boston, with Reverend John Lothrop, who kept 
careful records. Among those whose houses he listed in 
1636 was "Henry Ewell's, which Goodman Merritt hath 
bought." Henry Merritt also owned a large share in the 
New Harbor marshes. His house and lot in Scituate were 
at the corner of Greenfield Land and the "driftway," 
which since I831 has been known as Merritt 's Corner. 

Mr Lothrop recorded in his list of church members: 
"No. 46, Goodye Merritt joyned April I6, I637." Henry 
took the oath of fidelity in I638, and was made freeman 
that year. He was appointed constable in 1642, and was 
surveyor in 1643 and l644. He was in the list of those 
"able to bear arms" In 1643 in Scituate. He was one of 
the Conihassett Partners, 1646. See Note C.P. He owned 
land next to Joseph Tilden In 1649. In I65O he was ap- 
pointed commissioner of excise. 

His inventory was taken in Scituate, 1-24-1653, and 
amounted to L121.l63.3« It enumerates articles joint- 
ly purchased by Henry Merritt and his brother John Mer- 
ritt, of whom nothing is known. The estate was admin- 
istered in Scituate, 6-6-I654, by Henry's son John Mer- 
ritt, from which it is concluded that Henry Merritt Jr. 
had died before that time. 




+ 3 

Children of Henry and unknown wife, prob . b., Eng. : 

Henry^. D. by I667. M. Judith ; 3 chil. 

John. D.1677- M.I655, Elizabeth^ (Thomas^) Wyborn 
(d.l677+); 7 chil. Son John^ had 12 chil., among 
them Abigail*^, who m.l728, Edward ^ Jenkins . 

Catherine. See below. 

CATHERINE^ MERRITT was probably born in England , but 
no birthplace or date has been found. She married in 
Scituate, Massachusetts, on 6-l6?-l644, John Damon, who 
was also born in England and brought here with his sis- 
ter Hannah when quite young. Catherine died, Scituate, 
12-8-I655, and John Damon married there on 1-15-1659, 
Martha, daughter of Arthur Howland . John died in I677, 
and Martha married on 2-19-1680, Peter, son of George 
Bacon. Martha died on I2-I9-I732, "age 93," in Hingham, 
Massachusetts. See DAMON. 

Catherine-2 Merritt m. l644, 

Zachary-2 Damon m. I679, 

Martha-3 Damon m. 1,1705, 

Samuel-4 Jenkins m. 17^0, 

Edward -5 Jenkins m. 1764, 

Lucy-6 Jenkins m. I786, 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.l,l879, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.2,l894. 

John-1 Damon 
Martha- 2 Voodworth 
Edward-3 Jenkins 
Rebecca-4 White 
Jerusha-4 Neale 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah -8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

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THOMAS MITCHELL, an Englishman, married In Amster- 
dam, Holland, 4-15-l6o6, Margrlete Williams of Leices- 
tershire, England, the widow of Christopher Urchin. 

He was one of the Barrow-Greenwood group of Separa- 
tists in London, and in March 1593 he was imprisoned in 
the Clink, a notorious jail in Southwark. He was later 
an exile with the "Ancients," Francis Johnson's London 
Church in Holland, and was one of a faction of Anabap- 
tists who re-baptized themselves while the church group 
was at Kampen, Holland, in 1593-9^. About 1597 he re- 
turned to Norwich, England, apparently to make converts. 
He was again imprisoned and "shortly about to die," but 
was doubtless banished a second time. 

Known children of Thomas and Margriete: 

1 Thomas''". Res: Holland. Son Thomas wrote to Exper - 

ience in 1662, and to Edward2 Mitchell in I69O. 

2 Constance. M.l, John Fobes of Duxbury, Mass.; 

(d.l66l); 8 chll. M.2,l662, John Briggs of Ports- 
mouth, R. I., (d.1690). 
+ 3 Experience, born about I609. See below. 

EXPERIENCE^ MITCHELL was born about I609, probably 
in England. He married in Massachusetts after June 1, 
1627, Jane, a daughter of Francis Cooke, one of the May- 
flower passengers. Jane is thought to have been born 
in Holland, probably Leyden, about 1609. She was dead 
by 6-I8-I666, when her father's estate was distributed. 
Experience died shortly before 5-14-1689 In Bridgewater, 
Massachusetts, survived by a widow Mary, of whom noth- 
ing is known. See COOKE. 

Experience came to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the 
Pilgrim ship Anne in I623, his age being given as four- 
teen. He Is known to have been in Leyden with the Pil- 
grims, as were the Southworths, before going to London. 
Experience, evidently an orphan, lived with Mrs South- 
worth, who also came on the Anne. He was one of Fran- 
cis Cooke's group in Plymouth, and shared with them in 
the division of land in l624, and of the cattle on June 
1, 1627. He was unmarried at that time, and Jane was 
still Jane Cooke. 



In 1631 he sold his Plymouth lands at Spring Hill, 
to Samuel Eads. At the incorporation of Plymouth in 
1633 he was made a freeman. In 1638, he, Francis Cooke, 
Moses Symons and others were appointed "to set forth 
heighways about Plymouth, Ducksborrow and the Eele Riv- 
er." He was one of the original proprietors of Duxbury 
and in l6^0 was appointed one of the surveyors of high- 
ways there, also served on the grand inquest, and was 
elected constable. In I65O he bought a house and farm 
at Bluefish River in Duxbury from William Paybody. In 
1653 a record: "Witnesseth these presents that whereas 
Henery Rowland of Duxborrow and Experience Mitchell of 
the same Town, having their LaJids Joyning together and 
theire habitations neare eich other and the said henery 
howland haveing conveniency of a spring and small brooke 
before his Land for watering of Cattle and otherwise, 
and the said Experience Mitchell being wholly defective 
of the aforesaid conveniency: NOW Know all men...." (He 
was allowed the use of the spring.) A I68O deed to Ed- 
ward Fobes is pictured in Mayflower Descendant Vol. 7:1, 
with his autograph signature. 

He made his will on 12-5-1688. The inventory of his 
estate was taken 5-1^-1689 by Thomas Haward and John 
Haward, and the will was offered for probate, 9-4-1689. 
It provided for his wife Mary, his sons Edward and John, 
daughters Mary Shaw, Hannah Haward, Sarah Haward , grand - 
sons Experience and Thomas Mitchell, and granddaughter 
Mary Mitchell. Witnesses were son Edward Mitchell, and 
Joseph Bartlett. 

Children of Experience and Jane, order not known: 

1 Elizabeth^. M.1645, John Washburn, Jr. {I62I-I686) 
11 chil. John m.,2, cl686, Elizabeth, widow of 
Samuel Packard . 

2 Thomas, CI636. Hatter. Not in Mass. records after 
1675- D. bef. 5-6-I687. 3 sons; perhaps daus . 
See Austin, Gens, of R.I., p. 133. 

3 Jacob, 3d child. He and wife k. by Inds., I676. M. 
1666, Susan^ (Thomas-'-) Pope of Plymouth; 3 chil. 

4 Mary. Living I689. M.I652, James^ (johnl) Shaw of 
Middleborough; 3 chil. 

5 Edward, cl643. Living I690, when his cousin Thomas 
Mitchell wrote him from Holland. M.l,cl666,Mary2 
( Thomas 1) Hayward; no chil. (M.2,?^708, Alice 4 
[John-^, William2,l] Bradford (1678-17^6); 3 chil.) 

6 Sarah, cl645. See following. 

7 John. D,1719. M.l, I675, Mary^ (Thomas^) Bonney, 
(d.1677); 2 sons. M. 2, 1680, Mary Lathrop (d., 
1681). M. 3, 1682, Mpry Prior; 8 chil., Duxbury. 



8 Hannah^. Alive 1702. 3d wife, cl682, Joseph^ 
( Thomas ^) Hayvard (d.l7l8); 8 chil., 1683 to 1702. 

SARAH^ MITCHELL was born probabl 
achusetts, about 1645. She married 
son 'of Thomas Hayvard. John was bo 
1642, and died in 1710, in which yea 
recorded. The death of Sarah has n 
was living in I689 when her father's 

A letter from Thomas Mitchell of 
dated 7-24-1662, to his uncle Exper 
Duxbury, speaks of receiving a let 
"bearing date 23 April I66I," in whi 
wish my cousin Sarah much joy in he 

y in Duxbury, Mass- 
about 1661, John, 
rn in Duxbury about 
r his inventory was i 
ot been found. She 

will was probated. 

Amsterdam, Holland, 
ience-1 Mitchell of 
ter from his uncle, 
ch he says, "l also 
r marriage state." 

Sarah-2 Mitchell 
Susanna-3 Hayvard 
Susanna-4 Hayward 
Susanna- 4 Dunbar 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

m. CI66I, John-2 Hayward 

m. 1702, Thomas-3 Hayvard 

m. 1738, David-3 Dunbar 

m. 1757, Samuel-3 Bartlett 

m. 1786, Lucy-6 Jenkins 

m. 1836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

m. 1,1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

m. 2,1894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

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HENRY NEALE was born in England about I619. In a 
? deposition, 6-30-165^, he gave his age as thirty-five. 
His first wife's name was Martha, surname unknown. She 
idied in Braintree, Massachusetts, at the birth of Sarah 
I on 7-23-1653. Henry married second, on 2-14-1656, in 
Braintree, Hanna, the daughter of Quinton Pray, the cer- 
i emony being performed by Captain Torrey of Weymouth, 
Massachusetts. According to Braintree records, "Henery 
Neale Senior died the l6th October, I688 . He was sear- 
jant." His age on his gravestone is given as seventy- 
lone, with the added statement: "^Father of 21." Hannah 
survived her husband and was alive in I69I, but no fur- 
ther record has been f oiond . See PRAY. 

i It is possible that he was the brother of John Neale 
of Salem, Massachusetts, but this has not been proved. 
On 2-24-1640 he was granted by the town of Boston, twelve 
acres, his family then consisting of three persons. By 
trade he was a carpenter or builder. He was a town of- 
ficer in Braintree. After his second marriage he re- 
moved to Providence, Rhode Island, where on I-27-I658 
he had a "six aker lot layd out to him. He sold this 
[land on II-23-I66O and returned to Braintree. He was 
active in Braintree affairs until old age, serving as a 
selectman, etc. He was also sergeant of the trainband, 
the highest officer of that necessary company. 

He made one will on 8-II-I688, but made another one 
on 9-I2-I688. This one, proved 2-27-1691, provided for 
wife Hannah, four sons, and eleven daughters. 

Children of Henry and Mertha, born in Braintree: 

1 Martha^, l-l6-l642. D. I679. 

2 Samuel, 7-31-1647. M.I678, Abigai]? (James^, Wil- 

liam^, James^, Robert^) Penniman (l651-l688)j 4 

3 Henry, 3-I9-I649. D. 1717. 

4 Hannah, 4-2-1651. D. I657. 

5 Sarah. D., 5-I6-I653. 

6 Sara, 7-23-I653. D. 1657 


Children of Henry and Hannah, born in Braintree: 

7 Abigail^, 2-l4-l657- Liv.1691. M.,l674, Peter^ 

(Benjamin^) Scott (b.l643). 

8 Joseph, 8-8-1660. D.1737. Lieutenant. Widow Mary 

d.1747, "age 83." 5 chil. 

9 Sarah, 12-20-l66l. D.I736. K.I683, John Mansfield 

Jr. (1656-1717); 10 chil. 

10 Hannah, I-2I-I663. D.,1720. M.,1678, Nehemiah^ 

(John!) Hayden (l648-17l8); 9 chil. 

11 Mary, 3-II-I665. D.,1724. M., John^ (Thomas^) 

Thayer (1656-17^6); 2 sons. 

12 Rachel, 2-1-1666. D.,l675. 

13 Deborah, 9-I-I667. M.I689, John^ ( Steven ^, Mosesl) 

Paine (b.l666); 9 chil. 

14 Benjamin, 4-15-1668. 

+15 Benjamin, 3-7-1668/9 . See below. 

16 Ruth, 12-25-1670. M.,1688, Ebenezer^ (Thomas"'-) 

Thayer (1665-1720); 10 chil. in 1709- 

17 Lydla, IO-IO-I672. M.1695, Joseph Jones. 

18 Rebecca, birth recorded, but no date given. Proba- 

bly 1673-4. Living 1688. 

19 Elizabeth, 6-28-I675. D., Scotland , Conn. 

M.I695, John3 (Thomas2, Samuel l) Bass ; 7 chil. by 

20 Rachel, b. aft. 1675- M.,1698, Ralph^ (johnl) Pope; 


21 Joanna, 5-27-l680. M. 1,1700, Shadrach^ (Shadrach2, , 

Samuell) Vilbore (1672-1749); 10 chil. M. 2, 1751, 
Benjamin Leach of Bridgewater (d.l764). 

BENJJiJ^IN2 NEALE, recorded in Braintree, Messachu- 
setts, as "borne 2nd mo. 15th I668, son of Henry & Han- 
na his wlffe," has usually been taken as the husband of" 
Lydia Paine. However, the one born 3-7-I668/9 would be' 
the more obvious choice. He married, I-2O-I689, Brain- 
tree, Lydia, daughter of Steven Paine. The marriage was 
recorded by Reverend Peter Thatcher, of Milton, Massachu- 
setts, who also married Benjamin's sister Deborah Neale 
to John Paine, his brother-in-law. Lydia was born in 
Braintree on 9-3O-I67O, but no record of her death has 
been found. Benjamin died in Braintree, 1-12-1746, "ir. 
his 78th year," which fits both birth dates. See PAINE. 

He was always accorded the title of distinction in 
the records, "Mr Benjamin Neale." He served the town in 
various offices. The records show he was a surveyor in 
1694, appointed fence viewer in I698, and constable in 
1700. He subscribed L12 for a pew in the new church in 
1731. In 1736 he was appointed moderator of selectmen. 
That year he was on a committee with Honorable Leonard 
Vassall, Mr Richard Faxon, Mr William Penniman, and Mr 


John Holbrook, which voted L300. to pull down the old 
iron forge at Braintree, and demolish the dam which was 
interfering with the fish swimming upstream. 

Children of Benjamin and Lydia, born in Braimtree: 

1 Lydia^, 2-9-1690. 

2 Hannah, 3-I6-I692. M.I716, John Bass 

3 Benjamin, 3-3-169^. D.17^7, "age 5^." Wife Kehit- 

able d. 1730, "rge 29." 

4 Joseph, 11-19-1695. M.1720, Sarah Mills? 

5 Henry, 8-4-1697. D. inf. 

6 Abigail, 8-20-1698. D. yg. 

+ 7 Jonathan, IO-I3-I70O. See below. 

8 Jerusha, IO-2-I703. D. I706. 

9 Abijah, 12-22-1709- M.1733, Experience^ (Samuel^, 

Joseph2, Thomasl) White (b.l707). 

Braintree, Massachusetts. He married in Hingham, Mass- 
achusetts, 12-8-17^1, Abigail Pratt. She was born in 
Hingham on 8-4-1708, the daughter of Aaron Pratt. Jon- 
athan died in 1770, probably in Cohasset, Massachusetts, 
where the death of Abigail is recorded on IO-I8-I796. 

Jonathan Neale graduated from Harvard College in the 
class of 1724, and became minister of Hingham. He set- 
tled in the Cohasset section of Hingham, where in 1741 
he built a house on South Main Street, just south of the 
Pratt homestead. On 4-7-1769 he sold half of this prop- 
erty to Aaron-4 Pratt, who later was in possession of 
the entire property. Abigail lived with her son-in-law 
Thomas^ Pratt (husband of Sarah Neale) when a widow. 

Children of Jonathan and Abigail, born in the "Sec- 
ond Precinct" (Cohasset) of Hingham: 

1 Abigail^, I-15-I743. D.1752. 

2 Jonathan, CI743. 

3 Sarah 1-12-1744. D.I806. M.I765, her cousin Tho- 

mas'^ (Aaron3, Aaron ^, Phlneas ^) Pratt (I736-I818) 
13 chil. Revolutionary soldier. 
+ 4 Jerusha, II-23-I747. See following. 

5 Alice, 7-1-1750. M.I777, Samuel4 (Cushing3, Rich- 

ard2, Johnl) Kilby (b.l755). Revolutionary sol- 

6 Joseph, 12-12-1752. D.1842. M. 1,1775, Mary^ (Tho- 

mas-) Gill (b.1754); 2 chil. M. ,2,1791, Sarah2 
(Benjamin!) Mann of Scituate (1763-l84l); 2 chil. 



JERUSHA* NEALE was born in Cohasset, Massachusetts, 
on 11-23-1747, and baptized there on 11-29-17^7, proba- 
bly by her father. She married in Cohasset on 6-4-1764 
Edward Jenkins. He was born in Scituate, Massachusetts, 
on 12-4-1741, the son of Samuel Jenkins. Jerusha is 
said to have died on 11-25-1827 . A Mrs Jenkins died in 
Scituate on 3-9-1835, "age 87," which seems to fit this 
Mrs Jenkins. Edward Jenkins was discharged from the 
Revolutionary Army on 8-9-I7SO, but must be the Edward 
Jenkins living in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, in 1790. 

Jerusha-4 Neale 
Lucy-D Jenkins 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henrv-6 Baker Bartlett 

m. 1764, Edward-5 Jenkins 

m. 1786, Samuel-4 Bartlett 

m. 1836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

m. 1,1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

m. 2,1894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

Authorities : 

Descendants of Phinehas Pratt. 

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Middlesex, Mass., Files. 

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Vital Records. 



SAMUELI PACKARD was born In England, perhaps In 
Windham, Norfolk. His wife's name was Elizabeth, par- 
entage unknown. Samuel died in Bridgewater, Massachu- 
setts, on 11-7-1684. Elizabeth married before 10-27-1694 
John Washburn, father-in-law of two of her daughters. 

The records of Trinity Church add the following: 
"Samuel Packard who came from England in the ship Dili- 
gent of Ipswich, stoped awhile at Hingham [Mass.], and 
from there came to Bridgewater about I638." According 
to the Gushing Manuscript, from which the foregoing was 
probably taken, the ship Diligent with I33 passengers, 
John Marten, Master, arrived in Hingham, Massachusetts, 
8-IO-I638. The Packards (Packer and Parker on the ship 
records) were from "Wymondham, Norfolk," and brought a 
child with them, perhaps the daughter Elizabeth. 

Several of their children were reportedly baptized 
in Hingham, but about I653 the family moved to Weymouth, 
Massachusetts, where their son John was born. Samuel 
had land there and must have been a church member, as he 
held office, that of selectman. About I663 they moved 
to Bridgewater and seem to have lived there until Samu- 
el's death, although he had a grant of land in Haver- 
hill, Massachusetts, in I682. In l664 he was appointed 
Constable of Bridgewater, and in I667 he helped lay out 
the new roads. (See Notes on Bridgewater.) In I67O he 
was licensed to keep an ordinary or tavern, a privilege 
accorded only after the town was satisfied as to the re- 
spectability of the applicant. He had a share in the 
Outer Lands in I683. (See Notes on Bridgewater.) 

His will was made on 10-29-1684, about a week before 
he died. It bequeathed to "loveing wiff Elizabeth," 
eldest son Samuel to have 64 acres of land in Bridgewat- 
er, "which his dwelling now stands upon," also two mea- 
dow lots; son Zaccheus to have "the house wherein he now 
dwelleth," and 24 acres, &c; son John 70 acres in Bridge- 
water, &c; son Nathaniel "2/3 parts of my farm in Bridge- 
water, Which he Now Dwelleth upon, containing 36 acres, " 
&c; 1/3 of the farm to grandchild Israeli Agur. Other 
bequests were to daughters Mary Philips, Hannah Randall, 
Jael Smith, Deborah Washburn, Deliverance Washburn, his 
grandchild Deliverance Augur, grandchildren SAMUEL PACK- 
ARD and Daniel Packer, sons of son Samuel ; grandchildren 
Israel son of Zaccheus, and Caleb Phillips. Wife Eliz- 
abeth and son Samuel to be joint executors. The inven- 
tory of the estate was taken in November 1684, signed by 
Mark Laythorpe and John Field. Samuel Packard, Junior, 


made oath to the Inventory on 3-5-1684/5. It is appar- 
ent that he had already provided well for his children. 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth: 

1 Elizabeth?-, prob. eldest, b. Eng. M. ,Taunton,l665, 
Thomas Alger of Easton. Chil., Deliverance and 
Israel named in her father's will, l68k . 
+ 2 Samuel, bap. (Hingham?), 1646. See below. 

3 Mary. D.I685+ M.CI656, Richard^ (Nicholasl) Phil- 

lips of Weymouth (l64l-l695); 10 chil. Richard m. 
2,1690+, Elizabeths ( Samuell ) Ed 3 on ( cl643-l695+) 
widow of John Kingman. 

4 Hannah. M.l, bef. I669, Clement Briggs, Jr. (1642 

-1669); 1 son. M.2, near I67I, Thomas2 (Robertl) 
Randall ( CI638-I7II) ; 7 chil. by I685. 

5 Israel. Hist, of Weymouth says bap. 7-19-1646. Was 

a trooper in I671. Not in father's will, l684. 

6 Zaccheus, bap. Hingham, 4-20-1651. D.I723. M.CI679 

Sarah2 (johrJ- ) Howard; 9 chil. by I699. 

7 Abigail, bap. Hingham, 4-20-1651. (Jael Smith in fa- 

ther's will.) M.I672, JohnS (Henryl) Smith; 3 ch. 

8 Thomas, b. Hingham. Not in father's will,l684. Res: 

Bridgewater. (M. Joanna Tuttle?) Had son Joseph. 
9Deborah. M.CI677, Samuel^ (John^ & Elizabeth Mitch- 
ell , Johnl) Washburn (CI65I-I720) ; 6 chil. 

10 Deliverance, bap. Hingham, 7-II-I652. 2d wife, 

Thomas^ (John2, Johi?- ) Washburn (l648-cl729) ; 7 
chil. by 2 wives. He m.l701. Deliverance LeonarxJ. 

11 Nathaniel. Will 1720. M., Lydia«5 (John2, Henryl) 

Smith (b.l660); I3 chil. 

12 John, b. Weymouth, 7-20-1655. D.1741. M., Judith 

Willis (CI67I-I76I); 1 son. 

SAMUEI? PACKARD is said to have been baptized, l646, 
perhaps in Hingham, where the Packards lived at that 
time. He married about I678, Elizabeth Lothrop. Her 
father, Mark Lothrop, signed the inventory of Samuel 
Packard, Senior. Samuel Packard, Junior, died previous 
to 1698, when his estate was settled. It is not known 
when Elizabeth died. See LOTHROP. 

Samuel Packard is called "eldest son" in his fath- 
er's will of 1684, of which he and his mother were joint 
executors. By the will he was to have "64 acres of Isind 
in Bridgewater, which his dwelling now stands upon..."; 
also 25 acres "which is not yett Layed out," besides two 
meadow lots. He shared in the "Outer Lands," in I683. 
(See Notes on Bridgewater.) It is evident that he was 
a well-to-do man, and probably kept the tavern. 

In 1676, as a yoxing man of thirty, he took part in 
a noted Indian fight. (See Note on King Philip's War.) 


In 1689 he was appointed Ensign of the Bridgewater Mil- 
itary Company, Ensign John Howard having been promoted. 
In 1690 Elizabeth's brother Mark Lothrop, Junior, a 
bachelor, made his will on the eve of joining the Canada 
expedition under Phlpps. He never returned, and Eliza- 
beth received a legacy of one cow and one yearling calf. 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth, b. Bridgewater: 

+ 1 Samuel , about I680. See below. 

2 Daniel. In grandfather's will,l684. Will 1732. M., 

1713, Mary2 ( I saacl , Arthur) Harris (d.l727);7 ch. 

3 Joseph, CI697. D.176O. M.I723, Mary^ (John^ & Ex- 

perience Byram , Johnl) Vlllis (1699-177^) ; 3 chil. 

4 Elizabeth. Prob. d. yg. No further record found. 

5 Mary. M.1700, Amos^ (Thomasl ) Snell (I678-I755); 

9 chil. by 1727. 

6 Susanna. M.1715, John2 (Thomas^) Snell (I68O-I767) 

7 chil. by 1728. 

SAMUEL'S PACKARD was born in Bridgewater about 1680. 
He married there on 5-24-1705, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Samuel Edson. She was born in Bridgewater, 8-29-1684, 
and was no doubt the "Elizabeth, w. of Samuel Packard," 
who died in Bridgewater on 6-I6-I716, eleven days after 
the birth of son John. "Samuel Packard, h. of Elisa- 
beth," died in Bridgewater in 1749. (Mitchell says Sam- 
uel and Elizabeth both died in I716.) See EDSON. 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth, b. Bridgewater: 

1 Samuel^, 9-I6-I707. (D.,1774?) M.,1729, Susanna^ 
(Samuel^, Stephen-'-?) Kingsley; 4 chil. by 1740. 
+ 2 Bethiah, about I7IO. See below. 

3 Paul, 4-1-1714. M., 1,1744, Susan^ (Prlnce'i) Joy of 

Hlngham (b.1715). M. 2, 1749, Sarah Bruce; 1 son. 

4 Job, 6-5-1716. D.,1805. M.,1, Rachel ; son 

Job b.& d.1749. M. 2,1751, Keziah (Thomasl) Wade, 
(1729-1759). M. 3, 1790, Mrs Hannah [Allen] Edson. 

BETHIAH^ PACKARD was born about 1710, her birth re- 
corded between the son born in I707 and the son born in 
1714. She married in Bridgewater on 7-29-1731, Wright, 
son of John Bartlett. Wright was born in Hull, Massa- 
chusetts, on 4-8-1704, and was drowned in Boston Harbor 
on 3-16-1747. Bethiah died on 10-7-1750. See BARTLETT. 

Chamberlain: History of Weymouth, Mass., 4:454. 

Mitchell: History of Bridgewater, Mass. 

Packard Genealogy. Edson Genealogy. 

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Bridgewater, Weymouth, and Hull (original), Mass., V.R. 




ARMS: Azure on a bend gules, between a lion's head 
cabossed in chief and an eagle's leg couped 
a la guise, holding a torteau in base proper, 
three arrows or. 

CREST: A deml-man couped at loins in profile, hold- 
ing in dexter hand an arrow. 



JOHN^ PAYNE was born about 1420, probably in Frit- 
tenden, Kent, England. His mother's name, according to 
his will, was Agnes. His will was made 4-12-1463, and 
he is thought to have died shortly afterwards. He was 
married to his wife Joane about 1442. She survived him, 
but how long is not known. 

This family is said to have originally been de Pay- 
en or de Pagen, favored of William the Conqueror, and 
lived in Kent from a very early time. The following is 
from the Patent Rolls of 13 Henry VI: "On 6-25-1435 a 
pardon was granted to William Appilby of Bidynden,Kent, 
for not appearing before Robert Hull and his fellows. 
Justices of the King's Bench, of his late Majesty Henry 
IV, to answer Richard Payne, late Chamberlain of the 
Bishop of St. Davids and Stephen Payn, brother of the 
said Payne, executors of the will of John Payn, Chamber- 
lain of the Bishop of St. Davids, touching a plea that 
he render t6, 8, 0." One of these Paynes may have been 
the father of John^ Payne of Frittenden. 

John Payn left a very large property. At the time 
his will was made, 4-12-1463, all his children were un- 
der age. His will mentions his wife Joane, his mother 
Agnes, his sons Edmond, Stephen, and Elizabeth, his un- 
married daughter. He left to Stephen, then his young- 
est son, "four pieces of land containing ten acres upon 
the den of Peseregge, viz., to the highway to the soiith." 

Children of John and Joane: 

1 Edmund ^^, cl442. Will I5OO. Wife Agnes; no chil. 

2 Elizabeth, cl445. Alive and unmar., 1463. 
+ 3 Stephen, cl450. See following. 

STEPHEN"'""^ PAYN was born in Frittenden, Kent, about 
1450. He died between 5-3-1505, the date of his will, 
and IO-2I-I505, when it was proved. He married about 
1478 a daughter of John Webb, mentioned in his will. The 
father of John Webb was William. Stephen was survived 
by a second wife, Joane, whom he married about 1488. 

Stephen's very long will provided for wife Johan, 
daughter Johan, "John & Edmu'de payn my sonnys that I 
had by me first wiff," Thomas and other sons and daugh- 
ters by Johane. 


Children of Stephen and first wife: 

1 Johanne,ii^ cl480. 
+ 2 John, cl483. See following. 

3 Edmund, cl485. D.cl5l8. M.CI508, Godleve; 4 chil. 

Children of Stephen and Johane : 

4 Jamesi^^, cl490. D.I562. Wife Elizabeth; 1 dau.cl5L5. 

5 Thomas, cl493. 

6 Stephen, CI495. Will 1553- M.CI52O, Agnes; 2 chil. 

7 Other chil. mentioned but not named in will, I505. 

JOHN-^-^-^ PAINE was born in Frittenden about 1483. 
He died before I526. His wife, name not known, married 
again before I526, a man named Buchorn. No will has 
been found, but John's daughter Elizabeth made her will 
at the age of eighteen, showing the following: 

1 Elizabeth^^, CI508. Made her will in I526. 
+ 2 John, CI5IO. See below. 

3 Johane, cl5l4. 

JOHN-"-^ PAYNE was born about I5IO, probably in Frit- •• 
tenden, Kent. He married about 153^, Jane, daughter of 
Robert Coucheman (now Cushman) , clothier of Frittenden. 
John died about 1550, survived by Jane. His will named 
wife Jajie executrix, sons Roberte and Nycolas , daughters 
Elyzabethe, Margarette and Cecylye, and directed that 
his body be buried in the churchyard at Frittenden. 

Children of John and Jane, born in Frittenden: 

1 Robert"^, CI535. Will l6o4. Wife Dennys d.l6o4+;2ch. 

2 Elizabeth, CI537. D.1549+ M. John Mascall; 2 sons. 
+ 3 Nicholas, CI539. See below. 

4 Margaret, cl542. Liv.1549. M.l, John Meriam. M.2, 

Richard Reader. M.3, William Lambard . 

5 Cicely, cl546. Liv. I549. 

NICHOLAS^ PAYNE was born in Frittenden, Kent, about 
1539. He married first about 1564, Agnes Crofton, who 
was buried in Frittenden on 8-24-1591. His second wife, 
Joyce, unidentified, was buried l-l8-l5l0 inFrittenden, 
and he married third, 7-9-1611, Mary Besbeech, who sur- 
vived him. Nicholas was buried In Frittenden l-24-l6l8. 

He left a large estate. His will of 5-10-1517 is 
very long. After bequests to wife Mary, all his living 
children and grandchildren (including John son of Moses) 
he appointed Moses residuary legatee of all his goods 


and chattels, messuages, lands, tenements euid heridata- 
ments. The will, sealed with a ring, was probated on 

Children of Nicholas and Agnes, baptisms recorded at 
St. Mary's, Frittenden, Kent: 

1 Katherinevi, bap. 7-1-1565. D. bef.l6l7; no issue. 

2 John, 5-15-1569. D. bef. 1617. 

3 Grace, twin, 1-9-1572. D. inf. 

4 Jane, twin, 1-9-1572. D. inf. 

5 Thomas, 6-12-1573. D. 1576. 

6 Jane, 9-26-157^. Llv. I617. M.1595, Thomas Young; 

4 chil. by 1617. 

7 Thomas, 3-24-1577. D. inf. 

8 Elizabeth, 6-22-1578. D. inf. 

9 William, twin, 6-22-1578. D. I706, unmarried. 

10 Tabitha, twin, 4-23-1581. M. Nathan Hubert; 4 
chil. by 1617. 
+11 Moses, twin, 4-23-1581. See below. 

MOSES-'- PAINE, son of Nicholas Paine of Frittenden, 
Kent, England, was baptized there on 4-23-1581. He died 
in Braintree, Massachusetts, where he was buried on 
6-21-1643 . His first wife, married in Tenterden, Kent, 
on II-2-I615, was Mary, the daughter of John Benison. 
Mary died in England in 1618. He married second, about 
1619, Elizabeth*, daughter of Richard and Margery [Rob- 
erts] Sheafe. She was baptized in Cranbrook, Kent, on 
10-26-1589, and buried in Tenterden on IO-II-I632. She 
had married first in Cranbrook, Kent, in I610, Timothy 
Collier. Their children were: 

1 Timothy Collier, I-I6-I613. 

2 Robert Collier, 2-23-l6l6. 

3 Elizabeth Collier, 12-27-l6l8. 

Moses married about l642, the young widow of Mr Edmiind 
Qulncy, Senior, who had died about I636. She was born 
Judith Paris. Her two children by her first marriage: 

1 Edmund^ Qulncy (1628-I698). M. Joanna Hoar (d.l68o) 

Ancestors of President John Qulncy Adams. 

2 Judith Qulncy, 9-3-1626. M. John^ (Robert^) Hull. 

* She was the cousin of Joan Sheafe who married William 
Chittenden, a Guilford, Connecticut, ancestor of Hannah 
Celina Hall, the wife of Henry5 Boyd Bartlett. 



Judith Palne, widow, married Mr Robert Hull, "the Mint 
Master." She died on 11-29-165^- See SHEAFE. 

Moses, a twin, and one of eleven children, was the 
eldest living son at the death of his father in I618. 
He inherited the estates, and it is apparent he brought 
considerable wealth with him to have acquired so much 
land in New England in so short a time, for he lived but 
five years after his arrival. He came in the ship The 
Castle in I638 with his surviving children, Elizabeth, 
Moses and Stephen. 

He was a proprietor in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the 
year he arrived, I638. On 6-2-1641 he was made a free- 
man of Braintree. The same year he was commisslcned En- 
sign of the Military Company in Braintree. In 1642, he 
with Peter Brackett bought of the Indians at Mendon, a 
tract of land eight miles square, afterwards deeded to 
the Colony. In the records he is always given the title 
of distinction, "Gent." and he used it himself in his 
will. He owned much property in the Colony and in "Ould 
England," which he enumerated in his will. Abstract: 

"16 of the 4th mo., commonly called June, l643: I, 
Moses Paine of Braintree in New England, gent. Execu- 
tor, son Moses. To Steven Paine my second sonne one- 
quarter of my goods & lands in Braintree, Concord, Cam- 
bridge & Piscataway in New England, also a quarter of my 
goods or debts in Ould England if they may be recovered. 
Out of the former household stuffe that one chest of 
fine Linnen to be given my daughter Elizabeth Paine, and 
one quarter of my goods in the aforesaid places, & In 
Ould England if they may be recovered. Of the aforesaid 
linnen in the chest, two paire of fine and stronge 
sheetes to be given sonne Moses, & two paire to son Ste- 
ven, strong & good. Sonne Steven to be under sonne Mo- 
ses tuition till at the age of 20 & 3 yeeres. To sonne 
Steven twenty pounds sterling. To be brought up at 
Schoale for 3 months & 6 months for the bettering of his 
reading & writing, to be paid for by sonne Moses. Last- 
ly, the moiety & one halfe of my estate, goods, houses. 
Lands, cattle, debts, moveables, Chatteles, to be given 
to my oldest sonne, Moses Payne. Further, to the said 
Moses I give half my debts in Ould England, if they may 
be recovered. Daughter Elizabeth to be paid her por- 
tion within three months after my decease." 

As an addition to this my last will, I Moses Paine, 
bequeath unto my wife Judith Paine, 20 shilling, to be 
paid her within the space of ten years after my decease. 

The inventory was taken on 9-1-1643, and included a 
dwelling house and barn; house and land at Concord, one 
at Cambridge, other lands, household effects (Including 



a chest of linen appraised at LI3. 7s.) > grain, pewter 
at iil4. 63., plate at t5. 10s., a "great Bible," and 
other books. The inventory amounted to t671., and his 
debts to t73. 

Child of Moses and Mary, born in England: 

1 John^, bap. 11-3-1616. Llv. I617. Prob. d. yg. 
Children of Moses and Elizabeth, bap. in Tenterden: 

2 Elizabeth2, bap. 7-23-1620. M.1643, Henry^(Henry^) 

Adams ( Indians, March I676); 8 chil. She was 
accidentally killed by a soldier the same night, 
at the house of Rev. Mr Wilson. 

3 Margaret, 11-4-1621. Prob. d. yg. 

k Moses, 11-16-1623. D. 1690. M. cl645, Elizabeth^ 
(Williaml) Colborn (d.l704); 10 chil. He joined 
Anc. & Hon. Artillery Co., 1644; was Representa- 
tive, 1666, 1668; Lieutenant, I677. 
+ 5 Steven, 5-7-1626. See below. 

STEPHEN^ PAINE was baptized at St. Mildred's, Ten- 
terden, Kent, England, 5-7-1626. He married at Brain- 
tree, Massachusetts, on II-I5-I65I, Hanna, daughter of 
Deacon Samuel Bass. Stephen died on 6-29-I69I, Brain- 
tree. Hanna married second, 7-l4-l692, Shadrach Wilbur 
of Taunton, Massachusetts, who was born in Taxinton about 
1696. See BASS. 

The first mention of Stephen Paine in America is in 
his father's will of 1643, in which he is called second 
son. His father left him one-quarter of his estate, and 
in addition he was to have twenty pounds sterling, and 
"two pair of sheetes, strong & good." Stephen was to be 
"under sonne Moses tuition till at the age of 20 & 3 
yeeres," and to be "brought up at Schoale for 3 months 
and 6 months, for the bettering of his reading and wri- 
ting, to be paid for by sonne Moses." 

Stephen joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company of Massachusetts at Boston, and became its Ser- 
geant in 1649. He was made freeman of Massachusetts Bay 
Colony In 1653' There are many records of him in Brain- 
tree - for instance: on I2-I9-I67O, "At a towne meeting 
being publike notice given and the towne being met at 
Steven Paines...." and "inhabitants to meet at Steven 
Paines Sr. house. 28th day of Oct at 9. oclock in the 
morning to consider young growth of wood." (One of the 
men attending this meeting was Henry Neale, father-in- 
law of two of Stephen's children.) He is also recorded 


aa overseer of William Penn's first will. Perm's last 
will left iP each to Stephen Senior, and Stephen Junior. 
Bodge says : "Steven Paine contributed largely to ex- 
penses of early Indian Wars. Served in Mount Hope Cam- 
paign, Capt. Prentice, in King Philip's War, 1675- Was 
trooper under Lt. Edward Oakes, I675-6." 

Children of Stephen and Hanna, recorded in Braintree: 

1 Stephen3, 3-8-I652. D.I69O. K.I682, Ellen^ (Wm.l) 

Beasey (b.1652); k chil. She m.2, Crosby. 

2 Samuel, 6-10-l65^. M.I678, Mary5 (Jas!^, Wm3, Jas.2, 

Robert!) penniman (1652-1739); 7 chil. by I696. 

3 Hannah, I-28-I656. D. 17^2. M. 167^, Theophilus 

Curtis (d.1710); 10 chil. 

4 Sarah, 3-9-I657. D.1742. M.I679, Roger Billings, 

Jr., of Dorchester (l657-cl7lS) ; 12 chil. 

5 Moses, 3-26-1660. D.1746. M.cl688, Mary^ (Thomasl) 

Pierce (1665-17^3); 6 chil. 

6 John, 8-21-1666. M.1689, Deborah2 ( Henry l) Neale 

(b.1667); 9 chil. by 1704. 
+ 7 Lydia, 9-2O-I67O. See below. 

LYDIA3 PAINE was born in Braintree, Massachusetts. 
"Liddia Payne, daughte of Steevin & Hanna his wiffe, 
born the 7th mo. 20th, I670." She and her brother John 
were married to a brother and sister by the Reverend Mr 
Peter Thacher of Milton, on I-20-I689. Lydia 's husband 
was Benjamin Neale, born in Braintree on 3-7-I668, the 
son of Henry Neale. He died in Braintree on 1-12-1746. 
Eight children were recorded in Braintree by I703, the 
next one being Abijah on 12-22-1709. As Lydia 's death 
has not been found, Abijah may be the child of a second 
wife. See NEALE, for descent to Henry Baker Bartlett. 


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PHINEHAS^ PRATT, the son of Reverend Henry Pratt, a 
Nonconformist English clergyman, was born about 1590 to 
1593* in England. He married about I63O, Mary, daugh- 
ter of Degory Priest, one of the Mayf lover passengers. 
Phinehas died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 4-19-1680, 
"ag^ about 90 y^s." He was survived by Mary, who was 
probably the "Widow Pratt lately died," whose inventory 
was taken in July 1689 in Charlestown. See PRIEST. 

From Descendants of Phinehas Pratt: "Henry Pratt of 
Cohasset, perhaps named in honor of the Nonconformist 
minister, often heard his grandmother Abigail Pratt, who 
married Reverend Jonathan Neale , relate that Reverend 
Henry was imprisoned at the same time that over four 
hundred religious teachers were confined in damp and 
gloomy jails in England for preaching the gospel contra- 
ry to the rules of the Established Church of England. 
While incarcerated he managed to communicate with his 
distressed family by writing to them with blood which 
he drew from his arm. Abigail lived with Henry's father 
during her widowhood and was a remarkably intelligent 
woman, and had a correct and retentive memory." 

Phinehas Pratt was one of the colonists gathered to- 
gether by the unprincipled Weston, and one of the ten 
who sailed from England in the ship Sparrow which ar- 
rived at Damorall's Islands, Maine, In May l622. They 
left the vessel in a little shallop, and after waiting 
at Plymouth for the ships Charity and Swan which brought 
others of the Weston company, settled at what was later 
called Weymouth. They erected fortifications instead 
of planting and preparing for the winter. Many starved 
and the survivors were at the mercy of the natives, and 
"they were indebted to the courage, adroitness, and en- 
durance of Pratt for their deliverance and their lives." 
In the winter of 1622-23 the Indians planned to destroy 
the English, both at Weymouth and Plymouth, "in one day 
when the snow was gone." Phinehas was the only man who 
dared to go and warn the Plymouth settlers. His "Nar- 
rative" describes how he deceived the Indians, escaped, 
lost his way (thus being missed by the Indians who pur- 
sued him) and reached Plymouth in time to corroborate 
warnings from Massasoit; also how a few days afterwards 
Captain Miles Standish set out on an expedition which re- 
sulted in inflicting on the Indians "the doom that thay 
had in store for the Eingllsh." Phinehas was too weak 


to go with him. On regaining strength he went to Pl3- 
cataqua and was in skirmishes with the Indians at Agawam 
(Ipswich) and Dorchester, but seems to have suffered all 
his life as a result of injuries Incurred in the thirty 
mile flight, and from exposure in the freezing weather. 
However, he was on the l6^3 list of those "able to bear 
arms" in Plymouth. 

He was manifestly superior to the rest of Weston's 
company. He remained in Plymouth, where he was accept- 
ed as an inhabitant, sharing equally with the original 
Mayflower people in the first division of land in I623, 
and In the division of cattle in I627. He and Joshua 
Pratt, perhaps a brother, were in Francis Cooke's group 
to whom fell "the least of the 4 black heyfers come in 
the Ann, and two shee goats." His land was on "the High 
Cliff." He was a freeman at the incorporation of Plym- 
outh in 1633. Plymouth court record, II-II-I633: "At 
this Court Phinehas prat appointed to take into his pos- 
session all the goods & Chattels of Godbert Godbertson, 
and Zara his wife & safely to preserve them acording to 
an inventory presented upon oath to be true & just by M^ 
John Done & M^ Stephen Hopkins." Sarah Godbertson was 
his mother-in-law. He sold his land near High Cliff in 
1634. Plymouth Court, l644: "Memoran: that Thomas Bun- 
ting, dwelling wth phinehas Pratt, hath ... put himself 
as a servant to dwell w^h John Cooke, Juni^ ... for eight 
years . . . John Cooke haveing payd Phinehas for him one 
melch cowe, valued at V^^, and fourty shillings in mon- 
ey, and is to lead the said Phinehas two loads of hey 
yearely during the terme of seaven yeares now next en- 
suinge." Two years later, 1646, he moved to Charlestown 
but bought the property on which he lived in l648. 

As very few people in the world were able to write 
in those days, the following Plymouth Court record, in 
1662, shows he was an educated man. "In axis^ to the pe- 
tition of Phinehas Pratt of Charls Toune who presented 
this Court w^h a narrative of the streights & hardshlpps 
that the First planters of this colony xmderwent in 
their endeavors to plant themselves at Pllmouth & since 
whereof he was one, the Court judge th it meet to graunt 
him three hundred acres of land where it is to be had, 
not hindering a plantation." Again, I665: "Layd out to 
Phineas Pratt of Charls Toune 3OO acres of land (more or 
lesse) in the wilderness, east of Merremac River neere 
the vpper endof Nacooke Brooke on the south easte of it: 
it begins at a great sare pjne standing anent the mldle 
of Nacooke Pond & joineth to the Ijne of 5OO acres of 
land lately graunted to the Toune of Blllirrikey on the 
south of it 90 slxe pole." 

In 1668 he presented a petition to General Court at 
Boston, in which he stated that he was "the remainder of 


the forlorn hope of sixty men," (Weston's); that he vas 
lame from his freezing journey to warn Plymouth Colony, 
and he requested aid "that might be for his subsistence 
to remaining time of his life." The Plymouth Court re- 
fused but the Charlestown Court a few months later "or- 
dered constable John Hayman to supply Phinehas Pratt 
with so much as his present low condition may require." 
He apparently thought little of the three hundred acres 
granted him by Charlestown, or they were perhaps worth- 
less at the time. 

Winslow wrote of him as "one of Weston's men, who 
came to Plymouth with his pack on his back, and made a 
pitiful narration of their lamentable and weak estate 
and of the Indian carriages." Bradford wrote that Pratt 
"had penned the particulars of his perilous journey and 
some other things relating to this tragedy," the latter 
referring to Weston's colony. In I677 Mather wrote of 
him as "the Old Planter yet living in this country." 

His will dated Charlestown, I678, begins: "I, Phin- 
ehas Pratt of Charlestoun ... joiner, being very aged and 
crazie of body, yett in perfect memory and understanding, 
doe make this my last will...." He mentioned his wife 
Mary, son Joseph, "and all my other children." He did 
not include the three hundred acres in his will. How- 
ever, in 1738 this land, then in the town of Dunstable, 
Massachusetts, was distributed among his heirs. 

See Descendants of Phinehas Pratt for a photograph 
of his elaborate tombstone, well preserved, with the in- 



I 19 1680 



This would put his birth as about 1590, but he may 
have been born later, for in a deposition on 6-30-167^ 
he gave his age as "8I years or thereabouts." 

It is not known just how many children he had. The 
Dunstable land was divided in eight shares, but Joshua^ 
sold his "1/9 share," which Is unaccountable unless his 
father Joseph — the only child mentioned by name in Phin- 
ehas ' will — was the eldest son and received the custom- 
ary double portion. There were six known sons, and it 
seems strange that he would not name a son Phinehas, or 
one for his own father. Reverend Henry Pratt. 


Children of Phinehaa and Mary, order not known: 

1 Phinehas^ (?) Perhaps born about I63I, and father 

of Aaron , below. Note that Joshua^ sold his "I/9 
share" of Phinehas ' estate. 

2 Mary, CI632. D.1703, "age 70." M.l656,as 2d wife, 

John swan (cl620-1708) ; 8 chll. 

3 John, CI636. D. before 1738. M.cl66it, Ann^ (John^) 

Barker; 7 chll., l664 to I676. Went to R. I.. 

4 Samuel, CI638. K., K. Philip 's War, I676. M. Mary^ 

(Jobn^) Barker (b.l647); 3-^ Chll. She tn.2,Fran- 
cls2 (johnl) Coombs; and 3,1685, David Woode. 

5 Daniel. Living I738 . Res: Providence, R.I. Had a 

granddaughter Rachel Beers In 1737. 

6 Peter. D. by 1738. Perhaps lived in Hartford, Ct. 

M. and had children. 

7 Joseph. D.,1712. Only child mentioned by name In 

father's will, 1678. M.,l675> Dorcas^ (Peter^) 
Folger; 12 chll. Son Joshu^ Pratt sold his "1/9 
share, " In 1723- 
+ 8 Aaron, Charlestown, Mass., cl654. See below. 

9 Mercy. She sold her 1/9 portion of father's estate 
in 1737. Prob. m., Jeremiah^ (Wllllaml) Holman 
(CI629-I709) . 

AAR0N2 PRATT was born about 165^, in Charlestown, 
Massachusetts, probably. He married first about l684, 
Sarah Pratt, born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, 5-31-1664 
the daughter of Joseph Pratt. Sarah died in Cohasset, 
Massachusetts, on 6-22-1706, "age 42." Aaron married, 
second, in Woburn, Massachusetts, 9-4-1707, Sarah, wid- 
ow of Abraham Cummlngs of Dunstable, Massachusetts, the 
ceremony performed by Justice Brown of Reading, Massa- 
chusetts. Sarah was born on 2-25-1670 in Woburn, the 
daughter of Joseph Wright. Aaron died on 2-23-I736, 
"age 87," and Sarah on 12-25-1752, "ae 83," according to 
their tombstones in Old Cohasset Burying Ground. See 
MATTHEW PRATT line at end of sketch; also JOHN WRIGHT. 
(The first death recorded In Cohasset was that of Sarah, 
the first wife.) 

The dates are rather conflicting on the first two 
generations of Pratts. The estimated date of Aaron's 
birth, 1654, would be about twenty-four years after the 
marriage of Phinehas Pratt and Mary Priest, Phinehas be- 
ing about forty, and Mary not over eighteen. If we as- 
sume Aaron to be son of a possible Phinehas Junior, the 
dates and ages can be reconciled. However, nothing has 
as yet been discovered to prove this assumption, except 
the nine portions of Phinehas' estate. In a court re- 
cord, 1722: "Daniel Fletcher of Dunstable petitioned for 
1/8 of 300 a. belonging to the heirs of Phinehas Pratt 


which 1/8 he purchased of Aaron Pratt of Hlngham, a son 
of the deceased Phlnehas about forty years since." If 
this refers to Phinehas ' death about forty years before 
then Aaron was his son, since Phinehas died in I68O. 

Aaron bought eighteen acres in the Cohasset section 
or "Second Precinct" of Hingham in l684, about the time 
of his marriage, and lived there in I685. This proper- 
ty was still in the family in I898. He was constable 
of Hingham in 1706, and was part owner of the Beechwood 
Iron Works. He sold his one-eighth share of the Dunsta- 
ble land as early as 1722. 

"He is buried in the Old Cohasset Burying Ground 
with both his wives, where a monumental stone records 
their names, etc. He was a man of more than ordinary 
endowments, hardy, industrious, prudent, enterprising, 
and frugal ....The house which he built was two storeys 
high, with a gable roof; the lower stprey was of stone, 
and the upper portion of wood. The windows were of a 
small diamond pattern of glass, known as quarrels, in- 
serted In leaden sashes." 

The second wife Sarah, mother of Abigail, was said 
to be distinguished "for her sagacity and energy," and 
had an extensive practice in midwifery in Hingham, and 
vicinity. This profession was largely conducted by wo- 
men In those days. She died "lamented by all who knew 

Aaron's will, made in 1730, was probated, 3-9-1736. 
The inventory, amounting to 1,1484, and including books 
among the items, shows him to have been a wealthy man. 

Children of Aaron and first wife, born in Hingham, 
Second Precinct: 

1 Henry3, 6-5-I685. D . ,Newton, Mass . ,1750. M.,cl709, 

Hannah ; 13 chil. 

2 Daniel, 2-2-1688. M.I707, Hannah Lombard; at least 

6 chil. A blacksmith. 

3 Aaron, 3-IO-I69I. D.I767. M.1724, Mary'* (Israel^ , 

Robert^, Johnl) Whltcomb (I703-I776); 9 chil. He 
left 1000 acres in Hingham and 300 acres in Maine. 
Son Thomas Pratt m. his cousin Sarah"^ Neale . 

4 John, 3-4-1694. M., Swansea, Mass, 1726, Prlscilla^ 

(Jamesl) Thurber (b.1698.) M., 2, 1747, Mehitable2 
(Stacyl) Knapp. 

5 Jonathan, II-6-I692. D.I786. M.1730, Hannah"^ (Is- 

rael^, Robert2, John^) Whltcomb; 7 chil. 

6 Moses, 1699. Mariner. D. in Maine. M.1732, Jane^ 

(Thomas2, Wllllaml) Orcutt. 

7 Sarah, 10-23-1695. D.I721. M.. Boston, 1720, Chris- 

topher (Peter3, Christopher^,^) Webb (1689-1724); 
1 son d. inf. He m.2, Sarah Newhall (d.l724+). 


8 Elizabeth^, 12-5-1697. ^-,1, 1739, Rev. Nehemiah 

Hobart (l697-174o). M.,2, 17^2, Deacon Jonathan 
Merrltt of Scituate. No chil. 

9 Mary, 12-10-1701. D. yg. 

10 Mercy, 12-6-1703. M.1724, Samuel (John^, V/llliaml) 

Orcutt (1697-1743); 6 chil. M. 2, 17^7, Nathanlel3 
(Israel2, Thotnasl) Nichols (I685-I758); no chil. 

11 Hannah, April I706. M.,1737, Amos Hovey of Boston. 

Children of ^aron-2 and second wife, b. Hingham: 

+12 Abigail^, 8-4-1708. See below. 

13 Phineas, I2-3I-I709. M.1731, Sarah2 (Thomasl) Lin- 

coln; 6 chil. Moved to Granville, Mass. 

14 Benjamin, 3-I3-I7II. D.I763. Harvard grad . Chief 

Justice of New York under Crown. M.1749, Isabel- 
la2 (Robertl) Auchmuty; 4 chil. 

15 Nathaniel. D. in Cuba. M.1735, Rachel^ (Jamesl) 

Maccarlo or MacFarland (I718-I736). 

ABIGAIL^ PRATT was born in Hingham, Massachusetts, 
on 8-4-1708. She married there on 12-8-1741, Reverend 
Jonathan Neale, who was born on IO-I3-I7OO in Braintree, 
Massachusetts, the son of Benjamin Neale. Jonathan died 
in 1770, probably in Cohasset, where Abigail lived with 
her daughter Sarah and Sarah's husband Thomas Pratt, in 
her widowhood. Abigail died in Cohasset on IO-I8-I796. 

Abigail-3 Pratt m. 1741, Jonathan-3 Neale 

Jerusha-4 Neale m. 1764, Edward-5 Jenkins 

Lucy-6 Jenkins m. I786, Samuel-4 Bartlett 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 1,1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.2,l894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


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MATTHEW"'- PRATT, planter of Weymouth, Massachusetts, 
married Elizabeth Bates. He died in 1672. Whether he 
was related to Phinehas or Joshua Pratt is not known. 

Children of Matthew, born in Weymouth: 

1 John^, CI622. D.I716. M.I656, Mary2 (Johnl) Whit- 
man (CI634-I716) ; no chil. 

2 Thomas, cl626. K.I676. 1st wife Mary; 2d wife Lyd- 

ia; 5 chil. Lydia m.2, Josiah Chapin. 

3 Matthew, I628. M.166I, Sarah Hunt (l640-1729) ;9 ch. 
k Samuel, I637. D.,1679. M.,l660, Hannah2 (johnl) 

Rogers (d.l715); 7 chil. 
+ 5 Joseph, 8-10-1639. See below. 

6 Elizabeth. D.1726. M.I656, William Chard; 8 chil. 

7 Mary. D.I706+ M. Thomas White, Jr. (d .I706) ; 5 chil. 

8 Sarah. M.,cl671, John2 (Williaml) Richards (I633- 

cl68l) ; 5 sons . 

JOSEPH^ PRATT was born in Weymouth on 8-IO-I639. He 
married on 5-1-1662, Sarah Judkins, probably the daugh- 
ter of Job Judkins. She was born on 12-7-16^5 in Bos- 
ton. Joseph died on 12-24-1720, and Sarah on 1-14-1726. 

Children of Joseph, born in Weymouth: 

1 Sarah^, 5-31-1664. See below. 

2 Joseph, 2-2-1665. D.,1765. M.,1, Sarah Benson; 20 

chil. M., 2, 1721, Ann Richards (cl674-1766) . 

3 John, 5-17-1668. M., Mercy2 (Johnl) Newcomb (I665- 

1721); 4 chil. 

4 William, CI670. M.CI69O, Experience^ (Samuel^) King 

(b.l664); 5 chil. 

5 Experience. M., Battle. 

6 Ephraim, cl675. D.bef .1648. M.cl695, Phoebe 

(d.1736); 5 chil. 

7 Hannah. (M. a Hines?) 

8 Samuel. Liv.l710. Inherited the homestead. 

SARAH^ PRATT was born in Weymouth on 5-31-1664. She 
married in 1684, Aaron^ pratt, called son-in-law in the 
will of Joseph2 Pratt above. See AARON^ PRATT. 

Authorities : 

Descendants of Edward Small. 
Weymouth Genealogies, Vol. 3« 



QUINTON-'- PRAY was born In England about 1595. He 
deposed In I653 "age about 58-" His wife Joan has not 
been Identified, nor is it known when she died. Quinton 
died in Braintree, Massachusetts, on 6-I7-I667. 

An iron mine was discovered in Lynn, Massachusetts, 
in 16^3, and a company was formed in London to work it. 
In May 1643 John Winthrop, Junior, "did at great costs 
and charges imbarque himself with many workmen, servants 
and materials for the said setting up of Iron workes, in 
the good ship the An Cleve of London." In l645 we find 
Quinton and Richard Pray as "f inerymen" in the Iron Com- 
pany at Lynn. Richard Pray, a rough and boisterous man,, 
often in trouble, may have been the brother, or perhaps 
the son of Quinton. Richard's mother-in-law figures in 
a court case involving Richard's wife. 

Judging from the Essex County court records, these 
imported ironworkers were no Puritans, but were a rough 
lot, and frequently reported to the court for fighting, 
swearing, and other offenses against the Puritan laws. 
In l648, Quinton and Richard Pray with six others were 
"presented" for swearing. In 1649 Quinton was a witness 
in court: "... saith that meeting with Nicholas Pinion 
last Lord's day comeinge out of his corne hee heard the 
said Nich. Pinion sware, by God all his pumpions were 
turned to squashes, and by God's blood he had but one 
pumpion of all." Mr Henry Leonard testified in I655 at 
Lynn court concerning "a small Heap of Coles [ore] at 
Brantrey Forge: that tho Quinton Pray said he got out 
of them to make a great qusmtity of Iron, I know the La- 
bor that hee and Thomas Billington bestowed about draw- 
ing of them was more than they were worth. And whereas 
Goodman Pray saith he made so much Iron of them: he made 
not a quarter of a Tunn of those Coles but did cast now 
and then a Baskett of them among other Coles but they 
were worth nothing to his worke." On 6-IO-I656 Quinton 
"age about 61," testified that he heard John Gifford 
caution the colliers and others to always bring in full 
measure and that said Gifford was just and honest in all 
transactions with the workmen. 

Some time before I667 the Prays removed from Lynn 
to Braintree, where Quinton was a fineryman at the Iron 
Works, and where he died. His estate was inventoried 
in July 1667, and administration granted to widow Joan. 



Children of Qulnton and Joan, born In England: 

+ 1 Hannah 2, born in England. See below. 

2 Richard, birth given as I63O, but if the troublesome 

Richard, born earlier, and perhaps brother, not 
son of Quinton. First wife Mery d. I688; 4 chil. 
Pet. for divorce denied I667. M.2,cl688, Elizabeth 
[white], widow of Benjamin Hearndon. Res: R. I. 

3 Dorothy, cl634. D.I705. Testified, Ipswich Court 

9-24-1650, age "about I6," as to John Bond being 
drunk, and her escape from him. M.l651> Richard 
Thayer, Jr. (I625-I695); 7 chil. 

4 John, 1635. D.I676. M.1657, Johanna2 (Johnl) Dow- 

nam (l657-l699); 10 chil. She m.2,cl685, Daniel 
Livingstone (k. by Inds., 1694). Res: Maine. 

5 Joan. No record. 

HANNAH^ PRAY was born in England, the date unknown. 
She married on 2-14-1656, Henry-1 Neale, as his second 
wife, and bore him thirteen children. "Henry Neal and 
Hanna Pray were maried (14) (12) (I655) , by Capt. Tory of 
Waymoth." (Braintree records.) Henry Neale was born in 
England in I619 and died in Braintree on IO-I6-I688, sur- 
vived by Hsmnah, whose death has not been found, but who 
was living in I69I. See NEALE. 

Hannah -2 Pray 
Benjamin- 2 Neale 
Jonathan-3 Neale 
Jerusha-4 Neale 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

















Henry-1 Neale 
Lydia-3 Paine 
Abigail-3 Pratt 
Edward -5 Jenkins 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma7 Jane Chadeayne 


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DEGORY^ PRIEST was "born about 1579 probably In Eng- 
land . He married In Leyden, Holland, 11-4-1611, Sarah, 
the widow of John Vincent. She was the sister of Isaac 
Allerton, who married Mary Norris the same day. Degory 
died in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on 1-1-1621. The widow 
Sarah Priest was betrothed to Godbert Godbertson, Ley- 
den, 10-25-1621, and they were married on II-I3-I63I. i 
Godbert Godbertson had first married Elizabeth Kendall, 
5-27-I617, and they had a son Samuel. Cuthbert Cuth- 
bertson (as he was later known in Plymouth Colony) and 
Sarah both died in Plymouth by I633. See ALLERTON. 

Banns were published three times in Leyden for Deg- 
ory and Sarah: "8.10.l6llj I5.IO.16IIJ and 22.10.l6ll." 

Diggorie Preest, Jongman van Londe in Engelant, . . . . 
vergeselschapt met William Leesle and Samuel Fuller 
zyn bekende - "let - Sarah Vincent mede van Londe in 
Engelant wedue van Jan Vincent, vergeselschapt met 
Janetje Diggens & Rasemyn Gipsyn haer bekende. . .Zyn 
getrout voor Willem Cornelison Tyboult and Jacob 
Paedts, Schepene, dese iiij® Novembris, XVI® elfte. 

(Degory Priest, unmarried man from London, England, 
accompanied by William Lisle and Samuel Fuller, his 
acquaintances, with Sarah Vincent, also from London, 
England, widow of John Vincent, accompanied by Jane 
Dickens and Rosamond Jepson,her acquaintances: They 
were married before Willem Cornelison Tyboult, and 
Jacob Paedts, Sheriffs, this J|th of November I6II.) 

Degory Priest was one of Pastor Robinson's party who 
settled in Leyden in I608, and was one of the enterpris- 
ing Englishmen who took out citizenship papers. Isaac 
Allerton, already a citizen of Leyden, guaranteed "his 
brother Priest" on Il-l6-l6l5. In a deposition at Ley- 
den, 1619, Degory gave his age as forty, and his occu- 
pation as hatter. In I620 he went back to England with 
the group which negotiated for a ship for the "Saincts" 
journey to the New World. He participated with the Pil- 
grims in their troubles both in getting off, and after- 
wards in the perilous journey. He was the twenty-ninth 
signer of the Mayflower Compact, drawn up at sea by the 
Pilgrims before landing. He died the first winter of 





"the first sickness," and thus he was unable to realize 
his intention of preparing a home for his family. Word 
of his death somehow reached Sarah in Leyden, and she 
married again the same year. In the summer of I623 the 
third Pilgrim ship, the Little James, arrived at Ply- 
mouth, and among the passengers were Sarah and Cuthbert 
Cuthbertson, with young Samuel Cuthbertson and the two 
Priest girls. Few records of them can be found in New 
England. It is known that Cuthbertson was a good step- 
father. He provided the girls' marriage portions, call- 
ing them his daughters, and for a long time it was not 
known that they were daughters of one of the Pilgrims. 
Phinehas Pratt, the husband of Mary Priest, admin- 
istered the Cuthbertsons ' estate in 1633. 

Children of Degory and Sarah, born in Leyden: 

1 Sarah^. M.163O, Mr John Coombs (prob.d.bef .1648 in 
Dartmouth, Mass.); 2 sons. He owned land south of 
Phinehas Pratt's homestead in Plymouth. 
+ 2 Mary. See below. 

MARY^ PRIEST was born in Leyden, Holland, the date 
unknown, but not many years after her parents ' marriage 
in 1611, as Mary married about I63O, Phinehas Pratt, an 
Englishman who came with Weston to Weymouth, Massachu- 
setts, but settled in Plymouth. He was considered one 
of the Pilgrims, sharing with them, I627, in the first 
division of cattle. He must have been much older than 
Mary, if he was "8I or thereabouts" in I674, as he de- 
posed. His gravestone in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 
bears date of 4-19-l680, "agd about 90 Yrs." See PRATT. 

Mary-2 Priest m.cl630, 

Aaron-2 Pratt m. I707, 

Abigail-3 Pratt m. 1741, 

Jeru3ha-4 Neale m. 1764, 

Lucy-6 Jenkins m. I786, 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. I879, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 1894, 

Phinehas-1 Pratt 
Sarah-3 Wright 
Jonathan-3 Neale 
Edward -5 Jenkins 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma -7 Jane Chadeanye 

Descendants of Edward Small, 760. 

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marriage record); 22:15. 
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JOHN-^ ROGERS was born in England. His wife Frances 
is claimed by some to be a daughter of Robert and Eliz- 
abeth Watson of Plymouth. John Rogers died in Weymouth, 
Massachusetts, on 2-ll-l66l, and Frances married Walter 
Briggs of Scituate, Massachusetts, and had another son. 
Walter Briggs died about l684. His will of 1677, proved 
l684, bequeathed to wife Frances one-third of his estate 
during her life; also a "gentle horse or mare, and Jemmy 
the Negur shall catch it for her." Frances died before 
1687, the year her estate was administered by sons John 
and Joseph Rogers. 

He was called "John Rogers of Marshfield," to dis- 
tinguish him from the others of the same name in Massa- 
chusetts. Richards says he is the John Rogers who left 
England in April 1638, landing first in Barbadoes. .He 
was in Scituate by 1643, in which year he was made a 
freeman. In iSkJ , according to a deposition made by 
his son John in I699, he sold his lands in Scituate to 
Thomas Simmons, and removed to Marshfield. In 1651,1652 
(twice), and I653, he was fined by the Scituate Court 
for non-attendance at town meetings. In I665 William 
Wetherell testified that he had sold to "John Rogers, 
Sr., of Marshfield, now deed... 10 a. of uplands, laying 
at n. w. side of Nemassakeetpit brook." 

Abstract of his will of 2-1-1661, proved 6-5-I66I: 
To wife Frances, "all the land and housing on which I 
live," for life, with remainder "to my son John Jr., who 
when he or his heirs comes to enjoy said lands," is to 
"pay to his sister Ann Hudson h5 sterling and to Mary 
and Abigail Rogers -LIO sterling a year." To sons Joseph 
and Timothy "all my land and meddow that lyeth on the 
upper side of the creek lying easterly: to be divided 
equally, but Joseph's land shall lye next to land of 
Nathaniel Bosworth. . . .to my son John Rogers all my right 
and interest in the land and housing that he now livith 
on to his heirs forever - the apple orchyard my wife to 
have and enjoy the tearme of eight years." Other small 
legacies to daughters Ann, Mary and Abigail , and to his 
grandchildren George Russell and his brother John Rus-. 
sell, they to have "all the land in Wamappahesett which 
John Hudson now lives on, at the age of twenty-one." 

In 1674 Mary, then wife of Nathaniel Fox, receipted 
for her share; Timothy White and John Briggs, witnesses. 


In 1675 Ann and Mary receipted to their brother John 
for their share of their father's estate, calling him 
"late of Marshf ield. " Timothy Vfhlte was a witness. 

Children of John and Frances: 

1 John^, CI633. Will 5-9-1718/6-2^-1718. Became Quak- 

er, 1660 ; put xmder bonds I66I for good behavior; 
fined 5s. for "vilifying the ministry." M. 1,1656 
Rhoda^ (Elder Thomasl) King (d.l662); 3 chil. Son 
John, of Scituate, d.1738. M.2,cl663, Elizabeth 
(d.1692); 4 chil. M.3, Elizabeth (d.l705) 

2 Ann. Llv. I683. M.l,cl657, George Russell Jr.; 2 

sons. M.2,cl66l, John Hudson (d.Duxbury CI683) ; 
4 chil. Agreement 7-2-1673 between John and Ann 
Hudson and George Russell says that Ann had been 
"the former wife of George Russell, deceased." 

3 Mary. Receipted to brother John, I675. Wife of 

Nathaniel Fox, 11-13-167^. 

4 Joseph. Freeman 1684. M. Abigail2(Robertl) Barker 

(d.1718); 9 chil. 
+ 5 Abigail, cl645. See below. 

6 Timothy, Marshfield, 4-23-1650. D.I728. M.CI67O, 
Eunice^ (Robertl) stetson (b.1650); 10 chil. 

ABIGAIL^ ROGERS may have been born in Scituate, 
as early as l645, but her birth is set at 165O by some 
compilers. As Abigail Rogers she witnessed the sig- 
nature of Dependence Litchfield in November I678. She 
married in Scituate on 1-1-1679, Timothy, son of Gowen 
White. He was born around l640-l650, and died in Scit- 
uate on 6-13-1704. The date of Abigail's death has 
not been found, nor the place. See WHITE. 

Abigail-2 Rogers m. I679, Tlraothy-2 White 

Timothy-3 White m. 1708, Rebecca-3 Simmons 

Rebecca-4 White m. 1740, Samuel-4 Jenkins 

Edward-5 Jenkins m. 1764, Jeru3ha-4 Neale 

Lucy-6 Jenkins m. I786, Samuel-4 Bartlett 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836, Hannah-8 Gelina Hall 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.l,l879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 2, 1894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

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mouth and Vicinity. (Library of Congress.) 
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ABRAHAM-^ SHAWE was from Northowram in the parish of 
Halifax, Yorkshire, England, where on 6-24-l6l6 he mar- 
ried Bridget Best, baptized on 4-9-1592 in Ovendon, the 
daughter of Henry Best. Her sister Mary was baptized 
there in 1586 and her brother John in I587. Abraham 
died in Dedham, Massachusetts, late in I638, surviving 
Bridget, whose death has not been found. 

Abraham and Bridget Shawe were in Vatertown, Massa- 
chusetts, in 1636 when he was granted Lot 11, consisting 
of seventy-five acres "in the Second Division." His 
house was burned in October that year. Winthrop says: 
"About this time [1636] two houses were burnt, and all 
the goods in them to a great value. One was one Shawe 
at Vatertown, and the other one Jackson of Salem, both 
professors [of Christianity], and Shawe the day before 
admitted of the former church. This was very observa- 
ble in Shawe that he concealed his estate and made show 
as if he had been poor and was not clear of some un- 
righteous passages." 

In 1637 he was granted Lot IO6 in the "plowlands at 
Beverbrooke," and granted liberty to erect a cornmill 
in Dedham, which he apparently did not do. 

He was one of the men who settled the town of Ded- 
ham, signing the Covenant of the proprietors in I636. 
He had twelve acres granted him at that time, and was 
made freeman on 3-9-I637. He attended the first Assem- 
bly that met in the new town, 8-I8-I636, and was pres- 
ent at every session - some twenty-one - until shortly 
before his death. At the Assembly meeting, 5-II-I637, 
he was granted "one litle hill of consider- 
ation of some paynes taken of and concerning our Townes 
business. . .he and son Joseph to clear same accordingly." 

In 1637 at a General Court, Newtowne [Cambridge] : 
"Abraham Shawe is graiuited half of the benefits of all 
the coal or iron stone that mey be found in the common 
lands." Savage says of this, "... and this would more 
stimulate his curiosity than increase his wealth had he 
not died the next year." He is said to have owned coal 
lands in England also. 

He was alive II-2-I638, when he sold to Ferdinando 
Adam "one portion. . .called an hill or Hand," but dead 
by 3-25-1639, when at the meeting of Assembly: "Edward 

SHAVE 103 

Alleyn, John Luson & Eleazer Lusher are deputed to Lay 
out grovnds, appoynt lands, and to pforme &doe all Oth- 
er businesses as we are formerly committed vnto m^ Dal- 
ton & Edward Alleyn, & Abrah. Shawe, the sayd Abraham 
being dead & m^ Dalton [minister] removeing from vs..." 
Thomas Lechford wrote in his Note Book, that Abraham 
Shawe sometime of Halifax in county of Yorke, clothier, 
and late of Dedham in New England, made his will about 
November I638, mentioning eldest son Joseph Shawe, son- 
in-law Nicholas Byram , his attorney Mr. Best of Halifax, 
his daughters Martha Shaw and Mary, his son John and all 
his children. Lechford apparently drew up the will. 
Abstract of the will Is given in New England Register, 
2:l80, with the notation that it is not dated. "Memo- 
randum, that if it please Almyghtye God do take me to 
his mercye by death... That it is my minde and will that 
my estate shal be disposed of as followeth (that is to 
say), I bequeathe to my sonne John & Martha Shawe, be- 
ing infants, ten pownds betweene them, also betweene the 
aforesaid Martha and Marye I leave as much quicke goods 
as shall be balance to eight pownds, also to Joseph in 
some goods, twelve pownds as may be thought fitt; fur- 
der, that John & Joseph shal have my lott att Dedham 
equally to be devided betweene them. Also that all the 
rest of my estate whatsoever be devided, proportionate, 
betwene all my children." Witnesses were Nicolas Byram 
and Joseph Shawe, both of whom with Edward Allen took 
the inventory in I638. On 10-29-1640 Joseph Shawe and 
Nicholas Byram were appointed to administer the estate. 

Children of Abraham and Bridget, all but Susanna re- 
corded in the baptismal register of Halifax, Yorkshire: 

+ 1 Susanna.^ See following. 

2 Joseph, bap. 3-l4-l6l8. D. , Weymouth, 1653-4. M., 

Mary2 (Nathaniel^) Souther of Weymouth. One ac- 
count says he d . in 12 days; another says they had 
3 sons. Mary m. 2, 1654, John2 (Williaml) Blake 
(1618-1689); 1 dau. Hannah, who d. yg. 

3 Grace, bap. 8-I5-I621. D.1682. M.CI650, Williaml 

Richards of Weymouth (d.cl68l); 5 chil. 

4 Martha, bap. I2-I-I623. D. yg. 

5 Maria (Mary), bap. 6-I8-I626. D.I658. M.CI652, 

John2 (Zachariahl) Blcknell of Weymouth (l624- 
1678); 3-4 chil. He m.2,l659, Mary^ (Richardl) 
Porter; 9 chil. 

6 John, bap. 2-16-16 28. D. yg. 

7 John, bap. 5-23-I63O. D.1704. M.CI650, Alice^ 

(Nicolasl) Phillips (d.l704); 11 chil. 

8 Martha, bap. I-6-I632. D.I698. (m. Thomas Vinson?) 



SUSANNA^ SHAWE married before October I638, proba- 
bly In Dedham, Massachusetts, Nicholas Byram of Weymouth. 
He is said to have been born in England about I610, the 
son of William and Mary Byram of county Kent. The mar- 
riage of Susanna and Nicholas is not of record, nor is 
it known when their first child was born, but Nicholas 
was called son-in-law in Abraham Shawe's will of I638. 
Susanna was not mentioned in the will, probably because 
she had had her portion at her marriage. Nicholas died 
in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on 4-13-1688, and Susan- 
na died In 1698 or I699. See BYRAM. 

Susanna- 2 Shawe 
Susanna-2 Byram 
Ellzabeth-3 Edson 
Bethiah-3 Packard 
Samuel-3 Bartlett 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 



















Nicholas-1 Byram 
Samuel-2 Edson 
Samuel- 2 Packard 
Wright-2 Bartlett 
Susanna-4 Dunbar 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


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Dedham Town Records. 

Dedham, Bridgewater, and Weymouth, Mass., Vital 



ARMS: Ermine on a chevron gules, between three 
pellets, three garbs, or. 

THOMAS SHEAFE was born about 1^70, probably Cran- 
brook, Kent, England, where he died about 1520, He mar- 
ried about 1496, Alice (Hendley?), who survived him. As 
he had a son Gervase, and a Gervase Hendley is named in 
his will, as well as a "cousin Walter Hendley," it is 
possible that Alice's maiden name was Hendley. 

Cranbrook is a pleasantly situated market town, in 
which is the old church of St. Dunstan's and a "Grammar 
School," which dates from 1574. It was the center of a 
very early cloth industry founded by men from Flanders 
(Flemings) who came to England during the reign of Ed- 
ward III (1327-1377), atrong them being the Sheafe fami- 
ly. Some of the ancient cloth halls are still standing 
— one being Willesley House, which was inherited in I616 
by Edmund Sheafe, ancestor of Hannah-8 Cellna Hall, and 
uncle of Elizabeth (Sheafe) Paine. • . 


Thomas Sheafe's vill dated Cranbrook, 4-5-1520, vast 
proved 7-11-1520. He directed that he be burled before 
the Image of Our Lady of Pity, within St. Thomas' chan- 
cel in the church of St. Dunstans. He provided for hl3 i 
wife Alice and five children, all named, and the ages i 
of sons Gervase and Richard given. The bequests include I 
a great deal of real property, and such personal prop- 
erty as silver pots, spoons, etc. 

Children of Thomas and Alice, prob . born Cranbrook: 

1 John^^, CI498. D.I558. Named in brother Richard's < 

vill of 1557. Wife unknown. Son Ambrose b.cl525; 
dau. Alice. 

2 Gervase, I50I. D. 1520-1524. No chil. 

3 Dorothy, CI503. In father's will, 152O. 

4 Mary, CI507. In father's will, 1520. 
+ 5 Richard, September I505. See below. 

RICHARD^I SHEAFE was born in Cranbrook, Kent, Sep- 
tember 1505. His father stated in his will that he was 
fourteen years of age at the last Feast of St. Michael, 
29 September I519. He married about I530, and died in 
the summer of 1557, probably in Cranbrook. His widow, 
Elizabeth, was buried in Cranbrook on 10-12-1564. 

Richard Sheaf e of Cranbrook appears on the 1545 sub- 
sidy roll. In 1564 the church warden's accounts have 
this item: "Received of Thomas Sheafe four pounds as a 
bequest for the burial of his father and mother in the 
church, and for repairs to the church." 

Richard's long will of 6-21-1557 provides for his 
wife Elizabeth and all his children; directed that he 
be buried in the chancel beside the body of his father, 
and provided for a priest "to sing divine service and 
mass... for my soul... for four years." (A provision also 
made by his father.) He left much land, and large be- 
quests of both money and household silver. Son Thomas 
was named executor, and was charged with the bringing 
up of his five young sisters. Sir John Baker, Knight, 
and Richard Baker, Esquire, were named overseers. The 
will was probated in London on 9-24-1557. 

Children of Richard and Elizabeth, b. Cranbrook: 

+ 1 Thomas^^^, 1532. See following. 

2 Joan, CI534. M.CI554, Richard2 (johnl) Knachbull. 

Dau. Anne, and probably other children. 

3 Katherine, CI536. M.CI556, Love. 

4 Margery, I538. D.1574, unm. 

5 Margaret, 1540. M. 1,1559, John Smersoll. M.,2, 

Courthopp (d. bef. I515) . 


6 Aliceiii, 1541. D.,l6o4+. M.,1566, Richard^ (yii_ 

liatnl) Hovenden (d.1598). 

7 Villiam, 1543- D.I616. M.I569, Katherine Courtopp 

(d.l6l2). No chil. He had Villesley Hall from 
his step-father-in-law. Dr. Thomas Lange of Saint 
Cosmos and Domain- in- theBlean, near Canterbury. 
He left it to Edmund^^ Sheaf e, a Hall Ancestor. 

8 Mary, 1545. D.1615+. M.I569, John Couchman (d.bef. 

1615). Son Villiam liv. I615. 

9 Anne, 1546. D.,l600 - I615. M., Gibbon. 

THOMAS-'--^-^ SHEAPE was born in Cranbrook, Kent, near 
1532. He married about 1558, Mary Harmon, probably the 
daughter of Thomas and Catherine Harmon . [Thomas was 
son of Villiam Harmon of Ellam, son of Henry, clerk of 
the Crown in the time of Henry VII. Thomas' wife was 
Catherine the daughter of Sir Edward Rogers, "Controll- 
er."] Edmund Sheafe placed a brass tablet to his moth- 
er's memory in St. Dunstan's church in Cranbrook, in- 
scribed: "Mary Sheafe, the wife of Thomas Sheafe, who 
lived together nere xlv yeares, and had issue between 
them ix sons and vi daughters, she a grave and charita- 
ble Matron, dyed Ixxii years of Age, November I609. Im- 
pasivit, E. S." 

Thomas Sheafe, the eldest son of a wealthy father, 
inherited all the Sheafe property in Cranbrook, besides 
a silver goblet, etc., and was charged as executor of 
the will with the upbringing of his five unmarried sis- 
ters. His will made in l6o4, was proved in Canterbury 
on 10-3-1604. He left bequests to his wife Mary and all 
his living children, besides many relatives. 

Children of Thomas and Mary, baps, in St. Dunstans' 
Church, Cranbrook, Kent, England: 

+ 1 Richard^^, CI558-9. See following. 

2 Edmund, 3-17-1560. Bur. , Cranbrook, II-I-I626. M.l, 

1686, Elizabeth Taylor (bur., 1598); 5 chil. M.$, 
1599, Vidow Jane Downe (d.l600+); at least 1 son. 
M. 3, 1612, Vidow Joan [Jordan] Kitchell (d., Guil- 
ford, Conn. ,1659) ; 6 chil., including Joanna, cl6l4, 
who m. 1,01634, Villiam Chittenden, and 2, Abraham 
Cruttenden, both ancestors of Hannah Celine Hall. 
Joan was the mother also of 5 Kitchell children . 

3 Thomas, IO-IO-I562. D.I639; bur ., St .George 's Vind- 

sor. He was Vicar of Velford from 1597; Dean of 
Vindsor,l6l5. M.l, Maria^ (Rev. Villiam^) Vilson 
(d.1613); 8 chil. [Dau. DorothyV m. Rev. Henry 
Vhitfield of Guilford, Conn.j son Edmund^ Sheafe, 
b.1605, d., Boston, Mass., 1649.] M.2,cl6l4, Anna 
Voodward; 1 son. 


4 Joan^^, 12-19-1562. M.CI580, Dr. Giles^ (Rev.Rlch- 

ard^) Fletcher ( cl549-l6lO) . Russian Ambassador 
during Elizabeth's reign; writer; uncle of dram- 
atist John Fletcher; 3 sons, 2 daus . 

5 Katherine, 5-13-1564. D.,1591. M. John Ruck; son 

Thomas Ruck b. 1590. 

6 John, 9-9-1565. D.1604-9. M.1586,Goudhur3t, Kath- 

erine Sanders; 4 sons, 3 daus. Katherine m., 2, 
1609, Francis Birch. 

7 Alexander, 12-15-1566. D.,l601. M.,1591, Phoebe^ 

(Willlaml) Hyder; 4 sons, 2 daus. 

8 Kary, I-5-I568. Liv. I615. M. George Roberts of 

Brenchley,Kent. Dau. Margaret Roberts m. Sir Wal- 
ter Roberts of Glassenbury, knighted by James I. 

9 Harman, 7-4-1570. M.,cl6o8, Mrs Sarah Gyllebrand. 

10 Anne, 3-2-1572. Liv.,l6l5. M. Peter Courthopp, 

(liv. 1615); 2 sons, 2 daus. 

11 Samuel, 2-21-1574. D. yg. 

12 William, b. and d., 1575- 

13 Benjamin, 8-18-1577. D. inf. 

14 Elizabeth, b. cl579. M.cl602, Stephen Brett of New 

Romney, Kent. 

RICHARD^^ SHEAFE was born about I558 or 1559- He 
married in Cranbrook, Kent, I-8-I581, Margery Roberts, 
possibly a sister of George Roberts who married his sis- 
ter Mery Sheaf e . Richard died between 2-8-1622 when he 
made his will, and I-3O-I627, when it was probated. He 
was survived by Margery. See ROBERTS. 

His very long will names wife and children, as well 
as many relatives, leaving large legacies of both land 
and money . 

Children of Richard and Margery, baps, in Cranbrook; 

1 Joan^, 1-13-1582. D.,1656. M. Jonas Bottings; (d 

bef. Joan); dau. Joan bur. I658. 

2 Katharine, I-I3-I582. D. I613, unm. 

3 Thomas, 6-5-1587- D. bef. I635. M.,cl6ll, Mary^ 

(Philipl) Gibbons; 7 chil. 
+ 4 Elizabeth, IO-26-I589. See following. 

5 Anna, 2-20-1591- No further record. 

6 Mary, 4-I-I593. M.,l6l2, Jeremy Giles, Tenterden. 

7 Richard, IO-I2-I595. D., 1646-7- Res: Rolvenden, 

Kent. M. Sarah Needier {liv.1663); 3 sons,l dau. 

8 Margaret, 5-21-1598. D. , Greenwich, Conn. ,1682. M., 

1632, Robert Kitchell (I60I-I672), son of Joane 
[Jordan] Kitchell, 3d wife of Edmundiv Sheafe; 2 
sons, 2 daus. Res: Guilford , Conn. ; Newark, N.J. 

9 Ellen, 12-I3-I6OI. M.cl620, John Jacob, Tenterden. 



ELIZABETH^ SHEAFE was baptized on 10-26-1589, In 
Cranbrook, Kent. She married first, lolO, Timothy Col- 
lier, and had three children: 1, Timothy Collier, l6l3; 
' 2, Robert Collier, l6l6; 3, Elizabeth Collier, l6l8. 

She married second, about I619, Moses Paine, Gent., 
son of Nicholas Paine of Frlttenden, Kent. She was his 
second wife. Elizabeth was burled in Tenterden, Kent, 
on IO-II-I632. Moses married his third wife, Mrs Judith 
Qulncy, about 1642, probably in Braintree, Massachusetts, 
where he died on 6-21-1643. Judith afterwards married 
Mr Robert Hull, called "the Mint Master." She died on 
11-29-1654. See PAINE. 

Elisabeth^ Sheafe 



Stephen- 2 Paine 



Lydia-3 Paine 



Jonathan-3 Neale 



Jerusha-4 Neale 



Lucy-6 Jenkins 



Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 



Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 



Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 



Moses-1 Paine 
Hanna-2 Bass 
Benjamin-2 Neale 
Ablgall-3 Pratt 
Edward-5 Jenkins 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah-8 Cellna Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

American Genealogist, 22:85-94 
Matthews' General Armoury. Coat of arms. 
Braintree, Mass., Vital Records. 

New England Register, 55:208-220, corrected in Amer- 
can Genealogist, 15:69-80. 



MOSES SIMMONS, sometimes written Symonson in early 
records, was a Hollander from Leyden. His father is said 
to have been Willem Symonson "van der Wilde," who lived 
next to the Pilgrims' church in Leyden. Moses Simmons' 
wife, Sarah, may have been the daughter of one of the 
several Chandlers in Plymouth Colony. Moses died in 
Duxbury, Massachusetts, l691- Thomas Simmons of Scit- 
uate, Massachusetts, may have been a brother. 

Moses Simmons arrived in the Pilgrim ship Fortune, 
which landed at Plymouth on 11-9-1621, just a year after 
the ship Mayflower. He was immediately accepted as one 
of the community, being among the earliest settlers of 
Plymouth, and sharing in the first division of land made 
in 1623. He had a single man's share in the division 
of the cattle that came in I627. Moses was one of the 
Francis Cooke group, to which went "four black heifers 
and two shee goats . " 

Governor Edward Winslow's account in 1646 shows that 
he was from Holland: "l could Instance divers of their 
[Leyden] numbers that understood the English tongue, and 
betook themselves to the communion of our church, went 
with us to New England, as Godbert Godbertson, etc. [See 
PRIEST.] Yea at this very instant another called Moses 
Symonson, because a child of one that was in communion 
with the . . . Church at Leyden, is admitted into church 
fellowship at Plymouth in New England, and his children 
also to baptism as well as our own, — and other Dutch 
also at Salem...." 

He was one of the eight "Purchasers" who bought all 
the rights of the London Company in 1627 for L9OOO. He 
was a freeman at the incorporation of Plymouth in I633, 
and taxed there in 1633 and in I634. He settled be- 
fore 1637 in Duxbury. He was one of the jury of twelve 
"to set forth highways about Plymouth, Ducksburrow and 
the Eele River." At Plymouth Court, 2-4-1639: "Moyses 
Symmons is granted fourty acres of land on Duxburrough 
side, lyeing next to the garden platts," and John Alden, 
William Brewster and one Basset were appointed to lay 
out his land. The next month he and two others were 
"psented for drinking [smoking] tobacco contrary to or- 
der." In 1643 he is on the list of those able to bear 
arms> in Duxbury. He was made freeman of Duxbury, l646. 


He was an original proprietor at Bridgevater, Mass- 
achusetts, in 1656, but though he is said never to have 
moved to that place, as "Duxburrow New Plantation" was 
established as Bridgewater, he probably did not have to. 
He is on the 1673 list of Bridgewater "allowed and ap- 
proved inhabitants," to whom shares of the common lands 
were assigned. However, there is a record in I66O: "l, 
Moses Simmons of Duxburrow, in New Plymouth Colonie, 
with the consent of my wife Sarah, for valuable consid- 
eration have bargained, sold, to Nicholas By ram of Wey- 
mouth, my whole right of land in Bridgewater town." 

In 1657 and again in 1662 he was appointed to survey 
highways in Duxbury. He was one of the twenty-six ori- 
ginal purchasers of Menaskett on 3-7-1661. Later this 
was named Middleborough, and his property there. Lot I8, 
was "bounded with a red Oak and a Valnut tree marked." 
In 1677 this land belonged to John Soule, husband of his 
daughter Rebecca, who was dead before I678. In I665 a 
Middleborough jury was impaneled "for the laying forth a 
footway through the lands of Moses Simmons." He signed 
himself Moses Simmons, Sr., in acknowledging the gift 
of deed to his son John Simmons, who married Mercy Pae- 
body in I669. 

In 1673 he paid Rice Sutter t3 damage in breach of 
promise for daughter Elizabeth. An Old Colony Deed of 
12-30-167^ reads: "Moses Simmons of Duxburrow, Yoeman, 
for a marriage heretofore consumated between John Soule 
of Duxbury, and my eldest daughter Rebeckah, have given 
land at Namasmett [Middleborough] and places adjacent, 
grsinted by the Court of New Plymouth, unto the first 
comers, whereof I, the said Moses Simmons ame one, as by 
the records appear." On 12-4-1678 he deeded to his son 
Aaron Simmons "of Scituate, my onfe half share of land, 
etc," wife Sarah being mentioned. This was immediately 
deeded to Zachariah Jenkens of Sandwich, Aaron's wife, 
Mary, surrendering her dower in these lands the next day. 
This is the last mention of Moses' wife Sarah, and she 
is not mentioned in his will, therefore pre-deceased . 

His will of 6-I7-I689 was witnessed by Thomas Dela- 
no, David Alden, and Benjamin Chandler. He begins: "I, 
being aged and full of decays . . . and not knowing of the 
Day of my Death...." He bequeathed to daughter Mary, 
wife of Joseph Alden, L4; to son Aaron , hk; to daughter 
Elizabeth, now wife of Richard Dwelly, 5s.; to daughter 
Sarah, now wife of James Nash, L2. lOs., "of which the 
said James hath i,2. 5s. in his hands already"; to son 
John, i^, and he to be executor. Benjamin Chandler and 
David Alden made oath 9-I5-I69I; inventory of the estate 
was taken 9-IO-I69I, and amounted to L33. lis. It was 
presented to the court for probate on 9-15-1691 by John 


Simmons, "son of the deceased." From the small amount 
of the estate it is evident that he had disposed of most 
of his property to his children before his death. 

Children of Moses and Sarah: 

1 Moses^. Will 1676, on eve of entering King Phil- 

ip's War, beq. to wife and chil. M., CI663, Pa- 
tience2 (Williaml) Barstow (1643-I676+) ; 5 chil. 
1666 to 1676, the last posthumous. 

2 Rebecca. "Eldest dau." in deeds, I669 and l674. 

M.l,cl655, John^ (George^) Soule (CI632-I707) . He 
m. 2,1678, Esther^ (Samuel^) Nash, wid. of Abraham 

3 Mary. D.,l697. M.,l65^, Joseph^ (John-'-) Alden, 

(CI628-I697); 7 chil. 

4 Elizabeth. Father paid Rice Sutter ii3. for breach 

of promise, I673. his 2d wife,l690, Richard 

Dvelly, Jr. (d.l708); 8 chil. by his two wives. 
+ 5 Aaron, CI638. See below. 

6 Sarah, cl644. Liv. I690. M.bef.1669, James Nash, 

Jr., (liv. 1690); son Simeon; dau. Sarah. 

7 John, cl647. D.,1715. M.,1669, Mercy2 (williaml) 

Paebody (I65O-I728); 9 chil. 

AARON^ SIMl^ONS was born about I638 in Plymouth Col- 
ony. He married in Scituate, Massachusetts, 12-24-1677, 
Mary, daughter of Walter Woodworth. Mary was born in 
Scituate on 3-10-1651. No record of the death of Mary 
or Aaron has been found, but it Is known that Mary was 
a widow on 2-12-1719, and was alive on I-I-I720. See 

Aaron was living in Scituate on 12-4-1678 when his 
father deeded to him his "one half share of land," etc. 
Aaron immediately deeded this land to Zachariah Jenkens 
of Sandwich, Massachusetts, and the next day Mary sur- 
rendered her dower rights in the land. Obviously Aaron 
was being pressed to pay a debt, and his father came to 
his assistance. 

In 1686 Mary had a bequest of ilO in the will of her 
father, Walter Woodworth, and in 1689 Aaron was left hk 
in his father's will. 

Children of Aaron and Mary, born in Scituate: 

1 Rebecca^, 12-2-1679. See following. 

2 Moses, 2-24-1682. M.1712, Rachel3 (Jonathan^, 

Jamesl) Cudworth (b.1689); 4 chil., I718 - I725. 

3 Mary, 3-11-1684. Married. 



k Elizabeths, 8-27-1686. M.I716, Jacob* (John3, 
John2, Annal) Vlnall (b.l691); 5 chil. by I725. 

5 Ebenezer, 6-IO-I689. M.171^, Lydia^ (johnl) Kent 

(b.1683); 9 chll. 

6 Lydia, 3-27-1693- M.I723, Ezekiel3 (Benjamin^, 

Walter ^) Voodvorth (b. Lebanon,Conn. ) 

REBECCA3 SIMMONS was born on 12-2-1679 In Scltuate, 
Massachusetts. She married there on I-I-I707, Timothy 
White, Jr., who was born there on II-17-I679. They were 
married by the Reverend Nathaniel Pitcher of the Scltu- 
ate First Church. Their gravestones in Scltuate state 
that Timothy died on 8-1^^-1756, age 77, and Rebecca on 
1-17-1760, in her 8lst year. See WHITE. 

Rebecca-3 Simmons m. I708, 

Rebecca-4 White m. 1740, 

Edward-5 Jenkins m. 1764, 

Lucy-6 Jenkins m. I786, 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 1,1879, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 2, 1894, 

Tlmothy-3 White 

Samuel-4 Jenkins 
Jerusha-4 Neale 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah -8 Cellna Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


Descendants of Moses Simmons 

Litchfield Genealogy 

Wlnslow's History 

Plymouth Court Records 

Scltuate Town and Church Records 

Genealogical Advertiser, 2:89, 90 (Moses Simmons' 

Plymouth Probate Records and Deed Records 



RICHARD'^ SYLVESTER* was born in England, probably in 
one of the southwest coimties. His wife Naomi, not def- 
initely identified, may have been a Torrey. Savage sug- 
gests that she may have been a sister of William Torrey 
who came to New England in l640, settled at Weymouth, 
Massachusetts, and had a daughter Naomi born in l64l. 
Richard and Naomi Sylvester are thought to have married 
about 1632 somewhere in Massachusetts. He died between 
6-15-1663 and 9-27-1663. Naomi doubtless died shortly 
before 11-25-1668, the date her estate was inventoried. 

Richard Sylvester came to New England in I63O, prob- 
ably in the ship Mary and John which sailed from Ply- 
mouth, Englajid, on 3-30-1630 > and arrived in Nantesket 
Roads on 5-3O-I63O. The passengers on this ship were 
gathered from the southwestern counties of England, De- 
von, Dorset, and Somerset, under the influence of Rev- 
erend John White, vicar of Dorchester in Dorset. Cn ar- 
rival in New England, most of them settled at Dorches- 
ter in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. Land at Dorch- 
ester was allotted to Richard Silvester, but it is not 
known that he occupied it, and it was taken later by one 
Jones. How soon he settled In Wessagusset, which in 
1637 became the town of Weymouth, has not been deter- 
mined, but it cannot have been long after he arrived, 
for he was married soon and his first child, Lydia , was 
born there on 12-8-I633. 

On IO-I9-I63O he applied with many others for admis- 
sion as freeman, but he was not admitted as such until 
4-I-I634, and this delay, when many were accepted Immi- 
diately, may have been due to his removal to Wessagus- 
set and to the fact that in 163I it was voted "that none 
were to admitted until joining fellowship with one of 
the churches of Christ." In 163k, therefore, he must 
have been a member of the church. 

* Richard Sylvester is the only immigrant ancestor whom 
HenryD Baker Bartlett and FloraS Rebecca Blake have in 
common, out of over two hundred direct ancestors in New 
England. For this reason, and because he had not been 
discovered as an ancestor of the latter, and therefore 
was not included In Ancestry of Edward Wales Blake and 
Clarissa Matilda Glldden (Sumner, 1948), his family has 
been given considerable space in this compilation. 


Although many families were settled there, the first 
record of an allotment of land in Weymouth is in I636 
to a group of men, most of whom belonged to the "Hull 
Company," although Sylvester, who shared in this allot- 
ment, was not of that company. On 6-I2-I636 it was vo- 
ted to allot lonto every householder six acres and three 
to each of those of his household under twelve. Twen- 
ty-four acres were allotted to Richard Silvester, No. 12 
on the list. On 9-28-I63O he sold his home lot in Wey- 
mouth to John Fussell, containing six acres, together 
with the housing thereon, for ij60. Another distribution 
of land was made between 1642 and l6U4. About 1643 his 
lands had increased to thirty-two acres. 

While living in Weymouth he more than once came in- 
to conflict with the authorities of Massachusetts Bay 
Colony in Boston. On 3-5-1639 he was fined 12s., "for 
selling strong water," which fine he paid. Again on 
6-4-1639, he was fined LIO., "for speaking against the 
law about hogs, & against a perticuler magistrate," the 
three witnesses to have 6s. 8d . apiece; but on 9-3-1639 
ii6 of his fine was respited upon his good behavior, and 
he paid "the other 1,6 (sic)." It was probably consid- 
ered a greater offense to speak against "a perticuler 
magistrate" than against the law about hogs, for a few 
years later he was one of the men appointed to enforce 
the regulations about hogs in Weymouth. 

Deane states that he was in Weymouth in l633> "and 
gained an unfortunate notoriety by espousing certain re- 
ligious sentiments, too liberal for the age in which he 
lived. Mr Robert Lenthal, his minister at Weymouth, ad- 
vanced the sentiment 'that all baptized persons should 
be admitted to the Communion without further trial....' 
This was a heresy to be noticed by Government, and he 
was ordered to retract in presence of the General Court; 
with which order he complied .. .Richard Silvester, who 
held the same opinion, adhered to it and in consequence 
was fined and disfranchised by the Government." 

There seems to be no doubt that there were in Wey- 
mouth adherents of the Church of England as well as sup- 
porters of the Puritan theocracy, with a number who be- 
longed to neither. The records show that an attempt 
was made to gather enough people there to form a church 
outside the Puritan fold, and which should not be domi- 
nated from Boston. At General Court, Boston, 3-13-1639, 
John Smyth "for disturbing the publike peace by combin- 
ing with others to hinder the orderly gathering of a 
church at Wsymoth, & to set vp another there, contrary 
to the orders heare established & the constant practise 
of all our churches & for the vndewe p'cureing of hands 
[signatures] of many to a blanke for that purpose," was 


fined i20; Richard Silvester, "for going with Smyth to 
get hands to a blanke," was disfranchised and fined L2. 

At Weymouth the Sylvesters had a maid-servant named 
Mary Lane who was to serve them four years or so, from 
about the beginning of March l64l; but Edward Poole of 
Weymouth, in the same month, "being desirous to marry 
her & to buy out her time of service," promised "to pay 
unto the said Richard Silvester for the same two hundred 
foot of boards and four pounds in money or such good 
commodities as he should like of upon Mldsomer eve next 
& then the said Pole was to take her away & marry her." 
No record of such a marriage has been found, and Edward 
Poole on 12-5-1645 had a wife named Sarah . The children 
seem to have been alone in August 1642, when six-year- 
old Peter accidentally shot himself with his father's 
"fowling piece" while the parents were at church. 

Eventually several Weymouth families moved to Sclt- 
uate and Marshfleld, in the freer colony of Plymouth. 
Deane says Silvester sold his farm in Weymouth to John 
Holbrook; and it was probably about this time that he 
moved to Marshfield. It is a matter of record that he 
was one of the "22 men propounded to take up their free- 
dom in Marshfield," General Court, Plymouth, 6-5-I65I. 
His new home was on the tract called "The Two Miles," 
now the northwest corner of the town of Marshfield. 

In 1651 a commission was at work in V('eymouth to set- 
tle certain small matters left unfinished or in dispute, 
and this commission found that Richard Silvester's wife 
had not waived her right of dower when he sold his land 
in Weymouth. She therefore signed a release with a mark. 
The clerk inserted the name "Emline" by the mark, which 
is manifestly an error, as the mother of Richard's chil- 
dren was Naomi, and that was the name of his widow. 

He was made the surveyor of highways at Marshfield, 
6-6-I654, and on 6-8-1655 became a constable. 

In March I66I his daughter Dinah, then almost nine- 
teen, was before the Plymouth Court, charged with accus- 
ing the wife of William Holmes of witchcraft. The Ply - 
mouth authorities were wiser than the Salem magistrates 
thirty years later, and Dinah was obliged to retract and 
apologize, as well as to pay the costs of court. Thus 
a "witchcraft delusion" was probably averted. 

His will, dated 6-I5-I663 and proved 10-2-1663, be- 
queathed to all his living children. He appointed "Ka- 
omy my loving wife" sole executrix. The inventory of 
his personal effects amounted to i251. ^s. 5d . 

That Naomi was not satisfied with the terms of her 
husband's will is shown in the following court record, 
Plymouth, IO-5-I663: "Memo rand : that the Court doe con- 
sider of the condition of Naomy Siluester, widdow, her 
deceased husband haueing by his last will and testament 


left, in an absolute way, but a smale inconsiderable 
p'te of his estate vnto her, that the Court take some 
prudent course that shee bee considered with that wch 
may bee thought convenient in that respect, shee haueing 
approued herself e, as appeers by the testimony of some 
of her naighbours, to bee a frugall and laborious woman 
in the procuring of the said estate." 

Evidently Edward and Lydia Wright took exception to 
the judge's action, for on IO-3I-I666: "Edward Wright 
and Lydia his wife complained of Naomy Silvester Execu- 
trix of Richard Silvester, deceased, in an action upon 
the case to the damage of fifty pounds for unjustly de - 
taining of cattle and other goods delivered to the said 
Richard and Naomi for the proper behoof of their daugh- 
ter Lydia." The jury found for the plaintiffs in the 
sum of LIO. 10s. There was some trouble at court, for 
under the same date: "William Ford constable of Marsh- 
field complaineth against John Silvester and Naomy and 
Dinah Silvester his sisters in an action of the case to 
the damage of 100 pounds, for molesting and abusing him 
in the execution of his office by rescuing Naomi their 
mother, out of his hands, who were then arrested by 
him." The jury awarded damages of 40s . to the plain- 
tiff, and the costs of the suit. It may be significant 
that Lydia, who had thirteen children by two marriages, 
named none Richard or Naomi . 

Naomi's estate was appraised on 11-26-1668, at iS?. 
4s. 2d. Both inventories and Richard's will are given 
in full in New England Register, 85:252-6. 

Children of Richard and Naomi: 

+ 1 Lydia^, Weymouth, 12-8-I633. See following. 

2 John, Weymouth, 3-l4-l63'^. D.I706. M.CI658, Sarah 

(d.l706+); 6 chil. Inherited the homestead . 

3 Peter, CI636. Accidentally shot himself in August, 

1642, with father's "fowling piece" while parents 
were at church. 
k Joseph, Weymouth, 4-12-1638. Captain; tailor; inn- 
keeper. D.169O, while serving as captain in Can- 
ada expedition under Sir William Phipps. M.CI663, 
Mary2 (Wm.l and Ann [Hubbard]) Barstow, b. Dedham, 
Mass., 12-28-1641; d. May 1715. He was appointed 
gdn. or nephew Jobn Lowell, ibTO, and he and bro. 
Israel chosen gdns. by bro. Benjamin, I67I. House 
burnt, K.Philip's War,l676, listed at LlOO, double 
that of next highest. Became innkeeper, l684. Rep. 
Gen. Court, 1689,1690. Will, 7-22-1690; inv.1691, 
ij434, incl.over 100 a., much livestock, two negro 
servants at ij30. Children, see next page. 


Children of Joseph^ and Mary^ (Barstow) Sylvester, born 
Scituete : 

1 Joseph^, 11-11-1664. M.I69O, Hannah 3. (Joseph^, 
Robert^) Bartlett (both 3-4-175^); 7 chll. 

2 Kary, 12-24-1666. D., 6-20-1730, Hanover. M., 
Scltuate,l669, Benjamin^ (William^ & unk. wife, 
Thomas ( Sng.) & Richardenel) Curtis (I667- ■ 
1716+) ; 11 chil. See end of sketch for descent 
to Flora-£ Rebecca Blake, who m., 1879, Henry -6 
Baker Bartlett . See also footnote on page 111. 

3 Anna, 5-5-I669. Liv. 1715. K., Bates. 

4 Naomi, bap. I-I9-I67I. D. yg. 

5 Solomon, bap. 3-31-167^. 

6 Naomi, 3-5-l67£. Bap. 6-I6-I678. Liv. 1715- 
K.I705, Abner Turner. 

7 Benjamin, 12-11-1680. Bap. 5-15-l68l. D.,Hano-l 
ver, 1760. M.l,3cit., 1710, Jerusha^ (Obadiah?) 
Wheaton; 1 son. K.2,17l8, Ruth^ (Joseph^, Wal - 
ter ^) Voodworth (1687-1762); 3 chil. 

8 David, b. 4-20, bap. 6-IO-I683. D. 1733, Hanover 

9 Amos, 11-15-1685. Bap. 5-3O-I686. D.,Hnnover, 
1753. K. 1706, Elizabeth^ (Joseph^) Henchman, 
(1685-1762); 12 chil. 

Children of Richard^ and Naomi^ Sylvester, continued: 

5 Dlnah^, Weymouth, 4-2-1642. Liv ., Milton, Mass . ,1673. 

See page II3 for witchcraft case. 

6 Elizabeth, Weymouth, 1-23-1644. M., Sciti-iate,l659, 

as 2d wife, John3 (john^, Percivall) Lowell, tan- 
ner of Boston; both living, Sudbury, Mass., 1700; 
6 chll. (He m. 1,1653, Hannah^ (Georgel) Proctor; 
3 chll. He m.,3, 1664, Naomi^ (Williaml) Torrey, 

7 Israel, prob. Weymouth, cl64o. D., Scituate, I727. 

M., CI673, Martha (liv. 1726); 11 chil. 

8 Charity, cl648. Named in father's will, I663; wit- 

ness to deed, I67I. 

9 Naomi, bap. Second Church, Scituate, now First Uni- 

tarian Church, Norwell, Mass., 4-l4-l650. Living 
1666. See page 114 for court incident. 

10 Richard, Marshfield, CI652. D.,unmar., I678, Hull, 

Mass., at hous'^ of Edward Wright , who administered 
his estate. 

11 Hester, bap. Second Church, Scituate, 3-26-1654. 

12 Benjamin, b. on "The Two Miles," Scituate, (later in 

Marshfield), CI656; bap. Second Church, Scituate, 
5-17-1657. Living, Scituate, 1733- M.,l,cl686, 
Lydia^ (Rlchardl) Standlack (l664-cl700) ; 4 chil. 
M.2, CI70I, Mary [ Standlack?] ; 2 sons. 



LYDIA2 SYLVESTER was born on 12-8-1633 in Weymouth, 
Massachusetts. She married first in Scituate , Massachu- 
setts, 9-4-1652, Nathaniel, son of Thomas Rawlins of 
Boston, Massachusetts. Nathaniel died on 12-23-1662 in 
Scituate. They had six children (given under Wright) . 
Lydia married second on 5-25-1664 in Scituate, Edwardl 
Wright. He is known to have died before 1704, but his 
death record has not been found, nor that of Lydia. See 

Lydia-2 Sylvester 



Mercy-2 Wright 



Wright-2 Bartlett 



Samuel-3 Bartlett 



Samuel-4 Bartlett 



Henry-5 Bartlett 



Henry-6 Bartlett 



Henry-6 Bartlett 



Edward-1 Wright 
John-1 Bartlett 
Bethiah-4 Packard 
Susanna- 4 Dunbar 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

Lineage to Flora-8 Rebecca Blake: 

Joseph-2 Sylvester m. CI663, 

Mary-3 Sylvester m. I689, 

Benjamin-4 Curtis tc. 17l6, 

Rachel-5 Curtis m. 1748, 

Rachel-4 Gould m. 1776, 

Lucinda-5 Goss m. cl8ll, 

Claris3a-7 M. Glidden m. I858, 

Flora-8 Rebecca Blake m. I879, 

Mary-2 Barstow 
Benjamin-3 Curtis 
Hannah-4 Palmer 
John-3 Gould 
Nathaniel-5 Goss 
Samuel-6 Glidden 
Edward -7 Wales Blake 

^ Baker Bartlett 


New England Register, 85:252 - 260 

Deane: History of Scituate, Mass., 3^7-8, 350. 

Records of Court of Assistants, Massachusetts Bay 

Colony, 2:82, 87. 
Chamberlain: History of Weymouth, Mass., 4:631-2 
Weymouth, Scituate, Norwell, and Marshfield, Mass, 

Vital Records. 
Barry, History Sketches of Hanover, Mass., 400-2. 



THOMAS^ THAXTER, the son of Reverend John and Anne I 
Thaxter, was baptized on 2-I-I595 in Bridgham, covmty 
Norfolk, England. The name of Thomas' wife was Eliza- 
beth, thought by Savage to be Elizabeth Coffin. Thomas 
died in Hingham, Massachusetts, on 2-14-1654. On Sep- i 
tember 24th of that year Elizabeth married William Rip- I 
ley, a weaver of Hingham. The marriage was recorded by " 
Reverend Peter Hobart. William died on 7-20-I656, and 
on I-20-I658 Elizabeth married her third husband, John 
Dwight of Dedham, who died on l-24-l660. Elizabeth died 
on 7-17-1660, and it is said she drowned in a well. 

Deacon Thomas Thaxter administered the estate of his 
brother. Reverend Daniel Thaxter, minister of Kirkby 
Norfolk, on IO-5-I625. It is recorded that he received 
property at Kirkby and Branmerton, Norfolk, after which 
his name does not appear in the records of the county. 
It could not have been long afterward that he and Eliz- 
abeth, with their two eldest children, arrived in New 
England, for he had settled in Hingham by I638. 

He was an original proprietor of Hingham, being al- 
lotted a house lot near the Training Field at Hingham 
Center in I638, the record calling him a linen weaver. 
He was made a freeman on 5-8-1642, therefore already a 
member of the church, of which he was later the deacon. 
In 1647 he bought Captain John Mason's house, and made 
other land purchases. In 1649 he bought 20-1/2 acres 
from Elizabeth Merrick for t48. His home was near the 
old meeting house. 

On 4-20-1654 is recorded "A petition to the Court 
for a division of the estate of Tho: Thaxter of Hingham, 
who died Intestate, leaving an estate to the value of 
about L230. The widow to have 3rd pte. The eldest son 
double porcon, the other three children equall shares, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Samuel ; eldest Sonne out of his share 
to pay his bro. Samll il4, his sister Sarah t2, and his 
widow to have 40s. by yeare payd to hlr during the time 
of her widdowhood." (she married the same year.) The 
Inventory, 2-20-1654, amounted to L213. 18. 04. Widow 
Elizabeth deposed 3-9-1654. John Thaxter and Abraham 
Harden were appointed guardians of Samuel and Sarah. 

THA7TER 121 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth: 

1 John2, England, I626. D.I687. Lieut . ,l664. Capt., 

1680. M.1648, Elizabeth^ (Nlcholasl) Jacob (I637 
-1725); 12 chil. She m.2,as 2d wife,l691, Daniel2 
(Matthewl) Gushing (I619-I693); no chil. 

2 Elizabeth, cl629. Shared father's estate, I654. 

3 Thomas, 1632. D. l647 . 

k Sarah, Hlngham, I635. D.I678. M., I655, Thomas2 

(Johnl) Thurston of Medfield (l633-1704) ;10 chil. 
5 Daniel, I638 . D.I663. Not named in est. admin. I654. 
+ 6 Samuel, Hingham, 5-19-1641. See below. 

SAMUEL^ THAXTER vas born in Hlngham, Massachusetts, 
on 5-19-1641. He married there on 12-19-1666, Abigail, 
daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Warren) Church. The 
marriage was recorded by Reverend Peter Hobart. Abigail 
was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on 6-22-1647, and 
died in Hingham on 12-25-1677 • Samuel married second, 
in Hingham, 6-I3-I678, Deborah, daughter of Thomas Lin- 
coln. Deborah was born on 8-3-1645 and died in Hingham 
on 12-7-1694. Samuel died there on 5-27-1725, "age 84." 

Samuel's father died when he was not quite thirteen 
and his eldest brother John was appointed the guardian 
of Samuel and his sister Sarah. He became a cordwainer 
euid wheelwright by trade, and served as constable in 
Hingham in 167I. He lived in the family homestead, and 
there he had his shop. He fought in King Philip's War 
in 1676. See Note K. P., for his experience with six- 
teen other young men of Hingham, capturing a large num- 
ber of Indians, "with no help from Church." 

His will of 7-12-1723 was exhibited for probate in 
Boston, IO-6-I725, by his son David. He bequeathed to 
his daughter Sarah Dunbar t80, and an equal amoxmt to 
his daughters Deborah Beal and Abigail Thaxter, among 
other bequests; his son David to be executor. 

Children of Samuel and first wife Abigail, born 
In Hingham: 

1 Abigail^, 9-29-1667. D. inf. 
+ 2 Sarah, II-I6-I668. See following. 

3 Abigail, II-I8-I67O. D. inf. 

4 David, 4-6-1672. D.,1750. M.,1695, Alice«5 (John^, 

Thomasl) Chubbock (I67I-I745); 2 daus . ; 1 son. 
Executor of father's estate, 1654. 

5 Mary, 5-l6-l674. D. inf. 

6 John, 7-27-1675. D. inf. 

7 Samuel, 4-23-1677. 




Children of Semuel and second vlfe Deborah, born in 

8 Deborah^, 7-2^-1679- D.1753. M.,as 2d wife, 1717, 

Joseph 3 (Caleb2, John^) Beal (1672-173?) ;no chil. 

9 Samuel, 2-19-1682. D. 1694. 

10 Abigail, 2-8-1685. M., as 2d wife, 1731, Edvard 3 
(Henry2, Samuel^) Ward (b.l672); no chil. 

SJJRAH"^ THAXTER was born in Hingham, Massachusetts , 
on II-I6-I668. She married there on 3-25-I69I, Peter 
son of Robert Dunbar. Peter was born in Hingham on 9-6 
or 9-8-1668, and died there on 4-23-1719- See DUNBAR. 

Sarah-3 Thaxter m. I69I, 

David -3 Dunbar m. I738, 

Susanna-4 Dunbar m. 1757, 

Samuel-4 Bartlett m. I786, 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. 1836, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.l,l879, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.2,l894. 

Peter-2 Dunbar 
Susanna -4 Hay ward 
Samuel-3 Bartlett 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hannah-8 Celina Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


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will, etc.) 

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ter, 2:253. 




RICHARD^ WARREN the twelfth signer of the Mayflower 
Compact, was born In England, perhaps in London. The 
Identity of his wife Elizabeth has never been definite- 
ly established. He died in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 
1628, and Elizabeth never married again, a remarkable 
circximstance in those early days. She died at the age 
of about ninety, at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, 10-2-1673. 

Richard Warren is sometimes called "the grave Rich- 
ard Warren," and is usually given the title of respect, 
"Master," as was his wife. Banks wrote: " He was a mer 
chant from London. Extensive search of every available 
source of information - registers, chancery and probate 
in London courts - have proved fruitless in identifying 

Bradford wrote: "Mr Richard Warren lived some four 
or five years and had his wife come over to him by whom 
he had two sons before he dyed: and one of them is mar- 
yed and hath two ch^ri. so his increase is four, but he 
had five daughters more come over with his wife, who are 
all maryed and living and have many chdn." 

From "Journal of the Pilgrims": "Richard Warren was 
one of the three from London, and one of the ten prin- 
ciple men who with Captain Standish, two mates, one gun- 
ner, and three Saylers went out in the Shallop, 6 De- 
cember 1620, on their final trip of discovery, and who 
first landed on the Rock, in Plymouth . He was one of 
the third exploring party, which was surprised by the 
Indians I8 December I62O." 

From Mourt's Relation: "Richard Warren was a member 
of the third exploring party sent out while the Mayflow- 
er lay at anchor in Cape Cod harbor . This party set 
out in the shallop on Wednesday, 6 December I62O; after 
many hardships, including a fight with the Indians ear- 
ly Friday morning , landed at Plymouth on the following 
Monday, 11 December l620." (These are the first ances- 
tors giving eligibility to the Society of Colonial Wars 
and similar patriotic societies.) "Richard Warren was 
a useful instrument, and during his life bore a deep 
share in the difficulties and troubles of this first 
settlement." (Mourt's Relation.) 

In the land allotments of l624 he had two shares 
for the Mayflower and five for the Anne. In the div- 
ision of the cattle in 162?: "The ninth lot fell to 


Richard Warren and his companye joined with him his wife 
. . . .To this lot fell one of the four black Heyfers that 
came in the Jacob, caled the smooth horned Heyfer, and 
two shee goats." 

Mrs Elizabeth Warren and her five daughters came on 
the Anne which with the Little James came in I623. She 
remained a widow, and seems to have been a good business 
woman as well as a good mother. She saw to it that all 
her daughters were married well, and were well supplied 
when they married. Her name was often mentioned in the 
Plymouth records. For example, 3-8-I637: "it is agreed 
upon consent of the whole Court that Elizabeth Warren, 
widow, relict of M^ Richard Warren, deceased, shall be 
entered and stand and be purchaser instead of her said 
husband, as well because that (hee dying before he had 
pformed said bargain) the said Elizabeth pformed the 
same after his decease, as also for the establishing of 
the lotts of lande given formerly by her sonnes in law, 
Richard Church, Robert Bartlett and Thomas Little in 
marriage wth their wives, her daughters." And, 5-5-1640: 
"Richard Church, Robert Bartlett and Thomas Little and 
Mrs Elizabeth Warren are graunted enlargements at the 
heads of their lotts to the foot of the Pyne Hills." 

"Mrs Warren, forty-eight years old at her husband's 
death, survived him forty-five years; and when at the 
rare age of ninety- three, she was borne up Burial Hill, 
it was entered on the Colonial records that she, 'hav- 
ing lived a Godly life, came to her grave as a shock of 
corn fully ripe.' .... For some unexplained reason, her 
funeral was not until the twenty-third day after her 
death." (Goodwin.) 

Several Presidents were descended from Richard War- 
ren, among them Ulysses Simpson Grant and Franklin Del- 
ano Roosevelt, the latter through five lines. 

Children of Richard and Elizabeth: 

1 Mary^, Eng. D.Plymouth, 3-27-I683. M.I628, Robert 

Bartlett (d. Plymouth, I676, age 73); 8 chil. 

2 Anne, Eng. Liv. I676. M.,1633, Thomas Little (d. 

1672) ; 1 son. 

3 Sarah, Eng. Liv. I696. M.,1633, John^ ( Francis ^-) 

Cooke (CI607-I695); 5 chil. 
+ 4 Elizabeth, Eng. See following. 

5 Abigail, Eng. Liv. I693. M.,1639, Anthony Snow, 

(d.1692); 6 chil. 

6 Nathaniel, Plymouth, 1624. D.I667. M.1645, Sarah^ 

(Johnl) Walker (d.l700); 11 chil. 

7 Joseph, Plymouth, cl627. D.,1689. yi.,cl651, Prls- 

cilla2 (Johnl) Faunce (CI633-I707) ; 6 chil. 



ELIZABETH^ WAREEN was born in England, the date not 
known. She came with her mother and four sisters in the 
ship Anne in I623. She married in Plymouth, 10-4-1632, 
Richard Church. He was born about I608 in England, and 
died in Dedham, Massachusetts, on 12-27-1668. Elizabeth 
died in Hingham, Massachusetts, on 3-4-1670. It is re- 
corded that "they raised most of their fifteen chil- 
dren." See CHURCH. 

Elizabeth- 2 Warren 
Abigail-2 Church 
Sarah-3 Thaxter 
David -3 Dunbar 
Susanna-^ Dunbar 
Samuel -4 Bartlett 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

m. 1632, Richard-l Church 

m. 1666, Samuel-2 Thaxter 

m. 1691, Peter-2 Dunbar 

m. 17385 Susanna-4 Hayward 

m. 1757, Samuel-3 Bartlett 

m. 1786, Lucy-6 Jenkins 

m. 1836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

m. 1,1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

m. 2, 1894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 

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Bradford's daily journal, and four narratives 

by Governor Edward Winslow. Covers the period 

from 11-20-1620 to 12-21-1621.) 
See Note on Mayflower Compact. 


WIDOW JOAN WHITE died about l637 in England. Her 
inventory was taken on 12 Charles I (1-4-1637), and her 
nuncupative will was proved on 5-2-1637 • Joan declared 
"a little before her death," twenty shillings were to go 
to eldest son Richard White; twelve pence to son Gawen 
White, "if he were living"; to daughter Agnes, her best 
petticoat; daughter Alice to be residuary legatee and 

GOWEN-^ WHITE (spelled variously Going, Gawen, Gowin, 
etc) married in Scituate, Massachusetts, on IO-I5-I638, 
Elizabeth [Ward?], identity not known, but born in Eng- 
land about 1600. Gowen died shortly before 12-8-1664, 
in Scituate, survived by Elizabeth. 

The marriage is recorded in Reverend John Lothrop's 
notes: "Goeing White and Elizabeth, servaunt toM^ Hath- 
erlye, and John Winchester & Hannah Syllice marryed here 
att Situate by Maister Ginnings Octob 15, I638. Pope 
gives her name as Ward, but the record does not name her 
and she may have been one of the wards of wealthy Timo- 
thy Hatherly, uncle of Edward Jenkins ' wife. An Eliza- 
beth Ward, age thirty -eight, came to New England in the 
ship Increase with the family of Thomas Josselyn, l635« 

From the wording of his mother's will, it would ap- 
pear that Gowen White had left England before I637. He 
was called a planter in the Massachusetts records, and 
was an original proprietor of Scituate. He was made a 
town officer in l644, ajid the same year appointed con- 
stable for the town by the Plymouth Court. He was one 
of the Conlhassett Partners in 1646. (See Note, C. P.) 

Other records: 9-7-1641, "Gowen White for his as- 
sault upon Wlllm Holmes is fyned by the court five shil- 
lings." 6-7-1648, "Gowin White complaynes against Sam- 
uel House in an action of tresspas to the damag of 

tenn pounds." In I65O he purchased a large farm "situ- 
ated south of Dwelley's Creek," from William Richards, 
"who went to Plymouth." 3-4-1651, "Wee present Gowin 
White and Zach. Hicks of the Towne of Scituate for trav- 
eling from Weymouth to Scituate on the Lords day." 12- 
9-I654, "Goyen White, planter, of Scituate" gave a deed 
to Joseph Tllden "for his dwelling house, upland about 
45 acres, marsh about 30 acres, &c, which he had bought 
of William Richards." 

The inventory of his personal estate was taken by 

WHITE 127 

James Cudworth on 12-8-1664 and presented to the court 
on 3-3-I665 by Timothy and Joseph White. The amount was 
ij59. He evidently distributed his property among his 
children before he died, for he left no will. 

Children of Gowen and Elizabeth: 

1 Elizabeth^. M.,l662, Thomas Pinson Jr. (b.l640); 
7 chil. He m. 2, 1693, Sarah Turner. 
+ 2 Timothy, say between l640 and I650. See below. 
3 Joseph. D., 11-11-1711. M., 1,1660, Mary or Eliza- 
beth Rogers (d.l677); 3 chil. 2nd wife Susanna d. 
1698. M.3,l699,Elizabeth5 (john2,Wid.Annal)Vinal. 
Sarah. D. bef.l699. "Sarah Whitte" m.l673, John3 
(John^, Thomasl) Bailey (d.l7l8); 9 chil. He m., 
2,1699, Ruth2 (jeremiahl) Clothier. 


TIMOTHY^ WHITE, perhaps named for Timothy Hatherly, 
was born in Scitua te, Massachusetts, probably between 
l64o and I65O, although no record of his birth has been 
found. He married, Scituate, I-I-I678, Abigail Rogers. 
Some accounts say she was the daughter of John Rogers of 
Marshfleld. The Litchfield Genealogy asserts that Tim- 
othy White's daughter Elizabeth was the granddaughter 
of John Rogers of Marshfield, The Scituate record of 
the marriage merely gives Abigail Rogers, and records a 
marriage in I681 of Nathaniel Chamberlain to "abigail, 
daughter of John Rogers of Marshfield." Timothy died 
in Scituate on 6-13-17d, but the death of Abigail has 
not been found. See ROGERS. 

In 1673 he was on a coroner's inquest with Edward 
Jenkins and Joseph White. In 167^^ he witnessed the re- 
ceipt of Mary, wife of Nathaniel Fox, for her share of 
the estate of John Rogers, her father. Again in I675, 
he was a witness to the receipt of Mary and sister Ann. 

He served in King Philip's War, I675-76, and was in 
a list presented to the court and Governor Josiah Wins- 
low, of those who sustained losses in that war. He had 
"received damage in his hed by a shott." In 1733 "Nar- 
agansett Township No. 7," now Gorham, Maine, was as- 
signed by lot to veterans of King Philip's War, or to 
their heirs. The only grantee from Scitiiate was "Tim- 
othy White, for his father Timothy." Although he was 
dead by this time, Timothy2 had been in possession of 
his father's Conihassett farm, on which he lived. His 
brother Joseph lived near him. 

The inventory of Philip Phibens, taken in 1684, has 
an item due the estate of t2. 10s., "in Timothy White's 
hands." Also due to Timothy White for funeral charges, 
and for "tendence and other trouble," 13s., and l^s. , 
explanation being lacking on this matter. 

His will of 5-16-1704, probated 9-2-1704, provided 

128 WHITE 

for his vlfe Abigail, and his children: Timothy (execu- 
tor), Abigail White, Sarah White, and Elizabeth White; 
his daughters to have his land at Drinkvater, "formerly 
the land of Cornett Robert Stetson, but now in my pos- 

Children of Timothy and Abigail, born in Scituate: 

•f 1 TimothyS, 11-17-1679. See belov. 

2 Abigail, IO-3I-1682. M.1705, John Hall; 9 chll. 

3 Sarah, J^-26-l685. D.I763. M.,1710, Joseph* (Nath- 

aniels, joseph2, Nsthaniell) Tilden (1685-1764); 
3 sons, 1 dau. 
k Elizabeth, 10-9-1688. M.1712, James3 (Jonathan2, 
James^) Cudworth (b.l682); 2 sons. (Litchfield 
Genealogy states this Elizabeth was granddaughter 
of John Rogers of Marshfield.) 

TIMOTHY^ WHITE was born in Scituate, Massachusetts, 
II-I7-I679. He and Rebecca Simmons were married there 
on I-I-I708 by Reverend Nathaniel Pitcher of the First 
Church. Rebecca was born in Scituate on 12-2-1679, the 
daughter of Aaron Simmons. Timothy died on 8-14-1756, 
"age 77," and Rebecca on I-I7-I76O, "in her 8lst year," 
according to their gravestones in Union Street Cemetery 
at Scituate Harbor. See SIMMONS. 

Being an only son, he succeeded to the farm, as did 
his son Timothy, grandson Timothy, and great-grandson, 
Timothy. Deane says the homestead was "on the road by 
Joseph Tilden 's." 

Bodge writes of Narragansett Township No. 7: "This 
township was assigned by lot at the memorable meeting 
at Luke Verdey's 10-17-1733 to grantees resident in the 
towns of Barnstable, Yarmouth, Eastham, Sandwich, Ply- 
mouth, Tisbury, Abingdon, Duxbury, and 'one from Scitu- 
ate. ' The committee chosen to manage the affairs of 
this township were Colonel Shubael Gorham, Mr Timothy 
White, and Mr Robert Standford. The township adjoins 
Falmouth and the Presumpscot River." There follow the 
names of the towns, with the grantees, and names of the 
veterans. Under the town of Scituate the only name is 
"Timothy White, for his father Timothy," and he was as- 
signed Lot No. 116. What became of this property has 
not been ascertained. 

The Inventory of his estate is given as il0586-10-0, 
"being reduced to lawful money, L1411-10-0." Both were 
huge amounts for the times. The estate was administer- 
ed by his only son Timothy. On 9-29-1756 a petition for 
division of the estate was signed by all the heirs. 



Children of Timothy and Rebecca, born in Scltuate: 

1 Timothy 4, 10-4-1708; bap. adult, 5-29-1737- 0.177^. 

M.,1732, Sarah4 (Joseph^, Samuel^, Thomas^) Clapp 
(d.l740+); only son TimothyS (d.,1785) ovned the 
farm, as did his son Timothy^. 

2 Elizabeth, 7-I8-I7IO. D.,1789. M.,1732, Josepb4 

(Josephs, john2, Thomasl) Bally (1704-82) j8 chil. 

3 Abigail, 6-29-1712. M.,1736, Ssmuel Ellms of Bos- 

ton. Son Samuel b., Scltuate, 174-3. 

4 Mary, 9-9-1714. D.,1786. M.,1736, Ebenezer4 (Jos- 

eph3, john2, Thomas^) Bally (1714-1772); 2 sons. 
+ 5 Rebecca, 10-29-1717. See below. 

6 Desire, 1-13-1720. D.,1780+. M.,1742, Eleazer* 

(Nicholas3, josiah2, Lawrencel) Litchfield (CI715- 
1780); 7 chil. He adm. est. of Timothy White. 

7 Sarah. M.1746, Capt. George Morton. 

REBECCA^ WHITE was born in Scltuate, Massachusetts, 
on 10-29-1717. She married there on 3-2-1740, Samuel, 
son of Edward Jenkins. Samuel was born in Scltuate on 
8-I3-I7IO. Their deaths are recorded in Scltuate, Re- 
becca's in 1802, and "Deacon Samuel Jenkins" in I805 — 
the month and day not given. See JENKINS. 

Rebecca was baptized adult in Scltuate, 6-6-1742. 

Rebecca-4 White 
Edward -5 Jenkins 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

m. 1740, Samuel-4 Jenkins 

m. 1764, Jerusha-4 Neale 

m. 1786, Samuel-4 Bartlett 

m. 1836, Hannah-8 Celina Hall 

m. 1,1879, Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 

m. 2,1894, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


Winslow Papers. 

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JOHN''" WILLIS of Duxbury, Massachusetts, had brothers 
named Nathaniel, Francis, Lawrence and Jonathan. There 
was also a George Willis In Sudbury, Massachusetts. It 
Is not known where they were born. John Willis married 
on I-2-I637, Elizabeth Hodgkins, widow of William Palm- 
er, Junior, whom she had married in 1633.* Elizabeth 
is presumed to be the sister of William Hodgkins of Ply- 
mouth, Massachusetts. No details of her birth or death 
can be found. John Willis, doubtless this one, married 
in Boston, Massachusetts, "165^, 11th: 11th Month [Feb- 
ruary], by Capt. Humph* Atharton," Hannah Elsse. Pope 
suggests that this John Willis may be the son of George 
Willis of Sudbury. John Willis died between 6-I5-I692 
and 9-20-1693, the dates of his will, in which his wife 
is not named, hence probably dead. See HODGKINS. 

Deacon John Willis and wife were living in Duxbury, 
Massachusetts, in I637. He was one of the appraisers 
of the estate of William Palmer, Junior, January 1637. 
In 1638 he brought suit in his wife's name against the 
executors of the estate, but the suit was not allowed. 
Francis Cooke was a member of the jury. 

John had two grants of land in l640, one "lying on 
the N W side of the Northlll in Duxburrow," the other a 
grant of fifty acres at Namassacusett River. He was an 
original proprietor of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, then 
called Satucket, in l645. (See Note on Bridgewater) 
Bridgewater was incorporated as a town in 1656, and in 
1657 he sold Duxbury property to William Paybody and re- 
moved to Bridgewater. In 1665, "John Willis of Duxbur- 
rough" sold his fifty acres at Duxbury to Robert Barker 
"with the consent of my wife." He was a sharer in the 
"Outer Lands," in I683. (See Note on Outer Lands.) 

He was one of the first freemen in Bridgewater, with 
Sflmuel Edson, Thomas Hayward and Mark Lathrop . He was 
the first deacon of the Bridgewater church. He was the 
first Representative of Bridgewater, I657, and repre- 
sented the town in the Old Colony Court at Plymouth for 
twenty-five years. In 1660 he was appointed to admin- 
ister oaths, hear petty cases, and solemnize marriages. 

* They had a son William and perhaps a daughter Rebecca. 
Pope says John Willis ' step-daughter Rebecca Palmer was 
a servant to Mr John Mayo in l651. 


In 1666 he served on the Covincil of War, Edvard Jenkins 
being another member of the Council. In I676 he was ap- 
pointed together with William Brett and Samuel Ed 3 on to 
distribute Bridgewater's share of the contribution "for 
the distresses of the Indian Wars." 

His will, dated Bridgewater, 6-I5-I692, named his 
son Nathaniel executor; left to son John "the land his 
house stands on"; to Nathaniel the homestead; mentioned 
Nathaniel's sons Nathaniel, Jonathan and John; to Jos- 
eph "land at Farfield as we go to Taunton"; mentioned 
Joseph's "eldest son Joseph"; to Comfort fifteen acres, 
at Indian Field; youngest son Benjamin; to eldest daugh- 
ter Hannah Hayward the household goods; daughter Eliza- 
beth Harvey; grandchild Patience Augur [Alger]; the rest 
of the estate to be divided between three daughters, 
Hannah Hayward , Sarah Ames and Elizabeth Harvey. Men- 
tion was made of "the pond that divides me smd Benja- 
min." Witnesses were Captain Thomas Hayward and Elihu 
Brett, both of whom made oath to the will on 9-2O-I693. 

Children of John and Elizabeth: 

1 John^. D.CI712. M.,1654, Experience2 (Nicholas^) 

By ram (d.cl712); k chil. See Note, K. P. War. 

2 Nathaniel. D.,lTl6. Wife Lydia d.,17l6+; 6 chil. 

3 Joseph. D., Taunton, I705. M. Sarah2 (Thomasl) 

Lincoln (b.l645). "Eldest son Joseph" llv. I692. 

4 Comfort. Liv.l692. M., ; at least 3 sons. 

See Note K. P. War, for mss. attributed to him. 

5 Benjamin, CI658. "Youngest son" in father's will. 

D.I697. M.CI693, Susanna^ (Thomas^) Whitman (d., 
1697+) ; 4 Chil. 
+ 6 Hannah. See below. 

7 Elizabeth. D.,cl719. M.,l679, Thomas (Willlam2, 

Thomasl) Harvey (1641-1728); 8 chil. 

8 Sarah. Liv.1692. M.CI67I, John2 (William^) Ames, 

(b.l647); 8 chil. See Note, K. P. War. 

HANNAH 2 WILLIS was probably born in Duxbury, Massa- 
chusetts, but the date has not been found. Her father 
called her "eldest daughter" in his will of I692. She 
married about I663, Nathaniel Hayward, born about l640, 
the son of Thomas Hayward. No death records have been 
found for them. See HAYWARD for descent to Henry-6 
Baker Bartlett. 

Mitchell: History of Bridgewater, Mass. 
Lincoln: History of Hlngham, Mass. 
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Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records. 
Plymouth, Mass., Court Records. 



WALTER^ WOODWORTH died in Scltuate, Massachusetts, 
shortly before 3-2-1686. Although possibly he may have 
been married twice, no wife's name has been recorded . 
His wife was alive in I676, but is not mentioned in his 
will of 1685, nor in the probate in I686. 

He may have come from county Kent, England, for he 
settled among the "Men of Kent," on Kent Street, which 
lay along the waterfront in Scituate. He had the third 
lot on the south side of Meetinghouse Lane in 1635* and 
also had land on the First Herring Brook, thirty rods 
below Stockbrldge 's mill, and on the north side of Wal- 
nut tree hill. In early times this was called Walter 
Woodworth's Hill. In l640 he was assessed 9 s. tax. 

He was made freeman on 3-2-1641, hence in addition 
to being a landowner, must have been a church member as 
early as that, although the first record of his being a 
member of the First Church of Scituate is in 1654. In 
1643 he was on the list of those "able to bear arms," — 
ablebodied males over twenty-one. He was a town officer 
in 1645 ; was appointed surveyor of highways in 1646 and 
again in I656. His name is frequently found in there- 
cords as on juries, and otherwise. 

In 1673 with Josiah Winslow and twenty-seven others 
he was at Plymouth Colony Court to establish right to 
land in Little Compton (now in Rhode Island) . His son 
Benjamin Woodworth lived there in 1692. 

His will of 11-26-1685, probated on 3-2-1686, left 
land to four sons, called Thomas "my eldest son," but 
appointed Benjamin executor, directing him "to pay Jos- 
eph and my six daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary , Martha , 
Mehitable & Abigail LIO apeace." As no wife was named, 
she was presumably dead. In the will, which was not 
written by him, the name is spelled "Woodward," which 
may have been the spelling In England. He signed with 
an X, perhaps because he was too ill to write. The name 
appended to the will was spelled "Woodworth." The in- 
ventory showed considerable property in leuid. 


Children of Walter, from various sources: 

1 Thomas^, cl640. Celled "Eldest son" in father's 
will, 1685. His house burnt by the Indians, King 
Philip's War, I676. D.,1719. M., I666, Deborah2 
(Johnl) Damon (I645-I696+) ; 10 chil. 

2 Sarah, say cl637-l642. Prob. married before I685. 

3 Elizabeth, cl640. Had illeg. child cl675. Liv. in 
1685, perhaps married. No further record found. 

4 Joseph, cl644. Will probated 1718. M.I670, Sarah2 
(Johnl) Stockbridge (b.l645); 8 chil. 

5 Benjamin, cl648. Executor of father's will, 1686. 

D.I729. M.l, Deborah ; 2 daus . bap.l682. 

M.2,bef .1692, Hannah ; 11 chil. [That the 

second wife was a Damon is asserted by one compi- 
ler, who draws attention to the children's names: 
Benjamin, Ichabod, Ebenezer, Amos, Ezekiel, Caleb, 
Hannah, Ruth, Judith, Margaret and Priscilla.l 

1+ 6 Mary, Scltuate, 3-IO-I65I. See below. 
1+ 7 Martha, CI656. See following MARY. 

8 Isaac, cl659. D.Norwich, Conn. ,1714. M.CI686, Lydia 

; 9 chil. 

9 Mehitable, Scituate, 8-15-I662. Records show she 

was frequently ill. Unmar.1685. Part of the in- 
dictment of Mary Ingram for witchcraft (of which 
she was acquitted) was: " ... by the help of the 
Devil in a way of witchcraft or sorcery malicious- 
ly procured much hurt, mischief f & pains unto the 
body of Mehitable Woodworth, daughter of Walter 

10 Walter, "Jr." in records. Had three children. 

11 Robert? Perhaps son. Had children. 

12 Abigail, cl664. M.,l695, John2 (Abrahaml) jackson 

of Plymouth. 

MARy2 WOODWORTH was born on 3-IO-I65I In Scituate, 
where she married on 12-24-1677, Aaron, son of Moses 
Simmons. Aaron was born about I638 in Plymouth Colony, 
perhaps in Duxbury, and died before 2-12-1719. Mary was 
living on 1-1-1720, but their deaths do not seem to be 
of record. Mary's father left her LIO. in his will of 
1685. See SIMMONS. 

MARTHA2 WOODWORTH was born in Scituate about I656, 
and married there in Jxrne l679> Lieutenant Zachary Dam- 
on, born in Scituate in l654, the son of Sergeant John 
Damon. Zachary died in Scituate on 9-3-1731. No record 
of the death of Martha has been foxind. By her father's 
will of 1685, Martha received ten acres of land besides 
the tlO. bequeathed to each daughter. See DAMON. 


Mary-2 Voodworth 
Rebecca-3 Sinmons 
Rebecca-^ White 
Edward -5 Jenkins 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

Martha- 2 Voodworth 
Martha-3 Damon 
Samuel -4 Jenkins 
Edward -5 Jenkins 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett 

































Aaron- 2 Simmons 
Timothy-3 White 
Samuel-4 Jenkins 
Jerusha-4 Neale 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah-8 Cellna Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emmfl-7 Jane Chadeayne 

Zachary-2 Damon 
Edward -3 Jenkins 
Rebecca-4 White 
Jerusha-4 Neale 
Samuel-4 Bartlett 
Hannah-8 Cellna Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


Deane: History of Scltuate, Mass., 391. 

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Research by James R. Pierce, Pasadena, Calif. 

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EDWARD-'- WRIGHT of Scituate, Massachusetts, married 
there on 5-25-1664, Lydla Sylvester, as her second hus- 
band. Lydia was born on 12-8-l633> in Weymouth, Massa- 
chusetts, the daughter of Richard and Naomi Sylvester. 
She had married first in Scituate, 9-4-1652, Nathaniel 
son of Thomas Rawlins of Boston. They had six children. 
(See below.) Nathaniel died in Scituate on 12-23-1662. 
No death records have been found for Edward and Lydia, 
but Edward is known to have died before 1704. See SYL- 

Edward Wright was a farmer in Scituate. But few re- 
cords can be found. On IO-3I-I663, "Edward Wright and 
Lydia his wife complained of Naomy Silvester, executrix 
of Richard Silvester, deceased, in an action upon the 
case to the damage of fifty pounds for unjustly detain- 
ing of cattle and other goods delivered to the said 
Richard and Naomi for the proper behoof of their daugh- 
ter Lydia." The jury found for the plaintiffs in the 
sum of LIO. lOs. It may be significant of the relations 
between the Wrights and the Sylvesters that Lydia named 
none of her thirteen children for her parents. 

The Wright's house and barn were burned by the Ind- 
ians in King Philip's War, I676. Deane says "this fam- 
ily removed early." However, they were certainly liv- 
ing in Scituate in I678, and Lydia 's brother Richard is 
said to have died at their house there. Edward Wright 
administered Richard's estate on 1-24-1679- 

Children of Lydia (Sylvester) and first husband, 
Nathaniel Rawlins: 

1 Elizabeth^ Rawlins, Scituate, 3-I-I654. Bap., Second 

Church of Scituate (now Norwell), 2-24-1656; tak- 
en there by gr. father Richard Sylvester. D.I66O. 

2 Ruth Rawlins, 9-27-1655- D.1714. M.CI675, Samuel^ 

(Johnl) Marshall of Boston (l653-cl74l) ; 9 chil. 

3 Lydia Rawlins, bap. Second Church, II-23-I656. 

4 Patience Rpwlins, bap. Second Church, 7-4-1658. 

5 Nathaniel Rawlins, bap. Second Church, 12-11-1659. 

D. 1661. 

6 Elizabeth Rawlins, June I66I. D.17OO. M.,l679, as 

2d wife, Dea. James Torrey Jr. (1644-1719) ; 11 chil. 
He m. 3, 1701, Mrs Eunice Deane (166O-I732); 1 dau. 



Children of Edward and Lydla Wright, all baptized 
at Second Church of Scltuate, now First Unitarian Church 
of Norwell, Massachusetts: 

1 Margaret^ Wright, bap. 6-II-I665. 

+ 2 Mercy Wright, bap. 6-IO-I666. See below. 

3 Hannah Wright, bap. 8-4-166?. 

4 Grace Wright, bap. 6-20-I669. 

5 David Wright, bap. 7-3-1670. 

6 Edward Wright, bap. 11-19-1671- 

7 Joseph Wright, bap. 6-29-1673- 

MERCY WRIGHT was born In Scltuate, Massachusetts, 
and baptized there on 6-IO-I666. She married first In 
Hlngham, Massachusetts, IO-I3-I685, Benjamin, son of 
Henry Chamberlain. Benjamin was baptized on 5-I8-I662 
In Hlngham. They had a son Benjamin bom on 7-28-1686. 
Mercy's first husband died before I69I, as about that 
year she married John Bartlett of Hull, Massachusetts. 
Mercy died In Hull on 4-29-17^0 "in her 74th year," and 
John died there on 8-21-1750. See BARTLETT. 

It was apparently this aged couple who while visit- 
ing their son Wright Bartlett In Brldgewater, Massachu- 
setts, In 1739, were warned out of town by the select- 
men, "Wright Bartlett being forewarned not to harbor 
them longer." 

Mercy-2 Wright m. CI69I, 

Wrlght-2 Bartlett m. 1731, 

Samuel-3 Bartlett m. 1757, 

Samuel-4 Bartlett m. I786, 

Henry-5 Boyd Bartlett m. I836, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m.l,l879, 

Henry-6 Baker Bartlett m. 2,1894, 

John-1 Bartlett 
Bethlah-4 Packard 
Su3anna-4 Dunbar 
Lucy-6 Jenkins 
Hennah-8 Cellna Hall 
Flora-8 Rebecca Blake 
Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne 


Deane: History of Scltuate, Mass. 
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JOHN^ WRIGHT was bom in England in I6OI, and died 
In Woburn, Massachusetts, on 6-21-1688, his age said to 
be fifty-seven. His wife Priscilla, whose parentage is 
not known, died in Woburn on ^1-10-1687. 

He was the third subscriber, in Charlestown, Massa- 
chusetts, 12-18-16^0, to the project of the "New Church 
and Town of Wobum," first called Charlestown Village, 
and received property there, next to the meeting house. 

After being made freeman in l643, he served as se- 
lectman in the years 1645 to I658, 1660 to 1664, I670, 
1680 and 1681. In l646 he was commissioner of rates, 
and again in I67I. In 1648 he was Representative of the 
town of Woburn to the General Court of Massachusetts. 

Children of John and Priscilla: 

1 John2. D.,17l4, "age 83." M.,l66l, Abigail^ (Ar- 
thurl) Warren (1640-1726); 8 chil. 
+ 2 Joseph, Charlestown, CI639. See below. 

3 Ruth, Woburn, 4-23-1646. D.1714. M.I663, Jonathan 


4 Deborah, Woburn, 1-21-1649. M. , Concord, 1674, John 

Barnes (k.1676, Sudbury Fight) . M. ,2,1676, Elea- 
zer2 (Thomasl) Flegg (I653-I722); 2 daus. 

5 Sarah, Woburn, 2-l6-l654. M., 1, l674, Samuel2 
(Lukel) Potter (k. by Inds., I676) . M., 2, I678, 
Joshua Saire [Sawyer]; 6 chil. 

6 Priscilla? Perhaps dau. (M.I707, Samuel Damon of 
Reading?) A Priscilla Wright m.,l664, John Hart- 
well in Concord. 

fc JOSEPH^ WRIGHT was bom in Charlestown about I639. 
He married in Wobum, II-I-I661, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Richard Hassell of Wetertown. She was born, Cambridge, 
Massachusetts, 9-30-1643, and died on 6-28-I713, in Wo- 
burn. Joseph died there on 3-31-1724. See HASSELL. 

In December 167I Joseph "was presented by the grand 
jury, with his brother John and six others to the court 
sitting at Charlestown, for withdrawing from the commu- 
nion of the church at Woburn, of which they all were mem- 
bers, and for favoring in other ways the sentiments and 
practices of the Baptists." He evidently regretted his 
action and became a good member of the Congregational 
church, being appointed its deacon in I698, and serving 


until his death, twenty-six years later. 

He was a selectman In I67O, I673, and 1692; was ap- 
pointed tlthlngman In I676, and commissioner of rates, 

in 1693. 

The records show that he fought in King Philip's 
War, 1676. Another record refers to his wife Elizabeth 
teaching school in Voburn in I673, but there are no de- 
tails to be had. 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth, born in Woburn: 

1 Elizabeth^, 7-2-1664. M.,l686, Eleazur Bateman; 

7 chll. 

2 Joseph, 3-14-1667. D.,1732. M.,1692, Elizabeth 

Bateman (d.l704); 4 chll. M.2, Widow Ruth Center 
(CI657-I717) . M., 3, 1729, Rachel'^ ( Jabe^ , John^, 
Henryl) Brooks (cl695-1750) ; 1 dau. 
+ 3 Sarah, 2-25-1670. See below. 

4 John, 10-2-1672. M.I698, Lydia3 (John^, Francis^) 

Kendall (d.l71l); 5 chll. 

5 Joanna or Hannah, 4-18-1675. E). 169I. 

6 James, 3-10-1677- D.1735. M. Elizabeth ; 

11 chll. (Son James b. I703.) 

7 Timothy, 4-3-1679. D.I728. M.I702, Hannah Brooks; 

2 chll. She m. 2,1736, David Estabrook. 

8 Stephen, I68I. M.1704, Abigail Flagg. 

9 Jacob, 6-22-1683. D.I760. M. Elizabeth j 

5 chll. 

10 Ruth, 10-10-1685. 

11 Benjamin, 3-l4-l688. K. accidentally, cl720. 

SARAh3 WRIGHT was born in Woburn, Massachusetts, on 
2-25-1670. She married in Woburn on 2-28-1687, Abraham 
Cummings of Dunstable, Massachusetts. She married, sec- 
ond, on 9-4-1707, Aaron, son of Phinehas Pratt, as his 
second wife. Aaron was born about l654 in Charlestown, 
Massachusetts, and died on 2-23-1736, "age 87." Sarah 
died on 12-25-1752, "ae 83." Both are buried in the 
Old Cohasset Burying Ground. See PRATT, for descent to 
Henry-6 Baker Bartlett. 


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MAYFLOWER COMPACT. In the name of God Amen. We vhose 
names are underriten, the Loyall subjects of our dread 
soveraigne Lord King James, by the grace of God, of Great 
Brltaine, Franc, & Ireland, King, defender of the faith 
&c. Haveing undertaken, for the glorie of God, and ad- 
vancemente of the Christian faith and honour of our 
King & countrie, a voyage to plant the first colonie in 
the Northerne parts of Virginia; doe by these presents, 
solemnly & mutualy in the presence of God, and one of 
another, covenant & combine our selves togeather into a 
civill body politick; for our better ordering, & preser- 
vation & furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by ver- 
tue hearof to enacte, constitute, and frame such just 
& equall Laves, ordinances. Acts, constitutions, & of- 
fices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meete 
and convenient for the generall good of the Colonie: 
unto which we promise all due submission and obediance. 
In witnes whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names 
at Cap-Codd the 11. of November in the year of the 
raigne of our soveraigne Lord King James of Engleind, 
France, & Ireland the eighteenth, and of Scotland the 
f if tie fourth. AnO:dom. l620. 

John Carver 
+William Bradford 
+Edward Winslow 
+William Brewster 
+lsaac Allerton 
■♦Miles Standish 
+John A Id en 
+Samuel Fuller 

Christopher Martin 
+William Mullins 
-fWilliam White 
■ fRichard Warren 
+John How land 
+Stephen Hopkins 

Edward Tilly 
-t -Frajicis Cook 
+John Tilly 
+Thomas Rogers 
*Thomas Tinker 

John Rigdale 
+Edward Fuller 

John Turner 
+Francis Eaton 
•fJames Chilton 

John Craxton 
+John Billlngton 

Moses Fletcher 

John Goodman 

+Dlgery Priest 
Thomas Williams 

♦Gilbert Winslow 
Edmond Marge son 

+Peter Brown 
Richard Bitter- 
id ge 

+George Soule 
Richard Clark 
Richard Gardiner 
John Allerton 
Thomas English 

+Edward Do ten 

♦Edward Leister 

+ Had descendants. 
* Returned to England 

Bartlett ancestors underlined. 

llj-O NOTES 


In 1637 a large tract was withheld from the settlers 
of Plymouth Colony by a court order which granted it to 
four men. This caused much uneasiness among the plant- 
ers. It was bought by Timothy Hatherly and divided in- 
to thirty shares, he keeping one-fourth, and sold for 
LI80 in l646 to a group of men called the Conihassett 
Partners. Of these partnets, the following were Bart- 

lett ancestors: 

Edward Jenkins 

Samuel Jenkins 

Henry Merritt 

Gowen White 

John Damon 

The Partners appointed their own clerks, committees, 
surveyors, and agents, and conducted their affairs like 
a corporation. It was last recorded in I767, the last 
clerk being Samuel Jenkins . 


In 1653 a Council of War became a permanent institu- 
tion of Plymouth Colony. It consisted of eleven men. 
In 1665 John Damon and Edward Jenkins served on it. 


A freeman was a man who held the right of franchise 
in Colonial days. Only those who were proprietors and 
members of the church could become freemen. The quali- 
fications of a freeman were that he should be of age, of 
"sober and peaceable conversation," orthodox in religion, 
and possessed of a ratable estate of at least i20. (It 
is estimated that pounds should be multiplied by fifty 
to form a modern comparison.) Admittance as an inhab- 
itant was a privilege not lightly acquired, only those 
being admitted who could contribute something of value 
to the community. Strangers who slipped in were warned 
out of town. In 1776 only one-sixth of the population 
of Boston were freemen; therefore five-sixths had no 
participation in local government. 


This was the Legislature, and had judicial powers as 
well. A Representative corresponded to the present day 
United States Senator. 




In 16^5 "Satucket," the general name of the section, 
was granted as a plantation of Duxbury, Massachusetts. 
The original deed dated 3-23-16^9, begins: "l, Ousame- 
quin [Massasoit] , sachem of the Country of the Pocono- 
chet, have given, granted, enfeofed and sold unto Miles 
Standish, Samuel Nash, and Constant Southworth, in con- 
sideration of 7 coats, one and a half yards in coat, 9 
hatchets, 8 hoes, 20 knives, 4 moose skins, and ten and 
a half yards cotton ..." The first settlement was made 
about 1651, in what is now Vest Bridgewater. The set- 
tlers each had a grant of a house-lot and six acres on 
the town river Nuncketest. Among the original fifty- 
four grantees were: 

Thomas Hayward 

John Hayward 

John Willis 

Experience Mitchell 

Moses Simmons (did not move there) 

Two additional shares were granted, one to the Reverend 
James Keith of Scotland, and one to Deacon Samuel Edson 
of Salem. On I-3-I656, "Duxburrow New Plantation" was 
established as Bridgewater. Among the first freemen at 
the incorporation of the town in I656 were: 

Thomas Hayward 
John Willis 

In the 1657 list were: 

Samuel Edson, 
Mark Lathrop 
John Haward 


The original grant of Bridgewater extended six miles 
each way from a central point ( Thomas Hayward ' s house). 
The town laid out only four miles each way. The "outer 
lands" were laid out in I683. The following Bartlett 
ancestors had grants: 

On the north: Nicholas Byram, 2 lots. 

Samuel Packard 

Mark Lothrop 

Thomas Hayward 

Samuel Edson, Jr. 
On the east: John Hayward 

Nathaniel Hayward 

Samuel Packard 
On the west: Deacon John Willis 

Deacon Samuel Edson 

142 NOTES 

On the south: (Called Titicut) 

Nicholas Byram, 5 shares 
Samuel Ed son, 3 shares 
Samuel Packard, 2 shares 
Thomas Hayward Sr, 2 shares 
John Hayvard, 1 share 
Mark Lathrop, 1 share 
John Willis, 1 share 
Nathaniel Hayward, 1 share 


A confirmation deed was given the town of Bridgevat- 
er by Governor Thomas Hinckley in 1686. About the same 
time a confirmation of the original purchase made from 
Massasoit vas also obtained from Josiah Wampatuck, "for 
and in consideration of ten pounds in money to me in 
hand paid, and 100 acres of land [Description] doth es- 
tablish and ratify unto Samuel Ed s on , Ens. John Havard , 
and John Willis , Sen., agents for the town of Bridgewat 
er, in behalf of the purchasers and town of Bridgewater 
in New Plymouth Colony in New England ...." This cov- 
ered land on the north which seems to have been paid 
for twice. 


Bridgewater 's second house of worship was built in 
167^. Arrangements were made for its erection in I67I. 
It was to be forty feet by twenty-five feet, with fif- 
teen-foot studs, "at an expense of four score pounds, 
and no more." The money was not raised until I673, when 
it was levied, "tlO in money, ilO in Indian corn, and 
the rest in marchandable boards at 4s. a hundreth." On 
the building committee of six men were: 

Nicholas Byram 
Deacon John Willis 
Goodman Samuel Edson 
John Washburn (second husband 
of Elizabeth Packard) 


In 1667 a jury was empaneled to lay out "Wales requi- 
sett," and among the men were Nathaniel Willis , 

Nicholas Byram Samuel Packard 
Samuel Edson Ens. John Hayward 
Thomas Hayward Marke Lothrop 

NOTES 143 


In 1671 the Bridgewater Court appointed a "committee 
to enquire who drunk strong liquors in the ordinaries." 
On the committee were Nathaniel Willis , 

Marke Lothrop 

John Hayward of the Plaine 


An ancient manuscript found in the town archives of 
Bridgewater is supposed to have been written by Comfort 
Willis ; [1676] "On Saturday Capt. [Thomas 2] Hayward, 
Sergt. [ Samuel 2] Packard , John Willis , and Isaac Harris 
went out to see if the Indians were coming down upon 
them and they saw an Indian wch made them think the en- 
emy was at hand, and they immediately impress^ Comfort 
Willis & Joseph Ed son to go post to the Governor the 
same day at night to tell him of it. And he went to 
Plymouth with them next day to send Capt. [Benjamin^] 
Church with his Company. And Capt. Church went with 
them to Monopauset on the Sabbath and came no further, 
that day, and he told them he would meet them next day. 
And Comfort Willis & Joseph Ed son came home at night 
and told their friends of it, and Ensign John Haward , 
Ssm^ Edson , Josiah Edson, Joseph Edson, John, Saml and 
Thomas Washburne, Jo: Field, Nicholas Byram , Sam^ Sen., 
& Saml Jr. Allen, Jo. Gordon, John Hayward , John Pack- 
ard, John Ames, Comfort Willis, Guideo Bailey, Nathaniel 
Hayward , John Whitman, Jo: Packard & Sam^ Leach went 
out on Monday supposing to meet with Capt. Church but 
they came upon the enemy, and fought with them and took 
17 of them alive and also much plunder, and they all re- 
turned and not one of them fell by the enemy, and re- 
ceived no help from Church." 


"Only a small number of persons 'of the best condi- 
tion' had the distinction Mr. and Mrs. [Master and Mis- 
tress] prefixed to their names; this respect was always 
shown to ministers and their wives. Goodman and Good- 
wife were the appropriate addresses of persons above the 
condition of servitude and below that of gentility." 

(Palfrey: History of New England, 2:67.) 



Abigail, 10 

Adallne, l4+,l6 

Adallne Miranda, 19,21,23 

Addle, 12 

Alice, R., 10 

Alexandra, 21 

Ann Eliza, I3 

Anna, 4,13 

Anne, 3 

Annie Williams, 10 

Ara, 13+, 15,64 

Ara Amaziah, 22 

Arab, 11+, 13 

Arba, 11,14+ 

Beecher, 22 
Benjamin, 4 
Bera, 11, l4 
Bethiah, 4, 7,5+, 45, 81 
Bryant Chadeayne, 25 

Carol May, 25 
Charles, 22 
Charlotte, 9,10 

David, 8+,9,10+ 
David Hall, 23,25 
Delia, I3 

Edith, 22 
Edith Blake, 24 
Eleanor, 24 
Eleanor C . , 24 
Elizabeth, 4 
Emma , 21 

Emma Jane, 23,20,25 
Emma Louise, 21 
Emeline C, 11,13 
Esther, 25 
Experience, 3+ 

Flora Rebecca, 23, 24+, 25 

Grace H., 10 

Hannah, 3,4+,8,9,ll,l6+,17+ 

18+, 19, 21, 22+ 
Hannah Cellna, 15+,82 
Harry, 24, 23 
Helen, 22 
Helen Bertha, 22 
Helen Frances, 10 
Henry, 10+, 13,19, 21 
Henry B. [Boyd] , I6 
Henry Baker, 10+, 13,16,17, 

19 , 20 , 21 , 22 , 23 , 24 , 25+, 118 
Henry Blake, 23,24 
Henry Boyd, ll,l4,15+,17+, 

I8+, 22+, 23,85 
Henry Lewis, 10 
Homer, l6,22 
Homer Nevton, 21,22 
Horace, 10 

Isaac, 3 
Isabelle, 22 

James, 3 

Jane , 10 

Jane Howard, 10 

Job, 5,8,10 

Job Packard, 9 

John, 3+,4,5,17,8l,136 

Bohn B. [Boyd] , I6 

John Black Cornell, 21 

John Boyd, 16,19,21 

Joseph, 118 

Joy Hendrlka, 25 

Julia Franklin, 10 

Keziah, 8,9 

Laura, 24 

Louisa, 13,l4+,64 

Louise, 21 

Louise F., 10 

Lucretia, 3 

Lucy, 8+,ll+,13+,l4,17,65 

Lydla, 7+,12,l4 

Luis, 22 



Mabel, 25 

Marie Alida, 25 

Martha, 13 

Mary, 6,9,10,24,30,121 

Mary A . , 10 

Mary Ann, 4 

Mery Frances, 10 

Mercy, 3+, 4,136 

"Nic," 4 
Nicholas, 4 

Patty, 10 
Polly, 5 

Rachel, 8,9,69 
Rebecca, 7 
Releaf, Relief, 5,7 
Rhoda, 10,11+ 
Rhoda Keith, 12 

Richard, 7 

Robert, 24, 30,121+, 118 

Rowena, 14 

Rowena Keith, l4 

Ruth H., 10 

Samuel, 5+,6+,7,8+,9+,ll+ 

12, 13+, 14, 45, 65 
Samuel Dunbar, 10 
Samuel Otis, ll+,15,l6, 

Sarah , 8+ 
Susan, 10 

Susanna, 6,8+,9+,10 
Sellna, 13 

Wright, 3+,4+,5+,6+,45, 

Wyman, l4 



Abbot, Emma, 19 
Adam, Ferdinando, 102 
Adams, Elizabeth, 87 

Henry, 87 

John Qulncy, 27,85 
Aket, Katherine, 67 

William, 67 
Alden, Austin, 4 

David, 111+ 
John, 4,27,36,110,112,139 

Joseph, 111,112 

Justin, 4 

Mary, 111,112 

Ruth, 27 
Aldrich, John, 57 

Sarah, 57 
Aldridge, George, 42 
'^ Mattithiah, 42 

Alger (Auger) 

Ebenezer, 9 

Israel, 43,57 

Mercy, 9 

Nathan, 10 

Patience, 57,131 

Polly, 9 

Sarah, 43 
S Susan, 10 

Thomas, 43+, 80 
Allen, Edward, 103+ 

Hannah , 8I 

John, 60 

Samuel, 28,143 
Allerton, Isaac, 34,35,98+, 


John, 139 

Mery, 98 

Sarah , 98 
Ames, John, 131,56,143 

Mary, 56 

Sarah, 55,128+,131+ 

William, 56,131 
App7^eton, Ann Turner, 20 

Apple ton, Betsey Gale, 20 

Francis Parker, 20 

John, 20 

John Newton Greenleaf , 20 

Lorraine Chadeayne, 20+ 

Nathaniel, 20 

Nathaniel Walker, 20 

Samuel , 20 

Sarah Sherman, 20 

William Channing, 20+ 
Appilby, William, 83 
Arnold, Betty, 4 
Atherton, Humphrey, I30 
Atkinson, Marmaduke, 60,65 

Mary, 60,65 
Auchmuty, Isabella, 94 

Robert, 94 
Augur (Alger) 

Patience, 57,131 

Deliverance, 79,80 

Israel, 79, 80 

Bacon, George, 38,71 

Martha, 38,71 

Mary, 60+ 

Peter, 38,71 

Sarah, 60 
Bailey, Baily, 

Ebenezer, 129 

Elizabeth, 129 

John, 129 

Joseph, 129 

Thomas, 129 
Baker, Albert Silas, 15 

Adaline, 14 

Addie, 12 

Augusta Amelia, I5 

Benedict, I5 

John, Sir, IO6 

Lida, 12, 14 



Baker, Richard, 106 

Samuel D. , 15 

William, 12,14 
Baldwin, Betsey, 15 
Barber, Amelia, l4 

Edward, l4 

Emma, 14 

Grace, 15 

Spafford, 14 
Barker, Abigail, 101 

Ann, 92 

John, 92 

Mary, 92 

Robert, 101,130 

S., 62 
Barnes, Deborah, 137 

John, 137 
Barstow, Ann, 117 

Mary, 117,118 

Patience, 112 

Sarah, 3I 

William, 31,112,117 
Barthold, Grace, l4 
Bass, Anne, 26+, 27 

Benjamin, 26,27 

Deborah, 27 

Elizabeth, 76 

Hannah, 27+, 77, 87 

John, 27,76,77 

Joseph, 27 

Mary, 26,27+ 

Ruth, 27+ 

Samuel, 26+, 76, 87 

Sarah , 27+ 

Susanna , 27 

Thomas, 27,76 
Basset, Elizabeth, 5+ 
Bateman, Eleazer, I38 

Elizabeth, I38 

Margaret, 67 
Bates, Anna, II8 

Edward , 27 

Elizabeth, 95 

Sussinna, 27 
Beal, Celeb, 122 

Deborah, 121 

John, 122 

Joseph, 122 
Beasey, Ellen, 88 

William, 88 

Becker, Louise, 21 
Beecher, Elizabeth, 42 

John, 42 
Beers, Abigail, 42 

Joseph, 42 

Rachel, 92 
Belcher, Governor, 5 
Benedict, Augusta Amelia, 15 

Augusta May, I5 

Caleb, 14 

Carrie Augusta, l4 

Eugene Augustus, l4 

George Wood, 15 

Henry Bartlett, I5 

Jennie, 15 

John, 14 

Rena, l4 

Rowena Keith, l4,15 

Sarah Louise, l4 

Seymour, 14 

Silas Seeley, l4,15 

Thomas, l4 
Benison, 85 

Mary, 85 
Bennett, Ann, 12 

Stephen, 12 
Benson, Sarah, 95 
Besbeech, Mary, 84 
Best, Bridget, 102 

Henry, 102 

John, 102 

Mary, 10 2 
Bicknell, John, IO3 

Maria, I03 

Mary, I03 

Zachariah, 103 
Billings, Roger, 88 

Sarah, 88 
Billington, John, 34,139 

Thomas, 96 
Birch, Francis, 108 

Katherine, 108 
Bitteridge, Richard, I39 
Blair, Adaline Miranda, l4, 

Alice, 14 

Anna, I3 

Franklin, l4 

Henry, l4 

Hiram Gilbert, l4 

James Douglas, l4 



Blair, Louisa, 14 

Lucy Jenkins, l4 

Lucy Mellnda, 14 

Luther, l4 

Rodney Augustus, 14 

Samuel, 14 

William, 14 
Blake, Clarissa Matilda, 23 

Ebenezer, 23 

Edward Wales, 23 

Flora Rebecca, 23,118 

Hannah, 103 

James, 23 

John, 103 

Joseph, 23 

Mary, IO3 

Sarah, 44, 58 

Seth, 23 

William, 23,103 
Blanchard, Nathaniel, 2? 

Susanna, 27 
Bley, William, 6 
Bliss, Philemon, I3 
Bompasse, Edward, 34 
Bond, John, 97 
Bonney, Mary, 23 

Thomas, 23 
Bosworth, Nathaniel, 100 
Bottings, Joan, I08 

Jonas, 108 
Boyd, Elizabeth, 64 

James, 65 

Samuel, 64 
Brackett, Peter, 86 
Bradford, Alice, 23 

John, 23 

William, 23,33,36,91, 
Brett, Alice, 55 

Bethiah, 56 

Ellhu, 48,56,131 

Elizabeth, 108 

Nathaniel, 56+ 

Phebe, 45 

Sarah , 55 , 56 

Stephen, 108 

Susanna, 45,56 

William, 28, 46, 55, 56+, 131 
Brewster, William, 110,139 
Briggs, Constance, 72 

Brlggs, Frances, 100 

John, 72, 100 

Clement, 80 

Hannah, 80 

Walter, 100 
Bristol (Negro), 62 
Brooks, Hannah, I38 

Henry, I38 

Isabelle, 12 

Jabez, 138 

John, 138 

Rachel, I38 

Susanna, 51 

William, 51 
Broom, Helen, S., 22 
Brown, Elvina, 24 

Justice, 92 

Peter, 139 
Bruce, Sarah, 81 
Bryant, Mary, 62 

Peleg, 62 

Thomas, 62 
Buchorn, Mr., 84 
Bulkeley, Eunice, 52 

Oershom, 52 
Bull, John, 40 

Margaret, 40 
Bunting, Thomas, 90 
Burne, Isabel, 67 

William, 67 
Burr, Elizabeth, 51 

John, 51 
Burrell, George, 14 

Jarvis, 10 

Lucy Jenkins, 14 

Rowena, 14 

Sarah Ann, 10 
Burroughs, James, 3I 

Sarah, 3I 
Burwell, Ann, 51 

John, 51 
Bushnell, Hannah, I6 

Thomas, I6 
Byram, Abigail, 29 

Bass, 29 

Deliverance, 29 

Ebenezer, 29 

Elizabeth, 57 

Experience, 81,131 

Joseph, 29 



Byram, Joslah, 29 
Mary, 28, 29+, 47,103 
Mehi table, 29+ 
Nicholas, 28+, 29+, 46, 
47, 57,103+, 104, 111, 
Susanna, 28+, 29+, 48,104 
Vllllam, 28,104 
Byrd, Thomas, 70 

Caldwell, Mary Jane, 10 

Wellington, 10 
Capen, Bernard, 27 

John, 27 

Mary, 27 
Caps on, Elizabeth, 46 
Carl, Eleanor, 24 
Carver, John, 139 
Cary, Ellphalet, 64 
Caswell, Deborah, 43 
Cawnsby, Lucy, 67 

Ralph, 67 
Center, Ruth, I38 
Chadeayne, Elizabeth, 20 

Emma Jane, 20+, 23 

Henry, 23 

Jean, 23 

Jeremiah, 23 

Joseph Crawford, 23 

LI las May, 20,23 

Thomas Jefferson, 20,23+ 
Chamberlain, Abigail, 26 

Benjamin, 3+,136+ 

Henry, I36 

Mercy, 3+,136 

Nathaniel, 127 

Vllllam, 3 
Chandler, Benjamin, 111+ 

Sarah, 110 
Chapin, Joslah, 95 

Lydla, 95 
Chard, Elizabeth, 95 

William, 95 
Chilton, James, 139 
Chittenden, Joan, 85 

Joanna, 107 

Mehl table, 40 

Stephen, 40 

Chittenden, William, 82,107 
Chloe (Negro), 62 
Chubbock, Alice, 121 

John, 121 

Thomas, 121 
Church, Abigail, 31, 32+, 121 

Alice, 31 

Benjamin, 31,143+ 

Caleb, 20,31 

Deborah, 3I+ 

Elizabeth, 30+,31+,121, 

Hannah , 3I 
Joanna, 31 
Joseph, 31+ 
Lydla, 3I 
Mary, 3I 
Nathaniel, 31 
Priscllla, 31 
Rebecca, 3I 
Richard, 30+,31+,121,124 


Sarah, 3I+ 
Clapp, Joseph, 129 

Samuel, 129 

Sarah, 129 

Thomas, 129 
Clark, Clarke, 

Claude, 19 

Elizabeth, 66 

Knight, 19 

Marcelle, 19 

Richard, I39 

Stella, 19 
Cleveland, Alice, 64 

James, 11 

Rufus, 64 
Clothier, Jeremiah, 127 

Ruth, 127 
Cobb, Amanda, I3 

M. H., 13 
Cocke, Mary, 60+ 

Robert, 60 
Cody, William, I9 
Coffin, Elizabeth, 120 
Colborne, Elizabeth, 87 

William, 87 
Cole, Abigail, 63 

Elizabeth, 36 

Hugh, 26 



Cole, James, 36 

Mary, 36 
Collier, Elizabeth, 85-»-,109 

Jane, 64 

Robert, 85, I09 

Timothy, 85+, 109 
Colton, Benjamin, 6 
Comstock, Christopher, 52 

Samuel, 52 

Sarah, 52 
Conell, Samuel, 6 
Cooke, Damaris, 36 

Elizabeth, 36 

Francis, 33+, 3^+, 35+, 36, 
72+, 90+, 92, 110, 124, 


Hester, 33,34,36+ 

Jacob, 34,35,36+ 

Jane, 34, 36+, 37,72 

John, 34, 35+, 36, 90, 124 

Mary, 36,60+ 

Robert, 60 

Sarah, 36,124 
Coombs, John, 35,92,99 

Mary, 92 

Sarah, 99 
Coppendale, Jane, 66 
Cornell, Emma Louise, 21 
Cotton, Theophllus, 64 
Couchman, John, 107 

Mary, 107 

William, 107 
Courtney, Fred, I9 

Marcelle, 19 
Courthopp, Ann, I08 

Peter, IO8 

Margaret, 106 

Katherine, lo7 
Craxton, John, I39 
Crofton, Agnes, 84 
Crosby, Ellen, 88 
Crossman, Phineas, 5,6 
Cruttenden, Abraham, 107 

Joanna, 107 
Cudvorth, Mr., 39 

Elizabeth, 128 

James, 112,127,128+ 

Jonathan, 112, 128 

Rachel, 112 
Cuff (Negro), 62 

Cummings, Abraham, 92,138 

Sarah, 92,138 
Curtis, Benjamin, II8 

Hannah , 88 

Mary, II8 

Rlchardene, II8 

Theophllus, 88 

Thomas, II8 

William, 118 
Cushing, Daniel, 121 

Elizabeth, 121 

Jeremiah, 60 

Matthew, 121 
Cushman (See Couchman) 

Jane, 84+ 

Robert, 84. Sarah, 58 
Cuthbertson, Cuthbert, 34+ 

Elizabeth, 98 
Samuel, 98,99 
Sarah, 34+, 98, 99 

Dalton, Timothy, IO3 
Damon, Abigail, 4l 

Bathsheba, 30 

Catherine, 38+, 39, 71 

Daniel, 39+, 40 

Deborah, 39,133 

Ebenezer, 39+, 40 

Elizabeth, 40 

Experience, 39+ 

Hannah, 38+, 40,41,71 

Ichabod, 39,49+ 

Jemima, 40 

John, 38+, 39, 40+, 60, 71, 

Margaret, 40 

Martha, 38,39,40+,4l,60, 

Mary, 39,41 
Mehi table, 30,41 
Patience, 39 
Priscilla, 137 
Ruth, 39 
Sarah , 40 
Semuel, 137 
Silence, 39 
Temperance, 40 



Damon, Zachary, 39+,40,6l 

Davis, Jacob, I3 

Louisa, 13 
Dean, Deane, 

Abigail, 48 

Bethiah, 48 

Benjamin, 48 

Elizabeth, 48 

Evinice, I35 

Ezra, 48 

John, 47 

Mary, 48 

Sarah, 4? 

Walter, 48+ 
Delano, Philippe, 28,34 

Sarah, 3I 

Thomas, 111 
Denton, Ruth, 52 
Deveau, Philippe, 33+ 
Dickens, Jane, 98 
Done, John, 90 
Doten, Edward, I39 
Doty, Jane, 3 
Dovnam, Johanna, 97 

John, 97 
Downe, Eglln, 50+ 

Jane, 107 
Dovner, Sarah, 69 
Dowse, John, 52 

Relief, 52 
Drake, Levina, 9 
Dunbar, Abel, 45 

Abigail, 42,43,44 

Benjamin, 43 

Christian, 43 

David, 8, 43, 44+, 58 

Ellsha, 43,44 
■ Elizabeth, 42,45 

Experience, 43 

George, 42 

Hannah , 43+ 

James, 43+ 

Jane , 43 

Jemima, 44 

Joanna, 44 v 

John, 42+, 43, 44+ 

Joseph, 42,43,44 

Joshua, 43 

Joslah, 44 

Leah, 43 

Lucy, 44 

Lydia, 45 

Mary, 43,44 

Mattithiah, 42 

Melatiah, 44 

Mercy, 43, 44, 45+, 58 

Ninlan, 42 

Peter, 42, 43, 44+, 58, 122 

Phebe, 45 

Rhoda, 45 

Robert, 42+, 43+, 44, 122 

Rose, 42+ 

Samuel, 44 

Sarah, 43+, 44, 45, 58, 121, 

Susanna, 8, 45+, 58 

Sylvester, 45 

Walter, 45 
Dunham, Daniel, 56 

Mehi table, 56 
Dwelly, Elizabeth, 111,112 

Richard, 111,112 
Dwlght, Elizabeth, 120 

John, 120 

^Eads, Samuel, 73 
Eames, Abble, 9 

Isaac, 9 
Eaton, Francis, 59 

Martha, 59 

William, 59 
Edgett, Albert, 12 

Arthur, 12 

Charles Asa, 12 

Edward, 12 

Ella May, 12 

Eugene, 12+ 

Fannie Ora, 12 

Frank Augustus, 12 

Horatio Nelson, 12+ 

Llda, 14 

Lucy Bartlett, 12 

William H., 12,14 
Edson, Abigail, 48 

Bethiah, 48 

Elizabeth, 46,47,48+,80,8l 

Experience, 48 



Ed son, Hannah, 81 

Jame s , 8 

Joseph, 8,47,48,143 

Joslah, 8, 47, 48+, 143 

Mary, 29, 48+, 48 

Samuel, 8, 29, 46+, 47+, 48+ 

Sarah, 8,47 

Susan, 29+ 

Susanna, 29, 46, 47+, 48+, 56 

Thomas, 46 
Eliot, Francis, 31 

Mary, 3I 
Ellms, Abigail, 129 

Samuel, 129 
Ellse, Hannah, 130,58 
Endicott, Joseph, 6 
Engleby, Cuthbert, 4 

Hannah , 4 
English, Thomas, 139 
Estabrook, David, I38 

Hannah, I38 
Edward III, 105 
Edwards, John, 51 

Mary, 51 
Ewell, Henry, 70 

Fann, John, 44,58 

Mercy, 58 
Faulkner, Mabel, 25 

Walter, 25 
Faunce, John, 124 

Priscllla, 124 
Farnsworth, Joseph, 52 

Mary, 52,59+ 
Faxon, Elizabeth, 3I 

Richard, 31,76 
Felton, Benjamin, 68 
Field, Expereince, 48 

Jo, 143 

John, 48,79 
Fish, Susanna, 8,9 
Flagg, Abigail, I38 
Flegg, Deborah, 137 

Eleazer, 137 

Thomas , I37 
Fletcher, daniel, 92 

Fletcher, Giles, 108 

Joan, 108 

John, 108 

Moses, 139 

Richard, I08 
Fobes, Abigail, 43 

Constance, 72 

Edward, 43,73 

John, 5,43,72 

Joshua, 43 
Folger, Dorcas, 92 

Peter, 92 
Ford, Keziah, 7 

Prince, 7 

William, 114 
Foster, Edward, 38, 52+, 59+ 

Elizabeth, 52 

Lettice, 52,59 

Relief, 52 

Ruth, 52 

Timothy, 52+ 
Fox, Mary, 100,101+, 127 

Nathaniel, 100,101,127 
Foxwell, Ann, 36 

Mary, 36 

Richard, 36 
Frisbey, Hannah, 51 
Friend, Ellinor, 50 
Fuller, Edward, 139 

Samuel, 139 
Fussell, John, 115 

Gallant, John, 67 

Mary, 67 
Gannet, Eliza, 57 

Matthew, 57 
Gardiner, Richard, I39 
Garnet, Benjamin, 43 

Christian, 43 

John, 43+ 

Sarah, 43 
Garwood, Mary, 67 
George II, 6+ 
German, Abraham Johannes, 25 

Hendrika, 25 

Marie Alida, 25 
Gibbon, Anne, 107 
Gibbons, Msry, 108 



Gibbons, Philip, 108 
Glfford, John, 96 
Gilbert, Esther, 25 

Harry, 25 
Giles, Jeremy, IO8 

Mary, I08 
Gill, Mary, 77 

Thomas, 77 
Gillson, Frances, 38+ 

William, 38+ 
Olnnings, Master, 126 
Olidden, Clarissa Ma- 
tilda, 23 
Godbertson, Elizabeth, 98 

Godbert, 3^^,90,98,110 

Samuel, 98 

Sarah, 98 

Zara (Sarah), 98 
Goldsmith, Carol May, 25 

Walter Reeves, 25 
Goodman, John, 139 
Gordon, Jo., 1^3 
Gorham, Shubael, 128 
Gould, Hannah, 56 
Grant, Ulysses S., 124 
Green, Alice, Ik 

Charles, 14 
Grenell, Adaline, 14 

Homer, 12,14 

Lydia, 12,14 
Groce, Clement, 40 

Edmund , 40 

Isaac, 40 

Martha, 40 
Gurney, Austin, 8 

David, 8+ 

Harris, 8 

Richard, 8 

Susanna, 8+ 

Zacharlah, 8 
Gyllebrand, Sarah, 108 

Hall, Abigail, 128 
Amazlah, I5 
Edward, 40 
Hannah , 40 

Hannah Cellna, 15,85, 

John, 128 

Preserved, 40 
Hambly, A., 10 

Louise F., 10 
Hammond, Ann, 67 

William, 67 
Hanbury, William, 35 
Hanford, Abigail, 51 

Egim, 34,50+,51+,59 

Eleazer, 51 

Elizabeth, 50,51+ 

Elnathan, 51 

Esther, 14 

Eunice, 52 

Hannah, 5I+ 

Isabel, 51 

Jeffery, 50+59 

Lettlce, 50,51,52 

Margaret, 50,51 

Mary, 51+ 

Samuel, 51 

Sarah, 51,52 

Susanna, 51,51,52,60 

Theophllus, 51 

Thomas, 51+,52 
Harden, Abraham, 120 
Harding, Susanna, 8 
Harlow, Mary, 36 

William, 36 
Harmon, Catherine, I07 

Henry, 107 

John, 35 

Mary, 107 

Thomas, 107 

William, 107 
Harris, Arthur, 43+, 81 

Isaac, 43+, 81, 143 

Jane , 43 

Mary, 43,8l+ 
Harvey, Elizabeth, I38+ 

Experience, 57 

Thomas, I3I 

William, 128 
Hartwell, John, I37 

Priscilla, 137 
Hassell, Alice, 54 

Anna, 53 

Elizabeth, 54+,137 

Esther, 54 

Jane, 53 



■ Hassell, Joan, 53+,5^-»- 
, Joanna, 53 
f Joseph, 54 

Mary, 5^ 

Richard, 43+, 5^+, 137 
Hatch, Hannah, 43 

Thomas, 43 
Hatherly, Elinor, 50 

Timothy, 34, 50+, 51, 52+ 
Hayden, Ann, 4 

Betty, 4 

Daniel, 4 

Elizabeth, 4 

Hannah , 76 

John, 4+,76 

Margaret, 4 

Mercy, 4 

Nehemlah, 76 

Rachel, 4 
Hayman, John, 91 
Haynes, Isabel, 51 

William, 51. Ann, 58 
Hay ward, Abble, 9 

Alice, 55 

Almlra, 9 

Ambrose, 9 

Barzlllal, 8 

Bela, 9 

Benjamin, 57 

Benonl, 56 

Bethlah, 56,67 

Edmond , 8+ 

Eliza, 57 

Elizabeth, 55+, 56 

Ellsha, 55,57 

Experience, 43,57 

Hannah, 9, 55, 56, 67+, 73 

Ira, 8,9 

Isaiah, 8 

Jacob, 57 

Jemima, 57 

John, 44+, 48, 55+, 56, 57+ 
69, 73, 74, 141,142+, 143+ 

Joseph, 8+, 44, 55, 56, 74 

Julia, 9 

Laura, 9 

Levina, 9 
Luclnda, 9 

Lucy, 8 

Mary, 44,55,56,73 

Mehltable, 56 

Melatlah, 44 

Mercy, 9,43,56 

Nathaniel, 43+, 55, 56, 57+ 

Olive, 8 

Otho, 9 

Otis, 9 

Patience, 57 

Polly, 9 

Rhoda, 10 

Roena, 9 

Samuel, 5,43,57 

Sarah, 8+, 9, 55+, 56+, 57+ 

Sarah Reliance, 9 

Sumner Augustus, 9 

Susan, 55+ 

Susanna, 8, 44+, 48, 55+, 56+ 
57+, 58 

Tabltha, 57 

Thomas, 8+, 27, 43, 44+, 47, 
48, 55+, 56+, 57+, 74+, 131+ 

Waldo, 8,9 

Zlna, 9 
Hearndon, Benjamin, 97 

Elizabeth, 97 
Heater, Elizabeth, 20 
Henchman, Elizabeth, II8 

Joseph, 118 
Hendley, Alice, 105 

Gervase, I05 

Walter, I05 
Henry IV 
Henry VII, 105 
Hewitt, Elizabeth, 52 

Ephralm, 52 
Hicks, Zacharlah, 126 
Hinds, Abanoam, 7 

Bartlett, 7 

Ebenezer, 7+ 

Hannah , 7 

John, 7+ 

Kezlah, 7 

Preserved, 6 

Leonard, 7 

Richard, 7 

Susannah , 7 
Hlnes, Hannah, 95 



Hoar, Joaxina, 85 
Hobart, Caleb, 3I 

Edmund , 31 

Elizabeth, 31,9^ 

Joshua, 32 

Mary, 31 

Nehimiah, 9^ 

Peter, 31,120,121,145 

Thomas, 31 
Hodgkins, Anne, 58 

Elizabeth, 58,130 

Sarah , 58 

William, 58, 127 
Hodgson, Margaret, 66 

Robert, 66 
Holbrook, John, 77, 115 
Holker, Elizabeth, k 

Thomas, 4 
Holland, John, 52 

Relief, 52 
Holman, Jeremiah, 92 

Mercy, 92 

Villiam, 92 
Holmes, Rebecca, 7 

William, 125 

William, Mrs., 115 
Hooper, Ebenezer, 7 

John, 7 

Nathaniel, 7 

Relief, 7 

William, 7 
Hopkins, Damarls, 36 

Stephen, 36,90,139 
House, Hannah, 67 

John, 67 

Samuel, 125 
Hovenden, Alice, 107 

Richard, I07 

William, 107 
Hovey, Amos, 94 

Hannah, 94 
Howard, Ablel, 9 

Abigail, 10 

Ancel, 9 

Bathsheba, 9+ 

Charles, 10 

Daniel, 39 

David, 9+ 

Davls, 9 

Deborah, 39 

Ellakim, 8,9,64 

Ephralm, 9+ 

George, 9 

Hannah , 9+ 

Harrison, 9 

lantha, 9 

John, 9+, 55, 56, 80, 81 

Joseph, 7 

Levis, 9 

Maria, 9 

Mary , 26 

Parnell, 9 

Pllly Brett, 9 

Relief ,7 

Robert, 26 

Roena, 9 

Sarah, 45, 80 

Simeon, 9 
Hovland, ARthur, 38,71 

Hannah , 9 

Henry, 73 

Jabez, 9 

John, 36,139 

Martha, 38,71 
Hubbard, Ann, 117 

Nathan (Hubert), 85 

Tabitha, 85 
Hudson, Ann, 100+,101+ 

John, 100,101 
Hull, John, 85 

Judith, 85,109 

Robert, 83,85,87,106 
Hunt, Alexander, 6+ 

Sarah, 95 
Hyder, Phoebe, I08 

William, 108 

Ince, Jonathan, 5I 
Ingram, Mary, I33 
Inness, Emma, 21 

Jame s , 21 
Irish, John, 3I 

Priscilla, 31 



Jackson, Abraham, 133 

Abigail, 133 

Bathsheba, 9 

Caleb, 9 

Ephralm, 9 

Jeffery, 6 

John, 102,133 

Mary, 9 
Jacob, Elizabeth, 121 

Ellen, 108 

John, 108 

Nicholas, 121 
James I, 139 
Jay, Thomas, 30 
Jemmy (Negro), 100 
Jenkins, Abigail, 4l,6l+, 

63+, 71 

Alice, 64 

Almira, 9 

Anna, 62 

Benjamin, 11,13,64 

Caleb, 63 

Charles, 64 

Content, 62 

Daniel, 60,6H-,62 

David, 9,62 

Ebenezer, 63 

Edward, 41,9,11,13,^1, 
62+, 63+, 64+, 65, 71, 78 

Elizabeth, 62+, 63, 64 

Hannah, 60,6l 

Henry, 69 

Isaiah, 9 

James, 62 

Jane, 64 

Jerusha, 63+, 64+, 78 

Joseph, 63 

Joshua, 63 

Lettice, 52,59+,60+,126 

Louisa, 13,64 

Lucy, 11+, 64+, 65 

Margaret, 59 

Martha, 4l,59,6o,6l+,62+ 

Mary, 52,59,60+,6l,62+, 

Merritt, 9 
Nathaniel, 62+ 
Rebecca, 62+, 63+, 129 
Ruth, 63 

Rebecca, 62+, 63+, 129 

Ruth, 63 

Samuel, 62+, 63+, 78, 129, 

Sarah, 59,62,63 

Thankful, 62 

Thomas, 4l,9,60+,6l+,62 

Zachariah, 111,112 
Jepson, Rosamond, 98 
Johnson, Francis, 72 

Jane , 66 
Jones, Abraham, 6 

Isaac, 26 

Joseph, 76 

Lydia, 76 

Mary, 26 
Jordan, Joan, 107,108 
Josselyn, Thomas, 126 
Joy, Prince, 8I 

Susan, 81 
Judd, Demas, I6 
Judith (Negro), 62 
Judkins, Job, 95 

Sarah , 95 

Katon, Mary Ann, 4 
Keith, James, 46,47 

Suseuina, 47 
Kendall, Alice, 54 

Elizabeth, 98 

Francis, 54,138 

Jacob, 54 
Kennedy, Lilian, 24 

Lydia, I38 
Kenniston, Mr., 46 
Kent, Alice, 64 

John, 64, 113 

Lydia, 110 
Kilby, Alice, 77 

Cushing, 77 

John, 77 

Richard, 77 

Samuel, 77 
King, Experience, 95 

Rhoda, 101 

Samuel, 95 

Thomas , 101 
Kingman, Elizabeth, 47, 80 



Kingman, Henry, kj 

John, 47,80 
Kingsley, Samuel, 8I 

Susanna, 81 

Stephen, 8I 
Kltchell, Joan, 107,108 

Margaret, I08 

Robert, 108 
Knachbull, Ann, IO6 

Joan, 106 

John, 106 

Richard, IO6 
Knapp, Mehitable, 93 

Stacy, 93 
Knight, Fanny S., 19 

Harry, 19 

Jonathan, 137 

Ruth, 137 

Stella, 19 

Lambard, Margaret, 84 

William, 84 
Lane, Mary, II6 
Lange, Thomas, 107 
Larkln, Elizabeth, 4 
Lathrop, Barnabas, 

Edward , 9 

Elizabeth, 80 

Mark, 9,79,80,81,130, 

Mary, 73 

Rachel, 9 

Samuel, 9,69 
Lea, Margery, 50 
Leach, Ada Whitman, 10 

Alpheus, 10 

Ambrose, 10+ 

Benjamln, 76 

Clara Bartlett, 10 

Giles, 10,26,27 

Henry Whitman, 10 

James, 10 

Jane , 10 

Joanna, 76 

Julia Franklin, 10 

John, 10 

Lawrence , 29 

Mary, 20+ 

Nehemlah, 10 

Leach, Samuel, 29,143 
Leadbetter, Henry, 52 

Relief, 52 
Lechford, Thomas, 103 
Leister, Edward, I39 
Lenthal, Robert, II5 
Leonard, Henry, 96 

Jacob, 43 
Lettlce, Elizabeth, 36 

Thomas, 36 
Lewis, Edward, 59 

George, 59 

Sarah, 59 

Thomas, 59 
Lincoln, Abraham, I3 

Abigail, 51 

Deborah, 32,121 

Mary , 10 

Sarah, 94,131 

Lewis, 10 

Thomas, 32,94,121,131 

William, 98 
Litchfield, Dependence, 101 

Desire, 129 

Eleazer, 129 

Joslah, 40,129 

Lawrence, 40,129 

Nicholas, 129 

Sarah , 4o 
Little, Anne, 124 

Thomas, 124+ 
Livingstone, Daniel, 97 

Johanna, 97 
Lockwood, Ann, 5I 

Daniel, 51 

Hajonah , 51 
Lothrop. See Lathrop 

Andrew, 67 

Ann, 67+ 

Audrey, 67 

Barnabas , 69 

Bartholomew, 67+, 68 

Dorothy, 67+, 68 

Ellen, 66 

Elizabeth, 66+, 67+, 69+, 

Gershom, 51 

Hannah, 67, 

Isabel, 67+ 

Jane, 66,67+ 

John, 50, 52, 66+, 67+, 68+, 



Lothrop, Joseph, 6? 

Katberlne, 67 

Lawrence, 66, 67+, 68+ 

Lucy, 67,68 

Margaret, 66+, 67+ 

Mark, 56, 66+, 67+, 68+, 69+ 

Martin, 67+, 68 

Mary, 66, 67+, 68 

Rnchel, 69 

Richard, 67+, 68 
' Robert, 66+, 67 

Sarah, 69 

Thomas, 66+, 67+, 68+ 

William, 67+ 
Low, Ruth, 39 
Lowell, Elizabeth, II8 

Hannah , II8 

John, 117,118 

Naomi, 118 

Percival, II8 
Lucas, Allene, 25 

Leona, 25 

William, 25 
Lusher, Eleazer, IO3 
Luson, John, I03 
Liind, Edith Emily, 19 

Mac Farland, James, 94 

Rachel, 94 
McGunigle, Adaline B.,20 

Rupert B. , 20 
MacHarrie, Edith B., 24 

Malcolm, 24 
McDonald, Margaret, 12 
Mcintosh, Adaline, 14+ 

John, 14 
McLaughlin, Olive, 8 
Maccarlo, James, 94 

Rachel, 94 
Macy, Mary, 47 
Mahieu, Hester, 33+ 

Jenne, 33+ 
Mainer, Alice, 14 

M., 14 
Mann, Benjamin, 77 

Sarah, 77 
Mansfield, John, 76 

Sarah, 76 
Margaret (Negro), 62 

Marge 3 on, Edmund, 139 
Maroni, Mary A., 10 
Mascall, Elizabeth, 84 

John, 84 
Mason, Robert, 28 

John, 120 
Massasoit, Chief, 46,89,l4l 
Mather, Increase 
May , Hannah , 40 

John, 40 

Samuel, 40 
Mayo, John, I30 
Mendlow, Will, 30 
Meriam, John, 84 

Margaret, 84 
Merrick, Elizabeth, 120 
Merritt, Abigail, 4l,6l,71 

Catherine, 38,71+ 

Elizabeth, 62,71,94 

Henry, 38,41,62,70+, 71+ 

John, 41,70+ 

Jonathan, 41,62,94 

Judith, 71 

Mehitable, 41 
Miles, Mary, 51 

Richard, 51 
Millington, Lady Ann, 51 
Mills, Sarah, 77 
Mitchell, Alice, 73 

Constance, 72 

Edward, 8,55,72,73+ 
Elizabeth, 73+, 80 

Experience, 34,35,37,55+ 
56, 72+, 73+, 74, 141 

Hannah, 55,74 

Jacob, 27 

Jane, 72 

John, 73 

Margriete, 72+ 

Mary, 37,55,72,73+ 

Nahum, 65 

Sarah, 56+, 73, 74 

Susan, 73 

Thomas, 37, 72+, 73+, 74 
Mortimore, Elinor, 50 

Henry, 50 

Jame s , 50 

Mathew, 50 

William, 50 
Morton, Ephraim, 36 



Morton, George, 129 

Sarah, 129 
Mulllns, William, 139 

Nostrand, Charity, 2k 

Nye, Nathan, 40 
Nethan, kO 
Temperance, 40 

Nash, Esther, 112 

James, 111,112 

Samuel, 111,141 

Sarah, 111,112+ 

Simeon, 112 

Elizabeth, 76 
Neale, Abigail, 75,76,77+, 

Abljah, 77,88 

Alice, 64,77 

Benjamin, 76+, 77+, 88, 94 

Deborah, 76+, 88 

Experience, 77 

Hannah, 75+, 76+, 77, 97 

Henry, 75, 76+, 77, 87, 88+ 


Jerusha, 63, 77+, 78 

Joanna, 76 

John, 75 

Jonathan, 63, 77+, 89+, 94 

Joseph, 76,77+ 

Lydia, 76+, 77+, 88 

Martha, 75+ 

Mary, 86+ 

Mehitable, 77 

Rpchel, 76+ 

Rebecca, 76 

Ruth, 76 

Samuel, 75 

Sarah, 75+, 76, 77+, 93, 94 
Needier, Sarah, I08 
Newberry, Hannah, 5I 

Thomas, 51 
Nevcomb, John, 95 

Mercy, 95 
Newhall, Sarah, 93 
Nichols, Elizabeth, 62 

Israel, 94 


, 94 



Thomas, 94 






, 98 




, 42 


Oakes, Edward, 88 
Oldham, Elizabeth, 40 
Orcutt, Jane, 93 

John, 94 

Mercy, 94 

Samuel, 94 

Susanna, 46 

Thankful, 62 

Thomas, 62,93 

William, 93,94 

Pabodie, Paebody, Paybody 
Mercy, 111,112 
William, 55,73,112,111 

Packard, Abigail (Jael),80 


Daniel, 79, 8I 

Deborah, 79, 80 

Deliverance, 79, 80 

Elizabeth, 69,73,79+,80+ 

Hannah, 8o,8l 

Israel, 79, 80 

Jo:, 143 

Joanna, 80 

Job, 81 

John, 79,80+, 143 

Joseph, 81 

Judith, 80 

Keziah, 8I 

Nathaniel, 79, 80 

Paul, 81 

Rachel, 8I 
■ Samuel, 48,69+,73,79+,80+ 

Sarah, 8I 

Susan, 81 

Susanna, 8I+ 

Thomas, 80 

Zachariah, 79, 80 
Paedts, Jacob, 98 




Page, Hannah, 56 
Paine, Agnes, 83,8^+ 

Deborah, 76+, 88 

Cicely, 84+ 

Dennys, 8k 

Edmund, 84 

Elizabeth, 84+,85+,86t 
87+, 105, 106,109 

Ellen, 88 

Godleve, 84 

Grace, 85 

Hannah, 27, 87,88+ 

James, 84 

Jane, 84+, 85 

Joane, 83+ 

Johanne, 84+ 

John, 76+, 83+, 84+, 85, 

Joyce, 84 

Judith, 85+, 86, 109 

Katherine, 85 

Lydia, 76,88+ 

Margaret, 84+, 87 

Mary, 84+, 85+, 87, 88+ 

Moses, 76, 84, 85+, 86+ 
87+, 88, 109, 27 

Nicholas, 84+, 85+, 109 

Robert, 84+ 

Samuel, 88 

Sarah, 88 

Stephen, Steven, 84+, 
86+, 87+, 88, 179, 27 

Tabitha, 85 

Thomas, 83,84,85 

William, 85 
Palmer, Elizabeth, 58,130 

Frances, 58 

Rebecca, 58,130 
, William, 35,58,130+ 
Paris, Judith, 85 
Pattison, Ann, 67 
Paul, Hugh, 6 
Payne, Edmund, 83+ 

Elizabeth, 83+ 

Richard, 83 
Stephen, 83+ 

Thomas, 83,84,85 
Penn, William, 88 
Penniman, Abigail, 75 
James, 27,85,88 

Joseph, 27 

Mary, 88 

Robert, 75,88 

Sarah , 27 

William, 75,76,88 
Perkins, Daniel, 5 
Perry, Abigail, 4l 

Anna, 54+ 

Benjamin, 54 

Elijah, 41 

Esther, 54 

Hannah , 41 

John, 41+ 

Mary, 5^ 

Obadiah, 5^ 

William, 54+ 
Peyton, Claudius B., 25 

Mabel, 25 
Phibens, Philip, 127 
Philips, Alice, IO3 

Caleb, 79,80 

Elizabeth, 47,83 

Mary, 59,79,80,81+ 

Nicholas, 80,103 

Richard, 47 

Sir William, 8l,117 
Pierce, Mr., 39 

Hayward, 64 

Mary, 88 

Thomas, 88 
Pinion, Nicholas, 96 
Pinson, Elizabeth, 127 

Sarah, 127 

Thomas, 127 
Pitcher, Nathaniel, 113, 128 
Piatt, Hannah, 51 

Joseph, 51 
Poole, Edward, II6 

Sarah, II6 
Pomonoho, Chief, 46 
Pope, John, 76 

Rachel , 76 

Ralph, 76 

Susan, 73 

Thomas, 73 
Porter, Deliverance, 29+ 

John, 29 

Mary, IO3 

Richard, 29,103 
Potter, Luke, 137 



Potter, Semuel, 137 

Sarah, 137 
Powers, Bethla, 6 

Bettle, 6,7 

Daniel, 7 

Edward, 6+ 

Keziah, 7 

Noah, 7 

Phyllis, 6+ 

Rboda, 7 

Roland, 7+ 

Samuel, 6 

Silvia, 7+ 
Pratt, Aaron, 77+, 92+, 93+ 

Abigail, 77,89,93,9^+ 

Ann, 92,95 

Benjamin, 9k 

Daniel, 92,93 

Dorcas, 92 

Elizabeth, 9^,95+ 

Ephraim, 95 

Experience, 95 

Hannah, 93+, 9^, 95+ 

Henry, 89, 9193 

Isabella, 94 

Jane , 93 

John, 92,93,95+ 

Jonathan, 93 

Joseph, 91+, 92, 95+ 

Joshua, 90, 91, 92+, 95 

Lydla, 95 

Mary, 89+, 91, 92+, 93, 9^ 
95+, 99 

Matthew, 92,95+ 

Mehltable, 93 

Mercy, 92,9^,95 

Moses, 93 

Nathaniel, 9k 

Peter, 92 

Phlnehas, 35,77,89+, 90+ 

Phoebe, 95 

Prlscllla, 93 

Rachel, 93 

Samuel, 92,95+ 

Sarah, 77, 92+, 93+, 9^+, 
95+, 138 

Thomas, 77,93,9^,95 

William, 95 
Pray, Ann, k 

Pray, Dorothy, 97 

Elizabeth, 97 

Ephraim, 4 

Hannah, 75,97+ 

Joan, 96+, 97 

Joanna, 97 

John, 4,97 

Joseph, 4 

Mary, 97 

Qulnton, 75, 96+, 97+, 4 

Richard, 93+, 94 
Prentice, Captain, 88 
Priest, Degory, 3^,89,98+ 
99+, 139 

Mary, 3^, 89, 98+, 99 

Sarah, 98+, 99+ 
Prior, Mary, 73 
Priton, Thomas, 68 
Proctor, George, II8 

Hannah, II8 
Putnam, Joseph, 6 

Qulncy, Edmund, 85+ 
Joanna, 85 
Judith, 85+, 109 

Randall, Hannah, 79, 80 

Robert, 80 

Thomas, 80 
Ranger, Hannah, 4+ 

John, 4+ 

Margaret, 4+ 

Mary, 4 
Rawlins, Elizabeth, I35 

Lydla, 119,135+ 

Nathaniel, 119,135+ 

Patience, I35 

Ruth, 135 

Thomas, 119,135 
Rawson, Edmund, 56 

Edward , 56 

Elizabeth, 56 

Grlndall, 56 
Reader, Margaret, 84 

Richard, 84 
Reed, Hannah, 51 

John, 51 



Rhine, Mary, 24 
Richards, Ann, 95 

Grace, I03 

John, 95 

Sarah, 95 

William, 95,103,126+ 
Rlder, Lydia, 45 
Rigdale, John, 139 
Ripley, Abraham, 59 

Elizabeth, 120 

Mary, 52,59 

William, 120 
Roberts, George, IO8+ 

Margaret, 108 

Margery, 85,108 

Mary, IO8+ 

Sir Walter, 108 
Robinson, Edward, 6 

Gain, 7 

Isaac, 51 

John, 33,34,51,98 

Margaret, 51 

Mary, 7,51 
Roelandt, Raphael, 33+ 
Rogers, Abigail, 100+, 

Ann, 101,127 

Catherine, 107 

Sir Edward, 107 

Elizabeth, 101+,127 

Eunice, 101 

Frances, 100+,101 

Hannah , 95 

John, 95,100+,101+,127+ 

Joseph, 100+,101 

Mary, 100+,127 

Rhoda, 101 

Timothy, 100,101 

Thomas, 139 
Roosevelt, Franklin Del- 
ano, 31,124 

Sarah, 3I 
Rounds, Mary, 12 
Rouse, Rachel, 4 

William, 4 
Rowood, Elizabeth-, 67 

Thomas, 67 
Ruck, John, IO8 

Katherlne, IO8 

Thomas, I08 
Russ, Sarah Louise, l4 

George, 55,100,101 
John, 100 
Ryder, Emily, 10 

Sampson, Abraham, 112 

Esther, 112 
Sanders, Katherine, IO8 
Savell, John, 5 
Sawyer, Joshua, 137 

Sarah, 137 
Scharff , Virginia Marie, 20 
Schuyler, Aaron, 25 

Arrent, 25 

Casparus, 25 

Edith Cornell, 25 

Earl, 25 

Hoyt Lester, 25 

John, 25 

Peter, 25 

Philip Pieterse, 25 
Scott, Abigail, 76 

Benjamin, 76 

Joseph, 6 

Peter, 76 
Scotto, Rebecca, 31 
Sealis, Eglin, 50 

Margery, 50 

Richard, 50,51 
Sentenne, Edmund, 24 

Mary, 24 
Shawe, Abraham, 28+, 10 2+ , 

Alice, 103 

Bridget, 102+,103 

Grace, 103 

James, 73 

John, 28,73,103+ 

Joseph, 28,102,103+ 

Maria, I03 

Martha, IO3+ 

Mary, 73+, 103+ 

Susanna, 28+, 103,104 
Sheaf e, Alexander, I08 

Alice, 105+,106+,107 

Ambrose, I06 

Anna, 107,108 

Anne, 107+,108+ 

Benjamin, 108 



Sheaf e, Dorothy, 106,10? 

Edmund, 105,107+,108 

Elizabeth, 85,105,106+ 

Ellen, 108 

Gervase, 105,106 

Harman, 108 

Jane, 10? 

Joan, 86,106,107+, 108+ 

Joanna, 107 

John, 106,108 

Katherine, 106,107+, 

Margaret, 106,108 

Margery, 85,106,108+ 

Maria, 107 

Mary, 106,107+,108 

Phoebe, I08 

Richard, 85,106+,107, 

Samuel, I08 

Sarah, I08+ 

Thomas, 105+,106+,107 

William, 105,107 
Shelly, Anne, 36 

Mary, 36 

Robert, 36 
Sherman, Abigail, 51 

Elnatha^, 51 
Shurtleff, Elizabeth, 36 

William, 36 
Simmons, Aaron, 111+,112+ 

Elizabeth, 111+, 112,113 

John, 111+,112+ 

Lydia, 113+ 

Mary, 111+, 112,133 

Mercy, 111,112 

Moses, 28,3^1,110+, 111+ 

Patience, 112 

Rachel, 112 

Rebecca, 112+, 113,128 

Sarah, 110+,111+,112+ 

Thomas, 110 
Simpson, Holmes, 6 
Sinsabaugh, Adeline Bart- 
lett, 19,20 

Adaline M., 20 

Adaline Miranda, 23 

Christina, 19 

Sinsabaugh, Esther, I9 

Frances, 20,23 

George, 20 

Henry J., 19 

Homer Clair, 20+ 

Homer Nelson, 19,20 

Jay Arthur, 20 

Jennie H. , 20 

John N., 23+ 

John Newton, 20+ 

Lorraine Chadeayne, 20 

Richard Bartlett, 20 

Sarah Frances, 20 

Susan Willard, 20 
Skillman, Fanny 
Smallfield, Jon., 6 
Smersoll, John, IO6 

Margaret, I06 
Smith, Smyth 

Abigail, 80 

Henry, 80+ 

Jael, 79,80 

Jane, 43 

John, 80+, 115,116 

Lydia, 80 

Pelatiah, 43 
Snell, Alton W. , 10 

Amos, 81 

Clara Bartlett, 10 

Emily, 10 

Ephraim, 10 

Ephraim Thomas, 10 

Helen Webster, 10 

John, 81 

Mary, 81 

Mary Jane, 10 

Maud Wesley, 10 

Polly, 10 

Raymond Franklin, 10 

Ruth Bartlett, 10 

Sarah Ann, 10 

Susanna, 8I 

Thomas, 8I+ 
Snow, Abigail, 124 

Anthony, 124 

Bethia, 57 

Eleazar, 5 

Jeremiah, 6 

William, 57 
Soule, Elizabeth, 3I 

Esther, 112 



Soule, George, 28,112,139 

John, 111,112 

Mercy, 44,58 

Rebecca, 111,112 
Souther, Mary, I03 

Nathaniel, 103 
Southvorth, Alice, 31,72 

Constant, 31,l4l 
Sparrell, Ruth, 63 
Sprague, Joanna, 3I 

William, 31 
Standford, Robert, 128 
Standish, Miles, 52,59, 

Standlack, Lydia, II8 

Mary, II8 

Richard, II8 
Stanton, Ann, 12 

Ara, 12 

Arba, 12 

Arthur, 12 

Asa, 12 

Charles, 12 

Clara, 12 

David, 12 

Edgar William, 12 

Edwin McDonald, 12 

Emma, 12 

Fitz Henry, 12 

Hannah, 12 

Henrietta, 12 

Jennie Augusta, 12 

John, 12 

Levi, 16 

Lucy Bartlett, 12 

Margaret, 12 

Margaret Beaumont, 12 

Mary, 12 

Rhoda Keith, 12 

Roger William, 12 

Samuel C. , 12 

Thomas, 12 

Warren, 12 
Stedman, John, 53 
Steel, Abigail, 61 
Stetson, Eunice, 101 

I Jemima, 40 
Mary, 62 
Nathaniel, 62 

Stockbridge, Captain, 64+ 

John, 133 

Sarah, I33 
Stone, John, 2? 

Sarah, 2? 

Simon, 27 
Stubbs, Experience, 3 

Rebecca, 3 

Sturtevant, Anne, 27 

Samuel, 27 
Sumner, Allene L., 25 

Charity, 24 

Charles Bartlett, 24 

Charles Emil, 24,25 

Charles Thomas, 24 

Donald Allen, 25 

Edith Bartlett, 24,25,23+ 

Edith Cornell, 25 

Elvina, 24 

Henry, 24 

Homer Newton Bartlett, 25 

John, 24 

Linda Marie, 25 

Lilian, 24 

Thomas , 24 
Sutter, Rice, 111,112 
Sutton, Laura, 24 
Swan, John, 92 

Mary, 92 
Syllice, Hannah, 126 
Sylvester, Amos, II8 

Anna, II8 

Bathsheba, 40 

Benjamin, 117,118+ 

Charity, II8 

David, 118 

Dinah, 116,117,118 

Ebenezer, II3 

Elizabeth, II8+ 

"Emline," II6 

Hannah, II8 

Hester, II8 

Israel, 3,40,117,118 

Jerusha, II8 

John, 117+ 

Joseph, 117,118+ 

Lydia, 3,11,113,118,135 

Martha, II8 

Mary, 11 2+, 117,118+ 



Sylvester, Naomi, llW, 

Peter, 116,117 

Richard, 4o,ll4+,115+, 

Ruth, 118 

Sarah, 117 

Solomon, 118 
Symons, Moses, 73 
Symonson, Mosea, 110 

Wlllem, 110 

Talbot, prlscllla, 31 

Samuel, 31 
Tanner, Elinor, 50 
Tarte, Edwara, 59 
Taylor, Elizabeth, 107 
Temple, Alice, 54 

Christopher, 5^ 

Richard, 5^ 
Tew, Adallne B., 20 

James Dlnsmore, 20 
Thacher, Peter, 76,88 
Thaxter, Abigail, 32,121+ 

Alice, 121 

Anne, 120 

Daniel, 120,121 

David, 121+ 

Deborah, 32,121,122 

Elizabeth, 120+,121+ 

John, 120,121+ 

Mary, 121 

Samuel, 32, 43,120+, 121+ 

Sarah, 43+, 1 20+, 1 21+, 

Thomas, 32,120+, 121 
Thayer, Dorothy, 97 

Ebenezer, 76 

John, 76 

Mary, 76 

Richard, 97 

Ruth, 76 

Thomas , 76 
Thomas, John, 64 

Theodore, 19 
Thomson, Mary, 36 
Thurber, James, 93 

Thurber, Prlscllla, 93 
Thurston, John, 121 

Sarah, 121 

Thomas, 121 
Tilden, Joseph, 59,70,126 
128+ . 

Nathaniel, 59+, 70, 128 
Tilly, Edward, 139 

John, 139 
Tlleston, Ruth, 52 

Deborah, 43 

Ephralm, 43,63 

Edmond, 43,63 

Elizabeth, 63 

Hannah, 43 

Perez, 63 
Tinker, Thomas, I39 
Toble, John, 4l 

Mary, 41 

Thomas, 4l 
Tomklns, Samuel, 47 
Toms on, John, 36+ 
Torrey, Elizabeth, I35 

Eunice, 135 

James, I35 

Naomi, 113,118 

William, 75,97,113,118 
Tower, Deborah, 39 

John, 39 

Samuel, 39 

Silence, 39 
Towne, Susanna, 55 

William, 55 
Townsend, Esther, 54 

Martin, 54 
Tucker, John, 3I 

Mary, 3I 
Turner, George, 48 

Hannah , 60+ 

Humphrey, 60 

James, 62 

John, 139 

Joseph, 39 

Mary, 48 

Naomi, 118 

Sarah, 127 

Thomas, 60 
Tuttle, Joanna, 80 
Tyboult, Wlllem Cornell- 
son, 95 



Urchin, Christopher, 72 
Margriete, 72 

Van Gruenevelt, Hen- 

drlka, 25 
Vassall, Leonard, 76 
Verdey, Lxike, 128 
Vlnal, Anna, 62,113,127 

Elizabeth, 113,127 

Jacob, 62+, 113 

John, 62,63,113,127 

Joseph, 62 

Martha, 62 

Mary, 62+ 

Ruth, 63 
Vincent, John, 98+ 

Sarah, 98+ 
Vinson, Martha, II3 

Thomas , II3 

Wade, Ichabod, 5+ 

Kezlah, 8I 

Thomas, 8I 
Walker, John, 124 

Sarah, 124 

Thomas, 6 
Walsbee, David, 27 

Ruth, 27 
Wampatuck, Chief, 46 
Ward, Abigail, 122 

Edward, 122 

Elizabeth, 126+ 

Henry, 122 

Samuel, 122 
Warre^, Abigail, 123, 

Anne, 123,124+ 

Arthur, 137 

Elizabeth, 30+,34, 

Joseph, 124,134 

Mary, 30,123,124+ 

Nathaniel, 124 

Priscllla, 124 

Richard, 36,30,123+, 

Sarah, 36,123,124+ 

Washburn, Deborah, 70,80 
Deliverance, 79, 80 
Elizabeth, 79,80,73 
John, 73,80+, 142, 143 
Samuel, 8o,l43 
Thomas, 8o,l43 
Watson, Elizabeth, 100 
Frances, 100 
Robert, 100 
Webb, Christopher, 93 
John, 83 
Peter, 93 
Sarah, 93+ 
William, 83 
West, David Johnson, 25 
D. S., 16 
Mabel, 25 
Weston, Thomas, 89,90,91, 

Wetherell, William, 6l,100 
Wheatley, Bettie, 6 
Wheaton, Jerusha, II8 

Obadlah, II8 
Wheeler, Ada Whitman, 10 
Henry Irving, 10 
Irving E. , 10 
Whetstone, John, 51, 60 
Joseph, 51,60 
Susanna, 51, 60 
Whitcomb, Hannah, 93 
Israel, 93+ 
John, 28,29,93+ 
Mary, 93 
Robert, 93+ 
White, Abigail, 127+,128+, 
Alice, 126 
Agnes, 126 
Desire, 129 
Elizabeth, 97,126+,127+, 

Experience, 77 
Oowen, 101,126+,127+,140 
Joan, 126 
John, 114 
Joseph, 77,127+ 
Lucy, 13,17 
Mary, 95,127,129 
Nathan, 13+, 17 
Rebecca, 62, 113,128+, 129 
Richard, 126 



White, Samuel, 77 

Sarah, 127,128,129+ 

Susanna, 127 

Thomas, 77,95 - 

Timothy, 62,100,101+, 

William, 139 
Whitfield, Dorothy, 107 

Henry, 107 
Whitman, Abigail, 29+ 

Ebenezer, 29 

John, 29, 95+, 1^3 

Mary, 95 

Susanna, I31 

Thomas, 29,131 
Widger, William, 15 
Wilbore, Hannah, 27 

Joanna, 76 

Samuel , 79 

Shadrach, 27,76 
Wilbur, Hannah, 87 

Shadrach, 87 
Willard, Arthur J., 23, 

Emma Jane, 23 

Frances, 20,23 
William the Conqueror, 83 
Williams, Katherine, 3,5 

Margriete, 72 

Mary, kj 

Rhoda, 7 

Thomas, I39 
Willis, Benjamin, I3I 

Comfort, 131,143+ 

Elizabeth, 35,58,130+ 

Experience, 29+, 81,131 

Francis, I30 

George, I30+ 

Hannah, 57,58,130,131+ 

John, 29,35,^,58,81+ 

Jonathan, 130,131 

Joseph, 131 

Judith, 80 

Lawrence, 130 

Lydia, I31 

Mary, 29+, 8I 

Nathaniel, 57+, 130,131+ 

Sarah, 57,131+ 

Susanna, I3I 
Williston, Judge, I3 
Wilson, Maria, 107 

Sarah, 51 

Thomas, 51 

William, 107 
Winchester, Hannah, 126 

John, 126 
Winslov, Edvard, 34+, 91, 

Gilbert, I39 

Josiah, 127,132 
Winthrop, John, 96 
Wood, Arunah H., I3 

David, 92 

Emellne C, I3 

Enos, 13 

George, I3 

Mary, 92 

Nicholas, 27 

Patty, 10 

Sarah, 27 
Woodberrie, Hugh, 68 
Woodward, Ebenezer, 3 

Experience, 3 

Smith, 3 
Woodworth, Abigail, I33, 

Amos, 133 

Anna, I07 

Benjamin, 40,113,132+, 

Caleb, 133 
Deborah, 39+, 133+ 
Ebenezer, I33 
Elizabeth, 132,133 
Ezekiel, 113,133 
Hannah, 40,133 
Ichabod, I33 
Isaac, 133 
Henry, 46 

Joseph, 118,132,133 
Judith, 133 
Lydia, 113,133 
Margaret, I33 
Martha, 40,132,133 
Mary, 112,132,133+ 
Mehl table, 132,133 
Priscilla, 133 
Robert, I33 



Woodworth, Ruth, 118,133 
Sarah, 132,133+ 
Thomas, 132,133 
Walter, i^0,112+,113, 

118,132+, 133+ 
Wright, Abigail, 137,138 
Benjamin, I38 
David, 136 
Deborah, 137 
Edward, 3+, 117, 118,119 

Elizabeth, 5^,137+ 
Grace, I36 
Hannah, 136,138+ 
Hester, 36 
Jacob, 138 
James, I38 
Joanna, I38 
John, 5^,89,137+, 138 

Joseph, 53+,5^, 92,136, 

Lydia, 3,117+, 119,135+, 

Margaret, I36 
Mercy, 3+,5,136+ 


Rachel, 138 

Richard, 36+ 

Ruth, 137,138+ 

Sarah, 92,137,138+ 

Stephen, I38 

Timothy, I38 
Wyborn, Elizabeth, 7I 

Thomas, 71 
Wykam, Audrey, 67 

Young, Jane, 85 
Thomas, 85