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Student art work on the cover of a school magazine is certainly not an original idea. 
But perhaps a work from every art student in the School is! As part of Focus week, 
art teacher Stephen Kimmerer designed a T-shirt with a collage of over 200 original 
artworks, and it is that work which appears on the cover of this issue of The Andrean. 

Andrean writer, and piper extraordinaire, Jim McGillivray looks at the challenge 
of two classes graduating simultaneously, and he interviewed Headmaster Staunton 
on the subject of the Class of 2003. 

In addition, Jim writes on the maturing of Focus, the very successful celebration of 
the arts held each Spring since 1989. He also takes a look at 'friendraising' through 
the S.A.C. Association and how it interacts with the world-wide web of alumni. 

We continue to ask Old Boys to register their email addresses and information at and click on the alumni tab. More and more of our communication, 
such as invitations to reunions and special events, will be done over the Internet — 
so please sign up! Nearly 1,000 alumni have already done so! 

On the back cover is a photo of Ross Marshall '01 taken by Lu Taskey at 
Homecoming last fall. 

Jim Herder '64 

is published by 
St. Andrew's College, 
for alumni, parents and 
friends of the School. 


Jim Herder '64 

Editorial Committee: 
Edna J. Collins 
James M c Gillivray 
David L. Rea '53 
Michael D. Roy '85 
Ken Ryan 
Sandra L. Scott 

7b contact us: 






Front Cover Design: Stephen Kimmerer 
Back Cover Photo: Lu Taskey 

Inside Photo Credits: Jim Herder, Jim McGillivray, Struan Robertson, Michael Roy, Ken Ryan, 
Jim M.S.' Jackson, Stephen Treasure, Randi Berman, and The Review 

You can contact us world-wide through e-mail. Please note the following addresses: 



Campus Master Plan 




o^ 1 


trtt dltion & c^ 


Over a two-week period, during 
the muggy days of early August, 
a significant piece of Andrean 
heritage disappeared from sight. 
The 'original' swimming pool (circa 
1930) behind Dunlap Hall, was 
demolished to provide space for 
a multi-purpose outdoor 
amphitheatre. This unique feature 
of the Campus Master Plan, 
scheduled for completion at the 
same time as the new Middle School 
wing (September 2003), will provide 
students and staff with a functional 
and aesthetic space for open-air 
plays, concerts and presentations. 
As well, the southern view from the 
new Middle School will be enhanced 
as a result of this 'calming' 
landscape feature. 

The demolition of the old 
swimming pool should not be seen 
as the first in a series of campus 
demolition projects. One of the 

guiding principles of the Campus 
Master Plan is to respect the 
heritage significance of the original 
Georgian Revival collegiate 
buildings. They will continue to 
represent strong and enduring 
symbols of the St. Andrew's tradition. 
Every attempt will be made to use 
materials and finishes in the new 
buildings which have a similar 
quality and permanence to English 
collegiate architecture. 

At the same time, however, 
innovations at all levels of the 
teaching environment will be 
introduced which respect and 
complement the 'old' while 
expressing the spirit of the 'new.' 
The architecture of any campus 
affects students, faculty and staff 
emotionally, spiritually and 
intellectually in a way that inspires 
them to bring learning into all 
aspects of their lives. The new 
facilities, renovations and upgrades 
which comprise the first phase of the 
Campus Master Plan will enhance 
the beauty of the existing campus. 
New buildings and spaces will be 

developed to foster interaction 
among all members of the school 

In the development of the Campus 
Master Plan, we have tried to 
articulate a clear vision for the 
development of St. Andrew's. We 
see great opportunities to improve 
S.A.C.'s memorable campus by 
clarifying the layout of the current 
campus. New outdoor spaces, 
buildings and a network of axes that 
define paths and routes across the 
grounds will be created to 're-introduce' 
the sense of connection to the 
original campus. Our intent is to 
preserve the contact between the 
natural environment, the manicured 
green spaces and the heritage 
buildings — in other words, 
harmonizing tradition with change. 

You will hear much more about the 
specifics of the Campus Master Plan 
in the months ahead. Our 103rd year 
should be very exciting one indeed! 

Ted Staunton, 


The Cake: two lonely, kilted 
and communication-challenged 
Scotsman fear the worst until they 
will it to happen. Swann II: 
Mrs. Swann coasts through an odd 
life of surreality, seemingly immune 
to its hazards. Phone Plays: callers 
receive their own private play 
through voice mail from another 
world. They Shoot Cowgirls, Don't 
They?: Faculty, Board and Guild 
members drawl their way through 
a hoedown re-enactment of the 
year at S.A.C. 

It seems like an odd mix of topics. 
It is. It is called Focus on the Arts, 
and it has evolved into what may 
well be the most intense and varied 
three-day showcase of drama, music 
and art in — well, in the country. 


Ladies' Guild members (l-r) Betty Hamilton, Barbara Abraham, Linda Housser, Doris 
Poirier-Maclver, Joanne Stock and Wendy Marshall starred in They Shoot Cowgirls, 
Don't They? at Focus 2001. The play was written and directed by Jane Staunton. 

Dozens and dozens of small plays are the feature of Focus week. 

"'Focus has always been about altering the theatrical 
experience," says Drama master Will Scoular, 
extraordinary Artistic Director at St. Andrew's, in his 
foreword to this year's Focus program. "These are plays 
that can drive off with you in the back seat, whisper in 
your ear, or shrink in the washing machine." 

Indeed they are. The play list for 2001 included 
telephone plays (you dial a voice box to hear a two-minute 
dramatic outburst), car plays (you and two others climb 
in the back seat for a 'moving' performance that explodes 
in the front) and t-shirt plays that exist only on the back 
of the wearer as long as they are being read by passersby. 
Plays take place at lunch and in the evenings during the 
three-day splash of theatre and art. 

A Scoular brainchild hatched in conversation with 
former Board Chairman Peter Harris in 1989, Focus 
has grown from a collection of four plays with virtually 
conscripted actors in its first year to a dramatic 
panorama of more than 50 productions and nearly 150 
performances peopled by every one of the 158 aspiring 
actors who auditioned. 

Of course it is all much too big to be handled even by 
the energetic Mr. Scoular himself, and he depends very 
heavily on two Old Boys who dive so deeply into Focus 
that they actually live at the school for the two weeks 
beforehand. Darcy Montgomery '92 runs a small film and 
video production company called Velvet Rope Productions 
in Toronto. Former classmate Torin Buzek is a freelance 
stage technician. Acting as Production Director and 
Technical Director respectively, Darcy and Torin are the 
backbone of Focus, whipping cast, scripts, sets, schedules 
and publicity into shape during an intense fortnight of 
preparation and rehearsal. 

Between them, Darcy, Torin and Will engage a number 
of professional theatre people — directors mostly — who 
journey north from Toronto to the School as often as 
necessary during the preparation period to mould 
productions into shape. 

Plays are presented in a number of locations around the 
school, both well-known and obscure. These include the 
Ketchum Auditorium, the Science Lecture Hall, the Chapel 
Crypt, the 'Underground' room below the Ketchum stage 

and a special "Festival Tent" erected outside of the Dining Hall 
for the week. Other more unconventional locations are variously 
described as "a car departing from the arches", "the Dining Hall 
washroom", "the Conference Room phones" and "the lower fields 
near the Headmaster's steps". 

Each location is assigned its own technicians who make 
sure lights, sound equipment and sets are in place for 
that location. 

^ill scoular on focus 
and theatre 

"'Focus' is about participation in drama," says Focus on the Arts founder 
and Artistic Director Will Scoular as he waxes poetic about the festival and the 
role of theatre in the life of St. Andrew's. "It's about participation for the 
actors and for the audience. It shows that you don't need to pay $120 for a 
ticket to a major production to experience affecting drama. And it shows that 
all you need to express yourself dramatically is the wish to do so and some 
well-considered words on a page. 

"In the early years we had a small number of long plays, but now we have a 
large number of short works so more people can be involved. This has 
necessitated a lot of change over the years, but in many ways change is what 
Focus has been all about. You might say change is our overriding theme. 
We try new types of plays and we stage them in new venues like washrooms 
or the stone patio or in fields. It's like our little microcosm of the world of 
theatre which needs to keep re-inventing itself if it's going to remain part 
of our contemporary world. 

"The whole project is great for the boys, whether they're acting or 
watching. I believe dramatic expression has a powerful and necessary role in 
education. The entertainment part of theatre is easy. But theatre, it strikes me, 
is no more and no less than the study of the human condition. It helps us, we 
hope, to become more humane and, perhaps, even better humans by bringing 
us together to tell our stories— stories that celebrate us at our best, and 
empathize with us at our worst. 

"It is really all about stories. We need to tell stories of the past so that our 
students have an opportunity to learn to distinguish between the universal 
truths of classical theatre and the opinions that so often pass for truth among 
writers of lesser insight. But we also have to tell stories of the present because 
it's the writers of our own day who tell us where we are and show us where 
we might go. They illuminate our present condition, and without this light the 
past will always be murky. This is the light that we encourage at Focus. 

"Theatre has both an affirming and a critical role, and a school like ours 
has to accept and creatively energize both roles. On the one hand, theatre 
applauds what we do well. That part is easy. But in its critical role theatre 
dissects and satirizes, it questions and probes us; it finds us out; it reminds us 
of our failures, our arrogance, our shortcomings. And of course, the theatre is 
the one place where people don't mind spending good money to hear bad 
news. They're quite willing to accept implied criticism in a tale told well. 

"It's important that we tell all the stories, both entertaining and painful, that 
define our understanding of the human condition. And we need to be firm in 
our resolve to tell both, because to do one without the other is to completely 
misunderstand the human condition that theatre tries to depict. Fortunately, at 
S.A.C. we're not afraid of letting theatre play its powerful and necessary role in 
the education of our students. 

"Acting in a play is an exhilarating ride that every student should take at least 
once, because it changes your outlook on everything — how you see and express 
yourself and how you relate to other people. But most important of all. it leads 
us to the realization that we're not somehow immune to the kinds of problems 
that other people — like the characters in these plays — have to endure. 

"Each year we begin the process of putting Focus together by asking 
ourselves, 'How will we keep it vital this year?' It isn't good enough just to sit 
back and say, 'Entertain me.' We have to find new forms, other venues to stay 
part of the contemporary scene." 







A large group of students and parents attend a play in the McLaughlin Lecture Theatre. 

Inside and out, the play's the thing, and they are everywhere, encompassing over 150 
students as participants. 

This musical ensemble entertained in the Tuck Shop. 

Plays are selected in April each year from as many as 
300, reviewed mostly by Will, but also by Darcy and Torin. 
A number of plays this year, as in other years, were written by 
current students. Josh Kelson, Morgan Lin, Warren Lowe and 
Derek Toms were among those who wrote/directed/starred in 
their own works in 2001. Other plays are culled from scores 
of submissions sent to Mr. Scoular, many by prominent 
playwrights like Allan Bennett, Mark Brownell and Iain 
Heggie. It is a little known fact that a number of plays that 
have become professional productions in North America and 
elsewhere received their world premiers in Focus at S.A.C. 

Whether they are producing works themselves or working 
with professional directors engaged by Focus, students are 
afforded a rich opportunity to mount and play in demanding 
productions, and the experience is irreplaceable. Focus has 
provided the start for many St. Andrew's actors who have 
gone on to major productions at the school. Some — like 
Darcy and Torin — have graduated to professional careers 
in the theatre. 

Delegation of responsibility is taken very seriously, and 
while the professionals are there to help, it is ultimately 
the students who create the productions and pull them off. 
The largely student audiences harken back to those of 
Shakespeare's time who were not afraid to make their 
feelings — positive, negative or altogether silly — known to 
the players on stage. "This is live theatre on the fly," says 
one performer, "and it's not for wussies!" 

While the focus of Focus is on drama, two other artistic 
endeavours also take place during the three-day festival, 
which ran from May 23-25 this year. One is a reading series 
with students reading their own poetry and essays in the 
intimate confines of the Chapel Crypt. The other is a major 
display of student art works that turns the Dunlap 
Gymnasium into a dynamic kaleidoscope of form, shape and 
colour. Each of the 225 boys who take either Visual Arts or 
Media Arts as an academic course is expected to mount and 
prepare work, with OAC students exhibiting their entire 
year's creations. Works include design, drawings, painting, 
sculpture, crafts, media arts created using the computer as 
a tool, and more. All show an astonishing level of creativity 
and expression that easily equals that performed on stage 
during Focus. These exhibits are not to be missed. 

'hat the students say 
about focus 

"The Focus festival at S.A.C. is one of the most unique experiences in which a 
student can participate. Fifty plays in three days with hundreds of the students 
getting involved, allow a lot of opportunity for anyone who has the will to do 
it. Students who have never been involved in a production before experiment 
on the stage and build confidence in front of others. Everyone at the school 
looks forward to it, whether they are behind the scenes, on the stage or just 
watching. Overall, Focus adds a great element of culture to our school and 
gives us a unique artistic identity we can call our own." 

Stuart Manchee '03 

In front of, and behind the cameras, 
our students learn valuable skills. 

Still, drama takes centre stage during Focus week, and the 
festival remains an unusual dramatic forum where anyone 
who wants a part can have one, where students either work 
hand-in-hand with pros or "do their own thing," and where 
drama, once the ken of a small number of courageous and 
artistically inclined 
students, is now "the cool 
thing to do." 

Will Scoular echoes these 
observations: "There was a 
time ten years ago when I 
had to virtually drag boys 
off the rugby field each 
spring to get four or five 
plays to the stage," he 
recalls. "This year we had 
158 students audition for 
whatever parts they could 
have. It's been a few years 
in the making, but Focus 
has taken on a life of its 
own now, a life that is very 
entwined with our boys 
and the world of theatre 
outside of the school. It 
has come of age; it has 
become one of the great 
St. Andrew's traditions." 

From the stage, to cars, 
washrooms, phones and 
T-shirts: Focus on the Arts 
2001 will be a hard act to 
follow, and we have to 
wonder where it will take 
us next year.... 

Jim McGillivray 

Athletic Director Greg Reid doubles 
as a cowboy in the Focus play They 
Shoot Cowgirls, Don't They? Members 
of the faculty, students, Guild and 
Board of Governors' members all 
participated in the event. 

"To participate in a festival as varied as Focus is an opportunity not achieved 
even by many professionals. It's more than the chance of a lifetime. We work 
along with some of the best professionals in the industry and gain the 
knowledge and experience working in the theatre. And we also have a great 
time doing it! It's hard to believe it all happens at a high school! I have valued 
every minute that I am able to spend in the theatre (or outside the theatre, 
way outside the "box") as both a learning experience and one of the most 
memorable experiences of my high school career. To have our phenomenal 
facilities, both concrete and abstract, is something that benefits anyone who 
sets foot on or around the stage. People coming from watching a play are 
motivated to participate, and participation and awareness about the theatre 
have clearly been on the rise recently. Focus is an established tradition and I 
hope it continues to grow and provide others with the genuine opportunities 
it has provided to me." 

John Housser '03 

Head of Lighting, S.A.C. Drama Society 

"Focus was great this year considering practices started no more than two 
weeks before. It was a much more 'student run' festival this year which was 
great. We had lots of students writing and directing plays, as well as a record 
1 58 actors. 

Focus is a great tradition here at S.A.C. It lets students who don't have the 
time for a play like Hamlet get a chance to try acting and see how they like 
it. Everyone does Focus and everyone goes to Focus. It's a very lighthearted 
festival. The weather's warm, a lot of the plays are funny, there are barbecues 
and everyone has a good time. 

The personal reward for me this year was the sense of accomplishment I 
felt. I have always wanted to be in one of the really funny plays in the SLH 
so Warren Lowe '01 and I took matters into our own hands and wrote "The 
Russian Roulette World Championships." I also wrote "Cheat". We got great 
casts, found most of the props ourselves, directed both and acted in "Russian 
Roulette", put up posters— whatever; it was great. I really felt like I had done 
something. We had no help from any teachers and did it all on our own and 
it felt good to be able to say that. It was a great lesson in problem solving, 
organization, and leadership. That's the way Focus is moving — towards 
being student run, which is fantastic. It becomes even more challenging and 
educational. And when it comes down to it, that's what Focus is. Really 
fun education!" 

Austin Ball '01 

Actor, Writer, Director 

Out with 



members of the 
Class of 2003 
celebrate the 
end of classes. 



It's Prize Day, June, 2003, at 
St. Andrew's College. 

One hundred and fifty boys prepare 
to graduate — 60 more than in any 
other year in the history of the 
school. About 80 of these boys have 
just completed Grade 13. They are 
the final Grade 13 class ever at S.A.C. 
The other boys have finished the new 
curriculum enabling them to 
graduate from Grade 12, and from 
this point forward, that grade will 
form the senior class at the school. 
All 150 are about to receive their 
Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 
All will be competing for university 
spots in Canada and the U.S. and 
other countries. According to the 
Ontario Ministry of Education, all 
have the same qualifications to do so. 

It has been called the "Double 
Cohort" year, but under the direction 
of the Headmaster, it is fast 
becoming known simply as the 
"Class of 2003." It will be the 
culmination of the province's efforts 
to eliminate Grade 13 in the Ontario 
education system, and it ends with 
the largest exodus of students from 
St. Andrew's College in the history of 
the school. It will be a graduation 
Ted Staunton has been preparing for 
from the moment he took the reins 
as Headmaster in 1997. "I've been 
extremely concerned about 2003 
virtually since the minute I arrived 
here," says Ted, "though it took 
some time for my concern to become 

"The elimination of Grade 13 in 
one fell swoop is perhaps the most 

significant change seen at the school 
in 102 years. Changes of this 
magnitude have been known to close 
down schools even as established 
as ours. I saw it as potentially 
threatening our otherwise healthy 
history. In addition, it was clear that 
the changeover to a four-year 
program would profoundly affect how 
we taught the boys both until 2003 
and after. Frankly, the whole concept 
had me pretty worried." 

With the Headmaster spearheading 
the drive to prepare for 2003, the 
Board of Governors formed what in 
September of 2000 became known 
as the "Double Cohort Task Force". 
Comprised of members of the 
school's administration, faculty and 
parents, this group began to compile 
key concerns regarding a double 
graduating class. It was not long 
before everyone on the group was 
sharing the Headmaster's deep 
concern. "It became clear very 
quickly to all members of the Task 
Force that the implications for all 
aspects of school life were dramatic," 
says Director of Communication, 
Struan Robertson '84. "We had to 
prepare the school, as a business, 
for a major change in the revenue 
stream in 2003-04. At the same time 
we had to assure parents that we 
would be pro-active in preparing 
their boys for very new standards in 
education. We all realized pretty 
quickly that the school will be judged 
on how well we cope with the class 
of '03, particularly on how well these 
150 boys do in getting into the 
universities of their choice." 

With these thoughts in mind the 
Task Force began preparations by 
focussing on three main issues: 

• Preparing the current student 
body and curriculum for a 
four-year program 

• Preparing the class of 2003 for 
a double-graduating class 

• Ensuring the continued financial 
health of the school through 

The last of these three concerns 
was perhaps the most quantifiable. 
It came down to decisions about how 
to replace approximately 60 boarding 
students in the fall of 2003 without 
lowering academic standards or 
seriously impacting staff and faculty. 
Recruitment and enrollment 
strategies entailed increasing 
enrollment by 24 in each of the next 
two years, adding Grade 6, increasing 
the number of Middle School 
boarders and reducing the admission 
of new boys who would graduate in 
2003. School enrollment in 
September last year and this year 
has been maintained at 538, with 
a planned drop back to the ideal 
population of 500 in the fall of 2003. 
These strategies have shown positive 
results thus far and efforts through 
2001-02 will focus on boosting 
enrollment and boarding in Grade 9 
and 10, two pivotal years less 
affected by the double graduating 
class of 2003. Preparing the boys 
academically for the class of 2003 
and beyond has required a thorough 
examination of every aspect of the 
curriculum and school life at St. 
Andrew's. The school will henceforth 



be required to fulfill its mandate 
of developing complete and 
well-rounded men in four years of 
high school rather than five. The 
daunting prospect of boys attaining 
30 credits in one less year and 
being prepared for university at age 
17-18 rather than 18-19 raises 
implications not only in academics, 
but also in leadership, sports, 
guidance and maturity. 

In an effort to give the Grade 
12 class the same leadership 
opportunities as the Grade 13 class, 
the school year 2002-03 will have a 
larger Prefect body than ever before 
with many of the positions filled by 
the younger group. Boarding House 
Captains will be increased in 
number. Cadet program leadership 
positions will be increased, as will 
leadership roles on sports teams. 
An unprecedented school-wide 
leadership program will be instituted 
in the fall of 2001 to better prepare 
students for these opportunities. 

Some traditions form life-long memories. 
The Class of '03 will be the last grade 
thirteen in our 102-year history. 

From an academic standpoint, 
in the quest to acquire the same 
minimum number of credits (30) 
in one year less, boys will have less 
opportunity to take additional 
courses "for interest's sake," nor will 
they have as many spares as senior 
students have traditionally enjoyed. 
Ministry approval is being garnered 
for credit to be awarded for 
'internally developed courses.' These 
credits would be earned for existing 
programs that take place outside 
of the regular school day but which 
meet the 110 hours and course 
expectations defined in Ministry 
documents. If Ministry approval is 
received, students will also be able 
to attain credits for 'Prior Learning 
and Recognition' subjects (PLAR). 
These are 'challenge exams' which 
boys can write and receive academic 
credit for without having sat the 
required 110 hours of class time. 
All they need to do is demonstrate 
the required knowledge. 

Selected course streaming and 
assessment of the length of classes 
and days will also be examined in an 
effort to accelerate the acquisition 
of academic credits. "However," says 
Struan Robertson, "the bottom line 
is that boys will have a heavier 
course load, may have to take more 
summer courses and will have to 
make important long-term decisions 
earlier in their lives. Time 
management skills will be more 
important than ever for them." 

This thorough examination of all 
aspects of the school in advance of 
2003 has paid unexpected dividends. 
Struan explains: "By studying 
everything we do more thoroughly 
in preparation for the double 
graduating year, we've made some 
important improvements that might 
not otherwise have happened. 

"Ramping up for 2003 has forced 
us to fine-tune many elements of 
school life. For example, our 
Guidance Department has undergone 
a huge transformation in preparation 
for the number of students who will 
need university admissions help in 
2002-03, and staffing there will be 

Stephen Manchee '75 holds his son 
Stuart at Homecoming in October 
1985. Stuart, a grade 11 student, will 
graduate in '03, seventy years after his 
grandfather Jim Hamilton '33. 

increased even more. Also a more 
formalized leadership program 
should benefit boys from Grade 6 
right up to O.A.C." 

Despite what he calls his "initial 
concern bordering on panic" in 1997, 
Headmaster Staunton says he is 
very pleased with efforts thus far to 
prepare for the Class of 2003. "It 
has all come down to research and 
planning," he says. "We've done our 
homework and we've also taken 
advantage of some generous advice 
from other schools like Crescent 
and Appleby who went through this 
change some time ago. 

"One of those pieces of advice 
was to stop referring to the 
double-graduation boys with this 
unappealing "double cohort" phrase 
and extend them the dignity of being 
called the 'Class of 2003.' The second 
piece of advice was to make sure all 
those boys in the Class of 2003 were 
granted equal opportunity as they 
leave St. Andrew's and head for the 
universities, whether they are in 
Grade 12 or 13. We're taking both 
those pieces of advice very seriously 
and are also addressing the need to 
protect the future of the institution. 
We've done and are still doing our 
homework for this crucial 2003 
'exam', and I'm finally starting to 
feel confident that we'll pass with 
flying colours." 

Jim McGillivray 

Jim Herder '64 remembers an 
Old Boy visiting the school for the 
first time in more than three 
decades. The man had simply moved 
on after his graduating year and 
S.A.C. had just slipped away from 
his life. Strolling the campus 
grounds, watching a game, visiting 
the Archives and poring over old 
Reviews, he spoke with a voice 
tinged with regret as he lamented 
not having kept any sort of contact 
with the school or his classmates 
in 35 years. 

"This gentleman was quite 
saddened at having missed out on so 
much of the life of the school since 
he'd left," says Jim. "That incident 
more than any other made me 
realize that the efforts of the S.A.C. 
Association are worthwhile in a way 
that has little to do with fundraising. 
We call what we do 'friendraising' 
and it's the primary and most 
gratifying purpose of the S.A.C. 

Known informally as "The 
Association," this family of Old Boys, 
parents and friends of St. Andrew's 
College came into being in 1905, 
only six years after the school was 
founded. Back then it was known as 
The Old Boys Association. It was run 
entirely by volunteers and its work 
included such altruistic gestures as 
sending food packages and copies of 
The Review — then a quarterly 
publication — overseas to Old Boys 
serving during the Great War. 

In those days it consisted only of 
Old Boys, and collected an annual 
membership fee. With no 
Development department in 

The Alumni and Development Office now occupies the entire north side of the upper 
level in Dunlap Hall and is home to the S.A.C. Association and S.A.C. Foundation. The 
Archives is also located in Dunlap Hall and donations of memorabilia from Old Boys are 
always welcome. Please call Ken Ryan, Archivist at 905.727.3178 (281) for further details. 

Old Boy sports and support from Old Boys for our sports teams have always been a part 
of the S.A.C. Association. 

Back (l-r) Alex Gawel, Stuart Swan Esq., AM Manigat, Marc Swenker, Mike Crispi, Robbie 
Carter, Adam Newton, Gord Birkett, Tim Birkett, Jason LaMarche, Olivier Manigat. 
Front (l-r) Charles Long, Dave Richardson, Oliver Radley-Smith, Daniel von Diergardt. 

existence, the Association acted as 
an Alumni Office, and meticulous 
records were kept by willing faculty 
members who included S.A.C. 
legends Robertson Laidlaw and Alan 
Ramsey '08. 

The modern era of the Association 
began in 1965 when Headmaster 
Robert Coulter and Board Chairman 
J. K. Macdonald hired the late Jim 
Hamilton '33 to head up the now 
more formalized Alumni Office. 
Under Hamilton's guidance, the 
Association and its fundraising 
arm— the fledgling S.A.C. 
Foundation, founded in 1962 — 
received full-time attention. 

Today, the Association still 
operates from the proceeds of an 
investment account begun with the 
original membership fees that were 
discontinued in 1953. Its 
membership consists of the 6,000 Old 
Boys, family and friends to whom 

The Andrean, is mailed, with the 
organization being directed by the 
S.A.C. Association Council. The 
Council consists of a minimum of 
ten members, along with the 
Headmaster, the Chairman of the 
Foundation, the Ladies' Guild 
President and a staff representative. 
These volunteers meet quarterly, 
with the AGM taking place on the 
day of the Upper School St. Andrew's 
Day dinner. 

"Though in some ways the 
Association's mandate is ours to 
define, it's clear to everyone involved 
that we're in the business of 
sustaining and enhancing 
relationships," says Ian Howey '87, 
who served as President from 1996- 
2000 and now sits on the Board of 
Governors. "Some people might be 
surprised to hear that we're not a 
fundraising team in any capacity. 
Homecoming, which the Association 

hosts, is our big annual event, along 
with reunions, Old Boys' sports 
which are complimentary to the 
participants. The 'Red & White' 
dance, which is held in conjunction 
with the Ladies' Guild, is the only 
fund raising event we do each year 
and it is a great party. Held in 
February at the School, the Red & 
White provides over $50,000 per year 
for scholarships and bursaries and 
other Guild and Association projects." 

The high profile events are only 
the most visible aspect of what has 
now become what Jim Herder calls a 
"world wide web of Old Boys all over 
the planet," the existence of which 
has been enhanced ten-fold through 
the instantaneous communication 
afforded by the Internet. 

"We have branches in the 
United Kingdom, San Francisco, 
Mexico, Hong Kong, Vancouver and 
the Bahamas," says Jim. "These 
places have active groups of Old 
Boys who are in touch with each 
other, and who get together for 
gatherings, particularly when S.A.C. 
Development or Admission staff or 
the Headmaster visit the area. We're 
in constant touch with these folks by 
e-mail. If an Old Boy lets us know he 
has a job in another country, we can 
provide him with a list of other 
Old Boys near him. This is a 
thriving network." 

These days, the focus of the 
Association has turned towards 
the grads of the 1990s, a direction 
currently being spearheaded by 
Steve Creber '90, elected Association 
President this past November. 
"Since the 100th anniversary, we've 
committed ourselves to increasing 
awareness of the Association and 
involving more recent graduates," 
Steve notes. 

"It's surprisingly easy to lose 
contact with Old Boys in the first 
five years after they leave the school, 
and we're committed to strengthening 
that network. We're trying to let these 
people know that we're here and that 
we want to hear from them and see 
them because they're part of the 
family, not because the school wants 
a donation. We want to see them at 
our reunions, we want them to know 
who their Class President (formerly 
their 'Year Rep') is and where their 
classmates are. We want the S.A.C. 

Betty Hamilton raises her arms in 
triumph after being named the first 
Honorary Captain of the S.A.C. Saints 
on her 80th birthday. Betty, widow of 
long-time Andrean Jim '33 who was 
the first Executive Director of the 
S.A.C. Foundation, remains active with 
the Ladies' Guild and their volunteer 
efforts for St. Andrew's. The James H. 
Hamilton Scholarship Fund continues 
to grow at St. Andrew's as many Old 
Boys and friends of the School donate 
annually in memory of Jim. 

family to remain intact after 
departure from the School." 

The first event added by Creber 
and spearheaded by Michael Roy '85 
of the Development Office is a 
Toronto pub night at Christmas 
which is primarily aimed at 
university-age Andreans and the 
1990s years. 

Jim Herder stresses that the Old 
Boys News pages in The Andrean are 
the most widely-read section in the 
publication and that the information 
it provides depends on Old Boys 
"sending us news of even the minor 
details of their lives, by fax, e-mails, 
letters and phone calls. We want 
news of address changes, university 
degrees, new jobs, posting and 
promotions, marriages, births, travel. 
This is the news Old Boys want 
to read." 

Jim recalls the insightful words of 
another Old Boy who says that he 
always reads the comings and goings 


§ ft 

The Association maintains its keen interest in athletics and presents the annual 'Athletic As' to the School's top athletes. 

(l-r) Jack Popiel, Paul Perrier, Jim Herder '64, Robbie Carter and Gord Birkett on Prize Day. Paul was also the School's Athlete of the Year. 

of those in the classes after him — 
students he never knew. Says Jim: 
"To him, those pages are what he 
calls the 'report card' of the school, 
a measure more than anything else 
of how well St. Andrew's College is 
doing at preparing young men for 
the world at large." 

"We want our 'report card' to be 
chock full of comments. We want our 
Association to represent and help 
Old Boys and friends all over the 
world. We want the SAC. family to 
be well known to each other, to be 
strong, active and helpful. We want to 
continue what the years of schooling 
at St. Andrew's College began." 

To send in your news, please 

Jim McGillivray 

Members of the alumni return to the 
School to perform a number of 
volunteer functions. Richard Boxer '35 
was the Reviewing Officer at this 
year's Cadet Inspection. 

missed the Masters, but... 

If St. Andrew's had a green jacket, it would be worn by Charles-Etienne Bergeron 
for shooting a perfect 100 on the S.A.C. range. 

April 8, 6:15 p.m.: four holes to go to see if Tiger Woods will make another 
milestone in the history of golf and take his second green jacket at Augusta. Will I 
witness it? No. I have to leave the TV, drive to St. Andrew's and meet the shooting 
team to prepare for a competition in two weeks. 

I can't help but make the link to golf: lining up a putt, zeroing in on the hole, 
round after round. In shooting it is the same: body position, aim, breath control, 
firing, concentration— trying to hit a bulls-eye the size of the head of a pin. You're 
competing against others for a better score, but unlike a team sport, in golf and 
shooting the only person who will ultimately beat you is you. 

I was on the Rifle team as a student at St. Andrew's in the early 1980s. I got close 
to the perfect score, yet it eluded me in three seasons of shooting. When I returned 
to S.A.C. in 1997 I was surprised to find my targets still posted as the highest scores: 
99— close, but not quite there. 

Maybe I didn't get to see Tiger sink a 16-foot putt to win the Masters, but I saw 
something that hasn't been put into the record books by an Andrean on our range 
ever! I got to witness through a sighting scope, shot after shot, Charles-Etienne 
shoot his way into the history of St. Andrew's College by hitting that bulls-eye, ten 
times in a row, and scoring 100! 

Struan Robertson '84 

^he Mark Oliver Memorial 

On November 18, 1993, the Andrean community suffered the loss of a young 
Old Boy in Mark Oliver, Class of 1985, after a valiant two-year battle with cancer. 
His family and many friends, classmates and fellow Andreans gathered for a 
wonderful memorial service at the S.A.C. Chapel. Mark's closest Andrean friends, 
in conjunction with the Oliver family, chose to honour his memory with the 
creation of the Mark James Oliver Memorial Award. 

The award is presented each year to a senior student in recognition of 
outstanding contribution to rugby throughout his career at St. Andrew's College. 
Since the inception of the Award in 1994, the list of recipients is an indication of 
the strong rugby tradition that S.A.C. enjoys. Many of these Andreans have gone 
on to pursue successful rugby careers at University and beyond with most returning 
to S.A.C. on a yearly basis to participate in Old Boys Rugby. The list of Mark Oliver 
Memorial Award winners includes: 

1994 - John Farrugia, Craig McFarlane 

1995 - Paul Etherington 

1996 -Jan Matthews 

1997 - Will Diep, Mark Newton 

1998 - John Lowes 

1999 - Adam Newton 

2000 - Alain Chicoine 

2001 - Gord Birkett 

Michael D. Roy '85 


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The first 'Cadets in Concert' night was held in May, 
featuring the many talented school musicians. Those 
in attendance will long remember the stirring finale 
of 'Highland Cathedral'. 

Jim McGillivray (left) 
and "Cadets in Concert" 
organizer Capt. Brian 
McCue perform during 
the event. 

UU v. 



Pipe Major Devon Ajram is a Class President 
of the Class of 2001. Joining him as Class 
Presidents are Robbie Carter and Al Lalani. 

A musical extravaganza ushered in a new era for the Cadet 
Corps and the Music Department on the evening of Friday, 
May 11 in the Ketchum Auditorium. 

Dubbed "Cadets in Concert", the show played to a thrilled and 
appreciative house which rose to its feet in spontaneous applause 
a number of times, including a prolonged ovation at the end. 

The event included performances by the Pipes & Drums, the 
Concert and Jazz Bands and a number of soloists and concluded 
with a moving performance of Amazing Grace followed by the 
classic pipe anthem Highland Cathedral with all of the bands 
combined on the stage. 

"Cadets in Concert" showcased several acts that had been 
perfected for the Annual Inspection the week before. The Pipes 
& Drums drummers' fanfare, played with fluorescent orange 
sticks in a darkened auditorium under black light, created a 
musical and visual effect that will not soon be forgotten. An 
astonishing pipe solo by Grade 10 prodigy Andrew Douglas 
nearly raised the roof and had other members of the pipe band 
agog at Andrew's lightening fingerwork. 

Mr. Finlay's Jazz Band brought the first half to life with energy 
and foot-tapping rhythm. The Pipes & Drums closed the first half, 
displaying a sound that filled the auditorium and a quality of 
piping perhaps never heard before at the school. 

The show even introduced the audience to a new element 
within the Cadet Corps— Highland dancing. Four boys had 
worked hard in the weeks before to master the demanding 
Military Broadsword, a classic male dance performed over 
crossed claymores. 

"Cadets in Concert" was the brainchild of Capt. Brian McCue, 
who oversees the Cadet program and teaches percussion at the 
school. He expressed great admiration for the boys who were able 
to mount this production so soon after the Inspection. "These boys 
came together to bring the Corps into a new dimension," Brian 
said afterwards. "Their talent and poise under pressure really 
came to the fore, and the audience picked up on this and helped 
carry the show along. It was very exciting for all of us." 

"Cadets in Concert" will undoubtedly become an annual 
post-Inspection tradition, and judging by this year's reception, 
tickets will be in high demand. 

Jim McGillivray 

■I , 

The "massed bands" received a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the Concert. 

"• Burgeoning Duke '6 Pi 

The Haliburton Wolf Centre was a perfect site for a Spring Bronze level expedition. 


__^ I**K* 

Eric Swenker relaxes during breakfast on the Bronze. 

Duke Team 5 in Tobermory along the Bruce Trail. 

(l-r) Mitch Myers, Rob McLean (GAP student), Simon Robinson, Trevor Fahlgren, Matt 

Gnyp, Brian McCue, Kristian van Wissen (Cadet Corps). 

Trips take place in all climates, as shown by this group huddled along the Bruce Trail 
in Collingwood. 

Massassauga Provincial Park provided 
a peaceful site for a three-day canoe 
expedition last spring. 


t. ... . v 




This year marks the eightieth birthday of The Duke of 
Edinburgh, HRH Prince Philip, a name that is more than familiar 
to over one hundred students participating in the Duke of 
Edinburgh's Award program at St. Andrew's College. The Duke of 
Edinburgh's Award was created in 1956 as a youth achievement 
endeavour and has touched the lives of millions of young men 
and women around the world. It is perhaps the most 
recognised and respected International Youth Award 
available to young people aged fourteen to twenty-five. 
On this, its forty-fifth anniversary, Prince Philip recalls the 
creation of the Award program: 

In the summer 
if 1938, 1 found myself 
walking five miles, as fast as 
I could, along the country roads 
in Morayshire. I had never done 
anything like it before and I fervently 
prayed that I would never have to do 
anything like it again. It so happens my 
prayer was answered because I was 
completing — successfully as it turned 
out — a section of the Moray Badge, a direct 
ancestor of what has come to be known as 
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. 
The original idea came about from the same 
man who thought up the Outward Bound Schools 
and the Atlantic (now World) Colleges. Kurt Hahn 
had been a Rhodes Scholar and Private Secretary to 
the last Imperial German Chancellor before becoming 
a schoolmaster. He founded live boarding sclwol at 
Salem in Germany, along English public school lines, 
but neither this, nor his Jewish background, endeared 
him to the Nazis and he only just managed to escape to this 
country in the early 1930s. By 1934, he had founded another 
school at Gordonstoun and, for very good reasons which I will 
not go into here, I followed him therefrom Salem. 
All this was forgotten during the War and it was only in the 
early fifties that Hahn started to make intermittent approaches 
to me about a national badge scheme, based on the old Moray Badge 
idea. By 1954, 1 had agreed that, if he could get a representative 
committee to give their approval to the general idea, I would be prepared 
to take the chair and thrash out the practical details. 
A draft, appeared in 1955 and we sent it to all sorts of voluntary youth and other 
organisationsfor their comments After a further round of discussions and 
amendments, the Scheme was launctied first in an experimental form for three years, 
September 1956. Originally designed for boys only, a version suitable for girls was launched 
two years later and , in 1969, the two versions were merged into one, but with slightly different 
requirements for boys and girls 








The mission statement for the 
Award is simple: "The Duke of 
Edinburgh's Award aims to provide 
for young people an enjoyable, 
challenging and rewarding program 
of personal development, which is 
of the highest quality and the widest 
reach." It encourages young people 
to achieve their best in their chosen 

The Awards are designed in 
ascending standards of achievement: 
Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each 
standard provides for training, 
achievement and recognition in 
its four component areas: physical 
fitness, community service, skill 
development and expeditions. Each 
participant has the opportunity to 
benefit from the many aims of 
the Award: 

• Self-reliance and self-discipline 

. Perseverance and determination 

• Initiative and curiosity 

. Community involvement and 
social responsibility 
. Value orientation and value- 
oriented decision making 
. Achieving a spirit of adventure 
. Fitness of body and mind 
. Vocational, cultural and 
family skills 

• International understanding 
and awareness 

Internationally, the Award is 
known under many titles, including 
the Congressional Award in the 
United States, the Governor-General's 
Youth Award in the Bahamas, and 
the President's Award in South 
Africa, where it is chaired by 
President Nelson Mandela. Each 
year, the International Award 
conducts symposiums and 
international initiatives to create 
cultural experiences and to address 
issues pertinent to global youth. 
The year 2002 will be Canada's year 
in the spotlight as this country hosts 
an International Leadership 
Symposium co-sponsored by the 
Ontario and Quebec Provincial 
Award Offices. During the summer, 
exchange programs are available for 
participants in the Award as well 
as for Group Leaders, who are all 
adult volunteers. 

Fundraising is the lifeline of the 
National and Provincial Award offices. 
The Ontario Award Office, headed by 
Executive-Director Jill Hermant, and a 
team of Field Officers, is responsible for 
the granting of Awards and ensuring 
that standards are maintained fairly 
throughout the province. The office, 
located in Toronto, bustles with activity 
and provides a phone hotline to the 
hundreds of groups and individuals 
planning expeditions and community 
service activities. A vital component of 
the Provincial Office's mandate is to 
actively support and encourage 
participants from challenged family 
backgrounds, disabled participants, 
and aboriginal youth. 

The Award Standards Committee, 
convened by the Provincial Office, 
reviews the Award record books and 
expedition journals submitted by each 
participant upon completion of the 
Award criteria. [The Provincial Office 
has granted authority for Award Co- 
ordinator Captain Brian McCue 
(DCO-S.A.C Cadet Corps) to approve 
Bronze Awards locally at St. 
Andrew's College, due to his regular 
participation in the Awards 
Standards Committee over the last 
eight years. - ed.] All successful 
Award recipients are recognised at 
suitably auspicious occasions here 
at the College. Additionally, Silver 
Award recipients are invited to attend 
ceremonies with Lieutenant-Governor 
Hillary Weston. Gold Award recipients 
are presented their Awards by HRH 
The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The 
Earl of Wessex or another member 
of the Royal Family. 

Capt. Brian McCue is presented a 
Duke of Edinburgh's Certificate of 
Appreciation by the Honourable 
Lincoln Alexander, former Lt. Gov. 
of Ontario. 



St. Andrew's College has long 
been involved in the Award 
program. The current popularity 
of community service activities, 
interest in the outdoors and 
renewed support of the program 
by the School has encouraged a 
dynamic increase in membership 
and achievement in the last two 
years. In June alone, eighteen 
students completed their Award 
criteria, including two Gold Award 
participants, Adam Brander and 
John Lyons. 

The one hundred and twelve 
students actively involved are 
grouped into thirteen teams, each 
with a staff member at the helm as 
the Team Leader. The Team Leaders 
conduct periodic meetings to ensure 
that Record Books are up to date 
and to provide guidance to teams 
during trip-planning sessions. 
Particularly for Silver and Gold 
teams, the program is self-managed 
by the students themselves. 
Expedition planning, preparation 
and to a large degree the conducting 
of the Expeditions are the 
responsibility of the team members. 
The Team Leader is responsible to 

ensure that safety standards are 
maintained. The Team Leader also 
submits detailed trip plans to the 
Award Co-ordinator and provides 
an evaluation of each member of 
the expedition team. 

This past year, there have been 
twelve 'qualifying' expeditions plus 
many smaller 'practice' trips in which 
outdoor skills are reviewed in real- 
time scenarios. Algonquin Park and 
the Bruce Trail are common locations 
for Bronze and Silver expeditions, 
while Gold Trips have tackled more 
adventurous projects such as the 
Marine Biology/Scuba mission to 
Cozumel, Mexico, in April and a 
week-long trek in the White 
Mountains in New Hampshire in 
July. Three Gold Award recipients 
(John Lyons, Paul Perrier and Adam 
Brander) participated in SASS1N 
2000, devoting six weeks to trekking 
and community service in Nepal. 

However, trips are not limited just 
to school endeavours. Many award 
participants plan excursions during 
the summer months which, providing 
they fall within the guidelines, can be 
used towards completion of an Award, 
The Cadet Training Office at 

St. Andrew's College is current l\ 
looking into the viability of hosting, in 
conjunction with other independent 
schools, a summer 'MY1 Duke of 
Edinburgh initiative which would 
consist of a two-week program each 
for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. 

Whether trekking across mountain 
tops or hiking in the Oakridge-Moraine 
Trail System, the 'spirit of the Award' 
remains the same. The Duke of 
Edinburgh's Award is far more than 
an outdoor education program or 
community service initiative. It is 
a reminder to all participants of the 
value of a positive, well-balanced 
lifestyle. It encourages them to 
make sound decisions, to develop 
leadership skills, build meaningful 
relationships and to be confident 
in their abilities. 

On his recent retirement as Trustee 
of the Award, HRH Prince Philip 
undoubtedly reflected on the millions 
of young people across the world he 
has influenced. Rest assured, with the 
continued burgeoning of the program 
here, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award 
will continue to be coveted at 
St. Andrew's College and throughout 
the world. 

Capt. Brian McCue 




Duke of Edinburgh Award recipients received their certificates from Capt. Brian McCue on Prize Da 


A Splendid Torch 






I would like to dedicate my Prize 
Day address today to Mrs. Robyn 
McGee, an exceptionally dedicated 
member of the Ladies' Guild 
Executive, who is courageously 
battling the effects of multiple 
serious injuries suffered in a recent 
automobile accident. We wish she 
was here today to celebrate with us 
the graduation of her son, Dustin. 
We send to her our best wishes and 
our prayers for a speedy recovery. 

I would like to focus my remarks 
today on three important issues. The 
first is the theme of this school year 
which has been "integrity". Usually 
defined as "uprightness of character", 
or, a "just, frank and kindly heart", 
as the famous French playwright 
Moliere put it, integrity has been a 
unifying force in all school activities 
this year. From the Opening Academic 
Assembly on through until today, the 
Faculty in both the Middle and 
Upper Schools have encouraged the 
boys to respect the three elements 

The Headmaster thanks Head Prefect 
Michael Craig on Prize Day. 

of the School's Honour Code; 
personal honesty and truthfulness; 
academic integrity and respect for 
the person and property of others. 

I believe we have made 
considerable progress. In virtually 
every area of School life, the boys 
have held true to this principle and 
acquitted themselves well. We would 
not have had such a good year 
without the strong leadership skills 
displayed by the Prefects. Integrity is 
the linchpin of leadership. Led by 
Head Prefect Mike Craig, this 
outstanding group of young men 
impressed everyone who came in 
contact with them. They represented 
the student body admirably and 
maintained the highest standards of 
personal integrity. 

The Graduating Class of 2001, who 
we honour today, have also been 
superb role models for the younger 
students and set a very high 

standard of personal conduct — with 
the possible exception of the new 
Club Link course they established 
a few weeks ago in Dunlap Hall! 
Obviously, others share my 
confidence in their character. 
Collectively, the class has received 
274 offers to Ontario universities; 
22 offers to other provincial 
universities; 33 offers to U.S. colleges 
and 4 offers to universities in the 
U.K. They have been offered a total 
of $1,000,000 in scholarship and 
bursary awards. This total includes 
Entrance, Scholar and Distinction 
scholarships; some of the major 
winners — the Chancellor's 
Scholarship at Queen's University 
won by Andrew Flavelle Martin; the 
Millennium Scholarship awarded 
by the Federal Government won by 
Michael Craig; the Descartes 
Scholarship at the University of 
Waterloo won by Chris Chui; and 
significant all-round scholarships 
were won by Paul Perrier, to State 
University of N.Y. at Oswego and 
Ali and Olivier Manigat to Columbia 

Other exceptional academic 
achievements by members of this 
class include; Jonathan Cheng's 
Advanced Placement International 
Diploma — never before won by an 
S.A.C. student for his outstanding 
grades on four AP exams. Cameron 
Steed, Michael Campbell and John 
Lyons finished in 1st place in the 9th 
Annual Canadian National 

Chairman of the Board Brian Armstrong '61 and the Headmaster lead the Prize Day procession to the annual graduation and upper 
school awards presentation. 








Conservation Video Contest on 
Climate Change. Their technical and 
performance quality, creativity and 
factual content separated them from 
80 other national submissions. 
Jon Cheng and Andrew Flavelle 
Martin have been awarded National 
Biology Scholar certificates for their 
scores in the University of Toronto's 
National Biology Competition. Chris 
Chui and Roger Chau have been 
awarded University of Toronto's 
'da Vinci' Engineering Contest 
Scholar certificates. The first-ever 
S.A.C. Robotics Team would never 
have finished in the top 10 out of 35 
schools and 1st among new entrants, 
without the commitment and 
expertise of members of this 
graduating class. Danny Mak, Chris 
Chui, Roger Chau, Jonathan Cheng 
and David Zhou finished 15th out of 
238 schools in the Canadian 
Mathematics League, sponsored by 
the University of Windsor. This 
marks the 9th time in the last 1 1 
years that S.A.C. has finished in the 
top 20. In the Descartes Contest, our 
team of Joshua Lim, Vincent Leung 
and Kenneth King ranked 18th 

nationally out of 631 teams. Josh 
Lim, our top scorer ranked 697th out 
of 10,000 students. Just in from the 
University of Waterloo Sir Isaac 
Newton Physics contest is Chris 
Chui's 62nd place out of 3,663 
entrants. A very impressive list of 
academic achievements gentlemen; 

On the diplomatic front, Jackson 
Lau, represented S.A.C. at The 
Forum for Young Canadians and 
Josh Kelson and Jason Wong 
performed the same function at 
The National Commonwealth 
Forum in Ottawa. 

Exceptional contributions to 
various areas of school life were 
made by Devon Ajram (Bagpipes); 
Warren Lowe and Austin Ball 
(Drama); Jason Wong, Gord Birkett 
and Andrew Flavelle Martin 
(Cadets); Dustin McGee (music); 
Richard Khoury (Art); and David 
Richardson, Jackson Lau, Charles 
Long, Kurt Schmick, Kenneth King, 
and Tom Haney (House leadership). 

Other academic highlights of the 
year include the extraordinary 
achievement of our DECA team 
(Distributive Educational Club of 
America) winning 1st place in the 
Ontario Championships and then 
a Bronze Medal at the DECA Quiz 
Bowl competition in Anaheim, CA. 
Coached by Mr. Rob Giel, our team 
of Kevin Fullerton, Jeff Ginou, 
Patrick Harris and John Lyons 
competed against 48 teams. 

The 2001 First Cricket XI repeated as champions of the C.I.S.A.A. for the first time in 
the history of the College. Coached by Headmaster Ted Staunton, our team won the 
championship in the final game of the season with only two balls left to come in the 
forty over match! 

As you know, our boys excel 
in more areas than academics. 
C.I.S.A.A. Championships were 
won at the First Team level by our 
Hockey, Badminton and Cricket 
teams. Led by Sammy Lam who won 
his 5th straight O.F.SAA. A-Flight 
gold medal, First Badminton also 
won the York Region Championship. 
Other S.A.C. championship teams 
include U-15 and U-12 Soccer; U-14 
Volleyball; U-16 Hockey; U-16 
Squash; and U-16 Rugby. 

Individually, our athletes received 
considerable media coverage. Jimmy 
Healey, Tyler Hurst and Paul Perrier 
in hockey; Peter Vogel in swimming; 
Sam Lam in badminton; JP. Suddaby 
in track; Charles-Etienne Bergeron 
in air rifle; Scott Simmons and Josh 
Delmas in cricket and Kurt Schmick 
in fencing. 

The second issue that I wish to 
mention is the uniqueness of this 
school year in terms of the amount 
of 'inspection' and 'introspection' 
which occurred. St. Andrew's was 
thoroughly inspected in October 
by the Ministry of Education for 
Ontario; our academic records were 
scrutinized by the Fraser Institute 
for the National Post's Secondary 
School Report Card feature story and 
a comprehensive Parent Satisfaction 
Survey was conducted by a 
consulting firm. I am pleased to 
report that we came through all 
evaluations with 'flying colours'. In 
fact, your overwhelming support on 
the Parents' Satisfaction Survey — a 








Sammy Lam '01 captured his fifth 
individual O.F.S.A.A. Gold Medal in 
badminton in May and was accorded a 
thunderous standing ovation by the 
School. To win a Gold every year from 
grades 9-13 is amazing, and with the 
elimination of grade 13 in 2003, likely 
will never be surpassed. 

4.2 ranking out of 5 — the highest 
score from other surveyed schools 
being a 4.3 — has insured my 
employment for another year! 

In terms of introspection, four 
important reports were prepared by 
Faculty Task Forces on areas vital to 
the School's future; the Double 
Cohort of 2003; Residential Life; 
Recruitment and Marketing and the 

Paul Perrier received the prestigious 
Macdonald Medal for the 2000-01 year 
from 1990 recipient Steven Creber, 
President of the S.A.C. Association. 

Advisor Program. The recommendations 
from these reports will constitute to 
a large extent the School's Strategic 
Agenda for the next few years. I 
would like to thank sincerely the 
members of these committees for 
their tremendous contribution to the 
future success of St. Andrew's College. 

The Campus Master Plan, which 
the Chairman has already alluded to, 
is a very exciting document which 
deals comprehensively with the need 
for new academic buildings and the 
upgrade of existing facilities. The 
plan, which responds to the new 
ministry curriculum requirements 
provides for the addition of a new 
Middle School building, a new 
Atrium space at the heart of the 
campus, renovations to Ketchum 
Auditorium, as a first class drama 
and music facility and the conversion 
of Dunlap Gym to a two-story art 
facility. St. Andrew's campus, already 
one of the most beautiful in Canada, 
will be greatly enhanced as a result 
of these changes. 

I am most grateful to the Board of 
Governors, Trustees of the S.A.C. 
Foundation and friends of the School 
who, over the past twelve months, have 
demonstrated their strong financial 
backing for these ambitious plans. 

The third and last issue I wish to 
address today is the issue of a vision for 
St. Andrew's College. 

Doing the right things for the School, 
implies a goal, a direction, an objective, 
a dream, a vision. 

We at St. Andrew's feel we have 
created a compelling vision for the 
future which will stimulate, guide and 
nurture our students in this era of 
profound transformation. We hope that 
you will support this vision as it begins 
to unfold in the months to come. 

Today, we say 'goodbye and best 
wishes' to a number of faculty and staff. 

Ms. Jacqueline Beck is returning 
to her native province, Alberta, to 
continue her teaching career at 
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. 
Jackie's enthusiasm and effervescent 
personality have won her many 
friends in her brief two-year stay 
with the Modern Languages 

Department. Her efforts in 
organizing the Medieval Festival, the 
Grade 8 trip to Quebec and Ski Day, 
among other things, were much 
appreciated. Best of luck from all of 
us, Jackie. 

Mrs. Ann Burdon has been with 
S.A.C. for 12 years as Assistant 
Manager of Food Services. She will 
retire this August to go sailing 
around the Caribbean with her 
husband Brian. 

The Thomas A. Hockin Award for 
Excellence in the Sciences is presented 
to Andrew Flavelle Martin '01 by 
David L. Rea '53, Vice Chairman of the 
Board. The Award is presented 
annually by the School in Dr. Hockin's 
name. Dr. Hockin served as the fifth 
Headmaster of S.A.C. from 1974-1981 
and went on to a distinguished career 
with the Government of Canada. 

Mr. Bernie Douglas has decided 
to return to Mississauga to teach 
history and civics. Bernie initiated 
a Karate program at St. Andrew's. 

Mr. Ron English, who has 
contributed much in the area of 
technology at St. Andrew's, is leaving 
to take on a permanent position at 
Seneca College. Ron was part of 
the driving force behind S.E.C.S.Y., 
our entry in the national RobotX 
competition. His legacy will be the 
School's ongoing commitment to 
this program. 







Mr. Jeff McGee is taking a well- 
deserved one-year leave of absence 
after teaching music at S.A.C. for 
six years. He has some exciting 
travel plans which are making his 
colleagues on the faculty very 
envious. Have a safe and enjoyable 
trip Jeff, and we'll see you in 
September 2002. 

Ms. Janina Mlodecka retires 
today from the Dining Room staff 
after twenty-two years. 

Also, Ann Osmond retired as 
School Secretary in March of this 
year, after 15 years with S.A.C. Ann 
will be assisting her husband in the 
start-up of a new business. 

Mrs. Helen Younder is leaving 
the Health Centre after 16 years 
as Assistant Nurse. She will be 
accompanying her husband, Joe, 
who many of you know, to Italy 
where Joe will teach English at the 
Canadian College Italy. Thank you, 
Helen, for your dedication to the 
health of our students and best 
of luck. 

Next year, we will be welcoming 
eight new faculty members to 
St. Andrew's in order to not only 
replace those who are leaving, but 
also to keep classes small while the 
School manages the temporary 
larger enrollment caused by the 
Double Cohort. 

And, finally, to this splendid 
Graduating Class of 2001, 1 leave this 
final message. As you leave today 
from this special place, remember 
the words of a character in George 
Bernard Shaw's epic novel, Man 
and Superman. 

"I want to be thoroughly used up 
when I die, for the harder I work the 
more I live. I rejoice in life for its 
own sake. Life is no brief candle to 
me. It is a sort of splendid torch 
which I have got hold of for the 
moment, and I want to make it burn 
as brightly as possible before 
handing it on to future generations." 

Ted Staunton, 




keep us informed 
of your changes! 

PHONE 905.727.3178 

FAX 905.841.6911 


St. Andrew's College 

1 5800 Yonge Street 

Aurora, Ontario L4G 3H7 


february 17, 2001 

From the moment guests arrived at the 'firelit' 
pathway, they knew it was PARTY TIME! The 
weather — fifteen below outside but inside hot, 
humid, lush and steamy. The decorating committee 
had transformed the Great Hall into an island 
getaway right from the gangplank entrance, through 
the verdant forest greenery, the citrus-themed tables, 
to the electrifying chicki bars. The sensational 
artwork provided by current students included a 
beach mural in the foyer, pennants along the walls 
and floating fish hanging in the windows. Our Dining 
Hall staff (after serving an outstanding Caribbean 
meal) salsa-d the night away in their flowered shirts 
and neon sunglasses. The maintenance department, 
the prefects and several students helped in countless 
ways, along with over 100 volunteer parents, staff 
and friends of S.A.C. Generous donors provided the 
myriad of auction items. This event was successful 
on many fronts. 

The partygoers had a GREAT time, 
the bottom line netted in excess of 
$50,000 for the scholarship and bursary 
fund, but more importantly, over 500 
people chose to take the opportunity of 
contributing each in their own special way. 
This is just another example of the team 
play so prominent in the community of 
St. Andrew's College. 

Doris Poirier-Maclver, 


The Ladies' Guild Executive for 2000-2001 

Back (l-r) Jane Bedard, Elizabeth Chanadi, Joanne Stock, Irene Lowe, Linda Housser, Jane 

Staunton, Betty Ann Craig, Carol Rose-Kudelka, Wendy Marshall, Linda Bottomley, Colleen 

Suddaby, Mary Birkett, Nanette Parent, Maureen Dudley, Robyn Magee 

Front (l-r) Susan McFarlane (Secretary), Doris Poirier-Maclver (Vice President), Geri Pike 

(President), Tina Rogers (Past President), Jocelyn Manchee (Treasurer) 


Colleen Suddaby (left) and Debbie Hoffman 
were two of a legion of Guild volunteers 
for the fund raising event. 


(l-r) John Housser '68, Guild Past 
President Tina Rogers and President 
Geri Pike enjoy another great success 
at "The Red & White Goes Bananas" 
at the School in February. 





c? -t. 


A 'sunburned' Jeff Kane '75 (left) and Jeanne Keston 
share a laugh at the Red & White. 

\ you mutt be kidding 

the average Andrean the thought of a million-dollar gift to the College is remote; however, with the Insurance program the 

" >n will join you in a partnership that will ensure financial r * 
orever. Please phone Ji 



Old Boys 


The Estate of the late Jesse M.O. Hardie 


G. Drummond Birks '36 
Richard J. Boxer '35 
Robert F. Brown '36 
J. Warner Eakins '37 
Allen F. Graham '33 
W. Hamilton Grass '37 
John A. Green '33 
Ian L Jennings '33 
J. Fyfe Macdonald '38 
John H. Mitchell '38 
A. Scott Montgomery '32 
William A. Neal '34 
James A. O'Brian '38 
Peter C Rea '35 
Peter L Robinson '31 
K. Eric Rogers '38 
Bradley R. Rowell '23 
John B. Spence '37 


George M. Frost 
Lawrence G. Hampson 
William J. Shields 
Milton T. Wilson 


William G. Buchanan 
William A. Cobban 
Jay Cody 
J.E. Pat Davis 
William B. Gourlay 
John R. Kilpatrick 
G. Allan O'Brien 


Philip H. Alspach 
Edward M. Ballon 
George M. Brickenden 
Donald A. Foerster 
H. Donald Hamilton 
Keith C. Pilley 
R. Bredin Stapells 


Edward H. Crawford 
Alexander G. Hyde 
R. McLeod Lightbourn 


T. Michael Adamson 
John D. Bradley 
Charles WEddis 
F. Murray Hall 
John V. Horwood 
John M. Lowndes 


Allan L Beattie 
M. Campbell Dobbin 
James F. Hepburn 
Garrison Rapmund 


David W. Atkinson 
William Errington 
Ernest C Frey 
C. E.Ted Medland 
Robert A. Montgomery 
Anthony E. Weldon 


Thomas B. Chipman 
William R. Howson 
Gordon C Middleton 
Donald C. Shaw 
William P. Skinner 
Peter G. Stewart 


J. Douglas C. Barr 
Joseph J. Nold 
John D. O'Flynn 
Robert T. Putnam 
Victor W. Rodwell 
David M. Roe 
Frank M. Rolph 
Ian S. Wishart 


John C Crosbie 
William C Lawrence 
Bruce C. Miller 
Hugh F. Sedgwick 
Thomas E. Smith 


Harold C Anfossi 
Richard J. Clavell 
Fraser A. Hale 
W. Farrell Hyde 
Ralph A. King 
R. Roy McMurtry 
Thomas M. Munn 
Joseph W. Paterson 
Richard L Read 
David G. Trent 
Christopher Wansbrough 
Douglas G. Worling 


David I. Gallagher 
George H. Guy 
Roderick E. Mossman 
S. Warren Ritchie 
Basil I. Rodomar 
Christopher J. Smith 
William P. Somers 
the late Richard I. Sutton 


John S. Auld 
Richard H. Barr 
Len W. Franceschini 
B. Anthony King 
William J. Lovering 
Charles H. Malcolmson 
Gerald E. Omstead 
Coulter A. Osborne 
Donald W. Paterson 
Roger Strand 


Gordon J. Alexander 
William W. Andrews 
Michael P. Dunn 
Paul D. Esson 
William D. Graham 
William Hill 
Ian D. Isbester 
K.N. Burns McKenzie 
S. Arthur Morris 
David L Rea 
Derek J. Shenstone 


Robert H. Bradshaw 
Duncan Campbell 
John D. Cathers 
W. Graham Dutton 
William deV. Frith 
J. Douglas Grant 
D. Antonio Guzman 
Garth E. Hazlett 
J. Barker Hickox 
Brian Knight 
Frederick T Leslie 
Albert E. Matthews 
Robert D. Morrison 
James A. Munro 
Ariel R. Silva G. 
Robert H. Simpson 
Walter A. Somerville 
Robert G. Wade 
Michael B. Wansbrough 


Edward F. Boswell 
Alan J. Cruickshank 
John C. McCrea 
Bruce W. Merrick 
Ian A. Purdie 
D. Gordon M. Robertson 


Barry J. Black 
H. Michael Bums 
William H. Comstock 
David M. Dunlap 
Robert F. Keith 
W. Ross Reucassel 
T. Alexander Richardson 
John M. Swinden 
Reilley D. Tapley 
J. Michael P. Wood 


G. Malcolm Darroch 
Wilfrid S. Dinnick 
John M. Hill 
John H. Hough 
Carlos E. Kepke 
Peter A. Ketchum 
Andrew D. Milne 
John C. Mueller 
Edward M. Roberts 
L George Tejada 
James W. Wyse 
W.H. Bill Yuill 


Details Available 

Call: Jim Herder 


A Permanent Legacy 
for Future Students 
at uQlAf School 





James G. Godsman 
R. Thomas Orr 


John D. Buchanan 
W. Adam Clatsoff 
James E. Dunn 
Frank Metcalf 
Donald M. Rogers 
Robert B. Russell 
William F. Snyder 
Alfred G. Wirth 


R. Chris H. Allworth 
Thomas A. Hickey 
Robert R. MacLeod 
Robert R. Parker 
David R. Stamper 
Andrew D.B. Wood 


Brian G. Armstrong 
Ronald V. Belden 
Richard B. Gibb 
David C. McMaster 
Garry E. Payne 
W. Michael Rothery 
L. Barry Thomson 


J. Todd Edgar 
Harold G. Hough 
Michael J. Maura 
Douglas K. McMullen 
Michael B. Sommerville 


Gordon S. Griffiths 
Richard L. Holbrook 
Gage E. Love 
John C Smith 


Robert D. Gillan 
W. James Herder 
Raymond J. Osborne 
John D. Pennal 
John F. Rook 
Robert C. Williams 
John R. Zurbrigg 


C Richard Benson 
Laurence J. Henderson 
Douglas C. McKeen 
Hubert G. Pritchard 
Raymond S. Pyfrom 


Lawrence A. Boland 
David P. Cathers 
William H. McNeil 

1 (l \. t ra«'«« 0,1B - 

Charlie Edwards '70 is remembered on campus 
with this handsome blue spruce on the lower 
field. Charlie's classmates have established a 
Scholarship Fund with the School Foundation 
and hold an annual golf tournament to augment 
the growth of the fund. 


Robert A. Ball 
L.G. Wlliam Chapman 
Geoffrey C. Higgs 
Robert L Jones 
Robert C Kilgour Jr. 
Timothy I. Macdonald 
W. Scott Marshall 
F. Max E. Marechaux 
James S. McCreath 
J. Murray Shields 
Robert D. Sommerville 
Francis K. Yu 


Guy M. Baker 
Graham F. Brunke 
W.T. David Cross 
G. Alexander Dougall 
John B. Henderson 
K. Frederick Holmes 
John F. Housser 
G. Lee Shinkle 

Great Hall Chairs are available for Old Boys or for 
parents to donate for their sons. To make a gift 
please call Michael Roy at 905.727.3178 (278). 


Barry A. Brackley 
John H. Brown 
James D. Gear 
R. Scott Jolliffe 
Stephen M. McAdam 
Robert R. McEwen 
David B. Morton 


Anthony C. Cary-Barnard 
John M. Currie 
Robert L Dilworth 
George D. Hathaway 
S. Brian A. Levett 
Donald J. MacKay 
Robert J. Martin 
CA. Sandy Munro 
John R. Percival 
Robert E. Pritchard 
Eric N. Schneider 
A. Norman Wilkie 
Malcolm R. Yule 


Robert T.Boyd 
John K. Cross 
Gordon C. Dobbin 
Wesley J. Doyle 
Paul J. Higgins 
J. Craig MacPherson 
Paul H. Moron 
William D. Prowse 
Edward D. Ruse 
Chris P. Stoate 
John L Walden 


William Boyd 
James R. Brickman 
Chesley F. Crosbie 
Gordon D. Hawke 
Michael F. Hogg 
J. Timothy Shortly 
David A. Walden 
Robin J. Wilkie 
Gordon C. Wilson 


David J. Black 
Timothy P. Boland 
Thomas A. Buckley 
Michael S. Higgins 
Douglas C. Kane 
Raymond H. Leung 
Richard J. Reininger 
A. Ian Tait 


Thomas G. Birkett 
Andrew G. Eakins 
John R. Hawley 
Pedro H. Martin 
C. James McTavish 
Benjamin Rego 
T. Stuart Rutherford 
Geza von Diergardt 


Mark A. Brooks 
David J. Durant 
David W. Harvey 
Daniel H. Hung 
Andrew J. Kilpatrick 
Douglas M. Munn 
D. Brian Smith 


David F. Edminson 
Craig D. Farrow 
Paul J. Grassby 
Gary M. Lawrence 
J. Allen McClelland 
Peter B. McLean 
Gregory W. Miklas 
Roland B. Nimmo 
Paul R. Seay 
Matthew L Shinkle 


R. Mark Bedard 
Robert C Cheung 
Richard K. Foreman 
Michael S. Gardner 
John E. Lagerquist 
Jeffrey T. MacMillan 
John E. Omstead 
Clifford M. Sifton 
Scott L Sillcox 


Ian M. Carlsen 
P. Andrew Dalton 
Steven G. DeNure 
Fraser A. Hale 
Philip J. Henderson 
Stephen E. Hiscox 
J. William Hissink 
George D. Knowles 
Brian D. Miklas 
Robert J. Pratt 
John D. Stewart 


Stephen G. Bagworth 
Paul E. Bedard 
George R. Edwards 
Michael M. Edwards 
Robert C Fawcett 
Gary A. Hatt 
Joseph W. Heit 
Robert G. Hepburn 
Timothy J. Houlton 
Ronald W. Mitchell 
John F. Mortimer 
W. Scott Mortimer 
Thomas L Omstead 
Jeffrey W. Richmond 
P. Scott W. Rowntree 
Guillermo Salinas Pliego 
Ronald A. Schmidt 
Michael G. Sifton 
Barton Wong 



K.Y. Michael Chau 
Douglas E. Crawford 
Murray A. Hyde 
Ian E. Shandling 
H. Glenn Stanley-Paul 
John C. Stevenson 


Christopher P. Ball 
Andrew E. Gregg 
Adam R. Hawley 
George M. Jackson 
David C. Lawrence 
Richard S. MacDonald 
Kenneth E. Marshall 
Richard A. Peters 
Paul E. Stanborough 
Warren Stoddart 


Paul E. Berrevoets 
Kevin R. Callahan 
Alan M. Crawford 
David A. Dunkelman 
Jonathan M. Harris 
Trevor S. Juniper 
Dennis P. LaBuick 
David R. Tredgett 


G. Peter Bedard 
John F. Coupland 
Jonathan J. Duffield 
Stewart R. Kiff 
G. Scott Nirenberski 
David W. Rolph 
Alfredo Solloa Garcia 
Stephen J. Suarez 
J.R. KingsleyWard 


Luis M. Benito C. 
Lawrence P. Biricz 
Robert M. Caldwell 
Stuart I. Campbell 
Robin J. Comfort 
Mark A. Ellerbeck 
Bradley P. Jones 
Michael G. Koopmann 
Mark E. Murphy 
J.S. Struan Robertson 
N. Peter Smith 
C. Philip S. Wood 


David A. Baird 
W. David Campbell 
Richard A. Costley-White 
Wlliam R. Gaskey 
Thomas N. Hussey 
Garret C. Ippolito 
Shawn D. Omstead 
JefferyT. Orr 
Michael D. Roy 
Derek A. Sifton 


James E. Austin 
Robert W Banglmaier 
James W. Comfort 
Gregory S. Dunlap 
P. Andrew Eide 
R. Todd Ivey 
Sean P. Lundy 
Darren Mason 
T. Scott McDonald 
Gregory F. McGinnis 
D. Brent McPherson 
Douglas J. Metcalfe 
John R. Morgan 
Peter B. Neal 
Stephen G. Pftel 
Timothy W Watson 
Michael J. Webber 
Brian D. Wolf 


Conrad C. Bona 
Timothy P. Callaghan 
Graydon C. Cragg 
Edward J. Delia Penna 
John M. Dunlap 
Berk J. Farmer 
Jean-Paul G. Hoffman 
Ian G. Howey 
Glen D. Oliver 
Paul Paletta 
James W. Plouffe 
Trevor R. Rickwood 
Jeffrey D. Smith 
Robert L Wilkes 


J. Chris Allen 
James M. Bratton 
Thomas W Capling 
Cameron A Carey 
John S. Comfort 
Glenn M. Hant 
Oliver D. Herbst 
Christopher C Hind 
Jared P. Kerton 
Jeffrey W Laceby 
Craig A. Laurence 
Adam G. Neal 
Michael J. Paletta 
Anthony H. Reid 
Blair W.Scarlett 
Edward F. Seagram 
Robert D. Skinner 
Saleem Tareen 
Matthew G. Townsend 
Nickolas Tsioros 
W. Wallace Watson 
Warren A. Wlkes 


Mark A Atkins 
Jason K. Bullen 
Steven M. Cathcart 
William Hill 
Brian W Ledson 
John R Philips 
Dirk H. Radeke 
Christopher D. Tullis 
Scott T Wicks 


D. Bradley Archdekin 
Christopher M. Armaly 
Patrice B. Bansa 
Scott T Bryk 
Steven R. Creber 
James M. Herder 
Robert P. Katie 
John S. MacMillan 
Shane Manning 
J. Michael Mills 
John W Morris 
David W Nourse 
Cory S. Oliver 


James A. Biggar 
Jamie R. Inglis 
Jeffrey S. Metcalfe 
James E. Morgan 
Stephen G. Skovhoj 


Paul T. Arhanic 
N.M. Raymond Chuk 
James W. Dennis 
Mark K. Etherington 
Jonathan A. Ginou 
Robert M. Mantrop 
Ian C. Michael 
Carl R. Milroy 
Brent J. Riopelle 
Michael A. Worry 


Thomas J. Brooks 
Stephen J. Heron 
Thomas E. Hockin 
Jason P. LaMarche 
Michael J. Lamb 
Robert A. Leckey 
Gilbert J-C. Lee 
Sean K. McGrath 
James A Nichols 
Barton C Sommerville 
Peter A. Wardell 
Jeffrey C. Wong 


Shawn E. Christie 
Ian L Cragg 
Andrew G. Downard 
Sean A. Etherington 
William P. McGuigan 
M. Kevin Mol 
Michael E. Parent 
Christopher T. Snyder 


Lawrence H. Chen 
Anthony M. Farr 
S. Dean Husseini 
Jeffrey L Lewis 
Jonathan C Parker 
Charles R. Perowne 
Alexander P. Wood 


Santiago Barona 
Julian D. Battiston 
Raphael Choi 
David M. Dunlap 
Martin C Landry 
Justin K. Lindquist 
Karl J. Lippe 
Blair E. MacPherson 
Edward C Mercer 
Graham B. Munro 
Neil B. Ritchie 
Andrew R. Wlson 


Richard Couture 
Michael D. Farrugia 
Michael G. Foy 
Christopher L Gooderham 
Michael O. Graaf 
Andrew L Hodges 
Peter V. Matukas 
Ian W McGuigan 
Mark D. Newton 
Frederick A. Perowne 
Simon J. Williams 
Anthony K.P. Yung 


Timothy M. Downard 
Christopher A Fusco 
Mark N. Landry 
Budd R. Mathieson 
Gregory E. Meuser 
James R Taylor 


George W. Brown 
Russell J. Fraser 
James T. MacPherson 
Colin R. Parent 
Simon Turcotte 
Michael J. Wolf 


Ryan J. Brandham 
Adrian T. Chan 
Alexander Gawel 
Jeffrey K.Y. Lo 
James P. Near 

On behalf of the Pipes 
& Drums, the #142 Highland 
Cadet Corps and the 
St. Andrew's College Piping 
Program, I would like to 
thank you, the Development 
Office and the Foundation 
for the generous donation 
of $10,000 to purchase 
new bagpipes. 

As you know, the program 
is burgeoning to the point 
where the 26 sets of pipes we 
currently own will not fill the 
needs of new pipers over the 
next two years. This is due to 

are bringing 
8-10 new pipers in to the 
program each year, while 
our graduations are almost 
nil until 2003. We plan to 
purchase 8-10 sets of new 
pipes this year, and will 
assess next year's needs ir 
the spring. 

The support we are 
receiving from the School f 
piping and drumming is mc 
gratifying and appreciated, 
and provides much incentive 
for us to mount a program 
that will be inspiring 
students. Old Boys, fi 
and staff alike. 

Yours sincerely, 

Jim McGillivray, 

Director, Piping & Drumming 

Dustin Magee '01 plays at the Annual Inspection. The Class of 
2001 presented the School with the Magee Family Musk Prize. 
It was awarded for the first time on Prize Day to Dustin. 

e art 

ie administrative building, Dunlap H 
was completed in the summer of 1999. Gifts of art for the School's 
collection would be greatly appreciated and are receiptable ' 
purposes. Please call Jim Herder 905-727-3178 for details. 



Past Parents 

Mrs. Eleanore Addison 

Mr. James D. Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm S. Archibald 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Ardill 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Armstrong 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Battiston 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bedard 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Behagg 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Berthelot 

Dr. & Mrs. James Biggar 

Mrs. Ruth G. Birkett 

Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Bonnell 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Borgo 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Bratton 

Mr. & Mrs. Derek Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey K. Caldwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Callaghan 

Mr. Sik Cho Chan 

Mr. James L Cooke 

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon D. Cragg 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Desrochers 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Carl Dow 

Mr. & Mrs. Graham Downard 

Prof. & Mrs. J. Stefan Dupre 

Mr. R. James Elder 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Anthony Ennis 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. Fair 

Dr. & Mrs. Rae S. Fischer 

Mr. & Mrs. C William D. Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Derek W. Gariepy 

Mr. & Mrs. Keilder Glen 

Ms. Gail Gooderham 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Heinig 

The Hon. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hockin 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Hodges 

Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Hodges 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Glenn Hoffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hopkin 

Mrs. Barbara J. Houlding 

Dr. Gilbert Howey 

Dr. Herbert J. Irwin 

Capt. & Mrs. Raymond B. Lank 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Lawrence 

Mr. & Mrs. George P. Ledson 

Dr. & Mrs. R. George E. Leggett 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W-C Lo 

Mr. & Mrs. Gage H. Love Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Luis M. Lozano Magana 

Justice & Mrs. James MacPherson 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Manchee 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. George W Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian McGaffney 

Mr. & Mrs. Wlliam McGuigan 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. McLean 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. McNally 

Mr. & Mrs. Tom McPherson 

Mrs. Sandra A. Meagher 

Mrs. Jenny Mercer 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Michael 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mitchele 

Mr. Paul E. Montgomery 

Ms. E. Louise Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Mulock 

Ms. Donna Munro 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Munro 

Mr. C Anthony Myrans 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Neal 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Near 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Newall 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Nichols 

Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Nirenberski 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Oliver 

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Perowne 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Pilieci 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Ford Ralph 

Prof. & Mrs. James G.D. Rankin 

Mrs. Sandra Rea 

Mrs. Eleanor Robertson 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Saley 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Sillcox 

Dr. & Mrs. L Morley Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Somerville 

Dr. & Mrs. Volker Stein 

Mr. & Mrs. Basil J. Stevenson 

Mr. & Mrs. Courtney S. Stoate 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter L Stuart 

Mrs. Trudy Suarez 

Mr. & Mrs. James Talbot 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Tattle 

Mr. Anthony H. Tawil 

Mr. J. Gordon Taylor 

Mr. Hans D. Toepell-Bansa 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy G. Tredgett 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Marino Tuzi 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Valleau 

Dr. & Mrs. A.W. Peter van Nostrand 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Kingsley Ward 

Mr. & Mrs. R. David Wells 

Mr. & Mrs. Hans Weland 

The Rev. & Mrs. John M. Wilkie 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L Willmot 

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Wilson 

Mr. Joseph Wolf 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Wolfe 

Mr. John L Wright 

Mr. & Mrs. San Lung Yip 

Mr. & Mrs. William Yung 


Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 

nt Parents 

Scott Abbott 
Tim Adamson 
Douglas Ajram 
Ayad Al-Aadhami 
Dan Amadori 
Farid Amarshi 
Robert R. Aran 
Victor Attard 
Darryl M. Austin 
Sergio Avalos 
M. Hossein Azargive 
Eduardo Azcue G. 
Alberto Bacardi 
Robert D. Bailey 
Robert A. Ball 
Fred Banwell 
Timothy K. Bean 
Robert Bease 

pleate rememfo 

Please add the S A.C. Foundation to your will, and for memorial gi 
in the notice of your passing. Gifts will be permanently recorded in 
your name for the purpose you designate, or for scholarships and 
bursaries for deserving students. 


Dr. & Mrs. Steven Beatty 

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Benhaim 

Mr. & Mrs. Georges-Henri Bergeron 

Mr. & Mrs. Madan M. Bhayana 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bibby 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Biggings 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Birkett 

Mr. & Mrs. Frans J. Blom 

Ms. Julianne Boileau 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Boon 

Mr. Michael L Boulter & Ms. Jane Beckw'rth 

Mr. & Mrs. David Brander 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Brandham 

Ms. Arlene Brankley 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Brooks 

Ms. Marianne Broome Perks 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Browning 

Dr. & Mrs. Giovanni F. Bruno 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Bryce 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Bucci 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Buckley 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Burke 

Mr. Miguel Cabrera & Mrs. Guadalupe Marti 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Campbell 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Campbell 

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Carnovale 

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Caron 

Mrs. Marianne Casselman 

Mr. Edward Cassidy & Ms. Carina D'Brass Cassidy 

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Castellanos 

Mr. & Mrs. Bias Cernicchiaro Maimone 

Mr. Henry K. Chan & Mrs. Eva B. Wu 

Mr. Simon Chan 

Mr. & Mrs. Ming Yiu Samson Chan 

Mr. & Mrs. Cha Un Raymond Chan 

Mr. & Mrs. Po Kin V. Chan 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred P. Chanadi 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Chang 

Mr. & Mrs. Chien-Hsung Chang 

Dr. & Mrs. Larry Chang 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Charlebois 

Mr. & Mrs. Foo Shing Chau 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chen 

Mr. & Mrs. Hsiu-Hsiung Chen 

Mr. & Mrs. Fu-Ling Chen 

Mr. & Mrs. Chien-an Cheng 

Dr. Ernest Cheng & Dr. Maisy Cheng 

Mr. & Mrs. Weng Meng Cheong 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Y. Cheung 

Mr. & Mrs. Wai Kam Cheung 

Mr. & Mrs. Shi-Chiu Cheung 

Mr. Simon K. Cheung 

Mr. & Mrs. Farid B. Chishti 

Mr. & Mrs. Roman Chmiel 

Mr. & Mrs. Chul Choi 

Mr. & Mrs. Nico Choi 

Mr. & Mrs. Wing F. Chow 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Chu 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Wai Yuen Chui 

Mr. & Mrs Yves Coderre 

Dr. Mark L Cohen & Ms. Ellen Silverstein 

Mr. & Ms. Marten Collins 

Mr. & Ms. Frank Colton 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Craig 

Mr. Michael Platz & Mrs. Diana Cronin 

Mr. & Mrs. Amadou Dabo 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dainard 

Mr. & Mrs. Wlliam Daniell 

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Davies 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Davis 

Mr. Juan F. Del Cerro Alverde & 

Ms. Guadalupe Lopez Venero 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Del Zotto 

Dr. Peter A. Delean 

Mr. & Mrs. Frere Delmas 
Mr. Gregory M. Diakun 

The S.A. C. Foundation 

Mr. Stanley Doel & Mrs. Michelle Samson-Doel 

gratefully acknowledges 

Mr. & Mrs. Paulo Domingues 

receipt of 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Donko 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Douglas 

the foil/wing planned gifts: 

Mr. Jeffrey T. Dowell & Ms. Barbara J. Poushinsky 

Mr. Joseph F. Downey & Ms. Lois D. Lundy 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Doyle 

Ms. Rena Du 

Dr. & Mrs. J. David Dudley 
Mr. & Mrs. Owen Dwyer 
Mr. David F. Edminson 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Faulds 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander G. Ferguson 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L Fernandez 

Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Flores Rangel 

Mr. & Mrs. Yee Wai Fong 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Foreman 

Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Frame 

Mr. W.P. Freeman 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Fullerton 

In the past year 
a bequest was received 

Mr. Terrance W Fullerton & Mrs. Janet Bateman 

from tlw estate of a 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gartner 
Mr. & Dr. Eugene Genin 
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gideon 

of St. Andreiv's College: 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Gill 

Mr. James A. Ginou 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Giroux 

Mrs. Nellie Rex 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Gnyp 

Mr. Benjamin Gonzalez Roaro & 

Ms. Teresa Madruga Ayensa 

Dr. Duncan A. Gordon 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Gosbee 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry D. Graham 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Greco 
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Griffin 

A bequest has been received 
from the estate of 

Mr. & Mrs. Brijendra Gupta 

■■■•■ M.o. Ha> 

Mr. & Mrs. Wlliam Guy 

Mr. Ki Chae Han & Mrs. Hae Sook Park 

Mr. Chris Haney 

Class of 1911 

and added to tlw 

Mr. Michael J. Hanson 

General Endowment Fund 

Mr. & Mrs. David W Harvey 
Mr. & Mrs. James L Healey 
Mr. SMrs. MarkV. Healy 

ofth ''inn 

In .. 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Frank Heizer 
Dr. & Mrs. Allan Hess 
Mr. Stephen E. Hiscox 


Mr. & Mrs. Freddy Ho 

Mrs. Selina S. Ho 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hodge 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hoffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hon 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Housser 

Dr. & Mrs. Brend Ray-Sea Hsu 






Current Parents (continued) 

Mr. & Mrs. Sung-Chuang Hsu 

Mr. & Mrs. Chulong Huang 

Mr. & Mrs. Man-Kit Hui 

Dr. Cameron Hunter & 

Mrs. Florence Boody Hunter 

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hurlbut 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hurst 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hussey 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Hynds 

Mr. & Mrs. Wing-Kuen Ip 

Dr. Helena Jaczek 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald James 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Joakim 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Johnstone 

Mr. & Mrs. Ramesh Jolly 

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Jongsma 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Craig Jowett 

Mr. Hironobu Kanai 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Kane 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kaptyn 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Kelson 

Mr. & Mrs. Jory Kesten 

Mr. Mahesh Khatri & Ms. Sharmi Joshi 

Mr. & Mrs. Seong-Joon Kim 

Mr. & Mrs. Chung Soung Kim 

Mr. S Mrs. Gennady Kim 

Mr. & Mrs. Jin-Young Kim 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward A. King 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian King 

Mr. & Mrs. Yung-Chu King 

Mr. Gerald Kluwak & Dr. Carla Lennox 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Kocik 

Mrs. Helena L Kwok 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. LaBuick 

Mr. & Mrs. Sergiy M. Lagur 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lai 

Mr. & Mrs. Mathew F. Lam 

Mr. & Mrs. Fu Shing Lam 

Mr. & Mrs. Bosco Lee Hak Lam 

Mr. & Mrs. Pak Lee Lam 

Mr. & Mrs. Wai Kwong Lam 

Dr. & Mrs. Louis Langer 

Mr. & Mrs. Paulus W. Lau 

Mr. & Ms. Kwong Hoi Lau 

Mr. & Mrs. Wai Hung Lau 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lau 

Mr. & Mrs. Francois Laveau 

Mr. & Mrs. John Law 

Mrs. Christina Law 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lawson 

Mr. & Mrs. Branko Lebar 

Ms. Young Ja Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Sang Woo Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Hai Gun Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lee 

Ms. Hana S. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Chang Jae Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lee 

Mrs. Julita Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon R. Lee 

Mrs. Wai Ling Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Young Chul Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Po Tai Leung 

Mr. Michael C. Leung & Ms. Lena W. Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. Kerswick K. Leung 

Mr. & Mrs. Wan Kuen Leung 

Mr. & Mrs. Jong-Taik Lim 

Dr. & Mrs. Chih-Yuan Lin 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Lin 

Mr. & Mrs. James Lin 

Mr. Bin-Hui Lo 

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie C-Y Lo 

Ms. Rita Lo 

Dr. & Mrs. John Long 

Mr. & Mrs. Salvador Lopez Orduna 

Mr. & Mrs. John Lowe 

Mr. & Mrs. Naresh Lulla 

Mr. & Mrs. James Lyons 

Drs. Robert & Lori Maaskant 

Mr. & Mrs. John MacDonald 

Mr. Ian Maclver 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander D. MacKay 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott MacKenzie 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Magee 

Mr. & Mrs. Ashok K. Mahtani 

Mr. Tony Mak 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Man 

Dr. & Mrs. Claude C Manigat 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Marien 

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Marquez 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marshall 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Richard Marshall 

Mr. & Mrs. Julio E. Martin Sanchez 

Mr. Michael J. Maura 

Mr. & Mrs. James L McBane 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCullough 

Mr. & Mrs. Graham McDonald 

Mr. & Mrs. David C McFarlane 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. McGill 

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick McGrath 

Mr. & Mrs. Ian G. Mcintosh 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Mcintosh 

Mr. & Mrs. William McKay 

Mrs. Beth McKay 

Mr. & Mrs. Errol D. McKenzie 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald McNally 

Ms. Donna Micallef 

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Miller 

Dr. & Mrs. Javier Moctezuma Barragan 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Mok 

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Morales Camporredondo 

Mr. Bill Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Wlliam W. Moriarty 

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Morodo Santisteban 

Mr. Jim Muir & Dr. Christine Cook 

Mrs. Diane Mulock 

Ms. Donna Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. Jose L Nassar Daw 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nehaul 

Mr. & Mrs. Tony K. Ng 

Mr. Ian Ho Ka & Ms. Jessica Ng 

Mr. & Mrs. Yan To Denis Ng 

Mr. & Dr. Sing Ngai 

Mrs. Angelina Novosel-Ramlochan 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Nudds 

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew O'Dwyer 

Dr. & Mrs. Otegbola Ojo 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Duncan Oram 

Mr. & Mrs. Luis M. Osio Barroso 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Parent 

Mr. Sung Joo Park & Mrs. Kyung Hee Han 

Mr. Jong Sub Park 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Perrier 

Mr. Barry N. Pike 

Mrs. Doris Poirier-Maclver 

Mr. & Mrs. Kwok Kan Poon 

Dr. Kathleen Pritchard 

Mr. & Mrs. Dush Ramachandran 

Mr. & Mrs. Alnoor Ratansi 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Reale 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Reininger Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Richardson 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Robinson 

Mrs. L Elizabeth Rosenberg 

Mr. Joel Ross 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Anthony Ross 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rothwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rourke 

Mr. & Mrs. Sergey Ryazanov 

Mr. Jae Sang Ryu 

Mr. & Mrs. Julian Sacher 

Mr. & Mrs. Mohammed A. Saleem 

Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Salinas Pliego 

Mrs. Janet Schmick 

Mrs. Holly Sedgwick 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sequeira 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Sham 

Dr. Eddy Si & Dr. Jocelyn Cochingyan Lee-Si 

Mrs. Sharon E. Simmons 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Skolnick 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Brian Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Sodonis 

Mr. & Dr. Vlnod Sondhi 

Mr. & Mrs. George Steeves 

Dr. & Mrs. Julian A. Stewart 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Stock 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Stoikos 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Suddaby 

Mr. & Mrs. Man Tin Sun 

Mr. & Mrs. Sing Sou Tarn 

Mr. & Mrs. Wai Tang 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Tanton 

Dr. & Mrs. Johannes Tatsios 

Ms. Linda Taylor 

Mrs. Begum Teja 

Ms. Christina Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Thwaites 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Tiller 

Ms. Helen-Claire Tingling 

Ms. Helen Tng 

Mr. & Mrs. Suresh Tolani 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Toms 

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Townsend 

Mr. Robert Tozzi & Ms. Clelia Saraceni 

Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Trimarchi 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Trott 

Mr. & Mrs. Kuo-Jung Tsai 

Mr. & Mrs. Chang H. Tsai 

Mr. & Mrs. Edi Tse 

Mr. & Mrs. George Tsioros 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tsui 

Mr. & Mrs. Chun-Sing Tung 

Mr. & Mrs. Brett Udashkin 


Mr. & Mrs. Jose R. Uribe Maytorena 

Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo Velasco Fernandez 

Mrs. Annelies Vogel 

Mr. Klaus Vogel 

Baron & Mrs. Geza von Diergardt 

Dr. & Mrs. Yung-Liang Wan 

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Wang 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Watson 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Weedon 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Wells 

Mr. & Mrs. David Willmot 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. Barton Wong 

Mrs. Cecilia Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. Wan Hay Wong 

Mr. & Mrs. John Woodcock 

Mr. Maico Z. Wu & Mrs. Zhao Sunjun 

Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Wu 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Yau 

Prof. & Mrs. Hong-mo Yeh 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Yeung 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Ivan Yeung 

Mr. & Mrs. Perry Yip 

Mr. & Mrs. Keun Sung Yu 

Mr. & Mrs. Chi Wing Yuen 

Friends of the School 

Mrs. Dorothy Adams 

Great Hall Chair, in memory of W.H. Adams '35 
Mr. & Mrs. Gaby Ajram 

Robotics Project 
Alliance Press Inc. 

Gift in Kind 
Ms. April Asplund 

Memorial Chapel 
Mr. Nicholas Aubry 

Memorial Chapel 
Mr. Andrew Baker 

Blackburn Group Inc. 

Towers Library 
Mr. Thomas H. Bosley 

Dick Gibb Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Buckley 

Ms. Olivia Chan 

Diamac Jewellery Corp. 

Robotics Project 
Mrs. J.S. Ellis 

Scholarships 8 Bursaries 
Mr. Chang- Yuang Fang 

Robotics Project 
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fletcher 

Memorial Chapel 
G.M.M. Consulting Sen/ices 

Duke of Edinburgh Program 

Ms. Helen Ford 

Memorial Chapel 
Ms. Adria L Frappier 

Memorial Chapel 
Mrs. Linda Hale 

Great Hall Chairs 
Mrs. Betty P. Hamilton 

Jim Hamilton Scholarship 
Mr. Jeffrey M. Hamilton 

Mr. John Kaptyn 

Mr. Harry B. Kennedy Jr. 

Pipes & Drums 
Mr. & Mrs. George Lake 

MacPherson Hockey Fund 
Ms. Janet Lewis 

Gift in Kind 
Mr. & Mrs. John Lucking 

Mrs. Aileen Mathieson 

Campus Beautification 
A. McCullough 

Memorial Chapel 
Mr. & Mrs. Neil McCullough 

Memorial Chapel 
Mrs. E. Christine McGirr-McLafferty 

Dick Gibb Scholarship 
Ms. Dee Moore 

Memorial Chapel 

The SAC. Foundation life insurance matching gift program continues to 
grow. Sandy Munro 70, a Trustee of the Foundation, reports that at June, 
30, 2001, Old Boys have generously arranged just over $8.8 million in this 
unique program. Please call Jim Herder 905-727-3178 for details. 




Mr. David Mumby 

Jim Hamilton Scholarship 
Mrs. Natalie Pasij 

Memorial Chapel 
Mr. David Pearson 

David B. Somerville Memorial Music Prize 
Mrs. Ruth Richardson 

Art Collection 
Rotary Club of Aurora 

Scholarship Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne M. Smith 

Memorial Chapel 
Mr. John Stephens 

Staff Scholarship S Bursary Fund 
Mr. Gerald Stock 

Memorial Chapel 
Tesma International Inc. 

Robotics Project 
Travelway Group Int. 

Robotics Project 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Walzak 

Memorial Chapel 
Mr. Glenn Ward 

Gift in Kind 
Ms. Catherine A. Wayland 

Robert W. Meagher Fund 
Mr. Steve Webb 

Gift in Kind 
Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Yates 

Robert W. Meagher Fund 

Faculty & Staff 

The Rev. Robert J. Arril 

Mrs. Marlene Ash 

Ms. Jacqueline Beck 

Mr. Paul E. Bedard 79 

Mrs. Randi Berman 

Mr. Michel Cameron 

Mr. John C Clements 

Mrs. Edna J. Collins 

Mr. Fraser H. Cowell 

Mr. Luigi D'Ambrosio 

Ms. Sarah U. Dame 

Mr. David S. Dawson 

Mr. Gregory Dominate 

Mr. Allen W. Dunford 

Mr. Don Finlay 

Mr. Aubrey M. Foy 

Mr. David E. Gaertner 

Mr. David Galajda 

Mr. Klaus Griese 

Mr. Alan H. Halstead 

Mr. Michael J. Hanson 

Mr. W. James Herder '64 

Mr. Michael Hillick 

Mrs. Carrie Hughes McGuinness 

Mr. Jamie R. Inglis '91 

Mr. David Joiner 

Mr. Marke Jones 

Mr. David Josselyn 

Mr. Stephen L. Kimmerer 

Mr. David Kyle 

Mrs. Julie Lamb 

Mr. James McGillivray 

Mrs. Beth McKay 

Mrs. Wendy Muratoff 

Mr. C Anthony Myrans 
Mrs. Robyn A. O'Hare 
Mrs. D. Carolyn O'Higgins 
Mr. S. Tino Paolini 
Mr. Robert S. Perrier 
Mrs. Gayle Petri 
Ms. Angela Phillips 
Ms. Lisa Picemo 
Mrs. Marie Pilieci 
Mr. Rupert J. Ray 
Mr. Gregory L Reid 
Mrs. Correne Richardson 
Mr. J.S. Struan Robertson '84 
Mr. W. Graydon Robson 
Mrs. Carol Rose-Kudelka 
Mr. Michael D. Roy '85 
Mr. Michael Ruscitti 
Mr. Steven Rush 
Mr. Ken Ryan 
Mrs. Sandra L Scott 
Mr. William S. Scoular 
Mr. Mark Service 
Mr. Gregory Shields 
Mr. Courtenay Shrimpton 
Mr. E.G. Ted Staunton 
Mr. Stuart D. Swan 
Mrs. Sherrill K. Toombs 
Mr. Stephen R. Treasure 
Mr. Nickolas Tsioros '88 
Mr. Marinus C. Van Dyk 
Mr. John L Walden 71 
Mr. Arthur Wenk 
Mrs. Helen Younder 

Former Faculty & Staff 

Mr. T Michael Adamson '44 

Mr. R. Chris Allworth '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bedard 

Dr. Alan G. Bricknell 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Day 

Mr. John J. Del Grande 

Mr. & Mrs. Robin Fraser 

Mr. A. Dennis Hemmings 

Hon. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hockin 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Kinney 

Ms. Jane Kravchenko 

Mr. & Mrs. James C Mainprize 

Mr. Tom Napier 

Mrs. Susan Roncadin 

Mr. & Mrs. William Skinner '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Somerville 

Mr. & Mrs. Courtney S. Stoate 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter L Stuart 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Tetlock 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Timms 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Warburton 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. West 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Whitney 

Mr. & Mrs. George & Helen Wlliams 

Mr. John L Wright 


The Birks Family Foundation 

The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation 

J.P. Bickell Foundation 

The James Franceschini Foundation 

The Manchee Foundation 

The N.A. Taylor Foundation 

R. Howard Webster Foundation 

Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation 

Joseph S. Stauffer Foundation 

The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation 

The WP. Scott Charitable Foundation 

Matching Gifts 

St. Andrew's College would like to thank 
Corporations which, through an employee 
Matching Gift Program, 
support independent education: 

Clarica Life Insurance 

Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. 

Northern Telecom Ltd. 

Pfizer Canada Inc. 

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 

R. Howard Webster Foundation 

Archives Gifts 

Roper Dayment '22 

The Donald Cooper Medal for Science, 
St. Andrew's College, Toronto and 
two S.AC class pins: Royal Life Saving 
Society medals 

Mary Louise Cox 

Photos from 1924 to 1931 belonging to 
her late father, Alfred Aaron Cox '31 


Keith Walker '57 

Basketball uniforms and jacket; hockeyU 
and football sweaters; 
a pair of football cleats 

Joe Younder 

Hockey equipment newspapers 
reporting on historical events 


1 Cxcerpt trcm Ci TlOtC 

tcjim Herder: 

i remember that when 1 was a stuaem 
at S.A.C. I wad the beneficiary c$ a 
scholarship which wai created fjrcm 
donations. I hope you won't hesitate 
to call me in a couple of years to 
increase the amount of my annual 
support. Frankly, I owe the school 
tor the invaluable education which 
I received. 

I believe I put it to good use. 


Greg McGinnis '86 




Edward W. Smart 

died October 28, 2000, in Toronto, 
Ontario. While at St. Andrew's Ted 
was a Prelect, member of First 
Rugby, Hockey and Cricket and 
on The Review staff. Following 
St. Andrew's Ted earned a B.Coin. 
from the University of Toronto and 
an M.A. (Cantab). He was the retired 
President of Oliver Lumber Company 
of Toronto Ltd. Ted is survived by 
three sons and one daughter, as 
well as grandson David '83 and 
step-grandson Russell Fraser '99. 


James R. Shoch 

died in Devon, Pennsylvania, on 
February 28th, 2001, following a brief 
illness. James attended St. Andrew's 
for grades 10-12 and was a member 
of SAC.'s First Rugby and Basketball 
teams. He served in the U.S. Navy 
during the 1940's. James is survived 
by his daughter Jeannette. 


James L. Straith 

died December 14, 2000, in 
Kingsville, Ontario. Jim attended 
St. Andrew's 1926 - 35. He served 
during WWII with the Cdn. Armoured 
Corps, then as a Captain with the 
Royal Canadian Electrical and 
Mechanical Engineers. Jim retired 
in 1982 from Glidden Co. where he 
was Manager, Industrial Sales, in 
Windsor, Ontario. His son James 
and daughter Mary survive him. 

W. Guthrie Y. Grant, M.D., 

died March 16, 2001, following a 
battle with cancer. Guthrie attended 
S.A.C. from 1937-42 and was a Prefect, 
a member of the Debating Team and 
winner of the Cooper Medal in 
Science. Following St. Andrew's he 
attended the University of Toronto, 
from which he graduated in 
Medicine in 1947. His medical and 
surgical residencies were completed 
at St. Michael's and Toronto General 
Hospitals. In 1948 he joined the 

Brooklin Medical Centre in the 
village of Brooklin, Ontario, where he 
enjoyed his role as country doctor for 
fifty years. 

Guthrie enjoyed sailing and in 1980 
completed a 21-day Atlantic crossing 
from Halifax to Plymouth, UK, as 
navigator aboard a 35' ketch. He had 
a passion for mineralogy as well as 
for his Scottish Deerhounds. He 
served on Durham's District Health 
Council, on the Public School Board 
and as Warden of St. Thomas' 
Anglican Church in Brooklin. 
He was the donor of the Edith Grant 
Trophy in memory of his mother. 
He donated his family's SAC. 
photographs to the School Archives 
in 1991. He was predeceased by 
his parents: his mother, Edith May 
Grant, RN, was the Lower School 
Nurse and Matron at St. Andrew's 
from 1942-1961. He is survived by 
his wife Joy, children lain, Jane, 
Gail, and Donald and their families. 

James Knowles, S.B.St.J., M.S.M., 

died on July 7, 2001, at Sunnybrook 
Health Science Centre in Toronto. 
While at SAC Jim was a member of 
First Hockey and an N.C.O. in the 
Cadet Corps. Following St. Andrew's 
he joined the artillery as a gunner 
and saw service in Italy. Following 
graduation from the University 
of Toronto Jim worked in the 
investment business at Royal 
Securities Corp. Ltd. At the time of 
his retirement Jim was Chairman of 
his firm, Royce Enterprises, which 
manufacturers wire, tubular steel and 
metal products in Orillia, Ontario. 
Jim served St. Andrew's as a member 
of the Board of Governors from 
1971-79. He worked closely with the 
Canada Remembers Council on The 
Canada Netherlands Memorial Park 
and the documentary video 
'Frontline' to create these two 
testimonials to the role of Canada 
in the liberation of Holland in World 
War II. Jim is survived by his wife 
Man. sons George '78, John, and 
Jamie and daughter Carol and 
their families. 

Grenville C. Price, Q.C., 

died April 14 , 2000, in Toronto. 
Grenville was a member of SAC.'s 
First Basketball team. He graduated 
from Osgoode Hall Law School and 
practiced law with Black, Worrall & 
Price in Toronto. Grenville's sister 
Judy, when calling to advise of her 
brother's death, said she was happy 
to report that he lived a full and 
happy life. 

Richard Sutton 

died June 11, 2001, in Toronto, after 
a courageous battle against cancer. 
Dick attended SAC from 1947-51 
and was a Prefect and Captain of 
First Football and First Basketball 
and a member of Senior Track and 
Field. Dick served his old school 
as President of the Old Boys' 
Association from 1967-72. He 
graduated in Business from the 
University of Western Ontario and 
after a brief stop in the accounting 
field, joined Murray & Company, a 
real estate and mortgage brokerage 
firm. There he rose to the position of 
President and under his leadership 
the firm flourished. Dick retired a 
few years ago and pursued his 
passion for golf. At his funeral, 
pallbearers included Andreans 
Michael Ballentine. Len 
Franceschini, Ralph King, Terry 
Malone and Frank Moores. Dick 
is survived by his wife Donna, 
daughters Leslie, Shelley and 
Catherine and their familie 

C.A. Sandy Cantley 

died November 22, 2000, in 
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. While at 
St. Andrew's, Sandy was Pipe Major 
for two years and a member of First 
Hockey. He was also a member 
of Dick Gibb's first bicycle tour 
of Europe in 1951. Following 
St. Andrew's, he attended McGill 
for one year, then enrolled at 
Dalhousie, where he spent summers 
in the U.N.T.D. Corp because of his 
love of ships and the sea. Upon 
graduating with a Commerce degree, 
he joined the sales division of 
Imperial Oil Ltd. Following a 
successful thirty-year career with 
Imperial, Sandy took early 
retirement in 1986. During his 
retirement, Sandy and his wife 
enjoyed golf and tennis during 
winter months in Florida and 
summers at their cottage at Rustico, 

S. He attended S.A.C. Homecomings 
in 1998 and 1999 and donated his 
sports team photos to St. Andrew's 
Archives. Sandy's Grandfather, 
Thomas Cantley, gave pipes to start 
the S.A.C. Cadet Corp Pipe Band 
in 1915. Sandy is survived by his wife 
Barbara, who wrote saying, "Sandy 
enjoyed following closely the life of 
the school through The Andrean and 
always remembered his years at 
St. Andrew's with many happy 
memories of good times and good 
friends"; his daughters Lynn, Shelagh 
and Jennifer and son Stephen and 
their families. He was predeceased 
by his father, Donald F. Cantley, 
S.A.C. 1911-16, who was Head Prefect 
and Captain, First Hockey; and by 
uncles Charles Lang Cantley 1900-02, 
also a Head Prefect, and Howard who 
was at St. Andrew's in 1904. 


Robert Master 

died January 2, 2001. in Kingsville, 

Out aiio. Rob was a Prefect and 
Commanding Officer of the Cadet 
Corps in 1953. Following graduation 
from S.A.C, Rob received a B.Sc. in 
engineering from the University of 
Detroit, He was a member of the 
Professional Engineers of Ontario 
and Past Commodore of the Windsor 
Yacht Club. At the time of his death 
he was Vice President of Pickering 
Restaurants Incorporated. Rob 
is survived by his wife Donna, 
daughters Lisa, Lynn and Lori 
and their families. 


'36 Robert Brown wrote The 
Andrean recently that he is happily 
married to Audrey, whom he married 
in 1995. Robert, who will be 85 in 
December, lives in North Hatley, 
Quebec, during the summer months 
and Kingston, Ontario, during the 
winter. He attended McGill from 
1936-39. Upon being discharged 
from the R.C.A.F. Auxiliary Air Force 
in 1945, he attended The School of 
Hotel Administration at Cornell 
University, then worked for The 
Cardy Corporation, owners of The 
Mount Royal, The King Edward and 
The General Brock, among others, 
meanwhile looking for something of 
his own. In 1950 he found what he 
was looking for and purchased 
Hovey Manor in North Hatley, 
Quebec, which he owned until he 
sold it and retired in 1980. 

'47 Tom Chipman racked up a 
new achievement by winning the 
horseshoe pitching tournament at 
his Phoenix, Arizona, Golf Club last 
April. Tom met a Wyoming rancher in 
the final where he eked out a 15-12 
victory, scoring a couple of vital 
ringers. A former S.A.C. triple sport 
Captain, Tom wrote The Andrean that 
horseshoe pitching was quite an active 
pastime at S.A.C. during the mid-40s. 
The pits were behind Memorial House 
and were used extensively in the fair 
weather months. 

'48 Ian Lindsay recently wrote 
The Andrean: Just for the record, 
since I left S.A.C. back in 1948, after 
playing the pipes in the S.A.C. Cadet 
Corps Pipe Band from 1943 to 1948 
(ending up as Pipe Major in 47-48), I 
have kept up my piping, first with 
the Queen's University Pipe Band 
from 1948-51 where I won a gold 
medal for piping during my first year, 
and thereafter with the Caledonian 
Society of Peru where I have piped in 
the Haggis at the St. Andrew's 
Annual Dinner now for 50 
consecutive years starting 1951 and 
including 2000. The Caledonian 
Society of Peru was founded in the 
early 1920's. Both my father Gerald 
William Lindsay and my elder 
brother William Andrew Lindsay 
(S.A.C. piper from 1941-46 who is 
retired now in Pictou, Nova Scotia) 
have been past Presidents of this 
Society. My regards to all my fellow 
classmates of S.A.C. '48 and fellow 
band members. 

The newest members of the Fifty- Year 
Club were presented with their ties: 
(l-r) Bredin Stapells '42, James Hepburn 
'45 and Roy Eddy '45 who visited for 
the Headmaster's Parade, reunion and 
luncheon in May. 

Joe Nold, aboard his 43 ft. sloop 
'Zillah', crossed the Mediterranean 
Ocean to Cadiz in the south of Spain, 
then to the Canaries and across the 
Atlantic to Antigua. Joe is living at 
Annapolis near Washington, D.C. 

Vic Rodwell continues his stage 
career begun at S.A.C. with recent 
roles as Baptista Manolo, father of 
Kate and Bianca, in Kiss me Kate, 
Cole Porter's musical version of The 
Taming of the Shrew, and as Victor 
Velasco, "The Bluebeard of 48th 
Street", in a revival of Neil Simon's 
comedy Barefoot in the Park, 

'53 Ian Paisley wrote The Andrean 
that he has four grandchildren, is 
retired and enjoys skiing, golfing, 
travelling and playing bridge. Ian 
and his wife Judy live in Toronto. 

'54 Art Rowe is Associate Priest at 
St. Michael's Anglican Church in 
Surrey, B.C. where he lives with his 
wife Annie. 

'60 John Morse and his wife Willa 
and their daughters Jill, Alix, and 
Anthea moved to Abu Dhabi in the 
United Arab Emirates where John is 
the Medical Director of the Shaikh 
Khalifa Medical Center. John writes, 
"it may be hot, but I didn't shovel any 
snow last winter!" 

'61 Carl Ingwalson, Jr. had a visit 
from Dan Routledge while Dan was 
visiting in San Diego last spring. Dan 
reported: "it is always fascinating to 
catch up on classmates' activities 
and hobbies when you haven't seen 
them for thirty or so years. We both 
lied, saying 'you haven't changed,' 


Jan Mathews '96 (left) and Allan Best '92 (right) join Major J. Duffield Vaughan '50 
(Ret.) (second from right) and his guest at the annual Headmaster's Parade. Jan and 
Allan are both members of the 48th Highlanders of Canada. 

then exchanged great reminiscences 
and, as you would guess, some tales 
of school misdeeds! Carl hasn't had 
the opportunity of visiting the school 
for a good many years and was keen 
to hear about the magnificent and 
dynamic additions. We talked about 
classmates, their careers and much 
more. In all it was a wonderful get 
together. He is a very successful 
attorney who practiced law in the 
construction field for many years. 
Latterly he has taken on the 
functions of mediator and arbitrator 
in this field of law. It allows him 
more time to pursue his varied 
personal interests. He has become 
one of the most desired lawyers in 
this field in the entire U.S. He would 
never admit to this but it became 
obvious as we talked about his 
activities and the fact he consults 
and gives lectures to other 
arbitrators and mediators around 
the country. He is also one of only 
fifteen lawyers licenced to arbitrate 
or mediate federal government 
disputes such as the funding of 
election activities. He is an 
accomplished scuba diver, takes part 
in the annual count of long horn 
sheep in the San Diego hills and is 
an authority (having published some 
papers) on the Civil War. He was 
kind enough to express interest in 
Beverley's and my hobby as 
shepherds. Trust all is going well up 
there and my best to any who might 
remember Carl and me." 

'64 Ray Osborne and his wife 
Jennifer announce the birth of their 
son Joshua David on March 12, 2001, 
in Toronto; a brother for Tally, 
Lindsay and Geoff. 

'66 John Jeffries is Managing 
Director at BIRC Corporation, 
partners in biopharmaceutical 
infrastructure development, in 
Richmond, BC. 

'68 Ian Wilkie is teaching grade six 
at a school in Cookstown, Ontario. 
Ian enjoys gardening and carpentry 
and recently made desks for thirty 
computers in his classroom. 

Bill Yuill (right) and Keifer Sutherland 
were both involved in the Microsoft 
Hockey Challenge. Keifer played for 
the Hollywood Celebrities and Bill 
represented the Seattle Thunderbirds. 
A round robin tournament saw the 
Microsoft Windows team beat the Sun 
Microsystems team in the final game. 
The tournament raised $1,000,000 U.S. 
for the Ronald McDonald House 
of Seattle. 

'69 Rob McEwen, Chairman and 
CEO of Goldcorp Inc., has announced 
winners and the conclusion of its 
innovative Goldcorp Challenge gold 
quest contest initiated last year. 
Goldcorp is a debt-free Toronto-based 
gold producer. Its Red Lake Mine is 
one of the world's richest, highest- 
grade gold mines. Goldcorp decided 
to harness the power of the Internet 
and the resourcefulness of 
independent researchers in its 
search for new gold sources. In 
March 2000, it announced The 
Goldcorp Challenge by taking the 
unprecedented step of posting all 
available geological data for its Red 
Lake Mine to its corporate website. 
Participants from around the world 
were encouraged to examine the 
data and submit proposals 
identifying potential targets where 
the next 6 million ounces of gold 
would be found on its 40,000-acre 
Red Lake site. Six-figure cash prizes 
were offered. The contest created a 
stir and the website received 475,000 
hits. More than 1,400 online 
prospectors from 51 countries 
registered as participants. Initial 
results were so promising that 
Goldcorp raised the prize money 
substantially. Ultimately, four 
winners shared the US$325,000 top 
prizes, with first prize going to two 
Australian researchers, second prize 
to a Canadian, and third to a Russian 
and an American who tied to share 
$150,000. Another $250,000 was 
awarded to 25 semi-finalists. 
In declaring the Challenge a huge 
success, Rob said that its practical 
applications were wide and 




Hugh Pritchard '65 and his wife Linda in the Bahamas in March. Hugh continues as 
President of Asa H. Pritchard Ltd. in the Bahamas. His brother Robert '70 is Vice 
President and his son Neil is General Manager. Hugh and Linda have a grandson, 
William Emmett Stanhope. 

far-reaching. "The business model 
we successfully developed for the 
Goldcorp Challenge at Red Lake can 
now be applied to properties and 
potential mineral deposits around 
the world," he said. "We've proven 
that global online brainstorming 
works and we want to inspire and 
apply the same innovative thinking 
to new global targets. I think we've 
set a new standard for exploration 
initiatives." Rob McEwen lives in 
Toronto with his wife Cheryl and 
two sons. He has been Director of 
Goldcorp and its predecessor 
companies since 1986. 

'70 Tony Cary-Barnard is 

Regional Vice President with 
Canadian Hotel Income Properties 
(CHIP REIT /CHIP Hospitality) in 
Edmonton, Alberta. Tony and his 
wife Michelle recently celebrated 
twenty-five years of marriage. Their 
daughter Sarah, a junior elite 
triathlete, completed her first year 
at the University of Alberta and son 
Sean is in grade 11. 

Paul Kitchen was elected President 
of the Canadian Association of 
Independent Schools for the 2000- 
2001 school year. Paul, a graduate of 
the University of Toronto, has had a 
long and distinguished career in the 
independent school system in 
Canada. He began his career as Head 
of Physical Education and Athletic 
Director at Ridley College from 
1975-81. Following this Paul spent 
six years at St. Andrew's College 
teaching Math and Science, and 
served as Housemaster of Sifton 
House from 1982-1987. In 1987 Paul 

became Headmaster of RCS 
Netherwood in Rothesay, New 
Brunswick, a position he still holds. 

'71 Gord Dobbin writes that he 
enjoyed a visit to classmate Paul 
Moron's home in the Netherlands 
Antilles. The occasion was the Bar 
Mitzvah for Paul's son Adam, and 
Gord reports that "friends came from 
all over the world" to celebrate. 

'72 Ted Dobson works at Kendon 
Industries Inc. in Anaheim, 
California. Ted has four daughters: 
Kathleen, 20, is attending Concordia 
University in Irvine; Diana Beth, 19, 
is attending Chapman University in 
Orange; Leslie Ann, 18, is attending 
Colorado State University in Fort 
Collins, and Michelle, 16, is 
attending Villa Park High School in 
Villa Park. Ted wrote The Andrean 
that he "is attending financial and 
family planning counselling wherever 
he can find it". 

Michael King earned a B.A.(Hons.) 
in Sociology from Trent University in 
1978 and an M.Sc. in Sociology from 
Oregon in 1981. Michael and his wife 
Laurel live in Vancouver, B.C. 

'74 Bill Ellis, his wife Martha and 
sons Lang, 12, and Liam, 10, moved 
to Coral Springs, Florida, in the 
spring. Bill is controller for Nortel's 
Caribbean and Latin American 

'75 Barry Howson is Director of 
Religious Studies at Heritage Baptist 
College in Cambridge, Ontario. Barry 
earned a BA from Waterloo, Master 

of Divinity from Central Baptist 
Seminary and Doctor of Philosophy 
at McGill. Barry and his wife Sharon 
have two daughters, Natalie, 14, and 
Shawna, 11. 

'76 Peter Dupuch is a real estate 
broker/appraiser and owner of 
Dupuch Real Estate (Bahamas) Ltd. 
in Nassau, Bahamas. Peter graduated 
from McGill University in 1980 with a 
B.A. in Modern Languages, then 
obtained his commercial pilot's licence 
and airline transport pilot's licence. 

David Edminson's son Dylan is 
now in grade 8 at S.A.C. Dylan joined 
St. Andrew's as a member of the 
inaugural grade six class. 

'77 Jorge Fanghanel Jr. earned a 
B.Sc. in Computer Science from the 
University of Western Ontario in 
1981 and is a systems analyst in the 
restaurant business in Mexico City. 

'79 Bill Cathers is General 

Manager at Lawrence Park Motors, 
a Volvo dealership in Toronto. 

Mike Sifton has been President of 
Hollinger Canadian Newspapers LP 
since 1995. In August, Michael 
purchased 28 Ontario newspapers, 
including 16 dailies, from Conrad 
Black's Hollinger. Michael is now 
President and Chief Executive 
Officer of his new company, Osprey 
Media Group Inc., in Markham. 

Jack Stanborough, M.D., practices 
medicine at the Westdale Medical 
Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. He 
recently obtained his CCFP-EM 
(Emergency Medicine credentials) 
and has been appointed to the 
Greater Niagara General Hospital 
and Oakville Trafalgar General 
Hospital. Jack tells us he is still 
keeping an eye on and trying to keep 
his brother Paul '81 out of trouble in 
Richmond, Virginia. Jack and his 
wife Gayle recently celebrated their 
15th wedding anniversary. 




'80 Scott Cole, P.Eng., is Managing 
Director & CEO of Cole, Sherman & 
Associates Limited in Thornhill, 

David Mather is a Security Officer 
at the Royal Ontario Museum in 

Andrew Paterson was recently 
appointed General Manager of the 
Royal Dutch Shell Group in France 
for their Shared Services Center. 
Andrew and his wife Pascale live in 
Montigny le Bretonneux, France. 

'81 Michael Bedard is Vice 
President, Finance & Operations for 
Vertex Management Inc., a 
Singapore-based venture capital 
company in Redwood City, CA. 

Graham Collins is the CEO of 
Pantellos, an online marketplace for 
the utility and energy services 
industries. He was named one of 
Energy Markets magazine's Top Ten 
Energy Industry Executives for 2000. 
Graham has settled into Texas life 
with his wife Kathy and daughters 
Lindsay and Megan. 

'83 Andrew Doman and his wife 
Anne-Marie announce the recent 
birth of their son Matthew in 
Oakville, Ontario; a brother for 
Emily, 2. Andrew is Vice President, 
Business Development for Abria 
Financial Group. 

Alfredo Solloa Garcia and his 
wife Ivette announce the birth of 
"future Andrean" Jorge Carlos on 
March 2, 2001; a brother for 
Eduardo and Alfredo. 

'84 Chris Andrews is an announcer 
on MIX 99.9 and CFRB 1010 in 
Toronto, and Professor at Seneca 
College. Chris earned a BAA-Radio 
and Television at Ryerson in 1987. 

Mark Ellerbeck and his wife 
Stacey announce the birth of Kristin 
Berkley on May 10, 2001, in Oakville, 
Ontario; a sister for Tyler, 1. 

Andrew Ayre '83 with some of the product line of video and DVD games created by 
Digital Eclipse, his firm in Emeryville, California. 

Lewis, 3, son of Andrew and Susan, proudly shows off his S.A.C. t-shirt. The S.A.C. 
Association sends mini t-shirts to all babies born to alumni families. Lewis' brother Arlo 
was born February 22, 2001. 

'85 Tom Hussey is an Assistant 
Account Manager with the Royal 
Bank at their York Region Business 
Banking Centre in Richmond Hill, 

Matthew Ko and his wife Anne 
announce the birth of daughter Julie 
in Hong Kong in December 2000. 
Matthew is an environmental 
consultant for Maunsell AECOM in 
Hong Kong. 

Rick Thomas married Suzette 
Stafford on September 9, 2000, in 
Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rick has 
been at American Airlines for two years 
and is a Captain in the U.S. Air Force 
reserve, currently on inactive status. 

Richard Wilson and Heidi Kueber 
celebrated their marriage at the 
University Club of Toronto on May 
19th, 2001. Classmate Duncan 
Jackman attended the union. 
Richard and Heidi spent their 
honeymoon aboard a 36' sailboat in 
the British Virgin Islands, and are 
now residing in Toronto. 

'86 James Austin and his wife 
Rebecca Eakins announce the birth 
of Thomas, born January 9, 2001, in 
Berkeley, California; a brother for 
Margaret, 2. 

Todd Dow and his wife Christine 
announce the birth of their son 
Casey Langer Dow on July 12, 2001, 
in Burlingame, California. 

Brent McPherson and his wife 
Mary announce the birth of Sarah 
Elizabeth on March 25, 2001; a sister 
for Carolyn and Jeffrey. Brent is a 
lawyer working with Lang, Michener 
in Toronto. 

Jeff Prince sold Westlake Publishing 
and now runs The Prince 
Partnership with his wife Anne 
composing film and 
television/multimedia scores. 

Tim Watson continues to work in 
Calgary for RBC Dominion Securities, 
Canada's largest investment dealer, 
where he focuses on corporate finance 
and mergers and acquisitions. Tim 
was appointed Managing Director of 
the firm last fall. 

'87 Scott Armstrong has moved 
with Young & Rubicam Advertising to 
Chicago, Illinois. 

Rob Pollock married Michelle Morton at 
St. Andrew's on June 3, 2000. Guests 
included lifelong Andrean friends and 
classmates Chris Hind, Scott Kelly, 
Oliver Herbst. Chris McElroy, Dave 
Anderson and Paul Abel '87. 


Conrad Bona is an attorney 
working in the London Office of 
Chadbourne & Parke, a New York 
based law firm, where he deals with 
capital markets and project finance. 
After graduating with law degrees 
from the University of Edinburgh 
and the University of New 
Brunswick, Conrad articled in 
Toronto. He was admitted to the 
Bar in Ontario and New York and 
was recently admitted as a solicitor 
in England and Wales. Conrad is 
enjoying his life in London, and 
would love to hear from any 
Andreans living or visiting in the 
London area. 

Andre Bowe attended the S.A.C.- 
Nassau reunion held last spring. 
Andre is busy working in the family 
dry cleaning business and is 
expanding his horizons by helping to 
establish a marina in the Exumas. 

Brian Coulson is an oil trader with 
New West Petroleum in Sacramento, 
California. Brian and his wife 
Tamara have a son, Brennan, 2. 

Tye Davies and his wife Terri 
announce the birth of their first 
child, Nicole Heather, born July 22, 
in Toronto. 

J. P. Hoffman is an Intellectual 
Property Attorney with Pillsbury 
Winthrop in McLean, Virginia. 

Jeff Smith and his wife Kathryn 
announce the birth of their daughter 
Rebecca Mae Kathryn on April 19, 
2001, in London, Ontario. Jeff works 
at Marsh Canada in London. 

Bob Wilkes and his wife Eileen 
announce the birth of their son 
Connor Robert on May 9th in 
Richmond Hill, Ontario. Bob reports 
Connor's reflexes are developing 
nicely and sees potential for a future 
goalie for SAC's First Hockey team. 

'88 Jamie Bratton wrote while on 
his honeymoon in Cambodia where 
he had such unique experiences as 
learning all his colours in Khmer 
while supplying 25 village children 
with coconut-milk ice cream. He was 
rescued by a UN irrigation survey 
team when his vehicle broke down, 
and dined on frogs and crickets. 

Jason Campbell married 
Miriam Johanna Arnold in Durham 
Cathedral, Durham, England, on 
June 30, 2001. Andreans John 
Morgan '86 and Adam Long '89 
attended the wedding. 

Cam Carey and his wife Magdalene 
attended the Nassau S.A.C. reunion 
and he sends best wishes to all of his 
St. Andrew's friends. Cam and his 
wife are both bankers. 

Jeff Fox is Manager, Sales 
Development at Zurich Canada 
in Toronto. 

Andrew Palazzi and his wife 
Kendra announce the birth of their 
first child, Lauren Grace, on April 24, 
2001, in Toronto. 

Wallace Watson married Victoria 
Walzak on June 24, 2001, in the 
chapel at S.A.C. 

Warren Wilkes married Liana 
Rintoul on July 14, 2001, in the 
chapel at St. Andrew's. Warren is a 
respirologist at Southlake Regional 
Health Centre in Newmarket. 

'89 Alex Bradshaw and his wife 
Joanna announce the birth of their 
first child, son Kurtis Robert Harding 
Bradshaw, on March 11, 2001, in 
Toronto; a grandson for Bob '54. 

(l-r) Rod Boothby '89. classmate Brad Harrison and friend join David 
Stollmeyer '61 at the first San Francisco Branch reunion held in April. 
Our thanks to Branch President Philip Wood '84. who organized the event. 


A group of happy '90s' at the Vancouver branch pub night in April (l-r) Mike Hiscox, Mike Armstrong, Branch President Scott Bryk and 
Blair Leggett. 

Jason Callender has joined the 
New Providence Development 
Company in the Bahamas. As Vice- 
President and General Counsel, 
Jason will be contributing to the 
future development of the Western 
side of the Island. 

Steve Cathcart enters his sixth 
year as Head Coach of the Toronto 
Marlboro Hockey Club. He has 
coached many players who have 
gone on to prominent careers in the 
Ontario Hockey League as well as 
the National Collegiate Athletic 
Association in Divisions 1 and 3. 
Steve followed last year's June NHL 
draft with great interest as former 
player Jason Spezza was selected 
second overall by the Ottawa 
Senators. Steve continues to run 
The Original Stx, a successful 
sporting goods shop in Toronto. 

Jon Hart is Assistant Controller at 
the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto. 

Matt McPherson is a Training 
Specialist/Technical Writer with 
Motion Over Time, a 'new media' 
company involved with music and 
nascent music technology in New York. 

Dirk Radeke married Catherine 
Blockion June 23, 2001, in the 
chapel at St. Andrew's. 

Max Wyndham-West is working 
as National Technical Services 
Manager at ND Graphic Products 
Limited. Max and his wife Michelle 
recently moved to Aurora with their 
sons Kyle, 3, and Graham, 1. 

'90 Chris Armaly organized a 
reunion of 80s and 90s Andreans in 
Nassau last March to renew 
acquaintances with Jim Herder '64 
and his wife Gail. Chris is selling 
commercial real estate with Morley 
Realty Ltd. in Nassau. 

Patrice Bansa has joined Dahl 
Brothers Canada Ltd., in senior 
management and engineering. 

Scott Bryk and his wife Christine 
announce the birth of Max Theodore 
on May 29, 2001, in Port Moody, B.C. 

Alistair Cowper is working as 
Compliance Manager, Caledonian 
Bank & Trust in the Grand Cayman. 

Barclay Hancock graduated from 
the University of Toronto with 
an M.B.A. in May. Barclay's 
undergraduate degree is in History 
from the University of Western 
Ontario. He and Leanne Coppen 
were married in Zimbabwe in August 
1999 and they now live in Toronto. 

Blair Leggett graduated from 
Simon Fraser University with degrees 
in Science and Arts. 

'91 Ian Davidson earned a Masters 
in Management, Economics at the 
University of St. Andrews in Scotland 
and is working with Accenture 
(formerly Andersen Consulting) in 
London, England. 

Bruce Lopez earned a Bachelor 
of Architecture and Bachelor of 
Fine Arts from the University of 
Miami and is working at Alison 
Spear, Architects, in Miami, Florida. 

'92 Jeremy Mcintosh and his 

wife Rebekah announce the birth of 
Tucker William Thomas on May 20, 
2001, in Toronto; a brother for Eloise, 
2. Jeremy and his family live in 
Cheltenham, Ontario. 

Darcy Montgomery was 

Production Manager of the S.A.C. 
Dramatic Society's production of 
GODSPELL at the School in April. 
Classmate Torin Buzek was 
Technical Director. NOTE: please 
see 'Focus' article in this issue. 

Richard Ting is Product Manager at 
Toshiba Canada in Markham, Ontario. 

'93 Steve Heron earned a B.A. 
at Mount Allison in 1998 and a 
Marketing Management Diploma 
from Sheridan College in 2000. Steve 
is in marketing at Canon Canada Inc. 
in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Dywan Rodgers is practising law 
in Nassau. 

Jeffrey Wong is a C.A. working at 
KPMG Corporate Finance Limited in 
Central, Hong Kong. 


'94 Derrick Gray was promoted to 
the rank of Captain and assumed 
the position of Commanding Officer 
of 110 RC(Air)CS in Scarborough. 
Derrick recently passed the level 1 
exam for the Chartered Financial 
Analyst (CFA) exam and completed 
the Derivatives Fundamentals 
Course through CSI. He continues 
working at HEPCOE Credit Union as 
Senior Marketing Analyst in 
financial product development. 

Mark Harvey, photographer, has 
moved to Australia for a year. 

Rob Kelly married Shannon 
Lapstra June 16, 2001, in the Chapel 
at S.A.C 

'95 Martin Best, game designer, 
is vice-president of Poptronik 
Interactive's Studio Group, where 
he is developing several interactive 
games. Martin learned network 
computing while at St. Andrew's, 
where each room has a fibre-optic 
Internet connection. After S.A.C., he 
experienced 'culture shock' when he 
began studying computer science at 
York University and realized that he 
already knew what was being taught. 
So he left and began teaching 
himself 3-D character modeling 

using programs such as 3D Max, 
Bryce and Poser, while managing a 
graphic and Web design business 
called Malcron. In 1999, he joined 
with music producer Hugo Bugg and 
filmmaker Mike Garrow to form 
Poptronik as a converging extension 
of each of their businesses, with less 
than a month's paycheque to start 
them off. Their combined skill sets 
have enabled them to pull off cross- 
media projects such as promotion, 
design and production of music and 
visuals for albums and games. Marcus 
Hooper '92 is CTO at Poptronik. 

Robert Burke graduated from 
Queen's in 1999 with a B.Sc. 
Engineering, having completed the 
Math and Engineering program with 
the Computing and Communications 
option. A computer game he wrote 
while at Queen's drew the attention 
of a professor at MIT's Media Lab, 
and as a result of the artificial 
intelligence in the game, Robert 
became a Research Assistant and 
Master's student in his group called 
Synthetic Characters. 

Anthony Farr, having spent three 
years as Assistant Superintendent at 
Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club, 
is now Superintendent on the 'Ridge' 
golf course at the Nottawasaga Inn. 
The Nottawasaga is a 45-hole golf 
resort and convention centre in 
Aliston, Ontario. 

Somers Kempe is pleased to 
announce his engagement to Megan 
Aziz of Toronto. The engagement was 
announced on March 1st, Somers' 
25th birthday. 

Nathan Oliver is a Sr. Financial 
Analyst with The American Express 
Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Chris Wan earned a Bachelor of 
Applied Science from the University of 
Toronto and is working in the family 
business, Lee Tai Sang Swimwear Fty. 
Ltd. in Hong Kong. Chris visited the 
School in July. His cousin Tommy Kong 
'95 works with Chris. 

'96 Chetwin Chan is the Head 
Programmer at Argun Communications 
Inc. in Richmond Hill, Ontario. 


California dreaming.... Old Boys visited Mark Gooderham '99 & Steve Amell '00 who were studying at the American Academy of 
Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, California. Pictured (l-r) David Parent '96; '99ers Jeremy Pedder, Mark Gooderham, Colin Parent and Jamie 
MacPherson; Steve Amell 'OO and (seated) Tony DeCarli '99. 


Ivor Ip earned a B. Architecture 
from Cornell University and a 
certificate in Softimage Animation 
from Seneca College Digital Media 
Center. Ivor is working at MDEAS 
Architects in New York. 

Steve Lewis works in the 
entertainment industry as 
manager/consultant and partner 
in PKA Management, Inc., of 
Boston, MA. 

Justin Lindquist is a medical 
student at Ross University. 

Neil McTaggart is a chef at Canoe 
Restaurant & Bar, on the 54th floor 
of the TD Bank Tower in Toronto. 

Vito Pilieci joined the Ottawa 
Citizen newspaper as a journalist 
last spring. 

'97 Craig Brown graduated from 
Guelph University with a B.A. in 
History. Craig is living and working 
in Collingwood, Ontario. 

Shawn Bruce is attending school 
in Pasadena, CA. 

Gregg Cooke is working in sales 
and marketing at IFS, International 
Freight Services, in Tilbury, Ontario. 

Glenn Cowan graduated from 
McGill with a Major in History and 
International Relations Minor. Glenn 
joined the Canadian Military and 
began phase 4 of a training course 
for mechanized infantry platoon 
commander at Gagetown. He hopes 
to be posted with the Princess 
Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. 

Pierre Filion earned a joint 
Honours B.A. in Economics and 
Finance from McGill and is travelling 
in South America. 

Michael Graaf graduated from 
Queen's University with a B.A. in 
Economics. Mike is a sales/marketing 
associate at Reha Enterprises Ltd. in 

Darren Gray is majoring in graphic 
communications and management 
with a minor in multimedia at 
Ryerson. Darren worked for the 
summer performing digital imaging 
at a printing firm in Oshawa. 

Andrew Hodges is a Funeral 
Director apprentice at Trull Funeral 
Home in Toronto. Andrew earned 
a B.A. History from the University 
of Western Ontario, and attended 
Humber College funeral service 

Raymond Jordan earned a 
Bachelor of Commerce at Dalhousie 
University. He is travelling in 
Indonesia for a year and setting up 
a furniture export company. 

Gerald Li graduated in the spring 
with a B.Com. from the University 
of Toronto. Gerald is studying for 
a Bachelor of Law degree at the 
University of Hong Kong. 

Jeff Marshall starred with the 
Plattsburgh Cardinals on their way to 
the Division Three NCAA National 
Hockey Championship in March. Jeff 
is in his final year at Plattsburgh. 

Eric Morgan is Sales Manager at 
Birchland Plywood Ltd. Eric and his 
wife Alexa live in Thessalon, Ontario. 

Adrian Nusaputra completed a 
Bachelor of Commerce degree with 
first class honours at Queen's 
University and is pursuing a Master's 
in Accounting at the Mclntire School 
of Commerce in the University of 
Viginia. Adrian works with Ernst & 
Young in the audit department of 
their Toronto downtown office. 

Jeff Slightham travelled in Europe, 
S.E. Asia, New Zealand and Australia 
during the summer and plans to 
work in Toronto on his return. 

'98 Brook Dyson is studying 
Political Science at the University of 
Western Ontario. 

Brad Ferris graduated from the 
Harris Institute for the Arts in 
Toronto with a certificate in music 

'99 Mark Gooderham graduated 
from the American Academy of 
Dramatic Arts with an Associate of 
Arts Diploma and is working in 
Hollywood, California. 

2000 Jonathan Wu is studying 
Business at the University of 
Michigan in Ann Arbor. 

Have You 

David D'Alessandro is studying 
cinema at the University of Toronto. 
He expects to graduate with a 
B.A.(Hon.) in the spring, then do a 
Master's at NYU. 

Adrian Ennis is working with a 
professor at Waterloo University and 
expects to graduate next spring. 




For more information concerning admission to St. Andrew's 
please contact our Admission Office at 905-727-3178 or 
toll-free at 1-877-est-1899 (1-877-378-1899). 






Special Reunion Years, Classes 
of 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 
1972, 1977, 1982, 1987 & 1992. 
All Andreans are welcome 
to join us for a full day 
of sporting events and a 
complimentary luncheon 
in the Great Hall. 





14 Montreal 

15 Halifax 

16 St. John's 

21 Vancouver 

22 Edmonton 

23 Calgary 

10 am - 2 pm 




London, England 
For dinner reservations please 
call James Van den Bergh, 
Class of '51 1460.57076. 




Christ Church, Barbados 


Christ Church, Barbados 


At S.A.C. 1 - 4 pm 


San Fernando, Trinidad 


Port of Spain, Trinidad 




10 am - 2 pm 




St. Paul's Anglican Church 

227 Bloor Street East, Toronto 




Grand Cayman, W.I. 




Kingston, Jamaica 





Nassau, Bahamas 





Freeport, Bahamas 







10 am - 2 pm 





Dinner, Dance & Auction 

Great Hall, S.A.C 








Classes 1952 and prior 

1 1 :30 Luncheon at S.A.C. 















.rtnarew's College is to nurture "the 
mplete man, the well-rounded citizen" — encouraging 
nealthy balance in mind, body, heart and spirit. 

From Grade 6 through OAC our commitment is to spark 
a life-long love of learning by inspiring each boy to bec< 
actively involved in discovery. We help our students 
develop their intellect and broaden their perspective 
providing a thorough preparation for university. 

Give your son the best start. 

To receive our Prospectus or for further information 

please contact the St. Andrew's College Admission Office 

15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario L4G 3H7 

Phone: 905.727.3178 Fax: 905.841 .691 1 

Toll Free: 877 Est.-1 899 

Email: Website: 







L4G 3H7 





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