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Full text of "Ancestry of Albert Gallatin, born Geneva, Switzerland, January 29, 1761; died New York, August 12, 1849, and of Hannah Nicholson, born New York, September 11, 1766; died New York, May 14, 1849, with a list of their descendents to the second and third generation, compiled from Life of Albert Gallatin, by Henry Adams, 1879, History of Nicholson family, by Byam Kerby Stevens, 1911, and other sources"

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Albert Gallatin 

Born Geneva, Switzerland, January 29, 1761 
Died New York, August 12, 1849 

and of 

Hannah Nich o 1 s on 

Born New York, September 11, 1766 
Died New York, May 14, 1849 

with a list of 

Their D escendants 

to the 
Second and Third Generation 

Compiled from 

Life of Albert Gallatin, by Henry Adams, 1879 

History of Nicholson Family, by Byam Kerby Stevens, 191 1 

and^other sources 

Revised by 

Colonel William Plumb Bacon, M. A. Yale 

of New Britain, Conn. 

Member Conn. Historical Society 

Life Member Long Island Historical Society 

Corresponding Member, N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical Society 

^i';/7..\)« iviiio bnB '■' >l'' 

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Press of 


150 Bleecker Street 

New York 



Portrait of Albert Gallatin . . . facing i 

Gallatin Family Charts ....... 5-7 

DcscendanLs of Albert Gallatin — Chart ... 8 

Gallatin .......... g 

Ancestry and Descendants of Albert Gallatin . . 11-22 

Portrait of James Nicholson . . . facing 24 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 23-48 

Appendix ^g 

Index cc 


Gallatin Family 


OC. Council of Two Eandred. 

SA S«lgneur Syndic. 



FiasT Branch. 
Gnillaume Gallatini, 1319. 

Humbert. 131S>. 

Guniaume X Jeaunette do GIngtns. 

+ yjm or I 


Henri X Agnes de Leuthenay, 1402. 

Jean X — Cbateau-JIartin, 1450. 
de Granges. I 

Jean X Perroncette d'Entremonts, 1507. 
Burgess of 
Geneva, 1510. 
+ 15;J6. 


Claude X Pern. MaubuissoD. Pierre X Jeanne Jordan 

CC. 1555. I + 155S. d'Arlud, 1539. 

+ 1574. 

+ Bferney, 1590. 

i i 

to.ilsX Jean. 

deTbone I 

Antoine. + 1628. 

Clxude X Jeanne de Roches, 1563. 
8-S. J572r+ 1621. j 

Abraham X Sara ViKot, 1590. 
8.S. 1617. + 1G17. ' 

Isanc X Madelaine Durant, 1617. 
8.3. 1633. + 16G6. j 

Ezechiel X Fran^oiae Sarraein, 1659. 
S.S. 1677. + 1709. I 

See Table IL 

Jean Louis, 
-f 1691. 

Bnrth^lemi X Sara Dupan, 1684. 
1723. + 1748. I 

Pierre V Eve Dupan. 
CC.1093. I 

Ezfchlel X Marie Sarrasin. Andre X Franroise 
Professur and I S.S. 175-3. I SHl.OQudi« 

Kector. + 1733. + 1771. 1733. 

Pan I X M. Con&don. 
Pastor and I 
Principal. | 

Barthelemy V 

Col. Gu.irds. V 

Gr. Br. 


Panl Michel XEliz. de 
CC. 1778, 

Jean Louis, Julea Alex. X NttTllle. 
born 1761. born 1756. 

+ s.p. ■(- s.p. 

Franijois Gratian Jean Louia X A. M. Orenna. 

+ 1797, on the JRliine. 3. 1816. + 1*44. 

'^a''1" y.ii/ 

.H/»\J^I>.J -TKS!-' 

,{r; ^ .csrf .iy '.io! *- 

-' '-. I .'^r; .8.8 I I-nr. ,. .,j-_>1c.-!l 

...^ : I .I:TJ + ! .C;->-I -►- .-;w:>M 

■• ■.7.: U/.j'{ 



TABLE ir. 

Skco.vd Branch. 

Marin Gallatin V Eliz. lI;usoQiieuve. 1")6 
CC. 1669 + 1625. I 

] I — 

1625. + 100-.', 

atthe Es- 

Aini§ X Madelaine 

b. 1,377, i Humbert. 

CC. 1611. 

Mirin XSaraUTudert. 
CC. 1G20. + 1045. I 

Vfife of Jean. (Table III.) 

Abraham X Susanne 
■S.S. 1653. CLouet. 

Aitrie X Eliz- Bordier, 

+ leau. I i6a7. 

CC. 1638. 

Pierre X Jeanne Alleon, 
b. 1647. I 1674. 

I ! 

Louis X V. Carcissola, Jean X Gab. Chouot. 

See Table IIL 

See Table IV.. 

Jaqnes X Susanne de Choudens, 
b. 1676. CC. I 1705. 

X Anne Pictet, 1757. 

Pi-erre X Camille Pictet,^ I 173G. 

Gaspard Gabriel, 
born 1768. 

born 1762. 

Jean Louia X Elis. SelJon, 17C6. 
Comtede Gallatin, | 
bora 1737. I 

+ io Corsica 

+■ 1760. 

Pierre X Mallet. 
Cntute do Gallatin, 
Mlni.ster of WUrttmberg 
at Paris, 1819. + 1822. 

y-iimaH zita.uaO 

JI • lifAT 

:'c<'Ji .'.vj .?>4i .i 

i .'.ii-.i .a- 
' :.4 Hi -r 

^=.31 -i- .00 


1 rj Ai 


nt'iX moo 

Gallatin Family 


Thied Beaxch. 
touU Gftllalin X Victoria Carcassola, 1638. 
b. 1612. CC. 1C40. + 1671. 1 

Jenn X Fmni;nise Gallatin, 1668. 
Envoy at Venice, Daughter of Marin, 
born 1C39. (Table II.) 

+ Turin, 1C94. 

Imp. Commissary Gen. 
+ lu Hungarj-, 170t. 

Jean X Barba QervaLx, 1705. 
8.1668. CC.17n. I 
+ 17&1. 

Abraham X Loui»« Susaaue Vaadenet, 1732. 

b. 1706. CC. n.;s. ' 
Auditor, 1742. + I'yi. 


b. 17S3. 

Jean X Sophie Albertine Eolaz, 1755. 
€0.1701. I 

Madelaiflo Eenfi. 

b.l758. +1776. 

A. A. Albfet X Hannah Nicholson, 1793. 
b.l761. + 1849. j 

James X M. J. G. Paseault, 
b. 1706. I 1824. 

+ lb76. 

Albert Bulaz X M. L. StflTens, 
b. 1800. 1 18i7, 

-t- laso. 

Frt>.nce9 X B. K. St<''9n^ 
b.l8j3. + 1877. mo. 

Albert X H. D. Eobicson 
+ 1859. 

1S49. Albert Horatio, 
b. 1«9. 
4- 1902. 


Albert I^uis, 
b. 1850, 
+ 1880. 

James F.-Tincls, 
b. 1855. 
+ 1915. 


KoDsia BsAHCH. 


Jean Gallatin X Gabrialla Chouet, 1647. 
bon>16n. CC.1G49. 1 
+ 1CS6. 

Abraham X CamiUe Fatio, 1685. 

b. 1650. 
CC. 1G84. 

Andr6 V Anne Sarrasin, 1705. 

b. 1CS7. 
CC. 1714. 
BA 1737. 

+ 1750. 

Jaqcea X S. Tronchin. 
CC. 17^4. 

CC. 1748. 

CC.176'2. I X761. 

VrlTft*. + OOi&kcw, 1788. 


CC. 16*3. 

Bourse Gallatin. 

+ 1C99. 

Fran^ia X 2. Botoo^ 

YJlt//*'l V!JTA.JJaO 

III iiJdh'V 

.ti,;oJl ■■:. Tl ,viK,-:8,>oO;rfX 

...! .^l '.r i:-.',^st J,!..'iA ^''/ ^0 .t .'i X'»'^f^,*^,. 

.?T •::.;.??.> 

J-30i .CiO 

Albert Gallatin and His Descendants 

Nov. 1, 1793 
Albert Gallatin=Hannah Nicholson 
b. Geneva, Switzerland,! b. Sept. 1 1, 1766 

Jan. 2Q, 176 
d. New York, Aug. 12 

d. May, 1S49 

I 1824 \ ^837 I 183c 

James=M. I. G. Pascault Albert Rolaz = Mary L. Stevens Frances=Bvam K. Stevens 

b. 1796 
d 1876 

b. 1800 
d. 1885 

b, 1800 
d. 1890 

Albert=Harriet D. Robinson 

b. 1825 
d. 1859 

b. 1828 
d. 1893 


-Albert Louis=Zephita Heyward 
b. 1850 d. iSy6 

d. 18S0, s. p. 

-James Francis 

b. 1853; d. 1915, unm. 

b. 1S17 
d. 1892 

b. 1803 
d. 1877 

b. I7Q2 
d. 1870 

Albert G. Stevens, b. 1831; d. 1904 
Frances M. Stevens, b. 1832; d. 1893 
Alexander H. Stevens, b. 1834 
Byam K. Stevens, b. 1836; d. 191 1 
Eugene R. Stevens, b. 1837; d. 1905 
— Frederic W. Stevens, b. 1839 
— Josephine L. Stevens, b. 1842 

I 1876 

Albert Horatio=Louise Relfort 

b. 1839 
d. 1902 


-Louise ' ' 

-Albert Eugene 
-Cornelia Lansdale 

I 1 866 
Frederic=Almy Goelet Gerry 
b. 1841 

James^EIizabeth Hi 
b. 1846 ! Dawson 
d. i8< 

-Amy Goelet 
-Rolaz Horace 
-Jean Buchanan 

Albert Rolaz 
Frances Dawson 
Elizabeth Maud 
Helen Dawson 
—James Nicholson 

2T/A7*<n:;23G 2fH Q/A V.ITAJ 

,! Hjf 

:.^i;..-, . i 




yAJ YOTii.' — ' 

3:" -l;-;. 


The first historical record of any Gallatin is found in 1258, when it 
appears that "Dominus Fulcherius Gallatini Aliles" made a bequest to 
the abbess of Bellacomba. It was nearly three-quarters of a century 
later that the pedigree of the family, as it has been since known, really 
began, in the person of Guillaume Gallatini, who was living in 1319. 
From that date on members of the family were prominent in military 
and civil life, first in Savoy and afterwards in Switzerland. They were 
particularly identified with the history of Geneva very early in the six- 
teenth century, and perhaps no family was more influential, or more 
active in the administration of public affairs. Generation after genera- 
tion the heads of the diti'erent branches of the family were seigneur 
syndics and members of the council of two hundred. In every period 
the history of Geneva shows that several Gallatins were contemporane- 
ously in important public position, entrusted with affairs of state by their 
fellow citizens, and serving the commonwealth with which their interests 
were identified with zeal and recognized ability. Francois Gallatin, who 
died in 1699, was a member of the council of two hundred and founded 
the Bourse Gallatin, a semi-charitable enterprise designed especially for 
the members of his family. Ezechiel Gallatin, who died in 1733, was a 
well-known professor of philosophy and a director of the Academy. 
Many members of the family were famous in military annals. One 
fell at the Escalade, an event noted in the history of Geneva ; another 
met his death at the siege of Ostend in 1745; another fell in battle in 
1760; another, who was a soldier in the Swiss regiment of Aubonne, lost 
his life at the siege of Octzakow in 17S8. At the passage of the Rhine 
in 1797, another Gallatin was killed and, associated with the early his- 
tory of the United States, one of the battalions under Rochambeau at 
Yorktown was commanded by a Gallatin. 

Although representatives of the family have served in the military 
ranks of other countries, the main stock has always been of Geneva and 
especially distinguished in civil life. No hereditary title was attached to 
the family, the members of which were simply known by the name 
"Noble." They possessed no great family estates and it does not appear 
that they were particularly wealthy. In conformity to the life of Geneva, 
they were devotedly republican in principles. 

'A 1 T A J J A O 

' us;,;. 


■'■:: ;;;! oi'j l(> I*-'":;;-: 'O:!^ :' 

1 ■■ '■£.-•' 

.;'■•/ M-: ;:; ■^^l .^a:! ■■■■'> { :\Z 

.- ,}y:. '.■":■.; '-:;:;:... .r:':-- r: :•':■• hrij':'' ;;:'":;;;: jo.- :'■ D^'-vOil 
_:.' ■■•;' r .- .-. ■v/U'.rr- •.:■:.■ -^dl Ao -.■.■;.^i'.;'; . < T^ifi- r:-;ibnva 

■ ■: :f"v; ;■:■,',■ . ij::,-:.V'r.'"':i •;■!;:■'; .i';i:-.'!>!rMyT;- iv;.^ .-■:j-:i"'o v/viibi 
-:< ..-:;;-;^ .,■:;[;'!., '.::;:-; i r -a o;; J t b/;;: ii^i'S rWr'/ •-:.;'•.■'"'" -'fw 

•>1 "jfhonc ; ^l-";; r;i hff^jjs'..' io sg':(j"H oA-i :<&- ib r.ijb f.hi inn' 
>■'■! tjI)!;,! P!ioir'.^;t:,(f gr!^ in ano ,--:^ij/it-^ l>3lrn^..T aril to vnol 

- •';... .i:;;..';- Y'irui.'i 3'i->-igO:' I >?^-^- "0(: ■-•mIT ".'^f'.iO/l" 

,; • • '.. ;i ;; ■; •. !■ ^'^ ^.v^-.: -I'm:!;; -;!ti..^ j-jjv/ Yt)fh Jjifij 

10 Gall.\tin 

After the elevation of Geneva to the rank of a soverei^ republic in 
1535, the family, if not the first in the state, was second to none. Gov- 
ernment was aristocratic in this small republic and of the eleven families 
into whose hands it fell at the time of the Reformation, the Gallatins 
furnished syndics and counsellors, with that regularity and frequency 
which characterized the mode of selection, in a more liberal measure 
than any of the other ten. Five Gallatins held the position of first syndic, 
and as such were the first magistrates of the republic. Many were in 
the church; some were professors and rectors of the University. They 
counted at least one political martyr among their number, — a Gallatin 
who was charged with the crime of being head of a party which aimed 
at popular reforms in the constitution, was seized and imprisoned in 1698 
and died in 1719, after twenty-one years of close confinement. A letter 
written by Voltaire to the Count D'Argental, under date of February 9, 
1761, half serious and half jocular, gives something of an idea of the 
estimation in which the family was held in that period. 

"Voici la plus belle occasion, mon clier ange, d'exercer votre ministre 
celeste. II s'agit du meilleur office que je puisse recevoir de vos bontes. 

Je vous conjure, mon cher et respectable ami, d'employer tout votre 
credit aupres de AI. le Due de Choiseul ; aupres de ses amis ; s'il le faut, 
aupres de sa maitresse, etc., etc. 

Et pourquoi ose-je vous demander tant d'appui, tant de zele, tant 
de vivacite, et surtout un prompt succes ? Pour le bien de service, mon 
cher ange ; pour battre le Due le Brunswick. M. Gallatin, officier aux 
gardes suisses, qui vous presentera ma tres-humble requete, est de la 
plus ancienne famille de Geneve; ils se font tuer pours nous de pere en 
fils depuis Henri Quatre. L'oncle de celui-ce a ete tue devant Ostende ; 
son frere I'a ete a la malheureuse et abominable journee de Rosbach, 
a ce que je crois; journee ou les regiments Suisse firent seuls leur devoir. 
Si ce n'est pas a Rosbach c'est ailleurs ; le' fait qu'il a ete tue ; celui-ce 
a ete blesse. II sert depuis dix ans ; il a ete aide-major; il veut Tetre. 

11 faut des aides-major qui parlent bien allemand, qui soient actifs, in- 
telligens ; il est tout cela. Enfin vous saurez de lui precisement ce qu'il 
lui faut ; c'est en general le permission d'aller vite chercher la mort a 
votre service. Faitas lui cette grace, et qu'il ne soit point tue, car il est fort 
aimable et il est neveu de cette Mme. Calendrin que vous avez vue etant 
enfant. Mme. sa mere est bien aussi aimable que Mme. Calendrin." 

In the United States the history of the family began with Albert 
Gallatin, who, as financier, diplomat and publicist, ser\'ed his adopted 
country faithfully and achieved a reputation as one of the foremost men 
of his day. (Life of Albert Gallatin, by Henry Adams.) 

Kl TAJ J At) 

r:: b-:'.-.ifi iq^iT '■■-.-: ' -.iw'i ■;:-:: ■ .i/A,.. . '& 

.h-i A .'lyj'l-i.A:^ ;M . ■}'-jr>i_ ]>: c:t£OV /iao-Y ^i;r>v/t i 

■il- '.J'. 1-.:' il-i:';!'; /..Tf ir!tijr;-:v^"yiq pu.:, ' ;^ 

.:;ni.L. ,,::,..l. :...J..l;3,X -:•::■■;- .i.i^/J ^■: ,.d ' 

j-:c i;/^! :-!;.'-j-, j!!3in -r^iL:-:: ...a-VTyrvv: ;i'i! -■-■■ ■ ■ '■ ^[ j^lip 3D tf 

,: 'j-j 'I'jl'bb s„'-jr;u5 ?no7 ' ' Ai 

I ■' ■-:■'' ■■.;' i'j '-'o '-J- nvA]!-:-- 1 ,1 r. 'iv'/yirbji f^nr • ■■> 


Arms — Azure, a fesse argent between three bezants. 

The first of the family of whom there is any sound historical re- 
cord, was livang in 13 19. 

II. Humbert Gallatini 
Was living in the first quarter of the fourteenth century. 


Jean d. 1360. 

Guillaume d. 1360 or earlier. 

III. Guillaume G.\llatini 

Jeannette de Gingins. 




IV. Henri Gallatini b. latter part of fourteenth century, d. 

m. 1402. 
Agnes de Lenthenay 

He was Seigneur de Granges, his Granges estate being in Bugey 
which was then a part of Savoy, afterwards France, situated near the 
River Rhone, some forty or fifty miles from Geneva. 

V. Jean Gallatini 

m. 1450. 
Mlle de Chateau- Martin. 

He was Seigneur de Granges after the death of his father and bore 
other names of distinction. He was a man of importance and was 




[ 11 


12 Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 

actively engaged in the service of the duke of Savoy. He held fiefs in 
Michaille, Ardonne, Granges, Musinneus and Arland which are villages 
in Michaille. In various papers passed during his lifetime, he and his 
brother are designated as "nobles, venerables, egreges, hommes and 

VI. Jean Gallatini d. 1535. 

He was also in the service of the duke of Savoy. He was a man 
of high standing and was secretary to duke Philibert of Savoy, with the 
title of Vice Comes. Pope Leo X held him in the highest esteem and 
made him apostolic judge with power to create 150 notaries and public 
judges. And to legalize the same number of bastards. In the formal 
act endowing him with this office, dated at Salerno in 1522, he is 
spoken of as: "Venerabilis vis dominus Johannes Gallatinus, avis Geb- 

In 1 5 10 he quitted his seigniories and service in Savoy and enrolled 
himself as a citizen of Geneva. This step was taken by him immediately 
preceding the time when Geneva had inaugurated the revolution that led 
to the separation of Savoy and the church of Rome. In Geneva, he at 
once established himself as a man of consequence and his superior ability 
was recognized by the citizens of the new republic. He became devoted 
to the interests of Geneva and was a member of the council of two 
hundred during the greater part of his life after this date. In 1535 he 
was among the prominent citizens of Geneva who joined in the decree 
"which deposed the Prince Bishop and abrogated the power of the Pope." 
His descendants became devoted followers and earnest supporters of 
Calvin, who came to Geneva in 1536. 

He m. April 26, 1507. 
Perronnette d'Entremonts. 


Claude Gallatini d. 1574. 

m. Perronnette Maubuisson. 
Pierre Gallatini 
Louis de Thone Gallatini 
Jean Gallatini 

/i..vr.]/.0 T^raajA -.'^ ?T-:A.a'/.;i:)>"-'J ci'/.k ^Hoiaao/A s.i 


.'-] IV 

Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 13 

VII. Pierre Gallatini d. 155S. 

He was a burgess of Geneva in 15 10. He was the source of four 
branches of the family that spread and muUipHed, nearly all of whom 
became influential in Genevan affairs. From him was descended 
Albert Gallatin of Geneva and the United States. All male lines from 
this Pierre Gallatin have become extinct, except those descending from 
Albert Gallatin, the American immigrant. Another descendant was 
the distinguished Count Gallatin, who was minister of foreign affairs 
of the Duke of Brunswick, and in 1819 was minister of Wurtemberg 
in Paris. 

m. 1539. 
Jeanne Jord.\n d'Arlod. 


Claude Gallatin d. 1621. 

m. Jan. 17, 1563, Jeanne de Roches. 

He was secretarv' of state and a seigneur syndic 
in 1575 and thereafter. 
Marin Gallatin b. 1546. 

VIII. Marin Gall.\tin b. 1546. d. 1625. 

He was an auditor and a justice of the republic and a member of 
the council of two hundred in 1569. 

m. April 1569. 

Elizabeth de la Maisonnel^ve. 


Jean Gallatin d. 1625, 

Was a member of the council of two hundred. 
Louis Gallatin killed in 1602 at the Escalade. 

Aime Gallatin b. 1577. 

Marin Gallatin d. 1645. 

m. Sarah Tudert. 

He was a member of the council of two hundred 
in 1620. His daughter, Francoise Gallatin, married 
Jean Gallatin of the eleventh generation. 


^tj i:;ih. G y.Aci-^vl 3'/:yj'ri 


i,j/f -fi.! ;^i'>^ h >ft?:: ::''fi>»- i.;' vTi^i;:'i'?:^ -tf-v/ oti" . ' 


.3 r;.?.'.v:(VTf 1/1 Aj aa HxaaANuKJ 

.b^-;t ■:..;,'; ovgj lo li'D'H^crrj -jh'-" '■;■._> -tt^drnorn f; €.b77 

■Wc ' ■ ■ • :n-^ 

14 Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 

IX. AiME Gallatin b. 1577. 

He was a member of the council of two hundred in 161 1, auditor 
in 1631 and counsellor of state in 1637. 

m. 1st, 
Madelaine Humbert. 

m. 2nd, 
Francoise Lullin. 


Abraham Gallatin d. 1659. 

m. Susanne Chouet. 

He was a seigneur syndic in 1653. 
Aime Gallatin d. 1690. 

m. 1637 Eliz. Bordier. 

He was a member of the council of two hundred 
in 1638. 
Louis Gallatin b. 1612. 

Jean Gallatin b. 1617. d. 1686. 

m. 1647, Gabrielle Chouet. 

He was a member of the council of two hundred 
in 1649. 

X. Louis Gallatin b. 1612. d. 1671. 

He was a member of the council of two hundred in 1640. 

m. Aug. 5. 1638. 
Victoria Carcassola. 


Jean Gallatin b. 1639. ... 

Abraham Gallatin 

d. in Hungary 1701; an imperial commissioner general. 

XL Jean Gallatin b. 1639. d. Turin, Italy, 1694. 

m. ,,A.v* 

Fr.\ncoise Gall.^tin, dau. Marin and Elizabeth (Maison- 
neuve) Gallatin. Envoy to Venice. 

.Tan !3aAU 

.•/iJ.l.f I :T:iOL>-/A.H'"l 

■■-■jor:"' .jt}nf..:i'j^ .fa 

■;■=.:';■ ..'-' .:..\'iA s,\' ■' .fn 


Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 15 


Jean Gallatin b. 1668. 

Louis Gallatin 

XII. Jean Gallatin b. 1668. d. 1751. 

He was a member of the council of two hundred in 1721. 

m. April 1705. 

Barbe Gervaix. 


Abraham Gallatin b. 1706. 

XIII. Abrah.^m Gallatin b. 1706. d. 1791. 

m. April, 1732. 
Louise Sus.'VNNE Vaudenet. 

He was a leading merchant of Geneva and lived upon a handsome 
estate at Pregny, upon the west shore of the lake near Geneva. He 
was known as Abraham Gallatin of Pregny. He was a member of 
the council of two hundred in 1738 and auditor in 1742. 

His wife, Louise Susanne Vaudenet, became celebrated as Madame 
Gallatin-Vaudenet. Abraham Gallatin and his wife held high positions 
in the society of Geneva. She was a woman of much more than 
ordinary character and intelligence and her friendship was sought by 
many eminent literary personages of her time. She was particularly a 
close friend of the philosopher Voltaire, who was a near neighbor of the 
Gallatins, and throughout her life she maintained a constant correspon- 
dence with the great Frenchman. She was also on terms of close friend- 
ship with the Landgrave Frederic of Hesse-Cassel and corresponded 
with him. 


Jean Gallatin b. 1733. 

Madelaine Rene Gallatin - 

1,:! l. T' /.i :d ;• -ViT.'e. i'r. ^.-A .III 

">\l is.:--: ;:':■■'■ "r^rjn •^':'ni :•«::! io nor]?' 3?:3^/7 ofij noqi/fufi^-ii*! }£ DJfiJi 


.;b'.. ^'}^^-:y--^ b^^.c.vl" -.;,■■■' Mtii^sPIJ^ j-fjJO.l .Ol'v/ i?H 


/J j!:''l:.:- icv.' qfrl-bni^ht -is^f bi:r, oiinoj'Hblar hna i^j-jctsfiD vTKnJh-i 

i; vb "b; )i;-, ^jq ^L.':^ or-; -V'*:'; ;:'b :■:• ■-i'^' 

-. : L ^-^ob ^:) rUTZ'^ii no ocib: ;:i;w ariS .fii^rrii'' 


r-ijibb^O , 

i6 Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 

XIV. Jean Gallatin b. Geneva, 1733. d. 1765. 

He was a merchant engaged in business with his father and in 
common with other members of the Gallatin family attained to civic 
eminence. He was a member of the council of two hundred in 1764. 

m. Jan. 1755. 
Sophie Albertine Rolaz du Rosey de Rolle, d. March, 1770. 
She was a woman of ability who after the death of her husband, 
carried on, under her own name, the business that he had left. 


Abraham Alphonzo Albert Gallatin b. Jan. 29, 1761. 

Susanne Gallatin b. 1756. d. March, 1776. 

XV. Albert Gallatin, b. Geneva, Jan. 29, 1761 ; d. Aug. 12, 1849. 

Baptized as Abraham Alphonzo Albert Gallatin, in later years he 
adopted the single name Albert, by which he became wholly known. His 
father died when he was only four years old and before he reached the 
age of ten he lost his mother also. His nearest surviving relatives at that 
time were his grandparents, Abraham Gallatin and Madame Gallatin- 
Vaudenet. His mother, before her death, entrusted him to the care of 
an intimate friend, Catherine Pictet, and in the family of that lady he 
was brought up. His interests were looked after by his relatives and he 
received a good elementary education and then studied in the academy of 
Geneva, whence he was graduated in 1779, ranking first in his class in 
mathematics, natural philosophy and Latin. For a short time he lived 
with his grandparents. His future was a matter of serious consideration 
on the part of himself and his relatives and his grandmother desired him 
to take a command in the army of the Landgrave Frederic of Hesse 
Cassel. This military occupation did not appeal to the young man and 
being attracted toward the United States, concerning which he had ac- 
quired a great deal of knowledge and for which he had a deep admira- 
tion, he left Geneva secretly in company with a friend and comrade, 
Henri Savary, and sailed for the new world. He landed at Gloucester, 
Massachusetts, in July, 1780, and soon after went to Boston. From the 
capital of Massachusetts he went to Machias, Maine which was 
then a frontier trading post. In that locality he remained 

, ;. ' i>i 

';■ --rol-; 

u ;tm: 

: h'-: 


- -Il^.v/ Vj 

.:• <r- >; ^ r, n f! 

'7/ b: 

i ■ (!.- 

::.- , 

..■r >! 

:-f .r-^f^ 

?' .1 

:;i;i-': b 

:■£ rn 

- 1 ■ .-;■ 

..■ . .:' ,: 


Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 17 

for a year, and returned to Boston in October, 1781, where he first taught 
French to private pupils and afterward, in July, 1782, was appointed to 
teach French in Harvard College. 

At the close of his engagement with Harvard, he went first to Vir- 
ginia, where he engaged in land operations, and then to Pennsylvania, 
where he founded the town of New Geneva and occupied himself with 
agricultural pursuits. The family instinct for participation in public 
affairs possessed him to a marked degree and in 1789 he entered political 
life, when he was appointed a member of the convention for revising the 
state constitution of Pennsylvania. His political views impelled him to 
alliance with the Republican party, but his prominence and ability, and 
the broad way in which he looked at affairs, commanded the respect of 
all political parties even at that time when political feeling ran high. In 
1793 he was elected a member of the United States Senate from Penn- 
sylvania, receiving the votes of both parties, but the seat was refused 
him on a technicality. In 1795 he was elected a member of the United 
States house of representatives and served with conspicuous ability in 
that position. In 1801 President Jefferson appointed him secretary of 
the treasury and in that post he was of signal service to his adopted 
country and showed that he possessed financial ability of the highest or- 
der. He continued to hold the office under the administration of Presi- 
dent Madison, which began in 1809. Recogiiized as one of the leaders 
of his party in that period, he was necessarily involved in the contro- 
versies and animosities of the politics of the early years of the republic, 
and was particularly marked by the opposition and acrid criticism of 
Hamilton. He was successful, however, in maintaining his position as 
one of the most valued and trusted statesmen of his time. His term of 
service as secretary of the treasury, from 1801 to 1813 was the longest 
that has ever been credited to any secretary of the treasury in the his- 
tory of the United States and his work in that capacity gave him reputa- 
tion as one of the ablest financiers of the age. In 1814 he was appointed 
one of the three commissioners for the negotiation- of peace with Eng- 
land, and it was largely through his efforts that the treaty of Ghent 
was successfully negotiated. From 1815 to 1823 he was United States 
minister to France, and in 1826 he was sent to London as envoy ex- 
traordinary. Abroad he was held in the highest esteem by the statesmen 
and literary personages of the time, and both in France and in England 
he was everywhere warmly received. Upon his return from his diplo- 
matic service as ambassador to England, in 1827, he retired from active 
political life and settled in New York, applying himself to literature, espe- 
cially to history and ethnology. In this pursuit he became an authority 

„,( !,...^...,^7-T 4,v 

••■'3 ■••• ■::; -■;: ;■;::; ao.i oj ji">= : ' ,; ■ ■ l/s8j nr L'^iii ,!•:'!. ;_'• oi 

■■!■ ■ : ■: ^- ■ ••;: ;ij. :r''i rr rij:'-: ■•'■.: _:--_ j ;/' :>; :^>,i;no ■•■-:■-: .;T.rr^-jI hr.s 

1 8 Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 

on matters relating to the North American Indians. Entering upon busi- 
ness pursuits, he was one of the founders of the National (afterwards 
Gallatin) Bank of New York City, of which he was president from 
1 83 1 to 1839. He was one of the founders of the New York Univer- 
sity in 1830 and was the first president of the x-\merican Ethnological 
Society, in 1842, of which he was one of the founders. From 1843 until 
the time of his death, in 1849, ^^^ ^^'^s president of the New York His- 
torical Society. He was the author of many publications on finance, poli- 
tics and ethnology, prominent among these works being: "Memoir of the 
Northeastern Boundary" and "Notes on the Semi-Civilized Nations of 
Mexico, Yucatan and Central America." 

He m. 1st, May, 1789. 
Sophie Allegre d. s. p. 1789. 

dau. of William and Jane (Battersby) Allegre, of a 
French Protestant family living in Richmond, Va. 

m. 2nd, Nov. i, 1793, at Reformed Dutch Church, 
New York City. 
Hannah Nicholson, b. Chestertown, Md. Sept. 11, 1766. 

d. New York, May 14, 1849. 
dau. of Commodore James Nicholson, U. S. N. 

Children by 2nd wife. 

2 James b. Dec. 18, 1796. 

Early in life he was intimately associated with 
his father in public affairs; he was his secretary 
when he went to Europe in 1813 as commissioner 
■.c.'i ';- to negotiate a treaty of peace with England, and 

also when he was minister to England and to 
•' ■ ' ' France. Succeeded his father as president of the 

National (afterwards Gallatin) Bank of the City of 
New York. 

3 Albert Rolaz b. Jan. 8, 1800. 

He was graduated from Princeton, studied law 
I, and was admitted to practice in Uniontown, Pa., 

near the town of New Geneva, founded by his 
father. Later he became one of the first members 
of the Board of Brokers in New York. He was 
closely associated with his father and was intimate 
with Madison, Jefferson, Carroll and other public 

'AVkiJt.O TnnnjA -to r-TXA':Tv'q:;>'.i''I -v/.k p.-A^.v-.iZiAh 8i 

:i 1;"M ir'/i'-; I'^'i -^fi,! cX''/ J/m •.^.'^t nr 

;•, ; , .':^,; ,^',' ■■;,■„' (■-, (, ■'■.. -.:(•) ^J^:> ■; 

Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallat] 


men. He was in France in 1815 with his father 
and also in 1826 when he was Envoy Extraor- 
dinary to England. 
4 Catherine b. Aug. 22, 1801. d. April 21, 1802. 

5. Frances b. Washington, D. C, Feb. 3, 1S03. 

d. New York, Nov. 25, 1877. 
m. April 6, 1830, Byam Kerby Ste\ens. 

6 Sophia Albertina b. Oct. 7, 1804. d. Sept. 2, 1805. 

7 Hannah Maria b. Sept. 29, 1807. d. April 16, 1808. 

James Gallatin b. Dec. 18, 1796. d. Paris, May 28, 1S76. 

m. Baltimore, March ?, 1824. 
Josephine Pascault b. Baltimore, 1800. ? 

d. Paris, Oct. 14, 1885. 

8 Albert b. Feb. 7, 1825. d. Geneva, Switzerland, September, 1859. 


Albert Rolaz Gallatin b. Jan. 8, 1800. d. New York, Feb. 25, 1890. 
m. New York, Nov. 7, 1837. 
Mary Lucille Stevens b. New York, Aug. ri, 1817. 

d. there Dec. 23, 1S92. 
dau. of Horatio Gates Stevens and Elizabeth Lucille 

Children. ., 

9 Albert Horatio b. New York, March 7, 1839. 

10 Frederic b. " May 17, 1841. 

11 James b. " Feb. 14, 1846. 

Frances G.\llatin b. Washington, D. C., Feb. 3, 1803. 

d. New York, Nov. 25, 1S77. 
m. New York, April 6, 1830. 
Byam Kerby Stevens b. New York, April 20, 1792. 

Yale, 1811. d. Feb. 15, 1S70. 

•i rrAjjvD r«5Jaj/. jc iivj/avja v.-iQ o/a cMOTsauxA 

!.a7/ .d 

-.••;-:->.'i.f>3 4i 

20 Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 

Children, b. Neiv York. 

12 Albert Gallatin Stevens b. Jan. lo, 1831. 

d. Greenwich, Conn., April 2, 1904. 
m. New York, Dec. 25, 1856, Louise Amelia Cornell, 
dau. of John H. Cornell and Amelia Hamilton. 

13 Frances Mary Stevens b. Oct. 23, 1832. 

d. Garden City, N. Y., Feb. 12. 1893. 
m. New York, Feb. 5, 1862, Rev. Uriah Tracy Tracy, 
son of George ^Manning Trac)-- and Mary Ann 
(Colden) Willett. Children. 

14 Alexander Henry Stevens b. June 13, 1834. Yale, 1854. 

m. Hartford, Conn., Dec. 4, i860, Mary Alleyne Otis, 
b. Boston, Mass., dau. of William Foster Otis and 
Emily Marshall. Children. 

15 Byam Kerby Stevens b. Jan. 5, 1836. 

d. New York, Dec. 12, 1911, s. p. 
m. New York, Dec. 8, 1869, Eliza Langdon Wilks, 
dau. of Matthew Wilks and Eliza Astor Langdon. 

16 Eugene Rolaz Stevens b. Oct. 25, 1837. 

d. Feb. 16, 1905, unm. 

17 Frederic William Stevens b. Sept. 19, 1839. Yale, 1858. 

m. 1st, New York, Oct. 8, 1862, Adele Livingston 
Sampson, dau. of Joseph Sampson and Adele 
Livingston. Children. 

m. 2nd New York, Dec. 8, 1904, Alice Caroline Seely, 
b. St. John, New Brunswick, dau. of Daniel James 
Seely and Charlotte Louisa Vail. Child. 

18 Josephine Lucille Stevens b. May 15, 1842. 


Albert Gallatin b. Feb. 7, 1825. 

d. Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 13, 1859, 
m. New York, Oct. 30, 1849. 
\ Harriet Duer Robinson, b. Sept. 24, 1828. 

d. Oct. 29, 1893. 
dau. of Morris Robinson and Henrietta Elizabeth Duer. 

!i.;(,J .. ;8i ,;i .:ivQ ,:,ho7 v/o/1 .m 

'H. ^.^jr^ V::r.H i'n.;u^:^:A 

O.O. jn-^ijii. 

r; All .cl--.' 

fi; rv./ .--. ,ri ..^-..1; - ^:::rj-^r.^ tmAilr/! oliabnvi 

,-i;il /v .cio' >-; vjta.ijat) 

>■ n .'-,.■•'/ ._ -.; 

ii ;.L Jf:><: d ,/o;;:Tao;i /iHuCI r3i>:gAH 

Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 21 


19 Albert Louis b. Sept. 19, 1850. d. New York, Feb. 12, 1880, s. p. 

m. Paris, May 2, 1876, Zephita Heyward. 

d. Feb. 29, 1896, dau. of Henry Heyward. 

20 James Francis b. Jan. 2, 1853. d. London, England, Dec. 4, 1915. 


Albert Horatio Gall.\tl\ b. New York, March 7, 1839. 

d. there March 25, 1902. 
m. Sept. II, 1878. 
Louise Belford Ewing, of Philadelphia. 

Children. ■ 

21 Louise 

m. Charles M. Gay. 

22 Albert Eugene b. 

23 Cornelia Lansdale b. Feb. 22, 188 


Frederic Gallatin b. New York, May 17, 1841. 
m. Nov. I, 1866. 
Almy Goelet Gerry, dau. of Thomas R. Gerr)' and 
Hannah Greene Goelet. 


24 Amy Goelet 

m. New York, April 12, 1887, Howland Pell. 

25 Thomas Goelet b. d. Aug. 25, 1870. 

26 Rolaz Horace 

m. New York, April 25, 1896, Emily Lorillard Morris. 

27 Jean Buchanan 

m. New York, Nov, 15, 1S94, George P. Caniniann. 



hi;.-./v . , . , . . -in 

_v3 !•;■■■-'---■ :<;::JfTO ri £, n -7 G II 

22 Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Gallatin 

28 Goelet 

29 Albert 

30 Mary 

m. Bayport, N. Y. Oct. i, 1902, Edith Church Post. 

m. New York, Nov. 22, 1907, Margaret H. Hackstaff. 

m. New York, March 31, 1902, William Warner 


James Gallatin b. New York, Feb. 14, 1846. 

d. East Hampton, N. Y. Sept. 17, 1890. 
m. Oct. 21, 1868. 
Elizabeth Hill Dawson 


31 Albert Rolaz 

32 Francis Dawson 

33 Mary Lucille 

34 Elizabeth Maud 

35 Helen Dawson 

36 James Nicholson 

37 Frederic 

Note: The male line of Gallatin is now extinct in Switzerland. 


Y .>: 


L ."... 




il i 


Kdward Hurge: 


William Nicholson Elizabeth liurge: 
I I 

Joseph Nicholsi 

Sarah Cbt-w 

John Hynson An 

i Smith Sarah Hy 

James Nicholson 

Matthew Wii 



Henry Tucke 



Thomas Wit 


J I 

o !" 

.' ■] 


:.e;//. s -/A ^ A 


z: I ^' 

= I 

Ancestry of Hannan Nicholson 

Ayres, William 

Nansemond Co.. 



Boughton, Rachel (Norwood) 


W. I., 

166 1 

Burgess, William 


16^0 :- 

Chew, John 



Hynson, Thomas 

Kent Co., 



Lewis, John (Witter) 


W. 1., 


Nicholson, William 




Norwood, Richard 


VV. I., 


Robbins, Edward 

Northampton Co., 


162 1 

Smith, James 

Kent Co., 


159; :- 

Tucker, George 


W. I., 


Witter, James 


W. I.. 

1644 ' 

fT>j:-!or!or/l rl.r.nrifiH io ^Ti?;'^')a A 

■' Vi^iliiV/ .no2lofi:>;Z 

'! , ,.i ;.'/ 


.■uW^-;^- -ti^--:'»'-^^i^-^^^-°^-^'-^^^: 

(2,„*>^&<?^?t-.e</ v4s<. cx?€cM^^>t^ 


t ■-^ 


^ r r^^O(-^>>c.-, v^^i 



Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 


I. William Ayres b. 

Was one of the first settlers of Virginia. He and his daughter 
were Quakers. He received two hundred and fifty acres of land on the 
main creek of the Nansemond River in 1635 for transporting five 


Ann b. d. April 13, 1695. 

II. Ann Ayres 

m. abt. 1658. 
Samuel Chew 

III. Sarah Chew 

Edward Burgess 

IV. Elizabeth Burgess 


' William Nicholson 

V. Joseph Nicholson 

m. abt. 1732. 
Hannah (Smith) Scott 

VI. James Nicholson 

m. April 30, 1763. 
Frances Witter 

VII, Hannah Nicholson 

m. Nov. i, 1793. 
Albert Gallatin 

3;1- no ■'■'■■■ .: .-^v^' v»'R Lt:': :;.?i i^f^ /j?i 07^1 i--^.^!\yy:^^ -W .- ,. ■.y,^;jO 5i^v; 

,\ ■ : ;.ifv ,b .d n:>A 

.8?d: .Kir. rri 

V ..C HA.ti..2 .1)1 

>i^20/ija HTiaAXijjT .Vi 

.i£'^i .lis .rn 

o'^I ,'v_ ;;-qA .fU 

■>..;>?' 10 h:. I !/x hakkaH .UV 

.CO": I vc'I>; .rn 

•-■J :ajjaO TsaajA 

28 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 


I. William Burgess b. P>ngland 1622. 

d. in Virginia Jan. 24, 16S7. 
m. abt. 1649. 
Elizabeth Robbins 

Was one of the early settlers of Virginia, coming soon after 1640. 
He bore the arms of a Burgess family of Truro. Cornwall. It is supposed 
however, that he came from Wiltshire and was related to the Burgesses 
of Marlborough in that county. He was probably of Puritan origin 
and in the religious controversy which disturbed the early settlers of 
Virginia he was numbered among the non-conformists. When the non- 
conformists in 1648 removed to the Maryland shore of Chesapeake bay, 
Captain William Stone of Hunger's Xeck on the \"irginia shore of the 
bay, who was a Protestant in sympathy with parliament, was the agent 
to carry on negotiations with the \''irginia authorities for the removal, 
and in August of that year he was commissioned governor of Mary- 
land. With him into the new countn' went William Burgess, who soon 
started upon that public career which made him one of the most active 
and noted men of his generation in the colony. In 1650 his vessels 
brought one hundred settlers to the new community and he became the 
central figure in the band of land holders located on South River Hun- 
dred. In 1660 he had a patent for Burgess Choice on South river. His 
official service was constant and important. In 1661 he was in command 
of the South River Rangers and in 1663 was at the head of the commis- 
sioners of Anne Anmdel county. In 1664 he was high sherifif, but re- 
signed that office to answer to a call to the field against the Indians. In 
1665, having already the title of captain, he was appointed by Charles 
Calvert to be commander-in-chief of the forces of Anne Arundel. Kent 
and other counties. In 1664 and afterwards he was much upon the fron- 
tier, leading in all the fighting against the Indians. In 1665 he was one 
of the council of war and in 1657 was appointed by Governor Josias 
Fendell a commissioner and associate justice of the new county of Anne 
Arundel. He was also a justice in 1674, 1676 and 1678; a delegate to 
the lower house in 1668-9, i" 1671, in 1676 and in 1678-9. He was a 
member of the upper house of the colonial legislature from 1682 until the 
time of his death in 1687. His tombstone relates that: "He was a mem- 
ber of his Lordship's Council of States, one of his Lordship's Deputy 
Governors; a justice of ye High Pro\incial Court; Colonel of a regi- 

ijoe: 8s 


."Bo I .f.S. nr.I s/.r.'.yrriV nj .b 

.Ql^i^l .idp, .m 

':l^':<l T.'Ttr. :■,^.o^ gfrlffioj .j.'':ii^ii'/ 'io .'ix>;;'*:ja xl'ii;:> ::!: H; s;;o ^fiV/ 

•>;-,_; '■■ :; i ;■■ -_! .■i.-.'o-).: -: " ■ Vi \_:fT;o-; • :;'j r; < -.'.rxl'.u}^ )o 
t;. ; re' J:- vi'ii.- •.;.: : ^(hi:.-it '■■:::' Vci-J/ ^'ilfr >:■ >i;o-.''^' -iij lU Lj;s 

. ; .,; -..'•■:,■ ;.-■;'' " :■-!■■;■- ^ ■ ' 'vi ',-■[ -j.ij o) LdV'JJ--j~ o:.--: ,■' ^; :::f;'to'tj-:.D 
" ■■■ i-1 :■■■: :^-- r, ■ .' :;.•' '^ .< ::j,-''l -■~-y:;;"^u ■ : ^": ". '...).•■:: :f')>Kk''// i'.ir.hin.) 

, U /•;::■>■•.■ ni ■!■:•'' '.' i.ij;-'.; ^,::::-;^i / .;■• ri-r^" .■.!,•>■;• .-.'j-cvr; >;'., vfiH,^ oi 

; .'•- ;/ , , ..\.- ; .'.'i'l'If 'r-j-n vi 'f;r;'i'/ v;on 3ri7 O'f'i ffi;:l -l^hV/ .b;ri-! 
-■■:•■ ;^ ;■',,[- :■:{} \:} ^.;'; fTiirf ^UiMi r\:)-^\:-: rj-j':./.. :yif('iifj Jh;il: n'^qu i>0Ti Gt? 
■■;-^':v -;-! 'v ■ > i u: •;'!«-'i^-J ^•^- r:; H';:: -/^ -r^'r- Pri to i^rn l^'^JOfl 6:!^ 
-^: 0!iiii.oJ Dii i. :;■■ v^f^m^;^;■.,J:. v/^r: t>."'r CJ nv?'j;:j. b:;il-nyf! snn Jrlgooifi 
-:^r'I 7=).':?' .!' - '^ i:o L-JJ;:: ■:.•! •.■:''.••■:! h':^.! r^ (>,■■,■• ')dl ;'i: "^'Ttigfl li\-;!f'0'; 

--']; iri',.? v-I; i'- ■ :' bill t;- >,,/;;■'( ■.,: !_,,id yvynii-'A 'rij/rJ.! n^-o^^ :?Hl lo 
-■T Ujg V-', .!';,:•',■,: ^£7/ o/i \.yd\ n\ ■•':■•:>:/ inLnrnA -vnnA \o ^isnok 
:i ,-:r ;.:!■. :1 j:i; '^Mii'-^r. jIvH 5flj OJ fl£? n 0? ly v/riiiK CJ ?^fl^O )fa\1 b^n^lZ 
-■;,[■■:''.' -■-] [./'tn-.^^ji; i :^", 'jA .nri:?' i?i? "to oI*!3 srn •/L:'/)'ih ■jyi'n'ji ^Z^dl 
■ i-,,.] ;;-;:-[.,;-/. ■>;:'•!/. to ,-'»-n..t :.:r'7 'lu lL>ii: j-i;.'-Tjb(r;;mfn "^ > jd oJ navlsD 
-luyf: -lils i!o>,fjr ij:-.ti ^.i j // Wi t'lr.i.-f/io:'-* ■ 'Jo bnjS 

:.;.o hr.- V. .■■■i'3i :^ .frTr:tf<r;[ :>r!? i^rr' -'^f .T3tt 

on':- . - ■ V. ;-: •,■";:■ :v,; 1- 'M '■' ';i:.;i^?K b«s i3nuii;%irrj. ^'^ 

;; .L-- •:; :-■■ ■:: r.i f- ;; -^-:.; n: , i -A ^ ni v^--''"": ■' ./ ;j . A jv'A 

^r; ■!.'■:■ -■■' ■•■;'»>" j-!!-.j;:;'.,v.j-' j:.';:'.'^ 'J ail' Vo 0,^;, 'n 

fi:. :■: •; ;; ' ■ :z:\:' ?.')]e,\-:^ avjotcdrnoi ciM •; . -rij 

-r:',--M '■■ I ■:: 'm;. 'TV-;! . o',;:--: Ic [iunuoJ a'qifl^Ivso.l ?.'\d jo TKf 

, .: . .. L .; . , ■- 1 : ; ;T;'I Jf^iH 3v V:> ;«:>il«f;j ;a ;2iorrruvoO 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 


ment of ye trained bands and some time Generall of all ye military forces 
of this province." His will of July ii, 16S5, names seven sons and three 



Went to live in England. 

John d. y. 

Joseph d. V. 


Went to live in England. 

m. Col. Nicholas Sewall. 

m. Thomas Sparrow. 

H. Edward Burgess b. Mar>dand ? abt. 1655. d. 1722, 

Sarah Chew 

Like his father he became prominent in public affairs. He was a 
justice of Anne Arundel county in 1680, 1683, 1685 and 1689 and was 
a member of the house of burgesses in 1704. During the lifetime of 
his father he was one of the commissioners who had charge of the 
opening of the port of London Town, a place that had been founded 
by his father. He was the executor and heir of Capt. George Pudding- 
ton, a wealthy and prominent citizen of Anne Arundel county and a 
relative of the Robbins family into which Colonel William Burgess 
married. For a time Edward Burgess was a Captain of foot. 





m. 1709 Benjamin Gaither. 
Elizabeth b. Aug. 5, 1682. d. before 1719- 

i', o'f Us, 'if' .rn 

.r.r';;iT;.n.-r ni wi! oJ jivj'n 

■\..^\-a''A lr,.i ,a 

,wo-ri««2 cfcinoi'T .ra 



•''' '*»^ 
-■•i-'bbi 'j ^^^(^ 'C' ..;.; V) JO ■:;.3fi hni ■:cU::}vAti f-i; c£vv -dII' i-iflJci >;r? vd 


30 Anxestry of Hannah Nicholson 

III. Elizabeth Burgess 
William Nicholson ;•,'.• 

IV. Joseph Nicholson 

m. abt. 1732. 
H.\NNAH (Smith) Scott 

V, JaxMEs Nicholson 

m. April 30, 1763. 
Frances Witter , , 

VI. Hannah Nicholson 

m. November i, 1793. 
Albert G.\llatin 


^-Hc : f HT:iaA.!iia3 .111 


'/-oajOKOT'/ uiAj.vMJ 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 31 

■ ■ ' ' CHEW 

I, John Chew b. d. before 1668. 


He came to Virginia in 1622 with three servants. In Warfield's 
"Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard counties, 'McLtyla.nd," it is said 
that he came on The Seafloivcr and that other members of his family 
had come in The Charitie in 1618. The Genealogy of the Thomas and 
Other Families, by L. B. Thomas, says that he arrived in the ship 
Charitie and that his wife Sarah came in the following year in the 
Seaflozcer. He landed on Hogg's Island opposite Jamestown and in 
the year after arriving built a house at "James Citie." He received a 
grant of land in 1643 ^"d was a member of the house of burgesses from 
Hogg's Island from 1623 to 1629. He was a merchant of prominence, 
Governor Harvey calling him "one of the ablest merchants in Virginia." 
He was a colonel of the provincial forces at one time and represented 
York county in the house of burgesses in 1642, 1643 ^"^^ 1644. He was 
also a justice of York county for many years. 

II. Samuel Chew b. d. March 15, 1676-7. 

m. abt. 1658. 
Anne Ayres b. d. April 13, 1695. 

He had eight children, of whom Sarah was the youngest. 

He was in Maryland as early as 1648, but was in Virginia in 1657. 
It would appear that he afterwards returned to Maryland, for he was a 
member of the house of burgesses of the latter colony in 1659. He was 
commissioned a justice of the provincial court and court of chancery in 
1669 and the same year became a member of the governor's council in 
which position he ser\^ed until his death. He was one of the prominent 
members of the provincial government and in documents of the period 
was called "Colonel Samuel Chew, Chancellor and Secretary." He was 
a tobacco planter and accumulated a large fortune. His residence was 
on Herring Bay, Calvert county. 

III. Sarah Chew 
Edward Burgess 




•(!;;:■;:,: ri;; k' -•; jifaiO'n -jr'r'Ju :'ir;i Im;;- ■'': C r;o ^/iJto 3ri 

■,^r;j, ■ .^\ , "~ '^M V'l VviCi\:3'u.i'( a;;'; .hu:u . .. _> ^t^i: nt -ijfno- 
v;;ji- ;,.,'i 1,' '..i/'nn Ofi ;k..'j •v;:.- .^Krnorf' ./-< ,.! yd .-f.'>i\i;;r:-i •> 

:•; lif'o u'.'C -■;.;' •' Itaci-^ ; ,_;^oi-l fro bohnsi dH 

,■■ . - ■.;'•■:■.' ^ ". :-'■.■■'■:■:". 1; i ij.. // --'I-l .i.'Ld; o; ;.Uti; v'-JOi'l hrn;" 
■■.. ■! .-,-;'■ : • ■■:::■■-:■-_ yn: !'.':l>-'r. '■:'■■ !•■ ':<:->'' 'iihl. ■\iiii[l}yj vjjv-icii 


.\ J- 0: .r : r!. -.^ '^ .H .d \'/aBj .l3Uh\Ad .11 

L'.'. ■■:','• 'r--;-.--! 'M: .■;i;jt.,ob rii Lni^j Irtarnnt^i-'n-'; (cl-jnivoiq orlJ ^c 

.vinr.:oo Ji:.<v'.c') ,yi;8 ^fii-nsH no 
v;3h3 HAHaS .III 

32 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 

IV. Elizabeth Burgess 
William Nicholson 

V. Joseph Nicholson 

m. abt. 1732. 
Hannah (Smith) Scott 

VI. James Nicholson 

m. April 30, 1763. 
Frances Witter 

VII. Hannah Nicholson 

m. November i, 1793. 
Albert Gall.'^tin 

•/iOeaoimV! ha/zaH go 'iHTe3L0'/.A 

aaaosyfl hthsasuH .VI 

Z .i/-,^;.-.ri .11' 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 33 


I. Thomas Hynson b. England 1620. d. Jan. 1667-8. 


He came to Kent Co., Md. in 1650 and in 1652 was clerk of the 

He was high sheriff in 1655 and a member of the house of Bur- 
gesses in 1654 and 1660. 


John b. Eng. abt. 1645. d. May, 1705. 





m. Major Joseph Wickes. 

n. John Hynson b. Eng. abt. 1645. 

d. May, 1705, buried St. Paul's Parish, xMay 10. 
m. 1st. 
m. 2nd. 

He came in 1650. He was a member of the house of burgesses for 
Kent Co. 1681-3, 1694-7 and thereafter. He was a justice of the pro- 
vincial court in 1674, a colonel of the county, a vestryman of St. Paul's 
parish in 1697 and high sheriff of the county in 1705. 


Sarah b. 

m. Capt. James Smith. 

ni. Sarah Hynson 
Capt. James Smith 

tr :.oc.ioiryil/l havj-/jaH '<o YKTaaatiA 



, i;i b.:r L', cU ai .bir' ,.oJ in-;! o? 3rnr.o 'ili 


. .,4 , ? 




V ;i:-^o; -'O 

.ie ^-.::Ki ,,o„i ,-(rJ^ 

1 :•■ ■if-':,;,... : - c;. ■; Mi .^v "U ..: *j,yj,:: ':.i: 

^'•j^v:v).i Hi.As^Z .III 
ariK? ?:.iK/.(. .i^aI;) 

34 Anxestry of Hannah Nicholson 

IV. Hannah (Smith) Scott 

m. abt. 1732. 
Joseph Nicholson 

V. James Nicholson 

m. April 30, 1763. 
Frances Witter 

VI. Hannah Nicholson 

m. Nov. I, 1793. 
Albert Gallatin 



Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 35 


The Nicholsons settled in Maryland in the early y)art of the 
eighteenth century. From the beginning representatives of the farni'.v 
were numbered among tlie foremost people of the colony. I^ter ti.c 
family became especially distinguished by the career of its members iri 
the United States Navy during several generations. No less than ei'^-h- 
teen Nicholsons thus served their country. Three of them wore 
pennants and another died just as he was appointed to that honor. 

I. William Nicholson buried Durham, Eng. May 9, 1600. 

Anne buried Durham, Eng. Nov. 2. 1681. 

His will proved in Durham in 1691. 

It is recorded that, contrary to a provision of the burial act of Kn-^- 
land, his wife was buried in linen garments, and, for this otrence, he 
was fined. 


Margaret 1588147 






William bp. Berwick-upon-Tweed, Oct. 7, 1656; bur. Oct. 18, 1656. 

William bp. Berwick-upon-Tweed, June 29, 1663; bur. Feb. 29, it/jj-^ 

William bp. Berwick-upon-Tweed, Feb. 22, 1665-6. 

II. William Nicholson b. Eng. 

bp. Berwick-upon-Tweed, Feb. 22, i66;-6. 

d. Annapolis, Md. 1719 
Elizabeth Burgess b. Aug. 5, 1682. 

His will was proved in Annapolis, Sept. 25, 17 19. 


'Od :^'/, 

14 iirv j; 


o nor •'vcvf'i f '- 7~;:7' TO!) ,,T-.-ii1 bu!;7o-^">': 21 jl 

l.on?^ ££■: 



.V.:-:. ■■;,T 

■ ^Lio ;.:,)i ,- ;vv> :;.3t;v/'r-:;(iny-:-.:;vT:;n. .qd mijilliV/ 

,m/\ ;ii bavoiq zfiw Iliv? ziH 

36 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 

He was the first of the name known to be in the United States be- 
ing settled in xA.nnapolis soon after 1700. In December, 1703, he bought 
a thousand acres of land at the head of Bush river in Baltimore county, 
a property known as Poplar Neck. Between 1706 and 1719 he acquired 
several other tracts amounting to nearly three thousand acres. In 17 19 
he patented forty-two hundred acres, afterwards known as Nicholson's 
Manor, on Gunpowder river in Baltimore county. After his death his 
children were sent to his sister in England to be educated, and only Jo- 
seph and William came back. 


William b. Annapolis, Md., Dec. 28, 1704. d. 1733. 

m. Elizabeth Beale, dau. of John. 

Elizabeth b. Sept. 14, 1707. d. March 27, 171 1. 

Joseph b. Annapolis, Aug. 6, 1709. d. 17S7. 

Benjamin was in 1750 in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Eng. 

Samuel was a physician in 1750 in Stockton-upon-Tees, Eng. 

Edward d. Eng. s.p. Dec. 1739. 

III. Joseph Nicholson b. Annapolis, Md. Aug. 6, 1709. d. 1787. 

m. 1st. abt. 1732. 
Hannah (S.mith) Scott b. Mch. 14, 1708. 

d. between 1760- 1765. 

widow of Col. Edward Scott of Kent Co., d. 1729. 

m. 2nd, abt, 1765, 

Mary Hopper b. 1734. d. 1799. 

dau. of Col. William Hopper of Queen Anne county, Md. 

Issue : One son and one daughter. 

Joseph Nicholson was educated in England. He returned to Amer- 
ica and settled in Kent county, Md. In early life commanding a ship 
engaged in English trade he became a merchant of prominence and 
wealth. He became a deputy clerk of Kent county and was deputy com- 
missioner in 1755, 1760, 1771, and 1773 to 1787. He was a Colonel of 
the Kent county militia, and high sheriff of the county from 1763 to 1768. 

Children by ist. wife. 

William d. s.p. 



•;;i .;: ii..-^f.I/: .b ^^o-^i .^A .lip?, d dj-^"' 

.ya'" ■^:;^:) i^-ao-; i G ;^£V/ 

nH .b 



.b ■'-. 1 ,d -j^uA .bl' ,ziUn\,.nnI\ .d /lO^JOHDfZ H'jagof^ 


b;-- ,{j!.u.-i:; 'j>iinA n3i)nO *o i^qqoH ni.viii;// .lOJ lo .ujbb 
.■j'jui-jij.';!) i>:-:o bn>i itoi 'jiiO ; ■auaal 

.':::-;: ,: £o-j (i-!07l vjnrioa sd^ to rin;-:-:^ ri'gid b:ir; , 


Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 37 

James b. 1737 or 1738. ' d. N. Y. City, Sept. 2. 1804. 

Joseph lawyer and member of the Md. council of safety 1776. 

m. Elizabeth Hopper. 
Samuel b. 1743. d. Charlestovvn, Mass. Dec. 29, iSt^. 

m. Mary Dowse a niece of Sir John Temple. 

Samuel entered the navy early in the rcvohitioa 
and was a lieutenant under Captain Paul Jones on 
the "Bon Homme Richard" in the battle with 
the British ship "Serapis." In 1782 he commanded 
the frigate " Deane " of 32 guns and took many 

When the navy was reorganized in June. 1794, he 
was retained as Captain and was the first 
der of the frigate "Constitution" which was built 
after his designs. Later, he commanded the navy- 
yard at Charlestown, Mass., dying at his post, being 
then the senior officer of the navy. Four of h:5 
sons were in the navy, one being the father of 
Admiral James William Augustus Nicholson. 
Benjamin A lawyer and a It. col. in the revolutionary army. 

m. Mary Ridgely, sister of Gov. Charles Rid<.fely of 
Elizabeth d. 17S3 to 17S7. 

m. Charles Gordon. 

m. Rebecca Holt. 

■ He was commissioned a lieutenant in the navy 

Aug. 17, 1776 and attained the rank of commodore. 
He had three sons who followed him in the navy. 
One of his sons was Commodore William C. Nichol- 
son, who was born in Maryland in Aug. li'oo. and 
died in Philadelphia, July 25, 1872. In iSoi alter 
the death of both of his parents he came to live in 
the family of Albert Gallatin in New York. 

'"W. James Nicholson b. Chestertown, Md. 1737 or 1738. 

d. N. Y. Sept. 2, 1804. 
m. April 30, 1763. 
Frances Witter 

d. Greenwich, now N. Y. City, Aug. 14, 1832, 
aged 88. 

•/.ozjonoiVl havihaH ^o YuresoviA 

L.*'t .1 .'■;.^'j^. .viiD .Y .X .b 

A ..,:(Afl C^^I 4 biJ 

-< ■ ..:> 

,_; r/v an: 

!Cij7oJ i:jh^.::'J .in 

iSC3>i .n: 

o:i /i c.[v/ ■■ no- :ji.-:;!! bid s-B " " 
l'{-!r.l,'; i:; ;.iod Eiv^/ Oil'." .noi: 

,i -b '.^ .rr.v ,,:■., ..iini^ .d v.Or.JOHL'-f/! ?fii:i!/iA( .Vi" 
/'jx' S-'l HtqA .in 

38 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 

He entered upon sea-faring life at an early age and was with the 
British fleet when Havana was captured in 1762. From 1763 until 1771 
he was a resident of New York City. At the outbreak of the Revolution 
he tendered his services to the navy and was placed in command of the 
Defence, a Alarj^land vessel with which in March, 1776, he recaptured 
several prize ships from the British. In June, 1776, he was placed in 
command of the Virginia, a twenty-eight gun ship of war. A resolution 
of Congress, Oct. 10, 1776, declared that the number of captains in the 
navy should be twenty-four and should rank in the order designated. 

By this resolution Nicholson appeared first on the list and was thus 
senior Captain and the Commodore-in-chief of the continental navy. 
When his ship the Virgijiia was not able to get out of the Chesapeake 
on account of the British blockade, he and his crew joined the army and 
fought in the battle of Trenton. He commanded the thirty-eight gun 
frigate Triinibull, in 1780, and in June of that year fought the letter of 
marque Watt. The enemy escaped and the Trumbull was badly damaged. 
In Aug., 1781, off the capes of Delaware, he engaged the Trumbull 
with the British vessels Iris and General Monk. On this occasion his ship 
was disabled and captured. When peace was declared he settled again in 
New York City, and from 1801 to 1804 was a United States commis- 
sioner of loans. He was interested in public affairs and became one of 
the leaders of the republican party in New York, and exercised a decided 
influence in New York politics. He was particularly opposed to Alex- 
ander Hamilton and was often engaged in controversies with that states- 
man and his supporters. 


Catherine b. Aug. 7, 1764. 

m. Col. William Few, the first U. S. Senator from 
Hannah b. Sept. 1 1, 1766. d. May 1849. 

m. Nov. I, 1793, Albert Gallatin. 
Witter b. March 5, 1769. d. Sept. 7, 1769. 

Frances b. March 24, 1771. d. Jan. 25, 1851. 

m. May i, 1790, Joshua Seney, M. C. from Maryland. 
James Witter b. April 20, 1773. 

m. Ann Griffin 

In 1795, being about 21, he was associated with 
Albert Gallatin in the Western Company. He re- 

vco^}i:»!V! h;..^//.H ao rars^OY.A 

Di!} 'itiv/ ?j;v- :k:k •jjj:'?: 7h;;M iU; 1i; vm . 


f^;!..:. ; 


■...'? ■{-/•; 


J f'cJ 


■■\ iV.ill'i 


.'•;■ Kii.: ( 

1 :: 

:'i ui-T/ji 

■:nY v;y 

.lL^:IO^.^;:j^ t-iil I^ac n.£i 


.•.o;-! ,-, .;,:'.■'. .'J 


- f ; '_ , .' i 

.cd'^i ,! t .i'p2 .d 



.■:od!A .;:^X* 'i •'''^^ -^ 

.gd\l :l ii-A^f. J 


1--: .r -i-i:?.' .d 


• ■ -^ :" ■ • , r ~ 

...:.: : .■.^:--i ,! v>;U .rr: 

.,.,-! .01 ilv]A A 

7 3 J 7 f 7/ e-^rn. 

.;i;-inO;;rA .rrs 

.y. : 'J 

• ■:;,':^ .;ox'-^l_ 

I'f/. :■' 

. :i: '. ! cmijU.^ J jV'joJlK 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 39 

moved to Fayette and made his home in Geneva, 

With Albert Gallatin and others he established 

glass works that were profitable. 

Maria b. Sept. 7, 1775. ' d. 1S6S. 

m. 1793 John Montgomery, M. C. from Maryland. 

Thomas Witter b. May 24, 1778. d. May 2, 1779. 

Jehoiadden b. May 2, 17S3. d. Dec. 28, 1828. 

m. James Chrystie. 

V. Hannah Nicholson b. Sept. 11, 1766. d. May iS^g. 

m. Nov. I, 1793. 
Albert Gallatin 

-^ /OHJOlLj'X HAV./.aH 40 /JiT3SDi!A 

ci:; .'bf in bni^ 'ij^-^Vh' 

-J' .m 

^.v;! .1 .vo>: I : 

40 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 


I. Richard Norwood b. England, I59i- d* 

m. London, Eng., 1622. 
Rachel Boughton b. d. 

dau. of Francis of Sandwich, Eng. 

In 16 16 he was sent to Bermuda under the Bermuda Company, 
which was instituted in 1612 as a branch of the Virginia Company. He 
was employed in making a- survey of Bermuda in 1616, and his map of 
that survey was published in London in 1622. He was in England 
from 1622 to 1636. Between 1630 and 1640 he was in London, residing 
in Tower Hill, where he was engaged teaching mathematics. Between 
the years 1633 and 1635, he measured, partly by chain and partly by pac- 
ing, the distance between London and York. Also from observation of 
the sun's altitude, he computed the difference of latitude between those 
two cities, and so calculated the length of the degree of the meridian. 
The results that he obtained w^ere not absolutely correct, but they were 
the nearest approximation to accuracy that had been made in England 
up to that time. (See Encyclopedia Britannica, under "Navigation.") 
On the breaking out of the Civil War, he returned to Bermuda and was 
employed by the Bermuda Company as their surv^eyor and by their or- 
der completed the survey of the whole island, 1661-1663. For many 
years he kept the public school then located near the recent Devonshire 
College. Aftenvards he owned and lived on a property in Pembroke par- 
ish, now called Norwood, which descended from him to the Saltus family. 
In 1623 he patented land in Virginia, but does not appear ever to have 
resided there. A man of high scientific attainments, he was made a Fellow 
of the Royal Society soon after its institution by King Charles II. He 
published several works of mathematics and scientific character that gave 
him high reputation. These were: Trigonometrie or the Doctrine of Tri- 
angles, The Seaman's Practice, Fortification, or Architecture Military, 
Truth Gloriously Appearing, Consideratio}ts Tending to Remove the 
Present Differences and Norwood's Epitomy, Being the Application of 
the Doctrine of Triangles. 

II. Elizabeth Norwood 
m. 1644 
James Witter 

viosdon-yx^ i^avi/./.H io YaTsaowA 

.GO' )vV>iOi4 

:,:: ■■-::'-.:=,.; 

^"■.M ^£ 

•I-J^ Jjij 


.-"^l rno- 


? r 


■'"■ r;- V 3 





IJ^^-I 5d 

i;r'^'> ■ ■::■'■■ jn,:- ■■^,^: ro "■■■ " ' ,i'::^ I :-:'7-'o :'' -''- ■ -^ -/"'•"■■'i A .9;;*5ik 

■•':]. .,r^ M^: .;r : .-,: /.■:■■. ■ ■:: 1 -■■! -^ ::■'■' !.-.: yd ^sidJ i 
■;; '^^ '■ r.-:.- .:■:; .:;j ;,:■;;'; ',v;^ : :,^^;:;; -;^ j!-;:! i^j i:j:?:i /• ST^d; b'?b'? 

•V' .M", ssU •: ;. jh'i':,;-,fj --.^V'/t :y??v/ ?iti^fT .roi;:,::tt;q3l 5b 

.oy —:i^>^-i:-i n 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 41 

III. Thomas Witter 

IV. Matthew Witter 
Frances Tucker 

V. Thomas Witter 

m. Feb. 3, 1740. 
Mary Lewis 

VI. Frances Witter 

m. April 30, 1763. 
James Nicholson 

VII. Hannah Nicholson 

m. Nov. i, 1793. 
Albert Gallatin 

siwrrr/i zauohT .III 

/IHiX:'// v.^mTTA!/; .VI 


42 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 


I. Thomas Robins b. d. 

Mary Bulkeley 

He was of Brackley. Northamptonshire, England. 

n. Edward Robins b. Dec. 3, 1602. d. 



Rachel probably m. 2nd, George Puddington of Anne Arundel 
County, Md. 

Edward Robins was a merchant in England and a member of the 
Virginia Companv in 1620. He came to Virginia in 1621 and settled 
in Northampton Co. where he built Newport House, afterwards called 

HI. Elizabeth Robins 

m. about 1649. 
Col. William Burgess 

IV. Edward Burgess 
Sarah Chew 

V. Elizabeth Burgess 
William Nicholson 

VI, Joseph Nicholson 

m. about 1732. 
Hannah (S.mith) Scott 

VII. James Nicholson 

m. April 30, 1763. 
Frances Witter 

VIII. Hannah Nicholson 

m. Nov. I, 1783. 
Albert G.allatin 


'./:i.u.'5J .-ai.'.-.jhT .1 
,'?:!.r;:I vma:.' 

:' J 

..:. ;-: .IIJV 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 



I. James Smith b. about 1675. 
m. Jan. 21, 1706. 
Sarah Hyxson b. about 1685. 

d. 1760. 
living in 1727. 

He was of Kent co., Md. He was a captain. He was a justice of 
the provincial court in 1697 and thereafter, and a member of the house 
of burgesses in 1719, 1720, 1721 and 1728. 

For fifty-two years from 1708 until 1760 he was the clerk of 
Kent CO. 







m. 1st, Edward Scott. 

m. 2nd, Joseph Nicholson. 

m. Josiah Ringgold. 

m. 1st, Nathaniel Hynson. 
m. 2nd, Samuel Wickes. 
b. Dec. 7, 1720. d. Aug. 18, 1807. 

m. Jan. 22, 1740, Dr. William Murray. 

m. 1st, Rev. Arthur Holt. 
m. 2nd, Rev. James Sterling. 

n. Hannah (Smith) Scott 

m. about 1732. 
Joseph Nicholson 

HI. James Nicholson 

m. April 30, 1763. 
Fr.\nces Witter 


^r■.J.o•d■jl'A ■^.■■'.,:kH uo y>.i^^h:j-/A 

:-.,: ... .n5i[ .1-: 

:1. .P.! 
■ .1 

i;Ki-. ;;>.»! 

-') T^^. ';aI- 

44 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 

IV. Hannah Nicholson 

m. Nov. I, 1793. 
Albert Gall.\tin 

Note: — Annie Maria Murray, the granddaughter of William and Anne Murray, 
married Gen. John Mason of Ancestolan Island. Their children were John Mason, 
m. Catharine Macomb, dau. of Gen. Alexander Macomb, U. S. A.; James M. Mason, 
U. S. Senator and minister to Eijgiand from the Confederate States during the Civil 
War, and Anne M.. who married Lieut. Smith Lee of U. S. N'avy, and of the Con- 
federate service, their son being General Fitzhugh Lee of the Confederate and 
afterward of the United States Army. 

•/■.Oi^cirjiVi H/.>i;tAH .VI 

.?(j';i .! .-roY. All 

Ancestry of Haxxah Nicholson 45 


I. William Tucker of Phronley, Co. Devonshire, Eng. 
JosEKA Ash, dau. of William of Devonshire. 

II. George Tucker of Milton, Co. Kent. d. 1587. 

Maria Hunter, dau. of John Hunter of Gaunt. 

III. George Tucker of Milton. d. Dec. 25, 1625. 

m. 1st 
Elizabeth Stoughton, dau. of Francis of Crawford, Co. Kent. 

m. 2nd 
Mary Darell, dau. of John of Calehill, Co. Kent. 

IV. George Tucker of Milton b. 1593- d. 1648. 

Elizabeth Sedley, dau. of Richard of Digswell, Co. Herts 

George Tucker came to Bermuda in 1639. 

V. George Tucker of Bermuda, d. 1662. 

Frances St. George, 3rd dau. of Henry, Knight of the 

VI. Henry Tucker of Warwick, Bermuda, b. Sept. 14, 1652. 

d. 1715. 



,r^r;.: -J'J: ''' '?,.>:XiJl 'if 7/Iir3:./V^A 

.;:■] 10 :: ;. 


.^i .1- = ^ 

ijiv*!.:;/ io H-i:ou'r 



46 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 

m. Matthew W'itter of Bermuda. 

m. Chief Justice John Darrell of Bermuda. 

m. Edward Parker, Sec'y of Gov. Popple of Bermuda. 
George Public Sec. in Bermuda, 1710-1741. 

VII. Frances Tucker 
Mati'hew Witter 

VIII. Thomas Witter 

m. Feb. 3, 1740. 
Mary Lewis 

IX. Frances Witter 

m, April 30, 1763. 
James Nicholson 

X. Hannah Nicholson 

m. Nov. I, 1793. 
, Albert Gallatin 

.i^lUHOl'A HPMr'J.ll HQ 'iyA^T:3/J\ 

r.Jl ('do- jO ■■ :j[ ioicJ'J .r:i. 


rr;n /y;:ji .rn 


/ • ■ i. ; U TH-TJi.i;' 

Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 47 


I. James Witter 

m. 1644. 
Elizabeth Norwood 

d. in Bermuda, 1681, dau. of Richard. 
James Witter was a It. and a surgeon. Richard Norwood speaks 
of him as a "Wild Irishman". Tradition is that it was a runaway- 








m. Hall 

m. Vincent 

n. Thomas W'itter 







HI. Matthew Witter 
Frances Tucker 

Thomas b. Parish of Spanish Point, Bermuda, Oct. 25, 1713. 

>'■-/: hA.,-:AH ^o ffiTPy-?/.^ 

■ •'.'.' 


■■.':: ;n 

H )'' Hv-;.' 



i .:■ --.r ;• 

■ :V , . 

B ■■ij^ nii. 

7 • ;. ■ ■.^r- u'T" 


48 Ancestry of Hannah Nicholson 

IV. Thomas Witter b. Oct. 25, 1713. d. N. Y. City, Oct. 20, 1786. 

buried in Trinity Churchyard, 
m. 1st., Feb. 3, 1740. 
Mary Lewis b. Oct. 11, 1721. d. April 18. 1746. 

dau. of John and Mary Lewis of Bermuda, 
m. 2nd., N. Y. City, May 17, 174S. 
Catherine Van Z.^ndt d. s.p. Oct. 7, 1773, in her 53rd yr. 
dau. of Wynant Van Zandt and his wife Catherine. 
Thomas Witter removed to New York City, and became a success- 
ful merchant. 


Matthew b. July 5, 1742. d. July 17, 1742. 

Frances b. Jan. 19, 1743-4. d. Aug. 14, 1832. 

V. Frances Witter 

m. April 30, 1763. 
James Nicholson 

VL Hannah Nicholson 

m. Nov. i, 1793. 
Albert Gallatin 



Will of Elizabeth Witter, wife of James Witter, and daughter of 
Richard Norwood of Bermuda. (Copied from an attested copy of 
the Records. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, Elizabeth Witter dwelling in 
Pembroke Tribe in the Somer Islands, al' Bermuda— Widdow— and 
formerly the wife of James Witter, chyrurgion deceased— being in good 
and perfect memory (praise be God for it) doe make this to bee my 
last Will and Testament in manner and forme ffollovving — 

My soul I conirnitt into the hands of my mercifull and loveing ffather 
in Jesus Christ who has redeemed mee from the bondage of sin and 
Satan by his precious blood and hath obteyned for me the forgiveness 
of my sins— peace with God and I trust everlasting blessedness in Mis 
Heavenly Kingdom.— I will that my Body be decently buried as my 
Executors hereafter named shall appoint and think fitt— and touching 
that temporal estate wc'^ the Lord has blessed me with for my more 
comfortable subsistance in this present life — I will that it be disposed 
of in manner and form following — my due debts and funerall expenses 
being paid. 

Item. I give and bequeathe unto my dear and well beloved son 
Richard Witter his heirs or assignes the summe of Twenty pounds 
Ster^— to be paid to him or them before or after my decease w^^ is in 
full of what his father left him by Will and I doe further give and 
bequeath to him — one Indian Boy called James — till hee shall come 
to the age of Thirty five yeares and then to bee free and he to give him 
two good suites of Apparell. I do also give unto my said son one pair 
of Holland sheets and one pair of Pillow cov" and one Sylver Bouic. 

Item — I doe give and bequeath unto my well beloved son James 
Witter a negro man called Argo and his wife. 

Item — I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Rachell 
Hall — one negro child called Mary — and to her son Norwood the 
horse I formerly gave him and six pounds Ste'^ or to the value to be 
devided equally among 'her three children — to say Norwood Hall — 
Malachy Hall and Samuel Hall— and to the rest of her children— I doe 
give to each of them twenty shillings a peice. 





:•;.-'- rtrf O.I diL^^upcif! 

hr;^ ;i; 


50 Appendix 

Item — I doe give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Thomas 
Witter the north part of my share of land from the common path as it 
runs from Mr' Squires Land to the path w'^ goes to Richard Pitts by 
M"" Stovves stone wall and so to the norward — so far as it is mine 
during the natural life both of himselfe and now wife Sarah Witter, 
I doe also give unto my said son four pounds five shillings the w'''' I 
have delivered unto him already. I do also give unto four of his chil- 
dren — Eight pounds Ster""' or good Tobacco to the value — namely — 
to Matthew, Samuell, Thomas and Servia Witter to be equally divided 
between them. I likewise give unto his son James Witter the horse I 
formerly delivered unto him. I doe further give unto his son Samuell 
one of the best cowes or Steares upon the land at my decease. 

Item — I do give unto my Grandson Jonathan Witter forty shillings 
in money — or to the value. I do also give to his brother Richard Witter 
my Grandson twenty shillings in money. 

Item — I do give and bequeath unto my dear and well beloved 
daughter Elizabeth Vincent my Mansion House and my south side part 
of my share of land from the common path going to Richard Pitts and 
so along the path to Mr^ Squires line to the sea — so far as my land 
extendeth to the Southward, with all other houses upon said land 
during her natural (except she should go out of these Islands to live in 
another place) then my will is that my son Richard Witters son called 
Norwood Witter, shall have it and enjoy it forever — but if hee should 
be deceased then my will is that his next brother that shall then be 
living shall have it and enjoy it — but if they should all of them be 
deceased then my will is that my son Thomas Witter's son James 
Witter should have and enjoy it — hui. if the said Norwood Witter 
should be living or any of his brothers after the death of my son 
Thomas and Sarah his now wife and my daughter Elizabeth Vincent, or 
the going out of all those to live in an other place then my Will is that 
Norwood Witter have and enjoy the same whole share of land or if he be 
deceased his next brother that shall be then living with all houses what- 
soever upon the said share of land. I doe likewise give and bequeath 
unto my Daughter Vincent one Negro Boy called Dedan in full of what 
left her by her fathers will. I doe alsoe give her a Negro Girl called Sue. 

Item — I give and bequeath unto my two daughters — namely 
Rachell Hall and Elizabeth Vincent all my wearing apparell all my 
Rings and Jewells and Pearles — to be equally divided between them, 
only it is my desire to them, that they give unto my Grand Daughter, 
Elizabeth Shawhahone. one good suit of apparell both of Woolen and 
Linen and one good Chest. 

/ ' a A 'I -^ '' i\ 


'MV-;. >/i 

J :x3(n ?ir: bsa£ 
b",' -5(1 J .icqu If 

Appendix 51 

Item — I do give and bequeath unto my Daughters Sarah Witter 
and Jonathan ^^'itter's wife — each of them a fifteen shilling peice of 
Gold and to James Witter's wife a twenty shilling peice of Gold. 

Item — I will that the rest of my household goods w*^" I have not 
disposed of or anything else of my Estate be equally divided amongst 
my children namely Thomas Witter, Rachell Hall, Jonathan Witter 
and Elizabeth Vincent — and if any of them should be deceased before 
this be done — my will is that those wh*''' are alive of my four children 
afore mentioned shall enjoy the same. 

Lastly I do make and appoint my trusty and well beloved friends 
and neighbours— M' Joseph Stow and M"" William Pitt the Executors of 
this my last will and Testament — to see all things herein performed to 
the best of their endeavours. 

Item — I do give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Witter 
the one halfe of my Household goods and anything else of my Estate 
wh'^'' 1 have given Lo her husband wh'''' 1 have not disposed of and the 
other halfe to my two Grandsons Jonathan and Richard if their father 
Jonathan Witter should be dead. In witness to all things above men- 
tioned I have hereunto sett my hand and scale this first day of April 
in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and ninety one. 

The word (children) was interlined before the signing and sealing 

(Signed) Elizabeth Witter. 
Signed sealed and delivered 

in the presence of us 

(sd) Nathaxiell Bethell 

(sd) Daniel Stovell 

(sd) Solomon Seares • 

By his Excellency the Governor, 

Bermuda, April 22"^ 1691. 

Then Nathaniell Bethell, Daniel Stovell & Solomon Searles per- 
sonally appeared before me and made oath that they saw the testator, 
Elizabeth Witter, widow, signe, seale, publish and declare the within 
written will containing one sheet of paper to be her voluntary act and 
deed and att the doing hereof, she was of sound mind and memory. 

Given under my hand this 22 day of April, 1691, 

(Signed) Richier. 

/ I a ., 4 n « A 

10 r>;;:n 

> n-^v. I 

R ;: r?? a 

1 '■' 

vn 'io Jsr;-! yr(J J^^h Hf/; i- 

■••'■;.. nr.i -lo;) 1 o -!: v; v 

.-■'V. -W-b i:.v.K [>;;;;;-3;- b:. 
?;j to 9nn5?f>:C.| yrf: r; 

>^; c.;-ii->,^ ^,^1y..H .^^TlY.o:.. :.-a,Gtl^^\'fi5ii:r.a 11^1/^?, ^ia'^^ ' narf' J 

ahi! 7-::: jf-'or::; r 




From N. V. Courier and Enquirer, Saturday morning, May iqth, 1849. 

Mrs. Gall.\tix. — The obituary notices of the present week record 
the severance of another memorable link, connecting the past with the 
present generation, in the death, on the 14th inst. in the 83d year of 
her age, of Mrs. Hannah Gallatin. This venerable lady was born in 
this city, where her maternal ancestors were established, in 1766. She 
was the daughter of James Nicholson, the first on the list of American 
Post Captains, a distinguished ofificer in the war of the Revolution, 
and the elder of a family, which, through three generations has sus- 
tained the honor of the naval service. Commodore Nicholson was, 
also, connected with the public men of the Union, by the marriage of 
three of his daughters, besides Mrs. Gallatin, to members of Congress, 
two of whom, (Mr. Seney and Mr. Montgomery,) represented Maryland, 
the State of his origin; the third, the Hon. \Vm. Few, was a member 
of the Federal Convention and a Senator from Georgia. 

In 1793, the subject of this notice married the Hon. Albert Gallatin, 
who had then been elected a Senator of the United States from Penn- 
sylvania. During the eventful career of this eminent statesman — who 
still survives, on the brink of eternity, this greatest of human bereave- 
ment — Mrs. Gallatin was his constant friend and adviser, enjoying his 
fullest affection and esteem; and from her, none of his most secret 
thoughts, whether on public or private matters, were ever withheld. 
As the wife of a leading member of Congress, a Cabinet minister, and 
of the representative of the United States at the two principal courts 
of Europe, she participated largely, during a period embracing more 
than a third of a century, in the society of all that was illustrious at 
home and abroad, but while her urbanity and courtesy were manifested 
towards every one within her reach, she was never unmindful of those 
religious duties, which had formed the basis of her early education. 
To Mrs. Gallatin was mainly owing the establishment of the American 
Church or Congregation in Paris, the first Minister of which was our 
townsman, the late Rev. Mr. Bruen, whose premature death, a few 
years since, the whole community had so much reason to lament. — 
While placed in the most trying circumstances, on no occasion did 
Mrs. Gallatin allow the demands of court etiquette to come between 
\\tx and her God. Such was the respect which her pious course com- 

!A...:.^/0 ^-./f, 

, :■ c .J 

n .. 

dvi .<.'y!l><b rnn 

Appendix -■, 

manded, even from a French Princess, that when, at the greatest fete 
that could well occur in a monarchical country — the one given to cele- 
brate the birth of the heir presumptive, the Duke of Bordeaux— the 
American Minister replied, to the inquiry of the Duchess of D'Angou- 
leme for his wife, "she is not here, because it is Sunday;" the Duchess 
said, " Mrs. Gallatin does right — she teaches us our duty." 

For the last twenty years Mrs. Gallatin resided in this, the city of 
her nativity, in the full enjoyment of all that the most fortunate 
domestic associations could afford, in the society of her children and 
children's children, and with that illustrious husband, who had been 
her companion for more than half a century, and, who himself, full of 
honor and of years, cannot fail, erelong, to join her in the world which 
has no end. g 



»a ■/. d -"i <i A 
-rrjDar:'^ r.-.n^-^'i r> moil n?.'"- '^•'^r'• 

> •_.::■ -^i: .: J ,bi:\l-:r ■■^'''■ui'. fy^r-n-^n: 
^vv. ,^.1-r: 'o;j -^i iM-; - -i;-'V ^if- lo't jrc. 

' .:. - :. :-:--v -,::!, VM ;.-;! :.:Vi Tol 


Lines of Albert Gallatin and Hannah Nicholson 

Allegre, Jane (Battersby), i8 

Sophie, i8 

William, i8 
Ash, Josefa, 45 

William, 45 
Ayres, Ann. 27 

Anne, 31 

William, 23, 27 

Beale, Elizabeth, 36 

John, 36 
Bethell, Nathaniell, 51 
Boughton, Francis, 40 

Rachel, 40 

Rac'Ij-:j! yorwood, 23 
Bruen, Rev. Mr., 52 
Bulkeley, .Mary, 43 
Burgess, Anne, 29 

Benjamin, 29 

Charles, 29 

Edward, 27, 29, 31, 42 

Elizabeth, 27, 29, 30, 32, 35, 42 

George, 29 

John, 29 

Joseph, 29 

Samuel, 29 

Sarah, 29 

Susanna, 29 

William, 23, 28, 29 

William, Col., 29, 42 

Carroll, 18 
Calvert, Charles, 28 
Cammann, George P., 21 
Cornell, John H., 20 

Louise Amelia, 20 
Chew, John, 23, 31 

Samuel, 27, 31 

Samuel, Col., 31 

Sarah, 27, 29, 31, 42 

Darell, John, 45 

Mary, 45 
Darrell, John, 46 
Dawson, Elizabeth Hill, 22 
de Rolle, Sophie Albertine Rolaz du 

Rosey, 16 
Dowse, Mary, 37 

Ewing, Louise Belford, 21 

Fendell, Josias, Gov., 28 

Few, William, Col., 38 

Wra., Hon., 52 

Gaither, Benjamin, 29 
Gallatin, family, 16 

Mrs., 53 

Abraham, 16 

Abraham Alphonso Albert. 16 

Albert, 16, 19, 20, 22, 27, 30, 32, 34 

Albert, Hon., 52 

Albert Eugene, 21 

Albert Horatio, I9, 21 

Albert Louis, 21 

Albert Rolaz, 18, I9, 22 

Amy Goelet, 21 

Catherine, 19 

Cornelia Lansdale, 21 

Elizabeth Maud, 22 

Frances, 19 

Francis Dawson, 22 

Frederic, 19, 21, 22 

Goelet, 22 

Hannah, 52 

Hannah Maria, 19 

Helen Dawson, 22 

James, 18, 19, 22 

James Francis, 21 

James Nicholson, 22 

Jean, 16 

Jean Buchanan, 21 

Louise, 21 

Mary, 22 

Mary Lucille, 22 

Rolaz Horace, 21 

Sophia Albertina, 19 

Susanne, 16 

Thomas Goelet, 21 
Gallatin-Vaudenet, Madame, 16 
Gay, Charles M., 21 
Gerry, Almy Goelet, 21 

Thomas R., 21 
Goelet, Hannah Greene, 21 
Gordon, Charles, 37 
Griffin, Ann, 38 

Hackstaff, Margaret H., 22 
Hall, , 47 


; y~rM 

-'.A . 




■: .t>:. 

-.: ■:»:'; 


■t) 2J 

i . -- 1 n 



'-■■-. 'Jr 

i'uJ ! 

'. ■' 

/' 0'_ 


vr,0 ;. 

■^ ;,: ■^„' ,'■> i ■ ■■ y /i 

-^ ,ndo\ .IbisQ 

l: .null. 

d' ,!irioJ ,H-D-ir5vi 



Hall, Malachy, 49 

Norwood, 49 

Rachel!, <--5i 

Samuel, 49 
Hamilton, Alexander, 38 

Amelia, 20 
Harvey, Gov., 31 
Heyvvard, Henry, 21 

Zephita, 21 
Holt, Arthur Rev., 43 

Rebecca, 37 
Hopper, Elizabeth, 37 

Mary, 36 

William, Col., 36 
Hoppin, William Warner, 22 
Hunter, John, 45 

Maria, 45 
Hynson, Anne, 33 

Charles. 33 

Henry. 33 

John. 33 

Mary, 33 

Nathaniel, 43 

Sarah, 33, 43 

Thomas, 23, 33 

Jefferson, 18 
Pres., 17 
Jones, Paul, Capt., 37 

Langdon, Eliza Astor, 20 
Lee, Fitzhugh, Gen., 44 

Smith, Lieut., 44 
Lewis, John, 48 

John (Witter), 23 

Mary, 41, 46, 4S 
Livingston, Adele, 20 

Macomb, Alexander, Gen., 44 

Catherine, 44 
Madison, 18 

Pres., 17 
Marshall, Emily, 20 
Mason, Anne M., 44 

James M., 44 

John, 44 

John, Gen., 44 
Montgomery, Mr., 52 

John, 39 
Morris, Emily Lorillard, 21 
Murray, Anne, 44 

Annie Maria, 44 

William, 44 

William, Dr., 43 

Nicholson, 38 

Commodore, 52 

Nicholson, Anne, 35 

Benjamiri, 36, 37 

Catherine, 38 

Edward, 36 

Eleanor, 35 

Elizabeth, 35-37 

Frances, 38 

Hannah, iS, 27, 30, 32, 34, 38, 39, 
41,42,44, 46,48 

James, 27, 30, 32, 34. 37. 41-43. 46, 

James, Commodore, 18 

James William Augustus, Admiral, 

James W^itter, 38 

Jehoiadden, 39 

John, 37 

Joseph, 27, 30, 32, 34-37, 42, 43 

Margaret, 35 

Maria, 39 

Mary, 35 

Samuel, 36, 37 

Thomas, 37 

Thomas Witter, 39 

William, 23, 27, 30, 32, 35, 36, 42 

William C, Commodore, 37 

Witter, 38 
Norwood, Elizabeth, 40, 47 

Richard, 23, 40, 47, 49 

Otis, Mary Alleyne, 20 
William Foster, 20 

Parker, Edward, 46 
Pascault, Josephine, 19 
Pell, Howland, 21 
Pictet, Catherine, 16 
Pitt, William, 51 
Pitts, Richard, 50 
Popple, Gov., 46 
Post, Edith Church, 22 
Puddington, George, 42 
George, Capt., 29 

Rhinelander, Elizabeth Lucille. 19 

Richier, , 51 

Ridgely, Charles, Gov., 37 

Mary, 37 
Ringgold, Josiah, 43 
Robbins, family, 29 

Edward, 23 

Elizabeth, 28 
Robins, Edward, 42 

Elizabeth, 42 

Rachel, 42 

Thomas, 42 
Robinson, Harriet Duer, 20 



Saltus, family, 40 

Sampson, Aiiele Livingston, 20 

Joseph, 20 
Sa'vary, Henri, 16 
Scott, Edward, 43 

Edward, Col., 36 

Hannah (Smith), 27, 30, 32, 34, 36, 
Scares, Solomon, 51 
Searles, Solomon, 51 
Sedley, Elizabeth, 45 

Richard, 45 
Seely, Alice Caroline, 20 

Daniel James, 20 
Seney, Mr , 52 

Joshua, 38 
Sewall, Nicholas, Col., 2g 
Shawhahone, Elizabeth, 50 
Smith, Anne, 43 

Hannah, 43 

Henrietta, 43 

Jarnes, 23, 43 

James, Capt., 33 

Rebecca, 43 

Sarah, 43 

William, 43 
Sparrow, Thomas, 29 
Squires, Mrs., 50 
Sterling, James, Rev., 43 
Stevens, Albert Gallatin, 20 

Alexander Henry, 20 

Byam Kerby, ig, 20 

Eugene Roiaz, 20 

Frances Mary, 20 

Frederic William, 20 

Horatio Gates, 19 

Josephine Lucille, 20 

Mary Lucille, 19 
St. George, Frances, 45 

Henry, 45 
Stone, William, Capt., 28 
Stoughton, Elizabeth, 45 

Francis, 45 

Stovell, Daniel, 51 
Stow, Joseph, 51 
Stowe, Mr., 50 

Temple, John, Sir, 37 

Thomas, L. B., 31 

Tracy, George Manning, 20 

Uriah I'racy, Rev., 20 
Tucker, Elizabeth, 46 

Frances, 41, 45-47 

George, 23, 45, 46 

Henry, 45 

Jehoiadden, 45 

Jemima, 46 

William, 45 

VaiL Charlotte Louisa, 20 
Van Zandt, Catherine, 48 

Wynant, 48 
Vincent, , 47 

Elizabeth, 50, 51 ' 

Warfield, 31 

Wickes, Joseph, Major, 33 

Samuel, 43 
Wilks, Eliza Langdon, 20 

Matthew, 20 
Willett, Mary Ann (Colden), 20 
Witter, Elizabeth, 47, 49, 51 

Frances, 27, 30, 32, 34, 37, 41-43, 
46, 48 

James, 23, 40, 47, 49-51 

Jonathan, 47, 50, 51 

Matthew, 41, 46-48, 50 

Norwood, 50 

Rachel, 47 

Richard, 47, 49-51 

Samuel, 47 

Samuell, 50 

Sarah, 41, 47, 50, 51 

Servia, 47, 50 

Thomas, 41, 46-48, 50, 51 

01 ./i^a-.ii .p.iJlh'.':