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35,2 F1991 








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Volume 35, Number 2 Fall 1991 

Publishing The Andrean is an 
interesting challenge. We are often 
reminded that we must appeal to a 
diverse group of readers - representative 
of all walks of life - and of all ages from 
"18 to 100". 

In this issue we feature the business 
careers of two Andrean entrepreneurs: 
90-year-old Shannon Clift 10 and 23- 
year-old Peter Neal '86. 

We appreciate the flow of corres- 
pondence, story leads and photos from 
our alumni and friends - keep it up! 

On the cover... 

Andreans of all ages will 
recognize the Prize Day scene on our 
cover. The photograph was taken by 
Richard Allan of Aurora who has 
covered Prize Day for us for many 


of the Fall and Winter terms are 
listed on page 48 and on the Inside 
Back Cover. 

The Andrean is published by the St. 
Andrew's College Association for Old Boys, 
parents, past parents and friends of the 

W. James Herder '64 

Editorial Committee: 
John F. Housser '68 
David L. Rea '53 
Douglas G. Worling '50 

Please address correspondence to - 
The Andrean 
St. Andrew's College 
15800 Yonge Street 
Aurora, Ontario 
Canada L4G 3H7 
(416) 727-4002 or (416) 841-8999 
Fax (416) 841-6911 


The Future Reflects the Past 

St. Andrew's has started to receive 
many items for our Archives. The 
gifts range from a red School 
blazer circa 1940 to early 1920' s 
School pins, from a 1900-01 School 
cap to a 1927 Cadet Corps 
photograph. We appreciate the 
response to our requests published 
here in The Andrean. Old Boys, 
parents of alumni and friends of 
the School have all helped. We 
thank you! 

Renovations have started in the 
basement of Dunlap Hall on a new 
home for the S.A.C. Archives. It 
will satisfy our needs with a main 
room of 800 square feet and an 
additional storage area of 340 
square feet. When completed, 
there will be ample space for 
display, restoration and storage. 
Part of the funding for this project 
was provided by 'unrestricted' 

gifts from the Old Boys' Annual 
Giving Program. 

The Review, our yearbook, of 
course provides an outstanding 
history of the School year by year. 
However, in the early years, from 
1899 to the late 1930's, not much in 
the way of photography was 
evident, or at least published. As a 
result, the arts area of our 
collection is particularly weak. We 
need photographs of plays and 
musicals, especially cast 

Some years ago the sports 
photos were moved from Dunlap 
Hall to the new Athletic Building. 
We have displayed a complete set 
of first team photos dating from 
1899, and would like a complete 
set in the Archives. Can you help? 
Our needs include younger teams 
as well, including Macdonald 

House teams. 

Identification, if possible, of the 
date and of the participants is a 
key element. Many of the 
photographs published in the 
early years bear no identification 
at all! It would be very beneficial 
if we could have a separate sheet 
of paper with as much information 
about the photo as possible, 
including the approximate or 
actual date. Douglas Worling, who 
attended St. Andrew's from 1940- 
50, is organizing our collection. 
We encourage interested Old Boys 
and friends to share their history 
with us. 

Many of the school's strengths 
come from time-proven traditions. 
It is our hope that in bridging the 
links to the past we will continue 
to build for a bright future. 

W.J. Herder 

In December 1905 the entire school body gathered on the front steps of the School which was then located in Toronto. The St. Andrew's 
flag proudly held by the boys at right is now framed and on display in the Conference Room. Dunlap Hall. 



CITY ORD. 1052 


Ho/tiEco/niNe 1991 


Prize Day 

Headmaster Bedard congratulates Brock 
Whalley on his graduation from St. 
Andrew's. Brock won the Errington 
Award for distinguished contribution to 
life at St. Andrew's, and is a year rep for 
the class of '91. Mr. Bedard marked the 

completion of his tenth year as 
Headmaster, with the following address: 

Chief Justice, Mr. Chairman, 
Members of the Board of 
Governors, colleagues, parents, 
students and friends of the school: 

Even though this particular 'rite 
of spring' is seemingly focused 
upon the graduating class, perhaps 
those who really merit the highest 
accolades are the parents. Many 
sacrifices have been made: you 
have parted with your son if he is 
a boarder; you may have deprived 
yourself financially; most likely, 
you have done an extraordinary 
amount of driving; and, certainly, 
you have fretted and worried. I 
only have to relive the graduation 
ceremony of my last son to thrill at 
the sense of release from years of 
anxiety and fiscal servitude. 

Congratulations and thanks are 
in order to the Faculty who are 
currently launching upon 
unsuspecting universities a horde 
of young men who came to us as 
virtual barbaric little nippers, who 

remained such for a seemingly 
unendurable span of years, but 
who, through some last minute 
and glorious change, are suddenly 
young men of whom we can all be 

At this time, I would like to 
express my gratitude to the Board 
of Governors and its committees 
who work silently in the 
background. Without their 
loyalty, sound judgment and 
global understanding of the issues 
of this school which they all love, 
this event would be a shallow 
exercise, indeed. Peter Harris has 
been the Chairman of this Board 
for the past twelve years, and his 
generous giving of time and wise 
counsel have been invaluable to 
me and to all. 

Assisting the Board and 
managing the fifty-five members 

David Dunlap '56, right, presents the 

Macdonald Medal to feffrey Metcalfe. ]eff 

was an honours student and a fine athlete. 

He won the Horton-Thompson Trophy as 

M.V.P. of first football, played goal for 

first hockey, and was a top rugby player. 

of our support staff, Howard 
Tetlock administers the finances of 
this institution and oversees its 
structural upkeep in a most skilful 
manner and, incidentally, not 
without considerable wit. 

Jim Herder, our Director of 
Development, continues to unite 
the school community far beyond 
the confines of this beautiful 
setting. He is the pillar of the Old 
Boys' Association, ably headed by 
John Housser, and the liaison with 
our extended family. We count 
heavily on his mammoth endea- 
vours and successes. 

A special thanks to Mary Worry 
and the mothers of the Ladies' 
Guild for their generous efforts, 
which, this year, included 
scholarship grants, improvements 
in the foyer of the Great Hall and 
the planning and creation of the 
new and attractive S.A.C. store 
located below the dining room. 

Our students, some 600 local 
senior citizens, and many of our 
parents and friends were treated to 
a banner year in Dramatics. A 
total of nine plays, including three 
full-length productions, evidenced 
a wealth of talent under the 
superb direction of William 
Scoular, Lee Clements and John 
Clements. During Focus, the 
recent Art Festival, many 
performances were noteworthy: 
may I underline the demanding 
roles of Scott Armstrong, Scott 
Mahaffy and Brock Whalley. In 
the same context, the art pieces 
displayed by, among others, Mr. 
Paolini, Alex Boothby and Mark 
Glazer, confirmed the presence of 
true artistry within the confines of 
the College. 


Fifty-five boys participated in 
nineteen separate debating events 
across the country this year. Our 
debaters secured prizes at each of 
the three independent schools' 

Prize Day 

Fulford Debates as well as top 
honours in the regional bilingual 
category. An encouraging develop- 
ment was the emergence of a group 
of strong novice debaters who are 
currently being mentored by 
seniors. If technique, discipline 
and intelligence parallel enthu- 
siasm, a brilliant future is in store. 

Association President John Housser '68, 

right, makes a presentation to Colonel 

Fred Tilston to mark Fred's retirement as 

a member of the Association Council. 


Much time and space have been 
devoted to our computer net- 
working. By September, we will 
have fulfilled our promise of 
having computer capability in 
every room, including the upper 
school boys' rooms and the 
masters' residences. Moreover, 
with the addition of a modem, 
each student, when at home, will 
have access to an ever-growing 
wealth of information. 


While on the subject of technology, 
this past autumn, a video of the 
school was produced. It is titled 
"A Day at St. Andrew's". I trust 
that most of you have had an 
opportunity to view this sensitive 

and honest portrayal of a day in 
the life of the School. 


Once again, we had our fair share 
of success on the sports fields. 
Two major championships and a 
tie for first place were earned at 
the First Team level. We were 
outright ISAA champions in both 
Basketball and Track and Field, 
and shared the top echelon in 
Cricket, a position that had eluded 
us for some 13 years. Perhaps it 
would be appropriate to mention 
the outstanding performances of 
Carlos del Pino in basketball, of 
Paul Lau, David and Ian Michael 
in Track, and of Jamie Douglas in 

At this point, I should like to 
commend the large number of 
boys who gave their 'heart and 
soul' on the playing fields, the 
arenas, the courts, the tracks, the 
hills, the parade grounds and in 
the gymnasium and in the 
swimming pool. 

Departures & 

With two exceptions, 
the changes in 
personnel anti- 
cipated for next 
September, can be 
considered in-house. 

After a 35-year 
career in teaching, the 
last 18 of which were 
spent at St. Andrew's, 
Mr. Robert Jones is 
taking a well-earned 
retirement. Bob's 
versatility was of 
value to the Music, 
Physical Education 
and Social Science 

departments. But it was his 
involvement in community service 
that placed him in a special 
category: Bob introduced many of 
our students to volunteer work 
within the community. We shall 
miss his kindness and his enthu- 
siasm, and we wish him a healthy 
and productive retirement. 

Mr. Cliff Ilton is presently 
polishing his golf game and his 
fishing skills, having terminated a 
30-year career at St. Andrew's in 
March of this year. We pay 
homage to Cliff and to his wife, 
Ivy, for attempting to keep all 
things mechanical in good repair, 
and this includes our unpredic- 
table steam heating system and 
the miles of piping that criss-cross 
our campus. 

Mr. Peter Robinson, 
Housemaster of Sifton House 
these past four years, will con- 
tinue to ply us with his expertise 
and humour in the classroom and 
on the playing fields, but he is 
relinquishing this most important 
position to Mr. Steve Kimmerer. 

Barry Black '56, a member of the Board of Governors of St. 

Andrew's, presents the Craig Mitchell Memorial Prize to famie 

Inglis, son of Derek and Bettyne Inglis. The Craig Mitchell 

prize was given to the School in 1990 to honour distinguished 

academic and athletic accomplishment by a graduating student. 

Prize Day 

May I publicly thank Mr. Robinson, 
and may I thank him in the name 
of the boys of Sifton House who 
truly loved their mentor. 

Bowing to the demands of the 
school yearbook, the Bulletin 
Board, the Pipe Band, and the 
many other innovations he has 
fostered in computer networking, 
Mr. Steve Treasure is retiring as 
Housemaster of Ramsey House. 
To Mr. Treasure, a heartfelt thank 
you, and a warm welcome to Mr. 
Stuart Swan who will replace him. 

We welcome in our midst this 
afternoon, Miriam Shropshire, 
who was the school secretary for 
nine years. This is the first 
opportunity that I have had to 
thank Miriam publicly for her 
devoted service to the School. 


So goes the Grade 13 class, so goes 
the year, and you were a great 
class. So now to you the subject 
and object of this auspicious 
occasion, the graduates of the 
Class of 1991 . I assume, naturally, 
that all of you have developed that 
important skill obtainable only 
through the school regime, the 
ability to sleep with your eyes 

Richard Vaughan '91, from Bogota, 

Colombia joined his father Harry '58 and 

uncles Richard '54 and John '54 as a 

graduate of the College. 

open. But for just a 
few moments, I ask 
that you not practice 
what you have learned 
so well. 

I resort to 
Shakespeare here 
because I want to talk 
about the kind of 
truths that he best 
conveys. A theme that 
runs through 
Shakespeare's plays, 
from As You Like It to 
King Lear, is of people 
being lost in a strange 
place, and after 
confusion, contra- 
diction and effort, 
finding their real 
selves. In other words, 
those who search and 
work diligently and honestly, will 
find themselves. 

The man who finds himself does 
not sit around all day polishing his 
medals and admiring his own 
reflection in the mirror, but he is 
someone in search of the truth, 
who has to take risks, make 
mistakes and, above all, work hard 
— there are no short cuts. While 
others stay at home in search of 
happiness looking for easy answers 
and surrendering to the desire to 
win the approval of society, the 
hero diligently follows the task set 
him by life, and in so doing, grows 
into the fullness of his being. 

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, 
the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion 
and the Scarecrow all set off to find 
the Wizard who will give them the 
solution to all their problems, and 
change them into what they want 
to be. When they finally reach the 
Wizard after many trials and 
tribulations, they discover that he's 

Garrett Taylor accepts the Tilston Award for grade 12. 

Garrett is the grandson of W.H. Thorburn '26 and 

nephew of Drew Thorburn '57 and Rob Thorburn '60. 

The Tilston Award honours one student in each form who 

sets the best example for effort, persistency and tenacity 

in all school activities. 

just a little bald man with a 
wrinkled face and problems of his 
own. But they also discover that 
the very search for him, the quest, 
has affected the sought after 
changes in them. Insofar as 
Dorothy and her friends receive 
their heart's desire — the Tinman a 
heart, the Lion courage, the 
Scarecrow a brain and Dorothy a 
way to get home — it's essentially 
a do-it-yourself operation. They 
had the answers within themselves 
all the time. The message is that 
the most important thing is to have 
faith in ourselves. 

I hope that you, the graduating 
class of 1991, will carry with you a 
belief in yourselves that will go on 
to make an imprint on your world, 
even as St. Andrew's has made its 
imprint on you. If that is so, you 
will bring new lustre to Andrew's 
name, even as St. Andrew's adds 
its old lustre to you. 

R.P. Bedard 

The MacPherson Tournament 
A Proud Hockey History 

St. Andrew's College has a proud 
hockey history dating back to its first 
season, 1899-1900. Highlights in 
recent years have been two All- 
Ontario High School championships 
in 1982 and 1987. The All-Ontario 
(O.F.S.A.A.) championship began in 
1948 and in the history of the "play- 
offs" only one independent school has 
ever emerged with the gold medal — 

For readers of The Andrean who 
are perhaps more familiar with the 
days when we competed only with the 
other "L.B.F." schools ... times have 

The first hockey team now 
competes in York Region, and if the 
team is successful in winning the 
region, it advances to the Durham- 
York playdowns and a berth in the 
All-Ontarios. The Durham Region 
includes the City of Oshawa and 
environs, so St. Andrew's with its 
small student population, is 
challenged, to say the least. 

In 1984 the school felt that it 
would host a first-class invitational 
tournament. Over the eight 
tournaments held to date we have 
entertained some of the finest high 
school teams in Canada and the 
United States. 

The 1991 MacPherson Tournament 
winner, St. Charles Cardinals of 
Sudbury, also won the Provincial 
Championship in March. In the 
S.A.C. tournament, the Cardinals 
defeated Nichols School of Buffalo, the 
number three ranked team in the U.S. 
2-0, with the second goal being scored 
into an empty net in the final minute. 

The three people whose names 
are closely associated with the 
Tournament, the late Lloyd C. 
MacPherson, Judge Robert 
Meagher and the late Jim 


■■ ^w*-$2SwJ^^H 

■jr*MT ."^*^ 



R. Alan Eagleson (left) was guest speaker at the annual MacPherson Tournament in 

February 1991. Matthew Chisholm, Captain of the Saints, proudly displays the Yuill 

award presented to the captain each year by W.H. (Bill) Yuill (right). Bill was Captain of 

the team in 1956 and his Dad "Hop" Yuill was Captain in 1917. 

Hamilton, are all strong represen- 
tatives of the School and of 
hockey. All three men have had a 
long history of outstanding service 
and dedication to St. Andrew's 
College. In addition they have all 
been keen hockey fans, doing their 
best to support their favourite 
sport. Thus, the tournament is 
viewed as a celebration of 
excellence and dedication, noble 
ideals for all schools, coaches and 

The tournament was created in 
the hopes of demonstrating to a 
larger outside community that 
high school hockey is a viable 
alternative for young players. 
With its emphasis on teamwork, 
sportsmanship and education, 
players are given an opportunity 
to play quality hockey while 
attending schools with high 
academic standards. This basis 

provides players with the 
opportunity of playing at a 
University level while at the same 
time acquiring a college 

One of the highlights for all of the 
players is the banquet held on the 
Friday after the first round-robin 
games. The luncheon is held in 
the Great Hall at St. Andrew's. In 
recent years we have been most 
fortunate in having as our guest 
speakers for the event: Al Shaver 
47, the voice of the Minnesota 
North Stars, retired N.H.L. greats 
Darryl Sittler and Ken Dryden and 
the President of the N.H.L. 
Players' Association, Alan 

MacPherson dates 

January 31, 

February 1 & 1, 1992 

A Proud Hockey History 
Harry Watson 

"Harry (Squirt) Watson is probably 
the best hockey player the School 
ever turned out," heralded the 
Easter 1915 Review. While today's 
debate would rage about the T^est 
ever', it is true that Harry Watson 
was a phenomenal hockey player. 

Born in Newfoundland, his 
family moved to Winnipeg when 
he was a child and it was here that 
he strapped on his first pair of 
skates. During his first year at 
S.A.C. in 1915, he played the 
position of 'Rover' on the First 
Team and, at the age of 16 was 
chosen an All-Star on both the 
Senior and Junior teams. The 
second year he was chosen Captain 
of the First Team and moved to the 
position of centre. That year the 
S.A.C. Firsts were the O.H.A. 
group winners and Harry was a 

Harry Watson 

driving force on the team. He was 
an excellent skater, a dazzling stick 
handler, had unlimited endurance 
and a knack of putting the puck in 
the net. 

In addition to hockey, Harry 
starred as a half-back on the rugby 
team and was a scholar. 

After serving four years in the 
First World War, Harry returned to 
play hockey for the Toronto 
Granites. People said he might be 
a little stale after the layoff but 
while he was a member of the 
team, the Granites won the O.H.A. 
three out of four years and the 
Allan Cup once. In 1923 the 
Granites were the Senior O.H.A. 
Champions and went on to win the 
Dominion Championship. That 
year Harry was the top goal scorer 
in the league. 

The following year 1924 Harry 
played for the Canadian Olympic 
Hockey Team which won the 
World Championship. Also on 
that team was another S.A.C. Old 
Boy, Jack Archibald Cameron, who 
played in goal. 

During the following two years, 
Harry Watson found time to return 
to St. Andrew's to coach First 
Hockey. Both teams he coached 
reached the semi-finals of the 

For the rest of his life Harry 
Watson took a keen interest in St. 
Andrew's holding several 
positions in the Old Boys' 
Association. He died September 
10th, 1957, in London, Ontario. 

D.G. Worling '50. 

The Sporting Scene 
Saints win Hoop Title 

Back row (l-r) ]effHolliday, Steve Heron, Rory Manning, Carlos Del Pino, Garrett Taylor, Brent Riopelle, Craig Matheson. 
Front row (l-r) Michael Hanson Esq., David Kim, Mike Lamb, Andrew Bulas, Mike Nourse, Scott Armstrong, David Josselyn Esq. 

■ W^^H 

Andrew Bulas (22) and Rory Manning celebrate an I.S.A.A. 

Basketball Championship. Bulas started at guard for three years for 

the "Saints ". (fay Yoo photo.) 

The I.S.A.A. win was the first for Head Coach David Josselyn. 
"Juice" came close in 1990 and wrapped it up in '91. 

Looking Back . . 

69 years ago, in December 
1922, St. Andrew's College 
Old Boys' Association 
published its first magazine, 
The Bulletin. "We started in on 
the proposition of insuring in 
favour of the School, the life of 
every Old Boy". The scheme was 
to raise money to move the School 
from Rosedale to York Mills. 
"Your Association wants to hear 
from you. There is no need to 
show hesitation. We will use all 
that we possibly can, and gladly. 
Especially do we want to hear of 
our Old Boys' activities." 

[The last issue of The Bulletin 
we have in the Archives is 
January 1925, Volume II, No. 4.] 

35 years ago 
The Andrean was born: 
October 1956. "Bob Laidlaw has 
begun his 47th year at S.A.C.; 
Tuddy is now living in Aurora; 
Dick Gibb and Stan Macfarlane 
returned from their European tour 
eager for more." The price of a 
ticket to the Old Boys' Dinner 
was $5.00. 

25 years ago 

in The Andrean Alan 
Ramsey '08 is honoured at the 
Old Boys' Dinner. St. Andrew's 
comes 4th out of 354 schools in the 
Annual Mathematics Contest 
conducted by the Canadian 
Institute of Actuaries. A total of 
4,709 individuals take part and 
S.A.C. students, D.M. Sanger and 
F.J. Guzman, rank 4th and 5th 
respectively. Mr. Rupert Ray joins 
the staff as a new Master. 

Old Boys in the News 
Shannon Clift '20 

Shannon was captain of First Cricket in 1920 (centre of middle row). 

Shannon Clift, a hale and hearty 
90 years old, has celebrated his 
71th anniversary with the family 
business, T.B. Clift Limited of St. 
John's, Newfoundland. 

Shannon attended St. Andrew's 
College during the early days 
when it was located in Rosedale. 
He was both a scholar and athlete. 
He won First or Second General 
Proficiency and First Class 
Honours in the three years he was 
at the School from 1918-20. 
During his final year, Shannon 
was a prefect, the sports editor of 
the Review, on the Coin 
Committee, Soccer Committee, 
Secretary of The Athletic 
Association, a non-commissioned 
officer in the Cadet Corps, played 
on the Second Rugby Team and 
was the Captain of the First 
Cricket team. 

Upon graduation from St. 
Andrew's, Shannon started work 
at his father's firm on August 2, 
1920. His father, whose eyesight 
was failing, had wanted Shannon 
to attend university, but he took 

him into the business earlier than 

Shannon's first job was as a 
salesman at what was at the time a 
commission agency. "We took 
orders and the goods were shipped 
directly from the manufacturer or 
supplier to the customer." 

The business was founded by 
his great-great-grandfather, James, 
in 1810 as an importing business. 
"In those days practically 
everything arrived in 
Newfoundland by schooner. This 
meant doing business on the wharf 
as was the custom at that time, 
dealing in cattle feed, potatoes, 
beef, vegetables and other 
commodities coming into St. John's 
harbour from all over the world". 

Shannon spent his younger days 
walking the streets of St. John's, 
wearing out shoe leather, 
drumming up business. "I must 
have walked 20 miles a day and 
maybe that's why I made it to be 
this age", he said. 

Confederation with Canada in 

1949 was probably the 
largest blow to the 
Company. "Once 
Confederation came, 
the duties on imports 
remained, but to 
mainland Canada trade 
was free. This meant 
many companies in 
Newfoundland had a 
hard time competing." 
Because of 
Confederation the 
Company had to find a 
new line and in 1958 
T.B. Clift Limited 

Shannon Clift '20 is joined by his son 

Frank (left) and grandson Rick. 
T.B. Clift Limited was founded in 1810. 

emerged as a medical supply 

Today the business is owned by 
Shannon's son, Frank, who is the 
president and his grandson, Rick, 
who is the vice- president. Mr. 
Cliffs middle son, Tom, owns 
Cliffs Dental Supplies Ltd. and his 
oldest son, John, retired from the 
Company two years ago. 

Shannon's only daughter 
Patricia is now Mrs. Chidley His 
wife Kathleen died in 1974, and he 
has 19 grandchildren and 23 great- 

D.G. Worling 


Old Boys in the News 
Peter Neal '86 

Chris (left) and Peter Neal '86 with the latest food product of Neal Brothers. 

Peter Neal '86 fits the role of the 
entrepreneur to perfection. During 
his university days at Bishop's 
University in Lennoxville, Quebec, 
Peter was searching for a career. 
With his brother Chris, they 
launched Croutons! Croutons! 

They started making croutons at 
home in June 1988 as a summer job. 
The product caught on and the 
business has evolved into a full- 
time career. Working at home 
however had its limitations. Within 
weeks their mother's kitchen had 
become too small and the brothers, 
knowing they had a winning 
product, went searching for a home 
for their new croutons. 

A local baker, Patrick 
Loughnane, offered them the use of 
his bakery (Old Mother Hubbard's 
Bun Factory) in Aurora, free of 
charge, until the brothers were 
firmly on their feet. 

What makes the boys' croutons 

different? "The spices are baked 
right into the bread," said Chris, a 
Queen's University political science 
graduate. He added that all 
ingredients are natural, including 
the garlic oil and the dill that are 
used to liven up the salad 

The brothers and their two 
employees keep clients - 
everybody from the Aurora Fruit 
Market to specialty food shops in 
Toronto - stocked with the all- 
natural, better-tasting croutons. 
Flavours available are garlic, 
parmesan cheese, Italian and 
sesame seed, plus the occasional 
special flavour, like dill. 

The KISS Principle he learned 
from a Grade 12 business course at 
St. Andrew's College helped: "Keep 
It Simple, Stupid". Peter says he's 
the creative thinker while Chris 
keeps the books and does most of 
the delivering. "We just comple- 
ment each other so well. We've 

never had a fight for more than five 
minutes. It's a rare thing for two 
brothers to get along so well." 

Mom and Dad are "very good 
about the business, very excited 
about it," Peter adds. "We refused 
any money from our parents for the 
business. But they're very 
supportive because they let us live 
(at home) free." 

The only financial help the 
brothers received was a $5,000 
startup loan, negotiated through the 
Royal Bank, and guaranteed 
through a provincial entrepreneur's 
program. They repaid the loan a 
long time ago. 

Earlier this year the brothers 
introduced natural Nachos to their 
product line. The boys are now 
finding the pace of business is 
hectic. They supply Quebec's 
Provigo supermarket chain and, 
with their client list growing almost 
on a daily basis, are getting used to 
working 18 hour days. 

The Neals have been featured in 
articles in The Aurora Banner, The 
Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun and 
Youth Enterprise, the magazine of 
YMCA of Metropolitan Toronto. 

"Established 1987" Neal Brothers 
supply fine foods to specialty stores and 
supermarkets throughout Ontario and 


Old Boys in the News 
Lt . (N) John van Nostrand '80 

Lt. John van Nostrand '80 served aboard the HMCS ATHABASKAN (above) during the Persian Gulf War. 

The first day back from Christmas 
vacation there was much talk of 
the convulsing world scene. War 
was imminent in the Persian Gulf. 
During morning break, coffee cup 
in hand, amid conversations about 
the worsening picture in the Gulf, 
I noticed a neat, single-spaced, 
hand-written letter from an Old 
Boy posted on the common room 
bulletin board. These appear 
every so often so its unique nature 
didn't seize me until, skimming 
through it, I caught the words: 
"HM.C.S. Athabaskan", "Persian 
Gulf", and "John van Nostrand 

Lt.(N), Class of'80". I re-read the 
letter very carefully. The horrific 
events on the nightly news had 
suddenly become more immediate 
because it was clear that one of 
our own was in the middle of a 
very serious situation. 

As a teacher of Canadian 
History and of World Politics (and 
as a closet Canadian Navy buff) 
this opportunity was simply too 
important to ignore. "What could 
be done to bring this to the 
classroom?", I thought. As 
always, the answer lay hidden in 

the past. During W.W.II, towns 
"adopted" entire ships' 
companies, providing them with 
hand knitting and other comforts 
of home. School children also 
contributed by making Christmas 
cards and by writing letters. This 
was it! Christmas had gone, but it 
was never too late to write Lt. van 
Nostrand a few dozen letters! 

I copied John's letter to each 
student in my Grades 8 and 9 
classes (each studying Canadian 
History) and included a picture of 
the Athabaskan III (a 280 "Tribal" 


Old Boys in the News 
Lt . (N) John van Nostrand '80 

Class Destroyer) so they would be 
able to visualize John's 
surroundings. One enterprising 
lad dug up the 1980 Review, which 
contained John's grad photo. Being 
now well-equipped, the boys 
settled down to write two bundles 
of encouraging and friendly letters. 

Many commented on the 30- 
mile wide sector patrolled by 
Athabaskan and that by December 
6, she had already, "...hailed over 
1000 ships and boarded eleven." 
They were curious as to what 
John's job was as part of a crew of 
a warship in a soon-to-be war zone 
and what life on board was like. 

Events unfolded in early 
January and war was not averted. 
The night the air-assault began I 
was on duty in Mac House. Even 
the rigidly sacrosanct nature of the 
Mac House study didn't seem to 
prevent the dissemination of such 
important news. The atmosphere 
was full of apprehension and 
excitement. We thought about Lt. 
John van Nostrand. 

It was a big day when a letter 
arrived bearing the coats of arms 
of the Canadian Armed Forces and 
of H.M.C.S. Athabaskan. The boys 
enjoyed John's eloquent response 
to their questions. He described 
his duty watch as a 12-hour one-in- 
two rotation and explained that as 
Assistant Combat Systems 
Engineering Officer he supervised 
the maintenance of weapons, 
radars, sonar, and communications 
systems. His ship, he described, 
was uniquely suited for its role in 
the Gulf because the sophistication 
of its equipment allowed it to 
direct the logistics support for all 

of the naval forces represented in 
the Gulf. One story told of 
Athabaskan arranging refuelling 
between a British tanker and an 
Argentinean frigate! Not a routine 

After his return to his parents' 
home in Vandorf this past May, 
John was keen to meet the boys 
who had written to him in January. 
My students were delighted to 
finally see this young naval officer 
they had heard so much about. He 
kept them spellbound with his 
stories, some photos and a 30- 
minute video. 

Filmed by the crew of one of the 
Athabaskan's Sea King helicopters 
as a routine visual diary of their 
missions, this video showed scenes 
of such destruction that it was hard 
to comprehend. There were gutted 
Kuwait City houses and factories; 
suburbs empty of people but full of 
missile launching sites, abandoned 
Iraqi tanks buried to the turret in 
the sand, and cement-lined 
trenches constructed to defend 
against infantry attack; planes on 
the airport tarmac whose airframes 
had melted after a rocket 
explosion; and sunken merchant 
tanker wrecks, still leaking oil into 
the calm Gulf waters. 

John's photos showed scenes of 
life on board Athabaskan, some 
close-up views of several very 
large U.S. aircraft carriers, the 
W.W.II-era battleship, U.S.S. Iowa, 
and the brand new cruiser, U.S.S. 
Princeton, shown settling at the 
stern, having been disabled by an 
Iraqi acoustic mine. 

The shipboard routine had to be 

adjusted to deal with the appalling 
atmospheric conditions. The 
photos illustrate the dense smog 
caused by the burning Kuwaiti oil 
fields. The pollution was so bad 
that crew members standing 
watch or working on deck needed 
to wear masks in order to safely 
carry out their duties. Filters on 
the air intake vents for 
Athabaskan's gas turbine engines, 
originally fitted to cleanse the 
incoming air of sand, were black 
with tarry residue from the brown 
Gulf air. 

Such an opportunity comes a 
teacher's way once in a blue 
moon. It would be indecent to be 
thankful that a war happened. 
However, there is some good 
which can be found in the worst 
experience. To name four, my 
classes are now better motivated 
to learn more about Middle East 
politics. My students now realize 
that Canada's membership in a 
successful United Nations doesn't 
just require flashy debate in 
conferences and paying the fee; it 
means occasionally putting the 
lives of young Canadians on the 
line. Writing letters to John van 
Nostrand allowed these students 
to interact with world events in a 
personal way enabling them to 
dissipate the tensions which 
developed from viewing the 
nightly news. Finally, we tried, in 
a modest way, to honour an 
Andrean who was doing an 
extremely important job for 
Canada and who, because of it, 
was far from home for a very 
long time. 

S. Harper 


School News 

Bob Bedard, the last Canadian to 
win our National Tennis Open 
Championship (1958), was 
recently inducted into the Quebec 
Sports Hall of Fame. 

Bob was honoured with former 
Olympians Sylvie Bernier, Gaetan 
Boucher and Pierre Harvey and 
hockey greats Maurice Richard 
and Georges Vezina. 

Congratulations to John Clements 
who received a THEA Award for 
Best Musical Director of Aurora 
Theatre's production of Andrew 
Lloyd Webber's Evita at the 15th 
Annual ACTCO (Association of 
Community Theatres Central 
Ontario) Awards Gala at the 
Toronto's Downtown Holiday Inn 
last spring. 

Stephen and Pauline Kimmerer 

Stephen Kimmerer and Pauline 
Boone were married in the garden 
of their Bradford home on June 15, 
1991, with Stephen in full Scottish 
regalia and Pauline in a lace suit 
made for her by S.A.C. parent 
Androula Demosthenous. 
Wedding photos were taken by 
Anne Shields and Pauline's maid 
of honour Colleen Potvin. S.A.C. 
students Brian McKague and 
Nicholas McQuire filled the roles 
of disc jockeys. Steve teaches art 
and history, coaches hockey and is 
the newly appointed Housemaster 
of Sifton House. 

Rupert Ray was presented with 
the Willis S. McLeese Award for 

service to debating across Canada. 
He celebrated twenty-five years 
on the staff of St. Andrew's in 
1990-91. Rupert is a Director of 
the Canadian Student Debating 
Federation and a member of the 
Board of Governors of the Ontario 
Student Debating Union. 

Art Wenk and his wife Peggy have 
adopted a baby girl named 
Adriana Caitlin, born February 4, 
1991. Art teaches math at S.A.C. 
and coaches cross-country 
running and track. 


Paul Bennett (at S.A.C. from 1974- 
77) is Chairman of the Upper 
Canada College History 
Department. Paul has just 
completed his Ed.D. at The 
Ontario Institute for Studies in 
Education. Dr. Bennett chaired 
the first conference for C.I.S. 
member school teachers held at 
the Airport Skyline Hotel last 
November. Paul and his wife 
Dianne and children Kelly, 8, and 
Blair, 5, live in Thornhill, Ontario. 
Paul is a trustee for Markham 
Ward 7 on The York Region Board 
of Education. 

Craig Kamcke, S.A.C. staff 1964-79 , is 

Headmaster, Trafalgar Castle School, 

Whitby, Ontario. 

J.L. "Jack" Wright is Chairman of 

the St. John's Church Chimes 
Committee in Peterborough, 
Ontario. The Church is 
undertaking a major renovation of 
the church bells which were given 
in 1911 by the people of 




St. Andrew's College will be 
hosting, in October, the annual 
Independent Schools International 
Soccer Tournament. This is the first 
time it has been held at the College. 
Sixteen schools from Ontario, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the 
Cayman Islands, will be competing 
at the first team level. A total of 
fifty-two games will be played with 
each team guaranteed a minimum 
of six games. 

The tournament will take place 
on Friday, October 18; Saturday, 
October 19 and Sunday, October 
20. The semi-finals and finals will 
be held on Sunday. 

St Andrew's has been seeded 
first in its division and a very 
strong showing is expected from 
the team in the hands of Mr. Jones 
and Mr. Robinson. 

Your support would be greatly 
appreciated and encouraging for 
the team. For further details please 
call Mrs. Osmond in the School 
Office at any time or contact 


School News 

directly Mr. Jones, Mr. Robinson or 
Mr. Stuart. 


Debating admittedly attracts a 
certain type of student: reflective, 
feisty, and determined - ready to 
stand and be counted whatever the 
issue. This fact very likely explains 
the success of the program at St. 

This year, with James Morgan as 
president, John Morrissey 
alongside to assist in preparation 
for the Fulfords, and stalwarts like 
Ian Michael and Paul Arhanic to 
break in new recruits, there was the 
necessary esprit de corps. When 
the dust had settled at the end of 
May, about 60 boys had 
participated in 18 different events 
at home and as far afield as 
Victoria. A crop of ten novice 
debaters had been initiated into the 
sacred mysteries of actual debate - 
even with females as the occasion 

The invitationals with BSS and 
CDS were great successes. 
Naturally, the Fulfords were of 
central importance. Outstanding 
work was done by our Head 
Prefect, Scott Mahaffy - 2nd place 
senior division at UTS in April, 
Ryan Lawlor - 4th place junior 
division at Branksome in February 
and Leo Arhanic - 4th place junior 
division at TCS in September. 
Much solid experience was gained, 
especially by Leo Arhanic, who 
competed in all three events, twice 
as a junior and once in the senior 
division. Jonathan Hood, a first 
time competitor, rendered signal 
service in rounds two and three. 

In the special events category 
there were notables as well. Allan 
Best, Ian Michael, and Elyot Waller 

attended the Independent Schools' 
International Public Speaking 
contest in Victoria in October. They 
did well in debate but better in 
billet! Their hostess was so 
impressed with their rhetorical 
prowess and gentlemanly 
deportment that she despatched 
boxes of giant homemade chocolate 
cookies to Aurora to assuage the 
pain of a return to the Gulag! Or 
there was the passionate Heron, 
who, deep in debate with Bishop 
Strachan's finest ladies, launched his 
keys at the adversary and garnered 
the Morgan prize for the most 
violent debater. 

For the second year in a row, 
Allan Best, ably assisted by Elyot 
Waller, jawed his way to the top in 
the Regional Bilingual Tournament. 
Best and Ryan McNally went on to 
represent SA.C. at the Provincials in 

The talents and commitment of 
many faithful members have 
enabled St. Andrew's to remain a 
formidable influence in debating 
circles. Many thanks are owing this 
year to those who, like Messrs. Ray, 
Morrissey and Morgan, have 
quietly lent their unflagging 
support to this activity. 

R.J. Arril 

St. Andrew's College 
Treble Choir in Recital 


St. George's Cathedral 

King Street East 

Kingston, Ontario 

Thursday, November 7 


Old Boys and friends of the 

College are welcome to attend. 

The Andrean, on 
behalf of the entire 
S.A.C. Community, 
expresses deepest 
sympathy to the 
Rogers family on 
the death on June 3, 
1991 of Joan Rogers. 

Joan was 
committed to the 
ideals of the College 
and was an active 
volunteer. She 
served for many 
years on the 
executive of the 
Ladies' Guild, 
giving her time to 
any number of 
projects to improve 
the daily lives of 
our students. 

Joan was the wife 
of Donald M. 
(Demi) Rogers '59 
and the mother of 
Ian '91 and Kate. 


The S.A.C. Guild Shop 

Lower Level 
Great Hall 

- open ~ 

Wednesdays 12-2 
Saturdays 11-1 

(most weeks) 

We can "barely" keep 
up with demand! 


n-campus shopping for 
crested items; mugs, school 
totes, bathrobes, turtlenecks, 
sweaters, towels, baseball 
caps, ties, gold and silver 
jewellery, boxers, coasters, 
memos, number one dress, 
you name it, we've got it! 

has always carried nearly- 
new clothing for the boys 
and this year has added 

Beatties' new blazers, slacks, 
socks and white shirts for 
your convenience. 

We have an excellent 
selection of No.l blazers and 
slacks and No. 2 jackets, 
slacks and shirts. However, 
we are in constant need of 
more consignment items in 
current styles, dry cleaned, 
and in good repair. Suits, 
shirts, ties and crested items 

are accepted as donations 

Funds from the S.A.C. 
GUILD SHOP sales sponsor 
school projects. 

located on the lower level of 
the Great Hall, west of 
Dunlap Hall. Look for our 
sign at the entrance of the 



Annual Giving Report 
1990 - 1991 

Old Boys 'Annual Giving 

On behalf of Charlie Edwards 
'70, Chairman of the Old 
Boys Annual Giving 
Program, we are happy to 
report that the total for 1991 
exceeded $152,000 for only the 
second time in history, and 
finished the year ended June 
30 with an increase over the 
prior year which recorded 

Seven hundred and ninety- 
six Old Boys participated 
this year. We continue to 
chase that elusive 1,000 donor 
year, but feel that it is just 
around the corner! 

We are also in the final 
stages of receiving capital 
pledges for the expansion to 
the athletic facilities which 
were officially opened at 
Homecoming last fall. 

After three highly 
successful years as Chairman 
of the Old Boy section, 
Charlie has "retired" and 
moved to the U.S. where he 
has opened an advertising 
agency. On behalf of the year 
reps who work on our behalf, 
I thank Charlie for his hard 
work and for his unswerving 
loyalty to S.A.C. 

W. James Herder '64 

Director of Development. 


Old Boys' Annual Giving 

D.B. Carlyle 

the late R.H.M. 


T.H.L. Gallagher 
J.D. Wood 

A.H. Brown 
D.D. Carrick 
T.H.S. Clift 
T.A. Crowther 
J.T. Dyment 
CM. Foster 
K.P. Home 
H.S. Morton 
G. deB. Robinson 
B.R. Rowell 

A.S. Barber 
B.H. Burry 
R. Cumberland 
R.S. Hannam 
F.R. Hume 
L.G. Lumbers 
C.N. Power 
M.F. Sprott 
G.W. Young 

G.E. Burson 

R.R. Corson 
F.G. Cox 
J.A. Detweiler 
W.C. Dick 
C.L. Drennan 
R.E. Eakins 
J.S. Ellis 
A.F. Graham 
J.A. Green 
J.L. Green 
J.G. Housser 
I.L. Jennings 

W.G. Jennings 
J.A. Laing 
G.C. MacDonald 
H. MacMillan 
A.S. Montgomery 
W.A. Neal 
P.B. Parker 
G.F. Pipe 
T.R. Roden 
F.N.A. Rowell 
J.M. Shapley 
PA. Sinclair 

Dear Jim, 

I would like my name on a wall tile in the Pool area. My wish has 
a story. Aside from being on the S.A.C. Swim Team, I was a member 
of a small unique band of students who, under the stimulation of 
Glen Griffiths (our Athletic Director), formed the first Royal Life 
Saving Lifeguard Cadet Corps. 

Among other things we invited local boys from Aurora to come to 
the School to be trained in the RLSS Bronze Life Saving Program. 
One that 1 trained went to Boy Scout Camp the next summer and did 
save a life! 

In that same year we produced sufficient awards of the Society to 
receive the Cochrane Cup (Ontario Branch). I had the honour of 
receiving the Cup on belwlfofthe School at the presentation 

When I arrived at U of T, Grif was Head of the new PHE 
Department. When he retired as Ontario Branch President after a 
term of twenty years, I succeeded him. From this position I 
participated in the development of the Royal Life Saving Society 
Canada, an independent Society in association with the Royal Life 
Saving Society (Commonwealth). 1 am now a Past President of 
RLSSC and a Vice President of the RLSS Commonwealth. 

This is a brief outline of an actwity I have devoted a significant 
part of my life to, and it all started in the S.A.C. old pool! 

R. Bredin Stapells, Q.C. '42 

W.W. Sinclair 
H.P. Smith 
R.E. Waller 

G.D. Birks 
R.J. Boxer 
J.W. Eakins 
E.C. Gerhart 
thelatePM. Holton 
R.C. Kilgour 
D.B. Kilpatrick 
F.F. McEachren 
J.H. Mitchell 
J.A. O'Brian 
PC. Rea 
K.E. Rogers 
J.D. Seaton 
D.B. Spence 
J.B. Spence 
C.W. Tisdall 
W.B. Wadds 


B.W. Allespach 
R.D. Ankenmann 
M.B.E. Clarkson 
J.A. Farrer 
D.P. Flemming 
G.M. Frost 
D.H. Gear 
L.G. Hampson 
T.R. Hastings 
D.M. McClelland 
W.J. Shields 
M.T. Wilson 


W.G. Buchanan 
W.A. Cobban 
J. Cody 
J.E.P Davis 
B.S. Ellis 
W.B. Gourlay 
F.H. Hopkins 
R.G. Kilgour 


Old Boys' Annual Giving 

J.R.M. Kilpatrick 
W.M.S. McPherson 
K.W. Morris 


P.H. Alspach 
E.M. Ballon 
H. Blackwell 
G.M. Brickenden 
C.G. Cotter 
D.A. Foerster 
W.G.Y. Grant 
H.S. Hendrie 
A.M. Hurter 
R.S. Jolliffe 
J.J. MacBrien 
K.C. Pilley 
D.P. Sabiston 
R.B. Stapells 


J.L. Barclay 

E.H. Crawford 

A.G. Hyde 

J.H. Knowles 

W.M. Lang 

R.M. Lightbourne 


T.M. Adamson 
J.D. Bradley 
K.G. Cameron 
C.W. Eddis 
J.M. Lowndes 


F. Aspinall 
A.L. Beattie 
M.C. Dobbin 
H.H. Hamilton 
J.W. Kennedy 

G. Rapmund 
J.W. Taylor 


D.W. Atkinson 
W. Errington 
E.C. Frey 
J.F. Hepburn 
the late R.A. MacKinnon 
A.W. MacMillan 
F.A. McKenzie 
C.E. Medland 
F.S. Milligan 
R.A.F Montgomery 
J.D. Murrell 
L.S. O'Brian 
J.L. Shortly 


J.C.P. Angus 
T.B. Chipman 
C.H.B. Crisson 
C.A. Hersh 
W.R. Howson 
ED. Lillico 
G.C. Middleton 
A.N.W. Shaver 
DC. Shaw 
W.P. Skinner 
P.G. Stewart 


D.A. Poyntz 
R.T. Putnam 
V.W. Rodwell 
EM. Rolph 


J.H. Christopherson 
J.C. Crosbie 
J.M. Currie 
J.F. Laing 
W.C. Lawrence 
W.P. Lewis 
D.C. McLaughlin 
J.G.G. O'Reilly 
H.F.H. Sedgwick 

Dear Jim, 

Dear to my heart is the article in the spring Andrean excerpted 
from the 1950 Review concerning the late T.B.D. Tudball. 
Everything that is said of Tuddy's character - his high moral and 
ethical standards - is manifestly true in my experience. 

During my final year at St. Andrew's Gord Middleton and I were 
Tuddy's prefects in Flavelle House. Believe me that was quite an 

On several occasions in the course of the School year, Gord and I 
were invited to share tea with Tuddy and his charming wife. We 
found both to be gracious hosts given to interesting and stimulating 

Some people may be of the opinion that Tuddy ran Flavelle House 
all by himself . Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true 
that his "firm but kindly rule" with its emphasis on discipline was 
all-pervasive, but he possessed a wonderful knack for delegating 
authority. He trusted Gord and me implicitly and we never betrayed 
that trust. With his blessing we assumed responsibility for many of 
the day-to-day activities in the House. He asked only that we bring 
him up-to-date from time to time. We did our best to uphold his 
standard of firm but fair discipline. 

I saw Tuddy a number of times after 1 left S.A.C. and always 
found'him to be warm, cordial and remembering. I should like to 
donate to Willy Triest's T.B.D. Tudball account. I remember Willy 
very well and believe me he is one great guy! 

Sincere best wishes, 
Bill Skinner '47. 

T.E. Smith 
D.W. Wilson 


H.C. Anfossi 
R.J. Clavell 
T.A. Gass 
F.A. Hale 
W.E Hyde 
T.A. Irwin 

R.A. King 
J. de la Macorra 
R.R. McMurtry 
T.M. Munn 
J.G.W. Paterson 
D.H. Proudfoot 
R.L. Read 
E.L. Samuel 
R.E. Stone 
D.G. Trent 
J.C.C. Wansbrough 

D.G. Worling 


D.I. Gallagher 
G.H. Guy 
A.P.H. McLean 
S.W. Ritchie 
C.J.M. Smith 
W.P. Somers 
R.I. Sutton 
F. Tamm 


Old Boys' Annual Giving 

J.S. Auld 
C.A.S. Cantley 
F. de Teresa 
A.G. Ellershaw 
M.M. Fisher 
L.W. Franceschini 
B.A. King 
CM. King 
W.N.P. Lusher 
C.H. Malcolmson 
FN. McCrea 

P.J. Merrill . 
G.E. Omstead 
C.A. Osborne 
J.W. Robertson 
B.I. Rodomar 
J.R. Scotland 
R. Strand 
J.C. Taylor 


G.J. Alexander 
W.W. Andrews 

M.P. Dunn 
J.S. Goodyear 
P.G. Gordon 
W.D.L. Graham 
R.G.M. Haynes 
W. Hill 

J.N. MacKendrick 
R.M. Master 
K.N.B. McKenzie 
S.A. Morris 
I.R.D. Paisley 
D.L. Rea 

Dear Editor; 

I am an Andrean from way back. I started in 1949 and left in 
Lower Sixth in 1953. It was the most important "building block" of 
my initial education. It stands out as one of the most important 
highlights of my life. 

It is nice looking back into the past. But, as I read in the obituary 
column the names of Andy Crosbie and Harry Yuill, it saddened me. 
Rest in Peace, Pat Hannan, one of the best friends I ever had at 

I remember with fondness Helmut Bickenbach, Alfredo Garcia, 
Johnny Vaughan and Richie and Harry, Willie Crane, Ariel Silva, 
Oechsle, Novak, Roberts, Willie Frith, and so many more ... What 
wonderful school days in Aurora! I regret not to have kept track of 
my school friends. 

I recall many anecdotes of many masters. Kenny Ketchum at 
choir practice in the chapel. Mr. Tudball's reading of Oliver Ticist, 
with voice imitations of the different characters. Duke MacFarlane's 
anger when we got out of hand in Flavelle House. I still recall the 
laughter and the caning. Others ran around the quad at "high-port" 
with vintage First World War rifles. Mr. Garstang, such a fine 
classic scholar, the poor man thought we terrorized him for getting 
poor grades in Latin and Greek. Many may also remember the 
beautiful Miss Flowers we had as a nurse. The first week both 
Flavelle and Memorial Houses were flooding the Infirmary with 
cases of "prolonged sickness"! 

Congratulations on so many keen initiatives. I'll see what I can 
muster up to contribute to so many wonderful plans of advancement. 

Yours sincerely, 

Gonzalo Gutierrez Uribe '55. 

D.J. Shenstone 
J.E. Trent 


R.H. Bradshaw 
D. Campbell 
J.D. Cathers 
W.G. Dutton 
W. deV. Frith 
J.D. Grant 
A.W. Greaney 
D.A. Guzman 
G.E. Hazlett 
B. Knight 
FT. Leslie 
E.B. Letts 
A.E.P. Matthews 
R.D. Morrison 
J. A. Munro 
H.E.C. Schulman 
A.R. Silva 
W.A. Somerville 
R.G. Wade 
M.B. Wansbrough 


E.F Boswell 
D.I. Campbell 
A.J. Cruickshank 
J.C. McCrea 
B.W. Merrick 
G.D. Robertson 


B.J. Black 
H.M. Burns 
W.H. Comstock 
D.M. Dunlap 
R.F Keith 
R.B. Macdonald 
J.H. Proudfoot 
W.R. Reucassel 
T.A. Richardson 
J.M. Swinden 

R.D. Tapley 
L.G.E. Tejada 
J.M.P. Wood 


R.FJ. Barnett 
K.J. Barr 
J.Y. Cowan 
R.G. Darling 
G.M. Darroch 
M.A. Dinnick 
W.S. Dinnick 
G.G. Ellsworth 
D.E. Gillanders 
J.R. Guy 
J.M. Hill 
A.H. Holliday 
J.H. Hough 
P.A.R. Ketchum 
A.D. Milne 
J.C. Mueller 
E.M. Roberts 
K.A. Walker 
J.W. Wyse 
W.H. Yuill 


R.W. Clark 
J.R. Dack 
J.G. Godsman 
G.K. Gordon 
R.T. Orr 
G.R. Stewart 
J.R Stronach 
H.M. Vaughan 


FC. Anderson 
T.C. Blue 
K.P. Browne 
W.A. Clatsoff 
M.P. Connell 
J.E. Coulson 
A.S. Fell 
J.F.R. Graham 


Old Boys' Annual Giving 

E Metcalf 
D.M. Rogers 
R.B. Russell 
W.E Snyder 
J.C. Wilkins 
A.G.R Wirth 
E.G. Wood 


R.C.H. Allworth 
A.F. Argue 
R.D. Armstrong 
B.H. Black 
J.A. Carruthers 
DA. Cockburn 
D.E. Cox 
K. Gardner 
T.A. Hickey 
P.S. Jull 
R.R. MacLeod 
R.R. Parker 
H.W. Robinette 
P.M. Schmeichler 
D.R. Stamper 
R.D.H. Thorburn 
A.G. Wilson 
A.D.B. Wood 


B.G. Armstrong 
R.V. Belden 
RE. Cathers 
T.E. Eaton 
R.B. Gibb 
C.F Ingwalson 
GA. James 
M.P Johns 
R.J. McLean 
K.J. Reid 
D.M. Rogers 
W.M. Rothery 
H.D. Routledge 
D.E. Rowan 
R.W. Shields 
L.B. Thomson 


T.W. Appleton 
M.C. Black 
PR. Deacon 
J.T. Edgar 
R.G. Giannou 
H.T. Gregory 
H.G. Hough 
K.E. Jefferson 
M.J. Maura 
M.B. Sommerville 
R.D.L. Wadds 


J.R. Belknap 
G.S. Griffiths 
R.L. Holbrook 
G.E. Love 
R.D. MacLeod 
T.D. McConnell 
J.C. Smith 
R.W. Thompson 
C.P Turvey 
R.B. Waller 


H.J. Addison 
R.D. Benveniste 
R.D. Gillan 
W.J. Herder 
A.C. Knox 
R.J. Osborne 
J.D. Pennal 
W.D. Reade 
A.D.N. Ritchie 
R.C Williams 
J.P. Wyse 
J.R. Zurbrigg 


R.C. Bennett 
C.R. Benson 
J.N. Blanchard 
R.B. Emerson 
R.G. Lang 
D.C. McKeen 

The Hamilton family commissioned an original watercolour by Susan Haily, 

and presented it to S.A.C. in memory of Jim. 

Susan, a noted local artist, is the mother of Simon '67, Nick '69, and David 72. 

E.R. Nelles 
R.S. Pyfrom 
M.C. Woolnough 


A.C. Blue 
L.A. Boland 
W.G. Butler 
D.P Cathers 
G.C. Dangerfield 
S.R. Dattels 
D.J. Heming 
R.K. Howard 
J.P. McClocklin 
J.D. McKeen 
W.H. McNeil 
D.O. Mutch 
A. Nagy 
P.J. Pitcher 
P.M. Stamper 

D.A. Simmonds 
J. deP Wright 

R.A. Ball 
J.D. Coyle 
D.W. Daniel 
J.E. Dean 
J.R. Dunster 
CD. Durie 
C.W.B. Farrington 
J.D. Gorrie 
S.B. Hally 
PR. Henderson 
GC. Higgs 
R.L. Jones 
I.S.B. Keay 
D.E. Kitchen 
P.E Love 
T.I. Macdonald 

F.M.E. Marechaux 
W.S. Marshall 
J.S. McCreath 
A.F. McTavish 
P.N. Nation 
R.D. Sommerville 
J. EC. Swan 
L.L. Thomas 
R.T. Weston 
F.K.L. Yu 


G.M. Baker 
PC. Bates 
G.E Brunke 
T.B. Butterfield 
J.G. Crookston 
W.T.D. Cross 
N.F. Glassow 
J.D. Good 


Old Boys' Annual Giving 

C. Hatch 

J.B. Henderson 
J.F. Housser 
K.F. Holmes 
RJ. Perry 
F.D. Reid 
RJ. Rutherford 
D.B. Scott 
G.L. Shinkle 
W.J. Walker 
W.J. Watt 
K.H. Woods 


J.A. Ballard 
D.A. Blanchard 
B.A. Brackley 
J.H. Brown 
R.H. Campbell 
W.S. Clarke 
P.J.J. Davidson 
J.D. Gear 
B.L.M. Henderson 
G.S. Henderson 
L.I. Hilborn 
J.M. Jackson 
R.F. Kane 
M.B. Manchee 
J.C. Maynard 
S.M. McAdam 
R.R. McEwen 
D.B. Morton 
PG. Pennal 
R.D. Pritchard 
D.R. Smart 
R.A. Woolnough 


W.M. Albino 
E.C. Carr 
J.M. Currie 
R.L. Dilworth 
C.B. Edwards 
T.W. Gilchrist 

D. Grass 

G.D. Hathaway 
R.W. Hurter 

F.W. Jay 
PG. Kitchen 
S.B.A. Levett 
D.J. MacKay 
C.A.F. Munro 
J.R. Percival 
J.S. Stewart 
PF. Thompson 
M.M. Westcott 
A.N. Wilkie 
L.C. Williams 
A.M.F Wong 
J.J. Wood 
M.R. Yule 


A.M. Ballard 
R.T. Boyd 
W.F. Boyd 
T.A. Bryant 
J.W Craig 
J.K. Cross 
PH. Dean 
G.C. Dobbin 
W.J. Doyle 
P.J. Higgins 
M.G.J. Jurychuk 
PH. Moron 
G.G. Morris 
W.D. Prowse 
E.B. Ratcliffe 
E.D. Ruse 
R.P Russell 
A.G. Sanderson 
J.V. Sara 
C.P Stoate 
E.G.D. Startup 
N.M. Turner 
J.L. Walden 

W. Boyd 
J.R. Brickman 
A.C.F. Chang 
C.F. Crosbie 
D.J. Daly 
M.I. Flemming 

M.R Hogg 
W.M. Kenny 
G.B. Kilpatrick 
F.P McMulkin 
D.J.C. Rose 
J.T. Shortly 
G.M. Westcott 
R.J. Wilkie 
G.C. Wilson 


D.J. Black 
K.Y.P Chan 
M.D.E. Duder 
J.M. Empey 
J.H. Haust 
M.S. Higgins 
D.C. Kane 
R.H.M. Leung 
J.W. Macdonald 
R.J. Reininger 
T.J. Stoate 
A.I. Tait 
J.P.J. Thompson 
D.J. Toogood 
J.G. Turner 


D.G.G. Badger 

S.E. Davis 

A.G. Eakins 

W.R. Ellis 

R.W. England 

D. Featherstonhaugh 

J.D. Gray 

J.R. Hawley 

J.W. Hodges 

J.F. Kitchen 

PC. McCreath 

C.J. McTavish 

D.M. Pickard 

B. Rego 

T.S. Rutherford 

H.L. Sifton 

G.K. Straith 

R.P. Topping 
G. von Diergardt 
PE. Williams 


W.R Allan 
M.J. Crosbie 
A.G. Crosbie 
D.A.N. Davis 
D.J. Durant 
J.R. Hughes 
D.H.C. Hung 
J.R.F. Kane 
J.M. Kearns 
A.J. Kilpatrick 
J.W.F. Kitchen 
G.W. Little 
S.T. Manchee 
G.R. Mann 
D.J. Mollenhauer 
D.M. Munn 
D.W. Peters 
PH. Robbins 
I.R. Shortly 


R.W. Bruce 
A. K-O. Chan 
M.A. Earle 
D.F. Edminson 
H.J. Ep worth 
CD. Farrow 
M.J. Henderson 
R.D. Jamieson 
R.T. Lassaline 
G.M. Lawrence 
J.A. McClelland 
G.W.S. Miklas 
R.B.A. Nimmo 
the late RC Rankin 
R.S. Rankin 
PR. Seay 
M.L. Shinkle 
H.P Stuart 
C.A. Yelovich 


M.R. Bedard 
R.K. Foreman 
D.R. Gray 
A.W. Hamilton 
J.J. Houlton 
W.C. Houston 
J.E. Lagerquist 
C.W. Laing 
H.S. Levinter 
D.R. Little 
J.T. MacMillan 
PS. Makinson 
J.D.S. Marks 
C.W. McClintock 
J.R. Middup 
A.B. Munn 
J.E. Omstead 
H.W. Peyer 
D.A. Prowse 
D.W. Richardson 
C.E. Shirriff 
CM. Sifton 
S.L. Sillcox 
G.C. Weilinger 
CD. Zuckerman 


A.B. Armstrong 
J.N. Baun 
I.M. Carlsen 
PA. Dalton 
S.G. DeNure 
M.J. Elder 
FA. Hale 
R.B. Hargrave 
P.J. Henderson 
S.E. Hiscox 
J.W. Hissink 
G.D.H. Knowles 
E.T Larkin 
B.D. Miklas 
D.J. Mosley 
D.J. Peyer 
R.J.M. Pratt 
D.T. Richardson 
J.D. Stewart 


Old Boys' Annual Giving 

Dear Jim: 

While I give what I feel I can every year I have long felt 
there must be a simple, inexpensive way to do more. I have 
thought about it but never acted until now. 

Here's the deal: I am asking the School to accept ownership 
of the attached life insurance contract. It's costing me $24.00 
per month but the School stands to reap considerably greater 
benefits when something happens to me. While you don't get 
cash upfront from this, you are guaranteed a specified amount 
come "hell or high water" - and that's everything! And the 
premiums are tax deductible to me! 

This kind of 'planned giving' is so7nething I will mention 
toothers. I know you will do the same. If I can help motivate 
others, have them call me. 

I trust the above arrangements are satisfactory. 


Andrew J. Kilpatrick '75 


S.G. Bagworth 
A.A. Beckwith 
RE. Bedard 
J.K. Brierley 
D.M. Calverley 
W.C. Cathers 
K.M. Coy 
D.J. Cudmore 
S.M. Dewis 
CM. Earle 
G.R. Edwards 
M.M. Edwards 
J.C. Epworth 

R.C. Fawcett 
J.W. Glascock 
W.B. Gray 
G.A. Hatt 
J.W. Heit 
R.G. Hepburn 
T.J. Houlton 
S.D. Hughes 
W.H. Keech 
R Marsland 
R.W. Mitchell 
RD. Moreira 
J.F. Mortimer 
W.S. Mortimer 

T.L. Omstead 
J.W. Richmond 
T.D. Robertson 
P.S.W. Rowntree 
G.C.B. Scott 
R.A. Schmidt 
M.G. Sifton 
F. Tamm 


B.D.L. Brooks 
D.E.S. Crawford 
J.E.K. Dandele 
S.M. Fitzgerald 

B.C. Hadley 
A.C. Heit 
M.A. Hyde 
C.S.K. Larsen 
P.A.T. Maguire 
D.C. Mather 
D.B. McClintock 
J.M. Oliver 
D.C. Plaxton 
A.M. Robertson 
T.G. Russell 
J.W. Sedge wick 
I.E.G. Shandling 
N. Solty 

H.G. Stanley-Paul 
J.C. A. Stevenson 
J. P. Van Nostrand 


D.R Apple 
J.T. Arkell 
C.P.G. Ball 
M.B. Bedard 
A.A. Carter 
J.N. Cote 
A.R. Hawley 
G.M. Jackson 
G.A. Laing 
D.M. Lane-Smith 
D.C. Lawrence 
R.S. MacDonald 
K.E. Marshall 
R.A. Peters 
M.J. Rugeroni 
B.D. Ruhl 
RG. Sands 
S.H. Smith 
RE. Stanborough 
J.W. Stoddart 
R.R. Tapley 
F.R. Volckmar 


J.S. Carser 
D.G. Cooper 
H.A. Frank 
A.J. Harman 
J.M. Harris 

T.S. Juniper 
J.R. Kinnaird 
J.R. Leslie 
R.J. Lutley 
PA. McConkey 
B.M.H. Mitchell 
D.D. Omstead 
D.R. Tredgett 
M.J. Twiss 
R.J. Wilkinson 
J.R. Wilson 


J.R. Aiken 
G.R Bedard 
J.R.M. Burka 
P.M. Crandall 
G.S. Crawford 
J.Y. Germain 
M.D. Hawley 
R.J. Heimbecker 
S.R. Kiff 
M.M.S. Ko 
T.J. Kovacs 
L.O. Lara 
M.E. Lem 
G.S. Nirenberski 
A.B. Rogers 
D.W. Rolph 
F.W. Steinhauer 
S.J. Suarez 
J.S. Taylor 
M.H. vander Vecht 
J.R.K. Ward 
J.D. Weir 


L.M. Benito 
L.P Biricz 
J.C.D. Byberg 
R.M. Caldwell 
S.I.W. Campbell 
R.J. Comfort 
M.A. Ellerbeck 
D.G. Faulkner 
M.A.H. Gundy 


Old Boys' Annual Giving 

E.G. Heffer 
C.L. Jeppeson 
B.P. Jones 
P.A. Kalra 
B.K. Kerr 
MJ. Leavens 
G.H. Marshall 
M.J. Maura 
M.E. Murphy 
J. Pierpoint 
J.S.S. Robertson 
R.H. Rossdeutscher 
N.P. Smith 
R.A. Smith 
D.A. Wilson 
C.P.S. Wood 
C. Zachos 


D.A. Baird 
W.D. Campbell 
A. Cericola 
I.H. Douglas 
T.R. Frank 
L.K. Fur 
W.R. Gaskey 
R.P. Henriques 
T.A. Hickey 
G.C. Ippolito 
J.W.E. Lamensa 
S.J. McCargar 
M.S. Moores 
M.J. Oliver 

S.D. Omstead 
D.A. Sifton 
J.C. Suarez 
J.S. Wilson 
M.A. Wyndham-West 


D.M. Archibald 
G.K. Atkins 
K.S. Dick 
G.S. Dunlap 
P.A. Eide 
K.V. Hachinski 
J.M. Heimbecker 
J-PG. Hoffman 
R.T. Ivey 
B.M.J. Kelly 
C.A. Kemp 
S.D. Kerr 
S.P Lundy 
D. Mason 
D.B. McPherson 
D.J. Metcalfe 
R.J. Rea 
M.I. Smithyes 
S.F Sterling 
HA. Tawil 
T.W Watson 
M.J. Webber 


D.A. Adshade 

R.S. Armstrong 

C.C. Bona 
D.W.M. Bone 
T.P Callaghan 
M.P Chen- Young 
B.J. Coulson 
G.C. Cragg 
E.J. Delia Penna 
A.N.R. Di Lorenzo 
R.C. Dube 
J.M. Dunlap 
M.R. Dupre 
B.J. Farmer 
F.M.M. Fell 
B.J. Frederick 
A. Ipekian 
PC. Irvine 
I.G. Howey-Maclnnis 
S.M. Lafay 
J.B.A. McFarlane 
G.D. Nash 
P. Paletta 
J.W. Plouffe 
J.W.G. Rankin 
J.D.M. Smith 
M.D. Stewart 
A.M. Stronach 
J.M. Taylor 


J.C. Allen 
D.H. Anderson 
M.C. Brewer 
JA. Campbell 

A. Chacon D. 
A.W.W. Chan 
J.S. Comfort 
N.J. Dunlap 
J.K. Fox 
PG. Gestrin 
C.C. Hind 
R.D. Hiscox 
S.M. Kelly 
G.B. Kemp 
J.W. Laceby 
C.A. Laurence 
CD. Matukas 
M. Paletta 
R.S. Pollock 
A.H. Reid 
E.F. Seagram 
M.G. Townsend 
N. Tsioros 
WW. Watson 
W.A. Wilkes 


M.A.R. Atkins 
D.P Bradfield 
S.M. Cathcart 
C.B. Dickson 
D.J. Foster 
J. Garibay M. 
M.K. Glusing 
J.R. Hart 
C.P Kelly 

B.W. Ledson 
G.E.A. Luks 
W.R.T. McClocklin 
T. Mirkopoulos 
D.G. Plaxton 
D.H. Radeke 
D.W. Ross 
M.R. Ross 
A.I. Sam 
M.A. Tawil 
MJ. Wyndham-West 
R.K. Vogel 


Annual Giving for 
the class of '90 began 
in June 1991. 
Donors to August 
15th are listed below: 
CM. Armaly 
J.C. Barton 
ST. Bryk 
S.R. Creber 
J.C. Graham 
J.M. Herder 
G.A. Innes 
B.C. Leggett 
D.J. Mirkopoulos 
J.WW Morris 
T.D. Ross 
T. Shaw 
A.K. Stein 
G.D. Yeung 




Parents' Annual Giving 


Annual Giving 


Annual Giving to St. Andrew's increased 
substantially this year due mainly to the 
introduction of The S.A.C. Fund which 
replaced the former parent annual giving 

This past year, which ended on June 30, 
parents contributed $206,000 to the S.A.C. 
Fund with their donations earmarked for 
specific purposes. Projects undertaken 
included: a new lighting system for Ketchum 
Auditorium, residence improvements, new 
furniture for our day boy common rooms and 
the first step in wiring the campus with fibre 
optic cable for our exciting Local Area 
Network computer project. 

In addition, another $9,000 was received for 
other annual purposes, bringing the total 
Parents' Annual Giving to $215,000. 

On behalf of David Dunlap, Chairman of 
The S.A.C. Foundation, who is both a parent 
and graduate, and the Trustees of the 
Foundation, we express sincere thanks to all of 
those who helped make The S.A.C. Fund a 
great success in its inaugural year. 

Mr. J. Aarts 
Mr. & Mrs. S. Ajmera 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Aleong 
Mrs. B. Alexander 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Alvaro 
Dr. & Mrs. S.H. Andrews 
Dr. Mary Arhanic 
Dr. Milivoj Arhanic 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Armstrong 
Rev. & Mrs. R. Arril 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Asquith 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Bahna 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Barajas 
Dr. & Mrs. L. Barcza 
Mr. & Mrs. J.F Barron 
Dr. & Mrs. A. Basu 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Bates 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Battiston 
Mrs. M. Baun 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Beach 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Beer 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Benton 
Mr. G. Best 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Biggar 
Mr. W.J. Bijl 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Blackstock 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Blum 
Mrs. M. Boyd 
Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Boyer 
Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Boyer 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Brannon 
Dr. & Mrs. M.C. Brennagh 
Mrs. E. Brett 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Brooks 
Dr. & Mrs. W.P. Bulas 
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Burgess 
Mr. & Mrs. P.C. Burke 
Mr. & Mrs. Ross M. Buzek 
Mrs. R. Byrnes 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Bytzek 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Cameron 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Campbell 
Dr. & Mrs. G. Caputo 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Cericola 
Mr. & Mrs. M. Cerilles 
Mrs. E.J. Chambers 
Mr. & Mrs. K.S.M. Chan 
Mr. & Mrs. P. Chan 
Mr. & Mrs. P.T.S. Chan 
Mr. & Mrs. Y.W.R. Chan 



Parents' Annual Giving 

Mr. & Mrs. Y.P.J. Chang 

Mr. & Mrs. P.C.J. Cheng 

Mrs. V. Cheung 

Mr. M.N. Chi 

Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Chin 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Chisholm 

Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Cho 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Choi 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christie 

Mr. & Mrs. S.Y.K. Chu 

Mr. & Mrs. C.Y. Chu 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Chung 

Mr. & Mrs. P.E. Cochrane 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Cole 

Dr. & Mrs. J.M. Collingwood 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Cook 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Corral 

Mr. & Mrs. G.D. Cragg 

Mr. M. Cvetkovic 

Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Dadson 

Dr. & Mrs. D.A. Davidson 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Davidson 

Mr. & Mrs. S. DeAngelis 

Mr. & Mrs. C Delfin 

Mr. A.F. Del Pino 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Demosthenous 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Dennis 

Mr. & Mrs. S.J. Deudney 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Di Gianni 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Dixon 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Donnelly 

Dr. L. Douglas 

Mr. & Mrs. D.M. Dunlap 

Mr. & Mrs. M.S. Eisen 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Ellis 

Mrs. E. Erhardt 

Mr. & Mrs. B.P. Etherington 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Etherington 

Mr. & Mrs. J.M.S. Fang 

Mr. & Mrs. V.A. Farr 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Farrugia 

Mrs. A. Favaro 

Mrs. R. Fernando 

Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Finkle 

Mr. & Mrs. K.H. Fok 

Mr. & Mrs. C.W.D. Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. A.M. Foy 

Mrs. S. Friesen 

Mr. & Mrs. W.S. Fu 

Mr. & Mrs. P.M.K. Fung 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Gafoor 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Garcia Anton 

Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Garibay 

Mr. D.R. Gauvin 

Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Geiselman 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Ghais 

Mr. K.L. Gillam 

Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Ginou 

Dr. & Mrs. WA. Glave 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Glazer 

Mrs. P. Gonzalez 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Gooding 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Greer 

Mrs. SA. Grotans 

Mrs. E.A. Hall 

Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Ham 

Dr. & Mrs. G.K. Harada 

Dr. & Mrs. R.J. Harrison 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Haskin 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Hedges 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Heinig 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Herce 

Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Heron 

Mrs. N.S.C. Ho 

Dr. B.B. Hobbs 

The Hon. & Mrs. T. Hockin 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Hodges 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hui 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Hui 

Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Hunderup 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Hung 

Mr.& Mrs. A.N. Hunt 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Hurley 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Husseini 

Mr. & Mrs. A.D.U. Inglis 

Mr. & Mrs. W.K. Ip 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Ipekian 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Ireton 

Mr. J.L. Irwin 

Dr. & Mrs. A.B. Jeffrey 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Johnston 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Juman 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Ka 

Mr. & Mrs. V. Katie 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Kawai 

Mr. & Mrs. W.K. Kee 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Kellen 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Kelly 

Mr. & Mrs. D.R.L. Kerr 

Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Keto 

Dr. & Mrs. Z. Khan 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Khonsari 

Mr. J.Y.C. Kim 

Mr. & Mrs. K.S. Kim 

Mr. & Mrs. K.Y Kim 

Mr. YC. Kim 

Dr. & Mrs. L. Knight 

Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Kwong 

Mr. & Mrs. K.C Lai 

Mr. & Mr. J. H.S. Lam 

Mr. & Mrs. P.T.B. Lam 

Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Lamb 

Mr. & Mrs. M.J. Landry 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Lau 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Lauzon 

Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Lawlor 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Lebana 

Rev. Canon & Mrs. R. Leckey 

Mr. C. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. H.K. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. J.P.K. Lee 

Dr. & Mrs. M.Y.K. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. M.K.V. Leong 

Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Lessif 

Mr. & Mrs. K.H. Leung 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Leung 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. D.W.H. Li 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Li 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Liang 

Mrs. F. Lin 

Mr. & Mrs. R.J. Lindquist 

Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Lo 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Logiotatos 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Long 

Mr. & Mrs. F.P Lopez 

Mr. & Mrs. R. N. Lowry 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Luton 

Mr. & Mrs. T.K. Luxemburger 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Ma 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Maby 

Mr. & Mrs. J. MacPherson 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Magee 

Mr. & Mrs. D.W. Mahaffy 

Mrs. H. Mahy-Edwards 

Dr. & Mrs. B. Manning 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Mantrop 

Mr. & Mrs. W.M. Maraj 


Parents' Annual Giving 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Marrin 

Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Martin 

Mr. F.B. Matheson 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Mathews 

Mr. & Mrs. J.P. McClocklin 

Mr. A.S. McField 

Dr. & Mrs. B. McGrath 

Mr. &. Mrs. J. McNair 

Mr. & Mrs. D.D. McPherson 

Mr. & Mrs. G. McQuire 

Mrs. J. Mercer 

Mr. & Mrs. R Mertens 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Micalizzi 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Michael 

Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Milroy 

Mr. & Mrs. Y. Mimaki 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Miyake 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Mol 

Mr. R. Montemayor 

Mr. & Mrs. PE. Montgomery 

Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Morgan 

Mr. R.G. Morrison 

Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Morrissey 

Dr. & Mrs. Y. Mottiar 

Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Mulcock 

Mrs. J. Muller 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Nazer 

Mr. & Mr. H.D.R. Nelles 

Mr. & Dr. B.E. Neubauer 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Newall 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Newton 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Ng 

Mrs. L.L. Nixon 

Mr. R.E.M. Nourse 

Mr.& Mrs. F. O'Connor 

Mr. & Mrs. D. O'Connor 

Dr. & Mrs. M. O'Neil 

Mr. K. O'Shea 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Olabarri 

Mr. & Mrs. S.P Oliver 

Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Overzet 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Page 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Parent 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Pennal 

Mrs. P. Penty 

Mrs. P. Pepper 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Perowne 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Petrie 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Petta 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Picciolo 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Politeski 
Mrs. YK. Poon 
Mr. & Mrs. H.Y Poon 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Propper 
Dr. & Mrs. V. Pucholt 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Pugliese 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Ramson 
Mr. & Mrs. T. Redvers 
Dr. PL. Rees 
Prof. & Mrs. D.W. Reid 
Mr. & Mrs. I. Riopelle 
Dr. & Mrs. D.J. Ripley 
Mr. & Mrs. A.D.N. Ritchie 
Mrs. I. Ardila Riviere 
Mr. & Mrs. A:PR. Rodgers 
Mr. D.M. Rogers 
Judge W.P Ross 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Rouchotas 
Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Rough 
Mr. & Mrs. P. Sadlon 
Mr. & Mrs. S. Saites 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Sam Chee 
Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Sandilands 
Mr. & Mrs. K. Sauerwein 
Mrs. M. Sawh 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Schienke 
Mr. & Mrs. O. Schuemer 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Shen 
Dr. & Mrs. C.F. Shik 
Mr. & Mrs. B.D. Shillum 
Dr. & Mrs. F.M. Siddiqui 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Sim 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Simmons 
Mr. & Mrs. R.K.P Sin 
Mr. & Mrs. N. Sinclair 
Mr. & Mrs. P.P.K. Sing 
Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Skovhoj 
Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Slessor 
Mrs. F. Small 
Mr. & Mrs. FC. Smeenk 
Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. L.M. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Solloa 
Mr. M.B. Sommerville 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Sotres 
Mr. & Mrs. B. Spence 
Dr. & Mrs. V.W. Stein 
Mr. & Mrs. R.V. Stinson 
Mr. & Mrs. V. Stritesky 
Mr. & Mrs. T.H. Sundjaja 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Syrett 

Mr. & Mrs. T.Y.S. Tarn 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Tamburi 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Tantuco 

Mr. G.P Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Timms 

Mr. & Mrs. D.F Ting 

Mr. & Mrs. W.H. To 

Mr. & Mrs. W.K. Tsang 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Tsioros 

Mr. & Mrs. N.C. Tzembelicos 

Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Umphrey 

Prof. K.B. Vahamaki 

Mr. H. Vaughan 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Vrettakos 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Wang 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Ward 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Whalley 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Wieland 

Mr. & Mrs. L.F. White 

Mr. & Mrs. R.G. White 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. M.L. Willmot 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Wilson 

Mr. P. Windeler 

Mr. & Mrs. E.C.C. Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. FFM. Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. T.S. Wong 

Dr. & Mrs. S. Woo 

Mr. & Mrs. A.D. Wood 

Mrs. B. Wood 

Mr. G. Wood 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Worry 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Wright 

Ms. F. Wu 

Dr. & Mrs. M. Wu 

Dr. & Mrs. C.C. Yee 

Mr. D.K.C Yeung 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Yeung 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Yoo 

Mr. & Mrs. D.J. Young 

Mrs. L.D. Young 

Mr. S. Yow 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Yuen 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Zabaneh 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Zachos 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Zank 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Zieba 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Zoebelein 

Mr. N. Zulqernain 


Past Parents' Annual Giving 


Mr. J.D. Allen 

Mrs. M.H.D. Bindhardt 

Mr. & Mrs. A.M. Burka 

Mrs. G. Clark 

Mr. J.F. Coulson 

Mr. & Mrs. P.J. Dalton 

Dr. & Mrs. D.H. Dickson 

Mrs. P.G. Fox 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Glusing 

Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Hadley 

Mrs. L.M. Hamilton 

Mr. P.D.G. Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Hawke 

Mr. & Mrs. DJ. Hawley 

Mr. & Mrs. B.A. Herbinson 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Higgins 
Mrs. B.J. Houlding 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Kopas 
Dr. & Mrs. W. Laceby 
Dr. & Mrs. L.G. Leggett 
Mr. & Mrs. G.H. Love 
Mr. & Mrs. C.P. Manchee 
Dr. & Mrs. G.W. Marshall 
Mr. & Mrs. T. Marshall 
Dr. & Mrs. R. McMartin 
Mr. & Mrs. M. McMurrich 
Mr. & Mrs. T.B. McPherson 
Mr. T.P. McQuillan 
Mr. & Mrs. L. Mirkopoulos 
Ms. E.L. Morgan 
Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Munro 
Mr. & Mrs. T.H. Mulock 

Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Pady 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Petrie 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Ross 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Sadlon 

Rev. & Mrs. E.L. Sam 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Sandbacka 

Mrs. J.A. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. M.C. Sifton 

Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Sillcox 

Mr. & Mrs. E.G. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. N.S. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Tawil 

Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Tredgett 

Mr. & Mrs. G.K. Ward 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Weilinger 

Capt. & Mrs. S. Whalley 

Mr. & Mrs. G.N. Wyndham-West 


St. Andrew's gratefully acknowledges recent donations to the Archives of the College from the 
following Old Boys and friends: 

A.S. Barber '27 
S.R. Black '19 
A.F.R. Brown '46 
J. Del Grande 
Mr. & Mrs. B.R. Horton 
R.E. Eakins '33 
Mrs. K. Heaton 
J.M. Hill '57 
K.P. Home '23 
R.F. Keith '56 
R. McLennan 
K.W. Morris '41 
W.G. Munro 
W.A. Neal *34 
P.C. Rea '35 
W.W.Sinclair '32 
Mrs J. Soffe 
R.E. Waller '32 
D.G. Worling '50 
J.D. Wood '18 


Endowment Report 

Endowment Update 

Capital additions to the 
endowment funds this year from 
bequests, life insurance and the 
gift of the McLaughlin Foundation 
totalled over $408,000. 

Endowment funds established 
in recent years have been added to 
by Old Boys and friends. The 
Dick Gibb Scholarship Fund now 
stands at $143,000 and The James 
H. Hamilton Scholarship at 
$80,000. Contributions to the 
newly established T.B.D. Tudball 
Fund total $5,300. 

In addition we are indebted to 
Colonel Frederick A. Tilston V.C. 
who has endowed the Tilston 
Awards which "honour the boys 
who, in the opinion of their 
teachers, have set the best example 
in their class for effort, persistency 
and tenacity in their studies and in 
all other school activities." 

The Philip Morton 

The late Philip A. Morton, S.A.C. 
1919-24, left a most generous 
bequest in his will which was 
settled recently. Mr. Morton 
passed away in 1986 and his wife 
Berthe died in August 1990. 

As a result, the school is the 
beneficiary of THE PHILIP 

which is endowed and will be 
awarded in perpetuity. 

Mr. Morton 's words are "to be 
used for the education of any 
student or students of the College, 
not necessarily academically gifted, 
who, in the opinion of the Board, on 
the recommendation of the 
Headmaster, are in need and worthy 
of assistance" '. 

St. Andrew's College awarded 
this scholarship for the first time 
on Prize Day 1991. 

We are indebted to the Old 
Boys and friends of the school 
who honour us with their 
bequests and their gifts of life 
insurance, large and small. 

Giving Pays 

A charitable gift annuity can help 
maintain your retirement income 
while also helping a cherished 
charitable cause. Like a regular 
annuity, it will provide you with a 
fixed income for life from an 
initial investment. And in the 
meantime, you may benefit from 
some attractive tax advantages. 

Here are some of the benefits: 

* Your desire to leave money to a 
charity will be carried out. 

* You can further direct that your 
donation be used to fund only 
specific activities of the 

* Your bequest will not form part 
of your estate; it cannot be held 
up in probate. 

* Exclusion of the bequest from 
your estate could also save on 
legal fees and administration 

* You will be able to receive an 
income, all or a portion of which 
will be tax-free for your lifetime. 
This is covered in Interpretation 
Bulletin IT111R from Revenue 

* St. Andrew's College 
Foundation is a registered 
charity with Revenue Canada. 

* For further information please 
contact Jim Herder at 

(416) 841-8999. 


St. Andrew's gratefully 

acknowledges bequests 

received from the estates of 

the late: 

Philip M. Holton 
S.A.C 1928-36 

Bruce B. King 
S.A.C. 1911-22 

Roy H.M. Lowndes 
S.A.C. 1906-12 

Philip S.A. Morton 
S.A.C. 1919-24 

George Mann 

"... although not an old boy 

of the School, George 

followed the English cricket 

matches faithfully. It was 

always his desire to leave a 

legacy to assist a fine school 

like St. Andrew's which 

taught the game he loved so 

much. He was just a hard 

workijig man who had little 

time in the war years for an 

education and was a strong 

competitor who played the 

game proudly every 

Sunday, often on the 

beautiful grounds of St. 

Andrew's ... " 


Giving Report 

The McLaughlin Foundation 


The Armadale Foundation 

E.W. Bickle Foundation 

Birks Family Foundation 

The Dominion Group Foundation 

Dominion Securities Foundation 

The Eaton Foundation 

The First Boston Foundation Trust 

Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation 

The James Franceschini Foundation 

The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen 


R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation 

The Noranda Foundation 

The W.P. Scott Charitable Foundation 

St. Andrew's College Foundation was the 
recipient of a magnificent gift of $250,000 
from The McLaughlin Foundation. 

Colonel R. Samuel McLaughlin, the 
founder of an automobile manufacturing 
enterprise (now General Motors of 
Canada Limited), was a great believer in 
independent education. 

In 1972 The McLaughlin Foundation 
gave the School the leadership gift, and 
made possible the building of The 
McLaughlin Science Building. 

The Board of Governors of the School 
has directed that the $250,000 be added to 
the endowment funds of the S.A.C. 
Foundation. Income from the 
endowment fund is dedicated to 
scholarships and bursaries for deserving 

The Andrean, on behalf of the students 
who will benefit now and in the future, 
would like to express sincere thanks to 
the Trustees of the McLaughlin 


Annual Giving 


Many members of the S.A.C. teaching 

and administrative staff contribute 

annually to partially support two 

students at the school. We are pleased 

to acknowledge the support of the 

following in this most worthwhile 


Mr. G. Ackerman 

Rev. R. Anil 

Mrs. S.K. Barr 

Mr. & Mrs. R.P. Bedard 

Mrs. E.J. Collins 

Mr. D.S. Dawson 

Mr. P.H. Day 

Mr. G. Dominato 

Mr. A.W. Dunford 

Mr. A. Foy 

Mr. R. Grenier 

Mrs. R Ham 

Mr. A.H. Halstead 

Mr. S. Harper 

Mr. A.D. Hemmings 

Mr. W.J. Herder 

Mrs. D. Hiltz 

Mr. A.D.U. Inglis 

Mr. M. Jones 

Mr. D. Josselyn 

Mr. S. Kimmerer 

Mr. R.D. Kinney 

Mrs. J. Lamb 

Mr. R. Perrier 

Mrs. G. Petri 

Mr. R. Ray 

Mr. PD. Robinson 

Mrs. C. Rose-Kudelka 

Mr. S. Rush 

Mrs. S. Scott 

Mr. W.S. Scoular 

Mr. G.R. Smith 

Mr. R.B. Somerville 

Mr. PL. Stuart 

Mr. S.D. Swan 

Mr. H.S. Tetlock 

Mr. D.J. Timms 

Mr. S.R. Treasure 

Mr. A.B. Wenk 

Mr. G.B. West 

Mr. D. Whitehead 

Mr. M.C. Van Dyk 


St. Andrew's College would like to thank Corporations which, through an 
employee Matching Gift Program, support independent education. 

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited 

Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation 

The First Boston Foundation Trust 

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 

Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 

Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York 

The Noranda Foundation 

The Prudential Insurance Company of America 

Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Limited 

Tambrands Inc. 


Ms. B. Anderson 

Mrs. C. Atkinson-Crang 

Mrs. E.H. Band 

Mr. J.C. Barron 

Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Bennet 

Mrs. W.W. Burry 

Dr. B. Cragg 

Cronkwright Transport Limited 

Ms. N. Doner 

Mr. C.H. Franklin 

Mrs. B. Hamilton 

Hutton Transport 

Mr. W. Hutton 

The Ladies' Guild of St. 

Andrew's College 

Mr. PB. Lind 

Mr. J. Lind 

Mrs. W.C. Little 

Mr. H.D. Lockhart 

Mrs. D. B. Macdonald 

Mr. A.R. Marchment 

Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark 

Judge & Mrs. R.W. Meagher 

Mr. R.W. Mills 

Mr. I.H. Morris 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Needier 

Mr. G.H. Oliver 

Ms. M. Rogers 

Rotary Club of Aurora 

M. H.B. Sceats 

Mrs. J.A. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. D.J. Thomson 

Col. FA. Tilston 

Mr. J.S. Vanderploeg 

Mr. B. Vermeulen 

Mr. A.D. Wood 


Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited 

Crown Life Insurance Co. 


Dalton Engineering & Construction 

Eastwood Food Services Limited 

International Waxes Limited 

Langdon's Coach Lines Co. Ltd. 

RBC Dominion Securities 

Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Limited 

Sedgwick Tomenson Inc. 


The S.A.C. Association 
Hi-tech Dinner 

Bob Perry '68, 

Gordon Wilson and 

Bill Laceby examine 

the Zenith laptop 

computer donated for 

the silent auction. 

'87 Classmates Jim Plouffe and ]ames Rankin 
chat with coach Ackerman. 

Over twenty members of 
the class of '86 turned 
out to celebrate their 
fifth anniversary. Above 
(l-r) Brent Kelly, Drew 
Eide, fay Rosenfeld and 
Shawn Sterling. 


• jp WiM IM 

Stew Treasure (left) and Steve Rush setup the S.A.C. Network in the 

ballroom of the Royal York. The demonstration for the alumni dinner 

included communicating to a boarder's room and to the school library 

from the hotel. 

Grade 12 student Geoff Wltite demonstrates the network to 

interested Old Boys and friends. If you missed the spring 

issue of The Andrean - we '11 gladly send a copy - it covers the 

"network story" in detail. Phone 727-4002. 


Old Boys' News 


'26 Frederick W. Miller passed 
away July 21, 1990, at the 
age of 84, in Toronto, 

'46 Ronald Armstrong 

MacKinnon passed away 
in Toronto on March 19, 
1991 after a long illness. 

While attending S.A.C. Ron 
was a Librarian, Sports 
Editor for The Review and 
was well remembered as 
Abby Brewster in the 
Upper School play Arsenic 
and Old Lace . 

He served St. Andrew's as 
President of the S.A.C. 
Association 1960-62. 

Ron was an investment 
advisor with Burns Fry for 
many years. 

He leaves his wife Jane, 
children Janet & David, 
and nephews Jim '69 & 
Andy Ballard '71. 

'78 Dwight Zonnenberg died at 
the age of 32 in a car 
accident on June 20, 1991, 
in Waterdown, Ontario. He 
was a self- employed 
contractor for residential 
construction. Dwight 
leaves his wife and sons 
Tyler & Dustin, ages 3 & 4, 
his parents and brother 
Roger '81 . He was fun- 
loving, generous to others, 
and loved nature. His 
recreation was salmon 
fishing near Vancouver 

'23 Kendall Home visited the 
School recently to donate his 
First Team Cricket photos 
from 1921-22 to the Archives. 

He was reminiscing about the 
big snowstorm which 
paralyzed Toronto on 
December 11, 1944 and 
nothing was moving and no 
one was able to go to work. 
Kendall skiied down Church 
Street to his office. He gained 
a certain notoriety at the time 
but didn't think much of his 
feat because he previously 
lived six miles outside of 
Minden and thought nothing 
of regularly skiing into town 
for supplies. 

Kendall also made it into 
Ripley's Believe It Or Not. He 
named his first boys after the 
gods of the week and ended 
up having seven sons in a 

His fondest memory of St. 
Andrew's when it was located 
in Rosedale was a Sports Day 
held at Varsity Stadium in 
1920. St. Andrew's was 
housed at Knox College at the 
time because the School was 
being used as a military 
hospital. Kendall was in his 
first year in the Upper School 
and competing in his first 
race. When the gun went off 
he fell to the ground and hit 
his head on the track. Dazed, 
he got up and found himself 
running in the wrong 
direction. He turned and saw 
the other runners some 
distance ahead. "I must have 
been inspired or else tips I got 
from a book I had read on 
racing must have worked. 

When I won the race the 
nearest runner was at the 
other side of the track with an 
eighth of a mile to go." 

Kendall has been retired for 
some years and is living near 
Claremont, Ontario. 

'24 John Dyment is one of 73 
Canadians to be honoured 
with this year's Order of 
Canada. Jack attended St. 
Andrew's when the School 
was still in Rosedale. He 
studied engineering at the 
University of Toronto and 
eventually became Chief 
Engineer for Air Canada, a 
position he held for over 
thirty years. In 1964, he was 
elected President of the 
Society of Automotive 
Engineers in the U.S.A. with 
40,000 members in eighty 
countries and is the only 
foreigner ever elected. 

Jack has held many 
prestigious positions and won 
many awards, and is a 
member of Canada's Aviation 
Hall of Fame and one of the 
first forty Fellows of the 
Canadian Academy of 

The Andrean salutes Jack 

'27 Bert Barber, retired from the 
University of Waterloo for the 
past 16 years, recently had 
two awards named after him. 
In 1982 The Albert Sherwood 
Barber Award was established 
by the University to recognize 
the most outstanding record 
of a graduating student in the 
co-op education program. A 
similar award was established 
in 1983 by the Canadian 


Old Boys' News 

Association for Co-operative 
Education for an individual 
making a significant 
contribution to co-operative 
education. Bert recently 
donated some team photos 
from his days at St. Andrew's 
and a 1926 Christmas card to 
the Archives. 

'30 John Laing lives in Victoria, 
B.C., from April to November 
each year, and in Santa 
Barbara, California, for the 

'32 Scott Montgomery spends six 
months at his "permanent 
Canadian base" in 
Peterborough, Ontario. The 
other six months are spent at 
Cape Cod where the 
Montgomery family has spent 
the past 36 summers. Scott 
regrets being unable to be 
with his Andrean friends at 
the Old Boys' Dinner in May, 
but says the ocean and long 
gardening seasons at Cape 
Cod are irresistible. He sends 
"congratulations to all the 
people who continue to make 
St. Andrew's the great School 
it is". 

Bill Neal '34 dropped in to say hello 

in April on his way home to St. 

John 's from Florida. 

'33 Arthur Gladman retired after 
more than fifty years 
practising medicine. Arthur 
and his wife celebrated 50 
years of marriage last 
December. They live in 
Oakland, California. 

'37 Warren Soper retired a few 
years ago from Dominion 
Securities Pitfield where he 
was Vice President. Warren 
wrote The Andrean that he 
keeps busy with his corporate 
interests, golf, fishing and oil 
painting. He lives in Lachute, 
Quebec, in the summer and 
Delray Beach, Horida, in the 
winter. He enjoyed reading 
John Mitchell's account in the 
last Andrean of the siren 
bomb incident which brought 
back a very pleasant memory! 

'41 John Kilpatrick and his wife 
Jean spent five weeks 
travelling in England & 
Scotland following their 
wedding April 12, 1991. 

CLASS OF 41-42 

50th Anniversary 

September 28 

Call 727-4002 
for details 

'43 Martyn Livingston visited the 
school in April for the first 
time in many years. 
Following his year at St. 
Andrew's, Martyn went into 
the Canadian navy and then 
into the oil boiler business 
with his father. Following a 
period of time when he 
imported European car 
washes into Canada, he spent 

many years in the Caribbean 
in underwater business. 
Martyn and his wife Norma 
have three children; John, a 
theoretical physicist, Christine 
who is married and living in 
Texas, and Sheila who is at 

Bredin Stapells '42 is retired 
and living in Bermuda. 

'44 Charles Eddis and his wife 
Nancy, a Havergal Old Girl, 
visited the school in July while 
visiting from Montreal. 
Charles last visited S.A.C. in 
1969. He attended St. 
Andrew's from 1937-44 and 
his name appears on many of 
our honour boards in the 

Murray Hall retired recently 
and moved to Horseshoe 
Valley near Barrie, Ontario, 
where he will be closer to his 
cottage. Murray wrote to say 
how much he enjoyed The 
Andrean, particularly the 
article about Tuddy. 

'47 Tom Chipman retired February 
1, 1991 from Grand & Toy, 
after 42 years in the office 
products industry. 


Old Boys' News 

Ed Gray visited the School in 
June after more than 40 years. 
Ed taught school for a number 
of years before becoming 
Principal at a school near 
Brampton, then an Inspector 
at the Lakehead and finally a 
Superintendent at Sault Ste. 
Marie. He finished his 
academic career in Ottawa 
where he now lives. Ed 
enjoys sailing in summer and 
skiing in winter. 

Gord Middleton and his wife 
Joan drive to their condo in 
Manzanilla, Mexico, each 
November, visiting with Bill 
Skinner and his wife Connie 
in Newmarket on their way 
south, and return to their 
home in Huntsville, Ontario, 
in May. 

Harold Middleton and his 
wife Claire are proud of their 
youngest son, Ted, who was 
declared a Canada Scholar in 
1990 in science and 
engineering and is at Royal 
Military College studying 
aerospace engineering. 

'50 Roy McMurtry, a former 

Ontario Attorney-General, has 
recently been appointed 
Associate Chief Justice of the 
Ontario Court of Justice. 

Tony Stapells held an 
exhibition of his bronze 
sculptures at 291 Gallery on 
Spadina Avenue in Toronto 
last May. Tony has been 
President of the Toronto 
Chapter of The Ontario 
Archaeological Society since 

'51 David Gallagher writes that 
he feels the connection 

between lasting family 
businesses and St. Andrew's is 
not by chance, rather the 
"good education centered on 
character building" plays a 
major role. 

David co-founded CAFE, The 
Canadian Association of 
Family Enterprise, in 1984. It 
has grown across Canada to 
include eight chapters and 
over 600 company members 
(2,000 people). David's father 
"Shiner" Gallagher '18 at age 
91 is one of the school's oldest 
Old Boys. 

Bill Somers has been 
appointed a Judge on the 
Ontario Court's General 
Division by the Federal Justice 
Minister. Bill has been in 
private practice in Toronto for 
many years. One of his 
partners was Graham Dutton 

The Hon. David Wilkinson is 
Speaker of the House of 
Assembly in Bermuda. 

CLASS OF 51-52 

40th Anniversary 

September 28 

call 727-4002 
for details 

'52 Bill hovering retired last 

March after thirty-three years 
with the Canadian Imperial 
Bank of Commerce. Bill lives 
in Don Mills, Ontario. 

'54 Willie & Sally Frith held a 
reception in their home in 
Bermuda in April to meet Jim 
& Gail Herder who were 

Willie de V Frith '54 

visiting from St. Andrew's. 
Old Boys and their wives 
along with parents of boys at 
the School, parents of boys 
interested in S.A.C. and past 
parents of graduates 

Some of the Old Boys 
attending were Chris Crisson 
'47, Adam Hawley '81, Mac 
Lightbourn '43, Irving Lusher 
'55, Bill Lusher '52, Buddy 
Rego '74, Tomas Smith '79, 
Mike Sommerville '62, Bredin 
Stapells '42, Scott Stewart '70 
and Tommy Thompson '40. 

Irving Lusher '55, Mike Sommerville '62 

and Bill Lusher '52 chat at the Frith's 

reception for Old Boys in Bermuda. 

Mike's two sons Bart and Ryan currently 

attend St. Andrew's. 

'57 Ed Roberts is Chairman of the 
Board of Trustees of the 
Waterford Hospital in St. 
John's, Newfoundland. Ed 
continues to practise law with 
the firm Halley, Hunt. 


Old Boys' News 

Jacobo (]ake) Mizrahi and ]im Wyse 

met in Mexico having been 'paired 

up' on the tennis court, jim didn't 

report who won the match! 

Jim Wyse writes from 
Vancouver: "I hope you enjoy 
the following anecdote. It 
proves once again the nature of 
the lasting relationships we 
have all developed during our 
years at S.A.C." 

"My wife and I have just 
returned from a two week 
vacation at a Club Med located 
in Huatulco, Mexico. On our 
last day at the resort, my wife, 
another lady and I went down 
for our regular morning tennis 
session, but because we were a 
threesome, I was asked by the 
pro if I would play with a 
gentleman who had just 
arrived from Mexico City ... 
The visitor told me his name 
was Jacobo (pronounced 
"Hacobo"). I told him that I 
had only known one other 
"Hacobo" in my life, and his 
name was "Hacobo" Mizrahi 
from Venezuela ..." 

"At this point I asked him 
where he went to school, and of 
course it was St. Andrew's 

College. What an amazing 
coincidence! ..." 

"I certainly didn't recognize 
Jake at first, after all it has 
only been 36 years since we 
saw each other last. 'Jake' 
Mizrahi sat directly across the 
aisle from me in grade 9 (Jack 
Wright, Latin/Math; Hugh 
Warburton, English; etc.). We 
played cricket and football 

"After S.A.C, Jake completed 
his schooling in the USA, and 
returned to Venezuela. En 
route, he married his wife Paz 
in Mexico, and in 1968 the 
family moved from Caracas to 
Mexico City where they now 
live. They have 3 children." 

'58 Bob Dack has returned to 
Canada after several years in 
the Far East. Bob, his wife 
Jane and two sons, Matthew 
and John, live in Oakville. 
Bob is vice-president RBC 
Dominion Securities Inc. 
working mainly in retail sales. 

'61 Dan Routledge has been 
appointed Vice President - 
Investment Funds with Frank 
Russell Canada Limited, an 
international organization 
headquartered in Washington, 
with offices world wide. The 
firm specializes in investing 
large pools of capital such as 
pension funds. 

Carl Ingwalson and his family 
visited with Jane & Nick 
Oundjian recently at their 
home in London, England, 
and Carl wrote The Andrean 
that the Oundjians were 
wonderful hosts. 

CLASS OF 61-62 

30th Anniversary 

September 28 

Call 727-4002 
for details 

'62 Michael Holden has been 
appointed a Judge effective 
August 1, 1991, in Western 

'63 Richard Holbrook and his wife 
Donna announce the birth of 
their daughter, Meredith 
Somers, on March 10, 1991 in 

Terry Montgomery's firm, 
Montgomery & Sisam 
Architects, received an Award 
of Excellence from the Ontario 
Association of Architects for 
the John Street Bridge, 
completed in 1987. This is the 
pedestrian bridge which links 
the Skydome to the City of 

'64 Harry Addison was elected 
Vice Chairman of the Ontario 
Racing Commission in June of 
this year. Harry continues to 
run the Addison Leasing 
Division of Addison on Bay 

'66 Bobby Richards has started 
his own investment firm in his 
native Bermuda after years 
with the Government 
Monetary Authority and 
before that with the Royal 
Dutch Shell Group. Bob and 
his wife Pauline have one son, 
Christopher, who was recently 
awarded a scholarship for 
Grade 13 in the Philippines. 


Old Boys' News 

CLASS OF 66-67 

25th Anniversary 

September 28 

Call 727-4002 
for details 

'67 Scott Marshall has been 
promoted to General 
Manager, Catalogue Sales 
Division of Sears Canada. 
Scott was formerly General 
Manager of SLH Transport, 
another Sears subsidiary. 
Scott will have the operating 
responsibility for Catalogue 
sales of over $500 million and 
is headquartered in Belleville, 

'68 Tom Butterfield has been 
instrumental in creating The 
Masterworks Foundation in 
Bermuda. The Foundation 
was established to locate, 
purchase and return 
Bermudian works of art to the 
island from other countries. 
The works in the collection 
range from Royal Naval 
topographical drawings of the 
1800's to oils and watercolours 
by such well-known artists as 
Charles Demuth, Ogden 
Pleissner and Jack Bush. 

During the late eighteen and 
early nineteen hundreds, many 
budding and already famous 
artists from Canada and the 
east coast of the United States 
went to Bermuda. They went 
to relax and escape the rigours 
of winter in harsher climes, or 
because they truly found 
Bermuda to be an artist's 
paradise. Between them they 

produced a wealth of 
paintings that today are 
valuable reflections of a 
Bermuda that has largely 

Eventually it is hoped to build 
or renovate a location to house 
the artworks for the benefit of 
all Bermudians. 

Tom has a unique way of 
raising funds for this project. 
He runs marathon races and 
obtains sponsorship from over 
three hundred interested 
individuals and corporations. 
In April he competed in his 
third London Marathon and 
realized a total of $50,000. A 
painting has been added to 
the collection as the result of 
each marathon. 

Tom was awarded the Canada 
Council Grant for the Arts 
before returning to Bermuda 
in 1980. 

Tom Butterfield '68 running the London 

Hugh MacKenzie and his wife 
Leslie have a new son Spenser, 

born May 14, 1991; a brother 
for Lauren, 5 and Fraser, 3. 

'69 J.S. Jackson recently started a 
small photography business 
for portraits and weddings. 
Jim continues as an instructor 
at Humber College as well, 
and his wife Corey teaches 
French. They have two young 
boys, Brian & Brent, and the 
family recently moved to 
Aurora. Jim would like to 
have any Old Boys drop in to 
see him when they are visiting 

Rob McEwen and his wife 
Cheryl had their second son, 
Samuel Donald, born June 29, 
1991, in Toronto, Ontario; a 
brother for Alexander, 2. 

Day Pritchard married Cathy 
Morden in the School chapel 
on April 20, 1991. 

'70 Brian Hutchins married 

Elizabeth Ann Lennox August 
25, 1990, at Horseshoe Valley 
Resort, Barrie, Ontario, and 
they are living in Barrie. 

Philip Manchee and his wife 
Penny announce the birth of 
their daughter, Hailey May, 
born May 25, 1991. 

Eric Schneider was recently 
appointed Vice President and 
General Counsel of J.M. 
Schneider Inc. and Secretary 
for Schneider Corporation in 
Kitchener, Ontario. He is a 
graduate of the University of 
Waterloo (B.Sc.) and received 
his law degree from the 
University of Toronto. Eric 
held senior positions with a 
Toronto law firm until he 
joined J.M. Schneider Inc. in 


Old Boys' News 

Jim Herder '64 (left) with 
Scott Stewart '70 in Bermuda. 

'71 Warren Boyd was recently 
appointed President of R.T. 
Boyd, Ltd, a long established 
gemstone importing firm. He 
has also established and 
incorporated a new company 
POWER VISION specializing 
in high-tech computer 
imaging systems for jewellery 
and security applications. 

Eric Startup was recently 
promoted to Manager, 
Treasury & Cash Management 
Services, Corporate & 
Investment Banking Group 
with the Toronto Dominion 
Bank in Vancouver, B.C. Eric 
and his wife Julie were located 
in Edmonton, Alberta. 

CLASS OF 71-72 

20th Anniversary 

September 28 

Call 727-4002 
for details 

'72 Alan Addison is the Sr. 
Programmer/ Analyst/ 
Systems Development at 
Allen-Bradley Canada Ltd. in 
Cambridge, Ontario. Alan 
recently received an 
"Innovation Award" for the 

design and implementation of 
an automated storage and 
retrieval system from Allen- 
Bradley U.S. He is a member 
of the Gait Little Theatre and 
is married with one child. 

Jim Brickman and his wife 
Lesley had their first child, a 
daughter, Janet Louise, born 
March 12, 1991. 

Michael Flemming and his 
wife Nicolette had a son born 
June 20, 1991, Ian Nicholas, 
named in fond memory of 
Michael's father, Ian Fielding 
Hemming who attended 
S.A.C. from 1941- 46; a brother 
for Arianne Virginia, 1 . 

Alex Hart works for SMI 
Marine, Limited in Vancouver 
B.C. Alex visited the school in 

Keith Sawyer is Manager of 
Retail Sales with Chevron 
Canada Limited, located in 
Vancouver, B.C. 

'73 Andy Price visited the School 
in April and "was amazed" at 
the improvements made in 
recent years. Andy is a 
freelance retail business 
consultant and lives in 
Welland, Ontario. He and his 
wife Alison have a daughter, 
Maegan, who is eighteen 
months old. 

Jamie Thompson and his 
family are celebrating 70 years 
in business in Aurora. 

In 1921, P.M. Thompson, the 
founder, started a furniture 
and funeral business in 
Aurora at the present Yonge 
Street location. This was a 
common business 
combination in those days. 

The tradition continues today 
as Thompson's operate 
Thompson Funeral Home on 
Victoria Street (the former 
family home) and Thompson's 
Fine Furniture at the original 
Yonge Street location. 

'74 Mark Black married Raquel 
Kreiger August 11, 1991 and 
they honeymooned in 
Bermuda. Mark is the pro at a 
golf course in Barrie, Ontario. 

Jim Corbett married Martina 
Palayukan in Ujung Pandang, 
Indonesia, on May 18, 1991, 
and they are living in 
Brockville, Ontario. 

Andy Price '73 with the acrylic 

painting of "Andy" by Alex 
Boothby who is in the class of '92. 

Russ Frith earned his Ph.D. in 
Zoology in April, 1991, at the 
University of British 
Columbia. Russ received his 
B.Sc. at the University of 
Victoria in British Columbia in 
1979 and his M.Sc. in Marine 
Science at the University of 
South Carolina in 1985. Russ 
lives in Vancouver with his 
wife Nancy and daughters, 
Allison and Claire, and plans 
to take up a post doctorate 
position in Vancouver. 


Old Boys' News 

'75 David Peters finished his 
Ph.D. thesis "The Effect of 
Capital Regulation on 
Canadian Banks Capital 
Structure Decisions" at 
Queen's University in April, 

Jeff Kane 75 cuts a fine figure at the 

Ladies ' Guild Spring Party 

"A Knight to Remember". 

'76 Michael Earle is President of 
Mike Earle & Sons Inc., 
residential contractors, and 
lives in St. Augustine, Florida, 
with his wife. Mike spends 
his summers at his place in 
New Brunswick, and wrote 
The Andrean that he has 
rekindled his interest in 
phillumeny (he collects match 

David Edminson and his wife 
Marina had their second child, 
Nina Elena, born March 7, 
1991; a sister for Dylan, age 3. 

Michael Kalmar and his wife 
Janice have twin daughters, 
Alana & Rachel, born March 
19, 1991, in Richmond Hill, 
Ontario; sisters for Lome 
Elliott, age 1. 

Rollie Nimmo and his wife 
Margot announce the birth of 
Blair Charles Matthew on 
March 1, 1991, in Toronto; a 
brother for Carson, 3. 

'78 Tony Armstrong and his wife 
Heather have a second son, 
Thomas J. Cody, born May 7, 
1991; a brother for Briar, 1. 

Andrew Dalton and his wife 
Julie have a daughter, Holly 
Georgia, born March 8, 1991, 
in Toronto; a sister for Blake, 
5, and Kelly, 2. 

Sandy Hale recently started 
Fraser Hale Veterinary Dental 
Services, a mobile referral and 
consulting service in the area 
of companion animal 
dentistry. Sandy and his wife 
Monica celebrated their 10th 
wedding anniversary last 
May. They have one son, 
Willy, age 3. 

Philip Henderson and his wife 
Kim have a son, John Charles 
Philip, born June 1, 1991. 
Philip continues to practise 
corporate and commercial law 
with Stikeman, Elliott in 
Toronto and is a part-time 
lecturer at the Faculty of Law, 
University of Western Ontario. 
Phil and his family live in 
Oakville, Ontario. 

Ted Larkin and his wife Kate 
have a daughter, Olivia 
Margaret, born June 28, 1991, 
at St. Thomas's Hospital in 
London, England. They were 
visited by Rob Pratt and his 
wife Nicky last spring. 

'79 Bill Cathers and his wife Susan 
have a son, Ryan William, born 
Friday, March 1, 1991; a brother 
for Courtney, 3. 

Fred Tamm is Vice President of 
TAMM Knitting Yarns in 
Mexico City and is the bursar 
and a member of the Board of 
the Mexican Social Union for 

Barton Wong is General 
Manager of Lewsyco Canada 
Limited, an importer and 
exporter of electronic items 
specializing in radio cassettes 
and computers. Barton lives 
in Toronto and visited St. 
Andrew's in July. 

(l-r) Tomas Smith 79, Buddy Rego 74 

and Mac Lightbourne '43 chat at the 

Bermuda get together. 

'80 John Sedgewick and his wife 
Helen announce the birth of 
their first child, Thomas 
'Connor', on May 14, 1991, in 
Toronto, Ontario. 

Larry Dill and his wife Lori 
moved to Kauai, Hawaii, last 
spring. They have two 
children, Kenneth, 2, and 
Caitlin, 1 . 

'81 Chris Ball spent six months in 
Luxembourg shooting Dracula 
- the Series followed by a tour 
of Scandinavia, England and 
France last spring. 

Ken Marshall is working for 
Winter Park Imports in Winter 
Park, Florida. 


Old Boys' News 

David Matheson is a traffic 
court agent with Guaranteed 
Victory located in Toronto, 

Hal McCrea and his wife 
Karen have a daughter, 
Andrea, born February 12, 
1991. Hal and his father Frank 
'52 are partners in a hardware 
store in Comox, B.C. 

Stephen Wong is a licensed 
architect working in 
Hong Kong. 

CLASS OF 81-82 

10th Anniversary 

September 28 

Call 727-4002 
for details 

'82 Stephen Ardill is Manager, 
International Marketing for 
Molson Breweries located in 
Toronto, Ontario. 

Jonathan Dunkelman married 
Kim Creelman August 11, 
1991 in Toronto. Best man 
was his twin brother David 
'82. Among the wedding 
guests were Andreans Dr. 
Robert Meagher, Al Crawford 
and Dana Omstead. Jonathan 
is Campaign Manager for the 
United Way of Greater 

Jonty Harris and his wife 
Bianca announce the birth of 
their son, Joshua Oliver 
Nicholas, born June 22, 1991, 
in Toronto. 

Cowan Loh is a Lance 
Corporal in the Royal Hong 
Kong Regiment which 

recently completed a tour of 
duty on the Hong Kong 
border capturing illegal 
immigrants. Cowan is 
starting up a joint venture in 
Southern China to recycle 
corrugated boxes. 

Paul McConkey is working for 
Payne Kalli Nightingale in 
Kanata, Ontario, and lives in 

Dana Omstead and his wife 
Veronica had their first child, 
Jacqueline Olivia, born June 
10, 1991, at their home in 
Palgrave, Ontario. 

'83 Mark Hawley married Teresa 
A. Farrell, his McGill 
University sweetheart, 
February 16, 1991, in 
Montreal, Quebec. Peter 
Bedard acted as best man and 
Jeff Weir and Chris Hawley 
'78 were ushers. Mark works 
for Cooper Consultants 
Limited in Toronto. 

Stewart Kiff spent several 
years working as a reporter, 
and recently accepted a 
position with Ontario's NDP 
government. Stewart is 
assistant to Shelley Martel, 
Minister of Northern 
Development and government 
House Leader. 

Michael Lent has joined 
Nesbitt Thomson in the retail 
investment field located in 
downtown Toronto. 

Andrew Lane-Smith and his 
wife Christine had their third 
child, Holly Elizabeth, born 
January 14, 1991; a sister for 
Sharon Rose, 4, and Joel 
Andrew, 2. Andrew enjoys his 
work with CHZM HILL 
Engineering Ltd., a large 

environmental engineering 
firm in Waterloo, Ontario. 

Ariel Silva, his wife Sara and 
his father (Ariel '54) and 
mother visited St. Andrew's 
for the Cadet Inspection May 
4. Ariel is an insurance broker 
in New York City with 
Johnson & Higgins working in 
the International Department. 
His parents continue to live in 
Puerto Rico. 

Steve Suarez is practising law 
with Bennett, Jones, Verchere 
in Toronto, and recently had 
an article published by the 
Canadian Tax Journal entitled 
Tax Planning for Departure from 

Jeff Weir and his wife Lorelie 
are thrilled to announce the 
arrival of their first born, 
Lowell George, born February 
6,1991. They recently moved 
to Orangeville, Ontario. Jeff 
works at Canadian Scale. 

'84 Mark Ellerbeck is working on 
his M.Sc. in International 
Economics at the London 
School of Economics in 

David Faulkner married 
Melissa Labelle in the chapel 
at McGill University in 
Montreal, Quebec. David's 
brother Bruce '85 was best 
man and Philip Wood '84 was 
a groomsman. Other 
Andreans attending were 
classmates Larry Biricz, Mark 
Ellerbeck, Martin MacDonald, 
Struan Robertson and Mike 
Wansbrough '85. David is an 
engineer with Liquid Air 
Engineering Corporation in 


Old Boys' News 

Mark Lundy recently 
graduated from Concordia 
University with a B.F.A. in 
Music, with a specialization in 
Jazz Performance. 

Gord Marshall married Susan 
Emily Hollefriend June 8, 
1991, in the Chapel at St. 
Andrew's. Gord's brother Ken 
'81 was best man and Mark 
Murphy was an usher. 
Derrick Baker '84 and John 
Bassett '81 were among the 
wedding guests. Gord left the 
military last year and is 
working for Canon/OE in a 
sales capacity The Marshalls 
live in Aurora. 

Mark Murphy and his wife 
Lynn had their first child, 
Brendan Edward, born 
October 30, 1990. Mark works 
for Edward Murphy 
Decorating and lives in Aurora 
where he is neighbours with 
Gord Marshall. 

Struan Robertson and his wife 
Danielle had their first child, 
Stewart Martin, born May 14, 
1991, at Bowmanville, 

Rod Skinner and his wife Lysa 
announce the birth of their 
son, William 'Waylon', April 3, 
1991, in Newmarket, Ontario; 
first grandchild for Connie 
and Bill Skinner '47. 

Kevin Yearwood is an 
information officer, data 
consultant, and in charge of 
library services with Statistics 
Canada in Toronto. Kevin 
plays "recreationally" in a 
band and would love to hear 
from other interested Andrean 

Luis Lara '83 hosted a 
gathering of S.A.C. Old Boys 
at his home in Mexico City 

Some Andreans present were: Standing 

(l-r): Federico Artigas '89, Ricardo 

Artigas '86, Luis Lara '83 Seated (l-r): 

Alfredo Solloa '83, Antonio Artigas '83, 

Carlos Solloa '85. 

'85 Ifthekar Barrie is a director of 
Coleman Textile Manu- 
facturing Inc. specializing in 
outdoor clothing designs 
under the Merganser label 
located in Scarborough, 
Ontario. Ifthekar visited 
S.A.C. this summer and told 
us he recently married 
Shazminna from Sri Lanka. 

Louis Chung is working with 
Cable & Wireless on Grand 
Cayman in the Cayman 

Bill Gaskey married Kim 
Hanford in London, Ontario, 
June 8, 1991. Best man was 
classmate Shawn Omstead 
and Bill's brother Tom '89 
served as an usher. Bill and 
Kim are living in Toronto, and 
Bill works for Ronalds 

Jim Harshaw married Jody 
Nicole Dales of Sarnia, 
Ontario, May 19, 1991, at his 
mother's orchard in Uxbridge, 

'86 Jean-Marc Davis is a contracts 
supervisor with the leading 
construction company in 
Barbados, and writes that he's 
not missing our Canadian 
weather one bit! 

Derek Archibald '86. 

Ian Hayman graduated with a 
B.Math from Waterloo 
University and is working in 
Copenhagen, Denmark for six 

2986 classmates Doug Metcalfe (left) and 

Brent McPherson enjoyed the cadet 

inspection in May. 

Doug Hiltz received his B.A. 
in Honours Geography from 
Wilfrid Laurier University. 

'87 The Andrean would like to 
express sincere thanks to Ian 
Howey-Maclnnis for his 
efforts in gathering much of 
the following news about his 

Michael Acheson is running 
his own promotion company, 
Solo- West Inc. and lives in 
Vancouver, B.C. 


Old Boy's News 

David Adshade graduated in 
the spring of 1991 with a B.Sc. 
(Hon.) in Mechanical 
Engineering. He is a Second 
Lieutenant in the Air Force 
and is at Camp Borden. 
David's future plans include 
pursuing an M.B.A., possibly 
moving to South Africa and 
playing rugby. 

Sean Aiken graduated in the 
spring of 1990 from the 
University of Western Ontario 
with a B.A. in Physical 
Education and from Lakehead 
University in the spring of 
1991 with a B.Ed. He qualifies 
as a Geography and Physical 
Education teacher and is 
currently looking for 

Terence Alexander graduated 
from Seneca College in the 
spring of 1990 with a Law 
Enforcement degree and is 
currently walking the 2,100 
mile Appalachian Trail. 

Stuart Andersson is working 
as a graphic designer. He 
lives in Toronto. 

Bill Ansell graduated in 1990 
from the University of 
Waterloo with a B.Sc. in 
General Science. He was 
accepted as a pilot in the 
Canadian Armed Forces in 
March 1991 and entered Basic 
Officer Training, graduating 
2nd in the class in June 1991. 
Bill is now a second 
Lieutenant continuing his 
training in C.A.F. to become a 
fighter pilot and is taking a 
French language training 
course in St. Jean, Quebec. 

Scott Armstrong acted as 
Commissioner of 

The Old Boys' Rugby Squad, with the addition of the champions of 1990 proved too much 

for the school team and defeated the Firsts 12-0. 

(back row l-r) Mark Sheardown '89, Brahm Mikol '91, Geraint Khan '90, 

Mike Alexander '90, Ted Shaw '90, Shawn Sterling '86, Andrew Steeper '86, 

Matt McPherson '89, Peter Kalra '84 

(Kneeling l-r) Chris Blakely '90, Jamie Graham '90, John MacMillan '90, 

Shane Stewart '90, Rashid Khan '90, David Rolph '83, Derek Archibald '86, 

Pearse Brett '86, Jim Plouffe '87, Todd Mank '90, Richard Gill '90 and Rob Saley '89. 

(Front) Jay Rosenfeld '86 (Captain). 

Communications with the 
Queen's University Alma 
Mater Society from fall 1990 to 
spring 1991. He is completing 
his Honours B.A. in History 
during the summer of 1991 
and will leave in late August 
for 12 months of around the 
world travelling. 

Paul Beck finished his 3rd 
year of Chemical Engineering 
at the University of Waterloo. 
During the summer of 1991 he 
was designing computer 
software for the petrochemical 
industry in Calgary. 

Conrad Bona graduated in the 
spring of 1990 from the 
University of Western Ontario, 
with a B.A. in Economics. 

Marty Bone graduated from 
the University of Western 
Ontario with a B.A. in 

Psychology. He plans to work 
in a people oriented industry. 

Tim Callaghan completed his 
B.Sc. in Life Sciences at 
Queen's University in the 
spring of 1991 and was 
admitted to the M.B.A. 
program at the University of 

Duff Chadwick is working for 
the Town of Newmarket as a 
Provincial Offenses Officer. 
He is also a York Region 
Auxiliary Police Officer. 

Brian Coulson will graduate 
with a B.Com. in Management 
Economics in the fall of 1991. 
He is currently working for 
Kraft Products Ltd., Sales & 
Marketing Group Division. 
He hopes to continue working 
in the field of marketing. 


Old Boys' News 

Graydon Cragg is a fully 
licensed Insurance Broker and 
is working for G.B. Cragg 
Insurance. He is in the 
process of contemplating 
further education. 

Mark Davidson graduated in 
the spring of 1990 with a B.A. 
in English from the University 
of King's College, Halifax. He 
is currently doing volunteer 
work with Frontier College in 
two programs; Beat the Street, 
helping street kids to get off 
the street and, Read Canada, 
promoting literacy for young 
people. Future plans include 
teaching English in Jamaica. 

Teifion Davies graduated 
from Carleton University with 
a combined B.A. in History 
and Political Science. 

Jean-Pierre de Gannes is in his 
final year at St. Thomas 
University in Miami, Florida, 
working on his B.A. in 
Communication Arts and was 
on the Dean's List in 1990. J.P. 
plans to work in Miami in the 
communications field when 
he graduates in December. 

Steven Dengler is completing 
an Honours English degree at 
the University of Western 

John Dingwall spent the fall 
of 1990 in Australia and the 
summer of 1991 in Greece. He 
returned home in August 1991 
to complete the final year of 
his degree in Greek and 
Roman History at McMaster 

Rob Dube graduated in the 
spring of 1990 with a B.A. in 
Anthropology and Religious 

Studies. He is working as a 
Marketing Assistant with an 
Ottawa personnel company 
and plans to go to the 
University of British 
Columbia for his B.Ed. 

Louis Duntouchel graduated 
from Queen's University with 
a degree in Electrical 
Engineering. He is currently 
working full time with Bell 
Canada designing national 
phone systems networks. 

John Dunlap graduated with a 
B.Com. (Hon.) from Queen's 
in May, and is now with 
Canada Consulting Cresap, a 
management consulting firm 
in Toronto. 

Jeff Edgar is continuing his 
studies at the University of 
British Columbia. 

Richard Fadil graduated in 
June from Princeton with his 
degree in economics. Richard 
has been accepted in the 
M.B.A. program at Harvard 
but plans to defer entry to 
obtain employment 

Beric Farmer is in his final 
year of Computer Science at 
the University of Western 

Mark Fell graduated from 
Queen's University with a 
B.A.(Hon.) in Political Science. 
He has been admitted to 
Oxford Law School in 

Brian Fordham is in his 3rd 
year at Ryerson for Business 
Management & Computer 
Business Systems. 

Blayne Frederick is in his 3rd 

year of Film Studies at 
Columbia College, Los 
Angeles. In his spare time he 
is golfing on the pro circuit. 

Steven Gardiner graduated 
from Memorial University in 
Newfoundland with a B.A. in 
Economics. Steven 
commenced working with 
Chester Dawe Ltd. in 
Newfoundland following a 
trip to Negril, Jamaica. He 
sends greetings to the friends 
he made while at S.A.C. 

Peter Gibson graduated from 
the University of Calgary with 
a B.Sc. in Mathematics and 
will be continuing his 
graduate work. 

Glen Graham is working with 
his father at Triodem Technical 

David Hamersfeld furthered 
his education at Carleton 
University in a General Arts 
program. He is now working 
as a commercial photographer. 

Ian Howey-Maclnnis 
graduated from the University 
of Western Ontario with a B.A. 
in Political Science, having 
completed his final year at 
Queen's University. He is 
now working full-time for 
Queen's Alumni Association 
as Special Projects Assistant in 
Fund Raising. 

Nazar Ipekian graduated 
from the University of 
Virginia with a degree in 
history in the spring of 1990. 

Chris Irvine graduated with a 
B.A.(Hon.) in Economics from 
Queen's University. He is 
working full time for Irvine 


Old Boys' News 

Steve Keating is working in 
Toronto for Yamaha 
Corporation, Sports Division, 
and is responsible for 
promoting golf equipment. He 
is playing in a number of golf 

Steve Lafay graduated from 
the University of Western 
Ontario in the spring of 1990, 
with a B.A. in Psychology. 
This fall he is taking a number 
of science courses at York 
University, hoping to get into 
the field of Chiropractics. 

Sean McConkey graduated 
with a B.Sc. in Psychology 
from the University of 
Toronto. This fall he will do 
post-graduate work at 
Humber College in Human 

Mark McElroy is working on 
his final year of an Honours 
B.Sc., with a major in 
Chemistry and a minor in 
Computer Science, at the 
University of Waterloo. 

Jason McFarlane graduated 
with a B.A. in Management 
Economics from the 
University of Guelph in June 
1991. He worked in Jamaica 
over the summer and is 
returning to Guelph to work 
on a Communications 

Liam Morrissey spent the 
summer at the Canadian 
Forces Base in Calgary. He 
graduated at the top of his 
class in the Phase Four 
Reconnaissance Troop Leaders 
Course run by the Lord 
Strathcona Horse (Royal 
Canadian) CFB Calgary. From 
January to June of this year 

Liam was Course Commander 
of an experimental co-op 
course run by the York Region 
Board of Education. High 
school students attended 
school on Monday, then, from 
Tuesday to Friday Liam put 
them through Basic Training 
at the Canadian Armed Forces 
facility in Aurora. 

Grant Nash graduated from 
McGill University with a B.A. 
in History. 

Michael Weider '89 Mark Lige '87 
and Marty Bone '87. 

Glen Oliver graduated with a 
B.A. in Modern History from 
the University of Western 
Ontario in 1990. He then 
backpacked his way around 
the world, witnessing the 
riotous mobs in Berlin during 
the German reunification. 
During his eight months in 
Australia he met up with 
many Andreans including Bob 
Skinner and Dave Anderson, 
class of '88, Robin Comfort 
and Max Gundy of '84 and 
Jamie Comfort '86. 

Paul Paletta graduated from 
McGill University with a 
B.Com. in Finance and is now 
working for his father's firm. 

Aman Patel is going into his 
4th year at McGill in 

Jim Plouffe graduated from the 
University of Western Ontario 
with a B.A. (Hon.) in History. 
He is currently taking a 
Captain's course in the 
reserves. In October he is 
taking off with James Rankin 
for Australia. 

James Rankin graduated from 
Bishop's University with a 
B.A. in Political Science and 
Economics. He is leaving for 
Australia in October with 
classmate Jim Plouffe. 

Pat Rea is taking Technical 
Theatre at Sheridan College. 
He has spent the summer 
touring with the College in 
Muskoka performing summer 
theatre. He plans to go to 
Vancouver in the spring of 
1992 to get involved with 
recording studios. 

Kelly Rheeder is working at 
Bulk Barn's Head Office in 

Trevor Rickwood is currently 
completing his final work term 
component of study at 
Waterloo University. He will 
graduate in the spring of 1992. 

Sandeep Sharma completed 
2nd year of Medicine at the 
University of Western Ontario, 
and commenced a year of 
clerkship rotations at the 
teaching hospitals in London, 
Ontario in July. 

Jeff Smith married Kathryn 
Coups in London on June 22 
and spent the month of July 
travelling in Europe. He 
graduated in the spring of 1990 
with a B.Sc. in Mathematics 
from the University of Western 
Ontario. Jeff is working as a 
Group Underwriter for 
Confederation Life in Toronto. 


Old Boys' News 

Joe Kool's in London was 
the site for a reunion of Old 
Boys on March 19, 1991. Jim 
Herder '64 hosted the event 
and listened as some 
'veterans' recounted life "in 
the old days"! Nearly fifty 
students turned out and 
were brought up to date. 
From '90 Andrew Bridel, 
Bruce Chin, Steve Creber, 
Dave Dupuis, Jamie 
Graham, Grant Innes, Todd 
Mank, Shane Manning, Joey 
Morin, Jason Palmer, Toby 
Ross, Steve Rotstein and 
Doug Walker. The class of 
1989 was well represented 
by Mark Atkins, Rob Devitt, 
Peter Hickey, Will Hill, Pat 
Keating, Chris Kelly, Govan 
Permanand, Walker Ross, 
Mike Ross, Michael Simon 
and Craig Sterling. From 
1988 came Jamie Bratton, 
Neil Burrows, Tom Capling, 
Rob Hiscox, Jason Leggett, 
Sean Wynn and Paton 
Zeleke. 1987 Andreans 
present were Marty Bone, 
Jim Plouffe and Matthew 
Stewart. Members of the 
class of 1986 who are 
'finishing off or doing post 
graduate work: James 
Clarke, Peter Dickson, 
Shawn Sterling, Brent 
McPherson and Mike 
Webber. Les Fur and Scott 
McCargar both of '85 
attended. Les took a couple 
of years off and is 
completing his under-grad 
degree and Scott, who 
graduated in 1988, returned 
to do a few extra courses. 

Matthew Stewart is in his 
final year of the Honours 
Political Science program at 
Huron College, University of 
Western Ontario. For the 
1991-92 school year Matthew 
is the acting President of the 
Sigma Chi Fraternity. 

Bob Wilkes graduated with a 
B.Com. from Queen's 
University in May and is 
working as a Market Analyst 
with Loblaws. 

Coin's Wilson is now a licensed 
plumber. He lives in Florida 
with his wife Judy and son 

Mark Zoebelein graduated 
from Western in the spring of 

'88 Ken Cameron has been 
accepted into the Honours 
Program of the English 
Department, Faculty of Arts, 
at McGill University in 
Montreal. Ken has been 
awarded the James McGill 
Award for 1991-92 and the 
Shakespeare Scholarship in 
English for study in the 
Faculty of Arts. Ken appeared 
in "Laughing Wild" at the Port 
Stanley Emergency Theatre in 

Mike Brewer was selected an 
Ivy League all-star 
defenseman in spite of missing 
half of the hockey season. 
Mike, who was alternate 
Captain of the Brown 
University team, spent the fall 
term studying in Sweden. 

Rob Hiscox will serve as 
President of Rugby at the 
University of Western Ontario 
for 1991-92. Rob succeeds 

another Andrean, Jim Plouffe, 
in that role. 

Jeff Laceby is continuing his 
studies at Wilfrid Laurier. He 
is playing goal for the Varsity 
Golden Hawks. 

Adam Neal graduated from 
Bishop's University with a 
degree in Performance Drama 
in June 1991. 

Edward Seagram is in his 
senior year at the University 
of the South in Sewanee, 
Tennessee, majoring in 
economics. Edward made the 
Dean's List in the last two 
semesters. He went on a 
photographic safari in Kenya 
and South Africa with his 
family over the break last 

Rob Hiscox '88 (left) and brother Mike 

'90 returned to St. Andrew's for a 

rugby match in May. 

Jared (Seaman) Kelton was on 
the Dean's list this year at 
McGill University. Jared is a 
member of the McGill ski 
team and is this year's 
director of the show and sale 
of new and used ski 
equipment for the McGill 
community. He recently 
qualified for his pilot's license 
and spent this summer 


Old Boys' News 

working and skiing in 
Whistler, B.C. 

Wallace Watson finished his 
B.A. in Economics in 
December 1990 at Wilfrid 
Laurier University and began 
working as a full-time 
research associate for an 
economics professor from 
January to July. Wallace is 
working on his Diploma in 
Accounting at Wilfrid Laurier. 

'89 David Foster won the Ontario 
Golf Association match play 
championship, held at 
Oshawa Golf Club in June. 
David and Paul Mantrop '87 
are taking a year off school 
and travelling in Europe. 

Photo credit: 
Max Wyndham-West '89 

Will Hill [above] is the voice 
of the Western Mustangs 
National Champion Basketball 
team. Will is pictured 
courtside in Halifax in March 
as the Mustangs captured the 
title. It was the first time an 
Ontario university won since 
1975 when Waterloo was 
victorious. Will, who plans a 
career in sports broadcasting, 
also is host of "From the 
Cheap Seats", a phone-in 
show heard weekly on CHRW 
in London. He suggests 

Andreans call the show when 
in the area. 

Patrick Keating is in his 3rd 
year Arts at Huron College, 
University of Western Ontario. 
He spent his summer planting 
trees in Snow Lake, Manitoba. 

Mike Ross played squash for 
Western again last year, 
leading the team to the 
Canadian National 
Championship and a berth in 
the NCAA Division 1 finals. 
The Western team finished a 
respectable fourth in the finals 
and Mike promises an even 
higher finish this year! 

Max Wyndham-West is 
entering his 3rd year in the 
History program at Western. 
Max was appointed a 
photography editor for The 
Gazette, Western's daily 
student newspaper with a 
circulation of 16,000. 

Ted Shaw '90 played varsity rugby 
for McGill in his freshman year. 

'90 Shane Stewart tells us he spent 
six weeks this past summer 
taking a French course in 
Nice, France. He spent the 
next month travelling in 
Europe before returning home 
to Barrie, Ontario. 

Christopher Mitchele '91 was 
Commanding Officer of this year's Cadet 
Corps. The pipe box has been in constant 

use since the 1950' s and will be 

permanently on display in the new home of 

the Archives. 


• pins, pennants and 

• caps, crests and clothing 

• playbills, programs and 
photographs of School 
plays and musicals 

• School Christmas cards 

• badges, books and 

• cups and trophies 

• a chamber pot with 
S.A.C. crest 

• a 'cane' 

• other S.A.C. memorabilia 

Please contact 
Douglas Worling '50 

Phone (416) 727-4002 or 
Fax (416) 841-6911 

















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Fall and Winter Term Highlights 

'd : 

Highlanders' Homecoming 
Details inside The Andrean 

Ladies' Guild Luncheon 
For mothers of new students 

Ladies' Guild Fall Meeting 
Speaker: Dr. Diane Saks 

School Play - Macbeth 
October 31, November 1 and 2 

Treble Choir Recital 

12 noon, St. George's Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario 

Parents' Nights at S.A.C. 

Thursday, November 14 and Monday, November 18 

Entrance Examinations 

Prospective students call 727-3178 for appointment 

Annual Carol Service at St. Paul's Church 
Bloor Street East, Toronto, 2:45 p.m. 

MacPherson Hockey Tournament 
January 31, February 1 and 2 

The Future Has Many Faces. 

But none brighter than those 
of the boys of St. Andrew's. 

In considering what school 
would be best for your son, 
to help him attain the 
capabilities and confidence 
to succeed in whatever he • 
undertakes in life, consider 
St. Andrew's College. 

With an enrollment of 450 
students from grades 7 to 
university entrance, St. 
Andrew's has close to a 
century of tradition in 
developing the complete 

individual, the all-round 
citizen, through a program of 
academic, athletic and extra- 
curricular pursuits. 

Excellent facilities, a 
committed faculty, a richly 
rewarding learning 
environment, all make 

St. Andrew's College 
Aurora, Ontario 

Boarding and 
Day School for Boys 

Established 1899 

St. Andrew's College an 
investment of immeasurable 
value. Does your son's future 
deserve anything less? 

For information on entrance 
tests, and our scholarship and 
bursary program, please 
contact - 

Robert Bedard, Headmaster, 
St. Andrew's College 
15800 Yonge Street, 
Aurora, Ontario L4G 3H7 
Telephone (416) 727-3178