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Full text of "The ancren riwle; a treatise on the rules and duties of monastic life"

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I lib A .^ (' lib Tn %\\ s\ \j h : 

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A TKl'A'li:;!:; OX ^11 

uri/KS Axn orTiES of iioxastic life. 

I'MioM A :-;;:A;i-s v^(;^ ms. oi' ii'k iiii;rj':!-:\rjr vi^x'iT 

\' r c A i; o I- Tf < ) 1. 1; i; /, c i;. i i; i; \: v. n i> a i- v o r l i x c o i. n. 
AM) c:; \ij.\:.\ m iiii. K":i;v iio::. i:Ani. (;i!:;y. 

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i.oNooN : 
J 11. Mciioi.s AM> SONS, ru 




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THE camde:^ society 

io\t. Tfii; Yi'.AK 1852-3. 



JOHN JJRUCE, ESC2. Tieas. S.A. Direcfur. 













WILLIAM eT. TIIO.AIS, ESQ. F.S.A., Scrrelan/. 





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The Council of the Camdkn Society desire it to be uuder- 
stood that tliey are not answerable for any opinions or observa- 
tions that may appear in the Society's publications; the Editors of 
the several works being alone rcspon.sib^o for the same. 


Ti!E Ancivu KiwiC''' has loii^- been known and a;)pi-e.-lak'cl by 
many of tliosc whv liave made tlio literaiy antujuities of Eiigltind, 
and the history of its ]angaa£:;e, the snbject of their ;>tudy and 
researeli ; a chiss more nmnerous now, perlia])S, tlian at any fbrnier 
time. It has oftcii been thouglit desirable that it shoidd f.e }/i'inted, 
in order that tlie interesting information to be derived from it uith 
I'cgard to the state of society, the learning and nKumers, the nx>ral 
a?id lelifi-ions teaching, and tlie language of the period in Avhieh it 
was written, nn'ght become more generally accessible than it could be 
wiien contained only in a few copies in ISIS, deposited in two of our 
public libraries. Influenced by such motives, and desirous of 
therely forwarding the objects of the Canuleu Society, of wliich he 
has tlie honour of being a member, the Editor has endoa\oured, in 
the interval.- of professional labours and duties, and with sucli 
limited aljilifies and means of illustration as lie possesses, to prepare 
it for the jjrehs, to whicli he now connnits It, not witiio'.;t iear that 
he may sometinu-.-, have failed to elucidate the obscarlties of its 
langnage, but in the h<)]ii.' that, the result of his labonr m 111 be 
favourably received and candiilly judg( d. 

" Tin-, li llic oiii^iiial .11. .1 proper title of the wn.'k. Kc'guhe i:,:'lns;,nmi is ;.,M,;,I ia (lu- 
li,ui.Is'ri:iii.; r:tm-Mioi!l.\ ll^,e'l in the se\i'iit( cntl, ccnuiry. 'I'lie l.t^'in titles at t!.e head of 
some of the scetie;is are taken fn,ni the iiiar''iii of ti;e Ovfor,! .MS. 

vi I'KErACE. 

Four different copies of this work are extant. They arc described, 
but not i[uite correctly, by the learned 11. VVanley, in his Catalogue 
of Ancient IManuscripts in the Ang]o-5jaxon and other Northern 
Languages, appended to Dr. IHckcs's Thesaurus Linguaruni Septen- 

1. The first is a quarto volume v/ritten on parchment, l)elonging 
to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and marked ccccii. in 
Nasniith's Catalogue of the curious and valuable library of that 
institution. It is called Ancren Wisse,^ and is said by Wanley^ to 
be abridged from a Latin work by Simon of Client, bishoj) ol" 
Sahsbury, addressed to his sisters, anchoresses of the order of St. 

2. The second is Nero A. xiv, in the Cottonian collection in the 
library of the British ]\Iuseu)n ; a square volume nearly of the size 
of a common octavo, written on parchment. The learned antiquary 
Dr. Thomas Smith, in his Catalogue of the MSS. of the Cottonian 
Library, published in 1G9G, descr:]:)es it as the work of i-.n anony- 
mous author, written for the instruction of nuns, and, especially, for 
the use of his sisters, who were anchoresses. lie adds that there is 
the same book in Latin in the library of INIagdaien College, Oxford, 
with an inscription indicating it to be the work of Simoii of Ghent, 
bishop of Salisbury, and addressed to his own sisters, anchoiesses at 

• The govenimci.t or instruct!. m ..f mm-. •* I'ag^-' 1 il". 

•" A inoinonindum on tlte first i..'igf slate? tliat it was prcscntod to tlic tliuivh of Si. 
.laiiui at Wigniuru, bj Joliii I'urocl, at the farncst rcijucst of Walter l.odclv -cnior, I'tn 
rm-eiitor. A curse i.s iiiiiirccat.jil against aiiv purson wlio slioul.l alienate tlu book from 
tbe saitl eburdi, or .-iliouKl fli-stroy its title, 

'' Sniitb, p. r,0, Wanlev. p. 22^. 


3. Titus I). x\'Jii. in tlic same collection; a square octavo, on 
parclunen!, but inij.erfcrt, wanting the fu'st ten or twelve leaves. 

4. Cleopatra C. ri. also in tlie Cottonian Collection; is of the 
form and size of an ini[)Grial octavo, and written on parclinieiit. 

The l^atin ^IS. of the sanu^ worlc, ali-eady mentioned, in the 
lil)rar3 of i\[agdalon Colleoe, Oxford, is imperfect, the first part 
being greatly ahi-idged, and the eighth entire!}' omitted. 

Another JMS. eopy of the same work in Latin, Vitellius VI. vii. 
was Inu-iied in the f^ital confiagralion which, in October, 1731, 
destroyed or damaged a groat number of tlie valuable MSS. of the 
Cotto)nan Library. A eopj' of the same woi'k in French, Vitellius 
F. VII. was at the same time consumed in tins disastrous fire.* 

The text of this first printed edition is that of Nero A, Xiv. It 
has been collated with Titus D. xviii. and with Cleopatra C. vi. 
The most rcniarkablo variations, which are almost all nicrelv verbal, 
are printed at the foot of tl:e page. The Oxford MS. also has been 
examined throughout, and whatever illustrations it aftbrds liave been 
carefully jioted. 

Smith, whom Wanley, and i\]r. Planta, the compilei- of the 
enlarged Cottonian Catalogue, pablished in 1802, imjilicitly follow, 
pronounces the Latin the original, and the vernacidar text merely a 
ti'anslation. It does not appear that Smith, had any other ground 
for this assertion thaii the insi'rijjtion, or prefatory note, above 
mentioned, prefixed to the Oxford I\IS,^' Wanley j-ests his opinion 

» It i.-: thus aesfr;iira in Sinia.'.^ C:it:.I(,;i:o : " l,a Uinile de funuiu-s Roligioiiscs ct 
IJofluMS; jifi- Sit;ioii.-ni <1l- f-i.Mn'avj, l'pisco|iU'ii Surishnrii.'iisiuiii, in usuni soruniin 
il.Mu.s." p. io;5. 

*■ '• J I if incijiii ]ir ..Iii'!i;iuiii vciiciaMli.- l'-\tTis iiiagistri Simoiii- do Ccindav o, l''.i)isco]>i 
S:innn, in iilii;iiii lU- \ita 'ii litarin. rjiuvn acripsit sorori!nii suis .iiiacliureti.-^ ainid 
Tar..nlc."-M.S. (h.,;,. p. 1. 



Ujjon a collation ni;idc — lie does not say bj ^v]^ouj — of tlic scmi- 
Saxon with the Latin text of the lost .MS. Vitollius E. vii/ 

The Editor is ninvi]liiiL;ly conij-fllLtl to difitT in opinion froni men 
so distinguished lor their learning and abilities^ iind who have 
rendered most iniportant services to the literary antiquities of 
'.\ England. After carefully examining and comparing the text now 

j printed with the Oxford ]\IS. he believes that he has found evidence 

1 in tlic work itself which cleaidy she\vs that the vernacular text is tlie 

I original, and the Latin a translation, in many parts abridged and in 

.j some enhirged, made at a comparatively recL'iit period, wlien the 

i language in wliich the work had been originally written Avas 

I becoming obsolete. In particular, there are vrords in the Latin text 

I erroneously translated, and some not even translated at all, ap- 

i parently because the Latin translator did not know how to render 

I them, which could not have been if the vernacular liad not existed 

j before the Latin text. Thus, in page 88, where rikelot, a jnaavie, 

I occurs, and in the corresponding passage of Cleopatra C. yi. 

I kikelot, we find in the Latin MS. kikelota.^ Li page 96, the 

I proverbial phrase, " Euer is J^e eie to ])e wude leie," is in the Latin, 

I " Everc ys the yerje to the wode lyi^he." In page 210 is 

:, " heggen," which is rendered "luigges;'-" and •'•'cage," in page i02, 

is " kagya " in the Latin MS.^ 

i ' " LibtT Siiiionis de Gaiidavo, Ejiiscoiii Sarisburiciisis, d.' vitu bolitail:i soiuribu* siiis 

anachoreticis, ex Latino translatus, lit per liujusfo Bibliotliecro c.\eniplar l/.\t. quod iii.^c:-. 
^ VitcUius E. 7, (collatioiic facta) patet fvidentor."- -"WanU'j , p. 228. 

; l" " Ane rikelot ]>ei caktluS Lire al )a lu-o i-siJuS oNor i-heiv?;." •' KjLJni,n,i mI 

faliiilaiiduni quicquid videt et au lit."'- MS. Oxoii. fol. 13. 

' " l)Co ilko iiieu senieS iSc deurtc^ <uft Wl liaLUeLi i-win.'d o ]"eoa scouen /cyyc);," 
" Et de quo otrii-io serviuut (■rimino.-.i in iiuia <liali(ili qui Ins spptiin hayjes duxeruut in 
iixoros."— .MS. Oxon. fol. 14. 

'I " }l\v,.5rT cni lotildc* u..nde<le nurr Ms )..■( he);, .N fu. r ntw.-ud ase in.t'.^c hrid 



Of mistranslation? ^vl!icll pervert the sense of the original, we find 
" urakele," signifvina' frnil,'^ translated vorax}" Tlic pronoun lore, 
in page 222, tlurr, h translated mcrcfri.r.'' T«h', in page 22G, 
meaning 7H/»/Ao', is rendered ;;a/'y«('/o in the Latin version.'* Vrm, 
in page 286, io rcvj ihc hours or })rayei-s at stated times of the day, is 
translated andlrc^ In page 224, herhorinrc, an arbour, or lodging, 
is In tlie Latin hrrhorlmnf J3odr, in page 400, an offer, is absnrdly 
rendered eorpns." These imperfections in tlie Latin text are surely 
sufficient to wai rant the conclusioai that it is not the original, but a 
translation of the Ancren irnvle. And it is further to be observed 
that, in the Latin codex, not only is the first part, or book, greatly 
abrido-ed, or rather mutilated, Imt the eighth, or last part, is wholly 

ine cage." "Nunquia ariqiiotiens hoc cxpcitie sunt an.-iel.o!vt;x>, vel sanctimoniales 
exterliH rostrantos, a.l n-.odum avis iiuliseiplinata^ in hnj^ti exire nitent;^=."-Fot. 10. 

» or ■rrOrhtd, from A.-S. wi-a.'clic, iil. 

b " ^et cuericli.- cftcr his stat honiwc et tissc v.raMe worlde so Intel so heo oucr mei." 
" Roli-io recta est ut quilibet secundum suum statum accommodet. seu mutuo accipiat a 
vyro.ri iwnnAo quanto minus potest cihi vol vestimenti,, aiit cujuscnn.nie rei 
mundana-."— Foi. 40 1). 

<: '= Swuch fe<tc mal<eS sum of lore bet %NeneS J-ot heo do wcl, ase dusic men T ndoteJe 
doS hire to un(ler,tonden." " Tale conviviam facit iiuandoqne vuv,t,-ix. Putat quod 
benefacit, sicut stolidx> et aniantes sibi dant intelligere."— Fol. 4(1. 

"lie haueS so monic bustcs ful of his Ictuaries-^c lu'Scrc Icche of helle. jvnc her of 
the tale of his ampuiles." -Tot habet pixides, maledictns medieus infcrnaiis, pK na.s 

clectu.ariis, Comtctis h 


,, d 

c ejus amp 

ullis."— Fob lt;b 

' S.-cpe, cara- soi'oi'e? 

e " Ofte, lcoucsustron,S^= schulen v.xr lesso uortc reden mor. 
debetis minus aw'lrc, ut plus Ic-atis."— Fol. (Jii. 

f "Of swucbc flures make hu his A.,-/... ,«<'(; ^vi5innen l>e .uln..n.- " Kx bis lac .ii 
hcrhari.jw intra -.cmetipsam."— Fob Ci. 

K " a mon, nor on of I'cos, J^lnen al K'l bo oubtr I- And alio J'cos Mn-cs some. 
|„.(,N nout \sur\S a ncblr." " I'ro nno i>, numquid dant 
Jut li:cc omnia simul in comitaratione ad r,,yj,ii^ lucum non vale 


iX^fyiw mine 
juic(iuid b; 
-icnm." — 1 

ol. !•:.' 





otiiittod, and that intentionally, as wo Icavn from tlie words of the 
t)'an^]:it^'r liiniself, or his transcriber, at the conclusion of th.e scventli 
p;irt^ And yet, Wanlcy asserts that the veniacuhir text is an 
abridoinent of the Latin.'' In comparing togetlier the two texts, it 
is foimd, indeed, that tliere are a few passages in the Latin which 
are not in tlio senii-Saxon ; but, on the other liand, tliere are a 
greater r.umber in the latter which are not in the former. In 
oeneral the two agree pretty closely with each otlicr, with tlio 
cxcej>t!on, already noticed, of the mutilation of the first, and the 
coinpleic omission of the last part. 

]t is further asserted by Wanley, who to have read only 
a few pages at the hcgimiing of the work, that the anchoresses to 
whom it is addressed were or the ordei- of St. James ; '" an order not 
mentioned clsewh.ere as having existed in England, or even in 
Europe. This error may easily have originated from misapprehen- 
sion of the following passage : " If any ignorant person ask you of 
what order ye are, say that ye are of the order of St. James. If 
s\ich answer seem strange and singular to him, ask him what is 
ordei-, and where he can find in Scri])ture religion more plainly 
descriljed than in the canonical epistle of St. James? lie saith what 
religi(jn is, and right order. ' Pure ]-eligion, and without stain, is to 
visit and assist widows and orphans, and to keep himself pniv and 
unstaiiied from the world.' Thus doth St. James describe religion 
and order."'' All that can justly be inferred from this passage is, 
that the ;)rofession of these nuns was to aim at being good Christians, 
following the rule of chailt_\-, as lai<l down by St. James ; which 
they mi-ht do without nec^'ssru'Ih' attacliing themselves to any one. 

Wanl,;, ,, Mt., 







The house in ^vllIcll these >istcrs d^velt was at Tarente, in Dorset- 
shire, called also Tarrant-Kaines, Kaineston, or luu-sfon. Tt was 
situated near Crayford-hrid-e, on the river Stoure, lower down than 
IMandtbrd.'' The nuiniery l>eing suppressed at an early period, soon 
after Heiuy VIII. quarrL-lled with the pope, the buikUngs were 
shortly after demolished ; and all traces of theui had disapper.rcd long 
beforJ IGGl, when Dugxble published the second vohunc of Ids 

The original founder was Ralph de Kahaines, whose flither, 
Kalph, canre from Kornu-mdy with William the Conqueror. In the 
time of Richard I. he built near his mansion-house at Tarente, " a 
little monastery- for nuns, which his son William increased; and, 
among other oifts, gave all the tithe of the bread made in his house, 
wdierrvcr he might\.e in his demesne, except the Icing's bread, ai.l 
all the tithe of salt pork, and of cattle killed in his house every 

year.'' "^ 

Richard Poor, who lived about a century later than Ralph .Ic 
Kahaiues, and was successively dean of Sallsbiuy, bishop of Chi- 
chester, bishop of Salisbury, a)ul bishoj) of Durham, is also said to 
have been the foimder of this religious honsc,'^ it being customary to 
call those persons founders of any religious institution whicli they 
had considerably augmented by their benefactions. Perhaps Bishop 
Poor rebuilt or enhu-ged the house, and augmented its re^■enucs. 
lie was a man likely to have done so, being of a pious and generous 
disposition, and born at Tarente, where he also died in 1-237. Of 
this prelate, Matthew Pa.'I^ speaks in very high terms of connneuda- 



fartu U. riL.;,. 111. dr I' 

4,. J)u-aalc, Moua- 



tinii^ and ^nv^s t]\j i'o]],)-^\h\^j^ accori'it ol' hU denlli. "Pcrcclvdng 
tli:it the time ^^•as at ii:unl \v\io\) iie iiu!>t leave thi-. world, lie a~sem- 
bled tli^. p'X)p!e and aMivssed them in a attv in-j)i\-.ssi\e and edlly- 
iiiU discourse, tehiiig tlunn tliat lie felt tluit his de;it!i w;(s near. On 
the miirrow, when his illnes^ was increased, he rejicwed liis exhorta- 
tions to them, and Ijaile them all t'arevv"cllj asking llieir forgiveness if 
lie had otl'ended any of them. On the third day he scut for his 
domestics and retainej's, and disti'ibuted gifts auiovig thciu according 
to tlicir inorit, calmly and deliberately settled his worldly aflairs, ar^d 
to(..k !e:ive of his frieiids one by one ; ^^hen, it being iho ])our of 
Compliiiej he joined in the pvayei'S, aii'l, while })ronouricing the 
N'erse, '1 will botii lay me down in peace and sL-fp'." he fell :isl(H.'p in 
the L.-d/' 

A\'e learn from Tiinner th it this me]ias1ery was dedieat'jd to the 
honour of fhc blessed A'irgin -Mary and all Saii.:s. From a c -laricr 
of Henry HI. "Do ]\[anerio de llnsseburn," before referred to. it is 
clear that the reclu: es wcj'c of the Cistertian order. 

The yearly reveune of the house at the lime of the dissolution 
amounted to 23'J/. ILs. lOt'. The net income was 214/. 7.v. dd. 
^^^illis savs, it was surrendered by the abbess and eighteen Jiuns, 
A pension of 40/. yearly was still payable to the abbess in 15o3, 
^^•ith smaller pensions to seven of th.e ninis. Tlic common seal of 
tlic communitj- luid fo)' its subject a )um on her kr;ees in the attitude 
of praying to the Virgin and Child : the legend. " Sigillum C-oir> entus 
de Tarent." The editors of Dugdale observe that the impression <:,f 
it in Yi-(\ wax is attached to ti.e surrender, dated oOth .March, ."Otli 
]b'n. \'ill. in the Auinaentation Ofliee. Ilutcliins, in his History 
of Ddrretshire, savs, tiiat tJie :u-mori;d bearings of the monastery 
v.rre to be seen in cm" of the \\indov.-s of V\ olveion House, in that 

^iy I'ltEFACE. 

coanty: viz. Azure, a cross potcnce argent, in the firdt (inrator 
the Virgin JNFary sitting. 

After the dissohitioi), the al.Lcy witli the ninnor of Preston, or 
Tarrant C^n^^fora, Avcre granted, for lairls in Kent m 3'evevslou, to 
Thomas Wyatt. They were again graiUeJ, in the 3St]i of TIcr,ry^ 
VI I L to Hichard Savage and W. StrangeAva}s, and on the first of 
Mary to Nicholas Itokevrode. 

Concerning Simon of Ghent, tlie reputed author of the Ancreu 
Iliwle, very little hiformation is now to he found. He avus hoiii m 
London or Westminster,^ and his father was of Flanders;^' from 
^yhich circumstnnce it may he hiferred that he was cnlled C au;lav us - 
of Ghent. He was Archdeacon of Oxford in ] 284,^' was consecr:.ted 
Bishop of Salisbury in November, 1297, t.nd was one of the bishops 
who officiated ot the coronation of King Edward 11. at Westn^.iastcr, 
on the 21st Sept. 1307.'^ He died May 31st, 1315. He is said to 
have been greatly skilled in theology, and to have been the author of 
iiumc>rou3 statutes for the government of the church of Sr.lishvay, 
which were still in force in the tin.e of James I. He gave permis- 
sion to the inhabitants of Salisbury to fortify their city with walls 
and ditches. It is also recorded of him that he addressed a lonn' 
epistle to Pope Poniface VIII. on the 28th of April, 1302, in whi.h 
he complains of the scandals which have arisen in his church, m c^.n- 
sequence of the stalls having been given to foreigners.^ Tlie Indief 
that ho is the Autlior of the Ancren \\\^^■h rests solely on the autho- 
ri't.v' of the anonynK.ns j-refatcny note, already mentioned, prehx.d to 

- Gf:hvin, do rivc^uliliHH An^H.^- C..inin(nt:.rlus i-. 317. 
b |.-Hl,r. l'.i:.l. ?.i.a. ct inthu. I.:>t. lil-. xili. 1>. 51'-:^. 

c U.;;. I'.tIk;,,., ai>. 'J 

■1 Thornc,;.]'- ^- -^f'-l 

,. X. Sorh,t..iv.Tur.leui,c.ol.-0t)7. 

MS. Uj11.>!, I!'-' [<i^ii>«"-l.''- 




! tliG Latin copy of tlie work in tlio library of ^Magclalen College, 

( Oxford ; nnJ tlicr;' facts and circmnstanccs wliieli render it 

[ extremely doubtiid., if iiot altoircthor irniroljaMc. The langaiaire in 

I M-liicli it is -written is Lvldently tliat of tlic th-st (jnarfer of tlio tliir- 

i tcentli century. It docs not greatly diffei- fj-oni tliat of La5anion, 

I uhicli lias been elearls" shewn to liaye been \vritten n(jt later tlian 

I ' ^ _ 

\ 120.3.'' The work itself contains cyidence of haying been written by 

I . . p 

^ a jfcrson of extensive learning and great experience, and thoreforo of 

I mature age. But Bishop Simon, who liyed until lola, could not 

I hayc been of mature age even in 12o0, if we could suppose the work 

I to have been of so htc a date. Wanley, Avho, in describing the four 

I different cop)ies of the worlc, attributes it to Simon of Ghent, had 

i evidently some doubt upon the subject, for upon one occasion ho 

I speaks of it as merely supposed.^ No other person is anywhere 

i mentioned as having written it ; but there are circiunstances which 

I render it not imjirobable that ]>isho}> Poor was the author, and 

I wrote it for the use of the nuns at the time when he re-established 

or enlarged the monastery. He was born at Tarento, and evidently 

took great interest in the })lace. Jt was the scene of his exemplary 

death, and he ehose to be buried there.^ His great learning, his 

active benevolence, the sanctity of his life, and his tender concern 

for the .spiritual welfare of his friends and dependents, shew)i in the 

]iious exhoi'tations wliieli h<' I'cpeatedly addressed to them innnedi- 

atvl}- Itefore his death, agree well with the lessons of piety and 

morality so earnestly and affectionately addressed, m this book, to 

the ancliorcsses of Tarejite. 

ri;.rc t(j 


,.K, ;, 

". xvi 

i. ,\I\. 

>- "Ut 


' WaKlvy, ; 

. 2!7. 


, in n 


mil c. 


1 so f>;Ilstni!io \nlu 

t tai.iula 

■i."- Cl.xlsvi: 

.1>.7 10 



.IS r.. 

tli:it 1 

is licart 

only was'ninod at ' 

iareiito, 1 

lis l..Mly al S 


XV i rKKFACi:. 

Whoever was tlic autlior, lie inu>t liavc l.)cen a ivAin of great lear)i- 
ing, extensively and iiitimately eonvcr?ant witli the Holy Scriptures, 
arid with tlie theological and ethical literature of the age in which he 
lived. He very frequently quotes the sacred volume, aird also tlie 
woi-ks of Jerome, Augustine, Benedict, Gregory, r>ernard, Ansehii, 
and other approved wiiters. His acquaintance with the Ivoman 
classics may be inferred fiom his quoting Ovid '■' and Horace.^' As 
some of the Latin quotations are not translated, it may pcrliaps be 
inferred that the sisters were r^ot ignorant of that language, Avithout 
some knowledge of which, as tlie services of tlie clairch were in 
Latin, they could not well "pray with the understanding."^ 

The treatise is divided into eight parts or boohs: 1. Of Devo- 
tional Services. 2, Of the Government of the External Senses in 
keeping the Heart. 3. INIoral Lessons and Examples. Reasons 
for embracing a Monastic Life. 4. Of Temptations, and the Tvlcans 
of Avoiding and Ivesisthig thern. 5. Of Confession, 6. Of Penniico 
and Amendment. 7. Of Love or Charity. 8. Of Dcme..iic and 
Social Duties. In treating of these subjects the Author affords us 
many incidental glimpses of the state of society and manners, of tlic 
wav of li^■illg of the recluses, of tlieir dress, and their servants, of 
whom each sister had one woman to wait on her. 

\\'c are es[)ecially furnished in this work with much information 
on the state of religion. We ihid the doctrine of f ransubstantiatioii,'^ 
and of purgatory,*^ the ad(jration of the Alrgin IMary,*' and of the 
Cross- and ]-elics,'' auricular confession,^ tlie use of imager in 

d ,.|.. KJ, M-2. ' Pi'- 1: 

. ,,. IS. " lln.i. 


religious service^'' and, excejit iuaulo-ciicc^, wliicli are not mentioned, 
all other usiiges aj'.d practices of the elun'cli of Rome at tlie same |»er;o<], 
fully received. Or saints, we i-ead of the adora(io!\ of the A^iroin onl \ , 
I ^ ^J^i^ ^ve can luu'dly douLt that the invocation of other canonised sainls 

was likewise practised, since it v/as in use in i:nglaiid two hnndred 
years before tliis period, as we learn from tlie homilies of ^Elfric.'' In 
all other points the religious belief and practices of the Anglo-Saxon 


I church at that period appear to have ditl'ered little I'rom the primi- 

tive, or apostolic cluirch. Transuhstantiatlon is distinctly disavowed 
by ^Elfric.'^ And there is a prayer in the present work,'^ from 
which, if it stood alone, we might reasonably infer th.-st the san;e 
docti-iirj formed no part of tlie creed of the learned and pious 
Author. But, as the doctrine in question a])pears, from othei- 
passages, to have been received and }>rofessed by him, we may co]i- 
clude that this prayer is a relic transmitted from primitive tinies, 
and not yet expunged from the liturgical services of the church. 

The Ancreji liiwlo is written in a plain, unambitious stvle, and 
^vIth scarcely any attempt at rhetorical ornament. The spellin'-^-, 
whether from carelessness or want of system, is of an unconunon 
and unsettled character, and may be pronounced barbarous and 
uncouth. U and r are used indisci'Iminately for each other, and 
for/, 'J'hus uvel,° evil, is written_ vuel ; {\ht,ji^ht, is uiht or viht; 
folc is uolc or vole; fifte is uifte or vifte: f is ofteji substituted for 
\>, as in tis, teo, tenno, for ]'Is, ]'eo, jjcime: r and L change places; 

» P. 29S, ,( .,e,j. !■ JI,„nilics, vnl. ii. J,. 2i]-l. <■ V. .'ij. 

'' Vr-ivers were adilrcsso;! to fio.l tlin.ugli tlic mteivi'v-ioi. ot ,-:.ints ami aii-nls even in 
the Ttli (■(.■ritiu-y. Sco " Kituato Iv-clfsi.i: l)un"!ni,'ii:,is," imMi.-hc.l l>y tlir Surtei'.s SocietN 


in 1810. S.'O -.lUo til.' AI.Miolo^^imn I'uctinim, in I lirl;,v,'.s Tl..-< mriw. vi.I. i. ,,,,. CiCi— 'JO; 
■^ ul.fl in n.nn.-.n. A.-S. vf,l. 


thus we liave cvind or kuiid, Ci-oeke or ki-DcIce, i-ciio^s-cn or!!, 

The laiignnge is soini-Saxon, or Anglo-Saxon somewhat. cliangcJ ; 
and in the first of the various stages through wliieli it iuid to pass 
before it arrived at the copiousness and elegance of the presen.t 
Engh'slu T*>y the disuse of most of the inflections that mark the 
oblique cases of nouns the gi-aiiunat'r-a] stj'ucture is rendered more 
plain and simple witliout heing less clear and exact. Tlie disuse, 
also, for the most part, of genders in the names of things withur.l 
life, contributes to the same effect. Yet, as these changes are partial 
and incomplete, enough of the more ancient cliaracteristlcs of the 
language is left to justify the inference that the iujiovations are 
recent. Not only is cs of the genitive case retained, but we verv 
often meet with the dati\e and the accusative in e, and the accusa- 
tive in r/i, as ]>en, the. We also meet occasionally with the genitive 
plural in rr, from the Saxon ra ; and ite and ene, from ena. I'lms, 
" aire ]'ean.wcne moder,"" the mother of all virtues ; muSene,^ of 
mcufhs ; moimc; of ineii.'^ The cases and genders of adjectives are 
genci-ally disused, but not always. Thus, "ideles ]>oulites ;"''i " cuer- 
idles Avcis i"*' "of roades monncs blode;"*' "ones cunnes ;"*? '-'ed- 
modies monnes bonen."'' The moods and tenses of verbs arc little 
alto-ed from the older forms, and in many words thev are not 
changed at all. The infinitive, which in pin-e Saxon ends invari- 
ably in an, is changed into en, as habbeiij helen, from habban, luulan. 
"end" in tlie ]iresentparticl]ile becomes '' inde," In one or two instances 

)'. 'j;-, 1. L'l. '• "inu'Ncn.- suctcst," p, 102, 1. '_>.".. 

"iiiomi- ^nr,..4," j.. :!'--2. 1, l.v. '' p. Ill, I. ] S. <• p. 2lR. 1. IS. 

1'. Uyi, I. T.i. t p. 'id!-.. I. 2;?. i- p. ■2\i\, 1. 1?:!. 

\ ^ the fiuiil u is dio[;po(i, :i:; in warnio,-'' to nam, i-wur^c,'' to he, wiiidwe, 

i i fo iL-'nuinir.'' Of tliHi^s bc'Iiig cuMsiiUTcd US innsculiiio or R-iniuiiic, 

\ I ^ve mcvt with sucli examples as tliese : "pol j^et waUe\S swuc>e uule 

i I /(/? l)C(.n ouerlaJeii?"'" " pe wonibe pot ]'ct wallet eaer of ir.eles, 

I \ aiid nv-)i-e of drunchcs ; he is so iicih iicihcLur to }'ct falitoweiie lim 

\ I ])ct /it'o delec) mid A/^/i ]'e bruiic o'l line hete." "^ 

I i It lias long been a prevailing o])inion that a?i immediate and rapid 

\ % change in the Luiguagc of England was effected hi consequence of 

I I the Xorman invasion. Ikit a careful investigation of the matter v/ill 

\ I shew that from a reuiote period the Anglo-Saxon tongue had been 

I I irraduallv changing, and becoming more copious and less strict in its 

1 Ij adherence to its ancient grammatical forms and rules. AVc perceive 

I I a o-reat difference between its more ancient state, as exhibited in tlic 

\ I poem of Beowulf, and tlie state in which we find it in the works of 

[ \ King Alfred, and in the homilies of iElfric and the Saxon Chronicle. 

1 The earlier ])agcs of the Chronicle itself, connncnced in the nintli 

I centurv, differ materially from its conclusion in 1154. This pro- 

% gressive change began long before the Norman invasion. It ^^'as a 

* 1 natm-al consequence of the frequent intercourse of the Saxons with 

\ I their iieighbours in Normandy, that many Norman Avords had been 

1 I already introduced hito England, so that the Conquest only aece- 

I I lei-ated hi some measure the change previously begun. Similar 

f I changes have been \vrouglit in all languages, with or witlujut the 

I I intervention of foreigners. If wc compare Otfrid's Paraphrase of 


pp. :,),!. -7; Cl,l. U. ^ pp. «(5, 1. Ill; l''^ 

I .p.2rn,e. ^ p. COS, 1.2,. 

I • lliid. 1. 2:;. ir<.!i(!, hiind, Ks feminine, p. 118,1. G; l.nuli, c h,v„cl', is Miasciili 

% ].. l.-.o, I. G; pLuiUnig.', y."'->.</,*-/, is funi. p. :;'.'-J, 1. H!; ckM,n.->se is fein. p. :;i««, 1. 

I :M,in..uinr.s n i:oun is ..uw. in oiio pbcc, :in<l IViii. in another : thus, lui.v. in p. iW, 1. 

* .. !,,„!. • in 1. Vi, n.a-c: f.^vr, nf^i-i.,.., i. f-ii. an(i n-utcr, p. M^^, 1. IS :ju1 1. !. 


XX ri;i:rAci:. 

tlic Gospels Avitli tlic Nibulungen Not, nnd the latter -\vitli the ni<>lern 

Geruinn of Wieland or Schiller, we shcill see a diiierencc-- quite as 

J great as we find between the ancient Saxon poem of licownlf and the 

\i Ancren IJi^vle, and again betv.-ccn this and the lunglisli of the prc- 

\\ sent age. A similar ohservatioji may he made with regard to the 

Frcjich tonn-ue, if wc comj):tro tlic more ancient Fabliaux ^^itll the 

lancuafc of Froissart, and that with the modem Fr(;nch of Feneloii 

or Boileau. 

The Anglo-Saxons and the Normans in England were, for a con- 
siderable time after the Concjuest, in a similar position with rega.rd 
to language to that of the English and Celtic r:ices in Britain at 
present. The native Irish, Welsh, and Gael, although many of them 
find it convenient, and often necessary, to under^■tand and syeak 
English, yet communicate Avith men of their own race in their native 
.^ tongue, which they prefer and cherish, as they do the sentiment of 

p ; their nationality. In like manner would the Anglo-Saxons. li\ing 

anion"- the Normans, converse with each other in their own language, 
and delight in it, as belonging to their race. In the case, liowoN-er, 
of such mixture of races, wlien there is a considerable disproportion 
between the numbers of the oi'e and the other, it usually happens 
that the speech of the more numerous race becomes, sooner or later, 
the hmiiuage of the whole nation. This, huwever, has seldom taken 
place without an intermixing and bler.ding together of both laii- 
^ guages in some measure according to their nundjcrs respectively and 

the degrees oi' their civilisation. The l^aiglish language, as we find 
it in the iinu' of Cliaucci-, liad adopted a vast number of Norjuaii- 
Fj'e'neli \M)rds whirli had not yet been ineorporalod witli it in the 
*'" twelllh and (liirlccnili cmturies. In the metrical chronicle of L;)3a- 

fj iii.;ji. Sir J''. ?\iadden, the lea.i'ned editor of tliai; inijjurtan.t work. 


found only 00 FrL-ncli w(;nls in 50,000 verses." This appcurs an 
extraordinfiiy fact, wlien wc consider that tlie Norman-French liud 
now l)een the lanLiuage of the ruling powers and of tlic courts of 
hiw for 120 years. Tn the present work, which is ai)parently not 
much more recent than the older of the two texts of La5anion, and 
nearly resemhles it in most other points, there is a large infusion of 
Norman words, owing, jn-obahly to the peculiar subjects treated of in 
it, which are theological and moral, in speaking of which, terms 
derived from the Latin would readily occur to the mind of a learned 
ecclesiastic much conversfint with that language, and with the works 
on similar subjects written in it. 

The learned Dr. Smith above referred to, a competent judge 
of the language, says of the Ancren Pviwle that it differs little 
from the Sax'on.'' Wanley calls it Norman-Saxon, and, with 
less reason, adds that it is written in a Northern dialect.'^ If 
it were so, it must contain many of the peculiarities of the language 
spoken in after- times by the descendants of the Danish invaders 
whom King Alfred settled in the north-eastern provinces of his 
kingdom. These peculiarities are fully detailed by the learned Dr. 
llickes in his valuable Thesaurus Ling. Yett. Septentrionahunij'i and 
of which abvmdant examples may be seen in the Durham Ritual, 
edited for the Surleos Society, in 1840, by the Kev. Joseph 
Stevenson, Vicar of Leighton Luzznrd. Li order to enable the 
reader to form his own (>[)inIon upon this question, it is necessary 
to mention only a very small number of the peculiarities that abound 
in this Nortliern dialect. In the Dano-Saxon, then, i often takes the 

I.aviinuii's ISint, vnl. i. [-. Nxiii. 

'■ ru.iim a Hasoiuru :,l.!u.lit/' C'atalo-u.s 15ih!. CotUw). j). Ml. 

Wank>, Anti.). Lil. S'l't. j.. 22S. ^ !'• S3, « fOj. 

^^" VllEFACE. 

place >vliere we find e in Anglo-Saxon v.orcl.; v., in hloh, flond, 

hiora, for bcoiS, feond, lieora. The prefix rje is (hanged to .ji or ^i, ; 

as in giher, gilefde, gitrivn, glcvoenie, gislog, for gt-her, gelefdc, &:c.; 

a is put for 0, as Jicarte for lieorte; o for e, thus healo, bl^.tnio, for 

heale, blostine. In the infinitive mood of verbs, and in many words 

ending in en, the final n is omitted; as in gidoa, gigladia, arisa, 

giemonigfaldiga,, for gedoji, gegladian, arisan, genmnigfealdan' 

^vesan; sawela is put for sawlcn ; mec, ].ec, |>erh, steft, miS^ju-e put 

for me, ]^e, ]>urli, stcfn, mid. But none of these, nor any other Scan- 

diiiavianisms, arc to be found in the present work; unlos, indeed, 

it jnaj be thought that the three infinitives, warnic, wind\vc, and 

i-wurSc, that have lost their final 7t, are northern words. But tliis 

surely would be too slight a foundation for the opinion tliat the 

whole book is in this dialect. 

There are circumstances which make it not iinprobable tliat the 
dialect in ^vhich it is written is that which was sjwken in the A\'e3t of 
England i)i the thii-teenth century It bears a considerable resem- 
blance to tlie older text of La3amon,''^ which, from internal evidence, 


following extract ^vilI help tl.o reader to form his own conclusion on this point : 
Ileruion niai arcle 


•(• 11 


ill ii 




of Ar^iue han king, 

hu he twelf 3ere 

seo'Sen wuneden hero 

inne gri'S •] inne friSe, 

in alle 

Na ni;iii liitii ne faht wi^', 

no lie lie nuilvedo nan un-fri5"; 

laii inav tell of .Arthur the King, how 

11 fali-n..,,. No man foayht witii him, 

Iv.k of h!i,..s tiiat were greater in any 

so mieklc jo_v as wa.s with Ariluir, and 

ne niilit nauerc nan niai 
bi-K'nclien of blisson 
hat wcoren in ai ]>codc 
luare >an i |>isse. 
ne milite nauere mon cii 
nan swa muchcl wnnnc, 
swa wes mid Ar^'urc 
-} mill his folke here." 
art..Twards dwe't ). 
r nuelr he any strife; might never 
ii.'itry than in thi<. Uv^h, ^j^^^,,. , 
th In., folk here: Vol. ii. p. [.m. 

Jieace and 

I I is kno-^Mi to liave been written on the ])anks oF the Severn. K 

[ i Bishop Toor, who wo3 a native of Tarente, wrote tlic present work 

\ § lie \NouM natnrally write it in the hingnagc of his native district. 

I I wliicli coukl not he ^erv aiOercnt from that of Gioucestcrsliire, as 

I there was no settk'iiicnt of a niuUifiide of foreio-ncrs in that part of 

I the kingdom to corrnpt or change the common speech. 

I In conchl^ion, the Editor subjoins an extract from tlie Cambridge 

I copy of this woi'k, being the specimen given by Wanley, page U9 : 

This an 15oc is todeak-t in eahte lessc Boke. Nu mine leone 
sustr.jn, ]'is hoc ich tock-ala on eahte destlnctiuns ]wt ge cleopied^ 
dalen, *? euch wiJSute moriglunge speke\S al hi him sealf of sunder- 
Hche Jjinges ; *? ])ah euchan rlht falleS cfter oSer, 1 is };o leatere 
cauer iteiet to ]?c earre. 

The earste dale spekeS al of ower seruiso. 

The ober is hu ge schulen ]n\rh. owr fif wittes witcn ower heortc 
V«t ordre "i religinn 1 sawle lif is inne. 1 ]>i^ destincinn aren 
chapitres fine, as fif stucchen after fif wittes ]>q AviteS ]ie. lieorte as 
wakemen hwer sa ha beo5 trewe. "? spekeS of euch hwet suuih-r 
lepes o rawe. 

The ]>ridde dale is of anes cunnes fancies ]jc DauiJS i j^c sawter 
eneneS him seolf to as he were ancre. ■? hu ].'e cumde'^ of ]^e ilke 
fuheles beocS ancrcn iliclie. 

The feorSo dale is of fleschliclie fonduiiges. t gastliche babe, 
1 comfort ageines ham, 1. of hare saluen. 

The fifte dale is of schrifte. 

The seste dale is of penitence. 

^J'lie seouebe of scliir heorte liwi me ah 7 liwi me sclial ihd 
crIst luuien. ? liwet l)inimeb us his Kuie, 7 let us him to luuleii. 

The eahtube dale is al of ]'e nttre rlwlr, earst of moto % of 
di-unch 7 of o^re V'nigos ]>a't faUeb ])lt abulm. ]nv(ter of ].e j-ingvs 


]>e o-c in.alien undoruon ? Invct jnnges go malicn wlton o>^cr halMioi. 
]>reScr of owcr cla'^es 7 of swucclio ].Iiiges -a^. ]k'V abutoii failed, 
)n'eftcr of ower wcrkcs, of dodclungc 7 of l..lodletuiigc. Of owcr 
nieidenes rlwlo a least liu go liani scLuloii leoflicli Icaivru 



l.NIRODl CTION . • • _ 

Qualific-atiuiis reiiuired in those who make profession 
The primitive Hermits followed St. James's Rule 
Division of the Treatise into eight parts 

Pai>.t T.— Or Divim: Si.v 

Morning devotions in private 
Adoration of the Cross, and of tlie Virgin Mary 
Canonieal liours, anniversaries, commeudations 
Supplications to the Holy Trinity and to Clirist 
Prayers for pardon, for benefaetors, and the dead 
Meditations; prayers at mass; adoration of the cross 


:-aI di 

Invocation and worship of the BU 
Private devotions; graces 

ised V 



Part II.— On kerplnt; tiii 
Moral iunnence of the Senses. 1. Of Sight. 
The parlour windows to be avoided 
Eve's temptation began by the eye 
Dinah's honour lost from her being seen 
David's sin caused by his seeing L'jthsheba 
The command to co\er a pit in^^taneed ^ . 
Evil conse'picnces of unguarded looks. Warnings 

2. Or Si'i:i;(ii. Caution to be n<ed in speaking 
Eve and the Blessed Virgin contrasted 

The presence of a witness required, even at confession 

Proper and improper subjects of conversation 

Silence e(nnmendcd 

Talkativeness blamed 

The Virgin Mary spoke little 

Spiritual fruits ..f silence 

3. Or Hr.A!;!M;. I'vii sp.-aking condemned 

1! N 


Diiferent Kind, d 
Flattery, barkliti 
OrSKiiiT, Si^iDc 
Worldly .si^liis advcis.. to medit;,tion 
Holy anclnTesses rewarded in li' :.\e 
Seductive si.ceeli eondeinned 
The lose of Clii-ist alone to be <i.,-ire 









'. 21- 



'. 29- 









The Bride in Caiitides 

Who those are wliom Christ loveth 

4. Of Smkli .... 
Calvary a place of h)atI;.=}ome smells 

The patience of Christ a lesson to anchoresses 

5. Of Touch or Pfeling. Christ's suflering on the cross 
The sharpness of his pain. His bitter drink 
Meditations on death and judgment enjoined 




113— lln 

Part III. — Moral usso.ns and EXAMPLEi. Ueasco 
Remedies against anger 
Patience of Christ and the saints . 
Wrongs borne with patience become benefits 
The wicked are Gud's instriiments of discipline 
False and true anchoresses 
A religious house compared to a bird's nest , 
The crucifix. Confession 
MortLfication of the flesli by toil and discipline 
The asj'irations of the soul impeded by tlie body 
The anchoress compared to an anchor 
Eight reasons for watchfulness and diligence 
Merit rendered wonhlcss by ostentation 
The folly of seeking the world's applause 
Merit boasted of perishes likf" a barked tree . 
The meanest most vain. PedKir and mercer 
Solitary meditation. Isaac, Jacob, Jeremiah 
John the Baptist. The Blessed Virgin 
Holy men and women v.ho loved solitude 
Eight reasons for retirement from tlie world . 
A true anchoress compared to Queen Esther . 
A false anchoress to Shemei 
Recluses arc like criminiils fleeing to sanctuary 
A sen-se of frailty necessary to humility 

Part IV. — Of Temptations. 

Outward and inward tempttttions 

Spiritual benefits of sickness 

Man's wickedness; God's chastening rod 

Love and obedience better than hard penance 

When sutTering, meditate on the sufferings of Christ 

Afflictions are God's amba-.'^ailoi-s 

The anchoresses of Tarentc three sisters 

The pious often most strongly tempted 

The s'^ven deadly sins: Pride 

Knvv, Wrath, Sloth, CovETOUSNrss 

fiRFl |);.nf:>S, f.ECHFRY 

Shaiiu ful depi-avity of licentiousness 
Sins that proceed fiom pi'ide and sk'th 
The proud are the devil's trumpcftrs 
Tiio wrathful man. 'I'lie sluggard 
The covetous man. Tiie ghittun . 
The foulness of I.;(;l'.ciy . 


AsiK- 1 ir 






Gradual progress of temptation 
I s. Craftiness of the tempter. Legendary tale 

I i Sources of consolation to the tempted 

Whv God suffers us to he tempted 

Saints tempted. Legendary tale . 

Tlic contiucror of temptation crowned 

Means of resisting temptation 

The present a shadow of the future 

The efficacy of prayc-r. Tearful prayers 

The power of faith._-Kn>7; ^'-'^'^^ f|^^^'=,°;^"f„,.^;°'' 

In union is strength: examples 
Tale-bearers. Sloth. Covetou 
Christ's sufferings from poverty 

Evils of discord 
and want 

Real presence 

Of Gluttonv. yji ineoiiuiicin.^;. *»,... j... .^"-- 
nessengers to Heaven, bring divine help 

Of Incontinence 
Prayers, messengers to Heaven, 
Faith baffles the subtlcry of the tempter 
Ishbosheth slain through sloth and crrclessness 
The remembrance of past sins ten>ptrth 
Remedies .against vices. Pri'.l-. Hunnlity . 
The humility of Christ . • ' , ^. / 

The remedy of Envy; of Wrath; of Indolence; of Covetousness 
Temptations are to be driven away 
The wounds of Christ a refuge to the soul 
The cross a shield. St. Benedict's remedy . 
rk, kindleth a great fire 

Sin, at first a spa 

Part V.— Or Cumkssion. 

Efficacy 01 c<:infession 

Sin not to be palliated or cxcuse<l 

The last judgment . • 

Confession must be bitter and sorrowtul 

Miserable st.ate of the guilty 

Sin driveth aw.ay our guardian angel ,.* . , 

Confession must be plain, complete, and undisguise.l 

Accomplice, place, thne, and manner of sin . 

How often, and why sin has l)een committed 

Sin will at last be shamefully exposed 

Confession not to be delayed . • 

It must be humble; with shame, fear, and hope 

Sinfulness of presumption, and of despair . 

Confession must be prudent, truthful, and voluntary 

It must be of our own sins only; and premeditated 

Cautions with regard to confes'^ion 

'I'rivial faults; penance; absoliitioti 

P.MIT VI.— ()!■ I'KN- 

The cbet arc of three kinds . „,,'.,., 

1 (;,K,d pilgrims; 2. Dcid with Christ; 3. Crue.hed 
Pain and shame are a ladder reaching to Heaven 
l-Jiiali's chariot of fire. The flaming sword . 
Ikavrnlv jov the reward of earthly suffermg' 
St Peter;' St. Andivw; St. Lawrence; St. k.athernu 


219 221 

223 22.'» 








253— 2.jr> 

257— 25y 






27 Ti 














351— 3:^:! 




The foolish, when sick, refuse l>itt.;i- iii.dieiue 
Christ btootl between Ub iiiid ijiiiii-hmont 
Cautions against carnal ease and indul^encf 
St. Agatha. Legendary mirac-le . 
The three J^arys, throe kinds of bitterness 
The way to sweetness is tl:roMgli bitterness . 
Recluios compared lo young trees fuueed with iliorns 
Lpjust contempt is to be I)orr>o with meekness 
Love rnak-etb- all thirc-s c:io- 



37 P 

P.'.nx VIL— Or I,ove. 
A pure heart essentinl to love 

What God has done to win oui h,\i- . [ 

A parable of the love of Christ . '. [ 

The cross of Christ our shield; his love to oursouls '. 

Baptism, tears, and blood, baths to cleanse the soul 
"What Christ will give for our love 

He sheds rays of love from the cross . [ 

The widow of Sarepta's two sticks an emblem of th^ cros's 
How Chiisfs love is re':iuited 

Greek fire, 403. It bctokeneth spiritual love' '. 

Love bindeth our Lord— is tlio supreme rule 

Part V'llL— Of domhstic mattkrs. 
Times of holy coniinunion; food; and abstinence 
Intercourse with the world without improper 
Alms, gifts. Keeping of cattle improper 
Traffic forbidden. Clothing and discipline . [ 

Caution against finery in dress; and against idleness 
Epistolary correspondoice. IJIood-lettii'g 
Obedience and modest demeanor enjoined 
Forbearance; peace and Concord. Graces at meals 
Silence; faithfulness; r.iiMnosr, in j>-p:i.\ing 
Concluding ben'.'diction aid prajer cf the author Ind.-x .... 

Correction.-, and a.Mitions 


339 ?,y] 

390— Sf'o 








R E G U L iE I N C L U S A U U M 

KEQvLjH iN(;L(jS/V]UiM 

P Vj a i. . {j \.\ 1. J.N ii : \ V iii.i. 

"Recti diiigui.t to." Li Canticis, Sponr.a ad Spo^^sat'!. Est 
Rectu"i:a GiTtniauiiicuni, 7 Itoctum Geoia'''t'-icn!n, % Uc.Miiru l'ijC''0- 
glciip-! : *? sunt diutrciicic loliiiciu U 
u'ico ricLi's sennu est; cuiua Rciiulu- 

svx-t . unn circa cordis 

direct loneii 

ftlier;i vcrs'itur circa oxtcviorcni i'cciiiictioi; 

"Recti anigmU te.'' Loiiercl ! scIN God.-;: S]<msc i» Idro ulcivc- 
\vii;''6e Spus, j^eo ]><.'■ riiit Uivieh j?c, J;eo jjctbco^i lilit: ]?c.j ]'ct ili/r.o 
efter rlwle. AvA jc, mine eustreii, liabLco moiii -''■li irci^su oti 
irie" cfter riwlo. IMoni ciainc riv.'lc beo"b; im\i tuo bc(.^ ;Mc.r.i)g a'le 
]iet icii chrille spoken of^ ],nirxi o^iver bono^ mid Godes In. dpe. pe ou 
rhvle'i) J;? ]ieorto. ];e ni'ikcS liire efiie 1, ^me'^e^ ^s'i^tlto kt.'otte'z dolkc 
of '.voh iiiwit? orA-ieiiide;'' )7ci sei^, "bev ho. sunegcst; " o\5cr, "pis 
ills uov/t ibet i^et ;d se wel "^ Jiit cuditc-'' pcos viv/Ie is enero wi'^iijir.cii ";' 
rl]!ic\S ^L Jieortij. li^r Juc est ca'/i!:is qirii/n (M'sci'lbit ajjostobj.s, -'di^ 
coidc pin-ii 7 C(>;;5ci-.'.oi:''. b( ii.% "i! fido )ioii Hc'c." peosz'ivvk.isc];cri{<' 
"of" sciiir beorte^cloraic inv.if, '^ trcwe bilciiUC." " Rrtjl<;ude/' iijrjul;! 
}*iurh(i;.na, "niiscricta-d;;*!;-. t.ia!u scicitil.'U.s \j, per ndcm i.oi\ viciam^ 7 
justiciam ticiiii,'' ■/. c. viitc^ i'eciit;u!;;ii.'in, " bis (j\u rcc-i sunt ccvilo ; " 
fpiij pcibcctj onuvjs no'iiiWriccs ^-xw- clii-i_i;u!i! ad rep,iiiaii. diui.ic cc.bjii- 
tatiii :' ^-ri dicinihn' boiii. ai;''jnornati:a.;. I'sabiiista, "Ik'j'cfa-, 


i;uLi;y and dutik^ 


• \ 


"TiiK iipi-lolit love ih.'cr ^^:'5f^> the Lriao to the l.n.U-rooi.n 
C:iii.tieles, I. 4/^ Tliere is a Law or llule oi' Gra-uiuar, of GeunTetry, 
and of Theolo-y ; and of each of these sciences there are special rules. 
We are to treat of the Theo^o^ical Law, the rules of winch are two : 
the one relates to the right conduct of the heart; the otlicr, to the 
reo-ulatlon of the outward life. 

^'The 14.rl.d1t love thee, O Lord," saith God's bride to her 
belo^-ed bridegroom, those ^vho love thee rightly, those are upriglit ; 
those who live by a rule. And ye, my dear sisters have oftentinu^ 
importuned me for a rule. There are many klmls of rules ; !a. 
amonc. them all, there are two of which, with Gods help, w.U 
speakT l>y your request. The one rules the heart, and makes it 
Ln and smooth, without knot or wound-mark of e^il^or accarsn,g 
conseience, tlmt saith, «In this thou cloest wickedly or, 11ns 
is not amended yet as well ns it ought to be ^11'--;^^- 
always within you, and directs the heart. And this is that chanty 
whicli the Apostle describes, " de cordc puro, et conscientuv bona 
et fide non ficta." This rule is charity " Out of a pure heart, and 
of a good conscience, and of fdth unfl^igned.-' " Contmue, sm h 
thol^almi.., "thvn.crcy to then, that know thee," by la, h 
un!;-i.ned, '^nul tl,, righteousnes^'Mlna is, r..t,tnde of Id^^ , 
th,.;who are upright in heart,-' in other words, who ro.ulai. . I 

... >■ lV,,inK s^^^^ T 

Folio 1 b. 


Donilii'^ bonis 1; rectis corde." litis dicitur ut gloricntn.r, tosti- 
inonio, Aidolicct, bone conscicncio, " GloriauiinI, omncs recti cordo/' 
quos, scilicet, rectificauit reo;ida ilia suprcina rcctificans oinnia. De 
qua Ann^ustinus, "Nicliil petendinn preter rcgulani niagisterii." 
Et Apostolus : " Omnes in eadcm rcguia perniancanius.'' pe oScr 
riwle is al wISuten, 1 riwlc?> |>e liconic 7 licomliche dedcn; })et 
techcS al Jiu me sclial bcren biui ^^iSutcn, — lui eten, drinekL'u, 
Avcrien, liggen, slepcn, walk ion. p]t bee esc exercitacio eorpoi'is 
que, juxta Apostolum, modicnni valet, % est quasi regula recta 
mecbanici, quod geometnco recto continetur; ant }?eos rlwle nis 
bute vorto serui ])g oSer. j^e oSer is ase lefdi : ])eo3 is ase jjuften ; 
vor al J;et me eauer deiS of \c ob'er ^ wicSuten, nis bute vorto riA\ Icn 
]7e beorte wiSinnen. 

JNu aski je bwat rlwle je ancren scbullen liolden? Ye scbullen 
alles weis, mid alle mibte, ? mid alle strcncSe, wel witcu be inre, 7 
]7e uttre vor bire sake, pe inre is euere ilicbe : J'c uttre is mislicbe. 
Vor euerlcb '" scbal bolden \q uttre efter }>et pe licomc mei best mid 
bire serui ]?e inre. Nu ];eonne is bit so J^et alle ancren mu^yen wel 
bolden one riwle?*^ Quantum ad puritatcm cordis, circa quam uor- 
satur tota religio: J?et is, alle mmven 1, owen bolden one riwle onont 
purete of beorte: ]7et is, clcane, scbii- inwit, Avibute witc of sunnc 
J;et ne beo ]?urb scbrift ibet. pis makeb J;c leafdi riwle, be riA\leeJ 
7 ribteS t snie^eS J;e beorte 1 tet inwit of suime; vor nout ne 
makeS bire woe *^ bute sunne one. Kibten bire 7 ^^nieScn Iiire is of 
eueb religiuii, 7 of efricb oi'dre ]'c god, ? al ]»e strengSe. peos riw le 

^,'. ('. »• uh 

' iiw.V" ).:il'l'ii an riwle wd. C. 

'' lor nawt up iiiaiTLMS liiie woti, s;-ra,:;ri. -| uiicl'm . ('. 





their wlslics l.y the rale of the dlvhie uill ; such pe.'sons are rightly 
called o-oo'l The Vsnhnht says, '^ Do o;oo(l, O Lord, to those that 
he good, and to them that are upright in their hearts." '^ To tliem It 
is staid that they llla^- dehght, namely, in the Avltucss of a go'jd 
conscience. "Be glad i-.i llie Lord and rejoice all ye that are 
iiprio-ht in heart," ^ fhat is, all v>liom that supreme law hath directed 
aright ^^dlieh dii'eets all things rightly. Concerning Avhlch Au- 
guSine snlth, "Xothiug must be sought contrary to tlie rule of 
the supreme authoricy ; " and the Apostle, " Let us all abide by tlio 
same rule." '^ The other rule is all outward, and rulcth the boay 
and the deeds of tlie body. It teaches h.ow men should, in^ all 
respects, bear themselves outwardly; how they should eat and drmk, 
dress, take rest, sleep, and walk. And this is bodily exercise, 
which, according to the Apostle, profiteth little,'^ and is, as it were, a 
rule of the science of mechanics, which is a branch of geometry ; 
and this i-ule is only to serve tlie other. The other is as a lady; 
this is tis her handmaid; for, ^^hatever men do of the other out- 
wardly, is only to direct the heart within. 

Do you now ask what rule you anchoresses should observe ? Ye 
should by all means, with all your might and all your strenglh, keep 
well the inward rule, and for its sake the outward. The mward 
rule is abvays alike. The outward is various, because every one 
ouc^ht so to observe the outward rule as that thebody may therewith 
be^ serve the inward. Now then, is it so that all anchoresses may 
well observe one rule? Quantum ad purltatem cordis circa ciuam 
versatur tota rellgio: that is, all may and ought to observe one rule 
concerniug purity of heart, that Is, a clean nnstained conscience, 
without .my rei^roach of sin that is not remedied by coniessu3n. 
This the lady rule eflbcts, which governs and corrects and smoothes 
ih. and tla., c.m.eiciee of sin, for nothing maketh it nigged but 
.iao ,ly To correct it and smooth it is the good ofhco and the 

I ,.„m,.,.n„ , ,„. ... 

I. I'sulm, ::nm.. 11. 
•' 1 TiiiiMlliv, iv. K 


is iiiKikcd nuut ol" nioimcs fundlfas, ui-Ji i.s of <^(h\c< hcstcs. For ]n 
heo is euer ou7scha1 beuii. wibute inoiifiluns'e 7 wiSute cluiuiK'uiioc 

DO Oft' 

7 alle o\ven hire in on cuer to lioIJen. Auh alio lie muwc noutliolcleii 
one riwle ne no |>urvenj no ne owen lioMcn on one wise ^c vttiirc 
riwle. "Quantum, scilicet, ad uliseruantias corporales ; " );ct is ononde 
licomlichc lokinges. Pc vttre riwle, Set icli ]?uften cleopcdc, 7 is 
monncs findles, nis for no}>ing ellos istald bate forte seruie be inre. 
pet niakeS festcn, wakien. kold 7 here" wericn, 7 swuclie o^rc 
heardschipes ])Qt moni flechs raai }K>iien, 7 moni ne niai nout. Yor 
J^i mot |>eo3 riwle cliaiingen hire misliche efter euch ones mancrc, 7 
efter hire efne. Yor sum is strong, sum is unstrong, 7 niei ful angI 
beo cwite 7 paie god mid Icssc. Sum is clergesse, 7 sum nis nout 7 
mot te more wurchen, 7 an oSer wise siggcn hire ures.^ Sum is old 
7 atelich*' 7 is 'Se leasse dred of. Sum is jung 7 liuelich 7 is ncode 
])c betere warde. Yor ]^i schal cfricli ancro habbcn ]?e uttre riwle, 
Fulio 2. efter schriftes read, 7 hwat se he bit 7 hat hire don in '^ obedience 
Sc cnowecS hire manere 7 hire strencSe: he mai ]je vttre riwle 
chaungen, efter wisdom, alse he isihS |7et te '^ inre mai beon best 

Non ancre bi mine read ne schal makicii professiun, ];ct is, biliuten 
ase host,*" bute ];reo ]?ingcs, ]>ot is, obedience, chastete, 7 studestaj>cl- 
uestnesse ; J>et heo ne schal ]'ene stude ncuer more chaungen: bute 
vor neod one, als strengSe 7 deaSes dred, obedience of hire bischope, 
o])er of hire hcrre. Yor hwoa sc nimeS ]ung on bond 7 bihat hit 
God also heste to doime, heo bint hire ];erto, 7sunegeJS dcadliche iJSe 
briicho, ^if lieu hit brekoS willcs 7 woldes. Gif heo hit ne bliiat 
nuut liL'o hit mai don J'auli, 7 leten hwon heo wel Avule, alse of mefc 

■• ,; 1 C '' ••^";-,'<'l •'''■t' I'^^ieu. C. 

, ,1,1 , 1,1,1,,. V. ' 1-t l'"v i„. C. 

' a !-■ lu' .-i.'' liu l-c. (.'. ' l'''l i- I'' >i liv !..■ ;il.-\v,i :i:.f lK.^;e. l". 


w; oxccllont ofVcet vf :i1! religion ami (j1' every religious order. This 

I I'ule is fraii'.eil not by nuin's rontrivaiiee, Itnt l)v tlie coininainl oi" 

I God. AMievi'Toi-e, it ever is and sliul! be tlio saniC; witlinut mixture 

Olid Avitliout cliaiige; and' all men ouglit ever invariably to observe 
it. r<ut all men ca-.niot;, nor need tliey, nor oiiglit tliey to keep tlic 
outward rule in the same unvaried manner, "quantum, scilicet, ad 
observantias cor])orales," that is to say, in regard to observances that 
relate to the bodj". The external rule, which I called the handmaid, 
is of man's contrivance ; nor is it instituted for ajiy thing else but io 
serve the internal law. It ordains fasting, ■watching, enduring cold, 
wearing haircloth, and such other hardships as the flesh of many can 
bear and many cannot. Wherefore, this rule may be changed and 
varied according to every one's state and circumstances. For some 
are strong, some are weak, and may very well be excused, and 
please God with less ; some arc learned, and some ai*e not, and must 
work the more, and say their prayers at the stated hours in a different 
manner; some are old and ill favoured, of whom there is less fear; 
some arc young and lively, and have need to be more on their guard. 
Every anchoress must, therefore, oljserve the outward rule according 
to the advice of her confessor, and do obediently whatever he enjoins 
and commands her, who knows her state and her strength. He 
may modify the outward rule, as prudence may direct, and as he 
sees that the inward rule may thus be best kept. 

]Vo anchorite, by my advice, shall make profession, that is, vow to 
keep any thing as connnandcd, except three things, that is, obedience, 
chastity, and constancy as to her abode ; that she shall never more 
change her convent, except only by necessity, as compulsion and 
fear of death, obedience to her bishop or superior ; for, whoso 
undcrtaketh anything, and promises to God to do it ;is his command, 
binds herself thereto, and sinncth mortally in breaking it^ if she break 
it wilfully and intentionally. If, howeve]", she does not vow it, she 
may, nevertheless, do it, and leave it ofl" when she will, as of meat 
and drink, abstaining from flesh or fish, and all otlu'i- such things 
rolalI)iu to (h-t'ss, and rest, and lion.i-s, ant' pi-ayei's. Lot Ium' say as 

Ki;r.rL.i: i\cLT'SAi;rAr. 

? of di-iincli, ilcsclis Forooii r.j-er viscli, 7 allc o];cr swuclic \nu^o>, of 

vrQvhuige,^ of Ilggungo, of vrc>, of bcodcn. Siggo so iiionic, 1 o 

Jnvuche wise se lieo cuor wulc. poos 7 swuche o];re'^ bcoS nllc ino 

freo vv'ille to doniie o]'cr to kivn liw.jn iiic cuer v.ule, buto ]ieo Leoii 

bihoten. Aiih cl:ci-itc ]>Qi is luuc 1 cdniodncsse, 7 ];olc]i,, 

treowcscliipc, 7 holding of be tour- oldc liostLm, sclivift 7 penitence' 

])Qos 7 swuclic o]n-e ]>ct bcoS smnmc of |>o olde lawc, suninic of t)c 

neowc, ne bco^ nout monnes fun dies, iie riwie J;et mon stoldc, ah 

beo-5 Godes hesten, 7 for ])i eucrichc mon ham mot nede liolden,'^ 7 

je ouer alle ]>ing ; vor ;peos riv.leS )>o horte, 7 of liiro riwlungc is 

al mest J^et ich riwlc^ butc iSe frum^e of ]>k boc, 7 rSe laste ende. 

pQ ]nngcs ]yet ich write her of «e vttre riwlo 50 ham holde^ alse 

mine Icoiic sustren, vre Lonerd bco iSoncked/ 7 sdinlen ]?m-h his 

graee, se lengre se betcre ; 7 jniuh nulhch noufc ]»et jc biliotcn ham 

asc hcstc to holdcn ; for alsc ofte a1sc je };creftcr breken cni of ham 

liit wolde to s^vu)70 hurten OAver hcorte 7 makicn on so oflcrcd l>et tg 

^ui;o2h. muliten sone uallen, };et God forbeode ou, in desperaunce, ];et is, in 

unhope 7 in iinbileaue forte beon iboruwen. For ]n ]?ct ich -write on, 

mine leoue sustren, of vttre ];inges iSe ereste dole of ower boc, of 

ower seruise, 7 nomeliche iSe laste, je ne schulen noiit biliotcn hit, 

auh habbeS hit on heorte, 7 doiS hit as ]?auh je hofden hit bil)otcn. 

Gif cni uiiweote acscS on of Invut ordrc je boon alse sum delS, 
alse je telle JS me, ])c isihJ5 |;ene gnet 7 swoluweb ]'e vli^c, onswerieb 
7 slgge^ ]>e, je beotS of seint lames ordre |;et was Godcs apostle, 7 
for his muchelc holinessc clcopede Godcs bro]>er. Gif him JmnchciS 
wunder 7 sclku^ of swuch onswere, aske^ him, HwaL bco ordre 7 
hwar he ifinde in holi write religiun oponlukcr descriucd 7 isutelcd 
])Q]i in seiu lames canoniel epistle ? lie seiS hwat is religiun ? ]n\-uch 
is riht ordre : "Keligio immda et inunaculata apud Deum 7 J^itreiii 

■■» wcnuigo. 


'' of Imrus, 



.• l.l' 

xlcn t 

) sc;,'[;i-n 

hoo> -] pulli.-li V 

' 1 for ^i ir 





],<■], h.ii, 

Ih.1.1..,,. C. 

•' writo. C. 

>■ 1km, 1 


? I ' ^ 

i i inaiiy, mid in such :'. ^\ay, as slie please.-. I'lieso aiul such utlier 

I thinos are all in oui' free choice, to do or to let aloiic -wlicncver we 

I choose, unless tliey are vowed. I'ut charity or l<)^ e, and nieelaiess 

; I and i)atiencej truthtaluess, and keeping the ten old coniniandments, 

':- g confession, and penitence, these and such other:^, some of wliicli arc 

• I of tlie old law, some t)f the )icw, are not of man's invention, nor a 

rule cstahlishcd by maii. hut tiiey are the connna.nduients of God, 

and, therefore, c^•cry man is hound and ohligcd to keep them, and 

you most of all ; for they govern the heart, and its government is the 

f I main point concerning wliich I have to give directions in this book, 

except in the begiiming and in the concluding part of it. As to the 

things which 1 ^vritc here concerning the cxtei-nal rule, ye, as my 

dear sisters, observe thein, our Lord be thanked, and through his 

grace ye shall do so, the longer the better ; and yet I would not 

I I Itave you to make a vow to observe them as a divine conunand ; 

for, as often thereafter as ye might break any of them it woidd too 

much grieve your heart and frighten you, so that you might soon 

I I fall, Avhich God forbid, into desi)air, that is, into hopelessness and 

distrust of your salviitiun. Tlierefoi'e, my dear sisters, that which I 

shall write to you in the first, and especially in the last part of ycmi- 

book, concerning your service, you should not vow it, but keep it 

in your heart, and perform it as though you had vowed it. 

If any ignorant pei'son ask you of what order you are, as you tell 
me some do, wdio strain at the gnat and svallow the fly, ariswer and 
say that ye are of the order of Saint James, ^^ho was God's AjiMstle, 
I and for his great lioliness was called God's brother. If s\ich 

I answer seems to him strange and singadar, ask him, " ^\'hat is 

I order, and \vhere he ]n;iy fmd in holy writ religion more plainly 

f described and manifested than in the canonical epistle of St. Jar.ies?'' 

i He saith what religion is, and wdiat right order: " Keligio munda et 

I immaculata apud Deurn et J'atrcm h.'ec est, visitare pupillos et 

I \idu;;s in tribulatione eorum, el immaculatum so custodire ab hoc 

\l seculo; ■' that is, " Pure j-eligion and withoui stain is to A'isit and assist 

I widow.s and fathcj-le^s chi!di-en, an<i to keep himsell" pure and un- 

fj CAMO. SOC. (' 


hoc est, visltaie ])Upillo3 7 vidnas in triiAilatiunc ooriun 7 inuaacu- 
latum sc custodire ab hoc scculo; " ]>ct \>, clotuic ivliij^iuii ? ^vic)Utr^ 
■vveui is iscou 7 liclpen v/idcwen 7 tc'derlcase cluMrcii 7 trom ]>c 
world witeii liim cleanc 7 unwcmincd. pus seint lame dcsc^riucb 
religiuii 7 ordre. pc latere dole of his suwe liinpcS to recluses; vor 
J?er beoS two dolcn to two manere of men ];et bco^ of religiun. 
To eij^erllinpeS his dole, asc ;;e muwen ihcren. Gode religiusc bcoS 
i j;e worlde, sumnic nomeliche prelaz 7 treowe preciiurcs; J;et habbeb 
]?e vorme dole "" of ]>et seiut larne selde. pet bco'^, alse he seide, ]'C 
go-S to lielpeu widewen 7 federlease children, pe sovde is \\ide\ve 
]?et haueS vorloren hire spus, ]>et is, Iliu Crist, A^ib eiu heaucd 
suiuie. pe is also federleas ]>et haueS J^urh his snnne vorlore })eiic 
Veder ^' of Iieouene. Gon 7 iseon swuch 7 eluen'= ham 7 helpen mid 
fodc of holi lore, ]>is is riht religiun, he seiS ^ semt lame, po latere 
dole of his sawe limpcJS to ancrcn, to ower religiun, alse icli cr scide, 
}>e witeS ou from J;e Avorlde, ouer alle oSro religiusc, clcne 7 un- 
wemmed. pus j^e apostle seint lame dcscriueS religiun 7 ordre ; 
nou}>er hwit ne blac no nemneS he in his ordre, ase moni ]?et isihS 
]>ene gnet 7 swolmveS ]7e vlijo, ]?et is, make^ muchel strencSe J)er as 
is Intel. Powel ]>e erest ancre,^ Antonie, 7 Arsenic, ^lakarie 7 te 
o-Sre, neren heo religiusc 7 of seint Tames ordre ? Also seinte Sare, 7 
seinte SIncletice, 7 monie oSre swuchc weopmen 7 wummen mid 
hore gi-eatc mateu 7 here herde lieren,^ neren heo of gode ordre? 7 
hwiSer Invite o^ier blake, alse unwise aske'S ou, ]>et wene'^i J;et 
order sittc iSc kurtel o}>er \]>e kuuele, God hit wot ; noj^elcas heo 
weren wel bcoSe:" naut tauli onont clodes^ auh ase G odes spuse 
singe-5 bl hire suluen, " Nigra sum sed formosa." Ich am blac 7 tauli 
hwit, heo seiS, unseaulich wiSuten, 7 shene wiJiinnen :' o ]nsso \\ ise 
answerie^ to ]'co ]>ct askeS ou of ower ordre, 7 hweSer Invite o]'tr 
blake:' siggeS ]'et t;c beoJS bobe jnudi ]>o gi-ace of God, 7 of seint 

gau i.5eoii 

r. C. 


■ -J IV 




H'lic hv^v fcdcr. 


ci'ir.itc. C. 
in \>e i-ui ti 

1, K'" 



•s h;. V 

' \si.N lui 

,• iiictui -) liai.- 
ut I'acli oi.oiuU' 




...,:,K.,1 r.-«.u tl,o .-0-.-1J." Thus docs St. J.,-.KS ,k«a-lb<. rdigion nnd 
or.lcr. The l.tter r^rt of Ins saying relates to .ncl,..-, ,tos : ..r thm, 
„.c two 1.,,.,. of this deception, wl,i,-h rchues to two la.ds of 
rcli.dousLn; to o.ok of then his own ,«rt npphcs, ns you m.y 
hour. There are in tlte world good religions >«cn espeendly somo 
I prelates un.l f:.ithfi.l preaekers, to .Iton. belongs tlje for.nor part of 

i hat «hiel, St. .lantes said ; who are, as he said, those who go to 

; I tit widows and orphans. The soul is a widow wl- '>-^^ - 

! I husband, that is, .Tesus Christ, by auy gr.evous s.n. H. ,, hbeuue 

; I an orphan who, tbrousb his sin, hath lost the Father of Ileavcn. 1 o 

i I g :,Kl visit sueb, and to co.afort and assist then -" ,^« " -"^ 

I Ltruetion, this, saith St. Jan^es, is true rehgton. 1 he an^ p 

' I of his savin.- relates to anehorites, to yonr rehg.ous oide,, as ) sa, I 

i befbt'c wd o°keep yourselves pure a,rd unspotted from the world, 

; n ik any o her religious persons. Thus the Apostle St. Ja.nes 

de"<^.ib el reliin and order; neither wkite nor black does he speak 
M ord-er, as tnany do, who strain at tko gnat and sw.llow k 
fly tkot is, exert much strength where httlc ts Pan , 
1 1 St a;chorite, Antony a,td Arsonius,, an tke^^^ , 

' * were not tkoy religious persons and of St. James's order ? A.,d St 

Sa a stcletica, Jtd manv otker such men and women with the, 
0^; mattress s and their hard hair-eloths, were not tkey of a good 
o XV And wdrfter white or black, as foolish people ask you, who 
d k'thal order consists in the kirtlc or tke cowl, God kno^v tl 
vcrtlless, thev may well wear both, not, however, as to clo k s, 

11. )i- 111 the \\\uU', iioi lii UK, _,..<.j 

1- KKCrllLyE IXCLL.<AUU]\r. 

lames ordre, )?et lie wi'ot latere, " Iininaculatuni se custodiie ab oc 
seculo," ])et is, Vet icli er scide, worn ]>q worlde wlren liini cleno ? 
umvemmed :' lier innc is relioiiui 7 nout i]^e wide lu.d, no i^e bi;d;o, 
ne i^c Invito, iie iSe gre;^e kuiiele ^ c5er also inuiii boo^ ii;edered 
togedercs, ]?ereuore mid onrecbiesse " me sclial makien strenebc of 
onnesse of clo]?es ? of oScr Invat uf vttre ]'inges, ]?ct te omiesse 
wiSiiten bitoc.uic ]>e oimesse of o June 7 of o wil, J;ct hco alle liabbeS 
imcne wi'Sinnen horo abit, ]7et is on, j>et euch haueS swucli asc oScr; 
■? also of oScr hwat ajeines *> );et heo liabbeS alle togederes o lime 
7 o Avil, eucli alswucli also o|;cr : <= loke J)et heo ne H^en r' ])us hit is 
i kiiuent.*' auh hwarse summon liueS o5er men bi him one, creniite 
cSer ancre, of Jnncges wiSuten hwarof scandle ne kumc :' iii.^ nout 
muche strencSe. IlercneS nu INlichee, Godes prophote, " Tndicabo 
Foitv'M.. tibi homo quid sit bonum 7 (juid Dominus reqiiirat a to:' utique 
facere judicium 7 iusticiam, 7 sollicite ambulare cum Domino Deo 
tuo," ich cimlle schawo J^e'' moii seiS J^e lioli Michce, Codes la-o- 
phete, ich ehuUe scheawe ^c soSliche Invat is God, 7 hwuch is reli- 
giun, 7 Invuch ordre, 7 hwuch liolincsse God askeS of 5e. Lokc '5is, 
vnderstond hit, do wel 7 dem "Se sulueii ciicr avoc, 7 mid died 7 mid 
luue go mid God ]n loucrd.*^ J;er ase })eos };incges beoS }'er is riht 
religiun, 7 })er is riht ordre ; 7 don al J7ct o5er 7 leten ]>is nis butc a 
trukungc 7 a fals gile i al ]?et gode religiuse do5 oSer weneS «> cfter 
J?e nttrc riwlc, al togedcrc is liereuore/ al nis bute asc a sedole? to 
timbrin her toward :! al nis bute asc a schelchinc to seruien ]'e leafdi'^ 
to riwlen Se heoi'te. 


iNu mine leoue sustren, j^cos buc ieh to dele on eihte distinctii 
);et je clepieo dolen, 7 euericli dole \vi^iate moiicgluiige spukeS al bi 

K'rfur aiindiifsvp. C. " u^'or liw.r. IJa zeic.\ G. 

an liiii.j -J an, -J, :ni :,- o^'cr. C. 'i i,-!i wik- m-Ikiwi' )),^ C. 

^^"'■•"•■^- <•• • al hit is Iionluiv. C. 

al rii., tuitcii l,.njc lol. C. ;,sc ;..-;(■ dele ;• 

si ni.- I.utci, :,n hiUVii to ktuu. K C. 



f luaiiy are gathered together, they shoiild, for tlie sake of unity, inako 

I a point of sameness of clothes, and of other outward things, that tlie 

I outward sameness may denote the sameness of one love and of ojk.- 

I will, which they ha^ e in connnon imder their liahit, which is one, 

I which every one h;>.s the same as another; and also of other kind of 

i properties, that the}' all united haY(^- one love and one will, every 

I one the same as another. Let them look well th;it they do not lie. 

^ Thus it is in a convent ; but, wherever a woman llveth, or a man 

I liveth Ly himself alone, be he hermit or anchorite, of outward things 

I whereof scandal cometh not, it is not necessary to take so much care. 

I Hearken now to Micah, God's prophet, " Indicabo tibi homo quid 

I sit bojmm, et quid Doniinus rcquirat a te ; utioue faccre judicium 

I et justitlam, ct solhcite ambulare cum Domino Deo tuo." " 1 will 

I shew thee, o man," saith the holy Micah, God's prophet, "I will 

I shew thee truly what is good, and what religion is, and what order, 

i and what holiness God requires of thee. Mark this, understand it, 

I do good, and deem thyself ever Aveak, and with fear and love walk 

I witii God thy Lord. AVherever these things are, there is true 

I religion, and there is right order; and to do all the other things and 

I leave this imdonc is mere trickery and deceit. All that a good 

I recluse does or thinks,'^ according to the external rule, is altogether 

I for this end ; it is only as an instrument to promote this true 

I relirvion ; it is only a slave to help the lady to rule the heart. 

I iSow, my dear si?ters, this book I divide into eight distinctions, 

I which ye call parts, and each part treats separately, without con- 

I fusion, of distinct uiatters, and yet each one falleth in properly after 

[ another, and the latt.-r is always connected with the former. 

K<.(|is lic'iKinicni clouii.'. 

I 3 14 REGUL-li IXCLUSA11U:\I. 

himsulf of sundcrliche ]>incges 7 tauli caicli on valleS rllit efUT o]'or 
*? is j;c latere euer iteied to Se vonne." 
pe vorme dole spcke^ al of ower seruise. 

pe o]>cr is Im ^e schulen ))urli o^v-er vif wlltes witen owor hcoi'te 

bet ordre, 1 religiun, J soulo lif is inne. I )>Isse distlnctlun boob fif 

cheapitres alse vif stuccheues efter ]>e vif Avittes, pet ^vite« ])c lieorto 

' alse wakenicn hwarse lieo beo« treowe, 1 spekcd of cuorlcli ^vit 

sunderlichc area we. 

pe J^rldde dole is of ones kuimes fmvelcs ];et Dau.d i]'e santer 
I efheS himsulf to, alse he were ancre r' 1 hu ])co kunde of ]>eo ilke 

1 ; faweles ^ beo^ aiicren ilichc. 

; pe veorSe dole is of fleschliche vondunges 1 of gostllclic bobe J 

kunfort a^eines ham, J of horc saluen. 
:• pe vifte dole is of schrift. 

FoUo i a. pe sixtc dole is of penitence. 

pe seoue^e dole is of schir hcorte, Invi me ouli, ? luvi me soal 
Ihu Crist luuien:^ % hwat binimcS us his luue, "? let us to liuuen 

him. ci p 1 

pe eihtuSe dole is al of ];e uttre riwle:' crest of mete 7 of drunc 
1^^ J of o'Ser ]nnoes })et failed 5er abuten ; )^er efter of ];eo >mges ]>ct ^o 

muwen underuon r' 7 hwat j^ingcs je muwen Aviten ^ habben ; 
berefter, of ower clones % of swuche >inges ase «er abuten ualleb : 
kr efter of owcr doddunge, 1: of ower werkcs, 7 of ower blod 
' letungc :! ower <= meidenes riwle a last hu jc ham schullen luucbche 


TTwon TO erest ariseb, blesceb ou 7 sigge^, '' In n.unne I'atri. 7 
Filil 7 Sancti Spirltus, Amen:" 7 blginneb anon " \ en. Croat-.r 

a ,M ,.K.!. .K.I. an richt falloS efter !•.■ nNer T i. k .lalo itei3.t tu be anc. C. 

b ofl'ill.i; fujelw. C. 

. .,f,.^v>•^v.,.■■k.sotMoaan;„c^..l■l.l.Kll.uuu.; ..t owcr. (. 


^ , Tbe fiv.t part treats entirely of your religious service. 

U The- next is, l.ow vou ouglrc, througli your five senses, to keep 

[.^ The ]KXt 1., _ . ,,i.r^-'linion and the liie of tlic soul. In 

11 your hear, .her., l^^;,^^-^,,^^, ,,,,ennng tl.c five 

? i :^Lr;;«r::.:::i t ^!::^t a; .atcmnen .1.. ..y .e f^iti^m, 

i : ::! .4id;s, J. concerning each sense separately .n o^r.^ ^ 

S ^ The cl.ird part is of a certain kind of Lird, to .vlnch M >n he 

I r Jit con. aves hin^self; as if he were an anchor.e, and how the 

[ I nature of those hirds resembles that of anchorites. 

^ ■■ ' The fourth part is of fleshly, and o^so of spiritual ten.ptations, and 

I ^ of comfort against them, and of their remedies. 

I i The fifth part is of confession. 

I' The sixth part is of penitence. Tin 

^^ , . • f o ,.11 vo heart why men ought and should 

from loving hnn. p ^ i 



heaven, Lending forward on youi knees upc n 




Spiritus r^ " mid up alieuinJe eion t lioTulen toward Iicouciio, buinde 
oknon '"^ YorS^yal•d vpo ^c bed "? siggeS so al J^lc iniiie vt inid te ■' 
uerset " Emitte Spiritimi tuuni " 1, te orcisun, " Dens fjul corda r " "^ 
)?or eftcr sdieoinde ou 7 cloSiiide, siggeS l^atcr Nostcr ? Civdo, 7 
seoScn " lesu Xte fili Dei viui i;iiscrere uostri :^ Cj^ui de Viroino 
dignatus es nasci, miserere nobis/' pis word siggeS eucr vort jc- 
beon algrciSc:''^ j^is word habbeS muchcl on vs 7 i mubc eucli 
time ])et je muwen, sittinde ? stondinde. ^ 

iiwon je beoS al grei&e sprengeg ou mid hali water ])et i;e 
schulen euer habben mid ou, ? ]?enc]ic5 o Godes flesebs "i on his 
blod I'et is ouer*^ ])e heic weoucdc 1 falleS aciicoii Jicr toward mit 
)?eos gretmige, " Ave principium uostre creaciouis ! Ave preciuui 
nostra redompciouis ! Ave viaticum nostre peregrinacionis ! Ave 
premium nostre expcctacionis ! " 

Tu esto nostrum gaudium, 
Qui es futurus premium. 
Sit nostra in te gloria, 
Per cuncta semper secida. 
Mane nobiscum Domine. 
Noctcm obscuram remouc. 
Omne delictum ablue. 
Piam modelam tribue. 
Gloria tibi Domine, 
Qui natus es do uiryino. 

Also je schulen don hwon ]>e jtreost halt liit vp ette mcs>e/ ? biuore 
J>e confiteor hwon je schulen beoji ihuseled :' ef'ter ])is uallL'^ acncon 
to ower crucifix mid teos vif gretunge.s.'' 

" iifiipoii. C. " 1 mid J'f. C. <: coiVl.i fi<l(Iiu!u. (;. 

•I J'cusf wunli^s scggeS aSet t;c Icon gI■(•i^■e. C. 

^ :in vs ) in nHl^'(.■ ot'to liwtiiiic ;^e niajrrn sittf! ge oSer stan.lcn. C. 

' uhmu: C. *-■ liwcniio nic l.,.l.l liit iii, ( ,1 ln> uw-^<". C. 

^ nii.l l-nse gi-ctinj^rs in )>(,• riumcgnn-.- u( |v vif wiind-n. C. 



the whole hvnui t^' th.e e'.ul, with the versirle, " Scud f'jrth tliy Tloly 
Spiri;," aiid the i)raye;-, " God, who didst leach the hearts of thy 
iaitiiful peoi»le,'' cSrc. After tliis, piittuig on viAir shoes and your 
clothes, say the I'atL-riioster and the Creed, and then, "Jesus Christ, 
Son. of the living God, have mercy on us ! Thuv. who didst conde- 
sce]id to be Lorn of a virgin, have mercy on us I " ('ontinue saying 
these \v(i)-ds until you Lo (juitc dressed. Have these words nuich in 
use, and in your mouth as often as yo niay, silting and standing. 

>*^ hen yc are ([uite dressed, s[)ri!iJvle yourselves with holy v.ater, 
wlilch ye should have always with you, and think upon G.nrs flesh, 
and Oil his blood, which is over the In'gh altar, and flill on your knees 
toward it, with this salutation, " Hail, tliou author of our creation 1 
Hail, thou price of our redemption ! Hail, thou who art our support 
during our pilgrimage ! Hail, O reward of our expectation ! " 

Be Thou our joy, 
Who art U> be our reward. 
i\Iay our glory 1)0 in thee, 
Through endless ages. 
Abide Avith us, O Lord. 
Keiudvc thr dark night. 
Wash off all our guilt. 
Grant us godly medicine. 
Glory be to thee, O Lord, 
Wiio wcrt horn of a virgin. 

Thtis sh:dl you do also when tlie priest elevates it at th(> mass, 
and before the confession, when you are about to receive tho host ; 
aft.M- this, tall on your knees to yoiu- crucifi-x, with these five 
greetings : — 

(AMI). SOO. 

r.iio 4 h. '' Adoramiis te Cliriste, 7 Ijcncliciinas tlbi qui i-cr sanctam cvacmi 
tuam redemisti inunduin. Tuaiu criiccm adcvaums Domino f tuain 
gloriosam recolinuis ])assionciu r' miserere iiostri qr.l pa.-sns c.s pro 
iiolas. Saluo crux sancta, arlx.r digna, cujus robur prcciosum 
mundi tullt lalentum. Saluo crux (|Ui> in corpore Clmstl dedioata 
es, ot ox mombris ejus tan^uam margarllis crux, lignum 
tri'umpliale mundi:' ucra salus uale, inter ligna nullum tale,^ fronde, 
fiore, o-crmine. Modocina Clnnstiana salua saiios, egro=^ sana." Ar.d 
mit tVs ilke wordo l.eato^S on OAVor Lrcoste.'^ " Quod iion ualet vis 
liumar.a sit in tuo nomine." Ilwo so no con nout ];eos fine, siggo -^e 
vormeste^ vino, "Adoramiis to, Chi-iste," fif srJSon knoolinde .*' 7 blcsciS 
ou mid cuerichon of «eos grotungcs, 7 mit, tcos ^vordos,^ « miscrero 
iiostri c|ui passus es pro nobis,'' beateS on ower breoste,=' 7 cusc(;S J'C 
eorJSe icrooiccd mid to j^umo.'^ per cftor AvondeS on to vrc l.oaldi 
onlicncsse, 7 cneole^ mid fif auez; a last to ]>o o'^er oidicnosscs,'^ 7 to 
ower rolilvos cneoleS, o];er lute>), nomeHche to ]>eo l^alc•^von ];ot 5c 
habbeS to ]^urli luue iturnd owcr Avcouedes, so mueho ])e raSer ei 
is ilialewod/ 

per ofter anonriht vrc Loafdi vlitsongs siggo:> o]>issc wise :' jif hit 
isv,erkc dei, vailed to ]>ereor5e; jif hit is halidoi buinde sumdel 
duneward, 7 sigge^ Pater Nostor 7 Credo, bo stillicliej^ 7 rihteS ou up 
her efter, 7 sijzgc^ " D<jminc, labia mea aperies," 7 makie^S ' on ower 
muW mit te ]>mne a creoi/, 7 et - Deus in adjutorium," a largo crooiz 
mit be j.reo vingres vrom abuuo ]>c vorheaued dun to'^' ]>e breostc 
7 Mdled to ]'or c?j]-^e -j;lf hit is Averke dei, mit te Gloria Tatri, o]'er 
buwcS dunoward. lliV hit is halidoi vort' " sicut orat." JXis do^ ot 
cuerich Gloria Patri, 7 ct to biginmmgc of )^c A\'nite, et t.s ^vord, 

^ eurcste. C. 

s. C 

" lioortc. C. 

<= -] hlcscit ou oil uli a!i ■] wis I'oose worses. C. 

J i cnickct mill K' I'Uiuo. C. ,,.,,. 

r sw. ,nudK. \-c r.^cr. ?;of a.n i> ihaU-^/..!. O. •= -nn ^^e hu.c.l. vtsung. C 

M,a still... C. 'u.rk.^C. 

V rnak.S aa cros fron, W f-vlH-aue.l t.. C. o^ct. C. 



I r 

;ul(>n> tliec, O Cluist, anrl \vc blcs^ t'lec, \vlici, l.y thy holy 
t rcdf.-iiiLvl t!ie v.ovU. ^Ve a.lore tl.y cto>.s O Lonl. 
Kji)ior;ito tliA' I'lwriuU'^ iias^^ion. ]*ifv u-^, O thou ^vllo didst 

(•n.>>, li 
AW' en 

sntlor Ibi- u>. Had, () lioly Cj'oss, worthy tree, avIioso pivcious 
Vt-ood lj(^rc the treasui't' of the world I Ilail, O Cross, whu in the 
body of Christ v.ast dc(lii:;>ted, and with his linil.>s adorned, as with 
pearls. O Cross, wood triuinph;int o^•er the Avorld. Tnie safety, 
liail ! Among woods none such, for leafj flower, bud. O Christian 
medicinej heal, heal the soinid and the sick."' And with this saying, 
beat on }oiir breast, " What human power is unable to do, be done 
In thy name." AVhoso docs not know these five, may say the fii'st 
five, "We adore thee, O Christ," five times, kneeling and blessing 
yo\u-selvcs at every one f)f these greetings; and at these words 
'■' have Tiiercy on u.s, thou wlio didst suffer for us," beat your breast, 
and kiss the earth crossed with the thumb. Thereafter turn to our 
Lady's image and kneel, saying the " Ave " five times ; lastly, kneel 
or bow to the other images and to your relics, namely, to the saints 
to wlM;)m you have, through affection, dedicated your altars, so much 
the more readily if any of them are hallowed.-'* 

Innnediately, thereafter, say our Lady's nocturnal service, in this 
wise : if it is a v.-orkday, fdl to the earth ; if it is a holiday, bowing 
somcv.liat downwnrd. and sav the Paternoster and Creed, both in a 
low voice, and then stand up and say, " O Lord, open thou my lips,'' 
and make the sign of the cross on your mouth with the thumb, and 
say, " God be our help ; " then a large cross from abo\-e the forehead 
down to the breast, with tlie three fmgers, and fdl to the earth, if it 
is a workday, with the Gloria l*atri, or bow downward, If it is a 
holida\", as far as the woixls " sicut erat." Thus do at every Gloria 
Pairi, and at the beginning of the Venite, at tliis \\-ord, •' \\^nlle 
adoicnnis," and at Ave Maria, and wheresoever you hear >\Iary"s 
name iianied, and at e\ei-}- Paternoster that i')ccurs in the hours, and in 
t!ie Creed, at this word, "natus ex ]\Iaria virgini-," ;:nd at tlu> collect of 

20 REGUL^E 1 NT i, USA RUM. 

"Yenitc adorcmus," ? et Aue iNIariii, 1 Invarso je cuer ihcre^ 
Maries nome incumeu, "1 to cueri';h Pater Nestor ];ct fallcc) to ];c 
vros, ? i5c Crede ct tis word " natus ex Maria nirii^iiK-," 7 to ]>c collecte 
lUio 5. of euericli tide, 1 to ]'e l.etaiiie, 7 to laste iier.s of eiioricU iimio/-' ^ ct to 
laste iiers -wlouten on*^ of jnssc salniCj '•' liencdicite ojiinia opera. 
Doniiiii Domino," et tisse uerse, " Benedicaruus Patreni t FJliiini cum 
Sancto Spiritu;"' and et alio j^eos ilke, jif hit is ^verkedei, vailed to 
her eorSe :' jif hit is hahdei, buwexS siimdel duncwardr' "^t ct te 
bigiuniinge of euerich tide, ct tissc worde, " Deus in adjutoriuni," 
makicS rodentokne, also ich cr tauhte ; J ct tis word, " Veni Creator 
Spiritus," Luwc^ oSer kneolcS, eftcr ]^et tc dci is ; 7 et tissc v/orde, 
"INIemcnto salutis auctor," valleS euere aduu; '? et tissc worde, 
"Nascendo formam sumpseris," cusceS ]?c eortSe, 7 also incTe Deuin, 
et tisse AYorde, "Non horruistiuirghiis veiitreni," 7 et te niessc crede,^' 
et tissc worde, " Ex IN'Iaria uirgine, et homo factus es," 

l^^ucrieh on sigge liiru vres also heo liaue-S iwriteu ham, "? euerich 
tide siinderliche also uorb alse je muwcn siggeS in his time,'* aixh 
er to sonc I'cn to leate. Eif je nc muwcn eucr holden J;e rihtc tinic, 
vhtsono- bi uihte ine winter r' ine sumer i];e dawunge :' yh winter 
schal bif'innen ctte holi rode dci ine heruest, 1 lesten voi-t cfter 
prime ij'c winter erliche ; ij^e sumer biuor deies,'' Preciosa ];cr efter. 
riif -^e habbexS neodc vor eni hihj'c to spekenc ^e nunven siggen 
Preciosa biuoren, 7 efter vhtscng anon jif hit so neodeS. Non eucr 
cfter mete, auli Invon jc slepcS sigge^ uon efter mete ^ [slep] |)c 
liwule JK't sumer lested, bute hwon jc vested ine winter, biuore 
mete r' 'i ine sumer hwon jc vestcS, J^c sunedei, eftcr :' vor jc etcJS 
twien. Et te one psalmc i^e schulen stonden, jif ^e beoc) eise,- 7 et tc 

» CroJe -) to )•'■ CoUicto, ci! ouucr vli tide, T to j'C kiterncste vers of caucr vli iiimo. C. 

^ l.utcn an. '^ T ^'^ J"^ masse. In )'e niudiel ereiK'. C. 

•1 ioro as ha nu'i, "J in his lime. C. 

•• 1 surii'.')' bii'orS i(ianj;'.'n. C. 

< -] hweiniu s- slel>^■^i, rlt-r sh-i.. C. 

y aisc. V. 



• o,wl ot tiH> L't-inv and at the last verse of every liymn, 
cvorv service, ana attiie -i^ii^'ii^v, aiai c.. , r i ii ,^ 

^^*^^3 -^"-''^ ' f 4.1/ . i>.,ln-, -' r)k=-3 tlic Lord, all ye 

and at the hist verse but one of tlu^ 1 -Un., uc. i i- , j 

/ f .1 T n-,1 " -n tl-'s ver-e, " Let us Lk^ss the Father, and 
works of the LiOiil, ar ti...^ vti.^-, 

;:: «„., ...a ,1. nob- Cho. ^ ..a .. .^^ t o.e. ,. .t .. v,-or ay M 

to the e;ut!,, if it is IioliJay, bow somewhut dov.av. ,,.1. A, c! at .ho 

t! nL f ovovy ti,„. of service, .t this word, "God be our 

■t-r '• •„.l<e the .I^u of the ores, as I taught you before ; and at 

hi ord, " Co,„e, d Creator Spirit," bow or kneel aceonhng as the 

1 nt t is word, "Be mindful of us, author of our 

, e . , •• i-;„ thf ei^->h find also at tlie 1 e IJenm, at tnis 

i'; didst lake our form, ki-s tlie e, ..i., ." , ^. „,„i .,t tl,,-. Mas- 

n word, " Thou didst not abhor tl>e vn-gurs wotu ., and a th Mas . 

[l Creed,- at this word, " Of the virgin Mary, ana was made man. 



^ Let every one say lier hours as she has written then, and say 

overy s vlee separately, as far as you ean, in its own tune, bn 
ler too soon han too late. If ye cannot aUvays keep to the r,gh 
i say the Noeturus by night in the winter; n, the sunrmer, at 
"break This winter shall begin at Holy Rood-day n, autunn,, 
Jk^ :; ;.«e «„ thereafter. Prin.e shall be said in the wu,ter early ; 
r un ner before daybreak ; Pretiosa thereafter. If you luwe need 
fr:; any en.ergeue/ to speak you may say ^^^^^^ 
immediately after the nocturnal service ,f necessa.j. iSon.sah.a.s 
I -at but when you sleep, say Nones [sleep] durn,g 
™ ner iut when you fast in winter, before n.ea, •, and n, sunnne 
Z y u first, the Sunday, after [nreat] ; f.n- you -*--;' 
K one Psahn yon shall stand, if yon are at ease, and at the othe,, 
: a a ap rise np at the Gloria Pa.ri and bow; wl.oever .s 
n' ? , M It her -dwavs stand, \n God's name, in honour of our 
£!;;;:": a, ^ hours say Paternoster and Ave Mana, 

;,. Niccnc Crre.L 

FoUo 5 I 


o^er Sitter, ? cucr of Gloria Palri up =' ? buwcn :' ]nvo so uk-I 
stondon euer on vrc Leaflli ^^ ursc]n|H-, stoudo a godes haluc, 7 et all. 
seouc tidcn s.ggceS Pater Nostcr 7 Ave xMaria, bo biuoren % ofter" 
i;idel.uni amine eftereiicricli tide biuoro ];o Pater iSVfer- ct brco 
tiden siggcS Credo niit te Pater Noster biuoren Uhtson'- % elVn- 
1 rnne, 7 efter Cunipelie. Vroni ]H>t, efter Preciosa, ]ioldeb° silence.^ 

Efter eucsong anonriht siggeS owcr Placebo euerlclio niht Invon 
p beo-5 eise :! bate pf Int beo holiniht vor ];e ^^,io of nie lescuns l^et 
kumeb amor\yen, biuorc Cumplie/ oSer efter Uhtsong, sirro-e-^ miv 
mit ]n'eo psalmcs, 7 mit ]>reo lescuns eiiericlic in'ht snndcrTicIic l",J 
anniuersanes, is ine munedawes of ower leoue vreond " sio-c.-e5 
alle iiiene, 7 ine .tude of Gloria Patri, et eueriche psalnies emle 
" Pecjuieni " cternani dona eis, Domlne, 7 Ivx perpetua luceat eis •' " et 
Placebo 30 muwcn sittcn vort ' Magnificat, 7 also et Dmo-o bnte'et te 
lescuns s 7 et te Miserere, 7 from Laudate al vt." sJ.-c.eb'a hst ino 
stude of Lcncdicanu.s, " Kequiescant in pace." A movvren, ober a nilit 
efter ].e suffragiis of Ulitsong, siggeS Commendaciuni, sittinde ],c 
psalines, 7 kneolindc ]>e vreisuns oj^er stondiudo. Eif je doS bvs 
eueriche Jiiht, bute a suncnilit one, jc doS muclielc bctere. 

8eoue i)salnies siggeS sittinde oSer cneolinde, mit to LctaiuL'. 
viftenc psalnies sigge"^ o ]>hsQ wkc:' }>c iiornieste vine uor on : 
7 for alio |?et ou god dotS o];er unneS :^ ],o o]>er vine uor Jn> ],ei 
holi churche. pe ];ridde vino uor alle crislene soulen. l<:fre. 
uorme vino "Kirieleison, Chrlste eleisuii, JCyi-Ieleison." Pater No 
"Saluos fac scruos tuos, 7 ancillas tuas, Dcus mens, sperantes in 

" ruiigcn v|). C. 

'■ o<l J'L- ]:n:u lidi'u wg-eS l':,ier Nostor v.iiN Cvcdo,>,eii Vchiso,,^, -j ot J>n„„. 
Compeliii; froin oiij-oi- Coiiipcliii oSor I'n^ U-(, isciil liol.U-X .-ilonpc. 0. 
" for Ibstc ofiiij^e Iccoons J'c comc'S ine inarot;oii Irifuro C'oiiiiitlin. (!. 
'' and gef ))if l>iS aiii munedal of oiiwcr Icoiie fionl. (,'. 



S (.f 

r j>e 


.\x\i vi:iisAi:ii:s — coim.mendations. 23 

botli before and after ; Aninue after ev<Ty l.eur before the 
Paternoster; at tinvo bours say tlie Creed, ^vItb tlie l»aternoster, 
before Nocturne and afrcr l^riiiK-, and after tbe Con^.pline ; from tbat 
time, after TrL'tiosa, keep silenee, 

Imr.iediately after vessel's say your ]^]aeebo every ni-lit, ^vbvu 

\ you are at ease ; but, if it be tlie eve of a festival of nine lessons 

that comes on tbe niorruw, before Compline or after Koetuni, say 

Dirigc, with three I'salms, and ^vith three lessons every ni,:j;ht 

separately. On the anniversaries, that is, on the commemoration 

: days of your dear fi'ien.ds, say all the nine, and, at the end of cveiy 

Psalm, instead of Gloria Patri, say " Gi^•e them eternal rest, O J.ord, 

and let contiiuial light shine upon them." At Placebo, you may sit 

" until the ^viai^nificat, and also at Dirige, except at thu lessons, and at 

I thelNliserereCand from Laudato throughout; at tb.e end, instead of 

;t- Benedicanuis, say "Pve(piieseant in pace." On the morrow, or at 

t night, after the suffrages of the nocturnal service, say the Connncnda- 

I tio'Ji,'^ sitting during Psalms, and kneeling or standing diu-ing the 

•! prayers. If ye do thus every evening, Sunday night alone excepted, 

: t ye do so nuich the better. 

:'- -^Yitl, the Litany say seven Psalms, sitting or kneeling; say the 

fifteen Psa.hns on this Avise : the first five for yourself, and for all 
who do }ou good or befriend yon: the next five for the peace of holy 
church; the'^thivd five for all Christian souls. After the first five, 
" Lord have nu^rcy upon us. Christ have mr-rcy upon us. Lord 
have nx^rey nnon us."' Paterno.fer. " O my God. save thy servants 
and han.lmaids, who hope ir. Thee. Let us pray. O God, whose 
piupertv is alwavs to have mei-cy and to sj.are, receive our j.rayer 
f(.i- fbrjiveness, a'ud let 'Vhy compassion and pity absolve us who are 
boun.l'\vith tlie chaiii vi' oni' sins, through Jesus Christ our Lord." 

,-s for tlicdcrnl. 


Oremus. Dous cui propriuni est laiscreii semper 1 pnrcere, suscipe 
deprecatlonciii nostram, 1 quos clclictorum cathena coiistrir.git, inisc- 
ratw tue pietatis aljsolvat, per Cliristuni Dumiiraiii;' Eitrr ]>c oj-iT 
vine also " Kirieloison, Gliriste clcison, Kirieleison." VnU-v Xosta-. 
« Doiiiine, fiat pax in virtnte tna, 7 liaLundaDcia in tiu'ribiu, tub. 
Oremus. Ecclesie tue Domine prcces placatus admit te, ut, de- 
structis aducrsitatibus uni verbis, sceura tibi scrviat llbcrtatc, per, ^c." 
Efter )^e }>ridde viue, )>et 5c schulen siggen wiSuteii Gloria Fatri, 
"Kirieleison, Christeelcison, Kirieleison." Pater Noster. "A porta inleri 
serue Domine animas eoruni. Oremus. Fidelium &c." Seouc psalmes 
t teos fiftene psalmes siggeS abuten undern dcics :' vor abute swucli 
time alse me singeS messe in alle boli religiuns, uro Eoucrd j'olede 
Folw 6. pi»G ^M' ^' ]'^ 1""^^^^ 5^' o '^'^^^ ^" ^^'°" nomeliclic Ibcoden ? ibonen r' ?: 
also vrom Prime vort mid morwen Invon ]>o preostcs of be Nvorlde 
sijigeS bure mcsscn.''* 

Vrc leawcde bre}?ren siggeS ]ms horc vres : vor Yhtsong ine 
werkedawes, licihte f. twenti Pater Nosters:' ine lielidawcs, forti :' 
vor euesonge viftene. Yor euericbe oj^er tide, seouene:^ biuoren 
Uhtsoiig, Pater Noster 7 Credo, kneolinde to );er eor^e on Averkcdei, 
«? buinde on lialidei:^ ? ];enne sclial siggen, bwo se con, "Domino 
labia mea aperies :' Dens in adiutorium meum intcnde : Gloii;i Patri, 
sicut erat . alleluia " :f 1 ine Leinten, " Laus tibi Domine rex eti-rno 
glorie:'" efter ]>c laste, "Kirieleison, Cbristcleison, Kirieleison." Pater 
Noster:''? efter ])e amen, "Per Domimun: benedicamus Domino r'Deo 
gratias ^ % et alle J^e o]>re tiden, also biginnen 7 also endcn. P.ute ct 
Cumplie, scbal biginnen Invo so con, "Conuerte nos, Deus salutaris 
noster:'" and et aTle ]>c o]n-c tiden, "Deus in adiutorium," wibutcn 
" Domine labia mea." Eif ci of on Mide don )>us beo voleweb ber, ase 
in o]>rc- obseruannces, mucbel of ure ordve, 7 M-el icli lul reade :' a ]>isse 
wise sv. nunvcn, jlf ;<;e wulleb, siggen o^vcr Pat.ernost)-es. 

. iiwcun.' j)ifc>:.tcs of W world siiigi.>*N li'jurt! 
'.iiU'jN s,ri^i--!i f.ui\' l'.it.'; .\''j.^tivs; Alinilitin 

H T alsw;, from I'lunc u>.i-X luiclinun 
inossen. On V\>^'- " i*' ?;e i'>a-.n ?:;of 

Tin: r.\xox!CAL iioi n> or [■ravf.i:. Jo 

After the next five. s;iy also, " l.nvd hiivc mercy upon u?, Clirist 
have mcrcN' iijioii iis, Loi-d liavc iiu-rcy upr.n us." P;iteriio>tcr. 
'•Mav tluMV be li^'i'ce iii tliy strcii-tli, :in<l iibiu'daiivc in tliy strung- 
holds." a Lord, niorc^fully receive the pTay^'rs of thy chiirch, that, 
beino- delivered Ironi all adversities, it ma;, servo thee in security 
and A-eedom, tlirouoh, &c." After the third five, which you shall 
say without Gloria Patrl, '^Loj'd have mcrc}- upon ns, Christ have 
nierev u])n)i us, Lord have mercy upon us." T'ater noster. Say, "Lord 
deliver their souls from the gate of hell. J-et us pray. "Fidelium, 
&c." Say seven psalms, and those fifteen psalm? about undern tlme,^ 
for about such time as mass is sung in all religious communities, when 
GUI- Lord suftered j^ain u])on the cross, ye ought to be especiall\ in 
pravers and supplications, and also from Prime till mid-morrow, 
wheii the secular priests sing their masses. 

Oui' lay brelhren say thus their liours:— For Nocturns, on work- 
dn\s, eight-and-twenty Paternosters; on holidays, forty; for ves- 
pers, fifteen ; for every other time, seven ; before Xocturns, Pater- 
noster, and Creed, kneeling on the ground on a workday, and 
bowing on a holiday; an<l then whosoever can shall say, "O Lord, 
open thou my lips. " O G(jd, make haste to help me. Glory be to the 
Father, &:c. Hallelula." And in Lent, " Praise be to thee, O Lord, 
eternal Iving of Glory." After the last, "Lord have mercy upon us, 
Christ have mei-cy upon us. Lord have mercy upon us." Pater 
no-^ter. And after the Amo!, " Through the Lord, let us bless the 
Lord ; thaid^s to God." And at all the other hours, thus begin and 
tlmsend; but, at Comj.line, whosoever can shall begin, " 'i"ur;i us, 
O G(Klof our salvation ;" and at all the olhrr liwurs, " O God, make 
spped to save me," omitting "O Lord, oj,e,i thou my lip.." L' anv 
of v<.u will do thi., she tbiloweth here, as in otliM- observances, umcli 

\i„r. oVlo, 

r, p:,l;u. 

iiEfa-i.K l^■^^,^sAKl■M. 

'■- -\ln,il.ti Goa, Fcler, , Sur.c, , soSfost lT,.ii flo.t, -Mo jo ),i-co 
b.c.5 flod, 7 o miht., o «lsa„n,, , o lu.u, 7 t»ul, i. nuht. ,.uiT,a 

of Vine Snne; lo l-o luue, of l-c lloU 0.«t; 5.I n.e o,, ;,1nn,„. God . 

liilcn vorto ,ucn,c ic, Innc , .il to a„n U, nnl,,,. ]>.t ,.1. nunvo 
.V,M-' ^«. l.of. icl. cnnno don, luuo )>et icl.ulle don .nl j.rt t. .» 
Iconesf also In, crt ful of cucricii god, also nis no god wone ■ ],»■ asc 

Ltte n'c. l.un, l.oVi ),n„n„e«o Trinito ■).. wu-hsclnpc. of ).c. ro. 
P.tevno.fos Crodo. r,encaicnn»s ]>r,t.en, 7 I'll.nn, cum Sjmitn 
S:nu-to, Laudenn,s, c, ..„,«■. 0„.nnH : " Ounn^otens s<.,n,„«-ne 
Dous oui dedisti fau.ulis tnis conf.ssionc ncvc hd.., otcnu- I nnnu.,, 
™-"- o-lori-un a-noscei-e, 7 in potrncia niajestatis aduraro unUatan, .,ao- 
sumus nt ejusden, fidei finni.atc ab on.nibns sc.n,.u- nnnnanu.r 
adversis, qui vivis, vcgnas." \Uo so lutl.aneb, obc- sun, oboi ot ,.0 
holi Jirumnesso, sigge }o wullc." 

Svvctc Jo^n I'in ore! swete .Tosu vol- ndnc sutmon anl,on,:..Hl ).e 
rode u„r l-eo ilke uif vnn.deu ^ tn on l.iiv. U.Jd.,^, l,el nunc Uo 1, 
sonk of alio 1-0 uunden ).et l,eo i. nddo i-,vn„d,.d; J.nh nun. n,l v.aU,-., 
■I „n,„uu.o of liaul : Vet bit so n.ote boon :' .li-orwnl be l.oucrd, ; 

"^T^ nX^-OnJ tena adoret ,e Den., et psalla, ,ibi ; 
i':;::di:atnou,i,-,i.uoD,,u;u,e.'' 0..=n,us."dusK,indo.,b..u 

. ..,„ ,. „■■,,,.„„. u,„„, a. W i.. -l.^-,; l..l»;. in. .;.■.««■«; S,. VVU,, ... K 

' ;;;"-: la i.r,...» ^.i "*a- '■"■'■ "' i-- '"'" i-""""""' "•»■"'■ ""- """'■ '■■■ 

. • _..:V ;.,.,-iirl,.| 1. C 

iN iwi-ndt 


of our order, and 1 canu-tly advice it. In this n.nnner you may 
sa^-, ifA'ou will, y<.ur P.itL'i-nostrr.^. 

'"■ Aliiii'ditv ''ioil, yariicr, Son, and ,sootlir;i>t Holy Gliu-^t, cvoi as 
^.. !]'.,,. a^.- one Gnd, and one V)o-,ver, on. wi>doni, and one love, 
;nl ^vl ^vi<dun^ is ospec-ialiv a.eril.ed to tliee in holy ^vrIt, thou dear 
rather: t<. thee ^vi^d^n!, of fhy S<m ; to rluv love, of the Holy 
gC^ ' Give me -race, Almi-hty Gt>d ; inspire into me, yo three 
pJr^un. these same three thin-;: power to serve tliee, wisdom to 
please thee, love and will to do it ; power that I Uiay do, wisdom 
that I mav know what to do, love tliat I may he eonstrained <o do 
all tint is"most approved hv tlu.e; as thou art full of every good 
t],i„, ns there is no good wanting th^.e thr^e are, power, 
wii;m, and love united together, that thou grant n>e them, O holy 
Trini.v, in the worship of thee/' Throe Paternosh^s. I B^.evo 
.-.I,.t\,s hh-;s the Tathor mid the Son, with the Holy Ghost ; let 
XH prii^e and hi'dilv extol him lor ever." Let us pray : " Almighty 
and evcrla^ting^God, who ha.t given unto thy servants hy the con- 
fl..i,.n of t]r-"true thith to acknowledge the glory ot the eternal 
Trimtv, and in the p.wer of the [divine] Majesty to worship the 
unitv,\ve be.eeeh thee that in the steadlastne^s of tins fnth we may 
h.« (l..|ended alwavs fr.nn all adversities, who live.t and reignest, ^c. 
Who., hath this; or any other prayer to the holy Trinity, may say 
which he will. 

'' Sweet Jesus, thy n.ercy ! Sweet Jesus, (hr niy sinssuspended on 
.1 ~ ■ . for the sake of the same five woun Is hy winch thou didst 


,,_,,;,. it is w.anidod through n.ynve 

],,nee of them ; so nK,y it ]>e, dear Wd. 1 ne 1 a enio.te . U^ 


Ml,o hv tho i-rec-ions hh-od of thy only hegotten >on Jesus ( hrisi, ^c." 

, ,- „ , ,■ ,1,.. tro-^- ;ma in prwc.-.M..u> xvhcro llic cross i- 


Chrl^te;-' Tip ]m no const iiout ^05110 seic siino o^lt of tie creulz. 
Deus qui i^nigeniti filii tui Domini nostri Jesu C'hristi prec.o.o. 

'^ Uor -tie scone jiftcs of -SeHoli Gostc, ba icl. nu-te ]i:iU.on luun, 
^ for be scoue tidcn ).ct lioli chirche singed jx't ioli mote delcn nio 
ham, slope icli o>er wakie, ^ for ];e seoue Lonen i]>e Paternoster 
axein >c seouen Leaned deadliehe snnnen, ];et tu wite me wrS ham 
, alle hore brnchen,-^ j '^l? me ]>e seouen seh eadinesses ]>ot tu hauest, 
Louerd, hihoten ]nn icorene i]nn eadi nome." Seone Paternostres, 
V. " Eniittc spiritum tunm ^t creahuntur, 7 renonahis faciem ternv. 
Orenur^ "Dens cul onnic cor patot et onmis vokmtas hjquitnr, 
et qnem nnlkun latet seeretnm, purifiea, per infusionen Sancu 
Spiritus, cogitationes cordis nostri, nt perfbcle te diligere et digne 
laiidare mereaun.r, per, &e. Exaudi, qnesnmns D-uuino, suprhciim 
preces ^j confitencium tlhi parcc peccatis : ut pantc-r nobis mdnl- 
gentiam tribuas benignns^^ pacem, per, &c. Ecclesie tne, quesnmus 
Domine, preces phicatus." 

L'orbetenhesten ^et ich ibrokeu babbe, smnme o5cr alle, and 
nv^ snlf toward te Invat se beo of oj^-r ]n^•at vntreouliclie iteo]>eged, 
ibote ^ of Veos bruchen, vorte seilitnl ^- me ^^ iS ]-e deorewurSe Louerd. 
Ten Paternostres . v. ego dixi, Domine, miserere mci ; sana anunam 

meam quia peccavi tdji. 

Deus cui proprunn. 

"To^^ wur^chipe, .Tesu Crist, of ]>ine t^v-colf apostles ]>ei ich mote 
oueral r.ulewen hore lore 7 ^et ich jnirh Imre boneu mote habben pe 

itcohrAU'l ill h'A-j. C 
in h: C. 



" r or tlie scvuii gifts oF tlic Holy, tliat ! may ]i:i%-e them, 
and fur tiio seven time.s that holy cluirch sinpeth, tliat I may 
partielpate in tliem. Nvlietliei* aslee]^ or auake ; o'lil for tlic seven 
petitions in tht- riitenioster against the seven chief deadly sins, 
that ihon gnard me against them arid all th.eir brood, and givi.; 
me the seven happy beatitudes Avhicli thoUj Lord, hast jiromiscd 
thine elect in thy blessed name." Seven Paternosters, vers. " Send 
forth thy spirit and tliey shall bo created, and thou shalt renew the 
face of the earth." Let us pray: " O God, to whom every heart is 
opLii, and every wish, speaketh, and from wliom no secret is liid, 
purity, by the infusion of the Holy Spirit, the thoughts of our heart, 
that we may perfectly love thee, and worthily j-raise thee, through, 
&c. llfar, we beseech thee, O Lord, the prayers of thy suppliants, 
and forgive the sins of those who confess them to thee ; that likewise 
of thy goodness thou maycst grant us thy favour and peace, through, 
&:c. O Lord, graciously hear the prayers of thy church." 

" Because of the ten connuandments, some or all of which I have 
broken, and in wliatever other things I have tithed mjself untruly 
toward thee, in re[)air of those breaches, to reconcile myself with 
thee, dear Lord." Ten paternostei's ; vers. "I have said, O Lord, 
have mei'cy u})on me, heal my soid, for I lun-e sinned against thee. 
O God, whose piojierty, &c." 

"In honour, O Jesus Christ, of tliy twelve apostles, that I may in 
dl things follow their doctrine^, and that, through their prayers. 

30 i;i':oin,/E ]]sci.rsAi;L,M. 

tv.-colf bov.-cs^ ]>ct L'lo^vc^ ofclicritc, ;ise scinte IV.wcl •^vil•n(;^, Ijlisrule 
Lovic-i-cl. T\vcoir ratcriiosti'os. ''' Annuiicinvei-niit opera Dei et 
saiicl-;tateni ejus." Oremus: "Exandi iios Dens saliitaris iioster, et 
apostoloruui tuovuin iios tucro prasidii>, quorum douasti Hdelcs esse 
doctrinis, pe]-— " 

Halowen j^ct 50 luuieS best 7 nicst In liore wnr^icliipc siggeo 
oper hs, o]?er niOj alse ou Lcree) on lioorto, ^ tet uerset cftcrward 
mid here collecte. 

" Uor alle J'co j^et habbccS cni god ido mo, iseid me, o]?er iunned 
me, ■'f for alle ]>co ilke ]K't m'uvcW6 ])c six wcrkes of misericordc.^ 
merciablc Louerd.'"" Six Paternostres. "DIspoi-sit, dcdit i)aupeiibus; 
justicia ejus n)anet in secula scculorum. Hetribuere, dignare Domine, 
onmibus nobis bona facientibus propter nornen tanm, A-Itam eternam,'' 
Ilwose Nvulc mei siggen ]?csnc psaluK "Ad te levavi," buioren ])0 
Paternostres, ^ sco]?cn, " Kirieleison, Christeleison, Kirieleison." 

" Uor alio ]'e soulen ]'et bcoS for^faren i^e l/ileaue of ];e vour 
gospclles ]'ct holdcb al Cristendoni up a uour lialues, j^et tu ])g vour 
moririuen^ jiue liani innc lieouene, uiilccfule Louerd." Four I'atci-- 
iiostres :^ '^ *^'if 5^ siggeS }iicne, asc )»er LeoS niene, englene ordres," 
])et God JMu-h liis milcc j for liis merci lu'je liain ut of pine to horo 
velauredden,^ ^e do]i jet bcterc :' 7 lier also siggeS "Do i)rofundis," 
biuore ];e Paternoster. " Kiriel. Christel. Kii'iel. A porta inferi, erne 
Domine animas eoruui." Oremus: ""Fidelium, Dens, omnimn con- 
ditor et redemptor, anlmabus fanudorum famularuuKpie [tnarum 
remissioiKMn eunctoru)ii tribue i»eeeatorum : ut indnlgentiam (pi;uu 
seiuj.ei- (.ptave]-unt juis supplicafionibus consequantur.] '^ 

inil.'C'fiilf Lriui 

utoifa.s. c. 

[>iii-.lntc.]. (• 












n;AYKi:- Vini !u:m..a( tous axd vcni Tin: ni:Ai: 


I ,.av l.ave iV. t^.elvo h.uu^n. of, .vlnch Wesson , .. S 
P.ul'shcwet!, M.s^.a Lonl.-' Twelve I' " J Ley cL.cLuod 
,1,. ,,„,!,, .r the and Ins ll.lin.s.'^ Let us pray : ; Kc.n- «=, 
O Gud of ouv Saivatlou, and keen us sale U H.e in-utec,on ot t. 
apostle., to doctrines tl.ou Last granted u<^ to be f^ntlnu,, 

tln-on-li, c^-c." 

In^b. worddp of those saints ul.oni yc love best and most, say 
less or as your heart inclines yon, and that ver.iele afterwanls, 
with their collect. 

" P(j^. all tho^e v.h.o have done me, said of me, or granted nu; any 

I oood and ibr all .ueh as Avork the six works of mercy, O merclfid 

* 1 -r 1 '' ^"^Ix IMi-rno^ters. " He hath dispersed, lie hath given to the 

I .Ir- his ri.d>teonsuess remaineth fbr ever. Deign, O Lord, t^ 

: ] reward all those m lio do good to us Avith eternal lifb, for thy .lame s 

■ i vd.e " Who NviU n>av say this psalm, " To thee have I lifted up, 

I f befbre the PaternestJr; and then, "Lord have mercy upon me, 

V I Clirist have mercy. Lord have mercy." 

i I - \\,, all the souls that have departed in the belief of the four 

^ ! P-osv.cls Avhich support all Cdn-istendom on four sides, give them m 

i I heavei. the tbur n.arrlage portions, gracious Lord." Four Paternosl^s ; 

and if vou sav nine, as there are nine orders of angels, that God 
i through his grace and of his mercy may elevate them soon out of 

I pain t^ their IbUowship, ye do still better ; and here also say " Dc pro- 

Lndis-' beibre the l^aternoster. " Lord have n>erc>; upon us, Chnst 
have n.ercy upon us, Lord have n.ercy upon us. I rom t '^^^ es of 
Hell, C) Lord, deliver their souls." Lot us pray: '^ O God the 
Gre.^or and the of all the faithtbl grant to the so.ds 
i of thv servants r.n,i..ion of all their sins, that they may obtan. 

\ the indnlgence v hieh they have always de.ired by their devout 

I j.rayers. 




i ^ 

32 KEOiL.i: i\(.i.r:~-Aiir.M. 

Bi dele suinine tunc oj'er l.i niht-^ j'^u-lie^ 7 gedci'cb in owre 
heorte alle slke <^ alle sorie, ])ct v/o j \.mvvt•^ ]^.litb., ]h> i-ine JK-t 
pvisuns ]jolie^ r' ]jet hcu liggeb luid iivii iieuie ivootrred •> nomc- 
liche of So Cristeiic ]>et beocS ine he])iiic3sc, siunnio ino prisune, 
sunnncinc also inudielo Scudome also oxe is o]?cr assor' liab1;e^ 
reou]^e of ]>eo >et bcoS inc stronge teniptaciuns.*^ Alio monnc sores 
Fono7>>. setlcS in ower >uubte, 7 slkcS to vro Louerd ]>ct ho nimc jcmo 7 
habbc rcouj'o of b;un, 7 biholde touward liani mid tc eie of Ins ore . 
^Vif 56 habbeb hwule, sigge« ]>eme psabn, "Levari oculos nieos.'"^ 
Paternoster. " Coivjertere, Doniine, tisqnequo :' ct dcprecabilis esto 
super seruos tuos/^ Pretende, Domine, fanuilis et famulabus tuis 
dexteram celestis auxilii, ut te toto corde perqulranf, et que digne 
postulant asscqunntur, per Christmn Dominmn nostrum." 

I be niesse Invon ]>c prcost liefS up Godcs liconic, siggob ]>oo> 
uers stondlnde, "Kcee salvs mundi, nerbum Patris:' hostiauera, uiua 
caro, deltas Integra, verus lionior" and j^eonne uallcb adun nud ]'eos 
trretunoc. «Aue principlum nostre creationis r aue preeiuni nostre 
^edemptionls:^ auc viaticum nostre peregriuationis :^ tu esto nostrum 
caudium qui es futurus premium. Sit nostra in te gloru., per 
cuneta semper secula. ^lane nobiscum, Domine :' noctem obscuram 
remove:^ onuie delictum abluef piam medelam tribuc. Gloria td.i. 
Domino ^ sod quis est locus in me quo veniat in me Deus mens, qui 
fecitcelum7 terram:' itane Domine Deus mens? est quicqunm m 
mc quod capiat to? quis mibi dabit ut venias m cor_meum, .^t 
inobries iUud. 7 vinum bonum uK^an. amplector te ? quis milu cs 
miserere ut loquar? angu.ta est d.nms animo mce quo vnuas ad 
ea.n- dilatctur abs te:' ruiuosa est, rcHce earn .^ lulK-t que oOendant 
oculos tuos f^iteor et scio :' set quis mundabit earn, aut cm alter. 
„,,t,.. to [clanKd.ol? ab occultis m-ls mnnda nu, Donuno, et ab 
; ,.nv. servo'tuo:''- nds.rov., mlsorer., nu-.Tcre n.cK l)ou>, 
:ecauKiunMnagnam nd^erlcordian. tu:m.:"'- and so al )>eno p.dn. vt, 

:.(■. \". 

Di:VO[ T .-viKIyrj ATIONS — PllAYEKS .\T :\!ASS. 33 

At some tiuio in tiie day or the niglit tliinlc i!iii/ii ami call to ii;ind 
all who arc sick aii'l >(;rj'i)\vrul, who suIKt atiiictii-.-ii and p')verty, tlio 
r.aiii. wliicli prisoii.'j-s cn'luro wlio lie licivily ['ftiCiX'd witli iron; tliiiik 
C'^l^uelallv (-t the C'hrlr.iia;)-. who are aiiioiiij:- the heathen, some in 
jirisen, home in as i.>;reat th.-akh^a as is an ux or an ass; conipa'^sidnatc 
tliose wiK! are nnder strong' temptations: th<.>nghf of all iiK'n's 
sorrows, aiid sigh to onr Lord that he may take '-are oP them, and 
have eoinj):i<<i.)Vi, and lotdc ni-on them with a gracious e\-e : and. if 
you have leisure, ]'cj)'.'at this Psalm, '' I have lit^ted up mine eyes," <Scc, 
Pater iioster. " lu'turn, O Lord, how long, and he cntieatcd in 
favuin- of thy servants : " Let us pray. " Stretch forth, O Lord, io 
thy servants and to thv liandmaids the right hand of thy licavenly 
ai<i. that tliey may sev^k tliee with all their lier.rt, and ul.tain what 
they wortiiily ask through Jesus Christ our Lord." 

In the mass, when the priest elevaies God's hody, say these verses, 
standing, " Peh.old the Saviour of the w.)rld : the word of the 
Father; a true sacrifice ; livmg flesh ; intire Oudliead ; very man;" 
and then fall down with this greeting, " ILiil : cause of our creation ; 
Hail ! price of our redemption ; Hail ! (.ur support during onv 
pil-rlmage. Pe thou our joy, wdio art ahout to he on.'- reward. 
i\Iay our glory he in thee, for ever and ev.r. Ahide witli u^ 
I I O Lord. Pemove our darkness. Wash from us all our gnilr. 

1 I Grant a holy remedy. Glory he to thee, O L(.rd. Put, is there any 

j I place in me into which my God may come who made heaven and 

I I earth? Is it so, O Lord my God? Is thert in me any thing which 

I I may contain thee? Wilt thou indeed come into my heart ami 

i t iuehriateit? And do I emhrace thee, my gofMl win.e ? What art 

[ f thou tu me ? Pitv me, tliat I may speak. The huuso .,f my soul is 

too narrow that thou shoiddst come into it. Let if he enlarged hy 
thee. IL i. in ruins, repair it. 1 confl-ss and knnw that it confai.i, 
wh:,t is ohbnMve to thine eyes. lint who J.all ejean.e it, or to 
who!n hut thee shall 1 <-r.v ? Cleanse n.:-, O (-h1, h'om my 
[ f su'ret hiuhs; and IVom ' the sins ol' others >pare thy servant. 

HaAe mere^\, have mercy, have mercy ujx.n me, O Ciod, according 

( .\>ff). SOC. 1 


luld Gloria Patri, " Christo audi iios," twie. « KiTiol. Cliristd. Kiri.-l. 
rater nostur :' Ci-e:lo. Salmuufac scruuni tuiiin, 1 )eu.s ine-ns, speraiitrm 
in tc. Docc liic fucere uoluntatom txnnu, «|uia Dcus mens rs tu. 
Doiuiue exaudi oracionein meaMi. Et clamor meus ad tc veiiiat.' 
Oremus. '' Concede, qucsumus, omiiipotcns Dcus, ut qiiciu cnigniatlce 
et sub alieiia specie ccriiinius, quo sacrauientaliter cibauuir in terns, 
facie ad facleiu cum videamus, [eo] sicuti [est] vcracitcr ^ realitcr frui 
raereamur in celis: per cu)idein.' 

Fvlio 8. Efter ].'e messecos, liwon ])e preost sacred, per norjite^ al J-ene 

world, ^ ]^er beo5 al vt of bodi :' ]K-r in sperclinde luue bicluppeb ourc 
Icofmon ]7et into ower brcoste bur is ililit of lieouene, "^ liolde^ Line 
ueste, iiort lie babbe igranted on '^ al ])et ;;c cuer wuUeti. 

Abutc mid dei liwose mei, ^ liwosc ne mei J'conne, o sunune o^er 
time, jjcnclie o Godes rode alse muchele ase lieo cuei- con oj-er 
niai, % of bis deorevrurSe pinen t' <^ bcginne )>er eftcr ]'e iike vif 
gretunges 5et beoS iwritten );eruppe:' <^ also kneolinde to cu)-icbon, 
c-/ blesc^'S, ase bit serS >er, "^ bcatcS o^ver brcoste, ^ makie^i a s^vuc]l 
bone. '' Adoramns to Cbristc et bcnedicinius tibi, qui per sanctani 
crucem tuam redemisti mundum. Tuam cruccin adorannis Domiiic. 
Tuaui gloriosam recolinuis passionem :^ jniscrero nostri qui passus es 
pro nobis. Salue crux sancta, arbor digna, que sola fuisti digna 
portare Kegem ceb>i-nm ^ Dominum. Salue crux que in corpore." 

" O crux olorio^a! ocrux adoranda! o ligiiura in-cciosnm, J admirabile 
siinmm, i^^^ quod j, dinbolus est victt.s, 7 numdus C)u-Istl sanguine 
rJdemptus ! " Arise^ j^eonne 7 biginneS ju^sne ant^fne. ^ '• Salue nos, 
Cbristc:'" and siggeb stondinde ]K>snc psabn, ''lubilate," niit te 


k !■> tlsy _£:rcfit nicnvy : " .'li-l ^..) tlio whole l\<aliu lo tlic cud, wijli (ilm-iu 

I; P;itri: "'• O C'liri-t lica'- u^" twirc; "Lord liavc mcrcv upon us. 

|;: Chriftt ];a\c' iwcrcy upr^n u^. Loi-,] Imvc iiieivv Ti])on us/' '"Qui- 

U Fnthur ; I uolicvc."' " O my God, hn,vo thy servant, wlio puttetli his 

I) trust in th(>e. Teach me to Jo tliy ■will, f^ir thou art luv Goch 

f ; Lori], lie ir my jjrayer, aiul let my cry come ujito tln'o.'" \a'[ iis 

[1 |)ray : '• Ciraut, wi' l^'seech thee, A]miij;hty Cod, that liim ^vhom we 

f,; sec darkly, and lmd^')• a ditlerent form, on whom we feed sncra- 

|i jneiitally on eai-th," we may .see face to face, and may be thoupdit 

worthy to enjoy him ti'uly aivl really, as lie is, in hca\en, through 

|f.^ the same." 

L': iiftcr the kiss of peace in the mass, when the priest coiisccratcs, 

fe foi'get tliere all the world, an.! there Le intiroly out of the body; 

|;: there in glowing love embrace your beloved [Saviour] ^vho is come 

|4 do^^ ]i from hcavcii into your breast's bower, and hold him fast imtil 

tj. he shall have granted whatever you wisli for. 

ki About mid day wdioso may, and whoso may not then at some 

f ) other time, should think upon God's rood as much and as intently as 

E'^ ever she can, and of his precious sufferings ; and thereafter begin 

f ■ the same five salutations which are writteii above; and also bowing 

! the knee at every one, inake the cross and bless, as is said thcre^ 

l^ and beat your breast, and say this kind of i)raycr, "We adore 

H thee, O Christ, and we bless tlice, wlio by thy holy cross liast 

I redeemed the w^orld ; we adore thy cross, O Lord ; ^^■c meditate 

i u])on thy glorious passion. Have mercy upon us, O thou who didst 

[ suih-r for us I Hail ! O holy cross; tree of w^orth I Who alone wcrt 

' Worthy to bear the King and Lord of Heaven. Hail, O O'oss, which 

I in body," 8:c. 

' " O ahirious cro-s I O ci'oss worihy of adoi'ation ! O jyrecious wood 
and atbuirable sign, by v>hi<di both the (h-vil is ovei-come, and iha 
woi'ld, through iho blood of Christ, is j-edeemed ! " Then ]-ise Uj) 

■■■■ <,:u. Is this anc-iri.t pniv.-r cnn-l-t-iit with th" h.-!i.'f of tlic real hoJiK j.ivsfiicc of 
riin>t ill tht' S^irnnuriita! biva^l and wiiir ? 



'•aloria;' and j'crcfter ]'oiio mitcfno:' ^ sio-gciS cucr jros, " Salua r.os 
Christe Saluator, \>cv uirtutcm -anctL- cnici.s (and IjlcsceS on ") qui 
saluastls Petruin in mari, rr.I.^cmv n<.l)i?.," al!(n)i_■atL■^ on o'.vor Ln.ostc, 
c^]?eonne valleb a.lun, ^^ sigov^, "Cliristc aiuli iick/' tAvi.'. " Kiri.l 
Cliristel. Kiriel." Vntcv iioster, V " Vyoivi-\^ ,r Dusker asi^ic- Deius 7 
resplcc in faeiian Chri>ti tui/' Oi-euuis. " Deus qui sanctani crucein 
ascendisti, ec niundi tcnebras iHuniir:a5ti, quesumus, Dorniuc, tu 
corda j corpora nostra illuiuinare digriarc :' per Douiinuni.'' And eft 
Liginne?^ ''■ Adoramus te Christe/' also, use er, alio ^■ive. pe antefiic, 
" Salue nos " ase or. pc psalm, " Ad te leuaui." pene antefnc eftcr 
al vt, '^ tcnne, also cr, r.alleb to Ser corSe. "Cliriste audi iius/' 
twien. Kiriel. Clu-istel. Ku-iol. Pater noster,V"- Protector iio^ter aspire, 
Folio SI. Dcus.'" Orenius. " Perpetua 110s Doniinc pace custodi quos per 
lianuni sant-te crueis rediniere dignatus es, qui uiuis ^ regn;i; cum Deo 
Patro." pe j-ridde time rilit also, and []>e] feortlie clierre, -7 te vifto 
clierre, 7 iiont no cliaungc 50^ Lute ])e psalmes --^ te vreisuns. ])e 
vorine psalm is " luLilatc." pe o];er is "Ad te leuaui." pe ]n-iddc, 
"Qui confidunt." pe veorde, "Domlne non est exaltatum." pe 
vifte, "Laudate Dominum in Sanctis ejus :"' and in eucriclion Leo^ 
vif ^ers, pe vreisuns bcoS J^eos. "Deus qui sanctani cruceni. 
Adcsto nobis Domine Deus noster, ct quos sancte crueis letari lacis 
lionorc, ejus quoquc perpetno defeude subsidio." 

" Deus qui pro nobis fillum tuuni crueis patibulum subiie u.olui<u 
vA iniiiiici a nobis cxi)elleres potc-4atem, concede nobis fanudi^ lui-, ut 
resnrrectioni^ gratiam consefpiamur, per eundem. Deus cpii uni- 
ejiiti," jnid " O beala et intcmerata." "Juste judex, Ocva C'lu-iste/' 

:. -, l,l.:.,.;n lur. ).Mn,... r. ^ 


iwA h<?o)V\ th'i:- .'iritlicr.i, '•' S;ivc us, O Christ;" and .standinir, say tliis 
r.^alm, "Jtii.ilat*,'," -Ailli the " (lli)i-ia," and at'ttT tliat the ai'.thiMii ; 
and sav cvtT thus, " .Sa\e vis, O <^.'h)i:>t onv Saviour, by the virtue 
of thv lioly cross," jin.i inidce the sign of the cross, " Tliou wliu didst 
save IVtcr on tlie sea, liave mercy upon us:" and beat on your 
bivast, and tlien Fall down and say twice, " O Christ hear us. Lord 
]iave mercy upon us. Christ h:ive mercy -upon us. Lord liave 
mercy upon \is." Pater n.ister, A'eisicle, " Beliold, O God, our ]'ro- 
tector, and look Uj)oii the; face of thy Christ." '•'■ Let us pray : " O God, 
who didst ascend the holy cross, and hast enlightened the darkness of 
this world, ^ve pray thee, O Lord, deign to enlighten our hearts and 
bodies ; tln-ough the Lord.'^ And afterwards beghi, " AYe adore thee, 
O Christ," the same as before, all the five. The anthem, '"' Save us," 
as before ; the Psalm, " Tu thee have I lifted up ; " afterwards the 
whole ar.thein, and then, as before, fall to the earth; "O Christ 
heai- u^/' twice. " Lord have mercy upon us. Clirist have mercy 
upon us. Lord have mercy ujion us: " Pater noster; the versicle, 
"Behold, C) God, our shield." Let us pray: " Kec[) us, O Lord, 
in peri)etaal peace, whom by the wood of the holy ci'oss thou hast 
vouchsafed to redeem, wdio livest and reignest with God the Father." 
Do exactly the same the third time, and the fovu'th and fifth time, 
and cliange nothing but the Psalms and the prayers. The first is, 
" O be joyful ; " the next, " Unto thee have I lifted up ; " the third, 
*' They that trust ; " the fourth, "Lord, my heart is not haughty. 
The fifth, "Praise the Lord in his sanctuary; " and in each there 
I are five verses. The prayers are these: "O God, who didst ascend 

the hoi}' cross; " " P>e present with us, O Lord our God, and those 
whom thou makest to rej(jice in the lionour of that holy cross, defend 
also with its continual helj)." 

" O G(.d, who didst consent that thy son should undergo the ]);ilnrul 

cro>s for us, tliat thou miglitest drive away from u,s the powei- of lli(> 

enemy, gr.iu! to m^ tli} servants thai we may o1-lain the grace of ihc 

l]n-on<di the same Lord." '■' ( ) Cfod, who of thy ohIn- 


Foluj 0. 

38 llEGUr..!^ INCLLSAllUM. 

and Invo se nc con nout }?eos fif vj'cisims, siggc euer ennc :' ^ Invo se 
J?unche'(S to longe Icte ]>e psalmcs. 

" Swete IcfJi seinte IMario, vor ]>qo like uiuclieie ljli.<>o ]>ot tiilicue- 
clcst^^ wI<ii!Tuo ])Q ]>co ilkc time ])et Jcsu (!od, Ciodcs sune, cf'tcr the 
engles gretungc nuin flcsclis 7. Llod in ]'(_■ j of ])c, vjidcvuong mine 
gretunge mid tru ilke Aue, 7 make me tcHen lute! of euerich blis>o 
vtcwib, H froure me incwic^ 7 enidc; '' me ]'e Uisse of heouene : 7 ulse 
Avis ase iSeu ilke fleschc ]'et lie nomof jve lu-s neuer sunne, )ie i bine, 
alse me wened/ efter J;e ilkc nimnnge, liwat se Linore were, clensc 
mine soule of flesliclic snimen. " Ane ]Maria," uovt " Domiiuis tecum." 
Magnificat, stondindc. "Aue Maria," al vt vif siben, 7 eft jniri. "Swete 
lefdi seintc Marie, vor ]>c ilkc mncliele blisse ))et tu liefdest ]>ua \n 
iscie ]>et ilke Llissfulc beam iboren of bine clone bodic to moncunnc 
Iiele wibuten euerich bruche, mid ihol mcidenhod 7 nieidenes 
men^ke, hel me ])et am Jnu'li wil tobroken, ase 1 drcde, liwat se beo of 
dede, ? jif me ine lieouene iseon ]n blissfule leor 7 biholden huro 7 
hure meidenes menske, jif ich nam wurbe fur to boon iblesced in 
hore veokiuredden, Aue Maria gratia plena, Doun'nus tecum. Ad 
Dominum cum tribularer," stondinde. Aues also er fif siben. 

" Swete lefdi seintc INIarie, vor ]jc ilkc muchelc blisse J^ct tu hefdcst 
])0 ]m iseie ]nnc dcorcwurbe sunc cfter his swetc dcorwurbe deab ^ 
arisen to blissfule line, his bodi sroucuold brihture ]>ene []'c] sunne, 
jif me dcien mid him 7 arisen in him :' worldliche deie;i ? gostliche 
lil)ben :' delen in his pinen veolaulickie on eorbe, nor te beon ine blisse 
his feolawe inc heoiiene, nor ])e ill;(! muchelc blisse ]'et tu lieucdest, 
lefdi, of his blissfulo arislc elter ]'ine muchelc seorcwe:' cfter mine 




Ijco-otlen Si)ii."' With, '' O hlcssed and pure, O ri-liteon.^ Ju.lge, .Tcsu 
Chri>r." Aiul Vvliu-o cannot say these five prayeis, sliould say 
alw;iNS one; and ulio-.^ thinketh tlieni too lung may omit the Psahiis. 
" 8v.(-et lad\-, Saint ^!aiy, for that sinne great ueligiu wlficli tliou 
hadst within tlicc, at the very tin.e wlieu Jesus God, the Son of 
God, alKa- tlie salutation of tlio angel, took flesh and hlood in theo 
and of thee, recolvo niy salutation with the same ' Ave,' and make 
me to think littk- of every outward delight, and comfort me within, 
and hy thy merits procure for me the joy of heaven; and as 
certainlv as^n the same flesh that lie took of thee there was never 
sin, nor in thine, as I believe, after the same conception, whatever 
may have been before, cleanse my soul from fleshly sins: ]Iail, 
iNlarv,"" and so on to " The Lord is with thee/" The IMagniticnt, 
standing. '-'Hail, ^^lary," to the end, five times, and then, thus: 
"Sweet Lady, St. ^NFai^, for the same great joy that thou hadst 
when thou sa^vest that blissful child, born of thy pure body for the 
salvation of mankind, without any use of klnde,''' with whole 
vii-ginity and maiden's honour, heal mc who through will am broken, 
as I fear, whatever I may be as to deed, and grant that I may 
in lieaven behold thy joyful countenance, and behold her, and her 
maiden's honour, if I am not worthy to be blessed In her fellowship. 
Hail, Alary I full of grace ; the Lord is with thee. To the Lord I 
cried when I was in trouble," standing. Ave, also, as before, five 

" Sweet Lady, Saint INIary, for the same great j. .y an hich thou hadst 
wdien thou sawcst thy dear Son, after his sweet precious death, arise 
to joyful life, his body sevenfold brighter than the sun, grant me 
tint I may die with him and rise in him; die to the world, and live 
• ituallv; share in his as his fbllow.-r on earth, that I 


iiiV be his compiinion in blessedness 
hKh thnuhad.t, () Lady, ofhlsjoyfi 
jrrow ; a.fter my great sorj'ow i 


in heaven : for the great joy 
1 resuiTcction, after thy great 
■h 1 e\er am heiv, lead me to 





FoUo 9 /;. 

,„vK--..-em-u-,vo l-et k-1. n,n euer inne l.ovc:' 1«1 mc to ),;nc I.lissc. 
A«o M:;.i. snitiu'- nort "Dou.uu,,,,,,. Itetriln.. ..rvo tuo, .ue. 

" Swote lefdi sehUe Jinvb, v.ov Ve mn.l.elc Wisso J.vt tu LcMct ].o 
l,u;seie) blissful .unc ),.. ,e Gym wena.,, vo.-t,, .).nH, .- 

"u 5 Bote 1 o mlklelicLe, a„ l.oU In.rsdei, s„e„ .,. ks bhssc ,,.,,0 „. 
rilio of heoue.c=' # ™o serpen nnd l,i,n .1 )« «,.,« ..ndev y.t, 1 

licbe, into Se blisso of l.eouene. Auo Man.. Tn conucrtcndo, A.u. 
IMavin," al vt fif siScii. 

" Swoto lefdi, seinto Mario, uor ),o ilU- nmcl.ol. Uis.o j-ot fuLk- al 
,,e eorSo !« W ="eto Uisfulo su.c „™loruo„g So ,» l„s vunnct. l.l.sso 
r„ .s bliifulo or,„os setto >c i„o .rone 1 queno on Leaned 
>.r 1 tu.-cl."r,e r>o]snm,e: hoih l,ooi,enlidie c«o„e, nnderuong so l-eo^ 
>.„ltu.c)...,e J j_ ^^^_^^^ Uisfulkdie grete ho n,o 

gvotnnges of mo «- J , A.ez fif si5o„, and poonno ]>et 

t"r '« Sph-Itus sanctu. suporuemct. ^ ulrtj^ A^t..nn ob.uul^rabjt 

^Ina ut qui, a..clo nunciantc, Chrlsti ^lil tnl ineavnahoucn cog- 
f^ -mu per p sslc^^cm ejus ctcruceu. ad rc...nvct,..n. e,u. gloruna 
^I2L\^ eundem Chvistun. Don.inu. nostnnn, an.n. 
Aue rcglnu celorum ; Auc Donnna angelorunu 

Salue radix snncia [porta,] 

Ex qua muiiao lux est oria; 

Auc vlrgo g1ori(Ka; 

Super ouuies spc:cli>j;a; 

Valf, O valde dt^cora, 

Kt pro fM.nquT Cl.ri>luu-. cxom." 

Vevset "Egrc.aK.tuv <!.. ra<llcc. Jess, .t flus de va.lux 


{* Tin: .)()ys or tiik 1'.i,i:s,si:ij vnioix. 41 


' tliyjoy. "Kail, :\IarvI" unto " Tlio Loi'.l is whli tlicc.'' '^ Deal 

bountifullv v.'Itli thy servant. Hail, Mary I " live times. 

"Sweet Lady, wSaliit I\rary, for tlie great jo}- vliieli thou liadst 
\vlicn tlioa sawcst tliy l)rii;]it lilissfiil Son, v/lioin the Jev>s thought 
^^ to imprison in the stifling t^nih, liS anrithcr mortal man, without hope 

*' of rising again ; sawest hini so gloriously and gracirmsly, on Holy 

Thursday, aseend up to his joy into his kingdom of heaven ; grant 
r to me that I may Nvith him cast all the world under my feet, and 

> ascend uj) now in heart and mind: and when I die [that I may 

ascend] spiritually, and at the judgment day all bodily, into tlio 
5 blessedness of hca\-en. Hail, ]\Iary ! AVlicn the Lord turned 

i- ao'ain the eaiitivitv of Sion. Hail, Marv," all out, five times. 

I "vSweet Lady, Saint jMary, for the same great joy that filled all 

^ the earth, v/heu thy sweet blissful Son received thee int(j his infiriitc 

'k bliss, and with liis blissful arms placed thee on the throne, and a 

,lf queenly crown on thy head brighter than the sun ; O high, heavenly 

% queen, so receive these salutations from me on earth, that I may 

% blissfully salute thee in heaven. ILul, j\[ary, unto thee lift I up. 

f- Hail!'' five times, and then this versicle: "The Holy Ghost shall 

ff come upon thee; and the power of the Highest shall overshadow 

I thee." Let us pray: "^Vc beseech thee, O Lord, pour thy grace 

I into our hearts, tliat we, who, by the message of the angel have 

known the incarnation of Christ th)- Son, may be brought by his 
cross and suffering to the glor^'-of his resurrection, througli the same 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Hail, Queen of Heaven ! Hail 
Sovereign of angels! Hail, O root [of Jesse], gate of heaven! 
From wdiich light has risen upon the Avorld. Hail, O glorious 
virgin. Leautifui above all. Pr-'vail, O most graceful! And 
ever entreat Christ in uur Ijeiinlf." \\T>icle, "A rod shal! come 
fo)-ih Irom the stem of Jesse, and a Hower sliali grow out of his 
Kjot." Let us pray: " O God, who didst not disdain tlio virgin's 
womi), t^c. Lc ^hid. O )nc>ther of Ciod, unspotted ^■il•gin; be 

FoUo 10. 


Gaude Dei geiictrix, uirno iivr.naculata :' gaudo quod gaudium 
ab angelo snsccpistl :^ gaude (iuod gcnulsti cterni luiiiii)is clari- 
tatcDi^ gaudo :\rater, gaude <ancta Doi gcurfrix. Uirgo tu 
sola j.Iater innupta. To laudat onuiis filii croataia gouLtrlcoui 
lucis:' sis pro nobis yiia intoruoiitvix." V, Ecce uirgo concipiet 
% parlet fllium. Oreuuis. Deas (]ui de beatc Marie uifginis 
utero verljum tuum, augelo uuuciaute, suscij)erc vohii^ti, c^-o. 
Gaude uirgo, gaudo Dei genetrix, ct gaude gaudium ?^laria:' om- 
nium fidoliurn gaudeat ecclesia in tuis laudibus :' ct jna 
domina oandere fac nos tecum ante Dominum. V. Ecce uirgo con- 
cipiet." Orcmus. " Dens qui salutis cterne, &c. Kedemp- 
toris mater que pcruia celi porta manes, ct stella )naris :' succuito 
cadenti, surgorc qui curat populo. Tu quoe genuisti, natur.i nii- 
rante, tuum sanctum Genitorem. Virgo prius ac posterius, Chibri- 
clis ab ore sumens illud Aue, peccatorum mi<crcrc." I lor siggocS 
fifti auez, oj^er an liundred, oSer mo ot5er los, eftor }'ct 50 hablie^ 
hwule:' alast )?et uerset, "Ecce ancilla Domini, fiat mihi secundum 
verbum tuum." Oremus. " O sancta uirgo nirginum qua- genuisti 
filium triumphatorem Zabuli." Ihvo sc wule mci a-stunton ]K-rupp,e •'' 
anon rihtes efter ]'0 normc uroisun. " Gratiam tuam quesumus 
Domine," and siggen )?enne biro tale of aucz r' efter So laste psalmc, 
« Ad te leuani,"^^ eucr biuorc ])e psalmc bigirmen one auc ^ uort '' 
Dominus tecum r' 1! sigge stondinde )>enc psalm :' ];cos psalmes beoS 
inumenc efter |)e nif lettres of vro lefdi nome :' Invo se nimeS jome 
of ];isssc worde Maria, be moi ivindon })orinuo ]'C vorme vlf lottros 
of "Seos biuorc seide psalmes, 7 alle ]k>os vrcisuns eoruo^S bi (Soos 
fine, efter liire vine bextc blissen tel in \q antefuos^ 7 tu schal i\in- 
dcn in bam vif grctungcs. peo ureisuns ]?et icb nabbc butc imorked 
bco^ iwrltcn oueral, bute one )?o laste. LcteS '' writen on one scrowc 
Invat se jc no bunnctS nont. 

■- mil stutton )n-ujipc. Kj. 

' liw.ivf i.iiiu;?; r,,.n!C, 1 al )'is ilkc vreisun, (.I't-T lilro {\x host->cii, h\ t'lm telu 
ill ('C :iiitrniimes. ('. 

<: 1.. I i.-'n n.'il.l-' iiu.'i^ra '.'Utn an i)Poh' iwrit^'ii ■>u(r.>l wiN.itrii l-,- I,^>;o. C. 

woiisinr (U'^ TiiK i',LKssF,i> viitf;iN'. 43 

olad I'ocause tliou li;ist coiicolvcd joy horn tlie /iigcl ; be glad 
Lcansc tliou luist brcuglit iortli the Li-ightiiLSs of li^^lit eternal: be 
olad, O niotlier ; be glad, O holy mother of God. Thou, uloue, O 
vlr-iii, art a mot nor an itiiout a mate. Every creature praises thee, the 
m^'tlier of the son of light. I'e a graeioiis mediator in our bduilf." 
\'ers;ele, " lUb.old, a virgin shall conceive and shall bring forth a sun. 
15e ola.l, O virgin; be glad, O mother of God, and be exceeding 
iu\ ful, (') Mary.'' Let tlie congregation of aJl the faithful rej>.iec i.i 
'th"v praises. Constant and pious lady, make us to be glad with thee 
bc^bre the J>o]xl." Verslcle, " J3cliold, a virgin shall conceive." Let 
us i>i-ay : " O God, aaIio for our eternal salvation, S-'C." " O gracious 
mother of the Eedecmcr, who reraainest tlic gate through Avhich 
heaven is entered, a)i<l the star of the sea; succour thy falling, people, 
Avho wish to rise. Thou who, whilst nature admired, didst bring 
forth thy holy Father, a virgin both before and after, receiving that 
sahitation from the lips of Gabriel, pity the sinful." Here say, 
" Hail, Mar)- ! " fifty or u hundred times, more or less, as ye have 
leisure. Lastly, this versicle, "Behold the Jiandmaid of the Lord ; 
be it unto me according to thy word." Let us pray: "O holy 
A^irgin of Virgins, who gave birth to thy son the vanquisher of Satan." 
Wlwso will niay stand up innnediately after the first prayer. " ^V^e 
boeech thee, O Lord, grant us thy grace," and then say her 
nuudjer of " Hail, INIaries." After the last psalm, « Unto thee hft I 
up," and always belbrc the psalm begin one "Hail, IMary," as far 
as '"the Lord' is ^^ith thee," and say the psalm standing. These 
psalms are taken aftor the five letters of oui- Lady's name. \\ hoso 
paA s attention to this word Maria may fi).d in it the first letters ot 
these five psahns aforesaid, and all those prayers run accordmg to 
these five. After her five liighest joys r.onnt in the anthems and 
thou shalt find in them five salntaiions. 'Jdie J.rayers whirl. 1 have 
onU indicated are written iii iVdl, except .,nly the Just. Cause to be 
wriltL-n on a scroll what ye do not know by heai't. 

^ liEGLL.K JNCLr.SAUl .M. 


Al ],ct 50 cuor siggeS of sn-udi^ uSer bone, .so of l>a(er i.ostrc 
I oi Auez,_on owcr owene ^vi.e, psabnas 7 vreisims: al idi am uol 
ipracu cr.enclioii sigge ];et Lire best bereS on heorte:' ver.Iunoe of 
hire sautere: redinge of Englichs, o^er of Freincbs - hob mJdlta- 
cnms. Ol owcr kneolunge, Lwon so 50 euer muwen ihwulen, biuore 
mete oSer efter, euer so ^e more do5, so God ou echeS furSre bis 
deorewurSe grace- % lokeS also icb bid ou ];et ;^e ne beon neuor 
Kiel . wurcheS, oSer rede^ ober beob i beoden, % in ureistn.s •' 
? so COS oner sumb^-at >et god muwe l>erof avvakenen :' be vres of 
>e nob goste jif ^^^ ban. wulIeS siggen, sigge« euerlcbe tide of ham 
biuoren ure lefdi tiden. Toward te preostes tiden berkneS s^ wel 
p imuven. Aub nnd him ne scbule je nouSer uerslen ne sh.ovn 
}>et he hit nunve iheren. Ou er gi-aces, stondinde, biuore mete 7 oLy 
alse ha h^h nvnten ou :' 7 mid te miserere, goS biuoren uwez- 
weouede 7 endeS «er ],e graces: bitweone mete, hwo se drinken 
wule, sigge benedicito: "potum nostrum filius Dei boiedicat \n 
nonune Patris ? FiJii J Spiritus Saucti, amen." And bleseeS i' ? a 
last siggeS - adjutonum nostrum in nomine Domini, qui fecit celnm ? 
terram. Sit nomen Domini benedictum ex nunc et in sccula I^ene 
dicamus Domino. Deo gracias." Hwon se ^e go5 to oure bcdde 
me ndit o]>er m euen, nalle^i akneon to '^er eorSe ? ];encbeS Invit 
se habbeS 1 ].ene dai iwr..5^.d ui'e louerd, ^i crieS him eorne mere! 
1: forguienesse. Eif ^e babb.S ei god idon, ];onkei< him of iiis reou.. 
^viSuten Invam we ne nunvcn ne wel don ne wel benchen :' 7 si<roeS 
"miserere mei Deus. Kiricl. Christel. Kiriel. Pater noster. Saha. 
fac ancillas tuas Deus mens sperantes in te," Orenuis. -' Deus eui 
proi)rium." And sigge, stondinde, ]>esne vreisun. - Ui.lta ( 
Dumine, liabitationem istam ? omnes insidias ininn\'i ab ea Ion ox' re- 
pelle:^ angeli tui sancti habitantes in ea. nos in pace cusfodiant, ?1,ene- 
dictiu tua sit sui)er nos semper, per Domimnu. And a la<l 

■• I'lilli,!,. C. b ]-.^elitos. C. 

pi;iv.vTv; i)i;voTioxs. gu.vcf.5. ^^ 

Whatever other .k-,otions yo., use in private, as Paternosters, 
■ Hail Maries, psaln.s, and i-rayors, I a,n quite sati-t^,ec that every 
one should say that -.vhich her heart n,.st inehne, her to, a verse of 
Z p,aUer, reading of English or Frenel, o y ^"''"f^^J^ 
vour hnceling, T^•l,enever you l.avo tune, hetore or alter n,e, t, the 
j n ore v«, do so, the n.oro doth God add and u,erease towards yot. 

hi, prJeious grace ; and see also, I pray you, that you bo never .die, 
' hutVork, or' read, or he at heads, and in prayer, a.K thus be always 

doino something fro„> whieh good may eome. fhe hours of t.i 
Hole Ghost, if you wish to say then,, say every tune of them befo. 
our'l-ady's tintes ; to priest's hours listen as well as you eau but you 
hould ,'either say the versieles with bint nor su,g so that he .nay 
hear it. Say your graees before and after meat, as they are w r.tten 
;: for you tanding ; and with the Miserere go before your altar 

,d finish there the "graces. Betweet, meals, when any one w. 
to drink lot her say benedieite, "May the sou of God bless 
„r d i :/ the ua,ue of the Father, and of the Son, and o the 
Holy Gh st, An,en," and n.ake the sign o the cross; and atlas 
av " Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven ano 
V call, The „ n,e of the Lord be blessed from th.s tune forth and 

- 1 o er Let us bless the Lord. Thanks to C od " Always when 

■ ZuZio your bed at night or in the evening, lad on your knees to 

r^^th and think what you have done in the day to .s, ease om 
Lord, and cry to him earnestly l^r ^>^^^-:;l^^^^:^,J, 

nr\ lordlnve mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have 

::.;. r ue. O r F:tber. \ly God, save thine handnjaid. wo 

^n thee." Let us pray : " O God, whose property .s ever o 

1 .... " ,\„,1 .av, staii.linu-, tins i-niyer, A i^it, ^^^ U:>ecui 

;:::;: tkth^dweliiW, and .hive :ar,rom it all the wiles ol, he 

;, Ma - .by bolv angels .Iwelling in i, keep ns u, peace ,„,d 

:: ^i. uiin^,e u,.. --r-,t-;t,-: ■; ■.^:^ 



-ir> r.EGUL.I-: INCLU8A];U.M. 

"CJiristus vlucit :' (tji Christus regiiat :' i^ Christus impcrat i'" >I< and 
inid ]>reo creolz, mid te J'ume up buue ]>g iiorlicaiicd r' 1 ]?connc, "Eccu 
crucem Doiiiljii :' ^ fugite partes aduersc :' vicit leo de tribii Jnda^ 
radix Dauld. Alleluia." A large creoiz, asc ct Deus ir. adiutoriunij 
mid "Ecco crucem >^< Domiui :'" and ]>eomie vour crcoice-; a uoui- 
haluc, mid teos uour cfter clauses. "Crux ^ fugat omue iiialuiii. 
^ crux est rcparatio rcrum. Per criicls luijus siguuui, >^ fiigiat 
procul omue inalignuui :' -7 ])er idem sigunm ^i saluetur quodip.ic 
beniguiun." A last ou sulF7 u\\er Led boiSe. '"In nomiue Pa.tris ? 
Filii et Spiritus Sauoti. Amen." Ine bedde uur]? ase je uurAcU;, 
lie do je no ]nng nc j^enclieS :/ bute slepeb. 

po nc con ouer ulitsong, o|?er ne mei liit siggen, uor ubtsoug sigge 
])ritti Pater nostres, 7 aue ^Maria cfter euericli Pater noster :' 7 
Gloria Patri efter euericli auc ]\Iaria. A last sclial siggen, liwu se 
con. Orcmus. " Deus cui proprium est juisereri semper. Benedi- 
canuis Dumino r' Deo gratias :' Fidelium anime." Yor euesong 
twontl. Uor cuerich oj^er tide, sigge uiftene, o }>is iike Avise :' aiili 
ct ulitsougc sclial siggen liwo se con " Domine labia mea. Deus in 
adiutorium." And at al ];e oJ?re tidcn:^ " Deus in adiucoriiim:" 7 
I'oiio 11. et complie "conuertc nos Deus:" liwo se is unlieite uorkeorue of ulit 
songe," tenc:^ of cuerich o'lSer tide uiue, <Se lialue dole of euericli one, 
jif heo is seccure;'^ Invo se is ful mescise, of alle beo lieo cwite :' 7 
nime hire sicnesse nout one ];olemodlichc, audi do swuiS gledliclie;' 
7 al is hire J?et holi chirche redeJS o]>cr singee); ]>auh je owen 
];enclien of God euericlie time, niest Jniuh in ower tiden, ])et ower 
];ouhtes ne been ])eonne uleotinder^ 7 ^if je J?urh ^eineleastcgluffeiS '^ 
of ^vordes, otSer misnimeb iiers, ninic^ ower ucnie dun et ter cor iSe 
mid te lionden one :' oSer uallceJ adun al uor mucliel misnimunge; 7 
scheaweb ofte ine scrlfle^ ower ;^emeleastc her abuten. 

" lr.v;i ?c is unh..iLC o\t ^e^■, f<alciu,' of rlits,,.!-. :MS. DiM. C'..ttn>,. Titus I), xnmi. 
unhctt.-. C. " i.v.lvvc. C. 

'■ .Worn ■>>" ouiv s.TUcs-o |.olc:ii<Mlli<-lio ^ ,j;lr,lliL-l.o. C. " fluoliudc. C. 



I I l-niVAli: l)!.\()Ti()X>. IN TIIK KVKNIN'; AND :\'L)i:MXO. 47 

rules v^ " and v.Itl; tlircc crosses, ^vith tlic thumb up above the 
fbreh.ea"l; uvA ih.n. behold the Lord's cvus. ^I^ Ik-gone, yc ad- 
versaries: the linn of the tribe of Judah, the root of David liath 
connuored. llalkluia. A large cross, as at '' }dake haste, O God, 
to help me," Avith " r>ehold the Lord's cross i^I^ ;" and tlieu four 
crosses, on four sides, Avith these foui- after-clauses, "The cross >li 
drives away cverv evil. ^I-< The cross Is the restorer of the ^vorld. 
By th.^ sii^n of tld^ cross t^i let every thing malignant fly away; and 
by the same sign ^I^ let every thing that is hind and good bo 
preserved." Thially [bless] yourself and also your bed, « In the 
name of the Father," and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen/' 
Li bed, as far as you can, uclther do any thing nor think, but sleep. 

They who either caiuiot, or may not, say the early Matins, may 
say instead, thirtv Pateriiosters, and "Hall, I\raryl" after every 
Paternoster, and "Glory be to the Father/' after every "Hall, 
f -^l^^.y I " Finally, whoever can shall saj' : " Let us pray : O God, 

' whose'property is always to have mercy. Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanhs to God. The souls of the faithful." For even song say 
twenty ; for every other time fifteen, in this manner : but at early 
Matins w hoover c'au, shall say, " O Lord, open tliou my lips. I\Lake 
haste, O (Tod, to help me ; " and at all the other times, « I\Lake 
haste'" and at Compline, " Turn us, O God." Whoso is infirm 
may cut off ten at early IMatins ; at every other time, five, the half 
* of each, if her sickness is greater. Whoso is very ill, let her be free 

1 j fi-om the wdiole service, and take her sickness not oid}- patle^itly, but 

rioht gladly, and all is hers ^ that holy church readeth or singeth; 
ye ouMit, however, to think of God at all times, yet most in your 
appointed times of devotion, that your thoughts may not then be 
wandering; aud if, through heedlessness, you blunder in words, or 
mistake focr..e, make your venia, falling down to the earth with jour 
hands, or if the mistake be great, lall quite down, and often 
avow, in confession, your carelessness about this. 

•^ f p. slif sliall sliriro in tl.o honofit. 



pis is nu -Se uonne dole, j?et icli liahLo ispelcon lii.lerlo, of ower 
scruise. Tlwut so oco nu Ser of }'eos riwlcn her eth-i'. Idi 
]^et lieo Avereii of alle, also lico Lco^i of ou, j'urli Go>lcs grace 

"Omni ciistodia serva cor tuiim, quia ex ipso vita procedit." ^Mid 
alle cuniie wardo, doliter, seiS Salomon ]>e wise, witc wel j^ine, lieurle, 
nor soulc lif is In hire ; jif lieo is wel iwust^' po heorte wardelns 
beoS'^ )>G vif wittes— siht^e f herunge, spekunge^^ and smcllunge, 7 
cuerlclies limes uelungc:' 7 wo wuUc^ spoken of alle, uor liwo sc wit 
]>eos wel, he det? Salomones heste. lie wit, wel his heorte 7 his soule 
heale. pe heorte is a ful wilde best, and makeS nionie wildo liipes,*^ 
as Seint Grcgorie ^ sei^, "nichil corde fugacius." NoSing ne ne ot- 
flih-S nion so sone so his owune heorte. David, Godes prophete, 
seide e et sume time ^ heo was ctstert him. " Cor meuni dereliquld 
me:'" his min heorte is etflowcn^ me, 7 eft he blcscede him 7 seide f 
heo was ikumen horn. "Invenit servus tuus cor suum." Loaerd, he 
sci(S, min heorte is icmnen ajein eft : ich hire habbe ifundcn. Ilwon 
so holi mon, 7 so wis, 7 so war Ictte hire etsterten, sore mei anoSer 
of hire fluht carien: 7 hwar etbrec heo ut urom Davit^ ]>e holi king, 
FolwUk Godes prophete? Hwar? God hit wot, et his cie ]>uv\, ]mrh a 
silr^Sc f) he iseih ; ]nu-h a biholdunge, asc 30 sculJen^ herefter ihcren. 

" seruiso. J-ls rivxlc licr cftcr niuel.o node is ^^el to lokc l>ct GodJ giuo ou grace; far 
hit spoke:; of }'e fine wardains of W lioorto. Tit. 
'• iloked. Tit. ' '^'"- '''■'• 

<! ^ux-rrhhr-v Tit '" I'l'^ '^'l'^'- ^'- '^'''- ^- '"'"^'"'f' ^^'^''- *^'- 

ratlu,pes.Tit. ■ K .neanede. Tit. 

:. edtlnde. C. ' -'-'-'• ^'- '^- 


Tjiis, lion-, wliirJi I liave Jutlici to s])okcn, cnnccn.ino- yuav religions 
scvvkc, is the lirst pixvi. Wluitevcr may jet remain "to be suTd of 
those rnles, I ysould that they ^v.-rc as ^ye]I kept hy all, as, througli 
God's graee, tlie)- are kept bv you. ; ; 



1. Of Sight. j 

f ^mm custodia scrva cor tuuni, quia ex ipso vita proccdit." 

j '' With every kind of watclifulness, da.ughtcr," saitli Solomon the 

I wise, « guard well thy heart, for in it is the life of the soul, if it is 

I well governed." I'he wardens of the heart ai-e the five senses : 

j sight, hearing, taste,'' smelling, and every member's feeling,^ and wo 

I shall speak of them all; for, whoever guards these ''well doth 

I Solomon's command. He kcepcth well his heart, and the health of 

f his soul. The heart is a full wild animal, and makes many wild 

I leaps, as St, Gregory saith, '^ nihil corde fugacins," nothing escapes 

i from a man's control so soon as his heart ; David, God's°pr(>pliet, 

I said upon a certain occasion, that it had deserted him, " Cor meum 

I derelinquit me," ° that is, " My heart forsakes me ; " and afterwards 

j lie congratulated himself; and said it was come home, "Inveiiit ' 

T scr^-us tuus cor suum.'^i "Lord," saith he, "'my heart is come 

I back again : I have found it." ^S'hen a man so holy, so wise, and 

I so wary suffered his [heart] to break loose, others imiy ^yc]\ be sorely 

I anxious lest it should take flight. And ^vhere did it break away from 

I the holy king David, Go.fs prophet? ^Vherey God knows, at 

j the windovr of his eye : through a sight lliat he saw: through a be- 

1 liolding, as you shall hereafter hear. 

I " S|,ck>ni-c, i„ tl,o origiiKil, is ,,rol, an eiroi- for PmcknM-c. Soe (lie variou. 

! rt'adin--;. 

^ "'■''■ '"'"■''• " I'-'n. xl. 12. 2 8anua.l,vii. 27. 

CAM I). SOC. J] 


UorVui, mine Icoue sustven, ]>o lestc ]. z,o euor .nuwcn hn.u-^ 
our Varies, d boon heolut]c,].c parluris lest 7 ..ercwesL^ ]v c ob 

Llclc-lbuten; ^. te sube sunne, f is Jesu Q-.t, ^baue^ . .M.t.n 
uorkulecl ou; "? so wISutcn ase 5c bcoS unseaulK'bo nnakcd ou j.url.. 
P-leames of Ins grace, pet Invite creoiz limped to ou- yu.v ]-rco 
n.auere creoices beob^-reade, ^ blake, % hw.t. ^e reade bn.peb to 
l>eo f beoS, uor Godes luue, mid horc blodsliedunn-c irudded J 
ireaded ase be martirs wercn. pe blake creoiz limped to }>eo_ 1> 
makie'b'ibeworlde liore penitence uor lodliclie suunen. pc nvite 
creoiz limped to^ Invit vneidenbod, "i to clenncsse, f is mucliel pnio 
^•el uorto holdoi. Pine is oueral ^ ].u-h creoiz idon to understondcn. 
Pus bitockneS hwit croiz >e ^vard of luvit cbastite, f 3S mucbel pne 
L\ uor to ^vltene. pe blake clo'S also tekeSeci btocuunge, deh lesso 
eile to Ven elen, 1 is Jnccure a^ein J^c ^^ind, 7 wu.^e to Jnirbseon, 7 
halt his heou betere uor ^viude ^ for oSer hwat. Lokeb f> te pnr- 
lurs-^ beou euer ueste on eueriche halue, ^ eke wel i^tekene 7 Aviteb 
Ver our eieu/ leste >e heorte etfleo 7 ^veude ut, ase of Damd, / cure 
soule secli so sone heo Is ute. Ich write muchel uor o^re, ■} nobmg 
lie etrine^^' ou, mine Icoue sustren; vor nabbe 50 nout >enc nome, 
ne ne sclnden habben, ]mvh >e grace of Gode of totmde ancres, ne 
of tollinde lokin.gos, ne lates, f sumnie, oSer hwules, weilawe. . un- 
kundcliche makie-b ; vov a^ein kundc hit is, % unmeS swuc '> wmuler, 
^tc deade totic,^ 7 mid cwike worldes men Avedc wib suunc. 

C. T. 

, ,„.,!,■, n lokrf i-at UiJ l.-ou lutle, 1 l-e i-nrhnvs l..>st, - 
,, ,„.„u h. IntU. l,opavlurowinaoh,.l,rol,.a..t-3nnro...-.t. 

.. li,„,...^ arid 

.' t,. -l.-n 1... C. tc1-.'N 

f wcl ilarlict, 1 j;vat('S 

1. sdii. T. suiiicb. (;. 

ilnvcT. C. i.'\\^^M■v. T. 
T,..l:i.s-1. t.'!..rlu.s.-]aN. T, 
j. r,:iut lie liuc^■. C. 
adolic. T. 

TlIK I'ARi.OLU WlXnoWS TO V.E AVolDCl;. u\ 

>? licrcforc, Hi}' ;l«-';ir bister.s, love your windows as little as 
^ ])ossible ; [aii'l sec tliat tliey]'* he small, — the parlour's smallest ami 

|- narrowest. Let tlie cloth upon them he twofold ; black cloth ; the 

cross white, within and without. Tho Mack cloth siiiuifieth ye 
are black, and of no estimation with the world without : because the 
true sun, which is Jesus Christ, has discoloured you outwardly, 
and thus e\tern;dly, as you are not ftiir to look on, has he made you 
through, the i :iys of his grace.'' The white cross properly belongs to 
you ; for there are three kinds of crosses — red, black, and w lute. The 
red appertains to those who are, for the love of God, ensanguined and 
reddened by the shedding of their blood, as the Martyrs were. The 
black cross is proper to those who are doing penance in tlio world 
for foul sins. The white cross is appropriate to white and unstained 
maiden purity, wdiich re<|nires much pains well to })reservo. Pain 
is always to be imderstood by the cross. Thus the wliite cross 
betokcneth the keeping of piu-e chastity, which requires much pains 
to guard well. The black cloth also teacheth an emblem, doth less 
harm to the eyes, is thicker against the wind, more difficult to see 
through, and keeps its colour better against the wind and other 
things. See that your })arhnir windows be always fast on every 
side^ and likewise well shut ; and mind your eyes there, lest your 
heart escape and go out like David's, and your soul fall sick as soon 
as it is out. I write more particularly for others, for nothing [here 
said] applies to you, my dear sisters, for ye have not the name, nay, 
nor shrdl ye have, through the grace of God, of staring anchorites, 
nor of enticing looks and manners, wdiich some, at times, alas ! 
contrary to the nature of their profession, practice ; f(>r against 
natm-e it is, and a singularly strange l)2'odigy, that the dead should 
look out, and among living men of the wui-ld, consort with. sin. 

■' Hvc V. r. C. ^ Scf faiitu-Ks, i G. 


Foh., Vi. Me leouc sire, sel^ sum inouli vea^e, 7 is iiit lui so oner vlicI 

uor ie toteir' utward ? ^e hit, leoue sustcr, vor vueP ]i tcv launcJ^ of 
liit, is vu;-l oner Miel to cuericli luicrc, 1. iionieliche to J?c jungo:' 7 to 
ben old uor^ui )' lieo to ];e juiigc -^iiu-S vucl uorbisne, 1 scliekl to 
^vericll liaui niide. Vor, jif ei ctwit'^ liani, );eounc siggcS ^^ hco 
anonrilit:' '•• ]\rcsire, ]'eo deS also J^eo is« Letero ]'eii ieli am, 7 wot 
betere ]?cn icli wot, Invat lieo liauc?> *" to donne." O leoue juuge -ui- 
cren, oftc a ful liawur smi^i smeo^ib^ a ful woe knif, "I te wise ouh 
to iiolewen wisdom, % nout folic,'* 1, an olde aucre mei doii wel f tu 
dest yuele. Auli toten vt wiSuten vuel ne mei Jiou^er of ou, 7 iilm 
nu ^eme liwat vuel beo icumen of totingo :' ]iout en vucl nc two, auh 
al >e vucl, 7 al ])e wo f) nu is 7 ener ^eto was, 7 euer sclial iwurSen, 
al com of a silvSe. pet bit beo so«, lo her ye preone: Lucifer J^nvli 
bet be iseih 7 bibcold o!i liimsidf his owenc ueirness leop into prude, 
7 bicom of engel aielieh deouol ; 7 of Eue \re aire moder is iwrlten 
on aire crest tn hire ncowe ' in^ong of hire eie silr^e, " vidit igitr.r 
mulicr quod bonuni essct lignum ad vesccndum, et pulehruai ocnlis, 
aspectutpic delectabile, ct tulit de fructu ejus 7 comcdii, dcdltciue 
viro :" f Is, Eue biheold o ]?en uorbodene eppele, 7 iseih bine ueir, 7 
ucng to deliten'^ i \e biholdunge, 7 turndc' hire lust \cv toward, 7 
noni'7 et ];erof, 7 jef hire louerd. Lo hu holi writ spcke^, 7 hu 
in\vardliche bit tefleS bu sunegunge bigon : J^us code sibSe biuoreu, 
7 makede wei to vucl lust:' 7 com ]>c deab ];er efter, f al monkun 
iuele^."' pes eppel, leoue sustren, bitocne^ alio ]>e }nng f, lust falle^i 
to, 7 delit of sunr.e. Ilwon ];u bilioldcst te mon ];u crt in Eue poiiit : 
]n'i lokcst o ]K'n eppel. llwoso heuedc iseld to Eue ];eo" beo A\erp 
liire eien berone, Al wend te awei :! \n\ worpest cien o ]n deaiS :' bwai 


lokhi. T. 
y;r:iliit, I 


tivn fill vucl, T oiii.T unci lo cuiKr cuch aukt'i- is te vurl. T. 

d >„.i^,,,. 'I'. <: Y- ill'll. 'J'. 

s luiliersHirt" suii^\^^. T. liascr. C. 
,ll,c i xNi-clon,, 1 ..uwt i folio. T. ' i" I'i''^^ -"""^■- '^'- <^- 

.U'lil. n hnv. V. 



l,,,.,n that CO. K„ in^snuicli as slie sets a bail 

r;:^u:.%c .ra,„ o^e .,.0. ^^:;^z^t^^ 

« ^n- clic doc^ the same who is better than 1 ai.i .uiu 
vasdom and not luin , <u , neither of vou can do. 

1 • « i do ft-uctu ejus ct comocUt, cleditqno vu-o :" that i», 

.„,.,...,.;.,„ w.«^^^ „„■„„, „. ;„ 

and ddight 111 sin. N\ "en tiiou . ^ j_^ 

E,,-.ea.c; ,ho« lootet .po" tl- «f ;,/;;' ■^, .::,' ,,ee away ; 
V:ve, .vh-n .h. ca,t > '^^^O-^P™ J, f^^^^.^, ,,e havo an- 
,h„u cy« "1" tl-y '<■■ „-, , a„,t „,„, 


54 llKGUL.l'; INCLUSAiaJM. 

heucde lieo i-onswerede ? Mc Icoue sire, ]>u luniest wouli. Hwaror 
kaleiiges tu me ? ]jc eppel f icli lokc on is forbode jnc to ctene, 7 
notit fort.) biholdeii. pus woldc Eue inoub reabo'MitdjLen i-on- 
swered. O niiuc Icouc snstreii, liwat*' Eue liaue-5 monic doulitreu 
])e uoluweb liore luoder, f onswcricb o ]>i3se wise. " ^le wencs tu," 
seib snm, "f icli cludlc leapcn on hini, jnudi ich loko on liiin?" God 
hit wot, icoue sustrei^., more ay under ilomp.'" Eue, ]n modcj-, loop 
eftcr hire eien:' urom hire eien to J^e e])pel, vroin ])e cppel i parais 
adun to ];e3 eor^e, vrom J^es corSe to lielle, j^er heo lei ine prisune 
uour ))usend jcr 7 moare, lieo J hire louerd "^ bo^Se, J. tauhte "^ al hij-e 
ofsprung to leapcn alle efter hire to dea^>:e Avi^uten cnde. I'ngijnninge 
7 rote of j)is ilke rcou-(5e Avas a hht^ sih^e. pus, ofte. ase mc sei^5, 
of Intel AvacscS muchel. HabbeS ];eonne muchel drede eucrich feble 
mon 7 wunnnon, hAvon lico f) Avas rilit ]?o imakcd^ mid Godes honden, 
Avas Jnirh a sihiSe ])iswiken, 7 ibrouht forS into broid'^ snnnc |)et al 
]>e Avorld onerspredde. 

" iiloTcssa est Dina filia Jacob ut videret mnlieres aliegcnas 7c." A 
meiden also bet Avas, Jacobes doubter, hit telle'tS ine Genesi, code vt 
uor to biholden uncuSe Avunnncn : lo jet ne seiS hit nout f heo 
bilieold AA-epmen ; auli deS Avummen. And liwat com, Avenest tu, of 
hot ilke biholduuge? Heo leas hire meidenhod, 7 AAas imaked bore, 
pcreftcr of ]?en ilke Averen trouSen tol:)rokcne of lieie patriarkes, 7 a 
muchel buruh uorbernd, 7 ]^e king 7 his sune 7 te burub men 
isleiene, 7 to Avummen of ];ere buruh i-led forS, hire ueader 7 hire 
bre^ren, se noble princes also heo a\ eren, vtlawes imakedc;. J^is 
FoUo 13. code A't hire sihi)e: al ]ms^ J;e holi Gost lette Avriten one boc nor to 
Avarnle wunnnen of bore fol eien : 7 nim J>er of jeme ^ ]?is vuel f) 
com of Dina no com nont of f) };ct heo iscih Sichcm Emores sune, p 

» inoli ra^'c. T. '' •'«• '!'• <^- ' ilinu.os. T. 

,1 ,,v,.i-,.. ']'. C'. ' tlcmilc. 'J". C ' luti'. 'I'. 

, i„,,,i,t. T. '' »"-Mle. C. ' swuclK-. 

r - 

PiNAii's iioxon; Fuo?.r iii:u beixg seen. 55 

to eat, a:id not to look at." Tims would J:^vc, quickly enougli, have 

[ nl;>^^•crctl. O my dear sisters, truly Eve liatli many daughters who 

I imitate tlieir nicitlier: v\];o answer in this manner. But, " Tliinkest 

I thou/' saith on^', '•' t\i3t I shall leap U])on him, though I look at 

i: him?" God knovrs, dear sisters, that a greater Avonder has 

; ■ happened. Eve, thy raother, leaped after her eyes to the apple; 

r ' from tlie ajtple in Paradise down to the earth ; fi-om the earth to hell, 

E^-| where she lay in prison four thousand years and more, she and her 

^ lord hoth, and taught all her offspring to leap after her to death 

> ? witliout end. The hegimnng and the root of this Avoful calamity 

■ '■ was a light look. Thus, often, as is said, " of little waxeth mickle." 

Let, therefore, every feeble man and woman have luuch dread, v>-hen 

she who M-as recently created by the hand of God, was, through a 

- look, seduced and carried onward to open sin, Avhich overspread the 

; ti: whole world. 

'^. " Ko-rcssa est Dinali, fdda Jacob, ut videret mulicres aliegenas 

&c. A maiden al'^o there was, Jacob's daughter, it is told 
•I Genesis, Avho went out to see tlie strange women. Now, observe, 

;;! it is not said that she beheld men, but it says women. And what, 

'^ thinkest thou, came of that Ijeholding ? She lost her maiden honour, 

^J; and was made a harlot. Afterwards, foi* the same cause, were truces 

B broken by high patriarchs, and a great city Inirned, and the king 

S' and his soil, and the men of the city slaiii, and the women of the city 

.;^ led away ; her and her bi-clhren, such noble ])rinces as they 

§ were, made outlaws. To this length went her sight: and the Holy 

> Spirit has caused tlu' whole to Ijc written In a book, in order to 

§- , wavji wr»mi?n coneerm'iig tlieir foolish eyes. A)id take notice that 

1 tliis evil ^vhich e;niic of Dinah, came nut from her seeing Sichem, 

I the son of llamor, witli wiiom she siimcd, but it came from her 

letting liim set his eyes upon her; for lliat also ^\]m■]^ lie did to lier 
\\;i.s in tlie 1)eginniiig sorely ag;ilnst her -Nvilh 




hco suncgcdc midc, auli dude f lico Ictte lihn leggcn elen on hire; 
vor f eci lie dude hire was i^e fruui^c* sore liire iiu^cnckcs. 

Also Bersaljcc ]mrh ];et Iieo unvvTcih hire ine Dauies sihcSe, hco 
makcdo him sunegen on hire, so holl king asc he was, 7 Godes pro- 
phetc: Inn cumeS forS a feble rnon, "? halt him ]^auh heihliche,^ 
jif he hanoS eirnc ^vidne ^ hod ? one ilokeno '^ cope, 7 wulc i>eon 
junge ancren, J loken nede <= ase ston hu hire hwlte <" like him, f 
naneS nout hircleor uorhernd ice sunne, t sei>) ], hco mci iseon 
baldeliche holi men ; 50 nomeliche swuchc ase he is, uor his wide 
sleuen.s Me sur, q* dcrie," ne iherest tu* f Dauid, Codes owuue 
deorling, hi Invam God sulf seiS, "Inveni virum secundum cor 
meum : " f is, ich habbo ifunden, cwe^ he, enne nion cftei- mine 
hcorte ; ]>cs f God sulf seide, bi ]?eos deorewurSe sawe/^ king 7 pro- 
phete ichoscn ' vt of alJe, was ]?U3 ];urh on eie wurp to one wummon 
ase heo weoschs'" hire, lette vt his heorte 7 forget him sulucn, so ^ 
lie dude Jn-eo vtnummen heaiied sunnen 7 deadliclie ; one Bcrsabec 
spus bruche ]7C lefdi f he lokcde on ; treisun 7 monslc^iht on his 
treowe kniht Yrie, hire louerd ; 7 ];u, a wreccho sunful mon, ert 
so swuSe herdi to kesten kang" cien upon jungc wummen. Ee, 
mine leoue° sustren, sif eni is onwil? uorte iseon ou, ne weue 50 ])er 
neuer god, auh ileue^ him J?e lesse. Nullich ]■> no mon iseo ou bute 
he habbc leane speciale of owermeistre; vor alle ];eo ]>reo sunnen 
^ ich spec of last, 7 al f vuel of Dina i' ich spec of cr, ne com nout 
FoUo Uh. forSui f te wummen lokede cangliche o wcopmcn, auh dnde [nu-h f 

a forinc Cher. T, " arelicho. C. "= Nvkl. T. 

d lokin. T. lohe. C. ' "code. T. ' uliito T. C. 

8 his wide ^ his lokenc sleue. T. 

!> Qu. Mesur[t. c. Messer, Monsieur] quidorio? CvAdo-u"^. Old Fr. a^rt, a 
solf-confident, conceited fellow. " O prcsumptuoso domino ! " MS. Oxon. ,S- •■•^ e:<h->i, 
Pride, presumption. Bailey. 

•' IMc sur, (I'de sire no hcre.^ tu. T. :Me sire, ne h.M^st )u. C. 

^ sahe. T. sage. C. 

culed. T. icuivd. C, 

-" wesch. T. C. " »'"'•• 'l^- '■^'■»''' ^•• 

o }>is t is nil seid linipes to winmu-n; ah ase rauelie iicud itf wepmnn to witc wel 
siluNo iVa wimuieiios siliNc. Nu, mi I'.oiie. T. 
r swa C. nil \villes l*r,l. T. 



i.iu~i.. B,.i„i,*., !»■ .".M"-s '■'■;'' '" ,"""'^;ft; 


Bn.gnait^u. 'i-^^f^ ^oif saltli " Inveni vlrmn secundum cor 

--^":v"^,j: 'r-r . r^i.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i.. -a .,..„ nft«. ... 

r""; " t kn. nd pvopl,c,,ob,seB out of .11 the people con- 
l.cart; tu, '^"'= " ,/ ,„,^^ J,,,,, precious words, was thus, 

cornu,g whom God '"^ ™ ;P°^,^„^„„ J ,^,, „-,, batlnng, led in.o 
through ca*ng h>s eye „« ; -J™ ^^,f ^^ ,^^. ^,,„, ,,„ eouuuittod 
su,, lot his heart 7"''7 "" .^'^l^^^i.e^.y with r.athsheha, the lady 

„,,e If »"V™^,^r J y Kl manslaughter upon his faithful 
uponwhon,holookel ac y _^,^^^^ ^.__|.^,, ^,^^„^ „,.^ ^„ 

servant Ur,ah, her 1° ' ^^ ^ ' „„ young women. Yon, 

'"■'■^■ri^rre: if y :e i"dei.ous\o see you, never thin, 
r Tk i'n hn, [rather] believe him the less. I would no. 

favoru-ahlj o, »' ' J" J ,^^^,^ ,^^;^^, .„,3„o,, r,o„^ 

thatanyn„anshund e ou 1^.^^ of whieh I have just now 
,„„.. -l-;;™;|f;;;' ,';,,,, ...gard to nmah of which I spoI<c 


CAMl). fiOC 



lioo unwrion liam ine monnc eih sibSc, 7 duden Invp.r ])uvli lieo 
muhten ualleii into sunnci). 

Uor])i VN-ns ihotcii a Godcs half i^en olde lawc -f) put were encr 
iwricn:'' '? jif eiii umvrie put were, 7 best feolle ];cr inne, lie liit 
schuldo lieklen f, J^eue put unwrelli.^ pis is a s\vu^o drcdlicli word 
to wunnueii f) sclicaweS liiic to vrcpmoues cicu.'' lleo is bitocned bi 
]>Q f umvrie^ )>cne put. pe put is liiro voire uel), 1, liire Invite sv.ire. 
7 hire hht eie, J- hire houd jif heo halt for^ in his cihsililSc:' ""/ ^et 
beoti hire word put, buten heo bco j^e bet biset:' 7 al ;^et f failec> to 
liire,^ hwat so hit euer beo, ]'urh hwat nndite sonre ful luuc of ucpii- 
ken/ al vre Louej-d cloopeS put. pes put he hat f heo beo euer 
ilided ? iwrien, leste cni best ualle ]>er inr.e, 'i druucnie ine smuie. 
Best is he bestliche juou f) no ])euehi'5 nout of God :' ue ne uote^ 
iiout his wit ase niou oidi to, auh secl\c^ uor to ualleu i ]'isse 
put f ich speke of, ^if he hine ivint open. Auh ];c dom is ful strong 
upon hnm f ludielieS ]>cne put r'*' vor heo schulen golden f best l-- is 
ber inne ivallen. Heo is gulti" of he bestcs deaxSe biuoren vre 
Loucrd, 1 schal uor his soule onswericii a Doinesdei, J jeldeu ))e 
bestes lure, liwon heo naueS oSer jcld buten hire suluen.^' Strong 
jcld is her mid alle r' 7 Codes dom is, 1: his heste, ■} lieo hit ^cldc 
allegate, vor heo unwreih" )>ene put f hit adronc inne. pu unhclost 
pesnc put ]>u ]> dest eni ])ing hwarof per mon is fleschliche ivonded of 
|>e, J^auh ]m hit mite*^ nout. Dred )?esne dom swube:' 7 ^if he is 
FoUo 14. ivonded so f he sunogie deadlichc ])urh ];e on eni wise, ]>auh hit ne 
beo nout wis }^e, bute mid wiUc touward ]>e; o5er jif he sccheb to 
fulen^ o sum oSer ]'e vondunge of j'o } ]n\r]\ ])ine dede is awakeiied, 

iliulot. T. isvri^'Mi. C. 

|, {•<■ put T Least M hevin, lie Lit .vhuKlo jeUK 

to \v 01,1.1011 T to xviinmcn t ?\vi5e sonc sclicaw(.Ti hav.^ to 

'1 1, f..:,l,.v 
f fill Kii" 

T. I'ct )'0 fca^cS liir:'. C. 
,1 -); o J'a ]■ mili.Ui. lia„i )>e put. T. 

e scliuldi. '1'. 





For tins ro..on, it was orJ.inod by God in the old law tbat a pit 

' , , 1, if .1.0 <n*:h it fortli ir, lus sight. And, moreover, 
r'" in ";i,,,e .1,0 b.t,e.guavacd;a„d.Ut,,at belongs 

"; ; . V it 1.0 t!.ru....l. .-hid. sinful love .night the sooner 

,0 he.-, ^^■hat,oe^ u . IK , co„n>.ands that this pit be 

be excited, onr Lo.-d call th a j. t , ,^^.^,^j ,;,,n„to it and 

always provided ui.h a hd and co^ '^^ ' ;". „^;„,,„,,, „„t ^f 

"""■" "' t-, ■^'l'"''-'Tl';::';: t^n ght to :^o■, but seehetU 

God, and doth not "'«'"» "-■-"> 1' !' "f ,,„ ^„, jt ope... But the 
,0 fall this l,.t thatlsiK-al- of .t '!" '^"' J,^^.^ f,,, ,^ 
,,agu,eut u,,o„ those .ho tucovea- ;-;;;;>;-;,,,;„,,, ;[ 

shall ."*-■"" "J™,;^,^;;; ,',;:„ „,, Lord's sight; and shall 
She is g.ulty ol the '-;;' ;V^'' ,^,j ,„„,,, ,1 the loss of the 
answer for his soul on l)ooin,.la , and na ^ ^^^^^ 

beast v,-he.> she hath '» ™=V; ^ l™ ti,!i bis con.nand is, 
Hard payment ,t ,s yuhal, "■'■;"'?; j,^^^„^„,, ,,,„ uncovered 
,„atshe.nnst by f ';--;-; ^^^'C: ;,„,, uncover this pit; 
T '■^'"^'; mv^, . b l.icl. the „«„ isear.,ally te.npted of 


':£;:;:;:;:::::n::;;i;:;r:- -.'-■'-»' - 


boo 111 siker of ])e dome: pu schalt jcldeii $ best vor |)C puttes oi)cn- 
uugo, ? bate pu schriuc ]^e |;erof, ase moii seiS j;u sclialt acorieii ]iq 
rode:' -f is acoricn his siinne, ITund wide in blibeliclic Invar sc lie 
ivint hit opeii.-^ 

"Inpudicus ocidus impudici cordis est nuucius.'" — Auo-ustinu^. 
f ]?e niiiS lie mei nor scheome J^e liht eie spekeS hit :' 1 is ase criiide- 
bere ^ of j^o hhteheorte. Auh iiu is sum wummoii ^ -{i iiokle uor none 
J^inge wihien fidSe to mon:''^ 7 tauh ne roulite heo jieuer ]>aiih lie 
]70uhte toward liire, J were of hire itempted.'^ Auli seint Austin <h^ 
]>eos two bobe in one weie/ wilncn, 1 habe wille uorte been i\vihied.e 
Non sokim appetere, sed appeti velle criminosuin est. Cuueiten '' 
mon, oSer haben wille uorte beon iwilnod of niou :" bo beo^ heaucd 
suniie. Oculi prima tela sunt adulterii : eieii l)eo5 be earewcn 7 te 
ereste armcs of lecheries pricches :' J also ase men wcorrcb inid lu'co 
kunne wcpnen, raid scheotunge, mid spores ord, '? mid sv.-eordes cot--o, 
al riht so^ mid pen ilko wepncn, f is mid scute of eien r' mid spore of 
wundinde word:^' mid sweordo of dcadliclie hondlungo, wcorrcJS 
lecherie, ]?eo stinkinde liore, wi5 po lefdi of chastete, f is Godes 
spuse. Erest heo schcot po earewen of }?e liht eien, f fleoS lichtlichc 
uor^, ase earewe'' f is iviSered, 7 stikeS iSe lieortc. perefter heo 
schekeS hire spere, 1 nehlecheb • up on hire, *? mid schekinde word 
jiueS speres wunden. Swcordes dunt is adunriht f is pe liondlun<'-e :' 
vor sweord s)nit of ncih,'" J; ^it'^S deabes dunt :f 7 tis is " soS, wci- 
lawei, ful ncih idon mid ham f kume-5 so neih togedercs •}, ou'^er 
oSer hondlie, oSer ouhwar ivele otSer. IIwo se is wise ? iseli, wiJS 

» liund wile in at dpcn dure, |'cr iium him nv uenie.s. 'J'. 

'■ erende beorcre. C. ■" mon. T. 

'' winnmiin. 1. « ilbnclot, C. 

' 1 nil .li;j; [sL-ln] Austin l,a K'os in alio [rupli']. C. 

>^ ipiincd. 0. icnucitct. T. '' j;iini. C. 

' v\iOi'.si)wo-winidindo word. C. •< llan. T. tia.i. (. . 

' ncol.ich'^t. C. iiLlileaclie. T. ■" sniitc.^ neli !i..;ul. 'I. 

" an.l liit is so^V.■.. 'J'. 

h ■■;•; 



tiiat is, bear tlie burden cf ]ii.s sin. The dog cnte-rs gLidly where h 
finds an open door. 

ot. Austin saith, " An innnodest eye is t'le nicsson'"''er of an nn- 
e-liast^' lieart. The light I'je spoahetli that wliich the month inaj- 
not for '^lianie, and is as tlie messenger of tlie hght heart." And here is 
a woman that would not for any tiling desire uncleanness with man ; 
and yet she never cared tliongh his thoughts in.clined toward her 
and he were temj^ted by her. Jjut Saint Austin putteth both tliesc 
in one balance — to desire and to ^\ish to be desired. " Xon solum 
ai)petere, scd appeti velle criniinosum est." To desire a man, or to 
wish to bo desired of man, both are capital sins. " Oculi prima 
tela sunt adidtcrii," the eyes are the arrows and the first anns of 
lechery's stings ; and, like as men figlit with three kinds of w-eapons, 
witli sliooting,. with spear's point, and with sword's edge, just so 
with tlie same weapons, tliat is, with eye-^hot, with spear of 
woup.ding word, with sword of deadly handling, doth lecherv, tlio 
foul harlot, figlit against the hidy. Chastity, who is God's spouse. 
First, she shoots tlie arrows of the light eyes, tliat fly lightly forth 
like a feathered arrow and stick iji the heart; tlien she sliaketh lier 
spear, and cometli nigh to he)-, and with shaking word giveth spear's 
wounds ; sword's dint is downright, tliat is, the handling, for a sword 
smites in close fight and giveth a death's stroke ; and this truly is 
done, alas ! too close, with them who come so nigli together that the 
one may handle or any where feel the other. Whoso is wise and 
good lot h(u- be on her guard against the shooting, tliat is, [let her 
guard] well hei- eyes ; for all the evil that ever is comes of the eve 
ari\.\\ s. And Is not she too forward or too fool-hardy, who Jiolds 
her luad boldly f(jr(h In the open battlements, while men v.Ith cross- 
bow-bolts without assail the castle? Surely our foe, the warrior of 
liojl, sliools, as 1 ween, more bolts at one anchoress th;in at seventy- iind 
soven seculai- la<lirs. 'I'ho iKittlenicitls (jf tlie •.-.i^tlc afo the windows 

FuUo 15. 


]>c scliute witc luie, -f is wel lilre eicu :' vor ul ]'C vuel p oucr is 
cumec^ of }'cn eicn arewcn. And nis lico to uiuciic ciuig,'* oJjcr to 
folherdi, ■]' luilt hire hcaued Laldeliclie iior^ vt \]Km open kernel, J?eo 
liwilef me mit qnarrcaus wibuten asriileS ]>eno castel? Sikerliche 
vre vo,^ \q weorrcur of lielle, he schcot, asc ich wer.e, mo ewarreaus 
to one ancre ]>ca to seoucne ? seoucnti Icfdies-^ iiic ^vorlde. pe 
kerneaus of be caste! heo'S hire huses jnirlcs. Xe aboutio heo n.out 
vt et ham, leste heo \c6 dcotles quarreaus liabLe amidden ].'en eien, 
er heo lest wene; vor he assailed efie. Iloldc hire eien inne, vor 
beo heo crest ablend, lico is eS foUen.*^ Ablinde ]'c hcorte, heo is eS 
ouercumen, 7 ibj'ouht sone nnd*' sunne to grmide. 

Bcqrnardus. " Sicut mors per peccatuni in orbein, ita per has 
fenestras intrat in mentcui." Also asc dcaS com, scib Bernard, into 
]>e worlde ])urh sunne :' also Jnudi eie Jnirlcs deaS liaue?^ liire injong 
into ]'e soule. Louerd Crist, ase men wolden stekcn vcste euerich 
])ui-l r' nor Invou? f heo mnhten bisteken dea^ }'er vte, deaS of 
fleschliche line:' and an ancre nnle Jiont tunen hire ol diaries a^ein^ 
dea^ of helles 1 of soule:'" 1 mid gode riht mnwen eiSurles beun 
ihoten^ eil^urles, vor heo liabbeS idon muchel oil to moni on ancre. 

Al IIoH AVrit is ful of warningge of eie. Dauid seide, "Averte 
oculos meos no vidcant nanitatem." Louerd, seii:) Dauid, wend awei 
nunc eien vrom ];e worldes dwcole, 7 hire fantesme : 7 Job seidc, 
"Pc].igi fedus cum oculis meis, ut ne cogitarem do virgine." Ich habbe 
ivcstncd, seiS Job, fjreward mid min eien, f> ich nc mis^enche v. 
deale. llwat,'' seiS he, ];encheS me mid eien? God hit wot, he seio, 
ful ^^•el, ver efter ]'e eie cumcJS ];e ]M)uht, 7 ter efter ]'e dede. ]. 

, t,,,.,„,,. C. e:ni-uu. T. '' la. T. C. '' mkm. T. huicaie*. C. 

■" in\vii\ fur l.oo 1h. iMind, bo is caN falle. T. ' JHirli. T. 

f ..iUNin'lK. S^iin. T. " l'^'"'^^- 'I'- 

.. .p.i„l.,.,l-aool-s:u.k.. C. ' i^q-l. T. il,a.,M,. C. 

1- In; cl-al.' Invat. T. In. <!'■!". f. 


■.ClUnrUi: WAliMN.^* llVOAKUINf; THK F.YF... OS 

,. , ■ 1 „= T .. lior not look out at tlicin, lest she have tlm 
1 '::;;;: Wo ;:;'■- bcfV^vo si. even tl,n,Us of it; for ho 
tl; ™ T..-t l.e. U.ep in he- cvosfovif she ,. once 

;:,i:!;:.a; she i^ oa.Uy „v<..-co,ne. r.lina .he heart, she ,s e„n- 
n„er«l, and soon h.-ought to the hy s,n. 

Bernara, " Sient n.evs l-er r«calum in ovtan ita per hns 

' . ,„„" « \s death came," saith Bernard, 

fenestras nitrat n. men u.^. - ,viudows death hath 

'■ i-t" "- "•?*' f ""S V" I :,Vc 2 ' ho^ n,e„ wotdd shnt fast 

his entrance n,to "^^ ^^^^.^ ,'^ ^hat t^ev nnght shut ont death- 

I every aperture, ^' "^^^^^ .„ „„.^ „„ ;„„,„„.;,, „„p up her eye 

; r death ot carnal he and ^^ " ^^.^j^ ^ 

^"T""" "^'"■"'•fd.t he e^I d W *:k.:vs, for they have done 
rifvlit mav eye ^vm(lo^^s uc Ccuilli 

much evil to many an aiicliorito. 


oeulos n,eos ne ™';;;;™;;;™;nrsi,,nsa,;i its vain sla.v-' and 
rr ™r.S;I f-U. 1 ocnhs n,eis nt ne cositaren, de 


ey ^s, that I n.ay not think ^'^V;^^^:: -:";■,, „:\1';;;;, .„ ; 
1,0, " do n,en thh.k w,th eyes? &°^' '" ; ,j^^^^, .. .i,,,,,,,;,,, 

for ,dter .1,0 eye eon.cs the ' '^f ^^ J,^ 'j'o, U, .lepne- 

-^" •--^- ".""' "■•■" rrl ^ ec chasrohhedalln.ysotd. 
datus est annrann n.ean-,. ^ as . n ^^^ _^^^^^^_^ 

When (iod^ prophet n,ade such, ,,oa.,ot..^.,^^^ 

tliiiilvest t,1 

^ conn; I" 11U...J ...-., , . , , 1,1 

;,,,? Tlu- wise man a>ks m 1n^ book, vIk^Hkm 


wuste ^vel, Jcrcrnie, ■]', inende''' lilin ]nis, 7 seide, "oculus iiieus (.1c'j)re- 
datus est aiiimam mcam." "AYeilaweij mm eic liauecS iroLLed al iiumc; 
soule." Hwon Godcs prophctc makede swuclie mono of cicn, liw uc 
inonc -wciicstu is to rnoiil moii, ocScr to laoni Avuiumon ieumcii 
seoruwe^ of liore eieu? pc wise inon aslcetS in his boc hwctSer ei 
)?ing hermeS more v.ummon };eiic hire eion :' " oculo quid iieqiiiiH, 
totam fiicicin lacrimare facit, ?c." Al ]?o leor *= sclial iilowen o tearcs, 
he sei'Sj vor ]?e eie sihSc oiio, pis is im inouli of j'isse witte isoid ct 
tisse chcrre, to warnie ]?cose]ie:' we scliulcn J^auli sone her ei'tcr 
spckcii herof more. 

vSpclkuige ? smecchuiige beo5 uic nuibe boJSe, ase siliJSe is i^ion 
cien: aidi Ave schulen leten smecchimge vort' tet wo speken of ovrer 
mete, 7 spekeu mi of spcllunge, J ter eft(;r of horrungo: of bo iuieiie, 
sume clierre, ase go^S togcdcres. 

On aire ercst hwon 50 schidcn to owre parhires jnirlc iAviteeJ et 
owcr meiden*^ hwo hit beo f is icunien r' nor swuch hit mci beon ]> 
re schulen asunien * on, 1 hwon ^e alles nioten iiorS, creoisoJS £id 
jeorne our inuS, carcn, "? eien, J te breoste eke :' J goS forS mid 
Godes dredc, to preoste. On crest, sigge^ confitcor:' ? )>erefter 
benedicite, f lie ouh to siggcn :' liercneS his wordes, 1: sitteS al stillo, 
•f hAvon he parted urom on, ^ he ne cuune ower god, ne ower vuel 
nou iSer :' ne he ne cunne ou iiouSer blamen = ne preiseu. Sum is so 
wel ilered, o'Ser so wis iworded, f» heo wolde f he wuste hit :' ])e sit 
FoL 15 b. t spekeS touMard hiin, 7 jelt him word ajein word, 7 bicuiuc^ '* 
meister, ];e schiddc beon ancre ^ *? learcb him f is icumen to leren 
hire "^ wolde, bi hire tale, sone beon mit te wise icud ' 7 icnowen. 
Icnowcn hoo is wel, vor JMirh f' ilko, f hco weneS to beon wis 

" wiiiiiinou T s.uiif. 1 . 
" til. T. 
iwiteti cd on Jor niculcu. C. 

£ l;.stiii. C. laste. T. 

' cu'^^>ct. T. ic-u^^'et. C^ 

•" ID.IlltO. '1'. 

c Al J>o neb. T. 

' wites :it onmo s 

ci-uanz. 'i'. 

f nsoincn. T. a 

onicii. (!. 

1' i•oi■u,u■^(■s, T. 



I ' ji„v tliiu"' (lotli laure harm to a woman than her eyes? " Oculo quid 

I I noimhisftotam ihciem hicrimarc focit," &c.^ "Ml the face shall 

I j Ho^v wldi b^ar./' salt!) he, " for the eye-sight alone." This is now 

I enougli sai.l of tliis sense, at this thne, to^ warn the good. ^^ o 

\' \ shalChowever, soon hereafter speak of It again. 

2. Of Speech. 
Speaklno- aiul tasting are both in the mouth, as sight is In the 
eves • but we shall let toasting alone until we speak of your food, and 
r Z^y at present, of speaking, and thereafter of hearing, of both m 

com/non, In some measure, as they go together. 

First of all, when you have to go to your parlour window, learn 
fxom your maid who It Is that is come; for it may be some one 
whl you ought to slum; and, when you needs go forth, 
. ke tl e slo-n of the cross carefully on your mouth, ears and eye, 
rn,- breast also, and go forth in the fear of God to a pnest. 
S: ir^O^^^X-cl S.en "Benedlcite," which he or^ljt to 
I It hear his words and sit quite still, that, when he parteth fron. 

f Z' 1 r mav not know either good or evil c^ you, nor know any 

I }ou, lie ma> _ ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ learned 

CO .t, .ho slK.uM 1... u„ anchoress, and h,m who ,s 
I- !?!„,■■ -„k1 vvouM, hv hor GUI, accouHt, soon be celehmtea 

" , ;.,K.e .1... she thinketh herself to he .n,„,e., w,se, 1,0 u u e, - 
I , h' she is a fool ; for she h.n.eth ..U.- and ca.ehes 

CAMl). SOC. 

Kcch"-^. xxvi. i: 

t i 

I i 

[\ 66 hegui-t: 

S 1 iliolclen, he understont f lieo is sot. Yor lico InmteS cftcr pi is, ^ 

\ J keccheS lastungG. Vor ctte lasto, ll^von he Is awend awci r'" )>cns 

|i nncrc, ho wide sigo-en, is of muchek spoche." Faio licold ine parais 

\\ longe'tale luid te m-ddrc, 7 told hive al f Icscuu f. C4od hire he-fdc 

iJ ilei?d,« -^ Adain, of ]>en cpplc :' 7 so }c ueond ]airli hire word, un- 

i;i ; derstoiid anoJivlht hire wocncsse, 7 ivond wei tuuward hire of hire 

uorlorenesse. Yre lefdi, Seiiite ^[arle, dude al anober wise: iie tulde 
heo ]^en engle none tale :' avdi askede hiin ]'ing scheortliclie -j. heo ne 
kiiSe. i:e,°mlne leoue sustren, iiolewcl) ure lefdl 7 iiovit ]?e kakele '^ 
Eue. Vor]n ancro, hwat se heo heo, alse mucliel ase heo euer con 7 
mei, holde hire stille: iiabhe heo iiout heiiiie kunde. pe hen Ir.voii 
heo hauc^ ileid, lie con butcn kakeleii. And hwat hijit heo J^crof V 
Knnieb j.e coiie^ anonriht 7 rcucS hire hire ciren, 7 fret al ^ of hw;it 
heo schulde'' uor^S bringen hire cwike briddes : 7 riht also ]>e hibevcj 
couc deonel bcrlS awei uonn ]?c kakelinde ancren, 7 uorswolmveb " 
al •]•. god f heo istreoned habbe^, ■]> seluilden ase briddes beren ham 
up toinvard heouene, jif lut iiere icr.keled. pe wreche p.otl.lave 
more noise he niake« to jeicu his sope, ]K-n a riche mercer al Ids 
deorewurSe ware. To sum gostliche monne -f. ^e beoS strusti uppen,^ 
ase 50 mu^v•en beon of hit, god is f je asken red, 7 saluc f * he techc 
FoUoW. onto ^eines fondunges, 7 ine schrifte scheaweS him gif he wule 
iheren oAver greste, 7 oAvcr lodlukestc sumien :' uor ]n f him arcowe 
our' 7]nir]i"pe bireaunesse crie Crist imvarlielic merci uor ou, 7 
habbe ou iue mundc, 7 in his boiien. Scd multi veniunt ad uus in 
uestlmentis ouium :' intrinsccns autem sunt lupi rapaccs. " Auh wito^S 
ou 7 beuo ewarre," he sci5, ure I.oucrd, " uor monie cumcS to ou 
ischrud mid lombcs fleu^c, 7 beoS wode '^ wulues." Worldliche men 
ilcueS lut :' religuise ^et Icsse. Ne Avilnie ^e nout to nuichel horc 

awci.cnt. T. ifaren- C. » oflon^ talc. C. 

cume.teSe.,c.T. ' -, fretes of J. 1,.. s..l,uKle. 

^ f S'! ^'-'1 trr.s! <.n. T. 
!> inarlde. C. 

T forswc-ollics. i . 

i jcil,T bidtleu l.iin 1-. C. 

iiiE C(:)^'l)CCT OF i:vi:, and of tiik liLKs.-Eu viugix. 


rcnroacli. Por, at last, wlicn lie is guno invay he will say, "This 

anchoress is a pvat talker." Eve, in Para.liso, h<.l<l a lo'ig con- 

veisation. Avitli the sorpenl, and told hiui all the less-jii that Gud had 

tanght he;- a.r.d ^"vdani concei'ning the apple; and tlius the fiend, hy 

her talk, luiderstood, at once, her weakness, and fbund ont the M'aj 

to ruin her. Our la.dy, Saint Mary, acted in a quite diflerent 

nvumer. She tuld the angel no tale, but asked liini briefly that 

which she vv-anted to kno\v, De you, my dear sisters, imitate our 

lady, and not the cackling Eve. Wherefore, let an anchoress, 

whatsoever she be, keep silence as umch as ever she can and may. 

Let her not have the hen's nature. Vriicn the hen has laid, she 

must needs cackle. And what does she get by it? Straightway 

comes the chough and robs her of her eggs and de\ ours all that of 

which she shoidd ha\e brought forth her live birds. And just so the 

wicked chough, the de^'il, beareth avs^ay from the cackling anchoresses, 

and s\\alhnveth up, all the good they have brongh.t forth, and which 

ought, as birds, to bear them up toward heaven, if it had not been 

cackled. The poor pedlar makes more noise to cry his soap than a 

rich mercer all his valuable wares. Of a sp)iritual man in whom 

}'ou place confidence, as you may do, it is good that you ask counsel, 

and that he teach you a safe remedy against temptations ; and in 

confessioji shew him, if he will hear you, your greatest and vilest 

sins, that he may }iity you, and out of compassion cry intenially to 

Christ to have mercy upon you, and have you often in his mind and 

in his j)rayers. " Sed nudti vcniunt ad vos in vestimentis ovium, 

intrinsecus autem su7it lupi rapaccs." "But be aware and on A'our 

guard," saith our Lord, " for many come to you clothed in lambs' 

fleece, and arc raging wolves." I'elicvc secular men little, religious 

still loss. Desire not too much their acquaintance. Eve s])oko 

M'ith the seri)cnt without fear. Our lady was a.fraid of speaking 

with (Jaliriel. 


ku^lecliunge.'^ Eiic wiSute drede spec niit tc r.eddre. Vrc lefdi 
was of diedc of Gabricles speclio, 

WiSute wituesse of wcopmen o>^ci- of summon f ou inmve ihcren 
ne speke 50 mid monnc ofto 11c' 7 ];au]i lut bco of 
sclirifte, i^en ilke huso, ober ];cr lie muwe iscon touward ou, sittc ].e 
bridde:' Lute jlf l^e ilke jn-idde. o-^cr stu[n]de tndde^ 1ms n.s nout 
uor ou,leouesustren,i3cidneuoro^erswuche^ bow t for jn |.e ireowc 
is misleued/ ^ te sakeiease ofte bilowcn, uor wone of witnessc. i.le 
ileue^, $ vuel sone, j te unwreste bli^eliche lieS on ];e godc. Sum 
uniseli hwon lieo seide -p lieo sclu-of hire, liauc>o ischrmen lure al to 
wundre:^ uor ]>i owen >e gode euer to habben witnesse uor two an- 
cheisuns,^ nomeliche, |. on is f te ontfule,'' ne muwen ben on heom, 
so -b be witnesse ne prcoue bcom nalse : f o'^er is, uorte jmen ]'c 
oSi-e uorbisne, 7 binime^' ].e vuele ancre ]> ilke nnlseli gde ],et icb of 
seide. • 

Ut of cbircbe ]nxrle^ ne bolde 3c none tale mid none monne r' aub 

bereS wnr^scbipe )>erto, nor ]>o. bob saeramcnt f, 50 iseo« ]>er ]Hirb/ 

cy nime^ o«er bwules ower wumm-n to ]>c buses ]>nrlc. peo o^re 

/v.. 10/.. men <? wummen to ],o parlurs )>urle, speken uor neodc:' )ie ouwe 50 

butcn et ])eos two ]nn-los. 

Silence euere et te mete:' vor jlf oSre rcligiuse doS bit,_ase ^e 

- wel wuteS, se owen binoren alio:' ^ p^ -i baue^S deorc pst ' do 

bire melden ase in bire stude te gladien ncrc,i ^; beo scbal bab- 

a cu'S'b'iiigc. T. C. V ,, 

b allegalo. in J-ilke hus b.o^ J-er ,nc ru.50 -o to o.v. C al e,.te :be .IK. In.., o.u ) 
T 'r ' stuiule. 1 . 

hen,nhcseot..war.lou. .. . anchoisuns [Hngi.]; C. 

u>•,>tro^vc.t. J. grcHue. T. reauin. C. 

f oiulfule [ciiuious]. O. vv, 1 , r- 

: B'lirir .'■;,.. -r. ,„ ...h™ ..i.-. ■. ..« i»'»i ' ' ■■•-- '>■ '■■ «'•'■''» 




M itliout a \vitncss, of man or of woman, wlio may licar you, 
speak not witli any man often or long; and even tliougli it Le of 
confession, in tlie same liouso, or where lie may look at you, let 
tiiere Lc a third person }<rcscnt ; except the same third person upon 
another occasion should fliil thee."- This is not said in respect of 
you, dear sisters, nor of any such [as you ;] — no, but because the 
truth is disbelieved, and the innocent often belied, for want of a 
witness, jNIcn readily belie>^e tlie evil, and the wicked gladly utter 
falsehoods against the good. Some unhappy creature, when she 
said that she was at confession, has confessed herself strangely : 
therefore the good ought always to have a witness, for two reasons 
especially : th.e one is, that the envious may not calumniate them, so 
that the witness may not be able to prove the accusers false ; the 
other is, to give an exam})le to others, and to deprive the evil 
anchoress of that unhappy false pretence which I spoke of.. 

Hold no conversation with any man out of a church window, 
bat respect it for the sake of the holy sacranient which ye sec 
therein, and sometimes talce your woman to the window of the 
house ; tlic other men and women to the Avindow of the parlour, to 
speak when necessary : nor ought ye but at these two windows. 

Silence always at meals ; for if other religious })ersons do so, 
as you well know, \e ought before all ; and if any one hath a 
guest whom she holds dear, slie may cause her maid, as in her stead, 
to cntei-tain her fiiend with glad cheer ; and she shall have leave to 
open her window onco or twice, and make signs to her of gladness 

[at seeing her], 
into i'vil to her. 

'J'he courtesy of some is nevortlieless converted 
Tinder th*'. sembhnico of i^ood, sin is often hidden. 

rtius liabcri j)f'..;sit." 


I)cn Icnuc to 0])cncn lure ])url encs oScr twles, j makiei-. signes tou- 
ward hire of one glccle cliere. Sumnies kurteisie is noSek'as iturncl 
hire to vnclc. Vnder semblaunt of god is ofte ihelod sunuc. ^lucre 
'^ huses k^fdi"' ouli miichc to bcon ])it\veoncn. Euerich uridcic of 
'OG yor iiokleS silence, bate jif hit beo duble feste; j teujine holdc^ 
Iiit sum ober dai iSc wikc. Ihon Aducnt, -^ iSe Umbridawes,^ wod- 
nesdawes, "^ fridawcs :' iSe leintoa J^rco dawes/" "--ji al ]'0 swiciwike'' 
uort noil of Ester eucu. To o\\ r meiden je iiiuweu J^auli siggeii 
mid hit wordes, hwat sc [;<;o] ^vulIeS :' '^ jif eiii god mon is fcorreno 
ikuinen, hercneS his spcche, and onswcrieS mid kit >vordcs to his 

3i uche fol he were ];e muhte, to his oweiie bihouc, Inveber sc he 
wolde, grinden grcot oSer hwete, jif he grundc |>e greot ° <^ lefde J;cno 
Invete. " Hwete is lioli spcche," ase Seint Ansclme sciS. Heo grint 
greot }»e cheofled. pe two cheoken beoS J;e two griiistones. pc 
tunge is J>e clcppe. I.okeS, leoue sustrcn, f ou\\er clieokcii ne 
grinden neucr bute soule node ; ne our earcii ne hercnen *" neuer bute 
soule heale : '^ nout one our caren, auh owcr eie }?urles tuneS s ajcin 
idel spcche r^ f to ou ne cumc no tale, ne tiSinge of }>g workle. 

Ee ne schulen iior none J?inge ne warien, no sv.erien, bute jif ;^o 
siggen witterliche, ocier sikcrliche, oScr o summe swuclie wise, ne ne 
prcche to none mon :f ne no mon ne aski on read, ne counsail ^ ne ne 
telle ou. lleadeS wumnien one. Seinte Powel uorljcad wunimen to 
prechcn. "jNIulieres non permitto doccre." Nenne weopnien ne chasti 
^e: ne ne etwitcS him of his unSeau:^ bute jif he bco ouer kuJSre, 
holioldc aiicrcn muwcn don hit suuimes weis :' auli hit nis nout siker 
])ing, ne ne linipeS nout to |'e ^unge. Hit is liure mcister, -ji bcoS 

T Imselioinb' o^^ct liiiscwif. T. '' vinbri wilvs. T. 

(i>Neuike]. C. " suilu'iul.. ^vik.■. T. .Nviv.ike. C, 

(Iiiiikc. '1'. ('. »■' ^iicrrc's. 'J". ^priroN. V. 




sur.iECTS OF roxviLUrsATiox ; i'i;(~>rEu Axi) niruopEu. 71 

An aiichoross ou^Iit to Lo very diflej-ent from tlic mistress of a 
family. I'^very Friday of the year keen silence, unless It be a 
double feast; and then bee]) it on some other day In the week. In 
AdA'cnt and in the Ember days, "Wednesdays and Fridays ; in Lent, 
three days; and all the holy week until noon in Easter eve. To 
your maid, ho\vever, you may say, in fc\v words, what you ]))en:-;e, 
and if any good man is come from a distance, listen to his speech, 
and answer, in a few words, what he asks. 

\ ery foolish were he, who, when lie nn'ght choose for liis own 
behoof whether he would grind grit" or wheat, if lie ground the grit 
and left the wheat. " Wheat is holy conversation," as St. Anselm 
saith. She grinds grit who prates idly. The two checks are the 
two grindstones ; the tongue Is the clapper. Look, dear sisters, that 
your cheeks never gririd any thing hut soul food, nor yom* ears hear 
any thing but soul heal ; and shut not only your ears but your eye 
windows ax'ainst idle converfation ; that neither talk nor tidings of 
this world may come to }'ou. 

\ ou must not, upon any account, Imprecate evil upon any one ; 
nor take an oath, except ye be able to speak from clear or certain 
kno^^ ledge of the fact, or In some such way ; nor are you to preach 
to any man ; nor must any man ask of you, or give you advice or 
counsel. Consult with women oidy. St. Paul foibade women to 
preach, "T-Iulieres non pei'niilto docere." Ixcbuke no man, nor 
reprove him for his fault; but, if he be very forward, holy aged 
ancliorosscvs may do it in some luanner; but it Is not a safe thing, 
and iK'hjngeth n()t to tl.'e young, li is their business who are sef (jver 
tlie rest and ha^e to t",hc charge of them. Aw anchore^.s hath only 
to take heed to hcM'si'lf and her maidens. Let o.vQry one attend to 
his ov,n business and iK't nirddle \\It]i that Avliich is ariothei-'s. 
Many a man thinketh thai he duelh that well which lie doeth very 

» or i'h-.iV:? i„</„J:; MS. Ovoii. 


„uero«rc iset,, habbeS l.,m t„ wite„e. Ancyc nauoi .0. n, 
bute„lu.e« , hire .neidenos. Ho'.-lo ouench lus «-""-;-• 

cvcartc- uor, asc id, or scik-, ,-,naor .omblaunt o. gode .s o..c 

bi~ hire%' hire prcst, oS.r a valsinde h.ue, oSer a much 

bitwconeu hire 

Seneca ,eide, "Ad sua>,nnm [volo] uos esse rar.loquos, tuncij.e 
pafelquos:" f is J,c ende of ),e tale, seiS Seneke the «>se Ichull 
Heteken seldc , ),eo„ne b„te„ h,tel. Auh men, in.nt ^ .or 
Lfte Itcn n» v.; Js u,e de. water , tor .udae a„se. , so du^^^^^^^ 

Jobcs freond f wercn ieun.e.i to uioiue.i him. s.t... stule al.. 
eotdl A:.,,-eo[heo]M,ofdena.,esbi,unne^™„e^ 
KonekuSenheo neuere astunton hore eleppe ' Ce a 
Se„eii nutritm-a est verbi." So Idt is ine mon.e, ase -"^ « 'S e 
s «r Sile.>eo is ^vordes fostrild,-" " Jage cog,t eole.aa m.- 
d . r ." Long silence , .-el iwust nedeS ),o n^ touwavd •« 
heou ne^ als^ ase 5c muwcn iseou y. water hwon me punt" ;ut 1 

;: ' ;lvard heoucne,, nout ne uallen aduneward, -j to n o.e 
xcond to world,-- ase dciS nu.ehel cheafle. Auh hwon 50 nede n,ot. n 
?;:ken a lutewiht, leseS up ower n.nSes flodjeten, ase n,e deb et to, 
nuilne, and letcd adun sone. 

hire seluen. C 
wuiider. C. 
la lH.o. V. 

^ hicianiaii, A.S. to hiiulcr, (llsqnict 
" I'" 

f ha no ciuNcii h;i iicauer 

>' puindus. T. lauit. C 

stutton Itaiv clq.poii. C stui.t.n. T. 
ndus. T. lauit. C 


.siLK.NCE COMMENDKl). 73 | 

iil ; fur, as I sai^l b^'foiv, sin is oft coucealcfl iimlor the appearance ' 

of g,()o(\ ; anJj liy means of siic-Ii I'clmkcs, an ancliorlte lias raised i 

between licr and licr priest, either a treacherous love or a great 

Seneca said, " Ad siunmani [voloj vos esse rarlloqnos, tuncTjUC 
pauciloquos : " '"'Tliat is tlic end of the discourse,'' saith Seneca 
the wise. I ^vil] tliat you speak seld<:»)n, and then but httle. Ijut 
many keep In tlieir avoixIs to let more out, as men do wato- at the 
mill-dam ; and so did Job's frierids that "were come to comfort liim ; 
they sat still full seven nights ; but, ^vhe)l they had all begun to 
speak, then, they never kneu' how to stop their importvmate tongues. 
Gregory : " Censura sllencii nutritura est verbi." Thus it is in 
many, as Saint Gregory saith, "Silence is the foster-mother of 
words, and bringeth forth talk." On the other hand, as he saith, 
" Juo-e silentinm coo-it coclestia medltari." " Lonff silence and well kent 
urgeth the thoughts up toward heaven ; " just as 3-ou may see th.c 
water when men dam it and stop it before a sjiring, so that it cannot 
[flow] downward, then is it forced to climl") again upward. In this 
manner must all ye check your woi'ds, and restrain your thoughts, 
as you would wish that they may climb and mount up towai'd 
heaven, and not fall downward and flit over the Avorld, as doth 
empty talk. But, when you must needs sj)eak a little, raise the 
floodgates of your mouth as men do at the mill, and let them down 

<JA.MJ>. S(jC 


Ivlo sk';ic5 word ])one sweoixl. " IMors et vita in rnanibus linguo : " 
"iif ?dcnb," seiiS Salomon, "is ine tungc liondcn."'' •' IIwosc witct^ \vv\ 
Lis iuu(5 he AviteS," lie scib, "Lis soulc." " Sicut ui-l.s patens 7 ab^^ue 
iniirorum ambitu r^ sicut, 7c." Greg, " Qui miirum silencii iion liabet, 
patct inimici, 7c."^ "Hwose)ie wi\:)1ialt his v.ordcs, soi?) Salomon 
]>c wise, he is ase Luruh wieiutcn A\al, ])cv ase ucrd mei in oueral,"' 
pe veond of helle mid his ferd went jnirh ]>o tuiel jj is eucr open ijito 
])Q lieorte. In vitas patrum hit tellcS f on lioli mon seido ]>eo men 
proisedc ane [of ]k'] breSrcn'' f ho hefde ihcrd f wcrcu of niucho spcche :' 
"JVmu iititjuc sunt, sod habitatio corum non hal)ct januam. Qui- 
ciinque vult intrat, 7 asinum soluit." Gode, cweS lie, bco boo :' auh 
here wunnungc uaucS no jet. Ilorc muS ma'tSelei) euer:^ 7 Invosc 
cuer ^vulo mei gon in 7 ledeu uort! lioi-c assc :' >f is, liore unv^'isc 
soide. Uorj'i, sciS sein lame, " Si cp.iis putat so religiosiim esse non 
i-efrenans linguam suam, scd scduccns cor suum, hujns vana e<t re- 
ligio." fis, jifcni wenob f he beo rcligius, 7 ne bridleS nf)ut his 
tunge, his rcligiun is fals; ho gileS his heortc. He seiS svraeJe wcI, 
"no brIdleS nout his tungc," vor bridel nis nout one ISc horses 
mii^c; auh sit sum up o ])en eien, 7 sum oSen earen. Yor alle Invo 
miichc need •}> lieo boon ibridlcd ; auh ieie muSc sit tet ireri. 7 o^'c 
lihtc tunge; A'or ];er is most neod hold hwon ];e tunge is o rune, 7 
/w/o]S. ivollen on to eoniei). Yor oftc we j^enchcS, hwon wo uoS on to 
sijokene, uortc speken Intel, 7 wel isete wordcs :' auh ]?e t un^e is 
sliddri,'' i\or boo wadecS ine weto, 7 slit" lichtliche uor^S fi-om hit 
word into monie:' 7 teomic, ase Salomon sei(S. "in multiloijuio non 
deest peccatum." Ne mei nout miichcl speche, no agimie hit neuer 
so wel, boon wiouten suime :^ nor urom so't) hit slit te uals :' \t of 
god into vucl, 7 from mosure into nnimcte:' 7 of a droj)e \\a\e^ a. 
muc'ie flod, ji adrenchcS ];e soide. Yor mid te lieotintle v,ord, to 

•' (^lii eu-tii'lit 0-1 siiuin, custorlit aniniam snam. V. 

^ [cilLt iniir.ici j.-Lculis ciuita'i mciitis. 'J'. 

' l.n.Nr.'. C. '' slibhri. T. C. 


AOAiNST talkatim:\es.s. 75 

j\f ore slayct)! vc'rd tlio.ii sword. " ^.fors et >ita In nianibus 
liiioiuTj. "'a '■' Lii'e aii-1 dentil," saitli Solomon, '•' are in the power of 
the tongue. Tie wlio keepeth well his mouth," saith he. " keepeth his 
soul."" " Sicut urLs pateiis et ahsciue imiroruni aiiihitu, ita vir rpii 
)ion potest in hjquendo cohihere spirituiu suuni.''''' Greoory: "Qui 
murum silentii non habet, patet ininiici," &:c. '' lie who restrains 
not his -words," saith Solomon the wise, " is lil^e a city Avithout 
walls, into whieh an army may enter on all sides."' The fiend of 
iiell goes in Avith his army through the portal,'' that is ever open, 
into the heart. In the Lives of the Fath.ers. we are told that a holy 
man said, when men were praising one of the brethren, of Avhom he 
liad heard that they were men of much speech, " Boni uti(pie sun.t, 
scd habitatio eoruiu uon habet januam ; cpiicuuquc vult intrat, ct 
asiiuun solvit." " Good,'' quoth he, " they both are, but their 
dwelling hath no gate ; their mouth is always prating : and whoever 
will may go in and lead forth their ass;" that is, tlieir irnwisc ?oul. 
" Thorefoi'e,"' saith St. James, "si quis putat se religiosuiu esse non 
rcfrenans linguam, sed seducens cor suum, hnjus vana est religio." 
That is, " If any inan thinketh that he is religious, and l)ridletli n')t 
his tongue, his religion is faLe ; he dcceivetli his heart.." He saith 
right well, " Lridleth not his tongue;" for a bridle is not only in 
the mouth of the horse, hut part of it is upon his eyes, and part of it 
on In's cars : for it is very necessary that all the three should be 
bridled. But the iron is put in the mouth and on the light ton.gue ; 
for there is most need to hold when the tongue is in talk, and has 
begun to run. For we often intend, when we begin to speak, to 
speak little, and "well placed Avords ; hut the tongue is sli])pery, l"or 
it Avadcth in the Avet, and slides easily on from few to many an ords ; 
and then, as Solomon saith, " In multiloquio non. deest ]ieceatnm."° 
IMuch. tall:ing, begin it e\cr so Avell, cannot be Avithout sin; for from 
trntli it slides into fdsehood, out of good into evil, and fi'oni 

I'lov. Ksiii. ■2^. '■ n 



t 1 

fleot'j^^ ])e lieorte:^ so f longe ]?ci- offer no mci lico Leon arllit ige- 
dered to godcres. "Et os nostrum tanto longius est Deo, qiianto 
muiido proxinium :' tanto minus cxauditur in prece quanto auiplius 
iuquinatur in locutionc." ]?is beoS sein Gregories wordes, in liis dia- 
loge. i\se ncih asc ure mu^ is to worldliclic spcclie, ase ricor lie is 
[urom] God:' hwon wc speke^) touward liim ? Lit him eni bone. 
Yor]/i is }>et wc joiet) upon Lim oftc, 7 he furseS-'' liim awei urom- 
mard ure stcfne :' ne nule lie nout ihercn hire:' vor lieo stinkeS to 
him al ofpe vvorldes mab'ehuige, 7 of hire chefle. Jiwose wule wil- 
nen •f Godcs care bco ncili hire tunge, fursie hire urom ]?e Avorldc, 
ellcs lico mei longe jeion er God hire ilicre r' auli lie seiS ];urh Isaie, 
" Cum Gxtenderitis manus uestras, auertam oculos meos a nobis ; 7 
cum multiplicaueritis orationes, non cxaudiam uos:" f is, "]>au]i ;^e 
niakien moniuold ouwer bonen touward me, jq f plcieS mit'' to 
workle, imhch on nout ilieren :' auli Ic chidle turuen mo awei hw on 
je habbeS touward nic cicn oiScr hondcn." 

Ure dcorewurtSc lefdi, seinte Marie, ];ct ouli to alio wummen 
boon uorbisue, was of so hite spechc ])et nouhware ine holi write, no 
ivinde we ■]) lieo spec butc uor siJ^en:''^ auh for ];c scklspeche liire 
wordes wcren heuie, 7 hefden much raihte."^ Hire uorme wordes ■]') 
we rcdeb of weren ]?o lieo onswercde j^en cngle Gabriel, 7 ];eo wcren 
so mihtic, •}> mid tet ji heo scide, "Eccc ancillam Domini r* fiat milii 
secundum ucrbura tuum." Et tisse worde Godes sunc, 7 soS God 
bicom mon:^ 7 ])Q Louerd, f al J^e Avorld no muhte nout biuon, 
bitunde liim v.iJSinnen ]'e meidenes -wombc Marie. Hire oiSre 
wordes weren ];oa hoo com 7 grettc ElizabeS hire niowc : '^ 7 hwat 
milite wenest tu was icud hie j'cos wordes? Hwat? pet a child 

•' fiMie.s. T. '■ 50 J- motcti wiS. 'i . j;c )• i^leid-h' wiN. C. 

<•• foursiiiei.. C. 

'' lieriiardiis rul iMarumi. In s(.nijiit(.;iio Dei vovIki f.icti s-uimis oinnes, -j ecco luoiinui 
ill tu" lii'ovi rospoiiso ri fu iciiili stmiii-;, lit ;i(l vilain rovDceiuur. lU'sii"utlo veiimiii, 


i I 

I ' moderatlcn hiio oxcoss ; and from a drop waxctli a great flood, that 

I f droAvns tliu soul. For vatli tlic tlltting word the heart flits away, so 

5 that long time thereafter it cannot rightly eoUect itself again, '■ I'^t 

; I OS nostrum, tanto longius est Deo, quanto mundo proximum; tanto 

I minus cxauditur in prece, quunto amplius in(painatur in locutione." 

i These are St. Gregory's words, in his dialogue. As nigh as our 

i mouth is to worldly speech, so far is it [from] God when we address 

; ; him and intreat any f;ivour of hiiu. For this reason it is that wc 

: i often cry to him and he withdraweth himself further from our voice, 

■ I and will not listen to it, fljr it savours to him all of the world's 
I babbHug, and of its trifling talk. She who wishes God's ear to be 
! nigh her tongue, must retire from the world, else she may cry lojig 
! ere God hear her. And he saith by Isaiah, "Cum exteuderitis 
! manus vestras, avertam oculos meos a vobis; et cum multiplica- 

; \ veritis orationes, non exaudiam vos." That is,. " Though ye multij)ly 

[ \ your prayers to me, ye who play with the Avorld, I will not hear 

: ! you, but I will turn a^Yay when ye stretch out to me eyes or hands." 

* Our dear lady, St. IMary, who ought to be an oxainplc to all 

■ , women, was of so little speech that we do not find any where in 

Holy Writ that she spake more than f^jur times. But, in com- 
pensation for her seldom speaking, her words were weighty, and liad 
much force. Her first words that we read of were when she answered 

, the angel Gabriel, and they were so powerful that as soon as she 

I I said " Eccc ancillam Domijii ; fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum ; " ^ 

I j at this word, tlic Son of God, and very God, became man; and the 

I I j^f,i.j^ ^vhom the whole world could not contain, inclosed hitnself 

! I within the womb of the maiden IMary. Her next words were spoken 

[ when she came and sahitcd Elizabeth, her kinswoman. And what 

t \ power, thinkest thou, was manifested in those words? What? 
I ' That a child, which was St. John, began to play in his mother's 

i ,voud. when Ihey were spoken.'' The third time that she spoke was 

at the wcddino ;" and there, through her prayer, was water changed 

St. L' 


bigon nor to plelcn tojcicnes liani r' ]^" Avas scin Jolum, in hU mAw 
Avomue. pc ]'ridc1e time -f lico spec, ]»ct Avas et te noces;' 7 ]'cr, 
)>iirli hire bone/ was water iwcud to wine, pc ueorSc time was ]>oa 
heo hefcle imist hire snne, 7 eft hi.jc iAon.l: 7 lui nmchel wnnJer 
voluwede J?eos wordes ! pet God ahnihti beih liini to one monne, to 
one smrSe, 7 to ane winnmone, 7 foluwede ham, ase bore, bAsuder 
so heo encr wolden. Nime'^ nu lier jcme, 7 leorneJS ;^oornc berbl 
liu seldcene speclie bane^ mnebe strencc>e. 

" Uir bngosus non dirigetnr in terra." " Yeole iwordede mon seib 
|?e psabnwnrlite,'^ ne scbal ncuer leden ribt lif on eorSc."^' Uor]n bo 
seiS elles liwar : " Dixi, cnstodiam uias nioas, ut non dcHnquam in 
linoua niea:'" 7 is as ]'anb lie scide, Ic cbuUe witen mine weies mid 
mine tnnge warde.^ AYite icb wel mine tunge, icb mei wel boklen 
bene wei toward beonene :' uor ase Isaie sciS, " Cnltns jnsticiio silen- 
cinm : " "]^e tilSe of ribtwlsnessc, f is silence." Silence tik-S hire :' 7 
heo itik'd bringeS forS sonic ccbe uode. A^or heo is nndca\Slicb, ase 
Solomon witneS :' " Justiciu immortabs est." Yordi ueieb Isaie hope 7 
silence bo?)e togedercs:' 7 sei^ f in ham scbal stondcn gostlicbe 
Folio IP. strcnctSe. " In silencio 7 spe erit fortitndo uestra :" f is, "ine silence 7 
inc hope scbal beon ower strenc^e." Nime^ jcme hu wel he seiS :' 
nor Invose is mncbe stille, 7 halt longe silence, heo mei bopien siker- 
licbe f Invon bco spcke^ tonward Gode, f he hire ^vule iberen. Ileo 
mei ec bopien ^ heo scbal cc singen jnudi hire scileuce sweteliclie iiie 
heoncne. pis is mi }>e roisun of ]'e veinnge r' bwi Isaie ueiei!) bojie 
7 silence, 7 knplel^ bo5e togedercs. Teke ^ ^, he seiS, i )>en ilke 
autorite, f ine silence 7 ine hope scbal beon vre strenc^e ine Godes 
seruise, ajein ]^es deofles turnes^ 7 bis fondunges. A\di lokeS ].ur]i 
liAvat reisnn. Hope is a swete spice wicSinne ]'e beorte, ])et spette^ 

" !> oJit-r. c. '' "^'"^'■■'* ['""'i''!^]- ^^ 

■^ liisocue. C T. ^"^ '"'''' 

^ psalm cxl.n. ' I's^.lHiNNsix. 1. 

■: TcK.n. T. t<. cKo. C. '' <-'vflc>. f. 


si'iitnuAL riu'iTS of silence. 


iiih) wiiic. '' TIiL- funrtli time \\-as wIk'U slio Jmd iiiisscil her son and 
al'trrwai'ds t'uiuid liiin.'' And liow givat a miracle followed those 
words ! Tiiat God ^Muiii^jity Lowed hiniself to a man ! to a 
carpenter, and to a woman, and followed them, as subject to them, 
uhither soe^•er they ^\ onld I Take heed noNV, and learn diligently 
from this, ho^v great efficacy there is in speaking seldom. 

" \ ir linguosus non dirigetur in terra." '^ " A man of many 
^\•ords," saitli the Psalmist, '• shall never lea.d a right life on earth," 
Tliorefore, he saith in anotlicr ])laco, " Dixi, cnstodiam vias meas, 
ut non delinquam in lingna mca," '^ which is as if he said, " [ will 
keep my ways l»y keeping my tongue." Keep I well my tongue, I 
may well hold on in the way to^ward heaven. For, as Isaiah saitli, 
" Cultus justitiic sllentium." *" The tillage of righteousness is silence. 
Silence tilletli her, and she being tilled bririgetli forth eternal food 
for the soul. For she is immortal, as Solomon teacheth, " Jnstitia 
innnortalis est."'' Therefore Isaiah joins together hope and silence, 
and saith that in tliein splrituad strength shall consist. " In silentio 
ct spc erlt fortitude vestra : " ^ that is, " In silence and in hope shall 
be your strength." Observe how well he saith it ; for whoso is very 
quiet and keeps long silence may liope, with confidence, that when 
she si)Oaks to God he will hear her. She may also hope that, 
through her silence, she shall also sing sweetly in heaven. This, 
nuw, is the reason of the joining: why Isaiah joineth hope and 
silence, and couj/leth both together. jMoreover, he saith, in the 
same passage, that in silence and in hope shall be our stj-ength in 
God's service against the wih-s and Lcmptafions of the devil. And 
b;']i(,ld v^ith what reason. Hope is a svroet sj)ice Avithin the heart, 
v.liieli si)I(-i out all the bitter fliat the body drinkcth. And whoever 

1. H. 

S!. Luke, ii. Jfi. 
JV:ilni xxxix. 1. 

j ! 

^. l->. 




Folio 19 h. 

vt al }>e bitter f tet bocli driiikeS." Auh hwoso clieouA\-(yc) ?])ifes, 
heo schal tnncn hire inuS f) te s\\ote LreS '? to stroncuc ]^erof 

astunte^ ^yiSiuncn: auh lico -fi opcnc\S hire muS mid muchc )uabe 

^p- 'I brekeb silence, heo spet hope al vt, 7 te sAvotnesso |>erof, 
mid worldhche wordcs r' 1 heo leoseS ageia ]>q ueond gosthchc 
seruise, % 
sweno-es j 

Vov hwat xiiakcS U3 strong iiorte drien derf ine Godos 
ine uondiinges to wrastlen stalcwardliche a;i;ein ];es dcoHes 
i ? riwat, bute liopc of hcih niede ? Hope iialt pe heorte 
i hoV liwat se |7et vleschs drie, o^er \oY\c :! asc me soi^, jif liopc 
nere, heorte to brcke.** A Jesu, J^in ore ! IIu stout ham ji beoS 
pere ase alle wo '% vreane is, "svi^uten hope of vtcunie, 7 heorte ne 
mei bersten? Vor^i, ase je wuIle'S holden wiMimen ou hope^ ? te 
swote breS of hire )?et giueS \q soule mihte — mid muJS ituned, 
cheoweS hire wiSinnen owver heorte :! ne blowe je liire nout ut mid 
maxSehnde mut^e, ne mid jeoniinde tuteles. " Non habeatis hnguam 
vel aurcs prurientes." Lokeb, seiS sein Jerome, f ^e nabben jicchiude 
noucSer tunge ne earen :^ f is to siggen, f) ou ne histe nouSer spekeu 
no ihcren Avorklhche speclie. Hiderto is iseid of ouwcr sik-nce, 1: hit 
our spechc schal beon seldcene. "Contrariorum eadeni est disciplina : " 
of silence ^ of spcche nis bute a lore r'® "% forc)i, ine Avritunge, heo 
corned bo-^e togedercs. Nu we schullen sundnvat spcken of ouwer 
herrunge, ajein vuel speche ^ ^ y> J^ertojcines tunen *" owcr earen, % 
jif hit neod is, tunen ^ ower citburles. 

Urom al vuel speche, mine Icoue sustren, stoppe<S ower enron, 7 
habbeS wlatunge of ])e mu^ie ]?et speoMeS ut alter. \\\i\ speche is 

» t- swetos al I'c liittcT \' to budi driiil-L-. T, swetoS. C. 

I, i,,.„„,. T. C. ' Hope Indcs luTtv Iial. T. 

" luort.' liroh.' atx^n [to Innate]. C. '^ an Ian. C. 

r.vii, Mi:.u<iNG NOT TO r.r. i.iSTKXnB TO. »■ i 

cirwotl. =picc. .l.,.-.nia sl.ut l.e.- n.ou.l., tl,o sweet bvoath .nd tho i 

; ' ■ f „-»• =fu- witl.i,,. l'.ut sl.e that oi-enetl, Lev mouth 
,,,e„gth tU . ,.,J - - ^.,^,^^ ^,,^ ,„|,, entirely, and 

endure : as , d ^« .^ ^1 .^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^.,^^ ^,,^ ,, ,,,„^ 



1 •<! ,,f1, ^Init rlicw her wthm voiir heart. 151o^n nei 
tlie soul— ^vlt]l mouth shut cucw iiti _ ^' Xon haheati^ 

not out «it,,ha,d.h,g mouth nor ,.*go,.^^^^ 
liugumn vel aures rrunontes. See . _^^.^^^^_ 

haveneither itdung tongue nor ea„ tl,.,t , o _ , 

We shall no^v speak -'--^^^^^ ^^ 2\, if n^cd he, shut your 1 

that ye may shut your cars agamst it, ana, , 


3. Of ITkaimxc 

Against all evil speech. ,ny dear sisters, stop J.nv --^ - - 
a loathing of the -n--. that ™n.^^^^^^^^^^^^ J;;;;;^,,, , 

^"^^^; ''";r ":::it ; - I™1 -r sud, speech,- s„i,h our Lord, 
::;:; ;: :" : t r«-i;n«l and aec, tgive„,"..-hy.h,.one 

» St. M: 

CAMI). fH)C. 

Folio 20. 


|,reouol.l :' attrl, M, idol. IJel spccl.e is vuel :' ful speclie is wurso :' 
attri specho is )>e wurstc. Iik-l is 7 uiniet al ^ god no cumeS of:' 7 
of swuche'-^ spcclie, sei^ urcLouei-a, schal cuericli wordlxon iri1:enc.l, 
? ijiucn reisim, hwi ]^e on hit seide/?! te o^er hit licvcnede' :'" 7 tis is 
]7auh ]^e leste vuel of ])e preo vucles. Ilwat! hu sdu.l me ]) 
jclden reisun of ]je ]>reo vueles, 7 nomeliclic of j'c v;ursto ? Ihvat 1 
hu of be wurste, f is, of attri 7 of ful spcche:' i-out one ])eo f hit 
speke-5, auli >co f hit liercncS? Ful spechc is as of Iccherie, 7 of 
o'Src fulbcn ]i unwcaschcnc muScs spekeS o^er Invule.^ po f swuch 
ful^e speteb ut^ in cni ancrc care me schulde dutten'= his rau^ nout 
mid schearpe Avordcs/ anh mid licrde fu>te?. Attri spcche is eresie 
7 ]7^^•crt^uer leasunge, L:icLiUinge, 7 Hhchuige..^ peos beo^i ].e 
^vurstc. Ercsic, God heo i"6oncla-d, no rixk'^ nont in ]':nge]ond:' 
auli Icasunge is so vuel ]>ing 'p ^eint Austin seiS, ]>ec for te schildea 
J^ine ucder from deaSc, no sclmldest tu nout lien. God sulf ser^ f, 
he is so5 :' % Invat is more r.^ein so^ )>en is leas 7 Icasnnge. '•' Dia- 
bolus mendax est, et pater ejus." pe deouel, hit seib, is leas, % 
leasmin-es feder. pc ilkc ]^eonne -Ji stureS hire tunge me leasunge, 
heo makes of liire tunge cradeP' to j^es deofles beam, 7 rocked hit 
Scorneliclie ase nurice. Baebitungc 7 fikelunge, 7 eggungc to don 
cni vuel, lico ne bcoS nout momies speche, auh beoS ]>es deofk-s bles, 
7 his owene stefne. Eif heo owcn to beon ueor urom akie worldhelio 
men— Invat? hu ancren owcn to hatien ham, 7 schmiien p heo ham 
ne ilieren. Iheren, ich sigge:' uor hwosc spckeS niid h:nn, heo is 
nowiht ancre. Salomon : "Si mordcat serpens in silencio, melul mmus 
CO habet qui detraliil in occidto." pc ncddre, seiS Salomon, slmge^ 
al stillieho:' 7 }>co f spckeS bihinden -J, heo nolde biuoren, heo^ ms 
nowiht b-tere. Ihcrest tu hu Salomon euene"6 bacbitare to stingmde 
neddre^ So heo is sikcrliche/ ITeo is neddre kundeW 7 ]>eo ]>ct 

» J-uUi [builkj. C. 

« Kpoowe^" oSor Iiv.ili:- 

. V. 

A K'oso bcoo nil isclir; 


«= (litten. T. C;. 

E pykehm^n. 

b ilustncdc. T. lu'^U'dc. C. 

in.nv rill!.' )' s^^irh fulNc spit ut. C. 
f snoatcs. V. f.iiuatr.-.s. T. 
1, j..,,i,.r. (J. ' wittiiliclir. T. 



,„„,,c i. an,l ilie otl.c. ^U.r:.•^ t„ it. A,,,! yet, ,I,i^ i; the lcr,.t of 
,1,,.,,. .nil. V\-|.i': Hmv, tlien, sl.all .'.^-•n yne account of 

;: ::c Ka.,aU-."y.'f'>-™^ wh.t:iio.oft,,c 
, ,, ,„, i,, „f ,,„i.,o.,us .,ui 01' foul .p«<i. i "- - y i-y -''<; 

"k'a it, l,-.,t they v.ho li.ton to it. Foul s,.o«.h - of lochery ,, ul 

°e..;i, i. l.ere<v, and ai,c.:t fakJ.ood, l)ackbltmy, and flai.o, . 
^ ;:e a;; .,,o .-o't-st, Ile.,.e,v, God bo thanUod prevailo . not ,n 
F„.da„d; but Ivin, is =0 ovil a that >t. Au,„u sa tl Fha 
IZ shotddost n-ot ioll a lio to shield tin- fathof ffon, <'-' j ' /;- 
bi,„.olf saith that ho is tvuth ; and ,vl,at ., more t uth than s 
Ivin,. and faUohoodV " Diaboit.smonda. est, e pa.o, ,u. - 

devd," wo arc told, " is a liar, and tlie fothor ot he.. b.,e, be n 

:b„;,..„vo.b hor tongno in lying ntaketh of hor t""g- -™^^ ^ 
the dovll-s child, and rockcth it dihgently as nv.rse. ..acU .t,ng ami 
tt y, and instigating to do any ovil, arc not fit lor n,an to speak ; 
but tl Jy are thcrdevil's blast and his own voice If those onght o 
Tfe front all sec.dar! how ongl.t - Insos o hat 
and shun then,, that they tnay not hoar tl.etn .- "-*'■-' 

f .1,,. ^v^l.-) sneaketh ^v th them is no recluse at .ai. 
sin™: % :I:doa; terpens in silentio, nihil n.inns eo habet ,ni 
ftoiomou « The serpent," saith Solomon, « stmgetli 

'^••r l":th""a d sho ,vlK, p etl/behind [attother] what she 
rlt fo.: ' not a whi, letter." Uoarest thot, how Solon.on 
I™ cth a backbiter to a stinging serpent V Snch she ce.-ta.nly ,s 
Sl'h of serpents- kindred, and she who speaketh evd belnnd 

puts a ]>nc 

h]i- ill tlu' ev 

,, ov.. oHmn ^^hom lie fl.ttercth. The Lackl, iter 

.1 • I! > 1, on V ri'lav aiiJ i/ ckrth with his Uack bill 

often (•he^vc■th m;ui .. H-Ai on 1 i ...i}, a k i ^ 

livln.^; as he that is the clevis raven <n ndl , ^ ct. l.c. 


St. .1-1 


speke^ VLiel bihinden berS atter in hire''' tuiige. pe vikelcire abltMit 
]7Gne mon '•f put liini prcon in eien, •f he mid vikelcb.^ pc bacbitare 
cheov.-e^ ofte monnes fleschs iuc ui-idawcs, ^ bckc\S mid l\is blake 
bile o CAvike diaroincs asc ]>e ]^ct is J^cs deofles corbiii of belk;. Ect 
wolde he tctercii ^ pik-kcn,^ iiiiJ liis bile, rott-d^' stinkiiide ik\sbs, as 
is reafnes kunde :' J;et is, jif he uokle sigfrcu non viiel bi non o5lt 
biite bi ])Co j' rotiob and stinkctj al inc fuIJSi,' of lioro siuuien, liit were 
jet J^e Icsse sunne:' aidi llhted upon cwike flesclis, tctcreS ^ toh'meS 
hit :' ]7et is, he iiiissei S bi swuche ];et is cwie in God. He is to jiuer 
reafen,^ j to bokl mid alle. An oSer lialf, nimeS nu jemc of 
hwuche t^^■o mcsteres J^eos two menestraus serue^ horc hiucrde, ha 
deofle of lielle. Ful hit is to siggen/ auh fidre hit is uorte bewi liit ; 
J so hit is allcgate. Ileo beoS j^es deofles gongmcn/ <^ beoS 
Fo/io 20 1', v.'iiiuton ciide in liis gong huse.'^ pes fikeku'cs nicstcr is to w]-Ien, j 
te lielien ]?ct gong ]>url :f j- tet he deS as ofte ase lie mid his fd^e- 
hnigc, -7 mid Jiis prclsinige heleS '7 wrih'(S mon Ins sunne, nor no'SIng 
ne stinkeb fulre ]wnne sunne:' j lie hele<S hit '^ AvrihJS' so ]>et he hit 
nout ne istinckeS. pe bacbitare unhele^ ^ iniwrili(S hit, '•f openeS 
so ]?et fulSe jj liit stiidccS Avidc. pus ha beoS bisie i bisse fule 
mester, <^ eiJier nn'd oSer striueS her abiitcn. Swuche*^ men stinkeS 
of hore stink inde mester, ^^ bringeS euerich stude o stenh ji lico to- 
eiune'^. Ure Louerd ischilde ou f te breS of hore stinkinde ]>rote 
lie neihi ou neucr. OtSer spcchc soileS "-^ fulei!^:' ac ]>eos attruS })e 
heorte «^ te earen botSc. pet [^e ]>e bet icnowcn ham [^if eni cumcS 
touward ou. to-hei- hore molden. 

" i^■l•. T. 

'' fiktlcs. Gicg. : Adulator ei <iiia quo scinioiicm conscrit, quasi clauuin in ot iilo 
ligit. Salomon : Noli esse in conviuiis cornni qui ofteniiit canies aJ ucsccn(luiii,ic. 

■■ jiiliwin. C. ))ickun. T. <■ rotin. T. rotoii. C^. 

<■ ]'0 reucn. C. ' niiiii>ncii, T. b ganf.:oiiun. 'I'. 

h No videatur licr inoralit;- minus dwns. J{eeolatnr in Ksdra * .|uod :>r(lcliias edifi- 
cauit i>ortain sten'oiis "jc. T. ' lides. T. li;Sr^. C. 

'' )'uir,.'!ir. T. C. 

* NclK-niiali, iii. M. 



would tear in pieces and pluck ^vitll his bill rotten stinking flesh, as 
raven's nature is ; that is, if lie woidd not speak evil against any hut 
those Avho arc corru[)t and stink in the filth of their sins, it -were 
yet the less sin : but he lialitoth upon living flesh ; teareth and 
disnieuihcjx'th it ; tliat i>; ho slandercth such as are alive in God. 
He is too gieedy a nnen, and too hold \vitlial. On the other hand, 
observe now, of wliat kind are the tno oflices in Avhicli these two 
jugglers serve their loivl, the devil of hell. It is a foul thing to 
speak of, but fouler to be it, and it is always so. TJiey are the 
devil's dirt-men, and wait contiiuially in his privy. The oflice of 
the flatterer is to cover and U> conceal the hole of the privy ; and 
this lie doth as oft as he ^\ith his flattery aiid with his praise 
concealeth and covereth from man his sin ; for nothing stinketh 
fouler than sin, and he concealeth and coveretli it, so that he 
doth not smell it. The l)ackbiter discloseth and uncovereth it, 
and so openeth that filth that it stinketh widely. Thus, they are 
busy in this foul employment, and strive with each other about it. 
Such men stink of their stinking trade, and make every place stink 
that they come to. May oiir Lord shield you, that the breath of 
their stinking throat may never come nigh you. Other speech 
polluteth and defileth ; but this poisoneth the heart and the ears 
both. That you may know them the better, listen to their marks.* 

86 rwEGUL.i; i>-cllsarl-.m. 

C ilcolarcs bcotS J>rco kiiiines. po uonne beotS vuclc iiiouiir' he 
obrej'aub bcoS wurse :f ]>o j^ridde ^et bcob aire wur.ste.'' pe iiornie, 
jif a nion is god, preisecS bine biuo]\Mi liiinsulf, 7 makeu liiiK', inoub 
reSe, jet betere ];en bo bco, ? ;^if lie s.i5 wel, oSer dcS wel, be liit 
beueiS to bcie up mid ouerpreisunge ? lierungc'^ pe oSer i.s rli a 
mon is vuel, "? sciS 'X deb so niueb mis'' f bit beo so o])cii snime n 
he ]iit ne mei iioneswcis allebmge wi'Ssiirgen : be J'aiili, biuorcu be 
monne sulf inake^ bis vuel k\sse. '•' Xis hit riout nu, be seiS, so 
vuel ase me liit make'S. Nert tu noiit/ i ])i.sse J^iiigc, ]7e uonne, nc 
)>e laste. pu bauest monie ucren. Let iwur^e gode mon. Ne 
gest^ tu nout ]>e one. Morae deS muclie wurse." pe ]n-i(ble cunicvS 
efter^ 7 is wurst fikelarc, ase icb er scide:^ vor he preiseS }»ene vucle, 
7 his vuele deden, ase J^e ])e sciS to ]?e knilite ]>et robbcS liis poure 
men, " A sire I hwat tu dest web*' TJor euere me scbal ]>ene clieorl 
Folio 21. pilkcn 7 pcoHenr^s uor be is ase }'e AviSi ]jet sprutte^ ut ]?e beteic •}; 
me iiiue ofte croppcS." pus ]>e ^ ualse uikclare ablendeb J>eo be 
liam bereneS, ase icli er seidc, 7 wrieS bore fulSe so f bco bit ne 
niuwen stinken: 7 tct is mucbcl unselliSe. Vor ;^if boo bitstunken, 
ham -wokle wbitien j^orajean:^' 7 so eorncn to scbrif'te, 7 spoowcn 
hit ut ]?cr, and scbunien bit ]>or cfter.'^ 

Jjacbltaics, ]^e bitoS obre men bibindon, bcoS of two nianeres : 
aub ]>o bitere boot) wurse. pe uorme' cumeb al opcnbcbo, 7 soiJS 
vuel bi ano'Ser, 7 speoweS ut bis atter, so mucbel so liim ouer to 

» Ve illis <iui pommt, -jc. [Ezecli. xiii. IS.] Ve illis qui tliciiiit bumnn mu- 
luni, ■] malum bonum, iionentes tfneljnis luceni, ft hicciu teiieluii*. [Ij.i.iali, v. 20.] Hoc 
saltern (letractoribus couvcnit. T. 

'• wi5 oucr umchc hercword. T. <^ iiucl. T. 

•^ art tu nawt. T. iiait J>ii naut. C. <" gas. T. gost. C, 

' I.aiuUitui- iieccatur in dosiJi'riis aiiiin.f siia>, ct iiiii;iiis boiiedicitui-. T. St. .\ii"iistii). 

"-' jildkin -\ iiilicii. C. 

'' Ailiil:iiitiiuii lir;giio alligant liominc- in i^occatis. J'us J'oo^o. T. i Jjcr \vi^'. 

•^ Clemen-,: li'-niicirlanim ihio sunt Lr*^!!' ra, ilieit IVtnis, -) paroiii jjenaiu esse 
uuhiiiuis. (^i;i CMriJui'alitcr ocriJit, -) (jui iletraiiit fi'atii, "] mii iiiui.iet. T. 

1 ano. ('. 'I'. 

rLATTEin;i;s; j'.ACKniTKns. 87 

llicrc are tlireo kinds of flatteivr.s. Tlic first are l)ad oiioiigh; 

vet tlio second are worse; l)ut tlie third are worst of all. The first, 

; if a man is good, praiseth hiui in his ])rescncc, and, without seriiple, 

! makoth hhn still better than he is; and, if ho saith or doth well, he 

' extolk'tli it too higldy wilh excessive praise and commendation, 

■ The second, if a man is dej)raved and sins so much in A\ord and 
deed, that hi-, sin is so open that he may nowise Avliolly deny it, yet 

i he [the fiatleivi-] in tlie man's own presence extenuates his <'ullt. 

i "It is not, ]iow," saith he, " so exceeding bad as it is represented. 

t Them art not, in this matter, the first, nor [wilt thou be] » tlie last. 

I Thou hast ma.ny fellows. Let it be, my good man. Thou goost not 

' alone. ]^.Ian\- do much Averse." The third fiatterer cometh aftei", 

I a)id is the wt^ric, as 1 said before, for he jiraiseth the wicked and his 

I evil deeds; as he who said to the knight who robbt:d his poor 

■ vassals, ''Ah, sir ! truly thou doest Vv'cll. lor men ought akvavs 
I to pluck and pillage the churl ; for he is like the willoA\-, which 
[ sprouteth out the bettei- that It is often cropped." Thus doth the 

false fiatterer blind those who listen to him, as I said before, and 
\ covereth their fdth so that it may not stink : and that is a oreat 

1 calamity. For, if it stunk, he would be disgusted with it, and so 

run to confession, and there von.n't it out, and shun it thereafter. 
JSackbitcrs, who bite other men behind, are of two sorts : but 

the latter sort is the worse. The foj-jner cometh quite openly, a)id 

speaketh evil of another, and speweth out his venom, as nnich as 



inuSo cnmeS:' ? gulclieba al ut somccP );ct ]7C attri lieorte sont np 

to ]7e tunge. Ac ];e latere ciimeb forS al on oSer wise, ? is wiirse 

ueoiKl pen ]je oSer :' auli under ureondes liuckel, ^'Veorpe^ adun 

}>et heaacS, ? foS on° nor te siken er he owilit sigj^e :' ? make 5 

drupie cliere :' bisanrnplex5 longe abutcn uor te l>eon ]iq bcitere ilened. 

Auh Invon hit alles cumeiS forS )»eoinio is hit jeoluh atter. " W^ei- 

lawei, ? wolawo," lieo seI5, '•' avo is nie ];et he, ober lieo, habbe-5 

sv.'uch word ikeilit.'^ Inouh icli was abutcn, auh nc liclp nic ^ nout 

to don her one bote. Eare hit is }>et ich wnste herof ; auh J^auh, 

]?urh me ne schulde hit neucr more beon iuppod ; <" auli nu hit is 

J7urh oSre so wide ibrouht forth, icIi hit ne niei jiout wi^saken, 

Vuel me seib f hit is; 7 jet hit is wurse. Seoruliful ich am ? sori 

)?et ich hit schal siggen :f auh forsobe so hit is :' 7 tet is muche scoruwe. 

CJor ueole " oSer J^ing he, o5er heo, is swu JSc to liericn, auh nout for 

j^isse J^inge, 7 mo is me ]?ereaore. Xe mei ham no mon werien." 

pis booS ])es deofles neddren f Salomon spekeb of. Yre Louerd, 

J>urh his grace, holde ou our ^ earen nrom hore attrie tungen, ? ne 

Folio 21/.. Icuc ou neucr stinken );enc fule put f heo unwreoS, ase ]>o uikelarcs, 

wreoS 7 helie t5, ase ich or seide ." unwreon hit to ham sulucn, beo f 

hit to limpe^,^ 7 helien hit oSre. pet is a muche ];eau, 7 nout to 

J^eo f hit schulden smellen, 7 hatien J^et fulSe. Nu, nnne leoue 

sustrcn, nrom al vuel spcche, ]i is j^us Jn-eonold, idel, ful, 7 attri, 

holdeS feor our earen. ^Ic seiS upon ancren, ];ct euerich most ^ 

haueb on olde cwene' to ueden hire earen; ano ma^elikl'" -^ 

niaSeleS hire all )>e talen of ]>e londe ;'" ane rikelot" |>et cakeleJ) hire 

al f heo isih'S, o-?)er ihereS. So ])ut mc seicS ine bisawe "Vrorn 

nmlno 7 fnmi cheping, from smiSe, 7 I'rom ancre huso, mo tibinoc 

* cuIc-IjCS. C. ouIcIks. T. b [togidcro]. C. 

"= f.,'S on. C. bigiimes. T. -' icuht. T. C. 

' no halp Lit mc T. C. t [sewidj. C. 

K 1 nioiii. T. I' haldo ower. C. 

' [f^'llit]. (J. k uchan [al] nust. C. 

1 au aid chrorl oSor o\\ fin.. 'I'. ", „i;,'?!elero. T. 

- tn!..s ]... ,„<■ tilh-5 il.mdc. C. u an Icil.,.lot r,,i„tj. C. 

lili: I'.ACKHITKi:. ^9 

ever comes to liis moutli, and tlirowctli out. at once, all tluit the 
poisonous heart send-; up Uj the tongue. lUit tlie hatter proceedcth 
in a quite diHt'erent manner, and is a v.orse enemy than the other ; 
\Qt, under the clorJc of a friend. lie casteth down his head, and 
hep^ins to siL;h Lefun^ he savs an^thini;, and makes sad cheer, and 
moralizes lon^j; witliout comino' to tlie point, that he may he the 
better believed. 13ut, when it all ccn.ies forth, then is it yellow 
poison. " Ahis and alas I " she saith, " wo is me, that lie or she 
hath got such a reputation, l-hioniih did I try, but it availed me 
nothing, to effect an amendment here. It is long since I knew of it, 
but yet it should never luive been exposed by me ; but now it is so 
widely published by others that I cannot gainsay it. Evil they call 
it, and yet it is woi'se. Grieved and sorry I am tfuit I nuist say it; 
but indeed it is so; and that is much sorrow. For many other 
things, he, or she, is truly to be connnended, but not for this, and 
grieved I am for it. No man can defend them."' These are the 
devil's serpents which Solomon speaketh of. 'Slay our Lord, by his 
arace, keep awa^- your cars from their venomous tongues, and never 
permit you to smell that fjul ])it which they uncover, like as the 
flatterers cover and hide it, as I said before. Let those v.hom it 
behoveth uncover it to themselves and hide it from others. That is 
an essential service, and not to those [oidy] who would hate that 
filth as soon as they should smell it. Now, my dear sisters, keep 
your cars far from all evil speaking, which is thus threefold, idle, 
foul, and venomous. People say of anchoresses that almost every 
one hath an old woman to feed her ears; a prating gossip who tells 
her all the tak-s of the land ; a mag[)Ie that chatters to her of every 
■^ thing that she sees or hears ; so that it is a connnon saying, "From 

\ niiln and from market, from smithy and from mmiiery, men bring 

i tidinn-s." Christ knows, this is a sad tale; that a nunneiT, ^vhich 

ca:.!1). soi;. 

90 iu:<;rj.x inci.isauum. 

hn'ngc'S." pet, wot Crist. ]>ii; is a sori tale :! ]>et ancro lius, };et 
scliukle beon onlukcst stude of alio, sclial beon iuelcd'"' to ]k>o ilke 
];reo stiiden ]?et most is iiie of clicaflc. Auh ase quite asc 50 bcoS of 
swucl'., looiie snstren, Avcreii alio ]je o'Sro, uro liouerd hit vbo.'' 

Nn icli Imbbe sunderlidie •■ ispclccn of ];cos ])rco llinos — of eien, % 
of imv^io, "? of carcn. Of careii is iiu al ];et lesto to aiicivn bllioue. 
Vor leofiich'^ ]ung nis Irit nout ]•> aucre bere swuch miv^, aali uuiclie 
me mei drcden •f lieo beie •= hire caren suninic chcrro to swuchc 
muScs. Of sih-Se, 7 of speche, "? of horrunge, is iseid sunderliche, 
of euerich 011 avewe. Cunie we m\ eft ajaii ? spoken of alio inienc/ 


" Zclatus sum Syou zelo magno." " Vnderstond, aucre," lie seiS, 
" Invas spuse ]m crt r^ 7 hu he is gclus of alio }'iiic latcs. " Ego sum 
Dens zclotes ;" in Exodo. "leli am," bi him suluen, "}>e gcluse God." 
"Zelatus sum," ?c. :' "Ich am gelus of }?e, Syoii, mi leofmon, mid mucho 
welusie." " Auris zeli audit omnia," sei^ Salomon ]?e wise. " Ybi 
Foho 22. amor, ibi oculus r'" wite \\x fulewcl. His earen bco'5 cuer toward 
tc, 7 he ihereS and isihS al ]?et tu dest. His eie euer bilialt to ;;if 
\u makcst ei send)launt, oSer eni luue lates tonward un^eauwes. 
" Zelatus sum Sion." Sion, ]'ct is, scheanware :' he cleopeS ]»e his 
scheauware r' 7 so his ]/-et non ocJres. Yor]>ui he seiS in Canticis, 
« Ostendc mihi facicm.*' " Sc-hcau ])i neb to me,'"' lie seilS :' " auh to no 
o'Ser. Bihold me, ^if ]hi wult habbe brihte sih iSe, wie) ]'iue heorte eien. 
Bihold inward, }'er ich am, 7 ne scche me nout wi^uten ]>ino heorte. 
Ich am woware scheomeful. Ich nulle nomvare bicluppe mine leof- 
mon liitte inc stiulc dernc." O swuclic wise ure Loucrd spekeS to 
his souse. No huiiche hire jii^oune neuer v/uuder T;if Iieo nis 

ifci-it Tcu' tii'l]. ('. '' ["i"'!'''-']- C- ' sundcrJc'pps. C. 

rcnimlicIiiT. C. " I'^i'k"- ''"• ' ("to^jiilprc]. C 

M.S. Oxon. 



1 V .,11 sliuuld Ijc cvenea to tliose 

should be the ^no.t s.lit.ry p ace ot ^ , W ^^^^^_ ^,^^^ 

are of such folly. 

I K,ve no. spoke, separat* of '>- ,;^-- U::'^- ^ 
of n,o„.h, and of cav. Co„cor,„ng ^ --^ ^'f,'^ , ■ ,„ ,,i„g that 
k for the U.!.oof of anchoresses ; ?» » ™' ^ ^ ,,^„^.,,-„ b, fc,,ed 
„„ anchoress should hoar such a •"»> f ' ' -^3,^, We have now 

tb"t she lends ''«--"- --';';; etrrhcarins, of each in 
disconrscd separately of sight, o sp cc ^^^^__^^^^__^ 

order. Proceed ve now to speah aga.n ot tl.un 

O. stcarr, srEEcn, ako u.Mt.NO. i. common. 

^ » " " Understand, recluse," he 
..Zelatns scan Slon .elo nragno. J^ ^^'^ ,^^ ^„ ,,^^ 

saith, "whose sponse thou «"''«, 'if: -^ jj^^j,,, .J „„;• of 
hchavionr." "Ego su.n Deus .c^ , ^^^^ , ^^ .. , ^^,,^ .^„,, 
himself "the jcalons God. ''"= i^lonsv." " Auris zeh 

of thee, O Zion, n,y ^;'--^;-^' ^ ^'^ " ^^ L,., M oculns . " 
audit o.nnia,-sa,th he w.s Soknon ^^ ^^_^^^ ^^^^^ ,^^ 

know thou right well, Ins ears " ° "" ; ,, ,,eholds thee, 

,.earetl, and seeth all <'>^^';- J^i;^-,:; ,ool. toward .ices, 
if 0,ou tnahest any shew « ^^ l^^ I ,„,,= ,. He callcth thee 
"ZehitnssumSion. ^'°"' , ■ ,,,, r,,^ ..rel none other's. 

'- """■-■ ^ ""'-T ^^"t:^;^.: lc"Ostonl.nil« facie..- 
Wherefore, he sattli '" ">\^V hit o no other. Look upon rae, 
.Shewth,.f=^oton,e, hesattl, - '.- ,_^,^^.^^ ,„„, 

U- thou wilt 1-c eh. ^ ^^.^^^^^ ^,,y ,„„,, I „ a 

within, where I am, nd s, U ^^^_^^^ ^^^^^ ;„ , 

ha,hf«l wooer. I wdl "'' ^ ' >,^, ,^,, ,, „, ,,,ouse. Let her 
place." In such wise oui LolU -1 

•■' Z;»e'h:iriali, viii- -• ,, ci,,,,,, of Soluiuoii, ii. li. 


niuchel one, ];aiili he liiresclumie: ? so one ])ct lieu pute euericli 
workllicli birig *? cuericli worldlicli murliSe iit of liire heorte :* vor 
lieo is Godcs cluiumbre, ]?ci- noisC no cunieb^ ine heorte, bate o( 
suininc l>ingc f me haueS o^er iseicn, oSer ilierd, isuieilit, ocJer 
smelled, 7 wibuten iiieled r' ^2 Avutelb to so'Se ]/et cucr so ];e wittes 
beo-S more ispreinde ^ ntwavdos, se heo lesse wendet iinvardes r' 1 
euer se recluses tote^i more uhvardes, se heo habbeS lesse Imie'^ of 
vre Loxierd inwardes r' "1: alriht so^ or];e oSre wittcs. ''• Qui extcrlorl 
oculo negligenter utitur, justo Dei judicio iuterlori cecutuv." J .o li \v;i !. 
sein Gregorie seiS — "Hwo se jemeleasliche witeX hire uttre eien, 
]nirh Godes rihtwise dome heo abliiideS in ]'e iiu-e eicu :f so ]>vt heo 
lie mei iscon God mid gostliche sihSe, nc ]»urli swuclie s^h^)e 
icnowen. Yor efter ];et me icnoweS his mueliele godnesse, 7 efter 
■bet me ivele^ his swete swotnesse, — efter ]'et me luueS hine moi-e 
o'Ser lesse." VorSi, mine leoue sustren, beoS wiSuten bliude, ase was 
Fol!o'22h. ];e liolie Isaac ^ 7 Tobie }>e gode: 7 God wule, ase he ^ef ham, 
jiuen ou liht*' wiSinnen, him uorto isconne, 7 icnowen:^ 7 Juu-uh J^e 
cnouleclumge, ouer alle ]>ing him luuienr't' 7 J'eonne seliullen je 
iseon hu al ]>c world nis nout, 7 lui liire uroure is Ms :' 7 ]hu1i ]7cL 
sihSc je schulen iscon alle ]?es deofles wieles t hu he bIwrencheS 7 
biclicrreS wreches.'^ 

Ee schulen iseon in ou sulf hwat bco jete to beten of our owene 
sunnen. TjC schulen biholden sumetime* touward tc pine of helle, 
J?et ou agrupie ajean ham,'' 7 flco ]>e swuSere nronmiard ham. Le 
schulen gostliche iseon J?e blissoi of houene, uor to ontenden our 
heorte to hieri touward heom.' Ee schulen, ase ine scheauwarc, 
iseon ure Lcfdi mid hire meidenes, 7 al ]>e engk-ne uerd,'» 7 al ]>c lieie 

« nurS no hire kinicN. C, '" ibiciiidc. C. T. 

<: Icoinc. T. C. '' 1 alssva. T. 

•^ Jacob. C. Ysaac. T. ' 1 Go.l W ln\ilc ■^cf ham -^i-ouvn <,f licl.t. V. 

L' of alls-^ I'lii"- t'> luuicn. C. '' ^vl■.■lu•llos. C. 

• suuicliiTi-. ('. •* h oil ;;ri.~L' wiN liam. C. )> ow iiy-i w iN liani. 'J'. 

> toliilKii tiain |.i.lri-wai-.t. T, "' mto. C. 



never wonder, tliiTei'.ire. though lie shun lier, if >]ie is not much 
alono; and so alone t!:a( slie exclude every worldly thinu', and every 
worldly joy fj-oiu her heart, for it is God's chamber, whert; disquiet 
Cometh not into the he,t5-t, except of that hath Ijeen either 
seen or heard, tasted or smelled, and felt outwardly. And know 
thou i'nv a truth, that always the more the sen-es are dispersed 
outward, the less slie turns [her tlioughts] inward, and tlic more 
recluses look outward, they have less love of oar Lord inwardly ; 
and it is just the same with the other senses. " Qui exteriorl oculo 
nccrligcntcr utitur, justo Dei judicio intcriori cajcatur/' Observe 
what St. Gregory saith, " She who guardeth carelessly her outward 
eyes, by God's righteous judgment groweth blind in the inv.ard 
eyes ; so that she camiot see God with spiritual sight, nor by such 
sight know hiu.i ; for^ according as wc know his great goodness, 
and feci his delicious sweetness, we love him more or less." 
Wherefore, my dear sisters, be outwardly blind, as was the holy 
Isaac and the good Tobias;' and God Avill give you, as he gave 
them, inward light to sec him and know him ; and, through this 
knowledge, to love him above all things ; and then shall you see 
how the whole world is nothing, and how deceitful is its comfort ; 
and, through that sight, ye shall see all the wiles of tlie devil ; how 
he cheateth and deceiveth his wretched dupes. 

1 ou should look into yourself and see what sins of your own are 
yet to amend. You should sometimes consider the pain of hell, that 
you may abhor them, and flee the more resolutely from them. You 
should look, in spirit, to the blessedness of heaven, in order to 
kindle in your heart the desire to hasten thither. You should 
behold, as in a mirror, our Lady with her maidens, and all the ai-niy 
of angels, and all the high heavenly host, and Iliin above tlicMU all 
who blesseth them all, and is the cruwn of tln-iu all. 'J'his sight, 
deal" sisto's, shall be of more comfort to you than any worldly sighl 
coidd be. Tloly men who have cx])erienced it know \vv]l that eveiy 
worldly deliglif is worthless when compared with It. ["'-I'o him that 
ovorcometli will I give lo eat of the] hidden manna." &'c. '-and a new 



hcoucnliclie liird/ 1 liiin oner ham alio, f blcsceS ham alle, 1 is horc 
aire cruue/' pcos sihbJe, leoue sustreii,^ sclial iiroureu ou more 
]K'iie mulite eni Avorldlich sih\Sc. Iloli men wutob wel ]>Qt haLbeJS 
liit iuonded, ]>et eucricli worldlich glcdutige is uriwuro her ajeines. 
"Manna absconditum, '?c. nomen nouurLi quod nemo seil nisi qui 
accipit." "Hit is a derne halewi/' seiS sein Johan ewangeliste'' in 
]>ii Apocalipse, — "hit is a dcrnc hcalewi ]'ct no mon ne ienowec^ y 
naueb liit ismccclied." pis smech, 7 tis cnownngc, kunieS of gost- 
liche sihSe, 7 of gostliche herungc, 7 of gostlichc speche, Jjct heo 
schulcn habben, f forgoS, for Godes luue, worldliche herunge, 7 
eorSliche ?pechen, 7 flechsliche sih^en t' 7 efter ])Q sihSc ^ is nu 
deosc her, jc schulen habben^ J'er uppe, ]'e brihto sihSe of Godes 
nebscheft ^ ])et alle glednesse "" is of, i^e blissc of hcoucne, mucliel 
biuoren ohrcJ Vor ]>c rihtwise God haucS so ideu^cd ])ct euerich- 
oncs mcde ])er schal onswcrien ajein ]^o swine, 7 ai^eiu ])0 anui = ]'et 
FoUo 23. heo her uor his luuc cdmodliche ]?olie^ :''^ ant for];ui hit is riht 7 
somheh^f ancrcn ])eos two morhjiuen'' habben biuoren o5re,—}jet 
is s%\-iftnes5e, ant leome of a briht silrSe :' swiftnesse ajeines J^et heo 
bco'cS her so bipenned t' leome of a briht silrSe, ajeines ]>et heo her 
beostreS nu ham suluen, 7 nuUeS nouSer iseon mon, ne of mon beon 
iseien. Alle J^-eo ine heouene schulen beon ase swiftc ase is nu 
monncs )70uht, 7 ase is j?c sunne gleam, J^et smit from east into J^o 
west, ant ase ])e eie opened 7 tuneiS r' auh ancren [}] bitiuieS^ her, 
schulen beon []?er], ^if eni mei, liliture beon"^ 7 swifturer 7 ino so 
wide scheakelcs pleicn ine heouene, ase me seiS ine heouene is large 
leswc, ]>Qt tet bodi schal beon hwar so euer ];e gost ^vule, in one 
hondhwule." pis is nu ])e one morhjiue ]>Qt ieli seide ]>et ancren 


■Siues. T. 

b child 

halescnc liink-. 
re. C. 
C. T. 


■Mq hal 


, liird. T. 
c godspelUMV 
^ gk.dschipe. 


f Vide 
e niim 

ims nunc qiia^il 
. C. cimui. T 



I in ei 

igmatc. T. 
h holedo. C. 

' <Ai'inl 

fli. C. T. 

^ inarec-lij;euc'n. 


r^>,■^.. C. 
. Quid c^.t Cllill 


(,d m.vii 

nt, ul 

"" l.n. C. 

i si-iijiitc'i)\ on 



,„,.vi.,ghe.lmtK.cdvctlut."« "Iti^a 

„„„o .Inch m, H,an kn,...J , „^ ,,^.„ ,Ust, in the Ai»cal,n«e; 
. it i, n .oa-et nK-dicine wl„ch no i.«n '-' o;^-^' , ^;,,,„ „„d of 

.,,i,.i.«a heaving, and of si spccc . ^^^.^,_,^, 

^Lse. «-ho fovcgo, for .U. '-'C ,t!'l'i,: , .w\ now is? .vhid. is 

'r-t '"'"' "'■';"/tr' * -0 i o* tl,: L.-igi. sigi. of God. 
dim l.ere, vc sludl '"^' ;'>" „,^ Ucsscdncss of heaven, much 
countenance, of widch .s nil joy " ^ ^^^ ;,, ,„ j„,,ged that the 
,„„.e than o.hc... Tor the r.ghteo God h t J^^ =^^.^^^,^,^ ^,^^ 
,ueed of even- one shall con-es ond t the o ^^^^^^^^^^^ .^ .^ 

„e patiently endn.eth 1k« f^^ '^ ^ /, ,,, .l^sc t.o special gifts 
right and proper that anchore»es si ould _^^^^ ^^ ^.^j^^. 

„r„ro than others, namely, -;^'- /^^ ^„„fi„„, , clearness of 

swiftness, in requnal "f ''" J"'^.^ ; ,,,r,elf here, and heing 

sight, in compensat.on for '"^^ <1""^'"' = „,„. All who are in i; 

unwilling either to see or to ho .on ». ^^^^ ^^ ^,^^ ^„,^. , 

Leaven shall be as sw>ft as -»' ''^\^ j,„ eye openeth and i 

beam that darts frou, east to "^^ ' •''™;^,,^„ [„„,,] be, if any 1 

shutteth ; but an anchoress shut "P -^ ' ,,^, ,i, Uoaveu in I 

may, both more light and_ n,ore ^ ^ ,, amU ^^^ 1 ^^ ^^^^^^^^_ 

such wide confincs-as it is saul i- .^^ ^^^ ;„3t„„t, , 

,l,at the body shall be .« '«-'«™ ' \;],i „,„t ,„choresses shall 

Kow this is the one ^-ee-l g.<>. ;' ; . , ^.,^ ;, ^hat of sight. All 

l„,vo „,ore than others, fhc oh n« >; » ^^,,,,,,3,3, fo,. their 

blindfolding here, skdl nue ^ ^^^^ ^^_^___^^j^^ ^^.,_^^ ^^^.^ „„, „„,,- 
l,i,,a,,„ ,nyster,es of Go and . ^^^ ^^.^,^ ,^^ 

tu know about things without, cltl.c, vMt 

ii. V 


TM-.GUL.E iN(Lr>;.\urM. 

schuleii Iiabben biuoren o5rc. pe oSer moilijiue is of siliSe. All.; 
]>eo iue Iicouoie iseoS iiic God alio |^ing r' auli ancren sclmlcn brilit- 
luker, uor liore blindfulhinoo her, iseon ant under.stoiulen ]>er Godes 
dernc runes, ? bis derne domes, ]'et ne kcpcS nu to wuteu of j?inn-o.s 
wi Hilton, lie mid earen ne mid eicn, 

^ Vor^i, nn"no leone sustro)!, jif cni moii bit fort iseon on, a>kc^ of 
him hwat god ]>erof mulitc liliten :' ^ or moni viiel icli iseo j^erinno, 7 
none biheue:'-' J ^if lie is jncMcas, ileueS liim ])e wnrse:' ? jif cni 
wurSe^ so wod, ? so awed, ji he Morpe his bond forS tonward ]'g 
)7iirl cloS,^ swiftlichc anonriht, schutre?) al )>et J^url*^ to, ? letted bine 
Folio 23^ i^^'"!'^^™, ? also sone asc eni mon ualle'5 into luSer spcche, )>et fallc 
tonward fule Uuq,^ tnneS ]?et jnirl anonriht :' ? ne answerie je him 
nowiht,<^ auh wcndeS awei, mit tisse uers, J?ct lie hit nunve iheren/ 
"Xarraverunt mihi iniqni fabnlaciones, sed non nt lex tua :"' ant 
goS forb biuoren ower weouede - mit te miserere. Ne chnstie tc 
neuer nennc swuchne mon bute o ])i;,se wiser' vor, mit te cliastie- 
ment, he nudite onswerien so, ? bluwen so liJSeliche J;et sum sperke 
muhtc acwikicn. No wouhleche iiis so culiiert ase is o pleinto wis:' 
ase h^vo se ]nis seide: "Ich nolde, uor te Jwlien deaSe, ]>enche fulcSe 
tonward te r' auh ich heuede isworen hit, luuien ich mot te/' ? nu 
me is wo f tu hit wost. Auh forgif hit me nu, ])et ich hit habbe 
itold te, "? ]?auh ich schulde iwurSe wod, ne schalt tu neuer more eft 
witen hu me stont." Ant lieo bit forjiucxS him, uor he spekeS ])u.> 
feiro, 7 speke^ Jjconne of oSerMhat. Auh "euer is ]jc eie to ]>e 
wude leie,* j^erinnc is ];et ich luuic/' Euer is ])e hvovio in ];ero 

» bisetc. C. b swa wod J. lie waqic lioiid }>,. lnin:U )'o cl.iN. C 

'^ windohe. T. ^ ImiP. C. T. 

' ~l nc spcl<o no more liiiii to. C 

' liecliiiate a me inalJKiii, i snutalior iiiandata I)i.i nu i. T. t; .,^^t r 'I' 

*■ hwa is \viir>o k-]ie he }> on sloji hit liitiiiiio;') me :- Xu nic is v.a. C. Iiwa is wiirsi- 
hfii 1110? Moni 'Icp hit roaiU'^ mo. Xu. T. 

' wodclo^o; T 1-0 li.dto hiu'ko oliml.ocS l^onipiH-. 'Iwa -) |.iv<,, Ini f. (do 1. .o.N joo - 1-- i 
halporios n,al.o,N a ],o„i. Anion; T ouor is. C. 



imu «lu,t y.oa HMgl.t «,,m ot t. . ^ ,;;,„,,„ 1,53 ■, muliC 

good; .n.l if '-;'-^''V:r"nli - nal..e that ho puts i.v.h 
any one ho<-o,neth so .kx =.hI ^o t. ^^.^^ ^„,^ 

Ws'h»„a towaal tho .nuVw ^'l"^';;' .^ 'l' „, „,, ai'couvso that 

leave him; and as »»! ^ , ™- , f j „" ai.-ectly and give hh„ 
tends towards .mpuro hfo, clos. the _^^^^. ,^^,^^. j,^ 

no answer at all, hut go away w, ' - -'^^^ „^^„,,,-„„ ,„ ,,y 
..The wiehed have told >ne f*''^'' *f : "^ ,,,^ ^Ii,,,,,e. Do «ot 
,,,,., and go forth Vx.fore .7- :;.;;* ty but this, for. wi.h 
...oprove any n,an^ of s„ch - ; ^^^Vwav and Wow so gently that 
the reproof, he m.ght ar.swe, m .^ ■ ^^^ ^^^,^^^^.^,, i^ ^„ 
„ spark .night he ^tujckened > »/' '^^.J „, if one sooke thus : 
perllious as that wljieh ,s , n a P -', e s . n • ^^^^^^^ „,,, 
.< I would rather sufter 'I ""'' '^y^,^^,,, „„t l,dp loving you; 
regard .0 you; hut had -^^^^^ E,„ ,,, forgive me that I 
and yet I ant grieved that you know .t ^^_^^^ ^^^^^^ _^^^.^^, 
,,ave told you of it; and, though J si ouhl ^^^^^ ^ .^^^_ ,^^^.^^^^^ 
after this know how .t .s w, h me A c^ , ^^^^_^^_^ ^.^_^_ 
he speaks thus fair, and th i^^ ^^^^^ ,^ ,„„, I 
.. the eye is over toward, "- ;' ^ ^ \=^^ ^,5,, ,,,,■„,,,.. and still, 
fi l„ve." The heart is ever »1'"'< 'f ^^ ^^^,,,.,1^ ., ,,,. thoughts, 
r .„e,, he is gone, ^^^ "'^^^^ t tnething else. He 
„,,,, she ought to attend J > '^ " ,;,^ ,n,, .wears that 
wards seeke.h an op,..,rtnn,ty *" ' '^ 1 , . „.^^ ,,„, ,„„, „„, 
;„ r,,v,.eshinilo.h'it; and ihn, 11" '^n„ 




. Or i,n,.uvc Iwvo. C T. 




uovuie speclic:' ? jct Invon ]ic is foJ-^So, lico v/cnt-'' In liirc ]nilitc o(^...' 
svvucho woi-lIcs, hwon lico scliuldo oSorliwat jeonicllclie 50111011. 
He eft seclicS his point uorto bicke uorcward, tint swcrc'S ]/ct he 
inot iii'do :'^ ant so waxeS }q wo, sc lengrc se wurr;c :' " uor 110 frcoiul- 
schinc ni? so vucl asc is fair, fVcoiidschlpe. Uc/nd ]>ct Jninchco 
freoiid is swike ouer alio swihe. Uorj;i, 1111110 k'ouo sustroii, no jiuc 
30 to none swuclic monno 11011 injoiig to r^ivkciie. Yor asc hoh writ 
sciS, "horo spcclio spret as-o caunoro," Auli for alio onsworcs, 
weiidoS oil ant weuohoo '^ froinuiard hini. Al ^o as ioh or soldo, o 
none v/ise no niiiwe 30 botoro sauuoii ou sulucii, ant niatoii, 7 ouor- 
Folio 24. cnmon him [betoro]. Lokc^S nu, hii proia-elloho j^o lofdi in Cpntieisj 
Godos dcorewnriSe spiise, lereS on, bi hire sawc, liu je sohulen 
sirrgen, "En dilectus mens loquitur niilii. Surge, propera aniica 
iiiea, 7c." Lo, ho solo, "icli ihero nu mi lcofnio)i spoken:' ho 
clcopcSmo:' ich mot gon:" 7 50 gon anouviht to our dorcwur^c 
spuso 7 loufmoii, ant mone^; ou to his oaron ])ot luuoHohc clopo-iS ou 
to him mit teos woixlos: "Surge, propera, arnica moa, formosa moa, 
columba moa :' 7 voiii, ostondo mllii I'aciom tuam. Sonet uox tua in 
auremoa:'" ]K't is, "arisup; hie })o hooneward ; 7 cum to mo, mi 
leofmon, mi kulure, mi schene, mi voire spuso." " Ostende mihi 
fiiciom tuam." " Schoaii to mo J'l leouo neb 7 ti lufuime loor. Went 
te vrom oSrc. Sonet uox tua in auribus meis. Sole hv.o haue^) 
misdon ]?e. IIwo haue\S ihurt to, ml doore. Sing inc min earen ; 
vor )>ui pot tu no wilnest buto uor to isoon mi Invite.'^ No spoke 
bute to mo. pi stefne is mo swoto, 7 ti hwite schono.'' Vnde 7 
subditur, " vox tua dulcis, 7 facios tua decora."' pis beoS nu two 
hinges ]Kt boc.5 iluucd swuSo: swoto spcclio, 7 schoiic Invite : hwo 
se ham haue\S togoderes, swucho choose t) Jesu Crist to leofmon 7 to 
spuso. Lif ]Hi wilt bec.n swuoh, no sclicau ])u none monno []>i] 

•■' K-»"r) v.i-niUii. T. ii:. v.cnl. C. 
'■ luutMcdc; -, ^Ait icl. l,al,bo a node c.' 
lial.e a iifdo <-vn'\v, T )•: r wi.^ccS j-e \v;i. C. 
<= lokc'lc Min. I h.MS -) uaacm..i!n.-s cclr^^- or. 
•1 ^^x'U^V■■^■^ 

u : b.rh Lit ivim> 
u iVi-'" iir;cliii>o. C. 

•11, icU 

iiiK i.ovr. 

,r ,„,.,,.T .U.ONK, TO UK m..u.E.x 


„v dear sistefi, ?ivc "»=■"<:""' .^ ..Their word spreads u. 

U a canker." " Af '" f ^°^ l,e,, in no other ..,• may you 
W,„, and go away. J-* fje" ' „,,, ....-^uer l,i,,>. Observe, no« 
better save yo"-f'<:\"^Canteks, God's beloved sfouso, .each tl 
how rightly the lady u, the Ca t 1 ^_ ^^^^^^^^^ _^^^„^ , t„. 
vou bj°her words how you ^lutU aj ^ __ ^^^^ ^^.^,_^ „ I ho,n. 

^ -W suree, propera mn.ea moa, K.. ^_^^^ y,_ 

mini , svu^-, 11 1 . v,a pnllctli m'- ^ ^ ^" ° ^ 

now my beloved speak he <^» '<= ,„„,,, ,.ud n.ako you. 

■nmediately, to your ^-'■;^i„tt:iy calls you to hinr with tte 
complaint in his ears -',;-f "l^ A,;..., hie thee hitherw:rrf 
.vords, " Surge, propera &.;•*'> beauteous, my f.. 

,nd come to me, ™J' ^f ^."^^' "4„ „ .. Let me see thy dear face, 
lusc." " O^to"^^ ■"*' '''''' Tt^' away frour others. I-et thy 
Z thy lovely «-*"»-, Tr hath iftendedtheeMVhoa^. 
voice sound iu my cars, bay, w . _ ^^^.^.^^^ ^„,^ to see 

:; thee n,y dear? Sing m my^ - '^ ^..^^ , ^^..^ to ,ne and 
„,,, countenance, speak only to m :, ^^^^^^^^ ,, ^^^^ &c 

y cottntenance is comely. W> '- ^^^,^^^ . ^ ^,^. ,o,ce^ an 
These are now tsvo thmgs that are ^^ ^^^^^^ j^^„, Chust 

tocom>t»ance: whoso ^ath bort^thes ^^^^^^ ^^,,, ,„„„,, ,et no 


|f>''» laxa'L.i: inclusahi ai. 

liwite:' v.c uv K'te IjlIJSclichc iliereii ]?inc sj)cclie. Auh luii I)<i>ic l.t 
Crist:' to ]'i Jccrew urSe spus :^ asc he bit j^crniipo :' as;> )mi wilt )'Lt 
ti speclie JHUiche him swete, 1 tl hwitc schenoj 7 liiiljlx'ii liiui to loof- 
iiion ])et is a })u>ent fold schonre j^cii ]>e suiiuc. 

IlcJX-iieb iiu jeoj-ne'.iehe, mine htouQ siistreu, al an obor spt'che, 7 
frommard tisse vorjiie. IlcrcneS im hu Jesu C'rist sj)rkc^) asc o 
AvreSSe, 7 seib ase o grim hokcr, 7 a scorn to ]k'o ancro J'ot schulde 
Ijcon his leofmon, 7 secheS ]>auh utward gelunge '' 7 froure, mid cio 
0(Scr mid tnr,ge. In Caiiticis : " Si ignoras te o piilcra inter mu- 
iicrc?, egredere, 7 abi [)ost uestigia grogmn tuormn :^ 7 pascc cdos 
tuos juxta taljcrnacula pastorum," pis bco^ ]?e wordes : " EiF ]ni 
ne k-nowcst j^e sulf, ])u ueir bimong wmnmen, wend \\i, 7 go eftcr 
gato lici-dt-n :' 7 loswe ]>ino ticchoncs bi heordmonno hi.den, of ris 7 
of Icaues." j^is is a cruel word, 7 a grim v.ord mid alio, ]> vro 
Loucrd seiu ase a gi'ome 7 a scorn to totinde, 7 to hercwile, 7 to 
babclinde, 7 to spekefule ancreii. Hit is bilepped 7 bihud :' ac icli 
jiit wuUc unuolden. " Nime-S nu gode jemc, jif ]m ne cnowest noiu 
)7C sulf;' he sei^, ure Louerd. pet is, "jif ]ni nost nout hwas spuse 
]>n ert ;' cwene of Iieouene, jif ]ni ej't me treowo aso spusc ouh to 
be()nn(>. Eif |ni ]>is luuiest uor;^itcn, 7 tellcst hcrto Intel, wend nt, 
7 go, he seiu."- Ihvuder? "Vt of mine heilischipc: vt of mine 
invichele nierJce, 7 foknve licordcn of geat," lie sciS. IFwr.t hcoh 
heorden of geat? pet beoL) flcsclies lustes, ]>et stinkcJS ase do^ 
geat, biuoren nrc Louerd. " Eif ]ni hauest noi'i^iten nu ])i wur^fulo 
lefdischij)e,— go 7 folewe ]'eos geat :'" f is, uoluwe flesclics lustes. Nu 
kuuie^ ]»er efter ant leswe }>ine ticchenes :' ])et is, ase he scide, " Ved 
I'liie eien mid totunge,^ 7 tine tuuge nn'd chenelunge, ]m\ caren nuM 
heruugo, ]'jne noose mid smellunge, ]'i vlcschs mid softc iielunge." 
peus fir \viites, lie cleope^ ticchenes :' for, also as of a ticchen, ]?et 
iiauec> swcte vlesclis, knmci) a stinkinde got, o^er a buckc :'"-' alrilit 

K\A\ni.K or riiF. luiiDi: in c anti«:i.i>. I'^l 

IS.Av, lu'arkrii utt.'utlv.'ly, my <lear sisters, to a .lultc tlilll'ivut 
,|.veh 'aiul c<.ntrai-v to the lonuor. Hearken now how Jesus 
Christ'speaketh as in wralh, and salth, as in angry derision and ni 
scum to the anchoress that ought to he his hoh-ved, and yet seeketh 
outward delights and con.forts, with eye or with tongue. In the 
Canticles, "Si ignoras te," &c. The words arc these: "If thou 
knowcst not thyself, tiioufalr among women, go out and go atter the 
lierds of goats, ar.d feed tliy kids beside tlie herdsmen's tents, of boughs 
and lea\x's." This is a cruel word, and an angry word^ withal, 
which Cur Lord saith in displeasure and scorn to prying, listening, 
..os.ippinu- and prating anchoresses. It is wrapped up and con- 
cealed but I will unfold it. " Take good heed, now," saith our Lord, 
^'if thou knowest not thyself; that is, if thuu knuwest not whose 
spouse thou art,-.iueen of heaven, if thou art true to me =^ a spouse 
ouoht to be. If thou hast forgotten this, and accountest it ot little 
vafue-go out, and depart," he saith. Whither? " Out of my 
hioh place, out of my great honour, and follow the herds of goat., 
vtith he. What are herds of goats? They are the lusts of the 
flesh, which stink as a goat, in the presence of our Lord. "It tiiou 
hast now forgotten thy dignity as a lady,-go and fbllow those ^a^s, 
that is fulh.;- the lusts of the flesh. Now, then, come and feed thy 
kids-'' that is as if he said, "Feed thine eyes with looking about, 
.nd thy tongue with prating, thy ears with lK.u-ing, thy nose with 
sniellin..-, th/ flesh with soft feeling." Tho.e hve senses he ca leth 
U-ls- f^;,i n-oni a kid, that hath sweet fle^h, cometh a st.nkn.g 
goat: or a bud. ; ju.t so, tVon. a yom.g s.eet looking ..r a s^^^^^ 
Lnh.., or a soil feehng, waxeth a simkmg h.t, and a foul Mn. 
,,a. ;;nv l-eerin, anchore.s ever experie.u-.d t ,s, whol.:dw:,^^ 

.ill war' 



SO of a jLiiig -' swete lokuiinv, ooer of a sweote liorungc, o'Ser oi a 
softe uelunge \yaxeb a stinkhxic Iiisl, and a ful siimie. IlweSe-r cni 
totildf ancrc uondeJe cuer ]m, ]K^t Ix'keb euer vA\vin\\ a?;c untowe 

/'V/K, 2o. l)nd iiie cage? Hwecier j)C cat of licllc chuncde '' eucr toward hire, 
7 cauhte/ mid his cleafrcs, hire lieorte lieaued ? Le, sotJci :' ''i 
di-ouh al ut, ]K>t bodi eftcr, mid clokes of crokede'' 7 of Iieiie uon- 
dmiges:' 7 makede hire to leoscii boSe God 7 mDii, mid brod schoine 
7 sumic,'' Inouh sori lure :' to wroScrc helc bekede cuer ancrc so ut- 
" Egredere," he seiS, o grome. "Go ut use dude Dina, Jacobcs 
doubter, to wrothcr ^ hole : " ])et is to siggen, "bilef me 7 mi cumfort ]> 
is Avi^inne he breste, 7 go sech wiciutcii, ]7e worldes urakele urouren 
]7et schulen eudeii ine sor 7 iue scoruwe. Nim ];erto, 7 Icf mo liw on 
])e so is leouere: vor ne schal tu nonesweis jjcos two ilkc cumforz, 
miu 7 te Avorklcs — ]?e joic of tlie lioli gost 7 fleschcs from e liabljcu 
togederes. Cheos im ]m on of ]>eos two :' vov ]^et o'^er ]?u most Icteu/' 
"b pulcra inter nudieres ! " " jif ]>n cnoA\cst nout ]'e sulf, })u ueir 
bimong wummen," sciS ure Louerd— ]ni ueir bimong v.-ummen, auli 
bimong cngles ])n meiht don J>erto :" J;u sclialt siker elles hwar bcoii 
ueir nout one among wummen, auh among cngles. " pu, mi deore- 
wurSe spuse," sei^ ure Louerd, "schalt tu uoluwcn geat a ueld, ]'et 
beo-S flesches lustes ? " Veld is Aviiles breadc. '•' vSchalt tu o ]nsse wise 
uoluAVcn geat jeont to ucld? pu scholde^t, i );inc lieorte bur, 
biscchen me cosscs, ase mi leofmon ]>ct seib to mc, iSe luuc boc, 
"osculetur me oscido oris sui :» ■]> is cus mc, mi leofmon, mid cossc 
of }>ine mube, mu^ene swetcst." ])es cos, Icoue sustren, is a swet- 
ncsse 7 a delit of heorte, so uniuictc swote 7 s\vetc>, j'ot eucrich 
worldes sauvu- is bitter ]>er a;«;einesr' auh uvc Louerd mid his cossc 

Fol 25 /-. no cusseb none soulc ])et luue-b ei ]nng Inite him, 7 ]^eo ilke jdngvs, 
uor him, f helped to habben liim :' 7 tu ]KHnvao, Godcs spusc, )>ct 
iht ihere)>, her biuorcn, hu sweteli<-h ]m spus ^l)eke^. 7 cleoi)e^ ]>c 


^ clauhto. C. i-l.uAc. J. 

1,. I b-ivnlM.-. '!".] l.iiv :>t :i '■l:q> I"' '-■•^'■^'' "I C' )■<' C. 
.. Sni... ,.| Snl,„ : I. I. 


TiiuSi-: ,vi;i", ^^■ll(»^ 



tlic cat of liell ever cliUelicd at licr, and caii^lit with his claws her 
lienrt head? Yes, truly ; ai'.d drew out afterwards her whole body, 
vritli liooks of crooked and keen teni|)tations ; and made her to lose 
botl) God and man, \\l{\\ ejicn sliame and sin. A grievous cnoui^h 
loss ! Always to her uttei- ruin lias an anchoress thus peered out. 
" J-'gredere," salth he, in anger. "Go out, as did Dinali, Jacob's 
daughter, to ntter ruin; " tliat is to sa}', '''leave nie and my comfort 
which is within tiie l)reast, and go, seek without the world's vile 
gi"atifications, wliich shall end in pain and sorrow. Take to it, and 
]ea^■e mc, since thou preferrcst it : for thou shalt not by any means 
ha^•e both these two comforts, mine and the world's — the joy of the 
Holy Ghost, and tlie grrdificatlon of the flesh together. CIkjosc now- 
one of these two ; fer thou must (juit the otlier." '' O pulchra inter 
midicresl" "If thou knn\\- not thyself, thou fair among women," 
saith our T^ord,— thou fair among Avonien ; nay, among angels, thou 
might add thereto; thou shalt surely be hereafter fiiir, not only 
among women, but among angels. " Thou, my dear spouse," saith 
our Lord, " shalt thou follow goats a-field, wdiich are the lusts of the 
flesh?" Field is the wide range of the will. "Shalt thou in this 
wise follow goats over the field ? Thou shoiddest, in thy heart's 
bower, entreat me for kisses, as my beloved one, that saith to me, in 
the love book, ' Oscidetur me osculo oris sui,' that is, kiss me, my 
beloved, with kiss of thy mouth, sweetest of mouths." This kiss, 
dear sisters, is a sweetness and a delight of heart, so immeasurably 
delicious and sweet, that every savour in the world is bitter when 
com[)ared with it: but our Lord, with his kiss, kisseth no soul that 
lovetli anything but him, and those things, for his sake, that assist 
us to obtain him : do thon, therefoix", God's spouse, who nn'ght hear 
what has been >:\h\ abwve, liow sweet!}' tliy spouse s])eaket!i, and 
c.dleth tlieo to him so aileetlonately, and thereafter how lie changes 
the sti.iii!,'' and si.eaketh most wrathfully, if thou goest out, — keep 
thee in tlr. chiiinhei- : feed not ihou tliv £i;o;itd<ids \\ilhiiuf: but 

l\,lh 20. 

,|,i KEGLL.r. IMl.l>Alil M. 

lri,nliche, jif V» «c.,Klo.t v,,-HoU tc i l,i.,o ,>c fed tu 

Visoechs,-? tino sii.Se: ant tun vest. hor. joan, ,m,* ?., .on, 

cam.:' for ""»t ^o l>eo« Wlok'-'''^ ""^''K l'^""' ""■' "■"'■ »" '"": 
.etes openeS" buten ajcin Codes .ondo, 7 liuc.S ^ of soul., "o„™ 
Lstodil soma co. t.uun : " " ouor alio ),ing, l>e„,,e," asc S.lon,on 
leroS, ■? ich seide uoor biuovor. iKo IVun.^c of ).,. ta c, m,no lorn,. 
,„st,o., '■ witoS wcl our l.eortc." pe heorto is wol llokcd 3d n,u^ 1 
oion 1 oarcn wislicl.c bco5 ilokeno: vol- hco, aso kd, scde or, beo^ 
Vc l.eortc wovdclus:- 1 jif I'O «a.dci„s ,vcndc5 .jt ].c b.5 
biwustvT.cle.' !* bcoS ,.u ].e ),rco wittcs f .ch l.abbcn .spo.™ 
„r Spcko ^vc nu schortlicbo of ).e two o5rc : )>au 1, ...s ..out spell- 
,„',2o 1,0 ...uSis wit, aso s.ncccliu,.,20, ),auli bco.. LeoSe ...c 

4. Dk Oi)OUii. 
Sincl of neose is >e ucorSe of J-e vif wlttes. Of >isse ^vittc sei^ 
soint Austin, " Do odoribus nimis non satago :' cum as.^unt, non 
vespuo; cun. absunt, nou reciuiro/' Of smcUcs, 1- sei^ ne uonJ 
ich'uout muchelcs. Eif hco beoS noh a Gocks balue ^ % ^.^ boo 
beo5 feor, me no reccbcS.^ Vro Louevd, taub ^uvub Isa.e, ],vca eb 
ham nud belle stuncb ^ babbeb debt ber n>e ulesbcbe smelles. Lut 
pro suaui odore fetor." per to ^eines, beo scbulen babben bemien- 
licbe smelles, ]K>t babbeb ber swot of ireu^ ober of boren, ,e i.eo 
bereS,^ oSer of swoti batereu, o^er of l>ieke en- j' m inre buse stuncli 
ober Invule and strong brcS ine neose. Aucb ]>cr of bcob nyar, 
ndne leoue sustren, ]>et o^er luvile ]>e ueond makeb sum JMng 

, V ,. ,,.,1 I, W. .>i.HO'^. T. ^v:lch o^•cl• w:.l, openi ?;.^ n:.ut ower j;rl,.n. C. 

lif. C. 

„t_. fuilK-V " 1' !'■'"' "'"■'''' T ''■" ' '"" 

natit I i.r ixs-du-. C. 

Mtro o^.v of wilJc-;. air. 'J' 

p.vs. T. liii> I "f '■•"'■''' !■■'"-'- ^- 

-.:.■. 'I, 



1 ^1, Mr,.! thv ■.■."lit ^v■lt^.lu•, nml shut i'lst 


I i 

4. Of Smki.1- 

-Puo; cu,n aV,s.„., u.n ";;'"';; ,„^,,,;''' \[,,,,°„.e .x....nt,i,. 
G.,a-s nanKs [.hey -e -^-e^ ^^^^ ^^.^,^ ,,,^, ^,^.,^^., „, ,„„ 

"T^ r : :*:: On t o :::..>..a, .Uey si.,, sn,.,, cCes,-.,, o ,.. 

« ,1- «-"' "'■f'"' ""■"-';, it: ana, at' ..h.v ti -S tin- 

,,„,oiv,..-n,a,<eil,asw.,.-tsa,c.|l t,. en.. , . 


..,t<'S n,l.) 



MS. Ono.i. 


iJE'-ri..!: ixci.rsAurM. 


eiiio, fiiiil 

Ntiiikcii ]>ct ^c'ii iiotien, vur j>i ];ct lie wn] 
sclmldon schunicn: and oSer li^vulc ];e uielarc, of muii d-nio ]mvj: 
]}(^ jv iiv; imnvc iiout iscon, ase du^t of denio scdcs, mako^ a swotc 
smel eumcn, nso ]^au!i hit woro of lieouone :' vor i;e sclnddcn w 
]>ct God/' nor ouwoi- lioH liue, suiidc o-i lii.s gi'aco and 1 
letoii \vel of oil sidf,'' ^ leaiK.-n into pnidc. SnK>! ];et ciuno^ o[ 
Godcs half iirourc'S ];g hcorto luoru ])cn ];e in;o>c. ]?eos ant o^"ro 
trafles •= ];et ho bitruflc^J nionie men niidc, schuL^n beon ihrwulit to 
nonlit mid licale v/atcr ant mid ])e lioli rode tockne. TTwosf ];,,nlite 
hu God sulf was 1 bisse witte iderucd, heo wokle j^ct derf Jnilddicke 
]>o]kn. ]po nunit of Calnarie, ];er nre Lonerd honoede, was ]}c 
cwahnsteou, ]'cr leicn ofte licumes iroted buuen corSe j stunckon 
swnbe stronge. He, ase lie honii-cde, mnhte liabben here l)v,.b, mid 
alle his oSre wo, a.midden his ncose. Also he was idornen^ in alle 
his nhic wiit^'s. In jiis sihbe, ]'eo he iseili his deorewur^e*" moder 
tcares, «.^ sein Joliaunes enangelistes, ^ te oSro Maries:' ^^ ]>o lie 
bikoold Iiu his deore deciplcs flucn alle vrom him, j blleucdcn him 
alle one, ase ureomede, he weop - himsulf }n-ies mid his feire eien. 
He ]K)lede al ]nddeliche J?et me hine blir.dfellede, hwon iiis eier. 
wcren jms ine schondlac iblinfelled, vor to jiuon ])e ancre brihte 

sill be of heonene- 

his h 

re, nidli 
ant on 

-j^ann jni \nn v](jn nor ms mue, -^ me nnn;t"o-u; 
herof, blindfellie on eorbe, norto beren him neolanreddeii,'' nis nout 
Fo/;o 20 A. nmchel wnnder. Amid |)e mnbe me gurde' him same cli 
rebe, ase mc to beot his cliLMkon, j sj)ette him a schoi-n: 
ancre is for o word nt of hire witte ! Hwon he J/olede Jnddellche }>et 
tc GIws dutten, ase heo bntFeted.en hini, his deorewurdc mub mid 
liore dreori fustes :' ^ j^n, nor ]>e luuc of him 7 for ])in owt-ne 
nnichele bihene, dutc }?imie tntdinde mub mit ]>i):e lippcn. 'IVke' 
]n>t he smeliite"' galle on his tmige, noi'to leren ancreii ]>ot heo ne 

tn.y;\r>. c. 

tM.Ic.N. (;. 
n-in'U: 'J'. 



«, Ai,\.\i;V A l'I.A( i; OK lA'Ai ilSOMl', 

Mi:: 1,-. 



L)iiietliii:u- c^'iiciak'il, tluit yc cannot sl--. as fVoui the dust of 
sjocls •; in oi-iler tli;it yo may tiiink that ( r-il, on account of 
!''ly life, scnJs y()U liis £;racc and lii-^ conii'rri, and so tliink 
Moll of yoiu'sclvc?;, and l)(.'coinc })rond 'llic I'l-iuraaice tliat conietli 
fvum God, canfortetli the lienrt father than the no-tril-;. These and 
olhor delusions, Mith uhieh lie Ijeiinileth many n.ien, should be 
rendered iueftecthc by holy watei-.. and by the >!^n of the holy 
rood. Any one \vho reilected how God liinr^^clf w;;^ aimoycd in this 
scn-c would patiently bear that annoyance. The hill of Calvary, 
Avhere our liord hanged, was the place of execution, where bodies 
often lay rottinij; on the nround unburied. a5id loathsome to the 
smell. He, as he hani:ed, miuht, amidst all his other suirerinL:;s, 
ha\e had their ])utrcscent odour in his nostri!-. In like manner he 
was hurt in all his t)ther senses. In his sight, when he saw the 
tears of his dear ^Mother, and of Saiiit John the Evano-elisl, and of 
the other r^Iaries: and when he beheld hov,- all his dear discijdes 
iled from him aud lei't him alone, as a stranger, he himself wept three 
times with his fair eyes. lie quite patiently suffered himself to be 
blindfolded, that, when his eyes were thus in derision blindfolded, 
he might give the anchorite a clear sigh.t of heaven. Though thou, 
for his love, and in remembrance of this, shut thine eyes on the 
tliinus of the earth, to bear him company, it is no great wondei-. 
Upon one occasion, men with great cruelty hit him on the mouth, 
when they struck his cheeks and spit u)ton him in contempt ; — and 
an a)ichorcss is, for a single word, out of her wits I AVhen he bore 
patiently that the Jews, as they buffeted him, closed up his dear 
mouth with their accursed fists, — surely thou, for the lo\ e of him, 
and for thhie own great behoof, might close up thy tattling mouth 
with thv lips. Add to this that he tasted gall on his tongue, to 
teach :;nrhoiX'S>es that they ou-ht wvxvv more to grumlde on account 
of either meat or driidv, be it ever so stale: if it may be eaten, let 
hej- eat. an<l devoutly thaidc Crod fo)- it; and if it may )iot, let her 
-ricNc tliat she must ash i'or more palatable hied. I*.ut J'ather tlian 
that askine- slionld idxc rise to a.nv olleiiee r-he to die, as i\ 

lOS in:ouL.i: inci.usaui.m. 

Uiiicliic iK'UcniiLire uor none iiietc, ne nor none di-unflie, ne beo hit 
neuer so nnoriic:' ;^Ii' lico lilt niei ctcn, etc uni ]>o]ike Cioil T^cornc r' 
ant jif hco no mci nout, boo sori-'* j) lioo mot scchcn cstfulre:' auli er 
]?en I'ct Liddunge averc cni sclumndlc, cr Iieo ouli foi- to deicn niartir 
in liirc nieseisc:^ noSeleas deaS me mot flcon ase mTO a?e me mei, 
AvicSute sunne. Anli mo sdud cr deien ]>ene don enl suinie:' and nis 
]n't miiclie sunne to malue j'ot mc sigge, "E<tful is J'oos tmcre, ant 
mncliel is );et lioo bit?"' 7 jet i:> wnrso ]>c.t me sigge pet lieo is a^ 
grucdiild, 7 ful itowen, dangerus, j erueb ibr te paicn.'' \\'ere lieo 
ann'ddo ]>e worlde, heo mosto boon same cherre mid lesso 7 mid 
vvur^e ipalcd. IVFucbel liofleas is ]>et cumen. "^ into ani-re Inise, into 
(Jodes prisune, willes j woldes, to stude of moseisc, vorte sccben ciso 
]?erinnc j me.sterie, "^ more lefdischipe ]?en heo mulitc liabben ilienedj 
inouli re^c i^e ^vorlde. pone nncre j^one liwat tu pouhtes j soubtes 
];o ]ni uorsokc jK-nc \vorld i j^ino bicbisingc, — biwcpen }?in owcne ^ 
o^re monnes snnnen, 7 ibrleosen alio ]>o blissen of ]>issc line nortc 
bielnppen Idisfulliclie ]>inc blisfule leofmon iSe echo Hue of lieouene. 
In bis earen lie liefde, ]>o beouenllebe Lonerd, al J^^t edwit, j al ]>et 
ii])l)rnd, 7 al ])e scbom, 7 alio ]>c schoomen j'et earen mulite ilieren ; 
ant be scic> bi bim sulnen, lis for to Icren : '•' Et factus sum sicnt 
liomo non avidiens, j non habens in ore suo rodargutioncs." " Icb 
bcold mc al stillo," be sci^, "asc dunibe 7 deaf de^ ])ot naucJS non 
onswcre, ]'aub me bim misdo ocScr missigge." pis is ]>ine leofmones 
sawe, 7 tu seli ancre, j'ct crt bis seli '^ spuse,'^ Icorne bit jeorne of 
bin) ]'et tu bit kuimo, ant nuiwe soSliebo siggen. 

Nu ieli babbe ispeken of owcr four wittes, ant of Godes froure :' 
liu be I'urnb hU Avittes vronre^'^ on, as ofte ase 50 in ouwer Nvitfes 
iveleb eni vcane.'-' Nu hcrruvh of ]>v vifte, j-et is most ne.ul elne:'^ 

!h'. C. 

, -, il;iii;^iTiis, 


„Im-|.. : <\.n 

■-'""'•'■ ' '' 

r lor tn yAiru 

i l,..r,vN. 



C. |. l.u i< gnuclKiv, •) tul 

„,„1 aifficult to rl«'>^; " ;" . , i^,,^-„„a ,vor»e. It 1^ very 
,„„„*„« bavo ,. ..e - -\; :;.;„; „„„,,, i,„„ God's pn.o,,. 
,,„,e,.„„U,. .0 --;:;, ;f>„e„„,fov., to sooV thcvci,, ca.o 
uillingly a.Kl trocl}, to a ;l.>ce have Imd, properly 

1 .»--■-- "-^ ":?" S t , ot:c..oS.s. of .hat tl,o« didst 

cougli, in tl.e world. hmi., ^^ j, ^„tj,„,eo 

i,„„;, „„d seek, .vlK.„ ^'"if^^^^ ,„a „,uer ,ne,.'s sins, and 
i,„„ „e cdoister-.o .ecp t..t tl nc « ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^_^^^,,^^^^ . ^ ,,^^ 

,e«.«ncc all the l'-^'"^ ^ .";„„„;„ tl,e eternal life of heaven, 
fulness of joy, tl,y blessed I-'^ S °'' ^ ^^^ _,,i „„ taunts, and tl,e 
He, tl.e Leavenly Lord, l-«\ * ^ t,,; e„rs might hear; and 
reproaeh, and the seorn, "'-' ^ ^ J ;,, I, Et faetus sun, sieut hon.o 
,,e saith of h-nn-lt; for our .-"-'»; ,,aar.utiones." - "I held 
.,„„ .udiens, et non hahens •;; - ^ ° ;,^ „„^ ,,„f d„,, „.,u ha.h 
,uy.elf qnite stlU," he s.a, h » ;^',.^,^,^^. ,.,,,• This is thy 
„„ answer, though n,ene^ 1 ntu. U „,„,,,oress, who art Ins 


Lc able to say it in truth. 

I. "^-'--v::;ntfx.o::rhi:t:::;--- 

Nowatt '««■ ;';t;:\:::,.:,,^eohug;and,,,e 

cuuituvt: {or in it tin i^ .-. 

pleasure ul.o, I!' It ^'> 1>^M'1-"- 



Yor ]'e })Iiio is niest jjorinne:' ]'L't U, iiie vcliiiige, 7 tv licim;i,o also, 
;^it' jiit so tui'iic'S. 

5. De Tactl. 

pe viftc- wit is iuc veluiigc. pis ilkc- o wit is in alL" \>j ubrc 
wittes, aiit T;eond ''' al ]'C licomc, 7 Ibr^ii hit is iiood forte liabbon J)o 
Lclcre waiJo. Vre Louerd waste liit ful wel :' j for^ii he woldc 
mest iiie j'et wit ])olien wo, vortc uroureii us i^if \\e jmlietS wo 
]7erinne:^ 7 forte wendeu us urommard ]^e licunge J>ct fiesches lustes 
askec) :' ant noiucliclie ine velungc, more ])en in oSre. 

Ure Louerd i ]>isse witte nefde uout in one stude, auli hefde 
oueral pine :' nout one jeond his bodi,'' auh hefde jet wi^innen in 
his seli soule. In hire he hefde ]'e stidie<= of sori j scoruhful pine:' 
-^ scoruhfuhiesse made him siken sore, peus stiche was ])reouold: 
]>et, ase |?reo speres smiten him to )'er heorte. pet on was his mo- 
deres wop/^ j ]>c o^Sres Maries, f fleoweden 7 mclten al of teares. 
pet oSer was ]>et his owune deore deciples ne ilefden him nan m'.-re, 
ne ne heolden him for God:' vorSi j^-t he ne hulp him sulucn in his 
muehele pine, 7 fluen alle vrom him 7 bilefden him ase vreomede.^ 
pe ]n'idde stiche was ]>(it muehele sor, 7 J'et of-];unc]umg *" )'et lie 
hefde wiSinnen liim, vor hore uorlorennesse ])et drowen him to 
deaSe:' J'et he i.-eih, ononte bam, al his swine forlorcn f he swonc 
on eorSe. peos ilke ]>reo stichen weren i)i his soule. In his licouie, 
euericli lim, ase seint Austin seiS, "he j'olede sundri yhw, 7 deiji;ode 
:^t'0iid alliisbodi, ase he ear 7;cond '' al his bo<li (k■a^es swut swette : "' 


uit her seio seiu ]'.eornard, ]'ot '• he weop nout one mid his v'wn, 

h mid alle his limon." " Quasi, inijuid, mcuibris onuiibus jk'uisjc 

Xov so ful of anguisc was pet ilke ned ' swot ]'et com '^ of 



iwt alK- 
•:.m. ('. 

rrii;i>T >;r!'Fr.!;!',i) i.\ iiis I'.onv ani> i\ irrs soil. 


.). Of TcMX'ir oit Fj-elixc;. 

Tuv fin 

soii-c is ill [fcliiu^-. 'j'liis Olio sense- is in all the other 
soii^es, mid thruii-huut tli^' uju,].. ]_mdy. and therefore needs to be 
the Letter guarded. Our J.ord knew it well, and therefore lio 
chose to endure most sulTering in that sense, to comfort us if wc 
sutler pain therein ; and to turn us away from the pleasure ^Yllicll 
(lie lusts of the flesh demand ; and especially in feeling, more than 
in the ot'iers. 

Our Lord in tliis sense had jiain, not in one place onlv, but in 
all; not only over all his body, but Inwardly, in his blessed soul. 
Jn this he had tlu' sting of sorrow and of gi-ievous pain; and grief 
made him sorely to sigl:. This sting was threefold : which, as it wei'e 
throe spears, smote him to the heart. One was the weeping of liis 
mother and the other Marios, who flowed and molted all in tears. 
Another was that his own beloved disciples no longer believed him, 
nor lield him for God, because he did not help himself in liis orcat 
suffering, and they all fled from him and deserted him as a stranger. 
The third sting was the great sorrow and pity that lie felt for the 
lost condition of those wlio dragged him to death ; in that he saw, in 
regard to them, all his labour lost that he laboured on earth. These 
three stings were in liis soul. " In his body, in every limb/' as 
Saint Austin saitli, " He suffered sundry pains, and died throuuh all 
his body, as before (j\er all his Ijody he sweated the sweat of 
death:" "And here," saitli Saint T5(')-nard, '•'he wept not with his 
eyes only, but with all his limbs." " Quasi, iinpiit, meiiibris 

vidotui-." Fur so fid 

friiiii his budy, in jiro^ 

suller, th:>t it sooummI 
''■iitt;i> saniiiiiiii^ dec 

omnibus fle\is> 
sweat that cam 
il!;;t he was U 
sudor oiiis ijii;. 

)f anguish was that forced'^ 
ct (>f IIk' excruciating death 
ihe red l)Iood : '•' I'actu-^ est 
t'litis in terrain." '' More- 

112 v,VAiVL.i: jxci.i sAia M. 

lii.s licomu ajeiu j'C aiignisusc deacii- ■]> he- srluiMc J'olicii ]>et hi' 
))ul!te ^ vcmJ blofl : '-' rnctiis e-^t sudor ejus (juii.-i ^iuttc Miiiguinls 
dcciuTeiul^ ill terrain." An oiSer hi\\i', so largcliclie ant so s\vu^<• 
vleau ]?et ilke Llodi swot ul' his blisl'idc )x)dio, ])ct te stri'aiues vriK'ii 
adun to I'er eorSe :' swuc grurc Ik- liolllc in liis nionliclie vlt'schc 
ajem j'C stronge dcore\YurSe'' j)incn j'ct lie'" schiddc drieu: 7 ]'et 
DCS non ^eorlicll ^vunder:' \ov euer so |>et flesch is cwickurc, so ]jc 
pine pcruf 7 ]'ct hurt is uiorc 7 sarre. A Intel ihnrt i ]'en cio 
derucc) more JK'ii deb a mucliel ibe hele :' vor ]>et iiesehs i-^ deadure 
jjcre. Audi euericli monnes deselis is dead fleselis a^ein ]>et was 
Godcs fleselis, ase ];e ]'et was inuineu of ]>e teudre ineideiie :' 7 no 
biiif neuer lies bcrinue ]K't liit nudite adeaden:' aidi eucr uas ihehie 
cwic of I'C cwike godliod ]>et wunede J^crinne : vorj^i, in his ilrselie 
was tlie pine more j sarre '^ J>en euer eni mon in his tlesclie polede, 
|)et hi-> fleschs were tendrust 7 cwiekest of a'de vlesdies. Lo*^' 
liwnrli oil a>aumple eifer. 

Folio 2^. A mon nor vuel J'ct lie haneo he ne let him nout blod oSe bike 

halue, auli deS obe hole half, norte heleu ]?c sike hahV auli in al ]>c 
worlde ];et was obe fefre, 7 obe bcrcharde lies'" among al moncun 
oni liole dole ifnndeii ]'et muhte beon iletcn blod, bute Godes bodi 
one, ])et lette him blod obe rt)der ant nout o ]»en carim> one, anh 
dude o vif halue, uorte helen al moneini of ])0 socucssc J;et te vif 
Avittes heideii awakened. Lo ]'us ]>e hole half 7 te cwike dole 
droweii J'et vuele Idod ut i'rommard ]^c unhole, 7 helcde so ]je sikc 
lialf. puruh blode is bitocned suime inc holi write. JX; reisuns 
liwui beob her elter snteliehc° ischea^\■edc. Aidi ]>crof nimeS jcme, 
mine Icoue su^iivn, ]'et ower deorewurbe spus. ])c luucwurbe Louenl 
"i lielinde, of heoucne, lesu, (iodes sane, ]>e weldiiide of the Morlde, 
heo he wa- ]'us ik'ten blod, viHk-rslo-.ideb, hwnc was his dicte'' j'et 

T. (KtIo l.l.:>nl. 

',-. c. " s;..-l.vjn-. C. 

,.U<. T 

0^ll' I'.IUC, nc w 

iU, . C. '■ "Ht.-. c. 



1 1 :'. 

Ii i 

over, so copiously ami so rai)l(lly flowcil that bloody sweat from liis 
blessed body that tiie str-'anis ran down to the ground. Such 
horror had he in his human flesh, in contemplation of the severe 
})recious pains v.diicli lie w as to endure. Nor is that a veiy nreat 
wonder ; for the more livi-ly the flesh is, the jiain and hurt of it is 
the more and sorer. A little hurt in the eye ii;iveth more i)aiu than 
a great one in tlio lieel, for the flesh is less quick there. And 
the flesh of e\'ery man is dead flesh compared what the flesh 
of God was, as it was taken of the tender maiden ; and nothing was 
ever therein that could deaden it ; but it was ever equally alive 
with the liA'ing Godhead that dwelt in it. Wherefore, the pain in 
his flesh was greater ar.d sorer than any man ever suflered in his 
flesh ; because his flesli was the most tejidcr and most quick of all 
flesh, Cojisider th.e e.\am})le which follows: — 

A man, for an illness that lu.' hath, is not let blood in the 
diseased but in the whole side, in order to heal the diseased side. 
lUit in the wdiole world, which was in a fever and in the berebarde,' 
there was not found among all mankind any sound part that might 
be let blood, but God's body only, who let himself blood on the 
cross ; and not in the arm only, but in five places, that he might heal 
all mankind of the sickness which the five senses had avrakened. 
1^0 ! thus the sound arid the quick part drew the evil blood out from 
the unsound, and so healed the sick part. I\y blood is meant sin 
in Holy Scripture; the reasons whereof are plainly shewed in what 

» Tlic Ivlitor ]■=; uii:i 
the Noto> and Qi 

to give a satisfactory interpretation of leri'hari.l 
.-, [v.I. ii. 201,] suggests its derivation from 

tills 1,. 
^\\\.h i 

l.oll, lul.o. 

eiy. I,> 

Mr. Singer, 
B:,!.;. O. F. 
r, <'<«iiinionly attentlaiit upon pestilential fever." If 
ion which ;ippears likely, we may conehide that it means soni(> 
ii.tinn. " An efrlorc-eenco like the measles is frequently met 
■is; and sometimes hlaek, li%id, dun, or greenish spots appear, 
a hi'h de[,'ret' of malignity." — Kdinb. Practieo of I'hysie and 
). P V21. 


114 rvFAill.-K IXCLUSAIUM. 

(lei, iSen. ilkc blodletmige ! So Lahihful--^ ? so bitter! ]K't |<co ilke 
JK't liL' lledde uoro ne broiditcn lieo liim to prfscnl- no win, no ale, 
ne ■\vatc-r:' jet ];o lie sekle sicio, ant niende lilni ase of J',^ oJSe 
rode, auh duden bitter galle. llwar was cucr i;^iiKii to cni blud- 
letunirc so poure pitauuce? Ant tauU ne gruccliede lie nout r' auli 
miderueng^ hit edmodliclie/- vorte lereii liise:' ant jet he dude more 
us to vorbisne — he dude his deorewurSe nuiti )?erto, 7 siueihte'' 
ant cunnede ]>erof, ]>au he hit notleu ne nudite. llwo is, ])eoniie, 
cfter j'is, 7 ancro hure 7 hure, J^ct gruccheS jif hco naueS nout ober 
mete oSer driinch efter hu-e eaise ? Ant siker bco Invose euer 
F.'iio 2S h. o-rucchecS, heo ofTreS jet vire Louerd }^eos Inhere pitaunce, ase duden 
bo be Gius :^ 7 is Giwes feix', uorte beoden liiui, in his })urste, )>runc 
of sur galle. His ))urst nis nout buteii jirnunge of ure soule hclc i 
ant oTucchunge of bitter 7 of sur lieorte is him surre 7 bitture nu 
bene was ];eo ];c galle. Ant tu his deorewurSe spuse*" ne bco \\\ 
nout Gius fere ne Gius make uorte birlen him so:' auh ber him 
feolaureddeii, 7 drinc mid him bliSeliehe al )^et flesch JjuncehccS sur 
oiSer bitter :' pet is, pine 7 w^eane, 7 teone, 7 alle mescise r' 7 he hit 
vvulo jelden \q, ase he is^ treowe felawe, uiid liealewi of' heouene. 

jlus was lesu Crist, )'e Abiiihti Gud, in alle his fif witles dLrflieh': 
ipined, 7 nomeliche i Jnsse laste, ]>ci is, ine uelunge. Vor his flesdis 
was al cwic ase is )>e tendre elcn :' ant je witen \h w it |>et is flesches 
felunae' ouer alle oSrc wittes. Godes lionden wcren ineiled oSe 
rode. JXirh ]>eo ilke neiles ich halse ou ancivn, nout on, auh d'» 

» l/'ilcfiil (' T. '' I'H'inlc use lie MccUlo of I>ni-^t. T. 

^ ui..leit..c. T. •' -'«il<U'li*-lH-. 

' [loiulc.U]. C\ ' dcore scriKUiuto. 'F. 

IT :.. },;s. C. " '"• '^"• 

• aii.l 5.' ?;cat<- [is wit, ]> is fclin-e. 

riiK r.n Ti-.i: 'oinxK (jivkn io .Ji:srs ox thi: cko.^ 

1 1.5 

inlluwv. }\\\t t;iki' iiMtiPi- of thi,-, my dear sisters, that your hcluved 
Ih-i'!o-roo:n, wlio i'^ so wortliy of love, the Lord ami Saviour of 
Heaven, Jesus, the soil o^ Ciod, the ruler of tlie world, when he was 
thus let hiood, think of what sort was his diet that day of the hlood- 
lettlup: I So halelul, and so bitter! and even those for whom he 
bled bi'ouulit him no wine, nor ale, nor water; even wdien he said 
Sifto, and eonii)lained of thirst on the cross, but brought him bitter 
irall. Where \\ as ever so poor refreshment given to any one when 
let blood? And yet, he found no fault; but received it meekly, to 
give a lesson to his people, — and he did yet more for an example to 
us, — he put his dear mouth to it, and tasted, and took knowledge of 
it, though he might not use it. Who is there, then, after this, and 
csjK'eially what anchoress is there, who murmurs if she has either 
meat or drink not to her taste ? And be assured that wdioever she 
is that murmurs, she still ofFereth to our Lord that bitter pittance, 
as the Jews then did, and is the Jews' accomplice, to offer him iu 
his thirst a drink of sour gall. His thirst is nothing but yearning 
for the health of our souls; and the murmuring of a bitter and sour 
heart is to him more sour and bitter now^ than the gall was then. 
And thou, his beloved bride, be not the Jews' associate, nor the Jews' 
])artner, to pour out to him such drink, but bear him company, and 
drink with him cheerfully all that seems to the flesh sour or bitter; 
that is, pain and hardship, and sorrow, and every discomfurt, and he 
will repay it to thee, as he is a faithful companion, with the health- 
cup of heaven. 

'J'hus was Jesus Christ, the Almighty God, sorely pained in all 
his fi\e senses, and particularly in the last, that is, in feeling. For 
Ills flesh was all as quick as the tender eyes ; and you guard this 
sense, that is, bodily feeling', nioi-e carefidly than all the other senses. 
dud's hands wei-e Jiailed to the cross. I>y those nails 1 entivat you, 
anchoresses — not you but others, \\)V tliere is no need, my dear sillers 
— keep voiu- hands Avltliiu Nour windows. ]'\->r liandHu!^- or auv 

■p y 

ig between 

a man 
a deed- 

and an 

-S<, sha 

mchoress is a thing so unnatural, 
leful, and such a nake(l sin, ;ind 


obre, uor lilt iiis no ncod, mine Icoue sustrcn, licldciS our humh'n 
-sviSinnen ouwer )?urles. Yor liondlungc, ot)cr enl velinige bitAvoone 
inon 1 raicre is so unkundelich ]nncg, 1, so rcouSful dode, so schcomc- 
]ic]i 7 so naked sunnc, 7 to :il ])e workl so fitelich,-'' 7 so nuiclicl 
sckaundlc, )>ct nis no neod to spekon ne to vriten ]>Qr to ^ciucs :' vor 
al, wibuten \Yntunge, ]>o fulSe is to e-5cenc.^ God liit n\ ot asc me 
Folio 29. were niuchcle dole leonere j^et icli isoie ou al!e ])reo, nn'ne leoue sus- 
tren, wuninicn me leouest, hongen on u gibet uorte ^vi(Sl)U\ven sunne,*= 
J?en icli isele on of ovi jiuen enne elpi'^ cos to eni mon on eorSe, so 
use icli nieiie. Icli am stille of ]?e^ more, nout one monglinde 
lionden, auh puten honden utward, bute hit beo uor neodo. pis is 
wowunge *" efter Godes grome, ? tollunge of his vuel^ Hire sulf 
biholden liire owune honden hwite,'^ de^ herm to monl ancrc Jn-t 
haueS ham to ueire, ase ])eo ]>Qi beoiS fondled. Heo schuldou 
schreapien enericlic deic ]^e eort)e up of horc pntte ]?er heo schuklen 
rotlon ine. God hit wot, ]fe put de'5 muche god to moni ancre- 
Vor, ase Salomon sei (S, " IMeniorarc novissima tua, 7 in cternum non 
peccabis." peo ]^et haue^ euer hire dea^ ase biuoren hire eien, ]rot 
)?e i)ut mmiegeS hire, jif heo ];enclieS Avel, o'Se dom of Domcsdal, 
Jjer ])e engles schulen c^yakien, 7 of ]>e cche ant ];e ateliche pinen of 
helle, 7 oueral 7 al, o Jesu Cristes passiun, hu he was ipined, ase is 
sumdel iseid, in alio his fif wittes, lihtliche nule heo nout uoluwen 
flesches likunge, nc efter wittes lustcs di-awcn in toward hire none 
heaued sunne, mid hire vif wittes. pis is nu inouh iseid of ];e vif 
wittes, ]>et beo5 ase wardeins wiSuten of J;c heorte, ]>et soule lif is 
iniie, as we seiden ]'er uppe a vorinest,^ ]?er Salomon seide, '' Oium 
custodia serva cor tuum," 7c. Nu beoS, Crist haue jwiic, ].>e two 
dolen ouercinnen. Go we nu, mid Godes helpe, u[> o?>e ]n-!clde. 

laMicho. T. 

K (.'. T. ' |lioi.ti!i-l. C. 

invite 1h..m1-u C. 'I ' I'.u-ost. ('. 



to all tlie world so hriteful, and so great a scandal, that there is no 
need to speak or to write against it ; for, without writing, all the 
iiidcccncy is too appai-ont. God knows that I would a great deal 
rather sec you all three, my dear sisters, women most dear to me, 
hang on a gibhet to avoid sin, than see one of you give a single kiss 
to any man on earth, in the way I mean. I say nothing of the 
greater impropi'iety — not only mingling hands, hut putting hands 
outward,* except it be for necessity. Tins is courting God's anger, 
and inviting his displeasure. To look at her own white hands doth 
harm to many a recluse that hath them too fair, — as those who are 
idle. They should scrape up the earth every day, out of the pit in 
which they nnist rot. God knows the pit doth much good to many 
an anchorite. For, as Solomon saith, " Memorare novissima tua, et 
in etermnn non peccabis,"*' She who hath her deatli always, in a 
manner, before her eyes, of which the pit reminds her, if she meditate 
well on the doom of Doomsday, when the angels shall tremble, and 
of the eternal and dreadful pains of hell, and, above all, on the 
sufierings of Jesus Christ, how he was pained, as has been said 
above, in all his five senses, she will not lightly follow the inclina- 
tions of the flesh, nor, after the desires of sense, draw upon her any 
capital sin, with her five senses. Enough has now been said of the 
five senses, which are, as it were, wardens outwardly of the heart, 
in which is the life of the soul, as wo said above in the beginnhig, 
where Solomon said, " Keep your heart with all diligence," &c. 
Now, thanks be to Christ, are the two ])arts completed. Let us now 
proceed, with Ciod's hel[), to the third. 

i. e. out of itarlour window. 

" Ecclu^-. vii. 40. 



Mine Icoue sustrcn, aUo asc 5c ^vc■l «-,toS our svit: ■. wiNut,-,, 

'"■"'"■ eiS on ou mis, ant were ),ot me „us de^ o«, Icste 30 al „.:.rloo,e„« 
AscinUmoancrcn Paui.l «t5 ,,is uos, " Sun.hs h,c us sum poll - 
f',0 .olituainiV 7c.- Kh a,n asc pcllic.u, l,e se.b, )■« .un.ob b 
him one. " Proi«ietas ,,elicani." Pellicau is a loane fuwel. so v.camocl 
1 so w.-e«ful ),ot l>it sleaS ofto uor grome his owune hnddcs hwon 
heo too„e« him, ant yconno sono for cftev h,t l.cumc.^ s.ubo so. 
'?m.,l<o«swu«emuchemono,7 smit Inm suluon mv\ In.b.let In 
1^ or his briddes mido. 1 drauh« vt blod of h,s broos.o, 1 u„t tot 
Uodaowiko^ofthis isloiono briddos. pis polho^m .s ).e worunod 
a uoro, Iliro briddos, ).ot booS hire godo workos, fot hoo sloab ol 
Tdbilo of schoarpouroSSo:' auh l.von hoo so hat^ft .don, do aso 
Svepollioan:' of l.uncho hit swu«e sone, 7 uud luro owuuo b,lc 
«i! . ^ broosto^ ,ot is, „ud sohrifto of hire mubo ).ot hoo suuc- 
'edlmido, 1 slonh hire gode workos, drawe= fe blod ot sunuo u of 
h e b"oos 0, Vet is. of 1-e hcorto, J-ot soulo lif ;s nmo, 7 so sohu ou 
I acwa n hire isloicne briddos, ),ot booB In- -orkos Llod 
ett acnuucn i,l,.dlude mon' is ^r shch 7 atohch uic 

Htocne. ^ne : vor^ ^ ^^^ ^.fwe Godes eien. An o.e. 

half, no mon no mci juggcn 

half; no mon no ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ,,i,innen of ure^Se, nis peo hwulo ).et to ^^^ , j^^^.^^^^ ^^ j^^, j^ 


1 I'il on Let Vet bote acolen aso de^ ]'e ]>et wulc juggen^ Llod, 
;t d2 d;^c,! alHM ]>e, 7 te .nme MHch 7 iVd ,,ej to 
Vuhteuoir:' 7 so muchel vuel cunu-n j-erof ]>ct 3d l>u Int lu-fde.t 

b ,j;,i,. of word. C. .?;..•<:,« oh of uonl. T. 
* [i"'.-l^i>]- ^- .. l>,:>lm cii. <■,. 

.• lectc SO i^lc"-" l""^'>' • • . , „„„ i,i,i„. C. . .nu„ l,iUc-.l. T. 



3j y dear sisters, in like manner as you guard well your senses ex- 
ternally, so above all things sec that yobe gentle within, and mild and 
meek, aftectionate and kind-hearted, and patient of any word— if any 
one sjieaks ill of you — and of any deed, if any one harms you — lest you 
lose all. Against testy anchoresses^, David sayeth this verse, " Similis 
foctns sum pellicano solitudinis," &c.''' "I am like a pelican," he saith, 
" that dwelleth alone." TJie pelican is a lean bird, so peevish and so 
wrathful that often, in her anger, she killeth her own young ones 
when they molest her, and then, soon after she is very sorry, and 
maketh great moan, and smiteth herself with her bill wherewith she 
slew her young, and draweth blood out of her breast, and with the 
blood she then quickeneth her slain birds. This pelican is the 
pecA-ish recluse. Her birds are her good works, which she often 
slayeth with the bill of sharp wrath ; and when she hath so done, 
she, as the pelican doth, quickly repents, and with her own bill 
pecks her breast ; that is, with confession of her mouth wherewith 
she sinned and slew her good works, draweth the blood of sin out of 
her breast, that is, of the heart in which is the life of the soul, and 
thus shall then quickcji her slain birds, which are her works. Blood 
betukeneth sin, for as a bleeding man is hideous and frightful in the 
sight of man, so is the sinful before the eyes of God. Again, no 
man can judge of blood correctly until it be cold: it is the same 
with regard to sin. While the heart is inwardly boiling with wrath, 
there is no just decision, nor any right judgment; or, while the 
desire is hot toward any sin, thou art not able to judge rightly either 
of its nature or its consequences; but let the desire pass over and 
thou wilt rejoice. Let the heart cool, and, as those do who v.ill 
judge of blood, thou wilt rightly jndge the sinful, and the sin to be 
loathsouie and fuu] which seemed to thee fair; and that so nuich 
I'vil comes of it, that if thou hadst done it while tlie heat lasted thou 
wouldest thiid; thyself mad for having intended it. This is true of 
every sin. 



l^'o'io 30. 

idon ].eo hwule ]>et te lietoMlcste, ^-t tu schalt d.-inen ],i si.h.on 
wod, ];u ]nx ].or tomvard ];ou]itost. pis is cf eucrich siumk- soo. 


'' Impedit ira aniiniun no possit cernore ueru.n." Wi-e55o Jiit sciS 
J7e hwulet l"t iJest, ablcndcb so ];e hcorte ],et hco m mei soi5 ikno^ven' 
" x.iaga quedani est traiisfoi-mans naturain luimanaru." WrcJ^be is a 
uorscliuppild, ase mo telleS ino spelles: vor heo LircaneS ? biuimoi 
mon Ins rdite wit, 7 cliaungeS al his ci.ere, 7 Ibrscl.uppeS I.i.n urom 
mon into bestos cunde. Wiimnione wro-b is wuluone r' 7 ir,o,i wrob; 
IS wulf, o-5cr Icun, oSer unicoriie. pe Invulc- ],et euer wre^-^e is ine 
wmnnione licortc, ]/anh heo uersalio/ ? sinoe hire vros, 7 liire Pater 
nosters, 7 hire Anoz, al ne doS heo bute 'jreotc^.-^^i heo r.auoj; bute 
ase ]>eo f, is iweiid te wuluene, i Godes eien :' 7 is ase wuhiene stefne 
m his swete earen. " Im furor brevis est : " ^vre^ be is a wodscJiipe" 
AVroS mon is I,e wod ? II„ loke?) J.e, hu spekeJ) lie, hu vareS 
lieortewi^innenhim? Ilwudic beo^ wiSuten rdle his lates^^ \U 
no icnowe^ nenne mon. Hii is he mon >eonne ? « Est eniin homo 
animal mansuctum natura." Mon is kundoliehe mildo .- auh ^-o sonc 
so he his mildheortnosso vorleoseS, he uorleoseS monncs kunde 7 
wre^Se, J;o uorsclmppild, iiorschuppcS liim into bestes kunde ase 
icli cr seide. Ant In^at ^if eni ancre, Jesu Cristes spuse, is fbrs- 
cluipped to wulueiic— nis ];et mnche sconuve? Nis ],cr, ]> 
bute vorworpeii'-sono ])et ruwe vol abute ];e hcorte, 7 mid softc 
seihtnesse makien hh-e smeSo 7 softo, ase is eundeliche .vummone 
hude. Vor mid te Avulueno nolle, no ]>ino- ],ot hco deJS nis Code 
Iic\YurMo no ioweme. 

Lo her aT;eiiie3 wre^ilSe monio kuniios reiuodics, 7 rroureii a 
7V/o30/>. mucho vioc, 7 mislicho bf.ten. hW me mis-soi^. j.e, j^enc j, Ui ort 

' s.:-. T. 

" lialo lieoi 
•J .l..trcS. (■ 

[Jwi^l hit iMtOfll.'S. 'I. 

;.u:,r|„. r.-l.'nui,,w,.i-|, C. 


Why r.LOO!) niiroKKX- s:n: axd r \i: ricri, xi-M.-i' oi- antm;;;. | 

" iiiipL'dit ir;i jiiuumih, iK' possit cci-iioro voriiiii ;" thar is, "nii^o;-, 1 1 

while it la.-t> so bliii'l'.-t;i tlu' luMi't that, it cannot knu^v tin- trutli." I'' 

'• ^fa^a (.jiuvilani est, transfornians uaturani humaiiani." " Aiii;\-r is j. 

a Sorceress," as is said in stories; Ibr it heivaveth and deprixetii man 
(if his right understanding, and cliangetli his wliole countenance, 
and transforms him from ma.n into beast's nature. An angry woman 
is a she-wolf, and au ungiy man is a ^\•olf, or a Hon, or a unicorn, 
As long :;s anger is in a woman's heart, thougli slio sa}- her versicles, 
and her hours, and liei' jjaternosters, and her aves, yet slic (loth 
nothing luit howl. Jn every thing she is only as one that is changed 
into a she-wolf in tlie sight of (iod ; and it is all as the voice of ii j 

wolf in his sweet ears. "Ira furor brevis cst."=^ Anger is n kind 

of madness. Is not an angry in:ui mad? How doth lie look? Iluw j 

doth he speadc ? How farcth his heart Mithin ? Of what kind is all 
his outward demea.nour? He regardeth no nia'i. How, then, is he 
a man? "Est eiiim homo aniinal mansuetum naturu." INlan is 
gentle by nature; but as s.)ou as lui loseth his gentleness he loseth 
jnan's natuiv, and Anger, the sorceress, transforiueth him into the 

nature of a beast, as I said before. And what if any recluse, Jesus : 

Christ's spouse, is ti'ansformed into a she-wolf? Is it not a great 

grief? There is, then, nothing to be done but to cast away quickly I 

the rough slaii that is about the Iieart, and with mild conciliation i 

make her smooth and soft, as woman's skin is naturally. For, with j 

the woh's skin, Jjothing that she doth is acceptable or pleasing to i 

(rod. j 

ISej-e, now, are many sorts of ivmedies against anger, and many 

omf'oits and discrs help- If men sj.ejtk v\\\ o!' flies — think titat 

Ihoii arl (.irli;. Dc; not me:i tear up l!ie earth? !)>> t]\v\ not 

trc^ad upon it ? J )o th-y i.ot uj.on tiie carlh ? if ihey did so lo 

•• I lor. I'i.i.t. i. 2. 

122 REf:rL.y. ixn-rsAia.^r 

l)i.^nrt mc1)eooi^"o? ]?auli mc duae so bi |>e, lu'j divu' ]>o vovc 
riht. r/if ]ni 1)crkc3t a^eln ]'U ert liiuulcs kuiinos r' :uit jlf ] 


stingiest njean mid attri \vordL'-, ]>u ert iicddre kiuid. >/' V 
Crislos spiise. pc;.', div.le lie ^u? - C^^il tai..iuahi ovi-^ <luctus est 
ad occisloncui, "i noii apc^ruit ns suum." I^l'tcr al!e ];l' scliendadc 
pincn ]^et he J'ulede (wo lunge nrnn'it,'' me led.l<> lilni auK.rwen um'to 
lionr;en o waritrco 7 driuen )>uruh his luur limes iren.c ndles r' ant 
"non more j^en a seliep," ase ])e iioli v.rit sel^ " ne cwebMic neucr 
a word." 

pencil jet an o^er half:' Invat is word bute v.ind? To woe he 
is istrenc'Scd ]?et a windcs puf of a word mci anellen/^ ■? aworpen 
intosunne:' 7 hwo imle ]Mnielien ]>eonne v.under of an ancvc ];et a 
windespufof a word anelle^?^ lA-t, an o^k-r half, ne schcawe^> 
heo f, heo is du>t, 7 vi;^tab]e jmic, )'et mid a Intel wind of a word is 
anon to blowen, 7 to boUen. ]V- ilke puf of his mu?i, jif ]'U hit 
A^urpe under ]'iue vet, hit schukle beren ])e upward toward ]>c blisse 
of heoucne. Auh nu is muehe wunder of urc muehele unmeb-- 
schipo/ UndcrstondeS ]>is word.s Seint Andreu nuihte i^olien 
]yvt te herdc rode hef him touward heouene, ant luueliche bielipte 
hire. Seint Lorens also iSolede ]?ct te gredil hef lilm iipwardes mid 
bernindc gleden. Seint Stefnc ]^et te stones ).et mc st-:ie.le him 
mido, 7 vndcrneng ham nledllche" mid hommen^ inoMen, ])et is, 
cncolindc:' 7 we ne nuiwe nont ibolien ])ct tc wind of a wurd here 
us touward heunene:' auh beoO w<.de ajeines ham ]>et we schnldcn 
)n,ncken, ase beo ilke J-et serue^ us of muclie seruise, j-auh hit U-. 
hore unSenkei. "Impins uinit pio, uelit nJit hnpius.-^ Al j-el j.e 
unwrcsto 7 te vnele ^e^ Ibr vu.le, al i^ ]k- -ode to gode, 7 a! is to 

1' iVin:;cl,t. C. 
" af.lK^n. C. T. 

fun.l.l. T. C. 

■ luic no <iu.^^. f. T. 

„,,,„,..„.. UK,..-.., .-.UK. .NTS. 

jKi - -? " <^;r *'n?:r^ t,o„.i„i«u. ,.u,.. that u. c,>,i«v. 

,1,,-ouJ, i,isio,„-ii„>i.--; 

1 K,,' uu'.r-' To.-, is slie 

Thi-.A yot ninon: ^. la >- ^^,,t down al'.A 

,.,,,,„,l,er.ea .1,"- . wukU puft o a o- ^^_,^^ , „,. „„ 

. o.v into sin; »n,l ^vK then «on, ,^ t_^ ^^^^^^_^, ^,,, „^^, 
,,„„l,ovoss when, . -ndspnft " =';^-;^,, ^,„^,,u,, who, -tU 

a lU.le »i«d of a «ofd, ■; " ' "; ^^ ^;^t it „„dc.v tl,y foot, ^vould 
The s,n„o puff- of Ins "»"'■■,!,'='. of hcnen. And now there 
,„_,3,. thoc upward tounvd -; >'- « ; -l,,^ „,,„ „,- p„Uont endm.nce. 
:, veason to wonder n.nch ^^ ^ ^„„,i ,„a„re that the 

r„au-stnnd th,s '^")'"S- ^' , ,„vcn; and lovingly he end,, -ed 
,,aiornl eross lifted hnnnp tow u^^^^^^ ,,^, ..liron lifted h,„r 

,. Saint Lawrorrco also ™''"^^ g, .„„, endured that the 

,„,,,, with burning b-nds. S.u ^J ^^^^^^ ^_^ ^^^^^^^ 

,,„„, wherewith they f"-' "^^^^.^ ,„,,,,,.•, and we cannot 
them gladly, «itl. '--'If k"': - , ,j" ,.„. „. ^.ward heaven, bnt 
oudmi that .he wind ot a -"^ ^ ; ;, ,,,^,„,,, „, Joing us 

„,e nrad against then, "■''-";, J '•;,„. . ,,„,,-,„s vivit pio, veht 
service, thoneh it '-/■'"■ ad wieked doth for cvilis good 

noiit inn--" '^",;':^ :;;:f lhisadvaneen,e„t,owa,;ah,s 


■::-r;:;;et,:iir^::t:i'.na, w.dwhdehei..d 



1, / tcl 
11 uit;is 

li!^ Im!]'-!!.', 7 tiiiil.nm-v lonward liis Wisse. Let liinc nv 
^ilcillicli'j. l.ivi(k'ii ]>e niiocnuic. ]\mic Im \>c >j:n(]v iioli n 
patnun, custe 7 blescfdo j^c uinvjvstc lioiul f IicMc iliormcd liim, 7 
siM.le so iinvardliclie cussiiide liirc jeornc r' " I blcscc.l beo ciier Jk'os 
liund, v(.r lico liauecS itiinbred mo ])e blisceii of lieouor.c r' " 7 tu sliii;e 
also bi ]'e bond f) niis-dcLS ]>e, 7 bl ])e inn^ a]>o, -p out'"" i!ii.s-sri^ j.-c, 
"I blc^ccd bco ])[ iiuio/' ]m seic, " vor ])u iiir>kost mo looinc ]>eiMi'lo 
linibron, 7 to ecli-jii iiic miiio cruiic. \v\-l is mc nor ii;inc "^'ode, 7 
wo is mo })auh for ]>iii viiul :' vor j-a dc-.t me ood,'' 7 licrmcst ]n sulf." 
Lif ei mon ocier ci wuinmou jiiis-seiS ober mis-deS on, mine Icoue 
su^^tren, so ^c scliulen slooeii. Auli mi, is muclie wimdcr, jif we 
wel bilioldeb, hu Godes Jialov.-cii ]?olcdcii wmidcii in Jioro bodie, 7 
we beoS wodc jif a wind bloweci a Intel touward lis, 7 te ilkc wind 
no MundeJS nout luito ];o care oik'. Vor nou\5er ne mei ])o wind, |)et 
is )>et \v(,rd, ne Avnnden ])q i ]>ine vlesclic, no fuleii ]nne soulc J'anli 
lilt pidle on ]>e, buto jif ]n sulf liit makle. ]>ernardns: "Qui.l 
irritaris? qnid inflammaris ad verbi flatnm, (jni nee carnem vul- 
nerat, noc iiK^ninat meiitem." Wel ]m meilit nnderst-mdun '■ |>et tor 
was Intel fur of clierite ];et leitc^ al of ure Louerdes Inuo. Lutel 
fur was tcr ]>er of, |)ct a acweinte. Vor ]'er asc nmcliel fnr is, 
kundeliclie bit waxet) mid windo. 

A join mis-sawc obcr misdede, lo, heranont,'^ romedic 7 salne. 
Alio cnnneS wel jjoos asauniplc. A nioii ]>et leic ine jaisnuo, 7 
onlitc muclie raunsun, 7 o none wise ne scliulde, ne no mubte u( 
Lute jif bit ^^'el•e vor te bongen, cr be befde al bis ransun fulIicliL- 
ipaied, — nolde be eunnen god J;onc ane monne ])et wuriie '^' up on 
bini a bigurded fid of ])onewes uorte aewiteii 7 areiiuon bim midi' 
7 aleseii bim ut of pine, j)aub be wuijie bit ful bej'du ■A-^^vh\ \\\< 
be.irt(,'? Al ]>c\ biii-f 7 al ^vi sore weiv n<))-i;iten 7 

i.^iuen uur 

■iv KON<;> liOIlNF. AViTII IWiTFACE nErO-\IE liEXEFITS. 12.') 

i: cariT'stly, ;iii<I I'p.m liis Jicart : " ICvcr Itlcsscil l)o his luiud, iWr it 
hndi ]'iv]';iiv;l I'wr uk' tlic- blessi'dness of heaven:" and sny tliou in 
like lunniier of" tlie liaiid that injures thee, and the nioutli also that 
-aycth a)iy evil against tln-e, '-IJlcssed be tliy niuutli, fortliou niakcst 
it an instnuncnt for me v.lierewith to form and to increase my 
crown. "W^ell is me for my ^ood, and yet woe is me for thine evil ; 
iur thon doest good to mo and liarm to thyself." Thus shall yc say, 
my dear sisters, if any man or any woman wrong you by word or 
deed. ]]ut n(jw, it is very strange, if wc consider well, how 
tlie Saints of God sulTered wounds in their bodies ; and wo are 
distracted if a wind blow a little toward us, and the same wind 
hurteth nothiPig but tlie ear oidy. l^or the wind, that is, the word, 
can neither wound thee in thy flesh, nor defile thy soul, thougli it 
may puif on tliee, excej-t thou, thyself, cause it. Bernard: "Quid 
irrltaris? quid inflannnaris ad verb! flatum, qui nee carnoni vulnerat 
nee inquinat mentem." Tiiou mightest well understand that there 
was little <»f tlie fire of charity which is kindled by the love of our 
l.ord. There was little of that fii'e which a puff extinguished. For 
where there is much fire it natural! v increaseth with wind. 

Against wrongful word or deed, lo, here is'' a remedy and salve for 
tiiem. Let cveiy one weigh well this example. A man who lay in 
j^risriu and owed a large sum for liis ransom, and in no wise coidd or 
un'ght get out, exce])t it were to be hanged, until he had fully ]iaid 
his ransom, — would he not give good thaidvs to a man wdio threw 
upon him a purse full of money w herewith to pay his debt, and set 
him free and release him out of painful durance, though ho threw 
it hard against his heart ? All the hurt and the sore would be for- 
gotten and forgiven for gladness. Just so are all we liere in jn-ison, 
and uwr. to flud gnat delits by reason of oiu- sins, and therefoi'e we 
crs to him in the l'atciiio-,tc)-, '• lOl diniiftc Jiobis, debita nostra." 

"126 IlKOUL-F. INCLUS.Mimr. 

ixleJncsse. Al riht o ])issc wise vc beoo allc ine ^.i-i.^uiic lior, 7 owcn 
Godgreatc dettcs of sunncn:' ? tor ]n we jeieS to liiiii i^e Pater- 
noster, "Et dimitte m^As del.lta nostra." l.oiierd, wc siggx-S Cor^^if 
lis lire dettes, al so asc we iioi'^IueS to uro deftiirs. Wouli |'et uio 
mis-de-S us, o5cr of word oSer of were— ]>et is mv raun.uii ]>et ^^ e 
scliulen arcimen us niide, 1 acwiteii ure dettes touward lire Louerd, 
))et beo^ ure sminen :f vor wiSute cwitauiice, up of his prisuu nis 
lion innnien, ])et he nc biN anhonged, oSer ine puigatorie, oSer iSe 
pine of belle. Ant ure Louerd sulf seiS, " Dimitte, 7 dimittetiir 
vobis :" " for3,if, 7 ichiillo forjiue ]^e :'" 7 is as ]>auh lie seide, " ]m crt 
Pndetted touward nic swuoe mid sunnen :! aub, wultu god f ^ix-ward, 
al j)et euer eni mon niis-seiS j^e, oScr mis-de« |)e, icbullo nimeii bit 
onward he dctte }>et tu owest me."' Nu l^eonne, Iniuli a word culle 
];e ful berdc up o ]nne heorte/-^ 7 te ];uncbeS a uormest ]'et bit 
liurteS ]?ine beorte, ]?enc asc ]>c persun wolde JK-t were ihnrt sore 
init te bigurdle, 7 undernong bit gledlicbe uorte acwiten ];e mide. 7 
Foi;o 32. j,onke bim ];et bit sonde ];e, ]>aub God nc kunnc bim neiier ]>onc of 
his sonde. He bermcS liimsulf 7 iroemcS'' )>e, pf ]m const bit 
understonden.^ Vor ase Dauid seib swuiSe wcl mid alio, " God deS 
in bis tresor ]>co unwreste 7 te vuele, vorte liurcn mid ham, ase me 
dc5 mid garsume ]>co f wel vibteS, ponens in tbcsauris abissos." 
Glosa, crudeles quibus domat milites sues. YA't, an oSer balue, ]'c 
pellican is a fuel J^et haue^ anoScr cmidc :! ])et is, ]>ct bit is eiicr 
leane. Vor )n asc ich cr seide, Dauid efiiedc bim })crto in ancre 
pcrsone, 7 uie ancre '^ stefnc. " Similis factus sum pcllicano soli- 
tudinis." " Ich am a pellican ilicbe }>et wuncS bi bim one :" 7 ancre 
cub ]7us to siggen, 7 bcon ilicbe ]>c pellican anont ]>et bit is leane. 
" ludit clausir in cubiculo jejunabat omnibus diebus vite sue," 7c. 
ludit bitund innc, asc bit telleS in hire boc, ledde swuJSe herd lit; 
veste,^' 7 weredL- bearc. ludit bitund inue bitucnc^ ancre bitund, 
]>L't oubto lodcii lierd lif, ase dude jn' Icfdi ludit, eftcr biro efne, 7 

■u.,iu. C. " '■'•^'»- 

C. T. 




Tin: AvuKKi). c;oi»s ixstuimex rs or i^isciim-ine. 



is (Italic citlior 1)\' ^V(n•d or 

; \vc forgive uur debtors." 
leccl — that is our ransom. 

wlievewith we slinii!-! iVee ourseh-cs and ]);.your debts to our Lord — 
-\vliicli are our ^il:s ; for \\itliout payment, out of liis prison is iiouo 
taken, but to be punislied cither in purgatory, or in the i)ahis of iiell. 
And our Lord himself says, " Dimitte, et dimittetur vobis:"-'' 
"Forgive, and I will foi-givc you ; " as if lie had said, "Thou art 
dcc})ly indebted to me through sins ; but if thou wilt make r. faithful 
agreement, I will account whatever any man saith or doth wrong- 
fully against you as part of payment of the debt thou owcst me." 
Now then, though a word strike you full hard upon the heart, and 
it seems to you at first that it hurteth thine heart, reflect, as the 
ju-isoner would who nn'glit be hurt by the purse ; and receive it 
gladly to pay your debt with it ; and thajik liini who sent it to thee, 
though God may never tliank him for his sending it. Lie doth 
harni to himself, and good to thee, if thou art able to untlerstand it. 
For as David well saith, " God i)laccth in his treasure-house the 
base and the wicked, in order to hire with them, as men do with 
money, those who fight well, laying up the depths in store 
houses ; " ^ y'l/.. the cruel, by whom he disciplines Iiis soldiers. 
Again, the pelican is a bird that hath another nature ; which is, 
that she is always lean. Wherefore, as I said before, David com- 
pared himself to her in the character and in the voice of a recluse : 
" Simills factus sum pelicano solitudinis." "I am like a j)clican 
that dwelleth alone : " and a recluse ought thus to say, and to be 
like the pelican as to her being lean. " Judit clausa in cubiculo 
jcjunabat omnibus diebus vitaj suio,' ccc.^ "Judith, shut up," as 
we are told in I'.ei- book, "led a very hanl life, fasted and wore 
hair-cloth." Judith sluit up hctv)keneth an anchoress shut up, who 
ought to lead a hard life, as did tlie lady Judith, as far as slie 
is able, and not lil-:e a sv,ine ]»ent up in a sty to intlen and to 
iiicr^'ase in size for the stroke of the a\e. 

12S 1!L-:gul.i: ivt lusahlm. 

nout asc swiii ipuiid inc sti iv.n-ic uettLMi, 7 furtv <^rcalfu a^^eiii \k' eiil 
of }'er eax. 

INvo cunno ancron beoS ]'ft mv l.onenl spcke-b of, 7 sei^ in ]>c 
gospelle:' of false, 1 of treowc, " Vulut-s foveas liabeiit, 7 volueivs 
cell liidos:" ];ct is, "'voxes lialilje^ lioiv holes, 7 briddes of lieouene! 
bore nestes." pc uoxes, )>et beob ])c valse anereii, ase vox is best; 
falsest, ]'Cos babbeS, be sel^ ure Louerd, bore boles inward ter 
eor^e, mid corSlicbe unSeamves, 7 draweS al into bore boles, ];ct 
beo nmwcu arcpcn 7 arechen.^ pus beo« ]>c gederindc ancrcu ol' 
god, iSe gospellc to uoxes iefned.^ pe uox is ec a wrecebe ureeb"^ 
best. 7 fret swuSe wel mid alle:'^^ 7 tc valse ancre dniuliLJ into bire 
bole 7 fret, ase ]jc uox deS, boSe ges 7 benben, ant babbe^S efter ]'e 
uoxe a simple sendjlaunt same cbcrre, 7 beoo jniuli ful of gile, 7 
makieb bam o-Sre ]>en ba beoS, ase uox de^):''^ is ipocrlte 7 ueiieo 
forte gilen God, ase beo bidweolieJi simple men, 7 gilecS me.-t bam 
suluen. EelstrcS,'' ase ];e uox deJS, 7 ^elpeS of bore god, Invar se 
beo durren 7 muwen :" 7 cbefieS of idel, 7 so swuJSo worldlieb 
iwurbeS, ]>et, anont bore nome, ba stinkeS, ase ]>e uox de^i ]'er Ik- 
ge^ fore :' vor jif beo do^S vuele me seiS bi bam wurse. 

peos eodcn into ancre base ase dude Saul hitoboler' nout ase 
Dauid ]'c gocle. BoSe ]'auli beo ^venden into bole, Saul 7 Dauid, 
ase bit tellcS inc Kegum. Aub Dauid wende [in bim for to elensen :' 
acb Saul wende]^ ];idcr in vorte don liis ful^e ]>uriniie, ase deJS, 
among moni mon, sum uniseli ancre, went into bole of ancre base 
vortelifulen penc stude, 7 don derneluker |)erimie flesliclie f^d^L•n, 
];en beo mubte ^if beo \\ere amidde j^e Avorlde. Uor bwo baue^ 
more oise to don bire cweadscliipes ]>eu baucb ]h^ ualse aiicre? pus 

•r. rr,i,h 

ii^.,l' s hiu, .nuT h u lie is. as iux (• is. T. ' Gnlsfrcs. T. <r:.!i'-^. O, 

1 IVo.'i. C, 


l.\\T,=iE AXCT 



'''•---- -'''^;;::'ri^r:::vr:r;^v:;;t 

„„a ,«o„tions m tl,c Go'P'l . '™ '• „ ; .v„,«l,avotlieir 

foveas l..U.nt, e, vuUktc. c«l; ^ , U-'. "l'-'' --^^ "'^ 
holes, nml birds of ho.ven t ,eu- ne.t» ' J;-,^^;^,^^. Those," 

n,Ue ™cl,o..esses, as .ho fox ,s J^ho .os ,. > he, _ ^, ^^^ ^._^^^^_ 

o„v Lord sakh, "have then 1 oles m e , ^_^^^ ^^^^^ „ 

„,„1 a,.aw every thing into then- 1»1- "> ;,,^, ^„, ,„i ,,, God 
■n. the ....r^ses. .0 ^ ^f I^Jj^tovisi. ind ra.aons 

::;:a::n::r «^-- ttttif:^":":-^^^^^^ 

;„„ ,,er hole and devours, -f ^f ^J, » „„,\ „„d vet is full of 
,,„,,,, like the fox, a sonu.K^snpk^ ^^^^ .^_ ^^ ^,^^ f,,^ 

guile, and afteeteth to he ^ff«™t ^^^.^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^,,^, 

doth; she - n l.ypocv.,e, and t nrUctl^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^_^^^^^^, ^,^^, 

imposes upon snnple men, ' , , „<.,i,s ,vheresoever she 

yelpethasthefoxdo.h,andhoat>^^o '-^ ^^^^_^_^^,^ ^,, 

^"- °'V™-^-' laiv rr o1,: n:.'Cshe stinUetl,, . the fo. 
extremely worldlj , that, as ^^ _^^^,.^^ ,j ,,,„,,,,,,. 

doth wherever he goes, for ,f she doth e. 1 ^^^_^^ .^^^^ ^^^^ 

Such persons go into a re .g.ous hou e as^^^^ ^_^^^ ^^^_^ ^^^^^^^ 
eave; .ot as the p.ous Davu dul.^^ ,^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^,. j..^„^ ,,„, 
indeed, into the cave, as we . ^ ■ j^^^^^^, ,he ; as 

I„vid went in to c'™"- '■■*,;' -luse, who goes into a 
doth, -""g '"r^;;; '„::ph ., and to indulge therein in carnal 
religious house to ''f ' '^^^ ,,J,ould do if she were abroad u, 
nucleanness more sec. etlj tha s ^^__^^_^.^ „.eked.,ess 

.he wo.-ld. For who -n th nor , _^^, ^^^^^ ^^^^^^, ^^^ _,^,^,,^, „,^, 
than th.' false veelnse.' Uu.s we..t 

"'" "'■''"' ■"■ s 

t'AMlX SOC. 

]:V\ i:T:';rL,y. ixri.isAKi Af, 

wcikIl' Saul into liolo uort te Lidon -' puiie stiider auli Daul.l wciulc- 
])iJei- in one uor to luuleii him un>ni |»ct him liatede, f soiiht'.- 
iiorto slcnnc:' 7 ^o Jc5 ]'o undo aneiv. Saul, }?ct is j^e ueond, hatcS 
7 hui:te\5 oi'ter hirc:^ 7 heo duS hire into liiru iiole, uorte huden hire 
vroin his kcne clol'.es. Heo hut ^ hire in hire hole, Lo^tj vi-om 
■vvorldlii'he men 7 Morldliche sniiiien r' 7 i'ov'&l heo is. gostliche Dauid :' 
bet is, strong to jcin ]'0 ueond, 7 hire lire luf"->um to lu-e L'iU'jrdrs 
eien. Vor al so nuichcl seiS ]>is -word Dauid, on Ehreuwisclii^ 
j-'oh'o 33. leodene, as strong tojein ];e ueond. pe ualse ancre is Saul, ef'ter 
bet his name seiS ^ Saul, abutcns, siue ahusio. Vor Saul, on 
Ebrcuwisch, is mis-notinge an Englisch :' ant te valse ancre nlis-l^ote^j 
ancre nonie. Vor heo witeS unwurSliehe ancre nomo:^ 7 al ];et heo 
euer wurclicb. Auh j^e gode ancre is ludit, as we er seiden, }>et i^ 
bitund, ase heo was :' 7 also ase heo dude, vesteS 7 wakicS, swijihe^ 
7 wereJS here.'' Ileo is of }'C briddes |>et ure Louerd spekeS of, 
eftcr |7e uoxes r' ];e mid hore lustes ne holiet) nout aduneward, ase 
do'S );e uoxes, ]?et bcob false ancren r auh habbeS uj) an hrih, ase 
briddes of heouene, iset bore nest, ]?ct is hore reste. Treowe aneren 
beoS briddes bitocncd r''^ vor heo leaueS j^e eorvSe, J;et is, ]>e luuc of 
alle eorbliche ]>inges, 7 j'uruh jirnunge of heorte to heouenliche 
binoes, vleo'S upward, touward heouene. Ant taidi heo vleon heic, 
mid hcih lif 7 holi, lico holdeS ]>auh ]'et heaued lowe ]>uruh mihle 
edmodnesse, ase brid vleoinde buhS |'et heaued lowc, ant lute^ al '' 
nouht wurb ]'et heo wel du^, 7 wel wurchecJ :' 7 siggelS ase uri.- 
Louerd lerede alle his, "Cum omnia bene feeeritis, diciti' (juod servi 
inutiles estis:" " Ilwon jt^habbub al wel idon." he seiS, ure Louerd, 
" siiigeci'f je beob uniuite '' ]n-elles." LleoS heic, 7 holdetS ]'auh ]H>t 
heaued euer lowe, pe hwingen ]>et bereiS ham u[)ward, ]>et beoIS 
oode l>eauwes ])et heo moten sturien int(j gode werkes, ase h\i\ hwon 
hit wide vleon sture-S his hwingen. Auh pe treowe ancrcn ]'et wo 

T. c. 
, 'I'. 

ri;i K A>;( ii<)i;i:ssEs comvaukd to jjiuds. 



i)iace; hut Ddvhl \\,'ut i.i lliidicr only t.) hide liiiusclf fVoiii Saul, 
svlio liatcd ]-,iiri and siiiiL^it to slay liiiu ; and sd dolh tliG ooo.l 
tnicliorcss. Said, that is, tlic fiend, liatclli and hnnleih aftoi' hvv; 
and she retires into lier cave, to hide herseU' fro))! his keen clutclies 
She hides herself in her ca\-e, both from worldly men and worldly- 
sins; and therefore she is spiritually David ; iIkU is, ^Irojiu against 
the fiend, and lier couiitenanee lovely in the pi-ht of our Loi-.I. 
For this word, David, in the Hebrew hingua'^e, si^infies as much as, 
strong jigainst the fiend. The false recluse is Siinl, according to the 
meaning of his name ; Saul, ahmimj, or abuse. For Saul, in 
Hebrew, is abusing in English; and the false recluse abuscth the 
name of anchoress. For she unwortliily throweth rcproaeli u})uii 
the name of anchoress, and upon all that she doth.. But the good 
anchoress is Judith, as we said before; tltat is, shut up as she was; 
and doth just as she did, fasteth and wa.teheth, laboureih and 
weareth hair-clotli. She is of the nature of the birds, of whicdi our 
Lord speaketh after the foxes, which dig not dowiiward v»ith their 
lusts, as do the foxes, wduch arc false anchoresses, but, as birds of 
heaven which IrcUe set up on high their nest ; that i:-., their rest. 
True anchoresses are compared to birds; for they leave the earth ; 
that is, the love of all earthly things; and, througli yearniiig of 
heart after lieavenly things, fly upward toward heaven. ^Vud, 
although they fly high, with high and holy life, yet thoy hold the 
head low, through meek humility, as a bird flying boweth dowii its 
head, and acconnteth all her good deeds and good works nothing 
W(jrth, and s;uth, as our L(M-d taught all his followers, "Ciuu omnia 
bene feceritis, dicite quod servi inutiles estis ; " " When ye have done 
all well," saith our ]>o!-d, " say that ye are unp-roiltable servants." 
Fly high, and vet hold the head always low. The wings that bear 
them are, good pi'IiK'iph'S, which tliey nuist move uiito good 
works, :is a l)ird, uhen it ^^ ould fly, mo\cth its v.ings. Also, the 
true aiichoi'esses, whom we compare to birds, — yet not we, but (uxl 

spread their wings antl make a cr(,ss of themselves, as a bird doth 

when it flieth ; that is, in the thoughts of (he heart, and the mortili 

i;V2 iiEGUL.E iNciA:sAi;u:\r. 

('^nc•^ to brlddes.-' iiout we |;auh :" auli doc) God. I feu sjirc-dcb 
lioie Inviiv.veti, ant makieS a creoiz of ham sulucn, asc brid deb Invoii 
liit fldi^, ]?ct is, ine ]70ulite of lieorte, 1 iiie bitterncsse of flesche, 
bereS Gudes rode, peo briddes fleob vvel ]?ct liabbeS lutel fleseli. 
Folio y:i b. use \q pcllicaii haueS, 7 monie ucdcren.'' pe steorc ^ uor Ids 
muchelc flesclic makeS a seiublaunt uortc vleon, % beateJS |>c 
Invinocn :' auh ]>et fetto drauhS cucr to \cv eorSe. Al rilit so, 
fleschllch aucre }>et luueS *= flesclies lustes 7 foluwcS liirc else, J;c 
lieuinessc of hire flesche 1, flesches uiicSeawcs binimeb hire hire vlulit:^ 
'r tauli heo makic scmblaunt, % muchel noise mid te hwingen/' ])et is, 
k'tcn of ase |)auh heo flmve 1 were an lioli ancre. IIwo se jeonio 
bihalt, he hudnveS hire to bisemaret" for hire nette euer, ase deb \i: 
strorkes/ )>et beoS hire lustes, draweS hire to \qy corbe. pcus nc 
beoS nout iliche ]?e pelhcan \c leane^ ]ie ne vleoS nout an heih ^ auh 
Ijeob cor^ briddes, ? nesteb o ])er eorSe. Auh God ck'opeb })c 
uode ancreu briddes of heouene, ase ich er seide: " Vulpes foveas 
habeiit, 1 vokicres ceh nidos " Voxes habbeb liore lioles, "t briddes 
of heouene hore nestes. Treowe ancreu beo5 arilit brickies of 
heouene ];et fleo^ an heih, ant sitteS siugindc murie Q-Se grcne 
bowes ^ ]?ct is, ];enche-5 uppand,^ of |?e blissc of heouene, J'ct ncuor 
nc valewe^, auh is euer grene, ^ sitteS o J^isse grene, singinde swubc 
muric :' ]?et is, rested ham inne swuche ];onhtc, 1 habbe-b muruhtic 
of heorte, ase ]>eo ]jct singcb. Brid }>auh, ober hwule, vorte sechen 
his mete uor ]'e vlesches neode, liliteb adun to ];er corbc:' auh )>co 
hwule \ci hit sit o ];er corbe, nis hit ncuer siker, auh blwent= him 
ofte, ? bilokeb him euer jeorneliche al abutcn. Alriht so, ]ie godc 
ancre, ne vleo heo neuer so heie, heo mot lihten obcr hwules aduu 
/••,./;-> r.J. to |;er eorbe of hire bodie, eten, drinkcn, slejjen, wuichen, speken, 
iheren of J^et ncodcb to, of eorbliche ])inges. Auh ];eonne, as ])c 
Iirid deb, heo mot wel biseon hire, ? biholden hire on ilclierc half,'' 

^' f,.l.-fuNcron. ('. •■ strucion. C. ostrico. T. 

t |j„,,^_ ']'_ '' imiclie mil N \\i^' wcni^eii. ('. iiniche 'h'.iu-. T. 

• siiuriniics. C. .Mstri<-i;s. T. ' i!|i\^"'l- ■''• 



cation of the flesli, they bear the Lord's cross. Those birds fly well 

that have Httle flesh, as the peh'can hath, and many feathers. The 

ostriclij'^ liavhio- much flesh, inaketh a pretence to fly, and flaps his 

wings, but Ills feet always draw to the earth. In hke manner, the 

carnal anchoress, who lovetli carnal pleasures, and sccketh her case, 

tlic heaviness of her flesh and its desires depriveth her of her power 

of flying; and though she make a pretence and nuich noise Avith lier 

i wings ; that is, make it appear as if she flew, and were a holy 

I anchoress, whoever looks at her narro^vly, laughs her to scorn ; for 

I her feet, as doth the ostrich's, which are her lusts, draw her to the 

' earth. Such are not like the meagre pelican, nor do they fly aloft, 

but are birds of the earth, and make their nests on the ground. But 

God calleth the good anchoresses birds of heaven, as I said before : 

" Vulpes foveas habent et volucrcs coeli nidos." " Foxes have their 

holes, and birds of heaven their nests." True anchoresses arc 

; indeed birds of heaven, that fly aloft, and sit on the green boughs 

, singing merrily ; that is, they meditate enraptured, upon the 

i blessedness of heaven that never fadeth, but is ever green ; and sit 

I on this irreen, sinn-in"- n'uht mciTily ; that is, in such meditation they 

rest in peace and have gladness of heart, as those who sing. A 

j bird, however, some times, alighteth down on the earth, to seek 

' his food for the need of the flesh ; but while he sits on the ground 

he is never secure, and is often turning himself, and always looking 

cautiously all around. Even so, the pious recluse, though she fly 

\ ever so high,^ must at times alight down to the earth in respect of 

her body — and eat, drink, slecj), work, speak, and hear, when it is 

necessary, of earthly things. But then, as the bird doth, she must 

look well to herself, and turn her eyes on every side, lest she be 

deceived, and be caught in some of the devil's snares, or hurt in any 

Avay, while she sits so low. " The birds," saith our Lord, " have 

nests:" " volucres cxrli habent nidos." A nest is hard on the 

■ III the 

D-iKinal it i.-. th.' Nti.rl 

, t.. wl 

ich tin- 



1 .lor. 

not iippl 

. Ill tlio tw 

tiar MSS. 
'' /.■ . in 

devout lurditiitiun. 


r vf ulii 

■li is 



11 tiie t(,\t. 


]h'(- lioo iiouliwar iic misuiuic, Icsto licv> bco ikt'Ilit ]niriili siuiinic of 
]>o deofius groiioii, o^Ser iliurt suinmos wcis, ];c Invule ■]) lu-o sit sv) 
lowo. peos briddcs liabbcS nestes, ho sciS, uro Loucvil, " Volucius 
cell ludjcnt nidos." Nest is licrd/i of prikinde }>oniL'.s \vi>>uti-ii, 7 
■wi^innen iiesclie ? softc ; ? so sclud ancrc; \vi^ul:cu J'olIi'U herd in 
hire vlesclie, 1 prikiiido pinen. So ^vIslichc'^' lico sclial J'uuh 
sweiiclicn ]'ct flesch, pet Leo muwc sigcn, mid to iiiahiiwiirulitc, 
" Fortitudiiicm nieam ad tc custodiain ;'" ];ct is, icbulle witi-ii niiiic 
strcnc'bc, Loiicrd, to ]>ine biliouer' ■? forcSi beoJS flosches piiic-n cTtcr 
euericli ones vino, pet nest schal beoii lierd AviiSuten 7 softe wicJiii- 
iieii, ? te heorte swete. peo ]>ct beotS of bittcrOj oiSer of Jiordc 
lieorte, 7 neselic to liorc vloscbe, hco niakietS frurniiiard liore nest — 
softe Avi^iuten, 7 J'orni witjinnen. pis beo'S ]?o Aveaniode 7 tc e:--tfulo 
aneren, bittre wiSinnen, ase ]:»ct swete schulde beon, 7 estfulo 
wiSuten, ase J^et horde schulde boon. poos inc swucho neste 
niuwen habbon herde" restc Invon heo ham wel biSencheiS. Vor to 
leato heo schulen bringcn vorc^ briddes of swuclie nesto :' bet bco ci 
godc wcrhcs, vorte vleon tomvard heoucnc. lob cleopeS ber aucre 
lius nest :' 7 seiS ase ]?auli he were ancre. " In nidulu moo moriar f 
J^et is, icludle deien inn'nc neste, 7 boon as dead ];ei-innc r' vor ]K't is 
ancre rihte :' 7 wunien uort heo deio'^ j^erinnc, ])Qt is ludlicli neiior 
slaklen, l^e Invule |jot mi soulc is imine buhe,*' to drien herd wiJSuten, 
al so ase nest is, 7 softe beon wiiSinnen. 

J-'olw'dib. Of dumlje bestes 7 of dumbe fueles leorueb wisdom 7 lure. j?e 
cam de"5 in his neste eime deorewurSe ^iinston ]H't hotto achate. 
Vor non attri Jnnc ne mei ])enc ston neiheii, ne ]>eo Invule pet he is 
in his neste hermen his briddes. pes deurewuriSe stoii, ]»et is lesu 
Crist, ase ston treowe 7 ful of alio mihtcn, oner alio ;^imstoncs. lie 
is ])e achate ]'et atter of suiiiie nc; iieihede iieuere. Du hliie iiSiiie 
neste, pel i-;, ieiine heorte. penc ]iwii(-li piucii lie polrdr uii liis 

lli.lK', T. ' uu.l. T. C. 

CM :uVl .Ica.l. T. ■ i.Vla.c. T. C 


iiOT'>r, coArrAitKi) lo \ nn;i)'s \f,:=;t. 


.iiitsiJo ^virll ])rIfkin;T tlionis, mid is delicate and soft within: even 
so shall a recluse eiuliu-e hard and prickino' pains in the flesh; 
yet so prndentlv shall slie subdue the flesh by labour, that she may- 
say with the l'>alinir.t: " Fortitudineni meani ad te cnstodiam ; " 
" that is, I will kee]) my strciinth, () Lord, to thy behoof; " and there- 
fore tlie pains of the flesh arc proportioned to every one's case. 
The nest shall be hard without and soft within ; and tlio licart sweet. 
'J'hey who are of a bitter or liard heart, and indulgent towards their 
fle.di, make their nest, on tlic contrary, soft without and thorny 
within. These are tlic discontented and fastidious anchoresses; 
bitter within, wlien they ouolit to be sweet; and delicate without, 
when they onglit to be hard. These, in such a nest, may have liard 
rest, when they coi:sider well. For, from such a nest, they will 
too late l)ring fortli youiiii- birds, which are good works, that thev 
may fly toward heaven. Job calleth a religious house a nest; and 
saith, as if he were a recluse : " In nidulo nieo moriar ; " that is, 
" I shall die in my nest, and be as dead therein ; " for this relates to 
anchorites; and, to dwell therein until she die; that is, 1 will never 
cease, while my soul is in my body, to endure things hard outwardly, 
as the nest is, and to be soft within. 

r rom dumb beasts and birds learn wisdom and knowled-'c. The 
eagle deposits in his nest a precious stone which is called agate. 
For no poisonous thing may come uigh the stone, nor harm his biids 
wliile it is in his nest. This precious stone is Jesus Christ ; a 
faithful stone, and full of all might, above all precious stones. lie 
is the agate \\hieh the poison of sin uq\cv ap]»roached. I^lace him 
in thy nest ; that is, in thine heart. Think what i)ains he sull'ei'ed 
in his liesh without, and how gentle and mild he -was in his heart 
within: and thus shalt ihou ilri\e all |)oisoii out of thy heai1, and 

136 KEGUI./i: INCLUSAliL.^f. 

flcsclie vviSiiteii, ? liu swctc lie was llicortcd, 7 liu sof'te wli^inncn :' 
? so J?ii sclialt clriuc iit cucrich attor of jniie licorte, 1 Ijittcrncsse of 
J^ine bodie. Vor Jne swucli ]K)u]itc, no beo hit iicucr so Ijitter piiio 
))et ];u j'olcst nor ])c Imio of liim ]>et dreih inoi'c iK)r ])e, hit s;chal 
Jnmclic }?e swcte. pes stun, asc ich cr scidc, avlcict) attri ]7inges. 
Habbe ];u }>csne ston wi-(Sinc pine lieortc, ]>et is Godes nest/ ne ]>er 
tu ^ nout drcden ]>e attrie ncddre of lielle. pine briddes, f beoS 
J>ine gode werkcs, bcob al sker of Iiis attor. 

rlwo se lie mei habben J^esne ston, ne ne lioldcn o none nianere, 
ne o none wise, iSe nest of hire lieorte, liure 7 hure iSc ncste of I'iiie 
ancro liuse, loke J>et tu habbe his ihclie,*^ J^'t is j^ct crucifix, 7 bllioM 
ofte J>ei-on, 7 ens ]'e -wunde studen, ine swete nninegun^e of ]?e soSi^ 
wundeii I'ct lie o^e s</iSe rode mildeliche'' jjoledo. I^e, nor so lieo 
mei beon ludit, }'et is, Hbben lierde, ant bcon icnoweii ofte to God 
of his muchele godleic touward hire, ant hire delautes touward liiui :' 
];et heo hit jelt him vuelc, 7 crie him jeorne Jjerof merci 7 ore,^ 7 
schriucn liire J^crof ilomc. peoune is heo ludit, ]'et slonli Olufenie, 
Vor ludit, on Ebreu is schi'ift an Enghs/ VorM seiS cuerich 
ancre, to ciicriche preoste, confitcor, on al)-c crest, 7 sclu-iuci^ liire on 
FoUo 35. ah-e crest 7 ofte, vorte bcon ludit 7 slean Oloferne, ];ct is ]>cs deoflcs 
strenccic. Yor ase muche sei'S ];is word Oloferne, ase stinkinde ^ 
inehclle. Secundum ncjininis ethiniologiam, Olofernis, " Olcns in in- 
ferno." Secundum interpretationem, " infirmans vitulum saginatum." 
On Ebreuwische Icdcne, Oloferne is'J'C ucond, ]7ct makcci net kclf 7 
to wilde, feble 7 unstrong. Yet keif 7 to wilde is ])et llesclis ]'et 
awilige'S^ so sonc hit cucr uetteJ5 ]nu-uh cstc 7 ])uruli else. " In- 
crassatus est dilectus nieus, ct recalcitravit." Mi Icof is ivetted, he 
sei'?5, lu'c Louerd, 7 smit me mid his hole. Yoi" al so sone so hot 

" Vex Gndcs no^^t is. T. ^ "c Jvrl' la. T. i,c l-arf lu. V. 

^ iiicnt-o. T. '' l.ul.klichu. T. 

e ;.re. T. ' an lOn-liscli, I- slcas gas'lirlR- )., ,!^.,,u< 1 nf I.cIIl-. T. 

*.' stni?;irKlo. C'. '' T. 



bittenies?; out of tliy body. For in siicli nicditatioiis, liowover Littor 
may be tlio pain tliou sufFerest for tlic love of liini who endured 
more for tliee, it sliall seem sweet to thee. This stone, as I liavc 
ahvady said, ch-ivetli awa}- poisonous tilings. If tliou liave this 
stone witlu'n tliine lieart, wliich is God's nest, tliou necdest not fear the 
voionious serpent of helL Thy young birds, ^yhicll are thy good 
deeds, are quite secure from his venom. 

»t hosoevcr cannot have this stone, nor can keep it, in any 
manner or way, iu the nest of her heart, must sec that she have, at 
least, its likeness ; that is, the crucifix, in the nest of her monastery, 
and contemplate it often, and kiss the places of the ■wounds, in sweet 
remembrance of the real wounds which he meekly suffered on the 
real cross. Yea, for thus she may be Judith ; that is, lead an 
austere life, and often make acknowledgment to God of his great 
goodness toward her, and her deficiencies toward him, in that she 
returned him evil ; and cry earnestly for mercy and forgiveness 
thereof, and confess frequently. Then is she Judith, who slew 
Holofernes. For Judith in Hebrew is confession in I^nglish. 
Wherefore, every anchoress saith to eveiy priest, *' Confiteor," first 
of all, and confesseth herself first of all, and often, that she maj'- be 
Judith and slay Holofernes ; that is, the devil's strength. For this 
word Holofernes signifieth as much as stinking in hell. " Secundum 
nominis ctymologiam, Oloferncs, olcus in inferno. Secundum inter- 
pretationem, infirmans vitulum saginatum." In the Hebrew 
language, Holofernes is the fiend, who maketh a fat and frolicsome 
calf feeble and weak. A fat and frolicsome calf is tlie flesh, wliich 
groweth wild as soon as it becometh fat through abundance and ease. 
" Incrassatus est dilectus mens, et recalcitravit.'^ '* " My beloved is 
grown fat," saith our Lord, "and smote me Avitli his lieel." For as 
soon as the flesh hath all its will, it immediately kicketh, like a fat 
" Dciii. xxxii. ^^l. 

CAiMl). SOC. T 

^'^^ 1JE0L-L.T: lNCLL\SAIiL-.^I, 




flesli JiaueS al l.i.s M-il, Lit rv^lhhoh anon, asc uct keir=^ 7 idol, pis 
tette keif liaiie^ ];e ueondes strenciic to unstrencSen, 'Z forte niukien 
buwen^ touward sunne: vor so nincl.c sciS },es nuuio Olofcrnc. 
Auli ancre sclial beou ludit, jnindi lieid Jif ^ so'^) sclirift, 7 sloan. asc 
dude Fndit, ];e!ie auoIc Olufcnie, 7 temien ful muI liinj flesclis so 
sone lico iueleb ]>et kit a^vik>oe^; to swu^e, mid fcsten, n,id weccken, 
mid hcivn, mid kcuie swinkc, mid kerde disciiJincs, wisUckc knnk ? 
M-arkdio. "Uaketev' ir.juid, "- sal in nobis. Item in omni sacrificio 
., . ^^"^^^^'^^'^ '"^''^ ^^^'-" h'^ ''^> i" ^'ucricli sacrifisc, ko sei'^, nre Lonerd, 

^ : ^^^'^^^ ^"^ ^^'Ci- ^^"'It. Vcsten, wecclien ? o^'re swucke asc ick nemde 

"n beoS mine sacrefisos. Salt bitocne^ wisdom ;' vor salt i;iue5 
mete wordnessc-^ J wisdom jifS sauur. Al nrc dedcn, ? al ]m ^ve 
wurckc-b wibutcn sale, ];ct is, wisdom, al ];imckcS God smockk-as. 
An o-5cr kalf, wi^uten salt ficsks gcdercb wm-mes, ? stlnkc« swuSe 
fulc, 7 lorrotcS sone. Also wiSucen wisdom, flesks, ase wnrm, 
uorurct'MiIrc, ?AvastcS kire suluen, ? foruareb <^ asc Jnni; ],et for- 
rotcb, ? sleaS kire on cnde. Auk swuck sacrcfise stinker to uro 
FoNo 35 ft. Loucrd. pauk ],ct ileshs beo urc fo, kit is us ikoten |,ct we kolden 
]nt up. ^Ve moten ];auli don kim wo ase kit is oftc wel wurbe r' 
auk nout fordon mid alle r' vor ku woe so Jiit eucr beo, J^eonnc is 
hit so ikupled, 7 so ueste iucied to ure deorewurSc goste, Godes 
owunc f'unjie, |;et we mukten sone slean f on nn't tct o^err^'? ])is is 
on of ]7c mcste wundres on eorSe, ];ct tet lieixte }.inc under God, ]>-t 
is moinies soule, ase scint Au>tin witne^, sclial been so ueste iu'cied 
to l^e flcsckc, }>et nis bute uen 7 fal eorJSe, ? Jniruk ];et iike limunoe 
lunien kit so swuSe, J;et keo uorte cwemen kit in kis fulc kunde, oe^ 
ut of kire keie keouenlicke cunde, 1 forte paien kire, wre^iSct'k^re 
schuppare, f sckop kire efter kim sulf, J;et is King ? Kaiser of keouene 

" fat marc. T. foifivto mare. C. 

" )>is fatto calf Iiaiics te fcdud unstic-n-Net } l.uliet. 'J'. 
■■• since},. T. " forfretcs. T. c fo,.f;.,.es. 'l'. 

Aiig^. Natura mentis Ijiimane, ((uc a'l jm;ij;ineiii Dei orcata est ct siiu 
solus Dcii.s major est. T. 

Till-: FLKSll TO !!!: ^..OKTll'lED UY TOIL AND DISCM'LIM:. l.'VJ 

isnd idle calf. This I'lit calf the fiend Imtli to deprive of 
streiip,th, and to incline towanl sin : for so nuicli saifh this name 
Holoferncs. l>nt tlie anchoress shall be Jndith hy an austere life 
and true confession, an.d shall slay, as did Judith, the wicked 
PTolofei'nes, and tame riglit well lier flesh, as soon as she feeleth that 
it is growing too wild, with fasting, with watching, with hair-cloth, 
with hard toil, and severe discipline, wisely, ho^vever, and cautiously, 
" Habete, inipiit, sal in vobis. Item in onnii sacrificio ofleretis mihi 
sal;"" that is, "In every sacrifice," saith our Lord, " thou shalt 
offer me always salt." Fasting, watching, and other things of that 
kind, such as I have just named, are my sacrifices. Salt lietokeneth 
wisdom : for salt giveth meat soundness, and wisdom giveth savour. 
All our works, and all that we do without salt, that is, wisdom, 
seemeth to God tasteless. On the other hand, without salt flesh 
gathercth worms, and stinketh foully, and soon becomes putrid. 
So, without wisdom, the flesh, like a worm, gnaws and destroys 
itself, and perisheth as a thing which becometh putrid, and, at last, 
slayeth hei-self. I5ut such a sacrifice smclleth oftensively to our 
Lord. Though the flesh be our foe, we arc yet commanded to 
sustain it. We must, liowever, afflict it, as it often well deserves ; 
but not withal to destroy it ; for, how weak soever it be, still it is 
so coupled, and so firmly united, to our precious soul, God's own 
image, that we might soon kill the one with the other. And tliis is 
one of the greatest wonders on earth, that the highest thing under 
God, which is the soul of man, as St. Austin testificth, shoidd be so 
firmly joined to the flesh, which is only mud and dirty earth ; and, 
through that joining, love it so dearly, that, to gratify it, in its base 
nature, the soul j-ecedes from its sublime and heavenly uatuix' ; and, 
to please the Al-sIi, dis])leaseth its Creator, who made it after In's 
own likeness, win. Is King and ltid(.'r of heaven and earth. TJiis is 
a woniler above all wunders, and a wojxler that excites contempt, — 
that a \]\]])'j: so utterly mean, /^/r ;//////, ahne.-t iiotliing, as St. Austin 
saitii, should sedue^' iiit<. sin a fllin^• so verv iiul)le as the soid is ; which 


ItlXUrL/li l\CLUSAI!l.M. 

■^of eorSe, 

i;a:., 36. 

1 ot eorSe f is is M-,„„le,. „„„• alle wmidivs, 1 l„jk,rlicl,o »m,„I,.,. 
H so un,,„eto loul, ,,i„e-fe.c .,icl,il-„.el ..oil, , . Jl [ 
Aus„„ s«6 scl,nl drawon into sunno s„ uninK-,. l,.il, ,,■ ,\ J 
f '""'"' )"•' ''""" A»s"n '=lt>oi*« fore suninum, l.,t i^ ,,-, I T l • ! 

prudo „e ™ ..Inede .,o«t uorto climbo,, 1 feolle as. dude Lueifo 
-uor 1,0 ,vas b.,0 cluu-go-? toido uor ^,i „„o oi;,t of l.o eo „ ^i 
hn-e, aso n.e de* ano cubbel to J,o swine- ,,ct is ,o rocohi.Kr'Z o 
nnsHKlo nbute,,.^ A.,t tot is ),et Job seide: "Qui foci .'ul " 
1 t^'T '"' "pondus.'. "Loue«U,osoi« Jol^J^ul:::! t W 

J'ctd,a«.bhn-eadu„ewn,d,a„l, J,uruh J,e houisobi,,e - of hire hi 
scl,al nvurbon ful liht i jo, lihturc ^.„ J^.-hul is. ? brihturo ou t 
s.nue.s j,f hit foUnvoS hi,., ho., 7 „o Vawe. hi.. .,ou t | 

.to l„.o oue huudo. Leouo sus„v.,, uo.- hi. bu,e ^t boo is ihcho 

o, bore* l,..e ...ouskor' 1 ,.e Jeto 30 .,0,.. ,,et lo,ve flosehs au-eis x^ 
In-otoswuto:' uor boo is her i,. u.,e..«Se, ,>t i., oue pvisu .el 
b.tu„d ase u. o,.o cwabu huse, 1 ..out eSoo..o of hwuel e ..k 
1.00 .s, ,.0 hu he.h is biro cunde, .,e l,wueh boo scl,al i«u.& , ,° 
o™.or.ohe petflesbsisbor ot l.o,uo, ase eorSo, ,,et is e o.-i," 
ant for ^u. lu. .s owoiuto 1 owiuo.,. ase .ue seiS, "J^Vcee ' i W .l 
1..S o,vu,.e ,u,xe,.„o." ],et haueS to ,„uche n.oi'trie, ueilawei • 
...cue: auh auco, aso ioh habbo iseid, o.,h to boo,, al gostliei; , 

eo wtdo ,vel uleo.,, aso brid ),ot hauoS ],„el ulesel,"^ 1 ..o.l 
uoiere... Kout o.,o jet tis.« auh ,eko'. J,o( heo te.uo* ,vel h o 
fu .to.c.,0 fjosebs, 1 st..o...So. , do. .ueuio hi,, w,,,;',;" Lt" 
fcke J„s, boo .not joto Ju.rul, J.i.o .,o,bis„o. 7 Jn„„l, hire boli 
boo<le„, j,u,... o^re s,ro.,Se, 1 uphoUlo.. l,a,„, ,«, hoi „o uull™ i& 

a. .,K,n .,0. 1,0 ..t,sU.i to the ,<,, o^er ,„ ,. L.a.t, J. is to .aiLi.uIc. T. 
conito -J roller. T. coiiito "] kom;. C. 'curio. (' 

X;iiit ;uiu Vft is ).is. ( 
■"'flv.n. T. t„cko. ( 

tckcii. T 

Tin: soLi> iMrEDF.i) j'.y tiuo uody. 141 

St. Austin calletli fere sinnmuh} ; tliat is, nearly tlic In'ghest tiling, 
God alone excepted. But God was unwilling that it should leap up 
into pride, or should desire to climb, and fall as did Lucifer — for he 
was without any hiuden '-^ — and therefore he tied a clod of heavy 
earth to the soul, :is men tic u cuhbel to the swine that is too much 
given to rake and range aliout. And that is what Job said, " Qui 
fecisti ventis/' id est, spiritibus, " pondus."' ^' "Lord," saith Job, 
'' thou hast made a too heavy weight to give wings to the soul ; " 
that is, the heavy flesh which drav.'eth it dov/nward; but through 
the nobleness of the soul the flesh shall become full light, yea, 
lighter than the wind, and brighter than the sun, if it follow the 
soul here, and draw her not too strongly into its own base nature. 
Dear sisters, for the love of him whom the soul resembles, honour 
her, and suffer not the base flesh to get too much dominion over 
her ; for she is here in a strange land, pent in a prison and shut up 
as in a dungeon, nor is it easily seen of what dignity she is, nor how 
noble is her nature, nor how great she shall be in her own kingdom. 
The flesh is here at home, as earth, upon earth ; and therefore, it is 
brisk and bold, as it is said, " The cock is brave on his own dung- 
hill." Alas ! it hath too much power over many. l>ut an anchoress, 
as I have said, ought to bo all spiritual, if she wishes to fly well, as a 
bird that hath little flesh and many feathers. Not only this, but she 
also tameth well her undisciplined flesh, and strcngthcneth and doth 
lionour to her precious soul. Moreover, she must also, by her 
example and her devout prayers, give strength to others, and 
support them, that they fall not into the filth of sin. And therefore 
David, immediately after he had compared an anchoress to the 
pelican, compared her to the night bird that is under the eaves. 

JijL) x.w ui. 'li 



dunge'^of sunnc. Ant for ]n, Dauld, anon efter }>et ho licucde 
iefned ancre to pellicanj lie cfnedc liire to nilit fuel, J>ct is under 


"Slmills factus [siun] pcdlicano .solitiidinis : factiis sum sicut 
nicticorax in doniicilio," pe nilit fuel i\Scn euesunge bitocneb re- 
cluses, ]}et wunieS, for |>i, under cliircho euesinige, J^ct heo under- 
stonSen J;et heo owun to beon of so lioli liue }^et al lioli cliii-clie, ];et 
is al Cristene uolc, Iconic^ J \vreobie° upon liani, 7 heo liolden liirc 
up mid horc lif liolinesse, ant mid hore eadie boncn, ? for ])i is ancre 
icieopcd ancre, 7 under cliirelie iancred, ase ancro under scliipes 
borde, uorte holden ];et scliip, ])et u^en'^ne stormes hit no ouer- 
FoUo^iei. worpen. Al so al holi chirche, ]?et is schip icleoped, sclinl ancren 
oSer ancre J>et hit so holdo, ]>et tes deofles pufies, ];ct beoS tenipta- 
ciuns, hit ne ouerworpe. Eucricli^ haueS J;i3 auoreward/ boSe 
]>in-ii\i nome of ancre, 7 J^uruli Jiet heo wuneS under ];e cliirche, ? 
uorte understipreii e hire, jif heo wolde uallen. Lif jia breke^i fore 
ward, loke hwam heo li^e,'^ 7 hu, cuntinaelenicnt :' uor heo 
stude-S ^ neuer ancre wunnnge:' ? hire nome j^ieS euer Jns for 
ward, jet hwon heo slepeS. 

An o-;Ser half, J;e m'litfiiel u]i^ bi nilite, 7 bi^it ine J^eosternesso 
his ^ fode :' 7 also schal ancre fleun mid contemplaciun :' ]>L-t is, mid 
heih' 7 nnd huh boneu bi nilite touward Iieoucne, 7 bijilen bi nilite 
hire soule node. Bi nilite ouh ancre uorte beon wa.kcr 7 bi<i abntL-n 
gostliche bijetc :' vor ]mi cumeb anon ])er efter, '•' Vigilaui et factus 
sum sicut passer solitarius in trcto." Vigilaui: icliwas waker : sei5 
David, in ancre persone, 7 iHche sjiaivwe uuder ri)f one. A'inilani : 
ich was waker : vor ],'et is ancre rilite, mucliel iiur to vraki.jn. Inc- 



ful,N... T. 

^ I 



^ IrmI.Icm. T 

ini,\>. T. 

"^ J 

■auii . 

uci-e. C. 

' un t\„vu,-.rc 


1. c. 

I' 1 



' -^tiit. C. 

lliiv. ('. 

1 \ 

^i^ 1,. 

<h Jvclit. ('. 




" Siiiiilis fac'tus sum pelicano solitudinis : factus sum sicut 
nicticorax in domicilio." ^ 'J'hc ni<j,lit fowl in the caves betokenL'tli 
recluses wlio dwell under the caves of the cliurch, that they niny 
understnnd tliat they ounht to he of so lioly life that the whole holy 
church, that is, all Christian people, may lean and be suppoi'ted 
upon theni, and that they may hear lier up ^vith their holiness of 
life and their pious prayers. And an anchoress is for this reason 
cahed anchoress, and anchored under the church as an anchor under 
a shijt, to hold the ship so that neither waves nor storms mav over- 
v^helm it. In like manner shall anchoresses, or the anchor, hold the 
Holy Church Universal, which is called a ship, so finn, that the 
dcA-il's storms, -which are temptations, may not overwhelm it. Every 
recluse is bound to this by covenant, both by reason of hej' name of 
anchoress, and because she dwelleth under the church, as if to 
underprop it, lest it should falL If she breaketh covenant, let her 
consider to whom she is false, and how, continually ; for she giveth 
no sui)port to the anchoress's abode; and her name continually 
])roclaims this covenant, even Avhcn she sleepeth. 

Again, the night fowl flieth b}' night, and seeks his food in the 
darkness ; and thus shall the recluse fly with contemplation, that is, 
with high and with holj' prayers, by night toward heaven, and seek 
during the night nourishment for her soul. In the night, the 
anchoress ought to be watchful and diligent about spiritual attain- 
ments ; wherefore, there coineth innncdiately after, " Vigilavi, ct 
factus svnu sicut passer solitarlus in tecto." ^ ^'igilavi : 1 was 
watchful, saith David, in the character of an anchorite, and like 
a lonely s])arrow under a roof. Vigihni : for this is the duty of 
an anchoress — to Avatch much. P>clesias(icus : " A'igilia honestatis 


clesiastlcus : "Vigilia honcstiitis tuLcfaelet carncs." NoMug nc 
awclduS Avildc iilesclis, nc nc make's hit tommure ];en doS luuclie 
^Yecche r' vor wccclie is inc lioli write i inoiiie studeii iprclsed. " Vi- 
gilate 7 orate ne intrctis in teinptacioneni." Also ase 5c nulled nout 
fallen into iiondungc, he seiS ure Loucrd, waldeb 7 ibiddeJS on, 1 tet 
schal makicn on stonden. Eft he sei?^, " r,eatus qneni inucner.t 
uigilantcni." F.adi is, he sci«, ];c ilke ].et nrc Loncrd, hvon he 
cume-S ivint wakiinde. Ant he himsulf « pernoctault in uratione :' " 
Avakede ine heoden al nlht:' 7 so he teihtc us wccche nout one nnd 
his lore, auli dnde mid his deden. 

FoNoyj. Eihtc ]/mges nomeliche mnnegeS 7 laSieS u< to wakicn i snmc 

gode 7 beon wurchinde->is schortc lif-JK-s strongc wei-vre god 
Vet is >unne-vre sunnen ]>et beo« so monie-deaS )>et >vc beob 
«;iker of 7 unsiker hwonne— >e sterke dom of domcsdei— 7 so neruh 
mid alle. Dominus in evangelio: "De onml verbo ocioso, 7c." 
Item "Capillus de capite uestro non peribit:^" id est, cogitatio non 
cuadet impunita. pis beo5 Godes wordes, ]>et enerlch uW word 
bi^ l>er ibrouht forS, 7 ideles J>onhtes >et nercn or ibette. Loke nn 
hwat beo of unwreste willes 7 suiicfnl werkes. Eet ];e sexte ]nnc 
mnneoeS us to wakicn:' ]>et is ]ye seoruwe of hclle, j-er bdiold=^ ]n-eo 
uii^oJ-Ve untaleliche pinen ))et no tungc ne mei tellen— ]>e cche- 
neslc of ouerichon, ];et lesteS wi^ntcn endc-].e unimetc bitterncsse 
of cuerichon. pe cihtu^e Jnnc is hu muchel is ])e mede iSe blisse of 
lieouene, world a butcn cnde.^ Ilwose wakeS wel her mic bond 
hwulc-liwose haneS^^ ]>eos eihtc Jnnges ofte in lure heortc, heo 
>vule scheken of hire slep of vuel slouhSe, iSc stiUc mht, hwon me 
,ie IsihS nowiht ].et lette ]>e bone, pe heortc is ofte so sclnr:' nor 
]unc nis wltnesse ];er of god ^et we ]>eomie deS bnte (^od one, i 



Il'uni!!' to l,, W n.ucl.olc rcouncsse of ) e lure of h mu-hdo l,li-. of l.oo- 


l.nt.M. ouao. C. 

ImuN l,.r. (■ 

joioiir i.:f,asox^^ iok ^v \TriiKrT,\E 

\\i) T>n,Tf;KN(i:. 145 

n'.ovo tatr.o tlmn n.iiicl. watcl.iiio-; for watcl. fulness is nnu-li i.ruisrd 
in many places of Holy Scripture. " Vio;Ilate et orate nc i.itrctis 
i„ tentationeni." '' Therefore, as yc would not full nrto tempta- 
tion, saitli our Lord, watch aud pray, and that shall cnahle you 
to stand. lie saith afterwards, - 13e;itus quern invcucnt vi-dau- 
tcm." Blessed, saith he, is he whom our Lord, when he 
Cometh, findeth watching. And he himself " pcrnoctavit m 
oratione," passed the wh(;Ie night in prayer: and thus he taught 
us watchfulness, not only hy his doctrine but hy his actions. 

\ EigU thhigs especially admonisli and invite us to be Nvatchfnl 

i nnd dilic.ent in some -ood work- the shortness of this life-tlic 

difficult/of our way— the small amount of our merits— the great 
number of our sins-the certainty of dcaH., and the uncertainty ot 
the tlme-the severe doom of the day of judgment, which is also so 
strict Our Lord saith in the gospel : " Do omni verbo ot.oso, c^c. 
Item " Capillns dc capite vestro non peribit ; " that is, no thought 
.hall be unpunished. These are God's words: that every idle 
word shall 1)e there brought forth, and idle thoughts that were no 
previously amended. C<,nsider now what cometh of depraved 
IdVections and sinful works. Again, the seventh^" thing which warns 
us to be vigilant is the pains of hell, in which consider tliree things- 
the innumerable torments which no tongue may tell-the eternity ot 
each, which lasteth without end- and their vast bitterness. 1 ho 
eighth thing is the greatness of the reward in the blessedness of 
h:;ven, woHd without end. Whoso watcheth well here a h tie 
^vhile- whoso hath these eight things in her heart, ^v.ll shake oil hei 
slcei- of vicious sloth in the still night, when nothing is to be seen to 
J.. ,1,, ,,,, The heart is oRen at such a season so sincere; .r 
Ibere is tlK., no witnc.. of any good that we do but God onlv. and 


liis engcl, ])ct is iue swuche time bisilicUo aluitpn to cggeii us t-, 
oodc-. Uor ]}cv nis iiout forlorcn, a>e is bi deic ofte. 

IJprcneS nu, mine Icouc sustven, l.u hit is" to upprn 7 rsclpen d' 
cod dedc,7 hu god ]nnc hit is uorte hudc.i^ go<l deck,? tk-on hi 
iiihte, asc nihtfuel, 7 gederen inc ];eosternesse, JK-t is, me rriuite t 
derneliche, soule uode. 

" Oratio Hester pkicuit regi xVssuero:" ^ct is, Ilcst.-res hone ].e 
cwcne ^vus ]>e kings Assuer licwurbe 7 icweme. Hester, on 1- hivw- 
ish ket is ihud, an EngUsk:' 7 is to undcrstonden ];et hone 7 o^el• 
7^.0 37.. god dede }et is idou ine kudles, is Assuer icweme l>et is kn.g of 
heouenc:' uor Assuer an Ehremvish, is eadi an Engksh : \ct is ure 
Louerd, ]>et is eadi ouer alio. Dauid spekeS to ancre J^et ^yas 
iwuned ine liudk'S ^vel uortc wureken, 7 seoS^en, a sunie AVise, 
uppede kit 7 sckeawede.^ " Yt quid auertis faciem^ tuam, 7 dex- 
train tuam de medio sinu in finem?" pet is, Hwui dra^vcst tu ut 
kine rikte kond« of midden j^ine boseme? "in finem,'' on ende. 
lliht kond is god were:' 7 bosuin is priuite.-' 7 is as j^auk ke seide, 
pi rikt kond )7et tu keokle, ancre, il^ine boseme, ]'et is, }>i godc were 
Lt tu kefdest idon priueement, ase ))iuc is dernc i bosenu-, Invm 
drawest tu kit ut? "in finem/' an endc:^ J»et is, ].et ti mede end.e su 
so„e'— pi mede ];et Avere cndeleas jif ])i god dede were ihok^n, 
kwui openest tu kit, 7 nimest so sckeort ,uede?-kure )>et is agon 
in one kandhwule! "Amen, dico nobis, receperunt mereedem 
su-nn " pu hauest iupped ]>i god, lie seiS, ure Eouerd :' sikerkcl.e^ 
Im kanest underuon J^ine mede. Sehit Gregorie a^vundre^ hnn 7 
seiS ket men beob wodc ]>et treowe^ so vuek-:^ "Magna uerccundia 
est grandia agere 7 laudihus inliiaie : vnde cekmi meren potuit, 

:'^'-^'-';,. ,. Mdn...un,l.C. ' T.C. 

VJ ..rorhi. ^i ^ua uuelr. ('. |. nuu.;;.-.. sx.:, u.u-lc. T. 

,,,,„, ,„:,,,T ov c.oo„ ,>..- ..os> .V OSTKSX.V,-,0.. U7 

Ms „„, .1,0 is bu.ilv cnpl-yoa in inciting u. .. good. For tl.en, 

■ 1 „ " that is " Estlicr the 

.. Oratio Hester plaeuit reg. ^"^ ^ ,.,„„ Ahasnerns." , 

i,„„. in "eY-,;sl.. ■ ;f \;„,„ ,; ,,,,,, ..pleasing to 
tbatprayeraml othe. good.^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^, ^^ 

Al.asuerus, tliat is, to tJ,<> iv. Lord, who is Messed 

Hehrow. is Messed .n Knghsh . - , ;;,,^^ ^^.^, ,,„„ ,„ ,„ o„d 

over all. Davul speak th to an a ^^.^ ^j, .^ ^^^^^ _^^_^^,^. ^^ 

in seeret, and afterwards m s m . ^^^^_^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^.^ 

known. "Ut a»Kl^«';'- f\" ' west thou thy right hand 
.inu h> finem?"- That .s, ^^ ' ''-; „ ,,,,, ;,, fi,„Uy.-. The 
„„,. of the midst of thyhoson^ fin^^^.^^ .^ ^^^^^^ „ , ;, 
right hand is good ^yo hs , and „„d,oress, held m thy 

J if he said. The r,ght hand . Wl t ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ , 

hosom, that is, thy good uotkUa^tho ^^^^^^ .^ ^^_^, .. . , 

thhtg is seeret in f . '^" "l^'J^,,,,,,., shonld terndnate so 
finem," finally, ^f.^\2t he' endless, if thy good deed were 
soon. The reward that mig u ^cceptest so small a 

::neealcd;.l.y<V^--;';:::iri;l.ant)' "An,en,<l.o 

rexvavd?— a rcwni<l that ^. Tlum lia<t made kncAvn tliy 

::;r::r::;;^::™ir;t --— " '■ 

r. />»o( 


vsM.u ix.viv. n- 

148 uEoui-.i: iNCi,rs.\!;rM'. 

Jiihiiimun ■'' tnnisitorJi lUvoris nuorit." ^fu'jlicl iiir Iscliiiii- hit is. lio 
sei'b, dull \VL'], 7 wiliicii word jn'roC: doii liwavc JHinili iiic hub };i-iic 
kincduui of heoiu'iK', 7 suUcN hit, fur a wliid.c.-i '' put' of wordos'^ lioro- 
word :' of inoniifs liorluiigx. Vor];i, mine leoue sustrou, l^oldc^ 
omver rilit hond wibliiiien ouwer l)Oseiiic, lestc; };g nicdc endek-as 
niiue scliort cudc Wo i-edocS inc lioli writu ])^'t Moi.s-ses lioud, 
Godes j)roi)hete, so soiie lie licidc \vi\Sdrav.-en hire ut of his bosemo, 
bisemedc ohc spitel-vuel, 7 ])idite lei)rus:' ]Hiridi ]'et i.s bitocneS |>cl 
s;od dede idruwen uorJS nia iioiit one uorloix-n Juiruli ];et iippiiige, 
auh JnmcheS jet atelich*^ biuoren Godes cieii, aso spitcl-vucl is 
Jitelich biuoren monnes sih'So. Lo, a iicorlich ° god ^vord ]>et to lioli 
Job seide: "lieposita est hec spcs mea in sinu mco :" I mine 
boseme, he seiS, is al mi hope iholden. Ase ];aidi he seide, llwal 
god so icli do, jit' it were ut of mine bosome iuj>ped 7 idraweu uor^■, 
al luiu hope were etsh)pen ; auli foi- ]n ]'et ich hit hoold, 7 hialde ' ase 
ine Ijoseine, ich h(i[)ie to mede. Vorj'i jiF eui de^ eiil gOvi, lie 
drawe heo hit noiit utward, iio ue jelpe heo iiowiht j'erof:' uor mid 
a hitel puf, mid a woi'des wind, hit mei lieou al t<:) weaued. 

8jre Louerd i Johel meiiC(S him swuiSe of j;eo |;et lbrleose5 ^t 
aspille^i al hore god ['uruh wilnuuge of hereword, 7 seiti j>ecs 
wordes: " Decortieauit lieum meam :^ midaiis, spoliauit earn 7 jiro- 
jecit: albi faeti sunt rami ejus." Alas! seio ure l.ouerd, ]>eos JkI 
scheaweb hire god, heo haueK bipiled mine liger — ireiid of al ]>c 
rindc :' despoiled^' hire sterc naked, 7 iwor})en awei, 7 te grenc 
bowcs beoS al uordruwede, 7 forwurben to druie li^vite roiides. pis 
word is deosk :^ auh nimeei gode ;i,eme hu ich hit wiille on bi'iliteu. 

(ill. r. 



, ,.a .'Uth that .vo uv.A -ho jmlgc so 
8.unt Gregory IS am.... a.Kl^.utl ^^^ ^^^^^.^^^^^ ^ 

,,,,ac cr.Uuu lucren l-U.a ^^^ |> ^^^^^^^ ,^^,_^^^ ^^, ^^^, pnusc on 
Tt is 'n-eat inadnc?s ^''^'^^^ ['''' , Idn-dom of heaven, 

I. ."count : .0 a. t'>^>;- ^;; J-;;: .ite-I.,. p..-.- of .no,,. 

,.os..>„, lest .1,0 o„a 0.S '^-^'^^f^J^ , ,„t, „. soo„ as l,o ha< 
Sclptm-othattl.o l,:u,a ot ^'' ;; ;\ J ,,„ hospital makay, a,,a 

a,-n-> it out of Lis '---; -" ll : a ^ooa action d.-aggc 
appoaroa lcp,-ous..' 1 1 «o '» ,, j,,,^ ,„„;tj, but appeavo 1, 

bofove tl,c va„aa is „ot o„ ) >f!^"^"^ ^,,^ , y is loatl,so,ne ,„ 
evcnloatbso.uo In tl,e M.^.t o, >-' > ; ,,^, , saying whicl, 

the sigl,t of „.en. Lo. th, ,.«>., _ . ^ ^. _^^ _^^^„ „ . j 

,1,0 boly Job saia " Ro,»s, a 4 ^^^^^^ _^^^^^^ ^^ ,^^ 

n.y '»--■ -'"■ '"-■';{, ft wioboastoa of ana arawn fovtl 
saia, WLatsoevo,- gooa a. t > j_,^^^^ ,,^^. ,,,, u,a„so 1 

out of n,y boso,n, ail '"J ' ; '« " ?, °^. ^^so.n, 1 !,«[« fov ve-a.a. 
hoia it ana bia ,t, as ,t « ae _^_^^ ^^^.^^^^, .^ ^^^^^ .j^ 

Wl,c,cr„,e, if any of you ao any gcoa ^ ^.^^^^ ^^^^,,_^^.,j, ,, 

or let bcr make any Iwast ot it, loi, 
bltful «-ora, it ,nay"bc all waftca a.ay. ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^, 

On. W, in .Tool, -J -: ;SrSoa .l,oy l-e done; anel 
dest,roy,tb,-ongl, aes,,. of , e ,„,„;,„,„„.. nuaans spol,av,t 
saith tbese ^vovds : '»-■'=" "^^ ,,,„„; eius.- Alas! sa,th ou,- 
cam ot p,.*cit; alb. ft, - ^ ^^^ ^,^,^,,a „, fig treo; 

Lonl, tbey who f '^^ "^..i^ stavk nakoa. and oast it av.ay ; a„a 
,e„toft-alltbobavk; ^» '!- ^^ „„, ,„,o,„o dry white staves, 
.ho g.-o™ honghs are II ''^^^ ;_,^^, ,,,,,, t„ „bat 1 an, go„,g o 
'l-bis passage ,s obsen.e. '"' '; = ;, ^, ,,;„a „,■ t,-eo that heavetl, 
say to eleav it up to yon. A fi '^" ,^^^^^^^^ .^ ,,„ ,.^ ,,,, peeled, an.l 
sweet IVuit, which a,-e '-■"■' =■ ' 

[■;nu.i,i„ IV. 





Figer is ones kuiines trcou ];ct bcreS swcte friit, ])vt me clepcS figcs. 
]?eonne is J'c figer blpilcd, ? tc rinde irciid of, Invonnc god dcde is 
itippcd. peoiine is j^et lif ute. peonne adeaded ]>et treou. Hwonne 
]>Q rinde is awcie, lie nouber hit ne bcrcS frut, nc liit nc grcncS 
perefter inc lufsumc Icaiies, auh adruieb J>c bowes, *? iwurSet Invite 
rondesj to none jnngc betcre ])en to furcs fode. pc bouli, hwon be 
adeade'(5j lie hwiteS wi(Suten, 7 adruweS AviSinncn, 7 \vori)oS liis 
rinde. Al so god dedc |'et wulc adetiden forworpcb biro rinde, J'et 
is, unbclcS hire : ]'C rinde, ]>et ^vrih "^ hit, ]>et is ]>q treou\ve3 warde, 
Folio SSb. *? wit ^ hit ine strencSe ? ine cwicnesse/ Al so ]>q heliunge is l^e 
god dedcs lif, 1 hall liit ine streneSe, Auh hwonne pecs rinde is 
offe, J^eonne, ase ]}Q bouh de^S, hwiteS hit wiSuten J;uruh worldlich 
hereword, 1: adruwe^ wiSinnen, 1 forleose^ J;e swetnesse of Godcs 
grace j^et niakede hit grene 1 licwurSe, god for to biholden. Fur 
gi'ene ouer alle heowcs froureS mest eien. Plwon bit is so adruwcd, 
J>enne nis hit to nont so god ase to J>e fm-e of belle. Yor }>e uor- 
niestc bipiliunge, hwarof al j^is vuel com, nis butcn of prude : 7 nis 
hit muche reouSe ];et te figer J)ct sclmlde, mid hire swete frut, ];ct 
is hire god deden, ueden God gostliche, J^ene Louerd of beoucne, 
schal adruwien rindeleas, ]7uruh ]>et kit is unheled, 7 iwurS, buten 
ende, belle fures fode ? — J nis beo itniseli ]?et niit te wur^ of beoucne 
bub hire belle? Vre Louerd sulf ibe gospelle efne^ beouenriche to 
gol-hord :f^ );et hwo se hit ivint, ase he seib, budeb :' " Queni qui 
inucnit homo abscondit." Gol-hord is god dcde, })ct is to beoucne 
iefned : vor me hit bub ];er mide :' J tis gol-hord, bute jif hit be ne 
betcre ibud 7 ibolen, hit is forloi'cii sone. A^or, ase scint Grcgorle 
sei^, " Depredari desiderat qui tcssaurum publico portat in uia :" 
pe J>et bercb tresor openlicbo in one weic ]>et is al ful of J^coucs 1, of 
robbares, J of reauarcs, him lustc Icosen hit 7 been irobbed. pis 
Avorld nis buten a wci to beoucne, ober to belle:' 7 is al biset of belle 
muchares,^ j'et robbeb al pc gold-hordes ]>et beo munen under3;iti.'n, 

■I !,'ol.I-lio)(l. C. T. " hclkiic iiukIkiv... T. C. 


I tlic bark rent off, when a good deed is boasted o?. Then is the life 

I gone out. Then is tlic tree dead. "When the bark is gone, it 

neitlier bearotli fruit, nor doth it again put forth green and lovely 
leaves; but its boughs arc dried, and become white staves ; fit for 
nothing better than to bo used as fuel. When the bough is dead, it 
whitencth externally, and drieth within, and castcth off its bark. 
Even so a good deed that is about to perish casteth off its bark ; that 

is, uncovereth itself: the bark which conceals it, which is the i 

defence of the tree, preserves it in strength and vigour. Just so, 

the concealing it is tlie life of the good deed, and keeps it in strength. i 

l>ut when this bark is oft', then, as the bough doth, it whitenetli 

i w ithout, through worldly praise, and drieth up within, and loseth 

the sweetness of God's grace, which niaketh it green and lovely — 

j l)lcasaut to behold. For green, above all colours, is most agreeable 

' to the eyes. "When it is so dried, then it is for nothing so fit as for 

the fire of hell. For the first peeling, from which all this evil came, 

is from nothing but pride. And is it not a great pity that the fig 

i tree, which, with its sweet fruit, that is, its good deeds, should 

I spirituall}^ feed God, the Lord of Heaven, should dry up without 

I bark, on account of its beinLi; uncovered, and become without end 

I food for hell fire ! And is not she unhappy that with the price of i 

1 heaven buyeth to herself hell ? Our Lord himself, in the gospel, j 

I compareth the kingdom of heaven to a treasure, which, whosoever | 

I hath found, as he saith, hideth ; " Quem qui invenit homo ab- j 

^ scondit." '^ Treasiu'e is a good deed, which is compared to licaven, j 

for men buy it therewith ; and this treasure, if it be not the better \ 

hid and concealed, is soon lost. For, as Saint Gregory saith, "De- ! 

prai'dari desiderat qui thesaurum publice j)ortat in via." lie who 
carrieth a treasure openly in a way that is all full of thieves and 
; robbers and ])lunderers, desireth to lose it and to be robbed. This 

I Avorld is only a way to heaven, or to hell ; and is all beset with 

skulking thieves of hell, who rulj all iliL- treasures that tluy can 

152 l?EC.l-T..i: INCLUSA UUM. 

]>ct mm o-rScT wumnioii i }'is5o wcie opene-^. Vor, aso inuclie wui ■^ 
is rise I'auh he sclcle 7 jeicde as lie code, Icli bore .^old-liortl: IHi 
I Folio 00. bcre gold-hord. Lour liit her :' read gold ^ Invit scoluer inouli, 7 

I dcrewur-Se siinstoi-ics.''^ A sopare, ])et ne LcroS butcn sope 7 iielden, 

I I'cnr?) 7 jeie^. ludc 7 lieie }^et lie bcrcS r' 7 a richc mercer goS f'or^ 

al stille. VreinocS Invat ilidde of Ezecble, ]?e godo king, vor ]>ui ]'C 
he scheawedc J;e celles of his ai-oinaz, ? his inuchclo trcsor, 7 his 
deorewurSc ];ingcs. Hit nis iioiit for nout iwrilen i^e holie gospelle 
of ]>o |>reo hinges ]>et comcu iiort«3 offrcn .Tesu Crist |'co deore\vuroc 
];reo lokes :'^ " procidentes adorauerunt euni, 7 apertis," 7c. pet tet 
heo wolden ofPren him, hco hit hcolden eucr ihnd, vort tet heo^ 
conicn biuoren him. poa uormest^ hco vinwrien }?ct present j^et lico 
beren. Vor ]>m mine leoiie sastrcn, bi nihte, ase ];e niht fuel j^et 
ancre is to iefned, beoiS jeorne sturiinde. Niht, ich cleopie priuite/ 
peos nilite je muwen habben cucricli time of ]>(i deie:' j)ot al pel 
god I'ct i;e euer do5 boo idon ase bi nihte, 7 bi ])costcrne.sse, ut nf 
monnes eicn, 7 ut of monnes earen. pus, bi nihte boo ileoinde a;.t 
sechiuLlc ouwer soule heouenliche node, peonue bco 50 nout omv- 
pellicanus solitudinis, auh beoS cc nicticorax in doniicilio. 

" Uigilaui et factus sum sicut passer solitarius in tecto." Ect, is 
ancre iefned her to sparn\^■e ]>et is one under roue, as ancrc. Si>a- 
ruwe is a cheaterinde brid :' cheatereS cucr ant chirnicci. And fur 
bui bet muni ancre haueJS ]'et iike unt^eau, Dauid ne vi'nvh liire noiu 
to sparuwe }'et haue^i fere, auh de>) to sparuwe one. " Sicut ])a^Mr 
solitarius in trcto." Ich am, hv sei^, bi ancre, ase sp^Tuwe j)et i., 
/.'„//o 3r> /-. one. Vor so ouh ancre, hire one in uidiche stude, ase heo is, cliir- 
men 7 chcateren cuer hire lionun.*' And unde^stonde^ Icofliclie, 
mine leouc sustren,- ]>ct i'-h wi-itc of onliclio hue, vurte vrouvni 
ancren. 7 on oner al o^rc 

llon'.arst, T. - .K:u.. >.l..i.c. O. ' Ik-.Ku. C. 

.•hil.ln . 'l. 


discover, wliich man or woman open in tins wny. For it is just the 
same as if lie salJ and called aloud as lie went, "I am carrying a 
treasure, I am carrying a treasure : Look, lici'e it is ; red gold and 
■\vliite silver enough, and i)recious jewels."' A ])()or pedlar, ■who 
carrieth nothing but soap and needles, shoutctli and calleth out loud 
and clamourously what he iK'ai'etli ; and a rich niei'cer goeth along 
qnite silently. Impure what ha})pencd lo the good King Hezekiah, 
because he shewed the store-house of his spices, and his great 
treasure, and his precious things.-'^ It is not without design written 
in the Holy Gospel, concerning the three kings who cainc to ofter to 
Je.>us Christ the three precious gifts, "procidentes adoravcruut cum, 
ct apertis,"tiS:c. That which they wished to ofter hini they kept always 
concealed until they came into his ])resence. Then first, they un- 
covered the present which they bore. Wherefore, my dear sisters, 
in the night time, as the night bird is compared to an anchorite, be 
diligently stirring. Night 1 call privacy. This night ye may have 
at all times of the day ; so that all the good that you do bo done as 
it were by )iight and in darkness, out of the sight and hearing of 
men. Thus, in the night, be on the wing, and seeking heaveidy 
food for your souls. Then you will be not only the pelican in the 
wilderness, but also the night raven under tiie eves. 

" Yigilavi et factus sum sicut passer solitarius in tecto."*^ Again, 
the anchoress is compared here to a sparrow, that is alone, under 
roof, as an anchoress. The sparrow is a chattering bird; it is 
always chattering and cliir[)ing. And, because many an anchoress 
hath the same fault, David comparcth her not to a sparrow that 
hath a )nate, but to a solitary sparrow. " Sicnt passer solitarius in 
tecto." " I am," he s]»eaks as an anchoress, " like a spaii-ow that is 
all alone." Fcr thus ought the anchoress, by herself alor.e in a lonely 
place, as she is, to Ix; always chirping and cliattering her ])rayers. 
And, kindly understand, my dear sistei--, tliat I write of solitary life 
to comfort anchoresses, and yourselves more esj)ccially. 

" l-'iu'ili, xxxi.\. 2. '' M.iU. ii. 11. "^ I',,'lui v'n. 7. 

CAMD. FOC. ^' 

154 kegul.t: inclusatium. 

Hu god liit is forte Loon one is bo'Sc i'Scn oldc Liwc, 1 cc iSe 
neowe isuteleS 'i ischcawed. Yor i boSe mc ivint })ct God liis dcrne 
runes, 7 las heouenliclie priuitcz sclieawede liis leone frcond, *? nout 
i moiine vice :' auli dnde ]?cr lico weren on.e bi luun sulucn. And 
lieo liani sulf also, ase ofte ase lieo Avoldcn pencchcn schivliclie "^ of 
God, ant makien clone boneii, ant boon inc licort gostllche ilieiod 
touward heouene :/ ant me ivint pot lioo fluwcn monne sturbingo, *? 
wcndon bi liam one :' 7 let God visitodc liam 1! jef ham liorc bonon. 
Vor pui ]»et ich seide }>ct me ivint j^is botSe ilSen olde lawe J cc i(Sc 
neowe, ich chulle, of bo two, schcawen uorbisne "? preonc. 

" Kgressns Isaac in agrmn ad mcditandum," quod ei fuissc crc- 
ditur consucLiidinarium. Isaac ];c patriarke uovto };cnchcn deoplicc 
soiihte onlich studc, J wcndc bi liini one, ase Genesis tclloJS :! and so 
he imctte ])e eadie liebocca, ]?et is Godes grace. Rebecca intcrprc- 
tatur, " miiltuni dedit." 

Et quicqiad habct meriti prajventrix gratia donat. 
[Nil Dcus in nobis prjcter sua dona coronat.] ^. 

Also J?o eadie lacob, J'O vre Louerd scheawedc him his dcorcwnrc^e 
nebschaft, 1 ^ef him his blessunge, ^ tnrne <= his nonie betcre, he was 
iflowe men, 7 was him sulf one :! neuer ^et i momic floe no kcihtc lie 
swuche bijetc. Bi Moiscn 1 bi Ilclie, Godes deorowurtSe vrcond is 
sutel 7 eJScene Invuc baret 7 hu dredful lif is oner among Jn-ungc r' 1, 
lui God his priuitcz schcawciS to ];eo J^ct bco'S priuimcnt ham one. 
Folio 40. Me schal, leoue sustrcn, tcllcn ou |;eos storie,'' uor hit were to long- 
to writen ham here:' 7 ];enne schulc jc al };is brihtliche undcr- 

(;. " S„|.i,li..l 1,. 

T. •' :;f.-.ri.'U. ('. 

ABV^^-T.v^.^s of soutary meditation, isaac. Jacob. 155 
h„ clo»r "="''»'';'' \„,, ti, themselves also, as olte. as 


Jrr.X™.r Isaac .e.UTai..a^ 


From heav.nly grace alone man's goodnes.s flows; 
God crowns alone the merit he bestows. 

countenance to hnn, ana ^a , .^^ ^.1^^ ^.^.o.^-d 

l,.tte,- nan,e, had «ed fn„„ '^^^^^^^ Elias, God's dear 
of men gat he such gain ^^"^^^ ^ t„„n„ll, and how 

friends, it ^<=1=-V -\" f l:;l;lLdtitnde-, and how God 
dangerous it ,s to hve "'^^ 2°, ,=„„,„;„ privacy and solitude. 

reveals his ^»'='=\»""= \^ *<" '' H, be told you, for it wotdd be 
:^^°l';;:t2rC;^tryeslJl understand all this 

tedious to write thcui her 


hegul.t: I^'CLUSA hum. 

FoUo iOb. 

'■ feet 1 Icreniias solus ^otk't.'" Hit soiS ]>ct te eadie Icivniio sot 
one: 7 sei?5 ]7o relsun hwi: '•Quid comminatioiiL' tua replesti me?" 
Yro LouerJ Lcf'do ifuld liliu of his ]n-catuiigc. Eodes Jn-catunge is 
wondre'Se % weane inc licoinc 7 iiie soule, world a biiteii cndel pe 
)?et Avere* of J^isse |>rcatuiioc, a-o lie Avas, wcl ifnllcd, nere J)er nou 
empti stude iSe lieorto to uiideruoiigcii flesliclie leihtreii :' 'i for bui 
he bed welle of tearcs to his cicii, ]>ct heo no adruw edoii nanniore 
)?en Avelle. "Quis dabit niihi funteai lacriiuariuu, at luij,eani intor- 
fectos populi nioi?" Yov to biwoopen islcicn uolc— })ot is, incst a! 
J7e world, ])Qi is gostliche isleien mid deadliche sunnon :! 7 to his wop 
lokoJS nu hu he bit onlich stude, ];e holi prophetc. " Quis dabit 
mihi diucrsorium in soh'tudine ?'' — vorte scheawen witterlichc pot 
hwo se wulc bi\veoi)en hire owonc 7 o5re monnos sunncn, aso ancre 
ouh forte don— hwo se wule ivindoi; et te ncruwo domesmou morci 
7 ore — o jnng is ]7ot letteb hire most, ]>et is, beo wust '' amoni; men :' 
7 Set tot swuSest auaunceS 7 furSre'S hit, J^et is onlioh stude;' niuu 
o^'er wnmnion eiSer boon him one. Eot spoked lereniie of onliclie 
line more. " Sodobit solitarius 7 tacobit." Me schal sitton him one, 
lie seiS, 7 boon stillo. Of jnsse stilnessc he spoke S J;or biuoren 
Intel. " Bonum est ju'estolari cum silencio salutaro Dei." God hit 
is ine silence ikopen Godos grace, 7 tot me bore godos joc, anon from 
\q " juweSe :' 7 ];eonne cumoS |>or eftor, " Sodobit solitarius 7 tacc- 
bit: quia leuabit "^ se supra so.'"" Hwo se wule wol don, hoo schal 
sitton one, 7 liolden hire stillo, 7 so hobbon hire sulf buuen hire 
suluen :f ]>et is, mid heie hue, hcie touward hoouene oner hire cundc. 
Teke J;is, hwat oSer god cumoS of J?isse onliclie sittungo, ]»ft loromie 
spekeS of, 7 of }>i.sse soli stilSe kumeJS anon oftor : " Dabit porcuoionti 
so maxillain, 7 saturabitur opprobriis." I loo wulc, he seiiS, hv so wulo 
a^cin ])e smitaro boodon uorJS hire clKH)kon, 7 boon ]niruh lullc-d mid 

liis. T. 

„,.,^„„„,.,.o.N^,>-ro,..soi,.Tur,K. 15' 

. , ^,1,." It is sa«l tlmt tlio pious Jorc- 

„,,,,,,,i„solUuae,.na tl. K.son b.^-^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ,.„ ,,„, lu. 

minntiune tu. rople* .ne ? _ ^^^^ . ^ ,^,,^, „„, ;„ ,oul ,vorkl 

tl.reats. God's threats »vcm,^ol^ an ^^^^^^ ^^,^^,, „,„ 

t l..,t end! AVl.oso.vcr were .vJ 1 , ^^^^^^^^ . ^ ^^,,.^,, ,„ 

for tl.e slain of "'J /;='*'?. , ,, ,„i,u„allr slain wW> mortal sms. 
alutost all tl,o -orld -'" " ^^ 1,,, ...ys for a sol.tavy 

And oteervc now l.o; *''" '^?^ ,,,/„ the wilderness a lodg..,- 
,,„eeto«eepin /' ^^ '■»;!! /l^o '';,,„v distinctly, .hoso 
,,„,e of wayfavn,s '"^", „„,, „erfs sins, as an anchoress onght 
vonld ^veepforLer ownatK oth« _^^^^ ^^^^j „^.,, 

.oa„-^vl.oso .vot-ld «-; ,^ t- nrost:.vlnclr is, living and 
^,,,,e is one ''""S "'''*' 't^'t «l,iek most greatly forwards and 
teing noted among "-; " [^'' r an or wonran bo alone. JeremKd, 
assists it, is ^o'""''^''"^' , fc. .. Sedebit solitavius et taceb.t: 
speaketh yet agatn of f'^^^^'''' j ^^ ,i,„„t." Of this sdcnce be 
.'no shall sit solitar-y," K^^ ^ ;,,,,.olari cum sileutio salutare 
sncakoth a little before : bo.u nr est i ^^^^^ ^,^^^ ^ ,^,„„ 

-^^ ,.. it is good to -^-; *:: , „!:Uhe.tfollovve,h : " Sedebit 
boar God's yoke early f™™'- f ^ ,e." She that would do 

solitariuscttaecbtt: q"- <= ;^^ , ;^, i.^c ; that is, by a hfe of 
,,,„ ...all si. sohtary, and hc^^l^ ,„„„ „u,ve her kind. Wore- 
clcvated piety, exalt herself to.a.c ^^.,,^^,, j^ 

over, the other good -•.;"-";',[ ,„,,„, innuediately fo Uowe.h : 
„,,,, speaketh of, and « J=™' ,,nn-,abitur opprobrus." ' S le, 
..Oabit P««-''="",r,'"-^"" : u d, will oSer her cheeks to the 
-i." "- -'■»;™" , kd :•;,' r^roachf... words. Here are, n, 
siuiter, and sh;iii ^ ^ 

V. IT. 

11, Id. 
ll,i.-l. :iti- 


sclicndfule wordes. Her beo5, in )>cos wordcs, two cadic wordcs- 
to noten swiSc scorno, ],ct ariht to ancre-polemodnessc, in 
J>erc uormc ludt; ■? in ]7c latere edn.iodnesse, of mildc 1 of mcoke 
heorte. A'-or ];o!cinod is ]7C ];et Jnildeliche abere^ wouli j;et me de« 
him r' J. edmod is |7C ];ct J.olien mei )>et me him missigge. )?cos bet 
ich habbe incmpned lier werea of ];eii olde lawe: cumc we nu to J;e 
neowe. "Inter natos mulicrmn non surrexit major Johanne 

Seint Jolian baptiste, bi hwam urc Louerd seiS, ];et amono- 
wiiiene sunes ne arcs nc-uer betcre r^ lie teilite us openliclie bi hi° 
owene dcdcn, ]>et onlich stude is bo5e siker J bihcue. A^or, l^aiili 
J70 engel Gabriel liefde his bnrde t- ibocked,^ ? al ^vere he ifulk-d of j-c 
Holi Gostc, anon wiSlnncn hh moder wombe.*' 'i al were he, jniruh 
miracle, of barain iboren:' J he ine his iborenesse^ upspende^ his 
feder tunge into propliecie r^ vor alio Jnsse, ^et ne durste ho wunien 
among men: so dredful lif he iseih j^er inner' jniuh hit nere of 
nowiht elles bute of speche one :' ? forj^ui, hwat dude he ? Eun- of 
jeres ase he was, fleih awei into ];er wildernesse, leste he mid spc^he 
fulde his clene lif. Vor so hit is in his ymne.-^ "antra deserti 
FoUo 41. tcncris sub annis, ?c.f" He hefde, ase hit J;unche«, ilierd Isaie bet 
mende him ? seiSe, "Ye milii! quia homo pollutis labiis ego sum." 
Wummen wo is me, he sei«, J>e holi prophete, vor ieh ain a man 
mid suilede lippen :' J seiS j^e ancheisun liwi r'e "Quia in medio 
populi polluta labia habentis ego habito." Ant tet is forj^i, he seiS, 
J;et ich wunie among men ]>et suiled here lippen mid'mi^liche 
spcchen. Lo hu Godes propliete seiS J.ct he was isuiled |.uruh 

; I---- ^-T. b ,,,5,. T. c aelo.l.u. A.S. to write down, foretell. 

Ills bL.riie time. C. = unsiK-uncdc. C. T. 

' " Antra deserti teneris siih amiis 

Civiuin tunuas I'lijjieiis, jielisti 
Ne levi .salteiii nuiculare vilaiii 

t-iiiiine i..,«(s." T. 

,o„. x„B B..rn.r .o.out .out... >. th. w:l..,.-ess. 159 
,1, l«-o «<-o!lo„t [moral qualities]' to bo cavefuUy oV 


and he is mock .vl,o can l.oav to '« ^^ ;H^' ^^. . ^„„,, „, „„,- to 


, , , ■. ,;-t „fw'-r. our Lord saith, that among tlio 
Saint Join, the ->!*»*' f';',",,^,. ,,,,,,t ,„ openly hy his 
sons of ^vomcn there n«e. a.ose a l«tt 

own aetions f .^f *»^;^;; ;,f , ,t L al.hongh he was filled 
the angel Gal,r,el had f"'^^"'''! 'l '' ,, „,„„,<,,.3 ,vomb; and uas, by 
,,;„, the Holy Ghost even -^™ " "^'.^ „„,„^,a his father's 
,™,.ele. born of one harre,. n t ns ^b ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^_^^^^^^ _^^^_^ 
tongue to prophesy; YC., io. t . .j -^ ^^.^^.^ ^,„ 

LifS appeared to him - /angero us " K«g the^ ^,^^^^ ^.^^ ,_^, 

.count of nothing less bu^ '^'^Z.^r.... lest he should 
Young as he wa», he tied a^^aJ ^^^^ . „ ^^,,4^.^ 

defile his pur. Hfo wr^, speech. ^ ---„,_ „, ^J _,„.;„ 
dcserti tenerus sub ™ '^; «;<=• , ;, homo poUutis labn. ego 
,vho moaned, and sard, V=» «"" ^ , ,,et, for I am a 

sum." ' Women, .voe ,s me! . f" ^^;„\Xy " quia in n,edio 
„„„ of unclean lips; <-"'"'? '^"•* f' .''".„,; t,„t is, saith he, 

because I dwell .nnnng «^ ^^^,^^ ,,^ ,,,, s„,l,ed by 

erect speeches. Lo! - «f. l^ j, ,,„,. ,,,,.„. „„,d, nor silver, 
livinc^ among men. it i^ ^^ _ _^^^, ^.^^^^ ^^.^^^^ ^ 

nor iron, nor ste. is ever so ^^' ^n^-- ,_^^^ , Sai,,t 

joif fl!:rf:ir;t;'s;li:?of i^-i -. >- - ^^-'^ ^^ ^""■^'- 

O. T. 

... b Malt. s\. 11-'- in tlK' or>};i"^^l. ^ j,^">c homimun. MS. Oxen. 



Leo mtc ^ among moi. So lut is sikcrliclie. A^or ne heo nonor so 
brilit gold, ne seoluer, ne iron, nc stcl, ])et liit ne sclial drawen rust 
of on"^]>et is iriistod, ww Invon ]^et lioo louge liggcn togcdores. 
Vor]>ifloih scin Jolian ],^e feolauscliipo of fule men, Icste lie wore 
isuiled. Ant jet, forte sclioaAven iis ]>ct me nc niei ]'c \uelc fleon, 
Lute nie fleo pe gode, he fleih liis holi kun icoren of ure Loucrde, 7 
wende into onliche studc iSe wiklernesse.^ Ant Invat ])i;5et lie ]?er? 
He Lijet j^et lie was Godes Laptiste— ];c niuckck! hcihnesse j-et he 
heold, inc fuluhte under his Louden, ]?ene Luuei'd of Leouenc, ])et 
halt up al ]'eue world mid his ones<= milite:' ]>er ]^cr ^e holi ]n-um- 
nesse schcawude hire al to him :"^ }o veder in his steueno:' ];c Holi 
Gost ine kulure heouwe:' J^e Suue ine his honden. In onliche 
stude'" he Lijct ];eos ]>veo Lijcaten ^— priuilege of prccLur, merit of 
martirdom, 7 meidcnes mode, peos lu'co maner men LaLLeS ine 
Lcouene mid oucr fulle mede— crune upe crune:' ant to eadic Jolian 
in onliclie stude, ])cr ase Lc was, ]?eos J>rco astazs of-carnedo 
him o]ie. 

Ure leoue lefdi, ne ledde heo onlich lif? Heo nes uohwav ute:' 
Foh-o 41 1, auh was l>ilokeu ueste :f vor so we iuiudeS. '' Ingrcssus angelus ad 
earn, dixit, Aue, Maria, graeia plena, Dominus tecum." pet is, ]>o 
cncrcl wende in to hire,— ]?eonno heo was inne— in onliche stude, al 
hire one. Engel to mon ine J>rungc nc scheawude him neuer ol'te. 
An oKcr half:' ]?uruh ]>et uouhware ine holi write nis iwriten of hire 
specho. Lute uor" siScn, ase is iseid ]>cruppe:' sutel preofu)ige is j^et 
heo was muchel one, ]'c heold so silence. Hwat seche wc o5re ? 
O god one were iuoidi furLisne to alle. He wende him sulf one into 
onliche stude, 7 festc ]?er as he was one i^e' vorte 
scheawen j^erLi ])et among monnc ]n'ung ne mei non nud^un rihte 

ifuli.l 1-urli l.owistc. T. 
ill. re-. T. 
lif. ('. 
nUMlvn. C. 

vvildcnu'. ('. 
lUny.h :il to liini. C 
l.ivcmiiKn.-cs. ( '. '!'. 
foir.vir. C. 

.,,.. ,ve cannot flee fro.n the brul, witl.out floo- 

i... f, the gooJ .e fl-; ;■■ , ^^^ ,; ;„ ,1.. wUdevne... A„d wh.t 

,„awontmtoasohta,-yr...e.a. I God'. l>apf.=>t, the lugl^ 

did l>e <;a>n tl.ero? He ga.ned t . 1 ^ ,^^ ^^ j_j^^^,^„^ 

H„„„„t,u,tl,cWdi.h.vt->- "^ 

.-1,0 npLolds tl,e -•-''•; '^ the Father by hi. voiee, the Ho y 
Tvini.y « .. fully "'"^"'f : , ve' he Son in his hands. lu sohtttde 
Ghost in the hkoness of a * '^. ' ,^^ of i.-eachet the 

,,e ae,,nited these *--J-;";^„,a of' virginity. These tln-ee 
n-rit of n,artyrdom, "^; f ^^ ,„ahnndant reward, crown upon 
,-„„:U of ".on have .n hea ™ .^^^^1^ ^^^ ^_^^^^ . ^ ^^^.^^^^^^^ ^„..„,a fot 

crown; and tlie l)lc=bLu .J )-i^_>_ 
tonsolf alone these three d>gn..t,es. 

Onr dear ,ady, did not ...c^-^-'Tl^^^^^X;— 

.here abroad, '«'.;- f;^! a ^itia plena, Don.inus t«un, . 
„„„ch,s ad eaui d,N.t, Ave, J au ^ ^^ ,^^ ^^^^^_^ ._^ ^„,,, ,,, „11 

th,a is, the angel went nt to he> si. ^^_^_^ ._^ ^ ^^,^^^^, On the 

.lone. An angel has seldom app« e .^^ ^^^j^, ^ , 

tlr hand, sinee it is .»t;;^; " /„ ..ear proof that she, who 
that she spohe, exeept &'■ ^^'™-^^^ ^yhat more do we require? 
thtts kept silenee, was ^--^'J^\^ ^o went himself alone n, to 
One good example may -f-°°\l ^^.^^ „,„,„ i„ the wilderness; to 
. solUaryplaee, and fasted win He ^^,^_^ ^^^^^ ,„,ast he 

shew thereby that no on "" ^^;',^;,, „„t he hungred, to eomfor 
nnd.itade. ■n--\'-°" "''^:', , ^ he snOered the fiend to temp 
»■-■•'"*-"■'" I'.'-: ;;;;tov,r::«e bin.. A^o to shew that . he 
liiin many ^n'^}-"' - 

CA^lF). SOC. 

102 regul.t: ixclusarux. 

penitence. per in onliehe studc liini liungrede^ liit suiiS., uorto 
iiroiiren ancrc J^ct is nieseisc'' per lie ]>oleJe |'ct to iieond uondede 
him ueolc Aveis :' auli lie ouercom liinc. Also iiortc sclioawcn ]?ct te 
ueond fondeS ninchel J^oo ])et ledeb onlicli lif, vor onde ];et he haueS 
to ham : auli ho is j'cr cuer oucrcumcn. Vor iirc Loiierd iulf stent 
J>er bi ]?e^ uihte, <^ beldeS'^ ham hu heo schulen stondcn strongliche 
ajein, 'f jineS ham of his strenccic. lie, asc holi writ seiS, JK't no 
niiirulrSe, no noise, nc ]n-nng of folc ne ninhte lettcn hiin of his 
bcoden/ ne distnrben him of his god, — he j'unh, no ]^e later, Invon 
he woldc bcon i beoden, lie flcili nuut one OtSer men, auh dude jet 
his holi deciples/ j wende one uppon Indies, us to norbisne, J>ct we 
sclndlen turnen bl us sulf, '^ climben mid him on hulles r^ hot is, 
Jjenchen lieic, f leauen lowe under us alio corSlichc })onhtes, ]?go 
liwule ];et we beoS ine beoden. Powcl "^ Antonie, Ililariun j 
Bcnediht, Sincletice 'j- Sare, ^ oSre swuche, monie men f wummen 
roJ>oA-2. boSe, viondede sikorlichj*' <^ under^eten soSliche J>et te bij^etc of 
onliehe line was God icweme, as ]jeo J)et duden mid God al ]>et heo 
euer wolden. Seint lei'onime nu leate seib bi him suluen, " Quo- 
ciens inter homines fui, minus homo recessi." As ofte as ich cuer 
was, he seiS, among men, ich wende from ham lesse mon J>en ich 
cr was. Vor ]n, seiS ]?e Ecclesiasticus, "Ne oblecteris in turbis:' 
assidua est enim commisslo :" J;et is, ne J;uncho \q^ neucr god 
among monne'^ floc:^ vor ]>er is euer sunne. Ne seide ]'e stefne of 
heoueneto Arscinie, "Arseni, fuge homines ^ saluaberis:" Arseni, flili 
men <^ tu schal beon iboruwen. Ant eft him com <^ seide, "Arseni, 
fuge, tace, quiescc:" ]>et is, Arseni, flih, "^ beo stille, <^ wune sfude- 
uestliche i sumo stude, ut of monne sihbe. 

jN^u 50 habbeiS iherd, mine leoue sustren, vorbisne of ]'en olde 
lawe, 1 ec of ]>e neowe:^ hwui 30 owen onlich lif swuIS to luuion :' -^ 

» ii> incsci>c. C. T. " bi liam iSo. C. 

'■ l.c;iM.-.N. C. hea.Us. T. '' iK.ncn. ('. Umc<.. T. 

'• liise aiMx-stlrs. C. ' wittcrlicli.'. V. T. 

y. iif like. C. '■ inoinic.,. 'J', muche. C, 


fieiifl tcinptetli nuieli those ^vllO lead a solitary life, for ouyy that he '} 

heareth towiirJs thor,! : but he is tliere always overcome. For our jl 

Lord himself stamletli hy them in the flidit, ;iud emholdeueth them jij 

to resist strongly, and givcth them of his strength. The Saviour ii! 

himself; as Holy Scripture saith, whom no mirth^ or noise, or multi- :i 

tude of people might hinder him from his prayers, nor disturb him in i 

his holy meditations, — yet, nevertheless, when he wished to be much j 

in prayer, he fled not only men, but even his holy disciples, and i 

M'cnt up into liills alone: for an example to us, that wc should ',] 

retire by ourselves and mount up with him upon hills; that is, to 1 1 

meditate on heavenly things, and leave low beneath us all earthly ;i 

thoughts, while we are engaged in })raycr. Paul and Antony, j: 

llilarion, Benedict, Syncletica, Sara, and many other such pious 'i; 

men avid women both truly experienced and rightly perceived that [ 

what was gained by a solitary life was pleasing to God ; as persons ! 

^v]^o obtained from God Mhatsocver they wished. Saint Jerome j 

likewise saith of himself, " Quotiens inter homines fui, minus homo ! 

recessi." As often as I have been among men, saith he, I came | 

from them less man than I was before. Wherefoi-e saith Ecclesi- |^ 
asticus, " Ne oblecteris in turbis ; assidua est enim connnissio : " 
that is. Never take })leasure among a multitude of people : for sin is 
ever there. Did not the voice from heaven say to Arscnius, 
" Arseni, fuge homines et salvaberis:" Arsenius, flee from men, 
and thou shalt be saved. And again he came to him and said, 
" Arseni, fuge, tace, quiesce : " that is, Arscnius, flee and be quiet, 
and dwell constantly in one place out of the sight of men. 

IN ow, }c have heard, my dear sistrrs, an example out of the Old 
Testament, and also out of the Xew, shewing why ye ought to love 
gi-eatly a solitary life; and Jiow, al"tcr tlie>e exanqiles, hear the 

■' ATHMiu. wxs i.rcrcj.tor U, the (UxcU .■nipcror Au-aJiu-, A.D. I'.SS. i Ic is .-aid to 
ti.ivf l.oai-a these wonls whrii in i-ravrr, au.l anximis ahor.l the safety of his sniil. 


efter ]>e uorbisncs, ilieretS nu rcisuus liwiii me ouh for U; fleou ]/enc 
Avorlil:' cilitc reisuns et te leste. Ich Inuu siggo scli..rtliclic. Nii.icS 
]?e j'C Letero jeiue. 

I. pe uorine is sikeniesse. Eif a wodc liun vrno jeont ]'e stretc, 
iioklc ]>e \visc Litunen liiro iimc sonc? Ant Seint Peter sciS ]'et ]>q 
hcllc liun rengCiS ^ rccclie^ •■• oner aLuten, uort te seclieu injong, 
soule uortc uor.swoluwen :' ^-^ bit us te Leon wakere <^ Li^ie ine lioli 
bcoclcn, ]o.^te lie us kecclie.^ " Sobrii estote '^ uigilatc in oracionl- 
bus, quia aduersarius ucstor, diabolu^ tan.quani Ico rngieiis circuit 
querens queni deuorel." pis is Seinte Peter's Avord,'^ ]rct icli er 
seide. Vor ]A, beo5 aucren Avise, )'et liabbetS wel bituned bam ajeiu 
])Q belle leun, uorte boon ]?e sikerure. 

II. pc oSer reisun is ]'et Invo ]>et bere a deorewurJSe licur, uoer 
Folio i2l. a deorewiu-5o wete, as is bame, in a feblc uetles— bealewi in one 

brucliele glese, nolde hco gon ut of ju-unge, butc jif beo Avere fol? 
pis brucbele uctles, ]>et is wummonc vlescbs. Of ];issc brucbclc 
nctlcs ])e apostle seixS, " Ilabemus tbesauruni in istis vasis fictilibus." 

pe bame J^et liealewi— ];et is, nieidenbod ])et is ]?erinnc :' o^er, efter 

meidclure, cbaste clennesse. pis bruchelc uetles*^ is bruclielure 
hone beo cni gles :! uor bco bit enes to-broken^ ibet ne biS bit neuer, 
ne ibol asc bit er was, nanmorc ]?ene gles. Aub jot bit brekexS mid 
lesse ]>ene brucbel gles do. Yor gles no to-brekeS nout bute sum 
]>inc bit ariiie.^ Aub bit, anondc^ meidelure,^ mei leosen bis boli- 
ncsse )iiid a stinkinde wll. So uor;5 bit mei gon, f. Icsten so longc :' 
aub ]>is manere bruclie mei beon ibet eft, allungc asc bit was cuer 
iliolest,^^ ]>uvub medieine of scbrifte, 7 >urub bireousnnge. Nu ]^e 
preouc bcrof. Sein Joban evangclisto ncfde be brude ibn-nbt bom? 
Nefde be ]><) ij'oubt (;i;if God nefdc ilet liim), meidenbod uorte 


IcCTllC. C. 'I'. 

fotlc. 'J-. 

.uit hit oiutVut. T 

;,) M.' lial V iiit lui 

iiEASONS roii KF/nrj::ME>T niOM the world. 165 

reasons why owe o'.i^lit to flee the world: eight reasons at the least, 
I mention thein urleiK': take tlie more h.eed. 

1. Tlic first is security. If a raging Hon were running along the 
street, would not a wise person soon shut herself in? And Saint 
Peter saith that the lion of hell rangeth and raketh always about, 
seeking an entrance to devour the soul ; and he commands us to be 
watchful and busied in holy prayers, lest he catch us. " Sobrii 
estote et vigihite in orationibus, quia adversarius vestcr, diabolus, 
tanquam Ico rugiens circuit qurei-ens quern dovoret."*'' Tliis is St, 
Peter's ad\ice, as I said before, T]ieref<)re be ye ^^■ise anchoresses, 
who have shut themselves up carefully, against the lion of hell, in 
order to be the more secure, 

IT. Tlie second reason is that she who bears a precious liquor or a 
pi'ecious drink, such as balsam, in a frail vessel — healcwi ^ in a brittle 
glass, would not she go out of the way of a crowd, unless she were 
a fool? This brittle vessel is woman's flesh. Of this brittle vessel 
the Apostle saith: "AVe Iiave this treasure in earthen vessels.""^ 
The balsam, the healewi, is virginity, which is therein ; or, after the loss 
of maiden honour, chaste purity. TJiis brittle vessel is more brittle than 
any glass ; for, be it once broken, it is never mended, nor whole as it was 
before, any more than glass. Moreover, it breaketh more easily than 
brittle glass doth. For glass brc^aketli not unless something strike 
against it. But with regard to the loss of vii-ginity, its purity may 
be lost bv an unchaste wish. So far may it go and last so long: 
but this kind of breacli may be afterward repaired, and made quite 
as whole as e\'er it A\as by the remedy of confession and by re- 
pentance. Now foi- th(,' ju'oof (jf tliis : Had not St, Jolm the Evange- 
list brought home a bride? Had he not thought, if God had not 

i.ilii! 01- lpal;;iiii : Init it (loos m 
,.;unn- is '■ licnltl.-i-ui,/- 

■^ 1 Pk 

'■ 1 [.:;,!■. 

\y\ iii<['V 

trs 1,( 

,-0 to 1, 

idfnti>.-;il \s 

cur in t 

1.- saino 

rll c. 

lU ^tr 

ct etymologic 

' 2 Vol 


iv. 7. 



osen? SeoSeii ]7auli, ncs he nielclcii iieuur ])G unholre:^ auh was 
mcidcii biteiht, meiclcn uorto witene. " Virgineui uirgini coni- 
mciidabat."''' Nu, as icl'. sigge, ]ns deorcwiuSc hcalc-wi iJSisse 
bruchelc uetles, ]>et is mciMeiihoil '^ clenncsse in oure brucliclc 
flescho, bruchelure ])cn eni gles, ]?et, i^if je -weren i'Se worldes l?i-unge, 
mid a lutcl Imrlunge ^ je mulitcii al uor leosen, ase J^eo wrccclics iSe 
"svorldej 'pet liurlc-S togcderes ^ to-bivkee) Iiorc uetlos, ^ schcdeti hore 
cleiinesse. Ant for]n iirc Loucrd cleopcS ];us: " In nunido pros- 
snrani, in me antem paecni liabebitis :'" bileaiieS }'cne world ^-^ cunieS 
FoUo 43, to me :' uor ]?er je scliulen beon ine Ju'unge :' auh rcste and pcis is 
in me. 

II J . pe ]n-idde roisun of ]je worldcs flulite is ]>c bijeate of lieouene, 
pe Iicouene is swuSc lieili :' liwo se wulc bljitcn*^ liire/ j areaclicn 
}>er to, hire '^ is kitel inouh uorte worpen a! JK-ne world under In're 
uoten. Vor ]n alle ]'e Iialewen makcden of al J;e worlde asc ane 
stol "^ to hore net, uorto arechen |'e heouene. pe apostle sci b, " Vidi 
niuliereni amictam sole, j luna sub pedibus ejus." pet is Sein 
Johannes word euangeliste iSen xVpocalipse r* icli iseih, he seitS, ane 
wummon isclirud mid te sunne, <^ pane mono urider hire net. pe 
mone waxe'5 <^ wone^, j nis neuer studeuest :' ^ bitocnoS for In 
worldhche Jnnges })et beo'S, ase J^e mone, eucr ine chaun<To. pesne 
mone mot te wummon holden under hire uet :' worldliche I'inges to 
treden <^ forhowien, J;e wule ]'e heouene arcehen, j beon ber ischrud 
mid te so^e sunne. 

I\ . pe ueorbo reisun is preouc of noblesce '^ of largesse. Noble 
men j gentile ne bere^S nout ]xickcs, no ne ua^o^ nout itrussed mid 

'" Virginoin niati'.in \i 
Imrtlingf. T. KiWui 
liit. T. 

M.S. Oxun. 
^- MuiniK-n. C. 

,,,,,.o.-s ror. nr,T,n«tr.KT r.oM T„r. ^vo...n. K," 

• 1 1 19 Tot uftcinvards, lie was ', 

„ .ur.klen ..ut the lc>, l.u. . , _ ^^ yi,„i„em ,„atrcui vi.-gm' com- j 

iHonaavit; Nu^v. =" 1 ^■>'.'" ; ,„.;ttle fl.-sli, n.ovc Imttle than 
v.-> i= vh-g-nn.y and l^-'V ;;;° „^^! ^ ^wd ye nnsl'*. f-" -; 

.,i.l,t collision, lo.o c.nt« '''^ ' '^ i'^iVv LsoU end shod tl.cir 

,,.„4. And, tlKTcforo, onr '^ ■ !' ^ ,;! „ . " ,,„, ,l,e world and 

M-c witli nic 

f fl ,..;■,.. from the world is the ohtaining 
111. The third reason *"• A-^S J^™ ^^, ;, ;, Me enongh that 
of heaven. Heaven --»^ =JJ;f ,' ; ,„„„,d east all the world 
.he who wishes to ganyt ^^f'^lJ] „,„a, „H t,,e world, as >t 

nnderherleet. ^^ '-■-:f"T' f ''^^ ,e„eh np to heaven. The 
,vere, a footstool to then- feet >"» ^^^ ; ^ ,„„a sub podibns 

Apostle saith,"Vidi mnheren, ™^^-- ^,^^.t, h, the 

cjns."« This is «>--^-S.,„,t„d!:hed with the snn, and the; I saw, he, a ^" ' , ^^.„„,ti „„d is never 

ion inder her feet. The -»" ;- ■ ,.,„,, ^-hieh 

steadfast; and k. '''"-"f"' V,,,! ,,7 This moon the woman mnst 
„,e. like the moon, ever '^'^' ,„, despite worldly 

„old nnder her ^et ; she » U^^ J^^ ^^ ^,„„„^ .,„,. 
things, who wislics to aiiiv^ 

tlic true sun. 

. ,1,,. it isaproof of nobleness and liberality. 
IV. Thefourtln-casonis thati U ai ^^^^^^^ ^^.^^^^^^^^ 

Nilen.en and do ^^^ ^ ^^^ \; ,,_,, to beav bag 
,vlth bundles nor purse. Tt belo, .. 


I. Il.i.l. xvi. 30. 




truss*.';ms/ ne mid purses. Hit is bcggni'cs'^ rilitc uurtc hcvcn bngi;o 
on Lacr' j bnrgelscs fur to bero]i purses:' ^^ iiouf Cnnlei spusc, ];et is 
Icfdi ut'hcoueuo. Trusscaus, 7 purses, bnggcn, 7 packcs i)cob alio 
coj-ISIiclic weoleUj 7 AvorlJIiclu' rcnten. 

V . pe vifte roisuu is, noble men 7 wuunnen mnkie^i largo rclef. 
Auh hwo mei makien largere relef ]?ei]e ]>o o5or? peo JH't sei^i nii,| 
Seinte Peter, "Ecce nos reliquinuis onuna 7 sccuti sinuus te."' 
Louerd, for te voluwen ]'e we ludjbeS al bllea.ued. Xis ]ms laruv 
relef? Nis ]jis mucliel loaue? Mine leoue sustrcn, kinges 7 kai- 
FoUoizl. seres ]iabbe^> lioi'c bilcoue of oure large relef ];ct wc Iiabbe^i ikaued. 
Louerd, forto uolmven J»e, seiS Seiute Peter, v.e liabbe'S al bileaued:' 
ase ]>auli he seide, We Avulle-S folewen ]jc ib'c mucliele genterisc of 
]?ine largesse, pii leaucdest to o'Sre men alio ricliesses, 7 makede.>t 
rclef of al, 7 loaue <= so large :" we wullc^ foluAven jm:" we wulle5 
don al so— bilcauen al ase ]m dudost, 7 foknvcn ]>e cc on corxSe, 7 
ine ]K'.t, 7 in o-5erhwat, uorte noluwen ]?g ec into ])e bli<sc of heo- 
uene, 7 ];er ^et oueral uoluwen ];e Invuderu'ard so ]>u cucr nendcst, 
ase none no nmwen bute one nieidones. "Hii secuntur a-'mmi 
qiiocunqne ierit, vtroquo scilicet pedc r' in integritatc cordis et 

^ 1 . pe sixte reisun Is, liwui i;c habbcS }>enc world ivlowcn fomi- 

liarilato: pet is, norto boon '^ priue mid nrc Loucrde. Vor bus he 
sei^» bi Osee, ''Ducani te in solitudlneni, t ibi loquar ad cor tuum.-" 
Ich cludlc leden ]>e, he sei^i, ure Louerd, to his Icofmon, into onlicho 
stude :' 1 ter ich chulle luuclicho speken to ];ijic lieorte :' nor me is 
lot> presse. "ICgu Dominus: et ciuitatem non inorediar." 



^ u- 

^■gil.le. C. T. 






or t.. 1.,.. T 



h-:nii: C. T. 
iliaritans cu, 




on b;\ck, nnd to Lurgcsscs to boar purses, and not to God's spouse, 
^^ ho i:-i the ludv of hjaven., Pjuiidles, purses, bags, and packs are all 
cartlily wealth and worldly revenues. 

\ . The fifth reason is, that noble men and women give large alms. 
But who may give lai'ger alms than others ? They who say with 
St. Peter, "Kcce nos reliquinuis omnia, et sccuti sumus te."'"' Lord, 
to follow tlice, we have left all things. Is not this large alms ? Is 
not this leaving much ? My dear sisters, kings and emperors have 
their nourishment ^ out of your large alms, which ye have left. Lord, 
to follow thee, saith St. Pet-er, vro. have left all : as if he had said. 
We will follow thee in the great nobleness of thy liberality. Thou 
didst leave to other men all riches, and gavest rdms of all, and hast 
left so large remains — wc will follow thee ; we will do the same — 
leave all as thou didst, and follow thee also on earth, both in this 
and in other things, that we may follow thee likewise intu the 
blessedness of heaven,, and there still follow tliee every ■\^•here 
whithersoever tliou goest, as none may but the pure only. " Ilii 
sequuntar agnum quocunque icrit," " that is, with both feet — in 
purity of heart and of body. 

^^I. The sixth reason why ye have fled from the world is fellow- 
ship ; that is, to be in fellowship with oin- Lord. For thus he saith by 
Hosea, " Ducam to in solitudinem, et ibi loquar ad cor tuum."'^ I 
will lead thee, saith our Lord to his beloved, into a solitary place, 
and there I will speak affectionately to thine heai't ; for I dislike a 
crowd. '' I am the Lord: and T will not enter into the citv."*" 

• St. .M.-.ti. xix. 
" Ho,(:,. ii. 1 I. 
CAM I). >()C. 


170 regul.t: ixclupari-.m. 

^11. po sccmcde rcisnn is, uurtc Looii ]'u Itriliturc, 7 tc i>ri] it] ulcer 
iseon ine heoucne Godcs brihtc iieb-chert. For ^c beo^') ivlowen j'eiic 
woi'ld, 7 liudeS ou licr nor him. Ect tcr token ]'et i;e bcon swifte 
ase J?e suinie gleam :^ nor ;;;c beo^S mid lesu Cristc bitund tise ine 
sepnlcre 7 bibarred, ase Ik,* was o^e deore rode, ase is iseid Jjer 

VIII . Ye cihtude rcisun is noj-tc habben cwike Ijonc :' 7 lokec^ r.u 
jeorne hwareuore. pe cdmode cwene Hester J)e bitocnC'S aiicrer' 
nor hire nomc sciS ase mncliel ase ihud on Englische leodcne. Ase 
me ret ^ in liire boc, heo was the kinge Assuer oner alio icw erne :' 7 
Jjnrnh hire bone he ai'edde of deaSe al hire nolo, J^et was to dea ue 
idemed. pes nomc Assuer is ispeled eadi, as is er iseid, 7 bitocneS 
God: eadi oner alle. He jetteJS Hester ];c cwcne, j^et is, ]ie treowe 
.incrc, ]>et is rilit Hester, ]je is rilit ilnid — he iliereS hire, 7 jettccS 
liire alle liire bonen:' 7 scheaweb jnirnh ham j'ot mnche nolo, 7 
monie sehnlden boon norloren,^ ]'ot beoJS ]>uruh ]'er ancre boneii 
ibornwen, ase weren Jnn-uli Hesteres. Uor liwoii ])et hco beo 
Hester, 7 holde hire ase Hester dude, ^Nlardocheus donhtor. ]\[ar- 
dochens speleS, "amare contcrens impndentem :'" ]'ct is, bitterliche 
to-tredinde iK'nc schomelease. Seliomclcas is ])e nion o^^er ]h:o 
wnmmon ])ot deJS eni nntoweschipe, o'(5er sei'S, biuoren ancren. Hit' 
cni ]>auli so do, 7 lico breke bitterliche his untowc word, o'hrv his ful 
deden r^ to-trcde ham isigge, anonriht mid iniwurSe tellungc 
peonne is heo Hester, INIardochees doubter, bitterliche te-trodiude 
]?enc schou!elea-e. Bitterlukcr ne betere ne mei heo ham neuer 
FoUoii. IjJ'cken ];eu is iteiht ];eru]ipe, mid, "Xarraverunt mihi :'" o^er mid 
tisse ncrs : " Decliriate a me maligni, ct serntabur iiiaiidata Dui 
mei:'" ami weude inward anon t(.iuward hire Aveouede :' 7 lujkle hire 
et liume, ase dude Hester ])e ihudde, Semei, as hit telk'b ine 
rcgum, licfdt' dea^ ofeai'ncd:'^ aub ho ci'ied merci, 7 Salomon fui-jei' 

^ l-LTl. C. iv.l.... 'I'. 

'• -) ^:v-wh In.vli ham niu-lu- fnlc. ii.'.ni .vl:uM.. luo f-.rl.,iv!.. V. T. 


V 1 1 l-he =.v.n,U ro.son is, tl,at yc may bo tUo brighter, ami n.,y 
, , 1 1 ,un e el .ulv (;n.,rs brk*t in heave, ; because, ye 
\ i ; , i l,rl,l ana bide yonr.elve,, here for bis sake Yet 

' ttr -e r,ll be swift as tl,e snnbean, ; beeanse yo are shnt np 
::;;;: Veil Cl;!:; as in a se,nlebre, and i.nprlsened, as b.e was, on 
tlie precions cross, as was sa..l above. 

YUI The reason is, that your prayers may be fervent. 

,„,ene,h anchoress, for - -; ;;='^ I;;^., ^,^„ ,.„ all 

l,,glisb speeeh-as - ™^ J, J,, ,, , j„,,,,,„e freed fro.n death 

others to King Ahasuei a„ and tluoi ,{,,^,,„,,„s i^ interpreted 


" blessed," as is said be o.e, an „„choress, the riglit 

„e granteth to E;^ -/ Xrhe t^'l. her and grantetb all her 
Esther, .ho .s.eM d^ ^^_^^^,^ ^,^^, ^„^„^. j,„„j,, ,™„,d 

petitions, and shewetli ""^'^"J , , , .„., of anchoresses, as 

Lve been lost wd.o are saved " >S" '^^ ,^^ j,^,,,,, „„a „,„d„,t 

'"^-^- r' '''"ttlt: Ibe^'c^ : Iter^ tlordeeai did. Mordecai 
tbemselves as L.sthei ";^/"^;^ ^^, „ ,hat is, bitterly tran,phng 
signifieth "an,a,. -"'«-; '"1,0 .^an or the «oman that doth 
upon the sha>ncless. &'» »<-'^ .^ „„ „„choress. If, however, any 
or saith any thmg nideeent ^o «= " ^ ^^, ^,. j^;, 

one do so, and she .nterrup Mt b 1^^ ^l ^^.^,^ ^^,_^_ 

foolish deeds, ^^^^^^^^J^^.^^, bhterly tnnnpbng 
t,.,o,,t. Ihen ,s she l.sthe , ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^.,^^__^^j ^__,^.„.„j,j 

,.,,„„ the sba,neless * "' J^'* ,.;,^ „ ,,,o wicked have told n>e 
than i. said above,* «■ ' ''^j; . pi,,,„.t froo, tne ye nrdignant, 
foolish tales," &e. or w,lh .la. Nc.^ , 1 , |^,^ ,_^,^. ;„_ 

and I w.U search the eonnn u,d,oe , s , , ^^ ^^. ^ ^.^^^^ 

«-ard i.n,o..di:.ely toward her al , a ^^ ^^^, ^.. ^^^^^^ ^j^,^^^,^.^.^,, 

,1,, bidden. Sheuu.i,asweareloMn,.h. 


liit liim, ])auli Jniruli swaclio uorcwurde ])et lie hcold him ot lioin inc 
Jerusalem, ase he wmiedc, 7 hudJe" him in his husc:' ? ^if he 
ouhwuder wcndc ut, swuc ^vas ]?et fureward, ]>ct lie \vere eft al f'ul J 
to deaSe idcmed. He, ];auh, brec foreward J^uruli liis imselulibe r" 
*? his J?relle3 etfluwen him 1! ethreken him iit, 1 he liam 1; 
Aveiide lit efter ham, Ilwat sviltu mure ? He was sone iwreied '' to 
Folio 44 b. I'G hinge Salomon ^ 1; for j^ct foreward was ibroken, he ^va3 idemcd 
to dcaSe. UnderstondeS jLurne ]n>, mine leoue sustrcn : Semei 
bitocneS J>c utwarde ancre — nout Hester j>e ihudde. Vor Seinci 
seiS audiens,'^ J^et is, iherinde, on ure leodcne r' yd is, }>e ancre }>et 
hanc^ asse earen, longe, iiorte iheren ucor t' ];et is, axinde efter 
ti'Singes.d Semei was in Jerusalem uorte Imden hire ]jerinne,^ jif 
he woldc libben. pis Avord Jerusalem, speleiS sihSe of pcis,^ ? 
bitocneS ancre lius :' vor JK'nnne ne ];erf heo iseon bute pcis ^ one. 
Ne beo ncuer Semei, ]'et is, j-e recluse, so swu'Sc agult '' touward ]>e 
soSe Salomon, ].'et is, ure Louerd. Holde hire et home, ino Jeru- 
salem, ];et heo nowiht ne wute' of the worldcs baret, 7 Salomon 
jetteS hire bliSeliche his ore. Auh ;^if heo entermetecJ hire of 
Jjinges wibuten, more J^en heo ]?urue,'' 7 hire heorte beo wibuten, 
Jjauh, ase a clot of eorSe, ]?et is, )>auh hire liconie beo wiSinnen l^e 
uour woawes, heo is iwend mid Semei vt of Jerusalem, al so ase lie 
dude, efter his |n-elles. pcos J?relles beoS hire eJ^ele vif wittes, ]»et 
schulden beon et home, '? seruen here lefdi. peonne heo seruetS wel 
];e ancre hore lefdi hwon heo iiutc\S ham alle wel in hire soule neode: 
liwonne ]>e eien is oSe boc, o^er o sum ociergod:' ])e earen to Godes 
wordes :f ]yo niucS to holi beodon. Ant jif heo wit Jiam vuele, ? lot 
ham ])uruh jemeleastc, etflcon hire scruisc, *? foluwen ham utwardes 
mid hire heorte — a^e hit biunllciS euere most ]'et iso K't wit ut ]>e 

" uuiuiio ') (Imle. T. •" furvvrcii'il. 1'. forwrcij.;!. C. 

' rmiiure.^ auclieii-^. .MS. Oxun. '' J- Ik rcniiS eftur ut run. s C. 

• S.iii.NS st'i'le v.a^ iti Jenisalelii, I- lie .--cliuMo in liuiacli liiiu. 

' btu.l,' ..f pes. ']■. sirh.V ofyri.X. C. 

" Ki-iN. <-.'. '' I'.ryult. V. T. 

' uo xMtu. 'I. i.m... (.'. »• j.ur.V'. C. lin-t^. T. 

, . , ,„ , ,„.v.v an.l Solon.on forgave him, yet npon 
,i,o c.HlUi.n t!.. l.^' »-f", ' ,' . „„,! if l.e went furt!. ™y 

„l,itlicv, such «-as the '^"^ <■•-" '^'"^^rtuaately, however, brake the 
„,h\ coiulemned to ue^th. e ^^^^ ^ j,^.._^^ ,,„„^ 

covenant: for his bon,l-servant» ..«^ a^ ) ^^.,^^^ ^^,^„,j^^^ 

„„a ,,e pursued them and, went . ^ ^^ g^,,„„,„„, ,„d beeuusc 

.,„..™ore:^ "^T;;::,^" a:;trto Understand 
the covenant was biokcn no ,^ tl,„ ^.utward anchoress ; 

,,U well. n>y dear sisters : ^'^^^^.i^ " audiens," that is 
„„t Esther the Indden. Fo. ?-»"-= ,,^ ^,„rf,„,ess who hath 
hearing, in onr langnage; "-^ ' ""=[ "^^ ; „3y„, „fter tidings, 
a^'scars. long, to l.ear ront n , that^.,^ ^^ ^.^^^ 
Shcn.el was m .Ternsale.a. i ^^^^^^^^ Jerusalem signifieth 

therein, if he -'f '-\'» X„<^t,, , monastery; because nothing 
"sight of Face." and If '^'^"^^ , ^eYer let Shemci, that .s, 
„4t to be seen ''-^^^r t ™'soLon. that is. our Lord 
the recluse, so greatly °^-''^ ^,,,j ,,,e may know notlnng of 

Let her stay at home n •'«"^=''™^ ^^-^^ „,,,„,. gvant her Ins 

t,,o turmoil of the world; »";i^^7 U,^, thin.^s more than she 

„,.aee. B«., if -^'^ 'f "". f" , "Luo > her hodv, like a clod of 
uecd. and her heart be -'"'™' ;,"=1„ f„rth with Shemei. out 
earth, be withi,; t e ...r -'^f'^^^ ,,.,,,„„,. Those bond- 
of Jerusalem, just a, he U a ^^ ,^^ ^^ !,„„,„ ,„,j 

servants arc her Ave .udural sen,^ , w hu o ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ 

serve their lady. ,1 ''"\,^''? , " 't he profit of her soul, when 
,,,,on she useth them aU -»'> b' ' ^,„,^,^. , ,,„,,.. the 

,„ eyes are t.pon .« ^;;. ",":,„,„ ;„ ,,;„. prayers. And 
ears attentive to God. ^ ' »' , „„,,, J.eedk.ssness, run a>vay 

if ^''e ^ "' '.'-" '' ;:;;,:■,.* ad win. >.«. heart-as it n»>t 

;::;;^:^;b:;;::::i:;"f;hesensegoont.hei .goethouta,.r 

1 K.nt;^ •-• ;^'--^' 


lieortc o;e\S ut cftcr — lieo brclccS Salomon uoreward, mit te uiiseli 
Sernel, and is to deaeic ide'incd. 

t^orl'ui, mine looue sustren, nc Ijeo 50 nout Seniei,, auli beocS 
Hester beo ihudde, 1. je scludcn bcon ihcied i'Sc blisse of heouene. 
Yoi- l^c nonie of Hester lie seiS nout one, " abscondita/' ]>.et is, nout 
one ihud, auli de-S J^er tekcn, "eleuata in popub's," ];et is, ihcied ine 
uolke :^ ? so was ]Iester, asc liirc nonie cwidde^i ^ — ihcied to ewene, 
of one pourc nieidene. I].'issc v/orde, Hester, beoS hudunge 1 
heinesse boiSe iueied togederes :' ant nout one heinesse, auli heincssc 
of folke, vorte scheawcn soSlicho ]?et heo^ ]?et hudeS ham ariht in 
liore ancre huse, heo schulcn beon ine heouene, oner o^ier kunues 
folke, wur^liche iheicd. Bo'c5e Hesteres nonic 7 hire heiunge 
preoueS sob J'et ich sigge. An ober half, understondeJS ];et je beoJS 
in Jerusalem :' 1 tet je beo5 ivlowen to chirchc griSe :' uor nis non 
of ou ]>et ncs sume chere Codes ]>eof. J\Ie awaiteS ou, J>et wi.ite je 
ful Tcorue, wiSuten, as me delS J>eoues ]>et bcob ibroken to chirchc. 
Auh holdeS ou ueste iimc:' nout tc bodi one, uor ];et is ]?et unwurSesto, 
auh ower vif wittes, 1 te hcorte oucr alle ]Mng, 1; al ]>er ];e soulc lif 
is.'' Yur beo heo bistepped^ ]>er ute, nis ])er ]>eonne buten ledeu 
liire uorS touward " J'c waritreo of helle. Beo-(S of dreddc, 1 offeared 
of eueriche monne, al so ase ]yc ]'eof is, Icste he drawe ou utward, 
pet is, biswike ou o sume wise, 'i av/aitie uorte worpen upon ou his 
crokes.'' BisecheS jcorno God, ase ])eof ]^et is il)rokcn to chirche, 
bet he wite 7 wardie ou lu'om ^ alle ];eo ])ct ou awaite^, CheaierelS 
ouwer beoden euere, asc sparuwc dec) }>et is one. Vor ]'is one is 
iseid of onliche line, 1 of onlichc stude, ]>er me mei beon Hester ]'e 
ihudde:' ut of ])c worlde r^ "i don betere )'e!ie ine j^ruiige cuerich 
oostlich l)i;5eate:' 1 ibr )>i efiiciS Dauid anere to j)clh'can, ])ut let 
oidicli lif, a lit to s])aruwe, ju-t is one. 

'■■ l.itiupiM.i. T. 1, 


,_„e U-eaKe.,. Solomon's even... .U„ tl>o unfcU^tc Sl.n.. 

and is dooiac.l to (V.Mth. 

exaltcl un>ong tl.o F"pl°! .""^ 1-' ' ,,^ „ .,, ,,„,a Esther, 

laaing and In-hnc. .uc bom ^^^ ^^.^^^ tliemselvcs 

,i,ln.c.s people, to sh^ Uub ^ a^ t ^,^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

,,,,, in thei. ---^^^;^:f ^^:i, L saltation prove 
other people. ^"^^\^^f ",;^. ^^^^^j,^,, that ye are in Jerusalan ; 

T say to be true. And noAv, f "^^'''' , ^ /^^.,|, . for there is not 
"^ 1 ^ 1 +^ +lif";finctuary ot tne cnnit-u, iw 

„,„l ,lK,t ye Imve fled to ' '""'^^ ^ ,,^^„ , ,j,ief against God. 

„„e of you .-.o 1ms -*, at s " ; „ assured, .itl.out, as 

Men are wai...,g for you o tb I « ^^^^^^^^^^^ j,^^^ ,^^.^^, 

tl.ey do for tlnevos «1k. ''"^ ""' ' ^^ ? ,„,,t ^vortKv, b^t your 
elose -nb' yo» J"" > ' {»' ' , ';„, „ ,,,,ieU is all tl.o 
five senses, and your hear »- J;;„,,,„„, ;, Kas then only to 
life of tl,e soul. 1 or .t ,t has tqi ^^^^ .^^ ^.^^^^ ^__^j ^,^,^,^^, 

,e led forth to.ard the g» --'?/. ,,3, „„ araw you without, 
of every man, ns .unch ^ ''^ '^ , /i,, ,,,u that he >nay lav Ins 
„,at is, deceive you •"=»"- l^^'*; \„ e,,,,, |;Ue a thief .vho has 
,,ulches upon you 1 erve tly o t ,^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^_ ^^^ ^, 

fled for refuge to the chore to h ■ . 1. ^ ^^^^^^^ „„ 

,vho lie in va,t for yon. ''^ ; j> ., „,„,„, ;, said of soh.ary 

s,,arro«- .loth that ,s alone. 1 « ""» ^" ' , , j.-.j,,,, „„ bidden- 

hie, -dof o ^"l';■•'>^Vlf"■':,;:' ; ' , J in the crowd, every 
out of the -orld--d -'''■'',;*';'„,,,,,,.,„ an anchoress to the 

iielieun, ^v]iK•ll lead, a . oma . 

176 kegul/t: inci.usakl'm. 

vSn;u'U'.VG Imuc'S jet one kuuJc ];et is swuSc bilie'uo to ancre, ];auh 
nie hit Iiatie, JK't is ]>et fallinde vucl. Vor muciie ncod is J>et ancre, 
of liclic line, J. of licie, liahbc |)ot vue]. ])et vucl m: sio-o-e 
ich Ruut ]>et me so cleopeS :' auh fallinde vuel ieli cleopio liconies 
sicncsse, o^cr teniptaciun of liconies fondunge,^ Invar Inivuli Lire 
J;u)iclie Jjet lieo ualle aduncward of liolie lieihnesse. Ileo \voldG 
elles a^Yilcgen,'' 0(Scr letcn to wel of hire sulucn^ 1 so iwiuc^en to 
nout. pet flcsehs woldc awiligen J. bicomen to fid itowen tou^vard 
hire lefdi, jif hit nere ibcateii : 7 makien sic ]7G soule, jif sicncsse no 
temede ];ct bodi mid vuele, ne ])ene gost mid sunnc. tif nouScr of 
bore nere sec, ase hit bituneS '^ selde, horhel -woldc awakien :' j^et is, 
yc nieste dredful secnessc of alle secncsses. Eif God lbndci5 ancro 
mid eni vucl ^viSnten r' o5cr, ]'C ueond wi'Mnnen mid gostlichc 
unSeauwcs, ase prnde, wreSJSe, ondc, oiScr mid flesches liistes — lico 
hauciS J>et fallinde vuel, ]^et me seiS ]>et is sparu\ve vuel. God hit 
■\vule, nor]Hii J>et heo bco cucr edniod ; J mid louli holdunge of hire 
suliien, vallc to |;er corSe, leste hco beo prud. 

jNuwe ImrteS/ leouc sustren, to the ueorSc dole, }'ct ich scid 
schiddc bcon of feolc uondunges. Vor ];er bco'5 iittre 7 inre; ? 
eiScr Is moniuold. Salue ich bihet to teclien ou tojeines ham, *? 
bote ; 1 hwu hwoso haueS ham mei gcdcrcn of jnsse dole frourc 7 
cumfort ajeines ham alle. pet leh, j'uruh J^e lore of ])e HoH Goste, 
mote holden ou voreward, ho hit ;^ettle ^ me J;uruh o\\ er bone. 

seonrss,. T ,nNrr fL'sdH!s iondungos. C. i' auiluon. C. 

tuh.-.N. C. " liitle^ Ihuc'tl. C. liu.L.'ii. 'I'. 

?;rtii l;;r,.untc|. 

. .^.rr^^VVY TO HUMILITY. 1'' 


,T,;f.1i i=; very oood for an 

,„vo the fi.Uin:-; sK-li'..ew. ' " , „ foUhm siclmess is !>n 

«.o„,-so!f to fall down f™- ' l'^;;, ,,„ „„oa an opinion 
.-oul,,o ,r..w l«-""l't" -°V,,„ fl,,,> ,vould reU.1 and 
,,f horself, and so co-ne to -;^ " f ,.^,^.^^,^ ,f ;t ...vo not boaton, 
l,eco,no too i„.ubovdn,a.e t..vatc .t^.m ^^ ^^,^ __^^^ ^^^,^^^_^ ^,,^ ,^^. 

„„d ,vonid n.aVo tl,o «'Vl ;".',,,•„, If of tl.oso ^^■erc 
uitl, disease, nor tl.e sv.uat - tl ■■ ,,,,;,,, ;, tl,e most 

„.l,lcl. is seldoni 'Lo c-a.e-p.Ko.u ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^,^^^ ^^.^^,, „„y 
a.n,ero„s of all ^''f "«^^; ';„.„,_ ,,-,1, spiritnal disorders, as 
e.,«.„al evil; o.', H- "'.^ j^tt of the flesh, she hath the 
,.,.ide, «rath, envy, or ^ the «» i„fi,mity God 

'falling sickness, -''f/ Ye vw Tc always hmnhlc ; and, low 

so wills it, in »*■■; ;Y' t\rirt , Icst'ho beconie proud ^ 

estlnmtion of herself, fallto*!^ J ■ ,^_ ^^,,,; , I ,,„ 

Now, dear sisters, we lut "P™ » ^ 1 ^^^t^rnal and nitcrna 

„o„,d he of many temp.a.tons. To - ^^ ^^^^^^ f,,„„„.,, 

,,ia,s, and many sorts "f - "•,^/, „„ „„, „„e who hath then, n,a 
„™inst them, and a remedy , a" I 4„,„ti„„ against then, all, 

rather, from this 'li;-»"' «' f J, Spirit, n,ay keep my engage- 

■')■'-- ^' "y "■" '"?r.i t ! me tln-ongh yonr prayer. 

juci.t to you, may lie guuu 

2 A 


Fvi;„ 40 

/'V/o -IG /,. 

^ e "-cue 1,011 of lido li.,o ,,„, . , , . 
J'o gvxlo J,ot lx„^ ;,l,„„^e„ „„ ',,„,■;; "" '"' "'■"■I"^-'- M0.-0 booS 
pet is go,l .-ill, Vol- 0,10.. «' 1, "'""' ''"' '^"^" )■« "-"fco- ? 

■»0'-o I-ero,,. So ),o li„l i. ,„ J.; , '., " 'l'^,.^ ';.«'-> » J'o u;,k! is 

K'-on 7 iiioio. m e„i „nore i fond""g«, bc„5 sfix„.n, ■„ 

^-.0 hi,, iso. poii., ,,, CI :^:,:;: ,:«■»- "-"""s-' ■--« 

Vol- so Soint Groooric sc-iS- •■. r, , ' "" ™'"* i™™'«!- 

""I'lipnnii lion sontis." Sik ,no„ I ™ '"•'"^'""^ '■'>'l>'Vii.iris, cu,„ t„ 
J-' 01, is Invoii lie 1,0 ivo e ■ ^i ' f' '''" -."f ^ <'™>fi.'o acsf.. 

!"vnt ,s foi„h„i„o. To 1,00, s„u' N , ^ 1 ^ """■<= ^' ""' "0i„ 
""■■--.1,0,1 dives su,ii , „; t : ?: "? "^""-"1-. ?seiS, 

'7': >" «■' WiiKl iliooital, 1 1 ;,i ' ^,: /" "" "° "^'l ".«li,.i,ie: 
of Lolmesso, % gostlielie Uc lo V "^ 1 '" " '" T' '™"" ^ "=''-'» 
-l<eliiu,eSis„l i„.„,„i„„,, ,,33;; J";' ,«^- A-In.1 ncs„u ,,et ,e 
"Suise K, ,ie no n.ei iSolien' Jiot ino . , , ,•" ''" "-^'"^ - '""cliol 
'"^•■■l-- ^t is sinn ancre bet ivc.leS T T T' '" '"■' ""= '"'"e 
««™-oof-cli..,l„n,a„i K-t ,0., • 1 ;■"*" l"'v ..o,Kl„„,,es 1i, 

-'<-. "no .0 un,,e J,:, '■;;': ;;;:;'f-'-- ■-•'.■•.■ogieSioi; l 

^etei-e been ii.on.vci,. J.,, , ; ,, ! '.'"-^ ^^'■"Ic Jniml, ,,„„ .,, 
i:ettelIoliG„stle,lJei„.e,, „, ' '" . f S'-pWle W (iod sulf 
■ «..■ .0 lieoii i,ei.i„.e,l of,., l^i: • :;,: l^ "i' --'; ';.'->-.. 01,,,,, 




. , ., V.y-rm I'virr of tl,o xvork, «l.iol. k con- 

,„, ,„„,,„a. The gooa, .1,0 1-- ;xtt is °.ooa °o.».. f-' '' = 

f„, „,„ .,.c„K.v .ml l.,,l«;.- "' "' ;^;' ;^. „„d Wd.«-, so tl,o fiend's 
As tU. lull of l."ly -'1 .1™"; ';:,^ : „3, ave stronger .hereon .nd 
,,„,Vs ^vhk■h .ve the unu! o, *"' ' ,,^ f^,l,t,, ,« ten.pta- 

,-,o„. let her dread gre, y o .«- 1 '^;.^,^ g^^ Gregory :" Tune 
,„„ch and too strongly t'-H - ■ " 3^„,;,,> A s,ck man 

,„axhne im,,s, cnn, 'l^'^ ',,,,„,,,« doth not feel his own 
l,ath two alar«>ing states. Tl e ono^ . _^^^, _^^^j.^;,,,^^ „„,. 

,.hne.=s; and therefore -* ' , ^ jj,,,,^, before any one ex- 

rceteth it. Th,s .s t^ "" ^^^,,„„, ;„ »,„ Uevelat.on, and 

tonn-tation is. To such the ""S^^ = ^, ,„„,i3 .inod tn.sev 

saith: "Dicis c.nod '»-- snn, et^nulhns^c„ ^^,^^^ ^^^^^^ ^,^^_^^ _^^^^,^,^, 

OS, ct nndus, ct pa^iper, ^^ ™™,-, .,„,, „„d "soest not that thou art 
„„ medicine; hnt thou art '^"^^^^.^^ ,,,,,ched. The other 
poor and naked of h«ln,ess ad spn t , ^^^^ ^^ ^,,,,. 

iianning state which the s-k r ™ ^^ »^^,,,,„, ,,,, ,,, any one 

It is when he feeleth so ™" ' i; ! ^^^^ ,„ ;, Tl>is is an anchoress 
shouhl touch his sore, or avplj ' ■\,,,, ;^ ,„ ,o,e afraid of them, 

who fee'eth her tcnn-t^nons f b ■ __^^, ,,^^^,^ ,^,.. .„ ,,,,, 

that no spiritual, <^ '_^ » ,, „,,,„, „e the better saved. 

sta,>d that she may and "'' • ^ ^,,„, ,,i„„,p; ,hat the ll-lv 

J.av. is it not re<.ord,.a u, the ^J 1 ' ^^^,^, ^„ ,,„, , ,„n,ary life, that 
S..inMedonrt,or ,,..;;-.• l;^^„,^^,^ .„. his ten,pta.,on. 

^'■"" '"', to Mhehelli.hadver.ary? 

'-"""'"'"■"-■'" „,„ilho,nsin. 

,vhonhghtnotsu,.wasalo.H w.lh 



UndcrstonclcS jwonne au aire uonncst, leoue sustren, ]'et two 
mauere teuiptaciuns — two kunr.e uoiidunges — Leo's t' vttro ^? iiire:^ 
^2 bo?^e l)eoS fcoleuold. Yttre iioiuhinge is hwaruf cumeb likuiige 
o'Sei' mislikunge, AviSutoii oScr \viLJiiiiicn. ]\Iis]ikuiigc Avi^iitcn — 
ase sicnesso, niescise, sclieonie, viilicp, 7 cuericli lu-oinliclie dorf ]>Qt 
eile^ 1'C vk^sclu". i»rislilaiiigc v.ic^iinien — asc Iteurtc sor, groine, 7 
wrelSJSe. Ako onoiit j'ct lieo is'' likungc Avieiuteii, asc; licoiacs Iicale, 
inote. druncli, ? cloth inoub, 7 euerlclics flesclies else aiioiit^ s^vuc]le 
"binoes. Likunge wiSiniieu — ase sum uals gledsclii])e, o'6qv of monne 
licreword, o'Scr jif me is iliiued more ]>cii anoScr, 7 more iohdmed,*' 
more idon god, oSer mcnskc. peos dole of Jnsse temptaciun J;et is 
uttre icleoped, is swikckire ]>Qn ]>e oSer kalf. IjoSe beoS ]>a\\\i o 
temptaciun:^ 7 eiSer \vit)inneii 7 ^vicjute^, bo5e of liire two dok^n. 
Auk keo is uttre ick^opod, uor keo is euer oSer of jMng'Mviyuten 
o^er of ]Miig wibinnen, 7 tc uttre ]>ing is ])c iioudunge. ]?eos 
fonduiiues cumeci oc)erludes of God, 7 ooerliulcs uf muu :' fondunge 
of God — ase of frendes dcaoe, 7 sicuessc on liam, o5er o ]>i sulf :' 
pouerte, miskep, 7 ot^er swucke:' lieak- also and eise. Fondunge of 
j^ion — ase misHck \vouk,*^ oSer of worde o5er of -werke, o ^c, oScr 
okiue: akse kereword, oSer goddede, peos ciinic^ also of God, auli 
nout ase doS ];e oSre, AviSiiten euorick middel :' auk mid alle kc 
uonde^ mon liu lie kiin drcde 7 luuie. Inre vondungcs bcocS nus- 
liclie: luiSeamvcs, oiSer lust touward ham r' ober swikele ])ouhtes, 
])et ]?uucheS '" ]»auh gode. peos inre vondungcs kumcS ol' ]>e uconde, 
oScr of ])c Avorlde, 7 oe)erhwu1e of ure vlcsckc. 'J'o ])e uttre tom[)ta- 
ciun is Ticod pacience, ]'et is J^olemudncsse. Tu ])c inre is }ieod 
■svisdom 7 gosiliek strencJSe. We sclnd(.'n mi sj)ckeu of ])e uttre 
vondunge, 7 techen ]>e ]'et liakbcL) hire, hu heo muwcn, mid Godrs 
o-race, ivinden remcdie ; ]'et is cine, ajciiies hire to vrourcn Jiam 

ciKiit. T. ■• niaic iliiiot. T. 

> luMiuuii-.' of ).orIit. ('. ' scuK'H. 



1!' 1 , „. si.1.1- fii-t c.f all, there are two sorts of 

„.,„,,,„.,.;.. '" - ,..,,„;„„ i, „,a, from ^vl.icU tlun^s 

'■'""' = " bam., nmhap, and eve,-,v bodily lu.vt ll.ut ,s 

'^", ; :''■]- 'l.Di4l---^ -■'""'-"' Sviof of heart, a„ger, 
1"'T , it 'i.., in vo.a..d .0 ,vl,at is pleasing ,vid,out--as 

i: ,; 1,0 a.'aHnk,Tn,d snmcient dotbing. and eye,,- tlnng 

, kind ilat is agreeaUo to the flesl,. rleasn^ ^v..hout-as 
of tins '^'"." '"'^ = ,,^ -^^ of „,cn, or if one ,s mo,-e 

rf '"rn,o;l'eav!X.d ",.e benefited, or bononved than another. 

ten>i..a.ions come somettn, ^ »" f ^'f^^ds, a,,d the sickness of 
Ten.ptation f.onr God-ns the death "f '^^^'^^^ ^,^„ 1,,„H,, 

,„.„,„,. of thyself, poverty, "-' l''"" ;" , , , /;,.„„„, either 
and .-ealth. Ten,ptat,on tron, -'^r^'lT^^'l^,,^ ,,\m of 
by word or deed to thee '"^/""^f^^'°J[, „, „,bers do, 

kindness. These -^ »';-;, ■;,^ ^L,,, ,e trie.h man, 
.About any tntermedtate can a,^. ^^^ ^_,^ ^^ 

,0 f„„l how he fears ""^ o n, ^.^^ ^_^. ^,_^^_^ ,,_,^,^^_,,,. 

various •»"";;;', .i,,,,,, ;„,,,, ten.pta- 
lont designs wlneh, neve hek,.„ sen ^_^^^^ ^,_^^^^ 

;:,i-; J-of n.,.eb r..ntion ■fo..^ 

;;:::;;;::;;:,:: rr;::t::tl ho .n. sm.. .o it ,„. 


-• soil 




" Ufiitus ulr qui suflcrt teniptationem r' (luoiiiani euiu jjrobatus 
fuerit, acclpiet coroiiam vitib quam ro})roinisit Deus diligciitlbus sc." 
Eacli is lie o5er lieo, "i iseii, ];ot iiaueJS ]>oIoniofIiiesse in tciuptaciuii :f 
vor liwon lioo is ipreoueJ, hit sei^, lico sclial beoii ikruiitd mid te 
cruno of line }'et God hauetS Lilioteii liis ieorcnc. IIsvuii lieo is 
ipreoucd hit seiS: a vvel^is hit iscid :' \^or al so preoueb God liis 
icoreiie asc ]'e goldsmiS fondeiS ]>et gold iSc fare, pet fa.lso gold 
vorwurScS ];ennuc :f J tet gode gold kmneS ut brihtere. Sicnessc is 
a brune, vorte j^olien hot.'' 

feicnesse J/et God send :f auh iiout ])ct sum kecche^ "^ ]mxv\h hire 
owunc dusischipe. Yor moni make 5 hire sec puruh hire fol 
herdischipe :f auh ];is mIscwcmelS God. Auh sicncsse bet God sent 
deS ])co.s six J;inges — v>asche5 |>co sunnen ];et weren or iwrouhter' 
wardens '' to join };co ]:'et iveren '^ touwardes f prcoueS paeicnco r' 
halt ine cdmodnesse;^ "? mucheleb ];e mede r' 1 efnc?) |;ene holeinodo 
to martir. pus is sicnesse soule leche/ *? salue of hire wundon, 1. 
sclield, ];et heo ne keccheS mo, ase God seiS J?ct heo scholde, -^if 
sicnesse" hit ne lette. Sicncsse make^ mon to under'-tonden Invat 
Fo!''o47i,. he \<, ? to icnowen him suluen, 1: asc god meister, bet mon vorte 
k'ornon wel hu mihti is god, ? hu vrakel is ^>c worldes ulisse. Sic- 
ncsse is |7e goldsmiS ];et iSe blisse of heouene ouorguldeS |;inc crunc. 
So ])e sicnesse is more, so J)e goldsmith is bisegure :' 7 so lenf-ro heo 
ilest, so he brihtob hire swutSure:' vorte bcon martirs cfnina". kuruh 
a -wihiintle'' wo. Ilwat is more grace to ]>co ];ct hefden ofeanicd be 
pinen of helle world a buteu endc? Nolde me tellen him aire 
UKjnne, ]'et forsuke cnne butr'et, nor one speres "svunde auc 

l'"i- w.-l. '• — liut; ;icli nan fur u,' c•lcll,s.•^i j-o -oLl, as liit ,loN J r .<:uile. C. 

hrla-S. C. ckts. T. 'I wconioo. C". 

l.cui\ C. ' .salllvliO lir;,!u. C. 

. 1 



,,U1. Go-r. "i-aee, find a vooK.dy ■. >K,moly. ..lf-co,nn«nd, 

fuoril, acoi.iot ooi...,.m. . t ., qu ^^^^ .^^ t.nni.tat.on ; 

Blessed i,s l>o, or sl.e, an'l ''^H'^^ ; ^ ;,„ ;,„,,„„1 .-itl, .1.0 c..v,-„ 
for wl.en sl,c is tried >t is saul, SI . _^ ^,^^ .^ ^^.^,^,_ 

of Ufo, which God '-"; l-n»-^ ;'J ;'; ,^,^,,, ,,„ ,,,,, „, ,ho 

'' !' r" "^,:l;l^^S;i> .horei., h,. t,. ^od .o,d 

gold in the f, o i!« ••'„^ = \ ^ ,;,., ,,,,;ch h rnt.ontly to ho 


, • , r ' .-nds • hut not that which some catch 
Sichne.s winch Goo. ^.nds^^^^ _^^^^^^ ,,e„,selves sick through 

tl,,o„^Mllol.}. ro J Q^^^ r,„t ,1,0 sickness 

„,rir fool-hardiness 1 f''^, *'» ' "'J;.^;, . ^ ,vas!icth nway the sins 
,,,,,„ God sends 'l°«;*2,;=;j;'."-g„„rfeth against those that 
that have heen f"''""-'>' "I™""" „,ience; prcsorveth hnmility ; 
„i.e likely to he coin.n tted i > -* 1 ^^ ;:,,1 ,„fi.,er e„ual to a 
increaseth the reward; ""'\;™'^,^ '.',,/„(. „,e sonl, and heals its 

'-■'^^■'- ■";-' "/''f ";;::„:; in" -; - God salth that it 
wounds, and v^-otcHs fiom "^"'^ = , „,,,,eth man to 

should, i.^ sickness did -^' r;':;^ ! , ; J tnd. like a good inastor, 
uiKlerstand what he ,s ai. ^^ ,^ G„a k, attd how frail 

it corrects a man, ^' ™* ^ '""j^^^^ ;, „,e goldsmith who, n 
i. the haprntess of ''^ ; "'^l,,^,,^ „ , erown. The greater the 

''- '''"'^'T Uiser' hf dsmith; and the longer it lasteth 

sickness >s, the hus er 1 ^ . ^^^_^^_^ .^ , ^,^^^ ^,_^^^, „„, i,e equal 

the more excecdn,.i.,ly doth He ^_^^^^^^ ^^^^^ f^^,,.,^,,. ^,,„ 

to martyr, through te,„l.ora ■ H , ^^^,^^„ ^^.,„.,,, ^,,„,„„i 

there he to those wl., had d.- u. J ^^^^^^ j.^^^,.^,,_ ^^,,,, 

,vro*d a holVo't, m-tead ol a s,,i.n s x 

" T. O. 

.St,.I..:....,i. 1-^- 


nekle jn-ikiinge, nor anc biliefthmge — ane beatungc, iiortc bcoii 
anliongod ** on liclle \yaritrco world a buten ende? God liit vot, 
leoiie su?trcn, a! }'ct wo of )?issc worlde iefnod to hellc aire k-stc pine, 
al nis bute ase bal pleowc.^ Al in"s nout so muclic a^e alntcl 'Squw-qs 
drope ajean ])e brode see, 7 alle ])e worldos watcres. pc ]?ct nici 
]?eonnG etsterten ]>Qt ilkc grislich wo,*? )'eo atelicli'" pincn, ]nn-idi 
sicnessc j'ct agi-o, ]>ura]i cni vnt-l ]'Ct Iicr is, seliliclie mel hco siggcn. 

An o^cr ludf, IcorneS her nioniuoldc luxmren a:5an ];o iittre 
vondnn^e, ]>ot cnmcc? of monnes vuel : vor ]k'OS ])et ich hi\h\>e iscid 
of, is of Godes sonde. Hwose cuer niis-seiS ])e, ocier mis-dci) ]>o, 
nim ^eme 7 nnderstond )?ct he is ])i nile,'' ? uilcc^ awci al ]n I'ust, 7 
al ]n ruwe of ]nnQ sninien :'^ 1 he uret* him sulucn, vrcilawei ! ase ],^e 
nile deJS : auli he inakeS ]'e sniebe, ant brihteS June soldo. 

An o5er wise, j^^nch ^ct ]>ct hwose euer liernieS ])o, o5er eni wo 
deb ])c, scheome, gronie, o5cr teonc — ]>cnch ]>et ho is Godes ^erd, ? 
F'>lh 4S. tet God bet ]>e mid him, 7 chastecS, ase neder deb his leoue child, 
mid ter jerde. Uor so he seib }>et he deS, jmruh sein Johannes 
mub, iSe Apocalipse: "Ego quos amo arguo et castigo." Xc bet 
ho nenne mon bnte hwamso he luueb, 7 halt for his childc, nanmorc 
];en hu Avoldest beaten a ureomede " child ]>aidi hit agnlte. Auh, ne 
letc lie nont wel of j'ot he is Godes jerde. Vor ase ]?e iiedcj" Invon 
he haueb inouh ibcaten his child, 7 haueb itiiht hit wel, he wurpeb 
be Tcrd into ]'e fure :' nor heo is nonht nanmore :' al so ])e nedcr of 
heonene, hwun he haneb ibeaten wel mid one imwreste monne ober 
wnnunon liis Iconc chikl nor lii- gode,'' he wurpeb j;.j jerd into ]>e 
fnre of helle :" ]>ct is, )'cn nnwrf.-te mon. Vor ]n ha ^c'lh olles 
Invar: 'Olilii vindictam, et ego retribnnm :' "' ]n't is, min is ]'e 

a lute b..atin-o for a l:cngi^^r. T. "> Lute a yh-^^.: C. 

f.\li<-h^'. C. aUiilidic. T. '' -lil'-, I' loiiiMcrs 1, 

oil'i iuclit;r ^uiiinii. C. ti ) ulic of sunn.;. 'J'. ' fntt.s. 'J\ 

fn.,n,1... T. " -4""^^ 'i'. 

:\i.vN s wiCKi:nxE>s a cjiastkxjno Ron in god's tiavd. 185 

a bc'lieadlni;- — a Lcatinu', iii-t.Nid of hclng liaiin-ed on llio j^alloMS 
of ]i(l!, -worM v.itlio'.if fvA'f Cu:n\ knows, dear .sistcir, ;dl tlic woe 
of tills world roni'tarod to tlio vory least j)aiii of lioll is nothin:;- hnt 
l)all-)>lay. ]t is all !)ol so mud) as a small drop of dcv.' to the broad 
sea and all tlic Avaters of the ^\•orld. She, tlicrefore, who may 
escape tliat fearful state of sufl'erino', ar.d tliose awful pains, through 
a sickness tliat ])assetj! awa}-, through any evil of the present life, 
may call herself happy. 

On the otlicr liand, learn now many remedies against tlie out- 
ward Icmpfation, whicli proceeds from the wickedness of man. For 
that of ^\•hi(•h I liaAC already spoken is of God's sending. Whoso- 
ever harmcth thee by woj-d or deed, cojisider and understand that he 
is thy file, and fileth away all thy rust, and all the roughness of thy 
sins ; and though he wears himself away, unhappy man ! as the file 
doth, yet, he maketh thee smooth and brighteneth thy soul. 

Again, reflect, tliat whosoever harmeth thee, or infiictetli upon 
thee any Avrong, shame, anger, or suffering — reflect, that lie is God's 
rod; :uid that God beats thee with him, and chastencth, as a father 
doth his dear child, with the rod. For thus he saith that he doth, 
by the mouth of St. John, in the 1 Revelation,''' "As many as I love, 
I rebid\'e and chasten." lie bcateth no man but him whom lie 
loveth and accounteth his child, any more than thou wouldst beat a 
strange child, though it were naughty. ]>ut, let him not think \vell 
of himself because he is God's rod. For, as tlie father, when he 
hath sufficiently beaten his child, and hath Avell chastised him, 
castetli the rod into the fire, because he is naughty no longer; so, 
the Father of lleaycii, when he, by means of a bad man oi- woman, 
hath beaten his dear child for his good, castcth the rod, thfit is, the 
bad man, into tlie fire of hell. Whei'cfore, ho saith in another place; 
"]\lihi \indict;im, et ego 3-etii1iuam ; " that is, IMine is vengence, and 
1 will iej)ay; as if he had ^aId : Avenge not yourselves, nor bear ill 
Mill, nor cui'so v/lien any one otlends you, but immediately reflect 

" iii. ii). 

<.AMV). ROC. 2 ii 


^vrccllo, 7 icli ,-huuh^ ^eUleii :' ase ])auli he scIJo, Ne vrekie jt- r.out 
on suliu-)i, Be iio -rucd.e to noiit, mo ne wariou Invon lac agulteb 
to our null I'.'iicliL'^i ar.rn ))ct he is owur ucdercs ^serJe, t ]'ct he 
wuleTclden him scrJe ^e^ui.e. And ).i. ],et chikl fuhtowcn ]n^t 
schrepo^^ jijean, 7 hit upon }>e ;i;erae? Auh j>et dehoMcre child 
Invon hit is ibeat(Mi, 5II' ]^c iie.ler hut hit, cussed ]>c ;^erd. And 50 
don al so, nn:.c leoue sustrcn r' vcr so hat owr iiedcr ou, ]'ot ^c 
cussen, iioi.t mid nui^, auh mid luue of heorte, ];eo ]^et lie oa nude 
heated. "Dihglte ininiie(H ^■u.:■ henehicite hiis qui^ odrrunt 
vos:' ? ovate pro pcrseqnentihus f calumniantihus vos." pis is 
Codes hestc, ]>ct him is nmchcde lc(nierc j-eii ]»et tii eW. -ruttene 
bread, oSer weric iitu-de here. Lnule^ ouvrer uoamen,^ h- seiS, 7 
do^S 4d, jif 50 nunven, t(^ j'eo ]>.-t ou weorreS :' and jif je elle- 
ne nunven, biddeS jeorne uor ].eu ])et ou eni vuel^ duS o^er nus- 
si<ro-e5. Ant, asc ]?e apostle lereS, ne jeldc neuer vuol uor god, auh 
euei- god for vuel, ase dude ure Louerd sulf; 7 al!e his huluwen.^ 
FoUoiil. EifsedoSjHisGrodes lieste, ]>eonne heo 5c his lieudi ^ children ];et 
cussed Vc serden ^et he haue^i ou mid i^rosschai. Nu, -eiS sum, 
o^^erhwule, his soule o^.er hiiv = ieh cliulle wel luuieu, aidi his Looi 
o none ^visc : auh ]>et nis nout t.) .i-geii. pe soule ant te hcome nh 
bute o nion, 7 boSe ham itit o'' doia. Wult tu to-dcalcn JK't God 
haue« isompned? He norbec.t hit, 7 sei^i, "Quod Dens cuujunxit 
homo ne separet." Ne ^vur^e non so wod ]k1 he to-deale ].et ]nng 
]>et God haueS isompned.' 

penehe-5 jet JMsscs Aveis :' ]>et a chihl, i;if hit spurned o sunmie 
l,ino-, o^er hurteS him, me bet ]'ct ]nng j^et hit hurteS ou, 7 ]'et 
chifd is wcl ipaied, 7 fori;ited al his hurt, 7 stilleo his teares. \vv]n, 
froureS ou sulf: "Lctabitur Justus cum viderit viudiclam.- God 

rum IS to \\i 
fa nion. C 

K hi,v=. T. " ti.L.Na. 



that he is your fiulnji-'s ivnl, and f]i;tt he vvill |>;iv him what is due 
Ibr liis rod-ser\ ico. And is not tlmt nn ill-l)c]i:u-ed ciiild tliat 
scratclies a^nin ai.J hik'S tlio rod? ]>iit tlie i^ood child, when 
hoati-'ii, li" liis fatliur bid him, kissetli the rod. And ud yc tiio same, 
my dear sisters^ for so your Fatlier commandeth you, tliat yc kiss, 
not svit]i month, hut with heart-love, those v,-]:om he heatetii you 
with. ''Lo\"e your enemies, do good to them th;it hate you : and 
])ray for them that persecute and cahanniiate yon."''' Tliis is God's 
connnandment, wliich is much more acceptable to him tlian that thou 
cat bread n^ade of urit, or wear ]iard liair-cloth. Love your foemcii, 
he saitli, and do good, if ye liavo power, to those who fight agairist 
you ; and if you cannot do any thing else, pray earjiestly for those 
wlio do or say any evil against you. And, as the A'postlo teaclieth, 
return never evil for good, but always good for evil, as our Lord 
himself did, and all his saints. If ye thus do God's commandment, 
then are yc his dutiful children, who kiss the rods, wherewith lie 
hath thra.shen you. Now, some one may ])erhaps say, his or her 
soul I will love well, but by no means his body ; but this is sa\ ing 
nothing at all. The soul and the body are but one man, and one 
doom betides them both. Wilt thou separate what God hath joined 
together? Let no man be so mad as to put asunder that which God 
hath joined together. 

Reflect again, thus; that if a child stumble against any thing, or 
hurt himself, men beat the thing that he hurtc^th himself upon, 
and the child is well pleased, and forgetteth all his hurt, and stopi,eth 
his tvai-s. A\nicrefoi'e, take comfort to yourselves ; "The righteous 
,liall rejoice when he seeth the vengea)ice." '' On the d;iy of Judg- 
ment, (ioil \vill do as if he ^aid, " Daughter, did this ])erson hiu't thee? 
1 )id Ik; canu' iIkh: to stu'.uble in wnith, or in grief o'' heart, in shmne. 


sclial cLju a doinesdci, asc J^auh he seide, " Doulitcr,-'' luirte ]?cs ]>e? 
Makede lie ]»e spurnen inc wreSSe oScr ine lieortc sor,^ iiie schconic, 
oSer ine teonc ? Lolcc, douliter, loke liu lie hit schal abuggen, ant 
j^er je schulen iscou bunsen " ham mit tes deofles bottles, J'et wo 
schall ham been aline.'^ And jc schulen been Avel ipaied ]>ci-uf', vor 
oAver wll 1 Godcs wil schal been so iveied ]>et jc schulen and wulle>> 
al ]'et he euer wide, 7 he al ]>jt je euer wulleo. 

Oucr alle olSer J^oidites, in alio ower passiuns, l^encheS euer 
inwardliche up o Godcs pinen, — ]jet te worldes weldinde wolde, nor 
his jn-elles, ]>olicn swuche schendlakes ? hokcrcsr' bufletes, spot- 
lunge, blindfellungc, J;ornenc crununge, ])ot set him iSet heaued, so ],'et 
he blodi streames urnen adun r^^ T: bileaueden his swete bodi ibunden 
naked to ]?c herdc pilcre, ant ibeatcn so ]?ct tet deorcwurt^e ^ blod 
I'oUu iO. orn adun on euerich halue :! — }>ct attri drunc ])et m.e jef liiin, ])eo 
him hurstc o rode, t hore hcfden sturiunge " upon him, J'co on 
hokerunge jeieden'' so lude. Lo ! he her ];ct healede o<Sre, lo! hu 
he hcalelS nu It helped him sulucn. TurneJS }»eruppe ];er icli spec 
hu he was ipined in alle his fif wittes :^ 1 efnv'6 al ower wo, sicnesse, 
*? o^erhwat, 1 wouh of \\orde oScr of A\erke, 7 al J^et mon mel 
■bolien, hcrtec al he ]?olede, 7 je schulen lihtlio iseon hu Intel hit 
rccchc'cS,' nomeliche, jif je j^enchetS ]^ct he was al loc^leas :' 7 ]>et he 
])olede al )ns nout for him suluen, uor he ne agulte neuer. Eif je 
j^oliexS wo je habbcS wurse of-earned r^'^ 7 al ]^et ^e j^olieM, al is for 
on suluen. 

OocS nu ]>eonne gledluker bi strongc wei, 7 bisAA-incfule, touward 
be muchelc feste of hcouenc, ])er asc ower glede va-eond ower cume 

■" biiiie. T. ^ Uudc lie )'C spiinic i\vl■a^^Vll o^cv in licrto .seir? T. 

c Iniiiein, C. bciicii. '1'. '' i' ^^^i 'j'"" I'w^ Hues. T. 

f stniu<li;ii stn-i.'k'ii. ('. stniink.-. strcain.k-ii. 'J'. 

f ]. of Wt .Ic.if v>ur.N.' J^.'- . T. K s,-i,:.kin,-f. T. 

1, g,,.,Mc.i. (;. T. ' micl.rN. (.'. 

y- ('. do-ru.'l. '1'. 

Avin:x siFFKiiixf;, THINK OT ctiiust's sc itehi xos. ISO 

or ill suffcniig? Look, danditcr, look lio-sv lie shall pay for it; and 
yc shall sec them Loiniced with the devil's iiinllcts, so that they shall 
be weary of \U\:" AvA ye shall he Avell ple:i<ed ^ith this, for your 
will and (he will of God shall ])e in sneli unison tliat yc shall \\i.-ih 
whatsoever He wilis, and lie whatsoever vc wish. 

A hove all other thoughts, in all \onr sufferings, reflect always 
deeply npon the sufferings of Christ — that the Ruler of tlic world 
was content, for his hond-servants, to endure such ignominy and 
contemj)t — buffets, mocking, blindfolding, crowning with thorns, 
Nvhich pierced his head so that streams of blood ran dowji ; and tlrat 
tluy left his sweet body bound naked to the hard pillar, and beaten 
so that the precious blood ran doAvn on every side; the poisonous 
drink that they gave him when he thirsted, on the cross: the 
shalang- of their heads at him; wlio cried out in derision so loud, 
" Look here ! he that healed others. Behold now how he healeth 
and helpeth himself" Turn back to the place ^ where 1 spoke of 
how he was pained in all his five senses; and compare all your 
sorrow, sickness, and other distresses, and Avrongs, by word or deed, 
arid all that man may suffer, with all that lie suffered, and you will 
easily see how little it amounteth to, especially, if you reflect that lie 
was quite imiocent ; and that He endured all this not for himself, for 
He did no sin. If ye suffer grief, ye have deserved worse, and all 
that ye sutler, is for yoursehes. 

C:ho yc now, then, along the hard and toilsome Avay toward the 
great feast of heaven, wliere your glad friend expecteth yom- comijig, 
more joyfidlv than foolish worldly men go by the green way toward 
the g.illows-ti'ee, antl to the death of hell. It is better to go toward 
hi'aven sick, than in liealth towu)-d hell, and to mirtli with want, 
than to woe ^\ith abundance. Xoi, ho\ve\er, but that wretched 


100 TvEgul.t: ixclusaruji. 

ikepCiS^ |)eniie dtisic worldes men goS bi greiie \\\.'ie, touwarcl te 
Avaritreo ? to deacSe of liolle. Betcro is forte pon sic touward 
lieoiKiio ];en al bol tou^Yal•d liclle:' ? to mundr^e luid meseise, ])en 
to V. o mid eise : nout foi' ]nu ^ wrecclic wovldliclic men bngge'JS 
dcorre liellc, ]>cn je doS lieuene. Salomon sciS, " Via iini)inrum com- 
plantata est lapidibus/' id est, '•' duris afiiictionil)u?.'^ O ])ing wuta 
je to so-Se — j/Ct a mis- word ]>ot -^l- ]K)lieS, ocier one deics longunge, 
o'^Ser a sicnesse of ane stmide — ;;if me cheapeS on of }>lo.s et on a domes- 
dei — ]>ot is, jif mc cJieape et ou ]'e mede j^et arise-^ ];erof, je nolden 
sullen Iiire uor al ]?e worldes guide. Uor |;et sehal beon owur song 
biiioren urcLouerde: " Lrotiiti snniiis pro diebus quibns lios humi- 
liasti, — amiis quibus vidimus mala:'" het is, "V\'ol is us nu, Loucrd, 
uor ]>e dawes ];et tu lowudcst us mide o■^]re momies woulnves :' and 
wel is us nu, Louerd, for )?e ilke jeres |>et we wei-en sike inne, ^ 
FohVjioh. iseicn sor 7 scoruwc." Euericb worlich wo is Godes Ponde. Ileie 
monues messager, mc schal lieiliclie underuongen, 1 makien him 
glede chere, ? so mucliel ];e ra^er, jif lie is priue^ mid te kingc of 
hcouene. [Et quis erat ita seeretarius regis ctt'lestis] = j^eo liwulc j;et 
be wunedo lier ]>en was ]jes sondesmon., }'et is, Avorldes pine,'' ]?et ne 
com neucr urum liim uort his Hues ende. pes messager |>et ich telle 
ou of, hwat telleS he ou? He vroureS ou, o ]>isse v.ise :' God, he 
sells, as he laued me, he sent me to his leoue ureond. i\Ii cume '^. 
mi wuniunge, ];auh hit Jumclic attri, liit is |;auh hcaluwinde. Ncre 
J'et jjing sulf grislich hwas scheadewe je ne muhte nout for grislich '^ 
biholden ? Eif ];eo ilke scheadewe were jet so kcno, oSer so liot, 
]>et je hit ne muhten nout wISuten hemic ivelen, hwat woldc "s^o 
siggen bi ];et ilke eiffulc Jjing ])et hit of come ? Wu<e je ];L't to sc/b'c 
]jet al j^e wo of ]»isse worlde, al iiis bute ase a scheadewe n^ean ]>o 
wo of belle. Ich am ])e scheadewe, seitS ])is niessniiC)', I'et is, 
worldes ju'ne:' nedlungc je moten underuongen mc, oNer l-et o-.-is- 
helu' w.) ]K't ich am of scheadewe. Ilwose undei-uonge^ *' me 'd^d- 

■■ for M uitUiii.'h.-. C. 'I'. t- wil. T. 

^ MS. Ox,.n. •' ^volu.. C. >Sr.M... T. 



woildlv men Lny liell clearer tlian ye do licaven. Solomon saitli, 
"The Avav of sinners is riauL'd over'' v.itli stones:" that is, with 
severe aiHiLtions. Of one thing be ye uell assured— that a liarsh 
Mord that ye bear -.vith patience, or a single day's weariness, or a 
sickiiess of ixn \un\v — if an\" one "were to olfer to l»ny one of these 
from v'ju at the diiy oi' Judgment ; that is, if one were to offer to 
bu\- from you the rev.ard that ariscth from it, yc would not sell it 
for all the gold in the world. For thir, shall be your song before 
our Lord: " La.'tati sunius pro diebus quibus nos huuiiliasti — annis 
qui!!U,:> vidinuis mala : " '" that is. We are glad now, O Lord, for the 
days in whieh. thou didst humble us with the wrongs we suffered 
from other men ; and, we are glad now, O Lord, for the years in 
wliirh we were sick and saw pain and sorrow. Every worldly 
affliction is God's andjassador. i\!eu will receive honourably the 
messenger of a man of rank, and make him gladly welcome ; and so 
much the more if he is intimately acquainted with the King of 
Heaven. [And who was more intimate with the heavenly King*'] 
\vhile he dwelt here, than was this ambassador ? — that is, Avorldly 
suffering, wliicli never left him until his life's end. This messenger 
that I am speaking of to you — what doth he say to you? Lie 
confforteth you in this manner. As God loved me, saith he, he sent 
Uie to his dear friend. My coming, and my abiding, though it may 
seem bitter, is yet salutary. iMust not that thing be drearlful, the 
shadow of which you could not look u[)on for dread? And if the 
very shadow were so sharp and so hot, that ye might not feel it 
without i)ain, ^\hat wouM you say of the very awful thing itself, 
from which it comes ? Know ye this for certain, that all the misery 
of this world is only as a sha.dow in conqtari^son with ihe misery of 
lu'U, I am the shadow, saith this messenger, that is, this world's 
^uiiiriiiLr : '-e nnist needs receive me, or that dreadful misery of 
A\lurli Tarn the shadow, ^\'hoso receiveth me gladly, and maketh. 

■•' Koi-!.vi:is;ic-iis, xxi. V'K The ip.orc coiiinion midiiijr is, eui.iii!;ii:;it;i, " )iir..Io i>Iaiti.- 
fir. (,ifni\t(Tfi(i'i]. 

1 1)2 IIKGII-LJE iNCLrsAnu:\r. 

liche, J jnnkc^ mc iicire chcrc, mi Louerd sc'mt lilrc word ]>ot hco is 
cwite of |?ct j'ing J^et ich am of schcadcwc. Lo I ])us spekeS Godes 
mossagor, 7 i'ov ]>i, seii5 scin Jiar.e, " Oinne gaudium existlinaty 
fraties cina in teniptaciones ^•iu■ias iiicideiitis.'' UoidccS liit alio 
LlisbO uoi'lo iialk'ii in inisliclie <jf ]>eo.; fondunges ])ct beotS uttrc 
iliotcnr' ant scin l*o\vcI seiiS, "Oiunis diseiplina in pivocnti vidctav 
esse non gaudii scd meroris :' postmodnm vcro iVuctus/'' 7c. Alie 
]?eo ilke uoiidungcs ]?et avc licoiS mi i beaten midc:' allc licu ])unclieci 
FoUo 50. wouli/' 7 nout Avimne :' aid) lico wendeb cfterward to wcole and to 
eclic blisse. 

IjC, mine leone sustren, bcoS ]?co ancrcn 'pet ich ^kno^Ye, Jjct 
liabije^ lest ncodo to uroure ajean ])cos tcmptaciuus :' buto one of 
sicnessc. Vor mid more else, ne mid mere menlce, not icli non 
ancro ])ct liabbe al j^et hire need is J'cne -^q ])reo liabbecJ :' ure 
Ijouerd bco hit i\Soiicked. Uor ^e ne J;enclie5 nowiht of mete, ne of 
clocSj nc to on, ne to oviwer meidenes, Euericli of on hanecS of one 
urcond al )'et hire is ncod : ne ]'erf J'ot meiden scchen nouiSer bread, 
ne suuel, fur J'ene ct his hal!e. God hit wot, moni ocScr wot Intel of 
Jjisse eise, auh beoS ful ofte idcrued mid wone, 7 mid sclieome, 7 
mid teonc. In hire bond jif Jns cume^ hit mci beon ham uroure. 
Ee mu\ven more drcden ])0 iiesche dole j^enc po. lierde of ]k;os 
fondimges ]>et is iittre ihoten.'' Vor ucin wolde ])e hoxtc cwemen 
ou, jif he muhte. mid oluhnunge, makien ou fulitowen, jif heo nero 
jjo hendure.'-" jMiiche word is of ou Ini gentile Awnmuen ^^e bootS :' 
vor godleic 7 for ureoleic i;^erned of monie :' 7 sustren of one ueder 
7 of one moder, inc blostme of ower 5uwe^"e, uorlicten alle worldos 
blisscn, 7 bicomen ancreii.'' 

» uop. C. T. 

^ :Miue kue clniaic, \>o ncsclic dalo is to drede swi^e, as is tc liurde. of )h-o-^ fou.lingcs 
t an. uttiv ilKUcii ; as is plriitc of mete-, o^'cr of cla\N, T of suiclio l^in-rs. T. 

■■ Ollitiii'i T> o^icr litivword inilitc smic inako sum of ou fiililohfii, t;if j;o lu-j-fu )'c 'J'. 

a <;uni;.-of j;.r.-.t;ol.l.... o^sl In^novn aii.-.v> : fors.Kcn v,orl<lL>>. T. 

^varc^. and St. 1 a"' '\,.;.- . ,,„.taK.d».u vevo, cxc. A" 

esse nou gaudn, --'•"-';.,„,„,, seem sorrow and no. jo, , 

„„pta.-,o,. -''-;::trt; ;";».i.y and .«■.,», Ue.ed„.s. 

1 .n~^P^ tliat T know, nre those 

aLndance, ov more !»""'■' jj^i' fo, it. Tor j. take ,» tl,o«sU 
EC of you ),ath fom "« f ^f ^ f t ,;eh is'eaten .dtU bread 

sl,a„,e and suffernvg. K J^" ^^^„,, ,„ ^read tire soft than tie 

„„t,,or ; l";™;S;.;;:,,j „„a „ceo,n. anchoresses, 
pleasures ot tuc . 

" St. .1;vmp>, »• -• _^ 




KKGiiwi; iN( i.rsAKi'.^r. 

lil |?!S is strong teiii[)t;iciiiii, ? nuilite soiif biiiiineii ou niufliel of 
o^'Acr uii.'le. ■'•' I\)i)iiIo incus, cjiii tt- Ijciitificiuit illi ie dccijiiunt •'' bis 
is G''nlo> ^vo^l J'uruli Isaic. Ilwdic scilS biiiorfu ou. '' V\\'l is ],'o 
inodiT ]>L't ou \\)Vi', 1, to o-odre^ la':i]c were 3c euor iborcii :'" lieo 
bi^^■^vike(S ou, ? is owor trcitj'c. peruppe is inonli i^eid of ilurlunge 
— ]>is5C'S worliK'S figi-lr.ngv — jn-t is plcntc oF worldlicliu j^inges. 
Ilwonne ou nc vvonteiS uo\» Iht, J'l'jujil' ucino^S lie mid ou :' ]>eonne 
bc'ot he ou cos:^ auli wo wureie bis cos:* vor bit is Jud;ises cos ]?et 
he ou mide cussoS. 7\;5e:ui ]'eos fonduuges beoS i\vanx', Icoiie sus- 
tren, hwat se cuiue wibuton to uonden ou, mid hcunge ocicr mid 
mislicunge — lioldc^ eucr ower hcoi-te in on v.itiinnen, k'ste }^e uttre 
iiondunge kuudh'e ]>q inro. 

pe inre lioiidungo is twouokl : ase is ];c uttre: uor ])e uttre 
uondunge is mislicunge in aduersite, ? ine prosperite ]jet lini}jeJS to 
sunne. pis ich siggc uorcSi ]>et sum likunge is 7 sum mislikimo-e 
|?et of-earneci nuiclie mede :' use likunge ine Godes luue, 7 mislik- 
unge uor sunne." Nu, aso ich sigge, ]?e inre uondunge is twouold — 
fleschlich 1 gostlich:^ flcsliche ase of lecherie, f of glutunie, 7 of 
sloidrSe. Gostliche, ase of prude, 7 of onde, 7 of wreSSe. "N^'re'^-^e 
is ]}o iiu-e uondunge, auli ]?ci is ])e uttre uondunge 'pet kundle-cS 
wreb'Se :f al so as of jiscungc. pus beoS ]?eo inre uondunges be 
scouen heaued sunnen 7 bore fule bundles. Vlesches fonduive liiei 
boon iefned to uot wunde, 7 gostlicb fondunge, ])ct is more died ot' 
mei beon, uor ]'e jicril, icleoped bri'oste wundc. Aub us juuicljcS 
grctture flcshlicbo temptuciuns r' uorbi )>et ]ieo beo5 cJS fele. ]V 
o"Sre, ]7auh we habbeu ham ofte, ^\■c nutec^ liam nout, 7 beon bauh 
grcate 7 grisliche ine Godes brihte eien r' 7 beoS muche uor Si, to 
drcdcn ])c more, Vor ]>e o'Sre, Jjet me ivcleb wel, me seclieS lechc 
7 saluc. pe gostliche hiu-tes ne jHuicheS uout sore, nc ue sulueti 

•„.•).. nit 

^ -Knne tandioslioow; K 
in [n-05pf'rit</; T loose ciiirl] 

'ICS llo ou COS. T. 



\ll tins is..tru...- temptation, and inlglit soon acpnvc you m 
; ^• -^-.H '• O .nv poopl'S thev call tlu'c blessed, 

^?^'^-'' '' f" :i: :^'Ml^^^lc^o.aorG,,dLyls.^^^ wik.o. 

the >:ane dece.^o th.. ; ^'"^ ,,,ther that l-are you; and the 

wrath. »> I'l'" ^"^ . Ti. • +ii.. co.vio w th ref^ard to 

covetous.Kss llns, "^"^ '" temptation may be compnvcd 

,,„s and .,.„■ foul l™f;.,^^ ';:,!, .-hicl, i mo.-o to be 

dreaded, ma^ Ixc tea.ptations arc greater, because 

''"■' ■' """■;;;; T „ l \ve d„ ,,0* ,,..1...,„gl, we often 

!'"■■ T ^* ;:.?;■ a 1> -a and odion. in .he brigi.t eyes of God; 

have tnem, v et tl.. j ^> areaded. For the otlier, 

"'-''?r'?^''^':;': ;::.■.',,.. do. l,eyl,eal them.-;,,, 

spiritual liui 

do not api 

.ri!,.; v.,;-. 



haiimnd sclirifte, ne mid penitence:' ^--^ draweb to eclic de.u5 er mo 
lest wene. 

foUo 51. 

iloii }iicn ? lioli Avumnien boo^; of alle iioiiduugcs swiib'est oftc 
itempted :! 7 luim to goddre heale : vor iSc vihto a^oincs Iiam, lieo 
bijiteS ]>ii blisfule kempene crime. Lo, ].>auli, liwu he meneS ham 
bi Jeremie: '•' Persccu tores nostri velociorcs aquilis celi : super 
montcs porsecuti sunt nos ; in deserto iiisidiati sunt nobis." pet is, 
vre wideru-ines bcoS swifture }>en ];e earnes: up 0(Se hulles heo 
clumben cfter us, 7 ]^er fuliten mid us: ? jet ilSe wildernesse Jieo 
aspiedun^ us to slean. Vre \viber\vincs beo5 ju'eo : J^e iieond, ]je 
world, 7 urc owune vleshs, ase ich or seide. Lilitliclic ne mei mc 
nout o^:crll^vule icno-Acn liwuc of ];eos }>reo ^vcorrec) him: uor 
euerichon hclj.cS oJSer ;' );au]i ];e ueond kundehciie eggoS us to 
atterjiesse, as to prude, to ouerhowe, to onde, 7 to wreSSc', 7 to Iiore 
attri kundles, J^et beoS her efter inemmed. pet flesch put<= pro- 
premen touwurd swetne^se 7 touward eise, 7 tonward softuesse :' ant 
te world bit mon jiscen '^ worldcs wcole, 7 wunne, 7 wurschipe, 7 
o-ber swuche giuegouen, ];et bidwcolieb kang e men to luuien one 
scheadewo. peos wiSerwines, he seiS, uoUnveS us on liulles, 7 
awaiteS us iSe wildernesse, hu heo us muwen hermen. IIul, |?et is 
heih lif r' },er ];es d.^ofles assau^ beo^ oftc strengost. VTildernesse, 
}?et is onlich lif, of a]icre wunungc. Vor al so a>e ine wildernesse 
beo-S alle wilde bestes, 7 mdleb ncmt iSolien monncs neihleclumge, 
auh fIeo-5 Invon heo ham ihereb oberiscolS: al so scliuleu ancren, 
oner alle obre wuimneii, beon wilde o J?issc wise :" 7 )>eonuc beob 
heo oner alle ob'rc, leoucst to ure I.ouerde, 7 swetest him ]HmcIieb ham. 
Uor of alle flcsches, }>oo)mc is wilde deores fleschs leouest 7 swetest. 
.T]nssc Avilderncsse wende ure Louerdes folc, ase J':xode telleb, tou- 
^\•ard tet eadie lond of Jerusalem, j^et he liam hefde bihoten : 7 ^e, 
unnc leuue su.tren, wended bl j;eii ilkc weic toward te heic Jeru- 

ach. C. 
nia »;i-cuii'-lc 

in W wiMc 

■ wcit.Hlci,. C. 
(ol. T. 

sput. C. puttts. T. 



-* ;-:,-rs;:l-' " 

Jeath before they are m t'.a 

eaolos: «l..m ♦!"• !>'"= 'f ^ "' , j , ;„ .vait to slay «5. O.u 
us: aiul also m tuc m ^ ^^,j, „,,,„ fl,a., a> i 

foes ar. tl,voc : tl,e dovil, Ik ^m^U, ^^_^^^^. ^^.,^.^.,, „j t,,,, 

lf„,.o: nor is it easy a. t--^ '" ^ . ^,^,„ ,,„,,„,, each otl.c.-. 
tbrec attackoti, Imu: f'"' '^\" , °"" ,„ ,„„li,,„ant vices, as I-ndc. 
trti.e devil "-"f :•,;;:- .:., I'^n^cious progeny ^^ 
!,a„gl,.incss, emy and -■^;;' »';',, „„,„,,„j. i„di„es us to laxu y 
..-,11 be horoafte.- nan,ed. 1 ^e He ^_^^,_^ ^„ rt the 

ease, and sclf-indnlsence. And < e ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^,^.,, 

" d's .caltl., and rrospenty, -'"^^l ,„,, ,,UU a shadow. 
Z., and deludeth foohsh -" ' J^,,, „„, lie in wait tor „s m 


UouM anch„ves.cs, ahove '^J^^^^lJ,^ „ „,„■ Lord, and they 

„;„ „,,,,„. ,o Imn mos 1»« ' ' ,„ „,is wilderness jonrnoyed 
aeer iV.he .-hoi.cst and del uo.. ^_^^^.^^,^^ ^,,, Uessed 

laod.,r.1eros:deo..hK-l. !;;.•■' _; ^^. ,,,„.„,, „,e Jcrosale.n 
sisters, are >a„.ueyn,... - ^^^^^^^^^^^^,^ 


KEGUL.i: IX(.'Ll'SAl;l'.^l. 

salcin, to ]>o Idncdoin ]jet lie ImueS Lihuton lils Jcoi'ciie. Go6, ]);inli, 
ful -warliclie: vor iSissc wiklernesse beo'S monio vaole bcstes :'=' liun 
of Y)yvAl', neJdre of attrl onde, vn iconic of \viv5Sc, bcore of dead 
slouiioe, vox of jiscimge, suwo of jIncnK'ssc, scorpinn mid tu teilo 
of t^tinkindc kvlicric :' ])ct is, gobiesso. Her beo^S lui aienwe itold 
]}C scouoii beaiicd suiuien. 

pc Liuii of Prudo baiievS swuJSc nioiiie Invcoli^os :" "f ieli ehullc 
iienimen suine. Vana Gloria, liettc ]>e vorme: ];et is, li\v(,>,e let wv] 
of ei jnug ])ct hco dc<S, ? wolde liabbon word pcrof, ? is \vel i]):iied 
jif heo is iprcised, 1 mis-i]iaicd jif boo Jiis itold swucli ase lieo v.olde. 
pe o-b'er hweolp bettc IndigiKitio r' ];Gt is, h^vose ]>uiiclieS hokcr- 
licb of out*' ];ct hco isib-S bi oSre, o^er iJiered, obcr liorlioweS 
cbastiement, oxScr lowure'' lore. pe ]n-idde hweolp is Ipocrisis :' 
|>et is ]?co ]?et make'^ hire betere ];eii heo beo. pe iieorbe is Pre- 
sumptio :' ]>et is ])eo ]?et nimeo more an bond ])en lieo mci oiior- 
cnmen:' ob'er entrcmete^ hire of Jdnoc ];et to liire no uallcS. pe 
vifte hweolp hetto Liobedience :' ]>et is, j^ct child j^et iie buhb nout 
his eldre:' vnderling, his prelatr' parosebian, his prcost:" meiden, 
hire dame :' enerich lowure his herre. pe sixte hweolp is Loqua- 
citas. peo uedeS |)csne hweolp ]?et beo'S of muchel speche :' ^elpe^i, 
7 dcmeJS oSrer lauhwe^*^ oSerhwules :' gabbeb, upbreideS, chidob, 
vikeleJS, sturieS leihtrcs. pe seoueSc hweolp is Blasphemie. 
pisses hweolpes niirice is ]>c j'Ct swereS greate oSes, oSer bitterliche 
kurseb, o-^er mis-seicJ bi God, o'Ser bi liis haluwen, uor eni Inng he 
he j'oleS, isihS, oSer iheret5. pe eiliteoSe hweulp is Imoaciencc. 
pesiie hweolp fet hwose nis iiout J^olemod ajeun alk' wowes, 7 in 
alio vaeles. pc nijebc hweolp is Coiitiiniace :' ? ]>osiie Inveulp 
fet, hwosois oiiwil ine ]'ing];et hco b.aueS uhderiiiuneu uorto duiuie:' 
bco liit god, Ijeo hit \'uel :' so ]'et noii \\ i^uiv re;;d no mei l)ri.i.>eii 
hive Hi ol" In'i-e riotc.^ iMonie obre ]>er beo^S ];et cu)ne^ (^f week' ? of 

T. lis-N. C. 





\ k 

above — to tlic kliiiiduiii -wliicli lie luitli proiniscl his elect. Go, 
however, very c:u;tinusl\-: for in tliis wiidcrness tlierc are maiiy 
evil lieasts — tlie lio;! of [iride, tlio serpent of venomnns envy, the 
iiiiiconi of wrath, the iK'ar of dead slotii, tlie lux of covetoiisncss, 
the swine of greediness, tlie scorpion witli the tail uf stinking lechery, 
that is, lustfulness. These, now, are the seven chief sins det;iiled in 

'^l^jie i.ion of l^ride hatli a gre;it number of Asheliis; and I will 
name some of them. The first is called ^^ain Glory: that is, any 
one who Ins a high 0})inion of any thing that she doth, and wishes 
to \vAXQ it talked of, and is well ]>leased if she is pnused, and dis- 
pleased if she is not conmicnded as much as she wishes to be. The 
next wh.elji is called Indignation; that is. any one who thinketh 
contemptuously of ought that she sees or hears of another, or who 
despiseth correction or instruction from an inferior.* The tliird 
whelp is Hypocrisy: that is, she who maketh herself seem better 
than she is. The fourth is Presumption ; that is, one wd:o taketh in 
hand more than slie is able to perform ; or nieddleth with any thing 
which doth not belong to her. The fifth whelp is called Dis- 
obedience ; that is, the child that obeys not his parents ; a sub- 
ordinate minister, his bishop ; a pai'ishioner, his jiriest ; a maiden, 
her mistress ; every inferior, his superior. The sixth whelp is 
Loquacity; those feed this whelp who are great talkers, vvho boast, 
judge others, lie sometimes, scoff, upbraid, scold, flatter, excite 
laughter. The seventh whelp is Blasphemy ; the nurse of this 
whel]) is he that sweareth great oaths, or cursetli bitterly, or speaketh 
irreverently of God, or of his saints, on account of any thing that he 
sufiereth, seeth, or heareth. The eightli whelp is Im})atience; he 
ieedefh this v>he1p who is not patient U)ider all wrongs ajid all evils. 
The ninfh wliL'l}) is Gontiunacy ; and this v.hclp is fed by any one 
Avho is self-willed i)i the thing tliat she hath undertaken to do, be it 
good or b'.-' ii i:\il, so that no nisev counsel is able to turn lier from 
her janpose.'' There are many othei- that are derived from \\eaith 

■■■ " lurcri.Mis ilnr-ti-iu:.'.,.''- MS. ()>;<)ii. "A l-ioposit,..'". - I!,i,l. 


wunne, of hele kiuiiie, of feire cloSes, of wit^, of wlito, of stroiicSc r' 
of lieic line waxeS-"^ prude, 7 of lioli ])c;m\ves. ]^.Ioiiie ino liweolpes 
ben icli liabbe iiicnipued limieiS |'j I.iuu of I'rudc ilnveolpcd: jiiili 
abuteii ]'eos, j^enche^ 7 astudioS wel swucSe:' uoi- ieli go lihlliche 
oner, ne do biite nempnie liain. Aidi 50 oncrihwar, hwnrsc idi go 
swuScst forS, bileaue je ]>e lengnre:''' uorper icli fcSri on, ir.vurbeS 
tene o^er twcolue. llwose liaueS cni lurSeau of ];co })ct ich er 
nemde, ober bam iliche, hco haxieS priidc sikcrlicbe. IIu se eiier 
hire kiirtel beo iscbeaped oSer iscouwed/ lico is liunes make pet ich 
habbe ispeken of, 7 fet bis wode Inveolpes ^vi^innen lu're breostc. 

pe Neddre of attri Onde baue seoue kundk'S. Iiigratihulo r' 
J>esnc kundel bret, liwoso iiis noiit icnoweu of goddede,*^ auh telleS 
bitcl J'crof, ober uoi';^^iteJS mid allc. Goddedc icli siggc, noiit one 
]?et mon deS him, auh JK.'t God dcS him, ocier haueS idon oiSer him, 
o^er liire, more ]>en lieo iinderstonde, jif heo hire '>vel bi?5ou]ite. Of 
Jjisse un^eauwe me nimeS to kitel jemc x' ant is, bauh, of alle, 
onlo^est God, 7 mest ajean liis grace. J^e ober kundel is Iinncor 
FoUo 52 b. sine odium :! \^et is, hatunge o'Ser great hcorte. pe j^et bret J^esno 
kundel, in hire breoste al is attri to Gode, ]jet heo euer wurcheS. 
pe ]?ridde kundel is Of-}>unchungc of obres god. pe ueorSe is Gled- 
schipe of his vncl: lauhwen o^er gabben, jif him mis-biueolle.'^ pe 
vifte is Wreiunge. pe sixte Bacbitunge. pe seoueSe Upbrud, obcr 
Schornunge. Ilwar asc eni of ]>eos was, o5er is r' |)er was, oJSer is 
J>e kundel, oeier ]?e olde moder, of ]>e attri iieddre of belle, onde.*" 

pe Unicorne of "W^reSSe ]>et bercci on his neosc j'ene horn ];et he 
asneseS mide alle J^eo }>et ha areacheJS, haueS six hweolpes. pe 
normcst is Chcaste, oJSer Strif :' J7C o-J^er is Wodschipe :' ])e jn-iddc is 
Schenful " Upbrud:' \q veorSe is Wariunge.'' ]>c nifte is Dunt :f ]>q 

" waxen. T. '' leaues tor Iciigost. 

' ihcowed. C. ilicouit. T. ^ Hs cinulel mile iciiaucii goildeJc. T. 

'• mis-time.-. T. nii^tinuHN. C. ' iicdclro of mule. T. C. 

r schendful. T. C. 


,„K .Kin-KNC .>F .^NVV. 

Tin: IXKOliN or Wl'.VTH. 


"'"' ,'. , ,, S,,o clofc, wit bc.a„.v. .ti-eng*; 

Main- nvvn; wliclps tuan I .nc .^^^^^ ^^ ^^^_^ „,„^,^ f„, [ 

.belpea; V.nt tlii,* .vJ ■"'-■' ;*,;'-^ ,,,„, .hcve.n.v.r I go most 

;,,,,U, V fonvai-a, dwell ye "=-.:,,„„„,, ,,,,, »,,y of those 

ipen one, there are ten o ^ ^^- j.,^^. ^,,^,„_ ,,,, ecrtamly 

-i;n,^t,r:s-:^--t..,.„ ,.„- 

benefit, hut depvenates ; - ^^ = ,„, ..HcU God confers or 1.U 
,„.-r,otor,\y which . "•■>" ",;"t;r than she thhiks, and nnght 
eo'nferred upon h„n or ■=,„,, ,„,,,f weU. Of this vice 
„„aor.tand that ,t is if '^ '' J^,,';, ■„, of aU others, one n'.ost 
„en take too little heed, althon 1 , ^.^^ ,<,,„„a-horn « 

,,„efnl to God, and most oppo. 1 » 1 . ,,-,„„,,, ^ she 

Itancc.r or odinm; tha is, M hce o ^^^^^^_ .^ ^^^^ 

L th who cherishoth tins young one . ^^ ^^,,^,„,„. 

G:;h The third of the,_;^^^ ^.^^^^^^^ ^^ 

The fonrtl, is heing Glad of ^^^ . ,^„Us. Tlie sixth is 

misfortune hefall him. ^ "^^^^y;,!, or- contempt. AM.-- 

''■■■"■'^''•■'■■"^- „ftes:r or' is tiiere was or is the off, g or the 

soever any of these 1^^,,, p._,„ ,-. 

„,,, mother of the venom ns s ^.^ _^^^^^^ ^,_^ ,„„,„ ,„„, 

The unicorn of Wrath, ;'-' '^^ _^,^.„^ ,,,„, ,„ „,,elps. The 
which he huth-.h at all w lom ; ' ^ _,^, '.^ p,,^,,. The tl rd is 
,i,,, i, (•„„t..nti"n or Strit 1 The fifth >* 

■T-'^^^-Tir^Xi-V;!:,:;-- yhappentoaman 

;:;:;!:;;^,r.i!.is friend, or .o his pos..s.on.. 


KEG UL^T: 1^■CL L'HA 11 L' M. 

sixto i.-; ^vll ])ct liim vuolc ilidclc, ooor oji liiin sulF, ob'er on hh 
frcond, ouei- on his; cilitL'. 

pe Bore of licui Sloull^c hmch ]>qos liwc-olpe^ : 'J'orpor is ]je 
uorino:' ]'et is ^vlcch licorte :^ Vet scluilde leiteii :il o leie iiie linic of 
ure Louevd. pe ober is rusillaniinihis :' ]?et i?, to iioure iheorled, 
% to herde" mid allc, enl lieili ]?iiig to undenuiuen, ine Lope of (lodes 
helpe, 1 ine trust of his f^race, 7 r.out of hire streucc^c. 'po J^riddc 
is, Cordis Lirauitas: ]>esiie Inveolp haueJ) hwo se >vureh.cS god, 1; 
de^ hit, tauh, mid one deade 7 mid one hcuie hcorte. po iieorJSe 
Inveolp is Idelnesse:^ ^ct is, liwo se stunt mid alio. ]:'e vifte is 
Ileorte-gn.Kchunge. pe sixtc is a dead Seonuve nor lure of eic 
worldliehe ]>inge, oScr of freond, otSer nor eni undone, hute uor 
smmc one. pe scouexSe is ljemele;isehipe, ober to siggen, ot>er to 
don, ooer to Ijiseon hiuoren, o^ier to j'encdien efter, o^er miswiteu ei 
7o//o53. ping ]'et heo haueb to witene.^ pe eiliteotSe is Unhope. pes lasto 
• bore hwcolp is grimmest of alle :' uor hit to-cheoweJS 7 to-uret Godcs 
mildc r.nlee, 7 his muehel merei, 7 his vnimete grace. 

pc Vox of 3;iscungc haueS ]^eos liweolpcs : Trichcrle '2 Glle, 
peofJ^e, Ileflac, AVite, 7 Ilerrnre streiic'Se :f Uals ^Yitnesse, o'l^er oJS :' 
Simonie:' Ca.uelr' Okcr:' Uestschlpc of jeoue, oSer of lone :' "Mon- 
sleiht, oberhwnle. pcos mvJSeavves beob to uoxe, uor monie reisuns, 
iefnede. Two ieh chulle siggeri : much gile is i\Se uoxe, 7 so is ine 
jiscunge of woi-ldliche lM3;('ate: and on ober rei-un is:' ];e uox 
aAVurieci al vnnc ilvc, ]>.\\\h he ne nuiwe l^ute one wrechliche uor- 
swoluwen. Al so jisceb a jissare ]n't moni Jni-unt miditen bi- 
flntten:''^ anh ]'auh his hcorte berste, he ne mei brulcen on him sulf 
bute one momies dole. Al J'et mon o^t-r Avuuimon A\il!ic>i niore ]nn\ 
lieo mei i^iicdeliche ledcn hire lif bi— euerich efter ]'ut lico is — a! is 

luoni Inisi.'iid 


II 's Did. j:r;,h. 

, Inisci.t dJon ). tur u 

II. 'J'. s,fji:o:re. Ai«. 0> 

r. c. 



i he ]'>e;u- of lioavy Slotli luit'i tlicse ^-liclps : 'Joq.or i.s tlic fi'rst ; 
tliat is. a lukeu-nnn lioarl-, wliicli on^-lit to lii^'lit up into a flame in 
t;;e love of our Lor.l. The iiext is Pu.-^lllaniiiiih ; that is, too faint-, aii'l too ivhictaiit ^^•j!lla!, lo lonlertike any tliin;^ anluor.s 
in tlie hope of help from CuA, and in coniulence of His gr;ice, and 
not of her own stiviigth. The third is, Dulness of heart. Vv'Jio- 
soever d'leth good, and yet doeth it with a dead and sino-gish heart, 
liath this wlielp, 'Jdie fourth v/hclp is Idleness ; that, is, any one 
^\ho stands s*ill doinu" Jio good at all. 'Idie fiftli is a Grudging, 
grundiling heart. Tlie sixth is a deadly Sorrow for f lie loss of any 
■World 1}' possession, or of a triend, or for any displeasure, cxcopr for 
sin only. The seventh is ]Segligenee, cither in pacing, or doiii^', or 
])rovidiiig, or veniendjering, or taking care of any tJung that she 
hath to keo]). The eighth is Despair. This last bear's whelp is the 
fiercest of all, for it gnawoth and wasteth the Ijcnignunt kindness, 
and great niei'cy, and nnliniitcd grace of God. 

1 he Fox of Covetousness hath these wlielps : Treachei'y an.d Guile, 
Theft, Ivajiine, k'xtortioii, and Compulsion, False testimony or perjurv. 
Simony, Trilmte, Usury, Unwillingness to give or lend, sometimes 
IMurder. These vi(.;es are, for nianj' reasons, compared to the fox. 
I will mention two : there is much guile in the fox, and so is there 
in covetousness of worldly jiossesslons ; another reason is, the fijx 
won-ieth all the sheep in a flock, altliough he can ravenou>lv devour 
only one. lu like maimer a man greedy of Avcalth, coveteth what 
might sulheo lor many th.'tu-^ands ; Lut, thouidi his heart should 
lircak, he cannot spciul upon himself moi-e than one man's porfi<:in. 
All that man or woman do-;i\'th moj'e than is suflieient for leading 
life comfortahly, aceoi-diiig to thoii' station, is covetousne-;^. and the 
roiit of mortal sin. 'J"lii.> !-■ trn;; i-oligion — that aycry one. a-ccordin,;; 
to ills sfalion, shonid bori'ow IVom this Iraii Morld ;is Jiltle as 
po:>:--,il)lc; (jf food, chilln':-, i^nods, and of all woi'ldly tin'n::s. Under- 


iiF,ouL-i: ixcLrsAUL;:^!. 

jiscuni;:'.' J rote of dcadlicli suniie. pet is vilit ivligiuii, ]>ot eueridi, 
efrer his stnt, bonnve et tissc lu-akelo woi'ltlo so Intel so lieo cuei- 
meij of incto, of cl(;^^e, of ciluv, 7 of alio Avorlilliclio ]-inges. Umlev- 
stoncleS '^ ^vel ]'is word ji icli ou siggo — oucricli cft-r liis stat — \:or 
hit is iueScirecl:'*' ]^ct is, icliarged. Ee luotcn inala'cn, ]?vt wute je, 
ill monic wordes muclie strencISe, peuchen loiigo ])er iibuteii, J bi 
);et ilko o word, understouden inonic wordcs )'ot JiinpeS ])crto :' nor 
jif ich scholde writoii alK-, liwonnc conic ich to cnde ? 

pe Suwc of jinornessc r' j'ct is, Glutnnie, liauctS piggcs^ ]>U3 
incnined. To Erhclie hctte ];et on :' ]'ot u5cr to Estlichf :' ]>et jn'idde 
to UrcchhcLc :' ]>et fcorSe hette to ]\Iuchel :f ]>et fifte to Ofte :' ine 
drunchc, more ]>cn inc niete. pus bcoS ]>eos pigges iueruwed. Icli 
Foli'^ 53 L. speko schcortlichc of ham t uor ich nam nont ofdrcd, mine k^ouc 
sustren, ]'et -^q ham ucden. 

pe Scorptiun of Lcclierie :' ]>ct is, of gohiesse, huiieb swnche knndk'S 
J?et in oiio"^ wel ito\vune muSe hore sunnncs nomc ne sit uoiit uorto 
nemncn :' uor ]?e nomc one ninlite hurten alle wel itowune earen, 1, 
fulen alle clene heorten. peo me mei ncmneii wel hwas iionien me 
icnoweS wel r^ ? hco bcoS, more hcrni is, to nionie al to kuSe, ase 
lloi-d(jni, Eaubruche,^ Meidelure, 7 Incest :' |)ct is, bicwhwe sibbe, 
vlesliliche ocier gostliche ^ J'Ct is i inonic idcled/ On is ful wil 
uorte don j'ct ful^e, mid skiUes ^ettungc, ]'et is, liwomio ]>e schil 7 
te heortc ne wiSsiggeS noiit :' auh likelS wel, 7 jirnccS al pet tet 
fleschs to prokeS, 7 Jielpen o'^Scr J)idoward,- — boon waite^^ 7 witncssc 
berof r' hunten ]>er efter, mid wouhinge, mid togginge, oScr mid cni 
tolhinge:^ mid giggc leilitrc, mid hor eien, mid eni lilite latcs, mid 
Tcoue, mid tolHndt! wordcs, ocier mid luuc spcche, cos, unliende 



N.Kito.N. T. 

\.r 1- r, 


is tu ll'^OlCI 



to.- t 



■ Icul 

l. I". 


ill ti; 

. T. 
: T. C 

if(•^\.■n■.l. 'J-. 

-•. T. 

I- f,K c;i;r.KV)i :•.;■- 

Ti!K s( (•urio" 



- ■ ,j,,,v M-U t,. le lot fly;] 

h:-t:.i.r.-^'-^ it -;\^'^'^;;;':\;::";;;;;;^,"^^^^ lu,-. ..this 

t:>at i. .1'--^^>-^ i-'>: ""r:r:;:.;u st,v.;yth. Tl,m:. i.;n:. 

.-;■■ :„_:.., .. .. - ' i'^^^^' 


,,-,1 luulorstanrl in;iny uovd:- 1na> u..a.. 

that )e inav ,.ak. n. .- 

aho.t h, uu.i In- ^^-;v''";".r;,:;;,r:vKi;shoukiivnak.ane.a? 

,„™cd: 'n,c ft;.. -a!W ^ ;;,;,,,„,„„,,,,, . rf,o fiffl., Too 
11- tluvd. Too ^ ..«cK,>..v W ^ ;j,,^^_^ ^^^ ,l_^,^^, j,i^^, f i^ 

'-''•- =" '"T' 'T -V' i; V". not afraid, v,.y do:, sister, that 

ve Iced tlic^m. 

.,,„„„,, „„,t it doth not '*-"«.:';,;,,,,,,. ;,.■,.! .11 u,od.rt 

U,„,U.n....r u- -,;:,-:„;,,„,„,,, l.e.«n,..d 

car., nnd doill. all c-K-a. U .-• ^^j,^, „„.„,. ;, „,, ,,„.,„- 

.hose nana. avowail.K.,.,-.;-^_^^^,_^,,^,,.^.^3^„,,„,Vh,d,t, 
toov.-eUkrov.atomauv ■^': ,„,„„Uy „v .oiritualiy ; «„,* 

,„a Incest: that -.s, be - n l-- - > -^ ^,,^;„ ,„ ecnnnt the 

•„ divuled into m::ny lund . O - ^ ^^^^^^ ^,^^. ,,,,,„, ,„ 

,.,,,>o:«.,nes, uUh the ,""»";„,"„,,,,, „„ 1 ,e:„-n :d^e:- all tlud 

,1,0 l!..d: iaedo. to, and ■<'!'.;" ,,,„,,, „;,,, ,:,,png, e. w,th 

„„,i„eit;n.:-":y-l^^^ •„,;„,,,,, ,,„, love ::,««!,; 1<-; 
.estnves: .ith^idt- ^V ! .. di^dly .In.: lov.ny tide, oe tune, or 
improper h-o'.'-ii-W' ' 

, ,.„„.:.o*Ke "■ ■■^"""':::::;;:;':v' '^' 


i;i:(;i'L.i: I^'C'T,uSAl:I:3r. 


gropnnges, ])et beo'S licaued suimoii :' luiiieii tide, dc^l-v time, oScr 
stucle, iiorto kumeii inc swuclie kefV' 7 oocr swiifhi; uon-idelc;^, }/ct 
nie mot forbmvcii ^ Invo sc nule i^Jt- iiiuchelo fuHSo uoiliche uiilloii :' 
asc sciiit Austin sci^;, "Ouiissis occasioiwlnis que solciit ailitvun 
ajK'i-Iro pcccatis, potest coiisciciicia esse iiiculumi.s." pet Is, ];m-osij 
■\vulo liiro^' inujt wircji clcnc'^ 7 feir, lieo mot fleoii ])e iion-jdclcs j^et 
beo^ iwimcdc ofte to ojioiieii ]>ct iii^^oiig 7 lotei! in siunjc. IcJi ]io 
dor iieinc]! j'co uiikundv-liclio kiuidlL'S of ])isse dcoucl scoj-piun, attri 
iteik'd. Aiili soli inci iioo heoii ]>ot mid IItc, oSer Aviliutcii, Iiaiio^ 
so iitcd'-' cni kuDdel of golnessc, J^ct icli na mt'i spcken of nor 
sclieome, i;c no. dcr nor dredc, lest sum Iconic more vucl Ix^'n ]ieo 
con, % ]>crof beo itempted. Anli ]>ei!CJio cncrlcli of hire owune 
a^^■ariede cundlcs ^ in liirc gobicsse. Uor bwnso hit oner is idon,s 
uiJlos ? \vakiindc mid fleselies likuiigc. bute one in.e wedlake, ]ut is 
deadh'cli smnie. Ine ;^u\veoe mc dcci wundres :' gulehe ]ut nt inc 
sclirifte, ntterh"chc, asc hco hit dude, ]'Co ]>et ivek'<S liire schnldi, 
ober beo is idemcd, jniruli ]>c fule brune,^i to ]>q eclie fur of Jielk^. 
pc scorpinnes cundel ]>et lieo bret in hire boseme, sclick Iiit at mid 
sehriftc r' ? slea bit mid dedbote. Inouli is ctScenc bwu icb liabbe 
iefncd prude to bun, 1 onde to ncckb-e, ? of alio |jc olSre ^viSuten hh 
baste, ]?et is, )nvu gobiesse beo iefned to seorpiun. Auh, lo, ber ha 
skile J>crof, sutel ant eocene, Salomon scilS, ''Qui approbendit 
nndierem quasi qui apprehendit scorpionem."' pe scorj>iun is ones 
cuimes wurm ];etbauexS neb, asc mc seiS, sumdel ibcuo asc wummon, 
7 is neddre bihiiuk^n, makeS feir semblaunt, ? fikec) mid fe beaued 
? stiiigec^ mid tc teilc. pet is leclieric :' J>et is ]k's deofles best, bet 
be let to e]iej)ii!gc 7 to cnericli gederiiige, 7 elieapeb hit forto sullen 
% bis\vike^ monie ]nu-ub J^et beo no biholdeS nout bute bet feire 
licaned. pet beaued is biginninge of golnesses sunncii, 7 te 

!> fu;-liul„.ii. T. 
■t o.Ni-r wi.\ li,-;,ue.l sua 11,'t. (;. 

J', v.. 

j' blltL 

d. T. 

" lial. T. ('. 
NsuaiuHl. T. 



pi:vuAvrrY or L,CENTIor^^cE... 


,-,« fV.v .cuh., into s„ol, '-■'';^^;;':;tc^,,;. mi u,to ,n.t un- 

c,,.„ncs.; as St A"«"-;^^ ooS > n.ia cs* ; ■■ tU»t ,. 

„,V,.un. npcvhv If "-;' '"* ,' J°,„ de»n a.ul foiv, >m,st flee fun 
sue wl.o «ould la.e,, ber '^ '" «^^,,,, ,, „;,,„ tl.e entranco and le 
„,e c«*io„. tlK.t =«-';;',:,, oftiving of fnk cl,»l.ohe.l 
„ ,;,, I d,u-c not v,an,c -e n n ^^^^^^ _^^^^, ^,^^ ,,^, ^^.,,„_ ,,,,, 

.covpion Nvi.l. the venumon, • ^ . ^^_^^ ^j. ^,,„ j,„,„e„j, o> 
„, .itbont . co„,,«"">". ;•'";„ of for ;iKnne,nnd dare not for 
,i„.„,, Y" '," o' r.Hv.-o evil tban si>e knovetK and 
,„,,a-lestson,oone ^'-'■■- :' , .„^.^. „„, ,eflect «,»." own 
X,, tl,ovel,v tenvoted. "" ,;;^:„;,„,,Uoenec. For, !,o».oever .t 
„.cnrsed devices vvl.en ""i't^d l,v e - ^^_^.^.^^,^.^,, „. t,„, fc,-,,, 
i, dune, vvi\lin:il.v and ""f'^-,"' , '•„, ,„ vouth extvaordn»ry 

:.i. in vvedioeu »b-';--^t i :^. '-'f £"•■"-- ^.='*;' ":' 

follies are counnnted: It l.a" ^^.^^^^^^j ;^ .^ „„„ so sl>e . 

out in confession, iitterlv , ..s sne ^.-ei-lasting firo of Ik^II. 

don.ned, tln-ongl> that ^"^^'^X.^^,,.,, U-ood winch she 
L, her shake out, -"Y" ^ ' i' -■■"' -™'"""'- , " " 
nonrisl.eth in her ''7-'' ™ ;'„ ,a-^ ,„/,de to a liun, and envy 
snfficiently evident why L - ;; ,,,,^4 this last, that .s, why 
t„ a serpent, and so of all the lest ^^^^^^ .^ j,^^ ^.^,,„„ is eonn^red to ^^^^^J^,,^ .,.a hatl. hold of a 
f U i,lun and numitest. bolomou ^ ^^ ,corp5ou is a kind ot 

ll^': i. as thonghheheld a -T™- .^'h,. tlU of a vvo.nan 
,.orn, that hath a laee, at ^ „,„„,enanee. an 

and is a serpent helnmltt^t;^,^^^,.^,,!,,,,,,,. Sneh ,, 
f MS noun voxi with her head, um ,naiket, and 

:.:::£ ;;-r;;";:;tS:::-» ^. •«=-• 


l.'KOl.L.K IX(:i.r.-Ai;L:f. 

licuno-c. ])oo liwnlc ]>et hit i!e:st, ]H'i |niiiclie^ so swuSo swctc. ])o 
tei!, ]7ot i>, ]>e ciifie ]>cn.!; ]>rt: is sor ol-]>nnr]nni- ]ujuA\ 7 stino-oS 
]ior mid alt.'!- of bitter Ijircouoiwoe 7 (.f (k'tllM.lL-. Ant iseliliclie 
muwuu heo sluueii ]'et ]>ciie tcil swuch iviihU'^ :' u,,r ]H't after age'S. 
Anil jif ]iit no suweS '^ lier, ];e teil ? j-e attri eiidc is ]:e eclie ])i;ic of 
Fo/;o r,i h. liellc. \ni^ nis he fol chcpiu.jn ]n ;, hwuii lie wiile huoovii hors oStr 
oxe, jif he iiulc hihoKleii bute \k\ heaiietl one? (Jorjji Invoii be 
deoiiel beode\S forS liis best, 7 beot hit to sullen, 7 bit Jniie soule 
peruorc, he hut cuer ]'ene teil, 7 schea-.veJS forth ])et hcnned. And 
tu, fi;o al abuten, 7 scheau uore) ]>en cnde ]»er nn'de, 7 liwu J^e teil 
stingetS :' and swuSe vlih ]>er uronunard, er ])u boo iattred. 

pus, mine leoue sustren, ibc wilderncssc asc ^c go-JS innc, iiiid 
Godes folke, toward Icrusalenies lond, ];et is, ]>c richc of heoucne, 
bcoci swuclie be>tcs, 7 swuche wui-ines :' no not ich none sunne bet 
no inei bei.m iled to one of ham seouene,'' olSer to hore streones. 
Vnstac5eiuest bileauc a;5ean holi loi'e, nis hit of jjrude ? Tnobcdicnce 
licr to nailed. Sigaldren/ 7 false teolunges :' leuunge on ore 7 of 
swefnes :' 7 alio wichchecreftes "! niniingc of husel ine lieaued sunne 
o'Ser ei oScr sacrament, nis hit ]>c spcce of prude ]'et ich cleopedo 
presumciun, jif me wot hwuch sumie hit is r' 7 jif me not nout 
j^eonne is hit ;^emeleste, under accidie, ]jet ich clrojiede slouhLier' 
pe Jjet ne warne'e) o'(5cr of his vuel, o'cSer of his luiv, nis hit slouh 
jemelcste, o'^vx attii onde? jMis-iteoI5eget,'' etholdcn cwido, o^:el• 
fnndleS; o'cicr lone, nis hit j,Iscunge o<Sei- J'eofte? J^tholden otSres 
luu'c, oner his rihtc terme, nis hit strong redac ? pet is under 
jiscunge. 0^ier ^if me i;emeiS wurse ei ]>ing ileaned o^cr biteih to 
witcne,. ].»en ho ^^•ene jn-t hit ouh^ nis hit trichcrie, otSer -^emeleaste of 
sloulrSe? — al so as dasi bihcste,'' oiSer folliche iphiht trouJSe "^ 7 Ioni>o 
beon un1)Ishoj)cd :' 7 falsliche igon to schrifte :' otier to lon^e abideu 

Si-.ik!ric. ('. 
liea.ste. T. C. 

i^^. T. too 

c■,!^'^; Tl! A' 



„ ,- vow su-oet. Tbc, tl,»t U tte 

,„;.„, away. A"'' » '! ;-"fj.'t ' A».l. i^ »-' '- » ''/f' t 

„„, oflbretl. t.. «.-H ,t, ana -'- - , ,„ ,;,,„, r.ut do 
„,„,,,, ,,i,V,U tU. .ail a„.l -^^^ ,^^^^. ,,^. ,,, ,,„g.tU., 

;„„ ,vi,l. Ooa's people .ov.a,-.l ^-^^ ^„,,„„ , „„v do I l-^o. 

<,ri,c.avon. .bevo arc ^-f^^^^^^^ „f .Uose seven, or to the.r 
,„v sin ^vl,ieh n,ay no, U ^ » "^ ,^:„,„,3 „f .di.ion-is ,t no. o 

t,«l,o»dof Aeeidia, -l-'" ' ^f ™ ,„ „„, g,..ii.y of si,,.V,ul 
lavn anotl,ev of any ov, ™ los.,^^^_^^_^^^^ ^.^^ .^^^.^ ..UUhoU n,, a 
„..,j;..encc or,gnm t --•> ; ;^ ■^ „,_,» eovetonsness or laat 

,,„„;.-, or any tl.inS *-"''' ,;te--is it no, downright rohl.ery ? 
IV^ining another's .-a.e,, .h, d, ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ,^^ ^,^^. ^,, „ ,,„ 
.l-,,i, i, n.aer .-ovetonsne*. 0<-, ^.^ _^ .^_^|^^ ^^^^^^ ,_,, „„„,,,_,, ,t 

„,. coune.itle.l lo hi- '■^"■'-' '''"'.':" ; .. ,,, like manner an nnrea...n- 

,.reaehery,.n-sh,.h|,ane,i..;n.;, ,^^,,,, ,,„^ ,,,,,, .^^ 

,,a,,.„nnnan,he.rl-1.1yl ■ ,,,,i;;,,e.rely.ocon,^...™"r 

,,,,•,v■,n, .he ri.o ..! -"";■-■;■.;,;,.,:,,! „,.e !...r.Vs l>.-a>er and , he 

•''-r^;-:'"";.-."'-^''-^^^^ ia... .o .h... ....h . 

{ 'n rd — tnt'.-t , <« ^^ J., 

1 AAiD. '^'■y^- 


RT.oui. .!•: 1 xn.i's a i; i \! . 

iiorto toclieu godcliiklc pater uosior 7 cjvdo? pc-os, 7 iillc s\>iic!u-, 
bco<S iled to sloulvb'e :' ]>ct is ]'-c iicoic^e niodor "'f ]n> sculumi hciuu'ti 
suMiicn. ]7eo ]>ct di-o!ic ciii dniacli, o^er ci j'iiiii; dude liwufomuli 
110 ..■liilde lie schulde Ijcoii of liire is!rc(>ii<jd :' (>"6(,'i- |'el istrcDiied 
scluilde uors'.iircieii, uis ]>is stroiip; inoit.deiht^ of !j,(jliuvsse awr.i'Cciied ? 
AUe simiien siuiderliclie, bi hnrc owuiie iioiiicliclie iioincii, ne luulite 
no moil rikeiion :' aidi inc j'Oos ])et ieh liabbo iseid, alio ]k' ourc 
beo'^! bilokeno :' 7 iiis, Icli weiic, no moa ]'ct iie inei ur.di-rstondeii 
him of lii-^ siiimeu nomclielic, under suimuo of j'en ilke imene, ]iet 
beo(5 lier iwritene. Of j/cos scouo bestes, ? of hore sti'eoiie.-i ice 
Avildcnicsse, 7 of onb'clie liuCj is isekl liiderto, — ]7ct aUe ])e ^uu•^^a- 
rinde iiondcS to uordoime. y^o Liun of Prude sleat) alk> ]>e pnak-. 
? alk' ]>eo ]^et ]jc(.b keie, 7 oner liele iheorted. po attri neddre alle 
]?oo cntl'ule, 7 alle J'eo ]u^ere i^onckcd." pe vnicorne alk- ]'e'- 
■wreM'ide :' 7 al so of J'C o'orc areawc. Asc to Ciod lieo be''^ 
islciene :' aiili lieo lebbcc) to ]>c iiooiide, 7 bcoJ^ aHe inc !iii liirde, 7 
scrue^ him ine ki.s kurtj cnerichon, of ]'et mester, J^et him to iialk^. 

pe prude bco\S his bemarcs, draweb wind inward of woi-kllick 
licreword, 7 eft, mid idel 5el[>e, puffer) hit utward, ase ])c bK>ip<u'e 
deb, uortc makien noise — kul dream to scheauwen here horek Auli 
jif lico wel J>ouliteu of Godes bemarcs, 7 of ]'C enolcne bemcn of 
licoui'iic, ];ct scliideii an our'' liakic ];o -svorkle, biuoreii ]>e gru refill 
dome grislicke lj]oa\ven, Arise^, (k'adc, arise^! cumeiS t<j Drihtenes 
dome, uorto beoii iiknaed :' ]'er no priide Ijcmarc lie mel licoii 
iboruucn. l.if lico ]>ouliien ]'is wel, ]ico wolden iiiuuh rea^e' i(Sc 
deofles scrui^c dinduker l)em('n. Ol ]>eos bemares seit^ Jerenilc, 
"(Jnager solitarius, in desldci'io anime' sue, attraxit ventum amoris."" 
Of I'd) ]»et draweu wind inward, uor hiue oi" licreword, seio .Icreinle, 
ase ieh cr seirk:;. 

»'^nniiii;e iuL'brrs ]>'\)h jn-t ne Ivunnen seruen of non o^<m' 
butcn iiKikicn elu're.s, 7 w reneheii mis hore iiuuS, 7 sehnlen )n\< 

.^ T 1, 

Tirr. 1' 

K 1) Ai;i-: 

i: oy.vjLs TniA[i'r/ri:i;s. 


tlie n.iirtli Ju^itlicT of tlie srvcii (lo.-dly shi^. Sin 

n;iy jxil!.)!!, oi' doiio any tiling \vlirrcl»_v no child ^llll 

l.y la']-, or tii;it wht'ii coucuivoJ -'lon.M jx-zisli — i,> ii 

iii;!ii--laiio]ifcrj canned by lust? Xo man \»oiil(l be abK- to r(?ckoii 

111) all sins sc])araleiy by tlu'ir (iwii ?ji''cial nrnnc: 

Avlio liatb drunk 
dd b;^ conceived 
)t tliis downriubt 

but in tliose 

vliicli 1 lia\o nieiifiujied all llic otlars ai'c included; and lliere is 
iiiii^ I tbink. any man v>bo may nut understand liis own sins 
in j-aiticular under souk- of tbe same general beads tbat are liore 
writtvn. C)rtb()-e seven ijeasts, and of tlu-ir oilV.]>ring in tb'.- wildei-- 
ness, and of a SMlitaiy life, wo bave s])oken tluis lar— vdiich beasts 
arc endcavourin^ to dc.~hov :dl luorfal-^. Tlio Lion of Tridc 
slaycfb all tlie proud, and all tho-e wlio are clat.d and lofty in beart. 
The venomous serpent [slayetb] all tbe emious and all v>bo bave 
base malicious tliouo-bts.'' The Unicurn, all the wrathful : and so of 
the others in succession. Inres])ect to God they are slain ; but they 
live to tlio fiend, aiid are all in bis retinue, and serve him in his 
coiu't, every cue in the olfice ap>pro})rI:ite'l to liim. 

'^riie proud are his tinunpcters : they draw in the wind of \^■orldly 
praise, and then, v.itli vain bor.sting, pulT it out again, as the 
trumpeter doth, to make a noise — a loud strain of nuisic to shew 
their vain gloi-y. l>ut, if they reflected well Tipon God's trumpeters, 
and upon the trumj)ets of the angels of heaven, which shall blov/ 
teri'ibl}- in tlie four cjuarters of the world, before the awful judg- 
ment, Arise, ye dead, arise ! come to the Lord's judgment, to ))0 
judged : wb^re no ju'oud trumpeter maybe saved, — if they reflected 
justly ujion this, they would soon enough sound in a lower strain in 
the devil's service. Of those trumpeters .leremiah saith, "A wild 
ass accustomed to the wilderness in the desire of his heart snuU'eth 
up the ^\•ind ol" bis lo\e.""'' Of tbo.-c who dra\< in wind, for love of 
])i':'ise, J(,'remiah saith ibi-;, as ] said before. 

l^iere are some J.\-ti-i-s who know of no other means of exciting 
mirtli Ux\\ to make wr\- ilice-^, and di.-tort their r.Kjuth, ami scowl 


i;Er;ii..i: ixlli sa[;la!. 

eler,. Of ]/is iiiestere seruet^ jtm uiiisciic oi 
to 1;>ringcn o leihtre linre ontfulc- iuuerd. Uoi- 
cIcl) v/cl, nonoswcis nc juinvcii Iro lokcii I'iilcj-w; 

•il iiiul r: 
looiter' :nili ^vill(•l<e^) ob.-iv liali", 7 IjilioMelS o lul't 7 


fnl^'locilcfl- kurt, 
c,ii' ci :--i^ wcl oocr 
"it c'ie of 
7 jif j^er is out to c;i>lv, itcu, o>cr loiUicli,-' I'ldcrward hco -:'liu!L'b 
mid ei(5er eieii :* 7 hv. on lico ilicr.'S ]>el uod, lieu sleatccS'' adun boa 
two hore earcii r' a.uli hot lust a.i;eaH |>ct vuel is cuer vrid opL-n. 
peoiDie lieo wrenclicl Isoiv uiub mi;., hwon lie:o tui'MLci i;od to vucl :' 
7 jif hit is suindfl vuel, ];iiridi uiore la>tuiigc *-" lico \vrcuclieb hit to 
wursc. peos beoS hore owuno proplK-tes forc\viddares. ]?eos 
bodice) biuoren liwu ye atellehe '' deouel schal j^ct aqesten" ha-n mid 
his griniine greuirange, 7 hu lieo schuleu ham sulf grennen 7 iiiucieii, 
7 makion siir semblanut iior ]'e n:mcliele augoise, i^e pine of lielle. 
Auh for ]'ui hco IjcoS ]>e lesse te moien, }>et heo biuorenhond 
leonle^ h'.re meister to makieu i:'ri;iime cherc. 

pe \vre(Sfule biuoren J'e ue< nde skirme^ mid kiiiues, 7 he h his 
knif-\vor[)are, 7 })leiee) mid sweurdes, 7 bei-eS ham bi ]'c scher[ie orde 
ujjpeJi his tunge. Sweord 7 knii' eitior beoei schcrpe 7 keoruinde 
wordes ])et he AvorjteS fronnnard him, 7 skirmeL) touward oiSre. 
Auh heo bodieS hwu ]>e deofien sehulcn pleien mid ham, inid hore 
schcrpc aulos, 7 skirmcn mid ham abuten, 7 dvsten ase enne pilche- 
clut, cuchoii toinvard Oiier, 7 mid helle s^veordcs alsnesien*" ham 
p-aruhut, J>et be(»^) kene 7 keoruiii'le, 7 atelichc i>inen. 

pe slowe lio 7 slepeb i^e deotk-^ berme, ase ]iis dcore deoj'ling :' 7 
te deouel leieJS his Intel adun to his eareii, 7 tutele^ him al ]'et he 
cuer wnle. Uor, so hit is sikerliehe to Invamso is idel of ood :' be 
ueoiid mauelcii i;eorne, 7 te idele iuidcruoc> luueliehe his k)re. J^e 
]>vt is idrl 7 7;en!eleas, he Is ])e'S dei f!es bermes - slep : auh he schal a 

laMi.-l,... T. 
[.■aMi.-v. ■!■. 
;;lo,,,„.„. 'I'. 

^-lait. ^. T. s.^latuS, C. 
itt.;rlur!ic. T. 


,,T„rri. MAX. TIIK .LI-OOAT^O. 


„,;;. .vi.l, tl- .lire.. Y^v, " ;i ;,„, .Ui,»ely : ."J if t''""^^ '^, 

„„v tir."^ to l..ln>r,e ov a,shl.,o t • ^^^^^ ^^^^^,^ ,,,^^,„. ^,,,, . u-,t 

.kn t!,ov l.onv of ^">y goo.l, tho> I ^^^ , ^,.^,„^.^ „„,, 

.l.oU- aosivo of ovil i. -■"■ ;;f;:^'.":„„, »■ Ou..oissouK-.vtatof 
evil, ,l.oy ai -tort it, and n. U- "o ,^,^^^^ ^^^^^^. ,^^|.„,.^. 

k.,i; o.; i-'l''-'-';"f':":^, r:,r^rror into- them. it,, lu. 
l.iaoous -ana !>; tM . ^,^^ .^,„t „„„,„,,, ot tl-e 

-^ ''I ft 'r C- ^'"'- - ^^ V'"'1' '-'■'''''" '"'' 
pains of Itoll. l^nt "'^J , , ; ,.;„ cliec-r. 

learned beforehand ^'f ^ '"^ ^ ^^^^ ,,,,,> knives, and he i. 
The .rathfnl nran fenceth V-'" ' - j^ ,^^„,,„„, „,„„ ^j,.,,, 

his hnife-thn-cver, .,nd pbye h -^ '',^„.,^ ,,,„ „,„ ,..,, and 

,,i. tongne hy the sharp P""'- f; ;_ ,„,j .herewith attacks others. 
,„ni„g ^vords « 1>^;--;^"1''" I , 1 .„-;„, thcnr, «ith then 
A„aiTforehodcs how the de U j U )^ ^__^^ ^^^^ ^ 

sharp a.ds, and ^i-';-- ::,„,, ,,,.1 strike then; through 

;;::•;«:;:::;"■''"-;'- "^"- i.-'-i->— -^'^-'^ 

fhil.lV il^"" 




KKc;ui..i': i\cu>AKrA[. 

doincj.dei griniliclic abreiJeu mid t>'. drcill'ivl dveanic of ])i3 ciiulcne 
bemen :^ 7 iuo hclL- wuiidrcJc aU'liclic'' awidJcii. •' Sui'o;ite, nioilui 
qui jacetis in scpnlcliris: surgite, ct \eiiitG al jndiciiuu Saliiatoris." 

pc ;^Iscarc' is ]h'3 fcoiidcs askebaMo,^' 7 li^ cuer iui.'ii askeu, 7 favoL> 

luclit'Io 7 iiioiiio 
It':' i.;.dtav^'- 7 

abuteii a:>l;L'ii 7 Lisiliclie stuiv>) him uorte jukcl 
rukeu togedero, 7 blowcc^ j^ciinnt', 7 abk-iit kin 
maket5 ];enm)o fiuiiivs ol 

)>eus r 

keiiaics d(,^i•l>liakbo?) 
irmclie] uurto viktuon. ])is is al ]»erf oaiiues'^ bbssc, 7 to ucoiid 
bilialt al \h gomen, 7 kudiwoxS ])ct kc to bcrstcci. \YiA iiiKk-rstund 
oucrick wis moii ]ns :' jx't gold 7 scoluer buL)C, 7 ciierick eorolick 
eikte, nis butoii corSe 7 askoii, ]^et ableiit cuericlmo mon ]n>t bloawub 
in kam :' \^'\ is, ]'ct bolmveJS'' kim ine kam :' ])unik kam iiio keortc 
prude:' 7 al ]"jt ko rukeloci 7 gcdcreS togedtae, 7 etlialt of eni 
Iniiiic ]>et nis butf-n askcn, more j'cii lut keo ncod. :il scka.l iuc kolU; 
i^vur^)en to kim tialdcn 7 neddren, 7 kuc^e, aso Isaic sciu, scinilen 
beon of murines liis kurtcl *" 7 Iiis kuuertur, ]K>t noldc ker ]»e ncoil- 
fule ucden no sckrudcn. " Subtcr to stcrnctur tinea, et opcrimen.tuni 
tuum vermis." 

pe jiure glutun is }k'S feondes manciple. Uor lie stiko^ cticr i^e 
celcrc, o'Ser iSe kuckeno. His licorte is i^o disckes :' kis ]>oukt is 
al iSc iie[)i>e ^ kis llf iSe tunnc r' his soule ieie crocko, KumocS for5 
biuoren kis J.outM-dc bisinittcd" 7 bisnieoiaiwed,'' a discbs ine kis one 
kond, 7 a seoale' iii kis o\Scr :' malSele^ mid v,-ordes, 7 wlgele^ ase 
uoi-drnnken mon ])et kaney inumt to ualleii :' bilialt kis greate 
wumbe, 7 to ueond kiidi\ve\S ])et lie to beiste^i. God ]n-eatc\S ].>e(js 
Imis kuriik Tsaie. " Servi moi coiiiedent, et vos csurietis," 7c. :' "Mine 
men," lie sei^, "sekulen eteii, 7 ou sckal euer kungrcn :' 7 i;e sekn!.>n 

^el■.•.■^. 'I'. 

cqoN. (;. hulluv^. 'J'. 

J.. . ('. ;i>..i. . 'I'. 

h«.:rl. C. T. 
I.i-Miiulut. I'. 


THE COVr/iOl >- M->- 



1 1 11 ,M Doon^sdnv be fearfully 
, 1 ,ir. L.,.om-sl.qH- '^^^^ 1- r^'f '"^ ' ,,,,,;,,s, and shall 

tl.„.o accountants do ^^l'<^ ^'''\ _„ . • „,.^i,,e, and lauglieth 

,„,,, ,o.a ana sUv«;, ana '■ / '^ , ", ,„„-,„. ,pon tncn ; .ha. 
„,„, ,,,„.. -l'"-'' '■'■;;:';, ;„.sv.-oua inl.eav. tln-ough then,- 

,„V .V»"^ "^"-^^ "'^™ " " , 1 ■' to Imn ; and Lis luv.ol and„,etoaasana a .k-> o 1^ ^^^^^ ^^,,^^^ ^^,^,,,,1 „„ 

;;: envcnn,, a. Tsalal, sa,.l,, _^<J;;;^^^ .^ ^^^^, „,,,, ,.<, ana 

a,,a n,«- clothe .l.e ..eedv 

tl,c wov.n, cover tlK-e. ' j, ,^, ,,„ „,„-„,,, bannls 

Thegvccay.ln..™-"-^^^' ^,:, ,„ ,,, aishe.; all p 
tl,e cellar or .he h..*-, - .^ ,„ ,,„ ,„„ l,i. sou n. .he 

,„„ ,, •„ of the tal ee . , ^^. ,,^ ^0.-1 be.nn.tea . 

„itcher. He come.h ni.o the 1 .__ „,^ „tiK.r. Uc 

tlhs nn,cl, h.cohe..n y, ;^^ -^=;;^^^ ,,,,, „„, ,„ aevil la,,a.s„ ahon. .o f^'"' '" f ^^^ „„:,.„.ne.h snch person., hv I^- • 
„„, ,,, h".-.eth. <■■'"> "'" ,„.^,i,,>. S:c. : '- " My servant, sh 11 
!;S.rvin,eleen.eaen.,anavo. .... ^. ^^^ „ ,_^ ,„„, ,„, ,,... 

;r:';\:t;::.i:.o e„,o,. .......w- ^■^^""■,,, ,,,, 

Iv. 11. 

l.a,..l., 1' 


i?t:gui,.7: uscll'sai; 

boon neundos fode, world a l.uleii vuuc \ " " Quuntmn ulonricavit so 
ct in dcliciis fuit, tantnni dale ei luctimi ct toi-iiieiitiini." In AjHJt-a- 
lip-si : '' Cuiitra imnm puculum quud iniseuit, nuscoto ci daio/" L\[' 
}o gulcliccuppo --^ woallivide Invs to diinfkrn, 7 -^nr.t In Ids ]notv 
I'ct he aswelte Avi^iniien. Ajeaii one, jll' hlin two. J.o! swuch is 
Godes doni ajcan ];<; jiure, 7 a3;can ];e dnnckaics '' i^e A|.ocalip.-;o. 

pe lecliiirs i^e deuflcs kui't liabbe^) ariht liore o^\■u^.c nonie. Vor 
iSeus nuicliclf kurz, j-co me clcopc^ lecliurs ]>ct liabbu^ -j uorlon^i, 
sclieonie ]>ct liani iiis iiowiht of scliconic, auh secdioS Invu heo 
minven mest uileinie wurcdien. pc lecliiu- i^e dcofles kurt Lituleb 
InmsulffuIlicl-iC, 7 alJc his fcolawcs, J stinkeS of J;ct ful?5e, ? paie^i 
71./;. r.T. wcl Ids Joaerd, ndd tct ilkc stinkinde breS, betere j^cii lu' scdn'ddc 
mid eni swote rodiles. Ine vitas ratrum liit tolled Invu ho stiidcc^ 
to God. po cngel l,it sdieawcdo so^iIIrhc ? opojiliclie, ].et he.dd liis 
Jicosc, ]>o l^er com ]>e ])rude lecliur ridindo, 7 iiont for jn-t rotede Jicli 
yet lie liel]) ]>c- lioli eremite i.urto ];ibuncii. Of alio ].e o^re jn-omie, 
JinbbeS ];eos j>et fiduste inester iJSe ueondes kurt ]<et so bido>^ hain 
suhien r' 7 l)e sclial bidon liam 7 pijieu ]iam mid eclie stunclic ii^e 
pine '' of belle. 

Nu je habbeS ihord one dole, mine leoue susti-en, of ],eo ]»et me 
cleope^ je seoue moder sunnen, 7 of hore teames, 7 of Invucdic rnes- 
tere.s ]>eo ilke men serue^ i^e deofles curt, ]>.t habbe^i iwiued o ])eos 
.seoucii henoen, 7 Invui heo beo^ suu^e uorto hatien ? to schunien. 
Le bco^ ful ueor uroni ham, nre Louenl beo i^oncked :' auli be fulo 
breS of pisse laste unoeawe-j>et is, of lecherie— stinekeb' so suuk- 
fnle— nor ]»o ue.^id hit so^v^■^i 7 to bloa^ve^' oneral— ]).,t ieh am 
snmdel of-drcd leste lilt lca])e et snmechei-j-e into ownr li-ur'te- 
neo>e. U.-r >!ench stlh^ '' uppard ;' 7 je beu^ lu'Ie iclumbeii, ),er 

t. 'J-. V. 




to ''5 il'io." '- Oive tlic^^ tosspot 

^luU.m, .111.1 against .Ir.mkai'.ls m the Ai»«,l,|. o. 

'Pi 1 I...,-,.,., liav. ...vHierly tlieil- own name in tlie ilevil's cimn. 
. ^ '" : 1 „ ii-t tl, .y are calle.l leelic. -.vlio liave .,o lost 

V"'' '", r^i V ^ >-d'.,r .i..tlii.iS,U.. .eek K.V tliey may 

shame " " ' _,^^ ,„ „„ j.-viPs conrt the k-ener fuiill.^ 
uoi-k "->"",""-'■,,;■ ,•,„„„.„ an,l stiiiketh uf that filth, an:l 
.lefileth l"'"-f. ;'"■'.,"■ •' l,,Uiikin..o,lo„l-, nuieh better than 
,,K,„,,h ),is lenl with tk,t .aine.t, ^^_^^ ^,^^^^_^^, .^ 

l,c. sheiiia v.itli any s.vee nieen ■. ' •«= '^ ,j.,,^, „ , ,,,,„,„! 

„,■„ ,,,ay and -"'->'-\ '';;',' for the putiid corpse wliiel. he 
1,^, l.okl his nose, and did not ^» '" ' 1 ,^^,^,^.,.„,. (,„, l„ve 

„i„.,ed the Holy l--;;;;, --j^; „^, ;',:";;,.,; hetonl themsehe-., 


'" jrrrrr; one part, n,y dear ...0..^^ 

„,„ .oven capital sins, and of l^ieir 1™^;^ ^ . '\ ^f ., „,, ,,.,,■. 
t,,e men who liave married ^ >- -^ f ^,,j ^„.„„,a. Yc are 
court, and wliy they are g''" ' ' ;;^,7:' ,,„, fo,, „„oll of this 
very far from tlieni, onr Lord U> tl a, Ud , yet . . „,, 

."^^'-''- ^-f ;:irT :: ; vhir^hif lain-soniewiiiit 

:-: tl!::: ■:::;.<: -Tf:;:::,.^aio,. ^ 

,,,, .vit nn.l stn-^th w.U t-i willis.autl. 

( AM1>. >-^><' 

2 1' 


Ri:ouL.'K iNcr.rsAraM. 

;ns. Uvc Lnucrd jluc- ou wit 

|)e wirul is inuclu>l of stroni^c tent; 
7 stivnu?o wel to wi^stondcn. 

Sum anci-c is ]K-t wcne^ ).et h-o scluile boon stron-lukcst iuoiKlcd 
i'Se tiornieste twcolf luou.S ]>ct iico bigon imciv llf, 1 i^ien otior 
tweolf I'oi-efter :' 7 bwon Leo, cfter ueole jer, meleMia.u so strougc 
heo awundre^ biro s:vu^c, 7 is of dr.d Icstc God bu-o al 
uorTiten 7 f\)nvorpen. Nail nis bit nout so. I^e u*^ine j.rcs in. 
bit bute })a]-i>leouwe :' aub nimoS nu ^emc hwu bit fareb, l>i uov.usnc 
Ihvonnc a mon baue« ncowelicbe wif ilcd bom, lie mmeb ^eine al 
softelicbe of bire maneres. prmb be iseo bi bire ei ]nng ]x-t bim 
niispaie, be let ]>e ^et iwurSon, 7 mabeS bire ueue cberes, 7 is 
vmbe^ euericbes weis ];ct beo bim luuie inwarabcue in lure beorte . 
and Invon be understond wel >et te luuc is treoubcbe lucstned tou- 
.vard bim r' beonne mei bo, sikerlicbe, cbasten bire openbcbe ot lure 
unSeawes, /et be er norber ase be bam nout nuste: make, luiu 
swuSe Sterne, 7 went to ]>ene grimn.e to5 uorte uondon ^ote pf be 
mubte bire luue touward bim unuestcn. A last, bwoii be unaer- 
stont bet beo is al wel itubt, for none ]>inge }et be ck-b lure, 
beo ne kuieS bine neuer ]>e lesse, aub more 7 more pf beo me,, 
urom deie to deie :^ j^eonne scbeaweS be bire ]>ct be lure luu.^ 
swetelicbe, 7 deb al )>et beo wule, ase ).eo >et be luueb 7 iknoweb, 
-Veone is al bet wo iwurben to wunne. Eif Jesu Crist, ower spus, 
deb al so bi ou, mine leoue sustren, ne jnmcbe ou no wunder. A or 
i-be urumbe, ni-s )>er bute olubnunge, uorte draweii m luue :' aub al 
so sone ase be eucr understont j^et be beo wel akomt.d mid ou, be 
wule uorberen ou lesse ber :' aub efter |.e spi-oue, on ende,---- 
heonne is ]>e mucbele joie. M ribt o ]ns i ke wise, ^o be wolde 
leden bis folc ut of ]^eou ]>eoudome,'^ vt of Pbaraoues bond, ut ol 
Eoipte,be dude for bam al V^t keo ouer wolden, nuraebs k.-U- 7 

h- y 

,it of K'(,!u. c; 







,;,,,, ,1,0,,, .0 strong, .1.. ■= «'-■>-"- ■ ^- , -^ ;, „ot so. 
„„,- l,„ve quite forgoucn ,or, nn. , r _^^^) ^^^^^^^.^ ^^.^„_ 

,„ „„ f,,,, ,.e„,.s it . ^^1 '^"^,^;: ,t;,.;.. l>a.l. WgM 

l,y a conn>:u-iso]i, huu it tcaictli. ■ ^^^..^rves her inanncvs. 

,\.i, ,,.„„e, l,e, .-itU «-;,;;:tX\tn«t.prvove,yothe 
•n,„ugl. 1.0 sees „. iK-r .n^ ''= ';'.,,.,! e„.a„ton;<uc= towanl 

,,„, and carcfnlly uses -ejy - ^l^ ^,.^„ „,,,,,d that hcv love 
affectionately in Wn- l.eavt; ^'"^ '^^^en \^ith safety, openly covrect 
i. tvuly fixed upon ^'""•.^'■%-'^lf2\Z if ,,e knew tl.en^ not: 
,,„,. faults, «lncl. ho P'- »f ^' ^""=^;;" vere countenance, in ovdef 
he beeon,etl, rigl.t stern, and "f^^; ;;;.,,,, „;,, .-ay. At last 
..dl to try whether l.'^ love tow "^^^^^ 

„l,en 1.0 perceives that sl>e.s conn U _^^^^.^ ^,^^, „,„,.,^ ,t 

„,„, |,e dotl, to she -'otl lu o^ ^^^^^ ,_^ ,„^.,„, , 

possible, IVu... day to day, tl.e,. he ^.ew ot ^^^^^^^^ ,_^ ,^^.^„^ 

iweetly, and doetl. ">■--;;-' joy. If Jesu Christ. 
a„dknoweth-the„ . »"*''"* f" ^^^, ,;,ters, let it not seem 
your Spouse, '>""-V''".^';;X;i Lit is otdy courtship, to draw^ 
strange to you For n, ' ' ;;'" ^. -;„, ,i,„t ,,e is on a footing of 
vou into love; hut as soo.. as Ik, per ^^_ j_^^^ forbearance 

itVeetionate fanriliarity w,,h >•-; ^^"..n is tUo great joy. Just 

,vi,byou-, '»■' ^'l'"- '•'''■ "'''T';Xndl.:s people out of bo.ulage 
i„ „,e san.e way, whe.> he d to a 1 1 ^^1 ^_^^ ^^. ^ ^^^^. _,^^.^_^ ^^„ 
_oUl of the power of T haraol.^ou t. t ^^^ .-. 1^^^^ ^^^,^^^ ^^^^ j.^^ ^^.^^ they fci.vd-u.i.-aelesn.anya -,^-' -^^^^^ ,|,^,,, ,,,,„ ,he,v d.-y- 
a"'' '"^"''^ ""■"■' ' 'T ",' ■ n .'l, ei.n-oes we,-e d,-ow,,ea. Moreover, 

]ii:(.rL.K l\C'LLSAi:UM. 

fe'ire. lie adruwede ])e Jlcade See, 7 luakcdi- h-Mn nivo wci JMu-uh 
iiire:' ? I'i'i- hco cikIlmi dnil-uoted, ]'er adiX'intL- IMiaran, ? liore uoan 
alio. rur>^ei- i^e desert, po he liefde iled liatn uenr i ^e wildeniesse, 
he letre h.aui J'uheii v/u inouh— hiiiiger 7 ]>ur<t, 7 luueliel swine 7 
inucliele weurren 7 luoiiie. On cude he jef ham ivste, 7 alle wcole 
7 wuiuie:' al hure wil 7 flt'-sches eise 7 este. j^iis lire l.ouerd 
spares a iioniiesi ]'e juiige 7 ]k! feble, 7 draulrS ]iaiu ut oi' j'issc 
worlde swetelii-ho 7 mid liste. Aidi so soiie so he i-^ihS ham 
hcardcn, lie let arisen 7 iiwakeiiea weorre, 7 teclieS ham iiihteii, 7 
weaiie noite |'t.lieu. An eiide, eftcr longc swiiike, he jifS ham 
swete reste, her, I sigge, i]>isse worlde, ci' lieo kumeii to liLMjuene :' 7 
JHincheb J'eomic ]>o rcste so god efter ])e swinke, 7 te muclielo cise 
ef'ter j'o ir.uelielc mcoseise Jninclicci so swirSe swete. 

Nu h'-oS ibe sauter, under ]'e two tentaciuns ]'et ieh erest seide, 
j>et beijS ]'e uttiv 7 te Inrc uor.dunges, ]K-t teme^ alle |'e obrc, uour 
doleii, ]nis to-deled,— uondunge hht 7 dcrnc— uondunge lihfc 7 opeu- 
licliO" uondunge strongc 7 derne — -uondunge stronge 7 openliche, 
ase is her to undcrstonden. "Noii timehit'^ a tiniore uoeturno, &c." 
Of foudunge liht 7 dernc seiS Job ];cos wordes : "Lapides excava.nt 
aque, et alluviono pauhUiui terra consnniitur." Lutlo drop-en 
l)urleS "^ )'e]ie ulint ]n't ofte ualloS ]'cron :' 7 lihte derne uondungcs 
])et me nis nout iwar of, ualleS oScrhwule one treowe heorte. Of ]>c 
lihte opeidiche uondunges, bi Invani he seiS al so:' "J.ueebit post 
eum semita," nis nout so lanchel dutc. Of stronge tentaciun ]>ct is 
J>auli derne, Job meno>i liim 7 sei^ :' " Insidiati sunt milii et pre- 
valueruut, et non erat qui I'erret auxilium : " j;et is, " Aiine uoan 
awaiteden mo mid trieherie, 7 mid treisune, 7 strenc Mcden ni)pon 
me, and nes hwoa me ludpe." "A^cniet malum super te, ut ULScies 
oj-tum ojus;' ( )l' )'e iieorSe uondunge, ]'ct is strong 7 openlich.e, he 
urAvh his mon.' of his loan 7 soilS, "Quasi rujito muro, et apnla 
jamii' irrnt-runt siq-ei" mo:'" ];et isjieo v.-r.-lLU- in uppon mo, ase 

„,e.,. .u, of .Ins -,-ia gently n l U ^ ^^^..^^^ ^^__^^ ,^^ ^„. ,, 
,,es tl,o„. inuvoa .0 '-■•■a.l.H-. ' . ^. „,„„, I„ .1,. oud, .1 . 

,,„| ,„,a-l,c-tl, tlK.m t" fiJ't, .u.a t.. .^^ „,„ „,„,1,1, 

;"■' I i,e, tl.on> sweet re, , 1'"^' \,, ,„ .„od .fter 

loll"' tuu, !i^ k' 1 +1ir.ii the rest fe<-*-i''^'-' » , 

the labour; and the ^i^ni i . 
very sweet. 

. . V.ater, .-.ukv tl,e two te„n^-tio„s 

Now, .Kevc avc .u "". I »■':',,,, „„,„,„.d and tbo >«-«! 

„,,, I spoUe of fiv., w;- - \,^^^ „,„,, fo„,. sorts hu 

1 ttt 1.0 .fr»Hl for .1- 1="-;]^. ;■'! iUlesexcav.r,f,uirra,et 
t et temptation ,Tol. saith those.- ds . 1 1^^^ ^^ ^^.^^^, ,„ ,, 
, uvione panlathn terra consn,m - ^^ ^^,^^,^, ^,„,p,,,„„. 

;, fl-,„t nron wK,=l. they oft« .a^.^ ^.,,,, ^ .ahWheart to en 
,vlneU men are not aware of, at t ^^^^ ^_^.^,^ ,j^,,^_ A yv tl. 

O ,Uo liMan,an-,festte>nytaUo s o - ^^_^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ O 
I ,11 sldne after Lira.- tl'o e 1= » ,„ahetl, his eonn.lan, 

;;Lt,enH,.ation.;vhich.yct.c ,^^..^_ ■ -»" -"'..t 

\,„, „;„,. ", «""'^ ■'.",. '','„•„, ,vait for n,e with treaehey 
'"nvtauxihu".;-" tl-t .S-^ ,,^, ^„„, „,,,,. wa» none who 

a"'' .'--!r':v:^i^i::,r:!::ei;:-'- -"''•'- " 

l^eli-.d me. ^'^^ " ' " 

,1.1., Mv. n'. 


Foli<j 'o\ 

1'22 KEOUL.i: IXr LL'SAUUM. 

paiil) lie wal vcre to-ljrukcn, '^ te ;;;t'tcii opciie, po uoriuc, 7 tu 
J^ridJe uonduiii^c of })e()S fuui'e beo^ almcst imdcv ]k'i- iiiix'. ]7e 
OiSer, <2 te ucor^o, uallelS under j'e uttre, and LeuiS euer fles- 
liclie, ^-^ eiS foriSi to ivelen. pe oSer two Ijcol) gostliclie — of gosL- 
^icho unbcauwes — '-■jt LeotS iliud ofte j derne hwon lieo derueS nicst, 
1 beoS niuchel iioij^ui ]>c more to dreden. i\Ioni j?et nc weucb nout 
bredeS in Lire breoste sum liunes liwcolp, oScr sum ncddre kundel 
]7Ct for-uret J>c soule. Of swiiche Salomon " seitS^ " Alieni coniederunt 
robur ejus, et ipse nescivitr'" et alibi, "Traxcrunt me et ego non 
dolui "^ vulneraverunt me et ego nesclvi :'" ]>et is, vnbolde uor-urcteu 
])C stroncSe of his soule, ^ lie hit nout imste, Hot is most dix'd of 
invon ]'e swike of lielle eggee) to one j^nge ]?et })uncl!e\S swu^o g(xl 
mid alio, -j is jnauh soule bone, --^ wei to deadlich sunne. So he deo 
al se ofte ase he ne niei mid openlich vucl, knScn his strene Je. '• Noa, 
he seiSe, ne niei nout niakien ]>e<is to sunegen ])uruh ^iuernesse, ^ 
iehuUc don ase J;ewrastlare de^--ich chulle wrenchen hire j^ideward 
ase heo most dredeS, '^ worpen hire oSere liaK^ <^ bredeu ueriiehe'' 
adun er he lest wene :' " and eggctS hire tomvard so muchel absti- 
nence, ]>et he is J?c unstrengre ine Godes seruise, <^ let so heard lif, 
•^ pineS so hire licome |?et te soule steorue^. lie bihalt on oiSre j'et 
he ne rnei nones weis makien vuele'^ iSoncked, so lufful ■■i so 
reouSful is hire hcorte. " Ich chulle," he j^enche-S, "makien hire to 
reouSful mid alle i ichulle makien so muchel j^ct heo schal luuieJi 
eilite, ^ J)enchen ]>e lesse of God, 7 leosen hire fame :' j put J)eonue 
a s^\uc ]7onc in hire softe heorte : Seinte Marie! naueS ];c mon o5er 
];eo Avuuunon meoseise :^ j no mon nule don no good? Me 
wolde me jif ich bede, 7 so hel})Cii ham ^ don ehnesse r' " j bringeS 
hire on to gederen <^ jiuen aire erest ];e poure :! J^er cfter to obre 
ureond :' a last makien feste, 7 iwur^eci al worldlich :' uorschuppeJS 
of ancrc to huscwif of hellc. God hit wot swuch<; makecS sum 
of liore :' ]'<'t weiiOL^ ]>et heo do w.'l. ase dusie men 7 adotede doN 
jiire to ur.d'.'rstondeii, J'ct llakereL) '' hire of Ireolac, 7 herieu 7 ^flpetS 

•' tail re ^ 



cuArriNrss of tiif, temp-j-kr. 


t'lR' risiiiii' tluToof." •'' O;' t]]o iuiirtli toui))t:itinii. wlii'.-li is powerful 
ami iiiaiiifc'st, lie in;!k 'tii ]iis coini'laiiit and snitli, " Quasi rupto 
iiuiiY), ot apc'ifri jam!:i. in-ucn;iit super nto ;" ^ That is, '•' tlicy 
ruslK\l ill upon ]ik>, as \\]\rn a wall i^ broken, and the tiatcs open." 
'J'lie rir>t and the third of tliesc four tenipratioiis are, for tlic most 
]»art, under tlu; inward cUiss. The second and tlie fourth fall under 
tlie outward, and are almost always fleslily, and, therefore, easily 
felt, 'idle other two are sjiiritual — concerning spiritual faults — and 
are often hidden and secret when tlioy are most lun'tful, and are, 
thcn'fore, much more to he feared. Many a one who doth not 
suspect it, noni-islifth in her breast some lion's whelp, or some 
viper's brood, that gnaws the soul. Of such SolomoJi saith, '•' Alien! 
coniederunt robin- ejus, et ipse 7iescivit ; ""■ and in another place, 
" Traxcrunt me, et ego non dolui ; vulneraverunt me, et ego 
nescivi ; " '' that is, " Enemies have devoured the strength of his soul, 
and he knew it not." Yet there is most reason to fear when the 
traitor of hell inciteth to any thing that appears at the same time to 
be very good, and yet is the bane of the soul, and the way to deadly 
sin. lie doth thus whenever he may not shew his power by open 
wickedness. No, saith he, " I cannot make this one to sin through 
gluttony, but I will do as the wrestler doth ; I will pull her forcibly 
aside in the direction she most drcadeth, and cast her on the other 
side, and throw her down violently before she is at all aware; '' — and 
he incites licr to so much abstinence that she is rendered the less 
able to endure fatigue in the service of God, and leads so hard a life, 
and so torments her body, that her soul dieth. He sees another 
whom he cannot by any means make to entertain evil thoughts, so 
full of l<»ve and cojnpassion is her heart. " I will," he thinketh, " make 
hei- even too conijKissionato. I will so manage that she shall h^e 
woi-ldly goods, and thiid< less upon CJ(jd, and lose her re})utation; 

<= Hnsea, vii. : 
111(1 I knev. it nut. 


i;i:oi:LyT: u^clv^mujm. 

of ■ },o c .,c..c ],et l,oo deS-Jnvu ui.k- I,..., is ik„.»vc.„,., I,™ I.t w^l 
'-■;(,;? I.a|.o „„o J„„vl... Su,n solS i„„„l, ,,.X,,. ,,i e -S 

m u.,. J3 an,.l deopoi l„„e "dcnioni,,,,, .ncn.Ii.m,,,,," i,,, ij |,,.;|„ 
so ,n„Klc. cle„,,d :- „,. Sci,Ue P,„vel c.oopo« l,i„e .'.,„ ,.,!„„ ,,;,,:"' 
l-et ,s, cngol of ], ,t: vor su„d, 1,. ,™U.S 1,1,,, Uu; -y ;d„.,„v..^ ,„■„, 

s>vof,,o,,,e toll. 50 bueo ,l„-o„k:' v.,,. „is ],i, ,,„,,„ ,;;,,„,,, 
haueb ,v,so men of l.olio Ih.o , of l.eic ofte «> Ucl,e,-,1, a.^],. 'iKt i,' 
CO,., to ,„ «„e wil.k-n.osso in o„e w„„„„„„o I,V1,., . s,.!,I,. |v, 1,™ 
>vns ,«o„ a „.eolc._S," , weop aso J,!,,, of.o,- horba,-,!.-... :' , 

. t ,,»v,ko„ l„,„ .so,-,l,cl,o on cKlo. Also of ),e l,„li ,no„„o l.ot l,c 
."..l„,le la„„e„ l,o„, ,o aealon his fodor cl,otol",o no.,.ir„Ic.> to 
i.ou,.o »o lo„go ,,ot 1,0 cU.aaiicl,o s„no,.,„lo o ,v.„,„„„„o, . fc, , 
into unhopc, , clo.cle i„o l,cauod su„„e. Of ,„o„ hot sod Ls ,, , 
OMMvuCo. ,ak.„ il.c.,.05 1,„ 50 solodc, ,vito„ ou' iS , .1 , 
w,oIos, ).ct 1,0 on ,K. l,i„,.e„cl,.. Sn„,„,o of on ,,et I o „,ako o 
.sn„,mo chorro to wenon ),ot l,it wo,-o uikolunoo vif l,oo sool c. n, 1, • 
,5.. heo cd„,o,llie„o „,o„od 1,1,. neodo. , 5i? ,.*, y.:^^:2::^ 
)n,,go,ldo,|e: 7 was ,noi-o onc-liowe no,-l„ „oux.„chon d,orite Lon 
-Ho don nI,t«,s„csso. Sn,„ l,o is „,,ntc„ to n.akicn so .; 
ulo„n ,„onuo ,n.o„,,,, J.ot l,o„ nallo^ ;„e doadlicl. so,- ,,ot is aooidio ■■ 
oW.ntodoop ,o„l,t, ,„ ,,,t ,„„ ,,„,.^., s,„,^ l,atoLsosn„K. ;, 
i,oo l„„,o« onerl,owe „l o«,-o ),ot falloS, J,ct sclnddo «-eo,,o„ no,- 1, ■ 
? sore d,„ ol al s,v„cl, anont hire s«l„c.„ ;■ .., ,;„„,,,„' ,„,, ,, , ' 
l.ol,o ,„„„ j,ot set .jweop, soldo, ],o ,„e toldo hio" poj „„ of' lis 

■net; up. '/'. ('. 

• Uvfolc. 'I. 

wai-.l ..N\ Inilli.iu.. T 

f. led.. (J. 


WILLS (,r 

mid lie {hov. iiut< ?.\\r] 
M:M-y ! is !i,,f t!iis v.< 
o!ii_' win do theia mi 
;iiid tlais T iiii_L;-lit lie!; 
to cullrct. ;iiid t( 

iiii; i)i:\'n,. lkoiadary ta],e> 


I'liMiit :!> iliis int.. lier kiiid lieni-f: '^ Holy 
im:'.!;. or fills woiiian. in isvcM jiov^rtv ; and no 
Miiy i;;o(id ? 'J'hcy \v(,uld. if I were to a.>k tliom, 
eh) tluMii, and do al:i;-^." Thus ik^ lends lior on 
ivt' first of ;.ll to the }ioo!-, aiV'Twards to sonic 
friend, and at l;i-t to make a feast ; and she -ron s ijuite worldlv, 
and is transformed from an anchoress into a housewirc of hell. God 
knows that one of them mid^cth sncli feasts : who thinketli that she 
is doini;- good, as foolish and silly })eople liive her to imderst-and, 
who flatter her for her liherality, and })raisc her. and hoast of the 
alms that she doth: how widely siie i^ known: and she is well 
}-leascd at this, and leaj/etli u[) into jnade. Some one will ho readv 
onough to say that she is gathering a lioard ; so that her house mav 
be broken into, and slie too, Lo I thus the liellish traitor pretendeth 
to bo a faithful adviser. Never believe him. David calleth him, "Do- 
moninm meridianum," that is, " bright shining devil; " and St. Paul, 
" Angelum lucis," that is, angel of hght : for such ho oft pretendeth 
to be, and secmeth to many. Accoun.t no vi;io]i that yc may see, 
Avaking, or sleeping, or in a dream, to be any thing but an illusion ; 
for it is only one of his stratagems. He liath often thus decciveil 
wise men of holy and pious life ; as him whom he came to in the 
wildei-ness in the form of a -woman, and said that slie had lost her 
way, and wept, as in misery, for a hospitable shelter : and again, 
of the other holy man whom he made to believe that he was an 
angel, and of his own father that he was the de\-il, and made him 
kill his fatlie.r. Upon veiy many former occasions he had always 
tukl him tlK> truth, that he might deceive him grievously in the end. 
Also, of the holy man whom he caused to come homo to (h'strihute 
his father's goods to the ])0(ir and needy, so long that he sinn.ctl 
mort;dly with a woman, and fell thus into de-jiaii-, and died in 
deadly sin. Against the devilish wiles of tlie man who tellrth you siudi 
talcs, heai" how ye shoidd guai'd youi'selves. thai he ma.y n(;t de*\i\-e 
you. Sometimes he ha> made one <:>f you think thai it would he 
flait(M'v if she Mere to s]ieak in a ccjurteous maimer, and if <he 
(AMI), soc. '^ <: 



broc^ivn v^as iuailen into heaued sunne : " Tile hoilie, eu-o ci-;i-i : 
'MVeilawei ! strungliclic was lie iteniti-d cr he so U'-olk-,— a-!" li 
ueol to dci, ul so," que^^ lie, •'' ich mci t" morwcn." 


Nu, mine Icouc sustrcn, monie tentaclims ich liahbc iiicnnicd cm, 
ider ]'c scouc suniien : auli nout tanli ]>c jjusentfuld ]>et me i? 

niide iteinptrfl : no 

iiuilite, asc ich wene, mido none mu5e iioiuc- 
liclie neinen ham. Auh ine J'co ]?ct Leot) her ctforen iseid alle ]»eo o\Siv 
beo^ bilokene. Lut beoS i\Sissc woilde, o^er none mid alle, ]'et ne 
beo^S, mid liore sum, oc)erlnvulc3 itempted. lie hauet) so monie 
bustes * ful of his letuaries~}'e luibere leclic of hollo — |>e ]'et for- 
sake^ on. he boot anober uorc) aiioiiriht, J ]'et ]'rid lo, 7 tet I'eor^e : 
7 so euer uorS anonriht, uort he^'cumc iippon swuchc j^et mo on 
endeundcruo: 7 he ])eoiiiie mid tet, birleS '' him ilome. penc her 
of ]?e tale of his ampuiles. UiereS iiu Invu ich blliet, ajean alle 
iionduno-es, monie kunne urouren, 7 mid Godes grace, per efter ]>e 

Siker beo of foiidungc, ]Kt Invoso'^ cuer stont ine lieie line, pis is 
])C uorme.-te urourc. Vor, euer so herrc tur, so iiax-jeS more wind. 
Le l)c o^S tines on sidf, mine leoue sustrcn : auh ne drede ;^e uout 
l;co hwule |>et -^e beo'5 so trcouliche 7 so iieste ilimed mid lini of 

hoi-trs. T c. 

i,i 1. 11. ^i. c. 

•> .iiid swa <iii r ^oI^■ iiNot lie. 1' 

•' siUoi- l>ri> uf foiuliii.: • T. C. 




■ r .,. .vn,l tli'inkccl oiictbv atjcnofit 
lu.mUy!:iin^^l cf her ...Kl.i;om. , ■ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ 

c.,„fen-ea: nnJ yet th.. w»s r»t c .,k . ^. ^^ „,, on.l.avours to 

„„,e .o.„e one »--'""%";" ^l";,■;';,:,d,v '^vU of .loth; ovhUo 
„f „„„ „„„eahlo, that .ho f^'l'» '»\ ; " ";' ,.,;,,•„,, Son,e one ha. 

-'■'' ■■'■"'"■•■"'' "■:■"=:■ \ T\ % 'X- 1 contempt u.on otlun. 
such a hatred cf sur "'•''^''f ""';'; f'/ „,,„, „„d fear greatly for 
,,Uo fall, "hen she ought o .eop fot «>un ^^ ^^^^ ^^_^^_^ 

,,erself,le.t she fall into ^'^ f^^^^^Z tJld that one of his 
ai,,, „.,,o sat and ..Tt, and sa,d, "'« y;; . ^,„„ „,,,« " Alas! 

,„aer the seven sins ; hnt yet not 'ao us.a ^^^ _^^^^,,, ,^ 

,,,,;,,. .0 arc to»Pt«l • J -^te ^^i^h ,^^^.^^ ^^,.^„,^, ,,,„ ,pol<=n 
l,art;enlarly named. Bnt n ". ' f ^^. ,3„,„, or none, n, 

If all the others are .nehtd^ - - ^^.^,_ ^1^^,„ „f ,„„, The 
tl,is world, who arc not, ot t""^ ' te P .^ electuaries, that 

..iehed leceh of hell hath so „« ',;;,,.,.,„,, „„a „ third, and 
to hi,« who rejecteth one ''= f ™;' ^.„„, ,, ,„,,> a one as he ,n 
" '■-•■"" -'^ - °" 7t':r l-ith it .re,nontly. Thhd. 
th" end aeeepts ""'^'V' .^i. Hear now, as I prondse, ,' .nany 
„„w,ofthen,nnherof lusl uaL ^^.^,_ ^^__^,,^ ^^^^^ 

l.,„,l, of comfort agamst all tem,.tati... 
thereafter the remedies. 

being tempted. Uw^ i> . ,, 

„-;nd Ye Yourselves ere tow.a's, 
b.weris, it hath always the n,o,c « m 1 ^^ ^ ^^__^, ^,,.^,,,^. 

aear sister,, hut tear not wh.l,, . ^ ,^,,,,„,, _, 

..,,,,u .■,.,-. .."siM- r.i-""»""^--""-"-' 

-MS. ')x(,n. 
1^ -;,.,. .,.>^r 177. 



siiicrc'' ]iuic eiiericlio)! of uii tc 
JHiriie'' 50 Jrcden, buto ;i;H" ]K't 1 
j^e lane ))it\veoiien mi w ui'si-j ]>u 


Vor nunc (Icotlos pullc ii'j 
a1se :''^ ]>ft is tn siuLTCMi, biito -^^W 
I'c iicoiiilc. Al so soiic so ei 
unlimeJ5 liire, liro bi^ soiiu k\\i[,t fur^ : bate j^W ]>c o^lv hoKlen 
hire, heo bib ikcst soiic lulun, asc ])e Icstc"^ stoii is from ])e tmvs 
coppe adnii into ]^e dcope Jich of sum suti suiine. 

jNu an Ol^lt ebie ouh inuchcl uroureii ou, Invoii ^c beoJS itciitcd. 
pQ tur iiis iiout asailed, no j?e castel, iie ]k' cite liwon hco bcob 
/•..//- GO 6. biwiiiineii : al so |>c liclle weorriir iic asaile-S nennc mid funduiige 
]'ct lie liaueb in his liond :f auh deS heo ])ct he naiie^i nout. A^orbi, 
leoue sustivn, Invosc nis nout asailed, heo mci sore dreden leste lieo 
beo biwunncn. 

pe ]n-idde kunibrt is, ]>et m'e Louerd sulf, ibe Pater noster, teclieb 
lis to bidden, " Et no nos indueas in tentationem : " j^et is, "Louerd, 
Feder, ne sutfre ]m nout |;et lie ueond alhmge lede us intcj uondunoe." 
Lo nimeb nu i^ode jemc. lie nule nout ]>et je bidden j^ct je ne 
beon nout ifonded, vor ]?ct is ure purgatorie, 7 ure elensing fur, auh 
]>et we ne beon nout alhnigc ibrouht J>erin, njid kunscence of heorte 
? mid skik'S -c;ettunge. 

pe ueorbe uroure is, sikernesse of Godes lielpo iSe vihtunge a^ein : 
ase Seinte ^o^Yel seiS '^ — "Fidelis est Dens qui non sinet Jios 
temptari uhi'a (luani possumns." God, lie seib, is treowe: nul he 
neuer J^ohen ]ict te deouel tcmpti us oner j^et lie islhb wcl j/et we 
nunven ibolien :' auli ibe teni])taciun he haueb iset to j>e ueonde a 
nierke, ase jniuh he seide— tempte liire so ueor, auli ne schalt tu ^on 
)r ]ie ;<;iucb us strencbe to \vibst(Uhk'n, 7 te 

no furber: 

} so ueor 

deouel ne nu 

i nout gon 

■ T. 

furber a prieke.' (iregorius 





yo. wl,en yc ru-e tcpt-. I H- ™';' ^ _ .,,„ .,„„.,„ „,• l-,.ll 

o»,tl.o, nor the city, atter tbcy "■-"■■■1- • T ;„ ,,■„ ,„,„, , 1,„, h« 

.«.,.,... to™.;-;;;";;-- - ''^^ICX^ su,c., ... 


^n. third co,na,rt is, that our Lord hinrscif; in tl,„ Pat^njo... 

V ^^ . to r.rav " Et VJ, "»= ""'-'^"^ '" teHtat.onem ; .hat .., 

-q^ordoav rather »t (la . ^ ^^^^^^ __^^^ ^,_^,^ ^^^ j,^..,_^. ,,,,,, 

'■'""•" '"• "":', tr fi i o ,.ur..atory, ar,d our purityiug Pre 

heart and cousoit of the i-nnd. 

The forrrth corr.fort i., th= assurance of Cod's assistance in the 

,„„t,st. as St. Paul --*;:,}:r'^^;;tcsaitl.i's faithful: he «iil 
t„„„„.riul,raci«a.r,l>ossun,u. 0^ ^^^_^^^ ,^^^ ^^.^^,_ ^^^.,, ,,^,.^ 

„,„, .„„,r .l.t tl«- ;^^^-^,„„ ,,, ,„„ ,,.,eed a .nark to th. 
,,e ca... hear; hr , " ^ ^ ,,^.,. ,,„„,. ,,ut thou shah ,. 


Xlu 'i'ilvs .iisiro.' the aidie,U,u of the rijihtoous, yet, unless he 



licet nfriictionciii justonim scir.pcr ap|)Ct;it, t;i>ncn si a Deo potcsfateni 
noil accipiat, fonnidnri igitur non debet, (^uia iiilii! nisi perjui-isus 
aii'ere valet." 


And tis is ];e vift(i iiroure, ])et ho no mei no ]n\vj, don us bute bi 
Godcs leaue. And tet was wel ischeauwed, asc ];e Gospel tellers, 
])eo ]k'0 dcoflon ]>et nro Lonevi wei'p nt of one monno bisouliten 7 
seiden : " Si ejicitis nos liir.c, niitte iio^ in porcos :" jif \>n dniiest us 
hconene, do us iSeos swin licr :' 7 lie jettede ham. Lo hu heo ne 
niuhten nout wiSuten leaue swenelieu falc s\\in. And te swiii 
anonrilit urnen 7 adreinten ham suliien iSer see. Seinte ?^Iarie ' so 
heo stunken-'' to ]>c svvin, ]'et ham v/as leoure uovte adrer.chcn haia 
sulf J)cn uorte bcrcn hnui :' and on vniseli Godes ilicncsse bereS ham 
in hire bi'coste, 7 ne nimeS ncuer jemc. And al ])et vuel ]'et lie 
cucr dude Job, cuer he nom leaue ]jcrof cc et ure Loiierde. LokeJS 
JK-t je kuimen ]>e talc inc dialoge :' hu ]?e holi mou was iwuned to 
siirneii to ]?es deofles ncddrc: "Si liceiitiam acccpisti, ego non pro- 
hibeo :" jif ]?u hauest leaue, cweb he, do stink ^ si^V" '^'^'^^^ * '^ ^"- 
bead forS his hond.° Anh heo ncuede ]>o none leaue, butc one"^ uort 
to offeren'' him, jif bilcaue him trukede. Auh Invon God ^ifJS him 
Icauc on his leoue children — hwui is hit, bute uor hore muchclc 
biheue, ]nudi hit ham greue sore ? 

pc sixte kunfort is, ]>et ure Louerd, hwon he ioulcb ]>et we beoiN 
itented, he plaieS mid us, ase ]>e nioder mid hire 3nngc deorlingc :' 
vlihS from him :' 7 hut hire : 7 let hit sittcn one, 7 loken jeornc 
ahuten, 7 cleopien, Dame ! dame ! 7 wcopcn one hwulc :' and ])connc 
mid i^predde ermes leajieS lauhwinde uorS, 7 cluppe-JS 7 cusse\S, 7 
wipeS his eien. IJiht so, ure Louerd let us/jir' iwur^L'U oc>cr 
liwnles, 7 wicSdrawct:) his grace, 7 his cumfort, 7 his v\i\v, ]'ct we ne 

I-. c 



..„, Goa he o.,ht not to he fbavcd, because ho can 
receive power from t^^.'A. n.^ " 
do nothiiig unless pcrnutted. 

l„„oo, ---1"\;"'" ':;,;;;:; ,,ui:o«t leavc, afBict tl,c foul swine. 
Obsovvo l..»v tl.ej '"3""'; , d,,,v™d themselves .nrt.e sea. 

A,vl the sv.-inc n.uned.atel ; ' »" ^,,^j ;t „.,, ^.tter fo. ti.en, 

ll„ly Mavy! they so f«"';''>, ■;",;,„ , ,„a an unhappy e-ature 
,..a«,wnthen,selyes "'™;" ''/'J ,t,, „,e.a in her hreast, and 
„„de artev the .n.,c » ^^ ^ ' j .„, „.,, ,„ did to Joh l.o 
,l,i„heth nothing of .t; /^" -' ij f,.<„„ „„ Lord. See that ye 
„Uvays <.htained to do ^^ _^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^.^^^^^ ,„ ^^ 

U„„vthe stovy n, t - >alo|u ; - ^^^ .^. ^_^,, ^.^.„,,„ . 

to the devil's serpent S ton 1 ^,_^^^_ ^^^ ^^^^ . „ „„^^ ,,„ 

.. If thou hast leave " '!-" \, j\,l =; p,,,„ission, cxcepto.dy to 
oft-ered hin, his hand. But hlud^c ^^^^^_^ ^^^ ^.^.^^,^ ,.,, 

::^::n:^'althou,h it ...y ^levo 0«n so. . ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ 

The sixth eomfort is, that -^"J-;'^^,^ ,,^„ ,„g darling: 
te„,pted, playeth -- ,- * ^.^^^^^ „„a ,„„ hin, sit alone, and 
she flies fron> him, and ^fj^^^^, j,,,,, : ,„A .eep a while, 
look anxiously around -" . " j , „,,„., „nd en.hraeeth 

and then leapeth f"''"' ''"'.='""' ";';,; 'l„ like, onr Lord 
,,,d kisseth him, "'"';"!"•'',' ,,,,,;„.th !,Ilise„n,r.nt, 
sometimes leaveth "' f'"'- ''"^''m< u' any S^a that we do, 
and His support, .o ^''' '■''J, ._„,, ^,,;„ „,., very tin., our dear 
nor a,,v sati^faetioo ..I heait . > ^, ^ ^,^^, ,„, ,,„,,. 

,.,„,„, ,„volh us ne.. .r the h-», 1 " J^" ^^ ,, ^^,,„.„ ,,, „,,,, •■ ,Nou 

l,a>, i,,.!-*. .\ndl)av.d uode.sloo.i 

Full,, r.-i. 

iuimleS swetiiossc in none )'iiii;c- J'ot wi- utl ilu\S, nc Miuuvor lieortc : 
?tau]i, ib(>t ilkcpoir.t, no Inue^ lie us iin- Icoue \w.W ncucr );e Icsce, 
n\\n lie doi^ iiit for niuclic! June pet lie li;;iu-'.S to ns. Anv let iniflci-- 
stou wel Dauidj ];o lie seidc, "Non me derc!in(|;;;is iis(iiic(juaque :'" 
allungc, cwc'S he Louerd, ue Lilef ];u me Moid. Lo, lie wulde uel 
);et he Lilefde him, auli iKuit idhinue, A;.d six ajielieisujis beelS ''^ 
hwi God, for lire .''od, ^vi^draull^ him oSerlnvides: }»et on is, jn t 
wo no bicnmen ])nide : '' an oe^rc, ]ret we ikiiowen ureowune ftiblesce 
'? lire uwujie muclieie nnstrenceio, 7 are owuiie Mucnesse : 7 tot is a 
swuSe miichel god :^ asc Seint Grcgorie sei^, "Magna est [lerfectio 
sue imperfectionis cognitio:" ];et is, muchcl godrsesse liit is uorto 
icnowen v,el his owune wrecchcdom,*^ "7 his Avocncsso. Eechis. 
" Intemptatus, quaha scit?" Tlwat wot, he seiS, Salomon, ];e |)or is 
luiuonded? And Scint Austin Lcre'S Scint Gregoi-ie uitnesse. jiild 
tcos wordes, " Mclior est animus eui ])rOjiria est innj-mitas no(,i 
quam qui scrutatur celornm vestigia et terrarum fandamenia :" ]n\ 
is, betoro is ]>e ]?et tvoddec5 wel 7 ofscche\S ^el ut his teble^ee 
)jen he };et metee5 hu lieih is ]>e heoueno 7 hu deope is ]/c e(J!■^e. 
HAVon two bcrcxS one burJSenc 7 to otSer bileaucti hit, );eomie mei be 
J?et holders hit up iuelen hu hit wcihc^. Al so, Icoue suster, \>q liwule 
J;et God bereS mid te ]'i tentaciini, nostu neucr hu hcui hit is :' ? 
for^i, et summc chore, he let ]?c one, ];et tu undorstondo ]nn owune 
feblescc, 7 cleo})ie efter his liclpe, 7 jeie lude eftcr him. Eif he is 
to longo, hold hit wcl up J?eo hwulo, jniuh hit dorue I'o sore. A"or 
hwoso is sikcr of sukurs ]'0t him schal sonc kumei^, 7 3;elt tauh up 
his kastel to his wi^ierwines, is swuiSe to blamen.*' peneheJS her of 
]>e tale, hu ])e lioli moji in Jiis fundnnge iseili biwe.-len a-i;;m him so 
muchel uerde of deoflen ]>et he uorleas uor muchele divde In- 
strenc^e of Ins biloauc uort tet ]'e o^er holi mun seide to him, 
" Bihold," cwoc^ [he] bi eslen : "jdures nobiscum .>unt quam enm 

rtii. T. 

)>nM,.n. T. (• 



,V1IV ...u .UKFF.KS i:S TO nr, IKMl'l i;i 


„ . " » « 1 ..r.\ " (luotli Ik-, " il" w.t tlioii 

l.i.n, in,, no. .t.oHy. A-'l • "- -■'■,; ^;fr ., nu,y n,,t 

.,-„„,!, .o,ncti,„cs -,vU!,a,-a>v. 1. In.-clt . no- J ^ ^^^ 

good, ns S»- 57f '^,; "' ,^ J-;;;, ,,„ J i„ a „,» ., Uo. woU hi. 

?" t d'" And St. Austin eo„fu-,„eth .1,0 tcstn».ny of S 
Gregory, wtl, tl,... " V ir„t-,.ur ca-loru.u vcs.igi., ct terrarum 
,Unda„,en,.;" t!,.t », -f ' ^^ ^„^„,„,,t„ ,hc height oS the 

„e„von and the -r"-f. ^ ;,, ; '^ ^,, .„!t ho.deth it „, nt.y 

.hurden, and one ol '^'""1;;^^' diar sister, while God beareth 
,,en feci ho.v tt v.e.ghc h. ^ « -> " . ^^^^^^ ,,„,. ,,,„,y i^ is, 
,l,y temptation along NMth thco,ti,o „l„ne, that thon 

,i, therefore, upon some oeeas,o„l^>- ^.^ ^^^^^ 

,„ , nderst.,d J ^ ^ ^t: ^'id it .el. up in the mean 
cry loud for hnn. It lie u...^ 1T„,. he that is certam that 

Zo, though it distress thee sot. Jot e ^^^^^^^_ ^^^ ^ .^ 

,„eeour shall soottcot^o^^^^^^^^^^^ 

enemies, IS greatly to '-■""'=•, ,,;„, „„ the west sueli a large 

•""" %'f r t'uh.-' « -'--''^'-^ -;' !" 

•irmv of devils, that tuiou^ii t, +,, i,;,,, ''Look, uuotli lie, 

"toward the east xi , , , ,,,.e t,. help on our side. 

I!::5t;::;.: :':i.ess and pre^nnp,,,., and l.oth .hese 

2 Kh.g-^ 



2 II 


I 234 7;k(!Ul,t: inch s\i!( ^r. 

J illis." We liabboli, cwo^ lie, mo j^eii liec beoii, f., liely 

' linluc. pe |n-kl(le aiicliesuu is,-'' lie sei^, |>et hi iie Leo neue;- al sik 

vor sikerncsse streoncS jeineloaste,*' 7 oiutIiowc :' ? bo^e ];e(js 
Ktrcoiie^ inol-edieiicc. pe xieoroe a.iielicsun is, ln\i ure l.ouer.l liui 
liim r' j^ct tu scclie liim jeonieluker, J eleoplo 7 ^vc:(.lv.. efter liliii, a'o 
de'(S ]7et Intel babaii "^ efter Ills iiuKlei-. j)er elter is ]'e vil'fe 
ancbesun : ]'et tu liis ;5eiiicui)ie niidenu) ]^e o]e<!lukei-. po slxte 
ancbesun is, ]>et tu ]'ejeft.'r j>^ v-isliiker \\ite bim, bwuii Jmi liauest 
ikcibt biui :' ? te uestluker liolde :' ^siocremid Ids leofinoue, "Temil 
euni nee diuiittaui." ])eos six rcisuus bco'S under ])e sixte uroureii 
]?ct jc iinnven babbeii, nniie Icoue susti-eu, ai;eaii noiiduupcs. 

pe seouebe kuufort is, ];ef, alio ]jq haluweii weivn ^vorldliebe" 
iteiited. Xiin of ])o liexte ah-e uormcst. Vre Louerd seide to 
Sciutc Peter, " Ecce Satan cxpetiuit uos ut cribraret sicut trili- 
cum," 7e. " I.o," cwoS ure Louerd, " Satan is jeoiMie abuten uorto 
ridlen^ ]>e ut oi" mine corne!^ radi icb Jiabbe bisoulit for ])e, j;et ti 
Lilcaue no trukies allunoc." Seinte Powel befdc, asc telle^i lie liim 

sulf, flesdies prikiungc— "Datus est nuhi stinudus carnis me;o" 

and bed ure Louerd jeornc ]?et lie dude bit from lilni :' and be 
nolde, auli seide, " Sufficit tibi gratia niea : nam uirtus in inflrmitate 
lierficltur :'■■ ]'et is, "my grace sebal witen ])o ]>et tu ne beo ouer- 
cunien :f boon strong in unstrencbc." pet is muclicl mibte. AUe he 
OiSre beob icruned J)uruli fibt of fondunge. Seinte Sare, nes beo 
fulle J^reattene -^cr itented of bire vlesclie ;' auli foriii ])et beo wuste 
FviinZ-lO. ^vel ]K't in ])e inucbele anguise aros ]>e niuebele med(>, nulde lie-o 
neucr enes Ijiseclien ure Louerd ])et li(> allunge deliurede bire ]>erof: 
anb ])is was euer bire bone— " Doniine, da milii virtutem rosistendi:" 
'• Louerd," c\vetS beo, " jif me streiieb'e U(>rto wicSstonden." Efter 
j'reottene 3;er com ])Q akursede gost ]^et berUe bire itented blac as a 

- lM,i-).e).n.l.l'.Mn-is I-. T. I' ?;..„r1c.s. T. 

' liti'lKini. T. " uodlirlic. T. C. h,,d(,'M. MS. Oxun. 

*■ I'i'lli 'i'. C. * Jfoioii.-. T. ((,'. ,/,<c/x. MS. Oxiiii. 

;■• tiiiKo. 'J-. C. 

, ,■ -n.e f.rartli ivas.m Nvl.y our Lor,! \»M'n In.n- 

The reason ^^^-^th. ) ^^^^^ ^.^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ,^ ,, 

rr -I ii d . . 1 v.m not let him go." ^ These s. ..son. 

.istcrs, aguhist temptations or tnals. 



f ^ ;■ th-it all tlie saints Nvcrc tempted like 

'l'''':r'n"r:^ truest of an firs.. o.,..,o,:a=aM 

others n, tins woiM. ' ' ° ^.„^ „j ,,iu,;,,,t sicut, trmcua,, 

to St. T'eter, •' l.c-cc S t.,n .xpcu ^ ^^^_^^^ ^^^^._.^^^^ „^ 

.^,... "Behold." 4U0,h -'■ ;;';\^^^',,,„„gu for thco that thy 
sift thcc out of nunc clcrt . ^ ^^^^ ^^.^^^^jf ^^n^.^,,^ .,,i,,d„g 

foith fall not utterly. &t. 1; " ' ^ ' „ „f „ «,,!, ; " « and ho 

of the flesh. " TUere >vas ", \ „ ;,=,„„ve it frou, hin, ; a,,.! 
,,,„yecl our Lord carneslytl _^^^,^ . __^_^^ ^,^,,„^ ,„ 

he«ould not, but sau , ^.f^'' „„=,,,„„ keep thee, that thou 
iufirutitate perfie,tur ; t -, y =^ ._^ ^^^^^^^^„ y,-^ ;, ^ 
Shalt not he overcotne: L''"'] ^''^; = ,,„,,^ o„ recount of then- 
,_,. M, the other^satn. are .0^ ^^__^^_^^^^ ^^^ ^ „^ , 

resisting ten.ptat.ou. " a- ^1,^,^ ,„ ,,,,,. gre.t 

rt,ir.oen years V but, '*--;,"-„, she ,vouhl never heseeeh our 

aistress the -^-^\ ;^^^f\X^, , J, fi , it. but this .asahvays 

Lord that he would --'fy;':'^^ .esistendi." " Lord," -i.'o.h 

ber,,rayer, " 1. -■;;>';'"' l" After thirteen years eau.e .he 

,,„., " j;ive UK- sirensll' •" '^ '^ ■ ,.,^.,^ ,„ ,, „,,,,„_-.ud began 

,.eeurs«l spirit uhe had ten.pled la, -bU 

. |,„l,«,x:.Ui.--n. 


REc u L,i: I y CI. u s A15 ur^i . 

Llo.un.nv' 7 big.m to gred-ii, Siire, \>n liaiu-t ouorcurucn mc : % li-jo 
liiin onswcTO f scid.' i]m llcst, cwc^ l.eo, fuk; Jmh- r' iiout icli, auh 
luiuoS Josa Crist my Louwxl. Lo! Invu ]^e ^xvikc" wolde niakicn 
hire, a Inst, leapcu into i.-iii.Il>. Auh lioo was f'ul wol JK-ruf, 7 
tunio al ye moUtvlc to Codes sri-cuc^u. Souilo Iniv.'it, 7 Srinto 
Antonie, and to o5re val T,e wuto-i hu lieo wc-i-cn incited, 7 ]'unili j-c 
teiitaciuns iprcoued to trcowc champ'iuns :" 7 so mid lihto ofsevuodoi 
kempene crane. Ant tis lier efter is ]^e eihtw.Se kunfort :''■ ]'et al so 
also ]}c goklsmi^S clcnseS ])ct gokl iSe furc, al so deb (Jod ]>e ;^oulo 
i^e i'ui-e of fondungc. 

pe nie-Se cuniwrt is, jif pe ucoikIo mid foiiduiige greueb ]^e sore, 
]?u greuo:4 him Invou ];u ctstondest a j'uscud sibc more 7 sarro :' 7 
tot I'or ]u-eo relsuns, nomellcho, J'ot on is, ]K"t he norleoscb, asc 
Origencs seib, his strencS uorte tenten enermore on WQn snuch 
inanere sunne. pet ober is, ].et he fnr^erluker eclie>^ his Jniie. jK-t 
bridde is |;et ho iior-uivt his owunc ]>eoite oi' sore grome 7 of 
tcone, ];et ho lUvSonc liis [teb],^^ det5 )>e ibet tentaciun ]>"t tu stonst 
ajean :! muchelcS ]nnc mode :' 7 for pine }.et he wende uorte drav.eji 
he touward, he Lreide^ |;e crunc of blisse. And nout one ne two, 
auh asc ueole siSen asc ]>xx ouerkumest him, asc ueole cruncn r J^et 
is to sigiicn, aso ueole menken'^ of misliehc muruhbcn lie greibcb 
I.e. Uor so seib Seint Beornard: '•' Quoclens iiineis, toclens coron- 
aberis." The tale ine uitas patrum bereb wiineese ee herof, of j'e 
deciplc Let set biuoren his meister, 7 his mei.tor iweard ' aslepe, mit 
tct >et iie lerede him 7 slepte uort midniht: 7 ]h. he awakcde, ertu, 
cweS he, -et her? Go 7 slop swiSe.^' pe holl mnn, mei.>ter, 
iwcarS eft aslepe sone, asc ])C ]>ct hefde ibeon ine 
mncliele Avecche, 7 iseih enne swube ueh'ne stude, 7 iset lo. •^ ane 
trone : 7 ter on seoue crimen : 7 com a stefne to him 7 seide : j'cos 

.-IlK-. T. 



, .q... t^.u hu<t comim-rcd me." Ana she a.s.cved 
,,,,vout, ^^-;^;^,;' , ^ ^^^,^^, ^^,,^ .jv>ul tlnn..;; uot, I, but 

hhu an<l said, - ^-i^'-i y i , i.^lioM ! U^w tlie (leceiver 

„,,U „,vavo 01 .t, ^" \ ""''"7,, ,^,,,i,, St. A,>tl,n■,v,,uultlK■otto• 
(iui Yo know ^ell Low S - l.u a, -- ,^ .^^.^.j („ fc^ 
-int. .0.0 tcnptea, ™^' ^^^t tl"™;': of ' ito.y. A.ul 

-{"■ '"'^ *■;'■" "'Trrirtltc fiend with tenn.tatlon grieve.,, thee ' 
The nintli comfort is, .f tho 1 ^^ ^^^^^^ ^,^^^^ 

sore, tho. gvlevest him a ^'""^^^^Z^,, ;, tlnU he ioseth, 
.esi^tosf, and that for -^^ ™;' ™:tWrtor to snch hind of 

,■„,. A"'f-"-'^' ''f ''°. Ivay his own heart with anger and 

::r ^at''hr:r; t„\is int.ti., fj^^ 

„r the ,,nn.huK.nt w u 1. ho t ^^ ^_^ ^^^^_ ,^^^^ ^^ „,^„^. ,„„„ 

,l,ec the crown of joj. Ant .^ ^^_ l_^ .,,.^p,,^,„|, 

,„„ overconKst hmr, so ma y o w- ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^,^_. ^^ ^^_.^,^ ^^ 
f^rtheoasnrany var,onskmds o J J ^^^^..^ „ ^j,,,^ ^j„,., ;„ ,„e 
15ernar.l, " vtnm, t° "^y" ^^^^ ^f j^is, coneer.nn. the 
Uvesof the fathers »'- » flj^, ,„, „.ster foil asloep whilst 
aiscii.le who sat before '- " "^ __ .,j, .^1,^. ,„i .vhen he awoke, 
,,0 .vas teaching hun, and slept un •_,.^.^,^,, „ ^,,0 holy .nan 

,,„ said, "Art """"J-"^'"- \, ," " he hid heen ,,revionsly in .nncl. 
,,k n,aster, soon fell as eep =>?; '^ ' ,^, ,„.,_ „ „,,„„e set forth, and 
„,,,,;„,, and he saw. n, a ve.yUan.d^^l^ ^ ^._^^ ^__^^l ^ .^,_ .„,.,„^ 

'■1-' i' «^"-" """":, "!!l:'ns tl,v di.ei,le hath this nigln earned.' 

d tli> li 

dV.rJ f 

,.1 c'allf.l liini U< h 


^FAiVL.r. IXCr.USAlH'M. 

sogo'?,eo5soo,,nenl,.„,S ),i |,eo,s ilko „il„ <,f crn..,! 

^fou ],. J,,o Invule J,e, id, ,1,,,,,, 7 ,u s,.(,. W,„„v„ „„. v- « , |, ' , 

cwc^ l,e, of,e ,,et Icl. wuU. ,.,.v,.,ki,.„ ,., ,;■,„, '";"•; 

swofe,« ,ch „e „or reouSo :' 7 ..eon,,, l,..,!,, ., ^^ ^■''"-"' 

me luste slep™ : ?„oMebutc„ le.-.uo." "II ,„ ' : '^ "":':'' "'"' 

w, bsoKlo l>c uoomic, and oncTco.n In'm s„lu>.„. " '^ 

• Al i,u^ K„. susfen, i&. wi„stln„go' of tontacinn. nri.eS >,« 
b.Soa 0. . ^„„o c,.,-on„l,UHr nisi ,,ui le«i,in,e cor„a,i, •" „. ,,| 
on Won K.n,ncd, sciS Scinto Powel, b.Uo Invo sc n,„ i.- e1 

nnwi.tof i.dlo.. p,o uilac^ feoulicho tot s o L , '"" '" 

.*«.. ,«o.i>ve„„.edof,,eos,n.c„.,Wi„J'i l:^^^^^^^ 

c.„ Cn.e. fc„,a,vo. nov I.eo do. as i.o'^clL",, 1 ,!' '^.tilf 

Cum gustasset acctum ]ioIiut bibcrc *'" 1,nt ;. ] •, 

dnu.h 7 wi.d.ouh him anon, ^^ Mo ^i ^^u^ TT ^T 'fT 

of.u.M.e.o. Heo is, ].t so do., n^ ^d^ lis ::;:;'' '^ 

Vndcstond 7 ,,enc ,.aul,, ,., tc is ,alle nnd.- : ; , Y"' 

swetc ane Invulc^ bctere is uorto l.olien Jnnsf ]„,, n„. ] "? 

Let lust ou.^on J hit ]. wnle liken. . o ^ '1 ?:'' ^^'^!;'^^'- 

lat].unche^ god lor to gnidcn : . au], Li J f v "^^^/'^^^^ 

iiche snu-orton. AV^eik.^i ' and n.oni I ' \ ^ -^^^^Mnt bmo. 

•!i<-lo !,eto 

■ f.xs!.:. T. 
Jiiiuillr uf l,.,ru 


in. I'll. (_;. 

i-\ T. u,i 
I pin./. T. I,,- 

'■>;. f. 

TiTF. vinoinous oyv.n 'ij:An-r.\T[o\ c;i;oav\t:d. 


'•TfU iiu'," (|iiot]i lu', '-iiow was it with ilioc- wliilo I .sl<,']it, and llioii sit l>oforo mo?" '• f often tlionglit," ([iiutli ]io, "that I would 
awaken thee, and because tliou didst .^l-ep swe^'tly, I coidd not for 
pity; and tla-n I tliongiit tliat I would go away, for I liad a desire to 
slccj), and would not without leave." " ITow oft," tjuotli he, '•' did>l 
thou o\ercuine thy thought thus?" "Seven times," said he. Then 
undeistood his ma-ter well what were the seven crowns — that they 
were the seven hinds of juv wliieli his disciple liad merited each 
time that he rejected the suggestions of the ficnd, and dem'ed 

I^^vcn so, dear sisters, in the wrestling with temptation, nriseth 
the gain, " Nemo coronahitur nisi qui legitime certavit." " No one 
shall be crowned, saith St. Paul, cxccjit ho who fights vigorously 
and faithfully ngaiiist the world, and against himself, and against the 
wicked one of hell. She fighteth faithfully wdio standeth firm, how- 
soever she is attacked by these three adversaries, and especially by 
the flesh, of what kind soever may be the desire ; and the moiv 
violent it is, fighteth again-t it the n:!ore resolutely ; and refuseth to 
consent to it, though with reluctant heart, however strongly it may 
incite her.'' She who doth thus is a follower of Jesus Christ : for 
she doth as he did, when he hanged on the cross. "Cum gustasset 
acetum noluit bibere ; " " that is, he tasted the bitter drink, and 
inuiiediately withdrew himself, and would not drink it, tho\igh he 
wasthii'sty. Slie is with God on his cross ^Yho doth so, although 
she thiisteth in the desire, and the devil offers her his sweet drink. 
Understand, howeve]', and consider that there is gall under it; and, 
th(nigh it be sweet ibr a while, it is better to sniler thirst than to be 
l)oi.s(jned. l^et the desire pass over, and you will be glad, ^\'il^le 
itch in;>- lasts, it seDus an agreeable thing to ]-ub ; but afterwai'ds it 
is j'ch painfully t<. smart. Alas ! jnany a one, on account of great 

2 'V\ 
" I'.t 


iiiiiiif"" — M' 

240 UKCCLK !X(M SAiIlM. 

swii-Sc ofjHirst r.iid alio j^et tt-o liwulo pet iico (Irinko^ Jk.iio druncli, 
lie loo liif liCucT so l,iftfr, iie iade?5 lico liit ncuer r aiili <.';ulclicIS hi 
jiaorlivh.j/ 7 no iiimeS ii'.r.or j^K'nit'. Aiul Invon hit is :tl oucrc, 
jjcoiino spot hoc ? scliekc5 ]>et lieaued, ? fu^ on iinrto iiiiielcsi, 7 
maiden sure 7 grinnne clieiv : auii to letc'' j'eonnc. Xout IbiM, 
eftcr vuei, god is penitence: ])et is ]n"t beste])ouinio speowen liit iit 
anon mid scliriflo to ]'C prcoste. For bilcai^c liit wixiiiiaen, Iiit wub' 
breden deab. Vor |'i, mine Icoue sustren, beoo biuoren iwane : 
and cfter ]yo vn-onren ]>ct bcoJS lier iwriteiie, ajcan a!le uondmiTc-j 
soclietS }>.?os saluen. 

Ajan alio tentaciuns, and nonieliclie a-can vloslielio, saluou boo^ 
7 boten under Godes grace : holie nieditaciuns — inwarde, 7 meiS- 
loaso, 7 anguisusc I'uner. — 7 lierdi itilcaue r' 7 redungo 7 fc^.sten, 7 
■\vecclien :' 7 licoialiclie swinkes : 7 froui-e'' iiorto s[)cken tousvard tc 
i'ben ilke stundc ]>et te stont "" stronge : and cdniodnessc, 7 ]'oleuicd- 
ncsse, 7 freolac of bcorte, 7 olle godo J^eawcs, beo<S annes ijnsso 
vilitc :' 7 onrednesse of luue oucr allc J>e oJjre. pe J;et Iiis wcpneu 
■\vorpe-S awei, him lustc boon iwimded. 

Holie meditaciuns beo5 biclupped in one iicrs Wt was -^nr'- 
iteiht,* mine leoue sustren : 

pet is. 

"Mors tun, mors Domini; nota ciilpe, gnudia coli, 
Judicii terror, figantur mente fideli."' 

pencil fifte mid sor of lieorte o J'ino siunii-ii. 
pencil ec of hellu ^\-^> j uf lieoucriclio wunnon. 
pouch elc of I' in o-\vunt! (loa>5c -j of Godes rode. 
Nim ofto i¥inc modc" \>enc grime dom of domtsdoi. 
pencil eke hu nals is ]>cs -world, -j hwuch beo\5 liis modeii. 
pencil ec lnv;it tu owust C'ud, nor Lis '.md di.'d>.'n. 

giiic-clios in J.; 
uiNrcs frouiv'. 
ill l.ror!.'. C. 


•^^ ScllJWC!!. ('. 

' it;iclit ..u. C. r, 


]\IEAXS TO r,i: iM.i' - ■ - 

-,..-.-- -^;;:\rtiiS"::;*-?r 

l„.aa, ond l..yi>'.« t- ,"",,„„. Kolwithstandi..-, ^ifti'i' si", 

5onx,wn.! ; but it !•< tnoli too - ... .^ ^,^,j ;,„_ 

,,.„,, i, good-. tlK. best tlung, '^ ' f ,„„,,u,vhl, 

.,iU eauso deat!,.;,vo. '".V -■ '^ , bo.-o ^vvittc. sook 

toKl;anaacoofdi,,gtot!,ecomfo.t» .Inc.. 

„,Jo rcnodies. gainst .11 to,n,.tat.on.. 

Against all, ana >-''l"^"''"-^ ."r™,,,., „„eo, l.oly meditations, 
,„„Vc.inos and tvntodios are, "' ^ ^,^^;" ^fstro;, faitl., and read- 
i„,.,,,d, incosstnt, and — - f^;^ ,^. ■,,,„„,, „„d cotnfoft fron, 
i„g, fasting, and -f *'."&;■" ,„7'„\ temptation, and Intm.Ut.v, 
„tl,e,-s, spoken to *«'"';;/'- „,wiJes, ate weapons in tins 
patience, and openness n at .- ^,^ ^^^,,^^,^.^, „, „,,,„ „„owetl. 
fight, and s,ngtoe» of b-^ 
away Ins weapons de»iio» to 

, 1 1 ;„ a vcvsc tliat was long 
Holy meditations arc comprokonded n. 
since tangkt you, my dear sisters:- 



That IS 

Think oft, .Uh sorrow uf hca ^ ., ^^^^ .^^^ ^^^^^^^^^,^^^ 

Think abo of the l^'^-'^ ^'^ ^'^ ' ; , „n!u."c>-o.s ot Cluisl. 
Thmk also uf thine o^vn aealh a ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^_ ^^^^^ .^^^^^^^^^_^^ j_,^,, oil in thy ntind tin. lea ^^^.^ .^^ ^.^,,,,,1, 

^,a think h.>.iahe tins. .^^.^ 
Think aho Nvln.t thou ou...t I. o 

2 1 

CA-M'.>- ^<^^^'- 



iMiericlion of |;co.s \voi-ck'S woldc linbbeii !on^;c Invulo lunie lj».(.in Mel 
iopened : auii jif icli liic swuSc iiorbwiirdj demcorc'' ^e ]>c k'ngre. 
O word ich siL^ge cfter o\vo<' suniuii: ]'et liwoiiiic se -^e J^oiichuS of 
lic'lle v.'o ? ol' lieuucriclic wur.iic : vi!<lcrr,t(jude^i };ct Gud woldc a 
siunc wise sclieuwon li.ini to Dicn iM^se worlde bi worldliclic pincii 7 
Avorldliche wnuiieii : and sclicawrde liain uny'S :i-e bauli hit woiv a 
sclicadtwc — uor iio likuro'' iic boob lico. Lc beuej oucr ]mss(> 
worldca SL'C, iij)pcu J;l' ])ruo-;;e'^ of licouciu'. LokeS Int ^i lU' beoii 
/';^o Cii. nout ilieliL" ]>c liurst; };t't is scdu'oul!, 7 blciicheS^ uor one sclicridewe 
upo ]k' lieie brugge, J falleb adun into J'l- wateiv of ])q lieie brugge.® 
To scbeowe'" lu-o beo'5 mid alle ]>ct i\co'6 uur i\uv peintiuv, ]^et 
];uncJieS bani " grish'cli 7 grureful iiorto liijn^ldcii. Wo and wunnc 
i]'issc worlde al nis buto ase a scbeadewe — al iiis biite a»e a 

A out one lioiie iiieditacluns ase of ure Louerde, 7 of alle iiis 
werkep, ? of alle his wordes ; of ]>e deore lefdi, 7 of alle his 
lialuwen :' auh o5er ]?ouhtes suiume cherre ine mecilease uonduiiges 
liabbeS iholpen — vour kunne uomeliche — to vL'Schliehe asailed :' 
dredfule, 7 wunderfule, 7 gledfule, 7 seoruhfule, willes wi^uten 
neode arearcd in ]k' heorte :' ase ]>enclicii Invat tu ^voidest don jif 
];u iscie openliehe biuoren }'e stonden, 7 jeonien wide uppon ];e, ])enc 
deonel of belle, ase he deS dernelielie ine uondunges: otSerpfmc 
renule lude furl fur! ])vt te cliircbe bernde ! o^er jif ]m ihcrdest 
j^eoues bn>ken ];ine woawes. peos 7 o^er s\\ uclie dredfule ])oun(es. 
Wunderfule 7 gledfule— ase ;^if ]'U iseie Jesu Crist, 7 iherde^t him 
asken ]>e Invat te were leouest efter ]>i sauuaciun, 7 ]>ine leouest 
ureond,'' of ]?inge of ]>isso line, 7 bede \>c uorto cheoseu, wiN ]>en ]>et 
tu wiSstodc: otSer jif ]>u iscie soMiclie al pet were ine heouene, 7 al 

■A\.U\r. C. 

i. sk.rif liors iliclu- 1> schunt. ^. T. l^^ 

<■ brinko. T. C. 
j'_ Q, r seines t Lain. '1'. 

' I.riul.c. T. 


]t woul;l nvjiuiv a ]u};g- wliilc to e.\j)laiii fully every one of those 
wofJs. Ikit, if I lui-t-ii ijuiv'kly oiiward, tarry ye tlio lunger. 1 
say or.e v/c^rd ii; i-.'garil to }our sins : that \\licn yo tliink of tlie 
pains of licTl au'l the joys of hcawn, ye musl understaiul that 
God designed to exhibit tlieni, in some maimer, to men in this 
world, by worldly pains and worldly joys ; and lie shewed them as 
it v/ere a shado^^' — for tlie likeness to them is no greater. Ye are 
above the sea uf tliis world, upon the bridge of heaven. See tliat ye be 
not like the horse that is sliy, and blcnchetli at a shadow upon tlic liigli 
bridge, and fallelh down into the water from the high bridge. They 
are, indeed, too shy w]:o flee throngh fear uf a picture that sxH-meth 
to them and terrible to behold. All pain and pleasure in 
this world is only like a shadow — it is all only ns a picture. 

Not only holy meditations, as of our Lord, and all his v/orks, 
arid his words ; of the dear lady, and all his saints ; but other re- 
flections also liavc sometimes helped in innumorablG temptations — in 
four kinds especially— when assailed with carnal temptations — fearful 
and wonderful, joyful and sorrowful thoughts, which arise spon- 
taneously in the heart ; as, to think what thou wouldest do if thou 
sawest the devil of liell stand openly before thee and gape widely 
upon tliee, as lie doth secretly in temptations: or if some one cried 
out loudly, fire ! fire ! the church is in flames ! or if thou heardcst 
thieves break tln'ough thy walls. These, and other like fearful 
thoughts. Wonderful and joyful — as if thou sawest Jesus Clirist, 
aiid heard him a.-k thee wliat were dearest to thee after thy 'salva- 
tion, and that of thy dearest friends, of the things of this life, ami 
bade thee choose, upon the condition of thy resisting temptation; oi", 
if tliou aetually sawest, when under temptation, all that ar.- in 
licaven, and all that arc in hell, beholding thee alone; (,r, if any 
one cauic and told tliee that a man vei-y deai' (<j llu'e were eK'cted 

oi' this 



IS l>v a voice from ]iea\-en ; and oth 

h-irnl and 


If lla.u well loM th 

24 i 

llEG LL.K lNCLl"SAliV3[. 

Fvlic C'L 

l^e't v.eiv iuL' liclle/" in ]'c triitaoioii, IjilioUeii ]>i' oik- : ober pi' iiU' 
come 7 toldc ]>c ]'ct a nioii ]'ct were ]'o looucst wltc icli.j.-cii tu pDj.^', 
]>\v:v^^ <ouiC miracle, ar,e ]ninili sum stefnc of licoiu'iic :' iijkI alle 
o'ore sv.uciie. AVuiKlorlvik- 7 sconilifuK — asi- ^if ]hi ilicrtlost siggcn 
I'l't n nvfi\ \n< v^■er^.• j'O leoiiL'st were iierliclu' aflroiiit, oMcr iinur- 
bred:'' ober ]>et tine j;v::trcn wen-n in hore lius',' iiorLerne.'^ Swuclie 
])oulite3 oftc, i vlesliclie souleii, vivnelieS v.t vleslic'ie teiita- 
ciuns ]?eone suimne of ]7e iiorme. 

Inwiird, ? iiR-McasL'j 1 angrestulc buiicn biwjiincb sunc sucuj-s 7 
lielp 7 ure Loiierd ajcan flesclics fondunovs : 7 nc Leon lieo ik-uct 
so anoTosfLdc, iic so fulitowuae, jk- dcoucl of liellc dutcS liaiu 
swu^e : vor tekeri ]n't iieo draw.b scik- adun sucurs ajean liim, and 
Godes liond of lieuuene, do^ him two lienncs— bindeS him, 7 
bcriieS. Lol lior prooiic of bobc. rupphus,^ on lioH muii was in 
liis boncii, 7 com ];c iicond biiucii lum vleiudc bi }'0 kifto on hihcie'-' 
toward ]>e west cndc of ];c worldc, jnuuh Juhanos hcstc ]>e Ampcrnr, 
7 wearS ibundcn uileucste '" mid to hohc monncs beodcn, ]'ct of-token- 
liim asc heo ckambcn upward toiuvard tc heonene, ];ct he nc muhtc 
hider nc Juder, ten dawes fuUc, Nabbe ;^e ]>is also of Ilufhn ])e 
dcoucl, Bcliales brobor, in our Englischo boo of Seinte IMargaretc? 
And \g oScr deoiicl ]>Qi me redeS of ]?et he greddc ludc to Seinte 
Bartkolomeu, ]>ct mucliel was inc beodcn, 7 seide, " Incendunt me 
oraciones tuo : " Dartliolomeu, wo is me I nor J'ine bonen uoibcrneo 
me! Hwo so mei, ])uru!i Godes grace, liabbeii teares inc buncn, 
heo mei don n\id God al pet heo euer wuk'. Vor so wo rede-5, 
"Oratio lenit, lacrima cogifc: hec ungil, ilia pungit." Eadic boiien 
softc'S 7 paie'^ urc Louerd :' aidi tcares do^ him slrenebe. Be -den 
smurie^ him mid swete oluhnnnge : null tcares pi-ikie^ iiim, 7 ne 

:.ic hiis. 'J'. 
n hiliNc. I'. 
hclcuc.^U'. C. 

iiimiiSioil. asc he )• wrat \n> C, 

I'iplill:,. T. 

:u-. C. 

UlKltl-k.... T. 


THE r.rnCACV ov i'i;.ni'-i'. 

,,, a„r to tlK.. "-ere su.Mcly .U-uwn-l or nuu-dorcl ; 

i;:::i:.s'i; c:;:;"..--, .■<^™ "- -^^- ---" '^"""^" ^ 


;> 1 o,„l fervent lirnycrs soon oLtaiii succour 

ami l.elr from our Lord "-^•-" <^"; .;/„,. ,„„ ;, „n,cl, afraid 

ever so rudely ferveut, or so coar»e, « '« ^^^.,^j„,„,, „„1 

of ,l,o,„. For, t!,at '1-^ ^ ^J >;'^,^',„ ,,;» l,ar„, of tuo 
„„,„„, of Godfronrl.eave„aga.u u„i,^l y .^ ^^ 

UhKh: tbey bind and they '--» '' '• J^ts and .be fieud 
botb. Pui-Plius, - 1-b' »»».;■ ;,>^,^^,.^ ,,„ ,-,,,, end of .be 
fl,ing bigb above ''""''^-fE" "or ulian, and was bound fa.t 
,vorld, by tbe counnand of ' Enne> ^^, _^ ^^ _^^^^^^_^^^, ,,^, 

by tbe boly man's V;ayo „ ^^lncb ovc ^^^ _^^^^ ^^^.^,^^^. ,.^^. 

toward beaven, so tbat be could not pto ee ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ 

full ten days. Have ye not al» tluj 'V^,,^,,,- And tbe otbcr 
bro,b<.r, in our Englisb book of ^^J^^^^ g,. B„,„,„,„„,ew, 
aevil of wbicb we --^ "- j-^^ ' " I eendunt n,e oratioue. tu.." 
.vbo was nu,eb "> r™^'"' " " , "' ;_„ burn ,ue ! Ho wbo can 
Woe a,u 1, I',artbo!onu.w o. t ■» „,,„,„ „,• Oo.\ 

tbrongb fiod's grace, sl,ed t^-"» '" '^.^.J, f. o,„,i„ ,enit ; 
whatever be desires for «. j '.,,,,„, ...rteu and an.ease 

cogit: ba.c nngi. ; dla ,an,y;- "" : ,^„„;,„ ,,;„ „itb sweet 

-"■'■"■•'1-' •"""■^"•^ •"■'"*":/• a„:. never give bi,n peace nor 
blan.lisbment; but t.-ars go. I ■> , ^y,^^^,, -^ ,,„pj,e„5 tl,at 

„.s., be grant .ben, al .bat b •' • ^^.^^.^^ .,„, ,„,,„„,, 

,„wus or castles are stonned, .bos, 

.,,,u.ia..>-^.n-,N^^"- '■'■'■-'■ 

246 KEGUL/T, IXCLrSAia/Ar. 

Foi;o G5/.. riuc^ iiim Jiouer pels ne rcste, er j^eii lie jottio liajn al |;el Iicoaske^. 
llwoi! ]ut so biualleb ]?L-t ii-:c a.saileS buruliv.e.s oJSer castl.js, ]^eo h^-x 
bco^ viSiniK'H lieldeO scliakliiKle water ut, 7 v.erieS so }'e Avalk's: ? 
IV. don al so. Asc oftc aso ]'o iiuuiul a.saileS ouAor castL'l, 7 tc soule 
Lnrr.]i, inid inward boncn, wurpeS ut uppoii him sclialdiiide tearc'S :' 
J?et Daui siggc bi }>e, "Contribulasti ca])ita draconum in atjuis." pu 
hauest forsclialdcd, lie sci^, ];g drake lioaued mid ^^•:dl!nde wafero, 
>ct is, mid liotc tearcs. per ase ].is water is, sikerlidie ]k: iieond 
flihS, kisfo boo beo uorsd;akkod. Eft, on o5er uorbisne: kastcl J;et 
haueS deope dicli abuten, 7 water beo iSe dick — ];c kastcl is wel 
kareleas a^ean his unwines. Kastel: j'et is euericlie god mon •"* j'ot 
te ucond ^yeorrcS. Auk liabbe je dope dick of deope cdmodiiesse 7 
wete teares Jvrto— jc bco5 strong kastel. pe weorreur of Iielle mei 
longe asailen on, 7 forleosen al his kwule. Eft, me seiS, 7 so?) hit 
is, a nuTchel wind ali5 mid a Intel rein :' 7 tc sunne ])cr eftcr schineS 
]'0 scliemnu'e. Al so a muchel ter.taciun, |?ct is ])cs feondes bles, 
auallcS mid a softc rein of a kit teares, 7 tc soc)c sunnc, J^et is Jesu 
Crist, schineS J^erefter sch</mmre to )7e sonle. pus beot) teares 
gode, mid inwardc bonen. And jif je understondecS, ick habbe 
iseid of ham ker iiour mucliel etficaces, uor kwui Iieo beoJS swuoe 
uorto luuien. In alle our neoden, sendeS cwiclieke aiion I'eo:^ 
FuU'j(^G. sondcn touward kcouene. Vor, ase Salomon seici, " Oratio kuuiili- 
antls [se] penetrat nuljcs," 7c. )?et is, ]»e cdmodies momics bonen 
]nu-leb ]>c weok-ne. And ter seiS Seint Austin, "J.laoiia est uirtus 
pure oracionis, que ad Dominum intrat, et mandata peragit, ubi caro 
pervenirc nequid." O muchel is, he selS, ]?c milite of scliir 7 of 
clene bo)ie ]>et flihc) uj) 7 cunieb in biuoren Ahnihti God, 7 deJS ];e 
erindc so wel, ];et God hat writen o lines boc al ]>et hco seixS :' 7 
Seint Beornard bereS witnesse, 7 seitS ]>vi ure Louerd etliak hire 
mid liim sulf; 7 sent adun his engel norte (km al ]>et lieo aske^. 
Mislich '' [/. nulHch] of bonen siggi-n her nam [/. n;inj more.'-' 

„.n,.xrr..vvr..s.vTrnK..r,.B.o™r.„x. -.' 

, , , , ,,, ,ih Even so do ye. As ofl.m «s tlie 


^::, "con.iudasH ...... «n^- ^^„,,^ „, 

.cald<.l, s.i.-, l.e, ''I-!- ';; ; i;':,S,, i, tl.c fieud novo. fad. .o 

;,„ ,.„,,, lest l.e .l,ould be se*d A- '^^.^ ,^ ,^.„,„, ;,> U.c 
The c..tle tl,.t iKUl, a deep d . o ca m ^^^^^^^ ^ ^^_^^ _^^ ^^^ .^, 

ditel,, tlK. castle is seetu-e »|--' ^^^ ^^.^^,, But if yc 1-ve tl,e 
good .™u on wl.on> "'» .f"'^ 'X'^.^t,, „f tears in it, y^ -■- " 
Lop ditch of deep Umtdtty, »«^\- ^'^^^j ,„„ k„g, and lose 
„,„„„ castle. Tl.e .avnur "f. -" '^^ ^^.J ^ .e„t wind is laid 

,vitl, a little ram; and he ^^" ;" ,,^ ,^<,„ii's storm, is laid 
Even so, a great tomptat.on, ...d -^ .^ j„,,, Clnist, 

. soft rain of a few '^-'^^'^^t^^'such is the benefit of tears, 
shineth thereafter bnghte. to the s» „„aerstand it. I have 

with inward prayers And, rt o _^^ ^^^.^^^ ^,_^^. „^.,, 

,,ere mentioned four -n'ort-t ofte t» « .^.^; ^^_^^^ .uicldy these 
greatly to he loved. u «" J"" ' „^ s„i„„,„, ^aith, " Orat.o 
four messengers toward heaven. X ,_ ^^^^ ,^_^^^y^ „„„s 

hnmihantis se r^^^'f ""''"' 1 And. '" «'« ^^"'^ '«''' ^'• 
,,,,ers pierce ''"-"S^f ^ .^f t^j^orltionis, qua. ad Dominmn 
Austin saith. "Magna - - ^^^ ;^ .,,„i,.e „cquit." O great 
inlrat, et raandata peragd, ub. cai j,.,^^,^ , , „„j 

:„Uh he, is the force of ^^^'^^^^^^''^ ^i doth .he errand so 
con,eth into the presence f A^'™" ' {, ,^ ,„;,,, to he written ut the 
,vell, that God commandeth ^J^J^ ^^..,„„,, „„a „i,h that o.>r 
hook of life. And St. I'"' »y^^" ;,,, d„,v„ his angel to do all 
Lord retains her '"".'-I ' ^ " \.fi ,,;„ ,„,, ,„y no n.oro. 
,!,„, she asheth. Conee™n,g p.ayer» 1 

,-. 13. 



Ilcrdi bilcaue bringvS ])ciie clcoucl a, vlihtc anon-rllitcs: *? tet 
Avitneb Scint lame 1; seiJS, " Rc-istite diabo^o ct i'ugict a nobis." 
Et^tuiidcS one ajean J>e ucoiidc, f lie dcS him o flulito. Edstond: 
J^uruh hwat strencSe? Seiuto Pc'ter teclieS: "Cui resislite, fortes 
in fide." Stor.d one ajean bim mid stronge bileaue, Bcub bcrdi of 
Godes helpc :^ ? wuteS iiu lie is avoc |;et none stivncuc nauco on us, 
buten jjuruli us suhien. Ne uiei lie buteu se]lca^^ e |;e uorci suiu- 
hwat of bis a|)cwarc :' ? olulnien, o'6qv })reaten j)et UxC bugge ]>erof :' 
and bMOcier so be decS, -lokereS 7 scliorncS, 7 lauliweS j^e olde ape 
ludc to bisniare ];urub treowe bileaue :' *? be bait bim iscbend, *? 
deS bim o flubte swueie. " Sanctl per fidem uicerunt:" ]><.t is, alio 
])c bolie baluwcn oucrcumen ]'urub bileaue ])es dcofles rixlungc, ]>cL 
nis bute sunne. Vor nc rixleb be ine none butc J^uridi sunne one. 
NimecJ nu godo jeme bu alio ]>c seouen deac^liebe sunnen nmwcii 
boon n-vleied J;urub treowe bileaue. On crest nu of Prude. 

Folio GGb. IIwo is jjet bait bim nmcliel 7 prut Invon be bih-.dt bu Intel ]'e 
mucbele Louerd niabede bim wiSinnen one poure nieidenes wo))ibe? 
And bwo is ontful ]?et bibalt mid oicji of bileaue bu Jesu Crist, nout 
for bis godc, dude, 7 sclde, ? jiolede al J^et be polede ? pe ontftde 
ne kepten nout ])et me dealcdc of lioro gode. And God Almiliti ;^c't, 
efter al ]?et be J^olcde, alibte adun to belle uorto scchcn feolawcs, If 
delen mid bam ]>et god ]}et be befde. Lo ! ini, bu uronunard IjooS 
]>e ontfule to ure Louerd! peo ancre )>et weriidc an oSer a owacr 
uorto lencn, — ful ucor lico befde beoneward ' birc eien of bibaue. 

heo Jen ward. T. 

THE ^o^vI:^: of rAnii. — or kxvv. 


Steadfast faitli jailtctli tlie devil to fliglit iininedi:it"ly : St. Jaines 
confirmetl) tlil-;, and saitli, " Kcsistite diabolo ct fuuiet a vobis." ' 
Only stand fii'in a^^ainst the fiend, and lie betaketh himself to fiiglit. 
Stand firm: thruugli what .-trenntli? St. ]\-ter teacheth, " Cui 
resistite, fortes in fide."^ Stand only again-t him v.ith strong faith. 
Be confident of God's assistance, and learn to know how weak is he 
that hath no power over us but through ourselves, lie can only 
shew tho(> some of his cc>unterfeit wares, and wliocdlc or threaten to 
induce men to buy ti:ejn ; and \vhirhever of these he doth, mock 
ye and despise and laugli tlie old ape to utter seorn, through true 
faith ; and he will accv.unt liimsclf defeated, and betake himself to 
flight quiekly. " Sancti per fidem vicerunt; " '' that is, all the holy 
saints by faith overcame the pov/er of the devil, which is merely sin. 
For he hatli power iji none but thi-ough sin only. Now take good 
heed how all the seven deadly sins may be driven away through 
steadfast faith. First, now^, of Pride, 

Who is there that tliinks himself great, and is proud, when he 
beholds how little the great Lord made himself within the A\omb 
of a poor virgin? And who is envious that beliolds, with eyes of 
faith, how Jesus Christ, not for liis own good, acted, and s]>!>ke, and 
suffered all that he suffered ? The envious do liot like that othei-s 
should partake of their good things; and tlic Almighty, even after 
all that he suffered, Avent down into hell to seek associates, and to 
divide with them the good things that he had I Sec, now, liow 
(llfterent are tlie envious from our Lr.rd ! The anchoress who 
refused to lend a book to another had turned away her oyos of faith 
very far from him I 

■ St. .lanios, iv. 

1 Pet.-r, V. 
2 K 

iicb)f«>, xi. :?;^. 

REGri..T: iNr].r^Ai;i-]\r. 

Hwo is ])ci halt wre-SSe in his licortc, )?ct biliolt ]'ct fiod lilitr to 
c'orc>o uorte makien Jn'eouold seihte — bitweoiieii iiiuii 'i nion : Li- 
tweonen Gocl "? inou :' bitweoiien iiion ? en^el? Auli, eftcT liis 
ariste, ]?o he com *? sdicawedc h.iui, ]ns was his gi-etuii;j_c tu his (hj^vo 
decipleSj "Pax nobis!" Seih.tnesse bco bitu eoiien ou. Niinob mi 
godejeme: liwon Icof freond \\eiit from ocScr, ],>c histc uordes b'-t 
he seiS — ]peo he wulc ]>et bcon best iholdeii. Xrc Loucrdes la:'te 
wordes, J^oa lie stcih up to ];e heoueiie ? bileauodc his Icoue freoiid 
ine uuku^e }'eode — j?eo wereii of swete luue, t of seihtnesse, 'Tacejii 
relincjuo nobis :^ pacem meam do nobis :" |^et is, seihtnesse ich do 
among ou, ? seihtnesse ich bileauc mid ou. pis was his dnwerie 
l^et he bilcanede '? jef ham ia his departungc: "In hoc co'-noscetis 
quod dibcipuli mei sitis, si dilexionem ad iiiuicem habueritis." Lokut^ 
nu jeorne, uor his dcoruwurSe luue, hwuch one meike he Icide 
tippen his icorenej |?oa he steih into heouene. " In hoc cognoscctis :" 
Folio 67. \j[ -pQi je schulen iciiowcn, cweS he, J;et ^e beo5 mine deci])Ies, :^if 
swete luue 7 seihtnesse is euer bitweonen ou. God hit M'ute — 7 ho 
hit wot — me wei'e leouere ]7et je weren alle 0(5e spitel vuel ];en je 
weren ontfule, oSer fol J ful iheorted.^ Yor Jesu Crist is al luue, ? 
ine luue he resteS hiin, 7 liaueS his wuniunge. " In j)ace factus 
est locus ejus; Ibi confregit potcntias— arcum, schutum, gladium, ot 
bcllum:" ]>et is, ine seihtnesse is Godes stude: ? hwar so scihtncss? 
is f luue, ]7er he bringeS to nout al J^e dcofles strenctSe — }>cr he lo- 
brekeiS his bowe, he seiS :' ];et beoS derne uouduuges, pet he 
scheoteS of feor :'' 7 his sweord bcoLie — ]'et beoo teiitaciuns 
keoruinde of neih, ? keno. ]S'imeM mi gude ;i;eii!e, l.i monie 
uorbisnen, hu god is onrcdnesse of luue, and oimesse ol' lieorle. 
Vor nis ]?ing under suime ]^et mc is k'diiere, ne so leoi', ]>ct j,c 
hablK'ii. Nuto 3;e wel )'et ter men uilite5 ine ])<,'us strunge uerdes, 
];eo ilkc j'et holdee) liam iiesfe logedcres, j^-o ue iiunvcii beon des- 


oi. wi-.Ain. OF n-.A. E AM. i.ovi-.. 231 

o„a ..n. a..n, .0 .,0 0.... ; ;;;;^, J -^it:- ,„g,,, Ana. 

„„a „KU,, l-otuoon f.oa -'■•''■• ( ^,,^„.„i |,i,,,sdf to his 

,fK. his ivwection, »ho. ho '^"'™ "" . p.^^ ,.„i ■„ . .. Peace be 
U.l.,voa <li.oi,los, this .-ash. snU,,..o , ^^^^^^^.^^^ 
a,„o„. you ! T.ko good hood no« ;» * ' j" ^'^^ ,,, Us to ho 

"-7r r^':v,;::^ri"^^:"vh:;he .co <« ,> .« 

and ,onco, " Paeon, rohn^uo ™b.s J--^ . ^^ .j,,,^ ,,,, 

,, Peaoo I send anjong V^^^^^ ' ,„„ ., „;Aopa.tuvo. " In 
histukon of lovo that te « "' .°;j.„.,i dilootionom ad invicom 
,„e oognosootis quod ;l'^<:'r"'' ."^^,i "j^j „f y, p,ecious love, what 
,„,,eri,is.- ^■"-f^^l^'^'^f '"Xlhen'he ascendod int., 
ki„,l of n,a,k ho !-'-«> T'\.'B,ths ve shall know," <i«oth ho, 
,,eavon, " In hoc cognoscef. « - ^ ^ .^ ^^.^^ ^^^„,,„ 

" that yc aio n,y diso-ple , >f ''■'[f ' ; __i „„„ld rather that 

,„„." -May Go.lkn„w 'l-'-^-^" nXJ, or ornol and spiteful, 
•e were all loprons than that .we o ^^^^^ ^^_^^^ ^ .^ j^^.^„_ 

For Jesus Christ Is all lovo. and n, b^ ^ ' <= ^^ -^^ . „,„,„, 

;,.„, .In pace est ^^'f^^-.X^^ is' God's plaee, and 
scutum, gladinn, ot belknn ; hat . , 1^^ ^^^,^^^^^ ^^ _^,^^,„,,j ^,„ 

„horovor there is po.vjo ^"'1 ^^ ^J ' ,, ,„ ,,,eakoth his bow ; that 
t,,o power of the <le"'> 'l^^jl'V;,, f,,n, a distance ; and his 
i,_ ],„,, temptations, -l"eh ' /'« ^^^ .,„ ^,„,, „,„, Ueon. Now 
sw-ord als.., wl,i,.h .s '""1"; "^;^, 't nnJos, how good a ,hi»g is 

ih':;:;:.---''"-"-'-" ""•■":" 

1. c>tis. V 


ki:oui-.t: j xolusaru m . 

Folio 611. 

kuiiifit lie ouerkunicii, o none wise. Al so hit Is ino gcv-tliclio uilitc 
aT;e;'n ]'u cl-j(;{k\ Al his attcnte^ is \iort(i ninii'stnen'' hcoi-ton 7 loil 
to LiniuK'Vi luue, ])ot halt nicii t :<ie(loi'c?. \ vr \\\\(<\\]i(' Ui'n; ilIi^, 
j^L'onn-' beob hco isundred :' and tc decjiud d>.'e) hiiri Liitweunuii ham 
anonrlht, 7 sleaci on cuericho halue. Dinuhc lte.-,te.s hahbeS J'cos 
war^chij)C'j I'et Invon heo bcoIS asailed of wuluo, ociiT of linn, hoo 
J^runge'S alle togcdercs, al J>c vloc ncste :' 7 nlaki."^ scln-ld ol" ham 
suluen eucrichon of ham to otJre, 7 bcoc) sikerc ]>eo hwulo :' 7 3,if 
eni unseli \\ent ut, hit biiS sone awnried. pc ];riddc uorbisno is, ])L't 
tor on go5 ln"m one in one sliddi-le*-" weio, lie slif^ 7 falleb sone : and 
ter nioi^ic goS togederes 7 cuerichon halt oSres hond, ;i,if eni ui><S on 
uorte sliden, J?e oSer breidco hine np cr ];cn he allunge ^ iialle :' 7 jif 
J;et heo AvergeS, euerichon wreoSeS him bi ooer.*' Vondungo Is 
sliddrungc: 7 J'urnh wergunge beob bitocnod j-eo nnoeanwes nnder 
slouh(5e, ]'et beob incnnied ]>er nppc, pi.-, is ]>et Seliit Gregorie 
seixj, "Cum nos nobis per oracionis opem conjunglmns, per lubricym 
incedentes quasi ad imiicem nianus teneamus, ut tanto (p.iisquis 
aniplius roborotur, (pianto alteri innititur." Al so iiie strange 
winde, 7 ine swiftc watercs, pe ];et mot oucr Avaden ouer^' monie, 
euerichon halt oSrcs hond, 7 ]>c ])ct is isundred, he is sone iswipt 
forS, 7 forfarS er me lest wene. To wel we hit wute^ hu ]?e Avei of 
))isse Avorlde is sliddri :' 7 hu J;e wind 7 te streames bco'S stronge. 
JNIuchel ncod is ]>et euerichon holdo mid o-^er, mid bisle bonen :' and 
mid luue hold o(Sres Iionden. Vor, ase Salomon sei^, "Ve snh ! 
quia cum ceciderit, nou liabct subleuanttiu :'' ]'ct is, wo Is him ]'et is 
euer one, uor hwon he nailed he naue^ hwo him aieare. Xoii nis 
hmi one ]'ct haueS God to uere. And tet is euerlch [on] |>et liauL-'^ 
so(5 lunc in his'' lieorte. 


pe seone-be uorblsno is ];is: jif ;^e ril 
iscoS, hwon hit is isundred, 7 nov no 

t telle^. Dust 7 greot, ase 
halt te obre, a lutrl wiiides 

" eriteiit 
rt r,lidc>. 

tvfr.iiicn. V. 
fulc. T. 

,im to f.?;<-r. r, 

A^f. T. 

li. C. T, 
Imiv. T. 




overcome. It is ju^t^s. ■» f?;i';;f ;;;;,;=,, .J, ,,vay love, ^vU■,eh 
bis cndcavoxir is to (li-u]ut'> ''-"''^ ' ., .i.^.j are tliev separated ; 

Uecpotl, ,nc.„ .o,etl,e... F,,,. "-';-;,„ „ ; .,„d sbvetU 

„,„, „,, aevil i,n,nedK,to y 1" "*' '™;'^^„,. ,„, „„„ .h.n they are 
„„ even- side. I)u.n., boas = -c h^- - ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^,^,^^,^. ,,„,,, 
■attaekcd l.y a wolf, or a l-n. « «' ^,,^j „,, ,,,„,, the 

„,„, ,„„ke of then,se ves n -^"'^^^'^^l^ ^^^^ ,u\^e ^ocW'i is quickly 
,,,,Ue ; and if any «n ueky "■ >' "^ 8° "^^^ ^ „^„ t,, alone in a 
.■orried. The third exami-le ^. - ^^.,^^_, „,^„^, „„ ,„g„„er 

sliv.nerv l.»th, ho soon ami tails . ^j^^__^ ^^ 

a„!l' ev-ery one has hold of another * f ,>„ ,,„ ., „„,, if they 

.hde, the next one pulls hnn up Ixfo^e J Temptation is 

„,o.v weary, every one .s suppo. <1 by a ^^^ .^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ 

Sldins; and hy -s "- "-^^^ ^,.,g„,,. 3,th, "When 
mentioned under sloth. ) 1 l»s .s _^^^^^ ^^^^^^^.^^^ ^_^ ^^ 

we unite together in p.^yer, ™e are ^^^^_^^^^j ^__^^p^_.j „ j,, 

ground, who hold each other bj 1 c -u ^^^^^,^.^_ ^,_^^^. ^.^^ 

like manner, in the strong -'» ' °; J^ ^„^,, „,„,., ,,a„d, and if any 
,„ust wade over, if they are """ >'''^f ,„a perisheth quickly. 
„„e is separated, ho - -"'-7^', ,3 ^^rld is slippery, and that 
We know too well that the waj ot^ J- ^^^^^^ ^^^^ .^ ^,,„.e tha 

the wind and the =;';<^™\f ^^^ ^rs^with assidnous prayers; and 
every one should hold by he others ^^^^^^^^ ^^.^|__ ., ^.^^. ^j, 

.-ith love hold each othe,^' hand, lo > _^ . ^^.^_^, ,,^ ,,„^, 

,„ia cum ccciderit "on^'%f^2 none to lift Imu n,.. "e 
;:::rr;r;:;ro;:attconn lo. and.,, is cry one 

,vl.o hath tvuc love in lus heart ^^^^^^^^ ^ .^^^^_ ^^^^^^ ^^,, ^,i, 

l^he seventh examph- is tU... } ^^^^^ ^^^1,,,, to (.no 


■another, a httlei.utVul wind n.a) 


» Pagt 

i^o4 liKOui.^K i.\ci>i:sAia \i. 

puf mei al to cireuon hit to noiit :' ];er hit )i5 in one clotto iieste iliinccl 
togederos, ];er hit Ho al stille. An honful jcrdcn bcocS crue^ 
forte ^- brekcii, J'GO Invulo ]>et lico bcu togcderes r uuli eucrichon to 
dealed^ from oSer lihtkdcer to bersteS. A trcou ]>et wulc unllcn, 
me underset hit mid on ocSor treon, 7 hit stent ftste: to fk-aK- ei^er 
Folio 63. urom o5cr, ? boxSc ualleS. — Nu je haldteJS niene. \)y\>, inc'' l'in;a-.s 
utewrS. xsiineS nu uorbisne hu god is onncsse of lieortc, 7 sonn'..'d-' 
nessc of luuc ]?et halt }>e godc somcd, ]>et non nc niei uorw ur c^on. 
And ]7e ket wulc iSisse weie habben rlhte bilcaue lie bihalt jcornc, 
7 u]Klerstont Jesu Cristes deorewur^e v.'ords 7 werkos, ])ct wcrcn. 
alle ine luuc 7 ine swetnesse. Oucral ich woldo )>ct ancren Icornedcn. 
■vvel ]'is lessunes loare. Vor monie, m.ore herin is, beoS Smisunics 
foxes, ])et hefden \c, ncbbes eucrichon iwend fromniard (jcier, and 
weren bi ]?e tciles iteied ueste, asc hit tellccS in Judicum. And in 
euerich ones teile a blase berninde. Of ];eos fbxes icli s])cc uoor 
]7ernppe, auh nout o Jnssc wise. Ninie'cS godc jenie hwat ];is beo to 
siggen. Me turneS ])et neb blic5eliche touward te )>inge ]jet jnc 
luueS, 7 frommard te }'inge j^et me hatecS. peo, ];eonne, habbeJi be 
nebbes wrongwende eucrichon fronnnard o<5er, hwon nun ne luuei> 
oScr. Auk bi })e tciles heo bcocS somed, and habbeJS in liam ]>eo 
dcofles blasen :' j^et is, |>e brime of golnessc. On an oSer wise teii 
bitocneS cnde. In kore endc, keo sckulen been ibunden toc-edcres 
ase weren Saunsumes foxes bi J>e teiles, 7 iset lihisen I'orinne : J)et 
is, fur of kelle. 

Al so, ase |;is'^ is iseid, nn'ne leoue sustivn, loketi ]>et o\vc:r Icoue 
nebbes beon euer iwend somed, mid swete luue, neir sembhunit, 7 
mid swete cherc— ])et je beon cuer mid onnesse of one heoite7of 
one wille ilimed togederes, ase hit is iuritcn bi un- Loucrck's deore 
decipk's: 'Olultitudim's credenclum erat cor unuiu 7 aniuia una."' 
Fviioijii i. j:)(.,, ]|\vulo ]"-'t 50 liabbeb on in on, oiiorcii on i:iui \>^ lauiid, ;i;il' lie 

- ;i;ii tur to, T. '' ituins.-.l. T. tu twiiiuM. f. 

^ of. V. •' A I ; is. T. C. 




Samson's foxes ^verc by then 

^^^^-^'''- M ,nv aeai-lsters, see tlrat 


256 jii:(;i:L.ic incjasauim. 

haueb le;iuc :' ;iuli licriucu iiout mid allc pv' lie wut fiil wol : 7 
foi'Yi. ho ii uiiibc. dcies 7 iiihtcs, uorto uiiliuK'H ou mid Avreb^ic, oScr 
mid Inkier oiide :' and sent mou oSor wunuuou ]»■[ k'llc>J to ho, ? bi 
\>e, o'Ser-"' sum suwindo sawc, ]K-t to sustcr no oiiiitc noi.t sluiiyii ))! 
])0 suster. Icli forbeode ou ]'ct non ofou no ilvic,- ])(.■.-, dciflc- sou'lu.-;- 
mon. Aidi lokcJS J?ct cuericli [on] ofou icnowc nvcI hwon lie sjickcu iSc 
vuelenionnes tunge. Eucneh[on]no'Si.-lcas\\ai'nieoS._-r, J'uruht'ulsikei- 
soiidesmon, sweteliche 7 luueliche, ase liirc looue sustcr/' or' };ini'o 
)?et heo misniuiciS, jif lieo liit ^\•ot to soSe, 7 makie so j>co )>ct berc'b 
)>et Avord i-ccordeu liit ofte Ijiuoicu liiiv, er lioo go ut, h»vu lico wulo 
siggen, j'ct lieo no sigge liit o^ierweis, nc ne clutie nanmor'j ];crto. 
Yor a lute clut mei lodh'clien swuSe a niucliel ihol pecbe.'^ IIwo se 
luideruoiS ];eos ]uue-salue'^ et hire suster, ]?onke ]ure jeoi-ne, 7 sigge 
mid to sahmvurhtc, " Corrlpiet me Justus in miscricordia 7 increnabit 
me: oleum autcm peccatoris uon impinguet ea])ut meuin/' And 
Jjerefter mid Salomon, " jMelioj-a sunt uulnera corripicutis quam 
oscula blandientis." Lit" heo'' ne kuicde me nolde heo nout \varnen 
me in miscricorde/ l..eouerc me beob hire wundeii K-n uikiinde*-' 
cosscs, pus onswcrec) eucre : and jif liit is oberweis ]>en be oSer 
understont, send hire word ajean J»erof, luucOiche 7 softeliche, and 
teo o^cr ileue hit auonrlht. Yor J'Ct icli chulle also, yot euei-ieli of 
ou ileue oSer ase hire suluen. And jif ]?e ueond bloweS bitweonen 
Folio G'J. ou eni wrebSe, oSer great hcorte — ]:'et Jesu Crist forbeode — er Iieo 
beo Avel iset, nouh non uorte nimen'' Godes 7 h\s blod :' ne 
wvu-^e non so witleas, ne o norie weis J;et lu^o elles' biholde ]»oron, 
ne ne loke mid wreSSe touward liim pet lihte to nion on eor^e of 
hcouene, uorte makion Jn-eouold seihto, ase is Jjeruppc iseid. Auli send, 
beonne ciSer otSer word J?et lieo haueS iniaked hire,'' ase ])auh lieu 

« ]. UlUs 'f an l.i ]' oSer. 'J', to tcllen of J'c an t.. )'o oj^er. C. 

•> o^'cr bio(Scr. T. " foicr inrmtcl. C. j)ilclic:' 

•^ \>in waniingiJ. C. *■ I'f t'*^''' I'u. 'I'. 

' in Jiiine giilte. C. « Jikc-lindu. T. KiIIVtcs. C. 

^ iiawt ano to iiimon. ')'. C. ' canes. ']. C. 

^ hire foigoouore. T. 


liarin you. That lio knows full well, and therefore he is husy, days 
and nights, to separate you with anger or with base envy ; and he 
sends a man or woman who tells to thee, and of thee, some whimpered 
rumour which a sister ought not to report of a sister. I forbid that 
any of you should believe this devil's messcnoer. l>ut see that every 
one of you have certain knowledge when she spcaketh in the evil 
man's tongue. Nevertheless, let every one of you, by a trusty 
messenger, warn each other sweetly and aft'ectionately, as her dear 
sister, of any thing that she doth wrong, if she know it with certainty, 
and cause the person who beareth the message repeat it often in her 
presence before she go out, in the manner she is going to report it, 
that she may not report it otherwise, nor patch any thing more upon it: 
for a small clout may greatly disfigure a large whole garment. Let 
her \\ho receiveth this kind and salutary admonition from her sister 
gratefully thank her, and say with the Psalmist, " Let the righteous 
smite me in mercy ; and let him reprove me : but let not the oil of 
the sinner anoint my head." » And again, with Solomon, '•' Better 
are the wounds of a friend than the deceitful kisses of an enemy."'' 
If she loved me not she would not, in pity, warn me. Dearer to 
me are her wounds than flattering kisses. Always answer thus : and 
if it is otherwise than the other believeth, send her word of it again 
kindly and courteously ; and let the other readily believe it. For 
this I desire likewise, that each of you believe one another as herself. 
And if the fiend blow up any anger or resentment between you— 
which may Jesus Christ forbid— until it is a}/peased, none ought to 
receive God's flesh and his blood ; let no one be so insane, nor in any 
way even to behold it, nor to look with anger toward him who came 
down from heaven to man on earth to make threefokl jicace, as 
aforesaid. Ihit let each of them send w(jnl to the other, that she 
hath humbly asked hei- forgiveness, as if she were present. And 
sho who thus first gains the love of the other, and ])rocures peace, 
and takcth the blame upon herself, although tho otl.c^r may be more 

Ca.mi>. soc 

k L 


Folio C9 I. 


^."1. ,.00 „.e,. uLit:'^:^^ T ''•"?"" "'■''™ '"-'" 

trocvobilenucto Godcs ,n,l,lo werko, ^ „ „ ' "', r "' ' 

I.oobeo6,leta,blodo„„„ecr,„cdcU-c. Ami 1, 


niiint of Cal 

blcxldcn on l,i, hofdo under tw,.M '7" "'''"^''"> J'"' 
a-, .oond !. .n-s^el^e^fo rA^:;;roTr '"' ^•'■™"^-- 

A JO.™ jlssnnoo is I,is nuu-liolo ,,oncr(o ),,t xvoox o„o,- ,„ i • 
."0- and n,ore. Vor, ,,0 l.o ,v.» .-boron, rosi Z V'T' " 
corSe, 1,0 no „„nd nont „n oorSo «, n,„cl„ ,, , ^ "/ '"''"'^' )"■' 
"nM. boon iloKl on. Yor »„ Zl't t^l t "'" 'rT 


-Ami liwrScr ,sc 



in fault, slic shall be my bel.)vcd and dear sister. For she is ijidoed 
a child of God. ihj liiin^elf saitli, " r>k'ssed arc the peacemakers; 
for they shall he called the children of God.'"' Thus j>ride, and 
hatred, and anger are banished from every place Avhere there is 
sincere love and true faith in the merci'/ul works and gracious words 
of God. Let us now proceed in (^rder to the otlier vices. 

Of Seotii. 
Who can be, for shame, slothful, and sluggish, and slow, that 
considers how active and diligent our I^ord was on earth? And 
after all his other labours, how, in the eventide of his life, he 
finished his painful task on tlie hard cross ? Other men take rest 
and retire into their chamber from the liglit, and hide themselves 
when they arc let blood on the vein of an arm. But He, on the 
hill of Calvarj-, went up still higher upon the cross ; and no man ever 
underwent such great and severe toil as he did that day when he bled, 
in five places, streams from full broad and deep wounds, besides 
the great veins that bled in his head, under the crown of thorns ; 
and besides the woeful gashes of the dreadful scourges, not only on 
his legs, but over all his dear body. His early resurrection from 
death to lite is very evidently against tlie indolent and the sleepy. 

Of Covetousness. 
Against covetousiiess is his great poverty, wdiich increased upon 
him continually, more and more. For, at first, when he was boi-n, 
he who created the earth foun.d not on earth so nuich space as his 
little body nu'ght be laid ui)on. For, so narro\\- Mas the i>lacc that 
his mother and Joseph sat with difficulty thereon ; and so the} laid 
Him up OJi high in a manger wrapped aboni, with clouts, as the 
gosj.el saith, " wrapped him in swaddling clothes." So linely was 



crocchc, mid clutes biwruUed/' ase ]k; <ros|)cl scib, ♦' rimnis cum 
inuoluit." pus fcire he was ischrud, )>g heoucnliciie scliupi^ndo, )-e 
bet sclirudec> ]'C siimie. Her efter pe poure lefdi of heoiieiie uus- 
trodo 1 fedde hine mid hire lutle milke ase meidcn dcih forte liabbeii. 
pis was mucliel pouerte: auli more com per efter. Uor liure 7 
hure jet lie licfde uodc ase ueol to bim :' aidi inc studc of in, bis 
cradel hcrbarucde bim.*' Seo^en, ase be meiide liim, nefde lie b.var 
he mubtc resten bis bcaued : " FiUus boniinis non babet ubi caput 
suuin recbnet." pus poure be was of in. Of mete he was so 
needful );ct ]>o he hefde in j/C burub of lerusalem, a palm simcdei, 
al dei iprecbcd, 1 hit neiblecbcde nibt, lie loiccde ul abuten bim, bit 
sei^ iSe gospclle, ^if ei wolde cleopion him to mete, ober to herbo- 
ruwe, 1 nes J^er non. And so he iwende ;it of )k; nmchele bunib 
into Bctbanic, to :Marie husc 7 Marthe. And |)er, ase be code bi )>e 
weic mid his dcciplcs, sunnne cherre beo breken J»e cares bi ]>e wcie, 
1 rniidcn be cornes ut '^ bitweonen bore honden 7 cten nor hungre, 7 
weren ^et j^ercuore swuSe ikalenged. Aub aire mest pouerte com 
Tct bcrefter. Vor steorc naked he was despuilcd o^e rode, po he 
mende him of ]mr&t, water no muhte he habben. Ect |)et mcst 
wunder was, of al ]>e brode eorSe no moste be habben a grot, forte 
deicn uppon. pe rode hefde enne not otier Intel more :' 7 tet was 
eke norto ccben his pinen. Ilwon ]>g worldcs wcldlnde wolde beon 

hu3 poure, mibileued ho is })ct luueS to mnchel 7 
weole 7 wunne. 

?tS worldcs 

A scan glutunie is his poure pitauncc, )'ct he hefde o rode. 'J\\o 
maner men habbe^ ncode uorte eten wel, 7 forto drinkcn wcl— 
swinkinde men, 7 blod-letene. pe ilke dai ]>et he was bobe ine sore 

■1.1, ct. T. Kiwrahl. 
isstu-lcoftnulLl J' 




' ' , ,,,.,. |,e tlKit dutliod the sun. 

1U-. t'K^ l-eavenly Cj-ca.ov. c - . ^ K^^^^^ ^^^^^ ,„,„•„,, with Lev 
Mu-vwarAs, tl.o poor laay ■;' •• ^ rj.,^;^ ,^.,,5 great 

irio ,,,«k, such as a "-'"^' ,, ,,,1 vet, at loast, foocl, 
,,„,e,.ty-. 1.". move there ftu- - ^.^ ^;,j,, ,„,„,,, ,,„,. 

Af,cr.aras, as he hnnsell -n thct uhi caput suu.u rec uu...' 
vest his head: "l^'''"f » „" j,, ,,„„.d to .neat.ho «as u, such 
'thus was he poor, as to lodg g^ " ^= ^^ j„^,„,j„„ ,, Vahu 

„,,„t that .heu he had pre ch^ ^^ ^^ J^ ,,„,,, ,, h,okcd a 1 
Sunday tlie whole day, and mgl.t ^ ^^^,^^ ;„^..,j, 1,„„ t„ 

Lud hin„ it is said in '-/;;: tnlincl so he went out of the 
foodortolodgiug,andtl>e.e w on ^^^^^ ^^^^^.^^^^ ^,„j 

,reat city into rKHhany,':'l-l~^^ „„■ ,,,y, they b«ke oft 

inee, as he uent -th l-"-l^, ^,,,^,,,a „„, ,,,,e corn between 
the cars of c-rn by ^ y^^^:^ „„a .ere, n.oreover. 
t,,,ir hands .and ^^J^"^^ poverty of all came =^ - 
Warned for tlus.-^ but .« ^ =■ ^^^,y ,on the cross. ^\ hen 

«ards. For he .as ^^^^^^^ not have water. But the mos 
1,0 complained of tlur t, he - » ^^^^^^_^ ^_^ ^,,^^ ^ l„,„l 

.n,aziug thing was that, o all he ^^^^ ^_^^ ^^^^ "'• '" V;' Jf 

little dust on winch to die. ) ' ^y,,,,, ,he Itule. of 

1 that was also to mcrease lis .ulte „,l,clicver who 



l,;r.l. lie had on tlio cross. 
Against gluttony is the .->— ;tiiuh well-meu wda, 

,vo sorts <.r men luive need to cat. a^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^. j,,^, 

\,„uv, and men ^ 
„,ut lie botli labo 
pittance on tlic cv 

Mull'- ^•^•'>- ''^ 

Maih. xii. !■ 


swinke ? ec ileten blod, asc icli er scidc :' nes Lis pifa.n.ce o rode 
bLite a sponge of gallo. Loke n« hwo gruccl.c, -,if k'O ];cnclicS we! 
heron, of nnstruni, o?>er Icanc mv\ '^ of unsauure n.eies. of poiuv 
pitnuncc? ' '■ 

Ajcan ledicrle is liis iborcncssc on corSe of \>e chjnu nieldenc, ? 
al liis dene Hf ],et he Jedde on eorSe, 7 allc );ct hine uoluuudon. 
pus, lo ]>e articles, ]>et heo«, ase >-a«li mc seide, ]>o li^es of ure 
bileaue onont Godes monlioade. God wot hwo inwardlichc bihalt 
]jani, ? uihteS a^ean ];e ueonde ]?ct fondeS us nn'd ];eos seoue]i dcarl- 
liche sunncn. Vor );i, seiS Seiute Peter, "Christo in cnrne passo, 
et uos eadem cogitatione annemini." ArineS ou, he seiS Seinte ] Vtu-, 
mid l^oulite uppou Jesu Crist, ];et in ure viesche ANas ij,in.ed. And 
Seinte Powel sei^S, "Pvecogitate qualeni apud seiuetipsun. 
contradiecioneni ut non fatigemini." pencheS, J^cnclieS, seiS Seinte 
Powel, hwon 50 weorre^ i' in j^e uihte a-^eines ].c deouel, Invu ure 
Loucrd sulf wiSseide his flesliclie wil, 7 wiSsiggeS oure. " Xonduni 
Folio Id b. enini usque ad sanguinem restitisti:"' jet nabbe je nout wi^stonden 
uorte ]>ci ]>Q schedunge of ower blode, asc he dude of his for ou 
ajcines him suluen, onont pet he was mon, of ure kuiule. And -jiet. 
je habbeS J;et ilkc blod, 7 tet ilkc blisfule bodi |>et eom of ]>l 
meidene, % deied(! o^e rode, nilit ? dei bi ou. i\is ];cr buten a \s:il 
bitw eonen .-^ ? eueriche deie he kumcS forS 7 seheawe^i Jiim toon 
flesliche % llcandiche iSc messe, biwricn'^ j^auli, in o^res Jiki-— under 
breades heouwe/' Vor, in his owujic heuwe, vre eien ne nudifcn 
nout ]>o brihte sih^o icSolien. And so lie scheauweb liim uu. a- 
];auli he seide. Lour! ich her: hwat wulle 50? Sia^e^J me hwat 
were ou leof— hwarof habbe neode. ^feiieJi to me o\ver ncude and 
jif j;e iieondes ferde, J?et beoJi his tentaciuns, asaileS ou s\vu^e 
onswcrie?) him 1 sigge^S, 'SAIetati .-uinns eastra juxta laj.idem adju- 

.1. 'I'. <.liiii,tninK' II, cl. C. !• ^^^.,.-,.^. 

T. I'. 

C. «.,y.;n. -I 

IIU'. I', 


->■ »- '^"'1' ''IS :2 :n„savo.y food, or .vi,h the v^or 


into tlie world of tlio pure l.clu.r.v U Ws l.on,s oorn ^^ ^^^^ ,,,„ follow-ed 

v|r!^>; and tl» «l»le of W' 1™- J ^J^ f;,,,, .„,o, .o to sre.k, 
,; led o„ card,. Tims V1»U -- ^ ■ _^__^^,^ ,^„^^^,, „f C „st. 
t,,o vorv joints of our bol. t "^-^^^ ",i,^„,, „„a fights affa-nst tl,e 
G,:,a loicvs hcv .ho '1«1\- : r ;': .Ladly sms. Wherefore, 
«,emv .ho tenn-t^ - "; i, c" n passo, et vos eaden. cog>.a.>one 
,aith Saint rotor, "Chvsto " ^%"'J ^^^,,, «,vith tlnnhng 

;, ..nennni." " " Av"^ y""- -■.„ ^^ flesh." M.i St. Paul 
upon Jesus CluMst, .ho ™fij-f " ,„ ,„,,;„„it contradiet.onem « 
" Reco-itate qualcm apud =^".<=' 1',^' ., . gt Raul, " .V'u ye fight 
.riTgcnini."^ :™:t iv ::; W domed h. fleshy .in. 
in the tattle ho_^^- > ^_ .^^^ ^,^^^„^ „,, -"S"'":'"" '• the 
and so deny yours. ^ona ^^ . ,,,„„a , ^ ,, 

.. Ye have not yet »■-'=•"';?. ",,f i„„snmeh as ho .as man >n ou 
did of His for you, aga"«t h "se't ' ^^^^^ ^,^^ ^„ Uo j 

„,,„,,e. And yet 3- ''"^^ ' .t 'of = he maiden and died on the 
„„d the same hlessed ^<^^^^„, „„d every day he eon,eth 
.,.„« there is only =^ «»" fl,3,lv and bodily in the mass- 

S'and she.eth himsdf ^ ^^^iX, .he form of hread. 

.,,rouded indeed in -- ; J. '^ uUl not hoar the ^pf^^r^^ 
ror in his own form, oai ^yos ^.^^ ,.^.,,,,,,1 . lam 

lum and bU\, >> .,, i,, ,in>e^ of s.-^intv. .1^>'.', 

1 r.'lf-r 

„„ i, ,ncaus u slu.rt all. 

1, "1).. .Ml'" 
d l(,.l.ipxvs. 

of for.l. 

,;,„e# of st-airltv. .U/. 
ant .-.ili l-H-'--- ^'^- ^' 

•■ ii.ia. V. 1. 


kegul.t: ii\cr,rsAi:r.M. 

torii: porro Pliilistiim ucnerunt in Afplicc." [](• Loiicixl, no wundei 
ru's :'■■' ^Yc LeoS iloMoed licr bi ]>e, ])ct crt stun oi' lielj>, ? tvr of 
trcouv>e sucurs, ? castcl of sti-cnc^^e, 1" to dooflcs is \v(k1(Iiv 
iij>]»on lis, ])cii iij)pon eni oScr, pis icli }iiiiK' of IJcguni. Vor ]yjr 
]iit teller al })us, ];et Tsmcles folc '" com ? lno>^v;!u liim Li ]>q stone of 
lielp;' and ]^c riiilisteus ^ conieii into Afcch. Pliilistcus— ]»ot boo^ 
umvilites. Afocli — on Fd.n-emvisch spcle<S "iieowe wodscliipc." So 
hit is sikerliclio. Ilwon nion loggcS liim l>i lire Louerde, ))coihic on 
erest LiginneS J>e deoflen to wcdcn : and her liit telloc) )>ut Israel 
wenden sone ]7enG rug, and weren uour );usunt iSo niht'' sorilichc 
isleieno. Ne ^vende■<5 je ncner ];cnc rug. mine Icoue snstrcn, auii 
FoUoli. wi-^stonde^ ]?e ucondes ferd-G aniidde ]>e uorlicfdc, ase is iscid ]>er- 
iippe, mid stronge bilcaue :' t mid te gode losapliat, sendotS Ijoodvn 
nor sondesmon anon efter snkurs to ];e Prince of lieouene. In Para- 
Upomenon. "In nobis qnidem non est tanta fortitudo ut posslnuis 
liuic multitudini rcsisterc, qno irruit super nos : sed euni ignorannis 
quid agere debeanius, lioc sohnn liabemus residuum*' nt oeulod nos- 
tros dirigamus ad te. Sequitur, ha.>c dicit Dominus, Nolite timere, 
et ne paueatis banc multitudinem : non est enim uestru puaiia set 
Dei. Tantammodo confidentcr state, et videbitis nnxilium Domini 
super nos. Credite in Domino Deo uestro et securi eritis," }^is i> 
on English: In us nis nout, deorewurSe Lonerd, so nuicliel strene^e 
J;et we niuhten wiSstonden ];cs deofles ferdo, ];et is so stroPig iq)po7i 
vs. Auh, Invon we beo?5 so bistaiSed 7 so stroiige bistondcn ]'et v, e 
mid alio nenno read no cunncn bi us suluen: pis one ^\•L• nuiwe 
don — hebben u]) eien ? liondcn to ]'e milsfule Louerd :' J'u sciid<} ns 
sucvirs: ]ni to dref ' ure fon : vor lo J;c we lokeS ]>us mid te "(nle 
losfiphat. Ilwon God kumoJS biuorcn on and freine<S hwat ;^e 
wnlK'^), 7 in cucrichc time hwon je neodi' habbeb, scheawc^ so 
sweteliclie to bis swcte oareii. And 7;if be sone nv iluTi'N on, Tcic^ 

t;,. f,uu>|.l, wuh.Irr i,. T. ('. '■ Isr:,.-I, Cu.l,-; C.l. 

!s,>. '' ti.ii.t. T. (;. 

,e<i.lui. T. ' <l'v->'H-. T. fMll.-, 

I'KAYF.n^i, AS jrEfSEXGEr;^; TO TiF.AVEx, luiixo DTvixK jn:i.r. 2(;.') 

I'Jiilisfines arc come to Ap]icc."=* Yci, Lonl I it, is no ^von<lcr. Wc 
arc encamped here I'oside tliee, \\lii) art the stone of lielj), and tower 
of true safety, and cattle of stjvnu-th, and tlse devil's army is more 
enraged against us tli;in against any otlier. Tiiis I take from tlie 
Cook of Kings. For tliere we are told lu.w the people of Israel came 
and encamped l.)eside the stone of helj); ami tlie Philistines came 
into Aphec. Pliili-tinos, tliat is, enemies. Aphec — in llchrew it 
signiheth "'now madin's-^."' It is truly so. Wlien a man encamprfh 
beside our Lord, then first the devils btgin to rage : and here we 
are told that the Israelites soon turned their backs, and four thousand 
of them were miserabl}' slain in the fight. Never turn ye your 
back, my dear sisters, but withstajid the fiend's army among the 
foremost, as lias been said before, with strong faith ; and with the 
good Jehoshaphat, send prayers quickly, as your messenger, to the 
Prince of Heaven for succour : The Pook of Chronicles. " In 
nobis quidem non est fortitude ut possimus huic iuultitudini resistere, 
quas irruit super nos : sed quum ignoramus quid agere debeamus, h.oc 
solum habemus residuum ut oculos nostros dirigamus ad te." ^ It 
is added,"' " Il^ec dicit Donn'nus : Nolite timere, et ne paveatis banc 
multitudinem : non est enim vestra pugna sed Dei. Tantununodo 
confidenter state, et videbitis auxilium Domini super vos. Credite 
in Domino Deo vestro, et securi eritis." This is in English: In us 
there is not, dear Lord, so much strength that we could withstand 
this devil's army that is so strong against us. But, wlien we are 
thus circumstanced, and beset with such a force, and that also we 
know not of ourselves what counsel to follow, this alone remains for 
us — to lift up our eves and our hands to tlu'c, O merciful Lord; do 
thou send us succour; do thou put our foes to flight; for to thee 
we thus look, with the good Jehoshaphat. When (iod cometh 
before you, and askcth what you desire, and at ovQvy tii-u^ when ye 
have need, declare it thu< affectionately to his gracious eai's. And, 
if he ilo not soon hear vou, crv louder and more im]H)i-ti;natelv, and 

'■ ] S:.i,u„I, iv. 1, 

(.AMI;. >oc:. 

I' 2 {■ 
2 M 

'?.GC^ llEGrL.E INCI.USAKU^r. 

luJc^ro r.nd viiniCcSliiker," and ]>reate-5 ]>L't ^e wiilL-b ;^oklon u[i |)eiic 
cartel butc jU" lie sonde on ]>o sonrc lielp J liie ])•' swul^eie. Auh 
Avute ^c liwu nie Loncvd onsweredc .Tosapliat ]?c godc? Lo )nis :' o 
j^isse v.i^c. "NoH tinicrc/' 7c. ]his lie onswerelS on, liwon 3;c 
cleopieS efter lielpc. " Ne beo je nout offered," lie scib, '•' no dredc 3c 
ham nowiht, ]nudi lico been strongc 7 nionie. pe nllit is rain 7 nout 
onre. Sulcmcnt ctstondoS sikerlichc, 7 ^e sclndon habben'' ini 
suknrs. Ilabbe^) one to nic tnistl bileanc, 7 -^l' bcoeJ al sikiTi'," 
Lokeb m\ Invncli ]icli» is strnsti 7 berdi 1.)ileaue. Vor al ]'et kelp 
J7et God bihat, stren^e uorto stonden ^vcl— al is in hire one. lleidi 
Lilean.e niake'5 ou stonden uprilit :' and te dr-oCel nis nomine lo-JSrc. 
Vor]>ni ])!S is his sawe 7 his word in Isaisc," "Incuruarc ut trans- 
eanuis :" huh ]>e, he seiS, aduncward, ])Qt icli muwe oner ]^o. poo 
buhS hire ]>Qt to his fondunde heieS hire heorte. Vor ])eo Invnle 
bet hco stont upriht no niei he nonScr on hire ne ruken, no rideii. 
I.o! ]k- treitrt', liwn he sei?>, "Incuruare ut transeamus:" huh })e, ho 
seilS, adun i.nt let me np. Nnllich nout longc rideu :' auh ich chnllo 
wenden anun oner awei. He lihiS, scIS Sein Beornard, no iief ]m 
nout ]fcn treitre. "Non unit transh-e, scd residere:" nule he nout, 
he seI5, wenden oner : auh wnle sittcn ful ucste. NoScleas sum 
was J?et ilefde him, 7 Jjouhte J'ot he scheolde sone adun ase he bihat 
cuere. Do, he sei^, et tisscn"^ one cherrc, 7 schrif ]?e ]>erof to morwen. 
Bnh adun })ine heorte :! let me up 7 schcnd* me mid schrilte, jif ich 
alios wolde riden to longe. Sum was, asc ich or seide, ]>et ilencdo 
him, 7 Ictte him up, 7 he rod on hire Lobe [del] 7 nilit, fuUe twniti 
-^er 7 jnore: pet Is, boo dude one swncho sunno ibet ilke niht, ]>uruh 
lu's prokinnge, 7 ];ouhte ];et hoo wolde amorwen scliriuon liin- jx/rof: 
7 dude hit olt 7 eft, 7 Tool so nito ful wuno ])vi hco lei 7 lotcde 
];erlnne so lunge ase ich or seide. Ant, [s'lf -'i miraclo norc ])oi pufto 
adun InMic deouel ]>vt sot on hire so ucste, boo hofdo iturpird ' mid 

IsMio. ('. 
M-lRt. ■! . 

con. C sci>. '1'. 
I)(,, ho scis, I'i.s. T. C. 
.,ri.l.t. T. 

,„„,«.,■ and ba.t-.., "-■'":;, v 1 ' tlm, : - tl'-- ■"'■•'•^"' 

„„3„,,,ed .Tel,oslK,i.tot tb.. gu«l .' 1. _ _ ^.^_„ ,;,,. ,,,,,. <. i;„ 

•nnore," &.- T!"^ '"= """""f ' ^1 oil. tl.ov U- »tr„n.:: .ud 

afraid," 1.0 sai.1,," fe.-v 5^ '^^^^V ' ; "' Only s'tand fivndy. and 

,„„,,y. Tbe battle .s » ^^^^^^^,. ^^ j^,,, .„ , , yo 

j-e shall Lave my --»"■■• "' . ,, ;„„vevM help i^ stead.ast and 

ball be safV-." Kow, ob.^ve .1 at ^ ., _, .^^.^__^,,, .t.-eng b to 

finn faitb. l'"^' ^^'^ ^''}i!^'L alone. Finn faith njaketb you 
stand noldv-eonsists entuely n, t ns ^ ^j^_, j^,^ .,^ .j ,,,,.,. 

stand t-pvigbf. -^"'™|': :, :inlsaiab. " .nenvva,-e nt 
,„,.o tbis is bk sayn,g and n cxp _^ ^^ ^ _^^ . ^,,,, , ,l,ce 
t,.anseamus:" "How dov.n, ^f ,;„.,,„ ,u tenanting. For, wbne 
S,,eU.vetbbe,.e,f^vbou,c nuUa '- ^^ ,^^^. ,„,^, ,,,„ ,„,. Look . 
sl,c stands uprigbt.b^ maj " ."; ,^.,,„,,„„„s :" " bow tboe do ... 
,ow tbe tt-aitof saitU, " Incur™ ^ ^ ^.^,^ ,„„„. B„t I «■ go 
saitb be, "and let me up. 11"- ^^ p^.^.„,,a, bebev^ t In 

i„„„edlately away over. «; ^ ,,, ,.sidere : " be wdl .» , 

not tbe traitor, "^""t Ml fast Nevertheless, there was o. 
aith be, go over, but - - jf ;;',,„ „.„„kI soon dismount, ^ 

.y.^^^'^'^^^^-^^f^J, be, "this onee -^ -f .^ , 
always prom.sed. L)" > ' ,„„.„ tl„ne beait , W 

fcssion of it on the morrow. ^ ^o v ,,^,_^^,^^ ^„,, ,„ „d. 

tdtbrow me off with confess. ">' \^^ J,^ ,^„,,„1 , ... a..'! 
- long." ■^f;^:Z:i:lX day and nigbt, lull twon y y a. 
''T T :;.' s .: co,n,„Uted o..e 1-'-' J"', ";,:,,, „n ,be 


m^rrc'-w, n.abe eonfess.on . ,,,^^,^^ ,,^, „., ,„a „.. e 

,,,ain, a.,d fell ....«-•-; ;m. bad ..o. b.- --- 

so long, a.^ 1 l^^-f"'-^- .■':,, ,,, „„ lu-r m. fast, she bad lo,p' 
,„Y,d down the dev.l .bat s,d 

Ciiai'. 1' 



J.iiii. bo>)(' lior.s ? lode, aduii into lifllc onui.U.. Vor]>ui, Dilnc Ieou«" 
^iishcii, lioldc^ ou cuer efiio upiilit in- trrowe hilcauo. Ilordcliclu- 
./.•„//,; 70, ileiii'b ]>L-f nl ];e doofl(?s stivncSe indteS }nu-uli |>o grace of ])o lioli 
sacr;i!ne:it, lioixt oner alio oSrc, >ot 50 iscoS asc oftc ase ]>o pivost 
niesseb "Z sacreb ]?ct ineidenes bearii; Jcsu, (iodi-s suik', ])ct llcam- 
liclie lihteS ob'erhwules to owcr in:' ? wiiSiinuMi ou odinodliclio 
nime-;S In's liorboniwe. Dculesct,'' lico bcoS to \\o]u^, 7 to 
iJieortcd JK't, wii5 swiidic goste, lierdoliclie nc iiilitr^. Le scliulru 
liabbcn biK'ane' JK-t al ]».'t holi clurdic n-dcIS ant .slngo^,'' ant allc 
liire sacramenz streiicJSetS ou gostlidio, auh noii so iiorJS a^e hk: uor 
liit bringce) to nout alio jjes dcofI(>.s wiclcs :' nont one his stn-ncSo, ? 
liis stiongc'^ turnes, auli do?) also liIs wilitful^ crokcs, 7 his wivncli- 
fulc Avicdiecreftes, 7 alio his jlssunges r''' ase lease swefiies, ? false 
schcauwinges/ ? dredfule oil'erunges, It fikele ? swlkelc rcades, ase 
JKudi hit were a Codes halue, "? god for to donne. Vor l^et is Iils 
unwrench, ase icli or seide ];et holi men most drede^S, ])et he 
liaue5= monle holi men grimliche bijuled. llwon he ne mei nont 
brlngcn ]>c to non oi)en vuel he egge<S ]/e to a j)Ing ])et ])nndiee) 
god. pu sdmldest, he seiiS, beon mlldre 7 leten iwurJSen l^ine 
gost. pa noulist nont stnrien ne trublen j;Ine heorte ? stien 
into wre-ScSe. pis he sei(S for]nn Jx't tu )ie schnldest nout tuhten, 
ne chasten ]'i meiden nor hire gnlt:'' ant bringi'b pe into ^eme- 
leastcj ine stude of And he eft seiS riht her to-Tel/u'.s 
— ne let tn, he seiS, ]nnc meiden no gnlt to j-ines. Lif l>u wult ]>et 
heo dredc po, hold hire neruwe. Uihtwisnesse, he seiS, mot beon 
node sturne :' arid ]his he litec) cruelte mid heowc of rihtwisnessc. 
i\fe'mel beon al to rihtwis. Betere is liste'^ J'en luSer strencJSe. 
FUiol-ib. llwon ]hi haucst longe iwakcd, 7 schnldest gon to slepen, Xu hit is 
vertu, he selt), uor to wakien, uor hir greueN ])e. ,Sek> -^v^, he selS 

l)r\vl.'.„.i. ■]•. Cii-t Int \%;it. r. 
^i>.-in-(.s. 'I'. ;sulun-cs. ('. 
.\.li inc. C. 

'' «ilt:ilr. T. \Ni.It'iilo. (•. 

' scliniiii)y(;.s. T. 

'■ ^'iilti'S, iiu J>i';i\\f J'iiH' .strvaii/ 

•• %\is lisle. •)•. C. 

AKTFCL .SUGGKsnOXS Ol' TlfE TK.M 1> I i:n. 2C)[) 

hill!, liotli horse and burden, down into the deptli of htdl. >\'herL'- 
fore, my dear sisters, hold yourselves always invarialily uin-Iglit in 
true foith. Believe 1 irmly that all the power of the devil melteth 
away through the grace of the holy sacrament, ^vhich yc sec 
elevated above all, as oft as the priest salth mass, and consecrateth 
that Virgin's child, Jesus, the Son of God, who sometimes descendeth 
bodily to your inn, and humbly taketh his lodging within you. 
God knowethj she is too weak, and too evil hearted, who, with the 
aid of such a guest, fightcth not bravely. Ye ought to believe truly 
that all that tlio holy church rcadeth and singeth, and all her 
sacraments, give you sjnritual strength, Init none so much as this;-'' 
for it bringeth to nought all the wiles of the devil; not only liis 
forceful and violent assaults, but his powerful stratagems, Iiis 
cunning sorceries, and all his deceits ; ^ as illusory dreams, false 
appearances, dreadful alarms, and flattering and deceitful counsels, 
I as if the thing to be done were good and for the honour of God ; for 

that is his wicked artifice, which, as I said before, holy men most 
dread, and with which he hath terribly beguiled many holy men. 
When he cannot bring thee to any open wickedness, he incites thee 
to something which appears good. He salth, " Thou shouldest be 
more indulgent, and let thy mind be quiet. 'J'hou ouglitest not to 
disturb nor vex thine heart, nor rouse it to anger." He saith this, 
sionifying that thou shouldest not correct nor chastise thy servant *= 
for her fault ; and thus he leads thee hito carelessness, instead of 
mildness. And, at another time, directly contrary to this he saith, 
" Permit not thyself to forgive thy servant any fault ; if thou ^^ ishest 
her to fear thee, keep her strictly. Justice," salth he, " must be 
very strict; " and thus he coloureth cruelty with the hue of justice. 
One may be too severely }u<t Skilful prudence is better than rude 
force. \Vhcn thou Inist watclicd long, and shouldest now go to 
-slcei. he saith, "It would now be meritorious to watch, since 




one iioctunie V i 

— So ,,„„„ 3„i,e L : ,. T \1r" ■'"' '"■"'■• '' '-^■■■•'^ .: 

?to yot owor bileau. fa,,,,, ,:,!''""• /^"'' SiH.o .nei u,,,!...' 
»':«..gc iled ouer. so nc-.o„ Mvufe ; ' T'""' ^''' J« -''I- k-o,, 

-^o/*-'. 73. 


3 o,,dc„. ]sbo.ot o„ EbrcnvisJ, i, '^i,^^ , ";,"^''<; ."^'od lo ,„uW- 
-.nos. ,,c., is, p,„-u., bi.,i wa,....l„v', .u.d.J, „, ';;.' '""'V"" '' 


Tire TCMl'TF.RPKlVtN A^^•\^ ' _ 

„.atcl.ins i. V.^.-f'--', }\ "■;:;;,,^, t , ■„,;„ sLouklct .loop .ftovwara, 

„,,i, i, ,„;.,. l,or.,..e f;:'-^* :\: ;^,Ooto^v..d,,hob„nge* 
,i,e,V,ocontvn..-y: n,.! .1 '""; "^ ,„^ ,„,,, thoughts as these- 
],,,„,-,„e., .,«" «'■-' "5 "t tm "O to sleep nml aviso agam 
.W«lom is the host *'>':|;/,; l^,, .-hat 1 ought m.v to do, 
,,,e.ently,audclo,„ore <l">=^' ' ^ „„^ „„, dost it uot n, the 
„1 t u,s perhaps, it often hai-p-is ^^ temptations 

-ru'::r U, .v. suhjeetl ..he ^^e^o.^^^^^^^^ ^^^, , 

„1 this hind there is none so ^^.so a. „ ^^^^.^^^^ saeran,ont, 

l:,,hat is not so.uetin,es decene ^ b^^^^^^^_^^_^^^^,^^,.^„^,,, 
„.ith steadfast faith, tnore la. an „^^^ ^.^^^^^^_ ^^,,^^_^ 

should perceive that your &'" ''.'^ '^^.^^ ,t that hour, strongly 
TmigH be ,uite led astray ^ ^- '^^^ ,, p„,,„ i„ereasoth 
emptod, then is your ^' »f ^ ^^, ^,,„^ I,,,.bosheth lay and s ep. 
We read in the Book o Kmgs « ^^^^^ „i„„„«ed wd.ea. 

ll.dsota^voluantohekeeporoithog , ^^^^^ f„„„a 

„pdhadscta^^ , , j-enunon and 1'"""'" ' ,,_ ,,,eop ; and 

. . •..- .,.,t lurlltil'lUHl. 


)>ene Inveate into ])C geriRTc, 7 pTilVLii evicr awci |>c.s ll-ones cliof ]k'\ 

jiis to none jniige noulit bate to licllc snmr^iv. Aiih ]v ]>;iii;i-edc! 

Isboset^ lo ! Invu he dude inuscliche.-' lie scttc one wuiniiioii uovto 

boon T^CLOwaid, ]>c't is, fcblc wiirdein. Weilawei ! ase nionio do^J so. 

Wumniou is ];e reisun, ];et is, v/ittes skile h\von hit unstivncJS'jJi, ]>ct 

schulde boon nionlich 7 stalewarde'' ? konc inu treowe bilcauc. pes 

jetcward leiS liini to slepcn so sonc so me biginnoiJ kunsenten to 

sunne, ? let ];ciie hist goii inward 1 delit M'axcn. Ilwon Jvi.'enbe-> 

sunen, J'ct beob hello bcavnes, ivindeb so uawaker ? so iieschc p^ete- 

ward, go^ in 7 slea^S Isboset, ]?et is, J^ene biniased gost ]>ct in one 

slcpic jemelcaste'^ iior^enieS In'ni suluen. pet nis nout to iioi^iton ]'ot, 

asG holi writ telleS, Iieo Jmruli stihten Isboset adun into [J'e]'' sclieie. 

Her sei<5 Seint Gregorie : "In ingnincni iej'ire est nitain mentis 

carnis dclcctationc perforare." pe ueond Jniruh stihc)*^])et scher 

hwon delit of lecherie J'urleb ]^e heorte: 1 ];is nis bnten ine s\q\)C of 

jemeleaste 7 of slouhSe, asc Seint Gregorie witneiS :' " Antlijnns 

hostis niox ut mentom oeiosam invenerit, ad earn snb (juibusijain 

occasionibus locuturiis venit,*" et qua^dum ci dc gestis pra;teritis ad 

Folio 7^ h. menioriani reducit, audita qnnjdam verba indecenter resonat." Et 

infra, "Putruerunt 7 deterioratio sunt cicatrices meai. Cicatrix ergo 

ad putredincm rcdit, qumn peccati mdiuis, quod per pocnitenciani sana- 

tum est, in delectationciu sui anlvnum concutit." pis is );et Englisch : 

liwon |7e olde unwine isihS uro skilc slcpen, he drauh him in ani>n 

; intouwai-d lilre, ? feollec) mid hire o slepe,*^ [1. spcchc] penchcst ti-., liv 

i sciS, liwn }>e, oScr j^eo, spec of flesches golnesse? And spekoIS ju'.s, 

I J?e olde swike, touward hire heorte worSes [jet hco iherde ^aro 

[ fulliche iseide, ober sihSc J;et lico iseih, obcr hire owen fulSen ])v t 

I lico sumchwiles wrouhte. Al J;Is he put furJS biuoren hire heorte 

I eien, uottc bifulen hire mid j'ouhte of olde sunnen, hwon he nc mei 

I juid neowe:' 7 so he bringelS ofte a^^can into }>e adotede sonic, jun-nh 

^. licunge, hen ilke sunnen j'ct ])uriih n'ouMulc sore wc-ren -j;are ibet: 

\ " ,i,Msr,lli.-h.>. T. " st:.lo\vMrNc. T. Ma\.|u„rN,.. C. 

I . S,.,,,!, .. T. ..ImohtIcs. C. ■' i I'.'. T. C. 

* ^- '|,u,lnM.n<h.s. 'I. I'ur.h stik.s. C. ' luhviut. MS. Oxon. (• i si.ivl..^. T. C. 



in the of liis enemies, lietli dowii tu sleep ? The gate-ward 
— that is, reason — \vhieh ought to winnow the wlieat and separate 
tlie refuse and tlie chaiT from tlic clean grain, that is, bv diligent 
carefulness to separate the good from the bad, anfl place the wheat 
in tlie granary, and blow always away the devil's chaff, which is fit 
for nothing but to smolder in hell. But the stupid Ish-boshcth, 
behold how foolishly he acted. lie appointed a woman to be gate- 
ward, that is, a feeble warden. Alas ! how many do the like ! 
Woman is reason, that is, the understanding when it grows feeble, 
which ought to be mardy, steady, and earnest in true faith. This 
gate-ward layeth herself down to sleep, as soon as wc begin to 
consent to sin, and permit the desire to go inward, and the fondness 
to increase. When the sons of Rcchab, which are the children of 
hell, find such an unwatchful and indolent gate-ward, they go in 
and slay Ish-boshetli, that is, the bewildered spirit, which in a 
sleepy carelessness neglecteth himself. It is not to be forgotten that, 
as Holy Scripture informs us, they stabbed Ish-boshcth through the 
groin. Upon this St. Gregory remarks, " In inguinem ferire est 
vitam mentis carnis delcctatione perforarc." The fiend stabs through 
the groin when the fond desire of lechery perforates the heart: and 
this is done only in the sleep of carelessness and sloth, as St. Gregory 
sheweth, " Antiquus liostis mox ut mentem otiosam imenerit, ad 
earn sub quibusdam occasionibus locuturus vcnit, et quajdam ci do 
gestis pra:teritis ad memoriam reducit, audita qui\?dam verba inde- 
center rcsonat." And further, " Putrucrunt et deteriorataj sunt 
cicatrices mea3. Cicatrix ergo ad putredinem redit, qumn peccati 
vulnus quod per pcenitentiam sanatum est, in delectationem sui 
animum concutit." This is the English: When the old enemy secth 
that our reason is asleep, he inunediately drawetli nigh to her, and 
fallefh into conversation with her; "Dost thou rt>mendj(>r," saith he, 
" how this or that one spoke of the lust of the flesh ? " And tims th.' 
old deceiver speaks to lici- heart words that she heard long ago in- 
decently spoken; or of some sight that she saw; or of her own 
nncleanness which slie formerly wronght. All ihis he j.laces before 

CAArD. SOC. ^ N 

274 iJKfaL.i; inciasai;im. 

so ]?et ])eo mei wcopoii ? humioii a<e sori nion, Ui'nlv ]>,- s;iliiiv, urulik-: 
"Pun'uerunt/' 7c. Wcilawei i;iiiic wuiidcii ]n[ \\<-\\-i\ uciiv \\\v\vd 
gedere^ j-.cowc wrusnnv'' 7 foe) on eft iinrto rolieii. llirk-.l v im.'.c 
J^eonne biginc^ for to rotien Invoiiuc ]>c'() suiincn ]n:i wovii 3;arc' ibi-t 
kumeS eft mid likiingo to niunenuiigc, 7 >ka^ ]n'n unwarro sonic. 
Grcgorins : " Isbosct inopinata inoitc ncinaqiiain ^uccunilxux-t nisi 
ad ingressum mentis mulierem, id est, mollcni custodiam dcputassct." 
Al ]n6 imlimp is icumen Jnirnli ])e ^etcwardcs sk-pc. ]?ct nis iKnit 
iwar no wakcr no nis nout moulicli, anli is wuramonlicli, cIS to oner- 
kestcn, beo In't wummon beo bit inon. j">eonne is al he stivnciic 
efter ]>c bileaue, 7 eftcr ]?et nic baucS trustc to Godes liclpc ]>ct 
eucr is noib buto jif bilcane trukic, ase icb lier binoron scide. 1Jl(^ 
FoNo 74. unstrcnct^cS ]?c unwbit'^ 7 deS liini snluen o ibibt(> aiionribtc. \uv 
]n bcoc> eucr ajoan liim licrdi aso Icnn ine tivowc biluaue r' and. 
nomelicbe i'6c uondnngc ])et Isboset deide u])pon, ]>et is '^olnessc. 
Lo, liwujemuwcn icnuwen |)et lie is eruli*" 7 un\vre.;t, Invoi! be smit 
J?ideward. Nis lie erub '' cbaumpion j'et skii'jneei tuuward |>e uet? 
J>et secbeS so lowe uortc smiten on bis kemp ifeiv? And flescbes 
lust is fotes wundc, aso was fcor iseid ]>cruppe :' 7 tis is pc i-cison 
bwarcuorc : al so ase lire vet be]-e5 us, al so ure lustes bereS us ofte 
to J;inge }?et us lust efter. Nu }>conne, ]»aub J^i foa burtc ]»c oSc vet, 
|?et is to siggen, fonde^ mid flescbes lustes, uor so loub wunde no 
dred tu nout to sore, Imte jif bit to s\vuI5 swclle, |»urnb sklles 
jettujigo, mid to nuicbc debt, up tonward j'c beortc :' aub drinc 
]?eonne alterl'.)cSe,'^ 7 drif ]>ene swel*" a;^ean\vard uroiinnard J^e beorte :' 
}?et is to siggen, ]>enc oSe attrie pincii J;et God sufl'rcde oSc rodo 7 
]7e swell selial selten. Prude, 7 ondc, 7 wrcdde, bcortc-sor uor 
worldlicbe ]>Inge, dcori uorlonginge, 7 jiscunge of eibtc : jjcos beoS 
lieorte wunden :f and ];et of bam vloweb ^iuelS deaJSes dunt anon, 
buten jif beo boon isalued. Ilwon ]^c ueond smit Jndeward, J;eoniic 
bit is iwis forto dredcii, and iiont for vot wnnden. 

.Miisuiii. C. '' iiinw.lit. C. 

tttLTlahe htiiru. C. ' s\\:ilin. C. 

Tin: in:.-\ii:;\Fi;T;ANCE of i>ast sixs tkmptkth to six, 275 

tlie eyes of lier licart, that lie mny corrupt her \vith tlie roineiuLrance 

of old sins, when he cannol \vitli new. And tlius lie orten bringeth 

airain into the infatr.ated soul, througli desire, the same sins 

which tln-ough |>fniteiitial contrition were long sirxe amended, so 

that she may weep and hnnent. as one in sorrow, with the l^sahnist, 

"Putruerunt," c>ce. Alas ! niy wor.nds that were so well healed are 

gathering new matter, and begin again to fester. A healed wound 

begins to fester when the sins that were formerly amended come 

again, with desire, into the memory, and slay the imwary soul. 

Gregorius saith, Ish-bosheth would not have fallen by a s^^dden 

death if ho had not ])laced a woman, that is, a timid warder, at the 

door of his mind. All this mishap came through the gate-ward's 

sleep. That whicli is not wary and watchful is not manly but 

womanly — easy to overcome, whether it be man or woman. All ii 

our strengtli, then, is according to our faith, and according to our jj 

confidence in God's help, which is ever nigh, except our faith give l 

way, as T said before. Faith weakeneth the enemy and putteth I* 

him to flight immediately. Wherefore, be always as bold as a lion l' 

against him, with true faith; and especially in that temptation by 

which Ish-bosheth died, namely, the lust of the flesh. liehold how 

you may know that he is cowardly and weak, when he smites in this • 

direction. Is not he a cowardly champion who strikes at the feet ? \ 

who seeks to smite his ant^igonist so low ? Now the lust of the flesh 

is a foot wound, as was said long before ; and this is the reason of 

it: in like manner as our feet carry us, so oiu' lusts often carry us 

to the object of our desires. Now then, although the enemy wound 

thee in the feet, tliat is to say, tempt thee with carnal ])leasures, be 

not too much afraid for so low a wound, unless it should swell 

greatlv, throiigli the mind's consent, v.itli too much delight, uj) 

toward the heart; and then, drink the anlidute, " and drive tlie 

swelling away from the heart: that is to say, think of the bitter 

pains that (lod sudlred on the cross, and the swelling will al)ate. 

Pride, ejiv}', \M-ath, anxiety alx.ul worldly tilings, listless indolence, 

- Tiu: lull. lKt._..,y, or i,(i.i.y-K>;.ss. Jj.^'r,., ti.. 


KKGl']..!-. I>'CLUSAnU.'\r. 

1 rudcs saluo is cdiuodnos.^e : ondcs salue, ieolaulicli..' Iuik- : 
wix-S^es salue, J'olcinodncsse: accidies saluc, reduuge ai.d ml.-liclie 
Averkes, and gostlicli ui'ouien: jiscunges salue, ouerhowo of Qor>>- 
liclie l^inges : vcstscliipes saluo, ureo licorto. Nu of |>c uojiue. On 
aire crest, jif ]}u wilt Leon, cdiiiod, };enc. euer Invat ])c wonted ol' 
hollncsse ? of gostliclic J^vawcs. peuc Invat tu haucst of yi r^ulf. pa 
ert of two dolcii t of licaiiie, ? of soule, 7 in ei JScr bcoX two J'iuges 
]>et muwen sv, ub'e niucliel uicoken ]>q, ;^if bu ham wel lilioldest. 
Fvlio 71 b. I |,ine licame is fulSe 7 unstrcnc?ie. Nu, kumeS of })e vetles swuch 
ylng ase [is] ];eri]i]ie.^ Of ]jinc fleschcs vetles Invat cunic^ j'crof":' 
KunicS |»erof s:nel of aroniaz, oKer of swote healewi ':f^ I)l hIj.'^ Of 
te druie Hprlulles bcreS wiubcrieji? And breres bcre^ rusen, 7 
bevieri, 7 blostnien? IMon, ])[ fle.>ch, Invat frut bcreb hit, in all hi- 
openunges? Andddcn j^e niestc nienkes"^ of }»inc nebbe, ]et is, |>et 
feirest del bit\veonen sniecli nuiScs 7 neoses smcl, ne berrst tu two 
Jjurles, ase j>auh hit weren two ja-iuc ];urles? Ncrt tu icumeii of 
ful slim? Ncrt tu mid fulSe a ifulled? Ne schalt tu beon wurme.s 
fode ? Nu a ideili mei eilcn |?e, 7 makien ]?e to blenchcu. ]Ca^e 
ineiht tu beon prut! Philosophus: " Spcrma es fluidum :' a as 
stercorum :f esca uermium." Biliold, holie men ]'et wei-eii sumo- 
Invules, hwu heo ucstcn, 7 Invu hco wakeden :' ine Invucho pas.siun, 
7 ine Invuche swinkc hco weren :' and so ]>u nieiht icnowon ]»ine 
owunc woke inistrenccSe. Auh wostu hwat awilogcci niuiinos frble 
eien J^et is heie iclundjcn? prt lie blliult aduueward. Aug. •' Sieut 
incentiuni est elationis respectus infevioris, sic cautcla ot Iiiuniiilafis 
considcratio supcrioris."" Al so ase Inva bilialt to j't-o ]>vt l;o.)iS of 

Mu.i.I,.'. (;. 






tUen is l.e truly to V l.c,-', . ^_^ .^ ^^^ ^„„ ,„,,„. 

I. Thefonu.ayofrfKl->™ "--,,, ^_ „„, „ri,„„s l^inds o. 
of «,-a.l,. l.a.lence; °f ' *^." ,', ,„,„ry of covotou.ncss . con- 
,v„vk, and spintunl "'"«>'';'"^ '/^ ,.,,„,,,ity. Now> concerm.g tl.o 
tompt "'•"■■"■'>• """% ' ,t;lle, reflect aUvays on your ^ 
fi ,t Fir-st of all, if tlwu wtU be '"""«=; ^^^ „,i„t thou hast of thy- 

,,lf. Tl,ou art of two \-^f'-f°'Tl if ,l,ou rightly npFehende.t 
;•„.. ,vhich ,nay greatly 1>""<^ "^^^'^^a i„finnity. Kow, there 
,e„t In .l.y l-«ly -^ ";f "as it contains. What eome.h 
Cometh out of a vessel such tlu^ s ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^.^^^ ^^ „f 3 

° of the vessel of thy flesh ? Uotn _^ j^^^^ „^,,^,„ , 

;L Lco.nethcreof?GodUno«^;D/r^ 

And do briars [i. thorns]' bea> ros s,^ ^^^_^,_^^y _^,„„Ut he 

V at fruit doth thy flesh hear f;,|,J„H-est part between l.e 
: :tst ornament of ";( ^f^ '^.^ou no. two holes, as ,f tW 
;«tc of month and smell of no^e ^^^^_^^^j ^^ f^,„, s Inne A 

-- '™ V"':; Ml of tclLness? ^halt thou no ejoocl^;^ 

■Phat he looks *™;nwad An ^^^. ^ ,..,er.a. .. ^^ --^^^ 
-'"•"■'''•>■• .,;\i,Ie.f to be of hi.h sta, ,-> 



lowc line, j'ot makeS him J^uiiclicn J,et lie is of lieie line, ;uil. bil,o!.l 
envv upwaid tomvard heouenllclie men |)et clu.nbeii s.; h^v. ? loo.iiiu 
schalt til isoon hu lowe ];u Vcston aiic si-uncnilit to l.rcadu 
? lo \N atore :' oocr j^reo iiilit togedcres wakieii,— 1<a\ u v.oldc Idt un- 
streiicSen |.iiiG flescliliclic strciicbe ! pus ]juos tux. ];iiigcs bihold i 
ymc licame— falbc J unstrcucSc. I j,ine soido, oScr two-sunr.e. 7 
ignorance :' ];et is, mnvisdom ? lunviti'iiessc. Yw <,itc ]kv W. ueiiest 
]7ct boo god is vucl, 7 soulf murbiv. JHliuld iiii.l wet eiL-n ].Inc- 
schcomefulo sunncn: dml ^^et ]>hic woke kuude ]^.f is c^ aworpcn : 
and seie mid to holie nionnc, |)et bigon uortc wcopcii 7 seide, ].o nic 
toldc him pet on [of] liis feivn was mid one wummoi.e iuallcn inc 
fleslicLcfuloe, "Ille liodio, ego eras:" ];ctis, "lie to dai, ieli to mor- 
wen/' Ase ])auli lie seide: Of al so nnstronge cundc ieb am aso he 
is, 7 al swueh me mei bitidcn, bate jif God mc hokle. pus, lo, be 
Iioli mon nefde, of ]>en oSre mone ];et was iuallen inc simne, non 
wunderhclie ouerhowe, aidi biweoi) liis unliep, 7 dreddc ))et him al 
swuch muhte bitiden. O ];isse wise makieS edmod=' 7 meoke^ our 
licorte. Bernardus: "Siipcrbia est appctitus proprie cxcellencie :' 
humilitas contemptus ejusdcm." Al so as prude is wihuui'To of w luM- 
schipe, rilit al so, ]>er to jeines, edmodnesse is forkestin<'' of wur^- 
schipe, 7 luue of lute hereword 7 of loulmcs>e. pes ]>eaii is aire 
]?eauwene mudcr, 7 strconed ham allc. pe ];et is umbc, AviJSouteii 
iiirc, uorte gederen gode ]>eauwcs, lie bereb du^t i^Se winde, ase 
Seint Gregorie witneS : "Qui sine humilitate uirtutes eonureiMt 
quasi qui in ucnto pulucrcm portat." pes one bici iboruwcu : bes 
one wi^buweb ])vs dcofles gronen^ of lielle, ase ure Louerd seide to 
Seint Antonie }>et iseih al ]>enc world ful of ];es deofles tildim-,'r/' 
"A, Louerd!" cweS he, "liwomei wiI:i];eos witcn him |»L't he nebeo 
mid suniine of J^eos ikcilit?" "One |)e cdmode," c■wc•^ uiv J.uuerd. 
So Intel yhv^ is edmodnesse 7 so sinel pet no iriunc lu- mi-i hire 
cthohk'.M. Anil, lo, nnu'he \\ under: ])auh heo niakie hiri- so lutd 7 

■• f:i<lin(,-li.>. T. V 
• tvl.l, t„r„-;,: Sc-i 

Si'olicc, </(V/<.« 

,„,vc,wv.^^.,.^,xcv.ux^•cxovm■^m,n•v. 279 

, , ,, .„v..,lv men, ul>,. l.avc climLod on Wgl, and 

always >n™:"-'l '" " ; -inn f.mtet. To fast a week on broad 

,h,,,l,on»l,altseelK,w.„ .no-.,; «^ ^^^^^j^^^, ,^^^^^. ,,.^„,i jt en- 
and w-ator. or to ^, ^!nv. . ■,, ^^.^^^^=^^ ^^_^^^^ ^^^,^ things in tl,y 
frebk- thy bodily strengt.,. , " ; ^ ^^- j, . ^„„,^ o,],,,. ,wo, sin and 

body. "''•'■'•-'=>"'-'''^l"";',;"'';;:V".;„t of iudsmer.l; for often that 
i,.„„,.„,ec; that ,s, iol y ^"\'^'[^^ Ldsonl-nnn-dor. Behold 
;i,icl-. thou thinkest to be goo. ■■ continually thy iveak 

with wet eyes "'.v ^1-™ :;^^ ;";„,°; „,„, ,,,0 holy -nan ybo 
„a,„ve, -.vhich >s -^f '■.:'" Vlne'was told that one of his companions to .eep and sa,d. -'.- "^^^^^ ,„,,,,„„,ss, " Hie hodie, ego 
l-'l '■"'■'- -'^^r:":l .,:rlv : -. as .f ho had saia, I an, 

eras; ^ that is. "He .o ay, w-n,ono ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ _^^^_^. ,^„ 
of the same n.fir.n na. ue a - ^^^^ ,^^,^. ,,,^„ , „,i 

„, ,„e, unless God --""";;,,„„„„ .h„t was fallen sm but 
overweening eontempt of t he o c ,,me might befal h,m- 

.-ept his n-ishap, and drea cd ^.^ i^ -^^^^^^ ^,^, „,^ S, 

self. I" *'"\;"='"':! IV e f Ipetitus propria^ excellen.ia; •, hunnh- 
liernardstys, " Supe,b>a es^au .J^^^^^,^ „.- ,,„,,„p, so, on 
tas eontanpfns ejnsdenn^ As 1 ^ ^^_^^^,^^ ^_,^, „,^ ,, „f 

the contrary, hunnhty .s ''^^ ^ °^, This virtue is the mother 
„„aerate eommendaUon »;\° »;;;;;^ „,, He vho tries, without 
of all virtues, and f f ^ j ^ ^ dust in the wind, as S.. 
this, to acquire exeellentvutnes^ ^_^^^^^^ congregat, quas. 

Gregory testifteth, " Q'- - .f-^t^' ,,,„e alone is saved: th. 
,,„i in vento pulverem po ta t ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^, ^o,,! a.d to St. 

,lone evadeth the snares of the de ^^^.j,^ j^.^,^,^,^ ,„j„. 

Antony, .ho saw al 'f ^^^^tuard himself against these so 
"Ah Lord'." quoth he, 'Who "'J ° ,„ « Only the humble, 
.hat he is not caught w,,h -^fj ;,,„,, a„d so small, that no 
,„„,!, our T-ord. So ht.le a t u ^^ ^^^^^^_^^,f^,l ,,„„„, „ , 

'nare may hold i, ,- ^^^ ' ^„ ,„„,,^, , .o s.nall, yet -t .s 

.hough it "-»'-•■'*';:;,■';. ,uch as aH spiritual strength 



Folio 7C. 

SO moolc, 7 so smel, hco is ]>au]i jmuoc strcng'-.-t, s.j j-rt t.l' hive i> 
cuericli gostlicli streiic?ie. Sciiit Casslodcn-e hit ^viflHJ^; :' "Oiiuii< 
fortltudo ex liumilitiite:" auh Salomon sciS ]'c reisuii luviii :' " Vljj 
humilitas ibi sapioiicia :" ])er ast; cdiiioclncssc is, ])ei-. lie seiJS, is .Tesu 
Crist, J)ei is, his Fcd(!i- wisdom, 7 his Foder siixiict'ic. Nu, no 
wunder ];eoiiiic, ];aidi strencbe hco J)er aso he is, puruli grace imie 
wuniinde. j^nruh pc strcnciSe of cdmodnosso he uwerp )»eiie Avursc'' 
[/. ];urse] of helle. pe -c^^'-'\\>^' wrastlare niineS ^cme hwat tiivii his fore 
nc ciiime nout, |;et he mid Avrastleb r' vor, mid J^eii ilke turn he mci 
hine unmunlunge aworpeiij' Al so dude nre F(jucrd. lie i>eih hu 
iieole ]?c grimme wrastlare of hclle ureid up on his hupe, 7 \verj>, 
mid \(i haunche turn, into golnesse, ]?ct rixleb i )»c lenden. lie hof 
an heili monie, 7 iwcndc abutori mid ham, 7 swcinde ham buruli 
prude adun into helle grunde, O, ]>ouhte ure Loucrd |»et al I'is 
bihcold, " I schal don ]>e cime turn ]>et tu ne cubest neuei', ne ne 
meiht ]ieuer cunncn ''— ]'cne turn of edmodnesse, |>ct is, ]>e TialHndc 
turn. And fcol urom heoueno to j>er corSe, 7 streihte him S'> hi ]>ei- 
corJSc, jjot te feond wcnde J>et he were al coiiSiich :' 7 was bichcrd'' 
mid tct turn, 7 is jete eueriche deie of cdmodc men 7 wunnnen pet 
hine wel cunnen. On o^er half, asc Joli seidc, he ne niei, uor 
prude, jet Lute biholden heic : " Omne sublime uidcnt oculi ejus." 
Holie men J^ct holSct ^ ham lutte 7 of lov.-e line, hco bcoJS ut of his 
sih'Se. pe wildc bor ne mei nout buwen him uorte smitcn Invam se 
iialleb adun, 7 J?uruh meoke edmodncssc streccheS him bi pci- eoriic. 
He is al kareleas of his tuxes. ]7is nis nout a;;ean ])ct ich halibe 
iseid or, ]^et me schal stonden eucr to-jeines |?e dcofuol :' nor j'et 
stonding is treowo trust of hei'di bileaue up[)on Godes strenciSe : and 
his fallinge is cdmod cnowunge of j^in owune wocnesse 7 (jf ]'iiie 
owunc unstrcncbc. Ne non ne mei stonden so bute ^if he pus falle -i 
bet is, bute ^if he lete lute tale 7 unwurb of him suluen : biholdon 


Ii4)(llii)ges casteii. T. 

l.iluit. T. l.ilui.I. C 

gi-as, latio, 



." • '';t Where tlunv .^ imi-.n. ^> l--., tier's stivivitli. 

Vm • f. tint i^^, ^»s ln:'''i'> ^^>-l^>'' ,t,vn >-t1i >vlK^re V.c i.^, 

„,„„gU m-d«clllng .- • ^^ ^^^....vres.lerc.refullyoW- 
„,,,„,.,agcmlu..«ate.Mth IK.. ^^^^^^^j__,^^^.. ,.,„ e.. 
.i,l> tbat ,«vf,c«l.v stva a, « ^_^^^^^^ „^ „ „.es, «• o 

"augU up on V. hir -.;— - : !;,voa «. .na,,-, a,„l Inn,.. 

, ™\ vi'l. tl.c.», "n<^ ^"""S "', , \ 1 o beheld all llm, 1 

..rctcl-etUlumsclf on the .^^^ ^ ^^,j ,,,.,,, ^,^^^ 

^" a , . think hhns,.H ..i -'••"•, ,,;,,„.., l««>«-""'='"'""-^ 

.,eq.t h<- »"-;■ „„t„,l,i. f 

„,„,,;,, a hi. hla,.b«--l 

CAMl). ^'O^ 

282 iiEorL.r. inch. s.viUAr. 

cuer his blakc ■? nout his hwite, viorSi ]?et hwit awilcgob ])o oi'n. 
Edmod!lc^^sc no mci iieucr bcon inouh Ii)Voisc(I: nor ])ct was ]'ct 
lescun ])Qt nre Louevd iiiwardlukest Icivde alio liis icorcm', hu?c mid 
Averke 1 mid worde :' "r)i:icitc a me, quia niiti.s ium ^ liumilis 
cordc." In hire lie holdeb nout one dropcmelc/' auh jootcS 
vlowinde wellen of ]iis grace, ase sci^ }>c sahn-wurulite : "Qui 
emittis fontes in coiiuullibus." I |?c dealcs, he .sri\S, ])u niakcvt 
welJen uorto springen. Auli heortc to-bollcn 7 to-swollen, 7 ihoueii 
on heih ase liul — J^eo hoc-rtc ne etlialt none wcte of Codes oracc. A 
bleddre ibollen ful of winde ne duueS nout into ]?eos deopc ^ watocs r' 
auh a nelde ])rikiunge worpeb al ut p>enc wind. Al so, on cSclich 
stichc, otSer on eSelich echo'-" makeS uorte undcrstondcn hwu Intel 
wurS is prude, and Invu egedc ]»ing is horel.'^ 

Ondes salue, ich seide, j^et was feolaulieh Inuc, and gud vnnungo :' 
t god wil, ]'er ase mihte of dede wonteiS. So nnichel strencSe 
haue& luue 7 god wil |?et hit makeS oiSivs gf)d ure god, a^e wol ase 
his ]>et hit wurchet). Sulenicnt luue his god: beo Mel ipaied •" ? 
gled J'crof, 7 so ]>u turncst hit to ]>e, 7 makest hit ])in owen. Seiiit 
Gregorie hit witne^ r "Aliena bona si diligis tna facis,"' l.if ])u 
hauest onde of oSres god, ])u attrest ]>e mid helewi, 7 wundest j'e 
mid salue. pi salue hit is, jif ]^u hit luuest, a;^ean soule hurtcs :' 
and ]'i strcncSe ajean ])e ucond is al J^et god }>et oJSro do^, ;^if ]n\ 
Fofio 7Gb. hit wel unnest. Sikerliche ich ileuc pet ne schal flesches fondnnge, 
nan moi-e ]jen gostlich, anieistre ]>c neuer i^if ]hi ert .swete iheorted, 7 
edmod 7 mildo, and luuest so inwardliche alle men 7 m ummon, 7 
nomeliche a))cren, )7inc*'leoue sustren, |;et tn ei-t sorl of Iiuje \ uri, 7 
gled of horc god ase of |>in owune :' vmien |H't alle ]'et luuir^ ]>»> 
luuoden ham ase ])c, 7 dude ham uroure ase |'e. l.if ]h\ h;uu'St km'f 
ocSer cloS. mefe o^^cr druiieh, sevowe oiSer (piae)-. holi moiine urour'.', 

nh. T. '' '"lid. T. „u.1k'I. v. 


iiO'A i,N\ V IS lo lit; cii.'r.i). 


dazzles the eyes, lluiriility c;ui never be sufficiently commciuled, 
tor it was the le.ssoii m jiicli uuv Lord most earnestly tauirlit all his 
elect, li'itli by \\or.l and work, " Lea.rn of nie, for J au) nK-ek and 
ktwly in heart." •' In tin's [virtue] lie poureth not nien.'ly dr«»p by 
drojj, bnt he ])ourefh in a Mow inLi; stream, the fountains of his grace, 
as the Psalmist saith, " Qui emittis fbntes in convalHbns.'' '•' In tiie 
dales," saith lie, "thou makest fountains to well up." lUit a heart 
inflated, and swollen, and lifted U]) as a hill — such a heart retains 
none of the dew of God's grace. A bladder inflated full of wind 
diveth not into those deep waters ; but the ])ricking of a needle lettcth 
out all the wind. In like manner a slight stitch or a slight pain 
maketh one nndei'stand how worthless is jn-ide, and how stupid^' 
a thing is vanity. 

II. The reincjdy for envy, I said, was love to one another, and doing 
them good ; and good will, where the ability to do is wanting. So 
great cflicacy hath love and good will, that it maketh the good which 
it doth to another our own, as well as his. Only love his good ; be 
well pleased and glad of it, and thus thou turnest it to thyself, and 
makest it thine own. St. Gregory sheweth this: "If thou lovest 
the good of another, thou makest it thine own." If thou hast envy 
of another's good, thou poisonest thyself with balsam and woundest 
thyself with salve. Thy salve it is— if thou lovest it— against the 
wounds of the soul; and thy strength against the fiend is all the 
good that another doetli, if thou art well pleased with it. I (irudy 
believe that neither carnal nor s[)iritual temptation shall ever master 
thee if thou art kind-hearted, and humble, and meek, and lovest so 
sincerely all men and womeii, and especially anchoresses, thy dear 
sisters, that art as sorry for their evil, and glad of their gooil, .%s 
of thine own: d<-sire tint all who love thee love them as well as 
tiiee, and comfoit ihem :is well as thee. If thou ha-<( a knife or a 
garment, food or di-inl<, scroll or book, the iioly man"- cornf... f. or 

-• ' i:i;(.rL.]. i\( i.i >Ai;tM. 

<)^ol• eni oSlt ]>Ino- ],et liani v. uMc uivoinieii, vmiil'h pet tii liciK-dcst 
wuntc j'crof, wi^ J;eii ]K't lieu liir luiieden. And ^ifoui h )>ot iiaiioS 
nout ye hcorto J;iis afeited, mid scoiuldulo sikcs, boSe hi dcic 7 ec bi 
nilite, grede on ure Louerd, and noucr giio ne T^iue liiin ci- \w, 

]n\vuh his graco, liahhe liire sv, ucii aturncd and imakod. 

vSalue of wrcSoc, icli selde, was |>oleniodnes5C : ]>Qt haneS jnvu 
steiren— ]ieic, J herre, 7 ah-e heixt, 7 noxst ])C heio heoucne. llcih 
is ]>e stcirc jif j'u j'olest fbr }nne gulte :' herre ;tif J>u naucst gult :' 
aire hexst jif ]m j^olest uor })inG god dode, "' Xai." seiS sum aniased 
J'ing, "jif ichhcueuOgult];erot', ich noldc neiier meneii." Krt tii, j'et 
so scist, ut (.'f }>ine v.itte? Is |;e leoiiere uoitc beon Judases fcolawe 
Jjcn Jcsu Cristes fere? Do^ic hco wei'cii anhongcd :' auh Judas for 
his gultc, 7 Tim, witJuten gulte, uor his muchelc godleich was an- 
honged o So rode. Ilwebcrcs fere wult tu beon? Mid hwe-Jier 
wult tu ]>()l!eii? Of ]>is is |'er!iiij)e iwriteii muchel :' hu he is ]>i 
uile-"' ])et missjiei j'e oc)er mi-il<''6 }'- : and nis ]>et iren '^ aeursed jjet 
iwLu-ueb ]»e swarture 7 ])c ruliure so hit is ufture 7 iiim-e iviled? 
Gold and seoluer clenseS ham of hure drus iiie fure. Eif Jm 
gcdercst dros J>crmnc, J;et is ajcan kunde. Argcntnm jv}'ioI)atam 
vocate eos. pe caliz ],'ct was imelr iSe fure 7 stroncliche iwelled, and 
scoiSiSen, ];uiuh so nionic duntes 7 frutunges, to Gudes nebbe [biheue*-"] 
so swu^e ueire afeited, wok'e he, ;;;if he kirSc spoken, awarien his 
cleiising fuv 7 ills wuruhfe IiMiiden? Al ]>os world is Goddcs 
sn)iSbo, norte smcoJiien his ieureiie. Vrultn ]>et (iod iiabbe no fur 
in liis siniSSc — ne belies — ne h.<]neres? Fur:' pet is, seh.iMimc '"'' 
pine: ].'e b'-lies: ]»et be()>5 ]'eu ];et niissiggoIS ])e : );inc homeres : 
|>et hcvh ])e() J'eL henue^ ]'e. jX'i'.e of ]'is as-aumple, [Augustinus] 
'• Ouid ^]i)i'i;;tur juij)ius si de ij*so flagelhr.ii faeiat I'ater mens?" 

or. T. C. [C,,!!. ^.•:^.■^ 
iL.l,„„f, or u-J; ^^'-'ti 

,.l.nn,.i ,.f ,M.,k^.^ .... 

, ,„iv..u,it!r.l i,'. tl.. l.a. 

I list -} let i.iu-'Ot, "J iiiiski-ii hit li 
■ ii-l. ill), (•..i.jMr. iiicstlii)';, I if:.; 

II ill tlif iiKiP^'iii. ill I'alt-T iiili 

lit -J >i... ;v.| C. Note. 
: al is irl. ..jK-t ..r.] C. N..U-. 
]>i'i>l>:ilily li_v siiiiii' <>iii' will! 


. /,/•. 

lilif, ill fllr tvM 

k(iuiH'l(.'.l, :ii.<l 


w „n IxMH-fit tlicm, desire that thou ha.lst it n<>t., 
•"■ ■ "Ulnill." t;V A,I1 if '.n> one hath not hoH,o.«.,.. 

J'; -i '1 nevov givo .,i,n peace .n.U he. hy his graee, have so 

cllan^ed and tbrined licr. 

1 n The ,-e,uedv of « n>th, I saUl «as patience, vvhieh hath .hrcc 
IJl. Uii. lemeux ,,-.i,„,,„f Ml and nearest the liigh 

heaven. '1 he ileoiee .. h.fel t ^^„.^,,,^..j 

,„i,t. higher if thou art ,.et .-J'^y; !'f ^^ „, ,,„,„„,,, ,„„„ 
fo,. ,hc good thou has d ne. J^^ ^^^, ,^i„,„ ^vt thou ,ha. 

saycst so out of thy «.t=. j^^_^,_ ^^.^,^.^ ,,^,„„„,; hot 

than the compan.on of .U»u. Lt...> ^1^^ ^^.^^^ 

«as for his guiu, --'^';;: r: ;:!\::;':„,d^^^^ t..™ i. .he 

for his great goodness. Vi ^^ men ^^^^^^ ^^^^^,^ 

fellow sufferer? Upon tins -^'J^' ';';;;;,.- ,„, u uot that 
as how ho that saith or doth thee .™ng h h ^^^^ ^^^^__^ ^ 

i,.„uacenrsedthathec„n,etl>*eU a -l^^_^^ pnrihed fron, their 
■,ud the more it is filed .' bold ^^^^^^..^ ,^ 

aross in the fire. If thou gatherest d .. thu.^^ ,^_^^ ^^^^^. ^ ^^^^^^^^ 
nature. " Uepr..hate silver adl y;. ";^„,„ae to hoil, 
„eaU, which was r^^f^^^J^^'^^,,,, ,uade into .o very 
and then, with much heatn.g aim ^ _^,^^ „,^, „.„•;, 

hoau,ifnlaformforthcscrv.ceofGed,x|ou ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ .^ ^^^^^^.^ 

fire and the of its a-fi« • ^^^^^^^ ^^_^^^ ^,,^,^ j.^,^, ,„,, 

sHdthy, in he f»>-^>- '' ^;_ :; „,„, i,„„„,.,..? Fire-that ., 
„„fi,.o iu his snn.hy, «'•• '^'^ ''":• " „.,„, ,,,, evil ..f thee; 
.laune and pain; '- *!' ^ " ' „ ,,,•„,, „,■ .his 

,l,v hannncr.---.hat is, tl"-" «!'" ' 

.a h.. ..,„s.ine.i.h,..W....„.h,hevichedn,an„oa,„d 

him ;i scoiu'i:*- 

tliiv hanii 


.,f iv.hv-s 

- V 




JIwoii ck'i of rihtc is i.set, iic deS he muclicl sclicomc )>o deniarc })ct. 
a ]ns Iialf )'e iset deic, brckcS ]'e triws, ? a^vrL■la■^ him o[']>c, oiir 
of him scohicn ? And liwo is pet not wel ]x't domcsdei is d-.'i iser 
iiorte don alio men rlht. Hold ]>e tri\YS J>eo hwule.s. Ilwat wouh 
so me cuer do'S ]?e, j^e rihtwise domare ]iauc^ iset enne dci norte 
loken--^ riht bitweonen ou. Ne do ]ni nout him sclieome, so ]k'i tu 
uorliowie wrcche of his dome 7 iiime to yln owunc dome. 'J'wo 
]?inges beoS pet God hauc-S cthoKlcn to him sulf— ]>ei bcoS, wur^- 
scliipe t wreche, ase holi writ Mittie\S. IIwu so cuei- on liim siilf 
nirac'S ouJSer of J^eos two, he lobbct) God ? reaueS. "Gloriam 
meam alteri }ion dabo." Item: '•' ^lihi nindictam^' et c^o jvtri- 
bnam." Doale. Ert tn so wro5 wici men ooer wi5 wuinmon I'Ot 
Folio 11 b. tn wnit, furtc wrekcn |'e, reancn God iiis strcncbe? 

Accidies sahie is gostlicli giedscliipe, 7 ii-oui*e of gledful Ik-i.c, 
Jjurnh redunge, ? Jnirnli holi |;on]ite, 0(Ser of monnes jnuSe iscid. 
Oftc, Iconc snstrcn, jo schulen vren lesse uorte rcden more. Jicdun-'V 
is god bon€\ Redunge tec]ie(S hu ? hwat mc schal bidden : and bcodcn 
bi^iteS hit efter. Amidde J;e rednnge, Invon }>c heorte hkecJ wcl, 
J^eomie cumeo up a deuociun, 7 tet is wur<S '^ monic bonen. Vor so 
sei(S Scint leromc r' " Semper in manu tua sacra sit lectio :! tenenti 
tibi librnm sompnns subripiat et cadentcm facicm pagina sancta sui?ci- 
piat." Iloli rednnge bco oner i ]>inc honden : slop go uppe he ase 
];n lokcst j'cron, ? ]'e holie ijagine ikepe \n nallinde nob : " and so Ini 
schalt redeii ? jeorneliche ? longe. Enerieli ])Ing me mei, J'anh. 
Guerdon. Best is ener imete. 

Ich wolde ]>et oiSre Schmieden, ase tc do^, 

Ajeines jiscm 
gedcrunge. To nuteli felreolac kundleb hire ofte. \'reo iheorted 
je schulen Ix'o. Anker, of oJSer frcolac, hane^ iheun ()^(,•rhwule^ lo 



(olnesse cnmelS uf ;^inenu'.sse ? of llescli 



now ixDor-F.Ncr. is to p.k cured, covktousnkss. 2ft7 

is fixed, dotli not he oruatly aftroiit tlic jiulgo, who, before the 
appointed day, broa];(.ili the truce and avenoeth himself on thee 
or on himself? Aiid who docs not know well that Doomsday is a 
day appointed in wliicli to do justice to all men? ^leanwhile, keej) 
the truce, ^^'hatovcr wj'ong men do thee, the riglitcous Judge hatli 
a})pointed a day in which to see justice done between you. Do not 
thou affront him by despising the vengeance of his judgment, and 
takino; veno-cance accordinj>- to thv own iud^ment. Tiicre are two 
things which God hath reserved to himself — worship and vengeance, 
as Holy "Writ sheweth. Whosoever taketh to himself either of these 
two, robbeth God and reaveth from. him. " iNIy glory will I not 
give to another." ^ Also, " Vengeance is mine, and I will repay."'' 
I God knoweth ! Ai't tliou so enraged against man or woman that, to 

I avenge thyself, thou wilt rob God of his might? 

I I\ . The reniedy for indolence is spiritual joy, and the consolation 

I of joyful hope from reading and from holy meditation, or when sjioken 

I by the nioutli of man. Often, dear sisters, ye ought to pray less, 

♦ that ye may read more. Reading is good prayer. Ivcading 

I teacheth how, and for what, we ought to pray ; and prayer after- 

[ Avards obtaineth it. In reading, when the heart feels delight, de- 

{ votion ariseth, and that is worth many prayers. St. Jerome saith, 

I " Semper i)i manu tua sacra sit lectio ; tenenti tibi librum somnus 

\ subripiat, ct cadeiitem faciem pagina sancta suscipiat.'' " Let holy 

I reading be always in thy hand. Sleep may foil uj)on thee as thou 

j lookest thereon, and the sacred page meet thy drooping face ; *' and 

' thus lon«'- and intently nnist thou read. Everv thing, howevei-, may 

I be overdone. INIoderation is always best. 

i V. Ao-ainst covetousncss. I could wish that others a\ oided, n- ye 

' do. gathering. 'i'oo nnich liberality often l)rordetli it. I"j-ee 

hearted ye ought 1<; I'C. lint an an<-horess, from other's libei-ality, 

hath sometimes l)ecn too rrw of JierscH". Lechery cometh of 

gluttony and of cannl ease; for, as St. (.-regory saitli, ".Meal and 


eisc:' vor asc Seint Greooric seic^, " IMetc 1 druiicli oiic!" vililo teiiico 
]?reo teamcs :' llhte wordcs, 7 lilitc werkes, ? lccln.rit's lustc-." Vj-i- 
Louerd Leo itSonckcd, ])ct liauc<S ihclcd on of ;5iuenio?sc, mine leoiR- 
sustrcii :' aiili no hl'S Jicuer allunge clcjie acwcint of flcsrlios 
fonduiige. Auh ]>ct understondccS wcl, ];et ]nvo dcgroz lioo^i J'^t- 
inno, as Seint Jjcornard witiK'tS. ]9c uormc is cogitaciiin r ]>c ober 
is affectiuii :' ]>o ]n-idde is kiuiseiice. Cogitaciiuis, ])ct bcob flooiiuli^ 
J»oulitc3 ]'et nc lestco noiit :' 7 ]?eos, ase Seint Beoniard sci^, no 
hurteb nout Jjc soule :' auli ]mu1i hco bispcteS liire mid liiiv Llako 
spotle,^ so J>et hco nis nout wurSc ];ct Jesu Crist, liiro Icotnion, ])et 
is al ueir, nc clupiie hire nc cussc er lieo beo iwaschcn. Swuch 
fnISc, ase liit kumeS hhtliclie, ageS awci Hhthciic, nn'd ucnics, mid 
confitcor, 7 mid allc god deden. Aflcctiun is Invon ];e j^ouht geti 
inward, 7 j'c dclit kumcS up, 1 |?c hist \vaxo?5. peonno, a'^e was ])o 
spotlc er upon ]>(i Invite hude, ]yor waxeS wundc; 7 dcopeb into ]>c 
soulc, cfter ]'et ]'e hist ge^, ? te dclit ]K>rInne, I'lu^Sre 7 fiu-^i\-. 
peonno is neod forto ^eien, " Sana, Doinine, animam riieam : "' 
Louerd hel me, uor ich am iwunded. " lUiben, primogcnitus incus. 
Folio 78. non crcscas:" lluben, ]m read J?eof, ]m blodi dcht, ne waxc }>n 
neuer! Kunsence, ]^ct is skik^s jettunge hwon ])e debt i5c lu>tc is 
igon so oueruor^ }>et ter nis non wl^siggingc,^ jif ]'cr were cisc uorto 
fulfullen pe dede.*^ pis is liwon ]je heorte drav/cS lust into biro, a>c 
bing ]>et were aniascd, 7 foS^on asc to wiuken 7 forte leten j'cne 
ueond iwur^en, 7 leiS hire sulf aduneward, 7 buh\S him ase he bit, 7 
jeieJS creaunt, creaimt, ase swowinde. peonne he, kenc j^et was er 

eruh,*" ])eoimo leaped to ];et stod er ueorrento, 7 l)it deaKes bite <■. 

Godes deore spuse. I wis deatJes bite, vor his tcS bcoJJ attri<', a>.- 
of ane wodc do<Tge. Dauid, ibe sauter, clcopeiS liinc dogge. " 1 ane 
a frainea Dcus animam," 7c. 

[t is ill hire aliiiu l.odi, large tow;iit Iwl.iir, Jn.rl. liiro gcstni.i-cs.j C. Sv. 
speckes. T. sptchcs. C. '^IVod.nnt maeulis." MS. Oxo.i. 
t t.:ncr.„..i&al<e. T. Mo }.• «V,I. .Icl.-. T. ,., full.- )•, 

,. , .,. ' k.ino. 'J-. riuara. C. 

THE 1!i:mi;i)v roii covhtousxkss 


drink more than enouiili l>ringft]i fortli a tln'<.'i,'r()l(l ])rogony ; lio-hf, 
woriis, liglit (k'C\ls, and v/aiif^Mniess. Our l^ord be tlianked. mIio 
hatli cured you of gluttony, niy dear sisters ; but carnal desires aiv 
never completely cxtinguislied from among the temptations of the 
flesh. ])Ut know this, that there arc three degrees therein, as St, 
Bernard tcstifieth. The first is cogitation; the second is aft'ection ; 
the third is consent. Cogitations ai'o flying thoughts that do not 
last; and these, according to St. Bernard, hurt not the soul; but 
yet, they spit upon her witli their black spittle, so that she is not 
worthy to be embraced or kissed by Jesus Christ, lier beloved, who 
is altogether fair, before slie is washen. Such impurity, as it cometh 
lightly, goeth away lightly with the help of ])raycr, confession, and 
all good works. Affection is when the thought goeth inward, and 
fondness is excited, and the desire increaseth. Then, as was the 
little spot at first upon the white hood, there groweth a wound, and 
penetrateth deeply into the soul, according as the desire and the 
fondness go in further and further. Then there is need to cry, 
" Sana, Dominc, animani meam ; '' " Lord, heal me, for I am 
wounded. '^ " lleuben primogenitus mens non crescas ! '"^ " lleubcn 
thou red thief; thou bloody desire ; mayest thou never increase ! " 
Consent, that is, the willingness of the mind when the fojidness of 
the desire is gone so much too fiir that there is no refusing, if there 
were a convenient opportunity to conunit the action. This is when 
the heart draweth desire into itself, as a bewildered thing, and begins, 
as it were, to wink^ and to permit the fiend to do what he pleases, 
and layeth lierself down and hiclineth to \\\m as he bids, and cricth 
" I yield, I yield," as if about to faint. Then he becometh bold who 
was at first timid. 'J'hen he lea])eth near, who was at first at a 
distance, and bites the bit(.- of death on God's dear spouse. I wis, 
the Lite of deatli, Un- his t-cth are venomous as the teeth of a mad 
dog. David, in the JAsalnn, calleth him dog, " Deliver my soul I'n.m 
the sv/oi'd, my darling IVoni tlie \)0\\qy of the dog."'" 

' Hi^nesii, xlix. ."i, 4. 
' rsulin xxii. 20. 

c A:\rix sof;. 


ol A. R. 

2 ]• 

-^'* H1.(;UL.T, IXCLISAIMM. 

Lor]'i, mi Icouc siistcr, >o sono so ];ii euer uiKlcr3;itcst ];ut tis 
doggo of Leile kiiine?^ snakcrinde mid his blodic vlicii" of stiMkinde 
jjouhtes, no lie J;u nout stille, nc lie site noubcr uorte lokcii liuat lie 
wule don, nc liu ucor lie wule gon :' iie ne scie J>u nout slepinde, 
*-Ame dogge go herut :' liwat wultu nu hcriime?"' pis tolled liiin 

/v,/,o rs h. tuuward \e. Auh iiim anon ])enc rod stef, mid nemmungo i-5inc 
muSe, % mid ])e inerko iJSine bond, mid J^oulite iSinc heorte, 1 hot 
him ut hcttcrliche— ];c fule kur dogge — 1, liSere to him luSerlichc 
mid te holie rode steue. Eif him stroiige bac duntes :' J)ct is to 
siggen, rung up "? sture ]>q :' hef up on hcie cicn ? hondon touward 
hcoucne : grcd ^ efter sukurs. " Deus in adjutorium : Vcni Creator : 
Exurgat Deus, in nomine tuo : Domine, quid multlplicati sunt : Ad te, 
Domini, levavi: Levari oculos meos." Allc j;e balmes oner. And^if]>c 
ne cume^ nout sone help, gred luddure mid hote heurte. " Vsquequo, 
Domine, obliuisceris me, in fincm?" And so, al J^ene salm ouer. 
Pater noster ;' Credo :' Aue ^Maria :' mid liaKine honen o ]>ine owune 
ledcne r' 1 smit herdeliche ••■ adun ])ine cueon to l>er eor^ie : 7 breid 
up |?ene rode stef, 7 sweng'' him ajean a uour halue— ];ene hclle 
dogge. pet nis nout elles bute blesce J?e al abutcn mid to eadie rode 
tocne. Spit him amidde \q bearde to hoker 7 to schom,* |)ct flikercS 
so mit ]?e, 7 fike^ mid dogge uawcnunge, Invon he uor so liht wurS 
— for J;e licunge of o lust one bond hwule, clieapeb ]»iiic soule, Codes 
deore spuse,*" ];et he boidite mid his blode, 1 mid his deorwurtSe 
deabe o^e deore rode. Euer biliold hire wurS ]>et he paide uor 
hire :! 7 dem j^erefter pris, 1 beo on hire ]>e dcurre :' ? ne sale ]>u 
neuer so c'Seliche, his fo ? )>in ciber, his deorewurSe spuse, \>Qi cost- 
iiede him so deore. Vorte makien ]>e deofles bore of hire is reouiSe 
ouer reouSe. To umvrcste, mid alle, heo is ])et nu-i, uuilf hebben 

Foi;,, Tf'. up hire ]>reo ningi-es ouei'cumen hire fn. ? ne lu>t ui>r sK)u^e, lief 
ii|», fotJSi, mid tivowe bileaue ? mid licrdlf, uj* ]'iiir jm-co iiiiigro, ? 

(Irhf.s. '1 

. Il-S''" 

hv T. (• 



. v. m; 



,t;oio. T. 

l'iijt;L;iii;;. T. ('. inert 


.,KMVrA"ON iU 

V f iK-n comcth si.eaia.m ^^'t'; ^^,,,,,t ,,o nviU a. , .■■ 

"'■" '^^° > . ou not stiU, nor yet ^X; «' ^ , ,„,„„cr, « Fi.ona 

l.nn toward the. ^^^^.^^ """'. ,' rt cnnnand luu. 

„g„ m tl,> '' "_^„,„foMcur<log: ^f^2\n-uU,, tl,at is to say, 
sternly to go out j .^.^ , ■„ i,„vd l-"^!^^^';' J ,„„ds toward 

staff of tltol.oly '»P^\ „,.. lift np yo" %'^\Z deliver me."* 

..„„se np --V'" ce r-H-'^ *^^' °J't'me OGod.for.l.y 
..,.1- for succoui, . ,,)\) "Savenie, ^ „j 

l.oavcn, ciN 10 , .,jt God arise. „„l tliat trouWe '"<:• 

.Co,neHolyGl>os.^ ' ^^ ^^.^ ^j,,y "-''^f . ,„>ve lifted u,, 
name's saU^" ' ^^^^ ^ ,ift„l „, my sov. . ' ^„,„, „ot to 

" T" "'^^' ° u ,;,! rsJms tluot,gl.. ^-\f„7',,„„ wilt tltoa 
•-y «)-•" ' ^Wef vitU fervent l«art ' ow ^^^^ ^^_^ ^^,,„,, 
tl>ee soon, c;;y '""^fo, ever?- A>- ^.a^Jtion of tl>eVi'W" 
forget n>e, O I^°%,°.„, the Belief, the Sal ^ ^^^^^ ^„„^, 

Vsalin: *» l^™-'!^ ^ "'^ ° ' ,,,,ers in thy °«" ''" f'^tl o 'ood stati; 
M ry, ^vith d^-F-*X :\;,e earth, and sna^h H t - ^,,_^, ., 
your- knees down -vn>t ^^^^.^ ,,,e_the 1 - ,,„„ „t o,e 
and swinge Inm agau ^^^ ^^^.^„„a . ,1 ^^^^ ^^.,^^ ^,,„, 

„„tl,ing else titan W^ ^,_, ,,,,„, '-T^ ^^^,,„ ^ a dog. 

eross. Spit, m ~"'^ y^.ttereth thee wttl. t ^ ■ ,„ „, :. 

when, lot- so '^""' Jwtse thy ™»^-':'° 4,„th ot. the dea>- e..-. 



1{1x;i:l.i: ixclusaul ■:\i. 

Folio 7'J b. 

mid te holie rock' steaue, ]jet him is lo«Se.;t kn(ii:il, Kml- on )>o doom-l 
floage. Kem ofte Jesu, 1: clcojio liis passiun to lirlpc, 7 lialso him l/i 
his piiK'ii, 7 bi his dcorewurSc blode, % l)i his (U'aiSc o roih-, \\\\\ 
into his wunden f crcop in ham mid j)ine ]'nuh(e. jX-t hcu^ al 
opciie." !Muchel luucdc lie us pet Ictte nud<ien swuche Jnirk-s in 
him iiortc huden ns inue. And mid his dcorewurcio hh^de biblodogi- 
Jjine hcortc. "In petram: abscondore fossa luuno." Go into |'c 
stone, he seiS, J;e prophete, and hud ]>e iSe dohuMio eorSe :' ]>et is, 
iiSe Avunden of ure Lourdes flesclic ];et was asc idokicn niit tc duhe'' 
nelles, ase he iSo sauterc hjngc biuoren scide, " Foilerunt m;mus 
meas, et pedes nicos :^" ]jet is, lioo duluen mine v<_t 1 mine honde-n. 
He ne seide nout };et lieo ]nn-leden mine vet ? mine lionden, anh 
diduen. Yor cfter jnsse k'ttiv,*^ ase vrc meistres siggeiS, ])C neiks 
weren so duUe ];et heo dukien liis flcsch, 7 to breken ]>o bones, more 
]7cn ];urk'den, uorte pinen liim sarre. He himsulf ck'opeS ])e ton- 
ward peos Avunden : " Yeni coluniba in foraniinilms potras in 
cauernas macerle." Mi kidure, lie seiS, \n'e T^oucrd, kuni and hud 
|)C i^e l^urks of mine hnien, and icSe hoks of niino si(k'. Mnehd 
luuede he ])C0 kuku-e, ]?et he swuche lioks"^ makede. Lf)ke mi ]>ct 
tu pet he cleope^ kuku-e, habbe kuku-e kmidc, ]>et is wiJSuten galk', 
and kum to him bakk'hche, and make pe schokl of his passinn, ;uid 
seie, mid Jeremie : " Dabis scutum cordis, kiborcm tuum :" pet is, 
j)u schak ^iuen me, Louerd, heorte-schekl a^ean pc uconde :' ])et 
beoJS pine swincfuk pinen. pet heo swincfuk^ weren he seheanwede 
hit soSHche'^ inouh pe he swette ase blodes swotes dropen pet urnen 
adun to per corSe. ]\Ie schal liokk^i sclield inc vihte, up a bunen 
pe heaued, o5er ajean pe brcoste, and nout drawni bit brliindi-n p^'. 
And riht al so jif pu wuU pet tc ]ioHc rode-.stel' beo pi sckrld, and 
tet Codes stronge passiun falsie pes deofks Avepncn, ne (hauli ].u bit 
nout efter pe, auh hef liit on heih abuuen JMii hei.i-te hrannl, iMiic 

jreosle eien 

]b;!d hit, uj. 

bit h 



m;ikc oflior tlie devil's paramour, is sorrow beyond all sorrow. Too 
tlepravcd, witlud, is she, who might, by holding u\) her three fingers, 
overcome her f.;o, and de>ires it not, through sloth. Hold u[», there- 
fore, with true and firm faith tliy three fingers, and with the holy 
lood-staff, whieh is the cudgel which he loathes most, lay on the 
devil-dog. Name Jesus often, and invoke the aid of his passion, and 
implore him by his sufferings, and by his precious blood, and by his 
death on the cross. Fly into his wounds; creep into them with thy 
thought. They are all open. He loved us much who permitted 
such cavities to be made in him, that we might hide ourselves in 
them. And, with his precious blood, ensanguine thine heart, " In- 
gredere in petram, ct abscondere in fossa humo ; " " Go into the 
rock," saith the prop'het, " and hide thee in the })it which is dug in 
the earth ;" " that is, in the wounds of our Lord's flesh, which was 
as if dug into with tlic blunt nails, as he said long before in the 
Psalter, " Fodcrunt manus meas et pedes meos; "^ that is, they dug 
my feet and my hands. He did not say, they pierced my feet 
and my hands, but dug. For, according to this Latin, as our 
teachers say, the nails were so blunt that they digged his flesh, and 
broke the bones rather than pierced them, to torment him the surer. 
He himself calleth thee toward those wounds, " Vcni cohnnba in 

foraminibus petras, in cavernas maceria: 

:\Iy do^ 


Lord, " come and hide thyself in tlic cavities of my limbs, and in the 
holes of my side." Great was his affection for the dove for which he 
made such hiding places. See now that thou, whom he calleth 
dove, have the nature of a dove, which is without gall, and come to 
him boldly, and make his suflerings thy shield, and say with 
Jcnniiali, " Dabis scutum cordis laborcm tuum ; " '' that is, "Thou 
shalt give me, O Lord, a heart-shield against the enemy; whieh is 
thy I'ab.jri.jus sufferings," TliM they were laborious, he shewed 
jnanifestlv enough, when he swiMled, as it were drops, the sweat of 


Ci.ntklo., 11. 1 


^^^ KKGUL.K l\CLr,SAi:U.M. 

Avitterliclie. pe sihSe one };erof brinoeS hi,,, o flulite r' vor boSo 
liim agriseS |,er ajean ? scheoineS ut of liis witte, cfter )>c ilke time 
\Qi ure Louercl ]>er mide broulite so to grunde his koliUe kuhiL-rt- 
schlpe % his prude strencSe. Eif j^u, pumli ];ine ^enicleastc, woix-st 
te erest wocliche/ ^ siuest ]7e ueoiide ijijong to uorS iSo uruinSc, so 
]>Qt tu lie mellit recoilen him a^air.vard uor ];ine muclielc unstreiick', 
auh ert ibroiiht so uorS ouer j)ct tu ne meiht J;is sclield hokU-n i 
]?inc heorte, ne wrenchen |?e J^erunder frommard ]>e dcofles eareuen, 
nim ]>e uor^ alist Seinte Beneites salue, ];aiih ne ]>erf hit nout bL.;n 
so ouerstrong ase his was r^ ]?et of ]^e walewing, n.g 1, side 7 wombe 
cm al o grure blode : auh hure ? hure'' jif |;i sulf, hwoii J;c [I. lie] 
strongest stont, one smcrte disce])h*ne, ? drauh, use he dude, )>et 
swete h"kunge into smeortunge. Ant jif }?u ]7us dest nout, auh 
slepinde wcrest ]>e, he wule gon to uorS upon J>e er ]ni lest nxiie, 
ant bringen J?e of fule ];ouhte into deHt of ful .sunnc:*^ and so lie 
bringeS ])e al ouer into skiles ^cttunge, )>et is deaSiiche sunne, wiS- 
uten ]>Q dede r' 7 so is ek ]>q delit of ];e stincginde lu^.t wi'suten 
graunt of |?e werke, so long hit mei ilestcn, hwon ]?e skile ne uihteb 
no lengi-e );er tojeines. "Nunquani enim judicanda est delectntio 
esse morosa dum ratio reluctatur 1 negat ascensum,"'^ Vor l>i 
leoue suster, ase ure Louerd IcreS J^e, to tred ]>o ncddre lieaucd, ]>ot 
is, j;e bcglnnunge of his fondunge: " Beatus qui tenebit 7 allidit 
parvulos suos ad petram/' Eadi is he, seiS Dauid, )'et AviMiait 
hire*' on erest, and to brekeS to ])q stone \q ereste sturun<Tcs huon 
}?et fleschs arise^ \co hwule j^et heo beoS jungc. Vre Louerd is 
icleoped ston uor his And ek in Canticis: " Capitr 
nobis uulpes paruulas qute destruunt vineas." NimciS ? kL-cche^ us, 
leofmon, anon \)Q 5U"ge uoxes, pet beoJJ j'e crest i)nikuum's I'ot 
sturiecS *" |)e winjcardes, he seici, uix- Louurd, ]>et beoJS uiv sduIcu, 

nil U 11 

.^tlieliu. T. 



I', c. 

al, W 

lur^ero. T 


lull li 

110. f. 

.S '//«/, 

i. MS. Oxoi, 

lu^t, • 
linn. ■ 

'. c. 

'' •'"'"■• 

Tin: cijoss a shiklt). st. iucxkdict's itK:\n:i)Y. 


l)!oo(l, that ran down to tin- cartli. A sliield should be held up, in 
battle, ahove the head or against the breast, and not dragged behind 
tlice; and, in like manner, if thou wish that the holy rood-staff 
should be thy shield, and that the Lord's painful sufferings should 
foil the devil's weapo)is, drag it not after thee, but lift it up on high 
above the head of tli}- heart, in the eyes of thy breast. Ilold it up 
against the enemy, and shew it him distinctly. The mere sight of 
it putteth him to flight ; for it both torrifleth him arid shametli him 
to distraction, since the time when our Lord then'N.ith bafHed his 
crafty wiles, and his proud strength. If thou, thr gh thy negli- 
gence, dcfendest thyself at first feebly, andgivest the rr.emy entrance 
too far in the begimnng, so that thou maycstnot bo able to drive him 
back ngain because of thy great v/cakness, but art so far overcome 
that thou canst not hold this shield upon thy heart, nor shelter 
thyself under it from the devil's arrows, take, at last, St. Benedict's 
remedy, though it need not be excessively strong as his was, wlio, 
from the wallowing, on back, and side, and belly, ran all over with 
gory blood : "^ but, at least, when the temptation is strongest, give 
thyself a smart flagellation, and draw, as he did, the sweet inclina- 
tion into smarting. If thou dost not so, but defendcst thyself in a 
sleepy manner, ho will advance upon thee too far, before thou art in 
the least aware, and bring thee from foul thoughts to the desire of 
foul sin ; and so he brlngeth thee completely to give thy mind's 
consent, Avhicli is mortal sin, without the deed; and so is likewise 
the pleasure of the stinging desire, without consenting to its effect, 
so lono- as it may last, when the reason no longer contendeth against 
it. For the delight in it nnist never be judged to be wilful tlu)Ugh it 
continue, as long as the reason strives against it, and refuses its 
consent. Wherefoi'e, dear sisters, as our Lord taught thee, trample 
upon the seri)ent's head, that is, the beginning of his temptation, 
" lieatus qui tenebit et allldct parvulos suns ad i)eti-am."'' " I'lessed 
is slic,'" saith Ditvid, "who ivstr;iliictli licrself ;il first, and brmkcih 


liEG V L,T: I XC I. ISA U L M. 

]>ot iiiot niuclic tilunge to uorte bcrcn \\ iiulbciirn/' )V (U-cir-I i., 
iK'orekuniK'S, ixud Iiauc^ assc kundo: vor lie is IjiliinJou stroii-, :tnd 
tM)lt' i^L- lleaue^i, );ct is, iKe urumJJc, and so is bcorc 1 assc. kc -^H' 
him iK'uer inT;on;4' ; auli top liim o5e scliullo, uor lio is criili a^c 
bcorc ];oron : and liic liiiii so ]>concward, ? asciir him so schcomc- 
lichc, so sonc so ]m undcrjitest him, J;et ho hold him i^chcnd, and 
|>ct him agrise \\i'6 ])c stude ]>Qt tu wuncst innu : voi- he is )»inne 
})rndest, and him is seheomc loSest. 

Al so, Icoue sustcr, so sone so ]ni oner ivelest ])et );in hoci-te mid 
huie iialle tonward eni nionne,'' oucrmcte, anom'ihtes beo iwar ul' K- 
neddrc atter, and to-trcd his hcaucd. pe cwcne seide i'ul so^ J>et 
Fnh-o 9.01,. mid o)ie strca bronhtc o brnno alio hire buses r*^ ]>et uuichcl knmeJS 
of Intel. And nim nu jeme hu hit fareb. pe sparke J^et wint up 
ne bringeS nout anonriht pet bus al o fure:'"* auh liS ? keccheb 
more fur, ? fostreS hit forS, *? waxeS from Icsse to more vorf^ al J?et 
lius blasic uorS cr mc lest wene. And ]>e deoucl blowe^i to from 
J7et hit crest kundleS :^ and mucheleS'' his bcli bles ener asc hit 
waxeS. Understond }ns bi ]n snlucii. O sihS ])et tu isilist, o^er 
on elpi word ]>ct tu mis-iherest, jil" hit out'' stm\^i j'c, cucikIi hit 
mid teares of waterc, 7 mid lesu Cristes blode, J)eo hwule J'ei Iiii nis 
buten a s[)erke, er J^en hit waxe ? tende ]>e so ])et tu hit ne nmwe 
acwenchen. Vor so hit biualleS ofte :! ? liit is riht Godes dom, j'et 
Invo no dei5 hwon he niei, he jic schal nout hwon he wulde. 

win l)eiitv-i. 'J'. 

wanc.-i. T. I'.-istri.'s. (.'. 

.-iNut. T. ..S.-t. C. 

..ut. T. rauvt. C. 

■^ am moil a w 
'' o Icic. T. i 

' nuiicli'.s. T. 

T. - 



against the stone tlic first emotions wlicii tlie fl(>sli arisotli, wliile she 
is young. Our Lord is called a stone because of Iiis faitlifulness. And 
also in tlie Canticles, "Take us tlio little foxes that spoil the vines;"" 
these are the first enticements which arc felt, which destroy the 
vineyards, saith our Lord, which are our souls, that need much 
tilling in order to bear grapes. The devil is of the nature of a bear 
and of an ass; for he is strong behind and feeble in the head, tliat is, 
in the beginning, and so is the bear and the ass. Never give him 
entrance, but tap him on the scull, for he is weak as a bear in that 
part; and thus hasten him away and hurry him away so shamefully, 
as soon as thou perceivest him, that he may hold himself as disgraced, 
and dread the place wherein thou dwellest ; for he is the proudest 
creature, and shame is most disagreeable to him. 

1 hus, dear sister, as soon as ever thou feelest thy heart incline 
with too much love toward any man, beware inmiediately of the 
venom of the serpent, and trample upon his head. The old woman 
spoke very truly, when with a single straw all her houses caught 
fire, that " much cometh of little." And now observe how it 
happcneth : the spark that goeth up, doth not immediately set the 
house all on fire, but lieth and catcheth more fire, and continueth 
feeding it, and it growcth from less to more until the whole house 
blaze forth before we are in the least a^vare. And the devil bloweth 
upon it from the time that it first kindleth, and always bloweth a 
greater blast with his bellows as it increaseth. Understand this 
from thyself. If any sight that thou seest, or a single word that 
thou hearcst amiss, at all move thee, quench it with the water of 
tears, and with Jesus Christ's blood, while it is only a spark, befoi-e 
it inci-i'asc and inflame thee so that thou mayest never be able to 
quench it ; foi' so it often ha))pens, and it is the just decree of God, 
that " he who doth not when he mav, shall not when he would." 





?Tlonie kunnes fondungc beoS iiic j'Issc uoniic " doU", ami misliclie 
uroiu-en *? inoniuoldc salucn. Xve Louerd 5I110 ou grace pet lieo 
moten ou hclpcn. Of alle j'ou oSre peonne, of sclirift ]>e bilieucst of 
hire, sclial been ]>o vifte dole, ase icli bilict pcruppe. And uime^> 
Tciiie liu euerlcli dole iialleb into o'Ser, ase ich er seide. Her 
biginne^ ]>o ulfte dole. 

Of Scihufte. 
Of two ])inges nimc^ jenie, of sclirifto, i«c boginininge. pot 
forme j/ing, of bwuclie niihte hit beo. pet oSer ping, Ir.vuch hit 
schullc beon. pis beo-5 nu ase two limes r' and ciSer is to-dculed :' 
pe uorme o six stucchenes :' pc ober o sixtcnc. 



Schrift haueS monic mihtes. Aidi nuUich of alle siggen, bulen 
sixe: preo ajean pe deouel, J preo onont us suluen. Schrift schont 
bene' deouel J hackeS of his heaued, 1 to-dreaue5 his ferde. Schrift 
wasche« us of alle ure fulben, J jet^ us alle ure luren, 1 m:d<eJS us 
FoUo SI Godes children. And ei«er haueS his preo. Preouc we nu alle. 
pe erest preo beo« alle ischeawed ine Judites dcden. Judit, j.ct is 
schrift, ase was jeare iscid, slouh Olofernc, pet is, pc ucond of helle. 
Turn peruppe ase we speken of fuwclenc cunde, pet bcoS iefned to 
ancre lie hackede of his heaued, ? sco« ben com and scheawede 
hit to'pe buruh preostes. pconne is pe ueond ischend hwonne me 
scheaue^ ine schrifte alle his cweadschipes. "Compuncte cousci- 

entie:^ unde in cu 

biculo ejus abscidit caput ejus." His hcaue.l is 
ihacked of, ^ he is isleien obc moime so sone sc he euer is rilit sori 
uor his sunnen, 1 haue« schrift on hcorte. Auh he is nout pe jet 
ischend he hwulc his heaued is ihud, ase dude on crest, er hit 
beo i rh'-nved r' pot is, er pen pe niu« ine schrifte do ut pe heaued 

Iri.r.NV. T. C. 



I liere are many kinds of temptation in this fourth jiart, and 
various comforts and manifold remedies. INfay our Lord give you 
grace that they may help you ! The fiftli part then shall be of 
confession, the most necessary of them all, as I promised above. 
And observe how every part fallcth into another, as I said before. 
Here beginneth the fifth part. 

PART v.— Of Confession. 

Concerning confession. To begin, take notice of two things : 
first, of what efficacy it is ; secondly, of what kind it should be. 
These arc two branches ; and each of them is divided : the former 
into six parts; the other into sixteen. Now this is concerning the 

Confession hath many powers. I will not, however, speak of 
them all ; but only of six : three against the devil, and three con- 
cerning ourselves. Confession confoundeth the devil, and hacketh 
off his head, and dispcrseth his forces. Confession washeth us from 
all our filthiness, and giveth us back all our losses, and makcth us 
children of God. And each of these divisions hath its own three. 
Let us now prove all these. The first three arc all exemplified in 
the history of Judith. 1. Judith, that is, confession, as was said 
before, slew Iloloferncs, that is, the fiend of hell. Turn back to the 
place where we spoke of the nature of fowls, which are compared to 
anchoresses.* She hacked off his head, and then came and shewed 
it to the priests of the city. Then is the fiend confounded when all 
his iniquities are disclosed in confession, "Compuncta; conscientinR; 
unde in cubiculo ejus abscidit caput ejus." His head is cut off, and 
he is slain in the man as soon as ever he is truly sorry for his sins, 
and hath set his heart on confessing them. 2. But he is not yet 
confounded while his head is concealed, as Judith did at fir^f, ii..r 
a rag.l;]l. 



al ]7c uoi 

And iiout one ]?c sunnc, 

li ;il ])c Itc'^iiiiiuiiLie Jjorof, and 
riJeles ];et broulitcn in ]'e sunuc, }'i.'t is jn- tk-uflcs lu-iuu-fl 
]>et mo sclml to-drcden anon, ase ich cr seidc. "\'ii;i niulicr Eltiva 
fecit coiifusionein ill doino Regis Niibugodonosnr : " )»eoiinc villi liis 
ferde anon aso dnde Judit Olofcrncs. And liis \vi;^elc> 7 liis 
^vrenclles ])et ho ns niide asailed, do lunn alio o vluhto :' and ]>o 
bnruli is ared ];et lioo licneden bisot t ]'et is to siggen, ]>c siinfiilo is 
dclinred. ludas Makabeus — hwo stod a;j;can biiii ? Al so bit tclloJS 
in Judicuni ]>ot let folc ]>eo liit askcdo, cftcr Josuos dcaS, bwo 
scbulde boon Iiorc due, 1 leaden liam in J^erc ucrdc? Vrc Loncrd 
onswercdo 7 seido, ludas scbal gon biuoron on : I diuUe ower foes 
lond biteclien in bis liondon. ]^oke(5 nu ful jcorno, liwat lis bco to 
siggon. losuc spelo^ hole, 7 ludas speleS scbrift, aso ludit. 
peonno is Josue dead hwon soule hole is forloren vor' cni doadlicli 
sunne. po sunfnlc is ]?o unwibtes lond, ])et is ure doadlieli fo, and 
tis lond ure Lonord liat ^ uorto biteclien in Judases liondon. Uor 
hwon ])et bo go biuoron, scbrift, lo nu, is gunfanoiu', 7 bcreJSlicr ]»e 
banere biuoron alio Godos fordo, ];et bco5 gode Jjoawcs. Scbrift 
reaue^ }?o ueondo his lond, J^ot is, J>o sunfnlo moii, and al to-die.iuoIS 
Canaan, ])C neondes ferde of hollo. ludas bit dude licoinllcbc : and 
scbrift, ]>et ho bitocnoS, doS ])ot ilkc gostlicbo. pis bcoJi nu ])roo 
YmgQS J>ot scbrift doS o ]>c doouel. pe o«or ]nT0 ])ingos pot hit do5 
on ns suluon bcocJ ]poos her cftor. 

Scbrift wascho/(5 us of alio ure ful ben: uor so bit is iwriteii: 
"Omnia confessiono lavantur.'" Glosa suiht: " C'onfllebinmr til.i 
Dens:' confitebimur," 7c. And tot was bitocno.l j-ct Iu<lit wioscli 
hire, 7 dospoilodo biro of hiio wi<lowo scbrudi-, ]..t was moikc of 
sooruwo :' and seoi-uwo nis bate of sumio one. " Laiiif corpus smuu, 



. . 1 „ . tint is until the mouth hi confcssl..u put forth the 
"'' 1 '■ Id n;t ^;iv 1 sin, but the .hole beginning the..oi, 
capital sui. And not ouin ^ v,.nnoht in the s n, which is 

'"?,''r? Hob -V Tvoman hath ..adc confusion .n.ho 

said before. Une ri<-oi ,r .,,,„„ his army immediately fl.cs, 

house of I-"S >-':^"f '~Xrok;.os t^l h-.s\vnes and f.u.dulent 
as Judith n,ade hat o_^^ ^ofc c ,^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^.^,^^ ^ ^_^ ,,^ 

tricte, ^^•hel■c^vlh he » J ~ ,/ ^ t,,at is to sar, the sinner ,s 
which they had bes.cged is d-^^ «^ ; ,,;,„, i„ Hke 

dehvcred. Judas Maccahet^-who sto d ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ 

,„annor, we are tohl m the Book f J"^. ;;;^_,^ ,; „^,,. ,,,,,,, „,„, 
Josliua, xvhen the people asked, _^ v^^^ ^^^^ ^_^^^^^^^^ ^^_j ^^^;,,_ 

go before them m '^\'-''"\- .y^ ^i^,i„,. the land of your cnenncs 
"Judah shall go before you. i^""" , ,^hat this meaneth. 

i„to his hands." Co"S.der nj at^nu^^^, ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^.^,_ 

Joshua meaneth health »f f;^^' "J^, s;ul is lost through any 
Then is Joshua dead when ' « 1"=»"^ ^ ^,,,,„ j^ „„,. deadly foe, 

deadly sin. The ^'"«V Tto deliv r into Judah's hands.' 

and L laud our Lord P— '^^ ^ Lsion is the standard 
For when ho goeth befo heh 1 no ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^, .^,^ .^ 


good mor.als. 3. Y"""* " ,,, defe-iteth Canaan, the arn.y of the 
ie sinful man, a.Kl comn ktel defe te ^^^^_^^^^ ^^^.^^^ ,_ , 

fiend of hell. Judah d.d .t bod y ^^^^ ^^^^_^^ ^^^ ^,^^ ^,^^.^^, 
betokeueth,doth the =>» /P'"^"^ ^^he devil. The other three 
things that eon ess,ou ^;^,^^™,t those which follow, 
things which .t doth to ours el« ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^_. „,^_^ ,, .^ 

1. Confession -"=''''"'/" *^',°"' '" ° . ,. ,,„ comment upon .his: 
written, " Onuua -"'-"f '^^(f„7 J, ,,;„ confess," S.c. and this 
.We will eonfess to thee, 0*f°'^;,„,hed herself, and stripped off 


the garments ot nti 

h Ju.lgo 



KEGUL^T: I X C J. LS A II U 31 , 

i^'o/io 82. 

^ exult se uestimcntis ulduitatis." Sclirift jolt oft al j^ct god bet we 
hefden iiorloren jniruli hcaucd sunne :' ^i bringeS al aToan l\^h A 
toge.leres. loci: -licddain uobis ainios quos comodit loeusta, 
brucus rubigo ct crugo." pis was bitoc.icd Inirul, |,et ludit 
schrudde lure mid ].elidawenc weadcn and makedc hire uoIrMviS- 
uten, asc sclirift de^ us Avi^iunen, mid alio |,c ucirc unienur.z bet 
bitocne^ bhsse. And uro Louerd sei«, ];umh Zacliurio: " Erunt 
sicut fucrunt antcquam proiceram eos :^" |,et is, schrift sclial makion 
l?eue mon al swucli asc he was biuoren };ct lie suncgc ." asc clcnc 7 
ase ucir t asc riclie of allc god ]7ct limpcS to ]>c soulc. pot |>riddo 
l?nig pet schrift de« to us sulucn is |;e frut of );is oSor two, ? cndcS 
ham bo'Sc— l^et is, makc-5 us Godcs children, pis is bitocncd )>.rbi 
J;et Judas, iue Gencsi, biwon of Jacob, Benjamin. Bcnjann-n seiS 
ase muche asc Sunc of riht half. Tudas, is, schrift r' al so asc 
ludit :' for boSe heo spclc« on an Ebreischc ledene. pis gostliche 
ludas bi^et of lacob his fedcr, ]>ct is, urc Louerd, to bcon his rib.t 
hondes sune, 7 bruken buten cnde ];c eritage of hcouenc. Ku wc 
habbeiS iseid of hwuchc mihtc schrift is, 7 hwuche eflicaccs hit 
haueti, 7 inenmed sixc. Lokc we nu ^eornclichc Jiwuch schrift 
schule been ^et beroS swuch strcncSe r' 7 for to schca\vcn hit bet 
dele we nu |?is lim o sixtcne stucchenes. 

Schrift schal bcon wrciful, bitter, mid scoruwc, iljol, naked, olte 
imaked, hiliful, edmod, schcomcful, drcdful, 1 hopelid, wis, soJS ? 
vvilles :' owune 7 studeuest :f biSouht biuoren longc. Her hwh nu 
ase ])auh hit were, sixtene stucchenes ],>et bcoJS iueied to sdnifte :' 
and we schulen siggcn of cuerichon sum word sunderlichc arcaw e. 

iiiv. T. Iki.m.VMiI I.ih 


there is no sorrow but from sin only, « Lavit cor[)US suuin, ct exult 
se vestiinentls viduitatis."-' 2. Confession gives lis back all the ^ood 
that we had lost tlirougli mortal sin : It bringeth it all again, and 
completely restoretli it. Joel saith, '* I Avill restore to you the 
years that the locust, the canker-worm, and the mildew, and the 
palmer-worm have eaten." ^ This was figuratively shewn in that 
Judith clothed herself with holiday garments, and made herself 
fair without, as confession maketh us within, with all the goodly 
ornaments which are tokens of joy. And our Lord saith in Zechariah, 
" They shall be as they were before I had cast them oft' ; " ' that is, 
confession shall make the man such as he was before he sinned ; as 
clean, and as fair, and as rich in all the good that appertaineth to 
the soul. 3. The third thing which confession doth to ourselves is 
the fruit of the other two, and which completes them both, that is, 
maketh us children of God. This is represented in the Book of 
Genesis, when Judah obtained the consent of Jacob to carry 
Benjamin with him into Egypt. "^ Benjamin, signifieth Son of the 
rifdit hand. Judah, that is, confession; in like manner as Judith ; 
for both have the same meaning in the Hebrew tongue. This 
spiritual Judah obtained of Jacob his father, that is, our Lord, to be 
the son of his right hand, and to enjoy, without end, the inheritance 
of heaven. We have now said how great is the power of confession, 
and what effects it hath, and we have mentioned six. Let us now 
consider attentively what sort of confession that must be which i)ro- 
duccth such good effects ; and to shew it the better, divide \\ e now 
this part into sixteen particulars. 

Confession shall be accusatory, bitter and sorrowful, full, 
candid, freciuont, speedy, humble, with shame, anxious, hoj[)eful, 
prudent, true, voluntary, spontaneous, steadfast, and premeditated. 
Tiiese now are, as it Averc, sixteen particulars, which belong to con- 
fession ; and we shall sa\- a word of each of them sei)arately in onler. 

ju.Jiiii, X. y. 

!• Joel, ii. 

Gtu'sis xllii I'j. '' '^^-■cl"ii'''^l'> 



Schrifi sclial beon wrcif'ul. jNIon sclial w reicu liim siiliuii iiu- 
schrjftc, ? noiit wcrien '^ liiiu lie siggcn, K-li hit duck' puiuli (-^iv :' 
Icli was incd ^' J'crto r' })e iicond hit iiiakcde iiic to doii. l''u> I-m- 
and Adam weredeii ham. Adam ])aruh Eue : and I^uc jmruh J'c 
neddre. pe ucond nc mei ncden nennc inon to don sunno, j'aiili lu' 
cggi j^crto. Auli fill wcl he is ipaied^ hwon cni sei5 ]>et lie him 
makede iiorto sunegcn, ase ])auh he hcucde strcncSc, ]>ot haiicIS 
none mid alle, huten jnirnh us suluen. Auh mc oiih i'orto siggen : 
Min owune unwrestschipc hit dude :' and ^Yille5 7 woldcs leli bcili 
to ]>c dcofle. Eif }'u v/itest eni J'iug J;inc sunne Inite ]n suhun, )>u 
nc schriuest ]'C nout :' and jif" ]>u seist ]>ct J;in unstiviiciSc nc muhtc 
nout cllcs, ])u Nvrenchcst J)inc sunne o God, ]>et makede Jjc swuch 
J?et tu, Li ]?ine tale, wiSstonden ne niuhtes. \V'rcie we us suluen :' 
vor lo ! hwat seiS Seinte Powcl ? " Si nos ipsos dijudicaremus, noii 
utlque judlcaremur :'" J;et is, jif we wreiS wel her, 7 dcme5 her us 
suluen, we schulen beon cwite of wreiungc ctte muclielc dome, per 
ase Seint Aunselme scixS ];eos ilke dredfule wordes, "Ilinc erunt 
accusnntia peccata t' inde, terrcns juslicia :' subtus, patens honidum 
chaos infeini :' desuper, iratus Judex :' intus, urens conscieiitia : 
foris, ardens mundus. Uix Justus saluabitur. Peecator sic depre- 
hensus, in quain partem se premet?" 7c. O ]>e one halue, a domes- 
dei schulen ure swarte sunnen bicleopcn us stroneliche of uie soule 
mui"Sre r' and on obcr half stont rihtwisnesse, );et no reoutSe nis 
mide, dredful 7 grureful uorto bilioldon. Abnuen us, })e eoi-re 
Demare:' vor ase softc as he is her, ase herd he biS J)er : and ase 
mild ase he is nu her, ase sturne he bi^ j'cr — lomb her 7 liiiii ]<v\; 
ase ]?c propliete witne^ :' "Leo rugiet :' qui^ uon fimcbit ?" pr liun 
sclial her greden, he seiS, hwo is ]>et ne schal beon ofeied ? Ik-r we 
clco])icS him lomb ase oftc ase wc singcJi, " Agnus J)ei (jui tollis 
iieccata mundi." Nu, ase Ich scide, wc schulen iscoii buueii u> ))en 
ilke eorre Demarc, ]H't is, cc witncsse, 7 wot alle ure guhes. 
I'.iueo^eii us, i;coniinde wide ]>v wide prcotc of h 





si\ NOT 10 r.r. rAi.LiATKi) on i:xcr>i:n. 30.5 

1. C'oiifb.ssii)ii >]vA\ bo accusatory. In oonfr— iuii a man ouuht to 
accuso himself, and nut dcfeiul liimself and say, " I did it tlnouLdi 
the fault of otliors : T was forced to do it : the devil ei.mpelled me to do 
it." Thus dill live and Adam defend themselves. Adam tiiron-Ji Eve, 
and lAe tlnouuh the serpent. 'Jdie d(!vil cannot comiiei ;iny man to 
commit sin, although he instigates him thereto. But lie is very well 
pleased when any one saith that he made him to >in, as thounh he had 
power, \\]]o really hath none, except throiioh or.rselves. lUit wo 
ou^ht to say, '• My own wickedness did it ; and willin^dy and w il- 
fully I yielded to the devil." If thou blamest any thin«j; but tliyself 
for thy sin, thou dost not confess thyself; and if thou sayest that 
tliy weakness was nnabh' to do otherwise, thou throwest the blame 
of thy sin upon God, who made thee such that, by thine own 
account, thou hadst not ])ower to resist. Let us accuse ourselves : 
for lol what saith St. Paul? "Si nos ipsos dijudiearcnuis, non 
utiijue judicarenuu- ; " * that is, "if we accuse and judge ourselves 
well here, we shall be freed from accusing at the great judgment." 
Concerning this St. Anselm saitJi these terrible wonls, " On this siilo 
will stand accusing sins; on the other, the dreadful judgment seat; 
above, the angry Judge ; beneath, the yawning horrid pit of hell ; 
within, a gnawing conscience ; without, a burning world. Scarcely 
sliidl the righteous be saved. AVhere shall the siimer, thus detected, 
hide himself?"' On Doomsday our black sins on the one side 
shall steridy accuse us of our soul-murder ; on the other side stands 
Justice, with whom there is no pity, dreadful and terril»le to behold; 
above us the angry Judge, for as soft as he is here so hard he is 
there; and as mild as he is now here so stern he is there; a lamb 
here and a lion there, as the Prophet testifieth, " Leo rugiet; (juis 
non timebit?'"' "The lion shall roar," saith he, "who is he that 
shall not be afraid."" Here we call him Lamb as oft as we sing, 
" Land) of God, who takest away the sins of the world." Now, as 
I said, we shall see above us the same angry Judge, who is :dso tho 

• 1 Corinth, xi. .'!1. •> Ai.w.s iii. S. ' M. .I..l.u. i. '.•■'. 

CAMD. SOC. - '' 


REOUL.T': iN(;r.rsAi:r>r. 

suluen, ure owune conscience, );ct is, urc imvit, iiorkuliinrle" hire 
Folio Si. suluen mid ]>c fure of sunne :' wiSutcii us, al jjoiie ^vol•1<l leiteiide (4' 
swarte leite up into -weolcne. pe soric sunfulo ]'us \>'\<-vA, liwu x.-Iial 
him J'conne stonden? To hwuche of J'eos fuiire nici lie him 
biwenden ? Nis ];er ];conne bute pet horde >vord,^ pet gri5Hche word 
J grureful oner alio, " Ite maledicti in ignom eternum," ?c. Go5 
je awaviede iit of mine eihsihcie into J'C echo fure pet was igrei'Scd 
to pe uconde and to liis cngles, Le uorbuwen'" minne dom pet ich 
demde mon to, pet was iset forto libben iiie swincke 7 in seoruwc on 
eor^e ^ and je schulen nu, uorcSi, liablx-n ]'es deofles dom, 7 berncn 
mid him i^c eclic fare of lielle, ]\lid tisse schulen pe norlorem- 
worpen a swiich jeor"^ pet licouenc 7 eorSe nunven beoiic grish'che 
agrisen. Yor^i Seint Austin IcreiS *= us leofllche, " Ascendat homo 
trilnuial mentis sue, si ilhxd cogitat quod oportet cum cxibcrl ante 
tribunal Christi. Adsit accusatrix cogitatio :' testis conscientia ^ car- 
nifex timer :'" pet is, penc, mon, of domesdeie, 7 deme lier ]n"m 
suluen pus, o pisso wise: let skile sitteu asc demare upon pc dom 
stol :! kume per efter xior^ his pouht :' pouhtes munegunge wreie 
him, 7 bicleope him of misliche sunnen. O, belann', pis pu dudest per, 
7 pis per, 7 tis per, 7 o pisse wise. His inwit beo iknowen perof, 7 
here liim witnesse :' " Sob hit is, so^ hit is :! pis, 7 muchelc more." 
Kume uorS per efter fcrlac, puruh pc demarcs hestc, pet liettcrlichc 
hat, "]S'im 7 bind him hetcueste, nor lie is dealScs wurSe:' and bind 
him so euericli lim pe he haue-S mide isuneged, pet he ne muwe mid 
liam suneoen nan more." Fearlac haue^ ibunden liim liwon he ne 
der, uor fearlac, sturien him touward sunne. Eot iiis nnut pe 
Folio 83 6. demarc, pet is, skil, ipaied pau he beo ibunden 7 hulde him wiJSuten 
sunne, bute jif he abugge pe sunne pet he wruuhtc r' and elL'Oi)eS 
foriS pine 7 seoruwe, 7 Iiat pet seoruwc preusche him wibimic pc 
heorte mid sore bireousunge :' so pet liim suwic 7 pini.- ))et fleseh 

forswiS.indo. T. for cwctiin.l.'. V,. !- 
\:,-u'n |.;Uhar-.lo w<.r.l, h w;.uor<l. T. C. 

f..rl...l,..|.n. T. 



-•■ """''■ T" nl^« " bLk flame ur <o "- -f :;; , ;; 

untoppy sinner V,e,ns *'.«=. 1- . , .^ ;^ „„t,,ing but 

To «Wel. of these four "" ' " ^^^ ^,,,„,, „„ terrible sentence 

„ the everlasting fire ot be. J^ZrMW sluulder. Wherefore M. 
tbat both heaven and -rth ""J '- ■ _^^^^^, ,„,„„ t,,b«naYne,.t,s 

Anstin affeetionately t<:"'=l><=*;f' , ' ,,,,iteri ante tribunal,. 

Adsitaeeusatr.^og>^t. t^^ ,„a Judge himse, ere, tin, 
is. Lot man tlnnK oi ^ ^ ,„dgment seat, le 

"•so: let reason sit as 3"^= .^^^hts I'ring to his ren,en,brauee, 
; ought then eome &'■"';. "\,;^^°, ,i„s, ■' O, good friend, then 
a eule him. and eharge h,m ^v h ^ «> ^^^^^ .^ ^^.^ , 

ddst this, and this. »f ^^' ; i' Jar him witness; "trne.t. 

i:ro::^Xeepsbim.ifivom....n^;->,^ „ , 

c,„n,na,.ds sorrow f, sconi„ 


i„ ] Ountt.. »i. 


i{i:c;i Lyi; ixci.i sakl.m. 

Folio 84. 

wiSutcn mid festeii, 1, mid o-5er flcscliliclic- soivs. Ihvo sc o Jm-c 
Avise, biuoren ];e niucliele dome, dt-mcS her liiiu shIikii, c:uli is If 7 
iseli. Yor, ase ^-e i>rop]icte sciS, "Noii iiidic:.1)It Doiis Lis in id 
ipsum." '•' Nulc nout ure Louerd," he seiS, );e pj-ui)hetc, '• JK-t o m:in 
bco uor one ];inge twicn idemed/' Hit iiis nout iiie Godrs kuit a^e 
hit is iSe schirc, \ev asc \q ];et nickeS wcl mei heoii iburuwcn : and 
\(i fule ]7et is iciioweii [is idemcd ?].•'' l^iuore Gud is o^erwcis. '' SI 
tu accusal, Dcus excusat:" et uice iiersa." Lif ];u wiviest J>e wcl 
her, God wide iinwreien ]>o ];er, and skeren mid alle, ct tc ncruwo 
dome :' uor hwon ]>ct tu demo ])o, asc ich iti-iht habln-. 

vSchrift schal beuii bitter, a^cau ];et te sumie J>uhte sume dierc 
swete. Judit ])et speleti schrift, ase icli ufte liabbe isoid, was 
Merarilites doulitcr:' 1 Judas, ];et is ec schrift, wiiu'de u Thamar. 
INIerariht ? Thamar boSc heo speUet) bittcnicsse o Ebreu. IsimeJS 
nu jeoriie jeme of J?e bitocnuiige. Ich liit siggc sclicortliehe : 
bitter, sor, ? schrift. pet on mot kumon of ]>et oJScr, ase ludit dude 
of i\[crari]it, and boSe lico mott'u beon iueied somcd, asc Judit 7 
Thamar [weren] :' uor nou'Ser witiuten oJSer nis nuut w urJ>, oSci- luttl. 
Fai'es ? Zaram ue temciS heo neuer. Uour J'inges, -^xi mo [/. mon] 
];enc]iciS ]>et heaued sunne dude liim, nuiweu makien him to 
seoi-uw'on, 7 bittren liis heorte. Lo ! |ns is ]>e uonne. Eif a mou 
heuede uorloren, in one time of J'C deie, liis fader and his modcr, In'-; 
bre'Sren and liis sustren, and al his kun eke, and alle his frcund ]'et 
he euer hcfde weren istoruen uerliche in one deie, nuldo he oner allc 
men seoridiful beon 1 sori, alse he caSc nudite? God hit wot, he 
mei beon vniliche^ seoruhfulure J;ct Ikur-^, mid dcadliche sunne, 
gostlichc isleien God wiSinnen "^ liis .soule. \'or he naue^ nout one 
uorloren J^ene swete Ueder of heoiien 7 Seinte Marie his nioder, oSi-r 
holi chirelic, hwon he of hire naueJS more'' m- Icsci, and .-die J'c 
enisles of hcoueiie, and alle ]k' hahiwiii *" ]n't wcrcii him it u<>i- 

i:.;i: .t .l.tmiinri .iiii Uu 

il.i .,in 

:,'.it pot< 
■;.f. T. 
T. C. 

iinxiA. T. C. 
llll' iMli . 

- I.;.ICK...,. C. 

(OMKSSIOX :vH -^1 liK nilTKll AND S()U!:()\V I 11.. 


]itMitam-e', so tli.'it li(> si^ii and imr.ivli tlio ficsli outwardly with tiisting, 
mid with otlior Inxh*!;/ }>;iiii-. lie who thus juda'etli liiiusolf liere, 
heforc the 'j^rcnt jnduiiniit, is hles'^ed :nid happy. For, as the 
pi-iipliet saith, " Nou juiheaLit Deus bis in id ipsuiu." "Our Lord," 
saitli tlic proplict, "will not sufier a man to he judLred hn- one thing 
twice."' It is not in Clod's court as it is in that ot" the shire, where 
they wlio (h]\y well may he acfjuitted : and the fool Avho is detected* 
is condemned. I>efore God it is otherwise, " Si tu te accusas, Deus 
excusat; et \ ice versa." If thou accusest thyself well here, God 
will excuse thee there, and clear thee also, at the strict judgment — 
because thou judgest thyself, as I have taught above. 

II. Ct)nfession shall be bitter, inasnuich as the sin, at one time, 
\\as thought sweet. Judith, which signifieth confession, as 1 have 
often remarked, was the daughter of IMerari ; ^ and Judah, which is 
also confession, wived with Tamar.'^ Merari and Tamar both 
signify bitterness in Hebrew. Now, pay earnest attention to the 
signification, I mention it briefly: bitterness, sorrow, and con- 
fession. The one may come from the other, as Judith did from 
Merari, and both may bo joined together, as were Judith and 
Tamar; for either without the other is worth little or nothing. 
Pharez and Zarah '' never bring forth offspring. There are four 
things that mortal sin has done to him which, if a man reflect, may 
make him sorrowful, and embitter his heart. Lo, now, this is the 
first: If a man had lost, in a single hour of the day, his father and 
mother, his brothers and sisters, and also all his kindred, and if all 
his friends that he ever had had died suddenly in a single day, 
would he not be sorrowful and grieved more than all other men, ns 
he well might ? God knoweth he maybe, without comj)arison, more 
sorrowful who, by mortal sin, has slain God within his soul. F..r 
he hath not oidy lost the sweet Father of heaven, and Saint Mary 
his Mother, or^ Holy Church— since he hath nothing more oi- less 
from her— and all the angels of heaven, an<l all th.- saints, m liidi 





brc^rcn 1 for sustren, and for urcond. Asc to liiin, lieo IjcoJS dcadc. 
Ase onont liiin is, he liaucS isleioii ham alle, and liaucS ])er asc lico 
lime^ eucr, loSnesse ^ of ham alle, ase Jeremic witncS :' "Oinnes 
amici ejus spreverunt cam :'" j;et is, alio J;et Juin Imiedcn, joiodcn 
spl him on, and haticS him alle. Eet more, his children alle, so 
sone so he sunegede dcadliclic, deidcn alle clene : J^et beoJS his god 
■sverkes, J>ct beo^ forloren alio. Ect, uppcn al ))is ilke, he is him 
sulf al biwrixled, "i bicumen, of Godes child, )>es dcofles beam of 
helle, atelich forto iseon r^ ase God snlf seiS iSc gospel, "Vos ex 
patre diabolo estis." penc euorich of his owunc stat |»et he is o5er 
was, inne, and he mei iseon Invareuore he ouh tc siken sore. VorSi, 
seiiS Jeremie, "Luctnm unigeniti fac tibi i)Ianctum amarum." ]\Iakc 
bitter mon asc wif deS uor her childe })et naucci bnten him one, and 
isih^ liit biuoren hire uerliche astoruen. Nu ]>c o'Ser ]>ct ich bihct :' 
Folio 84 h. a mon ]?et were idemed nor a lu^er nuirSre to beon forbernd al 
cwic, o^er scheomeliche anhongcd — hu W(jldc liis hcorte stondcn? 
Me, [/. Ne ?] |>u uniselie snnfnle! J^o ]>n, ])uruh deaSlichc sunne, 
mur"Sredest Godes spuse, |>et is, ]n soule — J;o ]ni were idemed fur 
to beon anhonged o berninde waritreo iSc cche pine of helle — bo Jni 
makedest foreward mid J>c dcoucl of J^i dea^, ? seidest in Isaie, mid 
]fe uorlorene, "Pepiginms cmn morte fedns, et cnm inferno pactum 
iniuimus:" ];et is, we habbcc) tronJSe ipluht deaSe, 7 foreward 
istefned mid helle :' vor ]>h is ])es feondes chefiare :' he jiueS j'o 
snnne, and tu jiucst him Jnne soule, 7 ti bodi ckc, to weane ? t«> 
wondrcde, ^ world a buten ende. Nu J»c ]>ridde scheortliche. l^eiic 
hu a mon bet hefde al J;enc world awold, 7 hefde, uov his cwi-ad- 
schipc, uorloren al on one stunde, huu he \\oIde murneii 7 suri 
iwur^cn I pconnc owustu uorte beon an hundred siSe soriurt.-, )>ct, 
buruh on heaued sunne, uorlurc J^c riche of heouene, and forhuv ure 
Louerd ])et is an hundred silSe, jo a jmsont siJSe brfcre ]'en is al j'o 
world — eorbe boSe 7 heouene. "Qm- ciiim (.(.nnrnii.i Clnisti ad 
Uelinl?" Nil ;^ct )^e ucorSe. lAi' ]>r king Ihiud.' hit. -ilit his Iccii.- 



were formerly as brethren, and siste]-s, and fi-iends to liini. Thcv 
are dead, as relates to him. lie hath slain them all, and is there, 
where they live for ever, abhorred of them all, as Jeremiah 
witnesNcth, " Oniues amici cjiis sprevermit earn;"-'' that is, all 
tlicy who loved him cried spit on him, and they all hate him. 
^loreover, all his children, as soon as he sinned mortally, died every 
one; -which are his good works, which are all lost. And, in adtli- 
tion to all this, he is himself completely changed, and from beinf a 
child of God is become a child of the devil of hell, frightful to look 
upon; as God himself saitli in the Gospel, "Ye are of your father 
the devil." ^ Let every one reflect upon his own state in which he 
is, or was, and he may see wherefore he ought to sigh sore. There- 
fore Jeremiah saith, "Luctum unigcniti fac tibi i)lanctum amarum."'^ 
Make bitter moan as a woman doth for her child, that hath but him 
alone, and seeth him befoi'e her suddenly cut off by death. Kow 
the second example which I promised is this : If a man were con- 
demned for a horrid murder to be burned alive, or disgracefully 
hanged, what would be the state of his heart ? Nay, but, thou 
unhappy siimer ! when thou by mortal sin didst murder God's 
spouse, that is, thy soul — when thou wert condemnerl to be hanged 
on a burning gallows-tree in the everlasting torments of hell — when 
thou madest a covenant with the devil concerning thy death, ami 
saidest with the lost ones in Isaiah, " Pepigimus cum morte fa^dus, 
et cum inferno pactum inivimus ; " ^ that is, " \Vc have plighted 
troth with death, and established a covenant with hell ; " for this is 
the devil's bargain; he giveth thee sin, and thou givest him thy 
soul, and thy body too, to suffer woe and misery world without oiul. 
Now, briefly, the third example. Think how a man who had the 
whole world under his dominion, and had, by his wickedness, lust it 
all in one hour, would mourn and be grieved ? Then oughtest thou 
to be a hundred times more grieved, who, by one mortal sin, hast 
lost the kinrrdom of heaven, and hast lost our Lord, who is an 

" St. .lohr 
<> Isiii.Tli, ; 


i;i:Gui..r, inclisak 

deore sime one of liis knihtes fort.- witenc, 7 nn«c-o,le l.-ddci, i.u.JS 
]ns cluld in li,s warde, so ];ct tct cliikl sulf weonvdo u,.i.un his frdcr 
mid te imSoode, nokic ])c kniht boon sori 7 .sclR-..nun f„l suiv"' \\\. 
Lco5 alio Godcs sunen ],c k'lwj^v^ of lieouono, )n-t I^•m(•^,| „rc 
euencliou enne cnocl inc warde. Sori is Iw, on I,is ^^ i.,- hwnn 
Unicode ledeb us forb, 7 Invon we uro Gude Ued-.r ncorr's mid 
sunno. IJeowe sorie ]>ct we eucr schuklen wre^^ien fedcr, 
7 sweameii" swucluic wank>i.,, ],et wit 7 were^i us oner wi^; hi 
unseiene*' [unscinede] gostcs : ^- uor eHes vucle us stode. AxAi wc- 
schunclieS "^ hine ucor awci hwou we doS dcadliclic siuine 7 fulSe : 
and ]>e deouel loapeK to so soiie so lie us furseS. IIoLk- we Iii.n 
neih us inid smelle of swete werkes :' and do we us ine his warde. 
Wat Crist ure euericlion to so gentil wardein bcreb to hitel n.enskc, 
7 kunncn liim to lutel ];onc of his seriiisc. ]7e(.s 7 moiiie oSre 
reisuns bcoS ]iwui mon nici beon bittediche sori uor ]ils suniien, 7 
weopcn ful sore :' and ^Yo[ is him ]>ct so mei :' u..r wop is sonic hek>. 
Vre Louerd deS touward us ase me deS to vuel ck-ttur: lie uimc5 
lesse ]»eii we owen liim, 7 is ]n\uh wel ij.aied. ^Vc owen In'in blod 
for blodc;' and ure blod );auk a^ean his bjode he shedde fur us 
were ful nnefne cliaungc. Auh wostu hwat me dcS Tct?'' Me 
nime^ et vuel dettur oten uor liweate :' and ure Louerd ninieS ct 
us ure teares ajean his blode, 7 is wel ipaied. lie weoj* o^e rode, 7 
o Lazre, 7 o Jerusalem:^ uor olSre momie snnm'ii. I 'if we \\l•()))l•^ 
for ure owune hit is nout nuichel wunder. Weope wc ewl•^ W huli 
mon in " Uitas Patruni," ]fO me hefde longo ijeied on him efter 
sarmun. "Lefe we," cweS he, "teares, leste uro owune teares 
uorseo'Sen us inc helktl" 

nil-. T. a. 
il.ns. M.S. Ox.,1.. 
l.s. T. so,Mr-,N. C. 

iisrlwiH'. T. uti<>oiii<'i|i-. (' 
rliullon. T. siliii.lif. N. (•. 

SIN di;ivj:tii a\\ \v oi u c;rAin)iA\ axokf,, 


liundrcd times— yea, a thousand tinios, better than all this world— 
both earth and heavc]). "For what concord l)ath Christ with 
Beliid ? " •' Now again, tlio fourth example. If the kin2- had 
given his beloved sun in ehai-gc to a kniuht to guard, and enemies 
took av>ay this child, his ward, so that the child himself made war 
u])on ln"s father along with the enemies, would not the knight be 
grieved and sorely ashamed? Wc all arc the sons of God, the 
King of Heaven, who hath given each of us in charge to an anircl to 
guard. Sorry is he, as angels are sorry, when enemies lead us 
aw ay, and wlien we make war against our heavenly Father, by sin. 
Let us be sorry that we ever should displease such a Father, and 
disgrace sucli a guardian who constantly watches over and protects 
ns from invisible [unblest] spirits, for otherwise wc should stand in 
evil plight. But, when we commit deadly and foul sin, we con- 
temptuonsly drive him far away, and the devil Icapeth in as soon as 
he is gone from ns. Let ns hold him nigh us with the sweet smell 
of good works, and let us put ourselves in his keeping. Christ 
knoweth that every one of us pay too little honour to so kind a 
guardian, and feel too little gratitude for his service. For these and 
many other reasons, a man may bitterly grieve for his sins, and 
wee}) full sore ; and well it is with him whoso may, for \veeping is 
health to the souk Our Lord doth to us as men do to a bad 
debtor ; he accepteth less than we owe him, and yet is well satisfied. 
Vic owe him blood for blood ; and moreover our blood in return for 
his blood which he slied for ns, Averc a very unequal exchange. But 
knowest thou wdiat men often do? Wo accept from a bad debtor 
oats instead of wheat; and our Lord accepleth from n^ our tears 
instead of his blood, and is well satisfied. He wept upon the cross, 
and for Lazarus, and for Jerusalem— for other men's sins. If we 
wee[j for our own, it is no great wonder. " Wei'|) we," (pioth the 
lioly niaii, in the Lives of the Fathers, when he had been long tinu' 
nitivated for a sermon, "shed we tears," said he, " le>t our tears 
seetlie ns in liell." 

» 2 Corintli. vi. ]5. 

ca:.ij>. .^oc. 2 s 


l.,V. 1N( l.l .V VKIM. 

Folio 8:. /', 

SclirlTt sclinl boon iliol: ]'tt is, i^-id :il !■. oiu- hk-iiii.', ut of rliiM- 
liodc. I'C iHjiirc widow i- hwoii Iico wiilc clcn<fii liiro hus, lu-o 
o:edclv^ :d jnt uivslc'' on one lioapo alivivst,'' 7 s»-l;mK'^ )»i'ciinK' Iiit 
ut: j)or lIu'i- lioo kumciS n^onn cTt, 7 lR'ai)ob eft to^^'odiTos al )'fl 
was w l)ili'au( (1, ? sclunio^ hit ut oftcr:' )?crcrtcr o ]jo snif!e dusto :' 
jif hit dn-te^ swnJSo, 1ic<! vlasko-«S water J»eron, 7 swoiu-S hit ut 
awei cf'ter al ]kA o^ti-. Al so schal \q ]>et schriueS him, efler )h- 
grcatc, sdiuucn ut \>v\. suiele \'^ and ^if dust of lihte j'ouhtcs windeN 
up to swii^ie, flaskio teares on ham :' 7 nc sidiulen hoo nout ))eoiiui' 
ablendui ]'o hcoitc cic-n. Ilwose hcK ^5 out,'^ lie nau(■^ i:-eid nout. 
Uor hwon'^ l.c Leo j^e skerre, auh is ilichc ]n-n ni-.nn.- Jn-t haiu-S on 
him ni()i;ir wunden deadlichc, 7 scheawc^ JK-, lerlio al!.- hute one, 7 
let helcn alle hute one, ]>et lie deieS iipon/ He is eke iliehe men in 
one scliii)0 ])et hauo^ monie Jnu-les, ]»cr ]>et water |>i\st in, 7 lico 
dutten alle huteii on, Jnuadi hwam lieo adrenchelS alle clene. ^^e 
tellcS of ]'e holle iiK.nne ])et lei on his dea« vuele, 7 was lo5 forte 
sigi^cn 01..' sunnen of his ehildliode, and his ahho.I bed allegatc Vet 
hndiolde sigi^cn. And he answcrede 7 seide )>i't hit wes « [/. n.s] 
neod, for^i jST he was Intel child J^eoa he hit dn.le. l'nnea>ie, ].auli 
a last, }>urnh pen abbodcs gropunge," he hit seide, 7 dei.le suue I'er- 
C'ftcr. Efter his deaSe, he com one niht, and selaaw rd.- him to hi. 
abbode, ine snou hwitc ck/bes,' asc ]>c l>et was ibnniwun: 7 sri.h- 
bet sikerlichc jif he nefdc iseid utteiliehe ]>et like l»mg l>et he dudr 
ine childhode,'he we]-e idemed among V^' u..ilu,ene. Also of ..u 
o«cr mon ];et was wel neih idemed for^ii j'et he n^d.le oia- clu-rn- 
cnne mon uorte drineken, 7 deide unsehiiuen J.erof Also of one 
lefdi uor^i ^et hco hefde ik-aiied one to one wake <.n ..f 

Folio 8G. bore w 

■.;,!, Ml. Auh hwoso baur^ ;;.«<.nic Isoidit all- )•.• In 

>i. 1 . 
•(. 'J'. 
i. -J'. 

ll.AI.M. T. 

f..r 1, 

|.arl\,.v. r 

alio i-ar.>l. f. 

Hwnsf li'Wa-s iiiii I'iiii;. T. 

— uii'ii, .'i!' Ii' hIiiiI<Ii' on nllf 

T. (• 

I". TCyWK, |l.i«l'lMlgJ. f. 

! i 


III. Confes-inn slnil! bf complete, tliat is, nil said to one man, 
from cliildliood. When tiie poor widow would lior house, slio 
gatherrth into a lieajs fii st of all, all the lai'-est swee[>imis, and tli-u 
shoveleth it out ; after t'lis she comcth nij,n!!i and heapcth toifclho)- 
all that Mas left Lefn-e, and shoveletli it out aUo ; airaiii, upon the 
small dust, if it is vcrv dusty, she spriiikleth \\ater, and sweepeth it 
quite away after all the rest. In like maimer must he that con- 
fesseth himself, after the great sins, shovel out the small, and if the 
dust of light thoughts fly up too much, sprinkle tears on them, 
and they will not, then, Ijlind the eyes of the heart. Whoso hidcth 
ought hatli told nought ; for, he he ever so faultless, yet he is like 
the man who liath ujion him many deadly wounds, and shcwotli 
them all but one to the physician, and lets them all be healed but 
one, of Avhich he dies. He is also like men in a shi[) that hath 
many leaks, into -which the water makes its way in, and they stop 
them all but one, by means of which they arc every one of them 
drowned. We are told of a holy mail wdio lay in his death-sickness, 
and was unwilling to confess a particular sin of his childhood, and 
liis abbot urged him by all means to confess it. He answered and 
said that it was not necessary, because he was a little child when 
he did it. lleluctantly, however, at last, through the searching 
exhortations of the abbot, he told it, and died soon thereafter. After 
his death, he came one night and a])peared to his abbot in snow- 
white garments, as one who was saved; and said that if he had not 
fully confessed that particular thing which he did in childhood, he 
should certainly have been condenmed among those who ai'c lost, 
Wc arc told also of another man who was well nigh condenmed 
])ecausc he once compelknl a man to drink, and died unshrivon of it. 
Likewise, of a lady because she had lent ouv of her garments to a 
wonuin to go to a wake. I'ut if any one hath searched diligently all 
the recesses of his heart, and can dise(.\ei- nnfliing more, if there 
yrt lurketh any thing uuobsei'ved, it is, I hop.-, thrust out with the 
I'e.^t, sine(> ther>.- was no negligence about it: and if he had been 




S«no oa, o abut™, ,uk1 I,. „-„l,)c vein jif l,o kuS,- si...Jn „„„o Vi 
cc„*K.„t,a cfcsit, pea satirf;,clt. Austtl,u,». =""'""'• ■^' 

Scl.nft, j„, ,d„, ,,„„, „^,,^^„,^, ^^,, ,-,, uakMlicI,. i„,::l.,l, a,„I 
..out b,,,au„,r„l fdrc, nc I,™cU.licl,c is.uokcj : >■ „„], ,,, ,,,,,,,,3 
schul™ boon ,.d,«„vede cftcr ^o .v.rk.,. ,,,t ,, ,.,„e j ,,„.:;: 

}>.. I., e fulbcn ? &,« h,i-e sclicoiiio schcndfulicbo, 7 tuc Imv " .,1 to 
wuuciro, al so aso ],u wel wult sclicud™ J.eno sd-aukc « Me Sire 

bee, fol of mo sulueu p,. „is nout .,aked sebrilr. Ke biebuo ],u 
1, t no«-, ,t Uo awe. ),o totages, ),ot beoS ^ ci,-cu,„sla„nc is 
V..wn , ,,0 7 see, Si.-e, Godes ore 7 th.! leh a,,' a ful stod ,„cre-' 
a st.„ekn,de l.oro Eif ),i..o uo e„.,c fuI„o'„o,„c, aud biclo„i.. 1,^; 
smnjo steornaked :' ^ot is, „o l,ele >u uowil.t » of al J,ot IK J.e,- abuto,,. 
J-aul, ,0 fule ne n.e, s.ggen. Mo .,0 ],erf „o.,t „e,u,„c„ J,c fule dede 
b, h.s owuuo fule „ou,e. luouh Lit is to siggeu so ],et l,o scl.rift 
feder wmer ,cl,e u.,de,-sto„de Invat tu ,v„lle n.cuen. Abuter, JZ 
.ggo« s,x-],n,ges ],ct bit belieS :' Latiu, circumstauces :< „„ F„. 
isch, b«, „,u„c„ beou il.oteu totagges: ,,orso„o, stude, tiu.e 
nianere, tale, cause. 

iVsone, >e ].et dude ];eo sunue, o^er nud Jnvaui in. dude hlvr 

/'...SO.. Unwreon, ? sigge .^ "SJre, Id, an. a wuuunou, and .el.uM. .Jd' 

rilite beon more sclieonieful uortc hablon isjx'ken a^e icli spc • N 

idon ase icli dude r^ and forM ml suune is more jvn of oue'wn.^ 

inoinie,uor Lit blconi n,e wuise. Id. an, on anciv -i uunue -i 

' Lis. T. (; 

' fill. T. C 

leii. )mi Ji„^. T. 

■K.d. C. 
A.-S. ,li 


coxrjvssiox ^rusT be tlain and ixdisciiiskd. 


eunscior.s of more guilt, lie would willingly Imve coufesscd it. "Si 
c'uuscicntia do^h, pcona >atisfacit." Aupaistiuc. 

IV . Coufcssiou nnist also be candid, that is, made without any 
coiiccahncnt, and not palliated by comparisons, nor rrently touched 
upon. But the words should be spoken plainly according to the deeds. 
It is a sign of liatred when men reprehend severely a thing that is 
greatly liatod. If thou hatest thy sin, Avliy dost thou speak of it in 
gentle terms? Why dost thou hide its foulness? Speak out its 
shame reproachfully, and I'cbuke it very sharply, if thou wouldst 
indeed confound the devil. " Sir/^ saith the woman, " I have had a 
lover;'' or, "I have been foolish concerning myself."' This is not 
plain confession. Put no cloak over it. Take a\\ay the accessories, 
that is, the circumstances. Uncover thyself and say, " Sir, the 
mercy of God, and thine ! I am a foul stud mare : a stinking whore." 
Give thy enemy a foul name, and call thy sin by its name with- 
out disguise, that is, conceal thou nothing at all that is connccte<l 
with it. Yet what is too foul may not be spoken. The fjul deed 
need not be named by its own foul name. It is sutKcieiit to speak 
of it in such a maimer that the father confessor may clearly under- 
stand what thou wouldst express. There lieth about sin six things 
which conceal it ; in Latin, circumstances ; in English, they may be 
called adjuncts : ])crson, place, time, manner, number, cause. 

Person — she that committed the sin, or with whom it was com- 
mitted. Lay it o})en, and say, " Sir, I am a woman, and ought 
rightly to have been more modest than to speak as I have spoken, 
or to do as I have done; and therefore my sin is greater than if a 
man had done it, for it became me worse. I am an anchoress, a 
mm, a wedded wife, a in:iiden, ;i woman in whom such eoiifKLMice i> 
])Ut, and one lluit ]ia<l before b<'en hui-nt with llie same thing, and 
ought to ha\e h'.'-n more on my guard. Sii", it was with sneh a 
man;"' and then mune liini — " a monk, ;i jiric .-,1, ur eleik, ;nid of 



l: lOG U LA-: 1 SQL LSAi; L :.M . 

b on ..a ued. buv, h.t was swucbc .nonne : " ? nc.nn.en 
P^ munucb, rrcost, oScr clerk, and of Jul bud.- ■- iwedd.-l 
mon, a loMeas >Ing, a wumnion asc Ich anu" j^Is is nu of p.r.ou.^ 

Also of ],c stude: "Sire, J.,s icd. i,b.|.de, o^■c.r s,ec ine 
clurcbe. code o^c plcomve ine ebirclieie:" bibcold Idt ? o^e 
wrastbngee ? a^er Ibl gon.cne.s :' obor pleiede 'biuoren 
vorldbclie n.en: bu.oren religiuse :' in ancrc bu.e, 7 et o5cr |n„-le 
^on ,cb scbulde :' 7 neib ]ioH ],inge. Jcb custe In^n. |.er :' icb bond- 
^:^'J^^l^] me swnebe stude :^ oSermi sulf ine cbircbe I boidite bus'' 
bdieoJd bun ette weouede."'^ ^ 

Fvlw S't 

Of ].e tunc al so: "Sire, Icb was of swucbe eide ];et icb uubte 
M-cl uorte babben iwust nic wisluker. Sire, Jeli Jn't dude inne 
leuitcn,ineucstcndawes, bobdawes.-^bu-oii oSrc weren et cbirebe 
r'\^fo7' '"'''" ouerkuincn .-^ and J^ereuore ],e sunne is more ben 
5it idi IieMc ibeon akest mid strencSe, 7 mid monie swenges. Sire 
Icb was ];c beginnungc liwi swucli >ing hefde iiorSjong r'^'j^urub bet 
I com ine swucbo stude, ? ine swucbe time. Icb biSouIite mc ful 
wel, cr ];en icli liit euer dude, bu vuci liit we're uorto don, 7 dude 
iiit no ]>Q biter/' 

po manerc siggen al so :' ];et is, be ucorSe totan-oe. «Siro bo..- 

dude ]vas, J o ];isse wise :f J;us I leornede lu're crest :' ? ],ns 

I com crest ]>erinne :' J ]ms I dude liit for^ward :' ? o nu-nie 

wisen :' ])Tis fullicbe :' ]nis sclieomebcbe. pus J s,.uiite driit :' hTu 

I )nest mulite ]xiien mine histes brmie : " 7 seebi'u al!e j;o wi.^J,, 

tliiij;, 0(Scr nil' ^clf wrastk'iU 

C' ill ring i cliii-ho j;--ai.!. T. 
"voMc as Iiv i.iiiv.l. 'I' 

MCO.Ari'I.K K, I'LACF., TI.ML, AND Af WXEU TO P.E rOXrE-.-KD. 319 

•ucli an (irdcr, a iiianiod i!;:iii, an innocent creature, a woman, as I 
un.*' 'J'lius I'ar as to the p'.-rson. 

Also concerninn- the ]»lace: " Sir, I played or spoke thus in tlio 
cliuix-h; went to the play In the cliureliyai'd ; looked on at tlils, 
or at the wrestlinu;, and other foolish sports ; spoke thus, or played, 
in the presence of" secular men, or of religious men, in a house of 
anchorites, and at a different ^vind()w than I ouglit ; and near some- 
thing sacred ; I kissed him there : I touched him -with my hand in 
such a place; or being alone in the church I thought thus; I luuked 
upon him at the altar." 

In like manner as to the time : "Sir, I was of such an age that I 
ought indeed to have kept myself more wisely. Sir, I did it in 
Lent, during the fast days, the holidays, wdien others were at 
church. Sir, I was soon overcome, and therefore the sin is greater 
than if I had been overcome by force, and by much vi(jlence. Sii", 
it was my fault, at first, that this thing went forward, through my 
coming into such a place, and at such a time. Before I ever did it, 
I reflected well how evil it were to do it, and did it nevei'theless." 

The manner likewise must be told, which is the fourth circiun- 
stance: "Sir, this sin I did tluis, and in this maimer: thus 1 iij->t 
learned it, and thus I came first into it, ar.d thus I went on t<< do it; 
and in so many ways; so fully, so shamefully: thus 1 sought 
l)leasurc; how J nught give the most satisfaction to my inflan:ed 
desires ; " and search out all thf ways. 



FoUo 87 I. 

Talc is ]>c viftctotao-ge— tellcMi al, ]m oftcliit is idoii. " Siiv, Tcli 
luiLbe jjis ]nis oftc idon :' iM-uiicd for to spoken jnis, ? liorcnen 
swuclu- s])ec]icn, ? j'cnclien swuclic ])oulitc.s :' vor^emed ]nnges ? 
foi-jiten ; lauliwen, ctcn, drinkcii, lossc o^er more \Qn need were." 
Ich liabbe ibcon ]ms ofte wroSj seoiS'Sen icli Avas ischriuen ncxst r'*" 
? for swucbe ]»ingc :' ? ]'us longe liit ilcste. pus ofte I seidc leas r' 
|jus oftc 7 ]?i.s ■? tis. leh habbe idon ]'is ]'us feolc siScii, *? o ]nis fcole 
■wiscRj '? to jnis fcolc."' 

Cause is ]>c sixtc totaggc. Cause is, liwi \n\ hit dudcst, olScr 
hulpc ])erto, ocSer |/uruli hwon hit bigou. " Sire, Ich hit dude uor 
delit :! 1 for vuel luue :' 1 for bijcate :' vor fearlac, vor flattcrunge. 
Sire, Ich hit dude uor vuel, pauli j^er ne conic non vuel of. Sire, 
mi liht onswere, oSer mine liht lates, tuldc him erest upon me. Sire, 
of ]nsse Avord com oSer :' of ]nsse dede, wreSSe 7 vuele wordcs. 
Sire, J'C anchcisun is j^is Invi ]>et vuel ilcstctS ^et. \)\.\s woe was 
min hcorte." Eucrich, efter pet he is, siggc |)e totagges, — mon ase 
limpe-S to him :' wummon ];et hire rincS: vor her nabbe ich iiune 
iscid, bute uorte muncgen mon oScr wunnnon of ];eo ]'et to ham 
uallciS, ])uruh ]>eo ]'ct beoe) her to dreuedlichc iscide. pus, of ]>eos 
six wricles despoile ]nnc suune. INIake hire sterc naked i ];ine 
schrifte, ase leremie Icreb, "EtFunde sicut aquam cor tuum." 
" Schcd ut," he sciJS, leremie, " ase water ]nne hcorte." Vor, jif eoli 
schet ut of one vetlcs,*^ jet \qv avuIc bileaucn inne sumhwat of \q 
likur : and jif milk scliet, ]?et hcou wulc bileauen :' and jif win 
schet, I'c smel bileaueS :' auh water geS altogedcrc ut somed. Al 
so schcd ]nue hcorte :! \ct is, al ]>ct vuel ];ct is i |jinc heorte. And 
Tif bu ne dest nout, lo! hu grurefulliche God snlf jn-cateb J>e \\xn\\\ 
Naum j'C prophetc, " Ecce ego ad te, dicit D.nniiuis, osfcndam in 
geiitlbus uuditatem tuani et regnis ignomini;mi tuani :' ef pro!ic;:nu 
t\\\^vv te ablioiiiiiiatiniie'^ taas." ]ni noldest n..ut nnwiron j-e t-. |-e 

•N. C. 



l>iiiiil)LT is the m\]i— to tell tliu whole, li.;w often it 
has been Jciio: '-'Sir, I have done this so often: been accustomed to 
speak thus, and to Ii>teii to such speeches, ;uid to thijik such 
thou-hts, to neglect and Inraet things; to laugh, eat, drink, less 
or more than was needful. I liaN e been so often angry since. I last 
confessed, and for such a thing, and it lasted so long. I have so 
oiK'U spoken falsely, so often, and this, and this. I have doiie this 
so many times, and in so many ways, and to so many ))ersons." 

Cause is the sixth circumstance. Cause is, why thou didst it, or 
licljied to do it, or through what means it began : " Sir, I did it for 
pleasure, and for guilty love, and for gain, through fear, tlu'ough 
flattery. Sir, I did it for evil, tliough no evil came of it. Sir, my 
light answer, or my light behaviour enticed him toward me. Sir, 
(jf this word came another; of this action, anger and evil words. 
Sir, the reason why tlie evil still continues is this: my heart was so 
weak," Let every one, according to what he is, tell the circum- 
stances — man, as relates to him ; woman, as it concerns her: for I 
have not said any thing here, but to remind man or woman of that 
which happencth to them, by what is here said in a desidtory 
manncr. Thus strip thy sin of these six coverings. jNIake it stark 
naked in thy confession, as Jeremiah teacheth, " Kffunde sicut 
aquam cor tuum."'' "Pour ont," saith Jeremiah, "thy heart as 
water." For, if oil Ijc })oured out of a vessel, yet there -will be left 
in it somew hat of the liquor ; and if milk be poured out, the colour 
Avill remain ; and if wine be poured, the smell remaineth ; Ijut water 
gocth completely out at once. In such a manner, pour out thine 
lieart; that is, all the evil that is in thine heart. And, if thou dost 
not, behold liow terribly God threateneth thee by the propliet 
Nahum, " r>eh()ld, I am against thee," sailh the Lord, "and J will 
shew the nations th\- nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame. 
And I w'lU c;:st alioiiiina1io)is upon thee."'' Thou Avouldest not u)i- 

• J.:,hH:iit:itli.n.; 

2 'I- 




prcoste, ine sclniftc :' 7 Icli cliull.' sclioawcn al ii;ikedliclio to alio 
iiolcke ])iiie cwcadscliipes, 7 to alio kiiiedomcs ]'iiie sclioomcfnl 
sunneii — to ];c kincdomc of oul■^ie, 7 to j'O kiuodome oflicoucno, 7 to 
]>e kincdoinc of hello:' 7 trusseii al ]n schondfuliiossc o ]nne owune 
nccke, ase mc do^ o ])o J^ooue JK-t me lot forte donicii :' 7 so, mid al 
pot schcndlac, ]'u sclialt trusseii 7 al torplcn into liello. " O ! " sei5 
Soint 13e<ii-]Kirdj "quid confusiouis, quid iii;nomiiiio orit qiiaiido 
disr^ipatis foliis 7 dispersis, iinivo)'sa luidanitur turpitudo, sniiios 
appnrcLit." "O !" lioseiS, Soint rjcoriiard, •'^liwiudi sclicudl-u- 71i\Mirli 
scoruwo ]'cr Liii Invon alio ];o loaues scliulon boon to-war]ikd, 7 al 
];et fulo wrusiim sohoawcS liim, 7 wrlngcb ut" Linoren nl ke wide 
worlde " — eoriSe ware 7 lieouonc m arc — nont one of workos, aiili of 
idelnesses of \vordes 7 of pouktes ])ct nc bcoS her ibot, ase Scint 
Aunsearac witneS, "Omnc tempns inipensum rcqnli-otvn- a nobis 
qualiter sit exponsum." Faicrich tide 7 cuorich time schal boon \qv 
irikoncd, hwn hit v^as her isj)c'Mod. " Quaiido dissipalis fnlii^/" 7o. 
" IIwou alio J^e loaues," ho soit), Soint Iveornard, "schulon boon lo- 
warplod." IJe hefde iseien, aso mc ])unchc'S, luvu Adam 7 Euc, ])oa 
heo hefdon itie urumiSo isimogod, gcdcrcn Icauos 7 makedon wrlclos 
of ham to hoi'o schendfulc limes f" and ];ns do^i ;^ot monie oftcr ham : 
"Dcclhiantcs cor suum in uorba malicic ad exeus:indas excnsationes 
in pcccatis." 

►Schrift schal boon ofto imaked. A'orui is icio sautore, "C'onfitc- 
bimur tibi Deus." And uro Louerd sulf seido to his dociples, 
"Eamus in ludoam itorum." "Go we oft," cwoJS ho, "into ludcc." 
Judec speloS schrift :' 7 so "svo ivuiide(S ]>L't ho wonde oltc lit of 
Galileo into ludoe. Galileo speloS Inveol, uorto leron ns |>ot wo of 
}>o worldes torpolncsso, 7 of suiine hweol, ofto gon (o schrifto. Vur 
]>et is ];et sacrament cfter wcouedos sacrament, 7 efti r saerainout of 
fuluht, jn't ])0 dcoucl is lotiost r" ase ho ham ^ to lidlic men hinisuli', 
sore his uii^onkes ibeon hit, iknowon. V^uk^ a wcol) boon, ot one 

liiiii 1 ^vl•ing^^, ut t:it ui 

MX WILL XT LA.^T I'.L SiLV.^I H'.H LLV LXl'i ).>iKD. 


■!i.);!k tlivs-lF fo fl:;' mic^t in cc»;.fb, 

!i, and I ^\•ill show fjuili! 
ii:ilv<',]ly tliy \', Ickedncs-^ to Ml |)i'0])]e, luxl tliy sluiuici'ul t^ins to all 
kiPudoin- — to tJio l\iii;.-;i!oui of eartli, oiid to {'so kiiig-doii) of hcavcii, 
and. So tJL' kliji'doiii or'h<'ll ; and T A\ill buid up all tliy vik'ne?s upon 
tliiiv? (j'.vji I'f.'ck, as is done to ;;, thief wlioii he is l)rought to bo 
iud'^otl: and thus, witli adl thiit iirnonuiiv jKicked np.n tlno, thou 
^liali ho hui-h'd headlong into Jiclk "O!" saitli Sr. l'>L'rnnj-(l, 
"quid conrusionis, (juld i^fiioniiniaj orit, quando dissijiatis iolii- et 
disjicrH's. univorsa niidabitur turpitndf), sanies appaivhit." "O!" 
saith St. IJernard, "what disgrace and what soiTow there Aviil be 
^vheu r'll the lea^•e- shall he shaken on, and all that fnd corruption 
is exposed and wrung oat before all the m\(\c world."' — the dwellers 
in earth and dwellers in heaven — not only of works, but of idlo 
words and thoughts that are not amended liere, as St. Aiisehn 
witriesseth, *•' Onuie tenipus impensum requiretur a nobis qualiter sit 
e\[)ejisuni." " Every tide and every time shall be there reckoned, 
in what manner it was here spent." " Quando disslpatis foliis," &:c. 
•' When all the leaves," saith St. Bernard, " shall be shaken off." 
lie had seen, as it seems, how Adam and Eve, when they had 
in the begiiming sinned, gathenxl leaves and made of them cover- 
ings to their unseemly mond)ers; and thus do many still, after them, 
" turning their hearts aside to words of craftiness, to ju-tify them- 
selves in their sins." 

V. Confession ought to be made often. AVherefore we find in the 
Psalter, " ATe will confess to thee, O God ; "■' and our Lord himself 
said to his disr-ijiles, '■' Eannisin Juda-am iteruni.'"' '• Go we again," 
said he, "into Judea." .Tudea means confessi.)ii : and so we find 
that he went often out of Galilee into Judea. (hdiloe signllii'th 
whei'l, to teach us that we sh(mld often retire iVom the wln'rl of 
world! \ ihiiiLis, aiiil the wheel of sin, and go to con!'e-sion. Eoi- tint 
is till- saci'ainent which,, noxt after the sacrament of the altar, and 
tlmt of haj)tism. is most hateful to the devil: as lie hath, hims.lf 


iJKoir,./): iX(.i.iSAi;iAi. 

clK-nv. nii;! (jiio wateiv wcl iblcclicd : o^.u-nsol eloN liwit i\va>elK'n? 
pu ^v;isc•]lv.•^t ]miio lioiulon in one clj)! (leii' twics o^el■ ))ric.- : 7 unit 
iioiil j'iuc .'■■)iilc>, Jesii Cnstc's s])usc? Vor vxk'Vc so hco is liwittuiv, 
M» ]'c liil^e is sclienrc 1, more upon liirc biite jlf lien l)eo iwasclivii. 
In lilt tu iiDul, to GoJes cluppungc, ofte unibe scoiioniht uaselicii Iiiiv 
cnos. Confiteor, 7 lialiwatcr, ? beoden, 7 lioHc ])oiilito-!, blc-ssuno-os, 
kneoluiincs, 7 ciicricli god wo)-d, 7 cucrich god were wasclicb snicle 
sunnen : "" y^[ mo no )iici alio siggen :' anli eiiere is schrift ]>et 
lieaucd of alio. 

Folio bib. ^olirilt sella! boon on liihiio imaked. VAi' sumic bitliiie^ bi iiilitu 
— anom-Ilit, obcr a morwen :' and -^W lico bitimct^ Iji dfio — er ]kv. 
mc slcjio. JIwo is ])ot durste slcpen poo Inviilc |;ct his dcadlich lo 
]iCf)ldo on itoAvoii swcord ouer liis lioaucd? po pot iiappcS iijion 
lielle brordc, lio toJ•plo^ ofto al in or he lost wcne. IIwoso is 
iuallon amiddoii ])o Ijoriu'nde linv, uis ho more ]K'n a-mod ^iHio li\S7 
Lic)ClK•ho^) liim Invonne he wulc arisen? A Avummon ])ot hauoiS 
forloron hire uolde, o^or a sutaj-c his el, he sc(;heti hine anonriht, ? 
to-wont euorich stroa iiort he boo ifuridon : and God Ibrloron uur 
sunne schal liggen unsouht fulle seone da\\e3. 

'■ Circnmdodcrunt mo eancs miilti." " Moiiie Imndes," seilS Dauid, 
"hal)bo^ bi-^ot mo." Jlwongredie hnades stondeJS biuoren ]»e borde, 
riis hit jicod jordo? Ase ofte ase eni keccheS touward ])e 7 binimcci 
]>c ]>iiK' moto, miitu ase ofte smiten ? Elles heo woldon kocchen of 
pe al ]>Qt tu hefdest. And ])U do al so j>eonne. Kiui ])e ;5;erde of 
]?inc tunge, 7 ase ofto ase J;e liund of helle keeehcS ei god from ]>o, 
smit him amuirilit mid to jerde of tungo sclirii'tc: and smit liino so 
InlSerliclie ]'ot him In^ie to snecehon oil to ]'o. pe duiir of alio 
duntos is lilm duiito luISrst. ]'e hmid ]Ki fivt lo^or, o^er awni-ir^ 
eihro mo beMtciS bin! aiiunriht. ]h'I he unik'rstundi' noi- liwo.oho ]>in^o 



aeknov.lodiicd to ]:oI\- incn, sorely ;)i:;iinst lii> will t!ioUL«-1i it lif. 
(.V.ii a wvh be weM Moiirlird. or a dirty cloth \va-licd wliite, at one 
rur.i v/itli a ^iii-lo w atcriii;;- ? Tliou waslie-t thy liaiids two or 
tiuvf times ill a siii-io d,iy : and wilt thou ]i<,t \va-h thy .soul, Jesus 
Chri-t's >iionse? For tlu^ whilvT it i<, the iiiij»urity upon it is 
;d^\•:^ys the nun'o apparent and the aToater. if it is not Avaslicn. 
Often thou wilt not Avash it, for the cmhrace of Cn.d, onec a v.'cek. 
Confession, holy water, prayers, and holy meditations, benedietion^J 
kueclings, and every oood word and work wash small sins, tliongli 
we may not say all sins, l)ut confession is always the head of all. 

\ 1. Confesssion ought t.) be made speedily. Tf sin occurs by 
niaht, innnediately, or in the morning ; and if it occurs by day, before 
we >!eep. A\'ho would dare to sleep while his mortal foe holds a drawn 
sword over his head? lie who slumbereth upon the brink of hell, 
often rolleth headlong into it, before he is at all aware. When any 
ifUe has fallen amid the burning fire, is he not more than mad, if he 
lieth and considereth when he shall arise? A woman who hath lost 
her needle, or a shoemaker his awl, sceketh it immediately, and 
turns over every straw until it be fottnd; and God, when lost by 
sin, sliall lie unsouuht full seven days! 

" Circumdederunt me canes multi." '^ "Many dogs," saitli 
David, " have beset me." When greedy dogs stand before the 
board, is there not need of a rod? As oft as any of them snatch 
toward thee, and taketh from thee thy food, wilt thou not as often 
>mite? YA^e it would snatch from thee all that th..u hadst. ])o 
th(ju so then. Take the rod of thy tongue, and as oil as the dog of 
hell snatchetli any good I'rom thee, smite him innnediately with the 
rod of tonguc-sln-iit, and smitv- him rso rudely, that he shall be loath 
allerwards to snatch at thee. Of all striking this is the blow whieli 
i- iiio-t hateful to him. 3deii beat immediately the dog that gnaweth 
leather, i^H' woi-jietli sheej). that he may uncU'rstand tor what he is 

! 1 


i:K!;{L.T, i.\C'..rsAi;i M. 

lie i-: ih'.v'fo'i, and J^eoiiiic nc clcr lie iiouf oCi d'wi j'^t ilk'.\ A\ >■>, 
]>Qi\t mill j'iiR- tuni;c I;ic sriii-if'te j'jiio ]iu!id of h-'lic :inoiii'i!it : 7 Ik" 
^vllk• l;;()!i alL'red iioite <;o;i ]'e cit swuclic piicke. 1 1 wo is j'v'l. ]'L'l is 
so ]!'iu :H> \'<>] ])q[ scic) lii ]}Q liuiulc ]r^i frc'tk-<ScT, " Abid lor t;>-iiior\vcn : 

Foha Si) A. 

il];i«,'>." I>,'is ]>iiig- i ]) Avorldu j^ot sincortc'S liini so sore tise liiiu 
doe) swiic]i beatunue. Xic ]>inges LcoS ])et oi.diteii liieii tomvai'd 
selirifU'. pe piiie, ]>,-t (Aeree) eiiere : vor ^unne is })es deoiles Ceili 
])et lie ;^iuec> to gauel, ? tu okore of ;)iiie: 7 euer l-u ]>c moii liiS 
leiuire in liis suiuio so ]>e oauel waxe^ more of pine ine i)nr:;a- 
torie, oi^er lier, ooer ine lielle. " V.x ii-:.uris et ini(juita'e redlinet 
animas eoruin." pet ober ]'iiig is ])e nmehele 7 j^e reouul'ide Inre 
];et he uorleuseS :' j^'t }]o Jniiii; j'et he eaer de\S iiis Ciede lie\vur^c 
ne ieweme. Jereniie. "Alieni coniedennil robar ejus." pet 
)n-idde ]nng is deacS, — ])ct lie not'' hwecSur lie sehulle ]n't ilko daic 
iierliche asteoruen. Ecclus. " Filij ne tardes conuerti ad Doniininn t' 
nescis enim/"' 7e. pet feorcJc Jnng is sccnosse : j'et he ne niei wel 
l»enelien bate cuer on ''of his sccncssc, ne S])eken ase he sehnlde, 
l)ute gronen uor his eehe, '^ and grunten nor liis stiehe more ]'en nor 
liis sunnen. Ecclus. '•' Conliteberis et uiues." pet iif'te jniig is 
)nuclu sclieome j'et hit is, efter val, to liggen so loiigo — and luu'e 7 
hurc,*^ under ])e sclmcke: " Surge qui dorniis," pet sixtc ]nng is ])0 
wunde ])ct euer \vurseJS an bond, 7 strcngre is forte helen. 'Triu- 
ci[)iis ob.^ta, .sero mediciiia paratur." pet seoueSc ping is vuel 
wune :' ]'et hitocnciS hi Lazre ]jet stone so long he hefde ileien i ])er 
eor^e : on liwani ure Louerd weop,*' ase ]'e Gospel telle <S, and gris- 
batede, and melngde his l)lod,'' 7 grcddc « lude u[)on him. peos four 
])in2es he dude eai- he bine arerede, uortc .-cheawen hu strong bit i- to 
arise)! of vuel wune, ]>e ])ct rote>> in his suime.'' Sr'intc IMarie hk rei I 

u ,„, ,,,,(. '• UV.I-. T. <^ \\;u>l.f. T. 

■I to lir lui-v- T linrc. T. to liy-v so l-.n-c -j Inuv. C. 

f /.;.; A/,;,/, is i.n.I.a'jls iiurijM.l;'t.'.]. 
,• hiiii s..'luLii ■) j;',i'lc'. '1'. C. 
il ^;il\a;ni,' pi,iii;;(S:-i' per iliu-lli rlu' l.u/an. sii;iiilif.n,i, clu' ( r.i ii 

i^L.. T. 

IJKASOXS I'O'; N'>|- l>i,l,\VlNf; fOXFKSSIOX. 


beat t!i 
ana 1h> ^v;Il 1 
is so ;^i-c:'t a 

t(l-lU'))Tn\\- : 

immediate 'ly.' 
smnrf so sore 

1 thru ] 

lie (1 

ro iiof ;i;:;)iii do tlie s;nn'.;. In like mniiuer 
of liell iiiniiedici'e, ly, Avitli tliy toiiuiie i)i (•oiiies^ioii, 
' afraid tr, do tlieo ;":;;In sii(di a sj)i(e!id trick. A\'lio 
>ol as to ^;ay oF tlie doo- tliat inriw.s Icatlier, '■'■ Slay till 
eat liini not yel." lUit a.t oi;co, " lUat, Ix-at, ueaf, 
Tlieiv is iiotliiiiii' in tljis world, tliat niakoth him 
as dotli such keatlii-j. TlieiX' are liiiie things that 
!it to urge us to coiiless (jvdekly, ^J'he puiiishnient, tint U 
:il->v;!y- increasing with usiu'v. For sin is the devil's money, v, h.icli 
l;c • iveth njion intere>t, and n}H)n usury oF punishment, nnd the 
Ivnigei- the man lieth in his sin,, tk.e iiicreaso of punishment in 
purgatory, hei'e, or in hell, v.axeth always more. " He siiall redeem 
tlieir souls from usuries and, ini()u.iry," ■' The second thing is the ureat 
and hnnentable loss that he loseth, that nothing ho ever doth is 
■worthy of the appi'obation of God, nor pleasing to him. Jeremiah. 
"Strangers have devoured his strength."^ The third thing is 
death — that he knowctli not whether lie shall not die suddenly that 
very da V. locclus. "Fili. ne tardes converti ad Dcnnimnn ; nescis 
enim,'^ ike.'' " Delay not to be converted to the Lord, and defer it 
not from day to day. For his wrath shall come on a sudden, and in 
the time of vengeance he will destroy thee.'' The fourth thing is 
sickness : he that is si(d-c camiot easily fix his tliouglits on anything 
but his sickness, nor speak as he ought, but groan and cry out for 
his pain and sivflfering more than for his sins. " Thou shalt confess 
and live." '^ The fifth thing is, the great shame that it is, after a 
fall, to lie so hjiio-; and especially under the devil. "Arise thou that 
sleepest." '' The sixth thing is, that the wound is now always getting 
worse through delay, ami is n)ore diflicult to heal. " Jiesist evil in 
the be^nnninis lest the rcniedy should be administered Avhen too 




MS, who had lain so loi 


whicdi is betokened ly 
lat he staid< : o\'er \\ hom 

l->c!us. V. 


i;i;(;[;i,.].; IXLl.l SAKIM, 

]'c La^-c stone of lour dawc, la. .ti.elu-^ J-e sunl\il. |,.„nne of Knir 
pr, ooer of fuK- ? " Quain aillicile sui^it quern u;„l.... n.alc consu.- 
tudnus i-ronnt .- -^ Q Deus ! - scib 8eint Austi,, '^ l.u cucllicl^o^ ],. 
anso^ ],..t uuder wuu. of sunne. lumoS ileicii lon-e.- J)et cihteob.. 
I'lng 1. ],c.t S.Int Grogorie sei^, "Pcccatuni quod per pouitoi.tian. 
"on d.luitur u.ox suo pondere ad aliud trahit:" JK-t is. ],.• .unnc- l-.t 
ins nout" ibet drawe^ anon anoSer, 7 Vcrcftor ]>e In-iM.l.- •' 7 <o 
oucncl, on Icundle^S n.ore J wurse kundles ),cn ].e sulu. n.od.T S„ 
UK' dcopprc wade?) into ]>c ucondcs loio ucnno/' so n.o launch U. v 
up._ penicbercisunis];is: so inc oar hl^innvh lior uorte don hi. 
penitence, so lie liaueS lesse uorte bcten iSc pine of pur'-atorie VI 
beoS nu nicreisan3, ? nionic n.oa ].ei- beo^, hni .sein-ilt ouh li-rr.. 
beon nnaked euer on In'Ji^e. 

Fo'lo 00 

lout ase 

Schrift schal beon*^ edniod, ase was ]?e rn[.plicanes, 7 ] 
was };e Pliarisewus ];et tolde liis god deden, and schean ude uorS l^t 
ihole, ]>o he scliuldc unwrien his wundeu :' and forSi Jie iNvende awei 
unhealed, ase ure Loueid sulf tcllecS, ut of ^e temple, luhnodiies^e 
isiliche }.eos kointe harloz'" ]>et sclieawe^ foJ•^ Jiore o-utefestro ^ 7 
hore vlowinde cweisen ];et heo jmte^ euer uoi ^ : and jif ],c cwei^e 
is atelicli Mieo scheaue5 In're openluker ine riehe nionne eicn, nor 
heo scliulden liabbeu recuse of Jiani, 7 3;iueu ham god ]»e n^cr 
lleo hudet eke hore ihule elopes, 7 do^ an aire vueineste " on xlu' 
i-okes al to torene. AI riht, o j-is.e wi<e, edinodnessc eadiliehe 

:.rinlii-l,e. 'I'. C. 
wades i^...- ilcM.url.j 
cwointr h-rloz. T, 
at.-Wlc),c. T. 

" iii.-,sune. r. C. 

-1- t'. 



our Lord wept, n^ v/o arc told in tlic Gospel, and giiashed his 
teeth,'' ;ii.d inoancd, and cried aloud upon hinu These four things 
ho (liil licfore lie raised him, to shew huw ditiieult it is for a man to 
ari^e fj-oni an evil liabit, ^vho lies putritVinn- in jiis sin. Saint ^Tary 
liavi' niercn- ! When Lazarus stank after fom- days, ho\v, then, must 
the sinful stink, after four or five years? •'• Quaui difficile sur^'-it 
queni moles mal;\) consuetudinis premit ! " '•' O GvkI ! " saitli St. 
Austin, "with what difficulty doth he arise who hath lain long 
under the habit of sin." The eighth thing is that which Saint 
Gregory saith, " Peccatum quod per penitentiani non diluitur mox 
suo por.derc ad aliud trahit ; " that is, the sin that is not amended 
by penitence soon draws on another, and thereafter a third, and so 
on, every one givcth birth to another and a worse progeny than the 
mother herself. Thus the deeper men wade ijito the devil's muddy 
fen they arc the longer in getting out of it. The ninth reason is 
this: the sooner a man begins here to do his jvjnance, he hath the 
less to amend in the pain of purgatory. Now these arc nine 
reasons, and there are many more, on account of which confession 
ought to be made quickly. 

\ 1 1 . Confession ought to be humble, as the publican's was, and not 
as the Pharisee's who recounted his good deeds, and shewed openly 
that wdiich was whole, when he ought to have uncovered his wounds; 
and therefore he departed from the temple unhealed, as our Lord him- 
self telleth. Humility may be compared to those crafty varlcts who 
expose their dropping ulcers and their running sores, which they always 
put forth; and if the sore is hideous they shew it the mc^re openly in the 
sight of the rich, that they may pity them, and give them alms the 
more readily. They likewise conceal their whole clothes, and put on 
smock-frocks over them, all torn. Just in this manner, Inunility hapjiily 
and humbly Ijcguileth our Loixl, and obtaincth good things from 
him; bonging Avith pion^ knavery,'' she always conccaleth liei" 
good things and sheweth hei- ]»overly, and weejiing and groaning, 

•' ({Hst-bitan. A.-S. (vii-ij.iiujnuTO, Julni, xi. ?,?,, vjf .:„,;:■ <K f-H ,,U.i. 
'' 'I'rutaimisatioiic. MS. Oxctn. 'J'.-iunnl^ Vv. n stin-'lv t"-'..i;-. 

f:A:Mi). snc. - i- 



LiuileS are Loucrd, ? cdm.HllJ.-lie, 7 bi^it ..f hU -.nler' niiJ isrii 
truwaiidlse lioo hut eucr l.iiv o<xl, ? sclieawc^ f;>r>riiirr poucrtc, 7 
]mt f.n-^ lili-c cancrc, weopinde 7 groninJe, l.iuu,-,.,) flo.lrs c-Icn :' 7 
lialsc^^ nii'Measlichc bi liis (loore^vlu•^io " i.assiiui, 7 li lii. iU"on-\\ ul•^e 
block-:' bi liis fif wiuKlcn:^ bi liis mocler teaivs : bi ]h-o titk-s*" };et 
he 8GC ].^e inllc jn-t hino ucJrlo :' uor alio his lialuwcnc luuc :' uor ]>c 
dooro driwerie |;ot lie Iiauex5 t.. Iii.s <looj-e spusc, ]>ct. is, to ]»e 
soldo, uor Ills deaJS o nxh uor liiro to l);5itciio. Mid )>us omvillo 
lialsuugo, woopeS 7 grot <= efter suiiic liolpe to ]>e wrccche incosoiso, 
iiorte Icciien luid ]>o soke, 7 forto hoalon luido liirc cancrc :' 7 lialseS 
ure L(nierd so :* 7 ho ne mei uor rcou?5e woijkm hire, no swcaiucii 
hire heorte mid Avcrnungo, nonicliclio sf) ase lie is so uiiiincto hu'-c 
)?et him uis no JMug Icoucro ]>on ]>ot lie nunve ivinden anchoismi 
uorto jiuono. Auli Ijwoso jclpo^S of In's gudo, a-o doS ino schi-ifte 
)^cos ja-udo, hwat neod is ham to jclpcn ? Moiii ]lauc•^i anc swuche 
maiicro to siggen hire sunncn, ];ct liit is wurS a donie 5olpungo 7 
huntungc efter hcreword of more hoh'nesso. 

Schrift auh forto bcon schcomcfid. 13i ]>on |'et tct fulc of Israel 
wende ]nu-uhut })c rcade see r^ ];ct was read 7 bitter, is bitocucd ]>ct 
Ave motcn ]>uruh rudi sclieome passcn to ]?e hcoucno, 7 puiadi bitter 
/■'oUo W/,. penitence r' ]>et is, ine so5 sclu-ifte. Wat Crist hit is god riht ]>et us 
scheome biuoren monne, }>et forjeten sclieome ])o wc diiden he dede 
7 to sunne biuoren Godes sihSc. "Nam omnia mida sunt i-t aperta 
oculis ejus ad quem nobis sermo:" "Yor a! ]n-t vuqv is. al is naked," 
seiS Seinte Powel, "7oj)en to liiseieii wiii Invam we sehulen rikenen 
alle ure dedeu." Scheome is ]>c mcste del, ase Seint Austin sciJS, of 
uro penitence:' "Verecundia pars est jnagna pciiitencie." And 
Seint T]ernnrd seiS ]>et no deoruwurSc jimstou no (h-litoN mon so 
niiieliil uorto biltolden ase delS godes eie Jk- rude of monnes nebbe 
|K't sei^) ariliL his sunnen, Vnder>tand wel ]>i< word. Schrift, is a 
sacninient ]n-i liaueiS one ilicnesse wi^intc-n of |;en )'Inge ]}ct hit 

pappes. ']'. 

ropcii. '1', lojicN. C. 


SHAMi: .Mi-.--r iw: felt ix coxfkssin<.. 


t.x|n).>ct]i li;T rankling- soiv in t]]v sinlit of (!o(l : ainl, \\ ithuut ceasing, 
ljc.>LecIietli liim \>y his nr^cioiis suHcriiigs, and l)y liis precious 
])lcu)!l, liy his l\\v \',ounls. hy Iiis mother's tears, by the jiajis from 
Avhieh ho sucked tlie milk tliat led him, foi- tlie luve of all his saints, 
for the kind atfectlun ^\hich lie hath to his dear si^oiise, that is, to 

ml, and bv his deatli 

tlie cross tur Ji 


'liiiis doth she, with earnest adjurati(jn, \\"ee|) and cry fur heli) to the 
^\re(chcd suflerer, wherewith to administer medicine to tlie sick, 
and to heal her festering sore ; and thus she aeljureth our Lord ; 
and he cannot, for pity, refuse her, nor grie\-e her heart with 
a refusal, since he is so exceedingly bountiful that there is nothing 
more agreeable to him than to find an occasion to give. But, when 
any one boastetli of his goodness, as the proud do in confession, what 
need is there to help "^ them ? Many have such a way of speaking 
of their sins, that it is equivalent to a covert boasting and hunting 
after the praise of greater sanctity. 

\^III. Coidession must be made with shame. By the passing of 
the people of Israel through the Red Sea, which was red and bitter, it 
is signified that we must go to heaven through red shame and bitter 
penitence, that is, in true confession. Christ knoweth that it is 
very just that we should be ashamed before man, who forgot shame 
when we did the deed and the sin in the sight of God, "Nam onniia 
nuda sunt et aperta oculis ejus ad quem nobis sermo." ''For all 
that o\Qr exists, is naked," saith St. Paul, "and open to His eyes to 
Avhom we must give an account of all our doings." Shame is the 
greatest part of our jjcnance, as St. Austin saith, " \'erecundia 
pars est magna penitential" Atul St. Bei-nard saitli that the sight 
of no precious jewel givetli so mucli deliglit to man, as the bhishing 
of a man's face who truly coiife^-eth his sins delighteth th • ey.- of 
(lod. 1 'ndej-staiid i-I^lith- tliis matter. Confession is a sacrament, 



wuiclio?) wiSiiinun:' ase hit is inc l'ululit<\ ]\- wassmike iiie ruliilit(3 
wib'iiten bitociK'^ ]>c wasscluiiige of ]>c sonic wiciimioii. Al so is of 
sclintic. pL' cwikc' lude of J>c ncbbo makotS to uiulerstoiKlcn ]>ct tu 
sonic ])ct was bloc, ? iiefdc biito dead hcou, liaue^ ikcilit cwic licou, 
*? is iruded feirc. 

Schrlft schal l)Con dredful r" j'ct Ui sioi;c, mid Jcreniio,-' "Qiio- 
tiens conr^ssus fui, uidi^or niilii non esse confess us:" "Asooftcase 
icli am iscluiuen cucr mc ]>uucliei5 mc unsclinuoii." Vor eucr is 
sum of |k' circumstances^' ibrjitcn, VorSi, seiS Scin Austin, " ^''e 
laudabili liuminuui lutij, si ivmota nu'scricordia discutias cam :" J'ot 
is, " pe bcstc mon of al jmssc worldc jif uie Loucrd Jcmdo him al 
eftcr rihtwisncsse "? nout cfter mcrci, avo scholdc him iwur^cii : " Scd 
misericovdia snpcrcxaltat judicium :" "xVuh his mcrci tounurd us 
weictS euer more ]>cn })et rihte nearmvc.'' 

Schrift schal bcon hopeful. IIwoso sciS al J^et he con, ? deS al 
|>et he mei, God no bit nan more. Auh liopc 7 dred schulcn cucr 
beonimeind'^ togedei-es. pis forte bitocncn was ihoten i J;en olde 
lawc }>ct no mon ne scholdc twinnen ]^e two grindstones:'* |;c 
nco^cre ];et liS stille, 7 bereS heui charge bitocneb fcrlac, ]'et teieb 
mon from sunne, 1 is iheuegeg '^ her mid licrdc uorte bcon cwite of 
lierdrc. pe vuere ston bitocne^ hope }?ct corneS'' 7 stureS hire 
euer inc gode werkes, mid trust of muclieic mede. peos two no mon 
ne to-deic uroni o'c)er. Vor, asc Seint Gregorle seiS: " Spes sine 
timore luxuriat in presumtionem :' timor sine spe dcgcncrat in de- 
speratloncm :" " Drcd wiSuten hope makcc) mon untrusten ;' and hope 
wiiSute dved make?) ouertrnsten." pcos two un^Seawes, untrust and 
oucitrust, beotS j^cs dcoflcs tristren, jjcr ]K't 'wrecche bes: selden 
ctsterte?). Tristrc is ])er me sit^' mid ];e greahuiidis f;.iit> kupen ]'e 

10. •!■. (■ 

■c:t. T. 
Mir. T 

lotagg...s. '1-. C. 
griiiiK'lst;iiic>. T. C. 
T turn.:.. T. 

(.oxricssiON MUST m: wiiii fkau and with iioit,. 


Avliicli liatli an outwr.rd rtscniLlance of the effect which it worketli 
witliin, as it is iii lj:iitir!ii. The outward ^v;l^hi^_^• in ljaj)tisiu 
hetolcenetli tlio wasliiiiii' of the soul witlilii. It is tlie same witli 
regard to confession. 'Jdic lively red of llie countenance tells that 
the soul, which was li\id, and had nothing Init the hue of death, 
hath g(,it the hue of life, and is beautifully nddened. 

J A . Confession ought to be made with such anxious fear that thou 
inayest say with Jeremiah [St. Jerome]. " Quoties confessus fui, 
videor niilii non esse confessus :" " Whenever I have confessed, it 
always seems to mc as if I had not cojifessed." For some of tlie 
circumstances arc always forgotten. Wherefore, said St. Austin, 
''Xm laudabili honn'iuuu vit;e, si rcmota misericordid discutias 
eaiJi;" that is, "The Ijest man of all this world, if our I.ord judged 
him according to strict justice, and not according to mercy, shoidd 
be ill a woful condition." "Sed mlsericordia suporcxaltat judicium."'^ 
" Inii his mercy toward us always outweigheth his strict judgment." 

X. Confession nnist be hopeful. When a man saith all that he 
knoweth, and doth all that he can, God requires no more of liiin, 
r>ut hope and fear should always be nn'ngled together. To intimate 
this, it was commanded in the old law that no man should Nejiarate 
the two grindstones : '^ The nether, that lictli still, and beareth a lieaAy 
load, betokcneth fear, which drawcth man from sin, and is loaded 
lie)-i' with hard things, that it may be free from harder. The u]iper 
stone betokeneth hope, which runneth, and is always actively 
ompluyed in good works, trusting to receive a great reward. Let 
no man separate these two from each other. For, as St. Gregory 
saith, " S})es sine timorc luxuriat in ])raiSumptionem ; timor sine 
s])e dcgenerat in despei'atlonem :" "Fear without hope maketh a 
ni;'u to des])air; and hoi)e without fear mak.-th him pj-esumptuous.'' 
Thcso tN\i. sins, despair and presum])ti(in, are tin,' de\il's tri-^Ire-;, '" 
where tln^ uidiai)py beast seldom esca]>eth. A tristre is wlure 

St. .la I 

'^'-^^ iii:fii;L/T: fxclusai;lm. 

heanlc, o'^er tlllrir'^ ])e iietks ai;oan liain. Tumvard on of ].l'0-- two 
is al |)ct lio sl<■ate^ : w.r ]>oi- brt.^ liis iietfcs, 7 ])or bt-oS his grca- 
liuii(lc>, uiitnist ? oucl•l^•u^t, i-CLk>ro(l toLicacrfs : aiul bcoS of alio 
sm)'.h-n ]ii-xt ])e ^oto of li(>lk'. Mid dred wi^Suto liope-, ]'et. is mid 
untrust, was Keimcs *> sdirifr, 7 Jiulascs : and foii^i lico uoi-uei-d(>n 
wi5[uten] hope, ]?et is [mid viitrust]. Wibiito dred, mid oucrtrusr, 
is ]>cs vniselies sawc'' ])et Dauld sciS, i ]>e sauter, "Seciinduni nud- 
titudiiiem ire sue iion renuiret"'^ Nis nout, cwu^ lie, God so iiTim 
use ;5e hiia uore makle^. «'Xo!" lie seib, Dauitl, i^nihe,*= and sei^ 
]>enne ]i\vareiu)re : "Proptei- quid irrltaiut impins Doum? Dixit 
cnini in cordo sun, Non requiret." Ah\' uorniost he cleopeJ? ]>c 
onert!;i<ti, uid.ilcued. pc- uidjileuedc— mid hwon gremcS lie God 
Foi;o <Jl h. Ahrdhti? "Mid hwon?" he sci^, '-'mid tet J'et he sei^,'" J)et lie mile 
iinut so iionddichc dcmen ase 50 siggeJS/'s " Lui sikerliche, auli he 
wide." pus ]jeos two ujiSeawes beoJS two ^riimne robbares :' vor ]>e 
on, ]>ct is oiiertrust, bInimeS '' God his rihte dom 7 his rilitwisnesse :' 
];c o-Ser, JK't is untiust, binimo^ liini jiis milce. And so heo bcoS 
umbo uorte uordon God sidf :' vor God ne muhte nout beoii wiJSuten 
rihtwisnesse ne wiSuten milce. Nu, );conne, hwuche uiiiieauwes 
beo^ efnunge to j^eos J;et ■svullet) acwellen God, on hore fule wise I 
Lif ]ni ert to trusti, 7 boldest God to nesche uorto awreken sunne r' 
sunne like^ him, bi J;inc tale. Auh biliold lui he awrec him of his 
licili engel ]jct ]?ouhte of one prude:' 7 hu he awrec hiin of Adam 
nor ];c bite of one epple r' and hu [he] biseintc' Sodome 7 Gomorrc, 
men 7 wummen 7 children,'' 7 alio \>q nomecul^e buruhwes, al ane 
muchcle schirc, adun into hello grundc, }?er ase is nu J'c reade' see, 
|>et nowiht cwikes [nis] '" imie :' 7 hu he ine Noes flode adreiiite al 
]>ene world, bute eihte i ]'en arehe : hu he ine his owune uoK; 

^ tii.if's. T. til(U■■^;. c. 

•^ \vi6' hope wiSutcii droil; J' is, wiS o;ioi 

•* quiorot. Vulgatu. 

f NviiS J. lie seis, as \w seis, Nwle lie. T. 

'' r.MiKs. 'I'. rcaucN. C. 

'> «oiv, T uif, ) WHK-lld. ■]'. C. 

" C'avnus. T. C. 
1st is tis uiisolies ^al>l•. 'i'. 

' gcoi lie. 'I', j;^ 11,0. C 
*■■ fnrtoilc^i. T. 
• l.i-<-i„t,.. T. f. 
' dcdc. C. 


I'ln-.vrMrnox ax!) dksi'aii; dkat>t.y six: 


iiu'H wait w itli tlu- gjvyliounds to intercept tlio game, or to prepare 
tlu' not-; t')r tlu-ni,"-' Al! tiiat lie drivctli is to\vard one of tliose 
two [puinl-^] ; ^ fur tlicre ;uv ]iis nets, and tliorc liis greyliounds, 
L)e^]>air and J're.snniptioii, ar; met together, and of all sins tlio}' 
are Jiearest tlie gate of hell. With fear, and uithout hope, that 
i<, V ith de^paii-, was the confession of Cain and of Tndas : and 
therefore, they died Avithout hope, that is, in despair. Without i'ear, 
with ])rcsnni]ition, is that unhappy person's saving, of •vvliom 
Da^ id .-aith in the Psalter, " Secundum multitudinem ira^ sua; noii 
roqiiiret." '•' According to the multitude of his v.rath he ^vill not 
seek him. "'^ God is not so angry, saith he, as ye pretend that 
he is. " Xo I " saith David, " Yea I " and then saith wherefore. 
'• \Vherefore hath the Avicked provoked God? for he liath said hi 
his heart, lie will not require it."*^ First of all he calleth the pre- 
sumptuous wicked. The wicked, wherewith provoketh he God 
Almighty? " Wherewith? " saith he, "with this, that he saith, He 
will not judge so strictly, as ye say." " Yea, surely, but he wilL" 
Thus, these two sins arc two fierce robbers ; for the one, that is, 
presumption, takcth away from God his righteous judgment and his 
justice ; the other, that is, despair, taketh away from him his mercy. 
And thus they both are endeavouring to destroy God himself; for 
God could not exist without justice, nor without mercy. Now 
theti, what sins are worthy of being compared to these wdiich 
wou.ld, in their corrupt manner, kill God ? If thou art too con- 
fident, and accountest God too mild to inflict vengeance upon sin, 
ace<.rding to thy account he is pleased with sin. But consider how 
he avenged upon his arcdiangel that thought of pride alone, and how 
he avenged himself upon Adam for the bite of an apple, and how lie 
suvik Sodom and Gomoii-ah, men, women, and children, and all the 
ianious cities, an entire i-eglon of great extent, down to the abyss of 
hill, where the Dead Sea now is, in which there is nothing that 

Via.- Da (;:ni- 

.s,M. c.,i..s'.- ]■:.! 

I's.ilin X. 4. K 

yr.c. r,-;.<o> 

in lJ:i 


,f t!ie Vuk 

•^ l\.id. VLTSC l:j. 



Jsrac], his dcorlliiff, Im grlninioliclio he awrec Jiim, aso oftc ase lico 
agultoi. Dathan and Ab iron, Chore and his Icroii :' ])o o«rc al>r. 
]K't he slouh iii nioiiiu" J>usondes ofto, nor Jiorc iirucclnnif^rf. An 
o\Sc-r ludf, loke, jif ]>u hauest untrust of his vniiiicte niilce, hii lllit- 
liclic and hu sonc Scintc Peter }»cl.'' hefdo iior.saken liini, and tot Tor 
anc cwenc wordo, was inid liiin isellitned r' and liwu jn; jn-of o |)e 
rode, ])et • liefde eucr ihned vaele, in one sterthwule liefde of liiin 
mllce,^ mid one noire speehc. A'or ]d, bitwconen ];eos two, untrust 
J ouertrust, hope 1; dred boon'' euer iveied togcderes. 

Fofw 92. 

Scln-ift jet schal beon wis, "i to wise monne imnkod, of niiUucic 
sunnen :' and iiout to juuge prcostcs — ;s"nge i siggc of witto — no 
to sot olde. Bigin uorinest et ])i-nde, ? sech alle ]-(; bowcs ]>erof, ase 
hco bcoS ]'er iijipe iwritene, hNvue falle to ]'C. j^ereftei- al so of 
ondo :' 7 go so acUuicwardcs hi reawe ? hi reawc, nor tu kunie to ]»c 
histe, 7 drauh togcdere al |)cnc team inider ]>e luoder. 

Schrift oidi forte beou soiS. Ne hh ]mi nout o ])i sulf r' vor, ase 
Scint Austin sciS, " Qui causa Innnihtatis mentitur fit quod prius 
ipse non fuit, id est, pcccator." pe J)et lihS on him sulf jnu-uli to 
nnichel cdniodncsso, he is imakcd sunful, ]'auh he er nere. Scint 
Gregorie seici ]?auh, " I>onaruni mentiuni est culpani agno.scerc, ubi 
culj)a non est." Knndc of godo hcorte is to beon ofleared of sunne, 
];cr ase non nis ofte :' o?>er weien sw u^er his sunne suiniuechere hen 
he Jnirfte, Weicn liit to Intel is ase vuel, otSer wurse. ]?e inidilel 
weie of inesiu'o is euer guldene. Dred e Ave us euer: vorol'tewe 
wene'b tu don a lute) vuel, ? doiS one grcatc sunne :' 7 olti" we weneN 
wel to dnnne 7 do^ al to eweade. Siggo we euer ]>e()niic mid Seint 

nil,-,'. 'J'. ol'.O'tr 

U-r. C. 




kc maiiniT, la; slew, of'ti- 
Oii the uihvv li;iii.l, 
morcy, consIJor liow c'a>il\ 
f()rs;i];cii liiiii, aii.l tliat lur 

litV; and liov.-, in Xoali'^ 1L;,):1, lie dn.wiird all tin- world but 
rursoiis w]-.') wiiv in the- ark: how scverrly lie avcni^-cd liiinself 
liis ov.n liel(>\ed j)0(i]il(." IsraJ, as often as they were guilty. 
an and Abn-ani,. jCcirali and liis coniitanion^, and otlioj-s wlir)ni, 
in many tliousands, i'ur llieir nuinunr- 
tliou lia.-^t despair ol" liis iniljonndril 
nid how soon Saint IV-ter, who Iia<l 
Nvord s])okoii by a luaid-servaut, was 
reconciled to hiin ; and how the thief on the cross, who had alwavs 
lived in sin, obtained mercy (»f him in an instant, by one candi;! 
speeeli. Wherefore, between these two, despair and presuni})tioii, 
let li<.])e and fear be always joined together. 

A I . Confession of secret sins ought also to be always j)rndent, and 
made to a prudent man, and not to young priests, I mean young of 
wit, nor yet to foolish old men. r>egin with pride, and examine all 
the branches thereof, as they are wi-itten above, Avhich ap[)ly to thee. 
Thereafter, of cn^-y, in like manner; and thus proceed downward, 
from one to another, luitll thou comest to the last, and draw 
together the whole progeny under the mother. 

XII. Confession ought to be f i-uthful. J^o not lie concerning thy- 
self, for, as St. Austin saith, " Qui causa humilitatis mentitur fit quod 
prius ipse non fuit, id est peccator." "lie who lieth concerning 
himself, through too nmch humility, becomes sinful though he wen- 
not so before." St. Gregory saith, liowever, "I'onarum nientium 
est culpani agnoscei-e, ubi culpa non est." It is the nature of a good 
heart to be afraid of sin, often where there is none, or to pi»nder his 
sin somewhat more than he need. 'Jo ]>onder it tou little is as bad, 
or worse. ""J'he middle way is always the; golden mean. Let us 
alwavs fear ; I'nv, often we think to do a little hai'in, and we commit a 
great sin; ami often we think to do good, and wc do much <\\\. 
Say we al\,avs, then, witli St. Ansehn, "Even our good is in a 
inaimej', so tainted v,itli e\il that it cannot j)lease (Jod, or I'aliier 
must disj)lcase him. ■■ Si. Paul sailh, '•' J know that in nie, that is, 
fAMl). soc. ^ '^ 

IIKCCI,!.; I\(|,( sAIMVM. 



, ^'I 





y\ noil 



<'!' us: 





Ills :' 


No 0,0(1 ill us 


Krhm I)(;num iiostnun it:i ot jilLjUu mod 
iJ'la.jL'iv iVo, :mt certo disphVcrr.- Pm 
111 iiu>, lioc est; In came men, boniim 
' ,uud IS Godcs : auli urc sunnc is of us, ? m" 
i<Hl Invoii icl, hit do,"cu-o-S ho, S^int.\unse■hn.^ "... „ wiso, u.In vuol liit furonnwcS :'> ober icl. hit do un-d-dnrho :' 
oVt to err' ob.r to Icatc :' oSor wel ]nT..r. Jr.uh :l mui, hit 
nute: o^er wojdo j.cfc el hit wiisfo:' o^cr v'-^'lvadiche do hit • 
obor to u.nvlshche, to, o^.r to Into], jnis oner sum mk-1 
mo,i.,.b hiin mit ndn. ^n,}., },,t 0<„les .hk-c isin.b mo, Jn-t hit mei 
Intel hken (u.d, and" mis]ik..n ofte." Seinte Marie! Invou ].e holi 
men seide ]nis bi lihn suhien, hwii nunve we liit soMiclu. si-oen hi 
us wrecciie-, ! ^" 

Sclirift uuli to iKnn willes;' ]>et is, willeliche, iuivined,^! and n.-iit 
idrawen of |>e, ase Jniuli hit were ]>in unS.,nches. pc liwuK. ],,.r tn 
const siggen out,^ seie al unasked. Me ne schal ashen none bufe 
nor neodo one:' vor of J.e axunge mei nalleii aikI : hute -i;If ],o 
axnnge Leo ])e wisre. On oScr half, moni m,.n abit '■ to schriuen 
him noi-t ];e nedc tippe. Anh ofto liim lieJ) ];e wrencli,^ "pet lie ne 
mei liwon lie wule, ];e nolde Invnle ]>etliemnlite." Nan more kan-r- 
schipe'^ nis ]>en setten God lermc :^ ase ).auh grace were his, to 
nimcn up o grace ])cTliine iSe terme asc he him siilf sctie. Nai, 
behnni, nai ! pe terme is inc Godes honden :' and nout i Jm-'iic 
baundune.' Ilwon (^od beot '^ ])e, reclie?5 forb mid l)o^;e lionden ;' vor 
wibdrawe ho liis bond, ]m mei loken efter, jif vuel ober oJier ]>iiio- 
net ' ]h' to schrifte. Lo I hwat seitS Seint Austin? "'Co:icta si'i-vitla 
Deo noil placent: " " Semises inedde ne cwcmeb nout ure Luiierde." 

" ';o,ks. 'I'. C. '■ lor-Mcics. T. lui-iui...!. c. 

•' f;vin.t. T. viifiviiHHl. C. 'Iho l:at.T is <I.,uLll.-s tl..- l'.-.h 
ni!.,i,ii-.l ill tli.j <■ olif. T. .-iit. V. 

'■ lil,.M, l,i...- wivn.-!,.-. T. ),vN|t wivnd.. C. 
'■ li,n-lMl,ip.. 'J'. K:,„l,.,-ln|... V. ' ]....mI„„. C. 

'• o.Vr. T. 

i""'.-. aii.l it 

' al.i I. .. T. 



T v>r. vnv.v, and volixtaky 


in Div firsli, (IwcIKfli no i;-.)(),| tliiiiij;."" Xu isnod tli.-it i-^ in iib is of 
nur--L'!\c> : (lur ii()(,(l i< (; lid's ; Imt our sin is of uurs^'h cs, ninl is 
uur.AMi. '•' \\'1k'1i I do CJuJ's -ood," saitli St. Ansdiii/' my own 
evil, si.nmli'jw. so (.•orriido.> if t]i:ir I tlo it citluT v/Itliouf pleasure^ or 
too suoii, or loo l;itc, dv J tliiiik liidil}' ol' it. li" no man slioukl 
know- it, I eitlu'r wish tiiat sonic (^nc mli^lit know it, oi- T do it 
iieplirrcntly, or too iiiconsid.ui-iitfly, too aljimtkniflj, or too sparingly. 
Thu> is some cwil always mingled with my good, which iho grace of 
God givcth mo, so that it can please God little, and may often 
displease him." St. IMary ! when the holy man s])oke thus of him- 
self^ how truly may we nidia[)])y sinners say the same of oin'sclves ! 

XIII, Confession ought to 1)0 volnntary, that is, willingly, un- 
asked, and not draw^i out of thee, as if it were against thy will. AVhcn 
thou hast any thing to confess, say all, unasked. ^Ye arc riot to 
put any questions, unless it be quite necessary ; for evil may come 
of questioning, unless it he done the more wisely. On the other 
hand, many a one })nts otf confession until lu; is in the last extremity. 
lUit the proverb, "He may not wdien he would, who would not 
when he nn'ght," often applieth to him. Thei'c is no greater 
absurdity than to set a time to God, as if grace were one's own, and a 
man could take grace to himself at whatever time he set. Nay, my 
friend, nay ! The time is in God's hand, and not at thy discretion. 
When God offers, reach forth with both hands ; for, if lie withdraw 
his hand, thou mayest afterwards wait long. Should sickness, or any 
other causes drive thee h) confessicjn, behold! what saitli St. 
Austin? "Goacta servitia Deo non ].larent:" "Forced services please 

A. our Lord.' 

■■' liom. vii. ]S. 

lint yet, " Better is chiy than n.i\-, 

Im flH' 

:> or r/a 
one tliuM 

suiv lliat !,.• Ik'.s 
MS. Dx.iii. it is ' 
. W tlie iv:..1;m- 
no,,..," or, ],er!,,.i..s 

ri;;-!a!y tninsl: 
Melius est t, 
,.,!• t!,o -MS. '1' 

ltd til 
1,10 <ii>;i 


s,-.-. It i 

llliiual,),"' I'. 


t;egi:l.t: ixc lusahl'.ai. 

]^:aili, ijo ]'C later, " IV'tcre is ]>o'' j'onc no." In'torc is or ]»C'n U) 
It'tc. " Ni\iK[u:;;n sera est penifencia, si tanicii ikt;i." Nis iieiiere 
to leto peiiitonee, j'ot is so(^liclie iinaked, lie sei^ l.i;ii suluoii. Auh 
beterc is, asc Daiiid seiti, "Refloruit caro mea et <'\ iiolunlalc \n<-.i 
coufitebor ci :'" ]>et h, "Mi vlescli is illureil'? liicuinon a1 ^ll■o^\e, iv>v 
ich cluillc scliriuen luc, 7 hvi-kn God lilies." \\'el sciJS ho, '-is 
iflured : " vorte bitoclieii ^vil?ellril■t :^ vor J»c eor^^c al iiniiet, 7 ]>e 
trcou also, opcneS ham 7 bringtu toriS misliche ilures. Kdmodiic-so, 
7 abstinence, kulurc unloSnesso, 7 oiier swiich iievtuz beo5 feire ine 
Fuh\>[>Z. Godes eien, 7 swote smellinde flnres ine Godes neose. In Cantieis, 
" Florcs apparuerunt in terra n.'-tra." Of liani, ])et is, of swuclie 
flures make ]m Lis lierbormve ^vi^innen ]>e suluen :' vor his delice^ 
he sei\^, licoS forto wmilen ]>er. " Et delicic mce cum filiis homi- 
num." In libro saijiencie. 

Schrift ouh forte ])von owune. No mon ne schal ine schrifte 
wreieii l)uten liini suluen, aso norS asc he niei. pis ich siggc iiorJSi 
bet swueh cas, and swuch auenture bi^iln(;^ to suunne monne ]'et 
he ne mai nout fulliche ne allunge Avreien him suluen bute jif he 
Nvreic o^re. Auh, bi nome, no ]>e later, ne nemnc he Jiout )>cu ilke, 
|>auh ]>e schrif't-feder wute to soSe tomvard hwam hit turne. Auh, 
Inis hu meiht siggen — a munuch, oJSer a preost : and nout Willnni 
ne Water, J'aidi ]?er ne Ix-on non oSer. 

Schrift schal beon studeucst forte holden ]^c penitence, 7 bileauen 
be smme. pet tu sigge to ]>e pveo>te, " Ich habbe stndeue-^tliche ine 
bonke, 7 ine heortc iiorte bilenuen j-eos sunne 7 d..n j-e j.cnitcni'c/' 
pc preost ne >chal nout asken ]'c ^if ]ni wult j-comic uo^^more, uoi-- 
hoten I'inc snime. Inonh hit is ]>et tu hit 1k,iu>I on luuiK- treouhch 
to doiinc, ]mLuh Godes grace: 7 ^if ]m n:dK>l t!t l>erinne, ]>et tu 
wult auoiuilit arisen j'uruh Ciodes hel].e, 7 kumcu a;^ean to schrilre. 

1-. T. 



* is to dwell there: " Et dcIic!cX3 nica; cum filijs ] 

better lli:in too \aU\ " Niuvjuam sera est pauitcntia, si taineu 
vera," " 'J'riic re|ieiit:UK\/' saith lie, " is never too late." Ikit it is 
better, a-; ])a\i(l saith, " Ivciiunu! can. luca, et ex volimtatc iiiea 
coiifileL'"]' ei," tliat is, '-^ly (IlsIi liutli flourislied an;aiii, ami is 
altoi^ither renewei] : for I v.ill make my conl'ession, and praise GocI 
witli my heart." He saith well, " has floui'ished," to signify 
vohmtary confession; for the earlli quite unconstrained, and the 
trees likewise, open thcanselves and bring forth various flowers. 
Jlumility, ahstinence, dove-like meekness, and otlier such virtues 
are fair flowers in the eyes of God, and sweet smelling in liis nostrils. 
Thus, in Canticles, " Flores apparuerunt in terra nost)-a : " '^ " The 
tluwers have apprai-ed in our land." Of these, that is, of sucli 
flu\M_']'s, make thou his bower in thy heart : for he sailh his deliiiht 



delight is with the sons of men." 

X I \'^. Confession ought to be our own. In confession, no man jnust 
ex[iosc any oiie Lut himself, as flir as possible. T say this Lecausc 
such a case and sucli an accurrence may happen to a man tiiat he 
may not be able fully and eritirely to confess himself without ex- 
I'osing another. Bui, yet, let him not mention the name of such a 
one, even though the father confessor should well know to whom it 
refers. But thou mightest say thus: a monk, or a priest, and not 
\\'illiam nor Walter, althouoh there be no other. 

XV. Confes^itm nuist be made with a firm purj)0sc to do the 
penance, ar.d to leave off the sin. Thou must say to the }»riest, " I am 
flrndy resolved, in my mind and heart, to leave off this sin, and to do 
the i)enance." The piiest o!ight not to ask thee if thou wilt then further- 
iiioiv vow to leave off thy sin. It is enough that ihou ha>l it in ihy 
heait faitld'ully to do it, tln-oiigh God^s gi-acc-, and \f thou falh-st 
afterwards into it, that tliou ui!t iunuediately arise, through (iod's 

lb.;. xiii.:;i. 


Ki:f;ri.,r, ixc j.rsAinM. 


c't ainpllu, noli pccvniv.'" -Ci..,'- c^v,.^ n,v, -? l.aiu 

i'"''\'i'!('j\'tta milt n; 

oe>cr sikcDK'sse, 

an lauiv sune-cM." Lo ! ]nis nr^ iiskeilc Ik- jkmi 

/•%/;-> 03 b. 

Sdn-lit ouli forto Icon bi^uulit hlwAvn 1oii-l'. Of fif jmm„,.,s, ,ui,l 
l^inc ]>uu]itc, ovJore ]>Iuo Of al Jn.rddc, of cl.iMi.o.le of 
^uwebcliode ; gedcro al ]Vr eftor oedoiv ],o studni l-t 
tu wunc-dest inner' ? j^ench jeorno l.uat Ju, dud, .t in cu.ncli stud,- 
snndei-l.clie, ? in cuei-iclio eldc. ]\t efU.T sccl. al nt 7 to-tn.ddc 
l^ine sunnen, bi ]nne vif wittcs : J,cr efter bi alle ]k' Lv< l^etMi. 
haucst nnde isuncged :' ? ino invuelie ]m I.auest n,r.>t i.n,K-ovd, o^cr 
oftcst: a last s^underlicl.o, bi daucs and bi tldcn. 

PSu -^e babbc^ allc ihcnod, ase ich underslondie, |>c sixtenc stiv- 
cl.encs ]>et ich bibet to dealcn :' ? allc icb l.abbe tu-broken ha.u on 
mine Icone sustrcn, ase mc de?> to children, K't nmhto ^vi^ntc■n 
brokene breade deieii of hni.gre. Anh nic is, ],.t wnte to, moni 
crmne etfallen. SecheS ^t gedeivS ham t uor heo beoS sonle uode. 
bwucli schnft, l^ct haney ]ms l>eos sixtcne stucchencs, hanej) ],oo iike 
nmchelo mihten ],et ieh crest spec of:' ]n-eo n^ean J;c dco/le, ? brco 
a^eaii us suluen, dcorewurSc oner alle gold hordes, ? ouer alle 
jimstones*' of ynde. 

Mine leonc sustrcn, ];cos fifte dole, J;ct is of schrlfte, linipe^i to 
alio men iliche. VorSi no awundri 3c nout J>ct ieh touward on 
iiomehche nabbc nout ispekcn i jnsse dole. ]Jabbe6, JMuh, 1., ower 
bihouc, J.csiie lutle laste cnde, of alle kudde ? ka^c'- snnneii: ase „1' 
prude:' of great heorte : oSer of hcih heorte:' ofondc: of wre^X- 
ofslouhSe: of ^emeleaste r' of idelc Avordes : of vntuu mie ].uMl,ie.; :' 
of snni idel hernngc :' of sum uals gledmigc : o.Ncr ul' heni naM-'i'- 
unge:' of i|)oci-Isie :' of mete, ? of dnineiic-, f,, miulicj ohw tu 


C()\F]'..<si!)\ .Mi>'r iw; i'i:K\[i;i)iT.\.Tr.n 

?,A 3 

help, nii'l fomc aiiaiu t-^ CDiiie-^sioii. " Xiuh- vt :un])liu- noli 
}K'CL-nro." " "Go," sairli our Lni-.l, '-and resolve that thou ^vilt no 
more sin." Ln ! thus he a.-kr-.l no otlicr socurity. 

A \ i . Confession ou^lit to lie loni<; prenic'flitatO(l. liv rvTlectino- 
upon five things, nrollc<-t thy sins. Of everj- age of thy life, of cliild- 
Iiooil, of yonfli : Lring them all into rcniembrance. I'liereafter 
roeolleet tlie places in uhicli thou ch\elleclst, and think earnestly what 
thou didst in each place separately, and at every age. Thereafter, 
seek and trace out all thy sins in thy five senses, then in all the 
mcnihers wherewith thou hast sinned^ and in which thou liast 
sinneil most or oftenest : lastly, on particular days and times. 

^ on lia\e now had, as I think, all the sixteen parts, into which I 
liromised to divide the subject, and I have hroken them all to you, 
my dear sisters, as is done to children, who might die of hunger if 
tluy- had not their bread broken; and, as ye know, many a crumb 
hath fallen from me. Seek and gather them up, for they are food 
for the soul. Such confession, that hath these sixteen parts, hath 
those same great powers of which I spoke first ; three against the 
devil, and three against ourselves, more precious than all treasures 
of gold, a)id than all jewels of India. 

My dear sisters, this fifth part, which is of confession, belongeth 
to all men alike. Wherefore do not wonder that I have not spf)ken 
to you in a particular manner in this part. Take, howevei', to your 
behoof this short and concluding sunnnary of all mentioned ami 
known sins, as of pride, of ambition, or of presumption, of cn\y, of 
wrath, of sloth, of carelessness, of idle words, of immoral thoughts, 
of any idle hearing, of any false joy, or of lu^ivy mourning, of 
iivpocrisy, of meat and of drink, too much or too litth', of grumbling, 

St. .loin., 


i;r.(;uL,i: ixri,us.M;T;:\[. 

Folio 1>1 b. 

Into! :' of gruccliuiip^o :' of grlinc clicro :' of .-Ilrncc ilnukc-n: of 
sittoii to ]r,ng(> ct ]nir]o :' of vres inlsscide:' ■wi^uirn ;i;(.'iiie f^flieort*' : 
o>k'r in uiiiiiiio :' of sum uals Avonl r' ofswpro:' of i)l('ic :' of scliorir'' 
leihtre : of shcdcn crunuMi, otiev ale; o?)or Icteu )^Ingi'S imnvlen 
o'Scr rustc!!, 0(5ci- uorrotien :'' clobcs imscomvcd :' bircineil'' obor 
umvfiscliei) ;' ibrokeu nop"^ o-Scr discli r' o^cr Ijiscon jcniclcnsliclic 
eni ]»iiig ])ct mo inidc luircS, o'Scr oiihto to jeincii :' otScr of Jccorf- 
uiigc, oSer of liurtuiige, ]n\vn\\ unbisoiiicsse.'^ Of idle J>e J'ingc's in 
Jnsso riwie ]>ct beoS inis;5omed "^ — of alio swuclio |»iiiges scliriue liiiv 
enes a wiko ette Icsto :' vor nis noii so lulel ]>iiig of ]>co3 ]>ct ]»o 
dcouel nauob ciil)reiicd '' on Ills r()ll(>, Auh sclirift screaj"jb hit of, 
and malvL'ei liim norto leoscn mnchcl of liis liwulc. Auh al bet 
schrift no schrcapctS nout of — al he wnlo a domodei reden ful reade- 
liclic^ uorto biclo(»picn ]'c midc. O word nc schal ];er wont^'U. Xu 
]>eonnc icli I'cadc uorto ;^Iucn him ])et Icstc ])et we cuor niuwen t<» 
writcii ^ vor no nicster nis liini leouore. And hwat se writ Ia'o^ 
uudjc norte schreapien hit of clcnliche. Mid none ]nnge nc niuwi' 
je oucrkunicn ne niatea him betcre. To cucriclic prcoste nici ancro 
schriucn hire of swuchc opcidichc^ sunncn j^et to alle men biualleS:^ 
auh ful trusti *? ful sikcr lico schal boon of J^e preostcs godnesso' 
];ct lico allungc schca\ve"S to liu liire stont abutcn vleschliche teuta- 
ciuns, jif hco ham hauctS i 0t5er jif h.eo is mid h;un ^ ivouded :' bute 
jif hit bco inc deac)es dute. pus ]jauh nie junichelS ]>ct hco mei 
siggen: "Sire, vlesclics ftvndungc j^-t icli habbe, olSi'r habbe ilicued, 
goS to iiorS iipc me, ];uruh mine feblesce.' Ich am uf drod le.4e I 
o-o driuindc ocJerliwules to swu^c viorSward up'' fole J'ouhtcs, and 
fulc iirnbestunde r' ase ]>auh ich hunfedc efler likuiig.-. Icli mulitr, 

]>uruli Godcs strcncbe, seheken h 

ftc of 

Xif icl 

icli Wire e\\ 

ins.-li;ikf. 'J". isc-li:il:e. C. 

scalr. T. 

;a;-,nuincnO. T. C. 

rckenr i ivdu !iil \.it!-rli<-Iio. T. 

i;u.llci.'. T. ('. 

|.iu.-;i iMin laf>;;,;;r. C 

*■ l.ii-.-.iiMt. T. 

■' uiil)i.scho!ic.-iso. T. 

' hrcvcs. T. aihl.ivuf.l. C 

'' ultcilklir. T. C. 

CM ri(-)N> ^ViTll KKOAT^t lO COXFKS^K )V. 


it morose connti'ii.'ip.ce. oi 
lai'lniir u i;i(l')\v, of lioui's ill 
tvi-'-'nii.' tiiiio; ot'aiiv false '.v 
.>t\li'oj)]iii)L!,- crutiilis, (ir ^pil 

s;iciK'c ]ir(.l<cu, of sittliiu- to.) loiin- i,t tin' 
s;!!(l, of without attention of licart, or at u 
»r(L or oatli ; of [>la^^ of .-coruriil lau^htiT, 
inn- ;ilo, or lottini;' tliinL;- orow niouldy. or 
rustv, or I'otti'ii ; clutlios iivit m'\wi1, wet witli I'ain, <ir nnwaslien ; a cup 
or a dish hrokoi, or any thing carolcssly loohcnl ai'tor which wo aro 
using,-' oi- ^\hirh wo ouglit to ta];o care of; or (if *-utring. or of (hi- 
maging, ihrougli licC(Iless)iL'SS. Of all the tilings In i-ule which 
are neglected, let her confess once a Avoek at least, for thei-e is iioni; 
of these things so small that the devil hath not written in his roll. 

I'ut confession eraseth it. 

(1 niaketh him to L 

nuieh of his 

laliou]-. And all that coiitl'^sion dotli riot era^e he will read full 
readi'iN' on the da}' (jf judgment, in order to accu-o thee with it; a 
single wcncl shall not he wanting. Now, therefore. 1 advice that w c 
gl\e him the least to write we ever can; for no emiihn-ment is moi-e 
gratifying to him. And whatever is written be careful to erase it 
cleanly. With ni^thing may ye overcome nor defeat him bettor. 
An anchoress may confess to any priest such open sins as all ukmi 
are liable to fall into ; but she mu-t be well assureil and CiHilident of 
the integrity of the priest to whom she sheweth umvservedly how it 
stands with her in regard to carnal temptations, if she hath them, or 
if she is tenn.ted with them, except it be under the fear of death. I 
am of opinion, however, that she may say in this maimer, " Sir, 
carnal temptations which I have, or have had, prevail over me loo 
nmch, on account of my weakness. I am afraid lest 1 shudtl 
go driving on sometimes much too far upon foolish, and, at times, 
foul thoughts, as if I were hunting after pleasure. T might, through 
God's powerful help, often shake tlicm off me, if I were promj-tly 
and stoutly to exert myself. T am sorely afraid lest tlie pleasure in 
the thought sliould often contimie too long, so that it might well nigh 
attain tl7c consent of the mind." T daiv not [receimiiend] that she 
shon Id confess more fully concerning this to young prK-ts, but to 

■■' i;i,rolhi 
(AMI). SOC. 

-„ uitli 

34 G 

i;r.{;ri..T-:\!;i m. 


lielu' ? .-taL.'wavilHclio uiiiljc. Icli am (itliTcd sore losti; \>v drlit in 
]?(! I'ouhiO k'ste to longe uf'to, so ]'ct hit kiime iieili skilos jetlungo." 
Ich lie (Ivr nout ]>ct lico clcoi)lukor''' scliriuc liii'c to j-uniro piVDStcs 
licr aluitLiK Xnh to liiiv owuiic sclirlft fcdcr, o^o^ lo suinnic oiSre 
lif-iiolic niijiine : T,if lico mci hiue liabbcn, kulk- a! ut ]'et Is i^c 
krocke : '" ]'er lico sclial sj)eoweii al ut j'ct v i'ikUt :' ]'lt, laid I'ulc 
-Nvordcsj }'et ful\5c, cftor ]'et hit is, tukio aUo a\ uiidri.' :' so ]n-t lie*, 
divde ]"jt lieo hurtc liis eaivii ]>vi lu'iviiciS hire suiiiicii. .Vnd j^if 
eiil aiicre is ]^et not nout of swueh jniigcs, ]>onke ^oonic Jcsu Crist, 
■? liolde hire ine drede. pe dcouel nis nout dead jct :' J>ct \vute lieo, 
Jjauli lie slepe. 

tiihto gultes LetecS Inis anonriht/ Li on suluen :' and ]>auh siggvb 
ham ine schriftc hwon je ]>eneheiS of liani asc je sjickc^S mid j»reoste. 
Vor ]'C leste of alk'j so sone -^q nnderjite^ hit, ualK'iS hiiioreii owcr 
weoucd a cjeoix to]>er'^ corcie, 7 siggetJ, " ^loa tidj)a:"" leii agiilte : 
Louerd, merci I po preost ne ]>erf nor none gulte, ])utc jif hit beo 
J?e grettre, leggen ober schrift on on );en ])et lif j>et 3c IcdeS cfter 
]7isse riwle. Auh, eftcr )>c absoluciun he schal siggen, " Al ]jet god 
bet tu euer dest, '% al pet vuel ]>et tu euer |>olest uoi- ]>e lime of Jesu 
Crist, AviSinnen ];Ine ancre wowcs, — al ieh on iunne ])e/ ? al ieh 
len-rre uppG hc ino remission of ]kh)s, 7 in remission, 1 in iiorjluonesse 
of alle I'iiie sunnen." And ];eonne smii Intel hwat he mel leggen on 
be, o"Ser on ou, ase enne salm, oiScn- two Pater nostres, ten Ave 
Marias, ocier tweolue. Disciplines cchen to, ji;if him so bi^um•hccj.'' 
Efter }>e circumstanees" Jn't beo^i iwriten J;er U]>i)e, he sehal ]>e 
sunne domen more oiSer lesse. O suiine uor^Iueheh mei beun ful 
dcadlich, j'liruh sum vuel circumstauiiees- J>ct li^ ]>er abuten. 

niin,j;o I-.-. T. 

\n: V 

riillo al )ic ]H t u(. T. (', 
o cros (Inn t^ \w. J . 

coIk I.. 7,;ri,iiu \\i>-. v. 




liiT own fatlier confessni-. or to sonic otlier man of holy life. If she 
may ji;i\<' liiin, h-t Ikt unuv all out that Is in the crock : there, let her 
vomit niif ;i!l tliaf lerlliiii- stuR': tliere, v/itli words foul as i{^ own 
tilth,, k't her censurr it, -o velienicntly, that sli.> may he afraid lost 
slie olllinl tlie ears of liim ^\ ho hearetli hei- siim. And, if there i.-. 
any aiu'lioross who is iguurant of such things, let her hcartilj- thank 
,Je'<u< Christ, and let her continue in fear. 'J'he devil is not yet 
dead; let liei- know that, though he may be asleep. 

1 rivial faults correct thus, immediately, yourselves ; and yet, 
mention tliem to the priest, when ye thiid< of them in confession. 
For the ver\ least of them, as soon as ye are conscious of it, fall 
down in the foiun of a cross to the earth before your altar, and say, 
" Mea culpa:" I am guilty; Lord, have mercy. The priest need 
not for any fault, unless it be the greater, impose any other penance 
U})ou you than the life Avhicli yc lead according to this rule. But 
after the absolution, he shall say, " The merit of all the good thou 
mayest have done, and all the evil thou maycst have suffered for the 
love of Jesus Christ, witliin thy monastic walls, I grant thee, and I 
apply it all to thee, towards the remission of these, and towards the 
remission and forgiveness of all thy sins." And then he may 
impose some small thing upon thee, or upon you, as a Psalm, or two 
Paternosters, ten or twelve Ave Marys. He may add flagellations 
too, if he think fit. According to the circumstances, wdiich are 
written above, he shall iudire tlie sin to be greater or less. One 
venial sin nuiy be very deadly, throngh some e\il circumstance tliat 
is joined with it. 


I'>!n-!- -.clii-irt,', hit fall.^ t,, >iK-k-ii d" IViiiti-iire, |'L-t is .lodljufe :' 
7 ^o we ]l;l1)!Je^ iiii;((ng. ut of \h><l' vilk- dole, iiif'. )'0 sixt.- dole. 

Al is penitence, 7 tet strong penitence, ]»et ^e eucr dl•ie^, niiur 
leoue sustn^n, and [al] J'ct je eiicr do\S of god, f al pet je jwliefi. 
Alison nor niartirdoni ino so dcrful •'' ordre r' vor ^e beo5 nilit ? 
dci upe Godes rode. IMiSe niinvc [30] euer beon |>crof. Vor asc 
Seinte Towel sclb: "Si conipatiniur, et conregnabinuis." Asc 50 
schotteS mid bim of his pine on corlSe, also 5c scbulen scotten i\\'u\ 
him of liis blisse ine heouene. YorcJi seiS Seinte I'owi'l, '-Alilii 
absit gloriari nisi in crnco domini nostri Jesu Cristi." Al me lilis.-e 
mot been in Jesu Cristes rode. pis word nonieliclie limpeJS to 
anci'en, liwas Idlsse aub forto bef)n allungo ine Godes rode. Icli 
cliulle biginnen of berre, 7 libten so J'erto. Ninicci mi god j^onie, 
vor bit is abnest Seint IJeornardes Sentence. 

preo manere of Godes icorcnc bco5 on coriSc. pe one muwe 
beon iefned to gode pilegrimcs :' ]>c o'Ser to doade :' ]'c ]>ridde to 
ibongede, mid boi'c godc willo, o Jesu Cristes rode. ]')c unnne beuN 
gode :^ ]>e oSre betcrc :' ]'C ]>riddo beoiS best of alle. 

To I'e uoruie gi'odoi) Seinte IVter iuw ardliebc, ami sei^, " Obsecro 
uos tainquc aducnas 7 peregrinos ut ab^tincatis uos a earnalibus 
desideriis, rpie militant aduersus aniniain." '' Icb lialsie on,'' be sei^, 
Seinte Peter, " alse uiikuSc''7])ilegrinies, j-el i;e wiMioldi'U on Iroui " 
vlesllelu^ lii,>tes, ]>et weorreS aj^ean ]>e sonle." J7e gotle pilogrini iialt 
euer bis rihte wei uortS^vard:' ]'aub lie iseo o^e^l■ iliere iileic 
oomeiK'S 7 Avuiidres bi jn.- weie, be ne etMonf' nmit ase I'oles do\ 

^ cKV'.Mli. T. )..■,.,;. lontK.i 
'• \vi.\s(oiul.>. 1. 

-1. (• 



.Aiier confusslon, it is [>rupcr to sj.eak of |n"n:uux-, that is, ainends- 
(kv.l, and thus wo have ;; way out of tliis fiftli {.art into the sixth 

PAirr VJ.— Of 1>kxaxce. 

All tluit ye endure, my dear sisters, and all the good you ever 
do, and all that you suffer is penance, and that, strong penancf. It 
is all like martyrdom to you in so strict an order, for ye are night 
and day iipon our Lord's cross. Glad may ye ever he thereof. 
For, as St. Paul saith, " Si compatirnur, et conregnabiinus." * As 
ye share with him in his suffering on earth, ye shall also share with 
him in his blessedness in heaven. " Wherefore," St. Paul saith, 
" God f(jrbid that I should glory, save in the ci-oss of our Lord 
Jesus Christ." ^ All our joy must be in the cross of Jesus Christ. 
This saying belongs especially to anchoresses, whose joy ought to be 
wholly in our Lord's cross. 1 will begin from a higher point, and 
so come down to this part of the subject. Now pay good attention, 
for it is nearly all from the Sentences'^ of St. Bernard. 

The elect of God on earth are of three kinds: one kind may be 
compared to good pilgrims, another to the dead, the third to men 
suspended vohmtarily upon the cross of Jesus Christ. The first arc 
good, the second are better, the third are best of all. 

^Vo the first St. Peter crieth earnestly and saith, " Obsecro vos 
tanquam advenas et peregrinos ut abstineatis a carnalibus desideriis, 
(juai militant adversus animam." "^ "I beseech you," saith St. 
Peter, "as strangers and pilgi-iins, that ye abstain from fleshly lusts, 
which war against the soul."' 'J'he good pilgrim holds always on his 
way straight forward; although he see or hear idle sports and 
wonders by the way, he doth not slop as fools do, but holds on his 

•' 'J 'riinilliv, ii. T-. '' Cialiitiaiis, vi. II. 

'•,, I- S.n.riifianiin. " ] IV'ter, ii. 11. 


UKcri. K i.NCiA sAi;r>r. 

Folio 96. 

auh liult W^v^ Ills nitc ? liieJS toward his gist.- :' ne ho iic ljoi\;N no 
garsuni Late gucdclichf Ills speuse, nc ckiScs JiouSer, butu one l>oo 
])et \vc liaueS ik'oJ to. " pis l)Co5 holie men, ]K-t ]jiuih heo h 


Avoildo hoo beoS ]>erlunc asc pilcgrimcs, "5! gui) mid gode liHode tou- 
-vvard ]>e richc of heoucne, % siggeS mid \o apostle, "Kon hidn-mus 
hie maiieiitoiu ciuitatem, scd fiitm-am inquirimus : " J>et is, " Nabhe wir 
none wununge lier, auh we scchetS o^er wuuunge," and hco^ bi ]>c 
lestc }>et hoc cncr nmwen :' nc lieo nabbetS, no ne holdeS none tali- 
of none worldliclie iirourc, ])aiili hco beon ine worldlichc weic, a-^o 
ich seide cr, of pilegrimcs, auh habbeS liore heorte encr touward 
licouene. And owen wel uorte babben :' vor obre pilegrimcs gu5 
mid swhiko uoitc seclien one holie monnes bones, asc Sein James 
oSer Sein Giles:' auh ]>eo pilegrimcs ]>et go5 touward hcouene, 
heo goS forte beon isontcd, 7 forte iuindon God sulf ? alle his holie 
halcwen libbinde ine blissc, 7 scbulen libbeii mid ham ine wmm.- 
cuer wibuten ende. Ileo iuindeb, iwi.s, Sein Julianes in, l>ct weiuer- 
inde men jeorne seehci^. 

Nubeo5]>eos gode r auh ^ct beo5 \g o«re betere. Vor al le- 
gate, ase ich er seide, pilegrimcs al gon heo cuer forSward, ne ne 
bikumen nout buruhmen iSe worldes buruh r' ham ]Muichc5 J.avdi 
sumu>ccherc god of l^et heo iscoiS bi \o wVie, ? etstondeJ;»> sum del 
bauh heo nc don mid allc :' % moni >ing ham ualle^i to hwar Vuruh 
lieo beoS ilette, so J^et, more herm is, sum kumeJS lete hom ? sum 
neucrmore. Whoa is j.eonne skerre, 7 more lit of )>c worlde j^en 
beoS pilegrimcs ?-];et is to siggen, ])cn ])eo men ]>ct habbe^ world- 
lieh hino- % ue luic-S hit mmt, auh :;ine>i hit ase lut kumeS ham, ? 
go^ untnissed lihtc asc pilegrimcs touuard heouuie. Wlioa beoM 
betere >en ].eos? God hit wot, jn-o beo^ Wwu- \A \. apostle 
spekeS to, 1 sei^ iu Ins pistle, " Mortu. .sti^, 
abse<...dita est: eum Christo in Deo , eun. aut.ui 
uestra, tunc et nos apparebitis eun, eo in giuria." Le beo^ deade, 1 

•t uita uestru 
ppa merit uita 

liim til lie 

I. -^ T. 

Millt.^. C. 

I. (.ooi) rii-cKni^ 



route, aiK.l ]i;i-toiK'tli lowavJ lii^ inn wlicro lie is to IhIm-o; neither 
dorh lie rari-v any treaMirc witli liiiii but barely for his expenses, 
nor -irincMts cither, except one which he needcth. These arc holy 
niCJi vjiu, lliough thoy are ii; the woi'hl, are not in it as pilo-nms, 
mid l.y leading a go<xl life go toward the kingdom of heaven, and 
<ay, with the Apo>tlo, " Non habennis hie nuincnteni civitatoni, sod 
tuturaiii inijuirimus : " '" that Is, " ^^'e have no dwelling-place here, 
but we seek an.ither dwelling-place;" and they arc satisfied with the 
smallest accommodation possible, and neither have, nor make aiu^ 
aoconnt of any worldly pleasnre, though they are in their iourney 
through the woidd, as I said above of pilgrims, but they have their 
heart ;d\vays heaven-ward. And they ought Avell to have it. for 
otiier jjilgrims go Mith toil to seek a holy man's bones, as of St. 
James, or St. Giles, but these pilgrims wlio go toward heaven iro to 
be sainted, and to find God himself, and all his holy saints livinn- in 
blrssedness^ and to live with them for ever in endless joy. Siu'el}' 
they find St. Julian's inn, which wayfaring men diligently seek. 

Now these are good, but the next are still better. For, although, 
a> I said before, all pilgrims go ever forward, and do not become 
citi/ens in the world's city, yet they are sometimes deliglited with the 
tilings they see by the way, and stand still a while, though not 
altogether, and many things happen to them whereby they arc 
liindered, so that — the more is the harm — some come home late, 
some never. Who then are safer and more out of the world than 
pilgrims are? that is to say, than those men who have worldly things 
and love them not, but give them away as they come to them, and 
go unburdened and light, as pilgrims, toward heaven. AMio are 
better than they? God knoweth ! they are better to whom the 
Ajtostle saith in his epistle, " IMortui estis, ct vestra vita abscondita 
cum C]n-i>t() iu Deo ; cum uutem apparuerit vita vestra, tunc et vos 
aMKirebitis cum co in olona :" •' " Ye are dead, and your life is hid 

" Col. 


KKCl l./i; IXCLl.SAUr.M. 

ower !if i- iluid im\l Cristo. Ik- ]>ct i^ owcr lil «.l:nvoh 1 
sprlngfS ])e dawuiin.- cffoi- nihlcs ]>oo.sUTnesse, 1 jc scliulc-ii 
springvu mid liiui, sclicm-e ]>cn ]>,■ sumio into cclie 1;lis,;e! ]k,I mi l)c>(>^ 
JHis dcade. JJoic lidodc is lionv : nor i»i]cgr!!r, (,•il.■^ liioniliwat, 
pc dead" noul of, ]):iu]i hv liggc uiil.unod 7 r.^ric l.uu.-i c-.r'o.\ 
Preise liim, lasto liiin, do liim sdicume, soio liii:! sclicoim- : ;d liim 
is iliclie L.of. pis is a soli d.-a^ ])ct iisake?; j-n , i-'.vic mon o>>ei- 
WLimiJiMii lit of ]k' w(.r1do. Aid) sikirliclio, liwosv is J>ns dead in 
hire suluo!!, God liueN in liire lieortc : vor ])is is ]>et Jk- a[»ostl(r s(;i^, 
"Vino ego, iani mm ego, niuit auteni in me Cliristus." " Idi liUxv' 
seib ]>e ai>ostle :' "nout icli, auli Crist ]iue^i in me:" and is asc ]'auli 
lie seide, '•' Worldlielic speclie, \\oi-ldliclie sihSe, ? cuericli \\-u)-ldIicli 
Folio on i. ];ing iuindeS mc dead :' auli ];et ]>et JimpeJ^ to Crist J»et icli isco, ? 
iliere, and wurche ine CAviciiesse. pus is cuericli religius mon ? 
wmnmon dead to ]>c worlil, T, cwic ine Criste. pis is on lieih steire : 
aiili jet is on herre :' and Invo stod cuer J>crinne ? God liil wot, l.e 
J?et seide, '-'Mibi autcm aLsit gloriari nisi in crucc Donu'ni noslri 
Jesu Christi, per quern mihi mundus crucifixus est ct ego uiuikIo." 
pis is J;et ich seide jKTiippc :' " Crist me ischilde uoj'tu liablien eiii 
blisse i Jn^se worlde, but ine Jesu Cristas rode, my Loucrd, ])uruli 
Invam ]'e world is me umvurS, *? icli am unwur^ to liim, as wcri '' 
])v.t is anliunged." A Loucrd, lieie stod he ]^et spec o ]>isse Avisc I 
And |)is is ancre steire, ]>et lieo ]nis sigge, "Mihi absit gloriari," ?c. 
I none ]>inge ne blisse ich me butc ine Codes roile, — bet ich j^olic wo, ? 
am itold unwurcS, ase God was o rode, LokeS, leoucsustren, hu ])e..s 
steire is herre ])en eiil beo of ])c o^'re. pe jiilegrini icic world-'S 
weie, J'auli he go uorc)ward touward j'c horn of heouene, he isih^ ? 
ihereiS o-Serliwulc unmit, *? spekeb umbe Invidc :' ^\^v^^(.•( him nor 
Avowes :' *? inonie ];iiiges muwen letten liim of hi-; jnnieie. po deade 
nis'"* nan more t)f scheome Jjcn of meiike : '^ of In rd ]\n of iicscIk- : 
vor he nc iuelee) nouiSer :' and for^ii he ne ofei'nciS nou^er wo ne 
Avunne. Auh |;e ]K't is o rode 7 liaueS blisse jn-rof, he ^\eMdt•^) 

lililiskr. T. 

rii'.i* wnir f'iii:isT. 


til ( hrist. W'lhii lie tlitit i. life appraretli :v.v\ 

u'ht. yc also shall sjii-iiii;- with 
nal lilcsscdness. \\]\ci ijow arc 
I'?]-, Imi- a pll':i-i;n is sulijoct, to 
unl)ni-ir<l. and r^t iinou tlu- 

ilio cu!'.-.ii a!tL"- til.' (iarkiKxs v\ rhf n 

i:iiu. lu-i-litei- than tlie sun. iiitfi etfi 

thus dead." Tlieir coiii'.se oi' li^'o is iiol 

maiiii'nld e\il^. Tlioiiu'li the dead lie 

-round, lie is uiieons'-ious of it. 1^-ai-e liiui. Iilauie liim. |iut liini to 

diaiuo liv ik\\\ or M-ord, all is ei|ual!_v aiji-eeahlc to liim. It is u 

iiai'liy dearii wlileli thus renioveth a man or a woman out of tho 

world, Avhile they arc alive;. And suirelv, slie who is thus dead in 

liersclt', (lod liveth in her lieart, for this is that wliich the Apostle 


h, '• Vi\'o c^o, j;\ui non 020, vivit auteui in mo Cliristus. 


li\e,"' saitli the A}>ostle, " iKjt I, but C']iri>t liveth in mc ; " which is 
as if he said. \VorldIy speech, worldly siuht, and every worldly 
tlunii' findeth me dead ; hut whatsoever relates to Christ, that I see, 
and hear, and do as cue who lives. Thus is every religious man 
and woman dea<l to the world, and alive in Christ. This is a high 
dcgi-ee : hut thei'c is one still higher; and who stood ever in that? 
God knows he who '^aid, "But God foi'hid that I should glory, save 
in the cross of our Lord Jesus C'hrist: In" whom the world is 
crucified unto nie, and 1 unto the world." ^ This is what I said 
aljove, Christ shield me from having any delight in this W(n-ld, hut 
in Jesus Christ's cr(;ss, my Loi'd, through whom the world is 
^\•0]■thle3s to me, and I am worthless to it, as a man that is crucified. 
Ah, Lord! how high did he stand who spoke in this wise? And 
tliis is the anchoress's degree, who should say thus, God forhid that 
1 slujuld glory, &c. In nothing let nio delight hut in God's cross, 
that I sufl'er wrong and am acconntod worthless, as God was on the 
cross. Ol-,c-rve, dear sisters, how this degree is higher than any of 
the oth.n-s aie. The j-ilgi-im in the worM's ^^■Ay, though he is going 
foi'ward toward the home of hcaveii, seeth and hearelh sometimes 
Vain things, and sometimes speak(;th them. lie is jirovoked to 
Juiuta- hv Mrono-.s, and nianv things mav hinder him from pursumg 

^ G.ilatianr. 
CAMf). SOC. 

2 7. 



nr.orL.'T; ixcllsauim. 

scliounio to iiioiiko,'' ? wo info wiiiiuo, 7 o^cnnK■^'' fi.vISi liuiv ou. r 
hnrc. j^I- IdMi ]ieo ])rt iicucr no Ix-oIS glctlc iheoHcrl l.nt.' Iiw.m 
hco ]>,ii;,^i sum \vo, (j^cr sum scliconio luiJ Jesu on hi-; ivule : vor 
J.'is is ]'e niesto .scluli^c on ool•^;r liwoso uici, uor (uAv> luue, IiuMx'M 
selicouio 7 toone. ]lus loke, rilit ancron ne bcoS nout one pil-.- 
griuies, no jct iioul, ono deaJe, uuli booS (.f |>eos ])ridilo. Vor al 
hero lj]i>~o is nortc Leon, unlionged sorlliclic 7 sclieoniclielio nilJ lesu 
on lu's rode. pens muwc L]i^)c singen mid lioli chirclic, " Xos 
oportct gloriari in cruce Doniini nostri Jcsu Cln-jsti," J;ct is, asc icli 
er .scidc, liwat se hco of oSrc : hco liabheJS here hllssc sum inc 
vlcsclics lilvungc, sum iiSc worldcs dwcolcj stun in o^l•os vucl :' auh 
Avc mote ncdo hlcscicn us inc Jesu Cristcs jodt — j^-t is, inc sclicome 
7 inc Avo ]'ct lie drcih on rode. ?»Ioni woldc sumes wuis pohcn 
vlcschcs lici'dscliipcs, 7 heon itold unwurS, auli none sclieomc ne 
mlhte lie ]ndi<Mi. lie nis hute halflungc upo Godes rode, "ijif he nis 
igrciiSed uorte ]>olicn ham hoSe. 

" Uilitas ct asperitas." Vilte and asprcte, ]?cos two [);iiirres] 
schcome and ])iiio, asc Scint ]>crnai-d seiS, bcoS ]>o two Icddro stalcii 
Vet bco<S uprilil, to ])c hcoueno, and l)it\veoncn ]>eos stalen boo'iS he 
tindcs ivestned of alle gode j'cawes, hi Invuche '' me climbeS to he of lieoiiene. And fortii j'ct Dauid hcfde ];cos two stalen of 
J?isse leddre, pauh he king avci-c, lie clomb upward 7 scidc baldeliche 
to urc Loucrd, "Yidc humllitateni mcain ct laborcni mcuni, vt 
dimitte vniucrsa dclicta mea." " liiliold," cwcS he, "and isih mine 
edmodnessc 7 mi swine, 7 forgif me mine sumien alle togederes." 
Note'5 wel Jn'os two woi'd-^s ])et Dauid ncie\S somed — swiiu; and 
cdniodnesse : swiue iiie |)in(' 7 ine wo, inc sor 7 inc seonnv ; 




Ins jcainio; 
llir.lMur, of 
carii> n"itli 
drlLhr in 

'I ho (lend arc no inorc conscious of reproach thnn of 
■J llia'.i of soft; i\:v ho feelctli iieitlicr, and tlioroforo he 
-oiTuw nor ii.y, r.ut he that is on tlie cro.v^. 'ind hath 
tuniclli rcpriiarli to lionou)-, and surrow into Jo}-, and 
tlici\(<)!\', a (U)u1)!l- reward Siudi are they who are never 
giai-I-h(.':ii'U'd (wrrpt when tliey are snfVering some lii-ief or some 
reproach -with Jesus on liis cross; for tliis is the greate>t happine,--. 
ell earth wlien any one can, t"or tlie love of God, bear rei)roach and 
pain. Tluis observe, tliat true ancliorcsscs arc not merely pilurims, 
nor yet merely dead, but they arc of the tliird class. For all their 
delight is to be suspended paiiifully and ignonn'niously with Jesus on 
his cross. They may sing gladly with the holy Church,^ " It be- 
JioAcs us to glory in the cross of our Lord Jesns Christ ; " that is, as I 
said before, whatever may be the case with others: they place their 
ha}i[)ines5, some in carnal pleasures, some in the deceitful vanities of 
the \\orld, some in the evil that befalls others ; but we mu-t glory in 
the cross of Jesus Christ, that is, in the ignominy and pain that he 
endured on the cross. INFany might be willing to .sutUu- in some 
measure bodily hardships, and to be meanly accoimted of, but not 
to endure ignominy. He is only in part u[)on God's cnjss who is 
not ready to endure them both. 

" Vilitns ct asperitas," comtempt and ill usage ; these two things, 
ignominy and i)aiii, as St. Bernard saith, are the two arms of the 
ladder which reach up to heaven, and between those arms are fixed 
the staves [or steps] of all the virtues by which men climb up to 
tlie blessedness of heaven. And because David had the two arms of 
this ladder, though he was king, he cHmbed upward, and said boldly 
to our Lord, " Vide humilitatcm mcam et laborem meum, et dimitte 
uiiiversa delicta mea." ^ "Behold," said he, "and s.-e my humility 
and my labour, and forgive me all my sins." Mark well these two 
words which David Joineth together— labour and liumiiily: labour, 
in i,;iin and orief, in anxiel)' and sorrow; hinnilily, aganr-t the 

llic i'ea,t ofllK' Ii 

:. \: 


kkgul.t: ixcm>;ai; 

CMliuoanc.-.>e a;^e;ui \v(iiih of sclicoiiu" |)i-t )»i'»ii drili^ j/ct is t'>!d 
mp.viu?. '-'Ijube j'uos biliuld in iiio," cwc^ Dauiil, (iixlci ilcorling, 
'• Icli ]i;il>lie ]>ciis tw u k-ddrc st:dc)i."* " Diniittc Miiu'Tsa dclicta mca." 
lli'jf, cvL^ lie, l)i!iiiuU" inc, 7 Morp awoi urom me :dK' iniiK- gnlfcs, 
/'ly^y 07 6. |;ct ieli bvM, ilihtcd of liorc lituiiiicssc', lihtliclie muwc sticii up to ]>er 
licouciie bi JMSse Icddj-c stulen. 

/■.,//o liS. 

pcos''' two }>Iuges, wo and sclicomc uioiod togcdcros, buoS Klies 
Inveoles ]':t wcrcn fui'cnc, use liif telk^^, and boi-en him u]) to Parai?, 
]>cr lie liiiLLi jut. Fur is hot 7 read Bi ]'c hctc is undcrstondon 
eucrlcli ^\■u ]ict eileiS tlcsclio. Schcoine is uiidfr>tond('n hi Jjc reader' 
auh Avci niei do;i. Ileo LeoiS lier hweolindc ase Invcolcs ]'et ouer- 
turne^ sonc, and no lesteiJ none liw rJe. pis ilkc is eke hitocned bi 
cherubiues sweordo biaoren ])o jelen of Parais, ];ct \\n^, of hii^7 
hweohnde 7 turninde abuten. Xe kunietS noii into Parais bute 
]?uruli j'issc kitlnde sweordc, Jjct was hot 7 read: and in lilies 
furene li\ve<.)les :' J'ct is, ]niruh sor 7 schcouic, ]'et oucrturncJS hlit- 
hche 7 agev5 sone. And ncs Godes rode ]>uruh liis doorcwurlSe 
blodc iruded 7 ireaded, vortc sclicawen on him sulf ]K-t pine 7 
seoruwe 7 sor schulen mid scheomc bcon iheouwed? Nis hit iwi-iten 
bi him sulf; '• Factus est obediens Patri usque nd uiortei.i, niorteni 
autcni cruois :" ]^et is, he was bvdisnm to his Feder, iiout one to 
dcaSe, auh to deaSe of rode. Jluruh ]?et ]'et he sciS crest, " to 
dea?)e," is pine to understondeu :' and ]>uruli ]»ct ])et ho ]>cr eftcr 
sciiS, '-to dea^^e o rode," is schcndhic bitoeiied :' vor bwueli was 
Godcs dcaS o rode— piuful 7 schendful oner alle o^re. Ihvose cuor 
deieb ine God, 7 o Godes rode, ]>eos two he mot ]>ohen — sclioomo 
nor ]iim, 7 pine. Sciieome ich telle uorte beon cuer licr itold 
unv.urc), and beggcn ase on harlot, jif hit need is, his liuene^, ami beon 
oJ^res bcodeuiun, ase je beo'S, leoue sustren, 7 ]»olie^ ofte daunger of 
swuclie ooLihwule ]>vt nuditc beon ower ]>rel. ]Vt is eadie seheome 
het ich oi' till ir-.^- I'ine ne trukc^ on nout in" ]m.s iike tw. ]>inge5 

" h- 

• si-tki.-. l-. 



Till", FLAM INC S\\ui:l) 


urijust i-'iniiiinv wliieh a uv.m oiiduivs wliu is (k\>pi<i'(l. " lidioM 
ill iiic IjoMi of tlir-^o," s;iitli Duvid tlie beloved of God, '' I have thcsi' 
two aims of tlie ladder.'' ''Diniitte iiiiivoi-sa dolicta inoa:" Leave 
behind me, salth he, ;uid east away i'roni me all my otfenccs, that 
I may be lightened of their weight, and may mount up lightly to 
heaven bv the arms of this ladder. 

J hose two things, grief and ignominy, joined together, are 
Elijah's wheels that weiv of fire, as we arc t(dd,^ and bore him up 
to Paradise, whei-e he still liveth. Fire is hot and rod. V>y the heat 
is meant every pain that hurts the flesh. Ignominy is meant by the 
redness ; and it well may bo so. They are here rolling like 
wheels that revolve quickly, and soon pass away. The same is also 
signified by the sword of the cherubim before the gates of Paradise, 
which was of flame and revolving and turning about. None come 
into Paradise but through this flaming sword, Avhich was hot and 
red; and in Elijah's chariot of fire, that is, through i)ain and 
ignominy, which turn round lightly and quickly pass away. And 
was not God's cross coloured and reddened by his [trecious blood, to 
shew in himself that pain and sorrow^ and anguish should be stained 
with ignominy ? Is it not written of himself, " Factus est obediens 
Patri usque ad mortem, mortem autem crucis?"^ that is, "He was 
obedient to his Father, not only to death, but to death on the cross." 
In that he saith first " to death," pain is to be understood ; and in that 
he subjoins, " to death on the cross," ignominy is meant ; for such was 
God's death on the cross— )>ainful and ignominious above all others. 
Whosoever dieth in God and on God's cross nmst sufler these two 
things for him— igiK.miny and j-ain. T account it ignominy to be 
always reckoned contemj.tible, and to beg one's food, if need be, like 
a vagabond, and to be another's bedesman, as ye are, dear sislors, 
and "often bear the arroganee of such as might be ^<.ur bond -servant^. 


di I 

kin-'- is blessed ionoininv. Pain i> n 



358 itr.orL.i-: incm .><aui m. 

])et al is inc. r.lescio\S on 7 glcdlo^, nor :i^c:m j^eos two, 
oil LooS twuuold blisccn ii^crla-d— ajcau scheomc, iiiciislci" :' 7 n^vnn 
pine, dclit 7 ivste wiSuten cndc. Isaic, "In tt-rra siui," inquid, 
«'duplici:ipo^sidcUmt." "llesclmlcn," sei"^ Isaic, "in hore owunc-londo 
welden twouold blissc ajeau twouold wo ]>ct lico Iter dnciS." Supoi- 
epistulani lac. "Mali nichilhaLent in celo: boni nicliil in terra," vin 
also asc ]'c vvielc nabbed no lot inc lieouenc, nc ]»c godc nabl)C(S no 
lot in corbc, in liore owunc londe lieo scbulcn ucldcn blisse :' 
twouold cunnc uiodo ajcan twouold scoruwe. Asc ^auli he scidc :' 
"Ncjnmcbebam no ucorlicli ]'auli lieo her J'olien asc in unkuSc 
londe, ■? in unkuSe eardc, bitwhen unScode, schconic bu5e '7 
seormve ; nor so deS nioni gentil nion ])et is unku^ in unkuSe 
londe." jNle sclial ute swinken, and et honi nic schal rcsten. And 
nishe a kang-'^ knit ]^et secheS rcste iSe uihte, % cisc iSc place? 
"Militia est nita honiinis super terrani : " al ]>is lif her is ase uiht, 
ase Job witneS :' auh efter ^issc nlhte her, -^\i' we wel uihte«, nienke 
7 reste abit^' us et lioni, in ure owune lend.', ]'et is heoueriche. 
LokcS nu hu witterliche ure Louerd sulf hit Avitn."^, "Cum scderit 
Filius honiinis in sede niajcstatis, sedcbitis et iios judieantes." D. 
«In sedibus quies inipcrturbata r' in juditio honoris enunentia coni- 
niondatur: " " Hwon ich sittc uorto deinen," sciS ure Louerd, "^e 
schulen sitten mid me, and demen mid me al V^nc world ])ct schal 
beon idemed, kinges and kaisers, knihtes and clerkes." I ^e sette, is 
rcste *? eise bitocned, a^^ean ]>c swinkc ].et is her: and i«e menske o 
he dome l^et heo schulen demen is heihsehipe menskeful oner al 
miderstonden, ajean scheome 7 luuhsehipe ].et heo h.r u-.r Godes 
luue mildeliche p-olieb.'' 

/y;.tiS^. Nis ].er nu )>eonue baton j.-hen gledheh-: 

iwriteii, -.luod per penam igaon.iniose pas.iuin-; pcTuenit ad glo- 
i-iaui nsunvetionis," ^et is " |>uruh sehendlu!.. pme he 

T. L-li 

hi (;...i SI 

.:():ii to glorit 

|.,.l,-,u„. T. f. 


wanting in tliosc two tilings, in wliidi all pLMiitence consist,?, lie 
luq-py glad, for in requital of these two, twofold joys are 
j'ropnrrd for you — in requital of ignominy, honour: and in requital 
of [lain, happiness and rest without eml. Isaiah saith, " In terra 
sua duplicia jtossidebunt."-'' " They shall in their own land possess 
double j(iy for the double sorrow tliat they endure lu're." Upon the 
Kpistle ol' St. James, " ^Mali nihil liabent in ca?:lo : boni nihil habent 
in terra." For, as the bad have no lot in heaven, nor have the 
good any lot on earth, in their OAvn land they shall enjoy ha]>[)ine5=: 
— two kinds of reward for twofold sorrow. x\s if he had said, 
" Think it no marvel though they suffer here as in a strange land, and 
in a strange soil, among foreigners, both shame and sorrow ; for so 
doth many a nobleman who is a stranger in a foreign land." ]Men 
nnist endure toil abroad, and enjoy rest at home. And is not he a 
foolish knight who seeketh rest in the combat, and repose hi the 
lists? " Militia est vita hominis super tcrram : "^ all this life here 
on earth is as a fight, as Job witncsseth ; but after this fight here, if 
we fight well, honour and repose await us at home, in our own land, 
which is the kingdom of heaven. Observe, now, with what certainty 
our Lord himself saith, " Cum sederit Filius hominis in sede 
majestatis, scdebitis et vos judicantes."'' St. Bernard, "In sedibus 
quies imperturbata ; in judicio honoris enn'nentia commcndatur : " 
" When I sit to judge," saith our Lord, " ye shall sit with me, and 
judge with me all the world, which shall be judged, kings and 
em[)erors, knights and clerks." By the sitting, rest and case is 
signified, in opposition to the toil that is in this world, and by the 
honour of the judgment Avhich they shall judge is to be understood 
the most honourable dignity, in opposition to the shame and luunilia- 
tion which they patiently endure here for the love of God. 

Now, then, there is nothing for us but to suffer gladly : f<jr it is 
written of God himself, " quod per poenam ignionu"niosa> passionis 
).ervenil ad glorlam resunvctionis ; " that is, « through ignominious 

Isuiali, b 

St. ;M:ilt. xi';. 23. 


i;K(;rj>.i: ixn.r 

Folw 90. 

oF Wis^fnlr ni-isto." >;is no sclku^, ]»-()1iik', ;^1C avc wrecilio suiifiilr 
|K)lien lici- y'.w.'u, ^\l' wt' wullc^i a donicsdci blissfuliclie arisen:' and 
JK-t \yv muweii Jninili liis grace jlf we wcl ^Y^dlf•^). " (}i\(.i:iani si 
co:n|']antati I'ueriiinis ^iinilitudini mortis ejus, similiter el re.-,arrec- 
tionis erinuis." pis is Scinto Ponies sawe ))et si-i^i ener so wel. 
Eif we LvuIS i-iniped to ]>q ililaiessc of Codes deaJii^ we seliulen 
been i-imped to j^e iliknesse of his arlste. pet is to siggen, ^if we 
libbecS inc sclieouie'? ine pine uor liis bnie, ine liwuche two lie deide, 
-vvc scliuleii beon iliclic liini in bis blissful ariste— urc bodi brilit ase 
bis is, world wiSutcn cnde, asc Seinte Powel ^vitneS, " Salnatorcni 
cxpectauuis qui reforniabit corpus Inunilitatis ))o^frc configuratuni 
corpori claritatis sue." Let o^re alilleii" bore Ludi ]>et oriicJ) 
biuoren bond :' and abide we lu-e helind ])ct scbal atilVen urc*" efter 
bis owune. " Si compatiniur, conregnalnnuis." Eif we ];olieJS mid 
bim, we sebulen bllseen mid bin.. Kis ])i^ god tbrcward? Wat 
Crist, nis bo ncuer god fcolawe, ne treowo, ]>et nule scotten i^e lure 
ase eft iSe bi^eate. Glosa : " IHis solis prodcst sanguis Clnisli cp.i 
voluptates deserunt ct corpus afHignnt." God scbcdde bis blud f.^r 
alio men, aub bam one bit is wurS j'ct flcoS flescbes liknnke ? pincJ) 
bam suluen. And is ^et eni wuuder? Nis God urc bcaucd, and 
we alio bis limes? And nis cuericb lim sor mid scoruwe of ]>c 
beaued? His lim, j^eonne, nis be nout ];ct uaucS cclic under so 
sor ekindc bcaucd.<^ Ilwon j^et beaued swot wcl, ]K«t lim pet ne 
swet nout, nis bit vuel toknc? He |>ct [is] ure beaued swettc blodes 
swot uor urc secncsse, 1 for to turncn us of ]>ct lond vnel j-et alio 
londes lelen on, 1! ligge^ jet monie. pet lim, )H-,.nne, ]>pt ne sua 
nout ine swmcfule pine uor bis luue, God lot wut." lut l.deane^ m 
bis sccuesse :' and nis ];cv buten uorkeoruen Int. ].auli hit >..r I'lmche 
God :' uor bctere is finker offe ].en he eke cue,-.'' C^ve„u•^ he mi 
wel God ];et l>us bihme« him of him sulf, ]'uruh ].et j-et he nule 

afoiuiii. 'J'. (■• 
1. n,u,s N'...i-.lic vii'l' 

b acCIIK'Il lllfS. T. 

a s.Tc ^v.^r(■l\clulc hcnucil. T. 

» I>cn hit caiicr waroho. T, 

sri' in:i;iN(; rm; way to ci.oity. 


paiii lit' ciiiic to tlio d<.i-v i,{' a blL'Ssed resurrcctidii/" It is no 
niarvtl. tlioix'foro, if we wrotoliod sinners suftcr ])ains lirrc, if we 
wonlil arise iovfullv at the day of jiulnmcnt ; nnd tlils we ninv do, 
liiiviui:li lIiN o race, if we earnestly desiiv it, " (^unniani ^i cdin- 
j)!antati fiierimus siniilifudini mortis ejus, siniiiitei- et resurr^ctionis 
eriinus."=' 'J'liis is St. Paul's snyiiii;', who speaketh always so well. 
'•'If we be jilanfi-d to the likeness of Ciod's death, we >hall be planted 
to the likeness of his resurrection;" that is to sny, if we live in 
ignoniiny and })ain through love of liim, in which two he died, we 
shall be like him in his joyful resurrection — our body bright as his 
is, world without end, as St. Paul testificth, "We look for the 
Savifjui-, who shall chi\i;ge ouv vile body that it may be fashioned 
like unto his glorious boily." ^ Let others adorn their body who 
run on beforeha.nd; and let us wait tor our Saviour, who shall 
adorn o\us after the fashiori of his own. " Si compatinnu", coju'eg- 
iiabimus." '■ If we suiT'er with him, we shall be in bliss with him. 
Is not this a good covenant? Christ knows he is not a good nor a 
trusty partner who will not take part in the loss, as well as aftei- 
wards in the i)i-orit. Gloss: " Illis solis prodest sanguis Cliristi qui 
voluptates descrunt et corpus atHigimt." God shed his blood for all 
men, but it is efficaci(jus to them only who abstain from carnal 
pleasure, and mortify themselves. And is that any wonder ? Is 
not God our head, and all we his members, and is not every member 
pained w hen the head is in pain ? His member, then, he is not w ho 
liath no ache undei- such a painfully aching hea(k When the head 
sweats well, is it not an evil sign of the member that doth nut sweat? 
lie who is our head did sweat the sweat of blooil foi' our sickness, and 
to heal us of that epidenu'c disease in which all land- lay, and in which 
u-e still Iviug. That nuMuber, tlieivl 


eat in labori 

its sitdxuess 


IS suffering for Ionc of 
iiid lhr)v is la.thiiig 1( 
Dain.fn! to God; foi" a 

which dotl 
i)n, (iod knows, rcinwiin'tl 
he done l)Ut to cut it oti 
O'er otr is betlL'i" than on^ 



2 Tiw...: 


Iti:(UI,.K IN( Ll 

swctni Z 

Folw 0[' //. 

" ()lK)rti'l);it Clii'ishuii jmtl 7 sic intrarc in I'lMi-iaiu -^iiar.i." 
i'i'> iiierci ! !iit so licoii, liit se'iiS, C'ri>t j-olii-ii y'ww 7 
iKissinii, ? so lialjbcn inT;oiin- into Ills riclio. Lo, dcnlc liwat lie sui^, — 
"so !iabl)cn in^oii^- into his riclic." So, and iion olScrwcis! And 
ue, \\ix'rcln.' sinifule, v, nlleJS niiJ else sticii to licuuciio |>ct is so licili 
buiion U5, f so sv.utSf muclic wiu'S ! And mc iic niei iiout, ^viSnt^.•Il 
swinlc a Intel kot nreren, nc noiit two ]>ongC'dc" sclu-on liablieii, 
^^ie)utel\ Iniogunge.'' OlSer -we bcoS kaiiges,*^ ]>ct wciieiS mid lilit- 
lea[)es^* biiggen eclie blisse, ociei" ];e holi lialewcn Jn-t boiditen lilt so 
deoiv, Ncs Sciute Peter 7 Seinto Aiulreii, ]>evcuoiv, istreiht o rode, 
and Seint liorenz oiSc grcdil :' and loSlcasc'^ nieidenes ]fO titles 
ikoraeii of, and to-h\vi^credoll^vcoles, 7 hefdes bikonien ? Auli ure 
sotschipe is sutel :' aiul lico weren iliclie ]>e(>s l^r-Ai^' c-liildren ]'ef 
liabbcL) riclie ucderes, ]'ct, \\ilks 7 woldes, teterec) liore cloJies for'.o 
liabben neov.e. Yre oldo kiirtel is ]>ct flesclis ])et we of Adam lu-e 
oldo iicdcr liabbeS. penc neowe we selnden underuongen of God, 
ure riclie iicdcr, in ]>(: ariste of donicsdeie, Invon vnv vle.sclics sclial 
blikicn schenre ]'en ])e sunne, uor"5I hot liit is nn totoren lier mid 
wondrede 7 mid wcane. Of J^eo ]'et tetereS lioro kurtel o ]»isse wise, 
sei"S Isaie, "Deferetur niuinis Donn'no exercituum a popnlo diniisso*" 
et dilacerato, a popnlo terribili." "A uolk to limed :\nd to toren, a 
nolk ferlicli," be sciS, Isaie, " schal makien of binisnlf to nre l.ouerd 
i)rese]it.'' Uolk to-limed " 7 to-toren mid stronge lillode 7 mid lierdc 
lie cleo'.eb folc. ferlicli. Uor ]'e iieoud is atrnrnlit and olVered of 
swuclie :' and IbrSi I'ct Jol) was swucli be mende of liiiu, 7 seide, 
"IVlleni pro pello et nninc-rsa," 7c. : ])et is, " He wnle T;inen iiel nor 
uclle, J^ct oldc uor j?e neowe." And is ase |'auli lie siide, " Xe geiin b 
mo nont to assailen liiin, uor be is of J^e te-tore'' \\v\kv. l»et to-ti-reM 
bis olde kni'tcl, 7 to-reiideb ];e oUle jiilclu' of bis deadlicbe ui-lk.*' ' 

l,vs-„r,:. .1... T.^^ 

1.U1.C. T. C. 
lihtf vluaiKs. T, 
.iinuls.,. T. ('. 
loni.'. T. I. I.. I 

ST. I'KIF.U, ST. A-XDUKW, S r. 1..V\VK1;N( K, --r. KATHF.UINi:. ;5li:i 

;il\\;i}s acliii!--. ^'"^v, (iotli lie |.l>":i<c Ciod who tlius aiMiU'iiibeir. 
Iniu of hiin^fir, Lccaiivj lie is unwilliiiii; t-) sweatV " 0[K)rtub:it 
Chii^HUi jiatl, I't sic iulrare in gloriaui siiaiii." •'' St. Mary liave 
nierc\-! Tt was>saiy, wc are ti.M, that Christ shoulil iMi<hiiv 
pa!,, "auil sufTcriii-, and thus liavc laitraiico into his klni^dom. Ob- 
serve well'' wha.t he salth, " thus have entrance into his kinii,doni."' 
Tlius, and no otherwise ! And we wret^died sinners,, would mount 
up with case to heaven, which is so higli above us, and of such 
excellent worth! And yet we cannot, without labour, erect u little 
cottaoe : nor obtain a pair of shoes with thongs without baying 
thein' Either we, who think that we may buy everlasting joy for a 
uiei-e trifle, are fools, or the blessed saints are, who bought it so dear. 
V\'erc! not St. Peter and St. Andrew, for that cause, extended <;n 
tlie cross, and St. Lawrence on the gridiron; and had not innocent 
maidens their paps cut off, and were whirled on wheels, and beheaded? 
But our folly is evident; and they were like those artful children ot 
rich parents who purposely tear their cl.^thes that they may have 
new ones. Our old kirtle is the llesh, which we have irom Adam 
our old father ; we sliall receive the new from God, our rich 
Father, in the resurrection on the day of judgment, when our ile.h 
=l„i11 chJ'^e hrluhter than the sun, because it is now torn here with 
tribulation and distress. Of them who tear their kirtle In this 
manner, Isaiah .aith, " Deferetur munus Dommo exercituum a 
Populo dimlsso ct dllacerato, a populo tcrril)Ili." ^' " A people d.s- 
Inen^bered and torn, a terrible people," saith Isaiah, " shall n>alu- of 
themselves a gift to our Lord." A people disnu.nbered and torn 
with a hard and austere lifl> he calleth a terrible iK.^.le. kor the 
fH.ndIs afraid and terrified of such; and because J. > wassucl>he 
compkdued of hhn and said, " IMKn. pro pehe, ^c '' that ., -' e 
will olve skin for .kin, the old for tl... new." As .1 he had said, I 
shall^aln nothing by attacking hnn, for he is one ol' the ton. pe.-ple, 

I f 1^17 if ^n'^' l.c-.uli. ,.. ;-/. .Uc.u,v ■.. ....u-s in ,,-• ^TO. ^SC, .,....v 

'''"'"• ' ' ; n oi' IVu Ic set, /;/■ " A .w,7. l).uk..l -. v.n-s 

„.t,vn.h„...l.s,ln...r....abl, • .^^^^ ^^ ..._ ._ .- J..!,ii.J. 

'^^'"^ iJi:(;ii,vi; (xti.L^Aia.M. 

\'»r l^T R'l is uii(le;iMi(-]i ]>ut ibc neowe arlsf.' > .srliinn, .eoue- 
U..M brihtiv ]>..,: JH-sinu.... Ki,sc 7 flc-ch(>s estr k'uS ]>05 fwrnJes 
iiK-'i-ki-ii. ]]\voii lie isili^ JH'cs iiK-i-kc'ii iiiomic, uJic-r iin- ^\IllIml..n, 
lie Av,..t j.ft K- kash'l is liis, and goS bal.lcliclio in ]>vv iu- i^IuS irilil 
up sw-uche Iniuorc-s ase me dcX I,ic ea>tK-. Auh, i^cn Ituiviie iiulkf 
he misse-5 his laerkeii, and isih^ m ham irilit, up (ludi-s bainTc r' ]'ct 
is, herdsdiipe of line :' and j-c ueond haiie^ nuu he dredc j-.i-./ ase 
Isaie Avitiie^. 

" Me leoue Sire," s(-M^ snm, " and is hit nu wisdom in(>:i (udon so 
y\o liini suluen ? " And tu jehl nic onswaiT : Of two men, liwe^er is 
^visure? Tleo beocS bob'c seke :' j;e on uoi-geS al ]'et lie Inued (..f 
Folio 100. metes 7 of druncdies, 7 drinke^ bitter sabi-az nortu akoueren his 
heale: ])e o^er uohiwcS al his wil, 7 fede^ ' his lustes a^^ean lii> 
secncss, 7 forleose^ ])et lif sone. Ilwel^er is wis.-,ure of J-ens tw(.;-' 
Hwe^el■ is betere ins owune ureond ? Ihveder InneJS him sulf 
more? And Invo is ])et nis sec of sumie? God, for ure secnosse, 
drone attri druncli o rode :' and we nuIIelS nout bittros biten buten'' 
for us suluen? Ne mei hit nout so beoii. Nis ]k-v nowijit horof. 
Sikerliche ]iis fcolcware mot mid pine of his flesche uohiwen his 
pinen. Ne wene non mid este stien to ])e steoren. 

" Nu, wSire," seie) sum eft, " and wide God so w rakt'.'uliclie awreken 
}iim ui)on sumie? " Lc, mon, o^ej- wuinmoii. Uor luke nu ]iu lie 
hit liateti swuSc. IIwu wolde nu a iudu beaten J^et ]nng sulf Invar 
se he ifunde hit ]>(.'t for ])e nuuheli" hatunge ]>erof beole ]>o sehea- 
dewe, 7 al ]>et heuede ]?crto eni ilicncsse? God, Feder Ahnihti, 
h^u beet he bitterlicho his deorewur^e sune, Jesu Cj-ist ure Louerd, 
];et neuer nedo'-' sune, bute one J>et he ber vleschs iliche uiv vlesclie, 
]>et is fid ol' sumie. And we scluilen bcon ispaiednl'' jn-t bere^ vu 

T. fonlfS. C. 
l!i; iiaiicde ? 

.l.aml. (; 

TliK KOOI.ISll Sl( K KKFlSi: lilTTKIl M KDICFNi;. 


who tears his old 


■1 ivixlcth th.i- (>l,l duak ..f his mortal 

>kin." For tliat skin is iiuiiiortal whirh in tlio new resunvction shall 
shiiic seven times Lriiihtvr tlian the sun. Ease and carnal cnjov- 
iiKiit are tlie deviTs marks. When ho sees these marks in man or 
woUKiii 1h' knows tluit tlie castle is his, and gocth boldly in where lie 
sees ^ueh hamiers erected as are usual in a castle. lUit, in the torn 
people, lie missetli his marks, and amonir them lie soeth God's 
banner erected, which is a hard lite, which the- de\il is nnich afraid 
of, as Lsaiali tcstipK-th. 

->iy dear sir," some one niay say, "is it wisdom now for man 
or woman thus to afiiict themselves?^' Do thou also answer me 
this: Of two men, both of -whom are sick, which is the wiser? The 
one abstaiiis from all the things that ho desires, both meat and drink, 
and drinketh bitter sabraz,^ in order to recover his health ; the 
other folk)weth all his inchnations, and feedeth his lusts, contraiy to 
his sickness, and soon loseth his life. Wliethcr of these two is 
wiser? Which is the better friend to himself? Which of theni 
loveth himself more? And who is there that is not sick of sin? 
For our sickness, God drank a ])oisonous drink upon the cross. 
x\nd will not we taste any bitter remedy for ourselves ? ^ It must 
not be so. It is not so. Ilis follower nmst surely follo^\■ him in his 
sufferings, with bodily pain. Let no one think that he can ascend 
to the stars with luxurious ease. 

" Now, sir," some one saith again, " and will God avenge himself 
so severely upon sin ? " Yes, O m;ui, or woman, for consider now 
how greatly he hateth it. How would a man beat the thing itself 
if he found it, who for his great hati-ed of it beat the shadow, ami 
every thing that had any resemblance to it ? How bitterly did Ciiul 
the Father Ahnighty beat his dear Son Jesus Christ oiu- Lord, who 
iie\-er did any sin, but merely because he bore flesh like our fli'sh, 
that is full of sin? And shall we be sparetl who bear upon us his 
Soji's death — the weajioiis that slew hiui, which were our sins - 

■* Sco itMi:ulcs oil this uor.l l.v .Ml.t.t W:.v, Ks,i. ii. Xolvs an.l <JinTus, v..l. ii. j,. ITo, 
.M.ll.y.S. V\-. Sing.r, K-i. j.. "Jm . 


lii:(.LL.i: lACI.lS.MMM 

IC SUIllh'li / 

us lii.s sunc (lea^— ].e wq.iifi. ],vt sl.,\\cn liiui, |.cl wcmi im 
And lie ]K-t iieiKHle iiout of smim-, buto scliea.lL-wo (.ir.-, lie was i^c 
ilkc scIiL'adewe so sclieomcliclic itiikcd, and so si-onilindirdi.- \i>m'M, 
]>ct (1- j.eii Idt com ])erto, nor J)c ]n-catungc oiu' J-ltoF, lie- l.c-d Iiis 
Fedei- QIC. " Tristis est aiiiii-.a nica usque ad mortem. Pati-r, si 
possibile est, transeat a me calix iste." " Sore," cue ;S lie, ure I.oiienl, 
"megridleS^' ajean mine pine. Mi Ueder, jif hit in^i im beo!i, spare 
i'V.oloo;,. „^e ct tisse time:' |;i wille, ];auli, 7 n.uit min, cii.r beon ifulle l/' " 
His deorewur^e Ueder uor^ii iie uorbcr liiin iiuul, aidi leide oil him 
so bitterliclie ])et he bigou to gredcn, mid reoiiM'ule .stcfuc, " Kloy, 
Eluy, huDa zalnitaiii," INIi (U>d, mi G.xl, mi de(;re\vurJSe Ueder, 
haucst tn al uurworjHjii me, ]'iii onlepi -luie, ]>et Ijeatest mo )>4is 
herde? Uor al ];is ue lette he nout : auh beot him so li^n-^' 7 so 
swuJSe grimliclio |;et lie sterf o rode. " Uisciplina pacis uo^tre 
eum," seieJ Isaye : ]ms nre beatungc ueol upon him :' uor he dude 
him suit" bitwi'oncn us 7 his Feder, ))et ]n-etle us forto smiteu :' asc 
]je moder ];'et is reouSful deS liiro bitweoueu hire cliilde 7 j»e wrojie 
sturne ueder, hwon he Mule beaten, pus dude luv Louerd Jesu 
Crist. Ikept on him dcaScs dunt, uortc schildcii u^ ]).t mide :' 
igraccd beo liis milce ! Ilwar se mucliel dujit is, Iiit ludti^ up'" 
a^^ean o |>eo |>et ];>er neih stondetS. Sikerliche, iiwose is ueih him I'ct 
ikepte J'e henie duntes, hit wule })ulten'' on him, ? nnle lie him neui-r 
meneii :' uor ]'et is |;e prcoue pet he stout neih him :' and he iuiltun"c 
is fill liht to ]>olicn uor his huie ]'et underueng so heuie dui;fes us 
fbrto biuuwen from |)es deofles botte iSe ]tine ot" helle. 

Eet, seiS ^ moni mon, *' Ilwat is (umI j>e bet-'iv J'auli ieh piuiemeuor 
liislnue?" Leouc mon, oSer wummuu, (!od )>mieheci goil of uw 
god. Vrc god is jif wc doN Jut we oweii. Nim 3;fme of )»is 
asaimijile. A mon ])ct were ueor iuaren, 7 me come 7 lolde him |»ii 
Jiis deore spuse murnedc so swuKe vi'icv him )«(•( Inn \\i^lll^.l| liim 

itur.^ut. T. C. 

liit I'lil 
Jilt .-.!• 

ClIKIsr STf)()I) I'.KTWr.KX IS AM) ITX ISI I \| l-NT. 


And ho wlio liad no sin, but only tlio sliadow of it, was in that 
sliadow so I^noniiiiiously ininislied, and so wofully tormented, tliat, 
before it came to tliis, wlicn it M'as only threatening- him, he prayed 
for rncrey from his Father. "Tristis est aninia niea iisr|ue ad 
mortem. Pater, si possibile est, transeat a me ealix iste." ■'' " I f'rri 
ureat horror," saith our T.ord, " at the i)ros])eet of my suHerin-s. 
My Father, if now it bo possible, spare me at this time ; nevertheless 
'J"hy will and not mine be ever fulfdled." JJis dear Father did not 
on that account forbear, but laid on him so bittei'ly that ho began to 
cry with a sorrowful voice, " Eloi, Eloi, lama Sabachthani," ^ INIv 
God, my God, my dear Father! hast thou altogether cast mc oil'? 
me thine only Son, that thou beatest me thus severely? Yet, for 
all this, he left not off, but beat him so long and so very fiercely that 
he died on the cross. " Disciplina pacis nostras super eum," saith 
Isaiah : "" thus our beating fell upon him, for he placed himself 
between us and his Father, who was threatening to smite us, as the 
mother who is full of ]>ity jilaceth herself between her child and 
the angry stern father when he is about to beat him. Thus did oui- 
Lord Jesus Christ. lie met the death-blow himself, to shield us 
thereby, thanked be his mercy ! Where a great blow is given, it 
reboundeth again, upon those who stand nigh. Truly, whosoever 
is nigh him who met the heavy blows, they will rebound upon him, 
and he will riever complain ; because this is the proof that he stands 
m'gh him ; and the rebounding stroke is \evy easy to boar out of love 
to him who received such heavy blows to protect us fi'om the devil's 
staff in the ])ains of hell. 

Still, saith n:any a one, "What is God in-oHted though I atlhct 
myself for his love?'' Deai- man, or woman, God is pleased witli 
our good. Our goorl is t]).it we d(. what we ought, J'ay attention 
to this example. M' a man liad travelled a long way, and some one 
came and told him that hi^ d-ai' wile was grieving so nmeh for him 
that she had no i.lea^ui'e in anv tliinu without liim, but for thinking 

I' ll.i.l. .^^ 

Fs..i-.!., lii 


ia:r;i L.F. ixci.i >ai;i .\r. 

were, fur l>uiilifc »{' liis Inm., Jenc ? 

l'n/,\, iiii. iiefjr lu) dclit i none j^ingc, an] 

vuek- iheo^ved:'^' nolclo hi.u liken betcre y^n J-aul. n,e s.i.lo I'.i.u K-t 
beo gleowede ? gomedc, 7 wcdde mid o5er men, 7 lincde In delirvs? 
Also, ure Louerd, j^et is ];o soule spus, ];er IslUh al ]^t he,, dcN 
>auli he heie sitte, he is ful wel ipaied ]>et h.-o niunieS efter Im,, :' 7 
he wule hien toward hire mucheles ]?e swuSerc mid jeoiie of his 
grace :f o^er ucclichcn hire allimgc to In'm to glorie l.uten endo. 

Ne grople hire non to softollche, hire suluen to bichcrren. Nc 
sclial hco, nor hire line, witcn hire clene, ne holdcn in're ariht ine 
chastctewiSutcn two ];inges, ase Seint Aldret'' urot to his sustcr 
pet on is pinunge<= ine vlcssche, mid festcn, n)id wechehcn, mid 
disciplnies, mid lierd weriunge, herd leouwe/ mid \ uc^l, mi.l muchele 
swinkes. pQt oSer ping is hcorte ]>eauwes, dcnoeiun, reoufulnc.ssc, 
mcrci, pite of hcorte, luue, edmodncssc, 7 o^irc swnche ueituz! 
"Me Sire," l^u onswerest me, "sulleS God his grace? i\ is grace 
wil-5eoue ?•' jNIine leouc snstren, ]>auh clenncssc ne beo nont buine ed « 
God, aub beoS jeoucn of grace, vngraciuse stondeS ]>er to-^eines, 
and makie^ ham unwur^e to holden so heili ];ing ]>et nuIleS swink •■ 
];ereuore bliSeliche polien. Bitweonen deliecs,"? else, 7 flessdies 
este, hwo was euer cliasto ? IIwo bcr^ eucr fur wiJJinncn hire ]>et 
lieo nc bernde? Pot );ct walleS swuSe, nule he bcon ouerladen, 
ober kold water iworpen J)erinne and brondes v/iSdrawene ? pc 
wombe y)ot ]>et walleS euer of metes, and more of drunchos, lic> is so 
neih neilicbur to JK-t fulitowene lim J^et heo dcleJS mid ]n"m ]>e bruno 
Folio lOU. of hire bete. Aub, monie ancreii, more heiiii is, bcoS so vlcsslnvjsc 
7 so ouerswuSe of-dred Icste hoie heaued aeke,'' 7 leste bore licome 
feblic to swu^e, and witeb so bore lieale }>ct )>e gost unstrcncJSe^ 7 
sccnc^ ine sunnc :' and ]'C(, ])et sclnddon oiie lecncn bore soule mid 

1m ll„.wct. T. cl ilic.v 
l.insu.i-.-. (.'. 
bii.i.Mie.l. 'I'. Iniiic. V 
l.n.lilr. 'I-. C. 

'■ Ail!v;..Io. 'I'. Ailivi 

' s«;i. T. 
" Wiii.-lu-. •]•. 



of his love was bccoiiio Icau aiul jjalliJ; would it not pleaso liiiu 
better tlian if it were tuIJ liiiu tliat slic was incrrv and sportive, aivl 
had wedded anotlier man, and was liviiiir in pleasure? Even so 
our J>ord, wlio is tlie soul's husband, and sectli all that she doth, 
tluiuuli he sits on hiuli, is full well pleased that she longeth for Iiiui, 
and will ha-ten to her so nuieli the soom-r, with the gift of his arace, 
or he will go and hring her to hini once for all, to <.i;lory without end. 

Let not any one handle herself too gently, lest she deceive her- 
self' She ^\ ill not he able, for her life, to keep herself pure, nor to 
maintain herself arinht in chastity without two things, as Saint 
Ailred wrote to his sister. The one is, giving pain to the flesh by 
fasting, by watcdiing, by flagellations, by wearing coarse garments, 
bv a hai-d l)ed, with sickness, with much labour. The other thiufr 
is the moral qualities of the heart, as devotion, c()nipa--sion, mercy, 
pity, chai-ity, humility, and other virtues of this kind. " Sir," thou 
aiiswerest me, " doth God sell his grace? Is not grace a free gift ? " 
My dear sisters, although purity is not bought of God, but is given 
freely, ingratitute resisteth it, and renders those unworthy to 
possess so excellent a thing wdio will not cheerfully submit to 
labour for it. Amidst pleasures and ease, and carnal abundance, 
who was ever chaste ? Who ever carried fire within her that did 
not burn? Shall not a pot that boileth rapidly be emptied of some 
of the water, or have cold water cast into it, and the burm'ng fuel 
withdrawn ? The pot of the belly that is always boiling \vith foo'l, 
and especially with drink, is so nigh a neighbour to that ill-dis- 
ciplined UKMnber that it Imparts to it the fire of its heat. Yet many 
anchoresses, more is the harm, are of such fleshly wisdom, and so 
exceedingly afraid lest their head ache, and lest their body should 
b' too much enfeebled, and are so eai-eful of their health, that the 
spij-it is weakened and sickenetli in sin, and they wIk) ought alone to 
heal their soul, with contrition (jf heart and moitilieation of the lle^h, 
h'Tome i)liysicians and li(>alei-s of the. body. Did Saint Agatha so? 




liEiiVl.A-: INCM SAIMM. 

licorto hircdusmto-e 1 flesslics pinunge, uul•^vul■^t■l^ fisicions °? liconi'^s 
Icclie,^ Diido Sclnt Aa'ace so? ]»ct unswrrcde ? scidc to ure 
Louordos sonde j^ot Iroiililc Iiire s:duc uoito lidcii ]iiiH- tlttos,'' " Mi'- 
clicinani canialcm corporl miiu[uaiii i>xliilaii :""'' ]'i't i-, " Flos^liclie 
medlciiio no diidf id) uie iicuere." And iial)l)e t,<-' ilu'rd tellrii ol" |>l' 
l^reo lioli luer., Lute ]>e on was iwuned, nor liis kolde niawe uorto 
nuttcn liote spices, ? was ornure t>f mete 7 of drnnclie JH'n ])e twei 
CcSre, ]>eo, ]>anli lieo Avercn scke, ne nonien lieo ncnier ^enie Invat was 
liol, liwat was unliol tc ctcn ne to drincken, auli nomcn euer uoi-iS- 
riht hwatse God ham sonde, iic niakedeii lioo neuer streiicSe of 
gingiucre ne of gedcwal,'' nc of clou de gilofre. A dei asc heo ]nvo 
wcren iuollen o slope, ^ lei bitwconen ]^oos two, ]jo ]n-iddc ]'ot icli 
spec of ei-, so com };o Cwene of Ileonene "i two mcidonos mid hire, 
pe on her use J^udi liit were a Ictnarie r' ])e o5or ber ennc sticko oi' 
gode gold. Yre Lofdi nome mid tc stickc 7 dude ii^e ones muJie 
porof, and l^e meideiies eoden furore to ])o midleste. "Nai,"cweS 
ure Lofdi, "he is his owune leche :' go5 oner to ]>c ])ridde." Stod 
on holl mon neorrento/ 1 biheold al j^is ilke. Ilwon sec mon haueS 
ct bond ]>ing ]>Qt him wule don god, he mei hit wel notion : auli 
■ofh 102. foi-to boon so angrosful ]>erofter nis nout God icweme r' and ancreful 
nomliche uor swuch religiun nis nout God icweme. God 7 liis 
deciples spoken of sonic lecliokrcft :"" 7 Ypocras 7 Galien of lieomos 
liele. pe one ]>et was best ilerod of Jesu Cristes decii)los seiJ) ))ct 
flesshos wisdom is dea« of ]>e soule : "rrudontia carnis mori." 
"Procid odoranms boHum," ase Job sei^. So we drede^ flenches 
vuol ofte or J^cii hit kmuo. pet soule vuel kulne^ ui>, 7 we ]nMcn 
)7c soule vuel, uorte otsterlen vleschos yno\, ase ]>auli liit were betere 
to ]wlie]i golncsse briuie ]>qu heauod echo, o^Ser gruccliunge of one 
mis-itowene wombe. And hweSer is bolero, iiio secnosse uorto boon 
Godes freo child, )>en i flesehos heale uorte been juvl under >u,ine:'' 

l.-ches. T. 
y;(':!»'\va!. T C. 
orf.-.r. '1. (■ 



n) aiis\\C'nHl ;iii;! said iv ouv J.di-d's iiicsseugxM- \\]\o brought her 
.-alvc to hral luT broasts, '"' Medic-iiiaiu carnaleru corpori iiuiHjiiam 
i.'xli!'Mii?" That I>, '■I'dc-shlynu'iiiciiie I never npplieil to myself/' And 
h.wc ye ne\or licard the story of the three holy men, of whom one wont, fur liis cold stomac-h, to n>e Iiot sjiiees, and was more 
intv'iTsted aliout meat and driidv than the othei* two, who, even if 
[hw were siek, took no lieed of what was wholesome and what was 
unwholesome to eat oi' to drink, but always took direetly whatever 
God sent them, nor ever made nnich ado about ginger, or valerian, 
er cloves? One day, when the three were fallen asleep, and the 
third, of whom I spoke above, lay between these two, the Queen of 
Ilca\en came, and two maidens with her, one of whom bare what 
sjomei] an eli>ctuary, the other bare a spoon of good gold. Our Lady 
took some of it with the spoon, and put it into the mouth of one, and 
the maidens ])assed on to the middlemost. "Xay," said ourLady, "he is 
liis own physician, go over to the third." A holy man stood not for 
otl' and beheld all this.'* When a sick man hath at hand any thing 
that will do him good, he may piously use it; but to be so anxious 
ab'jut it is not pleasing to God, and especially for one of such a 
religious profession to Ite anxious is not })leasing to Ciod. God and 
his disciples speak of the art of healing the soul ; Hippocrates and 
Galen of the health of the body. He who was the most learned of 
the disciples of Jesus Christ, saith that the wisdom of the flesh is the 
death of the soul, " Prudentia carnis mors.'"' "We smell the battle 
afar off," as Job saith.*" Thus we often dread a bodily disease 
before it come. The soul disease attacks us and we bear it, to escape 
iVnm the bodilv disea-e, as if it were better to endure the lire of lu^t 
than headache, or the grumbling of a disordered stomach. And 
which of these two is better, in sickness to be a iree child of (iod, 
than in bodily heahh to be a bond-servant under sin? And I do 

s, of liiaiit 

IV t)(liev(: thi'^ St- 

il.of liatli ;i! 

it. St. Ik-oinnl 

li'-^fiL'I./i; IN( LLSAUl'.M. 

AikI ]>;.s ul. sigge Ich nout so ]>^t Nvlsdom t n.e=ai-o iic hvnn oucv al 

■ lok.u, ]'e n.odcT IS a[ncl] nurrice of alio gocK- j^eauwos. Auh uo 

clt^r-.i ' ofte wisdom M nis non. Uor «o^ wisdom is don eiure 

souk- Ik.Ic buioiv, fl^sches l.ele :^ and Invon n.e nc nun nont boSo 

holdcn sonicd, chens.n er lionncs ]n.rt j>cn, ]>,u-uh to .fronge uon- 

duiig.s suule ]>rouunge. Nlcoduuus brouhte uortc snn.ricn nu'd 

lire Lou.rd an lunulred weicn orndrro 7 of aloes, bit soib, )>ct b.oS 

bitt.v spicc's and bitocncS bittro swinke^ ? flcsclics pinungo." Ihm- 

dred js ful t,d, ? uotv^ perfoctiun, ],ct is, ful dedo r' 1101-^0 scli<'awc.i 

]>ct jnc scbal fuldon flescbes pine asc uoiS ase oiicrc efnc nici ],olifn. 

Bi ]K' wee IS bitocned mosurc 7 wisdom -];et euo.icd, iuon wrio 

bwat be mtiwe don : and no beo mmt so ouer swu^l- a.vsf^ bet tq 

r^Jio 102 Luor^un^n j^'t bodi :' no eft, so tendrc of ]»c b,.di.^ j;et^bit iwurSo 

mitowen, ? makio ]?ene gost ]>oowe. Xu is al ])is niest isud of 

bitternessc AviSutcn. Sigge we nu sundiwat of bittenicsse wicN- 

Mjncn ;' vor, of j^eos two bitternesses awakencS swctnessc, her jet i 

l^isse world, and nout one ine lieouene. 

Ase icli seide ribt nu ]>et Nicodennis broubtc smuriles uorte 
smurien midc ure Louerd, al ribt so ]>e ])reo Maries broubten dcore- 
wurSe aromaz uortc smurien midc bis bodi. :\in)eS nu godo Tcme, 
mine leoue sustrcn. j7eos ]>reo IMaries bitocned }uvo bitternesses .^ 
vor];esnome ]\Iario speleS bitternessc, asc doS IMararabt ? iMerarilit, 
J?et icb er of ]»erui)p(;. ]?e uormeste bitternessc is bireousungc 
? dedbote uor sunne, bwon ]>e sunfule is iturnd erest to ure Loueitl. 
pet is to uiKlei-stonden bi J^e ereste Marie, Marie I\ragdalene :' and 
bi gode riliti', uor beo, inc inucbelo bireousungc? ine muelu-le bittcr- 
nesse of beoj-te, bilefde bii-e sumien ? tunide to ure J><>niid. Anii 
for^i ]>L't sum mulile ]nu-uli (o muebel bitfernesse uallm int.i nnli-.i.;' 
Magdidrne, ]K>t spclr^ tures licines.-e, i.> to Marie idiu'd : '■ lunnb 

'• I'llisiilXf^. 'I'. |,ia.-i 
■' ifciot. T. ivriot. (.' 

I [!i; riii:i;i: makys Tiii;i:r. kix])>^ of i;irji:iixi:ss. 


not ?uv tlii> a^ it' ui^iloiii -Aud discretion were not always joined. 
Wi-doni is t!i«' motlier and the nnrse of all virtnes : but we often 
call that wlsdniu ^\]li^•ll is not wisdom. F«a- it is true wisdom tu 
inxl'cv the }i,;dth nf the sord to that of thel.ody; and when we 
cannot have tlieni both together, to elmose bodily hnrt ratlier than, 
bv too ]lo^\el•^nI teniptations, the destrnction of the sunl. We are 
tuld that Xicodennis brouuht for the anointing of our Lord an 
liuiidred pounds of in^rrli and of aloes/ wdiich are bitter s))ices, and 
betoken toilsome labour, and mortification of the flesh. A hundred 
is a complete number and denotes perfection, that is, a complete 
work, to signify that we ought to perfect the mortification of the 
flesh as far as may reasonably be endured. I5y the weight is 
signified discretion and wisdon^i — that every man should weigh with 
\\isdom wduit he is able to do, and not bo so exceedingly spiritual as 
to neglect the body, mn-, on the other hand, so indulgent to the body 
that it nn'giit become disorderly, and make the spirit its servant. 
Xo^v most of what has just been said is concerning external bitter- 
ness. Let lis now say something of bitterness internal ; for, of these 
two bitternesses ariseth sweetness, even in this world, and not in 
heaven onh". 

As I said just now that Nicodemus brought ointments wherewith 
to anoint our Lord, even so, the three JNLarys brought precious 
s])ices wherewith to anoint his body. Take good heed now, my 
dear sisters : these three Marys denote three bitternesses ; for this 
name, INfary, meaneth bitterness, as do Mararaht and Merariht, of 
Mhieh I have already spoken.^ The first bitterness is remorse and 
making amends for sin, when the sinner is first converted to our Loid. 
Tliis is to be understood by the first Mary, INIary :\Lagdalene; and 
w ilh good reason, for she, in great remorse and in great bitterness of 
heart, left ..if lier sins and turned to otu- Lord. lint because some 
tlirougb t.M. much bitterness nnght fall into despair, :\Iagdalene, which 
sigiiifh'th tlu' h.'iglit of a tower, is likened [/.joined] to ?dary, by which 



Folio 1'j3 

InvaL IS bitocncd liopc of lieili lucrci 7 of liciu ne Missc-. j^e obei- 
bittcrnosse is bitternosse in %vrastlun-e, 7 in \s ranvlunoe :,-,P;,n 
uoiKlunges :' and ],eos bitterncssc is bitociH".] l,i ]Z o^vv Marl.- 
^lanc Jacobi :' uor Jacob speleS wrasfhuv. peos urasthnvc i. iu! 
bitter to nion.e >et beoS ful uorlS i^ie weie touward hcouene :' for br> 
set fonduugos, y,i beo?> ].c deofles swcngcs, wagget) ot)er huules, 7 
motcn wrcsten ajean nil<l stronge Vor, asc Scint 
, Austin seiS, "I^l.arao contcmptus sui-git in scandahnn." ]\.(, Invule 
}^ei euer Israck's folc was in Egiptc under Pharaones bund, no ledde 
he neuer uerdc ],eron. Anb ],o bit fleib uroni liini, ].o, nn'd al liis 
strencSe wende lie |>erefter. Uorbi is cuer bitter uibt ncod a^ean 
Pbaraon,};et is, ajean ];c deouel. Vor, ase s.i^i Kz.rl.iel, - San- 
guuiem fugles, et sanguis perscriuitur te." ^ Vlih ..unne 7 su.uiv wide 
euer uoluwen cfter |;e. Inouli is iseid ),erupe Ini j>e gode nis neu.r 
sdver of alle uondunges. So sone so bo baue^ ouerkmneii bet on 
ikepe aiionribt an o^Ser. J^c Jmdde bitternesse is inc longu.K-e ton- 
ward beouene, ? in }>c anui^ of };issc worldc, Invon oni is so iIImc ]>.:i 
he liaueS hcorte reste onont uirbeawes weorre, ? is ase ine beouene 
jetes, 7 ];unclieJS bitter alio woildbclie I>inges. And ]>qos bitternesso 
is undcrstonden bi lAIarie Salome, J^e ]n-idde .Marie. \^or Salome spells 
peis;' and >co jet ];et babbeS pels 7 reste of cleane iiuNit, lieu 
habbeti in bore lieortc bitteniesse of ];isso line, ])et ctball baui m\nn 
blissejK't bam longeS to uroin God ]>et beu luuit^i. J?us, lu! in 
euericbo stat rixleS bitternesse: crest, iJJe biginnungo, Invon mo 
selbtneS mid (b.d: I uorSjong of gode Hue:' and i^c last cndc 
Hwo is, j.eonne, o Codes lialf, ],et wilneb' i jn'sse worldo eiso 
o'ber este ? 

Aub iiimeS nu her jeme, mine Icouc sustren, Invu, efter bitfc'r- 
ness kume^ swutnesso. Jiitterness bnS '' bit :' uor, ase ];e gospol seiS, 

- wi'^lin-c. T. \vra-i;iingc. C. 

'• emu sniKiiincm oiloris, saiijjuis ]pfi-rtju<.'ti!i- te. Anl^'. 

' I-, ani.u. (,'. •! l,ij;..i,.. T. 

Al! i:il 15ITTi:RXi:i<> CO^IETII SWEIITXESi^. 


is signified lio[)C of urrat mercy, and of the joy of licavon. The 
second bitterness is in wrestling and strugghng against tenij)tations, 
and tliis Littcnu-ss is denoted b\- tin; other JNIary, INlary the mother 
of Jacob ; =* for Jacob mennutli wrestler. Tliis wrestling is very 
biltcr to many who asv well advanced in the way to heaven, because 
the}' still sometimes waver in tcmiitations, which are the devil's 
casts, against which they imist wrestle '\^■ith vigorons etlbrts. For, 
as St. Austiii saith, Pliaraijli when despised was ronscd to punish 
the affront. As h)ng as the people of Israel were in Kgyp't in 
subjection to Pharaoh, lie never led an army against them. But 
mIicu they fled from him, then he pursued tliem with all his foi'ces. 
AMierefore it is necessary always to fight bitterly against Pharaoh, 
that is, against the devil. For, as Ezekiel saith,^ " Thou shalt flee 
from blood, and blood shall pursue thee.^' Flee from sin, and sin 
will always follow after thee. It has been sufficiently shewn above 
how the good man is never safe from all temptations. As soon as 
he hath overcome one, he immediately meets with another. TJic 
third bitterness consists in longing for heaven, and weariness of this 
world, when one is of such exalted piety that his heart is at rest 
with regard to the war against vice, and he is, as it were, in the 
gates of heaven, and all worldly things seem bitter to him. xVnd 
this bitterness is to be understood ])y JSIary Salome, the third Mary. 
For Salome signifieth peace, and they who have peace and the 
repose of a pure conscience, have in their heart bitterness of this 
life, which detains them from blessedness which they long for, and 
from God ^vhom tliey love. Thus we see that in every state 
bitterness prevails : first, in the beginning, when we are reconciled 
to 0(xl — in the progress of a good life— and in the last end. Who, 
then, is on (lod's side who deslreth in this world I'ase or abundance? 
Kut now, obsei-ve here, my dear sisters, how after bitterness 
conicth sweetness. Bitterness buyeth it, for, as the Gospel saith, 
those three JMai-ys bought sweet-smelling spices, to anoint our Loi^l 






rf:oul>: ixcusAitU-M. 




])C05 ] roo Maries bouhtcn swote sinclliixle aroinaz uorto sinuricii 
/''o;<r> 103/.. mlile me T.oiierd J)in-ii]i aroniaz, J;et IkoS sw<;to, is imdcrstun.leii 
swotnesse of deuot lieoite. peos ]m-co Maries buun-eJS hit, Ju-t U, 
))uruh bitternessc mo kumet^ to swotnesse. Di j'issc iioiue, M;irie, 
iiimeS euor bitternessc. puriih Marie bone ? bisocne was watei', 
ette noces, iwcnt to wine : ]>et is to understondcn, j'uridi bone ol" 
bitternessc ]'et me her drieb for C!od, ]>e beorte, ])et was walei-i, 
smcccLles/' and ne nelede no sauur of God, naninorc ];en of water, 
J'eo scbal boon Iwend to wine :' }>et is, ]>eo hcorte selial iuindeji 
sniccli ine him swete ouer alle wines. UorSni sei'S J;c wise, "Usque 
in tempus sustinebit paeiens, et })ostea redltio jocmiditatis :'" ];et is, 
J'e ])olemodc ])olie bitter one liwule :' nor lie schal sone ];ercfter 
liabben jeld of blisse. And Aime in Tobio seiJS bi ure Louerd, 
" Quia post tempestatem tranquilhim facit, ct post lacrimacionem et 
fletnm, exultacionem infundit:" ]>et is, iblesced boo ]ni, Louerd, bet 
makest stille cfter storme :' 7 cfter wopie watcres ^eldest bJiS 
murul^^es. Salomon: "Esuriens etiam amarum pro dulci sunict:" 
jif ]>u ert of liungred efter ];e swete, ]m most erest sikerliche biten 
o^e bittre. In Canticis : " Ibo milii ad montem niirrc et ad colics," 
?c. Ich cliullc gon, lieo sciS.. Godcs deore spusc, to rcchelcs huUe, 
bi ]?e dune of mirre. Lo! liwuch is ]>c wei to rechelcs swotnesse? 
By mirre of bitternessc. And eft, itSet ilke luuc boc: " Que est ista 
que ascendit per descrtum sicut uirgula fumi ex aromatibus, mirre et 
thurls?" Ai'omaz is imaked of mirre, ?of reches [/. rechles]. And 
mine he set biuoren, 7 rechelcs kumeS cfter: " 11\ aromatibus, mirre 
ct thuris."' Nu, meneS hire sum, 1 seiS ])et heo ne mei habben swot- 
nesse :' ne ne of God, ne swotnesse wiSinncn. i\"e w nndrie heo hire 
nowiht, jif heo nis nout Marie:' vor heo hit mot buggcn mid bittei- 
nesse witiuten :' auh nout mid euerielie bitteniesse : nor sum g..^ 
fronnnard God, ase euerich worldlich sor )'et m's lor ]>v sduK; lieale. 
VorM, i^e gospelle, of J>e ]>i\-n Maries is iwrifm ]>i^>rs wcis :' " \'t 
uenientes ungerent .le>uni — non autciii reerdeiitrs." ji.-.js preo 
Claries, hit seiJS, ]>et is, )>c<)S bitteriK-sscs weren kuininde norti 
» smflle>. 'J . 

Folio 104. 



witli. P>\' spices, whkh are sweet, is to be ixnclcrstooil the sweet- 
11955 of a' devout licart. Tliose three Marys buy it, that is, through 
bittcnioss we arrive at sweetness. l>y this name, ^Nlary, always under- 
stand bitterness. Throngli ^Nfary's request an.d entreaty at the 
ninrriaue, water was changed to wine, which is tlins to be under- 
stood, that, through the prayer of bitterness that we suffer here for 
God, tlie heart, which was watery, tasteless, and felt no savour of 
God, no more than of water, shall then be changed to wine, that is, 
that heart sliall find a taste in him sweet above all wines. Wherefore, 
saith the wise man, " Usque in tempus sustinebit patiens, et postea 
redltiojucunditatis; "•■' that is, "The patient man bears that which 
is bitter for a while, because he shall soon afterwards have a return 
of joy." And Anna, in Tobias, saith of our Lord, "Quia post 
tempestatem tranquillum facit, et post lacrymationem et fletum 
exultationem infundit; '^^ that is, "Blessed be thou, O Lord, who 
makest a calm after a storm, and after weeping and tears bestowest'' 
mirth and joy." Solomon saith, " Esuriens etiam amarum pro 
dulci sumet." ^'^ " If thou hungerest after the sweet, thou must first, 
surely, eat of the bitter." Li the Canticles, " Ibo mihi ad montem 

will n-o, sai 

th God's dear spouse, 

myrrhaj et ad collem thui-is."^ 
" to the hill of frankincense by the mountain of myrrh." Observe : 
Which is the way to the sweetness of frankincense? By the myrrh 
of bitterness. And again in the same love-book : « Who is she that 
goeth up bv the desert, as a pillar of smoke of aromatical spices, of 
myrrh andVrankincense ? " ' Aromatic spices are composed of myndi, 
and of frankincense. And myrrh he placeth before, and frank- 
incense conicth after: "Of aromatical spices, myrrh and frank- 
incense." Now, some one complaineth that she cannot have swcet- 
ness-iieither of God nor sweetness within. Let her not wonder, if 
she is not ^lary ; for she must buy it with bitterness without; but 
not with every bitterness, for some causeth to go a^vay from God, 

' r>clus. i. 23. 
■ hclrJcbt ? poure=it in. 
" Song of Solomon, iv 
CAMD. i^OC. 

•> Tobit. 

" I'rov. .xxvii. 

' Song of Solo 

3 c 

22. Vulgato. 


n.ovi-.K iNCLLSAiaxr. 

s.nunen m-e LoucrJ. jx.. l.eo« kumiude uurtc- s.nnn.n urc- Lou..,-.! 
>et mo ].,le5 for luue. Tic streccheS Imn touw.-H-d us ase bin.- 
]>et ij i.inurcd. and niak,.^ hUn nosshe "? softo uorto l.ondlcn. And 
r.cs he hnu sulf rccln. [he n.eidenes Avond.o? pcM.. two l>in-.>s 
lunpeS to ancre:' nerul.^:- ? bitternessc. A^.r wond.c is n.adi 
wununge ];er urc Loucrd was rccdus. And tis word, Marie a<o is 
ofte iseid, speloS bittcrnesse. Eif 5c, ],conne, ine nerc^vc stude 
Hiet, ])itterncsse, 3c beoS his feolawcs-rcclus, aso he was ine 
Mane wouibe. peonne, 30, ine ncrcwc stude, ]>(,licb bitteruossc ase 
ho dude HI Marie wombe, Invon 50 ],eoS ibunder. wibinnen uour 
large wowes, and he in a neruh kader^-ineiled o rode-and ine 
stonene \n-n\i bidnsed heteucste. INfai-ie wonie ? ]m.os ]>ruli v, xrou 
his anc-rcs buses :' aiid in uou^er ncs ],e worldlidi nion : auli was 
ase ut of |;e worlde, uorte scheaweu ancren }>ct heo ue scliulen mid 
]>e worlde no ping habben imene. " Le," ^n onswcrest ine 7 '^eist 
"auli ure Louerd wende ut of boSc." Lc wend tu also ut of bo 
l^ine ancre luiscs, ase lie dude, wiSute bruchc, 1 bilef ham boSe 
ihole. pet schal beon luvon ]>e gost iwent ut on ende, wiSute brudie 
Folio 104 J. 'i wiSute wem, of his two buses, pet on is J^e licanie ;' j^ct o\Scr is 
)?et uttre hus, Jjet is ase ])e uttre wal abute ]>c kastle. 

A\ J;et ich habbe iscid of flcsshes pinungc nis nout uor ou, mine 
Icoue susti-cu, ])ct oSerhwules ]7olieS more j^eu ieh wolde r' auli is 
forsum>et sdiul reden J>is inouh i-ea'^e, ];et gropitS hire to soft e 
noSdcas. T.unge impen me bigiirt mid ];ornes, leste lyc.tcs urcten 
ham ]'eo hwule ];et lieo l)eo^j meruwc. Tc lieoji ;^nnne iinjx-n i^rt 
in Cod.-s orchnrde. ]i(>rncs b(>(.^ |h> ]K■;n•(1>t•llijH^^ ju'-t irh hiiLbc 
ispekcn ..f:' and ou is neo.l )H-t i;e bf,.,, bisri mid h-.un aluitcii. jv-t 
" <-ia.l,l. T. 

Ki:( l.l SE,^ MIE LIKi: vol :X(i TKKKS FKNCKD -WiTII TIIOIINS. .".79 

as every \vorldly pain which is nut for tlie licakh of tiic soul 
^Vhc'lV^olv, in the Gospel it is written of t!ie three Marys in this 
iiiaiinor, " 'J'liat coming, thvy might anoint Jesus, but not going.'' 
These three INfarys, it Is saiil, tliat is, tlie.-^e bitternesses, were coming 
to anoint our Lord. Those suflei-ings are coming to anoint our Lord 
wliich we endure Ibr Jiis sake. He stretcheth liimself toward us as a 
thing that is anointed, and maketh iiimseli tender and soft to liandle. 
Arid was he not himself shut up in the maiden's wondj ? These two 
things belong to an anchoress, narrowness and bitterness. For a 
woud) is a narrow dwelling, where our Lord was shut up. And 
this word ^fary, as has often been said, signifietli bitterness. If ye, 
then, in a narrow place endure bitterness, ye are like him — shut up, 
as he was in Mary's womb. Then, do ye, in a narrow })lace, endure 
bitterness, as he did in Mary's womb, wdien ye are contincd within 
funr large walls^ and he in a narrow cradle — nailed to the cross — 
and in a tomb of stone closely cijiifined. Mary's womb and tin's 
tomb were his anchorite houses, and in neither was he a man of tliis 
world, but, as it were, out of the world, to shew anchoresses that 
they ought to have nothing in common with the world. "Nay," 
thou answerest me and sayest, " but our Lord went out of both." 
Nay, go thou also out of both thine anchoress houses, as he did, 
without breaking out, and leave them both whole. That shall be 
when the spirit goeth out at last, without breach and without 
blemish, from his two houses. The one is the body, the other is the 
external house, which is as the outward wall about the castle. 

All that I have said concerning the mortification of the flesh Is n-.t 
for you, my dear sisters, who, upon some occasions, sufiler more than 
I could wish, but it is for some one wdio will give this advice readily 
enough, who nevertheless handleth herself too softly. ^Men fence 
round with thorns young trees, lest beasts should gnaw tliem wliih^ 
thev are tender. Ye are young trees planted in fJod's orclmrd. 
Thorns are the haidships which I have spoken of, and it is necessary 



to best oF belle, h\Yon he snakereS touard ou uorto bitcii on on, 
hurte liim oSc lierclscliipe/ 1 sclmnclie ajelnwardos. Mid al );is 
herdscliipc, beo^ gledc jlf lute word is of on, ? -^iC -^q beoS 
unwurSe:' nor Jjorn is schcrp 7 uinvurti. Mid ]'e,,s two beuS 
igurdc. le iiowen iiout uiincn J>ct cni vucl word komc of ou :' nor 
schandle is heaued sunne ;' auli ^e owcn uortc uinien ]>et no word 
ne kome of ou, nanmore J^en of dcade. And beo?> ])j|^e on licorte 
jif je ]7olie5 daungcr of Sluri, ];c kokes knaue, );et wasshe^ |;e 
disshcs iSe kuclioiie. peonnc boo 5c dunes iheied up to }>e licouene :' 
vorlo! liwu spekeS ))e lefdi iSet swetc luuc boc : "Yenit dilcctus 
mcus saliciis in niontibus, transiliens colics." "Mi leof kunieS," he 
sei^, "leapinde oSe dunes ouerleapinde hulies." Dunes bltocneS )>co 
]?et ledeS licxst lif :' hulles beoS ];e lowure. Nu, seilS heo pet hire 
leof leapeS oiSe hulles :'^ ]?et is, to-tret liam, "^ to-fuleS haui, 7 ];ole«S 
Jjet me to-tret ham, 7 tukeS ham alto wundre :' scheaweS in ham 
Folio 105. liis ownne treden J^et me trodde lu"m in liani, 7 iuinde Invu he was 
to-treden, ase his treoden scheaweS. ))Is beo«S ]'e heie dunes, asc ]>o 
mmit of ]\Iunoiue, 7 Jjc dunes of Arnienie. pco hulles ]>et beo5 
lowure, ]}eo, asc]7e lefdi seiS, hire sulf'" ouerlcapeS, ne strusteS'' heo 
so wel on ham, nor hore feblcsce ^ uor ne muhtc heo nout iJSolien 
swuche to-tredunge, and ]7ereuorc heo ouerleapeS Jiam, 7 forbcreS 
ham, 7 forbuwc'S ° ham uort ]>et heo beon iwaxen lierre, urom hulles 
to dunes. His schedewe hure 7 hure*" ouergeS and wri<S ham J;e 
hwule ])Qi he leaped ouer ham :f )7et is, sum ilicnesse he leiS on ham 
of his line on eorbe, ase ]>auh hit were his schedewe. Auh |?e 
dunes underuo^ pe treden = of him suluen, and scheaweS in hore 
line hwneh his liflode was — hwu 7 hwar he code — i hwuchc uilte — 
i hwuche wo he ledde his lif on eortJc. Swuch dune was ))e gode 
Powel, ]?ct scide r' "Dejicinnir, sed non pcrlnuis, mortifieatlonem 
Jesu in corpore nostro circmnferentcs, nt et uita Jesu in corporlbus 

tnistt-. T. tni-.t. c; 
trorl..,. T. 

•• flunes. T. C. 
' f.-rlnihos. T. 

Qu. Iiiiii-Mlf: 
lii.ihuro. C. 




for you that ye Le fenced euohikI with them, that the beast of hell, 
\vlien he comes sneaking t()\\ai-d5 you to bite you, may hurt himself 
vtpcu tlie liardiiess, and slink away from you. With all tins hard- 
ness, be glad if yc are little spoken of, and if ye are disestcemcd, for 
a thorn is sharp and disesteemed. With these two things be ye 
encompassed. Ye ought not to let any evil word proceed from you, 
for scandal is a mortal sin ; and ye ought to let no evil word jn'ocecd 
from you any more than from the dead. And bo glad in your 
heart if yc suffer insolence from Slurry, the cook's boy, who 
washeth dishes in the kitchen. Then are ye mountains exalted to 
heaven ; for consider how the lady speaketh in that sweet love-book, 
" Venit dilectus nieus sallens in montibus, transiliens colics." ' 
" My love Cometh," she saith, "leaping on the mountains, leaping 
over the hills." iNIountains betoken those that lead the highest life, 
hills are the lower. Now, she saith that her love leapeth on the 
hills [mountains], that is, treadeth upon them, and defilcth them, 
and suftereth them to be trodden upon, and chastises them sharply : 
sheweth in them the footmarks ujwn his own person, in wlii(di men 
trode upon him, and they find how he was trodden upon, as the 
footmarks upon him shew\ These are the high mountains, like the 
mountain of Montjoye and the mountains of Armenia. The hills, 
which are lower, which as the lady saith herself [himself] ovcr- 
leapeth, and doth not trust in them so much, on account of their 
weakness ; because they could not bear to be so trodden upon, and 
therefore she [he] overleapcth them, and hath patience Avith them, 
and avuideth them until they be waxen higher, from hills to 
mountains. Ills shadow, however, passeth over and covereth them 
while he leapeth over them, that is, he layeth ujjon them some 
resemblance of his life on earth, as if it were his shadow. JUit the 
mountains receive the footmarks of himself, and exhibit in their life 
what innnner of life he led— how and whore he went— in how abject 

,i„S skipping; .nr. 

of niv liolnvrd : 
l(. C. 



i;i:oii..i: inclusai;i;.m. 

nostns manifestc-tur." Alle wo, cweS Seinte I>owol, ? nllc .cl.comc 
vv-e ];<,IieS. Auh );ot is urc isduliJ)c ];ct nvo beorcn in urc Iodic 
Jesu Cristes deadlicnesse, )7et hit sutcllc in us liwuch was Lis lil.m 
eorSe. Got hit wot! J>eo |,et ]nis do5 hco preouejj h..rc huK' t-ni- 
warj lire Louerde. " Liuu'..t tu me? Cu<S hit, nor luue wule 
sdieawen hive mid uttre v.c-rk.s." Cn-c^orius : '-iVobatio dil.c- 
tionis exhibitio est operis." Xe boo neucr ],ing so lici-d })et hu.e ne 
make^ nesshe, ? softe, ? swete. "Amor omnia reddit faciha." 
H^yat ]?olieb men ? wumu.en uoi- uals luuc ! and more Molden 
Hien ! And Invat is more wunder >et siker luuc, 1 trewc ? suete 
Folio 105 b. oucr alle oSre luuen, ne Uiei amelstrcn us so uorS ase deb }>e luue 
sunne! Nout forSi, ieh v.ot swulne J;et bere« bob'e to<-cdcre hcui 
brmue and here, ibunden mid iren ];e nuMdel pauh, and ermcs mid 
brode picke bendes, so J>et tet swote },erof is strong passiun, uorto 
]7ohcn : - uesteS, wakcS, swinkeS ^' and, Crist hit wot, lie meneS 
hmi, ? seiS yd hit ne greueS him nout r and bid mo ofte tcchcn 
hnn sum J;ing mid Invat he muhte his Ilcome deruen. Don le set r' 
set he wcopS on me, monne*' sorest, J seiS ]>et God haue-g al 
uoi-^iten him, uorSi )7et he ne sent him none muchele sconesse. Al 
)?eteuer is bitter, uor ure Louerdes luue, al him ];unche5 swete 
God hit wot, ]7et makes luue :/ uor, ase he scib me ofte, uor none 
>ing )7et God muhte don vuele bi him, J;auli he mid >e forlorene 
wurpe him helle, ne nmlito he, him ]nnicheb, luuien him ],c 
lesse. And ^if cni mon ei ' swueh );ing ortroweb bi him, he is more 
mat ^ |>en ]?c]>c of inumen mid J^eofSe. Ieh wot ec swucho wummon 
))et };ole5 lute lesse. Auh, nis |?er bute ])onken God of his strcneSe 
]?et he jIueS ham. And iknowe we urc o\\ une Avocncsse edmodliche :f 
and luuie we here god, 7 so hit is ure. Vov, ase Seint Grcgoric 
seiS, "Luue is of so nnichele strencSc J^et heo niakeS o^res god, 
wiSuten swinke ure owune god." Nu, me ])uuelie5 ].rt we iTcob 
ikumeii info ]>c scoue^ic dole, ]>et is al of liiu.. |,ol uKikvh schir 

est Sl„l. 

.lit. T. cut. (• 

" .m;..1. C. 

Lovr. :\rAKr.TH Ar.i, thixgs easy, kxampm: 


a con.lition — and in what pain lie led his life on earth. Snch a 
mountain was tlic <sr,cA Paul, who said, " We are cast down, hut we 
jiorisli not ; always hearing ahout in our hody the mortification of 
Jesus, tliat the life also of Jesus may he made manifest in our 
hodies."^ "We sulTer,"' saitli St. Paul, "all ])ain and all shame." 
But it is our happiness that Me hear in our hody the likeness of 
Jesus Christ's death, that it may he shewn in us of what nature was 
his life on earth. God knoweth I they that act thus prove their love 
towards our Lord. " Lo^'est thou me ? Shew it ; for love will shew 
itself hy outward acts." St. Gregory saith, " The proof of love is the 
manifestation of its effect." Nothing is ever so hard that love doth 
not make tender, and soft, and sweet. " Love maketh all thinors 
easy." What do men and women endure for folse love ! and would 
endure more ! And what is more to he wondered at is, that the 
love which is faitliful and true, and sweeter than any other love ma}' 
not overmastei" us so much as doth sinful love ! Yet, I know a man 
who weareth at the same time both a heavy cuirass and haircloth, 
bound with iron ahout the middle too, and his arms with broad and 
thick hands, so that to bear the sweat of it is severe suffering ; he 
fastetli, he watcheth, he laboureth, and, Christ knoweth, he com- 
plaineth and saith that it doth not oppress him, and often asks n-:e 
to teach him something wlierewith he might give his hody pain. 
God knoweth, yet he, the most sorrowful of men, weepeth to me and 
saith that God hath quite forgotten him, because he sendeth him no 
o-reat sickness. Whatever is bitter seems sweet to him for our 
Lord's sake. God knoweth, love doth this, because, as he ofren 
saith to me, he could never love God the less for any evil thing that 
Tie might do to him, even were he to cast him into hell with those 
who polish. And if any man confidently believe any such thing of 
him, he is more confounded than a thief taken with his theft. I 
know also a woman of like mind who suffercth little less. And what 
remains but to thank God f'ov the strength tl;nt lie givrlh tlicm ? 

.f \ ul^'a 



Her beginner ]ie seoue^e dole. 

Of Luue. 

Seint Powel 


.'itneS );et allc uttre herdscliipcs, 7 allc vlcsilics 
Folio 106. pinunge, ? alle licomes swinkes, al is ase nout a^ean luuc, bet 
schire^ 7 brihteS ],e heorte. "Exercitatio corporis aJ modicum 
ualet :' pictas autem ualet ad omnia:" ];et is, "Licomlicbc bisiscl 
is to Intel wurS r' auli swotc ? schir heorte is god to alle h 
"Si tradidero corpus meum ita ut ardcam : si lingwis homiuum 
loquar et angelorum :' et si distribuero omnes facultates meas in 
cibos pauperum, caritatem autem non lia1)eam, iiichil mild prodcst." 
" pauh icli ku^e," he seiS, "alle monne ledcne 7 cnglene:' and };auh ich 
dude o mine bodie allc ]>e pinen, 7 alle ]>q passiuns |;et bodi muhte 
polien r' and J;auh ich jefde poure men al pet ich hefde :' but jif 
ich hefde luue );er mide to God ? to alle men, in him 1 for him, al 
were aspilled f vor, ase }>e holi abbod Moiscs scide, " Al pet wo 7 al 
)>et herschipe J>et we )?olIe^ of flcsche, 7 al )?e god J;ct we eucr doS, 
alle swuche |;inges ne beo^ butcn ase lomen uorte tilicn mide ]>q 
heorte. Eif eax ne kurue, no ];e spade" nc dulue, ne ];e sulidi»' ne 
erede, hwo kepte ham uorte holdcn?"' Al so ase no mon ne luue J) 
lomen uor ham sulucn, auh deS for pc J;ingcs ]>et me wurchoJi mid 
ham, riht al so, no vlesshes derf nis forte luuicn butc uorbi bet God 
]>o ra^er lokc }ndeward mid his grace, and makie ];e heorte schir 7 
of brihte sihSe r' ]>et non ne meihabbc]i mid inonglun'-e of nn- 
'Soauwes, ne mid eorSlich luuc of worldliche |>inges :' uor bis mouf 

» siiitcl staf. T. spiitcl stof. C. 



And let us huiiiLly ncknowlctlge our own weakness, and love their 
merit, and tJuis it becomes our own. "For," as St. Gregory saitli, 
••I(.ve is of so great power that it niaketh the merit of otliers our 
o\Mi without labour." I think we are now come to the seventh part, 
whicli is all of love, which makcth a ]mYo heart. Here beoinneth 

TAUT VII.— Or LovK. 

St. Paul witucsseth that all outward hardships, and all pains of 
tlie flesh, and all bodily labours, are as nothing when compared with 
love, which pui-ifioth and brightcneth the heart, "Exercitatio 
corporis ad modicum valet; pietas autem valet ad omnia ; " " that is, 
" Uodily diligence is of little profit; but a sweet and clean lieart is 
profitable to all things." " Si tradidero corpus meum ita ut ardeam ; 
si Unguis hominnm loquar et angelorum ; et si distribuoro omncs 
facultates rncas in cibos pauperum, caritatem autem non habeam, 
niliil mihi prodest." ** " Tliough I know,^' saith he, " all the tongues of 
men and angels; ami though I inflicted upon my body all the pains, 
and all the sufferings that a body could endure; and though I gave 
poor men all that I had; unless I had therewith love to God and to 
all men, in him and for him, it were all lost." For, as the holy abbot 
jMoyses saith, " All the pain and all the hardships that we sufler in 
the flesh, and all the good we do — all such things are but as tools 
with which to cultivate the heart. If the axe did not cut, nor the 
spade delve, nor the ploughshare plough, who would care to have 
them ? " In like manner, as no man lovetli tools for themselves, but 
for the things which arc done with them, so, no pain of the flesh Is 
to be loved, unless on this account, that (Jod may the sooner 
ixgard this with his grace, and make the heart pure and of clear 
siglit; which none can have with an intermixture of vices, nor with 
carlhly affection towards the- things of the world; for this mixing so 

Cyv.MD. soc 

:i I) 




^volv^;-so|)c oion of |;c Iieorto }hL lico nc luu iknov.cii Cu.l, lu- 

y^h'Mvn of his siliSc. " Sclnr lit-ortc," ns.; Sci.Mt lI.Tiianl sei^, 

"iunke-5 two |;iiiges :' j^ct tn, al |)et ]>u dcst, do liit (,^oi- unv Inuc 

/.'.,/.. 100^. ouv ..f God, o^or nor o^ros -od, 7 for liis biheuc." Ilaiu', in al ^et 

tu dest, on of ]>eus two eiitentr., oSer bo togcderes :' uor ])o latere 

ua!le-5 into ]>e uonne. Ilauc cucr schir heorte ])U3, 1 do nl Ja't tn 

Avilt. Ilaue wori ^ heorte 7 al j>e sit vuelc. " Omnia numda niun- 

dis, coinquinatis uero nichil est niundnni." Apostolus. St Aiigus- 

tliius .-^ « Ilabc caritatem et fac quicquid uis :' nolnntate, uidclTcet, 

rationis." VorSi, mine leoue snstren, oner alle ]>ing bco« bisie uortc 

habben schir heorte. Ilwat is schir heorte? Jch hit habbc iseid 

er: J;et k, ]>et je no ]>ing ne wiJnen, ne ne Inuien bate God one, and 

]7eo iike j'inges, uor God, |?et hcl])e5 ou touward him. Uor God, 

ich singe, luiiicn ham, 7 nout for ham suluen— ase mete, ? cIoS, and 

mon o^er wnmmon ];ct je beo-5 of igodcd. Uor, ase Seint Austin 

seiS, 7 spekeS ];us to ure Loncrd, "Minus te aniat qui ])reter tc 

aliquid aniat quud non propter te amat :" };et is, '= Loucrd, lesse heo 

luuieS ye |>ct luuicS out bute |;c, bute jif heo luuien hit for J/e." 

Schirnc'sse of heorte is Godcs luue one. 1 J;issen is al be streneSo 

of alle religiuns, and J;e ende of alle ordrcs. *' Plcnitudo lenis est 

dilectio." "Luue fulleS ]?e lawe," he sciS, Selnte I'uwel. "Quk-quid 

precipitur in sola caritate solidatur." "Alle Godes he.-,ten," ase 

Seint Gregorie scib, "bco5 ine luue iroted." Luue one schal beon 

ileid ine Seinte IMiheles weie. peo ]>et nicst luuieS, J»eo schullen 

beon most ibiisced :' nout J)eo J^ct lcde'5 herdest lif :' uor hme uucr- 

■weiS hit. Luue is hcouene stiward, uor In'iv nuichcle ureoschipe,'" 

uor heo ne ethalt no J^ing, auh heo jiueS al )>et heo haueS, 1 ec hire 

suluen :' elles GO'S ne kcpto nout of al ]>et hire were. 

/''//io 1 07. Cjiud liaueh of-gon ure huu,- on alle kunnc' \'. iscn. Tic liaueN 

niucliel iduii us, '} more I)ili(itc)i, Muclid -^ruui- 

^ Imu 

Ms hu 

fu-olaie. T. iVcol, 



tli.torts the eyes of the lieart tliat it cannot, know God, nor bo gla<l 
at liis siglit. "A pnre heart," as St. Bernard saith, "doth two 
thin-s, it makfth thee to do wlmtevcr thou docst, either for tlic lovo 
of God only, cir for the <;or.d or benefit of another." In all tliat thou 
tlocst, have one of tliese two intents, or both toocthcr, for the latter 
coineides \vith the former. Keep thy heart always thus i)urc, and 
do all that thou wilt. Have a perverse heart, antl every thing is 
evil with thee. The apostle saith, " Unto the jmre all things arc 
l)ure, but unto them that arc defiled is nothing jmre." * And St. 
Austin, " Have charity and do whatsoever thou wilt, that is, by the 
w ill of reason." Wherefore, my dear sisters, endeavour, above all 
things, to have a pure heart. AVhat is a pure heart ? 1 have told 
you before : it is that yc neither desire nor love any thing but God 
only, and those things, for God, that assist you to come to him. I 
say ye arc to love them for God, and not for themselves — as food 
and clothing, and man or woman from whom ye receive benefits ; 
fur, as St. Austin saith, and speakcth thus to our Lord, " Minus te 
amat qui praiter te aliquid amat quofl non propter te amat : " that is, 
" Lord, she loveth thee less who lovetli any thing but thee, unless she 
love it for thee." Pureness of heart is the love of God only. In 
this is the whole strength of all religious j)rofessioriS, and the end oi' 
all religious orders. " Plenitudo legis est dilectio." ^ " Love ful- 
filleth the law," saith St. Paul. " Quicquid pni^cipitur in sola 
caritate solidatur." " All God's commands," as St. Gregory s:iith, 
"are rooted in love." Love alone shall be laid in St. Michaers 
balance. They who love most shall be most blessed, not they who 
lead the most austere life, for love outweigheth tlii.^,. Love is 
heaven's steward, on account of her great liberality, for she retains 
nothing for herself; but giveth all that she hath, and even herself, 
otherwise God would not esteem any of the things that were hers. 

God hath deserved our love in every way. Jle hath done much 
lor us, and hath i-romised nioiv. A great gift attacts lovo, and ho 

Titus, i. l.'i. 


liKCJUL.K IN(•^usAItu^r. 

I $ 

nie muclic'I jef he us. Al J^enc world he jef us in Adam urc 
Ueder :' and al j-'ct is i^Se worlde he -wcrp under ure net — bcstes J 
fueles, ear we ^veren uorgulte. "Omnia suLjocisti sub }>cdibus ejus, 
oues et bones uniuersas, insu^-er et pecora campi, volucrcs celi ct 
pisces maris," ?c. And jet al J^ct is, ase is jjeruppc iseid, serue«S pe 
godo, to ])e soule biheue :' jete J^e vuele scrueS eorJS, seea, ? sunne 
[viz. sol]. Let he dude more: lie jef us nout one of his, aiih dude 
al him sulucn. So heih jeoue nes neuer ijiuen to so louwe 
Avrccches. A})Ostolus: "Christus dilexit ecclesiani et dedit scmet- 
ipsum pro ca." Seintc Powel seiS, " Crist luucdc so his leofmon ]>et 
he jef for hire ]?e pi'is of him suluen." Nimcc) <^o([ jcme, mine leoue 
sustren, uor hwi we ouh him to lunlon. Erest, ase a mon ]?et 
■vvowe'S^ — ase a king J^et luucde one kfdi of feorrenc londc, and 
sende hire his sondesmen biforen, })et wcren j^o patriarkes 7 ]>e pro- 
phetes of ]>q Oldc Testament, mid lettres isealed. A last he com 
liini suluen, and brouhte JK-t gospel ase lettres iopcned, and wrot mid 
his owune blode saluz to his leofmon, of luuc gritungo uortc wowon 
hire mide, ? forte -vvclden hire luue. Ilcrto naileiS a tale, and on 
iwrien ^ uorbisne. 

A lefdi was ]jct was mid hire uoan'^ biset al abuten, ami hire luiid 
al destrued, If heo al pourc, wiJSinnen one corSene castle. On mihti 
kinges luue was pauli biturnd upon hire, so vnimete swuiSe }»et he 
uor wouhlecchunge ** sende hire his sonden, on efter oJScr, and ofte 
somed monie :' 7 sei\de hire beaubelet*^ bo5e ueole ? felrc, and 
Fofio 107 i. sukurs of liueneS, 7 lielj> of his lieie bird to holdcn hire castel. Heo 
underncn"- al ase on unrceheleas ]>ing ]jet Avas so herd iheorted ]'et 
hire luiu' no milite he neuer beon ]>o neorre. Hwat wiilt tu lumv? 
He com himsulf a last, and scheawede hire his feire neb, ase ]k- ]'o( 
was of alio men ueirest to biholden, and sj»ee s\\u\' swi-k-liche 7 .-o 

I. T. c. 

■.x\l.rl./. T. I.r 

•• iiiikt. r. 

'' %vohl;u-. T. 

^V1IAT noD HAS dom: to gain olu i,ovk. 


ivc lis nuieli. He gave us tlie wliole world in our father Adam. 

Viid nil tlint is in tlie world he cast under our lect— beasts and 

(owls, hcFore we had sinned. •'•' Thou hast put all things under his 

feet: all shee[) and oxen, moreover the heasts also of the field, 

^lie birds of tlie air, and the fishes of the sea," &c.'' And besides, 

as has been already said, all that is serveth the good, to the profit of 

the soul : moreover, the earth, the sea, and the sun serve the e\ il. 

Pie did yet more : he gave us not oidy of his own things, but he 

igave us himself. So noble a gift was never given to such abject 

Uvretehes. The apostle St. Paul saith, " Christus dilexit ccclesiam 

jet dedit semetipsum pro ea." ^ "Christ so loved his spouse that he 

{gave for her the price of himself" Observe carefully, my dear 

f sisters, why we ought to love him. First, as a man that wooeth — 

. as a king thut loved a lady of a distant land, and sent before him his 

I ambassadors to her, which were the patriarchs and the })rophets of 

the Old Testament, with scaled letters. At last he came himself, 

and brought the Gospel, as letters o[)ened, and wrote with his own 

blood salvation to his beloved as a love greeting, to woo her with, 

and to obtain her love. To this belongs a tale, and a lesson under 

the cover of a similitude. 

There was a lady who was besieged by her foes within an earthen 
castle, and her land all destroyed, and herself cpiite poor. The love 
of a powerful ki}ig was, however, fixed upon her with such bound- 
less affection, that to solicit her love he sent his ambassadors, one 
after another, aiid often many together, and sent her jewels both 
many and fur, and supplies of victuals, and the aid of his noble 
army to keep her castle. She received them all as a careless 
creature, that was so hartl-hearted that he could never get any 
nearer to her love. A\'hat wonldest thou more? lie came himself 
lit last and sliewed her his fair face, as one who was o\' all men tlir 
nio.-t beautii'nl to bch(jld ; and spoke most sweetly, and such ple;isant 



KKGUL.E inclt;sai:im. 

inune wonles |>ot heo niul.tcn J>c dcnde nrearcn umni deaSc to li„o 
A.Kj w,ouhtc m..,lc wundrcs, and dude ueol. nK-istrles biuoren Ime 
ei.i.M5c. : ? schcawedc hire mihten ^ toldc Imc of his kinedonu- r 
Olid bead for to Tnakien liire cwene of al l>ct ho ouhtc. AI bis no 
iK'Ip nout. Nes pis wundcrlich hokcr? Vor heo ncs ncucr wurSo 
uortc been Ins schelchinc.a Auh so, l^uruh his debouerte, It.ue hc-fdo 
ouerkumen lane },ct he seide on ende, « Dame, j^u crt iwcorre.l, 1 bine 
uon beoS so strongc ],et tu ne moilit noncsweis, ^vi5utcn sukuns of 
me, etfleon bore Iiondcn, ]>et lu-o ne don ].e to schoonK.ftde deaS. 
loll chulle uor };e ]uue of ]>o ninicn }>is upon nie, and arcdden be of 
hmn ]>ot sehecheS ]nne dea^. Ich wot ^auli fur soSe bet ieli sc-hal 
b.tweonen ham underuongen^ deaSes wunde :' and ieli hit wulle 
heortehche uorto of-gon <= ];ine heorte. Nu, ];eonne, biieehe iel, be 
uor ].e luuo ]7et ich kuSe ];e, >et tu luuie n.e, hure 1 hure,J efter L'l 
like dead deaSe, hwo.i ],u noldes hues." pes king dude al bus: 
aredde In'rc of alio hire uon, and was hinisulf to wundre ituked, and 
isleicn on ende. J7uruh miracle, Vauh, he aros from deaSe to'liue 
Ncre |;eos ilke lefdi of vuele kunnes knnde, jif heo ouer alio bin- ne 
luue him her efter ? 

Fullo 108. 

pes king is lesu Crist, Godcs sune, ];et al o )>isse wise wowude 
ure soule, J>et J^e deoflen heueden bisct. And h.e, ase noble woware 
efter monie messagers, 1! feole god deden, com uorto preouen his 
luue, and scheawede |;uruh kniht:,chipe J;et he was luue-wurde :' ase 
weren sumewlmle knilites iwuned for to donne. He dude Jn'm ine 
turiiement, ? hefde uor his leofmonnes luue, his schelde ine uihte, 
ase kene kniht, on eueriche lialf i-]nu-led. pis schcid j>ct wreih his 
Godhed was his leoue licomc yet was ispred o rode, brod asi- scheld 
buuen in his i-streiht earmcs, and rieruli IjineoSeii, ase ))e un uut, 
efter pet me weneS, sete upon pe ovSer note. j\'t ])is sclidd naue^' 

I'.iftin. T. C. 

ou<r-,i. T. fil;;aii. C. 

(ft. I- nil. i, IRS wciic. T. 

iiiiiio. 'r. iii'uiiie. C. 
" T. I;.,.l.urc. C. 


onls, tliat tliey miglit have raised the dead from death to life. 
Villi lie wrougiit many miracles, and did many wondrous works 

L'fore her eyes, and shewed her his jiower, told lier of In's kingdom, 
ind offered to make her queen of all that belonged to him. All 
this availed nothing. Was not this disdain a marvellous thing? 
For she was never worthy to be his scullion. But, through his 
goodness and gentleness, love so overmastered him that he at last 
|snid, "Lady, thou art attacked, and thy enemies are so strong that, 
without help of me, thou canst not by any means escape their hands, 
so that they may not put thee to a shameful death. I will, for the 
love* of thee, take uj)on me this fight, and delivei- thee from those 
who seek thy death, yet I know assuredly that among them I shall 
receive a mortal wound, and I Avill gladly receive it to win thy 
heart. Now then, I beseech thee, -for the love that I shew thee, that 
thou love me, at least after being thus done to death, since thou 
wouldst not in my life- time." This king did so in every point. 
He deli\ered her from all her enemies, and was himself grievously 
maltreated, and at last slain. But, by a miracle, he arose from 
death to life. Would not this lady be of a most perverse nature, if 
she did not love him, after this, above all thinos? 

This king is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who in this manner 
wooed our soul, which the devils had besieged. And he, as a noble 
wooei*, after many messengers, and many good deeds, came to prove 
his love, and shewed by his knightly prowess that he was worthy of 
lo\'e, as knights were sometimes wont to do. He engaged in a 
tournament, and had, for his lady's love, his shield every where 
])ierced in battle, like a valorous knight. This shield which covered 
his godhead was his dear body, that was extended on the cross, 
broad as a shield above, in his outstretched arms, and narrow be- 
neath, because, as men suppose, the one foot was placed upon the 
otIuT foot. That tliis shield had jio sides is to signify that his 
<li.scij)les, who ought to have; stood \>\ liim and be his sides, all fled 




Fvlio 1 OS /. 

none siden is forto bitocnen }»et liis clcciples, );et m:1iuUU'!i stun.Un l.i 
him, and i-boon liis siden, vluwen allc uroiu him ? bilc-f'dfii liim n-^r 
ureoraedc :' ase ])e gospel sciS, " Rclicto co, onmes fugerimt." ]7is 
scheld is i-^iuen iis ajean alle tcniptaciuns, asc Jeivniic wltneS :' 
" Dabis scutum cordis, laborem tuum," 7 Psalinista, " Scuto bone 
uoluntatis tue coronasti nos." pis scheld ne schilt us nout one urom 
alle vueles t aiili de^ ^et more :' hit kruneiS us in lieouene. " Scutu 
bone uoluntatis tue," Louerd, he seiS, Dauid, mid ]>e scheld of I'ine 
gode %ville. Vor, willes he J?olede al ]>et he |)()lede. Ysaias. 
"Oblatus est quia uoluit." ISIe, Louerd, ]m seist, hwartu? Xe 
niuhte he mid lesse grcf habben ared us?" Te ^iker,^ ful lihfli^he :' 
auh he nolde. Ilwareuore? Yorte binimen us euerich bitellun^e 
ajean him of ure luue, J?et he so dcore bouhte. Me buJS lihtlichc a 
l^ing ]?et me luueS Intel. lie bouhte us mid his heorte blodo :' 
deorre pris nes nouer, uorte of-drawen of us ure luue touward him 
|7et kostnede him so deorre. Ine schelde beo5 ]>reo j^Inges, ]>ot treo, 
and ]?et leSer, 7 \e peintunge.'^ Al so was iSisse schelde — ]>et treo 
of ]?e rode, 1 ]>et leSer of Godes licome, and ]>e peintunge of ])e 
reade blode ]?et heowede hire so ueire. Kft, )'e Jn-idde reisun. 
Efter kene knihtes deaSe me honge^ heie ine chirche his scheld on 
his munegunge. Al so is ]>is scheld, ])et is, ]>et crucifix iset ine 
chirche, ine swuche stude ]?et me hit soiicst isco, vorto j>enchen ]>e)'bi 
o Jesu Cristes knihtschipc J^et he dude o rode. His leofmon biholde 
beron hu lie bouhte hire luue and lette JMirlen his scheld :' ]>et is, 
lette openen his side uorte scheawen hire liis liecifp, and fi)rt(» 
scheawen hire openliche hwu inwardlielie lie hiuede liire, and forlo 
of-drawcn hire heorte. 

Uour heaued luuen me iuinl iJSissc Avorldc — bitweoucn gode 
incren ]'e uormeste is:' bitweonen mon ? wuniiMun j-c o^er is:' 
l.itweoneii wif 7 hii'c child ]>e ];ridde is : l)ilur(n!<'ii licome ? suule. 



from liim and forsook liim os an alien, as the Gosik'1 saitli, " Tliey 
all forsook liini and fled."'=^ Tliis shield is given us against all 
temptations, as Jeremiah testlfietli, " Tliou shall give them a buckler 
of lienrt, thy lahour."'' And the Psahnist, "Thou hast crowned us 
as with a shield of thy good will,''*" Tiiis shield defends \is not 
only from all evils, but doth yet more, it crownetli us in heaven, 
'• Scuto bona? voluntatis tua?." " O Lord," saith David, " with the 
shield of thy good will." For, willingly did he suffer all that he 
suftercd. Isaiah saith, " He was oft'ered because it was his own 
will." ^ I5ut, " O Lord," thou sayest, " why ? " Could he not have 
delivered us with less trouble? Yes, indeed, full easily, but he 
would not. Wherefore ? To take away from us every excuse for 
Jiot loving him who redeemed us at so dear a price. Men buy for 
an easy price a thing for which they care little. He bought us with 
liis heart's blood, a dearer price there never was, that he might draw 
out of us our love toward him which cost him so dear. There are 
three things in a shield, the wood, the leather, and the painting. 
So was there in this shield ; the wood of the cross, the leather of 
God's body, and the painting of the red blood which stained it so 
fully. Again, the third reason. After the death of a valiant knight, 
men hang up his shield high in the church, to his memory. So is 
this shield, that is the crucifix, set up in the church, in such a place 
in which it may be soonest seen, thereby to remind us of Jesus 
Christ's knighthood, which he practised on the cross. His spouse 
beholdeth thereon how he bought her love, and let his shield be 
l)ierced, that is, let his side be opened to shew her his heart, and to 
shew her openly how deei)ly he loved her, atid to dniw her heart to 

Four princii)al kinds of love are found in this world. 'JMie first 
is betwecii virtuous friends ; th<' secoiid is between man and woman ; 
the third, between a woman and her child ; [the fourth,] between 

" lM;itt. x.vvi. 5t;. 
■• Psalm V. ]n. Tr of ^■ul^atp. 

Cr,. Trans, of Vulg., 
7. Vul^-ate. 

3 ]•: 



llEr;ii,.i; IN( Ai;i \i. 

peo luuc ]H't Jesu Crist ll;^^K■^ tu his deure Icofmoii oufr-i,i.!L) ham 
alio uouiCj 7 passL^i iiam nil''. Nc tdtcb mc liiin god fecjluwo J)t't 
IciS liis wed itie Giwcrie uorto acwitcii ut liis fere? God Almihti 
lelJe liiinsulF uur us ine Giweric, and dudu his dcoivwur^c bodi 
uorto acwltt'ii ut his leofiuuii of Giwene hoiidon. Neuor ucre swiich 
Folio lOd. fordedc"'' uc dude uor liis owuue ucre. Muelicl luue is of'tc 
bitweonen inou 7 wuiunion. Aidi j^aidi lieo wore iwedded him lioo 
mulito i-wur(5en so umvrcst, ? so loiino heo muhtc uorlioren liiri- 
mid o^cr men^ ]>ot, tauh lieo wolde kumen ajcau, he ne keptc hire 
nout. And forSi Crist luueS more :' uor ];auh ]}c soule his spusc 
uorhorie hire mid ]>e ueond of hello, under heaucd sumio ueolo jores 
7 dawes, liis merci is lilrc ouer ^eruh hwonse hco \\u\q kumcu to him 
^bileauen^ J?enc deouel. Al ]7is he seiS himsulf jniruh Jcrcmie, 
" Si dimiserit uir uxoreni suam," 7c. " Tu autem furnicata es cum 
multis amatoribus, tamen rouertere ad me dicit Dominus." Ik't h>' 
sol's, al dei, " pu Jjot liauest so unwrestelichc idon, bituni ]>c and cum 
a^can :' wilkume sclialtu boon mo." " Immo, et occurrit prodigo 
uenienti." Let he eorneS, liit seiS, a^ean liire jan-kume, and 
worpeiS earmes anon abuten hire sweore. Ilwat is more milco? 
Eet her is glcdfuluro wunder: Ne beo ncuer his leofmon uorhorod 
mid so monio deSliche sunncn, so sone so hco kumcS ajean to him, 
he makctS hire neouwe meiden. Yor, ase Seint Austin soiS, "So 
muchcl is bitweonen Godes neihlocluuigc 7 monncs to wununon |>et 
monnes neihlechunge makeS of meiden wif, and God makelS of wif 
mci^en." " Restituit," inquid Job, "in integrum." Gode workcs 7 
trcowe bileaue, l>eos two pinges bcoS mcidehod inc soule. Nu of j'o 
bridde kme: Child j^et hcued swuchc vucl |>ct him bilunuHle bciS o*' 
blode or hit were ihcled, mucliel luuede ]>c moSer hit JK-t wolde liim 
bis beS mnkien. pis dude urc T^ouord us ])et weren so siko of 


Tin; KOA^K OF ciirasT to his si';, tiik soul. 

39.) iin<l soul. The love wliich Jesus Christ luith to Iiis deiu- 
^iM>use suipa^scth tliem all four, and excollcth them all. Do net 
iiK-n account him a good friend -who laycth his i)ledoe in Jewry to 
release his companion? God Almighty laid himself in Jewry for 
us, and ga\e up his precious body to release his spouse out of the 
hands of the Jews. Never did friend give such a surety for his own 
friend. There is much love often between man and woman. But, 
although she were married to him, she might become so depraved, 
and might so long be unftiithful to him with other men, that though 
she were willing to return to him, he would not receive her. And 
therefore CIn-ist loveth more ; for though the soul, his spouse, should 
be unfaithful to him with the fiend of hell, in mortal sin many years 
and days, his mercy is ever ready for her, whensoever she will come 
to him, and renounce the devil. All this he saith himself by 
Jeremiah, " If a man put away his wife and she go from him, an<l 
become another man's, shall he return unto her again ? But thou 
hast played the harlot with many lovers, yet return again to me 
saith the Lord.'^ "" He still saith all the day, " Thou who hast done 
so wickedly, turn thee and come again, welcome shalt thou be to 
me." " Immo, et occurrit prodigo venienti." He even runneth to 
meet her returning, and immediately throweth his arms about her 
neck. What greater mercy can there be? Yet here is a m<jre 
joyful wonder. Though his spouse were polluted with so many 
deadly sins, as soon as she cometh to him again, he maketh her 
again a virgin. " For," as St. Austin saith, " so great a difference 
is there between God's communion with the soul, and man's with 
woman, that man's connnum'on maketh of a maiden a wife, and Ciod 
maketh of a wife a maiden." "lie hath given me again," saith 
Job, "all that I had before." These two things, good works and 
true faith, are maidenhood in tlie soul. Now, concerning the third 
kind of love: If a child had a disease of such a nature, that a bath 
of blood were rcfpiired for him before he could be healetl, tliat 



FoU., ? so isulcd ]>ov mide ]>et no }>ing nc inuhtcn liclcn us uc 
K'9''- clenseu us bate his blod one r^ uor so lie hit wokle :' ],is hiue makcdc 
us beS };erof:' ibiesccd bco he eucre! preo be«cs lie greiSedc to 
liis duore leofhion uorto wasshen hire in ham so Invit ? so ueir ];ct 
lico were ^\ ur^Se his clene cluppunges. pet ercst beJ5 is fiduht. put 
oSer beob teares, inre o^er uttre, cfter ]>e uornio be^, jif lieo Jiirc 
fuleS. pet };ridde beS is Jesu Cristes blod j'et lialeweS" boS );eos 
obrc, ase Scint Johan seiS iSe Apocalipse, - Qui dilexit iios et lauit 
nos in sanguine suo:'" );et is, he luue-b us more \cn eni moder deS 
hire child. He hit sei« hhnsulf ];uruh Isaic: "Nunquid potest 
mater obliuisci filii uteri sui ? " ?c. " Mci moder uor^iten hire child ? » 
he seiS, « and tauh heo do, ich ne mei );e uorjiten neuer : " and sciS ];e 
reisun efter, hwareuore, "In manibus meis dcscripsi te." "Ich 
habbe/' he seiS, « dcpeint |>e i^- minehondcn." So he dude mid rcade 
blode up o^e rode. Mon knut his kurtel '^ uorte habben jx.ulit of 
one pinge :! auh ure Louerd, uor he nolde neuer uor^iten us, he 
dude nierke of purlunge ine bo two his honden. Nu of pe ueorSe 
luue. pe soule luue-S j^et bodi swuSe mid alle :' 1, ];et is eScenc ilie 
twinnunge ^ vor, leoue ureond beoS sorie hwon lieo schulen twinnen. 
Auh ure Louerd wilieliche to-tweamede "^ his soule urom his bodie 
vorto ueien ure bo'Se togederes, world a buten ende, iSe blisse ol" 
heouene. pus, lo ! Jesu Cristes luue touward his deore spusc, |;et 
is, lioli chirche, oScr j)e cleane soule, passe^S alle, 1 ouerkumet) ^c 
uour mcste luuen }>et me ivint on eor^e! Mid al pisse luue jet he 
woweiS hire o pisse wise. 

im. pi luue, lie sei-^, urre Louerd, oiSer heo is forto jiuen alliui'-e, 
otStT lieu is turto sullen, oSer heo is forto reaucii ? to niinen mid 


inotlier must love hitu greatly who would make tills batli foi* him 
[with her own blood]. Our Lord did this for us who were so sick 
w ith sin, and so defiled with It, that nothing could heal us or cleanse 
us hut his blood only ; for so he would have it ; his love made us a 
bath thereof; blessed may he be for ever! He prepared three baths 
tor his dear spouse, in which to wash herself so white and so fair that 
she might be worthy of his pure embraces. The first bath is baptism ; 
the second is teai's, inward and outward, after the nature of the first 
bath, if she defile herself [with sin] ; the third bath is the blood of 
Jesus Christ, that sanctifieth both the other two, as St. John saith 
in the Apooalj-pso, " Who loved us and washed us in his own 
blood ; " '"' that is, he loved us more than any mother doth her child. 
He saith this himself by Isaiah, " iS'^umpxid potest mater oblivisci 
tilii uteri sui ? " &C,'' " Can a mother forget her child ?" he saith, 
'' and though she do, I can never forget thee : " and he then telleth 
the reason why, " In manibus meis descripsi te." ° "I have painted 
thee," saith he, " in my hands." He did so with red blood upon the 
cross. A man ties a knot upon his belt, that he may be reminded 
of any thing ; but our Lord, that he might never forget us, made a 
mark of piercing in both his hands. Now concerning the fourth 
love. The soul loveth the body very greatly, and that is easily 
seen in their separation ; for dear friends are sorry when they nnist 
separate. But our Lord, of his own accord, separated his soul from 
his body, that he might join our body and soul together, world 
without end, in the blessedness of heaven. Thus, behold how the 
love of Jesus Christ toward his dear spouse, that is, holy church, or 
the pure soul, surpasseth and excelleth the four greatest loves that 
are found on earth ! With all this love he still wooeth her in this 

Thy love, saith our Lord, is either to be altogether freely 
liiven, or it is to be sold, or it is to be stolcji and taken by force. If 
Tt is to be oiven, where couldst thou bestow it brtler than uix^n me ? 

Isaiah, xhs. 


REOUL,,.: iNcr.usAuu 

-onne ho.ulest? N„„> ieh ™: „' t Zf^ ,"7' ' '^'"".' ''" 
'-■go .nonne 1,., ho „o con nout etl.okle fc, 1 "v'^' ,""' '^' 

J'u3,aIleKMeis„nslnv„;„,oo hforto'- ""'f ""■°''-'' ' '"-^'^'^'^ 

■" - ••' ..o.nciic,,o. 3if ^„ ,::* :;t' :;, r:':";'^"'" '->■■•"'•- 

Itmon ,ne b„to l.olJc, l,;,-o Eif W b ' ' "°" ™ '"" 

and so me ouh forto sullon l„„e ^ fj,'^ ""'""'"'»■ '""o- 
1"" Iu„e is so to sullon id, I'l . '," )""«" '■"«• Cif 

ai.e o..e. Vo, of yJZfL^'L:^^ tb""-,' 'l'"^ ""- 
pe J-e ineslo of bam alio A,,,! -;f , '^^ ''''"' '""■■"•J 

boon. So.e feor o' «„e I a"'";,^ 1 X:,." ;™' ''-' '"'' -l.ulo 
ich .mile ,i„e„ Je, „„,. ,,ine lu!!: :: ' S^' ll^";^' >^' 
and kinedomes? Wultu w^lrlm. oi a, .? ^^ "'t» I-'abtlcs 

.e bote., ieb c..u,,etie;:'ir;;^;^'.r of,''"^' "™ 

pu scbalt boon seoueuokl b.ibh-c ben be s,„ „e - I °\'""""^"-- 
.W»..,..hern,ie„,,e:' no ),i„g no scbal s/eame, ^ "o ™'' "^ ^'■■''■•>' 
"onten ^e :' al ,,i ,vi„e schal boo I Vul, in l""" " ?'"' 
eorSe:- 50, ami vet inc belle N„ , , . "" '" '" ''O"""'^' ? In 
soluble, ,.et icbi,lle ji n" „,„,Vu iri' '""''' ^™''^■" »"•-'' 

vnendlicbenK,..e_aI Xresnie ,e "\ '^1:" l' """'r'"'"^ ""' 

Haseofteasemeoueseclebin, me "ollbi e """ "■'"^' 

.nokerfof_„o..t.obn„d..d siclelV; Jr;;X:^^^^^^^^ 
pet strof wis beortes oncrvrn :" San,sone, J, v ''^''''''l'^'' 

l-usend of bis fon a, et one tin.e, w'b , ^t^c '^' ^'«"' ^' 
seb,,,e :' be.-ewo.d :' beale n;|.1? '"''-""" 


of j^L-os, jiuoyil );ct lie oulife? Aii.l ;,II,. '}>,,, 

[sctli.i.l C. 
■vliillin-,..s. C. 

'I moil, iiur 
h'"i;e.s S(.i„c,I, 

' I'M. c. 


Am not 1 the fairest thing? Am not I the ricliest kino? Am iiut 

Am not I the wisest of the wealthy ? " Am not 


I of the noblest birth? 

I the most courteous of men ? Am not I the most liberal of men . 
For it is commonly said of a liberal man that he cannot withhoKI 
any thing — that he hath bis hands, as mine arc, perforated. Am 
not T of all things the sweetest and most gentle? Thus, thou 
mayest find in me all the reasons for which love ought to be niven, 
es])ccially if thou lovest chaste purity; for no one can love me except 
slie retain that. If thy love is not to be given, but thou wilt by all 
means that it bo bought, do say how. Either with other love, or 
with somewhat else? Love is rightly sold for love; and so love 
ought to be sold, and for nothing else. If thy love is thus to bo 
sold, I have bought it with love that surpasseth all other love. For, 
of the four principal kinds of love I have manifested toward thee the 
chiefest of them all. And if thou sayest that thou wilt not set so 
light a value u2)on it, but thou wilt have yet more, name what it 
shall be. Set a price upon thy love. Thou shalt not say so much 
that I will not give thee for thy love much more. Wouldest thou 
liave castles and kingdoms ? Wouldest thou govern the whole 
world? I will do better for thee. In addition to all this, I will 
make thee queen of heaven. Thou shalt be sevenfold brighter than 
the sun ; no disease shall harm thee ; nothing shall vex thee ; no joy 
shall be wanting to thee ; all thy will shall be done in heaven and in 
earth ; yea, and even in hell. Heart shall never think of such great 
felicity, that I will not give more for thy love, immcasural^ly and 
infinitely more — all the wealth of Croesus; and the fair beauty 
of Absalom, who, as often as his hair was polled the cHpi)ings wore 
sold — the hair that was cut off — for two hundred shekels of silver ; 
the swiftness of Asaliel, who strove in speed with a hart; the 
strength of Samson, who slew a thousand of his cnenn'es at one time, 
and alone, without a companion; Ca'sar's liberality; Alexander's 
renown; the dignity '^ of Moses. Would )iot a man, for one ol' 


•'" MS. ()> 



Ji^eaii mine bode, ne LeoS nout wurS u noMe. And, -^\C ]m ert so 
swu-So onwil,'' ? so ut of ]>ine \vitte J>ct tu, ]>undi nout' to iK.rlcosen, 
uorsakest swucli bijeate mid allc kunnes seluli^e, lo ! idi lioldc lior 
hotel sweord ouer ]nn lieaiicd, uor to dcalen I if 7 sonic, and to 
bisenclien bo two into ])c fur of liclle, uorto boon J^ei- deoflcs lioiv, 
schcndfulliche ? seorulifulliclic world MiiSutcn cndo. Onswci-c nu : 
1 were }>c, jif ]?u koiist, ajcan mc :' o-Ser jottc mc jnne luue ])et icb 
jirnc so swu'Se t nout for mine, auli for ])in owune inuclu'lc bilieue. 

Lo! ]>us urc Loucrd wowcS: nis heo to herd i-liooilod j^et ;i 
swucli woware ne mel turnen hire luue to liiin :' and nomcliehe Tif 
heo j;enclic^ J^eos |>reo ];inges— hwat he is :" and hwat heo is :' 7 
Fofio 111. hwu muchcl is J;e luue of so heih ase he is touward so louh ase lie*. 
is. VoriSi, seiiS J>c psalm-wuruhte, "Non est qui so abschondat a 
calore ejus:" nis non ])et muwe ctlutlen '' ])ot heo ne mot In'm luuien. 
pe soSe sunnc iSe undertid was forSi istien on heiJi o5e heic rode 
uorto spreden ouei- al bote luue gleames :' J^us needful he was, 7 is 
uort"= tissc deie, to ontendcn his luue in his leoucs heorte, and sei5 
i'Se gospclle, "Igncm ueni mittere in terrani, et quid volo nisi ut 
ardeat?" Ich com, he seib, uorto bringen lur into eorSe, ])ct is, 
bcrninde luue into eorSlichc heorten, 7 hwat jirnc icb clles but bet 
hit blasie? Wlech luue'^ is him loS, ase he seiS Jnn-uh Scin Johan 
iiSe Apocalipsc, "Vtlnam frigidus esses aut calidus :' scd quia 
tepldus cSj incipiam to euomcrc dc ore meo." Ich woldc, he seiN to 
his leofmon, |>et tu were, i mine luue, o5er aliunge cold, oSer hot 
midalle:' auh for^i J^'t tu ert ase wlech'' bitweonen two, nouSer 
cold ne hot, J>u makest me uorto wlatien :' and icb cbulle spcouwen 
]7C ut, bute ^if ]ni i-wur^e hattro. 

,v..rl. '1'. 
i-^ct. T. 

fauu. y s,;.IK 

I c. 



those, give all tliat ho posscs3c<l ? And all those thnigs togotliei-, 
comparod with my offer, arc not wortli a needle. And, if thou art 
so obstinately self-willed and void of luiderstanding, tliat tlii.u, 
without losing any thing, refusest such gain, with every kind ol' 
felicity, Lo I I hold here a shai'jj sword over thy head, to divide 
life and soul, and to plunge both into the fire of hell, to be there the 
devil's paramour, disgracefully and sorrowfully, world without end. 
Now answer me, and defend thyself against me if thou cr.nst, w 
grant me thy love, which I so earnestly desire, not for my own, bui 
for thy own great behoof. 

Lo ! thus doth our Lord woo : and is not she too hard-hearted 
that such a wooer cannot turn her love to him, and especially if she 
reflect upon these three things : what he is, and what she is, and 
how great is the love of one so exalted as lie is toward one so low 
as she is. Wherefore, the Psalmist saith, " Non est qui se abscondat 
a calore ejus." ^ " There is no one who may withdraw herself so 
that she may not love him." The true sun in the morning tide 
ascended up on the high cross for the pnrpose of diffusing the warm 
rays of his love over all ; so earnestly solicitous was he, and is to 
this day, to kindle his love in the heart of his beloved ; and he saith 
in the Gospel, " Ignem veni mittere in terram, et quid volo nisi ut 
ardeat?"^ I came, saith he, to bring fire into the earth, that 
is, burning love into earthly hearts, and wdiat else do I desire but 
that it blaze ? Lukewarm love is loathsome to him, as he saith by 
St. John in the Apocalypse, " Utinam frigidus esses aut calidus ; sed 
quia tepidus es, incipiam te evomere do ore mco." " I would, 
saith he to his beloved, that thou wert, in my love, citlier 
altogether cold, or hot Avithal ; but because thou art as if lukewarm, 
between the two, neither, cold nor hot, thou makest me to loathe, 
and I will vomit thee out, except thou become hotter. 

" Pbalin xix. G. 

St. Luke, xii. ■!!). 

3 I- 




Nu ^e liaLbcS i-lierd, mine Icouc sustrcii, Im, 7 for Invi, God is 
swirSe to lunicn. And, forto ontoiidcii on wel, f^t'dorcJS wudc ]>erto, 
mid ]}Q pouro wuininon of Sareptc, ]>c bunih, j^L-t spclcS ontcndun^e: 
" En, inquid, colligo duo ligna." " Loucrd," cweS Iico to Elie, ]>c liolie 
propliete, " lo! icli geder twotreon." peos two treon l)itocnccJ ])ct f» 
treou ])et stod upriht, and tet cScr ek ]?ct code ])\vartouci*, r.f ]>p 
deorc rode. Of ]>eos two treon je scliulcn ontcndcn fur of luuc 
Fofio Uih. wiblnnen ower licorte. BiscoS oftc touward liain. Jlenclu'^ 3;if i;e 
ne oweu ea^e to luuien ]>cnc king of bllssc ]K't to-sprct so touward 
ou liis ermcs, and buliiS ase uorto bcoden cos aduneward liis hcaucd. 
Sikcrliclie icli siggc hit, ];»et jif ]>e soSc I'^lie, ]'ct is, God Alniiliti, 
i-uint ou }?eos two treon bisiliclic gedcrlnde, he wule gistnen mid on, 
and moniuolden in ou liis deorewurSe grace :' ase Khe dude ]>e 
poure wummone, liucncS and gistnede mid hire ]'ct he iuoiul J'c two 
treon gederindc i Sareptc. 

Grickischs fur * is imaked of rcadcs moimcs blodc r' and tct ne mci 
ncSino- bute miggc, and sond, and eisil, ase me sciS, acwenchen. 
pis Grickische fur is ]>e luue of urc Lourde :! and 50 hit schuleu 
makieu of readcs monnes blode, ]>et is, Jesu Crist i-readcd mid his 
owune blode o^c rode. And was in-read^ kundehchc also, ase me 
weneS. pis blod, for ou i-sched upo ]>e herde two treon, schal 
makieu ou Sarepciens :! pet is, ontcndcn ou mid tis Grickische furo, 
|>et, ase Salcmon selS, none watcres, pet beoS worldlichc tcnipta- 
ciuns ne tribulaciuns, nou'Ser im-e ne uttre, ne muwcn ])eos luuc 
acwenchen. Nu, nis ]^cr, J^eoniic, on cndc, ])ut^'ii witen ou warlicht 

■ Greek fire "seems to be a conipositioii belonging,' to tlic Aral.i;iii (■; mid wxs 
very much used in the wars of tlie middle ages, both ly sc.i and land. It wan a s,.rt of 
wikl-fire, said to bo ir.cxtinguishabk- by water, and chiefly f..r burning ships, agriinsi 
which it'was thrown in pots or phials by the hand. Anna Conuieiia has Kivon nn acconnt 
of its ingredients, which were bitumen, sulplmr, and naphtha. It in calUd /,» r,,;.,,,!, in 
the French chronicles and rouianecs."— W arton's Hist, of Kt.^li>li IVtry. n..1. i. p. KI-i. 
Kd. ]8-2}. 

'^ rubeus. MS. Oxon. 

THE WIDOW or saeepta's two sticks, greek pike. 4()3 

My dear sisters, yo have i.ow heard how, and for what reason, 
God is greatly to be loved. To kindle this love in you nghtly 
. tl>er wood for that purpose, with the poor woman of Sarepta, he 
i„«.n the name-whereof signifieth kindling, "En, "n-'. -Ih?. cUio 
L,„ " " " Lord," saith she to Elijah the holy prophet, behold I 
m '.fathering two sticks." These two sticks betoken that one stick 
ich stood upright, and that other also of the precious cross winch 
t a iwart'it." With these two sticks ye ought to kind e the re 
■Hove within your hearts. Look often upon them 1 hiiik wliethe 
e ou'h not joyfully to love the King of Glory, who so stretches out 
hs a™is towii you, and bows down his head as li to offer you a 
Us Of a truth 1 say unto you that if the trae E ijah, wlueh 
God Alnn..hty, find you dihgently gathering those two sticks, he 
wilinL^hi's abode' with you, and multii^y m you his pi. . 
.• ns Eliiih did to the poor woman whom ho found gatheiiig 
t:%L^'tX^, v.dio 'supplied her with food, and became her 

'"Greek fire is made of the blood of a red man, and it is said tliat 
of a red man, J^^^"^ ,,,„ „,u,rally, as it is believed. 

tribulations, neither '"'";™' ""' ;^';;;;,',d Js cautiously from 
Now, then, nothing remains but to ^^P . °;": * .^„,, ,„j , „ ,. 

every thing that ^"™^''-^:; ^ "U g "i: iweth, and it 
Urine is stench of sin. O" '■^'i'^^ "^J ,,^,|,eth this lire. 


^tl. 12. 

t' Cailtidi 



urom alle peo ];ing );et hit acweiiclicS, ])ct, bcoS iniprgc, 1 son<l, 7 
eisil. IMiggc is stcncli of simnc. O sond nc growe^ no god, and 
bitocnoS idcl :' and idcl acoaldc^ 1 acwcnclio-^ ]>is fur. Sturit-IS ou 
eiicr cwicliclic inc Godo wcrkes, 7 ]'et schal licatcn ou 7 ontondeu 

iWioii2. j'is fur ai^cau ]je brunc of sunne. Vor, al so as on noil driucS ut 
]>cn obcrne, al so ]>c bruno of Godcs lu.ue driucS brunc of ful luuo 
ut of J?G liGortc. ]7et ))rlddc }>ing is eisil r' ])et is sur licortc, of niS 7 
of ondc. Vndcrstondcei ]>is word, po pco nilSfnle Giws oflVedcn 
ui-e Louerde }»is sure present o rode, ]>o scide be |;et reouSfule word, 
" Consunimatuni est ! " CweS lie, " Neuer er nu ncs icb ful pined r' " 
nout puruh }>ct eisil, auli ]?uruli bore ontfule niiS, ];ct tet eisil bitoc- 
nede, ]?et beo bim makeden "■ drinckcn. And is ilicbe ase ];aub a mon 
]?et beuede loiige i-swunken and failede efter bis sore swinke, a last, 
of bis bure. Al so, ure liouerd, more pen two and ];ritti jer, tiled 
ofter bore luue, and, for all bis sore swinke, ne wilnedc be no ]>ing 
bute luue to bure :/ aub be icien ende of al bis line, ]>ct was ase iiSen 
euentid, bwon me jelt wcrc-men bore deies bure, lokc bwu beo 
juldcii liim ! uor piuicntof swete buni luue, eisil of sur niS, and galle 
of bitter onde. O! cweS ure Louerd po, "Consummatum est I" 
Al mi swine on eor'Se, 7 al mi pine o rode nc sweameS, nc ne 
dcrue^ me nowibt ajean pis — pet icb pus biteo ^ al pet icb idon babbe. 
pis eisil pet je bcodeS me — pis sure bure, purub fullelS mine pine. 
pis eisil of sur beorte, and of bitter p(jnc *= ouer allc o^er pinges 
acwencbeiS Grickiscbs fur :' pet is, pe luue of lu'c Louerd r! and 
hwose bit bcrc^ ine breoste touward mon, o-<5er touward wununon, 

Fv/io U2b. hco is Giwcs make. Ileo offrc'S jet God pis eisil, and purub fuUeS, 
onont bire, Godes pine o rode. INlon worpL-JS Grickiscbs fur upon 
liis fomcn, 7 so mo ouerkuuicJS bam :' and 30 scbulen don al so, 
bwon God arcarefi ou of cni uo cni weorre. Salomon tecbcS ou 
bwu 30 bit scbulen weuipeii. " Si esurierit ininu'cus, ciba illuui :' si 
sitlerit, jtotum da : sic eniia carbones ardenles congeres super ca]nit 

ejus." pot is, 7;if pi uo is 


d, -jrii 

d .sif la- is of 

| C. 

cinnsT's TOIL fop. our love : now requited. 


iuul kindle this fire in opposition to the flame of sin. P'or, as one 
iinil drivetli out anotlier, so doth the flame of the love of God drive 
the fire of foul desire out of the heart. The third tliin:,^ is vinegar, 
that is, a heart sour witli malice and hatred. Understand this 
saying : -when the malicious Jews offered cm' Lord this sour present 
on tlie cross, then said lie that sorrowful word, " It is finished ! " 
" Never till now," said he, " were my sufferings complete ; " not 
through the vinegar, but through their hateful malice, which that 
vinegar betokened, which they made him drink. And this is as if a 
man who had laboured long, and, after his painful toil, had been at 
last disappointed of his hire. Thus, our Lord, more than two-and- 
thirty years, toiled for their love, and for all his painful labour 
desired nothing but love as hii'e ; yet, at the end of his life, whicli 
was, as it were, in the evening, when men pay workmen their 
day's hire, behold how they paid him ! instead of balm of sweet 
honey-love, vinegar of sour malice, and gall of bitter hatred. Oh, 
said our Lord then, " It is finished ! " All my toil on earth, and all 
my pain on the cross, does not at all grieve nor distress me in com- 
parison of this — that for this I have done all that I have done. 
This vinegar that ye offer me, this sour requital, completcth 
my sufferings. This vinegar of a sour heart and of bitter thanks, 
more than all other things, quencheth Greek fire, that is, the 
love of our Lord ; and she who beareth it in her breast toward man 
or toward woman is the Jew's mate. She is still otiering to God 
this vmegar, and completing, for her part, his sufferings on the cross. 
Men cast Greek fire upon their foemen, and thus conquer them ; 
and ye should do the same when God raiseth up any war against 
you from any enemy. Solomon teiicheth you how ye ought to 
throw it, " Si esurierit inimicus tuus, ciba ilium ; si siticrit, potum 
da : sic cnim carboncs ardentcs congeres super caput ejus." " Tiiat 
is, " If thy foe is hungry, give hhn food ; and if he is athirst, give 
him to drink ; " which nieancth that if, after having done llu'e harm, 



t'Uio 113. 

purst, jif ]iim dniicken : J;et is to imdcrstoiKlcii, jif he cfter jnno 
henne liaue« hunger oSer J.urst, ^if him uode of ]»ine hcoclen |.et 
God do liim ore :! and ^if him drunch of toares. Weop for his 
suniien. pus ]?u schalt, seiS Salomon, ndvclen on his hcaued boani- 
inde glcdcii. pet is to siggcn, ]ms J;u schalt ontenden his hcorte 
uorto luulcn \q :' vor heorte is, ine holic write, bi heaued under- 
stondcn. O swuchc wise wulc God siggen a domesdei ;' "Hwi 
luuedest };ene mon o^Ser ]?co wummon ? " " Sire, uor hco luuedeii 
me." "Ee," he wule siggen, «);u julde |)Lt tu ouhtvst : her 
nabbe ich * nout mucheles to jelden ]>e." Auh, jif ]>u nieih ^ on- 
swericn 7 siggen :f "Sire, ich luucde ham for };inc luue"— )>eo luue 
he ouh }?e :f uor heo<= was i-jluen him, 7 lie hirc^ wulc ,-^eldcn ]>c. 

Migge, ase ich er seide, j^ct acwenche^ Grickishe fur, is stinck- 
inde ulesslics luue, ];ct acwenche^ gostlich luue |)ct Grickishe fur 
bitocncS. Ilwat fleschs was on eorSc so swcte 1 so holic 
ase Jesu Cristes fleschs. And, )>auli he seide, himsulf, to his 
deorewurSc deciples, "Nisi ego abiero Paracletus non ucniet ad 
uos : " pet is, bute jif ich parti urom ou, ]>c Holi Gost, ];et is, 
min and mines Federes luue, ne mei nout kumen to ou r' auh 
hwon icli beo urora ou, ich chulle senden hine ou. Ilwon Jesu 
Cristes owune deciples, J^eo hwile ]?et lieo lUcschsliche luuedc 
hine, neih ham, uor-coden |>e swetnesse of ])e Iloli Goste, *? ne 
muhten nout habben bocie togederes — DemctJ ou suluen, nis he wod, 
oSer heo, pet luueb to swube hire owene ulesshs, o5er eni mon 
ulesshliche, so pet heo jirne to swuJSe his sihSe oSer his s])eche? 
Ne jniiichc hire ncuer wunder pauh hire wuntie ]>e Holi Gostcs 
froure. Cheose, nu, euerichon of eorSliciie elne 7 of hoouonlich, to 
hweSer heo wulc holdcu :' uor pet o"Scr heo mot forleten r' vor, 
i pisse tweiro monglunge, ne mei hco ncucrmore liabbon schirnesse 
of hcorte :^ ]>et is, ase we seiden cr, pet god and )>e strencJie of alio 
religiuns, 7 in cuerich ordrc. Luue makc'S hire schir ami griiiful 
and cicanc. Luue haueS one meistrie biuoivn alle oiSre pinges : 

u 1. 
'1. c 



he is liungiy or thirsty, give him the food of thy prayers that God 
may liavc mercy upon him; and give him tlic drink of tears. 
Weep for liis sins, Tlius tliou shalt, saitli Solomon, heap on 
liis head burning coals : that is to say, thus thou shalt enkindle 
his heart that he shall love thee ; for, in Holy Scripture, by head 
we are to understand heart. In this manner will God say, in the 
day of judgment, " Why lovedst thou that man or that woman?" 
" Lord, because they loved me." " Yea," he will say, " thou didst 
pay what thou owedst : in this case I have not much to repay thee." 
But, if thou canst answer and say, " Lord, I loved them for thy 
sake ; " he owes thee that love, because it was given to him, and he 
will repay it tlice. 

Urine, which, as I said before, quencheth Greek fire, is stinking 
carnal love that quencheth spiritual love, which Greek fire be- 
tokeneth. What flesh on earth was so sweet and so holy as that of 
Jesus Christ? And yet, he said himself to his dear disciples, " Nisi 
ego abiero Paracletus non veniet ad vos : " that is, " Unless I 
depart from you, the Holy Ghost, which is mine and my Father's 
love, cannot come to you ; but, when I am gone fi-om you, I will 
send him unto you." Since Jesus Christ's own disciples, while they 
loved him in the flesh, being nigh him, did not possess the sweet- 
ness of the Holy Ghost, and could not have botli together— judge 
yourselves, is not he or she mad who loveth too much her own flesh, 
or any man cai-nally, so that she desire too fondly to see him, or to 
speak with him ? Let her never wonder though she have not the 
consolation of the Holy Spirit. Let every one choose now between 
earthly and heavenly comfort, to which of the two she will keep ; 
for she must relinquish one of them, because in the mingling of 
these two she can never have pureness of heart; which is, as we said 
before, the goodness and the strength of all professions, and of every 
religious order. Love maketh her sincci-e, and peaceful, and pui-c. 
Love hntli the superiority over all other tilings, for all the things 
that she toucheth she tunis to her, and maketh tlicni all licr own. 
"Whatsoever I'lace your foot shall tread u])on,'- thut is to say, the 




buggen a 

And, no soidc icl. J t ''""'""" J'""-'"''^' "^ ""o l.i, 
god ^t is in' on 2: 1„ i:; JS "" •'"'"''i'^' '" '■"'^^' )'^' 

Grogoriewit„c«? Loko n.H vl, „ T '"," ""'"'^ £«'• ••"ae Seint 
a.Kl he is ,>in, nor.o don " I t, ^U 7 '"T """ ^""'^- ''-'■-'' 

•one. a ,,f uo. ,0.0 :: ;'/r ,^ ;;'"t-s ot ;' r '"-^■^ ^'-^ ' 

[vnilicLo] J,o„ al ^.t is i«e ,vorldo ' Chori o , T """""'"^''e 
Ungo 1 of dooro. Vndcoro ho .nVko* G 7 l " ". "'.'"""^ 
J-otforoni worldlioho luuo his h.uf .™kt • ™ "", "'""''"'■• 
luuien ariht Luto ho ono So onol V , , "° '""« "' ™" 
makes Wrohisofning/:„d t°d rf .'" '""^' '"'"= H '- 
hire his meistor ^ doS nl w 1 1 ""S«> -"o'e-ho makeS 

ich proouen ou ^i f Eo'^lorr;: /"''»;:", "" '"-'= -"- J^ei 
wordos. Vor |,„s ho snol oS to I ""'' ''"''"'' ■"■' o""^'- 

luuodo, in Kunieri- "Dinf- .'° ^'^^^^^ ^' «><"">e most hin, 

"P.--." "^chWdoi,r?Sheixr'":;o/r r 

nnno wroiiSo o J^isse uolko, auh hu seist l,of ,V 7 '" ■''"■'•<^''<e" 

word loo inorSe!l... Me so'iS],o.?:, dS S k!;" r"";.'"' 
so uro Louerd ^ he no n,oi don no J,i„g h tar IH M '""^ '"" 
preouol,erof:'uorJn-tJ,unohoSw„ndor " Do,^ n '-• ^" 

VVolawoi ! J,u medit wol :- uor m's non l.ot to holdo " IZ, 
soKlo, jif o„i luuodo J,o ariht, ho „„d,to holdon 1 „''"', i„Gonosi,ad Loth: "Fostina." 7o'" I:, ^r;;::;!::: 

strccli. T. Btreclio. C. 
sum inon oSor wutiimon mu 
mangos. T. 'I'. 

•• Klin. T. 

■' Italics. T. I, 

' luu.s. T. C. 

•^•. C, 




foot of love, "shall bo yuurs."" Many a man would buy at a g ca 
price a tbing of sucb a nafave tbat wbatover be toucbcd w,tl, >t 
beea,ne bis own. And, said I not before, tbat m«-ely by lovng the 
godtbat is in anotborn,an-wi,htI,etoucbingof tby love- bo„ 
fnakest, xvitbout otbe. labour, his good thy own good, as St. Gregory 
shewetb ? Consider now, how mueb good the envrous losc^ Extend 

love to Jesus Christ, and thou bast gained b,nr. Toneb bn 
"ith s m>,ch lovo as thou, sometimes, bast for some man, and be 
toe to do all that tbon desirest. Brrt who lovetb a thn,g, and et 
l^e 1 with it for less than it is worth? 'Is not God mcomparably 
b te tl a n all tbat is in the world? Cbarity-tbat rs the love of a 
SCHcbisdearandpre.ous. H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

rLnds. as if be must needs ^o i*^ ^an p^^ *.s? J^es, 
indeed I can, from h.s own words. For ttas bo sp ^ 

,,0 man who loved bim most, m the Boo^^^o^^^^^^^^^^ 

'-'-i "<a 1 ndllKi^^'he to mIs, " to wreab my anger 

thy -word. it is baiu norm ssion of love, 

our Lord that be can do -*mg b« by *e Pe™^ 

Now, [I] P'--t,forit----r^;f'j,^,^^°r\!l,,,,, .,lt thou 
riseth up and takctb hold of thee bmal . ^^^^^ 

snrite?" saitb Isaiah, "ah! ''-.Vf'"'^'!,' To thee truly, be 

' l)eut,(Tonomy, xi. 24. 
= Isaiah, Ixiv. 7. 

" XIV. .i". 

<i Gt-ne.^is xi.s. Si 

3 G 



qulcquam donee egrcssus fucrls iUinc:" )>et is, ]>o urc Loucr.l woM.- 
Folio Ui. Lisunchcn Sodome J^cr Loth his freoiid wunode iiinu, "IIio» ]>c," 
cwe^ ure Louerd, "utward r' uor ]>c liwulc ]>ct tu ert iimong ham, iic 
mci ich nowiht don ham." Nes pes mid Kme i-bunden°? Ilwat 
wultu more? Luue is his cliaumberling, 7 his kunsilcr, 1 his spiise 
J>et he ne mei nout heUen wi5, and tclicS hire al J>et lie j>enelieS. 
In Genesi: "Num cehnre potcro Abraliam quas gesturus sum?" 
"Mei ich," cwe-S ure Louerd, "lichen Abralmm )>lng pet icli poncho 
uortodonne?" Nei, cweS lie, o none wise. Nc con pes luuicn 
ariht,'' pet pus spekeS, and pus de^ to alio men pet him inwardlichc 
i-leueS 1 luuicS ? pco blisse pet he jerke?) <= ham, al so ase heo is 
unefenlich to alle ^vorldes blissen, al so heo is mitalelich to alle 
worldliche tungcn. Ysaias : " Oculus non vidit, Deus, absque te," 
[?c,] Ee habbe^ of peos blissen i-writen on o'Ser studc,'' nu"ne Icoue 
sustren. peos luue is pe riwlc pet rihte^ pe heorte. " Confitcbor 
tibi in directione," id est in regulatione, "cordis." Exprobatio 
malorum : "generatio quie non dircxit cor suum r' ct non est cre- 
ditus." pis is pe lefdi riwle. Alle pe o5re scrueS hire :' and one 
uor hu-e sake me ham ouh forto luuicn. Lutel stroncSo ich makie 
of ham, vor Invon pet peos boon deoruwurSliche i-wusL* HabbcS 
ham, pauh, scheortliclie, iSe cihteoSe dole.*" 

Biuoren, on erest, ich seide pet je ne schulen imuf, ase unw i^e, 

bihoten uorto holden none of pco uttre riwlen. pot ilko ich siggc 

jete :/ ne non nc write ich ham, butcn ou one. Ich siggc pis frn^i 

Folio llih. pet oJSre uncrcn nc siggc nout pet ich, puruh mine melstric, makie 

" wenJ. T. Hich. G. 
' grei"Sed. C. 

' Ilabeatis taiiieii illas in ootav 
Octavus oinniiio tafcattir. IMS. 0> 


•> truowclidic. T. 
" ellcshwcr, T. 
—Explicit lAhiT 

• i lok.l. T. 
lit- \il.i .^Julit.iria. 



Sodom, ^yllerein Lot his friend dwelt, our Lord said, " Hasten thee 
away out, for while thou art among them, nothmg can be done to 
them." Was not this being bound with love? What wouldest 
thou more ? Love is his chamberlain, his counsellor, and his bride, 
from A\hom he can conceal nothing, but telleth her all his thonr^hts. 
In Genesis, " Num cclare potero Abraham qurc gesturus sum?"" 
"Can I," said our Lord, "hide from Abraham the thing that I 
purpose to do ? " No, said he, in no wise. Doth not he know how 
to love rightly who thus speaketh, and thus doth to all men who in 
their hearts believe and love him ? As the joy which ho is pre- 
paruig for them is not to be compared to all worldly joys, so is it 
not to be described by all worldly tongues. Isaiah, " Neither hath 
the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him 
that waiteth for him." ^ Concerning those joys ye have something 
written in another place, my dear sisters. This love is the rule 
which regulates the heart. " I will praise thee with uprightness of 
heart : " *= that is, in the regulation of my heart. The reproach of 
the wicked is, that they are " a generation that set not their heart 
aright, and whose spirit was not faithful to God." ^ This rule is 
the lady or mistress. All the others serve her, and for her sake 
alone they ought to be loved. I make little account of them pro- 
vided this be worthily kept. Ye have them briefly, however, in the 
eighth part. 

PART VIIL— Of Domestic Matters. 

I said before, at the commencement, that ye ought not, like un- 
wise people, to promise to keep any of the external rules. I say tiic 
same still; nor do I write them for any but you alone. I say 
this in order that other anchoresses may not say that T, by my own 

Genesis, xvi 
r^^aliu cxix. 

b Ixiv. J. 
" Psalm 1> 


liam neowe rnvlen. Ne biclde icli nout ];ct hco liolclcn liam r' an.l 
Ze ^et nioten chaiingoii liain, luvoiise ^e eucr AvilleS, ];eos fov betcre. 
A^can ]>lnges Jjct beo5 biuorcii, of ham is lutul strciicSi-. 

Of sihbe and of spcche, and of J?e oSre wittes is inouli i-seid. Xu 
is )?eos lastc dole, ase ich bihct ou on crest, to-dc-lcd and i-sundrcd o 
lutle seoue stucclienes. 

Me let Icsse dcinte to |>ingc ]>ot me huueS ofte :' and forfii ne 
schule je beon, bute ase ure leawude breSrcn bco5, i-liuseled wiS- 
innen tweolf moneS, bute viftcnc si^en— a mide-As intcres dei r' 
condelmesse del :' tweolfte dei :' a suncdei midwci bitweonen yd and 
ester, oSer ure lefdi dei, jif lie is neih J>ene sunendei, nor ];c hcih- 
nesse :' ester dei :' ]7ene ]>ndde sunendei percfter :^ iioli pursdei :' 
hvvitesunedei :f and sumersdei :' seinte Marie dei IMagdaleine :' be 
assumclun :f ]>e natiultd .•' seinte Mihaeles dei r' aire lialewune dei :' 
seinte Andrewes del. And ajean alio peos dawes, lokcS ];ct je 
beon clenliche i-schriuen and nimeS disceplines r' ncuer J>auh of none 
monne, buten of ou suluen. And forgoS enne dei our pitaunce. 
And jif out limpe-S mlsliclie ]?et je beon nout i-luiseled i ]>eos i-settc 
ternies, je niuwen akoucren hit })ene ncxte sunuiidei )>ereftor :' oticr 
jif ]fe o'Scr terme is neih, abidcn uort ]>conne. 

Ee schulen etcn urom ester uort ]>et ]'c lioli rode dei, jn- latere, 

Fofio 115. ]?ct is hie heruest, eueriche deie twie, bute uridaw es and umbridawes 

and joing dawes, and uigiles. I j^eos dawes, ne in ]»e aducnt ne 

schulen 5e[etcn] nout liwit, bute jif neode hit niakie. ]?ct oJSer 

halue jer je schulen iiesten, al bute sunendawes one. 

Ee ne schulen cten vleschs ne seim buten inc nuKhelo secncssc r' 
o^er hwoso is euer feble ete^ potage bliSeliche :' and wuiu'eS ou to 
Intel drunch. NoSeleas, leoue sustren, ower nii'te and ower dnmrh 
haueiS ij'uht me lessc ]yon ich woldr. Ne ut .--fi,' t;*- nciiin' del f<» 
bread 7 to watere, bute ;i;e habbL-n Iraiic Sum aiicre maki.N hire 



1 ^„r vnlpc; for tlicm Nor do I command that they 

t;::: o,t In rega«l of this kind have boon ,n use 
before, it matters little. 

Of, and of speed,, and of the other senses enough was sa,d 
Kow tl^ last part, as I pron^ised you at the co.nmcneon.ent, .s 
divided and separated into seven small seet.ons. 

Men esteem a thing as less dainty when "^.v have it oft., and 
/ r o .hn^M be as lay -brethren are, partakers of the holy 

therefore ye '^;''']^^^^^ ,t Mid-wmter ; Candlemas; 

communion only fifteen '''^]' ^\ ,^^.^,, ,,,d Easter, or our 

-l?';:'^:'™" ';;;,' rsbr,AirSaints' day; St. Andrew's day,' St. IMiol ael aaj , confession and 

And before all these days, =^V\,v man only from yourselves. 
u„dergo discipline; but never from any m , only J 


rier." "sS fast always, e..cept only on Sundays. 

Ye shall eat no flesh nor lard except in great siekness ; or whoso- 
...Ilsinfirn, may eat pot„ge without scrnple; and aceusto,,, ,v.o,- 

(listinKni^l. it H""' H" 


The Nativity of the Vi.-gin Marj. Y''' „^, ,,„. 

The EN:iltctiun of the Cross, Sept. 14, callul 
oftheCiohs, I\I:iy3. 




bord mid hire gistcs AviSuten. pet is to nuiclic urcondschlpo, uor, of 
alle ordres |;eonnc is hit unkulndchikosf 1 mcit ajcaii aiu-re oidre, 
\>et is nl dead to |jc worlde. Me haucS i-hcrd ofto sig^c-ii l»ct dea.le 
men speken mid cwike men :! auli ]>ct lieo ctcn mid cwlkc men ne 
uond ich neuer jete. Ne makie je none gistningcs :' ne no tulle ^o 
to ];e jete none unkuSe harloz :f ]>auh ]^er neie non o5er vut-l of 
bute hore me'Slcasc muc?, hit wolde oSer hwule letten heoucnliclie 

Hit ne linipcS nout to ancre of oSer monnc ehncsse uorto makien 
hire large. Nolde me lauhwen ane beggare hide to bisemare j^ct 
bedesmen to feste? Marie 1 INIarthe, bo5e heo weren sustrcn r' 
auh hore lif sundrede. Ee ancren habbeS i-numen ou to Marie 
Folio 115 ft. dole, );et ure Louerd sulf herede. " Maria optimam partem ele'rit." 
"Marthe, IMarthe," cweS he, "]m crt ine mnchele baret. Marie 
hane^ i-chosen'= betere, and ne schal hire noiSing binimcn hire dole." 
Husewifscliipe is Marthe dole t' and INIarie dole is stilncsse and reste 
of alle worldes noise :f ]>et noSing ne Ictte hire uorto i-heren Godes 
stefne. And lokc^ hwat God seiiS — |;ct noJSing ne schal binimcn ou 
])eos dole. Marthe haueS hire mester :' leteS hire i-wurben, and 
sitte je mid Marie ston-stille cd Godes fet, and hcrcneJS him one. 
I\[arthe mester is uorto ueden 7 schruden poure men, ase husclcfdi. 
IVIarie ne ouh nout uorto entremeten hire J;erof ;' and ^if ei blameJi 
hire, God sulf oucral wereS hire J;erof, ase holi writ witneJS. An 
oSer half, non ancre ne ouh forto nimen bute gnedelichc*' |;et hire 
to neodeS. Ilwarof ];eonnc mci heo makien hire large? lleo 
schal libben bi ehncsse ase ncruhliche'^ ase heo cuer mci :' and lu.ut 

St. T. c. 

" l.i.V.I... T. c. 


,dvcs to little drink. Nevertheless, dear siste,^ your meat and 

or drink have seemed to ,ne less than I would have .t. Fast ™ 

i pou hread and w^ ^TJltl ""1 I!* Z 

tuo un-enial, and most contrary to the order of an anehoress 
It most un en.a , j^^^^.j ^^ ^^.^^j ,,,^,t 

i::/:!':;^ -i Uirm::;-, L ..t ..ey eat with livin^men 
I hi- ever yet fomKl. Make ye no banquetings, nor eneomage 
„t strand vagabond fellows to come to the gate; though no 
olr e2eon,e°of it h„t their immoderate talking, .t m.ght some- 
times iircvent heavenly thouglils. 

It is not fit that an anchoress should he liberal of other men's 
, ! Would we not laugh loud to scorn a beggar who should 
,; nlut a ?eas ? Mary and Martha were two s.sters, but 
Ih ; live wl <im-crent. Ye' anchorites have taken to ywse ves 
tLfs part, whom our Lord ^^^^^^t'^^^ 
^'T-et 'llrLh'lt :^ b^t 'anTnothi'ng shall take her 
:r:'rn her.""yousewif.^ is Martha. par.,_^Marys part .s 
Vietness and rest from al t„e -]- -- '-^"; „,= t Goa saith, 
her from hearing the vo.ce of fcod And l^^^,^ 

« that nothing shall take -J .f ^ ^^ X^;„„e.stiU at God's 
her office; let her alone, and ^'J >«;;";; ^^ ^ fo,, „„,, elo.he 
feet, and listen to hmr alone M rt a s oftc ^^^ ^^ ._^^^_ 

poor men, as the unstress of a house W. y . ^ 

meddle in it, and if any one "--'^ witness. On the other 
defeudeth her for it, as holy ^'l^^V^^ that which is 
hand, an .anchoress ""S''' °''^'^° 'I'^'l^ako herself lil-eralV 
„ccessary for her. Whereo , the,. ^^^^ „„,, ,„, gather 
She live upon alms, as frugally .is 

. l,„l<e, s. 42. 



FoUo 116. 

gederen uorto jiuen lilt eft. Hco nis nout huscwifV auii is a 
chirche ancre. Eif hco mei sparicii eni poure sclireadL-n," sL-iide ham 
al derneliche ut of hh-e woanes.*' Vndcr seinblaunt of godo is oftc 
i-heled sunne. And hwu schulcn'^ Jjcos richc ancrcn ja-t bcoS corSe 
tUien, o-Sor habbcS rentes i-sette, don to poure nciheboiuvs derne- 
liche hore elinesse? Ne wilnen^ nout forto habben word of one 
large ancre :' ne uorto jiuen muchel ne beo non )>e grediure uorto 
habben more, peo ® gredinesse rote of hire bitternesse :' allc bco<S 
})e bowes bittre pet of hire springe vS. Bidden hit, uorto jiuen hit 
nis nout ancre rihte. Of ancre kurtesie, and of ancre largesse, is 
i-kumen ofte sunne % selieome on ende. 


children |?et habbeS i-swunken uor ou, h\vat>e ^c 

sparie^ on ou makie^ ham to etene, — nenne mon biuorcn on, bute 
jif he habbe neode •! ne la^e je to drinken ^ nout, Ne jirne ich J?L-t 
me telle ou hcndi ancren. Et gode ureond nimeS al pet 30 habbeS 
neode hwon heo beodeS hit ou r' auh, for none bode, ne ninie je 
nout wi^uten neode, leste je kecchen pene noma of gedcrinde 
ancren.^ Of mon pet je misleueS ' ne nime je nouSer lesse ne more — 
nout so much pet beo a rote gingiure. Muchel iieode schal driuen 
ou uorte bidden out r' pauh, edmodliche scheaweS to ower leoueste 
ureond ower meseise. 

Ee, mine leoue sustren, ne schulen habben no bc.-.t, bute kat one. 
Ancre pet haue^ eihtc puncheS bet husewif, ase :\rartlie was p^'" 
ancre:' ne none wise ne mei heo beon Marie, mid gri5fuln(.-;se of 
heorte. Vor peonne mot heo penchen of pe kues foddrc, ami of 

« schiue. T. sclini.loii. C. '' ^^■•""■'- '''• ^'• 

c And s^va sdiuden. T. hu scliule. C. " wilnc. T. uih.i. C. 

' Beo. r. 0. ' 

B [Ne nanc ne cotcn biuorcn ow l.utc l.i owo.> r.-.-i,l i l.> !>.-. le.iuc] C. 
h [I hwer hal, T cucr gcmiS ow i. nan f.on. ow nc pnrli xviN s.-an.lK-: no v.r.h, 
irnspaiet, «sc forS as gc inalien >viS ril.t, wiXulo sunn.-.] C. 
I [>urh his fol semblaunt, oXcr l.i his wak» wor.lcs.J C. 


tlmt she may give it away afterwards. Slie is not a l.ousewife, but 
, cliurel, anehoress. If she can spare any fragments for t!,e poor 
iet l,er send tl.em quite privately out of dwe Img. Sm ,. of 
concealed under the semblance of goodness. And how shall those 
rich .anchoresses that are tillers of the ground, or have fixed rente, 
do their ahns privately to poor neighbours? Desn-e not to have the 
Intation of bountiful anchoresses, nor, in order to gtve mt>ch, 1 e 
00 to possess more. Greediness is the root of b.tterness : all 
he bo°„.hs that spring from it are bitter. To beg m order to g,ve 
vay i.°not the ^art of an anchoress. From the courtesy of an 
anlress, and froln her liberality, sin and shame have often con,e n> 

* Make women and children wdro have laboured for you to eat 
.,,cver food ."^^ ^ spare from your .vnm^^^ 

eat in J-"' F-™-' -»/ d.t ha' ^ hould be told that ye 
drink any """g- f ' ' '^^^ good friend take whatever ye 

Of a man when, ye distrust, ece, J ^^^^^^ ^,^,^„ ^,^.^,^ 

'TsSl possess any beast, my dear sisters, except only a cat 
A^ltross L hath cattle ^PI^^^^.^^: rMa^ th; 
housewife than anchoress; "»»=;" ^''\"i[. "ftl.o cow's fodder, 
peaeeftdness of heart. For then sen .t ^^^^^^^^^ „,,.,,,, 

.„, of the l--l-'7Vuri,ft l.i oW, and moreover pay the 

:;::g:::'sStk,»::i:v-tidious thing when peopu. in the 

, f enttlc in a con.mott ficl.l, nv1,o prcvctc.l trespass on 
. " The hoywavd was the Ucoper of cntt c . , ^„,^„., ^y,,, ,.>,. 

1 •' Note in Proiuptorniiii lanuioii" , j 
the cuUivatca groi.n.l. ^ote, m ^ ^^ 





heorcle-monnc liniro, olulnieu Jjonc lioiward, waricM liwou mc punt" 
hire, t ^eldcn, |>auli, ];c licrnics. Wat Crist, j'is is lodlich ]>iii<i; 
/v-z/o nr./,. jj^vQji ,^^c nialvcS nione in tunc of ancre cihte. pauli, jif ciil mot 
iiede liaLben k\\, loke jjct lico iiono inoiuic nc eilic, no nc lierniic r' no 
]?et hire ];ouht no Leo nout ]>eron i-uestncd. Ancre nc onli nout to 
habben no ]nng ])ct drawe iitward liire hcortc. None clicnarc nc 
driue jc. Ancre ];ct is cheapild, heo clicapcS liire soule ])0 clicpnion of 
hello.'' Ne wite jc nout in ourc husc of o^or nionncs JMngcs, no 
eihte, ne cloSes r* ne noutne underuo je J?e chirchc uestiincnz, ne }>ene 
caliz, biite ^if strcnc'Se hit makie, oSer nniclicl eio :' A'or of swuche 
witunge is i-kumcn muchel vuel oftcsiSen. Wi JSiinitn o\ver woancs " 
ne lete je nenne mon slcpcn. Eif nnichel neodc mid alio makeS 
broken ower hus, \>c hwiile J>et hit cuer is i-brokcn, loke j'ct jc 
habben perinne mid ou one wummon of clone liuc deies 1 nihtcs. 

Uor-Si ]?et no mon ne i-sihS ou, nc je i-seo5 ncnno mon, wcl mc-i 
don"^ of owcr clo'Ses, boon heo hwitc, boon heo blake :' butc ]'ot hco 
beon unorne 1! warme, 1 wel i-wrouhtc — ucllcs wcl i-tauwed :' "i! 
habbe^ asc monie ase ou to-neodeS, to bcdde and eke to ruggc. 

Nexst fleshe ne schal mon wcrien no linene cloIS, bate ;^lf hit beo 
of herde and of grcate heordcn. Stamiii habbe hwuse wule :' and 
hwose wule mei beon buten.* Ee sthulon liggen in on heater, and 
Folio U7. i-gurd/ Ne here je non iron/ ne hero, ne irspilcs '^ felles :" none 
beate ou' ])er mide, ne mid schurge i-le5ered nc i-leadod :'•* ne mid 
holie,' nc mid brercs nc ne l/iblodgc"' liin- sulf ^vi^^lton scln-ittes" 

" puiiiilos. T. 

>• [J>ing, J'aiili, t I'-'i \\iticl>';>^ l'« "'<^'' ^^<-'' *'"'•' '''''"^' iiioi^tiv.t ica.l, for hire ncoiK- miII-'ii, 
j.;ili sua derneliclic as lia mei, for nu^!i'•lle inomio wi-rd.-^.] f. 

•■ wahcs. T. wanes. C. 

' wiSuten. T. 

B Nc were nan ini. T. Ne liooro n;i 

h yleslijies. T. ylesj.ilKs. C. 

■) 1,'iinl. 'I', li.tlcr •) i-pml. C 

•■ no wi.N Hiliurgo il.ii'lel. '1'. 
•I.irelip,. T. 


town complain of anchoresses' cattle. If, however, any one must 
needs have a cow, let her take care that slie neither annoy nor harm 
any one, and that her own tlioughts be not fixed thereon. An 
anchoress ought not to have any thing that draweth her heart out- 
ward. Carry yc on no traffic. An anchoress that is a buyer ami 
seller selleth her soul to the chapman of hell. Do not take charge 
of other men's property in your house, nor of their cattle, nor their 
clothes, neither receive under your care the church vestments, nor 
the chalice, unless force compel you, or great fear, for oftentimes 
much harm has come from such care-taking. Let no man sleep 
within your walls. If, however, great necessity should cause your 
house to be used, see that, as long as it is used, ye have therein with 
you a woman of unspotted life day and night. 

Recausc no man sccth you, nor do ye see any man, ye may be 
well content with your clothes, be they white, be they black ; only 
see that they be plain, and warm, and well made — skins well tawed ; 
and have as many as you need, for bed and also for back. 

Next your flesh yc shall wear no flaxen cloth, except it be of hards 
and of coarse canvass. Whoso will may have a stamin,* and whoso 
will may be without it. Ye shall sleep in a garment and girt. 
Wear no iron, nor haircloth, nor hedgehog-skins;*' and do jiot beat 
yourselves therewith, nor with a scoiu-ge of leather tlu^ngs, nor 
leaded; and do not with holly nor with briars cause yourselves to 

irt made of woollen and linen, used instead of a penitciitiar)- liairsliirt. 


■ Staniin, 

'' ylospiiloa, as it is in C, is prohalily tlio true roadiiifj, from igil, A.-S. a lll•d^'c-ll(>{,^ 
and pilo, -poll, Fr. hair, fur. W'e learn from tiie following; i.assnp;o that the sicin of 
the hedgehog was used as an instrument of discipline: — 

Hkiucius, llF.uiNACEfS, ^iall. Ilmsson. Ilistor. Monast. Villaricnsis, lib. ill, aj-nd 
jMarten. toni. iii. anoedot. eul. ]:'.G1. ' Pelles videlicet licrieii, quihus usque .id largaiii 
enuMoneni sanguinis seii-suni e.edcbat, et urticarum aeulcos tpiibus scsc involvebat."— 
Du Caiigc. 



leaue :' ne nc iiiine, ct eucs, to ucolc disccpliiies. Ower sclionc Leon 
gi-eate and warine. Inc sumer 5c liabbeS leauc uorto gon and sitten 
baruot r' and hoscn wrSutcu iiauuipcz :' and llggo inc ham liwoso 
likc^. Sum wummon inouhivaSc wcrcS ]>c brccli of licaro ful wel 
i-ls-notted, and J;c strapeles adun to liii-c ut-t, i-laced ful ucste. Eif 
je muwen beon whnpel-leas, bcoS bi waruie keppen " ami j^cruppon 
blakc '^ ueiles. Hwose wulc boon i-seicn, J?auli hco atliro'= hire nis 
nout muclicl wunder :' auh to Godcs cicn hco is lufsumcro, J;ot is, 
uor ))c luue of him, untifted wiSuten. Ivin^, nc broche nabbe je r' 
ne gurdcl i-menbred/ ne glouen, ne no ssvuch })ing pet ou ne deih* 
forto habbcn/ 

l^uer me is leoucre so ^c don grctture Avcrkos. Nc makie none 
purses, uortc urconden ou niide ^^ ne blodbendcs of scolke r'*' auh 
schepieS, and seouwe^, and amendeiS chirche cloSes, and poure 
nionne cloSes.' No ]?ing'' ne scliule j^o jiuen wiSutcn schriftes 
leaue. Helped mid ower owunc s\vinkc_, so uorS so jc nuiwen, to 


* [Ancren, sume sungi'S in liare wimlunge na lesse }>eiie lefJi. Sum sciS )> liit Iiu)iie5 
to ene wummon cundeliehe forte were wimpel. Nai : winipel ne hefdc, nouSt-r nc 
nemned hali write; ah wrihelcs of heuet : Ad. Corinth. " Mulier uclet caput suum." 
Wummon, seiS Jje Apost el, schal wrihcn hire heauct. Wrihen, he suiS, naut wimpliu. 
Wrihen ha schal hire schcome, as sunfule Eiic dohtcr; i muiieyunge of ht- sune J-shode us 
erst alio, -J naut drah i> wrihcles to tiffung -} te prude. Eft wule Scint Taiiel p w union wrco 
i chirche hire neb gette, kste vuel holit arise J'urh hire on silijie, -J Iioc est propter angilos. 
liwi, J>enne, J/u chirche ancre, al beo W i-wimpkt, opcncst M" ^i neb to wcopmone* 
ehe ? Te gemes J^e. i>e men, spekcS Seintc Tauel. Ah, jef ci )'ing wrihcS J-i neb 
from moniies ehe — beo hit wall, beo hit claS iSi parlures I'url, wcl mci duhcn ancro of 
o«er wiralumpe.] C. '' [o5cr liwit..- o5cr] blakc. C. 

c atiflen. T. atifi. C. '' i-mcmbrct. T. C, 

« deah. T. i-bur5. C. 

' [UndcrstondfS p of alle hcose binges nis nan licst nc forbot; for allc lia bcoJJ of J-o 
utterc rivvle, t is lute strencSc of. For hwon t te inrc bco wcl i-witf, as \v M-i.h- iSe 
frumSc, T mci been i-changet hweise cucr ci ncod oSer cni sl.ilc hit a^k.■^•, tfur J-ba mci, 
use huften, best seruin \>o Icafdi riwlc] C. 

t? [l)iito to I'co ]■ owfr nicistre j;cued ow his leaue. ] C. 

1' [no la/, biitc Icauo.J ('. 

>• nan swiit I'iiii;. C. 

hcUren. C", 



bleed without leave of your confessor ; and do not, at one time, use 
too many flagellations. Let your shoes be thick and warm. In 
sunnncr ye are at liberty to go and to sit barefoot, and to wear liose 
without vamps, and whoso liketh may lie in them. A woman may 
well enough wear drawers of haircloth very w^ell tied, with the 
strapples " reaching down to her feet, laced tightly. If yc would 
dispense with wimples, have warm capes,^ and over them black veils. 
She who wishes to be seen, it is no great wonder though she adorn 
herself; but, in tlie eyes of God, she is more lovely who is unadoi-ncd 
outwardly for liis sake. Have neither ring, nor broach, nor orna- 
mented girdle, nor gloves, nor any such thing that is not proper for 
you to have.*' 

1 am always the more gratified, the coarser the works are that ye 
do. ]\Iake no purses, to gain friends therewith, nor blodbendcs of 
silk ; but shape, and sew, and mend church vestments, and poor 
people's clothes. Ye shall give nothing away without leave from 
your father confessor. Assist with your own labour, as far as yc 
arc able, to clothe yourselves and your domestics, as St. Jerome 
teachcth. Be never idle ; for the fiend inuncdiately offers his work 
to her who is not diligent in God's work ; and he beginneth directly 


» Strapples, the legs of the drawers ? 

'» Anchoresses err in their head-dress no less than ladies. They say that it belongs 
naturally to a woman to wear a wimple. Nay : the Holy Scriptures neither had, nor do 
tlicy spealc of wimple; but of coverings for the head. The apostle saith to the Corinthians, 
"A woman shall cover her head." Cover, he saith, not wimple. She shall cover her 
shame as a sinful daughter of Eve, in memory of the sin that first hurt us all; and not 
convert the covering into finery and pride. Again St. Paul desires further that a woman 
cover her face in church, lest evil thoughts should arise merely from seeing her, and this 
is, " because of the angels." 'Why, then, dost thou, an anchoress, although thou art 
wimpled, shew thy face in sight of men ? Take heed. Thou secst men, St. Paul saith. 
But if any thing conceal thy face fn.m men's sight— be it a wall, he it the parlour window- 
cloth, — a recluse may well dispense with other wimpling. 

<• Observe that none of all these things is commanded or forbidden; for they are all of 
the external rule, which is of little consequence. For when the inward is well Kej.t. as 
1 said at first, and that may be altered wherever need or any reason re.piire it, so as lli:i( 
it may, as a domestic, best serve llic lady rule. 



schi-uden ou sulucii » and |;eo jjct ou serueS, .nsc Scint Jeruine IcivS. 
Ne beo je neucr '' idcl :' uor anonrllites ]»c ueond l.cof^ hire liis 
were pet ine Godes werke ne wurclieS r^"^ and lie tuteleJS anonrilites 
Folio 117 6. touward hire. Uor, Jjeo hwule ]>et. he isihS hire bisi, ])cnehc5 |>iis:"^ 
vor nout ich schulde nu kunien neili hire :! ne nici heo nout i-hwulen 
uorto hercnen mine lore.f Of idelnesse awakeneJJ nuu-hel Hesslies 
fondunge. " Iniqultas Sodonie saturitas panis et ociuui :" pet is, al 
Sodomes cweadschipe com of idchiessc % of ful wcmdic. Iren J;ct HIS 
stille gedcrcS sone rust :' and water ]?et no stureS nout readh'chc e 
stinke'5. Ancre ne sclial nout forwurSen scohneistre, ne tui-nen 
hire ancre lius to childrene scole. Hire niciden mci, ]»auli, tcchen '' 
sum Intel mciden, ]?ct were dutc of forto leorncn among gronics :' 
auh ancre ne ouh forto ;^emen bute God one.' 

Ee ne schulen senden lettres, ne underuon lettres, ne writcn buton 
leaue. Ee schulen boon i-dodded four"* siSen iSc jerc, uorto hhton 
ower heaucd :" and ase oftc i-leten blud :' and oftere jif neod is :' and 
hwoso mei beon |;er AviSuten, ich hit niel wel i-Solien. Hwon jc 
beo^ i-leten blod, je ne schulen don no ]'ing, ]?eo }>roo dawcs, j'et 
ou greue :! auh talkc-S mid ouer meidenes and mid J^eaufule talon 
schurte'5 ou to-gedercs. Ee muwen don so ofte hwon ou JjuncheJS 
heuie, o^er bcoS nor sumc worldliche }>inge sorie oSer sekc. So 
wislichc wite^ ou in our blod-letungc r' and holdoS ou ine swuche 
reste ]jet je longc J^ercfter muwen ine Godes scruise |)e monluker 
swinken r^ and also hwon ^e i-ueleS cni secnessc r' vor nuichcl sot- 

» [•] fcdcn 5cf ncod is.] C. " [allungc.J C. 

' bedcs. T. '' swiiikcs. T. C. 

' he, \>(i swikf, hLiidics tiis. T. lie j-ctichc^' J'us. C. 
f ne w.\\ ho iiawt genu' to lustncii mi lai>-. 'J'. 
B ^u^ilicho. T. " "Hi l^':"^!. C. 

1 [}>ali, l)i liiic nicistrcs road, ii.i nu-i siiiii rilikii T 1m Ii^c t.> l> nii.] (". 
^ lit'teiie. '1'. 

' [o^'cr S"^^!' .V- wiilluiN i-.'.cliaiK II, li>.\.io wiilf i.M .1. .\li 1... unit ortLiv wi-m-Iuii j 
lau.l.ii! liiro lioliKt.j C. 



to talk to licr. For, while lie seeth her busy, he thinkcth thus : It 
would avail nothing if I ^^ ere now to accost her, nor would she take 
time to listen to my tcacliing. From idleness ariseth much tempta- 
tion of the flesh, " Iniquitas Sodomns saturitas panis et otium : " 
that is, " All the wickedness of Sodom came of idleness, and of a 
full belly." Iron that lieth still soon gathereth rust ; and water that 
is not stirred soon stinketh. An anchoress must not become a 
schoolmistress, nor turn her anchoress-house into a school for 
children. Her maiden may, however, teach any little girl con- 
cerning whom it might be doubtful whether she should learn among 
boys, but an anchoress ought to give her thoughts to God only. 

' Ye shall not send, nor receive, nor write letters without leave. 
Ye shall have your hair cut four times a-year to disburden your 
head ; and be let blood as oft, and offener if it is necessary ; but if any 
one can dispense with this, I may well suffer it. When ye are let 
blood, ye ought to do nothing that may be irksome to you for three 
days ; but talk with your maidens, and divert yourselves together with 
instructive tales. Ye may often do so when ye feel dispirited, or are 
grieved about some worldly matter, or sick. Thus wisely take care 
of yourselves when you are let blood, and keep yourselves in such 
rest that long thereafter ye may labour the more vigorously in God's 
service, and also when ye feel any sickness, for it is great folly, for 
the sake of one day, to lose ten or twelve. Wash yourselves where- 
soever it is necessary, as often as ye please. 



■ olwUS schipe hit is iiorto uorlcoscn, uor one deic, tone o>icn- t\w<)lu.-. 
WasclieS ou Invarsc je hal3l)cy ncodc, asc oftc ac;c jc wulk-b. 

Ancre l^ct iiaue^ nout neili hond hire node, beoS Lisio two \\nu\- 

nien :' one ]>et Lileaiic cucr ct horn, on oScr J^et wonde ut hwon hit 

is ncod :! and >oo bco ful nnorne, oScr of foir cldc r' and hi J.o w.-i- 

asc hco ge^ go singinde hire heoden :! no ne holde hco nout nun t.iK- 

mid rnon nc mid wnmmon r' ne ne sitte ne no stonde, hute j-ot l-f 

Vet hco mci, cr ];cn hco kumc horn. Nouhwudcr dies ne go he huto 

Lcr asc me sent liire. WiSute leaue ne etc heo nc ne drinkc nl.. 

t)e oScr hco cucr innc, ne Avi^utc ]>e ^eate nc go heo ^vl^ute kau,.. 

Bo^e heon obedient to hore dame in alle ]>inges, butc me sunne ou.. 

No hincv nabben heo ],et hore dame liit nnte :' ne ne midcruon no ]nu~,. 

nc nc -iTucn wiSuten hire leaue. Nenne mon ne leten heo m : no )o 

xunorcnc sneke mid none monne butc leaue :' ne ne go nout ut M 

^unc^viduten siker uere r' ne ne ligge ute. Eif heo nc con o hok. 

sic..e hi Paternostrcs and bi auez hire vres :' and wurche l>e me lu 

hl^-: wi^utengrucchunge. Habbe cucr hire caren o.ene ouwan 

hire dame. NouiSer of ]>e wmnmen ne bcren m-om hore da.ue, n. 

nc bringed to hire none idcle talen, ne ncowe tiSn.ges ^ ne Uy^ 

hamsulf nc singen :^ ne ne speken none .vorldhchc spech.en . n 

...ns.A:Z.n, nc n^plcien so >et ei mon ],ethit iscie mu ^o . to vu. 

,. Onpnlle Vinf^ leasungc and lubere ^vorde^ hatitn. nou 

r'to Sr:". ho.; houe<l°c.oS siuc 10.-0. Ei«e.- >igge one 

ham .imvcawed,- no open l,cau«l.« Louh lokungo Imibon. Hco n 
s2ir::;.en 'nenne Ln, ne nor luno cU„.pen „e k„^ ,K.,n ^ . 
nc wassl.en hore hoaued i ne lokeu neste o none monne . ne to 
mWhim nepleicn. Hore weadon boon of swnche seheapc. 7 .dl, 

» Hare cop bco hccsc i-sticcliod. ' 
c [Inwid J^c %va.ici ha mubc wc.ic sea, 
-mantlet; he hcaucJi-Luaek^t.] C 
d toggle. T. to-Ki. C. 

«>>i'i'l. C. 
,,,„,;. hwcn .na..l.l ban, I-cuejCoS; vlo. K"' 



When an anchoress hath n<.t her food at hand, let two women he 
^ .A nno ^vho stays always at home, another who goes out 

totliepuccwiiu vv thin, and never go 

no, dnnk abroad. L^" ^f "j J^\„;, b^ obedient to their dan,e 
out of the gate «.*o«' -^ ^ ;,^„, „„,„„„ „„Unown 

in all things, s«, only excepted ha the, i = ^_^^ ^_^^ 

to their n,istress, ■»' -J^ ^ iri„7Lr must the younger 
permission. They must not let any m , ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^.^^^^^^ ^ 

speak with any man -f^^^^^'l.^^ t„„„t ,ead her hours in a 
trusty companion, nor sleep out. s ^^ 

book let her -^ *- -''\^fr°f wilut .n,lin.. Let her 
.he .-ork that she is commanded to do w 1-' ^^^^^^ ^^ ^,,^ 

have her ears always open to her "',,,,, idle tales, 
women either carry to her m.stress or bung ta her ) 

or new tidings, nor sing to one an ther nor^sp^^^ J .^ __.^^_^ 
speeches, nor laugh, nor i^aj.o^at^y^^ ^^ ^^^^ ,^.^^ ^,^j 

turn it to evil. Above all th ng ^ J_^,„,^,„rt, ,it ,ow. Let 

ribaldry. Let the,r ha,r be cut hort, the ^^^ ^^^^_^, ^^ 

..h lie alone, ^et the. hesmer^e^^l J^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ 

broach. Let no man see them m , ^^_^l^_.^^_,^ ^,,^. 

them look low. They ought ™' '"J^^'^^' ™„„„, „=„;. to wash their 
,„„„, neither of their -1-"'---^ '^'o^^., nor frolic with 
head, nor to look fixedly on any man n J^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^. ^^^. ^ 

him. Their garments should be of sue. ^^^^ ^l^_,._,^^,^,,, 

such that it may be easdy -- '^^ ^, ,„ i, i^My n,ay Hud 
Let then> observe -"""-'^ f ;^" „„ ,„, „f the house. Le, 
fault with them, neither m tlic house , , , 

. U.M.,8-.s..itW» ml only "■«"•'""■ ' 

CAMll. SOC. 



hore aturn swucli ];et hit l)CO cScciic liwaito ht-o hvah i-tuni(K'. 
Ilore lates loken warliclic, ])ct non nc ctlwite li;uu nc inc liuso, iic ut 
ofhuse. On alio wise uorbcrcn to wrcSScn liorc (Ininc r and asc 
ofte ase hco liit cloiS, cr lico clrinkcn olScr ctcii, inukicii liore uenic 
akiieon udun to |>er cor^e biuoron hire, 7 sig^c '• Mca c-rilpa :" and 
underuon ]>e penitence |>ct heo leiS upon hire, hitende hire h)vnve. 
pe ancre iieiier more ];or efter J>ene ilke gult nc uphreide hire, unr 
none A\Te^5e, Lute jif lieo eft sonc ualle i^et ilke t auh do hit 
allunge ut of hire lieorte. And ^if oni strif arise^ bitwconcn ]»c 
wummen, pe ancre makic ei&r of luun to niakicn oiier venie akncon 
to per eorSe, and eiiSer rihte up o^cr, 1 kussen li.iin on emU' :' and 
be ancre logge on ci'Ser sum penitence :' mure ujton j'c ilke pet 
Folio 110. gretluker haue"S agult. pis is o ping, wute jc wel to soS, pet is 
God leouest — seilniesse 1 some " — 7 pe ueonde lowest :' and forSi ho 
is euer umhe to arcai-en sunie wi-eSSc.^ Nu isihS J>e deouel wcl )>et 
hwon ]?ct fur is wel o hrunc, 1 me wulc pet hit go ut, me sun(hvIS 
be brondes :' and he de^ al so onond '^ pet ilke. Luue is Jcsu Cristt-s 
fur pet he wule pet hlasie in vrc heorte r* and pe deoucH hloweS 
forto puffen hit ut :! and hwon his hlowinge nc geine^ nout, ]»conne 
brinoe^ he up sum lu^er word, o'Ser sum noulitunge hwar puruh 
heo to-hurte5 ® eiSer urommard o'Ser :' and po Iloli Gostcs fur 
acwenche^, hwon pe brondes, puruh wre-SSe, beoS i-sundred. And 
forSI, holden ham ine luuo uestc to-gcdcres, and nc hco ham nout 
of hwon pe ueond blowc :f and nomelichc, ^if monic beo5 i-uelcd 
somcd,f and wel mid luue ontende. 

pauli pe ancre on hire meidcnes uur openlichc gnltrs h'gge peni- 
tence neuer pe later to pe preoste schriuen ham ofte :' auh cuer 
pauh mid leauc. And ^if heo ne kunnen nout ]'e mete graces, siggen 
in horc stude Pater nostcr 1 Aue Maria biuoren mete, and efter 
mete also, 7 Credo moare :' and siggen pus on cnde, " Vedor7Sune7 


T. C. 

T. swookt 

» saclitnc-iso 1 somentalc. T. 
I- lie dos hond to I'Ct ilke. T. 
• he briiigcs up sum wor^l, ober sum o«ur l.wat, hivcr l-url. Iio to l.urrtn. 

' i-fcst to-gedcro. T. 


, V,v-ill mom forbear to vex their mistress; aiul, wl.encver 

"""' ^,f 1 tCm U-fore thev either eat or drink u,ake oV-sanco 
,l,c.y do so, let then c j_^_^ ^__, ^^^^^ „ M,^ 

s.nfe ariseth between the -men l^the aneta ^^^^ ^__^ ^^ 

„,akeob=isancetoeaehotherkneeln,g the a ^^^^^ ^_^^ ^^^^ 

raise up the other, and finally to k^s ^^ „„ ,„, „h„ k 

anehovess impose some penance on bo h but mo P ^^ 

most in foult. Bo ye well assnred th ^ ' ' " ' , „,„,,. 

God-peace and eoneord-and n,os^, ^^'^..^ Now the 
fore, he is always endeavotvrmg '»._" ^^,„ „„a „„,, wish it 
devil sceth well that when the fire » f^^^^ "-,-;„ ,i „, 

,„ go out, they separate the brand, an U,e d ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ 

j„., ,ho same thing. Love -f^^.^^'tL'that he may pull- 
Lave to burn in -'.''^^f^'.^f .„/„",, ail, he then bringeth up 
it out; and when h.s ^o-mS 'S °f "° ^eo Ueun.t, wboveby thoy 
some insulting word, or some ^^^^^^^^^^^^'^ „',; !,„,, Spirit is 
ave repelled from eaeh other, .ud rtu= i a, ^^^^^^^^ ^^,^^, 

Cuenehed, when the brands, ^^^^^ bo not away fiou, 
therefore, keep them firmly umtcd '-^Zllny, if there be many 
them when the fiend may blow ; » '' ^ 1'^"='" ^' 
joined together, and well kindled love. __ 

Though the anehoress impose penanee on « n. ' ^_^^; 

faults, let them ^'^^^^'^^ ^^^ t^ ^.^^.y the graces at 
however, with pernnss.on And . t ^ ^^, „,„, Ave Mar.a, 

„,eals. let thena say, mstead °f ' '7' ^ j „,er and above ; and in 
belbro and also after "-"'-'"'^J'^" ^.'^g „" a„d Holy Ghost, one 
conclusion say thus, " May the ^^'^^''^ J, and u.ore, 
God Ahnighty, give ---'- , ' f :„, ,„ah,g, and rew.,,. .11 



Holi Gost ?, on Almihtl God, he ^iue ure claim- \\U ^', m. I, hjtv 
so more :f 1 leue hire 7 us bobe nlinen god endiiigc:' 7 t;.r;.ld,' .\lli« 
l^et us god doS, 1 milce bore soulen |?et us god i-doii li:dj!.«.-N— h.irxs 
soulen J idle cristene soulen. Amen." Bitweom-n ukIo no <'rn>.-i:.- » 
/'i^/io 119i, je nout nouSer frut, ne oSerhwat :' none drinkon wlSut.-n K:;ai« : 
auh J)e leaue beo liht in alle |;eo J>inges j;er nis suimo. Ktto lu. to 
no word, o'Ser lut, 1 J?eo boon stille.'' Al so efter }'o aiu-iv cuiniJi** 
uort mid-morwen •= ne dou no ]^ing, nc ne siggcn, bwaiv Jiindi bin* 
silence muwe been i-sturbcd. Non ancre seruaiit Jio (ndito, mid 
ribte, uorto asken i-sette huire, bute mete?clo5 ]>vt luo uu-i vb:::. n^ 
bij ^ Godes milce. Ne misleue non god, liwat so bitido, ot" )>i' .mrp-, 
)7et he hire trukie.^ pe meidenes wibutcn, jif beo si-nic^ j-o anon* 
al so ase heo owen, bore bure scbal beon ]>e ccbe bli:,-.L' of Ikhi. n.-. 
Hwoso haue^ eie hope touward so beie luuv, glodlicb.' wu!- li-i 
seruen, 1! lihtliche alle wo and alle tcone JxjHlmi. Mid li-L- ii.- mid 
este ne kumeS me nout to |>cr beouene.*" 

Ee ancren owen ]?is lutlc laste stuccbon rcdi-ii to ..ur wikp.mi. n 
eueriche wike enes, uort J^et heo hit kunncn. And laticb.- n--! i> 
ou beo^e ]>et je nimen to ham gode jcnie :' vor 7;o imr.v,:i iinu!!.l 
)?urub bam beon i-goded, and i-wursedR on ..^c•r bahi.-. I..i 1 ■'-•^ 
sunege^ ))urub ower jemeleastc, 5c scludcn b.-n M.K-,.|..l j ■ r..i 
biuoi°en ]>e beie demare t^"^ and forSi, ase ou is nuicbc n-.-l. ? l.ii-i 
is^ete more, seornelicbe tccheS ham to holdcn Imre nul.-.u l-.>y 
uorou 7 for bam suluen :^ li«eliche ].aub, 7 Iiuk-IkIk- : imr - 
cub wummone lore to bcon-Inuelicb 7 liSe, and„n.- ^: 
Bo-Se bit is riht ];et heo ou drcdon 7 bmion : aub l-r b -. m-r.- 
of luue ]7en of drcde. peonne scbal hit wil ua.-.-n. 
eoli and win beo^e ine wundcn, cftore gcHUro ' loio : 
softe colie J^en of j^e bitinde wine :' )'ct ^I 
of suwindc ^^ vor J^erof kunicS ]>inge ' 
si. C. 



» grusn. T. gruucsi. 
"^ a<5et prime. T. C. 
e [fcalf.] C. 
e wiirsnct. T. 
i Godos. T. C. 

aub 111- IV- 
more cf li^o \\»i-l 
best— I'll is biii.'-ri.-. 

» -, tastillf. T. T I-.. .::.:•. ••- 

" ttiino. T. C. 

' IK- laioS inon m«t Mi—. T. '". 

b (K-iiio T. <l'Jii>. <-'• 

•• T. >:ur.i.-. I". 



done US good —to the souls of them and of all Christians. Amen." 
Between meals, do not muncli either fruit or any thin^ else ; and 
drink not Avitliout leave ; but let the leave be easily granted in all 
those matters where there is no sin. At meat lot tliere be no 
talking, or little, and then be still. Also, neither do nor say any 
thing after the anchoress compline, until prime next morning, 
whereby her silence might be disturbed. No servant of an 
anchoress ought, properly, to ask stated wages, except food and 
clothing, with which, and with God's mercy, she may do well 
enou<>-h. Let her not disbelieve any good of the anchoress, whatever 
betide, as that she may deceive her. The maidens out of doors, 
if they serve the anchoress in such a manner as they ought, shall 
have their reward in the eternal blessedness of heaven. Whoso hath 
any hope of so high a reward will gladly serve, and easily endure all 
grief and all pain. With ease and abundance men do not arrive at 

Ye anchoresses ought to read these little concluding parts to your 
women once every week until they know it well. And it is very 
necessary for you both that ye take much care of them, for ye may 
be much benefited by them ; and, on the other hand, made worse. 
If they sin through your negligence, ye shall be called to give account 
of it before the Supreme Judge ; and therefore, it is very necessary for 
you, and still more for them, that ye diligently teach them to keep their 
rule, both for your sake and for themselves ; in a gentle manner, how- 
ever, and affectionately; for such ought the instructing of women to 
be— affectionate and gentle, and seldom stern. It is right that they 
should both fear and love you ; but that there should be always more 
of love than of fear. Then it shall go well. Both wine and od 
should be poured hito the wounds, according to divine mstruction ; 
but more of the soft oil than of the biting wine ; that is, more of 
gentle than of vehement words ; for thereof comcth that which is best 
-love-fear. IMildly and kindly forgive them their faults when ihvy 
acknowledge them and promise amendment. 



Iichc7 swcteliclic uoi*3iucb ham horc gultcs liwon lico ham i knuwe^ 
and bihoteS bote. 

Sc uorS fisc Tc muwcn of drunch and of mete and of clo5, imd > f 
o^er Jnnges ])ct neode of flesche askc^, bco'S large touward ham, 
bauli ^e he neruwnrc beon and to herdure to ou suhien :! vur su (h■^ 
he |>e wel bloweS — went ]?e neruwe cnde of ]>c home to his owimo 
muSe, J utward ]?cne wide. And je don al so, ase jc wulloN ]-rt 
ower bcoden bemen J dreamen wel ine Drihtcnes" earen r' and r.'Uit 
one to ower ones,** anh to alle uolkcs hcidc :' ase ure Louerd Icuc, 
huruh J'C grace of hhnsnlf, ])et hit so mote boon. Amen! 

O bisse boc rcde-5 cueriche deie hwon jc bcoIS eise—' 
deie Icsse o^er more. Uor ich hopie j^ct liit schal boon ou, ;^if so ;;^r 
redeS ofte, swube bihcue |?uruh Godcs grace r' and elles icli hcuc!.- 
vucle bitowen muchel of mine liwule. God liit wot,<= nie wero 
leouere uorto don me touward Rome J^cn uorto biginncn hit eft forto 
donne. And ^if 30 iuindeS ]^et ^e do-5 al so ase 5c rcdcS, )>oiiktJi 
Folio 120. God jcorne :' and ^if je ne doS nout, biddeS Godcs on.' 
umbe yer abuten J?et ^e hit bet hoi liuldcn,'^ eftc-r 
Veder and Sune and Holi Gost, and on Ahnihti God, he wite 
in his warde ! He gledie ou, and froure ou, 
and, for al }jet je uor him drieS and suffrco. 
lesse huire l^en al-togedere him suluen ! He beo 
worldc to worlde, euer on ecchcncssel Amen. 


and bfuJi 
owcr tniliti.-. 

mine leoue sustrcii ! 
he nc ;^iiie ou iieui-r 
euor i-hoied fn-iii 

Ase ofte ase 50 readeS out^ o l^issc boc, greteS ]»e Icfdi mid one 
Ane ]\rario, uor him J^et maked ]^eos riwle, and for liim ).ft hue 
wrot and swonc^ her abuten. Inouh mcMul irii am, J-ct buKle .0 

a [Godcs.] C. 

<: Deu Ic set, T. C. 

« GodJ wite. T. C 

K swanc. T. swoiig. C. 

•> aiiros. T. 

d latere IkiMcii. T. h.-ilden. C. 

' olit. T. cawet. C. 

THE author's concluding BENEDICTION AND PliAYER. 431 

As far as ye can, in regard to drink, and food, and clothing, and 
other things whicli the wants of the flesh require, be hberal to them, 
thongli yc bo the more strict and severe to yourseh-es ; for so doth 
he that blowetli well : lie turneth the narrow end of the honi to his 
own mouth, and the wide end outward. And do ye the like, as ye 
would that your prayers may resound like a trumpet, and make a 
sweet noise in the ears of the Lord ; and not to your own salvation 
only, but to that of all people; which may our Lord grant through 
the grace of himself, that so it may be. Amen. 

In this book read every day, when ye are at leisure — every day, 
less or more ; for I hope that, if ye read it often, it will be very 
beneficial to you, through the grace of God, or else I shall have ill 
employed much of my time. God knows, it would be more agree- 
able to mo to set out on a journey to Rome, than to begin to do it 
again. And, if ye find that ye do according to what ye read, thank 
God earnestly ; and if ye do not, pray for the grace of God, and 
diligently endeavour that ye may keep it better, in every point, 
according to your ability. May the Father, and the Son, and the 
Holy Ghost, the one Almighty God, keep you under his protection ! 
May he give you joy and comfort, my dear sisters, and for all that 
ye endure and suffer for him may he never give you a less reward 
than his entire self. May he be ever exalted fi'om world to world, 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

As often as ye read any thing in this book, greet the Lady with an 
Ave ISIary for him who made this rule, and for him who wrote it, 
and took pains about it. IModerate enough I am, who ask so little. 



A.S. Anglo-Saxon. — Teut. Teutonic— Isl. Islandic— G. German.— O.G. Old German.— Fr, 
French, — O.Fr. 0!J Fretich. — D. Dutch.- Sw. Swedish. — Sc. Scotish.— Latin.— 
Ital. Italian — P.E. Provincial English.— O.K. Old Enylish.— Ch. Chaucer.— Lag. The rIos. 
sary to Lajamon's Bult, by Sir F. Madden.— id. the same.— q. v. quod vide.— v. vide.— 
g. genitive case. — sub. subjunctive mood. — imp. imperative mood, — pr. present tense.— im. 
imperfect tense.^p. ])crfect tense.— pr.p. present participle.- p.p. perfect participle. — pi. 
plural. — s. singular. — adj. adjective.— adv. adverb. — sup. superlative degree. — com. comparati\e 
degree. — 1. lege.^ — i.e. id est. — n. noun. — v. r. various reading. — AiA'ords beginning uith the 
participial prefi.x i will generally be found under the letter next following. The numbers rcf-r 
to the pages where the words occur, A point of interrogation (?) marks any doubtful meaning 
or derivation. 

I ! 

a, 396, /or ever, aije; A.S. a, aa. 

aberet), 158, htardh; A.S. aberan. 

abit, 3:33, 3.58, ahidcs. avaits. 

ablendeS, SC, pr. hiiudtth ; imp. ablinde, pp. 

ablend, 62 ; A.S. blindan, 
aljoutie, 02, loolc ovt. 
abbod, 314, oUof. 
abreiden, 214, abreid, 238; A.S. abregdan, to 

uvnhe, siaiflc. 
abuggon, ISS, pr. sub. abugge, 300; A.S. abyc- 

gan, to p"!jfor. 
abuten, 234, 314, .-Lout. 
accidie, 208, imlohnoi. 
acenien, 3C0 a. A,S. cwonian ? to pha.o:. 
ui-hate, 134, iKjatc. 
acoien, 118, pr. acoalde^', 401; A.S. acoliaii, to 

iieoricn, 60, to ficn.r, pro alterius crimine puniri; 

-M.S. Oxon. " acorodc, sorruirei/, acorye, coi- 

rcctii/..'" Ilcarne's Glossary to Uobert of 

a-'iieon, oknon, 16, aUncon, 44, on Im-es, Inccl- 

>ng; A.S. ciieow, l.-me. 

acwellen, 334, kilt; A.S. acwellan. 
acwenchen, to mx.nrh, 224, 206, pr. acwcnrheN, 

426; p. acweinte, 124, 268, qaen.-hrd; .A.S. 

acwenean, id. 
aewikien, pr. acwikeu, 118, 96; A.S. aewician 

to quicken. 
acwiten 124, 304, tojWe, releo'-c; Fr. acquittor. 
acscS, 8, usUth; A.S. acsian. 
adeaden 112, 1,'0, ^. </t"(/i,<, pr. a«leade5, 15"; 

A.S. adeada.i. 
adotede, 222, 272, S'll;i, dntiny, ini'iitiinUd, 

adotie, .00, i. D. dotcn, I'r. radoter, 
adrenchen, 230, to droiru, l-e d.oiriifd; pr. 

adrenche^^ 74, 314; p. adreinte, 220, 331, 

pp. 244; A.S. adrencan, to diuini. 
adruwien, 1:10 to d,j, dr;i h/i; pr. ndriiweS, 

adruwiciS; p.adruwede, 220; .idruwodeii, 1 ,'irt, 

p.p. adruwcd, l.')0 ; A.S. adruwiau, to drj 


adunriht 60, ,/-■„, ,y/./; -A.S. a-ltiM. ./..„», ribt, 

scstat, Kstaz, li 
.afallen, 122, d. 




3 K 



afdted. 284, ofcrkd, iorUncd, formed; O.Vv. 

affruht, ^6-2, fnr/I,i,,ud; A.S. frilit;in. 
ageliche, 5G, b. aufnHj ; A.S. ego, «ve. 
agest, 372, spiritual; A.S. gast, spirit. 
agesten, 212, tf> fri^/Zit-n; A.S. cgesian, id. 
age'S, 184, 2uS, 2^8, 356, ^w.vt/A rt^rnj/; A.S. 

agiime, pr. sul). 74, higin; A.S. aginiiau. 
agriscn, 30G, ^o dread <jrentl>/, pr. agriseS, 2!i4, 

i< terrijieth, pr. sub. agrisc, 29(i ; A.S. agrisaii, 

agrupie, 92, pr. sub. he filled Kith honor; A.S. 

oga; MS. Oxon, t^rrtutes; Sc. groo, to shmhl r. 
agultetJ, 186, pr. oif'mdeih; pr. sub. .^gultc, 184, 

188, 346, 420, V'--"'f'" P- agulten, 336, mrc 

guilty, offended; A.S. agyltaii, gylt. 
akest, 318, orerrome. 
akointed, 218, acquainted. 

akoueren, 364, 412, to recover; A.S. afofran, id. 
akursede, 234, accursed; A.S. cursian, to cursr. 
aleosen, 113, a. to lose; A.S. leosan, id. 
alleg.ate, 58, 314, 308, Ij all means, 84, obrajs, 

C8b, at all events, o')<}, ulthvajh; MS. Oxon. 

alesen, 124, to rdros^; A.S. alysan. id. 
alihte, 24S, alitjldal, elescended; A.S. alihtau, to 

come down. 
ali«, 246, 252, allay-th; A.S. alecgan, to lay. 
allfs, 64, at all events. , 
allelunge, 86, allunge, 164, 228, 232, 234, 270, 

3^0, 344, 348, W*'), altoyelher,n-holl>/, entirely; 

A.S. allunga. 
aire, 94, 136, 234, 314, o/all; A.S. al. gen. pi. 

alrerest, 314,^,-.'^ o/all. 
ahiht, A.S. 92, 10[), Just, qmie so. 
alsiie.sieii, 212, to ju\ro\,sfri/.-e; A.S. asiixsan,id. 
alto wundre, 38(i, s'rai.q.lj, sharply. 
amused, 270, 284, 2Ss, hewildend, infotnatnl. 
ameistren, 140, 2S2, 38'2, to mashr, ,j,n;rn, 

sahdue; O.Fr. maistrer. 
ameil, 324, mad; A.S. gcmtcd, id. 
amendeS, 420, mend..- Vr. amender, to mond. 
amidden, 106, 270, amid; A.S. midlpst, id. 
amorwen, 122, o« the morrow; A.S. on iiiorgcn, 


ampuiles, 226 


: O.Kr 

anan, 346, c. tm„iid' 

ancheisnn, a.u-lK.sun, 6.>5, 158, 232, 2-3}, 320, 

'6'',<), reason, can't,:, Ida me; O.Vr. eiiuliaisoii. 
i-an(-rcd, 142, anchored; l'"r. ancior. 
ancrc-buso, 88, uui.nrry ; A.S. aiieer-huK. 
aiidettcd, 126, indeUvl; Vr. eixlcttc. 
angeonni, 346, e. j.r. A.S. iinn.iii, to yrnnt. 

angrcsfid, niicreful, 370, 214, <iBr,-„„j,, ftrrtnl, 

eornist; A.S. niigf, <,om'//<; (}. iingilig. 
aiiguisuse, 112, 240, ai,ji,.i't, j^uhJuI; O.Fr. 

anlioiigod, 126, 284, 310, 552, 35 J. kauy^d, 

crncijiid,]>niiish'd; .\ S. aidioii, !•> h<iH<j. 
anonde, 161, in rtyard t„; Sc. nni-iit. 
aiionnlil, flIlon^illte^^, IS, 226, 218, 252, 82fl, 

anui, O.Fr. D4, 374, annu, 91,g. 37J,b. troMe, 

vexation, ir,,,ri „,<.!, 
anrad, 22S, a. A.S. anrwd, onc-mii-dtd. 
aiiros, g. 160, c. «/"•'«. 
anwille, 238, c. stuld.inn; A.S. auwil, id. 
ai.eware, 248, count, rjrit trorr; A.S. apa, an «tpf. 
■.m\u)i(:n,5S,toquicltn,roiiii(,fjritf; .\.S..'»cwician. 
anil, 202, a. vn,rilli,.y; A.S. e;irg, idl, , ititrt, O. 

arg, .Sc. ergh, id. 
arclic, 334, an arL; A.S. arc. id. 
arcchcii, 128, 166, t- rmch, alloin, ym$i>, pr. 

arcacheS, 200, .\.S. arxcan, id. 
arearcii, 398, 426, t; rui*<, ilir »p, enel, pr. 

areareS, 104 ; p. arerede, 326 ; pr. 5ub. arcrc, 

108 ; nroarc, 252 ; p.p. nrL'rcd, 72 ; arean-d, 

242 ; A.S. arteran. 
area we, 19S, 258, 3o2; art-wc, 00, in n rotr, 

in ordtr, in sncces'ion ; A.S. liryg, '.vrX, n'l/-/.^. 
areddeii, Z^Q,to^dtUxr; p. nnddc, 170; 

p.p. ared, 392. 3u0, deti,a;d; A.S. on-ddan. 
arcinun, 124, to ti.lnye; A.S. rjniaii; O. 

areowe, 66, pr. sub. hare pity; .\.S. hreowan, to 

arepen, 128, to >nat-h; A.S. gorcafnn; Lai. 

arewen, A.S. 98. b. arrorrs. 
aribt, 132, 410, trnl.,, i,„l,,d. 
ariiieS, 405, pr. tomh^lh; p. nriiii<K>, 40S, pr. 

sub. arine, 161; A.S. ahrynan, fo tonch, lit, 

strike ayuinst. 
ari>to, 38, 250, 360, r-.inrrrtion; A.S. arise. 
aros, p. 234, arose; .\.S. nri.->an. 
arinliclie, 328, a; .A.S. carinlic, trrtlchtd, jtoor. 
aroiiia/, 152, 276, 372, 376, f{>icef; Kr. an»imfi'*. 
arre, 10, a. 86, 1. /.,>•„.,;•. 
anaS, 108, b. dijh'-nl'; .\.S. carfc.N. 
a9auiM[ilc, 112, 284, tioin/iU; Vr. i-xoiiiplo. 
asciir, 296, imp. dric airuy; M.S. O.voii, uLiy; 

Sc scour, share; .A.-S. av.vrian, tn dicide. 
aseincn, asonicn, G4,f. v. nAtiiiifii. 
askcbaSic, 211, asUcb.nNis. •l\\,i\. oth ytithtrtrs 

cujus ulliciiiiii est cimrn conyrtyiirr; A.S. 

a-sca, asce, dii.<t, «.•/.•«. 
askcii, 214, uihes. 
a-sncseS, 200, t„>ll,th; A.S. bmi.tmii. 



' aspie'lon, 196, bi^i in v:ait; O.Fr. espior. 

I aspilleS, 118, pr. pi. (hstro)j, pp, aspilled, 3S4; 

A.S. .spillan, to sjxnl, lose. 
; asiiuiiit, 212, itfhinre. 
a-ssuilen, 3(j2, to assail, attarl; pr. assailed, 24G; 

pp. asaile.l, 212; O.Fr. a^sailler. 
asiuuz, 196, ussaultx. 

astaz, 160, shrt,:s, di>jnilics. O.Fr. cstat. 
astenrucii, 326, to die; pr. astoruuS, 17S; pp. 

astoruen, 310; A.S. stfoifan, tu die. 
astudie'5, 200, imp.; A.S. a.studian, to iiudHute. 
a-stuiiten, 42, to stand; A.S. astaiidau. 
astiinten, 72, to stoj), stint, xta^i; pr. sub. astunte, 

80; pp. astunt, 270; A.S. astintan, to stop. 
asunien, 64, to sltnn; A.S. ascunian. 
a-swelte, pr. sub. 216, die; A.S. asweltau, to die. 
atcliuh, 6, 52, 116, 118, 148, 184, 310, ateliche, 
212, •■i2S,/<ul(fut,/ui(l,loat/csoMe, ugly, corrupt; 
A S. atelic. 
atteiite, 252, tndiarour, n. 
atter, 80; A.S. attor, poison. 
atterlocJe, 274, ai'iidnte. 
atterluclie, 212, d, malignant. 
atternesse, 196, riialigiiittj. 
atifffii, 360, 420, c, to adorn; pr. sub. atiffe, 

420, atifi, ] 20, c ; A.S. atifran, to paint ? 
i-attred, 208, 238, tnvenomed, poisoned. 
attrest, 2S2, 2>oisonest, attreS, 84, poisone'h. 
attri. 82, 134, 188, 190, 364, attrie, 274, 2SS, 

poisonous, vmomous, hitter. 
atlupes, 48, f. leaps awaij; A.S. hleapan, to leap. 
aturn, 426, attire; Fr. atounier. 
aturned, 284, chunijed, converted. 
aualletL, 246, is laid, assuaged,; A.S. afeallan, to 

aucllen, 122, to cause to fall; A.S. &i\E\a.n,tofell. 
auenture, 340, orro/rrenre. 
aiigrim, 214, aritlanetic. 
aules, 212, av:ls; AS. acl, un, aul. 
auoreward, 142, covenant; A.S. foreward. 
autoiioinatice, 1, properlg or rightly named. 
a-vleied, 248, 258, driven auai/, baidsl'ed, av- 

luieS, 136, dricetk avag; A.S. afligan. 
awaitie, pr. sub. 174, lie in uait; O.Fr. aguetter; 

Ital. aguatare. 
awakicn, 238, to airahn; A.S. awacian. 
awarien, 284, to curse, pp. awariede, 206, 306, 

oirursed; A.S. awyrian. 
awed, A.S. 96, unreason able, mad. 
awuldeS, 144, subduct/,, awold, sxd>jert,d; A.S. 

wealdan, to rule, govern. 
awilcgoK, 276, 282, dislortdh, duzzhth; JIS. 

O.voii. disgregat; A.S. awyb'au ? to roll.^ 
:i\viligoii, 17(5, to grow wild, rebel; awiligct;, 136, 
138, 'iroircll' "Jd, frolicsome; A.S. awildaii. 

aworpen, 122, 278, to cast, t/.roir, oincomf; p. 

awerp, overt/ne<r ; A.S. a-.vorpnn. 
awrukcu, 334, 408, to indirl ve„rjtaiice; awrckcS, 

256, uvengith; p. awrrc, 334, avugvd. 
awundrtS, i)r. 146, 218, imp. awundri, 342; A.S. 

wuiidrian, t'l nonder, to l„> uma-rd. 
awuiicd, 252, trornnl; awurieS, 2U'2, 324, iror- 

rittli; G. wurgcn. 
a\vur^■e5, 200, pr. t/<tre arc; A.S. awcorSan, to 

be, become. 
ajeanward, 274, aicngfrom. 
ageines, 12, goods, jiropi tig; A.S. agan.^o possets, 

asoines, 14, against; A.S. ongoan, id. 
axindc, pr. p. 172,a.\uuge, n. 338, usling: A.S. 

acsian, to asi:, 152, c. a«et, 134, d, vntil. 
a"(5rusemeii, 40, to imprison; A.S. aSrvsoniian, id. 

babau, 234, babg. 

babelinde, 100, gossipping; F'r. babillur. 
bac, AS. 290, bud: 
bacbitare, 84, backbiter. 

baldeliche,62,292,354,364,W('/y; A.S.baldlice. 
bal-pleowe, 218, ball-plag; A.S. plega, ^;/t(y, 
baluliful, 114, bahful; A.S. bcalu, t<-7.' 
bame, 164, basiue, 276, b. balm, balsam; Fr. 

banere, 300, banner. 
baret, 172, 154, 414, tar mod, cinder, buitle; 

O.Fr. barat. 
baruot, 420, barefoot. 

baundune, 338, discrttion; O.Fr. baiidoii. 
bac^e, in. g. both. 
bead, v. beoden. 
bealdcS. 162, c. beldeJS, 162, emboldemlh; A.S. 

bcald, bold. 
beam, A.S. 82, a child; pi. bcarnes, 272. 
beaten, 364, lo beat; p. beot, 366; im. sub. beote, 

364; imp. beate, 418; pp. i-beatcn; A.S. 

beatan, id. 
bcatuiige, 366, a beating. 

beaubelet, 388, beaubelez,yt <'• J.s Irinhils, baidl-s. 
bed, bede, v. bidden, 
beggcn, 356, to beg. 
beggilde, 168, \;of<' biggar. 
beieS, beih, v. buwen. 
bekeS, 81, 102, pecked, i-r. sub. bekic; Fr. 

bcquetor, /" pt'l'. 
belami, O.Fr. 306, 338,// /(At/, 
beli, 296, bolie-s 284, bellows; A.S. biclix;. 
bciiiurc, 210, a trnrnpeltr. 
bemcii,211, i-iO, to sound atn-mp,', .• ' ■■, 

rcsoi'nding; A.S. byni:iu. 




bendes, 382, huah. 

Benedilit, 1C2, BoieiJlct. 

beoJemon, 356, o lethsmmt, one who begs or 

prays for the benefit of others, 
beoden, 114, 156, 402, to uJ,:r,pnHat; pr.beodeS, 
208; boot, 194, 208, 238, 422; p. bead, 230, 
390; A.S. beodan, v. bidden, 
beoden, 8, 140, 162, 264, 40C, 424, pya>/fr.t. 
beon, AS, 416, to he; pr. beo5, biS, 252; pp. 

beore, 198, u li"r. 
beore-kunnes, 296, oflcar's l-lml. 
beouste, 162, coj,sorl>\'[/ v:M: IMS. O.-von. eoha- 
bitatio ; beo wust ? Sc. " he is in a good hvut,"" 
he is ill a good siUudion, where he lues in eose 
and oho ndo ace: A.S. bewitan. 
bercbarde, 112, a disease ? 

beren, 2:^0, 256, to hear, carri/, smcr; pr. bere'S, 
332; berc),S4;p.ber,368,a(/T/(;<?; bereS, 382, 
"^ vea'rdh [as in Fr. pt/We)'] ; A.S. beran. 
berien, 274, d. hemes. 
berkest, 122, A.S. beorcan, to larh. 
bernie, 212, h'j>,hosuM. 

bernen, 306, to hfm; im. sub. bernde, 242, 
368; pr. p. berninde, 122, 310; A.S. byrnan. 
best, A.S. 41G, heast. 
bestlicl'ie, 58, VLe a htust. 
bet, 416, 430, Ulfei: 

beten, 92, to a.aend, correct, grov^ letter; imp. 
bete-S, pp. ibet. 322, ibette, 144; A.S. betan. 
be6, 394, 396, «i«M. 
bettles,188, ^.lalkls ; A.S. bytl; S.C. bittul, a 

bewiste, 160. a, v. beouste. 
bi-barred, 170, imjmsoP'd; Fr. bane. 

bi-bled, lis, c. t^-r'/<V^, 

biburien, 216, to hurj; A.S. bebyrgean. 
bicherren. 368, to ./.ce/,-., o«6n7; pr. b.cherre\ 

deceiceth, 92 ; pp. bickerd, 224, 2b0 ; A.o. 

becyrran, id. ^ 

bicleopien, 214, to, to coll to orro^r,^ 

pr. sub. biclcopc, 306; pp. biclcoped, 4.8; 

A.S. clypian, to call. v oi „ 

bieluppo, 90, foemhrace; imp bicluppeb, 34, p. 

bS'pte, 122; pp. hiclupped, 240, co> 

landed; A.S. bc'lyi-iKUi. 
bicluscd, 378, co.;..l;, lOS, dnt- 

tinq l.i: A.S. beclysan. 
biclute, 316, clout, 2'" tc/'; A.S. olut. 
biconi, 316, Aefme. , 

bidden, 228, 286, 416, ^. «^/y;/^'^:';^ ;;';;; '''V'' 

430- in., sub. bede, 222, 212, 4M; lode, p. 

bed, 156, 2.; I, :»>, j.r.xi'd, A.S I., 
biddan, i;i'-bidd;m, id. 
Md.lun-i-, los. .,./,•„,,. 
billon, i:".<t, -Jlti, to ' t'-.d. 
bid^vcolil^■, 12:i, I'jJ, ,/.<•. iV, M ; A.<. : - 

?-) ./,a/.v, ,,T. 
billutten, 102, ll'2, a. lo f'Jir, ; .M.S. »H .n. 

cere; A.S. fullm .' bcfyiluii '.' t-jii!. 
biforS, 2t». c. h'ho-c ll... ' 
bifuk'n, 128, l:;ii, a. 272, 21 -•..?■. ■/ 

corrupt; A.S. l.claiaii. 
bigilo\N,pr. 330, pp. bigi'.ed, 27'>: A.>. • • . 

to I, 'I a tie. 
bigurdcl, 124, />«r.>y, W'\ A.S. l.u>rl»i. 
bigurt, 378, pr. h-iiad, Ji.nt r.--,!.- A. 

gvrdan, id. 

bijJate, lliO, 174, 202, 238. 3J'>. :•.'••«. 

bij;ete, 96, a, 154,. •/■!-«, /■•■•nl,,ul.-a-t-! 

bigcatin, 160. 

bisitcn, 142, lilO, ;".o".t, (•. •jl, ./..i"-., ./'■<.« 

bij;it, 66, 142 ; bi^ill■^, \'."''. •--".: p. 

100, 302 ; A.S. b.-,'itaii. /•> ->(, *,</•«. 

bisuled, 26S, l.e;:uikd; A.S. bi-'alLin, /••'»«^< 

bihalt,214, 222, 21S,256,M..h'7-i; A.S.I. 

biliaten, 6, f. bihuton, G. 41>i, »•> .■•-•. z^' 
coi.,),nu,d,catl: pr. biliai. 6; bil.ui.-.N. 1 .■ 
bih.'t, 176, 22'!, 21t.S. olo. :-.i2. iv:-. 
bihoten, 1^2, ll".!, 1'.'"^; A.S. I .liaUi.. 1 
tian, id. 
biheldunge, IS J. /-.'...•'/■ •'/; A.S. I.. l.-.-Ju, 
bihestf,-J"S, ."•.,,,.„<.•.../. 
biUeue, lOu, 121. l.iS, K-'., 2.", •.^••. «• '. 
i.AW. /"'•"■'. .'•/.'."<■•."•••"•• »-du..v,i. 
„„„7'^.,T;o.iWr; A.S. id. 
bihoue, 70, 90, 131, 342, v. bil.fue. 
bilunude, 391, Ul<ho..d,,Ci,.' ,...„,..r./; A.. 

hofan. . , , , , 

bihud, 100,, ■..„.,./..'; A.S.b.l.vd lod.... 

bikunien, 350, pr. pl.'-.o ; p.p. !■!. ........i. 

bile, AS. 84, 118, '-..,/•, A.//. 

bileaue,/<t.V/., i,//./; A.S. kaf..n. (■■ '•'•;■'_ 

bileaue, 424, ni,'>i )•."'«.-., l.ik;»Uf.\ o. 
,»a;-K//. ; A.S. belifiu., f"', '»». . . 

bileauen, 310, to /-"A '"'■■'•;•'''•'•''".;'' 
bil.auc«, 232; sub. pr. »•'';•'"';•,-' 
l,ileaiu>d, 250 ; bilefde, 3 .2 2:.2 ; b.k- • •• n 
bileued..., 106; pp. l-l^-'- ; \;; 
i-Ieauod, 108; nnp- l'<^-""^. '""• »"'• ' 
232,3.>6; A.S. lafan,f../.">. 

bilioue, 16S,/....</; A.S. bigleofa, nl. 

bikpiK-d, 100, fofjHd, •"•;//'••':''••,, „ ,. 

bik.!;c.\ l:'.2, /'^"/''Z'. I"l'">"'. ''- "• 
A.S. lucian, i<l. 









bint, < 





bircf '. 



V l~ 



t •■ 


'• I*- 



•■ I '■ 




bUaii • 



■'. l*. 




• 'i,.*- 





b. - 

« •. 





S. [^ 



, -•"• 





'. ••• 










i -.l . 





bilokon, 160, hilokeno, 104, 2\0, 226, .^hot iij>, 

iudi'dc'l; A.S. licluco.ii, ill. . 
bilo%veu, CS,y«/« l:io,rru:<ed: A.S. belosen, Itlkd. 
bimased, 270, Uir;idcnd. 

bilurd, bilurt, 2^0, c, (A.-e/re./; A.S. bcl.vrted,Kl. 
bineo■^■e^, 304, 300, hoicoih ; A.S.bcnooban, id. 
binimen, 11>4, 414, ^. <Aj>*/'V, <a;C« c-w-c/-/ pr. 

binimfi-?;, 120, 13:1, 324; A.S., id. 
bint, «, 408, ?,/..r/, M ; A.S. bindan, U> Had. 
bippimed, 94, connufd; A.S. pyndan, to shut >;>. 
bipiled, 148, )>e''lc'h Fr- P'-'lc'-, bipiliiuige, l.'iO, 

biSdeTl02, e. leramd; pr. bireaueS, 120 ; 

A.S. bcreafian. 
bireined, 344, ictt intln-ahi; A.S.renian, /o mu*. 
bireaunesse, 60, coi.jnud'm ; A.S. berj wan, to he 

bireousun-e, 164, 20^, 306,368, 372, /-eji^^ta^'r, 

compvn.t;o,., r„„f,it;on.; A.S. bereowsung. 
birlen, 114, to j^n-r out, pbj vrith drmk; pr. 

birle«, 226 ; A.S. birliaii, id.; Sc. to birl, id. 
bisauiiiple-5, 88, p.p. bisaumpled, 316, luondizc, 

bisawe, 88, common saying, xrroverh; A.b. sicgan, 

biscchen, 234, to hesMcl; bisoubt, 234 ; bisouh- 

ten, 230 ; A.S. ge.secan. 
bisemare, 132, 248, 270, 414, scorn, dc^oracc, 

conteiiq^t; A.S. bismer. 
bisemede, 148, .«6eniefZ; Fr. sembler. 
bisenchen,400,tosi)ii-, pp bisencte,»<!«i; A.b. 

biseon, A.S. 132, 202, 344, to look to,loo/: ajt.r ; 

pr. biseo'5. , . , 

biset, 53, 300, 306, 378, 31'0, beset, hemfjcd, 

.nun-dfd, nnrul: A.S. besettan. 
bisie, 84, 2.r2, 386, bisi, 142, 258, assiduous, 

bv.s.f: A.S. bisig. . 

bisegJre, 182, busier ; bisischipe, 384, flrt^^v///, 

bisiliebe, 146, h'slfy. 

I.- 1 oi 1 i,„^mi-,i)-til • A.S. smeoni, 

bisnieoriiwed, Aii, oi^wc'Dt". . ^■•~'- ' 

bismitted, 214, bismuddet, bismu^clcd, l\i, b- 

htsvmited; A.S. besmitan, to sod. 
bLsniurU't, 214, h. v. bi.smeonuved. 
bisoene, 78, c. 376, rc/cest, iut,-eat;!,i' 


,!: So. liestfd. 

gesecan . 
bisparrc^, 94, 1. v. spcneii. 
bista'Xod, 264, circvwsta wxd, 

bistekcn, 62, v. stckcn. 
blstcpped, 174, stepped; A.S. besta'pan, (o step. 
I'istonden, 261, '''-'^'. . 

bi.spete-S, 2H8,pr. U.tundh; bi.).ct, 122,.v/-</ "/«'" 

A.S. snx-tan, t<> >■/■'. 

biswikcn, 224, to deie!>-e. beirai/, f>.l,ir<; pr. 

biswikoS, 194, 20 S ; sub. pr. biswike, 174; 

pp. biswiken; A.S. be.<<\vic:ui, id. 
biswincfule, 188, IuUsomc. 
bit, V. bidden, 
biteelicn, 300, to ddufy vp, i/ice in chnnj) , in. 

trust; pp. biteibt, 166, 310, bitcih, 20b; A.S. 

bitcllungc, 392, cn-JW; A.S. teallan. 
biten, 361, 376, 380, to bite, tiistt : pr. bit, 1G6 ; 

A S. bitan. 
biteon, 398, to coiunrif. /...-to"-, emplo^i, pr. Mil.. 

biteo, 404, Laj;.; A.S. betxcan. 
bitiden, 278, htUI.e, befall, .MS. Oxon. olhr,i,r. 
bitimeS, 324, 310, happouth ; A.S. gctimian. 
bitochen, 340, to shj i, if y, denote ; pr. bitociieS, 

170. 300, 326; p.p. bitocued, 300, 374 ; sub. pr. 

bitocnie; A.S. getacnian. 
bitocnungc, 303, si;)<i if cation. 
bitowen, 430, emplo;i<d. v. biteon. 
bitrappet, bitreppet, 174, d, stepped ; G.trcppe? 

a stalv, ste^'S. 
bitruHeS, 100, legxiltth; O.Fr. trr_:ier, m,d,n; 

bituneS, 176, appears to be an error in tbe MS. 

for bitimcS, in MS. 0.\on. arcidil, bttid^th. 
bitterlicbe, 361, t/''«'///; A.S. bitcrlice. 
bituned, 164, bitund, 76, 126, 140, 170, bitun.-5, 

y4, an error for bituned,. >.7.h< ttp,shi'.t in ; A.S. 

betynan. , , o / 

biturn,394, imp. tun.; p.p. bum i>d, .Js8, tu.uai; 

A.S. betyrnan. . ,. , o-q 

betweonen, 306, bitwhwc, 204, bitwben, 3o8, 

bctireea, among; A.S. butwynan. 
bi«, 2.^.2, i.<. , V ,. 

biSenobcS, 324. thi.tks, meditates; pp. bcioubt, 

342, sub. p. biSo'ibte, A.S. bcSeni-an. 
biSundu'N, 346, Sieniell, good. 
biualloS, 296,344;, to h'jal,ln'ppf>,. 
biuoii, 76, to an.toi.i ; A.S. bcfon, id. 
biuoron, 190, 210, /»/<.<•€. .■,.,,. v 

biwcudcn, 306, to lin;> : pr. buvont, J..-; A >. 

bewendan, id. 

biwepcn, 108, 156, to in. p, lni,u.,l ; p. ^.^^n.p 

278 ; A.S. bcwei.aii, id. 
lilwrS^tf^O;' !^' (d^^Tablcd, 200, ..atl.d 

MS. 0.\.>n. i.'.-oluliis. 
biwreni-be-S, 92, sub. pr. busr.n 

bcwrcucan, to cheat. 
hWnr»,'m,,d,l.ldd. „; A lor...... 

bixvrixled, 310; biwrixlot, 262, c, ^w/.V"'•"««' 

A.S. wiixlian, to cl.a.ig. ,tra.,sjo,>.i. 
biuunnon,22S, *r«„,to/-.-'. 
! bisvust, ]OJ,^.mr</-./; A.S. Inxvaan. 

!l ; A.S. 




blac, A.S. 234, bhke, 2S2, Hack. 

blase, 254, brand. 

blasie, 29(5, 400, 428, Uaic; A.S. 

iblcched, 324, hlruchcf ; A.S. bkucan. 

blecMe, 258, Ihd .- A.S. bledai>, 

blcJ.lre, 282, hladdtr : A.S. bhedr. 

bleiichen, 276, to shrink, dart anide; pr. blonche'S, 

bles, 82, 242, 296, a hla^t, storm ; A.S. bl«st. 
bliscen, 360, blescien, 354, to njoin, glorii, he 

hapj^i/! imp. blesce, 290, blescie^, 35S; A.S. 

blikieu, 302, */«<«(=; A.S. blikan. 
blisse, 192, >y; A.S. Wis. 
bliiulfelleJc, 106, blindfolded. ■ AS. bliud-feal- 

blindfelhinge, 188, Ulndjolding. 
bliSe, 348, blithe, rjhul. 
bliScliehe, 68, 100, 412, hlithehj, gladlj 

bloamon, 23G, negro. 
bloawen, 210, to bloiC ; bloweS, 256, blotnth 

v,}) ; A.S. blawan, id. 
bloc, 332, livid, pule ; A.S. blajce. 
blodbendes, 420 ? 
blodelu", 418, m, draw blood; A.S. blodgeotan, 

to shed blood. 
blod-letone, 260, Heeded : blodletunge, 114, 

blood-letting , ,, . .i~^ 

blostine, 192, bloom, blossom ; pi. blostmen, 2<b ; 

AS. blostnia. 
i-bocked, recorded, foretold; A.S. gebocod, id. ; 

gebocian,^o record,. 
bo, 396, boa, 212, both. 
boc, A.S. 172, 376, a borjk. 
bode, 400, an offer. , <> v. a- . 

bodies, 212, to declare, foretell ; A.S. bodian. 
boistes, O.Fr. 226, a. j-oxwv 
boluweS, 214, boleseS, ho\\iCS,2U,e.dts,j,ueteth, 

vexeth; A.S. bolgan, belgan, uolignuri. 
bone, 222, bane, rain; A.S. bana. 
bone, 1, 170, 376, a irra.ier, reqnest, loon; pi. 

Jo^./^ 142, 152, 170 ;A.S.beu, bene, «r-7'- 

i-boren, 158, 6on. ; A.S. to bu, . 
i-borencsse, 158, time of buth, being born. 
i-boruwcn, 8, 102, i-boruNvun, 314, saved, /.- 

bo;e:'8S?4ti^■'^!■X;^re..^,;pl. botcn, 

12(t, 3';4, 1^. A.S. l-.'.t. 
botte, 300, a staff; A.S. b;.tt. 
bold.; l.»we, 150, bongh, branch, pi. boNsc, 330, 

410; A.S. boga, boh. 
breade,102,/^A,c.W,"'; A.S 
bred., 420, '^.n-u-.v A.S. bn,c, pi. bK.c. 

.M.S. (I 

-'r. '■ 

breden, 222, tu thr<:^t fo 

bref, 122, g. o,.;. 
breil up, 2>0, r„r./. /,.,/,/ ,.^ f/.,-, 

up, 252; Sf. to braid \\\k '•< .'■.'.«. .,r ,'.:.-'. ■« 

/..<!./ /</.//,, as a hlgh-,.,.nl.d /...-.. .'-,._ 

breidcn, fy braid, jdait, 12!, 27'', ['T. t'r>-..i- ' , 

236 : A.S. bredan. 
i-brcinde, 92, b, sj.rtad out, dl^j- r-d .■ \ v 

gfb redan, 
breken, 418, to iwi, be vs.d; pp. i-!.r.>k.ii; .V.-'. 

brucan, id. 
breoste, 230, the brta.-t. 
breics, 276, bieares, 418, brl"r.<. 
brorde, 324, brinU-; A.S. bn-r.l. 
bret, 200, breeds; A.S. bredan, ^. >r"d. 

brihteS, ZSi, bri'/ht,; A.S. I riilMii. 

brihtlicbe, 154, chart.i; A.S. l.rlbtli.f. 

briddes, 06, birds; A.S. bini, bri I. 

brocbe, 420, a broach. 

brod, 102, open; A.S. brad. 

brokes, 258, streams; A.S. broca, >/. .</.<.«. 

brondes, 368, 426, brands, fn. I. ■ A.S. Ir.n.l. 

ibroubt, 14 1, brongh.i; p. broulit.-ii. 111; .\.s. 

briiigan, to bring. 
bnich, 164, bruciie, 6, 378, bratrh, ir-u>->:; 

A.S. bryce. 
brucbele, com. brucliehiro, 101, >■■■>'(!■; A.S. 

brecaii. tn ir^'tt. 
bru.-e, 212, ,t /,./'/.'/'■. 

brukin, 202, 3i'2, to u.<e, */.>.-/ ; A.S. 1 
brucb. 38. n.<e,frnl'.<, pi. brui-lien,2>; A.S. Ir^-v. 
brude, 104, <( bride; A.S. brj-d. 
bmiu', 104, 182, 20.;, 251, 208, .;•->, rfLM' ; 

o brune, 296, 420, o/'.pfv. 
brunie, 382, a cuirass; A.S. byriia;'rcut. l.ruii..v 
bue, 134, e. bod<i. v. buke. 

buffetcdeii, I0t},'gace blocs; O.I-r. luMV. .. '/■ ■-. 
bu.--cn, 208, 302, 370, to bn-i; pr. \<n^, 11-. 

150, 374, buggeS, I'.MI; p. lu-iditn.. .J I : 

pr. sub. bugge, 248, 395; pp. i-b-ul.t, :'.'-> ; 

A.S. bvc-a>>. 
bugguiig, 302, bum-, 3'".2, b. /•'•/■.I;'. 
bi'.iiMim", 350, .,h-dl:..t; A.S.;(; 

sam, bi'.cnni. 
buine, 308, bought; MS. Cx-n. mmid 

buke, 132, 134, /-/y; Sc. ; A..S. 1 

Ml;,; pi. bukoii. Las. ; <-. 

biikr ; Sw. buk. 
bulen, bulton, :'.ii6, d. bultcs, C 
i-bund.n, 254, 310, bonnd. 
blUHrn, ISS,, 188,.-, ^' '■■"', / 



l..ii;.:.; M. 



uwcn, /') hoin, inrUiic, lend, yield; pr. buliS, 
i:j(),'li»8, 288, 40-2, beiet!, 2i)<5, p, beih, TS, 
Sd-l'; imp. buh ; pr. p. buindc; A.S. bu- 
gan, id. 

sur, A.S. 34,102,?-o.vr. 

'urde. 158, bur^^o, ir.8, b, Vuth; A.S. geT.yrd. 

i.uruh, 54, 21(5, 300, tt cltj, tova; pi. buruhwes, 
■24'J; A.S. burh. 

;,uruhmcn, 350, cifi:cti.i. 

L.uruwen, 336, inotect, rjivi-- sccuriti/ or bail; A.S. 
borgian. I 

Su«»e> 225, io.vv.v A.S. bu.^a pi.; O.Fr. boi^tes. | 

bute,l40, 230, 398, 412; buten, 238,418, vifh- i 
'if, (jxcpt, onh/. 
en, 15G, 244, 304, 3G2, 390, alove. \ 

oaft, V. keft. 

cador, 82, h, a cradle. 

cakele-6', S8. v. kukoleii. 

oaliz,2S4, 418, chulice; Lat. cali.K. 

oang, 62, 270; kang, 56, 196, .358; canh, 56, n; 

cangun, cbaiig, 62, a; chanh, 358, a, foohdi 

fortrard,ra.-<li, inconsiderate; pi. cangcs, I'Jb, d. 
'214; kanges, 362. 
cangede, /oo//sA ; changes, 362, c./oo^-. ^ 
cangliche, 56. froimrdh/; kaiigsclnpe, o-5.^, 

kanl.schipe, 338, h./o%, alsvrdity; G- kuhn, 

fjold; O.Ct. kuin, uanton. 
cancre, 330, cauncre, 98, a r<ndlin<j sore; Lat. 

QMcii,152, cellars, storehouses; A.S.cellas; 0.1' r. 

charoines, 84,/«/t, carrioyi; O.Fr. caroigne. 
clnstcn 218, 268, to chastise, correct, relvk-e; pr. 

chast'fS, 184; imp.chasti, 70; O.Fr. chastier. 
eliaumberling, 410, c/<«i«?.«-/«!'H. 
chfaHe, 72, 90, chefle, 76, cheuelungc, 100, x<lle 

OT tiiflihfj tiilJ:. 
clirrteN" 128, cbeoflc'S, chatbreth, talhth vll;i; 

A.S.'ccaf, chaff; eoafl, tl,.' Ja>r or ehn-/.: To 

rhiiff, is still used in Liiicolnsliire in the same 

rlH;:,j.eS, pr. 190, 290, 418; pr. sub. chcape ; 

A..S. ceapian, to Inuj or sell, to chraji'n. 
• heapild, 418, « traffirhr. 

■■iieastc, 200, strife, covtuitl<n,; A.S. coast, id.^, 152, to cl.alirr; pr. cbeat.-reS, Ic"-, 

pr. p. tli.'aferinde, 152. 
Ch..f, 2711, 27-2, r/.r,/; A.S. oeaf. Id. 
clir.lVare, 310, 41.\ /..,v;"/" ■".'/, ''•".//''•• -^•^- ^«'P 
diookon, 70, 106, 156,, Am /'■-■,.■ A.S. coor-a. 
oh,.„rl, 86, a churl; A.S.ecorl ; S<-. carle 
clic,);wn, 370, to choose; imp. clu:<.se, 100; pp 

i-chosen; A.S. ccnsan. 

cheonwe'S, 80, 84, chci'-cth; A.S. ceowan. 

cheping, 88, 206, a hiarLd ; A.S. ceapiing. 

chepmon, 418, chapman. 

chetel, 224, chattels, fjoods. 

clicre, 344, a face, countenance, vnj Joy-e; pi. 

cheres, 210. 
cherite, chcrtc, 408, Fr. cliaritc, lore, chority. 
cherre, 36, 84, 324. a time, a turn; sunime- 
clierre, somditms ; one clicri'O, 314, once ; A.S. 
cyrre, ccrre. 
childene, 212, f. childish, like clildrcn. 
cliirohe, 418, 420, rhvrrh ; cliirohoio, 3 1 8, rhvrch- 
yard; JIS. 0.\on. cimeterium; A.S. cyricca. 
j chirmen, 150, to chirp; pr. cbirmc'S, 150; A.S. 

cyrnian; Sc. to chirm. 
I chulde, 186, i. e. ich schuldo, I should. 
chuUe, 1, 12, 256, ich wule. 
claurede, 102, clachte, clahtc, 102, b. seized, 
I clvtched. V. clcafres. 
i cleafres, 102, clai's, cliuers, v, r. ckuros; 
I Ich habbe bile stef an stronge, 
I An gode cliuei-s, schai-pe an longe. 

OhI and iViyhllnyale, 270. 
I cleches, 176, d. v. clokes. 
! clene, 154, clean, pure; A.S. clanie. 
i clengi, 120, d; A.S. cUcnsian, ^o cZt((/i«. 
' clennesse, 164,^)('ryV'/; A.S. clamncs. 

clenseS, 236, pin-ijirlh; clensiiig, 228, f-xrayiny. 

cleopien, im, to call, invite; pr. cleopeS, 5^, 102, 

132,306, clopeS, 98; pi. cleopieJN. 372; p. 

cleopede, 208; p. sub. cleopie; A.S. oleopan. 

cleppc, 70, clapper; A.S. clappan, to clap. 

\ cleppe, 72, noisy and unnasonalh talhny; A.S. 

' oleopan. 

; clokes, 102, 130, 176, d. hools,e!i'lehes; Sc. cloiks. 
' climbcn, 140, 162, to clindj, monnt vp ; pr. 
clind)eS, 354; hn. pi. clundicn, 214; p. clomb, 
' 354; p.p. iclumben, 216, 276; A.S. climban. 
j clou de gilofre, 370, cloves. 
\ clotte, 251, (( clod. 

clo^indo, 16, pr. p. clolhiny; A.S. claN, cloth. 
cluppon, i2i, to embrace; pr. cluppeS, 230; pr. 
I sub. cluppo, 288 ; A.S. dyppan. 

cluppunge, 324, an. evd,rar, ; pi. duppungcs, 
396. , , , 

I chit, 256, a clorl, a p"tch; pi. olutes, 200, cloitt^; 
\ A.S. chit. 

■ clulif!, 256, pr. sub. w^v' ;'"'''''• ,^^ , ,. 
I cnoolo?>,lS,imp./>"/; cneolinde, 122, i-nalu'./. 

cnouleeiiunge, 92, /.■non-lid'/e. 
I i-cnowen, 232, 250, 276, to/.„oi'- ; pr. i-<nn\ve.\ 
20f,//"'('.(7/'; pp. i-cnowen, 64, /;<(.-'«; A.S. 
cnawan, to kmnr. 
cnowunge, 280, h„o.iii,'j, consciousness. 
con 18 24, 206, /■»^.(/-.s '■■>• <''•/''/ A.S. cunnan. 



1 ' ' 



cop, 421, a, eopc, 06, ,. o,p, ,, o.p,; A.S. cop, 

co].po, 2-lS,copin'j; A.S. cop, tnp. 
coH.iii, 81, u nu\, ; Vi\ corl-cau ; So. corhy. 
i-coreii, 160, i-eorenf, 2S, l.JO, 182, 198,231 

282, 348, du:l, r/,nse,>; i-cure<I, 50, b. ; p. 

cure ; p.p. gecoren ; A.S. ocosan, to choose. 

cos V. CII.S. 

cos, cdsse, 102, VM,akh.'; pi. cosses, 102, 25f;, 
V. kussen. 

costneJe, 290, cost; G. kosten, to cost. 

cone, GQ, cl,ov(jh; A.S. ceo; Isl. kofa. 

coufir, 140, e. vaUant, v. cwiuer. 

cradel, 82, 260, a cnulh; A.S. cradel. 

i-crauod, 2, a, ad;,J, <mvtd; A.S. crafian, to crcire. 

creaunt, 288, cravent, an aclnop-ledijiiierit of 

crecclie, 260, m>n,ffrr; Fr. cieelie. 

creoiz, IS, creoix, 316, f cms; a crcoix, in form 
of a 

i-creoiced, 18, hur;,,;^ mode the s!fj)i of the cross. 

creop, 292, imp. cri-j>; AS. creopan, 

crie, 136, imp. c/v; Fr. crier. 

crochie'S, 146, g. y 

crocke, 214, a yitch'r, a pot; A.S. crocca. 

croke-, 102, d. \~\,1^ji,ho',U, clutches, stralo- 

yems; Fr. croc, o hook. 
croppe'S,86, Y>;'iie,rrup; D. krappeii, to cut off. 
i-crucket, 18, d. crossed. 
crume, 342, crumb 

crune, 190, a cronrii; i-cruned, 234, rroi'-ucd. 
eubbel, 140, a cobble ? 
cueard, 288, f. a coimrd; Fr. couard. 
cul, 128, (I, stroke. 
culle, 126, pr. sub. slril:^.. 
culcheiS, culchcs, SS, a. v. gulchcS, 
culed, i,r,, 1. rolttd, ,:hos,,i. 
culuert, O.Fr. />erf'di„,>s. 
cumpelie, 22, 24, 428, r<jMp//'ne. 
curide. 120, 126, 140, \:,'o, kind, sort, vaturc; 

A.S. cynd, cuiid. 
cunue, 3.58, kind, sort, /.i/^ih-id; A S. cyniie. 
cutmcn, 280, to Lhou-; p. cuniiede, 114 ; cutest, 
28U ; kuSen, 72 ; pr. sub. cuiiiie,2S0 ; kuiiiie, 
108 ; pp. icud, 64 ; cuJii'et. i-cu-fi5ct, 01, i. ; 
A.S. cunnan, to kintu-. 
curnles, tiiiit, ijrc ins if rum. 
eus V. kus'^cn. 
custol, 140, h.acloj? 

cu^5 V. ku^^ 

c-uSredn.;, 170, a. i„li..u.rj. 

cuXiSinge, OS, a. (i.cju-'i.'tonrf:^ i„ti„niri/. 

cuuoitiMi, 60, to di-sire, corit; j>p. i-cuneilud, 6'\ 

g ; l'"r. couvoittr. 
ewa<i', '2i>i, n hook. 


cwakion, 116, tn .p..d,; AS. ewacia... 
cwalm huse. Hi), prison; A.S. cw^.,|,„ .I..,,;, 
cwalmsteou, IdG, pUice. if ix, cut!,,,, ; A s'c «.•,/., 

cweade, 72,336, eril, fUh, vich.l,,.,..; V .s 

cwcadschipc, 310, 422, wicleduct, i^i./.o;.,- ,,\ 

cweailscliipes, 128, 322, 298. ' 

cweise, 328, u sore, i'ou„d; A.S. cwvsan, f 

hrvise; Swed. qvasa, to Konnd. 
cwemcn, 138, 192, to phase, .,rot:t , ,,r 

cwemeS, 338, 360; A.S. cweniaii'. ' ' 
icweme, 120, 146, 370,^>/<,(,/,„,; A.S. c.hwh,,,.. 
cwerie, A.S. 88, 170, 296, 336,' o. >'■,.,„„„ o,k ,.: , 

voniOH, a 'piteii: 
cwe-5, 122, 234, 333, .^pcke, said: A.S. .w,,^.,, 

to sj>eak, sa>/. 
cwic, AS. 112, 310; cwike, 170, 332, n. ,-u,l..,, 
olirc, Uriiifj, lrcd<i, fereet.t; com.' cui.ktmv 
112, 7iiorc sensifii-e. 
cwicliche,24(>, rjuick/;/, urtirthr, com. cwidii;. r, 
cwide, A.S. 2US, a lei/tu-i/. 
cwiddeb", 147, saith; A.S. cwiddigan, to sj...,i: 
cwiiit, cwoint, V. kointe. 
cwltaunce, 126, -pu'/ meat ; Fr. quittance, 
cwito, 6,40, 19-^, freed, excused, wpiill.d; Fr. 

cwiuer, 140, hold, valiaut; O.Fr. cuivert, ir.x/. 

daclige. dasche, 118, b. dash, strike 1 
dangei-us, 108, domineerinff ; O.Fr. dang, nn 

daunger, 3.'')6, 380, orroyrinci', in.-nl< n-e, d-in^ 

rium, id. Du Cange. 
dawcs, 190, 312,394,(/<'y.s- A.S. dab, dag, -i ■!.■ 
daweiS, 352, daicaelh. 
dawunge, 20, dai>»; A.S. dagiing. 
deale, 276, 286, 362, dele, 276, c. ? 
dealcn, V. deloii. 
deales, 282, daUs. 
dcarnosebipc, l.^)2, c. priinn/, 
dea.lli(iie.s.s, 3b2, lihinss of'dcnth. 
dcboiicre, O.Fr. 180, kind, //ood,ar,ii„/,/r. 
dcboiicrtc, 390, i'iii<lius.i, c/eer/'iituiss. 
dedbote; 206, 318, 372, )H.,',i,.ce, a,...,.d ; 

AS. d:ed, d,ed, bote, bttan, /.) i-iit^..''. 
deiNlicbo, 394, </,«.//,/. 
dei'.'ii, 38, 312, to die; j). doijcde, 11"\ di-i'd.! 

deih, 260, 420, oii;iht,mvst; A.S. digian, .hig.ii. 
deiiiti', 412, '/.«/■;«/-/,• O.Fr. daiii. 
('.el, 2V6, (I jiart, share. 
deloM, 28, 38, 248, dralcn, 224, 400, to '/■.'■'• 

share, iui-part ; pr. dcle.N, 368 ; \>. deal, .l- 



248; imp. aele, 302; pp. i-deled, '204; A.S. | 
(lu-'laii, id. 
delices, Fr. "GS, ^^li'dmires. 
dolit, 102, 272, -ISS, d,li'f/Jd, funibitoS,d(sin>; 

O.Fr. dcWt, Jo;,; plahir. 
dcmaro, 280, 428, :30(J, ajudqe. 
demeii, 118, 120, 34G, tojad;;,:; pr. demc-5, .304; 
p. demdo, 306, ?.32; pr. suh, dcme, 306; imp. 
dcm, 2'.I0; pp. i-demed, 170, 314, cojidinuud; 
A.S. dcinan. 
demeorc, 212, imp. tai-r>/; Fr. d?meurcr. 
deofle, 84, dtiH; pi. dcoflen, 232; A.S. dcofl. 
dcopoS, 2SS, {H),etrtil'tl<. 
dcopliche, 154, deeply; A.S. dooplice. 
deorcs, 196, deer's. 
deore, 3!>2, 403; deorro,392, dear; com. deorre, 

190, 392, dearer. 
deorlin-, A.S. 56, 336, deorlinge, 230, darllnj; 

dcoruwurSe, 38, 112, 250, jn-edous. 
deoruwurlSliclie, 410, vsorthihi. 
deosc, 24, dcosk, 148, dim, obscure; A.S. )?eostre, 

depeint, 306, ^w luted. 
dcr, 306, 346, dare. 
derf, 80, 106, 180, ZU, i^aUJio.rdsldp; A.S. 

daru, hurt. 
derfo, 33, d. 112, e. painful. 
dertliche, ;i.a'ft/it//y, sorefj/. 
derful, 313, strict, hard; A.S. deorfan. 
denie, 90, 94, 96, 151, 220, 250, 330, secret, 
hidden, unseen, rdired; A.S. dearnuu-a, 
dernelichc, 146, 282, 416, prieotel^, secrethi, 

dcrnelukeV, 128, wore secreth/. 
deruen, 382, tu inflict pain, distress; pr. dorue6, 
112, 223, 404; pr. sub. derue, 232; pp. 
i-dorucn, 106, i-derued, 106, 192, hurt; A.S. 
dospuiled. 260, spoiled, stripped. 
dettu3, 126. d,ht.s; duttur, 312, a dchtor. 
deu le set, 268, 382; dewleset, 258, a. 
dich, 246, ditch; A.S. die. 
dieto, 112, did. 

dimlukcr, 210, ^rs.? distinctl;/, less lotu'l'). 
disceplinc, 2^\,,lla'jdlation. 
disrhes, 214,rf/N/'^<. 
dittcn, 82, e. stop v.p; A.S. dyttan; Sc. to 


doddunge, 14, 14, c. ^o/(.s('/-«, 

i-doiiai!<l,i22, cropped, shorn, drpp^d. 

dole, 10, 112, 116, 342. 414, part d^,u<on 

deal; pi. dolen, 10, 276; A.S. d;cl. 
dolk, 1, a scar, tcound-Mur/:; A.S. dolg. 


dolucne, i-do!uene, 292, delved, dvg into; A.S. 

delfaii, to dig. 
dom, A.S. US, ti06, doom, jv.df/ment; pi. domes, 

decrees, counsels. 
domesdei, 188, doomsday/, da>j of judgment, 
domesmon, '\..>Q, judge. 
doin-htol, 306, seal ofjvibpnent. 
don, A.S. 16, 128, 148, to do; pr. do, 200, 
do5, 426, dcst, 121, doS, 174, 184, 236, 24*; 
p. dude, 102, 110, 314, 370, dudest, 3U6, 
duden, 330; p p. i-don, 316. 320. 
idoruen, 10G,^)(/ //'("?; A.S. gcdjrfod, deorfan. 
dotciS, 120, c. I)ut. doton, to dote. 
dotie, 22i, dotes, becomes foolish, v. adotedc. 
douhter, 258, daughter; A.S. dohter, 
drake, 246, a dragon. 
drauh'S, 118, 122, dniKclh, teareth, i. e. with the 

plough; A.S. dra!g-S, dnagan, id. 
drawen, 160, to draic ; p. drouh, 102, drowL-n, 

110, 112, dreir, dragged; A.S. drog, drogon. 
drcame, 210, 214, sound; A.S. dream, welodj. 
dreamen, 430, to vtter sveet sounds. 
dreaue, 264, f. driee, rout, imp. 
drede, 428, dread; A.S. drad. 
dreden, to dread; pr. dredeS, 222 ; pr. sub. 

dreden, 423. 
dredful, 302, n-ithfear; dredlicho, 58, terrible. 
dreori, lOG, 274, dull, listless, drcarg; A.S. 

drcorig ; MS. 0.von. funestus. 
drien, 80, 112, 134, to endure, suff^-; pr. drieS, 
348, 358, 376,430; drilvS, 356; p. dreih, 136. 
354; pr. sub. dric, SO; A.S. dreogan; Sc, 
dree, id. 
drif, 274, imp, drive; pr., 230; pr. p. 

driueiidc, 244, driving. 
drihtenes, 430, the Lord's. 
drinken, 238, to drinh; pr. drinke'5; p. drone, 

3G4; drinkares, 216, drunkards. 
driworic, 250, 330, a love-token, affection, gal- 

dropmcle, 282; A.S. drop-mxlum, bg drops. 
druie, 27G, drg. 
drunchc, 342, drixl:; pi. drunohes, 3G4 ; druiK-h. 

114, 238, a drink. 
druncnie, pr. sub. should droxu; p. adrone, 

dro>r,.,d; A.S. adrencan. ^ 
druncwilo, drunl;cn.>ome, 216, d, a drnidard. 
drupio, 88, sad, melancholg; Dut. droevig. 
due, 300, leader. 
duttc, 292, dullc, 292, c blunt. 
dulue, 384, im. sub. did delve; p. duhan, 2ir2, 

dune, 376, mountain, pi. dunes, 380; A.h. .bui. 
dui.t, 60, 200, 274, 284, 3GG, o bio., ,/;„,., 
stroke; pi. duntes, 284; A.S. dvnt, i.l. 


il'i!! ' 


3 1. 





durren, 12S, pr. sub. dim-. 

dusi, 208, dubie, I'JO, 222, /oo/(V<; A.S. djsig, 

dusig, id. 
dusigest, 182, moslfonlUh; diisiscliipc, lS2,/<i/h). 
dvsten, 212, to toss. 
diiste'5, 311, w dit,if,/. 
dute, 220, 314. 'douht, fuir; dute'S. 241, 

dutten, 82, to stnj) vj^; p. pi. dutten, lOG, 314; 

imp. dute, IOC; A.S. dytuu; Sc. ditt, id. 
duue«, 282, diatf,; A.S. dippan, id. 
dweole, 62, 204, 354, aror, dclv.^ion; A.S. 

dwola, id. 
a-dvveole'5, 224, o-dweolo, 224, c. ImviiKj lost 

one^s uu)/; A.S. dwolian, to trr. 

eadl, 28, 146, 308, eadie, 142, 151, 156, 244, 
356, blessed, pious, i/ood, happi/, A.S. eadig. 

eadiliche, 323, hoiq)Uj; A.S. eadiglic. 

eadinesse, 28, blessedness, 

eaduiodioiS, 278, a, imp. vial-e humble. 

eadwiten, 212, to blame, find fault, ttrit. 

eaise, 114, sutis/action, taste; O.Fr. aaisc. 

eanes, 256. i, once. 

ear, 2C8, 388, before; arre, 14, a. forhur; 
eareste, 48, h. erest, 380, ZSS, first. 

earde, 358, earth, soil, land, 

earen, 90, ears. 

earewen, 60, 294, arrows; A.S. arcwe. 

earin, 112, arm; pi. earmes, 394; A.S. earm. 

earncs, A.S. 196, eagles. 

eart, 134, a. hard. 

eastres, 296, c. 

eaubruehe, 20i, adulter >/; A.S. sewbrece. 

ea'5, 62, d. ea^e, 276, 402, eeis^, easili/. 

eax, A.S. 128, 384, aze. 

ec, 230, ever, ub'ajs; A.S. eca. 

ec, 168, 236, 240, also; A.S. eac. 

eche, 282, 326, 360, 370, aoke, 348, uchcpoin; 

A.S. ece, ace. 
eche, 108,116, 196, 208, 216, 362,428, tbraal; 

A.S. eco, eca, id. 
echeii, 124, 260, 270, Zi^, to increase, add to; 

pr. eehe'5, 44, 236; pr. sub. eclii; A.S. ecan, 

ccbencssc, 144, 430, etemitii; A.S. eccnys, id. 
echse, 98, c. vxe 1 

ed, 368, «/,/;•(-)/(. 
cddre, 258, o. ciin. 

ed)nodc, 118, 158, 302, mul-, l.oudd,, ge„tl. ; 

A.S. eadniod. 
edmodic, hv.mlde, " pe edinodics iiiouia-s Ixnioii 

J^urlcS j>e wcolciin," 246. 

edmodlichc, 94, \\^,mullj,hvitilhj, jMiienth/; 

A.S. cailraodlifo. 
edmo.lncs.e, 8, 158,246,268, m.tckness,hiunail:); 

A.S. fadinodnos. 
cdwit, A.S. 108, reproach, hbnae, tav.nls. 
edwite, pr. sub. ilG, find fault vith; A.S. 

edgan, 390, c. to fin ? 
efne, 1, 372, eee/i, level, equal, reasonable; A.S. 

efne, 12'^, po>'-er,abtlit</. 
efueS, pr. 132, 182, compareth; p. cfnedc, 126, 

142; pp. i-efued, 142, 150,298, 348,372; A.S. 

a-feri, I'/ual. 
efning, 408, cfnuiige, 334, an equal, equ/d. 
eftcr, 126, after, uccordinj to. 
egede, 2i2, stupid; MS. Oxon. stoUda. 
eggen, 146, to incite, instijale; pr. cggcS, 168, 

196, 222; pr. sub. eggi; A.S. eggiaii, id. 
eggunge, 82, insliij'Ulntj, e'l'jing. 
ei, 64, 202, 382, eie, 202, 428, cni, 202, 382, 

««//; A.S. eni. 
eie, 62, th-. tje; pi. eien, 61; A.S. eag. 
e'lc, fear, terror; A.S. ege. 
eiffule, 190, airfal; A.S. ege-ful. 
eihte, 202, 204, 214, 222, 274, 324, 416, pro- 

pertj/, jjossessions, (joods, Kealth, shc-p, cattle; 

A.S. a.Lt. 
eihteoSe, 236, eighth. 
eil, 62, eile, 50, evil, harm; pi. eikii, 270, 

worthless refuse; A.S. ej,le, jfel. 
eilen, 276, to hurt, cause pain, svfer; pr. cile^", 

180, 352, 356; pr. sub. eilie; A.S. adliaii, to 

ciU'Surles, 62, eril-u-indoi's. 
eircn, 66, eggs; A.S. a-g, an, egg; pi. a-goru; 

Germ, tv; pi. over, 
eise, 20, lo8, 12a, 180, 192, 2SR, 430, cose, 

abundance, Icisvre, easg, at leisure; Kr. also, 

eisihSe, 118, 306, eje-sight. 
eisil, 402, vinegar. 

eib'urlcs, 62, 80, eges; A.S. cag-vS.vrl, eg.:-''indoi':. 
ek, eke, 240, also, v. ec. 
eke, 360, pr. sub. ache; ekinde, 360, a>hing. 
el, 324, «,< a.rl; A.S. adc. 
elde. 312, 318, old >'ge, age. 
dies, A.S. 256, otUinrigc, ued as it shoulil b> , im- 

cli:i'e.X','222, 224. ill, alms; A.S. wlmcxe. 
cino, 106, 108, 180, 228, 230, 406, comf.rt, tn- 

couragtinti't, svpjiort; A.S. cllcii. 
eliien, 10, t; comfort; A.S. clniaii. 
clpi, 116, 296, 324, single; A.S. :ulpig. 
el.Nuodi, )Toli, 348, h.fonignns; A.S. clKVodig. 





enibroucd, 3i4, recorded. 

einpti, 156, empfi/, racant; A.S. a-intis. 

emioleas, A.S. 140, ciidlist. 

eiulen, 102, to end; pr. suh. eiiaio, 11'5, s^lovhl 

terminal^: A.S. endian. 
enes, T'l, 23'l, 3M, 428, o»r^- A.S. a^ie, i.l. 
eiiglcs, 102, ar.ijf.h; g. pi. eiiglcne, ;>0, 92, 3>1; 

A.S, engel. 
enigtnatiec, 34, mnatenorinhi. 
eniunje, 346, c. v. anguonni. 
eniie, 23G, a, one. 

ennui, 94, g. ounoijancc, troulle; O.Fr. anoi, id. 
entrcnieten, 414, to intermeddle; pr. cnttrmeteS, 

172, 174, entremete'5, 198; O.Fr. eiitre- 

mctre, id. 
code, 52, 152,200, 318; pi. eoden, 12S, 220, 

370, 7rent; p. of gon, to go; A.S. gan; p. 

eode, id. 
eoli, 320, 428, o!l; A.S. tcl. 
eorne, 44, earnest/'/; A.S. goorne. 
eorncn, 74, 86, to'rt'.n; pr. eorne«, 42, 80, 332, 

360; p. urnen, 112, 188, ran; A.S. yrnan, 

efirre, A.S. 116, f. 304, auf/r^/; A.S. yrre, id. 
eor'Senc, 388, enrtlien. 
L'or'Se-tilien, 414, tillers of the groitnd. 
eppele, 52, apj>le; A.S. tcppel. 
er, 370, he/ore, rather. 
erede, Zi\, 2doired. 
frendc, 38, b. ernde, 38; imp. eerrn, 'procure; 

A.S. wrnian. 
eresie, 82, heresy. 
ercstc, 8, erest, 220, 258, 294, first; A.S. are, 

a; rest. 
erinde, 246, errand, viemtge. 
crindc-bcre, 60, vie-^senr/cr; AS. arcnd, bcran. 
erlicbe, 20, 204, early ; A.S. x-rlice. 
emi, 258, an arm; pi. ernies, 402 ; A.S. tann. 
eruedliche, 328, ^i■ith difficulty; A.S. erfeS. 
erueS, 108, 254, difficvlt; A.S. erfot), i.l. 
eruh, 274, 288, 290, veal; timid; A.S. earli. 
frtu, 230, art thou. 
esfusen, 304, a. to excuse. 
uskebaob, 214, b.; v. askeba'Sie 
fste, 220, 364, 368, vhundance, selj'-l.nlid.j :„<■(, 

Ivrvry; A.S. cat, id. 
f.sten, 2.'J2, the east. 
C'.-,tful, A.S. 108, 134, doi„ly, fiislldinis; com. 

cstfulr.^ 103. 
estlir'lie, 204, daintily,.faslnliov.sly. 
f't, 416, at. from; cttc, 304, 376, at the. 
i-tbrckon, 172, to Irreak loose; p. etbroc, 48; A.S. 

brccan, to hrial. 
ctene, 41(;, to cot; A.S, etun, id. 
(.tlleon, 390, to escape, jlce amy; pr. tt.'lih^; 

pr. sub. etfleo, 50; p.p. ctdowcn, 48; rtfluwon, 

172; A.S. .x'trieon, id. 
etfori-n, 226, hfore. 
ctliold.'n, 208, 27S, 308, to retain, vithhohl; pr. 

otli.dt, 240,282,374,386; p.p. etboldcn; A.S. 

bealdan, to hold. 
ct'.utic'ii, 400, <« vithdra>r,li>r(;h>dc; pr. etluteS, 

316; A.S. 
etrine'S, 50, touchelh., ojipli'.lh to; A.S. a'tlirinan. 
cLslopcn, p.p. 148, f/<oie, glohd a. ray; A.S. 

slipan, nslupaii. 
etstcrU'ii, 184, 370, to escape; pr. etstcrtcd, 332; 

p.p. etstert, 48; A.S. sUurt, stert, steoit, the 

ri'Mj), tail; O.G. stcrzen; D. steerten, to run 

etstoiidcst, 236; etstondeS, 350; etstont, 318; pr. 

etstonde'S, 248, 206; imp. A.S. .-ctstandan, to 

stand still, stop, resist. 
euclion, 212, each. 
eueucS, 82, corivpareth. 
euentid, 404, eventide. 
euere, cauer, ever; eucrich, efricli, euericbue, 4, 

214, every. 
ouericlion, 252, each one. 
euesede, 398; p. clipped, crapped; p.p. i-cvoset, 

422, 1.; A.S., to shave, to ad off hair. 
euesunge, 398, clippings, 142, eaves. [Tliatelied 

roofs are clipped, or shorn at the eaves.] 
CS, A.S. 62, 194, 274, easy, easily. 
e'Sceiie, 116, 140, 154, 206, 396. apparent, mani- 
fest, easily known, or seen; e'Ssene, 116, a.; 

A.S. ca'S, eiisy; cennan, to know; gc-seoii, to 

e'Scle, 172, native; A.S. aj'Scl, covntr>i. 
c-Selicb, 282, slight; e-Seliehe, 148, d."290, tuslly, 

ctwitod, 70, imp. reprove; pr. ssub. etwit, 52; 

A.S. aHwitan, to reprove, chide. 
cwarre, Q(i, ap-are. 
cwt, cawiclit, 124, a. any. 

faille, pr. .sub. 228,; p., v„s dis 

appoint, d. 
fairliiilc, 3o2, a. adorned, beaitt'fied. 
f,, 270, /«/7,- 292. cause to fail. 
faltrcX, 222, p.Jlaitvrtth, 

fanehos, 194, h. fawns; A.S, ficgnian, tojloder. 
faiitcsmo, 62, vain .xheir; O.Fr. fantosmo. 
faro'S, 21i, 2\S, go(tk,far,th; A.S. faran. 
fcalft, 428, c. fail. 

f. arlac, 320, Vcrlac, 306, 322, /<</*•; A.S. f.-r, i.l 
loabes, fcaSeS, 58, d. In longs; p.p. i-I.Mtirt. 90, :. 

128, h. Joined; A.S. fogaii, tfj-in. 
feblescc, 232, 380,/ct'Wr;yaw. 





fefre, llS./cier; A.S. fefor. 

fell, feeh, 224, d. feih, o26, mtlh, <jooih, monetj; 

A.S. feoh, id. 
feir, 206, /« Ir, jmre. 
fel, 250, n. i-ruel. 
felde, 31S, a./e?«. 
fele, 132, a. feolc, 320, man>/. 
feolauliche, 276, veolaiiliche, 38, social. 
feolaureddtn, 114, veolauredden, 38, comjxuuj; 

A.S. folgian, tofoUov. 
feolawe, 2S4, a co)(i^;rt/a'o/i, follower; pi. fcolawes, 

fooles, 288, e. fcolleS, 272, i>r. falldh; p. feolle, 

UO,/ell; A.S. fcallan, to fall. 
feoleuold, 180, mainjukl. 
feoleware, 364, a follower; A.S. folgcre. 
feones, 272,Ji':inh. 
fcor, 104, 'irA),far; fcor, 398, a/xcdjjnce; O.Fr. 

feur; Sc. fiar, id. 
feorreden, 108, h. « compamj. 
feorredne, 30, f. fdlown/iqj; A.S. fera, « com- 

feorrene, 70, 388, distant, from a distance; A.S. 

ferde, 264,296, av ann>j. 
fere, 114, 152, 206, 2S4, 362, ^^i,acf>m2mnion, 

frieiid, comrade; pi. feren, 278, 336; A.S. 

ferlich, 362, terrible. 

feste, 222, a feast; O.Fr. fcste; Lat. festum. 
festcn, 6, 240, 308, tofastjasiinn; p. feste, 160, 

veste, 126, festede, 126, e. ; A.S. fa>stan, to fust. 
fet, 19S, 200, pr. feidtth; p. fedde, 260 ; imp. 

fed, 104; A.S. fedan, tofeal. 
m, V. fo5. 
fo'Seren, to feather {as an aJTOtc]; p.p. ifcSered, 

204, b., i-ue5Sered, 204; A.S. fy«er, fai'Ser, 

a feather, fySered. 
fc6'ri on, 200, to go on lighllj, to rjlide along. 
figelunge, \'i\, flattering. 
figer, 148, a Ug tree; figes, SbO,fgs. 
fike\o,2QS, furning,flallering,craftg; A.S. ficol. 
fikelarc, 86, vikelare, 84, 86, a flalltrer; pi, 

fikelarcs, 84, uikelares, 86. 
fikelu.ige, 82, ^\,fl'ilt>:ring. 
fikeles, 84,b. vikeicS, 84, Vj9,, flatter cth; pr.p. 

fikelindc, flattering. 
fike'5, 206, 2'dQ,fa<aath,carrssfth; pr.p. uikiiiido, 

finkcr, 360, a finger; A.S. flncer. 
firiics, 76, a. uilhdravs; A.S. t\rrd,farthcr? 
fVSeroii, 132, a. ueSeron, I .^2, feathers. 
fleelies, 0, llcsch, 196, flfscl.cs, g. 180, flcsdis, 

112, flesh; A.S. flcsc. id. 
fleon, 146, Hcogan, A.S. to fl-f, fl'.e; vieori, 130, 

1.32, 134; pr. fleot?, 132, 360, flib^. 132. 230. 
vleo-5, 130, vUbiS, 230; p. Hcih, ;;74, fluw-n, 
154,fluen, 106, vlu\vcn,392; pr. sub. vleo, l;;j; 
ini.sub. fluwc,132; imp. fleo'S, 130, vlib, 'Jn-i 
292, 374; pr.p. fleoinde,152,2S8,vleiiule, 214, 
vleoinde, 130; p.p. iflo'.ve, 154, ivlovven, lOS. 

fleoso, 66, aflure. 

fleotiiide, 74, Hi, floating, flitting; A.S. 

fleowedcn, 110,/oi'-€(^; A.S. fleowan, to iluw. 

flikere'5, 200, flic/:ereth,flutfireUi, dvnghih; A.S. 

floe, A.S. 154, 162, vloc, 154, a flock, compa,,.j. 

flod-Seteii, 72, flond-qates. 

flubtc, 248, 2in, flight. 

irtured. ZiO, flourished. 

fluttc, 428, d.; A.S. fleotan, to fl.oat, keep alo.t 

foan, 220, fon, 2Q,i,foes. 

foddre, i\<j, fodder. 

fode, 150, 216, /bo(7. 

fol, 164, 316, fole, Zi\,fooUsh; fol, 250 [appa- 
rently an error for fel, cruel. 

fo-men, \0i, foe-men. 

fondeS, 162, 1S2, templeth, tneth; p.p. i-fond..l, 
228, tempted; fondunde, 266 [probably an 
error for fondunge],/e/ll^)^■/iy,^w_/>^l'^/i,• A.S. 
fandian, to tempt, tri/. 

fondunge, 232, 234, temptation; pi. fondung.-s 

forbeode, 8, 256, pr. sub.; A.S., (•> 

forbernd, 310, p p.; A.S. forba?rnan, to bHr>i. 

forbuwcn, 200, to avoid; pr. forbuweS, MO; 
A.S. forbugan. 

forcwiddares, 2\2, forctclLrs. 

forcwiSinde, 306, a. reproving; A.S. forcwcSan, 
to rebvle. 

forded, forScs, 361, a. A.S. fyi'Srian, to f-ih-^, 

fordc.le, 394, forSdcdo, 391, a. c, suretr, A.S. 
forSdon, to put forth. 

forcward, A.S. 126, 310, 360, an agreement, co- 
re nan I. 

forfarcs, 138, c. foruareS, 138, forfarS, -<-. 
dicth,pcnsheth; p.p. forJifarcn; A.S. forSlUnm, 
to die, depart. ^ ^ 

forfrete, forfrctcs, 138, a. 138, d. foniiot, ---; 
A.S. frefan, to fr, t, gnau: 

forsddo, 428, pr. sub. /■, .^ard. 

forj,eoiiore, 256, k. one u:h» fi,rgi.-'f. _ 

foi-i;ifon, 320, to forget; pr. fol■J;ito•^. 
foi-ji;eten, 330; p.p. noi-sitcn, 124; 
gitan. , 

forSiueS, 96, ./b,y;»7.M; imp. fui^i'"- ^'^I M'" ^"'^ 
jiurn, 124,/o(-7/(e«. 

IS.:; p, 
A.S. |-..r. 




forgnn, 8, (o forego, qvit, alstc'ii from; pr. for- 

goS, 94, 112; A.S. forgan. 
for^nawe'S, 338, rorro'fts; A.S- gnagan, to gnaw. 
forgult, 174, b. g^iUti); AS. fdrgyltan, to become 

forliowien, 1C3, to de.'^^n-^c; pr. sul>. forhoxjc; A.S. 

fuiliogian, id. ' 

forhuhes, 380, e. [appears to be an error for i 

forbiihcs, y)<(.9.'.'w hi/.l 
foriiUc.l, U(J,o/vn:>/,alit; A.S. idcl. 
forkesfmg, 278, rejecting. 
forleosen, 103, 24G, to Iosp, renounce; pr. for- 

leose'5, 148, 364; p. forlurc, uorluro, 310; 

p.p. forloren, 146, 300, forlorene, SS2, lo.^t 

soids; A.S. forleosan, id. 
forletan, 406, to rdv.i'fiish; A.S. forla.', id. 
forrote'5, 133, lerometh jnitrid; A.S. forrotian, to 

forsakes, 22G, rcjcddh; A.S. forsacan, to for- 

forschalded, 246, sraMed. 

fnrschuppeS,120, trannformeth; A.S. foi-sceoppan. 
forstoppeS, 72, imp. restrain, deck. 
forswi&nde, 306, a; A.S. foi-swiSe, veheMcitlg. 
forStr, 204, h. further i 
for'Sinchinge, 110, f. jn'ry, regret. 
foi'Si, for-Siii, 56, 234, because, v:lerefore; A.S. 

for \>y. 
forworpeS, 150, casteth off. 
forwreieil, 172, d. discovered, betrayed. 
forwurSen, 422, to become, degenerate into, pr. 

forwur'5e«, 64, h. p.p. forwurtSen; A.S. for- 

wurSan, to hccowe nothing, to perish. 
fostrc?;, 2'.J6, vourishtlh; A.S. fostrian, to nourish. 
fo?trild, 72, fostir-moder, 72, g. a nurse. 
fo-5 on, 88, 240, feS on, begins; A.S. anfon, to 

foure, 112, g. aftrer. 
fr.amp.s 126, b. dcth good to. 
frechliche, 222, a ; A.S. freclice, dangerously. 
freine«, 264, asJcdh, p.p. frcinet, 338, d. ashed; 

A.S. fregnan, to inquire. 
frenide, 110, e. a stranger; Sc. freind, strange, 

freo, Z'O, free, voile. ' v -. q/> 

freonie, 124, b. froomeS, 126, b. frnfmeS, 186, 

doth good; A.S. freinman, to btnejlt. 
freolac, 222, 240, 286, caad-ur, UhercdUy. 
fretewi'l, 128, d. rarenous; A.S. fretal. 
frot, 128, 324, 2,2Ci, gnaw,, thmvrs; A.S. frotan. 
frin'aclit, 122, b. v. iiriuilit. 
frofroS, 108, f. comforldh; A.S. trofnan, to 

comfort. ., 112, 294, 376, 426, amiyfrmn. 
frotuiigcs, 284, rubbing, i,olisldr,g; I<r. frottcr. 

froure, 33, 100, 286, 406, 430, pi. frourcn, 120, 

consolation, comfort; A.S. frofor. 
frouren, to comfort; pr. frourtS, 150; imp. 

froure-5, 186; A.S. frofrian, id. 
frum'Se, 8, 56, 104, beginning; A.S. frym'S. 
fuel, 126, afoH, pi. fuclcs, 388 ; A.S. fugol. 
fulitcn, 196, foufhl. 
fill, 314, 572, fuM, complete. 
ful, A.S. 118, 276, fule, 216, 236, 331, 344, 

foul, corrupt; fnlrc, 84, foider. 
fulcn, 124, to defdc; pr. fuleS, 306 ; p. fulde, 

158 ; A.S. fullan. id. 
fullifbe, 124, 216, 272, ZIS, foully, indecently. 
fullichc, 124, ZiO, fully. 
fulne, 316,/oi//; fuluste, 2\(i, foulest. 
i ifuld,156, ifullcd, 27G, filed; A.S. fyllan, tofll. 
fuldon, 372, to complete, perfect. 
fulitowen, 103, 140, 176, 186, 244, 368, ful- 

itogen, 108, b. nndis':iplined, v.nrvly, rude, 

ill-instructed; A.S. ful, getogen, toon, tod rate 

out, form, instruct. 
fulSe, 82, 128, 142, a. 272, 276, fuISen, 310, 

flUk, uncleanliness. 
fululit, A.S. baptisyi, 160, 322, 330, 3:'6. 
fundlcs, findles, fundleas, 6, 8. 206, f. 208, any- 
thing foiind, invention; A.S., tofnd. 
fur. 124, 150, 206, 228, 356, 368. fure, 236, 

fire; g. fures, furone, Z56,f re, firry; A.S. fyr. 
fur, 192, furScr, 22S, further; A.S. feor, far. 
furmo, 138, /o>-H), image. 
fursetS, 76, 312, remoreth, vithdroud/i ; A.S. 

furiNerluker, 236, still further. 
fur'SreS, 156, assists, furthns; A.S. fyrdrian. 
fustes, 82, 106,/n/*-; A.S. fyst. 
I fuwelenc, g. pi. 293, of fowls. 

g.ibben, 200, to scoff; pr. gabbeS, 193 ; A.S. 

gabban, id. 
galietS, 128, f. yells, yelps; A.S.giellan, to ydl, 

shriek, "give tongue," Laj;. 
galcforkc, galheforkc, 174, o. : A.S. galga, a 

gallous, gibbet. 
gallo, 106, 2ZS, gall; A.S. gealla, id. 
gai.^tros, 128, f. v. Ji^^hUi-^. 
ganb, 270, c. a fool, v. tang, 
ran-knnie, 394, rdurn. 
gant.-n, 25S, gai-scs, 258, d. gashes; O.Fr. 

garscr, to cut, scarify; gaarcc, scarifuatiun ; 

V. Parv. 
Sare, 88, 240, 272, scare, 298, formerly, lung 

ago, before, of yore; A.S. geara. 
garsume,' 126, 350, riches, treasun; A.S. ga-r- 

suina, id. 




gatc-herdcn, 100, herds of goats; A.S tra^t c'-it 
a f/ooX, ' 6- • 

gauel, 202, 320, trilide, nvt, iucrcas, tov A S 
gafol, kl. ' ■ ' ■ ■ 

Se, 13C, yea. 
Seape, GO, e, i7''««?y, Iiungnj; Isl. gvpa ; Sc. 

yap, id. 
seape, 280, 362, wary, crafty; A.S. geon i.l 
geat, 100, \()2,(joats; A.S. ga-t, geat, « w,<?. 
Seate, 42i, ^«/(.; A.S. geat, id. 
gcate'S, 50, f. imp. vatch, hip votch; O.Fr. 

gueter, id. 
Seddcs, seddc'S, 312, e. ti^t doth. 
gederen, 14G, 222, tof/atLa; collect; pr. gedere'5. 
138; imp. gedere, 342; p.p. i-gedered, 76; 
pr.p. gederinde, 128; A.S. gaderiun, id. 
gedcrunge, 370, (ja'.herinff. 
gedewal, 370, valerian, Xardi's Cdtlra. 
gelus, jealous; gelusie, 90, jealovsy ; O.Fr. 

gelosie, id. 
Sei, giir, 306, vailing. 

Scien, ^lo, 2SS, to cry, call, proclaim; pr. geio'S, 

12, b. 126, 142; p. seiede, 152, ?;eieden, 

188, 310; imp. seie, 232; geieS, 264; p.p. 


geincume, 234, return, 

geine-S, 362, 426, avaUeth, 'x>rof!.telh ; O.Fr. 

geld, 58, 376, return, repayment. 
gelden, 58, 58, b. 186, 266, 406, 418, to repay, 
Male good, yield ?«/>, restore ; pr. gelt, 232, 
302 , imp. geld, 364 ; p. guide, 406 ; gulden, 
404 ; A.S. gyldan, id. 
gelpe, 210, boasting. 

gelpeii, 146, 330, '^o lejost; pr. gelpes, 148, c; 
gelpe-S, 222, 330; pr. sub. geli.e, 148; A.S. 
gill)an, id. 
golpunge, 330, loast. 
gelstre'5, 128. yelpcth, v. galioS. 
gelsunge, 100, a. luxury; A.S. gelsa. 
gcluiige, 100, delight; O.Germ. geling. 
geme, 32, 78, 344, care. In d, attention, devotion 
gumolea.scbipe, 202, vgligencc. 
gemeleasliclic, 92, iiegh'f/nillii. 
gomeleasto, 46, 172, 20S, 234, 26S, 428, neg 

ligcHcc, carelessness; A.S. genieloaslice. 
gomeu, 98, 344, to wind, attend to; pp. i-genien 

44, c. ; A.S. goman, icl.; Sc. to gome, 
gcntiiisp, ISS, nobleness; O.Fr. geiiticu. 
goohih, 88, yr/loir; A.S. gcolu. 
geon.l, 72, 102, 110, 2.'^S, orcr. 
geoiiicii, 212, to ynicii, fjope; pr. j). gcoiiiiiide, 

80. 301 ; A.S. geoiiiaii, id. 
geoi lie, Iscilie, 331, c. yn,; A.S. gca, id. 
geor, 306, vail ivy, s/,ri, i.i„g. 

g.nrnc, 1(18, 124, i:,S, 231,3 J-^ -CM ,. 

afu-'io.atjy; A.S. <^,.,nu: ' 
georiH-!uk>'r, 'S',1. ,.,„ri,. 
goornili.'lio, ;i^, ju,.), i3-_>, •jj.-.j ,„^ ^^ , 

int., .11,. 

|■te^, 2'>2, 

i»>p. g..t, 210. 

j gcouL-, 2t>2, 3(;j, y/,!-,- A.S. L;if..,i, I, .,;... 
g.r,21S,.ll-.„, .,... ,.I.^..r.s. l...u:-'l<. 

i^^:^:s!^;;d!^:r^"-"'"^^ ••'•-'-•- 

gcrkt;^, 410,;,.,^,^,,,/.; i-.T; rk..,|..">. . , .„,,.,, 

A.5>. gearoian, (., j.,-j ■•,■■. 
g.'rnere, 272, a gan.-r. 
geruh, 394, rad./; .\.S. -.■.iniw 
gcs, 1 28, geese. 
gestc, 68, k, guf.<f. 

get, 74, gete, 334, g.,t. ; pi. x;, t. n, l-.j, 

getes, 101. 
geteward, 270, gate-keeper. 

get, 298, gette;\ \10, graut-lh; pr. >ul.. x-:u.. 
176. 21.;; p. gottedc, 23U; imp. x,vxw, i. ..; 
A.S. gcataii. to grant, i>.n,iit. 
gettunge, 204, 228, 288, 291, 3!6, r<,.., .. .-.f, y . r- 

gibet, Fr. 116, a gilh,t. 
gichingc, 238. an itching; glcdiindo, tn, , r. ,,. 

itching; A.S. gicenes, id. 
gif, 294, if. 

gigge, 20i, giggling; A.S. g,i-l. id. 
gile, 128. 202. gnile,d.r. it; ;;il.-. ...-il-r. 
gilcn, 128, to decace; j.r. giloN, 74, !->. 
gimston, 134, 330, « j>recion.i .n/,.,.,, „ ;.-./; 

pi. gimstone-s, 152, 331', 342. 
gingiure. 370, 416, ginger. 

giine, 400, 416, girne.N, pr. 201,x;irn.-. pr. Mil.. 
4tl6, p.p. igirned, 6<l, g. r.i2 ; .\.S. ^^m.m, 
to yearn, desire. 
giniunge, 114, 139, « yearning, dtsiring; .A.S. 

giscare, 214, gi<saro, 202, a co'-etovs,.. 
giseen, 196, to covet; pr. gisce5', 2o2, 26'.'; .A.-S. 

gytsian, id. 
giseungf, 194, 204, 208, 274, 286, gi.-Min-.-. •-'.• ■:. 
covetousness; pi. gi.>isunge». 26^; A.S. ;:\t«iiii;;. 
gist, A.S. 68, a guest, friend, a gicr »r r..-i.r 

cfhosjiitalit'/; ]>I. gistcs, 414. 
giste, -350, a lodging; ^) Vr. '^UU: 
gistnen, 402, to l"dg. ; [>. gi>tiii.!e, 102 ; A.S. 

gi.^tiiiiigcs, 288, a. 414, In'nfjueling^, /iO.-j-''^'lil.'.<. 
giuen, 08, '39i<, 416, giueiic, 3.30, I" gic : pr. 
giue'S, 80; giucst, 294; p. g. f, 92," !'2. f.; 
p. sub. gcfde, 384; imp. gif, 294, lUl; [..p. 
i-giuen, 82; A.S. gif.m, id. 




Siucr, SI, giurc, 214,^,-m^j/; A.S. gifr. 

jiuerlic-hc, 2iu, tjreedili/. 

5iuernesso, IDS, 204, 2S6, f/retdnicx^ ; A.S. 

ginegouoii, ]!iG,yf/'-ya /'•.?; A.S. gcgaf, (njlen. 
Giw,-,, IOC, 
gla.licn, 6S,g!c(lien, ITS, 3SC, lo cheer, rjladthn; 

imp. glc.lie-S, 3^8 ; pr. sub. glcJie, 430 ; 

A.S, gladiun. 
gleam, 170, a Icam, raij of Ihjht. 
gle.l, 2S2, glolc. 1S>;, 3S0, «/«,;. 
gle.lful. 242, 286, >-//<'/. 
gletlfuhirc, 3y4, yaunjo-iful. 
gledlichc, 124, I2<i, <jla<)h/. 
glerlluker, 18S, more Jod/uII^. 
gleilnesse, im, (jfadutsn. 
gledschipe, 180, 2SG,Jo>//idness. 
gledungc, 94, 342,. /o,/; A.S. gl.-cd. 
gleden, 122, 40G. Okcids, hurninj-coah; A.S. 

gled ; Sc. glede. 
£ glco, 210, mirth; gleowede, vas murri/, sui>j!ng; 

St) ■, go«, 10, 350 ; ge-5, 37C 
A.S. gan. 

imp. got5, 188; 


A.S. gloowian, to he mrrry, to sing. 
gleso, glcs \^ii, gloss; A.S. glic3. 
gliffen. 46, e. to hesitate, he afraid; Sc. gliff, 

glokering, 100, a. mirthful A.S. gleo, 

»« irth , 
glupnen, 212, e. to affright; Sc. to gliff; Isl. 

glupiia, tristan, aninium demiitcre. 
gloueii, 420, gloves; Isl. glofi, n glove. 
glueches, 240, a. gulps; Sc. glnek, i.l. 
gluffe^, 46, hlunderi O. Germ, glypfen, ces- 

jiitare; Isl. glop, incur ia. 
glutun, 214, glutton; Fr. glouton. 
giiedeliche, 202, 350, 414, harelg; A.S. gnedelice, 

gniden, 23S, gnuddon, 238, g. to rub; p. gniden, 

260 ; giiudeden, 260, c ; A.S. gnidan, id. 
Joe, 15G, gol-e; A.S. geoc. 
i-goded, 3SG, 428, benefited; A.S. godian, to do 

godera lore, 42S, divine instrwtion; godre, 194, 

better; comp. of god, gooil; A.S. godera. 
godleic, 136, 192, 2iii, goodness; A.S. godlcc. 
godspellere, 94, c. evangelist. 
golnesse, 198, 204, 206, 254, 274, 370, lust, 

lasciviousiiess; A.S. galnes, id. 
J^oing-dawes, 412, procession dags. 
golhord, 150, 152, a. treasure; A.S. gold- 

goinede, 36S, jested, Sjtorlcd; A.S. gamcni:'.ii, to 

jolt, he merr.j. 
goincn, 214, game, sport; pi. gornciies, 318, 348 ; 

A.S. gatiK'n. 
gon, 10, 290, lo go; pr. g:is, gost, 86, c. ; gost, 

gong-liuse, 84, a pri.-g; A.S. geng, gong-men, 
I dirt-mcn; Sc. geng, ordure. 
I gost, 368, gostc, 13S, sovJ, spirit. 
; gostlich, 194, spiritual. 
I i-graccd, 366, thanh.J. 
greate, 10, 194, nS,,gr..>t. thicI:,coarse; gretturo 

m, greater; A.S. great. 
, groatcn, 128, to groir larg-:. 
! greatluker, 426, more greatly. 
1 greden, 236, 304, 366, to cr.f, roar; pr. gret, 330; 

p grcdde, 244, 326; imp. gred, 2'JO, grede,' 

284; A.S. grxdsin, to erg, conqilti in, call upon. 
grediure, ilG, greedier; gredinesse, wreccZt/KW. 
gredil, 122, 362, a gridiron. 
grcge, 12, grag. 

grei'Se, 16, 16, d. readg, dressed; A.S. gera;d. 
grorSefi, 256, pr. preporeth; p. groiSode, 306; 

graiSede, ?02, a.; greiSed, 410, c; p.p. 

i-groiSed, 354, 306 ; A.S. gerxdian. 
greme*", 334, provoteth. 
grene'S, 150, put ttth forth leaves. 
grenncn, 212, to grin; A.S. grennian. 
grennunge, A.S. 2\2, grinning. 
greot, A.S. 70, 252, grit, sand. 
grcste, A.S. 66, 314, greatest. 
gretcS, 430, imp. greet ; A.S. gretan, to greet, 

salute; gretuiige, A.S. 250, gretting. 
gruue, 422, pr. sub. mag trouble, annog. 
gripes, 204, c. 2'i'J^- 
Grikisclis, 402, Gretl; Grecian. 
grim, A.S. 100, 234, grimme, 212, 240,334,344, 

f^WV^ ^fcTCd, cruel, morose, sad ; grimmest, 

202, fiercest. 
grimme to5, 218, a severe countenance. 
grimliche, 101, 268, 336, 366, .rrathfullj/, ter- 

riblg; A.S. grimlic, crudlg. 
grises, 366, a. dreads, feels horror. 
grisliche, 118, 184, 190, 194, 210, 242, grisl,/, 

ghastlg,fearfullg; A.S. grislic. 
grisbatedc, 326, guashul his teeth ; A..S. grist 

bitan, id. 
grisung, 190, e. far, draid. 
griS, A.S. 172, li. 174, 261, peace; chirche-griSe, 

an asglnni, sanct"uri/. 
grifffiil, 4 06, ^)f (((•«/"/.' 
I gri5fiiliiessc,^)'.((C( /■«//(<?.<,<, IrunfjuiUitii. 
I grume, 100, 102," 116, 118. ISO, 236, ■n-utti, 

displeasure; A.S. grama, id. 
gromes, 422. bogs, „ien. 
grj^nn, 278, a snare; pi. gronen, 134, 270 ; A.S. 

grin, girn; Sc. girn, i.l. 
gronon, 336, to groan; pr. p. groniinle, .130 ■ 

A.S. granian ; So. to granc, il. 






\ : 


gropie-S, 378, pr. hcuidleth; pr, sub. gropie, 3GS, 

han'Ue; A.S. grapian, i^o handl-'. 
gropuir^f, 314, haiidliny, searching; pi. gro- 

pun-e.-i, 206. 
grot, 2>\(),^nt, earth, dust. 
grucclu-S, 114, grv.mldelh; pr. sub. grucclie, 

202, grucchie, 108, yrud^je, grumlle. bear 

reseiitriieiit; p. gruccboilo, 114; pr. p. grucinde, 

108, a.; imp. grupfhe, 18(3; O.Fr. grocer, id. 
gruccbibl, 108, grucclicre, 108, b. a grvmUir. 
grucchunge, 202, 336, 370, 344, 424, imu-nnir- 

ing, grv.mhling. 
grulle«, 306, hornrhth; A.S. grillan. 
grunde, 208, 280, 334, oiyM,, lollom. 
grunen, 278, b. snares. 

grunten, 336, to grxint like a hog; G. gruntzen. 
grure, 112, dread, horror; A.S. gryre. 
grure, 294, r/oc^. 

grureful, 210, 242, 304, terrible, ax-ful. 
grurefullicliu, 320, <t;n/./^, «/,/«//;/; A.S. gnrelic. 
gruselie, 428, gruse, gruuesi, 428, a. viiiiichl 
gruttene, 180, of gruat; A.S. ^vui, grout. 
gugement, l\i, stntem-e; O. Fr. jucument. 
Suihe, 334, yea; A.S. gea, id. 
guIchecJ, 88, pr. voinitetfi; imp. gulche, 206 

page 240 gulclie'5 means swallumtL] 
gulchecuppc, 216, a drunLard, toss-jiot. 
guldene, 336, golden. 
gult, 284, 420, gulte, 184, h. Zi6, guilt, a fault; 

pi. gultes, 346, 426, 
julunges, 268, e. trihs, deceits, guile, 
gunhncnr, dOO, standard-bearer; O.Fr. gonfanier. 
gunge, 70, young. 
Jungre, 424, younger, 
i-gurd, 380, i\?,,girt. 
gurde, 106, struck; A.S. gyrd, a rod, 
gurdel, 420, girdle; A.S. gyrdcl. 
gus, ges, 392, b. yes. 
gut, 356, yet; A.S. get. 

gute-feastro, 328, f. ; A.S. gyte, a drop^.iug; 
Eng. to fester; A.S. geotan, to shed, yOi'r 
out; O.Fr. goutent, dro^ by drop, flostrc, 
guwe^c, 156, 192, 206, youth; A.S. geogu^■. 
Su\vet5chode, 342, youth. 

habben, 10, to h<',v.:; pr. b^ibboiS, 2, 101, 1>;8, 
210, hal)be, 22i», o2i), hauest, 2:;0, hauciJ, 1 SO; 
p. hefde. 124. 190, 224,231, heJdest, lieuL-.le>t, 
38, hefdon, 112; pr. sub. liabbe, 192; p. sub. 
hefde, 384; p.p. i-licued, 106; A.S.^id. 

hacked, 298, hoxkcth; A.S. bacean, to I;-:'.-. 

)iad.,s, 80, c. holds. 

halier.luise)-, 52, g. d^ur; ba-r. bl. v. buwur. 

haloweu, 12], 106, 362, .<(-(■»/*. 

baluwene, 330, gen. pi. if Mtinls. 

halcweS, 390, p. soncli.u// ; p.p. i-halcwed, IS ; 

i-haleged, 18, f. ; A.'S. iialgian; to hal'.^.c. 
half, A.S. 106, opart, si'l.-. 
halflunge, 354, //- part. 
halhcs, 180, e. saints. 
halp, 88, e. helped; A.S. helpan, to help. 
halt, 348, holdi. 

halue, 252, 412, half, side, part. 
halse, 114, halsie, 348, huLseS, 330, pr. <«f,w/..-. 

beseeches; imp. halse, 292; A.S. haUian, to 



halsunge, 330, i„i,\aty, 

ham, 194, thua. 

hanimes, 122, 1. Inees. 

hamsuluen, 88, lliemsehes. 

handwhule, 146, a Moment, an instant. 

harlot, 350, a rogue, varUt, vagabond; i.l. bajlo?, 

328, 414; horloj, 328, e. 
hat, pr. 6, 180, 246, 300, 403, 424, M/.*w««rf..-, 

orders; imp. hot, 290; pp. ilioten, ICS, 332, 

conunandtd; 02, 192, 310, ca/^.W; A S. hatin, 

io call, to continand. 
hatien, 32, 88, 210, to hate; pr. h.-ite-5,224. 316, 

hatest, 316, hatieS, 310; pr. sub. hatie, 170; 

A.S. hatian, to hale, to become hot. 
hate, 118, e. bote, 240. /.el; hatru, 400, /,otl.r. 
hatunge, 200, 310, 364, luting, hatred. 
haunche, 280, haunch. 
hawur, 52, cleetr; Isl. hagr, id. 
bealden, 142, c. bolden, 170, to hold; pr holde.N, 

130; p. heoid, 108, 14^, 172, heolden, 152; 

pr. sub. holde, 88, 152, 172; imp. hold. \ 

148, 192; p.p. i-li..blen, 143, 2.-.U ; A..^. 

hcale. 70, 180, 191, 330, 304, 370, 43a, /,ealt/ , 

blessing, salvation; A.S. lurl, health. 
healc, 398, dignity; A.S. hcali, high, noble, or 

holiness; A.S. lia-Iig, I'-'y. 
hoalc-water, 100, holi/-'nUr. 
healewi, 94, 114, 101, 238, 270, 2j-2, /,eallh- 

cvp, medicine, balsam, sweet-deinf:; .\.S. li;il, 

health, wcgi, a cup. 
heahnvindc, 190, healing; A.S. ha-lindo. 
hcardeii, 220, to harden, ''ecome strong, ii'jned to 

hardships; A.S. lieardian, id. 
heare, 120. here, \:iO, haircloth ; pi. h. aron, 10 f. 

boren, 10; A..S. h:vren, id., ha-r, /..'V. 
beaten, 401, to iriiym. 
heater, 418, hotter, hatter, 41S, f. a garmci i, 

el-Mivg; y\. hatereii, 104, hattro, "li)4, g. 

hcttrcn, 420, i. ; A.S. b.etero, bafr..:i. id. 
htaued, 10, 130. the h..'d, chi.f; hefd-u, lc8, 

lands; A.S. lH-..b.d. 



hel.ben, 15f), L'6t, 290, to lift, heave, nthi vp; 

imp. hef. 290; p.p. i-houcn,2S-2; A.S. hcbban. 
hecheu, lichen, 72, 1. to nwunt vp, rise; ha'liucn, 

lui'liScn, Lag.; A.S. heaii, to rai:;c, exalt. 
heso, 10, 1), hect;e, 424, a, f<if/k. 
lici,".,'en, 21C, fia</.i; A.S. liKges, a hag, vitrh. 
hehscliiitc, 140, d. beischipc, 100, 358, A(V//, state, 

dignitj; A.S. licali, hiijk, nolle. 
helc. Sfi, hclh, 400, /-/-/A, exalted; A.S. hcali. 
i-heie.l, 154, 174, 3S6, 430, ekcated, r.-alttd. 
heililiche, 50, hciliclie, VJO,honourallj,hi^hli; ; 

A.S. hcalic. 
heihnesse. 412, hiqhness. 
hei.xte, 13S, \\0,'h;^h.cst. 
heihte, 24. eight; A.S. eahta. 
heiwanl, 41 S, hcijo-ard, tovni's herdsman. 
heKlen, 42S, to pour; pr. lieKlcS, 246, 2S2. 
liele, 112. thehed; A.S. Iiel. 
hele, COO, 312, halth, medirine. 
helon, 112, 320, 3CS, houlen, 330, to heal; p. 

helcde, 112; pr. sub.hcale, 17S; imp. liel, 28^; 

pp. iheled, 2SS, 392, 394; A.S. luclau, to had. 
helcueste, 244, f. apparently an error, v. liete- 

helliewet, el i-hewcd, 3GS, a. of a pale, or snllow 

comjilexion; A.S. yfel, hcowed. 
holidawcne, 302, gen. pi. of holidays. 
helieii, S4, 410, to hide, conceal; pr. heleS, 314 ; 

helieS, 31 G ; hules, 150, a. ; imp. hele, 310 ; 

p.p. i-holcu, 146. i-heled, 70, 72; hulet, 3SS, 

I). ; A.S. helian, helaii, id. 
hcliiide, 112, 360, the Saviour, the healer; A.S. 

heliunge, 150, a concealing. 
hclpen, 204, 222, to kelp; pr. hclpelS, 190; p. 

help, 8S, halp, 88, c. hulpe, 220, 320; pp. 

iholpen, 242; A.S. helpan, id. 
lifudeliche, 316, gcntlt/, ddicateli/. 
hendi, 186, 416, courteovs, datifid, gerdle ; comp. 

hendure, 192; sup. hendest, 398; hende, Ch, 

hcnhen, 128, hens. 
heolen, 146, b. to conceal. 
iicoucne, 230, hence. 
iicoiieward, 248, turned aivaij, averse. 
liuurde-monne, 100, 418, herdsincn''s; A.S. heonl, 

« herd. 
lici.rdcn, 418, canvas; So. harden. 
Iiforte-pcauwes, 308, moral virtues. 
l.r.,,rte.s 398, harts. 
i,..,rl.,., 418, the heart. 
lM-.,o..|uvar<!, 248, a. a^ratjfrom. 
lir,,u(iif, 91, 142, 242, hta.rcn. 
luuxii'uruAu-, 150, hcouericlic, 212, 358, ling- 


(•.\:\n). soc. 

hcou, 320, 332, heoiuve, IGO, 2G2, colour, form; 

pi. lieowes, 150 ; A.S. Iiiwe. 
lieowcdo, 392, iheonwed, 35G, stained, coloiirid; 

A.S. gehiwod, id. 
her, 23G, /,..«. 

her, 398, 424, hair; A.S., her. 
here, 130, 382, 418, haircloth; pi. licren, 10, 

138; A.S. hcra. 
i-hercn, 78, to hear; pr. i-licreS, 00, 170, 198, 

226, 204; pr. sub. iherc, 318; pr.p. i-heriiide, 

172; p.p. iherd, 92; A.S. geheran, to hear. 
heranont, 124, heranonden, 124, d. iti respect of 

hcrbaruede, 260, horba^ede, 260, b. lodged. 
herbaruwe, 224,340, lodging; O.Fr. herbergeric. 
herenen, 320, 422, to hearken; pr. hcrcneS, 82, 

86; p, hercneJe; A.S. heorcnian. 
hercwile, 100, a listener. 
herd. 368, 418. hard, lards; A.S. heordan, 

heordas, cloth made oftou-; Sc. liardan, id. 
herde, 332, 352, hard; hcrdure, 430, hardtr. 
herdeliche, 290, smartlg. 
herdi, 240, 248, /rw, stead