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Full text of "Ancestry of Edward Wales Blake and Clarissa Matilda Glidden, with ninety allied families"

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Compiled and typed by 
Edith Bartlett Sumner 

7/ ^6/'^'Z 

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camIra no. 

catalogue no. 

262-1/4 South Coronado Street 
. Los Angeles 4, California 





Lithoprinted from Author's Typescript 






"It Is only a mule that has no pride of ancestry, 
nor any hope of posterity." 

"Each of us Is the product of ten thousand ances- 
tors, the offspring alike of priest and pirate; 
of cobbler, husbandman and gypsy, of barmaid and 
princess; of street havker, student or camel driv- 
er. Their voices cry In our blood, and one must 
on occasion hark to them all. For one day he will 
be Marco Polo or Captain Kldd and the next Eras- 
mus: and no one shall say vhether he be more of 
one than the other." 

Compiled and typed by: 

Edith Bartlett Sumner, 
262-1/4 South Coronado Street, 
Los Angeles 4, California. 




Some years ago a relative loaned this compiler a pamphlet 
called "Genealogical Descent of Amos Shepard Blake of Waterbury 
New Haven County, Connecticut, from About the Year I500." This 
yielded but sixteen direct ancestors, the number being further 
reduced when the English ancestry was found to be Incorrect. No 
wives were Identified, but the name of the distinguished General 
Amos Shepard was the clue to one, and the odd name "Rooksby"wa3 
another. One family led to another, but, alas, years of search 
have not revealed the parents of Hannah Ball or Rachel Gould... 
However, the book Is published In the hope that others of this 
line of Blakes will find much of Interest to them. 

No claim Is made that this Is a complete history of Blake 
and allied families. Every effort has been made to avoid er- 
rors, but they will be found, as It is Impossible to gather so 
much from so many sources without them. The writer will appre- 
ciate receiving any additions or corrections. 

The compiler has sternly resisted the temptation to spec- 
ulate on the lives of these ancestors, resulting in a somewhat 
synoptic style. However, with the facts before him, the reader 
may use his own imagination and make up his own stories. 

The plan followed is the standard for most genealogies, 
that of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register — 
numbers above the line denote the generation, the immigrant be- 
ing the first. In addition, Roman numerals have been used for 
the pre-American generations. 

Abbreviations used are obvious: b., born; m. , married; d. 
died; dau., daughter; c, circa (about). 

Blake ancestors occurring in other families have been un- 

Dating. The calendar correction by Pope Gregory XIII in 
1582 was Immediately adopted by all Catholic countries, but not 
by England or her colonies until 1752. Before then the new year 
began on March 25th, causing the confusing double -dating. When- 
ever known, the compiler has used the modern dating, 2-27-1705, 
for Instance, Instead of 2-27-1704/5. Numerals have been used 
for brevity's sake, in writing dates, placing the month first: 
1-20-1725, instead of January 20, 1725, or 20 January 1725- 

Freemen. In the early days of New England a freeman was 
a man who held the right of franchise. In 1776 only one-sixth 
of the population of Boston were voters; therefore five-sixths 
had no participation in local government. Admittance as an in- 
habitant was a privilege not lightly acquired, only those being 
admitted who could contribute something of value to the commun- 
ity. To become a freeman a man had to be not only a proprietor 
but must also be a member of the church in good standing. With 
very few exceptions the Blake ancestors were freemen. 

The descendants of Edward Wales Blake and Clarissa Matilda 
Glldden are eligible to most patriotic societies in the United 
States: Daughters, and Sons, of American Revolution, Mayflower 
Descendants, Colonial Dames, Descendants of Ancient and Honora- 
ble Artillery Company, Founders and Patriots, American Colon- 
ists, Colonial Wars, Society of Runnymede, etc., to name a few. 


ARMS Of the Wiltshire Blakes: 

Argent, a chevron between three garbs sable. 

CREST: On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a 
martlet, argent. 

This coat of arms was borne by Admiral Robert Blake 
on his ships, as his personal arms. 

The Blake family of Wiltshire, England, took its name 
from Blakeland, a parish in that county. Francis E. Blake 
in "Increase Blake and His Descendants" says: "For several 
years the writer has had a very pleasant correspondence 
with Edward J. Blake, Esq , of Crewkerne, Somerset, [a de- 
scendant of John Blake, a brother of our William Blake of 
Pltminster] who in his endeavors to trace his own ancestry 
has made extensive and apparently exhaustive research. ,. . 
He believes with many others that there is sufficient sub- 
stantial evidence to indicate that they were from Over- 
Stowey, not many miles distant from Pitminster." 

The first recorded mention of the family is in 1286: 

ROBERT ^ DE BLAKELAND was assessed on the Wiltshire 
Roll of Subsidies granted in 1286 to King Edward I. His 
son or grandson: 

ROBERT^ ^ DE BLAKELAWD had a residence in Calne, Wilt- 
shire. He was assessed on the Wiltshire Subsidy Rolls in 


1347 for a large amount to meet the requirements of Edward 
III. By his vife Anne, daughter of William Cole, he had: 

HENpy lll BLAKE who dropped the "de" from his name, 
e termination land." H< 
Edward Durant. They had a son: 

and the termination land." He married a daughter of Mr 

VILLIAM ^"^ BLAKE , who married Elizabeth, the daughter 
and heiress of Mr. Thomas Power. Their son: 

HENRY^ BLARE, of Calne, married Margaret, daughter 
of "Mr" Billett. (The title Mr. denoted gentry.) Son: 

ROBERT^ ^ BLAKE , of Calne and Quemberford, married 
Avice, daughter and heiress of John Wallop, Esq. of South- 
ampton, Hampshire, and acquired by her large estates in 
that county. ("Esquire" indicated the next higher rank to 
"Mr.") Avice died on 10-29-1474, and she and Robert are 
buried inside the church at Calne, where in stained glass 
windows he is represented as habited in armor, with a sur- 
coat charged with his armorial bearings. Avice appears in 
a long robe with a scarf embroidered with the arms of her 
family: Gules, on a chevron argent, two crescents. Chil.: 

1 Gilbert^^^. D. imm. 2 Alexander. D. unm. 

3 John, 1434-1504. Inherited the est. Bur. In church at 

Nether Wallop. Will of 2-24-1504 proved 4-24-1504. 

4 Robert. Succeeded John to Wiltshire estates. D.I515. 

M. Margaret, dau, of Sir Thomas Englefield. 

5 William . See below. 

6 Alice. 7 Joan. 

WILLIAM" ^^^ BLAKE lived in White Parish, Wiltshire, 
and died in 1471. After his death the widow and two sons 
removed to Hampshire and settled in Andover on the estate 
called Eastontown, formerly part of the estate of her hus- 
band's mother, Avice Wallop. Children: 

1 Willlam^ ^^^ , eldest son and heir. See below. 

2 Robert, of West Enham in Andover. M. Snell. 

WILLIAM^ ^^^ BLAKE lived in Andover, White Parish, in 
Old Hall in Eastontown. He also had lands and tenements 
in Knights Enham (occupied by his brother Robert in 1504). 
He married Mary, a daughter of Humphrey Coles of Somerset. 
His will was probated on 6-20-1547. Children: 

1 Nicholas^^, of Old Hall. Will, 1547, names wife Marg- 

aret; sons William, Edmund; daus . Alice, Elizabeth. 

2 Humphrey . See below. 

3 Alice. M. Cabull. 


HUMPHREY^^ BLAKE lived In Somersetshire In tne early 
part of the sixteenth century. He purchased large estates 
In Over-Stowey, Somerset, where he became Lord of the Manor 
of Plalnfleld, and patron of the churches at Over-Stowey 
and Alsholt. Plalnfleld Manor was owned In large part by 
the Blake family for over two hundred years. "Pleasantly 
situated on the east side of Quantock Hills, it consists 
of four hamlets in Marsh Hills: Addlscombe, Ely Green, and 
Plalnfleld. The manor house at Plalnfleld, a mile from the 
church, has the Blake arms over the fireplace in the great 
hall." In 1910 it was occupied by a farmer tenant of the 
Earl of Egmont. In 1555 Humphrey Blake added the adjoining 
manor of Tuxwell, which he bought of George Sydenham. He 
was buried in Over-Stowey on 12-28-1558. His will, made 
on II-I9-I558, was probated on 5-II-I559. Among the be- 
quests were twelve pence for each priest attending his fu- 
neral, and a sum for repairs to the church. Agnes Blake, 
his widow, was burled on 6-24-1585. 

From the fact that there were two sons named John, 
it is thought that Humphrey may have had two wives. 

Children of Humphrey [and Agnes?] , order not known: 

1 John ^ ^ "the elder," 1521. See below. 

2 Robert. Of the Manor of Tuxwell. D.1592. M. Margaret 
Symonds (Her will proved I6OO . ) Children: 

1 Willlamxi, of Tuxwell in I6OO. 

2 Anstice. M. Robert Bocklnge . 

3 Humphrey. Twice mayor of Brldgewater, Eng. D.I625. 
M. Sarah^ ( Humph reyl ) Williams. Had 10 or 12 chil.. 
among whom were: (S^C .Hist .& Gen. Mag. , 39:103j 40:42j _; 

1 Robe rf^ii, 1599. E).l657, unmar. M. P. for Bridge- 
water, l64o-5. Famous admiral. Bore coat of arms 
of Wiltshire Blakes on his ships as personal arms. 

2 Benjamin, l6l4. D.CI689. Went to W. I. with Adm. 
Sir William Penn. Commanded ship at Santa Cruz in 
1657. Received large grants of land in South Car- 
olina. Clerk of the Crown and Peace for South Car- 
olina in 1687, etc. Probably the only son: 

1 Joseph^^^^, b.Eng. D.,S.C., I7OO. Deputy Land- 
grave and twice Gov. of S.C. "A man of property; 
devoted much of his fortune to the cause of im- 
migration, and brought over to Charlestown,S.C . , 
1660, a company of men who ranked with the best 
in the land." (Burke: Prominent Fams.of U.S.A., 4r 
pp. 79-81.) M.I698, Elizabeth^ (Daniel^ ) Axtell. 

1 Rebecca'fi'v, 1699. D.,1719. M., 1717, George^ 
(Gov. Thomas^) Smith. 

2 Joseph, 1700. D.,1751. M.,1720, Sarah2 (Dan- 
lell) Llndrey; 5 chil. 

3 Thomas. Inher. Tuxwell Manor. M.I569, Agnes Castleman. 

4 John, "the yoxinger." M.1558, Christian Jugg. 

5 Agnes. M. Manning. 

6 Eleanor. M. Langham. 

7 Alice. M. George Slocombe . Had dau. Joane . 


JOHN^ BLAKE "the elder" was born in 1521 and died In 
1576. The name of his wife was Jane, who died in 1595. 

He succeeded to the manor of Plainfield and to other 
estates. He received by will the patronage of the church 
at Aisholt, County Somerset. In his will of II-26-1576 he 
bequeathed to his son Richard the advowson of the Over- 
Stowey church. John was buried on I2-IO-I576, and Jane, 
his widow, was buried on 6-I7-I595, both in the chancel of 
the church at Over-Stowey. 

Children of John and (presumably) Jane: 

1 Humphrey^^. M.1578, Agnes James. 

2 William . See below. 

3 Alice. M.I569, James Richards. 
k Anne. M.1573, Thomas Saunders. 

5 Elizabeth. M.1571, Robert Sellick, son of Vicar Sel- 

lick of Over-Stowey. 

6 Richard, bap. I-I-I563. (M.I589, Grace Napcott?) Son 

was Vicar of Over-Stowey in I6II. Bur. in chancel. 

7 Robert, bap. 5-I2-I566. No further record found. 

WILLI AM^ ^ BLAKE received by his father's will. Plain- 
field in Over-Stowey, Bishops Lydiard, and Padnoller in 
Spaxton Parish. No subsequent trace of him is found on 
the Over-Stowey parish registers. The Taunton, Somerset- 
shire, manor rolls show that aWilliam Blake bought lands 
in Pitminster, Somerset, in I586, which would correspond, 
perhaps, with his marriage. The Pitminster parish regis- 
ters begin in 15^^+ and are very well preserved, yet thei^ 
is not a single Blake entry until I580, when Grace Blake 
was baptized. The logical inference is that there were no 
Blakes in Pitminster before I588, and that this William 
Blake who appears in Pitminster for the first time in that 
year is the same man whose name disappeared from the Over- 
Stowey registers. 

A William Blake was buried in Pitminster. 6-13-1642. 
A widow Anne Blake was buried there on 8-14-1644. 

Children, as written in Pitminster parish registers: 

1 Robert^^^ Blake (perhaps a son). M. , Pitminster, 1617, 

Sara Wicham. 

2 Grace, d. of Will™ Blake, bapt.9 day of February I588. 

3 Eme, d. of William Blake, bapt. 3rd of December 1592. 

4 William Black, son of William Blake, Bap. Xth Day of 

July, 1594. - This is the immigrant WILLIAM ^ BLAKE . ^ ^ 

5 John Black, son of William Blacke, was Bap. the XlXth 

day of June, 1597. (D.1645. Grandfather of famous 
Rev. Malachi Blake who was in Monmouth's Rebellion.) 

6 AEe Blaak, daughter of William Blaak was baptized the 

sixteenth, day of October I60O. (She m.lS28, Thomas 

7 Richard Blaak, son of William Blaak, was baptized sev- 

enteenth day of Aprill, I603. 


The accovmt In the New England Historical and 
Genealogical Register, I857, Vol.ll:l8l, giving 
the parents of Mr. William Blake of Dorchester, 
/ Mass., as Giles and Dorothy [Tweedy] Blake, of 
Little Baddow, Essex, England, was corrected In 
Vol. 45:35, but has unfortunately been accepted 
by many compilers of this line of Blakes. 

WILLIAM ^ BLAKE , the Immigrant to America, was the son 
of William and Anne Blake of Pltmlnster, County Somerset, 
England, born according to one writer on 6-5-1594. He was 
baptized In Pltmlnster, 7-10-159^. The Pltmlnster register 
states: "William Blake was married to Agnls Band, widow, 
the XXIIJth day of September, I617." She may have been a 
daughter of Hugh Thorne, and the widow of Richard Band of 
Batherford. William Blake died IO-25-I663, and his widow, 
Agnes, died 7-22-1678, both In Dorchester, Massachusetts. 

The years between 1624 and I636 are unaccounted for. 
During that time his son Edward was born, but where Is not 
at present known. Search of the records of the church at 
Alsholt, In which his grandfather John Blake had an Inter- 
est, might reveal much. It might also be pointed out that 
his second cousin, the famous Admiral Robert Blake, was a 
contemporary of his - perhaps William sailed with him be- 
fore deciding on New England as his future home. 

It has been asserted that the Blake family came with- 
the Wlnthrop Fleet, In the Mary smd John, but they are not 
on the passenger list. The Cleveland Genealogy, without 
giving the authority, says William sold a house at Alsholt 
In January I63O, and then sailed for New England. At any 
rate, William Blake had the first allotment of land grant- 
ed In Dorchester, Mass., on 5-I4-I636. He joined Dorches- 
ter First Church before 3-14-1639, the date on which he was 
accepted a Freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Only pro- 
prietors and church members could become Freemen, with the 
privilege of the franchise, and eligible to hold office. 

Specimens of his writing and fac simile of his will 
may be found In "increase Blake, His Ancestors and Descen- 
dants," which says this about him: "There Is no record In 
Pltmlnster, or evidence of his residence between the year 
1624, when his son James was baptized, and I636, when he 
was found In America. There Is no foundation whatever for 
the assertion that he came In I63O In the Mary and John... 
Considering the prominent position which he subsequently 
occupied In Dorchester, It does not seem plausible that he 
could have joined any settlement In this country without 
so making his worth known to his associates that his name 
would appear upon Its records. In the absence of positive 
evidence It Is reasonable to suppose that he came to New 
England In the fall of I635 or the early months of I636, 
and remained at Dorchester or Roxbury, making the acquain- 
tance of Mr. Pynchon in May I636, when they... drew up and 


signed the articles of association at Agawam, now Spring- 
field, Mass., vhich agreement is still preserved ... .There 
can he no douht that he was a man of integrity, and ahove 
the average intelligence of his neighbors. He served the 
town in various capacities: Constable, l64l; on the commit- 
tee to build the new meeting house, 1645; Selectman 1645 to 
1647, also 1651 ; and he was one of five men who were given 
authority to make assignments of lots and manage affairs 
of the settlement in general." 

The Springfield agreement stipulated: "William Blake 
shall have sixteen polls in bredth for his home lott, and 
all the marsh in breadth abuttinge at the end of it to the 
next high land, and three acrs more in some other place." 

In Dorchester he served as Clerk of the Militia, and 
in 1646 was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company of Massachusetts — unless this was his son Villlam, 
of Milton, Mass., who was then twenty-six. In I656 he was 
chosen Dorchester's first Recorder, for which he received 
twenty shillings per year, and was rate free. 

His will was dated 9-3-1661, one of the bequests be- 
ing: "Unto the Towne of Dorchester twenty shillings to be 
bestowed for repairing of the buring place, soe swine and 
other vermine may not anoy the graues of the saints, pro- 
vided it be repaired within one yeare after my decease." 
(in 1664 a committee of Selectmen was appointed "to gett 
the burying place well and sufficiently to be fenced in, 
and to demsind of John Blake twenty shillings given by his 
father in his last will... to that end and vse. ) Half hid 
estate was to go to his beloved wife; the other half to be 
divided equally among his five children — "not that I dis- 
respect my eldest sonne, as he hath ben and is soe dutiful 
a child vnto me as any of my chlldi*en, but because he hath 
least need of it, and he hath no charge." (See John-2.) 

His great-grandson James-4 Blake wrote in his Annals 
of Dorchester: "This year died Mr. William Blake who had 
been clerk of the Writs for the County of Suffolk and Re- 
corder for the Town in I656, and continued in office about 
eight years. He was also Clerk of the Training Band. He 
died the 25th of the 8th mo.: I663, in his 69th year..." 

Soon after his death his widow, Agnes Blake, removed 
to Boston, probably to live with her son John, or perhaps 
with her only daughter Anne, already the widow of Jacob 
Leagar. The Dorchester church record of 2-6-I670 states: 
"Sister Agnes Blake (the wife of William Blake, deceased), 
she having removed her dwelling to Boston, was dismissed 
to Joyne to the thelrd Church in Boston." 

Quotation from Symonds ' "History of South Boston" : 
"This family of Blakes in all their generations have been 
distinguished for their piety, for their great accuracy in 
matters of fact. Many of them have held important offices 
of honor and trust in the community, and no records of past 
events are more reliable than those kept by them. The An- 
nals of Dorchester, written by James Blake, are historical 
documents of the first importance, and no surveys and plans 
are more complete and accurate than his . " 



Children of William and Agnes, as given in the Pit- 
mlnster parish registers: 

1 John^. "1618: John Blake, sonne of William Blake, and 

Ane Blake daughter of William Blake was baptised 
xxxth of August." D., Boston, I-25-I689. He left his 
houses and laJids In Boston to John*^ ( James^ ) Blake. 
Joined Anc. & Hon. Artillery Co., Boston, 1642. Ex- 
ec, of Gov. John Winthrop's will, I676. M., Boston, 
1654, "age 36," Mary2 (Nathaniel!) Sotither, widow of 
Joseph^ (Abraham!) Shaw; 1 dau., Hannah, 1757-I759. 
Torrey-Blake Gen. says: "Probably m. dau. of Edward 
Breck of Dorchester, cl640;she d. 16^5, leaving chll." 

2 Anne. Bap., I618, w. John, above. D.I68I, "ae 63." Her 

tombstone now in possession of the Bostonian Society, 
having been taken from the Granary Burying Ground . 
M. l3t,bef.l651 (as 3d wife), Jacob Leagar of Boston 
(1603-1663). M.2nd, [William?] Hallowell. 

1 BethlaJi Leagar, I65I. B. in William Blake Sr.'s 
house in Dorchester. M. Fearnot Shaw; 3 chll. 

2 Hannah Leagar, I655. M.lst, John Walker. 
M.2nd, Thomas Phillips; 1 dau. 

3 William, "sonne of William Blake was baptised 6th of 

September 1620." D . ,Milton, Mass . ,1703. Kept an inn 
In Milton, Mass. (Joined Anc. & Hon. Artillery Co., 

1646?) M.C1649, Anne (alive 1680); 11 chll. 

See Americana, V0I.3I, for descendants. M.2nd,l693, 
Hannah^ ( Thomas ^ Tolman (1640-1729), (the widow of 
George Lyon) ; no chll. Overseer, James' will, I700. 

4 James , "sonne of William Blake was baptised 27th April 


5 Edward. cl625. Prob. youngest, but baptism not fo\ind. 

John^ Blake called him brother in will, 1689. D.Mil- 
ton, Mass., 1692. M.,cl653, Patience^ (Johnl) Pope, 
(d.1690); 6 chll. See Bangor, Me., Hist. Magazine, 
Vol. 2:1-18, and N.E. Register, Vol. 89:284, for de- 
scendants . 

JAMES^ BLAKE was baptized in Pitminster, County Som- 
erset, England, 4-27-1624. He married in Dorchester, Mass. , 
"about the first of January, I652," Elizabeth, daughter of 
Edward Clapp of Dorchester. She was born In Dorchester, 
in 1634, and died there on I-I6-I695, "in her 6lst year." 
(See CLAPP .) James married again, on 9-17-1695, Mrs Eliz- 
abeth Hunt of Rehoboth, Mass. Mrs Hunt was the daughter of 
Henry Smith from Norfolk County, England, and had married 
Peter Hunt in 1646. James died on 6-28-1700 in Dorchester. 

James came to America with his parents about I636, 
but the first record found is his marriage in I652. The 
next year he was made Freeman. He Is said to have built 
the first house in Dorchester Neck, In I65O, which was of 
such a substantial character that In I669 the town voted to 
build for its minister "such a house as James Blake's house, 
namely 38 foote in length and 20 foote wide and 16 foote 
between Its Joists." This house was kept In the Blake fam- 


ily until 1825, and then for many years owned by Mrs. Jane 
Williams. In 1895 the Dorchester Historical Society bought 
it and fitted It for their use, In Richardson Park 

Quoting from "Increase Blake Descendants": "Mr Blake 
was a busy man. . .From 1658 to 1685 there Is scarcely a 
year when his name does not appear in connection with some 
of the duties in the town. He was Selectman thirteen years, 
rater, constable. Deputy to the General Court, Clerk of the 
Writs, Recorder, Sergeant in the Military Company. He was 
an excellent penman, his name appearing very frequently In 
connection with deeds and wills and settlement of estates; 
evidently a man of sound Judgment and capacity, whose judg- 
ment was repeatedly sought by his neighbors..." He kept an 
accoiint book, much of it in cipher . (See J03eph-3 Blake.) 

Slmonds says (l857): "As old age crept upon him. his 
eldest son James took possession of the homestead, and the 
old gentleman lived with him." Jame3-4 Blake wrote in his 
Annals of Dorchester: "17OO. This year, 6:28, Died Elder 
James Blake, age 77. He was the first Deacon of the church 
in Dorchester about eleven years, and then a Ruling Elder 
of the same Church about fourteen years until he died." 

His will, made two days before his death and proved 
7-25-I700, mentions wife Elizabeth with whom he had made a 
marriage contract; son James to have "the house and land 
whereon he now lives"; sons John and Joseph ; daughter Eliz- 
abeth Puller, deceased, and the legacy she received fron 
her grandmother unnamed; her son Jeremiah Fuller under age 
[codicil provided for his education in the ministry]; son- 
in-law Jsremy Fuller; sons James and John to be executors, 
and Capt. Samuel Clap and brother Vllliam Blake overseers. 
Witnesses, Nathaniel Clap, Noah Beaman, Humphrey Atherton. 

James and Elizabeth are buried in Dorchester, in the 
old graveyard. History of Dorchester (1857) states "the 
stones which mark the graves are in excellent condition." 

Children of James and Elizabeth, born in Dorchester: 

1 James', 8-I5-I652. D.1732. Deacon. Inher. homestead, 
m. 1st, 1681, Hannah Macv (I66O-I683); no chil. M.2d, 
1684, Ruth (Nathanlel3,Nathaniel2, Stephenl) Batch- 
elder (1662-1752); Children: 

1 Hannah* , I685 . D . Inf . 

2 James, 1688. D.I75O. Wrote "Annals of Dorches- 
ter." "He left in recoils alone, upwards of 
1000 folio pages bearing a style of chirography 
uniformly fresh and pleasing. M. Waltstill 
Simpson (1684-1753); 4 chil. (See also p. 6.) 

3 Increase, 1699 . D.cl770. M. 1724, Ann^ (Edward 
Gray (cl704-175l) ; 16 chil. 

2 John, 3-16-1557. D.1718. See John-2 Blake. Deacon. 

M. Hannah fd.l729h 7 chil. She m. 2d, 1720, 

Hopestill Humphrey (d.l731). 

3 Elizabeth, IO-3-I658. "Bette" in father's 
D.I700. M.CI693, (2d wife) Jeremiah^ (john^) Fuller 

(CI658-I743); 2 chil.d.yg. He m.3d, Thankfu] — 

(d.1729); 6 chil. M.4th, Rachel (d.l742j. 



h William^, 7-4-1659. Perhaps k. in Canada Exped.,1690. 

5 Jonathan, 7-12-1660. D. inf. 

6 Sarah, 2-28-1666. D. inf. 

7 Joseph . 8-27-1667. 

JOSEPH^ BLAKE , youngest child of Elder James Blake, 
^as born in Dorchester, 8-27-I667, and baptized in the old 
^irst Church of Dorchester, 9-I-I667. He married, 1690 or 
1691, Mehltable, daughter of John Bird. She was born in 
Dorchester about I669. Joseph died on 2-I-I739 and Mehit- 
able died a wldov, 4-15-1751, both in Dorchester. See BIRD . 

Very little has been found concerning Joseph. In a 
list of "Names of Persons to bee Catechized in the Towne 
of Dorchester AnO I676" his age is given as eight, and Me- 
hitable's as seven. Joseph's father kept an account book, 
much of it said to be in cipher. There is a record of 73. 
for a "pair of plane shoes for Joseph," besides 2s. for a 
"wascote," 33- f'or a coat, and 8s. for a coat and breeches 
for him. Joseph was then about sixteen years old, and when 
working for one of the neighbors during the haying season, 
he is recorded as receiving one shilling a alay as wages. 

No marriage record has been found, but in the records 
of the Old Dorchester Church we find the following: "The 
5th of Aprill 91, Joseph Blak who maried Mehitable the daf- 
ter of John Bird; he was called before the Church to ack- 
nowledg his sin..." He "owned the Covenant 5. 9m. 93," and 
must have been in good standing, for he was assigned to a 
place in the first se&t for men "east gallery south part." 
A Joseph Blake was admitted to full communion, 11-10-1728, 
but this may have been his son Joseph Blake Junior. 

Mehitable Bird could claim noble ancestry, for which 

Children of Joseph and Mehitable, born in Dorchester : 

1 Hopestill-^, 1-11-1691. D.I765. M.I718, Hannah3 (Sher- 

ibiah2, Richardl) Butt (I699-I786); 1 son. 

2 Nathaniel, 9-6-I692. D. inf. 

3 Elizabeth, 12-5-1693- D.173^. M.1723, William^ (Phll- 

ip2, Richard 2, Henryl ) Withington; 4 chil. He m.2d, 
1735, Deborah 2 (Josephl) Damon (1708-1772+) ; 4 chil. 
Deborah married twice more. 

4 Mehitable 3-23-I696. M.17^6, William 5 (William^, 

William3, Robert 2, Johnl) Field of Braintree (I692- 
17^5); 1 son. 

5 Joseph, 3-8-1699. D.1750. 

6 Zipporah, I-8-I7OI. D.I78O. M.lst, Isaac Humphrey Jr. 

1 child. M. 2d, 1739, Richard Evans (d.1769); 3 chil. 

7 Ruth, 12-10-1702. D.I78O. M.1726, John Maxfield; 8 ch. 

8 Ann, 3-3-1705. D.,1783. M..1725, Jonathan3 (Edward2, 

Edward 1) Payson (1703-1784); 9 chil. 

9 Jeremiah, 3-I3-I707. D.1784. M. 17^1, Mary Stevens;2 ch. 

10 Sarah, 7-14-1709- M. Gillings. M.2d, Lewis 


11 Ebenezer, 10-22-1712. 


EBEWEZER^ BLAKE, youngest child of Joseph Blake was 

H«, u: -^"^^9-1 '35, by Rev. Jonathan Bowman, to Relief i-h^ 

ter on iu-r-x7l5, but her death record is not fnund fho-~:> 
Ebenezer died there on 6-27-1790. Se gEA^BET? ^ ^• 
Ebenezer lived and died in Dorchester. mar^Tlnc into 

1 SarahS, 3. 29-1737. d. 1739. 

2 Josiah. 1-21-1738. Prob? d. yg. 

3 Ebenezer, 3-26-1739. Rev. soldier. Wife Mercv 7 rh^^ 
^ Increase, 11-2-174] p«.v o«i^<J. "j-ic wercy, 3 chll. 
5 Relief, 6-10-1744 soldier. (wife Sarah?) 

^ S?i\'"":"50. (A Susannah Blake o? Dorchester 
9 Sa^: 9"9!?75?!"- ' "^S, Thomas Brlggs.) 

10 James, 11-22.1755. Rev. Soldier. 

11 William, 12-1-1757. In Rev. vith Seth. (wife Dorcas?) 

marrle?i'DililstJr ^t^^'^^.^l'l^'^t^ °" 9-15-1752. He 
N.H. See MARSHALL ^^ ^'^ 3-4-l329, in Alstead, 

under sixteen, and three females ?Pth o^^ ^ ' ^® 

slon in 1819, which was allowefon 9-4-l3?f 'I? ^S[ch ?!L" 

he was livinc in Ai<»tofiri v,-»o »^ t f-^-^^, at wnicn time 

J *, ° •"■" ■fi-i-si.eaa, nis son Lemuel, aee 20 onH i-,<o 

nT?l^§ L1S-SJ -cShv\^lre"iliiI^"fl J' L\?3oS r 

Seth's Revolutionary record reads: 

"Seth Blake, of Dorchester, matross in Ma1or 

5ife'rg-'i- ???^'^Sifter5'^'?7%^^^ "^^^r ^°^' 

months 1 Ho! enlisted 5-5-1775. service three 
SoxbSr; g 2qS7?R'° ^o»P^y ^turn dated Camp at 
KoxDury g-29-1775; also order for bounty coat or 
its equivalent In money, dated Camp arRoxbSJy, 


l?-27-1775; also, Captain Pierce's company, Colnel 
Knox's regiment; return of men in Camp at Roxbury, 

In addition, when he applied for his pension, he stated he 
enlisted in January or February I776 for one year, served 
as private, same company, and was discharged at Morristown 
N. J. after service of one year, six weeks; that during 
this service he was stationed at Roxbury, Mass.. marching 
from there "soon after the British left Boston, to New 
York, and after the evacuation of New York by the Ameri- 
cans, marched to New Jersey. Therefore, the family trad- 
ition that he was with General Washington would seem to 
be borne out. His route parellels that of Washington. All 
of his brothers fought in the Revolution, his eighteen- 
year old brother William serving with him. 

Children of Seth and Rooksby, born in Dorchester: 

1 Bela^ (Bill), 4-2-1774. D..Saxton's River, Vt.,1856.. 

M.I799, Polly2 (Dr. Joseph!) Wait of Millbury, Mass., 
(d.1856). He was a prominent man of Alstead, N. H., 
and built first paper mill in Vt. Adm. father's es- 
tate, 1830. See Hayes' Hist, of Rockingham, Vt., p. 
599, for biog. of Bill, and picture of Polly. 
Chil., all except Lucinda born in Bellows Falls, Vt.: 

1 Lucinda"'', Alstead, 11-21-1799- D.I87O. M. Sol- 
omon Snow. 

2 William Bill, Bel. Falls, 5-9-l803. D.I887. M., 
1830, Betsey 2 ( Johnl ) Robertson(d .1884) ; 2 daus . 

3 Belana B., 6-I5-IB05. D.I862. M. Simeon White. 

4 Leonard Wait, 8-27-1807 . D.1848. M.I836, Rhoda2 
(jeduthanM Russell (I8IO-I902); 1 son. 

5 Schuvler. 4-29-1809- D.,1867. M.CI837, Mary A. 
Rhodes (d.l897); 6 chil. 

6 Mary Ann, 3-I8-I8II D.I836. M. Stephen Mellish. 

7 Joshua, 8-14-1815. D. yg. 

8 Albert, IO-I2-I816. D. yg. 

9 Louisa, 12-21-1817. D.I872. M.I838, Lucius 6 E. 
(Cyrus , Ebenezer 5, Joshua*, Ebenezer^ , Will- 
iam 1) Lock (1812-1852). 

10 Harriet, 1-28-1821. D.I839, unmar. 

2 Sally, 9-26-1775. D.. Dorchester, 1777. „ p 

3 Seth. 12-6-1777. D.I866. M. 1st, 1803, Sally "^ (Daniel*^ 

Lt. Charles!) Richards (I786-I836); 9 chil. M.2nd, 
Mary A. Brooks (1806-1879); 5 chil. Chil. Ist wife: 

1 Ebenezer?, 7-9-I805. M. Roxelana'^ (JasonM 
Whitney (b.1803). (He lived with Seth-5 in 1820.) 

2 Seth, 9-18-1807. D.I821. 

3 William. 2-8-l8ll. M.1840, Hannah Mosler. 

4 Lucy. 4-27-1813. D.I8I6. 

5 Edward, 2-20-l8l8. M.1841, Hannah S. Bowers. 

6 Lucy, 12-28-1819. D.I821. 

7 Sarah. 6-22-1822. M.l840, Joseph L. Rogers. 

8 Seth, 12-1-1824, M.1846, Jane Renison. 


9 James"^, 5-I8-I827. D.1865. 
Chil. of 2nd wife: 

10 Walter Henry Brooks, 7-27-I838. M.I865, Olive 
F. Mills. 

11 Mary Ann, 6-3O-I839. D.1842. 

12 John Marshall, 7-7-l8'l2. D.I85O. 

13 Anna (Salome) Borden, 7-29-1844. D.I878. M.I862 
Alfred G. Whittan. Child: 

1 Etta® V.Tiittan. M. Charles Woodman. Son: 
1 Harolds Woodman. 

14 Francis Darwin, 11-10-1847. D.I895. M.lst, Jen- 
nie Brigham; 1 dau. M.2d,l880, Fannie^ Hortense 
(Hiraml) Waldron (b.l850); 3 chil. 

4 SallyS, 1-8-1780. M 1798, Daniel Osborn. Bodge, of Mil- 

ton, Mass. Left chil. 

5 James, II-I8-I78I. "Grew up in Vermont. M. ,Vt . ,cl806 , 

Hannalr(Obadiahl ) French, who m. again and had 3 more 
chil." (History of Wyoming Co., N. Y.) 

1 Edmund'!', I-27-I807. D.I882. M.lst,l834, Mary C. 
Wood (d.l842). M. 2nd, 1844, Caroline T. Wood (d. 
1895). 2 chil. (Hayes :Hist.Rockingham,Vt., 601.) 

2 Calvin, Sutton, Vt.,l8ll. M.lst, I834, A. Diana 
Dudley; 1 son. M.2nd, Laura Ann Bedell; 6 chil. 

3 Polly. M. Obadiah Howe. 

4 John. 

6 Joseph s , 4-18-1785. 

7 Rooksby, 8-27-1789- D. 3-20-1875- M.,cl8l3, Stephen 

Howe Bradley (Samuel )Wales (b. Westminster, Vt . .1793; 
d. Bellows Falls, Vt., I85O) (Rooksby was the Aunt 
Wales of Seth Marshall's letter to Edward W. Blake) 

1 Rooksby "^ Ann Wales, l8l4. D.I858. M.,l834, Ira 
Russell (1804-1860); 4 chil. 

2 Eliza Wales. I818-49. M H.Henry Baxter. No chil. 

3 Stephen Rowe Wales, 6-2^^-1819. D.1902. M.lst, 
Sarah2 (John^) Wiley (1826-1855); 1 dau. M.2nd, 
1857, Caroline^ ( John^ ) Wiley (b.1831); 3 chil. 

4 George Bradley Wales, 3-18-1821. D.,l848 M. 
Maria Dunham (I823-1899); 3 chil. 

5 Maria Wales. (The "Mrs. Mary Ladd" in Seth Mar- 
shall Blake's letter to Edward Wales Blake, I870) 
M.1846, Joseph 2 (Henryl) Ladd of Portsmouth, N.H. 
6 chil. 

8 Polly, 1-1-1791. D.1836 M.lst, 1813, Edward® (Edward?, 

Edward 6, Alexanders, Nathaniel*, 3, 2^ Johnl) Glover 
of Alstead (1795-1867+) ; 5 chil. Edward m.2nd,l836, 
Sarah E. Studley; 2 daus . 

1 Charles? Edward Glover, 3-l-l8l4. D. inf. 

2 Mary Anne Ely Glover, 11-2-1815. M. Lyman'' 
Chandler, (James 6, SamuelS Nehemiah^); 6 chil. 

3 Ansel Edward Glover, 5-I-I819. M. Annah Willard 

4 Margaret Babcock Glover, 2-11-1823 . D.I855. M. 
Ira Slade. 

5 Charles Baker Glover, 6-22-1825. 


Chll. by hl3 2nd marriage: 

6 Julia Ann Sophia Glover, 3-23-I838. D. inf. 

7 Sarah Elizabeth Glover, 3-4-1841. 

9 John 6, 9.4-179^. D.,1852. M.,1817, Annie2 (SamuelM 
Guild (17^6-1871). Chll." 

1 Sarah ^ Ann, 7-21-l8l8. M.1844, Albert B. Will- 
iamson; 3 chll. 

2 Mary Jane, 10-14-1820. 

3 John S., 10-15-1820. 

4 Samuel G., 8-I-I823. D.I833. 

5 Charles H., 6-I8-I825. D.I908. M.,1851, Sarah 
Louise Belden, b. I832. Had chll. 

6 Seth, 3-12-1828, 

7 Edwin M. , 8-19-1830. 

8 Harry G., II-IO-I832. 

9 Albert A., 8-I-I835. D.I863. 
10 William, 5-II-I838. D. inf. 

10 Washington, 9-2-1797- D.,Hyde Park, Vt., 2-9-I872. Was 

married and left chll. His father lived with him in 
Alstead, N.H., in 1824 and I828 (Pension record). 

11 Lemuel, 9-16-1799- D.,Hyde Park, 3-II-I872. Married, 

but left no chll. 

JOSEPH ^ BLAKE was born In Dorchester, 4-18-1785. He 
married first In March I806, Alstead., N.H., Prudence, the 
daughter of Simeon Shepard of Alstead, where she was born 
4 14-1786. She died In Brookfleld, Vt., on 6-4-1828, "age 
42." Joseph married second, 1-24-1829, Rebecca Williams, 
born Alstead, 7-6-1796, and died, Brookfleld, II-I8-I852, 
"age 56." His third marriage took place in Brookfleld, on 
4-19-1855 (the day after his seventieth birthday) to Abi- 
gail Brooks of Randolph, Vt. Joseph died on 9-7-I865 and 
'^Abble" died on 4-26-1878, both in Randolph. See SHEPARD . 

Very little has been learned concerning Joseph, ex- 
cept that he was a well to do farmer, and that he was a 
stern father. Edward Wales Blake must have had agreeable 
memories of his stepmother Rebecca, for he gave his daugh- 
ter Flora the middle name of Rebecca. 

Children of Joseph and Prudence, all except William 
born in Brookfleld, Vt.: 

1 Marlnda7, IO-II-I807. D. IO-I3-I807- 

2 Saphronla, IO-II-I809. D. , Worcester, Vt., 3-28-I868. 

M. Nathaniel* (Daniel^) Morley, b. 6-26-1803- 
1 Fanny 8 Persls Morley. M. Nathaniel Kelly. 

1 Angle 9 Kelly. M. Prof. Matthewson. 

2 Rosamund Kelly. An artist. 

3 Flora Kelly. M. (an undertaker). 

3 Amos? Shepard, I-I8-I812. D. ,Waterbury,Ct. , 2-I8-I895. 
M., 3-15-1835, Eliza Cordelia, dau. of Henry Woodward, 
of Chelsea, Vt. She was b. 9-12-l8l8j d., 2-25-1895- 
Amoa was educated at Southmade Academy and Scott's Mil 
Itary School, Montpeller, Vt. Later studied dentistry 


Itary School, Montpelier, Vt. Later studied dentistry 
with brother Edward-7 Wales Blake. He built the first 
locomotive ever seen in New England, in 1830-1- Took 
out 19 patents on various Inventions. Was the first 
permanent dentist in Waterbury, arriving in 1844-5. He 
lived there except from I852 to 1855, when he was Supt. 
of Mines at Eagle Harbor, Mich., and County Commission- 
er. In Waterbury he served as Selectman, Councilman, 
Alderman. Assessor and Road Commissioner. Represented 
the city in State Legislature in I869, l874, and I872. 
See Anderson's History of Waterbury, Conn., page 4l6, 
for his biography. Children: 

1 HenryS Philander, Chelsea, Vt., 6-I4-I836. D 1842. 

2 Ellen Cordelia, Chelsea. 5-1-1840. D. , London, Eng , 
4-15-1932. M. 10-20-1880. John Augustus Hitchcock 
(b. Cheshire, Conn., 3-7-I83I; d. , London, Eng. ,4-14 
-1912) son of Pliny Hitchcock [who m., 9-2-1813, 
Sally Bradley). John Hitchcock resided 38 yrs. in 
Liverpool, Eng. Children: 

1 Helen^ Blake Hitchcock b. Egremont, Cheshire, 
Eng., 12-30-1882. M., 9-19-1908, Springfield, 
Mass., Peter Maxwell Hannay, b-, Birkenhead, 
Cheshire, Eng., 5-11-1879 t Second son of John 
Hannay of Wigtown, Scotland. Both living, 1946, 
in London, Eng. Children: 

1 John^ Woodward Hannay, M.A. ,M.B. ,F.R.C .S. , 
b., London, 4-15-1910. Educated Halleybury 
Coll. and Gonville and Gal us .Cambridge Un. 
Trained In Medicine and Surgery at The Lon- 
don Hospital and Edinburgh. Served in Af- 
rica and India, World War II, Surg. -Lieut, 
in R.N.V.S., 1942-1945. In private prac- 
tice, Wlmborne, Dorsetshire, 1946. 

M., 3-28-1940, Pamela^ Shenton (Joseph^) 
Ragg, of Four Oaks, Warwickshire. Chll.: 
1 Philippall Mary Hannay, IO-23-I945. 

2 Carolyn Blake Hannay, London, 6-I7-I913. 
Educated Bedales Newnham Coll., Cambridge; 
Bonn: Paris; Upsala. Swedish translator. 
M., 8-1-1942, Stockholm, Sweden, Arthur^ 
Henry (Duncan^ ) King, M.A., of London. 
English Lector at Lund Univ., Stockholm. 

3 Margaret McClelland Hannay, London, 3-28- 
1915. Educated: Queenswood, Herts.; Bed- 
ford Froebel College, Lausanne, Switz. 

3 Caroline Woodward, Chelsea, Vt., 5-13-1843 . D. 
M., 5-12-1888 {2nd wife). Edward^ Taylor (George^& 
Temperance) Root, b. , Waterbury, 2-12-1840. Served, 
1862, 23rd Conn. Vol. in Louisiana, in Civil War. 
No chll. His first wife was Julia Melana Rogers, 


stepdau. of Edward-7 Vales Blake (q.v.) and mother 
of Frederick fi. Root, who died unmarried. 
4 Robert^ Oak, Vaterbury, 12-29-1856. D. ,Waterbury , 

4 William 7 Brooks, Alstead, N.H., 7-24-l8l4. D. 2-27-1890. 
M. Ann^ (Thomas^) Slade of Middlesex, Vt. Lived in 
Meredith, N.H. Children: 

1 ClaraS E. M. Williams 

2 Fannie M. M. Ladd 

3 Frederick A . 

4 Marshall Edward . 

5 William. 

5 Seth Marshall, 8-2I-I817. D. ,6-25-1904, Bellows Falls, 
Vt. M. 8-18-1842, Martha Jane Glover of Concord, N.H. , 
b. 12-24-1820; d. 6-7-1892. He came to Bellows Falls, 
from Montpelier,Vt . , in I839 and went to work as com- 
positor In the Bellows Falls Gazette. In 1843 he and 
G. F. Bailey bought the Gazette; in 1844 he bought out 
Bailey and ran it alone for three years, and published 
many books from his office. After selling the paper, he 
studied dentistry, and in 1847 opened a dental office, 
where he practiced for 30 years. Was a lecturer and a 
writer on astronomy; had observatory and very powerful 
telescope in his home; in I885 was credited by several 
observatories and colleges with discovery of "Star of 
Bethlehem," appearing but once in 3OO years. Reputedly 
the best marksman with a rifle in that part of New Eng- 
land. He was always prominent in all business affp.i.r3 
of Bellows Falls. See Vermont Gazette, Vol. 5:505, for 
excellent likeness, and Hayes' History of Rockingham 
Vt., p. 602, for biography and more about the children 
- all born in Bellows Falls. 

1 George 8 Spearsiun (Spurzheim) , 8-16-1843 , D.,1906. 
M 1866, Susan3 Elizabeth2(johnl Thayer) Harvey, of 
Keene, N.H. (b.1838) . Son: 

1 Ernest 9 George, I867. Married ; no chll. 

2 Helen Louisa, 4-11-1845. D.,l890. M.,l862, Edson 
E. Dewey of St. Albans, Vt. Children: 

1 Virginia^ Dewey. M. M. Atashian; no chil. 

2 Lela Dewey. M. 0. Atashian; no chil. 

3 Helen Dewey. D. yg. 

3 Elizabeth, 8-11-1847. D.1848. 

4 Charles Marshall, 7-21-1849. D.CI925. M.I88O, Eva^ 
L. (Warrenl) Walker of Bellows Falls. (d.l937). 

1 Emily9 Isabel Walker, I-27-I883. D.1937, Unm. 

2 Margaret Louise, 6-14-1890. M. Rev. Dwight 
Hadley; no chll. Adopted daughter Martha. 

5 Franklin, 7-6-I85I. D.185I. 

6 Frederick Joseph, 12-3-1853- Artist photographer. 
M. ,1st, 1884, Gratia M.Jones of Claremont, N.H. (d. 
1884). M. ,2nd, 1888, Rosaline E. Banfil of Nashua, 
N.H. (d.1900). Son: 

1 Francis 9 Banfil, I-I-I892. Married 

1 10 (son). Res., Buffalo, N. Y. 


7 Walter^ Glover, 10-21-1855. D.,19^'^. M.I88I, Ida 
Green. Res., 19^7, Bellows Falls, Vt. No chll. 

8 John Fremont, 2-23-I858. D.CI898. M.I885, Flor- 
ence Lally .of Augusta, Me. 

1 Philip^ Evans, 11-4-1886. D. 188?. 

2 Marguerite, 3-3O-I889. M.1909, Leon P. Fernald 
(d. 4-7-1936). Res., 19^8, Alhambra, Calif. 

1 Wlllardio Fernald, 5-23-I910. 

2 Virginia Fernald, 10-2-1913- M. John 
La Pedona. 

1 Felicia^l Linda La Pedona, 2-9-1946. 

3 Gordon Fernald, 3-IO-I923. Served in U. S. 
Navy, So. Pacific, World War II. 

M. 6-2-1946, Audrey Thompson. 
1 Gall Rae Fernald, 8-31-1947. 

4 Kathryn Olive Fernald, 9-20-1926. 
M. 1945, Robert Lee Brandon, Jr. 

1 Kathy Lee Brandon, 6-29-1947. 

3 John Gordon, II-I-I892. Res: Claremont, 1945. 

4 Harry Frederick, 2-25-1894. M. Vera Atvood. 

1 Evalina 

2 Virginia. 

5 Frank, 6-22-1896. 

9 Henry Lincoln, 2-26-1860. Florist. M.I885, Nettle 
B. Carr. 

1 Marion? Gertrude, 3-9-I887. M. Morton Wyley. 

1 Gladys IC Irene Wyley 

2 Dorothy Wyley 

2 Gladys Helen, 6-26-1889 . M. Pierce. 
IC Jenny, 11-14-1864. D. 19^3- M.I886, Carroll W. 

Black (d.1936) . 

1 Evelyn^ Black, I888. D. age 2. 

6 Edward'^ Wales, 5-27-1820. "Named for Edward Glover and 

Stephen R. B. Wales." (Blake Family Bible.) 

7 Fanny, 3-29-I823. M. Martin Bixby of Chelsea, Vt. (D. 
4-9-1889.) Res: Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Children of Joseph and Rebecca, all b. in Brookfield, Vt.: 

8 Lorinda^, 7-27-I83O. D., Evansvllle, Ind . , 9-30-1877. 
M.I85I. Stearns 2 (Asal) Hatch (I826-I899); 7 chil. He 
m. 2d, 1884, Mrs. Maria L. [Steeples] Emery (b.l845). 

1 MaryS Alice Hatch, 10-11-1852. M. I870, Robert Smith 
(b.l849); 10 chil. 

2 Joseph Prescott Hatch, 12-3-1853 . D.unm. bef .1899. 

3 Fannie Lorinda Hatch, IO-IO-I855. M.I88I, Frank'^ 
(James A J) Davis (b.1855); 2 chil. 

4 Sarah Jane Hatch, 9-9-I857. M. John Peter Gruber 
(1848-1904); 6 chil. 

5 Edward Joshua Hatch, 12-12-1865. M.I888, Luta Fay 
Hawkins (div.); 1 son. M.2d,1906, Alice B. Kane, 
(d.1908). M. 3d, 1910, Jessica Crow(b. 1887); 1 son. 

6 Amos Clark Hatch, 3-I-I872. Res: Memphis, Tenn. 

7 Gracia Blake Hatch, 3-I-I872. M. Henry D. Brannan 
(b.l864); 5 chil. 


9 Joseph' Millard. IO-I-I833. M. Augusta S, Van Burgen 
of Madison, Wis. Res., Buffalo, N. Y. 

1 H^rrison^ Vllllams, Madison, 3-9-I863. 

2 Fannie, Madison, 9-7-I865. 

3 Joseph Capron, Buffalo, 6-5-1868. 

4 Julia Augusta, Buffalo, 9-20-1870. 

5 Helen Dewey, Buffalo, 8-28-I875. 

6 Caroline Woodward. Buffalo, 5-6-I877. 
10 Palmer, 6-1-1835- M. Angle Smith of Iowa. 

Olldren, all born in Buffalo, N.Y. : 

1 Adah** J., 9-30-1857. Prob. d. yg. 

2 S. Edward, 4-29-1861. 

3 Nina B., 10 I8-I863. 

4 Fannie B., IO-I8-I865. 

5 Laura H., 9-23-I867. 

6 Birdie J., IO-I8-I869. 

7 Joseph G., 3-2-1874. 

8 Adah R., IO-3O-I877. 

EDWARD *^ WALES BLAKE was born in Brookfield, Vermont, 
5-27-1520, and died in Waterbury,Conn. , 2-4-1888. He mar- 
ried first on 12-19-1844, Lydia, the daughter of Rufus and 
Mary [Wills] Downing, the ceremony being performed by the 
Rev. W. Daniel Wild of Brookfield, Vt. Lydia was born in 
Tunbridge, Vt., on 6-3-I820. She died on 10-3-l852,and is 
buried in the old Litchfield East Burying Ground, next to 
the infant son Joseph D. 

Edward married second on 7-6-I858, Clarissa Matilda, 
daughter of Samuel Glidden, of Unity and Claremont, N. H. , 
the Rev. Mr. Goss officiating, according to the Blake Fam- 
ily Bible. Clarissa was born in Claremont on 10-21-1820. 
Her first husband was Isaac, son of Benjamin [Benajah?] and 
Sarah Rogers. She died on 1-3-1874 and was buried in Ed- 
ward T. Root's lot in the Waterbury, Conn., Cemetery. Late 
in life Edward married his third wife, of whom very little 
is now known, except that her name was Jane Perkins, and 
she may have been a widow. See GLIDDEN . 

Considering his father too strict, Edward ran away 
from home when a lad. The story goes that his stepmother, 
Rebecca, anticipating his flight, had a bag packed with 
his clothes and a l\jnch, which he found when he stole out 
at dawn. That he intended to go to sea is borne out by the 
fact that he got as far as New Bedford, Mass., when over- 
taken by his father. There are conflicting stories of how 
his father stopped him, but Edward did not return with his 
father. Instead, he obtained employment in the office of 
a dentist, and becoming interested in that profession, he 
spent the next few years in the study of it. After gradu- 
ating he practiced for a time in Bristol, Conn., where his 
first child was born in 1846. He also practiced in Litch- 
field, and in I856 he set up offices in Waterbury, where 
his brother. Dr. Amos Shepard Blake, had been in the same 
profession since 1845. 

Like his brother Amos, he was the author of numerous 


inventions, and the brothers were partners in the manufac- 
ture of some of them, both becoming veelthy men, with beau 
tiful homes. Edward also invented dental instruments said 
to be still used by dental surgeons. 

His second wife, Clarissa, brought with her a daugh- 
ter by her first marriage, Julia Melana Rogers, whose pic- 
tures show her to be a lovely dark eyed girl. She was born 
in Chester, Vt., on 8-14-18^6 and died on 4-6-1886 in Wat- 
erbury, having married in 1868, Edward Taylor Root of Wat- 
erbury, as his first wife. (His second wife was a daughter 
of Dr. Amos Shepard Blake, q.v.) The older girls were the 
aunts of this compiler, and often expressed their devotion 
to their step-sister, and to their younger half-sister and 
half-brother. Both Clarissa and her daughter Julia were 
fine needlewomen, and some of their exquisite embroidery 
is the prized possession of the writer. Edward Taylor Root 
was respected by the Blake family to the extent that when 
Flora [Blake] Bartlett died in 18^9 at the age of twenty- 
nine, he was appointed the guardian of her childrens ' in- 
heritance . 

Children of Edward and Lydla [Downing] Blake: 

1 Emma® Gertrude, Bristol, Conn., 8-20-1846. D.,N.Y.C., 
1931. M.,June 1869, Seth^ (William^) Pratt of Litch- 
field, Conn. (1845-1910). 

1 Clarissa ^L. Pratt, 4-22-1870. D. unm., I9 . 

2 Rlchar-d Vales Pratt, 3-4-1872. D. inf. 

3 Julia Caroline Pratt, 3-7-I878. 
Res., N.Y.C., 1947. 

2 Joseph Demetrius, Litchfield, 7-6-1848. D. 12-27-1848. 

3 Mary Ellen, Litchfield, 8-2-1850. D. Tor rington, Conn. 
March 1933- «. 889-1884, William^ (Henry2, Lawrencel) 
Baker (d. 6-29-1892, Van Dusenvllle ,Mas3 . ) Only child: 
1 Sophia^ Lydla Baker, Vaterbury, 3-I5-I887. 

M. 6-19-1936, John Zimmerman (d. Torrington, 1-4-1947) 
No chll. Sophia res., 1947, Torrington, Conn. 

Children of Edward and Clarissa [Glidden] Blake: 

4 Flora^ Rebecca, Litchfield, 8-6-I86O. D.Baltimore ,Md. , 
8-2-1889. M Vaterbury, 4-9-1879, Henry Baker Bartlett, 
\ b. Olive, N.Y. ,12-17-1856; d. Bogota, N.J. ,1-20-1920, while 
on a visit. He was a mechanical engineer of some dis- 
tinction; held important positions in Connecticut, and 
Baltimore ,Md . ; was one of three engineers imported by 
Germany in I898 to Improve their factories. He and his 
second wife, Jane, with Edith, Mabel and Bryant, lived 
on Kant Str. , Berlin, several years. (Harry was in the 
Philippines.) One of Henry's patents made the Mergan- 
thaler Linotype commercially practicable. He was an 
excellent painter, engraver, played the piano, violin, 
and organ. "Flo" was a pretty girl, tiny, bright, 
and Intelligent, high-spirited and full of fun. Being 


nearsighted, she wore eyeglasses. (The compiler inher- 
ited this trouble.) Flora died of pneumonia a few days 
before her twenty-ninth birthday. Henry married second 
on 6-5-189^, Emma-7 Jane Chadeayne, of Shelton, Conn. 
"Jennie" born on 7-20-186?, was the daughter of Thomas 
Jefferson-6 (Joseph-5, Jeremlah-4, Henry-3, Henry-2, 
Jean-l) Chadeayne, the last-named a Huguenot ImmlgraJit. 
Her second husband, Arthur J. Wlllard,of Shelton, died 
In 19^0. Mrs. Wlllard lives In San Diego, Calif., In 
fine health at eighty years (1948). 

[Henry Baker Bartlett was the son of Henry-5 Boyd 
Bartlett (Samuel-4, 3, Wrlght-2, John-l) . See Bartlett 
Ancestry, by this compiler.] 

Children of Henry and Flora [Blake] Bartlett: 

1 Henry ^ Blake Bartlett [Harry], b.Waterbury, 2-26-1880 
M. & dlv. Mary Rhine of Brooklyn, N.Y. ho children. 
(She m.2d, Edmond Sentenne.) He m.2d, Laura Sutton, 
of Kingston, N.Y. (d.l942). Harry served In Spanish 
American War, Philippines Service (I9OO), returning 
by way of Europe, visited the family In Berlin, and 
Samuel Bartlett In Eng. Res. Berryvllle, Ark. (19^8) . 
1 Robert 10 Bartlett, Kingston, N.Y., 2-I3-1932. 

2 Edith Blake Bartlett, b. Waterbury, 3-20-1882. M.lst, 
4-20-1908, Litchfield, Conn., Charles Emll, son of 
Charles Thomas Sumner of Brooklyn, N. Y. ,and born In 
Sheepshead Bay, N.Y., 8-22-1877; accidentally killed 
1-18-1922 In Leonla, N.J. Edith m. 2nd, 2-11-1925, 
Malcolm MacHarrle . Moved to California. Divorced; 
resumed name of Sumner. Educated at Hartford, Conn. 
Hlghschool, and pensions In Berlin, Germany. Member 
of D.A.R., Mayflower Descendants, New England Women, 
Descendants of Ancient and Honorable Artillery Com- 
pany and other societies. Professional genealogist; 
compiler of this work. Res. Los Angeles, Calif .19^8. 

1 Charles^^ Bartlett Sumner, New York City, 7-17-1909. 
M., Los Angeles, Calif., Elvlna Brown. Divorced. 
Three years with U.S. Air Forces, in World War II . 
Sergeant. Res. with mother in Los Angeles (1948). 

2 Homer Newton Bartlett Sumner, Leonla, New Jersey, 
11-6-1913. M., Las Vegas, Nev., 7-5-1940, Allene, 
dau. of William and Leona Lucas, b.Meadevllle.Pa. , 
8-17-1917. Res. San Bernardino, Calif., (1948). 

1 Linda^l Marie Sumner, San Bernardino, 2-7-1948. 

3 Edith Cornell Sumner, Palisade Park, N. J., 11-6- 
1915. M., Glendale, Calif., 9-23-1945, Hoyt Les- 
ter-9 (Earl-8, Peter-7, John-6, Aaron-5, Arent-4, 
Ca3parus-3, Arent-2, P^Hip-Pleterse-l) Schuyler, 
b 7-15-1914. Res. Glendale, Calif. (1948) 


Children of Henry and Flora [Blake] Bartlett, cont'd: 

3 Mabel^ Bartlett, Thomaston, Ct,, 7-8-I885. M.,l3t, 
1911, Walter Faulkner of N.Y.C.; div. M. 2nd, (922) 
Claudius Baxter Peyton; div., deed. M.3d,19iJ-l, David 
Johnson West. No chil. Res. (1948), Descanso, Calif . 

Children of Hem y and Jane [Chadeayne] Bartlett: 

4 Bryant^ Chadeayne Bartlett, Derby, Conn., 3-3-1896. 
M. Albany, N.Y. , IO-II-I929, E3ther-2 May (Harry-1 
Elmer) Gilbert, Plymouth Twp., Montgomery Co., Penn. 
3-22-1898. Bryant served as P.F.C., 26th ("Yankee") 
Div., 104th Inf., World War I. 2 years in France. 
Served in World War II as Major, Provost Marshal for 
La., Miss., Ala., East Texas. Res. (1948) Fairfield, 
Cor-n. Major in Reserve Army. 

1 Carol 10 Mae Bartlett, Bridgeport, Ct. ,12-22-1930. 

5 David^ Hall Bartlett, Hackensack, N. J., 10-27-1908 

ak' t^^~^2^^' "^^^^ ^^^'^^ Cornelia MoeAs, dau. of 
Abraham Johannes & Hendrika [Van Gruenevelt] German 
of Vaterbury, Conn. David grad . , U. S. Coast Guard 
Academy New London, Conn., 1933- Twelve years sea 
duty Served in World War II as Commander. Citation 
and Legion of Merit Combat, etc. Res. (1948) Hono- 
lulu, T. H. Staff, Fourteenth Coast Guard District. 

1 Joy Hendrika Bartlett, b. 7-9-1938. Adopted. 

Children of Edward^ Wales and Clarissa Blake, cont'd: 

5 Edward^ Glidden Blake, Litchfield, Conn., II-23-I862 
?q«Q r^°?' 5°"^" 10-^-1913. M., Litchfield, 2-23- 
Intt^J Z'^r.i''^^'^^^''^ (Henry-1 & Abigail [Thompson] 

r? p q%'q5^ °^r'^' ^ ^■' 8-15-1871; d. Southport 
Ct., 2-9-1936. Bur., Danbury, Ct. 

1 Florence^ Elizabeth Blake, Litchfield, 2-21-1890 
M. «-l8-19l4, Robert T. Bayley. Res. (19^8) Sheltoii, 

1 ShirleylO Bayley, II-2I-1918. M., Sept. 19^1, An- 
thony^ (Frankl) Smyrski , of South Kent, Conn. 


2 Roberta Welles Bayley, 7-10-1920. M. 6-22-1947, 
Ernest Miles Bacon Jr., of Leicester, Mass. 

3 Robert T. Bayley, 5-26-1922. Chief Boatswain Mate, 
U.S.N. ; Purple Heart. M., June. 1946, Margaret 
Brinton. Res. (19^8) Aldan, Pa. 


Children of Edward^ Glldden and Jessie Blake, cont'd.: 

2 Julia 9 Farwell Blake, Litchfield, 9-I5-I89I. D. sud- 
denly. Bethel, Conn., II-23-I939. M., I616, George 
Wardley Smith (d .7-15-19^^) • He m. 2nd, 1940, Lula 
Lomas (d.19^8). 

1 Wardleyl° Blake Smith, 10-22-1916.. Grad., Brown 
Univ., Providence, R.I. M.19^0, Nell Sibley. Res. 
(19^+8) Stratford, Conn. 

1 Cynthla^l Lee Smith, 

2 Judith Smith 

3 8U^(JUx(^ <ilci/vvi, . ->jJy. ; ? V Sr 

2 CynthlalO Mary Smith, Bethel, Conn. , 12-23-1920. 
Grad. Colby College, Watervllle, Me. 

3 Richard^ John Blake, Litchfield, 8-3I-I892. M.8-22- 
191^, Jessie McKay, b. 4-5-1893- Res. (19^8) Strat- 
ford, Conn. 

1 Shlrley^° Elizabeth Blake, IO-25-1915. D. 1916. 

2 Richard Edward Blake, 5-26-1919- Served In S.A.D. 
Naval Air Force, World War II. 

3 Robert Wallace Blake, 9-24-1921. T.Sgt., U.S. Army, 
World War II. M. 19^^-5, Ruth Knox, U.S. Marine, b. 

1 Robert 1^ William Blake, 7-13-19^6. 

4 Edward^ Wales Blake, Litchfield, 4-10-1894. M., New 
Haven, Conn., 3-23-I918, Edith A. Pethlck, b.. New 
Haven, 9-2-1097- Res., (19^8) Hamden, Conn. 

1 Austm^O Wales Blake New Haven, I-23-1920. First 
Lt. Navigator, U.S. Air Force. Student (19^6) Oswego, 
N.Y., Teacher's Coll. M.19^3, Phyllis Merrill. 

1 Linda^l Wales Blake, Hamden, Conn. , 11-2-1946. 

2 Bradford Pethlck Blake, Hamden, 6-24-1922. Sergt. 
U.S. Air Forces. D. from wounds, Rlngwood, Essex, 
Eng., 1-12-1944. 

3 Warren Edward Blake, Hamden, 12-31-1923- Enlisted 
at 17 in U.S.N. ; Elec. Mate First CI., U.S.S. Wis- 
consin (19^6). M. 5-18-19^6, Jane Napier. 

5 Helens Blake, Litchfield, I-8-I90O. M.1919, A. Gor- 
don Spear. Res. (19^8) Naugatuck, Conn. 

1 Janet Spear, 1929 . Adopted. M. 1-17-19^8, John 
E. Creevy. 

2 Bruce 10 Spear, Bridgeport, Conn., 9-11-1936- 



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Increase Blake and His Ancestors and Descendants, which 
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Letter from General Accounting Office, Washington, D. C. 
(Pension record of Seth-5 Blake.) 

Daughters of American Revolution Lineage Book, 98:116. 

Daughters of American Revolution, National No. 356667. 
(Membership of the compiler, who Joined on ancestor 
Seth-5 Blake.) 

Family Bible of Edward-7 Wales Blake, in the possession of 
Mrs. John Zimmerman. Torrington, Conn., only child of 
Mary-8 Ellen [Blake] Baker. 

Photostatic copies of above. These comprise: 1) Title 

page of the bible. 2) Seth-5 Blake's family. Following 
note on the margin: Annexed Is copy of the Family Re- 
cord from the Bible of Seth Blake and Reuxbe Marshall 
his wife. By Edward Wales Blake." This is in his own 
handwriting. 3) Joseph-6 Blake's family, k) Edward-7 
Wales Blake's family. Two wives given, with parents. 
Parents of Clarissa Matilda [Glldden] Rogers are given 
as Samuel and Luclnda Goss Glldden. (Photostats in 
the possession of the compiler.) 



Children of ALCOCK , probably of Warwickshire, 

Leicestershire, or Northamptonshire, England: 

1 Georgel, cl6o4. M lst,cl625, [Anne] .daughter of Thomas 
Hooker, gent., of Marshfield, Leicestershire, and sister 
of Rev. Thomas Hooker, M.A. . founder of Hartford,Conn. , 
She died in I63O, and George m.2d,cl635, in Eng. , Eliz- 
abeth (She m. 2d, 16^1, Henry Dingham of Wat- 

ertown, Mass.) George Alcock matriculated as sizar at 
St. John's College, Cambridge Univ., l622. He was here 
by 1630, in which year he was admitted Freeman of Mass. 
Was Deputy from Roxbury to First Gen. Court of Mass. in 
1634. Rev. John Eliot recorded his death: "He came in the 
first company in I63O, and left an only son in England. 
His wife died soon after his arrival. He was chosen 
deacon of the combined Roxbury and Dorchester churches, 
& after the Roxbury church was established he was dea- 
con of that church. He made two voyages to England, 
bringing over his son John and a second wife, by whom 
he had a son Samuel. He lived a good Godly sort and 
died at the end of the 10th month, l640,and left a good 
savour behind him, the poor of the church much bewailing 
his loss." In his will of l64o, he left tlOO to his 
wife; named brother Thomas Alcock of Dedham; directed 
son Samuel to be educated seven years; his son John to 
be "brought up to learning"; bequeathed i2 to Elizabeth 
Blandfield, who was also to be well educated. Thomas 
Alcock was one of the witnesses. 

1 John2, son of first wife. B. ,EnK. ,cl627. D.Boston, 
1667. M.1648, Sarah2(Dr.RichardJ^) Palgrave (cl621- 
1665); 9 chil. Harvard, l646. Physician. 

2 Samuel, son of second wife. B. Roxbury, 1637. D. 1577. 
M.I668, Mrs Sarah [StedmanJ Brackett (1644-1730); 4 
chil. d. in inf. She m.3d,l682, Dn Thomas Graves (d. 
1697); & 4th, 1701, Hon. John Phillips. Harvard, 1659- 

2 Elizabeth. M. Whitehead. Was living, apparently 

a widow, at Leamington Priors, Warwickshire, Eng., on 
?-10-l647, when Thomas Alcock received a letter from her 
Inquiring about her two sons whom George Alcock had Jer 
send to N. E. with Francis Hall of Nev Haven,Ct. (She 
wrote that Hall had formerly lived in Bucklngton Par- 
ish, where my uncle Darbie lives. ) Children: 

1 Thomas! whitehead. Perhaps sent back to England by 
his uncle Thomas Alcock . No record after 1647. 

2 John Whitehead. M.,l662, Branford, Conn., Martha 
(Leslie^ Bradfleld, whose descendant, Henry^ Baker 
Bartlett, m.l879, FloraQ Rebecca Blake . SeeBLA^. 

3 Other chil. mentioned in her letter in lb4r. 

3 Thomas !, cl609. Blake ancestor. See next page. 


THOMAS l ALCOCK was born about I609, In England. The 
ancestry of his wives is not known. The first wife, Mary, 
died before 1639- His second wife's name was Margery. He 
died in Dorchester, Mass., 9-l4-l'557j administration being 
granted his widow on I-3O-I658. She married II-I6-I660 as 
second wife, John Benham. They went to New Haven, Conn., 
where John Benham died in I66I. 

Thomas and his brother George came to New England in 
1630 with the Winthrop Fleet. Thomas lived first in Bos- 
ton, Mass., joined the church in I63I and was made Freeman, 
1635. In 1636 he ajid two others were deputed by the Gen- 
eral Court to "set out the boundaries of Roxbury, and such 
farmes as lie neare our Towne of Dedham." His signature is 
on the Covenant, I636. He was dismissed to Dedham Church 
in 1639. He had four grants in Dedham, I638 to 1648, and 
was taxed there in l649, but returned to Boston, where he 
was appointed cowkeeper in I65I* and had at least one son 
bap ti zed the re . 

It is this Thomas Alcock who, after receiving a let- 
ter from his sister Elizabeth Whitehead in England, brought 
suit in 1647 to recover her sons, the two Whitehead boys. 

Children of Thomas and Mary: 

1 Mary^, bap. Boston, II-8-I635. D. yg. 

2 Elizabeth, bap. Boston. 12-IO-I637. D. yg. 

3 Elizabeth , Dedham, IO-4-I638. 

Children of Thomas and Margery: 

4 Sarah, Dedham, 12-28-1639. Bap. l-5-l640. 

5 Hannah, Dedham, 5-25-1642. Bap. 5-28-1642. 

6 Mary, Dedham, 10-4-1644. D.I718. M.,l664, James Rob- 

inson (d.Dorchester.1694) ; 6 chil. 

7 Rebecca, Dedham, 10-2«-l646. Bap. 2-28-1647. m. 

8 Philip, cl648. Said to have gone with mother to Conn. 

where he d. I715. M.lst,l672, Elizabeth^ (Thomas^ ) 
Mitchell (l651-);5 chil. M. 2d, 1699, Mrs. Sarah Butler. 

9 John, bap. Boston, 7-6-I65I. D.I69O. M., Constance^ 

(Humphrey^) Milane; 7 chil. 

ELIZABETH ^ ALCOCK was bom 10-4-1638 in Dedham, Mass. 
She was married by Gov. John Endicott in Boston, 5-6-I656, 
to Joseph Soper, mariner. Joseph died about I683, and she 
was Mrs. Helman by I685 . Nothing further has been learned 
of her. See SOPER for descent to Edward -7 Wales Blake. 

Authorities : 

Banks: Winthrop Fleet. 

New England Register, Vols.2:104 (George Alcock 's will); 

55: 180 (Suit for recovery of Whitehead boys); 97:10. 
Thomas Aspinwall's Notarial Records, in Boston Registry 

Dept., Vol. 32:101 (Elizabeth Whitehead's letter). 
Bronson History of Waterbury, Conn., p. 459. 
Dedham Records, Vol. 3:23 (Thomas Alcock's autograph). 
Dedham, Dorchester, and Boston, Mass., Vital Records. 




THOMAS 1 ANDREWS vas in Dorchester, Mass . , as early as 
1634. His wife 's name was Anne. He died in Dorchester on 
5-20-I673 and "widow Ann Andrews" died there on I-I3-I685, 

There was a much older man of this name in Hingham, 
Mass., at the same time, but no connection has been defin- 
itely established. The Robert Andrews Genealogy says that 
Thomas Andrews of Dorchester is supposed by some to be the 
brother of Francis Andrews of Hartford and Fairfield, Conn., 
and John Andrews of Farmington, Conn,, the progenitors of 
the Connecticut Andrews families, 

Thomas Andrews had three acres of land granted him, 
next to his home in Dorchester on 12-17-1634, His name is 
on the list of men who had the right to use for pasturage, 
Mattahannock (now South Boston), in I637, 

Known children of Thomas and Anne : 

1 Thomas^, bap. Dorchester, 6-23-I639. M.,l667, Phebe^' 

(Richardl) Gourd; 3 sons, 1 dau. 

2 Susanna (or Hannah ) , date of birth lonknown. 

SUSANNA ^ ANDREWS , probably called Hannah, unless she 
had a sister Hannah, married William Hopkins and moved to 
Roxbury, Mass., before 4-29-1660, when she joined the Rox- 
bury Church. When she died is not at present known, but 
William evidently survived her, and died 11-5-1688 in Rox- 
bury. See HOPKINS . 

The Dorchester Church record of 4-22-l660--but a few 
days before she joined the Roxbury church--ls of Interest: 
".... hanah the daughter of Thomas Andrews desired letters 
of dlsmlttlon to Joyn to the Church of Rocksbury allthough 
she was not statted a member but by vertue of her parents 
Covenant: & It was granted though b^^ Break (a presbyterlan) 
& Foster (an Independt) & Mead, would not act with the 

Su3anna-2 Andrews 
Hannah- 2 Hopkins 
Phlllp-2 Goss 
Phlllp-3 Oosa 
Phlllp-4 Goss 
Nathaniel -5 Goss 
Luclnda-6 Goss 
Clarls3a-7 Matilda Olldden 

m. cl660, Wllllam-1 Hopkins 


CI675, Phlllp-1 Goss 

1699, Judlth-3 Hayvard 

1723, Kezlah-4 

1748 , Hannah 

1776, Rachel 

1811, Samuel -6 

1858, Edward -7 

Wales Blake 


Robert Andrews Genealogy, Alfred Andrews, I872, p 123 . 
History of Dorchester, Mass.. p. 40, 
Boston Registry Department, Vol. 6:88, etc. 
Roxbury and Dorchester, Mass.. Vital Records. 


' 'DAVID BADCOCK was a member of the Dorchester Church, 
In l640, and was probably the father of George Badcock..., 
Robert. . . , James. . . , and Marearet Badcock who married Hen- 
ry, son of Hopestlll Leland. (New England Family History, 
Vol. ^:835-) The foregoing has not been proved, therefore 
it is best to begin with George . 

GEORGE ^ BADCOCK was probably born in England, place 
and year not known, perhaps the son of David Badcock. His 
wife's name was Mary. He died before 2-2-1672, when his 
will was probated. His widow's death has not been foiind. 

George Badcock and his brother Robert settled about 
1650 in that part of Dorchester, Mass., now called Milton. 
There is little doubt that they were related to James Bad- 
cock who settled in Rhode Island. The Milton tradition is 
that the widow Badcock came from Essex, England, with her 
sons George, Robert, and James, in the ship Anne in I623. 
James lived in Plymouth, Mass. Robert settled in Milton, 
before George, buying land from John Glover there in 1648, 
west of Milton Hill. There are numerous records of Robert 
in Milton, but few of George. 

The first record of George is a deed on parchment, 
dated 3-31-1654, by Richard Mather, teacher of the church 
at Dorchester, conveying to him about 100 acres of upland 
in Milton. Part of this large tract has always remained in 
the Badcock (now spelled Babcock) family. The only public 
office George filled was in Dorchester, I656, where he was 
Supervisor of Highways. He Vas apparently a well-to-do 

His will dated 9-2 -I67I bequeathed to his wife Mary 
and all his children except Samuel, who had probably died. 

Children of George and Mary, last three in Milton: 

1 Benjamin^, cl650. Father left him land in Milton and 

Dorchester. M.1674. Hannah^ (William 1) Daniel; 6 chil. 

2 Dorothy. M.,1672, John^ (Williaml) Daniel; 9 chil. 

3 Enoch , birth not of record. 

4 Return. His father left him "mill up in Dartmouth, 

Plymouth pattent." M.,l68l, Sarah Deneson; 12 chil. 

5 Mary Ellen. (M.I686, Taunton, John Macomber?) 

6 George, Dorchester, 2-26-1658. D. yg. 

7 Rachel, Dorchester, 3-8-I659 or 60. (Dorothy Rachel?) 

8 Leah. Received bequest by father's will of I67I. 

9 George, 6-I2-I665. D.I695. Father left him land at 

Dartmouth Wife Ruth; 4 chil. She m.2nd.l696, John 

10 Samuel, September, I668, Prob. died before father. 

11 Joseph, 5-I3-I670. Father left him land in Dartmouth. 

ENOCH^ BADCOCK was probably born in England, perhaps 
about 1650, before the family came to America. He married 
in 1683, Susanna whose surname was perhaps Gregory, since 
in her account of administration in 17II she mentioned her 
"mother Gregory." Enoch died in Milton on 5-25-1695. The 



widow's death has not been found. In the Boston Transcript 
for 5-IO-I920, a writer claims to have a letter dated I694 
New Land, written to the mother-in-law of Enoch, signed by 
John Moxam, calling her "loving aimt." 

Enoch was a shipwright. One of the ships he built 
was the "Mary and Sarah" for Thomas Cooper and William 
Harris, for which he charged t5^0. His father bequeathed 
him land In I67I.* Another record, which gives them titles 
at that time of distinction: "Mrs. Susannah Badcock wife 
to Mr. Enoch Badcock" was admitted to the Milton church on 
7-22- 169*+. 

Children of Enoch and Susannah, so far as known: 

1 Susanna? 


1701, Solomon^ ( Thomas 1) Horton of 

Swansea (b.l682); 3 chil. 

2 Mary ^, perhaps about 1684. 

3 William , CI685. D. .Milton, I732. M.,cl709, Elizabeth 

Lancaster; 8 chil., 171O - I726. 

4 Elizabeth D.,17l4. M.I7II, Joseph Garnsey (d.l722); 

3 chil. 

5 Sarah. M.,1722, John2 (Thomasl) Kelton (b 1695). 

MARY ^ BADCOCK . perhaps born about 1684, married on 
9-IO-I702 in Milton, Mass., her brother-in-law David, son 
of Thomas Horton. David was born in Milton, 10-14-1679- 
Their last child was born in 1728, and no further records 
have been fovind. See HORTON. 

Mary-3 Badcock m. 1702, 

Martha-3 Horton m. 1739, 

Rooksby-5 Marshall m. 1772, 

Joseph-6 Blake m. I806, 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, 

David-2 Horton 
John-4 Marshall 
Seth-5 Blake 
Prudence-6 Shepard 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 


New England Register, Vols. 19:215; 36:304. 
Teele: History of Town of Milton, Mass., pp. 
Americana, Vol. 21:240. (Has a coat of arms 
New England Family History. Vol. 4:835- 
Dorchester and Milton, Mass., Vital Records. 

22. 117. 

* In 1680 the Court of Assistants of Massachusetts Bay re- 
corded the confirmation of a former judgment "9II 18 s. 
mony damage & costs of court" in his case against William 

28 BALL 

Phllip-4 Go33 of Lancaster, Mass . , married in Bolton, 
Mass., on 5-12-17^8, "Hannah Ball of Bolton." This compiler 
has been unsuccessful In Identifying this Hannah Ball, af- 
ter much research and correspondence. She was born about 
1727. Bolton was set off from Lfincaster In 1738, but no 
Hannah Ball Is found In Lancaster. Cutter says she had a 
sister Abigail who married Philip's loncle John Goss. The 
John Goss who married Abigail Ball In Bolton, 17^^^, was the 
first cousin of Philip's father, and six years older than 
Philip. This Abigail Ball is also unidentified. She was 
born about 1722, so could have been Hannah's sister. 

It seems more probable that Hannah was a descendant 
of John Ball, Junior, of Lancaster, than of his brother 
Nathaniel Ball of Concord, Mass.; therefore John is given 
in more detail, together with Pelrce and Bullard families. 

JOHN^ BALL was born In County Wiltshire, England. He 
was buried in Concord, Mass., 11-1-1655- His wife's name 
was Josinna, thought by some to be Joanna Mousall. 

He came to New England in 1630 and lived at first in 
Watertown, Mass., where he was admitted Freeman 5-22-1650, 
indicating that he was already a member of the church, and 
was a property owner. He lived later In that part of Con- 
cord which is now the town of Bedford. 

Children of John and Joanna: 

1 Nathaniel^ . D Concord, I706. M.lst, Mary (d.1669); 

7 chll. M. 2d, 1670, Margery, widow of Thomas Bateman. 

1 John3 . D. yg. 

2 Nathaniel, b. & d. 1649. 

3 Ebenezer. Nothing further found. 

ii Eleazer, I65O. D.I698. M.1675, Prlscllla Wood; 4 
chll. M. 2d, 1688, Sarah3 (Joseph2,lJ Merrlam of 
Cambridge; 1 son, I698. 

5 John, 1660. M.I690, Hannah Rugg; son Jonathan* , 
b. 1691. 

6 Nathaniel, 7-3-I663. M. 4-19-1688, Concord, Mary^ 
(Caleb^, Thomas ^) Brooks . 

1 Susanna4 , I689. 

2 Caleb, I690. D.1734. M.1713, Experience 
Flagg (d.1752); 8 chll. (No Hannah.) 

3 Nathaniel, I692. M.1712, Sarah2 (Williaml) 

\ Baker (1693-1727); 8 chll. by 1729 • (No Han- 

nah or Abigail.) 

4 Thomas, I693. 

5 Samuel, 1697. 

6 Mary, 1699- 

7 Jeremiah, I7OI. 

8 Benjamin, 1704. 

7 Hannah, I665. 

2 John, CI620. See next page. 



JOHN ^ BALL was born in England about 1620. He came 
to New England with his parents in I63O. He married first 
in Lancaster, Mass., Elizabeth, daughter of John Peirce.of 
Watertown, Mass. She lost her mind in I660, and died soon 
after. John married second, IO-3-I665, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Thomas Fox of Concord and Vatertown. John, Elizabeth, 
and their "infant son" (Joseph?), were all killed by the 
Indians in Lancaster on 2-10-1675 . See PEIRCE . 

John, a tailor, bought a farm in Watertown from John 
Lawrence, which he sold to William Perry in I665. He was 
one of the first three settlers of Lancaster, as early as 
1643. A company bought Nashuaway (afterwards Lancaster ) 
from the Indians, and in accordance with their agreement 
to make a settlement, sent three men, Richard Linton, Law- 
rence Waters, and John Ball, to whom lots were given, to 
make preparations for the coming of the proprietors. There 
were but two dwellings in Lancaster in 1544. 

In a deed dated I66I, there is mention of but three 
living Ball children, John, Mary, and either Sarah or Es- 
ther. Two of his family were taken captive by the Indians 
— which ones is not known. The Will of Mrs Elizabeth 
Peirce, I667, mentions Esther, but not Sarah. John Ball, 
Jr., administered his father's estate on 2-I-I678, and the 
property was bought by Thomas Harris in l682. 

Children by first wife: 

1 John3, Watertown, 1644. 

2 Mary, I65I. M I672, William Miinroe of Cambridge, Mass . 

She was named in her grandmother Peirce 's will,l667. 

3 Esther, under I8 in I667. 

4 Sarah, 1655- M. , Sudbury, 1677, Benjamin 2 (Richard^ ) 

Chamberlain (cl655-1735+) ; 5 chil. 

5 Abigail, 4-20-1658. D. yg. 

Son by second wife: 

6 Joseph, 3-12-1670. (Killed by the Indians in 1675?) 

JOHN 3 BALL was born in Watertown, Mass., l644. (He 
made a deposition in Middlesex County, Mass., I683, giving 
his age as about thirty -nine . ) He married in Watertown on 
10-17-1665 Sarah, daughter of George and Beatrice Bullard. 
His second wife was a widow, Mrs. Mary Marblehead. John 
died in Watertown on 5-8-1722, recorded as an "aged man." 

He is thought to have been a weaver. He lived first 
in Watertown, but later moved to Weston, Mass. He served 
B3 tithingman in Watertown about I66O, unless this was his 
father. Other records show that he received a boimty of 
one shilling for killing foxes in I67O and I67I. He admin- 
istered his father's estate in Lancaster, 2-I-I678. 



Children of John and Sarah, born In Watertown: 

1 Sarah4, 7-II-I665. M.1685, Allen^ (Thomas^ ) Flagg,who 

lived on Ball Hill on the Lancaster line. 

2 John, 6-29-1666. D.I752 M. 1st, 1699, Bethla^ (Daniel^ ) 

Medap; 2 chll. M.2d, Mary Clark (d.1738). 

3 James, 3-7-I67O. D.1730. M.169^, Elizabeth ?? (Nathanl ) 

Flske (b.l668); 8 chll. Son John 5 had Abigail^ and 
Anna b. 1724. Son Nathan^ had Abigail, 1729, and Su- 
sannah, 1727. Lived on Ball Hill. 
h Joseph, 5-^-1674. D.CI73O. M.170I, Elizabeth Park- 
hurst; 8 chll., 1702-1718, 1 in 1730. No Hannah. 

5 Benjamin, CI678. M 1704, Mary2 (John^) Brewer; 8 chlL 

Dau. Abigail, 1720, m. Simon Mellen. 

6 Jonathan, 3-29-I680. M.I7IO, Sarah^ (Nathaniel^ )Whlt- 

ney; 6 chll. (Susanna b. 4-6-1726.) Jonathan died 
CI727, and Sarah m.2d, Charles Chadwlck, Jr. 

7 Daniel, 8-2-1683 . D.I718. M.1708, Mary^ (John^) Earl 

(b 1690); 2 daus, Mary and Lydla. 

8 Abigail, 10-5-1686. Prob. d. yg. 

HANNAH? BALL died In Winchester, N. H. , on 8-I8-I8U, 
her gravestone stating she died "in her 84th year." There- 
fore she was born In I727 or 1728. Marriage intentions of 
Philip Goss and Hannah Ball were recorded on 4-16-1748 In 
Lancaster. Mass., and the marriage of Philip Goss and Han- 
nah Ball 'of Bolton," was recorded on 5-12-1748 in Bolton, 
Mass. Philip died in Winchester on 4-17-l8o4. See GOSS . 

Hannah Ball m. 1748, Phlllp-4 Goss 

Nathanlel-5 Goss m. 1776, Rachel Gould 

Luclnda-6 Goss m. I8II, Samuel-6 Glldden 

Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden m. I858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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ARMS: Quarterly, 1 and 4, ermine on a canton gules, a 
mullet or; 2, ermine a fesse gules; 3, gules, a 
bend between 6 crosses-crosslet or. 

CREST: A falcon rising argent, beaked, legged, and 
belled or. 

SIR ANSELME ^ BASSETT . Knight, married Lady Margaret 
Berkeley, daughter of Lord Thomas Berkeley (died I321), who 
was descended from Louis VI, Philip I, Henry I, Robert I, 
Hugh Capet, Charlemagne, etc., of France. 

"Margaret, daughter of Thomas Lord Berkeley, to whom 
and the heires of her body her father had formerly given 
whilst shee was sole, the moytie of the Manor of Ewley in 
the hundred of Berkeley, to hold of him by the service of 
the fourth part of a knight's fee, and by twoe suits, to 
his hundred of Berkeley yearly...." (Visitation of County 
of Gloucester, I623. Harlean Society.) Children: 

1 Sir Edmund, Knight^^. (A note says he m. Isabell, dau. 

and co-heire of another Bassett & had Sir Symon Bas- 
se tt. Knight.) Pedigree says "d. s. p." 

2 John, Knight. D. s. p. 

3 Isabell . 

5 Margaret. M. a Sellers. 
5 Katherlne. 

LADY ISABELL ^^ BASSETT . daughter and heiress, married 
a Pynchard . Their son: 

SIR SYMON ^^^ PYNCHARD married first Elizabeth , 

and second, Maude de Bytton, daughter and co-heir of John 
de Bytton. Her mother was Avis, daughter of Sir Matthew 
and granddaughter of Sir Henry Furneulx. Sir Matthew's 
wife was sister or daughter of Sir Symond Radlighe (Ra- 
leigh) , Knight. Maude's grandmother was Joane, daughter of 
Lord Boteler of Wales. 

Symon is called in the note appended to the Visitation 
pedigree: "Sir Symon Bassett, a gentleman as remarkable 
in his tyme as any that lived in his county, as more than 
forty records doe wittness." 

Son of Symon and Elizabeth: 

1 Sir John^v pynchard. Wife Isabel. Dau. Margaret. 

Children of Symon and Maud: 

2 Edmond 

3 Mary. D. unmar. 

EDMOND ^'^ PYHCHARD alias BASSETT took the name in or- 
der to succeed to the Bassett estates. His wife was named 
Margery. Their son: 


SIR SYMOND ^ BASSETT dropped the "Pynchard." He mar- 
ried Lady Maude , daughter of Sir John Bytton. Children: 

1 Rlchard^^. 2 Robert . 3 Edmond. 

ROBERT ^^ BASSETT. Esq., of Uley, County Gloucester, 
married Margaret Harwell. Their son: 

GYLES ^^^ BASSETT , Esq., of Uley, married Jane Davis. 

1 John^^^^. D, yg. 5 Robert , the heir. 

2 John. Prob. d. yg. 6 Dorothy. 

3 William. Prob. d. yg. 7 Joyce. 
k Edward. Prob. d. yg. 

ROBERT ^^^^ BASSETT, Esq., of Uley, married first, Is- 
abel Madelyn of Somersetshire. His second wife was Anne 
Spycer, widow of George Shepard. Children of Anne: 

1 William ^^, eldest son and heir. 

2 Robert. 

3 Joan. M.lst, Robert Dander. M.2nd, William Barnard. 
5 Mary. M. John Langton. 

WILLIAM -^^ BASSETT , Esq., of Uley, eldest son and heir, 
married Jane, daughter of John Ashe of Somersetshire. 

1 Edward^, the heir. 2 Syssley. 

EDWARD ^ BASSETT , Esq., of Uley, married Elizabeth 
(Isabel), daughter of Henry Lygon, Esquire, of Upton Saint 
Leonard, Gloucestershire. She was thirteenth in direct 
descent from Edward I of England. See LYGON . next page. 

The will of "Edward Bassett of Uley, gentleman," was 
dated 6-3-I6OI, and probated in l602. He directed that he 
be buried in the chapel of Uley church (only gentry being 
buried inside the churches); he named sons Barnaby, Edward 
and Giles, who were to have equal shares; daughters Susan, 
Margery and Jane . who were to have 100 marks apiece; and 
gave lands, etc., to wife Isabell, who was to be executrix. 

1 William^i. M. dau. of William Davy. Son William was 

the owner of a moytie of Eveley Manor in I618. 

2 Edward. M. dau. of Mr. Danyell of Marlboro. 1 dau. 

3 Barnaby (Barnard). M. Elizabeth Davey; 6 chil. 

4 Giles. Unm., 1624. Executed, 1640, for killing one 

Christopher Willis of Wotten. 

5 Elizabeth. M. 1st, William Clavile; no chil. M.2nd, 

Thomas Poyntz; 7 chil. in 1624. 

6 Margery. M. Samuel Shellam (Shi Howe?); 5 chil. in 1624. 

7 Susan. M. Michael Dorney; 2 chil. in l624. 

8 Jane, CI58O. 

JANE^^ BASSETT, probably born about I58O, married 
John Deighton, surgeon and gentleman, of Gloucester. They 
are buried in St. Nicholas Church, Gloucester. See DIGHTOK. 



Following is one line to Elizabeth Lygon who married Ed- 
wardx Basaett, Esq. It Is a mere outline, for each wife 
brings in another family. The father of William the Con- 
queror was the Duke of Normandy who was related to nearly 
every noble Norman family , Isabel de Vermsndols has many 
distinguished connections. 

1 Edward 1.1239-1307 was l8th in descent from Charlemflgnp 
and 7th from Villiam the Conqueror . He m. first, Eleanor 
the daughter of King Ferdinand of Castile. Daughter: 

2 Joan of Acre (Plantagenet) I272-I307, m 1290 Gilbert^ 
de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, 12^3-1290, son 
of Rlchard3 de Clare (l4th In descent from Charlemagne ) . 
whose wife Maude was a daughter of John de Lacle, Magna 
Charts Surety, and his wife Margaret Qulncy, gr. daughter 
of Sal re de Qulncy . Magna Charta Surety. Daughter: 

3 Lady Margaret de Clare, d. 13^2. M., as second husband 
Hugh de Aiidley, d.l347, descended from Henry II . Dau.: 

4 Lady Margaret, Baroness Audley, 1324-13^9, m. Ralph Earl 
of Stafford , d. 1372, one of the founders of the Order 
of the Knights of the Garter. Daughter: 

5 Lady Margaret Stafford, m. Sir John Stafford, Knight, of 
Ambelcote, son of Sir William de Stafford, London. Son: 

6 Sir Ralph Stafford of Grafton, d. 1410, m. 137^, Lady 
Maude, daughter of Sir John of Hastings, descended from 
Roger Blgod and Hugh Blgod , Magna Charta Sureties. Son: 

7 Sir Humphrey Stafford, Knight, 1384-1419, m. Lady Eliza- 
beth, daughter and heir of Sir John Burdett, Knight, co- 
heir of the Barony of Carnvllle. Son: 

8 Sir Humphrey Stafford, Knight, 1400 -after 1467, m. Lady 
Eleanor, daughter of Sir Thomas Aylesbury and Joan Bas - 
sett, daughter of Ralph Basset, and co-heiress of Basset 
of Weldon, and descended from William de Huntingfield , a 
Crusader and Magna Charta Surety. Daughter: 

9 Elizabeth, Lady Stafford, m. 1447, Sir Richard de Beau- 
champ, 1435-1503, son of John de Beauchamp .d.l475, Knight 
of the Garter, created Baron of Powick, Justice of South 
Wales, Lord Treasurer of England, descended from Walter 
de Beauchamp, Crusader, Steward of the Household ol^Ed- 
vard J; also descended from Richard de Clare , a Magna 
Charta Surety, and from Roger de Newburgh , 2nd Earl of 
Warwick, Crusader, whose wife was Gundred de Warren, the 
daughter of William de Warren, 2nd Earl of Surrey (who 
was grandson of William the Conqueror ), and his wife Is- 
abel de Vermandols, who was descended by at least six 
lines from Charlemagne , and her mother Adelheid, who was 


a lineal descendant of Alfred the Great . 

10 Lady Anne de Beauchamjv d.l535, daughter and co-heiress, 
m. Sir Richard Lygon of Arle Court, Gloucester, Knight. 

11 Sir Richard Lygon of Arle Court, m. Margaret, daughter 
and co-heiress of William Greville, Judge of Common 
Pleas. Son: 

12 Henry Lygon, Esq., third son, d. cl57T, m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir John Berkeley of Upton Saint Leonard, 
Gloucestershire. Daughter: 

13 Elizabeth (Isabel) Lygon, m. Edvard^ Bassett of Uley, 
Esq., who died about l602. 

14 Jane^ Bassett, born near' I58O, m.l605, John Deighton, 
surgeon, of Gloucester. See DIGHTON . 

Jane Bassett m. I605, 

Frances-1 Dighton m. I632, 

Ellzabeth-2 Vllliams m. CI665, 

Mehltable-3 Bird m. CI69O, 

Ebenezer-4 Blake m. 1736, 

Seth-5 Blake m. 1772, 

Joseph-6 Blake m. I806, 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, 

John Deighton 
Richard-l Williams 
John-2 Bird 
Joseph-3 Blake 
Relief-3 Leadbetter 
Rooksby-5 Marshall 
Prudence -6 Shepard 
Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glidden 


American Genealogist, Vol. 10:21. 
New England Register, Vol. 97:3^2-344. 
Visitations of Gloucestershire, I623, Harlean Society, 
page 205. 





JOHN BEAL vas born in the parish of Hlngham, county 
Norfolk, England, about I588. He married first In Wymond- 
ham, Norfolk, on 6-II-I616, Frances Ripley. John married 
second In Hlngham, Eng., on 7-I3-I63O, Mrs. Nazareth Tur- 
ner, whose husband, Robert Turner, was burled In Hlngham, 
Eng., on 4-T-I627. Nazareth was born there on 6-7-I6OI, 
the eldest daughter of Edmund Hobart of Hlngham, Eng., and 
later of Hlngham, Mass. Nazareth died In Hlngham, Mass., 
on 9-23-1658, and John married third on 3-IO-I659, Mary, 
the widow of Nicholas Jacob, and a sister of Edward Oilman 
(q.v.) Mary died on 6-I5-I68I and John died on 4-1-1688, 
both In Hlngham, Mass. 

Frances Ripley, the first wife of John Beal, and the 
mother of six of his children, was the sister of William 
Ripley, who came to New England In I638, probably on the 
same ship with the Beals, He made a deed of gift to his 
nephew Nathaniel Beal . 

From the town clerk's record: "I638, John Beal, shoe- 
maker, with his wife and five sons and three daughters and 
two servants came from Old Hlngham and settled in New Hlng- 
ham." On 9-I8-I638 he received a grant of land containing 
six acres on what is now South Street. 

He was admitted Freeman in I639. In 1649 and I659 he 
was chosen to represent the town of Hlngham at the General 
Court of Massachusetts. 

From David Hobart 's record: "4-1-1688, my loncle John 
Beal died suddenly." Judge Sewall also wrote on the same 
date: "Father Beal of Hlngham dies, aet 100 years." He is 
said to have dropped dead in the yard of his house. 

In his will of 9-28-I687 he named his six sons, his 
daugh.ters Martha, Mary, and Sarah, his son-in-law Benjamin 
Dunham, and his grandchildren, leaving legacies to each. 

Children of John and Freinces, born in England: 

1 John ^, 1-1-1620. D. yg. 

2 Martha, cl620. D.I69O. M.lst,l640, William Falloway, 

of Plymouth; 1 son. M.2d,l649, Samuel Dunham; 1 dau 

3 Mary, 1622. D.I696. M.,l647, James Whiton [Whiting], 

(1624-1710); 9 chil. 

4 Sarah, 1625. D.17IO age about 84. M. 1st, 1649, Thomas 

Marsh (d.l659); 5 chil. M.2nd,l662, as 3rd wife, Ed- 
mund Sheffield Junior (I612-I705); 3 chil. 

5 John, 1627. D.169^. M. 1st, 1659, Elizabeth — 

(d.l660); 1 dau. M.,2nd,l660, Mary 2 (Thomas^) Gill, 
(1644-1701); 7 chil. 

6 Nathaniel , CI629. 

Children of John and Nazareth, first 3 born in Eng.: 

7 Jeremiah^, I63I. D.1716 age 85. M.I652, Sarah ^ (Wil- 

liaml) Ripley (d.l715); 7 chil. 

8 Joshua, CI633. D.1718. M.l3t,cl6o0, Elizabeth — — 

(d.1689); 5 chil. M. 2nd, 1689, Mary Farrow (d.l708), 
widow of Samuel Stowell . 

36 BEAL 

9 Caleb^ IO-3O-I636. D.,17l6. M.,l664, Elizabeth 2 
(Thomas^) Huet (1645-1721); 11 chll . 

10 Rebecca, bap. H Ingham, Mass . , Feb. l64l. D.,l686. Not 

In her father's will. 

11 Jacob, b. Hlngham,Mass. , 10-13-1642. D.ITI8. M.1679, 

Mary2(Ell3hal) Bisbee (1649-1718); 5 chil. 

NATHANIEL ^ BEAL was born in England about I63O . His 
wife Martha died in Hingham, Mass., on 5-IO-I692. He died 
there on 12-20-1708, "aet 79 yrs." 

He came to Hingham with his parents in I638, and be- 
came a cordwainer by trade, but in I669 he was chosen by 
the Selectmen "to keep an ordinary and to sell sack and 
strong water in the town of Hingham by retail, and also to 
be considered to the County Court for their approbation 
thereto." He was Selectman in I667, 1673, I678, I68O-I, 
1683, and 1686, and Representative to the General Court of 
Massachusetts in 1677, I683, I69O, I69I, and I693. In I676 
he served as Constable. 

His name is on the list of soldiers from Hingham who 
served in King Philip's Var under Capt . Samuel Moseley in 
1675. He is also in the list of Capt. Isaac Johnson's and 
Capt. John Jacob's men. His heirs are named in the list of 
grantees and claimants of land in Bedford, Mass., given to 
descendants of soldiers in that war. 

New England Register, Volume 41:195, contains a fac 
simile of a page of the Book of Records of Agawame Planta- 
tion [New Plymouth] , in his handwriting, with his signa- 
ture as clerk, I690, showing him to be an educated man. 

The Beals lived on South Street in Hingham, opposite 
Thaxter's Bridge. Martha is mentioned in the nuncupative 
will of John Tucker, 1661 : "...And remember Goodwife Beals, 
God by his Providence did afford me both helpe and Comfort 
from her. " 

Nathaniel's will of 3-3-1707, proved on 12-29-1708, 
named his children and grandchildren, giving legacies to 
each. He mentioned his granddaughter Sarah Greenleaf . 

Children of Nathaniel and Martha, born in Hingham: 

1 Martha^, bap. 8-2-1646. M.lst,l668, John Chubbock Jr. 
(1648-1690); 9 chil. M.,2nd, 1699, Samuel ^ (Johnl) 
Stodder (1640-1731) . 
\ 2 Nathaniel, bap. 10-1648. D.I708+. M.1677, Elizabeth^ 
( Thomas 1) Joy (b.l654); 7 chil. 

3 John, bap. 9-25-1650. D.1655. 

4 Mary. M.1673, Samuel Ings (d .bef .I69O) ; 3 chil. M., 

2nd, Joshua Lee of Boston. 

5 Christian, 11-19-1654. D.1677. M.1674, Thomas^ (Nich- 

olas^) Baker. 

6 Hannah, I656. D.,1717. M.,1676, John Fearing Junior, 

(CI642-I726); 7 chil. 

7 John, 12-7-1659. D. yg. 

8 Sarah, 12-18-1662. D. yg. 



9 Susanna^, 3-3-1665. D.,1689. M.,l686, Benjamin (Jos- 
eph , Robert ) Jones; 1 son. Benjamin m.2nd, Hannah 

; a son b. I687. 

10 Sarah , bap. IO-7-I667. 

SARAH g BEAL was baptized on IO-7-I667, in Hlngham, 
Mass. She married about I683, Joseph, son of Enoch Green- 
leaf, of Boston. Joseph was born in England, the date not 
known, and outlived Sarah, who died in Boston on 6-4-1690. 
Joseph may have married again and removed from Boston, as 
his death has not been found. See GREENLEAF . 

Sarah-3 Beal m. 

Sarah-4 Greenleaf m. 

John-4 Marshall m. 

Rook3by-5 Marshall m. 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward -7 Wales Blake m. 

CI683, Joseph-3 Greenleaf 

1704, James-3 Marshall 

1739, Martha-3 Horton 

1772, Seth-5 Blake 

l8o5, Prudence-6 Shepard 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glldden 

Authorities : 

Kurd: History of Plymouth Coimty, Mass., p. 1082-3. 
Lincoln: History of Town of Hlngham, Mass., Vol. 2:53. 
New England Register, Vols. 45:195; 57:224. 
American Genealogist, Vol. 13:262-4. 


WILLIAM^ BEAMSLEY came from England. His first wife, 
who evidently came witE him to Boston, was named Ann. She 
was the mother of eight of his children. No death record 
has been found for her, but the mother of his ninth child 
is recorded as Martha. Savage says she may have been the 
widow Martha Bushnell. William died in Boston, 9-29-I658. 
Martha was alive, a widow, 10-14-1663. 

William seems to have started out as a sort of con- 
tractor, acquired lands and become a "yeoman," and ensi^i. 

He joined the First Church of Boston on 4-5-1635, the 
church records calling him "labourer." He was made Freeman 
5-25-1636. In 1637 he was granted sixteen acres near Mud- 
dy River. In l64l he was paid by the town for ten rods of 
causeway built by him at Rumney Marsh.. In 1642 the Boston 
court ordered his servant, David Conway, to be whipped for 
resisting his master. In 1644 he bought William Phillips' 
shore lot near Merry's Point. He was appointed Constable 
of Boston in 1647. In 1649 he was ordered "to remove away 
his oyster shells from the Towne's hyeway before his dore." 
In 1650 his possessions in Boston are listed as a house and 
houselot of about a half -acre, sixteen acres at Muddy Riv- 
er, and land bought from William Phillips in I65O, measur- 
ing 238 by 80 by 60 feet. In I65I he was granted liberty 
to build a wharf before his property "to low water marke, 
provided he goe noe Broader then his ground as at hie water 
Marke." He was appointed on important committees in I65O, 
1651, 1652, and 1655. He was "Water Baylie" in 1655, laid 
out highways and was Surveyor of Highways in I657. He was 
fined 10s. for "receiving an inhabitant without license," 
but in 1657 be gave bond of L20 to insure the town against 
any charge that might arise from the residence of an Eliz- 
abeth Blesdale. So much is revealed by the Boston records. 

That he was a man of some importance, and a citizen 
in good standing, we know from the fact that he joined the 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston in 1656, 
and perhaps became an ensign of that distinguished body. 

His will of 9-14-1658 was probated IO-28-I658 His 

wife to be executrix and administratrix "of all my houses. 
Lands, Orchards, goods &c, as Long as she shall Liue, pro- 
vided she Let Mercy have that Chamber wherein she now lyes 
for her owne; and there shall be, within all Conveniency, 
made therein a Chimney, and she to enjoy it during her Wid- 
dowhoode . . . .And I desire that my wife may take the care of 
Her, and see that she wants neither meat, drink nor Cloath- 
ing during the time of her Widdowhoode". . .The estate to be 
sold and equally distributed among the children after his 
wife's decease. He is called "Ensigne" in the inventory, 
which amounted to I24l: house and land at Boston Ll40; and 
land at Muddy River, i,4. 

Martha, his widow, was granted a tavern license in 
Boston on 6-12-I663, "to distil and retail." 



Children of William and Ann, first wife: 

1 Elizabeth^, Eng. M.CI652, Edward Page; 7 chll., I653- 

1673. He was member of Anc. & Hon. Ar. Co., I66I. 

2 Mary, Eng. M.,lst, Thomas Robinson; son James, I655. 

M., 2nd, before 12-19-1668, Thomas Dennis. 

3 Anne, Boston, 2-I3-I633. D.I671. M.,1650, Ezeklel^ 

(Ezekiel^ , Nathaniel!) Woodward (I622-I698); 9 chil, 
1651-68. He perh. m.2nd,l672, Mrs. Elizabeth Solart. 

4 Grace . Boston, 9-IO-I635. Bap. 9-20-I635. 

5 Mercy, Boston, I2-9-I637. Bap. I2-IO-I637. D.1726. 

M. 1st, 1656, Michael Wilborne; dau. Mary b. Oct.l657j 
(m.1674, Nathaniel Chapman). M.2nd, aft .10 -28-1 "558 ^ 
Andrew Peters (cl635-1713) ; 5 chil. 

Samuel, twin, ) b. Boston, 12-31-1641, bap. 2-7-1642, 
Habakuk, twin,) both died April 1642. 

8 Hannah, bap. 12-17-1643 "a. 4 days." D.1732. M.I66I, 
Cornet Abraham^ (John^, John^) Perkins (cl64l-1722) ; 

5 chil. (See Reg. Vol. 10:214, for descendants.) 

Child of William and Martha, second wife: 

9 Abigail, bap. Boston, 2-8-1646, "age about 2 days." 

Prob. d. yg. 

GRACE^ BEAMSLEY , born 9-IO-I635, Boston, and baptized 
in the First Church, Boston, 9-20-I635, married about I657 
presumably in Boston, Samuel Graves. They lived in Ips- 
wich, Mass., where Grace died a widow on 11-26-1730. No 
record of Samuel's death has been found. See GRAVES. 

Grace-2 Beamsley m. 

Hannah- 2 Graves m. 

Samuel-2 Pottle m. 

Mary-3 Pottle m, 

Jonathan-5 Glidden m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m. 
Claris3a-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

CI657, Samuel-1 Graves 

1694, Christopher-1 Pottle 

1734, Hannah-3 Bodwell 

CI756, Jonathan-4 Glidden 

1785, Elizabeth-5 Ladd 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward -7 Wales Blake 


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40 BEAN 

JOTOJi BEAN, said to be the son of Donald Mac Bayne, 
the Scottish form of the name, was horn about 163^, prob- 
ably In Scotland. His first vlfe, whom he married before 
1655, vas Hannah, Eldest daughter of Nicholas Llssen. She 
probably died about 1659, as John married before I66I, a 
Margaret, parentage not now known, the mother of eight of 
his twelve children. Her death record has not been found, 
but John outlived her, dying between 1-24-1718 and 2-8-I718. 

Three distinct families of this name came to America 
— Bains settled in Virginia, Banes in Maine, and Beans in 
New Hampshire (where the name was often spelled "Bane" and 
doubtless was so pronovmced) . 

"In 1651 two of the largest stockholders of the Iron 
company at Braintree chartered a large ship bound to Ja- 
maica to touch at Boston and land there 272 Scotch prison- 
ers taken from a lot of 80OO captured by Cromwell 9-3-I65O 
at the battle of Dunbar. The ship arrived in May I65I and 
landed the prisoners .... Their names are all recorded in 
Boston." (Hurd: History of Norfolk, Mass.) The men were 
sold for six or eight years servitude. On the list are a 
John Beme and James Benne, both of which may be Bean. Many 
of these prisoners of war became in time proprietors and 
citizens in good standing with their English neighbors, and 
many other Scots followed relatives here. 

The first record of John Bean is as witness of a deed 
of Nicholas Lissen in 165^. The next is the birth of his 
daughter Mary in 1655. In 1659 his name is on the list of 
signers of consent to a General Court grant of one mile 
square to Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds. (Nicholas Lissen 
and John Oilman also signed.) The town of Exeter granted 
him land in 1560. Other grants were in 1664, I67I, I698, 
and 1708. In 1664 John Fed of Exeter conveyed a house and 
lot of twenty acres to him, and other lots totaling forty- 
one acres. In I67I he was one of a committee chosen to rvin 
the lines between Exeter and adjoining towns. In I676 he 
was a soldier in King Philip's War. He took the oath of 
allegiance in 1677 > and was taxed in Exeter in I68O, in 
which year he served as povmd keeper. 

New Hampshii^e became a royal colony in I686, but had 
difficulty in getting away from Massachusetts' control. A 
petition was drawn up in I690, asking for a temporary gov- 
ernment to be set up; John Bean was one of the signers . 
He also signed the New Hampshire petition to the Crown, ask 
ing for equal privileges with Massachusetts, in I692. He 
served during the Indian troubles in l695 and 1696, also. 

"Mrs Margaret Bean" joined the Hampton, N.H., church 
in 1671, and was among those dismissed from that church in 
1698, in order to their being incorporated \into a church 
state in Exeter." She was one of the group that organized 
the Exeter church in I698, and was a member in I705. Af- 
ter her death John probably went to live with John Junior. 
On 1-4-1715 he deeded to his grandson John Bean "the Hack- 
ett lot of 12 acres and my fresh meadow lot." In June he 
deeded to his son John "two tracts of land In Exeter, one 
of them bounded partly on the land I gave my grandson John 
Bean. . .together with the half of my dwelling house and the 

BEAH 41 

one-half of my barn"; John to provide suitable maintenance 
during his natural life. As he disposed of his property 
during his lifetime, he left no will. 

Children of John and Hannah, born In Exeter: 

1 Mary 2, 6-I8-I655. M., 1st, 1674, Joel^ (Job^) Judklns 

(l643-cl7l4); 7 chll. M.2nd, bef.1721, David Robin- 
son of Stratham (b.l649). 

2 Henry, cl657. D.I663. 

3 Hannah, cl659. Inds., Haverhill, I692. M.I682, 

Abraham Whlttacre Jr. (b.l656)j k chll. He m. again. 

Children of John and Margaret (Exeter records) : 

4 John, 8-15-1661. D.1666. 

5 Daniel, 3-23-I663. D.1718. Soldier I695-I696. M. 

Mary2 (Glles^Flfleld?); 4 chll. 

6 Samuel, 3-23-1666. D.1778. M. Mary Severance of 

Amesbury; 4 chll. 

7 John, 10-13-1668. D.I719. Wife Sarah (Bradley?): 6 

chll. She m.2nd, a Robinson (Jonathans (Johnl?) 

8 Margaret, IO-I7-I67O. Alive In I76I. M. William 2 

(William 1) Taylor (d.bef .1736) ; 9 chll. 

9 James, 12-17-1672. D.1753. Soldier, 1695-96. 2 chll. 

by unknown 1st wife (perhaps Coleman). M.,2nd,l697, 
Sarah Bradley (1677-1738); 6 chll. M.3rd,1738, Mrs. 
Mary [PrescottJ [Colbyl Crosby. 

10 Jeremiah 2 , 4-20-1675- 

11 Elizabeth, 9-24-1678. Living, 1733- M. John2 (Johnl) 

Sinclair (d.cl73l); 5 chll. 

12 Catherine, cl680. D. aft. 1750. M.,1700, Richard 2 

(Christian!) Doloff (d.cl750); 10 chll. 

JEREMIAH ^ BEAN ^ also called Jeremy, was bom In Exe- 
ter, N.H., 4-20-1675. He probably had a first wife named 
Sarah, but his widow's name was Ruth. Jeremiah died In 
1727 and Ruth died In 1758. 

The first record Is his name In a report of Captain 
Hall: "This ten Souldlers above named served his majestle 
In Garrison from the 26th day of October to the 9 of novem- 
ber 1696, which was two weeks service & diet come to ilO." 

There were three Jeremiahs at the same time In Exe- 
ter—Senior, Junior, and Third. Jeremiah Junior is known 
to have been a Quaker, and the Prescott Memorial calls his 
"a Quaker family very wealthy In property. Including slates.' 
It was Jeremlah-2 who was called "Jeremiah Bean Senior of 
Exeter" by his brother James on 5-30-1735 vhen conveying 
land to him there, "being the eleventh part of all the real 
estate of my Honourd Father, John Bean, late of Exeter, de- 
ceased." Another record Is that of Kingston, N.H., church 
In 1730 : "April the 12th was admitted By Dismissions from 
other Churches . . . Sarah Bean the wife of Jeremiah Bean. 




Tab it ha. 

Children of Jeremiah, order of birth not known: 

1 James^. D.,1785. Quaker preacher and prominent mer- 
chant of Brentwood, N.H. Prob. m.lst, Ruth4(John3, 
John2, Johnl) Sanborn (1719-17^^); 3 chll. M.2nd, 
Lydla Hoag (alive I788) ; 11 chll. 

2 Margare t ^ 
D.CI808. Res. Kingston, N. H. M.,cl749, 

(Benjamin^) Prescott; 9 chll. 
M. Danlel2 (Moses l) Elklns. 

M.bef.17^7, Joseph^ (Moses2, Nlcholasl) 
Norrls (cl700-cl788) ; 7 chll. He m.,2nd bef. I788, 

Joanna Joseph and Elizabeth sold land to Jo- 

slah Ladd "which belonged to our honored father Jer- 
emiah Bean of Exeter, deed." 

6 Hannah. M. John* (Moses 3, Gershom^, Henryl) Elklns. 

7 Richard. Blacksmith. D. unmar.,17^9. Brother Jere- 

miah administered his estate. 

8 Deborah. D. ,Andover,Mass. ,l8lO. M. James^ (James*, 

Stephen"', Rev. Samuel^, Gov.Thomasl) Dudley (1715-61) 
6 chll, 

MARGARET 3 BEAN vas probably bom In Exeter, N.H., but 
no records were then kept. She married in Greenland, N.H. 
on 12-3I-I729, Jonathan, son of Richard Glidden, the cere- 
mony being performed by Rev. William Allen. Jonathan was 
born about I696, and died in Unity, N. H., in 1796, at the 
age of over a hundred years. Margaret was alive in 1756, 
but her death record has not been found. See GLIDDEN. 

Margaret- 3 Bean 
Jonathan- 5 Glidden 



Jonathan-5 Glidden 


Samuel -6 Glidden 


Clarlssa-7 Matilda 

Glidden m. 

1729, Jonathan-3 Glidden 

CI757, Molly-3 [Mary] Pottle 

CI785, Elizabeth-5 Ladd 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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ARMS: Per pale ermine and azure, a lion passant, 
gules, crovhed or, with a bordure engrailed 
gules, charged with eight fleur-de-lis or. 

JOHN BIGGE of Cranbrook. Kent, England, was a cloth 
merchant. He married in Tenterden, Kent, 9-14-I583, Rachel 
Martin, daughter of James Martin. She was baptized at Lydd, 
Kent, 6-I7-I565. (James Martin married at Lydd, 7-27-1562, 
Joan Adam, and died there in I583. Joan Adam was baptized 
at Lydd, 4-10-15^^, and died in I582. She was the daughter 
of William Adam, who married Alice Baker at Lydd in 1542.) 
John Bigge was buried in Cranbrook on 8-I3-I605 and Rachel 
died in Dorchester, Mass., about 1647. 

The parentage of John Bigge is not at present known, 
but he may well have been a descendant of Richard Bigge . a 
wealthy cloth merchant of Cranbrook, Kent, whose will made 
II-4-I632 was probated on 8-5-I633. John Bigge seems to 
have been the brother of John Scotchford's wife Elizabeth, 
of Brenchley, who bequeathed to the children of John Bigge. 
John Bigge mentioned his "brother Scotchford" in his will 
of 8-11-1605, probated on IO-3O-I605. John Betts ' wife , 
Mary, was probably also a sister of John Bigge. 

Mrs Rachel Bigge with her daughter Mrs Patience Fos- 
ter, and grandson Hopestill Foster, embarked 4-17-1635 on 
the ship Elizabeth, for New England. They settled in Dor- 
chester, Mass., where they became members of the church. 
Her daughter Elizabeth St owe and family had been in Roxbury 
for a year. Many other relatives of the Bigge family also 
joined in the migration, including James and Clement Bate, 
William Batchelor and wife, John Compton, Edward V^Tilte and 
wife Martha, Marie Terrie, John Moore, Thomas Bridgdon, 
Thomas Betts and Goodman Beale . 

Rachel Bigge 's will, dated 11-17-1646, was proved on 
6-30-I647. It mentioned most of her relatives, including 
John, Elizabeth, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Thankful Stow, the 
latter being especially well remembered. 

Children of John and Rachel, baptisms of all except 
Smallhope and Patience found in Cranbrook church records: 

1 Anna, bap. 8-16-1584. Prob. d. yg. 

2 Smallhope. B. perhaps 1586. D.,lb38. Wealthy Cran- 

brook clothier. Wife Ellen d. I638-9; no chil. He 
left beqs. to many N.E. relatives, incl. John^ stow. 

3 Patience, b, cl588. M. Richard Foster of Blddenden (i. 

CI630). She and son Hopestill came to Mass. in 1635. 

4 Elizabeth ^, bap. 11-1-1590. 

5 James, bap. 1-28-1593- D. inf. 

6 Rachel, bap. 10-20-1594. D.,cl638. M.lst,l6l7, More- 

gifts (Thomasl) Starr (1592-l6l7). M.2d,l6l9, Peter 
Masters of Tunbridge; 5 chil. He m.2d, Katherlne 

7 Anna, bap. 1-30-1597- D- Inf - 

8 John, bap. 12-19-1602. D. inf. 

9 Mary, bap. 5-I8-I6OO. Bur. I616 . 



10 John, bap., 12-19-1602. D., Maids tone, cl643. M.l3t, 

cl626, Mary^ (Edvardl) Maplesden. M.2d,cl634, widow 
Sybylla Beacon. Only son Samuel d.bef .father, whose 
will, 8-17-1640, pro. 2-7-1643, mother, "sister 
Poster & bro. Stowe , all these livinge in New Eng.," 
Hopestill Foster & Thomas Stowe ; mentions mother [in- 
law] Mrs Dorothea Maplisden. Elizabeth and Thankful 
Stowe were left tlOO each (a large sum then) . 

11 Thankful, bap. 2-I7-I605. D. inf. 

ELIZABETH ^ BIGGE was baptized in Cranbrook, Kent, 
England on 11-1-1590. She married in Biddenden, Kent, on 
9-I3-I608, John Stowe Jiinior, of Biddendon. John was bap- 
tized in Biddenden on 1-14-1582. Elizabeth and John came 
to Massachusetts with their six children, in the Winthrop 
Fleet, and they were in Roxbury, Mass., by 5-17-1634, ac- 
cording to church records. Elizabeth died in I638 in Rox- 
bury, and John died shortly before 1654. See STOVE . 

Lineage of Elizabeth Bigge's mother, Rachel Martin: 
jn-i-John Bigge (d.l605) 
■^l-Rachel Martin <ytt- James Martin (d.1583) 

nLjoan Adam 

cvjr^illiam Adam 
Alice Baker 



Elizabeth-l Bigge m. I608, 

Thomas-2 Stowe m. I637, 

Samuel-3 Stowe m. I669, 

Sarah-4 Stowe m. I69I, 

Sarah-3 Clark m. 1719, 

Rachel-5 Drury m. 1747, 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 1776, 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. I806, 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, 

John-1 Stowe 

Mary- 2 Griggs 

Elizabeth-3 Stone 

Isaac-2 Clark 

Thomas -4 Drury 

Simon-5 Brooks 

Simeon-5 Shepard 

Jo3eph-6 Blake 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

Authorities : 

American Genealogist, Vol. 
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Roxbury, Mass., Church Records 

BIRD j^c 

THOMAS^ BIRD was born in England about I6I3. He died 
in Dorchester (nov South Boston), Mass., 6-8-I667, "in his 
64th year." His wife's name was Ann, her maiden name not 
now known. She died in Dorchester on 8-21-I673, 

Just where Thomas Bird came from and when he arrived 
In America is unknown, but he was an original proprietor of 
Dorchester In l64o, and joined Rev. Richard Mather's church 
there in 1642. By occupation he was a tanner, and lived on 
what is now Humphreys Street. He was a bailiff in 1642. 

His will of 7-12-1666, probated 7-17-1667, left one- 
third of his estate to his wife Ann, and the rest was to 
be divided among his four children, Thomas, John, James, 
and Sarah. Although he had already given part of his prop- 
erty to his eldest son Thomas Junior on his marriage, the 
inventory of his estate amounted to the large sum for those 
days, of almost a thousand pounds. A fac simile of his 
signature to this will may be seen in the New England Reg- 
ister, Volume 25, page 21. 

Children of Thomas and Ann, recorded in Dorchester: 

1 Thomas 2, 5-4-1640. D.,1710. M..I666, Thankful^ (Gen. 

Humphrey 1) Atherton (1644-1719); 11 chll. 

2 John, 3-11-1642. 

3 Samuel, bap. April, l644. D. bef. I666. 

4 James, cl647. D.1723. Ensign. Tanner. M.,lst,l669, 

Mary George (l645-l674); 2 chll. M., 2nd. 1679, Ann^ 
(Richard 2, Henry 1) Vlthington (I656-I723); 6 chll. 

5 Sarah, bap. 8-12-1649. D.I669. In father's will. 

6 Joseph. D.I665, prob. unmar. Not in father's will. 

JOHN ^ BIRD was born In Dorchester 3-11-1642 and bap- 
tized the same year. He married about I665, Elizabeth, a 
daughter of Richard Williams, one of the leading men of 
Taunton, Mass. Elizabeth was born about l647, probably in 
Taunton, and died in Dorchester on 10-20-1724, "age 77." 
John died 8-2-1732, "in the 91st year of his age," accord- 
ing to his gravestone in Dorchester. See WILLIAMS . 

He was a prominent man, and well-to-do. His wife's 
family was also prominent. Her mother had a long English 
lineage. See DIGHTON. Her aunt was the wife of Governor 
Thomas Dudley. General Douglas MacArthur is a descendant. 

On 11-11-1724, soon after his wife died, he made his 
will, being at that time eighty- two, but he lived at least 
six years longer. The will mentions all his children. In- 
cluding "daughter Mehl table Blake," and his father-in-law, 
Richard Williams. In 1731 he made a deposition in regard 
to the land of Ebenezer and Nathaniel Clapp. The deposi- 
tion was read to him and he signed with a cross, being in 
the 90th year of his age, and blind." His will was proved 
on 8-28-1732, and the inventory amounted to nearly five 
hundred poxinds. 



Children of John and Elizabeth, probably all born in 

Mehi table d. cl669. 

John, 12-26-1670. Bap. I672. D.17^5. M.,1696, Mary3 

(Isaac^, Villiaml) Royal (l670-175l)j 3 chll. 
Ablal, bap. 4-27-1673- D.,1757- M..1705, Mlndwell^ 

(Joseph^, Georgel) Weeks (1673-1724); 1 dau. yi.2nd. 

5 Hannah 


1725, Mary Clap (1676-I752) 
Damaris, 9-I8-I675. D. be fore 1724, 
diahl) Haves (b.l664); had chll. 

12-16-1677. D..1748. M.,1699, John^ (John^, 

James (Oba- 

John^) Dean (1674-1724); 9 chil.' (Gen. Douglas Mac 
Arthur is descended from them.) 

6 Samuel, 4-l4-l680. D.,1740. M.1704, Sarah^ (Desire^, 

Roger!) Clap; 9 chil. 

7 Elizabeth, I-4-I683. D.,1732. M.1732, John Deighton. 

8 Dei gh ton (dau.), II-IO-I687. D.,1726. M.CI7II Isaac^ 

(Stephen^, Williaml) Merrick (1678-1748); 6 chil. He 
m.2nd, Mehi table 

9 Katherine, 3-4-1685. Alive, 1724. M.,1705, Israel^ 

(John2, Johnl) Dean of Taunton (I685-I719); 6 chil. 

10 Silence, 3-14-1690. Alive, 1724. M.lst,1713, William 

Wright ^'of Gt. Brittaine." M.2nd,17l8, as 2nd wife, 
Joshua^ (Thomas^, Thomas^) Clap of Dedham, Mass. 
(1667-1728); 3 chil. 

11 Jane, 6-25-1693- D,,cl758. M.,17l6, Benjamins (shad- 

rachS. Samuel 1) Wilbore (I683-CI750) ; 2 chil. 

MEH IT-ABLE^ BIRD was born in Dorchester about I669, as 
her age is given as seven in a I't'St of "young maids to be 
examined by the Dorchester Church in 1676." She married 
before I691, Joseph Blake son of James Blake, of Dorches- 
ter. Joseph was born there on 8-27-1657 and died there on 
2-1-1739. Mehitable died there on 4-15-1751. See BLAKE . 

Mehitable-3 Bird m. 

Ebenezer-4 Blake m 

Seth 5 Blake m. 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward-7 Vales Blake m. 

CI690, Joseph-3 Blake 

1736, Rellef-3 Leadbetter 

1772, Rooksby-5 Marshall 

1806, Prudence-3 Shepard 

1858, Clari3sa-7 Matilda Glidden 

Authorities : 

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ROBERT BIRD was born in England about 1555 or I56O. 
He was burled in Towcester, Northamptonshire, on 7-22-1622. 
His widow, Amye, was buried there on 4-19-1625. 

Search of the early Bird wills of Northamptonshire 
does not reveal his ancestry, but it may be that he was of 
the Benefield Bird family in that county. 

His will of 7-18-1622, probated 10-1-1622, calls him 
a joiner. Digest: I desire to be buried in the churchyard 
of Towcester. . .To my wife Amye Bird all my household goods 
I possessed when my daughter Perris Tight, widow, was mar- 
ried to her late husband George Tight ... To my daughter 
Lord, wife of Thomas Lord of Towcester, 4o shillings. . .All 
the residue of my goods to my daughter Perris Tight to 
bring up her seven fatherless children, and I make her ex- 

Children of Robert and Amye: 

1 Perris, CI585. M.,cl605, George Tighte, who d. before 

1622. 7 chil. 

2 Dorothy ^, CI589. 

DOROTHY ^ BIRD was bom about I589 in England. She 
married at Towcester, Northsunptonshire, 2-23-lbll, Thomas 
Lord of the same place, the license being granted at Peter- 
boro the same day. Thomas was born about I585 in England, 
and died in Hartford, Conn., about 1667- Dorothy died in 
Hartford on 8-2-I676, "age 87." See LORD . 

Dorothy and Thomas Lord came to New England in I633, 
with Rev. Thomas Hooker's party, with whom they lived at 
first in Cambridge, Mass., and then traveled with them to 
what is now Hartford, Conn. 

Dorothy-1 Bird 
Anne -2 Lord 
Hannah- 2 Stanton 
Jonathan-3 Palmer 
Love -4 Palmer 
Simeon-5 Shepard 
Prudence -6 Shepard 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 

m. 1611, Thomas -1 Lord 

m. CI637, Thomas -1 Stanton 

m. 1662, Nehemiah-2 Palmer 

m. 1706, Mercy-2 Manwaring 

m. 1736, Jonathan- 4 Shepard 

m. 1776, Rachel-6 Brooks 

m. 1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

m. 1858, Clarl8sa-7 Matilda Glidden 


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48 ■ BLISS 

The BLISS family is asserted to te descended from the 
Norman family of Blois, the spelling of the name gradually 
modified to Bloys, Blyse, Blyase and Blisse. The name is 
not a common one in England. The coat of anns borne by the 
Bliss and Bloys families is the same. The ancient tradi- 
tion of the Bliss family represents them as living in the 
south of England and belonging to the class known as yeo- 
manry, farmers who owned their land, although at various 
times some of the family were gentry, even knights. They 
were freeholders and entitled to vote for members of Par- 
liament. In the early days they were faithful Roman Cath- 
olics, but after England became Protestant, they became 
Puritsins and were involved in the contentions between the 
King. Charles I, and the Parliament. 

THOMAS BLISS, the father of the immigrant, lived in 
Belstone Parish. Devonshire, England. He is supposed to 
have been born about 1550 or 15dO, and to have died about 
1636. He was a wealthy landowner, but a Puritan, pyersecu- 
ted on account of his beliefs, both by the civil and the 
religious authorities under the infamous Archbishop Laud. 
He was maltreated, impoverished, imprisoned, and his health 
ruined by the intolerant church party then in power. 

When the Parliament of 1628 assembled, Puritans (or 
Roxmdheads, as the Cavaliers called them) accompanied the 
members to London. Two of Thomas Bliss' sons, Jonathan and 
the emigreuit Thomas Junior, rode to London from Devonshire 
on iron grey horses and remained for some time in the city 
— long enough for the king's spies to learn their names 
and whence they came. From that time forth they, with the 
others who had come on the same errand, were marked for de- 
struction. The Bliss brothers were fined ilOOO for noncon- 
fonnlty and thrown into prison, where they lay for weeks. 
The venerable father was dragged through the streets with 
the greatest indignity. At another time the three brothers 
with twelve other Puritans were led through the market- 
place with ropes around their necks. They were heavily 
fined and Jonathan and the father thrown into prison, the 
sufferings of Jonathan eventually causing his death. The 
king's officers seized all their horses and sheep (except 
one poor ewe that in its fright ran into the house and took 
refuge under a bed); also most of their household goods, 
some of the articles being highly valued for their age and 
beauty, having been in the family for centuries. In fact 
the family was so reduced in circumstances that it was un- 
able to secure the release of both Jonathan and the father, 
so the younger man had to remain prison. At Exeter, he was 
given thirty-five lashes with a triple-corded whip, and 
before he was released the estate had to be sold. The par- 
ents went to live with their daughter Elizabeth, whose hus- 
band Sir John Calcliffe, belonged to the established Eng- 
lish Church. What money was left was divided among the 
three sons and they were advised to go to America. Thomas 
Junior and George feared to wait for Jonathan, who was very 

BLI SS 49 

ill, and they left England In the autumn of I635 with their 
families. Jonathan's son Thomas remained with his father 
until he died, which was not long, then came to New England 
and settled near his \mcle Thomas, the Blake ancestor. At 
various times their sister. Lady Cslcliffe, sent boxes of 
shoes, clothing, and so forth, which could not be obtained 
in the colonies, and it is through her letters that know- 
ledge of the family has been handed down. 

Children of Thomas, probably born in Belstone, Eng. : 

1 Jonathan, CI58O. D., Eng., CI636, from persecutions. 

2 chil. survived. His son Thomas later came to N.E. 
and lived near his uncle Thomas -1 Bliss . 

2 Thomas ^, CI585. 

3 Elizabeth. M. Sir John Calcllffe of Belstone. 

4 George, 1591. D.I667. Res., Lynn and Sandwich.Mass . 

Later res., Newport, R.I. Had a son John, cl645. 

5 Mary, or Polly. 

THOMAS BLISS , the immigrant, was bom in Belstone, 
County Devon, England, about I585. He was married in Eng- 
land about 1612 or 1613. There is some reason to believe 
that his wife Margaret's maiden name was Lawrence, and born 
about 1594. They are thought to have embarked at Plymouth, 
England, in the autumn of 1635, and to have landed at Bos- 
ton, Mass. Thomas died in Hartford, Conn., probably in 
February. I65O. Margaret died in Springfield, Mass., on 

Thomas was in Braintree (now Quiney) , Mass., on 2-24 
l64l, when he was granted 36 acres, for a family of nine. 
As by that time he had ten children, part of the family 
may have been in Hartford, whither they are said to have 
journeyed with the Hooker party in 1636, seeking a new 
plantation, and living on wild berries and the milk of 
their cows, until reaching the present site of Hartford. 
(Thomas Bird's family was also of this party.) Thomas 
Bliss was one of the proprietors "by courtesie of the 
towne" of Hartford, 1639-^0, and had a grant of 58 acres. 

Two of their sons joined the company that stttled in 
Springfield, Mass. Some of the family were there by 1646. 
Thomas ' inventory was taken in Hartford on 2-14-1650 . Af- 
ter his death Margaret Bliss managed the family's affairs 
with great prudence and judgment. She is said to have been 
good looking, with a square chin, an energetic, efficient 
woman of great intellectual capacity and strength of char- 
acter, very shrewd in business. She sold her property in 
Hartford and bought a tract in Springfield, a mile square. 
She had a grant of three acres there in 1652, ^^and another 
grant in 1556. One Springfield record states: Widdy Bliss 
hath granted unto her soe much of the pond as is at the 
end of her lott in Longmeddow, provided the Indians be not 
molested in comeing to or the gathering of their pease . 

Margaret's will is dated Springfield, 6-25-lDb4. She 
was over ninety. It contains a "declaration of faithe and 
refers to a meadow lot for which son John had never paid. 


Children of Thomas and Margaret, first six born in 
England : 

1 Nathaniel ^, eldest son. 

2 Ann, eldest daughter. M.,l643, Robert Chapman of Say- 

brook, Conn. Td.1687). Ann d.1685. 7 chll. 

3 Thomas. D.1688. M.1544, Elizabeth ; 8 chll. 

Res: Saybrook and Norwich, Conn. 

4 Mary. D.,1712. M.,l646, Joseph Parsons (d.,1683); 

13 chll. 

5 Laurence. D.Sprlngf leld,l676. M. , Springfield, 1654, 

Lydla^ ( Samuel i ) Wright (cl635-l699) ; 9 chll. She 
m. 2d, 1678, John Norton (d.1687); 3d,l688, John Lamb, 
(d.1690); and 4th, 1692, George Colton (d.l699). 

6 Samuel, 1624. D. , Springfield, I72I. M.,l664, Mary 

(John^) Leonard; 10 chll. 

7 Sarah, Boston, CI636. Llv.,l660. M.I659, John Scott. 

8 Hannah, Hartford, I639. D.1662, unmarried. 

9 Elizabeth, Hartford, cl640. Twin. D.I683. M.I67O, as 

2nd wife. Miles Morgan (d. Wales, 1699) ; 1 son. (John 
Wlnthrop's Medical Journal noted In I666: "Elizabeth 
Bliss, age 26. She and Hester were twins.") 

10 Hester, cl640. Twin. (See Elizabeth, above.) D.I683. 

M.I66I. Edward Foster (d.l720); no chll. Edward m. , 
2d, 1684, Mrs. Sarah Miller (d.l709); no chll. 

11 John, Hartford, cl64l. D. , Springfield, 1702. M.,1667, 

Patlence2 (Henryl) Burt (1645-1732); 10 chll. 

NATHANIEL ^ BLISS ^ the eldest son, was probably born 
In Belstone, Devonshire, England, He married, 11-20-1646, 
In Springfield, Mass., Catherine, the daughter of Deacon 
Samuel Chapln. Catherine was baptized In Berry Pomeroy, 
Devonshire, England, In I626. Nathaniel died on 11-8-1654 
In Springfield, and Catherine married there on 7-31-1655, 
Thomas Gilbert, as his second wife. He died In 1662, and 
she married third In 1664, Samuel Marshfleld. Samuel died 
In 1692 and Catherine on 2-4-1712, both In Springfield. 

Catherine had four children by each marriage. All 
twelve are enumerated on the next page. See CHAPIN. 

Nathaniel Bliss was In Springfield by 1645, when he 
was taxed on fifty-one acres of land. He was probably of 
age, since he was married that year. His mother Is said 
to have come to Springfield In 1646, but It Is more likely 
that she came later, after the father died. Nathaniel was 
appointed overseer of fences In 1648 In Longmeadow, which 
was at that time part of Springfield. The same year It 
was voted to raise t55 by tax, for the maintenance of Rev. 
Mr. Moxon. The list of those who agreed to add L5. "soe 
that the wholl some Is L60," includes "Nath: Blls." In 
1652 Nathaniel was granted two more acres, and appointed 
surveyor of highways. 


Children of Nathaniel and Catherine, b. Springfield: 

1 Samuel^, 11-7-1647. 

2 Margaret, 11-12-1649. D.1745. M.I672 Nathaniel Foot 

4th, of Colchester, Conn. (1648-1703); 9 chll. 

3 Mary, 9-23-I651. D.1722. M.I670, Nathaniel^ (Thomas 1) 

Holcomb (1648-1741); 9 chll. He m.2d,1723, Sarah Orne 

4 Nathaniel, 3-27-1653- D.,1736. M.,1676, Deborah^ 

(George 1) Colton (1654-1733); no chll. Adopt. Joshua, 
son of half-sister Sarah [Gilbert] Field. 

Children of Catherine and Thomas Gilbert: 

5 Sarah Gilbert. 2-I9-I656. D.,1712. M.,1676. Samuel2 

(Zecharlahl) Field (b.1651, Ind3.l697); 8 chll. 
M. 2d, 1702, Ebenezer 3 (Davld2, Samuel l) Chapln (1664- 
1725); no chll. See Nathaniel Bliss, above. 

6 John Gilbert, IO-I8-I657. D.,1709. M.,lst, Hannah^ 

(James 1) Blakeman; 2 chll. M.,2nd,l695, Hannah^ 
(Thomas 1) Canfield; 5 chll. 

7 Thomas Gilbert, 3-15-1659 . D.1698. M.lst,l68o, step- 

sister, Abilene^ (Samuel^) Marshfield (1664-1689); 5 
chll. M., 2nd, 1690, Anna^ (Thomas^) Bancroft (I663- 
1733); 5 chll. Anna m.2nd, James Saxton of West- 
field, Conn. (Samuel -1 Chapln beq. to Thomas.) 

8 Henry Gilbert, 3-1-1662. D.,1740. Captain. M.,1683, 

Elizabeths (Samuel^) Belding (1663-1735); 9 chll. M. 
2nd, 1735, Mrs. Mary Wheat. 

Children of Catherine and Samuel Marshfield: 

9 Josiah Marshfield, 9-29-1665 . D.I712. M.I686, Rachel^ 

(Jonathan 1) Gilbert (1668-1754); 9 chll. 

10 Esther Marshfield, 9-6-I667. D.1714. M.1685, Ephraim^ 

(Georgei) Colton (1648-1713); 1^ chll. 

11 Child born 11-17-16d9. D. same day. 

12 Margaret Marshfield, 12-3-1670. D.,1785. M.,1690, 

Ebenezer2 (Benjamlni) parsons (1668-1752); 8 chll. 

SAMUEL ^ BLISS, the eldest son, was born in Spring- 
field on 11-7-1647. He married 1-2-1673, Sarah, daughter 
of Thomas and Hannah Stebblns. She was born in Spring- 
field on 8-18-1654 and died in Longmeadov, Springfield, on 
11-6-1721. Samuel died there on 6-19-17^^9. See STEBBINS . 

He vas called Samuel Bliss Jvinior in the records, and 
his uncle Samuel Bliss was called Senior, meaning "elder. ' 
Samuel 3 lived to such a great age - one hundred and two - 
that there was also a Samuel Bliss Third, who was probably 
the son of Samuel Junior, and born in 1694. 

Samuel Jvinior at the age of seventeen, in December, 
1664, was granted twenty acres in Springfield, on condi- 
tion that his Mother or some other satisfy all mannr of 
charges that may come on the land before he or any other 
improve it." In I666 he was granted another three acres 
and in I672, three more. 




Samuel Junior was the first of the Blake ancestors 
to be cited for a traffic violation — and he Ignored the 
ticket. A very early ordinance of Springfield was as fol- 
lows: "It being observed and complained of that Persons 
too frequently take the liberty to ride very swiftly with 
their horses in the streets to the endangering of children 
and others, it Is therefore ordered that if any person be 
observed to run his horse or ride faster than an ordinary 
gallop in the streets of this Towne except upon such ur- 
gent occasions as shall be by the Selectmen judged warrant- 
abel so to do, he shall be liable to a fine of 3s. 4d., to 
be paid Is. to the Informer & the rest to the Towne." The 
first to transgress were several young men, including Sam- 
uel Junior. One of them was a Stebblns, who appeared and 
was fined for "flersely galloping and running his horse last 
Wednesday forenoon in the street." Samuel, however, ig- 
nored the summons and his trial was continued until next 
Lecture Day, when he was fined 23. 4d. His own uncle Law- 
rence "testyfled he saw them running thelre horses this d^ 
fortnight as fast as well they could run & that in the 
streete." It is not of record as to whether Uncle Lawrence 
collected the shilling. The last record found of Samuel 
is in l680, when he was on the town books as receiving ten 
shillings for killing a wolf. He was 102 when he died. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah, born in Springfield: 

1 Samuel^, 8-10-1677- D. I692. 

2 Nathaniel, 9-8-1679. D.,1751. M.1704, Mary^ (David^, 

Milesl) Morgan (l686-;739); 9 chil. M.,2nd, 17^2, 
Mary^ (James^) Dorchester, widow of Joseph Cooley, 


3 Sarah, Oct.l68l. M., 1st, 1702, Nathaniel Mighel of 

Westfleld (b.l684). M. 2nd, 1712, William Nichols. 
k Margaret*, II-23-I683. 

5 Thomas, 1-22-1685- D.I767- M.lst,1710, Sarah^ (James^, 

Anthonyl) Dorchester (d.1745); 6 chil. M. 2nd, 1746, 
Mehitable, widow of David Lumbard, (d.l780). 

6 Hannah, Aug. 1687. D.1711- M.1707, EbenezerS (John^) 

Warner (b.l68l); 1 son. He m.,2nd, Mary Gerald. 

7 John, 11-4-1690. D.I784. M. Lydia^ (Joseph2, Zech- 

ariahl) Field (l695-176o); 2 chil. 

8 Samuel, 4-25-l69^. D.,1724. M.,lst.l713, Elizabeth^ 

(Josephs, William 1) Warrlner (b.l686); 5 chil. She 
. m.2nd, John Pease. 
\ 9 Ebenezer, 3-4-1696. D.1784. M.I719, Sarah? (Ephraim^, 

George 1) Col ton (CI692-178O) ; 10 chil. 

MARGARET ^ BLISS was born in Springfield, .II-23-I683. 
She married Benjamin, the son of Daniel Cooley, in Spring- 
field on 1-31-1701. The records of their deaths have not 
been foiond. They lived for a time in Springfield and per- 
haps later in Brimfield, Mass. Benjamin is thought to 
have died about 1745 in Greenwich, Conn. See COOLEY. 



Margaret-4 Bliss m. 

Keziah-4 Cooley m. 

Philip-4 Goss m. 

Nathanlel-5 Goss m. 

Luclnda-6 Goss m. 

Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden m. 

1701, Benjajnln-3 Cooley 

1723, Phillp-3 Goss 

17^8, Haxmah Ball 

1776, Rachel Gould 

1811, Samuel-6 Glldden 

1858, Edward -7 Wales Blake 


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HENRY ^ BODVELL was born in England or Scotland about 
1652. He married Bethia, daughter of John Emery, in New- 
bury, Mass , 5-''+-l68l. The date of Bethia '3 death is not 
known, but it is known she was alive in 1723 Henry died 
in Methuen on 6-1-17^5 "in his 9^th year." See EMERY . 

We find very little about Henry until King Philip's 
War in which he fought bravely. Essex Antiquarian says" 
"There is a tradition that he was a Scotch schoolboy named 
Bothwell, that he ran away from home and came to America 
at the age of twelve." He was befriended by the Rev. James 
Noyes of Newbury and lived with him in his youth. 

He was a soldier in Capt. Thomas Lsthrop's company in 
King Philip's War, and was severely woxinded at the Battle 
of Bloody Brook, 9-18-1675- "He was pressed from Newbury, 
to go against the Indian enemy. He was one of the survi- 
vors of Bloody Brook had his left arm broken by a musket 
ball, but being a man of great strength and courage, seized 
his gun in his right hand and swinging it round his head, 
charged furiously through the Indians by whom he was sur- 
rounded." This is also related in Bodge 's "Soldiers in 
King Philip's Var," which gives a list of soldiers snd 
their heirs who were granted land in 1733 for their ser- 
vices. His name is among those who received land in Nar- 
ragansett. Mass,, now Buxton, Maine. 

He was made Freeman in I678, therefore a church mem- 
ber. He lived in Andover, Mass., from I683 to about l693> 
when he moved across the Merrimac River to what was then a 
part of Haverhill, incorporated as Methuen in 1725, but is 
now called Lawrence. Bethia 's father had given him a hun- 
dred acres of land there. Their first house, built of 
logs, stood in the fork of the Merrimac and Spickett riv- 
ers. He acquired another hvindred acres and in 1708 built 
a new house upon the site of the old one, adding to it for 
the children as they married. Bodwell's Ferry was in op- 
eration by him in 1735- 

He was a mighty man, a renowned hunter and marksman, 
and a "terror to the hostile Indians." One story regarding 
him is that when he was an old man, but with keen sight, he 
spied an Indian making taunting gestures at him on the op- 
posite bank of the Merrimac near Bodwell's Falls. He took 
killing the savage, who thought himself out 
rowed across the river and secured the dead 
and his fine wolfskin blanket, 
of Henry and Bethia, from Andover records: 

1 Bethia 2, Newbury, 6-2-1682. M.17II, Nathan Barker. 

2 Mary, 4-1-1684. D.1717. M.bef.l705, Nathan Simons. 
At least 3 chil. Perhaps m. also a Haseltine . 

3 Henry, twin, I-27-I686. D. inf. 

4 Josiah, twin, 1-27-1686. D. inf. 

5 Abigail, 1-15-1687. M.CI709, Nathaniel"' (Samuel", 
Daniel^) Ladd (1684-1757); 7 chll. „ 

6 Henry, ll-6-16tt8 or 9- D.1773- M.1727, Anna"^ ( Chris - 
topher ^) Pottle (1707-1750) of Hampton, N. H. j 8 chil. 

aim and : 


of range 

; then 



^ Ch 


bodv;ell 55 

7 James ^, 1-10 or I6-I69I 

8 Daniel, 2-14-1693.. D.I783. , Captain and Major M.lst 

CI7I8 Elizabeth"' (Stephen^?, Joseph^) Parker (I692- 
1760); 9 chil. M. 2d, 1761, Ruth Ingalls. 

9 Sarah. 12-1 169^. D ,1737- M ,1714, Abel Merrill of 

Haverhill (1689-1753); 3 chll. He m 2d, 1739, Eliza- 
beth Hlbbard; 2 chll. 

10 Hannah, 9-I-I696. M 1715. Henry Hills of Newbury ( I688 

-1757). He m. 3 times. Had chll. 

11 Judith 4-4-1698. D.1777. M.I721, John' Harris (I695- 

1760); 10 chll. 

12 Ruth, 12-2-1699- M.I716, Israer (Thomas^, Abel^) Huse 

of Newbury (b.l693); 2 chll. M . 2d , I726, Samuel Burnap? 

13 Phebe, 7-10-1701. D.I73O. M.,1730, Samuel Stevens; 1 

son. He m. 2d, 1731, Anne Huae (I7OO-I756); 4 chll. 

JAMES ^ BODVELL was born on 1-10 or I6-I69I In Andov- 
er, Mass., where he married first on 2-6-1711, Mary, daugh- 
ter of Stephen Parker. His marriage intentions in Andover 
call him "of Haverhill." Mary, who was born in Andover on 
6-3O-I686, died in Methuen, Mass., on 3-20-I738; and James 
married second on 11-28-1739, Sarah Austin of Andover. 
He died in Methuen in 17^6, while Sarah died in Andover on 
9-18-1769. See PARKER . 

James moved to Haverhill with his parents, but later 
lived in Methuen, where he was called a yeoman. His will 
of 3-19-17^5 was probated on 7-7-1746. 

Children of James end Mary: 

1 Mary', cl712. D I805 age 93. M 1728, Timothy' (Timo- 

thy 2, Jamesl) Mireck (1704-1784); 8 chll. 

2 James, Andover, 2-1-1713- Cooper. M.173^, Elizabeth 

Roberts of Newbury; 4 chll. 

3 Hannah , Haverhill, 6-25-1715- 

4 Stephen, Haverhill, 7-12-1720. D., Methuen .I8O3, M. , 

1st, 17^2, Sarah Lancaster (1719-17^2). M.2d, 1745, 
Ruth 2 (William^) Gutterson (1727-I805); 12 chil. 

HANNAH^ BODVELL was born on 6-25-1715, in Haverhill, 
Mass. §He~marrled first on 11-21-1734 in Methuen, Mass., 
Samuel, son of Christopher Pottle. He was born In Hampton 
Falls, N. H., on 4-21-1710, and died about 17'+1. Hannah 
married second in Methuen on 12-16-17^2, John Hlbbard, by 
whom she had six children, the last one born in 1759- 

See POTTLE for children of both husbands. 

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THOMASl BROOKS was born In England, the date xmknovn. 
His wife's name vas Grace, her parentage not known. She 
died on 5-12-1664, and Thomas on 5-II-I667, both In Con- 
cord, Mass. 

It Is not known when he arrived here, nor whether he 
brought his wife and Hannah with him. He Is not the Thomas 
Brooks who came on the Susan and Ellen In I635, age 21. 

He was In Vatertown, Mass., In I634 when he had a lot 
assigned to him on the main road. In 1636 he was one of 
the townsmen then Inhabiting," to whom the "Beaver Brook 
plowlands" were granted. In that year he was made Freeman 
In Watertown, showing that he was already a member of the 
church. Two years later he was living In Concord, Mass., 
where he owned large estates, and received "various ap- 
pointments of honour and trust." The same year, 1638, the 
General Court of Massachusetts appointed him Constable for 
Concord. In l640 he was appraiser of horses, cattle, etc., 
for the purpose of taxation, and also appointed to prevent 
drunkenness among the Indians. He was a Representative to 
General Court from l642 to l6kk, 1650 to 165^, and 1659 to 
1662, In 1657 he purchased of the Commissioners of Gener- 
al Court for ii5, the right of carrying on the fur trade in 
Concord. He was called Captain in 1560 in a deed whereby 
he and his son-in-law Capt. Timothy Wheeler bought of Ed- 
ward Collins for t404 sterling, 400 acres in Hedf ord. Mass . 
— two-thirds for himself and one-third for Wheeler. He 
sold his Concord farm in l664. He died intestate, and the 
next day, 5-I2-I667, the heirs signed an agreement. 

Children of Thomas and Grace: 

1 Hannah^. D.bef.l667; liv.1658. M.1647, Thomas Fox (d. 

1658); 6 chil. 

2 Joshua, Watertown, I636 . 

3 Caleb, CI636-I696. M.lst,l660, Susanna^ (Thomas^) At- 

kinson (I64l-l669); 5 daus. M.2nd, Hannah^ (Thomas 1) 
Atkinson (1644-1702); 2 chil. 

4 Gershom. M.1667, Hannah2 ( Richard 1) Eckels (d.,1717); 

5 chil. 

5 Mary. D.I693. M.CI656, as 2nd wife, Capt. Timothy 

Wheeler of Concord (d.1687); 3 daus. 
6?Hugh, perhaps a son. 
7?Thoma3, perhaps a son. 

JOSHUA BROOKS vas bom in Watertown, Mass., in I636. 
He married on 10-17-l653> Hannah, the daughter of Captain 
Hugh Mason. Hannah died in I692 and Joshua is said to 
have died in 1697. See MASON. 

The day after Thomas Brooks' death, his three sons 
and his son-in-law Timothy Wheeler signed an agreement ac- 
cepting the inventory of L450 . Among other things Joshua 
was to have "full double portion out of the lands at Med- 
ford," according to the custom regarding eldest sons. 

He was a tanner by occupation, and thought to have 


learned his trade from his father-in-law Capt. Hugh Mason. 
He is called Deacon and Captain in the records. The fam- 
ily lived in the south part of Concord which was incorpor- 
ated as part of Lincoln, Mass., in 1754. 

Children of Joshua and Hannah, born in Concord: 

1 Noah"^, CI656 . 

2 John, 1657. D.I697. M.. Sudbury, 1682, Deborah^ (Sam- 

uel^) Garfield (b.1665). 

3 Hannah, CI658. D.aft.l70G. Was witness in a case in 

Watertown.Mass. , in I67I, age I3. M.I678, Benjamin^ 
(Anthonyl) Pierce; 8 chll. 

4 Grace, 3-IO-I66I. D.,1753. M.,l686, Judah^ (Lukel 

Potter (1657-1731); 10 chil. 

5 Daniel, II-I5-I663. D.1733. W.I692, Ann^ (johnl)Mer- 

riam; 11 chil. He built the famous Brooks Tavern. 

6 Thomas, 5-5-1666. D.1671. 

7 Esther, 7-4-1668. D.,1742. M. I692, Lieut. Benjamin^ 

(John^) Whittemore (1669-1734); 10 chil. 

8 Elizabeth, 12-I6-I672. M.,cl693, Simon^ (Thomas^) 

Dakln f cl663-1739) ; 6 chil., 1694 - 1712. 

9 Job, 7-26-1675. D.I697, unmar. 

10 Hugh, 1-1-1678. Lieut. D.,1746. M.,1701, Abigail 

(Johnl) Barker (I682-I76I); 5 chil. 

11 Joseph, 1681. D.I759. M. 1st, 1703, Abigail^ (Thomas^) 

Bateman (l677-1704); 1 child. M.2nd,1706, Rebecca2 
(Thomas 1) Blodgett (I689-I768); 8 chil. 

NOAH BROOKS , eldest son, was born in Concord about 
1656. Although no birth record has been found, the record 
of his death In Concord states: "Noah Brooks Husband to 
Dorothy his Wife Died February. 1st: I738/9 in the 83rd 
year of his age." He married about I685 in Concord, Doro- 
thy Wright. If this was the daughter of Edward and Hannah 
Wright, she was born in Sudbury, Mass., 10-20-1662. Her 
death is taken from Concord Church records: [1752] "3,15- 
The widow Dorothy Brooks, in the 90th year of her age, or 
thereabout." A footnote says, "Widow of Noah." 

There is not much known about Noah Brooks. He was a 
farmer. He was witness to an Indian deed in 1684. In 17 25 
he deeded his farm to his youngest son Thomas, who was to 
take care of his parents as long as they lived, but not to 
take possession lontll their death. Ten years later, when 
Acton, Mass., was set off from Concord, this farm was in- 
cluded in the new town. 

Children of Noah and Dorothy, born in Concord: 

1 Dorothy*, IO-I5-I685. M.1705, Joseph^ (John^, Joseph ^) 

Merriam (1677-1750); 6 chil., I706 - 1725 • 

2 Joshua, 10-14-1688. D.I768. Deacon in Lincoln. M.lst, 

1713, Lydia4 (Timothy^, Thomas 2, Thomas ^ Wheeler, 
(1694-1750); 5 chil. M. 2d, 1751, Wld. Mary Wheeler. 

3 Ebenezer, 2-14-1692. 

4?Samuel, 5-14-1694. Wife Elizabeth. (Perhaps a son.) 


5 Benjamin*, if-28-l698. Llv.l7^3+,in Tovnsend ^ass. M. 

1719, Sarah 3 (John^, Johnl) Heyvood(b . I701) ;10 chil. 

6 Mary, 7-25-1699. D.I76O. iyi.cl725, 2nd cousin Timoti^* 

James'', John"^, Georgel) Minot (1692-1778); 5 chil. 
Timothy m.2nd, Mrs. Beulah Brovn (cl69^-1786) . 

7 Thomas, 5-28-1701. D.1790. M.I725, Hannah^ (Josiahl) 

Dakin (1704-1784); J chil. 

8 Elizabeth, 2-27-1704. D.,1783. K.1724, John^ (John^) 

Miles (1702-1781); 8 chil. 

EBENEZER * BROOKS was born in Concord 2-14-1692. He 
was married in Concord on 11-18-1714 by Rev. John Whiting 
to Sarah, the daughter of Corporal Samuel Fletcher. Saraii 
was born in Concord on 5-I9-I690. Ebenezer died, 4-5-1768, 
Grafton, Mass., where Sarah died, 2-22-1775. See FLETCHER . 

Ebenezer and Sarah lived at first in Concor3~j where 
all their children were born, but later lived in Grafton. 

Children of Ebenezer and Sarsih, born in Concord: 

1 Noah^, 9-25-1715. D.I805. M.I735, Sarah* ( Joseph^ , 

Benjamin^, Simon^) Willard (I718-I805); 1 dau. 

2 Sarah, 10-30-1717 . M.1739, Benjamin 4 (Josephs, Ben- 

jamins) Willard (b.l7l6); 12 chil. 

3 Joel, 7-14-1720. D.,1711. M. , Shrewsbury, 1743, Sarah^ 

( Thomas *, Thomas 3, John ^, Hughl) Drury (1723-1779); 
10 chil. Sarah was the sister of Rachel, below. 

4 Simon, 9-21-1722. 

5 Marv, 12-26-1724. D.I736. 

6 Peter, 8-21-1727. D.1779. M.1752, Rebecca Ball; 9 chil. 

7 Elizabeth, 6-25-I730. 

8 Lucy, 9-16-1733. 

SIMON ^ BROOKS was born in Concord, 9-21-1722. He and 
Rachel, daughter of Thomas Drury, were married in Shrews- 
bury, Mass., 10-22-1747. Rachel was born on 10-11-1728 in 
Grafton, Mass. Her sister Sarah married Joel Brooks, the 
brother of Simon. Rachel's death has not been found, but 
Simon died in Alstead, N.H., in I808. See DRURY . 

Simon, sometimes called Simeon, was a deacon. He and 
Rachel went with other Grafton people to settle Alstead, 
New Hampshire. Simon signed the New Hampshire Declaration 
of Intentions in 1776. (See SHEPARD for this.) He was a 
sergeant in Col. Bellows' regiment in the Revolution, and 
marched to Ticonderoga in October 1776. He was one of the 
three forming the important Committee of Correspondence, - 
the others being Oliver Shepard and Nathaniel Prentice 

Marion Nicholl Rawson in her book on Alstead: "New 
Hampshire Boms a Town," says: "The Grafton, Mass., folks 
chose the hill which rose at the center of the Town, and 
we find the Prentices, Brooks and the Waits neighboring 
along its rocky trails." Again, "Simeon would not leave 
for the Revolution without having the block-house on Pren- 
tice Hill finished for the womenfolks and children." Af- 
ter he came back from the war he held office as selectman 
In 1782, and was at one time constable. 


From an Alstead record: "Deacon Simon Brooks came to 
this town from Grafton, Mass. He was a man of influence 
and highly esteemed. He served many years as deacon of the 
First Congregational Church, and died in I808 in the 86th 
year of his age. He married Rachel Drury of Grafton...." 

Children of Simon and Rachel: (Grafton records.) 

1 Slmon^, 8-22-17^8. Lt., Rev. M. Betty Maynard. Sons: 

Simon, 1782; Maynard, 1788; Gardner, 179O; Elijah, 1792. 

2 Rachel, bap. II-25-I750. D.1751 or 1752. 

3 Rachel, 12-18-1752. 

^ Benjamin Clark, 3-19-1755. D.1759. 

5 John, 8-11-1757. 

6 Jonah, 6-25-1759- D.1759. 

7 Jonathan, perhaps twin of Jonah. D.I759. 

8 Dorothy, 6-I2-I760. 

9 Mettey, 12-27-1762. 

10 Benjamin, 3-IO-I765. 

11 Jonah, 8-16-1767. M. Anna Kidder of Scotland. 

12 Lucy, 10-26-1769. 

13 Sarah, 9-9-I771. 

14 Thomas Drury, 8-5-1774. 

RACHEL ^ BROOKS was born, Grafton, Mass., 12-18-1752. 
She married in Alstead, N. H., on 2-1-1776, Simeon, son of 
Jonathan Shepard. Simeon was born on I-23-I752 in Coven- 
try, Conn. He was drowned on 8-9-I832 in Alstead, where 
Rachel died in March I838, age 78. See SHEPARD . 

Because the year of her birth was that in which the 
calendar was officially changed, there was some confusion. 
A Grafton church record states: "Rachael, daughter of Simon 
and Rachel, died Feb. 1, 1752, age 2m., 14 d." This does 
not fit either of the Rachels born, so it would seem more 
likely that the first Rachel was baptized at the ape cf one 
week, died 2-1-1751, and the copier of the church records 
for publishing assumed that 2-1-1752 New Style was meant. 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 1776, Slmeon-5 Shepard 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. I806, Jo3eph-6 Blake 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, Claris3a-7 Matilda Glldden 


Savage: Diet, of New Eng. , Vol. l:26l (Dorothy Wright). 
Pope: Pioneers of Massachusetts (Dorothy Wright). 
Bond: Hist, of Watertown,Mass . ,356, 719 (Dorothy Wright) 
Pierce: History of Grafton, Mass., p. 469. 
Stearns: Genealogy of New Hsimpshire, Vol. 1:288. 
Descendants of Captain Hugh Mason. (Many descendants 

of Joshua-2 Brooks) 
Rawson: New Hampshire Borns a Town [Alstead, N.H.J 
Concord Grafton, Mass., and Alstead, N.H., Vitals. 


PETER ^ BULKELEY . of Bulkeley, Cheshire, Eng., 1390, 
married Nichola, daughter of Thomas Le Bird. 

JOHN ^^ BULKELEY of Haughton, Cheshire, was an archer 
of the Crown. He married Audrey, daughter of John Titley, 
of Woore, Shropshire. John died in 1450. 

HUGH ^^^ BULKELEY of Woore, Shropshire, married Helen 
daughter of Thomas Wilbrahem, Esq., of Woodley. 

HUMPHREY ^^ BULKELEY of Woore, Shropshire, married 
Cecily Moulton, of Moulton, Shropshire. 

WILLIAM ^ BULKELEY of Oakley, Shropshire, died 1571. 
He married Beatrice, daughter of William Hill of Buntings- 
dale, Shropshire. 

THOMAS^^ BULKELEY of Woore, Shropshire, born about 
1515, died I59I; married Elizabeth (born cl520) , daughter 
of Randall Grosvenor, Junior, of Bellaport, Shropshire. 

REV. EDWAFD ^^ ^ BULKELEY of Odell, Bedfordshire, born 
about I54O; died 1621, He married Olive Irby, born about 
1547; died l6l4. Olive was the daughter of John and Rose 
[Cutler] Irby; John was the son of Anthony and Alice [Bun- 
ting] Irby. Children of Edward and Olive: 

1 MaryVlii, CI567. 

2 Frsjices, CI568. D.I6IO. M.1595, Richard Welby; 5 chil. 

3 Judith, CI57O. 

4 Martha , cl572. 

5 Nathaniel, cl574. D.1602. Prob. unmar. 

6 Deborah, cl575. 

7 Dorcas, cl577. M. as 2nd wife, 1598, Rev. Anthony In- 

goldsby (1560-1627); prob. had chil. 

8 Elizabeth, cl579. D.1643. M.cl6l4, Richard Whitting- 

ham (CI58O-I6I8); 1 son. M.2nd,l6l8, Atherton Haugh 
(d.1650); 1 son. Atherton m.2nd, Susanna . 

9 Sarah, CI58O. M.cl597, Oliver ^ (Henryl ) St. John (d., 

1620); 6 chil. He m. 2d, 1611, Alice Haselden; 3 chil. 

10 Paul, CI58I. D.I6IO. 

11 Peter. I-3I-I583. D.I659. M.,lst, I613, Jane Allen, 

(1508-1626); 10 chil. M.,2nd, I635, Grace Chetwood 
(CI602-I669); 4 chil. (Prominent N. E. minister.) 

MARTHA ^ BULKELEY was born in England about 1572. She 
married around 1596 in England, Abraham Mellowes, and came 
with him to New England. Her death has not been found but 
Abraham died shortly before 6-4-1639. See MELLOWES . 

(The above from the Bulkeley Genealogy (D .L. Jacobus) 
q.v. for royal lineage of the Grosvenors.) 


The ancestry of the Bullards of Watertown and Ded - 
ham. Mass . , as traced through the Probate Registry at Bury 
St. Edmonds, England, and the Archdeacon's Transcripts of 
the parish registries of Barnham St. Martin, Suffolk, Eng- 
land, is given by Mr. J. Gardner Bartlett as follows: 

JOHN^ BULLER . born in 1485, is on the Militia Muster 
Roll of Suffolk, England, in the reign of Henry VIII, in 
1535. His son: 

JOHN BULLER of Barnham, Suffolk, born about 1510, 
is also on the Muster Roll. His widow Margaret was buried 
In 1587. He had at least two sons: 

1 John^^^. D. 1591. 

2 Henry , b. cl535. 

HENRY ^^^ BULLER was born about 1535- Wife Margaret. 

1 Wllllam^v, b. CI562. 2 Margaret, bap. 1564. 

3 Katherine, bap. I567. 

h Ellen. M.I593, Thomas Lasling. 

5 Son, b. and d. 1570. 6 Henry, bap. 157^. 

VILLIAM ^^ BULLER of Barnham was born about I562. He 
married about I587, Grace Bignett. William died in 16IO.. 
Grace died in I63O, leaving a will in which the following 
children are mentioned: 

1 Grace^, CI588. 2 Ellen, 1591- 

3 William, CI594. Went to N.E. D., Dedham, Mass.,l686. 

M.lst,Dedham, ; 4 chil. M.2d, Cambridge, Mas s. , 

1653, Mary, widow of Francis Griswold. 
k Katherine. D.1598. 5 Mary. D.1598. 

6 Robert, cl599. Went to N.E. D., Watertown, Mass. ,1639. 

Wife Ann; 3 chil. Ann m.2nd, Henry Thorpe. 

7 John, CI602. D.I678. M.,cl633* Magdalene --— -- (d. 

1661); 7 chil. M.2d, Mrs Ellen Dickerman (d.l675). 

8 Joane, I605. 

9 George ^ cl607-8. Went to N. E. 

GEO RGE ^ BULLARD was born in England about I607 or 8. 
(He deposed in 165B, "age about fifty years.") The name of 
his first wife was Margaret, parentage not now known. She 
died In Watertown,Mass. , 2-8-1640, apparently at the tirth 
of Mary. He married second, about 1541, Beatrice Hall of 
Boston, Mass., who died in Dedham, Mass., on 5-29-1552. He 
married third, "the last of April," l655, the widow Mary 
Marplehead, who was alive in l684. George died in Wat- 
ertown on 1-14-1689. ^ ^ ^ ^-i. 4." /K««4->,oT. 

"Bettrlce Hall, maidservant of Jacob Eliot (brother 
of Rev. John Eliot), was admitted to the First Church of 
Boston on 6-20-1640. "Beatrice Hall, now wife of one 
George Bullward of Watertown," was dismissed to the Church 


at Watertovn on 11-17-16^^4. 

George was evidently already a member of the church, 
for he was admitted to the freeman's oath on 5-13-1641, a 
privilege accorded only to property owners who were church 
members. He had had lands assigned to him at Vatertown in 
1637, and lived in that part of Watertown which is now the 
town of Weston. He and his brother Robert had adjoining 
properties, for on 4-4-1644 George sold to Thomas Straight 
his homest''ll, a house and eight acres, which is described 
as bound on the north by land of Maudalin and Ann Bullard, 
probably the daughters of the deceased Robert. 

George was a soldier in King Philip's War of I675-6, 
ajid may have had his home burned by Indians, as many did, 
for at a meeting of the Watertown Selectmen on 12-23-1684, 
it was ordered that "John Ball, son-in-law, and Jonathan 
Bullard, son, be notified of the necessity of help for fa- 
ther Bullard and his wife." 

Child of George and Margaret: 

1 Mary2, bap. Watertown, 2-12-1640. Mother d. 2-8-1640. 

Children of George and Beatrice: 

2 Jacob, Watertown, 4-6-1642. Brot. suit I668 In Me. for 

services. Alive 1710, "an aged and blind person who 
Is unhappily sent from another province." Bur., 1715. 
In Narragansett Exped., K. Philip's War. Joseph Ball 
of Watertown had grant in Westminster, 1733, for his 
uncle Jacob Bullard '3 service. 

3 Sarah , record of birth not found. 

4 Jonathan, 7-12-1647. Alive, l684. M.,l669, Hester^ 

(Joseph-^) Morse (b.l646); 4 chil. 

5 Johanna. M.I68I, Dennis Headley (d.l742); 3 daus . b. 

Sudbury. Had grant, 1733, for service, K. Philip's War. 

SARAH ^ BULLARD married John Ball, Jr., in Watertown, 
Mass., on IO-I7-I665. Sarah's death has not been found - 
her last child was born in October I686 . John Ball died 
in Watertown on 5-8-1722. See BALL. 


Bullard and Allied Families, also Supplement. 

Bond: Families.. of Watertown, Mass. 

Pope: Pioneers of Massachusetts. 

Noyes, Libby, Davis: Genealogies of Maine and New Hamp. 



JOmj CHAPIN was married 9-14-1590 to Philllpe Easton 
according to records of the parish of Paignton, Devonshire. 
England, furnished by the vicar, A. Linzee Giles, to the 
compiler of the Chapin Book. Another record is a marriage 
of George Stone to Phillipe Chapin - perhaps John's widow 

Children of John and Phillipe, baptized in the Church 
of St. John the Baptist, Paignton: 

1 Joane, bap. 6-26-1591. M.I6II, James Narracot. 

2 Thomas, bap. 3-8-1597. D.1526. K.1S20, Bridgett Han- 

naf ord . 

3 Samuel, bap. IO-8-I598. Emigrated to New England. 
k Margaret, bap. II-IS-I600. D. inf. 

SAMUEL CHAPIN vas born In Paignton, Devonshire, Eng- 
land, and baptized there on IO-8-I598 in the Ch-jrch of St, 
John the Baptist. He married, Paignton, 2-9-1624, Cicely, 
daughter of Henry and Jane Penny. Cicely was baptized in 
Paignton on 2-21-l501. Samuel died in Springfield, Mass., 
■on 11-11-1675, and Cicely died there on 2-8-I683. 

The will of Henry Penny of Paignton, 4-6-1630, be- 
queaths to wife Jane, son Allen Penny, daughters Katherine 
Penny, Joane Barter, Clcelly Chapin . Ellinor Penny, Alice 
Penny, Susan Penny, "my nephew [grandson] David Chapin to 
be brought up to learning," Katherine Chapin and Sarah Cha- 
pin. The inventory was taken by Samuel Chapin and three 
others on 5-I8-I63O. 

Excerpts from Chapin Book: 

"Samuel Chapin came to New England probably with his 
father and family in I635 or earlier. A record at Roxbury, 
Mass., of early but unknown date, shows that he possessed 
24 acres of land there and had eight persons in his fami- 
ly, himself, wife, father and five children. The presence 
of his father Chapin is in conformity with records already 
quoted. In l64l he bought a house and lot of James Howe, 
and became a freeman, which implied that he was a church 
member, and gave him the right to vote and hold office un- 
der the Colony Government." [He and his wife were members 
of Rev. John Eliot's First Church of Roxbury.] 

"He was evidently an acquaintance of William Pynchon 
In England, and a neighbor for a short time in Roxbury. In 
1636 Pynchon led some dozen families westward to the Conn- 
ecticut River where he founded the settlement first known 
as Agawam, later renamed Springfield. The Chapins appar- 
ently migrated to the new settlement during the winter of 
1642-3, largely due to Pynchon 's Influence. Pynchon ap- 
pointed five men of standing in Springfield, called Select- 
men, to watch over morals, health and public measures. 
Deacon Samuel was one of these. One of thel" most deli- 
cate duties was that of assigning the seats of the Meeting 
House. The place of Mrs Clssily Chapin is there recorded: 
'Goodwife Chapin is to sitt in the Seate alonge with Mrs 
Glover and Mrs Hollyock. ' Mrs Glover was the minister's 
wife and therefore the leading lady, and Mrs Holyoke was 


the daughter of Mr. Pynchon." 

"He was engaged In town business and held continuous 
ly the office of Selectman from 1644 to I652 and also I66I 
and 166k; later he vas chosen Avidltor. He is first called 
Deacon in the records on 2-21-1650. Besides the regular 
duties assigned to his office, he conducted Sabbath ser- 
vices, including preaching, for several years when they heui 
no pastor. In I65I William Pynchon was convicted of here- 
sy by the General Court and returned to England. His son- 
in-law Henry Smith then became Chief Magistrate. The next 
year he too returned to England, and Captain John Pynchon, 
Lieut. Elizur Holyoke and Samuel Chapin were by the Gener- 
al Court commissioned magistrates for the administration 
of justice, allowing them the power of a County Court. He 
held the office until l664, and in addition performed im- 
portant duties, laying out land grants and the plantations 
that became Had ley and Northampton." 

"His first home lot was at the comer of the present 
Main and Pjmchon Streets, but by 1664 he appears to have 
been living in Chicopee with his son Japhet. His holdings 
in Springfield were large, but he gave it all to his sons 
in his lifetime, reserving a life interest for himself and 
his wife, his will disposing of personal estate only." 

"In October 1675, Springfield was attacked by the 
Indians and burned. Deacon Samuel did not see the town 
rebuilt, for in about a month his son Japhet wrote: 'My 
father was taken out of this troublesome world the 11th day 
of November about eleven of the clock in the eve, I675.'" 

"Deacon Samuel Chapin took a prominent part in all 
the affairs of the town, both religious and civil, wisely 
and conscientiously discharging important trusts for the 
maintenance of religion and good order, and left an abid- 
ing impress of his character and life on the city. To 
Judge from his private and official acts and from his firm 
handwriting, he was a man of some education, strong vill. 
Inflexlble integrity, abundant charity, and real piety. 

Specimens of his handwriting, including an excellent 
autograph, may be foimd in Burt's First Century of Spring- 
field." The statue of "The Puritan," by St. Gaudens, vin- 
velled in Springfield, I887, is intended as an ideal of 
Samuel Chapin as given by tradition current among his de- 
scendants. The mvinicipal flag of Springfield adopted In 
1923 has a picture of the statue in the center of a blue 
field with border of white. "It is a noteworthy tribute to 
the character and influence of Deacon Samuel Chapin that 
he was thus chosen to symbolize the spirit of this histor- 
ic city whose early development was so largely under his 
direction. " 

His will of 1675 was probated in I676. It bequeaths 
to wife, son Henry, and grandson Thomas Gilbert. Cicely's 
will names son Henry Chapin of Springfield, Josiah Chapin 
of Bralntree, daughters Catherine, wife of Samuel Marsh- 
field; Sarah Thomas, Hannah Hitchcock. Her son Japhet was 
one of the executors. 




Children of Samuel and Cicely: 

-1625. D.Boston, 
Res: Boston. 

1 David , bap. Berry Pomeroy, Devon, 1-k- 

1672. M.165^, Lydla Crump; 8 chll. 

2 Catherine, bap. Berry Pomeroy, I626. 

3 Sarah, bap. Berry Pomeroy, IO-I628. D. Mass. ,1684. M. 

1647, Rowland Thomas (d. , Springfield, I698) ; I3 chll. 

4 Henry, bap. Berry Pomeroy,Jan.l631. D.I718. Impressed 

on a British ship; served 7 yrs . ; In engagement with 
Dutch; later commanded merchant ship bet. London and 
Boston; retired to Springfield In 1559; shared with 
Japhet his father's gift of Chlcopee, Mas§., lands, 
where he built his house. M.1664, Bethla' (Benjamin) 
Cooley (1643-1711); 6 chll. 

5 Joslah, bap. Berry Pomeroy. IO-29-I637. D.Kendon,1726 

M.l3t,l658, Mary 2 ( Johnl ) King of Weymouth (I639-76); 
11 chll. M. 2d, 1676, Widow Lydla [Brown] Pratt (1658- 
1711) ;4 chil. M. 3d, 1713, Mehltable Metcalf (d.l724). 

6 Japhet, Roxbury, 10-14-1642. D.1712. Soldier in King 

Philip's War. M. 1st, 1664, Abllenah^ (Samuel^) Coley 
of Milford,Ct. (1642-1710); 10 chil. M.2d,1711, Doro- 
thy Root, who m. 2d, 1721, Obadlah Miller Jr. (d.l731). 

7 Hannah, Springfield, 12-2-1644. D.1719. M.I666, John^ 

(Luke^) Hitchcock (1642-1712); 9 chll. 

CATHERINE ^ CHAPIN was baptized in Berry Pomeroy , Dev- 
onshlre, England, in 1626. Her grandfather Penny left her 
a legacy. She came with her parents to New England. She* 
married first, 11-20-1646, Nathaniel, son of Thomas Bliss. 
He died in Springfield on 11-8-1654, and she married again 
on 7-31-1655, Thomas Gilbert, who died on 6-5-1662. Her 
third marriage, 12-28-1664, was to Samuel Marshfield, who 
died on 5-I2-I692. Catherine died on 2-4-1712 in Spring- 
field. There were four children by each marriage. All 
are enumerated in the BLISS family. 

Catherlne-2 Chapin m. 1646, 

Samuel-3 Bliss m. 1673» 

Margaret-4 Bliss m. 1701, 

Kezlah-4 Cooley m. 1723, 

Phlllp-4 Goss m. 1748, 

Nathanlel-5 Goss m. 1776, 

Luclnda-6 Goss m. I8II, 

Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glidden m. I858, 

Nathaniel-2 Bliss 
Sarah-2 Stebbins 
Benjamln-3 Cooley 
Phillp-3 Goss 
Hannah Ball 
Rachel Gould 
Samuel -6 Glidden 
Edward -7 Wales Blake 

Authorities: . 

New England Register, 83:353 (q-v. for baptisms). 
Chapin Genealogy, Vol. 1. , 

Burt: First Century of Springfield, Mass., lb3o-173D' 
Cutter: Historic Homes .. .Middlesex County, Mass. , p.2b0. 
Roxbury, Springfield, Lancaster, Mendon, and Braintree, 
Mass., Vital Records. 



ARMS: Valre, gules and argent. A quarter 
azure, charged with the sun, or. 

CREST: A pike nalant proper. 

MOTTO: "Pais ce que dois advienne que pourra." 

The surname Clapp had Its origin in the personal, or 
proper, name of Osgod Clapa, a Danish noble in the court of 
King Canute (d. IO36) . The site of his country place was 
known afterward as Clapham, in County Surrey. The ancient 
seat 0f the family is at Salcombe, Devon, where important 
estates were held for centuries by this fsimily. 

The American fajnily is descended from six immigrants, 
Edward and Roger, sons of William Clapp, and John, Nicholas, 
Thomas and Ambrose, sons of Nicholas Clapp of Vc-nn Ottery, 
Devonshire The fathers, William and Nicholas Clapp, were 
brothers. Roger Clapp was the first to arrive in America. 
A favorable report sent by him to England induced his cous- 
ins Nicholas and John Clapp to seek a home in the newly or- 
ganized colony, Nicholas arriving in I633, and his brother 
John soon after. As they were all in comfortable circum- 
stances in England there could have been no inducement but 
one of principle to tempt them to choose a wilderness for 
their future homes . where they would not be oppressed and 
hindered in growth by the Established Church of England. 


NICHOLAS CLAPP Hved and died In Venn Ottery, Devon- 
shire, England. Children, the order of birth not knovn: 

1 Thomas^, Dorchester, Eng. , I597 D., Scltuate, Mass., 

1684. Wife Abigail (perhaps dau. of Richard Wright) 
8 chll. 

2 Ambrose, Clapp Memorial says he lived and died in Eng. 

Emery claims he settled in Dorchester, Mass. 

3 Richard. Prob . lived in Eng. Chll.: Richard. Eliza- 

beth & Deborah reed, beqs from their uncle John. 

4 Prudence , England. 

5Nicholas, Dorchester, Eng. ,l6l2. D. , Dorchester, Mass., 
1679. Perhaps came with bro. Thomas, I633. M.,lst, 
cousin Sarah 2 ( William J- ) Clapp (d.cl650)j 4 chll. 
M.,2nd, Abigail, widow of Robert Sharp; 2 chll. 

PRUDENCE CLAPP was born in England, date not known, 
but probably in Dorchester, Devonshire. She is supposed to 
have come to New England with her brothers Thomas and Nich- 
olas Clapp. She married her cousin Edward Clapp, son of 
her father's brother William. They lived in Dorchester 
(now South Boston), Mass., where Prudence died about I65O. 
Edward afterwards married Susanna Cocke rill of Salem, Mass., 
who survived him sometwenty-four years. See EDWARD CLAPP. 

WILLIAM CLAPP was abrother of Nicholas Clapp of Venn 
Ottery, Devonshire, England. He lived at Salcombe Regis, a 
small town near the western coast of England, twelve miles 
from Exeter, and had in 163I a population of but 448. Two 
of his sons were prominent among the proprietors of Dor- 
chester, Mass., Edward Clapp, and the most distinguished 
of all the Clapps, Captain Roger. 

Children, born in England, order not known: 

1 Edward ! . 

2 Son, name and history not known. Probably father of 

Barbara auid Radlgon Clapp who came to New England. 

3 Sarah. D. , Dorchester, CI65O. Perhaps came with brother 

Edward. M. cousin Nicholas Clapp Jr.; 4 chll. 

4 Son, name and history \inknown. Perhaps father of Sara 

Clapp, wife of Thomas Swift. 

5 John. Res., England. Is known to have had a son John 

6 Roger, Salcombe Regis, 4-6-l609. D. Boston, I69I. Dis- 

tinguished captain. See Clapp Memorial for biog. and 
many descendants. Was in Dorchester, Mass., by I63O 
M.I633, Joanna2 (Thomasl ) Ford (l6l7-l695); 1^ chll. 

7 Jane. Came with husband CI636. D.I666. M.lst, George 

Weeks of Seaton (d.l659); 3 sons, 1 dau. (Elizabeth, 
wife of son Ammiel, testified with Henry Leadbetter 
in 1718.) M.2d,as 2d wife, Jonas Humphrey (cl5»7 - 
1662) . 


EDWARD ^ CLAPP was born In England, when is unknown, 
but he was older than his brother Roger. Edward's first 
wife was his cousin Prudence, daughter of his uncle Nicho- 
las Clapp. Prudence died about I65O, and Edward married 
second, Susannah, daughter of Vllllam Cockerlll of Salem, 
Mass. Edward died on 1-8-1664 In Dorchester, Mass., and 
Susannah died there on 6-I6-I688. See NICHOLAS CLAPP . 

Edward Is thought to have come to New England In the 
ship which arrived In I633. Wlnthrop's History of New Eng- 
land says : "July 24 I633 a ship arrived from Weymouth with 
about eighty people and twelve klne, who sate down In Dor- 
chester. They were twelve weeks comelng, being forced In- 
to the Western Islands by a leak, where they stayed three 
weeks and were courteously used by the Portugals; but the 
extremity of the heat and the continual rain brought sick- 
ness upon them so as many died." Thomas and Nicholas Clapp 
probably came In the same ship, but John Clapp did not come 
until some years later. 

Deacon Edward Clapp was an Important man In Dorches- 
ter, being an original proprietor, and a Freeman In I636. 
He held many responsible offices, among them being Select- 
man for sever years, and Deacon for twenty-six. 

By his will of 1-3-1664 his estate was to be divided 
among his six living children, Nehemlah to have an extra 
i30, and Ezra to have all the lands in Milton. Each of his 
daughters was to have a marriage portion of i30. 

The church record of his death reads: "The 8th day 
of the 11th month 1664, being the Sabbath Day, Deacon Ed- 
ward Clapp departed this life and now resteth with the Lord, 
and there to spend an eternal Sabbath with God and Christ 
In Heaven, after that he had faithfully served in the of- 
fice of a Deacon for the space of about five and six and 
twenty years, and being the first Church officer that was 
taken away by death since the first joining together in 
covenant, which is not twenty-eight years...." 

Children of Edward and Prudence : 

1 Elizabeth ^, Dorchester, I634. 

2 Prudence, Dorchester, 12-28-163?. M.I66O, as 2d wife, 

Slmon2 (Josephl) Peck of Hlngham, Mass.; 8 chil. - 
1660 - 1674. 

3 Ezra, Dorchester, 5-22-1640. D.1717- Father beq. him 
\ lands in Milton, Mass. M.lst, Abigail Pond (d.l682); 

7 chil. M. 2nd, 1684, Experience ^ ( Ralph ^) Houghton; 
7 chil. 

4 Nehemlah. l646. D ,1684 "age 38." M.,1678, Sarah2 

(Johnl) Leavitt of Hlngham (b.l659); 3 chil. Sarah 
m. 2nd, 1685. Samuel Howe. 

5 Susanna, l648. Alive 1665- Named in father's will, 


Children of Edward suid Susannah: 
See next page . 



6 Esther, I656. M.1684, Samuel^ (Johnl) Strong of North- 

ampton, Mass.; 8 chll. (See N.E. Register, Vol. 23:294) 

7 Abigail, Dorchester, 4-27-1659. D.I66O. 

8 Joshua, Dorchester, 5-12-1661. D.I662. 

9 Jonathan, Dorchester, 3-23-1664. D. Inf. 

ELIZABETH * CLAPP was born In Dorchester in I634. She 
married "about the first of January I652" Elder James, the 
son of William Blake. James was baptized In Pitminster, 
Somersetshire, England, on 4-27-1624. Elizabeth died on 
1-16-1694, "age 60," and James on 6-28-1700, both in Dor- 
chester. See BLAKE. 

Ellzabeth-2 Clapp m. 

Joseph-3 Blake m. 

Ebenezer-4 Blake m. 

Seth-5 Blake m. 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward -7 Wales Blake m. 

1652, James-2 Blake 

CI69O, Mehitable-3 Bird 

1736, Relief -3 Leadbetter 

1772, Rooksby-5 Marshall 

1806, Prudence -3 Shepard 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Olidden 


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THADDEUS''- CLARKE, gentleman, was born in Ireland, the 
date xmknovn. He married about 1662, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Michael Mltton, gentleman. She vas born about l6kh , as 
she was "age 85" In October 1728, and "age 90" In December 
1734. Thaddeus was killed by Indians on 5-I6-I690. Eliz- 
abeth died in Boston, Mass., 1736, age about 91. See MITTON. 

"Mr" Thaddeus Clarke is called "a man of standing and 
enterprise." His ancestry is not known. He is first men- 
tioned in 1662 when he was living at Clarke's Point, Port- 
land, Maine, and was one of the Commandants there, signing 
the Maine petition for Massachusetts to use force to pro- 
tect the inhabitants against Esquire Gorges* Commissioners. 
He fought through King Philip's War, 1675-76. A letter to 
his mother-in-law, Elizabeth [Mitton] Harvy, follows: 

"These For his honoured Mother Mrs. Elizabeth Harvy, 
living in Boston: 

After my duty & my wifes presented to your selfe 
these may inform you of our present health, of our 
present being when other of our friends are by the 
barbarous heathen cut off from having a being in 
this World. The Lord of late hath renewed his wit- 
nesses against us, & hath dealt very bitterly with 
us in that we are deprived of the Societie of our 
nearest friends by the breaking in of the adversarie 
against us: On Friday last in the morning your own 
Son with your two Sons in Law, Anthony and Thomas 
Brackett & their whole families were Killed & taken 
by the Indians, we Know not how, tis certainly known 
by us that Thomas is slain & his wife and children 
carried away captlue, & of Anthony & his familie we 
have no tidings & therefore think that they might be 
captivated the night before because of the remote- 
ness of their habitation from neighborhood. QT^ Cor- 
ban & all his family, G™ Lewis & his wife, James Ross 
& all his family, G^ Durham, John Munjoy & Daniel 
Wakely, Benjamin Hadwell & all his family are lost, 
all slain by Sun an hour high in the Morning & af- 
ter. G™ Wallis his dwelling house & none besides 
his is burnt. There are of men slain 11, of women & 
children 23 killed & takenj We that are aliue are 
forced upon Mr Andrewes his Island to secure our own 
\ & the Hues of our families. We have but little pro 
vision & are so few in number that we are not able 
to bury the dead till more strength come to us. The 
desire of the people to your Selfe is that you would 
be pleased to Speak to Mr Munjoy & Deacon Philips 
that they would entreat the Govemour that forthwith 
aid might be Sent to us either to fight the enemy on 
our borders that our English Corn may be inned in 
whereby we may comfortably liue, or remoue us out of 
danger that we may prouide for our Selues elswhere, 
hauing no more at present by desiring your prayers to 
God for his preservation of us in these times of 



danger, I rest , 

Your dutlfull Son, 
l'^- 6. 76. THADDEUS CLARK 

Remember my Loue to my sister &c." 

His signature Is on Major Nicholas Shaplelgh's pe- 
tition to the Council of London, that Maine be reinstated 
under royal authority, although Massachusetts had bought 
Gorges' patent. This petition was read before the Council 
9-30-1680. He vas Representative to the General Court of 
Massachusetts In 1684. Deeds transferring the vacant land 
of each town from the Lord Proprietor to the Inhabitants of 
each town were Issued In Boston 7-26-1684, and he was one 
of the trustees. He was on the Court of War at Falmouth 
and Scarborough In I689, being called Lieutenant Clarke. 

In the siege of Fort Loyal he led a sally for obser- 
vation, and with thirteen of his men was killed 5-16-1690-, 
at Munjoy's Hill. Five days afterward his wife and per- 
haps all of his children were killed or taken captive by 
the Indians. Jonathan escaped and brought the news of the 
battle and the burning of Portland. Mrs Beulah Patterson, 
born In 1740 and the great-granddaughter of Thaddeus, said 
that the mother and Rebecca were carried captive to Canada, 
where the mother died, aind Rebecca sold to the French Can- 
adians, among whom she lived so contented that when money 
was sent for her ransom she refused to leave, sending word 
that the money was not sufficient to supply her table for 
a single day, Mrs Patterson was in error in regard to the 
mother's death. The daughter Elizabeth was at the time 
the wife of Colonel Tyng, so it would seem that Rebecca and 
Martha were the ones captured. Mrs Elizabeth Tyng perhaps 
was slain in the massacre. Of the two Clarke girls. Cole- 
man says in "New England Captives Carried to Canada ' : "The 
two daughters were among the prisoners exchanged by Phlps, 
and in that long 'Relation of I689-9O ' written by Monselg- 
nat and addressed probably to Madam de Malntenon, they are 
described as having been very well bom. He says too that 
'...the Count had ransomed them and had put them in a place 
to board. '" 

Known children of Thaddeus and Elizabeth: 

1 Elizabeth^. D.I690. M.cl682, Col. Edward Tyng Jr.(l649- 

cl700);4 chil. (Dau. Elizabeth m.bro.of Ben.Fianklin) 

2 Isaac , cl666. 

3 Jonathan. No chil. Captured 169O, but escaped. 

4 Rebecca. Captured I69O; perhaps ransomed. 

5 Martha. M.Boston,1700, John MOre; 1 son. M. 2nd, 1712, 

John Harvey. She was a widow, Boston, 1719- 

ISAAC 2 CLARKE was born about 1666, as he was stated 
to be 102 at his death 5-26-I768. He married In Marlboro, 
Mass., 1691, Sarah, daughter of Samuel Stow. She died in 
Framlngham, Mass., on 5-7-1761, "age 88." See STOWE. 


He was a carpenter or builder, and was called "a man 
of temperate habits and correct morals." He was taken cap- 
tive at Fort Loyal in 1690, with his mother and sisters, 
but escaped or was ransomed. Tradition says he learned his 
trade in Marlboro, Mass., and settled in Framingham,Mass. , 
at or near Joel Tayntor's. He was a captain in Dummers' 
War. In I705 he bought ninety acres in Framingham. 

Mrs. Patterson (see Thaddeus-l) also related that in 
1759 Gen. Amherst halted at Marlboro on his march to Cana- 
da, and had his quarters in the tavern. He invited Capt. 
Clarke, then about ninety- three , to breakfast with him. 
Clarke rode to Marlboro on horseback, and hia vigor and vi- 
vacity so delighted Amherst that he was invited to accom- 
pany the General in a review of his troops "Capt. Clarke," 
said the General, "you have a fine horse there; if you will 
sell him I will give you his full value . " The old man an- 
swered: "No, General, He was bom on my farm, I raised him 
for my own use, and now I mean to wear him out." Isaac re- 
tained his vigor to a remarkable degree, and on his centen- 
nial birthday rode on horseback. His gravestone bears the 
inscription: "He lived seventy years with the wife of his 
youth. His offspring that descended from him was 25I." 

Children of Isaac and Sarah, last six in Framingham: 

1 Mercy3»^ M.1712, as 2nd wife, Joseph^ (Matthew^, Mat- 

thew"^) Gibbs (d.173^); 3 chil., 1716 - 1732. 

2 Martha, cl694. 5.179^^, "age 100." M.I716, MaJ.Joseph^ 

( Capt. Benjamin^, Ma j. Simon l)Willard (d. 177^); 12 chil. 

3 Matthias. Cornet. D.I78O. M.1729, Lydia* (Joshual) 

Eaton (d.1800); 7 chil. 
k Sarah , Framingham, 8-5-1701. 

5 Mary, 12-3I-I703. M.,cl724, William McCoy; 2 chil. 

6 Jonathan, 7-9-1706. D.1709. 

7 Isaac, 3-2^-1709- M.1740, Mary (Thomas* David 2, John^ 

Gregory !) Stone; dau. Beulah [Patterson] ;perh. others. 

8 Jonathan, 1712. D.CI789. M.,1745, as 2nd wife, Anne 

Wilson (CI716-I797); 5 chil. 

9 Rebecca. 9-3O-I716. D.CI787. M.1737, Lt. Samuel^' *» 

David 3, John2, Gregory ^) Stone (cl7l4-87); 10 chil. 

SARAH 3 CLARKE was bom in Framingham, 8-5-1701, where 
she married on 5-10-1719* Thomas Drury, Jr., who was bom 
in Sudbury, Mass., on 8-29-I690. Sarah died on 4-10-17^3, 
and Thomas married second on 9-26-1745, Mrs. Mary [Ward] 
Harrington. Mary died in Grafton, Mass., on II-3-I752, 
and Thomas died there on 12-2-1783. See DRURY . for desc. 


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CLARKE, New Hampshire. 73 

JOHN CLARKE was born about I620. There are records 
which show he was "about fifty-eight" in I678, and "about 
sixty" In 1680. The name of his wife is not known, nor 
when she died. John probably died shortly before 1700, as 
others were in possession of his property by that time! 

The great-grandson of Solomon Clarke stated that the 
first John Clarke came from Scotland. Other writers make 
the same assertion. There were several John Clarkes in the 
vicinity of what is now Portsmouth, N. H., but the follow- 
ing records are considered to belong to this John Clarke. 

He appears first in the records when his son Elisha 
was born in Wenham, Mass., inl665. He is found in Wenham, 
Portsmouth, Hampton and Exeter, all at first belonging to 
Massachusetts. On a Portsmouth list of I666, called The 
Names of those that subscribed towards Mr. Mody, that came 
since the yeere 1658, or did not then subscribe and of such 
as Lessened wt they then gave, "are the names of JnO Clarke: 
tl, and Charles Gleeden . L 1 . He removed to the [s]Quamscot 
Patent near Hampton Bounds by I670, when he had a town grant 
of thirty acres. A John Clarke of Portsmouth, and his wife 
Elizabeth, bought and sold land on Spruce Creek (Kittery) , 
Me., in 1670, but although in the same neighborhood, Noyes 
thinks this is another John Clarke. From I665 to I672 his 
children are recoixLed in Wenham, Mass. On the subscription 
list of 1671 in Portsmouth for the maintenance of Reverend 
Joshua Moody, his name is again down for il . 

In 1676 John Clarke and five others were convicted of 
"taking tobacco near the meetinghouse" in Hampton (forbid- 
den because of the danger of fire), and fined ten shillings 
each. In I68O New Hampshire separated from Massachusetts, 
and that year he was taxed on an Exeter, N.H. . grant. (In 
1700 this property was laid out to his son-in-law, Clement 
Moody.) He signed the New Hampshire petition against the 
notorious Gov. Cranfield. In 1586 and I687 his name la in 
the account book kept by storekeeper Gerrish. He witnessed 
the will of Moses Oilman. In 1692 he signed the New Hamp- 
shire petition to the King and Queen, asking for equal 
privileges with Massachusetts. (Other Glidden ancestors 
that signed were Hon. John Oilman and Thomas Philbrink.) 
He is probably also the John Clarke who had a seat in the 
"men's gallery fronting the pulpit" in Portsmouth in 1693- 
No wife is mentioned. 

Children of John and unknown wife: 

1 Jonathan^, cl66l-2. D. by 17^0. Soldier of Exeter in 

1696. M.1686, Mary 2 (Henryl, "a Scot") Magoon, (b. 
1666); perhaps 4 chil. 

2 Elisha, Wenham, Mass., 4-12-1665. Alive 1739- Ferry- 

man. M., Kittery, Me., CI69O, Sarah^ (John^) Taylor; 
8 chil., 1691 - 1710. (A Solomon b. I708.) 

3 Martha, Wenham, 3-28-1667- 

4 Sarah . Wenham, 2-14-1669. 

5 Solomon, Wenham, 2-19-1672. Perhaps the Solomon Clarke 

In the Canada Expedition In 169O. 


CLARKE, New Hampshire 

5 Ichabodf 12-25-1675. (Birthplace not given in Gen. 

Diet, of Me. and N.H.) He was living In Stratham, 

N.H., In 1752. 
7 Mary, &-I8-I678. Birthplace not given. 


was born on 

to be the Sarah, 
The 1680 Exeter 
out to Clement 

She Is thought 
1706 records . 
Clarke, was laid 
Sarah's share of her father's es 
It is not known when Sarah 
Moody's widow was an Alice Moody 
istration of his estate in favor 
Moody Junior. See MOODY. 

2-1^-1669 in V;'enham, Mass. 

wife of Clement Moody, in 
grant of her father, John 

Moody in I7OO, probably 
tate . 

died, but in 1729 Clement 
, who renounced the admln- 

of the eldest son Clement 

Sarah-2 Clarke 



David-2 Moody 



Mary -3 Moody 



Elizabeth-5 Ladd 



Samuel-6 Glidden 



Clarlssa-7 Matilda 




Clement-1 Moody 
Mary-5 Gilman 
John- 4 Ladd 
Jonathan- 5 Glidden 
Lucinda-6 Goss 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 

Authorities : 

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tionary of Maine and New. Hampshire . 
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JOHN CLEEVE . linen draper, wa3 living in Storgursey, 
seven miles from Stogumber, Somerset, in I582. He died be- 
fore 1591, for by that time his wife had become Anna Gary. 

GEORGE CLEEVE . gentleman, was born about I586, prob- 
ably in Storgursey, Somerset, There is a record of a mar- 
riage of a George Cleve, vintner, to Alice Abrooke, widow 
of William Abrooke, in London on IO-I7-I612. Another mar- 
riage record is that of George Cleaves of Saint Peter's in 
Cornhill, to Alice Stortoll of Saint Saviour, Southwark, 
(not far from London), on 9-22-l6l4. It is certain, how- 
ever, that in 1617 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, he married 
Joan Price, the daughter of a burgess. She was born about 
1585, since she was "age I6" in 1601. No records of their 
deaths have been found. However, Joan was living, though 
ill, in 1659, and George was alive in November 1666, but 
probably died soon after. His burial place is not known. 

Of his life in England little is known. In June I6OO 
he was apprenticed to a fuller of Bristol, Eng., for seven 
years, but he became a vintner instead. The Shrewsbury tax 
roll of 1616 -1617 has George Cleve and Thomas Lewis taxed 
together as vintners. There is an English record in which 
he represented that his mother held an estate worth For- 
ty Pounds per annum. The baptism bf his son Cleombrut- 
us is recorded in Shrewsbury in 1620. 

The ship Swift, Steven Reeks, Master, sailed from 
Bristol in April l630,with passengers and freight for Saco 
and Casco Bay in Maine. Banks says that George Cleeve and 
Thomas Lewis and their families were probably on the ship. 

Cleeve settled first at Spurwink, Maine, in I630 or 
1631, built a house and planted, having a promise from Sir 
Ferdinando Gorges, the patentee of Maine, of 2000 acres of 
land. He and Richard Tucker share the honor of founding 
Portland, Me. In I632 Cleeve bought a share in the patent 
which Tucker had purchased of Richard Bradshaw. John Win- 
ter, as agent of Robert Trelawney of Plymouth, ejected him 
from the land, and seized upon his houses. When Trelawney 
remarked to him that he could become a tenant of his else- 
where, Cleeve made his much-quoted answer — that he would 
be "tenant to never a man in New England." (See also the 
statement made by William Hilton.) 

He made several trips to England. While in England 
in January I637, Sir Ferdinando Gorges granted to him and 
Richard Tucker, for a consideration of LI 50, a deed of some 
1500 acres along the coast from the Casco to the Presump- 
scot rivers, in addition to Hog Island, where they had been 
planting for years. They were to call it Stogumber, for 
their supposed birthplace. He is called Esquire Cleeve in 
this patent. Cleeve was also granted protection under the 
privy seal for exploring Lake Champlain, and a monopoly of 
trade In beaver about the lake. He gave testimony in the 
presence of the King to the integrity and loyalty of John 
Wlnthrop, "to such purpose that the King expressed himself 


most highly pleased therewithal, only sorry that so vorthy 
a person should be no better accommodated than with the 
hardships of America." 

In 1639 the King conferred upon Sir Ferdinando the 
right to establish a government in his province, the name 
of which was changed to Maine. The first term of court was 
held in March l640. Cleeve immediately commenced actions 
against Winter to recover his property, obtaining judgment 
in his favor. Although one of the chief litigants before 
the court, he was appointed foreman of the Grand Jury. 

From Portland Centennial Celebration, I886, page 28l : 
"Cleeve 's lawsuits about his title, he won twice over. But 
winning them twice was not enough. .. .Evidence is plentiful 
that a strong conspiracy . . . had been formed against the 
owner of 'the Neck. ' [Now the site of the business portion 
of Portland.] His enemies belonged to the Royalist party 
....News came in 1642 that their friends over the water had 
met with disaster and that Oliver Cromwell had appeared 
victorious on the scene. Cleeve, with that promptness to 
seize an advantage which was not the least of his charac- 
teristics, Immediately crossed the Atlantic. .. .He fo\ind the 
backers of his enemies at home dispersed and overthrown. .. . 
In a short time he had induced Sir Alexander Rigby, a pow- 
erful member of Parliament, to purchase the Lygonia patent 
which covered an area forty miles square. . .stretching from 
Cape Porpoise to Merrymeeting Bay.... Of this territory Mr. 
Rigby appointed Cleeve the Deputy President. .. .[Cleeve] pe- 
titioned Parliament aiid obtained from it a commission to 
examine into charges of misgovernment [by his foes] , which 
he filed against them. For the next three years, marked 
on his part by a course of conduct remarkably judicious, 
especially when his earnest and headstrong nature is con- 
sidered, his authority was successfully resisted, but in 
1646 the commissioners of foreign plantations decided in 
his favor, and George Cleeve took his rightful position as 
a recognized leader among men. From that time until the 
death of Rigby in I65O, the province of Lygonia, and espe- 
cially the Neck, enjoyed peace and prosperity, while all 
around was discontent and misgovernment. .. .For seven years 
he kept up his unequal conflict at home and abroad, but 
was obliged in 1658 to yield to the claims of Massachu- 
setts. From that time he was a loyal citizen of that pro- 
vince. " 

From the Brackett Genealogy: "It is to be regretted 
that more information has not been preserved aa to the hal- 
cyon days in Lygonia when the province was ruled by a just 
and upright man for twelve years, who had completed his 
three score years and ten before he commenced to rule.... 
Not a single incident happened to cast reproach upon his 
administration. . . .He was perhaps irascible and quick-tem- 
pered, and on occasions used harsh language. It was his 
lot to become involved in the most trying of all affairs 
connected with business, that of interminable litigation, 
and to have for opponents unscrupulous men of meeuas and 



power. That he should lose his temper and soundly berate 
them Is nothing to be surprised at. He was inclined to 
live at peace with his neighbors, and he had a very quar- 
relsome and greedy few among them. That he was neither 
quarrelsome nor litigious is shown by the fact that for 
twelve years under Rigby's proprietary government he was 
at peace with all men, and during those years there was no 
person in the province who had more power and influence 
than he.... He was entirely trustworthy and honorable in 
all his dealings. It can be truthfully said of him that 
for native ability no man in the province surpassed him; 
and for honorability in his dealings and for steadfastness 
of principle and purpose, no man in the province was his 
peer." Vfhen very aged he was chosen Representative for 
Portland. In I658 he deeded to "his grandchild Nathaniel 
Mitton lands adjoining that formerly granted to his father 
Michael Mitton, gentleman." In I659 he was sued by Robert 
Jordan, and made ablanket transfer to Deacon John Philips, 
with a lease back for the lives of himself and wife. 
Known children of George and Joan: 


1 Cleombrotus , bap. St. Chad's Church, Shrewsbury, Eng. 

3-13-1620/1. D. 1621. 

2 Anne, bap. 6-24-1623. D. 1624. 

3 ElizaTpeth . 

ELIZABETH ^ CLEEVE was bom in England and came with 
her parents in I63O. Her age is not known. She married 
Michael Mitton, gentleman, the date not known, but prob- 
ably about 1637. Michael's age is lonknown also. He died 
before 1663, at which time Widow Elizabeth Mitton deeded to 
her son-in-law Thaddeus Clark, presiimably for support. She 
was married again to Peter Harvy of Boston, but was again 
a widow in June I67I, when she deeded to Thomas and Mary 
Brackett for life support. See MITTON . 

Elizabeth-2 Cleeve m. , Michael-1 Mitton 

Elizabeth-2 Mitton m. cl662, Thaddeus-1 Clarke 

Isaac-2 Clarke m. I69I, Sarah-4 Stowe 

Sarah-3 Clarke m. 1719, Thomas-4 Drury 

Rachel-5 Drury m. 17^7, Simon-5 Brooks 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

Prudence-6 Shepard m. I806, Joseph-6 Blake 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glidden 

Authorities : 

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and New Hampshire. ^ .. ^ ^h 

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BENJAMIN 1 COOLEY , the Immigrant of this family, ap- 
pears to have come from Rutland, England, (perhaps Rusland, 
Lancashire?) . In I669 he made a deposition. In which his 
age Is stated to be "52 or thereabouts," hence he vas born 
about 1617. His wife's name was Sarah, thought by some to 
be a sister of George Colton, on account of the close as- 
sociation of the two men; others think she may have been a 
Sarah Tremalne. Benjamin died in that part of Springfield, 
Mass., which became Longmeadow, on 8-17-1684. Sarah died 
there just six days later - on 8-23-1664, 

Springfield was settled by people from Connecticut - 
coming by way of the Connecticut River, Benjamin probably 
one of them. The first record of him is the birth of his 
daughter Bethlah in 1643. He Is on a list made in Spring- 
field, 1651, in which he is called "first proprietor," hav- 
ing received one of the first allotments of land granted in 
1645, of nine acres. He afterwards acquired a great deal 
more, and left a large estate. 

He was a weaver by occupation. In 1646 he was chosen 
Selectman, serving eighteen years (excepting l655> when he 
refused), the longest period of service ever given by any 
one man. He took the Oath of Allegiance in 1649, was on 
all the committees "to dispose of the lands of the planta- 
tion, " and was contlnu ally in office until his death In 
1684. In 1679 he petitioned General Court "to lay down 
his place as enslgne to the Foote Company in Springfield, . . 
being aged and deaf," but it was two years before another 
satisfactory ensign could be appointed. 

His will was not completed. The inventory and un- 
finished will were filed in September 1684. 

Children of Benjamin and Sarah, born in Springfield: 

1 Bethiah2, 9-I6-I643. D.I7II. M.1664, Henry2 ( Samuel ^) 

Chapin (1630-1718); 6 chil. 

2 Obadiah, 9-27-1646. D.I690. M.I67O, Rebecca^ (Johnl) 

Williams (1649-1715); 8 chil. Rebecca m. ,2nd, I69I, 
as 2nd wife, John Warner (d.l724); 1 child. 

3 Ellakim, 1-8-1649. D.171I. M.1679, Hannah^ (Thomasl) 

Tlbbals (1657-1711); 5 chil. 

4 Daniel , 5-2-1651. 

5 Sarah, 2-27-1654. D. before 1714. M.,l680, Jonathans 
^ (Miles 1) Morgan (1646 -1730); 5 chil. 

6 Benjamin, 9-I-I656. D.1731. M.1695, Abigail^ (John^) 

Bagg (1673-1739); 6 chil. 

7 Mary, 6-22-1659- D.,1720. M.,1687, Thomas'^ (Samuel^ ) 

Terry (I665-I76O); 7 chil. He m.2nd, Mary Meacham; 
no chil.; and 3rd, Widow Hannah Chapin (d.l743). 

8 Joseph, 3-6-1662, D,1740. Lieutenant. M.I685, Mary3 

(George^, Edward^) Griswold (1663-1739); 5 chil. 

DANIEL 2 COOLEY was born on 5-2-I651 in Springfield, 
Mass. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Simon Wolcott, on 


12-8-1680. She vas born in Windsor, Conn., 9-19-1662, and 
died on I-3I-I708. Her brother was Governor Roger '/olcott 
of Connecticut, and her mother was the beautiful and tal- 
ented Martha Pitkin. See WOLCOTT. Daniel married again, 
6-17-1709, Lydia, daughter of John Dumbleton and widow of 
Jonathan Burt. Lydia was born on 4-l6-l66l. Daniel died 
on 2-9-1727 and Lydia on I-3I-I740, both in Springfield. 

Daniel and his brother Benjamin Junior were left by 
their father "all my land at Chlcopy, on the east side of 
the Great River with and besides all the grants I have had 
from the Town neare and thereaboute, this to be divided be- 
twixt these two brethren equally .. .and that piece of ground 
his house stands on," besides several other bequests. Dan- 
iel bought a great deal additional land, and was called a 

He took the Oath of Allegiance In I678. He was ac- 
tive in public affairs in Springfield, serving as Consta- 
ble in 1692, 1699 and 17OO, as Selectman in 1694 and I695, 
and Fenceviewer in 1698. He was one of the Longmeadow men 
who signed the petition of I703 for permission to remove 
to higher ground, following the flooding along the Connec- 
ticut River. He was appointed Fenceviewer in 1705, served 
as Tithingman in I706 . His name occurs seldom in the re- 
cords after his second marriage, except in sales of land. 

His will was made on 6-0-I726, and when the estate 
was settled in 1729 it was appraised at more than t828, a 
large sum for those times. 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth, born Springfield: 

1 Benjamin 3, IO-8-I681. 

2 Daniel, 3-23-1684. D.,1773. M..lst, I7IO, Jemima^, 

(John 2, Daniell) Clark (d.l732); chil. M. 2d, 17^5, 
Rebecca Tr\iman, prob. a widow; no chil. 

3 Simon, 3-6-I687. D.1746. Ensign; tavernkeeper. M.lst 

1709, Ellzabeth4 (Samuel^, Nathaniel2 , Jasper^) Gunn 
of Hatfield {d.nkk); 11 chil. M. ,2nd,17'^4, Jerusha 
[Dickinson], widow of Daniel Russell; no chil. 

4 John, 2-23-1689. D.176I. M.1713, Mercy 2 (Johnl) Gunn 

of Hatfield (d.l758); 8 chil. a , ^ % 

5 Thomas, 6-23-1694. D.1719. M.cl715, Rebecca* (John-^, 

John2, Edward 1) Elmer (cl693-1769) ; 1 son. Rebecca 
m. 2nd, 1722, Edward Kibbe Jr. (1668-1756). 

6 Elizabeth, 7-23-I696. Taught school when 17- M.1719, 

Jo3hua3(Samuel2,Zechariahl)Field (I695-I783) ;5 chil. 

7 William, 8-12-1698. D.,1775. M..I727, Elizabeth^ 

(John2, Daniell) Clark (1702-1772); 3 chil. 

BENJAMIN *^ COOLEY , the eldest son, was bom in Spring- 
field, Mass., on IO-8-I68I. He married on I-3O-I7OI, Mar- 
garet, daughter of Samuel Bliss. She was born in Spring- 
field on 11-30-1683, but the record of her death has not 
been found. Benjamin died about 1745, probably in Green- 
wich, Conn. See BLISS . 

Benjamin and his brother Simon were willed by their 


father In 1726, his "upper lots of grants In the outward 
commons on the east side of the Great River." Benjamin vas 
an assessor and Selectman In Springfield. He served vlth' 
Major Hawks' company In the Canada Expedition. 

The family may have lived In Brlmfleld, Mass., for a 
time, and some of the children remained there. However, 
there are no records of the parents' deathln Brlmfleld. 

Children of Benjamin and Margaret, bom Springfield: 

1 Benjamin*, 11-5-1701. M., 1st, 1730, Elizabeth^ (Johnl) 

Charles (1710-17^3); ^ chil. M. 2nd, 17^5, Mary* (An- 
thony 3, Anthony2, Anthonyl) Needham (b.l725);6 chll. 

2 Keziah . 10-29-1702. 

3 Azariah, 8-21-1704. D.1734. (Perhaps 1st wife Rebec- 

ca Dick; 1 son, Samuel, I73I.) Wife Abigail; 1 son. 

4 Nathaniel, 6-24-1706. M.1734, Rachel Bliss Slkes; 

7 chll. 

5 Zervlah, 2-29-1709. M. ,1727, Brlmfleld, Joseph Jen- 

nings Jr.; 1 son b. Brlmfleld, 1739. 

6 Margaret, I-3O-I7IO. D.1754. M.I729, Joseph* (David 3 

2^ Miles 1) Morgan (1705-1798) of Brlmfleld; 

9 chll. He m. 2d, 1757, Rachel Dada (d.lSlO); 2 sons. 

7 Ebenezer, 7-5-1716. D.1753. M. , Brlmfleld, 1736, Mary* 

(Samuel^, Thomas^, Thomas^) Barnes; 9 chll. Mary m. 
2nd, 1758, Abraham byham (d.l779); 2 aaus. 

8 Son, 2-22-1717. D. inf. 

KEZIAH COOLEY , eldest daughter, was born in Spring- 
field (Longmeadow) , Mass., on 10-29-1702. She married in 
Brookfleld, Mass., on II-25-I723, Philip Goss 3rd, who was 
born about I7OO. Philip died some time before 9-17-1742, 
when his estate was Inventoried. Keziah 's second husband, 
whom she married in 1744, was Timothy Brown, and they may 
have removed to Granville, Mass. See GOSS. 


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Keziah-4 Cooley m. 1723, Philip-3 Goss 

Philip-4 Goss m. 1748, Hannah Ball 

Nathaniel-5 Goss m. 1776, Rachel Gould 

Luclnda-6 Goss m. 1811, Samuel-6 Glidden 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. I858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


PHILEMON 1 DALTON. s age Is given as 45 on the passen- 
ger list of the ship which brought him in I635 - therefore 
he was born about 1590, in England. His wife's name was 
Hannah, but he seems to have had a second wife, as his will 
names his wife "Dorety." Philemon was fatally injured by 
the fall of a tree while in Ipswich, Mass., and he died on 
6-4-1662. Dorothy married on 11-25-1662, Godfrey Dear- 
born, who died in 1686. 

Philemon had a distinguished elder brother, the Rev. 
Timothy Dalton of Hampton, N. H., who entered St. John's 
College, Cambridge University, England, in 1610, and was 
ordained in l6l4. He died in I66I, leaving no descendants. 

On the list of passengers of the ship Increase, "XV 
Aprilis 1635," is the following: "Philemon Dalton, a lynnen 
wev', 45; Uxor, Hanna Dalton, 35; Samuel Dalton, 5-1/2." 
( Stephen Upson was on this same ship.) They landed some- 
where in Massachusetts and settled in Dedham, Mass., where 
Philemon was made Freeman in I636 (implying membership in 
the church). The same year he was allotted twelve acres. 
Later he moved to Hampton, N.H., where he was Selectman in 
1644. In 1645 authority was granted him to perform mar- 
riages, the clergy not as yet being allowedto do this. In 
those days the seating in the Meeting House was strictly 
In order of importance; on 3-4-1650 Philemon was assigned 
to a seat "at the table," and "Goody Dalton" was assigned 
to the first seat for women. 

His will of 11-11-1656, proved 10-14-1662, mentions 
his wife Dorety, his son Samuel, daughter [-in-law] Mehit- 
able Dalton, and Hannah Dalton, presumably his grandchild. 

Only child of Philemon and Hannah of record: 

1 Samuel^ , born in England about I629. 

SAMUEL^ DALTON yas born about 1629 in England, as he. 
was in his sixth year when he arrived in America in 1635. 
In a deposition in I669 he stated his age as bout thirty, 
and in a record in October 167I, his age is given as about 
forty-two. He married before 1555, Mehetabel, daughter of 
Henry Palmer of Haverhill, Mass. Mehetabel was born about 
1630. Samuel died in Hampton, N.H., on 8-22-1681, and 
Mehetabel married on II-26-I683, Rev. Zechariah Symmes of 
Bradford, Mass., who was born on I-9-I638 and died in Brad- 
ford on 3-22-1708. Mehetabel 's death has not been found. 

Samuel lived in the homestead in Hampton, which he 
inherited from his father. He was a very Influential man, 
and for thirty years or more he held offices of trust and 
transacted a great amount of business. Massachusetts Court 
Record: "In answer to the motion of the Deputy of Hampton, 
Mr. Samuel Dalton is appointed and empowered to solemnize 
marriage of persons (one of whom is resident in that town) 
being published according to 1 awe, and to administer oathes 


to witnesses as cases may require, and vas commissionated 
to be an associate in the County Courts as the last yeares." 

Samuel and Mehitabel were witnesses to Thomas Phil- 
brick's' will in 1664. 

The estate of Samuel Dalton was granted to his wife 
Mehetabel on 12-6-l68l. The inventory, amounting to t848, 
mentions an estate in Haverhill, Mass., given him by his 
father-in-law Henry Palmer. 

Children of Samuel and Mehetabel, first seven being 
recorded in Hampton, N. H." 

1 Hannah^, I-II-I655. D.I674, lonmarried. 

2 Samuel, 9-I9-I656. D.I708. M. , Haverhill, I683, Doro- 

thy2 (Robert!) Swan (I666-I7OO); 8 chil. M.2d,1701. 
Hannah [Davis], widow of John Kezar ( Ind3.l697) 

3 Mehetabel , II-3-I658. 

4 Elizabeth, 2-11-1661. M. Scott. 

5 Timothy, I-25-I663. D., Boston, I681 . Had bequest in 

will of Rev. Timothy Dalton. 

6 Philemon, 12-15-1664. D.1721. Deacon. M.,1690, Abi- 

gails (EdwardS, Johnl ) Gove (I67O-I75I); 10 chil. 
(Dau. Mary perhaps m. Edward French. See Mary 13 • ) 
Abigail m. 2nd, 1724, Benjamin Sanborn. M., 3rd, 1746, 
James Prescott Jr. 

7 John, 12-23-1666. Henry Palmer beq. to him, I68O. A 

John Dalton was killed in raid, I708, French & Inds. 

8 Caleb, 4-29-1668. D.1675. 

9 Abiah, 6-3-I67O. Living, 1734. M.I69O, Gershom2 (Rob- 

ert 1) Haseltine (I662-I711); 1 son. 

10 Twin of Abiah, 6-3-I67O. D. at birth. 

11 Joseph, 5-2-1672. D.I673. 

12 Abigail, 11-21-1673- M.I699, Richard Hall (I676-I73O). 

13 Mary, IO-31-I675. Perhaps m.1716, Edward French. See 

Philemon 6. 

14 Dorothy, 12-6-1677- M.1701, Ebenezer Stiles. 

MEHETABEL ^ DALTON ' was born on 11 3-I658 in Hampton, 
N. H. Her birth is also recorded in Haverhill, Mass. The 
"Register of the names of Such Children as have bin borne 
in Hampton in the yeare l654 & so forward" states: "Mehet 
abel, the daughter of Sam^l Dalton and of Mehetabel his 
wife, was Borne the 3rd of the 9th mo. I658." (Old Style, 
-March being the first month.) She married on 4-l4-l68l 
Thomas, son of James Philbrick of Hampton. Thomas died in 
Kingston, N. H., on I-I-I712, and Mehetabel married the 
same year, as his second wife, Timothy Hilllard, who had 
married as his first wife, Apphia Philbrick, the sister of 
Thomas. Mehi table died on 8-I7-1723. 

The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hamp- 
shire mistakenly gives her husband as Thomas Stickney of 
Bradford, Mass., who died in 1714. The Kimball Genealogy 
says he married Mehe table Kimball, also born in 1658, but 
who died in I689. See PHILBRICK. 



Mehltable-3 Dalton m. 

Mehltable-4 Philbrick m, 

John-^ Ladd m. 

Elizabeth-5 Ladd m. 

Samuel -6 Glldden m. 

Clarissa-? Matilda Glldden m. 

1681, Thoinas-3 Philbrick 

1712, Da.iiiel-3 Ladd 

CI76I, Mary-3 Moody 

CI785, Jonathan-5 Glldden 

1811, Luclnda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 

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ARMS: Silver, a chevron between three cross- 
lets fltchee sable. 

CREST: A felon's head couped at neck proper, 
haltered gold. 

No evidence has been found as to the relationship 
between Francis, Humphrey, Rev. John, Capt. Richard and 
Thomas Davenport, - five heads of Davenport families who 
settled within the present limits of Boston before I676. 
However, it has been fo\and that they themselves, or their 
immediate descendants used as their seal the above arms, 
which were used by Rev. John Davenport, founder of New 
Haven, Connecticut. 

THOMAS ^ DAVENPORT, birth date unknown, died in Dor- 
chester, Mass., on II-9-I685. His wife Mary, parentage not 
now known, died there on 10-4-1691. 

The History of Dorchester names him in a list of men 
who arrived about the time of Mr. Mather, I635. He first 
appears on the Dorchester records as a member of the first 
church, 11-20-1640, his wife Mary joining 3-8-1644. He was 
made Freeman on 5-18-1642, indicating that he was already 
a proprietor. He bought a house and lands from William 
Pigrom in I653 and one from William Blake in I665. Another 
record shows that he boiight land from a Widow Mary Glover 
in 1659. He probably lived on the eastern slope of Mount 
Bowdoin, near the corner of what is now Bowdoin Street and 
Union Avenue, He served as Constable in I670. 

He made his will on 7-24-1683, "being aged," leaving 
the homestead to his youngest son John after Mary's death. 
He had evidently disposed of much of his property to his 
other children before his death. The inventory was L322. 

Children of Thomas and Mary, all but Mary-2 recorded 
in Dorchester: 

1 Sarah^, Boston, 12 28-1643. D.1679. M. Samuel Jones; 

1 child. Samuel m.2nd,l68l, Mary Tucker. 

2 Thomas, bap. 3-2-1645. K., K.Philip's War, 1675. Unmar. 

3 Mary, bap. 1-21-1649. D.I69I. M.,bef. I67I, Samuel^ 

(Clement^) Maxfield; 6 chil. Samuel m., I69I, 2nd, 
Christian Potter; 1 child. 

4 Charles, bap. 9-7-1652. 

5 Abigail, bap. 7-8-1655. 

6 Mehi table, bap. 2-14-1657. 

7 Mehi table, 3-5-1659. D. I663. Twin. 

8 Jonathan, 3-6-I659. Twin. D. , R.I. ,1729. M.l680,Hannah3 

(John2, Johnl) Maynard of Marlboro (b.l660); 9 chil. 

9 Ebenezer. 4-26-l66l. D.I738. Weaver. M.l8t,bef .I683, 

Dorcas^ (James^, Samuel^ ) Andrews of Falmouth (d., 
1723); 9 chil. M. ,2nd, 1724 Sarah Bart let t. M.,3rd, 

Patience , who left him bef . I727. 

10 John, 10-20-1664. D. , Milton, I725. M. bef. 1695, Naoml3 
(Timothy2, Edward^) Foster (1667-1739); 7 chil. 


CHARLES^ DAVENPORT was baptized In Dorchester, Mass. , 
on 9-7-lo52- He married before I679, Valtstlll, daughter 
of Quartermaster John Smith of Dorchester. She was born In 
Dorchester on I2-II-I658. Charles died on 2-1-1720, and 
Valtstlll died on 8-9-17^7, both In Dorchester. See SMITH . 

Their marriage record has not been found, but In the 
will of his brother Thomas, 1675, he Is called unmarried, 
while their first child was born on 6-20-1679. Mary, the 
sister of Waitstlll, was the wife of Thomas Hinckley, Gov- 
ernor of Massachusetts. 

Charles was named executor of his father's estate in 
1685, the eldest son, Thomas, having been killed by the 
Indians at Narragansett in I675. Charles perhaps fought 
in King Philip's War also, as he Is called Ensign in the 
records. He held many offices in Dorchester, and was Se- 
lectman most of the time from I70O to 1714. 

The homestead was on Washington Street on the south 
side of Mount Bowdoln, but in 1706 he and his son Paul pur- 
chased land in the southern part of Canterbury, Conn., "with 
buildings and fences," of Jeremiah Pitch, and he presuma- 
bly lived there for a time, though he died in Dorchester. 

Children of Charles and Valtstlll, born Dorchester: 

1 Eunice^, 6-20-l679« D.1759, unmar. 

2 Sarah , 7-IO-I68I. 

3 Paul, 1-30 1683. M.,1709, Abigail^ (Joseph?) Adams of 

Canterbury, Conn.' 5 chil b. Canterbury. 

4 Thomas, January, I688. D. inf. 

5 Waitstlll, 7-18-1689. D.I736. M.I712, Ebenezer Jones 

(d.l736+); 4 chil. 

6 Abigail, 3-10-1693. D.I733. M.I715, Thomas Adams of 

Canterbury; 6 chil . 

7 Thomas, 8-22-1695. M.1715. Mary^ (Smith*, Smith^, 

Robert^, Nathaniel^) Woodward (b. 1695);. 8 chil. 

8 Charles, 2-15 1700. M.,1722, Jemima * (Thomas 3, 

Thomas2, Thomas 1) Tolman (d 1735); 6 chil. M.,2nd, 
Joanna ; 7 chil t 

9 Mary, 3-1^-1705. D.,1737. M.1724. Joseph* (Richards. 

James^, John^) Adams (cl696-1753) J ^ ct^H* M.,2nd, 
1738, Elizabeth Cary (d. 1753) J 7 chil. 

SARAH ^ DAVENPORT was born in Dorchester cn7-10-l68l. 
She was married by the Rev. Mr. Danforth on 1-20-1702 to 
Increase, son of Henry Leadbetter of Dorchester. She died 
on 6-16-1734 and Increase on 11-10-1737, both being buried 
in the Old Dorchester Burying Ground See LEADBETTER , for 
descent to Edward-7 Wales Blake, 

Authorities : 

New England Register, Vol 4^30-3^ 82:152 (arms) 
Dorchester and Boston Mass., Vital Records. 



ARMS: Argent a lion passant 
between three crosses 
pattee f itchee gules . 

CREST: On a ducal coronet or 
a hawk close argent, 
beaked proper. 

Accepted by Heraldry Committee of the New England Historic 
Genealogical Society, as granted to John Deighton of Wood- 
some, Yorkshire, in 1592. Woodsome (Voodhouseham) is the 
ancient name for Staincliffe Hall. The coat of arms, as 
reported to be on John Deighton 's tomb in Saint Nicholas' 
Church, varies as follows: "Three crosses crosslet f itchee 
gules. ' Both coats were used by the Yorkshire Deightons. 

JOHN DIGHTON . Gent., was born in England about 1564, 
probably in Gloucester. He married in St. Nicholas Church 
there on 4-12-1605, Jane, daughter of Edward Bassett, Es- 
quire, of Uley in Gloucestershire. Jane died on 4-23-1631 
and John died, 5-16-1640, both in Gloucester. See BASSETT . 

John was a surgeon, and evidently a descendant of the 
Yorkshire Dighton family, possibly of the Staincliffe Hall 
branch. Dighton was not a common name in Gloucestershire, 
where he was living in 1605 • "Men and Armour of Glouces- 
ter, 1608," records that this John Deighton lived in the 
west part of the city of Gloucester, was about forty years 
of age in l608 and could furnish a musket as needed. Har- 
leian Society has a manuscript which John wrote about I636 
to the editors of "Foxe's Actes and Monuments," to correct 
an error of Foxe respecting the martyrdom of Home at New- 
ent, and stating that he knew Foxe, who died in 1587. 

John's will of I-3I-I639, proved 5-21-1640, left to 
his daughter Damaris several houses, some pieces of ground 
and leaseholds, and appointed her sole executrix ard resid- 
uary legatee. He mentioned all his living children, in- 
cluding Frances Williams. 

He was buried 5-19-1640 as "John Dighton the Elder," 
In St. Nicholas Church. The inscription on his tomb reads: 
"Here lie interred the bodies of John Deighton of this city, 
gent., and Jane his wife, daughter to Edward Bassett of 
Uley, Esquire, by whom he had issue three sons and four 



daughters. He spent all his time in the study of chiorgery 
and attained to great knowledge thereof. He died..., etc. 

Children of John and Jane, probably born in Glouces- 
ter Baptisms of all but Mary and the first John recorded 
in St. Nicholas Church: 

John, cl6o6 Prob. d yg. 

John, bap 4-9-160?. "Eldest sonne" in father's will. 
Eminent surgeon. Inscrip. on monument in St. Nicho- 
las Ch.: "John Dlghton of this city, gentleman. Prac- 
titioner in Phycick & Chirurgery. Died Oct 31,1676." 
M. (2nd wife?) Mary Anstye [Arislye?] . Son John was 
minor canon and vicar of St Mary de Lode in 1675, 
and m. Anne Urutt. 

Jane, bap. 4-5-1609- "Eldest dau." in father's will. 
Liv., Boston, Mass . , I67I . M lst,l627, John Lugg (d. 
1644+); 5 chil. M.2d, Jonathan Negus {b.l601);l son 

Frances ^, bap. 4-1-1611. 

Katharine, bap. I-I6-I615. 
Hagburne (d.l643); 4 chil 
Dudley (d.l653); 3 chil. 
(d.1671); 3 chil. He d 

D.,1671. M.,1633, Samuel 

M., 2nd, 1644, Gov. Thomas 

M. 3rd, 1653, Rev. John Allin 

3 days bef . Katharine and 

was buried in the same grave 

6 Damaris, bap. 3-22-l6l6. 

trix of father's will, 

7 Mery, 0I618. Perhaps d. 

8 Thomas, bap. 8-19-1621. 

Residuary legatee and execu- 
1640 Unmarried in 1640. 
yg. No further record. 
Alive, 1640. No further rec. 

9 Son, probably named Samuel, who died before 1624. 

FRANCES 1 D IGHTON was baptized in St. Nicholas Church 
in Gloucester, England, 3-1-1511. She married in England 
on 2-11-1632, Richard, son of William Williams of Synwell, 
near Gloucester. They came to New England before I637 and 
settled in Taxmton. Mass., Richard dying, probably shortly 
before 9-I5-I693, when his will was probated. The record 
of Frances' death has not been found, but her will was pro- 
bated on 3-7-1706 in Taunton. See WILLIAMS. 

Frances-1 Dighton 
Elizabeth-2 Williams 
Mehltable-3 Bird 
Ebenezer-4 Blake 
Seth-5 Blake 
Joseph-5 Blake 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 

m. 1632, 

m. CI665. 

m. CI690, 

m. 1736, 

m. 1772, 

m. 1806, 

m. 1858, 

Richard-1 Williams 
John-2 Bird 
J03eph-3 Blake 
Relief-3 Leadbetter 
Rooksby-5 Marshall 
Prudence -6 Shepard 
Clarlssa-7M. Glldden 

Authorities : 

American Genealogist. Vol. 9:212, 220. 
Maine Hist. & Genealogical Recorder, Vol 5:255, 3°'^. 
New England Register. Vol. 45:303; 86:277 (arms). 
Visitation of Warwickshire, I619, page 56. 


HUGH ^ DRURY , said to be the son of Obed Drury of Lon- 
don, England, was born about I616 . He had a sister Lydia, 
who married James^ Hawkins (q.v.)- Hugh married first, in 
Boston, Mass., about 1645, Lydia, daughter of Edmund Rice. 
She was baptized in Barkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England, 
on 3-9-1620, and died in Boston on 4-5-1675. She was the 
mother of the only child that lived. Hugh married second 
in October I676, Mary Shrimpton, the widow of Rev. Edward 
Fletcher of New Hampshire. Mary died in I68O, and Hugh on 
7-6-1689, both in Boston. See RICE . 

Hugh came to New England before l640, and was a first 
settler of Sudbury, Mass. He was called a house carpenter 
or builder, and seems to have had a great many real estate 
transactions . In 1642 he occupied the house and land in 
Sudbury, mortgaged for debt by William Swifte of Sandwich 
Mass. In 1646 he sold this property to his brother-in-law 
Edward Rice He removed to Boston about that time, as his 
wife Lydia joined the First Church of Boston on 3-12-1648. 
Hugh was admitted to that church on 4-16-1654, and having 
complied with the requirements, was made Freeman that same 
year, and chosen Surveyor He was appointed Constable in 
1655 and 1656. In I659 he joined the illustrious Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, and in 1664 he 
was elected its Second Sergeant. On 5-l6-l675 he was com- 
missioned Lieutenant in Captain Henchman's Fifth Militia 
Company in Boston. 

On the corner of what is now Batterymarch Street and 
Liberty Square once stood a wellknown "ordinary," which in 
1673 was known as the "Blue Bell," and as early as l674 was 
jointly tenanted by Deacon Henry Allen and Hugh Drury. In 
1692 it was called the "Castle Tavern," of which at his 
death Hugh owned a half. He also had lands near the Mill 
Bridge, etc. In I66O he sold land in Boston. 

His only son John died in 1678, and he held the es- 
tate until his own death, disposing of both estates by his 
will of 11-1-1687, which was proved 7-3O-I689. This will 
bequeathed to Mary, widow of John, the estate of which he 
had been executor, "for herself and her children"; to his 
sister Lydia Hawkins; to his "sons Thomas and John and his 
daughter Mary; and mentioned his deceased wife Lydia. He 
appointed his friend Henry Allen and "brother Henry Rice," 
executors, with his "brother Edward Rice" alternate in case 
of the death of either. In the final division of the es- 
tate, which division was declared to be "as in said will 
expressed," the last three heirs were called, and signed 
themselves, the children of his son John, therefore Hugh's 
grandchildren. (I692). 

Hugh and Lydia were buried in's Chapel Burying 
Ground, in Boston. 

The record of the birth, Boston, 7-19-1674, of "Hugh 
son of Hugh and Mary Drury," is an obvious error, for his 
wife at that time was Lydia, and he married Mary in I676. 

On 3-13-1677 the Boston Court enjoined Hugh and Mary 
to "liue together according to the ordinance of God...." 


Only record of a child by Hugh and Lydla: 

1 John ^, Sudbury, 5-2-1646. Bap. Boston, 1-19-1648. 

Child of Hugh and Mary: 

2 Hugh, Boston, 7-19-1677. D. inf. 

J0HN2 DRURY was born 5-2-1646, the birth recorded in 
Sudbury, but he was baptized in the First Church of Boston 
on 3-19-1648. This was about the time Hugh sold his house 
to Edward Rice. His wife's name was Mary, as revealed In 
the will of Hugh Drury, but much search has not identified 
her. No record of their death has been fovmd, but John was 
dead by I678, and his father took over his estate. 

By occupation he was a house carpenter, or builder, 
like his father. In I668 he witnessed the deed of James -2 
Hawkins . In I672 he and Mary were living in Boston "at the 
south part of the town near the windmill," and John was a 
member of the Third Church, "the Old South." (Widow Agnes 
Blake joined this church in I670.) He was made Freeman in 
1673- In 1674 he joined the Ancient and Honorable Artil- 
lery Company, which his father had joined in I659. 

Roberts says: "He was private In Capt. Samuel Mose- 
ley's company, I672, which marched against the Indians at 
Mt. Hope in July I675, and returned to Boston after twenty 
days service. He was Ensign of Capt. Nathaniel Davenport's 
company In King Philip's War; he was in the [Great Swamp] 
Fort Fight, 12-19-1675, in which Capt. Davenport was killed 
and Lieut. [Edward] Tyng assumed command, after which En- 
sign Drury acted as Lieutenant." This is corroborated by 
Bodge. He died not long after the war at the age of thir- 
ty-two, leaving five or six children. The inventory of his 
estate amounted to L562. His father took over the estate, 
and in turn bequeathed it to John's widow and children. 

Children of John and Mary, all born in Boston: 

1 Thomas ^, 8-IO-I668. 

2 Lydia, 7-II-I670. Bap. 7-31-1670. Prob. d.bef . 1687. 

3 Mary, 7-10-1672. Liv.1732. M.,l691, William^ (John"^ , 

John^) Alden, mariner (1669-1729); 7 chll. 
4?Hugh, 7-19-1674. "Son of Hugh and Mary." Perhaps er- 
ror for "John and Mary." No further record. 

5 Elizabeth, 7-9-16 76. Not named in Hugh's will, I687. 

6 Mercy, 10-25-1677. Not named in Hugh's will, I687. 

7 John, 12-26-1678. Chose William Alden guardian, I696. 

"Died of Smallpox, 1702. A desirable young man." 

THOMAS ^ DRURY was born in Boston on 8-IO-I668. He 
married on 12-15-1687, Rachel, daughter of Henry Rice, the 
marriage being recorded in Concord, Mass., adding that they 
were both of Sudbury. Rachel was born on 5-10-1664 in Sud- 
bury, and was the first cousin of Thomas's father. Thomas 
died in Framingham, Mass., in 1723. tut no record of the 
death or re-marriage of Rachel has been found. See RICE . 


Thomas Drury, "Esq." lived first in Sudbury and then 
in Framingham, where he took a leading part In the forma- 
tion of the town and church. He was the first Town Clerk, 
which office he held eleven years. He was the town's first 
Representative to the General Court of Massachusetts, 1701. 
He also served as Selectman for thirteen years. 

He, like his father and grandfather, figured in nu- 
merous land transactions. In 1697 he, with two other men, 
bought fifty acres (comprising the famous Glover farm) ad- 
joining the land of his father-in-law, Henry Rice. 

His will, probated 11-11-1723, mentioned a "cousin," 
Mary Ball. He could have had cousins only on his mother's 
side. However, the word cousin often meant nephew or niece, 
which he could only have had in the family of his sister, 
Mrs William Alden. Search on her seven children has not 
revealed a Mary Ball, so if Mary Ball can be identified, 
there may be a clue to the name of John-2 Drury. 

Children of Thomas and Rachel: 

1 Caleb "^^^ Sudbury, 10-5-1688. D.,1723. M.,1706, Eliza- 

beths (john^, Thomasl) Eames (b.l685); 10 1721 

2 Thomas , Sudbury, 8-29-lo90. 

3 John, D.175^. M.I719, Susanna^ (Edward^, Villiaml) 

Goddard (b.l700); 15 (?) chil. She m.2nd,1739, Jos- 
eph^ (Moses ^, Richard^) Haven, of Hopkinton, Mass.; 
(1689-1768); 6 chil. 

4 Mary, cl695. M.,1713, David^ (John^, John^) Bent 

(CI69I-I73O); 6 chil. 

5 Rachel. D.I78O. M.I718 (2nd wife) George 4 (Jonathans, 

George^, Jonathan^ ) Fairbanks (I685-I753); 3 chil. 

6 Lydia. M.1722, Joseph^ (Joseph^, Johnl) Pike; 2 chil. 

7 Elizabeth, 6-22-1701. M.cl724, Isaac Morse of Hollis- 

ton (d.l789?)j 9 chil. bv 1741. 

8 Mlcah, Framingham, 5-2-1704. M.1724, Abigail'' (john^, 

Thomas^) Eames; 10 chil. by 1749- 

9 Uriah, Framingham. 1-17-1708. Will, 175^. M.,1726, 

Martha^ (Samuel^, Thomas^) Eames (b.l706); 10 chil. 

THOMAS ^ DRURY vas born in Sudbury, Mass., 8-29-I69O. 
He married in Framingham on 6-10-1719, Sarah, the daughter 
of Captain Isaac Clark. She was born there on 8-5-1701, 
and died in Grafton on 4-10-1743, "one half hour after the 
birth of son Benjamin," according to the church recoixi. 
See CLARK . Thomas married second, on 9-26-1745, Mrs. Mary 
Harrington, daughter of Obadlah Ward of Marlborough, Mass. 
Mary and Thomas both died in Grafton, Mary on II-3-I752, 
"age 38," and Thomas on 12-2-I783, "in his 94th year." 

Thomas lived in Framingham, Shrewsbury, Grafton, and 
Marlboro, Mass. In 1724 he sold the fifty-acre Drury home 
and moved to Grafton. He served as Selectman of Grafton, 
but took an active part in military affairs all his life. 
In 17^3 he was a Lieutenant and in 1751 a Captain of mili- 


Children of Thomas and Sarah, all but Thomas born in 

1 Thomas^, Framingham, 1-12-1721. D.,1790. M.l3t,1746, 

Elizabeth^ (Ebenezer"^?) Brooks (d.l75^); 3 chll. M. 
2nd, 1755, Huldah^ (Eleazer^) Taylor; 1 child. 

2 Sarah, Grafton, IO-I3-I723, bap. Shrewsbury ,6-24-1724 , 

D.1779- M.,1743, Joel^ (Ebenezer'^, Noah ^. Joshua ^ 
Thomas 1) Brooks (I72O-I7II); 10 chil. 

3 Abigail, 12-15-1725, Bap., Shrewsbury, 4-24-1726. 

4 Rachel , IO-II-I728, Bap. Shrewsbury, 10-20-1728. 

5 Thankful, II-25-I730. Bap. Shrewsbury, 1-10-1731. 

6 Elijah, 7-19-1734. D.I797. M.I76O, Sarah ^ ( Abner^, Sam- 

uel"^ , Samuel ^. Thomas ^ , John^ ) Stow (b.l738);ll chil. 

7 Mary, 1-2-1736. D. yg. 

8 Luke, 3-11-1737. D.181I. Colonel. Had the homestead. 

M. 1st, 1759 LydiaS (Ephraim*, john3, Joseph2, John^) 
Sherman (1736-17*53); 9 chil. M. 2nd, 1795, Mary Howlard 

9 Martha, 2-16-1739- D.1742. 

10 Benjamin, 4-10-1743. D.1752. 

Children of Thomas and Mary, second wife, in Grafton: 

11 Manoah, 11-30-1746. M.cl773, Martha^ (Ephralm*. John^ 

Joseph 2, Johnl) Sherman (b.l750),- 7 chil . ,1774-1790. 

12 Mary, 2-23-1748. D.1751. 

13 Elizabeth, 9-13-1750. D.1751. 

RACHEL^ DRURY was born in Grafton on IO-II-I728, and 
was baptized in Shrewsbury on 10-20-1728. She married in 
Shrewsbury on 10-22-1747 Simon, the son of Ebenezer Brooks 
of Grafton, where the marriage was recorded. Simon was 
born in Concord, Mass., on 9-21-1722, and died in Alstead, 
N. H., in 1808. Rachel's death is not known. See BROOKS . 

Rachel's sister Sarah married Joel Brooks, Simon's 
brother. Simon and Rachel went with many other Grafton 
families to New Hampshire and founded the town of Alstead. 

Thomas-4 Drury m., 1719, Sarah-3 Clarke 

Rachel-5 Drury m. , 17^7, Simon-5 Brooks 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. , 1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

Prudence-6 Shepard m., 1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m., I858, Clari3sa-7 Matilda Glidden 

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Mass., and Alstead, N. H., Vital Records. 



JOHN EMERY lived In Romsey, Hampshire, England. His 
wife's name was Agnes. 

Children of John and Agnes, bap. Romsey, Eng. : 

1 John ^, bap. 11-29-1599. 

2 Anthony, bap. 8-29-l601. Wife Frances. Came to New 

Englaind with brother John. Lived in Newbury, Mass.; 
Dover, cl640; Kittery, Me., 1649. Ferryman. Kept 
an inn in I650. Chil." 

1 James 2, CI63O. Wife Elizabeth d. I687+; 7 chil. 
M.2nd, Elizabeth [Newcomb] , widow of John Pidge. 

2 Son, nsune unknown. Prob. d. yg. 

3 Rebecca. M.lst. Thomas Sadler. M.2nd, Daniel 
M. Eaton (d.l704). 1 son. 

3 Ellin, bap. 9-7-1601. 

4 Hugh, bap. 10-6-l604. 

JOHTJl EMERY was born in Romsey, Hampshire, England, 
on 11-29-1599. He married first, Whlteparish, Wiltshire, _j- 
(about eight miles from Romsey, Hampshire), Alice Grantam. ^^«i^ 
The date of her death or whether or not she came here with 
John, is not now known, but in Newbury, Mass., 10-29-1647, 
John married Mary, widow of John Webster. Mary was born 
about 1610 in England, the sister of Theophilus and Deacon 
John Shatswell. (The latter bequeathed her in 1647, "about 
seaven yards of stuffe to make herasute and alsoe a yonge 
helffer thought to be with calfe.") Mary had married John 
Webster before I63O, and brought eight children with her, 
one about a year old, when she married her second husband. 
John Emery died in Newbury on II-3-I683. Mary died there 
on 4-27-1694. See SHATSWELL . 

John and Anthony Emery sailed from Southampton, Eng- 
land, 4-3-I636, in the ship James of London. Their wives 
and one or two children each probably sailed with them al- 
though their names are not on the ship's list. They landed 
in Boston just two months later. Soon after, John had a 
town grant of half an acre for a house lot in Newbury. 

He was a carpenter, or builder, by trade. There is 
a record, 12-22-1637, of his being fined 20s. for enclosing 
ground not laid out or owned by the town, contrary to town 
order, but on 2-I-I638 the town granted him the part that 
was already enclosed. He was made Freeman on 7-2-1641, at 
which time he must have been a member of the church. The 
same year he was appointed with three others to make a val- 
uation of all the property in the town, for the purpose of 
proportioning each man's share in the new division. He had 
a grant from the town of 22 acres, five rods in 1644, be- 
ing his own and Henry Palmer 's share of "Divident land in 
the great field beyond the new town." 

John was a man of prominence in the colony, holding 
many offices, some of which were: Constable, 1655; Clerk of 
the Market; Selectman, I66I; Fence Viewer, I666; served on 


the Grand Jury and Jury of Trials; appointed to carry the 
votes to Salem in I676 . 

The records would indicate that he was kind and tol- 
erant, and on the best of terms with all his stepchildren. 
In 1662 he and wife Mary sued James Merrick for detaining 
and keeping Israel Webster, son of said Mary Emery, without 
the consent of either John or Mary Emery or any other per- 
son who had oversight over him." In 1663 he was presente'd 
to the Ipswich, Mass., Court by Henry Jacques, Constable 
of .Newbury, for entertaining travelers and Cuakers. The 
case was referred to the next Court, which fined him t4, 
with costs and fees, for entertaining strangers. The evi- 
dence was "that two men Quakers w^ entertained very kindly 
to bed and table & John Emmerie shok them by the hand and 
bid them welcome. . .that the witness heard John Emery and 
his wife say that he had entertained Quakers and that he 
would not put them from his house . and used argument for 
the lawfulness of it." His petition for the remission of 
his fine, signed by the Selectmen of the town and fifty of 
the citizens, was not granted. 

John was also prominent in the case of Lieut. Robert 
Pike, refusing to recognize the authority of the Court to 
deprive him and his neighbors of the right of petition. 
His son Jonathan married a Woodman, and both John Senior, 
and John Junior were members of the Woodman party in the 
famous church difficulties of Newbury. 

John made his will, 5-II-I680, giving his age as 83. 
He left the major part of his estate to his daughter Eben- 
ezer and son Jonathan, the residue to be divided among his 
six children and a grandchild Mary Emerson. The inventory 
was t263. Mary made her will in I683, and died in Newtury 

on 4-27-169^. 

See WEBSTER for Mary's children by first marriage. 

Children of John and first wife [Alice?] , baptized. 
In Romsey, Hampshire, England: 

1 Elinor^, (bap. as Helena) 11-7-1624. D.I7OO. M.cl640, 

John Bailey Jr. (cl6l3-l69l) ; 10 chil. 

2 John , bap. 2-3-I629. 

3 A^;^, bap. 3-18-1633. D.,1687. M.,1648, James Ordway 

(CI618-I7II+); 11 chil. 

4 Alice (given by Noyes, Libby, Davis, Gen. Diet., Me. & 

N.H.) Liv.,1680. M.C1643, John Chater (b.cl6l8). 

Children of John and 2nd wife Mary, born in Newbury: 

5 Ebenezer (daughter). 9-l6-l648. Named in mother's will 

of 1683. M.I669, John Hoagj 5 chil. 2 

6 Jonathan, 5-13-1652. D.I723. M.I676, Mary^ (Edward , 

Edward 1) Woodman (1654-1723); 8 chil. 


JOHN EMERY was baptized In Romsey, Hampshire, Eng- 
land on 2-3-I629. His age was given as 42 in l670,and 50 
in 1678. His wife's name was Mary, generally supposed to 
have been his stepsister Mary Webster. No marriage record 
has been fotind, but their first child was born in I652. 
The date of his death is also unknown, but it was probably 
soon after his will was made in 1693 • Mary died a widow 
on 2-3-1709 In Newbury. See WEBSTER . 

John came with his father to Newbury in I635. He is 
called Sergeant in the records. In 1542 he had laid out 
to him 80 acres over the Artichoke or Raspberry River, 40 
acres of which was a grant of the town of Newbury to John 
Emery Senior, and by him given to his son "in consideration 
of love and affection." The other 40 acres were bought of 
Archelaus Woodman for ii30, having been a town grant to him. 
In 1679 he had another grant of 12 acres from the town, he 
to build and maintain a corn mill within a year and a half 
and to grind the town's corn from time to time. This mill 
is now known as Curzons Mills, Newburyport . 

John was made Freeman on 5-3O-I66O. He was Select- 
man from 1670 to 1673, on the Jury of Trials in l675 and 
1676, chosen to carry votes to Salem in 1675 and 1676, was 
Tythlng Man in 1679, and Waywarden in 1679. He signed with 
his father In the Pike case, suid was also a member of the 
Woodmsin party. 

Children of John and Mary, born in Newbury: 

1 Mary^, 6-24-1652. M.,l671, Lt . Samuel^ (William^) 

Sawyer (1646-1718); 9 chll. 

2 Hannah, 4-26-1654. D.,1705. M.1673, Richard^, ^, ^, 

Bartlett (1649-1754); 12 chll. Grandparents of Gov. 
Joslah Bartlett, who signed Declaration of Ind. 

3 John, 9-12-1656. D.,1730. M.,1683, Mary^ (William^) 

Sawyer (I66O-I699); 8 chll. 

4 Bethiah , IO-I5-I658. 

5 Sarah, 2-26-1660. D.,l694. M.I683, Isaac^ (John^, ^) 

Bailey (l654-174o); 5 chil. Isaac m., 2nd, 1700, Re- 
becca 3 (RichardS, Richardl ) Bartlett. 

6 Joseph, 3-23-1663. D.1721. M.1693, Elizabeth^ (Abra- 

Ham2, Nathaniel!) Merrill (b.1669); 6 chll. 

7 Stephen, 9-I6-I666. D.,1747. Ensign. M.,l692, Ruth^ 

(Henryl) Jaques (1672-1764); 11 chil. 

8 Abigail, 1-16-1668. D.,17l8+. M.,1688, Henry Ingalls 
. (1656-1699); 5 chll. 

^ 9 Samuel, 12-20-1670. D.1724. Minister. Grad .Harvard, 
1691. M. Tabitha^ (Francis^) Littlefleld of Wells, 
Me. (d.1736); 8 chll. p , 

10 Judith, 2-5-1672. M. Abel (Abel ) Huse; 7 chil. 

11 Lydla, 2-19-1674. M.I696, Joseph Brown; 3 chll. 

12 Elizabeth, 2-3-1679. D.1735+. M.1696, John Kelly 3d. 

(1668-1735); 11 chil. 

13 Joslah, 2-28-1680. D.I718. M.1714, Abigail^ (Calebl) 

Moody. Abigail m.2nd, Jonathan Stlckney; 3rd, Capt. 
William Johnson; 4th, Joseph Swasey. 



BETHIA^ EMERY yas born in Newbury on IO-I5-I658, and 
married there on 5-4-l68l, Henry Bodwell. He was born in 
England or Scotland about I652, and died, Methuen, Mass., 
6-1-17^5 "in his 94th year. The record of Bethiah's death 
has not been found; she was alive in I726. See BODWELL. 

Bethiah-3 Emery m. 

James-2 Bodwell m. 

Hannah- 3 Bodwell m. 

Molly-3 [Mary] Pottle m. 

Jonathan-5 Glidden m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m. 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

1681, Henry-l Bodwell 

1711, Mary-3 Parker 

1734, Samuel-2 Pottle 

CI757, Jonathan-4 Glidden 

CI785, Elizabeth-5 Ladd 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


Descendants of John and Anthony Emery. 

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THOMAS ^ ENSIGN is first heard of in Scituate, Mass., 
on I-I7-I639 when he married Elizabeth, daughter of widow 
Martha Wilder of Hingham, Mass. Thomas died in the latter 
half of 1663. Elizabeth was born in England, the date not 
now known. She was alive in I676, but no record of her 
has been found after that. See WILDER . 

Thomas is thought to have been a kinsman of James 
Ensign who came with Rev. Thomas Hooker's company, which 
settled Hartford, Conn. 

Thomas and Elizabeth lived in Hingham, where in 1640 
he bought "the Third Cliff" from Mr Timothy Hatherly. In 
1642 he purchased Mr James Cudworth's ho>use ajid five acres 
"adjoining the bridge on the north at the Harbor." In I637 
a large tract was withheld by a court order and granted to 
four men. In l646 Mr Hatherly bought the tract, divided 
it into thirty shares, and sold it to a company called the 
Conihassett Partners for LlSO; among these partners was 
Thomas Ensign. He was living in Duxbury, Mass., in I656, 
evidently a well-to-do and prominent colonist. 

He made his will on 7-I6-I663, his son John admin- 
istering the estate that year. The will bequeathed the 
house to Elizabeth, and made bequests to his son John, to 
his daughters Hannah and Sarah; and to Sarah Underwood, his 
"wife's sister's daughter, when she becomes fifteen." The 
will was witnessed by Timothy Hatherly and Nicholas Baker, 
anc the Inventory of 2-17-1664 was taken by Edward Jenkins . 

Elizabeth was beneficiary under the will of her son 
John, made on the eve of the battle of Rehoboth, in King 
Philip's War, I676, in which engagement he lost his life. 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth: 

1 Hannah ^, bap., Hingham, Mass., 7-6-1640. 

2 Elizabeth. D.I7II? M. Nicholas Wade (d.cl683); 8 chil. 

3 John.^ Killed at Rehoboth Battle, King Philip's War, 

1676. He made his will before the battle, leaving 
"to my mother, Elizabeth Ensign, all the lands which 
my father gave me in his will, during her life, and 
afterwards the same to my daughter Hannah." M.CI667 

; 1 child, Hannah (1669-1729); m.1685, Capt. 

Stephen Otis (1661-1733). 
4?Sarah, mentioned in Thomas Ensign's will, 1663. Per- 
haps 8 stepdaughter, or the wife of son John. 

HANNAH ^ ENSIGN vas baptized in Hingham, on 7-6-1640. 
She married in Maiden, Mass., II-I9-I658, Thomas, a son of 
Ralph Shepard, the ceremony being performed by Lieutenant 
Thomas Marshall. Thomas Shepard was born about I635, his 
birthplace not now known. Hannah died on 3-14-1698, and 
is burled in Maiden. Thomas is said to have had a second 
wife named Joanna. He died in Milton, Mass., 9-29-1719. 



Hannah- 2 Ensign m. 

Isaac -3 Shepard m, 

Jonathan-4 Shepard m. 

Simeon-5 Shepard m. 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. 

Edward -7 Wales Blake m. 

1658, Thomas -2 Shepard 

1702, Elizabeth-3 Fuller 

1736, Love-4 Palmer 

1776, Rachel-6 Brooks 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

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ROBERT -'• FLETCHER was born about 1592, probably in 
Yorkshire, England. He died in Concord. Mass., ^-3-1677, 
"age 85." The name of his wife is not known, nor the date 
of her death. 

Robert and three sons came on one of the seventeen 
ships which arrived in Massachusetts Bay in I63O. He set- 
tled in what is .now Concord, Mass The town was incorpor- 
ated in 1635, Robert's name appearing in the earliest re- 
cords there. Later it frequently appears in court records 
of Middlesex County, Mass., on petitions for bridges, on 
juries, etc. He was a wealthy and influential maji His 
home was near that of Edmund Rice and Thomas Brooks . 

Children, the first three born in England; 


1 Luke. D., Concord. I665. Probably unmarried. 

2 William, 1622. D.,l677. M.1645, Mrs. Lydia Bates (d. 

1704); 8 chil. (Her son John Bates bap. 1657, "age 
about 15.") 

3 Samuel, CI632. D.1697- M.lst.l659, Margaret Hailston; 

4 chil. M., 2nd, 1684, Mary^ ( Thomas ^, John^) Stowe , 
widow of John Cotton. She m. 3rd, John Spaulding. 

4 Francis , Concord, I636. 

5 Grlsell. D.I669. M.lst,cl640, Thomas Jewell (d.l654h 

4 chil. (Dau.Grisell Jewell m. cousin Joshua^ (Wm.^) 
Fletcher.) M.2nd,l655, Humphr'ey Griggs (d.1657). M., 
3rd, 1657, Henry Kibby (d.l66l); 1 son. M.4th,l66l, 
John Gurney Sr.(d 1663) . M.5th,l667, John Surge (d. 
1678) as 3rd wife. He m. 4th. 1677, Mrs Jane Gurnell. 

FRANCIS ^ FLETCHER was born in Concord in I636, and 
married there on IO-I-I656, Elizabeth, daughter of George 
Wheeler. She was born in England, the date not known. No 
record has been found of Francis's death, but he outlived 
Elizabeth, who died in Concord on 6-14-1704. See WHEELER . 

Francis became a large land owner in Concord, as his 
two older brothers did in Chelmsford, Mass. Francis was 
"in full communion" with the Concord church in 1677, and 
admitted Freeman the same year. At that time he owned 437 
acres of land in Concord. He was a town officer in I66I, 
when he signed a license permitting a man to sell wine. 

Children of Francis and Elizabeth, born in Concord: 

\l Samuel ^, IO-6-I657. 

2 Joseph, 4-15-1661. D.1705+ M.I688, Mary^ (Francis^?) 

Dudley (d.l705)j 7 chil. 

3 Elizabeth, 8-24-1663. D.1762. D.1762, "in hundredth 

year." M.I683, Samuel Stratton Jr. (I66I-I717). 

4 John, 2-28-1665- M.I69O, Hannah Hunt. 

5 Sarah, 2-24-1658. 

6 Hezekiah, 4-6-1672. D.1722. M.I703. Mary* (Abraham^, 

Michael^ , William^) Wood (1686-1748); 8 chil. 

7 Hannah, 10-24-1674. M.,1702, Obadiah ^ (Obadiah^, 

Obadiahl) Wheeler; 4 chil. 

8 Benjamin, 12-1-1677- D.1703. 



SAMUEL FLETCHER , eldest son, was born in Concord on 
10-6-1657. He married there on 4-15-1582, Elizabeth, the 
daughter of Thomas V^Tieeler. She was probably his second 
cousin, and was born in Concord on 2-23-1664 Samuel died 
on 10-23-1744 and Elizabeth died three days later, both in 
Concord. See V.'HEELER . 

Samuel, a wealthy land owner, was called Corporal in 
the records during his lifetime, but in his death record 
he is given the title of Cornet (officer in the artillery) . 
He was Selectman of Concord in I705, 1707, 1709, and 1713 . 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth, born in Concord: 

Perhaps d. yg. 

Perhaps m.l705, 


Samuel*, IO-28-I683. 
Elizabeth Proctor. 

Joseph, 3-26-1686. D.,1746. M.,l3t,1704, Elizabeth 
Carter. M.,2nd,1711, Hepsibah [Chandler], widow of 
Ephralm Jones . 7 chll., last one b. I726. 

Elizabeth, 4-2-1688. (M.1713, Stephen^ (Samuel^, 
Dolorl) Davis?) 

Sarah , 5-19-1690. 

John, 8-26-1692. Wife Mary d.a73^; 9 chil . ,1716-1733 • 

Hannah . 12-1-1694. (M. Daniel '^ (George^, Jacob ^ , Ja- 
cob 1) Farrer (1696-1755)?) • 

7 Ruth, 2-2-1696. D.170O. 

8 Rebecca, 6-2-1699- 

9 Samuel, 4-27-1701. D 1722. Wife Rebecca d.l785;6 chil. 

10 Benjamin, 4-29-1703- D- inf. 

11 Timothy, 8-28-1704. Wife Elizabeth; 11 chil. ;1727-47. 

SARAH '^ FLETCHER was born in Concord on 5-19- I69O. 
She married there on Il-l8-17l4, Ebenezer, the son of Noah 
Brooks, of Concord. The ceremony was performed by Rev. 
John Whiting. They went to Grafton, Mass., to live, where 
Ebenezer died on 4-5-1768. Sarah died there on 2-22-1775. 

Sarah-4 Fletcher m. 

Simon-5 Brooks m. 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

1714, Ebenezer-4 Brooks 

1747, Rachel-5 Drury 

1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

1806, Jo3eph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glidden 


Fletcher Genealogy 

New England Register, Vol. 22:389. 

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JOHN FULLER was born in England about I6II, as his 
death record In Cambridge, Mass., 2-7-1698 (1699?), gives 
his age as eighty-seven. His wife was Elizabeth, daughter 
of Walter Cole, a surgeon, of Lavenham, Suffolk, England, 
whose will, probated on 9-24-1653 ^ mentioned his "daughter 
Elizabeth, now wife of John Fuller in New England." Eliz- 
abeth died in Cambridge on 4-13-1700. 

John Fuller was one of the first settlers of Cam- 
bridge, about 1635. He took an active part in the affairs 
of the town, serving as Selectman from 1684 to 1694. He 
was a maltster by occupation, and a very extensive land 
holder. In December I658 he purchased from JjDseph Cook of 
Cambridge, 750 acres of land for LI60, a very large siom in 
those days. "His house stood on the south side of the road 
and west of the brook." Subsequent purchases increased 
his tract to upwards of 1000 acres. He and Edward Jackson 
were the largest land owners in the town. Bond says: "The 
large tract of land called the Fuller Farm, upon which most 
of the families of this name have resided, was situated in 
the bend of the Charles River opposite to Valtham Plain." 
It is now part of Watertown, Mass. 

The Fullers had eight children of their own, but af- 
ter their daughter Elizabeth and her husband Job Hyde died 
in 1685, they took four of the Hyde children to bring up, 
the Hyde grandparents taking the other four. Jackson says 
twenty-two Fuller descendants went into the Revolutionary 
War from Newton 

John divided his more than a thousand acres among his 
five sons in his lifetime with the proviso that they should 
not sell to any stranger lontil they or their next relative 
should have the refusal of it. This division was confirmed 
by his will of I696, which mentioned his wife Elizabeth and 
all his children except Isaac, who had died in I69I. 

Children of John and Elizabeth, born in Cambridge: 

1 John^, cl645. D.1720. M. 1st, 1682, Abigail Balston; 9 

chil. R., 2nd, 1714, Margaret*^ (Zachariah^) Hicks (b. 
1668). Margaret m.,2nd, John Wells. 

2 Elizabeth, cl647. D.I685. M.I663, Job^ (Samuel^) Hyde 

(1643-1685); 10 chil. 8 liv. chil. cared for by the 
grandparents after I685. 

3 Jonathan, cl648. D.,1722, age 74. M. Sarah Mireck. 
\ 4 Joseph, 2-10-1652. D.,1740. M.I679, Lydia^ ( Edward M 

Jackson (I656-I726); 7 chil. 

5 Joshua, 2-16-1654. 

6 Jeremiah, 2-4-1658. Lieut. D.1743. M. 1st, Mary 

(d.l68§). M.2d,cl693, Elizabeth ( James^ , villiam l) 

Blake (d.l700); 2 chil. d.yg. M.3d, Thankful 

(d.1729); 6 chil. M.4th, Rachel (d.l742). 

7 Bethia, II-23-I66I. M.I685, Lt . Nathaniels (William^) 

Bond (1660-1700); 3 chil. 

8 Isaac, 12-2-1665. D.I69I, prob. unmar. 


JOSHUA ^ FULLER was born in Nevton, Mass., 2-l6-l654. 
He married first, on 5-7-1679, Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Ward. She died in Newton, 8-I7-I69I, "age 3I . " See WARD . 
The parentage of his second wife, Hannah, is unknown. She 
died 11-28-1739- At eighty-eight he married on 7-19-17^2, 
Mary Dana, probably a widow. Joshua died on 6-27-I752 and 
Mary died on 2-13-1754, "age 86," both in Newton. 

Joshua was a well-to-do land-owner and farmer. He 
had seven daughters by his first two marriages and having 
no sons, brought up ten boys, all mentioned in his will, 
1742. It states that he brought up Eleazer Ward, Jonathan 
and Nathaniel Shepard, Joshua Child, Joshua Garfield, Jon- 
athan Morse, Nathaniel Pond, Isaac Dana, Edward and David 
Rainsford. He left the first five t5 apiece, the others 
40 s. each. Genealogists disagree regarding the names of 
his children, but there is no question as to Elizabeth . 

Children of Joshua and Elizabeth, born in Newton: 

1 Elizabeth ^ , 1-22-1680. 

2 Hannah, 7-8-1682. D.,1772. M. Stephen^ (Stephen^) 

Cook of Watertown, Mass. (I683-I76I); 8 chil. 
^ Experience, II-5-I685. D.1770. M.I7IO, Thomas Miller 
of Newton. (M.2nd,1715, John Child?) 

4 Mercy, 3-II-I689. M.I7IO, Aaron Cady. 

Probable children of Joshua and Hannah: 

5 Sarah , I695. M.1717, Ricnard Park Jr.; 6 chil. Res. 

Framingham, Mass. He m.,2nd,1738, Esther Fuller. 

6 Abigail, CI697. D.,1772. M.,1718, Joseph* (Edward'', 

Joseph^, Edward^) Garfield; 6 chil. (One compiler 
gives Abigail as dau. of "second wife Abigail." 

7 Ruth, 11-14-1702? M.CI723 (2d wife), Ebenezer Cheney. 

ELIZABETH ^ FULLER was born l-22-l680 in Newton, Mass. 
She married in Cambridge, 12-31-1702, Isaac, son of Thomas 
Shepard, the marriage also recorded in Medford, Mass. He 
was born in Charlestown, Mass., in May l682, and died in 
Norton, Mass., on 6-4-1724. Elizabeth perhaps married in 
Weston, Mass., 1737, Abel Allen, who died there 5-13-17^2. 
"Widow Elizabeth Allen" died in Weston on 6-29-I76I, age 
84." See SHEPARD for descent to Edward-7 Wales Blake. 


Fuller Genealogies. 

Paige: History of Cambridge, Mass., p. 556. 

Jackson; History of Early Settlement of- Newton, Mass., 

P . 278 . rj(iC 

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Boston Transcript, Article on 8-6-1923. 



< V N \ ^ S "> 

ARMS: Argent, a leg couped, sable. 

CREST: A deml-llon on a cap of maintenance. 

EDVARD OILMAN of Caston, Norfolk, England, married, 
6.-21-1550, Rose Rysse (Rice). His will of 2-5-1573, proved 
by her on 7-7-1573, mentions his wife and nine children, 
bequeathed lands in Caston to his "eldest son John," and 
other lands were to be shared by the other children. Rose 
perhaps married John Snell in 1578 and died on IO-I-I613. 

Children of Edward and Rose : 



called eldest son in father's will, 1573. 

Edward, bap., Caston, 4-20-1557- 

Robert, bap., Caston, 7-IO-I559. (Formerly thought the 
father of emigrant.) D. , Caston, I63I. Wife Mary d., 
1618. Sons: Robert, Edward, Lawrence, John. 

4 Lawrence, bap. Caston, II-3-I56I. D.,1629. M.,1588, 

Elizabeth James (d.l602); 2 chil. 

5 Margaret 

6 Katharine 

7 Rose 

8 Jane 

9 Elizabeth 

GILKJ.N 103 


EDVARD^i OILMAN . baptized in Gaston on 4-20-1557, re- 
ceived a house and land in "Halvicks" by his father's vill 
of 1573. He is thought to have lived in Hingham, England, 
a few years subsequent to I6OO, as the parish records of 
Hingham, County Norfolk, which begin in I6OO, mention two 

Children of Edward and unknown wife: 

1 Margaret^^^, bap. Hingham, Eng., 8-I-I602. No record. 

2 Sarah, bap. Hingham, Eng., 12-4-1603. No record. 

3 Mary. D. , Hingham, Mass . ,1686. M.lst,cl629, Nicholas 

Jacob (d.l657y; 8 chll. M.2nd,l659, John Beal Sr. 

4 Edward , CI5S7. The emigrant to New England. 
5?Brldget, perhaps dau., b. CI582. M.cl600, Edward Lin- 
coln; had son Thomas. 

6 John, prpb. son. H. , Hingham, Eng. ,1626, Ann Gurney. 

1 Johni'^bap. Hingham, Eng. ,2-17-1639. D.,Cohansey, N. 
J. ,1695. Settled in Exeter, N.H. M.,lst, cl662, 
Elizabeth^ (Johnl) Goddard; 11 chil . , I663 - I692. 
M.2nd, Rachel (d.l695 or 6). 

2 Charles, b. Hingham, Eng. , 5-12-1642. D., Piscata- 
way, N.J., 1692. Settled in Exeter, N.H. ,bef. 1664. 
M.1684, Mary2 (Thomas^) Alger, (Mrs David Bishop). 
Mary m.3rd,l692, Benjamin Jones. 

1 Charles 

2 Joseph 

3 Mary 

4?Sarah, perhaps, who m.1687, Richard -2 Glidden. 

EDWARD 1 OILMAN , the immigrant, was born in Hingham, 
England, about I587. Some genealogies call him the son of 
Robert Gilman. However, a deposition has been found, made 
by him in England in I637, in which he stated his age as 
fifty, and mentioned his father Edward Gilman. He married 
in Hingham, Eng., Mary Clark, parentage not now known. He 
probably died early in I655, his estate being administered 
by his widow in Exeter, N.H., on 4-10-1655- Mary died in 
Hingham, Mass., on 6-22-l68l. Her sister, Rebecca Clark, 
married Joseph Peck in Hingham, Eng , in 1617. 

Rev. Robert Peck of Hingham, Eng., led a party of a 
hundred and thirty-three men, women and children to Ameri- 
ca, embarking in the ship Diligent of Ipswich, John Martin, 
Captain, which left Gravesend on 4-26-1638 and arrived in 
Boston on 8-IO-I638. Among them were Edward Gilman, his 
wife, three sons, two daughters, and three servants. Rev. 
John Watson, rector of Hingham from I683 to 1727, lias this 
to say about Peck: "He was a man of a very violent schis- 
matic spirit; he pulled down the rails and leveled the al- 
tar and the whole chancel a foot below the church... but on 
being prosecuted for it by Bishop Wren he fled the kingdom 
and went over to New England with many of his parishioners, 
who sold their estates for half their value and conveyed 
all their effects to that new plantation, erecting a town 


called Hlngham, vhere many of their posterity still remain. 
He promised never to desert them, but hearing that the 
bishops were deposed he left them all to shift for them- 
selves and came back in 1646, and after ten years volun- 
tary banishment he resumed his rectory and died in 1656." 

The Gilmans settled in Hingham on Massachusetts Bay, 
vhere Edward was ^dqiltted Freeman very soon after arrival^ 
on 12-13-1638. In 1641 Plymouth Colony granted a tract of 
land eight miles square, then called Seekonk, now Rehoboth, 
to Edward Oilman and others. In 1643 his estate was given 
as ti300. He sold his lands at Rehoboth to Joseph Peck Jr. 
In 1647 his name appears at Ipswich, Mass., and soon after 
he apparently went north to Exeter, N. H., vhere his sons 
were by that time established in business. In 1648 Edward 
Oilman Junior sold to his father the farm given him by his 
father-in-law Richard Smith. 

In 1655* widow Mary Oilman, administratrix, received 
the whole estate, except hJO each to sons John and Moses. 
Mary's signature is recorded on a quit-claim in 1663. 

Children of Edward and Mary, bapt. in Hingham, Eng.: 

1 Mary^, bap. 8-6-I615. D. before 1693 . M.,cl636, John^ 

Foulsham (Folsom) , who d. I68I; 8 chil. 

2 Edward , bap. 12-26-161?. Twin. First Oilman line . 

3 Sarah, bap. 12-26-161?. Twin. D. yg. 

4 Moses, bap. and bur., Sept. 1619- Twin. 

5 Joshua, bap. and bur., Sept. I619. Twin. 

6 Lydia. D.,1689. M., Hingham, Mass., 1645, Daniel^ 

(Matthew^) Cushing (l6l9-l?00); 6 chil. He m.,2nd, 
1691, Mrs Elizabeth Thaxter (l632-l?25) ,wid. , Jacob. 
? John , b. I-IO-I624. Second Oilman line . 

8 Jeremy, bap. ll-2?-l628. Bur. I635. 

9 Moses, bap. 3-II-I63O. Will pro.l?02. M. Hingham, Mass. 

CI658, Elizabeth^ (William) Hersie; 10 chil. She m., 
2nd, Samuel^ (Jonathan^) Thing (l66?-l?49) . Dauighter 
Elizabeth Oilman m. Byley Dudley; dau. Sarah Oilman 
m. a Leavitt. Moses had the inn at Exeter, N.H. 

10 Sarah, b. I-I9-I633. M. a Hersey or a Leavitt. 

11 Daniel, bur. 4-21-1634. 

EDWARD ^ OILMAN Junior was baptized in Hingham, Eng., 
on 12-26-161?. He was lost at sea about ^653. He mar- 
ried in Ipswich, Mass., not long before 9-28-164?, Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Richard Smith of Ipswich, the father go- 
ing back to Shropham near Hingham, Eng. She is probably 
the Elizabeth Oilman who died in Exeter, N. H., in 1?06. 

Edward Oilman Junior lived first in Hingham, Mass., 
but was of Ipswich, Mass., when he married, having left the 
former in 1645 . He was already established in business in 
Exeter, N.H., when his father settled there about 1648. He 
was accepted Tovnsman of Exeter on 11-4-164?, and engaging 
to live there, vas given mill and timber privileges. He 
promptly began to buy up Exeter lands and to build mills. 


'mapping out works on a large scale. In l64l, l648, and In 
1650 he is recorded on important committees. In 1648 he 
sold to his father the farm given him by his father-in-law 
Richard Smith, In I65I his "schedule of lands" mortgaged 
one-half to his father-in-law adds up to hundreds of acres. 
"Mr Samuel Dudley and Mr Edward Oilman" were requested by 
the town of Exeter to go as representatives to the General 
Court at Boston, in I652. In June I653 he gave a power of 
attorney, having urgent occasion to go to Old England to 
raise capital and buy machinery, apparently having sailed 
when the writ was entered In the October I653 term of the 
Maine Court. He never returned from this voyage, and was 
given up for dead in I655, wife Elizabeth being appointed 
administratrix that year. 

Children of Edward and Elizabeth Oilman: 

1 Edward^, cl649. Will 169O. Had the Inn at Exeter. M., 

by Samuel Dalton, 1674, Abigall2(Antlpasl) Maverick 
(d.l690+) ; 5 chil. Or.dau. Catherine Oilman m. Nath- 
aniel-3, ( Nathanlel -2. Daniel -1) Ladd; 5 chll. 

2 John, CI650. 

3 Daniel, cl652. D.cl684. Brought up by uncle Hon. John 

Oilman after father's death. M.bef .I68O, Alice 

(d.l715+); 7 chil. by 1699 • Alice m.,2nd, Nehemlah 
Leavitt (d.1715) . 

4 Charles, mentioned in I666. Perhaps father of Sarah 

Oilman who m. I687, Richard ^ ( Charles ^) Glidden. 
5?Ezeklel. Perhaps son. Woxjnded in King Philip's war. 

JOHN ^ OILMAN was born about I650 probably in Exeter, 
N.H., and apparently living In I69O. He married 5-31-1675 
In Exeter, Orace, the daughter of Richard Yorke. They were 
married by Samuel Dalton, Commissioner, also a Glidden an- 
cestor. No death records have been found. See YORKE . 

John was "age 27" in I677 when he was doing business 
with his imcle Moses Oilman, and called John Junior to dis- 
tinguish him from his tmcle Hon. John Oilman . He seems to 
have been brought up by his vincle Moses Oilman, and brother 
Daniel by uncle John Oilman, after their father's death in 
1653 or 1654. He was admitted Freeman of Exeter, 4-1-1678. 

His wife's sister Elizabeth Yorke married Philip Car- 
tee, and this and other considerations make John and Orace 
Oilman the plausible parents of Stephen, Cartee and Jacob, 
whose births are not recorded, but who were certainly bro- 
thers, as proved by their wills and other documents. 

Children of John and Orace: (There may be others.) 

1 Stephen*. Did military duty in N.H., I695-I696. Killed 

by Indians, I712. Admin., 1712, to "brother Cartee. 

2 Jacob , say about I68O. 

3 Cartee. Cordwainer in Exeter. Drew up wills & deeds. 

Witnessed Richard Glidden 's will in 1727- D.,cl753. 
M. Hannah : had at least two sons. 


k? Daniel. Seems to be another brother. 

5? William. Wit. w. Cartee to Moses Oilman's will, 1702. 

6? Elizabeth. M.1702, Benjamin Parker. 


JACOB OILMAN , date of birth unknown, but estimated 
to be about IbtiO, was certainly brother to Stephen and Car- 
tee Oilman. He married in Kingston, N.H., 9-1-1704, Mary, 
daughter of Nathaniel Ladd, and a grand-daughter of Hon. 
John Oilman through her mother Elizabeth Oilman Ladd. Mary 
was born in Exeter on 12-25-1602. Her brother Daniel Ladd 
was another Olidden ancestor. Jacob died about 17^*^0, sur- 
vived by Mary, who was alive on 4-27-17^3, when his will 
was probated. Her death has not been found. See LADD . 

Kingston was incorporated as a town in 169^^, but was 
deserted several times because of Indian raids. Therefore, 
it is very difficult to trace Jacob Oilman and his family. 
He performed some sort of military duty in 1695 and 6. He 
had aKingston grant in 1702, and was living there when, to 
quote from "The Himton Family": "On the morning of July 22 
1710, while Philip Hunton with his eldest son Samuel, were 
ploilghing not far from his house, they were surrounded by a 
band of Indians who fired upon them, killing Samuel. Philip 
and a neighbor, Jacob Oilman, were taken prisoners. .. .They 
suffered terrible indignities and were tormented by many 
ingenious cruelties — the Indians would split their toe- 
nails, and then pull them out with their teeth. Finally, 
after long marches with food scarcely sufficient to sus- 
tain them, their feet bruised and bleeding, they arrived 
in Canada and were sold as prisoners of war to the French. 
They regained their freedom by erecting a saw-mill for the 
French, although it is said the French could never make it 
run." J9.cob's brother Stephen was killed in this raid, and 
his estate administered by their brother Cartee. The cap- 
tives are thought to have been held near Montreal, at a 
place called Villemarie, where in 1712 Jacob was witness 
at the marriage of Elizabeth Hurst, and to the burial of 
Willieim Taylor, both captives. 

They were back in New Hampshire by 171 4, perhaps not 
in Kingston, as the next record of Jacob is his signature to 
the petition to Oov. Shute in 1720 for a grsint for a town- 
ship, later called Chester. Daniel Ladd also signed. Ja- 
cob is on the first list of proprietors, and in all had 600 
acres laid out to him in the six divisions of land. Edward 
and John Oilman, also proprietors, remained in Chester, but 
when Kingston First Church was organized on 9-29-1725, Ja- 
cob Oilman (the only Oilman family) and Daniel -3 Ladd were 
heads of two of the eighty-one families in Kingston, when 
Rev. Ward Clark took charge. Jacob was an enterprising 
and prosperous man. In 1727 he was a selectman and tax- 
payer. He witnessed Richard Olidden 's will the same year. 
His wife Mary was admitted to Kingston Church on 2-8-1731. 

Jacob's will of 9-20-17^0 was proved 4-27-17^3. He 
called himself yeoman, and bequeathed to his "well-beloved 
wife Mary," sons Daniel, Jonn, Stephen, Jacob; to daughters 



Elizabeth Bacheldor, Abigail Stevens, and Mary Moody . His 
wife and son Daniel were executors; Cartee Oilman, Samuel 
and John Hunton vere witnesses. The inventory amounted to 
the large sum for those times, of i3609. 

Children of Jacob and Mary, born in Kingston, N. H. : 

1 Daniel . 8-7-1705. Exec, with mother to father's will 

in 17^0. M.,1730, Hannah^ (Jonathan^, Samuel^, Ed- 
war dl ) Colcord; at least 1 dau., Abigail. 

2 John, 3-15-1707. Est^. adm. I765. H.,1735, Sarah ^ 

(Samuel^, Nathaniel", John^) Stevens; son Nicholas. 

3 Elizabeth, 3-22-1710. D.1773. M.1728, Phineas 3 (Capt. 

Nathaniel^, Nathaniel 1) Bachelor (1702-93); 11 chll. 

4 Stephen, 8-9-1713. M.1742, Mary3 (Nathaniel^, 

Nathaniell ) French. 

5 Jacob. D.bef .1756. M.1741, Abigail Moody (will 

1762); 7 sons. Yoimgest not 7 in I762. 

6 Mary , 12-19-;715. 

7 Abigail, 10-7-1720. M.I739, Samuel Stevens. 

8 Nathaniel, 5-25-1726.' 

9 Dorothy. (Kingston 1st Church Records: "6-7-1735, 

Dorothy, daughter of Jacob Oilman died.") 

MARY ^ OILMAN was born on 12-19-1715 in Kingston, N. 
H. She married there on 6-21-1733 > David, son of Clement 
Moody of Kingston. Rev .Ward Clark performed the ceremony. 
Death records have not been found, but their last child was 
baptized in Kingston on 10-20-17^5. Jacob Oilman in his 
will of 1740 left a bequest to his daughter Mary Moody. 


Mary-5 Oilman m. 

Mary- 3 Moody m. 

Elizabeth-5 Ladd m. 

Samuel-6 Olidden m. 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Olidden m. 

• 1733, David-2 Moody 

CI76I, John-4 Ladd 

CI785, Jonathan-5 Olidden 

1811, Lucinda-6 Ooss 

1858, Edward -7 Wales Blake 

Jacob ^ Oilman , additional note. Administration on 
the estate of Jeremiah Phllbrick of Kingston granted to 
Daniel Ladd of Kingston, 12-6-1721. Warrant of 12-7-1721, 
authorized Thomas Oordon and Jacob Oilman to appraise the 
estate. (New Hampshire Probate, Vol. 10:l68.) 



CAPTAIN JOHN ^ OILMAN was born on 1-10-1624 In Hing- 
ham, Eng., and "baptized there on 5-23-1626. He married in 
Exeter, N. H., on 6-3O-I657, Elizabeth, daughter of James 
Trevorgye. She was born about I638-9. John died in I708, 
and Elizabeth on 9-8-1719, both in Exeter. See TREWORGYE . 

He was with his father in Ipsvlch and Rehoboth, Mass . 
He is first mentioned in the Exeter records on 1-12-1649. 
He was associated with his father, his brother Moses, and 
John Legat, in a 200-acre town grant with mill privileges, 
in 1652. He at once became a leading man in the town. He 
was Selectman in I652 and repeatedly thereafter; was Lieu- 
tenant for Exeter in I669, and Representative to General 
Court the same year. In 167^ and later, the town made him 
important grants of land. He served as a Captain in King 
Philip's War, I675. He was Deputy to the General Court, 
Boston in I678, and was Associate for Norfolk County, Conn. , 
in 1678 and 1679, etc. New Hampshire separated from Mass- 
achusetts in 1680, and he was Councillor under the Royal 
Government for three years. Judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas in 1682, but removed from both by the notorious Gov- 
ernor Cranfield in I683. He was a member of the Rouse of 
Representatives, and Speaker in 1693 and I697. 

He kept an inn in Exeter, and his tavern license and 
victualer's license are of record. He was always called 
the Honorable John Oilman. From Piscataqua Pioneers: "The 
thing that is to his everlasting memory is the log house 
built in 1650, that was a garrison in Indian War times, and 
is now standing and well preserved. When Daniel Webster 
attended school in Exeter Academy he had a room there." 

He left a large estate. His will of 7-I6-I7OO be- 
queathed to his beloved sons Nicholas and John; to his be- 
loved daughters Elizabeth Wadleigh , Sarah Dudley, Abigail 
Thing, Lydia White, Joanna Coffin, and two yoiongest daugh- 
ters Alice and Katherine; his beloved wife to be executrix. 
The will was presented in Exeter in 1709,the widow declin- 
ing to act, and administration was granted to the two sons. 

Children of John and Elizabeth, born in Exeter, N.H. : 

1 Mary^, 9-IO-I658. D.169I. M.1677, Capt .Jonathan Thing, 

Jr. (d.169^); 6 chil. He m.l693, Mrs Martha Wiggin, 
dau.of Thomas Denlson; 1 son. Martha m.3rd, Matthew 
Whipple . 

2 James, 2-6-l660. D. yg. 

3 Elizabeth . 8-I6-I66I. 

4 John, 10-6-1663. D. yg. 

5 Catharine, 3-17-1664. D. 1684. 

6 Sarah, 2-25-1667. D.1713. M.1684, Stephen^ (Rev. Sam- 

uel 2, Gov.Thomasl) Dudley (d.l735); 10 chil. He m., 
2nd, Mary Thing, and 3rd, Mercy Oilman. 

7 Lydia, 12-12-1668. M.I687, Capt. John White; 14 chil. 

8 Samuel, 3-3O-I67I. D.I69I. 

9 Nicholas, 12-26-1672. D.,17^9. Judge. M.,lst, 1697, 

Sarah^ (Nathaniel^ ) Clark (1678-1741); 10 chil. 



10 Abigail 11-3-1674. D.,1728. M.,1696, Samuel^ (Jon- 

athan^) Thing; 12 chil. He m.2d, Elizabeth^ (MosesS, 
Edward 1) Oilman , widow of Byley Dudley. 

11 Deborah, twin, 4-3O-I679. D. I68O. 

12 Johannah, twin, 4-3O-I679. D.I720. M.lst, Henry Dyer. 

M.2nd, Capt. Robert Coffin. No chil. 

13 Joseph, 10-28-1680. D. yg. 

14 Alice, 5-23-1683. D.I72I. M.I707, Capt. James Leavltt: 

8 chil. 

M.,lst, Peter^ (Peter^, John^ ) 

15 Catherine, 11-27-1684 

Folsom (d.cl7l8); 6 chil'. 
ley, who m. again. 

M.2nd,cl724, Richard Cal- 

ELIZABETH OILMAN was born on 8-I6-I66I in Exeter, 
She married first before she was seventeen years of 
on 7-I2-I678, in Exeter, Nathaniel, the son of Daniel 
Nathaniel was born on 3-IO-I652 in Haverhill, Mass. 
fight with the Indians he received a wound, from which 
he died on 8-II-I69I. See LADD . 

Elizabeth married second on 12-3-1693, Henry, son of 
Robert Vadleigh. Henry died in 1732, but Elizabeth's death 
record has not been found. 

N. H, 
In a 

Elizabeth-3 Oilman ra. 

Daniel-3 Ladd m. 

John- 4 Ladd m. 

Elizabeth-5 Ladd m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m. 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

1678, Nathaniel-2 Ladd 

1712, Mehitable-4 Philbrlck 

CI76O, Mary Moody 

CI785, Jonathan-5 Glidden 

1811, Lucinda Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 

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JOHN GLIDDON . one of the three John Gllddons who 
died in the parish of Pancrasveek, Devonshire, England, be- 
tween 1560 and 158^, was undoubtedly the father of these: 

1 John^^, called "the younger." D.cl628. Had 6 chil. 

2 William . 

WILLIAM ^ ^ GLIDDON lived in the parish of Pancrasweek, 
and died there between 1-2-1635, the date of his will, and 
3-IO-I636, when it was probated. He was a weaver. His 
wife Ursula survived him as executrix. Children, probably 
born in Pancrasweek, in the order named in his will: 

1 Richard ^^^ 

2 Josias. D.CI687. Carpenter. Wife prob. Joanna. 

3 Philip. Had at least one dau. bap. in Pancrasweek. 

4 Deborah. 

5 Susannah. 

6 Alice. Liv., April 167^. M Bartlett. 

7 Nathaniel. M.1641, Grace Stephens (d.l668); son Vm. 

8 Thomas. D.1674. Husbandman. Wife Alice. 7 chil. 

RICHARD ^^^ GLIDDON . the first named in his father's 
will of 1635, was doubtless the eldest son. Apparently he 
did not remain in Pancrasweek, but removed to the hamlet 
of Hay town, in the chapelry of Bulkworthy and the parish 
of Buckland -Brewer. He seems to have lived there from I635 
to 1653- He removed to Bideford about that time, and died 
there on 5-28-I66O. His widow, Dorothy, died in Bideford, 
Devonshire, and was buried there on 7-8-1668. 

Children, perhaps born at Buckland -Brewer: 

1 John^^, presiimably the eldest son. D.1652. Black- 

smith. Wife Mary. Had a son Joseph. 

2 Christian. M. bef. 6-9-I652, Edward Hucksland. Seems 

to have had two daughters. 

3 Charles , b. about I632. The immigrant to New England. 

4 Richard, bap. Bulkworthy, 9-6-I635. 

5 Deborah. Named in brother John's will, I652. Living 

and xmmarried in 167^. 

6 Sarah. Bur. Buckland -Brewer, 10-20-1641. 

CHARLES ^ GLIDDON was the fourth generation of record 
in England. He was born about I632 probably in Buckland- 
Brewer, Devon. Marriage record: Charells Gleadden and 
Eunice Shoore of Bediforde weare maryed by Mr. John Bools, 
Justice, the 7th day of Apriell: I658: in the presents of 
Richard Glyddon, Edward Hoglande." Exinice was the eldest 
child of Sampson and Abigail Shore, born in England about 
l640. They were both alive in Exeter, N. H., in 1707, but 
no record of their death has been found. See SHORE . 

In England the name was spelled Gliddon, and Charles 
wrote it that way when he signed a petition to the General 


Court of Massachusetts in I689. In this country the na^.e 
is now written Glidden, but early colonial variations are 
Gleeden, Gleddin, Gliddon, Gledin, Glitten, Glitton, Glyt- 
ten, etc. 

Charles is first mentioned in his brother John's will 
in England 6-9-I652. This brother also bequeathed to his 
mother and a friend, two especially treasured books. They 
were written by Puritans, and it is supposed that the Glid- 
dons were of that faith, and supporters of Oliver Cromwell 
They probably worshipped in the beautiful old church of 
Saint Mary's in Bideford, since Charles's marriage is re- 
corded there. Eunice Shore seems to have been brought up 
by relatives in Bideford, for the parents went to America 
shortly after her birth, and their next child was born in 
Boston, Massachusetts. 

When Charles and Eunice came to America is unknown, 
but It was about 166O, for the first child's birth was re- 
corded in Bideford, I659, while the next was born in Bos- 
ton, November I66I. They may have stayed with the Shores 
until Susannah was born, but shortly afterwards they went 
to Portsmouth, N.H. Their home was located in what is now 
the compact part of the city, but was then called Straw- 
berry Bank. It is evident that the home and the half -acre 
belonging to it was in the northeast part of that quaint 
old seaport, near the Piscataqua River. In 1662 he was a 
witness to a document in Klttery. At the Town Meeting in 
Portsmouth, 3-1-1664, he was chosen Constable. In I665 he 
signed the Declaration for Massachusetts government. The 
next year he and John -1 Clark were listed among those who 
subscribed LI toward the support of the Rev. Joshua Moody. 

In Portsmouth he was a blacksmith, a trade both use- 
ful and honorable at the time. Certainly he was one of the 
earliest village blacksmiths of ancient Portsmouth and New 
Market. About I667-I668 he sold his homestall in Ports- 
mouth to Richard Martyn, and moved up the Piscataqua River 
to the Lamprey River, and to what was then the eastern part 
of Exeter and later became New Market. Here, some eight 
miles from the principal settlement of Old Exeter, Charles 
Glidden entered upon the life of a planter, on the shores 
of Great Bay, next to Edward Hilton's sawmill. Five years 
pass without any records of him; he was clearing up a farm 
in the wilderness. In 1673 at a Court held in Salisbury, 
Mass., "Charles Gleeden" and six others were admonished 
for not frequenting the public worship of God on the ^Lord's 
days — they were eight miles from a meeting house. "Gleed- 
en 's field near the landing place at Lampreele River, is 
mentioned in several court records. His name is second on 
the list of sixty-four Exeter men who "tooke the oath of 
Allegance to his majestie and fidelitie to the countrey 
this 30th of November l677." He is on the Exeter tax list 
of 1680 and 1684. Then in I686 he received an innholder s 
license. On 2-20-1690 he signed the General Petition of 
New Hampshire Inhabitants (to Massachusetts) for a separate 
government. These years as innholder were not without ex- 
citement, for his name is among those listed in the Charge 


of Clames" for soldiers who served in the Exeter garrison 

in 1695 and I696. In I698 the town of Exeter granted him 
a hundred acres of land. There are many other records. 

As a young blacksmith, then husbandman, planter, and 
innholder, he held positions of usefulness eind respectabil- 
ity in Portsmouth and Old Exeter in the Province of New 
Hampshire for more than forty-five years. The last reccrd 
found is on 6-6-1707, vhen they both acknowledged a deed. 

Children of Charles and Eunice: 

1 Abigail , Bideford, Eng., 2-11-1659. No further rec. 

2 Susannah, Boston, Mass., II-I6-I66I. No further rec. 

3 Richard . cl665, probably in Portsmouth, N.H. 

4 Joseph, cl668. Perhaps a son, but proof lacking. He 

d., Boston, 1700, "age about 32 years." (Copp's Hill 

Epitaphs." M.CI794, Jane ; 2 chil. She m.2nd, 

1708, Christopher Marvin. 

5 John, CI67O,, prob. in Exeter. D. Exeter, I718. M.CI695, 

Elizabeth^ (Nathaniel^, Daniel ^) Ladd (b.,l68o); 3 
to 6 chil. 

RICHARD GLIDDEN was born about I665, probably in 
Portsmouth, N.H. About I686 he married a girl named Sarah, 
believed by many to have been the daughter of Charles Gil- 
man. Clemens records merely: "Richard and Sarah Glidden, 
1687, Gilmanton, N. H." He died in Exeter on 10-5-1728, 
but Sarah's death has not been foiind. She was alive, and 
called a widow, in 173^. 

Richard was Captain of the New Hampshire forces in 
1688 and 1696, and is called Captain in the town records. 
He signed the New Hampshire petition to the Crown in I692, 
asking for equal privileges with Massachusetts. The town 
of Exeter granted him two fifty-acre lots in I698. He was 
a member of the First Church of Exeter, whose early records 
have \infortunately not been preserved, but he signed its 
covenant in I698. He served as highway surveyor in 1699. 
Other records call him a planter in I708 and husbandman in 
1710. He and Sarah were witnesses of a will in 1717, and 
he administered his brother John's estate in I718. In 1725 
he was granted another fifty-acre lot. 

By his will of IO-I8-I727, Andrew, Joseph and Charles 
had already received their portions; Richard was to have 
half the home place; Benjamin said Jonathan were to have 50 
acres or LIO apiece; Josiah to have a comfortable mainte- 
nance; John to have the other half of the home place, and 
he to pay the daughters each ilO; his "well beloved wife" 
was to have the house and all his lands during her life- 
time. In 1734 Sarah, then a widow, conveyed a part of the 
home place in Exeter to her son Richard Jr., the deed wit- 
nessed by Cartee Oilman, and Joseph and Elizabeth Scribner.. 
Richard Junior was the executor of his father's estate. 


Children of Richard and Sarah, born in Exeter: 

1 Andrew , CI687. D. ,1727-1731. M.,cl709, Lydia (Eph- 

raim , John ) Folsom. Apparently inherited and then 
re-purchased old Glidden homestead. Had one dau 

2 Joseph^ C1688. D.aft. 5-6-I76I. Cordwainer. M.lst. 

Mary ( Robe rt^. Smart (d.bef .17^0) ; 7 chil. M.,2nd, 
Dorcas (Thomas ) Rollins, widow of Arthur Bennett; 
2 chil. (Mary's 1st child b. I720.) 

3 Charles, CI69O. D. ,1727. M.CI719, Abigair (Benjamin^ ) 

Jones of Stratham; 2 sons, 
if Richard, cl692. D. , Brentwood, K.H. , cl755. M.CI724, 
Elizabeth '^^ (Robert^) Smart; 5 chil. She was liv. 1757 

5 Benjamin, cl69^. Alive 1739. Cordwainer. M.,1731, 

Mary*^ (John'^) Wedgwood of Exeter; 3+ chil. 

6 Jonathan , CI696. 

7 Joslah, CI698. Perhaps a cripple, as maintenance was 

provided In father's will of I727. Died unmarried. 

8 John, CI7OO. Father left him half the homestead. Liv- 

ing, Deerfleld, N.H., 1749. 

9 Susannah. M.bef .Oct. ,1727, Woodman. 

10 Sarah, twin. Unmarried in Oct. 1727. 

11 Elizabeth, twin. Unmarried in Oct. I727. 

JONATHAN ^ GLIDDEN was born in Exeter about I696. He 
married in Greenland, N.H., 12-3I-I729, Margaret, daughter 
of Jeremiah and Ruth Bean of Exeter, the ceremony being 
performed by Rev. William Allen. Jonathan died about I796 
at the age of 101. Margaret was alive in 1756, but no re- 
cord of her death has been found. See BEAN . 

The first record is in a list of men whom Capt. John 
Gllman had omitted in his muster roll of 1725: "Jona Glid- 
den, 16 days. . .Ll:2:10." By his father's will, 1727, he 
was to receive fifty acres of land or LIO. After his mar- 
riage in 1729 there is nothing until 1-15-17^1 when he was 
one of the men of the northwest part of Exeter who signed 
a petition to the governor, coiuicll and house of represen- 
tatives of New Hampshire to be incorporated as the parish 
of Epping. In 1747 he was one of the petitioners for a 
meeting house in Epping, in which town he lived until 1753- 
He was a member of the Society of Friends or Ouakers, in 
Brentwood, N. H., prior to 10-21-1756, when the records of 
Amesbury, Mass., show that he withdrew. In I765 he signed 
a petition in Nottingham, N.H., for a separate parish, be- 
cause "many of the petitioners live eight and ten miles 
from the meeting house." It was probably then that he went 
to Deerfleld, N.H., where he lived until 1768. He took an 
active part in the organization of the town, being chosen 
Assessor at the first town meeting held in 1766, unless 
this was his son Jonathan. 

A letter written by his great-grandson. Colonel Ezra 
Jones Glidden at the age of seventy-nine, says in part: He 
was very advanced in years when he came to Unity IN. H.J. 
He lived to be 101 years old; was an excellent driommer, and 


at the age of 100 beat his drum at Charlestown on Regimen- 
tal Muster Day. Six sons came to Unity from Deerfield, 
Kingston, and other towns in that section of New Hampshire, 
my grandfather [ Jonathan -4] being the pioneer.. . .Much of 
the records of early Unity are inmy grandfather's writing. 
That record says that he was born in 1732...." 

The last record of Margaret is her signature as wit- 
ness to a sale of land by her husband to James Norris, in 
1756, for LIOOO. 

Children of Jonathan and Margaret, order not known, 
probably all born in or near Exeter, N. H. : 


1 Jeremiah , b. near Epping cl730. D., Unity, cl807. He 

was a Quaker; refused to sign Association Test, 1776. 
M.cl771,Nehi table ; 8 or 9 chil. 

2 Jonathan , Exeter, 1732. 

3 Richard, near Epping cl735. D. , Charlestown, Mass . ,l8l9, 

age 85. Quaker; refused to sign Assoc. Test. M. 
Grace"^ (Jonathan^) Hubbard (175o-l807); 11 chil. 
k Andrew, cl737. D .Unity, CI805. Signed Association Test 
in Gilmanton. M.cl774, Maria ; 10 chil. 

5 Simeon, cl7^5. Signed Association Test, 1776. M.I767, 

Rebecca Smith (cl749-l8l8) of Deerfield; 8 chil. 

6 Joseph, 1751. D. ,Barre,Vt. ,1838. Signed Assoc. Test. 

1776. M.CI779, Sarah 5 (Reuben ^ Reuben 2, Nathaniel^ 
Thomas'^) VHiittier (1756-1840); 10 chil. 

7 Mary. D.Readfield,Me . ,l8l9. M. , Kingston, N.H. ,1756 . 

Ithiel (Daniel , Thomas-, Alexander^) Gordon; 10 ch. 

8 Margaret, perhaps youngest. M.,1775, James Ladd of 

Deerfield (b.cl75l) . 

JONATHAN '^ GLIDDP:W yas born in Old Exeter in 1732. He 
married first, about 1756, Mary, daughter of Samuel Pottle 
of Methuen, Mass. She was bom there 7-13-1735, and. died 
In Unity, N.H. , 7-15-l801. She is buried near Jonathan in 
the old cemetery on the West Road in Unity. The name of 
Jonathsin's second wife was Phebe, perhaps a Mrs. Glle, as 
her will of 3-9-I839 mentions a son by that name, and two 
grandchildren named Page and Ray. Phebe died on 1-15-1840 
in Unity, aged 8I. and is buried near Jonathan, who died on 
1-5-1818 "in the 86th year of his age." See POTTLE . 

Jonathan was a husbandman and blacksmith, but a man 
of consequence in the town, and was called "Esquire" on the 
records. He lived in Exeter from 1755 to I762, in the Deer 
field Parish of Nottingham from I765 to 1775, and in Unity 
from 1776 vintil his death in I818. He held many important 
offices. Vhile it may have been his father who was chosen 
Assessor at the first Deerfield town meeting, it was prob- 
ably he who was chosen Selectman in I767 and I768, for he 
signed as 'J'onathan Glidden Jr." He was Moderator and Se- 
lectman in 1769, Selectman and Poundkeeper in 1770, etc., 
to 1775; also Collector for Unity from 177^ to 1776. He 
had land laid out to him by the Unity Proprietors in 1778. 
His home in Unity was on Glidden 's Hill. 


Of the six brothers, three signed the Association 
Test in 1776, and may have fought in the Revolution. The 
others, including Jonathan, were Quakers, and refused to 
sign on account of their religious beliefs, but they prom- 
ised monetary support to the cause. (This furnishes elig- 
ibility to Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution.) 

Jonathan vas evidently a man of means. Many reales- 
tate transactions are recorded in Exeter. He sold land in 
1760 for L415, paid igoo for land the same year; he sold 
land to William Odlin in 176I for t2600j he bought land in 
1768 for L9OO; and in 1771 he sold land for t687. He seems 
to have lived quietly on his farm in Unity after the Revo- 
lution. He was the first Glidden to settle in Unity, ac- 
cording to his grandson, who said that many of the early 
records were in his grandfather's handwriting. 

In the first Federal Census, 1790, his family con- 
sisted of one male over I6, one male under I6 , and three 
females, probably the parents, daughters Betsey and Marga- 
ret, and one son. The inventory of his estate included 
the homestead and fifty acres, so he evidently disposed of 
much of it before his death. The estate was administered 
by his son Stephen on l-21-l8l8. 

Children, the younger ones born in Unity: 

1 Jonathan^, cl758. 

2 Hannah, CI76O. M.,cl780, Major Josiah^ (Charles^, 

John2, Philipl) Huntoon fb.l758); 10 chil. 

3 Betsey. M. Jacob Cram. (A Betsey Glidden m. Joseph* 

Huntoon and d. 1835; 7 chil.) 

4 Samuel Pottle, Deerfield, cl764. Eminent lawyer. D. 

Readfield,Me. ,1818. M.Readf . ,1799, Polly Mitchell. 
She m.2nd, Hannah's son, Jonathan-5 Glidden Huntoon 
(1781-1851), Gov. of Me.; 2 chil. d. yg. 

5 Stephen, cl771. D. , Unity, 1856 . Admin, father's est. 

M.1793, Elizabeth 2 (EzraM Jones (1773-1855) ;8 chil. 
Son Col. Ezra Jones Glidden mentioned in Jonathan-3. 

6 Levi, CI777. M. Sally [Glidden?]; 6 chil. Res., N.Y. 

7 Jacob, CI779. D., Unity, 1847. Wife Sally; 10 chil. 

8 Margaret, IO-25-I78I. Prob . youngest. D . .Montpeller, 

Vt.,1852. M. 1st, Charlestown, 1797, Moses ^ Willard Jr 
(1773-1808); 5 chil. M. 2d, 1810, John Putnam; 5 chil. 

JONATHAN ^ GLIDDEN was born in Exeter about 1758. He 
married about I785, Elizabeth, a daughter of John Ladd of 
Unity. She was born in I762, probably in Kingston, N. H. 
Jonathan died shortly before I-2O-I813, in Unity, survived 
by Elizabeth, who died there 3-I-I838, "a^ 76." See LADD. 

Jonathan went to Unity with his father, about 1775, 
when he was about seventeen, perhaps thought too young to 
serve in the Revolution. No Revolutionary record has been 
found, but he was called Captain Glidden for some reason. 
The first record is in Unity, IO-23-I787, vhen he took the 
Oath of Allegiance. He was one of the inhabitants to re- 
monstrate against the division of Unity in 1790. However, 


a part of Unity was incorporated in the town of Claremont. 
In 1790 the enxamerator of the First Federal Census found 
two heads of families living in Unity, whom he called Jon- 
athan Glidden and Jonathan Glidden Junior. The latter' s 
family consisted of two males over I6, three males under 
16, and one female. In 1791 and 179^ the names of Jonathan 
Glidden and Jonathan Glidden Junior, appear on petitions. 
"Junior" merely meant the younger of two of the same name, 
not necessarily father and son. In 179^ another petition 
was signed by a Jonathan Glidden Si'd, showing that at that 
time there were three men of that name in Unity. "Captain 
Jonathan Glidden" was a representative from Unity in I8OI, 
and he is so called in a deed from Samuel-6 to Erastus-6. 

Jonathan died at least five years before his father. 
Although the date has not been found, his will was made on 
11-22-1812, and probated I-2O-I813. All his children were 
mentioned in his will. He gave many household articles to 
Elizabeth, his wife; to son John $75; to son Elisha $300; 
to daughter Clarissa $200 at I8; to son Erastus $300; to 
sons Samue 1 and Erastus "the farm on which I now live, with 
the buildings and stock"; son Samuel to be executor. 

Elizabeth survived her husband many years. Her will 
made in Claremont, N.H., on 2-8-I838 names thirteen grand- 
children who are easily identified: John P. Glidden, Melana 
Farwell, Clarissa K. Glidden , Samuel L. Glidden, Lucretia 
E. Glidden, Erastus Glidden Perkins, Jacob B. Perkins, John 
W. Perkins, Clarissa E. Perkins, Frances M. Glidden, Dian- 
tha E. Glidden, Roby M. Glidden, and Elisha Glidden. She 
also named three sons: John, Samue 1 and Erastus Glidden; 
and her sister, Mary Field. Witnesses were: Cyrus Field, 
[name obliterated, but probably Mary] Field, and Susan 

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth, born in Unity: 

1 Samuel ^, CI786. 

2 Elisha, 7-^-1789. D. , Lowell, Mass . ,1835. Grad., Dart- 

mouth, 1815. M.I826, Roxana^ (Moses^) Warren (cl792- 
1866) widow of Walter Hastings; 1 dau., Lucretia E., 
CI828, m. ,Charlestown,Ma3S . ,l853j Captain William 
Taylor, Jr. (There were three Hastings children.) 

3 Erastus, 3-26-1792. D. , Claremont, I866. General. (His 

portrait on p. 430, History of Claremont.) M.,lst, 

1822, Diantha (John ) Metcalf (l805-l84o) . Chil.: 

\ 1 Frances 7 Maria, 1826. M.1846, John^ Badlam (James^ 

Blake) Howe (1813-I882); no chil. Res., Lima,Ind. 

2 Diantha Elizabeth, I827. M.1847, Delevan Martin 
(d.1863); 6 chil. 

3 Roby Metcalf, died about I838. 

k Charles Erastus, I835. D.1882. Atty. and judge. 
M.I856, Eliza H. Morse. 

1 Charles 8 Erastus, Jr., I859. 

4 John, mentioned in father's will I838. M.cl820, Susan 

(John! Drury) Brooks (b.l794); 2 chil. 


5 Clarissa,^ 1798. D.1832, "age 35 y., 6 m., 29 d." M., 
1820. Jared (JacobS, JosephS,Jacob4 , Elisha^, Thomas2, 
Johni) Perkins (1793-185^) , Methodist Clergyman. Chil: 

1 Erastus? Glldden Perkins. 1822. Went to Iowa. 

2 Clarissa E. Perkins, 1824. M.,l843, Charles* R. 
(NicholasS, Richard^, Samuel^) Farwell. 

1 Charles^ Farvell, 1844. D.I858. 

2 Clara Elizabeth Farvell. M.1875, Herman Holt. 

1 Herman S Holt. Married. One son. 

2 Clara Holt. Married. 4 daus . 

3 Frances G. Holt. Married. 3 chil. 

4 Marion Holt. Unmar. in 1924. 

3 William Perkins Farwell, cl848. D.I877. M. 
Florence Odell. She m.2nd, Edward Holmes. 

1 Florence 6 Farwell. M. Dr. C. A. Hull. 

2 John Howe Farwell. D.,1903, 

3 Jacob Perkins, I826. D., Calif., 1849. 

4 John W. Perkins, I832. D.I854. 

Chil. of Jared Perkins and 2nd wife, Charlotte Hall 
(1805-1875), married, I833: 

5 Jared Augustus Perkins, I836. D.I883. M.I867, 
Emma Dodge , and had : 

1 Emma Somerby Perkins, I868. 

6 Charlotte M. Perkins, l84o. M. Henry P. Neal. 

7 George Henry Perkins, 1842. 

8 Martha A. Perkins, 1«49. M.I873, Joseph M. Neal. 

SAMUEL GLIDDEN was born in Unity, N.H., about I786. 
He married in Claremont on 9-22-l8ll, Lucinda, daughter of 
Nathaniel Goss. Lucinda was born on 7-17-1794 in Clare 
mont, and died there on 9-5-I83O. See GOSS . Samuel mar- 
ried second, in Claremont on 3-I8-I832, Wancy A. Brigham, 
of Canandaigua, N. Y. He died in Claremont on 9-17-1856, 

Little is known of him except what is contained in 
the records. He was the executor of his father's will, in 
1813. He and his brother Erastus inherited the Glidden 
farm in that year. Samuel perhaps lived on the farm while 
General Erastus was in the army. In 1822 Erastus married, 
and he bought Samuel's share of the farm. The deed covers 
forty-seven acres of land in Unity, "with the buildings 
thereon, having been conveyed to said Samuel by his late 
father Captain Jonathan Glidden." The deed was signed on 
3-26-1822 by Samuel and Lucinda Glidden. In 1822 Lucinda 
was admitted to the Claremont Congregational Church. In 
1846 Samuel was a Selectman in Claremont. Administration 
was granted on his estate on 9-24-1856, to General Erastus 


Children of Samuel an6 Luclnda, prob. b., Claremont: 

1 Melana'^, 1-17-1812. Mentioned in grandmother's vill, 
1838. M. , Claremont, IO-6-I83I, William^ H. (Nicholas^, 
Richard^, Samuell) Farwell (b.l8o8) . Merchant. Son: 

1 William^ h. Farwell II, I832. D.,l888. In Civil 
War. M.I85O, Ann Taylor (d.l888). Chil.: 

1 Jenny 6 a. Farwell, i860. M. Henry^ (George^) 
Pierce (d.l920). Chil.: 

1 Edward3 F. Pierce. 

2 Mary F. Pierce. M. Lemuel Hitchcock. 

2 Mary Farwell, I863. D. inf. 

3 Villiam H. Farwell III. M.,l886, Nellie^ 
(Thomasl) Burns. Chil.: 

1 Sidney 7 b. Farwell. I887. D.I898. 

2 Ruth E. Farwell, I892. M. Seth Hogaboom. 

1 (rau.) Hogaboom. 

2 Clarissa' '' Matilda , 10-21-1820. 

Child of Samuel and Nancy: 

3 Samuel L., Claremont, cl834. D.1840, "age 6 years." 

CLARISSA 7 M^.TILDA GLIDDEN was born in Claremont, New 
Hampshire, on 10-21-1820. She married on 9-5-1844, Isaac, 
son of Benajah and Sarah Rogers of Claremont. Clarissa and 
Isaac had one child, Julia MelaJia Rogers, born in Chester, 
Vt., on 8-14-1846, who married Edward T. Root of Waterbury, 
Conn. When Isaac died has not been learned, but Clarissa 
married second, Edward Wales Blake, on 7-6-I858, in East 
Randolph, Vt., the Rev. Jacob C. Goss officiating, accord- 
ing to the Blake family bible. What relation Mr. Goss was 
to Clarissa's mother has not been learned. He had retired 
from the ministry, lived in Concord, N. H., from I853 to 
i860, and preached at times in Randolph Centre, Vt. 

Dr. Edward Wales Blake, son of Joseph (and Prudence 
Shepard) Blake, was born in Brookfield, Vt., on 5-27-1820. 
He married first in 1844, Lydia Downing, who died in I852. 
Clarissa died in Waterbury on 1-3-1874, and was buried in 
the Roots' lot. Edward died in Waterbury on 2-4-1888, sur- 
vived by his third wife, Jane Perkins Blake. See BLAKE . 

Authorities : 

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and New Hampshire. 
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N. H. , Vital Records. 

GOSS -^^^ 

The original Goss family in America dates from the 
early Puritan settlement in Massachusetts. John Goss came 
from England with the Wlnthrop Fleet in l630,with his wife 
Sarah and seven children. He was one of the first settlers 
of Watertown, Mass., where he had a grant of nine lots. He 
was juror 5-2-1631 and made Freeman 5-I8-I63I. In I639 he 
was fined and committed to prison, but the fine was remit- 
ted not long afterwards. He was buried on 2-15-1645 in 
Watertown. His inventory of 3-14-1645 amounted to 1,85. 
His widow married Robert Nichols, and removed to Southamp- 
ton or Southold, L. I. 

As there were Gosses in Massachusetts apparently not 
descended from Philipl below, it is probable that John and 
Sarah left living sons, since they brought seven children. 
The only records found are the following in Watertown: 

1 Joseph. Bur. Watertown, 5-IO-I63I. 

2 Elizabeth. D. Watertown, 12-25-1641. 

3 Phebe. Survived her father. 

PHILIP ^ GOSS , the first Goss we can be certain of, 
lived in Roxbury, Mass. He married first Hannah, daughter 
of William and Susanna [or Hannah] Hopkins. Her birth is 
recorded in Roxbury, I-3-I657, and she was baptized there, 
but she was probably born in Dorchester, Mass., where her 
parents were living at the time. Philip was divorced from 
Hannah on 4-10-1690, but on 3-29-I69O he had married Mary, 
daughter of John Prescott. Administration was granted on 
Philip's estate on 5-26-1698, and he must have died short- 
ly before. Mary married again on 11-20-1698, John Hough- 
ton Junior, but her death has not been found. John mar- 
ried his second wife, Sarah Gulliver, in 1720, and died in 
1724. See HOPKINS and PRESCOTT . 

The date of Philip's marriage is not of record, but 
it must have been too close to 2-l6-l677, vhen their first 
child was baptized In Roxbury, for on 6-I6-I678, after she 
had run away from her husband the first time, and returned 
or been brought back, "Hana Hopkins (sic) was censured in 
the Church wth admonition for fornication wth her husband 
before they were maryed & for flying away fro Justice unto 
Road Island." On 12-8-I678, three months before her first 
daughter was born, "Hannah Hopkins alias Goffe was called 
to confesse her sins & manifest repentance for fornication 
and running away to Road Hand. She confessed & was ab- 
solved & received to take hold on the covenant." The baby 
died soon, and the next child, Mary, was baptized in 168O, 
but as no further record of her has been found, she proba- 
bly died in infancy also. Philip and Hannah moved to Bos- 
ton, about that time. The early Massachusetts towns did 
not welcome strangers, and kept careful track of them. On 

120 GOSS 

5-4-1682 in Boston: "At a meeting of the Selectmen of this 
towne it was ordered that the Recorder grant a Warrant to 
one of the Constables .. .to leavie upon the Estate of Jos- 
eph Homes the siome of 20 shillings for letting a house to 
and thereby entertaining of Phillip Gosse in this Towne 
who is an Inhabitant of Roxbury." Again, on 7-31-1682: 
"Phillip Gosse came from Roxbury with a vitious Familie, of 
wch Mary Wood is or was one of his seruants who hath had a 
bastard, and are entertained by Joseph Holmes." Hannah 
stayed long enough to have another son, born in October of 
that year. Not long after she took her little son William 
with her to Jamaica, W. I., whether on Philip's order or 
not we do not know. Perhaps she sent for her sister Mar- 
garet to look after things, for in the record of transients 
is the following, 2-5-1684: "Margaret Hopkins from Roxbury 
at Phillip Gosses." In Philip's petition for divorce he 
says he was at sea when she left. She did not return, of 
course, and on 11-22-1684 the Roxbury Church recorded: 
"Hannah Goss was excommunicate, though absent, for three 
great scandalous sins...." One was running away. 

Philip tried io get his son William back, but Hannah 
would not give him up. It looks though, as if he later 
returned to Massachusetts and had descendants there. What 
became of Hannah is not known, except from the depositions 
following. She may have perished in the great earthquake 
which nearly destroyed Jamaica in I692. 

Philip Goss was a mariner as well as a merchant. In 
the Hi^itory of Clinton, Mass., he is called "Boston mer- 
chant who had bought the Rowlands on place in Lancaster on 
6-20-I687 and who married Mary Prescott in I690..." In the 
"List of Settlement of the Garrison at Lancaster, l8th, 1, 
1691/2" we find: "Philip Goss, and with him: Jno More, Jno 
Bemon, Peter Joslin, Jonathan Whitcomb, George Hues, Cyp- 
rian Stevens, Jno Prescoat, with their familys." 

He was probably the Captain Philip Goss who went to 
Canada on the ill-fated I690 expedition, and whose descen- 
dants obtained land grants on account of that service. 

The following are from photostatic copies of Boston 
records : 

"Thomas Wharfe of Charlstowne aged about forty three 
years testifyeth & saith that about five years agoe, one 
Hannah Goss the wife of Philip Goss desired passage with 
me in the sloop Swan to Jamaica for herself e & a child, 
saying she would goe to her husband there, for (said shee) 
I have a letter or his order to come to Jamaica & meet him 
there, wee proceeded on said voyage to Jamaica, where I 
left her, since that time I have often seen her there, and 
do testify that she is there marryed to one Murray a Car- 
penter or Joyner, as she herself e owned to mee severall 
times. I saw her with a child which she said was sd Mur- 
ray's by her, and I have heard him often calling her wife, 
and she calling him husband, further I testify that being 
desired by Philip Goss to bring a certificate of her mar- 
riage, I accordingly went to ye clerke of the Parish of 
Port Ryall in Jamaica, and saw it yere entered in ye Booke 



of Records, and tooke a Cople of the same under sd Clarke 
hand, which I brought to New England and delivered to 
Philip Goss. 

Tho: Wharf e mad oath to the Above written, the 
first of November I689 Before me JOHN PHILLIPS, Asst'.' 

"To the Hont>le Simon Brads treet Esqr Governr, Thomas Dan- 
i"orth, Esqr, De:Govr, and to the rest of the Honble Magis- 
trates Sitting in Court of Assistants at Boston, Apr. 8. 1590. 
The humble Petition & Motion of Philip Goss Humbly showeth: 

That your Petitioner about twelve or thirteen years 
agoe was marryed to Hannah Hopkins daughter of William 
Hopkins of Roxbury, and lived with her some yeares, but 
yor Petitionr being a Sayler, and he being absent at sea, 
the said Hanna removed from Boston, and went to Jamaica 
wth Mr. Thomas Waffe, and told him, her husband had sent 
for her to Jamaica, Mr Waffe left her there, and since 
that time he hath been there several times, and saw sd 
Hannah, and she informed him yt she is married to one John 
Murray a Joynr with whom she now liveth and hath a child 
by him sd Murray borne of her body as she owned to Mr. 
Waffe & also to John Lakin, whose evidences are now in the 
hands of the worshipfull Jno Philips Esqr. I have also a 
certificate from the Clerke of ye Parish of Port Royall in 
Jamaica of her being marryed to sd Murray. 

The premisses being considered yor Petitioner humbly 
requests that Favour of this honrd Court, that according 
to the Lawes of God & of this Jurisdiction he may be div- 
orced from said Hannah, she having broken covenant with 
him, as may appeare, and yor Petitionr shall as in duty 
bound ever pray &c. Signum 


"John Holland of Boston Marrlner being of full age, 
testifyeth that Philip Goss understanding that I was boiind 
for Jamaica, desired mee to accept of a letter of Atturney 
from him and power to demand, and to bring a child of his 
(that was in Jamaica with Hannah Goss his wife) to New- 
England, accordingly I went to sd Philip Goss his wife, 
and shewed my letter of Atturney and demanded ye child. 
She told me I should not have him, she had as much power as 
I had, and as much money. She went to Authority there and 
told them that Philip Goss had one of the children & she 
would keep the other. Further I testify that the sd Hannah 
Goss she that was the wife of Philip Goss aforesd is mar- 
ryed at Jamaica, as she herself did owne and acknowledge 
to mee when I was in Jamaica about two years agoe or the re - 


Boston, 10th April. I69O 
Jurat in Court of Assistants 
Attd. J.N.Addington, Secy." 

122 GOSS 

"April 10th 1690. Upon reading the Petition of 
Philip Goss marriner. Setting forth that Hannah his wife 
is married to one at Jamaica with vhome she now lives and 
by him hath had a child. And produceing a Certificate from 
the Gierke of the Parish of the said Hannahs, being married 
to one John Morrey, besides severall Evidences thereof. 
Praying for e Divorce. Ordered that the said Phillip Goss 
be and hereby is divorced from the said Hannah end dis- 
charged fromm all conjugal duty and Obligation unto her 
for maintenance or Dowry. 

Court of Assistants, Commonwealth of Kassachusetts . 

Present also: Robt. Pike, John Hathorne, Jonathn. 

Corwin. " 

Children of Philip and Hannah: 

1 Philip ^, bap. Roxbury, 2-16-1677. 

2 Hannah, bap. Roxbury, 3-I6-I679. D. inf. 

3 Mary, bap. Roxbury, 0-22-1680. Prob . d. yg. 

k William, b. Boston, IO-6-I682. Taken to Jamaica, W.I. 
by his mother. Probably returned to Mass. and set- 
tled in Lancaster. 

Children of Philip and Mary, born in Lancaster: 

5 Mary^, I69I. No further record. 

6 John, 1-20-1693. D.bef .1765. M. 11-20-1711, [Groton, 

Mass.?] Mary 2 ( Samuel^ & Hannah [Farwell] ) Woods (b., 
CI693) . Woods Gen. states she was b. CI687, which 
would make John I8, and Mary 24, when married. John 
had northern portion of Prescott estate, "largely by 
purchase from other heirs." A widow Mary Goss d. in 
Stt>w, Mass., 1765 in 75th yr., presumed to be John's 
widow. Children, b. in Lancaster: 

1 William^, bap. 5-13-1716. M., Lancaster, 1736, 
Lucy Hall (b.l7l6) of Stow; 6 chil, 1737 - 17^5. 
Went to Shrewsbury, Mass., 1759. 

2 Elizabeth, bap. 5-13-1716. M.1738, Barzilla Holt 
3 chil. by 17^6. He m.l759, Lois Allard; 3 sons 
by 1765. 

3 Mary, bap. 1-20-1717. 

4 John, bap. 9-7-1718. D.1747. M.ints. , Lancaster, 
1744, Abigail Ball, sister of Hannah who m.l748, 
Philip -4 Goss . Abigail m. 2nd, 1752, William Fife 
(d.1790 in 7^th yr) . She d.l790, in 69th yr. 

5 Sarah, b. 4-13-1719, bap. 6-26-1720. Bur. Lan- 
caster, l802. Perhaps m. , Stow, 1744, Stephen Gib- 
son; 10 chil. 1745 - 1762. 

6 Jonathan, b. 5-18-1725 . Alive 1749. 

[NOTE: A John Goss had son Philip bap. Lancaster, "May 2d 
1740... at his own house, he being dangerously sick 
...," and "Joseph, son of John Goss" was bap. on 
2-16-1745/6." ] 

GOSS ]^23 

PHILIP ^ GOSS , eldest child, was baptized In Roxbury, 
Mass., 2-16-1677. He married in Concord, Mass., 8-3O-I699, 
Judith, daughter of John and Anna Hayvard, the ceremony be- 
ing performed by the Rev. Joseph Estabrooke. Judith was 
born on 4-9-1675 in Concord. Her mother, Anna White, was 
the grand -daughter of William White, Mayflower passenger, 
and of the wealthy planter, William Vassall. Philip died 
on 9-13-17^7 "in his 70th year," and "Judith widow of Cap- 
tain Philip Goss," died in Brookfield, Mass., on 4-18-1748. 

Philip lived in Lancaster, Mass., with his father and 
step-mother. In I7OI he bought the large Washacombe Farm 
from John Prescott. Ford in the History of Clinton, Mass . , 
mistakenly ascribes this purchase to Captain Philip-1, who 
died about I698. In the Fall of 1704 Philip went to Brook- 
field, Mass., where he reci^ived a grant of sixty acres and 
built a fortified house on an elevated spot on the "Old 
Hadley Path, west of Wekabaugh Pond." In all he had grants 
amounting to over six hundred acres in Brookfield. 

He was Captain of the military company there and a 
citizen of prominence. In 1704 he was one of the subscrib- 
ers to a petition to Governor Joseph Dudley for a rebate- 
ment of taxes of fc86 levied on the town, the petition ap- 
pending a list of claims for damage done by the Indians, 
his own claim reading: "John Houghton, Junior, 3 swine, 1 
large dwelling house belonging to him and Philip Goss, 3 
fires." This house was probably near or upon the site of 
the Rowlandson garrison, as John Houghton, Jr., had married 
Philip's step-mother. He and Judith deeded the homestead 
at Lancaster, the original Rowlandson estate, to a tanner, 
Hooker Osgood, on 11-22-1710. 

There is a record that Cyprian, son of Simon Stevens, 
was in trouble In Lancaster for permitting the escape of a 
ruffian, one Robert Crosley, who had assaulted his neigh- 
bor Philip Goss, then living just across the river on the 
Rowlandson estate, but the date is not clear. 

Judith's gravestone is in the Old Cemetery in West 
Brookfield, Mass. 

Children of Philip and Judith: 

1 Judith^. M.,1718, Thomas^ (Henry^, Thomas 1) Gilbert, 

of No. Brookfield (1695-1753); 13 chil., 1720-1747- 

2 Philip, Lancaster , cl700. 

3 Hannah. M.1723, Experience Rich; 8 chil. by 1740. 

(Experience was the son of Thomas Rich.) 

4 Mary. D.1751. M.1728, Daniel ^ (Edward^ ) Walker (I7OO 

-1777); 10 chil. 

5 John, Brookfield, I-IO-I7II. M.1730, Mary"^ (Thomas'^, 

Thomasl) Gilbert (b.l71l). Chil., b. in Brookfield: 

1 Mary4, II-II-I73I. D.1747. 

2 Samuel, 9-30-1733. D.I738. „ , 

3 Thankful, 2-26-1736. M.1755, Ebenezer"" (Obadi- 

ah) Wright. 

4 Miriam, 12-13-1737. D. yg. 



Chil. of John3 and Mary [Gilbert] Goss, Contd, 

5 Samuel*, 9-19-1739. 

6 Exmice, 1-14-1742. 

7 Miriam, 6-14-1744. 

8 John, 9-29-1747. D 

9 Comfort, 12-3-1749. 

Stevens (b.l750)?] 

M.I756, William Chadwick. 


[M.1775, Dorcas 2 (Nathan^) 

NOTE. Two baptisms in Lancaster may belong to this John-3 
Goss: [17^0] "May 2d, Philip, Son of John Goss at his own 
house, he being dangerously sick," and on 2-16-1745/6, 
"Joseph son of John Goss." The last child of John and 
Mary [Woods] Goss was baptized in 1725 in Lancaster. 

Chil. of Philip and Judith, contd.: 

6 Thankful^, Brookfield, 12-13-1713- M.1732, John White; 

7 chil. by 1750. 

7 Rev. Thomas, 7-6-I716. D.,1780. Grad., Harvard 1737. 

Minister, Bolton, Mass., 39 yrs . "Feb. 1745/6, Thomas 
Goss of Bolton, Clerk [Cleric], Joseph Wilder Junr. 
of Lancaster, Gent., who had received power of attor- 
ney from John Goss and Mary Goss of Lancaster deeded 
to John Allen of Weston in consideration of LllOO in 
bills of the old tenor... land in Lancaster... and it 
is the whole of the Land on which John Goss of saide 
Town formerly lived." Richard Goss of Gloucester and 
Ipswich, Mass. , left him a legacy, 1769. M. Abigail 
. Chil., b. in Bolton: 

1 Ebenezer*, 10-20-1743. 

2 Judith, 1-24-1746. M.I766. Rev. Josiah* (John , 

(Edward2,l) Vinship (l73o-l824) . Harvard, 1762. 
Res., Woolwich, Me. 

3 Abigail, 4-1-1749. M.,1765, Joshua Atherton of 

Perh. m. 2nd, 1782, Benjamin 

Petersham, Mass. 
Stow of Harvard. 

4 Thomas, 12-12-1751. 

5 Samuel, 10-16-175^- 

cretia^ (Phineas^, 

Unmar. A Tory refugee. 
D., Bethel, Me. M.I78O, Lu- 
Joslah3, 2^ John^ ) Howe 

(b.1761, D., Bethel); 7 chil., 17^1 - cl796. 

6 Mary, 9-6-1757. M.1777, Simeon Heminway; 6 chil. 

by 1797. 

7 Elizabeth, 4-22-1760. M., Bolton, 1799, David 

Newhall (1757-1815); 11 chil. by 1799. 
\ 8 Salome, I-I3-I763. M.1784, Aaron Moore; 1 dau. 

PHILIP ^ GOSS , the eldest son, was born in Lancaster, 
Mass., about I700. He married in Brookfield on 11-25-1723, 
Kezlah, daughter of Benjamin Cooley. She was born in Long 
meadow (part of Springfield), Mass., on 10-29-1702. Phil- 
ip died in Brookfield in 1742, before his father. The in- 
ventory of his estate was dated 9-17-17^2, and the estate 
was divided in May 1746. Kezlah married Timothy Brown In 
1744. Her death record has not been found. See COOLEY. 


Children of Philip and Keziah, born in Brookfield: 

1 Philip '^. 11-18-1724. 

2 Hannah, 9-^-1726. D.,1749. M., 17^2, Thomas^ (John^) 

Haskell; 3 chil. He m.2d,1750, Joanna Hunt: 5 chll. 

3 Ebenezer, 9-11-1728. D. yg. 

4 Keziah, 2-26-1730. M. ,1st .Hardwlck, 17^5, Zachariah^ 

(John^) Haskell (1718-1759); 6 chil. M.,2nd, 1761, 
John"^ (Jonathan^) Rose (I720-I788); if chil. 

5 Judith, 11-15-1731. M.I75I, Simeon Walker; 1 dau. 

6 Nathaniel, 9-6-I733. D. yg. 

7 Thomas, 1-6-1735. D.I785. M. Eunice ; 7 chil. 

Revolutionary soldier. 

PHILIP GOSS , the eldest child, was born in Brook- 
field, Mass., on 11-18-1724. Cutter and other authorities 
are agreed that he married first, Mary Kendall, their mar- 
riage intentions being recorded on 6-7-1744 in Lancaster, 
Mass., and that Mary died soon, leaving no children. The 
marriage record has never been foxind. In any of the Massa- 
chusetts towns, nor is it among the marriages performed by 
Judge Joseph Wilder from 1728 to 1746 in Lancaster. It is 
certain, however, that Philip married in Bolton, Mass., on 
5-12-1748, Hannah Ball "of Bolton," their marriage inten- 
tions being recorded in Lancaster on 4-16-1748. 

Philip and Hannah are buried in the old Pioneer Bur- 
ial Ground in Winchester, N. H. His gravestone bears the 
date of 4-17-1804, and Hannah's 8-I8-I8II, "in her 84th 

After the death of his father in 1742, Philip seems 
to have lived with relatives, perhaps with his grandfather 
In Lancaster, where he was called Philip Goss J\mior un- 
til his grandfather died in 1747. 

Philip's xincle Thomas Goss was a minister in Bolton, 
for almost forty years, and it is probable that Philip and 
Hannah were married by him. Cutter says that Hannah's sis- 
ter Abigail Ball [ "of Bolton" in the Lancaster record] mar- 
ried Philip's uncle John Goss. Actually, Philip's uncle 
John Goss married Mary Gilbert in 1730. The John Goss who 
married Abigail Ball was the cousin of Philip-3 Goss. 

Philip and Hannah were "admitted to communion" at 
Chocksett Church, Sterling (formerly part of Lancaster) on 
7-8-1750. About 1760 they settled in Roxbury-Canada, now 
Warwick, Mass. The Lancaster church record: "3-22-1761, 
Dismisd and recommended Philip Goss to the Chh of Christ, 
in Roxbury Canada. Dismissed also soon after the wife of 
sd Philip to sd Chh." Roxbury or Gardner's Canada was com- 
posed of sixty-three shares, sixty to go to settlers de- 
scended from officers and soldiers who served in the expe- 
ditions to Canada in I690. (Petition, 1735.) A portion of 
the northern part of the town is called "The Brook, from 

126 GOSS 

the stream of water which rises in the middle of the town 
and empties Into the Ashuelot River at Winchester, N. H. 
Philip was the third of the name who was an eldest son, and 
he was entitled to this land because of his descent from 
the Philip Goss who was in that expedition. 

He was living in Winchester, N. H., by 1764, and be- 
came a prominent citizen of that town. He was captain of 
the Military Company there and held many town offices. On 
5-12-1775 he was on a committee of inspection "to see if 
the town would provide a convenient stock of pewter and of 
lead," Although fifty-four, he served in Col. Samuel Ash- 
ley's regiment, Capt. Oliver Capron's Company of New Hamp- 
shire Militia, which marched to the relief of Ticonderoga, 
in the Revolutionary War. His service is given as from 
6-29 to 7-11-1778. His son Philip also served. 

A Major Goss in 179^ bought pew No. 17, in the new 
church in Winchester, paying ii24. 10 s. 

Children of Philip and Hannah, first five baptized 
in Chocksett Church, Sterling, Mass, the last six baptized 
in Winchester, N. H.: 

1 John^, Lancaster, 2-5-17^9. Eap. 7-8-1750. Res., Ran- 

dolph, Vt., and Claremont, N. H. Rev. soldier. M. 
Winchester, 1772, Hannah Scott; 12 chil. 

2 Nathaniel , bap. 4-28-1751. 

3 Sarah, bap. 8-26-1753. D. yg. 

4 Haxmah, 11-20-1755- D.St .Johnsbury,Vt. ,1827. M.1773, 

John Stearns (1743-1826); 11 chil. 

5 Philip, 10-17-1757. Bap. 11-6-1757. D .Montague, Mass . , 

1840. Rev. soldier. M. , Winchester, 1779, Esther Gale 
(1755-1831); 8 chil. M., 2nd, 1831, Mrs. Bardwell. 

6 Mary, or Marcy, Winchester, 5-28-I76O. M., Elias 

Taylor of Hartland, Vt.; 8 chil. 

7 Abel (Abbe), 3-3I-I763. D.I825. M.,1787, Irene2(El- 

kanahl) Sprague (I763-I853); 9 chil. Res .Waterfd,Vt. 

8 Levi, 5-24-1765. D.Waterford,Vt.,l826. M.lst, Eunice 

Leonard; 2 chil. M.2nd, Lucy Sherman; 1 child.. M., 
3rd, Widow Morse. (He had 6 chil.) 

9 Sarah, 9-9-1768. D.I850. M., Winchester, 1787, Joel 

Roberts (d.l842); 8 chil. He was in Revolution. 

10 David, 10-10-1770. D. ,St .Johnsbury,Vt. ,l86l. M., Win- 

chester, 1791, Cynthia Brett (I77O-I85O); 6 chil. 

11 Samuel, 9-9-1772. D..I856. M.1795, Mary [Folly] Con- 
\ ant; (cl771-l839) ; ^ chil. (Both bur. Winchester.) 

NATHANIEL 5 GOSS was baptized in Chocksett church in 
Lancaster, Mass., on 4-28-1751. He married in Claremont, 
N.H., on 6-11-1776, Rachel Gould. 

Rachel was born about 1753, as her gravestone states 
she died on 3-29-1840, "age 87 years." She survived Nath- 
aniel, who died on 1-25-1824. Both are buried in the Old 
Cemetery in Claremont, located at the rear of the Library. 



Nathaniel was about nine or ten years old when the 
family moved to Roxbury-Canada, and a few years older when 
they were in Winchester, N. H. His sister Mary's birth is 
recorded in Winchester in 1760.. 

In 1775, at the age of twenty-four, he bought what is 
known as "the Charles Rossiter farm," afterwards owned by 
his son Joel and grandson Charles N. Goss, in Claremont,in 
New Hampshire. 

His name is on a list of I776, enumerating males in 
Claremont who were over twenty years of age — eligible for 
army service. His brother John's name is also on the list. 
Both signed the Association Test in Claremont, this docu- 
ment being returned 5-3O-I776. Nathaniel married the next 
month. His Revolutionary service is the same as his fath- 
er's, except that he was with Captain Oliver Ashley's com- 
pany. A Nathaniel Goss occurs in the Connecticut War Re- 
cords, Vol. 2:30, he being appointed by the Assembly to be 
Ensign of the 10th company or trainband, 24th Connecticut 
Regiment, May 1778, but this man may not be the same. 

Nathaniel served as Selectman in Claremont in 1787. 
The Lawrence Goss is quoted as saying about him: "He was a 
leading man in the town and left that memory of the just 
which is blessed. " 

Children of Nathaniel and Rachel, born In Claremont: 

1 Susannah'^, ll-lQ-1777. „ 

2 Nathaniel. 2-27-1780. D .Greenland, N.H. ,l8l7. M. Mary^ 

(Adino^) Nye (b.cl768); had son Nathaniel & 5 daus . 
Dau. Lydia m. William Brown of Lancaster, Mass. 

3 Joel, 1-30-1782. D.I833. Selectman, Claremont, 1820, 

1823, 1831. Inherited his father's farm. His barns 
struck^by tornado in I83I. M., 1-22-1807, Fanny- 
(Simon", Simon^ ) Sartwell. (Northwest Quarterly.) He 
had at least sons William and Charles N., who m. 
Lucinda^ (Moody^) Dustin (d.l888). 

4 Roccena [not Roxana asin the Claremont records], 2-11- 

1784. D., Waterloo, Wis., 1861. M^, cl802, Charles^ 
(Samuel^, Samuel^, Daniel , SamueT , David '^, Robert) 
Ashley (b. Claremont, 1782; d .Waterloo, l848) ; 10 chil. 
(Had son Nathaniel and Roccena, and gr-dau. Roccena.) 
3 Polly, 12-6-1787. Liv.1872. [Perhaps m.,l8l2. Abner- 
(Abner-. Francis^, Samuel-, Moses •, Aquila^ ) Chase; 
8 chil.j 

6 Orenea, I-I8-I790. No record fo\jnd. 

7 Lucinda . 7-17-1794. perhaps named for Lucinda Dustin . 

8 Matilda, 8-23-I795. No record found. 

128 GOSS 

LUCINDAS GOSS was born on 7-17-179^. in Claremont, 
N. H. She married in Claremont on 9-22-1811, Samuel, son 
of Jonathan Glidden. Samuel was bom about I786 in Unity, 
N. H. They lived in Unity, the part of Unity where their 
home was located being annexed to Claremont about I728. 
Lucinda was admitted to the Congregational Church of Clare 
mont in l822. She died in Claremont on 9-5-1830. Samuel 
married second in Claremont on 3-I8-I832, Nancy A. Brigham 
of Canandaigua, N. Y. Samuel died on 9-17-1856, and is 
buried beside Lucinda in the Old Cemetery in Claremont. 

Lucinda-6 Goss m. I81I, Samuel-6 Glidden 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. I858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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Photostats of Philip-1 Goss' Petition for Divorce, De- 
positions, etc., obtained from Boston, Mass. 

Photostat of admission of Phillp-3 Goss' estate. Philip 
-4 gave bond 2-4-1745/6 to administer father's est., 
"adm. having been committed to his relict wlddow who 
is now deceased." 

GRAVES 3^29 

SAMUEL GRAVES vas born about I628. He married about 
1657, probably In Boston, Grace, daughter of William Beam- 
sley. Grace vas born In Boston, 9-IO-I635. Samue 1 • a dea th 
record has not been found, but he vas alive in I700. Grace 
died in Ipswich, Mass., on II-26-I730. See BEAMSLEY . 

Connection has not been established vith John Graves 
of Nazing, Essex, Eng., who came to Roxbury, Mass., I633, 
bringing five children, John, Samuel, Jonathan, Hannah and 
Mary, all of whom were alive in 1644, when he made his will. 
(Note that Samuel of Ipswich had children by these names.) 

Samuel Graves was a feltmaker and hatter. The first 
record is in Ipswich in I654, when he bought a dwelling and 
half -acre of land "which was the house of Jane Kenning who 
lately deceased," located near the meeting house. He was 
on the Jury of Trials in Ipswich in I665, I669, and I670, 
and was Constable in I666. In Boston, II-I7-I668, Samuel 
and Grace sold their one-seventh share of the Beamsley es- 
tate to Key Alsop, receiving one-seventh of 1.200. The same 
year Samuel bought "a house, barn, pasture, and all lands 
adjoining, situate In Ipswich," from John Kimball, who was 
moving to Newbury, Mass. 

Records of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County con- 
tain testimony of Samuel and Grace in I670, in a suit of 
Edmond Ashby, who was bound by indenture to Samuell Graves 
of Ipswich, to learn the trade of a feltmaker, and at the 
end of four years his master was to pay him ilS. John 
Picard deposed "....Samuel Graves then told him 'I expect- 
ed you you should haue bene my testimony, for you know 
how badly the fellow dealt w'^J^ me; and how bad a servant 
he was to you & marvaild that he would be the fe liars at- 
turney against him. '" 

His name is on a list of I679, of "P'sons that have 
right of commonage according to law and .order of the towne, " 
that is, the right of pasturage on the common lands. 

There are no records after I679, when he was in pos- 
session of the Nathaniel Bishop estate (who died in I673) , 
consisting of a dwelling-house, barn and two acres of land, 
which he deeded to his son John that year. In I679 also, he 
is recorded as having a share in Plum Island. This island 
was used for pasturage. In I7OO a seat was assigned him 
In the Ipswich church, "among the most elderly men, behind 
the pulpit." 

Children of Samuel and Grace, born In Ipswich: 

1 Samuel^, 8-5-I658. Hatter. D.Ipswich, 10-4-1732 age 74. 

M.lst, Joanna . M.2nd,1703, Mrs Elizabeth Foss. 

Chil.: Abigail, 1683; Mary,l685; Samuel, 1687. 

2 John, 8-l-l6bO. D.cl699. Cordwainer. M. Martha 

Chil.: John, Martha, Sarah, and Samuel. Widow 
Martha m.2nd,1705, Jonathan Maclntire. In 1719, Sam- 
uel, son of John, "who was son of Samuel and Grace, 
bought right of sister Martha, wife of David Macln- 
tire of Reading, Mass., in the homestead. 


3 Mary, cl665. (Mary, "daughter of Samuell Graves, aged 

15 years," deposed in the Ashby suit, I67O . ) 

4 Elizabeth, 6-29-I667. D.I723. M.1684, John Chote Jr. 

(1661-1733); had son John, I685. John Chote m.,2nd, 
1690, Mrs Elizabeth Giddings; 3 chil. M.,3rd,1723, 
Mrs Sarah Perkins (d.l728). M.,4(:h, 1729, Mrs Pru- 
dence Marshall (d.l732). 

5 Hannah , 12-19-1666. 

6 Jonathan . D . 1679 • 

HANNAH^ GRAVES was born in Ipswich, 12-19-1668. She 
married thereon 3-12-169^, Christopher Pottle, a tanner. 
The marriage record calls her "daughter of Samuel Graves, 
Senior." Christopher was born in England about I663. He 
died shortly before 2-8-1710, when his will vas probated. 
Hannah may have married again, as no further record of her 
has been found after Christopher's death. Their home vas 
in Hampton, N. H. See POTTLE. 

Hannah- 2 Graves m. 

Samuel-2 Pottle m. 

Mary-3 Pottle m. 

Jonathan-5 Glidden m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m. 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

169^, Christopher-1 Pottle 

173^, Hannah-3 Bodvell 

CI756, Jonathan-if Glidden 

1785, Elizabeth-5 Ladd 

1811, Lucinda-6 C-oss 

1858, Edvard-7 Vales Balke 


Hammatt Papers, p. 123 . 

Waters: Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol. 

Essex County, Mass., Cuarterly Court Records, Vol. k: 

Ipswich, Mass., Vital Records. 
Hampton, N.H., Court Records. 


EDMUND^ GREENLEAF of Newbury, Mass., was from Ips- 
wich, England. An Edmund Greenleaf, son of John and Mar- 
garet, was baptized in the parish of St. Mary de la Tour, 
in Ipswich on 1-2-1574/5. This has been assumed by many to 
be the immigrant, but thought by others to be his father, 
or uncle, as Edmund Greenleaf of Newbury was a lieuten- 
ant in the Military Company in 1647, when he would have 
been seventy- two years old. On the other hand, Johnson's 
History of New England calls him "an ancient and experi- 
enced lieutenant under Gerrish, in 1644." 

His wife was Sarah Dole, said to be the daughter of 
William and Joan [Hale] Dole, and sister of Richard Dole. 
They were married in England and she was the mother of all 
his known children, four of whom were baptized in the par- 
ish of St. Mary's. Sarah died in Boston on I-I8-I663, and 
Edmund married Sarah, daughter of Ignatious Jurdain of Ex- 
eter, England. She had several children by her first mar- 
riage to one Wilson. Her second husband was William Hill 
of Fairfield, Conn. Edmund died in Boston on 3-24-1671. 

It is believed that the ancestors of the Greenleafs 
were Huguenots, the name being translated from the French 
"Feuillevert. " The name Greenleaf has been found only in 
the parish of Ipswich, County Suffolk, England, and it is 
supposed that the Feuillevert family came as French refu- 
gees to England with many other Huguenots who fled from 
their homes on account of religious persecution in the fif- 
teenth century. Edmund Greenleaf was a silk-dyer, which 
occupation does not appear in England until about the time 
of the coming of the French refugees. 

Edmund is considered one of the foimders of the town 
of Newbury, Mass., as he received a grant of 122 acres there 
about 163^' The first mention of his name in the Newbury 
records is in l638,when he was appointed with three others 
to inspect the arms of the town and to select the men who 
were to come armed to the church services. He was made En- 
sign of the Military Company in 1639, and was a Lieutenant 
in 1642. In 1647 he requested his discharge from military 
service, being then a lieutenant, but is called a captain 
in the record of land grants. 

There are many other records of him in Newbury. The 
Greenleafs lived near the old town bridge, where for some 
years Edmiand kept a tavern, his license being granted in 
1639. He was admitted Freeman that year, indicating that 
he was already a member of the church. About I650 he re- 
moved his family to Boston, where his first wife -died. 

His will, supposedly written in his own handwriting, 
in 1668, is given in full in the Greenleaf Genealogy, and 
reveals that his second marriage was not a happy one. The 
book mentioned relates that among the family relics still 
preserved is the cane brought to this coun ry by the immi- 
grant, bearing the initials "J. G." on a silver band near 
the handle. These could be the initials of John Greenleaf 
who had a son Edmund baptized in 1575, in St. Mary's, Ips- 
wich, England. 


Children of Edmund and Sarah, born in Ipswich, Eng., 
the first four baptized at Saint Mary's; the last five at 
Saint Margaret's, Ipswich, Suffolk. 

1 Enoch^,bap. 12-I-I613. Bur., St. Margaret 's ,161?. 

2 Samuel, prob. b. cl6l5. Bur., St. Margaret's, I627. 

3 Enoch , CI617. 

^ Sarah, bap. 3-26-1620. D.1655- M.cl640. William Hil- 
ton, Jr. of Newbury, Mass. (I617-I675); had at least 
5 chil. William m. 2nd, 1659, Mehitable ^ (increase^) 
Nowell (d.1711); 5 chil. 

5 Elizabeth, bap. 1-16-1622. Widow 1668. M.lst,cl642, 

Giles Badger of Newbury (d.l647)j 1 son, John. She 

m. 2d, 16 49, Richard Brown of Newbury (d.l65l); 6 chil. 

6 Nathaniel, bap. 6-27-1624. D. 163^. 

7 Judith, b. 9-2-1625. Bap. 9-29-1626. D.1705. M.lst, 

Henry2 (Richard^) Somerby of Newbury (I612-I652) ; 4 
chil. M. ,2nd, 1653, Tristram Coffin Jr. (1632-1704); 
10 chil. Res., Nantucket, Mass. 

8 Stephen, bap. 8-10-1628. Drowned I69O. Ensign. Lieut. 

M.lst, 1651, Elizabeth^ (Tristram^) Coffin (d.,1678); 
10 chil. M. 2nd, 1678, Mrs. Esther Swett (I63O-I718), 
dau. of Nathaniel Weare and widow of Benjamin Swett. 

9 Daniel, bap. 8-14-1631. D., Newbury, 1654, unmarried. 

10 John, CI632. [Perhaps a son.] D.1712. Shipwright. M., 

1665, Hannah^ (William^) Veazie of Braintree, Mass.; 
9 chil. by 1690. 

11 Mary. [Perhaps a dau.] M.I669, John Wells of New- 

bury; 3 or more chil. 

ENOCH 2 GREENLEAF was born about I617, Ipswich, Suf- 
folk, England. His wife's name was Mary, whose parentage 
is not now known. Enoch and Mary were alive in Boston in 
1683, but the record of their deaths has not been fo\ind. 

Enoch Greenleaf was in Massachusetts before l640, but 
later lived in York, England, where he may have married, 
and had several children born before returning to America. 

He received land in Salisbury, Mass., in l640. One 
of the old records in Salisbury reads: "Among the original 
settlers of Salisbury, No. 58 was Enoch Greenleaf. The 
whole n\amber of settlers was sixty-eight. Thomas Bradbury, 
Recorder, I651." Enoch's name is not on Salisbury lists 
of 1650 or later. He apparently returned to England to 
fight with Cromwell, leaving the army after the battle of 
Dunbar (9-^-1650) with the rank of Lieutenant. 

By occupation he was a silk-dyer like his father. In 
1663 his father deeded to "Enoch and his wife Mary and the 
lawful children of their bodies" a farm of 46 acres with a 
new house, cattle, etc., in Maiden, Mass., where they lived 
until Edmiond died in Boston in I67I • Enoch then succeeded 
to his father's business of hosier and dyer in Boston. 

The unusual first name of Seth Blake's wife, Rooksby 
Marshall, was the chief clue in tracing the Marshalls and 
the allied families. Therefore, the following may be of 


interest, quoted from the Greenleaf Genealogy: "An inter- 
esting incident connected with the name of a daughtei-of 
Enoch Greenleaf may be mentioned. A particular friend and 
companion in arms with Lieut. Greenleaf was Major Rooksby. 
At the battle of Dunbar, Scotland, ... Cromwell routed the 
Royalists, and in his letter to Parliament says: 'Not one 
commissioned officer was slain save one Cornet and Major 
Rooksby, since dead of his wounds. ' May we not very reas- 
onably suppose that after the death of his friend he named 
his daucrhter for him?" 

An Enocn Greenleaf was Constable in Boston in I693, 
but whether Enoch Senior or Junior, is not clear. 

Children of Enoch and Mary, order and place of birth 
not known: 

1 Enoch^, Eng. , 1647. D.1705. Settled in Maiden, Mass. 

Saddler. Member of Anc . & Hon. Artillery Co., I68O. 
M. 1st, 1675, Bethia Woodman (I65O-I678); 2 chil. M., 
2nd, 1679, Catherine Truesdale (1653-1712); 8 chil. 

2 Joseph , born in England. 

3 Rooksby. First of this name in America. (See Enoch-2) 

M.1697, Boston, Thomas Creese or Cresse; 5 chil. from 
1698 to 1706. 

4 Ruth, M.1689, Boston, John Cook; 4 chil. 

5 James? Referred to in Edmund's will, 1668, "my eldest 

son's son, James Greenleife." Perhaps Joseph meant. 

6 Mary? May be dau. of Edmund-l,who m.l669, John Wells. 

JOSEPH^ GREENLEAF was born in England, but the date 
is unknown. He married about I682, Sarah the daughter of 
Nathaniel Beal of Hingham, Mass , where Sarah was baptized 
on 10-7-1667. She died in Boston on 6-4-1690, survived by 
Josepl:^ although the date of his death has not been found. 

Little can be fo\ind regarding Joseph excepting a few 
records. He lived in Boston, taking the Oath of Allegiance 
there in I678. He and his brother Enoch joined the famous 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in Boston in I68O. 

A mortgage deed of the farm in Maiden, given to Jos- 
eph's father, Enoch, by his grandfather, Edmund-1, is re- 
corded in the Middlesex Deeds, Vol. 8. The deed is signed 
by Enoch and wife Mary in 1683. It mentions four of their 
children: Enoch Junior, Joseph. Ruth and Rooksby. (There 
is no mention of a James or Mary.) See HEAL . 

See Authorities at end of article. 

Children of Joseph and Mary, born in Boston: 

1 Sarah*, 2-3-I683. „ 1 

2 Enoch, 9-2-1686. D.1731. M.1715, Rebecca"^ (Samuel & 

Elizabeth Elbridge) Russell (1692-1771), of Marble - 
head, Mass.; 5 chil. (Dau. Elizabeth m.,1734, Capt. 
Thomas Gerry. They were the parents of Gov. Elbridge 
Gerry. ) 

3 Rachel, 2-17-1688. No further record found. 



SARAH GREENLEAF was born in Boston on 2-3-I683. In 
Boston on 2-1-1704, she was married by Rev. Cotton Mather, 
to James, son of James Marshall. He was born in Boston on 
12-2-1682. They lived in Boston, but no records of their 
deaths have been found. Sarah had three children baptized 
in the Brattle Square Church In Boston in 1713 > aJid their 
last child, Rooksby,- was baptized in 1725- See MARSHALL . 

Sarah-4 Greenleaf m. 

John-4 Marshall m. 

Rooksby-5 Marshall m. 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward-7 Vales Blake m. 

1704, James-3 Marshall 

1739, Martha-4 Horton 

1772, Seth-5 Blake 

1806, Prudence -6 Shepard 

1858, Clarl3sa-7 Matilda Glidden 

Authorities : 

Greenleaf Genealogy. 

New England Family History, Vol. 4:779- 

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Vol. 1:184. 
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Records of Brattle Square Church, Boston, Mass. 
Boston, Mass., Vital Records. 
Lincoln: History of Hlngham, Mass., Vol. 2:53-4 (Beal) 

Note:- Stephen-2 Greenleaf and his first wife, Elizabeth 
[Coffin] were the ancestors of John Greenleaf Vfhittier. 

* States that in an old almanac, on the flyleaf, was 
found the following: "Joseph Greenleaf went on board of 
Capt. Wlntworth, I5 November 1707. He was Shlped for the 
Voyage 27th October I707 . " This may have been Joseph-3, 
whose wife died In I690, and he may have remained in Eng- 
land. Joseph -4 Greenleaf, the son of Enoch -3, would have 
been twenty years old in 1707, and of course may have 
been the one who sailed at that time. 


The folloving is from "History of Peter Parker and 
Sarah Ruggles," as taken from^Suffolk Manorial Families by 
J. J. Muskett, Vol. 1, page 265, supplemented by research 
of Robert Griggs of London, England, and contributed by J. 
v. Saxe of Boston, Mass." 

JOHN ^ GRIGGS married Rose Griggs of Somerton, county 
Suffolk, widow (will 1^+9^). Their son: 

WILLIAM ^^ GRIGGS of Stansfield, Suffolk, yeoman. His 
will was probated 1515. He had lands in Somerton, Boxted, 
Hartest, Stansfield, Poslingford and Lawshall. He married 
Katherine Browne. Her will proved I523, executors: "Sir 
John Coppin, parson of Burgate and V/illiam Browne my bro- 
ther." They had three sons and one daughter. One son: 

ROBERT ^ ^^ GRIGGS , of Brockley, Suffolk. Will 1562. 
Lands' in Hartest, Somerton, Boxted, etc. Had three sons, 
and one daughter. One son: 

JOHN ^^ GRIGGS , of Boxted, Suffolk. Died, 162^1. Wife 
Martha. Children: 

1 Bridget^, 1582. 

2 Henry, I583 . 

3 Thomas, I585. Probably the Thomas Griggs of Roxbury, 

Mass . 

4 Martha, 158? . 

5 Steven, I588. 

6 Martha, 1593. 

7 Elizabeth, twin, 1595- 6. George, twin, 1595- 

THOMAS GRIGGS was born in England in I585. The name 
of his first wife was Mary, parentage unknown. Mary died 
in Roxbury, Mass., and was buried there on II-29-I639. On 
8-26-1640 Thomas married Mary Greene, probably^widow of 
John Greene. Thomas died in Roxbury on 5-23-1646, and his 
widow Mary married Jasper Rawlings on 6-8-1551. She sur- 
vived her husband, who died in Boston in I667. 

Thomas Griggs came to New England before I636, since 
he and his family were already settled in Roxbury by that 
year. His name is in the original town records of Roxbury, 
1636-1640, his estate being given as twelve acres. He was 
a member of the First Meeting House of Roxbury. Rev. John 
Eliot wrote of his death that "Brother Griggs lay in a long 
affliction of sicknesse & shined like gold in it, greatly 
glorifying God & magnifying his grace in Christ. 

The inventory of his estate, taken by Philip Eliot 
and John Ruggles, amounted to tl25, and included "one white 
backt cow," which his wife was to have during her life. 
His heirs were his sons John and Joseph. 



Known children of Thomas and Mary, first wife: 

1 Mary , b., England, cl6l8. 

2 Joseph, England, 1625. D.1715. age 90. Freeman l653. 

M.lst,clb52, Mary2 (GriffinM Crafts (I632-I653); no 
chil. M., 2nd, 1654, Hannah^ (Samuel ) Davis (l627- 
1683); 8 chil. 

3 John, 1623. D.I692. In King Philip's War. M.,1652, 

Mary 2 (William 1) Patton (cl63^-bef .I692) ; 10 chil. 

4 Daughter, England, cl653. D.,Roxbury, 16^5, age 12. 

MARY ^ GRIGGS was born in England, the date unknown, 
but probably about I618. She married in Roxbury, Mass., 
on 12-4-1637 (or I639, as given by some), Thomas, the son 
of John Stowe. Thomas was baptized in Biddenden, Kent, on 
4-2-1615. Mary died on 8-21-1680, and Thomas in February, 
1684, both in Middletown, Conn. See STOWE . 

Mary-2 Griggs m. 

Samuel-3 Stowe m. 

Sarah-4 Stowe m, 

Rachel -5 Drury m. 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. 

Edward -7 Wales Blake m. 

1637, Thomas-2 Stowe 

1669, Elizabeth-3 Stone 

1719, Thomas-4 Drury 

1747, Simon-5 Brooks 

1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clari3sa-7 Matilda Glldden 


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New England Register, Vols. 6:183; 7:35 (abstract of 

Will); 16:56. 
Roxbury, Mass, and Middletown, Conn., Vital Records. 
Roxbury, Mass., Church Records. 


RICHARD^ HAWKINS was the Immigrant of this line. His 
wife's name was Jane, but her maiden name Is unknown. He 
was dead before 5-6-1646, when Jane was called the widow 
Jane Hawkins. She was alive In Portsmouth, R.I., in I656, 
but no death record has been found. 

Richard was a tanner by occupation. Very little can 
be learned of him, except through deeds, as he seems to be 
overshadowed by his wife, of whom much is recorded. 

In early days obstetrics was carried on by mldwlves, 
and Jane seems to have combined that profession with that 
of medicine. She was evidently an educated woman, a strong 
character, persistent and assertive. She was a thorn in the 
flesh of the Puritan fathers of early Massachusetts, being 
friend and follower of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson. She was ban- 
ished from Massachusetts, and she and Richard removed to 
Rhode Island. In I656 Jane made a trip to England. She 
was a widow at that time. 

The children seem to have conformed to the orthodox 
church, with the possible exception of James . They were 
respected citizens of Boston, prosperous, and married into 
good families. The son Thomas was a member of the illus- 
trious Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston; 
son Job was called a planter in a deed. There was another 
Hawkins family in Boston, including a Captain Thomas Haw- 
kins, also a member of the Artillery Company, but whether 
there was any connection between the two families or not, 
is uncertain. 

From Winthrop's Journal, I638: "....the midwife, one 
Hawkins' wife, and a rank familist also ... presently went 
out of the jurisdiction .... She grew into great suspicion 
to be a witch, for it was credibly reported that when she 
gave any medicines (for she practiced Physic) she would 
ask the party if she did believe she could help her, etc. 
. . .Mrs Hutchinson and others before when she dwelt in Bos- 
ton, gave cause of suspicion of witchcraft, for it was cer- 
tainly known that Hawkins ' wife (who continued with her, 
and was her bosom friend) had much familiarity with the 
devil in England, when she dwelt at St. Ives, where divers 
ministers and others resorted to her and foimd it true. 

Court record, Boston, 3-I2-I638: "Jane Hawkins, wife 
of Richard, was given liberty until the beginning of May, 
and the magistrate. If she did not depart before, to dis- 
pose of her; and in the meantime, she was not to meddle in 
chlrurgery or phisick drinks, plalsters or oyles, nor to 
question matters of religion, except with the Elders for 
satisfaction. " 

7-I-I639. Richard Hawkins was granted a house-lot in 
Portsmouth, R.I., to build upon in one year or be forfeit. 

6-2-1641. Jane Hawkins was ordered to depart away 
from Massachusetts tomorrow mornlnge and not to returne 
agalne hither upon palne of severe whlplng, her sons be- 
ing bound in -1.20 to carry her away... 

12-14-1644. Richard deeded to his son Job a dwelling 


house and thirty acres in Postsmouth, R.I., "at decease of 
said Richard and Jane, father and mother of said Job." 

5-2-1646. Jane wrote a letter from Portsmouth to the 

5-6-1646. Widow Jane Hawkins was denied liberty to 
come to Boston. 

5-23-1650. "In answer to petition of Jane Hawkins 
and her sons in her behalf, for liberty to come into this 
jurisdiction to vislte her children, it is ordered that the 
said Jane Hawkins shall have libbertle to come and stay in 
this jurisdiction one moneth any time this summer and leave 
her to her liberty to give satisfaction to the next courte 
of assistants which if they accept of, they shall have lib- 
erty to admltt her into this jurisdiction." 

5-22-I65I. Petition of James, Job and Thomas Hawkins 
was denied, "the Court not knowing how to satisfy them- 
selves about this woman." 

5-23-1655 . Liberty was granted to Jane Hawkins to 
come for two months "to transport herself to England," and 
when shee is here If shee give satisfaction to the County 
Court for the offence given by her to the General Courte 
that then the said petitioner to have liberty to live and 
remain here . " 

12-10 -I656. Widow Jane Hawkins vas granted eight 
acres of land at Portsmouth, R.I. 

Children of Richard and Jane, birthplace unknown: 

1 James , cl6o4. (Age about 56 in I66O.) 

2 Thomas, CI609. (Age about 46 in 1655-) D.I67I. M.lst 

CI636, Hannah (cl.l644); 6 chll. M.2d, Rebecca 

; 5 chll. Had a brick burner and kiln. A noted 

"biscuit maker." Had Braintree grant, I638. I6 a. for 
■family of 4. Joined Anc . & Hon. Ar. Co. ,1649. Late in 
life built and conducted tavern called Star Inn. 

3 Job. Alive 1663. Wife Frances; 1 child, Martha, 1646. 

(About time Jane asked pennlsslon to come to Boston) 
Res., Boston; later called pleoiter In Portsmouth, R. I . 


JA>1ES HAWKINS vas born about l604, probably in Eng- 
land. He deposed In court in I66O that his age was about 
fifty-six. He married before I638, Mary, daughter of John 
Mills of Boston. James died shortly before 4-30-I670, the 
date his will was probated. Savage says: "A gravestone in 
our cemetery of King's Chapel [Boston] may refer to James' 
wife Mary: 'Died March 12, I692, age 76.'" See MILLS . 

James Hawkins was a bricklayer or mason, but judging 
by the size of his transactions, he would be called a con- 
tractor today. He was probably the employer of the young 
Scotsman, John Marshall, who married his daughter Ruth. 

The first record found is in I635, when he with two 
others was up before the court for taking too high wages. 
Later, part of their fine, which was large, was remitted. 
In 1638 he and his brother Thomas each had a land grant in 
Braintree, Mass., of sixteen acres, for a family of four. 



He then sold a house and garden plot in Boston and removed 
to Braintree. In l642 he was 'censured to bee vhlpt for 
profaning the Sabbath & bound with his brother Thomas Haw- 
kins in hkO to appeare at the General Court & answer for 
venting his corrupt opinions & bee of good behaviour till 
then." The neyt record is l65^, when he sold marshland in 
Braintree. He was witness to a deed in Portsmouth, R. I., 
in 1658, and bought more land in Braintree in 1659- 

As he grew older he began to dispose of his Boston 
property. He sold a dwelling house in I668 to "Bartholo- 
mew Threnedles, sonn in Law." That same year he sold a 
house in Boston to John Marshall , also a son-in-law, for 
t30 sterling, retaining land on three sides. 

His wife, Mary, is described as the daughter of the 
excellent John Mills of Boston, afterwards of Braintree. 
She evidently loined the First Church of Boston, where she 
had three children baptized on 4-29-1666, her daughter Ruth 
Marshall also having three children baptized the same day. 

James' will of 6-25-1669 was probated on 4-30-1670. 
It names his wife Mary, son James, daughters Mary, Ruth, 
Elizabeth, Damaris and Sarah, and left a Bible for each of 
ten grandchildren at the age of twelve. The ^ames of the 
daughters are not given in the will (as implied by Austin) 
nor are the grandchildren named. 

On 4-15-1671 "Widow Mary Hawkins" transferred to her 
son James a legacy from his kinfolk in Rhode I^l^f ' ,^" 
May 1671, Mary, "relict of James Hawkins,' deeded a dwell- 
ing house and land in Boston to John Scottow 

Children of James and Mary, (all born in Boston, ex- 
cept Mary and Ruth) : 

1 Mary^ b. before I638. M.cl662, John Kneeland (I632 

-1691); 6 chil., 1663 - 1673- 

2 Ruth, b. before I638. 

3 Di^ris. M.,cl659. Bartholomew Threadneedle; sev- 

4 Susan^ 3-13-1646. Prob. d. yg. Not in father's will. 

5 Peleg! 3-9-1649. Prob. d. yg. Not in father's will. 

6 James', T-3-1652. C. ^J; g^g p^^3t Church Boston.' 
' 'T%ollll:'\ll^t 56!" John Marshall Jr 

called him uncle in his diary. Town officer of Bos- 
ton. Member of Anc. & Hon. Artillery Company, I68O 
M C1679, Lydla, sister of Hugh Drurj:, and named in 
letter's will, 1687. CalleTt-bTT^ayer. M , 

8 SaLS: ?-l8-l657: Bap. 4-29-1666 First CJjurch Boston 

M. John Jenkins; 4 chil., 1684-89, and i in loyr. 

9 Elihu, 4-22-1658. Prob. d. yg. Not in father's will. 
ll Elizabeth, bap. 4-29-1666, First Church Boston. M 

Thomas Mercer (d.l699); 3 chil., I67I, 1^79 100° • 



RUTH HAWKINS is thought to be one of the older chil- 
dren of James Hawkins and born before he had the Braintree 
grant of land in I638, at which time he had two children. 
Ruth was married before 1659 (the date of the birth of her 
first child) to John Marshall Senior, a Scotsman of Boston. 
She and her mother each had three children baptized in the 
First Church of Boston on Sunday, 4-29-1666, one week after 
she herself was baptized there. 

Ruth was administratrix of John Marshall's estate in 
1672. Her second husbaJid was Daniel Fairfield Junior, whom 
she married between 1677, when his first wife's last child 
was born, and I680, when Daniel and Ruth had a son born in 
Boston. No record of her death has been foxond. She was 
alive in I685, at which time she signed a deed in Boston. 

Ruth-3 Hawkins m, 

James -2 Marshall m. 

James-3 Marshall m. 

John- 4 Marshall m. 

Rooksby-5 Marshall m, 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

CI658, John-1 Marshall 

cl68l, Elizabeth-2 Soper 

1705, Sarah-4 Greenleaf 

1739, Martha-4 Horton 

1772, Seth-5 Blake 

1806, Prudence -6 Shepard 

1858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden 



Austin: Rhode Island Historical Register. (The digest 
of James-2 Hawkins' will is corrected by a letter to 
this compiler from the Suffolk Coujity, Mass., Probate 
Court, saying the words "wife of Daniel Fairfield" do 
not occur In the will.) 

New England Register, Vol. 48:460 (digest of James-2 
Hawkins' will) . 

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244, 271, 276, 313; 9:102. 

Boston Vital Records . 


GEORGE HAYVARD of Concord, Mass., was born In Eng- 
land, the date not knovn. His wife's name was Mary, par- 
entage unknown. He is thought to have married here about 
1638. George was drowned in Concord, 3-29-I67I, and Mary 
died there on 3-I2-I693. 

George Hayward's name was spelled variously Heaward, 
Heyward, Reward, and as It was pronounced Howard, It was 
sometimes spelled that way in the records. He was in Con- 
cord by 1635, and was made Freeman in I638. He was one of 
the nine Concord men chosen in 1654 "...three out of each 
quarter, empowered to hear and end former debat according 
to their best light and discresion & conscience, only eight 
...must agree to what is determined or else nothing to be 
of force. As early as 1664 he had built a saw-mill, to 
which he later added a corn -mill. 

There was an inquest after his death, which reported 
that "he was overthrowne by the strength of the stresime, 
and so drowned in the river by the iron works as he was 
returning to goe home after he had bien healplng William 
Frizzell over the river, in a Cannoe . " His estate was di- 
vided among his widow, Mary, and seven children, the three 
sons-in-law signing for their wives on 9-23-I671. 

Children of George and Mary, bom in Concord: 

1 Mary^. Prob. died yg. 

2 John, 12-20-1640. 

3 Joseph, 3-26-1643. D.,17l4. M.,lst,l665, Hannah^ 

(Jamesl ) Hosmer (l544-l675) ; 6 chil. M.,2nd, l677. 
Elizabeth 2 (Nathaniel^) Treadway or Treadwell, widow 
of Shadrach Hapgood; 4 chil. 

4 Sarah, 3-19-1645. D.I709. M.I668, John Prescott Jr., 

(q.v.) (1635-1718); 4 chil. John m., 2nd, 1710, Mary2 
(Johnl) Haynes, widow of Josiah Howe. See PRESCOTT . 

5 Hannah, 4-22-1647. M.lst,l668, Jacob Farrer Jr. (l64l 

-k.1675); 4 chil. M. 2nd, 1681, Adam Holloway: 1 dau. 

6 Simon, 2-22-1649. Wife Elizabeth; 4 chil. ,1689-1696. 

7 George, 7-2-1654. D.1675, unmarried. 

8 Elizabeth. Liv.l671. M. Joshua^ (Obadlah^) Wheeler; 

2 sons. 

JOHN^ HAYWARD was born in Concord on 10-20-1640. He 
married there, b -2-1671, Anna, daughter of Resolved White, 
who came with his parents on the Mayflower. John died on 
1-17-1701 and Anna on 5-25-1714, both in Concord and burled 
there. The name on the gravestones is spelled Howard, and 
Anna's age Is given as sixty-four. See WHITE . 

In 1669 Lieutenant Joseph Wheeler, with seven other 
Concord men, petitioned for a large tract of land at Pomp- 
asitticut. This petition, signed also by Thomas Wheeler, 
George and John Hayward, was granted in I67O, to make a 
village, provided the place be settled with not less than 
ten famyles within three years, and that a pious, an able. 


and orthodox minister be maintained there." In I683 this 
village was incorporated as Stow, Mass., but it does not 
appear that the Haywards took up land there. 

Children of John and Anna, born in Concord: 

1 Mary^, 12-5-1671. Prob. d. yg. „ 1 

2 George, 7-20-1673- M.I696, Hannah (JohnM Chadwick; 

had children. 

3 Judith , 4-9-1675. 

4 Mary, 5-13-1677. M.,1698, John Vlllard (1657-1726); 

4 chll., 1699 to 1704. 

5 James, 1-27-1679- „ , 

6 John, 6-7-1680. W.I709, Susanna*^ ( J ohn^) Dakin; 3 chll. 

7 Hannah, 8-3O-I682. 

8 Sarah, 6-I6-I689. M.I708, John Grosvenor (k.l710). 

JUDITH HAYVARD according to the Concord record was 
"daughter of John heaward and anna, his wife, borne 9 april 
1675." She married In Concord on 8-3O-I699, Philip Goss, 
Junior, born in Roxbury, Mass., in 1677. Philip died on 
9-13-1747 "in his 70th year," and Judith died on 4-18-1746, 
both in Brookfield, Mass., where Judith is buried In the 
old cemetery. See GOSS. 

Judith -3 Hayward 
Phillp-3 Goss 
Phillp-4 Goss 
Nathanlel-5 Goss 
Luclnda-6 Goss 
Clari3sa-7 Matilda Glidden 

m. 1699, Phillp-2 Goss 

m. 1723, Keziah-4 Cooley 

m. 1748, Hannah Ball 

m. 1776, Rachel Gould 

m. 1811, Samuel -6 Glidden 

m. 1858, Edward -7 Wales Blake 


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The wife of Governor Thomas Roberts is traditionally 
the sister of Edward and William Hilton, and although this 
has not been proved, It Is a possibility, and therefore of 
interest In this compilation. 

WILLIAM HILTON of Northwlch, Cheshire, England, died 
in 1605. He is known to have had four sons: 

1. WILLIAM ^ HILTON was probably the eldest. The names 
of his first two wives are not known. His widow's name was 
Frances, her parentage unknown. He died in I656 and Fran- 
ces married Richard White. 

William became a member of the Fishmongers Company, 
one of the great English guilds. In a subsidy list of 
the company, l64l, his name is endorsed "in New England." 
He was a passenger on the ship Fortune, the second Pilgrim 
ship, arriving at Plymouth in l621. He sent for his wife 
and children to join him, and they arrived in I623 on the 
ship Anne. He was not of the Separatists although he came 
to join the Pilgrims. He wrote to a kinsman: ...We are 
all freeholders, the rent day doth not trouble us, and all 
those good blessings we have." (See what CLEEVE said.) 

Children of William and wives iinknown: 

1 John , perhaps his. Buried in England, I610. 

2 Elizabeth, bap. and d. I616. 

3 William, bap. Northwlch, 6-22-1617. D.I675. M.lst, 

Sarah 2 (Edmund^) Greenleaf (I62O-I655); 5 chll. M., 
1659, Mehltable 2 (Increase ^) Nowell (d.1711); 5 chll. 

4 Mary, bap. Northwlch, 5-II-I619. 

5 John. 

6 Magdalene. M.lst, by I656, James Wlggin. M.2nd,l698, 

Henry Kenning of Salem Mass. (Son James, 2I658. ) j^ 

7 Malnwarlng, bef.l650. D I670 . M., Mary (Thomas ) 

Moulton; 1 dau. 

8 Agness [Anne], D.cl7l6. M.CI667, Arthur Beale; 6 chll. 
9?Allce, CI617. M. George Walton, Exeter & Newcastle. 

Child of William and Frances: 

10 William, CI653. D.bef.1700, aft. 1688. M. Ann (John) 
Parsons (cl657-1737+) ; 8 chll. 

2. EDWARD ^ HILTON . baptized, Wltton Chapel, Northwlch, 
Eng., 6-5-I596. He married first about I628, the name of 
his wife unknown, and second about I654, Katharine, widow 
of James Treworgye , gentleman, and the daughter of Alexan - 
der Shaplelgh , gentleman. Edward died probably in Exeter, 
NTS. , between 5-I9-I669 and July 167I. Katharine died be- 
fore 5-30-1676, when her will was proved. She was a Olid- 
den ancestor. See TREWORGYE and SHAPLEIQH . 

He was apprenticed to Marie, widow of Charles Hilton 
of London, and became a member of the Fishmongers Company, 


4-9-1621. He was probably In Plymouth Colony by I623, in 
which year land was granted there to his wife and two chil- 
dren. In 1630 he was in London, associated with Sir Ferd- 
inando Gorges, when "A Pat tent grsinted to Ed. Hilton, by 
him sould to merchants of Brlstoll, they sould it to my 
Lords Say and Brokes, they to siime of Shrwsbury." He was 
in charge at Dover Neck, N.H. , in I632, \intil Capt. Thomas 
Wiggin arrived to take charge for the two noblemen, when 
he went to a place between Dover and Exeter. When Massa- 
chusetts took charge of that section he and three others 
were appointed by General Court in October l64l, to take 
charge of the Cotinty Court; he was re-appointed in 1642. 
He took an active part in the government of New Hampshire, 
at one time being Assistant to Governor Dudley. He was 
strongly loyalist, and when Charles II was crowned, Hilton 
was arrested for sedition (I665) • Nevertheless, the same 
year he was appointed commissioner to end small causes. 

Administration of his estate was granted to his four 
sons on 3 6-I67I. The inventory was-fc2204. Christopher 
Palmer claimed part of the estate in behalf of two sisters 
of the administrators, "daughters of the deceased." Three 
of the sons in 1674 deeded to "Mrs. Katherine Hilton our 
mother in law [stepmother]," certain land, "sometime the 
land of our Deare father deceased," in lieu of L80. 

Children of Edward and unknown first wife: 

1 Edward^, 1629 (deposed 3-20-1677 age 48). D 4-28-1699- 

M.CI658, Ann 2 (Rev. Samuel^ ) Dudley; 7 chil 

2 William, I63I (deposed 3-20-1677 age 46). D I69O+. M. 

cl660, Rebecca^ (John^ Symes) Simmons; 4 chil. 

3 Sobriety, Dover, Jan I633. D. .Hampton, I718. M. 

Henry Moulton 2 

4 Susanna, Jan. I635. D.I-9-I717. M.I65O, Christopher 

(William^) Palmer (I626-I699); 1 son. 

5 Samuel, l640. D.I7OO+. No issue. 

6 Charles, 1642. D.cl684, unm. Charles Hilton, age c37 

and Aughter Bennett, age c40, deposed 6-23-I679 that 
they saw Edward and Samuel Hilton et al . pay rates. 

7 Daughter. Mentioned in Christopher Palmer's claim. 

3. RICHARD ^ HILTON , baptized 6-11-1599, Northwich, Eng. 
He was in New England but did not remain long. Had a son 

1 Richard , bap. Votton-under-Edge, 8-I6-I636, "aged one 
year 1/2, comeing out of New England." 

4. ARTHUR HILTON died in l6l2, leaving a legacy to his 
brother William Hilton. 

Authorities : 

Noyes, Libby, Davis: Gen. Diet, of Maine and N. H. 
Banks: Planters of the Commonwealth, p. 22. 
History of Newfields, N. H. 


HOBART ll|5 

The Hobart connection is of interest although it is 
now known that Nazareth [Hobart] Beal was not the mother, 
but the stepmother of Blake ancestor Nathaniel Beal. 

EDMUND ^ HOBART was born In 157^ in Hingham, Norfolk 
county, England, where he married on 9 I-I6OO, Margaret 
Dewey. She died In Hingham, Mass , very early, and Edmund 
married on IO-IO-I634, Sarah, widow of Rev." John Lyford. 
Edmund died in Hingham on 3-8-1646. 

Edmund and Margaret, with their youngest three chil- 
dren and their man servant Henry Gibbs, landed in Charles - 
town, Mass., on 5-3-1633. Edmvind joined the Congregational 
Church on 8-I9-I633, took the Freeman's oath on 3-4-1634, 
and was appointed Constable of Charlestown by the General 
Court of Massachusetts . In I635 the Hobarts, including the 
families of three other sons who had come in I635, togeth- 
er with others, moved to Bare Cove, south of Boston, nam- 
ing the new settlement Hingham, after their English home. 

Edmund was appointed to various offices of trust and 
responsibility from I637 to l64l, and was chosen Represen- 
tative for Hingham to the General Court 1639 to 1642. 

Children of Edmund and Margaret, born in England: 

1 Nazareth .^ I60I . 

2 Edmund, l6o4. D.I686. Wife Elizabeth d.l675; 7 chll. 

3 Peter, bap. Hingham, Eng. , 10-13-l604. D.I679. Noted 

minister. M.I627, (d.l645); 11 chll. M.2nd, 

1646, Rebecca^ (Richard^ ) Ibrook (I621-I693) ; 7 chll. 

4 John, 1605. Prob. d. yg. 

5 Thomas, I606. D.I689. Wife Jane (cl605-90); 12 chll. 

6 Mary, cl6o8. Perhaps remained in England. 

7 Mehetabel, cl6l0. No further record. 

8 Elizabeth, l6l2. No further record. 

9 Joshua, I6l4. D.1682. M.I638, Ellen'^ (RicbardM Ibrook 

(d.1700); 13 chll. 

10 Rebecca. Came with parents. No further record. 

11 Sarah. Came with parents. No further record. 

NAZARETH ^ HOBART was born in England in I6OI, perhaps 
In Hingham, where on 11-9-1626 she married Robert Turner, 
and where he died in I627. She married there on 7-I3-I63O 
John Beale, and came with him to Massachusetts in I638, 
bringing five sons, three daughters and two servants. She 
died on 9-23-I658 in Hingham, Mass. John married again on 
3-10-1659 Mary, widow of Nicholas Jacob. Mary died on 
6-15-1681 and John on 4-1-1688, both in Hingham. See BEAL 
for descent of John and first wife to Edward-7 Wales Blake. 


Hobart Genealogy. 

New England Register, Vol. 57:224. 

Hingham, Mass., Vital Records. 


VILLI AM ^ HOPKINS , place and date of birth not known, 
died in Roxbury, Mass., II-8-I688. His wife vas Susannah, 
or Hannah, daughter of Thomas Andrews. They were married, 
say 1655, since they were the parents of three children by 
1660. Susannah was perhaps older than her brother Thomas 
Andrews, who was born in 1639 and married in I667. A Rox- 
bury church record eads: "I-5-I679, Hannah, wife of Wil- 
liam Hopkins died of the pox." See ANDREWS. 

They moved to Roxbury from Dorchester, where Hannah, 
the mother, was granted letters of dismissal from Dorches- 
ter church on 4-22-1660. One week later on 4-29-l660, she 
joined the Roxbury church. During the smallpox epidemic 
of 1678-9 she and her daughter Mary died of the disease. 

Children of William and Susannah, from baptismal re- 
cords of the First Religious Society (Unitarian), Roxbury: 

1 William^, bap. 5-6-I660. Killed by Indians, 1676. 

2 Thomas, bap. 5-6-I66O. Killed by Indians, I676, in 

Sudbury . 

3 Hannah , born 1-3-1657- Bap. 5-6-I66O. 

h Mary, bap. 3-3O-I662. D. 2-8-1679 of smallpox. 

5 Samuel, bap. II-I5-I663. 

6 Margaret, bap. 3-I8-I666. Visited brother-in-law 

Philip-1 Goss in Boston, 1684, perhaps sent for by 
Hannah when she left for Jamaica, V.I., to join her 
husband, taking William-2 and leaving Philip-2. 

7 Joseph, bap. 3-8-I668. 

8 Elizabeth, bap 4-3-1670. 

9 Abigail, bap. 6-3O-I672. 

10 Ebenezer, bap. 7-5-1674. D. 10-19-1674. 

11 Bethia, bap. 12-5-1675- 

HANNAH^ HOPKINS was born, probably in Dorchester, 
Mass., although the birth was recorded in Roxbury, Mass., 
on I-3-I657. She was baptized in Roxbury on 5-6-I66O with 
three other children. She married before 2-16-1677, Philip 
Goss of Roxbury. See GOSS and PRESCOTT . 

She had a tempestuous life with Philip. She bore him 
four children, ran away from twice, once to Rhode Island, 
and the last time to Jamaica, W. I., about 1684 according 
to Thomas Wharfe's affidavit at the time of Philip's div- 
orce, 1690. Philip married on 4-19-1690, twelve days before 
the divorce was granted, Mary, daughter of John Prescott of 
Lancaster, Mass., where she was born on 2-22-1669. Philip 
probably died shortly before 5-26-I698, when administration 
was granted on his estate. On II-2O-I698 Mary married 
John Houghton Junior, who was born in I672. John died in 
1724, but the date of Mary's death has not been foimd. He 
had married Sarah Gulliver in 1720. 

Hannah married again in Jamaica, W. I., one John Mur- 
ray, and had a child by him. Nothing further is known of 

Hannah -2 Hopkins 

Phillp-2 Goss 

Phlllp-3 Goss 

Philip-^ Goss 

Nathanlel-5 Goss 

Luclnda-6 Goss 

Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden 





Phillp-1 0o3i 



Judith-3 Hayvard 



Keziah-4 Cooley 



Hannah Ball 



Rachel Gould 



Samuel-6 Glidden 

!n m. 


Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Supreme Judicial Court, 

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THOMAS HORTON . recorded as a taxpayer in 1562, when 
Milton, Mass., was incorporated as a town, is the first of 
this name that we can be sure of. The name of his wife was 
Sarah. Their death records have not been found. A Thomas 
Horton, probably this one, as his son Thomas was but six- 
teen, married in Milton, 1693, Susanna Keney. He may also 
be the Thomas Horton who married Katherine Harrison, 1700. 

Thomas Horton of Milton was not the son of Barnabas 
Horton, and could not have been a son of the Thomas Horton 
of Springfield, Mass., as has sometimes been claimed. The 
latter died in Springfield in l640, and his widow Mary mar- 
ried Robert Ashley in l64l. Gov. Pynchon drew up the mar- 
riage contract, which made provision for her two sons, one 
a nursing infant and "the other about three years ould , 
caled Jarmy." Both Jeremiah and his brother John Horton 
were inhabitants of Springfield in l66l. 

It is not known where Thomas Horton of Milton came 
from, but there was a Captain Jeremy Horton who was the 
master and owner of the ship Swallow of Barnstable, Eng., 
in 1626. He made voyages to New England in I633 and I638, 
and in a subsequent voyage he was shipwrecked and several 
lives were lost; the crew and master went to Boston. It is 
possible that he brought a relative - Thomas - with him. 

Sarah, "wife of Goodman Horton of Milton," was admit- 
ted to the First Church of Braintree, Mass., on 11-15-16?^ 
and two weeks later she had two children baptized there. 
Her next three children were baptized there, but after the 
Milton First Church was organized in I68I, she transferred 
her membership to it and was received on 2-5-1682 "by ver- 
tue of a letter of dismission from Braintree Chh." 

Children of Thomas and Sarah, born in Milton: 

1 Rachel^, 8-6-I669. Bap., Braintree. 11-29-16?^. 

2 John, 6-6-I672. (Bap. with Rachel. Jg Corporal in King 

William's War. M.,1698, Mehetabel (John^) Garnsey 
(1675-17^2); 6 sons. 

3 Jonathan, 1675- Bap , Braintree, 9-12-1675- 

4 Thomas, 10-3-1677- Bap., Braintree, 11-18-1677- M., 

Rehoboth, 1700. Hannah ^ (John^) Garnsey; 5 chil. 

5 David , 10-14-1679. Bap., Braintree, 11-2-1679. 

6 Solomon. 1-11-1682. D.I725? M.1701, Susanna ^ ( Enoch ^, 

George ^) Badcock (d.1725); 3 chll 

DAVID 2 HORTON was born in Milton on 10-14-1679- Two 
weeks later his mother took him to Braintree and had him 
baptized in the First Church, of which she was a member. 
David married in Milton on 9-10-1702, Mary, daughter of 
Enoch Badcock. Their deaths have not been found. David's 
brother Solomon Horton had married Mary's sister Susanna 
the year before. See BADCOCK. 


Children of David and Mary, recorded in Milton: 

1 David^, 5-15-1703. Fought in the Indian wars. D.1779, 

"age 77-" M.I73O, Dorcas Littlefleld of Dorchester, 
(d.1777); 11 chll. 

2 Mary, 12-22-1704. 

3 Rachel, 12-2-1706. M I727, Thomas White; 8 chil. from 

1731 to 1746 

4 Elizabeth, 2-22-1709. [M.1751, Benjamin Badcock?] 

5 Enoch, 3-21-1711. ID. 1775?] M. Submit Henshaw 

6 Benjamin, 3-21-1713. D.I787. M.,1739, Patience Bad- 

cock (CI713-I782); 13 chil. 

7 Ebenezer, 3-3-I715. D 1789. M.lst, Mehitable 

(d.1745); 3 chil. M.2nd, Marv (d. 1751); 2 chll. 

M 3rd, Patience (I723-I816) ; 6 chil. 

8 Joseph, 6-1-1717. [Wife Alice in 1744?] 

9 Thankful, IO-I8-I719. 

10 Martha . 11-28-1721. 

11 Ruth, 12-20-1723. 

12 Susanna, 3-25-1728. 

MARTHA 3 HORTON was born in Milton on 11-28-1721, and 
baptized in Milton church on 12-3-1721. She married in 
Milton on 3-6-1739, John, son of James Marshall. John was 
baptized in Boston on 12-16-1716. He died on 5-3O-I766, 
and Martha on 7-8-1776, both in Milton. See MARSHALL. 

Martha-3 Horton m. 1739 John-4 Marshall 

Rooksby-5 Marshall m. 1772, Seth-5 Blake 

Joseph-6 Blake m. I806, Prudence-6 Shepard 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glldden 


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33:310 (Ashley Contract); 59:87, 156 (Braintree 

Records) . 
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Swansea Vital Records. 


CHRISTOPHER JACKSON of London, England, vas buried 
there on 12-5-I633. His vlfe was Susan Johnson. Children: 

1 John Jackson, bap. Stepney, London, 6-6-I602. Deacon. 

Res. Watertown and Newton, Mass. D.I675. M.lst, ; 

1 son. M.2nd, Margaret ; 1^ chil., 1645-1662. 

2 Edward ^ Jackson , cl602. 

EDWARD^ JACKSON , "Gent." was born probably in Janua- 
ry 1602. He was baptized 2-3-l6o4 in Stepney, London. His 
first wife was named Frances, her ancestry not known. She 
may have died on the voyage here, or soon after arrival. 
He married second on 3-14-1649 Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Newgate and the widow of Rev. John Oliver. Edward died in 
Cambridge. Mass., on 6-I7-I68I, his age given on his tomb- 
stone as '79 years and 5 months." Elizabeth died there on 
9-30 1709, "ae 92." 

Edward lived in VOiitechapel Parish, London, where he 
was a "nail-maker." At that time Stepney and Whitechapel 
were charming villages. The year he arrived in America is 
not known. Smith says that he and John Fuller arrived in 
Cambridge, Mass., about the same time, probably knew each 
other in England, had plenty of money and were the largest 
lend owners in the town. Jackson's house was built before 
1638, but was gone before I708. In 1681 the inventory of 
his estate described his dwelling as a spacious mansion 
with a hall. 

Records show that he purchased land in Cambridge of 
Samuel Holly in 1643, was made Freeman in 1645, paid Gov. 
Bradstreet tl40 for a farm of 500 acres in l646, was Repre- 
sentative to General Court in l647, being re-elected annu- 
ally for seventeen years; he was Selectman in 1665- There 
are many other records of his activity ixi town affairs. 

He was a man of education, and was constantly pi^s- 
ent with Rev. John Eliot at his lectures to the Indians, to 
take notes of the questions asked by them and the answers 
given by the minister. Johnson's History of New England 
classes him among the leading men of his time, saying, "He 
could not endure to see the truths of Christ trampled un- 
der foot by the erroneous party." In the list of early 
subscriptions for Harvard College is the following entry: 
"Mr. Edward Jackson gave toward the furnishing of the Col- 
lidge edifice Nine Pounds . " He bequeathed to Harvard 400 
acres of land which he owned in Billerica, Mass. 

Jackson was the author and first signer of a petition 
to General Court in 1678, that Cambridge Village might be 
set off and made an independent town. Notwithstanding the 
powerful opposition of Cambridge, the petition was granted 
in 1679. Cambridge said many hard words about the peti- 
tioners, but added: "We would not be understood to include 
every particular person, as we acknowledge that Mr Jackson 
brought a good estate to the town, as some others did, and 
hath not been wanting to the ministry or any good work 



among us, therefore we would not reflect upon him In the 

He divided his lands among his children during his 
lifetime; nevertheless the inventory of his estate listed 
more than I600 acres of land, amounting to li2477. It also 
included two men servants appraised at t5 each. 

It has been estimated that forty-four of his descen- 
dants fought in the Revolutionary War. 

Children of Edward and Frances, first six baptized 
in Vfhite chapel, London, Eng.: 


1 Israel , bap. 3-9-I63I. D. inf. 

2 Margaret, bap. I-I-I633. Prob. d. yg., England. 

3 Hannah , bap. 5-I-I634. 

4 Rebecca, bap. IO-I2-I636. M. Thomas Prentice 2d;9ch. 

5 Caleb, bap. IO-IO-I638. Prob. d. yg., England. 

6 Joseph, b. 9-13-1639- Prob. d. yg., England. 

7 Frances. D., Cambridge, Mass^,, 164b. , 

8 Jonathan. D.I693. M. Elizabeth (Thomas ) Baker; 5 ch. 

9 Sebas [Seaborn?!, perh. b. at sea. D.I690. M.,l671, 

Sarah^ (Thomas i) Baker of Roxbury, Mass.; 9 chll. 

Children of Edward and Elizabeth, born in Cambridge: 

10 Sarah, 1-5-1649. D.I7II. M.I677, Rev. Nehemlah^ (Rev. 

Peter2, Edmond M Hobart (1648-1712); 6 chll. 

11 Edward, 12-15-1652. D.1727. M.lst, Grace (cl655- 

1685); 1 son. M.2d, Abigail^ (Nathll )p Wilson: 7 chll. 

12 Lydia, I656. D.I726. M.I68O, Joseph'^ (John^) Fuller , 

(1652-1740); 7 chll. 2 

13 Elizabeth, 4-28-1658. D.1741. M.lst,l677, John (Thom- 

as^) Prentice (l655-l689). M. 2d, 1699, Jonas Bond. 

14 Ruth, 1-15-1664. D.I692, linmarried. 

HANNAH ^ JACKSON was baptized in Whitechapel, London, 
England, on 5-I-I634. She married about 165I, John, son 
of Villiam Ward of Cambridge. Hannah died on 4-24-1704. 
John died in Newton, Mass., on 7-1-1708, "age 82." Both 
are buried in the Centre Street Cemetery in Newton. See 

Hannah- 2 Jackson m. I65I, John -2 Ward 

Ellzabeth-3 Ward m. l679, Joshua-2 Fuller 

Elizabeth-3 Fuller m. 1702, Isaac-3 Shepard 

Jonathan-4 Shepard m. 1736, Love-4 Palmer 

Slmeon-5 Shepard m. 1776, Rachel -6 Brooks 

Prudence-6 Shepard m. I806 , J03eph-6 Blake 

EdwaMJL Wales Blake m. 1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Olldden 


Paige: History of Cambridge, Mass., I63O-I877, P- 593- 
Jackson: History ... of Newton, Mass., p. 330- 
Smith: History of Newton, Mass. 
Cambridge and Newton, Mass., Vital Records. 

152 LADD 

DANIEL LADD by tradition is called the son of Nath- 
aniel Ladd in England. He died on 7-27-1693 and his widow 
Anne, whose parentage is not now known, died on 2-9-1694, 
both in Haverhill, Mass. 

Daniel Ladd took the "Oathes of Supremacy and Allei- 
geajice" in Ipswich, England, on 3-2^-163^, before allowed 
passage on the ship Mary and John (Robert Sayres, Master). 
This was one of ten ships which were held up in the Thames 
for weeks for some reason, but finally cleared and reached 
Kastasket, Boston Harbor, 

He was granted six acres of land in Ipswich, Mass., 
in 1637, and erected a dwelling which he sold in 1648. He 
was one of the first settlers of Salisbury, Mass., having 
a share in the first division of land and another in l640. 
He was one of the first settlers of Haverhill before 1646, 
and became a permanent inhabitant. He was called a yeoman 
and owned and cultivated several farms. Chase (History of 
Haverhill) gives a description of his lands, and says he 
doubtless found farming quite a different thing from pres- 
ent day conditions — his houselot being in the village, his 
planting ground in two places, partly "in the plain, ' one 
or two miles east of the village, and partly "up the great 
river" as far on the west side, while his meadow lands were 
in seven lots and as many different places. 

He was prominent among the original proprietors, and 
took an active part in church and government, as is shown 
in many records. He was Selectman of Haverhill; appointed 
Lieutenant of the Military Company in l662; was Deputy to 
the General Court of Massachusetts in I668; on the Jury of 
Trials in I672 and 1673; and at the breaking out of King 
Philip's War in 1675, he was one of a committee to desig- 
nate which houses should be garrisoned. 

His will, dated I-3O-I692 and proved 1-9-1694, men- 
tioned his wife, and his son-in-law Joseph [josiah?] Gage, 
and refers to 'the time I have been at his home and the 
trouble I have already put him unto." This will was set 
aside and his estate settled by Daniel Ladd, Junior, as ad- 
ministrator, who gave bonds for LI50. 

Children of Daniel and Ann, first three born in Sal- 
isbury, the rest in Haverhill: 

1 Elizabeth^, 12-11-1640. D.I692+. M. , Haverhill, I663, 

Nathaniel Smith (d.1692); 10 chil. 

2 Daniel, 9-26-1642. Soldier, King Philip's War, I676. 

M., Haverhill, 1668, Lydia^ (Richard^) Singletary (b. 
1648); no chil. 

3 Lydia, 6-8-1645. D.I696. M.1669, Josiah^ (JohnM Gage 

(cl647-1717); no chil. He m. 2, l697, Martha Dow (d. 1718) 

4 Mary, 2-14-1647. M.,l682, Caleb Richardson of Newbury 

(1652-1725); 2 daus. b. Newbury. 

5 Samuel, 11-1-1649. Inds.,1698. M.Haverhill,l674, 

Martha 2 (George^) Corliss (b.l652); 11 chil. 

6 Nathaniel, 3-IO-I652. 



7 Ezeklel , 9-16-1554. M.I687, Mary^ (Samuel^ Folsom of 

Exeter, N.H. (b.l664); 4 chil . .Haverhill , 1688-I69S. 

8 Sarah 11-4-1657. M.Haverhill, 1685, Oneslphorus Marsh 

Jr. (b.1655); 5 chll. 

NATHANIEL 2 LADD was born In Haverhill on 3-10-1552. 
He married in Exeter, N.H., on 7-I2-I678, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Hon. John Oilman. She was born on 8-l5-l56l in Ex- 
eter. Nathaniel died of wounds on 8-11-1591, and Elizabeth 
married on I2-3-I693, Henry-3 (Robert-2, John-l) Vadleigh. 
Henry Vadleigh died in 1732, his estate being settled on 
2-20-1735, at which time Elizabeth was alive and renounced 
her widow's rights. See OILMAN , second line. 

He took part in King Philip's War before he was mar- 
ried, serving as an Ensign under Captain Oilman in Decem- 
ber 1675 and June I676. After marriage they lived in Exe- 
ter, where he was taxed in 1682. In I683 he was involved 
In "Gove's Rebellion" against the notorious Governor Cran- 
field, but was never even indicted. Bell (History of Exe- 
ter) says he was the trumpeter who headed the "rebels" but 
made his escape, "probably remaining perdu until after the 
trial." Like many other New Hampshire men he was vigilant 
in protecting his home from the Indians. The encounter in 
which he was vitally wounded is described in the Biograph- 
ical Review of Norfolk County, Mass.: "...In the summer of 
1690 an expedition was fitted out in Massachusetts, with a 
contingent from New Hampshire, to protect the more eastern 
settlements. Nathaniel Ladd was one of the voliinteers from 
Exeter. On September 22 the party landed at Maquoit near 
Cape Elizabeth, soon fell into an ambush and in the fight 
which ensued they were compelled to retreat to the boats. 
These being aground, the Indians made a bold effort to take 
them, but after a hard fight they were repulsed with a loss 
to the English of 8 killed and 24 wounded, among whom was 
Nathaniel Ladd, who died of his wounds at Exeter..." 

A marble monument in the old Exeter cemetery reads: 

In memory of the Ladd Family, who sleep in this inclo- 
sure. Nathaniel, the first of the name who settled in 
Exeter, was born in Haverhill March 10,1652. Elizabeth 
his wife and daughter of Councillor John Oilman, was 
born in Exeter August 16, I66I. He was mortally wotinded 
in a fight with the Indians at Maquoit and died August 
11, A, D., 1691. Erected by Alexander Ladd in 185O. 

On 2-18-1712 Daniel and John Ladd, John and Eliza- 
beth Olidden, Mary Oilman , Charles and Lydia Rundlett, Jon- 
athan and Anna Folsom, "all the Children of Nathaniel Ladd 
Late of Exeter Deceased, have Received: of our Honoured 
Father Henry Wadley Ninety acres of Land part in Kingston, 
part in Exeter, being on the Accompt of the estate of our 
father Nathaniel Ladd deceased, wth ych we Acknowledge our 
Selves fully Sattlsfled, Contented and Paid for the whole 
of what was our due from the Said Estate. Eliz^ Wadley, 

154 LADD 

the vlfe of the said Henry Vadley did then give up her 
thirds in the estate of her former Husband Nathaniel Ladd. 
Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth, born in Exeter: 

1 Nathaniel^, 4-6-1679. M. 1st, 2nd cousin, Catherine 

(Edward 2, Edward^, Edward 1) Gilman; 5-6 chll. M.2d, 
Mrs Mercy iHall] Hilton, wid., Dudley Hilton: 3-4 ch. 

2 Elizabeth, I-6-I68O. M.ci695, John2 ( Charles ^ Glid- 

den (CI670-CI718); 3 to 6 chil 

3 MARY ^ LADD was born in Exeter en 12-28-1682. She mar- 

ried in Kingston, N. H., on 9-1-1704, Jacob, the son 
of John Gilman. Jacob was her second cousin. He was 
born about I68O and died about 1740. Mary was alive, 
4-27-1743. See GILMAN , first line, for children. 

4 Lydla, 12-27-1684. M.bef .1712, Charles Rundlett Jr. 

(1676-CI723); 3 chll. 

5 Daniel , 3-I8-I687. . 2 t w n 

6 John, 7-6-1689. M.I714, Elizabeth 2 (Jonathans John^) 

Sanborn (b.l692); 8 chil. She m.2d, Thomas Webster. 

7 Anna, 12-25-1691. D.1740+. M.cl712, Jonathan*^, (John-^, 

Johnl) Folsora (cl685-1740) ; 12 chil. 

Children of Elizabeth and Henry Wadlelgh: 

1 Sarah Wadlelgh, 9-3-1694.- D.1756+. M.cl713, John^,^,^, 

Scrlbner. His will, 1756, names 5 chil. 

2 Abigail Wadlelgh, 9-2-I696. Prob. m. Samuel'^ (Alex- 

ander!) Magoon (cl691-cl753) J 8 chll. 

3 Joseph Wadlelgh, Sept. I698. Liv.,1767. Adm. father's 

est. 1735. iM. Lydia2 (Theophllus ■^) Smith? (d.bef. 

1737) J 2 chll.l ^ . 4 /T w3 

4 Martha Wadlelgh, Jan. 1701. M. Ephralm (Joseph , 

James2, Thomas l) Philbrick (1696-1747); 6 chil. 

5 Benjamin Wadlelgh, 1703- D- 17l6. 

CAPTAIN DANIEL ^ LADD was born in Exeter, 3-I8-I687. 
He married in Kingston, N.H., 4-29-1712, Mehitable, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Philbrick. She was born in Hampton, N. H., 
on 3-26-1693. Daniel died in Brentwood, N. H. , in 1765, 
"age 78 " according to the records of the Second Church. 
Mehitable died there on 1-23-1779, called in the record a 
Christian woman, much respected." See PHILBRICK . 

Daniel served as a scout in Capt. Nicholas Gilman 's 
company in I7IO. He was captain of a company which went 
m pursuit of the Indians in 1724, and captain of another 
company which he organized himself for scout duty to pro- 
tect Canterbury and Rumford. ^, ^^ 

On 3-9-1714 In Exeter, Daniel Ladd. Charles Rundlett 
and John Glidden (all brothers-in-law) sold to James Dud- 
ley Jr., five-sevenths of two parcels of land, one of ^ for- 
ty acres "running by the old Road going to Kingstown. The 

LADD ^55 

witnesses were Edward Oilman and John Light. The deed was 
acknowledged ten days later ty their wives: Mehitable Ladd , 
Lydla Rundlett, and Elizabeth Glidden. 

From records of the Church of Christ, Kingston, 1728: 
"March the 10, Mehitable Ladd of the Church of Exeter was 
received by a letter of Recommendation from thence." The 
Second Church of Brentwood was organized in 1751. "Daniel 
Ladd and Mehltabel (Philbrick) of Kingston" were two of a 
group of thirty-one members who came in a colony, 1-6-1751. 

From N. H. Probate Records: "Administration on est. 
of Daniel Ladd of Brentwood, N. H., gentleman, granted to 
Daniel Ladd, IO-3I-I77O." Warrant, same date, authorizing 
Jonathan Glldden and Benjamin Folsom, both of Deerfield, to 
appraise estate. Petition of Mehitabel Ladd of Brentwood, 
I2-7-I77O. for an allowance from her late husband's estate 
stated, 'Your Petitioner when she married. . .was possessed 
of a considerable of a patrimonial estate, which has since 
been sold and expended partly in bringing up a Large fami- 
ly of Children and part of it is now incorporated with her 
said Husband's Estate: That the thirds of her said Hus- 
bands Estate will not be sufficient for her support now in 
her advanced age." 

Children of Daniel and Mehitable, first five born in 

1 Mehitable*, 6-3O-I7I3. M.1732, Samuel* (Samuel^, Sam- 

uel2, Edward!) Colcord (I7IO-CI783) ; 5 chil .1739-5^. 

2 Elizabeth, 3-II-I716. M.1731, John Nay. 

3 Anna, 6-25-I718. Perhaps d. Kingstown, 1728. 

4 Hannah, 4-17-1720. M.1742, Samuel^ (John^, Philip i) 

Himtoon (I718-I796); 11 chil. He m.,2nd, I768, Mrs. 
Margaret Mewly, and 3rd, Mills. 

5 Mary, 1-3-1722. M.,1740, Samuel° (James*, Stephen^, 

Samuel2, Gov. Thomas 1) Dudley (1720-1797); 1 dau. He 
m.2nd, Mrs Sleeper; 3rd, Mrs. Clark. He had 10 chil. 

6 Daniel, Kingston, 1-25-1725. Captain. D.1709. M.lst, 

Joanna^ (James*, Stephen 3, Samuel^ , Thomas^) Dudley. 
M.2nd, Susanna Dow: 3rd, Ruth Bradley. Had I3 chil. 

7 Stephen, Brentwood, 8-3O-I728. M.lst, Abigail Webster 

(d.1757). M.2nd, Bethia Sweet. 6 or 7 chil. 

8 John, 1730. D. 1731. , , 2 ^ .. i\ 

9 Joanna, 7-27-1735- M.1755, Josiah-^ (John*^, Philip^) 

Huntoon ( 1729-cl758) ; 2 chil. 
10 John *, Kingston, 10-24-1737- 

JOHN* LADD was born in Kingston, N. H., 10-24-1737- 
He married about I76I , Mary, daughter of David Moody. She 
was born in Kingston and baptized on 8-7-1743 in the First 
Church. John died on 3-15-1784, survived for many years 
by Mary, who died on 11-25-1815, "aged 73 years. See 

John was one of the original settlers of the town of 
Unity, N. H., in I769. He was a farmer, and had the best 
orchard in town." He was prominent in town affairs, and a 
highly respected citizen. At the first town meeting ever 
held in Unity, on 12-15-1773, he was chosen Moderator and 
the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen. He and Jonathan 
Glldden were Selectmen In 1779- 



From the town records of Unity: "At a meeting of the 
proprietors of the township of Unity, holden at Kingston, 
N. H. , July 3, 1769, on article 5th, it was voted that we 
give 30 acres of land to John Ladd's wife, as a gratis for 
her, she being the first woman that moved into the town." 

The Ladd Genealogy says John Ladd left a widow and 
nine children, seven girls and two boys, "whom the widow, a 
very active, intelligent woman, brought up, married them 
off, and fitted them up nicely." The First Federal Census 
of 1790, lists Mary Ladd in Unity, with one male over I6, 
one under I6, and five females. This would seem to fit the 
Widow Mary Ladd and her family. 

Children of John and Mary: 

Elizabeth ^, I762, probably in Kingston, N. H. 
Sarah. M. Jacob Smith of Claremont, N.H. 

John, 2-2-1768. D.1843 

1 John H. 610-3-1798. 

2 Hiram, 8-I9-I8OC. 

3 Enoch H. , 10-6-1801 

4 Joseph, 10-28-1803. 

5 Mary M., I-2O-I806. 

6 Ruth B. , 2-19-1808. 

M.CI797, Sarah Hibbard. 
M. Anna McC ready. 
M. Aurella Palmer. 
M. Lucy L. Plumb. 
M. Eliza Johnson. 
M.I835, Rev. Benj . Brewster. 

M.lst, Rev. Jacob French. 
M.2nd, Benjamin Bowles of Lisbon, N.H. 
Mehl table, 1770. D.,l829. M.,1790, Henry (Joseph^, 
Jacob^, Elisha^, Thomas^, John^) Perkins (1767-I837) 
of Unity. 

1 John Perkins 

2 Asahel Perkins, 

3 Joseph Perkins. 

4 Anna Perkins . 

5 Lucy Perkins. 

Went West. 
D. age 21. 
M. John Bisbee. Went to Michigan, 

M. Littlefield. 

M.lst, James Laurence. M.2nd, 

5 Mary, 1772. D.I851 

Cyrus6 (Richard^, Jabez^, Richard^, John2, John^) 

Field (b.l784). Witnessed Elizabeth -5 's will, I038. 

1 Fobes Field, 2-10-l8l2. 

2 Joslah Field, 8-27-I815. 

6 Hannah, 8-5-1775. M.l804, Leonard^ (Jonah^, Daniel^) 

Harrington (b.l78o). 

1 Marchia Harrington, 3-25-I805. 

2 Warren Harrington, 3-3-I807. 

3 Mary Ladd Harrington, -IO-I809. 

4 Anna Harrington, 3-2I-I8II. 

5 Luther Harrington, 2-I9-I813. 

6 Leonard Clark Harrington, 7-2-l8l6. 

7 Diantha Hannah Harrington, 4-6-l8l8. 

8 David Alonzo Harrington, 3-26-1821. 

7 Joanna, 1777. D.I850. M Jabez (Joseph^, Jacob*, 

ElishaS, Thomas^, Johnl) Perkins (1769-1843). 
1 Son. Moved to California. 

8 Joslah, 11-14-1779. D.I829. M.I80I, Anna Chappell of 

Lancaster, N. H. (d 1857) 
(Children on next page.) 






Daniel^ , 1-22-1804. M. Charlotte H. Ketchell. 
Crawford, II-8-I805. M l84l, Jane Byington. 
Hannah, 3-4-l8o8. M.1826, John Thurber. 


Mehltable, 9-7-I8IO 
Joslah, 8-7-1813. 
Stephen, 9-17-1815. 

7 Josiah, I-26-I818. 

8 Ann M., 4-21-1821. 

9 John, 9-15-1824. 
Anna . M . 

D. I8l4. 

M. Mrs Harriet A. Smith, 
M. Sarah Swasey. 
M. Dr. Abel V. Brown. 
M.1849, Sarah Hathaway. 
. Palmer. 

ELIZABETH " LADD was born In I762, probably in Kings- 
ton, N. H., as It was before her parents moved to Unity. 
She married about I785, Captain Jonathan Glidden, Junior. 
He was born in Exeter about 1758, and died shortly before 
1-20-1813 in Unity, where Elizabeth died on 3-I-I838, "age 
76." See GLIDDEN 

Elizabeth's will, made in Claremont, N.H., 2-8-I838, 
named thirteen grandchildren, among them Clarissa M. Glid- 
den. The tadd Genealogy erroneously says that she married 
Captain John Glidden. It was her great-aunt Elizabeth -3 
Ladd who married Captain John, about 1695- That Captain 
Jonathan Glidden married Elizabeth-5 Ladd is proved by var- 
ious dociiments in addition to the wills of both. There 
was no Captain John Glidden whom she could have married. 

John- 4 Ladd m. 

Elizabeth-5 Ladd m. 

Samuel -6 Glidden m. 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

CI76I, Mary-3 Moody 

CI785, Jonathan-5 Glidden 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


Ladd Genealogy, by Warren Ladd. Dudley Genealogy. 

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shire, England, as origin of Ladd family). 

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Essex County, Mass., Court Records. 

Haverhill, Mass.; Hampton, Exeter, Kingston, N. H., 
Vital Records. 


The coat of anns of the English Leadbetter family is 
recorded in Burke's Peerage as: A Beady of six azure and 
ermine. Motto: Fidelis." Whether the American Leadbetter 
family is entitled to it is not known. 

HENRY LEADBETTER vas born in England about I633, as 
his death is recorded in Dorchester, Mass., 4-20-1722, "in 
his 89th year." In Dorchester on 3-I8-I659 he was married 
by Major Atherton to Sarah, daughter of Thomas Tolman, a 
wealthy land-owner. Sarah's death has not been foiond, but 
she was living in I688. See TOLMAN . Henry married again, 
in 1692, Mrs. Relief Foster, a widow. She was born I65O, 
the daughter of John Holland, one of the earliest settlers 
of Charlestown, Mass. She was married first, in I672, to 
John Dowse, and had four children. Her second husband was 
Timothy, son of Edward and Lettice [Hanford] Fosterj they 
had five children. Henry and Relief had no children, but 
Henry's son Increase thought so much of her that he named 
a daughter for her, and this daughter Relief -3 married our 
ancestor Ebenezer -4 Blake in I723. Relief, Henry's widow, 
for twenty-one years, died In Dorchester on 7-7-17^3 • 

The Leadbetter family is thought to have come from 
Hinckley, Leicestershire, as in Hinckley In 1620 there was 
a Henry Leadbetter, with sons Ebenezer and John, names oc- 
curring frequently in the New England family. Proof, how- 
ever, is lacklhg. Leadbetters appear in England about the 
year 1200, soon after thousands of heretics were put to the 
sword in France, all who could escaping to other countries. 

It is not known when Henry Leadbetter arrived in New 
England. In January I718 he and Elizabeth Weeks (wife of 
Ammiel' Weeks) made a deposition regarding the heirship of 
Nathaniel Glover, Senior. Henry stated his age as eighty- 
six and testified that in 1648 they were both living with 
Mr. John Glover In Dorchester, and continued with him dur- 
ing his life. John Glover died in 165^, when Henry must 
have been about twenty-one or two. 

No record Is found of him after his marriage in 1659 
except the birth of four children, until 4-5-1668, when he 
had four children baptized, "being lately admitted a member 
& his wife." On 3-27-1682 the church cast votes for a new 
minister, and "one who was not In full communion intruded 
himself In and put in a vote, w^" was very offensive to the 
Church, but his vote was taken out and he was commanded to 
goe out of the meetinghous. When the Church had been tryed 
by a Vote to know whether they did approve of his act, wch 
being declared in the Negative, then the Contrary Vote was 
called for, but no one held ther hand but Henry Leadbetter 
who thought y'^ such as had Submitted to the government of 
Christ in the Church & had owned the Covenant should have 
libertie to Vote in such a case; but it was declared to 
the contrary." 

The only other records of Sarah are on 3-4-1677, when 


her name was on a list of those "y^ did y® same day p' son- 
ally give their assent to the Covenant," and in 1688, when 
her father, Thomas Tolman, willed her 1,15, and "one of the 
biggest pewter platters." 

Henry was active in the Dorchester Church for many 
years, and he had the distinction of occupying a prominent 
seat near the minister, in the front row. He was made a 
Freeman on 5-3I-I671, was Constable in I673, on the Grand 
Jury in 1684, and was a Selectman from I687 to I691 . He 
fought in King Philip's War in I675-6, and was probably a 
sergeant. He re-enlisted immediately after, taking "the 
oath of allegiance before Hon. John Leverett, the Provin- 
cial Governor, on II-II-I678. In I679 he was named execu- 
tor of the estates of Nicholas Clap and Thomas Lake, turn- 
ing over two silver cups or small beakers, to the Church. 

Henry's second wife. Relief, was also a member of 
the Dorchester Church, and on her death was called "a very 
pious woman and much respected." She is buried in the Old 
Dorchester Burying Ground. 

Children of Henry and Sarah, all but Ruth recorded 
in Dorchester (first four baptized on 4-19-1668): 

1 Sarah^, I-20-166O. D.I696. M. 1st, 1684, Henry ^ (Rich- 

ard^ , Henry 1) Withington (1653-I688): 3 chil. M^2d, 
1693. Ebenezer^ (Nathaniel^, George •'■) Holmes (I669- 
1746); 2 chil. Ebenezer m.,2nd,l697, Mary 2 (Nathan- 
iel^) Wales, widow of Nicholas George, Jr.; 2 chil. 

2 Katherlne, 4-28-1662. D.1739. M.,l684, Ephraim^ (Ed- 

ward^) Payson (I658-I732); 9 chil. 

3 Henry, 10-l6-l664. D.I689. ^ , _ 

4 Deliverance, 4-9-1667. D.,1747. M.. 1st, 1694. Joseph^ 

(Rlchard2, Henry 1) Withington (1668-I698); 4 chil. 

5 Ruth, Roxbury, 3-31-1669. D.,1752. M.,1692, IsaaC^ 

(Jonasl) Humphrey (1651-1735); 5 chil. 

6 Increase , 1 -20-1672/3 . 

7 Ebenezer, 5-IO-I676. M. , Boston, 1709, Hannah lor Abi- 

gail] Mason; 5 chil. 1^ 

8 Israel, 10-10-1678. D.1775. M.,l3t, Mary — . — )^" 

1745; 3 chil. M. 2d, 1746, Mrs Ruth Robinson (d.l7ob). 

INCREASE ^ LEADBETTER was born in Dorchester, Mass., 
on 1-20-1673, and was baptized on 1-26-1673, m the First 
Church. The church record of his marriage in Dorchester: 
"Increase Leadbetter and Sarah Davenport were married by 
the Reverend Mr. Danforth Jan: 20 I7OI (1702 New Style]. 
Sarah was born in Dorchester on 7-IO-I68I, the daughter of 
Charles Davenport, and died there on 6-16-173'+, ^^^e :?:5 
years." Her grave is on the west side of the Old Dorches- 
ter Burying Ground, with the Davenports. Increase died on 
11-10-1737? "in the 65 Year of His Age," and is buried on 
the south side of the cemetery. His tombstone is pictured 
in the Leadbetter Genealogy. See DAVENPORT. 



Children of Increase and Sarah, born in Dorchester: 

1 Henry 3, 12-1-1702. Bap. 12-6. D. , Weston, Mass. ,1762. 

M.,1732, Priscllla^ (Obadiahl) Swift (1706-1755+) ; 
10 chil. 

2 Sarah, 8-2-1706. D.,1735. M., Boston. 1732, Ebenezer^ 

(Arnmiel^, George^) Weeks (170^-1781); 1 dau. He m., 
1738, Anna2 (Joseph^) Holland (cl719-l805) ; 7 chil. 

3 Waitstlll, 9-26-1708. D.I784. M.,1732, Aquila* (Sam- 

uel^ , Thomas2 , Thomas 1) Tolman ( 1705-1771 ); 7 chil. 
k Relief , 10-7-1716. 

5 Increase, 11-28-1721. D. I723. 

6 Increase, 4-5-1724. D.,l800. M.,1745, Katherine ^ , 

(George^, William^) Badcock, of Milton, Mass. , (1725- 
I8l4); 9 chil. 

RELIEF ^ LEADBETTER was born on 10-7-1716 in Dorches- 
ter, where she married on 12-29-I736, Ebenezer, yoimgest 
son of Joseph Blake. He was born there on 10-22-1712 and 
died there on 6-27-I790. No record of Relief's death has 

been found, 


Henry-1 Leadbetter m. 1659, Sarah-2 Tolman 

Increase-2 Leadbetter m. 1702, Sarah-3 Davenport 

Relief-3 Leadbetter m. 1736, Ebenezer-4 Blake 

Seth-5 Blake m. 1772, Rooksby-5 Marshall 

Joseph-6 Blake m. I806, Prudence-3 Shepard 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

Authorities : 

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ARMS: Argent on a fesse gules, between three 
clnquefolls azure, a hind passant between two 
pheons or. 

CREST: A deml-blrd sable, on the head two small 
horns or, the wings expanded, the dexter outside 
gu.. Inside argent; the sinister gold lined gu. 

RICHARD LORD , yeoman, was bom in England about 1555, 
his exact birthplace and ancestry not yet found. Joane, 
wife of Richard Lord," was buried in Towcester, Northamp- 
ton on 9-22-1610. Richard was buried there on 10-16-1610. 

It is possible that he descended from the Lord fami- 
ly of Yelvertoft, Northampton, as we know he lived in Tow- 
cester in that county. The Towcester registers begin in 
1561, but the earliest Lord entry is the burial of Joane. 
Richard's will was dated 5-30-1610 and proved on 2-7-1611. 
Digest: To be buried in the churchyard; to daughter Ellz- 
ablthilO; to daughter Ellin L30 and ilO if s^e marry Rob- 
ert Marriot of Calcot; to daughter Alice L30 at marriage; 

162 LORD 

to wife Joane half of all my goods and the use of chaonber 
over kitchen, and amjuity of t9 out of my lands at Towces- 
ter; to son Thomas all my lands in Towcester, and the rest 
of my goods, he to pay my debts, legacies and the annuity 
to my wife, and to be executor. As Richard died less than 
a month after Joane, he may have been ill at the time, and 
did not change his will. Thomas was about twenty-five or 
twenty-six, and married soon after the estate was settled. 
Children of Richard and (probably) Joane: 

1 Elizabeth, CI583. Unmarried in I6IO. 

2 Thomas 1, CI585. Emigrated to New England. 

3 Ellen, CI587. Presumably m. Robert Marriot of Calcot, 

1610+ . See her father's will. 

4 Alice, CI59O. M., Towcester, I6II, Richard Morris. 

THOMAS ^ LORD was born In England about 1585. He mar- 
ried at Towcester, Northamptonshire, cn3-23-l6ll, Dorothy, 
the daughter of Robert Bird of that town. The license was 
granted at Peterboro diocese on the same day. Dorothy was 
born about I589, probably in Towcester. Thomas died about 
1667 in Hartford, Conn. Dorothy was a widow when she died 
in Hartford on 8-2-1676, "age 87." See ROBERT BIRD. 

"Thomas Lord, smith, age 50, and Dorothy Lord, uxor, 
age 46, "with their seven children, with names, are on the 
following ship list: "29 Aprllis I635. These vnder written 
names are to be transported to New England imbarqued in ye 
Elizabeth & Ann, Roger Coopr, M^. The P'ties have brought 
Certificate from the Minister of the P'ish and Justice of 
Peace of their conformitie to the orders and discipline of 
ye Church of England and yt they are no Subsedy men." Al- 
though he is listed as smith, this is either a mistake or 
a subterfuge to enable him to leave England. Savage calls 
it "a godly deception." He was a physician and practiced 
in Hartford. Thomas Stanton was called "son-in-law of Dr. 

Thomas Lord" in I639, when Thomas Junior was twenty- three. 

The Lord family lived first in Cambridge, Mass., but 
In 1637 joined with Rev. Thomas Hooker and his company and 
with them settled what is now Hartford, Conn. Their home- 
lot in 1639 vas on the highway on the bank of the Little 
River. The family was wealthy and prominent. Some of the 
children were sent to England to be educated. The eldest 
son Richard was one of the patentees under the charter giv- 
en by Charles II to the colony. Thomas, Junior, is called 
the first educated physician in Connecticut. 

Thomas Lord, the father, did not leave a will. Dor- 
othy's will was executed on 2-8-I670, and sealed with the 
Laward-Lord coat of arms. She named children of deceased 
son Thomas; daughter Ann, wife of Thomas Stanton; William; 
John; Robert; Amie, wife of John Gilbert; grandson Richard^ 
grandchildren Hannah, Dorothy and Margaret, children of 
daughter Dorothy, wife of John Ingersoll. 

LORD 163 

Children of Thomas and Dorothy, with baptisms as re- 
corded in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England: 

1 Richard^, bap. 1-5-1612. D.1662. Came to N.E. 3 yrs. 

bef. parents. Cambridge, Mass., proprietor in I632. 
Merchant of Hartford; Representative, I657-6I; Capt. 
Conn. Troop of Horse. Epitaph calls him: "The bright 
Starre of our Cavalrie, M.cl635, Sarah ^ (Thomas^?) 
Graves (dil676); had son Richard and 2 daus . 

2 Anne , bap. 9-l8-l6l4. 

3 Thomas, bap. II-I5-I616. D.cl66l. First med. license 

granted in N. E. Savage says he was in Cambridge or 
Boston, Mass., a year or so, but original proprietor 

of Hartford, Conn. M. Mary ; 3 or 4 daus. 

Mary m. 2nd, 01ms tead. 

4 William, bap. 12-27-l6l8. D.I678. Beq. by mother "my 

Siluer drinking Bowie" and "great brass kettle." M. 

cl642, ; 7 chil. M., 2nd, 1664, Lydia, dau. of 

Vllllam Buckland and widow of John Brown. 4 Brown 
chil.; 7 Lord chil. Res. Saybrook, Conn. See Keel- 
er-Wood Genealogy for descendants. 

5 Robert, bap. 5-12-1620. Sea captain. Prob. d. unmar. 

6 John, bap 1-21-1624. D.I678? M.lst, Rebecca^ (Fran- 

cis^) Bushnell of Guilford. M. 2d, 1648, Adrean Basey, 
whom he abandoned and went to Va., leaving debts. 

7 Aymie, bap. II-3O-I626. D.I69I. M l647, John 2 (Will- 

iam!) Gilbert of Hartford (d.l690); 8 chil. 

8 Dorothy, bap. 7-1-1629. D.I657. M.CI651, John Inger- 

soll of Hartford and Northampton, Mass. (cl6l5-l684); 
3 chil. John m. 2nd, 1657, Abigail^ (Thomas^) Bascom, 
(d.l666); 5 chil. He m.3rd,lo67, Mary*^ (JohnM Hunt 
(d.1690); 7 chil. 

ANNE 2 LORD was baptized on 9-l8-l6l4, in Towcester, 
England. For some unknown reason the ages of all the Lord 
children were wrong on the ship's passenger list in I635, 
Anne's being given as but fourteen. She went to Hartford 
with her parents In I637, about which time she married one 
of the most prominent men In the Connecticut Colony, Thomas 
Stanton. Their first child was born in Hartford in I638, 
and at least three more were born there. They then went to 
what is now Stonington, Conn. Thomas Stanton died there 

on 12-2-1677. ^ ^ , ^ 

Anne's mother died in 1676, and bequeathed her among 
other things her "great Bible." This "ould Bible and two 
silver cups, altogether appraised at i49, were in the in- 
ventory of Anne Stanton's possessions after she died, dul 
the Bible, unfortunately, has disappeared. , ^v, >^^ 
After her husband's death, Anne went to live witnoer 
daughter Dorothy, the wife of Rev. James Noyes /^ Hart- 
ford. She made her will in I688 and probably died shortly 
after, though the record has not been found. See STANTON . 



Anne -2 Lord m 

Hannah- 2 Stsinton m 

Jonathan-3 Palmer m 

Love-4 Palmer m 

Slmeon-5 Shepard m 

Prudence -6 Shepard m 

Edvard-7 Wales Blake m 

, CI637, Thomas -1 Stanton 

1662, Nehemiah-2 Palmer 

1706, Mercy-2 Manwarlng 

1736, Jonathan-4 Shepard 

1776, Rachel -6 Brooks 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Claris3a-7 Matilda Glldden 


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ARMS , registered by the Committee on Heraldry of the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society as belonging to 
the immigrant, Oliver Manwarlng: 

Silver, six bars gules, on the second an annulet for 
a second difference. Also entitled to Quartered: 1 and 4, 
silver, two bars gules (Manwaring ancient); 2 and 3, gold, 
an eagle's leg erased at the thigh, gules on a chief, in- 
dented azure, a mullet between two roundles silver (Tar- 
bock heiress, cadet of house of Lathom) . 

An Oliver Manwayringe, alive 3I Henry VIII (l54o)and 
29 Elizabeth (1587), received lands in Warford, Cheshire, 
from his father Charles Maynwaryng, Esquire, in Croxton in 
Cheshire. He is the seventeenth generation from Ranulfus 
le Mesnelwarin of Cheshire and Norfolk, whose name is In 
the Domesday Book. 

OLIVER MANWARING, gentleman, may have been the above 
man. He had a son: 

OLIVER MANWARING, gentleman, who married in Dawlish, 
Devonshire, England, I618, Prudence, the daughter of Henry 
Esse, gentleman, and his wife Lovedy Moyle, who was from 
Clyst Formizon, alias Sowton, Devon. Oliver was buried in 
March I672. He and Prudence were buried in the chancel of- 
the Dawlish church, a privilege reserved for the gentry. 

There was formerly in the chancel of Dawlish church 
a heraldic ledger-stone showing the line of Oliver (I672- 
17^0), son of Esse, son of Oliver, son of Oliver. He was 
the last heir male in this English line. 

Known children of Oliver and Prudence Manwaring: 

1 Esse. Had a son Oliver (1672-1740). See above. 

2 Oliver , bap. Dawlish, 3-15-1634. Emigrated to America. 

OLIVER ^ MANWARING was baptized in Dawlish, a fishing 
village of Devonshire, Eng., on 3-I6-I634. He married be- 
fore 1663, Hannah, a daughter of Richard Raymond of Salem, 
Mass., where Hannah was baptized on 2-13-1642. She died on 
12-18-1717 and Oliver on II-3-I723, both in New London, 
Conn. See RAYMOND . 

Calkins (History of New London) says: "He died... at 
ninety years of age and had been an inhabitant about sixty 
years. His house-lot of eleven acres was bought in 1664. 
The nucleus of this homestead, consisting of the houseplot 
and garden... is still in the possession of a descendant In 
the direct male line. [1852], 

Records show that he was Freeman of Connecticut In 
1669; charged 30s. in I687 for license to keep "a house of 
publique entertainment and retail drink;" was paid 153. to 
18s. each for "fetching the gimns from Seabrook"; and had 


an additional grant of land in New London in 170^. Hannah 
joined "Mr Bradstreet's church" In New London In I67I, at 
which time she had four children baptized. 

His will of 11-15-1722 shows that all his children 
were alive, the eight daughters married and had families. 
He bequeathed to his grandson John Richards "all bills and 
bonds due me and particularly that bond which I had from 
my nephew Oliver Manwarlng in England." This was undoubt- 
edly his brother Esse's son, who died in 17^0. 

Children of Oliver and Hannah, bapt. in New London: 

1 Elizabeth^, bap. 9-IO-I67I. B.CI663. D.1720 "in 58th 

year." M. Peter Harris (I66O-I718); 10 chll. 

2 Prudence, bap. 9-IO-I67I. D.,1740. M.,cl688, John^, 

(Matthew 1) Beckwith; 9 chll. 

3 Love, bap. 9-IO-I671. D.17'f3. M. Lt. John^ (John^) 

Richards (d.cl720); 10 chll. Son John bap. I693. 

4 Hannah, bap. 9-IO-I67I. D.1732. M.CI693, John Harris 

(01663-17^0); 8 chll. 

5 Richard, bap. 7-13-1673. Alive 175^. M.1710, Elinor^ 

(Richard^) Jennings; 3 or 4 chll, 

6 Judith, bap. 4-2-1676. D.1706. D.I706 . M.,1695, Sl- 

mon^, Slmon^, Simonl) Ray of Block Island(l672-1755) 
4 chll. He m., 2nd, 1725, Deborah 3 (Job^, Johnl) 
Greene of Warwick, R.I. (I69O-I763); 4 daus . 

7 Oliver, bap. 2-21-1679- D.1754. M.I705, Hannah Hough 

(d.1754); 10 chll. 

8 Bathsheba, bap 5-9-l680. 

9 Ann, bap. 6-18-1682, D.1720. M. Jeremiah Wilson; 9 ch. 
10 Mercy , bap. (Date obliterated, but about 1584.) 

MERCY ^ MANWARING was born about 1684 in New London. 
Her baptism is recorded as daughter of Oliver Manwarlng in 
the First Church of Christ, New London, Conn., but the date 
is undecipherable. She was baptized adult on 10-25-1702. 
She married on 12-I-I706, Jonathan, son of Nehemlah Palmer 
of Stonington, Conn. The date of Jonathan's death is not 
known, but we know Mercy outlived him from the following 
entry in Joshua Hempstead's diary: "3-I8-I739, Marcy Palm- 
er, Widow, the youngest Daughter of Oliver Manwarlng the 
first, died Last week aged 54 or 5." See PALMER . 

Mercy-2 Manwarlng m. I706, Jonathan-3 Palmer 

Love-4 Palmer m. 1736, Jonathan-4 Shepard 

Slmeon-5 Shepard m. 1776, Rachel-6 Brooks 

Prudence-3 Shepard m. I806, Joseph-6 Blake 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden 


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JOHN ^ MARSHALL Is the first of this family foimd in 
New England . The first record is his son's birth in I659, 
in Boston, Mass. He married about I658, Ruth, daughter of 
James Hawkins Sr. John died in the autumn of I672. Ruth's 
birth is unknown, but it was before I638. After I677 and 
before December I680, she married Daniel Fairfield Junior. 
Daniel died on 12-22-1709, age about 77, but the record of 
Ruth's death has not been found. She signed a deed in Bos- 
ton in 1685. See HAWKINS . 

This John Marshall is called "a Scottishman" in the 
records, probably to distinguish him from the other John 
Marshall then living in Boston, an Englishman. There is a 
tradition in the Marshall family that they came from Scot- 
land. The year of his arrival in New England is unknown. 
He is not on the list of Scottish prisoners of war who were 
sent by Cromwell after the battle of Worcester. (See BEAN , 
first page.) It is possible that he may have come to New 
England with James Hawkins Senior, a mason who was in Bos- 
ton in 1635, and whose daughter he married. John was a 
mason by occupation, perhaps a builder, and associated with 
other masons in Boston. 

On ^1-22-1666 Ruth, "wife of John Marshall," was bap- 
tized in the First Church, Boston. The following Sundah, 
4-29-1666, she had her children baptized: James, John, and 
Mary. The same day her Mother, Mary Hawkins, had three 
children baptized at the church. 

In August 1668 John paid James Hawkins Senior, L30 
sterling for a plot of land on Sudbury Street in Boston. 
This property was surrounded on three sides by land owned 
by his father-in-law, and the Marshalls are thought to have 
had their home there. 

John died intestate. His inventory was taken in No- 
vember 1672, and Ruth was appointed administratrix of the 
estate. On 1-28-1573 the court granted the estate to the 
eldest son, James. Cn 8-4-1582 James and Elizabeth Marsh- 
all sold the property to James Hawkins, Jr. On 4-l8-l685, 
James and Lydia Hawkins sold it for LI5 to the brother-in- 
law Daniel Fairfield, the second husband of Ruth [Hawkins] 
Marshall. On 5-2-1694 a quitclaim deed was signed by John 
Marshall's heirs, turning over the above plot of land with 
dwelling, to Daniel Fairfield. The quitclaim was signed by 
John Marshall, Jr., his wife Mary, his brother Joseph, and 
his sister Mary, widow of John Fairfield. Thomas Marshall 
had signed a quitclaim in I691, while on a visit. 

Children of John and Ruth, born in Boston: 

1 James ^, 9-29-1659. 

2 Mary, 1-2-1662. Signed quitclaim 5-2-1694. M.cl682, 

step-brother John^ (Daniel ^ [and Sarah], Daniel^ ) 
Fairfield (I66O-I690) . Children: Ruth, I683. Mary, 
1686. Abigail, 1688. John, I689. 

3 John, 10-2-lb64. D.1732. Mason of Braintree [Oulncy] 

Mass. First precinct clerk of Braintree. Kept (I609 
to 1711) much quoted journal (now in possession of 


Mass. Hist. Soc.)> in which he called James^ Hawkins 
his iincle. M.,l690, Mary^ (Edmimd^ [& Sarah] Shef- 
field (1663-1718), widow of Jonathan Mills of Brain- 
tree. Children: Deborah, 1691 (m.,1715, Ehenezer 
Heath]. John, 169^-1702. Mary, 1697-177'^ [ni.l721, 
Benjamin^, (Joseph^, Joseph ^) Soper ; 4 chil.] Josiah 
1700-1772, minister [in.l727, Hannah Hatch; 1 dau.] . 
Twins, 1703 - son d.inf.; Deliverance , [m. 1724, Thom- 
as* (Samuel^, John^, Gregory^ ) Baxter!. Sheffield, 
1706-1708. Hagar, 171O, d.inf. 

4 Thomas, 2-6-I667. Bap. 2-9-1667. Glover. Res., Green- 

wich, Ct. Wife Mary. Brother John wrote in diary, 
12-25-1700: "Brother Thomas came to Boston to visit, 
after being absent 17 years and a half , tarried three 
weeks sind returned." On 1-8-1791 he also signed the 
quitclaim. See John-2. Children: Daniel, Ruth suid 
[perhaps] Mary (b. Boston, 1706) . 

5 Samuel, 7-14-1669. D. 7-7-1690. (Wife Ruth Rawlins?) 

6 Joseph, 4-14-1672. Cordwainer. Signed quitclaim deed 

in 1694. (M. 7-29-1694, Mary Short [ CI676-I712] ?) 

Child of Ruth and Daniel Fairfield: 
1 Daniel Fairfield, b. Boston, 12-1-1680. 

JAMES MARSHALL was the eldest son. The Boston re- 
cord reads: 'James, the Sonne of John Marshall a Scotish- 
ma and of Ruth his wife, borne 29 Sept 59." He married be- 
fore 8-4-1682, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Joseph Soper, 
mariner, of Boston. She was born in Boston on 3-I3-I665. 
James died after I688, but before 5-2-1694, when the quit- 
claim deed was signed by John Marshall's heirs. No further 
record of Elizabeth has been found, but as she was a young 
widow. It is probable that she married again. See SOPER . 

In 1673 James was granted his father's estate, which 
he sold in 1682 to his uncle James Hawkins. On 6-23-I685 
James and Elizabeth Marshall signed a receipt for -L8 from 
her brother John Soper, for her share of their father's es- 
tate. James was taxed in Boston for the last time in l68r. 

Children of James and Elizabeth, recorded in Boston: 

1 James ^, 12-2-1682 

2 John, 1-12-1688. (Wife Sarah; 3 sons b. in Boston?) 

JAMES^ MARSHALL "sonne of James and Elizabeth Mar- 
shall, born Dec. 2, 1682," according to the Boston records. 
He married in Boston on 2-1-1705, Sarah, the daughter of 
Joseph Greenleaf, the ceremony being performed hj tbe Rev. 
Cotton Mather. Sarali was born in Boston on 2-3-I683. The 
death records of James and Sarah Marshall have not been 
found. See GREENLEAF . 

Nothing much has been learned of this couple. Sareli 


had three children baptized In the Brattle Square Church, 
Boston In 1713- There Is a record of Sarah being admitted 
to the church on 2-5-I716. Another record In 17l8j shows 
the baptism of a Sarah Marshall, adult. 

Children of James and Sarah, all except Elizabeth 
baptized In Brattle Square Church, 'ISarah Marshal, sponsor": 

1 Elizabeth*, Boston, 12-6-1705- (D. yg?) 

2 James, Boston, 5-28-1707. Bap. 8-30-1713- 

3 Joseph, Boston, 9-6-I7IO. Bap. "age 2 yrs" 8-3O-I713. 

4 SareJi, bap. "age 1 yr." 8-3O-I713. D- 10-16-1713- 

5 Mercy, bap. 10-3-1715- 

6 John , bap. I2-I6-I716. 

7 Sarah, bap. 12-14-1718. 

8 Rachel, bap. 6-7-1719- 

9 Elizabeth, bap. 1-1-1721. 

10 Joslah, bap. 2-3-I723. In 174-3 a Joslah Marshall was 

dismissed from Mil ton, Mass ., church to "Mr Checkley's 
church In Boston." A Joslah (Jr?) m.lst, Milton, I768 
Beulah Thayer (d.l774); 1 son. M.2d, Mary (d.l779). 

11 Rooksby, bap. 2-14-1725. (A Greenleaf name.) M., Bos- 

ton, 9-25-1746, by Rev. Matthew Byles, to Thomas 

JOHN* MARSHALL was baptized on 12-l6-17l6 In Brattle 
Square Church, Boston, sponsored by his mother. He married 
in Milton, Mass., on 3-6-1739, Martha, daughter of David 
Horton. Martha was born in Milton on 11-28-1721. John 
died in Milton on 5-3O-I776, and "Mrs. Marshall, widow of 
the Late John Marshall," died on 7-8-I776. See HORTON . 

John was admitted to the Milton Church on 7-12-1741, 
by Rev. John Taylor. 

On 1-23-1775 it was voted in Milton that: "Every man 
in the town between the ages of sixteen and sixty shall be 
equipped with arms and ammunition according to law, and 
shall do military duty in one of the companies raised or 
that may be raised in the town." Later three companies 
were formed and the men were allowed to join whichever one 
they wished. John Marshall Senior was doubtless the one 
on the "Muster of Captain Oliver Vose's Company of Militia 
of Milton; Col. Robinson's Regiment, that traveled to Rox- 
bury and served as a standing company in the defence of 
Liberty before a Standing Army was compleated after the 
battle of Concord." His son was also in the Revolution, 
designated as John Marshall Junior. 

Children of John and Martha, born in Milton: 

1 Joseph^, 7-3-1739. Bap. 7-12-1741, Milton Church, the 

same day his father was admitted. Perhaps had wife 
Rebecca, who d., Dorchester, 1795. 

2 Martha, 5-14-1742. Bap. 7-25-1742. M.,1768, Nathan 

Horton (d.1777); had chil. 

3 James, bap. 9-18-I743. Prob. d. yg. 



M.1770, Elizabeth 

k James^, 12-2-17'^^. Bap. 7-7-17^5. 

5 John, 8-29-17^7. In Revolution. 

Hayvard of Braintree; 2 sons h. Milton. 

6 Sarah, 2-25-1750. 

7 Mary, 4-7-1752. 

8 Rooksby, 10-30-175^. 

9 Elizabeth, 8-5-1759. 

10 Joseph, 3-18-1762. (Perhaps the "Mr. Josiah Marshall. 

son of Mr. John Marshall, who d., Milton, 8-16-1776.) 

11 Elijah or Elisha. Drummer and Matross in Revolution. 

ROOKSBY ^ MARSHALL was born on 10-30-175^^ in Milton, 
Mass. She married in Dorchester, Mass., in 1772, Seth, a 
son of Joseph Blake. Seth was born on 9-19-1752 in Dor- 
chester, and died in Alstead, N. H., on 3-4-1829. Rooksby 
was living in I83O, but her death has not been found. See 
BLAKE for Seth's Revolutionary War record. 

James -2 Marshall m. 

James-3 Marshall m. 

John- 4 Marshall m. 

Rooksby-5 Marshall m. 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward -7 Wales Blake m. 

CI682, Elizabeth-2 Soper 

1705, Sarah-4 Greenleaf 

1739, Martha-3 Horton 

1772, Seth-5 Blake 

1806, Prudence -6 Shepard 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

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THOMAS ^ MARSTON of Bastwick, Norfolk, Eng., was born 
about 1435 and died before 1507. His son: 

ROBERT ^ ^ MARSTON of Bastwick was bo n about 1465 and 
died in 1514. His wife Margaret died about 1514. They 
were married about 1490 and had six children, among whom: 

THOMAS ^ ^^ MARSTON , of Bastwick and Ormesby, was born 
about 1495 and died about 1549- His wife's name was Alice. 
She married a second husband named Allen, and died, 1587. 
Thomas and Alice had five children, among whom: 

HENRY ^^ MARSTON of Ormesby was born about 1540. He 
died about I603. By an unknown wife he had four children . 
One son, William, emigrated to New England before I636. 

WILLIAM ^ MARSTON was born about 1590, probably in the 
parish of St. Margaret's, Ormesby, Norfolk, England. The 
name of his first wife is unknown, although Burke (Landed 
Gentry) calls her Sarah. He married late in life, about 
1660, a yoiong woman named Sabina, possibly the widow of 
Nathaniel Locke. William died on 6-3O-I672 in Hampton, N. 
H. Sabina married again about I673, John Redman, and died 
in 1689. John Redman died in 1700. 

William Marston was in Salem, Mass., by I636. It is 
not known whether his wife was with him or not. William 
was one of a large number of Ormesby people who settled in 
Hampton. He had a land grant there on 6-30-1640 and prob- 
ably a house lot earlier. He became one of the leading men 
of the town. He was chosen Selectman in I652. In those 
days people were seated in the meeting-house according to 
their Importance, and the records show that he and Thomas 
Philbrick were assigned to "the first seat on the south 
side, " while "Goody Marston and Goody Dolton" (the wife of 
Philemon Dal ton ) sat in "the first seat at the west end of 
the table, on the women's side." However, he had Quaker 
tendencies, and was presented in court many times for not 
attending public worship. 

His will of 6-25-1672 was proved IO-8-I672, and left 
everything to his eight-year-old daughter Tryphena, except 
five shillings to each son. His widow was executrix and 
claimed her dower rights, but the record shows that one of 
the sons, probably William, who later had the homestead, 
did not submit meekly. 

Children of William and first wife: 

1 Thomas^, prob. Ormesby, Eng. ,cl6l7. (About 52 in 1669) 

D.I69O. M.1646, Mary2 [Vm^] Estow (liv.1700); 8 ch. 

2 Prudence (Ormesby?), cl622. D.,l682+. M.,lst, cl642, 

William 2 [Richard 1) Swain (drowned I657) ; 3 chil. 
M. 2nd, 1650, Moses Coxe (cl594-l687) ; 1 dau. 


3 Wllllam2, t>ap.,Heme3by,Eng., 3-II-I626. D.1704. M.lst, 

1652, Rebecca^ (Robt-^) Page (b.1636); 8 chil. M.2d, 
1675, Anne Roberts (d.l70^+); vld., Thomas Phllbrlck . 

4 Anne, bap. Hemesby, Eng., 12-6-1628. D. inf. 

5 John, bap. Hemesby, Eng., 6-2O-I63O. 

Daughter of William and Sabina: 

6 Tryphena, Hampton, I2-28-I663. D.I729. M.,l686, Jos- 

eph3 ( James S, Thomas l ) Philbrick (1663-1755); 10 ch. 

JOHN^ MARSTON was born about 1629 in England. He was 
baptized in Hemesby, Norfolk, Eng., on 6-2O-I63O. He mar- 
ried in Hampton, N.H., I-I5-I653, Martha, surname given by 
some as Moulton and by others as Fuller. (William Fuller 
left her ^fO s . in I691.) John died on 4-2-1708, "age about 
82," and Martha died on IO-II-I723, "age about 87," both 
in Andover, Mass. 

The first recoixis are his marriage in Hampton, and 
the birth of four children before he sold his homestead to 
Francis Page and moved to Andover, Mass., not far away. In 
1663 he owned three shares of the cow common in Hampton, 
which shares he had from his father. 

His will of 5-19-1707, proved 5-10-1708, bequeathed 
to his wife Martha, to his sons John, Jacob and Joseph, and 
to all his daughters. 

Children of John and Martha, the first four born in 
Hampton, N.H., and the last seven born in Andover, Mass.: 

1 Mary ^, 12-28-1655- 

2 Jacob, 12-27-1658. D.I727. M.I686, Elizabeth^ (Daniel"^) 

Poor (1661-1700); 10 chil. b. Andover. 

3 Sarah, 4-15-l66l. D. yg. 

4 Joseph, 6-24-1662. (D.I738?) Owned the homestead. 

5 John, cl664. D.1741. Exec, father's est. M.,l689, 

Mary 2 (Christopher 1) Osgood (1665-I7OO); 4 chil. 

6 Sarah. D.1736. M.1692, James Bridges (d.l739); 4 chil. 

7 Hannah. 2-I6-I667. D.1733. M.I688, Benjamin 2 (Rich- 

ard 1) Barker (1663-1750); 9 chil. in Andover. 

8 Bethia, 7-7-1671. D.1740. M.I7O3, Joseph^ (William^) 

West (1663-1739). 

9 Ephraim, 3-14-167^. D.I707. 

10 Benjamin, 1-11-1677. Prob. d. yg. (Not in father's 


11 Martha, 1-23-1679. 

MARY 3 MARSTON was born in Hampton, N.H., 12-28-1655- 
She married in Andover, Mass., on 12-1-1680, Stephen, son 
of Joseph Parker. She died on 4-12-1693 and Stephen mar- 
ried in Marblehead, Mass., on I-IO-I695, Susanna, widow of 
John Devereaux, by whom he had four children. Stephen died 
on 5-2-1718 and Sussoina three days later, both in Water- 
town, Mass. See PARKER. 



Mary-3 Maraton 
Mary-3 Parker 
Hannah-3 Bodwell 
Mary-3 iMolly] Pottle 
Jonathan-5 Glidden 
Samuel -6 Glidden 
Clarissa-T Matilda Glidden 

m. 1680, Stephen- 2 Parker 

m. 1711, James-2 Bodwell 

m. 173^, Sainuel-2 Pottle 

m. CI756, Jonathan-4 Glidden 

m. CI785, Elizabeth-5 Ladd 

m. 1811, Lucinda-6 G033 

m. 1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


Holman: Marstons in England. 

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17^ MASON 

CAPTAIN HUGH^ MASON was born In Maiden, Essex, Eng. , 
about 1605. He married in St. Peter'a Parish, Maiden, on 
I-I3-I632, Hester, daughter of Thomas Wells. She was bap- 
tized In Maiden on 7-21-l6ll. Hugh died on IO-IO-I678 and 
Hester on 5-21-1692, both In Watertown, Mass. See WELLS. 

Hugh and Hester embarked In the ship Francis at Ips- 
wich, Eng., the last of April 163^, "age 28 and 22." They 
were of the very first settlers of Watertown, Mass., and as 
"yeoman" Hugh participated in the first division of land. 

Hugh WIS a tanner by occupation, but very active in 
public life. He was made Freeman In I635, and in I638 was 
chosen one of the Selectmen governing the affairs of Water- 
town, being re-elected twenty-eight times. He was at times 
Town Clerk and Treasurer. The Massachusetts General Court 
appointed him Commissioner to End Small Causes in I643. He 
was Representative to General Court nine times. At a pub- 
lic town meeting in I656 it was agreed that Hugh, with the 
three deacons, should have the ordering of the seating in 
the meeting house. (Rules of precedence were: 1, office; 
2, age; 3, state; 4, gifts.) In I658 upon the request of 
the inhabitants he was empowered to solemnize marriages. 
He was one of the Selectmen, I665, to "goe throw the towne 
to examine how children are taught to reade and instructed 
in grounds of religion and the Capital laws." 

In 1649 he was called Lieutenant, but in I652 he was 
appointed Captain by Governor Endlcott, and he commanded a 
company in the Sudbury Fight in King Philip's War (I675-6) 

He Increased his original home-stall grant to more 
than one hundred fifty acres, and also owned land in New- 
ton, Mass. He bequeathed land in England to his son Dan- 
iel, who was later captured by pirates. Hugh was in Eng- 
land in 1654, as proved by Chancery proceedings. Also on 
5-I6-I702, the Canterbury, Eng., Prerogative Court Issued 
a commission to Benjamin Franklin (uncle of the statesman) 
as attorney for John and Joseph Mason, "sons of Hugh Mason, 
yeoman, late of Watertown, New England, deceased, and Hes- 
ter Mason, widow, deceased," to administer during the ab- 
sence and for the use of said sons." 

Inscription on Hugh's gravestone in Watertown: "HERE 
THAT BRINGETH ETERNITY." Inscription on the footstone: 

Children of Hugh and Hester, all born in Watertown: 

1 Hannah ^, 9-23-I636. 

2 Elizabeth, 9-3-I638. D. yg. 

3 Ruth, 12-17-1640. Twin. D. s^me day. 

4 Mary, 12-17-1640. Twin. M. by her father, I668, to 

Rev. Joseph Esterbrook of Concord (cl640-1711) ; 6 
chil. She and sister Sarah had a double wedding. , 

5 John, l-l-lb45. D.cl730. Tanner. M.CI676, Elizabeth-^ 

(John^, Wllllami) Hammond (1655-1715); 6 chll. 

Mil. SON 175 

6 Joseph^, 8-10-1646. D.1702. Inherited Watertown home- 

stead. M.,l684, Mary 3 (John2, Nathanlell) Flske, 
(1561-1724); 4 chil. 

7 Dr. Daniel, 2-19-1649. Harvard ,1666 . Sailed as phys- 

ician & surgeon with Capt. James Ellison, 1679. Cap- 
tured by Barbary corsairs. Supposedly died in slav- 
ery .Algiers, I698 . Father beq . him lands in Eng., in 
1678; he never retd. and it went to the other bros. 

8 Sarah, 9-25-1651. D.cl702. M.I668, Capt. Andrew^ (Thom- 

as^) Gardner (l642-k:., Canada Exped . , I690); 8 chil. 

HANNAH ^ MASON was born in Wntertown, 9-23-I636. She 
married in Watertown, 10-17-1653, Joshua, son of Thomas 
Brooks. He was born in Concord, Mass., in I636. Hannah 
died in I692 and Joshua probably in I697. See BROOKS . 


Descendants of Captain Hugh Mason (contains will, etc.) 
Bond: History of Watertown, Mass. 
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Watertown, Mass., Vital Records. 


ABRAHAM ^ MELLOWES , born cl570 in England, died short- 
ly before 6-4-1&39 in Charlestown, Mass. He married Mar- 
tha, daughter of Rev. Edward Bulkeley. She was born about 
1572. See BULKELEY . The eldest of six children: 

OLIVER ^ MELLOWES . born in England cl598; died, I638, 
in Braintree, Mass. Married first, Boston, Lincolnshire, 
Eng., 8-3-I620, Mary, daughter of Rev. John James. She was 
baptized there 10-13-1597. Oliver married second, Boston, 
Eng., I-I-I634, Elizabeth [Hawkredd] , widow of John Coney. 
She married third, Thomas Makepeace. Oliver and Mary had 
seven children, four in England and three in Boston, Mass. 

ELIZABETH^ MELLOWES , eldest daughter, was baptized 
in Sutterton, Lincolnshire, Eng., on 12-10-1625, and died 
in Concord, Mass., 2-I5-I69I, She married first, say 1647 
Thomas Barrett, who was drowned in Concord 6-14-1652. She 
married second cl653, Edward Wright, born I626 in England; 
died in Concord, 8-28-I69I. See WRIGH T . 

Elizabeth and Thomas Barrett had: 1, Oliver Barrett, 
cl648; d. Concord, 167I . 2, Mary Barrett, CI65I. D., Con- 
cord, 1717. M.I671, James Smedley (1650-1724); 1 son. 


D. L. Jacobus: Ancestry of Rev. Peter Bulkeley. 
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iy5 merriam 

WILLIAM MERRIAM was a very wealthy cloth manufacturer 
and merchant of Hadlow, Kent, England. His wife, Sirah is 
said to be a daughter of James Burgess of Tudeley, Kent, who 
nentioned In his will of 1590, his "son-in-law William Ker- 
ryam." He was buried afc Hadlow on 9-23-I635. 

He owned lands in Cloudburst, Yalding, and Hadlow, in 
Kent. His establishment for the making and vending of cloth 
was on Earne Street, Hadlow. His will of 9-8-1635 was pro- 
bated in Hadlow on II-27-I635. 

Children of William and Sarah, order not known: 

1 Joseph^, Tudeley, Kent, Eng. , cl600. "Eldest son" in 

Father's will. D . ,Concord,Mass . , 1-1-1641. M.CI623, 
Sarah, dau. of John & Frances[Jef fries] Goldstone , who 
d. .Concord, 1671, having m.2d, 5-19-1642+, as his 2nd 
wife, Lieut. Joseph Wheeler and borne 2 daus . , Mary & 
R'ibecca Wheeler. She was the sister of Robert Gold- 
stone Jr., whose will, I637, names all her chil. then 
living. Joseph Merriam was also a cloth manufacturer 
and evidently of considerable means, as he sailed for 
N.E, in his own ship "The Castle of London," bringing 
a large number of immigrants, arriving at Charlestown, 
Mass., July I638. Was adm. to First Ch. & made free- 
man, 1639- His will, 12-29-1640, mentions "daughters 
& sons, ' without naming them. (N. E. Reg., 2:lo4.) 
Children of Joseph and Sarah: 

1 William^, 1624. D.I689. Wife Sarah. 2 sons, 1 dau. 

2 Sarah. Under 21 in l640. M., Concord, 8-I9-I658, 

William^ (Wid.Mary^) Hall of Concord (d. 3-II- 
1667). Prob. no chil. (Taken from notes of 
Samuel Smith in the Reuben Hoar Library, and of 
George Tolman of Concord.) 

3 Joseph, cl628. D.1677. M.I653. Sarah^ ( Gregory ^) 

Stone (1633-1704); 9 chil. [Dau. Sarah, l654 - 
1703, m. 1st, 1688, Eleazer^ (Nathaniel^, John ) 
Ball (I65O-I69S); 1 son, I698. She m.2nd7lo99, 
Samuel (William^, Robert ^) Fletcher .] 

4 No further record. 

5 Elizabeth. Probably m. Thomas Henchman. 

6 Hannah. (Perhaps m. Thomas 

7 John, posthumous, Concord, 7-9-1641. D.1725. M- 

1663, Mary2 (John^) Cooper (1791-1645-) ; 1 dau. 
and 4 sons. He was stepson of Gregory Stone . 

2 George, CI603. D . .Concord ,1675. M.Tonbrldge,Kent,l627 . 

Susan Raven (d.l675); 10 chil. (Dau. Sarah b. 1649.) 

3 Daughter. D. bef. 9-8-I635. M. Thomas Howe; 6 chil. 

men. in Robert Goldstone 's will, 1637- Thomas Howe 
m. 2d, bef .1637, Sarah Goldstone 's sister Jane; 2 daus. 

4 Susan. "Already preferred' in father's will, I635. 

5 Robert. CI6I3. D. .Concord, 1682. M. Mary^ (Edmundl) 

Sheaf e; no chil. He was exec, of father's will, 1635. 
Robert's will.l68l, men. "Sarah Wheeler who formerly 



lived with me." This was probably his sister-ln-law 
Sarah [Goldstone] [Merrlam] Wheeler, who d. In I67I . 
Mary's will, 1693, named many relatives, but no Sarah 
Wheeler. (Sarah Wheeler, below, had d. In I676.) 

6 Margaret. "Already preferred" In father's will, I635. 

7 Joane. "Already preferred," In I635. M., Thomas Day, 

(d.1653); had chll. 

8 Sarah 1 

SARAH MERRIAM was undoubtedly the youngest daughter, 
as the others were married or provided for or engaged, when 
their father made his will. Only Sarah had not been given 
her dower. She was to have Forty Poimds within three months 
of his decease. Sarah died on 2-I-I676, her age not given. 

After investigating nine Sarah Merriams living in the 
vicinity of Concord, Mass., in 1648, the compiler is of the 
opinion that this is the most likely Sarah to have married 
before 1649, Thomas Wheeler J\inlor. Their first child was 
born in 164-9 and their tenth in 1672. Thomas married second 
in 1677, Sarah Beers, daughter of Richard Beers, and widow 
of Isaac Stearns. Thomas died in Concord on 12-24-1704 "in 
his 84th year," and Sarah died there on 1-21-1724. 

The choice of the nine Sarah Merriams would seem to 
lie between the sister and the daughter of Joseph^ Merrlam; 
she was either daughter or grand -daughter of William Merrl- 
am of Hadlow, Kent, England. See WHEELER. 

Sarah-1 Merrisim m. 

Ellzabeth-3 Wheeler m. 

Sarah-4 Fletcher m. 

Simon-5 Brooks m. 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 

Prudence-6 Shepard m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

cl648, Thomas-2 Wheeler 

1682, Samuel-3 Fletcher 

1714, Ebenezer-4 Brooks 

1747, Rachel-5 Drury 

1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glldden 


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178 MILLS 

JOHN MILLS was born In England, perhaps inLavenham, 
Suffolk, as suggested by Banks (Winthrop Fleet, page 8l) . 
His wife Susanna, whose parentage is not now known, was 
born in England about 1595, dying in Braintree, Mass., on 
12-10-1675, "age 80 years.'' John died there on 7-5-I678. 

John Mills with his wife and five children sailed in 
one of the ships of the Winthrop Fleet in I629. Search in 
records of Lavenham, Suffolk, may identify the family, for 
he said in his will that "his predecessors unto the third, 
if not the fourth generation" were ministers. 

On the list of members of the First Church of Bos- 
ton, Mass., John's name is Number 33 and Susanna's is Ntim- 
ber 3^' The baptisms of his daughters Joy and Recompense 
in 1630 were the first ever recorded in Boston. (The fact 
that there is no further record of these children, and his 
family consisting of but six in l640, leads this compiler 
to wonder if these were not fanciful names given to daugh- 
ters Mary and Susanna.) 

John's application for Freeman was dated IO-I9-I63O, 
and he was sworn in on 3-6-I632 in Boston. He had a grant 
of forty-four acres of land in l640 at Mount Wollaston, 
later called Braintree, Mass. He, his wife, and son John 
had letters of dismission from the First Church of Boston 
to the church at Braintree in l64l, the year they removed 
to Braintree. He was town clerk in Braintree in I653, the 
record of his son John's marriage being entered by him.* 

His will of 1-12-1678, probated on 9-IO-I678, be- 
queathed to his only son John, to daughters Mary Hawkins , 
and Susanna Dawes, and recommended that one of John's sons 
be fitted for the work of the ministry. (Although John Jr. 
put some of his sons through Harvard, they did not become 
ministers, but a grandson. Rev. Jonathan Mills, was a dis- 
tinguished clergyman.) 

Children of John and Susanna: 

1 Mary ^, England, cl6l6. 

2 Susanna, b. England.** M.,cl64l, William Dawes, Junior, 

(1620-1703), mason; 5 chll. by I66I in Boston. 

3 Joy and ) Daughters bap. First church, Boston, Oct. 

4 Recompense) I63O, "being the first on our record." 

5 John, Jr., bap., Boston, 6-3-I632. Braintree record: 

"John Mills senior, the son of Old John Mils who was 
somtime the keeper of this book, departed this life 
upon the 27th day of Feb. 1691, aged 62." M.,1653, 
Elizabeth Shove (CI63I-I7II) ,5 sister of Rev. George 
Shove; 9 chil. (John-1 Mills, clerk, entered marriage 
record.) John-2 joined Anc. & Hon. Ar. Co., I665. 

6 Jonathan, bap. Boston, 8-3O-I635. D. yg. 

7 James, bap. Boston, 6-3-I638. D. yg. 

See note on next page. ** Susanna Dawes d. I68O+. 



MARY ^ MILLS was born in England about I616- She mar- 
ried before T53B7 James Hawkins, a mason of Boston. He was 
born about l604, the son of Richard and Jane Hawkins, and 
died shortly before 4-3O-I670, when his will was probated. 
Mary Is thought to be the Mary Hawkins whose gravestone In 
Ming's Chapel graveyard In Boston, says she died 3-12-1692 
age 76. [1693, New Style.] See HAWKINS. 

Mary-2 Mills m, 

Ruth-2 Hawkins m. 

Jame3-2 Marshall m. 

James -3 Marshall m. 

John-4 Marshall m. 

Rooksby-5 Marshall m, 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

CI637, James -2 Hawkins 

CI658, John-1 Marshall 

CI682, Ellzabeth-2 Soper 

1705, Sarah-4 Greenleaf 

1739, Martha-^ Horton 

1772, Seth-5 Blake 

1806, Prudence-6 Shepard 

1858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden 

Authorities : 

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NOTE . In 1658 at the death of Martin Sanders, Brain- 
tree's first and only earlier innkeeper, John-1 Mills re- 
ceived permission to establish a house of public enter- 
tainment. Presumably the rest of his life was spent as an 
inkeeper, for we learn that his son John Mills Jimlor suc- 
ceeded his father in the business. 


MICHAEL ^ MITTON was born In England, when Is unknown. 
He married Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. George Cleeve. 
He died between 8-25-1660 and IO-7-I66I, according to the 
Bracket t Genealogy. He was certainly dead by 3-I-I663, 
when Elizabeth was called widow In a deed. Her second mar- 
riage was to Peter Harvey, some time before I666. He died 
before June I67I, but Elizabeth was alive In I683. No re- 
cord of her death has been found. See CLEEVE . 

Michael Mltton, gentleman, may have come from the 
distinguished Mltton family of Shropshire and Stafford- 
shire to which the mother of Mrs. Thomas Lewis belonged. 
He probably came over with George Cleeve when Cleeve re- 
turned from England In 1637- 

His father-in-law leased to him Pond Island In Sir 
Perdlnando Gorges ' name In I637, the transaction being con- 
firmed by Thomas Gorges In 1642 and by Cleeve In I65O. The 
Mlttons ilved at Clarke's Point, Casco, now Portland, Me., 
where Michael served as Constable In l640. Records show 
that in I658 Michael Mltton sold a large tract of land, 
took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts, and was on 
the Grand Jury. He was called "a great fowler," and said 
to have supplied the colony with geese, ducks etc. 

On 3-I-I663 his widow deeded a hundred acres to her 
son-in-law Thaddeus Clarke . In June 167I, again a widow, 
she deeded land to Thomas and Mary Brackett for life sup- 
port. It Is not known how she escaped when Thomas Brack- 
ett was killed by the Indians in 16 76, and Mary and the 
children captured, but she fled to an Island In Casco Bay, 
and her name Is on a list of the refugees who petitioned 
for help. In Falmouth, Me., July 1680, she assigned the 
Brackett bond to Thaddeus Clarke, made It void In August 
1681, but re-asslgned It to him In September I683. 

Children of Michael and Elizabeth, order not known: 

1 Anne^ . D.I676. M.CI667, Captain Anthony Brackett Jr« 

(cl636-k.l689); 5 chll. He m.,2nd, I678, Susannah^ 
(Abrahams, Robert^) Drake (cl652-1719) ; 6 chll. They 
lived in Back Cove, Falmouth, where, 8-II-I676, he, 
his wife, 5 chll. euid a negro servant, were captured 
through treachery of Simon, .one of Philip's Indians. 
. . .The children, all under ten years, were not killed 
as children frequently were.... The Indians held them 
until November, then left them on the shore of Casco 
Bay while they went to share in the plunder at Arrow- 
sick. Mrs. Brackett had discovered some needles and 
thread in a deserted house, and with her husband and 
servant patched up an old leaky canoe, in which all 
but Anthony crossed safely to Black Pt., from where 
they went by boat to grandfather Brackett 's house at 
Sandy Beach. Anthony escaped through the woods..." 
(From Coleman's "New England Captives," Vol. 1:200.) 

2 Dorcas. M.CI667, James^ (Samuel^) Andrews (1625-1704); 

7 chll. He m. 2nd, 1690, Mrs Margaret [Phipps]Halsey . 

3 Nathaniel. K. by Inds . , I676, with Thomas Brackett. 



4 Martha. D. , Little Compton, R.I . ,1700. M.bef. Nov. 1677, 

John2 (Wllllaml) Graves (cl651-llv.l712) ; 3+ chll. 

5 Elizabeth ^ 

6 Mary. M.bef. I663. Thomas^ (Anthony^) Brackett (cl635 Inds.,1676); 4 chll. Mary and three chll. were 
carried to Canada, where she died, but the chll. were 
ransomed by their grandfather Brackett. 

ELIZABETH ^ MITTON was born about 1644. (Age 85 in 
October 1728; about 90 in December 1734.) About 1662 she 
married Mr. Thaddeus Clarke, who came from Ireland. He was 
killed in the siege of Fort Loyal in I69O, and Elizabeth, 
with at least three of the children, were taken captive by 
the Indians. Elizabeth died in Boston in 1736, age nine- 
ty-one. See CLARKE. 

Ellzabeth-2 Mltton-2 m. 

Isaac -2 Clarke m. 

Sarah-3 Clarke m. 

Rachel -5 Drury m. 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

CI662, Thaddeus-1 Clarke 

1691, Sarah-3 Stowe 

1719, Thomas -4 Drury 

1747, Simon-5 Brooks 

1776, Slmeon-5 Shepard 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden 


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182 MOODY 

CLEMENT ^ MOODY is first heard of In Exeter, N.H., in 
1692. He is supposed to have married as first wife Sarah, 
daughter of John Clarke of Exeter. She was born in Venhemi, 
Mass., on 2-14-1669. It is not known when Sarah died, but 
she was his wife in I706. The name of Clement's widow was 
Alice, however, when he died about 1729- See CLARKE . 

He was not of the Newbury, Mass., Moody line, and he 
may have come from the Island of Jersey. He was perhaps 
related to Nicholas Moody who was in Exeter in 1684. New 
Hampshire records show: He sold land to Stephen Dudley. 
He signed the petition of New Hampshire men to King William 
and Queen Mary, asking equal privileges with Massachusetts, 
in 1692. (Glidden ancestors John Clarke, Thomas Philbrlck 
Jr., and Hon. John Gl.lmaji also signed.) In I695 and 6 he 
performed military service in New Hampshire. He was grant- 
ed land in I698, which he had fenced by the river. In I700 
part of John Clarke's I680 Exeter grant was laid out to him 
— probably Sarah's share of her father's estate. In 1712 
he and Cartee Oilman were sureties for i.200 for the admin- 
istration of the estate of Cartee 's brother Stephen Gilman. 
(They were brothers of Jacob Gilman, father-in-law of Dav- 
id-2 Moody.) There are records of deeds of land to sons 
Clement and Philip in 1715 and 1717, perhaps wedding gifts. 
The next record is "A jacknlfe for David, charged against 
him In storekeeper Ferryman's account, 172'*-. The last re- 
cord is another town grant In 1725- 

Administration of his estate was renounced by widow 
Alice on 4-21-1729, and was granted to eldest son Clement. 

Children of Clement and Sarah: 

1 Clement^, eldest son. Admr., father's est., 1729. Ex- 
eter scout, 1712. Had deed from father, I715. He or 
son Clement^ m. Elizabeth^ (John^, John^) Scrlbner. A 
Clement Moody and James Dudley were witnesses to two 
Jonathan Glidden deeds in Brentwood, N. H. , 1754, and a 
Clement Moody m. , Kingston, N.H.,1750, Margaret Smith. 

2 Philip. Had deed from father, 1717. Head of Kingston 
family in 1725- Living, Kingston, 1747. He and three 
chil. bap., Kingston First Church, 11-12-1727. 

1 Johns, bap. 11-12-1727. "D. when chil. were yg." 

1 Capt. John* 1739. D.I829. 

2 Lydla, 1741. D.I839. 

3 Mary, 1743- D.I833. M.cl764, Danler Folsom. 

4 David. 5 Dudley. 6 Sarah. 
7 Rev. Gilman. 8 Dorothy. 

9 Elizabeth "sis. of Mary" m.l772, Abr.^ Folsom. 

2 AUpp ) 

3 Daniel ) ^^P" Kingston First Church, 11-12-1727. 

4 Mary, ' j 

5 Sarah, ) bap. Kingston First Church, 8-31-1735. 

6 Lydla, ) 

7 Abigail, bap. Kingston First Church, 8-31-1735. 

(m.1756, Brentwood, N.H., Thomas Gordon?) 
"Philip Moody lost a child 10-13-1735." (K. ch. rec.) 

MOODY 183 

3 John^. Res. Exeter. Adm.1731 to widow Abigail. Bonds- 

men were Nicholas and Cartee Oilman. Had heirs. 

4 Jonathan. Res. Exeter, 1725. Father deeded to him and 

"grandson Clement, 2nd son of Clement." Will, 1730, 
beq. to wife Joanna, son Jonathan, dau. Sarah. Widow 
Joanna m.,2nd, Kingston, 1731, Jonathan* (Robert"' , 2, 
JohnM Vadleigh. Joanna d. cl755- 

5 Josiah. Presumably m. by 1736, Sarah^ (John^, John^) 

Scribner. Both liv. Brentwood, 17^7. 

6 Elizabeth. M. Jeremiah^ (Jacob^, John^) Brown 

(I702-CI780); 8? chil. 

7 David . 

8 Jane. Perhaps a daughter or a daughter-in-law. Ad- 

mitted to Kingston First Church on 3-3-I728. 

DAVID ^ MOODY was definitely the son of Clement Moody. 
In 1733 Alice Moody, widow of Clement, was his stepmother. 
On 6-21-1733 David and Mary, daughter of Jacob Oilman, were 
married by Rev. Ward Clark of Kingston First Church. Mary 
was born in Kingston on 12-I9-I715. (Jacob's was the only 
Oilman family in Kingston in I725.) David and Mary owned 
the covenant on 10-12-1735 and had two children baptized. 
No death records have been fovind. See OILMAN Second Line. 

Children of David and Mary, bap. Kingston First Ch. : 

1 John3, bap. 10-12-1735 by Rev. Ward Clark. "12-22-1735, 

David Moody lost a child by quinsey." (Church rec.) 

2 Daniel, bap. IO-I2-1735. A Daniel and wife Esther had 

11 chil., 1758 - 1785, incl. a Clement (who had a 
son Oilman). David, Sarah and Mary, in Raymond, N.H. 

3 John, bap. 2-4-1739, by Rev. Joseph Secomb. 

4 Sarah, bap. 4-5-1741 by Secomb. Named for grandmother. 

5 Mary , bap. 8-7-1743 by Secomb. 

6 David, bap. 10-20-1745 by Secomb. 

MARY ^ MOODY was baptized in Kingston First Church by 
Rev. Joseph Secomb on 8-7-1743, the record calling her the 
"daughter of David," She married about I76I, John, son of 
Daniel Ladd of Kingston. The Glidden Oenealogy says she 
was of Brentwood, N. H., formerly a part of Exeter. John 
was born in Kingston on 10-24-1737, and died on 3-15-1784, 
probably in Unity, N.H. Mary died on II-25-I815, "aged 73 
years." See LAPP , for lineage to Edward-7 Wales Blake. 

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184 MOORE 

JOHN ^ MOORE was bom In England about I6II. He mar- 
ried, probably as second wife, Elizabeth, only daughter of 
Philemon Vfhale of Sudbury, Mass. Since his children John 
and Elizabeth were so much older than the others, they are 
supposed to be the children of an unidentified first wife. 
See WHALE . John died In Sudbury on 1-6-16?^ and Elizabeth 
died there on 12-14-1690. 

Records show that John Moore, yeoman, was a proplre- 
tor of Sudbury, Mass., In l640. He bought land In 1642 of 
Edmxind Rice , father-in-law of his daughter Elizabeth. He 
was a prominent citizen and prosperous landowner and farm- 
er. He was a town officer In Sudbury. He- took the oath 
of fidelity In 1645. The same year he bought the dwelling 
house and lot, together with all the other lands and mea- 
dows belonging to John Stone . He subscribed to the cove- 
nant of Lancaster, Mass , In I653, and had forty acres of 
land laid out to him there, the first lots granted. 

His will, dated 8-25-1668 and proved on 4-7-1674. Is 
genealogically Interesting. Bequests were made to: my 
loving and tender wife Elizabeth, my eldest sonne John of 
Lancaster, my second sonne William, my third sonne Jacob, 
my fourth sonne Joseph, my youngest sonne Benjamin, my eld- 
est daughter Elizabeth wife of Henry Rice, my second daugh- 
ter Mary wife of Daniel Stone (Richard Ward her former hus- 
band), my youngest daughter Lydla wife of James Cutler, who 
received a portion upon marriage to her former husband Sam- 
uel Wright. The Inventory amoimted to L8o4. 

Philemon Whale's will of I676 mentioned but four of 
John Moore's children, William, Jacob, Joseph and Benjamin. 

Children, last four born in Sudbury: 

1 Elizabeth ^, "my eldest daughter." 

2 John, "my eldest sonne." D.,1702. M. ,1st, 1654, Ann^ 

(Johnl) Smith (d.l67l); 8 chil. M.2nd, [Judith?] 

3 Mary. D.I703. M.lst,l66l, Richard^ ( William ^) Ward 

jcl635-drowned I666); 2 chil. M.,2nd,l667, Daniel^ 
(John 2, Gregory ^) Stone ; 8 chil. (Daniel m.3 times.) 

4 William. 'My second sonne." 

5 Lydla, 6-24-1643, Sudbury. D.I723. M.lst,l664, Samu- 

el2 (wld.Dorothyi) Wright (d.l664). M.2d,l665, James 
Cutler Jr. (1635-I685); 7 chil. 

6 Jacob, 4-28-1645. Living I7I6. M.,1667, Elizabeth*^ 

(Henryl) Loker; 12 chil, I668-I689. (Henry Loker be- 
queathed, 1678, "for love," his whole estate to son 
and daughter Jacob and Elizabeth Moore.) p 

7 Joseph, 10-21-1647. Alive I676. M.lst, Lydla (John^) 

Maynard: 10 chil. M 2nd, Ruth 

8 Benjamin [12-13?] -1648. D.,1729. .Sergeant. M.,l686, 

Dorothy 3 (Edward^, Widow Dorothy^) Wright (d.,1717); 
11 chil. (Dorothy was b. 1662.) 



ELIZABETH MOORE , eldest daughter of John Moore, was 
probably the daughter of his first wife, whose name is not 
known. She was much older than the other children, even 
older than her brother John, and married eleven years be- 
for John. She married in Sudbury on 1-1-1643, Henry, son 
of Edmund Rice. She died in Framlngham, Mass., 8-3-I705, 
and Henry died there on 2-10-1711. See RICE . 

Extract from John Moore's will of 1668: "I give and 
bequeath Eliza^h my eldest daughter, the wife of Henry 
Rice, five shillings to be paid her within six weeks after 
my death, and no more for that I have given her portion 
formerly. " 

Elizabeth-2 Moore 
Rachel-3 Rice 
Thomas -4 Drury 
Rachel -5 Drury 
Rachel-6 Brooks 
Prudence -6 Shepard 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 



Henry -2 Rice 



Thomas -3 Drury 



Sarah-3 Clark 



Simon-5 Brooks 



Simeon- 5 Shepard 



Joseph-6 Blake 



Clarissa-7 Matilda Glldden 

Authorities : 

New England Register, Vols. 52:72; 57:300; 53:177. 
Sudbury and Framlngham, Mass., Vital Records. 



WALTER PALMER was born in I585, in Nottinghamshire, 
England, ecccrding to tradition. It is said that his first 
wife's name was Anne, but that she was called Elizabeth to 
distinguish her from her mother. On 6-I-I633 in Roxbury, 
Mass., he married Rebecca Short, parentage not now known. 
Walter died in Stonlngton, Conn., on II-IO-I66I, and Re- 
becca died in Charlestown, Mass., on 7-I5-I671. 

Walter Palmer, with his later distinguished brother 
Abraham, and nine associates, sailed from England In I628, 
and settled in Charlestown, Mass. He was soon a town offi- 
cer, for in 1630 a jury found "that the strokes adminis- 
tered by him were occasionally the means of the death of 
Austin Bratcher, and so to be manslaughter." He was tried 
at the next court and acquitted. On 5-I8-I63I he was made 
freeman by the General Court of Massachusetts, indicating 
that he was In good standing in the church and community. 

On June 1, I633 he, his daughter Grace, and his fu- 
ture wife Rebecca Short, joined Charlestown First Church, 
Rebecca transferring from Roxbury Church. All that can be 
learned of her is from Rev. John Eliot's records of Roxbury 
First Church: "Rebeckah Short, a malde servant, she came 
in the yeare I632 and was married to Walter Palmer a godly 
man of Charlestown Church." She may have been one of the 
young people whose parents died on the voyage to America, 
and who were put In the care of some family here - "bound 
out" iHitll they were of age. Unlike the Southern states. 
New England would accept no women of uncertain origin, and 
the fact that she was immediately admitted a member of the 
Roxbury Church, and that she was married to an important 
man, shows that she was not an ordinary maid servant. 

Walter Palmer built the first dwelling In Charles- 
town, and in the Book of Possessions, compiled I638, his 
lands were very extensive. He and his son John received a 
share In 16^3 of the first division of lands on the Mystic 
side of Charlestown. He and his close associate William 
Cheseborough, were of the men who met in Weymouth to pre- 
pare for the settlement of Seacunke , later called Rehoboth. 
He contributed hhig for his share. In l645 Rehoboth was 
assigned to the jurisdiction of Plymouth Colony, and he was 
its Representative to the General Court. In 1652 he and 
Cheseborough went to a newly selected place called Weque- 
toquoc, now Stonlngton, Conn. Here he became the owner of 
about 1200 acres of land. Stonlngton has erected a,foup- 
slded monument to the founders of the town: William Chese- 
borough, George Miner, Thomas Stanton, and Walter Palmer. 
On the Palmer side, after an account of his life, it adds: 
"At his home near this spot was held the first religious 
service between the Thames River and Narragansett Bay." 

His will, dated 5-I9-I658 and proved on 2-25-1662, 
made bequests to his wife and all his children except Eliz- 
abeth, giving all his grandchildren twenty shillings each. 
The Inventory amounted to over LI, 656, a large sum. 



Children of Walter and Anne, born in England: 

1 Grace ^, cl608. D.1690. M. ,Charlestovn,l634, Thomas-l 

Miner (I608-I690); 10 chil. Res,, New London, Conn. 

2 William, eldest son. D. bef . 1697. No chil. 

3 John, CI615. D. , Charles town, 1677, age 62. Unmar. 

k Jonah [Jonas] . D.I709. M. 1st, 1655, Elizabeth^ (Fran- 
cisl) Griswold (d.l692); 6 chil. M.2d,l692, Abigail 
Carpenter (d.l709), widow of John Titus. 

5 Elizabeth. M.lst,bef .I663, Thomas Sloan. M.2nd,l677, 

William Chapmaii. No chil. 

Children of Walter and Rebecca: 

6 Hannah^, bap. Charlestown, 6-I5-I634. M.,l3t, I659, 

Thomas Hewitt (lost at sea in 1662); 2 sons. M.2nd, 
1671, Roger Sterry; 2 chil. M.,3rd,l68l, John Fish. 

7 Elihu, bap. Charlestown, 2-24-1636. D., Stonington, 

1665, unmarried. 

8 Nehemiah , b. Charlestown, II-2-I637. 

9 Moses, bap. Charlestown, 4-6-1640. D. Stonington, I7OI . 

M.CI672, Dorothy 2 (John^ & Amy Lord ) Gilbert; 5 chil. 

10 Benjamin, Charlestown, 5-30-1642. D., Stonington, 

1716. M.I68I, ; no chil. 

11 Gershom, cl645. D. , Stonington. 1719. Deacon. M.lst, 

1667, Ann3 (George^, William M Denison; 10 chil. M. 
2nd, 1707, Mrs Elizabeth [PeckJ Mason; no chil. 

12 Rebecca, b. Stonington. D.I713. M.,lst,l665, Elisha^ 

(Williaml) Chesebrough (I637-7O). M.2nd,l672, John^ 
(Sylvester^) Baldwin (I635-I683); 7 chil. 

LIEUTENANT NEHEMIAH^ PALMER was born in Charlestown, 
Mass., on ll-2-l637^ and baptized in the First Church on 
the 23rd of the same month. He was married in Stonington, 
Conn., on 11-20-1662, to Hannah, the daughter of Mr Thomas 
Stanton, one of the foxmders of Stonington. She was born 
in Hartford, Conn.,. in 1644. Nehemiah died on 2-I7-I718, 
and Hannah on IO-I7-I727, "age 83," both in Stonington. 

The marriage is the first record found of Nehemiah. 
He was prominent in church, town and state, and was of the 
Governor's Council of Connecticut Colony for several years. 
He was also Deputy to the General Court. He was appointed 
to sign bills for the Colony during King Philip's War, 1675 
-I676. He was also Justice for New London County, 1699 to 
1707, being called Lieutenant Palmer in the records. 

Children of Nehemiah and Hannah, born in Stonington: 

1 Joseph^, 10-3-1663. D.171O. Lieut. M.I687, Frances^ 

(Thomas^) Prentice of Newton, Mass.; 5 chil. 

2 Elihu, 3-12-1666. D. yg. 

3 Jonathan, 8-7-1668. 



4 Daniel, 11-12-1672. M.lst, Margaret Smith?; 11 chil. 

M.1732, Mrs Mary [Avery] Denlson, who survived him. 

5 Nehemiah, bap. 7-o-l577. M.,1700, Jerusha^ ( Joseph^ ) 
Saxton; 10 chil, 


6 Hannah, bap. 4-ll-lo80. D.1757. M.I698. Capt, 
(Gershom-^, Walter ^) Palmer (1677-1752); 6 cl 

JONATHAN ^ PALMER was born in Stonington on 8-7-1668. 
He married there on 12-1-1706, Mercy, daughter of Oliver 
Manwaring of New London, Conn., where Mercy was born about 
1684. She died a widow in Stonington, March 1739, "age 54 
or 5." See MANWARING . 

Children of Jonathan and Mercy, born in Stonington: 

1 Judith*, 1-6-1708. No further record. 

2 Mary, 2-27-1709. New York Record says m.l745, William 


3 Hannah, 12-12-1711. M.I73O, William (Thomas^, James 

James^) York (b.l705); 3 chil. 

4 Anna, 5-15-1713. No further record. 

5 Irene, 3-26-1715- M.1735, Henry Rowland. 

6 Love, 3-3-1717. 

7 Prudence, 3-3I-I719. M. Thomas Shaw Jr. 

8 Jonathan, 5-7-1720. Bap. New London, 7-15-1721. Capt. 

D.I803. M.I745, Prudence^ (Joshua^, Joshua^, Joshua ^ 
Robert!) Holmes (1724-1799); 11 chil. 

9 Oliver? Perhaps a son, bap. 6-9-1723 . Wife Mary. 
10 Elizabeth, 11-28-1724. M. Matthew Horr. 

LOVE* PALMER vas born in Stonington, 3-3-I717. She 
married in Stonington, 12-23-I736, Jonathan, son of Isaac 
Shepard. He was born in Norton, Mass., on 8-6-I709. The 
date of Love's death has not been found. Her tenth child 
was born in October 1758. Jonathan married second in New 
Hampshire, Polly Underwood. He was alive in 1776, but no 
further record has been found. See SHEPARD . 

Love is a Manwaring name, and Love Palmer was of the 
fifth generation to bear it. She had an aunt Love Manwar- 
ing, and gave the name to one of her own daughters. There 
was a Loveday Moyle in the sixteenth century who seems to 
have bequeathed the name to her descendants. 

Jonathan and Love's ten children were born in Coven- 
try, Conn., where the mother may have died. In I758 Jona- 
than moved to Alstead, N.H. , where he married again. 

Love-4 Palmer m. 

Simeon-5 Shepard m. 

Prudence-6 Shepard m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

1736, Jonathan-4 Shepard 

1776, Rachel-5 Brooks 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 



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Immigrant Walter Palmer was from Yetminster, Dorset) 


(Massachusaetts ) 

HENRY ^ PALMER was born In England, about I60I. His 
wife's name was Elizabeth, parentage unknown. She died on 
ll-22-l64i< and Henry on 7-15-1680, both In Haverhill, Mass. 

Little has been learned of his origin. One William 
Palmer, called Senior, came In the ship Fortune in 1621. 
His will, probated in Plymouth, Mass., I637, bequeathed to 
"son Henry and daughter Bridget, If they be living and de- 
mand it," which may mean that they were still in England. 

Henry Palmer was a Freeholder in Newbury , Mass . , I638 
to 1642. In l64l he "bound himself e in 40^ for his wife's 
good behaviour and appearance at the next quarter court, 
when free from being with child, and fit to come abroad. 
The records tell us nothing more of this. He soon moved to 
Haverhill, Mass., where he was a proprietor in 1644. That 
he was an educated and respected man Is shown by many re- 
cords. He was Freeman in 1642 (therefore already a church 
member); was on the first board of Selectmen in 1646; Com- 
missioner to End Small Causes in l647; served on the Grand 
Jury in 1648, 1653, 1662, and other years; and was Deputy 
to the General Court of Massachusetts in I667, l674, and 
1676 to 1679. In 1650 he was excused from training on ac- 
count of bodily infirmities, for which he was obliged to 
pay 3s. 4d. yearly to the Haverhill Company of Militia. 

Henry disposed of some of his land before making his 
will in July 1680. One "parsell of I8 acres" was given to 
his grandson Timothy Aver "in consideration of the love and 
affection he bore him, in 1677- Nevertheless, he left a 
great deal of property. His will was proved on 9-28-1680, 
and left many bequests of land to his children and grand- 
children. He left "his fourth division of Land, and his 
dwelling-house and house lott and orchyard," to Samuel and 
Mehetabel Dalton, Samuel to receive "my best cloak & coate 
& my best sute, and all the Rest of the mouables within 
Dores and without shall be Equally deuided between my two 
Deughters, Exept one bras pot which I give to Mehetabel 
Ayers . And I make & Appoint my two Sons Robert Ayers end 
Samuel Dalton to be my Exequetors . . . " (Mehetabel Ayers was 
a grandchild.) 

In 1683 it was voted to buy "the house where Henry 
Palmer lived & died, for the use of the ministry forever. ' 

Children of Henry and Elizabeth (there may have been 
others) : 

1 Elizabeth^, cl627. D.,1705. M.,1651, Robert^ (John^) 

Ayers (cl625-bef .1705) ; 7 chll., I652 to 1668. 

2 Mehi table . CI63O. 

3 Bathshuah, perhaps the child born about l64l. D.I654. 

4 Henry? Possible son, but not mentioned in the will of 

Henry-l. In 1721 a Henry Palmer was on the list of 
drawings of lots in the fifth division of Haverhill. 



MEHITABLP: palmer was born about I63O, where Is not 
known. She married first, about 165^, Samuel, only son of 

Philemon Dalton of Hampton, N. H 

about 1629, and died in Hampton, 

married again in Bradford, Mass. 

minister. Rev. Zachariah Symmes, 

3-22-1708, "age 70." The record of Mehitable 's -death has 

not been found. See DALTON. 

He was born in England 

on 8-22-1681. Mehitable 

on 11-26-1683, its first 

Zachariah died there on 

Mehitable-2 Palmer 
Mehitable-3 Dalton 
Mehitable-4 Phllbrick 
John-^ Ladd 
Elizabeth-5 Ladd 
Samuel -6 Glidden 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

m. cl65^, Samuel-2 Dalton 

m. 1681, Thomas-3 Phllbrick 

m. 1712, Daniel -3 Ladd 

m. CI76I, Mary-3 Moody 

m. CI785, Jonathan-5 Glidden 

m. cl8ll, Lucinda-5 Goss 

m. 1858. Edward-7 Wales Blake 

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JOSEPH PARKER came from Newbury, Berkshire, England. 
The date and place of his birth is not known. The name of 
his wife was Mary, her parentage not known, although they 
may have been married here. The fact that widow Elizabeth 
Stevens called Joseph "brother" In l673 iMiy mean that Kary 
was a Stevens, but It could also mean that the widow Stev- 
ens was Joseph's sister. Joseph died In Andover, Mass., on 
11-5-1678, and "widow Mary Parker" died there In 1695- 

Joseph sailed from Southampton In I638 in the ship 
Confidence, his age given as twenty-four, and his trade as 

The Parkers lived at first in Newbury, Mass. Joseph 
received land in Salisbury, Mass., in the first division 
of land in l64o. In 1645 he lived in Andover, Mass., and 
was one of the founders of its first church. Bally (Hist- 
orical Sketches of Andover) calls Joseph and Nathan Parker 
"citizens of much consideration." Joseph owned a tannery, 
but he also had a com mill. Hoyt (Old Families of Salis- 
bxiry...) says Joseph fought in King Philip's War, I675-76, 
but may have confused him with Joseph Junior, who was cer- 
tainly a soldier in that war. 

Joseph made his will in I678, "considering my great 
age and infirmity," appointed his "loving brother Nathan 
Parker" one of the overseers, and his son Joseph executor. 
After bequests to all his children excepting John, who had 
been killed earlier in the year by the Indians, he said: 
"To my dear Wife I give all my estate in old England, that 
of Rumsey, and my legacies left me by my friend there." 
Rumsey is about eight miles from Southampton. His proper- 
ty here was appraised at h5^6 sterling, the dwelling house 
i68, and the commlll on the Cochlchawlck i>20. At a later 
date the sons petitioned the Court to be allowed to take 
charge of money come from England to their mother, as she 
was incapable of managing it "by reason of a distemper of 

This mental disorder has led many to think this Mary 
Parker was the unfortunate woman of that najne who was exe- 
cuted as a witch in I692. Research has convinced this com- 
piler that it was Mary, widow of Nathan Parker (brother of 
Joseph), who was hanged. Two petitions were presented to 
the Massachusetts Court, one in I692 and one in I710, both 
signed by John and Joseph Parker, "sons of Mary Parker," 
asking that the attainders be taken off and their mother's 
name cleared, also stating that she had left no estate. 
In 1692 the only living sons of Joseph and Mary Parker 
were Thomas (non compos), and Stephen . Nathan, however, 
had left a son John who died in 173^, and the Joseph Parker 

* His brother Nathan Parker soon followed him here, 
married Susanna Short in 1648, who died in 165I, leaving a 
child. He married again in 1653. He and his second wife, 
Mary, had ten children, and Nathan died in I679. 


who died in 1748 is thought to have been Nathan's son. As 
for estate, Joseph's widow had the property In England and 
the dwelling house in Andover. The conclusion is, there- 
fore, that the widow Mary Parker who died in 1695 was the 
widow of Joseph Parker, the immigrant Glidden ancestor. 

Children of Joseph and Mary, first wife, all except 
Joseph horn In Andover: 

1 Joseph^, Newbury, 5-15-1642. D.1684. Innholder & car- 

f enter; had the cornmill. M.I680, Elizabeth Bridges 
liv.1703) . Only son Joseph^ innholder; also Joseph*. 
Elizabeth m.2nd,l686, Saqiuel Hutchinson; dau., 1694. 

2 Thomas. Non compos, I678 . D.I708. Est. admin. I715. 

3 Sarah. D.,17l8. M.,1678, Beniamin^ (Williaml) Sabin 

of New London Co., Conn., (1646-1725); 7 chil. 

4 Mary. D.I725. M.I678, Benjamin 2 (John-L) Frie (d.1696) 

8 chil. 

5 Stephen , 3-I-I652. 

6 Hester, 5-12-1654. Prob. d. yg. Not in father's will. 

7 John, 6-30-1656. K. by Inds. at Black Point in 1677- 

8 Samuel, 10-14-1659- K. by Inds.,1690. M.I689, Martha2 

(Thomas^) Dow; no chil. (Martha m.lst, Joseph Heath 
[d.1672]; 1 son; she m.2nd Joseph Page [ cl647-l684] ; 
7 chil.) 

9 Ruth, 6-2-1661. Alive 1708. M.1689, James*^ (Samuel^ 

Guild (1660-1705); 7 chil. 

STEPHEN ^ PARKER was born in Andover, Mass., on 3-I- 
1652. He married there on 12-l-l680, Mary, daughter of John 
Marstone. She was born in Hampton, N. H., on 12-28-1655, 
and died In Andover on 4-12-1693. Stephen married second. 
In Marblehead, Mass., on I-IO-I695, Susanna, widow of John 
Devereaux, 2nd. She was the daughter of Thomas Hartshorn. 
She had three daughters by her first marriage. Stephen and 
Mary died but three days apart, he nn 5-2-1718 and she on 
5-5-1718, both in Watertown, Mass. See MARSTON . 

Stephen fought in King Philip's War, 1675 and I676, 
at Lancaster, Mass. Records show that in 1704 he bought a 
house of J. Bowers in Charlestown, was living in Cambridge 
in 1709, but moved from there in 1712. In 1712 he bought 
thirty acres of land in Watertown from John Underwood, also 
thirty acres of woodland and eight acres of meadowland. 

Children of Stephen and Mary, first wife, born in 
Andover, Mass. : 

1 Stephen^, 8-17-1682. D. inf. 

2 Stephen, IO-28-I683. (Tanner; wife Elizabeth?) 

3 Mary , 6-3O-I686. 

4 John, 4-13-1688. (Perhaps the John Parker, wife Mary, 

who had 3 chil. b. Watertown, 1718 to 1723.) 

5 Elizabeth, 12-6-I692. (M.CI718, Daniel^ [ Henyy ^] Bod- 




Children of Stephen and Susanna, second wife: 

6 Ruth^ Andover, 10-4-1695. 3 2 

7 Hephsibah. M. ,Watertovn,1717, Jonathan (Jonathan , 

Samuel^) Phillips (d. Newport, R.I .) 5 at least 5 chll. 

8 Samuel, 1702. 

9 Hannah, Cambridge, 2-27-1705. 

MARY ^ PARKER vas born in Andover on 6-3O-I686. She 
married on 2-6-1711, James, the son of Henry Bodwell. He 
was born In Andover in January I69I • Mary died in Methuen, 
Mass., on 3-20-1738, and James married again in Andover on 
11-28-1739. His second wife was Sarah, daughter of Samuel 
Austin. James died in Methuen about 17^6, survived by 
Sarah, who died in Andover on 9-I8-I769. See BODWELL . 

Stephen-2 Parker m. 

Mary-3 Parker m. 

Hannah- 3 Bodwell- m. 

Mary-3 [Molly] Pottle m, 

Jonathan-5 Glidden m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m, 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

1680, Mary-3 Mars tone 

1711, James-2 Bodwell 

1734, Samuel- 2 Pottle 

CI767, Jonathan-4 Glidden 

CI785, Elizabeth-5 Ladd 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Vales Blake 


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Mass., and Hampton, N. H., Vital Records. 


£OHN^ PEIRCE [PERS] was born about 1588 in England, 
probably in Norwich, County Norfolk. His wife's name was 
Elizabeth, her birth and parentage imknown. John died in 
Watertown, Mass., on 8-I9-I66I. Elizabeth died there on 

"^-8-1637: The examination of John Pers of Norwich 
in Noff [Norfolk], weaver, aged ^9 yeares, and Elizabeth 
his wife, aged 36 yeares, with four children, John, Barbre, 
Elizabeth and Judith, and one sarvant John Gedney, aged 19 
yeares, are desirous to passe to Boston in New England to 
inhabitt." From this record it is thought that Elizabeth 
was the second wife, or that there was an error in her age, 
and that the son Anthony had already come here. 

John was made Freeman in Watertown, March 1638. He 
was the possessor of three lots there before 1644, one of 
which was his homestall of twelve acres. He is called a 
"man of very good estate who projected the settlement of 
Sudbury and Lancaster, Mass." 

His will of 3-7-1658 was probated IO-I-I66I. He be- 
queathed to wife Elizabeth, son Anthony, and "the rest of 
his children," his wife to be executrix. Elizabeth's will 
of 3-6-I667, probated 4-2-1667, mentioned all the children 
and grandchildren by their full names. 

Children of John and (probably) Elizabeth, b. Eng.: 

1 Anthony2, l609. D.I678. M.lst, Sarah M. 2nd, 

1638, Anne, Anne 9 chll. 

2 Esther [Hester]. M.I636, Joseph Morse Jr. (cl604-9l); 

8 chll. 
Mary. M. Clement Coldam. 
Robert. D. ,Woburn,Mass . ,1706. M.,cl650, Mary Knight 

(d.1701); 6 chll., 1651 - 1672. 

5 John, M. . 3 sons b. Voburn, 1644 - l649. 

6 Barbara. D. yg. 

7 Elizabeth. 

8 Judith. D.bef.1650. M.,l645, Francis Vyman (cl6l7- 

1699) of Voburn; 1 dau. d. inf. He m.2nd,l650, Abi- 
gail 2 (Williaml) Read; 11 chll. 

ELIZABETH ^ PEIRCE was born in England, and came with 
her parents to Watertown, Mass., in I637. She married be- 
fore 1644, John Ball, Jr. She became insane "doubtless 
due to her terror of their position in the wilderness 
among the Indians," and died before 1660, at which time 
John Ball married second, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 
Fox. John, his wife and infant son were massacred by the 
Indians in 1675 . See BALL. 

Authorities : 

Bullard Genealogy, p. 234. 

Bond: History of Watertown, Mass. 


THOMAS ^ PHILBRICK was baptized in Bures Saint Mary, 
Suffolk, England. He married there on 6-4-1615, Elizabeth 
Knap. She died in Hampton, N. H., on 2-19-1664, and Thomas 
died there probably not long before his estate was settled 
on 10-8-1667. 

Family records state that Thomas Philbrick and his 
family came in the ship Arabella with Governor Wlnthrop in 
1630. The English Philbricks were seafaring men, and not 
a few of them followed that occupation in America. Thomas 
was a mariner and was the master of a vessel before he em- 
igrated from England. He probably crossed the ocesji many 
times, perhaps bringing members of his family at various 
times. He was well advanced in years when he settled here. 

He was a proprietor in Watertown, Mass., in I636. His 
bouse was at what is now the northwest corner of Belmont 
and Lexington Streets. A Watertown record shows him fur- 
nishing Hampton, N.H. , with powder, bullets and matches or 
fuses. In I639 his son John moved to Hampton, followed by 
nis younger brother Thomas Junior. In 1646 Thomas Senior 
sold his grant of eight lots In Watertown to Isaac Stearns 
and by I65O or I65I was living in Hampton, where In 1655 
he was appointed "culler of staves." This was then an of- 
fice of considerable importance, for great quantities of 
staves were taken by the town in payment of taxes, all the 
staves having to pass through the hands of the culler. In 
May 1655 all persons were forbidden to fell any trees on 
the Common, for bolts or staves, unless they had been li- 
censed by the Selectmen of Hampton. 

One record shows that he testified in I656 that Goody 
Cole, who was being tried for witchcraft, had said "if his 
calves should eat any of her grass she wished that it might 
poysen them or choke them." He further testified that one 
of them he never saw afterwards, and the other calf came 
home and died about a week later. In I66I he bought from 
John Moulton land which adjoined the farms of his son James 
and his son-in-law John Cass. 

In 1650 Thomas Philbrick sat in the first seat for 
men, in the meeting house, while Goo: Felbrik [Goody Phil- 
brick] sat in the first seat next Mistris Whelewrit (wife 
of Rev. Mr. Wheelwright), of course the best seats. 

Thomas made his will in Portsmouth, N.H., 1664, after 
Elizabeth died. He named all his living children and some 
of his grandchildren. His son James was to be executor, 
and James was to have the dwelling house and houselot with 
orchard and all privileges and appurtenances thereunto. 
Witnesses were Samuel and Mehitable Dalton, whose daughter 
Mehitable later married Thomas -3 Philbrick . The estate was 
settled on IO-8-I667. 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth, baptisms in Bures 
St. Mary, Suffolk, England: 

1 John^ bap. IO-I-I6I6. M. Ann^ (Thomasl) Palmer;? chil. 

Parents lost at sea 10-20-1657, with daughter Sarah. 

2 James, bap. I6I9. 


3 Elizabeth, bap. 1621. D.1677. M.1642, Thomas^ (Aquilal) 

Chase (d.l652); 5 sons. M. 2(3,1654, John Garland (d. 
1661); 3 sons. M.3d, 167^, Henry ^ (Thomas 1) Robey. 

4 Hannah. Named in father's will, 1664. M.cl647, Philip 

Lewis (cl624-cl67l); 5 chil. 

5 Martha, bap. I63I. 0.169^+. M. 1st, 1648, John Cass (d. 

1675); 10 chil. M. 2d, 1676. William Lyon[sl , Sr., of 
Roxbury, Mass., (162O-I692), as 2d wife. 

6 Thomas, cl625. D.I700, "ae 76." Sergeant, Represent- 

ative and Deacon. M.lst, Ann^ (Williaml) Knapp (d. 
1667); ^ chil. M. 2d, 1669, Hannah2 (Edwardl) French, 
widow of John White of Haverhill: 3 chil. 

7 Mary. D.I699. M.lst,cl648, Edward^ (Robert 1) Tuck (d. 

1652); 2 sons. M.2d,cl655, James^ (Nicholasl) Wall, 
(d.1659); 2 daus. 

JAMES ^ PHILBRICK was baptized in Bures Saint Mary, 
Suffolk, England, in I619. He married about l644, Ann, the 
daughter of Governor Thomas Roberts. Some writers assert 
he married first her sister Jane, but no verification has 
been found. Ann was born, probably, in Dover, N. H., the 
date not known. James was drowned on 11-16-1674, end Ann 
married on 7-8-I678 (as his second wife). Captain William 
Marston, son of Glidden ancestor Captain William^ Marston. 
Ann survived her second husband, who died in 1704, but the 
date of her death, like her birth, is unknown. See ROBERTS . 

James was a mariner like his father and two of his 
own sons. His elder brother John having died, he was named 
executor in his father's will of 1664. He inherited the 
homestead in Hampton, in which he probably lived before his 
father's death. In I670 he was appointed with others, to 
run the Exeter boundary line. In I67I he had a grant of 
forty acres south of Hampton, called the New Plantation — 
now Seabrook, N. H, His name on wills, inventories, and 
many New Hampshire records, show him to have been an active 
and useful citizen. 

James and a man named Peter Johnson were drowned in 
the Hampton River near the mouth of Cole's Creek, in 167^, 
and on 5-30-I676 administration was granted his widow Ann, 
and Timothy Hilliard, who was her son-in-law, and also the 
guardian of Thomas -3. (In 1712 he married Mehitable, the 
widow of Thomas-3.) A court order of 11-14-1676 joined 
James Philbrick Jr, "son of James Philbrick with his moth- 
er in the administration of the estate, he having returned 
from sea," and discharged Timothy Hilliard, "son-in-law of 
the deceased." See Thomas-3 for other records regarding 
James' estate. 

Children of James and Ann, born in Hampton, N. H.: 

1 Bethia^. Liv.,1724. M.1677, Caleb^ (Isaad) Perkins 

(liv.1724); 3 chil. 

2 James, 7-I3-I65I. D.,1723. Captain, mariner, select- 

man, surveyor. Had the homestead. M.,l67^, Hannah^ 
(Isaac^) Perkins (1656-1739); H chil. 


3 Apphla3, 3-I9-I055. Vl.lSjh, Titnothy2 (Emanuel^ ) Hlll- 

iard (cl645 1723); 5 chll. He m.2d,cl712. Mehitable 
Phllbrick, widow of Thomas -3 (q.v ) 

4 Esther [Hester], 3-I-I656. D. I7I0+. M.lst, Joseph^ 

(Thomasl) Be^.rd of Durham (d.l704); 3 or 4 chll. M. 
2d, 1705. Sylvanus^ (Thomas^) Nock of Dover (d.l7l6) 

5 Thomas , 3-l4-l659. 

6 Sarah, 2-l4-l66l. No further record. 

7 Joseph, 10-1-1663. D. Rye, N.H. ,1755. Mariner. M.I686, 

Tryphena^ (William^) Mars ton (I663-I729); 10 chll. 

8 Elizabeth, 7-24-1666. M. 1st, l683,Groton, Conn . , Samuel 

Willard. M.2d,l691, Nathaniel Berry. 

9 Mehitable, 11-15- I668. No further record. 

THOMAS^ PHILBRICK was born on 3-14-1659 in Hampton, 
N.H. He married, 4-l4-l68l, Mehitable, daughter of Samuel 
Dalton. She was born in Hampton, 11 3-I658. Thomas died 
in Kingston, N.H., on 11-1-1712, and Mehitable married the 
same year, Timothy Billiard, whose first wife was Apphia , 
Thomas' sister. Mehitable died on 8-I7-I723. See DALTON. 

Thomas was about fifteen when his father was drowned 
in 1674, and in I676 Timothy Hilliard was appointed hj 3 
guardian. Thomas may have lived with the Hilliards until 
his mother remarried, as his older brother James was away 
at sea much of the time . He became a cordwainer or manu- 
facturer of shoes, saddles and other leather goods. 

In 1692 he was one of the signers of the petition of 
the inhabitants of New Hampshire, asking equal privileges 
with Massachusetts. On 2-10-1693, "Ann Marston, alias 
Philbrick. and James Philbrick. her son, both of Hampton, 
deeded to Thomas Philbrick his share in the estate of his 
father, James Philbrick, dec'd." At this time he had been 
married about twelve years. Under the charter of l694 he 
received a grant of land in Kingston, N.H., and another in 
1700. In 1702 he sold his house and lot of some five acres 
in Hampton, to Samuel Chapman, Jr. , and removed to Kings- 
ton. The Philbrick Genealogy says of him: "Though an ener- 
getic man, respected and honored by his fellow citizens, he 
failed to accumulate much property. In his efforts to open 
a new settlement upon the frontiers, he with many others 
suffered and lost much by the attacks of the ruthless sav- 
age s . " 

Administration was granted to his widow on 6-6-1712. 
Account of administration was recorded in 1715, In which 
John Sleeper was called a brother. Another settlement was 
recorded in 1720, at which time Sleeper was deceased. 

Children of Thomas and Mehitable, born in Hampton — 
excepting possibly Thomas: 

1 Daughter^, 1682. D. yg. 

2 Son, 1683. D. yg. 

3 Jeremiah, 9-21-1684. D .Kingston, 1715- M.Boston, 1712, 

Mary McCarthy. Admin., 1721 to Daniel Ladd . 



4 Elizabeth^ 10-17-1686. K.,1705, Abraham^ (Daniel^) 

Bradley of Haverhill, Mass . , (b.l684) ; 5 chll. 

5 Timothy, 5-l4-l689. D.1711. Kingston, 2-5-171^: Re- 

quest of Mehitabel Hilliard, Abraham Bradley, Daniel 
Ladd, Jedediah Philbrick, "the mother and the broth- 
ers of the deceased Timothy Philbrick, that John 
Sleeper of Kingston may be appointed administrator." 

6 Ann, 3-14-1691. D.I716. M.,1712, John Sleeper (I69O- 

1720); 3 sons. He m. 2d, 1717, Mary 3 (Benjamin2,phil- 
ipl) Towle (b.1695); 1 dau: Mary m. 1727, Thomas Page. 

7 Mehi table , 3-26-1693- 

8 Samuel, 5-13-1695- D.17II. 

9 Hannah, I698. M.,1720, Jeremiah ^ (James^, James ^) 

Prescott (b.1695) J 5 chil. 

10 Jedediah, 8-9-1700. D.1754- M.1721, Mary^ (William^, 

William^) Taylor; 10 chil. Mary's mother was Marga- 
ret, dau. of John -1 Bean . 

11 Thomas, [Kingston?] 6-9-1704. D. inf. 

MEHETABLE ^ PHILBRICK was bom on 3-26-1693, in Hamp- 
ton, N.H. She and her parents moved to Kingston, N.H., in 
1702 and on 4-29-1712 she married Captain Daniel Ladd, son 
of Nathaniel Ladd of Kingston. Daniel vas born in Exeter, 
N. H., on 3-18-1687, and died in Brentvood, N.H., in 1765. 
Mehetable died there on I-23-I779, the church record call- 
ing her "a Christian woman, much respected." See LADD . 

Mehetable -4 Philbrick m. 

John-5 Ladd m. 

Elizabeth-5 Ladd m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m. 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

1712, Daniel-3 Ladd 

CI76I, Mary-3 Moody 

CI785, Jonathan-5 Glidden 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Vales Blake 

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ROBERT ^ PYTKIKE of Ivlnghoe, county Bucks, England, 
mentions tvo sons named William in his will of 2-27-1579, 
William the Elder sjid William the Younger. One of these 
was probably the following: 

REV. WILLIAMii PITKIN ^ gentleman, who died in Berk - 
hamstead, Hertfordshire, and was burled there on 1-6-1645. 
His wife's name may have been Elizabeth. 

Cussans ' County History of H; rtf ordshire states that 
William Pitkyn was one of the jurors of the Honour of Bark- 
hamstead. He was also a freeholder. In l6l9 William Pit- 
kin, Gent., was "of the best and most honest Burgesses who 
shall be called Capital Burgesses of the Burrough, and who 
shall be the Common Council of the Burrough." A charter 
was granted them by King Charles. He is mentioned in this 
charter as "Willelmus Pitkin, generosus." He is recorded 
as one of the Chief Burgesses in l628 and either he or his 
son William represented Berkhamstead in Perliament. 

The will of William Pitkin, dated 6-12-1644 and pro- 
bated in March 1645 (the inventory dated 3-13-1644/5) men- 
tions children Francis; Martha; Elizabeth, wife of William 
Lawson; John; Joan; Jane; and grandchildren Roger, Martha , 
and William. 

Children of William, from Berkhamstead St. Peter Par- 
ish Register (1 to 4 recorded as children of William Pit- 
kyn, 5 to 10 OS children of William Pitkyn, gent): 

1 George^^^ bap. 1 3-I607/8. Prob. d yg. 

2 Wyllyam , bap. 12-ll-l608. 

3 Martha, bap. 10-17-1612. Prob. d. yg. 

4 Frauncys, bap. I6I3. Named in father's will of 1644. 

Witnessed Roger Pitkin's will,l651. Dau. Sarah bapt. 
Berkhamstead, 1647. Dau Joan bapt. 1649. 

5 George, bap. II-IO-I616. A Mr. George Pittkin, gent., 

was burled from Mr. Sturmies ' Chancery Lane in 1643. 
Not mentioned in father's will, 1644. 

6 Martha, bap. 3-l4-l6l8. Unmar. l644 (father's will). 

7 Elizabeth, bap. 7-1-1621. Wife of William Lawson, 1644. 

8 John, b8p. 10-19-1623. Named in father's will, 1644. 

9 Jhone [ Joan] , bap. 9-26-1626. Unmar. 1644. 

10 Jane, bap. 4-8-1628. Unmar. 1644 (father's will). 
Perhaps m. Chamberlain before I65I. 

WILLIAM^ ^^ PITKIN wes baptized in Berkhamstead Saint 
Peter, Hertfordshire, on 12-ll-l6o8. He is called deceased 
in the will of Roger Pitkin, IO-I3-I651. The relationship 
of this Roger Pitkin hes not been ascertained^ but in his 
will he calls Roger-iv Pitkin his godson. William's wife 
was named Elizabeth, recorded in the baptism of son Roger. 
She is not named in the record of her burial on 12-28-1641 
—merely called "the wife of Wlllm Pitkyn, Scholemr." 

"William Pitkin, the son of William of Berkhamstead, 
Herts, pleb., Pembroke College, Oxford, matriculated Feb. 


6, 1628/9, age 20; B.A. next day; M.A., IO-I7-I63I." 

He was the Master of the Berkhamstead Grammar School 
In 1636 and later. This famous old school, originally 
founded by Henry VIII, was reorganized and endowed by King 
Edward VI and known as the Free School of Kjng Edward VI. 
He was probably the Villi am Pitkin who was Chief Burgess 
in 1645, as his father was dead by that time. 

Children of William and Elizabeth, from Berkhamstead 
St. Peter Parish Register: 

1 William^, CI636. (Baptism not in register, but named 

as grandchild in Grandfather's will, 1644.) D. , Hart- 
ford, Conn., 12-16-1694 "age 94." Settled, Hartford, 
1659; excellent legal education; was at once Master 
of Grammar School; King's Attorney for Conn. Colony,' 
cl66l; Dep. to Gen. Court 1675-90; Treas. I676-78. 
Will named his "dear brother Roger" and his "Sister 
Voolcott ." M.CI66I, Hannah^ (Ozlas^) Goodwin (CI638 
-1724); 8 chll. 

2 Roger, bap. II-28-I638. Res. London; officer In Royal 

Army. Called godson in Roger Pitkin's will, I651. 
Had children. (One died during the plague.) 

3 Martha , bap. 12-12-1639. 
^ Jane, buried 11-4-1640. 

MARTHA PITKIN was baptized in Berkhamstead St. Pe- 
ter, Herts, 12-12-1639, as the daughter of Willyam Pitkyn, 
Scholemester. Her father being dead, she lived with her 
brother Roger in London, by whom she was given en excellent 
education. Her older brother William came to New England 
about 1659, and in I66I Martha came over on a visit, hoping 
to persuade him to return with her. She is said to have 
come upon her brother feeding his pigs, and commented: "I 
left one brother in England serving his King, and I found 
another in America serving his swine." 

So great was the admiration aroused by her talents 
and brilliancy that the elders of the Colony induced her 
to remain, introducing the yoiong widower Simon Volcott to 
her, and she became his wife the same year, I66I. Simon, 
the son of Henry Wolcott, was born in England in I625, ac- 
cording to his gravestone, and died in Hartford 9-11-1687. 
Two years later Martha married the Hon. Daniel Clark. She 
died in East Windsor, Conn., on IO-I3-I719, "in her 80th 
year." See WOLCOTT for descent to Clarissa-7 M. Glidden. 


Wolcott Memorial. 

New England Register, Vol. 66:l60-3. 

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CHRISTOPHER '^ POTTLE , spelled Pottelle In some of the 
early records, was born in England about I663 . He married 
in Ipswich, Mass., on 3-12-1694, Hannah, the daughter of 
Samuel Graves Senior. She was born on 12-19-l6o8 in Ips- 
wich, Mass., and outlived Christopher, who died in Hampton, 
N. H., not long before 2-8-1710. See GRAVES . 

The first record is his marriage in March 169k. In 
November of that year he purchased Benjamin Swett's house 
on "the Falls side" of Hampton, N. H. , where he was living 
in December 1695. He was on the Grand Jury in I696 and 
1697, was Selectman in I706, and served at New Castle Fort 
in 1708. 

His will of 12-19-1709 vas probated on 2-8-1710, two 
months before the birth of his son Samuel . 

Children of Christopher and Hannah, born in Hampton 
Falls, N. H. : 

1 Hannah^, 10-21-1694. M. , Hampton Falls, 1719, ThomasS 

(Joseph^, Williaml) Richardson of Newbury, Mass., 
(b.1697); 2 chil. b. Newbury. 

2 Elizabeth, I2-29-1696. M,,1715, Josephs (Johnl) Low 

(1681-1739); 7 chil. 

3 Sarah, 4-30-1699. M., Hampton Falls, 1723, Daniel^, 

(Joseph^, William^) Richardson (b.l692). 

4 Christopher, 4-5-1703. York grantee, I726, 1735. Had 

the homestead. M. ,York,1727, Abigail^ (Nicholas 2, 
Charles^) Cane [Cahsji?]; 11 chil. 

5 William, 4-30-1705- Blacksmith. D., Stratham, N. H., 

1785. Wife Deborah in 1736; 3 chil. "Mr. William 
Pottle's wife died" (I767 record). 

6 Annei II-I8-I707. D.,1750. M.,1727, Henry 2 (Henry 1) 

Bod we 11 (CI688-I773); 8 chil. 

7 Samuel . 4-21-1710. Posthiomous. 

SAMUEL ^ POTTLE vas born 4-21-1710 in Hajnpton Falls, 
N. H., after the death of his father. In Methuen, Mass., 
on II-2I-I734, he married Haroiah, the daughter of James 
Bodwell. She was born in Haverhill, Mass., on 6-25-I715. 
Samuel died in Hampton Falls shortly before 6-8-1741, but 
no record of his death has been found. On 12-16-1742 in 
Methuen, Hannah married John-4 (John-3, John-2, Robert-l) 
Hibbard, being his second wife. He was born in I716. No 
death records for John and Hannah have been found by this 
compiler, but their sixth and last child was born in 1759. 

Samuel Pottle "was the first that was baptized in the 
Falls Meeting House, 6-17-1711," according to the church 
record. Not much is known about him except that he was a 
carpenter and cooper at Stratham, N. H., in 1733. His es- 
tate was administered by his brother William on 6-8-1741. 



Children of Samuel and Hannah: 

1 Mary -^, 7-13-1735- 

2 Samuel. 12-2-1736 

Recorded in Methuen, Mass. 
M. "Child of Samuel Pottle 

died (Stratham records, 1759 and again in I708.) 

3 HaJinah, IO-2I-I738. D . ,Methuen,1752, "in 13th year." 

4 Blmslee, Methuen, 4-17-17^1. No further record found. 

(William Beamsley of Boston was his gr-grandfather . ) 

Children of Hannah and John Hibbard, b. in Methuen: 

M.I773, Sarah Barker; had 

1 John^ Hibbard, 10-8-1743- 


2 Stephen Hibbard, 8-20-1745- D.1759- 

3 Ester Hibbard, 2-27-1747- M.178I, Solomon^ (JohnM 

Smith of Rovley. 

4 James Hibbard, 7-25-1749- M.1775, Sarah Merrick; had 


5 Mary Hibbard, 11-13-1751. 

6 Hannah Hibbard, 10-30-1759- 

MARY ^ POTTLE was born on 7-13-1735 in Methuen, Mass. 
Although she was called Molly, she signed her name "Mary." 
She married about 1756, Jonathan Glidden, Junior, who was 
born in Exeter, N.H., in 1732. Molly died in Unity, N.H., 
on 7-I5-I8OI. Jonathan had a second wife named Phebe , who 
died on l-15-l840. Both wives are buried near Jonathan, who 
died on I-5-I818 in Unity. See GLIDDEN. 

Samuel-2 Pottle m, 

Mary-3 [Molly] Pottle m, 

Jonathan-5 Glidden m. 

SaJDuel-6 Glidden m. 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

1734, Hannah-3 Bodwell 

CI756, Jonathan-4 Glidden 

CI785, Elizabeth-5 Ladd 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 

Authorities : 

Noyes, Libby, Davis: Genealogical Dictionary of Maine 

and New Hampshire. 
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JOHN ^ PRE SCOTT vas baptized in Standlsh, Lancashire, 
England, in 1505 • He vas the son Ralph and Ellen Prescott 
of Standlsh. (See Prescott Memorial for English ancestry.) 
He married at Wygan, Lancashire, 1-21-1629, Mary Platts. 
John died in Lancaster, Mass., in l68l . 

He owned lands in Standlsh, which he sold, removing 
to Yorkshire, where he lived for a time in the parish of 
Halifax in Sowerby. "From conscientious motives, and to 
avoid persecution, he left his native land, his cherished 
home in Yorkshire, to seek an asylijm in the wilderness of 
America." He landed first in Barbadoes, in I638, where he 
became a land owner. In l64o he came to New England, and 
settled in Vatertown, Mass., where he had large grants of 
land allotted to him. In 1643 he was in association with 
others for the purchase from the Indian Sachem of the Nash- 
uaway tribe, of a tract of land ten miles by eight for a 
township. This town was later called Lancaster. 

Children of John and Mary: 

1 Mary^, Bap. Sowerby, Yorkshire, 2-24-1630. M.,l648, 

Thomas Sawyer (cl6l6-lT06) ; 11 chll. 

2 Martha, bap. Sowerby, 3-II-I632. D.I656. M.1655, John 

Rugg; twins, d. yg. John m. 2nd, her sister Hannah. 

3 John , bap. Sowerby, 4-1-1635. 

4 Sarah, Sowerby, I637. M.I658, Richard Wheeler of Lan- 

caster ( Ind.,1676); 5 chll. M. 2nd,Dedham,l678, 
Joseph^ ( Edmund ^) Rice of Marlboro; 3 chll. 

5 Hannah, bap. I639. M.I66O, John Rugg (his first wife 

was her sister Martha). 6 chll., 1662 to I673 . 

6 Lydla, Vatertown, 8-15-1641. M.I658, Jonas Fairbanks 

(k.1676); 7 chll. M.2nd, Ellas Barron. 

7 Jonathan, Lancaster. cl645. D.1721. M.lst,l670, Doro- 

thy (d.1674); 3 chil. M. 2nd, 1675. Elizabeth^ 

(Johnl) Hoar (d.1687); 6 chll. M.3rd,l689, Rebecca^ 
(Joseph!) Wheeler, widow of Peter Bulkeley (b.l645). 
M.4th, 1718, Ruth Brown (d.l740). 

8 Jonas, Lancaster, 1648. D.I723. M.I672, Mary^ (John^ 

Loker (1653-1735); 12 chil. 

JOHN PRESCOTT , baptized in Sowerby, Lancashire, on 

4-1-1635, married first in Lancaster, Mass . , on II-II-I668, 
Sarah, daughter of George Hayward. She died in Lancaster 
on 7-14-1709, and he married on 11-15-1710, Mary, widow of 
Joslah Howe. Mary was the daughter of John Eaynes, was 
born about 1647, and the mother of six Haynes children. She 
died on 2-23-I718 and John died the same year. See HAY- 

Children of John and Sarah: 
1 Mary ^. Lsincaster, 2-22-1669. 


2 John^ , 11-2^-1672. D.17^9. M.CI705, stepsister Doro- 

thy Howe (l^76-17'+9) • Chil.: 

1 Dorothy*, I706. D.I713. 

2 Jonathan. 

3 Tabltha. 

h John, 1712. D.I79I. M.17^3, Mary White. 

3 Joanna, Lancaster, 1-6-1677. 

4 Elizabeth, Concord, II-27-I678. 

'5 Ebenezer, 7-6-1682, Lancaster. M.CI718, Ruth Hobart; 
k chll. 

MARY^ PRE SCOTT was born on 2-22-1669, In Lancaster, 
Mass. She married Philip Goss of Roxbury on 3-29-I69O, in 
Concord, Mass. She was his second wife. His first wife, 
Hannah Hopkins, from whom he was divorced in I69O, went to 
Jamaica, West Indies, and presumably died there. 

Philip Goss died in May I698, and Mary married again 
in Concorxi on II-20-I698, John Houghton, who was born in 
1672 and died in 1724. It is not known when Mary died, but 
John married Sarah Gulliver in 1720. See GOSS , for her 
connection with that family. She Is not an ancestress. 


Prescott Memorial (somewhat faulty) . 
Howe Genealogy . 

Nourse : Early Records of Lstncaster, Mass. 
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RICHARD ^ RAYMOND vas born in Fngland about 1602. He 
died In Saybrook, Conn., in I692, aged about ninety. When 
his wife Judith died, and her parentage, is not now known. 

It has been claimed that he was a brother of Captain 
William Raymond of Salem, and afterward of Beverly, Mass., 
as well as John Raymond, who died in Beverly in I703, aged 
87. The will of George Raymond in England named his sons 
William and John "in New England," but not a son Richard, 
so that the relationship seems unlikely. 

Richard and Judith came from County Essex, Eng., in 
1632, and lived first in Salem, Mass., where In 163^ they 
were members of the First Church. He was made Freeman in 
Salem the same year, and was a town officer. He and his 
snns appear to have left Salem as early as I653, settling 
along the shore of Long Island Sound. He was a sea capt- 
ain or mariner, and did a coasting trade along Long Island 
Sound and the East River as far south as Manhattan Island. 

In 165^ they were living In Norwalk, Conn. In June 
1660, he sold to John Scott half a ketch, and in August he 
sold to Walter Price of Salem, merchant, "one-quarter of 
the ketch Hopewell, 30 tuns burthen, [the] which belonging 
to Salem, now riding at anchor In the harbour of Boston, 
with one-quarter of her masts, yards, sales, anchors, ca- 
bles, tackle, boat and furniture, warranted one whole year 
and a day next after the date hereof, according to the laws 
of Oleron, perils of the seas and enemies as excepted." 

Richard and, Judith were dismissed to the church at 
Saybrook in 1662, in which year he bought of Ralph Keeler 
a home-lot described as follows: "41 acres including hous- 
ings contained at present within homelot and cow yard, to- 
gether withall the conveniences and appointments thereunto 
belonging, as vldelect, — the house-floors, doors, glass 
windows, shelves or ought else that may properly be said to 
belong to the same.... And to frame and erect a new build- 
ing joining the same, clapboardlng the sides and ends as 
high as the upper ways." He paid ^42 for all this. 

He was made Freeman of Connecticut at Saybrook, I667. 
In Saybrook his Identity is determined by documents which 
call him "formerly of Salem and later of Norwalk." He had 
a bequest of two thousand acres near Hartford, Conn., from 
Joshua Uncas, son of the famous Indian chief, in I675. In 
1676 he made his will, leaving all his "lands in Norwalk 
^to those children which my son John Raymond have or may 
have by Mary Raymnnd his present wife." In I677 he empow- 
ered his "well beloved brother Thomas Betts of Norwalk to 
record all his divisions, etc. As no Judith Betts can be 
foiond, he may have called him brother because their chil- 
dren had married; or he may have meant a church brother. 



Children of Richard and Judith, 
Salem, Mass., exept John: 

all baptized in 


1 John^, CI633. D.,1693. Res. ,Norvalk, Conn. 

Mary 2 (Thomas 1) Betts (1646-1688+) ; 5 chil, 

2 Bathsheba, bap. 7-II-I637. M.,1659, Humphrey Coombs; 

1 child b. Salem. 

3 Joshua, bap. 3-3-I639. D.I676. Comet. M.I659, Eliza- 

beth^ (Nehemiah^) Smith (1645-1712); 8 chil. Eliza- 
beth m. 2nd, 1681, George Dennis (d.l712); 1 son. 

Lemuel, bap. 1-3-1641. No record after I66O . 

Hannah , bap. 2-12-1643. 

Samuel, bap. 7-13-1645. D.I70O-I717. M. Mary ^ (Ne- 
hemlah^) Smith (b.l642); no chil. 

7 Richard, bap. 1-2-1648. Res. Saybrook. D.I680. 

8 Elizabeth, bap. 4-28-1650. 

9 Daniel, bap. 4-I7-I653. D.I696. M.,lst, Elizabeth^ 

(Gabriel^, Walterl) Harris (d.1683): 2 daus . M.2nd, 
Rebecca 3 (John2, John!) Lay (b.l666); 2 sons. Rebec- 
ca m.2nd, Samuel Gager of Norwich (b.l654.) 


was baptized on 2-12-1643 in Salem, 

Mass. She was married by l662 to Oliver Manwaring of New 
London, Conn. In that year Richard Rajrmond deeded land to 
his "son-in-law Oliver Manwaring." In I67I Hannah joined 
"Mr Bradstreet's church" in New London, and had four chil- 
dren baptized at that time. The ages were not given, but 
Elizabeth is considered the eldest, as she died in 1720 in 
her fifty-eighth year, according to her gravestone. 

Hannah died on 12-18-1717 and Oliver on II-3-I723, 
both in New London. See MANWARING. 

Some writers have said that Oliver Manwaring 's wife 
was Elizabeth Raymond. However, although no records have 
been found exept her baptism in Salem, she would have been 
but twelve years old in 1662. Joshua and Daniel Raymond 
both had wives named Elizabeth, eliminated by the records. 

Hannah- 2 Raymond 
Mercy-2 Manwaring 
Love -4 Palmer 
Simeon- 5 Shepard 
Prudence -6 Shepard 
Edward -7 Wales Blake 

m. cl66l, Oliver-1 Manwaring 

m. 1706, Jonathan-3 Palmer 

m. 1736, Jonathan-4 Shepard 

m. 1776, Rachel-6 Brooks 

m. 1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

m. 1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 


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208 RICE 

EDMUND ^ RICE was born in England about 159^, proba- 
bly In Stanstead, Suffolk. He was either younger brother 
or son of the Henry Rice who married Elizabeth Frost, sis- 
ter of Thomasine, in l605- The marriage of Edmund Rice 
and Thomasine Frost was recorded on the register of Saint 
Mary's, Bury, Suffolk, on IO-I5-I618. She was born in 
Stanstead, Suffolk, on 8-II-I6OO, the daughter of a wealthy 
clothier, Edward Frost. See FROST . She died in Sudbury, 
Mass., on 6-I3-I654, and Edmund married again in Marlboro, 
Mass., 3-I-I655, Mercy [Kurd], the widow of Thomas Brigham 
of Cambridge, Mass. She had three sons and two daughters 
by her first marriage. Edmund died on 5-3-I663 in Marlbo- 
ro, but was buried in Sudbury. Mercy's third husband was 
William Hunt, whom she married in 1664. She died in 1693- 

The Rice family lived first in Stanstead, Suffolk, 
and later in Great Barkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England. 
They were settled in Sudbury, Mass., by I639, where Edmund 
was made Freeman in l640. He was Selectman in I639, l644, 
and subsequently. Deacon in l640, and Representative, 1654. 

He was one of the substantial men of the plantation, 
owning lands in and out of the town, some by grant of the 
Court. He shared in all the divisions of uplands and com- 
mons. The total niamber of acres which he received as an 
original inhabitant was 247 acres. His first dwelling in 
Sudbury was on the old North Street. This he sold in 3-642 
to John Moore , a Blake ancestor. He bought of Widow Mary 
Axtell six acres of land with her dwelling house, in the 
south part of the town, and some years afterwards he bought 
of Philemon Whale [possible Blake ancestor] his house and 
nine acres adjacent to the Axtell place. These together 
formed the old Rice homestead in Sudbury, which remained 
in the family for meuiy years. In 1647 he took a ten-year 
lease on the Glover farm, mostly in what is now Framingham. 
In 1657 he bought 200 more acres. In I656 he was a peti- 
tioner for the new town of Marlborough, where he received 
grants of a house-lot and fifty acres, and other lands in 
proportion, and whither he removed in I66O. 

His inventory amounted to L566, the house, etc., to 
tl70. All ten living children shared in his estate. 

Children of Edmund and Thomasine, first wife: 

1 Mary^, bap. Stanstead, Suffolk, Eng., 8-23-I619. Died 

in England before family emigrated. 

2 Henry , bap. Stanstead, 2-13-1621. 

3 Edward, bap. Stanstead, 10-26-1622. D.,1712. Bought 

the homestead from father. Named in Hugh Drury's 
will of 1687. M.,l646, Agnes^ (John^) Bent IclF30- 
1713); 11 chil. 

4 Thomas, bap. Stanstead, 1-26-1626. D., Marlboro, 1681. 

M.lst, Mary 2 (Thomas 1) King; I3 chil. M.2nd, 
Widow Mary [Chamberlain] Graves. 

RICE 209 


5 LYDIA RICE , bap. Barkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England, 

on 3-9-1628. She came to New England with her par- 
ents and married here about l645, HUGH -1 DRURY. He 
was born about l6l6 in England, probably London, and 
died in Boston on 7-6-1689 . They had but one child, 
John -2 Drury , born in Sudbury, Mass., on 5-2-1646. 
Lydia died in Boston on 4-5-1675, and Hugh married 
second in 1676, Mary [ Shrimpton] , widow of Rev. Ed- 
ward Fletcher. Mary died in I68O and Hugh died on 
7-6-1689, both in Boston. See DRURY . 

6 Matthew, bap. Barkhamstead, 2-28-I63O. D.1717. M.165^, 

Martha Lamson; 9 chil. 

7 Daniel, bap. Barkhamstead, II-I-I632. Bur. same yr. 

8 Samuel, bap. Barkhamstead, 11-12-1634. D.I685. M.lst, 

1655, Elizabeth King (d.1667); 6 chil. M.,2nd,l668, 
Mary [Dix] (d.l675), widow of Abraham Brown; 4 chil. 
M. 3rd, 1676, Sarah, widow of James Hosmer. 

9 Joseph, bap. Barkhamstead, 3-I3-I638. Liv.1687. Hugh 

Drury named him in his will. M.lst,l658, Mercy King. 
M.2d, Martha King (d.1669); 7 chil. M.3d,l670, Mary 
Beers (I643-I677T; several chil. M.,4th,l678, Sarah 
(John^) [PrescottJ , widow of Richard Wheeler; 3 chil. 

10 Edmund? Perhaps born at sea, I638. 

Children of Edmund and Mercy, second wife: 

11 Ruth2, Marlboro, 9-29-1659. D.17^2. M.,1683, Samuel^ 

(Samuel^, Gov. Thomas^) Welles (I66O-I731); 6 chil. 

12 Anne, Marlboro, II-I9-I66I. [Recorded as child of Ed- 

ward (sic) and Mercy.] Perhaps m.,1685, Nathaniel^ 
(Nathaniel^) Gerry of Roxbury (b.1663). 

HENRY ^ RICE was baptized at Stanstead, Suffolk, Eng- 
land on 2-13-1621. He made a deposition in I668, calling 
himself about fifty years of age. He married on 1-1-1643, 
in Sudbury, Mass., Elizabeth, the daughter of John Moore. 
She died on 8-3-I705, and Henry died on 2-IO-I7II, both in 
Framingham, Mass. See MOORE . 

In 1659 his father gave him a deed of a land grant at 
"Rice's End," on which he built. He was an original mem- 
ber of the Framinghfitm church, I7OI. 

John Moore left a bequest for Elizabeth in his will, 
of 1668, calling her the wife of Henry Rice. Henry was one 
of the executors of his brother-in-law, Hugh Drury 's will, 
1687. Henry made his will on IO-3-I705, two months after 
the death of his wife. The will was probated the last of 
February 1711, the inventory amounting to L527. Since he 
died at about ninety years of age, he had probably disposed 
of much of his property to his children. He made bequests 
to all his living children (calling his daughters by their 
husbands' names), and to his granddaughter Mary Brigham. 



Children of Henry and Elizabeth, 
recorded In Sudbury, Mass.: 

all except Hannah 

1 Mary"', 9-19-1546. M.cl666, step-uncle Thomas Brigham, 

Jr.(cl64l -1717); 8 chil. He m.2d,l695, Mrs Susanna 
[Shattuck] Fay (1643-1716). 

2 Elizabeth, 8-4-1648. D.,17^0. M.,cl668, John Brewer, 

Jr. (cl64l-l691); 9 chil. 

3 Hannah. Living, 17II. M.lst.l675» Eleazer '^ ( William ^ 

Vard ( Indians, I676 ) ; 1 dau. K.,2nd,l677, 
Richard Taylor; 4 chil. 

4 Jonathan, 7-3-I654. D.I725. M.lst,l675, Martha Eames 

(d.1676); 1 dau. M. 2d, 1677, Rebecca2 (John^) Watson 
of Cambridge, Mas s.(d. 1689); 5 chil. M.3d,l691, Eliz- 
abeth Wheeler; 8 chil. 

5 Abigail, 6-17-1657. D.,1735. M. ,01679, Thomas Smith, 

(1658-1718); 5 chil. 

6 David, 12-27-1659. D.I723. Deacon. M.I687, Hannah ^ 

(Thomas 1) Walker (l669-1704); 5 chil. 

7 Tamasin, 2-2-1661. D.1748. M.I68O, Benjamin (John^) 
Parmenter (d.l737); 6 chil. 

Rachel . 5-10-1664. 

Lydia, 6-4-1668. M.cl692, Samuel Wheelock (d.l756); 
9 chil., 1693 to 1714. 



Mercy, I-I-I67O. D.1727. M.bef.l702, 
ieli) Allen (1666-1735); 8 chil. 

Elnathan"^ (Dan- 

RACHEL ^ RICE was born in Sudbury on 5-10-1664. She 
married there on 12-15-1687, Thomas, son of John Drury, the 
latter being her first cousin. Thomas Drury died in 1723 
in Framingham, Mass., but there is nothing to show whether 
or not. Rachel survived him. She was evidently alive when 
her father's will was proved in I7II or 1712. See DRURY . 

Lydia-2 Rice 


John-2 Drury 


Thomas -3 Drury 


Thomas -4 Drury 


Rachel-5 Drury 


Rachel-6 Brooks 


Prudence -6 Shepard 


Edward-7 Wales Blake 


Authorities : 

cl645, Hugh-1 Drury 

CI667, Mary 

1687, Rachel-3 Rice 

1719, Sarah-3 Clark 

1747, Simon-5 Brooks 

1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glidden 

Ward: Descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice. 
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THOMAS ^ ROBERTS was born about I6OO, the son of John 
Roberts of voolaston. County Worcester, England. The name 
of his widow was Rebecca, and she was his wife in I669, but 
it is possible that she was his second wife. It is persis 
tantly asserted that his wife was a sister of William and 
Edward Hilton, and their close association lends credence 
to that theory. Rebecca died before 9-27-I673, survived 
by Thomas, whose will was probated 6-3O-I674. See HILTON . 

We know he was a citizen of London, from the fact 
that he was a member of the great guild pf Fishmongers of 
London. This was a very wealthy sind exclusive organiza- 
tion of "masters" who supplied the capital and employed 
the men of the fishing industry of England, and also con- 
trolled the fishing business to a large extent along the 
New England coast and at New Foundland. Thomas Roberts' 
name appears on a list of Emigrant Liverymen of London in 
l64l (those who had the right to wear the livery of the 
Guild): "Fishmongers: Edward Hilton of New England, Thomas 
Roberts of New England." 

The only settlers at Dover Neck, Maine, in I623, says 
Quint (Maine Historical Memoranda), were Thomas Roberts, 
William Hilton, Edward Hilton, and their families. Scales 
(History of Dover, N. H.) says they came over in the ship 
Providence of Plymouth, in the spring of I623. 

In 1633 Dover had an election of officers. Thomas 
Wiggins was chosen Governor until I637, when Rev. Joseph 
Burdet was chosen. In I638, l639, and l640. Captain John 
Underbill was elected. He was expelled for his various 
crimes, and from April 16^0 the Governor was Thomas Rob- 
erts until the Dover settlement (then named Northern) came 
vinder Massachusetts in 1642. Before that the proprietors 
of Dover were the Bristol Company. In l640 Roberts signed 
the Dover Combination, and his name is frequently mentioned 
in various records pertaining to the Dover Settlement on 
the western side of the river. He had a grant of twenty 
acres of land in 1642, and figured in land transactions in 
l64l, 1643, 1658, and I669. He was on the Grand Jury in 
1643, 1646, and 1656. 

He was a member of the church for twenty years, until 
1662, when as President of the Court he rebuked his sons 
John and Thomas, who were Constables, for their excessive 
virulence in enforcing the laws against the Quakers. Sew- 
ell (History of the Quakers) says they had caused Quakers 
to be whipped out of town at a cart-tail, which so grieved 
their father that he rose in church sjid asked God's pardon 
for the deed, and at once adopted the Quaker faith. 

On 7-I-I669 Rebecca joined Thomas in a deed of land 
at Durham [Oyster River], N. H., to John, son of Richard 
Yorke . In I670 Thomas gave lands to his sons Thomas and 
John, and in 167I he deeded half of his remaining estate 
to his daughter Sarah Rich. His will of 9-27-1673 was pro- 
bated on 6-3O-I674, and bequeathed the bulk of his property 
to Richard Rich, husband of his "dearly beloved daughter 



Sarah, named Rich executor. His other three children re- 
ceived legacies of from five to twenty shillings only. 

Thomas was buried in the Northeast corner of the Old 
Burying Ground at Dover Neck. 

Children, order of birth not known: 



John, Dover, cl629, according to deposition. 

eldest son. D.I695. Sergeant. Constable. 

Province of N.H. Delegate, 1689. M.CI650, 

(Hatevil^) Nutter; 7 chil. 
Anne , perhaps eldest child. 
Hester. Will pro.Dec.l687 

Martyn (will I687); 7 chil 
Thomas, CI633 [deposition] . 

^5arshal . 

M.C1646, John2 (jsaacM 
Res. New Jersey. 
Constable (see Thomas Sr) 

1655. M« 


Lived in homestead. Freeman, Eastham,Mass - 
by 1671, Mary 2 (Thomas 1) Leighton;^6 chil^ 

Elizabeth. M,cl672, Benjamin (John ) Heard, 
(1644-1711); 6 chil. He m. 2nd. Salisbury, Mass . ,1690, 
Ruth2 (Rogerl) Eastman (b.l66l); 8 chil. Ruth m.2d, 
1717, John2 (Abraham^) Tappan (I65I-I723). 

Sarah. M.CI670, Richard Rich (d .Eestham, Mass . ,1692) ; 
6 chil. Father left them bulk of his property. 

William? Perhaps son or near relation. Est. settled, 
1676. Quaker. M. Dorothy (d.l676+); 6 chil. 

ANNE 2 ROBERTS may have been the eldest child of Gov. 
Thomas Roberts, and born in Cover, N.H. She married ebout 
1644, James, son of Thomas Philbrick of Hampton, N. E. It 
has been claimed that James first married a sister of Anne 
named Jane, but no substantiation has been found. James 
vas drowned in Hampton on Il-l6-l674, and Anne married on 
7-8-1678, Capt. Villiam Marston, vho died in 1704. Anne is 
known to have survived him. See PHILBRICK. 

Anne -2 Roberts 
Thomas-3 Philbrick 
Mehitable-4 Philbrick 
John -4 Ladd 
Elizabeth-5 Ladd 
Samuel-6 Glidden 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

m. cl644, James-2 Philbrick 

m. 1681, Mehitable-3 Dalton 

m. 1712, Daniel-3 Ladd 

m. CI76I, Mary-3 Moody 

m. CI785, Jonathan-5 Glidden 

m. 1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

m. 1658, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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and New Hampshire . 
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ALEXANDER ^ SHAPLEIGH , gentleman, was born about 1555 
in England, perhaps in Klngsweare, Devonshire. His first 
wife's name is not known. She had three or four children, 
the eldest probably our ancestress Katherlne. He married 
second, at St. Saviour's Dartmouth, on 12-12-l602, Jane 
Egbere. Jane died at or soon after the birth of Nicholas, 
in I0I8. Alexander was alive in Maine in 1642, but known 
to be dead in I65O. No death record has been found. 

Alexander Shapleigh, from Kingsweare, Devon, was a 
rich merchant and ship owner, interested in the primitive 
plantations and trading establishments in New Hampshire and 
Maine, where he fovmd a market far his goods sent over in 
his own ships. He was also agent for Sir Ferdlnando Gor- 
ges, and it is very probable that he visited this country 
at an early date. His large interests in Kittery, Maine, 
were looked after by James Treworgye eind Nicholas-2 Shap- 
leigh, who transacted business in his name. The Shapleighs 
were one of the most important families of Kittery. 

In 1635 he purchased through the agency of his son- 
in-law James Treworgye, a large tract of land extending 
from the Piscataqua River half way to the York River, per- 
haps the same lands now possessed by his descendants. In 
1638 he added a tract of 500 acres at Kittery Point. His 
servant Thomas Jones deposed that Mr. Shapleigh was living 
near Sturgeon Creek in I639. This was probably their hime, 
as in October I65O a statement was made that "the house 
where Mr. William Hilton now dwelleth at the River's mouth 
was the first house built there, €ind was where Mr. Shap- 
leigh 's father first built, and Mr. Shapleigh now intends 
to rebuild and enlarge." John White deposed in I679 that 
about forty- two years before, Mr. Alexander Shapleigh and 
Mr. James Treworgye were in agreement with their neighbors 
dwelling at and about Sturgeon Creek. 

In May 167k his daughter Katherine in a petition to 
Massachusetts Court for the release of her brother Nicholas 
from prison, stated that in the year I636 when the young 
colony of Massachusetts was in distress and facing famine, 
her father "had of his own motion sent them a shipload of 
provisions, which was thankfully received." 

The last record of him is on 5-26-1642, when he made 
over his entire estate to James Treworgye, although by re- 
cord Treworgye had deeded this same property to Nicholas 
Shapleigh on" 4-2-1641. On 7-6-I65O the question of to whom 
this property belonged was before Godfrey, who ruled that 
"Mrs. Katherine Treworgye was in no way possessed of the 
estate or responsible for any of his debts, as her father 
had conveyed everything before he died, and no will was 
probated. ' 

Children of Alexander and unknown first wife: 

1 Katherine ^, cl600. 

2 Elizabeth, bap. Kingsweare, 6-21-1503. M. there, I626, 

John Beref ore . 



3 Alexander? D.Eng.,l642. M.1622, Elizabeth Tellraan. 
Son John brought here by Nichola3-2. American Shap- 
leighs descended from this John. (N.E.Reg., Vol.95) 



Children of Alexander and Jane, second wife; 

Avis, bap. Brixham, Devon, 2-5-l605 

Jsimes, bap. Kingsweare, 4-l6-l6o8. 

John, bap. Kingsweare, ll-24-l6l2. 

Nicholas, bap. Kingsweare, I-I-I618 
mast, 1682. M. by I65I to Alice . 
related to Widow Ann Mesant); no 
prominent in Mass .Bay Col. Tho ' 
Quaker sympathies. Arrested and 
ton, 1674, but soon released on a 
Katherine, and payment of ^200. 

D. 1615. 

Remained in Eng. 
K. by falling of 

(alive 1685; 

chil. Major. Very 
of Ch . of Eng . , had 
imprisoned in Bos- 
petition of sister 
(N. E. Reg., Vol. 95) 

KATHERINE ^ SHAPLEIGH was born in England about I6OO . 
She married first in Kingsweare, Devonshire, on 3-I6-I617, 
James Treworgye , eind they had settled in Kittery, Me., be- 
fore June 1640. James died before 7-2-1650, and she mar- 
ried second soon after I654, Mr. Edward Hilton, the first 
permanent settler in New Hampshire, sind a prominent citi- 
zen. He died about 1669. Catherine Treworgye, Widow, had 
an Indian deed of Thompson's Point in I651. 


Katherine -2 Shapleigh m. I617, 

Elizabeth-2 Treworgye m. I657, 

Elizabeth-3 Oilman m. 1678, 

Daniel-3 -Ladd m. 1712, 

John-4 Ladd m. CI76O, 

Elizabeth-5 Ladd m. CI785, 

Samuel-6 Glidden m. 181I, 

Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. I858, 

James -1 Treworgye 
John-2 Gilman 
Nathaniel-2 Ladd 
Mehitable-4 Philbrick 
Mary-3 Moody 
Jonathan-5 Glidden 
Lucinda-6 Goss 
Edward -7 Wales Blake 


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SHATSWELL , of Sibbertoft, Northants, Eng. , 

married Judith , probably before IbOO- Judith was a 

widow In 1627 when she lodged a complaint against William 
Smythe of Sibbertoft concerning Shatswell property located 
In that town. There Is no reason to think that Judith came 
to New England, but several of her children did. The name 
Is found in the Essex County, Mass., records, spelled var- 
iously: Shatswell, Satchwell, Sachell, Sathell, Satswell, 
etc. The constant use of the name Theophllus by the descen 
dants of this family may be a clue to the name of Judith's 
husband . 

Known children of and Judith Shatswell: 

1 John^ , CI605. D. , Ipswich, Mass. ,1647. Deacon. Mist, 

CI626, ; son Richard. M.2d, Joanna (d. 

1648 (Pope) or I673 (Holman); 2 sons. John's will 
names "my brother & sisters' children that are here 
In New England. .. .brother Theophllus Shatswell, bro- 
ther Curwln, and sister Webster , " the last to have 
"shout seaven yards of stuff to make her a sute . and 
alsoe a yonge heiffer thought to be wth calfe." 

2 Mflry , cl6lO. 

3 Daughter [Judith?], cl6l2. M.,cl633, William Sargent, 

(cl6lO-l675) ; 1 dau. He m.2d,cl64o, Elizabeth, dau. 
of John and Judith Perkins; 6 chil.; and 3d,l570,Mrs 
Joanne [Pindar] Rowell ( CI621-I690) . Joanna m. 3rd, 
1676, Richard Currier (d.1687). 
k Theophllus, I5l7 (deposed I659 age 45). D. , Haverhill , 
M'iss.,l663. M.cl642, Susanna^ [Hannlel^ ?] Bosworth; 
3 daus . by I651. 

5 Margaret. Named in mother's suit. M.,cl626, Matthias 

Curwln (CI60O-I658) ; 3 chil. (Had son Theophllus.) 

6 William. Probable son. Mentioned in Ipswich records. 

MARY ^ SHATSWELL wfis born in England about I61O. She 
married first about l624, perhaps in England, John Webster. 
He was born In England about I605, and died shortly before 
September l646 In Newbury, Mass., where on 10-29-1647 Mary 
married John Emmery. He wss born in Romsey, Hampshire , Eng. 
on 3-29-1599, and died in Newbury on II-3-I683. Mary died 
there on 4-27-169^. See WEBSTER and EMERY for descent to 
Edward-7 Wales Blake. See John-1 Shatswell, above, also. 

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RALPH ^ SHEPARD vas born about I606, perhaps In Lon- 
don, England. His wife's name was Thanks, sometimes given 
as Thankslord, her parentage unknown. She was born about 
1612, but her death has not been found. She was alive In 
1669. Ralph presumably outlived her, as his gravestone In 
Maiden, Mass., states he died on 9-11-1693 aged 90. 

He was a tailor by trade, probably an officer In the 
Drapers' Guild and a citizen of London. This was In the 
seventeenth century when membership In a guild was consid- 
ered an honor. Citizenship of London was acquired through 
the crafts after the time of Edward II, and the first Lord 
Mayor of London was a draper. 

The following is taken from "Ralph Shepard, Puritan": 
"He must have been Influenced by those troublous times in 
the reigns of James I and Charles I, when the people were 
struggling for political and religious liberty; for it was 
on the 24th of April, I634, when the infamous Archbishop 
Laud was persecuting the non-conformists, that Ralph was 
summoned before the Court of High Commissions, an ecclesi- 
astical court of very extensive jurisdiction. . .The sentence 
pronounced against 'Ralph Shepard of Limehouse Mldd.", as 
he is called, is not given, but it is most probable that he 
left England on that account. Limehouse was then a hamlet 
In Stepney Parish, St. Duns tan's in the East." 

Presumably he took about a year to get his affairs in 
order, and went aboard the ship Abigail, Robert Hockwell, 
Master, about the last of June 1635. The ship was in port 
at least from June 17 to July 10. when John Winthrop came 
aboard. His party consisted of Ralph Shepard 29, Thankes 
23, Sara2, and Edward Fountaine 28," listed as "p'rd p'r 
cert, from the minister and Justices according to the or- 
der." Since he was in trouble with the Church, it is not 
likely that he was certified by the Stepney minister, but 
by one at the port, many of whom officiated thus, in order 
to clear the ships . Ralph may have been a little over the 
age given, if his age was ninety In 1693 . 

Although his trade is given as tailor, his chief ac- 
tivities seem to have been in realestate. He was at first 
at Watertown. Mass., later was a first settler of Dedham, 
Mass., signing the Dedham Covenant with eighteen others. 
At the first recorded meeting of the Dedham Proprietors on 
8-18-I636, twelve-acre lots were set out for seven persons, 
among them Ralph Shepard and Philemon Dal ton . Ralph's two 
sons Thomas and John were probably born in Dedham. Still 
later he lived in Weymouth, Mass., where at least two sons 
were born, and where he was Viewer of Fences in 1645. He 
paid tl21 in 1643 for land in Rehoboth, Mass., had an al- 
lotment there in June 1644, and his name is signed to its 
first covenant, 7-3-1644, He was living in Maiden, Mass., 
in 1649 when he was chosen Ruling Elder of the church, and 
was made Freeman there in I65I. A petition was pi*esented, 
1651, to the Court, in behalf of the minister, Marmaduke 
Matthews, and Thankeslord Shephard was among the signers. 

He was Deputy to General Court of Mass., in I638. 


Although apparently well established in Maiden, he 
sold his home there and moved to Concord, Mass., where in 
1665 he purchased a farm from Lt. Joseph Wheeler. (He af- 
terwards deeded sixty acres of this property to the three 
children of his son Isaac who was slain by the Indians in 
1676.) On 3-25-1663 Dedham granted to "Raffe Shepheard two 
acres of medowe more or lesse as it lyeth betweene Philemm 
Dalton towards the East & Joseph Morse towards the West." 
There are many other records of land transactions . 

No will has been found, so he may have disposed of 
his property before his death. Charlestown records differ 
somewhat from his tombstone in the old Bell Rock Cemetery 
Maiden, giving the date of his death as 8-20-I693, which 
is thought to be the correct one. 

Children of Ralph and Thanks: 

1 Sarah2, Eng., cl633 (age 2, I635) . No further record. 

2 Thomas . CI635. 

3 John, prob. b. Dedham, CI637. D.I699. M.cl660, Sarah^ 

(Thomas^) Goble of Concord (I638-I717); 5 chil. 

4 Isaac, Weymouth, 6-20-1639. Inds.,1676. M.I667, 

Concord, Mary ^ (Samuel-^) Smedley; h chil. (See top 
of page.) Mary m.2nd, I676, Nathaniel Jewell; 3 ch. 

5 Trial, Weymouth, 12-19-1641. M., Maiden, I661, Walter 

Power of Nashoba (d.l708). [Dau. Mary (1663-I740) m. 
Chelmsford, Mass. ,1682, Joseph-3 ( Thomas -2. Thomas -l) 
Wheeler (b.1651); 8 chil.] 

6 Walter "of Sudbury." D., Sudbury, I719. 

7 Abraham, CI650. D. Concord, I7I6. M.I673, Judith Phil- 

brook (d.l7l6+), perhaps dau. of John Sill; 7 chil. 

8 Thanks, Maiden, 2-IO-I65I. Captured by Inds. in I675. 

M.1669, Peter Dill of Chelmsford (d.1692); 7 chil. 

9 Jacob, Maiden, 6-I6-I653. D.I676. No issue. 

10 Ralph? B.CI656. Prob. son. D., Dedham, 1712, age 56. 

THOMAS ^ SHEPARD is thought to have been born shortly 
after his parents landed, probably about I635, in Dedham, 
Mass. His age is given as forty-eight in I687, while his 
gravestone In Milton, Mass., says he died on 9-29-I719 in 
the 87th year of his age. He married on II-19-I658 in Mai- 
den, Hannah, daughter of Thomas Ensign of Scituate, Mass., 
the ceremony performed by Lieut. Marshall. Hannah was bap- 
tized in Hingham, Mass., on 7-6-1640, and her gravestone to 
the old Bell Rock Cemetery, Maiden, says she died aged 59 
years, on 4-14-1698. Thomas is said to have had a second 
wife named Joanna, surname not now known. See ENSIGN. 

There was formerly some doubt of Thomas' parentage, 
as no birth record can be found. The evidence that he was 
the son of Ralph-1 Shepard is cumulative: He was not Rev. 
Thomas Shepard 's son Thomas (also a minister); he named a 
son Ralph, not a common name at the time; his children had 
the same given names as those of Ralph-1, with the excep- 
tion of Hannah, named for her mother; the marriage records 


of Trial, known to be Ralph's daughter, and that of Thomas 
are the only Shepard marriages recorded in Maiden in the 
seventeenth century; the graves of Thomas' wife Hannah, and 
that of the elder Ralph, are the only Shepard graves in 

Thomas was living at Medford, Mass., in I657, but is 
usually called "Thomas Shepard of Maiden" to distinguish 
him from the better known Rev. Thomas Shepard, who was ap- 
parently not related. Like his father, he had many real- 
estate transactions. He owned land in Charlestown, Mass., 
as early as I658. In 1675 "Caleb Hart sold to Ed. Collins 
for ^.660, 500 acres in Meadford, now in the possession of 
Thomas Shepard, Daniel Markham and Thomas Willis." He was 
admitted to the Charlestown church in 1677, and was dis- 
missed to the church at Maiden in I690. 

Thomas was in Milton, Mass., when he made his will, 
and It was there he died. The will, dated 4-10-1719, and 
proved 12-22-1719, devised to son Ralph, to heir of John, 
to David and Joseph, the children of Hannah Blanchard. 

Children of Thomas and Hannah: 

1 Thomas'^. D.I726. Reed I676, beq. from \incle John En- 

sign (q. v.), 20 a. land. Res., Charlestown, Mass.. 
Bristol. R.I., and New Haven, Ct. M>. ,l68l, Hannah^ 
(George^, Thomas^) Blanchard; 8 chil., I683 - I698. 

2 Hannah. M.I68I, Joseph"' (George^, Thomas^) Blanchard 

(1654-1694); 7 chil. 

3 Ralph, Maiden, l-4?-l667. D., Milton, 1722. M.,cl693, 

Mary ; 8 chil. b. Brookline,Mass. , 1694-1706. 

4 John, Feb. 1646. D.l691,from wounds reed. at Quebec. M. 

1690, Persist (Samuel^, Thomas^) Pierce (1669-1748); 
1 dau. Persis m.2d, Wllliajn Rand (d.l747); 10 chil. 

5 Jacob. D.I717. M.I699, Mercy^ (Dr.Johnl) Chickering 

(b.l668); 5 chil., 1700 - 1710. 

6 Isaac , Charlestown, May, 1682. 

ISAAC ^ SHEPARD was born in May and baptized on July 
23, 1682, in Charlestown, Mass. He married on 12-31-1702, 
Elizabeth, the daughter of Joshua Fuller. The marriage is 
recorded in Medford, Mass., as having taken place in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Elizabeth was born on l-22-l6o0 in Newton, 
Mass. Isaac died in Norton, Mass., on 6-4-1724. smd Eliz- 
abeth married second in Weston, Mass., 9-7-1738, Abel Al- 
len, the ceremony performed by the Rev. William Williams. 
The date of her death has not been foimd. See FUTJiER . 

Clark says in I859 (History of Norton, Mass.): "He 
lived at the place now owned by Elkanah Wheeler, emd came 
to Norton about I707. . .Through his son Isaac was descended 
the celebrated Miss Mary Lyon, the founder of Mt. Holyoke 
College at South Hadley, Mass." (Her mother was Jemima-6, 
daughter of Deacon Isaac-5 Shepard, Jr.) 

In 1712 Isaac was taxed 6 s. 8d. towards a house for 
the minister in Norton. 



Children of Isaac and Elizabeth, all but Isaac born 
in Norton, Mass.: 

1 Isaac^, Vatertown, 1-19-1704. D.Medford,1785, age 80 . 

M.1729, Sarah^ (John 3,Danlel2 , John 1) Cheney (b.l706) 
Had chll., among them Deacon Isaac-5, grandfather of 
Miss Mary Lyon, foiinder of Mount Holyoke College. 

2 Elizabeth, 5-I3-I707. (Perhaps m. Weston, 1728, Benjamin 

Bullardj son Isaac b.l729. M. 2nd, 17^3, Aaron Rice.) 

3 Jonathan , 8-6-I709. 

4 Hannah, 8-2-1711. M.1730, Joseph'^ (Richard^, Richard^, 

Thomas 1) Norcross (1701-1789;j 9 chil., 1730 - 1751. 

5 Nathaniel, 2-I3-I713. See Jonathan-4. M.,1736, Mind- 

well"^ (Ebenezer^, John^) Woodward (b.l717); 10 chil. 

1737 - 1752. Mindwell m.2nd,cl754, Everett; 

4 chil., 1755 - 1760. 

6 Sarah, 3-2-1715- 

7 Noah, 2-22-1717. M. 1st, Norton, 1739, Margaret^, John* , 

Hon.Ebenezer3, Deacon Simon2, Deacon Simon l) Stone, 
(1718-1747); 3 chll. M., 2nd, Coventry, Ct., 1747, 
Abigail Gleason (1728-I819); 7 chil. 

8 Jacob, 12-12-1721. 

JONATHAN * SHEPARD was born, Norton, Mass., 8-6-I709. 
He married in Coventry, Conn., I2-23-I736, Love, daughter 
of Jonathan Palmer. She was born in Stonington, Conn., on 
3-3-1717- Her death has not been foimd. Jonathan married 
a second wife, Polly Underwood, in New Hampshire, and they 
had a daughter, but nothing concerning mother and daughter 
has been found. Jonathan's death is also unknown. He was 
alive In Alstead, N.H., in I776 . See PALMER , Connecticut. 

Jonathan was fifteen when his father died, leaving 
eight children. His grandfather, Joshua Fuller, although 
married three times, had many daughters but no sons, and 
in his will he stated that he brought up ten boys, naming 
among them Jonathan and Nathaniel Shepard. The latter re- 
mained in Norton, but for some reason Jonathan went south 
to Coventry, Conn., where he was married, and all his ten 
children bom. In 1747 his brother Noah, a widower, mar- 
ried and settled there. 

In 1768 Jonathan and his seven sons went all the way 
from Coventry through Massachusetts to New Hampshire, and 
settled in what is now Alstead. Other Coventry families 
that settled in Alstead were the Carpenters, Kingsburys, 
and Cooks. Marion Rawson has mentioned the Shepards of- 
ten in her book on Alstead (New Hampshire Horns a Town ) : 
"The Chases of Cornish and the Bellows of Walpole, and 
later the Shepards of The Town were noted for their tribal 
numbers and their advanced type of citizenship. .. .In 1771, 
the first real highway was surveyed and laid out from Surry 
to the home of Jonathan Shepard. .. .Later we shall see that 
all roads were aimed at his door rock for several years... 
It was General Amos Shepard, however, who was to make the 
greatest mark in the world, both at home and in the State. 


At one end of the Common he raised his first large home, 
tavern size, and there dispensed The Town's hospitality... 
Here Amos kept the one slave in The Town, Old Abbie....The 
first official graveyard was across the road from the home 
of Jonathan Shepard, at the end of the Common." 

In April 1776, preceding the national Declaration of 
Independence, the so-called "Association test" was sent to 
all the colonies for signature. In New Hampshire it was 
called the Declaration of Intentions: 

"We the subscribers do hereby solemnly engage and 
promise that we will to the utmost of our Power at 
the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes with Arms op- 
pose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets 
and Arms against the United American Colonies." 

Jonathan and his sons Simeon (the Blake ancestor), Joshua, 
Nathaniel, Roswell, aind gramdson Oliver all signed this. 
Even though Jonathan at sixty-seven, was too old to fight, 
and it has not been proved that Simeon was a soldier, the 
signing of this document marks them as patriots, and gives 
eligibility to their descendants to membership in the Sons 
or Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Children of Jonathan and Love, recorded in Coventry: 

1 Prudence^, 6-25-1738. (A Manwaring name.) M.,1763, 

John Ladd (d.1738 age 56). Prudence d. 1739 age 91. 

1 Palmer^, 3-6-I765. (Ladd) 

2 John, 2-24-1767. " 

3 Hannah, I-I3-I76-. " 

4 Prudence, 3-3-I768. " 

5 Susannah, 9-11-1772. " 

2 Jonathan, 1-6-1740 Cordwalner. Fought in Revolution. 
M., Hannah Benjamin of Hartford.Ct. ; 6 sons, 1 dau. 
(Amo36 b. Alstead, N.H.. 11-22-1775.) 

3 Oliver, 12-9-1742. D.I830. Merchant; captain; "first 
orcharder and librarian. Ensign in Rev. 9 years in 
N.H. Legislature. M.1775, Zerviah Hatch (cl755-l825) . 

1 Zerviah^ , 7-20-1776. 

2 William, 3-6-I778. D.l84l. M.cl799. Sally Fisher 

1 Amos''', 3-18-1800. D.I873. M. 1831, Abigail Flet- 
cher (1803-1873). Children: Cyrus^ , Sarah S., 
Harvey E., Norman A., William C. 

2 Cyrus, 4-23-l805. 

3 Maria, 5-17-l8ll. 

4 Willard, 3-I5-I813. 

3 Oliver, 4-19-1779. M. Cynthia Chil.: 

J Alanson''' 5-6-I805. 

2 Maria, II-27-I806. 

3 Oliver, 3-18-1816. D.,1876. M.,cl851, Susan' 
(Gardners, Simeon S. jjsnathnji^ ) Shepard (1827- 
1887). Chll., William Henry8, 1852-54; Ella 
N. (m. L.F.Wood. Res. Keene, N.H.); Herman A., 
(res. Worcester, Mass.) 

4 Patty, 11-4-1780. 


4 Nathaniel^, 10-8-1744. D.I836. Deer reeve. Rev. sol- 

dier. M. Lola Marvin (cl755-l8ll) ; no chll. 

5 General Amos, 1-2-174?. D.l8l2. In Revolution. Pres. 

State Senate. "For about 35 years most conspicuous 
man in Alstead. . .as to wealth, influence, and public 
service." M., Thankful Cadwell of Hartford. Conn., 
(cl746-l847); no chil. 

6 Anne, cl751. D.Coventry, 1821. M. Silas^ (Jonathan^) 

King (1746-1822). Signed N. H. Declaration. 

7 Simeon . 1-23-1752. 

8 Joshua, 12-3I-I753. Rev. soldier. M. Lucy Farnsworth 

1 LucyS, 4-4-1782 or 3. 

2 Cadvell, I-I5-I785. D. yg. 

3 Cadwell, 10-17-1786 

4 Joshua, 11-12-1788. 

5 Chauncy, 3-22-1791. 

6 Polly, 10-14-1793. 

7 "Babe," 8-19-1795- 

9 Roswell, 9-9-1756. Rev. soldier, D.1776 of smallpox. 

Unmarried. Estate divided among brothers and sister. 
10 Love, 10-10-1758. (A Manwaring name.) M. Alstead, N.H. , 
after 4-24-1788, Daniel Moreley. 2 sons; 3 daus . 

SIMEON S SHEPARD was born on 1-23-1752 in Coventry, 
Conn. He married on 2-1-1776, in Alstead, N. H. , Rachel, 
daughter of Deacon Simon Brooks. She was born in Grafton, 
Mass., 12-18-1752, and died in Alstead in March I838, sur- 
viving Simeon, who drowned there on 8-9-I832. See BROOKS . 

Simeon went to Alstead with his father in I768. His 
marriage is recorded in Alstead: "Simeon Shepard, res., Al- 
stead, married Rachael Brooks res , Graf ton, Feb.l, I776." 
He signed the New Hampshire Declaration of Intentions with 
his father and brothers, and may have fought in the Revo 
lution with his brothers, but no record has vet been f oxmd. 

Mrs Rawson (New Hampshire Borns a Town) says: "Early 
settler Simeon, of the important Shepard family which c€ime 
in 1768, as an old man took to hxinting the lovely colored 
minerals of New Hampshire, treading the various Town 
streams iintil one day his foot slipped and he fell to his 
death in a few Inches of water, aged eighty." Their tomb- 
stones in the old cemetery In Alstead say Simeon died aged 
eighty and Rachel died aged seventy-eight. 

Children of Simeon and Rachel, born in Alstead: 

1 Roswell^, 7-24-1777. D.1874. M.1798, Polly^ (Oliver-) 

Hambim (1778-I808); 5 chil. 

2 Rachel, 9-^-1779- Alive in 1790. 

3 Sarah, 9-4-1781. Alive in 1790. 

4 Simeon, 1783. D.I806 "in 21st year." 

5 Prudence , 4-14-1786 

6 Polly, 2-29-1788 

7 Gardner, 3-II-I790. D.I86I. M.lst, Nancy ;(cl797- 

l822h 2 daus. d. yg. M.2nd, Sarah Merrlfleld (d., 
1865). He had 12 chil. Chil. of Sarah on next page. 


Nancy 7 Sarah, Henry, Moses, all d. yg. 
Charles. Res. So. Deerfield, Mass. 
Phillppa. M.,J. V. Greene. Res. Alstead. 
Simner G. M., Ann M. Stratton (I836-I866) . Res. Vt. 
Susan. M., Oliver''' (Oliver^, Oliver^, Jonathan*, 
Isaac ^, Thomas 2, Ralph ^) Shepard (l8lb-1876), q.v. 
8 Luke, 6-10-1792. Prob. m. , Boscaven, N. H., l827,Mary 
Adams. Son Luke m. , Boscaven, 185^, Mehl table Marden. 

PRUDENCE ^ SHEPARD vas born on 4-14-1786 in Alstead, 
N, H, She married in March I806 Joseph, son of Seth Blake. 
She was the seventh generation named Prudence. The first 
was Prudence Esse who married Oliver Manwaring in England, 
1618. Joseph was born in Dorchester. Mass., on 4-18-1785. 
Prudence, his first wife, died on 6-4-1828, in Brookfield, 
Vt. Joseph soon married a second wife, Rebecca Williams, 
who died in Brookfield on 11-^8-1852, age fifty-six. When 
he was seventy years old, in Brookfield, 4-19-1855, Joseph 
took a third wife, Abigail Brooks of Randolph, Vt., where 
both died, Joseph on 9-7-1865, and Abigail on 4-26-1878. 

Isaac-3 Shepard m. 1702, Eli2abeth-3 Fuller 

Jonathan-4 Shepard m. I736, Love-4 Palmer 

Simeon-5 Shepard m. 1776, Rachel-6 Brooks 

Prudence-6 Shepard m. I806, Joseph-6 Blake 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. I858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 


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bridge, Ashfield, and Littleton, Mass., and Concord, 
N. H. . Vital Records. 

SHORE 223 

SAMPSON SHORE vaa born in England, the date not now 
known. The fact that he named his first son Jonathan, also 
two later ones (of whom only the last one lived), may in- 
dicate that his father's name was Jonathan. He and Abigail 
Benson were married in England about 1639. No death re- 
cords have been found for either. 

The Shores lived in Bideford, Devonshire, when their 
first child was born. They soon went to America, settling 
In Boston, Mass., where he was a very well-to-do tailor. 
They evidently left their first child, Eunice , in England, 
with relatives, as there is no record of her here before 
she came here with her husband, Charles Glidden. Sampson 
was admitted townsman of Boston on ll-29-l64l. He joined 
the First Church of Boston 1-29-16^2, and was made Freeman 
5-18-16^2. A son Jonathan was born in Boston, 6-12-16^3. 

Boston records show that: In 16^3 he had "liberty 
granted to make wharfes towards the sea before his proper- 
ty." In 1648 he sold a house and garden to Edward Goodwin. 
In 1651 he owned two dwelling houses with gardens. One of 
his properties is listed as "One house and garden, joined 
with Matthew Chaffee on N.E.; the Cove on S.E.; John Hill, 
S.vr.; and the streete on N.W." This was perhaps his home. 
In 1652 he bought a house from John Angler, and sold it to 
Theodore Atkinson later that year. In 1655 he and several 
others were fined 10 s. apiece for their chimneys being on 
fire. In I655 and I668 he is mentioned in the settling of 
three estates. In I676 he deeded a dwelling house and land 
in Boston, next to his son James, to Sampson Shore Junior, 
for iilOO, to be paid by I686. Sampson Junior was dead by 
2-3-I679, when his father administered the estate, assign- 
ing this debt "which his son Sampson Shore Junior late of 
Hull had failed to pay, " three-fourths to daughter Abigail 
Hudson, and one -fourth to daughter Eunice Gliding . There 
are many records of land transactions in Boston. 

One writer says he appeared before the General Court 
several times charged with non-conformity with the Puritan 
laws that existed in Boston, and then sought a more conge- 
nial atmosphere elsewhere. The only court record follows: 
"5-23-1650, Sampson Shore offringe himself e for a testimo- 
ny in the case of 9 bushells of pease, before xprest which 
were forfeited for not being entred, when he went out of 
the Court sajd we had ben as good have taken the pease out 
of his howse; being required, gave no satisfaction, & is 
therefore finned for his offencive speach 40 s." We know 
he was still in Boston twenty-eight years later, and there 
was a Sampson Shore listed as an inhabitant of Boston in 
1695* though this may have been the son of Sampson Junior. 

Children of Sampson and Abigail, all except Eunice 
recorded in Boston: 

1 Eunice ^. England, cl640. 

2 Jonathan, 6-12-1643. Bap., Boston, 6-l8-l643. D. yg. 

3 Jonathan, 5-3-1644. D. same month. 



4 Sampson , bap. First Ch. Boston, 1-26-1645, age abt l4 

days. Res., Hull, Kass . Estate admin. 2-3-I679 by 
father. M. Mar:y^ (Capt .Bezaleel^ and Mary [Green- 
ough] Payton (b.l646). Son Sampson 3rd gave p/a to 
vife Mary in 1694, proved by witnesses, I705. Chil.: 
1 Jol:ui3, b. & d. 1695. 2 Mary, b. & d. 1697- 
3 Susanna, I699. 4 John, 1702. Perhaps others. 

5 Abigail, bap. 9-14-1647, age about 7 days. D. yg. 

6 Jonathan, bap. 4-29-1649, age about 6 days. Res. Lynn. 

Mass. M.I669, PriSGilla2 (John^) Havthorne (b.l649) 
4 chil. 

7 Abigail, 12-6-1653. M.,l3t,l674, Samuel^ (Frances^ , 

William!) Hudson (b.1650); 4 chil. M. before 1707, 
Williajn Clough. 

8 Elizabeth, 6-25-1657. D. I657. 

9 James, bap. 2-2-1659. Ovned land in Boston in I676. 

10 Susanna, 5-20-1660. Bap. as Hannah, 5-27-1660. D.I66I. 

11 Anne, 8-I6-I663. D. l664 . 

12 Edward? Wife Frances. Dau. Abigail b. Boston, 1682. 

EUNICE ^ SHORE was born about l640 in England, proba- 
bly in Bideford, Devonshire. She seems to have been left 
with relatives in England, perhaps to be brought over when 
her parents were settled in America. She married in Bide- 
ford on 4-7-1658, Charles, son of Richard Glidden. Charles 
was born about 1632, probably in Buckland Brewer, Devon. 
The Gliddens came to New England after the birth of their 
first child. The next child was born in November I66I, in 
Boston, Mass. Charles and Eunice were living in 1707, in 
Exeter, N. H. , but no further records, of their deaths or 
otherwise, have been found. See GLIDDEN . 

Eunice -2 Shore m, 

Richard-2 Glidden m, 

Jonathan-3 Glidden m. 

Jonathan-4 Glidden m. 

Jonathan-5 Glidden m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m, 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

1658, Charles-l Glidden 

cl686, Sarah [Gilman?] 

1729, Margaret-3 Bean 

CI757, Molly-3 Pottle 

CI785, Ellzabeth-5 Ladd 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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Boston Vital Records. 


JOHN SMITH was born InToxteth, Lancashire, England. 
His first wife was Mary Ryder of Toxteth. Mary died soon 
after their arrival in America. His widow's name was Kath- 
arine, not yet identified, but thought to be the mother of 
all his children except the first Mary. John died in Dor- 
chester, Mass., survived by Katharine, who died in Boston, 
Mass., on 7-17-1710, "age 90." 

The History of Dorchester tells of the movement to 
colonize eastern New England, "when the edicts of the star 
chamber and the despotism of the hierarchy first suggested 
the idea of emigration," giving an account of the Expedi- 
tions of 1620, 1624, 1628, and 1629. "in 1629, the Massa- 
chusetts charter received the great seal, and early in I630 
three ships sailed from the Isle of Wight for Salem, with 
three hundred passengers .. .Great pains were evidently tak- 
en to construct this company of such materials as should 
compose a well-ordered settlement, containing all the ele- 
ments of an independent community. .. .Two devoted ministers 
were selected, and three persons of military experience, 
viz.: Captain John Mason, Captain Richard Southcote, and 
Quartermaster John Smith... as forcible resistance from the 
Indians might render the skill and discipline which these 
Gentlemen had acquired \mder DeVere in the campaign of the 
Palatinate on the continent, an element of safety essential 
to the enterprise." This is usually called the "Vinthrop 
Fleet." Many Blake ancestors came with it — Thomas Alcock, 
John and Sarah Goss (possible ancestors), the Philbricks, 
the Wolcotts, the Vassalls, the Mills, the Beamsleys, the 
Stowes, perhaps the Clapps (certainly Roger Clapp) , Haw- 
kinses, Fletchers, and even William Blake. 

Quartermaster John Smith retained that title all his 
life, which helps to distinguish him from other John Smiths 
In Massachusetts during his time. He was a brewer and had 
a malt house. He was granted land In Dorchester 4-3-1633, 
and was one of the ten men selected (selectmen) in I634 to 
order the affairs of the plantation. He is on the list of 
Freemen who signed or owned the covenant of the First Dor- 
chester Church, reconstituted on 8-23-I636. He filled var- 
ious offices in the town, and for twenty years was fre- 
quently assigned to run out lots. In I652 Massachusetts 
General Court confirmed his being chosen Quartermaster of 
the troop of the Suffolk Regiment. 

After a few years in Dorchester, he returned to Eng- 
land for his family, and Influenced Rev. Richard Mather of 
Toxteth to accept an invitation from the Dorchester Church 
to come and preach there. Rev. Thomas Prince, the great- 
grandson of John Smith, wrote that "the two families came 
up ... to Bristol, in order for New England in April l635, 
young Nathaniel, the son of Mr. Mather, being carried on 
one side In a pannier, and Mary on the other, as I have 
often heard her say." While on board the ship James wait- 
ing for it to leave, Mr. Mather wrote in his journal, Mon- 
day, 6-15-1635, "I went on shore to Nangle with my wife 


and the children, John Smith and his wife and Mary, Susan 
Michel and divers others. It vas a fair day and we walked 
In the fields and at a house got some milk &c wherewith we 
were much refreshed and came on board again at evening." 

His will of 12-28-1676 was proved on 7-25-1678. He 
bequeathed to wife Katharine, daughter Mary Pelton, son 
John "and other children." John, who was to have a double 
portion of the estate, was to live with his mother and be 
helpful to her in its management "for thelre comforts .... 
When any of my children come to chang there condition and 
marry, my wife may supply them with something to begin 
withal what she can best part wlthall, and keep an exact 
account what she letteth them haue to begin the world with 
that it may be dlscoimted as part of there portion when a 
flnall divission is made.... My daughter Mary Pelton hath 
receaued something already and my will Is It should be ac- 
counted oneward of her part." The codicil explains the two 
Marys: "Whereas tls sd: My daughter mary hath receaued part 
of her p'tlon — tls to bee understood of Mary Pelton who 
hath Receaved about 1,20 or more, as by my booke page I66 
will apeare . As for my daughter Mary Hlnkley, she is paid 
wt I p'mised upon her maryage to mr. Nathanyell Glouer, as 
will apeare by a writing vnder her hand and seale barelng 
date the lst:9:l660, wch was a Considerable some & There- 
fore I doe not glue her anything...." His wife Katharine 
was appointed executrix. An Inventory was filed 8-3-I678, 
by the widow,* and after her death another one was filed by 
Samuel Bayley, husband of Deliverance, dated II-I-I7IO. 

Only child of John and Mary, first wife: 

1 Mary^, B. England, 7-2O-I63O. D.,1703. M.,lst, I652, 

Nathaniel^ (John^) Olover (I63O-I657); 3 chll. M.2d, 
1660. Hon. Thomas Hinckley of Barnstable, Mass. (1619- 
1705); 7 chll. Of her Rev. Thomas Prince wrote: "At 
Barnstable to the day of her death, she appeared and 
shone In the eyes of all as the loveliest and bright 
est woman for beauty , knowledge , wisdom, Majesty, ac- 
complishments and graces throughout the Colony. ' 

Probable children of John and Katharine, second wife: 

2 Elizabeth? Bap., Dorchester, 12-19-1647. 

3 Anna? Bap., Dorchester, 9-7-1651. 

4 Mary, perhaps the Mary bap. 6-17-1655- Widow in 17OO. 

M.I673, by Lt.Gov.Stoughton, to Samuel^ (John^) Pel- 
ton (b.l646). Res., Roxbury. Had dau. Deliverance, 
son John, and dau. Mary b. I678. 

5 John, bap. IO-I2-I656. In I676 church list, "age 19- " 

6 Waltstlll, b. Dorchester, 12-II-I658. 

7 Samuel. Dorchester record says b.3-18-1658 "or I659." 

8 Deliverance (dau.), 2-21-1661. Bap., 2-24-l66l, Dor- 

chester, "the daughter of John Smith, being about a 
month old." In lb76 church list, "age I6." M.,bef. 
1698, Samuel Bayley; had chll. Adm. was granted 



8-3O-I7IO to Samuel Bailey on estate of John Smith, 
"late of Dorchester, deed., left unadmln. by Katha- 
rine Smith, Relict, Widow and Administratrix of his 
last Will & Testament, now also deed." 5-26-1714, in 
Boston, "in Answer to Petition of Ssimuel Bailey who 
Intermarried with Deliverance Daughter of John Smith 
some time of Dorchester, Malster, decd.& Administra- 
tor de Bonis non cum Testamentls annexo ... Praying to 
be Impowered to make Sale of some Rights & divisions 
of undivided Out Lands of the said Smith, In Dorches- 
ter, for Discharge of a Debt to the Value of ^50 ow- 
ing to him for the necessary Support, Sickness, Nurs- 
ing, and Funeral Charges of Katherlne, Relict Widow 
... - Charles Davenport who Intermarried with one 
other of the Daughters joining In... Ordered that the 
Petitioners be Impowered to make Sale... to the Value 
of t27. Is. Id... to be to the Use of the said Bailey 
to discharge his Debt." Passed 6-25-1714. 
9 Samuel, 12-26-1662. Bap. 12-28. In 1676 list, age I3. 

10 Sarah, Dorch., 4-9-1665, "dau. Quartermaster Smith." 

11 Abigail, Dorch., 8-3I-I668, "dau. " 

12 Joseph, Dorch., 5-3O-I67I, "son of " " the 

day before election. Died about a Month after." 

WAITSTILL^ SMITH was born on 12-II-I658 and baptized 
In the Dorchester church the next day. In I676 her age is 
given as seventeen in a "Cattalog of the names of all the 
children of the church above the age of Sixteen years... to 
give their p'ticular Consent to Submitt to the Goverment 
of Christ in & by his Church." Not long after, she married 
Charles, son of Thomas Davenport of Dorchester, her first 
child being born in 1679. Charles died on 2-1-1720 in Dor- 
chester, where Waltstlll died on 8-9-1747- See DAVENPORT. 

Waitstill-2 Smith 
Sarah-3 Davenport 
Rellef-3 Leadbetter 
Seth-5 Blake 
Joseph-6 Blake 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 

m. CI678, Charles-? Davenport 

m. 1702, Increase-? Leadbetter 

m. 1736, Ebenezer-4 Blake 

m. 1772, Rook3by-5 Marshall 

m. 1806, Prudence -6 Shepard 

m. 1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Olldden 

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228 SMITH 

RICHARD ^ SMITH was born in Shropham, County Norfolk, 
England, the date not known, and he seems to have returned 
there. He and Richard Junior are much confused in the few 
records to be fovmd, so all one can be sure of is the fol- 

He was a collier, and one of the proprietors of Ips- 
wich, Mass., in l64l. In that year he and a Thomas Smith 
were commoners — had the right of pasturage on the common 
lands. At Court held at Boston on 10-17-16^3 he and three 
others were "appointed to fetch the cattle from Providence." 
In 1645 he was in difficulties with the officers of town, 
and was bold enough to assert his rights, saying "though 
the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were against him, yet he 
had the Victory..." He was sentenced to make acknowledge- 
ment of his blasphemy or pay a fine in addit-^on to the kO 
shillings already levied. The last mention of him is found 
in Salem Quarterly Court, 10- 27-1553 > when it was deposed 
that "...another one of the four Scots was let to I-.i-chard 
Smith, collier, for which Mr. Giffard bargained with him 
to give l4s. 6d. per week from 3-l6-until 9-I6-I653." He 
is said to have returned to England, and it was probably 
his son Richard who was on the Jury for Trials in Salem in 
1693* This was the jury which found nothing against thir- 
ty persons who were indicted for witchcraft, thus ending 
the Salem witch trials. 

Children of Richard and unknown wife : 

1 Elizabeth ^. 

2 Richard. cl640. D.,17l4, "age 82." M.,l660, Hannah^ 

(John^) Cheney of Newbury (1642-1722); 9 chil. 

3 Mary. D. Ipswich, I708. M.,lst, Philip Call (d.l662) 

2 sons. M.2nd,cl664, John Burr (d.l673); 4 chil. 

4 Martha. (M. John Rogers, sadler and inn keeper?) 

ELIZABETH ^ SMITH vas probably bom in England. She 
married in Ipswich, Mass., shortly before 9-28-1647, Ed- 
ward Gilman Junior. He was baptized in Hlngham, Eng., in 
1617, and waa lost on a voyage to England in I653. Eliza- 
beth was appointed administratrix of his estate in Exeter, 
N. H., in 1655. See GILMAN Second Line, for lineage down 
to Edward-7 Wales Blake . 


New England Register, Vol. 2:175. 

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Vol. 2:96. 
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SOPER 229 

CAPTAIN JOSEPH ^ SOPER is the first of this family in 
New England. He married in Boston, Mass., 5-6-I656, Eliz- 
abeth, daughter of Mr. Thomas Alcock. They were married by 
Governor John Endicott. Elizabeth, being born in Dedham, 
Mass., on 10-4-1638, was not yet eighteen. Joseph's es- 
tate was administered on I-3O-I683, probably shortly after 
his death. By I685, Elizabeth was married to a man neuned 
Helman, but nothing further has been learned regarding her 
later life. See ALCOCK . 

As Joseph is called a mariner in the records, he may 
have been captain of a ship on which the Alcocks sailed to 
or from England, thus meeting his future wife. 

Suffolk County deeds reveal a little. In 1665 Joseph 
Soper bought a dwelling house with land, in Boston, paying 
L42 sterling. A deed of 6-23-I685, John Soper, grantor, to 
Richaixl Cheever, grantee, involves the same property. It 
sets forth the provisions of the court when Joseph Soper 's 
estate was administered on I-3O-I683. John, calling him- 
self the eldest son of Joseph Soper, was to be paid i26; 
his mother, "Elizabeth Helman, late Soper" was to be paid 
il6, in lieu of her thirds; and provision was made to pay 
the other children iS each as they came of age, or were 
married. A receipt was attached for -L8, signed by James 
and Elizabeth Marshall , which identifies her as the daugh- 
ter of Joseph Soper. There were no other receipts. 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth, all but John being 
recorded in Boston: 

1 John^, CI657 (but listed as about 15 in I676) . A cord- 

walner. D.I713. Res .Hull, Mass . Sold father's est. 
in 1685. M.C1684, Mary ; 11 chil. by 1709- 

2 Joseph, Boston, I-5-I66O. D. inf. 

3 Elizabeth , 3-I3-I665. 

4 Joseph, 3-23-1666. M.CI69I, Margaret (d.l704) 

7 chil. Res. Hull. (Son Benjamln-3 Soper, mariner, 
m.1721, MaryS (john2, Johnl) Marshall ; 4 chil.) 

5 Thomas, 6-8-I668. Prob. d. bef. father. 

6 Samuel, IO-I8-I67O. D.I713. M. Mary Lymon; 2 chil. 

7 Mary, 12-1-1673 . Prob. d. yg. 

8 Mary, 5-28-1676. 

ELIZABETH ^ SOPER was born in Boston, 3-I3-I665. She 
married before 8-4-16b2, James, son of John Marshall. He 
was born in Boston on 9-29-1659 and was dead by 1694, sur- 
vived by Elizabeth, whose death is unknown. See MARSHALL . 


Giles Memorial, p. 352. 

Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 13:465. 

Boston Transctlpt, article on 8-19-1931- 

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was born in Engleind or Wales, about 

I5l5. About 1637 he married Anne, daughter of Dr. Thomas 
Lord. Anne was baptized on 9-l8-l6l4 In Towcester, North- 
amptonshire, England. Thomas died in Stonlngton, Conn., 
on 12-2-1677. Anne died shortly after making her will in 
1688. See LORD . 

The Stanton Genealogy gives credence to the family 
tradition that Thomas was born in Wales, but his ancestry 
has not as yet been ascertained. There was a Thomas Stan- 
ton baptized in Warwick, England, in I619, age three, son 
of Thomas Stanton, Gentleman, who had married a Katherine 
Washington in I616, but this Thomas and his sons after him 
matriculated at Oxford University, and never came here. 

Thomas Stanton, famous Indian interpreter, the immi- 
grant of this line, is thought to be the one recorded, age 
twenty, on the passenger list of the ship Bonaventure which 
sailed from England 1-2-1635, landing in Virginia. It was 
in Virginia that he acquired his knowledge of the Indian 
language in which he was so proficient, but he soon sailed 
for Boston. Just before the Pequot War he had been serving 
Governor Winthrop as Indian interpreter, and there is a re- 
cord of this adventurous young man, with two others, going 
overland in I636 to Winthrop in Boston, with instructions 
as to the Pequots. Caulkins says: "The services of Thomas 
Stanton as interpreter during the Pequot War were invalua- 
ble. He was moreover a man of trust and intelligence, and 
his knowledge of the country and of the natives made him a 
useful pioneer and counselor in all land transactions as 
well as difficulties with the Indians." Another record: 
"Sometime in April l637a3mall vessel arrived at the Fort, 
having on board Thomas Stanton, a man well acquainted with 
the Indian language and long useful to the colonial author- 
ities as interpreter." He served throughout the war, and 
special mention is made of his bravery in the battle of 
Fairfield Swamp, where he nearly lost his life. 

After the war he returned to Boston, where at the age 
of twenty-one he was a magistrate. It was about that time 
that he married. Anne Lord had come from England with her 
family in I635. They were of Rev. Thomas Hooker's party, 
which founded Hartford. Thomas and Anne lived in Hartford 
for some years, their first four children, and perhaps the 
fifth, being born there. In 16^3, after the Confederation 
of the New. England Colonies, he was appointed Interpreter 
General . There are a great many references to him in the 
Hartford historical records. 

He was a trader, among other activities. In 1648 he 
decided to move his business from Hartfoixi to the south- 
eastern part of the Colony, and in February 1649 the Court 
granted him the liberty to erect a trading house, with six 
acres on the Pawcatuck River "...and that none in his jur- 
isdiction shall trade within that River for the space of 
three years next ensuing." In I650 he was established in 
his trading house, and had his family with him. Caulkins 


says he was the first white inhabitant there. The trading 
house was on the west bank of the river at Pawcatuck Rock. 
The deep water of the channel touched the east side of the 
Rock, where vessels trading with him could easily receive 
and discharge their cargoes without the expense of erect- 
ing a wharf. The object of the trading house was to open 
trade with the coasting vessels which were cruising along 
our New England shores, gathering furs from the Indians 
and purchasing the surplus products of the planters, sell- 
ing them either in Boston or in the West Indies. 

About 1651 he removed his family to Pequot, now New 
London, where his last three children were born. No doubt 
there were many records of him in New London, but unfortu- 
nately the records were destroyed in 1781, when Benedict 
Arnold sacked and burned the town. 

About 1658 he went to what is now Stonington, Conn. 
The new settlement was called Southington, and was in Suf- 
folk County, Mass. In l662 King Charles II gave Connect- 
icut a new charter that Included Southington. In I665 the 
name was changed to Mystic, and in I667 it was changed per- 
manently to Stonington. William Chesebrough was the first 
settler, in 1649; the next was Walter Palmer , and Thomas 
Stanton was the third. The General Court appointed these 
gentlemen, together with Captain George Denison and Robert 
Park, managers of the settlement. 

In 1658 Stanton was appointed by the General Court as 
"one of the persons to order the prudential affairs of the 
Town." He was later made commissioner to try civil and 
criminal cases, perform marriages, which office he contin- 
ued to hold until his death. He was Deputy for Stonington 
to the General Court annually from 1666 \intil his death. 
His name is the first one on the roll of the First Congre- 
gational Church of Stonington, which he was instrumental 
in organizing in 1674. His son-in-law James Noyes was or- 
dained as its first pastor, and remained minister for more 
than fifty-five years. 

Walter Palmer was a much older man than Thomas Stan- 
ton, but the two were the warmest friends. Thomas was ap- 
pointed to take inventory of Palmer's goods and chattels 
when he died in 166I. A year later Hannah Stanton married 
the grandson of Walter Palmer. 

The several famous law-suits with which Stanton was 
connected are described at length in the Stanton Genealogy. 
He fought hard for what he considered his rights. In l644 
he entered suit for slander against one Joane Sipperance, 
for "the utter undoing of his wife's good name and almost 
taking away her life, and obtained a judgment. 

His will was proved in June I678. His widow, Anne, 
made her home with her daughter Dorothy, the wife of Rev. 
James Noyes, until her own death in I688, "age sixty-seven 
years." Her will, made in I688, mentioned "the fatherless 
child in Barbadies." This was Richard, son of Daniel who 
had established an office there for Stanton Brothers. The 
Inventory of her estate included two silver cups, and "an 
old Bible," appraised together at t49, a large sum. This 
Bible was no doubt the one left her by her mother, Dorothy 



Lord, who bequeathed to "her daughter Stanton her great 
brass pan and her great Bible." 

Children of Thomas and Ann, first six born in Hart- 
ford, last three in New London, Conn." 



on gravestone. 
(George^, Wil- 

Thomas2, 1638 D.I718. Called "Gent." 

Harvard Coll. cl65^. M.,1658, Sarah^ 

liaffil) Denison (1641-1701); 7 chil. 
John, 1641. D.1713- Harvard cl654. Capt. , K.Philips War. 

M.i664, Hannah, dau.or sis ., Rev. Vm. Thompson: 6 chil. 
Mary, 1643. D.I713. M.,l662, Samuel^ (James ■>•) Rogers 

(d.l713y; 9 chil. 
Hannah , 1644, 

Joseph, bap. Hartford, 3-21-1646. D.1714. M.lst,l673, 
Hannah 2 (William!) Mead of Roxbury (d.1676); 2 chil. 
M.2nd, Hannah 2 (Thomas 2, Thomas l) Lord (1656-I68I); 
2 chil. M.3rd, ; 3 chil. b. Westerly, R. I . 

Daniel, 1648. D.I687. Wife unknown. Lived in Barba- 
does. Left a son Richard, who signed a quit-claim. 

Dorothy, I65I, perhaps New London. D.,1743. M.,l674, 
Rev.James2 (Rev.Willlaml) Noyes (1639-I719); 7 chil. 

Robert, I653. D.1724. "Gent. "on tombstone. In K.Phil- 
ip's War. M.I677, Joanna^ ( Thomas 1) Gardiner; 8 chil. 

Sarah, I655. D.,1713. M.,lst,l676, Thomas 2 (Thomasl) 
Prentice (l64q-l683); 4 chil. M.2nd,l686, Capt.Wil- 
liam3 (George^, Williaml) Denison (d 1715); 3 chil. 

Samuel, 1657- Living, I71I . M., 1680, Borodell^, 
(George 2, William^) Denison (I65I-I702); 3 chil. 

HANNAH STANTON was born In Hartford, Conn., in l644. 
She married in Stonington, Conn., on 11-20-1662, Nehemiah, 
the son of her father's friend and close associate, Walter 
Palmer. He was born in Charlestown, Mass., on II-2-I637, 
and died in Stonington on 2-I7-I718, where Hannah died on 
10-17-1727, "age 83." See PALMER. 

Hannah- 2 Stanton m. 

Jonathan-3 Palmer m. 

Love-4 Palmer m. 

Simeon-5 Shepard m. 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m, 

Authorities : 

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1706, Mercy-2 Manwaring 

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ROWLAND 1 STEBBINS . son of Thomas Stebbins, was bap- 
tized on 11-5-1592 in St. Mary's Church, Booking, Essex, 
Eng. He married Sarah Whiting at St. Mary's on ll-30-l6l8w 
Sarah was buried in Springfield, Mass., on 10-4-1649, and 
Rowland died In Northampton, Mass., on 12-14-1671. 

On the passenger list of the ship Francis, sailing 
from Ipswich, Eng., the last of April 1634, were "Rowland 
Stebbins, 40, Sarah his wife, 43, four Children [ages giv- 
en), and one servant, Mary Winche, 15- " The Francis was 
one of the ships held up by order of the King, and Rowland 
did not take the oath of allegiance until the ship cleared 
the custom house on 11-12-1634. 

He is said to have been a friend of William Pynchon 
in England, and though he settled in Roxbury, Mass., I634, 
in 1639 the Stebbins family was living in Pynchon 's set- 
tlement, Springfield, Mass., where from time to time Row- 
land was granted land. His name appears in the list of 
Springfield townsmen in February l664, but later he moved 
to Northampton, Mass., where he was buried. His grave was 
discovered in I85O. 

His will was dated 3-I-I67O. It appointed "my much 
honored friend Capt. John Pynchon" (son of William) one of 
the overseers; son John to be executor; and after legacies 
were p>aid the rest of the estate to be equally divided be- 
tween his "two beloved sons Thomas and John." 

Children of Rowland and Sarah, born in England: 

1 Thomas ^, 1620. 

2 Sarah, cl623. D.1649. M.,l639, Thomas Merrick (1620- 

1704) of Wales* 5 chil. 

3 John, CI626. D.i679. M. ,1st, 1646, Widow Ann [Munsonl 

Munden (d.1656); 5 chil. M. 2nd, 1657, Abigail^ (Rob- 
ertl) Bartlett (d.,1689); 11 chil. Abigail m.,2nd, 
1681, Jedediah^ (John^) Strong (I637-I723); 1 child. 
Jededlah m.3rd. Widow Mary [Hart] Lee. 

4 Elizabeth. Buried in Booking 6-I5-I625. 

5 Elizabeth, cl628. D,1700. M.1647, John Clark (d.cl684) 

4 chil. 

THOMAS ^ STEBBINS was probably born in Booking, Essej^ 
about 1620, his age given as fourteen on the ship list of 
the Francis' In I634. He married in Springfield, November 
1645, Hannah, the daughter or possibly the sister, of Dea- 
con Samuel Wright. She died in Springfield on IO-I6-I660, 
and Thomas married there on 12-l4-l67o, Abigail, daughter 
of Henry Burt. She had married first about I623, Francis 
Ball, and second, in l649, Benjamin Mvmn. Thomas died in 
Springfield on 9-5-1683 and Abigail died there on 6-2-1707. 

Thomas was with his father in Roxbury and went with 
him to Springfield, where he made his home, having inher- 
ited half his father's estate. His occupation is given as 
tailor. He was chosen selectman In I652, 1653, and 1655, 


and was a witness to an Indian deed in 1653 • He is called 
Sergeant in the records until King Philip's War (1675-76), 
after which he is called Lieutenant Stebbins. He disposed 
of all his property to his children before his death, and 
left no will. His inventory amo'jnted to ii294 . 

Children of Thomas and Hannah, born in Springfield: 

1 Samuel-*, 9-19-1646. D.,1708. M.,lst,l679, Joanna^ 

(Johnl ) Lamb (d.1683); 2 chll. M.2nd,l688, Abigail^ 
(Williaml) Brooks (1666-1764); 8 chil. 

2 Thomas, 7-31-1648. D.1695. M.,lst.l672, step-sister, 

Abigail^ (Benjamin^) Munn (d.l692); 10 chil. M.2nd, 
1694, Mary [Day], widow of Samuel Ely. Mary m.,3rd, 
1696, John Coleman. 

3 Joseph, 5-18-1650. D. inf. 

4 Joseph, 10-24-1652. D.I728. M.I673, Sarah2 (Anthonyl) 

Dorchester (1653-1746); 10 chil. 

5 Sarah , 8-8-1654. 

6 Edward, 4-14-1656. D.1712. M. 1st, 1679, Sarah^ ( JohnM 

Graves (d.l700); 6 chil. M.2nd,1701, Mary^ (Thomas^) 
Cooper (1651-17^3), widow of Isaac Colton. 

7 Benjamin, 4-11-1658. D..I698. M.,lst, 1682, Abigail^ 

(Daniell) Denton (d.l689); 3 chil. M.2d,l690, Martha 
[Mary?] Graves (1654-1727), wld. Samuel Ball; 6 chil. 

8 Hannah, IO-I-I660. D.I677. ) <_„. , 

9 Rowland, 10-2-1660. D.I66I. ) ^^^^3- 

SARAH a STEBBINS was born in Springfield, Mass., on 
8-18-1654. She married there on 1-2-1671, Samuel, the son 
of Nathaniel Bliss. He was born there on 11-7-1647. In 
the distribution of her father's residuary estate Sarah re- 
ceived "one yoke oxen, a featherbed, and other things to 
the value of ^20, which was accepted by her husband as her 
full portion with what she had formerly." Sarah died on 
11-6-172! in Longmeadow, part of Springfield, but Samutl 
lived to the age of one hundred and two, dying in Longmea- 
dow on 6-19-1749. See BLISS . 

Sarah -3 Stebbins m. I67I, Samuel-3 Bliss 

Margaret-4 Bliss m. I701, Benjamin-3 Cooley 

Keziah-4 Cooley m. 1723, Philip-3 Goss 

Philip-4 Goss m. 1748, Hannah Ball 

Nathaniel-5 Goss m. I776, Rachel Gould 

Lucinda-6 Goss m. I8II, Samuel-6 Glidden 

Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glidden m. I858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


Stebbins Genealogy. 

Burt: First Century of Springfield, Mass., Vol. 2:639. 

Keeler-Wood Genealogy, p. 229. 

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Boston Transcript, 9-17-1930 (Booking records). 

STONE 235 

WILLIftM ^ ATTE STONE, born In Ardleigh, Essex, Eng. , 
was probably a great-grandson of Walter atte Stone who was 
born about 1285 in Little Bentley, Essex. Ardleigh is near 
Colchester and about fifty-five miles northeast of London. 
There are but three records of William atte Stone - a law- 
suit in 1398; he was on a jury in I4l5; and his death re- 
cord on the court roll in 1^31, at which time his son Wal- 
ter atte Stone succeeded to his copyhold in Ardleigh. From 
William, the line is traced down through seven recorded 
generations to Deacon Simon Stone and Deacon GREGORY STONE 
of Cambridge, Mass. 

WALTER ^^ ATTE STONE was born In Ardleigh about I39O. 
Only two records are found: he gave testimony in I4l6, and 
In 1431, "...To this court came Walter atte Stone and made 
fealty to the lord for a tenement and garden adjacent, held 
by copy of the court roll, which late was of William atte 
Stone, his father." The date of his death and the name of 
his wife are not known. The loss of Ardleigh Manor court 
rolls from I4l6 to 1^70 precludes positive legal proof of 
the name of his eldest son, but cumulative circumstantial 
evidence indicates that he was the father of at least: 

jOHN^ii ATTE STONE , born cl420, was the first of the 
family who occupied a small estate in Ardleigh, which for 
over four centuries was called "Barons." This was probably 
secured by him in 1468-9 • There are several court records 
of him and Barons. During his lifetime the use of the pre- 
fix "atte" went out of general use. At court, 12-11-1487, 
his son Walter appeared and made fealty to the lord for 
two crofts and a garden adjacent called Barons . . . "held by 
copy of court roll which late was held by his father." 

1 Walter^'^, cl445, eldest son. Succeeded to Barons est. 

D. prob. before 1500, without male issue. 

2 Simon , cl450. 

3 John, CI455. Father of a son b. cl480. 

4 George, cl460. M. Agnes Stalworthj 3 sons, 1 dau. 

SIMON lv ATTE STONE was born in Ardleigh cl450. He is 
mentioned in court rolls of manor of Bovllls in 1492 and 
I5OO-I. Held an estate of that manor called Walles and an 
estate in Great Bromley called Goodenes, where the Stones 
lived for nearly a hundred and fifty years. Simon's will 
of 5-12-1506 was proved 2-10-1511, and is in the British 
Museum in London. Its context indicates that he was a sub- 
stantial and prosperous yeoman. His direction to be bur- 
ied in the church is significant of his superior local po- 
sition, as only the landed gentry and the very wealthiest 
of the yeomanry secured burial within the church edifices, 
all others being burled in the churchyards. His wife was 
named Elizabeth. 



Children of Simon and Elizabeth, born in Gt. Bromley; 

1 David^, cl480. 

2 Walter, cl483. 

3 Michael, cl486. 

4 William, cl488, 

(See SlmonVi, below.) 

Mentioned in father's will, I506. 

Mentioned in father's will, 1506. M, 

CI512, Joane Stevens; 5 chil, 

DAVID^ STONE was born In Great Bromley about 1480. 
As eldest son and termed "Davy Stone" he was an executor 
of the will of his father in 1506, and inherited the Good- 
enes estate. He was taxed in 1524, and witnessed wills in 
1523 and 1537. About 1540 he removed to Kirby-le-Soken, 
about six miles east, and "Davye Stonne" appears on the sub- 
sidy of 1542. After 1543 his place on the roll is taken by 
Simonde Stone, evidently his son. No will has been found, 
but evidence available indicates beyond a doubt that he was 
father of at least John and Simon, and probably Thomas and 
Matthew. His wife's name is not found. 

1 John^i, CI505. 

2 Simon , CI507. 

3 Thomas, cl510. 

4 Mathew, cl515. 


M.CI535, Margery 

4 chil. 

M.CI540, dau. of John Speed; 2 chil, 
Father of a son Matthew. 

SIMON^-L STONE was born about I507. He was probably 
given by his uncle Walter Stone the estate called "Church- 
gate" or "Hunts." He succeeded his father in the Klrby-le- 
Soken subsidy, but in 1545 he disappears from Kirby and is 
assessed In Great Bromley on three subsidies, lived there 
until his death, and acquired considerable landed property 
there. He and his second cousin Robert Stone were church- 
wardens there in 1552, a mark of local distinction. He was 
married about 1533- His will of 7-27-1557 names his wife 
Agnes and his three sons: 

1 Johnvll, CI535. 

2 David , CI540. 

3 Richard, CI545. 




M.CI558, Mary 

Wife Joane. 10 chil. 

second son of Simon, was born about 

1540. In 1557 his father bequeathed to him -£.15 and other 
goods. He married first on 7-IO-I566, Elizabeth Hewlt, who 
died near I582, and he married second, about 1584, Ursula 

He sold land in 1591, and in 1597 he was living in 

Great Bromley, but burial registers are lost, and he seems 
to have left no will. 

Children of David and Elizabeth, born in Gt. Bromley: 

1 Davld^i^^, bap. 7-21-1 68 

chil. M.2nd, Barbara - 

2 Margery, bap. 3-10-1570. 

3 Elizabeth, bap. 2-2-1572. 

4 John, bap. 12-6-1573. 

M.159O, Frances West; 3 

STONE 237 

5 Prances'^/ bap. 5-12-I576. Prob. m.l600, John Upshore. 

6 Matthew, bap. 9-28-1578. M.I602, Mlrable Crook; 1 son. 

7 Agnes, bap. 3-I9-I581. 

Children of David and Ursula, born in Gt. Bromley: 

8 Simon, bap. 2-9-1586,. D.I665. Res., Watertown, Mass. 

M.lst, 1616, Joan'^ (William^) Clarke (cl596-cl654) ; 
7 chll. M. ,2nd,cl655, Sarah [Baker], widow of Rich- 
ard Lumpkin. She d. I663. 

9 Ursula, bap. 6-2-I588. M.I6IO, William Church. 

10 Mary, bap. 10-11-1590. [M.I616, William Tawler?] 

11 Gregory , bap. 4-19-1592. Emigrated to New England. 

DEACON GREGORY 1 STONE was baptized in the parish of 
Great Bromley, Essex, Eng., on 4-19-1592. He married first 
on 7-2O-I617, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Garrad, in Nay- 
land, Essex. Margaret was baptized there on 12-5-1597, 
and was buried there on 8-4-l62o. Gregory married second, 
about 1627, perhaps at Dedham, Essex, Mrs. Lydia Cooper, a 
widow, who came to New England with him. He died in Cam- 
bridge. Mass., on II-3O-I672 "age 80" and Lydia died there 
on 6-24-1674. 

Gregory was the youngest of the eleven children of 
David Stone. He lived in Nayland, about eight miles from 
Great Bromley, until his emigration to New England in I635. 
That he was a non-conformist is evidenced by his presenta- 
tion in Nayland with four others, for refusing to kneel to- 
receive communion. A few years later, with one exception, 
all these men were in New England. Gregory's older broth- 
er Simon is known to have come here in the ship Increase, 
in the spring of I635, but the date Gregory sailed is not 
known. He came in I635, bringing his wife Lydia and eight 
children, six of his own and two step-children, John and 
Lydia Cooper. Lydia Cooper later married David Fiske. 

At first he settled with Simon in Watertown, Mass.. 
but was living in Cambridge as early as 1637- About 1638 
he purchased a house aind five acres on Garden Street, and 
this became his homestead. He acquired by grants and pur- 
chase large tracts of land at The Farms, where some of his 
children settled. He had a house and twenty-six acres in 
Watertown, and fifty-four acres outland, all of which he 
sold to Nathaniel Sparhawk, agent of Thomas Boylston of 
London, in I639. He was Deputy for Cambridge to the Mass- 
achusetts General Court in I638, had been admitted Freeman 
in 1636 (eo must have been a member of the church), and was 
Deacon as early as l643, holding the office at least thir- 
ty years. In 1664 he and three other Cambridge men pre- 
sented to the General Court a memorial signed by them and 
about one hundred and forty others, protesting against the 
proposed government of New England by a Royal Commission, 

* Thomas was baptized at Nayland, 3-14-1562, the son 
of John Garrad (buried at Nayland in i601) . He married in 
Nayland, 6-IO-I59I, Christian Frende (buried in I627) . 

238 STONE 

In which they were not represented, and contrary to the 
original intent of the Colony. (This might be called the 
first Declaration of Independence.) 

From "Descendants of Gregory Stone": "The records 
found reveal a fine type of Puritan for his day; a man of 
vigorous physique and vitality, of uncompromising convic- 
tions and strict integrity, fearing nothing but his God, 
unambitious for wealth and power, but by thrift acquiring 
a comfortable estate, and always ready to serve his fellow- 
man in local affairs in which they looked to him for pro- 
bity, good judgment and impartiality, a devout, honest and 
esteemed member of his community." 

Children of Gregory and Margaret, born in Nayland: 

1 John^, bap. 7-3I-I618. 

2 Daniel, bap. 8-I5-I620. D,,l687. Surgeon. M.,cl643, 

Mary (d.1658); 6 chll. 

3 David, bap. 9-22-1622. D.,1704. M., Elizabeth 

; 1 child. M.2nd, Dorcas ; 6 chll. 

4 Elizabeth, bap. 10-3-1624. D.1626. 

Children of Gregory and Lydla, recorded in Nayland: 

5 Elizabeth, bap. 3-6-I620. D.1712. M.I652 (as his 2nd 

wife), Anthony Potter (I627-I690); 7 chll. 

6 Deacon Samuel, bap. 2-4-1631, D.1715- M.I655, Sarah^ 

(Isaac!) Stearns (I635-I7OO) ; 8 chll. M.,2nd, Mrs. 
Abigail Walker (1647-1718) . 

7 Sarah, bap. 2-8-lb33. D.1704. M.1653, Joseph^ (Jos- 

eph 1 & Sarah [Goldstone] ) Merrlam(cl628-77) ; 9 chll. 

JOHN^ STONE was baptized in Nayland, Essex, Eng., on 
7-3I-I618. His wife's name was Anna, variously given as 
sister of Nathaniel Treadway, niece of Elder Edward Howe, 
and daughter of Barnaby Rogers of Boxted, Essex. (Barnaby 
had a daughter Anna baptized on 5-l4-l6l5.) John died in 
Cambridge, Mass., on 5-5-1683 "age 64," survived by Anna, 
whose death has not been found. 

John came to New England with his father in I635, and 
was an original proprietor of Sudbury, Mass., in I639. He 
had a houselot on Old Street and shared in the three div- 
isions of meadows and uplands and commons. In 1646 he sold 
his dwelling house and lot and all other lands and rights 
in Sudbury to John Moore, and removed to the west side of 
the River, building a house at Otter Neck in what is now 
Framingham, Mass. He built other houses for himself and 
his sons "on the hill." In 1658 he built near where the 
Saxonville railroad station now stands, and was living 
there from l659 to 1663. His homestead consisted of most 
of the land on the west side of the River. He also owned 
twenty acres south of the River. 

He was an elder and deacon of the church at Sudbury, 
and employed by the town in several matters. On the death 
of his father in I672, he returned to Cambridge and occu- 
pied the homestead. He was also elected a ruling elder of 

STONE 239 

the church in Cambridge in 1682. 

Children of John and Anna, first four born in Sud- 
bury, Mass., and last six in Frsmingham, Mass. 


Hannah^, Sudbury, 6-6-1640. M.1658, John Bent; 1 dau. 

John, cl642. Living in 1720. Infirm of mind. 

Mary, cl649. M.lst,l667, Isaac Hunt (d.l68o): 5 chil. 

Daniel, 8-31-1644. M.,lst, I667, Mary^ ( John ^) Moore, 
(d.1703); 8 chil. [She had 2 chil. by her first hus- 
band, Richard^ (Vllliaml) Vard (CI635-I666) . ] Daniel 
m. 2nd, 1704, Abigail^ (Abrahami) Wheeler (d.,171l); 
and 3rd, 1712, Ruth Haynes. 

David, Framingham, 10-31-1646. 
; 4 Chil. I 

Elizabeth , probably l649. 

Margaret, 10-22-1653- D.I718. 
Brovn (d.l705); 3 

Tabitha, 5-29-1655- 
Rice ; 11 chil. 

Sarah, 9-22-1657. M.lst,cl679, Jacob^ (Abraham^) Hill 
of Cambridge; 6 chil. M,,2nd,1705, Samuel Jones. 

Nathaniel, 5-II-I66O- D-,1732. M.1684, Sarah Wayt of 
Maiden, Mass.; 9 chil. (Sarah2[ johnl] Vaite,b.cl664. ) 

D.,1737- M. Susannah 

M.,lst, 1676, William 
chil. M.2nd, Joseph Foster. 
M.,1674, John^ (Edward^, Edmund ^ ) 

ELIZABETH *^ STONE was born in Framingham, Mass., prob- 
ably in 1649. She married in Concord, Mass., II-I6-I669, 
Samuel, son of Thomas Stowe . Samuel was born, probably in 
Roxbury, Mass., in l645. He died on 2-9-1721 "age 76," and 
Elizabeth on 6-17-1737, both in Marlboro, Mass. See STOW. 

Bllzabeth-3 Stone m. 

3arah-4 Stowe m, 

Sarah-3 Clark m. 

Rachel -5 Drury m. 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 

Prudence-6 Shepard m, 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

1669, Samuel-3 Stowe 

1691, Isaac-2 Clark 

1719, Thomas-4 Drury 

1747, Simon-5 Brooks 

1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

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bridge, Mass., Vital Records. 

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Rogers to Mary Wells, St. Marks Day, 4-25-1610, and 
Edward Howe to Margaret Wells, 8-I6-I6IO, at Boxted .) 

240 STOWE 

JOHN STOVTE lived in Biddenden, County Kent, England, 
vhere he had the following children baptized: 

1 John ^^, 1-2-15^0. 

2 Katharine, 10-10-1544. 

3 Margaret, 3-5-15^7. 

JOHN^^ STOWE vas baptized in Biddenden on 1-2-1540. 
He married in Biddenden, 7-30-1572, Joan Baker. John was 
an inn-holder, and was parish clerk at Biddenden in 1587 . 
His nuncupative will was dated IO-29-I6OO. He bequeathed 
i.10 to each child, his wife Joan tobe so]e executrix. Her 
will of 4-30-1616 was probated on 10-9-l6l6. 

Children of John and Joan, all bapt . at Biddenden: 

1 Chrjstopheriii, 4-4-1574. Probably died young. 

2 Joan, 8-7-1575. D.. Halifax, York, I63O. K. Rev. John 

Boyse (cl5^9-l620) ; 7 chil. (Daus.: Silence [m. Thom- 
as Robinson]; Anna [m. Rev. John Reynor] ; and Joanna 
[m. Rev. Peter Prudden] came to New England.) 

3 Elizabeth, 5-27-1577. M. Watson; 3 chil. by I616. 

4 Christopher, 5-17-15 9. D. I587. 

5 John , I-I4-I582. The emigrant to New England. 

6 Zacharlah, 10-17-1585. Named with wife Ann and three 

chil. in mother's will, 1616. 

7 Thomas, 12-26-1586. Named in mother's will, 1616. 

8 William, 11-4-1589. M.lst,cl6l5, ; 5 chil. M., 

2nd, Biddenden, I636, Mary Milson. 

JOHN ^ STOWE was baptized in Biddenden, Kent, Eng., on 
1-14-1582. He married there on 9-13-l6o8, Elizabeth, the 
daughter of John Bygge, of Cranbrook, Kent, where she was 
baptized on 11-1-1590. She died in Roxbury, Mass . , and was 
buried there on 8-2I-I638. John died shortly before 1654, 
probably in Roxbury, the exact date not known. See BIGGE . 

John was residuary legatee and sole executor of his 
mother's will in I616 . He and Elizabeth and six children 
came to New England in the Winthrop Fleet, about I63O, and 
were in Roxbury, Mass., 5-17-1634, according to Rev. John 
Eliot's records. He was a proprietor of Roxbury, and made 
Freeman in I635. He joined the Ancient and Honorable Ar- 
tillery Company in I638. For two sessions he was Repre- 
sentative of Roxbury to the General Court of Massachusetts , 
Elizabeth's mother, Mrs. Rachel Bigge, together with Mrs. 
Patience Foster (another daughter), and the latter 's son, 
Hopestill Foster, were all in Roxbury in I635. The Stowes 
lived in Concord, Mass., at one time, but Elizabeth at any 
rate, and perhaps John, died in Roxbury. Of Elizabeth's 
death Rev. JohJi Eliot wrote: "...She was a godly matron, a 
blessing not only to her family but to all the church, & 
when she had lead a Christian conversation a few years 
among us, she dyed and left a good savour behind her." 

John Stowe was a man of learning. He was granted a 

STOWE 241 

hundred acres of land In 1642 for writing (transcribing) 
the laws of the Colony. "Although he moved vo Concord, he 
is thought to have been the first teacher of the Grammar 
School in Roxbury. In the school record for 1648 there is 
an allowance for board for 'Father Stowe and son. ' He sold 
his place at Meeting House Hill, Roxbury, in 1648, to John 
Plerpont, who married Thankful Stowe about that year. In 
1654 the Record of Houses and Lands, Roxbury, lists an es- 
tate of 11-1/2 acres belonging to John Pierpont, 'which he 
enjoyeth as heir to John Stowe his father-in-law, lately 
deceased.'" (Roxbury Town Records.) His brother-in-law, 
John Bigge, whose will was probated in 1643, provided that 
he was to have at least tl5 a year. He was also residuary 
legatee and executor of the will of his mother-in-law, Ra- 
chel Blgge, in l647. This would seem to dispose of the as- 
sertion that he was the "John Ston, an old Kentish Man," 
of John Eliot's records, who died in Roxbury, 10-26-1643, 

All of the following children were remembered in the 
wills of John and Smallhope Bigge (the former left Eliza- 
beth and Thankful LlOO each) , and their grandmother Rachel 
Bigge, who was especially generous to Thankful. They were 
also named in the will of their brother John, l643, Thank- 
ful and Elizabeth being bequeathed lands in New England. 

Children of John and Elizabeth, born in Biddenden: 

1 Daughter^, buried unbaptized, I610. 

2 Daughter, twin, buried unbaptized, l6l2. 

3 Elizabeth, twin baptized and burled, l6l2. 

4 Thomas , bap 4-2-1615. 

5 Elizabeth, bap. 8-31-l6l7- C, Ipswich, Mass., I699. 

M.I639, Henry Archer; at least 4 chil . See John-1. 

6 John, Jr , IO-IO-I619. Came to N.E. with parents; re- 

turned to Eng. as heir to uncle John Bigge; d.unmar. 
1643, leaving large est. to relatives here & in Eng. 

7 Nathaniel, 10-7-1621. D. , Concord .Mass . , 1684. M.lst, 

Elizabeth ; (d.l66l); 3 chil. M.,2nd, Martha 

Bignell (d.1717); 1 son. b. I663. 

8 Rev. Samuel, bap. 2-8-1624. D. ,Mlddletown.Conn. ,1704. 

Grad. from Harvard, 1645. M.,l649, Hope^ (William^) 
Fletcher; 8 chil. 

9 Thankful, 3-29-I629. M.cl648, John 2 (James 1) Pierpont 

(I618-IC82); 12 chil., 1649 to 1668. See John-1. 

THOMAS ^ STOWE was baptized on 4-2-1615 in Biddenden, 
Kent, England. He married in Roxbury, Mass., on 12-4-1637, 
(1639?), Mary, daughter of Thomas Griggs. She was born in 
England, the date unknown, and died 8-21-l680. Middletown, 
Conn. Thomas died there In February l684. See GRIGGS . 

Thomas, like his father, was a member of the Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company. He is an ancestor of the 
Hon. Winston Churchill through his son John-3 Stowe. 

He was a wealthy landholder, living at first in Rox- 
bury, Mass., later in Concord, Mass., and later still in 
Middletown, Conn . He had legacies from his uncle John 

242 STOWE 

Blgge, his brother John, and his grandmothers Rachel Blgge 
and Joan Stove, the latter leaving him her "Charger with 
the platt and my little stupnett." He moved to Concord in 
1648, where he was made Freeman in 1653- He and Nathaniel 
owned 600 acres near Sudbury, Mass. Thomas sold his right 
in l660 and in I669 he removea to Middletown, Conn. , where 
his brother Samuel was preaching. The church record reads: 
"11-14-1669. Being the Lord's Day, Mr. Thomas Stowe and 
Mary his wife with all theirs being recommended to us by 
letter from ch. of X at Concord." Thomas Stowe was always 
accorded the distinguished title of "Mr." 
Children of Thomas and Mary: 

1 Nathaniel^. D.I705. Perhaps m.l677, Hannah^ (Thomas^ 

John!) Wetmore or Whltmore (1654-1704); no chll. 

2 John, Roxbury, 2-8-1641. D.,l688. John-2 Stowe left 

him land In Eng. Ancestor, Hon. Winston Churchill. 

3 Mary? 2-6-1643. Perhaps a dau. M.,lst, John Cotton. 

M. 2nd, 1684, Samuel 2 ( Robert ^) Fletcher . M.3rd, John 

4 Samuel , 1645. 

5 Elizabeth. D. before 1705 . M.,l672, Samuel^ (John^) 

Bldwell of Middletown (d.l715); 4 chll. 

6 Thankful, Roxbury , 11-6-1646. 

7 Thomas, CI65O. D.,1730. M.,l675, Bethlah^ (Samuel^, 

George 1) Stocking (1658-I732); 6 chll. 

SAMUEL ^ STOWE was born In l645, probably in Roxbury, 
Mass. He married In Concord, Mass., on II-I6-I669, Eliza- 
beth, the daughter of John Stone. She was born about 1649, 
probably In Framlngham, Mass. Samuel died In Marlborough, 
Mass., on 2-9-1721, "age 76," and Elizabeth died there on 
6-17-1737. See STONE . 

Samuel served In King Philip's War, evidently moving 
his family to Marlborough soon after the war, as his name 
appears on a petition for the plantation in I677. He be- 
came a prominent man In that town, but not many records are 
to be found. In 1684 he bought of two Indians of Natlck 
for ii6 (ii3 in money and ii3 In corn) , twenty acres of land 
In Marlborough. He was also one of the proprietors of the 
Ockoocangansett Plantation, purchased from the Indians. 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth, the last six born 
In Marlborough: 

1 Samuel*, Concord, 12-I3-I670. D. yg. 

2 Sarah , Concord, 2-11-1674. 

3 Elizabeth, recorded Sudbury, Mass., 6-12-1674. 

4 Samuel, Marlboro, 5-2-1680. D.I768. M.,1704, Sarah 

Snow (d.1762); 7 chll. 

5 Thomas, 12-27-1682. D.I765. M.1713, Hannah* (William^, 

Jonathan 2, Solomon l) Johnson (I69I-I789); I6 chll. 




Jonathan'' (Joseph^, 
Jonathan m . . 2nd , 

7-18-1685. D.I727. M.I706, 
Joseph^) Morse (d.l754); 8 chll. 
1729, Mary Church. (d. 1750) . 

7 Thankful, IO-8-I687. D.,1763. M.I7IO, Samuel 3 (Rich- 

ard2, William 1) Stevens (I68I-I76I); 8 chll. 

8 Rachel, 2-21-1691. Llv.1771. M.I715, Lxike* (Danlel3, 

Edward^, Edmund ^ ) Rice (1689-1754); 8 chll. 

9 John, 3-?0-l696. D.I76I. M.1722, Elizabeth (Nathan^, 

Thomas^, Thomas 1) Brigham (1700-1757); 10 chil. 

SARAH ^ STOWE was born in Concord, Mass., 2-11-1674. 
She married in Marlboro, Mass., in I69I, Isaac, son of Lt. 
Thaddeus Clark. Sarah died on 5-7-1761, in Framingham, 
Mass., "age 88." Isaac, who was born about I666, lived to 
be 102, dying 2-26-1768. His gravestone in Framingham is 
inscribed: He lived seventy years with the wife of his 
youth. His offspring that descended from him was 251 . " 

SaraJi-4 Stowe m. 

Sarah-3 Clark m, 

Rachel-5 Drury m, 

Rachel -6 Brooks m. 

Prudence-6 Shepard m, 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m, 

1691, Isaac-2 Clark 

1719, Thomas -4 Drury 

1747, Simon-5 Brooks 

1776, Simeon- 5 Shepard 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clari3sa-7 Matilda Glidden 


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THOMAS ^ TOLMAN vas baptized In Salcombe Regis, Dev- 
onshire, Eng., on 12-9-I608, the son of Thomas Tolman, who 
died there on 8-24-1632. His first wife's name was Katha- 
rine and his second wife was named Sara, but their maiden 
names are not known. It Is not "known when Katharine died, 
but Sarah died In Dorchester, Mass., on 11-7-1677- Thomas 
died there on 6-8-I69O. 

According to family tradition Thomas descended In a 
direct line from Sir Thomas Tolman, who was Grand Almoner 
to Egbert, the first king of the Saxons, in 825 A. D. The 
Tolman family was prominent In England, one member being a 
favorite of King Charles I. A Sir Thomas Tolman commanded 
the regiment at Marston Moor, at which battle legend says 
this Sir Thomas unhorsed the nephew of King Charles In the 
fight, but discovering his Identity, spared his life. At 
the Restoration this act was the means of saving Sir Thom- 
as from the loss of his family estates. However, proof Is 
lacking that the Immigrant Tolman was of this family. 

In the Stoughton, Mass., Sentinel of 3-4-1865, there 
appeared an article by Deacon Samuel Tolman. He was the 
son of Johnson Tolman who was born In 1754. He says: "... 
Mr. [Thomasl Tolman was one of the earliest of the Pilgrim 
Fathers ... .He was the only one by the name of Tolman ever 
known to come to New England; he came over with a number 
of others In a ship of four hundred tons, and as there had 
never been a ship Into Boston harbor, they were landed on 
Nantasket Beach; he came on the shore where he built him a 
house near the north side of the crick which rions across 
the turnpike about a quarter of a mile north of Neponslt 
Bridge, which place was never sold, but Is now In the fam- 
ily. In the year I636 he bought land of the Indians which 
contained Dorchester, Milton, Canton, Stoughton, Foxboro, 
and Sharon, which old deed I now have In the house...." 

Thomas ' occupation Is given as wheelwright. His name 
Is appended to the Dorchester, Mass., Church Covenant made 
In 1636. A 1639 record reads: "It Is ordered that Goodman 
Tolman '3 house be appointed for the receiving of any goods 
that shall be brought In whereof the owner Is not known." 
He was made Freeman In l640, and held offices In Dorches- 
ter, among them being Constable In I66I and other years. 

He left a large estate. His will, commenced In May 
and signed on IO-29-1688, left among other bequests, i.15, 
and "one of the biggest pewter platters to my daughter Sa- 
rah Leadbetter." His will was witnessed by James Blake, 
Junior or Senior, both of whom are ancestors. 

Children of Thomas (which wife is uncertain) : 

1 Thomas^, CI633. "Oldest" in father's will. D.,17l8, 

"in 85th yr." M.1664, Elizabeth^ (Richard^) Johnson 
of Lynn, Mass. (I638-I720); 4 chll. 

2 Sarah, probably dau. of wife Sarah. 

3 Hannah, bap, Dorchester, 8-2-I639. D. Inf. 



4 Hannah^ Dorchester, 7-27-1642, dau. of Sarah. D.1729, 

in 91st year. M.,lst,l66l, George Lyon (d.,l6Q0); 6 
chll. M., 2nd, 1693, as 2nd wife, William^ (William^) 
Blake (I62O-I703); no chil. 

5 John, bap. Dorchester, 7-31-1642. D.I725. M.l3t,l666, 

Elizabeth^ (John^) Collins of Lynn, Mass. (1648-90); 
9 chil. M. 2nd, 1692, Widow Mary Paul (d.l720). 

6 Ruth, bap. Dorchester, 12-7-1644. D.168I. M.,cl667, 

Isaac^ (William^) Royal (d.1729); 5 chil. Isaac m., 
2nd, bef .1682, Vaitstill Spurr fd.l732); 5 chil. 

7 Rebecca, bap. Dorchester. 5-30-1647. Liv., I688. M., 

CI675, James^ (Robert^) Tucker ( 1640-1718); 4 chil, 

8 Mary, bap. Dorchester, 5-20-1651, dau. of Sarah. "My 

daughter Mary Collins" in father's will, 1688. 

SARAH ^ TOLMAW was no doubt born in Dorchester, Mass . , 
but the year was not recorded. Sarah is called the third 
child of Thomas Tolman in one account. She may have been 
born about I638, as there is a gap of about six years be- 
tween Thomas Junior and the first Hannah, during which time 
the first wife may have died and Thomas married Sarah, the 
first daughter being named for the mother. She would then 
have been about twenty on 3-I8-I659, when she married in 
Dorchester, Henry Leadbetter. Henry was born in England 
about 1633. Sarah's death Is not recorded. She was alive 
in 1688 when her father's will was made, but on 2-9-1692, 
Henry married his second wife, Mrs. Relief Foster, widow 
first of John Dowse, and second of Timothy Foster. Henry 
died in Dorchester on 4-20-1722, and Relief died there on 
7-7-1743. See LEADBETTER. 

Sarah-2 Tolman m. 1659 Henry-1 Leadbetter 

Increase-2 Leadbetter m. 1702, Sarah-3 Davenport 

Relief -3 Leadbetter m. 1736, Ebene2er-4 Blake 

Seth-5 Blake m. 1772, Rooksby-5 Marshall 

Joseph-6 Blake m. I806, Prudence -6 Shepard 

Edward-7 Vales Blake m. I858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 


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ARMS: Vert, a chevron between three escallops ar. 

CREST: An arm vested gules, turned up ar, holding in 
the hand proper a chaplet vert, garnished 
with roses of the first. 

JAMES ^ TREVORGYE . the immigrant to New England, was 
an Englishman. He married on 3-I6-I617 at Kingsweare, near 
Brixham, Devonshire, Katherine, the daughter of Mr. Alex- 
ander Shapleigh. She was born about I6OO in England. It 
is not known where James died, but on 7-2-I65O in Kittery, 
Maine, Katherine agreed to turn over his estate there to 
her brother Nicholas. About l654 she married Mr. Edward 
Hilton, who was born in England in 1596 and died probably 
in Exeter, N. H., 1669-I671. Katharine's will was proved 
5-30-1676, but her death is not of record. See SHAPLEIGH . 

James Treworgye bought land at Kittery as early as 
1635, and was on a list of Kittery inhabitants who attend- 
ed Saco, Me., Court on 6-25-l64o. He was summoned for the 
Grand Jury at Saco in l640, but was accused of divulging 
its secrets to John Winter and found unacceptable. In l64l 
he sold all his estate, real and personal, all his fishing 
gear and buildings, to his wife's brother, Nicholas Shap- 
leigh, for ijl500. He is thought by some to have died in 
New Foundland; others think he went back to England. That 
he was here about 1647 is shown by a court record. He was 
given up for dead in I65O. 

In 1650 Katherine 's application for a share of her 
father's property was denied, on account of "previous be- 
stowment of her portion." (In 1684, eight years after her 
death, her children successfully renewed the claim.) In 
July 1671 she applied for her thirds of Edward Hilton's es- 
tate. Mr. John Gilman . Mr. Samuel Dalton and Mr. Edward 
Hilton were appointed a committee to lay out same. 

Her nuncupative will was attested at court in Hamp- 
ton, N. H., by Samuel Dudley and Rebeccah Sweat. It was 
probated 5-3O-I676, and included a silver beaker to Samuel 
Tryworthy (to be kept by daughter Elizabeth Gilman till he 
comes of age), two silver cups, a silver spoon, a silver 
fork (rarej, a quantity of linen, wearing apparel, for or- 
dinary wear and for mourning, "wistead rug, pillion and 
pillion cloth, a silver bodkin, forty shillings to Samuel 
Dudley towards his ministry. "To her daughter Elizabeth 
Gilman , her wedding ring, her serge goune, her serge pet- 
ticoat, and her stuffe petticoat, and alsoe her hat." 

Children of James and Katherine: 

1 John^, bap. Kingsweare, Eng., I2-3O-I618. M.,l646, 

Penelope 2 (Thomas!) Spencer. At least two sons. 

2 Nicholas. Living, l642. Not in mother's will, 1676. 

3 Samuel, cl628. Mother conveyed land to him An l674. 

Age 33 in I66I. M. Dorcas Walton. 

4 Joajina. Alive, I688. M. John Amerideth; dau, Joanna. 



5 Lucy2 CI632. Deposed 1704, age c72, that she arrived 

In l646. M.lst, Humphrey Chadbourne Sr.; 7 chil. 
M.2nd, bef.1676, Thomas Wells of Klttery; 1 dau. M. 
3rd, Hon. Ellas Stileman Jr. 

6 Elizabeth , age 33 in 167I. 

ELIZABETH ^ TREVORGYE was born about I638, after her 
parents came to New England. She married in Exeter, N.H., 
on 6-3O-I657, John, son of Edward Oilman. Hon. John Oilman 
was born in Hlngham, Norfolk, England, on 1-10-1624. He is 
said to have died in 17^^)8, survived by Elizabeth, who died 

on 9-8-1719. 

See OILMAN, second line. 

Katherine-2 Shapleigh m. 

Elizabeth-2 Treworgye m. 

Elizabeth-3 Oilman m. 

Daniel-3 Ladd m, 

John- 4 Ladd m. 

Elizabeth -5 Ladd m. 

Samuel-6 Olidden m. 
Clarissa-7 Mp.tilda Olidden m. 

CI6I7, James-1 Treworgye 

1657, John-2 Oilmsin 

1678, Nathaniel -2 Ladd 

1712, Mehitable-4 Philbrlck 

CI76O, Mary-3 Moody 

1785, Jonathan-5 Olidden 

1811, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Vales Blake 


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ARMS: Azure, In chief a son, in base a chalice, 

CREST: A ship with masts and shrouds proper. 

MOTTO: Saepe pro rege, semper pro republlca. 

These arms are on the monument to Samuel Vassall In 
King's Chapel Cemetery in Boston. They ere on the will of 
his grandson Leonard Vassall, also. 

The family of Vassall derives from the ancient bouse 
of De Vassall de Gourdon, In Quercl, Perlgord, France. 


VASSALL of Rinart, near Cane, Normandy, France. Son: 

JOHN VASSALL , gentleman, vas of Ratcliffe, Stepney, 
and Cockseyharst, Eastwood, Essex, Eng. He was an alder- 
man in London in 1588. The same year he equipped, and was 
captain successively of the ships Samuel and Tobey Jun- 
ior (each 140 tons, 70 men), in the fight with the Spanish 
Armada. He was a member of the Virginia Company of London 
in which his name, "John Vassall, gentleman," was inserted 
in its second charter, I609. He seems to have been recog- 
nized as an authority in questions of navigation, being re- 
commended to be examined by the Judge of the Admiralty as 
to "the skill of the pilot," in a suit respecting the wreck 
of a vessel on the Goodwin sands in 1577. 

John Vassall was married three times at St.Donstans, 
Stepney. He married first, 9-25-1569, Anne Hewes or Howes . 
There were apparently no children of this first marriage. 
On 9-4-1580 he married Anne Russell of Ratcliffe, Kiddle- 
sex, who is said to have had noble connections. She was 
the mother of the emigrant William Vassall. Anne died on 
5-5-1593 and he married on 3-27-1594, Judith, daughter of 
Stephen Borough and widow of Thomas Scott, gentleman, of 
Colcester, London. She is given erroneously in the visit- 
ations of London (I633) as a second wife, but she was John 
Vassall '3 widow, and William was brought up by her. (He 
named one of his children for her.) 

John Vassall died of the plague, in Stepney, and was 
buried on 9-I3-I625. Judith Vassall, widow, of Eastwood, 
Essex, made her will on II-9-I638. The will was probated 
at Chelmsford on I-29-I639. She bequeathed to sons Thomas 
Vassall, and Stephen Vassall of Raleigh; to daughters Mary 
West, Elizabeth wife of Henry Church, and Ann Joanes. The 
will of Ann Jones named her brothers Samuel, Stephen, and 

Children of John and Ann, second wife: 

1 Samuel, bap. Stepney, 6-5-I586. D.I667. Lived in Eng. 
Alderman; M.P. ,l640-l64l . K. Frances^ (Abraham 1, 
gent.) Cartwright; 7 chil. Only liv. son John (res. 
Jamaica) had William and Leonard. Inscription on 
monument in King's Chapel Cemetery, Boston, Mass.: 

"Sacred to the memory of Samuel Vassall, Esq., of 
London, merchant. One of the original proprietors 
of the lands of this co^ontry; a steady and undaxinted 
asserter of the Liberties of England in I628. He was 
the first vho refused to submit to the tax of Ton- 
nage and poundage, an unconstitutional claim of the 
Crown arbitrarily imposed; For which (to the ruin of 
his family) his goods were seized and his person im- 
prisoned by the Star Chamber Court. He was chosen 
to represent the City of London in two successive 
Parliaments which met April I3 and November 3, l640. 


The Parliament in July l64l voted him i,10,4'iO, 12s., 
2d. for his damages, and resolved that he should be 
further considered for his personal sufferings; but 
the rage of the times and the neglect of proper ap- 
plications since, have left to his family only the 
honour of that Vote and Resolution. He vas one of 
the largest subscribers to raise money against the 
Rebels in Ireland. All these facts may be seen in 
the Journal of Commons. He was the son of the gal 
lant John Vassall who in I588 at his ovn expense fit 
ted out siid commanded two Ships of War, with which he 
joined the Royal Navy to oppose the Spanish Armada. 
This monument was erected by his grandson: 
Florentius Vassall, Esq., of the Island of Jamaica, 
now residing in England. May, I766. 

2 William^, 8-27-1592. 

3 Joein, birth date unknown. Perhaps daughter of Judith. 

m.1620, Robert Salmon, mariner. 
k Mary? M. a Mr. West. 

Children ["2 sons and 4 daus."] of John and Judith: 

5 Anne, 1-10-1595. Liv. I639. M. John Jones. 

6 Thomas, cl601. Liv.1639. M.I625, Ann Dickenson. 

7 Elizabeth, cl608. Llv.1639. M.I625, Henry Church. 

8 Stephen, Liv. I639. Rector of Rayleigh, Essex. 

WILLIAM ^ VASSALL , called the fourth son by the sec- 
ond wife, was born in England on 8-27-1592. He married in 
England, (marriage license 6-9-I613), Anna, the daughter of 
George and Joan King of Cold Norton, Essex. She was born 
in 1593 J and probably died in Barbadoes, where William died 
in Bridgetown, St. Michael's, I655. 

He was appointed to go to America to investigate the 
Massachusetts Bay Compajiy, which he did in I630. He re- 
turned to England in the ship Lyon, but came again in I635 
in the ship Blessing, with his wife and six children, set- 
tling in Roxbury, Mass. Rev. John Eliot refers to him in 
his Roxbury church records as the half-brother of Rev. Ste- 
phen Vassall of Rayleigh. He was the first patentee of the 
Massachusetts Bay Company, stnd one of Gov. Craddock's as- 
sistants. He and his brother Samuel had "two-twentieths 
of all Massachusetts Bay in New England." 

He removed to Scituate, Mass., where he was a member 
of Rev. John Lothrop's church in I636, and where he erected 
a house. He took the oath of fidelity in 1638 and in 1642 
he was chosen one of a council of war. In 1646 he went to 
England with the petition of the colonists for the redress 
of wrongs in the government, but never returned. Just be- 
fore he sailed. Rev. Mr. Cotton, preaching in Boston, said 
"if any person should carry any writings or complaints 
against the people of God to England, it would be as a Jo- 
nah in the ship. A storm arose and an old woman accused 
Vassall. He told her he had only a petition of the people 
to Parliament that they might enjoy the liberty of English 



subjects. She persisted and was at last shown a copy of a 
petition which had been presented to the Court at Boston, 
which she seized and threw overboard. The storm did not 
abate, however; they had storms afterwards, and the genu- 
ine petition was not thrown overboard at all." 

He resided on his plantation in Bridgetown, St. Mi- 
chael's, Barbadbes, from 1648 to his death. His will of 
7-3I-I655, proved 6-12-1657, named his son-in-law Nicholas 
Ware and wife Anna "my daughter"; two daughters, Margaret 
and Mary Vassall, "all now here with me"; son John; Judith 
wife of Resolved White; Frances wife of Jataes Adams; and 
refers to "my son John not now being in this Island." 

Children of William and Joan, all born in England: 

1 Judith ^, CI619. 

2 Frances, CI623. M.1646, James ^ (John^) Adams; 5 chil. 

3 John, CI625. Perhaps d. Jamaica, W.I. Bore arms Scit- 

uate,l643. Lieut. I652. Called Col. Sold est.l66l. 
Later in N.C. M. Anna^ (John^) Lewis; 2 sons. 
k Anna, cl629. M.CI655, Nicholas Ware of Virginia, and 
went to Barbadoes. 

5 Margaret, CI633. M.I656, Joshua Hubbard. 

6 Mary, cl634. Alive, unmar., Barbadoes, 1655- 

JUDITH ^ VASSALL , born about I619 in England, was ev- 
idently named for her father's stepmother, who had reared 
him. Judith was baptized adult when she joined the Sclt- 
uate church on 5-14-1637. She married there on 4-8-1640, 
Resolved White, who came with his parents on the Mayflower. 
They were both in Barbadoes at the settlement of William 
Vassall 's estate. Judith was buried on 4-13-1670 in Sclt- 
uate . Resolved married second at Salem, Mass., 10-5-1674, 
Abigail, widow of Wllllajn Lord. She was born about I606, 
and died in 1682. Resolved was alive in I690, but- was dead 
by 1694. See WHITE. 

Judith-2 Vassall m. 

Anna-3 White m. 

Judith-3 Hayward m. 

Phlllp-3 Goss m. 

Phillp4 Goss m. 

Nathanlel-5 Goss m. 

Luclnda-6 Goss m. 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glldden m. 

l640, Resolved-2 White 

1671, John-2 Hayward 

1699, Phlllp-2 Goss 

1723, Keziah-4 Cooley 

1748, Hannah Ball 

1776, Rachel Gould 

1811, Samuel-6 Glldden 

1858, Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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252 WARD 

WILLIAM ^ WARD was born in England probably between 
1597 and 1602. He had a first wife, now unknown, but who 
Is thought to have been the mother of three of his chil- 
dren. He died in Marlboro, Mass., on 8-IO-I687, survived 
by his second wife, Elizabeth, unidentified also. She died 
In Marlboro on 12-9-1700, age eighty-six. 

Traditionally he came from Yorkshire or Derbyshire, 
England, but this has not been substantiated. He is first 
mentioned in Sudbury, Mass., in I639, when he shared in 
three divisions of proprietors' lands, having at that time 
a wife and several children. He was made Freeman in 16^3, 
implying that he was a church member. He was Representa- 
tive for Sudbury at the General Court of Massachusetts in 
1644, and was Selectman in Sudbury for several years. In 
1656 he and twelve others petitioned the General Court for 
a new plantation eight miles square, the settlers having 
increased greatly. This new tract was called Marlborough 
in l650, and William Ward was chosen deacon of the first 
church there. He owned a fifty-acre lot in Marlborough. 

In common with others he endured great hardships and 
sustained great losses by Indian hostilities, especially 
during King Philip's War of 1675-I676, when his buildings 
were burned, his cattle destroyed, and his son Eleazer was 
killed. His son-in-law John Howe was also killed. 

He is supposed to have been eighty-five or ninety at 
the time of his death in I687. His will, dated 4-6-1686, 
named his wife Elizabeth, sons John and Increase, his sons 
Richard and Eleazer deceased, son-in-law Abraham Williams, 
"and all my own children, viz.: all my sons and daughters 
which I have by my former wife, and all I have surviving 
by my present wife." When past seventy-four, his widow 
made several journeys to Boston, in connection with the 
settlement of the estate. In I851 her gravestone was still 
standing, and bore the following inscription: "Here lyes 
the body of Elizabeth Ward, the servant of the Lord.... De- 
ceased in 87 year of her age, Dec. ye 9; in the year of our 
Lord 1700." 

Probable children of William and unknown first wife: 

1 John^, England, about I626. 

2 Joanna, England, cl628. D.1718 age 90. M., Abraham 

Williams (d.cl712). At least 4 chil. 

3 Obadlah, England, CI632. D.1718 age 86. M.lst,cl667, 

Mary (d.l706); I3 chil. M. 2d, (over 74), Joan- 
na (Isaac ) Mixer, who survived him. 

Probable children of William and second wife, Eliza- 
Beth (all but first three born In Sudbury, Mass.): 

4 Rlchardf Eng., CI635. Drowned , Sudbury River, I666. M. 

1661, Mary2 ( John 1) Moore ; 2 chil. She m.,2nd,l667, 
Daniel^ ( John ^) Stone ; 8 chil. Daniel m.,2nd, 1704, 
Abigail^ TAFrahami) Wheeler; & 3d, 1712, Ruth Haynes. 

WARD 253 

5 Deborah^, Eng.,cl637. D.,l697, age 60 . M.,l657, John 

Johnson (d.1713); 4 chll. (Son of Solomon Johnson.) 

6 Hannah, Eng., CI639. D.1717, age 78. M.I657, Abraham 

Howe (d.1695); 10 chll. 

7 William, Sudbury, 1-22-1640 D.,l697, M., HannahS 

(Thomas^) Brigham (165O-I719), (wid., Gershom Eames) 
6 chll. 

8 Samuel, 9-24-1641. D.,1729. M.,lst,l667, Sarah How 

(1644-1707); 7 chil. M.2nd,1710, Elizabeth Beers. 

9 Elizabeth, 4-l4-l643. D.I71O. M.lgt,l662, John Howe 

(1640-1676 Inds); 4 chil. M.2nd,l678, Captain 
Henry Kerley (d.l7l8). 

10 Increase, 2-22-1645. D.,l690. M. Record [Wheelock?] 

(d.1726); 6 chil. 

11 Hopestill, 2-24-1646. D.1718. M.I678, JamesS (Johnl) 

Woods (1647-1718); 5 chil. 

12 Mary, cl647. D.I703, age c57. (M.I667, Daniel Stone?) 

See Richard-2 Ward. 

13 Eleazer, cl649. K. by Inds., I676 . M.,l675, Hannah^ 

( Henry^ , Edmund ^ ) Rice ; 1 dau. Hannah m.,2nd, 1677, 
Richard Taylor. 

14 Bethia, cl658. D.,1721, age 63. M.I68I, Daniel^ (Ed- 

ward 2, Edmund ^) Rice (b.l655); 7 chil. He re-mar. 

JOHN WARD , eldest son of William, was bom in Eng- 
land about 1626, Judging by the age, 82, given on his tomb- 
stone. He married about I65O, Hannah, daughter of Edward 
Jackson of Cambridge, Mass. Hannah was baptized in White- 
chapel, London, Eng., on 5-I-I634 and died on 4-24-1704 in 
Newton, Mass. John died there on 7-1-1708. See JACKSON . 

John was a turner by trade. The first record found 
is of his being made Freeman in 1649 in Sudbury, Mass., im- 
plying that he was already a member of the church as well 
as a property owner. He was proprietor of Sudbury, I65I, 
and a large land holder. 

In 1651 his father-in-law conveyed "to him and his 
wife Hannah all that tract of land where they have builded 
their dwelling house, about 45 acres." This house was in 
Newton, then the southeast part of Cambridge. It was con- 
structed for and used as a garrison prior to and at the 
time of King Philip's War, 1675-76. It was taken down in 
1821, having stood about one hundred and seventy years and 
sheltered seven generations. 

In 1701 he disposed of his real estate, lying mostly 
in one piece, by deeds of gift to his sons. The quantity 
of land to each was about 100 acres, each deed containing 
a clause restricting the grantee from selling without the 
consent of his brothers. His will was dated 2-2-1708, and 
left the homestead to son Richard. 

Children of John and Hannah, born in Cambridge: 

1 Hannah^. D.bef.l697. M.I67O. Thomas Greenwood (1643- 

1690); 2 sons. He m. 2nd, clb86, Abigail ; 2 sens. 

2 John, 2-26-1653. D.I654. 



Rebecca^, 6-I5-I655. D.1735, unmar. 

(John 2, Vlll- 


John, 3-^-1658. D.1727. M.I681, Mary 

iaml) Spring (I66O-I73I); 2 daus . 
Elizabeth . 6-I8-I660. 
Deborah, 7-19-1662. M.1682, John^ (Nicholas^) Vyeth; 

4 chll. 

7 Vllllam, 11-19-1664. D.1752. M.1689, Abigail^ (John^) 

Spring (1667-1742); 1 son. 

8 Richard, II-I5-I666. D.1739v Deacon. Reed. the home- 

stead. M.,1690, Thankful^ (James 2, Thomas^) Trow- 
bridge (1668-1742); 8 chll. 

9 Mercy, 1-27-1668. D.I685, unmar. 

10 Edward, 3-I3-I67I. D.1749. M.,cl698, Grace Loverlng, 

(1687-1754); 7 chll. 

11 Eleazer, 2-26-1672. D.Oxford, 1751. M.I707, Deliver- 

ance 3 (Dea.James2, Thomasl) Trowbridge (b. I679) ; 7 

12 Jonathan, 4-22-1674. D.1723. M.1700, Abigail Hall 

13 Joseph. 11-15-1677. D.I742. M.CI7OI, Esther^ (John2, 

John!) Kendrlck (1677-1761); 7 chll. 

ELIZABETH ^ WARD was born In Newton (formerly part of 
Cambridge), Mass., on 6-I8-I66O. She married on 5-7-I67O, 
Joshua, son of John Fuller. John was born on 2-16-1654 In 
Cambridge. Elizabeth died In Newton on 9-6-I69I, at the 
age of thirty-one. Joshua's second wife was named Hannah, 
her parentage not now known. She died on 11-28-1739, and 
three years later at the age. of eighty-eight, Joshua mar- 
ried a third wife, Mary Dane, probably a widow. He died 
on 6-27-1752 and Mary on 2-13-1754 (age 86) , both In New- 
ton. See FULLER. 

Ellzabeth-3 Ward 
Ellzebeth-3 Puller 
Jonathan -4 Shepard 
Slmeon-5 Shepard 
Prudence -6 Shepard 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 

m. 1679, Joshua-2 Puller 

m. 1702, Isaac-3 Shepard 

m. 1736, Love-4 Palmer 

m. 1776, Rachel -6 Brooks 

m. 1806, Jo3eph-6 Blake 

m. 1858, Clarl3sa-7 Matilda Glldden 

Authorities : 

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JOHN ^ WEBSTER was born in England about I605. About 
1630, probably in England, he married Mary Shatsvell, sis- 
ter of Theophilus and John Shatsvell. He died shortly be- 
fore September 1646. Mary married again in Nevbury, Mass . , 
on 10-29-1647, John Emery, Sr., and they had two children. 
John Emery died on II-3-I683 and Mary on 4-27-1694, both 
in Nevbury. See SHATSWELL . 

It is supposed that John Webster came to New England 
in 1634. He was made Freeman in Boston on 3-4-1634. Be- 
fore 1639 he moved to Ipswich, Mass., his wife's brothers 
being residents of that town. Records show that in l640 
he was called "John Webster the Balcer"; in l64l he was in 
a court case; vas a member of the Trial Jury in 1642; and 
on 2-28-1645 was admitted commoner (had privilege of using 
the common lands for pasturage) . 

Administration was granted on his estate in September 
1646. The inventory of his lands and goods was sworn to 
on 9-29-1646 by his widow, Mary, and she was appointed ad- 
ministratrix. In the settlement of the estate, in which a 
thirty-tvo acre farm is mentioned, and "the island bought 
of the Widow Andrews," the three daughters were to have 
Twenty Nobles each at the age of twenty-one. It is thought 
that the son Nathan was probably born after John's death. 

Mary Emery's will of 4-1-1693, acknowledged by her 
on 8-I-I693, was proved on II-II-I696. She bequeathed to 
sons Jonathan [Emery] , Steven Webster; deceased son Israel 
Webster's four daughters; grandson Israel Webster, son of 
John Webster; daughters Elizabeth Simonds, Hannah Emerson, 
Abigail Merrill, Ebenezar Hoag; and a great-granddaughter, 
Johanna Mathew. Part of the will is illegible and may re- 
fer to daughter Mary and son Nathan. 

Children (in order given in "Pillsbury Ancestors"): 

1 John^, CI63O (under 21 in I651) . D.I716+. Blacksmith. 

M.I653, Ann 2 (Nicholas 1) Batt (d.l7l6); 10 chil. 

2 Mary , CI633 (under 18 in 1651) . 

3 Stephen. I637. D. Haverhill, l694. M.lst,l663, Hannah^ 

(John!) Ayer (d.1676); 6 chil. M.,2nd,l678, Judith, 
widow of William Broad. 

4 Hannah, CI639. D.I709+. M.1657, Michael Emerson (I627 

-CI715); 16 chil., 1657 to 1680. 

5 Elizabeth, cl64o. M.cl668, Samuel ^ (w.illiem^) Simonds; 

9 chil., 1669 to 1680. 

6 Abigail, cl642. D.1712. M.I66I, Dea. Abraham ^ (Nath- 

aniel^) Merrill (d.l722); 11 chil. 

7 Israel, cl643. D.I683. M.lst,l666, Elizabeth^ (Rich- 

ard l ) Browne (d.l668); 1 child. M.2nd, 1669, Eliza- 
beths (Henry 1) Limt; 5 chil. 

8 Nathan, 1646, perhaps posthumous. D., Bradford,Mass. , 

1694. M.1673, Mary2 (johnl) Hazeltine (1648-1735); 
7 chil. 



Children of Mary and John Emery, born In Newbury: 

1 Ebenezer Emery (daughter), 9-l6-l6^8. In mother's will 

of 1683. M.I569, John Hoag; 5 chll . 

2 Jonathan Emery, 5-1^-1652. D.,1723. M., I676, Mary^ 

(Edward^, Edward^) Woodman (1654-I723); 8 chll. 

MARY ^ WEBSTER was born about I633, since she was un- 
der eighteen In I65I . She is thought to have married her 
step-brother John Emery Junior, about I65I. The only argu- 
ment against this is that her mother seems to have left her 
out of her will, but as stated above, at least two clauses 
of the will are illegible, so this is not conclusive evi- 
dence. See EMERY. 

John-1 Webster 
John- 2 Emery 
Henry-1 Bodwell 
Mary- 3 Parker 
Samuel-2 Pottle 
Jonathan-4 Glidden 
Elizabeth-5 Ladd 
Lucinda-6 Goss 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 

Mary -2 Shat swell 



Mary- 2 Webster 



Bethiah-3 Emery 



James -2 Bodwell 



Hannah-3 Bodwell 
Mary-3 [Molly] Pottle 





Jonathan- 5 Glidden 



Samuel -6 Glidden 



Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 



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THOMAS WELLS , yeoman, of Maiden, Essex, Eng., married 
Helen Siday. He died the end of December 1624, a widower. 

His will of 12-17-1624 was proved 2-3-1625. He be- 
queathed to his daughter Hellene, wife of Moses Catmer, and 
to his children Thomas and Hester, devising their care and 
education to brother-in-law Simon Raye. This was brought 
out in the Prerogative Court, Canterbury, Kent, 5-16-1702, 
on which date a commission was issued to Benjamin Franklin, 
uncle of the American statesmen of that name, attorney for 
John and Joseph Mason, "sons of Hugh Mason, late of Water- 
town, New England, deceased, and of Hester Mason, widow." 

Children of Thomas and Helen: 

1 Thomas .' 

2 Hellene 

3 Hester 


D. December, I63I, under 21, unmarried. 
D.I655. M.bef.l624, Moses Catmer; no chil. 
bap. Maiden, Essex, 7-21-1611. 

HESTER WELLS was baptized in Maiden, Essex, England, 
on 7-21-1611. She married in St. Peter's Parish, Maiden, 
on I-I3-I632 (3?), Hugh Mason, tanner, of Maiden, where he 
was born about I605. They came to New England in I634 and 
settled in Watertown, Mass., where Hugh became a prominent 
citizen. He died on IO-IO-I678 and Hester on 5-21-1692, 
both in Watertown, where they are buried. See MASON. 

Hester-l Wells 
Hannah-2 Mason 
Noah-3 Brooks 
Ebenezer-4 Brooks 
Simon-5 Brooks 
Rachel-6 Brooks 
Frudence-6 Shepard 
Edward-7 Wales Blake 

















Hugh-l Mason 
Joshua-2 Brooks 
Dorothy-2 Wright 
Sarah-4 Fletcher 
Rachel-5 Drury 
Simeon-5 Shepard 
Joseph-6 Blake 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden 

Authorities ; 

Descendants of Captain Hugh Mason. 
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258 WHALE 

PHILEMON ^ WHALE of Sudbury, Mass., may have been the 
father of John Moore's wife, and therefore is given here. 
His first wife Elizabeth died 6-20-1647, in Sudbury, Mass. 
He married second, 11-7-1649, Sarah, the widow (or sister) 
of Thomas Cakebread, who had died in 1642. Sarah died in 
Sudbury on 12-28-1656, and Philemon married on 11-9-1657 a 
third wife, another Elizabeth. She was the wife first of 
Stephen Upson, who died before l64o, and second of Hugh 
Griffin, who died in Sudbury on 6-27-I656. Philemon died 
on 2-24-1676 and Elizabeth on II-8-I688, both in Sudbury. 

His father was probably the Philemon Whale referred 
to in the will of John Whale of Colchester, Essex, England, 
1608. He bequeathed L20 to the "now wife of Philemon Whale 
my brother"; to Jonas and Henry, sons of the said Philemon 
Whale, each ^200; to "Philemon Whale, one other of the sons 
of the said Philemon Whale my brother, -4566... at the age of 
twenty-one or day of marriage"; to Mary and Elizabeth, the 
daughters of the same Philemon Whale my brother, each "one 
hundredth marks." This "Philemon Whale my brother" may be 
the man of that name who, calling himself Clerk, made his 
will in 1618, proved 1620 in Chickeney, County Essex. It 
mentioned a son Philemon, thought to be the immigrant. 

Philemon Whale, weaver, appeared in Sudbury about 
the same time as John Moore who married his daughter Eliz- 
abeth. He bought land there in 1643, and was made Freeman 
in 1646. He owned land in various parts of the town, his 
early home probably not far from Wayland Pond. He built a 
house later near Rice Spring. 

Philemon's will of I-I9-I676 was proved 4-4-1676. He 
Bequeathed to his wife Elizabeth, and to the "four sonnes 
of my loving daughter Elizabeth Moores, vlzt: William, Ja- 
cob, Joseph, and Benjamin." John Moore Jianlor, and Eliza- 
beth Moore who married Henry Rice, were not named, but as 
no other granddaughters were named, this cannot be consid- 
ered conclusive evidence that Elizabeth [Whale] Moore was 
not their mother. 

ELIZABETH ^ WHALE was the only child mentioned in the 
will of Philemon ^^ale , She was probably born in England. 
She married John Moore, born say, I6II, in England. They 
lived in Sudbury, where John died on 1-6-1674, and Eliza- 
beth on 12-14-1690. See MOORE , for descent to Edward-7 
Wales Blake . 

Authorities : 

Holmes. Savage. Pope. 

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THOMAS WHEELER . "the elder," vas born about I565 in 
England. His will was dated 12-20-1627. A codicil, dated 
June 1633 in Cranfleld, Bedfordshire, Eng., was proved in 
February I634. This will mentioned his wife Rebecca (per- 
haps his second wife), and all his children except George. 

Children of Thomas and possible first wife: 

1 Thomas 1, cl591. Emigrated to New England. 

2 Priacllln. M. a Mr Cockes. 

3 John. 

4 Elizabeth. M.1622, Allen ( John^ ) Breed (I6OI-I692); 

4 sons. Res. Lynn, Mass. 

Children of Thomas and Rebecca, bap. in Cranfleld: 

5 Captain Timothy, I6OI. Res ., Concord. Exec, father's 

will, 1633. D.I687. Beq. "four acres of meadow ly- 
ing near Virglnny, to the two sons of my nephew Ser- 
geant Thomas Wheeler, viz:- Ephralm and Joseph." 

6 Thomas, bap. II-2O-I603. Prob. d. yg. 

7 George, bap. 3-28-I605. Perhaps died young, or may be 

Immigrant who died. Concord, I687. See second line. 

8 Susannah bap. 5-3I-I607. D.I650. M.,1633, Obadlah^ 

(Johnl) Wheeler (I608-I671); 9 chll . 

9 Lt. Joseph, bap. 2-1&-1610. D., Concord, I678+. 

10 Ablah, bap. I-I7-I613. 

11 Mary, bap. 10-20-1615 . 

12 Ephralm. bap. 3-I6-I619. D.Fairf ield,Ct. ,1670. 

M.cl64l, Ann Turney (d .bef .I678) ; 10 chll. 

13 Thomas, bap. 4-8-1620. D.I676. Called Jxinlor,Lleut . . 

Capt. Res. Fairfield, Ct. M.cl643, Ruth^ (William^) 
Wood; 7 chll. 

THOMAS 1 WHEELER was baptized In Cranfleld, Bedford- 
shire, Eng., about 1591. He and Ann Halsey were married 
there on 5-5-I613. Thomas died In Fairfield, Conn., in 
1654, and Ann died there in 1659 • 

Thomas came to America with numerous other Wheelers 
and was in Concord, Mass., for a time, where he was called 
Thomas Wheeler Senior, He and other Wheelers went to Fair- 
field with Rev. John Jones. He is said to have settled at 
Black Rock, erecting a stone house or fort, on whose plank 
roof he mounted two four-pounders, one pointed toward the 
mouth of the harbor, and the other towai^ the Indian fort 
(now called the Old Fort) at the head of the harbor. The 
Indian fort had at times a garrison of two hundred Indians 
and served as their protection in the numerous wars they 
had with the Indians of the interior. 

Thomas made his will in 1654, bequeathing to sons 
John and Thomas, also to his brother "Lieut. Thomas." The 
will of widow Ann Wheeler was probated on 8-21-1659. 


Children of Thomas and Ann, bap. In Cranfleld, Eng.: 

1 Richard^, bap. 6-13-l6l4. D. yg. 

2 [Hannah] Anna, bap. 2-20-l6l8. M.,lst, I639, James 

Bennett (d.l659); 7 chll. M. 2nd, as 3rd wife, Joseph 
Mlddlebrook (cl6lO-l686) . 

3 Thomas, bap. 12-8-1621. 

k John, bap. 2-27-1625. D.,l69C. Inher. Fairfield est. 

M.l3t,l660, Judith^ (Benjamlnl) Turney(cl635-cl673) ; 

6 ch. M.2d,cl673, Elizabeth (Henry ) Rowland; 7 ch. 
5 Sarah, bap. 8-10-1628. D.bef.l659. M.Thos .Sherwood Jr. 

THOMAS ^ WHEELER was baptized in Cranfield, Eng., on 
12-8-1621. His first wife was Sarah, either the daughter 
or sister of Joseph Merriam of Concord, Mass. Sarah died 
in Concord on 2-I-I676. Thomas married again on 7-23-I677 
Sarah, daughter of Richard Beers, and the widow of Isaac 
Stearns. She was born in Vatertown on 12-5-I639. Thomas 
died on 12-24-1704, "in his 84th year," and Sarah died on 
1-21-1724, both in Concord. See MERRIAM . 

Thomas doubtless came to Concord with his relatives. 
He was appointed Sergeant in l642 in Concord, but in 1644 
he and the other Wheelers went with Rev. John Jones and a 
large company to Fairfield, Conn. He later lived in Con- 
cord, on land bequeathed him by his father, and was called 
Senior until the return of Lieut. Thomas Wheeler, after 
whose death he was again called Sergt. Thomas Wheeler, Sr. 

Children of Thomas and first Sarah, all b.. Concord: 

1 SarahS , 7-10-1649. (D.1743. M.I665, Francis Dudley) 

2 Joseph, 8-18-1651. D.I677. 

3 Ann, 12-22-1653. D.I677. 

4 John, 2-18-1655. D.I736. M.I678, 'Step-sister Sarah2 

(Isaac!) Stearns (d.1727); 7 chil. 

5 Mary, 12-20-1658. D.1668. 

6 Thomas, 3-29-1662. D.1695, unmar. 

7 Elizabeth , 2-23-1664. 

8 Timothy, 7-24-1667. D.,17l8. M.,1692, Lydia^ (Johnl) 

Wheeler (b.l675); 8 chil. She m.2nd,1720, Nathaniel 
Stow, Jr. 

9 Rebecca, 4-3-1670. D.I7IO. 

10 Ruth, 4-10-1673. (M.I7IO, Eleazer Robbins?) 

Children of Thomas and second Sarah: 

11 Ephraim, Marlboro, Mass., 4-26-1678. D.I725. M.I698, 

Concord, Elizabeth^ (Benjamin^) Spaldlng(l680-1724) ; 
at least 3 chil. (See father's \incle Timothy.) 

12 Joseph, Concord, I-II-I68I. (See greatuncle Timothy.) 

ELIZABETH ^ WHEELER was born in Concord on 2-23-1664. 
She married there on 4-15-1682, her second cousin Samuel, 
son of Francis Fletcher. Samuel was born on 10-6-1657 in 
Concord, where he died on 10-23-1744, and Elizabeth just 
three days later, 10-27-1744. See FLETCHER . See WHEELER , 
Second Line, for descent to Edward-7 Wales Blake. 


Second Line 

GEORGE ^ WHEELER , probably the son of "Thomas Wheeler 
the Elder," was baptized in Cranfleld, Bedfordshire, Eng., 
on 3-28-1605. His wife Katherlne, parentage unknown, died 
in Concord, Mass., on 1-2-1684. George survived her, but 
died before 6-2-I687, undoubtedly in Concord. 

The codicil to the will of Thomas Wheeler the Elder, 
made in June I633, named all his children except George. 
As there is no record of the death of this son in England, 
and George seems to be the brother of Timothy and Thomas, 
known to be sons of Thomas the Elder, it may be assumed he 
is that son. He eoid Timothy owned considerable property 
jointly, and together they were in possession of most of 
the real estate left by Rev. Peter Bulkeley. Authorities 
agree that George came to Concord about I638 with his wife 
Katherlne, and several children. 

The Wheeler Genealogy considers him the most distin- 
guished of all the Wheelers who landed in America at that 
time. His name appears on the records of Concord, Mass., 
the first year they were kept, and every year thereafter, 
until he died. Walcott (History of Concord, Mass.) says: 
"He was one of the few men who were foremost in the town's 
business by virtue of their large estates as well as their 
integrity and good judgment." He was a man of education, 
and the owner of a large amount of property, his house lot 
alone consisting of eleven acres, while he possessed lands 
at Brook Meadow, Fairhaven Meadow, Cranefleld, by Flint's 
Pond, by Walden Goose Pond, on the White Pond Plain, on the 
Sudbury line, etc. He held many positions of trust and was 
active in the town's affairs, serving on substantially ev- 
ery committee of consequence; and nearly every town deed 
and petition of any importance, both civic or connected 
with the church, bears his signature. 

He made his will on 1-20-1684, a few eeeks after hla 
wife's death, but the will was not admitted to probate un- 
til 6-2-1687, which establishes the approximate time of his 
death. He left a large estate, administered by John, ap- 
parently the only surviving son. 

Children of George and Katherlne, the first six born 
in England: 

1 William 2, 163O. D. yg. 

2 William, bap. 7-2O-I63I. D.bef.1687. M. Concord, I659, 

Hannah^ (William 1) Busse (b.l642); 7 chil. by I672. 

3 Thomas. D.CI687. M.I657, Hannah Harrod: 3 chil. 

4 Ruth, 1641. D.I703 age 62. M.I665, Samuel^ (Williaml) 

Hartwell; I3 chil. 

5 Elizabeth 

6 Hannah. D. , Chelmsford, Mass. ,1697. M., Chelmsford. 

CI673, Samuel2(William2, Robert 1) Fletcher (b.cl652) 
9 chil. (Samuel m. 2nd, 1699, Sarah3(jo3eph2) Merriam 
( 1654-1703), [vldow of Eleazer Ball]; and 3rd, 1708, 
Elizabeth"^ (Robertl) Proctor (b.1656). 



7 Sarahf Concord, 3-30-1640. D.1713. M.,l665, Francis^ 

8 John, Concord, 3-19-1643. D..I713. M.,1663, Sarah^ 

(Edward!) Larkln (1647-1725); 9 chll. . 

9 Mary, Concord, 9-6-1645. D.I679. M.,1665, Eliphalef^ 

( Thomas !) Fox (d.l71l); 11 chll. 

ELIZABETH^ WHEELER was bom In England, the date not 
now known. she came with her parents to Concord, Mass., 
about 1638, and married in Concord on IO-II-I656, Francis, 
son of Robert Fletcher. Francis was bom in I636 in Con- 
cord. Elizabeth died there on 6-14-1704, outlived by her 
husband, but the date of his death is not of record. See 

Elizabeth-2 Wheeler m. 

Samuel-3 Fletcher m. 

Sarah-4 Fletcher m. 

Simon-5 Brooks m. 

Rachel-6 Brooks m. 

Prudence -6 Shepard m. 

Edward-7 Wales Blake m. 

1656, Francis-2 Fletcher 

1682, Elizabeth-3 Wheeler 

1714, Ebenezer-4 Brooks 

1747, Rachel-5 Drury 

1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Glidden. 

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WHITE 263 

WILLIAM •*• IffllTE came to America on the Mayflower. No 
authentic record of his parentage has yet been found. The 
first records found are the banns and marriage in Leyden, 
Holland, from Echt Book B, Folio 6; 

t je de 28.1.1612 
t ije de i^. 2.1612 
t iije de 11.2.1612 

zyn getrout voor 
Jasper van Bauchem 
& Willem Conellsen 
Tybault, Schepene, 
Dezen Xle Februar 

English translation: 

Aenget XXVIJ Ja^y l6l2. 
Willem With Wolcammer, Jongman 
uyt Engelant vergeselschapt 
met Willem Jepsen & Samuel 
Folle zyn bekende 

En Poller, Jonge dochter mede 
uyt Engelandt vergeselschapt 
met Rosemen Jepsen & Sara 
Pryste haer bekende. 

William White, wool comber, unmarried man from England 
accompanied by William Jepson and Samuel Fuller, his 
acquaintances, with Ann Fuller, single woman, also 
from England, accompanied by Rosamond Jepson and Sarah 
Priest, her acquaintances. They were married before 
Jasper van Bauchem and William Cornelisen Tybault, 
Sheriffs, this 11th of February l6l2. 

William died the first winter, on 2-21-1621. His wid- 
ow, Susanna, married in Plymouth, Mass., on 5-12-1621, Edw'. 
Winslow, who was Governor of the Colony in I633, I636, and 
1644. He died on 5-8-1654 and Susanna died in Marshfield, 
Mass., in October I680. 

William White was the eleventh signer of the Compact 
drawn up on board the Mayflower during the voyage. He was 
one of the men who joined the Pilgrims in London, but like 
most of them, he was connected with the wool industry. His 
party consisted of his wife Susanna, his son Resolved, and 
two servants, William Holbeck and Edward Thomson, the ser- 
vants dying soon after landing (neither signed the Compact.) 
A son. Peregrine VHiite, was born on the ship while it lay 
offshore. The fact that the name of William's widow was 
Susanna has caused many to believe she was a second wife. 

Children of William and (probably) Susanna: 

1 and 2 Children who died in Leyden, Holland. 

3 Resolved ^. 

4 Peregrine, b. on Mayflower, Dec. 1620. First white ch. 

b. in N.E. M.cl648, Sarah^ (Wm.^) Bassett; 6 sons. 

Children of Susanna [White] and Edward Winslow: 

1 Gov. Josiah Winslow, 1629. D.I68O. M.1657, Penelope^ 

(Herbert^) Pelham (I63O-I703); 4 chll. 

2 Elizabeth Winslow. M.lst, Robert Brooks; 1 son. 

M. 2nd, 1669, George Curwin; 2 chll. 

264 WHITE 

RESOLVED ^ WHITE was born about I615 in Leyden, Hol- 
land. He married in Scituate, Mass., on 4-8-1640, Judith, 
the daughter of Kr. William Vassall. She was born about 
1619 in England, and was burled in Scituate on 4-I3-I67O. 
Resolved married second in Salem, Mass., on 10-5-1674, Mrs 
Abigail Lord, who was born about I606, and died in 1682. 
Resolved died between I690 and 1694. See VASSALL . 

The name Resolved is said to have been given him be- 
cause he was born at the time the Pilgrims made their re- 
solve to seek a new home in America. 

The first record of him is in I638 when lands were 
laid out to him in Scituate, a half mile south of the har- 
bor. In l640 the Colony Court granted him 100 acres upland 
and marsh on Belle House Neck next to his father-in-law's 
farm. He had other lands adjoining, by deed or gift from 
Mr. Vassall in 1646. In 1662 he sold his house to Isaac 
Buck, removing to Marshfield, Mass., and settling near his 
brother Peregrine, "on the south river." Here they stayed 
\mtil 1670, and he seems to have had two homes. Deane says 
none of his descendants settled in Scituate, but lived in 
Plymouth and Bristol Counties, "and some removed to Barba- 
does." It is known that Resolved and Judith were in Saint 
Michael's, Barbadoes, when William Vassall 's will was pro- 
bated in 1657. Resolved received a bequest by the will of 
Governor Josiah Winslow, his brother-in-law, in 1675^ In 
1678 he made a deposition in Salem, Mass., in which his age 
is given as about sixty-three. His widow Abigail's will 
of 5-25-1682 was proved on 7-7-1682. 

Children of Resolved and Judith, born in Scituate: 

1 William^, 4-10-1642. D.I696, unmarried. 

2 John, 3-11-1644. Res. Pomfret, Ct. Had dau. Abigail. 

3 Samuel, 3-13-1646. Res. Rochester, Mass. M. Rebecca 

(cl646-171l); 9 chil, I669 to I690. 

4 Resolved, 11-12-1647. D.I670, unmarried. 

5 Anna , probably 6-5-1649. Bap. 2nd Church, 6-10-1649.* 

6 Elizabeth, 6-4-1652. M.I672, Obadiah2 (obadiahl) 

Wheeler; 9 chil. 

7 Josiah, 9-29-1654. D.I7IO. M.CI679, Remember^ (Thom- 

as^) Read of Salem; 6 chil. [M.I715, Edward Norrice?] 

8 Susannah, August I656. M. Uriah Johnson. 

ANNA^ WHITE was born, Scituate, 6-[4?] 5-1649. Stie 
married in Concord, Mass., 6-2-1671, John, son of George 
Heaward (Hayward) . He was born on 12-20-1640 in Concord, 
where he died on I-I7-I7OI. Anna died there on 5-25-1714, 
"ae 64." See HAYWARD for descent to Edward-7 Wales Blake. 


Descendants of William White. 
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Scituate (now First. Unitarian Church, Norwell, Mass.) 


There has been so much controversy as to whether the 
Thomas Wilder of Charlestown, Mass., was the son of Widow 
Martha Wilder, and as to the authenticity of the English 
ancestry given In the Wilder Genealogy, that this compiler 
thought It safer to begin with Richard Wilder of Shlplake, 
Oxfordshire, England. 

RICHARD WILDER of Shlplake, Oxfordshire, England, In 
his will of 4-24-1596 (probated by son Thomas), named wife 
Alice, sons Thomas and Richard; daughters Alice and Eliza- 
beth; the children all \inder twenty-one. 

THOMAS WILDER , son of Richard, died In January I619. 
His will named wife Martha; sons Isaac, Matthew and Abra- 
ham; daughters Elizabeth and Mary; and left 1.10 to an un- 
born child, who was probably Edward. He also named "Rich- 
ard my brother, and Alice and Elizabeth, my sisters." 

" MARTHA WILD^ of Shlplacke in Oxfords^, Spinster, and 
Mary wildr her Daughter. (Shlplake by the Thames, two miles 
south of Henly,)" are on the List of the Names of Passen- 
gers Intended for New England in the good Ship Confidence 
of London, of CC tonnes, John Gibson, Master, And thus by 
vertue of the Lord Treasrs Warrant of the XJth of Aprill, 
1638, Southampton, 24° Aprill, I638." The classification 
"Spinster" was her occupation, required of all passengers. 

In 1638 there were in Massachusetts Bay Colony five 
persons of the name of Wilder: the Widow Martha, her son 
Edward, who lived with her, her daughters Elizabeth and 
Mary; and there was also a Thomas Wilder in Charlestown. 

Martha and Mary are said to have landed in Hingham, 
Mass., Mary marrying in Plymouth. In Hingham, I638, Widow 
Marth& Wilder had a grant of five acres for a house-lot on 
Main Street, near Pleasant. This lot figures in a Suffolk 
County deed, 1664, in which Edward calls Martha his mother. 
She received other lots after I638, for planting, pasture, 
and meadow lands. Martha died in Hingham on 4-20-1652. 

Presumed children of Thomas and Martha Wilder: 

1 Isaac, ) Named in father's will, 1619. 

2 Matthew, ) 

3 Abraham, ) No further record. 

4 Elizabeth , probably eldest daughter. 

5 Mary. Prob. m. .Plymouth, CI638, Joseph^ (John^) Under- 

wood; 7 chil. ( Thomas Ensign 's will,l663, left leg- 
acy to "Sarah Underwood, my wife's sister's daughter 
when she becomes 15 years of age." 

6 Alice? Said to be a dau. M. Henry Warner in London. 

7 Edward, I619. D.I69O. Res. Hingham with mother until 

her death. Soldier in King Philip's War. M.,l652, 
Elizabeths (Anthony^ ) Eames (1624-1692); 11 chil. 



ELIZABETH WILDER was born In England, probably the 
eldest daughter of Thomas and Martha Wilder, of Shlplake, 
Oxfordshire. She and her brother Edward perhaps came to 
New England before I638. The news of her coming marriage 
may have brought her mother over. On I-I7-I639 in Scitu- 
ate, Mass., she married Thomas Ensign of that town, where 
he died in the latter half of I663. Elizabeth survived him 
and is last heard of in I676, when her son John made his 
will in her favor, before going into battle. See ENSIGN. 

Elizabeth-2 Wilder m, 

Hannah- 2 Ensign m. 

Isaac-3 Shepard m. 

Jonathan-4 Shepard m. 

Simeon-5 Shepard m. 

Prudence-6 Shepard m. 

Edward -7 Wales Blake m. 

1639, Thomas -1 Ensign 

1658, Thomas -2 Shepard 

1702, Elizabeth-3 Fuller 

1736, Love -4 Palmer 

1776, Rachel-6 Brooks 

1806, Jo8eph-6 Blake 

1858, Clarissa-7 Matilda Olidden 


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There has been a tradition since early times in this 
Williams family that they came from Wales and were somehov 
connected with the Cromwell family. The tradition has not 
been verified, but there is no doubt that Richard Williams 
was of the better stock that came to New England, and his 
wife was a member of an old and honored family, her mother 
being of royal descent. The -Williams ' English lineage, as 
supplied by the London College of Arms, is ^'s follows: 

JOKN^ WILLIAMS of Wotten-under-Edge , County Glouces- 
ter, England, was born about 1535- His will of ^-17-1578 
was probated on 6-25-1579, and mentions his brother Edmund 
and family. John Williams was buried in the churchyard of 
Saint Mary the Virgin, Gloucester, on 8-27-I578. His widow 
Theobalde, may be the "Tyboll Williams," whose burial is 
recorded in the register of Saint Mary's on I-9-I608. 

Children in order given in John's will: 

1 William ^^, CI555. 

2 John, CI557. 

3 Hugh, CI56O. 

4 Frances, CI562. A Frances Williams bur. I581, Wotten. 

WILLIAM ^ ^ WILLIAMS was born about 1555. He married 
first on II-I5-I585, Jane Shepheard, who was buried, I66O . 
He married second, 12-4-l603, Jane Woodward, who was bur- 
ied in 1615. William was buried in Synwell, Wotten-under- 
Edge, Gloucester, on 9-29-l6l8. 

In "Men and Arms of Gloucester in I608," is a record 
that in that year William was between fifty and sixty, and 
"of tallest stature, fitt to make a pykeman." His will of 
9-26-I618 was proved in Gloucester on l-l^-l6l9. The ex- 
ecutor was his relative, Richard Tyndale of North Nibley, 
the Bible translator who suffered martyrdom in Flanders. 

Child of William and Jane [ Shepheard], first wife: 

1 Anne^i^, bap. 12-9-1600. Mentioned in father's will, 

1618, and sister Jane's, I65O. M. John Hall; 4 chll. 

Children of William and Jane [Woodward] , 2nd wife: 

2 Ssmuel^^^, cl604, 

3 El: 

will. In N.E. in I65O. 
k Jane, bap. 3-I9-I609. D. unm. Will l650;proved 1655 
5 Richard , bep. I-28-I607. The immigrant to America. 


RICHAgP ^ WILLIAMS was baptized on I-28-I607 in Saint 
Mary the Virgin's in Wotten-under-Edge, County Gloucester. 
His marriage is recorded thus: "Richard Williams of the 
parishe of Saint John's in Glouc^ Aforesayd, and Frances 
Deighton of the parishe of Saint Nicholas in Glouc^, were 
marrydd the Xith day of February at Witcombe Magna, by Mr. 
Stubbs teacher I632." Frances vas baptized in St. Nicholas 
Church in Gloucester on 3-l-l5ll, dajghter of John Dighton 
Gent., a surgeon. The death records of Richard and Frances 
have not been found, but his will was proved on 9-15-1693, 
and hers on 3-7-I706, both in Taunton, Mass. See DIGHTON . 

From the grounds surrounding ancient St. Mary's, one 
can look into the valley below and see the parish of Syn- 
well, where the Williams family lived. Richard was of good 
family and married into another one. Frances' sister Cath- 
erine married Thomas Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts, and 
was the mother of Governor Joseph Dudley. Their mother was 
Jane Bassett, thirteenth indirect descent from King Edward 
I of England, and twenty-eighth in descent from Charle- 
magne. See BASSETT . 

RlchaiKl came to Massachusetts about the same time as 
his brother-in-laws John Lugg and Samuel Hagburne (first 
husband of Catherine Dighton). In I637 he was in Plymouth 
Colony, and was one of eighty men who purchased a tract of 
land from the Indians, called the "Eight Mile Square." In 
l640 these original proprietors incorporated under the name 
of Taunton. Richard was a tanner by trade, and became a 
leading man of the town, prominent in town and church af- 
fairs. His name appears frequently in the early records. 
He was Deputy to the General Court of Massachusetts Colony 
in l646, 1648, I65O, 165I and later. He served as Select- 
man 1666 and 1667. In I668 he was one of the purchasers 
and proprietors of the large "North Purchase," now Norton, 

He was blind and deaf in his old age, but he still 
attended meeting, saying that although he could not see or 
hear, yet it was consoling to his feelings to know he was 
present while the people of God were at their worship. His 
will of 5-5-1686 was proved on 9-I5-I693. His estate was 
large, including besides his houses and lands, his tannery 
and shares in the iron works at Taimton. He bequeathed to 
his wife Frauncls and all his living children. The inven- 
tory enumerated among other interesting items, "his arms": 
two swords, one pistol; pewter, silver spoons, silver cup, 
and his books. Frances' will of IO-3O-I703 was proved on 

Children of Richard and Frances: 

1 John^, bap. Gloucester, Eng. ,3-27-163^. D.yg.,"at sea." 

2 Elizabeth, bap. Gloucester, Eng., 2-7-I636. D. yg. 

3 Samuel, "eldest son" in father's will. D.,l697. M., 

CI663, Jane^ (Thomas^, Johnl) Gilbert; 6 chll. 



4 Nathaniel^ bap. 2-7-16^1. D.I692. M.I668, Elizabeth^ 

(John^, Thomas^) Rogers, of Duxbury, Mass.; 3 chll. 

5 Joseph, cl642. D.I692. M.I667, Elizabeths (Georgei) 

Watson (b.l648); 8 chll. to I689. Elizabeth m.,2nd, 
1716, Samuel Philips. 

6 Thomas, cl645. D.I706. He & Elizabeth were residuary 

legatees of mother's will. M. ,1679, Mary 2 (George^) 
Macyj 8 chll. Mary m.,2nd,1706. Rev. James Keith. 

7 Elizabeth , about 1647. 

8 Hannah, 1649. D.,l693. 2nd wife, John Parmenter 

of Boston; 1 dau. b. I688. 

9 Benjamin, CI65I. D.,1701. M.I69O, Rebecca (George^) 

Macey (d.l738); 4 chll. She m.2d,1706, Capt. James 
Leonard (d.1726). 

ELIZABETH ^ WILLIAMS was born about l647, probably In 
Taunton, Mass. She was named In the wills of her cousin 
Benjamin Williams and In I668 had a bequest from her uncle 
Samuel Williams, Her father In his will of I686 left her 
"60 acres at goosbery Meadow and 2 acres I bought of James 
Philips." She and her brother Thomas were residuary lega- 
tees of their mother's will In I703. 

Elizabeth married about I665, John, son of Thomas 
Bird. John was born In Dorchester, Mass., on 3-11-1642. 
Elizabeth died on 10-20-1724, "age 77," and John died on 
8-2-1732, both In Dorchester. See BIRD. 

Ellzabeth-2 Williams m, 

Mehltable-3 Bird m. 

Ebenezer-4 Blake m. 

Seth-5 Bleke m, 

Joseph-6 Blake m. 

Edward -7 Wales Blake m. 

CI665, John-2 Bird 

CI69O, Joseph-3 Blake 

1736, Rellef-3 Leadbetter 

1772, Rooksby-5 Marshall 

1806, Prudence-6 Shepard 

1858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden 

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Burke says: "The Walcotts derive their descent from one 
of the ancient septs of Vales, and their surname from the 
marriage of &n ancestor with the knightly house of Walcott. 
They were seated at Valcot, Salop, from time immemorial..." 
Of the generations below, 1 to 7 are given by Burke and the 
Visitations of Salop; 6 to 12 are from the research by Mr. 
H.G.Somerby in England, as given in the Wolcott Genealogy. 

1 SIR JOHN WALCOTT, Knight. His only child and heiress: 

2 LADY JANE WALCOTT, married David ap Rees ap larwith ap 
Trehalrn, Lord of Garthmael, descended from a long line 
of Welsh lords. Their son: 

3 lEVAN WALCOTT of Walcott, assumed his mother's name. He 
married Anna, daughter of John Mynde of Salop. His son: 

4 ROGER WALCOTT of Walcott, married Edith, daughter of 
Sir William Downes, Knight. Their eldest son: 

5 SIR PHILIP WALCOTT of Walcott, Knight married Juliana, 
daughter of John Herle of Hereford. Their son: 

6 JOHN WALCOTT of Walcott, Esq., living 3 Henry 5 [ I4l6] , 
married Matilda (Maud) . daughter of Sir Richard Cornwall 
of Beresford, Knight, descended from King John of Eng- 
land. This John Walcott "playinge at the chesse with 
Henry the Fifthe, Kinge of England, he gave hym the 
checke matte with the rouke, whereupon the Kinge changed 
the coate of armes which was the crosse with flower de 
luces, and gave hym the rouke for a remembrance." Son: 

7 ROGER WALCOTT of Walcott, Esq., married Margaret, daugh- 
ter of David Lloyd, Esq., of Mathavern. Sons: 1, Edward, 
heir [married Avice, daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas 
English, Knight]. 2, John. 3, William . 

8 WILLIAM WALCOTT settled in Tolland, Somersetshire. Son: 

9 WILLIAM WALCOTT of Tolland, married Elizabeth . 

His will was made in I5OO. Their son: 

10 THOMAS WALCOTT, was living in Tolland in 1525- He had 
sons: 1, Henry. 2, Roger, 3, John . 

11 JOHN WOLCOTT, whose will of 2-9-1572, proved 4-11-1572, 
named wife Agnes; brothers Henry and Roger; daughters 
Mary and Alice [perhaps married a Meyn] ; and son John: 

12 JOHN WOLCOTT of Galdon Manor, Tolland. His will dated 
II-IO-I623 mentioned sons Christopher [d.1639]; Henry , 
bap. 1578; John [d.l6l8; had son John and daughters Mary 
and Agnes alive in I623] ; and several grandchildren. 

13 HENRY WOLCOTT, Esq., emigrated to New England. 


HENRY ^ WOLCOTT, the second son of John and Joan V/ol- 
cott of Galdon Manor, Tolland, Somersetshire. England, was 
baptized in the adjoining paring of Lydlard Saint Lawrence 
on 12-6-1578. He married on I-I9-I606 Elizabeth, daughter 
of Thomas Saunders of that parish. Elizabeth was baptized 
there on 12-30-1584. Henry died on 5-30-1655, "ae 77" and 
Elizabeth on 7-17-1655, "ae 73," both in Windsor, Conn. 

Mr. H. G. Somerby, who made the Volcott research in 
England, wrote: "Tolland is one of the most secluded, quiet 
and picturesque villages in England. Galdon Manor. . .which 
is now occupied as a fannhouse, must at one time have been 
very extensive, and the principal room very splendid for 
the period. It is still richly ornamented with carved work 
...The old mill belonged to the family at least three hun- 
dred years ago. The manor house... said to be of very great 
antiquity, was originally a splendid mansion, designed as 
well for the purposes of defense against the excesses of a 
lawless age as for the purposes of a permanent family res- 
idence. .. .The motto of the family arms, still to be seen 
upon the walls. . .informs us that they were 'accustomed to 
swear in the words of no master.'" 

According to the Massachusetts Encyclopedia of Bio- 
graphy, Henry Wolcott, the immigrant, held a fair position 
among the landed gentry and an estate which placed him In 
affluent clrc\iinstances. He spent his youth in gayety and 
the usual pastimes of English country youth, but later be- 
came an austere Puritan. All the earlier generations of 
Volcotts were as devoted Catholics as the immigrant Wol- 
cotts were distinguished for their adherence to the prin- 
ciples of the Reformation. The Puritans in England at that 
time being treated with great severity, he sold sui estate 
worth Ij8000 before leaving for America. He was undoubted- 
ly one of the wealthiest of the early Massachusetts colon- 
ists. He was one of the "gentlemen of opulence, education 
and worth" who purchased the right of settling here from 
the Plymouth Company in England, which company held this 
country by grant from the Crown. However, these gentlemen 
did not consider their title valid until the Indians had 
been paid for their land. 

The Wolcotts were members of the Rev. Mr. Warham's 
congregation in England, and joined the Warham and Maver- 
ick emigration of I63O. Taking their three sons but leav- 
ing behind them for a time their two daughters and their 
youngest son Simon, they sailed on the ship Mary and John. 
The ancient "Famely Chronologle" recorded: "This happle 
pair were married about the year I606. He came to New Eng- 
land about the year I628, and in the year 163O he brought 
over his family to avoid the persecution of those times 
against dissenters." 

They settled first in Dorchester, Mass . Henry's name 
appears in the first list of Freemen of Boston, IO-I9-I63O. 
In October I635, he and many neighbors went with Warham to 
what is now Windsor, Conn., and founded that town. He was 
a member of the first General Assembly, 1637, and in 1643 


was elected to the House of Magistrates, serving as Magis- 
trate for the rest of his life. 

He bequeathed "all his land in England" to his eld- 
est surviving son, Henry. This was Galdon Manor, which he 
had inherited in I639 through the death in England of his 
elder brother Christopher. He left the Windsor homestead 
to his own son Christopher. 

The only records found of his wife Elizabeth, are of 
her Joining the Windsor church in April l640, and her will 
dated 7-5-1655, two days before her death. The old Famely 
Chronologie referred to above says that they "died in hope 
and Ly buried \inder one Tomb in Windsor." There are pho- 
tographs of their tomb in the Wolcott Memorial. 

Children of Henry and Elizabeth, born in England: 

1 John^, bap. Lydlard, IO-I-I607. Liv. ,Eng. ,1631. Died 

without issue before date of father's will, 1655- 

2 Anna [Hannah]. Liv., Windsor, I7OO, age about 80. She 

came with sister Mary and young brother Simon , after 
family was settled in N.E. M.1646, Matthew Griswold 
(1620-1698) of Windsor; 5 chll . 

3 Henry, 1-21-1611. D..I680. M.,l64l, Sarah^ (Thomas^) 

Newberry (d.l684)j 8 chil. He inherited "the lands 
in England" from his father. 

4 George. D.I652. M.cl649. Elizabeths (Richard l) Treat 

(b.1627); 4 chll. from I650 to 1659- 

5 Christopher. D.,l662, unmar. Inherited Windsor home- 

stead. Estate divided among brothers and sisters. 

6 Mary. D.,1689. M.,l646, Sergt. Job^ (John^) Drake 

(d.1689); 7 chil. 

7 Simon . 1625. 

SIMON S WOLCOTT , the youngest child, was born in Eng- 
land between 1624 and I625, as he is said to have been but 
five when his father emigrated to New England. He married 
first on 3-I9-I657, Joanna, daughter of Aaron Cook. She 
died on 4-27-1657, age eighteen. Inl66l he married Martha, 
daughter of Vllliam Pitkin of England. Simon's tomb bears 
the inscription: "Here lies waiting for ye Resurrection of 
ye Just, Mr. Simon Wolcott, born lo25. Dyed Sept 11, 1687." 
In 1689 Martha married the Hon. Daniel Clark, whom she siir- 
vived, dying on IO-I3-I719 "in her 80th year." See PITKIN . 

Simon's father left him in England with his two sis- 
ters imtil the family should be settled in New England, and 
they came over about ten years after the others. 

In 1661 a beautiful girl, Martha Pitkin, came from 
England to visit her brother William Pitkin of East Hart- 
ford, one of the most important men in the colony. "This 
girl put the Colony in a commotion by her beauty and accom- 
plishments. If possible she must be retainied, - the stock 
is too good to be parted with. It was a matter of general 
consultation what young man was good enough to be present- 
ed to her, Simon Wolcott of Windsor, who had been a wid- 
ower about four years, and was in his thirty-sixth year, 
was fixed upon and beyond expectation succeeded in winning 
her hand; her brother favored the proposal and the results 
showed that they had judged worthily. Her son. Governor 


her hand; her brother favored the proposal and the results 
showed that they had judged worthily." Her son. Governor 
Roger Wolcott, wrote of her as "a gentlewoman of bright... 
natural parts which were well improved by her education in 
the City of London... The rest of her useful life she spent 
in the wilderness, doing good, and setting an example of 
Piety, prudence, charity and patience." 

Simon was always prominent in public life. He was 
admitted Freeman in Windsor, l65^. In 1668 he was on the 
committee of the General Court appointed to promote plant- 
ing. He had a grant of land in Simsbury in 166? and moved 
there in I67I. He was Representative that year and again 
in 1675. He was captain of the trainband in 1673 and Se- 
lectmsin In 167^. He and his neighbors were driven from 
their homes by the Indians during King Philip's War, and 
his property having been destroyed, he returned to Windsor 
in 1676. In 1680 he received a grant of two hundred acres 
of land from the General Court. In I686 he had the rich- 
est estate on the Windsor Town List, and he was one of the 
six men on the list distinguished with the title of "Mr." 
Seven governors were descended from Simon and Martha. 

He is said to have been tall and handsome, and wore 
the British officer's uniform, with lace at the cuffs. 

Children of Simon and Martha, from Windsor Records: 

1 Elizabeth ^, 8-19-1662. 

2 Martha, 5-17-1664. D.I687. M.I686, Thomas 3 (Thomas 2, 

Matthew^) Allyn (I662-I709); 2 chil . Thomas m.2nd, 
Joanna ; 1 dau. 

3 Simon, 6-24-1666. D.,1732. M.,1689, Sarah" (John^) 

Chester (CI656-I723) ; 6 chil. 

4 Joanna, 6-3O-I668. D.,1755. M.,l690, as 2nd wife, 

John 2 (George 1) Colton (1659-1727) of Longmeadow, 
Mass.; 10 chil. 

5 Henry, 5-3O-I67O. D.,1747. Lieut. M.l3t,l696, Jane^ 

(Thomas 2 Matthewl) Allyn of Windsor (I67O-I702) ; 2 
chil. M.2nd, Rachel3 (Samuel2, John^) Talcott (I678 
-1726); 4 chil. Rachel was widow of Peter Bulkeley. 

6 Christopher, 7-4-1672. D.1693. 

7 Mary, 1674. D.1676. 

8 William, 11-6-1576. D.,1749. M.,1706, Abiah Hawley, 

(d.1716); 6 chil. 

9 Roger, I-4-I679. D.,1767. He, his son, and grandson 

were governors of Connecticut. M.1702, Sarah4 (Job^ 
Job2 [& Mary2 Wolcott], John^ ) Drake (1686-1747); 15 

ELIZABETH ^ WOLCOTT , eldest child of Simon and Martha, 
was born on 8-I9-I662 in Windsor, Connecticut, where she 
married on 12-8-l680, Daniel, son of Benjamin Cooley, of 
Springfield, Mass. Daniel was born on 5-2-1651 in Spring- 
field. Elizabeth died on I-3I-I708, and on 6-17-1709 Dan- 
iel married Lydia, daughter of John Dumbleton and widow of 



Jonathan Burt. She was born on 4-l6-l66l. Daniel died 
on 2-9-1727 and Lydia on 1-31-1740, both in Springfield. 

Elizabeth-3 Volcott m. 

Benjamin-3 Cooley m. 

Keziah-4 Cooley m. 

Philip-4 Go3s m. 

Nathaniel-5 Goss m. 

Lucinda-6 Goss m. 
Clari3sa-7 Matilda Glidden m. 

1680, Daniel-2 Cooley 

1701, Margaret-4 Bliss 

1723, Philip-3 Goss 

1748, Hannah Ball 

1776, Rachel Gould 

1811, Samuel -6 Glidden 

1858, Edward-7 Vales Blake 


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It has long been a question as to which Wright fam- 
ily Noah Brooks' vlfe Dorothy Wright belonged. There were 
several Wright families in Massachusetts at the same time, 
among them Deacon Samuel Wright (q.v.), John Wright of Wo- 
burn, Edvard V/^right of Scituate, Edward Wright of Sudbury, 
and Edward Wright of Concord. The only Dorothy found was 
the daughter of Edward Wright of Sudbury, but she married 
Benjamln-2 (John-l) Moore of Sudbury (q.v.). 

As Noah Brooks was of a Concord family, this compiler 
believes Dorothy belongs to the Concord Wrights. Although 
no Dorothy is recorded, only two of the seven known chil- 
dren of Edward of Concord are recorded. There is room for 
Dorothy, who was born about 1662 or 3. between the births 
of Samuel on 4-12-1661, and Peter, about I665. 

Both Edward of Sudbury and Edward of Concord had 
children named Elizabeth, Edward , Samuel, Martha and Sarah, 
which perhaps accounts for Pope confusing these two men. 

EDWARD ^ WRIGHT of Castle Bromwlch, in Warwickshire, 
England, had a son: 

FRANCIS ^^ WRIGHT of Castle Bromwlch, who married 
Mary, daughter of John Wiggln, of Addrldge, Staffordshire. 
They had a son: 

EDWARD 1 WRIGHT , born about l626. He came to Massa- 
chusetts and settled in Concord. He married there about 
1653, Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver Mellowes. She was bap- 
tized at Suttenten, Lincolnshire, Eng., on 12-10-1625. Her 
first husband, whom she had married about 1647, was Thomas 
Barrett. He was drowned in Concord In I652. See MELL01^^S 
for children cf this marriage. Elizabeth died in Concord 
on 2-15-1691, and Edward Wright died there on 8-28-I69I. 

On 3-4-I672 Edward Wright of Concord sold John Hoare 
all his "right and title to houses, lands, &c, in the Lord- 
ship of Castle Bromwlch, county Warwick, England, by vir- 
tue of a deed of gift by Edward Wright of Castle Bromwlch 
to feoffees in trust for the use of Francis Wright as son 
and heir apparent of said Edward Wright; and of Mary Wig- 
gln, daughter of John Wiggln of Addrldge, county of Staff- 
ord .. .following on a marriage between said Francis and the 
said Mary, and to their heirs &c; said deed of gift being 
now in the hands of said John Hoare and beareth date 27th 
June, 10th year of the reign of King James [ I613] . " He 
refers to having been in England a year before the date of 
the sale. He received in part payment a house in Concord, 
of which John and Alice Hoare made full deed on 8-1-1682. 
Later there was a suit in Middlesex Court for the non-ful- 
fillment of this covenant. 

Edward and Elizabeth deeded land to their sons Sam- 
uel and Edward in I683, the conditions including life in- 
come for the parents, and the sons to pay certain sums to 
their three sisters. The agreement was signed by all the 



heirs at a later date, Robert Blood joining in it 
agreed to pay a certain sum to his sister Sarah. 


Children of Elizabeth and Edward: 

1 Priscilla^. D.168I. M,l664 as 1st wife, John^ (Will- 

iaml) Hartwell (1641-1703); 6 chil. (See Elizabeth.) 

2 Elizabeth, cl655. D.Concord, 1704. M.1682 as 2d wife, 

John^ (William!) Hartwell; 3 chil. by 1599. 

3 Edward, 1-22-1658, Concord. D.172S. M.,cl693, Lydia^ 

[Jonathan^?] Danforth (1664-1758); dau.Lydia, I695. 

4 Martha, 6-18-1659. D. , Stow, 1746 . M. , cl685, Israel^ 

(JohnM Heald (I66O-I738); 3 chil. (Gr-dau. Dorothy . ) 

5 Samuel, Concord 4-12-1661. D.1741. M.lst,l690, MaryS 

(James2, Jamesl) Hosmer (1664-1725); 3 chil. M.2nd, 
Sarah (d.l758). Dau. Abigail m. John Bulkeley. 

6 Peter, cl665. D.1718 in 53rd year. M.1684, Elizabeth 

Lamson (d.bef .1731) ; no chil. She m.2nd,1719, Enoch 
(Moses^) Cleveland (1671-1729); no chil. 

7 Sarah, cl670- D., Boston, I726. M. Timothy Wales, 

(d.1722); no chil. 

8 Dorothy ? B. cl662-3. 

DOROTHY ^ WRIGHT , perhaps a daughter of Edward Wright 
of Concord, and born about 1662 or I663. She married in 
Concord in I685, Noah, Eldest son of Joshua Brooks of Con- 
cord, where Noah was born about I656. He died there on 
2-I-I739. Dorothy died on 3-15-1752, the Concord church 
record giving her ^ge as "ninety or thereabouts." A foot- 
note calls her "widow of Noah Brooks." See BROOKS. 

Dorothy-2 Wright 
Ebenezer-4 Brooks 
Simon-5 Brooks 
Rachel-6 Brooks 
Prudence -6 Shepard 
Edward -7 Wales Blake 

1685, Noah-3 Brooks 

1714, Sarah-4 Fletcher 

1747, Rachel-5 Drury 

1776, Simeon-5 Shepard 

m. 1806, Joseph-6 Blake 

m. 1858, Clarlssa-7 Matilda Glldden 



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Families . 
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The Interesting question of Deacon Samuel Wright '3 
ancestry is better left until more research has been made 
in England. Information not now to be had may also throw 
light on the subject of Hannah's relationship to the Dea- 
con — whether she was his daughter (as claimed by many wri- 
ters, including the compiler of the Stebblns Genealogy) or 
his sister, as suggested by Temple and others. 

DEACON SAMUEL ^ WRIGHT died in Northampton, Mass., on 
IO-I7-I665, "while sleeping in a chair," according to the 
records. His widow Margaret, maiden name not known, died 
there on 7-25-1681. 

Deacon Samuel was first mentioned by name in the re- 
cords of Springfield, Mass., on 12-12-1639, when he was a 
juryman, but he is thought to have come here several years 
before that, perhaps with the Winthrop Fleet in I63O. He 
was Freeman in 1648. In 1655 the family removed to North- 
ampton, Mass., where Samuel and Margaret were admitted to 
the First Church upon its organization in I66I. He was a 
deacon of the church, conducting services during the ab- 
sence of the minister. He was on a committee to General 
Court in 1656, and took a part in the civil affairs of the 
town, but was chiefly distinguished in religious matters. 

Samuel's will of I665 names children in the follow- 
ing order: Samuel, James, Judah, Mary, Margaret, Hester, 
Lydia. He does not mention Helped or Benjamin, who were 
alive, nor Hannah, who had died in I66O. Widow Margaret's 
will, 9-22-l680, names children in this order: Mary, Mar- 
garet, Hester. Lydia and Helped. (Hannah had died twenty 
years before. ) 

Children of Samuel and Margaret (order not known): 

1 Hannah , probably a daughter, born in England, perhaps 

about 1625. 

2 Benjamin, 1627, England. D. Springfield, 1704. 

3 Samuel, cl629. K. by Inds.,l675. His homestead still 

in family, I886. M.,l653, Elizabeth'^ (Henry ^ Burt, 
(b.1630); 8 chll. She m. 2nd, 1684, Nathaniel Dickin- 
son, Jr. (1643-1710) of Hatfield, Mass.; no chll. 

4 Hester, CI63I. D.,l664. M.,1652, Samuel^ (Thomas^) 

Marshfield (d.l692}; 6 chll. Samuel m. 2d. 1564, Mrs. 
Catherine [Chapinl IBliss] Gilbert (d.l712); 4 chll. 

5 Margaret, CI633. D.,cl669. M.,1653, Thomas Bancroft. 

6 Lydia, CI635 D.I699. M.,l3t,l654, Laurence^ ( Thom - 

as^) Bliss (d.l676)j 9 chll. M.2d,l678, John Norton 
(d.1687). M. 3rd, 1688, John Lamb (d.,1690). M.4th, 
1692, George Colton. 

7 Mary, CI637. In father's will, 1665, & mother '3,1680. 

8 James, prob. Northampton, 1639. D.1723. M.1664, Abi- 

gail 2^ (William^) Jess (1645-1707); 9 chll. Had the 
feunlly homestead. 



9 Judah^, Springfield, 5,-10-1642. 
M., 1st, 1667, Mercy^ (Henry^) 

D. , Northampton, 1725. 

Burt: 9 chil. M. ,2nd, 

1766, Mrs. Sarah Burke (l649-1702). His Northampton 

homestead remained in his family five generations. 

10 Helped, Springfield, 9-15-1644. Not in father's will 

of 1665, but in mother's of I68O. 

HANNAH 2 WRIGHT, probably the eldest daughter of Dea- 
con Samuel Wright, and born in England, say 1d25, married 
in Springfield, Mass., in November l645, Thomas, the son 
of Rowland Stebbins. Thomas was born about 1620, probably 
in Booking, Essex, England. Hannah died on IO-I6-I66O in 
Springfield, and Thomas married there on 12-14-1676, Abi- 
gail, daughter of Henry Burt. Abigail had married first, 
about 1623, Francis Ball, and second in 1649, Benjamin 
Munn. Thomas died on 9-5-1683 and Abigail on 6-2-1707, 
both in Springfield. See STEBBINS . 

Hannah- 2 Wright 
Sarah-3 Stebbins 
Margaret-4 Bliss 
Keziah-4 Cooley 
Phllip-4 Goss 
Nathanlel-5 Goss 
Luclnda-6 Goss 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glldden 



Thomas -2 Stebbins 



Samuel-3 Bliss 



Benjamin-3 Cooley 



Philip-3 Goss 



Hannah Ball 



Rachel Gould 



Samuel -6 Glldden 



Edward-7 Wales Blake 


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Burt: First Century of Springfield, Mass 

ealogy. Vol. 2:639- 
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also article on 4-7-1933. 
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YORKE 279 

RICHARD ^ YORKE died in Dover, N. H. , 3-?3-l672. His 
wife's name was Elizabeth. Her Identity has not been es- 
tablished, although her family was probably already, he re , 
as Richard did not bring a wife with him. Elizabeth mar- 
ried, after 16?^, but before 1680, Vllllam Graves of Exe- 
ter, N. H. He was born about 1625 and was alive In Exeter 
In 1701, having married a third wife, Mrs Salathlel Denbo. 

Richard Yorke came on the ship James, which arrived 
In Salem, Mass., on IO-IO-I633. He was one of a party of 
about thirty who came with the Rev. George Leverldge and 
Thomas Wlggln. Yorke probably settled Immediately In New 
Hampshire, for he deposed In court In I652, that he was In 
Dover (then belonging to Massachusetts) In I635. He was 
always In good standing in the community and church. He 
had a house lot on Dover Neck In 1642, was on the Grand 
Jury the next year, and on a list of men who were Freemen 
of New Hampshire before I653. 

He was taxed from 1648 to I666 and in I672. In 1648 
he was at Oyster River, now Durham, N. H., where he was 
granted 100 acres of land in I656. (He left this land to 
his son Benjamin.) In I651 he administered the estate of 
George Bronson. In 1654 he signed the New Hampshire Peti- 
tion to Massachusetts for protection from the Indians. In 
1660 he signed the Oyster River (Durham) protest against 
Dover Neck, and the Durham petition for a separate township. 
About 1661 he purchased fifty acres at Littlejohn's Creek 
from William Hilton. This he sold to Joseph Austin, Eliz- 
abeth Joining in the deed. In 1669 he signed the church 
petition. Records also show that he was on the Grand Jury 
in 1643, 1656, 1664, I667, I668, and I669. 

His unsigned will is recorded in Probate Vol. 5, page 
3. As the witnesses had already signed, it Is Inferred he 
died suddenly on the day it was written, Dover, 4-23-1672. 
He bequeathed to his wife Elizabeth, his eldest son John, 
his daughters Grace and Rachel Halle [Hull] , to his daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Cartie, and to his two grandchildren Richard 
and Benjamin Yorke, This will was approved in court on 
6-3-I674, and his widow Elizabeth and his son John were ap- 
pointed administrators. The inventory was li264. In I680 
Elizabeth and her husband William Graveg sued John Yorke 
for her thirds, and settlement was reached on 6-7-I68I. 

Children of Richard and Elizabeth, order not known: 

1 John^, cl642. K.I690 at Fort Casco. "Eldest son" in 

father's will. M. Ruth [William?] Graves; 4 chil. 
(William Graves mentioned his daughter-in-law Ruth, 
probably meaning his step-daughter.) 

2 Samuel, Durham, 1645. D. Gloucester, Mass . ,1718. Wife, 

who was Hannah before I676, d. 1724. 10 chil. 

3 Elizabeth. Alive I672. M. , Exeter, I668, Philip Cartee 

[Cartey] of Exeter (alive I690) . 

4 Rachel. M.I668, Benjamin2 (Rev.Joseph^ ) Hull (b.l639- 

livlng 1690); 11 chil. Family went to Plscataway,NJ 

280 YORKE 

5 Benjamin^, 1655 . M.I676, Abigail^ (Thomas^) Footman; 

6 chll. Abigail m.l715+, Thomas Meakins, ajid was a 
widov again in Exeter, 1727. 

6 Grace . 


GRACE YORKE was under eighteen and unmarried when 

her father's vill was made on 4-23-1672. Besides a share 
in his estate, he left her the sum of Ten Pounds, payable 
at marriage or at the age of eighteen. 

On 5-3I-I675 in Exeter, N. H., she married John, son 
of Edward Gilman Junior, the ceremony being performed by 
Commissioner Samuel Dalton, another Glldden ancestor. (His 
daughter Mehitable married Thomas Philbrick .) Great-grand- 
children of John and Grace Gilman, and Samuel Dalton also 
married. See GILMAN. 

Grace -2 Yorke m. 

Jacob-4 Gilman m. 

Mary-5 Gilman m. 

yiary-3 Moody m. 

Elizabeth -5 Ladd m. 

Samuel-6 Glidden m. 
Clarissa-7 Matilda Glldden m. 

1675, John-3 Gilman 

1704, Mary-3 Ladd 

1733, David-2 Moody 

CI76I, John-4 Ladd 

CI785, Jonathan-5 Glidden 

cl8ll, Lucinda-6 Goss 

1858, Edward-7 Vales Blake 


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Numbers refer to pages. 

+ after the page nvunber indicates that the name occurs 
more than once on the page . 

Index of names other than Blake follows this index. 

Abigail, 13, 222 

Adah J., 17 

Adah R., 17 

Agnes, 3+, ^, 5, 6+, 7, 89 

Albert, 11, I3 

Alexander, 2 

Alice, 2+, 3+, 4 

Amos Shepard, I3, 14, 17, 18 

Angle, 17 

Anna Borden, 12 

Anne, 2+, 4+, 5+, 6,7+, 8,9, 15 

Annie, I3 

Anstice, 3 

Augusta S. , 17 

Austin Wales, 21 

Avice, 2 

Bela IBlll] , 11 

Belana B. , 11 

Benjamin, 3 

Betsey, 11 

Bill, 10, 11 

Birdie J., 17 

Bradford Pethlck, 21 

Calvin, 12 

Caroline, 12 

Caroline Woodward, 14, 17 

Charles H., I3 

Charles Marshall, 15 

Christian, 3 

Clara E., 15 

Clarissa Matilda, 17, I8+, 20 

Diana, 12 

Dorcas, 10 

Dorothy, 5 

Ebenezer, 9, 10+, 11, 158, I60 

Edith A., 21 

Edmund, 2. 12 

Edward, 6, 7, 11 

Edward Olidden, 20, 21 

Edward J . , 1 

Edward Wales, 12+, I3, 14, I5 
16, 17+ 18+, 20, 21, 24, 118 

Edwin M., 13 

Eleanor, 3 

Eliza Cordelia, I3 

Ellen Cordelia, 14 

Elizabeth, 2+, 3, 4, 6+, 7+, 
8+, 9, 15, 69, 100 

Emma, 4, I3 

Emma Gertrude, I8 

Emily Isabel Walker, 15 

Ernest George, I5 

Eva L., 15 

Evalina, I6 

Fannie, 12, I7 

Fannie B., 17 

Fannie M., 15 

Fanny, I6 

Flora, 20 

Flora R., 123 

Flora Rebecca, I3, 14, 18+ 19+ 

Florence, 16 

Florence Elizabeth, 20 

Francis Banfil, 15 

Francis Darwin, 12 

Frances E. , 1 

Frank, I6 

Franklin, I5 

Frederick A. , 15 

Frederick Joseph, 15 

George Spearsum, I5 

Gilbert, 2 

Giles, 5 

Gladys Helen, 16 

Grace , 4 

Gratia M., 15 

Hannah, 6+, 7+, 8+, 9, 11+, 
12, 245 

Harriet, 11 

Harrison Williams, 17 



Harry Frederick, 16 

Harry 0. , 13 

Helen, 21 

Helen Devey, 17 

Helen Louisa, 15 

Henry , 2+ 

Henry Lincoln, 16 

Henry Philander, 1^ 

Hopestill, 9 

Humphrey, 2, 3+, 4 

Ida, 16 

Increase, 8, 10 

James, 5, 6+, 7+, 8+, 10, 12+ 

46, 69, 100, 244 
Jane, 4+, 11, 17, 21, II8 
Jennie, 12 
Jenny , I6 
Jeremiah, 9 
Jessie, 21 

Jessie Josephine, 20, 21 
Joan, 2 
John, 1, 2, 3+, 4+, 6+, 7+, 

8+, 12, 13 
John Fremont, I6 
John Gordon, I6 
John Marshall, 12 
John 3. , 13 
Jonathan, 8 
Joseph, 3+, 8+, 9+, 10, 12, 

13+, 16, 46, 118, 160, 

170, 222 
Joseph Capron, 17 
Joseph Demetrius, I7, I8 
Joseph G. , 17 • 
Joseph Millard, 17 
Joshua, 11 
Josiah, 10 
Julia Augusta, 17 
Julia Farwell, 21 
Laura Ann, 12 
Laura H . , 17 
Lemuel, 10+, I3 
Leonard Wait, 11 
Linda Wales, 21 
Lorinda, 16 
Louisa, 11 
Lucinda, 11 
Lucy, 11+ 
Lydia, 17, II8 
Malachl, 4 
Margaret, 2+, 3 
Margaret Louise, 15 
Marguerite, I6 
Marinda, I3 
Marion Gertrude, 16 
Marshall Edward, 15 
Martha Jane, 15 
Mary, 2, 7, 9, 11. 12, I3 
Mary A., 11+ 

Mary Ann, 11, 12 

Mary Ellen, I8 • 

Mary Jane, I3 

Mehitahle, 9+, 45, 46 

Mercy, 10 

Nathaniel, 9 

Nettie B., I6 

Nicholas, 2 

Nina B., 17 

Olive, 12 

Palmer, I7 

Patience, 7 

Philip Evans, I6 

Phyllis, 21 

Polly, 11, 12+ 

Prudence, I3+, II8, 222 

Rebecca, 3, I3, 16, 17, 222 

Relief, 10+, 158, 160 

Rhoda, 11 

Richard, 4+ 

Richard Edward, 21 

Richard John, 21 

Robert, 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, 6 

Robert Oak, I5 

Robert Wallace, 21 

Robert William, 21 

Rooksby, 10+, 11, 12, I32, I70 

Rosaline E., 15 

RoxelsJia, 11 

Ruth, 8, 9, 21 

Sally, 11+, 12 

Salome, 12 

Samuel G. , I3 

Saphronla, I3 

Sarah, 4, 9+, 10+, 11 

Sarah Ann, I3 

Sarah Louise, I3 

Schuyler, 11 

S. Edward, I7 

Seth, 10+ 11+ 13,132, 170, 222 

Seth Marshall, 12, I5 

Shirley Elizabeth, 21 

Susan Elizabeth, I5 

Susannah, 10 

Thankful, 10 

Thomas, 3 

Vera, 16 , 

Virginia, I6 

Waitstill, 8 

Walter Glover, I6 

Walter Henry Brooks, 12 

Warren Edward, 21 

Washington, 10, I3 

William, 2+, 3, 4+, 5+, 6+, 7+ 

8 9, 10, 11+, 13, 15, 69, 

84, 100, 225, 245 
William Bill, 11 
William Brooks, 15 
Zipporah, 9 


Abrooke, William, 75 
Adam, Alice, 43, 44 

Joan, 43, 44 

William, 43, 44 
Adams, Abigail, 85 

Alice, 269 

Elizabeth, 85 

Frances, 25+ 

James, 05, 251+ 

John, 85. 251 

Joseph, 05+ 

Mary, 222 

Richard, 85 

Thomas, 85 
Addington, J. N., 121 
Adelheld, 33 
Alcock, Anne, 23 

Elizabeth, 23+, 24, 229+ 

George, 23+, 24+ 

Hanneh , 24 

John, 23+, 24 

Margaret, 24 

Margery. 24+ 

Mary , 24+ 

Philip, 24 

Rebecca, 24 

Samuel, 23+ 

Sarah, 23+, 24 

Thomas, 23+ 24+, 225, 229 
Alden, John, 89 

Mary, 89 

William, 89+ 
Alfred the Great, 34 
Alger, Mary, I03 

Thomas, I03 
Allen, Abel, 101, 2l8 

Alice, 171 

Daniel, 210 

Elizabeth, 101, 2l8 

Elnathan, 210 

Henry, 88 

Jane , 60 

John, 87, 124 

Katherine, 87 

Mercy, 210 

William, 42, II3, 114 

Jane, 273 (Allyn) 

Joanna, 273 " 

Martha, 273 " 

Matthew, 273+ " 

Thomas, 273+ " 
Alsop, Key, 129 
Amerldeth, Joanna, 246 

John, 246 
Amhurst, General, 72 
Andrews, Anne, 25 

Dorcas, 84, 180 

Francis, 25 

Hannah, 25+, 146 

James, 84, 18O 

Andrews, John, 25 
Margaret, 180 
Robert, 25 
Samuel, 84, 180 
Susanna, 25, 146 
Thomas, 25+, 146+ 

Angler, John, 223 

Anstye, Mary, 87 

Archer, Henry, 241 

Ashby, Edmond, 129 

Ashe, Jane, 32 
John, 32 

Ashley, Charles, 127 
Daniel, 127 
David, 127 
Oliver, 127 
Robert, 127, 148 
Samuel, 126, 127 

Atashlan, Lela, 15 
M., 15 

0., 15 

Virginia, I5 
Atherton, Abigail, 124 

Humphrey, 8, 45, 152 

Joshua, 124 

Thankful, 45 
Atkinson, Hannah, 56 

Helen, 174 

Susanna, 56 

Theodore, 223 

Thomas , 56+ 
Atwood, Vera, I6 
Audley, Hugh, 33 

Margaret, 33 
Austin, Joseph, 279 

Samuel, 194 

Sarah, 55, 194 
Avery, Mary, I88 
Axtell, Daniel, 3 

Elizabeth, 3 

Mary, 208 
Ayer, Hannah, 255 

John, 255 

Timothy, I90 
Ayers, Elizabeth, 190 

John, 190 

Mehl table, I90 

Robert, I90+ 
Aylesbury, Eleanor, 33 

Thomas , 33 
Babcock. (See Badcock.) 

Benjamin, 26 

David, 26+ 

Dorothy, 26 

Dorothy Rachel, 26 

Elizabeth, 26, 27+ 

Enoch, 26+, 27+ 

George, 26+ 

Hannah , 26 

Jame s , 26+ 


Babcock, Joseph, 26 

Leah, 26 

Margaret, 26 

Mary, 26+, 27+ 

Mary Ellen, 26 

Rachel, 26 

Return, 26 

Robert, 26+ 

Ruth, 26 

Samue 1 , 26+ 

Sarah, 26+, 27 

Susannah , 26 , 27+ 

Eidow, 26 

William, 26, 27 
Bachelor, Elizabeth, 107+ 

Nathaniel, Phineas, 107 
Bacon, Ernest M., Roberta, 20 
Badcock, Benjamin, 149 

Elizabeth, 149 

Enoch, 148+ 

George, 148, l60 

Katherine, l60 

Mary, 148 

Patience, 149 

Susanna, 148 

William, 160 
Badger, Elizabeth, I32, I33 

Giles, 132 

John, 132 
Bagg, Abigail, 78 

John, 78 
Bailey. (See Bayley.) 

Deliverance, 226+ 

Elinor, 93 

G. F., 15 

Isaac, 94 

John, 93, 94 

Rebecca, 94 

Samuel, 226+, 227+ 

Sarah, 94 
Baker, Alice, 43, 44 

Christian, 36 

Henry, I8 

Joan, 240+ 

Lawrence, 18 

Mary Ellen, I8, 22 

Nicholas. 36, 96 

Sarah, 28, I51, 237 

Sophia Lydia, I8 

Thomas, 36. 151 

William, 16, 28 

William Lawrence, 18 
Baldwin, John, I87 

Rebecca, 187 

Sylvester, I87 
Ball, Abigail, 28+, 29. 30+, 
122, 125, 233, 278 

Anna, 30 

Benjamin, 28, 30 

Bethla, 30 

Ball, Caleb, 28 

Daniel, 30 

Ebenezer, 28 

Eleazer, 28, I76, 261 

Elizabeth, 29+, 30+, 195 

Esther, 29+ 

Experience, 28 

Francis, 233, 278 

Hannah, 28+, 30, 122, 125 

James, 30 

Jeremiah, 28 

Joanna, 28 

John, 28+, 29+, 30, 62+, 
176, 195 

Jonathan, 28, 30 

Joseph, 29+ 30, 62 

Lydia, 30 

Margery, 28 
. Marthe, 234 

Mary, 28+, 29+, 30+ 90 

Nathan, 30 

Nathaniel, 28+, I76 

Priscilla, 28 

Samuel, 28, 234 

Sarah, 28+, 29+, 30+, 176,261 

Susanna, 28, 30+ 

Thomas , 28 
Balston, Abigail, 100 
Bancroft, Anna, 51 

Margaret, 277 

Thomas, 51, 277 
Band, Agnes, 5 

Richard, 5 
Banfil, Rosaline, 15 
Bar-dwell, Mrs., 126 
Barnard, John, 32 

William, 32 
Barnes, Mary, 80 

Samuel, 80 

Thomas, 80 
Barker, Abigail, 57 

Benjamin, 172 

Bethia, 54 

Hannah, I72 

John, 57 

Nathan, 54 

Richard, 172 

Sarah, 203 
Barrett, Elizabeth, 175, 275 

Mary, 175 

Oliver, 175 

Thomas, 175, 275 
Barron, Elias, 204 

Lydia, 204 
Barter, Joane, 63 
Bartlett, Abigail, 233 

Alice, 110 

Bryant Chadeayne, I8, 20 

Carol Mae, 20 

David Hall, 20 


Bartlett, Edith Blake, l8 , 19 

Emma Jane , 19 , 20 

Esther May, 20 

Flora Rebecca, 12, 18+, 20 

Hannah , 94 

Harry, l8, 19 

Henry Baker, l8, 19+, 20+, 23 

Henry Blake, 19 

Henry Boyd, 19 

Jane , 18 

J. Gardner, 6l 

John, 19 

Joslah, 94 

Joy Hendrlka, 20 

Laura, I9 

Mabel, I8, 20 

Marie Alida, 20 

Mary, I9 

Rebecca, 94 

Richard, 94+ 

Robert, I9, 233 

Samuel, I9+ 

Sarah, 84 

Wright, 19 
Bascom, Abigail, I63 

Thomas , I63 
Basey, Adrean, I63 
Bassett, Anne, 32, 

Anselme, 3I 

Barnaby, 32+ 

Barnard, 32 

Dorothy, 32 

Edmvind, 3I+, 32 

Edward, 32+, 33+, 34, 86+ 

Elizabeth, 32+, 34 

Gyles, 32+ 

Isabell, 31+. 32+, 34 

Jane, 32+, 34, 86+, 27I 

Joan, 32, 33 

John, 31+, 32+ 

Joyce, 32 

Katherlne, 3I 

Margaret, 3I+, 32 

Margery, 3I+, 32+ 

Mary, 3I, 32 

Maude , 3I+ 

Ralph, 33 

Richard, 32 

Robert, 32+ 

Sarah, 263 

Susan, 32+ 

Symon, 3I+ 

Symond, 32 

Syssley, 32 

William, 32+, 263 
Bachelor, William, 43 
Batcheider, Nathaniel, 8 

Ruth, 8 

Stephen, 8 
Bate, Clement, 43 

Bate, Jsmes, 43 
Bateman, Abigail, 57 

Margery, 28 

Thomas, 28, 57 
Bates, John, 98 

Lydia, 98 
Batt, Ann, 255 

Nicholas, 255 
Baxter, Deliverance, I68 

Eliza, 12 

Gregory, I68 

Henry, 12 

John, 168 

Samuel, I68 

Thomas , I68 
Bayley. See Bailey. 

Florence Elizabeth, 20 

Margaret, 20 

Robert T., 20+ 

Roberta Welles, 20 

Shirley, 20 

Beacon, Sybylla, 44 
Beal, Beale, Agnes, l43 

Anne, 143 

Arthur, 143 

Caleb, 36 

Christian, 36 

Elizabeth, 35+, 36 

Frances, 35+ 

Hannah , 36 

Jacob, 36 

Jeremiah, 25 

John, 35+, 36+, 103 

Joshua, 35 

Martha, 35+, 36+ 

Mary, 35+, 3d+, IO3 

Nathaniel, 35+, 36+, I33 

Nazareth, 35+ 

Rebecca, 36 

Sarah, 35+, 36+. 133 

Susanna, 37 
Beamon, Noah, 8 
Beamsley, Abigail, 39 

Ann, 30, 39 

Elizabeth, 39 

Grace, 39+, 129+ 

Habakuk, 39 

Hannah , 39 

Martha, 38 

Mary, 39 

Mercy, 38, 39 

Samuel , 39 

William, 38+, 39, 129, 225 
Bean, Abigail. 42 

Catherine, 41 

Daniel, 4l 

Deborah, 42 

Elizabeth, 41, 42 

Hannah, 4o, 41, 42 



Bean, Henry, 4l 

James, 4l+, 42 

Jeremiah, 4l+, 42+, II3, 114 

John, 40+, 41+ , 199 

Margaret, 40+, 4l+, 42+, II3 

Margret, I99 

Mary, 40, 4l+ 

Richard, 42 

Ruth, 41 42, 113, 114 
Samuel, 41 

Sarah, 41+ 

Tabltha, 42 
Beard, Esther, 198 

Joseph, 198 

Thomas, 198 
Beauchamp, Anne de, 34 

Elizabeth de, 33 

John de, 33 

Richard de, 33 

Walter de, 33 
Beckwlth, John, I66 

Matthew,- I66 

Prudence, I66 
Bedell, Laura Ann, 12 
Beers, Elizabeth, 253 

Mary, 209 

Richard, 177, 260 

Sarah, I77, 26O 
Belden, Sarah Louise, I3 
Beldlng, Elizabeth, 5I 

Samuel, 51 
Beme, John, 40 
Bemon, John, 120 
Benham, John, 24 
Benjamin, Hannah, 220 
Benne , Jame? , 40 
Bennett, Anna, 260 

Arthur, II3 

Aughter, 144 

Dorcas, II3 

James, 260 
Benson, Abigail. 223 
Bent, Agnes, 200 

David, 90 

Hannah, 238 

Mary, 90 
Berefore, Elizabeth, 213 

John, 213 
Berkeley, Elizabeth, 34 

John, 34 

Margaret, 3I 

Thomas, 3I 
Berry, Elizabeth, I98 

Nathaniel, 198 
Betts, John, 43 

Judith, 206 

Mary, 43, 207 

Thomas, 43, 206, 207+ 
Bldgood, Anne, 4 

Thomas, 4 

Bldwell, Elizabeth, 242 
John, 242 
Samuel, 242 
Blgge, Anna, 43, 44 

Elizabeth, 43+, 44, 240 
Ellen, 43, 44 
James, 43, 44 
John, 43+, 44+, 240, 241+ 
Mary, 43+, 44+ 
Patience, 43+ 

Rachel, 43+, 44+, 24o+, 241 
Richard, 43 
Samuel, 44 
Smallhope, 43+, 241 
Sybllla, 44 
Thankful, 44 
Blgnell, Martha, 241 
Blgnett, Grace, 61+ 
Blgod, Hugh, 33 

Roger, 33 
Blllett, Margaret, 2 
Bird, Ablal, 46 
Amye, 47 
Ann, 45+ 
Damarls, 46 
Delghton (dau.), ^6 
Dorothy, 47 162+ 
Elizabeth, 45+, 46, 269, 271 
Hannah , 46 
James, 45+ 
Jane , 46 

John, 9, 45+, 46+, 269 
Joseph, 45 
Katherine, 46 
Mary, 45, 46+ 
Mehl table, 9, 45+, 46+ 
Mlndwell, 46 
Nichola le, 60 
Perris, 47 
Robert, 47, 162 
Samuel, 45, 46 
Sarah, 45+, 46 
Silence, 46 
Thankful, 45 
Thomas, 45+, 269 
Bisbee, Anna, 156 
Ellsha, 36 
John, 156 
Mary , 36 
Bishop, David, I03 
Mary, IO3 
Nathaniel, 129 
Blxby, Fanny, 16 

Martin, I6 
Black, Carroll W., I6 
Evelyn, I6 
Jenny, 16 
Blake, see Index on page 281. 
Blakeman, Hsuinah, 5I 
James, 5I 


Blanchard , David, 218 

George, 218+ 

Hannah , 2l8+ 

Joseph, 218+ 

Thomas, 2l8 
Blandfield, Elizabeth, 23 
Blesdale, Elizabeth, 38 
Bliss, Ann, 50 

Catherine, 50+, 51+, 65,277 

Deborah, 50 

Ebenezer, 52 

Elizabeth 48, 49, 5C+, 52 

George, 48, 49 

Hannah, 50, 52 

Hester, 50+ 

John, 49+. 50, 52 

Jonathan, 48+, 49+ 

Laurence, 50, 52, 277 

Lydla, 50, 52, 277 

Margaret, 49+, "^0+ 52, 79 

Mary, 49, 50+ 52 

Mehl table, 52 

Nathaniel, 50+, 51+, 52+, 
65, 234 

Patience, 50 

Polly, 49 

Samuel, 50+,51+,52+,79, 234 

Sarah, 50. 51, 52+, 234 

Thomas, 48+, 49+, 50+, 52, 

65, 277 
Blodgett, Rebecca, 57 

Thomas, 57 
Blood, Robert, 276 
Booking, Anstlce, 3 

Robert, 3 
Bodge, Daniel Osborn, 12 

Sally, 12 
Bodwell, Abigail, 54 

Anna, 54 

Anne, 202 

Bethlah, 54+, 95 

Daniel, 55, 193 

Elizabeth, 55+, 193 

Hannah, 55+, 202 

Henry, 54+, 55+, 95, 193, 
194, 303+ 

James, 55+, 194, 202 

Joslah, 5^ 

Judith, 55 

Mary, 54,55+ 19^ 

Phebe, 55 

Ruth, 55+ 

Sarah, 55+ 194 

Stephen, 55 
Bond, Bethla, 100 

Elizabeth, I5I 

Jonas, 151 

Nathaniel, 100 

William, 100 
Borough, Judith, 249 

Borough, Stephen, 249 
Bosworth, Hannlel, 215 

Susenna, 215 
Boteler [Butler], Joane, 3I 

Lord, 31 
Bowers, Hannah S., 11 
Bowles, Benjamin, I56 

Ruth, 156 
Bowman, Jonathan, 10 
Boylston, Thomas, 237 
Boyse, Anna, 240 

Joan, 240 

Joanna, 240 

John, 240 

Silence, 240 
Brackett, Anne, I80 

Anthony, 70. I80, I8I 

Mary, 77, I80, 181 

Sarah, 23 

Susannah , 180 

Thomas, 70, 77, I80+ I8I 
Bradbury, Thomas, I32 
Bradfleld, Leslie, 23 

Martha, 23 
Bradley, Abraham, 199 

Daniel, 199 

Elizabeth, I99 

Ruth, 155 

Sally, 14 

Sarah, 41+ 
Bradshaw, Richard, 75 
Bradstreet, Simon, 31,150,166 
Brandon, Kathryn, 16 

Kathy Lee, lo 

Robert Lee, I6 
Brannon, Gracla B., I6 

Henry D. , I6 
Bratcher, Austin, I86 
Breck, Edward, 7, 25 
Breed, Allen, 259 

Elizabeth, 259 

John, 30, 210 
Brewster, Benjamin, 156 

Mary, I56 
Brldgdon, Thomas, 43 
Bridges, Elizabeth, I93 

James, 172 

Sarah, I72 
Brlggs, Susanna, 10 

Thomas, 10 
Brlgham, Elizabeth, 243 

Hannah, 253 

Jennie, 12 

Mary, 209 

Mercy, 208 

Nancy, A., 117, 128 

Nathan, 243 

Susenna, 210 

Thomas, 208, 210, 243, 253 
Brlnton, Margaret, 20 


Brosd, William, 255 
Bronson, George, 279 
Brook, Lord, 144 
Brooks, Abigail, I3, 57+ 

Ann, 57, Anna, 59 

Benjamin, 57 

Benjamin Clark, 59 

Caleb, 28, 56 

Daniel, 57 

Deborah, 57 

Dorothy, 57+, 59, 276+ 

Ebenezer, 57, 58, 91+ , 99 

Elizabeth, 57+, 58+. 91, 273 

Esther, 57 

Grace, 56, 57 

Hannah, 56+, 57+, 58, 175 

Hugh, 56, 57 

Job, 57 

Joel, 58, 91+ 

John, 57, 59 

John Drury, II6 

Jonah , 59+ 

Jonathan , 50 

Joseph, 57 

Joshua, 56+, 57,91,175,276 

Judith, 255 

Lucy, 58, 59 

Lydia, 57, 65 

Mary, 28, 56, 57+, 58 

Mary A. , 11 

Mettey, 50 

Noah, 57+, 58, 91, 99, 
275+, 276 

Peter, 58 

Rachel, 58, 59. 91, 221+ 

Rebecca, 57, 58 

Robert, 263 

Samuel, 57 

Sarah, 57, 58+, 59, 91+, 99 

Simeon, 58+ 

Simon, 58+, 91, 221 

Susan, 116, Susanna, 56 

Thomas, 28, 56+, 57+, 58, 
91, 98, 175 

Thomas Drury, 59 

Vllllam, 234 
Brown, Browne, 

Abel W., 157 

Abraham, 209 

Elizabeth, I32, 183, 255 

Elvina, 19 

Gershom, 56 

Jacob, 183 

Jeremiah, 183 

John, 163. 183 

Joseph, 94 

Katherine, I35 

Keziah, 80, 124 

Lydia, 94, 127, I63 

Margaret, 239 

Mary, 209 

Richard, I32, 255 

Ruth, 204 

Timothy, 80, 124 

William, 127, 135, 239 
Buck, Isaac, 254 
Buckmlnster, Col. 71 
Buckland, Lydia, I63 

William, 163 
Bulkeley, Abigail, 276 

Audrey, 60 

Beatrice, 60 

Cecily, 60 

Deborah, 60 

Dorcas, 60 

Edward, 60, 175 

Elizabeth, 60+ 

Frances, 50 

Grace, 60 

Helen, 60 

Hugh, 60 

Humphrey, 60 

Jane, 60 

John, 60, 276 

Judith, 60 

Martha, 60+, 175 

Mary, 60 

Nathaniel, 60 

Nlchola, 60 

Olive, 60 

Paul, 60 

Peter, 60, 204, 260, 273 

Rachel, 273 

Rebecca, 20 4 

Sarah , 60 

Thomas, 60 

William, 60 
Bullard, Buller, Ann, 6I, 62 

Beatrice, 29, 6I+, 62+ 

Benjamin, 219 

Ellen, 61+ 

George, 29,. 6I+, 62+ 

Grace, 61+ 

Henry, 61+ 

Hester, 62 

Isaac, 219 

Jacob, 62 

Joane, 6I 

Johanna, 62 

John, 61+ 

Jonathan, 62+ 

Katherine, 6I+ 

Magdalene, 61, 62 

Margaret, 6I+, 62+ 

Mary, 6I+, 62+ 

Sarah, 29, 62+ 

Robert, 6I, 62 

William, 61+ 
Bunting, Alice, 60 
Burdett, Elizabeth, 33 

Burdett, John, 33 

Joseph, 211 
Burge, Grlsell, 98 

Jane, 98 

John, 98 
Burgess, James, I76 

Sarah, 170 
Burke, Sarah, 278 
Burnap, Ruth, 55 

Samuel, 55 
Burns, Nellie, II8 

Thomas, 118 
Burr, John, 228 

Mary, 228 
Burt, Abigail, 233, 278 

Elizabeth, 277 

Henry, 50, 233, 277+, 278+ 

Jonathan, 79, 274 

Lydla, 79, 274 

Mercy, 278 

Patience, 50 
Bushnell, Francis, I63 

Martha, 38 

Rebecca, I63 
Busse, Hannah, 261 

William, 261 
Butler, Mrs Sarah, 24 
Butt, Hannah, 9 

Sherlblah, 9 
Byham, Abraham, 80 

Mary, 80 
Byles, Matthew, 169 
Bytton, Avis de, 3I 

John de, 3I 

Maude de, 3I 
Cabull, Alice, 2 
Cadwell, Thankful, 221 
Cady, Aaron, 101 

Mercy, 101 
Cahan, Abigail, 202 
Cakebread, Sarah, 258 

Thomas , 258 
Calcliffe, John, 48, 49+ 

Elizabeth, 48, 49+ 
Call, Mary, 228 

Philip, 228 
Galley, Catherine, 109 

Richard, 109 
Cane, Abigail, 202 

Charles, 202 

Nicholas, 202 
Canfield, Hannah, 5I 

Thomas, 51 
Capron, Oliver, 126 
Carpenter, Abigail, I87 

Lewis, 9 

Sarah, 9 
Carr, Nettle B., I6 
Cartee, Elizabeth, 279+ 

Philip, 105, 279 


Carter, Elizabeth, 99 
Cartwrigbt, Abraham, 249 

Prances, 249 
Cary, Anna, 75, 77 

Elizabeth, 85 
Cass, John, I96, 197 

Martha, 197 
Castleman, Agnes, 3 
Catmer, Hellene, 257+ 

Moses, 257+ 
Chadbourne, Lucy, 247 

Humphrey, 247 
Chadeayne , Emma Jane , I9 

Henry, I9 

Jane , 18 

Jean, 19 

Jeremiah, 19 

Joseph, 19 

Thomas Jefferson, 19 
Chadwick, Charles, 30 

Eunice, 124 

Sarah, 30 

William, 124 
Chaffee, Matthew, 223 
Chamberlain, Benjamin, 29 

Jane , 200 

Mary, 208 

Richard, 29 

Sarah , 29 
Chandler, Hepslbah, 99 

Lyman, 12, (James, Samuel) 

Mary Anne, 12; Nehemlah, 12 
Chapln, Abilenah, 65 

Bethlah, 65, 78 

Catherine, 50, 277 
Cicely, 63+, 64 

David, 51, 64, 65 

Dorothy, 65 

Ebenezer, 51 

Hannah, 65, 78 

Henry, 64+, 65+, 78 

Japhet, 64+ 

Joane, 64 

John, 64 

Josiah, 64 

Lydia, 65+ 

Margaret, 63 

Mary, 65 

Mehitable, 65 

Philllpe, 63 

Samuel, 50, 51+,64+,65+, 78 

Sarah, 63, 65 

Thomas, 63 
Chapman, Ann, 50 

Elizabeth, I87 

Robert, 50 

William, 187 
Chappell, Anna, I56 
Charlemagne, 31, 33+, 271 
Charles, Elizabeth, 80 


Charles, John, 80 
Charles I, King, 75, 200, 2^+4 
Charles II, King, 144, 231 
Chase, Abner, 127 

Aqulla, 127, 197 

Elizabeth, 197 

Francis, 127 

Moses, 127 

Polly, 127 

Samuel, 127 

Thomas, 197 
Chater, Alice, 93 

John, 93 
Cheever, Richard, 229 
Cheney, Daniel, 219 

Ebenezer, 101 

Hannah, 228 

John, 21b, 228 

Ruth, 101 

Sarah, 218 
Chesebrough, Ellsha, 187 

Rebecca, ltt7 

William, 186+, 187 
Chester, John, 273 

Sarah , 273 
Chetwood, Grace, 60 
Chickering, John, 2l8 

Mercy, 218 
Child, Experience, 101 

John, 101 

Joshua, 101 
Chote . Elizabeth, I30 

John, 130 

Prudence , 130 

Sarah, I30 
Chubbock, John, 36 

Martha, 36 
Church, Elizabeth, 249 

Henry . 249 

Mary, 243 
Churchill, Winston, 24l , 242 
Clapp, Abigail. 6?+, 58, 69 

Ambrose, 6b, 67 

Barbara, 67 

Deborah , 67 

Desire, 45 

Edward, 7, 66, 67+, 68 

Elizabeth. 7, 67 68, 69 

Esther, 69 

Ezra, 69+ 

Jane 67 

Joanna, 67 

John, 66, 67+ 

Jonathan, 69 

Mary, 46 

Nathaniel, 8, 45 

Nehemiah, 69+ 

Nicholas, 66+, 67+, 68, 159 

Prudence, 67+, 68 

Radigon, 67 

Richard, 67 

Roger, 46, 66+, 67+, 68, 225 

Samuel, 8 

Sarah, 46, 67+, 68 

Silence, 46 

Susanna, 67, 68 

Susanna, 67, 68 

Thomas, 46, 66, 67 

William, 66, 67+ 
Clare, Gilbert de, 33 

Margaret de, 33 

Maude de, 33 

Richard, 33+ 
Clark, Clarke, Anne, 72 

Daniel, 79, 201, 272 

Elisha, 73+ 

Elizabeth, 70, 71+, 73, 79, 233 

Ichabod, 74 

Isaac, 71+, 72, 90, 243 

Jemima, 79 

Joan, 237 

John, 73+, 74, 79+, 111, 
I82+, 233 

Jonathan, 7I+, 72, 73 

Lydia, 72 

Martha, 71+, 72, 73, 201, 272 

Mary, 30, 72, 73+, 74, I03 

Matthias, 72 

Mercy, 72 

Nathaniel, 108 

Rebecca, 71+ 72, IO3 

Sarah 72+, 73+, 74, 90+, 
108, 182, 183+, 243 

Solomon, 73+ 

Thaddeus, 70+, 72, 77, I80+, 
181, 243 

Ward, 106, 107, 183+ 

William, 237 
Clavile, Elizabeth, 32 

Villiam, 32 
Cleeve, Cleve, Cleave: 

Alice, 75 

Anna, 75 

Cleombrutus , 

Elizabeth, 77+, I80 

George, 75+, 76, 143, 18O+ 

Joan, 75, 77 

John, 75 
Cleveland, Elizabeth, 276 

Enoch , 276 

Moses, 276 
Cockerill, Susanna, 67, 68 

William, 68 
Cockes, Priscilla, 259 
Coffin, Elizabeth, I32, 134 

Joanna, I08, 109 

Judith, 132 

Tristram, I32+ 
Colby, Mary, 41 
Colcord, Abigail, 107 

Colcord, Edward, 107, 155 

Hannah, 107 

Jonathan, 107 

Mehitable, 155 

Samuel, 107, 155 
Coldam, Clement, 195 

Mary, 195 
Cole, Anne, 2 

Elizabeth, 100 

Goody, 196 

Walter, 100 

William, 2 
Coleman, John, 234 

Mary, 234 
Coles, Humphrey, 2 

Mary, 2 
Coley, Abllenah, 65 

Samuel, 65 
Collins, Edward, 2l8 

Elizabeth, 245 

John. 245 

Mary, 245 
Colton, Deborah, 50 

Ephraim, 5I, 52 

George , 50 , 51+ , 52 , 78 , 273 , 277 

Isaac, 234 

Joanna, 283 

John, 273 

Lydia, 50, 277 

Mary, 234 

Sarah, 52 
Compton, John, 43 
Conant, Mary, 126 

Polly, 126 
Coney, Elizabeth, 175 

John, 175 
Conway, David, 38 
Cook, Cooke, Aaron, 272 

Hannah , 101 

Joanna, 272 

John, 133 

Joseph, 100 

Ruth, 133 

Stephen, 101 
Cooley, Abigail, 78, 80 

Azariah, 80+ 

Benjamin, 52, 65, 78+, 79+ 
80, 124, 273 

Bethia, Bethiah, 65, 78 

Daniel, 52, 78+, 79+, 273, 274 

Ebenezer, 80 

Eliakim, 78 

Elizabeth, 78, 79+, 80, 273 

Hannah, 78, 79 

Jemima, 79 

Jerusha, 79 

John, 79 

Joseph, 52, 78 

Keziah, 80+, 124 

Lydia, 273, 27^ 


Margaret, 52, 79, 80+ 

Mary, 52, 78+, 80+ 

Mercy, 79 

Nathaniel, 80 

Obadiah, 78 

Rachel, 80 

Rebecca, 78, 79, 80 

Samuel, 80 

Sarah, 78+ 

Simon, 79+ 

Thomas, 79 

William, 79 

Zerviah, 80 
Coombs, Bathsheba, 207 

Humphrey, 207 
Cooper, John, 176, 237 

Lydia, 237 

Mary, I76, 234 

Roger, 162 

Thomas, 27, 234 
Coppin, John, I35 
Corban, Goodman, 70 
Corliss, George, 152 

Martha, 152 
Cornwall, Matilda, 27O 

Maud, 270 

Richard, 270 
Corwin, Jonathan, 122 
Cotton, John, 174, 242,250 

Mary, 242 
Coxe, Moses, I7I 

Prudence, 171 
Cradock, Matthew, 250 
Crafts, Griffin, I36 

Mary, I36 
Cram, Jacob, 115 

Mary, 115 
Cranfield, Edward, 73, 153 
Creevy, Janet, John E., 21 
Cresse, Rooksby, Thomas, 133 
Cromwell, Oliver, 76, 111, I32 
Crosby, Mary, 41 
Crosley, Robert, I23 
Crow, Jessica, 16 
Crump, Lydia, 65 
Cudworth , James, 96 
Currier, Joanna, 215 

Richard, 215 
Curwin, Elizabeth, 264 

George, 263 

Margaret, 215 

Matthias, 215+ 

Theophilus, 215 
Gushing, Daniel, 104 

Elizabeth, 104 

Lydia, 104 

Matthew, 104 
Cutler, James, l84+ 

Lydia, l84 

Rose, 60 


Dada, Rachel, 80 
Dakin, Elizabeth, 57 
Hannah , 58 
John, 142 
Joslah, 58 
Simon. 57 
Susanna, 142 
Thomas , 57 
Dal ton, Abiah, 82 
Abigail. 82+ 
Caleb, 82 
Dorothy, 6I+, 82+ 
Elizabeth, 82 
Hannah, 8I+, 82+, I7I 
John, 82 
Joseph, 82 
Mary, 82+ 
Mehitable, 81+, 82+, I90, 

191, I96+, 198, 280 
Philemon, 81+, 82, I71, 

191, 216, 217 
Samuel, 8I+, 82+, 105+,190+ 

191, 196, 198, 246, 280 
Timothy, 8I , 82+ 
Damon, Deborah, 9 

Joseph, 9 
Dana, Isaac, 101 

Mary, 101+ 
Dander, Joan, 32 

Robert, 32 
Dane, Mary, 254 
Danforth, Jonathan, 276 
Lydia, 276 
Samuel, I59 
Thomas, 121 
Daniel, Dorothy, 26 
Hannah , 26 
John, 26 
William, 26+ 
Danyell, Mr. 32 
Davenport, Abigail, 84, 85+ 
Charles, 84, 85+, 159, 227+ 
Dorcas, 84 
Ebenezer, 84 
Eunice, 85 
Francis, 84 
Hannah, 84 
Humphrey, 84 
Jemima, 85 
John, 84 
Jonathan, 84 
Mary, 84+, 85+ 
Mehitable, 84 
Naomi, 84 
Nathaniel, 89 
Patience, 84 
Paul, 85+ 
Richard, 84 
Sarah, 84+, 85+, 159 
Thomas, 84+, 85+, 227 

Davenport, Waltstill, 85+ 
Davey, Elizabeth, 32 

William, 32 
Davis, Dolor, 99 
Elizabeth, 99 
Fannie L. , 16 
Frank, I5 
Hannah, 82, I36 
James A. , I6 
Jane , 32 
Samuel, 99, I36 
Stephen, 99 
Daves, Susanna, I78, I79 

WilliaTi, 178 
Day, Joan, 177 
Mary, 234 
Thomas, 177 
Dean, Hannah, 46 
Israel. 46 
John, 46+ 
Deighton, See Dighton 
Denbo, Mrs Salathie, 279 
Denison, Ann, I87 
Borodell, 232 
George, I87, 23I, 232+ 
Martha, 108 
Mary, I88 
Sarah, 26, 232 
Thomas, I08 
William, 187, 232 
Dennis, Elizabeth, 207 
George, 207 
Mary, 39 
Thomas, 39 
Denton, Abigail, 234 

Daniel, 234 
Devereeux, John, I72, I93 

Susanna, I72, I93 
Dewey, Edson E., I5 
Helen, I5 
Helen Louisa, 15 
Lela, 15 
Virginia, 15 
Dick, Rebecca, 3 
Dickerman, Ellen, 6I 

Thomas, 6I 
Dickinson, Elizabeth, 277 
Jerusha, 79 
Nathaniel, 277 
Dighton, Anne, 87 
Catherine, 271+ 
Damaris, 86. 87 
Elizabeth, 46 
Frances, 87+, 269, 270+ 
Jane, 32, 34, 86, 87+ 
John, 32,3^, ^6, 86+, 87+, 271 
Katherine, 87 
Mary, 87+ 
Samuel, 87 
Thomas, 87 

Dill,* Peter, 21? 

Thanks , 21? 
Dlngham, Henry, 23 
Dix, Mary, 209 
Dodge, Ennna, 117 
Dole, Joan, I3I 

Richard, I3I 

Sarah, I31+, I32+ 

William, I3I 
Doloff, Catherine, 41 

Christian, 41 

Richard, 41 
Dorchester, Anthony, 52, 234 

James, 52+ 

Mary, 52 

Sarah, 52, 234 
Dorney, Michael, 32 

Susan, 32 
Dow, Martha, 152, 193 

Susanna, 155 

Thomas, 193 
Down, John, 26 

Ruth, 26 
Downes, Edith, 270 

William, 270 
Downing, Lydia, 17, II8 

Mary, 17 (Polly) 

Rufus, 17 
Dowse, John, I58, 245 
Drake, Abraham, I80 

Job, 272, 273 

John, 272, 273 

Mary, 272. 273 

Robert, I80 

Sarah, 283 

Susannah, I80 
Drury, Abigail, 90, 91 

Benjamin, 9I 

Caleb, 90 

Elizabeth, 89+, 90, 91+ 

Elijah, 91 

Hugh, 58, 88+, 89+, 139, 
208, 209+ 

John, 58, 88+, 89+, 90, 209, 210 

Lxike , 91 

Lydia, 88+, 89, 90, 91, 
139, 209 

Manoah , 91 

Martha, 90, 91+ 

Mary, 88+, 89+, 90+, 91+ 

Mercy, 89 

Micah, 90 

Obed, 88 

Rachel, 58, 59, 89, 90+, 
91+, 210 

Sarah, 58+, 90+ , 91+ 

Susanna, 90 

Thankful, 91 

Thomas, 58+, 72, 88+, 89+, 
90+, 91+, 210 


Urinh, 90 
Dudley, Anne, 144 

Byley, 104, 109 

Catherine, 271 

Deborah, 42 

Diana, 12 

Elizabeth, 104, 109 

Francis, 98, 260, 262 

James, 42, 154, 155, I83 

Joanna, 155 

Joseph, 123, 271 

Katherine, 87 

Lydia, 273 

Marcy, 108 

Mary, 98, IO8, 155 

Samuel, I05, 108, 144, 155+, 

Stephen, 108. 155+, l82 

Thomas, 45, 87, 108, 144, 
I55+, 271 
Durable ton, John, 79, 273 

Lydia, 79, 273 
Dunham, Benjamin, 35+ 

Maria, 12 

Martha, 35 

Samuel, 35 
Durant, Edward, 2 
Durham, Goodman, 70 
Dustin, Lucinda, 127 

Moody, 127 
Dyer, Henry, 109 

Joannah, 109 
Eames, Abigail, 90 

Anthony, 265 

Elizabeth, 90, 265 

Gershom, 253 

Hannah , 253 

John, 90 

Martha, 90, 210 

Samuel, 90 

Thomas , 90+ 
Earl, John, 30 

Mary, 30 
Easton, Phlllipe, 63 

Roger, 212 

Ruth, 212 
Eaton, Daniel, 92 

Joshua, 72 

Lydia, 72 

Rebecca, 92 
Eckels, Hsmnah, 56 
Edward I, King, 1, 32, 33+, 268 
Edward III, King, 2 
Edward VI, King, 201 
Egbei»e, Jane, 21 3 
Egmont, Earl of, 3 
Elbridge, Elizabeth, I33 
Eleanor of Castile, 33 
Eliot, John, 23, 62, 63, I35, 
150, 186, 240, 214, 250 


Eliot, Philip, 135 
Elizabeth, Queen, I65 
Elkins, Daniel, 42 

Hannah, 42 

John, 42 

Moses, 42+ 

Tabitha, 42 
Ellison, James, 175 
Elmer, Edvard, 79 

John, 79 

Rebecca, 79 
Ely, Mary, 234 

Samuel, 234 
Emerson, Hannah, 255+ 

Mary, 93 

Michael, 255 
Emery, Abigail, 94+ 

Agnes, 92 

Alice, 92, 93 

Anne , 93 

Anthony, 92+ 

Bethia, 54+, 94, 95 

Ebenezer, 93+, 256 

Elinor, 93 

Ellin, 92 

Elizabeth, 92+, 94+ 

Frances, 92+ 

Hannah, 94 

Helena, 93 

Hugh, 92 

James, 92 

John, 54+, 92+, 93+, 94+, 
215, 255, 256+ 

Jonathan, 93+, 255, 256 

Joseph, 94 

Joslah, 94 

Judith, 94 

Lydia, 94 

Maria L. , 

Mary, 92, 93+, 94+, 215, 
255+, 256+. 

Rebecca, 92 

Ruth, 94 

Sarah, 94 

Samuel, 94 

Stephen, 94 

Tabitha, 94 
Endicott, John, 24, I74, 229 
Englefield, Margaret, 2 

Thomas , 270 
Ensign, Elizabeth, 96+ 

Hannah, 96, 217 

James, 96 

John, 96+, 218, 266 

Sarah, 96+ 

Thomas, 96, 217, 265, 266 
Esse, Henry, I65 

Prudence, I65+, 222 
Estabrooke, Joseph, 123 
Esterbrook, Joseph, 174 

Esterbrook, Mary, 174 • 
Estow, Mary, 17I 

William, 171 
Evans, Richard, 9 

Zipporah, 9 
Everett, Mlndwell, 219 
Fairbanks, George, 90 

Jonas , 204 

Jonathan, 90 

Lydia, 204 

Rachel, 90 
Fairfield, Abigail, 167 

Daniel, 140, I67+, I68+ 

John, 167+ 

Mary, I67+ 

Ruth, 140, 167, 168 

Sarah, 167 
Falloway, Martha, 35 

William, 35 
Farnsworth, Lucy, 221 
Farrer, Daniel, 99 

George, 99 

Hannah, 99, l4l 

Jacob, 99, 141 
Farrow, Mary, 35 
Farwell, Charles, II7+ 

Clara Elizabeth, 117 

Florence, 117+ 

Hannah, 122 

Jenny, II8 

John Howe, II7 

Mary, II8 

Melana, II6, II8 

Nellie, llB 

Nicholas, 117, 118 

Richard, II8 

Ruth E., 118 

Samuel, 117, II8 

Sidney B., II8 

William H., II8+ 

William Perkins, II7 
Faulkner, Mabel, 20 

Walter, 20 
Fay, Suseinna, 210 
Fearing, Hannah, 36 

John, 36 
Fed, John, 40 
Ferdinand of Castile, 33 
Fernald, Audrey, I6 

Gail Rae, I6 

Gordon, I6 

Kathryn Olive, I6 

Leon P. , 16 

Marguerite, 16 

Virginia, 16 

Willard, 16 
Field, Cyrus, II6, 156 

Elizabeth, 79 

Fobes, 156 

Jabez, 156 

Field, John, 9, 156 

Joseph, 52 

Joshua, 51+, 79 

Joslah, 156 

Lydla, 52, 237 

Mary, I56 

Mehl table, 9 

Richard, 156 

Robert, 9 

Samuel, 51, 79 

Sarah, 51+ 

William, 9 

Zecharlah, 51, 52, 79 
Fife, Abigail, 122 

William, 122 
Flfield, Benjamin, 3I 

Mary, 41 
Fish, Hannah, I87 

John, 187 
Fisher, Sally, 220 
Fiske, David, 237 

Elizabeth, 30 

John, 175 

Mary, 175 

Nathan, 30 

Nathaniel, 175 
Fitch, Jeremiah, 85 
Flagg, Allen, 29 

Experience, 28 

Sarah, 29 

Thomas , 29 
Fletcher, Abigail, 220 

Benjamin, 9o, 99 

Edward, 88, 209 

Elizabeth, 98, 99+, 260, 
261, 262 

Francis, 98+, 260, 262 

Grisell, 98 

Hannah, 98+, 99, 261 

Hepsibah, 99 

Hezeklah, 98 

Hope, 241 

John, 98, 99 

Joseph, 98, 99 

Joshua, 98 

Luke, 98 

Lydla, 98 

Margaret, 98 

Mary, 88, 98+, 99, 209, 242 

Robert, 98, 99+, 176, 225, 
242, 261, 262 

Ruth, 99 

Samuel, 58, 98+, 99+, 176, 
242, 260, 261 

Sarah, 58, 98, 99+, 176,261 

Timothy, 99 

William, 98, 176, 241, 261 
Folsom, Anna, 153. 154 

Benjamin, 155 

Catherine, 109 

Folsom, Ephralm, II3 

John, 104, 109, 113, 154 

Jonathan, 153, 154 

Lydla, II3 

Mary, 104, 153 

Peter, 109 

Samuel, 153 
Foot, Margaret, 50 

Nathaniel, 50 
Footman, Abigail, 280 

Thomas , 280 
Ford, Joanna, 67 

Thomas , 67 
Foss, Elizabeth, 129 
Poster, Edwar-d, 50, 84, 158 

Hester, 50 

Hopestill, 25, 43, 44, 240 

Joseph, 239 

Lettice, 158 

Margaret, 239 

Naomi, 84 

Patience, 43, 44, 240 

Relief, 158 

Richard, 43 

Sarah , 50 

Timothy, 84, I58, 245 
Fountain, Edward, 216 
Fox, Ellphalet, 262 

Elizabeth, 29, 195 

Hannah , 56 

Mary, 262 

Thomas, 29, 56, 195, 262 
Franklin, Benjamin, 7I, 174,257 

Edward, 82+, 197 

Hannah, 12, 197 

Jacob, 156 

Mary, 107 

Nathaniel, 107 

Obadlah, 12 

Ruth, 156 
French, Hannah, 12 

Obadlah, 12 
Frende, Christian, 237 
Frlzzell, William. l4l 
Frost, Edward, 208 

Elizabeth, 208 

Thomas Ine, 208 
Frye, Benjamin, 193 

John, 193 

Mary, 193 
Fuller, Abigail, 100, 101 

Ann, 263 

Bethia, 100 

Elizabeth, 8, 100+, 101, 2l8v 

Esther, 101 

Experience, 101 

Hannah, 101+, 254 

Isaac, 100+ 

Jeremiah, 8+, 100 


Fuller, John, 8, 100+, I50, 
151, 25^ 

Joseph, 100, 151 

Joshua, 100, 101+, 218, 
219, 254 

Jonathan, 100 

Lydla, 100, I5I 

Margaret, 100 

Martha, 172 

Mary, 100, 101 

Mercy, 101 

Rachel, 8, 100 

Ruth, 101 

Samuel, 263 

Sarah, 100, 101 

Thankful, 8, 100 

William, 172 
Purneulx, Avis, 3I 

Henry, 3I 

Matthew, 3I 
Gage, John, 152 

Josiah, 152+ 

Lydia, 152 
Gager, Rebecca, 207 

Samuel, 207 
Gale, Esther, 126 
Gardner, Andrew, I75 

Rooksby, I69 

Sarah, I75 

Thomas , I69 
Gardiner, Joanna, 232 

Thomas, 232 
Garfield, Abigail, 101 

Deborah, 57 

Edward, 101 

Joseph, 101 

Joshua, 101 

Samuel, 57 
Garland, Elizabeth, 197 

Hannah, 148 

John, 148+ 

Joseph, 27 

Mehitabel, 148, 149 
Garrad, John, 237 

Margaret, 237 

Thomas, 237 
Gedney, John, 195 
George, Mary, 45, I59 

Nicholas, 159 
Gerald, Mary, 52 
German, Abraham Johannes, 20 

Hendrika, 20 

Marie Alida, 20 
Gerry, Elbridge, I33 

Elizabeth, I33 

Nathaniel, 209 

Thomas, I33 
Gibbs, Matthew, 72 

Mercy, 72 
Gibson, John, 265 

Sarah, 122 

Stephen, 122 
Giddings, Elizabeth, I30 
Gilbert, Abilene, 51 

Amy, 162, 163, 187 

Anna, 51 

Catherine, 50, 51, 65, 277 

Dorothy, I87 

Elizabeth, 51 

Esther May, 20 

HaJinah , 5I+ 

Harry Elmer, 20 

Henry, 51, 123 

Jane, 27I 

John, 51, 162, 163, 187, 271 

Jonathan, 51 

Judith, 123 

Mary, 51,123, 125 

Rachel, 5I 

Sarah, 51+ 

Thomas, 50, 51+, 64, 65, 
123+, 271 

William, 164 
Gile, Phebe, 114 [Guild?] 
Giles, A. Linzee, 63 
Gill, Mary, 35 

Thomas, 35 
Gillings, Sarah, 9 
Oilman, Abigail, IO5, 107+, 109 

Alice, 105, 108 

Ann, 103 

Bridget, IO3 

Cartee, 105, IO6+, 107, 112, 
182, 183 

Catherine, 105, 108+,109, 157 

Charles, IO3+, 105, 112 

Daniel, 104, I05+, IO6, 107+ 

Deborah, 109 

Dorothy, 107 

Edward, 35, 102+,103+,104+, 
I05+, 106, 108, 109, 15^^, 
155, 228, 247, 280 

Elizabeth, 102, IO3, 104+, 
105, IO6+, 107, IO8+, 
10 9+ , 153, 228, 246+, 247+ 

Grace, 105+ . 280 

Hannah, 105, 107 

Jacob, 154, 182, 183 

James, IO8 

Jane, 102 

Jeremy, 104 

Johanna, 109 

John, 73, 102+, 104+ 105+, 
IO6+, 107, IO8+, 113, 153 
182, 246,247+, 280 

Joseph, 103, 109 

Joshua, 104 

Lawrence, 102+ 

Lydia, 104, 108 

Margaret, 102, IO3 

Gllmen, Mary, 35, 102+, I03+ 
104+, IO6+, I07+, 108, 
153, 154, 183 
Mercy, 108 
Moses. 73, 104+, 105+, IO6 

108, 109 
Nathaniel, 10? 
Nicholas, 107, IO8+, IS't.lSs 
Rachel, I03 
Robert, 102+ . I03 
Samuel, I08 

Sarah, I03+, 104+, 105,109+112 
Stephen, I05+, I06+, I07, 182 
William, 106 
Gleason, Abigail, 219 
Glldden, Abigail, 112, II3 
Alice, 110 

Andrew, 112, II3, 114 
Benjamin, 112, II3 
Betsey, II5+ 
Charles, 73, 105. 110+, 111+ 

112+, 113, 154, 223, 224 
Charles Erastus, II6+ 
Christian, 110 
Clarissa, II6, II7 
Clarissa Matilda, I7, ll8+,157 
Deborah, 110+ 
Dlantha, II6+ 
Dorcas, II3 
Dorothy, 110, 111 
Ellsha, 116+ 
Eliza, 116 
Elizabeth, 112, II3, II5, 

II6+, 153, 155, 157 
Erastus, II6+. II7 
Exinlce, 111, 223 
Ezra Jones, II3, II5 
Prances, II6+ 
Grace, 110, 114 
Hannah, II6 

Jacob, 105+, IO6+, 107+, 115 
Jane, 112 
Jeremiah, 114 
Joanna, 110 
John, 110+, 111, 112+, 113+ 

116+, 153, 15^+, 157 
Jonathan, 42, 112, II3+, 114 
II5+, 116+, 117, 128, 155+ 
157, 182, 203 
Joseph, 110, 112+, 113, 115 
Joslah, 112, 113 
Joalas, 110 
Levi, 115 

Luclnda, II7, II8, 128 
Lucretla, II6+ 
Lydla, II3 

Margaret, 42, II3, 114+, II5+ 
Maria, 114 

Mary, 110, II3+ 114, 203 
Mehltable, 114 


Melana, II8 

Molly, 114, 203 

Nancy, II7, II8 

Nathaniel, 110 

Phebe, 114, 203 

Philip, 110 

Polly, 115 

Rebecca, 114 

Richard, 42, 104, 105, IO6, 
110+, 112+,113+, 114, 224 

Roby, 116+ 

Roxana, II6 

Sally, 115+ 

Samuel , 17, II6+, II7+, II8+, 128 

Samuel Pottle, II5 

Sarah, 104, 105, 110, 112+, 
II3+, 114 

Simeon, 114 

Stephen, II5 

Susan, 116+ 

Susanna, 110, 111, 112, II3 

Thomas, 110 

Ursula, 110 
William, 110+ 
Glover, Alexander, 12 
Annah, 12 
Ansel Edward, 12 
Charles Baker, 12 
Charles Edward, 12 
Edward, 12, I6 
Hannah, 63 
John, 26, 158, 226 
Julia Ann Sophia, I3 
Margaret Babcock, 12 
Martha Jane , I5 
Mary, 84, 226+ 
Mary Anne Ely, 12 
Nathaniel, 12, I58, 226+ 
Polly, 12 
Sarah, 12 

Sarah Elizabeth, 13 
Goble, Sarah, 217 

Thomas, 127 
Goddard, Edward, 90 
Elizabeth, I03 
John, 103 
Susanna, 90 
William, 90 
Goldstone, Frances, I76 
Jane, I76 
John, 176 
Robert, I76+ 
Sarah, I76, 177, 238 
Goodwin, Edward, 223 
Hannah, 201 
Ozlas, 201 
Gordon, Abigail 182,183 
Alexander, 114 
Daniel, 114 
Ithiel, 114 


Gordon, Mary, ll'^ 

Thomas, 114, 182 
Gorges, Ferdinand, 213 

Ferdinands, 180 

Ferdinando, 75+ 

Thomas, l80 
Goss, Abel, 126 

Abigail, 112, 124+ 

Charles N. , 12?+ 

Cynthia, 126 

David, 126 

Ebenezer, 124, 125 

Elizabeth, 119, 122, 124 

Esther, 126 

Eunice, 124, 125, 126 

Fanny, 127 

Hannah, 119, 120, 122+, 123 
125+, 126+, 146, 205, 30 

I rene , 1 26 

Jacob, 17, lis 

Joel, 127+ 

John, 28, 119, 122+, 123, 
124+,125, 126, 127+, 225 

Jonathan, 122 

Joseph, 119, 124 

Judith, 123, 124, 125, 1^2 

Kezlah, BO, 124, 125+ 

Lawrence, 127 

Levi, 126 

Lucinda, 117, 127+, 128 

Lucretia, 124 

Lucy, 122, 126 

Lydla, 127 

Marcy, 126 

Mary, 119+-,122+,123+,124+, 

125, 126+, 127, 146, 205 
Matilda, 127 

Miriam, 123, 12^ 
Nancy, 128 

Nathaniel, 117, 125, 126+,127 
Orenea, 127 
Phebe, 119 

Philip, 28, 80, 119, 120, 30, 
121, 122+,123+,124, 125 

126, 127, 1^+2, 146+, 205 
Polly, 126, 127 

Rachel, 125 
Richard, 124 
Roccena, 127 
Roxana, 127 
Salome, 124 

Samuel, 123, 126, 124+ 
Sarah, 119, 122, 126+, 225 
Susanna, 127 
Thankful, 123, 124 
Thomas, 124+, 125+ 
William, 120+,121, 122+,127 
Oould, Rachel, 126 

Gourd, Phebe, 25 

Richard, 25 
Gove, Abigail. 82 

Edward, 82 

John, 82 
Grantam, Alice, 92 
Graves, Abigail, 129 

Elizabeth, 129, 130, 279 

Grace. 39, 129 

Hannnh,, 129, I30+, 202 

Joanna, 129 

John, 129+, 181, 234 

Jonathan, 129, I30 

Martha, 129, I81, 234 

Mary, I29+, I30, 208, 234 

Ruth, 279 

Salathiel, 279 

Samuel, 39, 129+ . I30+, 202 

Sarah, I63, 234 

Thomas, 23, I63 

William, 171, 279+ 
Gray. Ann, 8 

Edward, 8 
Green, Greene, Deborah, I66 

Ida, 16 

J. V, 222 

Jonathan, I66 

John, 135, 166 

Mary, 135 

Philippa, 222 
Greenleaf, Bethia, I33 

Catherine, I33 

Daniel, I32 

Edmund, I3I, I32, 143 

Elizabeth, I32+, 13^ 

Enoch, 37, I32+, 133 

Esther, I32 

Hannah, I32 

James, 133 

John, I3I+, 132 

Joseph, 37, I33+, 168 

Judith, 132 

Margaret, I3I 

Mary, I32, 133+ 

Mehitable, I32 

Nathaniel, I32 

Rachel, I33 

Rebecca, I33 

Rooksby, 133 

Ruth, 133+ 

Samuel, I32 

Sarah, 36, 37+, 131, 132, 
I33+, 134, 142, 168 

Stephen, I32, I32 
Greenough, Mary, 224 
Greenwood, Hannah, 253 

Thomas , 253 
Gregory, Susanna, 26 

Grevllle, Margaret, 34 

William, 34 
Grldley, Richard, 10 
Griffin, Hugh, 258 

Sarah , 258 
Griggs, Bridget, I35 

Elizabeth, I35 

George, I35 

Grlsell, 98 

Hannah , 1 36 

Henry, I35 

Humphrey, 98 

John, I35+, 136 

Joseph, 135, 136 

Katherine, I35 

Martha, I35+ 

Mary, 135+, I36+, 241 

Robert, I35+ 

Rose, 135 

Steven, I36 

Thomas, I35+, I36, 241 

William, 135 
Grlswold, Anna, 272 

Edward, 78 

Elizabeth, 187 

Francis, 6I, I87 

George, 78 

Mary, 6I, 78 

Matthew, 272 
Grosvenor, Elizabeth, 60 

John, 142 

Randall, 60 

Sarah, 142 
Gruber, John Peter, I6 

Sarah Jane, I6 
Guild, Annie, I3 

James, 193 

Phebe, 114 

Ruth, 193 

Samuel, I3, 193 
Gulliver, Sarah, 119,146,205 
Gunn, Elizabeth, 79 

Jasper, 79 

John, 79 

Mercy, 79 

Nathaniel, 79 

Samuel, 79 
Gurnell, Jane, 98 
Gurney, Ann, 10 3 

Grusell, 98 

John, 98 
Gutterson, Ruth, 55 

William, 55 
Hadley, Bright, 15 

Margaret L. , 15 

Martha, 15 
Hadwell, Benjamin, 70 
Hagburne, Katherine, 87 

Samuel, 87, 271 
Hallaton, Margaret, 98 

Hale, Joan, I3I 
Hall, Abigail, 82, 254 

Anne , 267 

Beatrice, 6I 

Charlotte, 117 

Francis, 23 

John, 269 

Lucy, 122 

Mary, I76 

Mercy, 154 

Richard, 82 

Sarah, I76 

William, 176 
Hallowell, Anne, 7 

Wllllsm, 7 
Halsey, Ann, 259 

Margaret, I80 
HamMln, Oliver, 221 

Polly, 221 
Hammond, Elizabeth, 174 

John, 174 

William, 174 
Hanford, Lettlce, 158 
Hannaford, Brldgett, 63 
Hannay , Carolyn Blake, 14 

Helen Blake, 14 

John, 14, John Woodward, 14 

Margaret McClelland, 14 

Pamela, 14 

Peter Maxwell, 14 

Phlllppa Mary, 14 
Hapgood, Elizabeth, l4l 

Shadrach, l4l 
Harrington, Anna, 156 

David Alonzo, I56 

Dlantha Hannah, I56 

Hannah, I56 

Leonard Clark, I56 

Luther, I56 
Marchla, I56 

Mary, 90, Mary Ladd, 156 

Mary Ward, 72 

Warren, 156 
Harris, Elizabeth, I66, 207 

Gabriel, 207 

Hannah , I66 

John, 55, 166 

Judith, 55 

Peter, I66 

Thomas , 29 

Walter, 207 

William, 27 
Harrison, Elizabeth, I80 
Harrod , Hannah, 261 
Hart, Caleb, 218 

Mary, 233 
Hartshorn, Susanna, 193 

Thomas, 193 
Hartwell, Elizabeth, 276 

John, 276+ 


Hartwell, Prlscllla, 276 

Ruth, 261 

Samuel, 261 

William, 261, 27^ 
Harvey, Elizabeth, 70, 77, 180 

John, 71 ; John Thayer, 15 

Martha, 71 

Peter, 77, 180 

Susan Elizabeth, I5 
Harwell, Margaret, 32 
Haselden, Alice, 60 
Haseltlne, Abiah, 82 

Gershom, 82 

Mary, 5^ 

Robert, 82 
Haskell, Hannah, 125 

Joanna, 125 

John, 125+ 

Keziah, 125 

Thomas, 125 

Zachariah, 125 
Hastings, John, 33 

Maude, 33 

Roxana, II6 

Walter, II6 
Hatch, Alice B. , I6 

Amos Clark, I6 

Asa, 16 

Edvard Joshua, I6 

Fannie Lorinda, 16 

Gracia Blake, I6 

Hannah , 168 

Jessica, 16 

Joseph Prescott, I6 

Lorinda, I6 

Luta Fay, I6 

Maria L., I6 

Mary Alice, I6 

Sarah Jane , I6 

Stearns Craig, I6 

Zervlah, 220 
Hathaway, Sarah, 157 
Hatherly, Timothy, 96+ 
Haugh , Atherton, 60 

Elizabeth, 60 

Susanna, 60 
Haven, Joseph, 90 

Moses, 90 

Richard, 90 

Susanna , 90 
Hawes, Damarls, 46 

James, 46 

Obadiah, 46 
Hawkins, Damaris, 139+ 

Elihu, 139 

Elizabeth, I39+ 

Prances, I38 

Hannah, I38 

James, 88+, 89, 137, I38+, 
139+,140, I67+, 168, 179 

Jane, 137+ , I38+, 179 

Job, 137+ 138+ 

Luta Fay, I6 

Lydia, 88+, 89, 139, 167 

Martha, I38 

Mary, I38, 139+ , 140 . I67, 
178, 179 

Peleg, 139 

Rebecca. I38 

Richard, 137+ I38, 179, 225 

Ruth, 138, 139+ 167 

Sarah, 139+ 

Susan, 139 

Thomas, I37, I38+ 139 
Hawkredd, Elizabeth, I75 
Hawley, Abiah, 283 
Hawthorne, Prlscilla, 224 

John, 122, 224 
Haynes, John, l4l, 204 

Mary, l4l, 204 

Ruth, 239, 252 
Hayward, Anna, 123, 141+ . 264 

Elizabeth, l4l+. I70 

George, l4l+, 204, 264, 142 

Hannah, l4l+, 142 

James, 142 

John, 123, I4l+, 142, 264 

Joseph, l4l 

Judith, 123, 142+ 

Mary, l4l+ 142+ 

Sarah, l4l, l42, 204 

Simon, 141 

Susanna, 142 
Hazeltine, John, 255 

Mary, 255 
Headley, Dennis 62 

Johanna, 62 
Heald, Israel, 276 

John, 276 

Martha, 276 

Heard, Benjamin. 212 

Elizabeth, 212 

John, 212 

Ruth, 212 
Heath, Deborah, I68 

Ebenezer, I68 

Joseph, 193 

Martha, 193 
Helman, Elizabeth, 24, 229+ 
Hempstead, Joshua, I66 

Henchman, Elizabeth, I76 

Hannah, 176 

Thomas , I76 
Henry I King, 3I 
Henry II King, 33 
Henry V, King, 270 
Henry VIII King, I65, 201 
Henshaw, Submit 149 
Herle, John, 270 

Juliana, 270 

Hersle, Elizabeth, 104 

William, 104 
Hewes, Anne, 249 
Hewitt, Elizabeth, 236+ 

Hannah, I87 

Thomas, I87 
Heywood, John, 57 

Sarah 57 
Hibbard' Elizabeth, 55 

Esther, 203 

Hannah, 55, 202, 203+ 

James, 203 

John, 55, 202, 203+ 

Mary, 203 

Robert, 202 

Sarah, 156, 203+ 

Stephen, 203 
Hicks, Margaret, 100 

Zachariah, 100 
Hill, Abraham, 239 

Beatrice, 60 

Jacob, 239 

John, 223 

Sarah, I3I, 239 

William, 60, 131 
Billiard, Apphia, 82, I98+ 

Emanuel, I98 

Mehitable, 82, I98+ 

Timothy, 82, 197, 198+ 
Hills, Hannah, 55,174 

Helen, 174 

Henry, 55 
Hilton, Agnes, 143 

Alice, 143 

Anne, 143+, 144 

Arthur, l44 

Charles, 143, 144 

Dudley, 154 

Edward, 111. 143+, l44+, 
211+ 214 246+ 

Elizabeth, 143 

Frances, 143 

John, 143+ 

Katherine, l43, 144, 214, 246 

Magdalene, 14 

Mainwaring, 143 

Maire, Mary, l43+ 

Mehitable, 143 

Mercy, 154 

Rebecca, 144 

Richard, l44+ 

Samuel, l44+ 

Sarah, I32, 143 

Sobriety, 144 

Susanna, 144 

William, 132, 143+ 144, 
211, 213, 279 
Hinckley, Mary, 85, 226+ 

Thomas, 85, 226 
Hitchcock, Ellen Cordelia, 14 


Hitchcock, Hannah, 64 
Helen Blake, 14 
John, 65j John Augustus, 14 
Lemuel, II8 
Luke , 65 
Mary, II8 
Pliny, 14 
Sally, 14 
Hoag, Ebenezer, 93, 255, 256 
John, 93, 256 
Lydia, 42 
Hoare, Alice, 275 
Elizabeth, 204 
John, 204, 275+ 
Hobart, David, 35 
Edmund, 35, 151 
Nazareth, 35 
Nehemiah , I5I 
Peter, I5I 
Ruth, 205 
Sarah, I5I 
Hockwell, Robert, 2l6 
Hogaboom, Ruth, II8 

Seth, 118 
Holbeck, William, 263 
Hoi comb, Mary, 50 
Nathaniel, 50 
Sarah , 50 
Thomas , 50 
Holden, Mary, 269 
Holland, Anna, I60 
John, 121+, 158 
Relief, 158 
Holloway, Adam, l4l 

Hannah, l4l 
Holly, Samuel, I50 
Holmes, Ebenezer, 159 
Edward, 117 
Florence, 117 
George, 159 
Joseph, 120 
Joshua, 188 
Mary, 159 
Nathaniel, 159 
Prudence , I88 
Robert, 188 
Sarah, 159 
Holt, Barzllla, 122 

Clara, 117, Clara E., 117 
Elizabeth, 122 
Frances G. , 117 
Herman, 117+ 
Marion, 117 
Holyoke, Eleazer, 64 

Mary, 63 
Hooker, Anne, 23 

Thomas, 23+, 47, 96, 162,230 
Hopkins, Abigail, 146 
Bethia, 146 
Ebenezer, 146 


Hopkins, Elizabeth, 146 

Hannah, 25,119,120,146+, 205 

Joseph, 146 

Margaret, 120, 122+ l46 

Mary, 146+ 

Samuel, 146 

Susanna, 25, 119, 1^6+ 

Thomas, 146 

William, 25,119, 120, 146+ 
Horr, Elizabeth, l88 

Matthew, l88 
Horrlcka, Mary, l88 

William, 188 
Horton, Alice, 149 

Barnabas, 148 

Benjamin, 149 

David, 27, 148+ . 149+, I69 

Dorcas, 149 

Ebenezer, l49 

Elizabeth, l49 

Enoch, 149 

Hannah, 148 

Jeremiah, 148+ 

John, 148+ 

Jonathan, 148 

Joseph, 149 

Martha, 149+, I69 

Mary, 148+, 149+ 

Mehetabel, 148 

Nathan, I69 

Patience, l49+ 

Rachel, 148, l49 

Rebecca, I69 

Ruth, 149 

Sarah, 148+ 

Solomon, 27, 148+ 

Submit, 149 

Susanna, 27, 148+ 149 

Thankful, 149 

Thomas, 27+, 148+ 
Hosmer, Hannah, l4l 

Mary, 276 

James, l4l, 209, 276 

Sarah, 209 
Hotchklss, Abigail, 20 

Henry, 20 

Jessie Josephine, 20 
Hough, Hannah, I66 
Houghton, Abigail, 68 

Experience , 68 

John, 119, 123, 146, 205 

Mary, 119, 123, I'+S, 205 

Ralph, 68 

Sarah, 119, 1^6, 205 
Howe, Abraham, 253 

Anne, 249 

Dorothy, 205 

Edward, 238 

Elizabeth, 253 

Hannah , 253 

James, 63, James Blake, II6 

Jane , I76 

John, 124+, 252, 253 

John Badlam, II6 

Josiah, 124, 141, 204 

Lucretia, 124 

Mary, l4l, 204 

Obadlah, 12 

Phineas, 124 

Polly, 12 

Samue 1 , 68 

Sarah, 68, 253 

Thomas , I76 
Hubbard, Grace, 114 

Jonathan, 114 

Joshua. 251 
Hucksland, Christian, 110 

Edward, 110 
Hudson, Abigail, 223, 224 

Francis, 224 

Samuel, 224 

William, 224 
Hues, George, 120 
Huet, Elizabeth, 36 

Thomas , 36 
Hugh Capet, 3I 
Hull, Benjamin, 279 

C. A., 117 

Florence, 117 

Joseph, 279 

Rachel [Halle] , 279+ 
Humphrey, Hannah, 8 

Hopestill, 8 

Isaac, 9, 159 

Jane , 67 

Jonas, 67, 159 

Ruth, 159 

Zipporah, 9 
Hunt, Elizabeth, 7 

Hannah , 98 

Isaac, 238 

Joanna, 125 

Mary, l64, 239 

Mercy, 208 

Peter, 7 

William, 208 
Hvmtingf ield , William de, 33 
Hunton, Hxmtoon, Betsey, 115 

Charles, 115 

Hannah, II5, 155 

Joanna, 155 

John, 107, 115, 155+ 

Jonathan Glidden, 115 
- Joseph, 115 

Josiah, 115, 155 

Margaret, 155 

Philip, 106, 115, 155+ 

Polly, 115 

Samuel, 106, 107, 155 
Kurd, Mercy, 208 

Hurst, Elizabeth, 106 
Huse, Abel, 55, 9^ 

Anne , 55 

Israel, 55 

Judith, 9k 

Ruth, 55 

Thomas , 55 
Hutchinson, Anne, 137+, 174 

Elizabeth, 193 

Samuel, 193 
Hyde, Elizabeth, 100+ 

Job, 100+ 

Samuel, 100 
Ingalls, Abigail, 9^^ 

Henry, 94 

Ruth, 55 
Ingersoll, Abigail, I63 

Dorothy, 162, I63 

Hannah , l62 

John, 162, 163 

Margaret, l62 

Mary, I63 
Ingoldsby, Anthony, 60 

Dorcas, 60 
Inga, Mary, 36 

Samuel , 36 
Irby, Alice, 60 

Anthony, 60 

John, 50 

Olive, 60 

Rose, 60 
Jackson, Abigail, I5I 

Caleb, 151 

Christopher, I50 

Edward, 100+,150+,151+,253 

Elizabeth, 150, 151 

Frances, I50, 151+ 

Grace, 151 

Hannah, 15I+, 253 

Israel, 15I 

John, 150 

Jonathan, 15I 

Joseph, 151 

Lydla, 100, I5I 

Margaret, 150, I5I 

Rebecca, I5I 

Ruth, 151 

Sarah, 151+ 

Seaborn, 15I 

Sebas, I5I 
Jacob, John, 36 

Mary, 35,103 

Nicholas, 35, I03 
Jaques, Henry, 93, 94 

Ruth, 94 
James I, King, 275 
James, Agnes, 4 

John, 175 

Mary, 175 
Jeffries, Frances, I76 

Jenkins, Edward, 96 

John, 139 

Sarah, I39 
Jennings, Elinor, 166 

Joseph, 80 

Richard, I66 

Zervlah, 80 
Jepson, Rosamond, 263 

William, 263 
Jess, Abigail, 277 

William, 277 
Jewell, Grlsell, 98 

Mary, 217 

Nathaniel, 217 

Thomas, 98 
John, King, 270 
Johnson, Abigail, 94 

Deborah, 253 

Eliza, 156 

Elizabeth, 244 

Hannah , 242 

Isaac, 36 

John, 253 

Jonathan, 242 

Peter, 197 

Richard, 244 

Solomon, 242, 253 

Susan, 150 

Uriah, 264 

William, 94, 242 
Jones, Abigail, II3 

Ann, 249 

Benjamin, 27, IO3, II3 


Elizabeth, II5 

Ephralm, 99 

Ezra, 115 

Gratia M., I5 

Hannah, 37 

Hepslbah, 99 

John, 259, 260 

Joseph, 37 

Mary, 84, 103 

Robert, 37 

Samuel, 84, 239 

Sarah, 84, 239 

Susanna, 37 

Thomas, 213 

Waltstlll, 85 
Jordan, Robert, 76 
Josim, Peter, 120 
Joy, Elizabeth, 36 

Thomas , 36 
Judklns, Job, 4l 

Joel, 41 

Mary, 4l 
Jugg, Christian, 3 
Jurdaln, Ignatlous, I3I 

Sarah, I3I 
Kane, Alice B., I6 



Keney, Susanna, 148 
Keeler, Ralph, 206 
Keith, James, 272 

Mary, 269 
Kelly, Angle, I3 

Elizabeth, 94 

Fanny Persls, I3 

Flora, 13 

John, 94 

Nathaniel, I3 

Rosamiind, I3 
Kelton, John, 27 

Sarah, 27 

Thankful, 10 

Thomas , 27 
Kendall, Mary, 125 
Kendrick, Esther, 254 

John, 254 

Kenning, Henry, 143 

Jane, 129 

Magdalene, l43 
Kerley, Elizabeth, 253 

Henry, 253 
Ketchell, Charlotte H., 157 
Kezar, Hannah, 82 

John, 82 
Kibbe, Kibby, Edward, 79 

Grisell, 98 

Henry, 98 

Rebecca, 79 
Kidder, Anna, 59 
Kimball, John, 129 

Mehltable, 82 
King, Anna, 250, Anne, 221 

Arthur Henry, 14 

Carolyn, l4 

Dimcan, 14 

Elizabeth, 209 

George, 25O 

Joan, 250 

John, 65 

Jonathan, 221 

Martha, 209 

Mary, 65, Mary L., 208 

Mercy, 209 

Silas, 221 

Thomas , 208 
Knapp, Ann; Elizabeth, 196 

William, 187 
Kneeland, John, 139 

Mary, 139 
Knight, Alice, 269 

Mary, 195 
Knox, Henry, 11 

Ruth, 21 
Lacie, John de, 33 

Maude de, 33 
Ladd, Abigail, 155 

Alexander, 153 

Ann, 152+,154, 155, 156+,157 

Aurelia, 156 

Bethia, 155 

Catherine, I05, 15^ 

Charlotte, 157 

Crawford, 157 

Daniel, 54, 105, 106+, I09, 
112, 152+,153, I54+, 155+ 
I57+, 183, 198, 199+ 

Eliza, 156 

Elizabeth, 112, 115, 152, 
153, I54+, 155, I56+, 157 

Enoch, 156 

Ezekiel, 153 

Fannie M., 15 

Hannah, 155, 156, 157, 220 

Henry, 12 

Hiram, I56 

James, 114 

Joanna, 155+ 156 

John, 115, 15^, 155+, 156+, 
157, 183, 220+ 

Joseph, 12, 156 

Josiah, 42, 156, 157 

Lucy, 156 

Lydia, 152+, 154 

Margaret, 114 

Maria, 12 

Martha, 152+ 

Mary, 106, 152, 153- 15^, 
I55+, I56+. 183 

Mehltable 154,155+, 156, 199 

Mercy, 154 

Nathaniel, 54, 112, 105, 106 
109, 152, 153, 154+ 199 

Palmer, 220 

Prudence , 220+ 

Ruth, 155, 156 

Samuel, 152, I60 

Sarah, 153, 156+, 157 

Stephen, 155 

Susanna, 155, 220 
Lake, Thomas, 159 
Lakin, John, 121 
Lally, Florence, I6 
Lamb, Joanna, 234 

John, 50, 234, 277 

Lydia, 50, 277 
Lamson, Elizabeth, 276 

Martha, 209 
Lancaster, Elizabeth, 27 

Sarah, 55 
Langham, Eleanor, 3 
Langton, Mary, 32 

John, 32 
La Pedona, Felicia Linda, 16 

John, 16 

Virginia, I6 
Larkin, Edward, 262 

Sarah, 262 
Lasllng, Ellen, 6I 

Lasllrig, Thomas, 6l 
Lathrop, Thomas, 5^ 
Laurence, James, 156 

Mary, I56 
Lawrence, John, 29 
Lawson, Elizabeth, 200+ 

William, 200+ 
Lay, Rebecca, 207 

John, 207 
Leadbetter, Abigail, 159 

Deliverance, 159 

Ebenezer, I58, 159 

Hannah, 159 

Henrv , 67 ,85 , 158+ , 159+, I60 , 245 

Increase, 10,85,158,159+,l60+ 

Israel, 159 

John, 158 

Katherlne, 159, I60 

Mary, 159 

Prlscllla, 160 

Relief, 10, 158+, I59+, 245 

Ruth, 159 

Sarah, 85, 158, 159+, I60+, 
244, 245+ 

Waltstlll, 160 
Leagar, Legar, Anne, 6, 7 

Bethiah, 7 

Hannah , 7 

Jacob, 6, 7 
Leavltt, Alice, 105, 109 

James, IO9 

John, 68 

Nehemlah 105 

Sarah, 68, 104 
Le Bird, Thomas, 60 
Lee, Joshua, 36 

Mary, 36,233 
Leighton, Mary, 212 

Thomas, 212 

Leonard, Exinice, 126 

James, 269 

John, 50 

Mary , 50 

Rebecca, 269 
Leveritt, John, 159 
Leverldge, George, 279 
Lewis, Anna, 251 

Goodman , 70 

Hannah, 197 

John, 251 

Philip, 197 

Thomas, 75+ J Mrs Thomas, I80 
Light, John, 155 
Lincoln, Bridget, 103 

Edward, 103 

Thomas, IO3 
Llndrey, Daniel, 3 

Sarah , 3 
Linton, Richard, 29 
Li 3 sen, Hannah, 40 

Lissen, Nicholas, 4o+ 
Llttlefield, Dorcas, 149 

Francis, 94 

Lucy, 156 

Tabitha, 94 
Lloyd, David, 270 

Margaret, 270 
Lock, Locke, Cyrus, 11 

Ebenezer, 11 

Joshua, 11 

Louisa 11 

Lucius, 11 

Nathaniel, I7I 

Sablna, I7I 

William, 11 
Loker, Elizabeth, l84 

Henry, l84 

John, 204 

Mary, 204 
Lomas , Lula, 21 
Lord, Abigail, 251, 264+ 

Adrean, I63 

Alice, 161, 162 

Amle, Amy, I63, I87 

Anne, 16 3+ 230 

Dorothy , 47+ , 162,163+ . 23I , 232 

Elizabeth, I6I, l62 

Ellen, 161 

Hannah, 232 

Jofln, 161, 162 

John, 162, 163 

Lydia, I63 

Mary, I63 

Rebecca, I63 

Richard, I6I, l62+, I63+ 

Robert, l62, I63 

Sarah, I63 

Thomas, 47+, 16I, l62+, I63+ 
230, 232 

William, 162, 163, 251 
Lothrop, John, 250 
Louis VI, King, 3I 
Lovering, Grace, 254 
Low, Elizabeth, 202 

John, 202 

Joseph, 202 
Lucas, Allene, I9 

Leona, 19 

William, 19 
Lugg , Jane , 87 

John, 87, 271 
Lumbard, David, 52 
Lumpkin, Richard, 237 

Sarah, 237 
Lunt, Elizabeth, 255 

Henry , 25 
Lygon, Anne, 34 

Elizabeth, 32, 33, 34+ 

Isabel, 32 

Henry, 32,33 


Lygon, Henry, 32,33 

Isabel, 32 

Margaret, 3^ 

Richard, 34+ 
Lymon, Mary, 229 
Lyon, George, 7, 245 

Hannah, 7, 245 

Mary, 2l8, 219 
Lyons, Martha, 197 

William, 197 
Mc, Mac 

MacArthur, Douglas, 45, 46 
MacBayne, Donald, 40 
Mc Carthy, Mary, I98 
Mc Coy, Mary. 72 

William, 72 
McCready, Anna, I56 
MacHarrle, Edith, 19 

Malcolm, I9 
McKay, Jessie, 21 
Macintlre, David, 129 

Jonathan, 129 

Martha, 129 
Macomber, John, 26 

Mary Ellen, 26 
Macy , George, 27I , 272+ 

Hannah , 8 

Mary, 272 

Rebecca, 269 
Madelyn, Isabel, 32 
Magoon, Abigail, 154 

Alexander, 154 

Henry, 73 

Mary, 73 

Samuel, 154 
Malntenon , Madam de , 71 
Makepeace, Elizabeth, 175 

Thomas, 175 
Manning, Agnes, 3 
Manwarlng, Ann, I66 

Bathsheba, I66 

Charles, I65 

Elinor, 166 

Elizabeth, I66, 207 

Esse, 165, 166 

Hannah, I65, I66+, 207 

Judith, 166 

Love, 166, 188 

Mercy, I66+, I88 

Oliver, 165+,166+,188,207,222 

Prudence, I65+, I66, 222 

Ranulfus, I65 

Richard, I66 
Maplesden, Edward, 44 

Mary, 44 

Thankful, 44 
Marb[p] lehead, Mary, 29, 6I 
Marden, Mehitable, 222 
Marriot, Ellen, l62 

Robert, I6I 

Marsh, Oneslphorus, I53 

Sarah, 35,153 

Thomas , 35 
Marshall, Beulah, 169 

Daniel, I67, I68, 2l8 

Deborah, I60 

Deliverance, 168 

Elizabeth, I67, I68+, I69, 
I70+, 229 

Hagar, 168- 

James, 134, 149, I67+, I68+, 
169+ , 170, 229+ 

John, 10, 138, I39+, 140,149 
167+,168+, 169+, 170, 229+ 

Joseph, 167, 168, I69+, 170 

Josiah, 168, 169 

Martha, 149, I69+ 

Mary, 167+, 168+. 169,170, 229 

Mercy, I69 

Prudence, I30 

Rachel, I69 

Rebecca, I69 

Rooksby, 10,132,134,169,170+ 

Ruth, 138, 140, 167, 168+ 

Samuel , I68 

Sarah, I34, I68, I69+, 170 

Sheffield, 168 

Thomas, 96, 168 
Marshfield, Abilene, 5I 

Catherine, 50, 51, 64,65,277 

Esther, 51 

Hester, 277 

Josiah, 51 

Katherine, 43 

Margaret, 5I 

Rachel, 51 

Samuel, 50, 5I+, 64, 65, 277 

Thomas , 277 
Marston, Alice, 17I 

Anne, 172+, 197, 198, 212 

Benjamin, I72 

Bethia, I72 

Elizabeth, 172 

Ephraim, 172 

Hannah, 172 

Henry, I7I 

Jacob, 172+ 

John, 172+, 193 

Joseph, 172+ 

Martha, 172+ 

Mary, 171,172+, 193 

Prudence, 171 

Rebecca, 172 

Robert, 171 

Sabina, I7I 

Sarah, 17I+, 172+ 

Susanna, 172 

Thomas, 171+ 

Tryphena, 171, 172, I98 

Wm., 171+,172+,197+,198, 212 

Martin, Delevan, 116 
Diantha, 116 
James, 43, 44 
Joan, 43, 44 
John, 103 
Rachel, 43, 44 
Richard, 111 
Martyn, Hester, 212 
Isaac, 212 
John, 212 
Marvin, Christopher, 112 
Jane, 112 
Lois, 221 
Mason, Abigail, 159 
Daniel, 174, 175 
Elizabeth, I74, 187 
Hannah, 56, 159, 17^+, 175 
Heater, 174+, 257+ 
Hugh, 56, 57, 174+ , 257+ 
John, 174+, 225, 257 
Joseph, 174, 175, 257 
Mary, 174, 175 
Ruth, 174 
Sarah, I74, 175 
Masters, Rachel, 43 
Peter, 43 

Mather, Cotton, 134, 168 
Nathaniel, 225 
Richard, 26, 225 
Mathew, Johanna, 255 
Mattheva, Mannaduke, 2l6 
Matthevson, Angle, 13 
Maverick, Abigail, I05 
Antlpaa, 105" 
John, 271 
Maxfleld, Clement, 84 
Christian, 84 
John, 9 
Ruth, 9 
Samuel, 84 
Maynard, Hannah, 84 
John, 84. 184 
Lydla, l84 
Meacham, Mary, 78 
Mead, Gabriel, 25 
Hannah, 232 
William, 232 
Meaklns, Abigail, 280 

Thomas, 280 
Medap, Bethla, 30 

Daniel, 30 
Mellen, Abigail, 30 

Simon, 30 
Melllah, Mary Ann, 11 

Stephen, 11 
Mellowea, Abraham, 60, I75 
Elizabeth, 175+ , 275 
Martha, 60, I75 
Mary, 175 
Oliver, 175, 275 

Mercer, Elizabeth, 139 

Thomas, I39 
Merrlam, Dorothy, 57 
Elizabeth, 176 
George, 176 
Hannah ,176 
Joan, 177 
John, 57, 176 

Joseph, 57+,176+,238,260,26l 
Susan, 176+ 
Thomas, 176 
William, 176+ 
Merrick, Delghton, 46 
James, 93 
Isaac, 46 
Mehl table, 46 
Sarah, 203, 233 
Stephen, 46 • 
Thomas, 233 
William, 46 
Merrifleld, Sarah, 221 
Merrill, Abel, 55 
Abigail, 255+ 
Abraham, 94, 255 
Elizabeth, 55, 94 
Nathaniel, 94, 255 
Phyllis, 21 
Sarah, 55 
Mesant, Ann, 214 
Metcalf, Diantha, II6 
John, 116 
Mehltable, 65 
Mewly, Margaret, I55 
Meyn, Alice, 270 
Middlebrook, Anna, 260 

Joseph, 260 
Mighel, Nathaniel, 52 

Sarah, 52 
Milane, Constance, 24 

Humphrey , 24 
Miles, Elizabeth, 57 

John, 57 
Miller, Experience, 101 
Sarah , 50 
Thomas, 101 
Mills, Elizabeth, I78 
James, 178 

John, 138, 139, 178+,179,225 
Jonathan, 168, I78 
Joy , 178 

Mary, 138, I39, I68, 178,179 

Olive P., 12 

Recompense, I78 

Susanna, I78+ 
Ml Is on, Mary, 240 
Miner, George, 186 

Grace, I87 

Thomas, 187 
Mlnot, Jamea, 57 

Mary, 57 


Mlnot, Timothy, 57 
Mi reck, James, 55 

Mary, 55 

Sarah, 100 

Timothy, 55 
Mitchell, Elizabeth, 24 

Polly, 115 

Sussm, 226 

Thomas , 24 
Mitton, Anne, l80 

Dorcas, iBO 

Elizabeth, 70, 77. 180 

Martha, l8l 

Mary, l8l 

Michael, 70, 77+. l80 

Nathaniel, 77, loO 
Mixer, Isaac, 252 
. Joanna, 252 
Moody, Abigail, 94, 107, l82 

Alice, 74, 182+, I83 

Caleb 94 

Clement, 73,74,107,l82+,l83+ 

Daniel, I83 

David, 107, 155, I82+, 183+ 

Dorothy, I82 
■ Dudley, l82 

Elizabeth, 182+. I83 

Esther, I83 

Jane, 183 

Joanna, I83 

John, 182, 183+ 

Jonathan, I83+ 

Joshua, 73, 111 

Josiah, 183 

Lydia, l82 

Margaret, l82 

Mary, 107+, 155, I82+, 183 

Nicholas, 182 

Philip, 182+ 

Sarah, 74, 182+, 183+ 
Moore, Aaron, 124 

Ann, 184 

Benjamin, l84+, 258, 275 

Dorothy, 184 275 

Elizabeth, l84+,l85,209,258 

Oilman, 182, I83 

Jacob, 184+ , 258 

John, 43, 184+ , 185+ , 208, 
209+ , 238, 239. 252, 258 

Joseph, 184+, 258 

Judith, 184 

Lydia, l84+ 

Mary, l84+, 238, 252 

Salome, 124 

William, 184+, 258 
More, John, 71, 120 
Moreley, Daniel, I3, 221 

Fanny Persia, I3 

Love , 221 

Nathaniel, I3 

Saphronia, I3 
Morgan, David, 52, 80 

Elizabeth, 50 

Jonathan, 78 

Joseph, 80 

Mary, 52 

Miles, 50, 52, 78, 80 

Sarah, 78 
Morrey, Hannah, 146 

John, 146 
Morris, Alice, l62 

Richard, l62 
Morse, Eliza H. , II6 

Esther, 195 

Hester, 62 

Isaac, 90 

Jonathan, 101, 243 

Joseph, 62,195, 217, 243 

Mary, 243 

Mrs., 126 
Moseley, Samuel, 36, 89 
Hosier, Hannah, 11 
Moulton, Cecily, 60 

Henry, 144 

John, 196 

Martha, 172+ 

Mary, 143 

Sobriety, 144 

Thomas, 143 
Mousall, Joanna, 28 
Moxam, John, 27 

Moxon, Rev., 5C 
Moyle, Loveday, I65, I88 
Munden, Ann, 233 
Munjoy, John, 70 
M\inn, Abigail, 233, 234, 278 

Benjamin, 233, 234, 278 
Munroe , Mary , 29 

William, 29 
Munson, Ann, 233 
Murray, Hannah, 120, 146 

John, 120+, 122, 146 
Mynde, Anna, 270 

John, 270 
Napcott, Grace, 4 
Napier, Jane, 21 
Narracot, James, 63 
Nay, Elizabeth, 155 

John, 155 
Neal, Charlotte, 117 

Henry P. , 117 

Joseph M., 117 

Martha, 117 
Needham, Anthony, 3 

Mary, 80 
Negus , Jane , 87 

Jonathan, 87 
Newberry, Sarah, 272 

Thomas , 272 
Newburgh, Roger de, 33 

Newgete, Elizabeth, 150 

John, 150 
Newhall, David, 124 

Elizabeth, 124 
Newland, Catharine, 174 

Vllllam, 174 
Nichols, Robert, II9 

Sarah, 52,119 

William, 52 
Nock, Esther, 198 

Sylvanus, 198 

Thomas, I98 
Norcross, Joseph, 219 

Richard, 219 

Thomas, 219 
Normandy, Duke of, 33 
Norrlce. Edward, 264 
Norrls, Elizabeth, 42 

James , 114 

Joanna, 42 

Joseph, 42 

Moses, 42 

Nicholas, 42 
Norton, John, 50, 277 

Lydla, 50, 277 
Novell, Increase, I32, 143 

Mehltable, I32, 143 
Noyes, Dorothy, I63, 23I, 232 

James, 5^, 162, 23I+, 232 

Vllllam, 232 
Nutter, Abigail, 212 

Hatevll, 212 
Nye, Adlno, 127 

Mary, 127 
Odell, Florence, 117 
Odlln, Vllllam, 115 
Oliver, Elizabeth, 150 

John, 150 
Olmstead, Mary, I63 
Ordway, Anne, 93 

James, 93 
Orne, Sarah, 50 
Osgood, Christopher, 172 

Hooker, 123 
Otis, Hannah, 96 

Stephen, 96 
Page, Edward, 39' 

Elizabeth, 39 

Francis, 172 

Joseph, 293 

Martha, 193 

Mary, 199 

Rebecca, 172 

Robert, 172 

Thomas, 199 
Palgrave, Richard, 23 

Sarah , 23 
Palmer, Abigail, I87 

Abraham, I86 

Ann , Anna , 157 , I86 , I87+ , I88 , 197 


Aurella, I56 

Benjamin, I87 

Bridget, I90 

Christopher, 144+ 

Daniel, I88 

Dorothy, 187 

Ellhu, 187+ 

Elizabeth, 186+,187+, 188, 190+ 

Frances, I87 

Gershom, I87, I88 

Grace, I86, I87 

Hannah, I87+, I88+ 

Henry, 81, 82+, 92, I90+ 

Ichabod, I88 

Irene, I88 

Jerusha, I88 

John, 186, 187 

Jonah, 187 

Jonas , 187 

Jonathan, I87, I88+, 219 

Joseph. 187 

Judith, 188 

Love, 188+ , 219 

Margaret, I88 

Mary, I88+ 

Mehltable, 8I+, 190, I9I 

Mercy, I66, I88 

Moses, 187 

Nehemlah, I66, 187+.I88, 232 

Oliver, 188 

Prudence , 188+ 

Rebecca, I86, I87+ 

Sarah, 197 

Susanna, 144 

Thomas, 197 

Wal ter , I86+ , 187 , I88 , 23I+ , 232 
Park, Esther, 101 

Richard, 101 

Robert, 231 

Sarah, 101 
Parker, Benjamin, IO6 

Elizabeth, 55, 193+ 

Hannah, 194 

Hephsibah, 194 

Hester, 193 

John, 192, 193 

Joseph, 55, 172, 192+ , 193+ 

Martha, 193 

Mary, 55, 172+,192, 193+,19^ 

Nathan, 192+, 193 

Ruth, 193, 194 

Samuel, 193, 194 

Sarah 193 

Stephen, 55+, 172, 192, 193+ 

Susanna, 172, 193, 194 

Thomas, 192, 193 
Parkhurst, Elizabeth, 30 
Parmenter, Benjamin, 210 

Hannah, 269 

John, 210, 269 


Parmenter, Tamasln, 210 
Parsons, Ann, 143 

Benjamin, 51 

Ebenezer, 51 

John, 143 

Joseph, 50 

Margaret, 51 

Mary, 50 
Patterson, Beulah, 71, 72 
Pat ton, Mary, I36 

William, 136 
Paul, Mary, 245 
Payson, Anne, 9 

Edvard, 9, 159' 

Ephraim, 159 

Jonathan, 9 

Katharine, 159 
Pay ton, Bezaleel, 224 

Mary, 224 
Pease, Elizabeth, 52 

John, 52 

Thomas, 10, 11 
Peck, Elizabeth, I87 

Joseph, 68, 103, 104 

Prudence, 68 

Rebecca, I03 

Robert, IO3, 104 

Simon, 68 
Peirce, Anne, 195 

Anthony, 195 

Barbara, 195 

Elizabeth, 29+, 195+ 

Esther, 195 

John, 29, 195+ 

Judith, 195 

Mary, 195+ 

Robert, 195 

Sarah, 195 
Pelham, Herbert, 263 

Penelope, 263 
Pel ton, Deliverance, 226 

John, 226 

Mary, 226+ 

Samuel, 226 
Penn, William, 3 
Penny, Alice, 63 

Allen, 63 

Cicely, 63 

Ellinor, 63 

Henry, 63+ 

Jane, 63+ 

Katherine, 63 

Susan, 63 
Perkins, Abraham, 39 

Anna, 156 

Asahel, 156 

Bethia, 197 

Caleb, 197 

Charlotte, 117+ 

Clarissa, II6, 117 

Ellsha, 117, 156 

Elizabeth, 215 

Emma, 117, Emma Somerby, 117 

Erastus Glidden, II6, 117 

George Henry, 117 

Hannah, 39, 197 
Henry, 156 

Isaac, 197+ 

Jabez, 156 

Jacob, 116, II7+, 156 

Jane, 17, 118 

Jared, II6, Jared A., 117 

Joanna, 156 

John, 39, 116, 117+,156+,215 

Joseph, 117, 156+ 

Judith, 215 

Lucy, 156 

Martha A., 117 

Mehitable, 156 

Sarah, I30 

Thomas, 117, 156 
Perry, William, 29 
Peters, Andrew, 39 

Mercy, 39 
Pethick, Edith A. , 21 
Peyton, Claudius Baxter, 20 

Mabel, 20 
Philbrick, Ann, 172, 197+, 198 
199, 212 

Apphia, 82, 198+ 

Bethia, I97 

Ephraim, 154 

Elizabeth, 196+,197,198, 199 

Esther, I98 

Hannah, 197+, 199 

Hester, I98 

James, 82, 154, 172, I96+, 
197+ , 198+ , 212 

Jedediah, 199+ 

Jeremiah, 198 

John, I96+, 197 

Joseph, 154, 172, 198 

Judith, 217 

Martha, 154, 196, 197 

Mary, 197. 198, 199 

Mehitable, 82, 154, 155, 196 
197, I98+, 199+ 

Samuel, 199 

Sarah 198 

Thomas, 73, 15^+. 171, 172+, 
182, I96+, 197,198+, 199, 
212, 225, 280 

Timothy, 199 

Tryphena, 198 
Philip I, King, 31 
Philips, Phillips, Deacon, 70 

Elizabeth, 269 

Hannah , 7 

Hephsibah, 194 

James, 269 

Philips, John, 23, 76. 121+ 

Jonathan, 19^ 

Samuel, 19^+, 269 

Thomas, 7 

William, 38+ 
Phipps, Margaret, I80 
Plcard, John, 129 
Pldge, Elizabeth, 92 

John, 92 
Pierce (See Pelrce also.) 

Anthony, 57 

Benjamin, 57 

Edward F., II8 

George , II8 

Gladys H. , I6 

Henry, II8 

Jenny, II8 

Mary F., II8 

Persis, 218 

Samuel, 2l8 

Thomas, 10, 11, 2l8 
Pierpont, James, 241 

John, 241 

Thankful, 241 
Pigrom, William, 84 
Pike, John, 90 

Joseph 90 

Lydla, 90 

Robert, 93, 94, 122 
Pindar, Joanna, 215 
Pitkin, Elizabeth, 200+, 201+ 

Francis. 200+ 

George, 200+ 

Hannah , 201 

Jane, 200+ 201 

Joan, 200+ 

John, 200+ 

Martha, 79, 200+ 201+, 272+ 

Robert, 200 

Roger, 200+ , 201+ 

Sarah , 200 

William, 200+ , 201, 272 
Pitts, William, 27 
Plantagenet, Joan, 33 
Platts, Mary, 204 
Plumb, Lucy, I56 
Pond, Abigail, 68, 

Nathaniel, 101 
Poor, Daniel, 172 

Elizabeth, 172 
Pope, John, 7 

Patience, 7 
Potter, Anthony, 238 

Christian, 84 

Elizabeth, 238 

Grace , 57 

Judah, 57 

Luke, 57 
Pottle, Abigail, 202 

Anna, 54, 202 


Blmslee (Beamsley) 203 

Christopher, 54, 55,130,202+ 

Deborah, 202 

Elizabeth, 202 

Hannah, 55, I30, 202+, 203+ 

Mary, 114, 203+ 

Molly, 114, 203+ 

Samuel, 55, 114, 202+, 203+ 

Sarah, 202 

William, 202+ 
Power, Elizabeth, 2 

Mary, 217+ 

Thomas , 2 

Trial, 217 

Walter, 217 
Poyntz, Elizabeth, 32 

Thomas, 32 
Pratt, Clarissa L.. I8 

Emma Gertrude, 18 

Julia Caroline, I8 

Lydia, 65 

Richard Wales, 18 

Seth, 18 

William, 18 
Prentice, Elizabeth, 151 

Frances, 187 

John, 151 

Nathaniel, 58 

Rebecca, I51 

Sarah, 232 

Thomas, I5I+, I87. 232 
Prescott, Abigail, 42, 82 

Benjamin, 42 

Dorothy, 204, 205 

Ebenezer, 205 

Elizabeth, 204, 205 

Ellen, 204 

Hannah, 199, 204+ 

James, 82, I99 

Jeremiah, 199 

Joanna, 205 

John, 119, 120, 123, 141, 
204+, 205+, 209 

Jonas, 204 

Jonathan, 204, 205 

Lydia, 204 

Martha, 204 

Mary, 41, II9, 120, l4l, 146 
204+, 205+ 

Ralph, 204 

Rebecca, 204 

Ruth, 204, 205 

Sarah, l4l, 204+, 209 

Tabltha, 205 
Price, 75 

Walter, 206 

Priest, Sarah, 263 
Prince, Thomas, 225, 226 
Proctor, Elizabeth, 99, 261 

Robert, 26I 


Prudden, Joanna. 240 

Peter, 240 
Putnam. John, 115 

Margaret, 115 
Pynchard , Edmond , 31 

Elizabeth, 31 

Isabell, 31 

John, 31 

Margaret. Margery, 3I 

Mary, 31 

Symon, 3I 
Pynchon. Oovernor, 148 

John, 64, 233 

William. 5, 63+ 64+ 233+ 
Quincy, Margaret, de , 33 

Saire de , 33 
Radlighe, Symond, 3I 
Ragg. Joseph, 14 

Pamela Shenton, 14 
Ralnsford, David 101 

Edward, 101 
Raleigh, Symond, 3I 
Raven. Susan, I76 
Rawlings, Jasper, 135 

Mary, 135 

Ruth, 170 
Ravson, Marion Nicholl, 58 

Marion 219, 220, 221 
Ray , Deborah , I66 

Judith, 166 

Simon, I66, 257 
Raymond. Bathsheba, 207 

Daniel. 207+ 

Elizabeth, 207+ 

George, 206 

Hannah, I65, 207+ 

John, 206+ 207 

Joshua, 207+ 

Judith, 206, 207 

Lemuel, 207 

Mary, 206, 207+ 

Rebecca, 207 

Richard, I65, 206, 207+ 

Samuel, 207 

William, 206 
Read, Abigail, 195 

Remember, 264 

Thomas, 264 

William, 195 
Redman, John, 171 

Sabina, 171 
Rees, David ap, 270 
Reeks, Steven, 75 
Renlson, Jane. 11 
Reynor, Anna, 240 

John, 240 
Rhine, Mary, 19 
Rhodes, Mary A, , 11 
Rice, Aaron, 219 

Abigail, 210 


184+ , 185 
253. 258 

Agnes, 208 

Anne, 209 

Bethla, 253 

Daniel, 209, 243, 253 

David, 210 

Elizabeth, l84, 185, 

209+ . 210+, 219 
Edmund, 88, 98, l84, l85,204 

208+, 209, 239, 243, 253 
Edward, 88+, 89, 208, 209, 

239, 243, 253 
Hannah, 210+ , 253 
Henry, 88, 89, 90, 
208+ , 209+ , 210, 
John, 239 
Jonathan, 210 
Joseph, 204, 209 
Luke 243 

Lydia 88, 209, 210 
Martha, 209+ , 210 
Matthew, 209 
Mary, 208+, 209, 210 
Mercy, 208, 209+, 210, 211 
Rachel, 89, 210+, 243 
Rebecca, 210 
Rose, 102+ 
Ruth, 209 
Samuel, 209 
Sarah, 204, 209+ 
Tabitha, 239 

Tamasin, 210; Thomasine,208+ 
Thomas L , 208 
Rich, Experience, I23 
Hannah, 123 
Richard, 211, 212+ 
Sarah, 211, 212+ 
Richards, Alice, 4 
Charles, 11 
Daniel , 11 
James, 4 
Sally. 11 
Richardson, Caleb. 152 
Daniel, 202 
Hannah. 202 
Joseph, 202+ 
Mary, 152 
Sarah, 202 
Thomas, 202 
William, 202+ 
Rlgby, Alexander, 76, 77 
Ripley, Frances, 35 
Sarah, 35 
William, 35+ 
Robbins, Eleazer, 260 

Ruth, 260 
Robert I King, 3I 
Roberts, Abigail, 212 
Ann, 172, 197, 212+ 
Dorothy, 212 
Elizabeth, 55, 212 

RtTce-r Hester, 212 

Jane, 212 

Joel, 126 

John, 211+, 212 

Mary, 212 

Rebecca, 211+ 

Sar-h, 126, 212 

Thomas, 143, 197, 211+, 212 

William, 212 
Robertson, Betsey, 11 

John, 11 
Robey, Elizabeth, 197 

Henry, 197 

Thomas, I97 
Robinson, David, 4l 

James , 24 

John, 41 

Jonathan, 41 

Mary, 24, 39, 4l 

Ruth, 159 

Sarah, 4l 

Silence . 240 

Thomas, 39, 240 
Rogers, Anna, 238 

Barnaby, 238 

Benajah, 9, 17, II8 

Benjamin, 17, llo 

Clarissa Matilda, 17, II8 

Elizabeth, 271 

Isaac, 17, 118 

James, 232 

John, 271, 228 

Joseph L. , 11 

Julia Melana, 14, 17, l8,ll8 

Martha, 228 

Mary, 232 

Sarah, 11, 17, II8 

Samuel, 232 

Thomas , 271 
Rollins, Dorcas, II3 

Thomas, II3 
Rooksby, Thomas, I33 
Root, Caroline Woodward, 14 

Dorothy, 65 

Edward, II8 

Edward T., 14, 17, I8+ , 118 

Frederick H., 15 

George, 14 

Julia Melana, 14, I8 , II8 

Temperance, 14 
Rose, John, 125 

Jonathan, 125 

Keziah, 125 
Ross, J-^mes, 70 
Rossiter, Charles, 127 
Rowell, Jo-^nna, 215 
Rowland. Elizabeth, 260 

Henry, I88, 260 

Irene, 188 
Royal, Isaac, 46, 245 

Mary, 46 

Ruth, 245 
Waitstlll, 245 
William, 46,245 
Rugg, Hannah, 28, 204+ 
John, 204 
Martha, 204 
Ruggles, John, I35 
Riindlett, Charles, I53, 154+ 

Lydia, 153, 154, 155 
Russell, Ann, 249 
Daniel, 79 
Elizabeth, I3.3 
Ire, 12 
Jeduthan, 11 
Jerusha, 79 
Rebecca, I33 
Rhoda, 11 
Rooksby Ann, 12 
Samuel, I33 
Ryder, Mary, 225 
Sabin, Benjamin, I93 
Sarah, 193 
William, 193 
Sadler, Rebecca, 92 

Thomas, 92 
Sanborn, Abigail, 82 
Benjamin 82 
Elizabeth, 154 
John, 42, 154 
Jonathan. 154 
Ruth, 42 
Sargent, Elizabeth, 215 
Joanna, 215 
Judith, 215 
William, 215 
Sartwell, F^nny, 127 

Simon, 127 
Snunders, Anne, 4 
Elizabeth, 27I 
Martin, 179 
Thomas, 4, 271 
Sawyer, Mary, 94, 204 
Samuel, 94 
Thomas, 204 
William, 94+ 
Saxton, Anna, 51 
James, 5I 
JerushT, 188 
Joseph, 188 
Say, Lord, 144 
Sayres, Robert, 152 
Schuyler, Aaron, 19; Arent, I9 
Casparus , 19 
Earl L., 19 
Edith Sumner, I9 
Hoyt Lester, 19 
John, 19 
Peter, I9 
Philip Pieterse, I9 

Scotchford, Elizabeth, 43 

John, 43 
Scott, Ann, 249 

Elizabeth, 82 

Hannah, 126 

John. 50, 206 

Sarah , 50 

Thomas, 249 
Scottow, John, 139 
Scrlbner, Elizabeth, 112, l82 

John, 154, 183 

Joseph, 112 

Sarah, 154, I83 
Secomb, Jacob, I83+ 
Selllck Elizabeth, 4 

Robert, 4 
Sentenne, Edmond, 19 

Mary, I9 
Severance, Mary, 4l 
Sewall, Samuel, 35 
Shaplelgh, Alexander, 143, 

213+, 214, 246 

Alice, 214 

Avis, 214 

Elizabeth. 213, 214 

James, 214 

Jane, 21 3 

John, 214+ 

Katherine ,143 , 213+, 214+, 246 

Nicholas, 71,213+, 214, 246+ 
Sharp, Abigail, 67 

Robert, 67 
Shatswell, John, 21 5+, 255 

Judith, 215+ 

Margaret, 215 

Mary, 92, 215+, 255 

Richard, 215 

Susanna, 215 

Theophilus, 92, 215+ , 255 

William, 215+ 
Shattuck, Susanna, 210 
Shaw, Abraham, 7 

Bethia, 7 

Fearnot, 7 

Joseph, 7 

Mary, 7 

Prudence, I88 

Thomas, I88 
Sheaf e, Edmund, I76 

Mary, I76 
Sheffield, Edmund, 35, 168 

Mary, I68 

Sarah, 35, I68 
Shellam. Margery, 32 

Samuel, 32 
Shepard, Abigail, 219, 220 

Abraham, 217 

Alanson, 220 

Amos, 219, 220+ , 221 

Anne, 32, 221, 222 

Cadwell, 221 

Charles, 222 

Chauncy, 221 

Cynthia 220 

Cyrus, 220+ 

Elizabeth, 101, 2l8, 219 

Ella, 220 

Gardner, 220, 221 

George, 32 

Hannah, 96, 217,2l8+,219,220 

Harvey, 220 

Henry, 222 

Herman, 220 

Isaac, 101, 188, 217+, 218+, 

21 9+ , 222 
Jacob, 217, 218, 219 
Jane, 269 
Jemima, 2l8 
Joanna, 96, 217 
John, 216, 217, 218 
Jonathan, 101, 188, 219+, 

220+ , 222 
Joshua, 220, 221+ 
Judith 217 
Lois 221 

Love, 188, 219, 220, 221 
Lucy, 221+ 
Luke, 222 
Margaret, 219 
Maria, 220+ 
Mary, 217, 218, 222 
Mehl table, 222 
Mercy, 2l8 
Mlndwell, 219 
Moses, 222 
Nancy, 221, 222 
Nathaniel, 101, 21 9+, 220, 221 
Noah, 219 
Normein, 220 
Oliver, 58, 220+, 222 
Patty, 220 
Persis 218 
Phlllppa. 222 
Polly, 188, 219, 221+ 
Prudence, I3, 220, 221, 222+ 
Rachel, 59, 221+ 
Ralph, 96, 216+, 21 7+, 218+ 

Roswell, 220, 221+ 
Sally, Sarah, 2l6, 217+ , 

219+ 220, 221+ 222 
Simeon, I3, 59, 220+, 221+ 
Sumner G. , 222 
Susan, 220, 222 
Thankful, 221 
Thanks [lord], 2l6, 217+ 
Thomas, 96, 101, 2l6, 217+ , 

218+ 222 
Trial, 217, 218 
Walter, 217 

Shepard, Wlllard, 220 

William, 220+ 

William Henry, 220 

Zerviah, 220 
Sherman, Ephraim, 91 

John, 4 

Joseph, 91 

Lucy, 126 

Lydia, 91 
Shillowe, Samuel, 32 
Shore, Abigail, 110, 111, 223+ 

Anne, 224 

Edward, 224 

Elizabeth, 224 

Eunice, 110, 111, 223+, 224 

Frances, 224 

Hannah, 224 

James, 223, 224 

John, 224 

Jonathan, 223+, 224 

Mary, 224+ 

Priscilla, 224 

Sampson, 110, 111, 223+, 224 

Susanna, 224+ 
Short, Mary, 168 

Rebecca, 186+ 
Shove, Elizabeth, I78 

George , I78 
Shrimpton, Mary, 88, 209 
Shute, Samuel, I06 
Sibley, Nell, 21 
Siday, Helen, 257+ 
Slkes, Rachel Bliss, 80 
Sill, John, 217 

Judith, 217 
Simmons, John, 144 

Rebecca, 144 
Slmonds, Elizabeth, 255+ 

Samuel, 255 

William, 255 
Simons, Mary, 54 

Nathan, 5^ 
Simpson, Waltstill, 8 
Sinclair, Elizabeth, 4l 

John, 41 
Singletary, Lydia, 152 

Richard, I52 
Slppe ranee, Joane , 23I 
Slade, Ann, 15 

Ira, 12 

Margaret, 12 

Thomas, 15 
Sleeper, Ann, 199 

John, 198, 199+ 

Mary, 199 
Sloan, Elizabeth, 187 

Thomas , I87 
Slocombe, Alice, 3 

George, 3 

Smart, Elizabeth, II3 

Mary, II3 

Robert, II3+ 
Smedley, James, I75 

Mary, 175, 217 

Samuel, 217 
Smith, Abigail, 210, 227 

Angle, 17 

Ann, 174, 184 

Anna , 226 

Cynthia Lee, 21 

Cynthia Mary, 21 

Deliverance, 226+, 227 

Elizabeth. 7, 104, 152, 207, 
226, 228+ 

Esther, 203 

George, 3 

George Wardley, 21 

Hannah, 174 228 

Henry, 7, 64 

Jacob, 156 

John, 85, 174, 184, 203, 
225+ 226+. 227 

Joseph, 227 

Judith, 21 

Julia, 21 

Katherlne, 225, 226+, 227 

Lula, 21 

Lydia, 154 

Margaret, I82, I88 

Martha, 228 

Mary, 207, 225+ 226+ 228 

Mary Alice, I6 

Nathaniel, I52 

Nehemlah, 207+ 

Nell, 21 

Rebecca, 3, 114 

Richard, 104+ I05 

Robert, I6 

Samuel, I76, 226, 227 

Sarah, I56, 227 

Solomon, 203 

Theophilus, 154 

Thomas, 3, 210, 228 

Waitstill, 85, 226, 227 

Wardley Blake, 21 
Smyrski, Anthony S., Frank, 20 

Shirley, 20 
Smyth, William, 215 
Snell, John, 102, I03+ 

Miss, 2 
Snow, Lucinda, 11 

Sarah, 242 

Solomon, 11 
Solart, Elizabeth, 39 
Sollers, Margaret, 3I 
Somerby, Henry, I32 

Jiidith, 132 

Richard, I32 
Soper, Benjamin, I68, 229 


Soper. Benjamin, l68 229 

Elizabeth, l68 

John, 168 

Joseph, 24, 155, 229+ 

Margaret. 229 

Mary, 168. 229+ 

Samuel, 229 

Thomas , 229 
Southcote, Richard, 225 
Souther, Mary, 7 

Nathaniel, 7 
Spalding. Benjamin, 260 

Elizabeth. 260 

John, 242 

Mary, 242 
Sparhawk, Nathaniel, 237 
3pauldlng, John. 98 

Mary, 98 
Spear, A, Gordon, 21 

Bruce, 21 

Helen, 21 

Janet, 21 
Speed, John, 236 
Spencer, Penelope, 246 

Thomas, 246 
S Prague , Elkanah, 126 

Irene 126 
Spring, Abigail, 254 

John, 254+. 

Mary, 254 

William, 254 
Springfield, Emanuel, I75 

Mary, 175 
Spurr, Waltstlll, 245 
Spycer, Anne, 32 
Stafford, Eleanor, 33 

Elizabeth, 33+ 

Humphrey, 33+ 

John, 33 

Margaret, 33+ 

Maude, 33 

Ralph , 33+ 

William, 33 
Stalvorth, Agnes, 235 
Stanton, Anne, I62, 163+. 230 
23I+, 232+ 

Daniel, 23I , 232 

Dorothy, 163, 232 

Hannah, 187, 23I, 232+ 

Josinna, 232 

John, 232 

Joseph, 232 

Mary, 232 

Richard, 23I, 232 

Robert, 232 

Samuel, 232 

Sarah, 23I, 232 

Thomas, 162+ , I63+, 23O+, 
23I+, 232, 186, 187 
Starr, Moreglft, 43 

Rachel , 43 

Thomas, 43 
Stearns, Hannah, 126 

Isaac, 177, 238, 260+ 


Sarah, 177, 238, 26O+ 
Stebblns, Abigail, 233+. 234+ 

Ann, 233 

Benjamin, 234 

Edward, 234 

Elizabeth, 233+ 

Hannah, 5I, 233, 234+, 278 

Joanna, 234 

John, 233 

Joseph. 234+ 

Mary, 234 

Rowland, 233+, 234, 278 

Samuel, 234 

Sarah, 51, 233+, 234+ 

Thomas, 51, 233+, 234+, 278 
Stedman, Sarah, 23 
Steeples, Maria L. , I6 
Stephens, Grace, 110 
Sterry, Hannah, I87 

Roger, 187 
Stevens, Abigail, 107+ 

Anne , 55 

Cyprian, 120, 123 

Elizabeth, 192 

John, 107 

Mary, 9 

Nathaniel, 107 

Phebe, 55 

Richard, 243 

Samuel, 55, 107, 243 

Sara, 107 

Simon, 123 

Thankful, 243 

William, 243 
Stlckney, Abigail, 94 

Jonathan, 94 

Mehitable, 82 

Thomas, 82 
Stlleman, Ellas, 247 

Lucy, 247 
Stiles, Dorothy, 82 

Ebenezer, 82 
St. John, Alice, 60 

Henry, 60 

Oliver, 60 

Sarah, 60 
Stocking, Bethiah, 242 

George, 242 

Samuel, 242 
Stodder, John, 36 

Martha , 36 

Samuel, 36 
Stone, Abigail, 238, 239, 252 

Agnes, 236,237 

stone, Anna. 238, 239 

Daniel, 184+ 238, 239, 252 

David, 72. 236+, 237, 238, 

Ebenezer, 219 
Elizabeth, 235, 236+, 238+ 

239, 242 
Frances, 237 
George, 63, 235 
Gregory, 72, I76+ l84 
Hannah, 238 - 
Joan, 237 
John, 72, 184+, 219, 235+, 

236+, 237+, 238+, 242,252 
Lydla, 237+, 238 
Margaret, 219, 237+, 239 
Margery, 236+ 
Mary, l84, 237, 238, 239+ 

252, 253 
Matthew, 236, 237 
Michael, 236 
Nathaniel, 239 
Richard, 236 
Robert, 236 
Ruth, 239, 252 
Samuel, 72, 238 
Sarah, I76, 238+ 239+ 
Simon, 219, 235+. 236+, 237+ 
Susanna, 239 
Tabltha, 239 
Thomas, 236 
Ursula, 236, 237+ 
Walter, 235+, 236+ 
William, 235+, 236 
Stortoll, Alice, 75 

Stoughton, William, 226 
Stow, Stowe 
Abigail, 124 
Abner, 91 
Ann, 240 
Benjamin, 124 
Bethlah, 242 
Christopher, 240+ 
Elizabeth, 43+ 239, 240+ 

241+, 242+ 243 
Hannah, 242+ 
Hope, 241 
Joan, 240, 243 
John, 43+ 44+, 91. 98, 136 

240+ , 241+ 242+. 243 
Katharine, 240 
Lydla. 260 
Margaret, 240 
Martha, 241 
Mary, 98. I36, 240. 241, 

242+, 243 
Nathaniel, 43, 241, 242, 

Rachel, 243 


Samuel, 43, 7I , 91, 239, 

241, 242+ 

Sarah, 71, 91, 24l+, 242 
Thankful, 43, 44, 240, 241+ 

242, 243 

Thomas, 44, 91, 98, I36, 
225, 240, 241+ , 242+ 

William, 240 

Zacharlah, 240 
Stowell, Mary, 35 

Samuel, 35 
Straight, Thomas, 62 
Stratton, Ann M., 222 

Elizabeth, 98 

Samuel, 98 
Strong, Abigail, 233 

Esther, 69 

Jfdedlah, 233 

John, 69, 233 

Mary, 233 

Samuel , 67 
Studley, Sarah E., 12 
Sumner, Allene, 19 

Charles Bartlett, 19 

Charles Emll, 19 

Charles Thomas, 19 

Edith Bartlett, 19 

Edith Cornell, 19 

Homer Newton Bartlett, 19 

Linda Marie, 19 

Elvina, 19 
Sutton, Laura, 19 
Swain, Prudence, 171 

Richard, I7I 

William, 171 
Swan, Dorothy, 82 

Robert, 82 
Swasey, Abigail, 94 

Joseph, 94 

Sarah, 157 
Sweat, Rebecca, 246 
Sweet, Bethla. 155 
Swett, Benjamin, I32, 202 

Esther, I32 
Swift, Obadlah, I60 

Prlscllla, 160 

Thomas , 67 

William, 88 
Sydenham, George, 3 
Symes, John, l44 
Symmes. Mehltable, 8I , 191 

Zecharlah, 8I, 19I 
Symonds, Margaret, 3 
Talcott, John, 273 

Rachel, 273 

Samuel, 273 
Tappan, Abraham, 212 

John, 212 

Ruth, 212 
Tawler, Mary, 237 


Tawler, William, 237 

Taylor, Ellas, 126 

Hannah, 210, 253 

John, 73, 169 

Lucretla, II6 

Marcy, 126 

Margaret, 41 

Mary, 199 

Richard, 210, 253 

William, 41, I06, II6, 199 
Taynton, Joel, 72 
Tellman, Elizabeth, 214 
Terry, Marie, 43 

Mary, 78+ 

Samuel, 78 

Thomas , 78 
Thaxter, Elizabeth, 104 

Jacob, 104 
Thayer, Beulah, I69 
Thing (See also Tyng) 

Abigail, 108, 109 

Elizabeth, 104, 109 

Jonathan, 104, 108, 109 

Martha, I08 

Mary, 108 

Samuel, 104, 109 
Thomas, Rowland, 65 

Sarah, 64, 65 
Thompson, Abigail, 20 

Audrey, I6 

Hannah, 232 

William, 232 
Thomson, Edward, 263 
Thorne, Agnes,' 5 

Hugh, 5 
Thorpe, Ann, 61 

Henry , 61 

Bartholomew, I39+ 

Damaris, I39 
Thurber, Hannah, 157 

John, 157 
Tibbals, Hannah, 78 

Thomas, 78 
Tight, George, 47+ 

Ferris, 47+ 
Tltley, Audrey, 60 

John, 60 
Titus, Abigail, 187 

John, 187 
Tolman, Aquila, I60 

Elizabeth, 244, 245 

George, I76 

Hannah, 7, 244, 245+ 

Jemima, 85 

John, 245 

Johnson, 244 

Katharine, 244 

Mary, 245+ 

Rebecca, 245 

Ruth, 245 

Samuel, I60, 244 

Sarah, 158, 244+, 245+ 

Thomas, 7, 85, I58, I60, 
244+, 245 

Waitstill, 160 
Towle, Benjamin, 199 

Mary, 199 

Philip, 199 
Treadway, Elizabeth, l4l 

Nathaniel, l4l, 238 
Treadwell, Elizabeth, l4l 

Nathaniel, l4l 
Treat, Elizabeth, 272 

Richard, 272 
Trelawney, Robert. 75 
T remain, Sarah, 7o 
Treworgye, Dorcas, 246 

Elizabeth, 108, 247 

James, 108, 143, 21 3+, 214, 

Joanna, 246 

John, 246 

Katharine, 143, 213, 214, 

Lucy, 247 

Nicholas, 246+ 

Penelope, 246 

Samuel, 246+ 
Trowbridge, Deliverance, 254 

James, 254+ • 

Thankful, 254 

Thomas, 254+ 
Truesdale, Catherine, I33 
Truman, Rebecca, 79 
Tuck, Edward, 197 

Mary, 197 

Robert, 197 
Tucker, John, 36 

James, 245 

Mary, 84 

Rebecca, 245 

Richard, 75+ 

Robert, 245 
Turner, Nazareth, 35 

Robert, 35 
Turney, Ann, 259 

Benjamin, 260 

Judith, 260 
Tweedy, Dorothy, 5 
Tybault, Willem Cornelisen, 

Tyndale, Richard, 269 
Tyng, Edward, 71+, 89 

Elizabeth, 71+ 

(See also Thing. 
Uncas, Joshua, 206 
Underbill, John, 211 
Underwood, John, 193, 265 

Underwood, John, I93, 265 

Joseph, 265 

Mary, 265 

Polly, 188, 219 

Sarah, 96, 265 
Upson, Sarah, 258 

Stephen, 258 

Elizabeth, 258 
Urutt, Ann, 87 
Van Bauchem, Jasper, 263 
Van Burgen, Augusta S., 1? 
Van Qruenevelt, Hendrika, 20 
Vassall, Abigail, 251 

Ann, 249, 250, 251+ 

Plorentlus, 250 

Frances. 249 

John, 249+, 250, 251+ 

Judith, 249 251, 264 

Leonard, 248, 249 

Margaret, 251+' 

Mary, 249, 25I 

Samuel, 248+, 249, 250 

Stephen, 249, 250 

Thomas, .249 

William, 123, 225, 249+, 
250, 251, 264+ 
Veazie, Hannah, I32 

William, 132 
Vermandois, Isabel de, 33 

Adelheid de, 33 
Vose, Oliver, I69 
Wade, Elizabeth, 96 

Nicholas, 96 
Wadleigh, Abigail, 154 

Benjamin, 154 

Elizabeth, 108, 109, 153+ 

Henry, I09, 153+ , 15^+ 

Joanna, 183 

John, 109, 153, 183 

Jonathan, I83 

Joseph, 154 

Lydla, 154 

Martha, 154 

Robert, 153, 183 

Sarah, 154 
Wait, Waite, 

John, 239 

Joseph, 11 

Polly, 11 

Sarah, 239 
Wakely, Daniel, 70 
Waldron, Fannie Hortense, 12 

Hiram, 12 
Wales, Caroline, 12 

Eliza, 12 

George Bradley, 12 

Maria, 12 

Mary, 159 

Nathaniel, 159 


Rooksby Ann, 12 

Samuel, 12 

Sarah, 12, 276 

Stephen Rove, 12 

Stephen Rowe Bradley, 12, I6 

Timothy, 276 
Walker, Abigail, 238 

Daniel, 123 

Edward, 123 

Eva L., 15 

Hannah, 7, 210 

John, 7 

Judith, 125 

Simeon, 125 

Thomas, 210 

Warren, I5 
Wall, James, 187 

Mary, 197 
Wallls, Goodman, 70 
Wallop, Avlce, 2+ 

John, 2 
Walton, Alice, 143 

Dorcas, 246 

George, 143 
Ward, Abigail, 253, 25^+ 

Beth la, 253 

Deborah, 253, 254 

Edward, 254 

Eleazer, 101, 210, 252+, 
253, 254 

Elizabeth, 101, 252+, 253+, 

Esther, 254 

Grace , 254 

Hannah, I51, 210, 253+ 

Hopestill, 253 

Joanna, 252+ 

John, 101, 151, 252+, 253+, 

Jonathan, 254 

Joseph, 254 

Increase, 252, 253 

Mary, 90, 123, l84, 239, 
252+, 253, 254+ 

Mercy, 254 

Obadlah, 90, 252, 254 

Record, 253 

Richard, l84+, 239, 252+, 
253, 254 

Samuel, 253 

Sarah, 253 

Thankful, 254 

William, 151, 184, 239, 210 
252+, 253+. 254 
Ware, Anna, 251+ 

Nicholas, 251 
Warham, John, 271+ 
Warner, Alice, 265 

Ebenezer, 52 

Hannah , 52 


Warner, Henry. 265 

John, 52, 78 

Mary, 52 

Rebecca, 78 
Warren, Gundred de , 33 

Isabel de, 33 

Moses, 116 

Roxana, II6 

William de, 33 
Warrlner, Joseph, 52 

Elizabeth, 52 

William, 52 
Washington, George, 11 
Waters, Joseph, 175 

Lawrence , 29 

Martha, 175 

Martha, 175 
Watson, Elizabeth, 240, 272 

George, 272+ 

John, 103, 210 

Rebecca, 210 
Weare, Esther, I32 
Webster, Abigail, 155, 255 

Ann, 255 

Dsnlel, 108 

Elizabeth, 154, 255+ 

Hannah , 255+ 

Israel, 93, 255+ 
Webster, John, 92, 215, 255+ 

Judith, 2S5 

Mary, 92, 9^, 215+, 255+, 

Nathan, 255+ 

Stephen, 255+ 

Thomas, 154 
Wedgwood, John, II3 

Mary, II3 
Weeks, Ammlel, 67, I58, I60 

Anna, I60 

Ebenezer, I60 

Elizabeth, 67, 158 

George, 46, 67, I60 ^ 

Jane , 67 

Joseph, 46 

Mlndwell, 46 

Nathaniel, I32 

Sarah , I60 
Welby, Frances, 60 

Richard, 60 
Welles, Ruth, 209 

Samuel, 209 

Thomas, 209 
Wells, Helen, 257 

Hellene , 257 

Hester, 174, 257 

John, 100, I32+, 133 

Lucry, 247 

Margaret, 100 

Mary, I32+, 133 

Thomas, 174, 247, 257+ 

West, Bethla, 172 

David Johnson, 20 

Joseph, 172 

Mabel Bartlett, 20 

Mary, 249 

William, 172 
Wetmore, Hannah, 242 

John, 242 

Thomas, 242 
Whale, Elizabeth, 184, 258+ 

Henry, 258 

John, 258 

Jonas, 258 

Mary, 258 

Philemon, l84+, 208, 258+ 

Sarah, 258 
Wharf e, Thomas, 120+ 
Wheeler, Ablgh, 259 

Abigail, 239, 252 

Abraham, 239, 252 

Ann, 259+, 260+ 

Anna , 260 

Elizabeth, 98, 99, 141, 210, 

259, 260+ 261+,. 262, 264 
Elkanah, 218 

Ephralm, 259+. 260 
George, 98, 249+, 26I 
Hannah, 26I+ 

John, 259, 260+ , 261, 262 
Joseph, 176, 204, 216, 217, 

259+, 260+ , 141 
Joshua, l4l 
Judith, 260 
Katherlne, 260 
Lydla, 57, 260 
Mary, 56, 57, 176, 217, 249 

260, 262 

Obadlah, 98, 141, 259, 264 

Prlscllla, 259 

Rebecca, I76, 204, 259+, 260 

Richard, 204, 209, 260 

Ruth, 259, 260, 261 

Sarah, I76+, 177+, 204, 209, 
260+ . 262+ 

Susanna, 259 

Thomas, 58, 99, 177, 217. 
259+, 141 

Timothy, 56+, 57, 259, 260+ 

William, 261+ 
Wheelock, Record, 253 
Wheelwright, John, I96 
White, Abigail, 264+ 

Anna, 123, 263, 264+ 

Belana, 11 

Edward, 43 

Elizabeth, 264 

Frances, l43 

Hannah, 197 

John, 108, 197, 213, 264 


Wblte, Judith, 251+ , 264+ 

Martha, 43 

Mary, 205 

Peregrine, 263+, 264 

Rachel, 149 

Rebecca, 264 

Remember, 264 

Resolved, l4l, 251+, 263+, 

Richard, 143 

Samuel, 264 

Sarah, 263 

Simeon, 11 

Susanna, 263+, 264 

Thankful, 124 

Thomas, 149 

William, 123, 263+, 264 
Whitehead, Elizabeth, 23, 24 

John, 23 

Thomas , 23 
Whiting, James, 35 

John, 99 

Mary, 35 

Sarah, 233 
Whitney, Jason, 11 

Roxelana, 11 
Whlttan, Alfred G., 12 

Anna , 1 2 

Etta, 12 
Whlttemore, John, 57 
Wlcham, Sara, 4 
Wlggln, James, 143 

John, 275+ 

Magdalene, 143 

Martha, I08 

Mary, 275+ 

Thomas, 144, 211, 279 
Wllbore (Wilbur) 

Benjamin, 46 

Jane , 46 

Samuel, 46 

Shadrach, 46 
Wllborne, Mary, 39 

Mercy, 39 

Michael, 39 
Wllbraham, Helen, 60 

Thomas , 60 
Wild, W. Daniel, 17 
Wilder, Alice, 265+ 

Abraham, 265+ 

Edward, 265+, 266 

Elizabeth, 96, 265+, 266 

Isaac, 265+ 

Joseph, 124, 125 

Martha, 96, 265+, 266 

Mary , 265+ 

Matthew, 265+ 

Richard, 265+ 

Thomas, 265+, 266 
Wiley, Caroline, 12 

John, 12 

Sarah, 12 
Wlllard, Annah, 12 

Arthur J. , 19 

Benjamin, 72 

Elizabeth, 198 

Emma Jane , 19 

John, 142 

Joseph, 58, 72 

Margaret, 115 

Mary, 142 

Moses, 115 

Samuel, 19 

Sarah , 58 

Simon, 72 
William the Conqueror, 33 
Williams, Abraham, 252+ 

Alice, 267 

Anne , 267 

Benjamin, 269+ 

Clara, 15 

Edmund , 267 

Elizabeth, 45, 267, 268, 

Frances, 86, 87, 268+, 269 

Hannah , 269 

Humphrey, 3 

Jane, 8, 267+ 268+ 

Joanna, 252 

John, 79, 267+, 268' 

Joseph, 269 

Mary, 267, 269 

Nathaniel, 269 

Rebecca, I3, 78, 222, 269 

Richard, 45+ 87, 267+, 
268+, 269 

Samuel, 267, 268, 269 

Sarah, 3 

Theobalde, 267 

Thomas , 269+ 

William, 87, 218, 267+ 
Williamson, Albert, I3 

Sarah Ann, I3 
Willis. Christopher, 32 

Thomas, 2l8 
Wills, Mary, 17 
Wilson, Abigail, I5I 

Ann, Anne, 72, I66 

Jeremiah, I66 

Nathaniel, I5I 

Sarah, I3I 
Wlnche, Mary, 233 
Wlnshlp, Edward, 124 

John, 124 

Joslah, 124 

Judith, 124 
Wlnslow, Edward, 263+ 

Elizabeth, 263 

Joslah, 263, 264 

Penelope, 263 


Wlnslow, Susanna, 263+ 
Winter, John, 75,246 
Wlnthrop, Deane, 174 

John, 7, 50, 75, 137, 17^, 
196, 21 5, 230 

Martha, 174 
Withington, Ann, 45 

Deborah, 9 

Deliverance, 159 

Elizabeth, 9 

Henry, 9, ^5, 159+ 

Joseph, 153 

Philip, 9 

Richard, 9, 45, I59+ 

Sarah, 159 

William, 9 
Wlttacre, Abraham, 4l 

Hannah, 41 
Wolcott, Ablah, 273 

Agnes, 270+ 

Alice. 270 

Anna, 272 

Avlce, 270 

Christopher, 270, 272+, 273 

Edith, 270 

Edws rd , 270 

Elizabeth, 78, 79, 27O, 271 
272+, 273+ 

George, 272 

Hannah, 272 

Henry, 225, 270+, 271, 272+ 


levan, 270 

Jane, 270, 273 

Joan, Joanna, 271, 272, 273+ 

John, 270+ , 272+ 

Juliana, 270 

Lydla, 273 

Margaret, 270 

Martha, 201+, 272, 273+ 

Mary, 270+ , 272+, 273+ 

Matilda, 270 

Philip, 270 

Rachel, 273 

Roger, 79, 270+ , 273+ 

Sarah, 272, 273+ 

Simon, 78, 79, 201, 271, 
272+, 273+ 

Thomas, 270 

William, 27O+, 273 
Wood, Abraham, 98 

Caroline T., 12 

L. P., 220 

Mary, 98, 120 

Mary C^, 12 

Michael, 98 

PrlsclLla, 28 

Ruth, 259 

William, 98, 259 
Woodman, Archelaus, 94 

Bethla, I33 

Charles, 12 

Edward, 93+, 256 

Etta, 12 

Harold, 12 

Mary, 93, 256 

Susanna, II3 
Woods, Hopestlll, 253 

James, 253 

John, 253 

Mary, 120, 122, 124 

Samuel, 122 
Woodward , Anne , 39 

Ebenezer, 219 

Eliza Cordelia, I3 

Elizabeth, 39 

Ezeklel, 39 

Henry, I3 

Jane, 269 

John, 219 

Mary, 85 

Mlndwell, 219 

Nathaniel, 39, 85 

Robert, 85 

Smith, 85 
Wren, Bishop, IO3 
Wright, Abigail, 67, 276, 277 

Benjamin, 277+ 

Dorothy, 57, l84+, 275+, 276 

Ebenezer, 123 

Edward, 57, l84, 275+, 276+ 

Elizabeth, 175, 275+, 276+, 

Francis, 275+ 

Hannah, 57+, 233, 277+, 278 

Helped, 277+ 

Hester, 277+ 

James, 277 

John, 275 

Judah, 277+, 278 

Lydla, 50, l84, 276+, 277+ 

Margaret, 277+ 

Martha, 275, 276 

Mary, 275+, 276, 277+ 

Mercy, 278 

Obadlah, 123 

Peter, 275, 276+ 

Prlscllla, 276 

Richard, 67 

Samuel, 50, 184+ , 233, 275+ 
276, 277 

Sarah, 275, 276+, 278 

Silence, 46 

Thankful, 123 

William, 46 
Wyeth, Deborah, 254 

John, 254 

Nicholas, 254 
Wyley, Dorothy, I6 

Gladys Irene, I6 


Vyley, Marlon H., l6 
Morton, l6 

Wyman, Abigail, 195 
Francis, 195 
Judith, 195 

York (e), Abigail, 280 
Benjamin, 279+, 280 
Elizabeth, 105, 279+ 
Grace, 105, 279, 280 
Hannah, l88, 279 

York (e), James, l88 

John, 279+ 

Rachel, 279 

Richard, 105, 211, 279+ 

Ruth, 279 

Samuel, 279 

Thomas, 188 

William, 188 
Zimmerman, John, l8 

Sophia Lydla, l8, 22 

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