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<X ^/ ^'-^' 




The First Four' Generations 



"Men are yet unbjrr. that will iiless iS ; a \vh''le pe'tj. ie, happy in a pure 
religion and a Free GoveninietU. wil! adore the memory of the ri»it humble son 
of Covenant." — John Guvan's Di.vkv Ci'^jg). 


??- c^l'C/puCl^^ 


AUTHORITIES Quoted im Within Paper. 

WoDROW, '• Ifistor\ of tlic Sufferrv:;s of the Church of Scot- 
land f^ Ea'/noiirgh, I J 22 
Whitehead. .... •• East Jersey ffistoryf" i8j6 
HiNM.\N, . . •■ Connecticut m the Re-coiutionf' 1842 
Denier, ..... '• Yale AnnoL<f' iSSj 
Powers, .... ''T/ie Coos Co'/ntry." 1840 
Orcutt, . . . ''/{istory 0/ Stratfoni," 1886 
Gold, ... , ''History of CornK'a if" 18S0 
Thompson, .... '-Martyr Graves 0/ Scotia nJ," i8j/ 
Doc. Hist. State of X. Y., . . . , . . iSji 

rpHP: loss of Family ISililes and Records, the death of all the 
members of the preceding generation known to tlie writer and 
the dispersion of the different branches of the family m seeking 
new homes prior to this century, combine to leave only as a tra- 
dition much of the earlv history of our fanuly. 

The withm narrative has been prepared for the benefit of 
the generation that follow,-, us, and in the hope it may lead 
to the production of much of tlie detail of the family history, 
the existence of which is now not known to the 

SixiH Gknekation. 
September, iSgo. 

rpHE above referred to sketch was jirivately distributed, and 
brought to the writer some additional luforniaiion, the most im- 
portant being a genealogical record of Andrew Patterson and ids 
descendants, prepared many years since bv Mr. D, Williams Pat- 
terson, of Newark- Valley, New York, who, though not a descend- 
ant ot Andrew, had with great care, collected and arranged his 
record, of which the writer of this paper has availed himself in 
its preparation. He regrets that it is still so incomplete, because 
of the many missing details of family succession, particularly since 
the Fifth Generation, with which, therefore, this papei closes. 
April, i8()2. 

HE iiiipros?ion left upon the mind of the student of the his- 
tory of the period of Andrew I'atteison'b life in ScoUatid, 
would appear to tit', th;it lie an<l vei-v uianv with him, knc)wn 
fometimcs as '" Whigs," and generally as " Covenanters," were 
aetnated in their conduct as much hy their patriotism as Scotch- 
men, a rate never coiupiered, as bv their aversion to Episcopacy 
in their i-eligious views, and while resisting the efforts to force 
upon them religious forms and practices objectionable to them, 
they also realized that their national independence was at issue, 
and f\ught accordingly. There are reasons for believing that 
all of his name, in his vicinity, were known as ''Covenanters" 
and Nationalists. Their monuments still e.xist in that vicinity, 
the best known one being in the churchyard in the old town of 
Stratlia\en, near Hamilton, reading: 

" Here Lyes The Corpses Of William Faterson Aud 
John Barrie Vho Vas Shot To Death P^or Their Ad- 
hering To The ^Vord Of God And Our Couenants 
Anno 16S5. 

'' Here lys tuo martyrs seuerally, who fell by Captains 
Inglels and by bloody Eell. Posterity shall knou 
theyre shot to death as sacritices uu to popish wrath.'' 

On its pedestal : 

" Renewed by the Reformers of Avoiidale at the pass- 
ing of the Reform Bill Anno Domini 1S32." 

The above named William Patersoii was the son of Rob- 
ert, who was killed in the tight at Airdsmoss, July 2'2, ICSU. 

" He, with thii-teen other=, had been gathered togcthei- 
for religiou.> exeicises at a place called Charon-l.eugh, 
upon the Lord'sday. Ten of them escaped, but Pat- 
erson and the otiier tiiree were taken. The three 
took the Aljjuratioii ()ath, which Paterson refused, 
and the soldiers carried him away to Strathaven Cas- 
tle, where, in thi' atternoon of the same Sabbath, 
v.dthout trial, lie wa.^ shot hy a Captain Bell." 

The date of this occurrence would appear to have been in 
April, liJSS. 

A NDliEW PATTERSON, boru lG59,a native and resident 
^ of Haniiltun, a i-Joivmgh of Lanarkshire, Scotland, came to 
America in December, lt;S.">, and died at Stratford, Connecti- 
cut, in 1746. 

The story uf his expatriation is derived from liistorical 
sources, whicli give no clue to his previous lifeor surroundings, 
but it is certain that he was conspicuous as a •' Covenanter " 
and probable t\at he was in the tight at Bothwell Bridge in 
1079. The record is distinct, in that, he suffered with those 
Scotcli Presbyterians who refused to acknowledge the Sup-i'em- 
acy <jf the King in matters of religion, to abjure their religious 
faith, or to waver in their loyalty to ■" Christ's Crown and The 
Covenant, "•• and was among those whu, escaping the gallows 
or mutilation, T were banisheil to the Americau plantatioiis in 
the brief reign of King Jaaies the Second, and shortly after 
his accession. It is very probable that he was among those wiio 
underwent the horroi-s of Dunnotter Castle, though the availa- 
ble records first refer to him by name, as a prisoner conlined in 
the Tolbooth at Leith, August 17, 10S5. 

Intimately connected wi*h the story of his expatriation 
and final settlement in Xew England, is Mr. George Scot, Laird 
of Pitlochie, who, frei|uently heavily fined and imprisoned for 
his attendance at the religious services of his faith, fi-oni liis 
last. confinement in the Bass petitioned for his release, ofi'erisig 
in that event, to expatriate himself. This petition, was acted 
upon April 1, ICSl, and Scot was once more at liberty. 

♦Inscribed on th^^ old Scottish banners. 

■•■"Those thus marlcid viers among a large number who, on July 31st, were 
sentenced to have their k-ft cars cut oif by thecomniou executioner on the ensuing 
4th of August" 

" This lilierty was emplovod by him in preparincr the 
Model of the (Toveiiuni'iit nf East New Jersey, in 
America, to which we are indel'ted for a hti'ge portion 
of the information whicli has come dnwn to us, re- 
specting the condition of East Jersey at that time, the 
character of the settlers, and the circumstances which 
attended their emigration from Scotland. His posi- 
tion in society, iiis connection with many of the Hr.-t 
families of the kingdom, and the persecvitions to which 
he had been subjected, ail teiided to secure for his 
work much more cunsideration from his countrymen 
than would have been the case had the author been 
less distinguished, and when adding example to pre- 
cept, he announced his intention of embarking with 
his family for the newly discovered asvlum for the 
oppressed, it is not surpi'ising th;it many should have 
associated themselves with him in the undertaking." 

The approbation of those in authority was obtained and his 

arrangements were made, based upon the following permission: 

By the Hight Honorable Earl of Perth, Lord High 
Chancellour of Scotland, etc.: 

These are permitting and allowing ^ilr. George Scot, of 
Pitlochie, with his lady, children and family, and such 
other persons as he shall ingage, to pass from this 
Kingdom, either by sea or land, to any of his Majes- 
ties P'oreign plantations, providing such persons to be 
transported by him be not declared Traitors, Rebels, 
Fugitives, and that without any let, impediment or 
molestation from any person whate>er, they alwavs 
behaving themselves peaceably and according to law. 
Given at Edinburgh, the tirst of Jannary, 1HS5. For 
all magistrates, otticei's and souldiers within the King- 
dom of Scotland, whom these do or may concern. 

Perth, Caxcell. 

Patterson was not includLd in this permission to Scot, and 
this much s[>ace is given to Scot's history, liecause of the in:^ight 
it gives of the time and its men, and because of liis direct con- 
nection with and bearing upon the future of Patterson. 

Scot evidentlv desired to found acolonv larirer in numbers 

than were purely emigrants, and Fel)riinry 11, li'S5, the Coun- 
cil authorized b^cot, \<\ warrant, to transport to the plantations 
one hundred of the prisoners eonlined at Ghisgow, Edinburgh 
and Stirling, *' if the\- were willing to go."' Of these it wouhi 
appear that he engaged tifty. August 7th he asked the Coun- 
cil to transfer to him a large inunber of prisoners who had been 
banished to Jamaica, but only twelve were granted him. Aug'- 
gust 17th, 21st an«l I'Sth, cue hundred and live persons who 
had refused the oath of allegiance to the king, or had been pre- 
viously banished and were then in the Tolbooth of Leith, were 
ordered to be delivered to Scot, to be transported to East Jer- 
sey, on his giving security to land them tliere, as, by a certitieate 
from the governor or deputy governor, might be made to ap- 
pear, prior to September, It'iS*), tlie penalty to be tive hundred 
merks in case of failure in any instance. Patterson was in- 
cluded in those banished l)y the decree of the Privy Council of 
August 17, 1GS5, the text of which is as follows: 

Forasmuch as the persons underwritten, viz : "'■ - * 
Andrew Paterson -^ ^> -^ at present prisoners in 
the Tolbooth at Leith, being convened before the 
Lords of His Majesty's Privy Council, at the instance 
of His ^Majesty's advocate, for several crimes and ir- 
regularities—refusing the Oath of Allegiance, or to 
own the King's authority, or to take the Oath of Ab- 
juration, in manner at length libelled, and all the said 
persons being men. have judicially, in the presence 
of the Council, refused to take or sifi:n the Oath of 
Allegiance, and the women above said having alto- 
gether refused to own His ^[ajesty's authority, or to 
take the Oath of Abjuration, the Lords of His Majes- 
ty's Privy Council have banished, and do hereby ban- 
ish, the hail) forenamed persons, men and women, 
conform to the Act of Parliament,^'' to His Majesty's 

*" It was enacted, on the 8th of May, 1685, that the punishment of death 
and confiscation of land and goods should be awarde i against those who should 
preach in a conventicle under a roof, or should attend a conventicle in the open air, 
eith r as preachei or auditor." — Knight's Hist. 


plantiitions abroad, and discharge them ever to re- 
turn ti» liis kingdom hereafter without the King's or 
'Councirs special license, under the pain of death, to 
be inflicted upon them without mercy. And further 
ordain the haill forenamed persons, as also the persons 
underwritten, formerly sentenced to the plantations 
and now prisoners at the Toll>ooth at Leith, viz : " " 
to be delivered to ^Ir. George Scot, of Pitloehie, 
and by him transported to His Majesty's plantations 
in East New Jersey, in the ship lying in the Road of 
Leith, now bounding thither." 
The vessel referred to was the Henry and Friinc'is, of 
Newcastle, "' a ship uf three hundred and tifty tun and twenty 
great guns. Richard Hutton, master," chartered by Scot in May, 
but the vessel did ni)t leave the harbor of Leith until Septem- 
ber 5th. The names of all who tinally sailed cannot be given, 
but Wodrow nienti<;>ns the following. Those in italics are 
known to have died during the vovage : 

Robert Adam, 
Lady AiiJiernie, 
John Arbiickle. 
Rev. Mm. Aiuslee, 
John Black, 
George Brown, 
Robert Ca'mibell, 
David Campbell, 
WilUam Campbell, 
John Campbell, 
Christian Cavie, 
John Christon, 
John Corbet. 
Andrew Corbet, 
John Carson, 
Agnes CorJiend, 
Barbara Cuwan, 
Marjory Cowan, 
Wm. Cunnini;ham, 

Thomas Finlater, 
ElspctI"! Fergu>un, 
Janet Ferguson, 
.Margaret Forrest, 
John Foord, 
Janies Forsvthe, 
John F'orcuian, 
John Grav, 
Thos. Gray, 
Thos Graham, 
Gri^cl Gcnihle, 
William GeJ, 
Fergus Grier, 
Jas Gricr, 
Rwb't Gilchrist, 
John Gilfillan, 
Bessie Gordon, 
Annabel Gordon, 
Katlierme Gordon, 

Patrick Cunningham, John Harvie, 

William Douglas, Juhn Henderson, 

Charles Douglas, .Adam Hood, 

Isabel Durie. Chas. Homgall, 

John Frazer, /ohn Hutchinson, 

John Hodge, 
Thos. Jackson, 
Wm. Jackson, 
Annabel Jackson, 
George Johnson, 
John Johnston, 
James Junk, 
John King, 
John Kippon, 
Jas Kirkwood, 
John Kirkland, 
John Kellie. 
Katharine Kellie, 
John Kenme, 
Margaret Leslie, 
Gawen Lurk hart, 
Michael Ma. shall, 
John Marshall, 
John Manin, 
Margaret Miller, 
Gilbert Monorgan, 


Jean Moifat, 
John Muirhead, 
VVfii. ^^cCalnlont, 
Jno. McEwen, 
Walter McEwen, 
Robert McEwen, 
John McEwen, 
Robert McLellan, 
Margaret McLellan, 


Andrew McLt-I/jf!. 
John i^fcKemian. 
William Mc\\fil/an, 
John McGhie, 
Wm. Niven, 
VVm. Oliphaiit, 
Andrew Paterson, 
John Pollock, 

John Ramn. 
Rev. Archie Riddell, 
Mistress Riddell. 
Wm. Rigg, 
Eupham Rigg, 
Marian Ren me, 
Jno. Renivick, 
Jas. Reston, 
Thos. Russel, 
Peter Russel, 
Ciiris. Strong, 
Urn. Sprat, 
Agnes Stevens, 
Wni. Spreul, 
Thos. Shelston, 
John S'lVinton, 
Jo Jin Smith, 

George Scot, 
J/argarc't Scot, 
Eupham Scot, 
Janet Symington, 
Jas Sittington, 
John Targat, 
John Turpnie, 
Wm. Turnbull, 
Patrick Urie, 
John Vernor, 
Mrs. I ernor, 
John Watt, 
Patrick Walker, 
Jas. Wardrope, 
Elizabeth Whitelaw, 
Grisel Wotherspoon, 
Wm. Wilson, 
Robert Young, 

John bcton, 

III the trepidation of tlie authorities over the rumored ex- 
pedition of Arijyle from Holland, they bad reiitoved, on the 
ISth of May, IfiS.^^ all the pri.-oners held for their reli^nons 
views, to the Castle of Dunnotter, on the N. E. coast of t^eot- 
land. The story of the sutterings on the march, of that body 
of men and women, about 200 in number, and of tlie horrors 
of tlieir imprisonment in the castle dungeons, has been brieflv 
told by Scott in his introduction to '• Old JMortality," and in his 
" Tales of a Grandfather," and is fully narrated in " The Mar- 
tyr Graves of Scotland." Those surviving, who resolutely re- 
fused to take the oath of allegiance with the acknowledgement 
of the King's supremjxcy in ecclesiastical matters, were marched 
back in August to Leith. 

WoDRow tells the story from thence onward, and from it 

is selected the material features relating to the voyatre and 

landing, as follows : 

woDROw's nisToTiv, VOL. •!, pp. 505-.567. 

Sect. xii. " Plaving in the former section given the 
■ history of the sutiVrings ot" these good people who 
were taken to Dunnotter this summer, I am now to 
follow a good many of them to America. 


Argyle'b iava^iou being now over, and no more fears 
from that Airt, the Councils began to weary of the 
prisoners at Dunnotter, and brought tlieni b;ick to 
Leith, as we have seen, where another essay was made 
to bring them to comply with the impositions now 
put on people in their circuuistanees, and upon their 
refusal, they resolved to send good numbers of them 
to the plantations, and so rid themselves of any more 
trouble about them. Accordingly, after neai-ly three 
month's severe treatment at 1 )unnotter, they came to 

"The Council were pleased to come down to Leith, and 
sit in the Tolbooth there, and "spent some time in the 
Re-e.\amination of the prisoners. It was but very 
few complied with their impositions, and they were 
dismissed. Others, who were very weakly and had 
some friends to intercede, got off u]>on a Bond of 
Compearance when called, as Mr. William McMillan, 
who gave bond as above, under the penalty of tive 
thousand Merks. The most part of them refusing 
the oatlis, and to satisfy in other particulars, were 
perpetually banished to America, and many of tliem 
gifted to the Laird of Pitlochy, to be carried thither. 

" Several of their testimonies and letters they wrote to 
tlieir friends toward the end of August, are before 
me, and particularly an original letter from about 
twenty-eight of them, dated Leith Eoad, August 28, 
1685, directed to their friends, too long to b< here 
insert. In short they signify, 'That now being to 
leave their owti native and covenanted land by an un- 
just sentence of banishment, for owiung trutli, and 
holding by duty, and studving to keep their covenant 
engagements and baptismal vows, whereby they stand 
obliged to resist and testify against all that is contrary 
to the word of <Tod and their covenants, and that 
their sentence of banishment ran chiefly because they 
refused the oath of allegiance, which in conscience 
they would not take, because in so doing they thought 
they utterly declined the Lord Jesus Christ from hav- 
ing any power in his own house, and practically 
would, by taking it, say he was not king and head of 


his cliurch, and over tlieir consciences, and on the 
contrary, this was to take and put in his room a inan 
whose breath is in liis nostrils ; yea. a man that is a 
sworn enemy to religion, an avowed papist wlioni by 
our covenants we ire l)Onnd to withstand and disown, 
and that agreeably to the Scripture, Deut. xyii, 14, 
15.' They go .uTto leave their testiuiony against the 
evils of thelimes. and for the reading of the gu>iiel 
in the tields and liunies. and sign a-^ follows : 

•■ •■ ^ Andrew i'aterson, - •' - 

"The prisoners lay some time in tlie Jiuad of Leith be- 
fore all was ready, and sailed the 5th of Scpteaiber. 
Informations before me bear that I'itlochy tampered 
with some of them, particularly James Forsyth, to 
get money before they saile.l, offering for tive pounds 
sterling, paid now. to let him at lil>erty as soon as 
thev came to land. Dut James answered he would 
five no Monev to carry him out of his n;itive Land, 
adding, he had done nothing worthy of iianishnient. 

" After they had turned the Land End, the Fever began 
to lage in the ship, especially among such who had 
been in the great Vault of JJunnotter. Not a few of 
them were sick when they came aboard, and no won- 
der, considering the BarbaroLis Treatment they had 
met with. 

" In a Month's Time the Fever turned malignant, and 
few or none in the ship escaped it, in so much that it 
was usual to cast over Board Three or Four dead 
bodies in one Day. Most of the Ship's crew except 
the Cajttain and Boatswain, died, ritlochie. who iiad 
freiirhted the ship, with his excellent Lady, died like- 
wise, and so enjoyed nothing of the Produce of near 
a liundred Prisoners gifted liim by tlie Council, and 
near seventy persons died at sea. 

"Many were the Disasters of this Voyage. The ship 
was at the utmost Hazard by the breaking up of a 
Leak of two several Times. They had se\-eral Calm^ 
and some pretty severe st<:irms. 

" Very uuich for the Advantage of the passengers and 
Prisoners, the Wind turned straight for New-jersey 

t 13 


I* and they were forced t<> sail witli it. There thev ar- 

i rived al)Out the middle of I)erenil)er, after tliey had 

been about Fifteen AVeck;^ at Sea. At their landing 
I many of them were sick; and Mr. Frazer ol)serves 

I that a worthy Gentleman frmn the West of Scotland 

I Died among their Hands as they were carrying him 

I ashore. The same Person observes, that partly of 

such who voluntai-ily otFei'cd themselves to go abroad 
from the Kingdom of Scoiland, and partly of such 
who were persecuted by I>anishment. there were u])- 
wards of nO died at Sea who.-e lilood (adds he) will 
be found in the Skirts of Enemie.-. as really as if they 
had died at the Cro^s and Grass-market of Ivlinburgh. 

•' Before the Prisoners came ashore, it was once intended 
by Mr. Johnstoun, to whom Pitlochie had made them 
over, to stop their getting out of the Ship, till 
should all of them, under their Hand, sign a volun- 
tary Declaration, as it was called, that they ottered 
Four Years' Service at that Place. Put this they 
would not yield unto ; yea, a considerable number of 
them joyned in a Protestation against their Banish- 
ment, with a large narrative of the Hardsliips they 
endured during their Voyage, and formerly, for Con- 
science sake. 

" A little way up the Country there was a Town where 
there was a Minister settled, and the Inhabitants there 
were very kind to them. When they had Informa- 
tion of the Prisoners" Circumstances, they invited all 
who were able to travel, to come and live with them, 
and sent Horses for such as were not, and entertained 
them that Winter freely, and with mueh Kindness. 

" In the folhjwinL'" Spring Mr. .rohnstoun, upon his 
Father-in-Law's Gift of the Prisoners, pursued them, 
and got them all cited before the Court of that 
Province. After hearing both Sides, the Governor 
called a dury to .-it and cognosce upon the Aflair. 
They found that the Pannels had n<>t of their own 
accord come to that Ship, nor bargained with Pit- 
lochie for Money or Service, and therefore according 
to the Laws of the Country, they were assoiled, 


upon which Ino^t of the Prisoners returned to Xew- 
cn;^'Kind, where tliey were kindly entertained, and 
iniploycd according to tlieir ditierent Stations and Ca- 

" A good many of the Passenger^ and Prisoners died 
in the Plantations, the rest returned to their native 
Country at tlie lia})py Revolution." (lt>S>;-s9.) 


I rpiruS, on die I'^tli of December, 1685 (according to the 
h ' diarv of liis fellow passenger, Roliert McEvven), Andrew 

I Patterson, at 2^ vears of ao;e. landed at Perth Aniliov. They 
t were received coldly i)y the loyalist residents of that ])lace, and 
I for a short time enjoyed the hospitality of the people of the 
I town of (probably j Woodbridge. Patterson and McEwen, 
I havine: heard in Scotland of the irrcater dci^ree of religious 
I freedom enjoyed in Connecticut, proceeded there on foot, and 
I on the ISth of July, It^SO. arrived at and made their future 
I home in '' ve old Town ot' Stratford." 

I Nov. 20, 1691, he bought of Kichard Blackleach sixteen 

I acres of land on '• the west si<ie of Stonibrook Hill," and from 
i that time until 1740 his name often occurs in the Stratford 
records in the purchase or sale of land. 

In the Town records he. as Sergt. Andrew Patterson, is 
recorded as School Committeeman in 1717. lie and his sons 
William and John were Town " proprietors,"' and drew their 
proportion of undivided land. November, 1738. February 19, 
1690, at 31 years of age, he married Elizabeth Peet, of Strat- 
ford (b. Feb. 19, ]669(, a granddaugliter of John Peet, who 
came from Derby in England in l»''o5. He died at Stratford, 
and, with a granddaughter and grandson, lies in the old Con- 
gregational Burying Place, the inscription on his memorial 
stone reading : 

" Here lies ye body of 

Mr. Andrew Patterson, 

who departed this Life, I )ecember ye 'Jd, Aimo Domni 

174H. Aged "^ 7 years." 

After his death his wife accompanied her son John to his 

new home in Cornwall, Connecticut, where she died in the 96th 

year of her age. (1765.) 


(The compiler hereof is not in possession of information 
as to descent in tlie •2d, od and 4th generations from those 
marked with a ".) 

Their cliihiren were: 

1. Sarah,- b. Marcli IT, ir.:}4; m. duly 3, 171-2, Ephraim 
Be^ach, son of Nathaniel Beach, and grandson of the tirst 
John Beach, of Stratford. He died ]\Iarch, 1717. 

Their children were — 
*1. Andki;w, ^ !). Nov. 14, Kir:. 

2. JosKi'H,-' b. Sept. — , 1717; m. Esther , and 

second, Deborah Jackson, 1754. (Orcutt Uist. Strat- 
ford, p. 1 125.) 

2. Chaki.fs,-' b. April 4, 1^)1)6; m. Jan. 20, 1710, Eunice 
Nichols. His father deeded him a house and land in Strat- 
ford, Dec. 25, 1724. (The date uf his death is not recorded, 
but May 12, 172.S, his wid(.>w Eunice Pattei'son, was married 
to Nathaniel Sherman.) 

Their children were — 

X 1. Andrew, ^^ b. Oct. 25, 1710; m. Abigail Beardsley, 
dau. of John. 
"^\j2. Abraham,^ b. Oct. 25, 1719; m. Anne Watkius. 
■-^^-_3. Sarah, ^^- b. June 3, 1721 ; m. Andrew Booth, Feb. 
1, 1737. 
^~^4. Elizaceth.3 b. Nov. 10, 1722: m. John Osbc^rne. 
-5. James,^ b. July 24, 1724: m. June, 4, 1752, Mary 
Beardsley, of Ripton ; m. second wife, Mary Marks. 
He died in Huntington. Jan. 15, 1779. She died in 
Woodbury Feb. 11, 1^12. 
6. Eln-athan,^ b. Jan. 25, 1726; m. ^lary, dau. of Da- 
vid Sherman. Tlie ('orti\c.ill laud records reci'rd him 
as of Stratford, .lune 3<), 1772, and of Cornwall, 
Jan. 14, 1774. He died there Nov. 27, ISll, aged 
86. His wife died there Julv 15, 1791. 


\ 3. Wu ri\M.- b. July '27. lt'>i»S ; m. Auir. ii?, 17-_'3, Anne, dau. 
of Sainnel Uffoot and widow of Jotepli Buiton. His father 
deeded liini a house and lot in Stratford, Dec. -lb, 1724. 
He died Dec. 31, 175S. She died April 2-2, 1778. 
Their children wei'e — 

■ ^1. JosKPii,'' b. April l'^, 1724. " Died going down the 

rapids with (Tcneral Anilieret, Sept. 5, ITOC't 
*2. Beui.ah,-' b. Aug. 4, 17-'5. 

*3. Anne,^ b. Oct. 0, Kl'C 

i. Chaklks,'' b. April 8, 1728; Ensign in a Connecti- 
cut regiment, March, 1760 ; ni. Oct. 24, 17*33, Xaomi 
Feet, of Stratford. 
"^5. William,^ b. Feb. 4, 1730: m. Faith ]N[cE\ven, N'ov. 

10, 1757. lie died Jan. 17, 1701 
' ^*tj. Anna,'' b. July 3, 1731. 

~~-^ 7. Elmoe,-^ b. Jan. 10, 1734: nv^Feb. 13, 1753, Sam- 
uel Lewis, of Stratford, v^ 
"^ "8. Thomas,-^ 1). Oct. 24. 1730. 

9. AurOAiL Ann,' 1). April 0, 1739; a>. March 30, 
1757, James Booth. She died Aug. 11, 1S17. 
., 10. Samuel,^' b. Feb. 1,1743: m. Esther Rowland, of 
Weston. She died May 11, 1813. lie died Nov. 

11, 1822. 

"~^11. AuEL," bap. June 10, 1745; m. AmyGorham. He 
died in tlie army, at Camln-idge, ]\[ass., in 1776'. 
^^4. Emzaultii,- b. Jan. 28, 1700; m. Abraham Morehouse, 
April 12, 1722. 

-Their children, born at Fairtield, were — 
^~^^1. Samiel, ' b. April 8, 1724. 
^ "2. SvLVANL-s,-'- b. Dec. 14, 1725. 

tMf. Orcutt puts this Joseph between Abi^'ail Ann (9) aii/l Sj.muel - 10), 
givini; his ' irth as 1741. As there is no further reord of either foseph, it is prob- 
able that Mr. Orcutt is rij^ht and that Joseph (i) died in infancy. 



^■••3. Sakah, • b. Nov. -js, 17-27. 

^,.'*4. Hannah,^ b. Nov. is, 17-20. 

'■_,^-*5. Daniel,^' b. April •27, 17o'2. 

' \^-*6. SETn,5- b. July S, 1734. 

^.- *7. Eebecca, '• b. Feb. 20, 1737. 

' - *S. Lois,^ b. March 27, 1739. 

.-^-" *9. Ani>ke\v,* b. July 21, 1740. 

5. Haxnaii,- b. April IS, 1703; m. April 16, 1724, Jo-eph 
/ Murray. 

Their children, born in Newtown, were — 
^- "1. Elizabeth, - b. Jan. 24, 1725. 
•^ ...--2. James, ^'' b. May 19, 1727. 
'' ., "3._ J.)ux,S b. July 2, 1729. 
- . "4. Mauv,^' b. Oct. 2, 1731. 

"5. Er.isHA,-' b. ]Nrarch 19, 1734. 

"^"^ 6.* Maky,-- b. Marcli 27, 1700; ni. Adams. 

,/ 7. Jo[ix," b. June 24, 1711 ; graduated at Vale Oolle-v, ^cpt. 
11, 172S; m. January, 173<\ ^lary, dau. of Joiiah and 
Mary Curtiss. 
Dexter's "Yale Annals" (1SS5) makes record of John as 
follows : 

"John Patterson was the seventh and youngest child 
of Andrew Patterson, one of a shipload of Scotch 
emigrants who had refu.-cd to take the oath of alle- 
giance and were consequently banished from their 
homes and arrived at Perth Ambov, Ntw .lersey, in 
December, lO'^S : thence, in the followinij- summer, 
lie reiuoved to Stratford, Connecticut, where he mar- 
ried Elizabetli Peet, in Itj'.'l. and where his son was 
born, June 24, 1711. At the age of nineteen, or 
two years after griduation, he married Mary, daugh- 
ter of Captain Josiali and ilary Curtiss, of Stratford, 
two years his juriior.- In 1740 he was enrolled as 

*The Ciirti s family recurd makes lier of the ame age as her husband, as 
does the date of her death and a^e there Lriveti, 


T,ieiitenant in the expedition proposed against the 
French. lie resided in Stratford until aliout 1T5G, 
when he removed to Cornwall, Litclitield county, and 
tlience, after 1760, to Westminster, on the west bank 
of the Connecticut liiver, in what is now Windham 
County, Vermont. He tiually settled, shortly before 
the outbreak of the Kevulution, in Piermont, a new- 
town some sixty miles further north, on the New 
Hampshire side of the river. Here his wife died, 
July 1>, 17.^9, in her 7Sth year, and here he himself 
died Jan. 20, lSO"i,in his 95th year, having been for 
six years the oldest graduate. He retained in a re- 
markable degree all his faculties to the day of his 
death. He was active and regular in his hahits, very 
fond of gardening, and had chai-ge of a large garden 
the year before his death. He had ten children born 
in Stratford." 

The land records of Litclitield and Cornwall show that 
John was of Stratford until Sept. iO, 17")3 ; of Litchtield, June 
io, 1754, and May -I'K 1755, and of Cornwall, July 27), 1755. 
He lived at Cornwall Centre, was Town Clerk and Justice, and 
his residence was where, in ISCO, Air. George Wheaton was 
living. He removed about 1760 t<> Westminster (now in Ver- 
mont). From there, Jan. -27, 1771, he, with his sons Isaac 
and Benjamin, were petitioners to the King, that he would de- 
clare the New Hampshire grants not to belong to New York. 

Dec. 17, 1772, he from there petitions Gov, Tryon, of 
New York, that the people of Cumberland county might elect a 
representative to the General Assembly. \V"ith two of his sons 
he was at Crown Point and took part in the French war. 

About 1773 he remr.ved to Piermont (settled in 17'5>^), 

New Hampsl'ire. In the Miimtes of the Colonial Council of 

Connecticut it is recorded in Alav, 1775 : 

" John Patterson, Esquire, of Piermont, of the Prov- 
ince of New Hampshire, Agent of said Town, pre- 
ferred a petition in favor of said Piermont, stating 


itj3 expo.-ed situation to Quebec at that alarminfr pe- 
riod, auJ e\[>ertiii>: an attack l>y the French and in- 
di;nk- from Canada; that said Town had voted to sup- 
ply thcRiselvcs with arms and ammunition, of which 
tliey were nearly destitute, and hcing without money 
in the infant state of the Town, prayed the Colony of 
Connecticut to sell tliem tifty pounds of powder, of- 
fering their note \ritli security, to be paid in ]May, 
17T0, with interest, and signed by John PattersoTi, 

" A resohition was passed directing tlie powder to be 
delivered, and t. > take said Patterson's note for the 
same, payable the 1st day of May, 17Tt>, witli in- 

His great-grandson, Ashbel Patt-^rson, of Ithaca, New 
York, said of him : "'In person, lie was rather below the nnd- 
dle size of men, had a finely shaped head, blue eyes, an intel- 
ligent and agreeable countenance, and a very retentive menu'rv. 
He possessed a great fund of anecdote relatiuir to his colleire 
life, the history of Stratford, and the Indian, French and Psv- 
olutionary wars. These were the never-failing themes of win- 
ter evening entertainments." 

His grandson, Isaac Patterson, of Bath, N. H., who lived 
in the house with him until he was fourteen years of age, said 
of him : " lie never studied any profession. He was reputed 
a good scholar and retained his knowledge of the Latin till the 
close of his life. He retained his powers, mental and physical, 
in a remarkable degree, until within a few days of his death. 
His habits were regular and active for his years, and he iiad a 
great memory." 

Mary his wife, died at Pierraont, July IS, 1TS9, aged TS. 
He died at Piermont, Jan. 20, 1S06, aged 95. 

The Connect'icvt Joirnud of Feb. 6, 1S06, said of him : 

" Died, at Piermont, X. H., on the -iOch ult., John Patter- 
son, Esq., cet. 94:, who remarkably retained his mental and bodily 


j faculties till the day of his death. If correct haliits and a per- 

[ severa?iee in all the Christian virtues are of any consequence 

I to morals, he has left au example to posterity truly worthy of 

I imitation. He graduated at Yale College in the year 1T2S." 

I Their^ children were- f A^- ^ yyT^piU^"-- 

l 1. Parthe>-[a.' h. Xov. -20, L730; d. Jan. 2*^ IT-tT. 

I 2. Jo-iAH,' It. March 25. 17o2; m. May 2-1:, 1753, 

I '•^""^ Phoebe Welles, of Stratford. lie lived in Cornwall 

I until 17S1, when he nK)\"ed to Xew Lebanon, N. Y. 

I Phoebe died there Jan. S, 17S6, aged 51. He mar- 

I ried second, ^tary Woodbridge, who died Sept. 10, 

%_ ISOO, aged 50. He died at Chatham, X. Y., Dec. 

L 10, 1"^19, aged S7, and wa? buried at New Lebanon. 

I 3. John, ' b. Dee. 11, 1734: d. Aug. 30, 1754. 

I 4. Asiir.Ki., ' b. April 3, 1737 ; d. June 30, 1750.. 

I ; 5. Ei'HKAnt,' b. ]\Iarch 22, 1739; m. 1700, Sarah 

i . / Chandler, dau. of Joseph, who came to Cornwall 

(; / from Danbury, Mass., in 174S. He lived at Corn- 

I wall probably until his father moved to AVestiuins- 

I ler, Yt. His deed of his Cornwall land to his brother 

I Matthew is dateil March 0, 1769. He moved to 

I Piermont, and probalily in advance of his father's 

I settlement there. July •_'4, 1777, he was apjiomted 

I an Ensign in(Japt. Jeremiah Post's company, in Col. 

David Hobart's regiment, Stark's brigade, and was 
engaged in the battle of Eenniiigton, Aug. 10., 1777. 
Capt. Post died Aug. 20th, and Lieut. Jabez Vauglm 
was made Captain, and Ensign Patterson promoted 
to the rank of Lieutenant. He was discharged Sept. 
26, 1777, and in the following year, 1'77S, he was 
2d Lieut, in Capt. Ezekiel Ladd's (Haverhill, N. H.) 
company, in Col. Timothy Bedell's Regiment, and 

served at that titiie, one year. He bought h%nd at 
Wetherstield, Conii., of Stephen Chester, April 2'2, 

, 1783, which was prol)ably about the date of hi.s re- 
moval to that phice. He and his wife joined the 
church at Newington (Wetherstield) from the uhurc-h 
at Piermoiit, Feb. l*(), 1785. He sold his land in 
Wetherstield to James Lusk, July 3, 178^. He was 
a purchaser of laud in Stephentowii, Rensselaer 
county, N. Y., in February, 170(). He was one of 
the original purchasers, at Painted I'ost, N. Y ., of 
part of the " Fhclps v.V' (-rorham Purchase, " and set- 
tled there about 1790, with his sons Ichabod and 
Stephen, with their families. The purchase resulted 
in litigation \which had not been determined in Feb- 
ruary, 18lil:~), and he returned to Xew r>ebanou, 
about 17'.'3 or 4, where his wife died, i\Iarch. I'^Ol. 
He died there May 3, 1809. 
^""■^^ *C. Stei-hkx,'' It. Nov. 1."), 1711. 

*7. jMauv,^ b. Jan. lO, 1713; m., at Cornwall, Dr, 
Thomas liussell, who, with his family, joined his 
father-in-law, John, in the removal to Piermont. 
^ 8. Matiiikw,-' b. ^larch <5, 17-15; m. April 13, 177:.', 
Hannah Jones. He was enrolled as Lieutenant in 
the 11-th Connecticut Pcgiment and was a Delegate 
to the General Assembly of Connecticut until 1787. 
He died Feb. 12, 1807, aged iV2 ; she died Aug. 1"2, 
1834, aged 88.t 
^9. Isaac, -^ b. Jan. 14, 1747 ; d. Fel). 15, 1740. 
^10. Paktiiknia, ■ b. ^lay 5, 1749; d. Xov. 3, 174'.>. 
^11. Isaac,' b. Oct. 8, 175n; n\. 17^1 or i', Elizabeth. 
■^ dau. of Rev. Samuel Wudsworth, <>f Killingly, Cunn. 

+ "Alann men, 14th Conn. Regiment, < 'ornwall, March 17, 1777, Matthew 
Patterson, Lieutenant; Elnathan Patterson, Sherman Patterson, Josiah I'atte'son." 


He wa.s with his father :it Westminster and with 
him settled at Pierniont. lie held a commission ;\s 
Captain in the Colonial troops and at the Tievolution 
received the same rank and took an active part in 
the war. lie was for several years a Representative 
to the General Court, from Piermout, and was a 
meftiber of the New irampshire Convention adopt- 
ing the Constitution of the United States. lie owned 
and cultivated a large farm at i'iermont. His wife 
died at Piermont, Dee. I'l. IS15, aged 55; he died 
at Piermont, Oct. "25, ISll. 
42. BE_\.rA_ui:s,? b. Jan. 15, 1752. 


The Fourth Generation, 



Abigail Beard.-lkv, ) 

-~^1. CHARLE.-,i b. Sept. -22, 1745; in. Martha Hall. He 
lived in New Fairtield; was one of the incorporators 
of ]S[t. Wa.<hin^ton, Mass., 17S1. He died there 
May 30, iSoT, aged Oi* ; she died there April •_', 1S39, 
aged SS. 
'"^2. Andrf.w,^ b. Dee. -o, 1747; in., in 1771, Esther 
Rowland, who died Ft.-b. -ii', I'^l-".. He ni., second, 
Mrs. Roweiia Bloss, of Alford, Mass., where he died, 
1 July -2, 1S24. 

I .^S. Joanna,-* bap. Oct. 14, 1750. 

i "^"-- 4. Ar.i.;AiL,i bap. Jan. 2S, 1752; m.. May 31,1795, 

John Fairchild. 
^» '3. Abraham PA■^rEK^().v,■"' ) 


j ____-— 1- Samuel,-*- b. Sept. 14, 174^,; nL, Dee. 31, 1772, 

I Hannah Hulibdl. They lived in [luntingtuii, where 

I she died Oct. 24, 1^10. aged 72. He died A[)ril 

i 15, 1S29, aged S3. Thev were buried in the Luwer 

! , White Hills Burying (4i-on!id. 

^_ 4/>//aA -2. A-tTTT.^.,^ b. April 14, 174>: ul, Mav 4, 1771,Su- 

\~-' ^ sauna Conklin, and settled at Fi.dikill, X. Y., near 

j Hopewell Church. He died aljout 1795. 

s^ 25 

->v^ 3. IlK/.EFaAHji lived at Mouroe; d. about 1S30. 

4. AxxA,i d. young. 
^3. Sarah Patterson,-) 
Andrew Bo<YrH. ) 

*1. JosEPH,i b. July 21, 173S. 

--*2. Eunice,! b. April 1-2, 17-iO. 
'^ *3. PHEBE,i b. July 21, 1742. 
^-*4. Sarah, i b. Sept. 17, 1749. 
^^ *5. MEnn'ABLEji b. July 15, 1752. ^V^ 
"^ 4. EuZABETri PA-rrERsox,^' > 

"^^-~1 1. Meiutable,! b. March 21, 1745. . 
^-^ 5. James Pa-iterson,'') 
Mary Marks. ) 

"^1. Elizabcfh,* bap. Oct. 19, 1755; m. Edward Os- 
borne, of Stratford. 
^2. AMARnTA,^ b. Sept. 21, 175S; m., July 6, 17S8, 

James Wakeley. 
^-<- 3. MARKs,i b. June 5, 1783; m. Anne Frazier, and 
settled in Oxford, Chenango county, N. Y. 
\^4. EcNKEji b. Jan. 25, 1761 ; d., unm., Jan. 23, 1849, 
\ aged SS. 

.5. James,-* bap. Nov. 3, 1765; m. Clara Beard, and 

settled in Poxbury. 
6. Hannah,A bap. Sept. 6, 1767 : m. Joseph Downs. 
^^7. Nehemiah,^ b. June 14, 1772; m., June 2, 1796, 
Marcena Dayton Noble. 


Mary Sherman. ) 

__^^ 1. Sherman,^- b. Dec. 15, 1752; m. Huldah Beach. 
They settled in Westnaoreland, K. Y., where he died 
July 5, 1S42, aged 90. She died Aug. 30, 1843, 


af^ed >4. He was a soldier in tlie Revolutiuti from 

2. Einick/ b. Feb. 10, 1755; m., Conns-all, Nov. -JT, 
■1774, Daniel Everest, v/ho died July '2, 1S25, aged 
73. She died at Bolton, Sept. 5, 1^3S. 

3. A-VNAj-^ b. April 7, 1750; in. Amos Johnson, ot 
Stratford; m., second, Thomas Law, of Kichmond, 
X. Y. 

-4. David,* b. Jan. 2-?, 1761 ; m. Abby Jones, of Corn- 
wall. He died March 20, iS23 ; she died Jan. I 1. 

-5. Silas,* b. Aug. 26, 1762; m. Abby Bouney. He 
died Dec. 25, 1S37; she died Mirch 25, 1^5^. 

.6. Maky,* b. Jan. 6, 1764; d. March 22, is 13, unm. 

■7. Sakau,-'- b. Alii--. 3, 1767 ; m. Birdseye Clark. They 

removed to Nelson, Ohio. 
S. Hannah,* b. July 2S, 1769; m. Joseph Judson, of 

"^" Cornwall. 

The .Fourth Generation, 


I .'"4. Chaulk> PArrERSoN,^) 
I - Naomi Peet. ) 

I ^"^- Xaomi,^ bap. March 13, ITTO. 

I ,.^-^^-'-l. Ruth,-' i)ap. ]\[arch 13, 1770. 

I ^^.---^S. Teih'Ehance Anxe.^ in. Jan. 23, 1794, Samuel 

Curtiss, Jr. 
William Patiersox,"') 
Ruth McE\vex. ) 

^ "1. William,^ b. Jan, 3, 1760. An Ensign in the Rev- 
f olutionary Army from Woodbury. 

\ ^^^ *2. Axne,-* b. Marcli 14, 17»'>1. 

I 7. Eunice Patterson,'') 

Samuel Lewis. ) 

'~^"-- *1. Frederick,"* b. Sept. 6, 1T54. 
"^ ^'2. Samuel,-* b. March 12, 1757. 
*3. Abuah,* b. April 1, 1759. 

"4. Mary,"* b. Aug. 26, 1761 ; ra. Hezekiah Uooth. 
9. AmuAiL An'n Patterson,"-) 
James Booth. ) 

*1. Abel,^ b. Sept. 11, 1757. 

*2. Sarah,* b. Nov. — 1759; m. Gideon Benjamin. 
"3. IIe/.ekiaii,^ b. Aug. 13, 1763. 
*4. James,"* b. Feb. 17, 1765, 



^ *5. Abigail Anne,< b. Now S, ITTiO ; m., first, Nathan- 
\ iel Burton, second, Dr. Middlebrook. 

"X *6. Betsey,-"- b. July 20, 170S. 

"N *7. CiiAjiiTy,^ b. March 19, 1771 ; m. Miinson Haines. 
-~\ -*8, AirY,i b. Jan. 24, 1773. 

*9. James,-* b. May 25, 177G. 
"^' *10. ABEL,i b. April S, 1730; d. January, ISGS. 
10. Samuel Pattek50x,3) 


~^-l- Phebe,a b. Jan. 14, 176S ; m., 1S04, James Lilings- 
-^ ton. 

2. LrcY,-' b. July 4, 1760 ; m., May 16, 1792, E%-erett 
-~~^ Curtis. 

3. Ar.iGAii.,-' b. Feb. 19, 1772; m. John Fairchild, 
who died July 17, ISOO. She m., second, Aug. 7, 
1814, Samuel Bassett. She died November, 1S62, 
in her 91st year. 

^ 5. Mary,-* b. Aug. S, 1773 ; m. Silas Burton. 
"\.' 6. Clarissa,-* b. Oct. 10, 1775 ; d. Sept. 16, 1770. 
~ 7. €lakissa,-* b. Dec. 14, 1777; d. x\ug. 13, 1779. 
"^--8. Samuel,^ b. Feb. 27, 17S0 ; m. Margaret Hill, b. N. 
T. City, Jan. 2, 1791. He settled in X. Y. City, 
where he died of yellow fever Aug. 3, 1819. She 
( . died in 1829. 

^^~ 9. Clarissa,^ b. Nov. 2, 1781 ; m.. May 31, 1800, Da- 
vid Pendleton, b. Jan. 19, 1776. She died Feb. 2, 
1849, aged t'.7 ; he died April 21, 1S54, aged 78. 
10- Esther,-* b. June 11, 17s3 ; d. Sept. 9, 1S03. 
^^ 11. Maria,* b. Dec. 12, 1792; m., Nov. 6, 1815, Elias 
Wells, Jr. 


The Fourth Generation, 

J O H N .- 

2. JosiAH Patterson,^') 
Phoede Welles. ) 

1. Partiiexta,* b. Cornwall, Aug. -23, lT5i ; m. May 
--"'' 10, 17Ti, Samuel Jones. He was an Ensign in the 

Revolutionary "War, commissioned by Gov. Clinton, 
March 4, 17S0. She died at New Lebanon, Jan. 31, 
18'21 ; he died at Xew Lebanon , 1S33. 

2. Jonx,-* b. Cornwall, Oct. 20, 1756. He early fell a 
martyr in the cause of American Independeiice. He 
was but 20 when "Washington called earnestly upon 

' Connecticut to furnish troops to prevent, if possible, 
New York City from falling into the hands of the 
British. He enlisted under Captain Tanner, in the 
regiment of Col. McGaw, which formed part of the 
garrison of Fort Washington. When it fell into the 
hands of the enemy, Nov. 10, 1776, he, with the rest 
of the garrison, suffered the horrors of imprisonment 
in New York. One account says that he was impris- 
oned in the " Old Bridewell," and another that it was 
the " Old Sugar House." He was exchanged about 
Dec. 22d, but his health was destroyed during that 
^ cold Decemlier, without tire, scantily clad, and nearly 
starved. He died Jan. S, 1777, shortly after reaching 
his father's house. 


-*3. Mary.A 1.. Cornwall, Oct. U, 1 7<?2 ; m., July, 17S1, 
Dr. Moses Youuglove. lie was Surgeon in General 
Herkimer's Brigade and was taken prisoner at the 
battle of Oriskany, Aug. 6, 1777, where the General 
was mortally wounded. He died at Hudson, X. "i ., 
Jan. 31, 1S29, aged 7^. Slie died at New Lebanon, 
Oct. 13, lS-i7, aged 85. 

JosiAiij'i b. Cornwall, April 22, 1767; m., April, 
ISOl, Wealthy Throop, dau. of William and Pru- 
dence Throop and grand-daughter of Ilev. Benjamin 
Throop, of Xorwieh. He died. New Lebanon, Jan. 
17, ISl-l, aged 47. 

y 5. David Wellks,"* b. Cornwall, Aug. 20, 1771; m. 
(he being then of New Lebanon), Oct., 17;'S, Sarah 
Shclton, dau. of Andre^^■ and Sarah Booth Shelton. 

"6. liLvKciA^ (daughter of iLary Woodhridge), b. Aug. 
13, 17SS; m. Edwin Moseley. 


^ Sakah Chandler. ) 

^l. Lorraine, i m., at Newington, Nov. 10, 17^5, A])sa- 

-"^^^ lom Wells, son of Ptobert Wells, Jr.; bap. Nov. 10, 

170*;. ShediedApril 12, IS-J.5; he died June 17,1^3'.*. 

2 Ichaeod,^ b. , 1763; m., April 10, 17^5, Je- 

y^^ raima Havden, dau. of David and Jemima (Ells- 
worth i Hayden. Sep. 28, .1785, his father deeded 
him land in Weathersticld which he sold July 3, 
17s6, to James Lusk. He «-a3 one of the tirst pur- 
chasers and settlers of Painted Post (now Corning;, 
New York, settling there in 17'J0, as did his father, 
and his brother Stephen. He died there of '' lake 
fever," contracted while examining the "New Con- 
necticut'' lands in Ohio, August, 1796, aged 33.' 


, 3. Stkphk.v,^ b. ITGt'; in., Sept. •_', i "00. Lucy Water- 
/ mail Adgate, b. Canaan, Cohunbia eounty, New 

York, May ;^.1, ITTl', dan. of Judge Matthew and 
Eunice (IJaldwin) Adir^ite. They settled at Xew Leb- 
anon (Rafter his return from Painted Post), where he 
died Feb. '20, 1S-2G. She diedatSontli Adams, Mass., 
Dee. \'2, IS'M, and was buried at New Lebanon. 
^"4. ^[Anv,^- b. Sept.. 1771 ; m., Jonathan Ptowley, of 
'^'^ Stephentown, N. Y. Tliey moved to Dansville, 

N. Y., 1S05. Slie died Oct. 12, 1 >54-. 
,5. PAiiTnExiA,-* b. ^lay 12, 1775; m. Aug. 21, 1795, 
/^ Col. George McCuIloch, b. Lancaster, Pa., Aug. 5, 
1770. They settled at Painted Post, where he died. 
March 12, 1S26. She died there Sept. 30, 1 s39. 
/'k Saloe,-^ b. 1777; m. Samuel Shannon, of Painted 
Post. She died there in her 21st year. He after- 
wards settled in Northumberland, Pa. He died at 
Tionesta, Forest county, Pa., Sept. IS, 18-35, aged >3. 
7. Llther,-' m., at Newington, June 12, 171)t^Jemi- 
s '^^ Dui Tryon. They settled at New Lebanon. 

I f?^. LucKtrriA,^ m., at Painted Post, 1S04, Jared Irwin. 

I y/^ They settled in Dansville, N. Y., where he died, 

I IS 13. She m., second, Col. James ]\IcBurney, of 

I Hornellsville, N. Y. He died July 25, 1 SSC, aged 70. 

I J^. Erastl's,^ b. March, 1770 ; d., at New Lebanon, Jan. 

I 1, ISOl, unmarried. 

% . 10. BltseVj-i b., Wetherstield, Feb. 23, 1784 ; ni., March 

I / 15, 1801, Seth Hitchcock, of New Lebanon, b. April 

\ 25, 17S0. She died, New ^[exico, N. Y., June 16, 

|- 1S38; he died, New :^Iexico, N. Y., Feb 12, 1S56. 

,11. Hannah,-* b., Wetherstield, June 22, 1786; m , 
, March 28, 1S05, Joseph Enos, b. Jan. 7, 1783. 

■'^. AfArrr(K\v P.\itki:>on\ '^) 
Hannah Jmnks. ) 

1. AsiiKKL,' 1>. Coriuvall. Jan. 31, 177S; d., at Corn- 
wall. Ffl.. .".. 170;». 

2. Jane/ in. Benjamin Bell. 
11. Isaac Paitekson,-' ) 

Elizabeth Wadswori h. » 

Samiei.,-" b. Pierriiont, Jan. :.'0, 1783. Educated at 
Uavei-hill Academy, and was a land tfurvevor. He 
married Sarah Waterman, who, witli her two chil- 
dren, died of yellow fever at Savannah, Ga. He 
then became a merchant it Pensacola, where he mar- 
ried a Spanish lady in 1834, and where he died Dec. 
5, 1S45. 

^•2. EuzAiJETu,^ b. June 12, 1789; m., Jan. 1-J, ISU, 
James S. Harrij, of Ponltney, Vt. 
/3. Isaac,' b. Piermont. Jan. l>8, 179-J Graduated at 

^ Dartmouth College, 1 ^1l', and was a lawyer at Path, 
N. H. 

^•4. Makv,^ b. Feb. 19, 1794; d Oct. »!, 184S. 

jb. JoHN,^ b. Aug. »;, 1797: m. Mrs. Mary (Marshall) 

^ Mitchell, of Lyme, X. H. Tliey lived on the Pier- 
mont Homestead and afterward in Bradford, Xt. 

^H. Cynthia R.,-* b. Aug. 30, 1801 ; m., Feb. 6, 1823, 
William P. Xoyes, of Ponltney. She had three or 
four children. She died Xov. 11. 1843. 

/7. Joseph Wabswouth,^ b. June 25, l>;iH; ni. Marcia 
Ann Webster, who died in 1848. He died July 15, 
1S51. Both buried at Orfurd. 


The Fifth Generation, 


1. Charles Paiteksox,^ ) 
Martha Hall. ) 

y\. LEvi,i b. Mt. Washington, Aug. 17,1769; m. Han- 
" ■ nail Lotlirop. 

•2. Joiix,^ b. April S, 1773 ; m. Lncy Ann Royce. 
"^ 3. JosEi'ii,i b. Oct. 10, 17S0 ; m. Elizabeth Cone, and 
'" settled at Elyria, Ohio. 
-^^ 4. LrrnER,^ b. Feb. 11, 17S3 ; m. Sallie Xeal. 

-5. Maktua, ' b. July 24:, 17S5 ; \\\. Freeman Hopkins. 

Settled in Wayne county, Ohio. 

-6. MARK,i b. Sept. 12, 17S7; ni. Waitstill HoIIey. He 

died, in U. S. army, Jan. 6, 1S13. 
^^ — -7. HANXAFi,i^ b. Aug. 13, 17S9; m. Linns Pratt, who 
died in Michigan. 
"""----8. Abigail,^ b. July 25, 1791 ; m. Joseph Booth ; she 

m., second, John Hubbard, of Worthington, Ohio. 
^^'---^B. E^LMA,^ b. Nov 2, 179S ; m Ira Schutt, and settled 
on her father's homestead in Mt. Washington. 


Esther Pujv.laxd. ) 

Edmon, Abigail, Isaac and Edmon K. d. in infancy. 

0. SriLEs,^^ b. Bridgeport, Sept. 1, 1779; m. Fanny 

/'' Buell. They lived in Amcnia, Hillsdale, Catskill, 


Claverack and Albion, X. Y. She died in Albion. 
July 25, 1S42 ; he died Feb. IT, 1S5S. 

7. E.nvLA>-D,5 b. Dec. 20, 17S1 ; d., Hillsdale, X. Y., 
~^--.. March S, 1S13. 

8. Er.i,A b. March 27, 17S-i. Settled in "Watertown, 
N. Y. 

~~--9. Andrew,^ b. May 19, 17SG; m., June 20, ISO/), 
Polly Buckley. He died at Annawan, Ills., Feb. 2, 

"^'"^^JO. Abigail,^' b. Aug. 13, 17SS ; m. Cleveland. 

She died May 13, 1S21, at Alford, Mass. 

""^ 11. PoLLY,^^^ h. Sept. 20, 1790; m. Isaac Eyal, of Don- 
mark, N. Y. 
--.12. Hexry AuGcsTrs,'- b. Nov. 19, 1792; m., at Hills- 
dale, N. Y., Phylinda Smith, and resided at West 
Stockbridge, ]\Iass. 

■^ " 13. Sallie,"^- d. at 10 veais of ao-e. 

*■ ^ Li 

^- 1-i. Caiilow,-'- d. at 6 years of age. 
"^^ — 15. Martix LrTnER,5 (BIoss) b. May, ISIG. Removed 
to Ohio with his mother and there died. 
4. Abigail PaitersoNj^) 
JoHX Fairchild. ) 

1. Charles,-^ b. June S, 1796. 

-1. Samuel Pattersox,-*-) 
Hanxah Hl'ebell. ) 

■^-1. Abigail,' b. Oct. 10, 177-"! ; m. Elliot Bearisley. 
" --- 2. Beulah,^- b. April 17, 1775 ; m. Jabez Lake. 
■*x 3. Elisiia,^'- b. Jan. 27, 1777; m. Betsey Leavonworthi 

and settled in Boxbury. He died Oct. 21, 1S26. 
■--^•1. SAiLLEL,^- b. Sept. 21, 1783; m. Sylvia Bostwi-.-k. 
He in., second, Susan Hartwell. They settled in 

; 35 

i \ 5. SiMEox,^- h., lluntiiigtou, April 24:, 17S7; lu. Re- 

I becca Perkins. He died Sept. '25, 1S19. 

2. AiJiJAir PArrER.-(ix,^) 

scsAxxA coxKLiN-. ) 1585655 

,.-1. Anna,^'"- m. Disl)orn. 

2. John,'- in. Hannali Fowler. 

3. Catherixe,'' m. John Eohinson. 
\-i. SAKAHji m. XatUanieJ Sniitli. 

.5. Abraiiam.--'- 
6. Mart,^ ra. Gilbert Green. 
,7. David, '^^ in. Clara Conklin. 
': 8. Elizabeth. ^- 

I 9 Sus.vnxa.-^ 

I 10. Ani.rAH.i 

J ■ 11. JoAXXA.-'- 

Hezekiaii PaTIERSOX") 

/^l. ABitA(i,i- b. Jan. 3, 1773; m. Phoebe Morehouse. 
/ Settled in Xew Mil ford. 

y^^. Hezekiah,-5- bap. May 10, 17 78. He removed to the 

^^' 3. Esther, i b. Jan. 4, 17S9 ; m. John Beers, and, sec- 
ond, Hubliell Bennett. 
^-'-'^ 4. AuRiLLA,^'*- m. Nathan Jenkins. 
,-^"5. AxxA.'' 
-1. Elizabeth Pattersox,^-) 
Edward Osborxe. ) 
~^ * 1. JoHX,'' 111. Polly Ward. 
^-.^ 2. AxxA^i m. Philo Leavenworth. 
~n2. AjiARrrrA Paitersox,^) 
James Wakeley. ) 
~ ^ 1. James Sheltox.^ 
i 2. PniLO.i 

, i 


3, Marks Paiter.-<>n-,4-) 
Anne Fraziek. ) 
' 1. Hanxaii.^'^- 
Polly. ^- 
Betsey. - 
^-7. William MARKS,^.bap. ISOl. A lawyer of Oxford 

and Bingbainton, N. Y. 
"8. Philo.^ 
" 9. Edwin.^I 
^10. Emily.-'^- 

" J Aires PATrEi:-OX,"t) 
Clara Beard. ) 

1. AMARETfAji bap. June 15, 178S. 
^^ J.. BiLLY,^ b. Dec. 2, 1790 ; m. Mary Bissel]. 
,•■■' -3. Charles,' b. June 11, 1792; m. Uarriet Leaven- 
--''■" wortb. He was a soldier from Roxbury in 1S12-15. 

,.• ''■' 4. AMORiriA,^'^- b. June 2, 1795 ; ui. Waite Leavenworth. 
^^- 5. Nehemiah,^'^- b. Nov. 9, 1797; ni. Elizabetli Griffin, 
of Roxbury ; m., second, Polly Moulthrop Frisbie. 
^■^-'■"^. Zaceiariah Tomlinsox,"'- b, July 3, 1799; m. Olive 

/''). Hannah PArrERSON,^ ) 
JosEPU Downs. ) 

/ 1. James. i 
/-2. Puilo.?- 
^'6. Le\\is.5 
. y^ i. Hei'~ie.-'' 
^.5. Hannah.' 

6. EzEKIEL.^ 


/ 7. RKAnr.i 
^S. Eliza, i 

/■ 9. WEBB.i 

/ Marcexa Daytox. ) 

^\. Isaac Dayton,^ b. 13, 1797 ; m. Eliza Ackley. 
^,^'3. Sherman,^ b. March IS, 1799 : d. Oct. 31, 1S27. 
yZ. Fanxie,^ b. Feb. 1, ISOl ; m. Sheldon Camp. 

-4. Harriet,* b. June U, 1S06; m. Arvin Burnham, 
y/^ <^f Sextoiiville, Wis. 

5. Laira,^ b. ]May 15, ISll ; m. Daniel B'^rnham. 

^1. Sfiermax Patter-on,^) 
"~— - HrLDAH Beacfi. ) 

1. JoHN,^^ b. Oct. 15, 177ti; m. Rebecca Van TasselL 
Resided in Westmoreland, Oneida county, N. Y. 
~~^2. EL-NirE,i b. March 9, 1779; m. Minor Teaehout. 
3. Elxatuan,^- b. Oct. S, 17S0; m. Phoebe Clemens, 
in Saratoga; he m , second, Betsey Marshall. 
"^-^4. JosiAH,-^ b., Saratoga, Feb. 15, 17S2 ; m. Lucy Tur- 
^^^ 5. Mary,^^ b. Marcli 12, 1784; m. Stephen Preston. 
"^^ 6. Lewis, '^ d. in infancy. 

""-- 7. Sallie,^ b. March 16, 17S7; m. Reuben Tliompson. 
_^J^"-- S. Cornelius,^' d. in infancy. 

■^ 9. Anxa,'- I). March 15, 1796; m. Isaac GoodselL 
.^^^10. LIannah,-^ b. July 9, 179S; m Herman Bessee. 
^^11. Betsey,^ b. March 16^ ISOO; m. Elisha Remington. 
2 Eunice PArfERsox,i) 
Da_n'iel Everest. ) 

Mr. Everest, b. April 16, 1752, d. Cornwall, July 2, 
iS25, was a private in Capt John Stevens' company 
Connecticut Infantry, and served in the Northern 
Department under Gen. Schuyler. 



, 1. Sherman B. Coi;N\vf:LL,'' b. March -25, 1775; m. 
Betsey Parinlee. lie was a lawyer and died, South 
Windsor, Feb. 17, ISIO. 

2. Ipaac,^ b. Oct. 10, 1777 ; ni., Sept. "29, lSO-2, Sallie, 
dau. of Col. Joseph Cornwell. He was a physician 
for many years at New Lebanon, wliere he died Sept. 
6, TS50. 

3. Haxxah,'- b. Cornwall, Jan. 2S, 17S0 ; m. VVni. 
Tiittle, of Litchtield; d. Fell. 13, 1S23. 

4. AsAHEL MoRSK,-'- b. Cornwall, Jan. 21, 17S3 ; d. 
March 14, lSl-1, unni. 

5. Daniel,'' b. July G, 17S1; d. March, 1S57, num. 

6. Eunice,^ b. July 0, 17S1:; d. Xov. 18, 1S61. 

7. Na^-cy,^ b. Aug. 2G, 17S6. 

S. CoKXELiLS Bkadford,-^ b. March 14, 17S9 ; m. Abi- 
gail, dau. of Benjamin Gold. Graduated at Williams 
Colleo-e, ISll. Studied Divinity under Dr. Parker, 
and had pastorates at Windham, Xorwich and Bloom- 
field, Conn. Died, Philadelphia, March 20, 1S70. 
9. L<,)UI-a,^- b. Sept. >!, 1702; m. James Ely, of Lynn, 
Conn. They were missionaries to Sandwich Islands. 
She died, Thoiupsonviile, Conn., Sept. 15, IS-tO. 
Anna Paiterson,"*-) 
Amos Johnson. ) 
~ 1. David. ^ 
^' 2. Benjamin.^ 
3. svlvestkr.^ 

~^ 4. PoLLV.'' 

5. Mlnerva.^- 

6. Makia.5- 

DaMD PA'nER.~ON,^ ) 

Aebie Jones. ) 

- — 1. Jaxe,^'- m. Jcdediah Calhoun. 



i ^^ 

I .^ 2. L\rRA,'- m. "William niiuliuan. 

[ "3. POI.LY.^ 

I ^ 5. Silas Patiersox,-^ ) 
Abigail Bi^nxey. ) 

1. SnEKMAx,i in. Folly Gilbert. 

2. Clarissa.-'^- 
— - - 3. Faxny.^ 
. 4. Carolixe.^ 

^--—-5. Maky.'^ 

7. Sakah Fatiersox,') 

. . Bikdseye Clakk. ) 

1. DlOD.\3IA.^ 

-— 2. Faxny.5- 

- 3. BlRDSEYE.i 

. Joseph Jupsox. ) 

- — = 1. Harriet. i 
"^ ■ 2. WiLLiA^r.^ 
^-:- 3. S1LAS.5 


The Fifth Generation, 



1. Phoebe PArrEKsox,^) 
James Lilinostox. ) 

1. BEXEDier.^ 

2. Lucy PArrEKsox,-"') 


1. Abigail.^ 
-'.' '1. Ellex/'^ in. Samuel Peet. 
^^^"^^o. Clarissa, i in. Benjamin Plumb 

"^.^"'•i. EvEKETr.^ 
^•^ ' 5. JOHX.5- 
-"""^ H RoDXEY.^ 

Abigail PArrEKSox,i) 
Joiix Fairchild. ) 

^^_ 1. Charles,'- b. June 8, 1T9*'>. 
'^.2. Joux PA 

Samuel Basse'it. 

"Z. JoHX Ressell.a 
Maky PaiterscXjA) 
Silas Blrtox. ) 

'\. Rodney, i m. Cornelia "Wbitincr. 
■ 2. Alkert, • m. Maria Delia Bootb. 
, 3. PIamii.tox,'' in. Catberine E. Lewii 
Pbuebe Peck. 

m., secoL 


- Makgaket Hill. ) 
^..^ — -1. jMargarkt,^^ b. Sept. 5, ISO". 

.. ----2. Jacob Mokkell,'' b. May 29, 1S09. 
_ - 3. Samuel P./^ b. Dec. 1, ISU. 
.--"'' 4. William Charle,-,'- b. Aug. 16, 1S14. 
..,-—5. J ESSE, ^ b. Jan. 10, 1S17. 
9. Clarissa Fatiersox,^-) 
David Penhletox. ) 
^ 1. Sesax,a b. Oct. 2, ISOl. 
■^ 2. EsTiiER,^^ b. Dee. 9, 1S03. 

3. Harriet,' b. Oct. 30, ISOo. 

4. Delia,5 b. Jan. S, JSOS. 

5. Maria,^ b. Feb. 17, ISIO. 

6. Mary Axn,^ b. July 24, 1S12. 

7. David, ^ b. Jan. 31, 1 SI 5. 
S. LucY,^5 \,_ j^^ne 15, 1S16. 

9. DAvro,^' b. Aug. 14, 1S19. 

10. Abigail,5 b. May S, 1821. 
-11. Maria FattersoXjA) 
y Eli AS Wells, Jr. ) 

y 1. Lea\-is Wheeler, i b, Jan. 14, 1S17. 
'^ , 2. Emily Fentxah,^ b. Feb. 24, 1S19. 

3. TH.:.MAs,i b. Dec. 7, 1S20. 


The Fifth Generation, 





4. JosiAir Pattekson,") 
Wealthy Throop. ) 


i 1. AsHBEL,-'' b. New Lebanon, March 20, 1S03: m., 
Feb. 10, 1S25, Eliza Sackett Hill. Settled at Ith- 
aca, X. Y. 

\^ 2. C.VROLixE.i b. jSTeu' Lebanon, Nov. ^I'l. ISO-i; m., 
June '2, 1S31, Isaac ^L Beers, of Ithaca. 

>/ 3. William,'' b. New Lebanon, May i.'i, ISOT; m., 
March 20, 182S, Amelia Esther Hill. Settled in 
Richmond, Walworth county, Wisconsin. 

J 4. CnAiiLoiTE,^ b. Oct. 12, 1S09. 

V 5. AuKELiA Jones, ^ b. Oct. 2S, ISll ; m. James Cot- 
ter, and lives in Wisconsin. 

^ 6. JosiAH,i b. Nov. 11, 1813; d. April 9, 1S21. 
5. David Wells Patterson,"' ) 
Sarah Shelton. ) 

1. Phdebe Wells, i b. New Lel:>anon, July 15, 1799. 
Resided at Chatham, N. Y. 

2. Mary Younglove,^' b. New Lebanon, Aug. 20, 
1803. Resided at Chatham, N Y. 

3. JoHN,i b. New Lebanon, Dec. 12, LS05; in. Abby- 
rene Shaw Rockwell. He died at Harperstield, N. 
Y., Sept. IS, 1839. 

f 43 

fj X 4. Sakah 3[AiuA,i 1). Xew Lebanon, Oct. 21, ISOS ; m. 

I Anson Evans Giflbrd, of Albany, X. Y. 

I y 5. JosiAii Shf.lton,''- b. Xcw Lelian,on, Sept. 10, ISll ; 

I m. Mary Jane Benton. He died at Chatham, April 

I 28, 1S41. 

\ ,r 2. ICHAEOD PATlKR-0>'.i) 

I jEMIitA HaYDEX. ) ' 

I ,1. AIaithew,-^ b. Piermont, Aug. 31, ITSS. Removed 

I ^ with his father to Painted Post, 1700. Was edu- 

6 cated as a merchant, and in 1S12 bcL^an business at 

I Northumberland, Pa. lie married, Feb. 12, 1S15, 

^ Rebecca Irwin, of Northumberland. In 1S21 he 

I removed to Dansville, N. Y. 

i 2. Haki:iet,^ b. Painted Post, Aug. 14, 179G; m. Dr. 

j ^ Robert Hoyt. 

\ 3. Jemima,* b. Painted Post, xVug. 14, 1796; m. John 

\ / McBurney. 

I /o. Stephen Patterson, ^ ) 

LrcY "Waterm-VX Adgate.) 

y 1. Erastus,^ b. New Lebanon, N. Y., July 2»!, 1S03 ; 
■^ ra. Sarah Ann (filbert, b. New Lebanon, March 20, 

1810, dau. of Elisha and Ellen Yanderpoel Gilbert, 
Oct. 24, 1S32, and moved to Hudson, N. Y. They 
removed to Newark, N. J., in 1S40, and to New 
York City iu 1847, where he died, Oct. 2S, 1S50. 
He is buried in tl:e family lot in the Hudson Cem- 
etery. She died at Hudson, May 0, 18G0. 

\l 2. Sarah Chandler,-^ b. New Lel)anon, Aug. 29, 1805 ; 
m. April 30,1820, "William Franklin Sage, b. New 
LebanoTi, Jan. 16, 1S02, son of Daniel, Jr., and 
Freelove Scott Sage. He died at Waterford, N. Y., 
Oct. 22, 1870; she died at Buflalo, xVug. 11, 1885. 


They are buried in the family lot m the cemetery, at 
Troy, N. Y. 

3. MATniEw,' b, Feb. 2, ISOS: d. ISIO. 

4. ErxicE Axx,'* b. New Lebanon, x\ug. 30, ISIO ; m. 
Dec. 12, 1S30, Resolva Wood, son of Simeon and 
Lydia Chase Wood. They settled at South Adams, 
Mass. He died at Milford, Del., May 13, 1SS7: 
she died at Adams, Mass., May 31, 1S72. They are 
buried at Adams, 

5. ^lATTiiEw Adi-vte,' b. New Lebanon, Nov. i-2, ISI'2 : 
m. March 1, lS3t'., Harriet Earker, dau. of Reuben 
and Mareia iSage) Barker, who died Jan. 22, IS-iT. 
He m., second, March 15, ISiS, ]\[ar^ Barker, sister 
of his first wife. He removed to Clarkson, N. Y., 
where she died May IT, 1:^.33. He m., third, June 
7, 1S55, Louisa Farnsworth, dau, of Thomas and 
Sophia Farnsworth, of Alden, N. Y, He died at 
Clarkson, Dec. 1, 1837. .. ,■ -> 


Geo. McCuLLOcn. ) 

^^^1. Na^xv,^- m. David Mallory. 
/ 2. John Cuaxdler,^ d. unm. 
^ "3. Marv,^^ m. Samuel Wells Smith. 
^^4. George,^ m. Sophia Gorton. 
^'5. Caroline, ^- m. Luther Melvin. 
.-6. LrcRETiA,i m. Dr. William Bishop. 


■Samcel Shanxux. ) 

^1. Ephkaim PATr£Rs<)X,i ui. Sarah Harrison Jenkins, of 
Northumberland, Pa. 
LcTHER Patterson,^ ) 

jEillilA TrYON. ) 

J 1, Clarissa.^ 


y!2. PiiDEi'.E." 
/&. CuAKLE?.'' 

/4. Marv.'^ 

^5. Levi, 5 m. at Richmond, ^Nris?.. ^lay 6, IS-ti^ Antui 
M. Salmon. 


<^ Jaked Ikwin. ) 

, " 1. Rebecca,' in. John R. Gansevoort, of Bith. X. \ . 

y 10. Betsey Pah-ersoXjA) 
Setii HrrciicocK. ) 

1. Al7*[ira L.,' m. Xathaii Bliss. 
y- 2. JuLirs V.-i 

3. Albert. ^i 

4. Elizabeth.'- 
yO jSakcy,^ 

y G. Elizabeth. - 
y~. Albert."' 

yS. DwiGHT." 

y9. Sarah. J^ 
/lO. DeWitf.' 

jfl. Hannah Paiterson,-*) 
Josei'h Exos. ) 

J 1. Alonzo.^"- 

y" 2. Thankful Cordelia,' m. Samuel Wilson. 
/3. Maria. ^ ^r • — v- 

y 4. Joseph B.,""- m. Cornelia S. Gilison. ^ - 

y 5. Charles Rowley.^ . '■ / i - :^ -'.--a--- ■^ 

/6. Makv Ann, ' m. W. II. Scott. 
/T. Ephraim p. Shannon. 5- 
^S. Hannah." 

^9. Sarah Ann.> -. -- - """"^^^ 

> 10. jcliette.' 



11. LArRFNs.' 111. Marv E. King. 
^12. (.TEiinoE TriiT,'- m. Sarah Elizabeth Sage. 
Jane PATrEi:>.)X,^ ) 
Ben-tamin Bell. ) 
> 1. Flora, i 
'1. Samlel FA'rrEi:>oN,iJ ^. '" ^^j^ 

Sarah AVater>lvx. )■ - ' "">'' 

.'d. — — . I 

First and secoi'd cliildreu died with their mother, of 
yellow fever, at Savannah, Ga., ISIS. 

^.^'i. Hexky A.,^ b. 1S35. 

^^ 4. Mary Jane ELiZAP.ETri."'^ b. 1S37. 

^ 5. Samiel Francis,-'- b. 1S40. 

, — ^ ti. Benjamin Oliver Francts,^ b. 1S43. 
— - 7. James Allen,^ b. 1S44. 

Elizabeth Patterson > ) 
-James S. Harris. ) 

^^^^1. James P.^ 
^2. Elizabeth.^ 

John PArrER-i 'N,^ ) 

Mary Marshall Mitchell.) 

1. RiioDA Elizabeth,^ ui. Isaac W. Blaine, of Brook- 
lyn, X. Y. 

2. "William Xoyes,^ in. Mary A. Crook. 
^^ 3. Isaac NE"v\'T"ON.i 

^ 4. Cynthia Xoyfp,'' m. Joseph "\V. Bliss. 

7. Joseph Wapsworth Patterson,- | 
..-^ Marcia Ann "VTeestek. ) 

■ 1. Marcta Ellen,^ b. Oct. 14, 1S4S, 

[XoTE — Pages 47 and 4S, here inserted are of special interest only to the descend- 
ants of Stephen Patterson and Lucy Adgate — and of Erastus Patterson and 
Sarah Ann Gifoert.") 

Mattiie^v Adgate, of Canaan, X. Y., b. Norwich, Conn., May 
13, 1737, was the son of Matthew and Hannah Hyde Ad- 
gate, of Norwich, Conn., and a great-grandson of Deacon 
Thomas Adgate, one of the thirty-live original settlers and 
proprietors of Xorwich. His grandmother was Ruth Brews- 
ter, granddaughter of Elder "William Brewster, of the ''May- 
flower.'' His motlier was the daughter of Samuel Hyde, of 
Norwich, b. 1070, d. 1751). He was prominent as Chairman 
of the Committee of Public Safety, during the Revolutionary 
War, and after its termination and about the year 1790 he 
removed to and settled at Adgate's Falls, Chesterfield, N. Y., 
his purchase Ijeing made from the State of New York. 

Elisha Gilbert, 1st, son of Samuel Gilbert, of Colchester, 
Conn., b. 1715; married Hannah Adams. He d. at New- 
Lebanon, July 23, 1770; she died July 31, ISOO. 
Their children were — 

1. Elisha Gili;eet, '2d. 

2. Sameel Gilbert. 

3. BEXJAiiiN Gilbert. 

4. John Gilbert. 

5. Joseph Gilbert. 

6. Lydia Gilbert. 

7. Folly Gilbert. 

8. Hannah Gn t.ert. 

Elisha Gilbert, '-M, b. March 23, 1747; m. Sarah Wheeler, 
b. Oct. 24, 1740. He was a Captain in Col. W. B. Whitnig's 
Regiment New York Troups. His commission from Gov. 


Geo. Clinton, as Captain tliercin, is dat<Ki June I'tl, 177"^,Init 
he held the rank as early as Sept. lM , ITTii, and euinniriTided 
his company at the battle of Saratoga, Septeniliei-. 1777. 
ilis commission as " First ^lajor,"" l)y (iov. Clinton, is dated 
June 13, 1791. He < lied at Xew Lehanun, Jan. li', 1.m'3: 
she died at Xew Lcbanun, ]\[arch S, 1Sl'5 
Their only child was — 

Elisua (riLiiERT. 3d, b. May '2.^, 176S; m. Feb. K), 
1703, Ellen Yanderpoel, b. May 21, 177o, (ian. of 
Abram and Mary YanValkenberg Yanderj.oei. He 
d. Dec. 7, 1S57 ; she d. July -20, 1834. 
Their children were — 

Elip[i.\let Wheklkk, b. Dee. 19. 1793 : m. Lvdia Hall 

Monroe, 1819. 
Stltestek Pool, b. Sept. 11, 1795; m. Polly Vander- 

poel, 1S2G. 
Sallie, b. July 9, 1797. 
John Marspi.vll, b. Jan. 31, 1799; m. Amanda E. 

Betts, 1S22. 
Horatio Nelson, b. Nov. 1, ISOO; ra. Julia Ann 
Peirce, 1826. 
. Polly, b. Oct. 17, 1802. 

Elisiia, 4th, b. June 7, 1805 ; m. Elizabeth Baldwin. 
David Polk, b. Jan. 2, 1807 ; m. Maria Spencer, l'<32. 
Sarah Ann, b. March 20, 1810; m. Erastus Patterson, 
Oct 24, 1832. 




Abraham Pattkkson, page 10. 

Was a private in Col. Cantield's Regi'rent of Connecticut 
Militia, in service at West Point. X. Y., in 17S1. 

Samcel Patteksox, page 17. 

AVas Lieutenant in Captain 'Jhnsted's Couipanv, Col. 
Beebe's Roirinient, Connecticut Troops. 

Epuraim PATrEKsox, page "21, 

First enlisted Aug. li, 1776; was Sei'geant of Captain 
John Strong's Company, in Hoisington's " Pangers,"'' 
raised in '• Cunil.ierland C<_)uiity," X. Y. This was pait 
of the present State of Vermont, then known as the '"New 
Hampshire Grants,"" and claimed by both New York and 
New Ilaiupshire. Its troops were recorded as '' Rangers,"' 
"Green Mountain Boys" and "Cumberland County 
Minute ]Nren," and were generally authorized and com- 
missioned by Congre.-s, and not formally accredited to 
either of the claimant States. This service would indi- 
cate his removal to Piermont, X ew Hampshire, at a 
date later than given in the family recoids, probably 
early in 1777, as he entered the service from that State 
in July of that year. 

MATniEw PATrEu-<'X, page -22, 

First enlisted in A|iril, 1775 : was Ensign in Capt. John 
Sedgwick's Sth Company, -ith Regiment, Connecticut 
(Continental), Col. Hinman. Was Lieutenant, 1770-77, 


of Capt. John Stevens" Company of Col. Bnrrall's Con- 
necticut (Continental') liegiiuent. and in the siege of 
Quehec he was taken prisoner in the aiiair at "' The Ce- 
dars/' near Montreal, May 19, 1776. 

Isaac Patteksox, page "22, 

Was a Lieutenant in Vermont (New Hampshire Grants) 
troops prior to his removal to Piermont, Xew Hamp- 
shire, and service in that State. Xo rolls have been 
preserved giving the detail of his service. 

Benjamin Patterson, page 23, 

Was a private in Capt. Samuel Young's Company, of Col. 
-Bedell's Xew Hampshire Pegimeut, December, 1777. 
Was a private, June, 177S, in the Company in Col. Be- 
dell's New Hampshire Regiment of which his brother 
Ephraim was Lieutenant. 

Abi.jah PATfERSoN, page 24, 

Was a private in Capt. Van Benschotten's Company of 
Col. Briuckerhofl"'s Xew York ifrom Dutchess countyi 

SuERiiAN PATrERsoN, page 25, 

In 1775 was a private in Capt. John Sedgwick's Sth Com- 
pany, 4th Connecticut (Continental) Regiment. May 
26, 1777, was a private in 7th Regiment Connecticut 

Hezekiah Pa'iterson, page 25, 

Was a private in 4th Company, Sth Regiment Xew York 

John Patterson, page 29, 

Was a private in Capt. Smith's Company, of Col. Philip 
Burr Bradley's Battalion, Wadsworth's Connecticut Bri- 
gade, the greater part of which were made prisoners at 
capture of Fort Washitigton, X. Y., >" l6, 1776, and 
were imprisoned in Xew York city. i "Capt. Tur- 


ner " of the fiiniily record, vras Thomas Tanner, of 
Cornwall, the Lieutenant of Capt. Smith's Company, 
and the '' Col. McGaw," therein mentioned, refers to 
Col. Megaw, of the Pennsylvania Line, who was in com- 
mand of the garrison at Fort Wasliington at that time. 
Ichabod Patterson, page 30, 

Was a private (aged 15), in April, 177S, in the Company 
in Col. Bedell's Xew Hampshire Regiment of which his 
father Ephraim ^was the "Lieutenant. 

Joseph Gilbert, , 

SiiicEL Gilbert, 
Nathaniel Gilbert, 

Were privates in Capt. Elisha Gilbert's Sth Company of 
Col. AVhiting's 17th New York Regiment, in 177S. 

Ackley, Eliza, 37 

Adj^ate, Lucy W., 31, 43 

Adams, , 18 

Bassctt Family, --28, 40 

Barker, Harriet, 44 

Mary, 44 

Beach Family, 16, 23. 37 

Beard, Clara, 25, 36 

Beers Family, 35. 4^ 

Beardsley Family, 16, 24. 34 

Benjamin, Gideon, 1 27 

Bell,, 32 46 

Flora, 4"' 

Bessee, Herman, 37 

Benton. Mary Jane, , 43 

Bennett, Hubbell, 35 

Bishop, William, 44 

Bisseli, Mary, 36 

Blaine, Isaac W., 46 

Bliss family, 45. 4^ 

Bloss, Rowcna, 24 

Booth Family, 16, 17, 25, 27, 2S, j],, 40 

Bonney, Abigail, 2t), 39 

Bostwick, Sylvia, 34 

Buell, Fanny, 33 

Bucklev, Polly, 34 

Burnham, Arvin, 37 

Daniel, 37 

Burton Family, 2S, 40 

Camp, Sheldon, 37 

Calhoun, Jedediah, 36 

Chandler, Sarah, 21, 30 

Clarke Family, 26, 39 

Cleveland, 34 

Clemens, Phoebe, 37 

Conklin Family, 24, 35 

Cornwell, Sallie, 38 

Cotter, fames,- 42 

Cone, Elizabeth, 33 

Crook, Mary A., 46 

Curtiss, Mary, iS 

Curtiss Family, 27, 28, 4° 

Dayton, Marcena, 25, 37 

Dishorn, 35 

Downs Family, 25, 36, 37 

Ely, James, 3S 

Enos Family, . ._3i, 45 

Everest hamily, 26, 37, 3S 

Faniesworth Louisa, 44 

Fairchild Family 24, 28, 34, 36, 40 

Fouler, Hannah, 35 

Frazier, Anne, 25, 36 

Frisbie, Polly .\L, 36 


Gansevoort, John R.,- 45 

Gilbert, Sarah Ann, •__ 43 

Polly, 39 

Gifibrd, Anson Evans, 4:; 

Gibson, Cornelia S., 45 

Gorhani, Amy, i- 

Goodsel!, Isaac, 37 

Gold, Abigail, 3S 

("rorton, Sophia, 44 

Green, Gilbert, 3:; 

Gritiin, Elizabeth, ^o 

Hall, Martha, 24, 33 

Hayden, Jemima, 30, 4? 

Harris Family, 32, 46 

Hartwell, Susan, 34 

Haines, Muuson, 2S 

Hitchcock Family, 31, 43 

Hill, Marijaret, zS. 41 

Eliza Sackett, 42 

Ameba Esther, 42 

Hindman, William ^g 

Hopkins, Freeman, ^^ 

Hulley, Waitstill, ^;^ 

Hoyt, Robert, 43 

Hubbel!, Hannah, 24, 34 

Hubbard. John, ^t, 

Irwin, Jared,_. 31, 4^ 

Rebecca, 43, 4:; 

Jackson, Deborah, 16 

Jenkins, Nathan, 35 

Sarah PL, 44 

Jones, Hannah, _ 22, 32 

Abbie, 26, 3$ 

Samuel, 29 

Johnson Family, 26, 3S 

Judson Family. 26, 39 

Kini;. Mary E., 46 

Law, Thomas, 26 

Lake, Jabtz, 34 

Le-avenworth Famiiy, 34, 35, 36 

Lewis Family, 17, 27 , 40 

Lilingston Family,. 2f<, 40 

Lothrop, Hannah, 32 

Marks, Mary, ._. '6, 25 

Marsl.ail, Mary, 32, 46 

Betsey, 3^ 

Mallory, David, 44 

McEwcii. Ruih. 17, 27 

McCuilough Family, 31, 44 

McBurney, James, 31 

John, 43 

Melvin, Luther, 44 

Middlebrook, Dr., 28 

\?itcheI1. Man,- M., 32, 46 

Morehouse Family, 17, 16, 35 

Moseley, F.dwin, 30 

Murray Family, iS 

Neal, Sallie, xt. 

Nichols. P'.unice, 16 

.Xoble, M.ircena D., 25 

Noyes, William P., 32 

Osborne Family, 16, 25, 35 

Parinlee, Betsey, 38 


Andrew, 6, 16, 24, ^^, 

Abraham, 16, 24, 

Abijah, 24, 

Abigail, 24, 2S, 33, 34, 

Abigail Ann, 17, 


Anna, 17, 25, 26, 35, 37, 

Anne, _. 17, 

Amaritta, 2^,35, 

Ashbel, 21, 32, 


Aurelia Jone?, 


Beulah, 17, 

Betsey, 31, 36, 37. 

Benjamin O. F., 



Caroline, 39, 


Charles, 16, 17, 24, 27, 33, 36, 

Clarissa, 25, 39, 41, 

Cynthia R., 

C>iithia Noyes, 

E)avid, 26, 35, 

David Welles, 30, 

Elizabeth, 16, 17, 25, 32, 35, 


F.lnathan, 16, 25, 





Ephraim, 21, 

Erastus, 31, 

Esther, 28, 

Eunice, 17.25,26,27, 

Eunice Ann, 

Fannie, 37> 

Hannah, iS, 25, 26, 31, j^' 3'^, 


Harriet, 37, 

Henry A., 34, 

Hezekiah, ■ 25, 35, 

Isaac, 22, 

Isaac Newton, 

Isaac Dayton, 

Ichabod, 30, 

Jane, 3-. 3*. 





James Alien, 

Jacob Morrell, 



Joseph, 17, 

Joseph Wadsworth, 32, 

John. _ ^iS, 2i,,29, 32, 2,3, 35. 37, 42, 

Joanna, 24, 

Josiah, 21, 29, 30, 37, 

Josiah Shclton, 

Laura. 37^ 

Levi, 33^ 


Lucy, 28. 

Luther, 31, 33, 

Lucretia, 3], 


Mary, ..1 8, 22, 26, 2S, 30. 31, 32, 

37, 39. 40, 

Mary \ oucglove, 

Mary Jane, 

M.itthew, 22, 32, 

Matthew Adgate, 

Marks, 25, 


Maria, 28, 

Marcia, : 

Marcia Ellen, 



Martin Luther, 


Nehemiah, 25, 36, 

Parthenia, 21, 22. 23, 31, 

Phoebe, Tl 2S, 40, 

Phoebe Welles, 


Polly, 34,36, 

Khoda Elizabeth, 



Saloe, 31, 

Sallie, 34, 

Samuel, 17, 24, 2S, 32, 34, 41, 

Samuel P., 

Samuel Francis, 

Sarah, 16, 25, 26, 35, 

Sarah Chandler, 

3 1 





44 ■ 








Siriih Maria. - __ .13 

Sherni.n, 25, 37, 39 

Silas, 26, ',9 

Simeon, 35 

Stephen, 22, 31, 43 

Stiles, 33 

Susannah, 35 

Temperance Ann, 27 

Thomas, 17 

William, 17, 27, 42 

William Marks,- __ 36 

William Charles, 41 

William \oyes, 46 

Zachariah Tomlinson, j6 

Peer, Elizabeth, [5 

Naomi, 17, 27 

Samuel, 4.0 

Peck, Phoebe, 40 

Pendleton Family, 2S, 41 

Perkins, Rebecci, 35 

Plumb, Benjaaiin, 40 

Pratt, Linus, 23 

Preston, Stephen, 37 

Remington, Elisha, 37 

Russell, Thomas, 22 

Kowland, Esther, 17, 24, 2S, 2} 

Rowley, Jonathan,. 31 

Royce, Lucy A., 33 

Rockwell, Abb}rene Shaw, 42 

Robins'^n, John, 35 

Ryal, Isaac, 34 

Sage, William F., 43 

Sarah Elizabeth, ._ 46 

Salmon, Anna M., 45 

Scott, W. IL, 45 

Schutt, Ira, 23 

Sherman, Marv, i6, 2^ 

Sheiton, Sarah, 30, 42 

Shannon, Samuel, 31, 44 

Epiiraim P. , 44 

Smith, Nathaniel, 35 

I'hylinda, 34 

Samuel Wells, 4,4 

Teachout, Minor, 37 

" hroop. Wealthy, 30, 42 

Thompson, Reuben, 37 

Tryon, Jemima, 31, 44 

Turner, Lucy, 37 

Turtle. William, 3S 

L'ffoot, Anna, 17 

Van Tassel 1, Rebecca, ^->,^ 37 

Wadsworth. Fliiabeth, 22^3- 

^Vate^man, Sar.di, 32, 4^ 

Watkins. Anne 16, 24 

Ward, Polly, 35 

V\ akeley, Family, 25, 35 

Welles, Phoebe, 21, ~9 

Weils Faniu) , 2S, 30, 4 1 

Webster, Marcia A., 32, 46 

\\'ilson, Samuel,. 45 

NN hiting, Cornelia, 40 

Woo Ibridge, Mary, 21, 30 

Wood, Resjlva, 44 

Vounglove, Moses, 30 

p. -24. 

p. 31. 

p. -50. 

p. 49. 


For -Abigail, read -Aiu.tah. 

For 'LcTiiER 1704, rt-id 1790. 

For ^Aeii^-ML, read ^AiuJAir. 

For Record of Milffarv Service, read "AonrnoxAL" 
Record, dec. 

Of Tin; Six 111 (texkkatiox tiiruuoii 


/I. Ekasil's PArri:i;r-ox,'' I 

Sauah a NX (tHJ-.KUT. \ 

/I. p]i.i-^UA Gir.i;i;i:i.'"' I.. IIi!<].-e':i. X. Y., Oct. lMi, 1S;33: 
'''^ in. at KeiH'tlLi. WisL-oiisri. Sept. I'l, ISOl, E!!en 

^laria. d:ui. of lj:;iel K. aud FiTiiiccs Ames Tefft. 

^ -2. EiiASTus AiM.ATK." h. Kudsoii, N. Y., Xov. 10, 1S37: 
/\ d. at Sniir Lake, Te.\a^, An--. 31, ISOT, ^vhile Audit- 

or of the Ga^ve.-ruii and IK'Ur-tou 11. 11. Co. 

,Z. Lucy Ei.i.kx,'''- i>. irrid-on. X. Y., July lo, 1S39: lu. 
/ May iM. l,sH3, ru..^> (,). Sidney. 

^ 4. Sarah ( iiL];i;i;r.'' i'. X'cwark. X'. J., Jan. 1, LS-io : d. 
/ Bi-onklyn, X. Y., j[areli 23, 1ST2. 

Of TiiK SKVt:xiit Iii.xi:i;at[i)X TiiKonni 
L Emsha G. rArrr:i;.~ox,''' ) 
Ellkx M. Tkfft. \ 

.1. Euastfs Tkffi-,' 11. Kcnoelia, Wis., Sept. 30, LS65. 

2. Laura Fkaxcf-,' !.. Kenoska, \Vis.,Mai-en IS, 1S70; 
111. Titusviilc, i*a.. Jan. •_', iSOO, John ILnnmund 

y 3. IIei.kx MAia.Aincr,' b. Titusville, Pa., March 24, 
^ 1873. 

y\. :\[ixxiE Irfxe,' b. Titusville, Pa., X'ov. 23, 1874. 
y5. Jessie (tilklrt," b. Titusville, Pa., Oct. 4, 1877. 

0. Alma Aih-aie," b. Titusville, Pa., Dec. 17, 1SS2.