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Wbfli 1DD 





















WBRTHEiHn, Primer, 52, Lemmi St., London. 

P J 4^55 



The following work claims the merit of origi- 
nality, and though it may not be perfect, yet it is 
hoped, it will greatly supply the want long felt by 
those mofe advanced in the study of Hebrew. 

When I was applied to at first, to construct a 
Hebrew Lexicon upon a regular plan, I was well 
aware of the difficulties which I should have to 
encounter, particularly in the English-Hebrew 
part ; difficulties, which by many must be deemed 
insurmountable, considering the vast diffierence 
between the two languages, the former so exube- 
rant in words, and the latter so deficient ; and how 
can it be considered otherwise, (to say nothing of 
terms relating to recent discoveries and inventions,) 
if it is thought that only those words can be received 
as Hebrew which are found in Scripture ? I have, 
however, acquiesced in undertaking this arcfuous 
task, principally for the good of my numerous 
pupils, whose progress in that language has ever 
been my chief aim. 

Aware of the embarrassment which the inexpe- 
rienced would feel in attempting to compound or 
paraphrase a word where it is indispensable, as 
also knowing that they must be at a loss to make 



use of proper idioms, I have endeavoured to relieve 
them as much as I consistently could ; and I have 
therefore added several thousand words, such as at 
first vsrere not intended to be inserted ; to admit of 
which, without increasing the bulk, and consider- 
ably enhancing the price 'of the work, I have made 
room for them by dividing or omitting words, and 
supplying their place by a dash, wherever it was 
practicable. This I hope will serve as a suflficient 
apology for my having adopted such a method. 
Lastly, I have appended a number of English and 
Hebrew words, the expressions and ideas of which 
appear to be the same. * 

From the candid critic, (whom I need not remind 
not to prejudge the performance,) I have, however, 
this to ask, since he will find in the course of the 
first, as also throughout the second part of the 
work, parts of speech, constructions of verbs, and 
tenses, which are not exactly found in that single 
book, the Bible, that he will not condemn them 
as new coined ; for I have made use of no other 
words or phrases but such as are found in the Tal- 
mud and in the writings of the ancient and modern 
learned Jews, who, from Grammatical analogy, and 
by means of the kindred dialect, the Chaldee, were 
able to express themselves on all subjects fully 

*They are mostly collected from Parkhurst*s Lexicon, and, 
in order (as he says) that it might tend to fix the meaning of 
the Hebrew in the learner's memory, and at the same time 
entertain them in finding so many words preserved in their 
language from the primitive tongue. 


and properly, and whose writings are far |beyoiid 
the criticism of the Hebraist of the present day. 
• I have only to add, that, as it would be useless 
to particularize the various authorities for certain 
expressions, dispersed as they are through a great 
number of volumes, which are rarely in the posses- 
sion of persons in this country, I will just mention 
a work in Hebrew and German, entitled DiM^ 
Q^tin^il compiled on the continent, about twenty- 
five years since, by the learned 2^\ p KHin^, to 
which I am under particular obligations, as having 
afforded me excellent materials for the construction 
of this work. 



Verbs being generally considered as primitives, 
have (with some few exceptions) been placed before 
the other parts of speech. 

Where a word bears a variety of meanings and 
is differently expressed in Hebrew, that difference 
will be found particularly pointed out at first : as, 
Abiding, see Abide. 

Things which have only of late come into use, 
or are of recent discovery, and can therefore have 
no term in Hebrew, such must be despribed by 
their particular name in English, as also in Hebrew 


by the general term of the class to which they 
belong; as,forCo/ee, mustbesaid,i/2«p h'S^ Coffee 
beariy or i/Qi^p nilDDH 712 a bean called Coffee. For 
Tea, ^£0 ^h}i Tea leaves, or ^£0 D*»313Dn t^hv leaves 
called Tea. For a Pound weight (the standard weight 
of the Hebrews being now unknown) n313 7pB/D 

A dash, (as noticed in the preface) coming in the 
place of a word, will accordingly be repeated as 
often as the same word would be repeated, and 
also for as many words as are to be supplied : as. 
Adverb, 4al, h\if for bji^T] ISn bw 4aUy, 

— ^nnD, for ^i/an n»n ^ma. 

The Particle vtJ^ which has only been made use 
of as a sign of the genitive, may generally be omitted, 
and substituted by the sign of regimen ; thus, Bib- 
lical knowledge, is expressed by B/^p ^i<*1pD Pj/n^ 
without h^. 

As a number of compound Hebrew words, used 
to express one English term, will frequently extend 
from one line to another, the pause must not be 
lost sight of, for if there is none annexed to the 
last word of the first line, that word must be read 
together with the first of the next line : as, Clothier 

An Imperfect tense noted in English as being 
irregular, if regular in the Hebrew, is omitted, as it 
must be formed according to the rules of Grammar. 

As a Verb may convey different ideas by the 
different prepositions annexed to it, they must be 
noticed wherever they occur. 

The plural is especially set down where it is 




The Root is given wherever the word is defect- 
ive, unless it appear in one of the words under 
the same head. 

The Chaldee and Rabbinical Hebrew have only 
been inserted either for such words as have no 
term in Hebrew, or are most commonly expressed 
by the former. 




part. pass. Participle Passive 

N. noun 

pL Plural 

prep. Preposition 

pron. Pronoun 

R. Root 

8. Singular or Substantive 

V. Verb 

a. Adjective 

ad. Adverb 

Ch. Chaldee 

conj. Conjunction 

f. Feminine 

f. s. Feminine Singular 

interj. Interjection 

m. Masculine 

m. s. Masculine Singular 

* before a word, denotes that the preceding m. s. only 
belongs to the word or words thus marked, and which 
alone must be declined according to gender and number ; 
and the other word or words standing in compound there- 
with remain undeclined. 

° before a word, denotes it to be declinable according to 
person, gender and number. 

• • if prefixed, denote the letter to be prefixed to some 
word ; and if postfixed, the letter to be postfixed. 

is instead of some word which must there be 






.— or - supplies the repetition of the word immediately 
brfore, whether in the same line or in the preceding. The 
larger mark is in the place of a Hebrew word; and the 
smaller in that of an English. 

// // under some words denote that either of them may be 
used together with what is annexed. 

Hollow letters show the word to be Rabbinical. 

p underneath a word, denotes it to be modem. 


Agitate, for ?'»m read 5.W 

for Appertain, to belong — Appertinent, belongiog 

August, for'^Ty^p — ''^P^^ 

Copartnership,— H'^tDBJ _ >lWtp' 

Deist, _— ^ttJD?nj33-, m. 8. — a {f^DPP :)?Sj 

Deluder, — see Deceiver 

Desqrve,/or ' •"? ^Wl * ^^^ '^'^ ^ ' '^'''fl^r ^P^-p ^^*^n 

Of, — Pf^rah — Sarah 

for Unlikehood — Unlikelihood 




A, An, (is understood, as ^13^? * Hebrew.) 

Abandon, 3t^ *B^Da *nJT -ed, given up, ra. s. •BrlC3| * HiaT 

aiTj; wicked, m. s. r»na>3 *nnt8^ -ment,*nB^cfl3 *nn''aT 

Abase, TStt^H ♦p33n -d,m. s. ^atfi^ *;fa3a -ment, Tlif:? 


Abash» D73n to be abashed, D/BH -ment, nD'^/3 

Abate, ^n5 (the wind or illness) 1aj;;tO h'^VT^ R. ^^p -ment, 

njtf'l JP *11;f "13 ♦niVj? the quantity abated, if"1^3 
Abba, 38 ♦ '>38 R. n38 

T • T 

Abbey, (for men) Hg^^O D''B^n3rn, D'^B^IEI?)?? m 
Abbot, -^ — ^38 Abbacy, ----3813315^0 
Abbey, (for women) B>"'8D ITiB^n^rn. nitth^nDn n">3 

• •• • • • • 

Abbess, D8 R. DD8 

Abbreviate, H^j? -tion, -ture, 115^ j5 -tor, m. s. "IVP-P 
Abdicate, iDD* • '0 T. ^tS^O -ation, iT^'DP* "D T n3"'B'P 
Abdomen, I^SH'/Tinm * Ilflnnn"'>i;p Abdominal, -h^ 
Abecedarian, 3'8 TDzP Abecedary, 3'8 l^ 
Abet, ma ♦ T^DT\ R. JT^D -ment, rnjn * nnDH -tor, m. s. 


Abhor, h'ai '2]3n*1(0 ^reace, ia.s.hvS3i 'Hairtn *Xp\^ 

-rent, m. s. hniD *3j/n: * pj??^ -rer, m. s. 3;;np \^ge^p 

Abide, (in a place) Ibjtf *n38^ *2Wl to support, ^•>3n ♦ ^3^3 

-ing, m. 8. np'ijr *2p\> *h^^2t? 

Abject, m. s. ^QB' ♦HTSi *nT3p3 -ness, ni^??^ MHr^ 

-ly. -3 

Ability, power, r\hb\ *n3 skill, ^38^ 

Abjuration, njt;i3B^3 H^l* Abjure, Hjtf 13?^3 "K^fil ^|f lUS 

Ablation, • •» Hn^j?^ -tive, (a case) Mmf Dn^Dtt^ 

Able, skilful, m. s, ^""S^D tt^''^. -bodied, m. s. *pTn *m)t^ 

rl3 n^3'> ^j;3 -ness," ri3 ♦n^i*' *i5Th ♦Dyjf *h2\» 

Ably. -3 

Abluent, m. s. plDD *1ilDP Ablution, pMDn * iinn^ 

Abode, V. a. ."13830 1^» T^n * n1«^ ni''n -N. 385^10 

pi. ni3B>10 R. 3B« -ment, omen, fllS pi. n1'>n1« 
Abolish, 7t33 -able, m. s. vQ'S^ Abolition, 7^t22 
Abominable, m. s, 3Jfri3 * l^pll} -ness. Abomination, nSjtf iTl 

f(5ef Abominate, ^I5tt^ Ojt/fl 
Aboriginal, m. s. llOlP Aborigines, D^Jfl/O D^^B^'li^ 
Abortion, 7^3 Abortive, m. s* *'\F\J} Itb^ 
Above, (in place) h]3 *teP *nj|(0^ more than, ••» ^r\\> 

^U, naiB^«n3 -cited, yjn (being the initials of) 305311 

1*171/07 over and-, m. s. vbv 
Abound, to be plentiful, TttD niann to have plentiful, m. s. 

TNP ♦laj? nain ♦lV»1^ *B^; Abounding, m, s. 

About, round, •3'^3D concerriing,n^5l * HJI bjJ near to, ' '3 

bring-, 3pn every way, n381 HJ^ 
Abreast, m. s. *nT ^V« *nr ♦ 'WK ^8 *a^''« 


Abridge. IV pH -dm.*. ")V jj -««»*, "Wfp 

Abroad, widdy spread, 3Hnp7 witiiout daan, pH? in ofter 

countries, nriS? ^n 
Abrogate, TSrr '^p? Abrogation, iTl^ 'hm^ 
Abrapt, sudden, DlKHS rough, \jy^^ (perstm) m. s. * Tllld 

nrjp? unconnected, m. s. n^TO ^ni»a -ness, 'rnfi * tlT^H 

niTHD ♦nnj;ia -ly, -a 

Abscess, HTian ♦ n«fe^ R. Htt^a 

Abscond, »2nn 'DJirnn -er, m. s. K3n3 *D^ifr>D 
Absence, pn"1D (of mind) T^j^fl niVBn R. n03 Absoit, 
pnnn (the mind) fl^ll PI-iDn -N. Absentee, m. 8. • pllTl 

Absolve, to acquit, H^j AbsolTed, m. s. '*f^ *11Ed^ 
Abflobite, unoMaditional, m. s. tnhpl^ arbitrary, m. s. p'ltf 

not relative, m. s. inM Jy, TBlTC!? Absolution, nipj 

-ory, m. s. n)?3P * "^^^ 
Absorb, £^a Ab8i)rpt, m. s. Jih^ * vJ^J -ion, njtf'>5'9 
Abstain, IJOtt^n '^^ ♦mn Abstemious, m. s. TW 

nsna^D .^ess, abstinence, iTJlSfMS^n *nnMa -ly,-n 

• ►- • • 

Abstention, H^^^P 

Abstract, to separate, tff^ppJl •THDH to abridge, Hif j? -N. 

llif j? -ed, separated, m. s. tWS^QJ^ * ^l?? refined, m. s, p|5tD 

Mediy, simply, JlliDti^flJ separately, Tn§5 -io»> "^''l^ "^^^ 

m. s. tD'^a^flP • Tl^' • If BP 
Abstruse, obscure, m. s. HDOP * D^D^ * pb^ -ness, pDif 

•»«©3 ♦nanpAbstrasely,-^ 

Absurd, -ity, * bafa^H 1^3 'riDiann -iy,*ioae^D '»^9 

• • • 

Abiradance, pkniy, 3*1 *n^{jl3 *ifp|^ -dant, m. s. 3*1 


Abuse, to reproach, t)'l2 *>)")n to ill use, * •■^hh^tyr} 

••hpyi R-VM N.f)n5i *ffnr] 'n^*!? nj"'/'g 

Abuser, m. s. ^"^JD *^'T[Hp 

Abusive, j^iia fjnrt W -iy, fii"np3 • pjinnsi 
Abyss, Dinri pi. nioin^ 

Academy, B^mSiTlT'B -mical, B^lSiTn^S W. -mian. 

Accede, "3 fliVT R. n^T ♦DSDHCh. 

Accelerate, "IHO * SiS -ation, ^^''110 * H^na ^ted, -3 

Accend, (8>« pi^lH T'jr3n n'«5fn R. n^'' 

Accension, n,"57"Tn TTT^?-! *n7J?3n 

Accent, Dfi^3 tin]? Accentuate, laiip ^JJ D^lp Dliy 

Accentuation,')l33^ DjPtt r»P'<«^ 

Accept, • -3 nllfl ♦ ^ap -able, m. s. "»1Vn -ably, liin? -ance, 

tiyT| n^lE -ation, n Jaj? ^r, m. s. ^af«? 

Access, 7^t nyip -ary, abettor, m. s. iTIJO * '^ • PP R- ^''D 
, accomplice, m. s, "7 "I3H -iWe, m. s. *V m ^'Ip'*. -ion, 

nSDln R. fp^ -ory, m. s. ^DID *^pl3 nSPI 
Accident, Accidental, casualty, mpD -ally, mpDS 
Acclamation, exultation, H/nV /1p praise, mill 7lp 

R.nT "■' , ' . 

Acclivity, njf 3|n nhvp Acciivious, h'^bt^^ ril3a 

Accomodable, m. s. lli^?^. jlS^J -date, to reconcile, *n'\t^n 

Tp:^n to supply, -nj* ^3^5 r. .^id ^tion, n^i^a 

Accompanied, m. s. )X\7 -nimoit, jTI? *n"l3H -ny, • ih'H 

Accomplice, m. s. "I3n *jn R. Upl 
Accomplish, to complete, D^/tt^H ^T\y?2 to obtain, S^i^f] 
to adorn, 773 to improve, \pj^ -ed, m, s. *'^Q*'' ^^/^9? 


Accompt, ^ISlB^n Accomptant, m. s. — /J/5 

Accord, to adjust, Hl^n to agree with, DSpr? Ch. to unite, 

nni -N. n»i?^rr *no3pn *T\nr]^ -aiit, m. s. D'>3pD 

Accost, to address, *7i^ "13*^ 
Account, to compute, 3i£^n to answer for, ^IBJJ'H ^il3 -N. 

computation, ]l3^n narration, n^ig,)D "^^SD on- of, 

TOfia *''39P ''hS^% "ryMHahii on whose,- ""p bfji 
-booki ](ii3i?tiri nianptrr nap -aWe, m. s. *nail 
Jlae^n i^^ -di, m. s. aitj^ ♦ att^na 

Accoutre, to dress, tt^37?7 *nni/ -ment, equipage, 1*133*10 
Accredit, to countenance, D^3& MiS^3 to procure credit. 

Accrue, to arise by profit, JllST 


Accubation, n^Dn R. 33D * ilTPD 

Accumulate, "liV A, m.8. nOV -lation, HSV ^nflDlH R. 

f\U^ -lative, m. s. fl-iplD -lator, m. s. n3iV *»)B^P 
Accuracy, 18^ * P1]f PV Ch.» Accurately, —3 
Accurate, m. s. 1130 ♦ -le^"" ♦ DSDVD Ch. 
Accurse, "ihi^ Accursed, m. s. "Tlli^ 
Accusable, culpable, m. s. DB^« •8>"'l* -ation. * Hjpe^ •HOtt^^ 

pnai nl^'i^j; -ative, ?ii;an Dn'< db^ Accuse, ♦;f">ti>nn 

pp|5^' ♦D'>a^ijil Accuser, m.s. "IT^.P JlPpJP nlJ''D]? 

XtSi^ p-ia^SD Ch. 
Accustom, V-nn •*?13n (oneself) jnifin ^ ^a*inn -able, 

nfrT] *:tn}12 -aWy, -3 -ed, m. s. ^''Jl ♦ ^|"jO * 'T'^n 
Acerbe, sharp, m. s. ^'*'1H -ity, mB^")n (of tonper,) FfTfy^ 
Ache, 3«3 -N. 

6 ACH— A.CT 

Achiveable, m. s. rtflfff* Achieve, tVtfJt * 7J7& -anent, a deied, 

n^P *nj'ljr$ Achiever, m. s. nWiJ * ^|f1a 
Acicular, tOlna3 R. tDin 
A<ad, fDh -iJy. rffifNOrj -uhte, fSH * J^h^, VnO Pilous, 


Acknowledge, rrX\'n R. HT •'Orr R. 133 -ing, m. 8. ♦T>3D 

mio -ment, iTTin *m3n 

Acorn, iTTHn "ns 

Acoustic, the doctrine of sounds, TJjnSQ^T\ Ullfl R. JTl^ 
medicines or instnnnents to assist the hearing, n1&Tiri 

fijt('»a^n R. t\r\ 

Acquaint, J[f '^HlH -ance, with whom we are acquainted, rxu s* 
IfllD nSD R. n33 familiarity, nj^/n*; fellowship, mifT 
R, njfT -ed, m. s. If^O* -^ 1/113 

Acquiesce, T\^ * DSDH Acquiescence, niK^ * nOSDH Ch. 

Acquirable, m. s. 3^ Acquire, T^WT^ -ment, attainment, J^tSf 
gain, tihy) 

Acquisitive, m. s. JI^D ' 

Acquit, to abeolve, T\^X to dischaige, *1D9 nment, '^% -tal, 

DniB^ -tance, naitt^ M^aj? an? 
Acre, iTTiyn np^n 

Acrimonious, shaip, m. s. ^^.H bitter, m. s. *l1nJ!p 
Acrimony, nianq 'nnnp ♦'•a^i? Acroamatlcal, pOlt ^^ 

Across, tie?^lf3 * •3D'l J * ^Tgl. '•riB'? 

Act, to perform, TW^t^ *h'V^ (in a piay) prjV -N. *phy 
T\\ifVJ^ ' r»^i;/9 -ion, a deed, rh'hii, *nfe^5 a battte, 
HDH^P a law-smt, pfe^^ ♦ tO^JJ^D -ionable, '^j^'^J'J \\}i 
-iye, one that acts, m. s. 7Jtf 13 quick, m. s. PnT Ch. * T^HD 
-ivity, niPnt *illTnp -ively,— 3 Actor, a performer. 


nfe^P ^J23(on the stage), ppVP *K«We R- nifB^-ros, 

• • • • • 

Actual, certain, T^D^ *)13^ real, S^Q Ch. -nally, '7S^? 
n^p • ]lD^9-ualne88, rVFiO^ *r»WaO Ch. -uate. put 
into action, TV move, T^H uated, m. s. PTT * "TTJJP 

Acute, sharp, m. s. ^IJf^ * P1 B. pp"T (p(»w)D} m. s. ^"nn 
subtle, m. s. Dinj/ -ness, fllpl * HDltf -ly, -3 

Adamant, TDtt^ -ean, Tl2p^ -ine, ")"«DB^ i»B^ *l'Hp Hl^ 

Adapt, r]^-)|f n ♦ i'>?n R. fia" 4on. "Tjtf '♦ n/^n 

Add, •^Jg H-ipin Tliap ^513 -ible, m. s. HpV| 

Adder, ^iQ-'aB^ *if Q^ ' 

Addict, 1tf^1> -ed, given up to, m. s. pHR Ch. 

Addition, an adding to, il^plH -al, l^pO'lF) * ^^D 

Address, to speak to, 'P^ iy\ to vnite unto, •7^ 3^^ -N. 
direction, nn^^n fin? J3$"^? nail? skill, 1*13131^ ♦Jf^O 
R.ifT mode of behaviour, D|B>9 *3n?lD petition. IT^^g 

Adduce, to bring in, K^^n R. K13 to alledge, Ib^ 

Adept, m. 8. f nn ♦ 'iin?«i'P3 Tnp 

Adequate, m. s. -b HlB^ -ly, tVlj8^?|l ♦^IP,^ -«58S,*"!I^ 

Adhere, pi'H-rence, ]T*p5*l -f^** ™* "• P?^'' "•*od» P?^ 
Acljaooicy, ni^np -cent, m. s. SlliJ 
Adjective, l^inn DJ^ 

Adieu, 'n ipia^ en ifl put for rnrr|) 
Adjoin, Ti^' nan '"^^ niS? -ing. m- s. a'lj? 
A4}oum, 19? ^i^r! ♦■)n« -ment. vpj nsn^n ninK 
AcijudgcOfeV '"ita ♦^S'9 -ment, 0|{^p *nyj *nb>hp 
Ai^junct, naDin r. fp^ m. 8. panp ♦ lanp * inv) -ion 

act of j<Nnii^, H^pln * I^JJ^l?} -ive, m. s. lanp 'TDXP 


Adjuration, nji^2dt Adjure, JEfBtS^H 

Adjust, to settle, njtS^n to put in order, *3'^P^'^ ^\pr\ 

Administer, to supply, p^afefH *P'^apn ^^^3^3 R. ^^ID 

Administration, Hpapn * ^3^3 -rator, m, s. DlDnCO'^Di^ Ch. 

• •• - •*** 

Admirable, to be admired, m. s. M/S^ -ably, it^/^tn? 
Admiral, D^'i'lKH U^yiil 21 -ship, 2"} THyp^ 4y, 

•• X "• p • 

Admiration, »hp ♦jlnsn Admire, .?jbr» 'i^bari 
Admirer, m. s. n''DnD ♦ Va**!/! K^SJ 

t • • • ^ • • 

Admit,]h3 Mt^nrT (entrance) «137 Htfi^nH Th3 -table, m.8. 

tn"' 'na^T -tance, nt<ahn Tiitsh Mi"«(8h 

Admonish, TV2^J1 * nntn R. JIS'^ -ed, m. s. intJ -er. Admo- 

nitory, m. 8. n''3lD * l^HTD Admonition, finalJl *mnTK 

Adopt, njsb (as a child) p2!? ^\2^ T<ph -ion, nn'>j?^ 

Adorable, m. s. 7\t\0 ' DOllD -ation, homage, ♦ HIDDl*! 

rnnip Divine worship, Cli^K ^^113^. Adore, IDIf 

Adorn, Tsin n*iu -ment, mn * nr 

Adrift, m. s. fjV R. Sjllf MntJ^ 

Adroit, m. s. iNnD *f>10 -"^' n'n^"^p *ni]r>*in -ly, -a 

Advance, (in age) D^D^J )X^2 (a loan) HI^H to aggrandize, 
•ynjn to bring forward, TJin J/^VH R. iflf* * 1J3 to 
propose, yj}"^ -N. a loan, H^l^'^ -d. ni. s. Hs nUn ♦ni/'^ 
-ment, 7113 

Advantage, to improve, 3"'tp'»n to promote, ^^j/lH R. '^i/' -N. 
-ous, m. 8. alta '^•'JtflD -ously, ^133^ *tnB^?a -ou8nes8. 

Advent, a coming, HS'^a R. «13 -itious, accidental, n'nj?0 


-ur^ to try, npJ-s-Ni ^^ * rTipjD -urer, one who tries, 
m. s, r?^3p an unsettled person, m. s. Hj^'H *7^ R. JTT* 
77p -urouBj dangerous, HSBD Ch. -urously, —3 

Adverb, bjl^ 1^:SP\ -ial, bf -iaUy, ^^"T^ 

Adversary, m. s. taanp ']'^^ *3Mt< *!? Adverse, -ly, 
oppositely, 1}^'? Adversity' PnV * njTJ *3V^ 

Advertise, to inform, g^^lfl to publish, D^3T7 ttn^^ '•ment, 
n^r^D * D"*?"!^ njjniO -er, -ing, m. 8. ir^TlO R. I/T 

Advice, rriji ♦D|fp Advisable, -ness, HJlD? r»V|f Advise, 

^ -diy, ro35ia^rr? 'ni/in 3!t8>>a Adviser, m.s.yiri^ 

Adulation, h^D R. ^^D -tor, -tory, m. s. ^D^PP * f^t\ 

Adult, m. s. ^113 ♦ 8^« pi. O'lB^ag 

Adulterate, 2'lJ} (liquors) THD (metals) 3^0 -erated, m. s. 

anifp 'h^ffD td -eration, aianj? Maingr) *anip 

-erer, Serous, m. s. f\H*a ' t]«3p f! s. nBKl3 *ns«3p 

^ne,DTO'ri3,,l^-ery,»)1W " , 
Advocate, Y^bon ' i^in R. pi* -N. pS*!? -^tion, HV^^O 
Aerial, belonging to the air, TIH Ch. 72^ lofty, I53| -ology, 

TWn mm R. HT -ometry. T^l flTTD riDDH 

•<H)aut, m. 8. HMJKlSl 'J^pli -oscopy, T^J^n n^^H^ -ostaticn, 

T'll^f n^**?? -ostatic, W 


Afiaird, m. s. 8T ♦fnS 

Ai&bility, civility, rt^D'*jra condescereion, (113^, -able, m. s. 

u*j!i * 13^ R. mji ^biy, n^j|5 ♦ n^p^ij^a 

All^r, 111 ■' \)2JJ ♦ pDiP Ch. 

Affect, to move, 3^5 T>j;ri R. IDH to imitste, nOTH (for 
HDinn) to aim at^ \\3 -ation, WS'ir! -ed, conceited, 

m. 8. rrK3nD moved, m. s. 'h •y'StD lorr R. iiDrr 

*hp, •VPnn inp?? afflicted, m. 8.3V1J3 ^ly, conceitedly. 

10 AFF— AFO 

mtt^^ hypocritical^, *l3n 37^ -edness, T\M^ -ing, mor- 
ing, m* 8» Tl^ijf P imitating, m. s. HSTO -pion, love, * HSH 
nSHi^ R. 33n sensation, JlV7J/3nn -ionate, m. s, 

nan • umi • dioqi 'X^d -ionateiy, ny^yrv^ ♦ riiaonia 
AflSance, nn^ nh3 to betroth, fenij -N. nn? * femfit 

Affidavit, nj^U^ 

Affied. nnaj w^ m. pL nns ♦■'^fi.5 
Affiliation, m. s. jy^f? nh '1^ nn>pV 

Affined, m- pL D'«3nnO 'Canj? Affinity, nim.j? 
Affiim, nbi^*D?n -aUe, true, ]X32 -ation, declaration, * l^dD 
IDJt oonfinnation, rrCO^n 'DrP ♦n3D8 -ative, "JTiavn 

•iD^n W R. mn ^tiveiy, 3i»na * nohn:^ 

Affix, pain *ipvn *"»3n 

Afflation, --a nrnaj 

Afflict, iii^ * njin R. nj"" ♦i'<«"Tri ♦nga •3''VI!l» •p''VO 
R. piy -ed, nnv:p m. 8. 2»,'i ♦njg: *3V^ 'HJi: -ion, 
nvp 'nnv 'jii; *n3ijr| '^Jir'avj^ 'ni^^-ive. 

Affluence, afflux, njfBB^ •l/SB^ ♦S^ Affluent, abundant, 

m. 8. a*! wealthy, m. s. TB^If 
Afford, (to bear expence8, or to 8ell) T\\Wp, /3^ to produce, 

tx^2n R. «"a to grant, \hi *njn 

Affranchise, I2^§n 

Aflray, n»p}i ♦na"'npR.3n 

Affright, Dix * in^H *njtf 3 -N. n^''^^ *"rn9 *nr)jj? 

Affront, D**]??!! * pjirj ♦ D''^5n -N. iin fiib * n^'ij'? 

-ive, m. 8. b''i/?P *D''i'5P 
Affuae, py^ Affuflion, fTJ^iy^. 

Afloat, m. 8. n^if nnij^ 

Afore, in time past^ O'^^^y' * Dl^P in front, njltt^JT!^ -hand. 

AF0-A60 11 

m. s. DHpn ^D'np -going, m. s. Dlj> -aaid, m. s. 

Aftaid, m. 8. KT * iiTt 

Afresh, again, qgB Ilj/ *tX'^t^ *3Ub 

After, in imitation of, * 1D3 behind, '^lOM -math, * tD^7 

u*nf * a^''np * irao -noon, unny ">nn« -thought, 
,,1^?? nfe^ari nns^ t^pj? -wards, -inK 

Again, moreover, 1^1 a second time,11'^^B^ *2^V^ *DJP& "^tl^ 
Against, in opposition to, ""TJ^? over-, "tVpHy **7lD? 

Agast, m. 8. PpDnb * HWlJt^P * DO WP ^ • 

• " ■ • ft 

Agate, 132^ ^ISl? 

Age, goieration. Tit century, HJg^ <1^P decline trf life, 
lEt^napT ♦'T5>nof.,m.s.'lDVJ2 nit^a Aged, (person) 
m- 8- tEl * D'lpja • K^. *ahB^ -(thing) m, s. |2^ 

Agency, managing another's affeirs, mWgi .*nnp^D R. 
DID Agait, m. s. l^j?B * 'IPHP 

Aggrandize, 7*73 -ment, fl^T^^ 

Aggravate, to provoke, D^JiPil to make virorse, JSJlfl R. i/Tl 

-ion, Djp? * njjnn nia-jrr 

Aggxagate, ^5?. *^C)« *"l3« -N. ^^9 /"^jp ♦ p3j? ♦H^'OK 


Aggress, • '3 JTIil -ion, m. s. mjfl -or, m, s. JTIJO 
Aggrievance, DDH Aggrieve^ DbH -d, m. s. DDHi 
Agile, m. s. I^HD Agility, niTHO 
Agitate, Jjyil ^JJ^itl -(a question) HSI (in mind) !ia^n -ation, 

ni/iT ^nrwn "n«'»i -ative, m. s. jgTifrp "jg^aig ^nsio 

Ago, long ago, O^^l D''P'P a mouth ago, a year ago. 
Agoing, m. s. ^^ln *i;a R. ])113 

12 AOO-ALA. 

Agonize, m. s. n|IfQ * 3Kl3 

Agree, to -to, "h flfcr **qi; D3pn Ch. to -together, ViSrr 
nnS n^ nf^n 'V^ni to strike a bargain, '"Oi} Tm^il 
-able, pleasing, m. s. nM3 ^ tiy^f 3 (to the senses, as hearing, 
smelling, tastii^) m. s. 3*1|f (person) m. s. ZllD Djgfi^ IS^H 
suitable, ^^£^3 -ableness, pleasantness, Djn ^ JIU"^' -ably, 
pleasingly, -^3 consistently, ]1D3/ -d, they " -together, 
V*ini ^Ttt'n ID'^Spn -fment, concord, ITI'in^lin bargain, 

tt: - 

Agriculture, HDliin nilS^ -ist, m. s. iTDTt^ **T3lir 

Ague, pjiTprr ch. nrn|3 
Ah, ■'in * rrnn ♦ Dn Aha, n» 

Ahead, further on, n870 i^l^ty**™- *• /i^lSO 
Aid, ntj^ -N. rnjjf n Jg .ing, m. s. irlj? Jess, -tTif pK^ 
Ail, Jl/H -ing, m. «. H/h -ment, ^tTI * H/nO 
Aim, ]313 ♦parr -N. mjS ♦ IJDip *ies8, njj? '^^^ 
Air, to expose to the air, Hn / 'S'^yln to warm, DTTTI R. 
DDH -N. wind, H^T the element, TJI^ Ch; gesture, n313n 
a tune, |1il3n *5]T]/ ^^iness, exposure, Hll? nHt^lH gaiety, 

2h 2itD -ini, nrirf ^iit^ ihrjD iiess, n-^jK p«5 

••pump, ?3^T p^"|P -y, gay, m. s. 37 316) windy, nvip 

Aisle, n^ain n''3 na^^nn 

■ • • 

A&r, m. 8. n^|?9 ri^r^ 

Akin, related to, m. s. • *7 3tl|J alike, nt. pi. D'^pll 
Alabaster, l^t^ 

Alacrity, niTnp *JTir''irCh. 

Alam, to surprise, T^nn to'call to arms, HOflJ'S^ JHJ^ 

R. in-i -N. ii^_ ^nTiri *non^p Tijg'nj? -ing, m. $. 

T -: 

AUB-JkhL 18 

:A^d(dioI« a powder, p^ ^QK bfaiidy, *)^ |^ 
Alconm, U^h^VDf^n T\llP\ 1^ 
Alcove, n3p 
Alderman, T^/H Y^l"* 

Ak, njjp^ rgat, -lai foh -btnwe; nj^ -ni^ftp •IT'a 

Alert, m. s. 1j5fe> ! fnn -ness, niTj?56^ * rWlTiq 

Aliai,n33 nt R. "IIT -able, 3D1'' R.MD 8ateablfe,in. s. 

13a'« -ate,3'>Dn **"toD ^33 (the heart) 3^ TDH -N. 

TD. 8. nilD *inD ^tion, na''DrT*r?TDD (ofmind) 
PgO i^B^ ♦r«;;'!j ^3«»3 R. ^^1 

Alight, "T'T (from a beast) Tjip 7&3 

Alike, with resemblance, m. pi. 'U>)t^ *D'>pl^ R. mt^ * HOT 

• -3 • -3 (as ran^? T^5'Uke master like man.) 
Aliment, 177373 -alj alimonious, m. s. 73/30 R. 713 
Alive, m. s. ^n keep-, HJII * fTTJ? 
AU, ^3 at-, noi«lD not a<> XXCmn m ^me, nWK Tn ^^H 

-over, 7!D3 
Allay, (metais) 3^pa 3*T^ to pacify, Jt/^J"in -N. iy«3'«p 
All«;ge,to tifltom,.I07n * l|n' -able, m. 8!^3^ -d, m. s. '^Vl^ 

R. Tja 

Allegiance, 1138;^ '.Ch. *nj?35n -an«5 m. s. nH^B'O *itJ53 

AUtgory, jl-ip-n '♦ h^U *B>n^ -rical. -^^79 

^'^Ueviate, nglH * ^gH R, ^^p -tion, -tive, m. s. *i^^pp 

AUey, "TTJI ^rm3»© 

Alliance, T^% (by nuurriage) |lfll|l AUies.lVTpi ■ vJtJ3 

Allision, rv^i% * JJ^^I^ 

Allot, "^ J^3'^,^n'-ment,fWp9M3D *p^ -.^n 

Allow, to greuc(t,.)i^ (an allowance) ph '\^h^ to-penmt (him) 

law ^uw'nahci to admit, -^ niirwt. irr *ospi3Ch. 

14 ALt— ALT 

to abate in selling, JTiPI^O ]h'i -able, in. s. jW *nfthi^ 

Alloy. Hi *rp ■ 
Allude, Dh *rbTCh. 

AUure, nna ♦ ^''ts^n * rv>^ * n^Drt r. n"'D n. -ment. 

Allusion, TDI * HrpT -me, m. s. TI^IP Ch. 

Ally, n""^Iil ^*13 (by marriage) IfinflH -N. m. s. *|Jnnp 

Almanack, n^^r? HI? pi. flini? 

Almiglity, 'Hg' 

Almond, Ipjif * rH^^ pi. U^^ 

Almoner, m. s. Jlpr^ "'«3| Ch. -y, Mlaf^D AjP^H iT^ 


Alms, rtpiii * D">"'aj/^ nariD -house, d"'W n-ia 

Aloes, D"«SlK"^nX Aloetic, -^E^ 

Aloft, above, h^_ * bjim R. rhji on high, DlnD * OnS 

Alone, TTa *n3^ *niTn''a 

Along, at length, "^^7 onward, nS/H -with, I5p all-, 

• T T •• 

Aloof, piniD 

Aloud. ^n| ^ip? 

Alpha, P)1^^ -bet] 3'«n nl^fMR -betical, 31^ TTD^ 

Already, HiT^ * n|f 3 * 1^ 

Al8o,D| *>!»< 

Altar, nD3 (for sacrifices) HSf D 

Alter, to change, 7738^ * *l"'7nC *o reform, ^gfl -able, m. a. 


ation, '»«8^ *f\^n *\)pr\ -atire, BJ^P DJ^pi Ha*}© 
-cation, 3'*T * T)^3I\ R. 113^ -nate, -nately, -nation, nlfl^yD 
-native, D\r\Wl? f^H^ ^^03 

Although, D30K '>3 DH >)^ 

Altimetry, cnfl riTTP f>©?H 

Altisonant, hig^ sounding, Df^JD*)^ D^iHl^l D^13*^ 

Altitude, height, HIlll ^ D^*1 

Altogether, completely, TJp * n^S without exception, TIIIJp 

Alum, in3 

Always, constantly, p^ pjgg 753 perpetually, * D^lJ/^ 


• T 

Am, (is understood, as ^}^ I am.) 

Amability, DJJiJ * ]n R. * pH 

Amalgam, D^jp -ate, J1D " 31J? -ation, ^^inni; 

Amasment,Tl3^* flap/ napj? Amass, na^ ^^3)? ♦^bK 

Amateur, (of arts) j;;nO nDpH ani« R. I/T -oiy, ^2^ 

Amaurosis, D^i'Uf TWISi R. ni 

Amaze, astonish, D^la^ * i*"'!'?*? -N. -ment, * 11082^ * tih^ 

nse^ ^ly, -3 -ing, m*. s. K"»^$0 ♦JtJ^J -ingly, 

Ambassade, n^3K?© *dor, "^IS^O * ^^y 
Amber, ID'^D flSS * ^DB^ -gris, ""nv 
Ambiguity, -guous, m. s. 11030 * DIJID -guousness, HDJlp 
-gusously, —a * p^pS Ch. 

Ambition, a? ]Tin33 -ous, m. s. "7133 *^'Tl*1 ^a? •WJll 

Ambuscade, Ambush, the lying in wait, ol s* "7 3"!^ 

a place of surprise, 31KQ 

Ameliorate, ]{^J? Amelioration, nipJ^ 

Amen, |Q|t 

16 Atf]t.rAJGfA. 

Aausnable, m, s. ♦ ^laj^p \Flh * ItiU * ^^^ • IT^P 

Amend, to grow better, yr\ a^'iH /HJE/in ^n^D 39B^ 
-ment, reformation, il^liS^ri reooveiiy of healtii^, HK^fil. 
improvement, \VpFi 

Amends, recompence, 7%!t|l satisf%ptioni .D!^ JD wtt^ 

Amenity, HtSH TDIJD 

Amerce, a?A5f.-m«»t,,a?5i; 

Amethyst, np^nijl 

Amable, m. s. aVIi^ * jlj ♦^JgS.-neBs^in ^Ogj. TinTg 

Amicable, m. s. ''llfT -ness, ]1]f T -ly, —3 

Amid, Amidst, ""^in^ * -'2. 

Amiss, CDaU'DD ^h *hw 

Amity, rTan»it*nn"<T. 

Ammunition, nan^a^mv ♦anp ^^3 

Anmesly, Hn^/P 

Among, Amongst, ""^In? **)^5* • '3 

Amorist, 111 ♦ 3n^P Amoioiis, m. s. ri^ng!.*Tl1|lip -oms 

poem, q^3JC Taf ^usly, pB^H^ * ^2^^^ 
Amount, "^l-JUn rt^^ -N, 'pji * ViD ^p" 

Amour, n3n» ^nojif 

Ample, copious, pflp ♦31 wide, m. s. TVnp -nM8,*n_n 
P13P * '«B"1 -liate, -lify, nrnrr ♦ ^n^rr -liation, -Ufication^ 

n^$P0 * rviypp -Utiide, V"t1i ♦ nin 
Amply; nn,3 *n$ 

Amputate, n*13 * ^if JJ^ticm, Hnn? ♦ rWSl? 
Araidet, ^^gjg 

Amuse, to entertain, J?B^|f tt^ to decdve, i^^TS 
Amusement, if Itt^Jgtg^ Amiisiig, m. s, J?Br|fltfp 
Anachronism, D^rUfH "ViyB^3 T\^Ji\^ 

ANA— AN K 17 

Analect, D''3ltt' D'HanSD WtQ'^h 

Analogical, li""?"! ^^ji -gous, m. s. "h nOll -gy, ^i'»p1. 

Analysis, TTS^ -tic, *Tng hf -lyze, Tl^H 

Anarch, m. s. hf}'yi^ R. ^^3 -y, 8">3'anjtf ♦ ^13^3 

Anathema, DIH -tize, 0*^111 H 

Anatomist, m. s. HriJP Anatomy, niH3n nOJC 

Ancestors, nl3» Ancestry, a« fl'^n * rrhST\ R. l^** 

Anchor, tJ"Uf3 nhn -N. .T3»rr"t3li; -age, ground for 

anchoring in, —JlTriH DlpD 
Ancient, old, ^Jblj? (person) B^'C'J long since, D*Tj^p -ly, 

0"«3iO"rj3rr Cp;? -s, who lived foiroerly, D'>3la^«"l. ni3K 
And, 1 (always prefixjed, as 7lS\ and all.) 
Androginal, OBCO R. HOtD * Pi3J'T?3K 
Anecdote, nfe^^D Tl&P 

Anew, a^tno *n''3B^ 

Angel, D^ri/R'^K/P -ical, like an angel, —3 
Anger, D""??!!' * ^ H T-Jl-jri -N.D^.S *P1V)3 *W'l 
Angrily, —3 Angry, — «7p 

Angle, nans j^.n r. nn ♦ jn -n. (to fish with) rar\ a 

comer, ^ifpD * mS 'H""!? R. HIT Angular, nU^VRP 

Anguish, Wa *n"W ♦p'ilfD TIp^P 

Animadversion, HDID *nn3ln -vert, "I'D"* *n'»3in R. nS"* 

Animal, a living creature, n*n gross, D2?3 Ch. 

Animate, to enliven, H^H * HTin to stir up, 37 \^il PtH 
-N.n»n B^ai -ed, m. s. "•n *37 rOS -ation, the act of 
animating, 37 nV^PlJtn -ative, tending to animate, m. s. 

n»np 'zh'^mt^ 

Animority, HT^t "♦ TX^^P 
Ankle, hu\^_ 


18 ANN— ANT 

Annals, 0^0♦^"^^n Annalist, m. s. — l^STD 

Annats, first fruits, 0*^1^33 annual masses, JllDtJ^3 mStri 

Annex, T>Dif .1 nSH * nn^ -N. m. s. TDVi n^HD 
Annihilate, fnDH 'TaSn ^, m. s. PH^i *l'2k -ation, 

••J" •— '^ ' T** T 

ma ♦|'ii3» 

Anniversary, n32^3"n3{!'"'»'TD nD'»a">"D"'0'»^ JH 
Anno-domini, DnVl^i"! na"? HJB^ 

• » • ■ " 

Annotation, "llSa Tnifn -tor, m. s. "183D * IlilfO 
Announce, l\&2 'V^l^H -ment, mijj^a ♦ HJJ'^D R. I^T' 
Annoy, D-iJ/pn * ^^7 * H'lV * H?? -a^ce. DJ?3 * V^?^ '•"'"JV 

-er, m. s. D^Jtf pD *VD^^ ' "ll'i^ 
Annual, D'>D'>5» 'HJa?^ -ly, nD''D"' D'»D''^ 'nja^l n3B>^*10 

▼J f"*"*"* T'T -t; tt; tt ••• 

Annuity, Hitt^? ph 

Annul, N'^jn n'^an *hm 

• ^ •• T •• ^" 

Annunciate, HB^S Annunciation-day, mij^3 Dl^ 

Anoint, ]Dtt?3 HfefD 

Anomaly, mt Jous, 1103 DBtt^S3 N^2^ 

Anonymous, Dg^ \7a *"'?'iO?« 

Another, not the same, m. s. lT\li one more, m. s. *1TM^ lIlT 

Answer, to reply to, ye^n * ."! jjff to solve, j^'iri Ch. -N. 

naia^]!^ *n3:yD *rnri ^we, accountable, n:;a a'lxr 

admitting of reply, yipi] suitable, m. s. ^133 

Ant, n^Da 

Antagonist, m. s."r|3np *]efef *1V 

Antarctic, 333.1 '333 ht^ 

Antecede, tyi^ -cedence, HDHj? -cedent, m. s. D1J3 -cham- 
ber, dJiK * "|^"ltil| Miate, \D\ DHipn -diluvian, m.s. 
^nari >3p5» *n>rF Antelope, ""^V pi. D''«aV -meridian, 
0?"7C!V'"? "'i!?.^ -mundane, 121 ^p<» )lD7j3 -penult 

ANT— APR 19 

nannsHD n'>e^Wn nj}^'ir\ R. i;i3 -rior, m. s. ♦ jyip 

"»3a^ -iriority, HDnp 
Antliem, te^Tb flTa?' 

v' ~ • 

Antic, m. s. n|a^p * ^Vnp Anticly, Tll^^h? 

Antichrist, nyia* "i^"*^ naano -iani oi"nfl3n min "rJ3 

• • • • • • 

R. HT 
Anticipate, to prevent, "D '^iS'n to foretaste, SiS^n Hin 
D^B^D -cipation, "D HSiW * D''3Q^D rT3B>nD nijn 
convulsive, p^SH HTn??!!! ^^H R. 7in cosmetic, 

m. 8. nsisn '^ai"^ rY^ne^a -dotal, -dote, dd^ nann 

man R. t\n -monarchical, m. s. r^D nhn^DUb li2JnD 
, -pathy, h]i'i -podes, I^.^JT nl33 ^1D ^DXt/'i] -podal, 



Antiquarian, Hl'^ilD^jSH ^pKp (J^l'l -quate, n?^ -que, 

m. 8. n^a * ]a^l3 R. ]ar' -quity, time past, nl''3i01^n D'>3B^ 

long ago, D'SIT D^P^O 
Antiscorbutic, m. s. 3^3n iB'ln -thesis, contrast, 

in'iiD D^tt'O opposition of words, D''B>''nDan DnS;! 

nr r»K m -trinitarian, B^^^n n^«a B^npp -type, 

-typical, m. s. T«y P R. 11!^ 
Anvil, Djfa 

Anxiety, trouble, HJiJ'^ Anxious,. JK'1 
Any, (thing) in'l ^^D1«P (person) He^NI Bf^'S (man) 

• T 

Apace, B^Ti * mnD3 vana 

Apart, plnip nn^ R- nii -ment, Tin 
Apathy, coldness, ni'^/jPS^'!' *19^ indolence, ni/Vi/ 
Ape, /Jin -N. a monkey, ^^p a mimic, m, s. /finp 
Aperient, a purgative, tOJJD EDJEf 9 7tS^7K^O 
Aphorism, 7/3 

• • 

20 APO— APP 

Apocalypse, ji^jn pi. nlalVH R. HTn -tical, --hp 

Apocripha, E'ip "'tHp?/' filnapo -1, nspD 

Apologize, pnyn^vi'O ^X"^^ (oneself) p^DV^ •^V5r»'7 

Apology, B^fl3 nip3 Tiip'nDvn • ni^v^i^n 

Apoplexy, DiRIiaTi?© ym^H'^h'S'n -plectic, -Vtt^ 
Apostacy, nilB^P *SJtt^^ -ate, m. s. 1D1D •HTJ T^DD 
R. T«D • 33le^D -atize, m. s. *ini "l^DH 

Apostle, D">nyi3n nnina n-iDiD r. m*' * ny 
Apothecary, nanfi^ r»npl9 npii 

Apparatus, furniture, T\]'2.i^ ^73 tools, HDR/D ^73 
Apparel, C^^^ 'B^a^D -N. B^is^O 'IJ^ ^JIID? R. HDJ 

■ • • * • • 

Apparent, m. s. ">1?3 R. n7J *D'»rr7n»"?3 Apparently, 

♦17J3 •D'^ri?^ ."18133 
Apparition, a spectre, »)l^ TVim pi. nl3l\tn R. Htn 
Appeal, DaB'P 3nj?rr -N. JO^B'P r>31)?rr Appellant, m. •• 

joat^D *nnpo 

Appear, HlXin ' /ll73n -ance, show, 1*1810 

Appease, D"'3B 133 *n?n *'^3?' -d, (one's anger) m. s. 

n33e^ *lHpn (a longing desire) m. s. •ll'^fT iTjI^IlJ 

-ment,nn$3 '">1«n 
Appellation, title, ""133 Up a name, 02^ pi. TWO^ 
Appellative, '>hh'2 DV^ DB^ ' 

Append, 15n * nbD -age, -ix, 11311 • .inapp 
Appertain, to belong, "b ^htl^ (as SIH 13^2? or Kin 'O? 

it belongs to us * H-nR ^D? who do you belong to ?) 
Appetite, hunger, riT^DKH riWR longing, mijri 
Applaud, naa^ ♦ yn Applause, n2f * H^l^ 
Apple, niaJ? (of the eye) ]"% p3 fjOS 
Applicable, ]13^ *^181 -catio?, the a,ct of applying, npifiJI 

n33q industry, 'h 3^ np''tt^ ♦flllfiri -cant, m. s. 

APP— ARA 21 

TD^P Apply, to study, Ith to suit to, ppH *]ito. to 

adressto, "^ la*!! 
Appoint, to fix upon, ^If. Difef "^PUp yj>^ '^'Vl ^^ha 

to determine, y*in -cd, m. s. XU?^ (place or thing) 1JJV2 

(time) Tj;flD (sum) 5)0311 flBh^ (man) n^HS ♦^fl^ tthlfi 

-ment, a salary, ph a post, mip3 stipulation, 1 V^ * m^l/iH 
Apportion, pyH 
Apposite, m. s.]lD3 Jy, -3 ^HJM *r^Oi^ -ion, n^DlTl 

R. flD*^ 
Appraise, '^^TJjT.n -ment, •?]'11/ -er, m. s. ^^"1^.0 
Appreciate, 36^n 
Apprehend, to arrest, tyfijPJ to comprehend, J^fefH * |^5*"' to 

fear, «T ^ion, Hfe^^aH ♦HiB^n %n33n •HHT ^ive. 

m.s.rao ♦«">'« 

Apprentice, ']'^2n -ship, •^S'^^tl''? l,1S^n '•D^ 

Apprize, ;;mn MTk flK ."1^3 -ed, 'h lfTl3 H^JJ 13."! 

Approach, to draw near, 21^^ * B>J3 -N. ITianp 'flB'a 

Approbation, JIlH R. ilVl 'nDapn Ch. 

Appropriate, to sd; apart, /"niin ' 2^)?'!7 Appropriaticm, 

Approvable, m. s. n^^^ "D^P"' Ch. 
Approve, • -a nin * D""??.!? ^, m. s. ••im 'DSPO Ch. 
Approximate, m. s. all)? -ation, ma"!]? 
Appurtaiance, • ' 7 HB^K 

April, \Q'>z 'tie^inn uhh 
Apron, rnijn 

Apt, ready, m. s. THD *p10 R. P^ *^^^ Ch. qualified, 

m. 8. -"IKT -itude, HyOJ^ *]'nf'3 -ly, ]n^P?l *tl339 
Aquatic, D^Sa •^'13 -educt, 0^5 H^^^ nW 
Arab, "la-J^ Arabia, 3ng Arabic, iy>a"«i ]1B^^ 

22 ARA— ARI 

Arable,. 3J^ Aration, HB^nn 

Arbiter, Arbitrator, m. s. IJS'QP -rariness, mV^*}Jf -rarily, 
-3 -rary, m. s. pnj; -rate, ifefB * V^H -ration, * HnB'Si 

W3e^sn nivnn 

Arbo^ous, U^V ht^ -rist, m. s. D^VJ^H nl^rSD^ ISJID 
Arbour, iTSp R. "]DD 
Arcade, niasn inO R. P|B3 

Arch, *^|J3 -N. part of a circle, M^S the sky, D^OB^H JIM 
a chief, B^NT ^^ITS -angel, a^^hrl "^R^O -bishop, 

ts'tinn jlDfT ch. iri3;tJP -deacon, ,;iojnn Ti?a 

]ri3n-t5P'? -deaconry, fllj??! -duke, C^thH ^1^» 

Archer, ntc^j? HniT 'vn ^^3 -y, \^n n""!")^ r\?s„^p 

■ • • • • 

Archetype, m. s. I^VD R; HIV 

Archiepiscopal, tt^t^nh tliS't^D hf -pelago, D'^^K flS 

Architect, a builder, D^J^H 3T -ure, |'J3n JIDpn -ural. 

Archives, 0*^133 n^3 

■ • 

Arctic, rcilav 

Ardent, eager, m. s. ^033 * Ppltt^P Ardour, ^D3 * ilpJIB^ri 

Ardently, —3 Ardous, m. s. HB^i^ ni3 
Are, (is understood, as 13H3R D^HS we are bretheren.) 
Area, a sur&ce, H^B^ 4 Q^^^ . 

Argue, na^n *n?inn *^§^5P r. ^^a.-ment, ^^a^a 

Arid, m. s. 2^3'' *2in Aridity, tJ^a'"* nh 

' **T **T v'y Y 

Aries, (the sign of the Zodiac,) HyP /J9 

Aright, pivvner^i^liaai 

Arise, to stand up, Q^p to ascend, 1I7JJ 
Aristocracy, D'>3hn flD^pD -tical, b^ 

• • • 

Arithmetic, \\2pm na«7P -al, --''Si^ -ian, m. «, 

ARK— ART 23 

Ark, nnn * |ln» 

Arm, to take up amis, ilDnhDh V^HH *'lt»rin to provide 
another with -s ^pn.H -N. the limb, J}Jn\ (of the sea) 
D»n l1tl?^ -bearer, D^^D 8Bfl3 .pit, nJ^-iVJi .ament, a 
naval force, n1^3»n '^^'^n a store house, ^3300 -ed, m. s. 

ri?n -ipotent, non^o ni33 -istice, nan^sn riTDif 

-our, £07B^ ♦ ptt^J .ory, a repository for arms, pB^3 n^a 
ensigns armorial, nJlBB^On JlDJlh -s, weapons, 

nnnhD "^h^ -y, «3if ♦ h'n 

Aromatic, n^T jhj Aromatize, H jTjn * Dfe^3 

Around, n^3D 

Arouse, Tlli; *T^»n 

Arraign, D'^B^Sn *tba^ -ment, iTne^l* TlJpef 

Arrange, r?n"*T"!^^ *">15 -nint, n33q ♦^IJ^ niD 

Arrant, very bad, m. 8.-"Hi<p J/"} 

Array, to put in order, ^"'"1Jt?n to dress, t^'3,7il -N. in order 

of battle, nnn^sn nanra dress, u>iii ins 

Arrear, linn IJI*^ 

- V V 

Arrest, to seize on, jJ^Dr) to stop, l){^ -N. n&>QF\ *1V£D 

Arret, niD^sn mw Djna 

Arriere, Dljnilgn ^^SlD 
Arrival, HS^i Arrive, »ia *jr^ri R. If J3 
Arrogance, 3^ lIlT R. TIT *m]l * njitf H R. ?«/ -gant, m. s. 
*ll * Ttp ♦D'laa rjj -gantly, 3^ \S'vk * nitra -gate, to 

claim proudly, m. s. *13SD Jll7*13 B^j5[3 to assume, Hillinfl 

• • • ■ • 

Arrow, ^H R, V^f H * fje^T 
Arsenal, plJ?3 n">3 * fll'ia^n 

Art (is understood, as nj^R ^u? whose art thou ?) -N. science, 
nVT! skill, njiari cunning*, nDTIf 

24 ART— ASP 

Artery, j3Qi^n T^pLD^plTP 'D'^Ta 
Artful, cunning, m. a. DIIJ^ -ness, nDnjtf * i^^'V? Jy. — ^ 
Article, 'DV naflH iTlB^ -N. a stipulation, ""Wn * n«1«^ 
/the definite-) ni;">Tri M Articulate, m. s. Tlia ' fi/'lBP 
-ly, inKaa *B^'nfla -atlon, the act of pronouncing. 

Artifice, fraud, niDnO ♦n»OT ♦D''^33 *™j?lf -ciaU 

ArtiuLry, ,"13^ njjj'^nan^D 4^ 

Artisan, a tiridesman, HDX^O ^^3 -ist, ]OKl * 3B^n 
Artless, honest, m. s. Dfl unskilful, m. s. n313J? 73fe^ •"IPH? 

-ly, npu; •'^3 

As, because, "^3 in the same manner, Iti^KS* * '3 as well ss, 
• O • O (as PimaJD nnaa^S servant as well as mistress.) 

Ascend, to mount, T^^JJ * g'^aJH ^ Dll -ant, height, ^22 * DH 
a superior, m. s. tJ^til -ancy, ^1Tli\ * "iJnlQ 

Ascension, niDDlT * mVjf Ascent, n^l?D 

Ascertain, to make certain, 1133^ «5f D * tS'^n * CpH * D».j? 
R. DIP -ment, n3)D» * HD^n' 

Ascribe, • • 7 3tJ'n DH"* (for tyn'> Heb.) 

Ash, ]"}K 

Ashamed, m. s. 8^13 *D^33 *"ian 

T ; • " T 

Ashes, IB^*!! *ia» (of a dead body) "IB^ 
Ashore, D»n ^llR 3 ^ ' HtJ^S'' 3 h 
Asia, DliJrr p« Asiatic, - -D 

Aside, n^) ♦ns^ R. mv * m3 

Ask, to require, yNB^ to request, niJ3 * K^jStS 

Asleep, m. s. \^'' 

Aslope Dlpj^ Ch.ifaa^9 Ch. 

Asp, a serpent, 31B^3J? * W^ 

• • • 


Asperate, Htt^pn Asperity, ^{J^p 

Asperse, nST S'^VlH "^^^ l^i? -io", H^'H ♦'^DM 

Aspirate, B^nfl3 SSDIl * Dp3 -ation, a full pronunciation, 

XDnOn. n2^n§ Aspire, ^QH 
Ass, n1?0n fern. Iln« wild-, Tlnjf 

Assail, to attack, • '3 mjnn jj ja ^nt, m. s. mana *;;j3 

Assassin, nnOS K'QJ HSD ' nV*1 -ate, nnOS Jt^Si H'Sn 

♦ nV» -ation, nriD nsD R. nD3 * nn**!?") 
Assault, • -2 m jnn r is -n. mm * nv^:^ 

Assay, to try, ]n3 -N. H^n^ 

Assayer, m. s. ^nl3 (of metals) ^"^VO * ^"1^ 

Assemblage, ^^a|3 * nSlDS *"iaV -le, to meet, *f)P«rT 'S^isn 

pijn to call together, x'3,p_ *fpVi ' ^nj?n -ly, nav^^Cl? 

t^iip *nQD«* mi; R-llf"" house of-ly,nD33n 1J}^ Jr2 
Assent, • "3 H^ * DSDH Ch. -N. X'dil * nOSDn 
Assert, to affirm, DN3 * "libK -ion, D83 HDit 
Assess, r\X l"ni;.n * DD^ ^hj -ment, "^liP * DO 
Asaduity, fllTn? Ch. *rinj?B> -duous, m. s. P")T * IplB^ 
Assign, to transfer, *7^7 n^tJ^ I'DD to appoint, hv. Ij^flH 

-able, n^a'^ *1D)3"1 -ation, -ment, rF"l">pp * m«5 -ee, 

• • ■ ■ • • • 

Assimilate, ••? HBI 

Assist ir;[ 'jffia^n* -^ tDjg -ance, nijt; *T)v^^.y^i 
nnr^ -ant, m. s. iri;/ .^jt^iB^ia 

Assize, a court, yih D'^pSlB'n n3''B^^ the fixing of the 

price, weight, &c. pIlD ^^B^D "Ijtf B^ "Tljf R. 110 
Associate, 13n (oneself) liin*13nnn 'VXnT)T) R. iTJ/l 

-N. 13n *Jf1 -ation, msH * niif"i 

Assort, lip ♦'!|n^.r! -ment, T|p ♦np'^O 

Assuage, to ease, ^pH R. ^^p * nain to pacify, "]3a^ 



-agement, -asive, m. s. h^pi$ * HBip -ager, m, s, *^3g^P 
Assume, to arrogate, nwnn *n1^^3 B?|53 to take, J^ph 

-ing, m. 8. n»|09 'Hl^n^ •B'iP.SP -ption, the taking to 

himself, 1? niT^p / -ptive, m. s. HSIO 
Assurance, security, T]02D * HiDK arrogance,* HW 
Assure, H^CODn 

Assyria, niB^K Assyrian, n^tt^K 
Asterisk, iTTJtf nS 33l3 R. IV 
Asthma, nil HVp Asthmatical, m. s. Hll l^j? 

Astonish, ■•rj;? »}h^n *n''pi;iri ^, * n»ijtt^n • Dn'jri 
-ment, KJ^a * iinsn * nae^ * noDttf ♦ n^xB^ 

Astray, m. s. HJ/h * HJit^ lead-, n;;nn * nJtfi^iT * n""!.! 

Astride, with legs open, D vJ")_ p'HS'Q^ 

Astringe, la'^l? * nifj; -ent, m. s. D JjD ^H^lP 

Astrography, D"»33l3n nsijyo nj^ni 

Astrologer, D"'33l33 mh -gy, D">33l3n nlTllK njm^ 

Astronomy, nli^TSni D^MlSn nj'On fnfln^ -ictL 


Asunder, mfi3 *n3^ R. 113 
Asylum, npHD * ^^^D 
At, by, in, • -3 

Atheism, Pl'^«3 nB'n3n Atheistical, huf' 

Atheist, ?f?»^ tS^nap ♦ 1^3 lfll3 Ch. 

Athletic, strong, m. s. DIVjB lusty, m. sv PTip •{J>>K R. 110 

Atlas, a collection of maps, IH Sn fl^aP 

Atmosphere, JIIIH ^|^5 R. ^^J • 

Atom, pi R. ppl n-ja Atomical, -^^ 

Atone, nj?5 •^:tf 1§3 -ment, Hl^^ 

Atrocious, (person) J/Bh * 11«D Jfl f. njC[8hp *11«P H^fl 

ATT— AUE 27 

(act) JJl^l nJS'jt/e) Atrocity, JTIJ/?^"! Atrociously, -3 
Attach, to seize, tffbn * ThK to fix to, p3r\ * T^yn to gain, 
over, D^"1573 np/ -ment, fidelity, ]pit adheroice, 

I • T • • 

Attack, "3 wa *mjnr! -n. nif»JB 'm^n 

Attain, If^an ^J-i^n 'kyD -aWe, JtSr« ♦8VS"« ^er, a taint, 

^sM nrna *]i^*n»'>vP ^ent. »« acquisition, n^i^n 

a quality, nj|[ip -t, to dishonour, ''Ql ihi ' jljff SifD 
Attempt, |ha *B^3 -N. Hyn^ * Htt^jDa 
Attettd, to wait on, ni'^'p Ib^ to hearken to, ^VKIl '2p^n 

to accompany, lil? -ance, ITIK^/ "^PJiiS "*°*'» '"*• '• 
mtS'O *ma6*nD"ij; -tion, the act of attaiding, * 3B>j3 
'"I3T8rr(ofthemind)n313-tive,m.8.]\mC •3''{J^j?D 
Attenuant, ^hlD *PnO -ate, ^"l^l •pT"' R- ^*?1 ' pPT 

• • • ■ 

Attest, TjPrr Attestation, ni"^ R. TiiJ 
Attire, {t^3^n-N. a^a^D 

Attitude, jnao ^T^n 

Attorney, (at law) D^S*!?"© Ch. Y^H in'ij} 
Attract, to draw to, "^i^D to entice, R^B^rT * n^H R. nN? 
-ion, n3">B>0 M^«2^0 NlDDrr -ive, m. s.TT>DD 

Attributable, m. s. 3e^n"» -bute, 3fe^n -N. "Vyjl *nhj}1S 

ATaU, ^•'Jfln -able, n^Jfifl^ -ment, n^JflD R. hp> 

Avant, guard, bynJl ""Jfi^ jn^H 

Avarice, nijyOp. ' Dli?? -cious, m. s. ^VDp ' '•^"'3 R. h^^ 

Auction, 13D TIlS Ch. -eer, 12D riDD 

Audacious, m. s. "iS^ Isjp 'D^ja •?];; -ness, 3^ VOi* 'f^ll? 

Audible, ^1p3 

Audience, an auditory, /Hj? a reception, D"'3§ P-'^i'T '???i? 

Audit, ah'n ♦ i*pn -N. na^n*^ • r^y^n 

a« AVE— AWA 

Avajge, Upi 

Avenue, «l3p R. «n 

Average, a mean proportion, "^Titr 

Averse, m. s. D8lD **V2'^V3 VI. -sion, hjj} 

Avert, "D ipn R.-nD*^"«Vn R. ^VJ 

Aught, noi»D *n31 ^3 

Augment, P]b^ ^tion, nQDin 

Augur, tS^na -N. a^nap Augury, tyil] 

August, (the month) 3» "'Jtf"*3in B^in magnificient, m. s. 

Avidity, eagerness, PJD5 greediness, W^S R. ^13 
Aunt, mn 


Avocation, the calling off, iT^Sn R. HDi 
Avoid, to shun, 7^n to escape, * 'D ^*D2 D^SH 

Avow, ncoan -ai, npiDan -ediy, B^naa ♦ '^iwa 

• • • ~ • , 

Aurora, the northern lights, "^JliJV p*13 
Auspice, an omen, DlK protection, ] JD 
Auspicious, m. s. Jlh)lD * "IB^ilD 
Austere, severe, m. s. r\T)*Jl^p * tJ^33*10 

• • • 

Austerity, nn nV'^p_ * K^SJ r>T"!P 

Authenfc np« MalSJ *P5 -ate, r>0»D' 19^" -ity. 

Author, (of a book) m. s. lariD -(of a thing) m. s. ^^Inp 
a">P0 R. 330 -itative, Plb^ *nj?Tni -ity, *\'\a'?^ * n3 

nhmD -ize, tsbtt^n * h^un * r»iB>-! tha r. njn 

• • • ^ m 

Autograph, Autography, T 113^113 
Automaton, m. s. vhUD iDyiTO rif l3r«D 
Autumn, *)"'pK Autumnal, — 72^ 
Auxiliary, m. s. l^^J} * ]''iy'b •Tail? 

Await, nan • ^"«nin r. ^n*" 

AWA-^BAC 20 

Awake, to cease to sleep, l^i>n ^ TIJf to rouse up, H^JJT] -N. 

m. 8. 'IJJ 
Award, to give, th3 to adjudge, ^}} "ita *TlK JOfejff -N. 

T** * ▼ * • 

Aware, m. s. "jriM * Mr Ch. 

Away, absent, m. s. DQ« * •^^'H begone, Jl^Ahn tt^^ *KV «^ 

let us go. ^^3n»^P 
Awe, HN^T -fill, striking awe, m. s. ii'llj .fiilness, illlD -less, 

•r •• • • 

Awhile, cms D"«D'' 

Awkward, clumsy, ]1pB^ p''0''J?3 DJ/D Hpn -ly, 


Awning, n^JKH np5P 

Axe,tt")3 ^DTlp MirjQ 

Axiom, hh^ *^D^ jPIT *""l^| ^'in^ 

Axis, Axle, "^j^in" iia'-n r. ^^j * ^^n 

Azure, r-'pi n^Dn n«"ID 


Baal, ^jy^ 

Babble, OTlQa^ HhB pB^B -r, m. s. Wn^iiff • Hflfe *pa^b 

Baby, -^in^y ^^iif 

Babylon, ^32 R. ^^3 Babylonian, "'j'Sa 

Bacchanalian, K2b Bacchanals, D^KZlD n^DH 

Bachelor, an unmarried man, ^UQ * pVI Ch. (at the university,) 

Back, to support, "itjtf * X^uh Ib^J -N. 13 R. HU * nin« 
give-, 3'<B^n go-, y\tl} keep-, pfe^Jtf * nifj; turn the-, 

^ITj/ ni§ -side, DH'inj^ ♦ TinN -bite, '^j^nai N-'vin 

80 BAD— BAL 

4)iter,in.8. nan •ir>yiO -buUding, n»3n "»lin« -ed, ■up- 
ported, m. 8. nTJ^3 * ]Jpp^3 "^lOD -slide, JJfc^^ * 33iB^ 
-slider, m. s. J/tS^IS * MlB^O -sword, Hin 3"in -ward, 
in.s.n9nD ♦ HT-wardly,11'>pi5 ♦ ni^VJt?? -wards (with 
the fiice) lYiai^i? in tii»e past, HlnS? 
Bad, (thing) 3lM tt^ 'J/l (person) m. s. uhhlSp 'IH. 

ti« •tfi^ih sick, m. 8. n^h 
Badge, ^uv * in R. mn 

Badger, B^nfl 

Baffle, to deceive, riQI to confound, D v3n 

Bag, pa^ ♦ D""? *rinn9« -gage, luggage," ."ITiaS 

Bagnio, abath,^nnDri n""? a brothel, 111331 TX^^, 

Bagpipe, rTSlSlplD 

Bail, "Igl ihJl -N. na,y, -able, ny^^2 nC)|> -iff, an officer, 

npW a steward, T>pa iwick, -y,Tj?Bn "lOWiT ]T^^|J 
Bait, (in angling,) HSO^ liTV to take refreshmoit, t2^^3 H^S^H 

to setadogupon, y?^ 8->B^n -N. • B^W M?''?^? * 3^ l^PP 

Baize, 2JJ "TJa 

Bake, llQK Baker, ilQlK 

T » 

Balance, to hesitate, Ty^lji /j^S^ to make equal, * DT^ 

^j?a>ori niie^ to settle, iiaa^nn its -n. oisti*?'!? ob^ 

tiaa'nn laa (in Astronomy) D"'.?TKp 
Balcony, nj?jtf.ib * ^V^ 
Bald, without hair, jrin]? -ness, ^ni)? 
Balderdash, ^13^3 R. ^^3 
Bale (of goods) is^^Vi^n nliy 
Ball, a dance, /FTD R. ?7n a globe, THS 
Ballad, 13^ '>ri1t!^ n^J? -singer, m. s. nlVin^l 11319 

Ballast, (of a ship) (Tasri ni^i» nooif© 

T T, T , T T — , 

BAL-BAJl 81 

BaUoon. (air-) nM2 .T^lJfn IM^ 

Ballot, ^nia 

Balm, «|")n b^J>Jl R. hhp -N. n^f -y,fragrant,m. s. JTl«»)nl3 

Bidsamic, m. s. K310 * ?'^pD 
Baluster, ]lDj? TlOg -rade, D"'3D|» DHlOg 110 
Balsam, an ointment, nV " IIOPIQK Ch. llODi'a Ch. 

• • • ■ • 

Ban, a curse, D*in a notice, rTj;/"TlO T^TDD R. 1?T 
Band, a tie, llB^p a company, 72U (of soldiers) "mil (for a 
woimd) nC^Snr) (round the head) '^'13^ (of a wheel) pM^H 

-box, ]itop^ rn« 

Banditti, Omtl^ 

Bandy, to toss about, ^^2\ 113 ^D^O R. ^ItO -N. crooked 
m. 8. apjtf ♦ nj^P -legged, D^^JT '•aiS? 

Bane, nntt^n -N. nna^ -fill, m. 8." riTIB^D 

Bang, Ti'Sn -N. nsp R. .133 

Banish, H^JH * tlhi -ment, ni^H * tS'nil 

Bank, a little hill, H^IIS sides of a river, nrtsri nl*Ta a re- 
pository for money, ^ynvti^ TV^^ -bill, '^jriyB^n H^^^jg -cr, 
•^jn^B^ -rupt, nCD^^B ^JTi * mlS TB^li^ 3T13 ruptcy. 

Banner, a flag, /Jl 

Banquet, ^llil nfltt^O * Pl^lia n"0 

Baptism, D'»K1v'Sn ""pa nj?""!? l^^np -al, ^^B^ 

Baptist, D^pa P11T ?iiD -ry,'o''«1^pn ip HlpO 
Bar, to festen, n'nin to hinder, J^iD -N. a bolt, nns (for 
criminaU) DnpSH 131D <for lawyers) HD ''511I' nV^P 

R. tv n 

Barbacan, a fortificaticm, DUVD * Ki^P 
Barbarian, a savage, DlHt S^^ -ric, foreign, It ^ T^l? -rism, 
ignorance, fljfl "IDh -rity, nV*1TpK -rous, ignorant, m. s. 

32 BAR— BAS 

Barbed, jagged, O'^Ti'^ri vihn Barber, 3^| 

Bard. TlltJ^D ♦ K">33 * T^D 

Bare, naked, m. s. D^Jtf -faced, m. s. D'*32l *^J} -foot, m. »• f)n^ 

-ly, on ley, pT ♦ "^Nt openly, '^1^J3 
Bargain, HIB^H * mnn -N. HKIfii^n • ^^:r\ 
Baige, tO»a^ t3» 

■ • 

Bark, (Uke a dog) n33 *\Sti;h X'^'O -N. rind of a tree, 

XJ} na'^i'i? ch. a ship, na^j? n^3»^r, m.8. 'naia 
llB^J ♦pin 

Barley, iTlllf ^ -com, (in measurement) (Till? fe^3 
Barm, D'^'JOB^ 

Bam, pa ♦ n-iijo 

Barometer, TMin Ch. nWB? '^^S -trical, i'Bf 

Baron, D^^h 13 * Ti^a -ess, D"''lin 13 flB^K '-"IT?? "«*• 

Barrack, HDn^Sn •>a^3K t-IIJD 

• • • 

Barrel, a vessel, IT^an 

• T 

Barren, (animal) iTlpj; 'Ipr (land) nn 'Hn^D nK 

unmeaning, p-| -ness, nni^if * ^''P'^l M'^H 
Barricade, 1^3 -N. -1^30 

Barrier, (to mark the limits) Dirwn Ch. mJDO defoice, 

n"71if p Barrister, f>^D ♦ jt^H '^"ij; 
Barter, T»Dn -N. miDfl • TPIO 
Base, a foundation, TlD^ a pedestal, jS • n3i3a mean. m. s. 

""irS *%\^ -neaa, niT3 * ^n^H n^5B^ 
Bashaw, nn3 


Bashful, m. s. |B>^.3 * D">3^ 2^3 -ness, D''aB fia^S 

Basilisk, a serpent, J?|)^ *'^2J}^'^ 

Basin, a vessel, ^^D *l|« *-|1a? ' »)P R, P)QD 

BAS— REA. 38 

Basis, ]3 ♦ HJiDP pi. nUl3P 

Bask, DDnnn 

Basket, 83CD * ^D * Dh^ 

Bassrelief, D»K)^i2 D^I^V R- "•''^ 

Bastard, "ITDO *D''313T fiaia Bastardize, to beget a 

bastard, Th^T\ 

Bastion, p"""! M^^lD 

Bat, (an animal) nna^an *^PV. 

Bate, to lessen, TIBD 'C'lJn 

Bath, (to bathe in) ^'HIO ' Hlf 01 (a measure) 113 

Bathe, D^SJ V^"? Batliing-tub, ^Dl TD 

Batoon, (of a Marshall) «3?fn ")fe^ .11315 

Battalia, Hpn^sri n3'3J;!.» -ion, «a^n p^n 

Batter, to beat, xhr\ -ing-ram, ♦^m ^'•K *^''a^3 *>)^'»3 

nnln *^gD R. pa -y, (for cannons) p^ *n^^^D 
Battle, 3"lp * HOn^D -array, MOn^On npijgD -axe, 

Dil")i5 * Ilia field of-, naign m 

Battlement, n^gD *1J?PD 
Bauble, a trifle, n3"5 ^^D^ 

Bawl, ^ip5 pi/v * ^:n? tilj? 

Bay, (for ships) D^ ^IB^^' (a colour) flD^ -»lt, 

... - V 

Bayonet, HSn .ia|n "lj?1 

Bdellium, H^'l? 

Be, ilSn *tS>:| as le?$a n» Vi^^ DK if he be willing, 
B^K ^3 nl"*!!^ that every man be, -V. pass, (is understood 
in the characteristic of the verb, as IDJH to be learned, 
IS? to be taught) 

Beach, D*n j\in ng^ 

Bead^, IDiC^ 

34 BEA.— BED f^ 

Beak, (of a bird) f\'\i}n DDh 

Beam, ]*lj3 ♦ p-ljn • ^^13 -N. timber, Hnip a ray, • fHf3 
pT3 a balance, D^Jtitsn D^B weavers-, ll30 

■ • • • * • 

Bean, ^1a 

Bear, to carry, Hm (a child) ih^ (in mind) IDT to endure, 

hlD ♦ h^b'S R. h^2 -N. an animal, 311 a rude man n;f3 
Beard, (on the chin) |J?T -less, youthful, D^^ * "^^3 

Bearer, a carrier, m. s. K'^ID 'Kfe^U a supporter, ^S^DD -ing 

• * 

gesture, JHJO • mm R. ntPI situation, DlpQ 
Beast, an irrational animal, *12nD '^/l/a ^H a brutal man. 

DIK N"ia -ly, m.8. P)|E)p * DHITip ' 
Beat, to strike, p^H * rT3n (plate) Jtfjsn * "TTI -in piecei, 

f &3 * nifi3 -en, m. s. n^ns * nsD R. naa 

Beatific, na^Kt m. e. ItJ'IXO Beatify, nB'^ 

Beating, TOD ' n«3n R. ilDJ * ns^np 

Beatitude, 1B>K • D'»»nV3n D'«''n 

Beau, naiOP -teous, m. s. Tin ♦ HQ^ -tify, ng>l * TIH -ty, 

''&■•> *Tin ♦ Tin -tifully, - 1 
Because, '^^^a *ni3p -nilli^^jl hjj *2'p^ 
Becalm, nil HSl'irT ttj5B>n 
Beck, nV"*-!!? • nrOT * rpn Ch. Beckon, (with the hand) 

TbT * Dh (with the eye) p.g ^hj? Dh nVjJ 
Become, to be made, "^ n\"l befit, --^ nlK^ -ing, D"'^3 m. s. 

ni»3 ♦ ""IXT ♦ -|B>3 • ]1jn Ch. -ingness, niD^Jtfp * ||np 
Bed, (to sleep on) 33(5>p ♦;;5^p R.ifV"» a channel, D^D p''a» 

a layer, Hgia' (in a garden) HJII^. make the-, r\» ^/''Vn 

Httpn -cloth, n^pfef -covering, ni"'pfe^ *^')D'3 'H^PP pi. 

ninra -post, n^i^n ^^^^ -ding, nlT^^i ninpai on? 
-fellow, i?'<n^ pif apitj' -ritj, m. 8. '^aa . n^pi nixi? 

33?'pi» -chamber, nttSn nnn -stead, \tnv * HWD R. 


BED— BEH 35 

Bedew, hhl^n 

Bedlam, D'>j^|t^P IV''^ -ite, m. a. f^^Q Vh» 
Bee, (an insect) n^l3''J 
Beef, nj?a ife'a Beevet, D^JJ^ 
Beer, "IDB^ 
Beet. Dn« a^"l3 
Befal, n\ 

Befit, ,13133 ♦Ti33 *n'«l«l *'«1i<"l ♦r»1»'« 
Before, not behind, tJ^lin? ^nalB^K'ia in the presence of, 
^2Sf? sooner, D*1tOSl -hand, m, s. DiP to be beforehand, 

Befriend, {Jn 

B^, to entreat, e^j93 *h'iip to ask alms, nfl^H hjj_ fpjl \^t^ 
-gar, m. 8. ]V51? M^'?? ^O^nn^H ^fi •ITln .«arly, in 
want, nn'?l? stingy, ni*^">Da R. Vl3 -gary, tvhl "llDnO 

B^et, to generate, "P/ln produce, T/lH 

Begin, ^nr? R. hhn -ning, n^B'K"! M^H^ *njru;ir! 

Begone, HK^l 2^3 R. B'J3 'SV «V R. «2f^ 

Beguile, nna ♦«"'ts>n ♦n">prrR. «2^3 'Jvd 

Behalf, favour, nnIO in^f, n^ICO^ 

Behave, inSflH Behaviour, 3n3D '032^0 

Behead, B^ttl n'lS T»Dn -ed, m. s. B^T * M^S -ing, 

u^tii mon • ^»p ch. 

Behemoth, JllOnSl 

Behind, following, "^nnSt inferior, m. s. "D JJ^ii remain-, 

"Tbi? -hand, in arrears, 3ln 1^1! (in time) IH^ 
Behold, n«T *rlTn 'f\^t^ (attentively) *Tia^ ^n-iJ^^ri 

f\'>ptt^n •0">3r! R. ^33 lo! HKl, Mar? -en, m. s. 

laWtt Ch. ^laa a-'ti^n^ •3'»n ch.' 

Behoof, ]iliy\ * n^tf^in R. ^r Behoove, ^ISH * TlH; 


Being, existing, m. s. ^)il22 existence, HIK^lfQ conditkni^ 


Belabour, pDl r\3n R. nSJ 
Belch, l^h^ Belching, p«in»| 

Belie, la^^n Mai m^n r. i«v» 

Belief, creed, ll2^D^ opinion, nV^ !VtD: * Hlt^HD Believe, 

IP^n -r, m. 8. pa^^lD . 

Bell. jlD^g *^3J?3P *n^VipR.i;iJ '^^S -man, ♦Pl?© 

^1p> Taigp Ch.' 
BeUe, n|lJ;iD -s-lettres, niaan TlilO R. TTO 
Belligerent, m. s. DH^J 'HDn^Da •ai^DD 
Bellow, (like a bull) Jl'jji (like the sea) HbH to clamour. 

Bellows, niap R. na: 

Belly, |2)| 'UTO -(of reptiles) \^r^S 

Belong, see Appertain. 

Beloved, m. 8. aiim « Tan 'TT 'ITJI 

Below, (in place) ••? nnriD *^^D^ inferior, m. 8.^n| 

Belt, £03?» • n-»l;in 

Bemoan, "t*;/ ^aKflH ' '^ 1&D 

Bench, a seat, SE'lD a tribunal, D^JJ^n 3B^0 R. 38^^ - 

Bend, r1fiD3 to crook, tt^^Jg to subdue, n^iT R. nHB^ 

JS?5?l' *^B3 -able, m. s. P)i^ *ntS^:) 
Baieath, (in place) -h nPinO *nj3D^D injferior, m. s. 

PJli unworthy of, m. s. • 'h D)^ \*H as ""^ Hlfc^ 'a^'>« 

it is beneath me. 
Benediction, a blessing, HDlSl 
Benefection, Ha^JH *D3n fl^nO MpTif -fector, -ficent, 

m. 8. npn ^pi: ♦lainp •3'>pp .fice, ^rtsn nm» 

-licence, ipn ni^-'O*! ♦'TDn -ficial, I'^^D Tl^J/ln'? R. ^i/"» 

V V ' • •• V V 

BfiN— B£f 97 

-ficiary. n|ini5 1^ If^ ^"13 -fit, nSlD ' nj'^lT! 
Benevolence, rrj?iv * l^H -lent,in.8. p-'-nV 'TDn 
Benighted, m. s. ♦vj'^ E^OB^i'ir «3 '•iH^pa'Tn ny^ 
Benign, m. s. ^^IDp * TDH -ily, HalD * IDH 
Beat, (from age) m. s. ^InS^ crooked, tS^j^ inclined, m. «. 

''"nnK •'«ID3 inclination, iTB3 
Benunab, 2^30 'Drn: DW -ed,in. s. B>BtO *Dma 
Bequeath, ^'•n^H ♦B^nln Bequest, H^na 'nB^ll^. 
Bereave, TIS ^W l^DHH* ' '0 ^til (of children) ^3B^ 
Berry, l^")^ R. TIJ 

Beseech, B^jJ^ *n|n^ ^^BH R. pn *bfi2 
Beseem, "^ n1i<"<*'>'tt<"l 
Beset, to waylay, • • 7 3*1^ to harass, ' ' 7 llf H 
Beside, Besides, near. 'h'HH *«TV3 R. TTV over and 

above, •^J/ 

Besiege, "ivn 'il^ •p'^VH 

Besmear, (with fat) H^D (with lime) HIEO (with pitch) li^ 

(with salve) ni£^ 
Besmut,^N| ♦t)!^ •Dm ♦'S|^5^ 
Besot, a^flO ♦ ^^in (with liquor) ")3B> 
Bespeak, to show, niSIH to order, l^il 

Bespot, ij35 ♦ Dnsn * ^'Da Ch. 

Besprinkle, "'?£ Htn R. HTa 

Best, m. 8. 3CD''0 * IHID* * -3 3U0 

Bestir, 1.10 ^T^iirnri R. l^JJ 
Bestow. --^ r\n ]^3 *'hy hb^ 

Bestride, '^Jg ihjj 

Bet, 3n^nri • *)? npn -n. rT|"ij2. **)3 nj;'>pri 

Betake, have recourse to " 7 H'P^ 

Bethink, recoUect, ibt reflect, plajlH * hn ih DW 

36 BET— BIL 

Betimes, soon, Hinp^ seasonably, ^F\02 * l3Dt3 

Betoken, TST Ch. (forDH) *nl«^ HINT it betokens, HlH niH 

Betray, (a secret) TlD rhl (a person) bji]^11 l^iDH 

Betroth, to contract a marriage, tJ^"l 8 

Better, superior, m. s. • • D 3itO improved, m, s. \fT\D (in 

health) m. s. KDT 
Between, *p3 
Beverage, njlB^D * nfja^ip 

Bewail, '-HaD •^^i;^3Knn 

Beware, • "O "IDB^H "intH 
Bewilder, mislead, n^.tpi7 puzzle, 72175 R- "P^S 
Bewiteh, to injure, D"'DB^3il "IV'7 *«> ^inate, 33^ 
Beyond, (him, it) ry^\r\^ Kin ]a (the sea) D'^ 13^D aboTc, 

Bezel, nvacsn nV3B>D 

* - ~ ~ V V ; • 

Biangulous, nl''ir ">]1B> rhjili ^I?3 R. HIT 
Bias, to incline, 3? nltsn -N. 37 n^DJ 

•• •■ •« aa • • 

Bible, B^lp >«1pD ■>3n3 Biblical, - -btt^ 
Bicker, \5t^S'pn'n MVaH * 3'»"in R, 311 
Bid, command, JV^i offer a price, 3^31117 -den, conmianded, 
m. s. ni^^p invited, m. s. «nj? ♦ Klj?a ^er, m. s. 3'ianD 

-ding, mvp * n-^i^fi 

Bier, nO K^p R. niO * iTtDJ 

Big, large, m. s. 71*111 pregnant, ITin 

Bigamy, D"i{S>3 '•fltt^ niS^ )S(m 

Bigotry, superstition, K1B> flJIOX Bigot, m. s. h nOV? 

BUe, gdl, nnO swelliiig, TrVCLU n«fe^ R. KB^3 Bilious, 
choleric, li^23 mO "10 R. 110 

Bill, an account, ]l3B^nn np^tt^ an advertisement, 
n^niSrr nap R.J?T (of debt) 3lnip?^Ch. (of divorce) 
ninn? nap rof exchange) n3"1fi ipe^ (of parcels) 

BIL— BLA. 39 

rn""?©?! 1^^ (in parliament) ninapH Ch. m.T^ 

a beak, ^Ij/n DlDh a hatchet, IfJPl3 
Billet, a note, 1DD 
Billow, "13tS>D * ^a 
Bind, to chain, IblJ * ph'^ oblige, 3*n R. 3in (hand and 

feet) Ip^ -together, D^T ' ^fc^j? -up a wound, U^IH make 

costive, ni^it; (a book) •^^S a sheaf, D^K Binding, *niJ>X 

TO *-|B>p *"IBK 
Biography, nlT^TJin IDD -pher, nn^lfln 3ril3 R- "T^"* 
Bird, f)1i; a- of prey, D»;; 

Birth, the coming into life, HT? R. 1/^ extraction, niTlD 
-day, ni^n Dl'> -right, .TllS^ 

Biscuit, D-'rain R. nfl« 

Bishop, a spiritual head, ^ri3n'|jp *t^Oi)n Ch. -ric, 

Bistouiy, tOIB^ ^h^ * TSty 

Bit, amorsel a]3D (of bread) Onh n^ (of meat) nfe^a f^p'inn 

a Uttle-, Oj3 * "ijgtO tOjtf 9 (of a bridle) JHD 
Bite, (with the teeth) "^^^2 to cheat, nST -N. np^iB^J *''^D1 
Bitter, acrid, "ID •"IIID -ly, Dnnpn -ness, nnnp 

• • • 

Bitumen, JlDt Bituminous, '^JIQT . 

Bivouac, IDB^O^ n^-i^a iDi; 

Blab, ^'•3"1 'Jf^ri Blabber, m. s. h''2l ••?|Vn 

Black, dark, m. s. ihtt^ cloudy, m. s. "lip mournful, m. s. 
IIJD -en, 'Vn^n *T"Tj?ri ddame, ""aM ]ha -cattle, 
D^j^a n)?3 -guard, ^jt/lj'? '^aj -ish, ' ih^n?^ 

mirina^ -ness, nmp * "Jina' -smith, Sna B>-in 

• •• • • *•'■ 

Bladder, a pustule, n^iaifS R. DJJ2 urinary vessel. 
Blade, (of grass) K2n (ofsxi instrument) 30 / . 

40 BLA— BLI 

Blame, '•q'i tii3 * D'»B'xn ♦ rthnn Dife^ -N. • nhnr\ * db^n 

'"D'n 'DID -able, m. s. SEDH D1D*^;;3 ♦DB^J* •B^» 

-ableness, MSDH ♦HDB'K -less, DID '•73 m. s. D"'Dn *1P3 

Blandish, to smooth, p^/Hn to soften, ^i3"1 -ment, 

Blank, (space) pn • lilS R. HHa * HDIXI? rX? 

Blanket, (for a bed) "lOV ""IDS n^DtJ^ • na-iDJ!^ 

Blaspheme, Pj'in *P)'n,5 -mer, m. s. ^"inp * ^"'J.^P -mous, -my, 

*\T\r\ ♦ f;i13 -mously, -1 
Blast, fl-iBf • ^i3 N. (of wind) nn r>5^3 (by a wind 

instrument) nj;;"'i?r> a blight, l1SS"12^ 

Blaze, to flame, £3n^ •niJ^nrr -N. 3.1^ Man^ *n3nW 

Bleach, ]5/l' Bleached, m. s, \^'a?T\ 

Bleak, chilly, mX R. PV njJ R. mp pale, TlH 

Bleareyed, m. s. flin? ri151 '"l^rJ? ^' "1^"" 

Bleat, phK^ * Hira -ing, nj?-!^ *<T>lJa 

Bleed, let blood, tn t^RH lose blood, tH bh 

Blemish, to defeme, TlS «lin' '-a ''S'l ]h3 injure, 

D10 1^3 • Pnn -N. '"B'n 'DIO *PT3 
Blend, 31i; ♦ ^^3. * ^3^3 
Bless, "?]*13 -ed, m. s. ^^3 **TliiP of ^ memory, 

HDia^ nDT -ing, nana 
Blight, f\'^f -N. iiD-na^ 

Blind, "1|IJJ -N. deprived of sight, m. s. 1^ (for windows) 
^VO R- ^^V a false pretence, H^JJ 'Hrh^, -ness, 

jinij; * Tnysi -fold, -3 
BUnk,Vi'3 v^ip nVi; 

Bliss, ntJ^» (of souls) D"«nV3 D\*n -ful, m. s. "«J^«P 
Blister, rise in a blister, J23if3 R. nj?3 apply a-, 
n;;i3I?3« ntt^i3nn3 B>3n -N. a rising, nifi3l?3« a 


plaster, n^i5i?3^ ritt^iartn 

Bloat, to swell, pVn -edness, n]?y^ 'HK^ R. »tt^i 
Block, to shut up, "V^n R. 11 V -N. (of wood) yj?. (of marble) 
rt^ ]3« -ade, N. HlV^ pi. nlllVP -head, B^ap -tin, 

pj5rq ^n| 

Blood, (fluid) 0"n lineage, Hn^iD R. ib"^ -hound, TV 3^3 
-shed, D'»P'n ni3"'at?^ -shot, DlIK -y, stained with- , m.,8. 
D"3 •KTD sanguinary, m. s. D^P"n •tS^S* 

Bloom, blossom, PJ'n^ ' fVn • pH R. p3 -N. a flower, 

rna * np * f v (of yo«*) rinna ♦ niinaf -ing, 

youthful, —3 flowery, nVJ n^^;/ 
Blot, to stain, DTlDn disgrace, ^9*1 ]il3 * fpjn -out, HhO -N. 

Blow, to give a-, HSH R. 1133 give wind, 2^2 * f\i^^ -out a 
candle, fire, t^l? "IS 7133 -the nose, P|K p^H R. pn 
breathe, nfaj "-a trumpet, hom,Jg^Jl -a flute, 7^n -N. HSD 

*n3"'B^3 *ni;'>pn ♦nn''a3 
Blubber, in'^i'^n rsnn pe^ 

Blueness, fl^S^ nKlD ^^ 

Blue, m. 8. n^3n HRie? 'insiQ * njso pif? •irjr 
Blunder, riifn *'ni;M **ri:ia^ -n. 'njB^o *^^r';e^ ♦ Njpn 

Blunt, nnpn -N. dull, m. s'. nn j5 unpoKte, m. s. p^^P'ipH 

np^3 -ness, niH^ *ri1)!g'»Jtf? D^Jtt "Oh -ly, ^3 

Blush, D^n put to the-, D"»^3n -N. HD'^^S 
Boar, n\tn -ish, swinish, — D rude, Ij/^ 

Board, to lay with-, D^B^'lj?^ t^^P C"?? (''* * femily) 
tnhef hff ^i3«a8">3nW hp ^31» «in Ae Aoar«& with 

't:\ '^ T •▼:% ^ 

we, to -a ship, nj3«3 p"»TT?n * iT3»n n^ fe^fifl -N. (of 
wood) yj;, ir\h 'ahj? a court held, D''VJg1>«^ HTg R. 


42 BOA— BON 

fip • Tjp -wages, nmjtn Tnp 
Boa«t, V^nnn * i»Qnn * na djtvj '^inn -n. a proud 

speech, HB njn'in *Tll7^.3rin cause <rf boastiiig, 

mNiin -er, 4ui,in. s. *h^T}T\u 'iKaTiD * HB • ymu 

••• • • 

Boat, ED»e^ ■'JH -man, n»3» ODltS^D -swain, ^3lnn B^JlJ 
Bodement, nlK as nlKH HT * K^il fllK this is a-. 
Bodiless, m. s. ^U *t3^Ml Bodily, relating to the body, * P^i h^ 

Bodkin, jpynp * oinD R. oin 

Body, matter, ^Si * DB^il Ch. a person, tKfiJ a dead-, Sl^H the 
■ whole, m. s. 1V3 R-'^^'^a a corporation np^q^ '" '' 

Bog, p R. rV3 '* IV -gy, -HK^P ^.^D 
Boggle, to hesitate, HB'^nH -r, m. s. HB^nD 

• • • 

Boil, to bubble, nj/a* * nhn to dress, h\&'^ 'TTn R. IW ^, 
mL 8. h\^2,n -er, nn^j? * Tn * TD * ina -ing water. 

Boisterous, /person) m.8. nDH * 2^3*1 (wind) *fTPb QVI 

nifp -ly, rn^^9 * nifp? * ts^Jia 

Bold, impudent, m. s. Q^^d HVP *Ti^ daring, m. s. 

a^ •f Ptf -ness, nM5 * nrif n • 3^ nv^pi<| -ly, -3 

Boll, a round stalk, h'^':il 

Bolster, a pillow, .n^DH 13 R. n£03 

Bolt, to fasten, IV^'yii sally out, nha -K a bar, nn3l 

Bomb, i^na n^13'-ard,V. aHT^ardier, ^3n">lD 

-ardment, 3 . H^'^l^ 

Bombast, D''P"^') D%"?i3i Ona-n. ' 

Bond, cords, D v^n an obligation, 3ln *1@t!/ Ch. -age, 

captivity, il^^B^ imprisonment, ITOtJt slavery, H^l^l^ 

-man, l^J^ -maid, HnSitfi^ -sman, 31J/ 

BON— BOT 48 

Bone, b)tV pi. nlDlfj; -less, D)tp '•^3 soft, rn 

Bonfire, nnpiD R. np'> 

Bonnet, nif3JD*"l«a 

Bonnily, '^pl^^B ^JTIO'^i/ia Bonny, m. s. 7)S^ • D^;;3 

Bony, strong, m. 8. D1VJ/ 


Booby, a dunce, m, s. tt^ap *'^J1B 

Book, l^p? Dith -N. "IDP -binder, D^Bp ^"130 -keeper, 

niaia^n ^ngo -keeping, iiafs^n ningo Imate, m. ». 
ispn jT^a^man -seller, onsp "»?io' 

Boon, a gift, naflD R. 1^3 a favour, H^'^in 

Boor, -ish, m. s. IJJZ * Di/© ♦nO -ishness, mnjga 

Boot, put on boots, n to "D^ ^^fSH gain, j;5f3 •H'^IIH 

-N. 7ir3 'irv 3 * nn -ed, m. s. T'7j-i3 r?w 

Booth, a staU, Dljn R. H^n * nSD R. ^30 

Booty, i»W *m3R.n3 

Border, a boundary, ^13il an edge, D^.^IB^ * ^^ * HV P (of the 

sea) naa^ (of a river) jin^ ' D»nn| R. mj 
Bore, 3pa (the ear) ]?» n» JtfiH -N.3p^3 *n3j310 Borer, 

a gimlet, JJV'ip one who bores, m. s. 3{7la 
Bom, m. 8. Tl'^^ 'n^U 

. T T 

Borne, brought, m.s. KaiH R; «13 carried, m-s. '•12^3 R. iHH^i 

Borough, nnn ""^jg? "VP R. "IIH 

Borrow, 7«B^ (money) Hi? -er, m. s. h»^ * HlV 

Bosom, the breast, p-iH -friend, m. s. llD 'e^S as nlD B"« 

my bosom friend. 
Botanic, -ical, D^HDy ^tt? -ist, D-'n^V? ""^ap? D3n -y. 

Both, in^ *''3B^ f. ^nf we--, ^^TO ^la""?^ *w^i?^ ye-. 

Bottle, a glass vessel, piaj?5 R- P^3 n^3^3T 

44 BOX— BRA 

Bottom, floor, if}Hj? foundation, 1^0\ the lowest part, 
]T^flnri from the- of the heart, 2v Hll'^^C) -of a thing, 
tvb6n R. n^3 -less, without a-, llD'^ "^^3 fethcmiless. 

Bough, >)^p * np'it ' nn^i * *)^ ^rr^a r. >pD 

Bounce, to leap, p3T *l^§]? * Jy^ -er, a boaster, m. s. 77iJhD 

Bound, to limit, /^JH destined for, m. s. ]?^Tp * \^')0 R. p3 

-ary, ?^3| -less, infinite, n^?5n v3 R. H?]!} unlimited. 

Bounteous, -iful, m. s. JiV!^ *2^ ^JVn *3n3 -eously, 

nnnj mia * nvan »»03a Bounty, nnnj • nauo 

Bow, (the head) "flj? (the knee) JP'lS (the bocfy) nhtt^ (in 
doing homage} i^lO^??^'? * ^^P to crush, nflB^n * ti^ll 
-N, (with the bead or body) n^lHRtJ^ * '"^Tl? * knot, 
HkJi^ (to shoot with) na^i^ -man, -"II -shot, -^inOD' 
-sprit. iT3Kn B^tha .T1tO|n ^ijn -string, DB^n nn"^D 

Bowelless, ITflDnn '^J?3 m, s; lOK Bowels, compassion, 
Waari'n the intestin^,mp ♦ D^Jf ID -sickness, D'^JJD "^^In 

Bowl,^^| -N. a wooden baU,pJ TO? a vessel, *^flp t^K 
*P1P R. «1BD -er, m. s. '^M^^ 'Erj^P 'J'?."^*' -mg -g*«eni 

iiB^^sH'^nKR. nn» 

Box, to strike, ri3ri -N. a blow, HSO R. HSl a case, * l'|rW 

nan * ^liR Box^r, bjIi^si^ qnV 

Boy, 1^1 -ish, Ij/J? -ishness, finga nfe^© 

• • • 

Brace, bind, TDVH -N. a pair, *TPV -d» m. s. TDV? 

• • • ■ • 

-let. TDy 
Brackish, m. s. UrPD 

- T 

Brag, ^Vrrnrr ♦ni^ann *nB 3>n-rn * ^•jjjnrr -n. 

• • • * 

ns rvanvi TnJiT^cinn ^«rt, m. s. *7Tidd 

BRA— BRE 45 

Braid, to plait, It^H *n3iP -N. IV^D *nl3^ 
Brails, JV^»n '>feriDD i^an 

• • • 

Brain, (within the skull) nto sense, 732^ -less, 7Dfe^ ^72 
-pan, n^J?^ R. 77JJ -sick, Taj'SD R. ^^3 

Bramble, pin 'im *nln * 1)3^3 'pViPi 

Bran, G>^D 

Branch, to spread, a>J03 *^J?npri -N. a boi^h, *rnpV 
»)3jP * iTWa ♦ ^i'T R. 9?^ •'n|3 R. SJB3 * pil"* pi. 

pi nia'^p ♦nya *nKB? pi d''«ds *<>?-, tdr (of a 

palm tree) PJD R. HiD (of a vine) ITllOT (of a chanddier) 

■ • • • 

mijp nap o<fepring, tD3fi^ * rmn Branchy, rTQip 
Brand, to burn, Ullf to mark with a brand, HlK HIS -N. a 
lighted stick, 1%* a mark, nl» npD 'ifSgP r>3h3 -ed, 

• • • • 

burned, m. s. niK HID? disgraced^ m. s. nS^H ♦KIW 

Brandish, fJ^JC 
Brandy, ^"^ ]^ 

Brass, hbpPi\i>n^ Brasier, tthH 

Bravado, a Inag, ni7'!}|]^rT Brave, to defy, * |1tfi^3 "T?^*? 

iNa^n -N. m. fl. mi *iipKi3 • ^^n *tB^» -ry, * rni3n 
nn nsoRa -ly, -3 Bravo, n'^'ih nsfe'a 

Brawl, to speak loudly, yip D^nn quarrel, iTton *)i''in * 3''^ri 

-er,m. s. HDin nlTD 3'n»t^K 
Bray, (like an ass) pT\\ to pound, rfDipi "^1*1 *ttff}DD28^f^S 

-N. pn3 -er, m. s. pHJ 

Braze, na'TOS p3nn -n, nahna -nfece, *na^n3 nxo 

D^3S t£ -nness, impudence, flltj/ 
Breach, a gap, Jtf ^|?3 " f19 (of friendship) VT^ mBT^ 
Bread, DH? -com, DH? W*^ 
Breadth, ITh 


Break, be broken»*l3^n break asundeOZIt^ -bread, ^JllJl^ 
OnSJ -a stone, 7b3 * SifH -a word or a covoaant, 
IT*-!? n« T^n (as a bankrupt) 1^ D">1^D5 20 -an oath, 
rfV^2p I'njJ -in crumbs, "iniB * l^'lQ -off, pha (a flower, 
fruit) f|bj3 * Pli53 -down, TnlH R. •n"» • ;;ia -through, 
(a camp) Jl^U^nUp^ (arule)ph hjj. 12JI *T7| fl^ to 
tame, JJ^W'? -•"> (upon another's property) 713^ J^PC 

• • 

R. JID^ -out, (as a fire) K2f^ (into pimples) 111^ (of confine- 
ment)* 'D ria -up, (as an assembly) nL^^DS^l^ D^bh nl39 

♦*vn« 7j;;d -t^^ inan -wind, (upwards) pna *£3^| 

R. nj}i (backwards) HM Breakers, U^ n?ltt>P 

Breakfast, LTih n'l3 -N. JTi^nB^ na * n^a 
Breast, that part which contains the heart and lungs, HTn a 
woman's-, IJ * *Ttt^ -plate, (for a high priest,) ]B^n armour, 

Hnnn ' ime^ -work, nona 

Breath^ (by the lungs,) HOB^J ♦ mi all in a-, finte nD''B^a3 
-less, dead, m. s. •laK? nOtt^jl ]">« * flD hurried, m. s. 

Breathe, to draw breath, TVn PjNB^ rest, tt^SSH -ing, a respite, 

nmin ♦ nnmn * lor ramn 

XT*— TT*— I""» -.Y* — 

Breech, "lln»*nln« -e8,D''D33D ^D^plB^ >r\3 

Breed, to hatch, DSH plot, 733 -N. offspring, HlylD -ing, 

education, ni3*in R. nm manners, jn3D * "nTI 
Breeze, a wind, iT^K^^^Q HIT Breezy, "Ip 
Breviat, rnVj? nj?r»^n Brevity, -ll^fj? 
Brew, (liquore) "ISB' nlfe^r. -er, m. s. 122^ •plfe'V -house, 

— r\^ii, 

Bribe, '^'m^ -N. Bribery, infe^ 

Brick, n33^ pi. Cn^ -bat, .-132^ H^^ -dust, 

D^33^ np5K -kiln, lafo -layer, njia '• i3i« a^nn 

BRI— BRO 47 

Bridal, njinp hf Bride, nV? -cake, fll^l^? nailf -groom. 

mn -maid, nVsn rii;"i njfiD 

Bridewell, nPIDlnTl^^lO n^^H R. n^> 

Bridge, (over water) D^O £n?iP.5 * IB^a Ch. Cr * ^j i i-" ^.: 

Bridle, to check, lifi; -N. ?B"I "^Vl/D 

Brief, extract, mVjP nj?r):ifrr -ness, Tl5f{5 Jy, —3 

Brier, (see Bramble,) Briery, D^Vlp D'^nlH 8^0 

Brigade, IH^I Brigadier-general, Tl'IIH JJ^81 

Bright, shining, JlB^Jtf * INHa witty, m. s. ^'^DSJ^D * Dnj/O 

-en, enlighten, ^•»3tKn ♦ l\nrn polish, ^dl * plO * MID 

-ness, acuteness, fl^p*^ * nD*^!/ 
Brilliancy, nrtt * W J -iant, sparkling, HlpR * ^5fi3 R. ri3 
Brim, edge, HDa^ *^a Brimmer, «^a Dl3 
Brimstone, Jl'i'ipil 
Brin^, n^D ""D 
Bring, to fetch, anpH ♦ tS>|n * ^"•nlH R. rtfXl * hi'' -about, 

ngn r. nno -back, n''tj'n r. mty -down, nnin r. tt" 

-forth, i^> ♦ »''V1'"' R- «2;"> -in, K">3ri R. S13 * >)&K -up, 

•"l^fiD (from a UtUe one) ^IJ * nai * ^b«l 
Brink, the edge, HSfe^ * T 
Brisk, active, m. s. Tnt * n\'l» * ">n * Oh^ strong, m. s. * tj/ 

*ppn * prn -ness, nirnr •n'n%'io -ly, -n 

Bristie, "ISP-N.Tmr! 3J nt\JJ^ 

British, '•aKOnn ^a^ Briton, ">i«6"<"l3 tS^''« 

Brittle, m. s. nST * "^in -n^, \\'^^'l TIISI 

Broach, to utter, tJha •j;/"'3rt *J?"'lln R. i;33 'l^T-ed, 

m. s. ^itlp IfTiO -er, m. s. EhDD * if"'3D * ^""llD 
Broad, wide, m. s. 3m -cloth, IIQ^ IDV 1J3 -ness, 3n i 
Brocade, ">a^D npj?1 

Brogue. ;jj^^3 ]ia^f * nhpb^^ n^p 


Broil, to roast, flf^V -N. quarrel, n3^P 
Broker, ipiD -age, nilDID 13t R. DID 
Bronze, a brass colour, ri^Hjl nijtnO 

Brood, (on eggs) D'V?? ^^ V^l *° ™"*®' "''T'Il' R- 'T''"' 

-N. a breed, f)1j;n dVd offspring, iTlJln R. lb'> 
Brook, Vian ♦ ^3^3 R. ^'l3 -N. '731'' 
Broom, a besom, KOK^D R. tOKD 
Broth, "piD . 
Brothel, nl3lTn 1V2 

Brother, n« -hood, mn» Jy, filing? * fi''n«3 
Brow, forehead, nVD edge, il^ * HSfe^ -beat, (with lodts,) 

n"'Kna a^^iifn (withworfs) na nna paan 

Brown, Din ♦^ia« 

Bruise, to "hurt, JtfifS crush, «51 *^2n ^J^jri -N. a hurt, 

n^"«yi (in flesh) i/VB 
Brush, to rub with a., K&?K^ -N. t^DK^P 

■ ■ • 

Brutal, cruel, m. s. nT3« -ity, mnT3X -ly, -3 

■ • • • 

Brute, -ish, RIS 

Bubble, to rise in bubbles, njt2 •Jt/Sli?3 -N. a bladder, 

njtfia;;? a defraud, HD-jD 
Buck, (of a deer) 1^ 
Bucket, '^^'H 

Buckle, to fasten, HJD 'lan DDT -N. lUDD * Cnp 
Buckler, a shield, ]JD *ninb *n3VR.p2f 

Bud, n*i2 * fan • y^yn r. pa -n. m^ * np * f v 

Bufiaio, ninn*' 

Buffet, »\n:^? n^n -n. »)1t^« n?© r. naj 

Baffle, to ccMrfound, ^MSn * D^3n 
Buifoon, m. s. vJ^JlD -ery, O^^y^H * HI vJfinQ 
Bugbear, a false fear, ^V^ TiJlTiD R. DTVTl 

BUI— BUR 49 

Build, to raise a building, HJ]^ to depend on, ])Si^tl * XVffSl 

^r, m. 8. naa -ing, \>y2 
Bulk, -iness, 7*t1| -y, large, m. s. 7nil (a lusty person) 

m. s. 133 \^>)^ 
BuU, (of cattle) litJ^ a Pope's edict, ""Dn-^JPtS 3K DJJia 

-bating, "lie^? D''?^^ mjn 

Bullet, MlnSn 1113 

Bullion, (of gold) 3riT thi (of silvw) >)p3 Di»il 

Bullock, npa la ns r. hiq 

Bully, ntiTi * Tin -N. m. s. 3n nmno * nnin 

Bulrush, «D]| 

Bulwark, nillfP nVip MllVD 
Bump, a blow, n3D R. n33 a swelling, n^^ R. KB'a 
Bumper, «Jd Dl3 

Bumpkin, m. s. nllO p»D •")?;! R. mO 
Bunch, (of grapes) /SK^Sl (of a camel) 70 JH 1^2^3*1 a collec- 
tion, nnj«.aswelling, fla^j? n«fe^ R.«jya -backed, )3a -y, 

m. 8. TlUriD 
•• • • 

Bundle, ii« ' *"ni!f -N. ni3« * iiiv pi. nniiv 

Bung, Dinp * »)\jn Ch. -N. DJllD * HSJ? Ch. * 

Bungle, inaf? \^5 nfe^ -N. -d, |1-|^ IDJ^P -r, 

Bunter, np"»l *n^D2^ 

Buoy, to keep afloat, Hnij^n * »l''Vri R. f)11f -ancy, iTHfe^ 

-ant, HL 8. HDIS * HPlfe^ ^, m. s. JglSlpD •'?|ian 
Burden, to load, |ifD *D"'Pgrr -N. -some, * i»:^ ♦ np^jt/D 

T - 

Bureau, D''3n5ri Ml» 

■ • • • 

Burgess, Bui^her,TJfn 3tt^1n R. 3an 

Burglary, n^3 n^nn 


so BUR— BUT 

Burial, nni3j? 

Burlesque, • t* Jjf^* -3 phV -N. ij}^ 'phV 
Bum, to consume, B^K3 73^ * l^^Il'^ * ^'^^ ^ consumed, 
e^«a ^DKH *-li;a **l"l^n be inflamed, 'p'^l *1D2T\ 

Burnish, polish. B^tD^ *p"ip -er, m. s. M^ ♦ plDp 

Burse, D">"|nlD IJtfl DlPD R. nj/"' 

Burst, to break asunder, j;7 p3 'D!^§ fly open,j?p!3n -forth, 
(like water) y^p • n">jn R. HU -forth, (with joy) nV^ 
-N. nj/'ipa *D"«VB (of an ulcer) n3Sn r«Jtf">P3 R. n33 

Bury, *13p to hide, np.3 -ing ground, J^1^^j^^ IV^ 

Bu8h,'!]3p • n"*?^ Bushy, •?]31DP 

Bushel, ri55"'i< 

Busily, nilNlOa *nimT3 Business, affair, pjlf "131 

• * • • • • T 

emplo3nment, pDJtf * HB^Jt/D 
Bust, a statue, ti/^l tV^^lD R. n33 
Bustle, to hurry, "ThH -N. miH -r, active, m. s. *pP£np 

• T 

Busy, employed, m. s. TI*1K) -body, m. s. 755 ^lif Ti^P VyV^^ 
But, except, 'pT ♦ •?]« * DN ""riV? * ""S * Dfl» * n^T 

however, p« ^dJiK 
Butcher, to slay beast, li3T * n30 * tDhtt^ to murder, 

jhn ♦ nVi -N. m. 8. n3lr * tonics -ed, m. s. * mm 

nn^ *yVl^ -ly, ninrasa -y, slaughter house, 

cniDD ritsine^n rria murder, ♦D'«D'n nD"»Dt5^ 
p-rjnn ♦nn-'Vi 

• • • 

Butler, he who minds the liquors, D^pB^SH ^W 
Butt, ni3 -N. (a measure) D">]ia "ife^^ H^SB'? 
Butter, HKOna H^D -N. n^DH -milk, 3^n ">D -y, 

t:v:-t ▼:» 'tt .. ^' 

• V T V V : • » 

BUT— CAL 51 

Buttock, tijjtQD ' nu; R. nw 
Button, nan -n. ifiaa -hole, r^inh^b 

Buy, njj? /provision) 72ii 12tif -er, m. s. HJlp 

Buz, (interjec.) DH 

Buzz, to hum, Dha to whisper, B^JI^ -N. HOna ^ t^rih 

By, (denoting means) T 7j;f (denoting way) •7y«* -'a By- 
and-by, IPi^^ *3''1)^? -law, "'©"l? nl -path, 
•Tni'>D ^2^ -room, ini"<D "iTn -«tander, m. s. 
nj3? *"TDiif -street, inVD X^'^ -word,nr3B? *WD 

Cab, 3j? 

Cabal, ^33nn -N. D"'^33 -ler, ^3300 

Cabbage, N. p"1^ * 2tj} 

Cabbala, H JSjP 'fin&O -alist, -hjB -alistical, H JspS 

Cabin, an apartment, HIH * i^D 

Cabinet, a chest, ."131^ a room, •>a'»3an niVPllSn HIH 

Cable, r\^:itiiT\ 7311 

T» t;t V V 

Cackle, ip."l)3 R. Tp 

Cadence, hSp n^SB'n 

Cage, (for birds,) TiaV n""? * 31^? 

Cajole, to b^uile, N^B^n * HSn flatter, t)in * ^12'^ P'^^HD 

Cajoler, m. s. ""KDl • f\}n * \'\^b *phr}Q 
Cake, N. p''pn *n|jtf 

Calamitous, -ty, nJ13 * 3yjJ MJI'^J * jU^ ' 3Vi; 
Calamus, Dfc>3 njP 

Calcination, p3«^ nSlfe^D Calcine, p2»b f^ii; 
Calculate, IjfB^ ' l^Pi -ation, IIJ/B^ M^^'^O -**<"■' ™- »• 

Caldron, riH^p * ^lOJi? 

58 CAL— CAN 

Calendar, mn^n mb Calends, tthh mh 
Calender, yn^ * ^hf^n -N. ^et, m. s. ^(139 * PvHO 
Calf, (of a cow) nhijl * hXjl Calve, -nV 

Calico, 1^1 10V nia 

Caligraphy, aPl^SH ">p1"> 

Calk, D"'pain ra nij« Dhp ^, m. s. — n">3K onio 

Call, to name, to invite, 'T\^ ttlj? address, "TK t<lJ5 demand, 
B^5 -to account, ]">7^ jg3^ Ch. *T!l/D tS^ll -aloud, 

^lp^ \hi -together, pjJtD ' pffvn * ^'nj?n -n. ♦n»oijP 

Callosily, HB^jS ftKB^ R. KB>J Callous, m. s. HB^j? -ness, '^ItS^p 
Calm, DpB^n *priB^r| -N. m. 8. JDjJtt^ (weather) n'»B'nn nVl 

-ness, Qpti^ * nDjPtt^rT * noDi * n*r:iv\ -ly, -a 

Calvinism, ^l^p "»np^ -ist, m. s. \i^p_ '^n^ •K^PP 
• Calumniate, "^If TMH S'>VinR.«V'* ••a">D'n lJl3 're^^n 
-ator, m. s. Hai •«'>V1D * ^B'I •]!? J * pa^fe Calumny, 

nj7T nai ♦ ma''tj^^o 

Calx, lime, Tfe^ a powder made by fire, ISH 

Camel, 70| 

Camlet, "^B^ni IDV 1J3 

Camp, njqp -aign, (of an army) SaVn ^">n nangp 

Camphor, 0^*153 

Can, h'31 -N. D13 * \p^y_ 

Canal, ns'ia * H^i/n Si3V 

Cancel, to destroy, illlB^n * HnO to make void, y^%T) R. 

niQ -led, m. 8. nne^i ♦ nnna * iq'id 

Cancer, (a fish) t^"7P (a sore) ;r*1 If J3 R. If H 
Candid, honest, m. s. DR * IB^ * D''510» *B^f^ 
JCandidate, m. s. --^ in^H/' •IDlJf *l^i^3P 
Candidly, Dh3 *ia^a *llb«a 

CAN— CAP 58 

Candle, 13 ^tick, Hllap 

Candour, 1^ ' Di^ * D''?^D*t 

Cane, to beat with a-, ^pDS iil3n R. 1133 -N. a stick, hpD 

a reed, n3g a sugar-, pMlD Hip 
Canker, to corrode, 73K -N. r\7!MtO -wonn, p?'' 
Cannibal, a man eater, m, s. DIH ife^S ♦/3it 

T T - • •• 

Cannon, nn"' PUP -shot. Hip mntDO R. nHD -ball, -ade, 

• • • ■ • • 

(see Bomb) 
Canon, a dignitary, D^^irtDn 3*1 a rule, jl*!;! * ph scripture, 
^7P '^^^IPP -ical, nis -icals, D'^anSH nja -ry, 31 ph 

Canopy, (of state) n|n the sky, D^Dtt^n llM R.t)a3 

Canticle, Dn">{S^n 1">11> 

Canton, a part of a country, rf3''"TCin p/ll 

Canvass, Cfor preferment) "in^n? ti^^3 to debate, n^3ln R. 

na"* -N. a cloth, Ag nj|l a soUcitii^, HB^j?? 
Cap, to cover, np5 -N. B^ttlH nODO 
Capability, r\^7\ * n^> -able, m. s. -^^S * 'IT JiB^f) 
Capacious, m. s. DH^ •am *h'n% -ness, 3n^ *^lil 

Capacitate, ns thi3 *t''?'"' *'i?'?D -city. abiUty,n3iyn •n^3» 

space, 3n*1 state, ^9j?D 
Caparison, n'TJf -N. D^DH nini^ * njtf 
Cape, neck piece, f|"lj;n np?D head l^d, ^«n ]1B^ 
Caper, IjS") * 3^*1 -1313 R. 113 -N. a berry, D*l^g a 

jump, Tlp-l ' Jl'^l -ing, m. s. 3 ^P * ISlpP 

• • • 

Capital, (sum) |"lj? (town) ntt^ttiri T^J^ -crime, Kpn 

Capitation, D^H Ip^D ni39 R. HSD 

Capitulate, (a town) p''«3ji3 )3na T>];n T3pll -ation, 

D''«3n3 *'3n3 T^n niaon r. n3n 

54 CAP— CAR 

Cappadocia, «;!J?TI3)? Ch. 
Caprice, n"1T nil -cious, m. s. *l3"1i5? iTIT mi 
Capricorn, (a sign of the Zodiac) ^"73 /TD 
Captain, (of a troop) I'H^n tJ'th (of a ship) blhn 21 
Captious, a caviller, m. s. B?j3If ^n^jgO *0^ilD 'Tlilfp 
Captation, 3? nn^P/ ""IJ^^ -ivate, to charm, 337 nrtS 
-ive, -ure, '»32> -ivity, ni3B? ' (T3^ -or, m. s. n3tS> 

* • • • • • 

Caravan, (of travellers) nn"18 -sary, D'Tl'J'iK T^?^ m 

Carbinier, 7p ttha 

Carbuncle, (a stone) r^jj^3 

Carcase, a dead body, HO 6/23 nJB * nh^i 

Card, to comb, phB^ -N. P^fe^P (for games) ^7P 

Cardinal, a chief, tif^l a priest, D''3n3ri e^«l 

Care,Bhn *Jin*"'^i; 3^ dw -n. anxiety, njin 'HTin 

charge, lOtS^P * nnDtt^D under-of, T flHri -ful, m. s. 
T^nt -fulness, niT^nt -less, m. s. 11313 * 7VJ/ -lessness, 

D"'T ii">B-> '^aiD *rii7Vi; 

• -T • : • •• : " : ~ 

Career, HVIIID 

Caress, (him) *1n3n«3 D^J^nn 

Cargo, a ship's lading, .i»38n ODDI/D ^3D 

Caricature, }Vhb PlnV^ n31Dn 

Caries, |i3j9"l * n^^73 Carious, m. s. 3l5n * '^173 

Carmine, J}h^r\ *"'JtS^ R. H^ty 

Carnage, 3"in ' ^Dj? 

Carnal, -knowledge, HB^t^ 33tt^P 7^"n^^3 a sensual person, 

m. s. j^w 7j)^ '7R'"^^ ''i??' * '^^? **l^Ji' -iy« 

known, SSB'p^ a^''« n^ii*" -eous, m. s. IB^S *^^3 

-ivorous, m. s. ltJ^!l *72it 
Carousal, nr\Q}n Carouse, nintt'^ n3in • 1312^ ' 
Carpenter, VJt[ B;.T.n 

CAR— CAT 55 

Carpet, D"'"13"!D * rVT^l 

Carriage, manners, JHJD a vehicle, jlSSniQ 

Carrier, bSD H^l 

Carrion, ,1^33 *naiD 

Carrots, B»J«| B^ Carroty, O'HD'TS R. OIK 

Cany, to bear, S Jt^J * b'DD to convey, N^3n R. NH -about, 

n"!?? SJJ'a -away, I'^ipn (a cause) n*^V -on, "TiJ} ftb"' -on 

a business, • '3 ppjfflil • 

Cart, N. nhiv. -er, -^i/a^jHi-wright, ni^jjt?^ nfe'i; 
Cartel, D^n?' fjl^H? n«iB>rr R. me^ 

Carve, (in wood or stone) 3bn 'Sifn *JJ^p^* V&a (meat) 

l^in * nra -ing, nuhpD nfe'ro * nina ' 

Case, a covering, ^1D3 '^laV a sheath, IJlPi *]'li state of 
things, |J3j; *1fll8(of noun) DB^H n^D in-, D« in-of need. 

Cash, arjT * f)D|l *if.3PP Ch. nii/D Ch. tlOO Ch. -ier, 

nW * mipao tdh -n. ""Kaa ch. nata ch.' 

Cask, a barrel, IV^n Casket, D'^ifDHn M"l« 
Cassia, .THi? * Hj/iyp Ch. 

Cast, to throw, '^btiirt * TW -down, nviti ^>an R. b^i 

-off, p^a nnin R. it -1»3 to be -away, nix -up an 
account 2t2^n *rt3p (metals) p5f^ -N. ."T"!') * T\'2ht^ri * T>)l^D 

Castellated, D^n^ll nlDin PlJ^ID R. tip"" 

Castigate, np^ Castigation, pilD^ *"»piD 

Castle, (a house) IMQ * ]"iD1.8 * HTa pL nVJT? 

Castrate, (an animal) D"lD Castration, D11D 

Casual, rnpp •^jna Casualty, nijPD 

Casuist, m. s. ntS?ap Casuistry, l^a^ HpT 

• • • ■ • 

Cat, (an animal) 7^T^T^ 


Catacombs, D'>np nap^ nT^VD 



Cataract, "TB^ * TtW (in the eye) yoyt *tmnp 

Catarrh, BhO""!; *DnTI3 nWj 

Cata»trophe,n31 »)1D *r»'npK 

Catch, to lay hold on, pmH to ensnare, lif? * ^8^3!! .N. 

act of «dzing, HTp? * ^iWs a thing that catches, * Tp? 

7iS^3P -ing, infectioas, m. s. pjl'^HO 
Catechism,nl3'ie^ni nl^»a^ -etical, bv^ -ise, ^3 TO^ 

-ist, iiL 8. ^3 TS/D 

Categorical, ohnD * ]133 -goiy, ni3l'>9'^rr unv^Ji fl?!^? 

Caterpfllar, (an iiisect) 0T| * W J V * H'O 

Cathedral, ntj^thn fiDisn n''a 

▼ T r V I " - 

CathoUc, a Papist, m. s. ^DTt ">3rl3 3« nn» *>6dD 

• • • 

Cattle, niona 

Cavalcade, D'»ah3n npnh ntn» -ier, a knight, ♦ ^Tl t^t^ 
aha a partisan, nSn *JfT R. Hjn -ierly, ♦ npn T? 
T prh? -ry. D'-B^y 
Cave, -m, hnj^/D -med, p^lH in1"li/P n»^9 
CavU, ann "*D''3tp inllf -ler, m. s. '^IID *{Jf^« 

an nmriD * O'lann *T>lifp 

• • • • 

Cause, DDTy * HhD (this verb is however gaierally expressed 
with the characteristic of the /^Jtf^n conjugation, as 
TP/il he caused to learn j -N. a source, f*T3P motive, 
DJJD a trial, 121 * 3n *\^ -less, p^^ i^ap '>?3 

Causeway, TvVDl^ R. 770 

Caustic, rinlj? * nj?'' cauterize, Pllj? * Ip^ ' Hto 

Caution, imn * H^V -N. care, niTHT vraming, * iVVVH 
mVP -ary, llH^?*? * H^^O^ Cautious, m. s. * "jriw 
THT -ness, nTi'^ll] Jy, -3 

Cea«, to stop, nia>*"fP^ to be extinct. Din *7ba *h^ 


-lew, hm ^b^ 

Cedar, n» 

Cede, to surrender, l&p * itlj^ ♦ ]rq 
Ceil, tfcp Ceiling, ]iap 

Celebrate, to praise, nac^ (a feast) Jifl -raticHi, nSB? ^JH 
-nous, m, 8. naa^D * Dni/B'a •^TTIJ * DDIISD Ch-nty. 

Celerity, fivnt ' n'n\"ip 

Cdestial, beavenly, ^tS^D^ inhabitant of heaven, n^jgO |3ltt> 

Celibacy, ^Jtn^i? Ttljt? ch. nrpia 

Cell, a room, "TTn * Kfl 

Cellar, {TTlfP ' 113 TPian (for liquore) f|fnS 

Cemoit, p?*^ -N. pSIO 

Cemetery, n^aj? tj1pp m 

Censei-, rtmD * nnbjjp 

Censor, -orious, l^D ' n"'5lD R. na"* -urabie, (person) m. s. 

Da>» 'tJ^^ -ure, b''B'«n *n''3in -n. niiija *nn3in 

Cent, I1JR9 -enary, HKl^n -4fidous, ilHOh phf}^ 

Centre, N- •?|1Jr) -al, — 7B^ -ipetal, m. s. —7 i1t93 -ick, »u s. 

Centuple, 0'*P|f$ HRD -uriate, MlKD^ pvn -urion, 

HKsn nfef -uty, Hia^ mtD 
Cephalic, t^ihn ""^in^ n^njji 

Cerate, J3ll nHB^ Cere, ialna Hfe^O rhD -cloth, 

i2M2 nno nitj^D nja . 

Ceremonial, -ious, ^C^^D^ "^*JP^ (perscm) m. s. p'lp'TP 
Un^P^ 9VPVP Ch. Ceremony, niD"*!?? *jn^P 

Certaiil, fixed, m/s. m(D2 *\\D^ ♦3lVi5 ♦1^13 (dtyj 
rnjtflSn TjJ(pCT8on) m. 8.'»rii;»B>^l« (tinw) IJJp (sum) 

pin''f)9|n neha (thing) n3"i 8ure,r»os ""^ii *''ii 

58 CER— CHA 

R. HT some, tih, -ly, ]5« TlDp "•^115 -ty.^ph 

Certificate, nilif J^ * nHjP ri3'>n| Certify, T^/n R. 1^J1 
Cess, a tax, T^jl/ ♦ 030 * DD -ation, rest, 'Jji^D * T\iy0.p 

njia * nl3D (of arms) HDn^DH flTOi? 
Cession, HHaH * T\'X\Ji 

XT'"* T '^I 

Chaff, ^b * B'B'n Chaffy, ^b «.^a * pn 

Chagrin, D^JtflH *D">^?n -N. Mi ♦ Dj;? -ed, m. s. DJtfS 'MT 
Chain, to put in chains, 73221 D^P''TS3 ibt^ fasten, ph"n 

-N.^33 'Cpni* Tllpim *plJin TnehK^ (for the 

neck) pjt? 
Chair, )tD3 asedan, n33*lQn i^BS -man, a carrier, Kl2^3 

a president, iTlJ^n rn^D Chaise, 3V * n33"!p 
Chalcography, nWB r\3i? 70 
Chaldron, n2'>« D''B^^tt^1 HtS'B' 
Chalk, N. Tfe' to mark with-, -3 mjR -pit, -nisp 

Challenge, (to fightv DH^n) 3n^rirf defy, ns^Hj' 3"i:trrirT 
accuse, inS i;*3fl ch. -N. ^T\brf? r\y(nh xnh n;r»3n 

Chamber, inn -lain, fTiSn Tpa * D^D -maid, ' TSTVStD 

n»« -pot, ]ntt> '>^? ♦ D:^;n ""D ^k^ £9*3^ 

Champaign, an open country, HIB^ 
Champion, ^^H ni3a * HDn^D tJ^« 
Chance, N. T\]}>>'^ * nn]?a by-, iTJpb^l 

Chancel, n^sfin n"'3 n''nnTo 

Chancellor, T>3rD Lord-, B>i4in T3TD *0">OBltS'n 3-> 

Chancery, hSllb p, ^''5 

Chancre, i;n X'Tyt 

Chandelier, mlSD n3p Chandler, 11113 1310 

Change, to exchange, ^'^/DD *^^P0 ^ ^^^^ ^^^ '^^ 


novelty, tth'^in *W exchange, fjl^ri 'HB^^n -able, 

(person) m. s. "^aS^n R. ^an * '<13B> 'la 
Channel, (of water) pSK * nJ^fW * nlSV 
Chant, niB> * nOt -N. m'^ti^ ' IIOTD ♦ nOt -er, lliB^D 

-ress, mnlB'D -ly, OmlB^D fllTDy OlpD 
Chaos, Chaotic, IJTn R. nnn 
Chap, to crack, y^ ' DV| -N. a cleft, .1*1^3 ♦ p^p3 

Chapel, n^on n">3 Chaplain, nn»-B^«-n"'a iPto 

W • - // T T - 

Chapiter, mflS ' TlSV R. HDV 

chapiet, tt^thb u^rnB 

Chapman, a dealer, IVj^D* IJnai Sfe'Da pDlj/ (for pfe^jf ) 

Chapped, m. 8. pxn ♦JJIVB) *p1p3 ^jj^l^ 

Chapter, (of a book) n^^| * piB 

Character, reputation, Dt£^ qualities, H^^Sri * i^l7J^D a letter, 

niK -istic, |0^p -ize, to give a character, **JnH |il3 

•^Jtf TanR.lJ3 
Charcoal, QHS 
Charge, to command, JlV^ * PlIV entrust, *Tj55in accuse, 

CB^SD M'^P^^l! attack, ^^2 demand, h'Uti} -N. 

T»T vv;- ▼:- ▼:* ^•: t**: 

niVP -able, costly, m. s. np^ accusable, m. s. Dtt^K •tS^l* 

Charger, (ahorse) nDH/P/ l^^^*^ '''"' ^ ^^'^^^ '^^^'P 

Chariot, ,13310 -eer, 331 

Charitable, bountiful, m. s. 3^ HH *3H3 kind, m. s. Tpn 

-iy,ri3n3 nns nona chanty, npTV ' ^313 *nnpn 
-box, niJiy 7B^ na^p 

Charlatan, "'KOT ♦ ''01 ' 11/3 -ical, iTD13 • HDnDa 
Charm, to fescinate, 3^^ *il^0 R. n^/tl' to bewitch, U^T\b 
-N. D^i;Bijff.a> ♦ 8^n^ -ed, m. s. -a JgB^J^^nB^P -er, m. s. 

ee CHA— CHE 

ra^reto *b^p nam -iog, m. ». *Tom * m *to 

• • • ' • " 

Chaniel-house, D^JID rTiDVJf ITS 

Chart, p«n nga ♦niriiipri rW?''h^ mh 

Charter, niTn * \tt^, R. httH -6(1,111.8. -'I^ \n} 
Charwoman, Dl^ flT^DB^ 

Chase, TtV * TtlJ ^pT * '^")n,» p^-^ -N. a pureuit, n^"'T| 
CSiasm, a deft, p^{l * n'1p3 an openni^, HJ^ * *7ip^ 
Chaste, pure, m. s. llnC) * "^^^ honest, m. s. UF) * *1tS^ -en, 

1^1 -isement, yrflEi) * ipiD -iiy, rflj;''3y *nnnp M^P? 

Chat, -ter, «Da * njH * ^3n "J3'l (Uke birds) ijJfOV R. 

»|QV -N. n^ * n^n ♦ ^517 ^yn 

Chattel, r^pte R. ?">» 

Cheap, ^1T3 -en, to lessen, ^JH * "TTJfD |n^n -ness, ^IT 

Che«t, to deceive, nST • 3^ * rnlil R. .li"' -N. a trick, 

.Ton * npiP • n><J1« a decdver, "•Kp^ * "•QT 
Check, to restrain, nifj; chide, nifi -N. -fifJ/D * mjli -er, 

DJPay I,)?^3 Ch. rT3B> ♦ ^52^ ^red, m. s. ♦ y^^ 

Cheek, the face, ^H? pL D^^H? -tooth, • ynprj rV^rj \p 
Cheer, to encourage, 37 ptH ' HIT T?|l to grow gay, 

3^ 3"»6y»n *mri -n. -fahiess, 3^ 310 • di^ * nnn 

-fiiUy, -3 -er, m. s. IIS^P * WP '^^ m. s. ♦ 3^ OlD 

Six -kas, nnipKf «^ m. a. >)jgT 
Cheese, n3"'3a * "»pa nlQfe^ ♦ 3^n rnrj -monger. -ipiD 
Cherish, to nurse, 7373 R. 713 -er, m. n. 7373P 
Cherub, 3113 Chembk:, D\iV^ I^^O? 
Chesnut, ^IDI^ 
Chest, a box, \si» ' 113/1 * lIlK the breast, nm 


Chevalier, Wt nl33 r^» 

Cbew,(with the teetti) \inO * Dl|f7 Ch. -the cud, mj H^gri 

Chicane, sophistiy, KIB^ HISI wramgling, D^Jip R. \V\ 

Chicken, nilBK -hearted, m. s. 22^11 'TT ♦ RT 

Chkk, -miri Chiding, n"l|H 

Chief, a principal, m. s. B^tt"! * 31 -cause, HSlpn B^T -city, 

HD^pan DK1 TJ? -thing, IW ♦ 8^1 -less, t8>th ""y^ 

-ly, ti^tt*12l -tain, (see Conunander). 
Chilblain, nn^lp. Hj^ai/nS 
Chad, an infent, "tV^ * *|b * hh^Ji ' h^ an offspring, r»5 * |a 

get with-, nny be wifli-, nhH -bearii^, JTl? -bed, 

m^ * m^ njj -hood, nn^"" -ish, l^-iS -ishness, 

ningi n(?^,o -less, nn^, -ren, * D'»$D * b"»S^'iy * D''jn 

Chill, to make cold, "11511 discourage, 37 ^"IH D^n -N. 

-y» 'li' -iness, H^THJ? 
Chhne, (as bells) ^hSf '♦^'^V ♦'pyW -N. n^HVO nS"« 

Chimera, »y^ \\'>1pi\ -ical, mi fllif "7 ♦ "nn 
Chinmey, ^tt^i/n ""a * HanK -piece, 0^^3.1 H'JIPP 
Chin, D""?^.! ni«9 
Chink, VvW * ^^y -N. an aperture, njT^;^ -y. If ^^ 

Chip, ^«j? * 3bn * ^iri ch. -n. HToq * n^^ ♦ n3''np 

Chirography, n;^''/!^'? ^3it79 

Chirp, fiDH ♦ fjV^JV R- 'jSif 
Chisel, hn2 tDP 

Chitchat, DTIDfe^ PIJS^B *Dn3'l ""iSn *ten?l M1313 

Chivalry, ^:'n 1133 D^KP 

Choice, chosen, 1H3P power of choosing, JTI^nS * nT"*l3 

Choir, (of a churchHIDi/ chorus, D^nnltt^D 


Choke, block up, OriD * 1^'^ nnS suffocate, p3.n 

Choler, the bUe, riDMV^ H^D nTl3J.ri rage, HDH ♦ P|K 

R. f|3« -ic, m. 8. nan •TTO *>)«»^^|l 
Choose, Iha * il3 
Chop, (wood, &c.) 3bn * I^Vi? (meat) ^hH Ch. -N. (of meat) 

Chorister, m. s. lV2pn Vjg nilB^P Chorus, n|?n.^ 

• • • 

Chosen, m. s. 1TX2D * *TIH3 

Christ, Onylan n"«B^D -en, baptize, D"'N^»i1 ""Da ^3tt ?*!» 
to name, DB^3 «nj? -endom.D'Hyla -ening, n?"*?!? Hj^nt 

o'lsVan ""Da -lan, nxia -ianiiy, onxijn na^b« rn 

-ianize, "'"IVla? DltJ^ -ian-name, B^fctin Ott^ -mas. 

Chronical, tiB^Dna * rviTDna 

• • • / ■ 


Chronicle, history, U^D^tl ^l^l Chronicler, 3n3 

Chronoioger, u^rijjh JiT^'s. HV -gy, D-irij;^ Hrs n^n'j 

Church, (a place) D^lVlJin "T^l i"**? * congregation, 

Dnyian rny, r. ni/"" -warden, jinja *d3"!5 ch. -yard, 
mo lyn *ni"i3j5nn'>3 

ChurUsh, provoking, m. s. fl''VP5 * D">;J?D * X^^^ untracta- 

ble, m. 8. ana ' HB^ -ly, fllpn^S -ness, flllT'l^ 
Chum, (butter) SSH • 3^n f DH -N. -h ^^3 
Chymist, fj-lV ' fjlVD -ry, J^nVn n3«S'P Chymical, 


Cider, U^TV\^f\ ''D 

Cmder, B^^D h^t^ ^HS R. ^V3 

Cinnamon, |1Q3J7 

Cipher, ni3l3?5^n 3it^n -N. the figure (0) IfD«n nl« 

lintbna -ing, ^lati^nn np^^ip 


Circle, enclose, ^3Jn circulate, D'^DH -N. a company, H^^mri 

• ■ ■ • 

an orb, ^^73 R. hhi Circuit, J1PI -N. extent, ♦'t^JI 
n3'^3P act of moving round, HDpn R. ^p'^ -ous, m. s. 
nniD 331D Circular, h^Sii}^ -ity, h'iiJJ Circulation, 

nsipri (of blood) D*in nvnp 

Circumcise, 7^D -cised, SlD3 -cision, Hy^D JY^IS 
Circumference, a compass, JiVn the limits, 71321 
Circiannavigate, iTJSia 33&1 vC -g*^i<>"» 3"*?? ilS^n 

n'^awa -gator, n'^asa aaiDi "i^irr 

■ ■ • ■ • •» 

Circumscribe, 733 H -scription^ n 73311 -spect, m. s. intj 
Circumstance, condition, *Tpj[7P "^QiK -stanced,— 3-stantial, 

■'iOnaa -Btantiate, ''{D1B3 ttha 
Circumvent, 2p^ * nan -vention, iTDn. * niQ"l.p * HSpJ? 
Circumvolution, 3130 * HSIpfl * najJH R. f\^ 
Cistern, D^D mjPD 

Citadel, nv3D *'n*nvD * m"«a 

Citation, a summons, ^"T? HJ/^Ziri Ch. a quotation, n^P\JJil 

Cite, n^ gbri ♦ pn^n 

Citizen, 3B^n R. 38r« ^hip, Cna^lflH CD3l{fO 
Citron, jnn« Ch. 

City, n^ii? ♦ -i^jf 

Civil, civilized, m. s. ni3in tpR-TTn •^1/3 * DJ/K *fe^« 

Jaw, ny^iisn loati'D -war, Di/n nnnn notop -lan, 
■'inin *nanpn baa^p nniD R. nT-ity, *ni»"'j;5 

Clack, to chatter, OTIBty Pfe^B * D"'n3n fliann -N. 

Claim, »j53 .N. HB'i?? -able, m. s. e^3">. -ant, m. s. B^p3p 

Clamber, r\n333 Tihv 

Clanim, to stick, p3in -iness, lTlp3*n -y m. s. p2'ir\ 

84 CLA— CLE 

Ctamorous, m. s. n01 Clamour, pif^ * HDH -N. * H^V 

Clan, a fiunily, HnSB^D a sect, nfl3 ^H'lJO 
Clandestine, secret, m. s, *inp3 * inp 4y, *1iT?^9 

Clang, N. nj^nip 7lp ' 7V7V -008. "• s. jjnp 

Clap, pb"n -hands, 0>53 jPp^ itno *^ ^i$ *!? T! I^ 'ISS 

-N. ^ip ♦ D^3 jT^np -per, (of a beU) bpM 
Clarificatioa, "?]«? mn^ ^, "IH^ -tude, nOr * "ihtD 
Clash, to wrangle, ann ♦ pin -N. ni3">Q^ 

Clasp, to hold &st, rhK -N. nnnii a hook, cn|? 

Class, TOH ♦n"1D -N. a set, i\D * Hri^.a degree, * my\Q 
* n^fi P -ification, n3"lg.p * TPip 

Clatter, to make a noise, ilbn -N* ^iDH * H^PH 

Clause, a sentence, P1DS Ch. condition, '^tfJJJl * '^3^ R. 1*13/1 

Claw, (of a quadruped) HD^^ (of a bird) l^X^ Ch. 

Clay,"IDiri •tO'»p 

Cieaa, cleanse, IHEp *n{?3 -N. pure,m. s. llHEp innocent, 
m. s. ^p3 quite, "^JD -liness, iTlilO ' ti^jM * nV^3 -ly, -3 

Clear, remove, TpH ^bes) If^ (stones) — 7§p (from ob- 
structions) --o Tpn R.mD ♦'m na^to acquit, *ngi 

•n^5 ♦nil brighten, THTn (the weather) Tliyn to 
gain. b''1"lL' -N. bright, m. s. %!» *Tna *nV guUtless, 
m. 8. '»p) -pfaun, m. s. J0%>^ * ^n^ -sky, ""^^ -conscience, 
1133 nn -voice, ^^^^ ^1p -water, ^"^^^^ D""?! D^D 
-ance, HTp.^ * nV)?3 * 0*^10$ -er, m. s. *1^1a * n|Tp 

"I%7t0 ^"•'IW ''"ipaO -ly, evidently, H^np^ '""17^? 
-ness, perspicuity, m. s. '^I^l transparency, T\^TV^ * niTHSl 
-sighted, m. s. Hj^^ 
Cleave, unite, p!!"'! adhere, pS'H split, J^^3 *^pB^ Cleaver, 
|?''P5P Cleft, a crack, mp? * Hl^pa (in a rock) UH • p">p? 


aemency, JTliDm ♦HWH *D3n IDTi ' n^DH Clement, 

m. 8. Dim ♦ iian * Tpfi * hntf * a^WD 

Clench, to bend, f\b3 to fasten, VQP 
Clergy, D"'3rt3 -man, ^flS Clerical, D''a|13n ^2^ 
Clerk, a secretary, IgilD -ship, IQlDH Tl^i^JP 
Clever, m. s. V3D * THp -ness, na">5 * JTlTiio 

Clew, a guide, TTr| n«-iin^ utih rOT R. nT* 

Client, m. s. r>70 •HTiB^ ♦ tS^^D •Sjf 3 

ciift, if^D p • ^i^n irr 

Climate, a tract, f)ia the air, D*7J?K 
Climax, ascaat, TVj^^ Climb,- ffyj} -er, m. s. Hyllf 
Clinch, (the fist) T »)b3 to hold fast, • '3 pmH * \h» 
-er, a hold fest, "llf»0 a full answer, TniOll n318^n 

075? n:j/o 

: • voi- 
ding, to stick to, pi*! 

Clink, V^y ♦ ^V^V 

Clip, to cut short, ITf ip (hair, wool, grass) Tt|l . Clipping, 

Cloak, nbn *D^firi ♦np? -N. a garment, n^pD TI'l'T^ 
a blind, 5 ^D R. V^V * niD3 

Clock, nj^p n^^D ' Ty]3 nilD -work, "iDVfiP e?l3^P 

Clod, (of earth) ihjj E^ *3J1 * HQiaD 

Clog, to burden, TSIDH adhere, pZl*1 -N. an obstruction, 

rti'2,:Dn • no 

TT : - - 

Close, to shut, n JD ♦ 7 j/3 -N. end, ^ID sly, m. s. UTiJi cloudy, 
13J?P -together m. inn: OnSVP * D'^SllP -bodied, 
^^33 IBVP 4y, secretly, ni^Dil without- deviation, 
niC03 ^73 -ness, nearness, Tinnp heat, HD^On * DlH 
privacy, irip **1RPD 

Closet, to conceal, lF\Di^ -N. IDDSn nn3 yiH 


66 CLO— COA 

Closure, conclusion, 7133 * ^T? * ^ID 

ciot,i'iy ♦d'^i ks]? -n. niiv *o^3 •wsj? 

Cloth, lyn Clothe, a^a^n -oneself, ^ih -ier, 153 Hfehi; 

"ipx -ing, D"''T33 • Tw^nhn * u^tthi^n 
cioud,'3^j?n 'tl!?-N. 3|r * ?3j^ * i^p\ -less, nnb nm * nv 

Clove, (a spice) '"'Tin nniT * t^SV 
Cloven, m. s. ^JIDB^ * On^D 

Clout, rY« to •''«^o 'dnDrr ••1^3 *ijtf R.rn]? 

Clown, -ishi m. s. D]/^ ni'lD non R. 11D 

Cloy, surfeit, JL*^3^n -less, —''73 -ment, T%:^f 

Club, rmi 13n -N. a society, TTOn a stick, T ^JJ -law, 

T'n-ripTn j/i-itn-n3 dbb^d -room, nnsnn i^i n""? 

Cluck, f)V 5V R- ^3^ 

Clumsiness, heaviness, niT33 awkwardness, qj?0 IDh 

-sily, 3 -sy, m. s. 133 '0^/^ •iPO 

Cluster, a collection, n"!|Jh| *fiap. (of grapes) ^3?^« 

Clutch, to grasp, "3 i?mn ft^an Th« -n. t 

Clyster, t^ln 

Coach, n33"llD -man, 331 

Coact, lin -ion, I'pp -ive, m. s. S^bt^^ * nV|f.^ 

Coadjutant, -jutor, m. s. "13n * ITlj? 

Coagulate, nnvi" P^"^ * ttSj? -tion, "lllV 'VJ^IP 

Coal, ^na *Dn^ a burning-, HaVl * ^^ ^1 Coalery, 

Coalesce, mKrirT * isnnn Coalition, ^niijiinn 

Coarse, (cloth) 3fi TJ3 (person) m. s. ;niD'»JJjl DJJO nori 
(victuals) D"'pa Ch. D'<i'3i?a (words) D^B^ ffn3^ 

COA— COL 67 

Coast, N. rrofe^ * ^in -mg, D»n '•lyj?? oie^ 

Coat,mD3 *1D -R. TTD -of anns, nn^B^DH fipnlH 

Coax, nna ♦ '^K ]its^^ p-'i'^n • 8\i8>n r, »af3 

Cobble, K^^ Cobbler, (of shoes) nte sb^P 
Cobweb, spider's web, B^nSJ? nip 
Cochineal, OnSSn niJ^Un 

Cock, (of birds) ^iann Ch. "»piy a spout, "^gji^n najj 

• • • • • 

Cockatrice, ^Jl^J^V 

Coction, digestion, hw. * ^13« the boiling, b^W2 

Code, (of law) nifnn mifl nao r. nn"> 
Codicu, nan r\H)^h nnaoo napin r. p|D'' 

Coequal, m.s. •? Hla? nOlT *l7''a ]3 

Coerce, l)ij} -ion, niffiO * DJlK * ^3H -ive, m. s. * iVfil 

Coessential, m. jr3^3 DVJja OMB^ Coetemal, mj? Tin). 

H- ■> : lit •>: • -»T T . 

Coexistent, m. r^n> D'«NVD3 *nn« TiT •^33 

CoflFee,J/aRj?"^ia (roasted) -R^g (the liquor) -"« 

CoflFer, "^Wl Coffin, ^llS 

Cognizable, T^aV^a^ce, judicial notice, DaltS't? Pjt/'l'in 

Cohabit, ^tion,1^nin3B^ -ant,« n^55 "Di? 3^^"* 

Coheir, •Di; ahl"* Coheiress, 'OJ? flti^ll'' 

Cohere, stick together, plT to fit, n»; -nee, n^lpn*!? ' ni»l 

-nt, m, 9. pm^n Cohesive, m. s. p!l"l^ * P^T: 
Coin, to make money, ^/SCSD Jtf3^ Ch. invent, mS -N. 

J;{3PD -age, the coining, j;npp n^^;^. 
Coiopide, TSff CSDH Ch- -nee, n03Dn -nt, m. s. .D'^3PP 
CottioD, ^MiP\ 

Coke, tlXQ ^^ ^nS R. blfi 
Cold, -ish, not hot, m. s. Ij? R. np not hasty, m. s. JinD Ch. 

indifferent,m.8. ^IflD * RBIP -,8. want of heat, 1J3 * njV 

t» COL— COL 

R. 13X indiflerence, ]f*fp_ * ni^Bhnn -ly, -3 
Colic, TtD3 3«3 

Collar, N. fpjJH .IDDD -V. 3 Tn« pVnrr 

Collate, to compare, nS*n -ral, side by side, m. s. 1*?IV^ * 1*12^0 

-ion, a comparison, ]^'^D'l 
Colleague, Hin -N. m. s, 12T] . 

T •• T 

Collect, to gather, (people) SlpH (things) P]bM * V3P • IJK 
(writings) EOj?? -ion, n^Hj? ' na-iDR * p3j3 * CpljJ^ -ive, 
™- 8- *)P?!1 -ive noun, ^laipn DB'-ively, 112083 *p3j?3 
-or, m, 8. t^^»,Jp * y^pj^ • njiH a tax^therer, DD n3lil 
Ch. College, tJ^ilSn-rV'S 'ny^'' * 8n3TlD Ch. -lan, 


•• T 

Collet, (of a ring) ]3K DKiVd 

Collier, a digger of coals, D^Dngl PHJi *^pna 

Collision, HJ/'JS * HtS^JS 

CoUop, 12^3 n3Tin 

Collusion, ntl^p Collusive, m. s. Dill/ *nanO '8^0 
Colon, H37|\8 Ch. marked thus (* ) under the letter, as Gen. 

ch. i. V. 1. D^rt^« anz 
Colonel, ni8»n ik^ 

Colonise, D'^Jia TB^lH R. tV2 '2W^ .zation,D'^m nnB^lH 

Colonnade, 0^10;;; H 110 

Colony, a plantation, "^^B * ItJJi^i? the people, — '^3a?1;i 

Colossus, 21 D^V 

Colour, to dye, j;3Vn blush, "linn palliate, nD| *han -N. 
adye,]3J Ch. 'ifix a pretence, ])}[ TyMnj^h *n§ni»-able, 
likely, ]3^ R. p3 • ]3n^ -ing, an excuse, ni^Vann paint- 
ing. njJ'igVJI n3«^p -ist, m. s. ]0« JJ2)t Coloui«, flag, 
D3 *^J1 ' 

Column, TiDir -ar, DniDl/n ")1D3 

• • • • • 

COM— COM 09 

Comb, ph^ -N. (for the hair) pl^O (for honey) njn f\\i 

^21 -of a Cock, Kf17^^^ 
Combat, to fight, DH^n to oppose, li^nJl *3nn -N. 

non^a ♦ nnno ^t, m. s. nDn?a •e>''8 * ij^no 

tt;» t*; tt;* • •••• ; • 

Combination, association, ilt^H conspiracy, lUfp Combine, 

nan ♦ ife^j? Combined, m. pi. onnq ' Dn?^p 

Combustible, B^NS p^T "mi"' -tion, n"1if3 

Come, »ia -oflF, "ICOSn -out, tilf '« -into the mind, ?ff .i?]/ 

3^ nn 

// - -// 

Comedian, m. s. ni3l"'D13 *W^P^1^ R. Hlfty -dy. 
Comeliness, TTH ♦niD"'i;3 *DJtfl3 -ly, ad. -3 -N. m. •. 

Tin * o""^: 

TT *^ T 

Comet, "laar 333 

Comfort, revive, B^B3 D^ti^il to ease, '•? miH * 0113 -N. 

nmnn ♦nDn3-abie,m. s. k^sj •3"'b^d -less', 'onan r«o 

m. s. 12ti 

T T 

Comic, -al, diverting, m. 8.;;B^I;B^P * 37 •3'>P">D 
Coming, ready to come, m. s. K3 arrival, nSI^3 R, N13 
Comma, J(7^Zl'l (its mark is a point above the letter, as 

Gen. Ch. i. v. 2. X^^n^) 
Command, mX * Ip^ -N. "'IIV * Hnip^ -er, a chief, * mVO 

^ehD (of an army) ^^HH TpEl (of a town) T'Jffn TP$ 

* • • 

-ment, HIVD 
Commemorate, TSTH "1^31^ n^fiH -tion, lllST nDt 
Commence, 7nn R. //H -ment, ilvniin * HShJI 
Commend, to praise, nSB? * /??? -able, m. s. PI^B^D * /vHp 

-ation, praise, H32^ message of respect, D1?B^ n/SB^ 

-atory, 7^ 

Conament, to expound, l^^i • fc^ia -ary, niRSl * V^MB -ator. 

70 COM— COM 

m-s-TRa^ 'aha? 

Commerce, IJ^y) KtS^S -N. \I^1$^ 1K^t$ nnpp -dal^reiatiii^ 

to trade, —78^ trading, ra. s. ^H1D 
Commiaerable, tVf^ m. 8. D'»pn^7 *'^^Vn -ate, * "TIP DFT1 

-'? tan R. nii -atwn, rwaprn * o^i?Tn. 

Commissary, T!f 'ivhf *'T»/'b 

Commission, 1j?flH -N. tlTlpIl *T\1D^P -er, Tpp 

Commit, entrust, lj?f^n imprism, lOfp^B ]h3 do amus, 

maj/ iaj/ * ttton * mj/n -ment, nba^b^ ny»nj 

Committee, m. 0'>;i'in3Q * tnMSD R. HSO 

Commodious, m. s. ^133 * DVii -dity, wares, Hllnp * \}3f> 

Commodore, Dnn«n D"«2f !! TpS 

Common, a vulgar person, m. s. Dl^"Tn Ch. any thing not holy, 
7in usual, MXD * 7^JT a public ground, CPSl'irT HIB^. 
equal, V*nni5 -g<xxi> D^?*!!? HnlD -ality, Dl^H ]iDn -ly, 
311^ ' TJ-13 * Jims ^, (of parliament) mniD Ch. 
DXfn"]lDn niC0i''7n -wealth, a republic,1'QyrT n^tfOD 

Commotion, npiniD * rTDlH 

C(Mnmime, 121*1 H m. s. ♦irTJ/T 7K ♦B^it *12l*^ -icable, m* s. 

IBD^ *13^ R. IJJ -icate, "7 IBD -ication, converaatioD, 

n|l"7P an inlet, TW'Sl^ *T\'0>np -icativCim s. ^3 •H>XlD 

•inri -ity, society, H^J? * SlJ? * "V13V 
Commntable, m. s. ni|)^ * ^/H^ * IH^ -ation, a raiMcm, 

\*fn^ * T\phn * n"iio^ Commute, Hha * fj^^nn * Tpn 

Compact, solid, m. 8. WVj^ * pTH a contract, Tljf^ * n^Jtt^*"! 

exact, |13P * DVp^P Ch. R. DOlf -ness, D^jj * pltlll'^* 
Companion, m. s. 130 ^JJ"! 'A^PJ^ Company, 'Hlipn 

>^Z^^ (o*" soldier*) ITl^ 
Comparable, m. pL ^3*5^ * lllip^^ -ative, -isioii, ll^pT -ativdy, 

-n TO • ^B^p m3 Compare, rr}<8fn npii 

COM— COM 71 

Compass, to surround, 3^30 *jgn R. ^^ •N. a circle, XVn 

limits, h'^S * nl^3| Compasses, naffTO 
Compassion, nl3Dn*1 * O^Dm ^ H/Dn -^te, hl s. ♦ OVTI 

Dwm •n^ ^ly, nijDma *o^Dma Ti^onn 

Coii^tibility, |n^3 ♦ la^ -ible, in. «. IB'^ '"IB^ * ]13^ 

Compel, Dj« *fpn "^^ 'nnpri ch. 

CkMDpaidious, nu s. "t^j? Ctxnpendiaai* IMt^^ 
Compensate, hbi * 0^?^ -aation, ^lOJfl * ^oht^n 
Ccmpetency, sufficiency, p^&^ *P§P power, fw^) -flnt, 

p^D "H m. 8. r>^!D^ •^jra ♦ ""ikt -iwe, n? * -^p? * "flin^ 

Competition, HtCJ? ♦n3'«")P -tor.m. s. TliV ♦ l|3rip 

Compilation, nSVD» ' mpV CompUe, »)bK^ * ^ph 

Compiler, m. s. ^KD * 19^7 D 

CoQEDpIacency, (see Complaisance.) 

Complain, bewail, tjiltjir! to murmur, ]3l^nn * D/JH p)j)S 

^t,m. s. n *^jtf3 TT^ ♦sain Ch- ddh ♦pjfiy -t, an 

accusation, D^nST nlV^'^g * TOpfef a lanaentation, * nj'^J? 
.T^aR ♦ MJ a malady, nhnb 
Complaisance, roiyj}^ * It? R. ^H -sant m. a. ♦ D''^J 

Complement, I3h "ip *nhf "1300 -al, m. s. * M^DD 
D'>i'?'P Complete, D'^^K^n *K^D 'n^^ *Dln -N.m.^ 

dW *8^0 ♦^'•^3 *b''Dn -tion, *fno^B> TinK^o 

■ • 

CcsoapSex, (see Complicate) Complexion, Hi^nO 
Compliance, submission, m3g *njf33n yielding, 'nnjn 

D\3^ mH'^p} -ant, m. s. lajj/ ';f»5 'D''?^ •«^3 
Complicate, "^IPpD R, ^SD * ^^3 R. 7^3 -JsT. m. s. 

3Ti;p * hn^in -cation, «"'313"!i * ^«^3 
Compliment, salute, '?1"13 * Di^tt^3 ^i<B^ flatter, |1a^? PVOrr 

72 COM— CON 

-N. nan^i ♦ ^^hp H?^vtf * tite^J pj'n -ai, nioip? 

Comply, agree, DSpH Ch. yield, JVi^ ♦0'»3p Sfe'J 
Component, n313n * n^ VP^ R- 1^^^ 
Comport, behave, JHinn * HtnUn -ment, JH^D ^TXl 
Compose, to quiet, COp^B^H * pritt^H to form, j^DH -ed, m. s. 
EJpB? * ijni;i3 na^'^O -er, m. 8. lana Ition, a written 

■ , • ■ \ • • 

work, Tliin a mixture, ^51^^.^l (of spices) UnplD an 
agreement, Jl^'Wn R. HW -itor, ni'«n1» T^pO -ure, 
order, n2^Dr\ * ."iangD tranquility, ^Jif * njiyiTl iW^ 
Compound, agree, niB^rl mingle, V^3 * HJ} -N. * nailgn 
nnp"1D (of words) n33"in *33"1D -er,m. s. mtS^D 

TrT;?v tt:- t:t ' *'"/; 

Comprehend, conceive, J^B^H R. Jt^S * ^3!! include, * //13 
/"^Sn -sible, m. s. JB^ -sion, n33n * TliWr\ -ive, under- 
standing, m. s. — 7^3 significant, m. s. 3112^11 comprising 
much, m. s. b^^n^ p^HH^ •n3n0 

Compress, squeeze. "^^D * ^h? * phTI -ible, *"?|^1D^ *\Tl^^ 

priT -ion, .ur«, 1^^VD * ynh * frh 

Comprise, p^nn • ^OH R. ^13 
Compromise, ma^n -N. n^lB^PI 

CompuIsatively,«i3N3 *D3«a 'HnnD ^flaOu^mjDnaCh. 
^tory,.ive, m. s. »]5it * D^K * n^pD Ch.-ion,*f)3Jj * D3tt 

man ch. 

-: V 

Compunction, HDHi * ntOIH Ch. 

* 'ttV TT-: 

Computable, 2tt^n> •"laD"' * n3S'' -ation, MiaC^ *1BDD 

Xiii. ' "iw?' -te, ats'n * ibp * ri3p • ^nyp ♦ njj^ -ted, 

m. 8. 3B^n3 • -ll-liJ • "Ij/fe^D 

T : V ' ^T ^ : 

Comrade, m. s. lan * n''D]J * If "> 

Concave, -vity, rr)T\'^0 R. ifptt^ * ^I'jn.Ch. 

Conceal, th^T\ * 8'»anrr * T^J^pn * np3 -aWe, m. s. D^JfH 

^» • • T 


«3m * nnpi * npp> -ment, ♦ no^gn 'M^no nnpp 

Concede, • 'h JT^H * • '3 HVI . * DDDH Ch. * TIS thJ 
Conceit, imagine, n»*n * 3{S>n * 3^ 7;/ n^J? -N. an idea, 

naZ^pD ♦ \Y»J[n pride, 3^ t"i^t -«d, proud, m.s/3^ •^35 
nSanO fond of himself, p3QD 
Conceivable, m. s. Jfe^ R. JB^3 *pi^ R. ]'^!l-ceive (in the womb) 

mil comprehend, J^fc^H * ]'^Dn -ceiver,m. s. y^}ffD ^^SD 
. -ception, (in the womb) ]1^"in a notion, ]1'^Jt/*3 * HUB^D 
Concentrate, ^bK * ^3j5 
Concern, to care, JN*! * B^IH * tt^tf^H to interest, 7 (succeeded 

by the pronoun, as ^7 HD JFfta^ rfoc^ t* concern thee f) 

-N. na«*n ♦ ^fr} ^ \^y!i ♦ po;; ch. -ing, nni« ^^ 

Concert, contrive, ^33nn "H v^aHfl ttV D agree, ^HH * ma^H 
D3pn -N. hannony, ni'^nSnn *Ti;f^, ' ni<T.8^rr (in 

music) niDtn n3"1J/D 

• ■ • • • • 

Concession, grant, HiflD a thing pelded, nHSr? * l^t^. 
Conciliate, reconcile, D''3§ H&S * Hyi win, *nri9 
3^ bp n3"n ^tion, ""Ifla * mB3 -ator, m. s. MnDO 

nasD *Di^B^ Mfe^ir 

Concise, m. s. IVj? -ly, IIVJ?? -ness, 1'^ -ion, n"1Vj?n 
Conclude, determine, V*in * tOflB^ close, ^b^ * H^S -dent, 

-fflve, m. 8. pna ♦ "lll^ -Bion, tD|?^p * IDf * f)iD 
Concoct, h^Jl ' 72» -ion, ^13J? *h^^» 
Concomitance, ^^H * H^l? -ant, m. s. ^3H *iTl73 
Concord, nnn» ♦ Dl^tS^ -ance, >4-ipSn nlVo n3"5JJD 

-ant, m.8. ]13; nc^ Concourse, ^IDH * i^l R. IP 
. Concrete, ^3*1 * IHR -N. m. s. p3np -tion, p3"n 
Concubine, t^J^a * ^JB^ -piscence, iT^DH * m^W 
Concur, DSDH Ch. ♦n1«'> -rence, nOSpn • miT -wait. 

74 CON— CON 

m. ». D'>D''3DD * D^an 
Concussion, a shock, HJ/IT * If r:^! R. Xflt 
Condemn, blame, U^p»n sentence, J7">B>"!rr ♦ 3^71 * Dnqi? 

reject, n JT ♦ e^E)3 -ation, yf^n * W\r\ * nn">3T -atory, m. s. 

D'^a^SD ♦jr''BhD -ed, m. s. l»nD *Dinb ♦ ni3T (to 

death) m. s. niD 'p * niT'O 'Zn 
Condensate,' )SC%^T\ * 3^Jff H Condense, SfejJ * Haj/ -N. m. s. 

Condescend, yield, "'7 flVn *D"!aa «B^3 stoop, *i/33n 

r>i:;;n ^on, D">:a niif'fe'a * nj/asn • ma;; 
Condign, ^iR-is * Sofia's? * H? 

C(Hklition, quality, "5]TJ^ * •^?S.l? circumstances, ^D^D stipu- 
lation, •»»3n ♦ ""an r. nan -ai, ••ana ♦ nao hn -ary, 

T T. - . 

Condole, • •? TO Condolence, T3 

Conduce, promote,inD help, /'i/lH R. 7jf^-ible,m.8.*inD^. 
V'^l'' -ive, m. s. inop * ^"i^lD 

Conduct, aha •T"!"!'? *T^»"' (oneself) ana^n -n. 'anap 
Conduit, naia *n^rn ♦max 

Confection, nph naanD nJJ^D -er, m. s. nPlT MQlK 
Confederacy, -ration, n'^'13 -rate, — n^3 -N. m. s.* —71/3 
Confer, discourse with, ••? l^'l bestow, "y ]ri3 -ence, 

▼ N : 

Confess, niinn ♦ min r. ht * lan r. 133 -ediy, 
Tiiaa * ""iVaa -ion, •'i-ni * min * man -fest, m.s. • ""i^a 
•rna •ifn'« 

T - T 

Confidant, m. s. J/I^O R. i/T * ]DKa ♦ llD "tt^^R (as 
"•"TlD e^« my cot^fidantj Confide, ' -3 CipS T^PS? -ence, 
assurance, HM^ip *naD8 boldness, ♦3.^?? yoii ' flt^r} 


nMjp -ent, m. s. n^Q^ * nD30 * 2h *f>p« * D^:?^ •?£ 
Confine, fix, h^n shut up, TIPPI *t«^3*-N. h^2^ pi. 

DnVDH ra *ni^n5 -ment, li|D8 K^SH rf'Ti 
Confirm, establish, D»j3 * D^pPI strengthen, ptH * n^i^ ^ble, 

m.s.D1pypT1T na>«^. -ation, 01»)? ♦pltn niB^X *>l)?il 

^,m. 8. ]iDa ♦D*i?p ♦prno • "ib>«d 

Confiscate, Onfjil ♦ tS^JJtf -tion. Din * B^3j; 
Conflagration, r\'\pjl ' tt^« fljDKD 

Conflict, on Vn * nnn -n. rrDii^D * nano 

Confluence, -flux, ^icri -fluent, m. pi. IHK DipD ^8 •D'^lp? 

C(Hifonn, comply, ••? T\^^1 *D3pri Ch. suit, ]l3n -able, 

11333 ♦"'Q ^ 3 -ation, •niXf -ity, •ni«'< -ist, m. a, 3.113 

C<Hifound, perplex, T^H^n *0^7?l' ™*^> '''^ "*'^» ™* •• 

^naa * d^33 * ti33 ^ly, no^sa * naina -er, m. s. 

Confront, to face, "133 7 l)bl/ compare, H^T -ed, m. pi. 

0''3a ^« D^3a ♦iDB^irr r. dib' 

Confuse, perplex, h^h^ R. ^^3 ♦ ^NiaH -ion, * rrnjn0 
C<Hifute, to baffle, U^h'Dn disprove, ihD Ch. *tt^^n3n .able, 

m. s. "ir\D^ *Bti3"> ^tion, HTTip * Hainan 

Congeal, t^SP -able, m. s. KS^. -ment, *lK|)p 
Congratulant, m. s. "^laip -late, "^la -lation, {1313 
Congregate, ^il^T} * fjpKn ' n^VI -N. collected, m. pi. 

CapW ♦ D'»lJt|l3 -tion. Congress, 111^* H^"'P8. * ^Hj? 

R. li/'' 
Conjecture, 3i2^ri -* nm -N. ^li^H * rt2^T}p * Il'«jt/p. -al, 

-■>a^ 1» -er, m. s. 3B^ * HSID 

Conjoin, i^n -ed, 0^30 *vyr. Dnanp -uy, nnss 

76 CON— CON 

Conjugal, 9'»fenK ti^^wi h^ 

Conjugate, (a verb) ^jp&n '^^^D nltSH -tion, n^W? 

Conjunrt, m. pi. D"""??!! ♦OnaHD -ion, rVl3'«pp *l^'3n 
-ive, m. 8. ']^DD ' nanp(the mood of a verb) ""Kann H^l 

Conjuncture, nrp^p njp * .1311/ * ID? *i^md r. nj;"> 

Conjuration, a plot, IB^p enchantment, D^DD]? * D^5)B^3 
Conjure, to aijoin, IfSK^H enchant, Qt?p * ^^$ "^^^ ™- ^ 

J;M^3 -ment, n^2f-a, DDp * «18>59 
Connect, 12n ' pST ied, m. pi. Onan * D"'i?a'T19 *D»310ip 

-ion, nm.}j ♦ni3*'pp •niDprnr! 

Connivance, Cja niH^B'J *rj? nD71Jn Connive, 

D''aa Kfef3 •rJE? D"'fe'7 

' CcHinoisgeur, m. s. IfOt? * P^Q R.*p3 
Conquer, '^JS; H^fT * n^i (a passion) mn? "jiS^D -able, 
m. 8. nVr • B^^JT -or, m. 8. ^^H 1^2^ * nV3P Conquest, 

Consanguineous, ifefH IRB^ m. s. 3lnP -nity, *ni3'1P 

* • • ■ • 

Conscience, veracity, HJIDK HIT -tious, m. s. * D^31DK •tB'^K 

"V^ Conscious, -ly, m. s. IHJ^ia -ness, njg"1. R.ifT 
Consecrate, tJ^|3 * B^'^lpH -ion, B^ljP 
Consent, "3 njH * -'V nif * n3« ♦DSDH Ch.-N. ♦mi 

T T T •• : - » T 

nOSDH -ient, m. s. Hlf 11 * D^3D0 
Consequence, an effect, JT^'inS * il^/pQ -quent, 331DD 
-quential, important, m. s. 12133 Hp^ -quently, ^Hi^J/ 

Conserve, (see Preserve) -atory P33P9 * mOlf'D DiPP 
Consider, examine, IJlSPH * 73ri?fn regard, SfeTl doubt, 

CON— CON 77 

pgp Ch. njn? ^P^ -able, m. s. 31 * aStf^H -ate, m. s. 
V3D * ^"'3fe'» -ately, prudently, ^3fea calmly, * Hna^n©? 
T^l^y^ -ation, thought, nSg^n© *iiyO * ]Vj; recompence. 

Consign, T>3rrj * IbD *T5pn -ment, iT13fin * HTOP 
Consist, subsist, i^VSH * niTl (as Dan. ch. i. v. 21, 

/i^^JT '^rr^'i and Daniel consisted » -ence, subsistence. 

miS^, * Jl^i^'^yp agreement, ^"^^ -ent, conformable, 

m, s, ]1D3 nently, —7 

Consistory, D'^Pi^K ^D'^PPfe^n D^3rT3-rial, h^ 

Consolable, m.s. '^I? DHi'^ -ation, HDna ^D'^Dina •D'^OinaW 

-atory, ■— 7tJ^ Console, DHS Consoler, hl s. DHSP 
Consolidate, pTH * ptnn -ation, pVP! 
Consonance, concord, ^lltJ? * JTi^nHii Consonant, suitable, m. s. 

^133 * D^^3 (a letter) HlK 
Consort, associate, * '3 p31 marry, H^X^ Ch. -N. JTIV 
Conspicuify, -ousness, 1^5 -o^^ly, —3 -ou«, m. s. 'TRS 

«• • • • _ 

• • • ■ 

Coilspiraty, 12^)3 -ator, m. s. nB>1p ' D''l6^1p3 Conspire, 

Constable, IDlB' -ship, n^lt^H rTTIP^ 

Constancy, nn^Qfl Constant, m.s. D*2 ^TDn© -ly, TDH 

Consternation, astonishment, ]lni3fl * HOOtt^ fear, * nO'^K 


T T r 

Constituent, essential, fl'^VDW R- HVD * DSlf one who de- 
putes, m. s. n^lB^ Constitute, lj?^ri * "T^^ \h\ -tion, (of 
the body) 3TD (of government) ninSH H^tt^pD njISi? 
-tional, nansn OaefB? -tutive, m. 8. D"<j?0 R. Dip 

Constrain, P|3k" ♦ DJK * r^K * mDH Ch. -able, m. s. * D3K?. 

rr\T -t, «« ♦ D3N * man 

78 CON— CON 

Construct, h3a -iqa, the building, n^33 int«pretation, * It&^d 

tt^n^ • lino? -ire, tihp^ ina^ -ure^ ]j33 

Construe, niiji B>"2^ 'liCl 

Consult, • 3 bia^ ♦ V^jn (a book) HSD?! ^^Jg Bf^n 

^tion, nxir 

Consumable, m. s. D^^ *nnB^ * H^?^ * j30"! R. ppD 
Consume, nHB^n * n^3 ^DflH *T>Dn -ed,' m. 8.-*p03 

on * nntj^i * n^3 -», m. s. n'^ntfi'D * n^jaa -ate, 
n^3 'i/ya ♦o^tt^n 's^d -ation, 'rvhsn *nDht:;n 

^ • » ■ • • 

nSvP -ption, the act of destroying, nnnB^H a disease, 

ti"'V3 * tin ♦ B'na * nnna -ptive, m. s. rv^nt^^a • nh^n 

Contact, Contaction, jJIS'H * iTl3^j? 

Contagion, T^^iD * 3^!? -gious, ]^j7;|l'nnp 

Contain, hold, f'<mri ' ^OH wible, pTr!;> ♦ ^3^^^ R. ^13 

Contaminate, to pollute, ^D ' DhT -N. f^t^D * DHtp 

Contemn, b'^PT) * HtS ' (Dm 

Contemplate, nnltJ^ •3iJ^ri *\*^ (evil) OhVl -tion, *p»Jtf 

n^^ • nitt^nn -tive, m. s. nse^no *hj32 -tor. 

Contemporary, m. s. 1n1*1 |2 m. pL IJlHt HIT *^33 
Contempt, vileness, nl'?? scorn, r\17Qtt? *1^^J5 "^^^^* "*• ^ 
"^m V^QB^ -ibly, moa -uous, m. s. ^t^tQ * nDD 
R. ^1T -usously, 2^333 {DKB>3 * ^Ti»T5 * lln??, * ri35 
Contend, strive, nV3n * Snn * pg'JgnH argue, PlS^n -or, 

nan^'p ^^ Jfi3 

Content,' n^^lS^P «^P 'J/n?^ -N. -ment, Hi/Sfe^ 'J/Sfe^ 
-ed, pleased, m. s. H-lpP satisfied, m. s. J^3S^ -less, 
JB*32^ ]''«P 

Contention, quarrel, D'^J'TP R- PT ' ilVD * p't^H * Hyip 
debate, ni31 -ious, D''310 *«^« * S"""! nmno 

■ • • • 

CON— CON 7» 

Contents, what is contained in, pljl amount, ^D 
Contest, to quarrel, mn * HVSn * pB^lffin debate, HDin 
-N. rty'lQ *nV8 ^niSI -aWe, *pflD Ch. (for pStt' ) 

T • : • 

Context, united, m. s. JTISHD (of discourse) "IDKl^n ^tf^OH 

-ure, u^phnn n3«n 

Contiguity, m3"l)? " pia^H -uous, m. s. 3^]? * pia'l 

Continence, chastity, H^J/^^V -cnt, land, ritt^S^ Vl^ 

abstemious, m. s. tt^T\^ chaste, m. s. Jpiyi -ual, -uate, 

"?lfe^n ^721 *Tpri -ually, Uv'SjJy -uance, duration, 

JT^TDn abode, HTOj; • 22^10 -nation, -uity, ♦ niDnS 

nnpnn ♦ nsK^pn -ue, protract, "T^iKri ♦ "^ra^pn dweiii 

Ibjtf ♦ 3tJ>; persevere, llj/ 9p\^ 

Contort, B*)?]? ^mig -ion, r»itt>j?j^ * ]ijp ♦ mj; 

Contraband, nmsn n't 1J3 * mS t<^ ' TIDK 
Contract, to bargain, TlJ? Hia^n betroth, {tHK * 11/^ shorten, 

lyj? shrink up, pbV * Kl'^i? -N. Tm^7\ * pfemX • lljf; 

-ible, m. s. l5f P">. * pDV^ * D^l?"! -ion, • pISV * JO-^bp. 

Contradict, B^nS -dieter, m. s. B>n3D • niHDin *B^« 
-^diction, -dictory, -ries, -rity, ntS^nDH * nDSin/n -dis- 
tinction, nn|l3nri regularity, tDStt^SD ^^ -rily, -riwise, 
-ry,'!|Dn^ -st, m.s.'injj'l 133 •I2^'>« D1K^-N. ^HB^n^n 

naann ♦ nna3r\n -sted, hl s. nn;;T 133 a^K ocnn 

Contribute, give, \r\\ promote, 330 -ing, -or, ^ry, m. s. 

ffj J * 33& -ion, the contributing, nj"^]!? a levy, DD * U^t^ 

Contrite^ "SCy^ * 1-1313 * lOnnriD Ch. nn nD3 -ion, 

T T -: T : 

Contrivance, n^3nn Contrive, — i^5fD -r, m, s.. ♦itViD 



Control, govern, 'h^ ^fc>9* ' 3 l5f^ -N. H^tt^P^ -ment, 
TS^P -lable, m. s. IV^;; -ler, 7B^a nVllI -lerehip. 

ControTcrsy, a quarrel, n^^^D *3^1 R. 311 *pfe^ a 
debate, ri131 -versial, -h\^ -vert, pB^|?J;)n * TOI *lhD Ch. 
-vertible, m. s. "inD"» tt>n3'< -vertist, m. s. n^^Q * tT^ZD 

Contumacious, m. s. '37 •nTJtf^ * ^1*11.©!? VlTJ??. 1^ 

p|"jj/ •nj^p -ness, ""e^i? * mjg nn -ly, -n 

Contuse, ^'Vi ♦ j;;^^ Contusion, H'fV^. *)}'%% 
Convalescence, t^B'HD Convalescent, m. s. KSll3 
Convene, ^H^H * tp^ 
Convenience, fitness, Itt^DH ease, ft^T ]13m * niT -lent, 

• • • • 

m. 8. nC^S -ient time, lE^Sn fljgtt' -iently, 1B>33 
Convent, (see Abbey) -icle, I^PIH n^3 -ion an assembly, 

'^^'7i? *'*'5^'??1? an agreement, HRIB^n -ional, —3 
Converaable, sociable, m. 8« D'^JtfH^B^^H -«nt, m. s. * r^'SQ}^ 

P3D -ation, ISTD Converse, discourse, "ISl'in cohabit. 

Conversion, HQ'^/n (from religion) T!\ JTllDfl R, l^D Con- 
vert, change, ^'^/HH * '^BHrin * JTI l^DH appropriate, 
^•^an -N. m. s. 13^ ^ana • ICIO -er, m. 8. n'l *TDD 
*lri>Dr -ible, m. s. Pj^PP ' IDI'' 

Convex, n'«3«?5 * ^ijf -ity, ^W 

* • * 

Convey, transfer, PlW * nagil .«nce, JTI^fe^ * '"'15fi'!f -«r, 

m. 8. Pl^tt^p *"»"»5g9 
Convict, D'>t^Kn * jP^tthri -N. m. s. Dtt^K * J?^ -ion, nn^ln 

R. nD"" * iTTtt/i? R. "f"»l/ -ive, m. s. fT'Dl'' ♦ T?> 
Convince, iralH ^ible,m.8. n?f/ njl"" -ingly, *nln5ln5 


•• • 

Convive, llSfc^ * 3^ 3'«8D\1 -ial, m. s. OSfe^O * 3^ •3''t3D 

CON— COR 81 

Convocate, f|b8 * ^npH -tion, Ha^pg *n^nj> 

conToy, nij? ♦ n^p^ w *?i^n -n. m^ 8. m^p 

Convulse, ^V.1 -ion, nj^lT (of the muscles) PVS^ ^^9 

Ch. D^nn^n -ive, (person) m. s. nlV^B IHItnitin 
Cook, ^18^2 -N. m. s. ^B^3I9 *n3D -ery, StS'SH naN^P 
Cool, to make cool, 1j?ri * |3V slacken, Hg'in grow cool, 

"•Ipr*'? * 132>vn * nginn -n. m. s. ip '* nsinp -er, 

m. 8. Tj3p * ]3VQ -y, SOK? * i^HSIl -ness, indifferoice, 

niannn * mhtthnn ch. * 

^ • • • ■■ • • 

Coop, "lapri ♦ iihi -n! a cage, 31^5 -er, n1»an nkfiif 

Co-operate, "^ l^H ♦'DJ? ^irjiDB^n -ation, * n^n^JiriH 
HIQJfllltt^n -operative, -partner, m, s. ISn * PjPltt^ Ch, 
-partnership, IT^^n * P|SE9B1^ 

Cope, contend, pa^^nn * ann* •*^"T|5'?n 

Copious, nain m, s. an ^ess, j;gts^ ♦ah -ly, -h ^SJ^fii 

Copper, a metal, fHi^PIJ a boiler, jbJiJ * Unjp -plate, a plate 
atgrared, D^nijl^ n]|)9p T^t^i (an impression from it) 
D nV!f -smith, m. s. TlB'n J Bhin 

Copulate, pa"n ♦ JI3T Ch. 4on, pli"!! ^niJ^J H -ive, m. s. 

Copy, transcribe, 2J^3 P^^H (a picture) ^^ imitate, 

niOT -book, n^rijjn^ lao -ist, m! s. p">rijtfp -right, 
-te, a*2n» mnUfo ♦o''3n«a mw^ fip^^nn 

Coral, 0"';i1D7» * &iy\!f?» -line, -^tt^ 

Corban, an alms-basket, HpTV W rl^p a gift, tS"lp 

Cord, a rope, h^ti ^n'\2V^ ^ m)?rJ ^e, .Twrr \^?ri^ 

Ci^dial, reviving, m. s. tS^^3 'S'^^D R. 2W sincere, m* s. 


82 COBr-COR 

Coriander, "13 

Cork, DhD -N. a stopple, DtOtt * naiJDCh. -screw, —nhlD 

Com, a grain, t J*^ (on the feet) LVSin T\72l -chandler, m. a. 

Comer, an angle, r>">1T*r»3$ 'JSJ'iifPP 'HH *" extranify, 

nK§ *»!» -nv)? -^tone, n|$ B>tt"i • nrthn t3K 

Comet, a standard bearer, D'^Ch^H ^J"! M^j 

Cornice, nT *mn3 * n«9 

Comigerous, m. s. 0^,511? *'l?5 

Coronation, tVl^^D 1035 Tlt9^ * ti^ttT h]3 "1^3 n©"*?^ 

Coronet, 9''3rhri D>3npn nyg^ 

Corporal, bodily, "»3^li ♦ ">P^S Ch. -ity, n''3|)ia *n>Dp^ 
Corporate, m. pL "THK^ OnnSD -ion, pin ""in n71f.R.Tr 
Corps, in^ 

Corpse, hhn •naia Tria n^a *n^aD * n^33 

Corpulence, nfe>3 niDa Ch. ♦ IT'S^DB^ -nt, m. s. * \Dt^ 

T T *^ - 

Correct, mend, ]j5n *3^g)\T punish, l^- reprove, rPDlH 

R. na** -N. m. s. Tpno ^ iid3 • D^t8> 4on, ^ HD^D * nnsto 

|1pn house of-ion, TVn'lD TV^^ -ive, m. s. a"<D'>."l * 310 
-ly, tl33^ * "«ih^5 -ness, ntS^i * niO^B^ -or, m. s. * n">3lD 

Correspond, to suit, rW»,) * |l3n (letters) m. a. nn3« n^B> 

•Vn« b» •a^'K -ence, (by letters) nTii^ ni^ 

friendship, nn^nnn 'nij/n-ent, (by letters) |ril31 «feh3 
a^30a suitable, m. s. ]133 * Itt^S 
Corrigible, corrective, 1pJ\ *1D10 nj?^ R. np7 
Corroborant, m. s. pmp ♦ IB^Ki? * O'^pD R. Dip -rate. 


pm ntj^R ♦ D^n -ration, piin *»pnt^vi -niDpn. 

Corrode, ^3K -ible, m. s. h^^l Corrosion, nnril?>n * TISK 

Corrosive, m. s. ^3NP * TX^nfQ * H^Dp 
Corrupt, defile, N©D spoil, nPl^H *^3n * ^p^p R. hh'P 

grow bad, nntS^n • Van * 'jp^j? bribe, Ih^ -ed, m. s. 

nnB>3 * ^pbpD -er, m. s. fcntj^o * "jp^po * ^^np 

-ible^ m. s. * rSHt^^ 'hp^T * '5^?. "io^, wickedness, 

nna^D * nnti^ * :?ip^p matter, nnip • n7b3 ch. 

Corsair, D'>P!n nnlJT DDlH pp^ Ch. 
Cosmogony, D JlPH nN"""!? -grapher, oj'li/ri DilDI? IKJip 
■graphy, D^llfn nai3J? n^^^, -poUte, m. s. ""pa Ch. 

Cost, had at a price, m. s. IrjJJ* "3 ISP? it-hislife, 
«in iB^p3?l it-me trouble, m. s. •*13 ^rii'P;P ;;rij?3^ 

riK^n'^ rnb"? •<^if *rvT\ -n. price, "^nj? * "rnp 

Costive, bound, m.8. r;;03 nVW binding, U^U? "WSD 
Costliness, deamess, nilp^ Costly, m. s. Ip' 
Cottage, nSD R. "|3D -r, m. s. nSD •]?y 

Cotton, (the dawn) tB| IDV (the cloth) ^1^3 

Couch, lie down, yllT (the eye) nil;!;/ D^3"<Jg Hi?? -N. a seat, 
33B^P * n^P 731 -ant, m. s. ^311 

Covei^t, nna n'13 ••or nits'n -n. nn3 *n«V5^n 

Covenantee, m. s. rfnS *%% *ni^P ' 
Cover, overspread, H^S *'!|5lD * HDn * f)Qln * n§V M^D 
hide, n">ripn * «3J;in -N. a covert, IJnpp * Sa^P a 
screen, "^DID *npnp -ing, H^pp ♦''13V *''^B3 "let, 


Covet, Ibn * niK -able, m. s. IDHi • niKiri -eous, m. s. 

tin^ '^ina *iain * nwnp -eousness, npia^n • mw? 

Cough, 1^^ -N. 711/*a> 

84 COU— COU 

Couitet, nn pi. wnn 

Couricll, D*lfjtfi3n rta'«P[? counsel, y'V^ -N. advice, nXJ? a 
pleader, f bO R. p^ ♦ »B''^j?1^ Ch. -lor, ^igl"' 

Count, to number, HJID * "ISD * "t^J^ -money to, f»'nD R. fn 
•h 3nr noa nii;D Ch. -N. a number, r30 *"iaDiQ a 

title, nna countess, — n nB>« 

Countenance, pm * D'3D «fe^3 -N. support, ♦ 0*33 niN"'^5 

pWI form of the face, 0"<3^ * D^|« * HKID 

Counter.a table, nunn ThW base money, «rVD i? ^DD Ch» 

♦ » .s •ll"** 

Counteract, act contrary to, ^lp3 "l/H* ••? "Tilinn 

-balance, ^piyon mtt^H *n333^&B^-N. 1^3332^ ^pt^D 

-evidence, n^ll^i^ nnjtf -feit, to forge, fjJT -N. 

fj^irp Ch. -marid* ij^ssn a-iB^ri -N. iy ^1D IV 
R. rnif *il^9Sn ni^n -march, j;fb3") 3i«t> -n. 
")in»V naiB^n i/po r. rD3 

Counterpane, n^Sn np?p R. nb3 -part, i'n^3?B> IX 
R.^Tiy *''3B^n n^ m. 8. n«-plot,nB#j? ^ia -JB^J? -poise, 

-N. ^p^^sri ""iH^ 

■ Counterscarp, ilinar? ^1D^ VMH nhvt^ 

CounteiBjgn, T no"'nna )>in "ib^k 

Countinghouse, l!3B^nn Tin Countless, IBDO ]^X 
Country, a i^on, p« * HSHD rural parts, * D'>nvn * OnS? 
Jiniy one's native soil, Jn7lD P^^< -man, a husbandman, 
i1D*ItJ Tlliy a rustic, "^"ISS born in the same country, 
Cyf )3 as ''dJIf \3, my countryman. 
Coun^, a shire, ^13 •"^^Sl 
Couple, join, TDyH marry, 32| Ch. -N. ID^ *31t 
Courage, 3^.1 flSl« take-, pmjin '^SHinr! lose-, 

^^n *tt^Vi -ousiy, ^in^i ♦ 3^n pi3«3 

COU— CBA n 85 

Courier, m. •# IH 

Course, pursue, '^im pj^ ^jni * T)V rove about, Dfi?1a^ 
-N» a career, nymb order, ^^p (of nature) 'D^lj; illa'^^Q 
p« i/aJSn '^•J'l a race ground, t^^'lf^yK Tn'^ltf 
R. *nV -r, a horse-racer, l^V jf"lV a race horse, DID 
8^1]nS« Ch, -ing, Tlf 

Courti (a woman) nf» hiTlS^ 2h-l?jn\'3n seek, t^jl 
-N. (of justice) fl rCH (of a prince) iTV^ * "!]Jo nVq a 
narrow street, IVn -eous, m. s. D^JJJ * ""IV"J * m D^i/T tt^^K 
-eousness, -esy, jH R. pn *mO''j|/5 -esan, *n3!l^P 
•^5 r>|l^1tf -i». a lover, 4^ ii'iJJ * 3n»P an attendant at 

Court, ^^sn ^a^i'-npii/ crnp -martial, V^^/' n fl'5 
nen^sn -ship, niajg 

Cousin, in. & rjlSl ll'l *i^ * 2ti\> 
Cow, N, n-1^ -herd, IjPia Mlp.D B^K *nn$ Hjlfn 
Coward, m. s. 3^^ *T1 ♦ «n^ -ice, "^flb *«"J,1D -ly, -3 
Coxcomb, 4cal, i13'»nD ' 2^ !n35 * n«JinO 

• • • • • • 

Crab, a fish, t^^p 

Crack, to split, DVI *UP^ -N. a chink, U'Tt^ * HJ^-'p^ -ling, 

-n ^lp -brained, m. s. ^^32? * f\ipt^ 
Cradle, a bedi npnjt/. * H^Tg 
Craft, art, TDK n3«^0 -iness," nDIO * ilDTy ♦ 13^33 -ily, 

-3 -smwa, ]^^ ' tt^lH -ty, m. s. Dinj^ * D"<3^11 •Ith^ 
Crag, a steep rock, h^hn) 933 *na^? "If? -gy, Htt^ * |rr« 

-gedness, ^fffj!^ 
Cram, to stuff, pin *D38 •DBg Ch. eat greedUy, bT]2n 

Cramp, iViP -N. hard, ptfl * nB^j? contracliwi, 

Ch. Dn3i5n n^w P'»s2f 

Crane, (a bird) D'O * l^^; 

86 CRA— CRI 

Crave, *n» a^jja ♦•^« Ih^ -Ing, longing, HB^j?? 

Crawl, move slowly, ?hT 

Craze, to weaken, HBI (the brain) njj'!] ^3^3 R. JIT * hh^ 
-iness, t1'»p'l * ft^-J ^13^a -y, m. s. pX/'i Pip •nDPT 

Cream, ajm IP^B^ * n«ipn -y, ]Bh • IDK^ 

Create, to form, Vhi^ *77lH -ion, the forming, HK'^'l^ (the 
world) D^ijf -ive, m. s. iXlT * ^^IPP -or, iXya * ^^IHO 
-ure, a created being, T^V^ * H^IB m. s, i<*IZl3 a human 
being, H^K Tf?"! a brute, HTt a dependant, m. s. 

•nnn i;3D3* • -^ iaif ato ch. 

Credence, -enda, HilDK -entials, HiON 3/13 * milfD 

••• ■■• a •• 

Credibility, Jl^3fit^| ^l*^^ -ible, worthy of credit, m. s. 

JO^^ probable' nD«^ 31"))? 
Credit, believe, -2 ]a«ri tnwt, m^H MB^H R. nm -N. 

nni^n *KtS>D *n30« -aWe, "m. s. *D''31D»*B^K 

TT*~ T"" TT ^* • •y* • 

|D83 *ni30W •^i/S ^ibly, naiDK3 -or, m. s. m^DMB^a 

Credulity, nilDiJ rjitf*!! ni7j3 -ous, fDi^nj' 7J? R. 7^P 

Creed, naiDK 
Creep, iJ'b'l * ^hr -ingly, slowly, SOK?^ 
Crescent, increasing, m. s. 71^3^ "^/IH (moon) niZlyil "'Vn 
Crest, of a helmet, i;3"i3ri nj; led, m. s. T^i; inj;" 
Crevice, iTlj?? * nj(/"<j?3 * D"<V^ (in a rock) 1311 * p"<j33 
Crew, assembly, ^^DSJ^^ (^^^ ship) n*3Kn fl'iaH 
Crier, rnSD * Km? Ch. * ^IP TSfi? 
Crime, DB^K * If t&^^ -less, m. s. D^DJ^ * ^j73 -inal, a convict, 

m.. s. DB^« •B^K '^B^B -ination, n3^fef -inatoiy, 

m. 8. )^^B^ 
Crimosm, Crimson, J7 7 1ri *7'*P13 

Cringe, to bow, nniTJ^^n •j/wfj -N. mT niH?^ *r?iif^33 
Cripple, D-'^an n33^ miy -n. d-i^jt n33 

CRI— CRU 87 

Crisis, a critical time, V'^'^^DH WT a turn, ^13tt^ 

Criterion, ,Tin *nn3ln -tic, m. s. "))?3p *n'>?lD -tical, 

accurate, m. s. D VPVO Ch. * p'n]7*TP R. ppl captious, m. s. 

B'iJr -ticise, 1153 * nOln -ticism, Itique, Tlj?3 * p'^J?'^ 
Croak, "Ip"))? -N. npj? CIi. 
Crock, isnn "h^ CroAery, inn "<^3 
Crockodile, finVlD ifJnSV * m''1^ 
Crook, B^J2 •^j?JS; P|^p •nji; -N. nn -backed, |3a -ed, 

m. s. '7)?J;D ♦{£>)?]? '^hfrt^ ^^n?: Tiy/P -edness, 

nitJ^iPJtr * n^p -edly, -3 ' ■ 
Crop, nVj? -N. the produce, n»13ri * H^VK * ^^'^'^ stomach, 

n«")p *paT Ch. 

Cross, lay across, 3'^V Ch. * 3^B^ ♦ tP?^*<5 ?^'^^ 15l?n 
pass over, "zfi lilT cancel, HhO * phQ -N. across, m, s. 
tiDD^^a nWp a gibbet, sjv V?f captious, m. s. 
B>i5^ 'mp fretful, m. s. Dl;f?^ nHDD a misfortune, 
j/T j/JB * nVn -ness, peevishness, D^/T ' JlStt^M -purpose, 

r»l3Dnp -way, D'>D'i'nn riKhB 

Crow, U a cock) thj? -n! (a bird) Klip ♦ Yf^ 

Crowd, m. s. •IH^l *a'^« p^PJ ♦nWll -N. ♦^iDn 

Crown, invest with a-, iripH * IDJ!/ -N. a diadon, a coin, 

iro a garland, Thh^ top of the head, TJJ"])? 
Cruciate, p"" VC R. pIV * nsjtf 
Crucible, Cruset, tjlVO 113 

Crucifix, «3^^Vn dW -'O"' ^^'^V ^™*^^' ^^V ^'*' 
Crude, unripe, "ipia * ^B>^9 '•ri/'? -ness, b^'lT\ yVliT\ 

Cruel, m. s. -)TD« '3^ •nB^'j? -ty. ninp« * 3^ W^g 

Cruise, n^3S3 JOE)lB> -N. n»3«3 Dlt^ -r, E)1B^ ">?« 

Crumb, an) ng nn^ -ie,-)|i")a nnla *ninB 

88 CRU— CUP 

Crush, to bruise, ^ *S>^7^ 'N. ny'Vl -ed, m. s. 

Crust, N. (of bread, pye)"Tj| ♦DTTj? 

Crutch, njff^D 

Cry, weep, riD3 • hh^H * pV) * PJ^V proclaim, h*^ lajn 

exclaim, JKB> ♦Hh^-N. ♦"'33 *n^^"» *nj?iPS ♦ njJjPT 

Crystal, rT'S^DT 

Cwb, N. S^if (of a Lion, Bear) "1111 (Hart) ISif 
Cube, cubical, if^np '^inT a die, M^3ip 

CriMt, now -ai, "^inka nj^ 

Cuckold, f\\Xl rN. nQ«aD HB^K ^^3 

Cuckoo, (a bird) ^H^ 

Cucumber, Hfi^ * KiS^f> pi. D^«t<»S^ 

Cud, ma chew the-, m3 H^H * IJirf R. Ti;i 

Cuddle, to lie close, nfe'^ SlnpS 33B^ hug, p^n 

Cudgel, S*503 nan r. nsa -n. ^j?© pi. ni*?j?p 

CuflF, (of a sleeve) ^/ilTH-n''^ hv!> \^% 
Cuirass, iTinb * TVnp * \\nf -ier, -j^lh 
Culinary, nj^'Sp n*3 ^ 
CulpabUity, dWk' ^ble, -rit, m. s. D^K •tC^K 
Cultivate, to till, HDliKn n» lifl; * 1^3 * Bhn manure, 
73T Ch. improve, ^^J? 4on, Culture, * HD'Tljn n*Ti3Jtf 

a^nn *;ipr» 

Cumbersome, HDDgP * ^30 * KfcfD B. tWi -ly, nn533 
Cummin, |j^ 

Cunning, subtle, m.s. DVIj^/ ^3l3 ♦D">33ln "a^K sfcilfiil, 
m. 8. 3Bhn -work, n3E^a n3K^D -ness, * riDnj; 

nD"|D * "^jln * m^?3 -ly, -3 

Cup, njyjV? D*^'? yV/l? -N. a vessel, 5^33 • Dl3 -beacer. 


nypBn It -ping-glass, HV^VSn n3V?V 

Cupidity, Ti^^^ia *nion • r?pw!n ' m«!n 

Curable, m. s. *1^ HaTW »910 ' «a"l'' 
Curate, iriS-Qlpp S7DP -cy, - -H nn?^ 
Curb, -iiij} -N. nyifD * p"l -stone, HB^ttin |3K 

Curd, JtDJ? -N. na)?3 3^n 

Cure, to heal, .TO * t^SI -N. nSlBT • KaiD * HailJl 

-less, nflinn '•'73 * Nana r«3 -<i. m- s. «a"u 

■ • • * a ~ • 

Curiosity, rarity, Ip"^^ '^'7 *'?'^ inquisitiveness, niW? 

ntt^^l*^n Curious, ip. s. ^ij"^ 
Curi, niv (the hair) fllngfe^ ^D^D -N. • HQ^HD * HVIp 

Currency, circulation, nX^lD fluency, rmTrip paper 
money, J/app OipP «^PP Current, coin,*nniD^ 1311/ 
:P5PP Ch. a stream, f\af * in * DIP Ont -ly, generally, 
^J?3 ♦ 2lb 

Currier, nnil/ "TSjgP Curry, nfl'^V T?^ 

Curee, wish evil to,n'l« 'Si]? • ^^j? afflict, p"»yn *")5Jg.rr 

R. pTV -N. n-jKp, ' nj^p -diy, njn^ 

- Cursoriness, ]11Tna * fiTan -orily, —3 -oraiy, B^^H 

Curtail, nVj? *1Vi?L' 

Curtain, (of a bed or window) Hl/ni *j;^p * Jl^"""! Ch. 

Curvation, HS'^B? Curve, to crook, P]i)3 

Cushion, 13 

Custody, nOtt^P put into-, —3 ]h2 be in-, m, s. —3 pUJ 

Custom, Customary, 7J*in * jn?P duties, DDQ -arily, *3n7 

^313 ^Jin;? -er, m.'s. Hjlp -house, DDSH n''3 
Cut, (asunder) y^^^ 'V'li ^tS (in) CD'ir -bread, 0*13 -flesh 

ofFjnhS **?]inn -flesh to pieces, *?1W3 * iri3 -hair, Tt3 -stone, 

^b3 -N. a cleft, nppa a wound, M1» 


90 CUT— DAN 

Cutlass, iTin 3"in Cutler, C^SK^ TiW^J} 

Cutthroat, m. 8. nvll 'D'H •'^S'la^ 

Cycle, a circle, rtDlpin -opedia, nlp'Tri t^DlJlt^ 

Cylinder, 7^75 Cylindrical, —3 

Cymbal, M-^ * D^W^VD R. hh)S 

• • • 

Cypress, a tree, nT")J^ 


Dabble, aijtjnn (in water) n^lO -r, m. s. lljtfnb * H^O 

Dagger, ip^-^ *nhf ryTH 

Daily, DDl"" ♦ Dl'«3 Dl"" HO * Dl""! Dl"» ^33 

Dainty, delicate, m. s. "^T ♦ pSDO * J j^ delicacy, * pia^jn 

Dairy, 3^n H js^ij; rTi^ -maid, 3^n nhr^j} 

Dale, pOi? * nrpa * ^n3 * H"*]! * n^D2^ 

Dalliance, pastime, D^J/a^J/tt^ Dally, VJ^^J^ R. n^ty 

Dam, to shut up, HDD * nJD -N. a flood gate, HDD • nDfe^ a 

mother of brutes, Dl^ 
Damage, p'^m *hphp "]D^n Ch. -N. pT3 'ptH *lDQn 

-able, m.8. PP ^ibS"* '^p^p"" -d, m. s. ^p'7pD *p^2 

R. ^^p 
Damascus, pB^S'1 Damask, D^n'^9 J^PPI 
Damn, condemn, D'^B^KH ♦jy'^B^'in (to destruction) Dnnrr 

curse, sip * "hS -able, -ed, m. s. *Tn^ -ation, CIH 
Damp, to wet, a"'C5"!n * ob"] * n^^^ R- ni^ deject, 

mi inBin * ih DDH R. ODD -N. wet, m. a. * H^ 

aijs-j -air," n-^ni^n^ ♦ nin^ 
Damsel, nn^?? ♦ ni^^ 

Dance, lp"l '•■^^n -N. -ing, Tipn ♦^hO 
Dandle, -a i'a>jP.B> 

DAN— DEA 91 

Danger, N. HMD Ch. (of Ufe) tf B3 njSD -less, -""^a ^us, 

in.s. ]2DP 
Dangle, m. s. *^inK *iDVfi 12^D -r, a tiifler, ni. s; 

Dare, aTJt/nn m. s. 13^ 1«5»D -ing, bold, m. a. * 3^ *f«p« 
0'»3a *TJtf (action) nil;/ 

Dark, wanting light, "Jj^n ♦ ^flN cloudy, * DlaiJ * t|Jtf O 
I'll? -en, "TiB^n *^''?»n *nil?n -ness, want of li^t, 
nation * la^nb ♦ t^D^V (intense) nb^^ Itt^n -some, 

I • H 

Darling, m. s. *ip'> *3inN* "h 'inanH nn«H3 

o' //'tt // t T-: - T T :T« 

Dam, ip3 OnO * p13 \pr\ 

Dart, VD * j;dd n^an r. j;d3 -ingiy, f n? 

Dash, strike, f^2 * B^Dl blot out, phD *nhD -N. (in writing) 

1P a blow, f\}2 -ing, m. s. Tn& * ^nhp 
Dastard, m. s. 33^ •"Tl ' «T -ly, ^llb? * inlD? 
Date, (a fruit) IDW (of time) D1^TM'^5 -V. -3h3 

-less, — ^^73 
Dative, T>^»B> Dn*" Utt^ 
Daub, n'lO (with lime) IbH * nlD pitch, nbS 
Daughter, flS pi. flUS R. n23 -in-law, n^5 
Daunt, rm rtSin * 3^ DOn R. odd -ed, m. s. * 3^»31D 

Dawn, "ynfn r\Shv. -n. n)?3 * ina^ 

Day, Dl'' -book, nD""^ IQD -break, "inc'ri fll^g -labourer, 
.m. 8. 01* 'TD^ -'8 journey, Df ^iS^O j^ -I'ght, 
Di^n ")1«P to day, OVH 

Dazzle, (him) Hi;?"! •T'^jf~r33n 'iapr) 

T» ▼Tff _» ft m • 

Deacon, tri3"T>j;V -ry, - nilp^ 

• • • 

98 DEA— D£C 

Dead, without life, m. s. 1^0 dull, m. s. HnS still, * HD^I 
DD^*'! -en, D^On -ly, mortally, DIS? -ness, &intness, 

Deaf, m. s. Bhn -ness, n^Bhn 

Deal, to distribute, * • 7 p^H to trade, ]Jiai 88^3 -N. a part, 
p7n a quantity, ^^pD firwood, tJ^ln^ -6'"» * trader, m. s, 
linDI S^P '^jga ♦ nhiD -er of cards, hpph^n p^np -ing, 
business, ]PiD^ »WD ' Ht^D * pDJ? Ch. concern, "»2"1 
as 1iQ|r ^7 ]^K iy^ I have no dealings with him. Dealt, 
used, m. s. •D^ :p^ nW^ 

Dean, IPte'np^ ''38^ -ly, H nilp? 

Dear, m. s. 1^ * "V^l -ly, at a high price, "Ij^i^S with fond- 
ness, n^_ r\2^ixn, -ness, mi\>i ♦ n|g nanx 

Dearth, scarcity, llDriD barrenness, HJ/T * ITlVil 
Death, niD Jikei, mS3 •DOII 

Debar, h'hf H^n * Tonn 

Debate, to ai^ue, njirr * n3inn -N. m3i 

Debauch, nnT * n'^DH R. mj . IVD -N. -ery, HST -ee, 

m. 8, T3D9 R. na * m«ri •ft^iE^ ♦ rmv^D h]!^ 

Debenture, 3in lEIB^Ch. 

Debile, m. s. t^^n * f]^^ * f\hji * H^T -itate, t^hnn Min 

-ity, nts'i'n « p)i^^i; ♦ ]l>§n. \ 

Debt, 3ln Debtee, m^D * nB>l3 Debtor, m. s. *3in •^^JS 


Decade, it^ Decalogue, nlia^PI rr\m 

Decpmp, j|^&3 -ment, J7]pD 

Decay, n^3 * Pi^^ * pfeH R. ppO -N. ti''^3 * iT^3 * pO 

-Decease, ;f la ♦ niD -N. ni?"«ia • nrx^D -d, m. s. jria' ♦ no 

Deceit,0'«i/ni/;? ♦D''733 * fllKDI * iimO * rPDT * IVDin 
^ful, deceiver, m. s. '^ai ♦•>»b") * ">D1 'iTOD *Dni; 

DEC— DEC 93 

CJDDln •B^9 Deceive. HSl 3^^ * TOlH R. n3'» -d, m. «. 

December, "»J?"'B^rjn tS^H * 1^p3 Ch. 

Decency, niD*>J?a ' t|\iP Ch. Decent, m. s. CJ^S * "lg^3 * lliH 

Deceptible, m. s. i^B1\ * i^VJ^) -ion, (see Deceit) 

Decide, nt| * x^n * ntoa -diy, ppi^n^ -r, m. s. ITiJ 'fjln 

Decimate, take tithe, ife^j; give tithe, li^ -ion, ife^^D 
Decipher, IJS^I * iha * 1«3 -er, m. s. nC^Q? *ir)h '1»2D 
Decision, H IDi 'lOaB^D * niTil Decisive, m. s. ♦pHJ 

ntjj -ly, rtDi^n^ ♦nbj^ 

* • • • • 

Deck, to cover, HDS -N. (of a ship) H*3i<n riDB^ 
Declaim, nib«1 njj? '^Ip KiS'J -er, m. s. D^l'l •B^« 

P'jnafe^ nation, ninDl]n"7lp -matory, -m 
Declarable, m. s, nS3** *I£^lb^ *13D^ -ation, an affirmation, 

nian niap * nn^an *dn3 publication, o^ai^ n|TiD 

-ative, m. s. IHSD *ahDD •;;nlO Declare, *TIfn 

tan nap 'jgnin r. ij: 'i^t ♦ii;? -ed, m. s. 

^ T T 

Declension, (of nouns) nlDB^rr ^ptt^p n»J33 
Declinable, m. s. HtDS^ -ation, act of bending, n'*G3n 
Decline, vary, HKin refuse, ]Kip decay, lOlD *ri73 -N. a 

decay, ^t^S * pD R. P'pD -of day, OVH nliO; 
Declivity, TnlD * ^latt^ Ch. -vious, m. s. HDD HKID *T11"« 
. Decoct, boU, S^S digest, ^3«nn -ion, ^IcS^S 
Decompose, tth^ri * Tl^H -ition, HK^I^n * mi^H 
Decorate, Hal * HT^ -ation, ^V -ous, m. s. WJii * 12^3 * ]Wri 

-um, n\u^v} * iTin * i-inp ch. 

Decoy, »">^n ♦ B^p'« ' ?^2^ri -N. ]1«B^S '8^10 *7l«^5P 
Decrease, grow less, tOJfp ^HbH *Jfl|»!l diminish, *St\\ 

94 DEC— DEF 

Decree, fl'n ]hi ' ifll -N. n*! ♦ DJn3 * mW . 
Decrepit, m. s. ]p^D •ilbz * 2^ -ude, tl?*p H^? * n^fef 
Dedicate, consecrate, tth\^ ' tt^'ipn * "^JH inscribe, tt^JV 

-d, m. 8. B^"nj3p ♦ VIVp -ion, n33n * {£^111? ' \tfni -or, 

m. 8. B^n^D 
Deduce, »"'lfDn * l)i -ment, m. s. «VD3 ♦ "1? J3 -ible, m. s. 

8V'?? * '^W. Deduct, Jhi ♦ nja -ion, abatement, * ]'i''33 

^ t: • 

Deed, action, nfe>|[P 'n^lif^ *'~7:iJQ9 instrument, 

arts * "itot^ ch. -1^, m. 8. ^vjf ♦ nana * na-iD 

Deem, to judge, DBB^ to think, nfe^n 

Deep, far to the bottom, m. s. pbj/ sagacious, m. 6. ^ T^^^O 

113B^ depth, pDj; the sea, DlHn •H^IVP -ly, to a great 

■ * • 

depth, pipi;b sorrowfuUy, avi?? ' '"'^Vfi'^ < •*"' P^fii? 
Deer,n^»8 *7»8 V.T3V *"'3y ayoung.,"iair 
D^ce, to raze, PhD *nhD disfigure, HiDD l^r\ IMltl/il 

-ment, HKiD n«in nnnu^H 

/; » : - » - - -r : - 

Defelcate, lfp_ * rh^ * ^^j? -ion, nJVl^ * iTV^Vp 
Defamation, ni3"«e^^D • ilffl iian -toiy, -bo^ 

Defame, ntt^^H * nsi 8"«vin ' "•an !h3 ' fpn 

Defeult, defect, ^lipn *Q1D *D3a Ch. -er, m. s. StlS 

Defeasable, m. s, ^ba*" '^3Cr> -nSli R. 113 Defeat, 
frustrate, "Ifin* ^^3 ^3D rout, llUn * n3n R, 1133 

-N. nnan * ^iisa * n3D -ed, m. s. nsio * btan * n3D 

Defect, DID * llnpn -ible, -ive, m. s. -^J?3 * non -ion, 

revolt, nnnp * bvji * jjt>^ ♦ nja * nniit'p 

Defence, a guard, nonO * T3D vindication, * jll7V3^n 
nip'^^V'!' -less, npqp ^^]3p 7^1 Defend, to protect, 

DEF— DEG 95 

nv2 Dn^n *'hv Tia pn to vindicate, ♦•^^fr^onr^n 

p-nXn (oneself) pl^VH * 7V3r''7 (one's own life) m. s. 
*W93 b)} Ib^ -ant, m. s. i;3Jp3 Ch. -er, m. s. ♦ HDnO 
rP9 * f i>0 R. fl^ * p-'TyP Defensible, (person) m.' s. 
p*ny> (place) 1^30 
Defer, to delay, Ibj/ * "IH^ * E'tJ^iB ♦ nanonn refer to, 

• • V n"«jn R. ma -ence, nnsn • o-'aa ninri 
Defiance, f\r\T\ ' ]iB'^n n^nsann * iina 

Deficiency, l&niD * ]1ipn -cient, m. 8. IDH 

Defile, violate, ^SiD pollute, —'b]}^ -N. ^l-n -d, m. s. * «1DE> 

^KJiD -ment, HSDE) * ^ISS -r, SatDiD * ^^JD 
Definable, TDS'' * 1133^ KVS" * D^H"" 
Defme, explain, ")J<3 * ttha * TIS to limit, ^SJH decide, 

f)n ♦ -ita * dbn-T, m. s. n«nD ♦ Tvo-ite, Miba ♦ ^sjo 

ml (article) n^/n^n 'n -ition, a description, ^TI'^X 
- • • • 

tS'lIB decision, SlO^n * £332^0 ^niTS -itive,m.s. * 1^3 

•• tt ": ▼: " ■•■••I . T 

Defloration, a rape, H 7^3 *^13^ Deflower, (a virgin) J*<SE) 

nh^n2 nay 

Deform, to dishonour, *? yH * ilSD to mar, HRID TYnV/tl 

-ed, m. s. nna^ -ity, rintf^D * ^ip^p r. ^^p 

Defraud, 3)5^; * n©"! Malii R. rr3"« -er, m. s: '>«D1 
Defray, "ibrtD ^ha * TIK ^3/»3 as, I will- thy expense, 

"▼'•I • • • 

Defunct, extinct, m. s* 1341 * D^H dead, m. s. fiD * i/]]! 

Defy, *)"in * firs ♦ \)^b T^san 

Degeneracy, -ation, nii/lll * ni33ltl' ♦ HSIB^P -ate, 

JIJ^IB *33'i{J^ -N. -ous, m. s. ^IIS" ♦ 33'ia' 
Degradation, lowering, HyajZ^n lowness, JTl72ti^ Degrade, 

7"'3a^n ♦^pn r. ^^p 

96 DEG— DEL 

D^ree, a step, njllO a rank, 117^.0 ^on the eairth) 

Deject, ay^fn '3^ unn r. odd -ed,ni. s. *nr\ -nDa. 
»UtfT * ayjaf -ion, 3^ nnyji; ♦ hk?? nii 

Ddfiaition. DTI^K^ n»fe^it I>«fy» D^<?*7«^ niB'JP. 

Deign, "^ )il3 *nin 'HilK 

Deism, B^b ""SHB no^nan nT-S? Ch. Deist, » "ibs 

3 B^3 Deity, PJTS 'OTtW *niiT 

Delay, Tbjtf * B>B>13 * i!IOqi?rin ♦ IHR -N. Tjn« * nTDJB; 
Delegate, depute, niDi$5'9? T^W '"^RSr? -N- 'l^J'P *rr^a? 

Deleterious; m. s. TV'OD ' n"«nB>D * pOD Cli, 

DeUberate, think, ^SriJJ^n *^^>nnhe8itate,"tbjtf ♦noqDfin 

-ive,m. 8. vpriD *^3nfefD *inn-ion, ♦ .TO *n^hip\wn 

Delicacy, softness, niST. ^"^ *T?SS!SiT\T\ deUciousness, 
p13B^ * JIJ]?;? * J3if politeness, niD"*^ J *DJPD Delicate, 
deUcious, D"'S|;pD * D"*;!!]?© (person) m. s. 'JsaQP * JJ^ 

Delight, please, 33Jg ♦flSfe' to-in, "a J|er?n Hb^ -N. 

jijj ♦ nnpfe^ * o"'j?{^jpa' -fui, m. s. pasp * nsfe'p 

Delineate, ■|»if * nifl nSP -ion, miV *n"'a3;? 
Delinquency, IfB'a *7\W^ -ent, m. s. »p1n *^?^e 
Delirious, m. s. DJ/JO •nifl "IDH * ^3^3D R. ^^3 * hxpl^ 

-ium, ^^13 TJiyi iph • ^aSa * ro'n'i 

DeUver, resign, n|pn * "ibD to rescue, ^">Vn *m3 ♦©•70 
pronounce, J1Jg"| 11^3 ^^-^l'^ (as a midwife) 1^^ -ance, -y, 

Tr\iz>T\ 'hTDO^n^-vn 'nna ♦iia'n ♦ m^ -er, m. s. 

TT • - T • : T T - • T" 

Delude, HpT * ir'!«>n R. Rlfa *1V1jn 'Dngn Deluder, 

DEL— DEN 97 

Deluge, fpf ♦ fpp -N. D^y^ DIP P)E)^ * VlSD R. ^33 

Delusion, nl^nrTD Tio")^ 'D^nno R. ma *\)»^d 

Delusive, m. s. D'<1Jf * Hi/nD * ITiDD 
Demagogue, D">V"iansn D'^^fTSH tt^tH 
Demand, ask, 7NB^ claim, ttfl"! * tt^JpS -N- a question, 

nh^tt^ a call, ntJ^n'l a claim, HB^pn -er, m. s. * Bhll 

Domean, behave, mnnr? * JHinn -our, JHiD * fiDatJ^D 
Demerit, DJfi^K * JtDH -N. Dtl^K ♦ «ttn * nisi/ 

T T T T : •• T M^; 

Demesne, ni3« PtHK Jl^TO 

Demise, ' •? 2jp -N. death, njf"'ia ' rtri^D 

Democracy, D^H HyE^Dp -ratical, 712^ -rate, m. s. 

— ^ iD)s: 

Demolish, nlSB^il *yhi * O'lH -sher, m. s. ^Jlj * Dinp 

-tion, m« • nv"«n3 * HD'^nn. 

Demon, j;*! nn ♦p'^TO ♦IB' R. pW 'ITtt' -iac, m. s. 
Demonstrable, n31"» mT MD«"» -rate, rTDl."! mH 

"•T • T* t ** y — '—a — X 

-ration, nnSl."! -rative, nn3in3 * Tn33 
Demoralization, "ID^Sn jnOnB^n rTjI/nS) -ized, m. s. 

Den, Tin * nni«D ♦ mn3D * nis lions-, nlnK aia rob- 

bers-, D''lf"»")^. ni^P 
Deniable, that may be denied, m. s. ti^n!}'' that may be refused, 
P2B} * ^»S^ Denial, ntt>n?r» ♦ni;"'3p *nsp -er, m. 8. 

• • a • • 

Draiominate, Dtg^II tilj? * HSD -ion, DB^ * ^133 -ive, m. s. 
OB'S «11p *n33D 

• a a Ml •• • a 

a 'a 

Denotation, nniflH R. i^^T^ Denote, be a sign, ]0'^P 
Denounce, infonn against, plOB^n t i<pn n^3Tn -ment. 


rat^ ♦ Kion msTn -r, m. s. mt • «Dn •tgtd 

Dense, m. 9.211' PTO -^^' '"'?Jt5 * W 
Dental, D^3B^n ^tt^ Dentist, m. s. D^3tt> •RglT 
Denunciation, declaration, HIJ^ID flTPP ^ J^^ 
Deny, to refuse, J12D * ]^D disown, B^llS 
Depart, go away, "rf?!! * JtjCO * IS^ID desist, nb3 * nCSB^ * IV) 
die, J/13 * niD -ure, * r\2^hn * nfTiO • nj;i13 * nTSDB 

n-iD ♦ nj;iD3 ♦ n'>^n 

TT > • : TT - 

Department, a province, *]13 * 7^7| ^^ office, JTl^^ 
Depend, to rely on, "h^ ]li^gn IJ^^T) • --3 n^H nbS 
hang from, • '3 T\7^ -ance, npHD * llH^pSl * ^IS'^PP 
-ant, m. 8. -'^ 131/2^0 Ch. W]1 Jf333 -ent, m. s. 



Depict, n«ri • TV Ch. -ed, m. s. IKhp * IJ^ 
Deplore, '^jg ^3«rin * -^ ifeD -able, m. s. U*! * ID 
Deplumed, m. s. nyl3 •EOnD 
Depone, swear to, n^l2tl>2 T}i^ -nt, ro. s. 1^ R-TUf 

Depopulate, ni«a^n • nDOti' Difef * OErn * ainn De- 

population, ruin, H^KtS^ * nODB^ * *^?*^ 
Depoie, to attest, TJJH d^de, ^'•^tt^H * --0 T^DH -itiOT, 

*;. T T : - T T -: 

Deposit, to trust, 1^^ 7J? TJcia''! «» pawn, Ji3"Tg lh3 -N. 

111193 • r\2y_ 

Depot, (for recruits) n^n^DH ''P>3D 1^1 
Deprave, J;;'T| * 33lB^ -ation, -ity, nij/^a * HaiB^p 
Deprecate, ^^^n * tirUpH -ion, n^2^ *n3nj^ 
Depreciate, m. 8. •13T^19 irn^n **1rje^0npi5 
Depredate, TlE> '^W 'Tfa *Dbn -ion, * Ht^l 'D^n 

Ifc^ *n'7"'W -or, m. s. m"^ ' ^W *Ttl3 ♦ DDlH 
DepKSS, PVJl "T'V'^ 'iP^pn -ion. humbling. 

humiliatiofa, njTi^ ' n^b?ip -or, m. s. 'l/^pa * h'>^fO 

Derivation, TlTVttf Deprive, TW * Tipn , 

Depth, deepness, pOJf abyss, DlnjJI *rT7^VP 

Deputation, nVlW *ni»^D Depute, "^^1$ rhf 

ri13«te Deputy, Tpa 'ivfjf *1$)^ *"'''¥ 
Derange, Dbn ♦ h^ -ment, nSHO *^3^3 R. ^^3 
Deriliction, njS^^IOJ ' n3'>lp 
Deride, -3 ^C^n* -^ HS Jlf^ *f j'n* '^ pn^ Deriskm, 

h^nT^ ♦ra *:jj?^ *iivj ♦pinv Derisive, 'v^ 'PDVP 

Derive, irVlH ' 1^3 -ative, nM3 * Hl^Un -ation, mta 
Derogate, jh^ *im *^n -N. m. s. jgllS 'nDn -ion, 

n^i^o * n^}p -oiy. jp-iap ♦ te 

Descend, to come down, I'T come from, • 'D *Ty^ -ant, 

niVin -ent, • -b ns ;? -sion, rnn^^ -t, tiId ♦ ni^lA 

Describe, "JKW • "ll^V Ch. R. niV -ption, ISln * H^V -V^"*^ 

m. s. n«rip ♦ n;vi? 

Descry, nifj ♦ t03r» * NVD • nbV 

Desecrate, h^n *«SD -ion, E^JD ^I^H 

Desert, a^t03 * 3t^ (as a soldiCT) fiaOn ' rih3 -N. merit, 

niar R.'n3T waste,* n»x 'n3-tn Trns 'n^f 

nODB^ MSl^. •^iD">B^ n37P -er, m. s. *n9*3]li 
panp ♦ 0"'5'^ -ion, T\6h^ ' niD -less, ^ff»^3 

Desei^e, m. s. • 'b >W\ * mpD *^b -dly, ""n^ni ' tD^fp? 
Mng, m. 8. 31D ♦ Ip^ • t«n Ch. 

Design, to purpose, 3iS^n '^3 -N. HSB^np M3p -edly, 
-3 -ate, n»SCb.n«n -ation, intention, ^OQ appointmoit, 
mjf^ -er, m. s. 3B?1n -ing. m. s. * Dlljtf * 7313 

100 DES— DES 

Desire, to wish, tt^jja * ypn ' h'Hf covet, P|b3 * TbH * 3Nn 

-N. nB>p3 ♦ ran • n'7«E'0 • fiD3 ♦ mon • msn 

SKln -able, m. s. Tona ' "Tono • m»r\ 
Desist, 7'Tn ♦ -D ibj} 'r\2sr ' Jifi • iTI/ 

Desk, nBb nan 

Desolate, 3inn ' nOOB' Dife^ * DB^n * niStJ'n -N. (see 

• ■ " • • 

Desert) Desolation, \2in ' riDDt^ 
Despair, despond, 3.'? JlSH ' 'I'lil -N. .^»l ' Tib -er, m. s. 

Despatch, send, IJTB^^ nno kill, TY'DH ♦ j'lPI -N. speed, 
nn\nO ♦ ^Smn a messenger, B^n n-'^tt^ ♦ ^P "^sVp 

Etesperate, rash> m. s. 11103 * /nSO without hope, m. s. 
e^^lJ ♦ 12» -ly, furiously, .110113, rashly, iljil33 -ion, 

T T V •• 

Despicable, m. s. .1T33 * DKO? ' h^f^ -ably, niHtJ'a 
Despise, Ptt^ * DNB' * DND * ^j?n (his own life) "^hv^n 

1J3D 1B>Q3 • niD^ 1B>D3 niH 
Despite, D^^pn ♦ fai.l * U^h^n -N. malice, njjl * j/tth 
' -fill, m. s. D^jpSD * ilD R. l/ll 
Despoil, Dbn * IIB^ ' tT3 -liation, DCH * ItJ^ * ilt3 

»T •• •• TT T« 

Despot, -ic, f 1^ * Ivans htt^D -ism, nvifio 

Dessert, TVV\VP n«*j3 * tbip*3K 

Destine, ijj) *\h2 -d, m. s. QID * Ij/ID * in3 -ation, * |J3P 

I^Pin Destiny, niTjl Mpii^O 
Destitute, forsaken, m. s. 311/3 poor, m. s. ^IV? * vl -ion, 

IDh • TVhl R. bbi 
Destroy, lay waste, nriB^ * 3nnn kill, Jin * T3«n -oyer, 

-uctive, n">na^D * 3''inD * ia«D * Jin -uctibie, m. s. 

nnts'i ♦3in"' ♦jin"' ♦13«'» -uction, Mnnts'n * tain 

DET— DEV 101 

T • -; ' T : T 

Detach, 1")Qn ' pmH * phn -ment, S3Vn PTP 
DetaU, CD'na ' tfflQ -N. £D"ia ' HEha 
Detain, stop, "IVJ^ * 33J? Ch. (one's due) pfe'Jf keep in custo- 
dy, ti^3 -ibN -er,m. s. IVlP * P?']? V^?'^'? 
Detect, ttVO -ion, n«'>:fD 

Detention, restraint, liii^D ' ^^3JJ imprisoiunent, IIDI^ 
Deter, nj?3 * «T *3^ "TIH -ment, Hff^a * RTlD *^TJb 
Deteriorate, I/in 'P'^Jl * ^p^j? -tion, pn '^D^p 
Detennine, -ate, decide, yill * *ita * 1b2 limit, 72lrin -able, 
I^C*- * V'^'?« "^*^^y» decisively, HD/nnS resolutely, 

2h rDK3 -ation, Hjo^nn ^mra noa ♦a^n nss 
-ed, m. 8. ♦Tnna • pn: nrj3 *"iaj3 '^ajp 'lo'ynD 
37 •rati 

Detest, ^tt? ♦ 3j;r) * ^1/3 -able, m. s. y^t^ • ^Jjni, * ^»Jip 

-ation, l^jSB^ ♦ Hl^gin * ^Ij/S 
Dethrone, rVlS'^SD HDI^SD TDH -ment, -mDH 

Detract, 'hj^ nai «"«Vln *r?^^n * "3 7"*p'7 '^^.P -ion, 
nST ♦ nia">B>^D * n J^p -ive, m. s. ^^pp * Pj-inp ^ry, 

nhbp 'fTQin 

T T ' : T : V 

Detriment, ni^Vt * pM ♦ pPH -al, m. s. pM© * iT'n^^D 
Devastation, destruction, H-?^ * \^V* 

Develop, unfold, n5»ii * »''yibn • i/.nin r. j/t 

Devest, to strip, COiB^S take away, TDH 

Deviate, n;/D * rij/D ' IB^H ^"110 nb3 TID ' "I3ff -ion. 

Device, contrivance, HSTD * H^^nfl an emblem, •fl^T 

n'>3fe^D R. nstj' 

• • — 

Devil, ^f Ch. R. TTB^ -ish, m. s. ]D^ ♦ Tttp *j;"1 
Devise, contrive, 315^0 -d, m. s. IVI'' 

103 DBV— DIP 

Devolve, fell to, * '^ hbi roll down, 773 

Devote, (to destruction) D^HH dedicate, tih1jf>ri 

Devotee, m, s. *TpnnD ^DDflO -ion, worship, HTDfl ]V^ 

Devour, r63 •jf^a -er, m. s- n^SD *if v>3D 

Devout, on • U*Qn * TDH -ly, niD"»Dn3 *nVT'>Dn3 

Dew, to wet, bh^n -N. b^ -drop, ^D ^|« -y, 7I7E> 

Dexterity, ni)P*in *nT1%1ip -ously, —3 -ous, m. a. 

Diabetes, D'^J") ""D n3>t 

Diagonal, |iD35« * llnVgS -ly, -3 

Dial, ntpe^ HNn.D ' ni^i^sr» W -Bng, — nssj'P 

Dialect, speech, t^^H *?p]nn -ic, X^l'Hi -ical, —72^ 

Dialogist, nilP *13"TP -gue, TOl nSlD R. n3'« 

Diameter, 3^(3 -rical, —3 -rically, in opposition, 1J37 

IXamond, D/H} 

Diaper, |1JDK nl31tOn 

Dice, l*»?ip play with-, -3 ^XVO Dicer, -3 pHfe^D 

Dictate, nniH R. HT -or, DjJP i^^S Ch. -orebip, - -mp^ 

Diction, ni3^ ♦ |1E?J -ary, niVsn IBD R. ^^D 
Die, to expire, ]1lD to cdiour, JgSiV -N. a colour, j;3S a 

stamp, eipsn orjinch. 

Dier,iB3lV ^'iT^'^U 

Diet, to eat by rule, J03tbD3 .TIDS ^b» -N. food, nmX 

a ccNDVocation, D'^S'^DSn DS^DR 
DiflFer, to vary, "P HlillJ^ (in opmion) •^jg p^H contend, 

"OJ? pl8^i?r» •3"nn-ence,*"«i3B? 'pi^n ♦n3np*^'T3ri 

t^ll'C' * pfe'JJl -ent, unlike, m. 8. --p n3la> another, nn» 

• • • • • 

Difficult, m. 8. ryfp * n33 -y, perplexity, p|ffl ♦ HSnp 

DIP— DIP 103 

Diffidence, i"l3D» HDh Diffident, m. 8. * HlOa 1W 

ifljtfia h^^f * paop Ch. 

Diffuse, pour out, "p} ' \fi£^ spread, ^h| * Bi8?§ -edly, *jH7 

J7£)^a 4Te, m. s. \^3 -iveness, nVlflJ^ 
Dig, fro * IBH -ger, m. s. fTli) * nSSh 
Digest, (as meat) 73i<Jin set in order, !|**Dn R, p3 .ible,m. s. 

^3Rn'» -ion, ^15;; ^ ^«« ^ nasn 

Dignified, m. s. nnH *n33p * «^3 -fy, Tirr * 133 -tary, 

an ^ri3 -ty, i-nn *"rl33 '*x\wff *Thr\>^ 

Digress, to deviate, • '0 T»D rlDJ -ion, mO * n»tD: 

Dilapidate, 3hn * DlSH -ion, n3"|n * fiDiD 

Dilate, y'TV^n * p^D TSpn ^r, lii. s. S^mD * T«33D -ory, 

m. 8. 7V37 
Dilemma, HSiap R. 'yO. 
Diligence, ITllPin * HTpB^ -gentJy, —3 ^ent, m. 8. * inn 

Diludd, m. s. nS^D * BhbD -ate, n»a ♦ Bh3 

DUute, pirrr iwution, rypin r. ppT 

Diluvian, ^3D ^Bf R. ^33 or ^3 

— ¥ 

Dim, m. s. nrf3 "* DD^ * DJfin -ness, {of sight) T\^T\2 stupid- 
ity, T\W%^ 
Dimension, 3riT * 713 

Diminish, ii^ia *nS^T$n 'TOH ♦ nijn -ishing, m. g. 
* n1t»T1 *!jVin -Btion, ]U/n3 -utive, m. s. • ^iDj? ' |/n| 

Din, i>^_ •]i«B^ '"tu® *)lDrr *nb]^n 

Dinner, OnHX ^JgO pg give a-, h^V(n Dine, — h^^ 

Dining-room, P7pip Ch. 
Diocesan, llQ^H Ch! *lil3't3p Diocese, -finipj 
Dip to ixQiaerge, 72^ moists 

104 DIP— DIS 

Dipthong, n^iy^D niuijji 

Diploma, Ch. n»2^-in flD * riytiD 

*^ ' T T : T - "T • : 

Direct, to command, HIV r^ulate, ^Dn * l^'^n ' 11^2 
(oneself) ]l3n -N. straight, m. s. It^ * ]i33 express, m. s. 
^pP * ntjiap -ion, an address, y^HS ,^3P'^J? f^3h| 
nnJSn an aim, \pP * H^S in all directions, 3'»3D 
-ly/iHimediately, mnpil * TlHS ""^B straight, nB^"«5 -or, 

m. s. ne^KD * n-ilD R. m"* 
Dirge, -fspn" ♦ iQpp njt R. PP 

Dirt, fildi, ♦ t)13D ♦ DPI? * hhi • B^flT * B^^a ' ""jP") ♦ HSlV 
X!: -iness, f\2^ * HDm -y, DHT * ^D.-N. m- s. ♦ DrtTD 

Disability, nS li:n ♦ T ifp Mtt^^H Disable, » ri3 T H VP'"? 
Bf ^n -d, m. s-rtS T iVi? * tt^ Jb 

Disaccommodate, JI'^ipH * HS^n -ation, TVp * T)^7T\ 
Disadvantage, pT5 * HJ^T -ously, —3 -ous, m. s. If ID R. j/IT 
DisaflFect, 3^ 8'>3n R. 33^ * «13 * CIT)!? -«i. m. s. 

•n« D^tt^ i3r« ♦ • -3 tP R. rP -»o»« ^W^ * »n''l?1J? 

y»tT V" •"■ ' "• ft* 

Disagree, to quarrel, "D^ 3'»"in (in opinion) n.^'l iXL p'H 

^ble, m. 8. '31^ ^b -ment, HSnp * ni^^qD 
Disallow, to reject, «'>3n R. «ia * \^D deny, B^n3 -able,m. s. 

•itJ^"' '>]n^3 •*3lto ti^ 

*p Y • • • 

Disappear, i3K *fhy\ i?n ^-QSi^, fpn 

Disappoint, Tshnsn Hipn ^30 -ed, m. s. ♦ip^nln •'jnipn 
n3r33 -me^t,' h^Tj n^niT* npn r. ^m " 

Disapprobation, p«D -prove, ^KO ' ^BH i<7 

IKsarm, deprive of arms, ' 'D 'pfl'O ii^ confound, Hg'^n 

n'n^,m.s.^^tJ^P*VT 13-13 
Disarrange, DbH *^3^3 *^"^3 -ment, n^np ♦Vs^'S 
Disaster, TN * llD8 ' H^n -rous, n:l3 R. HJ'' ' 3^^? 

DIS-DIS 105 

Disavow, ti}n2 -al, .18^3.1 

Disband, separate, TIST (soldiers) WSJ^ ^Vi Jlf^p 

Disbelief, njDS lOh -lieve, not to believe, pDXH ""i^^a 

deny, K^n? -liever.m. s. ]ip«lD 1r« * 0nDD 
Disburden, h^Ji phf) • 'hv.Jp Vj?.?! R. ^^p 
Disburse, D""? pnrr *llOO K-iVln -ment, Ch. |lDp nKVln 
Discard, 2)V (him) "iefSi^ nW -ed, m. s. *lB^Q3^ hVE'D 

Discern, distinguish, 1311 judge, lOSB^ * pZin -ible, m. s. 

IT ♦ naa"* * B'in'> ch. -ing, m. s. tff^siin ♦ rao ♦ ^"•db^d 
-ment, HK^aiH 'r\2^2r\ ' nr3 * ^3i8^ 

tt;" t ; T» vv 

Discharge, dismiss, Ij?^ clear, nj?3 * ibS (one's duty) 

m. s. •innin n^ ttv^ emit, s-ivin -n. * 01^^ * un^D^ 

Disciple, a follower, m. s. ^iriNt •l^yDD a scholar, TOyJI 

^hip, -n iD^pD 
Discipline, to regulate, Tip * '^'Djn educate, *^3n *lJ2h -N, 

Disclaim, to deny, 2^113 ^])^D 

Disclose, riyH -r, m, s. HyJO ^ure, "^vfSi 

Discolour, to stain, ni^lO i^D^D change, D^33 HSB^ -ation, 

HKio nna' 'D'-ia ^lae' 

Discomfit, ^hr\ *f)i: -ure, HB^I^n ♦ HQlip 

Discommode, nn^n * nS^H * i;jin -ious, *|-i;r'J"' 

Discompose, -concert, JghSl *Dbn 7375 *'^i^ -composed, 
m. s-jmS *^3^30 -composure, n'i;;"5^ * "^"^^^ * ^^/"^ 
Disconformity, -congruity, HSISH]? * HTlip Ch. 
Disconsolate, Dn^n ]''ND -ly, rroni tt'ja -ness, tiaS'l. 
Discontent, D^;;3n * D"'l/nn -N. -edness, njJ32^ "IDh 

106 OIS— DIS 

rij-isn -ed, m.s. i3i«np * Djfinp -ediy, * niDii/'ina 

Discontinuance, a cessation, nr<''3IJ^ * y^tflS * HTpg -ue, 

nhB^ 'JIB •atjtf ♦'— ?nn ♦'— ?ba *nb^ -uiiy. 

Discord, discordance, m^JID * nDISrijp opposition, 

nvhnn *niuT ""pi^n -ant, m. s. m ni^ hr iniD m. pi. 
DnrilD ch. -antiy, nSiQnnsi 

Discover, disclose, ]Ttt H^ H)?! detect, 8^D -able, m. s. 

rh^\ * ••l^a -ed, m. 8. KVPJ -y, the discovering, HH^VP 

invention, H^VDH 
Discount, -Di/'ia ^'ISI -N. 1^*13 *^«3 
Discountenance, D'^^Sn * "^^S S'^B^n -N. D'^aS n3a^n 
Discourage, 3^ Tin * niT naiH -ment, "yp R. "JST 
Discourse, converse, ISIiri treat upon, B^TI -N. * 137P 

Discourteous, m. s. ni*!ip *"ipq n^S -ly, niD'>J?3 ""^ll 
Discredit, disbelieve, ]'^psrj ""Jl/? to disgrace, *7^pn R. //p 

nta -N. ^i^j? • r<i3 ♦ ns^n 

Discreet, m. s. ^"'32^0 * "ihtJ -ly, ^3fi!^3 * n'n^^ra 

• T • • • • • 

Discrepance, HSISHr^ * H'J^r'P Ch. 

Discretion, prudence, 732^ *niTnt liberty of acting, 

nTjn? * »"nn.4i -ary, m. 8. ♦ •inn^ ^"^j^ r«^ 
ivflns i3^3 itJaw ntj^ij; 

Discriminate, separate, t^^'l^H * tt^^^Sn -ion, 77?? 2^1.?'!? 

Discuss, nsinn ♦ ^a^& r. ns'^ * ^^a -ion, n«i ♦ ^^aSa 

Disdain, mf ♦^•»pn *Wn *nt3 -N. |1^j5 TllVt ♦]1>T3 

-fully, -3 ♦ B^Q33 tt»B>3 -fill, m. s. ^^pD * ^T^TD *TiHin 

Disease, ''^nn ^TtOii -N. n^HO * 3X3 -d, m. s. 


DIS— DIS 107 

Disembark, to set on shore, HtS^zl^? K''3n U]iff to come on 

shore, nt^y^h ihn * iTasn n» ate 

Disembitter, nn^P TDH R. "IID * pJIDH 
Disencumber, "^if D ^PH R. bbp -brance, nHB * H^VH 
Disengage, -tangle, -thral, iba * nj53 * f?r\ • hVe^ ♦ tS^gn 

(oneself) ^E)3^ * nj?3ri -gaged, m. s. clear from, "'J33 l^tOd 

at leisure, ""B^Sn ♦ Ch. "iSD *1^ B>'« 
Disfiguration, deformity, Hl^'ip nHB^ defacement, flpn^n 

n«^D-gure, n^D tVnpn -^ured, m. s. n^"1D •flPI^^D 
Disfranchise, nTT'n ^'W nb^ R. mn 
Disgrace, ^""jPn * S)in ♦ ^53 -N. -ful. ll^j? * HBin * .1^3? 
Disguise, to conceal, H^S (oneself) * ^10^^ * "^?3^'*? 

fe^annn * mntt^n -N. a dress, fe^an ♦ ">1D3 a mask, 

nipD a pretenc^, H^jtf * rt3«1n -d. Hip© nintin 

m. s. fe^anp 

Disgust, provoke, D^Jtfjn ♦ y^i to dislike, * • '^ KTT^ nl'«n 

• -3 B^sa ^ifn ^nai np -fui, m. s. bahD ♦ r«oj ' ♦ aj^nj 
Dish, )n?a>n "fvs -n. n"i^.i? 

Disheart^, 3^ JDH ^IH R. ^DT -ed, m: s. 3^ *'T1 • JlW 

Dishevel, tt^fctl ^*1B -ed, m. s. B>KT 'Jgn^ 

Dishonest, m. s. l^^lp * tt^nop * 3Ti3 ' liSZ -honesty,* IX^ 
nj?B? ♦BH13 ♦3r|) -honour, to disgrace, »)nn ♦V'pn ♦^SJ 
violate, «19D * ^^H-N. -honourable, Ml^p *^lVn *n^33 
nann -honourable person, bffl^il m. s. '733 * DB^ ''^a *ta 

Disinclination, HNyn* * 'P n»C03 M1«D -cline, *'>in8D HCfln 
«">3n R. K13 -cUned, m. s. ^ail ia''« ' \»D 

IHsingenuity, HSIDK "IDh -nuous, ^IDN fct?? 

Disinherit, n^n3D "lai/n 

Disinterested, ni. s. i;V3 *«3li5^ * "IB^'« * p"''nV * Dfl 

Disjoin, separate, I^SIl * p^H * Dh^ put out of joint, i/j^lH 

108 DIS— DIS 

R. ifp -junct, disjoined, m. s. TIM *phr}} ♦0119 
-junction, T)13 "Hj??!! -junctive, m. s. Tl.aiD *p^DQCCh. 
Dislike, DKO *;S1D * V^n t<^ -N. ^^j *]1Ka 
Dislocate, pHQ ♦ i;]5in -ion, (of a limb) Ch. Onasri pllB 

Dislodge, 2^"i| ♦ nVtt? ♦ -i^pri -ing, e^iia * ni Vb^ * nnori 

Disloyal, (to his king) 13^0? n-ipiD ip -ity, nQ • 1J3 

-ly, -3 

Dismal, m. s. "11J3 -ly, n^3l^i? *piVm 'plV^l 

Dismask, to divest, HIDD "l^DH uncover, iTJi 

Dismay. 3^ Tin DDii R. IDT 'DDD 'insn -N. MD"'» 

"Tito 'nna 

Dismember, pHB (a limb) nri3 -ment, pllSl ' nVl3 
Dismiss, nW -al. -ion, HlW 'DniEOa -ed, m. •. 

Dismount, to alight, •Th^ to throw from, *7^l1ri 
Disobedience, nnO *^*1D -bedient, m. s. 3"^D * mb -bey, 

"T T 

Disoblige, }^N3 ^ D^JJOH -ing, m. s. ^«3P * D'^JtfpD 
Disorder, to confuse, DbH * ?37!1 R. 7/!l make ill, * '^1X\T\ 

p'^r\ -N. nana * ^13^3 * pT3 * n^na * "i^h -ly. m. s. 

^3^3^ * ^n30 * •10^"' ^Vh^. Disordinate, m. s.'naDOrT 
Disorganize, 7373 * llDn "^bn -ation. nSIQriri 
Disown, to deny, tt^n? disallow, |KlO ♦ »'«3rr R. «i: 
Disparage, ^^pn *WrJ ♦ n3 -ment, |i^j3 ♦fllv'T * jiVS 
Disparity, piVn * ^"nsri * B^-IQri 
Dispassion, DpK^ * D^'in 31B'^ -ate, m. s. * ITI^IS 3B^0 

Dispense, to distribute, p?)! to excuse, 7nQ -ary, ni??)! JI^S 
D^3l''3N7 nli^ai -ation, distribution, HisVo exemption, 

ninn r. mn ♦ iba 

DIS— DIS 109 

Disperse, to scatter, Ita *mr ' p9 *f>Qn -ion, *"TlT3 

T •: T : 

Displace, (him) iDiPSO IHIK "IDH R. "IID 

Displant, yn^n -ation, n"l3Jfn 

Display, to exhibit, nSl.ri -n! niTH ♦ n«"!D 

Displease, Y«3*D"'j;;?n •3'«Vfin 'D^^irr -ed, m. s. ♦ \^fciap 
0^13 * 3V|!3 * *li[t -ure, riv«3 • D^3 * IVJ? * ^?r 

Dispose, r^ulate, p3n ' "^nj? incline, '^inS nm sell, nilD 
-able, m. s. ' 4 liS"" nfe^D"* -al, Haafi • "inj; -ed, m. s. 
]133 *"Tnitf '"^in.^ 'H^l: nspa -Ition, temper, JTD 
method, tOaa'D ♦JiijO situation, nabfl *n3"li;0 

Dispossess, 772^ * B^nlH -ion, HTba^ 

Disproportion, Tnjja i;*1| "Ipn -N. •^I'TJ^H nOh -able, 

•inrn •'Q^ t«^ m. s. nia> i3r» 

Disprove, nilD Ch. * B^Pan Disproof, ill'^nD * HB^nSn 
Dispute, contend, p^Jinn * a^rr argue, nSI * Hpinn 

R. nD"" * 'bu- p^n -N. -ation, * nsino ♦ ni3i * pfe^^ 
np'hnD •man n3^^bie,m.s. **"in3'»]n^3 ♦B^n3'» 

inj^) Ch. ^t, m. s. ana ♦ nSlO * p9\n .ative, m. 8. 

t^pr * nin3in •B^"'S -less, pan ^r\h:i • m. s. -ii-ia 

Disqualify, ^3 T -IVPD -fication, m. s. rt3 T *"IVpO 
Disquiet, 3^ ^'^^Jl * mi Di>| * t'^ilH -N. Onna • Mh 
Disr^rd, to neglect, B'COJ * nfinnri despise, *7pn*riT3 

tDKtt^ -N. ii^^T ♦ yhp^ ♦ 11^3 -fui, m. s. naii^D ♦ t3 

Disrelish, njlJQ DJ3 Ch. -N. bad taste, D|f^ DJB 
Disreputable, -ation, ]^hj> * nB"in ♦ ]"in3 ♦ H^S? 
Disrespect, H^^P ♦ nlVf ' T13 -ful, m. s. ♦ ^T^TQ ♦ nqp 

Dissatisfection, ni?3K^ nph * nJI^Fl -ory, Hl/St:'^ fci^ 
m. s. fi^3^0 1a">8 Dissatisfy, ♦ 1^X3 ! y>)l]jr} * D''J?"]r| 

110 DIS— DIS 

Dissect, p7n (an animal body) IIJ^J -ion, n^7n * 11103 
Dissemble, B^nsn * *pn -d, B^TO * Hjh -r, m. s. • P)3n 

Disseminate, spread, 1|2l sow, n'T[5l'? * ^^l -i**** * •11''''7t 

niT$ -or, m. s. iTap ♦ m& * JlfnTO 

Dissent, "DJ? p^Jffl;in * "^J? 3nrr (in opinion) "b^ }h^ pjn 

-N.-8ion, pe^j; *an md^? *]nD MjJ^riD 'kwit^ 
-8ious,m.s.D''3TO*ar'K *2'^ nmriD 'nphr\D*hv^ 

-ter, a nonconformist, m. s. *1lSl5f H 7JI *p ^IH 
Dissertation, rrB^n-^ *W11D ♦mSIR.nD^ 
Disserve, Hyi 'P^^C ->««» '11/1 *pT3 -iceable, m. s. 

Dissimilar, m. pi. D''?1a^ *p"'ia^ ^''pll D3''« -ilarity, 
pl^n * ^"vl^ri ♦ B^l^rr -ulation, hypocrisy, ♦ f^h 

Dissipate, to disperse, Ita to-waste, HJ? * "3H -ion, * *713St 

Dissolve, separate, Tnsn melt, "f JRH ♦DDil R. ^03 *DDD 
-ent, 'T«n"> ♦DD'' -ible, nSnD * D'^DDH m. s. • 'Vl"' *DrS^ 
TIB'J Dissolution, a dissolving, Tllgl ' nilf^n ' nODn 
death, TW^^ 

Dissolute, m. s. 3318^ * rmr\ *P|^iB^ -ness, * r^QM 

Dissonance, W0J$ iph -nant, m. s. D|/D *ipn 

Dissuade, N">3n ♦ "^fe^n -asive, m. s. IT'?^ * "IB^ln 

Distaff, l^a 

Distance, pnin -N. pHip Distant, m. s. plHT 

Distaste, ^1«9 -ful, m. s. DgD nO * D«p3 

Distemper, to disease, aSian ♦'«)nn -N. 3i*3 *n5>np ^'h'n 

DIS— DIS 111 

-ed,m.8.ns3 'nhh 

Distend, stretch out, JJp"J ^^•'Hnri * Hiip -ed, m, s. 

Distent, 2Jil * IHH -ion, the extention, nn'']ip 

Distil, to drop, Vt3 use a still, ^"<?n -lation, pipt ♦ fjlllf -ler, 

m. 8. Sjnfe^ ]^^ '^VD 'ppTO 
Distinct, separate, m. s. TJS)3 * <'7'?? different, m. s. nilB' 

clear, m. s. "11"!^ -ion, pl^JI * Bhfin * ^n^PI (of honour) 

niJB^ -|n^ R. ami -ive, m. s. X^U^D -iveness, 'flllNia 

n^nV -ively, -3 
Distinguish, to discern, 7^"'T5n * pSl ' j^H^rT honour, 

cnn ♦ »m (oneself) * Dt^ n^ 1^ Dlfe^j/ * j^fa^afin 

DOnnn -aWe, m. 8. ^"I3"> -ed, m. s. ♦ «{y3 ♦ nhiD •TPP 

• T 

Distort, a>j?j^ • '^bn * n^v. -ion, npiBnji * njp ♦ nia^pj; • 

Distract, perplex, /'•n?'? * ^3( ? ^' ^'^ "*d, m. s. * THiO 

^3^ap • *)nbp -ion, r\hrr^* b^^ ^nje-nn fjiiw -ediy^ 

Distrain, D""?^.*} * h'ln -t, tOilg. ♦ ^3n 

Distress, '^^nh'*'^^ ♦ pvii *'ivn -N. ifnh Tfpjiv ♦i"ny 

-ed, -a 

Distribute, pvH -ion, Hp/H -ive, m. s. pvIlD 
District, province, *^7S * t)l3 circuit, 7^7| * n3^ap 

Distrust, -1 r>o«n '«r»^3 ♦ ifc^n ch. -n. • nioK noh 
i{8?n -fui, njDi? *"iDn • nu'n 

Disturb, confound, 00.1 * ^3^3 R. ^^3 interrupt,* TT'S?^?! 
Jgnan (waters) i3^ ♦ K^ -ance, HSnp * ^13^? ■^, 
m. s. V3^3D 'yOjJ *"I3I?3 -er, m. s. ♦n^ll * t»3^3P 

T : \ : 't t v: V - •• •• ; - . 

I3ijf '^nsip 

Disvalue, ^""pH * ^nn * ^t^T -ation, jl^J? * ^T^^t R. ^"IT 

112 DIS-DOC 

Disunion, separation, HP/nO breach of concord, * TIIB 

nn?! m.Brr -unite, pbn • nVn (friends) Tian 

Disuse, leave off, 'ITn 2)V -N. m^'^JIH "iDh 

Ditch, p"in • n^jt?]^ -er, m. 8. -Iflin 

Ditto, Von (being the initials of) nhVDh ar^p^H 

Dive, (under water) 72^ (in any matter) * 211^07 p'^D^Pn 

1J3n -r, m. 8. hlb (a water fowl) 'r\hp 
Divers, several, m. 0^3") 

Diverse, m. U^ZW -ification, ">1iB> • hllH -ly, -1 -ify, 
b'^nn * n0 -ion, a pastime, jntS^V.!^ R. nifC a turning 
aside, "D HnO Divert, Ht^PJti}* 'D n"'pn -ing, m. s. 
U^VPD -ingly, D''i;iB'^.B>5 
Divest, dispossess, y/tS^ strip, tOK'Dn -ure, nDtJ^Sn 
Divide, P^H (in three or six) B^W ♦ ntS^B^ -nd, phn 
Divination, DD]? * B^Hi Divine, Dbj5 * tJ^nS -N. divinely, 
D''rii'«3 a holy man, B^jlj? D)«i^^ '^'"'^ -r. m. s. ♦ DDp 
t^nap -ity, godhead, JTlil^K theology, — flDpn 
Divisable, m. s. p7n^_ -sion, partition, njS/n a part, p/H 
Divorce, (a wife) 2^111 * hW -N. D^bniJ ' flinnD 
Divulge, declare, fiHln disclose, H^a -r, j;?'«llD * riSjp 
Dizzy, m. s. rijgl •Vp -iness, njgin ni-?p R. VVp 
Do, na^i? have to do with any thing, "ITill do well, ri'^^V'!' 
how do you do ? •?]7 «in HD * "^b OlTtt^n it will do, 
m. 8. Sin 3110 -ings, D''B>^D *niV'«i'|( TllV^.^P 
Docile, m. s. ^chh •la^DP -ity, 'Xdf? "18^311 
Dock, (a yard) nVJSn ^2^3? "IVH -yard, nl33pp "IVPT 

Doctor, (in divinity) '>|n. * 3*1 (in law) ">3'Tin * ]n R. * m"> 
PT (in physic) NC^I -orship, — HJI/KP -rine, precept, 
np^ * nnin teaching, nsnln -nnal, -W 

DOC— DOU 113 

Document, direction, ilffp^ * mV9 *^^^ -aU —^f 

Doe, rr<av • n^»« m?*^ 

T • : V V - T T- 

Dog, (an animal) 373 -gish, 3733 

Dogma, ahnn a^pD ♦ bh^ -tical, -tism, * oiWn o^p 

lltoW -tisi, m. 8. jDaa^o *{£i'^hr\D ♦ miD r. ht 

Doleful, m. s. TTJ? ' 3Xfi3 * 3«1 -ly, iTin^Tp * 3V»3 

Doll, ij*^ niD"? • f\^'ini ch. 

Dome, arched roof, 1133 R. ^33 

Domestic, not foreign, Ul]^ belongii^ to the house, 11^3 /tt' 
a servant, m. s. TV^Tl *T3 -animal, il^/T^n nDn3 -affairs, 
ly)l "'iJPiJ -peace, T\% D^p -quarrel, ni? n3np -ate, 

n^i2 r\'»3nn ^'«ijn 

Dominate, 1*lfe^ ♦ ^{j^D * D^B^ * iinn -ation, authority, 

mtQ * n^B'DD ♦ no-i^ty ^r, l'^F\\i^n m. 8. ^tS^D 

*lVfin3 *13V3 -ion, territory, ni3^0 
Donation, ^mnb *nnD MriO *»l8'»R.NB'3 *»{t> *nJD 

n5ia^» * mitJ^jn • D-'HI^B' * "73? Donor, m. «. -inj 
Done, part pass. m. s. ''WI? -interj. ]3 ^iV 17 
Doom, to judge, 'h^ nt| * CObg^ condemn, fi""?^.*? -N. 

nnr-l ♦ a^^D -ed, m. s. •T>^|/ "lljr • -^ ina ^ay. 

Door, a passage, Hn^ -keeper, m. s. — fl "^pllS^ 

Dot, ifj -N. rri^p5 

Dote, to love extremely, IttD IttDSl !in^ -age, a silly fond- 
ness, niTDip ninst -Ingly, 2 -ard, m. s. * 3niip 

Double, make double, ^"i)3 * HStS^ fold, mn"" ^D3 -N. -y, 
ma^n * hS3 * DI?^ "la -dealer, -tongued, m. s. * ^313 
3bi 3^3 n31D • nl3ian]TtS^'>H -dealing, ♦ D"'^33 

■ • • • ■ ^ 

114 DOU-DRA 

rriiJisPiji ;1b?^ -entendre, d''5q-''52?V n^pria^i!? 

"'SK'^nn? Ch. 

m* ^ II »» * m 

Doubt, t13 * pbp Ch. -N. pSD * pfitJ^ * ""l^ri -ful, (thing) 

pDp ♦ Ilia ■•n^^i (person) m. s. 'mDn •»n^3 * papD 
-fulness, pn^ari iph -less, ^-ni ♦ pDp ''^? * nm 

Dove, n3i'> -cot, •13'ia' Ch. ■'D">3li n3"i» 

Dough, PV3 * noniJ Doughy, pV3? 

Dowager, 3^^Q-^DD3 D''DD3 n^JfS HiD^S 

ttower, (of a wife) "ViO * iTl: (of a daughter) XXi "less, 

Down, a plain, T\}i'pjl (feathers) nlVlSH !32)''D downwards, 
ntOD^ -cast, m. s. tU?T * I^SV ' HIT *"I0 -fal, ' H^SD 

Tt: '^T "^ "^ T TT- 

^TT. * ^Y^} -hill, T^ia -right, plain, m. s, ""1^3 ' ITia 

completely, mD^e^3 * nib'«pna Downy, "IT *nlTi;B? 
Doze, to slumber, D13 -N. -iness, riDISri -y, m. s. Dn"t3 
Drag, "^tD * "1*13 Ch. -N. a net, * ITIIVD * nC'T * n-i&DD 

na a hook, nn • nsn * liOJS -gle, ahD -gled, m. s. 

Dragon, a serpent, ^55^1^9 ^"^^ 
Dragoon, |^^X ^n"}3ln Ch. -N. a soldier, ti/"}^ 
Drain, to empty, pp^ * piH R. p^ make diy, ♦ tt''»3ln 

• ■ • 

Dram, (in troy weight) I'lDS'lT ^Vn 

• ■ • 

Dmma, a poem, "1^2^ a play, plnV -tic, —b^^ 
Draper, m. s. *f JSl "IDlD Drapery, *lja 

• • • • 

Draught, (in drinking) nS^Dil a pull, nS^tJ'P delineation, 

mis * rvinn 

Draw, (Water) 2W * H?^ unsheatti, ffpt!} -breath, pB^H 
nn t^jttt^ -out of the place, 1113 ' n^JH -out of water, 

~//'T • ---T 

ntt^ip pull, 1^3 Ch. to attract, ^tl^D -in, i^'^j^ -away the 

DRA— DRO 115 

attention, • D 2^ aDiTR-aX delineate, TJf ♦ IW-b^ct, 
N. D;)OlT nifn -bridge, on Vn If^ Ch, R. on -er, (of a 
box) r^^n^ nnW one who draws, * in1jl ♦ •?|g^"iD ♦ 1»VP 
3tJlB^ ♦ S^i'ltt^ *^^ * ^1^ -ing. 11*V ' H'Jiy -ing-rooni, 

cjp '»'?h.Bf9^ T]n ♦ i|f5n -inn r. iv* * t'^i'P.'Ui? cb. 
Dread, ihsi * s^i^ * nr -N. in§ ♦ «niD * "1^9 ♦ nip-'X 

-ful, D1''» ♦ SnU -fully, nzpi83 ♦ n^*!^? -less, lb T^D^ 
Dream, (in sleep) D/H to be sluggish, ngiriil -N. O/n pi. 

niDi^q a fancy, »r\t^ n^m -er, m. s. * niDlVn *7if3 
D^in ♦ rianno 

Dreary, nn3 * "lip -iness, mn? * nillj? 

Dreggy, D^ID^. Dregs, UnDf * nj??)? 

Drench, to soak, ^3D ^SDnn 'Hj^a'n 

Dress, clothe, Q/27T\ (one's self) ^2^ (a wound) tJ^Hn adorn, 

nny adjust, 3'«ip\'n cook, ^a^3 -N. 1^13^1? * Hn;; 

a « « _ • 

Drift, urge along, ^rn *tt'^i! *^nD throw oa heaps, 13^ 
-N. a storm, fl^lD *n^P a float, ^^ a design, ]13ip a 
heap, "»3y 
Drill, train to arms, ilDVlyD 1^7 "^311 
Drink, nhtff give-, nj?{J^n -N. Hplf^P -able, Hng'^. 

Drip, Hfi33 * fi-iipn * fjiln -N. tjDJ -ping, ipw '•ap? 

Drive, (away) 01J * f\in (as the-wind) fp2 -on,*psn R. p« 
{J'JI * f)m (a carriage or cattle) pn3 -in a nail, J}pr\ -n, 

m. s. tt^nj3 'Piia ve^lj ♦*)n-r3 'jina ♦^/ipn -r,^. s. 

Drivel, N. slaver, T"l -V, — TnlTF -ler, m. s. "jpp 
Drizzle, P)^^ ♦ t)b3 • f^l -y, Pj^'^ ' eit?3 * PUtf*1 
DroH, humorous, m. s. /JRH? -ery, D^/WH * m7n«nD 
Dromedary, f1->D3 
Drone, -ish, m. s. ^03 * h'HJ} ' nai3 ♦ HainO 

116 DRO— DUM 

Droop, t\QVn^ * ^^V.r^^ -ing. »»• s- ^W ♦ f\^V 

Drop to fall in drops, ^y'l * P|i;n ^ ^bj let fall, (intentional J 

^^Sn (unintentional) m. s. *13Sp ^^b3 to utter, m. s. 

♦liT^P tODB^n to cease, 210 -N. a small quantity, D^D 

a globule, H^D Ch. * ^1^3 ' I? an earring, n3"'P3 -pings. 

Dropsy, 1^2 fllnV -ical, m. a. HSV -nB^a 

Dross, (of metals) W^S^D refuse, ^HD -y, Di^D? 

Drove, (of cattle) TIV a crowd, tlOn -r, nlOn? ^D'i^ 

Drought, 3nn * ]1«eV -y, m. s. KDV 

Drown, suffocate, JtfBD be -ed, j;3D * J/apH 

Drowsy, m. s. ^VJ^nD * na")D * Dni? * Htn -iness, 

idlaiess, TMyyiJ} * )1"'flT sleepiness, r!D13n 
Drub, nn -N. nSD -bing, nlSD R. ."133 
Drudge, I'lJ! -N. mjj -ry, rmij} MS^/I -ingly,-3 
Drug, a medicine, Hflnri? B^9P -gist, — Dpi! 
Drum, fjbri-N.^h -mayor, D^a^ii^H 3*1 -mer, >)Qln -stick, 

«lhn nap 

Drunk, TiSa^ get-, iSntt'n -ard, m. s. «31D -enness, fil??^ 

Dry, annn ♦tt^ain -n. arid, ain ^e^a** barren, ♦ nn 

n^V * 3J3 thirsty, m. s. KDV -ly, indifferently, *8^in "'b^ 

niWinna -ness, ain * tt^ir -nurse, naDi< 

Dual, D'>3»'n ^lan ♦ jit Ch. 

Due, right! "1^; * tt|9>P * •«l»'} -ly, -a 

Duke, ^17^!? -dom, (the quality) — H nvjt/D territories, 

-n mp3 n WOD Ducal, -W 
Dull, to blunt an edge, rtHp!! sadden, I'^VSl' stupify, * 75^ 

hh'in -N. m. s. jin^ 'nnr> *3Vi/ ♦ ^^ino ♦^'»i» * ts^ato 
Duiness, Hinp * niH? ♦ TVii'^jj * m^^in ♦ niB'^tp 

Dumb, m. s. U^^ * DDII -ness, H'^DI'I 

DUN— EAR 117 

Dunce, itt. s. jjloa^^ *ne^ * (j^aco * ijb 
Dung, nife^ ^arch-N.* ^^1 ♦bar *\di 'na?^*? ♦B^"»a 
0''jtfW 'nNlv R. ^j>r -hill, * n307srr ^W Dipp 

Dungeon, nl3 ' ID^D * lilDn •11D''» TT^^ 
Dupe, 3(3Jff • nST -N. m. s. "in*!! 73^ *rP*l9 *''i?3 

Duplication, nj'»a| -city, r»i3iann ]iB^.^ ♦ aji i^a Tia"i 

Durable, m. s. D»j5 * ptn *f«P« -ility, DVp * pTh * f9«-ly, 
— 3 Durance, duration, niOnn * n3{J^pri During, 

111? ^3 
Dusk, Dusky, HPl? ♦ DDi; ♦ n^^|[ 

Dqst, to clear from-, p3^tn Hj'^ sprinkle with-, IW^ "ISlg 

-N. p2« najr ♦ pne^ Dusty, m. s. p3« *«^b 
Dutchess, Pjl^Sn flB'S Dutchy, Pjl^Kn n^^pD 
Dutiful, m. 8. blp^l *j;pHJ^ ♦ 133P -ly, ^i^^^k 
Duty, obligation, HSiPI he does his duty, iniin '•T «Vl"i a 

tax, DDD service, ni^2j} ' nMlt; *mDt£>D 
Dwarf, D"'3 J Ch. nB3 -ish, -3 
Dwell, IM * ^3T • 2W^ • ]itt> -ing, • aC^iD * ]3^p • ]1;?D 


Dwindle, to shrink, man ♦ n?3 "iDn 

Dying, expiring, m. s. SDi^ * J11D7 *l7in, * JID colouring, 

m.8.jjavp 'vpn 


Each, m. B^^K n, /i) (see Every) 
Eager, m. s. »)p33 * pplB^D -ness, f)p3 * iljJIB';? -ly, -3 
Eagle, na^3 -speed, "nB>33 Hlv'p R. ^^p 
Ear, organ of hearing, UN pi. C^STi^ powCT of hearing, 
n^"»pa^ give-unto, ^^^11 * ]m H^H R. ilCOi (of corn) 

118 EAR— ECL 

nbSB^ pL O'hp^ a ripe-, nb'^hj? -ring, b'^iti * Dt3 
Earl, nna -dom, -H fl^lf D 
Earliness, HDSB'n ♦niTTID Early, mnpS (in the 

morning) DSIB'n lj?a tobe or to rise-, Hj^llB 03^n too-, 

tor '^i^b 

Earn, tt'Dl * "I3n?f H * jj'«^n R. ^^ -ed, {{^31 * JJS^D 
Earnest, a pledge, Jlmj/ ardent, m. s. ^DDJ * P)?1B^P serious- 

ness, U7t lb * TW^UTS Ay, -3 
Earth, land, UnH mould, HDIiJ -en, —7\^ -«i ware, 

tt^nn "«5'3 -ly, -y. corporeal, npn • ""Zptt^a Ch. 

Ease, to relieve, 'hjIQ hfT] R. ^^p (from pain) RST * Plha 
-N. rest, nni39 (from pain) HaViri facility, r\l7J^ -ment, 
assistance; ni?1!2^^ *\i^l refreshment, j;;iJlD • t^}, TO^U 
-ily, without difficulty, JTl7p3 gently, tSi^? * nnjB -^ness, 
quiet,bpB^ *f^n3 -y, notdifficult,m, s. 7j? quiet, m. s.JDJ3t^ 

East. D"'"'!^ * niTO -er, np^H JH R. JJH -erly-ward, npij? 
-em, DljJn fis ^B' 

Eat, ^i» ^ble, ^DKQ ' ^D«"> -en, m. s. ^13« ' VdS3 -ing, 
nh^'2^ -ing-house, ^DKH n"»a 

Ebb, to flow back, D*n ^« "I'^H decay, rt^DT "^'^.1 -N. 

D^arr ]npn ♦ t1^^3 

Eb<my, D'^a^Vr 

Ebullition, nn"«m 

Eccentric, incoherent, m. s. X\)JJD * "IfiDSri -ity, * TY\0 . 

Ecclesiastic, tri3 -es, D^Hp n^D -ical, e^'pH nilS^. ^^ 
-icus, 8TP 11 JlD3n 

Echo, nn ^n; -n. ^ip" n3 *nn r. -nn 

Edat, lustre, Ty^&^n * IIH show, riKID 

EcUpse, to cloud, 3^^n ' "l^nj? di^race, ^\rn ' ^"»pn 

ECL— EFF 119 

R. ^1T * hbp -N. (Of the sun) E^DB^ll MITI)? MSO iljj^ 
(of themoon) m»n Jin^p ""liS^ Ch. 

- "T- // ;l- //• • 

Economical, Economist, m. s. DSB'SS *1^31V *^?^3P 

n-iie^3 ^E^s? 'I'^s? R. ^'ib 'Dvpvp ch.w. 

DVPV -my frugality, D^VPV Tl^an Jnjnjn disposition, 

Ecstacy, JJjT *]'iti^'^ ♦ nv^-n 'n^^| Ecstatic, m. s. feflB^D 
Edge, N. (of a blade) ^a a brink, ."ISe^ to set the teeth on-, 

D^3tt^ nnprr -ing, d^^iu^ * nr r. mr -less, nna -tool, 

T \ T • V 

Edict, D|na * n"iT| ♦ pn * nis^a la-i 

Edify, npiD ivih ' ♦ TIT n-iin » i-iM^h -ication, • rnin 

ID^D * IM^h * nph Edifice, r33 ♦ .TJa 
Edition, DIG"! Ch. Editor, D''piri? n3np 
Educate, to instruct, "^Sn *1^? bring up,n3"l *Hil 'PK 

-ion, Tis^ • "iian * on^"" n^'^nr\ 
Educe, s'lyin *pry?n Eduction, rrsvin *ni3njffri 

Effable, that, may be spoken, 3^3^ ' 2^*1 b^ 
Efface, destroy, najt'll ♦ 'n^* ' JinE' blot out, nhD 
Effect, -uate, 33p *3''pn ♦ 0*1^ Ch. -N. issue, 33100 
r-eality, JT-JipS * niK^D Ch. -ively, -3 -ive, -ual, 
(thing) prn ♦tJrSD (man) V^n 2?^X-less, n3l 7^jh"« t«^^ 

n7j;in 73 * sitt^ * pn -s, goods, ♦ d'^js * u^hi^ibaD 

D^D33 ' D^i-iap " 

Effeminacy, m33j?nn * niST -inate, paSD ' J3|/np * "T! 
Effervesce, t)5f j3 * ^3^3 R. nj73 -nee, fjY^ * 1^13^3 
Efficacious, ^jyiQ^ S^'ylD R. Sif Efficacy, H rt3 

Effigy, too ♦ fvy2r\ * nipi 

Effluence, -flux, nSTifl * «^0 -fluent, m. s. -D «lf1'« 

T T T •• 

Effort, niCD *^''T, make an-, nhp ♦If^^nH * j^Snn 

190 EFF— ELE 

Effrontery. niTjg * mj/n - naVH Ch. 

Effulgence, liib ' iHt" * mTn|i -gent, yn^ ' n^]3 

Effuse, "IDtt^ * piP -ion, rt3''P?>' * 7^^''^, 

Egg, nraV- OT? 

Egregious, m. s. n«p nKps 'vi -ly, i?^ * Hain 

Egress, n«T. * ri«V 

Egypt, onvp -ian, nyp f. r\nvo 

Ejaculate, »''V^n R- »*^' -io". (a P^yer) .llVp nhpF} 

Eject, nlTi * «inn * e^ia -ion, .Tn-i ♦ n^iji * twia 

Eight nabt^ (by letters of the alphabet) 71 -een, * HB^ T^p^ 
r\'^ -fold, U^DJi^ T\lW -h, m. ^J'«ptt^ f. n''a'»pa^ -Wy. 

n>rpB^a -y, d''31D9> ♦ 'a 

Either. 1K -I or thou, 7\m IK ""aK IN 

Elaborate, -Iy,niD7tf^n r^T^n? 

Elapse, "l^lf ♦ ^n 

Elastic, '>mQ -ity, '►aiap nthn Ch. lis 

Elate, vCm *'DDn -N.m.8. isanp *3^ "naa 

Elbow, (of the arm) gntri HVj? 

Elder, exceeding in years, (a thing) "D \t^ (a person) m. s. 

••0 ^iia-lPT -ly, m. s. IpT * D"'D''3 *«3 -«, ancestors, 

riia^ rulers, D''B^»"1 * D"'3pT ^hip, primogeniture, n"ll3:? 

seniority, HDHp * H^n? Eldest, the oldest, m. s. ' ^113 

3"1 ' ^W the first-bom, m. s. ^1D3l 

Elect, nha ' ih3 -N.^, m. s. iins ♦ nn33-ion,* mna 
nn'^na -iveiy, -3 -or, m. s. nniB " Tiia 

Elegance, ^a** -ant, m. s. naj -antly, ^a''3 

Elegy, 1SPP ♦ napri * nr-p r. pp 

Element, ground, •TlD^. pi. nlTlD'; -ary, simple, D1B^3 Ch. 

Elephant, (the beast) ^''a Ch. -ine, - 72^ 

Elevate, to lift up, Sfe'a * b'^si (the voice) ^1p D"**)?! gladden. 

ELE— EMB 121 

'T^ID • n»fc^ ^, exalted, m. s. ViW2 * ^115 * 0*1 ^1p 
elated, m. s. 3^ *tl2Si -ion, flKE^ • ."1^13 

•* ""I ••• TV* 

Eleven, m. I'^S IHNt f. HntW? J^^^? )F\^Jl (by letters of 
the alphabet) K"^ 

Eligible, m. s. iniD -ness, innn^ watt^'o 

• • • ■ • 

Ellipsis, a defect, tlipn Elliptical, m. s. ipn 

Elope, pann -ment, niviann 

Eloquence, jltJ'^il flDn^D ' n)i''hD -eat, m. s. U^lll *a^J* 

Else, besides, "^IJtf^a * llr otherwise, ^^ J'lJt D»*! nothing-, 

^^ ^^^'1 llj/f-where, in« DlpO '^ ^ D 
Elucidate, {8^"13 ♦ l»ia -ion, a^lIB ♦ "ll^a ^r, m. s. 

Elude, to escape, nonXJa tD^an -ible, m, s. tfaS*^ 
Elusion, riDni; * HDIO Elusive, m. s. DnO'* 
Elysian, jnjtf Elysium, tljtf )4 
Emaciate, Jinn *hlbl*h''?l -ion, llH *TVfr^ 

^ • ■ ■ 

Emanant, SV" -ation, n^)i) -ative, m. s. «VlO 

Emancipate, "'B'^n PlW * llPlt^ Ch. -ion, B^Sh * inn?^ 

Embalm, £3in -er, D3ln 

Embar, n^^ Embargo, nVfiD 

Embark, (on ship board) n3'>BprT ^K X3 (in an aflair) 

••3 Tnia^*3nifnn -ation, •n3">3pn *— j^ns^a 

T "• • ■ %P • • 

Embarrass, IVn * pVH -ment, Hnif *nplV * 113130 

Embellish, inn ' n^Jf -mait, TTH ♦">"?;; 

Embers, hot ashes, Dh l^JJ 

Embezzle, (his) injJI. n3»7p3 T"rt^^ J?^a -ment, (of 

his) Miiji nD»bD2 TTim^hti} nrt&^a 

Emblazon, (with figures) D'>"|VV3 Hg^ 

133 EMB— EMP 

Emblem, .13100 ' TDI Ch. -atical, TOIO -atically, 11^013 

* » • ' p • ■• 

Emboss, engrave, 5*^713 D^IVV nri9 -ment, ^nV»^ 

Q^K^is onvv -ing, ^nsK^p 

Embrace, contain, T2il * //IS hug, p3n -N. p^3H 

Embroider, DP*! -er, m. s. D|5lT -y, nDi?1 

Embroil, Dbl * TSt'S R. 773 * 7M3n 

Embryo, D7il 

Emerald, "^p'i ' niDS 

Emerge, ' "D Nif"* -ncy, a casually, HlpD a necessity, * pHI 

•nnV * man ch. -nt, m. s. -i1k^ •kv'* 

» T "I V T •• 

Emetic, n«)3n DD 

Emigrant, "15 -rate, nn33 p«3 "IIJ^ l^n -ration, nnS 

Eminence, summit, nj/^;! * HilDa * ^QB^ loftiness, * HyJ/D 
Dl") distinction, IMiit; in"« R. «t8>3 Eminent, m. s. ♦ «iS^3 
nl3| * DilD -ly, highly, DllS^ IJff conspicuously, '*^hy^ 

Emissary, ^IIP ' li^in "^Hbo Emission, * iTT ' nn^^D 

nD^on * ncD'»^B Emit, tD^hnn * to-'Van ♦"n'i"> ' nW 

■■• ■• • • ■ 

Emollient, "Tjaip Emollition, "^IS") 

Empiument, jii"^ * nil * )^'^ry\ ' n^jjln R. bt" 

Emotion, (of mind) K^San nC^JT 

Empale, (on a stake) T^P^ ^pf) enclose, "THjn 

Emperor, lp»g * ]l£)'?W Empress, nZJ^hW * n3i»p 

Emphasis, tD'l^'l$3 113111 nc^ia Emphatic, pTTI -ally. 

Empire! ni3^0 ' li^B^OD 

Employ, (him at work) --3 ip'\DJl2 IfilX filB^ (one's self ) 

plPirnn Ch. to use, • -3 tffDnt^n CL -N. busmess, * ]XiO 

pDJJ -er, m. s. Tj?3 
Emporium, a conunercial city, nriDD DlpD l'*J|f 
Empoverish, B^tt^l*) -er, m. s. tS^BhlD -ment, JlWp']*) 

EMP^END 123 

Empower, ts^B^n 'ht^QT^ *niBh iii3 *n^n 

Emptiness, ignorance, ni*lj[5 want of substance, 73?! 

vacuity, rt\y\2 ' nip"'1 Empty, pp'2. * p^in -N. ")J?3 * pn 

-hands, ni^Jpn D"'T -words, hin '^121 
Emulate, to equal, "7 HD'^n (for n^lJIH) imitate, (him) 

vana i^n ♦ infe>j;D3 inioa nfe^i; Aval, • -h «3p n'lv 
-ion, n«?p ♦ pjff nnv -ive, m. s. n«?p «?jy3 * i^j;; •nv 

-or, ><5i?P *TliS 
Enable, Pti |ri3 ' j3jn -ment, pltH 

Enact, rrn ]h3 * nta -ed, ni ]jn3 ♦ nr^j 

Enamel, DnVV? HB^ -N. If^V -ler, m. s. D">Jtf3Va TYp 

Enamour, n3n« T^J/n Tllj/ 

Encamp, nJn -ment, a camp, n^riD place of -ment, nl3nj1 

Enchain, ^333 D''p"'T«3 ")&« 

Enchant, to injure, D"»B2^33 "IVH R. mV fascinate, 35? 
-er, DDlp * f)tS^3P * 1311 -ment, D''ODp • D">Be^3 * tJ^D^ 
-ress, a sorceress, nbB'3P a beauty, * nSHS nTlVP 


Encircle, -close, -compass, **)bi^ *3^ap *)j5n R. *)P'' 
1/15 * niOI^ -closure, -compassment, 3'*3D P|^pn * H'l'Ta 
Encounter, fight, -^ DH^n meet, JtfJB -N. npH^D 'Hi^pJ^ 
Encourage, 3^ rSN ptH -ment, 3^ fllTDSn 
Encroach, ^133 3"«pn -ment, ^13]l nj^H R. 3D3 
Encumber, "^i; T33n D''DI?n -ranee, m33n ♦ HDOlfO 

Encyciopedia, nij;'«Tr? nisi^/n 

End, dW * "Iba * Unn * ni»'3 -N. conclusion, ^ Dh * *|iD 

iTnn« ♦ Xt R- r'P (of a <i*y) J^^^"? 3pji; m3$ (of the 
earthj p« HVp P|33 (of a month) Bhh P)10 (of a week) 
na?^ «^*1D *jjl3a^n nNV (of a year or of time) fl^qK 
n3t8>n D'>a»rT from-to-, nV p '^Jk nVpO to what-. 

124 END-ENH 

ivh^n nr>«^ -, design, n3i3 * n-i^an ^, m. ». * n^3 
d^k!^ *dji *baK -ing, ni^? *diW -less, ♦^i? t\iD r» 

Endanger, i/aaD^ bw*Ch. HJSD ">"n^ R-inn 
Endear, (one's self) '«3^|f5 lOV^ T^jpln -ment, |n • nnq^ 
Endeavour, ifrnn •tt^jJa ♦ Wjltt^H Ch. -N. nj^"":? V nB^j?? 
' Endict, to charge, ppfe^H * D">2^Hn ^nent, njpfeJ 
Endow, endue, pPl ' "73? * ' -^ njiQ |h3 -ed, m. a. * \n^'!^^ 

r»30^ *i^ iTH -ment, a gift, "13? * HJjnD * .130 ' n3''3n 

accomplishment, mD/E^ 
Endure, to bear, 73/3 R. 713 * 73D sufferance, 73D 
Enemy, m. s. 3:iiK * "inlV • IV * 83iiy 
Energetic, strong, m. s. pTn active, m. s. p"in * r")t Ch. 
Energy, pth ^ITfif^n * nifnT. -getically, -3 
EnCTvate, Enfeeble, B^^nn * Hal -ed, m. s. B^H * 153 
Enforce, PibK * niSn Ch. -ment, tISK * msn 
Enfranchise, '•tt'Qn^ hW *mnB^ Ch. (of a city) JTinn lh3 

-ment, B'flh * inHB^ • TTnn R. "iin 

Engage, (in an aflSiir) --3 aij^nn •"DJtfTniB^ m. s. 
*vh]i ^ij3 (to fight) On^n gain over, * HPi^ * «y H 
npn R. «8'3 * niD bind, im employ, (him) IflN niB^ 

••3 plDK^ -ment, *m3");fnn • nnnha *ni3"'nnn 

pDV Ch. 
Engender, b^et, T^lH * «'«Vin cause, 3'«PC * 33D 
Engine, /used in war, see Battering-ram) (to spout water) 

D"'D n-iTD WD R. nr3 

. English, (people) ^^^K "«« qjf (language) J^I^^T ^18^^' 

Engrave, pjDn *r»'in * nin9 -r, U*n^F\^ nri9P 

Engraving, Dinn ' pij^a * JTise^p R. nat^ 

* • 

Enhance, (in esteem or in price) l^plH 

ENI— ENT 126 

Enigma, HTn R. Tin -tical, QWD 

Enjoin, Ip^ * HIV -ment, iTHj?^ ♦ njVO 

Enjoy, (he) be in possession of, 1? T\^7\ delight in, *T\^ nbfe^ 

to let-, n^n Ch. -ment, nnDtS> * n«3n Ch. 
Enlarge, to increase, HSnn * P)b^ ' T*TJn release, * 3n^n 

nnn -ment, ""isn •nabin •amo *m-i 

Enlighten, illuminate, *T»8n instruct, THTH * X>)1 T^KH 

Enlist, (IDn^Sn )X2)ih «^'' «i3 

Enliven, n*n * T\^T\T] -er, in. s. fl^nO 

Enmity, n3''« * HWC^ 

Ennoble, TIH ♦ Cr"irr * 8g^2 -d, m. s. inn ♦ DT • «fe>3 

Enormity, riDJtf in *n^a3 Enormous, -ly, iNp^ 1;? 

Enough, ^"n more than-, ^1U 2*1 * 'lJ?'i'''l ^"1 is it not- ? 


Enrage, P)'«Vpn * HDn TJ^H -d, m. s. HOn 'Vih'D 

Enrapture, jjg * npl^ 

Enrich, to make rich, *T'2^gn fertilize, IDlJ^n * iTI^n 

• • • 

Enrol, to r^ter, 30^3 Dfeh -ment, nO^Bh 
Enshrine, niDE^D^ h'^:^^ 

• • • • ■ . 

Ensign, a signal, 03 a flag, /J/n (an officer) — Jtfe^li 

Enslave, T3gn -men<^ r»n3|f 

Ensue, ••-in«»3 * "D )S^ 

Ensurance, ]ln^3 * HDJO Ensure, n"»P5«l 

Entail, D^iT 1^^ ^^nin -N. D^ij; n^ha 

Entangle, to aisnare:, TB^SH confuse, DbH * 7373 to twist, 

•nilD -ment, nSHD * Vl3^3 ♦ nSIlD 
Enter, (into a place) 7K K3 (in a book) *1&P^1 DtS^'l engage, 

3TJ^nn m. 8. *v5»i; ^a|? -ing, a passage, r\r\% * Nl3D 

the entering, — Hii^S 
Enterprise, niTJt/ HSTP R^ TTi/ * DDT 

126 ENT— EPI 

Entertain, to treat, • 'b nriB^D Hfe^j^ * ^"'SKn amuse, JJJ^t^ 
R. nj/B' (in the mind) fijrr * 2l^n (one's self) VB^JtfntJ^n 
-ing.ih. ^ISJ^VJ^I? -ment,nT)lfp ' iintJ^O * mS ^WM^t 

Enthusiasm, SyH O^BH * fWDn/Jin -ast, -astic, m. s. 

Entice, )IC^^TS ^rV-pn R. ^m * n"«D • nna -ment, *^iKB^P 

nnon • '•ina 

Entire, m. s. U^Qf\ * DhD * dW -ly, ?"''73 * 7i 

Entitle, give a right to (him) EOgtS^D 1? ]h^ .d, m. s. 

Entity, ah m. 8. SVD? 

EntraiU, D^igD * 3*115 

Entrance, Entry, a passage, HJia * J^13D the entering, HtiC^B 

Entrap, tt^p^ * l^h ♦ ^"'tJ'^n 

Entreat, ihj} * B^j?5 Ha]r»'7 -y. Hn^ng * nB>j93 nVsn 
Envelop, Hijs • p)bjtf * nb|f * i2>bn -k • ^id? * natDjtf o 

Envenom, to poison, nHB^n enrage, D''Jt/3H * *1''VP'!7 
Enviable, excellent, nh^J^n 0113 Envious, m. s. • ^Jff* 'HV 

nwp •^jg3 -ly, nK?i3?i *niv r^^ 

Environ, PjDK • 3^3D ^">i5ri R. »)p'' -s, ni33^ ♦ n3">3p 

Enumerate, HiD ' IDD -ion, n»30 * n")'«ap 

Enunciate, "7351 ♦ Jt/'''7ln -ion, ni^n * TtVl^D R. 1J2 * j/T" 

Envoy, TV ' "^^hn * n'^^0 

Envy, f'^ ♦ K3p -N. |^J? JTnV * H^^p 
Ephod, "rIfiK 

Epicure, -an, Dnip*|l? m. s. J^j^fl •^J5>3 
Epigram, DriSD R. Dn3 * bfjp 

Epilepsy, ^ai3 '•^IH -tic, 3 r?3Jtfp 

Episcopacy, D''3n3n-^3JD TJlDJII Ch. nhtt/On 

EPI— ERE 127 

Episcopal, Ch. K^J^D^ri \li3r]>D hf 

Epitaph, nii3j3 nn^D5 nan? R.yp 

Epoch, TjJiO R. lj;"> • flip 

Equal, m. s. one's-, J/T R. Hlf"! *1^"ia 13 like, "^ n»i"T Hitt^ 
(in right) • •? THK tOfla'p (in weight) n^S 12 -ity, 
D"'3n^n -"IIB^ (of weight) ^p^^^DH ""IIB^ -ize, nitt^ri -led, 

m. s. ii»p"i *jn *\h tih jy,';? di *id3 »nD3 ♦i'nn"» 

Equation, nSIB^H 

Equator, D^DB^n '>V03 ni^snig -ial, 'f^ 

Equerry, ri^P n3?P "le^ 

• • • 

Equidistant, m. pL pVililb *U*W -formity, D^D^Jfll ^lltl' 
-lateral, D'«ni«n hst? rnfe^ -librate, Hi?^pn'nllB^ 
-librium, 7)?^Sn ^112^ -nox, (of Aries) ]p^a flQIpj^ (of 
libra) ^'^pr\ HQIpJI -noctial, a. n.^ni ]p"»3 nlfllpri St!^ 

-noctiai, 8. n^""^! Di"« mtt'smp ■ ■ ' 

• • » •• - 
Equip, provide (him) •1? pDH (with arms) p">irr (one's self) 

llSn 'ain-lUn 7>nn -age. a carriage, n33-3p -ed, 

m. s. \iD2 * ^nr * p^O * "'''^0 -™ent, n|3n • ^ij? 

Equipoise, ?j3^an'>11K^ -ponderant, "73313 -ponderate, 

hpjf^lpn nllB' -table, tOBtt'pa m. s. "112^^ 
Equity, OBK^D "JE^"' ' pn rTntS> -lably, -3 -valence, 

DOni^n "'IIB^-valent, m. s. TlJ/a •nll2^ -vocal, 'J}^F\ti^n 

••^^riO^ Ch/ D">3p-'JB^i' vocally, nOMD-l -vocate, m. s. 

* V*l3'n DhD -vocation, nOilD -vocator, m, s. 1^13*1 OJlb 

Era, ijffiD R. ir"" * rij; 

Eradiate, pn^H ^^13 -ion, p"ia * |TJJi3 • pV3 
Eradicate, tihtt^ * I'pO * TDB^n -ion, mott^n ! H^^ 

Erase, nhD 'nnB^ .d,m. s. nHDJ Tinti^a 

Ere, Vh n^ *D'3K)3 -long, yn\>ji. -now, HT ^3|1^ 

Erect, build, 1133 '3^(1 R. 3X"« *D'<prr *r3n elevate. 

1S8 EJUt— EST 

onn R. on * Vna ♦ r\^u '>*?'3 -n. m. s. iiaa ♦ «)ipj 
-ion, ]\)3 ♦ naaq * noi?n -ness, f)ipT * npijjrr na^"* 

Err, ni/p ♦ nj/n * nia? .«nt, m. s. erratic, njtJiTl * HJlB^ 
^fe. ^i?*-*^? ♦ nkp •j;i -antness, 111;/^ * niKyO' -atum, 
D'>QlSn IQiD niJ/D ■ata.-nVl^ftD -oneous, fuU of errors, 
nli^^JtS^ ttTD sabject to error, m. s. mjJK) *7^3 -oneous- 
ly, niiftD2-or, njJB? *n«''JK^ ♦ njB^D 'r>1I?fi3 

Errand, n^Dvf?^ * n'in\^?^ 

Erudite, m. s. is^D * HD^ -ion, nODH * TlS^ 

T \ : It;- ' t : t 

Eruption, a pustule, i^j^^V * T)^P R. KtS^S a bursting forth, 

n^ * «V10 R. «y> a spot, rnns -Ive, m. s. f-)^\ * p> 

Escape, tO^SH ♦n'l^ * D13 * ^V^n * W^S -N^ flight, 

n^H * nnna * hdi^d * n5^n excuse, ntenn 

T"T ▼•: ▼: TT- :~:" 

Escort, "Dlf •!]'^n * .13? -N. m. s. 'Oip •"^Jin • H^^D 

• • • 

Especial, particular, m. 8. inT^D * '^!p"lSl -ly, C01D3 
Epousals, rtynK * JS^inK Espousal, —7t^ Epouse, betroth, 

fen« maintain, -2 ptqn defend, ^T. T7« pTfl 
Espy, to spy, T]SDi to watch, ^J>PTJ 
Essay, endeavour, B^j?5 try, ]h2 -N. nB^p3 * HJ^HSl 


Essence, substance, DVlf * Jl^VDfl R. HX D existence, * iTin 

ni«"«if» nature, 1/313 smell, nn 
Essential, a chief point, ^j5J^ necessary, JTIiSri Ch. -ly, —3 
Establish, to settle, l\^l ' \i>n ' Qyn R. Dip make firm, 

pm * ]313 -ed, m. s. Tp^p ' ]i5np • D^i?? * pTH '\'0} 

-moit, a settlement, jlSD 
Estate, a fortune, D"'P33 * ]\lp * tt'iaT real-, n ^HJ 
Esteem, 133 * IplPl * hrhu R. ^D -N. "7133 ♦ "}p"> 

-able, m. s. "Jp* ♦ 1333 * «^CP OIB^n -ableness, ♦ni3n^n 

Estimate, ijltt? ♦ 'fp-ttf.ri -N. TTi! -ion, IIJ/^ * n3"^n 


Eftnmge, become strange, IT^H R. lit alienate, *)3 j * pTy}TJ 

Haoent, distance, PI^IS removal, ilj^nin 
Eternal, * fT'Jpn ^^^l * TJtf ^dW ^5 * Ifi "'Ifi^ 

D'«nV^ D''^ -ize, nV3 J Ti^.n 9"»j5n Eternity, n^Tpi? 
Ether, nn • TW Ch. -eal, heavenly, ""^rm 
Ethiopia, 1^3 -n, itS^U 
Etiquette, ni0^^3 * Dlip R. TID 
Etymology, D''eht8^n TYltsI ^cal, — ^8^ Etymon, Uh^ 
Evacuate, to empty, P^IH quit, 3Uf -ion, ^P^^ * n]5''l!81 
Evade, elude, tO^SH* ' D "ib^ ' 
Evangdeum, nfinrj nns -lied, ^^a^ -list, 1^'^ 

— ^lap^jgDihn -lize, -'--i^p ^fip tsi-i-i 

Evaporate, \p^2 n^fflH * H^ai naff 4on, ]^J^5 iTJ? 

Evanon, excuse, niTyjfirj * TM^IJJ -ive, elusive, m. s. 
Onfp -ively, np"^^? 

Even, ievel, m. s. hW *1^ mak«-, tl^ * na^ - ad. * ^ll 
D^ (it is also expressed in doubluig the pronoun, as) 
Wn DJ «^n eoCT Ae, number, >JV Ch. lf\ 1^J?Q 
-handed, »|li^3 * pTV^ -ness, D**?^!! M^B^ 

Evening, yyj -tide, -njU -song, rV»3Tg n^flfl R. ^^S 

Event, end, finqift •• JTi^jn R. .1^3 incident, ITIjjp at all 

-8, D-iaa ^3 ^i?* -fui, niB^n nn^p (time) «^a njf -uai, 

accidoital, n^^P consequential, S^bp * rn'*7?D 
-ually, HiD!* 
Ever, constantly, I^ dj^g) 73^ -since, T^D -bdbre, D/ltf P 
-somany.njnS) iian^-lastiii, •D"«nV? HVJ^ '"T^ ''PV^i'^ 
TpJ * pjiV-Uving, m. 8. IJlh '^n -morei * fj? r« nj? 

Every, m. 8^>K n. ^3 as (Gen. Chap. 45. v. 38.) nla^fj 8^1* J 

130 EVI-EXC 

rivDfe' to eeery man charges of raiment, (Exod. Chap, 181 
T. 22.) ^n|n,n3'nn ^i> every great matter. (It is ako 
expressed in doubling the noun, as B'^ST f^ii every man, 
U^ Di^ every day) -time, nj^ hs^ -where, D*ip9 ''5^ 
Evidence, niT^ R. Tlj; Evident, m. s. ' ^1^| R. H^J * im 

D)2^v} *n«i3 -tiy, nna? * ""i^^? * ^^.^JS?^ "?"l?? 

Evil, m.8. PI r! J/T) -minded, mn •pDlT •BhlH -speaking. 
Evince, HK^n ♦ n">3in R. 713'' -ible, m. s. Tjll^ 

Eulogy, nne^ 

Eunuch, Ono * D^i ^^t^? 

Euphony, p^jtfj PIJ? ^"iP 

Evoke, • •'? ttn]? Evocation, nN">"lp 

Ewe, ^n"i -r, ]i» * nia? * n? R- ^^d 

Exact, extort, W3 -N. ra. s. ]\3p ^2^ 'OVP^P Ch. -nesir, 
-IBT ♦ Dllf PV -ly. -^ -er, m, s. fef JJ 

Exaggerate, ^'^^;?rr * vn^T\ -ion, niain * napin r. p)iy 
Exalt, ^x * iKm ♦ o^nR. DiT -ation, HDin. ' nna^n 

Examine, consider, \lS'2Xy'n * ^3r)t?^n try, iha * np3 in- 
terrogate. -i|3n • ta^n-i -ation, m;pq * •"'a^'ll * ^rn? 
-r. m. 8. B^-il'n * npnp * tna * n^3P 

Example, an instance, jl'^D'H * h^n a pattern, niOI. Ex- 

amplary, b^\ * niD'ii' 
Exasperate, f)'>Vj?n * nion'* TJ/H -ion, ^lyp, ' nDH 
Excavate, ^"^H Ch. * ^''2 -ion, ^I^Pt ♦3133 

Ejcceed, • • D nn^^ * '^jp ^t^, * ^'•'^jn -ing, vriD na-jH * p)n^n 

-ingly, Tttp nt?P • ' 

Excel, -D in^, * *hv, ^\ ^H^D -lence, goodness, ' 31£0 
^nn^. dignity' n«fe^ "in^ R. «B^3 -lent, m. s. lt«P *3ltD 
Jently, H^fip.? Dli? 

EXC— EXE 131 

Except, exempt, ^^^H \iy )^'*'p^^ VB^npn *^Tr3ri -ing, 
exclusively, rh\ * ''pfp^ ' DDK * pi * "^S^ * lljO unless, 
'>h^h -ion, HL s. W'i'Sn TD*KV1'> -ionaWe, m. s. nDn 

- *13 DID * •D^B' ^n^a" 

Excess, superfluity, f\ljt * nnIO BL lt\^ -ive, * ''"^D H^in 

■iniD^ -irely, IND^* * TKD I'itD 
Exchange, I^DH * *)'^7Dl' -N. the bartering, * rniDfl 

na"'^n * PjlVn (for merchants) DnnlD IJ^VDipP R. IV 
Exchequer, "^T;! * rfT>lTpr} lp» 
Excise, D3D R. DD3 -able, D3D'^ ""iSn * DD^ ir»3 -man, 

p3D ♦ D3ISn -IDitJ> 
Excite, stir, T\r\ T^H (to compassion) D'^Onn T'Jtf H R. mif 

<to linger) n"73 encourage, 2/ plH -ation, *'*\12 'P^^H 

mi;n -ment, nSD R. 330 
Exclaim, call aloud, 7'ip? NliJ clamour. pi/T ♦ pi;>f 

-clamadon, n«ni3 * njPJJT * H^V -clamatory, -ht^ 
Exclude, t^lSn *"^n3n' (one's self) bl^Ti * "nlSTin 

-elusion, nWisn •nJl?n *^^5n P nKxin 

-elusive, m. a. B^nQD ♦ H^-nSD * H^3n ]D *«">V1D 
-clusively, T^^D ♦ hh^t * ^0^3 * DDK * pi * 1» 
Excommunicate, exclude, m3 anathematize, D'^lHn -N. 

iTUD * mna -ion, ""wj ♦ Dnn 

Excrement, BhB ♦ilKJf R. Slf -al, -3 Excretive, 

^ifT Ch. K^VID 
Excruciate, DiV -ed, nu «. HiJ/D 

Exculpate, njjj *K^n (one's self) T^^in *i^^nnri 

Excursion, a digression, n*D2 a nunble, Dlt£^ 

Excuse, 0'>3D «tj^3 *na3 * ^hs-N. n^picDifn *ni^V3nn 

-able, m. s. pTV' * ^HS* * 1D3"' -less, IDS'" T80 
Execrable, m. s. ip^ni -ably, nj?T3 * HSITln? ; 

133 EXE— EXP 

Execrate, 3ij3 *in« -ion, n^Kip * tlhh^ 

Execute, paform, TJfa put td death, Jhn-r, "T^B -i<m, 

n^li/a * nj-i."T * nn -ioner, D'»^''^a3 j"vin -or. 

Dla1np"'§K Ch. 
Exemplar, \V'm -lify, -«"'ar? * ^B^ ^U^n 

Exempt, npj • tt^gn -ion, tB^flh • wnn R. nin 

Exercise, train, "Sjin (one's self) hyrntl * ^"inB^ Cb. 

perform, ntffj} -N. ^3n * hin * rvi^n^H 

Exert, f »Nt>n * V^W * «^? ' ?'l^ "«»>. * ?^^1 
Exhalation, jB^Jt; * ^B^j^fa iTJ? Exhale, 'ib^j? n^gn ♦ tfc^J^ 

rrin pi'u -ment, 1 jb""? ♦ ^an * m ♦ la^r 

— ••IT »• ¥T ""•"•T^ 

Exhaust, n^3 'DbS *Dnn R. DOn -ion, nnntt^il -few. 

Exhibit, (to view) rtijtin -ion, display, flITH * rfKlD 
Exhilarate, H^nn • nsfe^ -ion. Jinn ' HHO^ 

txhort, n>nrn ♦ nt ch. -ation, nnnm 

EScigence, pJIT ' "^l-l^ * nipll Ch. 

Exile, H^Jfl * eSha -N. -d, 'ni^J3 m. s. BhJD 

Exist, KVSn *n1\T -ence, H^^H ♦rt1R">vb *J1«'^ -ent. 

Exit, departure, HR'^V"! TiNV d«^^h, Hjf^i 
Exodous, (the book) fllDtS^ nSD 
Exonerate, free, njJJ -ion, W^|53 
Exorable, m. s. It^S^ * nl^l? ♦nl3 
Exorbitance, n733 -ant, excessive, tKD? llf 
Expand, spread, fi^"1*nhD *nbtt^ *tBh.9 
Expanse, jp"'j?n * nO^^D -ion, iln'^np -ive," m. «. iHT 
Expatiate, enlai]ge on, 3"'n")rT * "^^IKn 
Expatriated, m. s. in"«3D In^naO B^iO 


£XP— EXP lat 

Expect, n}p_ ; nan ♦ rt§y ♦ ^"«niii r. ^n^ -ancy, ^tkm. 

Expectorate, nn»3 «'«Vln R. ^IP -ion, fln^S 
Expedience, fitness, IB^aH * nn«2 haste. fln^Htt * mt^T 
Ch. ♦ tVnpJ^ ' niV np -dienUy, -ditiously, -2 -dient* 

proper, m. s. ip2 *>^kl * nito *\^^i device, *n^|inri 

ny^ R. V;?^ -dite, nno * te -ditionlVarUke) flH^^^P 

nDn^'S^ -ditious, m. s. "J\1D * m.t ♦ ■T}?W • fllH 
Expel, drive out, nfTl * Hh"!! ♦ >)'in ♦ tSha 
Expend, n.^3 ♦ »>Tf^r) -iture, Ch. ^iDO niWlH R- «V^ 
Expense, cost, |iDD D»Vln chaiges, "^ng -less, l^np ti^S 

-ive, np^ -iveness, H^lj?^ 
Experience, to know, J?*T try, nS3 * tfiB -N. * nanSJI 

njJ^T -d, m. s. -7|;a Experiment, na^5 ^, -7^ 

Expert, in. s. ^^'^5) -ness, Tl^THp -ly, —1 
Expiable, 1^3^^ * Pl^pl 

Expiate, D"«3a "133 -ion, D"*?^ m.^? -ory, fT1|5 
Expire, to die, J?1|l -ation, |^J? * fjlD * hj^'^^i 
Explain, "JKS * B^l§ -anation, -ication, TJita ♦iK^")g| 

-anatory, "JiJ^P ' ttflQJ^ -icable, "1«3> * Uhb) -icit, 

i*n3 * Bhba -idtiy, nnia ♦ c^Ibs ' ' 

Exploit, ni ♦ nyOi doer of an-, m. s. ^^n •ilt^if 
Explore, fe'^H ♦ l^jh -ment, fensn * HTpn 
Explosion, ^1p3 nnil 

Export, rryipn pn^ ^^vi-"' -ation, — «yiD R. »>f 

Expose, tmcover, H?! endanger, Ch. n33p ^T^ H^3iT 
r|^pi> Olfe^hnnself) n^oJlCf^i iTTyB;!? 'iM? Wp3D^ 

-ed, m. s. n^;in.*j;ii5D7*oiwn -ijion, Jiiha *"ii»3 

-itor, ehap ♦ -JK5P -ure, (to sight) "wiVli NTITj; 

134 EXP— EXT 

Expostulate, n'>3ir! ♦ a^n -ion, nnsln • yi 

Expound. IJ^ia nwa -er, tt^lDP * njj^SP 

Express, utter, 3)33 * Bn§ -N. clear, Tna a courier, 
invp n">^B> -ible, 2^i) * C^nb"*. -ion, mode of speech, 
-I'Cnn ]Q1« -ive, clear,' 3"'E)\n isa -ly, IJ^nS^ * 01^11 

Expuise, n^e^ • tsha -ion, mhtt^ * a^ns 

Expunge, HhD 

Exquisite, choice, 1)130 very bad, m. s. '[iXQ ♦J/T -ly, 

Exsucisulent, iK^ D3 * f P '«^? * B'?^ 
Extant, e^"> m. s. «VDa 
Extempore, -aiy, naD[11 riapn ♦^^ 
Extend, 3nin * ^'^'I'^n -sible, m. s. 3nT * ^l^'J -sion, 
namn -slve, m. s. am -siveness, 3n*1 • 7lll -sively, —3 
Extenuate, rtOpH » '7"'|?ri R. t>^p -ion, njJlJD * HDjl/pn 
Exterior, External, lly^n -ly, pnp 
Exterminate, Extirpate, 1^3Kn ' ni?!? 'n?? -ation, 

Extiiict, m.7 T3« *ipf3 *nn?3 * ."1^3 -ion, ♦ ;V^3 

n3K . rr\r:i^r\ * nna ' 

I T: T TT : - "T 

Extinguish, destroy, nhD * H^S (a fire) T^yiH * HSS -able, 

m. s. n^3"> • nna"*' * "V^T ♦ nnS'' -er, nnsp -ment, '•133 

Extort, m\ * yhh -ion, Dl^i^ ♦ "^rH? -»o°er, m. s. 

Extract, draw out, »i)t^n R. «y> (outof a book) p^H -N. 

-ion, «X«V * «V1D • npflj/n 

T V* V T 'T T • •_ 

Extraordinary, m. s. »^a3 -ily, i^^^Sn^ -iness, H^v^ 
Extravagance, (in expression or opinion) JTI/yln prodigality, 
nits ♦ t3|a R. nT3 -vagantly, -3 -vagant, m'. s. 'TSpp 

EXT— FAI 136 

Extreme, -ity, n"'5»?JD -ly, I'm iHp 

Extricate, i^n ♦ inn * b'^n -ion, nVn * mnrr ♦ nh'in 

Exuberance, J]Qp * 3^1 -antiy, J/BB^? * 3*1^ 

Exult, ^ij ^^K nbt ' nnQi!^3 W\W -ation, ^">a * fc'Ife'D 

Eye, l-'J? * niBf * Ban R. D33 -N. the organ of sight, ]^j;.pL 

D^rjEf -baii,;^j;; nna nacit's figure)]^!? na iiE^«-brow, 
1^;? nai -lash, -ud, sjif^r pi. dm^dj? r. *)ii?. -sight, 

ri? n"'«1D -sore, O'lJ^j;^ nDIB^ pi. D'«3fef -witness, 

ntin njr r. ti;; 


Fable, a fiction, ^^tt^D a falsehood, '^*T3 

Fabric, a building, ]^33 -ate, HJ3 

Fabulist, m. s. D'^^K^b ^B^DD -lous,'^na -lously, 30^ 

Face, to stand opposite, nj3^ nib^f * wi^ ril»nnn ♦ laann 

-N. front, 0^33 visage, D^§1^ 
Facile, easy, m. s. 7J5 -itate, 7j3i1 -ity, HI?)? R. 77p 
Facing, m. s. IJianp (him) nJ3/' (of a garment) mi *^B>$ 
Fact, deed, H^llfa * ntW?D reality, rT«riD« in-, * ^Jgfii 


T * T 

Faction, discord, np'^np ♦ HanD * nlS^ a party, 

D''33lt^D •D''ir<ia -ious, m. s. 33^0 -iously, JTl35lB^ 

Factor, "Tps * "'DIP R* DID -y, (place of merchants) 

pnD->D onniD rni^D 

Faculty, power, H?!?^. (of mind) /3fe^ 

FacundHy, Dni)3^ iWy* * liB^^H piJ? Mj*?)? R. ^^p 

Fade, ^33 * 11^3 * hb^ 

Fagot, -1^5'? O^V? i^^-^^ 

Fail,bedeficient, 313(38 a bankrupt) m. s.*V^l3^ 3?3 (in one's 

190 FAI-FAL 

»to^ decay. Date '"lign 

Faint, -ing. »l^Jtf -N. m. s. >)^J?nP * ^"^^ * 8^5 -heM*ed, 

nn. «T ♦ 3n> 'Ti -«i». *t:^ • "9*3 -»»»"«»» i^T**^. -^y* 

-3-11688. na^j^ ♦ na^^n ♦ n^::? 

Fair, beautiful, m. s. H^J -weather, n^ * H^ -wind, 
B>^3P$ nn just, m. 8, ^laj market day. pltS^ 01^ -oess, 
beauty, '»$'» candour,")^ * Dh * D''5^D^ -ly, -3 

Faith, creed. ny\D» fidelity, ^D« -ful, m. s. flttlDH B^K 
-fidness, Dil ' D'>aiD» -fidly, —3 -less, perfidious, 
\t^vi ^h2 m. 8. TJa -lessness. ^JD 'la^- 

Fall, to drop, ^63 -away, D^3B %} *¥?1 * HPH -asle^. 
]a^ -in love, --n X%'^^ V^J^ -^ck, nhK^ 3H5^ -«»t 

(with one)Ti« Jin^ lan R. Ta *'\'% n^"i nn rrn 

wn price, Hfl^^n "hj -off, (as leaves or hair) 1ft^| (as 
blossoms) •'jV®^ -sick, 33^^ Hj * n"^!! -to his share. 

^b Vjian nj^ ♦pjnf ^ nfrjHjhortof,"D ^1)3 

Hipon an enenqr, "3 jgia decrease, (as water) *lbn^ ''pn 
-N. -ing, n^9? ♦ rn>T. rn»8^3 ♦ ry^ -ing^ckne«». 

Fallacious, D»JtfriJ?ri FaUacy, TlDip ♦^P D9?to 

FallaWlity, rW^SfJ? nfl^. niTHp 

FalliUe, nlJ^i' *^]3 "IpO * HH/p^ Jlji H^? Ch, 

Fallow, BDba^ -N. Hj^if 3 *i^ ' nn3la^ -ness, titsmf 

False, Jiood, np^8^.h«irted,m. s. D»53ln •8^^ * ^3l3 * '•^"l 
-ly, decatfully, ^)3B^ erroneously, Ty^l^^ -ify, tdl lies, 

n|?«f forge, unch!'' 

Falter, (in speech) 3^ * t^t2^^^ ^PS -ing, m. s. * 3^ 

tlB^ •3if)3 *l3lB^i'a P3930 * 
Faine,n3tE^ '31{9 tS^-d, -oos, m. s.*na<^Q *titt^ *tt^^ 

FAM-FAS 187 

cn^^^n .i/iij ♦ Dp"|iap ch. -ousiy, nkD aiD -less, 
Da> '^h2 m. 8. b^tif ' 

•• • • 

FamUiar, m. s, affable, D""!;: an intimate, jrVJp -ify, intimacy, 

nij;-i R. njji -ize, ^anri • -^jn -ly, ' oVe'sa ♦ Hpja 

Family, household, TT|n 133 race, nn|B>0 
Famine, nnijfj • |l3j;-} ♦ "UP"! Fam'ish, 3^Jtf-irT 
Fan, (for corn) HltO * riPn R. mi -V. —2 Hnr 
Fanatic, m. s. JOIH^ » 7?1n^P (religious) .13108^ * K3pO 
Fanaticism, niDrrfirin * fll^^lH ' HilDX nK3i5 , 
Fanciful, fantastical, m. s. T1D3 * 'IS'lpa mt Pill -ly, 
nnr nn^ Fancy, to imagine, "ij^a "IJbK * Hp'in to like, 

ran -N. ti^pr, -Iran 

Far, -fetched, m. s. plHT -off, piPinO so-, pi^H nj-T T^ 

g<^' ^^^k Prii.'!! R- l^n -most, m. 8. ^^?p *pinn 

Farce, D''^inrr * ^^T\n -ical, -^B> 

• V 

Fare, diet, T\nr\^ hire of carriages, n^3|/. ISfe^ a waterman's-, 

n»?8 BE)iti^p '-15^ -well, m. s. •*ff Dl^g^ 
Farm, l^^t^ rilf -er, .Tlfc^ nDlfef ' 
Farrier, WD^D HQ^l 
Farther, promote, nno more remote, m. s. Hfll^ •pim go-. 

^??? *lt?r -^^^^' "'^^l Farthest, m. s. T«D *p1n'n 
Farthing, ntons 

Fascinate, 21lh -ion, 3^ PIT^p^ fl^'i^E^ 

Fashion, to mould, nil? nif^ adopt, p^H R. pD -N.form, 

nniif nxh custom, ^n*n ♦ jnjp ♦ d^jd'^: ch. -aWe, -a 

-ably, '^a'i^ ^, m. s, niip ♦ rrB^|;3 
Fast, to abstain, DlV hold fast, pffin -, ad. firmly, nj^TPta 
swiftly, rin%'ipa -N. fim, m. s. pTH * pXIO R, plf^ 

188 FAS— FEA 

abstinence, DlV -en, p3"1 • ptn ♦ ^S« -ener, — O 

-ness, pin 
Fastidious, m. s. nOD * ^T^tD R. blT * 2b *T)2i 
Fat, 8. \p^'2hn ']6^^ -, a. m. s. IB^T *]0B> * S^ia Juig, 

«n» *p3nD '0138 -ness, TDtS'D ' D"«3DtS>D -ten, 

• ••••• • • «« 

Fatal* destructive, n'>nt£^ 'n^D'Q R. HID -ity, 8)D"I3 
m^tDT Ch. nDTgSn nir^ -ist, m. 8. * 3 rpKO 

nifiDna nnjE'a 'E^nDD 

Fate, destiny, TH^ ' nDnVD -d, m. s. •V^IT ")T33 'Hnna 
Father, 3NI pi. ]ll38 R. n38 -in-law, a husband's father, 

npn a wife's father, ]JllH -less, m. s. DlH^ -ly, 383 
Fathom, "Ipn -N, n1S^J J?3185 -less,n|?n ]^}* 
Fatigable, m. s. Py;;''^ J/J^^ f^^S^'^f' *nl3 

Fatigue, jf^in *ni«5»rr -N. ni3';i[* • ny^j^ ♦ nx^jp 

Fatuity, TV\hpp * niWscp Fatuous, foolish, m. s. ^3D * tl^SD 

Fault, an offence, nj)a> * NCDH a defect, DID * lilDH * DJS 

Ch..le8s,-'»^3m.s. * D^B> * D"'IDncoramita-,n3B' * KbH 

-y, m. 8. guilty, KDln '^j;? ' Dtt^S *a''«8 bad, • ipn 

*13 DID ♦ II^Dn D10 •^jtf 3 

Favour, IJH * "^8 nOH HDn R. HCOJ ' "DJ? IDH nfe^r -N. 

m *n3i:n ♦TDn -aWy, -3 -aWe, TO. s. kind, t3inp 

good, 3iD -ed, m. s. r^rded, ]n *8lfe^3 D'»3Q *''lit^? -ite, 
m. 8. TT ♦ 3in8 
Fawn, tlB'^ P/'DH -N. ISjf -ing, m. s. XWlh *p''^np 

Fear, •»3aD ni"'* '-D «T nha -N. -fulness, *8niD *ina 

T3D -fuUy, -3 -ful, afraid, m. s. T 3^ ' 8T • THa awful, 
Dl-iK'^nlS -less, NniD ""^3 m. s. ih f Db? -lessness, fDN 
Feasible, nlE^;;.^ ^p3 R. 9?^ 'Itt'aS Ch. -ility, rcntt^pS 
Feast, N. a festival, 3n a treat, m3 * nntS^D -V. 

FEA— FEL 139 

Feat, a wondrous deed, S^M H'^gD do a-, nlfeW^ ^b^Tf 

-ly, neatly, m. s.,|pp * HQ^ 
Feather, ilVJ -ed, m. s. —8^0 -less. -'''73 
Feature, Wi^ R. HJD * HniV ' «)11f"!3 Ch. 
Febrifuge, r\ni\>b nsinri Febrile, nn^p ^Bf 
February, I'^JJ ^n« B^lh • C03t^ 
Fecund, nn& -ation, nnQH -ity, na HDnS -ify, nlnDH 
Fed, (man) m. s. ^3^3 R. h^D (beast) m. s. DU» 
Federation, fi^^B -ral, --^a^ -rary, m. s, — ^J?5 
Fee, to reward, IDti/ !h3 bribe, IhtJ^ -N. ISB^ * TntS? 

TT'T ' T TT - 

Feeble, m. s. HST ^ti/^T] -d, m. s. t^^bn -ness, li^QT ^Jltuhn 

**,▼ T"" T Ij« ▼JV 

Feed, (man) 73?3 R. '713 (b^t) S&DD jhi ' Snpn ^r, 

one who feeds, m. s. ^sVdQ * ^ITD *irilJ 
Feel, perceive, t^pH Ch. handle, B'CS'D be affected by, m. s. 

"^^ •"I'^Dl ipsn -N. J^1B>p -ing, perception, n^lTf 

tenderness, ni'«^j;§niT ' -^ D""!/]? n^_pn -ingly, -2 
Feign, to dissemble, U^n^H * Hanti^n invent, 3^a S'7|l -ed, 

B'nS ♦ 3v»p ••113 -edly, B^nsn 

Feint, «i2> mm ♦ D'»nniD R. mj 

Felicitate, make happy, "ItJ^K 'H^W'!' congratulate, 
•^13 -tation, n3-13 -ty, ifti * Tinb^n -tous, m. s. 

Fell, cut down, nbn knock down, )(^^b ^^^H R, ^33 -N. a 

skin, 11;; -monger, m. s. filTi;; *^3'iO 
Fellow, N. an equal, H'^Dj^ * HK " IDn " jtf T R, n^fT a 

mean person, p'>n * "Ij;;: -ship, equality, ♦ D'^DIJ/H '^llttT 

nii;i ♦ ninx -sufferer, (my) HlVn ^BJi 
Felo-de-se, njfl^ IDVI/ T3SD R )il^ 
Felon, m. s. fllD^ *jJB''1 -y, IfVn -iously, -3 

140 FEM— FID 

Female, Feminine, * n3]?j Feminality, 2ll3j73ri JfS^ 

Fen. nva ♦ V3 • li: 

Fence, to enclose, "^12^ *'1'?Jl' guard against, "D "lOB^rr -N. 

riD^ii^D ♦ "na -less, -■•^i -er, ilDn^D na^ * TD« Dni*? 

-ible, ")S3ip 

Fender, HXH HDnD "IDIB? 

Fennel, nXfJ 

Ferment, (as dough) pV3 (as liquid) i/3J?3 ' Hj/a * nflT 

-ation, jtjai'.ii * nnw -ative, u^V.^t^ * nni? 

Ferocious, m. s. "1TD« • «ia -city, ninOX * nllfia 

■• •• •• *• 

Ferry, a passage, "I3KD a boat, H^D^. -man, — "J^rU!? 
FertUe,(land) HJDB^ (animal) HH^ -ity, *ni30K' *^"ianD"l3 

▼ ♦ ■ • • • 

3"! -ize, nnarr : main ' 

Fervency, ^03 * Hj^ltyin -ventiy, —3 -vent, m. s. *^p?3 

F^tival, -ity, }n * 3l£0 Dl"" -ive, m. s. ^HV * HOB^ 
, Fetch, n>^ ♦ S''3n R. K13 -breath, nil TQ^H f\W 

Fetid, m. s. nno? Fetor, ^inno * njnv 

Fetiferous, nl"lQ nX2^l3 iife'lj 

Fetter, ^333 D'»PnX3 !&« -s, D"»b33 * D'^PTN 

Fetus, D7]l • yiiiSi Ch. 

Feudal, Feudatory, m. s. TMtJ'O Ch. 

• • • 

Fever, Jin'l^ -ish, —3 H3Jf p 
Few,m.Dnn« *D'»pj?p * ©i;? -ness, D^J/O 
Fibre, "IIT'D * DIH -rou8,m. s. DilDD D^»in*«^b 
Fickle, m. 8. rn& ♦njPl •?)?R.IfT ♦77p -ness.nVHB 
Fiction, a felsehood, D'HS R. m3 * ^in a story, ]1">pi *^IJ^D 

-ously, -Tna -ous, ""iTa • »1»TP Ch. 
Fiddle, N. ^33 -V. -3 tl? -r. m. s. -3 ]|ap string. 

FID-FIN 141 

FideUty, Di^ * CaiDR ■* r>130N3 

Fidget, n"ri3 * jotoio -N. nti^n * cdid ♦ n^na 

*' T • T T T 

Fief, Ch. OnarC'D D"'DD3 

•T*\ J .'T* 

Field, HDir^ ♦ rrvt^ pi. nnfe^ a wide-, DHIP -of battle, 

n3-|r.o rinn^D ."ne> ♦ njnrrrr k-^ii -marehai, xav-iiy 

Fierce, m. s. lOJ* ♦ iJ^^D R. p12f • i«na -ness, * nil/l^ 


Fiery, m. s. passionate, rTQIl t)K '^Jt/a 

Fife, ^-"^n Fifer, m. s. ^?in "o^^-'^na HivyQ 

Fifteen, "ife^;/ ntS^DH f. n'le'J/ tt^SH (by letters of the 
alphabet) VD Fifth, s. t£>Oh f. n*B^"«Dn -, a. ''B>"'»n f. 
n'«B>'»pn -ly, -3 Fifty, D'^K^On *'3 * 

Fig, rr3«J|l dry-, nj'^'n (unripe) J3 pi. D'»J«Jn * Di^ni 

Fight, onVrr -er, Dni^ ♦ nnn^o t5^"«K -ing," nDn^o* 

Figurative, |i^pi ^B^Q -^-l-l -ly' ^3 

Figure, S^Jg ♦ nif^^ • TVV -N. an image, ♦3)fif ♦ PniV * ^DD 

D^S ^niD*! ^iTpgri R. nD^l »n32 (of wood or stone') 

^Pfl a number, |l3tf>nn nlf* 
Filament, pT DIPI * "IIT'D 
File,(atool) D''a HT'lfa-of 8oldier8,rrDn'?0"'e^a«TIOn'TIK^ 

-ings, n"n»p^ 

FUial, \1 h^ R. n33 

Fill, «^D ♦ Ti-iro -N. n«">^D. ♦ j;3{Jf 

Fillet, a headband, fiDCOb 
Filter, ^3D Ch. -N. l|!5P 
Filth, -iness, -y, (see Dirt. ) 
Fin, l^ajp -less, -1^ r« -ny, -1^ 
Final, last, »)1D ♦ "IDS *n"'^3n decisive, HnnJ -Iv. ^vh 
Finance, income, Hi^iar) public revenue, DDD * DID -iaL— ^2^ 
-ier, — nal3 Ch. 

142 FIN— FIS 

Find, discovCT, V^ID allow, ^3 

Fine, inflict a penalty, WZP -N. a penalty, tff^ * D3p Ch. pure, 
nice, m. s. 3lI3 * na** -gold, ?a DfO * IVtD nht -silver, 
ggrp f)pV »)p3 -flour, n^t) -looking, m. s. *3l£3 *n^\ 
rWOO -weather, nl3Jf tiV -skin, HDT HlJ? -able, that may 
be fined, 7'»^a P5 R- mif subject toa fine, m.8. ttfZJJ •7|;3 

Filler, Fore-, Jf 3VN middle-, HSK ring-, H^Sp Uttle-, ^1 

thumb, y*=I3 
Finis, f|lD *ipa Finish, H^ 'Ibl ^oWrr -er, m. s. 

rhDQ ♦ llDia * D"«^B'0 Finite, ^laJO -ness, n"«^Dn * fjiD 

a • ■ • • • 

Fir, eriia 

Fire, N. diat which bums, t^K -V. to kindle a fire, 
-pbm TIfarr rr^r\ R. nif"« discharge fire arms, 

pT3 pna • tt^vt "^ n'T -arms, -lock, E^« nni •~'5i? 

-brand, "118 * Ta^ -drake, a' serpent, f\'W B^nj -man, 

(to extinguish fire) C^K niapj' W ^^ "P^' "^C"^? 
-work, nipV "ntsp -tongs, CHP^D -ing, milD 

• • • • • - • 

Firm. m. s. constant, D")? * ]"i35 strong, ptn -ly, ^1337 -ness. 
Firmament, D^DB' •jP'ipT 

Firet, mfe^KI • llE^«1 * B'th at., iiimi h 3 * n^B'Kia 

in th&. place, H^n^a R. ^j'H * tS'ttnil -fruit, ! n'»B^«l 
rnm pi. U^yoi -Ung, 113^ f. rTll3|l -person. 

Fish, 3">"n -N. 3^ R. mi -^r, 3»^ -ery, OiJI IHpD -hook, 
(13n -ing, njl'l -ing boat, — TTI'^P ^nonger, D^JT 13iD 
-net, nnbpO -pond, 13»3 
Fissile, J?i35rr5» nl3 Fissure, n;i;'«j?5 (in a rock) p-'jJJ 
Fist, N. SjIn^S -V. to beat wiUi the-, -3 HSH R. HSa 

FIS— FLA 143 

Fistula, If 1 1f 33 

Fit, TB^^n • ppn -N. distemper, nJ»Tip * P^/T con- 
venient, m. s. 12^3 * |13J -ly, .|iD33 ♦ ">1«n3 -ness. 

Five, ilt^Dn f. B^On (by lettere of the alphabet) 'PI 
-fold, ^Q3 

Fix, to festen, p51 * pm detennine, ^hn *llb| *if3j? Ch. 

-ture, • -3 pU'n 
Flabbiness, flaccidity, ]'i'»Q'1 ♦ ni3"l R- I^T 
Flabby, flaccid, m. s. npi * Xi -bile, h'p_ R. hh^ 
Flag, »lv»^nn * ^DJf nn -N. (the colours) b^^ 

Flagitious, jf an -ness, niifB^n * n^tih 

Flagrancy, H]??'^ -rant, notorious, vD? }}Tt^ 

Flail, 31b 

Flambeau, TS^ ♦ HPia^ Flame, 3."!^ * ron^a^ ♦ DH^ 

Flank, f|f13 

Flap, to strike, ^Ip^ "^n R. e)23 * n23 (with the wings) 
Dia33il tJ'''Jtf"!n -N. a blow, n30 (what hangs loose) Hip 

Flash, ablaze, pnS -V. -pi3 -y, empty, ^"»^» • p« 

Flask, a bottle, TVTib'ii * 3iS pi. nl3lS 

Flasket,^ ♦J^^P 

Flat, -ten, level, "ifl * n?.K^ beat out, J^pT ♦ plH 'r. ppl 
make vapid, HBT -N. level, m. s. ^tl^^ * Hltl^ even ground, 
^B^^P tasteless, 72]^ -nosed, Dlin -ly, peremptorily, 
rC017H7 -ness, evenness, D'^3")i/n ^V\\i} dulness, niHS 
-isb, almost even, £0JfD3 mtV 

Flatter, f)3n ♦]i2'J' p"'^nn -er, m. s,*13n ♦]iB'^ ♦p'^^'HO 

-y, nQi3n • nip^n "•nae^ * n»o"i iia^^ 

Flatulency, vanity, mp^l * 73n 
Flatulent, m. s. pn ♦ niT *Ki»D 

144 FLA— FLO 

Flavour, relish, DifKl odour, n^"1 -ous, palatable, "TH 7 S*!?!^ 

odorous, n^T ]n"i3 
Flaw, DID • ]1"ipn • D;| Ch. 
Flax, nj^B'a • D'«]^B'a -en, - W' -3 

Flay, ott^^rr 

Flea, irlfia -V. -D f J3 "1^3 

Flee, Dh^n * DIJ * nh2 

Fkece, (a sheep) Tt| -N. Htil * W 

Fleet, to flit, D13 * nl^ -N. swift, m. s. l^n^ * h[i R. ^^p 

(ships) D''"!''"nK D''»y nnii» -bg, m. s. • rih^^ i?^n 
injn ff?h -ness, n'n\ip • ni"?^ -ly, -a 

Flesh, N. -|B>a -colour, -nSllQ -liness, -rilSr) fji?ia^r» 
-ly, -^a? ♦ '»3aia -Iness. -flisna TJIDa Ch. -hook, }hXQ 
-y, m. s. X-i-ia • 1)1 

Flexible, m. s. ntS"; ' Tl R. H^T -ibiUty, ni5l -ion, H^p? 
-ious, m. 8. npj -ure, joint, pna 

FUght,a running away, HD^jp *nri^"|5 stoiw, ^i^TllSlD I^P 

-y, m. 8. swift, ^j? wild, nno: * \*« R. ^K 
Flimsy, Ch. tt'SD D^3i« 1^S3 
Flinch, (under pain) 7nan m. s. n;;-) TH HV^D •lTn» to 

fail, TinN? Jb3 IID -er, TlflD * lin«7 •3013 *1D 
FUng. throw away, "l.?^.*! * rinj * J/^p -N. * HH;. ' if7j? 

Flmt, a pebble, TlV a'^D^PI -y, hard,r 3 

Flippant, m. s. tnia -ly, ptan3 * niTiia^ 

Float, to swim, Hhty -N. (of timber) 71DQ"1 

Flock, (of sheep) ;«^ ly (of bees) Onii-!? n^g R. IJ/"* (of 

birds) niaii; ^'«n 
Fi<^, iBi * n^n R. nD3 

Flood, to deluge, ^bS^ -N. inundation, 0*^,13 ''jClK^ the tide. 

FLO— FOI 145 

nmn nxiVn -gate, nsaf ♦ nso ♦ o'^an ni/B^ 

Floor, ihn * IBT (with stones) t|\n -N. the bottom, * Til"! 
nay-j ♦ jj-t^t a story, mt^ 

Florid, flushed, m, 8. D*TRD -idncss, niD^D*fit -iferouf, 

ma K"'viD -ist, DTian liin n»i3 r. laj • 

Flour, HDj^ fine-, n7& 

Flourish, thrive, n'^h)in adorn, HS'^ boaat, ^•J^Unn -N. " ''Q'^ 

Flow, to runi '^j'^n ♦ 1J|n * ^t3 -ingly, abundantly, VQl^^l 

Flower, Hha * f yH T?v^ R- V^ "N- m.| 'f V *«^V? 

Fluctuant, m. s. JgjPiJnD * p^DP Ch. Fluctuate, * VJl^t^t? 

PIP -ion, njtf 'n bypt^ • pflp 

Fluency, eloquence, ClID? ]"iB^7 * n^THD 

Fluent, m. s. DTJafe^ e^'«8 * TiHO -ly, nW-inDa 

Fluid, IHJ • D'^DOri R. DDD -ity, n)SMO 

Flush, redden, Cn^jl elate, S^B^i * ^~ni^ -^ m. •• 

3^ '^n •n3| 

Flute, 7 yO pJ*y on a-, —3 77H 

Flux, dysentery, D'H W??^ concourse, ^IDH -ion, * n3^t 

Fly, (with wings) nn| • f^'SjJ run away, Hh^ * D13 -N. 

(an insect) 3^3T. 
Foam. f|5f j3 -N. f)Vj3 -y, m. s. -«^a 
Fodder, ^'•Vs * 81300 
Foe, m. s. 3">1« ' Sjifef * ]tS^ 

' — •• I T T 

Foetus, )D3 nji * Tl3]tf Ch. 

Fog, Haij?^ ♦ T« -giness. ^lo^v * nin^ -gy. M^P 

T •• T T -; 

Foible. ]n5>ri • D^D 

146 FOI— FOR 

Foil, h2D * nfin R. ma -n. rnpin 

Fdd, double up, Y^Xyi h\Q endow, TT^H -N. ^133 (for 
sheep) tSV nlTlS 

Foliage, '!|5p *D''a3g Foliate, HMg 

FoUow, (him) go after, THJIK ^^11 pursue, l^qS ^t^^l 
imitate, IHlDD HtW obey, inn« «^a atteiid, 1n1« JTltt^ 
-each other, nt inK HT -«r, m. s. * rVlfto * tan 
•^lO^ •sVSP-ingday.year.riK^rr Tllf * «3[n Df R.«13 

Folly, ri^i» ♦ni^?? *r>i^p3 *nvri$ 

Foment, to bathe, ytr\ abet, -inly * TJtf .1 

Fond, to be fond of, IWp 3h« -N. tender, m. s. ^nSt -ttess, 

rr|iT n3r|« -ly, -3 . 

Font, mpp lanel. H^M? HTt DipD 

Food. hD»D 'rprio ♦lira 'nb^a r. ^3 

Fool, disappoint, '2 hnn -N.m-s. an idiot, * 7>p? •730 
b^» 48h, '7NiJ R. ^tr'-ishness, nb\^ ' M^^D? * fllVsp 

Foot, (to support or walk with) ^JT -boy, -man, mj^t? -ing, 
entrance,Nl3D *^jnrr np^-n.-pad, * D"*?!? •••?.? IP ^piilff 
C^tOQh Ch. -path, ^ijJ?^ * ^^^Sf^ -step, HqT "ll THQ 

.-stooi, iff»^jT cnn 

Fop, a beau, hpyyD * n»|inD -pery, ni?"!!!?!! * nia^r*" 
For, forasmuch, "d because" of, '"^^a '•^31, WlX ^ 
3j?jg ♦TI3|f3 instead of, ^hu 'THp word for wtord, 
nVoi nVo R. ^^0 how much is it sold for? ^IVp HO 
for all this, HT ^3 ^ * flltr ^33 ., prep, may be aiiawePoi 
by h (as J^^aJ'Ili' "IDi/ an omer for every man) 

Forage, n"jV '^9** 

Forbear, abstain, •D'^Jifn 9yn iiterinil, »{gi9 Tftj? 

•ance, PU3 IX^ ne^''33 
Forbid, "^^ HW -ding, hateful, m. s. D^p} * itlJ?^ 


ph. 'JH, an annuDi^ 
b^n violence, S|5S 'DJJ* *ni?n -dly, -3 ^ stramKl, 
pirn -ible, strong, m. s. pTH -ibly, nWHJ * 1S!S3i 

Ford, pnaro ♦ nag?? pi. nngro -aWe, ")gii;;j 

Fore, anterior, m. 8. ffip -bode, divine, {{^j -dted, (m« 
Above-cited) -fethere, Dln^ ^, O'^jn R. ni3 -hewj, HVO 
Foreign, rTIT n| R. lit -er, m. s. n?^ *li R. nU 
Foreknow, -see, IliTflg P'aa^p J/*!^ -knowledge, fllPT 
TnjPn -man,B'th -mast, mJgn CMn? ]"jh -mentjoned, 
DliJp ipS||n -most, -part, -rank, C;^ ' llB^K"! * B'th 
-noon, D^TTTV '':q5' ordain, U^;^)d it^ '-run, •^JS^ pi 
-runner, m. s. Y^ -show, -tel, OlT^i/.n7| -s^t* 

nn|^n ♦ nrvrir -skin, nj^^r 

Forest, ijhh * "IJ/"* -er, -noW 

Forestal, (the market) 'Tttgfn n^n-staller, m. a. 'ig^JJ •ngUJ 

-taste, InVn DltD3 HfiPB^rT -token, N. ni« -warn, lUm 

-warning, n^ntj' 
Forfeit, forfeiture, Wjj; * D3i? Cb. -V. -3jn 
Forge, to counterfdt, ^ Cb. to invent,- iiTa (by the hamoter) 

nl3J?p!l l'^ R. 2p3 -N. a furnace, n« (where metida 

are beaten) Pg3 DyH DipP -ly, *)Vt 
Foi^, ftSf -fulness, ilj^l^tf^ -ful, m. a. -^Jga 
Foj^ve, 1§5 • n*»9 ♦^h^ -ness, iTI^ * nn'>^|p • H^pP 
Fork, ih\D Pitch-, llB^P 
Forlorn, lost, m, s. 13lN -ness, l*T5tJ . 
Foinn, to fashion, n« " HV^ to a<3ljust, \^yi -N. figure, " nSflfl 

ITHV order, Hi^Op a bench, 7P5P C^- -*Ufy» ceremony. 

Tip * niO''^? -al, -ally, ceremonious, — D -alist, 

Urfjp|l prjpip R. ppT wition, rvT'^] 'njap -atiye, Tlf1> 
Former, m. s. ^Wr"! -ly, D"'3D^ ♦ H^nna R. ftn 

i4d FOR— FOU 

Fonnidable, m. ». Di'«« * «ll3 R. KT' 
Formless, Vlh R. nnfl m. s. *'\h IVih N^ 

Formula, m • tOBtt^D 

Fornicate, n3T -ion, ni3r ♦ iV\2\r\ -or, D'>;iaT Hill 

Forsake, U'Wi * 3^jJ -n, m. s. BhlOJ * 31^ 

Forsooth, nD»3 * D3»« * \D» 

Forswear, abjure, n|;UB'5 lb» perjure, ")p^^? ir3^n 

Fort, -ification, -resl, IMO * iTTIVP * n"jW? * ptH -ify, 

-)^ * j??n -itude, rrnii * a^rr fis« 

Forth, abroad, pTI^ -coming, m. s. \135 -with, HiriK ^7? 

Fortnight, DlirnB^ 

Fortuitous, -ly, fTlpDil -ness, tTlpD , 

Fortune, luck, nnSyn • niiD rripb -teller, m.«.*np,B? irnj 

Fortunate, m. s. rV*b)fD * 18>«P -ly, nn^V-^ * IB^to 

Forty, Fortieth, D''j^5"1« 

Forward, to hasten, IX^'^ * ^113 -N. m, s. anterior, Uip eager, 

*1D5? * PE^tS'P bold. D''a$ •t^ early ripe, TTWS^ * D^")n33 

-ness, fjD^ * n|?1{t>J^ " mjg 4y, -3 
Fosse, pnn Fossil, pXD TISH 
Foster, to cherish, ^3^3 R. ^13 bring up, h^l, * n21 ' lfa« 

-brother, r\b l) n«| -child, (a boy) ^^ H^ ij nph 
Foul, N. m. s. dirty, *»]3^D * DHtp ugly, "l|j3p 4y, iU, 

|1333 t«^ -mouthed, m. L ]'«8^P * ^""ST "^in -ness. 

Found, to build, Pria cast, piP establish, lEfl * IgO -ation, 
basis, ^3 • n3i3P • ^ipD pi. nl3i3p first principles, nlD^. 
establishment, |1j?r> -ation stone, n»JT?^ 13« -er, ♦ Haia 

' rfOTp yt R- 1^3 'ipip *ii9np -ery. nijviD rv*! 

FOU— FRE 1» 

• ■ 

Fountain, |^j;f ♦ t^PP * 1^P9 * i^^3 * j;«D R. 1/3: 

Four, njJ3"!S f. ;;31K (by letters of the alphabet) 1 -fold, 

D"»nj;3-|X -footed, D"»^J"I VSIS fl^ 1^ -score, D"'3btS' * '55 

• —•7— .— ' •— .— •«. II ^ II • • 

-teenife>;f nifsix f. rntj'i; iais *'T'' 
Fowl, f|ij; ♦niav-er, b'!?'* *niQli; ni^ tv 

Fox, ^;/1B^ -chase, -nnif TS -hunter, -mV TV -trap, 

Fract,"lhtJ? •D'la -ion,theactofbreaking,*m''3B> * ml2a>n 
nj^'^'l^ part of an int^ral, 11011$ *Y^% -ious, m. t. 

B^Pi; •D^aiD mllfD -ure, Dha nW-N.nsB^ 

Fragment, n^| * n^a * Hynn * p^n 

Fragrance, nlT«3 n"''ii -rant, 3nr Inn 

Frail, ra. s. feeble, ^T\ * 7\y\ feUiblei nU?p5» ^li»| Ch, -ty. 

Frame, to compose, ]^3n * THD to plan, Dr * DDT put in a-, 

maDD3 ^m iwn -n. nawn mp *m|DD 

V V : • : 11-^ II - X " T ; v's^ ¥ Y : • 

Franchise; '•U^isn^ vh^ mniS^ Ch. R. "IIH -ment, «nnn{t^ 
Frank, liberal, m, s. D^DJn ♦ 3^3 free, *D3n3 R. UH 

Tna tt'73 -ness, TS^U'^TS * JTI3'>na -ly, -3 
Frankincense, nil37 
Frantic, m. s. J/iltl^p -ly, \'\J}3itt}'Il ' 
Fraternal, D^nK? -ernity, imnSi 
Fraud, -ulence, riDI.P *rpp-) ♦ HSp^P *'"'9'1? -ulently,-3 

-ulent, m, s. '<SDn * '•Dl * D''D3i]n •B^"'« 
Freak, HIT HIT -ish, m. s. •I3"lp3 Hit HIT 

TT- ' jP-j TT- 

Free, N. m. s. -hearted, U^12F\ * Zl'^7| (ia- conversation) 
*133^ Di; nB^»3 n3l*n ♦ ♦inn ^D ♦N'^SflD at liberty, 

"•e^an • -ins r. nw * nnna^D ch. (from vice or punish- 

ment) IICOS * "^pi without compulsion, D3lK ]^K common, 

ip^T) ch..v. n-ine^ *np3 ^tdoh •ipsin ♦njin 

mt FRE— FBI 

''p^nh Hjt^ be. '•pa H)r • nw^n Jxwter, * ttW 

}^i • Wla *DDln -born, .man, jnlH pnlH ta -cost, 

n»np '•i'5 *Qjn|i R,pn ^om, n^""!! jiow, "•a^ ""o?? 
pin-hoider, — ^"-^y^ -new, nn"""!;? • n5a''p^liy,-a 

-thincker, lYiieffin fm m. 8. ^O^D ^''« 
Freeze, »i)j? -ing, ITIJ? 
Freight, "Hip own -N. the lading, nDDfiO wages, 

mai/rr ^^fe^ 

Fr^ce, JIDIS French, — W (the language) — lltB^? French- 
man,— tt^^R 

Frenetic, IfS^P * f|l®? Fi^nzy. Ill'l?^ * ^Uli] ^'•"l^ 
Frequency, usuahiess, n^7^Jl concourse, jlon * Tgl R. IJJ^ 
Frequent, resort to, ^.'Slj hiljl -N. m, s. ^'«JT ' hr\n 

-ly, ni^T.a 

Fnah, m. s. brisk, ""CI * ^m new. B^in (flesh) ""n 1^3 
(water) D^R^np O^D moist, n^ * |3g1 ^en, make-, ♦ pijOn 

ehn grow-, ithr\J^r^ ♦ pho -en D^in di© nij?? jy, 

latety, anjSO newly, tt'nnO -ness, t8h"in • niH^ (of 

youth) min*' *T^rin3 

Fret, to be uneasy, *)if r * "llfKlV'!' Ch. R. IJ/V corrode, * ^3|!t 

nnjj^rr .fui, m. s. ]yf?r^D ♦ una -ftOneis, ^.r • nai^j? 

Friabl^ m. s. ll'^Bty^. ' piv R. pPT 
Friv, ig:^ *nj^ -y,(8ee Abbqr) 
Friction, Tna * "^Jttn Ch. 
Friday, "'tt^B^n Di"» 

Friend, m. s. i/llO ' JgT R. yrr * Hill -ed, m. s. ♦ 1^03 
in •KtiJ^ R. |fr"« • pn -less, ^rUf p^l m. s. 12^ 

Jiness, JITJ^H 3^tO *ly, m. s. 31(9 JT^ * Tpn .^ip, intinn. 

cy, tVijr) * n^n^ kindness, Tpn 
Fright, -en, Ti^^^n ♦^NH^n 'D!«t -N. * njn^ *f 

FRI—PRT tta. 

njnj?^ -fully, -3 -ened, n^an ♦ Snarr My ot^ • vm 

Frigid, m. s. cold, |3lV impotent, HSHQ 'I^IIDJir -zondi 

ntn.^ nivp ^j??? .ity, nay ♦ \^i '.ly, -a ^ 

Fringe, m"*? * ^'''?^V 

Frisk, ;i*»^ 'pai 7gp>ij?T 

Frisky, gay, m. s. 3^ *11tO ' ^H R. rPH 
Fritter, to crumble, TT^nn * f ^lanH 
Frivolous, D">31«n ♦ n« * h^n -ly, -3 
Fro, • -D • tP to and-, 31B^1 «l5n R. pi 
Frock, llDj? ^""J^D ♦ n3Jl3 
Frog, jgTjQy 

FroUc, ^jrin ♦ pny -n. ^vnn * piny -soaje, m. k. * *»rina 



From, • -O • tp * nKD ' DjpD 

Front, expose, "^ l^JAI stand foremost, B^K^a Difin 

R. D1B> -N, forepart,' D'>J| R. naS -ier, ^3^ * TWg 

-ispiece,nn^ • «130 -let, fl^DD 
Frost, nij5 -bitten, frozen, m. s. rnp3 -y, TjU 
Froth, foam, P)yj3 vain, T^n -y, m. s. —1^3 
Froward, m. s. njjtf p -ness, fl3lt^p * HJ^ HIT -ly, 33W 
Frown, N. a sour look, D'<£ljtf.1t D^^ -V. ~ni<in 

• • 

Fructiferous, (see Fmitftil) -ify, Jin's^l 
Frugal, yiSpJQ * D^pVp Ch. -ity, X^p • DllfpV -ly, -3 
Fruity n^ (of the womb) |03 *n^ -age» ni-i^ ^rer, m. ». 
— 1?10 -bearing, -ful, m. s. H'la * '»'1|1 •nfe^'\ir -ftiHy, 

jf^e^^ ^311 J -fulness, ng nits^r ^s^i -less, 8^3'' wr 

(see Barren) -lessly, pn? -tree, ^"13 Vjt; 
Frustrate, ^?p ♦ ^^g • nQH R. IfS -N, p^, • mftf -mttbi^ 

man ♦^1193 

F^, tlO Ch, -ing-pto, n^P -ed. ^I^p 

1« FUB— FUR 

Fuel, a^ia ^>«: ^3»P 

Fugitive, m. s. wandering, TT[i3 a vagrant, ^a * 1^3 * runaway, 

o'»^3 * niia -ness, nTi? * riipiaj^ 

Fulfil, «Vd ♦D't^K'n -pient, nD^t?>n 

Fulgency, njtf 91 Fulgent, T\t^ * "J'-na 

Full, m. 8. replete, K^D * uhf saturated, ^2^ -mooa, 

nnSi »i^» * a^l'n ""sn -y. nno^tj^a • i/ats'J -new. 

Fuller, m. s. 0313 

Fulminant, m. s. U^Jjy$ -nate, DJ^")!! -nation, DJH 

• • • 

Fulsome, «'5T * ajtJJ^a , 

Fume, to be' in a rage, -a »!« n^q ♦«)«^ttt^J? fll^fi to 
smoke, pVyW^T)'\b$^ "N- ^K l^"iq M?^Jt( ->§»*«, 

la^ n^yn ♦ noi?n -igation, ]^a>jtf ; -ito''^ • nnbp -ingiy. 
Fun, piny • ^v^H -ny. cf^^tt^Sf^ 

Function,*n3»j9 * nl^fiP * pp^ Ch. 

Fund. nylK • n^np 

Fundamit, the breech, -)ln« * HB^ -al, -ally, lt>\ ' "Ij?? 

Funeral, burial, niSH H^l^ ' H^l^p -sermon, TBpp * ^ap!^ 

Funnel, (for liquor) "^g^P * HJIPP Ch. 

Fur, (of beasts) "lijf -riCT, nM^Ji lO'iD -ry. T^/fe^ 

Furious, m. s. J/|a^P grow., JjaC^^^H -ly, t^l/|B^5 

Furlong, HSN o-^jjansi niKp'^ansa 

Furlough. Dlltt^l * niB'l 

Furnace, Tl3 

Fumisb, (see Equip) Furniture, Ty% 7| 

Furrow, D^^ ^*13gD 

Further, tJ assist, l\|f 'JS^p^ll R. J/B^ to a distance, n^S^ 

FUB-GAM 138 

jnore, l^Jt) * 11^1"^ Furthest, m. a. Ittip *p1rn 

Fury, Y^^ti^ • njOT! f\r-\ig 

Fuse, to melt, fiJlH • DDH -ible, flDr^O * D^DDH m. s. * "VT 
Dlpl -ion, the melting, nD"'PP * f^nn R. "|ni 

Fuss, nn^ijn * n»pin 

Futile, trifling, litop^ pn n2T .ity. ^H n^l^ 
Future, Tijlif in., -^ ♦ "inD Dl''^ * D''S3rr D">0''^ 

• -r T T : • T - • t; 

Gabble, D^nSB^ pjJ^B -N. Cnafef p1tS>a ' H^OH -r 

m. s. D";riBfc^ •pfe^ia 

Gable, i^n "ks"]^ jP^^SB? Ch. 

Gam, «ifD * ^3)5 * B^^T * TtJ^rr -time, W'JJ? jat Ch. -N. 

i:?p ♦tt^^D-l 'rijjtfin *mn -er. m. s^^sviD • ngip 
j"'fe>p R. jts'a • n^ryo -m, h'^pn r. ^j/"* 

Gainsay, B?n?n ^^H^Ch. 

Gait,jrr3D *'vf7n 

Galbanum, nS^yH 

T J J T 

Gale, a storm, l^D * HJ/b HIT 
Galilee, ^">^a 

Gall, to tease, D'«^?ri * sj^vprr ♦ ra-jn -N. bile, rno ♦ ahn 

anger, D^.? 'flVl? *M^ * 
Gallant, brave, ^in B>^« a lover, nil ♦ an»p • 331^/ .ry, 

coyrtship, ni3Jg bravery, T^fl * mi3| -ly, —3 
Gallery, a balcony, njJgP * J^^VJ a passage, HilT^Dp 
Gallon, rnn JT'B^.bB' W 

Gallop, niTiipa p"i -N. nn\npa fnp 

Gallows, r^jtf T\i7rft ^jg * 3^^ Ch. 

Gambol, to dance, jW -N. J1^^ lIpT 

Game, pHfef -N. sport, plHfe^ * PH fe'P (animals) I'V -keeper. 

154 CAN— GEN 

-n npiB^-ster,pna?p^ pn«ch. Gambler, n»p'ia jsn^p 

Gang, -I3n ♦ h^Ti 

Gangrene, 7J??p R. 77p -N. -ous, 7J?7pP 

Gaol, TID« N^5n "l.T&n IT'S -er, --IBf 

Gap, a breach, i/'^pS * ^^"13 avenue, K13D 

Gape, to stare, X'il * T\m 

Garble, \Si^^ * 1^3 -N. I0J5^ 

Garden, HSa * 12 (of pleasure) HI? U * D'lna (for pot-herbs) 

PTv 12 -er, 133 -ing, D^M nJDn R. pD 
Gargle, 13^3 R. HIJ -N. nQlin^ Hina 
Garlic, 01t5> * D'^D^tJ^ 
Garment, ^^^ • {J>13^ * t^hlho ' fllD? 
Gamer, "13^ -N. lia' 

Garnish, na"> * Ttw -N. nif * -fi^^rn 
Garret, n»^ifn mn 

Garrison, N. -|V313n l^tD'Tn -V. ^npifn 

Garter, (for the stocking) Hllf V 

Gash, i?ye * vOP * nap r. hm 

Gasp, lyn f)i«B>^ iTi^s -n. opii rvs^m 

Gate, lifg^ -way, -H Nl3p -keeper, l^W 
Gather, (see Collect) -s, D''tp!$i3 * nl^1S53 
Gay, (person) m. s. gaudy, HBinp cheerful, iTV^ * 37 *3lD 

Gaze, I'-'J? . "infe^ 

Gazette, nlB^THH n"ia« -er, nsrjp 

Geld, D^D -er, D"ID» -ing, D^D * Cn&D 

Gem. a jewel, run Xt3» 

Gomini. D"'D'ifl -ous. m. s. 753 * HJt^D 

Gender. bhSn * Th'^TI R. lb'> -N. ^D 

Genealogical, ^1171^ 7B^ -logy, nn7lnn ijflT -logist, m. a- 


General, commcm, m. s. ^IVD * h'^Sn a comnuuider, l^b^ 

-issimo, wtihbt^r} tt>^e^ * s^y na^ -ity, nn -ly, -h 

Generate, to b^et, T7ln * ^^1n cause, 3Dn * 330 -ion, 

iTT*7in -ive, m. s. ns •nfe^l;; ♦nnfe. acuity, T^isn ris 

Generosity, nnn? ' HSlD -rou», m. s. JglB^ * 3^ ni") •3''n3 

-rously, nvan {bs533 * n3'>'T3 pini 
Genesis, n''t2^«"l3 ISD 
Genial, m. s. cheering, 37 *3^P0 making fruitful, HI^D -ly, 

cheerfully, 3^ 31I0il 
Genitals, mi»lnn '^hs * nMJJ ' D'>tJh3D 
Genitive, Ch. niSIOif HH npH DH** DB^ 
Genius, power, IB^pH * njDrj ♦ nJB^n R. 113 * ittfi 
Genteel, -tle,-tlanan,fTI3-!fl *^^3 * D|fO e>">»-tility,-tlene88, 

niD^J *D|fD -teely,-3 -tly, softly, 0«? TlHa^ -try, 

• • • • 

Gentile, D^^''^N 1311? ' CVS'lt (being the initials of 

nl^TDI D'«33i3 n3ljf) 
Genuine, ""pa * flDS -ness, nVp3 * n^n"»DK 
Geography, pKnTII^''^;! nlp^nO -pher, ^1»VD -phical. 

Geometry, TlSB'nn HSK^D ' mnSH n^Sn -rician, 

^3 |D« -rically, ^^B^ 

Crenoan, a relation, 7^12 * 3^^!^ &-t \^^3t£^IK( (the language) 

-tlB^^ .y, njf^ 
Germ, nO jf -inate, Hblf * H^a 
Gesticulate, 77lnfin -iculation, mbylH -ure, niTH 
Get, acquire, ^»VD •jg*'!!? *}'^it^ri R. W3 * Jlfa -by heart, 

na ^ifS Tb^ -better, KB-in-thebetter," -^ ^b-i-with child, 

nag -a coW, m^Vn R. pjf -drunk, ^^©^p>^ -ready, *p?n 

136 GET— GLA 

llan -out, «ir • «''V'in -you gone, «V «y -before, Dlj? 
-into, K12I • i^^3n -off, bring away, l^DH -over, -through, 

-)l5]|f ♦TaiftH -up, rih^ * n^gn ♦ "w *'riiry 
Ghastiy, mu' ♦oi">K -Uness, n^iia ' itjfv Mnno 

Ghost, jyn give up the-, jplS -ly, '•jni") 
Giant, pj|f. Gigantic, -3 m. s. nwp '*hSl^ 

Gibberish, nae^ ^^.^ *\S}ihiJlh\ 

Gibbet, n^ri -N. n»?fl * W ^iW Ch. 

Giddy, m. s. 'ynrp'O -brained, HBlipp ' ^"130 -ily, 

carelessly, nn\lT t^lh ""^a -iness, n7n|l * HJII 
Gift, a present, mO *nrip ' njnO * NB^O R. ^fli '^tJ'i 

-ed, m. 8. n;D^ *1^ H^H ♦ ^Plin R. ]3n 

Gild, amn ♦ anra nan -er, m. s. ana •nana -ing, 
nnr '^lay oiit, anr navD 

Gill, a measure, JI^PI n^tS^'»7t2^ 
Gin^le, ^V^y * ^"^^ -N. ^vJ'V 

Gird, D3tt^ • nin * nl)« * itK -le, nir» * toaas * nra 
Girt, ny^yn^ 
Girl, mfj-t'^n-ij/j 

Give, |h3 -back, a"'a'n R. aiB' -a thing over for lost, • 'D B'Hl^ 
-way, nanjin to -himself up, iDVJ^ Ti^^H Ch. -er, m. s. 

Glad, m. s. 3^ *alD '^HV 'nDB^ -den, ("Tin *r\mf 
-iator, pnvp -ness, 3^ 3113 * ("inipe^ * min -ly, '-3 

nv an e^aaa 

Glance, to view, Tlgt |"»J? * "^l/ TP?''!' "N- a view, nS)?lp>n a 

beam, pl3 *pV3 
Gland, TS -ulous, On-ia b\^ 
Glare, (see Dazzle) 4ng, bright, Tna 'Ilia 
Glass, niaiSr makes-, -JJlD -grinder, -B^ttl^ .house. 

6LA— GO 157 

-naS^D rV"! -inan.--)3lD -work. -r«3»^0 -, (to drink 

with) njyjy 

Glaze, JT'D'OP nSV -ier, n-'Oiay MI^H Hfe'lif 

Gleam. jtT^filn -N. Hj/a^ * "iHt -i^. Xi*<l 

Glean, tDj?? -er. m. s. Dj^TD -ing, collection. tOp? th« 

collecting. HCD^p? 
Grlebe. a church-estate, ]rl3 TXpH^, 
Glide, ^ish l^n 

GUmmer, glitter, 1133 * pi?."! -N. nJi * pTS 
Globe, "W^ -ular, -3 -osity, hSiSi 
Gloom, -iness, niTTp ' H^HS -ily, TTJ55 -y. "»• 8. TTj? 

Glory, "iK^nn ♦ Tinnrr -n. nn^^n -iousiy, -3 -ify, 

"1^1 ' I*!!!? -ification, !«$ ♦ "lin* -ious, m. s. ♦ "lUn 

r : TT 

Gloss, to cover, HpS * nbn explain, tt^'l.l^ * ''^^ -N* ^ lustre, 

nts^if %n;fQ'' comment, a^na • ti«3 -y, nia^i; *^^^2 

Glove, bjfi * T iT'a 

Glow, to be heated, -iDSn * DHn ♦ nb-" -N. HOn ' Din 

-ing fire, DH'^ B^« -ing coals, D''QBh • n1"IJ^l3 D'>^n| 
Glue, p3*n -N. glutinous, p3"TC) 
Glut, to devour, £^5 cloy, J?'>3?^rr -N. nninl '''3 * HjP^fe^ 

-ton, m. s. 77lt -tony, rM7?lT -tonously, —3 
Gnash, \V^ "^"^r) -ing, \^ nj^nq 
Gnat, e^f»» ♦ 313T 
Gnaw, /With the teeth) ^VD 

Go, "^i^h let-, iTjn * nann -about, nasi nas ^>n -away, 

^tS * ^n -aside, • "D TID ni3 -back, 312^ -along ! 
7\VOr\ V}1 R. t!/J3 -down, nh"" -forth, -out, SlT -out, (as 
-fire) His -in, S^i3t -in and out, N^l31,>^if^ -round, 
3''?D ^i?.'!7 R- ^P"^ -to ruin, nilB^n ^ n^31 ^■^n -through. 


T"! na|; -to md fro, 3lah »)Sl -up, rC?]^ mp and down, 

nh-n rh^ ing, -N. rr3">Si 
Goad, rrii ♦ r«n R. pN -N. lan^ • n^arr ip^p 

Goal, final purpose, finnS * TX^^pn R. HW 

Goat, rjg ' B^ri rTJ^fe' f.'nTj;|^ ayoung-, On^ TJfffe^ 

Goblin, nn->a * nj;i nn na^ r. nts^ 

God, DM^N ♦ J^'^« * ^» * n"« (DtS'n or the initial TT is often 
substituted for the ineffable name Hin^, as -save you, 

•!]Dj; 'n if -wiu, DB>n nvni d« -Wess you, 'n sipna"! 

-knows, l/'Tl'* D^^rr for -'s sake, D#n UfD^) -forbid, 
nji^n -grant, jfl^. ip R. ^3 -head, flin^S -like, Crl^^i 
m. s. D\i^« 'B^^K -Uness, D'>rt^» nin'' -ly, m. s. ♦HT 
DTt^K-less, >r\b^ 

Gold, am -beater, -J/HP -«""**»» "^I?-"'^ '^'i"^" -«°' 
Gone, m. s. 12tt * DSK * H^S * ^rS * Di^ R. Din get 

you-«v Kv R. »y« * nvihr) ts'a r. b^m 

Gonorrhea, 3lr * JlSn 

Good, N. a. m. s. 3lE) -looking, m. s. HSIO "|«il •na"> a- 
deal, 31 ^aDD be-, S^DM do-, •Dj/ a''tO\T be so-, * W« 
K3 -for something, m. s. * ' 7 310 * 7^J?1D -for nothing, 
h'^Hy^ ^h (person) ^j;;».^a make-, thpn ' «^0 (by argu- 
ments) H^DlH one as- as another, m.* D^3l£0 ^niO DiTJtt^ 
mD ^ai3 «^ nr he is as- as his word, ' D*p01 ">mD 
np^V] "l»1« -liness, 3iD ♦"'fl* R. na"" -ly, m. s. • TV! 
alD -ness, nSlD * IID Goods, D''^?)? * D^^J 

Goose,. nT1« Gander, n« Ch. 

Gooseberries, D'^if 1p ^^^Jj; 

Gore, PI J3 -N. SISj? CI Gory, DT ^70 

G<wge, to swallow, g^? -N. jgl^ 

GOR-GRA 158 

Gorgeous, m. s. pnsp *T\pJl *T>r?3 -ly, inf? *ni/S"»a 
Gormandize, ^/^S -r, tri3gT. * ^^IT 

Gospel. N. n^vin nn.? ". ♦ Dnv^si? ri"Lin R. n"T> . 

Gossip, to chat, «t33 * ^in lp\ -N. 8D3 - 
Govern, • "3 ^,tS>D "iVjf -able, m. s. *1V];"> * U33'' -ess, 
niO^P • n3DN -ment. n^fi^DD * mfe^D -or. a tutor, 
•TS?P * 31 * miO R. nT> a ruler, ish^ * HTi ♦ ^B^D 

" V • - V •• 

(Jourd, a plant, ]i'»;5^P 'fljy?"^ 

Gout, D)hp_ '^h^n* Ch.D''-)3«r| 3«3 -y, — 3 rr|]tfp 
Gown, ^••ya ♦ \\'>hv a>i3^D 

• • • • 

Grace, to dignify, "T^n ' 133 -ful, m. s. TIH ♦ WJi^ -fulness, 

niO""^^ * ]n -fully, -3 -less, -""^S ' ^ 

Gracious, m. s. T:?n * jain * |13n -ness, nOH * TTil 

-ly. -3 

Gradatory, nljn"T»n TID Gradual, ID^D'IDVD -ly, —3 
Graduation, H^J/D JlhjJD n^hjj H^t^n R. ;ia'J 

Graft, 3^3")r! ♦ ijn^n -N. 3310 -ing, n33-)n ^nsi^r! 

Grain, com, jjll a seed, Hina a minute particle, tOJPD 

Dp "IJ/TD -ed, Ti/fe^ 
Grammar, (the science) tltJ^^H pljyi R. ppT (the book] 

l^D -marian, ^ll^?p ♦ Pli?'5P -matical, ^B^ * 

-matically, ^Zi? 

Granary, n«inn IVlK * DD« ' mUO 
Granite, DHS 

Grand, m. 8. great, 118D *hMi '»i£^2 ^TSSa *DT *33iW 
splendid, n^n: nVT Ch. -child, 133 -daughter, (his) 
lri3 133 r(3 -ee, «i{!^3 -eur, nWa * mOOln -father, 
D« 3» ■<3X -mother, D» 3« DX -son, (his) 1^3 In T3 

Grant, admit, nB^in bestow, lil3 -N. * Di'^B^I * nXBhn 

nran * nap * nnp -ee, m. s. i3in» * naflo *"— ?3pp 


.or, m. 8. ]2t\ ' ]n'a 
Grape, 33g 

Grasp, • -2 pmn tHs ts'sn -N. TTT^n^ • nfe^?^ 

Grass, ^\^^ -hopper, p^^^ * SJn 

Grate, to rub, Tia -N. nDnt^ -r, nnJD 

Grateful, thankful, m. s. nalO *T3!Q R. 133 -ness. gratitude. 

Gratify, 0^3^ Hfe'S * 3lC0 ^b3 -ification, a pleasure, 313gri 
.uitous, -uitously, -131 vh'^ * 030 R. pH -uity, * ^lO^I? 

n3r»» R. in3 

Gratulate, ^"13 -ion, HSni -ory, —7f 

Grave, n^in • pjJn .N. serious, m. s. 133 ' h^l^ *Pjn (for 

the dead) 13)? -maker, -2pn -clothes. * flD ''133 

VSnSn -stone,' nnnp n3«10 R. 3*"' 
Gravel,N. ^IH * ^n cover with-,-3 np? -ly,— «?9 
Gravitate, vtreigh, '^JS TS^H -tation, HnS^H -ty, ISJ) 

Gravy, 3tth * plO 

Graze, Hj^'l -ier, .ing, T^jfl 

Grease, to smear with fet, IDItS'aniD -Jness, \Dt^D -y. 

Great, m. s. large, 'hi eminent, HlSa ' D"i"lD * Kfe'S grow-, 
^^3 make-, r|''33n ♦ ^"ll * »J5^3 -coat, ^3"ip ' ^3*13 Ch. 

-grand children,* D^J?^3"^ "»« -est, m. s. ••3 h'l^ -ly, 

IKJP IJi; -ness, ^^ll 
Grecian, m. s. "»3V f. r«''3T'. Greece, ^V p« 
Greedy, m. s. "'^''3 ♦ PH'^^^P -i"^' ^'^^^^ * TXpy^TS -ily. —3 
Greek, (the language) \\^ \W7 
Green, (a colour) j?*1^ * pT very-, p"3j3T fresh, H? not ripe, 

bv^ "»nj>a -com, 3"'3« -figs, D''35 -grapes, IIOP a 

meadow, hjilL ' IHR ' »Bh nlK3 -ness, ^IpT -sickness, 

6RE-.6R0 161 

nihngi? '^hh -s, pT pi nipni 

Greet, DI^H h'iip * ^Tia -ing, U)^^ fl^S?^ ' '*'5"t^ 
Gregarious, m. DniUnp * DHn-l D""? /"IH 

• • • • 

Grey, (a colour) |tt^ HiOP -, a. — D -with age, m. s. 2^ 

grow-, 3lfe> (hair) pai»n' -hound, 0^.3^9 T>n.! 3^1 
Gridiron, TlflB^ Ch. 

Grief, m-a * tU'' NinK-^ ♦ avr 

Grieve, n^iv Mjin ♦3'«sin ♦ nivjrn -ance, '-iVD *njin 

XO.'Hy, -ously, -3 -OU8, m.8. T^'iD * a'VJ?^ * "H^P 'Vl 

^ • • • 

Grim, (face) D''QgiT 0^3a -ly, — 3 -ness, f^l 
Grimace, Q>]n]3 D"*?! R. mj} 

Grin, ja' pSri -n: |b» npnq r. ptf 

Grind, to reduce, fltlD * B^n3 * pHB^ * plH R. ppT 
sharpen, ]l^ * Tm -er, m. 8. * fi^flSP * ISB^P ♦ n^np 

nriap (the tooth) n:priVp -stone, ntna^n j3« ch. 

Gripe, to grasp, ' '3 JJTqn i^BJn Tn« 8<iueeze, fH J ♦ 1^0 
R. -nV (the belly) \^'^ 3^ -N. ' nrn$? ♦ 103 3^*5 
nfc^^fl (handful) f DJ3 ti^P -r, m. s. ^Hl^ * "^tt^U 

Grizzled, m. s. ^1'^3 

Groan, njSH ' pj« .N. nn3» * pJX -ing. m. s. n3«3 

Groats, fe^na * nfen 

Grocer, ^DlT -y, rh^HL ' UW'2 ' 05^3 
Groin, Tl^n P19 

Groom, D">piDn HDia:? -of the stool, nnn7sn Tp$ 

Grope, tt?a^| * ^D 

Gross, m.s. bulky, b^l^ *n3| dull, tt^B^ *&''1^ coarse, 
na^j? ♦ D| Ch. fat, |ptJ> ♦ «n3 -ness, * ffla'^P * ""B^E 

Grotesque, m. s. nStJ^P * "IT R. l^\ 

Grove, ma^it pi. nina^» • one^it 

" • • • 


la 6BO-«UI 

Grord, ^ht * iw'f >VV^ -ler, m. s. ^ta * h^ 
Ground, earth, IHK sral, HOl^ dregs* 'W^ "^ IDVi 

R. nc -ediy, fi'^^nn ijp • 3>mn .floor, iinprin nefj 

Jos, 3D* Ch. n^D "»?3-plot, irj?"jj3 -rent,-n IW3f^ 

-work, ahfc> n^ * nap r. aao 'Ttdi 

Group, N. n3j? * JTUK ♦ «TID9Pi^ 

Grow, vegetate, llbV increase, 7i| * Hfef ^ bec<Mne, ' '7 tyVTI 

Growth, nOV * 71*13 

- » 

Growl, ^'m • Dha ♦ nbn -ing, pri2 ♦ dto * mon 

Grub, to destroy, Ch^ * lp]3 ' "TP?''? 

Grudge, to envy, I'-JJJ * «|j? ' DbB? ling, » HW)? * |5? finV 

nMD -ingly, -3 * ^J? i/l? 
Grumble, 13l^nn ♦ DjJTnH * I3l»rirT -r, m. s. * 131^^0 

Dif-inp * ]3l«j;»D -ing, nai^j? • »pi;f-)n Ch. 

Grunt, p}l3 -N. pnj -er, m. s. pni 

Guarantee, m. s. 3^ Guaranty, 2*^0 -N. n3^|f 

Guard, to protect, 'h]3 \^ W watch, Itp * nbj -N. 

defence, \yi^ * iTOnD caution, niTIlT -against, * "IBJ?2^ 

• -D nDtS^n ♦ -imn -ian, m. 8. nalB^ * niOl: an executor, 

Dl3np"»9K Ch. -ianship, TXTl^f * HTIp? -less, 

Mn\n*r yp ""^a ♦ npnp r^^a -s. (of » king) bnplB^ 
"iSsn Wtt"i^ -ship, na«^an rr^an r. av"» 

Guess, »if D -N. ^VfiT ♦ iVpi. R. Hi/T * HDI 

• • • 

Guest, mk 

Guidance, direction, HDnin * HD/ln 

TT;- TT 

Guide, "IB'K ♦ "YH^ * TH** -N. m. s. ♦ n^KD * "^pilO 

T'5'10 * y'^Vi -less, -"'^a * ^nap ^^5 
Guild, niin^ * rnan *rrro r. ij;'> 

Guile, n»np * n'On -foUy, -a -less, -"'i'l 

Guilt, Oe^K • I/tt>^ -ily, -3 -iness, T)DV^^ ♦ W^^^ -less, 


m. & D''DiJI * ^RJ -lessneasi JTlD"'Ori * ^IfJ?? -lessly, —3 -y, 

m. 8. Da^» •ar«K *;/ u^a 

Guitar, Dn;pj?Ch. 

Gulf, a bay, 0! ^18^ an abyss, ilJlVP ' Dlnj;» pi. niDinri 

Gullet, JJI^ ♦ «njg V?9 Ch. ^ity, nAjlT 

Gulp, jg^a -N. n^'' J*? 

Gum, N. (Of the teeth) D^JB^ "lU; * D*3*3n (of trees) 
€run, a cannon, nn^"H3jp -ner, —3 iT^lD * HJ)? H JUT /-nery, 

rr3j?3 nn">. ryytT, -powder, rrpnl^ p3K -shot, naj? iinop 
-smith, n3*i njp B^h 
Gush, D^it * iba^ 

Gut, Vpg ^i|P pL O^^Jtfp 

Gutter, ni3V ' ty^m 

Guttural, n^JlT^ * ]1"in «^3p ^ 

Guzzle, «hD -r, «3b 


Ha, r\7\t * nn • n^rr 

Habilimrat, tJ^a^'D * n^3 * HID? R. nD3 

Habit, -ual, JH^O * "^lin -ation, Sfc'IO R. 2t^ -able,-^ IIKT 

-uate, y^lili * ^Sn -uated, m. s. 7^J1 -ually, —3 
Hack, to chop, 3bn * |^VE («»eat) ^hn Ch. 
Hackney, m. s. TiSfc^ -ed, 13 D''B^S]n?>» Ch. D"«31 
Haggle, (in buying) J)pn jg^^H-r, T?)3p Ch. 
Hagiographer, {J^llpn ni13 3Jll3 
Hail, Tia -V. pour down, — "lOpH -stone, — 13^^ (large) 

tt^3|^K -, interj. Dl^B^ 
Hair, "i^ -cloth, -133 -less, -^b% ' nnj? -breadth. 

164 HAI— HAN 

'ij iSin^) to a-, Tjp -6tand up for fear, 

B'th nn^fe^ llpD -iness, TTTp^ -y, TJfffe^ 

Hale, to pull, '?|fe?D -N. m. s. tf?^ * Vr\2 

Half, "»Vn ♦ JYiVnO • mf HD -and-, ♦ HD 1""!* HI Hi I^VH 
t«^l ;n -a circle, h^p '•VD -dead, mS7 D^n f 5 -penny, 
mCDIIQ >^9? -raw, «a -way, D^n^-ia -, ad. p^fl? p^H 

HaU, D^1« town-, p H"*!! 

Hallelujah, rP iV^^ri 

Hallow, Bhj? 'tihypn 

Halt, to stop, nbjtf liiijp, ^^V -N. HTDg ^n^b'i 
Halve, p^n • n5f n -s, ^-i^^q by-, -^ 
Hammer, tt^">I9a -V. -3 D^H 

Hand, to give, |h3 * £0">Bhn R. Dt8r« (down) IbD -N. T 
right-, ]'>p ♦ rY^pi T lefl>, ^«bfe^ 'fV'J'SD?^ T upper., 

n;i7jfn T to- her to a coach, hn pjni^i/n^ T ^hj 

nasnsn I win have no hand in it, iH '^rU^i ^jj ^•p to lay 
-8, on one, (as a bishop) T/Jf 11^ "^bD give a person one's- 
^13 S}br\ to live from- to mouth, ilQ^ TO Hl'^n nl%T 
it is believed on all -s, D^J^^pijlip /i) I wash my -s of it, 
^a? l^^f?3il V^"\ij! on the other-, "^Xl to be -and glove 
together! in^"1 ri« B>>« "^^rt ntjtf near afc-, m. s. * tl33 
an]? -basket, 'il'l -breadth, HDCD -cuff, niD8 * ^33 ' D'')?''? 
-ful, roi? fO ^hn -icraft, niaD« * HDK^D -iness, 
niTHD * \n^3 -ily. -3 -kerchief, 7>ri3 * ITO Ch. 
.maid, (inQSB^ -mill, D''n"l 
Handle, to touch, rh« • {J^B^ (a subject) * ]hy\ NtJ^J 

T3if jnann nej^;/ to seek a-, n:»in u^pa -n. ♦ t JT^a 
nrnK -of a tool, ava r. av 
Handsel, n7nnn R. ^^n 

T T : - 

Handsome, m. s. nS*^ * lin -ly, lin2 * •'Si'^a 

V T T T •' ' vv : • ; 

HAN— HAR 166 

Handwriting, T DflPI 303 

Handy, m. s. dexterous, piH * THD convenient, 18^3 

Hai^, to suspend, "1 il^ri (as a malefactor) *^j; bj2 li^il 

jf pjn R. w -er, ''^ri 4ng8, ni;;n'; -man, \hr\ ♦ i;)51d " 

Hanker, ' -^ t]D3?7 Pl?iB^ -ing, ^03 ^ np^lE^]^" 

Hap, -pen, Hhj? -pen what will, rKD \n'^1 ♦ i^l'T.B^ HD iTiT 

it seldom -peneth, 8in Hj?^ plnipS'l how has it -pened ? 

^^u^ O^^-S^ nD^« it .pened, Hnj? ^jja-^Tn Ch. a mis. 

fortune -pened to him, inripSlin n^/T -ly, \^ ♦ '^^IK 
Happiness, nn^VD * IB^K -pily, -1 -py, m. s. * H^XP 

IB^KD -less, m. s. Dl*^ ♦HB^P * T3t* 

Harangue, N. nin3in-?ip -V. -j^Dp^ * rfain R. na** 
Harass, \*nj» *fe>j3 *ni«i»n 'j/jin •pvn *nvnR.*i/j'« 
ply » nw -ed, piypg m. 8. n«i?3 ♦ yr\h2 • jy|3 

Harbinger, m. s. lp2D '* 'm^D * Tfh^ 

Harbour, a haven, D^H «1a)p *n'fi^ »)1n a lodging, |1^D 
-V. to shelter, -jh3 * ^5»n sojourn, |"«^ 

Hard, laboriously, 111133? m. s. firm, pm difficult, ♦ 133 
^fZ stingy, 4^3 -hearted. 3^ •Ha^p n^ -by, • 'h 31"J^ 
he is -bound, VJJD^l "ly^fj -to be pleasedj nHH^ •Ha^j? 
-of belief, |">Di|ID la^K -of hearing, |m n33 -en,'« l^DH 
na^pn -iness, '•a^jS -ly, scarcely, lOJtfP? -^hip, * n«f fl 

nj^r j^ -y, m. s. pm * 3^ *y>Lfi -wire, nipj;iD mn^o 
• Jn3 R. inj *np^ -wareman, ^ — ^3 ini3r«a^a -jriiD 

Hare, n33"jK -brained, m. s. "^l^aBH ♦ ^HSP 

Harem, D"<a^3nn^3 

Hark, VtoB> Tfi^O MI« f^^?? »• n»3 

Harlot, nat ♦ rifvp 

Harm, injury, pU * li^T • ]iDK crime, Dtt#« • If K?^ -fol, 
P^P * »10 R. i^n -less, unhurt, |ip» Op ''i'?! innocent. 


m. 8. '*p^ t»^ • on R. won -lessness, ' JtaTT 31D 

Hannonic, -nious, ^133 -nics, JllvlprT ITTlfl R. HT -^uze, 

t»?n -ny, nap0 ♦ nn'lg -mously, -3 
Harness, annour, \t^^ trappings, DIDH "H!^. 
Harp, /an instrument) *1133 pL nlTi33 -er, —1 ^jljD 
Harpoon, i^pD "rviar! R. jfD3 * TOH -pooner, -ntW? ITllD 

R. HT 
Harrow, TIB' -N. fPIH JllO * t**^^)? 
Harsh, rigorous, m, s. BfQJ ID R. ^^D * rTB'j? -ness, * ^B'j? 


Hart,-|BJ; '^SV 

Harvest, TV)? -time, —il HIP .man, "llflp 

Hash, chop, (meat) "^hn Ch. 

Haste, to urge on, /^nijn 'PKH huny one's sel^ *y^R 

hriiin * wnn * ts^^nn ♦ nhn ten • nno -n. * r^na 
tiran * nn\i9 -iiy, -a * rryiip -y, m. s. ♦ ^nap ♦ rna 
tan; *"np3 'Y^ 
Hat, i/ai ♦ e^unn nDao -ter, ^Hai 

patch, tobreed,D''y'a DSn ♦ tff^^D;i contrive,* H^^'^n «kp 

nmn r. mrt -n. a brood, nij/n to^D a door, nna * n^i 

Hatchet, ]na ♦ Dill? 

Hate, ^ii^ ♦ a''K -N. Hatred, nttjfe' ♦ HTK -fully, -a -fol, 

m. s. «3lfe^ ♦ ilK -ll^Jf 
Have, m. s. *w Jll'^n (the auxiliary verb -, is understood, as 

^JI'TC)? I learned or have learned) -ing, s, ti^\ * |^)? * nHHS 

Haven, nV3« fiin *D»n Kiao 

Haughtiness, mjj * m^n * rmi • a^ IITJ R. IV -tily, 

. -a -<y, m. B. TT ♦ Tio *D"'33 •Tp *2h *r»aa 

Haunt, D'lp^a^ ^i«nn «vsn -n. ae^lD r. aen -«•, 

HAV—HEA. 107 

Havoc^ nna^ * annn -n. nnna^n ♦ rann 

Hawk, to cry goods, pTO n^SlD Pprr Ch. -N. ' HKT 
VJ * DDOn -er, m. 8. • fTIS n^iD'p •^30 

Hay, I^Vn -rick, nDljt/v-maker, m. s. HVlp 

Hazard, np3 (his life) *13D5 12^93 Dlfe^ ' WD} 185^3 V\'\n 

]31^D» Ch. -N. nawn ♦ nisO Ch. -aWe, -<ni8, m. s. 

PDD Ch. 
Hazel, T17 
He, M^n (this pronoun is chidly required in the present totse, 

for to the future is added the inseparable pronoun, and in 

the preter it is wholly omitted. 
Head, ti^Vrf? ntTf ♦ •^33^ ri'^n -N. B^IT) -ache, -^^ 

-band, D"nia^p ♦ns^b -dress, "INa * 0^3tt^ * Bpaif pL 

ma'«3V -less, -long, HSOfl f*'? * ^^ ^*^ 3"^'"' ^)^ «- 
33? * 31C^ -most, t£^ttl3 -piece, armour, jf^S uader- 
standing, n313J'J -stone, HJ^ B^H -strong, m. s. ♦ *nj/ •<^|^j? 
Heal, iTPl * t<Ql -ing,nKiai.-th, -thiness, ♦i^l.D ♦niK'^l? 
niDW -thy, m. s. N"n3 ♦D^tt^ 

Heap, niv T^l^ *''^^ '*P^ "^'^ -^- * P»^^' *''9" 
npnif 'e^ni (of stones) npilD *hi R. ^^3 (of ruins) 

^ri ♦njap^p^jtf r. ^33 ♦.i"'!? (of people) ♦I'ton 
inii *nDBps by-s,Dnan o^ipn 

Hear, to perceive, JSDE^ hearken, ^TJ^rj * 3B'i5r? -er, m. s. 
J[Dle^ * pmD *Tp^'0 -ing, ttie sense of -ing, nj^*"?^ 
audience, ^Ti< n^jD3 trial, IS^^uh rPTpjt;. 'HTpQl Htt^'V! 

Hearse, JTD licSD R. niD • fTCOS 

166 HEA— HE6 

Heart, ^b * 33^ -ache, -|1"iga^ -broken, m. b. ia^ natt^J 
131J55 -burning, lt» 3»5 at ^ ease, a^MH n?^ 'jis 
-easing, j;fiJllD * «aiO next to one's-, 3^^ lD)ii by-, 
n^ ^^? take-, pmnn * I'SKnn take to-, 3^ ^K 3'«B^n 
R. nW *^y 3^ Dlfe^ niB> go" to the-, 3^ 1^ Vj^ -en, 
yB» ♦ pjn -felt, m. 8. 135»|1 ♦ 11^13 R. ;fT -ily, 
33S ^33 *dW 3^3 -mess, sincerity, Tmht^ *tV\a'DP\ 

-less, m. 8. nn •na") * 3? *:iid -sickness, rin nnb -y, 

m. s. Waj^ * D^B^ 
Hearth, n« * HTS * D''T3 
Heat, (an oven) li^Pi P^tS^H R. pK'S to warm (with passicm) 

>)« ninrr MDn jik nh^r^ (one's self) 3^ onn * ^Vj?rin 

-N. (by fire, DlH (by rage) riDH sultry, 312^ -ed, m. s. 
on (in a passion) I31p5 "ah OD * H^n *mVd 

Heath, n^ ♦ r\jm] ti^ n^ 

Heathen, (see Gentile) -ism, D">i''>^« r«ll3jK * D^.Uiri nlpn 
Heave, to lift, 0^*111 -offering, HDI'iri 

Heaven, ^Yl * ^''■W * ^^P "^y* ^^^"0 "^X ^«"g»' 

n^J2.»''3?la'*ni''^|/''a^"'7)? -ly thing, '>:nn -ly hosts. 

Heaviness, weight, JinSS affliction, 3^]/ -ily, —3 
Heavy, m. s. weighty, ^'l^ dejected, 3Vjt/ * ^T 
Hebrew, ^")3jtf (the language) —\w^ 

Hebraism, nay ^iB^^a TI3*irr ^QIK 

Hedge, enclose, ^p -N. TOStff -hog, Ifep 

Heed, attend, fmi? *3>8^PD «»«. 'flij "10?^ "^5 ^ D*^ 

.fui, m. 8. Trir ♦ -inn ♦ rr^D ♦ 3''B>po -less, -'>r)b 
-fuUiess, rm''nT * nst^pn 

Heel, 3pJ/ betake to one's heels, nh3 
Hegira, D^^8J?Dt{?»rT ^jjO^ Hitt? 

HEI_HE» 1Q9 

Heifer^ prn3B^ fa nb}v 

Height, HDip ♦ r\2M (of rank) nJ|fD 

Heighten, niajH ♦ K{s>3 * h'^i ' unrt R. on 

Heinous, IJtD J/l -ness, ni;?Bh -ly, —2 
Heir, B^ll'" Idom, nf^l\ * li^Wa -ship, -H DB^L^D -ess, 
nt8'"li'« -less, m. s. ^Mljl '1^ r« ' 

Helm, the rudder, n»3i<n nlPINi* DHjfD 

T • t; T •• ~ - T 

Helmet, j;3l3 *if5lp 

Help, to aid, "Itjff cure, KST. * HTI -N. ♦ iTlfl * ITJ^ ♦ rWXMD, 

«3np ♦ nainj? -less, ^gi-ja ^rj; psj '♦ nainp -"fa 

Hon, to close with a-, b^tif ^S3 -N. ^133 ^1B^ 

Hemisphere, -ical, "ll^^a ^la^ "<Vn 

Hemlock, B'tTl * B^ll 

Hemorrhage, 0*1 ^B'W -holds, D^nhp 

Hemp, D133.iP -en, — ^a> 

Hen, n^J3-|n Ch. -pecked, Intt'K n^B^DD nnn 

Hence, away, ^^<7^ from this, HTD therefore, njliy ♦ jp^ 

-forth, nn:pD * n«^ni. inap • n^jtLPi «inri oi^'p 

Heptarchy, D"'3''DJ Vij}'jit> Th^DD 

Her, 1^ ^ (always affixed, as w}^ of her, pnai, her word) 

Herald, n^^aD * ryh\^ * ^«^p -ly, -n n^p$ 

Herb, -age, ifefj; ♦ -pT" ^, D-iafe^irn Va niBD -alist, 

Herculean, IttD n33 ♦ nBte 

Herd, Ijn ♦ P|b« -N. a flock, TTjtf a company, ♦ TTOn 

^V^h * napK -sman, rrjtfi 

Here, Plfe * .13 * 7)}T\ ' uhn -to, -1^ -and there, ♦ «3K1 «3K 

nam nan ♦ nDi ns -about, nb? -after, |3 nns -iJ, 

170 HER— HI6 

m.8. iDlna ♦la -by, -with, HTS *nKf3 -of, m»-tofote, 
tKD • D^iifD * D''3S^9 • Kri nD7J5D Ch. .under, m. s. 

Heriditable, -itaiy, ThxM * r)Sh'SD * na^T! 
Heresy, Tfly^Q * U^VmU R. n"T3 * «ll^ "''TIS? 

Heretic, pa * nai Ch. -ai, ni3''a W 

Hermaphrodite, Q^OE) R. nOtO * D^?*11|K 

Hefmit, TTlana'^' tJrnB -age, -H ^38^0 i^D R. 3tr 

Hero, -ic, 11311 ♦ V^n B^K * 3^ f a*^ -ine, * h^n flB^N 

3^ nirB» -ism, mi3a nn -icaiiy, -3 ■ 

Herself, she-, ilOVJ?? >^'*'7 -» (if denoting a reciprocal action, 
is expressed with the characteristics of the yJ^SilVl cooju- 
gation, as n"TS?nn she taught herself) by-, Jl^J? of-. 

novii a within-, fna j"? r. 33^ 

Hesitate, to delay, IbV * 99091^11 *im doubt, |B *pbO 

-ion,nTa^. * pap Ch. (for pfiiy) 
Heterodox, ]''P m.«. "IBVlI IP •B^''^ * ^^O 
Heterogeneal, m. pL CJltJ^ * Dn|3T;>a 
Heterpptics, D''ni'ia D''JtfriJJfl R. n"T3 * H]//! 
Hew, (wood &c.) nhS 'i/ni *lt| •3bn * tV|5 (flesh) 

3if j3 (Stone) V&^ -oi<t, 3if H 
Hey ! interj. HKH 
.Hickup,J2^iy 'i^l^ 
Hidden, m. s. )10p ' oJ^3 * 83^3 * n^p3 

Hide, ibp * D^gr? ♦ «"«3irirr ♦ Tflpn -n. niif 

Hideous, m. s. flln^ll -ly, Ha"'^? 

Hierarchy, D"'3ri3 fl^B^pa 

Hieroglyphics, f»l^ flVnlX -phical, tfinp 

High, m. s. elevated, K^3 ♦DT *??3| ♦ 3|^3 dear, H)?^ 
-bom, DHVa Ch. -bred, ni31|? ^1^3 ♦"Tfii^P -est, ]1'»^r 
-flier, VjnpD ' 7.?1nna -land, U^ljl fj^ -lander. 

HIG— HIV 171 

ir^« -mettled, daring, lb *f 0« -minded, -spirited, 

D-iaa •ry * nh •linj ♦na^p -ness, njg» ♦ n«e^ r. am 

-seasoned, f^nn .wrought, "^Q*,! r»'^'??n5 -water, V(<hp 

D^nn^ hn can -way, -ri^i^ri rj«irj* ♦ n^pp r. t,t.p 

-wayman, D''?n7 n3i;f npiB? ♦'•pipt'Ch. it is too -for 
me, •'Sl^p nn|^3 on-, 01133 *n^gO^ -ly, greatly. 

Hilarity, njnyo ^nnpfer ♦ m"rn 
Hiu, in * lin -ock, iaa ♦ nsDB 

Hilt, 3«f3 

T • 

Him, 1 (always afiixed,a8 IHlH him * i3ns he loved him) -self, 

IDVI^ by -self, 1333 (see Herself.) 
Hind,' a she stag, n^*i$ ♦ H J»« * n»3y -part, n1n« 
Hinder, Jtfn^rr • pp^H • iX^in *1){^ -ance, Hapfe^ * "iy|fD 

Hindermost, nnq^ * ''^3''"ld^ M^"ID« 
Hinge, (a joint,) HTV * JllB 

Hint, Dh ♦ Tb"> Ch. -N. TDT * nPOT 

Hip, rrvn p"l9 ♦ D"'3nD -shot, m. s. -n33 

Hire, "lifef -out, TJfc'rr -N. tVD'^Db^ * "I3fe^ -ling, T3fe^ 

His, yjS^ ' 1 (always affixed, as 113'^ Aw trore?) , 

Hiss, phtt^ • tlB^^ t^^ -N. n)?n?^ ♦ llB^J i^T'V. 

Hist! on ' 

Historian, D'']ni;n-nl"l1p D"'0''n-n3'n n"'3TD 

History, nfe^^.O niap -ical, 7f -ically, '■^1^ 

Hit, (against)' v3 pfe-l succeed, * KVD * n"'i'Vn * ji^li^n 

j;/^3rr r. ja^a *j}:2 he- upon, *n^3)iin >»vd 
iB>in3 n^33 -N. np'«Q'i ♦ nn^vn 

Hither, to this place, Hfel *F]/ -to, 11311 113 ^J[J -and thither, 

r^b^ ris ^ 


Hive, (for bees) D'>"!l3'nn fgl a company, H^J? R. "Ti?"' 

172 HOA— HON 

Hoard, nVK ♦ niV -ed, 1^» ' lUV 
Hoarfrost, "IDS -iness, f133? -y, aged, 38^ R. Dlt^ 
Hoarse, li"l3 "in3 -ness, ]lian nTHJ -ly, - -2 

Hobgoblb, nn^3 • NIB^ Dim pi. fiin^? 

Hodgepodge, S^^n^jg * ^B^S R. hb2 
Hoe, N. TTif D -V. -3 TlJfn 

Hog, nnr? -gish, -3 
Hogshead, T3n nVB^ E^DH 

Hoist, onn R. on 

• T 

Hold, contain, 7'»?rr R. 7TD continue, TnSH * TB'prr 
detain, iVj; * 33:P Ch. imagine. 3iJ^n ' nS'l refrain, 

nann • p|»Jin ^er, j;f io ♦ *iJ5^n take-, p\fnri -the 

tongue, ItiJJ ' W\'t -up, exhibit, HIO * 'IJ^IO *<*" ^i*^' 
one, -^"inK a^ n1\l * TDV T nitt^ -! interj. ♦ nb^. « Dl*! 
f)*T,ri -N. custody, nX^.O * nDB^D support, np""?? *pTn 

■er.pwD ♦ mi« -fast, nan *"r3^ *Dnp 

Hole, a hollow place, • p"»p3 • nnp3 ♦ niJtfD * H^Pip * 3)53 

fin • 113 ♦ im ♦ nnwa 

Hollow, a. m. s. 31pa ♦ ^I'jn ' 3133 (of the hand) f]2 R.^^2 
-voice, niDDI. ^ip -v. 3jJ>3 -ness, nip"}. * npjl3 

Holy, pious, m. s. B>n,"3 sacred, B^lp -day, 3lt3 Dl"* * JH 
R. 33n -iness, PlB^np -ily, -3 

Homage, HW^H * nnSIfri^n Ch. 

Home, his-, ln^5 fro«i-, m. s. III^SQ to go-, ^IV^y 2W 
longing after his-, V^H rT^S/ ^1^5? -bred, artless, 
n^-jJJ '^^a m. s. Dn.liness,ni£OB^a -ly, m. s. C01B^§ -ward, 

nm bring-, -R'^nn 

Homicide, murder, D^O't HlD'^^tt^ 
Homogeneous, m. pi. J/3D3 D^JOll ID'^liK^ 
Hone, Ch. mmfn \2^ 

HON— H08 178 

Honest, in. s. OJ? MORJ -y, mzyZDri * pDS -ly, -2 

■ • # • • 

Honey, 8^31. -comb, -f\>i)S -moon, D'«8'W3rr B^lH 
Honour, n33 *T1.n -N. Ti33 ♦ mH '"IT -ably, -3 ^ble, 

m. s. 15?3 * np;^Honorary, ll3D^ 
Hood, N. a^thn np5a -wink, to hide, •^Jff H©? 

Hoof, npna 

Hook, catch, nD^ fasten, D3^ nSH -N. 'DIP Man •11 

l^h -ed, »)ia3 
Hoop, 3''3p B>3n * pB^n -N. pltfi^H 
Hooping^ough, J^I^TSn ^lf*?f R. j/IT 

Hoot, V. "^ liB'j ySn *p*ia> 

Hop, to walk lame, J2>^ * nb^ to jump, * 3^1 * 1J?3 t#i? 
T¥^ *1i?1 -N. (a plant) nite>»3 a jump, * Jll^l *1M^ 

Hope, mg ♦ mn • ngv * ^■•nin r. ^it -n. * nhry\F\ 

m^n -ful, m. 8. confiding, ]ln^3 ^jt/S -less, 13« * K^«l3 
R. »'«'' 
Horde, IMi * ^3n ♦ HflS 

Horizon, \n«n D;.eB^n ■•yris e^npan ij? ♦ p^ 

Horn, t^j? (an instrument) 1Qlt8> * ^3l"< -ed, m. s. ^IpD 

Hornet, nj^lV 

Horrible, -rid, -rific, HH^a ♦ Dl-iK -ribly, -ridly, * T\1Jj^^ 

w^"^ -ror, n^^5 ♦ njgfe^ ♦ b^n * nnjtr? * mj(;"i 

Horse, (an animal) DID -back, — PI ^Tfi n3pl -hair, 
-n nnra^ -leech, npl^Jtf. -man, a^ia -manship. 

Horseradish, (a root) tt3Q^ Ch. 
Hosanna, HaiftJ^ln 

Hose, Uhy\ ■•D33D '•na -ier, m. s. ^^310 

Hospitable, m. s. 3n3 ♦ U'TPt!^ D''33iD -ably, mSHja 

174 HOS— HUG 

Hospital, o"^ ma -ity, nnn? * arns» 

Host, a landlord, man 7jf^ an army, HaV a number, T^H 

Hostage, m. s. Hangnrt "^a 

Hostile, m. s. 3n •tS^K * "I|3n0 -ity, 3^ ' HOn^P 

Hostler, D''D1Dn "lOlB^ 

Hot, m. 8. DH eager, pi^liS^P grow-, DHri make-, D&n 
.headed,m. s. HDH •B^» -house, O^HDVn ^ItS'a ah3 TT'a 

Hotel, on|Dp ]1^p 

Hovel, «^30 '*m3 ' HSD R. HDO 

Hover, (overhead) I^JT^ * ^SJfilf wander, TT[l3 

Hound, D?3ipP7)\nt TV 3*73 

Hour, njtJB^Ch, -glass, -nilO -ly, -^35 

House, nn^3 r^^an R. K13 -N. n^3 -breaker, — ^nlJI 
-breaking, -n^nn -hold, -*-"»p -hold affiiirs, -T? ">r3Jif 
-hold stuff, — y9 -keeper, m. s. one who keeps a house, 
-hjr^ a steward, -Tjpa plJ^O^ta R. ppv^ * n33 -keeping, 

-ni3'»^n ">*-n3mn-wife,*-n n^ira n^iai 

7^ nf\^ -less, 3B>lDDlpPr«? R- 3ari .niaid, 

nnea^ ♦ nnna^p -rent, m"«i Safef r. in 
How? -so? n33'>i* ♦ na^K ♦ t^ * "T^s -^o you <*<>? 

^J »m-nQ DlWn -has it happened, na'^H PPH n3''K 
-long yetp-ifip HD H^K njZ-muchdoes itco8t,n">nO nO 
• -many? nS3 -soon, Hinp njT -be it, thm *T\\kX ?^a 
-ever, *!)» -soever, D''3B 73 7^ 

Howl. ^4''i7 -ing. 'ij'^/ 

Huddle, hurry, ^Har? crowd, «^3n"y?9 H^K 

Hue, a colour, jfSy pursuit, •>-)n« ni>"»^ ' 

Hug, pan -N. p^an 

Huge, m.8. nkp ij(f •^na -ly, nitp nkpa 

HUM-HUS 176 

Hum, to buzz, 0*13 ^N. iiprrS ' 

Human, ^bfm -kind, -]'^D *U1» ''33 -form, Dl» -Jj»ln 

-happiness. DTI Itt^ll Itl^K 
Humane, m. a. DIHT * TDPI -ity, nWDHl * D''pni * lUf^ 

-ly, -3 

Humble, ^""^^rr •;/'>33n * nai; /one's self ) i?33n ♦niaifii 

-N. m. s. n'n'*75f^ • Ijy -d,m.s. ^"S^ * %f ♦ U3?3 ♦ ""aj? 

-y, njtf>3?a ♦ HT^aa 
Humid, nV -ity, n"'m^j;i^ * rnnj* R, m^ 

HumiUty, njj^^ * Hiag -iation, nhst^n * H^Wil 
Humour, to gratify, nSH -N. moisture, ITIH? a whim, 

K^^n r>3^3J?^ to put one out of-, D^^nH good-ed, m. s. 

3^ *31C0 *^nV ill -ed, m. s. nnno * W -ist, m. «. 

•• •• T " T ^mT ' 

mQ3 ♦ nae^D -ous, drou, m. s. hnrtD 

■ • " > • - • 

Humpback, 3| (of a camel) vD^H Ty^2'l -ed, ^3| 

Hundred, HKD (by letters of the alphabet) 'p 

Hunger, 3ifT -N. ajtj-l -giy, m. s. 2jn 

Hunt, nnN p'^'n (animals) n^Jf -N. nn.i? rTj3"'i»'n ♦ TV -er, 

-«nan, TV Ifll"" {^""S 
Hurricane, nSID *mi/D *ni^D *pm HIT 

T T^ : ^ - ' T T - 

Hurry, ^Nl^H ♦ f i«ri (one's self) ^^nSH ♦fiR *ar^nn * tfen 

inn -N, njna *^ir^ri *niTnp 

Hurt, to injure pMH *Sy^ bruise, Jgif^ -N. *;?Va *tlD^ 

pra 'r\^i -fui, p'»i)5 *i;"t© -fuiiy, njtjna r. j/n -less, 

m. 8. *pv:i t<^ 

Husband, a married man, HtS^K ^1/3 -less, * nK<l^3 n3'<K 
rP139 ♦tS'"'^ nj> r« -««»n. S^"^"* '"'^S ♦ n'tp B>^»S -ry, 


Hush, to appease, "^3^ *^PJ^>^ -! interj. DH .money. 

17« HUS— JAD 

Husk, bnPMsi^ Ch. (of com) li^pV ^of grapes) JT .y, 

Hussy, a wench, 7]Ji73 nS 
Hustle, to mix, VlHl 331? 

Hut, nap R. 13D 

Huzza! Trn 

Hydrographer, D"")?!!! r»|0 n»V9 

Hydrography, D''n»rr r»|8 "n»V 

Hyena, 1/3V pi. D^^3V 

Hymeneal, (a song) D^SIfe'a^ H^nri T^ 

Hymn, n^HJ^-TiB^ R. ^JH -ic,-% 

Hyperbole, fi«Sni * mh^H -bolical, m. s. J'li'fSD 

Hypercritic, m. s. ^ID IHI"* p'lpip R. pp*T 

Hyphen, njsis * nansri rvi3*'ppn ij? 

Hypochondria, Ch. ^n^"^i7T • mTm3ViP -dric, m. s. 

-3 mvn 

Hypocrisy, tJ^H3 * HSian (in religion) m2^)?nn -ocrite, 

-ocritical, m. s. B^HSD * f^n * tt;'rpJ^D ' iff 13V 
Hypothesis, ^^3 ♦nnjn R. n3"« 
Hyssop, 3lr« 

Hysteric, Q-iK^nn ^j^^a? *n3j;p 

I. J. 

I, pron. •»3 JK * •«3« here am I, ""jan 

Jacket, ]lDn^n fi^VSj'O * T© R. TTO 

Jacob, 3|3U^ 

Jade, N. /a horse) JJIIS DID (a woman) Jadish, * 7|^^?3 T\2 

T •• » V T : T 

JAI-.JEL 177 

Jail, niDK »l?2n "^n^n n^a ^, - -ne^ 

Jam, confine between, ^h? Jamb, nOTD 
January, "^Tas^ifn tShh TinCD 

Jar, to differ, W anH R. 3n -N. a discord, rOnO a 
harsh sound, n»pn a vessel, I'D * paj53 • jjnn ^33 

Jargon, nafe' ""jjg) ♦ jiB^ J ;i:p5»3 

Jasper, HSlE'^ 

Javelin, H^B^ • HDh ♦ \iT3 

Jaundice, )1pT 

Jaunt, n3»i n3K "i^nnD Dtoiit^no n. d^b^ 

Jaw, ""n? 

Ice, nil? Icicle, n^j? DJiQ^a niBt? Ch. 

Idea, rt2t^D * tl^lfT -1, -3 nbvn * 11)3^03 

Identic, m. s. HT KIH f. n»t K"»r! m. pi. nOH Dfl f. 

njrr jii -tify, ilaa^^Vp nsri r. nsi -tity, ♦niDVJg 

niB^l^D Ch. 

Idiom, -na-nri i^ik 

Idiot, ^■•1^ •^■>ro ♦to ♦''f)| -iam,'n)^» ♦ni^^p3 

• • •• • 

Idle, HBirin * ^V|!!? * ^^? ^fc'^ -N. m. s. lazy, * n^inp 
n|"|3 trifling, pn • ^3n -ness, ^l""^"! ♦ fVl^yj|; Idly, -3 
Idler, m. s. h'HP * l^D3 * ^£33 

Idol, ^bvt *y^^ ^'ho^ -atrize, ~h mnnB^r? ^iter, 
-h niOnVp *D''i'''i'^ f?!/ 4try, D"'^'>^K n'7l3g -ize. 

Jealous, suspicious, m. s, K3J5P -y, HWj? 
Jeer, TIK tDNB^ -ingly. mpi 
Jehovah, Hln^, 


178 JEO— ILL 

Jeopard, niD^ B'Sa t^n * naSp ^ «''3n .ous, ]3J^P Ch. 

-y, nwp Ch. 
Jerusalem, D'»Wl"V' 

Je8t,pnfe^ *pnv ♦ 7rin -N. -ing, ^vnn 'piny 
Jew, niiT *n3j? *''5'K"!^ -ess, nnim. * nn?i; * r^^intp^ 
ish, nWiH"' nna;; -ry', ^«nfc^ ^np 

Jewel, a stone, ran ^P*^ HK 

If, D« * ""S -so, p D« but-, CK1 

Igneous, m. s. B>« n^B^D 13 

Ignition, B'Sa 7)T\)t7y R. fiy -nitible, B^^3 ri^ 

Ignoble, m. s. ""ITS • ?aB^ -nobly, ^h^l^ * TO? 

Ignominy, -minious, H^IH * Hj^a -miniously, —3 

Ignoramus, h\XSi R. 'jSV -rapce, jiingS * njgl noH -rant, 

m. 8. njgvnpD *njpa -rantiy, r^jn'h'i *i;io p«? 

R. ifT 

Jingle, ^"^y ♦ ^V^V -N. W^V 

111, to be-, n^n -N. m. s. sickj tHh bad, harm, i/T -boding, 
nr"l^ nl« •»in -disposed, T\V\ 'ehh -fated, .fortunate, 
D1"> •na^j? -contrived, -gotten, t0^tt>S3 tt? HB^iy^ .luck. 

Illegal, .ly, rvn? tJ^B? -ity, H^J? 'h^^ 
Illegible, "183 la^X 

Illegitimacy, y^n Mn^io nn^iH 

niegitimate, ♦p^n?^ * D^Jiaj "VY. ■ , 

IlUberal, ^SE^ *">S3 R. ^13 -ity.'ni^?B> * hl^^-ty, -3 

Illicit, WaB>S3 ni3 ^h^ 

Illiterate, m. s. 11/3 * pn -ness, nil^S 
lUnature, nj^?h. * fllti'j'iP -d, m. s. jjf^ * B^ilJV 
Illness, n^np ♦ ■'J'h -favoured, m. s. n^lSH "yi 
Illogical, 73K^n nJ33 * K)StJ^I33 tt^?^ 


lUuminate, enlighten, THTrr * Ti^n -tion, in\ • IJ^fii 

luusion, n*D'^ ♦ «iB^ rwi * cmr^D R. mi 

Illusive, Iljusory, m. s, ni^TP ^nifJlQ 

Illustrate, to explain, -|K2 ♦ EHa -tion, Tl«3 * tt^nS» -tivft 

m. 8. nijtap ♦ eh^p 

lUustrious, m. 8. »^i Ay, DlH^^ li^ 

Image, a picture, vDD an Idol, 7 vK * 3^^ * 7p^ an ideo, 

natjfqe * ]i^|(i' .ginary, -3 n'^vn • na"rp3 -geiy, 

naiP^ * n">3fefp -ginaWe, J^^ • ]3'l"> . R. 5^3 ♦ T^ 
-gination, t1"'P1 -gine, 373 HpK * nP*5n (ft*. H^'Wr!) 

ImbecUe, N. a. nST ♦ B^l^rj -lity, \f>^l * n0n 

Imbibe, to drink, p^ < Hhtt^ 

Imbitter, to make bitter, IPH R. 1"lD 

_ • 

Imbody, to condense, 3^J7n to inclose, IJD 
Imbolden, 3^ f SK * pm 
ImboBom, pSPI * t^h? H""?!! * p'^m \n 
Imbrue, Imbue, 73D (in blood) D^ i<?P 
Imitate, "'S'^n^ "rj^n * -ID^ nfejjtfJDp Hfil'j; -able, H^^! 
1D3 n{W/C3 -ative, -3 WtffVl * 01*73 "T?** -ator, m, fc 

"•s^ii •^^h '-3 rife^jf .ation, 'nj?r\^n 

Immaculate, '>|jn "'J'S m. s. "llH^ * ''ipi 

Immartial, nonhn {J^« 'D3''K 

Immaterial, trifling, 13*1 yDf ♦ D^ilKfl * Ch, niB^^P "i?! 

incorporeal, niT * f)ij 1^*^ -ism, rii^jnnrr fin^n 

R-m" . 

Immature, m. s. not perfect, *Qj^ tt? hasly, TriS * 1«npi) 

-ity, nip^{{? ""jn^a -ly, nj;; tt^3 

Immeasurable, ^p^"PK -ably, -**ljtf 

Immediate, instant, if J"J3 acting by itself, Ch, J/VIOO "^^2 

m. 8. 1D)^3 nn»;«^l »in jy, j;31 it:f 

180 IMM^IMP 

immedicable, nfinfJ SaiD "I^TO V'H'^ 

Immemorial, ny^i n33 ♦ 1'\J} n3r W 

Immense, "Ip.rjTK -ly, -T^ -ily, INQ nttOSl 3*1 

Immerse, 730 -sion, n7'^3P 

Immethodical, ^3^30 R. ^^3 -ly, "l"TD3 >sht 

Imminence, n33D -nent, DDQ Cb. 

Immobility, PlVa? Dl*^}? • pITTI 

Immoderate, '^"nO HSin ♦ iWO^ R- Hfl^ -ly, • TKID^ 

"ri<0 INO -ion, Titb^ p-TQDin R. PID"" 
Immodest, m. s. D""?! *TJtf R. ti;/ • Pj^VO^^- "7'^^^^?? * HS^in 

-ly.--3 ■ \ 

Immolate, HSt inipn .tion, n3T TOr^T\ 

Immoral, m. s. ^33 ♦ HllD -ity, .1^33 ♦ "nmiD 

Immortal, m. s. m^ ♦DJi? * 1^^ •'•n R. n">n -ity, 

a^aan mKt^n • rrinvj -ize, nv a^ o'^pn -ly, nv3^ ♦ tj?^ 

TV- -t;- •:• -vt'*t •'' -VT —T 

Immoveable, m. s. a. *Ti\ ^ R. i/lt *"?|/? *tl33 -s, Jfjn.i? 

pi. nii/i5i]? -y, i4»^ 'V^a t 

Imnaunity, niTH Ch. R. T^H 

Immure, »;!» TSDH *n;/3 nJD 

Immusical, 3"li; ♦ri^S * DJfD IDH 

Immutable, ""ISB^ *73 -ability, nn'^DIjI ♦ D1»]? 

Impair, ^3n ♦ Y^r\ R. pM 

Impalpable, Ch. B>3*1'' ■<^3 

Imparity, D"'?"l|[n "'ilB' "IDh 

Impart, communicate, IglD * liH R. 133 grant, ]h3 

Impartial, m. s. pnv *>)nn ♦ p^lV *"ie>^^ *D'>35 *»B'J ^ 

-i<y. Pl^ * "iB^"" -ly. -3 ♦ D^33 nisV? >% " 

TT T T ••,, 

Impassable, HSlf^ "^D/S 

Impassioned, m. s* I3np5 13/ OH R. DDH 

Impatience, uneasiness, TV^T\ eagerness, TOi) •npWJl 

IMP— IMP lei 

-tioitly, -3 .tient, m, s. Rlfe^J *nK^3 * >)P?a * PRIB'P 
Impeach, piafe^n * D'^B'^n -ment, niD?^ *nDa^8 
Impede, iV^' • •?Jtyn * J? JD .<iiment, lyj;;© ♦ njtf"»3p 
Impel, tt?M * (im ♦ f NH R. pK -lent, S)nM 
Impend, 3^)? * tlSH -ent, -ing, 311)? * )1D3 
Impenetrable, hard, IttD Htt^p incomprehensible,, ipil pK 

Imperative, HlVP * ^IIV -ty. -TJ711 

Imperceptible, Ch. t^|1\t3i;j tiS R. r3 

Imperfect, m. s. IDH * »D^B^ ''^^'3 *»13 DID 4on,.*]n5>ri 

DID * DJ^ Ch. -ly, nia^:{> '^h'^* 11333 t*^ 
Imperious, m. s. X^^ * D''3a *^]i R. rTjf -ness, * ny^.O 


Imperishable, m. s. Tjf 7 *D*p 
Impersonal, ^^33 '^ '" 
Impertinence, intrusion, 1110^^3 ^^ r|l * KQV^H Ch. -itinently, 

-3-tinent, m. s. ^33 * V^inD ' P\"'Vn Ch. 
Impetuosity, nVIJ/D * «T^T.uou8, m. s. yn^ * *)JffT 
Impiety, 1/te^l -piously, —3 -pious, m. s. if tt^l 
Implacable, m. s. nl2ni' •HB^p -cably, D^ljf n?"*^? 
Implant, 7hB^ ' Jjbi 
Implement, N.^b 
Implicate, "^ppp R. 13D * n31393 «''3n 

impUcit fiuth, rfDhp njiDS * )in^3 * ns^op .ly, -3 

Implore, \inj^n * B^3 * Hj/S 

Imply, to comprise, pniin * V?3 * ^""Sri R. ^13 

ImpoUte, m. s. niD''jtff *nDD -ness, mD^J?? Il^h 

Impolitic, m. s. n3i3];\ •IS r« -ly. n313J7 "'i'^P 

Import, (from abroad) nr-Tiip.^ finp «'>3n -N. flPID K310 
rty^mh -ation, n«3n -er, »r3D R. i«13 -ance, . 

Itt IMP-^lfP 

mooaeat, TiJ! * pTH * h*ii -ant, m. s. • Ijjy pm ♦ H| -less. 

Importune, •T^ltSH .unate, m* s. TV^O -unity, muffin 

-unely, —3 
Impose, to enjoin, Ti^ m? * 'hjj. hb} cheat, flD-T * 3J3f 

-eeable, '"^ ^{9"« -ser, m. s. mVO ' "^ff ^Dl3* "«l!ttDl * ''©T 

-eition, •«1« ♦ 'T)?9D * HJOn. ' nD-jP Cof a tax,) DD * TH^ 

ImpossibiUty, Ch. nnB^SR n^lT ^^^3 
In^KMsible, ]5 nfff]^\ tt? •^rjp? *"ltt>9K ""K Ch. 
Impost, DD * DSD 

imposthunw, fTi^n ♦ nnp nap r. nsa 
imposter, m. 8. ""Kp-i "'ST * i/fl^np R. HDi *rrjrn 

' Impotence, ]1''Q"1 * nfhn -potently,— 3 * 113 »t^3l .potent, 
Impnwjticability, Ch. ri'Hj^SJS n^Jl ^fl^S -ticable, 

p nt!^j;"> it^ *pD3 *nB^a« '•« ch. 

Imprecate, n'li* ♦ 3i3j? -ion, nn«P * nj^j? 

Impregnable, m. s. pTH ♦f pN * r^ R. TTj/ 

Impregnate, to fertilize, nlipH *]li3irj 

Impress, imprint, WFOli^ * Q{2^ (on the mind) 37 7jff \V^ 
print, D^ain Ch. -ible, pHI'' R. ppH ' Dtth'L -ion, (of a 
print) npnp *D1QT influence, T\n'0% *DB^ -ure, Ifl 

Imprison, TiHOn ♦ K^3 -ment, IDKD * TIDK 

Improbable, nOSSD plH'n -bilitir, nOKD pJTI.P 

Improper, m. L 1133 n??; ntt?3 l3^»'4y, pjrfS Cb. 6t^?r 

1133D ">1«-D 
Impropriety, 133 "IB^ "IBb '•1173 
Improeporous, nriyVH K/S 

IllP— INA 18t 

Improvable, ]j5n^ ♦ TD^J 

Improve, 3'^E)%T ^ ]|5Jp -ment, * \pF\ 

Improvidence, Imprudence ]Tl*T^nt ^W /? 

Improvident, -prudent, m. s. (1313/1 "IPH * IHtl li**^ -pro-. 

dentiy, naianv^a ♦ niTm «"^3 

■ # • • • 

Impudence, niTjP R. TTl/ * nQyiH Ch. .gently, -3 ^ient, m. a. 

iy>J3 «/ • fi»vn Ch. 

Impugn, to assault, "3 HlJnn Jgj^ disprove, * ti^Hpri 
"ihDCh. . ' 


Impulse, influence, njl^f 3 ♦ D2h -sive, f «J R. pi« 
Impunity, tl'JifD "lb3 

Impure, m. s. NpCO * DKDi -rity, HHD^ -rely, —3 
Impute, attribute, 3iS>n accuse, D''tt'»rr * pDfe^n nation, 

nne^x * n:cofe^ -ative, 32?^ 

t:- ▼:• '»T" 

InabiUty, H^^H * n^D^ "'J^lJ'a 
Inaccessible, m, s. * Vvti DUP'* '^73 

Inaccuracy, vt^ant of exactness, |13p ''fl/lS carelessness, 
niTnr ijn^S -curate, ra. s. mn 113b 133^« 

•:•:•' ' //t: • »t//\ : v - 

Inaction, -ivity, rest, PlIiD ^ nn**3B^ idleness, nii/tpa -ive. 

Inadequate, m. s. ^DH ♦ nW^SJ^'K Jy, ^^jn ^^^ ^h 

Inadvertence, JYlTHPfl/S -^^^^ Vi^ »• "T^t^^^J'^K -ently, 

* « * • • • • 

Inalienable, 3DV R. 33D * 1313'' **^ 

Inanimate, m. s.' *^n ^^73 

Inapplicable, \\3] ^h * "«l«"l la">« -cation, flia Jp5 

Inanible, HH * nn.^P fl^ 

Inarticulate, t^^lfeD 132^K -ly, 3'>£0>n nSt3 ""^S 

Inattention, t1"»fi") * niTB^nnH -iye, m. s. * 7B^1];<P Ch. 

i/DiB^ 3'>a>po i3a">s iveiy, mrsn n3B^prT >'?3 

184 ■ INA— INC 

Inaudible, ^1p J/DB^a ""S^a * B^n^a 

Inaugurate, T'^j^KvD. -ion, D^N'jD 

Inauspicious, H^") * J/*n -ly, Hn Wh \k% 

Inborn, j;3t3a V11S3 

Incapability, -capacity, rivi^ "'J?/? ' ^3 T "IV j3 -capable, 

m. s. ni T nvi? 

Incapacious, IV ' IVi? • "i:P VD * ]lDj? -citate, ng»n ♦ HS "lVj?rr 

Incarcerate, H^IPH * tt73 

Incarnate, "Vtfli TJltyD "nSlDD -tion, "ife^a^ .TIH 

Incase, IJ^a liD * "bfi Hp? 

Incautious, m. s. inw ia:''K -ly, niTHT "«^3 

■ • • • • 

Incendiary, m. s. one who sets on fire, t£^Ka D*'J^a T\^H1^ 

R. nv seditious, m:^!:^ * Ty^DD 
Incense, iiDn Tjtfn -N. nibp -sory, nnjopD ' Hnno 

Incentive, s. Iljfljp ' 1130 R. 330 -, a. m. s. Tlijf D 
Incessant, TOfl lly, Pjin ^fe^n "'^3 

Incest, nini;. ""i v'a -uous, m. s. ning n^ap 

Inch, mm TX^l^tj}. to an-, 3''D\"» DVDXD Ch. by -es. 

Incident, incidence, mpD -al, mPDil 

Incircumspection, niT^n? *^P'^ 

Incised, \Or\\^i -sion, flDnfe^ * Dlfe^ -sive, Dllfc' -sor, njnlD 

Incite, n"»pn * l^I?n -ment, nnDH • 1^"!? R. TIj; 

Incivility, niD"«i;3 ni"nD IDh R. TTO 

Inclemency, cruelty, ninT3Kl harshness, t|^t -ent, m. »• 

"ij3« ♦ npp^ 

Incline, to dispose, *nn« H^n be disposed, nitOl a^Tli^T 

"njQiit^bie, m. 8. ntnj^D • d*j^ Ch. mtii •^'"jnN pwm 

Include, ^^3 -elusion, H Jj*?? * TlH;; -elusive, ^^13 -clusivelj^, 


INC-INC 186 

Incognito-, Kanna ♦ inoa 

Incoherence, Tlia * pl^H -coherent, T^ni ^313^ lib -co- 
herently, ni^^? tip3a tJ^B? 

Incombustible, f|"i{8f^ "^Jf^^a 

Ineome^ reinentie, HKHfl rent, TTITDt!^ 

Incommensurable, *1j?n f p„ ]^J< R. pf j? 

Incommode, nnpD * PlfH * ^« -modious, ♦ nib * HH^W 

n j511f P -modiously, —3 
Incommunicable, na-^;r"|/0t8^ "laD*" TH'' fci^ R. n^ 
Incommutable, Ppn*" "IDI"* ^t7 R. "T^D 
Incompact, m. s. piai ^3^K 
Incomparable, m. s. •vV^-'^'l?. •l^'HOn IJTiOS ^K 

-parably, ^1"«P7 ">5>a 

• • • ^ 

Incompassionate, m« s. IT^^ * a^ *>^Vt^ 
Incompatibility, n^lBHri -ible, T«"nn^ lil3"| ti^ 
Incompetency, rtTD^ ^^ r5 -petait, m. s. JTI^ ^WT. ^I'tf 

Incomplete, m. s. "ipn * •D/'ti' ^t^ 

Incomprehensibility, JJSJD ]yp ^Jn^ R. JM * ^a -siWe, 

locompresBible, V^J^l I^P^"'. PH^. »*^ , 

Inconcealable, 07U^ inD"" ti/ 
Inc(»iceivable, (see Incorapreheosible). 

inconciusiTC, Tna i3a"»» * Hn^'in ""i^ R. na*" 

laconcoct, ^1^3 T?^3 DIQ 
IncoBcurriiig,in. pi. VV^l D^D^SPP Ch. D'Hltt^ D3^K 
Ineonditional, Ch. i^an "«V3 R. Hin 
Incongruity, HaiSinj^ -gruous, ]1p3 '^'^^ ^^J"*^ 
Inconseqaeutial, «lt1^ h^^ '•J'? * 12"^ \^» 
Inconsiderable, 2^) pK -rate, m. s. IHW 13"«^ 

186 INC— INC 

Inconsistency, HOISinjp -ently,— 3 -ent, m. s. * nl3HS5rTJ? B^K 

Inconsolable. DHUn TKO 

Inconspicuous, -lai R. 133 B^ST' Ch. 1^3 

Inconstancy, nirHB * ]Tl3P)a^n -stant, m. s. ♦ THfe * "^SP^H 

Inconsumable, Jint^'^ HyD'^ 73l<'^ tt? -mate, m. s. 

•«7D •p7B^ tt? 
Incontestable, m. s. incontrovertible, |133 * ^n^ * H1633 

stably, nnaa 

Inconveniency, nib * Hi^br) -niently, —3 -nient, 133'^K 

Inconvertible, ^?n'» ^DIV «7 R. l^D 

Inconvincible, m. s. ^TJ/^HB^p -cibly, ^IJf Jll^B^j^S 

Incorporal, m. s. mi * >)13 •i3''« -ity, "•jniT 

Incorporate, 1311 * IHR^ npl'' 

Incorrect, 1133 -IB?"" 133''K -ly, 11333 «^B' -ness, *1B^ ^0^3 

Incorrigible, ^ns * 3318^9 ' ip'P.'lDI^-nj?'. ^ R. * "1Cr> 

np^ -ness, nij/*!! ♦ n3lB^P -y, n3pfl r»3 
Incorrupt, DID H j«n ""V? in. s. ]DJ?3 -ibility, TJI^ DV)? 

-ible, H3n"« ^P^p"«' t«f R. ^^P 
Increase, to grow, T^^ ' nfe^Sl to multiply, n3T * r?*!^ to 

make more, H-i-sif"! * nl3"ir| ♦ nllBn ♦ fp). * »)Pin -N. 

augmentation, Wl * n^5'^9 * •"'SD^'I produce, nWSIJ 
Incredible, nD«p plHT ♦ \Q)^^ ^h -ibility, flD^D pmO 

-ulity, n3pi^ "iph -ulous, m. s. ]'«OJ^gl 13''» * X^l^^p) •HB^U 
Incnist, O'nj? -ation, Dllp 

Incubate, D^V? ^-PiT^l 9^? * ^^^^^ -tio". ^l^i'C ^5*9 
Inculcate, 3 j ^:tf |3gf -tion, 3^ b^ t^3B^ . 


Inculpable, m. 8. 1}^ * '>j33 ♦ ^J R. -^Dt -ably, lah '•^9. 
Incumbency, ^rtsn njini^ -bent, 8..nnn« 1^ iB^ii )rl3., a. 
a duty, '^Ji 3ln myp J-^D R. his: leaning." m. g. 

Incur, m. s. •T'J^ ^'«3rr * 0312^0 "l^ ni%l 

Incurable, m. s. in« * *1^ itBIJJ ^i^ ^bly, H^lin ''i'a 

Incursion, '^i; nD'iB'a 

Incurvate, to bend, f)b3 ' B'j^g -tion, nS^SS 

Indebted, m. s. in debt, 3»np obliged by, iil^F\ ^IDll •a»n 

R. HT 
Indecency, Ch. ^JIHO ^n^S * W0^Jtf31Dh -cent, m. 8. 13r» 

IVC 1^95 -««°«y. IJlii? 11333 t*^V 

Indecision, pQp * pSfer ♦ fugrin ^jJB^ R. j/T -sive, ♦ pB^ 

ma i33'»K 

Indeclinable, n»Oi '^^S 

Indecorous, m. s. ]y\nD Ch. DJIfJ IS^K 

Indeed, nDK3 ♦ D3DK V niD« " 

v»:» fiT t:t 

Indefatigable, JJ^'''!^^ W -ably, Hj^fyi na;)g "«^a 
Indefensible, defenceless, HDnD |J2D ^^3 vile, m. s. TWD *JfT 
Indefinite, indeterminate, i17r> *DinD Ch. unlimited, 

n-i^an-^^a r. ni>a .iy,-a ' ' . 


IndeUberate, m. s. inpj * Tni3 * fl^^ •?)? R. ifT * hbp 
Indelible, nntS^ Hns^ fcj^ 
Indelicacy, ]TiPi;3 IDh -cate, m. s. DlfE) **1D 
Indemnification, D'^pW ' h»|l * Dl^^p -nify,* llDJip «•?© 

D^9^r? -nity, nj^np ♦ iJ35> 
Indemonstrable, Jiai^ iD«"> "<in^a 
Indenture, nMIB^H R. nW " finS 
Independence, p^h * llT^ * IVfin R. IIH -ent, m. ». 

188 INO'-'INA 


ch. •n|^tt^n^^5n>^5 ' 

Indeterminable, •aunat^ m. s. O^O^flT^S ''J?!?!!! wmnately, 
Indevotion, n^DWmph -devout, m. •.0''n7K-»*l'>«3'»K 

If - T . 

Index, (a table) DlpO n«ia HI? 
Indexterity, awkwardness, jl'HP^? PP8J *ipn^ 
India, Hn •«, m. s, ^iVn 

indicate,n^a * n»nn * nin * ran ♦ ch. -tion, in ♦ mn noi 

-tiye, n^"|0 * T©np (of a rerb) tD'^hl^D ?ga 
Indifference, n^Ugence^ Hj'lip * tvhTf^ * TWTt^tyn Ch. 
impartiaUty, pTi ' nK^ -ferent, ih. s. caieless, n^l3 ^ W^ 
tolerable, "ijl J"«a ♦ PfDI^ Ch. -ferently, -TO? 
Indigence, fllJ^PP 'niV"!! R. ^^T -digent, m. a. ^300 * ^^ 

• • • 

Indigested, m. s. not fonned, ^133 13*^$ not digested, 13^K 
^3J/D Wan 103D -ible, m. s. ^JJ"* ^t^3'* i3">» hoo, 

Indignatton, DJ^t -nant, m. s. Q^T * DJ^a *M7p 

Indignity, ^lij?! ♦ rTjI/n * i^t^? »• i'TI * 71T 

Indirect, m. s. \\'^i "^^^P^f ^^''^ -ly. obliquely, Itgh^ H^B^ 

not expressly, tt^na? H^B^ 
Indiscernible, m. s. B^aiD Ch. 133 1i3">K 
Indiscreet, m. s. H^iaf? •la pJjt .cretlon, * n3ian "IDH 

nn''n| '•^^3 -creetly, -a 
Indiscriminate, ^ajl * ^ai»a R. hhl Ay, Vian ""^a 
Indispensable, ^"iV ♦ man Ch. -sably, -3 
Indispose, QbH * 7373 R. 773 -posed, m. s. aTene^ 

♦Ti^^i;? alio H^ disordered, ^ai»^0 * O^B^ Ija^^^powtioo, 

aversion, \^»a iUness, H JpO ♦ ^H 


Indisputable, m. 8. flDj ♦ TJia * Ch. '^fll?^. ^ ^wttiMy, 


Indissolvable, m. s. *D1S) vljl R. DCD -eolubilitjr, DV]? 
-soluble, m. s. 1^ *iyj? 

Indistinct, T'^''^} n«a ">^3-ly ^3 -ness, ^^^3 R. ^3 

Individual, a. m. nn« £ hn» -s. m. T^ ' ^»l * TXTtV 

' TV -'- 'T • T»J 

ni^« -ly, singly, in« nrjK * b^k tih^ 4ty,nrprp. 

Indivisible, m, 8. ■na"> p^n"> tt^ 4biUty, ni^n« 
Indocile,ni.8.tS>3P ' S)nif •n^p-caity,n^$0 * Sj^if nT"?^ 
Indolence, ni^VJt *>^^"VP *ni^^irir» Ch. -lently, -3 

-lent, m. s. b'$^ * n^li ' ^J^inp Ch. 
Indubitable, '>i^^ * ^1^ R. m^ * nib» • paD ""^a-ably, -3 

• • *• ■ • 

Induce, to persuade, nr\^ * TWTl *^'^^'!} R- *^^ ^ ^™« 

on, 3'*prr * 330 -ment, ]1NB^D • HSD 
Induct, (him) ^V "Unj *iT3 th3 -ion, • '3 npVTi * "^K fltin? 

R. «13 -ive, leading, 3^0)5 * Th^D R. 33D '"t't' 
Indulge, ])n * D'<iD «{8^3 -enoe, n3">3n. ♦ D""?© H^IT'^g -ently, 

-3 -ent, m. s. l3inD * D''aS Kfe^la ' 
Indurate, (the heart) 3^rT flS f )?« -tion, 3^n fll3« 
Industrious.m.s.Tpla^ ♦ pin T'lTCh.-try.MTpB' *nirnT. 

rwyin -triously, -3 
Inebriate, to make drunk, *13S^ get drunk, l!3t^ * I^B^il 

-tion, tnae^ • j-n«e^ 

IneflRibinty, nafe> ^fi «i^J"». ^ni»3 -fiible, -fobly, ♦ \th^h p» 

T T ^ •• T • 

Ineffective, -fidoit, pn * T^l'' ti? R. 71?^ -fectual, -ficadous, 
na-l * ri3 •'^a -fectually, 131 b^JiS> \ilh\ -ficacy, •'fl^^ 

^ij/iD n^3"> 

Ind<^;ance« pg^ '^S'*^ lljh -egantly, -^ —3 -egant, m. s. * 731^ 

1§0 INE— INF 

Indoquent, m. ». \ph n| •"133 * D^flB^ •^'Tg 
Inequality, disproportion, D''3Tj{jri ^1112^ ^P^ 

Inert, m. s. ns"?? ♦iss -ly, rrBiDa 'nm?? 

Inesteemable,'in. 8. il^D"* l*^ » ikb 31Btl np"* 
Inevident, -JftW * 1p3 ""I^J 1J''» 
Inevitable, |l3i * ' D tD^DI '^S'S -ably, -^ 
Inexcusable, bf\tS^ 153^ H*7 
Inexhausted, m. s. 'H^S *Dn t«^ -ible, 'nn ">^3 

' //TT //- ' TT • : 

Inexistent, m. s. «VD3 1r» * "ITP3 

' T : • •• t?:t 

Inexorable, m. s. nHH^ •nB^J? * 3^ •rftt^j? 
Inexpedience, n1it> "Itt'S '>rt^3 -dient, niX^ IB'? la***? 

'^ // T // •• T • • • ' // T // •• T - 

Inexperience, njnnn IDh -d, m. s. HiH^n *ipri 

Inexpert, m. s. Ch. ;;j33 1\nO 13">« 

Inexpiable, tM"*. tt^ 

Inexplicable, l^l^ ikh 

Inexpressible, BhJ)^ tt^ -ibly, "lap^ T«|n^ T?? R- ^^3 

Inextinguishable, n^3^ t^^ (a fire) '?||rT nS?^ «^ 

Inextricable, m. s. ^711^. tt? 

Infallibility, TT^m^ * n»''J6^9 t^''j?3 -lible, m. s. *n3^. «^ 

-libiy, n«">j8S> ni?co ""^S 

In&mous, m. s. 733 -famy, njM * HSl'in -famously, —3 
Infimcy, ffil^ -fent, 1^^^ ♦ h^Ji '* bh'iS 
Infimtry, "^hsi ilOn^D "'^!^^D 

infiituate, H/nB * hhin -tion, nvn9 * ni^^in 

Infect, j?3"^Hn -ion, p^i^ -ious, m. s. p311lD 
Infecundity, (of an animal) nin^ig (of land) |ln 
Infelicity, 3^if *]13> *r^m 
Infer, ^BB^ ♦ "O »''Xirf^ce, £332^0 'RVIDR-^y *KV03 

't • 't;»t ^2 

Inferior, m. s. s. ^H •^S^ -, a-Jt/ni -ity, T^H n^7|)t8^ 
Infernal, m. s. IX^nttfD * riHtt'O * n«D *j;"» 

• • • ' » 


Infertile, (land) nn -tility, ^Itn 

Infest, ^h^ * nix ''vbii^ 

Infidel, m. s. B^ "•an?? •^HSp OQi3 Ch. ♦ Dilij?»$K 

InfideUty, B^J3 ""anS nK?n?n ri"l'^E)3 Ch. 

Infinite, ^j? pR R. ^Vp * IT'^an '•^'H R. H^S -itdy, — IJJ. 

-iteness, ikD litp3 Sh -itive, tt^niS^ • llpD 
Infinn. m. s. il^T * t^h^ -aiy, O'l^lH n^a -ity, -ness, * t1'«^1 

Inflame, to set on fire, ^Tfil * TJtf an to irritate, * f)« iTinrf 
non ri7gn -mable, m. 8. t^V( •'ipY*!^? (person) m. s. 
non *Bf^^ -mation, -)|f an * niplD R. "Tp"' (of the body 
or blood) nyhl, ♦ nPI"!!)? -matory, * tt>Ka T>yT ♦ p"«i'T 


Inflate, HTia » v'D -tion, mia PIW^O 
Inflect, decline, n'\^n -ion, n»D3 * n-^n 

' T • ; TT - 

Inflexibility, itt>j? -ibly, -a -ible, m. s. ntt^j? * D»p 
Inflict, "^Jt; .^b3 * TIR tt>3|; -ion, p-jlD! * tWij/ 
Influaice, to bias, a^ nltSn cause, a''Dn * aaO -N. T ' HJ) 
-fluent, 'bn ^^n -fluential, m. s. ncSD * a'lDD * aiJi^H 

-flux,'^» n3"«'?n ♦ m^n r. ncoj 
Infold, Taon ♦ nnv 

Inform, to acquaint, J(/'**Tln R. i/"P accuse, TP^n (him) 
lat?fe> -ant, -er, J[/nlD * \>tp'pD ' ]Diy -ation, • njEfTlD 

Informidable, m. s. nQI * Dl"'» 133i« 

V T T V - 

Informity, nKjT>jni»a 

Infract, laB' ♦^^l' -ion, the breaking, n'T.'»3B' ♦HV^'Vl 

violation, mam ♦ man r. nis 

tt-:- TT-: 

Infrequency, Ch. H'^DB^ JYI^*^^1 '^/iVsi ■ H"))?? -quent, m. s. 
n^3B^ '^IVD ^'^Jl irN np'^ ' 

188 XNF-INH 

Infringe, rnlTI IQn R. HT * ^Q ' rVfiD bn n'O^ -in«nt» 

Infiiriate, nk s. HDn *K7D 

T •• - T 

Infuse, 'hn pir ♦ m «V9 -won, nj?T. 

faigathering, >)''P« 

Ingenious, m. s. Onjf * ^^$i^Q -miity, subtUily, • nD")jr 

7pfe^ -niously, —3 
Ingenuous, m. s. Df) ' 'lf\ * D''?10$ •tt'*^ -ly^ * T«'"'5 

Dina R. DDn 

Inglorious, m. s. ""ITa * ^^8^ -ly, n^-jn? • Tm 

Ingot, j)93 anr ^D3 

Ingraft! paiH * B^ltt^n (a. sprig) 33")^ 
Ingratiate, ih HN 3i| njj? 

Ingratitude, naico 'iB^ * HaiD r\n^ njgn o'j^i?^© 

Ingredient, D^ V??^ ^ '"^^O * p^H 

Ingress, nflB ♦ KlaO -ion, n»J'<a 

Ingulf, to cast into a gulf, Dja H'T * DlnnJ* T*)ln 

Inhabit, pa? ♦ aiZ^y I'l'l ♦ ^iT -able, aa^lD*? '>m'3 -ant, 

I M •• Y 

Inhale, rma >)«a> 

Inharmonious, m. s. DJ^D npn *p''Pi p,y^ ISyK 
Inherence, ^'Ip^'H. -rent, cleaving to, m. s.' pal"^ inborn. 

Inherit, BM*" * ^Ha -able, tt^'11"> ♦ bny* -ance, • T 
nj^na -or, m. 8. a^li"' -rem, fl^nl!* 

inhoidi 'pnnn * ^on r. ^la 

lohoepitabi^ m. s. '>'?">5 * ana la''« -pitaiity, 'nianj "^^h 

Inhuman m. s. 1T5« • aj •Jlg^p -ity. nvnp^ * 3 J Wttf jf 


INJ— INO 196 

Inject, throw in, "lln^ P^T «">3n R. «ia Jon, n«3n 

•lin? npnr 

' : IT If: 

Inimical, m. 8, "7 13iiT\D ^1V 

Inimitable, m. s. *V^Kl "l^li? I-^K -itobly, H^JJSn On? 

Iniquitous, (person) m. s.^B'lB * J/B'T -quity,i;ah. *Sp^ 

Initial, nmn b>«i 

Initiate, T n» K^D * ^n -tion, G^ti^D * "pn 
Injudicable, ?^Q') ^h -judicial, lOaB^OD ^hf -judicious, 

m. 8. nainn •la r« 
Injunction, rviyp * i^v * Hnip§ 

Injure, pnn * iPnrr R. Jjm njuribus. m .8. pVQ ♦ ;;iD -jury, 

PP. * n^l 

Injustice, ^IjP ' nh}S * I^B^T 
Ink, 1"''^ -stand, "IQiDn H^j? -y, in3 
Inland, D»OTiplm nt^T n« 
Inlay, PlDin iDin HBV 

Inlet, «iaD ♦ nna 

». ■ • 

Inmate, m. s. 'UJi TYO'D^ 32/1'' *1| 

Inmost, D^plDgp * n''D''3$ 

Inn, (for travellers,) D''n")lN"]i^P -keeper, m. s.-n^3 •hvi 

P"T3ia Ch. 
Innate, ^JS^^^ICO; 
Innavigable, i2]^\ tt^ 
Inner, "llfl * 3"lp ' ">D''33 
Innocence, niD^DW (of a crime) ^f^pi -nocently, —3 -nocent, 

m. s. D''Oln * DJT'«p3 
Innovate,nlB>'Tq IJJjn-tion,?!^!?!!! piDfl.tor,nlB>nn IJJnip 
Innumerable, napp TK "Tj; 

Inoculate, 33in ^*fn^h -tion, nasiH * Hs^iari 

2 A 

194 INO— INS 

Inoffensive, m. s. 'p^^r-'ifP-l.**^ R- ^^^'P^l -siveness, 

jrsn a^tO -«ively, -3 
Inordinate, m. s. /H3D * /S/DD R. 7/3 -dinateness, * 7^3/3 

nDIQnjR -dinately, —3 
Inquest, Inquisition, HTjpn * nB''''1^. 
Inquire, Bh^ * B'jJa ♦ bWJJ? -ly, .12^^^ • n^«2^ ♦ "TIpSl 

• ^ • ■ • ■ • 

Inquisitive, m. s. 73*1,9 * '^F\ R. IIH 

Inroad, ^JtJ D^K>a * ^13|l flJ^n R. JD3 

Insalubrious, m. s. pMiD R. pW * 'allO ^h 

Insane, m. s. ^HiD * *|nbp * |/|2^P -nity, f\r)tg b^f?^ 

rtjyin R. i/T 

Insatiable, m. s. •j;afe^ tt^ -ness, Hjf 32^ iph 

Insatisfaction, JtfiSnsn "IDH 

Insaturable, m. s. *nr3a^"ifT HIT tt^ 

Inscribe, to write, •^jg 3h3 dedicate, TlK DH^ Ch. ' e^n*1 

-scription, n3ri3 
Inscrutable, IW r« '^V m. s. IJID? 
Insect, JlfDl * H^ 
Insecure, m. s. niD3 llD3 IS^K (his life,) i^ Qmbf) ♦1?TI 

•7339 * IIPP Ch. -rity, ]inK)3r? iph * rr33p 

Insensibility, JYIB^^P -sible, m. s. dull, B^BD imperceptible, 

Inseparability, Tiavi?^? -arable, m. s. ■ina'*.p)n^.l3"'« 

drably, Tlia '^h'2, 
Insert, '^Jg fliplil -ion, HflDin R. tlD"" 
Inside, "tjln * ""D^;? ♦ n?3 
Insidious, m. s. Hj^iip ♦ ^"iB^^D -ness, niai.p * .TD"!-ly,-a 

Insight, niiari * njpi. r. j;t 

Insignificance, nipn -icant, m. s. pn * 2t^t^} ISS^K ' hp_ R. 
^^p -icantly, ^^3^ ♦ ni^|?3 

INS— INS 185 

Insincere, m. s. B'nUD * 'UH -ity, 8^3 * nQ^jn 
Insinuate, to hint,Dty JbT Ch.(one'8 self) a^-nK"ai| n^H 

R. hd: -tion, WD1 '3^ n^i3rfna'<35 

Insipid, m. s. T^fl *D:gB nO -ity, DJJD IDh 

Insist, -a pTrjn on his) iTipij ^v n)b|; r. i?T 

Insnare, 2^p^ ♦ ^"^tt^pn 

Insobriety, (nSB^ 

Insociable, m. s. D"*!/! »''<« IS^R R'. TSXn * Hatt'D 

Insolence, ni^|| *nir^ • 3^ ^llT R. HKJ •.U;? *"nT-lently, 

-a -lent, m. s. lb HaS • CiS TJf ' IT 
Insolvency, ""B^J D^{J>^ n^b"" Vl^3 -ent, m. s. VB^:^ 3ri3 
Insomuch, 13 ♦ n33 ' Ifi^H ijj 
Inspect, to examine, tJ^Sn ^/SJIB^H to overlook, n*^5tt^n 

-ion, ts^ian * ivi^3n2^n ♦ nnau^n -or, n''3tt^D 

• • •» * 

Inspire, encourage, pTH infuse into, 7^ p5f^ -him divinely^ 
D'*'?^^ O^n 1^*1*^ >t^5 -ration, a drawing breath, 

nn na^«a^ an infusion of spirit, --3 D^II^S Hn flO'^fe^ 

• •• 

Instable, m. s. tnlS * ''lapan -bility, fllTPIB * HDISjnjn 
InstgtU, '7V IpSn • T n« kVd -lation, mpa ' O^SIviD 

-ment, by na^fij 

Instance, importunity, my^"? example, tl'^O'l 

Instant, the present month, r?|ri B^nhtl urgent, m. s. pn3 

-aneous, r J13 -ly, J/^T 1^3 . 
Instead, DITIJ? ♦'»li>n * DiPDS 
Instigate, pTH * H^B^il ' TV'Dn R. Ktt^i ♦ n^D -tion, . |1«a^D 

nnon -tor, n''DD ♦ n'^t^D 

Instil, to infuse, • '3 »)''Dn R. ^03 (into the mind) 373 |h3 

-liation, --3 nacsn *3^3 nrru 

Instinct, ySH a natural desire, Ch. ''^3^ V|>n -ive, •>Jtf5P 
.ively,;/3^n "^TO 

196 INS— INT 

Institute, to establish, ISfl *^D^ -^' <* ''5 -tion» * l*w, * HjPin 

■ • ■ ■ • 

plH an establishment, ^30 * Pj?ri -tor, m. s. \^]^D * "Tg)-P 
Instruct, r|^» ♦ llff? * mSn R. m*' -or, ♦ »)1^« * }TllD 

llgjP -ion, ttie teaching. Tilth * iTjIW * Hj?? order, 

Ipab * mVD -ress, miO • ma^D 4ve, • ^•'SiB^ 

Instrument, a tool, *^73 a deed, 3TO *1DB^ Ch.-al, m. s. 

'^'nmn * TDD R. 330 
Insufferable, ^BD*" ^S^D"" ^Hh R. ^13 
Insufficiency, inadequateness, *ipn inabihty, jn/D^ ^J??^ 

Maent, m. s. 100 * Hlty 133'»« -ciendy, 11333 Tlj/.T^Q^ tt*? 
Insular, ^» i>B> -sulated, m. s. TlD^ll * 1^3 * 1^3"? 

Insult, \^w • nin ♦ ^^j? -N. nv«3 * finn ♦ n? Jj? 

Insuperable, *V}^'\ njgD^ lj/_m.*8. 13^P 3lD pR 

Insupportable, ^30^ ^3^3^ ^h R. ^13 

Insure, ITp?!! -ranee, ]1nC>3 * HE)3P -rer, m. s. PPDID 

Insumountable, m. s. *I1«D ^113 ' *n2f30 i^a 

Infturrection, T1D 

Integer, ^in ♦ 73n "^D -tegral, m. s. T^S * 078^ * «^ 

-tegrity, fllD^B^ * n^D"'P^ * pDK 
Int^:ument, I'Sj} * HQI^I? Ch. 
InteUect, ^^\ff * Ha^S -ive, m. s. -bVS, -ual. ''^3fe^ 
Intelligence, notice, iTIJJ^Sl * H^ID skill, 7^^}^ Jigent, m. s. 

■TIQ^P * rij;/^. •tJ^'»« • (jPT -ligible, m. s, X^'in) ^p/CMtS^B 

-ligibiy, 1^55 ♦ niD^a? 

Intemperance, nj^Djlf. B^ * nniB^D -perate, EO&fiWp y5 m. s. 

33W -perature, disorder, JTSH jyll 
Intend, design, \0 * ^QH 
Intenible, ^3^3^ i6 R. 713 ♦ Ch. niB^SO '^^S 
Intense, intent, m. s. IJjitJ^ * \^*IH great, li{9-ly,—Tg -nesp. 

INT— INT 197 

eagerness, P]D3 * njJlB^JI sharpness, 311 * ^ijl * j>th 
Inteat, design, ]1Dp 4<hi, 33^3 -ional, —3 -ness, ♦ r»1TJ?.tt^ 

niVnn -ively, -3 
Inter, *lij? -ment, n'113p 

Intercalary, P)D13 R. ^jD'^maXf Ch. -csihte, ^"^pin^ngg 
-calation, nQDln 

T T 

Intercede, to mediate, "b^ X^f?1^D X^hnR,1^h ' IJiii Jt^i^n 

-dent, m. s. V^^D ♦ H^S •jg''ilDP 
Intercept, nif^ ♦ -3 pjnn • ]'>pfefn 
Intercession, Hlf^D * JTlipip R. DID -sor, T^O * 1D"ID 
Intercourse, * nnsnJfin * ni31|:> ♦ r\^J}^ R. Hj/T * pDlf Ch. 

Ill (as lai; 7 px -|31 / Aace «o -<oi<A km.) 
Interdict, 'hp HIV -ion, Hti^Jin iih mVO * niHTK 
Interest, to care, ti^^H * B^B^n to make -for, 1JJ2, TSMnrT -N. 

concern, ppjtf " ];?j; advantage, fl^^lJI R. ^;;'» usury, 

TV^yjD ^ IT^a"! to lend out at-, ♦ ^B?33 P|p3 |h3 

fi'^an? ni^n -mg, m. s. 3ia^ • * " " 

Interfere, • 3 31i;r»n -rence, --3 fl^Sni/nn 

Interfused, m. s. "^llna ^1^3 * 2lj}t^ 

Interjacent, 'r\')n'2 * d^a'»3 

Interjection, nSinipn n^O R. b^D 

Interim, D'TWa * r\'D^ ii3 P3 

Interior, "^In * '>p''3$k 

Interlace, DDT * T3H 

Intertine, nlTlB^H ^3 3h3 -ation, nlnitf .1 p3 HrffT 

Interlocution, "ISID * riJgDrrrJfiD -utory, ~ip 

Interlope, (see Intrude) 

Interlunar, ti^^n PjlD 

Intermarriage, iTJ^flnnrj 

Interminable, n^h^n ^b'?i R. n^3 '^,)IV. V^ 

196 INT— INT 

Intennii^e, ^nix, 3319 * ?73 

IntenniflBion, jaiO * ."TJia * HTClg -eive, -3 • r^1"IP| Ch. 
Intermit, ^""pH R. hhlp 

Interpolate, 1)32^^ l^pin -tion, HjJtt^^ rraDlH R. fp^ 
Interpose, mediate, n^3 |nap.n fhj^n 
Interpret, explain, IVQ * ihB translate, f $»pn * D|"in Ch. 
-ation, TIN-I * ^InpEi * t3^Snjr\ -er, n«3?D * inlB 

ipHinD Ch. 

Interregnum, »3/'10^ «3^P ^S Ch. 

Interrogate, B^Tl * h'H^ -tion, na^l*? * 7nh0 -tire, 

nj«g^n ti23 -tor, tthii ♦ ^«ltJ' 

Interrupt, to hinder, J[;n?n ^ne inhis tale,T>"T31.'^lr\^ CSpH 

-ion, naDtjr ♦ -)V];d 

Intersect, 30^7 13^ -ion, l^lJl 

Intersperse, filT * "ITS 

Interval, D^rija *n31 PIS ^3 

Intervene, Onlr? Iblf -lent, m. s. D^^Sri •B^« -tion, 

nif^D * niiDiD R^ onD ♦ D^nas riTpif 

Interview, 0^3^ nlS^^n * 1^1 R. "Tj/"' 
Interweave, ^38^ *3hK 
Intestate, m. s. HWV ""^l r\b 
Intestine, internal, ^IH * •'P''?^ -^Qes, D^fiD ' 3'lj? 
Intimacy, TV\JJ1. -timate, ;/nln**]TN nVa -N. a confidant, 
i/TlD '|/1 R-i/T *ni/T -timately, ni3"|j?5 -timation. 

Intimidate, D»K * bn^T} * in^T) -tion, nnn^jn 

Into, ']'\n^ 

Intolerable, m. s. Tttp J/l R. J/IT -erably, ^si'D^. ^h ^3 TJI 
R. ^13 .erance,D:3S5 HVp * ni3^3p ''ri^3-erant,m.s. 

INT— INV 199 

Intoxicate, m. s. ")3B^ -tion, |113t2^ 

Intractable, m. s. 3318^ * »inV Tie^p -ably, ^(iV Wtt^pJ 

IntransitiTe, ^Dlj/ 

Intrench, hJ^JI IBTI ♦ pn nJ3 ' H^^lD ^bB^ -ment, 

T * T • • XT ' T J ' •• T 

Intrepid,' m. 8. TV} *e^"'8 ♦ 3^ ♦f'Dt? -ity, 3^n V^ISK -ly, 

• •• • 

Intricacy, VVh * n313p -tricate, m. s. "llSa * ^af'SD 

R. HVa 

Intrigue, 'h^ Bhn ♦ DbT • Dt^ -N. a plot, HB^j? amour, 

ni3J|; nST-riguer,j;T B>-}1n ♦D"'35lfl ^ii 
Intrinsic, inward, ^P^3$ * '^'\T\ real, nOS -ally, —3 
Introduce, S""?!! -duction, a bringing, nit3?l a preface, 

nif-yn r. jjv * nanpn * n13d -ductive, -? 

^ T - ^ T t': - : 

Intrude, intermeddle, m. s. ♦I? t<? *13*T!l ♦3*IIf JlH encroach, 
.^na J^DH -der, m. s. *1^ iib 1313 *21Vnj:i * ^135 * J-iDO 

-8ion,*i^ N^ 1313 ni3ni;nn *^i35r\JDn R.*jDa 

Intrust, 'm "TPQn ♦ T3 Iil3 (with his secret) -^ inlD "ibD 

Intwine, rQ,J} *lW 

Invade, •7J;; a\:f^ ' ^133 J''pn nler, m. s. '7^ • DtJ'lB 

••3 n'nanp*to.'J''C)D R. jd: 

Invalid, a. m. s. HSl * Bh^H -, s, JJS • IVp ♦Jt^^n -ate, to 
weaken,n§"!rr ♦ B^l^n make void, ]^«^ DIB^-ity, ♦ ti2 IDh 

Invaluable, m. s. l^D' ♦IP'' ' •Hv'D'' t<7 

Invariable, m. 8. ma^"" n'«7nMt7 *D»P -riableness, ♦ JTiTDfl 

DVp -riably, TDFi * •<13C^ * ''i'3 
Invasion, 'bj} niO'«t:'3 * mjH -sive, m.s/ HDnSo 3n •2^« 

•-7133 ♦ y^DD R. JD3 

300 INV-INV 

Invective, ^[Mli ♦^1^11 -ly, -3 

Inveigh, pi/f pi; V 

Inveigle. HPlB * »^?^n * n^pH R- »B^3 * H^D <ler. npO 

Inveiii to discover, tiVD fagn. l^n tilS -ion, • TI^'iDn 

Dvnn -ive, m. 8. Dinjcj ♦ ^^:3^Q * n«V^?':' ''^^ -or. m. 8. 

Inventory, D^^P^^SH nD^tt^l R- ^^t3 

Inverse. naiBDJ? ^y. l|in^ ^ion, iipH ns'^aqj? 

Invert, ^SH -edly. Tig)" naisnn^ 

Invest, to confer.-^ ih? (in an office) T T^ «^0 besiege. 

Investiture, nnHS^ na-in? 

Inveteracy, (hatred)'n«3J8^n ^"TJI (of a disease) ^^B^p^ H^TP^ 

s^hn -erate, m. s. HB^j? * pTH 
Invidious. m.s. re ^IfT ^V-^-' ^i^ ^^ '^^l^ ''^'-^ 
Invigorate. n»n *3^ \^»« E^^-^^^"' ^? '^^''^^'^ 
Invincible, m. s. *npD ^^5 * •'IS??? ^'^ V^ -<iWy. 

Inviolable, ^m W '^^ I^' "" ■^***^' "' "^ ° - 
InvisibUity. n»-53 ^J^^? ' nOI*?!?:^ "ibK * m^- ^'^ 

Invite'' call, 'ni* tilB -**ti°°' "^'"'•^ -**'• '^'^-"''' * •'^"- 

jT'pp -tingiy, nnpnj , ll 

Inundation. 0^31 O^Q ^K)t^ * t'BD R. "^Si or ^^2 
Invocate. -voke, UWH * ^ ' '^^ ^r "^^^ti^"' * ^^^^ 

Invoice, rninpn Tyn^vt\ 

INV— JOY 201 

Involve, to comprise, pTHH * V^| entangle, * rT313pa iV'arT 

• • mm 

Involuntarily, mi^ b^"^ Ch. * m?n3 Ch. -untary, 

m. 8. •liiV'^3 tt^^f • D31N 
Inure, "!J3n • ^l^^ -raent, JHap * ^inn 

Inutile, ^'•jfi'« ^h 'Kie^ -tiiitj^, n^j/iii ""n^a r. bv'^ 

Invulnerable, ^|in^ pT3^ tt^ • 

Inward, within, "?|1n5 ♦ a^jja ♦ D''2Da -ly, privately, 


• T • • • 

Iota, "» % -)^p 

Job, chance work, mpD 121 

Jockey, one who rides, 331 

Jocose, m. s. ^flHa -ness, D^'^lfin -ly, —3 * plnV? 

Joggle, jolt, jgrift ♦;;3i;3 ♦niaR.ifir ^i/ia ^ma ' 

Join, nn« ♦ "ian TtiJ ♦Dbn nti^j? -er, ^•jt; tihn .t,a. 

m. pi. Cnan -t, s. (of bones,) Ch. )''15«n pj -ted, m. s. 

If ^2 -tiy, r-nn^ ♦ -rnia -ture, ii^^o-^oaV ♦ naina 

-tress, — Tl7jtfa 

Joke, pny ♦ "^rirr -n. ^inn ♦ pmy -er, pnvi? ♦ ^flnp 

Jollify, jovial, 3^ 31CD ♦ njrjyP-%-a -ly, m.s.*35 OlD 

Jot, "> bf "ivfj 
Journal, iai'«a Df ^t^yiVi na-n nD''ah -ist, m. s. 


Journey, HllK naitf * JJlD^ -N. riPD? * IfpD ♦ "Jl^nO -man, 
Dl'>T3?^n''3e^ '^JEfla-worlcTDfe^n^lJ/^ ' * 

Joy, to rejoice, nbb ♦ b'r^ * nn^ ♦ r"^^ ♦ b^l ♦ fe^^ie^ .n. 
-fuhess, nnpty ♦ n^qvp * ny\n • n^'«a ♦ jlts^e^ -fuUy, 

-3 -less, -tt^3 -ful, m. s. -kVo * npfe^ * bn'^ -ous, m. s. 


202 IRA— IRR 

Irascible, m. s. HDn ♦"I^Hip *ti^» • Dllffi' *n^i * IDp * ^MT 

-ness, nnn * nwwi * D^a« ivp r. «i3« 

Ire, D^3 ' TJT • ^yj? -ful, m. s. -«.^D 

Irksome, niihnh ' Hlb^ 

Iron, to sinooth, DH ^P5?l P.^nn * rna -N. s. m. s. ^HS 

-, a. made of iron, —7^ -monger, — IDiD 
Ironically, ^li^H Tn^ Irony, U^hM^r} * tr\T\n "njn 

• • • • • 

Imdiance, -diation, IHt ' Hj;?)''. -diate, "Tintn * ^J<fl"in 
Irrational, absurd, 7Dfe^n "TJiS * HDISHn void of reason, 

m. 8. njian *ia r« -ity, nmnniri -ion r. ra*i?T 
-ly, nanr* r^*? * ^atf^P \^? 

Irreclaimable, naj?n rJ*^m- sSDia^ng^ tt^ R, "ID"" * TXph 
Inrecondlable, m. s. *n2n^ *"ia3'> »^ * 3^ *T\V}P 

"lis: . II" - : ~ - ': 

Irrecoverable, m. s. *2^r> 7? R. IIB' -ably, —3 

Irredeemable, m. s. *mB> *'7«a'' S*^ 

Irreducible, m. s. *1/15"' •tOjJQ"' N7 

Irrefragibility, ")n3 * Ch. "in^^ B^n?^^ ""ri?!! -ragably, ^3 

-ragable. Irrefutable, y\D} ' HIS * "^n^^ t^n3\«'^ 
Irregular, m. s. ^^30 ' ^3^3p R. Vj2 -larity, ♦ 12^^^ ">ri.^3 

bia^a -larly, TTD3 ^W -late, ^3^3 * "llDn "IBn 
Irrdigion, D''ri7N niO^. ^Jn?3 -giously, 3 -gious, m. s. 

• y» ••• V** TT 

Irremidiable, m! s. laX * *17 NBID r« 

Irremissible, unpardonable, 1§31 n?!^^. H7 

Irremovable, ''laB^ 73 * m. s. •J^'i'Dl ^ 

Irreparable, Kg*lD 73 * n3Pr> ^^5 

Irrepreviable, m. s. *ms'^ •7S3^ i<7 

Irreprehensible, -proachable, '^ST DID '^75 "^* '^^ tJ^^P^ * '^F?^ 

Irrepresentable, HST ♦ n^V'* Vih 

Irresistible, m. s. I'HJp ^rri * •VJB? TOif PX 

IRR— JUD a08 

Irresoluble, m. s. *^jn *PJ]3 

Irresolute, m. s. nai3 ♦ U^S^VO '>r\t^ hj} *nDia -tion, 

nn t1^5"l * P^P (for p^^) -tely, -3 
Irretrievable, Hipn l'»«a * «a"ID '^^3 
Irreverence, Hy/p * 7T7J R. /IT -erently, —1 -erent, m. d. 

Irrevocable, TB^n^ TK -ably, Ttt^H ^^3^ R. Dt^f 
Irritable, m. s. nan •"I\"1D *^^ ' Dii?3^ ni2 -ritate, 

T " It * * • J*" 

D"*;?"!!! * U'^^n -ritation, mi fiavj; niib r. "nD 
Irruption, njJTna n«">a ♦ ^i3ii r-ijpri r. jdj 

Is, (is understood in the pronoun, as IJ^riytJl i<in he is our 

Gody ib^ HD fi^Aa^ i^ his name) 
Island, ^R -er, m. s. —312^1^ 
Issue, come out, • 'D »5f J send out, "I3^n • «'>Vln -N. 

event, fjlD * nnHK ♦ n"'/»3n R. n^3 discharge, * H^V 

31T oflFspring, SVSy -less, ni. s. ni-Utf. * D""?! •'^ItJ^q 
Isthmus, Xl,^n ]iB^^ ri^flVl Ch. 
It, (this pronoim is expressed with the third person m. s. . as 

Kin 3113 it is good, p ^n^ it shall be so. It is sometimes 

imderstood, as 13"^ ]^|jt it is nothir^.) 
Itch, (the mind) P)p3n (the body) ypjO -N. * f\D^ * DnH 


Item, also, "TlifT a new article, in» V'iV V'D 
Itinerant, m. s. gDl3 * T3 'i/a R. IM *J}^2 
Itself, IDVJ? as iDVfi? "I?-!."! the thing itself. 

Jubilant, "m. s. VnvifniD -lation, n^nif ^ip ♦ nj/nri 

-lee, ^31"> 

Judaism, finin^ ^Klfen ntt'D ni -daize, ^^inN «Vo 

Judge, decide, lt3 * ^IH pass sentence, DDB^ * 7y2l discern. 

t: « 

204 JUG— JUX 

toatj^D ♦ mra * n^"'^3 -icatory, (A court) PI n"»a 

-icature, l»in' JSSlB'n ri3 -icial, -icidly, * D"»^''^Da 
tOB^Sa -icious, ]"'30 * T^^ -iciously, ."1313^5 'WB^a 

Jug, papa na Tin^y *tpi5 

Juggle, .nai ♦ ^an ja^jy^ .gier, ^»m *^bi 

Jugular, i«iv tna n'njia ^a^ -guiate, oha' 

Juice, rVin? *ri'»m7n7 R.m7 (of grapes) D'lpitf Juiceless, 
m. s. {J^IP -iciness, ma''P1 -icy, m. s. n 7 

July, risri * "'i?''a"iri e^ih 

Jumble, h% * ny^v -N. ^la^a • «'«3ia-i;/ 

Jump, j"^-! ♦ x^?. * "ii?! -N- Ji^ nv'«ai? • Tijri 

Junction, Hl'^nSfln * n^nSHfin -ture, union, 
June, \VD * '•B^^B^n B^lh 
Junior, m. s. TJ?^ *]1tDj3 
Juiiiper, DTl'l 

Ivory, anje^ *^^B"]B^ 

Jurisconsult, Wl^-i8diction,n"np5l -isprudence, ]^11 n^njtf^'T^ 

-ist, •'jiin R. m"' -or, Dflla^ -y, cri^K * pi rria 

Just, N. m. s. p'»'nV • "JB^ -. ad, ] JDp * DVpVP Ch. -ice, 
justness, D|a^D • 1^'' * plV (an officer,) ]^ * tOSlB? 
-iceship, — H Tllp^ il/^D -ifiable, p^V^ -ifiableness 
P'W^'P ■^K'?? -ification, nip^DyH ' ri^^V^flH -iificator, 
-ifier, lii. s. piyp ♦ p^D -ify^ piVH "^jg r:?.! R. , pj 

-ly, Ba^^pa ♦ p-T^? 

Justle, to encounter, . ■ a ^ia push, Hhl 

Jut, to push out, "l^lHil 

Juvoulity, (feiHngs.) bnil/jn^DH youthfulness, Tllintt? 

niina • Tvnb'^ -veniie, -a 

Juxtaposition, nilD m. s. •in^-j 1^5 *BM* h?ng 

KAL— KID 906 


Kalendar, mt^ ">D^ Hlb 

Ked, n^iiin ]vr\nr\ 

Keen, acrimonious, ^"'in severe, m. s. "T3^ * pTfl * HtJ^)? * TJJ 

R. riif -ness, nisnq * jrnnp ♦ ■'b^ -iy,''?'l^a ♦ Dniipjn 

Keep, abstain from, ' 'D "iDfn continue, *^n«r7 ' TDjin 
•!|"»a^pn detain, 1^^ ♦ 33:? Ch. defend, 'hjj ]h {jH preserve, 
'ibtl' dwell, 113(2^ R. 38^ nourish, 7373 -close, conceal, 

D^jf n ♦ Tnorr ^ne's bed, 33B'o^ bb: -^lown, ♦ «sn *r^jj 

• • •••■ ' ■ 

^"•asn -an eye upon, •7jy ^J? D^^^ -his ground, 7jtf nJDs^ 
lOlpD -a house, ffSH nl«<fln ^3^3 R. «y> ♦ ^13 mt 
home, ma n3B^ -good hours, 1flj;*3 HQ'' ^iSHTlliW 

-bad hours, vS -company, nSHiin * jP^linrT 

-, (as wine,) inOB^ i»|f D^B> -in his own hand, H)^ pmn 
-one's self, pa«^i7 -him employed, ppjtf];^?!/' 1nli< ^RJ^ 
-off, "^iWPI ♦ giD -his word, W^^ KYlD iW -open his 

house,, nni"!^ iffsi nha -out of doors, pna nbif -out 

of sight, K''3nn (one's self) HanflH -within bounds> 

nrv'i^p ^lii^nj^no iDc'n r. ioi -silence, nn -up, 

Ibjlf -what you have, r\^ IpV^ 5]j» >iV, God -us, 
1319B^> Dt2^n -er, m. s. IDtt? ♦ Ip ' "iDi -ing, '^ItiJ^ 

Kernel, (of grapes) |pn (of a nut) I*]?*?: (of com) HTll^ 

Kettle, "Tl-n ♦ fin^)? 

Key, ("an instrument,) HriBD -^lole, -H "HH 3(?3 -stone, 

na3n naa e^th r. pias 
Kick, Dj/a -N. n^^jtfa 

Kid, (of a goat) DiTIf TJf^S^* n|l 
Kidnap, t&^aS 3^| -per m. s. ti^aS *33lll 

206 KIO— KNI 

Kidneys, Ht'/^ -ney-bean, t^jH 713 

Kai, j'nPT ♦ B^fi3 rran * ITiOn R. nD3*mD to butcher a 


Kin, m. s. Sllj? * nK?> 

Kind, class,. J1D sex, pD good, m. s. TDH * 3"i£0 * t3lnp 

-ness, altD ^^ ^IXT -ly, 3 

Kindle, set on fire, t^ J?;V"in mi? R- iiy* catch fire, 

nlj? • p"^*! enrage, fl-iVpH '* HDn TJtfn 
Kindred, affinity, Dlllf? affined, m. pi. D'*?!!)? 
King, "^Ja -dom, niS.^P ♦ HDI^P * HS^pD -ly, nisJ'P 

-'8 bench, ^lian T"? 'T'Sl -ship. nSI^PH £0315^0 
Kinsfolk, D'>inj? -man, IfTlD * n^B? * 3nj3 * ^NlS 
Kinswoman, rn^B^ * •"'^i"'!? 
Kiss, pit^J -N. TX^^f} 
Kitchen, n^t£>10'-rV'3 -boy, - mtJ^D -maid, -nmtt'D 

• •• •• ••■• 

-garden, yyi\^ 
Kite, (a bird) D^fi * n^»« pi. D'lJK 
Kitten, N. ^inn p3l"> 
Knapsack, tOlpj'^ *^''Pir» Ch. 
KnavcDini; ' ^313 • •>©•] * ^33 -ry, -ish, ♦ D^b? ♦ n»P"> 

nja? -ishly» -3 
Knead, BTI^ -ing-trough, niHtfJ^D 

Knee, "113 • l/n3 -deep, oi^Jl^ ^J/PP -1, ^^13 * ^'l3 

-Ung, 8. f^tC^.^ 

Knell, rrh7\ b'ih'i ^1p R. ^^V 

Knife, p??^ a butcher's-, n5'3«P * ^l^HD 

Knight, Dyp Dnn R. Oil -N. (a title) ^VSfK a champion, 

^:n-nl3ii -hood, -n.^fiP -ly, -3* -^ ""i«13 

Knit, •!)^*a'l«t -ter, m. s. ^3lD 'Jll^ -ting.needle> 

KNO— LAD 207 


Knob, Knop, "^li^pS 

Knock, pBT ♦ n^n -N- n^D R. ."133 -er, pa"TD 
Knot, unite, IflD * lit^Ji -N. a tie, "ia>(5 a difficulty, ♦ ay-jH 
nanp -ty, full of knots, G^-^f^ K^D hard, ♦ pirrj 

V »T : - - T 

Know, ^h; * ")3n R. 133 -ing, m. s. intelligent, rtJTf •UhH 
conscious, "in^73 -ingly, with skill, 73fe^3 designedly, 

TOisa -ledgei rin^'T * njn • ifiD 

Knuckles, (of the fingers) n"i;f3V»'7 * ""i^lB 


Labial, D^fla^ t<Sil30 R. KV^ 

Laboratory, >)livrj nSKj^P n-iS 

Labour, ^Jbl/ * lj"ID * V^ (in childbirth) ^h^TS ^^"i Pim« 

-borious, m. s. diligent, "Tj?lB^ ' V^'^C difficult, * HB^B 
133 -boriously. njy"'3''3 * HSt^na -bourer, m. s. * ^^IS 
"T3i; -bouring, m. s, Jin^D * j/ 

Labyrinth, n313P 

Lace, D3"l -N. ^3n * mpn 

T V y t'; • 

Lacerable, m. s. JJlj^'l * P)nE)^ -cerate, (cloth &c.) £1]? * D^a 

(flesh) Plfip'3 • P]hD -ceration, njtfnj? ♦fl^B^B " P]nD 
Lack, IbH -brain, m. Si ySB^ **1Dn -N. defective, m, s, 1DH 
Laconic, m. s. IV p -onisim, TlVJp -onically, —3 


Ladder, DvD 

Lade, to freight, •^jjf Di»Xfn ^ing, .10^0 

Ladle, (a spoon) f)3 pL nlBS R. P)a3 * 1^T3 Ch. 

206 LA.D— lAP 

Lady, H^lnj nm * iTTiail -ship, -H vhvp -like, * r»33g 

TOT R. n^T 
Laid, m. s. DDf^D -up safe, DD3 * ]^DD 
Lain, m. s. 3^3t£^ 

Laity, Ont R. "IIT ♦Djprf ^iDH ♦ nlOt'in Ch. 
Lake. Um 

Lamb, HJ^ -kin, 3^n nbti pL D''»^IO -like, nfe>3 
Lame, crippled, m. s. nD3 * D^^JTH?? -V. -h Dlfe^ -ly, 

like a cripple, —3 -ness, rWJn 
Lament, • • h ibV * 'hv ^^1^^^ t^lp grieve, 'hv. 3>f JtJH * aJf^ 

-able, aXif -ably, -2 -ableness, ]l3VjP * ]i3N"n. -ation, 

"TBDD ♦ naon ♦ nrp * n»aK ♦ n»a«n -er, m. s. • naio 

Lamp, rnl3p -black, 11^3 
Lampoon, • -3 pnV bjlH -er, m. s. pnVD * ynHD 
Lance, pr»3 * VSl^ ' Hp-q -N. n^JH ^ ^ITS -cet, bn^Q 
Land, set on shore, 1*11^3*^7 il^3n come on shore, nK^S"^? Kl3 
-N. a country HrnD earth, p« ♦ T]f'3l estate, * H Jp? 
mfe^ -ed, -holder, m. s. — 7^5 -lady, -lord, (of an Inn, see 
Innkeeper) -ing place, Jll^SS ^1H -mark, Tina -scape, 

mfefn nirn -tax, xnjD ch. * -i^sn n^o r. i-td 

Lane, "^l^ * n"l3J?ja 

Language, \*[t^b ' HflB^ * nia*! feir-, D?i nQB? ""ipiit ill-, 

D^K^p Dnn'l • D'lv't^T R. ^^T -master, DlilB'^ IS^D 
Languid, m. s. »)1tO^ ♦ t)^)/ ♦ B^^H ♦ IIIT •HST -guidness, 

-guishment, -guor, ^1"«D-j * ^"ib R. n3T * HB^^n * ilhhv 

-guishingly, -3 -guish, ^}lJyT\ * ^l^J/I^H 
Lank, slender, m. s. P'l R. y^'^ -ness, nip'n * Hlp'n 
Lantern, inV ^fCa^lt Ch. 
Lap, N. p^n 


Lapidary, ]1» tt^KII^ -idate, hpD * Din -ideous, pH 1D5 

-idescence, 13K7 H^irT 
Lapse, glide. lOjn ff?n * H'^pl ^'^H lose time, TajgH 

■T|f1Sn R. •r;;t -N. a fell, nnK ♦ *Tl^n a change, * f\^^n 

«l3a> ^, m. 8. gone, 12^ * H^S * inK 
Lapwing, flS'^DI'l 
Larboard, .'T'JKn ^«jbfe^. 
Larceny, T\2}i 

Lard, N. Trrin ip^ti^ -er, na^si mp^D nnrj 

Large, m. s. abundant, 21 big, h'HSi (person) iTID •B'^ R» 
T!D to discourse at -, D'''13'1 T'lSH be at-, • -^ lllT Jy, 

2^? • namna -ness, an^i ♦ hil ' 

LasciTious. m. s. lewd, n?^\ •fjIDB^ lustful, H^Kn •7jtf5 
-ness, >)1DJi3 * TVQJ^ * ilSt R. DDT -ly, -3 

Lash, to strike, ID} * n3i"l satirize, D"'Tl'nn "»"l3n5 n^^ -N, 
a stroke, HSD R» HDi 

Lassitude, niQ''r * nitbn * il""?"! * ntj^^n 

Last, continue, yi^H ♦ "^fB^Dn -N. hindmost, • mlini?! 
-night, 12^p» i-month, -week, njJEjn t^lhgpa^ -year, 
m3|;n nj^ at-, *\t)) -of all, n"nn« -ing, m. s. DJl? -ly. 

Latch, ^i?J -N. ^^55 ^ ^W in^ 
Late, m. s. slow, IH^D deceased, T\Q R. HID benighted, 
mng'^in r\2''\^ -m the day, Tl DVH R. tl"' -to the 

night, nJiVnrilv.ri3x)f ., -ly, snjsia too -, ipfrrngijf 

of -years, b"'"TnN D-ip*? -ripe, n^"'a8 -ness, IpTH "IIH^ 
Latent, m. s. D?Ka * "1003 
Lateral, -ly, nvS R. TO 
Lath, N. a slip of wood, yjj 15 
Lather, nnl3 '^D ^|? 

2 c. 

210 LAT— LAY 

Latin, ">pn"ti2^^ -ism, -3 IM'V} |Q"i« -ist, -3 ]'»30 

Latish, nnKD nirn 

Latitude, breadth, 21^1 ( a d^ree) iVna ltrna©rf 1j?p 

. • — T -• 

Latter, m. s. B'ln ♦ \t\m -ly, B^IHO * SllpD -math, Crnar 
Lattice, 33B>« ♦ D"'3nn -work, n33B^ fltih rTJ8>;;D 

Laud, natt' * 'jv'n -n. n3a? * rhnn -aWe, nae^o ♦ 7?nD 

Laver, n1^3 

Laugh, (caused by merriment,) ph^^pIlK^ to deride, 

-3 hm pnV -aWe, pmV * pln^ -er, m. s. • pfJiS^D 

pnvp -ing stock, pHb^D 
Lavish, 1Ta*T3r3R.nT3 -N. m. s. nTBD * T3T30 -ment, 

nV|> M^t5 -ly. -3 
Launch, to start forward, V'lB (into the sea) 1110 WT 

Laundress, nD3l3 -dry, D3l3n DipP . 

Law, a code, m iJI R. iTV decree, JTT. * pH -of naticws* 
CPfiO £3S2^9 -of nature, JJ^QJl ^Tl publish a -, D"! ]ri3 
follow the i, iTIin TlbJ go to -, (he) ItO^tt^p 3npri 
D"«ri^»J move for a-, rVI tnili* X'V^ execute the -, 

Datt^p nii^j} be subject to a -, m^p? nia^r ^ man ch. 

learned in the -, H'Til'^il Tl^/p -day, 1^'lfJ Dl"* -expaices, 

toBB^an Tno ni«if in r. Jtir -fui, piv nts^ -fuhiess, 

Oaa'P * n * "H^"* -ftiUy' -3 -gi^er, ppinp -less, 
ITO Jt7B^ -suit, JD^B'P * iTj^ri -yer, professor of law, 
"•nin an advocate, ^Jd R. p^ 

Lawn, a plam, lltt^P linen, yHD 

Lax, m. s. loose, HQl * "^H R. 13T (in the body) VPJQ2 r6h 

^tive, DVJ[;p pnp -ity, D^j^p njjnn "60 * W^a^ 

Lay, to place along, impose, DliS^ -aside, let al<me, Stjf dismiss. 

LAY-LEA 211 

Tpn R. HID -in one's way, ""j^? \hi -by, /in reserve) 
ni^J?h ]^ * P^ -claim to, tS^jSa -the cloth, 

\nbt^Tt •^i'Hjp -down, astj^n * n'ljrr r, ma (flat) ♦ nm 

nnjin (resign) HbD -the dust, P3HrT r|l")n -an egg, 
nm D^O T^in R. n^"" -hands on, T n'^B^D^fe^ (as a 
bishop) Vjlf IT *?]bD -violent hands on, "2 J^JB (on one's 

self) iDVi; n^On • ^ a^I^a -in provision. ♦ HTV pDrT 

Dp««fe*llTan3y -over, ni55 -out money, S^IH 
*|D3 ]1pD Ch. -open, make manifest, nhi -hold, ' 'U pTHH 

^4e, ^jtf »n;n tvc R. inv -a wager, p]? ^j5n * nnj^rir? 

-waste, 3^inn -N. not clerical, 7ln * \w^'^ -er, a stratum, 
VXbt *'n313 -Ch-man, IT •{Dlnn Ch.-8taU, tHHO * TS^^Vt, 
Lazer, J/nlSp .zaretto, D"'jtr,"l11fl9rf ^''^'IH JT>a 
Lazy m, s. 7\y\l ' nanJID • ^-^P -ziness, tl''^"! * TVih)tV 

-zily, —3 
Lead, V. "sp^.n * T/'^'^ * ■^'T? -o° ge°%» ^'"^S -«f -ing.n>. s. 

Lead (a metal) iTT,2llf -pencil, — C3^ -en, made of lead, —7^ 

heavy, m. s. "T33 
Leaf, (of plants, or of a book) H?!/ (of a door, or a table) JVf? 

pL nini^ -less. f\^Wn 

League, a confederacy, 1^]? * fin? -V. -fl^p * lit^j? 
Leak, f)'>isn R. fpi ' f\'^J}'\r} -N.' pia ♦ ni3^ -y, ♦ f\'*t^t$ 

Lean, incline, "^Tni^ niDn rest against, ^JfB^H * Jil^n -N. 

nn • tr^na ♦ p"i r. ppn * bi r. ^H -ing, * iT^n ♦ n»p| 

Leap. V92 * ■3^1* "'i!l*l -N.nV^Sl? *J1^n*Tlp1 -year. 

m^jjD n3B> • liar n^tt^ 

Learn, to hear,filb2^ gain knowledge, Tb? teach, HS? * f)?K 

212 LEA— LEG 

mln R. HT -ed, m. 8.1S^P -er, TD^J? m,s. llS^h -ing, 

erudition, Tisl? * r'=!P* Hj^T. 
. Lease, N. rnfe^ rf% n"T3tt^rr let out by -, T'S^rr 

Least, N. ^{DP Vi^^ -, ad. nlnsn "jS^ 

Leather, nijj -n, -W -dresser, nilllT TSJgP -fieller. 

Leave, bequeath, '?''n?n * tS?n>-I R; BH'' forsake. B^tOJ * 3.tV 
^ff, ••DHB'in'lbjr -out, n^jn R. T\y -at random, 
TlipTO^-a remnant, I^S^n -N. permission, 'tJTl^n 

tvitth, a'iareweu, ofHitoa givi-;.*niah. ih3 * n^yj 
ncDari take-, nitt^T ni?^ • Toan 

Leaveii, f piin -N. "liS^ 

_ • 

Leavings, a remnant, ITng^r 

Lecherous, m. s. nWT ♦n;JlTD"'3Mr •fjlln -eiy, ♦DW 

nST R.DDT -erously, —3 
. Lcjction, ^Teading, nW^^pH ]5^^ 
Lecture, to discourse, tth'n reprimand, n">3in -N. * nttnT 

nnain -turer, ahii*ttthn*ni5lD R. rt3'» -turesWp, 
-n n-np? i5Di; ch. 
Ledge, na^b n-japp 
' Ledger, nB>t<irrnw?trnBD 

Leech, np^jB. 

Leer, m? njfi; v^lE "N- TJ? 'ini? 


Leeward, nk^Hj linn i2jg? ♦ mirin|3?a^ -n? 

Left, opposite to the right, ^Sb^ go towards^ the-, Tt^t^H 

landed, nu s. *lrp>T-|^S ' 
Leg, b>1 * IpW 
Legacy' na^^T M^^W 

LE6-~LES 213 

Legal; YiDi * '•\fl -ity, ^%fD*lf>Jae, flltTl pl • rttthll 

-ly, ]1333 * DSe^B? ♦ FTO 
Xi^atee, m. a, B^ll^ * iTySl -tor, m. a-'TTliD 
Legend,. (of saints) DNZ^nJIirT "^ "ISp 

Legerdemain; rrpV D'^it'i^J?^ "R- "^Iffl 
Legible, «T)?n) Plii -ibly, 13 "STip pTla^3 

Legion, |i^^^ Ch. 

Legislate, pj3ln ♦ n^lrr thj R. n*T< -tion, H'llfl ^flD -tive, 

-tor, m. s. ppln^ • ITVifV *\r\Sl -ture,trilS^ 
Legitimacy, a lawful birth, X'^'^ll'^^ n^T\2 iTTS R. ^^ 

genuineness, ]T'^'>D^ * Dag^D -imately, -^3 -imate, m. s. 

Leisure^ ^39 -surable, m. s. — ♦T7 t5^ -suiably, -eureiy, 

r»!n3?i ^^i^s R. naa 

Lemon, JIiKk Ch. 

Lend, 7"'«^n * HtS^n * r\m (money) n]?? -er, m. s. 

• * • 

Length, extent, ^\^ -ei^,'T*^TS!^n -wke, m. s, 131K^ 
Lenient, -itive, m. s. "^319 * "^T -ity, ri13T| .* S|llD 
Lent, (a fe8t)-,-T31E^rT Jl1»3^rn "'D'^.R. .131/ ♦ DV 

Lentu, nB>7i?. pi. D'ia'nfi 

Leo,fTnX "ytD 

• ■ 

Leopard, nD3 

Leper, m. s. i/llVD -erousy jn. s. JfllV -rosy, 71Jtn5f 
Less, "D tOjt[P ^1PI5 much-, ^3 fct*7 ^H^ *«n, grow less, 
^i'P ^l'*^'! grow less and less, IDHI "^l^n make less. 

Lessor^, ph * l^S^H 11J?^ 
Lessor, m. s: mfef n'^S •TSB^D 
Lest, \^ 

214 LET— LIB 

Let, aUow, ntthn leave, •'? IVitl R. nV^ * "D V'lH hire 
out, *V2tt^il (this verb is expressed sometimes with a future, 
or with the imperative of /JtJB and T^Qn as, let me see, 
n«-|« or 'ij^-in -fly, nW -wood, D*n ?^Pn -know, 

jtfin -down, -nin r. tt" -m, ma^ or «">3n) 

Lethargic, drowsy, m. s. DiTTJ * Hth -argy, HDISJl 

Letter, an epistle, Jl^tj^ * ISip (in the alphabet) Jl1)t -case, 

D^anart nn]nD» -carrier, nnj« KtS^ia -ed, a man of 

letters," nppjPlI'^ -founder, Ml^nlSt Pp^ 
Lettuce, /ntn 
Levant, D^j?? |n» 
Levee, 11^»T * D""?^ ni«1 ' llpS 
Level, flatten, 1^1 ♦ iW to aim, pH ♦]3l3 -N. evoi, 

"ItJ^ * llB^P (an instrument in building) "^IJ^ -ler, na. s. 

^nji iiDp •ma^D -ness, ca^iifn ^w 

Leviathan, |r?Jl7 

Levite, ^1^ -ical law, D^ani nnlJl -icus, Slj^fl "IpD 

Levity, nvq^ * B^tti ni'?)? R. b^jJ 

Levy, "^4; DD DltJf -N. T^lf *D)D ' DDD R. DD3 

Lewd,iustfui, m. s. not •<ioia> * •is^ hikw nn^ •^^irr 
^i?»^3 n -ness, nijm ♦ nsr r. ddt 

Lexicon, JTi^SH ^^p R. vvD -cographer, ^^3DP 

Liable, m. s..)3ia R. p3 * ^JJ Ch, -to be fined, t^i^JJ •\3, 
-to be flogged, fJlSH *|il R. HDJ -to be put to death, 

ma *ti>^« -to die, nniDfl •la 
Liar, n^i * -ijsia^p ♦ tt^HDD * p^s * aipiik 

Libation, "^D^ 

Libel, »)in * ^'na '"^^ nan s'lyin -n ♦ »)r»n *j;i ogr 

Wa -lous,-^B> -ler,m.s. 'J}'^'^^ Jill •N^lflO R. «ir 

LIB— LIF 216 

Liberal, m. s. lh Jin *3n3 -ity, ni3n3 -ly, n3'>13 niia 
LibCTate, release, "I^PDH ♦ ^B'Sfl? nW (a prisoner) IJ^tl 

R. ina -tion, the delivering, b">*)1Da ♦ rPlVl?^ * rnPlH 
Libertine, m. s. 22'\ti^ * itfllS -ertinism, ♦ niSllfe^ * TWV^^ 

i<-\p^n Ch. 
Liberty, freedom, B^Qh * niT'n R. niH leave, niBh 
Libra, D'iTND ^tD 

Library, Dn^pH ^i5if;^l"'^ "llfiS -rian, HDltT^ 

Librate, D^S '^pe^Sn nil??' -tion,"^pB^Srr ^W 
Licence, grant leave, JltJ^nH * 21185^") ]h2 set at liberty, 

inn -N.nie^n *]l"'a^i *'n"innR.in3 

Licentious, m. s. nST •t^pltt^ -ness, niSt ' niMlB^ 
Lick, (with the tongue,) "^Jl? * pj?? 

Lickerish, jj|; ♦ jwi?n *^j;?a * p3^p 

Lie,(down,) lig^-in wait for, D^V * 3*1^ tell a-, * l^p * B^)13 

3t3 ♦ nn3 -N. ipti^ ' tyna • 3T3 * ons 

Lieutenant, pD * 131*l^nK -ancy, — H fl^lpa -anship, 

-n n^gD 

Life, animal being, D'^^n while there is- (in him) there is 

hope, inipn n^5x ^h inott^a la iiif-^3 i owe. my- 

to thee, ^jn^nn he was in danger of-, it costs his-, lB^5i33 

to venture his-, HDD/ 112^93 ^*1'^ i -giving, -saving, m. s. 

• • ■ • 

n^riD causes of- and death, ^lB^fl3 ^J'^l to try for-, 

1V1 long., D"<p; nsntj lay down his-, Itt^^a ibD 

to fly for his-, W^i nl">rinV ni3 all my- time, ^3 
••n ^3« ia^» D"'a^n he lo^t his- by law, 13 IDI he is 
coming to- again, 13*1|? vJl 1tS^S)3 3112' he spends his-, 
D-ip; nVsp * Vp; 1^3 -guard, (of a king) tS'th/' 1Ql2^ 
•I^Sn -less, dead, m. s. nD R. niD -time, "^m ' '>a'> 
-weary, m. s. V»n3 *X^ R. pp 

216 MF— LIN 

Lift, elevate, »Wi *h^* paan -up the voice, ^1p D^n 

heave, Dnn • rt^i -N. ^712X1 * ncnn 

' * T T T*;" T T-; 

Ligament, 73n * Hyinn 

Light, to kindle, B^« P^IH mn R. flV^ meet with, 
■ "3 J/iS come down, ^^'^ * 703 to -one, or give-, TtiH 
-N. 8.11*t * WlJ -, a. bright, n\'7| not dark, ni« not heavy, 

h\i bring to-, nVs 'iis^ «''Vin cometo-, •nisj kVj 
ni^an -footed, m. 8. rhyy^ •^j? -of belief, T^i^rh •b^, 

he made -of it, VJ^S Jj33 |b|? -headed, ni?1_ *'7j? R. ♦ITT 
^i>P -headedness, IS^th niv»)5 -hearted, 1^ •31£0 -ly, 
carelessly, p3n ^73 easily, ni7j?il -ness, Jllvj? -eni to flash, 
^•^"On ease, h^, ^p_n -ning, p"13 * pT3 * Pm 

Lights," hri 

Ligure, Dtt^^ 

Like, to approve, • O ^BTI ni!fT in the same manner, * IDI!) 
* "3 (as V3nK3 ^^J/^ Uke master like servant J -N. m. s. 

••^nDi"n nVa> -ly, n«"ia3 *ni3nD3 -iihood, 3np 

DDK? -n, mtr^n * nSI -ness,r\1D1 -wise, r?33 * t3 -mg. 

van r]iy"3 ' 
Lily, n^ypn 

Limb, a bough, f\ii} * *T^ a member, OVIf * 13^' Oi. -meal. 

Limber, T» R. ^31 
Lime, (a stone) T5 * Tfe^ -kiln, ]a?3? 
Limit, bn^ DiJy * H^i? -N. boundary, ^13| end, * P)1D 
Dinri Ch. -ary, ^M^h ]J^i -ation, n^3W ' "^li^i?^ 

Limp, V. jff^x * riDari 

Lhnpid, m. s. clear, llHE) * THS * ^T * nX R. ^3r * Hm 

transparent, »)1pB^ ^e8s,inb *rm\13 ♦n'Ot *ninV 
Linden, Jivijt 

LIN— LIT 217 

Line, to cover within, D^JpyD ngV iTSp -N. extension, 
Tl k a string, Hlpin ♦ ^irl * inj • £Sin the equator, 1j5 
a mark, iir)W -age, nVi^pT^ * nnjifl R. l^"" ^, ^Uy, 

^1333 * rriij^? -ament, nni^f 

Linen, ^^ U^r)p^ 1}2 fine-, im * X^'2 -draper, — "OlD 
Linger, loiter, im * ponpnn -after, D^^r HIT ni^3 

•iDg, a longing after, nDtS^QX) n?n\n R. TtV -ing 

distanper, nSB^DO H/Hp 

Linguist, m. s. niaitj^'ja "piio 

Lining, ''P"<:^n vjip^" ♦ -7J3rT n^"'?)3 

Link, njn * DDT -N, (of a chain) nj;?3D ♦ H^^n 

Linseed, nnp^ J/nt 

Linsey-woolsey, T^P^K^ . 

Lion, nn» 'nK^a^^ *^ne^ 'S^a^ -ess, «»:j^. (for 

HiT^S pU nii->Sf ♦ D^:i« * ty\»2h • W^nb a young-, 

n"«$3 a whelp, .TI.JJ "1^3 
Lip, riQB^ pL DjpDJ^ (in regimen) lllHS)^ 
Liquation, -quefaction, H^'^PP .* *^inri R-.^JOJ -quefiable, 

riDIip * D'^POn -quefy, *^jpn * D©iT -quesceut, -quid, 

dissolvit^, DDri 

Liquidate, tDD^orr *^"i;irr 

Liquor, liquid, 1|1 strong diink^ "^D^ 

Lisp, V. ihjl ' B20^ -er, m. s, J^ VBa»3p 

List, to enlist him, Onipar? Ilfl^ iB^til n^ «fe^} -Nv 
catalogue, Jlty^pt, (of cloth) liin n^f ^-IB^ -en, ♦jybB^ 
prt^D/Stt'^n -less, heedless, m. s. JlD'iO^ .:i>e^^D 13J^^ 

-lessiy, r?3T»n. rnsti^prt .\^3 -less^ • nag'l?? ^^i'?l 
ni^B^-inn ch. 

Literal! l^bD ♦ tSIB^a -ly, -3 *ni^]:i3 i<^ R-TVI 
Literati, CTS^a -erature, "TV3^ * l/'^ft R. ;?T -erary, -bf 


218 LIT— LOA 

Lithography, ]3^ nW3 

Litigant, m. s. X^n •hv.^ -igate, ^llH * anH ♦ HDVl 
-igation, JD^tt^D ♦ a"""! * D""?"}? -igious, m. s. • D''2"TP •B^» 
3^1 '"JCT^P * '^^ -igiousness, TVItt^j?!/ -igiously, —3 

• • • 

Litter, bring forth, lip -N. a brood, lip a sedan, * fenjtf 

ntso R. nDi 

T • 

Little, m. s. (in quantity) tO^O (in size) ]DjJ -affair, \^p2^ 
-time, nifVP very., njjtp Dj? tUpD by- and-, D^P tO^jp 
-ness, tsjp ♦ nijpj^ 

Liturgy, -«ay n^pn nnp r. ^^d 

Live, to be in a state of life, fT^n dwell, itJ^^ to feed, * • -3 DH? 
D3"!Snn Ch.-bad, lltV ""in n'^n -well, 3? n^pr? -together, 
mn"" nat!^ -N. active, m. s. Tl t^hiK •mr Ch. -coal, 

t^» ^na * naah * nayi -ved, m. s. long-, d'^d'' *'nix 

short-, D^O^ *lVi? he hath lived out his years, IK7O 

Livelihood, n">na * nSa^a r. ^13 ♦ noana ch. 

Lively, m. s. ''H B'lR *TrrD *Tnr Ch. -liness, TinMD 

Liver, not dead, m, s. ^n (one of the entrails) 12'2 

Lively, (clothes) D''J»Va DHJ? '^IV^ -man, a freeman, 3tt^ir» 

Lividity, nTia-l^n HinD Li^d, m. s. ^ in«lP 

Living, maintenance, ]1TD iTHO a benefice, HTini^ 
Lizard, n^^5» 

Lo ! n«i • mn 

•• • •• • 

Load, Ti» \V^ *'h^ O^Dprt charge a gun, nn;. m)5 «Vd 
-N. a burden, nODj/D * ^{03 * t<i&Q R. HB^J -stone. 

Loaf, IS? pi. nil33 

Loan, a thing lent, ni^l^H * «a?D * n^tS^Q R. RB'i 

LOA— LON 219 

Loath, m. s. n^'it^D * n2)"i3 * ypn ^h 

Loathe, ' '3 pp ?i;a * • ' h «"IT^ nVH 

Loathful, -some, 7Kip * 3jm3 ♦ ^jJB^ -ing, m. s. ^^13 -ness. 

Lobby, dViR * "IT^TinB 
Lobe, (of the lungs) hJ^K 

Locality, Jp-19 IH^-^p Dlpp Local, hf -caUy, "»a3 

-cation, situation, DipD 

Lock, lip * ^i/3 -in, nvmioh'v^ -out, •»3a^a"iiD^j;a 

-N. TtJ}}Q -of hair, na7nD * mnp * n"»2f^y -smith, IXQ 

-et, nlD''D3 
Locomotion, iTTnin H^ -tive, m. s. iDlpO n3g^. * TU^ 
Locust, na*l« • aia * 3Jn ♦ ^■'Dn ♦ P^"« * DITVd in its cater- 

v; TT 'TivT ^;t 

pillar state) DtH 
Lodge, reside, TIT * pB^ (temporary) nia (all night) \]h to 

place, ]h3 • Oily -N. (in a park) njl^D MID R. ^^D 

(of a porter,) nn|)rf "lOlB^ »n -gment, nUnf) -ger, m. s. 

151B> ♦ ne^1'« ♦ -|| -ging, 3B^1D • TIJD * ^I^D 
Loft, n^B> (the highest) rV^VH inn noa> -iness, elevation, 

nila * n^i(p * ns|> r. m: pride! ni».J * n^n^i -iiy, 
-3 -y, m. s. naa ♦ n^ "naa ♦ nl&i • d"i r. on 

Log, (of wood) yjJD D^Q3 n7B (a measure) Jl^ 

Logbook, Dl''-Dl'' n»3Kn i^no noiB^T 

T • TJ T I— — • — M • . 

Logic, iy>m R. njn -ai. -hti^ ^ly, -tsBB^pa -ian, * -^jffa 

Logwood, j^avpn ^Jl 

Loin, (the back) n|nD * yhn pi. DiiariD ♦ D''y Jn ■ 

Loiter, "in« • gp^ibij^n -er, m. s. Hani * naiJip ♦ ^yi? 

Lonely, TT3 m. s. TTiS * lM2^i -liness, niTnil 

Long, P)b3 nton '.awn -N. m. s. having length,' "lll^ -ago. 

390 LON— LOQ 

Df^TDiD^ -after, D"*?!"! D"*?^ |T5JD as-, l^JJ^ how-, 
inn nyti IJJ -headed, m. s. \^2^ * flin -legged, m. a. 
0'»^J1 •J/niy -lived, m. a. D"'0> *^"l« -animity, nDn« 
D^Dt? -evity, D^DVIK D"»n -imanoua^ m. s. Dni*Jl'»"'2^ 
-imetry, pNH mnb nDDH 

Longing, ^flH * ^ipi * H^pn * Hl^ri -ly, -3 

Longitude, • "D PHID -ways, 131R? 

Long8ome> tedious, m. s. "?]tS^DD * "l^iinp 

Longsuffering, m. s^D^BN ♦'T^Ht R. ^2)k 

Longwinded, -breathed, m. s, IIV) **?|^it 

Look, (see behold) -about, be circumspect, Iflf H -every way, 
n3»1 n)« e^BH ♦ PtDI ria nja -back, (behind bim) 

mn«p Dan -down, nioD^ Boan -up, n^j/D^ wiin r. 

tOaj -out, choose, iHS-outat a window, ]1yrin IJf^ ^^'^'7 
to appear, nlKHH * nlyUrF -N. HKlD Locking, m. s. 
goocK n«->0 •IICO ill-, HKIP •If'l ^l«88,,n«'jp 

Loom, D''5ii« niaob m^DO 

Loop, HnJi^ -hole, tsJ^D 

Loose, to unbind, Hna * inH R, in: let-, ♦ H v>t8> * rtSin 

r3">jn R. nr get-, itD^n • '•j?: «y; break-, ^'la ♦ nSa 

be^ (Of body) D"'JB05 n"^n ' V^ (>» manners) * J/iaiT 
331b' be ., tottering, XgUl^H -N. m. s. free, * ""B^OT * "^3 

nuo^ lax, nan * "ti R.' ISt (of body) * iv;d3 nSh 

Loosely, not fest, 11^015 irr^oilarly, TTp? K/B' 

• • • • ■ 

Loosen, relax, n3*)n untie, iriH part, TlflH 
Looseness, depravity, HD^B^P * n^J/IB (of body) "^yn 
D?j?©n • W^?^ Loosening medicine, b^Jt/O pnD R- ppT 
Lop, (a branch) IbJ 
Loquacious,m, s. Dn3T ♦nSID •D'^nSity *^*»1» 

LOQ— LOY 221 

Loquacity, Dnni ^^pn * D^n^jjf n)3» 

Lord, nii^fe^n "N- a supreme person, ife^ a master, ^11^ a 
ruler, /B^lD a noblemaQ, 1^55 Jiness, n^l3 * 'Ijj''* -ly, 
nvn^D5 ^hlp, dominion, H ^B^pO (a title) TSa PihgD 

Lose, suiFer loss, (he) 13^D liK (in play) IBMi 

Loser, m. s. MT2D 13tt 

Loss, damage, pt3 be at a-, "^IBH 

Lot, chance, npH^D a portion, pvH* HJD cast-, * 7*^35 
Hl3 "113 it fell to him by-, 1^ ^^ISH nbjJ ^M -tery, 


Lotion, n^Mj^h tn")9 

Loud, m. 8. npin -ness, H'Dln * yip -ly, —3 

Love, 3ni< -N. fondness, Hlint* courtship, f^^^^. be in-, 

nn» make-, r^f^bv^'Dh'hviyi -letter, nnaH 

D^3J^. -liness, rcaTg^dgJ -Uly, -3 -ly, m. s. *lin»- 

in *^j^3 -r,in ♦anis-sick, m. s. n^n« •njn -«»g^ 

Loving, m. s. ]13n * D1HT -kindness, miOnT Jy, — H 
Lounge, V. 7Vi/n • ^DS 3fe^'' -er, m. s. h'HJJ * ^103 
Louse, n33 pi. D'«33 -V. -"»i;3 
Low, to bellow, Hbn ' ^Ip ihj -N. m. s. humble, * ^a^ 

^1T3 little, |1J0J3 weak, I2^7n cheap, 7iT3 with a -ynoe, 

■qlOJ ^1p| -bom, Dnin *|1DJ? 
Lower, to humble, ^gtt^il *£'<33n * njg (one's self) ♦ Jfn.T 

nl3j;n -most, ■»mr) * rprinri * ilnnn 

Lowing, n^"»J|f| 

Lowland, pDjj * nJ^QB^ -liness, rVI^B^ -ly, -3 

Lowspirited, m. s. »)j;r 3^^ * nil nO 

Loyal, m. s. I10i<"3.^ * 337"t3il -ally, —3 -aliat, m. s. 

*l3^o Djf 0^9^ *13^ -aity, nv^bp ' niD^pj? 

222 LUC— LUX 

Lucid, Trta ♦ ny *iinE) -ity, roTna • inb * nins 

Lucifer, nHB^ 13 bh'>n -oaa, m. ». T>J<D 

Luck, nanjtf j5 good-, nnjyp ♦ no hio m-, nin * ^ro j?n 

-iness, Hn JV"? -«ly. "^ -^^' -IDh^ ' ^JO Jffi^ Lucky, 

m. 8. IvbyfD * 1B>»0 
Lucre, nJ'JjVl R. hv * niT -rative, -HSID 
Ludicrous, Jja^ ♦phV-ly.-Tll? 

Luggage, rnn? ' nD01(0 * «B^b R. «2^3 

Lukewarm, moderately warm. Din It?! ^*p t<7 * 0^19^13 Ch. 

indiflFerent, nana * "ytShnO Ch. -oess, t1^B*l 
Lull, (to sleq>) 1^ compose, Dj^K^H 
Lumber, D^il^a * D<3tt^ D"'^3 
Luminary, m. s. *1^R0 -minous, m. s. T^ntO 
'Lump, shapeless mass, D/lll * IDlH gross, 773 
Lunacy, nglij ^13^9 f)p» -natic, m. s. l/TJ/ia^^n^ap 

R.JfT *^^3 
Lunar, Hia'jn ^tS^ Lunation, n33^rr riQIpn R. flp"» 

Lunch, on^ na ♦ b:M oj/d 

Lung, n»"1 -grown, -H TIPJ Ch. (for "^m). 

Lure, «^B^n -N. ]1«B^0 R. «IJ^3 

Lurk, • •? ^'y^ -er, m. s. 3*1 li^ -ing place, 31 KD 

Lust, • -3 pfe^n * ni«nr» -n. pa^n ♦ niKJpi -fui, m. s. 
nar •p\Dla^ ♦ m«n *^j;a -fuiness,-nar na"'JO{S^ r. dot 

Lusty, m. s. pon * ptn -tiness, ^Dh * pth -tily, —3 

Lustre, brightness, ^Hb * IHt / niTHS 

Lute, (a stringed instrument) iS^V /33 

Lutheran, m. s. ^J/^l^ nn\^ *»^DD -ism, n|/E)1^ ^Hp? 

Luxuriance, exuberance, 1/pB^ *3T -riant, JJBB^^ ^S^? 

Luxurious, voluptuous, m, s. HJi^Jp *^1E5tt^ * JiS.-DP 

LUX— MAH 223 

Luxury, -riousness, ni^^ir *niii3rnn 


Lying, rfT^H; -in, m^ii 

Lyre, Dj'« n3l"« -ric. - -h'e^ -rist, m. s. - -3 mQ 


Mace, (a spice) iHlD TlJ« m| (an ensign) p\i'lS^rr t03B? 
7{J»1arr -bearer, Hfe^J ' //•-,.. 

Macedonia, |i'nj5ia 

Machinate, bj * nVstin ^^^H -tion, D-i^DJ * nO"1^ 

Machine, n^lJJ^rr -iHpp ""^^ -nery, en^nery, ^rO»bD 

n33-)n -nist, ^ — ^at^nn ' ' " 

Maculate, «»J3 *Dr)Dn -tion, nt^JDtO *Dn3 

Mad, -naan, ;;jB^p to run-, jtfariB'n *7?1njnn -brained, m. s. 

^3bp ♦ ^nip -den. ^!7in '• nv."! h^^i r. j/t ♦ hbn 

-house, D'^J&5tJ^P JT^a -ness, insanity, \)J}5tt^ Tll^^irr 

fuiy, nan * n^^n ^int? -ly, -3 

Magazin, (for victuals) DD« (for arms) n33DD * pa?3 n^3 

Cfor stores) nViK (a pamphlet) *1DKP 
Maggot, a worm, nS") R. DD1 -ty, HDI i«^0 
Magic, DDj3 * Wtprf? ' D^^iB^ -cal, -3 -cian, DDip ♦ t)gf3p 
Magisterial, m. s. ^nj; ♦ D^35 T|/ R. ttlT 
Magistrate, £5'> W * ^^ * D3 W -racy, -H n^p^ ' . 
Magnanimity, nil njDW -imous, m. s. Hll tpS| "Ip, 
Magnet, riQKItt^ ]3«-netism,nD'<K^n ni 
Magnific, m. s. IlKp'^lTa nSD? -icence, n^"^!! *niX| 

-icent, m. 8. i«t)D * inrr 'nVw 

T : T Tv;» 

Magnifier, m. s. Ti-nJO -nify, 7"^^ ' H'W^ -nitude, Vnll . 
Mahometanism, ipHD nnin * D"" WD^^^^i nJIDS .etan. ' 

234 MAI— MAK: 

nu Sk 

-3 *riDSD nnN-Kv»Dp 

Maid, nj"ir«a * ni^bjl * rnV.^ a Uttle-, napj? rr^^i -servant, 

no^ -enhead, virginity, D"'7irt3 
Majesty, llJl * llH * finK^n -tically, -3 -tic, m. s. * T7»3 


MaU, annour, |1nB? (of letters,) nilJ« »Ef1a r\n]ip« 
Maim, p^\rj * • -3 DID |il3 -N. pTJ * WO 
Main, m. s. important, Hp^ forcible, pTTT chief, *1|^^ * B^K'I 
the gross, 75!! "^5 ^y -force, J^D1l -ly, B^tin3 *mast, 

B^«nn ph ^ii, - -\fe^*i.a9 

Maintain, nourish, 7373 R. /ID defend, vjtf |!l| justify, 
P^'lVr? -«ible, justifiable, plip -tenance, H^nO * iTJSyS 

Major, elder, ]j5t greater, 7113 *E^in -ality, (the office) 
— n ^*1p$ the greater number, 3H- 

Make,form,nia? "Difer ♦H^jrif ♦^ifaforce,DJN *m3nCh. 
(this verb is often expressed with the characteristic of 
7}}^ and T^QH as 8T make afraid, fi^ln make ac- 
quainted) -a fool of him, 13 /Hn -me friends or enemies, 
Dp'jli* ^I^l}"^^ ''^ n3j5 he wants to ^thee believe, ^iplrtgl^ 
N3 i -it my study, KIH "^Vpn ^73 ^n alliance, tX^li nn3 
-away with himself, njlljf lOVJ? 7?« fi^pn R. 1/T " mD 
-better, ]|Dr\ •3'^Cp^n -worse, JJin R. if>T -one's fortune, 
ntJ^ifnn -free with me, ^b nK3 Jf13 >0^ jnafirT -boast 
of, "^^ "l^ll?"? -haste, IHO -merry, nbfc^ -money, nlanil 
jin -one's self ready, ^ISfl -a story, 37^ S'73 -amends, 
D?^ -sure of "2 Hb^ -up a match, or marriage, '^'^^ 
-up a difference, DJ? rnif^iT -water, ]na^n * D^D '"TBH 
R. 7ED3 -words about a thing, ]^v»D 1^3?n -wonder of, 

•• y *• • 

Maker, m. s. h't^SiJ bpQ creator, l^fl^ ♦ K"113 

HAK— MAN 235 

Making, rrfe^O ♦ ffyjt^* HTY^ * 

Malady, n^ni * "'/'^ * nnP 

Maleadministration, D^^lpH nilj? -content, n>. «. ' ]3lKnp 

OlTjnp -diction, nS^j? • D"})? -faction, * DB^^ * J?tt^ 
X;2>3 -factor, na. s. Dg'^ *tS^^ * S^ln'^Khg. -practice, 
i'l'Xl'^ ^O?*? -volence, malice, rvtjjfl^ ' riHjfe^ * H^K 
-voloit, malicious, m. s. 3>iK * H^ * J}{^ 

Mafciously, n'tP^S * HNjJB'a * HTJO 

Msl^, -nant, m. s, envious, nR^jJ *^jg3 ' ^JJ^y R, TlV 
pestitential, m^^p^ ♦ntpp R. mO -nancy, njn R. |fn 

Mallet, y^ a^^g 

Malt, D"'a^3^ DniXf Bf -floor, h Pipe^ 

Maltreat,-|i"in R.JJXl 

Maiwmtion, nppi^ * rrpn 

Mammon. 8^13-) ♦ |in * ]top Ch, 

Man, furnish with men, K3^ ^^1^05 prnn -N. a human 
behisr, D"!^ male, a^>» eveiy-, — ^ no., — |^^ -of war, a 
warrior, npn?^ tJ?"<K (a ship) l^'W "ij iservant, mttfO to 

actthe-,B^^7 iTimipmnn .by-.TmrinR 'tc^n tt'it 

.eater, nvs. Dl^ nfc^5 *^5l» -hater, m, & Dig! ^aa *»3lj^ 
-slayer, m. s, tfa|"TT5P -slaughter, Jl^Xt^^Q^^DSQ 

R. rr33 

Manacles, D^j!)^ 

Majoage, eondact, • • 3 jnjnri discipline, TS^ govern, • '3 "►iftr 

-ment, jnap ♦'TIS^ "i^jm •nai'TBr ^ibte, IB..8L ©333 

-r, m. 8. frugal, . D^^lfp Ch. *. O^t^, 'TaiV *^3!??» 

a conductor, '?pnnp*J"^?P . 

Mandate, nWD ^ il'Tip^ -datory. '^Iiy 

Mandrakes^ DH^'W 

2 £ 

226 HAN— MAN 

Manful, Hb f Dill * "tTI C'^K -ly, 3^11 ^i«5 • bVH^ 

Mange, rn?' Mangy, m. s. "IB I^HB^ TVtl 

Manger, D13t< 

Mangle, lacerate, ntS'a * ^^^ smooth, P^HH * ^H J -N -gler, 

m. 8. p-i^nD * yr\ip ■ 

Manhood, courage, a^H \*pK virility, ^3^ rtS * JlR 

Maniac, m. s. JJili^D 

Manifest, nVCyi 'VT^ -N. plain, m. s. ^rri*'>^i -ation, 

n^Tinrt ♦n^Tin -ly, n»n.D^ *'«i'7j^ -o,nj?iiD nTpp 

Manifold, m. many, Ci^SI divers, D''3lB^ * D''a"'P U^TD 

Mankind, m« ""Ja * ^E^WKH PD -like, -ly, n3J3 * b^n e>^H3 
-liness, 3^n f »« ♦ n"113|l 

Manna, (a miraculous food) ]P 

Manner, custom, }T\Zf^ way, ^Qtt 'TT^ ™ what -soever, 
D^aatt '73 hV in like-, HTH DQt8^S3 in usual-, JimS -ly, 
civil, m. s. p« Yl'% '^S"^ * D|?^ *'^*? civilly, ♦niD'«W2 

Manners, good-, pK'Tl?^ * Dfi D * Pi^D'^V^ ill-, -IDh two 

-of ways, U^yW £r3|)« ''31?^ 
Manor, T5|n m^? 
Mansion, 38^0 fYiS R. Sr* 
Mantle, to cover, Hgl? -N. mSJd.D * tMl^ 
Mantua, '7''J/p -maker, m. s. D''^^XfP •Hfe^ 
Manual, by the hand, m. s. ITS sign-, T 3^3 
Manufecture, Hfe^lf -N. tShfl nfe^rO 'rOB^D nSR^O 

.er,m.a.|ipK *3B^in 'U^in 
Manumission, ^tt^SnS HT^e^ • "Wflg^ Ch. 
Manure, (see Dung) -able, jg^rj ♦ 13 lau^ * 3iJ 
Manuscript, T3ri3 
Many, m. D">T53 * D"*3"l <• fl"i31 as-, ippSS as- times as. 

MAN-MAR 227 

ny Hlja a great-. . l") |lDn just 80-, n^}«3 -times; 
n'OT) D"»p^a how- times, D'>OJt/^ Hljpjtoo-.^ie 11 -sorts, 

nasi na3 -coloured, m. 8. D"'alB' D*:ia Ch. D'«i;3V W 

-cornered, n*!^)? n|l"|D -headed, U^HI nan© 

Map, pnn nso • nuni^n nl^'>^f mh 
Mar, nna^ ♦ ^g^j? ♦ pim k ^^p • pi: 

Maranatha, KflK HO Ch. 

Marauder, niB^ ♦TTla 

Marauding, m. s. ta'Tla^ ^^B^'^^B^^ *tt8'B 

Marble, B>>a^ |a« -hearted, m. s. aV 'na^p 

March, ^bj -N. ni/'»D3 (a month) "IJi'J? D^JB^ B^in * "ITK 

Margin, ."Tflfe^ ♦ ?ia| (of a page) ]y^Si -al, -^Jtf 

Marine, a mariner, non^O? D*n TVi^ 

Maritime, D»rr W ^in ^If 

Mark, Dfc^n (with challc) ni]n observe, IDB^ -out, .^nan 

-N. imiH-ession, DBh * IJp (fa? shoot at) HH^ib R. im 

aim at a-, — ^ n^{f> hit the-, -sman, — ^ ]3l3 
Market, -place, p W -price, -H IIJE^ -able, ninill?^ nail/ 
Marl, inn -pit, --I«a Marly, -«^D 
Marriage,njinPr *D''S1B'J -Bupper,-nriB'0 -artideB,'D''»3r» 

panT'K IQf give in-, Hm'? t> ^2 ]h3 -bed, t1>ia«. 

-dress, n|n '•e^ia/'P -maker, |3"^a^ -portion, \Ti -able, 

m. s. HB^ii KBf^ ""isn f. s. »fe»3n^ n"«i«n 

T* T * y. X urn. Y * ' Y* 

Married, m. s. Ht^H V^/n f. s. tJ^'^K f\B^K 

. Morrow, HlO ^ ^Ip.B^ -less, — ^^a • ^^l*^ 

•• * 

Marry, (as the priest) I'^^^l'np |n3 (as the man) na>K SJW 

(aa the woman) B^^K^ KB'iin 
Marsh, ] V • y^ R. |r>f a -y, -HK^D 
Marabal, field-, N3X-1g^ * i?tsh'n2ffO -ship, -nij?a 
Mart, a place of traffic, nnpO DipP 

298 KAB— MAT 

Mwtial, (afliure) HDH^D W -law, non^Sn y&i» (O&tiS^O 

■■• • ■•• m. m 

Martyr, m. «. Dtt'n gh^ 7JJ 'I^O •Itt'O^npO -dom, 

D^^n ah^ ^^ iiivQ (o»n k put for miv) 

Marvel, HW^Jp^tl ' DDU^n -lou«, K^fi3 4ou8ly. iT'^Qn^ 

Masculine, s. male, 12| manly, 13^3 

Mash, bruise, |^«n * Kl'n -N. (for cattle) ^"'J»3 

Mask, masquerade, B'Bnnn * HaJ^a^n -N. * JTJPC 

naa »|^v}| ch. 

Mason, ]3« B'-in -ry, IIDR^p 

Ma8ora,mlDD * miDD Masorites, -"^If 3 

Maps, a lump,10h *H^0 R. Ktfa (for the deadyn'nStrr 

Massacre, tlDm D"»tB^: D"'nO 3^1 -N. 31 JIH * TISDD 

Massive, m. s. 133 * b^H -siveness, "733 * Vril * Kfe^D 

Mast, (of a ship) ]"lh • ^Sfl 

Master, '^itf "l|i;jil • HifJ -his own passion, W. tt^33 -N. 
director, nnlD R. m> chief, -of arts, 31 owner,' ^Jg3 *tt7K 
Master! ^ai1» -of the horse to the king, rffD nJJJD it 
-in business, ]ips one's own-, IDV^ < l^^lj like- like man, 
ViM\g3 TS^fl -less, m. s. -I*? ^iix'tiV -ship, ' niTHD 

. ri^apK -ly, -3 -piece, stroke, ]DH n^K^D -y. * nV3 

Mastification, D^JtS'.'? nr*?^ * f^^lik Ch. 

Mat, D"":)? riTBT 

Match, to couple, 15?? * JS Cb. -N. a contest, HDHTD an 
equal, m. s. * 7 "I3n *V^ R. T)JJ^ a marriage, JIT (what 
catches fire) TVl^ ^130* -leas, m. s. JffT 1^ f>« Jessly, 
IV'DT ^^3 

> • • • • 

Mate, m. ». nSH ♦ ^''PJtf * J/n (in command) B^ J ^3B^ 
Material, corporal, ^iJBlil • "•DB^a Ch. important, ip^ * "IpJ/ 

MAT— IfEA ^a» 

-wt, m. 8. ni^Jimrr n»'>»Da •t^so -ism, vrvsh 

-ity, jT-jpia • rv'Ott'i 4y, a^ths -8, ^iD'< ♦ nriuy; 

* * * - • • . 

Maternal, DK? 

Mathematics, ni^Jtfi'n'/lDan ♦ TiVV^ * *p^|g -ically.-'>B^ 

Mathematician, m. s. —3 /^SB'P THO 

Matins, rmntt^ nVan r. hhi 

Matrix, the womb, On*1 * ]03 

Matrimony, 0'»K1B^3 -nial, -^B^ 

Matron, an old woman, D^^*3 nK3 a nurse, HiOK 

•T- TT TV 

Matter, body, P)ia ♦ "IDH affair, 13"! pus, njlD 

Mattress, hTD"! * JfVO R. l/Jf"* 

Maturation, blCS^ -n^ve, m. s. TK^3D 

Mature, m. s. ripe, 712^9 Perfect, Dj^-deliberation, nW3i3r\»7 

-rely, -2 -rily, niD^g> -age, ni""3 ""PI 
Maugre, in defiance, ^vh * Uyt^iT? 
Mausoleum, n«lD^ m^2p naVD R. 3^ 
Maw, stomach, 113^ 
Ma^im, 77S 
May, /b^Cthis verb is generally expressed with the future, as, 

vDl^i'' thou mayest eat, ntJ^J/O it may be done) -N. 

Mayor, -1^^n-"'3E^1]n tt^tH R. 3B'''-ality, ^n'^j?^ 

Me, ^ .(always affixed, as '•Hli^ me, ^7 to me, ^3"JPz ^^^'^^ *«« 

Mead, (a drink) B>31 '•D 

Meadow, IHK * 8tt^^ DiR? * 13 

Meager, lean, m, s. B^inS • p'^ * ^"H R. ppT * V^ -ness, 

nipi ♦ ni^-n * \\n -ly, -3 

Meal, repast, fTnjfO * nrnSt flour, npj? -man, —15*^0 
Mean, 3ii>n ♦ t13 -N. vile, m. s. nt33 * D»D3 * ^tt' 
-whUe, rta n^l ri3 Tg what does this-? n«? Htt 

330 MEA— MEE 

Means, wealth, \)n * r>^> * (8^37 cause, nap R. n3D he 
has the- of.lT bvih tih by- of,n^.3' • n^fl^pijt^ Ch. by fair-, 

^?'t^? TP^ ^y **•««-' "'P,?^? ^y »"-» o'^agin ^5 hv by 

no-, fcj^ ^^3^ ^^3 by what^, ]^')» nr^a by such-. 

Meaning, n2^m ' nyO -ness, nV? * n^h^t^ -ly, -3 

Measure, "1*10 * 713 (with the eye) lijl^ -N. (what gives the 

quantity) iTlD liquid-, JTlltS^p dry-, {"IKD long-, 

n"nsn nap by-, n8D«D3 * miB^oa * iTina -suraWe, 

TS> ♦ -)^{t^^ -sureless, nj?ri t>K * n^U/B^ ''^5 Isuremoit^ 

ryyn't:^ -surer, m. 8. TTlD * li/K'O 
Meat, food, ^3^0 * \SXt^ flesh, nfe>3 -ed, p^-jD * D13K 

•offu'ing, nn3D 
Mechanic, -ical,' Bhn * (H^N^P '—JJja -ics, npjpn 

n^13rinnii;K> -ician, -ist, - -3 Tffi^P -ism, n33in 

Medal, -lion, J/3PP Ch. -list, m. s. nij/J^DS •]''3p 
Meddle, • '3 31i;nn ' X/VunH -dlesome, m. s! ^33 •3"i;fnO 

Mediate, •^jg };;'?ipn |^;5'0 R- V'>'7 * "^it!? ii"'l9''!l -tion, 

nV^P * nna^s! -tor, f^P • *^^3p -torship, -PI rT5j?3 
Medicable, m. s. '1^ nanfl KBIO 
Medicine, HQ^njI * i^SilP *^c*l» -icinal, —76^ 
Meditate, nnlt^'^lfc^n M»I/ (evil) B^in -tion, • HSe^nD 

n-'B' ♦ ^v|; -tive, m. s. Hitt^np •^jya * |»j;p 

Mediterranean, Ch. n^J/VD«n "«3i3^nn D'> 

Medium, Mediocrity, J/^DSn "Jj'ri * niJ/VP Ch. 

Medley, K^SiaiJJ * ^13^3 R. hb^ 

Meek, m. s. HIT •^QO' * U|f -ness, Hli^. -ly, -3 

Meet, 'ntt *»yD* ••3i;i§ * B'J^ -N. m, s. 11^3 ♦ )133 -ly, 

-3 -ing, n^i7ij> ♦ n^^Di^ ' pap 

MEL-^^t S81 

Melancholic, m. 8. nVJJ * Tp -ancholy, ITD TWl^ 

Meliorate, a""D\n MK^ -t»on, ]^j?r< 

Mellow, ripe, ^ti>|l * ^1 -ness, 9)^ * JTOn 

Melody, nlTiDr D^3 ' HpH nmr -odious, VJ}i * I'W 

Melon, n^lpaS 

Melt, dissolve," JJiD • "r^m * DDH R. ^fia ♦ DDD become 

liquid, jien ♦ rjfjn ♦ Dferi -er, jjiaa "i^rip 

Menaber, a limb, 13S Ch. (of a community) ipn *i/"1 

Memento, mi/H^ TD") Ch. R. l^JJ 

Memoir, Hfe^I/O IISD K)rable, 3l8^n * 1p^ K)randum, 

tlnar? mj;n niy^sfi -onai, a monument, tn3T^ rrt» 

-orialist, m. s. D''0»n nni *3nl3 * T^STO 
Memory, ^1^^T * ipj 

Men, Dnaa * D''B'aR • D''?'''^ 

Menace, N«T * IHTn * D»8 -N. jnIO *mnr« 

Menagerie, JTl^nn rt&DK 

Moid, liJJPI (one's self) 3'>lp"^n -er, m. s. 3'»B''D * ^j^fip 

Mendicant, m. s. ^VS^ ♦ D^nn^H ^^ t^)?5P ^t$ia' -dictte, 

D"'nnan ^jg t^)?? ^nb' .dicity, D"'nn?ii bvi nj«{8> 

Menial, nitt^O • TTl O 

Menses, D^B^3 mO "111 * MDI Ch. -strual, KhHS t&lh 
Mensurable, Hl/tt^^ * IS^ -surate, •THD -suration, HTID 
Mental, '«^3{!^* '•3 Vj; 

Mention, jtfnin *i3n -N. njp"jin '.nnan R.irp *n33 

Mercantile, trading, iHiD relating to trade, "IJipD 71^ 
Mercenary, m. s. a hireling, "I'^Sfe' selfish, jypl *^^ 
Mercer, ""1^0 1^3 1310 -y, "'tJ'D TJa "IDPO 
Merchandise, wares, miHp * HviDlO * 
Merchant, inlD ' ^311 -man, -H n»3l$ 
Merciful, m. s. DVn. * C^prn ««i'D be-, DTTI 

2tt MEBr-MID 

Mercy, ttOOrp. * tTprn * "^ -cim^, -a -cile». -"'^? 

Mere, Merely, "^tjf 

Meridian, mid-day, D^fT^ (the KneJ iTIB^ TJ? the bigbest, 

nai'^iPrf n^fiO nJlio Meridional, rT^3 
Merit, in! I •"•V«'"I»T tD&B^D-*1^ n1^'^^ -N, "^fe^ *r»\3t 

-orious, m. s. TTSin •tlpfef * pjn Ch. -orioiwly, * ">1«n3 

Merriment, .Tnp^ * "nt^ * 37 31t9 -rily, -3 

Merry, m. s. ^nV * riDB^ '3^ •3lOmake-, Hgfe^ * n^n 

MeaopatHHtia, CTHl!? O^ 

Mesa, on^^pK^ "nnri'T -N. nn-»8 

Message, nOJ^D • nVT>^?^ Messenger, ^O * ivht^ 

• • • • 

Messiah, n^Bfl^ 

Messmate, (my) m. s, im ]n W ^ "^SJ? . •^?1» 

Messuage, 32^0 JT5 R. ISJf* 

Metal, (as gold &c.) nsn© R. 103 Jic, -h» 

Metamorphosis, Jll^^^n niaWttfTl 

Metaphor, T^ip *n*rn-icaUy,- 

MetqAraae, npri|fn *D13'in 

Metaphysics, o>6t^QBn nvannPT trftF\ -leal, — ^er 

*iciaiv i TS/D 

Meteore, O^tJ^n H'irilK -ologist, JTtf^ -otogy, ^Tifi^T. 

Me&inks, >? ."IN"!? Methought, "h itini 
Method, TTD 'fcally, —3 -ise, TT^ 

Metre, nirnnn ^pa^» 

Metroporis, rrfthn^'^ * n^P©? o^ tj^; 

Mettle, fDk ' ?jr 'ntj?" -d, m. s. p^^ *ty 
Microcosm, (the world) ^nnr!'? DvijT 
Microscope, nij!"\15iT**?^3D HEJian v? R- 033 

Mid. Midst, aig • ra Mi3>n ' iw *3TP -di^r. urm 


-heaven, D^DB^n ^h ;SD -land, p»ri anjj .nigh., 
JHT^ nivn stream, IH^n 1^ -summa-, TlSri nDlpJl 

-way. ^ir»n rpr^ -wife, nt^.p -wifely, -H n;^ti)n 

-winter, J^3D na^prt ' "' 

Middle. 'Tin.aged, n-rpgn ""o^a m. 8. •vaa? -inapa -part. 
HO'*!? P^D -«»«d, ^inj 'tt^i ]ipp^ »{*» .Jo^t, • rsoKa Ch. 

•^jina -of the world, flMH -)^aL) " " 

Middling, ii>:>n •JJiffD * HlB^fJ JJOa ♦ j/^op Ch. 
MieD,air, HS'^lg) ♦ trJK TOtn manner, jnjp 

Might, -inefis< ♦^nf ♦D^ ♦»|j3h 'njb^. 'nni3| ♦«/ •w^ 

Pin * JJ-3 (of dignity) Wa -Uy, -3 '• ikD "ite 
Mighty, N. 10. 8. • •— jsn •2^K * fi3 n^i"" •^tfa ♦ ptn 

" , • ^ 41'* : *- J tV 

Diy^ * »)"'^ri * niaa • w. ♦ ^iia -, ad. nttp 

Migrate, JgbJ -tion, Hj^tp? 4oiy, m. s. ^Dlai ^Jin 

Milch, ajn ;i3rR. 3iT Unimal)rrgi3>D 

Mild, m. 8. indulgent, a^i ♦ alJO pleasant, D">If3 -ness, 

ii^nf aiD ♦rvito'>j?) -ly, -a 

Mildew, (in plants) ^1p^ 

MUe, Kpni Ch. -Btone, ^?»n 13K 

Militant, m. s. dn?} Military, warlike, 7)Unbn Ttt^ 

Militate -VTU^n 

Militia, (a force) «3)f ;j^yl>;?f.^^|5 

Milk, N. ajn -V. -nti^ .iim4 -nfef^ -man, -1310 
-white, -3 I5J -y, yielding-, -n3t -cow, Jliji'ip ma 

MiUi stamp, ^t\^ grind, ]hB -N. Jinp -horse, Itf^H O^ 
.P.nn?.">D8 -«tone, (upper) 35n. (nether) .O^nn ^th, 

niifjpf p ^, |niD . - 

MUlenaiy, »|Sk ^B^ Millalmum, 0"^ t4^ »)i'H 
Millet, (a plant) ^ri^ 

2 r 

994 Mflr-MIN 

Millinery^ D"»a?: ""H^ MiUener, IpiD 

Million, Nla-I flKp ♦ D'^a^K fj'jK 
Milt, spleen, ^hO Ch. .. ' . 

Mimic, ''2 7T^ll -N. m. s. TflHD -ry, 7V\ri 
Mince, Gn\2J? lt| -ciiigly, pW pW 

Mind, attend, 1V8D •' 3?^P0 .^''b*^ ***?fi ^^ D*^ -N^. 
opinioh, njn R. VV * ^'I'^I^^Q mteUigeot pdwer, Vsfef 
wish, 3^ ♦ f ^n have a-, ^'Sn *2\^ I liare no-, *'«35»|l Tl^ 
■•riVfln Itb bear in-, call to-, i3t p^t in^, n"»?rn put out of-, 
(J3B^ * 3zP npn change .tfie-, • dTOH I am not of thy-, 

*j>nia^na ""nia^n^ )kb of «»., in« n^? -fui, m. a. 

3'*^'^?? *^v't? '"''''T'J -*"•» ">• «• ~^^^ -fullness. 

Mine, pron. ^/tfi' 

Mine.y.n'lS "nl)n-N.(containii^minerals)J1^rtl9 <T130 
a hole. Tin ♦ HniKp ' H^np R. ^^H 

Miner, nia^Q avm .ai,nDri9 R.in3-«ii»t,nl0i;r9?r3o 
-aiogist, niDjpDrj nVjp5P| n^iip ^Uogy, rig^ 

Mingle," ^^3 ♦ a-ltf -N. ^^3i>^. : «:5!l3nif 

Miniature, miy • niD'n 

Minion, a dependant, m. s. Vl^CJJ{7 EfH^?" *.*^0 

Minister, attend- on, '-^ VDi ri^iTJai^-N. (of. the state) 

ra^npn T\^n^T\\ ^•13 (ofthe chajchJI-D^fl^S^ ld3 - 
Ministration, Mininstiy, n^iia 
Minor^m.* petby, Djgp.*"ii^S9: * aw^jl tt"^ .under, age, 

n«9|3 * ' .' „ - ..;: . • 

Minstrel, (a band) D^IV?!'^!!' IIBDJ • ' 

Mint, (for coinage) Ch. j^3pQ n3K^P O^ 

HIN— MIS 295 

!.1Mfpa ahiD 'Tb"; -N. moment, ttX^ little, nOIMp 
4Mok. D^J^rin nap 4688, particulan, DIY PV ^^ ^> -3 
Miracle, 2^10 R. nfiT* -culous, K/^S •culoosly, K^^S?? 
Mire, »gO -N. dirt, PfOO *V^') Miry, m. 8. 8^n3 
Mirror, a looking glass, nVnO pi. HltOD 
Mirth, 3^ 310 * hShVO -ful, m. s. jff •3lffl • ^flV 
Misadvise, PT7 f^^ -vised, m. s. ^"17 •y^^i 
Misanthrope, m. s, DIK '»9? •Wlfe^-thropy, DnK''33 fl^^fe^ 
Misapply, JD&B^^ f>3n tj*? -plication, ^133? ti^B^ ab?*? * 
Misapprehend, ]^3n p^fc'n ^73 -hension, fl33rT rtJB'n "IDn 

Misbehave, 3<!»3i;)n j> jgnn -viiwr, nji^xjn^p ' T^sin 

MisbeUef, TPtt' WISK -liever, m. s. St.e^ ^^ijn •IDlB' 

Miscal, (him) 1*? \kh DC^? liTj]? 

Miscalculate, llaf'n?! ^fe^q? Hi/O -tion, H^JJ^nP'!! mjf^ 


Miscarriafie, ill success, nnyXHil lOh * n303 P/Hlh 

abortion, ^13^ -cany, JT^V'"? ^ * ^5?^ 
Miscellany, ni3ni(r« -neous, b'<3ltS> D"»5"»P ^tt^ 
Mischief, pt^ * Hfi -chievous, m. s. p^D * If IP R. ]/n 
Misconceive, ^JJO -ception, jy\ptD 

Mi8c<x)duct, ifT s^^P jryi 

Misconstruction, ""W n3§ri ^rtrue, • 0§^P3 «*^ in| 

Miscount, laD^ ni3p^ pn t<^ ■ 

Miscramt, m. s. 73Jgp • TO3l"l^ 
Misdate, (earlier) ]PT DHpn (latw) ipprj» 
Misdeed, if i nfe^jgp '^Ijj 

. Misdemean, JTVl * JH.^ JtCT^ 1^7 '-OT,pi .ife^O * ^Jt; 
Misemploy, (him) 0313? ">?2l 13 a^P^J^'Ch. * 
Miser, m. 8. ]lf$|? * '^?^^ -erable^m.'s. stingy, 1af$|0 ipHp 

936 HIS— ItlS 

unJwppy^ "^^^ :Dl"'"*ne^l? bad. l\0 *jr[ -arabUneas, 

Mirfbrtane, TiJ *t1I^*njn 'T^ "l^t^ ♦JJ^Jf odcl 

after another, nlH ^ riln * l^tf^ ^fi 12'^ 
Misgovern, M^JK? Wo -ment, n^« ^DD 
Mishap, i;innj3p 'JfJ^ 

Misinform, nS"! ' ]S2ib finl."! tt^ ^tion, JTpT 
Misinterpfete, IflQ Z11t9 t(7 
Misjadge, |13|3 £9^ (i^ 
Mislay, Misplace, iJl3)5 hg Op "^ 
Mislead, n^nn ♦ 3*7 Hisn R, Hwa ' 
Mi8dianage,B5^P9 It^jnjJ^n-ment, O^t^l^'fy^nMriityn 

Mispeii, n^prr nvni«a ni/D R. ^te 

Mispend, l\)fh Ttg ♦ TJK 
Misprint, Ch. Dia"?n JTij/JJ 
, Mispronounce, K^57 PPC "*73 
Misquote, t5 fct^ p'^iijtfri -quotation, ^13|3 Mbf Hj^npn 
Misrepresent, ij>^J>^ S^ ♦ l^tf^ * f)»i Ch. -ation, "1^ " 
Miss, not to bit, ttbri fail, ipH -N. a young w(Mnan, H^ 

(added to the surname, and sometimes preceded by the 

proper name) as H? nj or \y? n3 Trj'J 
Mission, ITJJJ^ rfl3i«^0 -ary,n|10»n h^}'0) 0!U3 n^B^J? 
Mist, ^B-Tg ^'TK Misty, niajj ♦ IIP^P 

Mistake, njjia *nit^ -N. niy^ * tv^k^if 

Mistress, a concubine, K^A^ a governess, TytJ^yl^ ' ^9^ 
(of a housed TV^n tyhV2 (in addrt^ing b^) T\^^ (added 
to the surname) as QJ73'^ ^^9 ^3 iKings xiv, V. 6. 

Misttust, "2 \of^n ^rfp, • naoK npn ♦ ieti cu. -n. 

naott "iph ♦ T^n -fiilly, -3 -lese, tn. s. ^3^ •PPSO 
• Misunderstand, '*Tt9"T5 HiJlO -ing, error, JtlJfO . 

MIS— MOL 887 

Mite, a moth, b^ ' DD a spalltbing. l^H^ tdj^t? 
Mitigate, bpn -tion, fvh^ -tt»r, ^''j?^ R. S^ 

Miti«,irl3-ypnjB3^9-d, — ^ng- •, 

Mix, mingle, 31]^ *?73 (liquors} VnD *'^9 -*uie, mixed, 
rHangn *^D9 Orp (of grain, or species) 0*H^ 

Moan, 0» * ^^\T * 33^ -fully, rhh'^'^ * '"1^385 

Mob, a crowd, »)psp» * 31 y)ll 

Mock, • -3 ^Jnn* •'•'? Ji;J • pb -N. falser 3113 * >)»J(P Ch* 
-ery, 3D * >IW ' ^WH * JJ^J * ^IV ^ 

.Mode,jnaO /TTn 

Model, delineate, nl^f n^V *1W0 "N- » <=opy. * "l^V 

Moderate, regulate, TlfiH ♦ DVPV Ch. suppress, * *n3a^ 


"^tt^n (between persons) HIB^n * 118^ -one's pasmon, 
pB»nn ♦ mn ^3^3 (in eating) hp^'^ n"np3 ^t)« (in 
drinking) Tnvtyiyi ntl^ -N. m. s. *)'^Q (in expressions, 
or wants) Oatt'DS "l>3nV V'n3'n '75^30 -«r?ktely, ' r\^Ji\ff^ 
e9^^D3 * n>l^ ;)r^3 - -eraHon. equanii^ily, Gdj'K' 
frugality, D^VPV. rerator, m, s; ma^O * ni^^fi ♦ Tngp 
Modem, not ancienti 3ll|>p m. s. t!/in -^rna-^ D^^'nniK 
Modest, m. s. chaste, j^^S^ diqcriaet, *inf3 -humUe, 1W be-, 

ns^i/jpn R. iVn -y. n^ * ni;a*.iy,>-3 

Modifiable, ]13^ -ification, njSrr -ify, pSH 
Modulate, blpJPl D''»Bn -tion, bftO -tor, ^IpH b"<Jtfpp 
Mahommedan, m. s. D''^«^De8>*n flJIDS ''SnS *«Sap 

Moist, m. 8. 3HDn * H^ -en, 3piri -iffe,. n-lJlJ R. Pll'? 
Mole, a spot, pJn^-(an animal) n^f^lldn 

Molest, D"*]?"*?? 'Dbrr *j;;'»'i^n-atioD,rii^np ♦n^^ 


MoUient, fSTp * ^po R. h^ -lifiable, in. •. TTI * ^K 

-UficatioD, ^PS^ -lify, 7Pn • Tin 
Mdten, pV%3 R. ^ -image, HSpO R. *]D3 
Moment, minute, J7^*l importaneie, H^SHE^ -only, D'Vriy 

Monaich, •?jSd * tSPh}^ " ^B^to -ial, -^B^ -ical, -T nnfl 

Monarchy, nO/P 
Monastry, (see Abbey). 


Money, na^naanr sioa nratso chi ♦nij/o ci».miod cb. 

ready-, 0*^3 STO HlifD want of-, — -Ipfl . -less, m. s. 

- -ipn ♦ a^n * ^ajt; * ]3po ♦ Vn r, ^H he ws covetous 

loget-, ]'ln^ tea *jPVa^^p3 anlt* -hideth aU ^defects, 
D'^TDD IHBD 3rTT^ TO3 -does every thii^, f\U3T] 

bin r?3i;'» 

Moneyed, m. s, l^tfi^]/ * SHtS ^D33 •*T33 

Monger, m. s. \n'a] itfehJ * "iSID 

Monitor, m. s. THTD * T|?D R. Tllf . 

Monologue, (with himself) lO^J^ f^l 13^3 1'ia'n 

Monosyllable, nnS H^iaj? IT^ R. ^fe 

Monster, nja^D HK"*"!? -trous, HH^a -trously, 1{tpi> 1^ 

Month, tthh ♦ nT» -ly, vMhSi Wlh '»^0 

Monument, HMD IL 31P set him up a-, HIMfD T 1/ 3^501 

-ai, Yn^f? 

Mood,"!|l^ 'IBlM 

Moon, n33S» * rrr -beam,.-n I'lp^ flight, - n3l3 

Moor, fix a ship, .T^H -)V^ -N. a negro, "'E^» a bog, * \V 

Y^ R. fifi -ish. A-TN^p -ing, rnm msp oipp 

Mop, N. (to clean with) nlaPID ^^3 * Tj/ R. mjf 
Moral, (of hiiman life) yn * J.ijp * h^jO R. lib (of a fable) 

MORr-MOR 28ft 

nwD ht^ -isation, lup nnsin. R. no^ ♦ ny -Ity, 

morals, npiiD nlnn« -ist, m. s. iTjlD -ize,*- — TO J 

n-iDin -ly, noK3 '^ . ' .. "" 

Morbid, m. s. nntt^O • n7h ^less, MHa? ♦ ^^h 

Morbific, n"«nBto * Hi^HD . 

More. ad. Tij? nfll^ ♦JS •"•"IB^ip as TUf nib^^ PIQ 
what is there- to be done? "riJJ >hH lai) f\USF\ ^~3lt 
JTjn na-^S tell me no. of the matter. "^^ 1^. ti^l it 
wants no-. in31n ">"t|)D nni"> nfe>:g he didr than hi« duty. 

OjBP Hir a little nij; tt^ n<K njusnnf -or lesi.' 

n^T )3 1n1« 13^^ "JB>«3 the- they affficted hint the. he 

multipUed. SVp« p ■»3? 7^ 21^ Wk Itt'U? the- I 

reflect the- 1 find. Dh^ T^H -and-w - 
More, N. m. -'Diy -'D 0^31 as ^"nDSl -than enoi^. 

3T? ''5' i'nD aj/T ri*?^ 1M D'<31 -died by finnine than 

bytiiesWoM. Moitoveifj Tlifl . 
Morning:, lp^3 ♦ irig^ -prayer, T}p}3,^. "ing^n fl^^n. -star, 

W ;|l H^l in the grey of . the-, ♦ -JJ^IJl nlJjpV 

ip2ii "H«| next- nnnaptiii the next^. Tyynj$hip' 

good-,(tof.)«ri'1)9V.(toipO HnO^ «aa 8-IQV eh..{in 
Hebrew, the salutations in the monung, evening, or night, 
are all alike ^Jxpreseed witti Dl^B^ w^3^« ^Diy^ 

Moro8«,.ta» s. jil7];^/Djj"mp * |jn .ne«s,n|p;n 'nc^-jn 

Morrow, :");iD to moiTow, ryWJ^ *he (fay after, tij-, 

■•jff^n -)^a. /^^^ * ^a^'''7^ri'c)i^ii to- momii^, 
rn^f^- ^jnp^ to- "night.iTJnwfj ;t»^^^ 

Mortal, noan, nm»ni3 deadly, n">P9 a^ xUseare, ">i^^ 
nip a- wound, nip 03P E.rTM, -weapon, njp.v^^ 
-enemy, Tmh 83lif -hatred, /r^l^ l^ H^fc^' ^. 


ma es^pto wdh -ity, rmion • nno -fy, * r^vsh 
mmjf ... 

Mortar, (to pound in) V^J\SD * HSlip (cement) * HDln 

Mortgage, Ch. |3?^e 7J2 Pti J • p>p3a taytfa? Ch. • DOP 
deed of-, Knpd^b niS^Ch. -gage^, m. s. 'flK^Q ^f *rn^O 
8^3X0 -gager, m. «. \5B?0 ^jg *:vh ' TOM 131? tt^D 

Mortify, to gangrene, tOn^rill humble^ ^iJOH , -tification. 

Mortmain, 0?^ f^/DS 

Mosaic, n^jfe^ R. riatt^ - 

Mosque, D')»5Da?»n 7fii r»">a r. ijr 

Most, an *igh. x^fjv, -hoiy, e"^Ti5,i8np ^f aii, h'^n a'l 

Moth, DD • e^ R. tt^JW. -eaten, -1^38 

Mother, n» R. DDi* -in Uw, (his) naflln (her^s) nlDH 

Jess, DK rS? -ly. D??, -tongue, (his) 1S|J t^K^j' -"^i*. 

n^lSn i>3iy W the -'s side, D» 1«0 . 
Motion, act of moving, rWIJfl * iTIISJI a proposal, TyfSi 

R. tr* -less, m. s. V^ T3 J^T *»i» R. JHT 
Motive, D^l^ ' nap R. 330 
Move, change place, JiJOV ' *D pAJ^^ (fhmi it's propor place) 

nb disturb, ^'•^n (violently). JJipr stir.^^t ' Jg13 (violoitly) 

H?^^'? '«^i?|r»T ^.tt'J?'} propose, |^jf> aflfect, 2h T^ 
(to piify) D'^OD'i T)?n (to anger) ripjj l^SSJ (to mischief) 

nna (to sedition) p^rj '3^ ngn r, rni *r\^ -able, 
p''{'P^fi9 R. h^t rment, iTnaTi * njg«j;i * nyjt 

Move^i, in. s; a^Bacted, *>1|r3 shaken, jra - 
M<mng^ teucWijg, 3 J TTWO ♦ 3^3 i J13 

MOU— MUG 241 

Mould, to model, llV * n»V -N. a fom, CDin * DIB*^ or 

NDflD Ch. earth, HD^il 
T : \ ' T T-: 

Moulder, TllaJlH -away, pHB^ -ing, m. s. TliBIlD 
Mouldy. D"""!!?? iTri ti^2\ ♦ tS>3i; -iness, na^3'>n "»T133 

Mound, pi-q * "yn * n^^lD 

Mount, ascend. H/J} (a horse &c.) /Jt/rOJ? 
Mountain, IH -eer, IH nB^i** -ous, U^ljl V1» • 
Mountebank, a cheat, ^ST a quack, TyS K£l1*l i 
Mourn, -Hbp "^iP ^3«An;51p -e^' rful, m. 8. ' 13ipP 

•jawrp • ^ax -fulness, hivi -ing, ni^nii| ♦ ay^.: -fully, 

Mouse, 13DJff -r, DnSDjg HT^ .trap,0"»"}aDir ^"53^0 
Mouth, (of an animal) HB •^S (of a haven, or river) HOfe^ an 

opening, HIISp * HflB to come with open-, HS Snifl 

• • • • 

by word of-. D^t^ * n|) ^JJIl to stop one's-, flB DlDH a 

-fui, »5»D n| -less, ns I^HSl 

Mow, (as a cow) n)}^ cut, iV^, -N. a heap, * nDTg * "))^ 
tJfi7| -ing- time, T'Vi'H nj7 

Much, a. m. s. T33 * 3*1 -, ad. in a great degree, * nSIIl 
1«D very-, IND n^nn just so-, nartS as- as, "lE^M Vi 
twice as-, DvD3 thrice as-, D^I1t6^*?B^ four times as,- 

o^JDI'51'* how-, ns)3 thus-, njn njt; too-< "•id an too- 

of one thing is good for nothing, g^lil P|'*plOn' 73 -less, 
-more. ^3 f\^ ' ^2^ hs ^b -the same, '•rjtfS HIB^ ^Sn I 
would- rather. '''7 3iD 3lD 

Mucus, nn"''? *mn"''7 'ti 

Muff, ajT"* niD3 

Muffle, »p^ * nbj^ * toiS (one's self) ^t^nn * ^^'^tyn 

-ler, nsD^D * n^KO 

Mug, a cup, tj?3H *r?l . 


1242 MUL— MUS 

Mulct, tt?3Jf -N. B^Jif ♦ D3J3 Ch. -uaiy, -3»np 

■ ■ • • • 

Mule, m. s. "1*13 
Mulligrubs, TI02 ^H a«3 

Multifarious, CD^Zl'^ -ferous, D^3^D D^3^D- 113*10 -fidous, 
D>»aT D"«j?|7n!? pVn^p -parous, mV'I'ia' -pede. 

Multiplicand, 7S3^ -plication, HTS3 -plier, 7Qi3 -plicity, 

^lan -ply, bto ♦ nia*in -tude, -^p • jion * d"'3i 

Mummery, uhv^n * {J'SHD fe^BH 

Mummy, (a corpse) J013H T\D tt^23 

Municipal, *1^J/ vK' -ity, magistrates, l^Jff H "^TpB 

Munificence, illi'^13 -icently, —3 -icent, m. s. 3/ *3^'T3 

Murder, nVl -N, Hn^SI * HXT -ously, -3 -er, • hViD 

nif n -ess, r^n-iriD 

Murmur, (see Grumble) 

Murrain, "ID'H 

Muscadine, sweet wine, D^^Dt? * tt^lT^JI 

Muscle, fiber, IJH'^P -cular, brawny, m. s. )^yii 

Muse, to ponder, IHin R. Tr\T] -N. thought, lirTin 

Museum, tTSV^ Dnil nVl« 

Music, harmony, n3^3p * J^*^?! * *1^^ (the science) 

T^B^r? HODH -master, — "IS/D -al, 311/ -al instrument, 

TB> '<^3 • mSTD Musician, m.*s. 1330 

• J ' • • • 

Mussulman, ]Dy&^P 

Must, to be obliged, "^jIV * niD"^ Ch. (this verb is generally 

expressed with the future, as H^Df) thou must die.)' 
Mustard, 7*nn 
Muster, to collect, ^HpH * P]bN review, 1J53 -N. * Hplj^D 

rrnj^^ -master, p^n^^ti^J^n 9nj?flan e?«T -rou. 

MUS-NAM 243 

Musty, mouldy, t!^2V * tif^P -iness, llajST * Hh^J} Aly, -2 

Mutability, IVaritt^n ^ble, n3a>"«. ♦ f\hn'> 

Mute, m. 8. Oa W -ly, DDI^ 

Mutilate, • -3 DID ]h2 ' p"»rn -lated,m. s. DID *'?V_'^ -lation, 

DID ♦ pn 

Mutineer, m. s. p"'7"}1an qnlSH *^^1 -tmous, m. s. 
.TllD ♦ n"liD -tiny,S'lD * iThD -N. I^ID * nD 

• •'T T VV*V 

Mutter, D^nsfe^I/ijn m. s. •13|? ^^ nsil 

Mutton, K^aa n^a 

Mutual, m. s. H? V« Ht -ly, n1S5"'^n 

Muzzle, Dion -N. mouth, ^3 a fastening, DiDnD 

Myriad, «1m "D^S^X mtJ^;/ 

My, "»W Myself, ""PV^l ''J« Cit is, however, always ex- 

• • • 

pressed by doubling the pronoun, as ^il ^JiJ or 

"'aJX '>D:H I myself, ""jniDS ""Dii* J myself have said.) 
Myrrh, HlO 
Myrtle, nln^ * DIH 
Mystagogue, m. s. B'n? •|133 

Mysterious, m. s. ^J^P3 ^DiriD -ly, HnpS Mystery, IfSDD 
Mythographer, U^bt^O l^np 
Mythological, D'^bpD bti/ -o^st, D\^B?D n«3p 
Mythology, a system of fables, Dwti^tpn npT^/S 

N • . 

Nail, (on fingers, or toes) p^V (^^^ metal) "Tfl^ * IDpD pi, 

nnn'' ♦ nnooo 

•• • a« • w 

Naked, bare, m. s. DlHIf * Dl'ljJ? (stark) HIIJ? -sword 

nmna nai^e^ ann -ness, Dn;; • mi;? 

Name, appellation, fame. Dp -V. to call, — i<^jj to mention 

244 NAM— NAY 

by-, —3 K*1JJ to utter, — T3Tri to get oiie*8 self a great-, 

m. 8. D vlliin UV3 DB^ *17 flBW a good- is better than 

wealth, IVfpD DtJ' nHM -leas, DB^ ""Ta 
Namely, specially, £3133 to wit, lb8*7.* ' 'I as 1 Sam. xxviii. 

V.3.1TJ^ZW H0"13 iniap^J and they buried him in Rama, 

namely in his own city 
Nap, D13 -N. slumber, nD13]1 
Naphtha CDQ3 Ch. 
Napkin, D^'Vn JlgD 
Narcotic, huji * ThjTp 
Narratey-||p '^an R."ia3 -tion, * HB^^Q niSD "n^in 

n"r|« -tor, m. 8. "«5Dp • Tap 

Narrow;-!^ -N. contracted, m. a. lyj? n^ near, DVpXpCh. 
-o***» PCT ' "^XO -'y> ~^ h® "'y escaped with his life 

msn rai Ira i/B'ss rrrr -minded, m. s. h^nt • •'f?''? 

Nasal, D£3ln P)^ ^8^ 

Nasty, m. s. dirty, D803 -tiness, n3J1r\ -tily, —'2 

Nation, D? * DN/^ * Dtt * '^iil -al, public, D^n'l) 

Native, born in a place, or coimtry, iTllyii^ Fl^ ^^^ ***y> 

Natural, produced by nature, *^I/Iip it is -to all men, 

onsn ajp «in^itD3 -philosophy. If Stan na^n -power. 

niJlJl3 Vy^\ ni) -ist, m. s, Ijjnp -ize, (a foreigner) 

mT83 "i3na -ly, i/ntsn i-n ^^ 

Nature, r^ular course, VIED good -d, 2lC0 Jtp ill -d, J7*1 JITD 
against-^ ^?^l' *^^^? ^^^^^ becomes a second .-, 

1/30 nfe^^fj ^jnn 

Nave, (of a wheel) I^B^n 

NAV— NE6 245 

Navel, Tia^ 

Naught, nothing, hin * ];•« • PD» * DQ» * h^bvt -iness, 

P« -ily, -3 -y, ml MW *«^^K 
Navigable, l^V^ -igation, rn*3i<3 PTID^ -igator. 

Nausea, Sjt?]i ^ nj^nn -seate, bh^ * ^i;| -seous, «nr 

Navy, Dn/'ist * D^?v ^Oni* 

Nay, no, ^b not only, DJ * It ^ij It t«^ 

Nazarite, a native of Nazareth, ^'^Vl^ one who has taken 

a vow, Tf3 
Neap-tide, D^SH |npn 
Near, close, m. s. 311)^ parsimonious, ^7^5 -, ad. almost, 

Difp3 -ness, ri1!l*)|5 * ni/^3 come -er and. -er, 

Neat, elegant, m. s. D'»jpa * HS; -ness, Di/J * ^3'' ^ly, -3 
Necessary, needful, "^^^ -saries for life, HyS/? R- '''•^ 
-sarily. P)D«3 • niSnn Ch. -flitate, »)!DK ♦ nnDTI -sitous, 
m. 8. 12DD * nlOna *^»- -situde, -sity, want, "llOnO 

• • • 

fatality, rrV^ there is a -ity for it. 8in "^i-Vn tp -sity hath 

no law, iionsn inv^«'' "itt^Ks nie^'»ca bji« ]"»3"« it"? 

Neck, (of the body) 0(5-120^ P)"Vi;; ♦nKJV -^loth, 

iNjy n^Kp -iace,p3g ♦ "vjr] 

Necromancer, m. s. 3lS VjS ^SlB^ -romancy, liSII DDfS 
Need. TjV * "IDh -ful, when there is-, pmn nj?B>5 Ch. 

needs, YJ^ ♦ nnDH -leas, -""^^ -ily, nph|l • pnn*| -y, 

m. 8. ]3pD • niOnp •{^''« 
Needle, ro. s. COlnp -maker, m. s. —H^JJ -work, — Hfe'lf D 
Nefarious, liXp *i;-l *Xf^T 
N^ation, H^"^?^ * iTinin -atively, -3 -ative,m. s. "p^lB^p 

246 NEG— NEW 

Neglect, ^VVD * •^lir^n -N. negligence, n^b^JJ »aiD 

-ligent, m. B. ^V^ 'Han? 
Negotiate, ]hy] ^2 * "DJi nVi^nb ppj;?r).7 (for an other) 

"IB^3 ♦ -iDnp R. DID -tiating, m! s. * \n'\2) SB>i3 * -)p"ip 

ig^ga -tiaiion, |nai N^5 ♦ rvnpip * "l^|> 

Negro, a moor, ^^^3 

Neigh, VnV -N. H^HV * H^HlfD 

Neighbour, m. s. \2ti/ -bourhood, ni3Dt!^ -hourly, JTnHKSl 

Neither, not either, t<7"^R no one, m. s. *^^R K? -I nor 

thdu, nnn «^i ^3« ^h * iib nm^ dj ^3k ds 

Nephew, nlHS IIS p 

Nerve, IH^D -vous, vigorous, m. s. ^pT^^ * DIVIf weak, 

T - - -: 

Nest, ]3j? -N. (of birds) Jj? an abode, agrlD R. Sl!^> -^g, 

naiTfi ny">5 -img, ri'ipx 
Net, nibsD * D"in '• miVD * na^n tis r. ma 
-ting-work, jiBh nfe^;?.a 

Nether, nethermost, m. s. "'JIHll * ^if^Hfl 

Nettle, m. s. DJJJ.D ' D^Jp?n'-N. hnn 

Never, never more, Djljf ^^ llj/ t^'jas, la'^Dln >6 

D/llf "T^ llif DnN"!/ yc shall never see them c^ain. never 

before, D^llfO i<7 -theless, T\\k\ ^33 
Neuter, m. s. D'>3Q NtJ'"' "l'>3'' tt? -trality, mSH '•^73 

D"":^ ri'iK"'?^^ R. naa 

New, m. 8. ti^in make-, tS^in become-, B^*nHnH -banner, 

-i\nD iri« • ^""nno r. ^^n -bread. Din unh -bom, 

m. s. 3lni5p *"T^li -comer, -fashioned, N3 311151? l;l''Tn 
-fangled, nltt^n •fjll"! -moon, {8>"Tn B^ttT -year,' 
r\lfr\ B^th -ly, 3i"l^p * B^np -ness, Bhin 
News, JTiB^'jn -monger -paper, Hltfi'^n ^pKP 


NEX— NOI 247 

Next, T ^^ m. 8. 3ll^ after, "in» ^lay, nnnsn D1^ -time, 

T^mtb -year, -week, HKan nae^ j/ntJ^ 
Nib, (of a pen) iTin (of a bird,) t)1j;n D^h -bed, Tnn 
Nice, -ly, m. s. accurate, yop * DVipV2? Ch. delicate, • p3Qp 

Nickname, ^ir^T DB^?'™? -N. ^r^rS ""133 R. ^IT 

Niece, riin« ii« na 

Niggard, m. s. ]Vpj? • >S'<3 -ly, ni^''?? 

Nigh, N. m. s. 3nj? -, ad DJ^/O? 

Night, n^l"^ by-, -1 to-, -h -dew, -"'P"'p'7 -dress, -gown, 
-niD? towards-, 3^^ fl^^ stay all-, )1^ -man, 
nlK'ltlD *)11il -watch, rniOJ?^« good-, (see morning) -ly, 
every-, Hb^^J Vibi? b^ 

Nimble, m. s. "X^T^D * bp_ -bly, nnNlipSl * m^pj? R. ^^p 

Nine, m. H^/^n f. i?2^n -fold,-^1fl3.teen, m. i'^]J njtfttfn 

f. mjffij jjt^i^ -ty, D''j;ts^jn Ninth, m. ■>j/"'B?n f. 'we^n 

Nip, to pinch, p7D blast, J^^2^ -pers, D^np^D 
Nipple, a pap, "f^ *— H ^^J^i;; 

Nit, (of lice) D^33-^V''5 -^> -»^9 
Nitre, Ifli -trous, -2 nhl2D 

No, 1*7 or pK (if preceding a noun) as {y*^R pS no body, no 
man. by -means, ]Ql«b1ti^a«^ -where, PKO-^Ki^K 

Nobility, D'^ijp *Dnin 

Noble, illustrious, m. s. glB^ * Pm ^^1 -man, po * nlPT 

-ness, inn ♦ n^na -ly, m«ana * np^^a 

Nod, bend the head, tJ^l*T llJ be drowsy, 013 

Noise, a sound, ^1p clamour, iTQlH ' HJ^J^V * H^l^n R. b^Q 
(of wairiors) ]1«D tumbling-, ti/V^ make a-, t'lp KB^J *piflf 
(as an ass) ph3 (as a bear) pplB^ (as a bird) J^VDV R. ^SJf 
(as a hart) 3hy (as a horse) h'Jl^ (as an ox) ni/| (as sheep) 

818 NOM— IfOT 

p*i|^(a8 aiioa)D'n3 *itii^ (as water) nbrr * ir^ir|-ie»i, • vrnh's. 

^ip yDf^l •>^5 ♦ DOT! -y, m. a. rrDlH ♦ l^hjnjD * tKiD 
Nominal, pDKa ^13? t^^ -ly, DB^3 ^nate, to name, 

^ tnj? to appoint, DB^? ^"^ -ination, the appointing, 

HTPia ^native, Dt^ * ^;fl9n DB^ 
Nonage, minority, m^PJ^ 
NonappearaDce, ^3^"!^^ ^^^"^•? '^^k'^ 
Noncompliance, 0*^33 ^wh 1W0 " D'^aa natJ^H R. i^Ef3 * 312^ 
Nonconforaiist, m. s. niSyrr |p *Bnl3 -ity, \D HB^a 

Nondescript, ''310^3 * ''3b^» '>3'^a * ^K^a 

None, \kh * f« Nonentity, ^nn ♦ DDK/ |J« 

Nonresifitance, n3B^j:5rr * ni/OB^D^ IID 

Nonsense, pv^ ^3*1 -sieal, vh^Yi 

Nonsuit, N. "tiSVp Dj?'»"). naB^rt R. 318^ 

Noon, D^Tny Forenoon, — H ysj' 

Nor, ii^ f|K (see neither) 

North, ;iay -ward, HjlaY -star, "»3laV 3313 -pole, 3E)[) 

••aiav -east, n"'3iav n'TntD -west, n''3nif D rfjias 

Nose, P|« ♦ D^h ^y, nJT3 ^ry\^ n^38 put one's- in every 

thing, ^33 3n;;nn Nostrils, DnTU 
Not. t>5 • ii? ♦ ^?? ♦ r« ♦ |^« do -I pray. W b^ -at all, -any, 

^3 r« -the least, HDlKp ^3 r« -eke, nT3 '•n^lT ]^« 

-«^en, Pjjlj^ «)H it is -yet,* iTH tt'j nj-je 
Notable, memorable, m. s. "Jp * J^aO 
Notary, (who draws contracts) ^51D 
Notation, fee noting down, HD'^eh * mif H R. 111? 
Notch, f -in ♦ nD">35 Ch. 
Note, set down, 3h3 * Dfc^T -N. annotation, mifH a writtai 

paper, np''ar) * ISD * 3Jn? (in music) rtr^V O^fp -ed. 


m. s. remarkable, 'fbh •lfTi3 eminent, 3lB^n * iP'' * J^QD 

"» • ^ T 'tt t : ▼ 

Nothing, noneptitjr, 7^111 ' D^» ' ])», not any thing, ♦ ^i p» 

ncntaforoa-rit^a-pan-i r. pn good for-, ^if»'7a 

m. 8. p»p3 * HDJ make -of, ma. it is -but, D» •»3 H? TK ' 
Notice, remark, ntf^ heed, HD^ -N. .Tin ♦ m"»pB^' 
Notify, Ijnin -fication, njB"Tln R.i/T' 

Notion, naa^no ♦ tI'id^ -ai, naias 

Notority, -riousness, >Vf^ *D1Dn.a Ch. -riously, —3 -rious, 

m. s. "«l^il • DD"»1aD 
Notwithstanding nti? 733, 
Novel, new. tUlT) a tale, ""nS "IISD -ist, a writer of norols, 

m. 8. u^rQ njiBp ojan? •«;v9o -ty, B^nn 

November, "•rD^H e^*^h 'Vl^'n or t1l?^-)D Gh. 
Nought, naiKp ^i ]■»» ., a. J/gJK 

Novice, m. 8. "^^pn. Novitiate, rr3^3nn TipVn "'D^ 
Noun, Dt£^ 

Nouri8h,35^3 ^ble, m. s. !?2^2i] -ment, iT^J^? R. Vl3 

Now, nrij; *nj;;| before-, nr ij^V-and then, ♦D'>p^a^ 

n^nv'? -adays, 'U'<p^3 
Ndwhere ]^» • D^D '•^^l Nowise, |aiN &0 •>5'5 

Noxious, p">*p R. pri • irin^^a -ness, rriB^ • rin 

Nudity, npi; ♦ D'i''^ 
Nugatory, 9>JJ'\'* ikh * pn * ^3rr 

Null, DSKp* i;a» -ify, nKi»^ ^»j» oife^ -ity, mpn 

Number, nJlJD • *lfeD -N. "1300 -less, — m 

Numbers, (a book in the BiWe) iaiS3 1BD 

Numerable, m. s. n3^"J * TSpy -meral, I^PO h^ -merally, 

lappa -motion, iTjp • Jryap -merator, m. s, hilO 

-merous, many, m. D^SH 
Nun, ty^i^a na^n^l riBhj?7;ffi -nery, (see Abbey) 


Nuptials, njinn *D'»Nlfc^3 Nuptial, -bt 

Nurse, ^^S? R. h'O (a chiW) p'^^^H (a sick person, m. s.) 

*rhh n» mts^ -n. np3''D *rii^i»n ni»inn nnie^p 

T V •• T 'rv ••• //vv - //» - ttt: 

^ry, (for children) fj^H nnn (for trees) nlpjlf rnf 
Nut, -tree, n^ *TU« -meg, '•nlD TlJ^^ Nuts,b"'3p3 
Nutriment, n^3^3 -ritious, ^3*73D -rition, "713^3 R. ^13 


O ! "<ln O I wish ! ^"7 ♦ •>^n« 

Oak. 11v»« * n^« 

Oar, rhn * "»Jin -N. JOitt'D 

Oat, oats, b^W nh'lp Oaten. TB' -meal. HDj? 

Oath, nj;i3?? -breaking. -2T13|;n 

Obdurate, stubborn, m. s. 37 *'1tt'p -ation, ""B^j? -ately. —3 

Obedience, ^UW^'? "Tl^ * '^??'i?''!' "^^ien*' ^ 8. * 1/333 
n^OtS^P i" *np -diently,. Hjl/J^n^ -isance, iTjnnB^n R. 

nnB' Obey, ^1p3 j^fae^ 
Obese, m. s. «n3 • D13» 
Object, aa^n R. 31ty * '^^ ti'^ Ch. -N. matter. |;3y * W 

aim 113D -ion, n31/£0 * m^flD Ch. -or m. s. nniD 

•t\: 't-:- ▼•: •• 

-ionable, If^pl 
Oblation, jailj 
Obligation, bond, HSln (out of gratitude) HllID 7lD3 

-ligatory, 2^np * ^lO^J? Jige, ^ ^Jtf ^b| -liging, 

complaisant, m. s. ]3lnp * li{9 •7013 
Oblique, h^VD * t^PP^^'s -queness, ^^D 

Obliterate, nnWn " Hha -tiQD, nnntt^n ♦ n*nD 

Oblivion, n»B>3 * i^VlW -»o"8. DI^^P 
Oblong, l«1nn t{« -ly, ~ -3 * 

OBL— OCT 251 

Obloque, n^-jn ♦ ^1^1? R. ^^p 

Obnoxious, liable, ]^^D R. ^3 ♦ h^hil Ch. injurious, ^1 

Obscene, m. s. H^W * 3Vn3 -nity, nip^n * HiSr -nely, -2 

Obscure, to conceal, nD3 * DllD darken, '^'^B^nfl * T^ipi? 

■ • • 

make less glorious, Dbjtf -N. HDDP * DinD * lljj (person) 
m, s, *i;nl3 t«^ -ration, HD'TID ♦ tlD^ifn -reness, ♦ ^1D3 


Obsequies, i^SH JTI/H 

Observe, watch,nbB^ note, "l^n R. 11^ obey, pmH * y^^JJ 
-able,m. s. plain, -"I^H ♦ U^2^iih n«n3 -ance, ♦nJr«n ♦ StJ'p 

onisa^ ^t, m. s. ]''t«p • D>ti^pD ♦ "laiB^ -aUon, fin^n 

-ator, HQllf * IDW -atory, nD'^atS'n D"'3D nD"<3 
Obsolete, m. s. 3m * tt^tSi 
Obstacle, "IVgD • n^'>3p * HJpfe^ 

Obstinacy, ^"lifniiB^ -nately, -3 -nate, m. s. Pjnif •HB')? 
Obstruct, n^f^iy^ -ion,iyj;;p -ive, "iVUf ♦ JI^JlD 
Obtain, J">12^n R. iWi ^ble, m. s. J^ -ment, Jli^n 
Obtrude, ' "3 t^SH Obtrusion (see Intrusion) 
Obviate, "D "pn (a danger) Kl3 ^nh^h nl^Sp^ TPO 

Obvious, ^^hSi * U'^y^ijh n»T3 -ness, -m3 -ly, -3 
Occasion, (see Cause) -N. casualty, rTlj?!? -al, —3 
Occupancy, HrnK -cupant, m.. s. tnlH -cupatiori, * flDKyP 

("ife^KO * pDJ^-cupier, m. s. p^Tfip * T^1^^-cupy,occupate^ 

pnnn •rn« employ, ••3 B>®n{?>n -one's self, \>JSVJV. 
Occur, 'riK rtlj? "h\^ «13 (to the mind) 3^ h^ rihj^ -rence, 


Ocean, the sea, /ll^n D^ 

Octave, -tavo^ n^rDB^ October, >;;*>na^r? B^lH * nB^fl Ch. 


Ocular, u^y^nb n«i3 Oculist, D"<a"iir «an 

Odd, not eveii, Ch. ^JV "18^ ^W/Sl •strai^, K?^ -par8oo,m jl 
•n^3 * "IT tth^ -ones, D^irin -ity, ♦m§ * i^lf? -, dtf. 
ference, piVn * ^"n^n 


' • • • 

Odious, m. s. t<Q^ *3K113 *^nc88, Haj/IJI -ly,--3 

Odium, blame, ^Q^ *D1D 

Odor, nn -ouB, m. s. Pjlla irT^n 

Of, from, ]P* • 'P (the sign'of the genetivccase) b^ (this par- 
tide is howeyer generally supplied 'by the sign of regimen, 
as TT1 m for Y3L sw of David. ^«nfen "^JB for D'^33 
children of Israel. *n^ ^^^ for nn$It^ ma«tf of Parah. 
int^rr r~ll3^ for J^13|1 the daughters of the land) -coune, 
pBp "']?^3 -late, nnjJD 

Off, fh>m, ]P distance, pl]71'!7 ^^^ i^ well-, 1? 3iG9 

Offiil, refuse, nT593 * DKW 

Offence, fault, »pn * |f8^ injury, rUtfT 'pJ3 srifront, nD'«^3 
anger, DJ?? -ftj, m. s. J/nO • D'^Jl^D * D''*??© -les^ m. s. 
31» ♦ PtO D'iSdD 13>K 

Offend, D"*^?!! * D^^?n ♦ pMH -er, m. s. S^lH ' JWBha 

Offensive, m. s. *3llD It? -siveness, H^T -sively, —3 

Offer, to present, 3'>")i?n attempt, &t^{^3 propose, 3'13I^n -N. 

Office, business, rt^^O ' pDJ/ Ch. (place) — DipQ public 
employment, ITnj^ -ficial. pertaining to an office;— ^TB' 
^cer, comtaander. Tp^ * B^th a bailiff, IKlItt^ ^date, 
\r}^ ♦ maf -fidous, kind, rnt^h |3ia R. ]13 -fidouanest, 
2lD"ll2f n -fidously, -3 

Offing, Djjn a"? R. aaV 

Offscowring, JITXVD * '•np 

Offspring, propogation, K^KV * fH Jl^ R. HIT * tV> 
Often, D^DUa^ as -as, ^''10 too- ^D n3"in 
Ogle, 1''^, -ling, ]Vj;f ^ 

Oil, inyi * nn \^f -iness, ir'aiapa^ -y, |aa^ 
oint, {m-:^ nfe^p 0^9 -ment, nntf^o ♦ nnj?*]? 

Old, in a^e, (thing) |ti^ Cpetson) m.s. ^gT 'D'^Q^S K^-i^e, 
ni'5 'Hipt avery-^e, T^pD -cloftes. ni'7a nloSfe^ 
a year -, n^ s. XX}^ jS ancient, ""alDlJ? * D'>31D''P;D of-, 

ni^:lD'Ti5ri o^io'? • c^aV «f<w-, ttj^n • pptn how- art 

thou? ?}''jn ^V^ ••pvn^? -fiishioned, \^r\ an^pSm-s. 

OiiTe, IS^'i 

Onnen, ^D^9*.n1» -inous, ;fltD"'9 

Omer, "iDij; 

Omission, nnVJ/ • rXniTS • R. ma Omt, 2\J! * ttbtt^ 

Omnific, 73n n« «"1^3 

^ y •• 

Omnipotence, ^l^^^** -potent ^"^B^ 

Omnipresence, DipD ^D? m^'^VP-pwMent, DipD h^ «yP3 

Omniscience, 73 rytf^l^. -cient, b3jtf'Tl'^ 

On, upon, -2* 'hit go-! l'\DJJp ^» 

Once,' one timeyOi?$ formerly, O^JD? ^^9 HHi<3 
One, m. IHR f. UnK there was not as much a»-, W H**?! 87 
"in» it is all-, in nv:} ^an-anottier, m. Ht flN Ht -with 

TV tl f t/v^ - virT 

another, m. VH^ n» a>'>« -l)y-, m. IHjfj: T^K .^yed, m. 

One's self, InlH * IB^M * lOVJP (to act upon- -, is expressed 

with the 7J/Dr\n as IB/flH to teach one^s self) 
Oneirocritic, m. s. nl0l7n •nnl3 
Onion, '7V3 
Only, barely, pi * "^K ^ D^ ao- one, m. THJ ) 


Onset, an attack, n^'^JIgl * H^JJ^ 

Onward, in advance, "^i^h progressively, ' '1 "^yn asfiiD31 ^^l/ll 

travelling onward 
Onyx, DHty 

Ooze, h\2 * J?bn -N. soft flow, ^rl3 " l/D*! 
Open, unclose, nJlSl (his mind) ITI^T H?! begin, * 7nil 

^>nnn r. hhn untie, nna nnn r. nr\3 -the eyes, 

D?3^^ njJB -Ae mouth, H^ H^f 3 (greedily) na lj?a -N. 
m. 8. nini • ^^h^ * "iri'lD -eye, nnip^ ]"«Jtf a house- to aU, 
r^rwh nina rV^a -place, not fortified, "^n^ -eyed, m. s. 
njja 4iearted, m. s. openhanded, 3? •3'>7? candid, * D'^DR 

Dn *1\B 1? 1a^? R. 1lh -body, HN-'V''. -ing. "^^fP * "^? 
(of the womb)Drn lt03 a gap, ni/^JpS -ly, evidently, ^'hy^. 
pubUcly, D'^aia * tJ^pa^ri "'3''^.? -ness, candour, niO^D^ 

Opera, noT •'^sa ts^jit^r^ R. lira' 

Operate, to act, 7J;a produce effects, T^flS? ii^Vin -tion, 
njli/a -tical, -h\^ -tive,-tor, m. s. bp^ 

.Opinion,' notion, TX^fOP M^"'P1 ^^^^i ^-Vy* I »«» of"' 
HDIJ "<r«/'n -ative, m. 8. ini/'i ^J/ TDij/ 

Opponent, a. IJJ? -> *• "»• s* '^a'^^P 

Opportune, fit, XO\ -nity, place, — DipP time, * iialD? fyj 

1tJ^3n n|fB^ Ch. 
Oppose, -'^ Tljnn *rt?jpn -le8s,in. s. Vis^ IDllf T^ 
•Opposite, -ly, 'ii'^b -each' other, m. s. rn« ^« B^8 '>3| 

-tion, hostility, nHfljr;!!! * 3n contrarity, iTSann 
Oppress, yhb ♦Rsi *i*1V *P^? *P''VC *'"'3'i^ -'<>°' 

vn!? • nnv ♦ npj? ♦ njsiy -ive, m. s. ""nDH * ins ♦ nc']? 
-or, m. s. fnl^ ♦ nniv * p^vp * not? 

Opprobrious, na^n • ]lMa « ti^j? R-iibp-ly, -3 

Optic, a. HNnD Vt^ -,8. njR^n "^^l 

OPT— ORP t65 

Optics, n»inn nnsn -dai, — ^e^ -dan, — ^3 ran 

Option, HTn^l 

Opulence, 10 "al") Opulent, m. s. Ta^J? 

Or,il< ♦! ♦DK ••••D«a8ntt^K D« B^« OX or ntS^KI ghK 

it be man -woman. 
Oracle, delivered by supematur^ wisdom, D^^SHI D'^l.lK 

Oral, na-Vi/a Jaw, -{j^ min 

» - : V T 

Oration, ninSln n31 Orator, P^D * 0^3*1 O^MBfe^ af»» 

-toiy, nv7p R. p? *iwbn nanjo^D 

Orb, a drck, "11^3 * bi\i R. ^^J -iciilar, -3 

Orbit, nl^isrr b^^^ nVpp r. ^^d 

Orchard, DTIB 

Orchestra, D^nnie^sn DnBtsn np'^a 

Ordain, invest, •^j; ipsn establish, i;?^ * li?JD 

Ordeal, by fire or water, U)^2 tJ^«a Hj^na 

Order, command, il^V r^ulate, y^'^XD * ^*^ N. * ry])iD 

Jess, nnp? i!«Vb? m. s. nfl ^11^3 Jy, niD? (peraon) m, s. 
•TnOD ne^^ to take orders, nanSH ^N nQDn 
Ordinance, fl^VD 


Ordinary, usual, m. s, "^IVD * T^T common, (thing) ^IH 
(person) m. s. Dlnil Ch. -nate, appoint,lp5n -nation,TpQp 

Organ, (an instrument) 3J1^ (of speech) SCDSD "^^3 Jst, 
3Ji;f3 ia3P -ization. HDni/D ni'^D -ize, rnjj * T^o 

Orient, the east, Jin tD -al, eastern, CD^jPH y^S ^ftf 

Origin, beginning, r\*»12^KT * H^nri R. ^^H source, nlpO -al, 
]1a^»T ^Uy, -3 -ate, bring forth, I^IH ♦ »>Vl'T 

Ornament, lltl ^llj/ n«3 -N. IIPJ ♦^'TJj; r nnKDTl -al, 

— 7 -^, m. s. *inn 


Orphan, m. «. DlrV| 

S8» OJVr— OTB 

Orthodox, m. a. iTISIZMia "18^ -y, mc^ 
Orthograpber, lanspjl p^i?lP -laphy, p'l;?^. It j*1 
Omftage, 0^9 
Orteoaiblei ^| * D>y«J n^y-ow^ niK ♦ |p?p 

Ortentatkn, nif rTi^no -tiooB, m. s. 'nano * hhnnn. 
Ostrich, njC^T na 

Other, ITU s. 1HR -wiae, — 'll'ia -world, KSH DtIP 

otm, n^3 "i«rt?- 

Oven, Ton 

Over, across, 13tfOab0ve> /Jf : * TPSD:* TtTJtOh -aaA above, 
m. «. 1 vlT do -again, Tijf ^^plH * jnltHllf^ 3T8»^-and -9gain, 

nlat D"'pjP5 * B^t^pi ^las -against, *ntnp^ • ^^D 
TJ3 * HDi ♦iisif^ -night, nWrr ^to be-.-Qi;. *nih3 

to be-, (as a ruler) 7^ U^tl give -unto, TIIPCI * *lbD be 
is given-, (by pbysicians) D^RSlin ^iSiD 1B^l3|l3.-g^, 
rW nq|/.-act, nvan-anxious, k s. '^ID ini'» J«Vn ^we, 
ll"'^3n *0*K -balance, ^^5" -bear, ^ T^IOH -bid. 

l3nio "ini"< Tnsn nsanh- -boarf. o^an Vk -bou, 
vnni ^ip if3^\ nr»T-cast, cioud. a-'jjn * \iii -chaige, 

-rate.'i'np nni"" *T^ngn-coine,»-i» blDJ * ITVaXhispaswms) 

imn^ ^fe^p (hisanger) ip|;3 B^aj -do, "•'ip nni"* nitKe 

•driv^ P^ -flow, fpt^ * fpg -aowing,Xt9!J^ -fondU aHK 
*TMP IHP^ rfovwacdaess, -hastCQess, .Fl Vnd>-gi'o^'<^> va. s. 
^"19 "1^^^ f\\ -growth, H^^ * ah 4iale, re-examine, {Rgn 
n"*??^ -head, B^lh bv. -hear, to hear, J?b^^ -beat, D^n 
TMP^ -joy. nitpi* npj8^ -N. n^lTJ mp?^ -lade, -load, 
•yjj/ ^331? -lay, cover over* nD3 *»^SV * \SQ -leap, 
nKj^ri ^Dj^ -loi^, m^ 8. TitD? •''p'TW -look, superintaid, 
ri^^i|!^n (from a higber place) ilO^f excuse, D*^^Q ^3 
, -match, liU -much, litD 3T •^'=10 IHI^ *pftS9, mntt, 

OVB-OUT 957 

•H? lilj • O^ -I»y, 13-!VP "iri^"' O^aF -plus, f\'r\v 

-power, 'TIH *)|)J^ -prize, -rate, ^"^O 1f}1^ T'^fil'7 -reach, 
deceive, J,pV-nm, ravage, 'iDJJ^ ^ICS^-fiee, manage,* H'^rTSil 
rriUJ^n .^eer, m. s. milB^D * xh^D -shade, -shadow, • ^H 
*!)Dri R. ^W ♦ ^3D -shoot, fly beyond» iTl^^p ^IJf 
n^^nj R. ")B3 -sight, error, HJJ?^ -sleep, mfD ^J?"«^ IflK 
R, ]8'> -spread, •'?Jtf fia -stock, I'tXI^h IV. nann -strain, 
"int> an")!? -sway, -2 hi^a -take, j??"?)? ♦ Jjp^H R. Wi 
-throw, -turn, ruin, D^IH -wdgh, Jjy^^tl -weight, H^'IDrT 
V WJ^Sn -whelm, •75 ni| -wise, m. s. nnl^ *D3Hrip 

Ought, should, m. s. ^Iin as (2^3^^ K^n "^^^ Ae ott^^t to be 
punished, (this verb is however gaieraliy expressed widi the 
future, as Exod. xxi. 29. ?10T^ 1 vif^ 0^1 <''*<' ^^ otroer 
a2fo aught to be put to death) 

Our, U w -selves, (see Myself and Herself) 

Out, m. s. ^f reach, JB^ ^^ R. iWi not at home, 10*^33 r» 
at a loss, T\J}F\ * •?|133 to the end, DBK * n^3 not within, 
nVin 'yV] loudly, ^Ipn -of, from, through -'D as 
nSHKO out of love, -of date, m. s. ]t^^i -of humour, m. s. 
1Vr\ *ip * ^J -of joint, m. s. Tl^J -of patioice, m. s. 
n^i»i -of place, -of Older, TTD? kW -of sight, m. s. 

n^y 'a^^ -of sight -of mind, sVd nst^i \^u^ pirrn 

-of time, laDD liW the fire is-, ^^33 the time is-. 

Outbound, D^l^nn^V iV"!? nwio r. ^o 

Outcast, ^np • njaO? (person) m. s. TTIl^P * n"13!5 

Outcty, nj?j^y * nbrrp • nl3£ bip 

Outer, Outermost, ^nO * ^llTn 
Outgrow, inl"* ^*1| 

Outhouse, n-igri n^n« ♦ nriri-ia 

* • • • , 


8» OUT— PAC 

Outhw, onnS lh3'-N. proscribed, m. s. D'lTO-iy, D^n ' 

Outlet, »V1D ♦ »Vlfl R.»T 

Outline, contour, nVVH ^ti^tXl 

OutKre, -last, n*73 

Outnamber, 121PP5 '^If ^"''n^r! 

Outrage, DbH -N. OOn * 11733 -ous, m. s. atrocious, DOh 

furious, l/HB^D 
Outrun, (him) 1^^32)7 lai;! pn 

Outroot, {j^na^ ♦ rjjji; 

Outside, yTl • Ilrri -«ki«^t, TjffJ' pi * E^nJD 
Outspread, -stretch, nhD * pB^B ^ ii:h| * flbc^ 

Outtaik, nna * onaia nbS 

Outvote, nU/*^ ah? 133 R. J/T 

Outward, -wardly, ^inp * 1^|[ n'>«"!pi» -wards, pTI^ 

Outweigh, 'jjJB^sn ^fnan 
Outwit, -hi! Dni/rr • • • •? oannn 
Outworks, ny^s.n n^jfn " llir'»n 

Outworn, tn. s. 1*1721 

T T 

Owe, indebted, 3*nD I -my life to thee, "'3n"'nn 

Own, acknowledge niln R-HT claim, m.s.* lV t!^i?5(-, pron. 

is understood, as Kin ^h it is my-i ITS with his- hand.) 

, one's^aster, lD?Jtf |^ ]n» -er, m. s. -n hv^ -ersbip, 

Ox, ipi ♦ lie) youD^-, -ij^ la ^taii, n^n 


Pace, V. IjJV • >)I)D"| ^"^.7 . 

Pacific, m. 8. '•ivn * U'pi ♦.Di^B^ '^'tn * pmap *ah» 

PAC— PAL 359 

-ication, Dl^^ tVn'3i -icator, -ifier.m.' s. * tflbf *filthff 

iB'so -fy, D^B'n ♦ tivn ' .' 

Pack, bind up, ^'^^ -N. a packet, liny • -age, .clotli, 

"»1D3 nj3 -thread, nfY'D 
Page, (of a leaf) l^P^ * Ty an attendant, • TH^ 

Pageant, -r^, D^:""^ ^jP^|[B^ nS-jP R. ni/K^ 
Pail, 13 (for milk) ]^D^ * 

Pain, 37jt;n • y^VTfn • nag • p^n -n. * n«3 ♦ ^an * nan^ 

"»11 * ayjj (of mind) IVD penalty, B^jjf • tDSe^D -fuln^! 

to take -8, ifl^nn witaker, m. s. |?3>np 
Paint, represent, 1»F\ * ")»5f coloul-, WlfS Ttjf* ^h3 -N. 
if 3V ^r, tDN \»yp -ing, -|1»V 

Pair, nan * jn ch. -k d^:^ ♦ jir . 

Palace, »lDn»f ^3\n • nT3 ♦ iTT'CD . 

Palate, (to taste with) "!|n -able, -h Pg3> ratic, -h^ 

Pile, TfnTt% 3>5D »)j9rr -N. a stake, TH^ -fecedj m. %. "m 

grow- ninn -ness, miin ♦niapach. . 
Palisade, Tiarr rjiiflio ni"rn'< 

»• - // // - : 

Pall, ^"'■jpfl 

Palliate, to ease, ^)?n R. hh^ to cloak, iTDS -tioa, * Th^r\ 

•«1D3 -tive, ^'«J3P * n^DD 
Palm, a tree, noh (of the hand) *|^ -fruit, IDri a branch of-, 

D''"lDn*13 • " 

PalpabUity, T B?1{6>p * niB^^O " tS^^l Cb. *ble, gross, m. s; 

^fry^, B?SP*D|, plain, Tn3 -ably, inill -ation, 

na'ann ♦ b^ik^d cb. 

Palpitate, pb"n -tion, 3^n Tlp'^El'l 
Paltry, HDIKp^ Stt^nJ t<^ ♦ p^i* 



Pamphlet, tltOj? nian ♦ DHP^^P 

Pan, n^qa * r»^f»i5 -cake^ rpq ^?^Cn^ 

Pane, (Of glasB) rX^D'^^X n\h 

Panegyric, n^jJj^ -rical, -rist, in. s. ly^D 

Pang, ^nn ♦ 3N5 * 1^? * "''PV Ch. 

Panic, HDiJ* * H Jn| 

PUinel, (of wainscot) t^dpH H^? 

Fftnt, wiah, «p^n * IMT) for breath, IVn *)Ne^ 

Pantiy, lltffln ^.TO 

Papacy, •piT ^aqi ai« ni-JILO 

Paper, N. T3 -mill, -n r\^»bt? Dlpp -rtainer, -JgaiV 

Papist, m. 8. mp ""jni 3K nqij *«55Qp 

Par, D'^DTJ^n M1B> 

Parable, WD * ll^D-t -oUcal, — T^'T^ 

Parade, show, xi^ iy^vn^ guard, n3y®n'>tt?5ij R. ay> 

Paradise DTia * nxf P 

Paradox, h^Wn'h^ TSanO -ical, m. s. .1 ^n» •n£0l3 

Paragraph, p^D^ Ch. 

Parallel, compare, "hn '^^ * nm -N. (lines) U^ D"'5E 

pnin^ resemblance, tVD'^. -ism, CDllLf^ ''^1?^ 
Paralysis, DlKlld"Jl3Q R. HSIl -tic. m. s: ^3 ^1 
Paramount, chief, tS^^H^ * /i) Dl[) 
Paramour, m. s. 7Jtf *3d1tf * 2iri^P 
Paraphrase, tSha • D|nj? Ch. -N.Bhn^ ♦ D«l?l 
Paraphrast, m. s. |g^i)P * P^*)r>J9 
Parasite, Parasitical, m. s. ^X}* X^h 'P^qO 

Parasol, DD1'' ^y^ n^n R. ^^v ♦»)an 

Parcel, p^ -N. a lot, pjn a bundle, iTIJiJ 
Parch, 3'*inn -ed, m. s. THH 


Paichment, ^t^l ♦Vni Ch. 

Paidoo. la? • rt^p 'httD -N. fnas ■* rvrho * nfyno 

Panl<»able, m. s. ")§3^ ♦ nj^T * 7n^ 

Pue,peel ^^ diuunisb, D^9«l * r>pp?T . 

Parent, fether, 3K mother, D» pL U^Ml R. mn -al, -^^J^ 

-age, descent, iTnlfl birfli, tYlh^ R. T?^ 
Parenthesis, -J0«0"Tin3 li^D "»0»D 
Paridi, ni^'^ap -doner, — TT 3KhJ1 R. 38^ 

Parity, ff'yjBn "• w • niD^ 

Park, N. a-iap f))?^ Bhh R.»)p^rm| 

Parley, -»5in -N. na*^P 
Parliament, p^njO Ch. -ary, -^a^ 
Parlour, T^t;iJ!^n I'Vrt * r^iriP Ch. 

Parole. niiEi?ri • nip^p 

Paroxysm, njtfj» n^D n^e JglQP 

Parse, p'^jJ^n "•a? ih^ R: pj^T * 

Parsimonious, m. s. {^gP * Oy9¥P Ch. •siracNiy, * fVSff 
O^inpV -simoniously, —3 

Parson, ]T\3i -age, — /ItnR 

Parti (in two) rtV n divide, p^Tf -asuiid^, T^fi*? depart^ 
m. 8. ♦V? if?n -with, 'JIK attJ^N. pjn for my-i ^D in-, 
nSp for the most-, 311^ take one's-, •Djf fliNT I'wiU take 
iH)-mit,i3 ""nn 7Jg nj .«ke, (see Participate.) 

Partial, unjust, m. s. D^i^'T'SO R.13a -ity, D^apTnSHJy, 
-3 -ize, 3^ nltSrr R. 33*7 • rUM. ■ : 

Participant, m. s. "3 1P7? ("* ^i^ happiness) inn^ti^-? nQ|Sf 
(in his trouble) IX 1^ I'TIV? -«?**«' *B? P^O •«*«*» 

Participle, ^Jia""? -cipially, -TJ75 

Particle, an atom, ^Tl^ ♦ p'l R, ppl (a word) iT^ R.fe 

9tt PAR— FAS 

Particular, nu s. indnridual, ^P*>.^ odd, >^|B^ ^ -about a 

t»^» P^^RI R- P?T -ity, rppn^ -iz^, D*ia -iy, jri^ 

Partizan, an adherent, m. s. *13n 

Partition, p^ -N. diTiaon, TT^^ (tbat dindes) rnmo 

Partner, m. k nST! *f^ Ch. -ship, rn?n ♦ niQ]?2^ 

Partridge, «"l1p 

Parts, districts, WTaO * fltlVJ?- ' 

Parturient, f. s. p6in * n^^ino -ition, rn5»t» "i^an 'rrr^ 

Party, an assembly, iT^UPI a side, *Ty pi. D'^TTy detacbm^t, 

pjn -coloured, D)iWT3">Jp2V D;PI ^?^ 
Paschal, np9 ^ff? * 

Pass, go beyond, ^i^B **k|T1. vC -*^'™y» 'TH -word 
for one, "^ 2^ -sentence, *hu "itl "fl^ t^^?^ «»ct, 
'^l ]ill be current, (as money) ^niD? "^^f -N. aitrance, 

H13D licence, rni» Tilif^ rrnjfri 

■ • ▼ « - 

Passable, that may be passed,, m. s. 13|P tolerably '^^^'^ 
Passage, the passing, tlSTDi a road, 13£Zp (<^ a book) ID^D 

dJb^ -silkier, m. 8. rni«n5lif *jp^ 

Fusion, suflering. "^ * 730 anger, ^Vj? ' TJh love, 

. H^ narfK * rwj nwi -atdy, -a -ate, m. s. *npn •Tnp 

Passive, m-s-^bap * ^Ob (of verbs) Vg^ -ness, VaO * n«^3P 
. 4y.-a 

passovtf, npan jn r. jan 
Pkssport, rni» naij;^ iTT^irn 

Pa8^m.s.^pent^*1|^ * 1*173 andeigone,V7tr lajf more than, 

"D "inl''^«cov«y,*TaK 
Paste, pm -N. paiO 

PAS— PEA !^ 

Paistor, a shepherd, \Vt){ H^ a cleigyiiaan, |r^ 

Pastry, HSU^ Jl'tffJJD -cook, m. s. HSlS 

Pasture, Hj/T -N. Pasturage, njnp * n|j?D p^ * «^ nl«? 

Patch, H^D -work, D''8^tO nj3 * CDS " < ' 

Patentee, 1^271^ nRBhiTnb tW R. fim 

Paternal, fethCTly, 3S3. . 

Path, n^^ra ♦ -Jin-^ ♦ n^pp -less, n Ji^p tt^ 'XYr\ 

Pathetic, moVing, sj* -|nlj;p * 3^3 ^Jl3 ' 

Patience, rPDI'l *ni3^5P rtiently, -3rtient, m. s. quiet. 

Patriarch, (of a family) Iti'T}'*'^ tlfVh (of a church) "jlni ^ri2) 
achate,— M).9 . 

Patrimonial, Ha^lT? -rimony, ni3^ r)7n3 rinriK. 

Patriot, -ic, m. 8. linii^lD n^i* j9»5 3Dli* -ism. *») 

Patrol, T«yn -iDie^ 

Patron, |ainp * pJD R. pj -age,, defence, ilDnO -ize. 
Pattern, niO"! 

Pave, p)^ rment, naif") *r>a!fniD 

'J ■r : : » » : - 

PaviHon, 7rrK(ofaprmce)1"na2> rjlgiK 

Pauper, n^Hlf-hp Da^Jj^p ^p1a,)ri)Jl^ 48m,. -.1. IDpp 

Pause, to stop, 'ib^ * HIJ -N. »nn3n« Ch. * p>p^ or 

pppn Ch. " ' ' - . ''.'' 

P'aw, the ftwt, '7;n flD hand, T 

Pawn, E03if -broker, m. s. tOiSJfO, *^13ISF0 Stf •m^D - 
Pay, (a debt) D^B' atone, B'^yH ♦ "Jg? .N".trp!l^.a^fl .' ^^Djl 

-ment, D"«p^a^ -able, due, —^l^^ Dl"" "83 -outstanding, 3in 
Pea,|1CD^ ^1a • n'»3£3]? Ch. . ' . .. 
Peace, not war, Ol^B^ rest, m W * tOPfi^ silence, n^OII hold 

964 PBA^PBN 

aiie*»>,Q^n.inake-»ke^tbe>,*Otf C 
Dl^t^ n^ (nan) n^TOP tE^K -aU 

Peacock, "^^irt 

Peak, (of a hiU) TVf2i Vhh 

Peal, ring, H?^*'^^V-N. ^V^ ^ 


Peari,(agem) Tl *a^n| 'iT^IID Ch. 

Pebble, a'^pfrj 

Ptodc, (• measure) I'T^'^Kri rf^jpSl 

Peculiar, particular, Tni">P • ""On^ -itjr, &\t^'^B Ay, D^^S 

Pecuniaiy, ^190 Ch. nl^D Ch. ^(^ 

Peiiant, hc, m. s. ^^.inD * n«|l?D -ly, nU«3 -ically, -3 

Pedestal, nslSO* 19 

Pedigree, nnjinn tiv * n^^in ♦ nn^ij^p 

Pedlar, mSJ' H^SO nniD -leiy, il n^in. 

Peel,to flay, h^ -N. n^^ 

Peep, look, f\\^ * Man R. DSa -N. f^l^ * H^jn 

Peer, a nobleman, ]JD *1ln -age,-n MT^O-eas,— n n^K 
Peevish, m. s. \yf?t^t? * ]^y, -ness, HJI^Jn * Upt -ly, -3 

Peg. N. nnj -v. -3 'riK "ptqn 

Pdican, T\^ 

Pelt, ^^D tI^. nil/ -ing. nV)?p 

ffSirtrfold, rnna (to write .with) 15lD"tO|f -knife, — I'D}? 
•man, a writer, Tiip IglD -manship, na'>Jl?n i^^i^/P 

Penally, npj?;! * ttfjiz 4d, -a^HP ^ce,nyt8^^ ♦ Dnw>. 

Pencil,(of lead) nn^lif tSip 

Pending, undecided, m. s. pf^ * /^P^ * ^^J? 

Pendoium, ^pt^^p 

PEN— PER 266 

Penetrate, pierce, Jtfpa dire in any matter, 318^^ 'P^VjJ 
(into the thoughts of him) Vnlaa^PIO Ptlij} h» Hla -tion. 
a piercing, njt;">j?5 sagacity, ]13e^ * niy»in -tive, m. a. 

Peninsula, ">« "•>f H 

Pmit^ice, naiB'^ -tent, m. s. —^£3 -tential, (a book) — 19D 

Penny, mart n^K^^B' ^flB> 

Pension, Hats'? ph -er, m. s. ^013 nPlV 

Pensive, m. s. thoughtful, ni3B^np •Tpa sorrowful, * 3VIf 
ttK *'1^1<"» -ness, mi nOV^ -ly, —2 

Pentateuch, Htt'o finin ♦ nSin "•B'D^n Hti'Dn 

Pentecost, (a Jewish festival) ]-|1jn3B^rr JH 

Penultimate, n3iin«nD t^it^rt nj/ian 

Penurious, mean, m. 8. npa *^'7^3 -nesajnib"*! -ly,— 2 
Penury, ^3300 • Ty)hl R. bbl 

» • 

People, (a town, or a country) \^« Tjp ri« S^tyin -N. per- 
sons, DJtf m. D""tW« the vulgar, DJ/H |1on a nation, ♦ ^15 

Peradventure, 1| M^ ' ^"WK 

Perambulate, walk through, • '3 '^hS -bulation, mSjB^ 
Perceive, discover. ^D ' ri»"l * tt'ain Ch. -ceivable, per- 
eeptible, m. s. ^7| * fil^|ip -ceptibility, -ception, ♦ n*l<"1 

iTa'anrT -ceptiwy, ^^h}2 -cipient, m. s. n^ii ♦ a^aiD 

Perfect, finish, D7ty'n * Din * «7D -N. m. s. 072^ " WD 

rion.-ness.nib'TW * n^^Dfl *n«1^0 
Perfidious, t1DK-t<^5 m.s. 1313 -ness, in *hjSD -ly, -3 
Perforate, 3^3 -tion, the piercing, HJf^pS a hole, 3)^3 -tor. 

Perforce, lj3? * *r ptHS 


208 PER^PER 

Perfonn, do, hjl^ *nfe^ wicceed, JJ?Q ' «Vd -able, 
-ance, completion. HU^^D the perfomting, rrnji^ -er, in.8. 

Perfume, nlm? rri-mer.irSP "WiD 

Perhaps, ^f *'h» 'ntn^Vb^ 

Peril, rvSSQ Ch. TPTm ^ »* at my- '^WV ^HV^ 

»^3\ "^T^P -ou8,m. s, t2DP Ch. 
Pcffiod, epoch, TJflD R. TP"* a circuit, H^lpijl a fuU stop, 

p\^ Ch. marked underthe letter thus ( • ), as Gen. ch. i. 

Periphrasis, 8^^ 

Perish. nODH * 13» -able, m. s. rpK"" ♦ n3K> 

Perjurer, m. s. Ip^J^V 'ifa?^? -juiy. "IjJB^ njP^l?^ 

Pomanence, nionn 'OVj? -manently,— a-nent,m.8. •O'g 

Permissible, m. s. Jltt^T ^nw«on. fl^tS^. Permit, nBH'? 
Pernicious, m. s. H'Tl^'P * pMD R. ptJ -ly, Hjtfn^ R.i;in 
Perpendicular, directly, 1B^ plumb -line, '!|3l|J 
Perpetrate, Jfffc^$ M3J2.n -tion, )it% ' ^1^ 
Perpetual, m. s. Tpf) ♦ ir ^ '0*2 -ually, O^iJfV * "^3^ 

-uate, -o'lpn -uity, n-iTp;^ *r»"'ny3 

Perplex, confuse, OPH * ^SlVJ R. S^3 -ed, m. s. * ^3^3!? 

Persecute, yhh ♦"pV^? *"!¥?? R- HIV -tion. ^H^ • nj?V>' *IT1X 

Persevere, persist, fSKJ^n ♦ TPI^n -ranee, Tliyp^^n 

_ I 

T : - 

Persia, D"1B Peraan, m. s. «^D"1§ * "'P"»| 
Fenoa, a human bang, Dl^ B^M pi. nltt^S? m. B^K^pl. 
0"'t?^38 appearance, nN"|P-age, m. s. *31B'ri O78 -algood^ 

PER— PHA 287 

D-i^P^aO R. h^a 4lity, niTn^, * '•pna -ally, m. 8. ♦ 1DVJP5 
lB^S3|l to appear before one -ally, l,!ga"]^ nlKlli 
D"«i3-'7K-D">:^ -ate, -ify, -h mi -ification, ^ItpT 

Perspective, view, D^pt^H spying-glass, — njj? 

- • ■ • 

Perspicuity, transparency, JTn\T2l plainness, ini3 ^usly, 

—3 -uous, m. s. T^na * Hn^ 

Perspire, i;h -ration, Hlft 

Persuade, rwig -suaded, m. s. H/^DD 

Persuasion, persuading, '^Vlgi -sive, m. s, rTJlQ*». 

Pert, brisk, m, s, THD * Tnt Ch, saucy, m. s.D'^ia •?!; ♦^^VH 

Ch. -ness, rTOMD * Himt Tivj; * Havin 

Pertinacious, (see Obstinate.) 

Pertinence, IB'Dn ♦ naisn -tinent, m. s. *1B^ ♦ |i33 

Pervade, nVjS^N nyj?p 13^ 

Perverse, m. s. B^j^j? -ness, me>|J^ ♦ HSiann Ay, -2 

Pervert, Hl^rr -ible, m. s, rflV] 

Peruse, read over, f|iD TJ?) B^ID J(T]5 examine, eh'1 

-usai, fjiD Tin tffihn n«n? • rwnT 

Pest, pestilence, ^ J J *'"'?30 * 3Dj? mischief, PXi ■er,*\^h^ 
pyn -house, D^i?a3^n rr^a -Iferous, -Ilential, n'»n8^c 

Pestle, •'^j; R. nhs 

Petition, B^3.*'7i*e^ ♦pnnn -n. ne^isia ♦ n^«B^ nann 

-ary, -^B> -er, m. s. Jt^2Jp * ^^W * Qnnp 

Petrify, i3«^ nv>rf -fection, \2»b mn 

Petticoat, liTinip 133 

Petty, Tijjn-nin^ -ifogger, -•'3'iin R. rr-n 

Petiilance, niK^J? * '"laianri -ulantiy, —3 -ulant, m. s. B^g;? 

Pew, rh^T\'n n'«3a nni"«D dipd r. ^^a 

■^ • • • • • , 

Phalanx, TH^ 

Phantasm, Phantom, KIB^ n^m 


i^i i.nN^ I lii 

8. Bhn^ * ttngJip ' 
i,f!IBto my nWJsi nvn 

Philanthropy, '•^naKH ppV HaH^ 
PhUanthropical, m. ». '•e^mn pp^ On 
Philologer, m. s. P'TpIP R-PP"T -ogy, p^^"1 -ogical, — ^B^ 
Philosopher, m. s. ^j?^P -ophy, ^3^ flTPD -ophical,— TBT 

Phlegm, rvmh R. m^ -«tic, m. s. nn^H n"^34n»^a 

Phraae, N. miT] ]91K -ology, ]1B^ 

Phylacteiy, r\BOb ' fS^n Ch. 

Physic, medicine, n^Vt^f D'«SD (the art) nl«\Bin r«?n 

Physics, if 3^r? nO^n lical, -h^ 4cian, ^0« Hfitl 

Physiognomy, Ch. ^jVlTian np?n -nomist, ]*2D 

Physiology, jfl&n ^TIS? -^cal, — /B^ 

Phytivorous, m. s. 2\tnf *hD^ -t«*»gy. D'^'PVl' ^T^^ 

Piano-forte, *1l3l^ 

Piazza, D''*no|n ^WD finri nsiS^rt r. nao 

Pick, choose, Sha • 1*13 gather, tDjJi^ ' fpl^ -one's pocket, 
•O ai| -a quarrel, '2 rn|n?7 -up, PraJil *«VD -up 

his liveMhood, IT n:n «it9 ^axe, llgp ^. m. s. • t^^ 

*Tn R. TTH -pocket, m. s. 3|| 
PSdcle, preserve, H^? tt^a| -N. brine, HTO ''0 ttring 

pickled, n^pi eh33 
Picture, "l*!f -N. "imf 
Piece, jdn, 1311 -N. a part, pTPI -bread, DTI? HB -neat, 

ife^a ilDVm all of a-, m. pL D^DlPI * 0^ -meid, ad. 

pjn p^n all to pieces, D^p^q^ ♦oni?^ 
Pier, n^srr ]top R. fjaa 

Pierce, penetrate, JJpS bore, Ipl -cer, m. s. ^l?^ * TIJI, 
-cing. m. s. pm ♦ TJ -ingly, Ij/Sl * njjma 

Pig, (see Swiae) -of lead, -of trtm, 7n3 n*!^^ 7»p 
Pigeon, nal^ a young-, ^Tlil -honsc, 1|i1tt^ Clu 

Pike, a lance, n^3n -staflF, — VJf 

♦ • •• 

Pile, liy • Ibn -N. a heap, llph * HDng -d up, m. s. "Tiay 

Piles, (a disatae) D'nno * D'^^'felg 

Pilgrim, m.8. TlUJip '♦ ^J*lj •nj'^ -age, ^JT^ n»5»|[ 

Pillage, .n£)e^ • rta -N. n^a^p • ma 

Pillar, a column, TlOjg a suppcMa*, *TftPP *|P<fto 

PiUory, riasqp * pirv 
PiUow, r»iE^«ipn n3 
Pilot, ^3inrr 31 

Pimple, np-npTK. flJJ^.S«?3|f n«|f R. nm -JWM 

Pin, a p%, njn; (oif wife) blHO -v! -3 pmri 

Pincers, D^H|37p Pinch, squeeze, ITITN-. '^n^ 
Pine, ^ere for, •7K nlzS (a tree) HJO^ 
PhJion, wing, f\3| fetto«,.0'«5»;i? -V. —3 T&K 
Pinnacle, point, j^njan H^^^H B^th 
Pint, Jl^n rT»8'>^^ Jl^" ' * 
Pioneer, WiTS "20^ ■sp'^ ^D 

Pious, m. 8. prnv ♦Ton * ly.!^ •m*' -lyiJTjTorm 

Pipe, to play, b^H -N. (an instrument) rhu a tab, HJP a 
measure, iSH nl»eh^ itfpn -per,m. s. D'»^'' f»t73 '^P 

Pipkin, fenn ^^5 ' • 

Pique, D''i;nn • '"1 mim -n. noafe^D 

Piracy, DDH Piiate, N. DDlH <at sea) D»n '•BDdV Cb. 

Piss, pjj»B^n *D^p ^"tprr r. tea -n. |ng^ ♦ uhri ^ 

Piitachio^uuts, tmSSi 

Pit, a hole, iimB^ * nng • nl3 (of the arm) H^^ coal., 

270 PIT-PLA. 

Pitch, fix, pyi (a tajt) hfl^ S^fl light, •^lf.'?t)3 »meaT,lb2 
-N. "123 * nST -y, dark, llna^ -fork, ]W^^ 

Pitcher, (an earthen vessel) *T3 "a -^oeth oft to the well, but is 
broke at last," If^ IJi l>J?n h» *T3n Tl"!. Ti;; ^3 
PKI n3B^ 

I* «■ T *• T • 

Pity,*?;/ Dm Din '7hn -N.niJDm MTDH -lless, -■'?3 
-iable, 0)71^ -ifiil, m. s. tender, D^CHT *K7D despicable, 
nT33 -eous, exciting pity, m. s. D''Orj"T. •^^1if D -eously, 
-ifully, despicably, ^7912^3 

Pittance, tDJgO HayP 

Pivot, in^ 

Placable, m. 8. nl2n^ -nli *3^ *^1 

Placard, nj^TlD R. jJT 

Place, put, rnfer • TDgn -N. space, DlpO office, • nriB? 

JT^P^ in -of, DippS in every-, DipD 735 
Placid, quiet, m. s. OpS^ * ^^^P -ness, DPK^ 
Plague, infect, ^|3 * »)i3 vex, p^rf -N. • j;j3 * *|J3 ♦ HSap 


Plain, m. s. artless, DJ1 * 0'*pri clear, 1T13 simple, G91I2^S 
levd ground, 133 -ness, -dealing, HIO'^pJ? * mtOt&^B -ly, 

-3 -work, HDie^a n3«^o 

T : T T • 

Plaintiff, m. s. H? J2?ii^ Ch. -ive, N^a 7(5^ 

Plaister, nE^Sn/l 

Plait, Vin'" 7to -N. m.s.Hia3 

Plan, afefn -N. scheme. n3tB^BD model, Tl'^X 

Plane, m^ ♦ ItVpi? -N- HJ^^RP ' 

Planet, HTD • ^?p pi. Onjp jillJP * Ml'jrp -aiy, -^B^ 

Plank, iTjIp ♦ tthj? 

Plant, gbi • ^ha> -N. J;<P3 • h^T\^ -ation, IT^P -ed, m. s. 

PIA— PLE 2n 

y^i -er, m. s. JJQ'Q 
Plaster, PI1I0 -N. lime, T^ a salve, nClj>"|9 -^.C^ni JV^Q 
Plat, Jh« -N. miyn np'yn ^onn, a flat roof, Jiin nSDtt^ a 

level, ■|18>"'0 
Plate, to beat into plates, f]^ J7^n R. niS -N. (of silver) 

f\D2 ■'V? a dish, iTjRj? -d, m. s. na^ftlpl 
Plaudit, ndtt^ -oiy, m. s. Piag'P 
PlausibUity, -ibleness, D^rj? fi^^nO -ible, m. s. nVV 

ptey, to sport, prjv *j?B^jRJ!ie^n R. nj«y trifle, ^v?jn -N. 

piny * D'^Jt^t^ -er, nu's. pO^P * VJ^0t^ -fellow, JgT 

it riifi -fui,^e, m. 8, "y^fj^ ♦njn •Vp kj/T ^^^p 
-house, fiB^j;;?^^ nvnn rvi -thing, u^p^j^ 

Plea, apology, ni^VJ^^ * Mlp'^^V'? R- P"f5f 

Plead, aigue, njvi defend, "^Jtf f^^pH pJ^H R. pV -er, 

m. 8. f^p -ing, rwhl? ' DPI 

Please, content, nVl ' J^JJ choose, 1*13 * ^h3 if you-, m. s. 

•s|''ry9 ni^^ 3iE3 DK -one's seif,;i35rjn •jtfa^fipwf'n r. 

ni/tf it does not -me, -3 tJlVBH 1*9 •^3''J/3 3io ti^ 
-ant, in.8. (person, or thing) U^^i * '^^V'l (voice) 31P (meats) 
D'>PJIPP -life, D'>3le9 D'l^'n -garden, ^nj;; t| make- D**]^;!? 
-antness, delightfulness, }^ * nnptt^ -antry, 37 3^{9 
-antly, —3 

Pleased, m. s. • 3 ^§n ' HVnp -ingly, Dgi? 

Pleasure, delight, 3136^ * 1^2^ T a man of-, pSa^O * J|fir>P 
he follows his ownl, 13^ niTint^ nn« 'n'7ln with-, 

ni'^ii 0113 * 3.^ 3itD3 * n^icj a^»^? ♦ 3l«o iljqs 

-urable, m. s. 0*J/3 * 1003 
Plebeian, pNH 0? n^P R- ^^ * ttiHO ^h. pL 

T • • • • 

Pledge, to pawn, fiD3^ (one's self) 2'^nrj -N. 03Jf ♦ JIS'JJ/ 

9f9 P£B— POC 

Pleiades, ^^IBV "'a?l3 HJf 5?^ * nD'>3 

Plwiary, m. 8.0^^ * D?^ -arily, n^0>pjn3 *n»j»f 3 

Pleaipotence, tiK * n^^. -otent, m. s. ♦ H^lphn liS i^ t^J 

]Ptarti»ude, -<y, JTBB^ * 3*1 -teous, -ttful, ro. s. a"n -teoud^, 

-tifauy ypa^^i * a*ij 

Pleonasm. nn"tVlD|^' D'HS^ MT'njR 

Pleurisy., ntnn TlJan -ritic, m. 8. ^3 '^^^ 

PtiahH -M>*» Tl ^ l-^"^ -ablfsness, TOSI 

Plod, Jji^ -de»* Bk 8. aairjD -ding, nj^J"! 

Plot, to pkn, 3t8^ * nlVl^lXl B^ (miKibief ) "^ If! STin 

-N. cwjtrivaBoe, natB^TID * nVSHJ? conspiracy, IB^ -of 

ground, ni^ll n)?7)1 
Plough, T«> • Bhn -N. -share, nttnPIQ 4and, 33^ -aaan, 

aji"* ♦ ahin ♦ .idin ijip a-ing, a^nn ♦ f>; 

Wudc, (fifuit, &C.) ^b)? ♦ n*1^ (feathers, hair) dl^ -up by 
the looti 1^^ * n&5 -out one's eyes, G^y^g Tg3 -N. a pull, 
n^NpT? Kghte, &c. 3"J|> • D^JJP 

PlutBS^ nisins, D'f^^'l D'>3||( 

PluBoage, nfeflQ -migerous, -my, m. s. -7jg3 

Phmib. Plummet, 'rn^T) \2» Jine, ^31^ 

Plump, to fidl, nY fetten, KH^T} ' ^^^H -N. m. a. * \Dt^ 
IXn^ -oess, niK>l^ ♦ TVQl^ 

Mundi, rt3 ♦ nc»^ ♦" VVf^-N.'r^a •n^ss^i^ • i>^<^ ^, m. s. 
ma • npfe^ * ^Jla^ 

Plunge, put under water, JJ^apH * Ph) to sink, * 1*TJ 

D^pj ♦po^rr fall into, 'a^^?^*! *'A^-N. nn> 

Plural, m. 0">3il -ity, ">^aT 
Pocket, N» D^3 -V. -3 ^h3 -book, D''?n?n 
.-handkerchief, ^RH nn^PP 

POE—POL 278 

Poetry, poems, n'i)rbt? * D''T12> -esy. -n t\V\jm -<ftical. 

Poet, Tlla^p * p}.D .ically, ^^B^O n^tf}^ rQ-r^ R. pi, 
Poignancy, ^ *. ^^j^ -«,t, m. s. l^aaT ♦ ,1^)? ' ' 
Point, sharpen, tie^'nrin direct, n«nn • JTlin *fTin(with 
the finger,) TbT ♦Dfn to dot, l^i -N. a sharp end, rrvf a 
<Jo^ n-ni^a a case, |^33f chief, Ijjy • B>t{i critical' moment, 

«n3sn j/jn .by., '-.en^a -lij 121 -Wank, tt^n^a' to 

be upon the-, fjja |i33 ,n1\'n to bring to a-, i1^ *Dnn 
B. Den he is on the -o( death, niO^ allp; • 0013 -ed, 
shatp, to. 8. fOtt' *tn -ediy, keenly, ni-'Jtl^a. -Jess, m. s. 

Poison,.N. a^ii • nmn-oD ♦ min ch. -v. -^npt^rt 'rann 

-ous, m. 8. n'^PlB^a *^»D^» 

Poiae; p^§ -N. D^a • -,- /■.,;", 

Poke, B>a>a Poker,''|iefVl? 

_ • • 

Pole, (a piece of timber) D3 (of the earth) n«ff ^''^bfl^aoS 
-lar, 7ty Pole-axe, CflJ? ... . -' ^. ' :' • " ,:.:> '] 

Polk*, TJ^n jrnja^ -icy, an ©f govenmient, ilJ^O '10^ 
prudence, nOTlJf . . ; : ' . , ' ■: • • -'; 

Polish, brighten, a>£oV ♦ jTIO * £P?5» civflise, mO^J Tfi^ 
-N.njt;^^ *•>£!*•' -er,^^1^ • P^Op' •a-tBISf'*i' •■ ■•( 

PoBteiiess, aviffiy, nipiTT •rtlOT(^te>tt».'8..-^^'l 

Polity, ninan rijrrar? -itics, — n;;''T ' 4iieian, m, m 


Poll, take a list of voters, ntP"5 X^P, R, JfT^ -Nv (a lisCji 

rillZ-nn nD*"?^ the head, O't?! * nH5»3 R. ^^J 
PttUKte, defile, WB^ ♦^ .tieo, JTRDlp * ^J|S2 
Polyganqr, tX^^ym-^, ^ot, ni3W HWiji'i'^. -th^sin. 

2 L 

3J!4 POM— POR 

Pomegranate, |18^ y 

Pomp, nnttajn " yvi -ousiy, -a -ous, m. s. n»bp • 

Ponder, D^a * IHnn R. mH ^ble,in, & 7pir». -oeity, 133 

-ou8» m. s, *T33 
Pdnard, n^n * n^^ 

Pontiff, '-Tiia )rl3-tifical,<abook) t3^aJ33 ITTln "131 
Ponton, n-»3|!:D r»TiD01 

Poop, N. n*jiVin '>"iinK 

Poor.m.*. indigent, ]3pD * Xi^^ *''3J? ' tS^T •^"1 R. * ttm 
hVl veiy-,11'^5«'l "•» grow-, tShflH ' "T^O fnake-, tS?E^ 
naSte one's self-, (pretend) B^B^n^*!! -land, HH mean, 

t\n -ly, -a 

Pope, ♦pil ^3d3"a« -dom, ^nij?9 -ery, - -jn'H rjTln 

-ish, - -rriin? R. nT 

Poplar, rip? 

Poplin, ynrxi ^t^m nay d)^ ij? 

Populace^ bj^n llOg -ular, xa. s. 'I'^K 311^ W-ulari<y, 

qj?n ^ion nanti ^iV"i -uiate, ojjn main -uiatiwi, 
f^ tjj/n H3T -uioua,f..8. D^ na^ 

Porch, D^W * "l^lhm^ 

p<n«u;Nv rnspprrri nijjn ai33-rou8.m-s.D''a]?3 •k^d 
Pork. TJD nfe'a 

Porphyry, lOna , - 

po«r«ceo«B,iiir?|.TVn| 'phj . 

Porridgei j^J^ Poiringer^ iTJJtfp, ..'■'.■ • 

Port, harbour, Ci*n Kiap mien, jnbp -^de,m.8. *Hfe^3^ 

^CoVtO^ R. ^"^0 -al, TJftt? -er, gate-keeper, IplBf a carrier, 

730 Kfe^la . -age, -erage, IDB^ 

POR— POT 275 

Portend, ni«i» ni'in -sion, naKian "i^« nlni» n^lin 

Portent, ^p">p TJlR -ous, m. s. *»in ni« 
Portion, part, p^H (of a daughter) ^13 . 
Portliness, TTrr *rvin*^^ Portly, m. s. TTtn * D"'jp3 

Portfolio, o''3n3n nn^DK -manteau, DHjan nnjnoK 

Portrait, rniV Portray, draw, TV 
Position, situation, TDJJP DipP vayp R. ar 
Positive, ra. s. JdJ^ID * jiDl * ""Kll -itivdy, HD^nnS "' ^ 
Possess, "^ ni>n -ion, ^^3p * nmK take -ion <rf, * ••'7=rt3j? 
•n« Th^ ♦ • -3 pmn having large -ions, m. «. 'tfVSi*bui 
0^9"1 ffi^c -ion, Tj^' ntngl-^ll3 "ive pt<Ki6un,^ j.ij9ri • ^33 

-or, m. 8. *i^ 1^^ * ^ja • rap * rni« ♦ pnnp 

PossibUity, M^^ * HS^^ Ch. -sible, m. s. ^aV> is it ■«ible, I 

hyrri a? much as -sible, Ch. itt^asT no '^aa 

^Sl"" n^l^ -sibly, '«'?« 
Post, to fix, pa*^. -N. messenger, tlTp ''fUJ fTvB^ office, 
rr^P^ a side-, (of a door) nT^TD upper door-, ^ipK^O 
-age, ,ma« nVI^^B^ nafe^ -chjuse, ^Jljf aa*l -haste, 

tlT3n ♦ niTHO -house, Tinattrr nn7B^D r»"«a -iiuon, 
aan -man, ni"i3« «"'a» 
Postdate, Ch. jot Di^rfDni^ nn« Miiiuvian, ^«prr imt 

Posterior, nn« • npN -riority, Onqi* -riors, n1n« -rity, 
D'«3nn» nnil -meridian, OnH!?!! iinH -humous. 

Postpone, delay, IflR •nlTJ . 

Postscript, nflDin ♦ riDDln R- ^D^ (for P. S. is put B^U^ 

being the initials of '^rWIDB^ llif or '»J1i;»?tt? njJJ? I yet 

forgot, or the principal thing I forgot )• 
Posture, disp'osition, TD|[D * 1131311 
Pot, ir\Q ' TD pL nyrO -companions, Dni3B^ n^D 

»6 POT— PRB 

Potencjr, Potent, (aee M«ht) Poteotatev ^f^ * 'tQ^ 
Potion, (in physic) HSTiri n}3|j^0 

Potter, isrjn n^> -*eiy, -ivt* VT^ n^p 
Poverty. ni»|g; • ""^ • ivhi • «h R. S^i • cm 

Poultry, illQijr -terer, m. s, — HSlO 

Poultice, '5p3"»^ n0anp 

Pound, to te»t,'nJ13 • 8rn|-N.(imo|i«y) D^^lf^ HJlO^ 
Pour, (in, or cm) pV^ to raab, fjpip tfarov-^way, "^1^ 
Powder, reduce to dust, ^ 7^^ '^Lpl^ * P?$^ 

Power, (stivqgth, see M^t) leave, 71(^1? ^ *i>Wl it is 

Pneticafaie, m. s. h^^ -^i^al* 'W^ ^^ 4iadly, "HjlbS 

riDKa -tice, use, JTOD * SaiH <*exteiityrnn^rip 
iPnctisei Aq, iTttf;^ ^xencis^ /3'V>'7 ^-P^fi*?*? rtioner, m. a 

Praise, rji8^ • ^n -N. n3^ • h^iry -w»thy,m. 8. * natt'p 

Prance, Tm a prancing, mn^ 

Pf^ «ivi9lic, p^^^n^a wtticed acnjT^h fli^Q . 

P«rttl* h^ .1^1 -tier, HIS, Vn^ pi?i9 *Bf<^;q OSl^ 

p»y, "isR ti5jn.?. ^'^m -^psi ♦ -.a a^ -! i^ ^r, 
rtann * n^ar^ * 7r^T\o • net^a -er book, rh^n iSD 

Preach, Vjnn * IV^Sn -N. H^l^ * H^Jln ^^r, Bht? * mSlO 
PFecariDQSi ni. s. dependant, * '3 tl^doubtfol, * HID^ '<Jni>3 

Pliij -ly, pap? • p^ ' • 

Precaution, nn^nt 

Preoedei, ' h 0*5J? -cedence, nDHl? cedent, m. s. '7 D^p 

PRB— PBB 877 

-cedetitly, *QSil7 Prec^tor, nyip ' ; ", .'i 

Precept, njVP -tive^ f^Tlttl -tor^<*nlD ILHT 
Piwe88ion,n3j^ HDHj? R.1^ 
Precmct, ^«I34 

Precious, m. 8. 135^ Jy, *1J5l^a 
Precipice, riQIinb J^l TJtD R. IT 
Precipitance,, -itation, flTl^nO * ]11?nB -itately, ^2 -jftaift, 

-itate, m. «. ^^P3 * TITIlB -itate, V. fprt 
Precise, m. s. ]13]^ * V?^. ^- -"<»> "^^ * O^VpY -wiy. 

Preclude, ' 'D TIS ijHm ^^,. m. a. • •» ^IJ 
Preconceit,"-ception, B^thD H^nnO HaH^nO R.^^^ 
Preconceive, t&^ttlD n^TQPIQ 3tE^n <^oi;iGfsiiled,; tfi^ttlD ^jt^ll 

R.yjT' ''■*•.'••.•■• '" 

Precurse, ]5S^ * rniBQ --sor, nu s. **|fe^3D 
Predation, pO(l ^ ^1^ -datious, tdatdry» nL & D&lTt *^*llBI 
Predecessor, m. s. "7 Dip * ISB^KI 
Predestine, -tinate, tytnpnta -tination, •.r»3Ta®n HTtW 

nl^tDl KD^I Ch. -tinarian, m. s. - -3 ^D^O 
Predetermihatlon, ttflinD nj^lRJ mr? 
Predicament, state, TD^P 
Predicate, N. IKin 
Predict, fbretei, nlTr\g H^l prophesy, »53 4ion, • n*|aa 

niTng.i niVa -tor, in. 8. niTri|( n^3o. * «^33 

Predispos^tf the l"!?n BL ^3 -Sitiim, «>6hto nj^H 
Predominance, pre-eminence, . tmi> ' nKfe^TH^ R» IjUM 

• • • 

prevalence, nni3{l •dominaat, pve-eminent, h); a. ti^tn 
prevalent,'7jtf. *13la -dominate, "inlTT * "7? "135 
Pre-engage, Dij3D 'OJJ'plfl? PpC -engag^en^i ; 

♦t -: 

278 PRE— PBE 

n^B^in -existent, in. 8. jlB^iri ^t'ttSlE 
PieGice. Unpn -N. nDTpH 
Prefer, regard more, **/lt111't ITJPI R.|n3 -erable, m. s. 

nri30 -erence, * "7 ^llil^ -ennait, HD'^Tl? * •^T'!'^ 

Prefix^ D'^jflVa DW -N. Pi^sn artha ahbarn ni« 

Pngnancy, a bdi^ widi young, )1nn ^ant, £ s. rpTI 

Pigudge, rrrprn ne^ni. on^i 9^?^Kn opi^ 

Pigudicatioo, JTi^pm HB^*^ ITWp^ W^pU 

Prgudice, hurt, pTTl * SIO ^ -J"*! "N- P13 * ^^Ti "'»*' " 
^udiced against, "2 y^ tt? TKO <rjudicial, m. s. 

Pidiauiiaiy, prdude, np'T^il ' Kl3Q 

Prematura nks. T^B^ -turdy, iVVJ>U^2 

Premeditate, D'>3&Vq Sii^n Station, 6'«3a^ HStB^D 

Premier, 8^ first minister, B^lhrr ntt^sn \^ 

Premise, tBh^^ O^^P"? * ^^ CJ^ l*^ 

Proniaes, houses, &c. Dl/H 3 * ^^f^^. 

Premium, nafef *P'X3 

Premonish, C^Q^D imn -ition, D'^aS^D mnm 

Preoccupy, p\tnn7 D^'Hpn -cupancy, D*jP9 Hj^TH 

Preordain, D^^JQ^D lt| -dinance, D^3B^D rnt| 

Prepare, 'WPUJ * ppH (one's self) ]13»7. -ration, H33?!J -rative, 

-ratory, m. s, pDO 
Preponder, yJJBtefl J^^?? -derance, Tjjjten iTg*^?^ 
Preposition, Dnin nVp R. ^^D 
Prepossess, 2i nlfiSn -sion, 37 rtlt93 
Preposterous, ^^fc^r? 133 " n^ianW-terously, BaB^D '^^a 
PrepMce, ny^Jt/ 
Prerogative, HD'^'ljpr? CDBtt^D -gatived, nou s. t? 


PRE— PRE 87d 

Presage, Tnj;n n\«ir) -N. Tnjih ni« 

Pwsciaioe, niTJIgn niTT Prescient, m. 8. AlTftJ?. ♦git* 
Pwscribe, TfV (mfidically) ^JP -script, niVO * TjJSO -scrip- 

tion, a medical receipt, «gnn nvg. nivp noVl 
Presence, a beii^ present, mM''VP -of mind, nj^'Hll 1^11^3 

R.IfT*niTnDin^)f,'^3U/V««^3B^ . ■- '' 

• • • . 

Present, give, (a benefice) • ''? ]rt3 TITHN ]hi exhibit, HKin 
-one's self before one, D'^JI n^lXlh 813 -N. a gift, " rOJIO 
r*U1D * i~T3D ^ h4it^ R. h4B^2 not absent, nu s. h4VD3 
ready, m. s. ]13^ not past, JlttQ fl^? -able, a fit present, 

m. 8. r\;p\Q^ *''i«n -ation, ^ri3 mm ninp -ee, ^a 

rT3<nD -ly, at present, nDJfsoon after, iDnpSl -ment, a 
representation, IVlf * HltH 
Preserve, keep, ItSK^ season, 2^3^ -N. p1JlD!l UhD!^ -vaticm^ 
rrvtii^ -vative, m. 8. TI^V) * ifa?^ -ver* m. s. * Tlllf 

Presid^ ^J^OfeHH R. H^Jf * DW 'a^th^ ^rarr -ideocyi 

mnarr • niDJn^ ch. -ident, m. s. a'>naD * on^ 

Press, urge, \^R * W3 distress, ^h? -down, 8^33 -out, tifli^ 
-oil, or wine, n33 '^'iT -N. an oil, or wine-, ]!DB^ ^^^ 113 
an instrument for pressing, l£^33iP (for printing) D^Si^. Clu 
■iag, m. 8. pnj * fef Ji * l^ril? a'ji) -ingly, with force, 
nba*DVif|-maii,iy>^"Tp -ure,aiaaiction,^V*ptl'^ . 

Presume, to suppose, tt'&SS Htd*! 'Ij/,^ -ming, m. s. * IjfC^ 
lB^3artDnO-roable,m*.8. nST *"li;iS^ 'i 

Presninptton, conjecture, |1^9^ *)^'*^'^ presumptiousness, 
3^ \yv * rwp_ * mjt^ R. TTP -tuousiy, -a -tive, supposed, 
nSTDS ♦ nNn33 presumptuous, m. s. IT *0"'3& 'TJ? ' 

Pretence, Pretension, Pretext, TyUiji * W/Vanil 

Pretend, D^Tg.? * nlTIQ^ B>j?a -er, m. s. ' D!|"Tp 


Ppetttimperifect, 0^0 ^j?^? 15^ -t«riX 131t -tefaatoJ*!. 

plupofect. D^f? la? 
Prettmesfl, '»B'» ♦Qgi *mn-tay, -3 -4y, bandaome* m, & 

ha" ♦o'>ra '"ili? nearly, ©rco . 

Pterail, overcome, 'TIP "lilS induce, nJHa -aling, -alent, bl a 

naa 'iPtn^ieBtjy,,-!!?!?!? *ci?a 

Ptevstficatei w*ver, 371 373. "^rt * ""Tarnyj -ication, 

. naisrw -icatot, m. s.oVi 3^5*Ti3iD 'HisVanri ne^K 

Piwent, hinder, T^^H • '!|iWT ♦ ^i^ -tion, Hapet^ ♦ni^'? 

-ive, m. 8. ]Mfe^ ♦ ife^n ♦ £310 
Pwario«8,in.A "^ OliS Jy, OHD? -ness, nonfl 
n^^ Ipoili tta deroiif, H*l^ -N, 13. * ^ ***^ *?^"' rTH 

nanio wrd of-, to''y 

Price, estimation, X^H reward; TTID * TOfcy 
Prick, toj>ieroe, 3i33 hurt, 3''»?n -N. 3J?| * 3*0 ' 

Pricide,|'if> *nln-iy,p^ip'D;'nin i^D 
Pride, n^jiirr •^•nann-N.riV7?ii *rni!|a *i^a 

Priest, tIjS Icraft, -TT n91| 4y, -*7B^ .ho<)d,n|.'^3 -ridden, 

. «.«. D"Jd3n "iq?. •jpgtn . .*.. 

Primacy, -mateship, tt^n.^ \nii \^ T^^p . - 
Prinwrily, n^nna R. *? Vn -mary, -mat^ m. «. Jt'tiTl 
Prime, m. s. first, ]W«"3 ♦a^il be^ "Wl^P * 3©XQ -cost, 
]n)?Ch. spring of li^ nrtntf Minqi 4y, aigia^f 

Primer, niplan "'Tfii^a nao 

Primitive, m. s. ViCiip. * B^ * ">^P9 

Brimogenial, first bom, m. s. 113:^ -iter, 3K -iture, * n')l3?l 

PRI— PRO 281 

Prince, a chief, "ife^ * ^^^ * '^^^ a king's son, ^70 ^3 -cely, 

royal, HID^D -cess, H-jfe^ ♦ ^^D n3 
Principal, a head, m. s. tJ'til * 3*5 essential, "1j3^ capital sum 

^Ij? Ch. -ity, nh^DD -ly, a>t<-|3 
Principle, opinion, HIlB^np original cause, nJlB^HT 1130 
Print, impress, ^pn * Dt^T (books, &c.) U'^in Ch. -N. 

npnD * DB^I • D1Q1 -er, D'>31D -less, Dtt'T '>^3 

• \«« • ■ • • 

• • * 

Prior; former, m. s. ptl^i^T *D7p Prior, -ess, (see Abbey and 

Abbess) -ity, njD'^lJ? 
Prison, n^D» »^3n m -€r, m. s. "T^Dit " fe^^Sln 
Pristine, first, m. s. tlDni? * I"iB'«"l 

Prithee, »ax 'W ♦"'^n«R. n'7n . 

Privacy, secrecy, nUpD retreat, H^T^^B 

Private, nu s. secret, *inp *-TiD alone, T13 particular. 

Privation, want, n?^?!!^ ^HDH -ative, m. s. 7/lB^D 
Privilege, N. T\rm ' nitl'-j R, TlH ' HBH -V. -^]h3 
PriTily, nnDS rtles, D'»ttri3D -ity, nHD * liD* 

• • • • 

Privy> acquainted with, m. s. 1103 *i<3 a necessary-house, 

ravD span .n"»3 -counsel, niai^sn rifi* *ilD p^noa 

Prize, to rate, ''1^'^J/n esteem, 7070 R. 77D -N. reward, 

lafe^ booty, hbt^ 
Probability, flDsf 3l"lP -able, -ably,m. s. naiDS ' n«na3 

Probate, nsH n«iv ^iph mwr^ R. riin ♦ niv 
Probe, n|5|[;;i ♦ B^iT -bation, proof, nn;j?n *rfK^'^")'=i 

Problem, mm R. TlH -atical, pSD -atii^ly/-3 *• nlTHa 

Proceed, prosecute, Hi/ ^&^ * T'lii^'? K^ forward, ^^^7 "^tl 

arise from, "ID l/JH -ing, procedure, ^nfe^IfD *'1"1/I 

T • -: 

Process, couree, yiD (of law) tDatS^D * 3*^1 -iofi, iT^^^P 

2 M 

282 POR— PRO 

Proclaim, pubUsh, * ^1p ->3gn • U^T)}? jTlin R. IfT 

n^rt Ch. -lamation, HJ/llD * m3 
Procreate, T'jin R. "JT -tion, m?1n -tive, m. s. Tf?lD 

• TT • 

Proctor, (in an university) RiHTHp tJ^'1 Ch. an attorney. 

Procurable, t^VS^ -curator, TpS * y7J2D -cure, obtain, 
>4ifD • rS''VJpn pimp, D''3iar^ Jir Ch. -curer, m. s. 

Prodigal, -|?Dp * bnp R. nrn -ity, TWB * TBia -ly, -3 
• Prodigious, in. s. ^<7?^3 -giously, ^NP7 Tjt? -gy, n»« s. 

Produce, generate, T^IH R. IT yield, K'«3n • K>Vln 
R. K13 • «y> (in public) r\Vnn * JJ/^Vn R. i/y cause, 
3pn R. 33D-N. profit, ni"l ^n^jPlJn R. "7^ 

Product, fruit, ni<13ri (of money) "^p -tion, (of animals) "^la 
(of the mind) TXlbSFS (in public) HjtJVn -tive. m. s. * T^lD 

na •ni^jf f. 8. nnia 

Pro&ne, h^n ' «iBD -N. m. s. polluted, h^n * «DE> not 
holy, (things) ^IH (pereon) It R. T»T -nation, * n^DD 
bl^n -neness, if B^T -nely, —3 -ner, m. s. ^^HD * lUfStOD 

Profess, n^3n * Tan R. TJa -edly, B^nS? -ion, declaration, 
nnD3n ♦ man employment, niaOS * PDj; Ch. -ional, 
-W -or, 3n ♦ nniD -orship, -.1 n^gi? 

Prbfest, m. s. {O/HD 

T t; » 

Proficiency, ]^1^^2 ' jli?/! <ient, m. s. HNHip * «^|?^ Ch. 

Profit, ti/y^ •n"'inn -N. -aWeness, «^i3n ♦mi *r>^if in 

T-»:- •' : .-V V? 

R. "jj;^ -able, m. s. nsiD ♦ 3^P''P -ably, * n^^lTI? 
int^Da -less, m. s. h'^V'C 3"'0'*'' t<^ 

' : • : II ~ II ' - . 

Profligacy, -ligateness, Vmn f\^tSfi^ ' .113? R. DOT -l^atdy, 
-3-Ugate,m. s. m«n *fpW * T^P^ 'Vjtf^ 

PRO— PRO 983 

.Profound, deep, m. 8. pbS -foundly, pD)// -fundity, pD^ 
Profuse, lavish, m. s. tStap R. n3 * njSZp * llr? Tl^ao 

-fuseness, -sion, T121T3 * ni?& * I'T^? -fusely, --3 
Progenitor, a» .^eny, Tnjln R. 1^ 
Prognostic, n1n«^ nlX-ticate, "T3n R-TJi -tication, 

r»iTn|fn ni7| -ticator, m. 8. niTng. n-?3p 

Progress, course, HlfnO ' nSvH impa-orementj^^pn * ^^*^| 
-ional, -ive, increasing, v'T^XS 31*11 TiTH -ively, * TTO3 

Prohibit, "^ig' niV * inH -ion, Hfefgn ^h nivP -oiy. 

J • • • • 

Project, contrive, H^^lin fctVO *3yri jut out, '^WJ -N. 

-ion, plan, H^ann * Hats^nD -or, m. s. ' niVann *HViD 
niae^o •3a^in -me, mans 
Prolific, m. a. na *nehy ♦ nia * ttid r. it 

Prolix, m, «. f IRO -ity, r\ian» 

Prologue, nrr^Il^ 

Prolong, lengthen out, "^^l^tri put off, ]DT TVnjl •ation. 

Prominence, m\ft R. »1ifi 4nent, ni. s. r)nKD ' g)?ia 

Promiflcuous, m. s. 3"y/p * ^h^ R. ^^i jy, 'rnirt i^a 

Promise, rPtDSH -N. nnE33n -issory, —vV^ -iser, m. s. 

Promontory, jHRrr ^18^7 

Promote, to forward, IHO elevate, TT| *i^3 -ter, mt s. 

nnep • pmp-tion,r»iTr?p 'pitn 

• • • 

Prompt, assist, "pyi remind, T'Stn -N. m. s. ready, * THO 

^133 ^r, m. s. pjnp • T3\^ -itude, niTJip -ly, -3 
Promulgate, D"'ai^ J/nlH rnlH R. JJT * m^ -gation, 

D^anV nj;iin n«nin -gator, m. s. u^:n^ ♦piio *mio 

284 PRO— PRO ^ 

Prone, inclined, m. s. nni^t *n£pi3 -nesa, nn$ H"©^ 

• • ^ *'"« ■ * • 

Prcmoun, DB^n '^WS -nominal, 7^ 

Pronounce, utter^ KIpB -nunciation, "^Ed!! * ;M£03p 

Proof, impenetrable, m. 8. IKp *pTn specimen, HW! (of a 

printer) niD3^ D^filSH fl^riljn evidence, •nnjf R. TIj; 

n»KT -less, -"''73 

T T • • • 

Prop,ii;p • ib^ * "TDD-N. i^po * D^^^p 

Propi^te, riy\ • n*!^ -tion, nj3T * nn^ -tew, m. 8. 

Propel, unin * fsn R. p8 

Propend, nn« nioa nitsn -pensity, nn» n»ti3 

Proper, m. s. fit, 18^3 * pD3 peculiar, ^{0*^5 will it be- ? 

Property, quality, HRln * tlhVD possession, nriHJif * ]^3p 
Prophecy, HSn? -etic, -^78^ ^y, «35 ^t, WSi 

Propitiate, n^T * D^3a "IS? -tion, H'^S? -tory,.in. 8..iapp 


Propitious, m. s. favourable, SiCO -tiously, 3^13 
Proportion, rnS^^H • ip^n 'T'E^Dn. * ]">Dn v:N. "nng • I^B^ 

] • • • • 

-al, - 3 -ally, -3 able, -ate, ]i3|3 * ""WIS " . 

Propose, \Vl -sal, -sition, n^jtf -ser, m. s. f jt^l^ 
Proprietor, '-n ^£3 -prtety, accutacx, ^tt^l*^ Mfl^tt^O 
Propulsion, HQIH ♦ m*i^np • . . . 

Prorogation, ]pr nmnn niriK -rogue, lOt mnTT/.^PIK 
Proscribe, D^inn -script, m. s. DlftO f-scriptiony D1H 
Prose, no^a^p niin R. IM -sale, - .-^TO 
Prosecute, continue, TDnn sue, D''n3"51"n1^"''7ff S^lH 
*^fi JliP^ -tion. '"TJ^riri *njp{J^ -tor, m. s.T^np ' tO^ 
Proselyte, (h«) inVHT JTI I'^DJl -N. 1)Q«ID (to Judaism) irnnO 

Prosody,- niifWJ^n "^PB^p P'niri R. Pp 

Prospect, a view, HTHD object, jpo * 1930 R. £332 -ive. 

PRO— P&O 286 

viewing, m. s. *)'|?B^P -iv^Iass, HB^B^n HJp -us, 

nssDrr Tiann pin fio-'ah 

H V - ' // • " 't - • : 

Prosper, H^VH -Jty, fin JVD -ously* "3 -ous, m. s. H^VD 
Prostitute, ^^H ' 1i?an Ch. -N, m. s. vile, ^{330 a hireuiig, 

TDfe^ a strumpet, iillT -tron, 'jlv'n * flWr 
Prostrate, n«J '?'0n T-liH R. m> -N. m. s. Jinh •Tlir? 

"lfi^7 •niie^ -tion,(in adoration) •TinntJ'n dqjection. 

Protect, '^If ^ j| yn -tion, nOHD * jJO -tive, m. & pj^ -tor. 

Protest, Tifr? * n">3in R. na"! ♦nhD cl -n. -ation, 'jmrn 
nn^in * nsnp -anti m. s. ^pp -"gqa 3K "ini^ naahp 

Protocol, original, jWsnn 3^50 -tdtype, Ch. KJjJT^I 

T • T 

Protract, rinijri -^pa^prj -tion, HDa^pri ♦ ninX -tive, m. 8. 

■ • 

Protrude, ^'ha -trusion, pa 

Protuberance, HKB^ -taberant, m. s. l^fc^i ♦ r • D nUa • 

Proud, m. s. elated, nsa ' 37 'nailgrand.ii^J ♦ D"1 *3ilfe'3 

-ly, m«J3 • tITJfa 
Prove, evince, Jl"'3ln try, HDJ 'jhS -able, rr3^"| 
Provender, «1aD0 •^"'^3 , ^ 

Proverb, 7K^p -ial,' m. s. -*? rt^ -ially, -"5}nn3 
Provide, prepare, pan supply, 'HK Sb^J (v^ith necessaries) 
^5^3 R. ^13 -idence, foresight, niTHT * rTrr|a^rr -idently, 

—3 -idence, divine care, D^IJTK nnatJ^n -ideritial, D 

-identially, 2 -ident, m. s. I^IT * If^Pit^D 

Province, office, JTIp^ business, pD^ Ch. district, '^^^ * P]l3 

-ciaJ, governor, "^^Sn nfe^ . 
Provision, a providing, tliDt^ food, tlTD * m^f * h^'it * Jl^JJO 

286 PRO-PUL 

^ ch, n^tt^ ">a^ -ally, n^o hv. * ^3J?3 
Provocation, nnnfl * mjfl -native, m. s. ni«]n niij/D 

Provoke, D^^SH * ' '2 nnil^n -kingly, D^'J^f^n^ 
Prowl, hhf 9?^h Kl|l'$ N^; -er, BjllD * DDlH 
Proximate, m. s." SllJ * "^IDD -imity, nm.g ' nO'»PP 

Proxy, Dippa • •nnj? 
Prude, "••no ini"" nj;^-: 

Prudence, n313ri *n3"'il -dential, —'^^? -dently, —3 -dentials, 
-""^^S -denti m. s. r20*nra *B^« -dery, DIVpX 

nni">a Ch. 

Prune, "ibT -N. r\f2\ ST^J?^ -ninghook, iliptD 

Pry, --a h'sniffn '6)$ D"»3n r. toaa 

Psalm, b"'^nj? R. ^^n -mist, -"laHD -mody, -nT?^ 

Psalter, D^^i^i? ^aP ^^ry. n^P^ Ch. 
Pshaw, on 

Puberty, fllB^'^K f. fin jia Ch. Pubescent, m. s. -bh:ih ♦«3 
Public, manifest, m. s. ilTf\ * ^w^ the people, D^ conunoo, 
mUVri • O^SIIJ -weal, — HSltD to appear in public, 

D^ana nisnn -house, \)hD ♦ Satj^-nnif^D n'^a ^, a 

victualler, — 7Jtfa 
Publication (of a book, &c.) li^'^ HKlfin -city, ">lV|l •D1D"13 

Ch. -ciy, ■>i'73a • D'>aia * a^ats^n ""av^ 

Publish, D">317 |;nin (a book, &c) llsj S^yln •&, 

D^3lJ J;/''T1D * nl8^ N'«V1D 'Dn^p 1310 
Pudding, (food) n3'<3^ 
Puddle, niH D|?? -diy, B>ai3 
Puerile, nilfil ""fe^jyO -ility, rln^'"' 
Puff, to blow, 3tS^3 * n^an praise too much, ' Jl^ ^'^T}!'!!' 

-y, windy, pn * ^3n m. s. Iin *»5>iD . 

PUL-PUR 287 

Pull, (see Drag, and Pluck) -off, 7i£^3 (a gannent) DiE^ (shoes) 

xhn -N..n3'B^D -y, ^ann hi^i r. hhi 
Pulpit, may • nn^a * noa 

Pulse, vibration, Pg*'! pease, &c., D^JijJlt * n'i"'5Pp'Ch.-sation, 

Pulverize', pi HBfi? n|f ]in^ * pa«5' PKO R- PP"i 

Pump, (water, &c.) n7"n * njil R. HW examine well, 

aDNTT "IjSn -N. (engine) "^Vl ♦ HtiD 
Puncheon, h'^T 13.1 fl'^rOtth 13 ri*3n 
Punctual, m. s. W2D ' DVPVP Ch. -ity, DISPV -ly, -3 

** • • • • 

Punctuation, llp!l Punctulate, lj53 

Puncture, 3p3 -N. 3j?J 

Punish, IPI *B^3J? ^ble, m. s. •irgn nlSn ^3 R. HSa 

B^311/ *^Jtfn *DB^« *tS^'»» -ment, ]niD^ 'ti^2J! 
Puny, m. s. young, T^Y ii^ferior, ^"]I/n *7Qt2^ 
Pupil, a scholar, TD^J? (of the eye) ]%n22 ' ]]JJ nS ]W'^» 

-age, minority, ^'^/^ * J113p]^ 
Puppet, a wooden image, \*Jt[ 7D3 
Purblind, m. s. nlHS * VrU 
Purchase, HJp -N. ^^3p -chaser, m. s. HJlp 
Pure, m. s. '>pi -air, hv HIT -gold, -silver, nlHD ^103 aHT 

-water, DniHtO D'>3T D'»D -ly, Il'»paa 
Puigation, rnHD -gative, Ip'^'YO -gatory, OSH^a Hinp 
Puige, (by stool) D^Jtfp p^H -N. ;J» ^Whwh D''Sp 

^g, ff«»yp nj5iq 

Purify, nlake pure, n|5i3 * IC"?' -ification, mri£) * pllorj 
-ifier, m. s. np2D * iHtOD * niVD .-itan, m. s. B^lpHO 
"in^DI -itanism, Cin^sni D'^'plpJ^Bn nilH -ity. 

Purl, C5»J» 'l^n -ing, m. s. B«i> •"l^H 

288 PUR— PUT 

Purloin, -aTnV * 3 Ja 

Purple, ^Ojn» 

Purport, Purpose, 1^3 * 3tS^n -N. IJDP • JlTQ * Hatt^nO 

Purse, D"«3 -er, n»3Sn plD 

Pursue, to chase, '^'inK j??'^ P|in continue, * '1^J} fp) 

'T'B'prr -able, m. s. f\Tri * r^'^lp'', -ance, * non"! * nQDlfl 

PiaE^DH -ant, m. s. 331DD 
Purvey, (provisions) 13K^ ♦ ^j?^? * ]''3n R. 7^D ' ]^D -ance, 

^i3b ' nasn -or, m. s, lala^ : ^3^5p ♦ rpo 

Puss, nnD Purulence, -n»tyj? Purulent, — ^^^)D 

T»: "•-; ^ 

Push, (at) pm nnp (one forward) --3 f^iftn (away) Mm 
^ih*^ (with the foot) Dbl * DJ/B' (with the boms) n jj -N. 

a thrust, nTi'i * na-in"^ • '^'?''J? * •"'P"'?! * ^^W^ an 

attack, n^'^ia -ing, m. s. eaterprising, 13^ K?1^ vigprous, 
Pusillanimity, KllD '^liD -imous, m.s. STI^ *33^ *'p_ 

Pustule, njfi3;f3« R. rtj}2 -tuious, m. s. nii/BjjaH; •N^O 

Put, place, niK^ *D12' "7!??'"? -away, remove, TDH R. 
"11D send away, hW -back, 3^B^n R. 312^ -by, reserve, 
mCE^O^ n""!"! R. ma -to death, tVnn R. mo -down, 
lay down, 338^ri ♦ ri'»3n -an end to, n^3 * OHH R. DDD 
-to flight, nnsn -forth, «"'Vln R. NIC (one's hand) 
T n'^B^ -forward, stir up, mS * "Y'l/H R. "llj? -into one's 
hand, "T^^ jhj -in authority, ^j)^ "'ESn t^J -in order, 
"l*!!? * VMp -in surety, nan^J a'lr * llanjtr ]ri3-inmind, 
n^arn -off, dday, nn« thrust off, rtm -of? one's clothes 
&c. y7H -on clothes &c. 2^37 -out, blot out, nhO (fire) 
na? (of doors) nyin «^lf^" Cthe eyes) D^^l? "1i?3 -to his 
oath, Jtfaa^n -a stop to, "iajj * N^3 -to the sword, HSn 
ann '>D^ -together, ^3JP * ^Jp8 -to shame, 07??? -under 

PUT—QUA 299 

feetj>hp^ nnn j^npri -up. lift up, r^yi ♦ D>in-up vith, 

^bD *i^b2 -up a petition, nh^fji «{!^j R. hh^ 
Putrefection, 2^'^ ' pg) -trefactive, pp"!-trefy, pOH 
Putrid, m. s. B^Djtr * B^a^; *2p^ 
Putty, jTiDiat p31D ' 
Puzzle, Dbn *' ^3^5 R. hhi 
Pyramidical, H^amT "»<ln| Pyttimid, - -TlO|J 


Quack, (like a duck) Iplp -N. ^Q^J. h'f?^ KSl"! -ery, 

m:s5n • fiin ch. 

Quadrangle, m. ». Jiy)p -ratic, — ^t{> -rangujar, to. s; 
^■iS?!? i'SlS *HlIi3 -rate, m. t. Jtf131 -ruped, m. s. 

Quail, 1^|6^ pli tS')i^ . 

Quake, B^j/T. * ^1t * tS'^''? * ^n^nO'T' R- ^IH 

QualilicaticH), -i^, H^S^t;^ * '^/J^.9 ^^^ person of -ity, m. s. 

Tj^f n ^n| ♦ BTJ: •8^« -ify^ make fit, p?,^ ♦ l^^rT 

R. ]13 softai, ^"<pn R. hbp 
Quantity, Quantum, amount, I^D * ip 
Quarantine, Hl^n ''D^ D"'Jtf31^ 

Quarrel, mn • nv|n • p^jgnn -n. an ' n^Q ♦ p||^jj. 

-some, m. s. 1313 an nni.nip • \\1D *tlhH -someneM, 
Quarry, N. U'^^'^D^ -man, B^i2Vi 2pn 

Quart, |%7n n'<^e^ -an-ague, n^^^a"} f^Dis 

Quarter, divide into four, J^a^ a fourth part, TT'^''^*} *i'3^ 
(a measure) IDh -ly, njB^ri ni/''a")|» * nDlpfi^ -em, 

2 M 

• • 


Quash, crush, RS'^ annul, TflH * 7fiD5 

Quay, nV3K D^l P\in 

Queen, n3^D 

Queer, m. s. TlM ♦ nSB^P -ly, l^n?'? 75 

Quell, appease, "^Sti^ 

Quench,allay,j;'«a-5n(thirst)]1SDV "»iK^(a fire) naS'Ti?.!'? 

-able, m. s. 12^ * n33^ * "^IfT. -less, -ti^ 
Quest, a search, ng^^").'^ * HB^pS 
Question, to enquire, b\if doubt, ]1S ^ pDD Ch. -N. query, 

n^Ktt^ questionable, pQD -ary, querist, m. s. 7X111^ 

Quib, b^Ti'^tn na'i 

Quibble, 0^31. DhD -bier, m. s. VTr\ DHlD 
Quick, m. s. living, "^H speedy, nNlD -en, make alive, * n»rT 
rr^nn excite, Tl/n R. nii; -lime, "T^a -ness, activity, 
niTnp ♦ nirnr Ch. -ly, -l -sand, PI"!; 7ln -sighted, 

m. 8. \^if 'finn *ni«ni» •3''pp -silver, •«n p)p| 

Quiet, £^n * pntt'n ' ^32^ be-, (at ease) tpm * ni3 
silent, D'i'1 -N, quiescent, m. s. C0j?B7 * 113 still, DDH quies- 
cence, quietness, \Sip^ * T\T\\ * Uniap -ly, —3 

Quill, f)33n jypi 

Quilt, *^in -N. n^pfe^ ♦ ns^p^ ♦ ns^o r. "id3 

Quinsey, llnan '•^ifl * PTS^D^ 

Quit, leave, 3tjtf discharge, lb|l -tance, O'^'^ID? 

Quite, ^""^S 

Quiver, njfl * ^n^nflH R. ^in -N. (for arrows) nS^K 

Quota, p^n ♦ Ti -^ient, IBipSri p^H 

Quote, prijpn -tation, nj?r^jjn 

Quotidian, happening every day, Dl^ 73^ Hfe^^D 

RAB— RAL 291 


Rabbi, 21 ' ^m -nical, D'«33n \S21 hlt> 
Rabbin^ Stt^ 

Rabble, Dj; tlDH 'nDapil- 

Race, family, nHSfiS^Q course, nWID 

Rack, to torment, T\lji -N. r\l3If 7 ItTSD '>^3 

Radiance, Radiation, Hjt/Q^ *irtr * WJ -diantly, — 3-diant, 

nnj?» ♦ fv^3 ^iate,5'>ain • ni; -diated, m. s. *i^ mi 

Radical, primitive, tS^jfi^ "lifji -ically, — H jD-icate, plant 

deeply, B^lB^n take root, B^nB^ * nijjfin 
Radish, |.ijy 

Raffle, i?^5np3 ppig^ -N. Kjanp? pin^ 

Raft, (of timber) (TliDan 
Rafter, Hllp 

Rag, anp ♦ ;;ii? pi. D"'jnp * nianp '^ii»? -amuffin, pn 

-ged, m. 8. '"l^ai ^nj? 
Rage, Mh * *)Vp/ HDn'-gingly, -3 
Rail, enclose with rails, TUH insult, yS3 • Wn -N. TM 

-ing, nv83 ♦ pji-in -lery, ^inn * pinv 

Raiment, m'zh * B^B^D * n^D3 ' US . 

Rain, N. "IDD heavy-, Dtt>5 -V. -"T^^ send-, TOpH ♦ D">a^jn 

-bow, ]3j;;n ne^j? -y, Tn^p Dl"' • D'«pB>| np 

Raindeer, '•a1a»fn ^""N 

Raise, lift, ri71 * Cl.T R, DIT exalt, «fe>3 ' ^'na collect, 
(money, &c.) Pj&S (a tax) ^V DO Dlfe^ 

Raisin, 2>3'« 33^ 'plSV 

Rake, gather, n3V clear, f^si -N. (a tool) J/tD -ker, a sca- 
venger, niVin Pjlla -kish, m. s. Jilia ♦ p'i'J 

Rally, (forces) n3njtf^sn ^^JtfJ^ P)b^^ 31B? 

29S RAM— BA6 

Ram, a mak sheep, THt 

Ramble, DDlS^nn -N. DlS^ -bier, m. s. {9C9le^nD * DS^ 

Ramify, THStn -ification, the iManchiK out, ntE^{93 

Rampart, (the wall) p^ • ilDlH 

Rancid, m, %. nnp * tEf1«3 ^ty, ^mp • TOqV 

Rancorous, m. s. 3*^1 W TV -cour, Jlinj rTR3fe^ 

Random, chance, PPlpD at-, rnp.»B^ TM^b, * HVO 75 

Range, put in order, TTO "T^fiH rove, ^tOSB^t^'H -.N. * "HD 

rng * G9llt^ •^er, a rover, m. s. OOlB^fip * Df^Can <^cer) 

B^lhn TpB 
Rank, Tlfi^7 * "^IP "N- rancid, m. s. nriD * 8^»3 a line, 

njlTD ♦ m^B^ dignity, nhpD 
Rankle, corrupt, flHtt^n be inflamed, lif 3 * Hlj? 
Ransack, to search, K^tS^D ^ t^QH 
Ransom, DinS) * li''1$ 
Rant, tt^JT -N. B^JI -er, m. si tt^Jtl 

Rap,p§inn -N. npflT Tiip^inn 

• • • • 

Rapacious, plunderer, m. s. DDlH MDltt^ -ly, DO'?? 

Rapacity, D^nn nw^ 

Rape, commit a-, TOjg * DJN * C^33 

Rappid, quick, m. s. IHDp -ity. nn\'7P -ly, 11?© * tt^n 

Rapine, np?^ * D»n * n$3 R. tr3 

Rapture, i^fji * rWH ♦ n^"»a ♦ \S\t^p -urous, m. s. tlh^D 

Rare, m. s. scarce, np"" excellent, IND •3189 -ly, seWom, "IP^^ 

finely, nj£?pn DVl^ -ness, ip^^ "I3"n 
Rascal, -ly'D-'i'fep tfn 8^^ 
Rase, erase, nha * Jintt^ root up, IjDJJ 
fla*, precipitate, m. s. nHipa * TJIIS a breaking out, *nngiP 

pna -ness, JI^THa -ly, —3 


RAT— REA 998 

Raie, to value, "ijjf 'TI^D chide, "2 Hltf^^ IH^ -N. 

'1''^'?' * ny -table. -tobly, -1pi> 
Rather, -Q 3l{0 (as Gen. xxix. v. 10. nnMH '«fJJ1 31© 

nriltt ^J?i?l? "n? "^ rotik«r g»c« Act to thee, than ewe 

her, Ssc") 
Ratify, ptri ♦ ni|^« ♦Cpn R. Olp-ification. p1?)1 *«i31t2^K 
Ratio, proportion, pTTl Ration, riDn7D B^i? Jirrntt 
Rational, m. s. ^3fe> '^^a * 1^33 -ity.^^i^il ni Ay, * ^^fe'^ 

Rattle, make a noise, nibH * U^J}'^ -N. noise, H^prr ♦ tt^^l 

empty talk, -"IDS ' n^13 -snake, HJ^S}^ * Jfl^ ' 
Ravage, pUIage, Hb^ ♦ T*^ -N. H^tJ^p "' mS 
Rave, be mad, J?|ri?^n dote, ni^^lHlI 3nj« -ingly, ^1i;|e^9 
Raven, 3*11;; 

Ravenous, m. s. lO^^l -new, TO ^15?*5^^ "^y* —^ *^iP3 
Ravish, violate, njg'*Di« VB>33 delight, nUp*? J^'-ef^ 

n^ip * 2^513 m. 8. nwpj' '^329 -»nent, * '<^:j? ♦ pjUJ 

nB^33 'J^if 
Raw, m. a. unsubdued by fire, ^H * 7K^32? 13"*I$ unskilful, 

h''^^^ t""*? -ness, ^B>3P ""n^a * ^S^f "j^h 
Ray, a beam, VMti 

Raze, extirpate, ririB^ * H v? -zure, \v7'^ 
Razor, l^ri * iTllO 
Reach, arrive at, extend to, J'lfe^n *^'^in R. JB^J *I/J: hold 

out, CO'<B>in R. D»"< -N. extent, mWn abUity, D^i*" it 

is out of his-, IT a^fc'ri J|^Dn t<7 

Reaction, "^ i;|a ni''b^§;|\n 

Read, peruse, i<1^ -over, *)1D IJt) B't^^P J*"!^ -er, m. s. 

«11p -ing, nN>-l]3 
Ready, m. s. pr<»npt, THp * ^i5B^ prepared, 1133 make-. 

i^4 REA— REC 

nV? ♦ ran (one's self) ]l3n -money, ^O'^JSTO nljfD Ch. 

\)DD Ch. -iness, nil'^np Tll'T)?.?^ -ily, -3 
Readmit, Ki3^ nijJ 1^3 -mission, llj/ Sls"? na'tnj 
Reaffirmance, K^THD ^''38^ ntO^nn 

// T T •• // • •• T T -: ^ 

Real, certain, m. s. Tn| * B'SD Ch. states, n1i/j51p. -ity, 

truth, nwo« -ize, ^jjiaH ^K s"«vin R. sy -ly, ♦ nDK3 

Reabn, n*13^0 * n^ht^D 

Reanimate, n»n * JVUn * nn 3"«K'n R. 311^ 

Reap, cut com, TiV j5 get, ttVO ♦ J"<B>n R. JtfJ -er, m. s. 

-ISip -ing-time, TV)5 
Rear, raise up, T'la -N. (of an army) TlliHSn ^pi*P 
Reason, argue, nSlIin R 03^ examine, |3l3nri * y^riB^H 
-N. rationality, '^afe^n riS cause, DJ7D * hsD R. 33D 
-able, m. s. rational, 732^ "vJ/S just, ItS^^ -ableness, * 12^ 

nni33 -ably, -3 -ing, ryoTi * nnDifl 

• • ■ * 

Reassemble, call together again, T\^V^ '*'!?j?D ^^^ meet again, 

r»''3B^^npn i^osn 

Reassume, i^OJ?? 3^t5^ -assumption, 11^32' nn^j?7 

Rebel, rhD * ThD -N. -lious, m. s. HTiO * inlD -lion, 

' T T . V •• 

• V » V 

Rebound, n1n» 312' 

Rebuff, D''3a 3''B'n R. 312' -N. D^SS n32^n 

Rebuild, build again, T\''^^ rl3a * niSS"? 312^ 

Rebuke, chide, * "3 11/3 -N. nnj^| 

Recall, 3''2>n R. 312^ -N. n32'!i 

Recant, (he) In^fnO 312> R. IfT" -ation, HtDin Ch. 

Recapitulate, n"'32' 0*13 2^13 -ation, n'<32^ HKhB 

Recede, fall back, lh» Jb3 niB^ desist, lb;; 

Receipt, an accquittance, "l^W * H/Sj? 3113 

REC— REC 295 

Receive, ^3j? -able, m. s. ^3j?^ ^r, m. s. ^a)?P 
Recent, m. s. t^lH Jy, tffir\6 * 2r\pJ2 -ness, t5^*nn 
Receptacle, ^injpn n^a -tion, nh'^J) -tive, m. s. h'^p^. 
Recess, retirement, ihOD ^ mno -ion, mDH ♦ H'^'^DJ 
Reciprocal, -ly, nlD'»^n m. s. HT ^» HT -ness, PlI^H 

Reciprocate, pijnn K^tion, -city, nia^nnn ♦wVn 

Recite, repeat, 5132^ -tal, nl3tJ^ 

Reckon, to number, 3tS^n * rt^D * ISD -ing, |1a»tl 

Reclaim, correct, ID"^ * U^DH 

Recline, |Jt/B^n 

Recluse, m. s. B^ng * ITlanD 

• ■ 

Recognise, acknowledge, ISn R- 133 review, ^^j?tJ^n -nisance, 
a bond, HIIJ/^ 3ng a badge, in ' |D'»p -nition, ♦ iTiarT 

Recoil, "Iln« IIB^ J&3 

T // ;/ T 

Recollect, i3T -ion, lllDT * "iDt 
Recommence, TlW ^nH R. ^^PI 

Recommend, n^3 T^P"!? -l^ini *<> ™e» HaiD^ "^Jpp 'iT'pQn 

-ation, nV'«^p ' naiCD '"ITp^ -atory, m. s. p^DD 
Recompense, bba '^^D^ 2t^n *dW-N. ^1D5 *D''piv'B> 
Reconcile, n^lB' (persons) D'»3S 123 ' niT* * HVl -concileable. 

m. 8. tJJf mtJ'"> "TIK ■rnX'' ♦ -^ n?fT -condlement. 

-conciliation, tl^y^n 'Hnas 'pin -ciliatory, m. s.*niB^D 

1B3D • nV")D 
Reconnoitre, h» nptJ^n DSH R. 033 
Record, to register, 3nDa Dtt^l -N. TllST^ HDiK'T -er. 


Recover, (from sickness) 82*in r^n, ^K 31tJ> -able, m. s. 

»Sri * nC'V Recovery, »^1D * HNiai ' n3tJ>n 
Recount, 130 * HH R. nj: 

Recourse, rn|jr5? D« *h» n2^'-2 nba 

Recreate, TTTI a'«^n*g|^ R. mW -tion, * ITM fiaHt'P 
Recriminate, ]^\yn flfflj^^ fP^ ^nation, nOJff^ HMpr 

Recruit, supply, YpJ^ '^S^ R. pS *^3 repair, *«V0 
D^B'n (one's self) t8^Q3n -N. supply, H^li^? (<rf floWiers) 

Rectify, reform, ]pPi * 2'^n -tifiable, m. s. ^gn^ * 3W^ 

-tifier, m- s. ^jjnp ' 3^pD -titude, IB^ 

Rector, WitiJl \r6 -torship, fTRp^ »tory, — ^pH WP 

Reeumttency, ny^JJp -bent, m. s. "^ *tl7^ 

Recur, return, 2Vt^ -rence, 113%^ -rent, m. s. 3^. ^7in 

Recusant, m. s. TnQ? ^Uinn^' 'i^O R. HUT 

Red, (colour) be-, Dn» -hot, v\W^ very-, D'^plif -eea, 

f)TO D! -d«i, D''"T»n -dish, m. s. "'3'iD'?il -dishness, -new, 

Dl« -die, Dn« ^h? 
Redieem, to ransom, ril^ * h'Hi -able, m. s. HW * 7»|^ 


Red(!inption, ^r|5 * n^»| 

Redoubt, pvi ♦ n J^ID 

Rebound, nin$ IfVl 3^2^ 

Redrew, to remedy, 3'»p\l * l^H -N.HJgi^ 

Reduce, diminish, OJtfOn ' V'li -to obedience, £'«3?n -to 
extremities, IHT^ y^ppn ^^W^ -<» nothing, ^H^ ^K^ DH8^ 
*to dust, ISJJf*? pifn R. ppi -a totum, li? Reducible, m. s. 

Reduced, m. s. (to want) ^O * Vl * TO3?p IT 
, Reduction, Tima -tive, m. s. Jgnil * D'^^Pl * f^P! 

■ • • • 

Redundance, inl*^ ♦ in^ -dant, ltV\D 

RED^REF 307 

Reduplicate, hb2 -N. ^M 4ion, n^'»a3 

* T V** T** 

Reed, a stalk, *)W * TO]? * ;b;R 

Reef, n^:}^ "'In?'? ^j?»n 

Re-elect, Hj; T^Q -km, n-iatt^ m-TQ 
Re-embark, nraDH ^S Ki3^ 3155^ * 

T • T - V T 

Re^nact, n'^JB^ ni-ljn3 itU 

Re^force, ?^n bV_ *)"'Pln -ment, TH? nBDlH R. PjCTf 

R«^«»joy. 'Ji* IIP rtofe^ 

Re-enter, (into a place) "bs «i3^ 3W 
Reestablish, settfe again, tV}^ Igfl TIJJ 
Reexamine, iHteirogate agan, BhT'l IfSH^ Tljf *)"^in 
Refer, (to hjs judgmeat) BOltt^ '■\Eliff' *pr6 1^ irn|n 
R. TO^-enccrelation.niferiVin arbitration, msS^B in-entie 

to, -nnni^ ha 

Refine, Hjja * jJjJT ♦ f)ny -nement, ^1"«i53 • l^p\ * *)rW -ner, 

Refit, n^5l?^HRrr.]i3rrR.pb 

Reflect, to censure, '^|f \yjj 1^ R. mj? consider, * ^SO^ 

ly. -tipn, ?ij?m.3trr''ii»jt; * mh^nl^ (of ligbt) 

f1«3n n318>ri -tlve, -tor m. s. f^D * ^ij? jt^D 

Reflux, D^^ aim rawpt 

Reform, 3"^"»rT * ]ffn -Nf. -ation, l^^fl 

Refractory, m. s. tpjj •n^p_ * ih *rTjg3 -orinew. 

Refrain, notJ'r? ♦ '7"^. 

Refresh, recreate, niT n»n * tt^3 3^8^ -entfs sdBP, B!*0?T 

-ment, relief, ^pi n^'^pQ '-ttlaiD (food) 3^TIfpO 
Refuge, npnO * DUD city of-, EDJ'pO TJtT 
Refugee, m. s. D3 * mi3 * ^^13 
Refulgence, "iHt • HJ J -gent, m, s. ^13 ♦ *prTa 


2S6 REF»RE1 

Refund, dW * «V© ' i'»t6>n R. 3W . 

Refuse, deny, ]KD * DND * •^3»S n» S-^H -N. ""HD 

Refusal, denial, ]^Kp Refuser, m. s. I^DO * DKiO 

Refute, IJ'^Pian * nJlD Ch. -able, m. s. E^D^ • nnD"» -ation, 

na^nsrr * nTnp 

Regain, lij/ »VD J''fe'n R. im^ 

Regal, royal, n^a"??? -ity, -n n^"T| 

Regale, to feast, ' 'b nF\pD n'm gratify, Jlt^gj^ R. flUW 

-ment, nri^P *D'»pWJB[^ 
Regard, to value. afe^fT -N. 1133 * nW^t\ '^< »»• »• 

nnn * a^a^bO -less, m. s. -irJt -lessness, niTHT ""iiba 

" • • • • • " 

Regenerate, make anew, V)'^X\ -tion, niB^'^tnrin 

R^ent, a viceroy, "^^JSH "T^p^ DSpPXff^"^ Ch, -gency^ 

R^imen, H^hn D3K^0 njnjH 
Regiment, (of soldiers) «3V * 7in -al, —if 
R^on, a country, IHK * nj^^D .tract of land, 7311 
Rt^ster, 3n55 DtS>"1 -N. rfD"»ttn 

■ • ■ • • « 

•R^ret, to repent, onan ♦ mnnH Cb. lament, '71? 3VJ?^n 

-N.Dm *ni3nn »3yjf ' 

R^ular, m. s. TIDD -ity, TTD -ly, justly, — D 

Regulate. "T'lJJC * ilP -tipn, Tjig fTHp -tor, T^ipD 

Regulus, TB-TKO rS R. nQ 

Rebearse, recite, \l^ * nJB^-Bal, nl3^ * HJttto 

Reject, ]N0 *DNp-ion,11«D *np'>»P , 

Ragn, (as a king) ^7D -N. ;n^37© 

Reimbody, TV'ip "pn ^30 

Reimburse, ^7Q * DvtS^ 

Rein, n^^ • D'^a -N. -«jt?jD * ^DT 

Reinsert, n^Jtt^ f)''p1n R. ^ID^ 

BEI— REM sgo 

Reinstal, Reinstate, (him) 133 '?P_ 3^^n R. |p ♦ SIB^ 
Reinvest, TnR-rlrRVo' • •'? 1^1^ aiB' R. ^nj • 

R^oic^ exult, nbfe^ * nnpfe^a fenfe^ * v% ♦ r'^o 

Rejoin, join again, '^K Ti;f linfin nivTr reply, * y^tt^T] 

m^' -der, n3:p^ • naie'jn 

Reiterate, tl^B'l HitJ^ -tion, B^^a>l D^OfiB r>i3^ 
Rekindle, B#« pi">Hl^ n^Jfn^ 31B^ R. nift 

Relapse, • 'h 2^ -N. 'h naW;^ 

Relate tell, ISD * T-in R. IJJ have reference, "^ JWMn 
(See Appertain) -tion, IISD ^ miS^n^nn -tion^hip, fiiaSj? 
-tive, a relation, m. s. 7l<1il • 311)? haying a relation to, ra. s, 
••^ B^ninp respecting, 13*1 ^1/ -tively, nWH^Mna - 

Relax, slacken, ' 'D -"JaiH ie;f * ^i/D ^pH R. S"?? 

Rdaxation, HJIS * HTDXf * nn">3t!^ 

Release, free, nD^H *1jqn R. IIM -ment, D'<n!lM$ * H'lrin 

Relent, feel compassion, ^^ D^DHT^SSn hpn mollify, 
Tin R. 131 -less, m. s. HE'j? ♦ "IT3K * ^Dln 13"^ 

Reliance, ^in^ ' ^?'''?P *'''|9^ 

Relic, T"lfe^ ♦ nnse' Relict, nsrT fKJ^K ♦ rUD^K 

Relief, succour, n^llfl * IJjff Relieve, nt^ 

Religion, n31D«.gionist^m.s.ln310»^ IDyJ pn^Cb.-giou8, 

piou8,m.8. D^£>n *Tpn -giousiy, niD^pp3 ♦ n^Tona 

Relinquish, C'^Oa ♦ 3tjf -ment, HK^MJ * n3Vlf 
Relish, to taste, • • 7 Djf to -N^ Dj;^ -able, D^S^pO 
Reluctance, pSD •f^n"^/n^3 -tantly, -3 -tant, m. s. • ^KD 

I •• T 

Reiy,'^ WfT,ifaDn» --3 n&n nbi . 

Reniain, OMitinue, "2^J2]0 (in a place) IV^^Jl to be left 

inn R. in'^ -der, iriiD ♦ p^ni; 

1. k-~. 


Ranains, relic, 1W£^ (of a dead body) nlC^ 

Remand, 3 W R. 3 W 

Remark, distioguish. f? to note, Tgn R. T«f -N. * PT^n 

nra -aWc, m. 8. observabk, ^?i>| * D^^J?'? *n«l3 worthy 

of note, "»J3^ * 31K^ -aMjr, very.iKD 
Remedy, to heal, SDT repair, |gCl -N. nwa"1, * HJlPJjJ 

Miiless, -^S'Jl -diable. m. 8. KSHV * t^HV * •l'? namj? 

-dial, n«1Q-» 
Ronanber, "ibT -berer, m. s. 131? -brance, ^IIS? *n3? 

•fanncer, m. s. T|lf@ 
R«»niiid, TSfn 
RemiflB, m. s. H^ia * Hf "V^P -ible, m. ?. * l^T. * nhv] 

^&i -ion. abatonent, n^j? R. b'?p foigivenese, *Fl7*np 

n"^3 'nrphp .ly,carele6sly,ni^^fi^*l1^TO 
Remit, relax. Hair? * hjjt? '?PJ7 pwdon. "ia? *b^P *^9 

•end money, T hjl n^B^ -tance, T ?J? ni^^ 
Remnwt, a residue, Tnfe^ * H'HK^' ijemuning, m. «. li^^ 

Remodd. te^ncj i^;^ TJtn 

Remonstrance, riTlIfri ' nn3li«l B. TUT * HS^ 

Ranontttate, Tjfd *>T3in 

Remorse, (Of guilt) DCIJ ' nCin Ch. pity,0'>9Dl * H^On 

4e88, -"h^ -ful, m. s. QVn * 7^ln 
Rcsngte, distant, m. s. pUlT -oess, p^IlD 4y» -^0 
Remove, change ptace, StJOi put from its place, Tp»l R. TKJ 

place at a distance, prnr? -val, disdission, Jl^^ -vttbk, 

that iqiay be removed, m. fl» ip^. ^ T^P: 
Remount, r\1^^^ 2W (a beast) '^^i; DlD|;^ 2W 
Remunerate, dW * ^WP 3W^1 -tion, O^^ * 7?Dil 
Rencounter, combat, npn'pp casual engagomciit* —7 rW^JS 
Render, return, 3B^n R. 3W translate, piQI/n *D|Tn Ch. 

Rendezvous, 1jt/lD'R.TJP 

Renegade, m. s. 331C^(frDm one's religion) T010 R. n^D 

Renew, renovate, 2^VI *al, renovation, fffV^ 

Renounce, disown, t£^3 •ment, renunciation, ntWpn * MfVOH 

Renown, feme, 3lC0 Dp -ed, m. s. ^CT^f^ *Jlf*7l3 

Hajt, tear, j;*!^ ♦ 0*16 to hold by paying Tent, "^j^ .N. 

njj'np • JTIT^SB' -er, m. s. IDlfe' 
Repair, go unto, ^ "^htl amend, J]?n refit, n'^3B^ pSH 

R. 113 -N. iepamti<xi, |1jSin ' tTO^ -aWe, nu s. 

Repartee, H^in Tf2Wf\ 

Repass, TQg^ 2W 


Repast, a meal, TV^Jirp ' HfriR 

Repay, dW * i>10? J^ffTI -ment, WD^** ♦ ^3 fOtWl 

Repeal, to recall, Ttt^H -N. n3B^n R. 3W 

Repeat, HitJ^ * |3^ ♦ -rljf fp^ -edly, Hiai D'»9]^B ^, m. «. 

Repd,ii}rite b&ck, llmt a'>e>n -lent, m. s. llrW •^NJ'D 

Repeo<v omn * D-vtHn ch. ^ce, oTii * nETTn * naitfi^jn 
-ant, m. s. lonnnp * naiB^ii *^^a 

Repetition, nZ^D * mm Ch. 

Repine, >)if T * l|M?ri Ch. -nmgly, "JgT? * UJS^ .«er, m. s. 

Replace^ a'^e^nR.aW 
Replant, iTiiK^ |fb3 ♦ l^JJ hhf 
Replenish, fill, ji^D finish, th^ 
Replete, m. s. K^D -tion, RtVd 

R*<»iy, ruff ^ ant^n -n. mjf d * mvtfr\ 

Report, to noise abroad, ^1p 1^3i/H -N. rumour, fWlDK^ 



noise, ^1p -er, JgniD ♦ TlID R-JfT *lSi 
Repose, to lay, 22fn *lViTl (one's self) * 3^8^ *DpB^ 

n« trust, -snba -n. ojse^ ♦ nrrap *t"in^3 

Repoeite, |faD * niO?^p^ ]h: -itoiy, n^lK 
Repossess, mu ^^^ Th8 

Reprehend, -'2^^ 'l1'«3lrT R. W * «3| Ch. -hensible, 
m. 8. DI^K *t&^^ -hension, UnpIn * '«^3il .hennve, m. s. 

Represent, exhibit, JlHlil describe, IKW ' 1'V appear fw 
. another, DipCS nl'*n 'DlpDNvQ -ation, representment, 

^9P * niD"! description, ni'«V -ative, m. s. DlpO kVdD 
Repress, (insolence) JT^i^n (fury) HDn 3'»B>n * 0^3 "^^ 

(his own fury) 1D^J 2^33 -sion, H^pn ' Djtf? JIB^S? 

Reprieve, min ♦ JDT 3'«mn -N. n3n« * ny^in 

Reprimand, reprove, ' '3 ^JJ^ * H'^?!in -N. reproof, " n^JJ3'' 

T T 

Reprint, n»3g^ C^TTI Ch. 
Reprisal, DDT\ JlPIl^ DlCn 

Reproach, -"IX^ ttVO ^''tfl jhj ^%^^n DW 'D'^B^t^n 
N. '^Si'l * T\7T]F\ -able, m. s. DB'R^ -ful, scurrilous, m. s. 

Reprobate, DJtD * riit -N. m. s. nnB^3 -tion, nD''«a 
.R^roduce,n''^e^>r«3n ♦ T^'ln!' ^TPin R. N13 *n^"> ♦flD'« 
Reptile, a creeping thing, 7T\S^ * tt^Qll 
Republic, a commonwealth, *1^3Vn Hytt^DO -an, m. s. 

^3nlK * 

Republish, (a book &c.) Tf^V^ "llsj «fpn R. 8V"» 

Repudiate, vhp * B^S -tion, B^na 

Repugnance, • •? JiniJ'?'? * P^P -nantly, —3 -nant, m. s. 

REP— RES 808 

Repulse, deny, >y^ flK 3''?^n -N. U^3Q n^B^H ^ve, m. «. 

•T V • T 

Repurchase, TV^2t^ HJi? * nl3p^ «)''pin R. fID'' 
Reputable, m. s. 1^22 * 31B^n -atioii, Tl33 ♦ nia^B^ 
Repute, afe^n -N. DB^ Jesa, -i^Ja . ' , 

Request, h^f * t^jja -N. entreaty, li^^t^^ * (1^)93 
Require, ask, hUt^ need, • • h *5pV ♦ nnin Ch. 

Requisite, •!ii«o tP *nn3n4y,rnjDni\ 

Requital, ^| naB«n .♦ D"»9^B' R^dte,'^!lD| SB^rT ?:tAB^ 

Rereward, nlJniBPI bvnJl nsNO ' 

Rescue, (from danger) THj^n R. "jW (from confidenteot) ^J^^ 

R. nn: -n. r\h*tn ♦ mnn • " 

■ . . T T -- TT - 

Research, m;)3n'inahn';i • 

Resemble, to be like, • 'h hlOT -blance, t1''P"n * ]TlD"n 

Resent, n'ln * pif| -M, »». s. jinq^ ^ai* IDP 

Resentment, P)^ ^Inn * DiTSi * nn^lPi > 
Reserve, lay up, nn»a^D^ )T3n R. nji » tbCJ -N.1ttDa^ 
Reserved, not frank, m. s. DODW B^K -ness, •?|in 
Reservoir, (of water) K2a 

» V 

Reside, dwell, TH * \D^ * 3fe^^ -dence, ♦ fTl^ ♦ ||e^D 

3^a -ident, dwelling, m. s. T^ ♦ ]3W ♦ aB^I"" : 
Residue, n«^3 ♦ nni3 ♦ "Jfl'' 

T J • T V If 

Resign, give up, IbD -ation, 1113^30 -inent, rT^^piD 
Resin, ipi) *nQa ^U8, containing resin,— ^B^ 
Resist, l^p* -^njiinn (his own incKnaticm) nir> a?a3 
-ance,|'«)0' ' -^ nn|3];in -ible, m. s. HflT -^lian^, 

-less, m. s; •V3P>i' loiir r« ..'',...' 

ResolTOble, m. s. T\&\ Resoluble, ^^> R. yni 

Resolve, to determine, pH (he) 111^? ")P| B» VT -vedly, 
VOK? ♦ 1133^ -vent, m. s. TH?: * DD) R. DOD 

a04 BBS— BBT 

Saolute, ^u s. pfn * S?- *y^lBS^ -tioa, defermiiiattoD, * HOi 

n^Jnn constancy, rVTDn * 'TJPp? 
Resort, have necoiiree, ^H rfaj^ repak, ^R ^f?T} -N. *fT3p 

naoei •mjjR.TB"' 

Resound, sound, "WH * ^S^^ * 77« 
Resource, nhimn * mni R. WT" 

Respect, to regard^^n *T55 baverdattoo to, ••? B^HWI 
-N. 1133 * rWlPi in, r^biMly, rtO^^ -aUe, m. a. 

3sa^ *ia33 *Ta3b -&!, m. 8. -rasp *cra^*t^Kfi3 

-fully, li3Da -tive, m. a. ••? feflTinZJ -u^ely, B'liWWWT? 

Respite, lofa^nnn -n. nDrw nprri3n>:> 

Resplendence, int "^ilb * n^TPS ^Asc^yiyf^ ♦'W3 
Respond answer, il^ * IHB Ch.-ent, ni* s. ili^p * W^?> 
Responsihfei TJfS 3^^ -sion, nilCftl * ^TW CB. 
Rest, be still, DpB^ ^^tt -TNT. qui^, KJJB^ ^HTlttP otitefs, 
*Vttf -iil^ pnp* *ifi>£^ iiHJjl*^ 4es6, unsetded, m^ s. 

# • • ' 

nisno -lessnessw CfnTTl 
•• • • ' • • • 

• • 

Restitution, Restoration, n3tJ^n R. 3118^ -oeabl^ 3Bh*^ 

Sestoie, 3*f^ -Talive, m. s. eifQ| rm *3^P 

Restrain, restrict, "Tg? "tia * 7330 curb,. "iH^ (6i» own 

passion) imia ^b^lb * n^ 0^22 -nunaWe, m. s. "Wj^: 

-Taint,.-acti(»B.")l{|tD-nctive, m. s. 7^3JfO * "l^lff Hringent, 

m. s. "lifK^ 
Iteanlt, to arise fi»m, • •» »5r -N. H^ig * 33iDp 
Itesutnctake back, T\t!\Jl7 3Hi^.b(^ again, * i~nV^ y^t}<J 

tS^iinO^nn R. ""7^;! -mable, m. 8. SB^It -mption, 

... // T I- : ;/ T T : - 

Retail, di^de, p^ s^ll;, P^P^i* ^^ (fM) lil?^ -N. 

RET^RBV 305 

^^ • '^^P -er, m. «. ngp Ch. • Ta?>0 
Retain, continue, Tpj^lH detain, I^Jf * P^H (in memory)' 

nir mbie, m. 8, prrp ♦ nsr* 
Retaliate, ^iD| aHB^rr ^op, ^^ na^n R. aw 

Retard, ing •'e'^3 * IfaB -ation, linK * HTDg 
Retch, to vomit, t<^n R. Kip 
Retention, nptn (in memofy) |1*12)T 
Reticulai;* '^^ ^"I^AQ 
Retinucm. pi. D'^nTtt^D •^« •D'»1^3 
Retire, TlTIK 3%^ (to one's house) D^l^n -red, m. s. • D^if 3 
"1F\D2 solitary, TTlSUID -rement, * tlQ^JJF) ^ 'TJIDD 

■• • •» »," 

Retold, n^B^ lan r. Taa 

Retort, (an aijgument) njj/ * H''3ln R. n3* (a crime upon 

one) ytaitr^ y^^ -n. moitf nae^n 

Retrace, 3p,Jtf iwtJ' 

Retract, recant, (he) ' tTQID 3«^ *'ll1if1 n|B^ R. JIT 

Retreat,' take shelter, 'mn ' ohmrf -N. oVflD * nDHD 
Retrench, (one's expences) DVpH ^ QVPV Ch. -nient, 

Retribute, dV?^ -tion, U^D^p 
Retrieve, recover, 'yK 31tt^ -able, m. s. 2t^y^ 
Retrograde, ^IHK Jb3 -trogression, •llnR flJ^n 

Retrospect, -tion,n5|;ri rii35lanrr-tive,m.s.n3jtfn ♦pjiajip 

Return, come back, 31B^ repay, y^WH -N. Hllie^ * HZIB^n 

«^ble, m. 8. ^t^V 
Reveal, H^S * JgnlH R. i/T Revelation, miDK '^•ya njtflln 
Revel, caroiu^ ^Tplniin -N. ni/ylnnri Jer, m. s. 

2 p 

•• • • 

906 REV— RHY 

Revenge, C)«lpn ♦ 0^3 -N. TOj?3 -ful, m. s. VpjnO 
Revotue, income, nH^3/^ 

Reverberate, beat back, TiHi<7 ^H-tion, HlnS? nQlfl 
Revere, ^TMH ^T ♦ "TttD *T33 -erence, veneration, rii^l^ 

WDDlnrr -erently, ^3 -end, a clergyman, DDtlD 

-erent, -erential, tti. s. 1317 * "YSpD 
ReTcrsal, \>1 IDi pp§ Ch. * Pfl^T) 
Reverse, repeal, 3'«B^n R. 312^ contradict, tt^3 ' ihD Ch. 

-N. ''IBn -fled, m. s. "^jlDn -sible, m. s. ag^l"* * "^SHll 

Reversion, HBhTn nnn*«i3^ DipD"K^a^ toae^o 

Revert, change, •?|f3n * HlUB^ -ible, m. s. n3B^ 

Review, survey, ]3l3rn * 73F\1ifn * 1J3n (troops) T|5B -N. 

n^ijlann ^n^^l^n *nTpn ttjipb ^r, m. s. 
RevUe,»ii3 *fnn ' b^p -let, m. s. fniD * nino rhhpD 

Revise, (a book &c.) fll'^IJ/E) tS^BH 

Revive, to return to life, T\T\ T\^T\ rfenew, B^H rouse, 

niTTJ^n R. IV -val, n3B^D R- ait^.-viving, m. s. 

comforting, B^Q3 •3''a^0 recovering, lniD"Tp? 38^ . 
Reunion, reuniting, n''3tJ^ nnn« Reunite, r\"»3»'in'« nHK 
Revoke, 3'>8^n -ocable, m. s. SK^"" -ocation, HnB^H R. Sltt' 

Revolt, • -3 -rniD nna -n. ht-id -er, m- s. miD 

Revolve, perform a revolution, 3*^30 ^J^ R. ^p^ 
Revolution, a returning motion, 71 &^pi|l R. ^p*^ change of 
government, "ll^H nC^in '^^^??^ "^9 ™^- s* jT^'^??^ 

err ohn"" 

»* " II "i" 

Reward, ^ba * D^B^ ♦ nat^ t^»3 -N. ^103 * O^D*?^ * 132^ 

Rhetoric, (s«!e Oratory) 

Rheum, Dn^nsn n W3 -atism, Ch. D^*l3«n 

• • • 1 ■ 

Rhyme, N. mn -V. make verses, D'^rnn l^D 

RIB— RIN 307 

Rib, (a bone) Jjb^ pi. nil? Jv 

Ribaldry, imri1^?B^ni4 

Riband, '•K'Sn flDDlO 

Rice, h« Ch. 

Rich, m. s. wealthy, TB^^ valuable, Ij?^^ * 3it3 copious, a"! 

-e8,lB^ -ly, abundantly, a*!^ * V^f^ 
Rid, np3 ♦ TDn R. niD -dance, n^iifn R. ^V3 
Riddle, an enigma, HTH R. TH -V. solve, — Nif O 
Ride, ail") Rider, m. s. 3311 

T •» 

Ridge, njpan nwan ti^ih 

Ridicule, -3 ml* -Tji;^ ' pt'ii *v^^-N. »^inn 'j;?^ 

IIV 7 -ulously, -"Tl*!? -ulous, pflfc^D 

Right to adjust, 1^^ • a-iDin -N. fit, m. s. nc^ * ^133 in- 

. time, n3i3?n n^ff • inj;^ ♦ ini/lDa R- IV he is not -in 

his senses, in;7"»3 D^tt^ '133''« R. S}T is it-? * 1B^3%T 

1?^?l! *ou art-, m. s. rSH^ » nn« p^V -.justice, p"TV 

just claim, JOa^D -, ad. justly, —3 -eous, m. s. ^K^* p"'''TV 

-ful, having the-, m. s. tOStJ'D 'l^ -ly, nK^3 

Rigid, m. s. stiflF, HB^j? sharp, tj; R. TTj; -ity, -ness, ♦ nWj» 

^P?, *mj;.iy,-3' 

Rigour, cold, rT3V R. |3V cruelty, ni^p^ strictnes*, 
DIVPV Ch. -orously, -3 * ^125 -orous, m. s. ♦ DVDVO 

Rui, h\i * f\bi -N. ^n3 ♦ hy(^ 

Rim, HQb ♦"»& "HB 


Rime, 70311 * nlD3 

T T "• • • 

Rind, bark, D1^)3 ♦ rt^^h^ Ch. -V. -n ^?^S 

Ring, to strike a bell, TlOUan '"IVW * nWlBH I?31f3 
R. 7V2f *;/')3 -N. a sound, h'Uh'i ^1p a circle, J»13jy finger-, 
njJS^ ear-, ^""ii? -finger, rt2f»bp -leader, B^ttT -let, a curl. 

a08 BIN— HOC 

na^n© * nVlj? -streaked, m. ». 1^^ 
Rinse, 033 * D'<S3 ^COB^ P"ID 
Riot, to revel, HDH raise an uproar, * "3 llnO/' "^^E 

^^ ^njjrr -n. rrpin • rrrnp -er, ^us, m. a. * n^in 

Rip, (in pieces) Jghp (a ^ece, or at a seam) 0*10 

Ripe, ripen, D^tt^ (as fruit). ^2^3.1 -N. m. a. D^B^ * ^18^^ 

Rise, ascend, Ty?JJ grow, 7l| -from one's seat, or bed. Dip -in 
price, nj3> -as the sun, nht • ilK^ -N. * r»|rP"}t * nK'')f^ 

Risk (see Hazard). 

Rite,;n^0-ual,-3 • ni"5ip (a book) D>jm)pn l^p 
Rival, be a competitor, "^ lOj? oppose, "7 TSinH *"lih^ 
-N. m. s. Kap.p • liiTp ♦ nilX .ry. r»K?p ' n^''i9 

Rivd, t3b^ * PbTi 

River, ^na •in: 

Rivet, N. "laiD * IIV -V. -3 nJD 

Rivukt, ^jr • jj^ 

Road, TTI • hVdD R. "^^D 

Roam, ramble, OOltt'nn * OliZ^ 

Roar, M (as water) PiDH * tfi^lf^ -N. r?^^ * ilVSn 

Roast (meat) ri^V (com, &c.) li"?)? -N. ""^V • ''iTg 

Rob, Dbn * ^ta * ^1'tC' * noi^ • ?t3 -ber, m. s. ♦ DDin * ijta 

Robbery, DDPl * H^ta * ^^B' * H^B^P * Hja 

Robe, m;/' • 1\33"? B>3^n -N. *'lif * 1133 B^i»P 

Robust, strong,. m.s.]^pn *pTI1 

Rock, ^g'-an *Tarj R. hm *ini -n* ivt •J^^ -aait, 

n-ppi nVp -y. fill! of rocks, U^J}\p H^D 



Roe, a hart, HJ^V * ^^^ * '"^fe^ (o^ fi«h) P^Tl "'V? **«»* 

^av * ^*« -calf, n^j; 

Rogue, '75i.ry;nVgi^ • : 

Roll, wind about, '^'13 ^p, (as clodi) D?| •«loag, 7?| -N. a 
round mass, "ypOi^ pAper) H^^P •^r, 7^| 

Romish, (see FopiBh.) 

Roof, npQ -N. ja (arched) nssn TV^^S R, s^aD 

Room, space, DlPO extait, 3n'^0' * TV^ chamber, Iffl 
make-, DiPO nSS • D"'T DltS^ -y, m. s. D^T» •am 

Root, destroy, tih^ * "i^ take root, Bh^^H ♦ ahfe^ rtiJ^ 

-N. B>iB> • iiJj; ^, m. 8. Bhntt^D * rn;;nD ' 
Rope, ^an * niajf 

Rose, TMtthtt^ -water, Ch. Dmi ^D 

Rosin, (see Resin) 

Rostrum, nD^3 ^IV^S 

Rot, putrify, 3^T -N« -tenness, 3j?^ -ten, m. s. 3j?n r 

Rotation, succession; 1*1D * 3^3p 

Rote» by-, n^ ^jff ? ♦ n^? •w;jB^ 

Rotundo, ^ W pa 

Rove, ramble, tO^tS^ ' OCOitS^n RoVer, m. s. tOfO^nti 

1t6ugh, m. s. hairyi TJ^^ harsh, H^)? (in ^aste) * Q!g>3 '^ 
>)nn -weather, rn^p ♦ Hfi^D -«ea, 1|;lD O; -ly, * ^p^ 
^S^a * ^jt/pil-ness, harshness, ^2^P uneveoness, ^8^^ ^^'9 

Round, district, na'^ao *7v| circle, 7lUtf circular,— 3 a 
half-. -""Vn -ly, -3 all the year-, ly njf^rr nUt^l^nO 
naa^ nnni* take a-, a^ap i^n -about, extensive, 

T9P Tpo">;duec ,in^ J. .' ^^9 pi. n^i!^ 

•Jiouse, ^•^B^T rro 

Rouse, "l^rr Rouser, m. s. "»^^0 • ">l*jrp 


Rout, to defeat, B^H * DOH -N. TMSVID R. U^n 
BaatBy way, "fn * rnlH joumejr, JTDD ' T^^i 
Routiiie, Tm * imo 

Row, n^D * ihn In. "no * rrm -er, n^D 

Royal, rn3?D -4y, -H H^BtoD -ist, m. s. '5|^l^n aniK 
Rub, (against, or upon) Yid -out, phO -fiie dirt c^, ^QTI -in 

pieces, S^O ' pHB^ -N. friction, TJI * ipsn Ch. 
Rubbidi, i^use, ^Hp rains, 'f * H^^ >jffp R. ^03 

Rubric, n^n"»3sp 

Ruby, (a stone) D^tt 

Rudder, £918^ 

Ruddy, '•abTK 

Rude, m. s. harsh, ilS^p ignorant, lys -nesss, incivility, 

Rudiment, TlD^ pL fllTlD^ -dimental, —78^ 
Rue, lament, hg 2)SJJ7} -ful, m. s. hO 'nSirnp 
Ruffian, bnit^ K*!^ 'nTlB^ 
Ruffle, to disorder, ^feH * /{J'tJ R. 773 
Ruin, destroy, nHB^ * 3*0511 ^tion, nhrttJ^n * PIH 

-ously, —3 -ous, m. s. fallen to ruin, niHS^i ♦ !nH3 

miscfaierons, T^XV^ * S'^^nD 
Rule, to govern, • '3 ^{^D toW ^Vj? -a line, Dipife^ • \£HO 

-N. government, n WDD * TWShp * n*1BfD r^^larity, 

■>1D law, t»73 
ilnW, governor, m. s. 78^10 * D"^ W (an instrument) Tlfe^ 
Ruminant, m. «. mj •H^ifD R. T1J -minate, m3 n^BH 
Rumage, search, ti^Sin * S^C^O 
Rumour, to report, ^1p T^gH -N. HUflDtS^ 
Run, move swiftly, pT flee, THh melt, DBH R. DDD Cas the 

eyes, &c.) h\\ ^bout, 3lBrt KllH -mad, Jfijna^n -after. 

RUN-SAD 811 

•^Tn« py% ^Pr -'oto <*ebt, 3»nr?rr ^n, TU? f|&^ -into 
unnecessary expense, )ln TaS at loag-, fjloV -over, relate 
*1^ (in numbering) ri73-"jfeD (as water) VT\]13i ^l?'131f ■ 
Ca thing sKghtiy) fib l^^ thp$ nilD K)ver him with a 
coach, &c. n35"IS2l IDDHI lajf -ner, one who runs, 
m. 8. y*1 
Ruption, diBSolution, 7lt93 ^ 

Rupture, (of peace) pl^B^ Tf^'^ rn^n eruption, "I3B^ 

Rural, nnfe^ r>n)fn ^a^ " ' ' * 

Rush, (upon) •'-^« B>j;n -in, Xln^ |^H (with violence) 

njsrna Nia -n. (a plant) njj? ♦ s)id ♦ «o]i 

Rust, (upon iron) mi?!! 

s • 

Sabaoth, ni«3V 
Sabbath, nsg^ -ical, tinatt' hf 
Sable, black, m. 8. iha^ nij? 
Sacerdotal, mns h^ 

Sack, N. (a bag) h''^) nfl"'« ntt^*??^ ^t -cloth, pK' 
Sacrament, an oatii, njOSU^ 
Sacred, holy, B>lp -ness, na^Tp - 

Sacrifice, offer up, D^rl/S? nit destroy, D^'JCfH give up, . 
•n« -JbD (his life) iB?D3 *1DD (his fortune) 1^ "IB^« "73 |hj 

-N.nar *D")n 'nTDD 'nrna- 

Sacril^, 2^tp3 7JJD -gious, na. s. B^llpa *^1)D -giou&Iy, i 

Sad, sorrowful, m. s. 3V|f3 * nil *yiTt^- -den, 3^yj^ri ' 

Saddle, (a horse) DIDH n« B^H to load, 6$ Db^ -N. • 
DIDH-na SaddlCT, -Hitriff 

aid SAD^SAK. 

Safe, OSppm danger) m. 8. n%9^ -cooduct, •guard, coQvoy, 
rHjn ♦ HTp?^ -ty, tln^3 -ly, without hurt, m, «. D^tt^ 
Saffroo, OiinS 

Sagacious, iil s. XQf ' pin -citjr, \Qp ' rm'nn 
Sage, wise, m. s. D3n 4y, np^SflS 
SaU, naiigate, rp;|$^na^ -N. (a shef!^) ni^l^n ttn^ -or, 

u>Bi nin"i« nji;; * d: "jain -yard, pn ♦ S|in 

Saint, appear pious, B^f^Tin -N. m. s. ($^1)^ 

Sake, purpose, ]J39 for the-, 'HUp 'n^l 'ntTiK ^ 

180^ *^^^? for whose-, ""D^tJ^a (for ^O ^^3) 
Salad, ^tS^nO •»n^a ^D«D pT" " 
Salary, (annual) nja^? plH 
Sale, the selling, PTI^pp vent, gocxl-, D^3lpn3*|n no-, 

naip Y» -able, marketable, HPIID^ n3ilf -sman) IDlD 

Saline, m^D 'n'jDW 
Sally, to make an eruption, ' 3 |^a issue out, njj /SiOH 

Salt, N. n^D -V. -3 n^D -less, --^s * ^on -pit, -mso 

-«m, D^.JP nISlfe'P -ish, m. a. TJiVtD -petre, iri3 
Sabation, tS^SH ni^B^H 
Salubrious, Salubrity, tt^lO 

Salve, cure, na^lann ♦niro 

S^li^ greet» T^S -N* -tation, nj3"l3 4ary« m* s. !ll0 
Same, (see Identic} at the- time, K^nH D|/|l 
Sample, ■pecuneD, TWSn 
Sanctiacation. tthl? -tify, tBh[^n * Bhj? 
Sanction, pMH ♦ »^lp»i * TJO'^n 

SAN-^AU 318 

:Sanil» gravelly earth, 7m -y, rm. s. --rK/B 

Sanguine, m. s. blood red, DIlS^H ardent, .^DD3 -gmnary, 
m,, s, O^P"1 *{fl^ -guinous, hl s. Ol *KTO -guinity, ^019 
Sanhedrim, H^MSH nD33 * pirtiD Ch. . , . 

•in? D3 -Ung, pal^ -pinesn, wiccdeBice, ^fWi'^PH -py. 

Sapphire, *1^P -iriae, like .sapphire, Tr§£)3. 

Saicasm, l|1Sf^ *7^flJ1 -oartically, —3 rcastic, ra, s. * ^^^Tfltt 

sik bdt, '^e^D D33« nn'on 

• • • * "■• • " ""* "* 
Satan, |E)fe^ -ic, "^'^2^ 

Satiated, m. B.j;r3af Satiety, rgffaaf 

Satire, |11f ^ * ^^JlH -ic, -^ Ucaily, -^^.5 -idt, m. s. 

Satisfaction, amends, D^DytJ^ content; J/^^^ * 1^^ -factgrily, 
-h -factive, -factory, m. s. j?^3»0 * H'Vnp ^ i^'^bfe^O 
-fectoriness, 5137385^.1 " Hipaa^n ^Sed, m. e. jn*y * THiti 

Safiurant, m. s. HITO * K^D -urate, nTm ••KVd 

• • • • 

Saturn, (a planet) "^^mt^ !lDi3 

Savage, m. s. wild, iHa cruel, 'ilDWl ^ess, iTJlJ^I^ ^ ^*'^3*? 

ISWfiie,. N, (to give Eclidi ) ^1301 gr^Vy , ^l^ ^ati, I^T© 
Saucy, m. s, 0*^33 ♦T^ *• ^STI Ch. -cine«s, H^fJ? * /1®V^n 


314 SAV— SCA 

Save, (frtHD dangerx z*^ R. T^i keep» "^JbC^ spare, (ground, 

&c.) Tpqn gain, n;?: except, 'v^» *^K 'pi **»riH 

•'Ittt? * tb pn *TI^T -Ted, m. s. • "»V3«^ * ^3 'npO 
IV)^ -ving, frugal, m. s. \^]2P * OVP^P ^h- -▼ingness, 

pa^ • o«pv -vingiy. -a 

Saviour, m. a. redeemer, 7{t1il * ^"^D one who saves, 7*VP 

Saunter, nannn • ^vjrn 

Serour, N. scent^ H'H taste, DJJD -V. —-^13 -vourinesB, J1Q*TJ2 
Saw, (a utensil) llfe^D * iT^JD -V. -3 nfe^: mi3 -pit, 

-3 onnijan nmtj^ -yer, -2 nnijp -dust, iti&| 

Say, nbK * 131 * laC R. "I:J I heard thena-, D'^'iplK '^njjpa? 
I have no more to-, Tiin? "• / T^ '^Vf^ ^^e people will- 
to it, r\n^ ids; 1^-hv_ do not Hio, t3 npttn ^K -ing. 

man ♦ noit ♦ -idkd pi. DnD« * niioKD 

Scab, nnap ♦ ina -by, m. 8. £«ny -biness, HJ? nV 
Scabbard, HnJ * ^^a * 7\yTS * "W^ 
Scaffold, nO''3* ♦ noa (for execution) • DfeK^ naCDD na''3 
n*^l? -ing, nDTJBjD • ]13)9 

scaiadi HDlnn 18^133 ni^if^-nivp8nr» 

■ It * *"• II • • * 

Scald, to bum, Jim * mSH -N. mm * HnS 
Scale, to mount, Pt^i? -N. ascent, H^^lf balance, D'^itttSn dSs 
line of distance, pfllllpn H^N covering of a fish, ilB^j^tS^ 
-led, having scales, nu s. —♦I? B^^ -ly, D^fc^j^fe^J^ kVo 
Scall, pr»3 

Scalp, N. n Jli^^n-onp r. 9?:^ -v. -ois^^ 

Scamper, n^naa D13 * D13^ ^HB 

Scandal, aspersion, ^^nn * ^Q^ scandalous, 11733 * HB^n 

■ ■ • • • 

-ously, - 3 -ize, H"in * ^33 * ''^''I I^IJ 
Scant, parsimonious, m. s. \^Sf>P ' DVpVP ^h. -iness, narrow- 

SCA-SCO 815 

nesB, nV9 R, "IIV * pTPt -ily. -3 -y.m. «. n>f ♦ pirn 

Scar, nanv 

» »T 

Scarce, m. s. l^^l -msa, pVp * -|jpn (of provision) mjSDO 

-ly, scantily, — n hardly, DJgOS 
Scarf, nCDyO ' KDi'ja Ch. 
Scarification, £D^^ Scarify, D^fef 
Scarlet, s. i/^Ul -, a. m. s, -3 Dn» ^IfVnp 
Scatter, ntg TinT ♦pa ^V^Qh" 
Scavenger, m- s. niVIH nj53p * f>5'»2 P]-|1i| 

Scene, anappearance, nj«-|0 -ry, nj^n "JT'Sfefp * r«D'=» 
Scent, smell, fin K)f an affair, HtS^inn Ch. 
ScepUc,^l,m. s. njDS *npnp -ism, rT3DK HDH 
Sceptre, rfpBT] V:)^21^ ^ niD^Q tOn J 
Scheme, HnBtlD * HJ^S -er, m. s. nl^SlPin *t«iD 
Schism, n)?l7na ^ nn^ ^tical, -?a^ -atically,-'T|n-T3 ^tic, 

m. 8. iiavn ]o ♦B^iia 

Scholar, di8ciple,Tp^ri a man of learning, * IJS^D * HAD ini** 
-«hip, TIS? 

Scholastic, c^n^ian TV2 hti^ ^iiy, niBShiDn "^na iid3 
School, nap — n'^a -fdiow, m. s. — ^5^ -master, * is^p • an 
nnio R. m^ -mistress, mo^o 

Sdaice, Jjno * ni/l * HP^ll -&itia\, ~hf -enti&c, m. s. 

-ini3 n^pio R. *1D^ 

Scissars, D^IBDD Ch. 

Scoff, • -3 "yrin ♦ i'jjh ♦ v^i^n ^r, m. s. ♦ ^^np • j|fi^ ♦ ^ 
liv^ *B>^« -ingiy, Vviri? ♦ j;;^ ♦ tijf ^a 

Scolds to chide, ' '3 "TJ/a (clamourously^ IT&rr 

Scope, aim, fl'^^ajn • n313 space, DlPD • tm 

Scorch, to bum, "^in to be dried up, 1111 * "iriH 
Score, a line, iTWtS^ ♦ 1j5 account, tlSltt^n 

316 soe— sen 

-a * tt^aaa D«B>a -fui, m. s. nno * ^t^td . • 

Soorpkm, 3.^p, 

Scoundrel, m. s. U'hhyD J}"! VShVi ' ^1^2t •t2f 

Scour, cleanse, njp3 -6^* w^- s- np3D 

* • • 

Scourge, to lash, HSr? R. 1131 puiu8K''')GP' -JT^* "IDICP EOE^ 

Scout, tt'nn ^an -N. m. 8. Bhn *^aTO * 

Scrap, DJtfp p^H ' 

Scrape^ to parci TJfB shave, *11^ /"Hhi -oflT *«* , nWE? -up 

riches, ^SJ^ -N. nDOfl: -per, a untensil, tnt'*1i3EJ -ping, 


» : 

Scratch, (with the nails) ^^| '"^Sn Chv woiindV SD*^ -S". 
Scpaecb. sinneaoi, 71^ jSTlTV * HTV (^ an owl)' T'T'TJ -N. 

nmy * n^^i -owi,"n\^''5' 

Smwi,] to ghelt<a',, hjl \jj^)^ -N. ]SD ' HDnD 

Scribble, N. ^Mi SriDO -bier, m. s. jglia ISiO 

Scribe,, a writer, ISlCf 

ScriptCfTf,. m. 8. 2W\B -tme, B^IJJ ''»'1i?OT3l133 -torrf, 

— n nin33 

T - 

Scroll, nh}D R^hbi 

Scrotum, D^S^13D 

• »■ * 

Scnipl^ to doubti. pa * pDD' -N!i p^d ** }:^^ *pulons, m; s. 

PI^P -pulou8lJF.HiceIy, DWpS?. Ch. 
Scrutable, m. s. T^CTI -tineer, m» s. l^cSP'? -tiniae, IJJJH' -tiny. 

Scuffle, nnrr-Br. na^aR. yn 

Scull, the brain pan, r\7^75i R, /7J 

Scullion, nitsn ht^2Brt mtj^a • ; • ; - 

tf r -^ - ff - - I - ^T T 

Sculpture, r»jtf 7i3[g f'lSfy.O' -*», ^9^ is'i'* •fii*w«. ?>inaQ 

Scurf, a scab, fJflSIp "'.TQ -Vr m. si- --Vthn 
Scurriloi^, m. s. mi^JJi ^ "WTO -rifity, rB. ' ^J^rH 

Sea, D: -beat, -H ">55. fllCttf -honjv m. Bt-rr i^^ -chirt, 
"tT .'Pl^ J?V -port, — n »V30 -beacb, rshoreifTfiJi fljiPT 

• - T T . , 

Seal, festen, DhPI -N. DJlln -ing-wax, njQPinnn J3ll^ 
Search, explore, IpH • B^TI try, ^ -after, IS^.-oiie'a 

trunks, &c. {^311 -N. • HTj^n * n^i.^ * n|»n3 ' rwi|^ 

Season, make fit, ppH -meat, H'^D (wsitfi spices} Oto 
-timber, t^^l -N. (of the year). 1^ K. "|i;;v a fiC tim^ 

n3iD|ri-n^ -aWe, m. s. -h * lagp *'v"^aa * iw^a 
out of-, im^f i^'^ -ed, m. &. rr6n • oa'ad ' B^a"« Hmr,. 

Seat, pue iwstsesati-a^ln ». 21tn pbtce^tS^ -N. a chair, 

ati^iD situation, DipD 
Se^^ie^ to. feate, B?ED *- :3^ Secession^ TfOhpl ^ naj]® 
Seclude, B^nan ♦ ^3?! Seclusion, rTg^iart *♦ n^"qan* 
Secopi, to support; "TiOitt'lJ^ firflow, ♦'Ojtf DSp« 
"IDS ^^5^ ^'3» -Nv m. s^ aa- agsistan^ • -^ TZJtSf * I^U/ 
follower, "«JB> (of time) ;;j-| tOjJ/p -fliougBt, 3^ •?» r\a0it 
-pereott,. (0* a pronom). in. s. KKJW. ♦rt5la 4ime^ ni^itf' 
-rate, —fl J^^D -ary , n^t pri«iary, ' ' h njgtt^ ^nndv n*. s. 

318 S£C— SEE 

Secrecy, sieci^ness, IJipp solitude, JllTIS 

Secret, D^Jfn Mp3 -N. concealed, m. s. '.D^W * ^©30 

nwp3 a thing unknown, T)D * IflD -ly, —3 
Secretary, m. s. "I^ID *T3.t]g) -retariship, — n JTI]?^ 
Secrete, to hide, i*"'^'!''? -^on, nTl^n * n7"n?n -titious, 

m. 8. TIM ♦ Vn?? -toiy. m- s. TH^b * ^"""n^D 

Sect, rn?n • .Tpj? • nn? ^ly, m. niavn tP •o'^^^a? 
^J3n ip *iev^ •K^yio r. «y -ion, ntp^'^ * p"i| 

Secd^, m.8.B^p3 13^H ^tOt^nCh-ize, ^n^ ItHpO H\^qn 

Secundine, n'/tt' 

Secure, insure, ITIpJirr make fest, pTfiri apprdiaid, tt^Sirj 
-N. m. 8. 01t33 -rely, nps) -rity, safety, tln^a * H^^D 

bail, nnE)?n * na-ja 

Sedan, n^SISn «p3 

Sedate, m' s. 'tOj?B^ ♦ HHW)? *»>>« *\\nD Ch. -ness, « tOjJB^ 

nniio ♦ nn3 -ly, -a 

Sed^tary, m. s. njgl3^ •''?5 ' 3B>\P 
Sediment, pnp?^ *rijg2j? 
Sedition, IID -tiously, -3 -tious, m. s. TllO 
Seduce, niffin * n"*Dn • «"*K^n R. «Bfi -ucement, -uction, 
nr\p? * 11i<a^P -ucible, m. s. nj?^"! -active, m. s. 

n^^p' ' n-ipp 

Sedidity,-ulou8ne88,mvnn ♦ nTj??^ * n^nt Ch. -ulously, 

-n-uious, m. 8. f-in • "rj?i{5' ' tnr 

See, (see Behold) -ing, vision, n«np; tl^H * llTH * njqO 
sight, iTjn * nttSn R. D33 since that, D,pjl * Ufl 

seer,m.8.nNn ' n?in 

Seed, N. (which generates) J/"!r -V. -:e'>•^^'^ -eman, a sower, 
. JllfiK -time,;fTT -y, m.s. D^Jtflt »^p 

SEE— SEN 319 

Seek, look for, TtK fe^Sn 8^193 solicit, "O tif&2 %^ 
Seem, fllK"in -ing, appearance, nH"7D -ingfy* m. s. riH'lip 
-liness, \^'^f2 * HIO'iJ?; -ly, m. s. IBd * D'lP^ 

Seesaw, nDvr?3 nanrnin nj/i:n 

-// T •• T// T- - » 

Seethe, to boil, ^18^3 * TTH R, lt3 * 

Seize, catch, ' 3 p'^TnT? THK -ure, the sdzing, HPriK the 

thins: seizedf ni. s. THKS 
Seldom, rarely, m, «. ^p\ now and then, D'^Di/D? 

Select, nha ♦ n'na -n. m. s. inno * nina 

Selection, the chosing, nTn3 * nn^n3 

Self, (see Herself and M}rself ) -same, DVXf m, s. ^7\T\ (as 
r^^T} Dl^n Dyi/9 on the self same day. * ^*^^^^!^ nijP3 
Dnn D**D^3 on the self same time.) by oneV, l*TSl -oMiceit, 
27 *mniia -conceited, m. s, 27 ♦i^Z13 -denial, (his) 
Ivan Is»lif99 n|"'3p ♦ la^^ii Pllin .evident, m." 8. 
IDV^D "ins -interest, (his) I8fp3 n^jPlTy R. ^if"« -ish, m. s. 
^TjK •2^15519 -love, -ishness, (his) iB^Sa n?n« -mur- 
derer, m. 8. "iB>53? JfJia -wUled, m. s. lin^l H|y ID^ff 

R. ;;t 

Sell, i2ID (provision) T2t^r} -er, m. s. nSlD ' TS^D • 
Selvage, nsfe^ • nVfS 

Semble, HIK^rr ♦ HS'I -blance, DID'I * ;1'«P'n ' n«-»0 
Semicircle, 7^11^? ^Vn -circular, —3 -globular, THS ^VC? 
Semicolon, |1l!3p ^pT marked thus (:) above the ld:ter, as Geri. 
di. i* V. 2. ^fiZll 


Semilunar, n33^ ""ynS 

Seminal, belonging to seed, D^^^t f^ -inality, rHTlnr? 113 

R. l^'>-ination, n^nt -inific, m. s.JtyD * T?10 
Senate, DJf H "'J\n30 naD» ' pnnjD Ch. 

■ « • • • • • 

Senator, D|fn 3>n3D 

ma 8EK— €ER 

Send, JJIT^ -oiit of the wajr, n^ -W&, 3^i1 A. !n(? 
.vosd, *?i(.rTg^ -word back again, "^ 3^n.^*7JbK 4br« 
person to i^ieak wifb fadn, 1? H*)]?/ 1^^ 'l!'*'^ -iog, 

flnJ»Bto (back) naat! 

Senior, in. s. hUlSi * DTj? -ity, «Onp 

Sense, meaning, n3^3 * Jllif DB^D opiiiioo, fljtf^ R. JfT the 
perceiving, 7.36^ * HTia^ -iMy, --11. -less, .in, «. —TOT 
-ibility, Htt^ITVin TfVVnp -iUe, m. s. judiciovw, * V'SfSfO 
P3D persuaded, if^H^^ 4five, m. «. tB^jnO 
Senses, XS^Vl .«oriiun, nil 72it^*1 Stt^iCl EL 20^ 
Seosual, sensualist, m. s. I18^a3 HlSft vJ^ai -ity, * nWJI 
ni^ nflnOB' R. tDDT -«e, njJflW T^ R, TTJT <a tiKng) 

Senteice, 'hji itil * mK nis0 -N. detemvaaliion, * idSC^D 

Jl'^ta a period, D^ "^Pl^ " P^DdOi. 
Sendmeat, fDC^ * PiT!! & JTT -ai, in. s. i>3n^Q 
*fntinel,-IDlB^ • SYO R. SV 
Separate, P^H * ^ISH * mSH -N. m. s, ♦ vhm * h'^J.1 

T153 -arable, m. s. p^HV'^l^ "T*?^! -ariitely, lif? 

R, ili -aration, Tn§ * na^n$ 
September, •>B>tt^n CJ^h ' ^"tH 
Septennia!, CrOB^ Va*^ '?«?' 

Sei}(ui«iat,cf^3pfn 'onoh U'iJDtt^ u^sr\r\ 

Sepulchre, grave, IZlfJ -chral, 7K^ -ture, iTTQI? . 

Sequel, conclusion, P)lD * ri**/?/? R. H /3 

Sequester, put aside^ T^PI7 ^ T'D deprive of, 77fi5^ * lE^ 

-trable, m. ». Hpi^ -tratipn, H?^?^ -trator, lie who hrfds 

things in custody, It^^/?^ * B^Jti^D 
Seraglio, D'^B^an IT^n 


Seraph, f)^4in^D:finJ5^ 

^rene. in, a. IDj^B* * taSf^.-neus, tO^f Jy, -3 

S«^»nt, (in the. army) fTOnVsn '»B>JK "iBfe? 

Series, onl^r,,")'!^ * 'll'Tp succession, m. s. ITT "inS ilt 

Serious, m. s. 133 *: "jlia -ness, rTiflDK ♦ nO» -ly, -3 

Sermon, Ha^n-n ♦ nnSlTI B^ITH -ize, B^TJ * J^^p'SH R. n3"> 

Serpent, ^ijI^V *rH|iit ♦ |n^ '* ^^jrj * tjinj-ine, iin^ 

Servant, m. 8^ 131; ♦maiD 'TDfe^ 

Serve, (at command) *T\» I'l^ rn^ assist, ♦ J^UhTl R. i/Bn 
"yllbr -vice, office, n^^ " obedience, rTl"T5y use, 
H/^ln R. 7j}^ -viceable, m. s. beneficial, /"IJ/iD active, 

niB^ *t?'»D R. pi * ^"ID *«^K 

Servile, m. s. TV]^ *:Pi^2 *"T3^B^ Ch. -viUty, -vitude, 

niigj/ * njff''» ♦ "rai^ -viieiy, -3 

Sess, "rp^ * DP * D?p R^ DD3. 

Session, j^S U'Vi^^T} TyS^f^. 

Set, to place, Dife' * lDjD;n plant, JjTb: * ^hB^ appoint, (time, 
4bp.) fii)? Ch»-free,.'»B^Sjri^ r6g> (a prisoner) "Wn R.nn3 
-at rest, £OJ?B^n • n"'2n R." ma -bounds, h'^'Pt .-down, 
3g>ln R, 3tt^ -in fire, «>>|3 H^ -on the fire, flfctt^ -to 
right, p3n.*]3i3 -the teeth on edge, D^JM?^ n»ll^ri 
•about, b^^, TTin R. 77n K>ne aginet anoth^, m- s. 

vnK|i B^H rna -apart, ^i^n, -aside, laign ♦Tpr» 

-back, "y^*) R. 3W -forth, show, *\^'^j^ -out, depart, 
H^^ ^ snare, B^p^ ♦ ^'^JD ^3 -up, asdst, '• • H^ ' D**;?."! 
•«& &e sun, KiS; at stm-, B^^H Kl33 -N.' m. s fixed, 
ttoa 'Jlfai?: -ting up, njff *rTOj?n -ting of the sun, 
BtoB^n «130 
Settle, determine, fi^.nt| confirm, \3i3 ♦D'>l?n ♦DJi? 
R. Dip -accounts, ^c. mi.B'D * ■'8^^'^ -^ beer, &c. 

2 R 


VlJgf hn dp^ -a time, &c ^ijS Ch. -in a place, ^W^ 
-one's property upon a p^-son, yH^CI * B^iil -a stipend on 
one, 3Vj3 -tied, m. s. 'pm ♦\T^3 *]133 ♦D*j?*niB^a 

*"18^ *jtfi3)? *3^ir) 'n^q^ rnc^llO'l^ ]ria '^ivj? 
Dge^ -tiement, * ."nTji * rio»ji * nNiB^H * n'«i;'»3p 
n^""?^ ♦na^jp *\Q'^f 

Seven, m. r^DO^ f. Ji'^.f (by letters of the alphabet) 'T -fold, 
UTt^'lp -night, sennight, J}y2t^ nj^S -teen, -teenth, m. 

1^ n^3B^ f. rnfe^ v'lf * p -th, m. ^ji>^ f. n'>p'«3f 

-thiy. -3'.ty, D''jtf?^ *'!/' 
Sever, n*!^ ' t¥^? 

Several, m. diveis, D^3lB' many, D"'31 -ly, ^15>3 
Severe, m. s. sharp, pTH * 133 cruel, HB^j? * "lOS -rity, 

nn33 * ^p ♦ rnnpN -reiy, -3 

Sew, (with thread) "ifefj Sewer, m. s. IDlJI 
Sex, pp male-, n3T ^"0 female-, TOp^ p» 

Sexton, nVnisin cflaa^ ch. 

T • '; — T "• 

Shabby, mean, • m. s. .1133 ♦ *— ?fiB^ -biness, n3 * rrh^f 

Shackle, chain, ^333 O^PV^S IbH -kles, D'>^33 • Up'^m 
Shade, Shadow, 'pg * ^Vll R. 7^»-N, ^V -y, —3 -diness, 

nhbli -dowy, ^V^V -dowing, m. s. ^VP 
Shaggy, Hairy, m. s. T^'^ 
Shake, to agitate, ^""arf (violently) JJtgT be agitated, ^1T * Jtfl3 

<for fear) ^^flH -off, (as fruit) *)j33 (as a yoke) p*13 -out, 

(as a bag) ij/i -hands, *)3 jgjjjn *Tlil3 -N. shaking, 

* njiv ♦ nj;i3^ ♦ nl5f^§ * ^j?3 * •"rn*'^? ♦ p*i9 

Shall, (this verb is expressed with the future, as t^'l'*^ he 
shall fear.) 



Shallow, m. s. not deep, plDj^ IJ^K (in wit) T^JJID •'Tg33 

Sham, nai * ^n Ch. -N. n»p") ♦ *jin 

Shambles, D'^naDSH 1V2 

Shame, u^b^n • B^"'nin -N. ns'?3 ♦nu^a 'nann 

-feced, m. s. D'«3a *B^3 -ful, ]17 j? * n^nn -fully, -3 -less, 
m. 8. D'«2| *rji B. TTi; 
Shape, Tfif * n^lV * ^V; -N. "JijU^ -linew, -H ">a''' -ly, m. s. 

-ng"; -less, m. 8. *i^ iHin ^h 

Shard, (of a pot) ftf-imaB^p 

Share, divide, p7n partake of 'DJtf pyll -N. p?!! Sharer, m. s. 

Sharp, m. s. acute, \)i^ * p"^ R. ppl (person) t)nn ♦ DTIJ? 
piiercing, pm * Tlf R. VJl -en, \3^ *'T"qn -er, m. s. * ""Pl 

Diij; -ness, fiipi ♦ fiiann • nut^ * prh • * jy, -a 

-sighted, m. s. T\S\irh *T«rib 
Shatter, to break, ^?n be brokoi, f nn 
Shave, -»JtPl3 n^a * 3^3 -ver, "IJfna llVjip • ♦'3^1 -ing. 

Shawl, nngpp 
She, «'>n a-, n3p;. 

Sheaf, (of com) nOIV * na'7» 

Shear, Tta -er, m. s, Ttla Shears, DHIPP Ch. 

Sheath, N. ^213 * 113 ♦ mj/n -li/n 

Shed, spill, '^B^ let fell, Tail R. 733 -N. n3ip R. 13D 
Sheep, ^nn * n3|{^ • 3^0 * nfe^?? ♦ to pi. lt«y -cot, 

— n"1"T3 -shearing, —2113 -walk, -H^IO -ish, m. s. 

O-ij^ •tSha ♦ 3^ "^ -ishness, D'<33 na^3 * f^b 
Sheet, (for a bed) n^DiS' sail, n»3Nn fenaD (of lead, &c.) 

fijsn ♦ na R.^ma (of paper) ^aa nSj^ 

324 SHB— SHO 

Shekel, ^p0 

Shell, N. ^«3 (of a nut, or egg) nQ">^p Ch. -V. -iT T'DH 

Shelter, 'hp TJa IJH -N. IJD • nOHD 
Sh^herd, Itilf TlgT) -ess, ^t«V H^l"! 

Sheriff, nna ♦ nian "h^an Tpa 

Shield, "T^? \i3| -N. \JD * mnb -bearer, my «fe^J 
Shift, to change, «\^5»nn evjidei-OTgn ♦ h'Sityn -N. * HO^ 
ni'yVapfl make- to Uve, to^D^ p&flB^n -er, m.'«.:C3n|; 

Shilling, nna naw . 

Shine, Pfj: * TVI? * S"'?^''? -N. HD^ * WJ ♦ n^$1 ^og, 
-ny, m. 8. 1^12 ' Tna 

Ship, N. na'>ap ♦ no^ -v. -n ^« T-iin wan r. tt 

«13 -wreck, -H 132^ -man, p^Sl Hln-J^t -ia.|ij? * ?^D 

-Wright, ni»5*^n3ia 

Shirt, nah? ♦ p^^n -less, D^Tg. 

Shiver, to quake, "TJ/T ♦ ^§nr» ♦ ^nfenH- R»i ^IH shattfer, 

-j3{j> ♦ vyi -ing, iTTm * HxVa ' nbii^H ♦ Hicin 

ShoaI»a crowd, \^Dtl sandbank, 7ln '^HH' 

Shock, to shake, jPTgT oflFend, r«a -N.. PtflT * nV«3 

# ■ ■ ' • • • 

-ing, nnp|i 

Shoe, ^jra string, -"tit -maker, D""^!;? ntt^i)! 

Shoot, let off, n*!^ gernliiate,.r5toV -er,' m. & iT^lD t njtl 

Shop, (for sale) JTl3n -board, — H ^yBf -itaan, — H TTV^ 

-keeper, m. s. ^aijlll -Shops, r^lT ■ . . 

Shore, a coast, Hp^ • ' *lin a .drain, 113 V ♦ ^fynp. 
Shorty potltaig, rt. s. nyj> -Kved, D'Oy^yj? -sighted, 

n»«l *nVp -breathed, pn *nvp -hand writer, ,*inl3 
■ "Wfpll stop-, ^bjtf come-, IbH keep one- of, l^tlD •*«•> 

"iVB * "iVpi? -ly; soon, aliP? ♦ mnpa. briefly, i^5»3 


-hand, -3 n3''n3 -ness, lyfJ 
Shot, the act of shooting.'il^'J balls, —^^''15 Wounded, ■m. s. 

Shove, (forward) '3^1^11 R. yMH -out.of the oren, 
• ")135<n IP n'TI -away, «)h^ ♦nH'H. -through, ^ ppnaW 

Shovel, i!iy -N. nanjD * mi R. mi 

Should, (is exprested'with the future, se^ Chight.) . 
Shoulder, (of a beast) jgilT (of a man) DD^ ' f\t\^ pL'hlSn? 
-V. put on the shoulder, —7^ Dlfe^ 

Shout, rtiv *.b^ir} '^rnrj r. t»<j;i ♦ j^n .n. -ing, ♦n|nji 
nnv>' ♦n^'ij 

T T : • T • 

Show, exhibit, n»in direct, rnin R. m"< prpvfe, o-f^in 

R. nS^ -N. HKID -y, m. s. -^ ^113 (person) ^Ijnb 
-bread, D-iin Dlif • , 

Shower, N. Dn^pfef * IfiDD -V. to rain, -Yl^ send a-.I^WbH 

' ••; TT T J~ 

-with Mberalityi^">§^rrvy,D">)3'B^anjg 

Shred. D>jpij?!' |;*ii5 -k Jf 1^ . ' ■ 

Shrewd, cunning, m. s. tiV^if -liess, ilDIJ/ -ly, -^3 

Shriek, H"! Pi'V -N. n^iffV ^1p . 

Shrill, D^5m n3">VVJ|l'R. W ^ness, h'S^'i bl|? 

Shrine, \¥lH 

Shrink, contract, pblf * ttl7p be in fear, SlSH - 

Shrivel, tObj? . 

Shroud, defend, ^ t^i . -N. t^D ♦ ilDnO (of -.the ■ dead) 

Shrub, a bush, ^3D * n>fe^ -by, '^aOD . . 
Shrug, (see Shrink) -the shoulders, ••? "03 -N. TJ 

Shudder, v^^nn * ViTiJ'hriri ji. ^ih -i^g, rr^n^ *mV9 

Shuffle, change, n?T\n evade, t>*^llf H -fler, m. s; Unfflj [ 

326 SHU— SIL 

Shun, • -D yasn hhn 

Shut, nip -fiist, 7i;a -in, nj?a nip -out, •'nn« h)3} -hand, 

or mouth, ^bp -eyes, DVtf -ears, DbM -ter, I^TI 

Shutue, ;niKn '"TIJPp 

Shy, m. s. cautious, IHT^ frighted, /nSjII 

Sibilant, m. 8. p'1lB^-ation,ni?n9^ * •"iE1^2> 

Sick, m. 8. diseased, TnhSn ♦a«'i3 -en, ""^nn ♦ n'»«Dn -ly, 

m. 8. tthn * a>i3« * ^n R. bhi -ness, rj^no ♦ aio 

(see Disgust) 
Sickle, b^D ♦ B^nn 

Side, nn« men r. rttoi -n. nja ♦ iny ♦ mn ♦ nx 

(of animals) Jf^V -long, 11037^3 m. s. Iiyj* -ways, 

■tn« ixi* 

Siege, n1}f 9 

Sieve, rq3| Sift, -3 JSpan try, 3^13%n' tth-^ 

Sigh, n3»n-N. nn3» 

Sight, the seeing, rPtn * n^Sn R. £933 show, nVTp 
-liness, |n«^3 ♦ fllD'^ia -ly, m. s. "la's * U^Vi 

Sign, to mark, DtS^n (with chalk, &c.) D^Pi ratify, DS^ Dlin 
-N. a token, ID * \?')S a miracle, HQlD R. r\^ a presage, 
n)» a print, DBh (with the. head, &c.) TD"^ 

Signal, mark, |ip">p give a^, n»"!n ♦ TDl ♦ Dh -ize, * h'^lH 

12f -ly. -ri«? 

Signature, sign manual, T flD'^nn Signet, Oriln 
Significancy, energy, nV^HJ *nPtH -icantly, —3 -icant, 

-icatiye, nu s. pTH * Hj^^ -ication, rUJS) 
Signify, declare, JT^'^^il R. IfT mean, ]53 it signifieth nothing. 

Silence, stillness,- il^r\t^ * H^JSVl -! interj. Ch * DH keep-, 

phj{^ ♦ B^nnn put one to-, pn^n ' hdh 

SIL~SIN 337 

suent, DDin -ly, n*Dn|i * np^np^ 

Silk, ^e^D -en, —7p -mercer, m. s. — nSlO -weaver, m. s. 
— jnlK -worm, -H n|f|7lr) 

Sill, in^p ♦ f)p R. «iaD 

Silly, foolish, m. s. ^«13 R. ^^i"> -liness, nj»1j^ 

saver, N. *1D3 -V. -3 HgV -y, m. s. -3 Tlp3 -smith. 

Similar, (see Like) -ity, — niQ*!! 
Simimt'P'n -itude, likeness, ^DD * miOn 

Simony, B^ip ippja "inpp nife^j?. 

Simple, m. s. unmingled, £318^3 artless, DJ? * G^pPl silly, 
^Kli R. ^Ri -pleton, '•Jl^ ♦ ^^l^ -pUcity, ♦ niOB^9 

niD'«pn ♦ni">n^ ♦ r\h)ii -piy, -a-piify, ina ♦ife?^* 

Simular, m. s. ""P"! ♦ ]pn3 * IDV Ch. -ulate, * nsi ^ 8^3 

»)n -ulation, iTD"! * B^nS ♦ fjVT 
Simultaneous, existing together, T>nn^ ^33l3 1»VD3 

Sin, ^icD^ * mifn 'rfe^a * myn '^jf ihv -n.* * »on ♦ 111/ 

j;tJ>B * nnaif differing, nUBn -ner, m. s. * >«Din * IfB'la 

T T « 

Since, because that, \ia\ 'Uf^ f* * ^^ ' 1? ^1? before this,* |P^ 
rxa (as Dl"" Py» since the day. 1^2i1 TSS since the morn- 
ing.) ever-, t^D (as r»p !l[|p3 ^133 thy throne is established 
ever since.) see Ago. 

Sincere, m. s. 0"'pri * |a.«3 -ity, niD"'pn -ly, -3 

* • • 

Sinecure, HaflD ph R. \I^2 * ppJI 
Sinew, 'T^ll • irf'D -ed, sinewy, m. s. Dllfif 
Sing, |ai * y\ti^ ^r, m. 8. TIlB^P 
Singe, •?]'in 

Single, m, one, TnS individual, '^£013 unmarried, ♦ nU^K it^il 
•^M^ -gly, I'JJD? -gular, m. only, T»rn odd, «^a -gularity. 

IJ?*; -gularly, particularly, W*}^ -gleness, HID^ttFI 
Sinister, corrupt, m. s. r^^J}f2 ; hpbvhR. hhp 
Sink, decline, tOlD -down, JjiD -N. a drain, nl3V 

Sip, tJDii *Di/D-N. n«'«Da *naD cb. 

Sir, •'jns -name, SK fl-^a DB> 

Sister, fllriH-^o law, a broUier's w^fe, ni< PB'H his wife's sis- 
ter, ll^^N ninS her husband's sister, nf''^ JViH)^ -ly. 

Sit, 2ii;i -stai, ni3 («« a 4ien) ff^'i^n . i»4f .yinn -up, nse, nfajtf 
(in the night) "<3^J/D naa> 113 It ] V^ (uRii^t in one's be^) 

site, Situation. npj^D * DipD.-uated, -3,. 

Six, m. na^a^ f. t^g^ (by letters trfthe alphab^) -pence, 

ma nj;aiK -teen, m. nfe^;; na>«t^. f. nii»j} ^^ • ?'£d 

-th, m. "•B'a^ f. rT'tS^B^ -thly, -3 -ty, tielh, U^t^_t^. * © 
Size, to smear, HIO -N. n"'D bulk, ^njl 
Skean, p^iJ^ 

Skeleton,. fllC^. ^| R. ^^J 
Sketch, draw out, yH -N. iTTIlf ♦ nVy 
Skilful, SkUled, m. s. '7">3{e>D * "VnO -fulness. Skill. * ^3J£> 

>vn%np -fully, -3 
Skim, N. *)Sp^ ♦n^J^^ -v. -ig^n -miik, 3^n ^a 

Skin, N. (of fruit) ?iV5 • HQI^j?' Ch, hide, li V. -Da^Sn 
^VS -ner, n'n'iiJ naiD -ny,' m. s. ")^3 'pT R. ppT 
Skip, to leap, niST ♦ yBp, msa, 'bjl J^T -N. ♦ n^p"> * •"IKJ'^j? 

Skirmish, H^np ' HSD R. HJf 3 
Skirt, n^fe^ * D;)^ia> (of a country) ^13^ MVj? 
Skreen, to shelter, 'hu ])^ )^k) -N. l^D * HpHD 
Skulk, lurk, (in fear).H3nnn (in malice) ■ •'? 3*1K 

SKY— SLI 329 

Sky, firmament,j;'»P1 ♦ D'»DB^ -colour, -H DVi; Tl^an r?«10 
-dyed, -3 lilX-ID -light, J|n nnV 

Slack, m. s. na^^D *n3-»: -en, "D nsin * ^»D ^pn 

R. 77p -ness, looseness, jl'^flT 
Slander, -er, -ous, (see Calumniate.) 
Slant, m. s. h^D -ly, Iin^jSgl • tiD3^^3 
Slap, ^55nl3rf R. r)D3 ♦ HDJ -N.a blow, HSD (in the 

fece) '«n5» nso 

Slave, hb^ -N. m. 13^ C nnSB' -ry. Mil?;; 
Slaver, N. nn -v. -Tlln R.*1T 

Slaughter, :hn ' tvjpn R. mo (b«i8t) piar * niio * ©ha? 

-N. 3*1 J-in ♦ naiDID -house, D''n3KSn n^a. -man, 
tonltt^ • n3£D -ous, "n "f "13 man-, * HJ ja>3 tJ>Q3 flSD 

- T- -v; ''▼!• V* ■"" 

o''0'n ni3''Dt5^ 

• T • : 

Slavish, m. s. ^22) * lajPtt^D Ch. -ness, njTi'S * "mVp 

-ly, -:i 

Slay, (see Slaughter) man-slayer, njJB^3 tJ>fl3 Jlin 

Sleep, |ii^ -N. -ing, HJB^ a sound.-, nip"|jnri -iness, HD^jri-ily, 

— ^3 -less, m. s, 1|/ R. *nj? -y, drowsy, m. s. OH^S 
Sleeves, nl^/lnt "'f<3 Sleeveless, — — ij*? 
Slender, thin, ^''i * ^^ -ness, T\)fl * tvfri R. ppT * 'j^l 

Slice, "^jhri -N. nynr\ 

Slide, N. (on ice) mj?!! nlpSpbn -V. 3 toDiiDnn 

Slight, n^ *hpn R. "phf -N. m. s. small, ]lDj? weak, Han 
trifling, a;/D*"li;Va *"irr)D artifice, PT^DI ♦ noiD 
contempt, ]1^J2l -ness, weakness, |1^aT-ly,— 3 

Slime^ glutinous matter, ?]2!ll n^n^? ^^^> tS^tD2]3 * (for 
3JJ £3^£0) Slimy, -3 


Slip, slink away, a33nn " b^SH * D^3 mistake, Hitt^ slide, 

2 s 

330 SLI— SMI 

Ijrp * two ♦ mn R. nm -out of his monory, nD^Hl 
13SD -out of his hand, ITO bbi -into his hand, 1T^ tOfeB^ 
-with his tongue, 1i1a^73 TQnn inisn -N. * HOlD * "^m 
rrpiJD -periness, -pery, nli57j?7n 
Slipper, hliO Ch. 

sut,j;DB^ ♦'f)pa> *^i3a 

Slope, m^H^BS ♦ tiD3^|!| ♦ J^iaa^ Ch. -wise, -3 
Sloth, idleness, Yi''p'1 ♦ niV)fi/ -fuUy, -3 

Slothful, m. 8. nai3 * ^y^ 

Sloven, m. s. 12^13^3 H^l^np -ly, D^O IpH^ 

Slow, m. 8. nO^P -of speech, \'^ *n33 a- fever, njno 

naa^Dp -ness, iin» ♦ nnsg -ly, -3 '♦ D^p d^d . ' 

Sluggard, igish, m. 8. ^^3 * h^ -gishly, TVl^VJ^a 
Sluice, N. "I3fe^ ' 130 ' D"'Sn IJJtt^ 
Slumber, D13 -N. HDiaJH 
Slur, ^•'ipn ♦ ^th R- ^^P *^1^ -N. ^(^T • ll^i? 
Slut, sluttish, D^O nip R. "IID 
Sly, m. 8. Dlljjj -ness, HD*!^ -ly, —3 
Small, (in number) [01/ D (m size) m. s. |E3j7 a- matter, 
nsn \^DB> very-, njTT.p EO|;p -clothes, D^pp -ness, 

tDvn ' nmp -pox, ni/ia^jij '•i'ln 

Smart, 3^N3r! -N. m. s. acute, pVH * tjP neat, HTSJ -ness, 

prh ♦ ri; ♦ nt^ • 113 -ly, -3 

Smatter, -ing, tO|fp n^f"*"!^ -er, m. s. ^JtfS 

Smear, (see Besmear) Smeary, adhesive, m. s. p3l1 

Smell, nnn -N. nn cast a-, -]h2 (rank) B>«|1 -ing-water. 

Smelt, (ore) "pJPin R. "1113 -er, m. s. fPiD 

Smile, phfe^ * pTir^^n -N. pln^ -Ingly, -3 

Smite, strike, HSn kill, j'ln * B^03 HSn R. (133 afflict,i;a3 

SHI— SNO 331 

Smith, c<n>par., or black-, hr\2 na^3 tthn Miver-, fH^TS 

-eiy, B^nrrn3»VD rva 

Smitten, he is- with love, IHIK )*Ta]^7 

Smoke, emit-, \\l}^ ♦ \fy H JgH use tobacco, &c. •••••|8^ ^UB^ 

-N, |B^ dry in smoke, -3 tt^a^ -y» »»• s. Wl -«»«»» 1?^ 
Smooth, smoothen, "IB'^ *'T5B' soften, 7J?n R. 7?"^ coax, 

•^K |1B^ p"'^nn -N. m. 8. "Itt^ ♦pjn -tongued, 

]1tJ'^ *p'hnii -ing-iron, ^^9 * p/'^®'!? ^H^ •*•**"' 
evenness, "|fe>"«p * p^H mildness, niST R. nn -iy, -3 
Smother, suffocate, p^H conceal, H^S * HSin -N. anoke, 

]K^ dust, pnK suppression, no J|rn * ^1311 
Smuggle, D3]Sn ^jp Dnjtf^ ^ler, m. s. D3l^n ^jg •D"«"|i(D 
Smut, smutch, DflSH * HnB^H -N. tB'lfn H'Sn DHS -ty. 

Snail, (an insect) ^1^38^ 

Snake, tS^HJ Snaky, serpentine, —3 

Snap, to break, Dl»na ^2^T\ liB^ bite, ^fe^i 

Snare, B^p^ ♦ ?"'tt^3rr -N. B^ID ♦ ?it^50 

Snarl, growl, Dh3 * JlbTj -er, m. s. 0^13 * HDln 

Snatch, »)bn ♦ «)Jin-N. n^"'lpn -er, m. s. >)Dln 

Sneak, yhT * tDK/ "^/H -er> -^ng, m. s. mean, *)3r! * 7n1t 

-ingly, servilely, HPi^iJ"^ 
Sneer, .-3 jSHV tfi^^ *V1^ -N.]1V^ 'jlM^ 
Sneeze, TllT * B^fi^Jn?? -N. HB^DJ^. 
Sniff, *)«3 niT-*)Ka> Dfe^ 

Snip, v^P/^H.-N. nv^vr "HI 

Snivel, the runni^ of the nose, D^l^n^H ^Wj 
Snore, N. mn3. Snort, lh3 

Snot, D?3« fa ♦ ^« Tn 

Snout, (of a Beast), DDH 

388 SNO— SOL 

Snow, /flakes) JIW -V.— IT -white, snowy, —3 

Snuff, (a candle) ISH 3'>p\n to scent, qiin *n'n l^itttr -N. 

nan nht)^ • nnar? p5» -ers. o^np^^o 

•Snuffle, DtOha liH 

Snug, m.8. PjIDj^ *ip'3 -gle, ^l^^^ri ♦ DSn^n 

So, thus, nas • '!j3 *ri3 * |3 -also, ]5i 

.Soak, to steep, rh^ imbibe, ^VD 

Soap, N. nni3 R. nia -v. -3 f rn qs? n^D 
Sob, n3«n • D'«»33 run r. n33 -n. nn3« * Nn? 

Sober, Q^t^H -N. m. s. DpB^ • iJ^^ia 3a?^P R. JJT -ness, 

D|?B> 'jil/^n 3'ttS'^ -ly, -3 
Social 'sociable, m. s. D''jt/1B^''« R. njfl -ness, tWl ' iTnOK 

-ably, —3 Society, rnilTI 
Socket, fTK (of an eye) j^JJ/n llH (of a tooth) efj^jp^ 
Soder, pST -N. pSl.P 

Sodomite, ntS^S ''33tt'D ISTTl^ 33lB> -omy, ISt 33ttto 
Soft, nt9D R. nD3 
Soft, m. 8. tender, Xi fooM^l". ^^^^ R. ^K'> -en, "nn * 7j>0 ^ 

^3'^ * h^. -ly, slowly, E5»/» -1 interj. fpjl R. HQ") -ness. 

Soil, *|30 • ^i;| -N. earth, niDTK!. * flK his native-, pN 

Inn^lD (see Dirt) -ed, m. s. »)3DP ^VxISP 
Sojourn, lljl i«r, m. s. n| 

Solace, ti^fii 3'<a^n -N. tj^aa n3''{8to R. 31b^ 

Soldier, norto IS^O !!"» T?it' 

Sole, N.(of the foot) TJT e)3 R. e)a3 (of ashoe) ?|Jan n**!?!;!]? 

Solecism, JlB^n plpl "«S5^;»t^ -3 "^^n?^? ^ ??"* 

Solely, singly, nsSnly. pi **!« 


Solemn, nj. s. awful, H^U R. ><T seriops, 1^3 -a <i*iy. * TftlO 
R. 'MJ'' a -oath, Ch; SniOH n^^t^ -ity, ceremony, TTD 
-ization,n|'"^n.*'TI'5|p-ize,(afeaBt)Jin(afe8t) 01^ 1ih}> 

mvif -ly.n^b^B^a ' . 

Solicit, ask, ■7« ]3nnn lh^ * . . D t^js? b'Hf -ation, ♦ ngnri 

Solicitous, m. s. anxious, JKl*? concerned, K^tS^lD 

Solicitude, HJ^ • B'SS^ -citously, —3 

SoUd, m. 8. firm, OIV^ * ptn true, HO^ -ity, D^i/ * prh 

Sdiloque, (with himsdf ) iDVJg P^l U"*! 1B"n 

Solitary, m. s. gloomy, 11)3 single, TH^ * TTiSl 

Solitude, a lonely life, niT"[5 a desert» n31|f 

Solstice, n^i"^! Di"" mtf^srr na^n r. pipv * 

Solve, explain, iha *B^'T§ -vable, m. s. U^'^k) * IRH;; 
Solvency, DtB^J* '^/^I -vent, m. s. (to pay debts) 7JJ3 

dissolving, T>")02 * TO * DDJ R. TTtJ * DDD 
Soluble, m. s. TIB^ Solution, separation, rmDH 
Some, -body, m. s. B^K -how, D^SlSnp Hn«a -thing, 

-what, na-l • npiKO -time, D'>5Q^ -times, B'^ * ff'D^D^ 

-where, niDipan iriKa 

Son, ^ R. nn -in-law, t^H 

Song, HTB^ ^ I'^a^ -ster, 1 Wp -stress, n^nltWD ; 

Sonorous, m. s. 7113 * D*1 -ly, —/ipSi 

Soon, early in the morning, D3B^n nj^3 l)efore long, * 3np3 

nnnoa as- as, -after, na^«3 •?!« (as K!t'^ IB^iO ^« ^oo» 

<|/ter Ac went o^O it will- be at an end, IVp 31iJ too, m. s. 

•inpil *tan3 -er, before, "QtDlp (see Rather) -est, 

Soot, TT^B R. ma -ed, -y, m. s. — «^D 
Soothe, to calm, tOjJ^n * p^n^H flatter, •^^f \'\\i^h p't^qrr 

384 SOO— «OU 

-ii^iy, pjn HB? * w^jn^p p5'0? -ray®"* «»• »• ''^ll'T 

Sop.Jlhtt^ -N. steeped in liquor, Hn^O 

Sophist, npn^? HjBi»5p,n^ip r. HSd * ns"" -icai, 

>m -icate, njWg^ * ^ Ch. -ry, ♦ t<W '~?^5'? ni3l 
Sorcerer' DDlp ' ^IB^ap * Dbnn * 3l» ^fia -ceress, 

npa^ap *318 n^|[a W, o'^ppp *D'>m^ *te^n^ 

Sordid, base, m. s. "«ir3 * ^QB'-ly, nim * niWs 

■ ■ • • • 

Sore, an ulcer, JJ^i * 1130 R. n33 a painful place, IIK3 Ay, 
with pain, —3 very, li<P7 (this may be expressed by 
adding the infinitive to the indicative, as ^HKT I*^T 
I was sorely afraid. n&pZ)3 ^&^3 thou sorely longedst.) 

Sorrow, iTO * iU> * 3VJ? -ful, m. s. *rin *31V£ 

Sony, I am-, >h nV R. IW 

Sort, to class, in3">pV fO "^'l^ -N. manner, ta1« * ^^"l (see 
Class) -ment, distribution, Hj^/n a pared sorted, ^Ji *P?n 

Sot, Sottish, stupid, m. s. ^ Jlnp * B>ap 

Sovereign, m. s. 'rfjt^ ' {ff^ * bp^D * ]")!» (a coin) 

Wn3iDB^-ty,nD^D *nfiD">W *n^E'DD ♦nia"T« 
Soul, t8>B3 * naa^a ♦ D'>»n nn 

ITT TTJ •-- 

Sound, try, np3 * ]1H3 (with a plunmiet) IJDH make a noise, 
7lp ]h2 -N. a noise, 7lp a shallow sea, D*n Pjln healthy, 
m. 8. }abp of -muid, IflJJl? D^^^B^ R. I/T a -beating, 
nViai n3D R. nsa a -sleep,* nOTin -ing, nu s, ♦ ipin 
^ip •j/ipa^P .ing lead, ^n^ll-inS -ing line, -fllpn -less, 
m. 8. 1^1p7P|8^3 7J?nr/'2l -ness, n«D^B^ -ly, -3 beat 

-ly, np| nan sleep -ly, onnn 
Soup, pnp* 

Sour, sourish, m. s. VDT^ -looking person, D^P^TJ V3|l grow-, 

rpnn -ness, nirpD * d''PVJ? o^^I -•y» -^ 

sou— SPE 885 

Source, spring, nip)^ origin, tropin * n^rifl R. bbn 

Souse, a pickk, ^Qh -V. hh^ 

South, ip^n ♦ 3J3 ♦ 0IT5 -era, -i»B^ -wind, t\^Dt\'^ HIT 

-east, n"«rntp n"«DiTn -west, n'<a')e.p n-ipiTn "^ly. 

Sow, spread, nia"|n (seed) |/hT -N. a pig, mm -er, m. s. 

na-JO * J^nlT -ing-time, r^j 
Space, extension, 3rjh ♦ ari'lD (of time) D">D»n HaDD 
Spacious, m. s. D^T •3n"1 -ness, D^T nSPn -ly, —3 
Spade, n"rjB;0 

Span, (a measure) mt -V. —3 n^D 
Spangle, U^n^ nllp^S nj?3 -N. HB mipj R. HID 
Spanish, Spaniard, in. s. ^"I'lBp Spain, HQD 
Spare, be frugal, j^D)? ♦ DVpV Ch. fevoJr^ |jn * •hjl DIH 

omit, 3t3(J -one's life, iTfin allow, |ha save, "Ifl^ l^e cannot 

-him, I3[it/^ ^D1"i l(^ -N. m. s. lean, B'ina * "Pl * pi R. 

^H • ppn superfluous, in^^ • f\lj^ -ing, m. s. * yi^'pjO 

D5f PI^P -ingly, pSi3|l ♦ DlVpya 
Spark, 3^^t?f ♦ plti .le,'-V. ^1 vi -ling, m. s. Vif 13 
Sparrowhaw^J^, M 

Spasm, Ch. D"'*)38!|n pjav ps|3 -odic, m. s. ^3 nSJfD 

Spawn, (of fish) O"" JT "'If'^a 

Speak, pronounce, H^^ -to, "^S "la^ -with, ^« "llin (for 

151^'!') -able, fit to speak, m. s. *13T -er, -ing, m. s. 

Spear, n^JQ *llT3*nD'l 
Special, particular, m. s. ''Pia -ly, —3 
Species, class, pp 

Specific, (a medicme) IWD «1«ia"l '^^l''^ -«%. I^'^P^ 
Specify, dip 

890 SPE— SPI 

Specimen, a pattern, HID'^ 

Specious, showy, m. s. n»"10^ *Vna -ly, ^5 n">S"lD/' 

Speck, D"«ri3n -N. ons 

Speckle, l^i -led, m. s. Tlp3 

Spectacle, a show, HNID glasses, D^rj/ nnV '>Jna 

Spectator, m. s. HKlT ^hip, (the office) nnS^nn ni]?^ 

Spectre, Hi^ mn pi. niavm R. nrn 

Speculate, 32^ *nj?n -tion, plan, nSB^np -tive, ideal, 

rtjpip's -tor, m. s. 3t£^np * Hjjnp 

Speech,' talk, nOSP *"IDi< 'IBT ♦ 8D?P an oration, 

ninain n?^. R. ny make a-, n-ialn * "•ars:? t«"il^ 

DnmS -less, m. s. D^« 'DDll 
Speed, to urge on, ^Nn^H * f ^H (one's self) * THaH * p» 

B^n ♦ "inp -N. n^na * rtTnp * iiT|n -iiy, -3 -y, 

THD * '?!? R. ^^p 
Spelli to form words, Vhlpr} nVn1« Xl^jl R- ^'^ charm. 

Spelt, nopa 

Spend, consume, n^3 lay out money, S^V^i^ ^- ^^ -thrift, 

Sperm, JflT Spermatic vessels, Hn^lnn "^^5 R. IT 
Spew, R^fJn 
Sphere, circuit, JIH province, ^""^a orb, 1TJ3 ♦^S^^ -icaI,-3 

Spice, D^3 • Om -ly. D^pfe^3? "I?^« 
Spider, n'^D^f * B>^33|? -web, -^^ij? 
Spike, to fest'eii, nnn-'S riilOPQii Pi" -N.aiiail,-|»PP 

nn) an ear, P^S?^ pi. U^h'0 
Spikenard, 1"13 

spui, shed, r\it^ * nr)« ^^an r. ^a: 

Spin, to form threads, n ID *"1^B^ 
Spindle, 'llB'^3 

SPI— SPO 387 

Spine, back bone, IDSff * HniB^ Ch- -oal marrow -fl OVTi 
Spire, a steeple, HjD -V. -3 H^^ Spirally, -D 
Spirit, soul, nDt2>3 * B'S: breath, rVH -ed, m. s. "»n •tJ'''« -less 
m. s. nn • nan -ual, incorporeal, "^ifVn -uality, m^jnil 
-ually, ni^inTT^ini-l -ualization, 111^3 -ualize, 

— nha -uaity D^jni) nni; r. ij}^ 

• « 

Spirits, spirituous, n3B^ 

Spirt, D*n ♦ nVg Ch. 

SpU, (from the mouth) pjJT • p'V -N. a prong, *mn * HDh 

TlBg^Ch. . ' ' 

Spite, -fulness, n^?h * Hittfe^ * HTS -fully, -3 4U, m. 8. 

Spittle^ p^l R. pp 

Splash, *)30 ♦ h'>»^n -y, dirty, m. s. «^^P 

Spleen, toilt, Vina Ch. 8pite,.>)|rt 

Splendent, m. s. ^13 * TH^ -did, m. s. niTIJ * niW -dour 

nn»9Jn ♦ iin ^lidiy, -3 . 

Splinter, (of wood) Y?D iyp3 * f Opp 

SpUt, to Crack, jgp3 * }^0 -asunder, pbn 

Spoil, corrupt, TVnt^ili * 7311 (see Plunder) 

Spoke, (of a wheel) TltS^n Spokesman, Y^h^ R. p^ 

Spoliation T\h'h\tf 

Spontaneous, m. s. 31|'!^P '^y "Q* b- I^KO ' 123X^0 

Spoon, »|3 pi. Ma? R. *iaa -Ful h3 »6j5 

Sport, divert, ^B^gB? R. r\Jim play, pTjy -N. D^jPtf^^tt' *p1ny 
(of the field) HTV -*"'• ^^' «»• «• 1)?QV * piny'«JO 

Sportsman, TX 8^*? 

Spot, disgrace, ^*jn macuh^te, H§I3 speck, DP\3n -N 'H^'in 
ili^ptO ' Dri3 -of ground, DipD upon tb^-, without dday, 
l»a • "^nL -less, DID "hi m. s. llHEO * •<p3 

^ T 

338 SPO— SQU 

Spouse, spoused, m. ilB^K h]^2 f. lth» nt^ 
Spout, |f 33 -N. a cataract, j;;i3P * "IB^ pipe, rTa|? 

Sprain, ini^anhD ♦ nsn -n. -ini'«3 nnTio 

• " • • ' • 

Spread, extend, Tlinri be extended, DB^gnH (as an eruption) 
niS^^ (as an aimy) t£^^3n disseminate, nlHin (a nunour) 

Vip Tagn -N. nnn • map 
Sprig, nB'"'b^ ♦ idh ' pji"* ♦ ly^ 

Sprightly, m. s. ""n •tS>'<K * TnT Ch. -Uness, n^PlVD ♦ TWV. 

Spring, bad out, nbV ' Hyjl gush forth, (as liquids) *yl3J 
1<V^ leap, ^Bj? -N. source, lIpD cause, nalB^«"in Hap 
fountain, |J13Q elastic force, Ch. '^X^^Qh pllnn HS (a 
season) Il^lK -water, DVH 0^© 

Sprinkle, '^^ j^pT mn R. nta Jing, n^'>'i\ * rnjn 
Sprout, nby • n^^ -n. npv 

Spunge, Jiap Ch. Spungy, m. s. '^Jiap * "^p 

^ur, incite, T^/n • T5I1; -N. Tn^T] • TUH^ (to a beast) ^S'l'T 

Spurious, Pjnp Ch. (child) D'Jiat'^i'^ -ly. ^^ *.">1?^3 

Spurn, kick. tOJ/a scorn, --S ttK^ * ritjl 

Spurt, D^T -N. a quick stream, Hfi'lT 

Spy, search, S^l* Tin * "JJsn Thatch, 10^ -N. m. 8.*^|np 

nn -ing-giafl«, nQi?^n nap 

Squabble, y^ri * p't^S^n -N. 3^ * pfe>^ 
Squalid, tti. s. ill ftvoured, Ct{7D *ip nasty, DMpj 
Squall, i>1p3 pi/X * HIV -N. iimv (of wind) .TJI/p . 

Squander, ntfi.* n^3 ♦ 138 

-Square, quadrangle, J/^IP -red, xa. a. ^Ql 

Squeak, n1^' nhV 

Squeamish, m. s. pJSiP ♦ 11 * P^^np*** 

Squeeze, to crush, V^H * i<3*1 (see Oppress) 

Squint eyed, m. s. 'Irif ^l "j^^^^ 

SQU-STA 339 

Squirt, D^IT ♦ H^j? Ch. -N. mO R. m3 * fin^J? 

Stab, ]3p^ * n^-1 -N. rrypip -bed, m. 8. njj-rp 

Stability, D1*l? • pVn 

Stable, m. 8. D»p * pTH (for hones) mi« ♦ mi« 
Stack, pile up, Ibn ' laV -N. HOh ♦ PTD-liP. 
Staff, naVtf'P * i?^ (of office) JO^IB^ * HCWQ R. HDJ 

Stag, n^»»** ^»« ♦ may ♦ lav 

Stage, a theatre, HK^D ffS (<rfa play)it/ie^5K^ HB (of a jour- 
ney) nniJD HTDIf DiPD 
Stagger, to reel, nJTjnD ♦ "W * jn3 alarm, Tinn 

• • • 

Stagnant, (water) 0^33 D3^» -nate, nbjf -nation, nTDV 
Stain, maculate, KSD disgrace, Pinn-N^a taint,TI3'in *^aT 
D?ID a blot, D]13 

V T 

Stair, n7jgD Stairs, -case, D?D winding -, U^W? 
Stake,wager, • '2 21Vpn * >)3 SpF\ (his life) niD^ 1C^?a P)nn 

-N. pledge, llnnjff a post, 1^D^ ♦ EJiD 
Stale, old, m. s, W"^ -bread, B^3^ -ness, H^B^'^ * niB^3'^ 

i«T '"T tt; ••: 

Stalk, f\btD N. aV3 * ^jy Ch. (of an herb> Sn^j? Ch. 

Stall, (for a horse, &c.) D13« (for an ox) nan a booth, nvn 

R. nan 

Stammer, J^^ -er, m. s. :h^ 4ng, ^ItJ^J TSi 

Stamp, with the foot, Db") * DST * ^J^T pound, nhS * B^nSl 
mark, Ofe^T (with a sed) Dhn -N. Onln 

Stanch, N. m. s. D'<Dn * D W * tOW 

Stand, nbif (as a sentry) mOtt^D ^XT ib^f -^bout, hv IbS 
-by, assist, ' •? Ibjf -still, Dl'l -amazed, DOltl^D ^Dlf 
-against, "^a^a iD^ -a trial,|1''D3anb^ -instead of another, 
DipP »^p -out against, -to, ^3^3 R. "jia -off, lip Ibtt 
-candidate, ••^nnsn'piD^ -up. Dip -the loss, ♦p^B^n 
K^P -N. station, ID^p * 3^0 R. njft perplexity, ."13130 

340 STA— 8TA 

-ing, continuance, nTP|f * DVp lasting, m. s.' p*j? * "TQlj^ 

-ingcorn, nOJ^ 
Standard, (weight, or measure) Cb, * nj^UJP rTlD R. TTD 

mD^SH'TpBto (see Measure) an ensign, D3 *^*7J''^ 

-bearer, — KtWa 
Staple, emporiam, "inpQ P'^PP "^^J? 
Star, 3313 -gazer, D'>33l33 HTln -light. D''33l3n Rji 
Stare, riK t"»^ (with wonder) •^jgjjbri DpUn^'n* "^ n«r>^ 

hi« hairs-, nfefa ntljffef inDD 
Stark, m. 8. (blind) -j])? (naked) Tltt^ PpfeU^ R. nW 

PTTjn arty 

Start,* propose, XVI mention first, l^Jjn to rise. Dip * jCI? set 

out, ttV^ -back, lln» 31B^ -N. the setting out, riR^VI 

motion of terror, H'l'in have the- of one, ' '7 0*5 j? 

Startle, frighten, h^niH " TIQP! be frightened, hn^H ♦ihn 

Starve, perish with hunger, 3I/*^2 1^10 (with cold) 

rnpa ^skh r. np kiu &c, 3;?-i3 n-ipn ji^dpt -ing, 

dying of &c. m. s. 3ina Tn^ii •flD 
State, represent, HKIH ' ISiD settle, ^^11 "i/ii? Ch. -N. 

condition, 10^(0 dignity, H^gD statelinessi nnNSTl *"J*Tn 

government, rKj712 -affair, —13*7 -ment, HBPp 
Statesman, DSnp tC^^t 
Station, Olfef * TDj;!! -N. post, 3VO R. 3X' rank, rh^n 

-ary, fixed, m. s, 1133 ' Hyi^^Ch. 
Statue, ^P9 • ^^a -aiy, -n^V 
Stature, H^lp 

Statute, m. * ph R, ^pn -able, -3 -ory, -^f 
Stay, continue, 3fe^^ ♦ Tl^'*? "top. ^bjt( hinder, "iV^f loiter, 

i3??nDi^ri ♦ nn» be absent, pniJin prop, "^bri * ^bp 
-N. ♦ n3B^ * n3")K * htoj; ♦ htvi; * *iinN • n3>Dn 

STE-8TI ^l 

stead, in- of, npn ^Dlp^Sf -iness, pMH "•^♦p ♦sV^liDR 
-festly, -ily, —3 -fast, Steady, ui. ». ;^nn, ptTJ ♦ D^ 
nssolute, 3^ ♦f a» 

Steak, -»»a n3>nn 

Steal, 3ia -a glance, • '3 ^jg l|;^3^ ^;pn -into, nfip? NilS 
•into one's fri«adahip, 37 3J| -avray, 33|r>'!' -^> m* ^ 3|d 
-th, np^l -ingly, -3 

Steam, h^n * lb'«p 

Steel, refined iron, ^T"!3 fl^ ' pyiD i>m 

Steep, rhf^ * ^3^ -N. naniD ti1o r. tjv 

Steeple, i>*5^P 

steer, 3n3 * JNl^fl -N. n)?3 13 * "la ^ige, the steering, TOTOn 

Steersman, n»3Kn 3%"iaD 

Stem, Tj;3 -iSfjf -N. a Stalk, 31(3 * f)?J^ Ch. 

Stench, Tvns ' HB^i^a • \\\nnp 

Step, Tjyv ' Ji?^ -over, "hu Hb^N. a.footstep,* 11JY9 * ^^^ 
njjip^ gait, anpD -of a ladder, n^|J.D ♦ n31"|© -byr, gr*- 

diMdiy, nhvi^ ri^i'D *n31't95' naiisp foiiow his fooe- 
steps, rni3p^Vl^C 

Step-daughter, (his) 1n?>K DS (her's) flB^K nS -father, 
08 ^ira -mother, 3N nB^« -son, (his) ln??8 ^3 (her's) 

Storiie, (see Barren.) 

Sterling, standing rate, HIVj^H *?I'1jtf 

Stem,harsh, m. s. HK^j? a- look,D'^Dj;;|a D'^aa .ness,'^B^i5 -^^'^^^ 

Stemon HTOn Dlfjf 

Stew, V. Trn R. nT3 

• T 

Steward, m. s. Tipa house-, |3iD • n^a p^9 ;a 

Stick, adhere, p3''l fasten on, pS'^ stab, "Ip^ -in, the mud. 

842 STI-S1X> 

f i5 JDpn -to a thing, ' 'D fllttj *h'^* 'b nOVil -in the 
ground, ipn -N. h^D * H^D -y, m. s. pal*:! 

Stickle, n^tn^i avin -ler, m. s. ^ino •B'^R 

Stiff, m. 8. na^ * pm ^lecked, P)"]!/*!"!?^ -oi, make stiff, 

nfefpn ♦ j?jn grow stiff, n\^pnn * pjniin -ness, "»b^ 


Stifle, suffocate, PSHH suppress, iipS (one's resentmmt) 

Stigma, n|nn • il^j? -tize, sjin ♦ ^Vj? 

Still, (the thirst) t^^l^V '^'D (^^ Appease) nevertheless, 

nttr ^3^-N. a vessel pipT ■<'?| stillness/ n^O'H * n)3''n?^ 

tSpJZ^ cahn, m. s. Edp^ be-. Oil sit-, ni3 -bom, m. s. *J}'\i 

OmO -stand, HTO;/ 

Stimubte, T^il * Till/ -tion, iTTJtjg ♦ nij/ljff 

Sting, to hurt, l^tt^n (as an animal) f p^ Ch. -N. * TH?0 

l^j/ (of ccMiscience) H^iri Ch. 
Stingy, m. s, ]yPB ♦ '»J"«3 R."'713 -giness, nU^Dp * ni^3 
Stink, B^H3 ♦ H^D -N. Htt^RS * ISTHD * HaTTV ' 
Stipend, nnVP? * Pn R. ppn -iary, m, s. T<3a^ 
Stipulate, vji n)fn *n3i?rr -tion, nSIB^n • ^HZJ^ -tor, m. 8. 

v; - V : - 

Stir, disturb, gnn •^•'jn incite, TJ^H provoke, -a nnann 

nn| move, fiir ♦ JJU (out of doors) ni3 Hfiap KIT -N. 

jrnn * n*Dln -ring, (one's self) Tllj/nn -ring N. a pro- 

voking, HTJIH 
Stirrup, 33nn "'^Jt nll/SCD 
Stiteh, sew, Ifan -N. (in the side) nil/ JVD J^Tj?'^ 
Stock, nay (with provision) DDK »Vp -N. trunk, Bhttr ^JJU 

lineage, nn^K^D quantity, I^PP ' "^D (of monqr) IViK 
Stocking, ^J'^n bpO Stocks, (for the 1^) T\^^nD 

STO— STR 348 

Stomach, (a ventricle) HSp^ * »3W»P» * ^ajTIIpCh. 

Stone, pdt. Din • hpp -N. (of fruits) ]f)n * t*JP'7l (of 
earth, &c.) TSK like stone, ~1D3 -cutter, — 3Vln tShJI 
-pit, D7pa Stony, full of stones, D*>»1^ K70 

Stool, O'in • 3B^D R. 2W^ evacuation, i^^T: 8° **•» ^^^^* 

Stoop, bend, HIB^ * f\^n R. t|Q3 submit, i;33n * nMyn 
Stop, hinder, iJ/iO * 1^1? stay, nb^ close up, li^ (chinks) 

DTID (one's ears, or mouth) DbHl -N. cessation, iTPPJ^ 

stoppage, njtf"»3a * "i^D pause, pDfin Ch. 
Stopple, np^iD Ch. 
Store, nia^p^ ]ha * na^ -N. plenty, Jf DB^ ♦ 3^ -houses 

(for victuals) DDK (for arms, &c.)^33pp -keeper, m. s. |^1D 
Stork, HTDH 
Storm, (with anger) Bjj/T * B^i/S (a town) nainn ^"•^H^ tJ^^lJ? 

R. ^33 -N. fury, *)|;T * Ul tempest, B^JH ' ITI^p 
Stormy, jkO * l1«B^ R. HKB^ 
Story, a tale, nW^D TISD (of rooms) HMIIt^ 
Stove, (to make fire in) D'n'>3 ♦ni">3 'Tan 
Stout, m. 8, strong, ]^pri * pTJT lusty, V^2 * |0B? -ncss, 

iph ♦ prh -ly, -3 
Stow, KyP -age, a repository, flJSpp 
Straggle, ramble, DOIti^nn * t0l2^-gler, m. s. {O^ltt^rD 
Straight, even, m. s. ^^Q} * "IB^ straightways, * TinVi V^ 

mna -en, nw * na^'' ■w^.it^ 

Strain, (li<inida) p]!$ ' ||P Ch. force; >)!3}t!' * P^H .exert, 
^S»jpn sprain, nni"!^ nhip -N. style, ^D^ 

Strainer, "IBB^a * WpD Ch. 

Strait, narrow, m. s. l!f * plH*^ -en, ^Jf H ^less, *iyO * pH^ 
n jsnyp -ly, -a straits, D»!l n^^ R-'"'12f 


stnmd, N. Djn p??' Jl^n -V. - — ^ ^Trm 

Strange, m. s. foreign, IT R. lit odd, ,13^?? (thing) »hf 
-geij, tr^pn^ -ger, m. s. n^J 

• • • 

Strangle, pSPI (one's self) pjnn Ration, HJ^'^in 

Strap, N. nrixn. Gh. 

Strata, D"'nWB^ * TS^''^ Ch. Stratum, na?^ * W? 

Stratagem, !Tp*7 * HQIP ■ -HDl^ 

Straw, ^3fl. 

Stray, err, JijltQ * riVP^ -N. m. s. njtfjl 

Streak, l^ ^t'^^H '. "^PH 'N- ^i? -y. m- s. t^PJJ 

Stream, flow, ^t/-N. inj *n^2ia^ * D^D D*1J 

Street, aim. -door.n^gn nn^ -walker, f. nMiD.naiT 

strength. •p|n «rt3 ♦* *^i]3. '^"n 'tiph'^pn ^Dit 
rni3| -en, na^n ♦ rsi* * pib 

Stremioiw. m. s, bold, D''aa •TJf brave, h^n *B^ * IVn *t»^f 3 


Stress, force, pMH lay a- upon a wwd, '•DIM X^^ ^^^ 

-of weather, Hijtfp ♦ ilQID * ^T 
Stretch, expand, gJDl * nflD enlarge; annn -out, (the hand) 

fe^na (one's ^lOfill^fe^n -N- reach, 3n*l 

Strew, nra tN *f«ari 

stricken, m. s. hurt, t||3 * nSD R. n33 -in years, D">»»a ♦K|l 
Strict, m. 8. 8ev««, HtSfP exact, IB^ ♦D)fDV)DCh.--oes8, 

^' ' T'T 'tt t:\: 

^Bh ♦ D2(py -ly, • -3 

Stride, N. Ch. npj n:(jp^ -v. — ^pp pt^ 
strife, na"np 'pfc^jp *■ nyo ^o"*?!^ R. ?iV3 * \n 

- Strike, hit, ri^ R. ^33 -dead, rjij -metal, TT) stamp, Dfe^ 
-against, (as the pulse) • '2 plW (one's self) ^ZtyH -fire, 

B^» D^B ^**" *>"®'« ^^<*' ^'^'i?' '^^''^ """^' ^" ? "'"'•^^^ 
R. typ -i as a clock, pj/aii {fi>|>e^ Ch. -blind, '^)^i -root. 

STR— STU 345 

tt'nB^n (as in measuring corn, &c.) p?nri -out, blot out, 
php • nhO -in, drive in, ^pn -up a baigain, 'DJJ HlB^n 

Striking, affecting, m. s. 3^ **1l1jf 

String, a cord, r\i3;^ ' •"'JP'H (of a bow, or musical instrument) 
Ijr^D * in)_ a series, "JlD Stringy, D'>"ir\">D K^D 

Stringent, m. s. 1^'\J} ♦ pnnD 

Strip, rob, h'bt^ divest, tOtt^Qn (one's self) tOfj^^ -N. HS'^lin 

Stripe, a lash, HSD Jl. n33 (see Streak) 

Stripling, nhy • ISA 

Strive, contend, I'^nn labour, j;;j^ ♦ l^Sf^r^O 
Stroke, p\^nn -N. HSD R; n33 (of a clock) Djt?3n B^pa^J? Ch. 
Stroll, aCDlB^nn • Oltl^ -er, m. s. lODltl^nD • DB^ 
Strong, m. s. potent, y^pn * ni3J * P)">j?ri * Dllf^ * Tjtf a firm 
thing, sharp in smell, pTH -in taste *)nn a -hold, "llf 30 -ly, 

IDh? * nnnjs • p|ph? ♦ 0^1/3 * mj • prh? ' ' " 

Structure, building, )J33 form, nslfl * n"»33n 
Struggle, contend, 3nVl labour, Jgi> -N. n3''"ip * jlj^V'! 

Strut, m:i3 "i^n ♦ nsann 

Stubble, B^p R. BfB^p 

Stubborn, obstinate, m. s. ^'IJJ ♦ntt^p-bpmness, ^njf ri^'^B^P 
-bomly, 3 

Student, TO^n Studied, m. s, HsSd 

Studious, nj^ii^f ♦ p-in -ness, niv'^in * HTpe^ Jy. -3 

Study, connsider, h^n^U muse, nb^ * t'^J/ -N. niD^H * IIS^ 

• " • 

(an apartment) — H ^^^ 
Stuff, K^D -N. goods, D^D33 furniture, n'^3'>^3 
Stumble, slip, DD^H *^B>3n -ing block H^^'O 
Stump, "Iftj; ♦ i;Til (of a limb) DVj;n ISB^ 
Stun, stupify, 7n3n * Oms DIB^ -ned, m. s. Dm3 
Stupefactive, m. s.'^^1nD * nj/'H hh*[^D R.;;T 



Stupid, m. 8. h^nt? ♦ tB^gP 4ty, m^ JlH ' flltt^f E5 -ly, -3 

Stupendous, nttD 1]3 * tf^flH^ 

Sturdy, m. s. prn ♦ n3 •TJga -diness. pTJI * HS 

Stutter, J^£ ^, m. s. J^J? ' ^IB^ H?? 

Style, «'ll? • naS -N. ""laS (of writing, &c.) ]fl1« 

Suasible, m. s. rtPi^l * rWitlh •HlJ Suasive, m. s. HnQ"! 

Subaltmiate, ftlQ'^^n 

Subcommittee, 0^32?^.! D'>J''n31D O^aiDD R. n3D 

Subdivide, n"»3B' p^H 

SHbdue,»ubjugate,B^33 * nV3 * '^jP nmn(apas8ion)*ny; 1^33 

- : T 

Subjugation, ^J^l^n * HB^?? 

Subject, to enslave, Tngrt ♦ J[;">33n expose, ^Th H'^JX^ R. 

813 -N. placed under, m. s. "lay* 1/333/ I^B^P Ch. 

apt, t31D R. \\D * ^1*?^ Ch. matter, ]J^jtr * n3"5 -ion, 

ni'5j3j? * nu"»33 • nsjtfB^ 

Subjoin, 7jp tj^pin -juncticm, HflDin -junctive, m. s. ^DD) 
Sublime, lofly, m. s. 8fe>3 * n'3a (in style) DT R. DIT -«uly, 

nsfe^ • nin3a * niDDin -meiy, -3 

Submissiye, m. s. JJ J33 -ion, nj/^33 -ively, —3 

Submit, be subject, i/33ri ♦ 71131711 resign, "ipSH refiar to 

judgment, • 4 n">3ri R. n3'« 
Subordinate, m. s. jm3 -tion, "jB^ISn T nnr» nQ'«B3 

Suborn, n^DH * TT^'^n R. ni2 -ation, nnoH • nmn 

Subpoena, n3Drn TlllJ/n 

Subscribe, to consent, "2 tiitl * DSpH Ch. sign, DK^ Dfin 
-flcriber, m. s. D''3PP * 1D8^ DO^H -scription, * " 


Subsequence, n">^3^ * finqW * 3]>J/ -sequent, nqtt 
Subserviency, Jl/lf Ifl nservient, m. s. VJiVi R. /l?^ 

SUB-SUE 347 

Subside, abate, "ibHT "1 ^ J7 -sidence, ]1lf "13 

Subsidy, aid, Jl*ll\Ji * It^ -sidiaiy, in. «. ITllf 

Subsist, endure, /D/? R. 7l3 have means of living, * JTH 

D3'?ann Ch. -ence, competence, n^3^3 " rupjIS * p^fff 

-ent, m. s. iX^1^2 
Substance, essential part, il^^^r\ * ttfjbody, *)1il * DVlf Hstantial, 

m. s, strong, DIX^ real, flDH * B^^D Ch. ^tantiality, 

n^Dyjtf ♦nitJ^a ^tantially, nD«a -stantiate, D*E* D'^pH 
Substantive, (a noun) DVJf Dtt^ 
Substitute, Dipp «Vq -N. Dippa -tion, DipP «lVp 
Subterfuge, m^V^i?!? * nD'lJ! 

Subterranify, V^Win ]T^]^nr| Subterranean, D 

Subtile, Subde, m. si Dll^ -tility, npi^ -tilely, -3 

Subtract, JEf'U ♦ 1133 -ion, (TJ/IJO * t1'<33 

Subversion, HD'^IH * nSDHD -versive, m. s. DlllT^ * Q'^IH'^ 

Subvert, d"!!! * annn * "^feri 

Succeed, follow, •^'111 « ^13 prosper, n"'/'Vn 

Success, nn^V"? -fu»y. -3 -fuU "»• s. n''i'V9 

Succession, a series, TTD lineage, ITlJin R. 17^ inheritance, 

]l3?Jtf * n^lT) -cessive, -cessively, m. s. •HT IHK ♦Ht 
Successor, m. s. Vr^njTl Vnnit S3 

Succour, ntjg * ij^p'\rt -N. nntjtf • nrj; ♦ n^ie^ ♦ l/e^;; 

Succulent, m.^ s. TV? R. HI? 
Succumb, sink under, 733 * vJJ 37 7W 

Such, nD3 * na m. nT3 f. nt*r3 pi. n^K3 

Suck draw in, pi^ -out, ^if O -er, pai"" 
Suckle, p*'a\l -ling, m. s. pjl"' Suction, n]?"<a*'^ 
Sudden, unexpected, Dl»Jp?l -ly, DlSip^IfnQ? 
Sue, prosecute, \nb H'^irj Pj\2r\ Ch. K «13 
Suet, STn 

348 SUF— SUN 

Suffer, endure, «tJ^3 * VllD * ^3^? R. ^13 penoit, * nt^P 

•et, m. 8. 75^0 -ing, pain, 3^5 ' ''V] 
Suffice, p Viin ♦ n jg^arr ♦ pOfe' ^iency,pl3i?r 'JSID -cient. 

m. 8. equal, ''h np qualified for, 1^ 31 TT -cieBUy, "'"I 
Suffocate, p3n -tion, nj?"'3n 
Suffrage, vote; H^l R. ^fT approbation, nD3pn Ch. 

Sugar, pinD * D""?)? B'ai. -cane, tt/DTf HJj? 

Suggest, to prompt,'TS)l Ch/Tjtrn ' p) inform, fi^in -ion. 

TDT * nyin ♦ nj^nin r. djj * ;/t 

Suicide, self murder.^his) flipl^ IDV? Tia« R- 1'"''' coHunit-, 


Suit, to fit, 'ipn be fitted, ]l3ri ' "^ fliT -N. a set, -^Jff 
retinue, m. T>^K D'^l'?? request, Hl^Pn -able, m. s. '•I^T * 1133 
-ably, -D -ed unto, m. V^r^l 13131 -er, B^SP 

Sullen, sulky, m. s. f\^l -ness, f]|?T -ly, -3 

Sully, to spot, h'ii^ * Dflpn 

Sulphur, nn^^ -ous, like-, finW? 

Sultan, CO'>VtJ^* ]£0V 

Sum, compute, ItS^H * inj/n -N. the whole,. 75n "^JD Jess, 

nSD"^ «^1 '"1313"' «'^ -mary, Tl^t? -marily, -3 

•• T • : V T • 

Summer, pass the summer, pp -N. y^p -house, rnp.jpn n"'3 

Summit, ti^Vh 

Summon, 3'''lpn * V1?\<^ * H"^ Ch. -ner, m. s. ^l\f\ 

Summons, n3Dtn • njj^in Ch. 

T T » ■ • 

Sumptuous, m. s. Ip^ -ness. Ip'^. -ly, —3 

Sun, Din * niSn * tJ'iptt^ -beam,.-nyiV3 -burned, m. s. 

-ninBTB' -bright,-3 "Tns-iess.-n TTp-rise,-n nnni 
-set -n nK'-a -dial. ni'?it?srf h'i r. ^7if -ny, Tna • m. 

SUN— SUP 849 

-shine. HSn '^IHT 

Sunday, n3?f>3 ]"ie^«"1 Dl'' 

Sundry, m. divers, D''3l2^ many, D'^SIT 

Sup, drink, «toll -N. nK'^DJI 

Superable, m. s. nV^ • ISJ iaa'»» 

Superabound, IKD nim * Sn"? fit?? 

Superabundance, ;? Qa^ ♦ 3h -dant, ">*?|P "ini"* 

Superadd, I^JJ fp) -ition, HpDln 

Superannuate, ]^>)^ 1173 -nuated, in. s. \p\D 'n?^ 

Superb, m. s. HSfep * nHH * 13D3 Ay, iTJSpni * niHS 

Supercele8tial,jy'>j>'1^ ^|;©P 

Supercilious, m. s. 3? 'fl?^ -ness, 27 niH^S -ly> ""3 

Supereminence, nKif ^]^'' -inent, nus. H^D/ *i^^ 

Supererogate, j"**?.! JTl^t^p D"'??^' nltJ^g -tion, inl"' nl85^|( 

Superficial, -ficially, ymh H^^D * finD -ficialness, njffnj 
KjtfP -flcies, llV-in 

Supe'rfine, m. s. ni«P •HDy 3lC3 ♦ "Tl ' P'l R- 13"> * PP^ 
Superfluity, -flux, JJDB^ * ninij -fluous, ^"ID "in1'< ♦ inlD 

(words) D"'')3i riiTng.* in^, nfltp 

Superhuman, B^l3X n:3P 31 

Superintend, n''|I?^n ♦ J'narr-ency, nn|?^n -ent,m.8.n'«Jl^P 

Superior,m. s. better, • • D 3lC0 * nn^D higher, mi -ity,\Mty> 

Superlative, n3l'«^Jtf H Hnnp H^gD -latively, 3 

Sapematural, -ly, 1/3130 n^gD^ *1?3^D TJl"? P" 
Supernumerary, "ISPSH "IHlO iHi'' 
Superscribe, ^22 "71; 3tl3 -scription, '^3^ bjl. n3h? 
Supersede, make void, 7^3 suspend, niTI 
Superstition, «1{^r>aiO»l -tiously, -3 -tious, m.- s. npUb 

T •» : - 

360 SUP~SUR 

Superetruct, Ph^p^D HJa -tion, -ture, \^h^n \>i'2, 
Supervise, n"'38^n -sor, m. s. ri''|lt^D 

Supine, having the face up, m. s. ni?^5 * •^I'^^^.c ^IS'^P 
Ch. a verbal noun, ^UlaH ID ITJaH DW-tie88,n'I^Vi' * I'l*'?"'. 

-ly, -3 

Supper, n-inni? riB -ie88,nipna ch. 

Supplant, np^ 

Supple, m. 8. pliant^ "^T fawning, ]1B^7* p^ /HO -ness, JllSl 
Supplement, -al, JiaDl/n R, ^D^ Suppletoiy, m. s. U^vl^D 
Suppliant, .plicant,m. 8.]3nriD * B^J53D ' mnPi ^'^BOR. ^M 

Supplicate, tsnnn • B^pa ♦ nann ^^^sn -tion, ntjf pa ♦ nan/i 

Supply, serve instead of, DipP N^D*nnri iTi"*?! provide, 

y>^n R. 113 (with necessaries) ^373 -N. n^3t»3 
Support, sustain, bS?? R, 712 endure, Kfe^3 * 73D prop, 

W* "lifD -N. nV3^3 • "ITJ? * n3">DD -able, m. s. ♦ h^hy 
73D"« -er, m. s. 7373D * "fJ/DD 

- \ : " ; - : > : • 

Suppose, imagine, HSIJ * HS'in (for nS^HH) * 1WT\ believe, 
jDKn -sition, ]1">P'n * naa^qp -sitiUous, m. 8. • 


Suppress, subdue, B^33 conceal, D^?|?n * n©? -ioo, * 18^^33 

np^i;.n ♦■"ids 

Suppurate, HnO ^'B^^H -tion, n»np ^1B>a 

Supremacy, naii^Jtfn nj|fp T 

Supreme, m. s. X^Hji -ly, n^|f,Pn Dll? 

Surcharge, ^^"^7 T3?n Opgn 

Sure, m. s, confident, niD3 * TlHS firm, D*J3 -ty, security 

UntSa certainty, iT'npS • "««'73 R. HT -ly, -3 * 13» 
Surfece, ^iV'n 
Surfeit, make him sick, nnl*"? U;'>3^n (with eating) l^"*?^.! 

SUR-SWA 851 

Surge, DiDinnn -N. DK\ "hi R. hh: 

Surgeon,D"«itrVp «Di"l Surgery, (the art)D'>^V^n«1Qn. flDDn 

Surly, m. s. fj^lT * D^/lT -liness, f]Sll * Dff T 

Surmise, '\W ' 1b« * .113^ 

Surmount, Surpass, "^jg jfjJl ^"^iil 

Surname, N. aNTl'<3 Dt^ 

Surplice, '7"«i7p R. nhv 

Surplus, fj-Tif • "iniD R. nn"* 

Surprise, ^\n3n * DDlB^-sed,m.83n33 * DDIflB^D * H^nfe^D 
-sing, m. 8. ^J*?? -singly. «"»^$in^ * nK)?^ l^f 


Surround, nflS ♦ f\b^ * T^p tlJ5n R. f)pV 

Survey, view, HIDT HD Hk"! overlook, H^IB^r! -or, ly'SpQ 

Survive, n^3 Chim) TIHS n«B>n -ver, m.'s. inn« IKK^^ 

Susceptible, apt, m. s. |31D R. ^3 * h^bjO Ch. 

Suspect, mistrust, nfe^H Ch. fear, KT • Wp^Tl R. mn 

Suspend, delay, HHi? debar, HH*! 

Suspense, doubt, p38!^ stop, HTpi? -sory,m. s. "^^/F) 

Suspicion, ti^^V} R. tinTi * IK^n Ch. 

Suspicious, m. s. jealous, lI^tS>in * Itt^lH suspected, m. s. TIB^H 

Sustain, to bear, «fe>a maintain, ]1T * ^2^2 R. Via ♦ D319 Ch. 
defend, pivr! -tenance, |1TD * H^l^i ♦ •^P^'lg 

Sutler, m. s. HTV llTO nDlD 

Swaddle, ^OH -N. H^inn 

Swagger, to brag, hijnn ' ni'?'i/i i^"^ * ns 3nnn 

Swallow, sJ?^*^^h -N. throat, J^l^ (a bird) "llTl 
Swamp, N. R^ * ^^ R. V^S -y m. s. -«^p 

Swan, noB'an 

Swarm, r^K^ N. liD-T (of bees) Dni^nTg R. lJ/» 
Swarthy, m. s. Jin's • nlHB^ 

3» SWA— SYM 

Sway, bn hWD ♦ 3^ ni©n R.np3 -n. rihft^p • a^.n^pn 

Swear, 1/3 K^H -er, m. s. i;|ll?'j 

Sweat, emit moisture, JgP -N. H^gt 

Sweep, to clean, KDSCO * f^i -er, H"lili -ings, Tip 

Sweet, m. s. (to the taste) P'^T\D (to smell, or to the ear) yy^ 
(to look at) ni W -en, make sweet, p^^pn grow sweet, phQ 
-ner, m. s. p^nDD -heart, m. pIB^ ' Jinn f. nj?1B^q * hSs 
R. hh^ -ish, m'. 8. WSi -ness, niP"'n?? * ni3")?. * D^j -ly, 
-3 -meats, n1p''rip"«2''ip*D''Jj>r)9D -scented, m. s. Inn 

nh^3 R. mj 

Swell, grow bigger, naV*p5lf3*ng3 -N. increase, 7l'na -ing, 

n«tj> R. mm 

Swerve, wander, 7^)fF\ deviate, ^"1*10 Hbi TID 

Swift, m. 8. n%'io (of foot) V7n3 ^H R- ? /p -n^ss, • nrvriD 

Swill, »3D • ni*l 

Swim, nhW ' Dia^ -ming, s. n»Hfc^ ♦ n£0'>B^ 
Swindle, nb;/ ' H©") -dler, m. 8. '>HD'l * DIliT 
Swine, IVn wild-, njr>D TTH 

• '■ 

Swing, Jjaga (one's self) ^/JgiariH -N. -er, m. s. ^3^20 

Swoon, p|V^ * H^^nn -N. n^W ♦ nB^5»n 
Swop, tj^Jjon ♦ Ton -N. f)iSn * nn^dj?) 

Sword, ann -man, -^^iB^ 

Sycophant, a flatterer, m. s. ^3n * \)t^7 •p^/HD 

Syllable, one articulation, njfCr) * man 

SyUogism, tDa^^lSH TTITa 

Symbol, type, nVlf * ^tt>p -ical, -^ini? -ize, 1^ * ^B^D 

Symmetry,D'»3"1J/n niinB^n-rian,mA tihl'^-rical.TIO^ 

Sympathy, feUow-fiseling, m. s. mWB'n compassion, * il^pri 

p>i!?nn -pathize, rn« hi$ tthi^\ii^m * hji ^rn ^bn 

SYM-TAK 353 

Symphony, nl^lpn r\mpri *.T5iDpiDCau 
Symptom, \D'^p * tDT • niN 

Synod, innnjD Ch. 

Synonymous, m. pU D^^lnj? * D^flllJ 

System, Syntax, n3T|f.D ' TTD 

Syringe, HTD R.'^nO * nPlVg Ch. 

Syria, mK Syrian, m. ""S-jX Syriac, TX^D"^^ 


Tabernacle, (a place of worship) IJJiD ^HK R, Hjtf'' 

Table, an index,ni^aflat8urface,]n^a'-cloth,-nngO«lD5P 

f '- 'TJX ff^-****:" 

Tabulated, m^3 

Tabour, f\F\ R. *)Bn 

Tacit, m. s. silent, B^nHD meant, pDO -ly, PlP'^Jne^a 

Tackle, Tackling (ropes) .TJ^H ^nn 

Tactics, HDhSd nD-ISp-11"ip D'>ppp Ch. 

Tail, N. 33t -V. 33T 

Tailor, DnJ3 nain * cD:;n ch. 

Taint, stain' hr\^n defile, »SCO -N. DflD * n«pp 
Take, receive, nph (a colour) D^J? -hold, -up, ' THK * i^^Q]^ 
pnnn -aim, ]3l3 • ]'V3 -the air, \«in3 •?lVnj;^n -aaunder, 

Tnan -away, -off, TCH R. '^\^D -by force, ngrns n'ph 

-back again, hH]?^ 3W -care, IDfn -delight, j^gjpn 
-down, -to pieces, Tlln R. ■J"l'> -the field, bn^H j* fciv^ 

-liberty, mj;;^ Jnj'??!'^- ^^J' -™« b"»g »°' ^''?'? ^- **''^ 

cheat, np"! • 3)5^ -notice, n«'inbl^ -an oath, Ji2^n 
-out, S'>yln(spot8) oV^ -part of, participate, DV p7n -part, 
with, assist, V^tt^n R. V^ -one's part, • b inn -place, 

2 V 

a54 TAK— TAR 

n1\T -revenge, 'D Dj?|n -to the right, pp^^ -to the left, 

h''»6'tin^ -time, TifiD nj3^ R. ii/"" consider, D«^ * rtnaa 

-one's turn, *)7nrin -upon one's self, S'i'^rin -upon him- 

8eif,accept rhj} ^nj? -waming.nnm ' nnDlfl nph R. r\y 
-king rtn^ph ♦ nrns * nfe>^an * nb:ip 

Tale, a narrative, nt^D TISD -bearer, m. s. TD"} *1?1n 
Talent, (a Jewish weight) 133 faculty, ]'nf^ * nbpp 
Talisman, jt^l9^ 
Talk, (see Speak) -N. -ing lil'TP * 113"? -ative, -er, m. s. 

Unyi *n31D -ativeness, Onm "<131 
Tall, m. s. Piaa Talhiess, Piai * HDlp 
Tallow, 3^n -chandler, m. s. -ht^ rCinJ f^'t^ -ish, — D 
Talmud, lID^^n 
Talon, tO^gn SH^D Ch. 

Tame, l/'^a?ri -N, m. s. ri?? (beast) nW.3 nDH? 
Tameness, gentleness, HID^J?? * TllS'lPI Tamely, —3 
Tamper, meddle with, ••3 3'l^nn to practise, "SpD^jnn 
Tan, prepare skins, nlnljf 13? -ner, nlTil/ 13y2P 
Tangible, B>|naCh. 

Tantalise, sV^^nDsn? «"'5'nrr r. n^n 

Tantamount, m. s. ^1^2 *nla^ 

Tap, to touch, pb'l pierce, Tin 3|5a -N. Hj^'^p'^J 

Tape, mpn 

Taper, nIVI "^^n -N, conical, lyvp • 1/32^9 Ch. 

Tapestry, D'^^ai.Q 

Tar, bitumen, IDS * flBT 

Tardy, late, m. s. "inKD -diness, ftHM -dily, —3 

Tare, (in weight) hppTST} njatDH 

Targum, Dia'iri Ch. 

Tariff, -inDSn DDS nO'iB^'l 

' t:»" vv "•: 

TAR-TEG 856 

Tarnish, sully, bjJ} lose brightness, rrn3*DJgin R. DDlf 
Tany, loiter, nPI» * nD^lO^H -riance, dday, Tini^ 
Tart, a fruit- pie, nSJ"? «W^ Ch. 

Task, 3Jfi5 * nil/K' ' pin set a-, "7 aVj? ' "75 ?b3 take one 
to-, riN n'<2ln R. na"" -master, fcf jia 

' at ^ • •• 

Ta88el,anoniamental bunch, IlV^V 

Taste, try the relish, Qjf^ it has a- like, • O lD|f.D -N. Dj;[D 

-ful,in. s. O^l (to the palate) D^SJ/pD -less, m. s. * 7an 

D|;D ♦"ipn -lessness, QgD IDh 
Tatter, jhp, -N. J/"1J3 pi. O^HIP * nl3np ""^^l^? 

Tattle, hin nai ♦ oinafe' pi5^a .ier,m. 8. wpfe^ pfe'ia 

Tavern, ]« rrj?i{^D"JT»a -keeper, m. s. Tj^S 

Taunt, ^inn ♦ • -3 "^^^H -N. f\nn * ^IIVI -ingly, -3 

Tawny, m. s. DlH • TTlj? 

Tax, N. charge, HDIJ^K * nJIS^ impost, DD • ODD R. ODD 

-V. H3lfe> * D"»tt'Kn * J'^Dfe^rr -aWe, m. s. DD^ ir»^ R. \n2 

-aticn, DlSri "TTJJ 
Teach, tl^S ♦ 10^ • min R. nT> -able m. s. TS^ICin morals) 

IDIO •'73p'» -er, m. s. SIISk * IS^D * ni'iD 
Team, a farmer's waffgon, D^^DID *1p3 IDS H/JV. 
Tear, rend,J2'np^ ' pflj (another) fj'lD.snatch, ^bn -N. * l/IR 

DV| * jrpa (from the eye; njt'P"1 
Tease, D'^J?'?? * yhh * t^'^ 
Teat, 12^ 

Technical-memorial \)13th niVl1« flD'^Bh 
Te Deum, H v»nfl I'^tif R. ^TH 
Tedious, m- s. irksome, nn^a slow, nn«P -ness, * JT^b ' 

"T»n« -ly, -a 

Teem, ^"^^ * ^2") * rfl^ -ful, m. s. Hia 
Tegument, n9?p Mi^'n 

8S6 TEL— tEN 

Telegraph, flNfe^D pi. nii<%P R. St^a 
Telescope, plfTlO^ nap^<?>n ilJj? 

Tell, relate n^D *njin R. lii count, "ifeD * ilJD -«r, m. s. 
naOD * T3D ♦ laiD * njlD -tale, m. B. h^21 '^^in 

Temerarious, m. s, lUDi * THiB Temerity, H^tna . 

• • • 

Temper, mingle, JtD -N. -ament, -ature, HaiDW * JTID -ance, 
moderation, mtS^il :iTD -ately,-3 -ate, m. s. JIITD * JfifCp 

Ch. (weather) nnc^ls njtf (zones) nii/-yD!55rr yn«n "»J57n 

Tonpest, H'ljtfe'l npiD niT -uous, n^D 

Tanplar, mln TD^n R. ilT 

Temple, a church, tPlpD * —H JT»3 -of the head nj^T 

Temporal, temporary, Ch. ^12J> ]DT7 * ^STP ]1^^ secular, 

^1n • Minn Ch. -ly, (to this life) HtH D^1J/3 -ity, secular 

possessions, Htn D?1Xf H "^J^Jp 
Temporize, comply with the time, IDtH '•S? ^D^riH 

• • • • • 

Tonpt, aitice, HDJ -atioo, ^I'^DJ -er, m. s. iHpaO 

Ten, m. iTjfe'g f. nfe^J^ pi. nin"»fe^X the ^ommandmoits, 

nna"nn rnt^, -times, -fold, D'^aiD n^^^;. • D'»»:g2i "i»^ 

Tenable, m. s. Pm"' * ^3^21 R. ^13 

Tenacious, m. s. retentive, * ' 3 p^tnO 

Tenacity, ^pp Tenaciously, --3 

Tenancy, T^Dfef nnnS Tenant, m. s, ISlfe^ 

Tenantable, m, s. 3t^lD^ •^1K") -less, m. s. 31^1^ ikh 

Tend, conduce, * •? 15? * riNnHO -ency, yOD 

Tender, to offer, S"*")!?!? * ^'^ajin (advice) "^ -N. an offer 
n^i; proposal, nV^ • njgg^ • Tljtf -, a. m. s. soft, ^ R 
^^-^ -hearted, 3;i^ *'!p_ * ]nrp -ness, niDl * D'«0D1 

Tenement, TDii^ nnn« 

Tenet, principle, n3B^nD ♦ 3^ * nVI R. 33^*i;T 

TEN— TBX 867 

Tenor, purport, ]):^fp (in music) ^3l33 ^if^DD Cb. 

Tense, (of a verb) H^lif ^H |Dt ., a. stretched, m. s. niflD 

-sible, m. s. tlTMSi^ -sion, Jin'^nD 
Tent, a pavilion, ^HK pitch a-, -^pl^ * Tri»n 
Tenth, m. n^'piJ. f. IVVtlO. -ly, -3 -part, \'nf]a 
Tenths, nfc^lfp 

Tenure, nnns "iDife^ ""wn R. nan 

Term, Ha? -N. a set time, Ch. J/iaj3 ]Dt * IStp fig (for seats 
of Justice) iTqjP^ n^ • l''"iri Dl"" expression, yQin |Ql8 
condition, ""WW R. nan limit, "jl^a * n''^3n -less, -'''75 

Terminate, to limit, 733 H to end, H^J -nrinable, m. s, TV?y* 
-mination, ^133 * n*'^3n 

Terrestrial, Terrestrious, |nSt ?a^ 

Terrible, -rific, m. s, DVK * «nia 

Terrify, OUS ' n'^Jgan Terrified, m. s. njtf^a * ^n?3 

Terror, nnj/3 * nVn3 * nD''» Terribly, -3 

Territory, land, V^iJ dominion, ni37P -rial, — Va? 

Tertian, D''D'«n2^^t2>^ 

Test, a cupel, 113 * 1"|VP examination, na'^n^ 

Testament, the Scripture, the old-, nB^Oniln * "^faJ^ (b«ng 
the initials of) Cain^ CS"*?? niTfl new- D'»'5?fl3n niln 

• nmin nna -, a wiu, nsiif -ary, -^e' 

Testate, m. s. n«"l>fa*nD -tor, in""?? niVP 

Testicle, "^B^X pi. HD© Ch. 

Testify, Tjffn R. IIU -fication, nHJ/ -ifier.m. a, Tj^fD 

Testimony, -nial, nillf];) 

Tete^-Tete, D"";^ i?« D"»3a 

Text, ansn fjia -hand, 13 «*iip riT ntJ^l? 3n5 
Textuar^," m. s. tihp ^«np05 *'\;;rtn yi Ch. 

Texture, aiN * nD^)© R. 13D 

368 THA— THE 

Than, ' *D (as Gen. iii. 1. 7^30 OMJJ more subtle than any) 
Thank, HllH R. HT I- tHee, m. ^j^lS -ful, m. s. n3lK) •T30 

R, "133 Jess, m. s. 13*KI -God, n'3(being the initials of 

DtS'rr "^jna see God) 
Thanks, ^ving, rxm * nnlfl -offering, iTTin 131i? 
That, pron. demonstrative, m. T^H ' Ht vH f. V/H which, IpV^ 

-, conj. ^5 because, ]JPP/ 
Thatch, "^DD -N. "Jlpp 

Thaw, jisn ♦ Dian In. npn • np^pp 

The, • 'H (always prefixed and followed by a dagesh, as IS^jn 
the thing) -like, m. HD £ flttD pi. H vK3 -more -more, &c. 
(see More) 

Theatre, a play-house, J}J^0^ nVHD n^3 

Thee, m. accusative, ^ty)^ of-, ^72^ to-, ^7 from- ^SD cmi, or 

in-, ^5 
Theft, n35| 

Their, m. D * * (postfixed, as 013'^ their word) Theirs, m.Dn7B^ 
Theism, (see Deism) 
Them, m. (accusative) DHlH of- OrivB^ to-, DH 7 from, or of-, 

T V T V V T 

DHp on, or in-, DnSl they -selves, nOH DH (see Herself 

and Myself) 
Theme, subject, \y}^ 

Then, at that time, in that case, TS afterwards, 'in Jjt 
Thence, from that place, D12^D for that reason, |D^ * Ht nilga 

-forth, nr^j;f-n^i. nsj^mmp 

Theocracy, Pl'^N D'^DK^ ni3^0 -ratical ^tt? 

Theology, n\'17« np?n -gian, HIlD R. HT -gical, 

Theorem, n^fl^^ ' ^J? 

Theorist, m. s. njjrio * HDana ♦|»;fp 

THE— THI 359 

Theory, ^l^p-l ♦ n3B^np -oretical, Hieip? 
There, thereat, HOtJ^* Dtt^ -is, -are, ll!^]| (in the future and preter 
it is understood, as iT^m and there was, i<lfD3 ^n and 

TT* T'** 

there was not found.) -about, "7 Unp -after, ^fT^S/ -by, 
-in, -into, -on, -with, m, HTB f. HfcirS -fore, for this reason, 

ni -iiajya MS ''ii * 1?^ -from* Di^o -of, ntp * r^np 
-withal, nr ?j; 

Thermometer, Ch. T>1Sn riTTD ""^S 

These, H^JS They, m. DH f. in 

Thick, gross, 3^ * D3 Ch. muddy,(as wine,&c.) K^&]? -darkness, 

n^D« Itt'in -air, ^iKSj? -en, grow thick, T))^ *»b\i make 

thick, n'>J?rT S"*^!?.! -ness, '•ajg ♦ n^DS 
Thicket, "!|3p 

Thief, m. s. 335 -catcher, -tS^QlD ^1111 
Thieve, 3^5 -ry, 11333 

Thigh, Tiipi. d^dV 
Thimble, iQUnn j/syx J}^^ 

Thin, not thick, pi grow-, p)bl make-, plH'&^f.'lW 

Thing, 131 the least-, ilDIKp 

Think, imagine, 3^? 1b« * ilSI * 3tl'n muse, ]_»Jg ♦ IHirT 

R. nirt -ing, niB'np ♦ ]vj} * i.iirr 

Thinness, slendemess, nij?1 * niVl R. ppl * ^^T-ly, -3 
Third, m. ^p^hp (in rank) B^j'?^ -part, JVlihbp -ly, -3 
Thirst, «lDlf -N.-iness, «D>f .y,m. s. »Dlf veryly, 8Dlf iinS 

-y ground, jlNSV * niSNy'p p« 
Thirteen, -teenth, m. ife^^ ilB^^B^ £ nifefjP t^t^ (by letters 

of the alphabet) ;i"> Thirty, -tieth, U^tthp * '^ 
This, m. nt f. niif -same, m. s. ilT iilil -time, DfiSH 
Thistie, 1111 ♦ B^Sp 

860 THI— THR 

Thither, to that place, riDB^ -and-, nbl ii3 

Thong, njff«1 Ch. 

Thorn, a priddy tree, * r?V * "IP * ??^n * T^P * "^^^ * ^^""O 

Thorny, p>vip r^'J^'rrW «>»' 

Thorough, -paced, m. s. 1^^ * '~>"^'?3 -&!«, 12VJ$ Jy. 
Those, ri^^m. HDH f. HaH 

Thou, m. nn« f. n« 

Though, although, 03'^*!^ however, "^S * D?1i< 

Thought, the thinking, Hatt^QD ' t^an .' ^I"*^.! reflection, 

lyit * l''*J? conce™» *^?'!!5 -f"^' ""• ^' contemplative, * i^^P 

nilB^nD *^ipa ^areful, THT nm? -less, m. s. — ir« 
Thousand, f)7» 
Thrash, D3n * B^l*! -er, m. s. COSin * B^ -ingj B^^ -"«- 

floor, na 
Thread, N. (of flax, &c.) ^''na * COIH -V. "^jln? tOIH l^g.?! 

-bare, worn out, m. s. tl^a -en, p^i''>n2 O^COin 712^ 
Threat, threatening, mm^ -en, irrtri * RTJ 
Three, m. T\th^ l t^/hti^ divide in-, B^W -cornered, m. s. 

r»i»M B>'?e^ *7ra -fold, m. s. c^Wp 

Threshold, nn^ * l^^D ♦ PjD R. "ISD 

Thrice, D^iOJ^a B^'ja^ 

Thrive, n'>^Vn (in flesh) "jna Thrivii»ly, nn^VH? 

Throat, ojf? * rnpi ' \Mi R. "nj up to the-, i^'^n m 
cut the-, iKjvn "^hn 

Throb, (as the heart) 3^ Pp^,JlP3 J'© -biiJg. .2^'"!} '^E'^9'7 

Throne, N. Kg)3 

Throng, ^nj?"] n« E^H prn -N. jiDiJ 'pm . . 

Throttle, N. nianan nap 

THB^TIE 891 

Through, by means, ' '3 ♦ TJ * ]J^ JT '^ •^nd'/tfirougbout. 

Throw, -away, -down, ^7B^n.-down a buikMug, D^n -!ip, 
fling* tr^ * Jflf^g. -abou(t» TD^EJ R, T^D -awAy one's money, 
TJgi -asjde, Tpn R. TJD -off a yoke, ^'l^ -one's self down, 
H30C (at b» feet)1'^J|in^ ^fea -oUt,'tTiT5 ""P» <? tl»e *»4«) 
Bh| (with the mouth) tO)?n -N. throwing, • Hp ji'O ■ H^? 
r^P •^J05^-mfi ♦ n»n'Tjdthiaa8toneV,r|npp3pn>"T 

Throwster, m. 8. ITtt^b • niD 
Thrust away, nh^T -N. H^ni 

Thumb, N. rnt • ^ni ♦ V^a . 

Thump, (with the fist) PlII^H? nSPI -N. tjin;^ flSO 
Thunder, Qg").? -N. DJ/T -kap, -^1p -biflt, p^ari ^Jl 
R. ]^n struck, m. s. (hurt by lightning) — — 'Sn^rj.anliazed* 

Thuraday, nae^a "^a^Dn 01'' 

Thus, p ♦ fi3 ♦ n33-* •IS -fiir, nb ri3 nif 

Thwart, oppose, • ^ "^liTV^ -N. HDiann 

Thy, ni. 1* • (postfixed, as 'pil'l **? twrd) -sdf, i^lil flJIK 

Tiara,f)^3V -|«^ 

Ticking, Ticken, 'rTTS-jri igVSn"«l0? R.;fy« 

Ticket, tiy-jri n^p rii» " 

Tickle,(him) plnvi* 1n"<J?n -lish, easily tickled, m. s. *nri©P 


Tide, (ebb and iow) 1^")) D»n inpn 
Tidy, m. s. U^JJ} * Hp^ -diness, Dj/i * "'a'» -dily, -3 
Tidings, intelligence, nVStff^ * nlfflO?^ news, nltthrj 
Tie, (with a knot) nfcfj? -N. nJJ'j? (see Bind) 

Tier, a row, ^m * fTJItS^ a set, ^ 

2 w 

ate TIGw-TIP 

« ■•▼ \: 

Tightj sound, m. s. ptfl close together, m. tJ^S^P 

Tiie,'ejin • :i|n naa? Tiling, o'^aa^n ja 

Timber, nnip ♦ t^arPVfi -yard, -"JVD -work, nTjJ^n 
Timbrel, >)h R. «lfln 

Time, fljtf * \D\ a set-, li^lD R. TJJ'' a seasonable-, nal3?n PJ? 
-ly, in good', or in due-, 13DT3 * iPJ?? * II^IO^ all in good-, 

iflij? na^Virr ♦ yan ^3^ nj;^ iny a^>3> unseasonable-, 

n3l33 '•ri^i ryJl from -out of mind, D^ijf HlCD at that-, 
Kinn DV3 at this-, fltttn flga 9fi?9 ** another-, Oga? 
n^nij at no-, (see Never) at what -, '<]^a this-, Plf^g fr<Mn 
thiL* forth, r)}^_D a little-, l^D \n] a very litfle-, tOJgP 
ir^n in a year's-, iTjn r«S[3 *^i?lS7 in- to c<Mne, * Tnjt^^ 
D"'»an D*'P^^ after a long-, U^Pl 31"!^ in our-, la^DX^ he 
spent his-, ^jnW VD; 1^3 for a-, 1]3'\D'? -is long to him. 
ifljjg ^ he hath sierved out hifr-, VD^ 1»?p it is high-, 
n^n nSS it is nearfy-, njtf H n3*7jP I wiU take-, IJtf ID PgK 
R."np'7Vheii I shall have-, Ha^RB^?^ I have no, ""a^ ">i» X>» 
Times, many-, nl31 D^D^S a1^. some-, D'-Dlfp^ at all-, ^3? 
n? three-, D^pjtf & tt''??^' 

Timid, m. s. \iny in$ -ity, N"3ie ing 

Tiiporous, bashful, m. s. D^'aS •B'n -ly, T^b^ R- "P"* 
Tin, ^n? -man. -3 HSS^P H^li; -ner, -3Vin 

Tincture.'tinge. tint, Jjay:, '^S^n -N. V^'i 

Tinder, n*3if a . ' 

Tinker, ni3^P ••^? ^php R. '^m 

Tinkle, V^y -ling, ^^^V 

Tip, the top, a^th end, H^j? * ^3 * 0B« -of the ear. 

» > » 

TIP-TOL ^88 

T?i«n "^fiafi hi% -top, e^th^ h^ 
Tipped f|"jyn np?p 

Tipple, tiSD -pier, m. s. «5lD -pUng, n«?p * mi3B^ 
Tipsy, m. s. 13^ 

Tire, to fetigue, JJJlH ♦ nl«^n -eome, iirJ? ' n^hrs 
Tired, m. 8. JJJ^ * *i;|Jg 

Tissue, j)D3 am niy^iB^p Tia 

Tit for tat, mo 1J3D ITID R. ITD 

' T • V V ; T • 

Tithe, pay tithe, ife^Jtf -N. "I^^D -able, m. s. -3 nTip 
Title, to nam^ 1*133 -N. an appelation, i^3 * DC^ (of honour,) 
Ort*n DB^ claim, CS^CfD he has a- to, tO^^D 1/ -page. 

Tittle, '^ ht^ ixjs * rnj?? 
Titular, riD«n^jfbnti4 

To, • • 7 (prefixed to a noun^ or to a verb) 71^ (preceding a noun 
only) -and fro, 3lB^1 yll -day, Htn DVH -morrow, IHtt 

-night, mn n J^Vn 

Toast, to heat, Pl^j? propose health, m. s. DlSH ^Jt/ •IHit/'l •?|13 
-N. (bread) D'^J.^Qin R. nSR (health is customarily pro- 
posed by the term D^^H/) 

Toes, D?^^1»T nu;?iy« 

Together, V^nynW^ 

Toil, htov ♦ nSo ♦ jgr -N. ^Dj? ♦ mb * nrJ^ 

Toilsome, m. 8. nnipO *j?aiD 

Token, a sign, tlli* a remembrance, |1*l3t * iDT 

Tolerable, m. s. supportable, v'SD) * /5?2? R. 7l3 middling, 

Wa*j;-»pP Ch. -erably, ••••••tt'^) N^ (as ih 

]1tOp it?) 7nj neither large, nor small) -erance, 7^0 

Tolenite, nVlD M^3 -ti<>»> ri'l^n * l^"^^ 

Toll, ring a bell, \'\DS.^n ^>fV¥ * H^VPl? i????.? R- ^^V * j;i3 

• • • • • 



-N. IflDS^ ^!t^y (an exciie) 020 R. DD3 -gatherer. 

Tomb, 19j> .Btone, rnu^ il3^ R. ay» 
Ton, "133 Dn|K9 ^E?^P 

Tone, a note^ ni^M * Qf @ soand, ^p 


Tongs, b^njJ^D 

Tongue, ^IB^ pi. nl3lB^ -tied, m. s. ]1B^ -na? 

Too, a]M), fi| * ^ (-, beC^re an adverb or adjectiTe, is expres- 

' sed by the compaiati^, * *D *^T\^'* * rO*?*? of by the super- 

lative 118P as p^X inl"* M nj^H p''^^ **»<> n^Weoa*. 

D3P r?^)?^ le^K what tot// &e too hardfot you. nttp 3*1 

too mtfcA) 
Tool, an instrument, HUDM w^ a hirelbig, m. s. T3^ 
Tooth, V^ R. pa^ pi. D>|tt> -ache. -H 3*^ -pick, -njMP 
Top, the head, B^th -of a house, 3i -fill, m. s. 8^131 «^0 

most, tV^^ .gallant, BrthH qh 
Topaz, D^^ , 

Topic, B^ih ♦ nj?i; 

Topography, niOlpi^n 11«V 

Topsyturvy, "^QH? 

Torch, T?^ ♦ njSl'a^ 

Torment, to harass, \^^ • ^gt pyt to pain, H^ -N. ♦ yrh 

■•MJ? -er, m. s. \TI1^ • H^gp , 
Torpid, m. s. numbed, Oril? inactive, n3"13 -ness, m^'lJ^n 
Torrent, «1^ ♦ 0>Q 0*)? 

Torrid, m. 8. mnmn 

Tortoise, 35f . 

Torture, p^^H (judicially) n|Jf -N. pIlfD ♦ D>^«V 


TOT— TRA 965 

Total, rtVD • ^/"S -ly, npai' 

Totter, ?^3 • jPIT 

Touch, to join, ■ip^'^Jjiii affect the heart, a^^Tj^H 
-N. n^'<J3 -Btone, ^na ]!» -wood, nTifjl 

Touchy, m. 's. D'iV^h *ril3 * D^a« •"IV? R- *P» 

Tough, m. s. ntg^I^-en, Plfe^jJ 

Tour, a journey, ^hnD * HiPD? * J/pD 

Tournament, plHV HOriyp 

Toward, near, m. 8. "v^njj 

Towards, in a direction to, ' v * 7ijt (-a place, instead of. the 
prefix 7 the il is often suffixed, as n3^3 towards the south) 
-the end, ^j? fl^^ -morning, -evening, nijtf nj?3 nl35i|^ 

-noon, Dnn?fn ri;/^ 
Towel, ui'vn 2iy? nngtpp 

Tower, a high building, T'H JO a fortress, ITT^lfP * 7Bjtf 

Town, n'np * n^u -cierk, -n I'^STD -house,' nvjf H fi'^a 

R. yj;'' Townsman, my-, ''T^ ]3 
Toy, to trifle, h^n ^p]St^ -N. ^311 JJJ^S^ R. Hif B' 
Trace, draw, 1^ follow his footsteps, Vrilai?^ ''"SQ^ T^H 
Track,amark, DB^Ia road.TJ'q • hVoD -le68,n^1^p It^ TIT 
Tract, (of land) ^in tractate, JTianD * D^P^^p 
Tractable, m. s.;?353 ♦ T'iJDj'^ *1B^9!0 -©ess, njg''J? 
Trade, ihai «fe^3 -N. m»1 «{S>D * "IHOD Trader, m. s. "llliD 
Tradition, miDD * n^3p -al, - 3 * HB V^f 3 
Traduce, «Tin * ">QM "131 -ment, f\Mn Traducer, m. s. •^''Jf ID 

Traffic, |h3T Nfe>3 -N. t^DI «^a • "inpO 

Tragical, 133 h^^ -gedy, ^IVV -gedian, m. s. ~"t»V'? 

Trail, draw along, 3nD -N. HID * 3npD 

Train, educate, *^3n • 1S^ taeed, nST * ^^IJ -N. procession. 

806 TRA— TRA 

nail/D * TTD -bands, HDH^D '•3'«3n nip^D 
Trainoil, lIT'l^n Y'im pB> 

Traite, the ouUine, n3\7n * "II^VD ''?^»'5 

Traitor, -ous, m. s. IJlS * ^plD -ously, tja? * ^Jtf D? 

Traitress, mil3 * nbjl'^D 

Trammel, "TID^ * niV -N. a net, l^h * mi^fD 

Trample, ^313 JJjn DtH * CDla ' Di3 -ling, ilD^2t^ 

Trance, a rapture, Y^i^iff * J3j/ 

Tranquil, m. s. K»j?t^ * Hi -%, Dj3B^ * /im * HHiap 

Transact, to manage, J'^nSi'l carry on, ' '3 PD^riH 

Transaction, n^otiation, njn{in * "2 S\^pJ?ilI}il affairs in 

Transcend, ^^ rih^ ^Vk) -ency, n^^nnj R. «8^3 
Transcendait, m. s. ni«9 hMi -ly n^|ian Din? 
Transcribe, priJtfH -cript, -cription, nj?ri^n 
Transfer, nagn -N. ,m3I/n 
Transfigure, -form,* •? '^Bn-figuration,-formation,*ni3$n]in 

Transfix, jgifT*'nJ3'1 

Transfuse, h» ^n * • "i p5f> -sion, njsnn, ' Hjy'V'l 

Transgress, JJfy a * Dfe^N * tiCDH -ion, lfB^|** Da^« * KpH 

Transgressor, m. s. ^tt^la * DB^« • NDln 

Transient, m. s. "11381 * ^l^^H!! * H)?^ -flitory, m. s. * "1311/ 

fjl;;^ ^itory world, hin Transitive, (verb) SVl** ^jPla 
Translate, to remove, l^JJTl interprete, VvD'H * D|")ri Ch. 

-tion, ni:!]}^ * n^bo * umid -tor, Y>hD* Dainb 

Transmarine, D*^? *)!li/D 

Transmigrate, |7&3 -tion, njy'>p3 (of souls) MlDB^? ^11l?il 

Transmission, PIlW Transmit, H v»B> 

TRA— TRE 807 

Transmute, "7 "^il -table, m. 8. ']'^tV^ -tation, WSaniirT 
Transparency, ntnV ^HITH^l -rent, m. s. Hlf * n\"ia 
Transpire, to become known, llR^ t^V^ * n1t'|n * j/njH 

Transplace, TnuMplant, lO^H • OlpD HStt^ 

Transport, to banish, H/jn delight, IHDy iiji -N. rapture, 

J3if • n'ri R. h^:l (a v^) mnr 

Transpc^rtatioD, removal, t^^7^^ • nn3|f H banishment, * H17| 

Transpose. TT^H P)!i»qn pj^ ^ition, nnjjn ^j^n ;ppr» 

Transubstantiate, ' '7 "^bH -tiation, "^Qrf 

Trap, a snare, B^ip^ * B^glD * ^fe^DD 

Trappings, '«Tt^ • -inn " 


Travail, (see Labour) 

Travel, ^^103 * H^IK ihjl -N. HJ?''?^ ' PBQ 

Traveller, m. s. nn1« *12^it * JBDlJ • "l^H 

Traverse, ad. ail'li'l ^"litj -V. ^i^f 

Treachery, 7l?D * TJIl .erously, —3 -erous, m. s. "7313 
Tread, (with the foot) "p^ -N. path, rpr^ 
Treason, -able, nO * TID * ^^/Q high-, niD^'D? HTip 
Treasure, nV « * Tia -N. 12f i» -ury, -H H^S -urer, m. s. 

Treat^ to handle, "Dj; Jnj^P negotiate, ^JlJ) «fe^a * "ip'^p 
R. DID discourse, tJ^TH -N. (see Entertainment) -ise, 
HK^ni -ment, 'D;/ DaB>D JHJD 

Treaty, a contract, H^IK^n R. HW 

Tree, \Ji an old-, ni|^ 

Tremble, B^i/T * JJIt (for fear) V^S^n ♦ ^D^nJiri R. ^IH 

Trembling, Tremour nj;jl • n^^S * H Jp/'n 

368 TRE— TRI 

Tremendous, m. s. DI^K *tnM 

T T 

Tremulous, n?'«n3 m. s. TI^ID R. 7in 

■ • ■ • 

Trench, N. V^in -V. -"ibn 
Trepan, to ensnare, K'PV ^"'2^?n -N. ti^jPlD ♦ ^tS^ipO 
Trepid,m. s. 33^ *'^1 ♦ «iy IH^ -ation. tnlD • in^ - 
Trespass, oflFend, "Siy^B ^VD enters unlawfully, ':'^3| J'pH 

R. JD3 -N. ;;b^b • 7jja'' to njJDH 
Tresses, niQ^np * nl'flp 

Tret, S'52'Sl' i^"»Pn J^^\^ 

Triable, m. s. iny Trial, Hrn^ * ]1i^3 

Triangle, -gular, m. s. rW*)l ti^i^-^hy'n, Triad, B^lW 

Tribe, D3B^ * HCSO R. nt03 

Tribulation, distress, n^Vi * iTl^ R. mif 

Tribunal, H ^''3 ' 

Tribute, DD -utary, m. s. -"? fTn * "TSJ? B^P Ch. 

'— •' TT t:\. 

Trick, to cheat, HSn * nalH R. n3"« -ing, HD^D 

Trickle, P)*^*! • «1 £03 

Trifle, (with one) '-2 bnn jJJiy -away his time, VD)*t3K 

Vnl3?^-N. pn ♦ iWi? "13^ -fler.m. s. ^Wnp * pHvi? * ^^V 

-fling, mean, m. s. nT33 * 7J? R. 77p 
Trilateral, m. s. mifby tt^B^ •^jtf 3 

Trill, J2^liJ?n * j?nn -n. n^n(i 

Trim, to dress, 3"'E?\'1 ♦ Hg^ -N. Iming, ^1^ 

Trinity, nVl^«-E>lVt^ Tritheism, -3 HSIOK 

Trinket, a toy, ?3ri ^^|f2^ R.r)p^ 

Trip, to stumble, Tg^SH supplant, 3p^ make a- to, 

Ch^oH'^rT ' . ' 

Triphthong, ri133')D tWiJ^^l^ t^ht^ 
Triple, Triplicate, m. s. B^Vb^O Triplicity, t^lW 
Tripping, m. s. Tlip *V^"1©n *^j3 R. ^^p 

TRr_TRU 369 

Trisyllable, ni;;wn a^^{^ na 

Trite, stale, m. s. n73 -ness, 1132^ 

' T T ' T T : 

Trivial, m. s. na^HJ 13''« * nj?VD 

Triumph, to obtain victory, 11^3 * "I3| glory, 'hv. "llj^BJ^fl 

-N. victory ]inv3 ♦ mi35 joy, -nlii? ^1P ^1, ")«anni» 

-ant, m. s. victorious, n33 celebrating victory, nSSHO 
Triumvirate, D''2^Knn nt&hsf n^tt'DD 

TT V : V V I V 

Triune, m. ir\ti2 nt^bn^ 

• • • • • 

Trod, Trodden, m. s. DllD R. DM 

Troop, nniainn * iTa -n. im^ 

Trophy, n^iS ^^^ * Hlp^'D 

Tropic, ni^TSn B^DtS^H hlMn 

Trot, to walk fest, in'l -N. mni 

Troth, r(2D^_ ♦ pIDS by my-, "iniiDi^ 7jtf 

Trouble, vex, D^Jtf"in * ^'^n * l^C ^^-P"'^ * "'"'^ ^ in-,* 1*10 

njtfDVn Ch. (see Disturb) -some, -someness, nj^''J^ * HS^JI 

-somely, — 3 

Trover, m3« nae^H n;;''3n ch. 

Trough, (to feed) DHS kneading-. niXtJ'P watering-, Pptl^ 

Trousers, D'^D3DD 

Truant, m. s. lianj to play the-,nQDn H'^ilD pmnH mi3 

Truce, nDn'7sn r>TDJf 

Truck, ffyrin ♦ n^pn -n. p)i Vn * nnian 
Trudge, nna^^^^n '^/iy ^bjy * ri'ia 

True, nD»m. s. 1133 -hearted, m.s. TDS3 * nl31D« •a^">« * Dfl 

-ness, pD« ' niD^DJ;! 
Trumpery, pn. * ^3n 
Trumpet, to proclaim, h'\plMgn -N, iTIY'^^P "^' 

•• • •• 

370 .TRU— TUR 

Truncheon, N. 833tt^ -V, -3 .13.1 R. .133 

Trunk, the body, ^lil a chest, tJlK ' nZlJl of aU' elephant, 

ch. "T^a."! 063n n« 

Truss, ihV -N. a bundle, "inv » bandage, "IStt'? ntt^an^!^ 
Trust, • -3 ^r^'lt^ -N. care, n^jD^^Q -tee, m. s. * Tj?a * "iDltt^ 

Dlanb'»a» Ch. -ty honest, m. s. IDW * ni3DS3 *hyi'2, 
Truth, honesty, niD">pn ' I1D« reality, ITinp^ in-, nDK3 

• • • *• " 

Try, to examine a cause, *ipn * tS^I'H -with a touchstone, && 

pS * npa attempt, B>j?a refine, »)Sy 
Tub, V^ ^^? 

Tube, h'hry* .133 

Tuck, to gather up, 78?^ 
Tuesday, n3B^5 ''B>^'7t5^ Ol"* 

Tuft, inv 'n''if>!f 

Tuition, niS*7 • Hp^ * Trf\T\ R. .IT 
Tumble, .1^'>aj * Xh^U 
Tumour, a swelling, HK^ R. KtZ'S 

Tumult, (iSiip * .l^pln -uously, —3 -uous, m. s. ."IDlTT 

Tun, (measure) "13.1 n^'tS^^'a^l r\^h^ 

Tune, prepare, ."inptpiT '^jnj;.'? -n! DJ?D * 1133 -ful, 3"]^ 

Turban, "T^npn ♦ ^^ 
Turbid, m. 8.113:1^ ♦ Ip^J ♦ Hl^l 

Turbulent, m. 8. .IDliT * Bi"«y"ip-bulence, .l^lil-bulently,— 3 
Turf, (a clod) KB^l 33T 

Turk, m. s. "•D"^ Jin Turkey, (a country) ni5"13ln fl^ 
Turkois, B'^tthn 

Turmoil, to toil, irj"" * Vbl? -N. ni/"«3"' * ^DJf 
Turn, to convert, T\W become, "^ li^^ * ^QC'l' * 'I&l'^*? 

-over, ^7^ -away from, nb3 * "tlD -one ftom his course. 

TUB— TWO 371 

n^n (from religion) ln">p:P. n^Tpn -apostate. In*! TDH 
-about, ri39 -back again, 2)^ -the back upon one, 
•^« f\'ijj n3§ -in, bend, *]&3 -into a house, b» TO -into 
the lathe, 3"i3D S'laO "^bn -up the ground, HDIK Piria 
-out of doors, Bh3 * tf^flH -one's stomach, '^ NIT^' n1">n 
-N. ^132^ * niDannn now is my-, *»^B? lln Hlf^^an -coat, 
m. 8. Qli^p (from one's religion) ^DID done by turns, 


Turning, (away) iTp? * iTip (of a street) HSB 
Turnip, 3^15 ♦ m^ Ch. 
Turnpike, DDBJl ijjp R. DD3 
Turpentine, npb f\'ilff * ^P^ 
Turpitude, j?3m Jt/I'l 'niTa 
Turtledove, Tin 

Tutelage, l^D ♦T'U/p Tutelary, m. s. bu TJO R. |3J 
Tutor, lJ2hl2 * miD R. m"" -ess, flTS^D 
Twelfth, Twelve, m.l J!^r D"'3B' f. m^JJ D'^nK' 
Twenty, Onjj^^ 
Twice, O'lOJfS '* D''^23 * TMt^n 
Twig, "ICJh * pal"* * "IV3 (see Branch) 
Twilight, ftjB'J after sunset, nSt^n D^STgn I'll 
Twins, D'>0«n bring-, D'<Knn 
Twine, to twist, J^fe^ *naj/ * ittJ^ -N. ^"Tia 
Twinkle, (as the eye) t?J?? pjj (as the stars) ^HfJ -ling, 
]^^ rtVnp • f^\^ R, fji;; * y^la in the -llng of an eye, 

]:5 f|"3n5R.nQT 

Twirl, n-'lD y^2D '^Ti -N. ^-laD 3'«3D nSpH R. tip*" 

Twist, (see Twme) -ed, "ITB^D 

Twitter, V. t)V5V R- ^S51f 

Two, m. D^aa^ f. D^.riB^ -by-, m. D^3B^ 0^.3?^ -edged, nl»?J''^ 

972 TWO— UNA 

-fold, U^J}^ ♦ D'»^Q3 * nJtt^D -days, D*D1"' -years, D^nit^ 

-hundred, D^^SD -thousand, D^S7it 
Type, a printing letter, Ch. DIS^IH nii< emblem, MT\ * vB^D 

-ically, — '^'I'TSl -ical, m. s, TSHD -ographer, D'^^'TD 

*ography, DlSin nDi<7P -ographical, 72^ 

Tyrannise, (he) lif QHS 7tyD -ranny, HV^l/D -rant, -ranmcal, 

m,s.f»njtf nT5«' 


(See Im, In, or Irr, for what is not found in Un ; or add to tbe af- 
firmative either of the negative particles, T**^ l"*^ "''pa '^'^ ■^) 

Udder, Ip 

Ugly, m.s. n«-ip 'Ifl *nr3p Ch. -iness n^lj^n pt) *nW3 

Ulcer, iT'lCO n3D*mi3n -ate, turn to a sore, —vTr^n 

■ • • ■ • •• 

-ous, m. 8. —3 y33D -ed, m. s. -^7 n\1 
Ulterior, on tbe other side, *'y *)3J/D 
Ultimate, the last, n3nn« • ^lin^ ending, ^1D -tely, —b 

-turn, *1Dil 

' T T 

Ultamarine, a, D*7 *13J/D 

T— V •• •• 

Umbrage, resentment, nD1Jf*)r) give- to, D'^I?"in take- at,DI?3 

■ • • ■ 

Umbrella, nDSD SthD ilDnD 

Umpire, m. s. IB^SP 

Unabashed, D^SH rND 

Unabated, rijgl^ip ]''8il 

Unable, m. s. weak, B'i'jn not able, T 'IVp 

Unabolished, ^1133 ">^3 

• • • 

Unaccented, DJj/D ^721 

Unacceptable, m. s. Hltf T it? -accepted, m. s. ^1X1 ^^^^^ 

Unaccompanied, m. s. T\2h * l&ja R. 113 * fp J 


Unaccomplisbedy unfinished, m* s. u7^ it? 

Unaccustomed, m. s. 7^JT ?inO 13^S 

Unacquainted, m. s. not known, "/ifliJ i3'^K ignorant^ 

Unadored, m. s. not worshipped, 7vTM2 Vh neglected, StifJ 
Unaffected, m, s. candid, V3 \2 13/3 * Dfl * D^DJ^unmoTed, 

Unalarmed, m. s. \y^^} ♦ Tin iJ'^ijt 

UnaUied, m. s. having no ally, tS^^i^ DJ[? IT^HS n*13 fct? having 

no powerful relation, DH'^P 7j^5 ''^'^^ 
Unalterable, m. s, ^SH^ nSB^*^ K^ 
Unamusing, unpleasing, DJ/J ^7^ m. s. *3lD tt/ 
Unanimity, niiriK -imous, m, ^ns HB 37 
Unanswerable, S'^B^hJ^ ^^ 
Unappalled, m. s. f njf * *«T t*^ 
Unappeasable, HlVT "^yS m. s, HB^j? 
Unarmed, PtJ^O IJO ^^3 R. 13J 
Unartful, nonjf ■>^n 

T jT • ; 

Unasked, (of him) tn. s. 13Sa 7^f ^h 
Unaspiring, m. s. HIT *?Qtt^ * 131? 
Unassisted, "JTlXf ]'>ljia 
Unattainable, m. s. KV a"" JtJ>*« ""Va R. JB'J 
Unauthorised, niB^I Dl'>tfi^") ^73 

It * II • • • • 

Unavailable, pn * K^a^ *^">ii;1">«^^ 

Unavenged, Dj?l3 PljQ 

Unavoidable, m. s, • "D tO^a"" CO^aH ""^a 

Unaware, DlXn^ irr^l 

Unawed, n»T» ■»'73 

Unbecoming, -fitting, m. s. Ch. t^il ]1p3 yj**^ 

Unbelief, HiDKnOh UnbeUever, m. s. X>t^Q 13»K 

374 UNB—UNC 

Unbeneficed, m. s. ph HtllN!. '1^ \r\2 ^h R. ppH 
Unbewailed, m. s. TSD'' N*? * i^ *TQlD r«3 
Unbind, untie, Hfia * "inH R. "ini 
Unblameable, m. s. D^Dll * '^PD Unblemished, DID v3 

Unbolt, nna • nnan ion r. -no 

. Unborn, m. s. -nSla tj*? * *lni''n DncD r. ■r^"> 

Unbosom, 3^ '^313X0 H-^il 

Unbought, *1DD ttV? 

Unbounded, unlimited, n'^^'DH '•^^ * ^pJ-iK R. n^3 * f Sp 

Unbridled, m. s. •Inn'? "lvi[D ]'•« * MlK^D 

Unburied, nTl3p ">^3 

Unbumed, m. s. SsS is^N 

Unburthen, blD b'V p'la R. bbj} 

Uncaught, m.8. rn»a 13^3 DID 

Unceasing, "^fe^n •>$»3 * TDfl 

Uncertain, m. s. im 133^« ♦ pQD Ch. -ty, pSD 

Unchain, nna ♦ n^H R. ")n3 

Unchangeable, m. s. D'S '^Pl^n^ mtt'^ ^h 
Uncharitable, m. s. Dm'' 3'iD vh -ness, ni30m "IDH 
Unchaste, lewd, m. s. HST *mtDB^ -tity, HDT R. DDT 

■ • ■ 

Uncbewd, m. D"'3t£>n r3 mS"" DnD R. nC' 

Uncircumcised, s. 711/ Uncircumcision, H/lJf 

Uncircumspect, m. s. "T^HT "iHtD iJ'^i^ 

Uncivil, -ized, m. s. niD^Jtf3 *"ipq -ly, niD^lfJ "IDhS 

Unclaimed, (of him) ITD t5^j?3 ^h * IQJ^O B^lT. tt^ 

Unclarified, m. s. pp^Tp 13"'N 

Uncle, 111 

Unclean, m. s. filthy, f^QD * ""pj li^i^ lewd, «DD -liness, 

P)13P • n»PD -ly, -3 -sed, m. s. Xn\\h 
Unclouded, nl3i; «^ 

UNC— UND 375 

Uncollected, m. 8. llbD * "ITflO * P3Pa fpM ^b 

Uncomely, m. s. DJgD *Spp * ninjbipa l<^ 

Uncomliness. l^^^nn Dif CO "IDH 

Uncomfortable, m. s. SID it? -ness, ITlTli? * HIHS 

Uncommon, m. s. np^ * h^il ^lifD 1J^« 

Uncompelled, Ch. mOH "'73 'DM. 1\H3 

Uncompounded, not mixed, m. s. JOIti^a * J^^^^lfi^ ^f^ 

Unconceived, m, s. 3 / #lf *Tw}i K7 

Unconcern, HQnD -ed, m. s. C^B^in JKlT I^K 

Unconscionable, (he) IHIT TOD^J t<^ -scionably, HJDH "'j'?!! 

Uncontrollable, (he) inil"? HifgP p« 

Uncover, nvU 

Uncouth, m. s. nitn " IT R. niT 

Uncreated, m. s. »-a3 ^^^ N7 

Unction, ointment, nHK^D Unctuous, m. s. ]/ptJ^ 

Uncultivated, (land) i1|l 13Jf l<7 (person) m. s. l^/Sl 

Uncumbered, ^if nDDj/D^^-l R. ^^V 

II II ^ T "" * • 

Undaunted, m. s. 3^ *f S« * 8T I^K -ly, SllD »^5 

Undecayed, m. s. 733 nb3 it? 

Undeceive, Ip^ ' 11337 Jt/nlH R. JJT -able, m. s. Hi^T l«^ 

Undefiled, m. s. "llnO ' '•p; 

Undefinable, m. s. y^Hl ^b Undefined, m. s. OWD 

Undeniable, m. s. B>n3'' «^ * "1113 

- : \ 

Undeplored, (he) VlV "fQlD n3l3 r« 

Undepraved, m. s. "^pj * D^DW 

Under, -neath, "^ nn/J^P * ^^^f -ag^ ™* s. ]lEOj? -go, 
NB^y* ^3D -hand, inD? -ling, m. s. j/na -mine, sap, ihU 
-most, lowest, n*J^nfl * |1nnn -rate, -value, (him) "^^'IJP.Il 

I3"i;/Dnin3 -seii, 13")j?d j/njn ' ^""Th r. ^ir 

Understand, ^''Sfe'n * V?!7 ' ^'^¥<^ R- J'''^ -ing, knowledge. 

876 UND—UNF 

^3^ ♦n5'<?i*n^^n agreement, nn^fnnriN ' 

Undertake, H''D3n * 2'\SiT^il -ker, m. s. a manager, J^n^O 
(of funerals) frnilj? '^D']^ ^^DD R. p3 -king, business, 

n»jg;D ♦ ppjr Ch. 

Undeserved, DSB'S? ^f -ing of, m. s. COStt'D *i^ ]■»« 

Undesigned, HJJD ^/3 Undesigning, m. s. D^Dfl * DJ? 

Undiminished, nifnjD ""^S * H^S R. V'73 

Undiscerned, m. s. *JJll3 "^b^ -ceming, m. s. Jtfll^ >3^i5 

Undisciplined, m. s. TE)? it? 

Undiscoverable, Undiscovered^ m. s. ni1p3/ D/J/3 

Undo, ruin, 13l4n Undone, ruined, m. s. 13!)i^ 

Undoubtedly, pap 'h'^ ' ''»ni5 R. HT 

Undress, V. tOB'Qn * £32^3 (one's self) DtfanH ♦ D8fa 

Undutiful, m. s. rT^DD * mlD 

Uneasy, disturbed, m. 8. ;K1'1 ' "IJJOVOCh. -inessj H^KTn^y 

Unedifiying. m. s. p'«5p'>J ^^^l"* «"? 

Unemployed, m. s. SD3 

UnenUghtened, m. s. B^aO ♦ intni' •^/ll'' 13"'« 

Unentertaining, m. s. p^l/3 Jt[^2f|f K^ iJ-iX R. njlltf 

Unenvied, (he) l"? «S|2P p^ 

Uneven, DOIVn ""1112^ VjSa -ness, U^JlV^f ^W "IDh 

Unexampled, Unexemplified, JI^PT "^/Sl 

Unexceptionable, '^|iT ^7^^ 

Unexempt, m. s. ""pJ 13"*1< 

Unexercised, m. s. ^5in fct^ * bSTiQ i3»« 

Unexpectedly, suddaily, Dl^HB J/rȤ * "^^l^P ^i!'??! 

Unfiided, m. s. ^13 l<^ Unfeding, m. s. h'S,) fct^ 

Unfeir D^a^D ""^S 

Unfaithful, -ly, ]1C« ^^^l 

Uniashionable, 3n3S2 (t^^ m. s. |S^l3 R. ]tt» 

UNF-UNG 377 

Unfathomable, m. s. "IpnH tt? Unfothomed, m. s. IPHjl tj? 

Unfatigued, m. 8. tj^lD ^h R. f^'' 

Unfavorable, m. s. UltO tt? 

Unfeeling, cruel, m. s. HB^j? * •lb |3« 1^ 

Unfeigned, real, rD8|l • tS'SD Ch. 

Unfertile, (land) HH * Hn^D V"l« 

' \ / TT ▼••:»vr 

Unfilial, a bad son, .TllDI TlID \^ 

Unfinished, m. s. lOJa thtif^ ikh 

Unfit, improper, m. s. "IB^^ ^B^D ^y>» 

Unforbidden, m-s. ir\D R. im (to eat) H^DS^ •;n3 

Unforced, not compelled, 02')^ j^ilZl 

Unforeseen, m, s. D^ll/D ♦nK13 tt^ 

Unforgiving, m. s. filing *nB^j? * 3? •HB'i? 

Unformed, lilj^ R. Jinn 

Unforsaken, m. s. "^IDD * l^V^T) 

Unfortified, llDnD "'^a 

Unfortunate, -tunately, nn?)?!! K73 

Unfrequented, m. s. DDlB^ -ly, m7'»J"1 1<?3 

Unfriended, ITlif ]">X^ (he) ^SU 1^ r« 

Unfriendly, m. s. Dl W *e^in «^ * ""IIH IJ"*!? 

Unfruitful, (tree,) "i">"l9 tfl^ ^h R. in3 (see Barren,) 

Unfurl, ^1^ * ph;^ 

Ungenerative, m. s. Hia T^lD ^Sa^S R. lh'> 

Ungenerous, Ungentlemanlike, ^1?^ * 3^75 ^-^^^ 

Ungenial, m. s, 3iC0 it? 

Ungenteel, m. s. fllD'^j;;? npn -tleness, JVH'V,} "IDH 

Ungodly, D^^^N n«n^ ^^741 -Uness, Ji&^ 

Ungovernable, m. s. HIDD * ^JJ *nK^j? 

Ungraceful, m. s. DJtf D *ip R. IID 

2 Y 


Ungrateful, unthankful, m. s. ^10| •n3iB> -ly.^1D| TSn^pl 

Ungrounded, TiD^, '^711 

Unguarded, niTHT \^3 ♦ nnJ^t'-T 1''»5 

• • • ■ • • 

Unhandsome, Unhandy, m. s. DJt/^ **'Pn 

Unhappy, m. s. Dl"" •HK^p ♦ 13iK 

Unharmonious, niD'»i;3 rimi/ "^b? 

Unhealthy, m. s. 8">-)a 078^ 13rS 

Unheard, m. s. ifOB^: tt"? 

Unholy, impious, JJ^l -iness, wickedness, JJp'l 

Unhonoured, m. s. H/RIl R. 7/P 

Unhopeful, (he) iS ^'•Hln r»? R- ^n*' 

Unhurt, -fully, pT3 "^^a -fill, m. s. p\D 13r« 

Unicorn, D8T 

Uniform, a dress, D^J? IT? regular^ ^liP^ -ity, TTD -ly, -3 

Unimaginable, m. s. 2^ hjS 'nh^^_ vh 

Unimpairable, m. s. j?i\ J^^j^^ ttS R- pW * ^^p 

Unimpeachable, DID nDI|f^« ''J'? 

Unimportant, 13*^ ]'>K m. s. 7^ R. 77p 

Unimproved, Uninformed, m. s. 11p7 It/ 

Uninhabitable, m. s. n2^) *\'\2} tt"? -ited, m. s. 3^ K^ 

Uninspired, (writings, &c.) B^'pH rmp tj^ 

Uninstructed, m. s. ItSr? ItS-tive, m. s. D"'3nD IS^S 

Unintelligent, m. s. p30 13*^X -ligible, m. s. ]3V '^^^ 

Unintenti(»ial, 11313 *^ /3 

Uninterested, (he) 1^ f)''pl'» 1*71 ]J^) ^h R.]n3 

Unintermitting, Uninterrupted, TD^ * "^fe^n 'w'2 

Uninvited, m. s. i<11J? «npa tj"? 

Union, unition, nnili^nn concord, nnnit 

UNI— UNM 379 

Unique, 1^ h'^ppnh ">JK^ 1">«1 IHK * IHlDS ]">K 
Unison, (in music) H^'^JSn fllD^jtf? 

Unit, m. nn« -ediy, r^n"> • nn"»i • nn«3 

Unite, to join, pSl'l * "lan ' nn« agree, "Qn * "fn«nn grow 

into one, nHN^ nlM 
Unity, the state of being one, H^HS ^ Hin^ 
Universal. ^^? -ity, ^^^^5 Jy, bhis. 
Universe, generality, yJSn the world, D/ijf 
University, BhlSn n*^3 " 8n3'^np Ch. 
Unjust, (action) H^^V * ^IJf (person) m. s. 7]|^P 
Unjustifiable, m. s. PIV^ ttS 

Unkind, m. s. Tpn t«^ -ness, H^T *J[/n -ly, 3 

Unknowing, m. s. ]">3D T?? Unknown, m. s. IfllS N^ R. j/T 
Unlamented, (he) T^^ lalD ^X 

Unlawful, rvnn njaa -ly, rcna ttW 

T- v»: •' T- V 

Unleavened, l(Lr\ tj? ♦ HVD 

Unless, (see Except) 

Unlettered, Unlearned, m. s. "1^5 * "IS^ ^h 

Unlicensed, n^B^T n»B>"in-nb 'h'2. 

// : T T : T // - • : 

Unlike, m. not like, D">Jia^ -likehood, HOXD pHip -ly, 

naxo pirn 
Unlimited, n7?n ^J*? * TEr^? R- "^'a • rfp 

Unload, \h% • ^^D ^pH R. ^"jp 
Unlink, Unlock, nOQ * HhS 
Unlooked-for, not expected, DlKHBI^nQ 

Unluckily, nn^y n I'^xa • ^rp j?in? 

Unlucky, mischeivous, i/T H") j?P unfortunate, m. s.. * 13lS 

Unmaimed, DID v3 m. s, D'^piH 
Unmanageable, in. s. 331{S^ * jTIpP 

380 UNM— UNP 

Unmanly, tlD33 •>nK->3 «^tt> 

Unmannerly, m. s. JllD^W **'pn 

Unmarried, m. s. ''Ua * HtS^K ^i*3 1y» 

Unmask, nipDH "T»pn R. HID -ed, m. s. Di"l|7 

Unmerciful, m. s. 1t3K -ly, ninT3S3 

Unmerited, COBB'SD ^W 

Unminded, m. s. 3TJ?: Unmindful m. s. iTDlK^ 3''t5^pD ISJ^R 

Unmingled, Unmixed, n3'n;&n ''^? m. s. ""Ri * 1? R. ^3? 

Unmolested, HJDK^ ">^3 * HDj^ 

Unmuffle, HDDan IDH R. "ITD 

Unnamed, '»:1D^X * "'X^S 

Unnatural, V3,^T\ 13J3 Tl-nO'Vin -ly,i;3K>n Tl"!? vh^ 

Unnavigable, m. s. n»JN *S2. lijjn tt^ * 13^ K^ 

Unnecessarily, TiV «?? * inlD'? R. in'' 

Unnecessary • • 7 ^^)f pK 

Unnerve, tj'^nn * nai 

Unobeyed, (he) U^JiD^) ttb rnS"!} 

Unobjectionable, m. s. •3itD "IS ' Ch. IflD'^ nV 

Unobservable, m. s. nS"1^ tt^ 

Unobserved, not seen, D'^^'^I/^TlSna niSin "^^S 

Unobstructed, Unopposed, Hif^^D "^^3 ^ HJ^B^ H VVD r«a 

Unoccupied, not inhabited, 3B^i'» j'^KD 

Unopened, m. s. IIJD * *njnQa D")^ 

Unorderly, Unorganised, ynD ■<i'3 * U^yVD {«^3 

Unpackj nha -€«, m. s. nins ♦ "inx irs 

Unpaid, D^^ W? 
Unpainful, m. s. 3">X3J| fct^ 
Unpalatable, m. s. DJtfD •ID R. IID 
Unparalleled, |1'»P7"'b3 
Unpardonable, ")33'» n^D"> ^H©* «> 

// - \ ; // - T • // •• T • 

UNP— UNP 881 

Unpeaceable, quarrelsome, m. s. ^ITD *tihVi * 3^"! •'iHinj? 

R. mn 

Unpeople, Dl« pXD HOD^^ D^B^ 
Unperceivable, (see Unobservable) 
Unperjured, m. s. "Ij^B'l? *V2lB>3 tj^ 
Unphilosophical yDtSTJ "TJ33 
Unpitied, m. s. IW pHT. tt^ R. ]3n 
Unpitying, m. s. lip* ^Hl' tj*? 
Unpleasant, unpleasing, m. s. ZllEO tt? -ly, Xf"14 
Unpleased, m. s. ''jI/T 
Unpliant, m. s. Htt^P 
Unploughed, (field) 131!!^ fct^ 
Unpolished, Unpolite, ]Tlb''i;3 ">^? 
Unpolluted, not defiled, m. s, KDpH tj? 
Unpopular, m. s. «i:^ • ""lyi 'i3"'X 
Unpracti8«d, m. s. V^^JT TPTD 1:">K 
Unprecedented, m. s. inl03i;D2^J HSia n**™ N^ 
Unprejudicate, Unprejudiced, m. s. pT£ *KQitJ^ 

Unpremeditated, m. s. D^aS^D •3tt^n N^ 

Unprepared, Unprovided, m, s. |i!)3 tt? 

Unpretending, m. s. r\T\ *7QB^ ^ 13J;/ 

Unprevented,iy£P ]^83 " Hlf^JZ? ^^5 

Unprevailing, pn, " Rltt^ 

Unprincipled, wicked, m. s. Vpl 

Unproclaimed, Unpublished, m. s. D'^BlJ *J/'Tln «^ R. J/T 

Unproductive, Unprolific,m. s. Inp-inia n1l^-«B'l3 1J''S 

Unprofened, not violated, f. s. HRDpn It? 

Ungrofitable, ii')f ' p">"! m. s. "yjCfl"* «^ Unprofitably, -h 

Unprohibited, ra. s. TIDN IJ'^S * inD R. "ina 

Unpropitious, m, s. 3lD M / 

382 UNP— UNR 

Unproportioned, "^1^7 **^ 

Unpropped, riTW iJfB^D •>^? 

Unprotected, nDriajJO t«^? R. pJ 

Unprovoked, llj/nj;/ 4? R. nip 

Unpunished, m. s. S^31f.i3 it? 

Unpureued, ^nin ]'>Ka 

Unqualified, Ch. IlJn'^lin i3^« Unqualify (him) ' 'O 

Unquenchable, "^jt^^^ t6 Unquenched, ^SB^ «^ 

Unquestionable, -tionably, paO "»^? * ''«"n? «■• ^T* 

Unquiet, disturbed, nn3 ''h'2, R. m3 restless, m. s. lli^Jpp 

Umavel, explain, tih^ ' "JilB 

Unreal, nD«3 »^ * Ch. mtt^DD '•J'? 

Unreasonable, -sonably, 11^ T^? * •"'C^^? '' i ? ^- "^'' 

Unreclaimed, m. s. IDID 'ni?^ Jt^ R. nD"* 

Unrecompensed, Unrewarded, ylD^ U^pvfp ^^K3 

Unreconied, 8. "IQD ^1? *n^lfn It^ 

Unredeemed, m. s. ^«JD niDa tt^ 

Unreduced, Unremitted, HJtflJP *^ /5 

Unregarded, unheeded, m. s. 108^3 tt? not respected, m. s. 

Unrelaiting, m. s. njp« * ^bH^. ti^ 

Unrelieved, not succoured, ITlV ^^^^ not eased, Jl^SH^ V^ 

Unrepenting, Ch. Hpin DHi ''^3 

Unreplenished, m. s. ^70 ^33'^K 

Unreproached, Unreproved, D^/?? ]^^? 

Unr«que8ted, (he) iTp B^jsa tj*? 

Unresented, nD1i;"}n ""^^ in. s. ^^HS 

Unreserved, (he) T>i> ]D 13^? R. 33^ 

Unresisted, not opposed, H^ptt' "^73 

Unrestored, m. s. 2UhT\ N^ R. 3W 

UNR-UNS 383 

Unrestrained, I'^^D r«5 * njT'il^ t(^^ 
Unrevealed, m. s. HflDJ * nhn ^^ 
Unrevenged, HDj^i^ it/Zl m. s. D]^3 K? 
Unrevoked, m. s. i^H \^5 R. 3^ 

Unriddle, nha 

Unrighteous, m. s. JJtth -ness, J/l£h * ^Jg -ly, -3 

Unripe, too early, l3Dt ''J?!/ not ripe, pt^li 1D3 DHKlCgrapes) 

np3 * nnnp (figs)' D^ag 

Unrivalled, (he) iniD5 iynOl'l TK 

Unroot, Bh^ ♦ IpJl 

Unruly, m. s. 3312' * «13 

Unsafe, m. s. niD3 t3'*Hl in danger of life, pDO Ch. 

Unsaleable, Hilp ]">^ * m. s. 13)^^ K*? 


Unsatisfied, m. s. nmO * Jf3{S^ iJ^N ^tiable, m. s. ;/3B^^ N^ 

^tisfactory, llV")^ nwfe^? N7 
Unsavoury, m. s. /SF^ * DJt/D ♦^D 
Unseasonable, l/H^ t*?!! 
Unseconded, ITli; ^83 m. s. 1*13^ R. 1^3 
Unserviceable, m. s. T|/i^ N7 

Unsettle, overthrow, D^H * ^3^3 R. ^^3 -tied, m. s. ^3^30 
Unshaken, m. s. J/T «^ R. IflT 

■ T 

Unshapen, (he) iHlH «?! HKh JtV 
Unsheath, 3in K^B^ 
Unsheltered, 110^9 JJD ''i'3 R. 133 

Unship, n^a^f »'>3n R. Ni3 

Unsifted, not tried, HT'pm nB^IT •>^3 
Unsightly, "^LV ^^3 -liness, "^aVn llnpn 
Unskilful, unskilled, m. s, 738^ *nDn -ness, 73{J^ IDh 
Unslaked, m, s. HHS 87 

384 UNS— UNT 

UnsoUcited, (he) n^ tS^j?? l!^ -citous, m. s. fSn vf? 

Unsound, m. s. vf?^ ^^K 

Unsown, Hj^nn «V 

Unspeakable, ^30^ Ijn^ \^V^ R. 1J3 " D'^HQ^f ^JJ »m\ ^b 

Unspecified, m. s. tSH^ M7 

Unspent, m. s. HW K7 

Unspotted, Unstained, D^D v3 

Unstable, unsteady, m. s. THIS * ^SSQH 

Unstrained, pHlna ^h 

Unsubdued, Untemed, m. 8.p33 MT^ 

Unsubstantial, m. s. Ch. K^DD D^P IPK 

Unsuccessful, m. s. rP7VD IS^K * n7!P OT 

Unsuitable, Unsuiting, p tt^ R. ]13 

UnsuUied, Untainted, ^aT ^hl 

Unsuperfluous, "mlDi» tt^ R. irp 

Unsupported, Unsustained, l]}i TXyiSD ^/B 

Unsuspected, m. s. Ch. TIB'n 133''K -ing, m. s. Ittfln 133"«K 

Unsworn, m. s. Jjai2^3 i3'>» 

Untasted, <13DQ Dj/GD "^^n 

Untenanted, 38^1^ ""^aO 

Unterrified, 7)^}^ KllD tt^3 

Unthankful, m. s. nailfl ^'^6 13''» R. 133 -ly, ^103 nn3B^3 

Unthinking, m. s. Slip * l^p 13''« 

Unthrivmg, m. s. n\'7yb i3''S • n^)P ^ 

Untie, nha * *iJin r. nn3 untied, m, s. HVia * nma 

Until, l^; -here, TXIT} Hi) IJf -now, nnjtf njtJ 

Untimely, iSOT ""S?"? an- birth, ^a3 

Unto (see To) 

Untold, laD Un tt^ R. 133 

Untouched, m. s. (by any one) Ith'^ *13 if33 tf? unmoved. 

UNT-UP 385 

Untoward, m. s. npp -\y, tntJ'D ">^3 
Untravelled, in- s. 8^''^ *la 12]ff ikh ^ 
Untried, m. s. ]in3 DTK 
Untrod, VjT IS TIT ^ 
Untrue, (person) ]1DHt tJ^3 Untruth, np^B? 
Unvanquished, (he) 1^ ^DV ]'•« 
Unvaried, ""latt^ W^n ""^S 
Unveil, nv3 

Unversed, m. s. '•h'V'^ TiHO l3''K 
Unused, not put to use, m. & 13 tl^DTS'^T^ Ch. *^73 
Unuseful, T.^JflTl It^^ R. Ht m. a. SS"? •n^y> \kb 
Unusual, m. s. "|j?>^ • "•ivD ^"'JT 13">N 
Unutterable, meffable, m. s. nafe^ ^;; 8{W^ ii^ 
Unwalled, m. s. yiD HDln •l'? r« 
Unwarily, HlT'ilT y?1 UnwarineBS, n^lD 
Unwarlike, m. s. ^»n •B'^S tt^ * non^D 'ID^D *13^» 
Unwarrantable, m. s. Y^)i\ tt / 
Unwarranted, m. s. ITIDB 1113 13r» 
Unwary, m. s. THla * /HIip 
Unwearied, indefatigable, m. s. ]iX^\ f^\ ^f 
Unwelcome, m. s. p'^^ja '^'nfl Vih 

Unwholesome, m. s. y^\L R. pT3 (land) H'^aB^i^ M^DlX pK 
Unwilling, m. j^ ]8» " ^an vh 
Unwise, m. s. DDH tt/ 
Unwittingly, HJ^l \^33 R. 1/T 

Unworthy, mean, ^Jtf ^^3 undeserving of, m. s. DSIJ^p 'I? X"^ 
Unwrought, ]1p]1 D^D 
Unyoke, ^J/ \h^ R. ^^j; 

Up, above, "phvdl^ * ^1/ at an end, m. s. D^B^ * n^3 -, interj. 


886 UP— USU 

Dip -and down, -hvi pj^^p .hiU, difficult, T33 
Upbraid, D'-e^Nn * ]ijt; T>3Tn R. mV -ingly, Hnj^^a 

Uphold, uplift^ «Bf^ • nain ♦ onn r. on 

Upholsterer, m. s. n^3 ''bo T?? R- P3 

Upon, on, °7]3 -my life, ^a^NI ""^jna -my honour, -my word. 

Upper, -most, m. s, Yf^hv -hand, n3l'»^i;n T 
Upright, m, 8. erected, ^ipT honest, U^DF) * DJ? -ly, perpen- 
dicularly, nvppip honesty, Dh3 * nB?^3 

Uproar, min * n»oin ^ nDinid 

•^ ' T T-; T • T : 

Uproot, B?-1K> ♦ 1j5^ 

Upset, '?|br? * D'irr 
Upside, mi-'^ifn nv 

Upstart, m. s. 3n^P •713 * iTH tt? HT 

Upward, higher, H 7JUJD? more than, ' 'D IHi"' 

Ui^ incite, "l""!/!! R. IIJ/ press, ^V» * fSPI R. VIS -genqr' 

pn"! -gent, m. s. ;^n3 -gently, nV^ma * JTiyana -ger, 

Urine, D''^ji ^0 
Us, 13 • ' (always affixed, as, MTy]l^ us,137 tons, 131S>7 teach us) 

Usage, treatment, "DJ^ COaiI>p custom, illiD * hSVl 
Use, to employ, • '3 U/Dnpn Ch. treat* 'D^ JnariH -ful, 
m. s. h''il'\''n.hV'^ ' 3">lpV. -less, -«^ (words) * Hli ^3*1 
D^^^a Qi-ia-l .fulness, nhj}^r\ -fuUy, -3 -lessly, -tj^ 

-lessness, —^H/3 

' • • • 

Usual, ^3-in -ly, "yjis • 3in33 

Usurer, m. s. rvy\:i *ni^O Usurious, '^t^''. "IB^l* R. ^OT 

Usurp, nj3Tn3 Hph -ation, n]?tn3 nn^V 

Usurper, m. s." pD tt^B^ •pnnib R. ]M 

USU-VAN 387 

Usury, "^B^3 * n*'ill lend- on usury, —3 iTpn 
Utensil, i^S 

UtiUty, usefulness, n^|;1n R. ^I/"" profit, ifk^ * nV] 
Utmost, Uttermost, nnVH ^3^ extreme. Hyp * TV^h^f) 
Utter, to speak, D^nS>i?'3 8DII * 3J33 publish, n^| ^ble, 
3p3''-ance, ""ItSn ♦ 81230 -ly, niD^B^-1 ' nN1^D3 * .1^3 


Vacancy, Vacuity, emptipess, nj?13 *^\12 R. i ii 

Vacant, m. s. empty, p"^T[ free, ^B^QH 

Vacate, quit, 3tjJ 

Vacation, leisure, "^JB R. H^B -time, B^S3n Kl^ai ^0*^ 

Vacuation, an emptying, HP^n evacuation, n3\t|f 

Vacuum, IHS R. nn3 

Vagabond, Vagrant, m. s. njl VI R- "f 13 ' V^i 

Vague, unsettled, DIDD * D»i5 13">8 * '>1^ri 

Vain, fruitless, p^T * 81 K^ *^R*^ -ly» "' -glorious, m. s. 

nwnD * iM"* -gioiy,"ni8a ♦ nn\nD 
Valance, N. Hissn ""ir^p mns mo R. ncDJ 

Valet, n")lI>ID ♦ tJ^Stt^ Ch. 

Valetudinarian, m. s. WIH * nS **)Dn 

Valiant, m. s. 3^ *f ISi« * h'^n •tS^K -ly, 7^0? * iVh pS8? 

Valid, m. 8. D»J? ♦ pjn -ity, Dl^p * ptH 

Valley, pDiJ * HVP^ * '?T}} * 8''| 

Valour, 3?ri fiSS * ni13| Valorously, -3 

Valuable, m. s. 1^^^ * 31B'n 

Value, "^nifri -N. T])^ -ation, estimate, llj/B? * n3"3P.n 

Van, -guard, 83Vn ""J?)^ p^C 

Vanish, 13^? ^Vi * llbjl I'^H 

388 VAN-VEN 

Vanity, emptiness, 7311 arrogance, rilK| * 37 ^tj 
Vanquish, "h^ nSjri * • '? ^i^ ♦ n^l -«r, m. s. HMP 
Vapid, m. 8. ^pSpD * 3^ E. bhp * JIS * D«^ Ch. 
Vapour, nil * '^\ff^'^^ Vaporous, m. s. — i^/D 
Variable, m. s. HilB^ (person) ^13B^ '^S -leness, n^SriB^H -ly, 

-3 ♦niB''^,n 

Variance, HyiP * n)?1^n5 Variation, ">13B' * ^TS 
Variegate, ni«lD .13?^ -tion, nlR-jSn "^132^ 
Variety, D">a"»D il^irr Various, m. b">Jia> 
Varnish, njjS * Han -N. ^^an -er, m. s. H^Jip 
Vassal, 13j; * 13^2^0 Ch. -age, nn3J2 * "RsW 

Vast, enormous, IttD m. s. 71*711 -ly, Tttp ; IJtf 

• ■ • 

Vault, arch, ^b3 -N. H^^ -ed, m. s. t)^D3 (see Cellar) 

Vaunt, na 3n"irr nxinn-N. na n3rn.n-ingiy,-3 

Veal, h^V "ife'S 

Veer, turn about, 3^3D ni|^ 

Vegetable, HDV -tate, H&V -tation, nPI^DV -Native, nOlV 

Vehemence, ardour, ^D3 ^ HfrtK^ri -mently, -—a 

Vehement, eager, m. s. ^DD3 * PplK^P 

Veil, to cover, PipS -N. '^1D3 (for the face) ^''J/^ a partition, 

Vein, (in the flesh, or in mines) *P| 
Velocity, niTHD * rttV]? R- ^^P 
Velvet, (a sUk) ""tt/j^ri *l|ftt> 1J3 
Venal, mercenary, l/VS fi^3 W©*? -ity, J?V3 nsni 
Vend, HDD -er, m, s. IDlD -ible, m. s. ")3!2^ 
Venerable, m. s. t«D -ISaa * 1330 * b'»:a •S1i8'a 
Venerate, TIK «!"• * litD 133 -tion, niDDlin flRl^ 
Vengeance, HDW * DJ?3 Vengeful, m. s. ^KllJI Dj?l3 
Venery, lust, ^IS^nTIJ^IB^JI * D"'?^^. Venera'l, -hf 

VEN— VBS 889 

Venison, TY R. "DV 

Venom, N. B^ll * mj^H 0? * 0"!^ C**' "*""» "*• *• ^V^^ 
Vent, emit, H^g^ ♦ IT^r! R. HV> -one's passion, ^U 'ipn ifeB? 

-N. a passage, nna discharge, PIlW * PINSln (see Sale) 
Ventilate, to fan, nnj H''V^''^ -*»<>»», HnJ H^Jf IH 
Ventilator, mT p^BH »'7| * ma© R. HSa 
Venture, to dare, mjfnn m. s. IS*? 1»^D -his life, 18>W f)nri 

JI^dV -N. a chance, n*ip9 
Venturous, bold, nVj^f R. TT^f -ly, -3 
Vepus, (a planet) rt3la 3313 
Verocity, n'>np« *\)D» 
Verb, Viva -al, -ally. Ha h}J^ -atim, hVd? H^D 
Verbose, m. s. Wnil ."1310 -osity, Onsi ^13"l 

■ » • • • 

Verdant, green, ^^"1 Verdure, \\p1\ 
Verdict, E)|?^D * hh'>hp * H 19|„P?^ ^' 
Verify, nDii|ri * D">j3n R. Dip 
Verily, r»pp ♦ Da9« • 13« R- 113 

Verity, n^nbi^ *n}^t:i^ *nD^ 

Vermilion, N. It^^ 

Vermin, HJ^T * D-iVl?^ * D'lJtrJ'ln -ate, -DbT 

Vemacular,'(his) InpiD rj^ ^B* R- "I^* -W»o»» 1Sy]lB^^ 

Vernal, 3"'3K "jtt^ 

Verse, a paragraph, p^O^ Ch. poetry, Tlin * TlT>/t^ 

Versed, m. s. THO * ""pS Ch. 

vereifier, m. s. nimDni^^^p nanp -fication, np?n 

Ver8ion,'npi^n ♦ W^SH^ Ch. 

Vertex, Vertical, ttfthn 7igp 

Very, greatly, I'HD -little, irt» COjpp (see Identic) 

Vesper, the evening star, ^B^3 


Vespers, ri'»5")jp nnjD n^SJfl R. bh?i 

Vessel, a utensil, 73 a ship, Kf>J^, ''^ R. mV 

Vest, to invest, T Hil ^^70 iiress, tV^hn -ure, t8h37D 

VeiBtibule, "lI'^lTtl^ * D^l« * HVn 

Vestige, a m^k, DS^ 

Vestiy, meeting, H vHp (a room) — H riB^K Tin 

Vetch, (a seed) nVJ? 

Veteran, m. s. 1^^/30 (as mijfap nDn^D 2^8 a» 

old Soldier. J 
Veterinarian, a horse-doctor, D'^D^ K&1*1 

Vex, x^b ' pvn -ation, \^^ ♦ rnjs^p * B^M nD^s 

•atiously, —3 -atious, m. s. VHl? * PV9 •*^» ^^*) 

Viand, nrn» •lltD ♦ TT3 

Vibrate, Tj?")!! ♦ |fan R. ];i3 Vibration, 1^1 

Vicar, Vicarious, T)?9 * DipD VhDD 

Vice, wickedness, jf^H * t^V - R. i~l1ir second in rank, 

• h rtipt? (as "^Jof njB^p ffl Ffceroy.) 
Vicinal, 1^8. • b 311 j? Vicinity, n3«tt> * nia-jj? 
Vicious, m. s. lUf 133 ♦ J^'^BhO 
Vicissitude, D">>13K> * ITlnn baVa 

■ • 

Victim, a sacrifice, n3T *n3^ *l|l*li^ 
Victor, -ious, m. s. HV3P -ry, HlSfJ ' m^33 -doasly, —3 
Victuals, ;1tD * nrV Victual, -]''3n -ler, m. s. -y^DD 
Vie, contend, 3"nrr * HVjn rival, '-h l^^iy} 
View, to survey, (131 113 flitl examine, 73rifc'n -N. show, 
nK")0 ♦ HTJID a survey, n»«T ♦HlOSn. object, 1130 at 
first-, (1312^8*1 T]p'[>^n2 in one-, finK HQjJtt'ng have a 
thing in-, yo * 2^ 
Vigilance, nin.T* nTj?B^ -lantly, -3 -lant, m. s. *.YnX 

VIG~VIS 301 

IpW *rij59 a -lant eye, HHlpa \^V 
Vigor, 7^n -ously, —3 -oas, m. s. — tS^^ljl (see Might) 

Vile, m. 8. nT33 ♦ hh^t ' ^BB^ * hjj^b^ -ness, * fflia * nlVr 

n^j^^a^ -ly, -n viiiiy, h\bi • >)in 
Village^ 7\\ry * "IS? • n">jtfri na (as n-irija •— ?di ^laa^n 

Heshbon and all her villages.) Villager, m. s. ''"1B3 
Villain, -lanous, m. s. 733 -lany, rT733 -lanously, —3 
Vincible, m. a. n?fa'> * tJ^^H'' 
Vindicate, justify, p'^'IV'^ * nj?3 (one's self) p^DVIl revenge, 

Dpa *Dj5a-tion, (of one's self) nip"?Dvn *ni^V3r»'!i 

Vindictive, m. s. ^^13*! D]5i3 -ly, nT'^33i * nOp3? 

• • • ■ • 

Vine, ]Q3 -dresser, 0*1 13 -gar, ]^^VD^ -yard, 0*13 

Vinous, '«3"<;| * ]^^3 

Vintage, TV3 -tager, nvl3 -tner, ]« nSlD 

Violable, m. s. IIV R. TTH -ate, injure, pHH * Dbn infringe 
a law, mva hv 'ilV ravish, KSD * Di« * n3]; -ation, 
(TOg*^^ -ence, pT3 *DDn *D2^» -ent,. outrageous, 

m. 8. DDin ♦ ri]; -enUy, npTns * Dona 

Violin, ^33 Violist, m. s. -3 ]|3ip * -""B hv bnlB 
Viper, a serpent, ^iB-iD^ • j/QV * jn^ ♦ njtf^« 
Virago, h^H n^« * 3^ t^T^^ 
Virgin, n^in? -al, -^K^ -ity, D"'^in3 
Virility, poWer of procreating, 12i TylSfl 1J3 R. 17^ 
Virtual, effectual, m. 8. pTH -ly, Vj^bS flDSa 
Virtue, force, 113 piety, HITDp * p"7X -tuously, —3 -tuous, 
m. 8. Ton ♦ 3iD 

• T 

Virulence, HTinp * iJti -ulent, m. s. ID *pl 
Visage, n«na ♦ D"'?a R. (135 

Viscount, rinsib n3ti'D -ess, — n\i^ii 

■^ • • • • • 

Viscous, m. 8. p3l*1 * pa'lllfi 

392 VIS— VOL 

Visibility, n^"10 Visibly, -3 ♦ -"I^J? 

Visible, m. s. rivnz ♦ ""l^il 

Vision, nHHD * HTnO -ary, imaginary, nS*Tp3 

Visit, to go to see, ^2»t HlNn * "lj?a punish, "^jg n|33 -N. 

D"'3a ni»n "iipa-ation, rrhpa-er, m.s. *D*3a niin^*Ha 


Vital, "flV -parts, vitals,-."! ^0 * B^MH nin njJJtf -ity,nvn 

Vitiate, nna^n ♦ ^p„^i? R-b^p -tion, nna' ♦ ^ip^j? 
vitious, m. i nripD Ttn^^p * ^)?^)?p 

Vivacious, gay.HL's. ^HS **''n •tB^'«« -city, fl^nVO 
Vivid, m. 8. riT ♦ THD -ness, nimt, * niT>np 
Vivific, m. 8. njna vivify, HTJ * HTirr 


Vocabulary, nlVl^H HBD R. ^^D 
Vocal, -ly, nSl3 -music, iT^'^B^ 
Vocation, employment, Hfe'if O *pC>i/ Ch. 

Vocative, r^^npji ni« nVo lEl. ^^D 

Vociferation, H^JPV * n»Dln -erous, m. s, pV'Ot * nplH 

Vogue, fashion, ^n '' 3n^P esteem, nl33 *nU"»B^n. 

Voice, sound, ^1p vote, HJI/'I R-l/T 

Void, emit, B^QH *«'«pri *rhtl^ ' «'>Vln R- «1P annul, 
T»Bn -N. null, pK *D|3K empty, m. s. p^ * •l3]'»»an 
empty place, '«1J| DipD emptiness, H^IS * Wpn * Vi2 

R. nn3 

Volatile, evaporating, m. s. ]f^^ H^?^, -ity, \l^Jl'^ tVj?^ 

Volcano, ti^)^^rh^ipJi njtfis in R. "inn 

voutation, na">m. • *)i;;p 

Volley, n^B^ 'jsj?! -N. jniV?^ * njtfp? 

voiubiUty, nrr^np ♦ ni'?^ r. ^^p VoiuWe, m, s. thd 

Volume, a book, "^13 compact, m. s. pJH « 

VOL— WAF 383 

Volumnious, WT) D">313 bt^ 

Voluntarily, nai35* m.8.T>J«D 'iDyj?© 

Voluntary, Volunteer, m. s. S'^ii^D 

Voluptuary, -tuous, m. s. m«ri *f)1E3K^*lNp *iW 

Vomit, i<^i?n -N. (amedicine) nspn DD matter thrown up, H"*)? 

Voracious, ^nD^T -ness, fpj^ np^ii^F\ * ITOnD^T 

Vortex, a whirlpool, D^Sn bMb^ R. 7^J a whirlwind, 

nnn niao 

~ T • 

Vortical, hlh>T\n ' 33lnDD 

Votary, tt'lPP * tJ>l|5np Votaress, flB^'Ipp * n^'Hj'np . 

Vote, nha -N. HT^na * n;r'n r. vt -ter, m. s. inia -tive, 

done by vote, T^'iVlD Sit ''3 V^ 
Vouch, to attest, y^V.^ -N. nnjtf * nili;);^ -er,l^ • m. s.Tjtf D 

.safe, n'tonn 

Vow, make a vow, 113 -N. 113 

Vowel, DViJi nj;i3n n-ppa 

Voyage, D""! D;/''?? -ager, m. s, D'^p^niniN *"I11]/ 
Vulgar, m. s. mean, 75^^ ordinary, tOlnil Ch. the lower 
people, D^n ]lDr| ♦ p^KH DJl ' nlJOl^'in -ly, -3 -ism, 

-ity, m%f 

Vulgate, ^''ainn^ tthp'^^yp Diairi ch, 

Vuhierable, m. s. ^311^. * pr R. pW 

Vulture, n*n • n»« 


Wabble, Waddle, J^W ' Jigl3];\r» 

Wade, D^p3n3Jf 

Wafer, p-ipn 

Waft, carry over, l^gn to float, nh^ 

3 A 

394 WAG— WAR 

Wag, JJJit - the tail, 33raa^j3B^J>-N. m. s. ^nfip 

Wage, ••niTj^nn wag&.rmp^^f^n^'^n r. «)Q3 
Wages, najy • nnijyo 

Waggery, ^iflH * pInV Waggish, m. s. hnnt? * pHVP 
Waggon, r\hiV. -er, — ^J?3 
Wail, (see Lament) 
Wainscot ]bD -N. ]iap 

Waist, »)i:njf^p« ch.-coat, \^r}n a^B^p 

Wait, expect, njj? * HSn ♦ ^"•Hln R. hrV stay, Tfe^ attend, 
rnt^i IbJl lie in-, -^ ih^ ^, m. 8. niB^D -ing, ♦ Hl^jn 

Wake, not sleep, f^pH * l^if -N. a watch, IDpD -ful, m. s. 
nj/ Waken, rouse, TJffH 

Walk, ^"^n take a-, pHS "T^Hnn * ^jDCh.-N. the walking, 
HD 7L? * ' ^*P * walking place, — H Dipp -er, one ibat 
walks, ■>^^'n -ing stick, T\:]!fD ' Pj^P R. Jim 

Wall, N. HDin -V. -«ipn R f)P'> 
Wallet, nnrip« • Dlp^! * ^""O")© Ch. 

Wallop, T>nii| b^ i3jt/i n^T 

Wallow,- -3 ^"^a 

Walnut, riJ^ 

Wand, eait> * ^pD ♦ HISD R. HJOi 

Wander, go astray, iij}F\ -derer, m. s. r\J!h 


Want, to need, IbH I- toknow, JJT^ ?lan« -N.nbnp * IDh 

• • • ■ • 

Wanton, ^^inr.rt * HDT PlOB^ R. DDT -N. m. s. ' ^?lnnP 
nST *PJ^t09^ -ness, ni^JlH -ly, -3 

War, Drhn -N. nan^D -like m. 8. nnn^o *tt^^» 

Ward, defend, TJJ? DH^n guard, 'hp_ ]^i ] JH -oflF, • '» nCB^n 
-N. a garrison, 1X38'? IP^'P 7^)? custody, IPB^P -«n. 

WAR—WAT 895 

anofficer,Tj?a * n3IDpaguardian,m.8.nDi{B> • Dlflnp'»$» 

Ch. -robe, nnn^D -ship, mip^ ♦ PrfD?^ 
Wares, minD*n7i"10 Warehouse, -mVl« (see Store- 

Warfare, «3V SVl"' miSlf 
Warm, DSH (one's self) DISHOn grow-, Olin -N. m. ». DPI 

-th, Dh 

Warn, Tntrr ♦ Tj;n -ing, nnniK * nnv^ 

Warp, N, ""nB^ 

Warrant, attest, T^rj R. Tljf authorize, flltth ]h3 assure, 

-^ iij; * n''oan -n. rJXB^in ria • niss^-j -aWe, m. s. 
PIV: -y. nnT»^ an? 

Warrior, HDH^D B^''» 

Wart, n^a"" -y, -D * -«^D 

Wary, m. s. lilW * n\nT -rily, mi^nta 

Wash (the body) ^hn (linen) DM -out* (as a vessel) 

D^sa f\bt^ piD -N. -ing, ny>m ♦ diss -bowi,nif m tid 

-er, 0313 -ing-place, — H Dlpp -tub, — H TD ^^t'S -er, 
woman, ]1DHl3 

Wasp, nj^iy 

Waste, dwindle, ri73 spend, Hv? desolate, H^^nil -N. ruined, 
m. s. 3in * 3"in3 Csee Desert) -ful, waster, m. s. * HyDD 
nnnO -fulness, 11"'V3 -fully, -1 

Watch, to guard, -jbB^ * 1^2 observe, • a HN'^ * nq« CO''arr 
R. 033 -N. a time of watching, HniOt^N * IDB/D a clock, 
Ch. r\Vft^ J^^'yJ^ -fol. m. 8- "lOt^^ * "Vnt -fulness, niTHT 
-ing, a guarding, n'l"'DB^ * TXlDpD -house, — n^3 -man, 

HDia^ * nali; -tower, D^aijf Hab 

Water, to supply with water, r\^ppn -N. (one of the elements) 
D'>a -y, -ish, -3 -mill, -11 1133 33lDn llnp -mark. 

986 WAT— WEA. 

-course, nj^]^ * Jlpl^ -drop, P)E)3 * HBO Ch. -ikU,'lB'K 

-gruel, D'>")1J;B' fllann '•D wnan, mng T^gD -pail, 13 

••pipe 1l3 y 
Wave, put off, Hhn beckon, tb") * Dh -N. nSB^P * ^| -ved, 

moved, m* s. TTnU^l 
Waver, ^13 -er, -ing, (in mind) tn. s. *ijn^l3 ^Iptt^ ILUT 

Wax, -N. jji"n ♦ rnjg;^ ch. -v. -n rhp 

Way, Tl'n if he come into my-, ''J^^ «13^ D8 to be out of the-, 
err,nifn absent, pm^T he asked out of the*,* ^1»tt^S» il^r? 
1380 nl^lTil a^ga give-, nb3 make-, • 'D nbj * D1T oitS^ 
no- |Q1« D^ia^a ^ every-. D'>33l« ^3 ^J? all manner of 
way8,D'»3lB^ 9''ja1« p"'?'1*n-ferer. -faring, m.8. niiK njllf 
Jay, • -S S'lK * niy -ward, m. 8< niJ/D ' 33TIJ' 

We, 13« * 13n3 ♦ 13n3K 

Weak, feeble, m. s. nQT ♦ B^^n pliant, "^H R. 131 -ea, ♦ npn 
tt^Vnri -ness, feebleness, ]1'»a") * 7\^h'^r^ defect, ^lipn 

Weal, happiness, nn^Vn*'^?'^^ public, p"«3"in ^5113 


Wealth, D"'3^ap • D'^DS? * 0^137 la^j; • liH -y, m. s. TB^^ 

Wean, 70^ -ling, m, s. 7103 

Weapon, Ch. ]n ^h'^ * pB^3 * t!« 

Wear, have on, 2^3^ hold out, TI^H 'T^^P'"? -away,^ff, 

n7a *ri73 -out one's patience, JTiK7n -er, m4 s. 

B^3i^ ♦ B^3^ -ing, tJ'IS^ ' B^13^D * rvhl ' 11''S3 
Weary, niNSn •i/Jin -N. m. s.i;3^^ ♦(?»]? -iness, -isome, 

n»br\ ♦Kp'J"' '^Di? 

Weasel, 1?n 

Weather, fine-, Tin^ pHB^ foul-, D''pi5'-Jn^ gloomy-, * DlSJ/ 
^3^15 rough-, nnjfffe^ • npiD -beaten, m. s. Hnp 2")/] 1^3^ 

WEA— WES 997 

-gage, ^lass, nj? n^lD -wise, m. s. ''iJTV * ^Jii/a 

• • • 

Weave, to form by texture, j'lS -er, m. s. J"l1i^ 

Web, texture, jn K * riDDD R. "|3D 

Wed and Wedding, (see Marry and Marriage,) -ding-day, 

nJinn Dl"" -ding-ring, ]''ti>n^n njP3D -lock, D'>Niiya 
Wednesday, nSB'? '»Jtf''3"1 Dl"' 
Weed, (an herb) f)1D * BlVn?^ -y, -v6d -hook, TTTjglD 
Week, ]JJ\2t^ pi, nlj^atJ^ (two) D;';?^?' by the-, J?132^^ -day, 

^inn Dv-iy,jt/'at5'ii jgUB^ ■'•no 

Weep. HDS -er, m. s. HDlS * n33D -ing, s. nD3 ^"^DSl 

Weigh, try the weight, 7pt^ to judge, Dy3 

Weight, a standard, /ptt^D ^importance, *1p^ * 7"Til gravity, 
Ip * nn?3 -ily, -3 -less, m. s. ^ItDj? * 7j3 R. 77p 

Weighty, m. s. l]?''^ ' ^n| 

Welcome.'^ja ^3p-N. received, m-s.*"!!?"! 'nlS'' D'^asa '^apO 
reception, D'^ja ri72lp -! interj. m. s. ^i^l3 i<3n "^T)^ 
-<romer, m. s. D^33 73pD 

Welfare, Wellbeing, Hn^VC * "^^^^ 

Well, a spring, S3if ' "IH15 -> "^^ s. convenient, 3ltO not sick, 
j;in3 ♦ D^t!> live-, 3^ ytS'^n -, rightly, ;l33i' sufficiently, 

"^"las-as, D^ Da (as '^7 Di ''7 Ui to me as well 

as to thee, see As) -! come on, n3n R. 311"' it shall be so, 
]2 %ni -born, m. s, tni t^''^ ' DH^O -bred, m, s. *b^2 
pS-'lTn niD''jra -done, 3iD (thou) DlB^^ n3D\T 
-favoured, m. s. HQ^ ' nK"ip *3'i£3 -nigh, almost, ^Qt^3 
-wisher, m. s, 3110 'tS^lll 

Welter, '•3 ^^13 

Wen.i/IIK^ * n^S"" 

Wench, a young woman, 11^1/3 * '"10/1/ -ing, riffit ^ICOtt^ 

West, 8. J^VD ., ad. -h -erly, -ward, nnn^fD 

398 WET— WHE 

Wet, to moisten, 313^11 make to drink, HlpB^H -N. rainy, 
U^nt^i rW moist,m. s. 31^"! * nh R. m^-ness, ♦ nia'»D"l 

Wether, Onbl? ^^« 

Whale, in^"!^' * r?^ 

Wharf, n1»3«-^ln -age, -h inj} D:iD R. DD3 

What, that which, IB^iJ which part, PID * HD -is it ? m. 

• • • 

♦H'fil no -one is this ? m. ♦SIH *n? ilD let come -will, 
!Tn*B^ riD '^n^l -is become of him? 17 iT^H riD -art 
thou to me? "^h) ^h HD -is it to thee? '^ WiT nO 
-countryman art thou? im^lO H? "^r^ -^'^^'' '^P^ ^^ 
-time? ""flO 
Wheat, rttsn -en, D'»t9n ^B> R. t33n 

Wheedle, nn3 * ir>ts^n • nph 3*13 ntsrr r. «bo • noa 

Wheel, 33b 33b -N. a circular body.lDlH 'hihi R. ^^J 

-barrow, nriK ]pl8 nb^JP -wright, D"'3a1« nB^ijf 
Wheeze, HIT >)«B' ' DtJ^a * "ITO 
Whelp, lia 
When, at what time? ^HD at the time that, "It&^tO -ever. 

Whence, rSD * HtO •«« -soever, 1tJ^» nlDlPSn ^30 
Where, -abouts, n»K * "<8 * nb''K -are thy thoughts ? 
inarp ^ICS n»S R. dot -as, when on the contrary, ' 1 
(as niplR Ty^^\v>hereas she says) -at H^KS -by, -in, -into, 
-withal, nS3 -ever, -soever, "IB^K. DipD 733 -fore ? for 
what, Jinb -of, -upon, HD l^H bv -unto, nPN^ 

Whet, T3t!^ • Tjn -N. "nin -stone, ch. nrntj'n p« 

Whether, --n *DK *i« (as, "^^Vl w^ct^er Ae will go. 
\ihii Dt< nbna DK wAet^er ca»/e or man. n3 1K 13 iK 
whether son or daughter.) 

WHE-WHO 399 

Whey, aVn ■•o 

Which, np« -ever, 1B?« ^3 

Whiff, no'ifs^j * •13''?'? * nn''B5 

While, to loiter, nHN * na.';TDnri'-N. time, r\p * ]D] a little-, 
JJi") PJJD a good-, 3T ^DT after a-, (days) D^D^^ XPP »- 
ago, n3? 

Whilst, lit -yet, 11;; ^3 

Whim, mr nn -sical, m. s. 1133 ♦ Ia"ip3 HIT nil 

Whip, np^ • nsn r. n33 -n. ^w -ping, «. nipi»p ch. 

Whirl, 2'^2D 3^50^11 -N. 3"'3p 3^3D nVIIO -pod, ^laS'l 

WBn R. ^^J -wind, nilH 3130 
Whirring 0?533 tffJH ^1p 
Whisker, ] j3t nSSl (on the lip,) DSfe^ R. HSty 
Whisper, B^n^ -N. t^nb -er, m. s. tJ^n^D 

Whistle, h'^hni^ phe^ -n. ^''i'n3? njjn?^ 

Whit, -iJfTD top 13|;D 

White, m. s. 137 niH (of an egg)ny>3|l3?n (oftheeye) 
]37 -wine, ]1a7n jl"^ -ness, JTI3!?? -wash, N. whiting, T&f 
-V. to plaster, -3 Ttlff -ish, m. s. ]Dh p?/? •U^jg 

Whiten, ]^hr\ 

Whither, HiS * m 

Whiz, tibn ♦ Dli; 

Who, ""D -ever, -soever, B>'>K "IB^S ^3 ♦ nt8^»l t!^^t 

Whole, m. s. solid, U^m (in health) D7B> all, 7^^ * M?^ * 73 
the-, ^3n the total, -^D make-, ub^T\ • li?;? -sale, HTpD 
^^53-some,m.8.3ll3 Wholly,nilD5»^3 ♦ HIK^pa 'npy^ 

Whom, • •''ID "ia>» n» -soever. IB^K ^3 n« 

Whore, He^Tp * Halt -dom, fliat • HiaW -house, nlalf H n^3 
-monger, UST f)1D?^ R. DDT -son, XS'Til] T?^ 

Whose, *«p^ ♦ "Ig^K^ -are these? H^^f ""Pi* 

400 WHY-WIN 

Why, np^'^IID 

Wick, nnj/an ^•'na 

Wicked, m. s. J/B^n* ^Ij^ ♦Hfe'lj; -ness, j;e'"1 ' ^5^ -ly, —3 
Wide,m.s. broad, 3nT remote, pim -den, Dn^n Width, DHT 

Widow, mnhti -er, mba -hood. ni:D^« 

Wield, p\Tnn ♦ Th» -y, m. s. Tn«; 

Wife, nts^8 • B^''« DK^K ' ^i/s riVifa 
Wig, B^s'i^ nnr 2^ nppn 

• • • 

WUd, savage, K'Tj^ a beast, "Ijtflln^n absurd, DBB'P "hll 

• • • • • • 

make-, jh^ grow-, ^"lan (as trees) * tOai^lXfil "jill 
• ^"^l ^^^ -erness, HJif * liC?^"! -ness, ni;?n$ -ly, -3 

Wile, no-io * rrDnjr • d'''7D3 * nhii 

Wilful, self -willed, m. s. f\ip *rtt^P * i^jna TDljf R. J/T 

• • • • 

-ness, niK^PJ? -ly, obstinately, —3 on purpose, HJID?^ 
Will, to desire, n3« ' ^Bn * nV"1 purpose, ]rD * 3K^n (the 
auxiliary verb-, is expressed with the future, as"\lD7^ he will 
learn.) -N, choice, nTflil willingness, jIVT * ^^T\ testa- 
ment, ntjjy he made a-, Ifl^Il/ rnjV against his-, 
1J1V13 nW be it how it-, HD "^n^l be it who it-, 
n\"T*a^ iQ n\T good-, affection, nSHK ill-, * rQ'»K 

HTD? -ing, m. s. nyiT * ^an -ingiy,' * nssq ^^^ 
Willow, n3"itf 

Win, gain, £^3 * ri"*!!? * liC^'!' "» l«ttle, 11^3 -his 
aflfection, la'J* oil (with flatteries,) Hj?^ 3113 in^H R. HIOJ 

Wind, to turn round,3"'3p "^bn-N.nn-mill.-il 33lDri ]1n^ 
-ward, —7 -pipe, (for the breath) ]TT,3")|rT njj? 

Winding.a turning, 3^30 T\'2^i\ -sheets, ^'»3''13J3 -stairs, D vl? 

Window, an opening, n31H[ * ]lVn R. TfT\ (the glass) 

WIN— WIT 401 

Windy, swelled, m. s. Pin 'xki stormy, n^ HD R. Trjf 

WincP red-D'>a3i; 331? Dl * "ICH -bibber, m.s. »aiD -cellar, 

^rnO -press, n3 
Wing, (of a bird,) ^33 a side, IIH (of an army) ^i^ -ed, 

having wings, m. s. D^D33 */^5 
Wink, to hint, Dh connive, rjf lOPhv^ -N. nPDl 
Winner, m. s, 1Vy\D * 12r}WD Winning, gain, PITl •j/Va 

Winnow, to fen, niToa fima Phr r. mi . 

Winter, H'ln -N. inp * tjlH 

Wipe, to cleanse, ilpji (hands, &c.) 333 -oflF, nPlD -N. * n»)33 
31J3 • n*nD -er, wiping -cloth, ip R. m;/ 

Wire,. nDjnsn D^n n. iria ■ 

Wisdom, HDSn 

Wise, (see Way) prudent, m. s. ODH -ly, nopriil 

Wish, B^j?3 ♦ iibn*t]t)3 • 3ttr) -N, *nB^i53 * *ip:3 * rnipn 

m«n -fully, -3 -er, -ful, m. s. B^3P * IDlH * *|D?y 
Wit, understanding, nJISH * 73ty -less, m, s. — *ipn a man 

of., f>-in * Y2D * ^'S^D cracker, m. s. T(b *Xt^ * VV^'^P 

-ling, m. 8. DSnJnp 
Witch, nae^DO -craft, tjltt^? • DiSB^? 
With, by, ' -3 * h'i» along-, nS • DJ? -me, '>m ' ^l?ilf or ns;/ 
Withal, besides V^l/ * Tij?') 

Withdraw, to draw back, pniH • 3"'tJ^n retire, llnS n^t 
Wither, to fade, ^13 * rt^a " ^b]^ pine, nlV3 
Withhold, i!fj^ ♦ J? JO * '?lfe^n (one's due) ptt^Jj; 
Withm, ^side, •?lV^3 ^ D'^JSa -a time, Y\j?^ 
Without, not with, ^^3 not within, HVIR * flH destitute of. 

Withstand, oppose, ^3 Q3 y£^T\T\ Ibjf 

Witness, Tj/H -N, evidence, 1]/ t£stimony, Hl^if in 

3 B 

402 WIT— WOR 

Witticism, onTinnai ♦D'«^vin 

WittUy, nD"i:P3 Witty, subtle, m. s. Ollj^ * tyngD 

Wittingly, rmDTi * njf 7^ R. VT 

Wives, U^i R. W2» 
Wizard, ODf) * fjB'SP ' "•aJfT 

Woe, nm ♦ ]i:ivii3Vjtf * 3y<p wofui, 2p 

Wolf, (a beast) 3»r -ish, m. s. -3 >)"l'to 

Woman, riB^^ (from Br>«) -ish, -ly, -D -hood, -J^ 3"175 Jj*? 

Womb, Om 

T T 

. Women, t^t^^ R. K^JK 

Wonder,!5bri * n^i^t^n ' Daifl9?n-N.]in^n ♦ »hp * n»t^ 

-fill, wondrous, m. s. K7p3 -fully, wondrously, * K'^/^H? 
D'lK^^ -struck, m. s. DOlB^P 

Wont, t3pn • hsin ^, m. s. ^•«ji • ^anD 

' '~T - "ss •tt:t 

Wood, a forest, tthh * IV^ (a substance,) yjl -ea vessel,, — ^3 

offering, D''Vi?n I3"lp^ 
Woof, Weft, 2yi texture, J"l» ♦ DSEWD R. "^DD 
Wool, ll^y -lea- doth, -1 J3 -lendraper, -133 HSlD 
Word, to express, tO'l^ * Bh^ -N. a term, ll^ ' H^p R. ^^D 
(in writing,) HS^fl a promise, ni||ID3n by-of mouth, ilB 7j?3 
-for-, ilvO^ nSc in a-, in few words, TlVipS to carry-, 
^n R. *TJ3 carry -back again, 3'*tS^n R. 3112^ to keep his-, 

rnais^ k^Id ioB^ r. rv break his-, innD3n lan ♦ n?3 

take one's-, --3 ^''agn I take thee at %-, *1"'"J373 "^JV 
■ed well, V3QK bj} lyi 131 
Work, operate, iliS'JJ (as liquors) nj?3*ririT labour, 70^ 
-out, produce, /i/Q ' 3^D -upon the mind, UriS) -N. 

niyj^jD • ^zj^ • nh'ijj^ -house, Tjjn V.3J?, n3« jp m 

-ing-day, Hfc'Jgpr? Dl"" -man, ^^la * r?3«j7P h^^ -manship, 

Bhn n^^e -shop, n3»^pn m 

WOH^WRE 408 

World, universal empire, HSl^ipi ^3^ the earth, T\V1 D7itf 

-ly, earthly, 111.8. \^ 

Worm, Hjg^'ii^ * HIST -eatoi, wormy, m. s. *—*1l2 T\^'*i} 

D^^^in ♦DDT • jrhl^i^ -wood, .13^.^ 

Worrj^, to haraJ, X^ * PVC * "'VC R- P""^ * "'"'^ 

Worse, m. 8. '•DJ/I (as IJI^pi/l worw <Aa» Aim) make-, 

3n? grow-, j;j1in his sickness grew-, 1'>?n V?]? l^Slpn 
Worship, D0i"1 * TIH * TlK in^, -N. adoration, nST, 

moann -ofGod,D''n'7»nTl3ftri«T. b»-.(term of 

honour) 1113^ n7iD;a -ful, m. s. OOliP 
Worst of all, m. s. ^30 *V1. R- i^l"! 
Worsted, 1DX mCOD 
Worth, value,np;. "Tn? m.8.deserving of,'? ^1«n * Da^D'l? 

equal in price,'nle^-ily,^1«n3 * tO|t£>S3-less,nnp3 * D^PJ 

(person) /jtfj/? 
Worthy, m. s. l^pa ' Sltt^n * "IjS^ 
Would, (see wUl) -to God, 1^ * \tyi "»p R. ]rO 
Wound, to hurt, ^)ip * ^hD -N. i;X| * VHO a mortal-, 

mo nSD R. n3J -ed, m. s. JiHiS^ * hhhtp 
Wrangle, to contend, pfc^Jg^r? * Tlil * Hlfan aigue, • 113} 

nsinn -n. pfe^y * s*""! * nvp * nj^l^pp * ^31. -ler, m. «. 
3"nD * nsip 

Wrap, to envelop, fp^ ' H^^ ' tS^hil R. tSrh (in ecstacy^ 

•^:e jagnn i^fe^ -pernio? 'na^ijo * n^j£p 

Wrath, *)^J? ♦ non*»lK R. OHv fJ3» -ful, m. s. -«^0 

-fuUy, -3 -less, (he) 1*7 ^S HDn 
Wreak, to revenge, Dj33nn * 0)33 -N. nDj33 -ful, m.8.* Dj93T?P 

"ligl31"Dj?l3 -less, m. s. -13^* 
Wreath, ^nfe^ * n^JJ -N. a thing twisted, ^^na 
W reathy, twisted, ITtt^D 


Wreck, 3*in • 13LH ^N. |a*)n * Xp^ «^hip^, .TWH 12t^ 
Wrench, Wrest, pull, nj^m? "?lS5^D-N. nj^trp HdVp 

Wjibtie, "Dj? p3»ri ♦ onVrr jing, Q^h^F\ii '* nanho -fer. 

Wretch, -ed, m. s-Hnj ♦ t'^tJ^-edne8B,:n^'1Tnv»DE^-edly,-3 
Wr^t, a woricman, HD^^O HlS'ijf (in wood) D"»yif B^n 
Wring, to twist, HJJg ♦ ^Sn-hands, D?T pSn-out, (as linen&c) 

Dhp * iDhe^ -off the head, a'^t■) ns p'^0 

Wrinkle, DSj3 -N. tt)^^ 

Wrist, TH p-ia -band. Tax 

Writ, scripture, tl^lp "»tnpp<a legal process) rmo * HTlp^ 

to issue out a-, ^K mSK rl^B^ * hji TPBH 
Writ«, 3il3 Writer, m. s.3n13 (author) lini^ 
Writhe, to twist, i'^W * TMlV 
Writing, a thing written, 3r>| * 3^39 act of-,n3'>r)3 -master, 

■J^ID -ting8,nnE)?^Ch.Written, *3n3im.8. 3in3 ' 3ri33 
Wrong, JJirr -N. an error, rt)i^ tmfit, ]3 i^f injustice, 

^1^ -ful. m. 8. -ni?>1r ^dly. -3 4yj ^1333 H^ 

Wroth, m. 8. t)vj> rron 'j^^p r. on^ 

Wry, m. s. Tllj^ip • B^jjg ♦ ^jj^p laake a -fece, D^nDfef tt^jP 


Yard, (a ground enclosed): IVH (a measure) 0;*|1|^K 

Tarn,"IDYmKD • . ' 

Yawn, open the mouth, H^ "jj?^ long after, ■'h^l'lJJ be sleepy, 

pfTa -ing,im.;8. .TTh . DJ^Jj^P R. DM 

Yea, D3a« ' HMH ♦ ]3 R. p3-, and more than that, D3 >|tj 
Yean, T?) -ling, Hfef 

» ► . 

'YEA-iYOU 405 

y&r,' n^ljf pL !p">3^ (two) D^.ri3ttfi(itf oontradipi}) ^^ or 
- nl3B? -liag, ten nja?ia f. Piri^W rti Jy, annual; TT|B> J 
■ every year, TOtfa njt!^ ""tD ^-JTSrO'^^DTn''^ 
Yeara, his bowels did^ upon, hs Vpri"! TipDr • • h V]gl$^Dn 

-ing, ''h D»^iQ nipn 
Ydk, niD^ • lloVn 

YeU, n'W rip •^■'^NT-N. n^^"* 

Yellow, 3n}f -ish, plPT. 

Yes, Bf) * ]n * ]3 R. pD (an interrogation is, however, com. 

monly answered by the repetition of the Verb in the 

affirmative, as ^D^On wilt thou go? 1^7^ Yes I will go.) 
Yest, D'>"1DB^ (on a sea) ^Vj? 
Yesterday, ^10^ ♦ ^ifin^ Yesternight, B^D« 
Yet, moreover, Tljfl nevertheless, nttT733 at least, *'^K 

mn^n h^) am.'rSjJ they are- &p€akii[ig,''a'«")a"TI5f OTij; 

not-, DID . * • • 

Yield, to produce, t|t)lrT f fp^ t «^n * ^H R.'«13 * RIP 

give up, ^hj *lbpgivewayto,' OHb J assent,' •'•3 fflH 

D^Ja ^iffi -ing, concession, nj^na 'nTpD condescend- 

-ing, m. s. D"'3a •»fe^l3 
Yoke, to couple, TPV"!» enslave, T*?!/!! * hv h'ji D''P||n 

-N. ipV • ^if R. '7t'i? 
Yonder, nDB> ♦DB^ ' 

' T T T 

Yore, D^aQ^ * D'^^lDnpH D"'D"»3 

You, (s. see Thou and Thee) m. pi. DJ^l< accusative, 030^ 
of-, your's, Dpvttf to-, DD/ from-, D2©P * 030 in, or on-, 

Your, m. D3** (38 0313*1 your word) -selves, DH DUK 

D^«"D| -self, (see Thyself) 
Young, youthful, b^Si m. s. D^:tt>3 '"Tl R. *13T lately brought 

406 TOU— ZOO 

iatOi, p3t^ -man, Q?^ -wcman, HOTS grow -again, (he) 
T«T1J/3 tS^Jiri she IB wifli- (Tin bring forth-, lV a -be- 
gmner, m. 8. ^"•H^D R. hhn * THD hy]D 1a''« a -chad, 
Tl Tfc a -fowl, ITn^S -er, m. s. Tp^ * I^P -est, m. s. 

Youdi, youngster, m. *1JJ3 tender age, * JHTIHS * nVrV' 

D''D^hv_ * oniif? -foi, m. s. nina nnur? ^D-ia it 


Zeal, -ousness, f||pil ♦ n|3lB^Jjl -ously, —3 -ous, m. s. ♦ f)D33 

p)3lB^ -ot, (for God's glory,) m. s. Vrt^K^ R3J3p 
Zenith, tj^fchn ^ 
Zest, N. a relish, Dfi© -V. — ]h3 * D'l^pil 

Zodiac, ni^rsn mijn 

T- - - -S 

Zone, (in geography) p^l^n 73n p2?C 

Zoology. ni'DH j?3^ JjTpO r^lin* R. m^ 



English and Hebrew words, which have a manifest resemblance 

in expression and meaning. 

Abash, tt^ain 
Abbot, IM^KaM Ch, 
Adore, I'^HHTi 
Aggregate, /nJK 
Air, n^K Ch. 
Aloes, JTlSn» 
Annoy, H^ 
At, with, n« 

Base, nrn 

Bashful, ra 
Boor, •^ya 
Break, pl^ 
Broth, nr)2 

Cable, !?an 

Call, Sp 
Camel, 7DJ 
Cane, iiyp 
Check, IDtt^ 
Cinnamon, pjp 

Coal, bn^ 

Corner, Ipp 
Cover, 153 
Craw, Cry, Kip 
Cypher, "IBD 
Dabble, ^atD 
Dagger, "Ipn 
Dance, yi 
Dash, ttrn 
Daw, n»n 
Dull, yi R. ^^1 

Dumb, on 

Dwell, !?at 

Each, W^H 
Earth, p» 

Evil, !ny*^» 

Fall, bm which, if with a 
prefix, always drops 
the J 

Ferine, Free, KIB 

Fig, JB 

Fleet, Flit, b!?B 

Fruit, nilB 

Fuse, riB or mtfB 

Gay, n»:j 

Gaze, nm 

Gibbous, rnyaa 
Glib, at^j 

Grass, 12^*^11 

Grate, TU 

Gripe, PJIi 

Gash, ttO^J 

Hall, bT7» 

Hang, p^n 

Harass, DIH 
He, Kin 

Hiss, Drr 

Hook, rffT^nan 

Howl, b^tl 

Hum, non^Dna 

Husky TWn 

Joke, ^Vl 

Issue, K2tH2t * nr^ 

Kid, n:j 
KnaT^, aai^«on 
Laugh, ay!?* a^ 

Lick, pp^ 

Maim» DID 

Mai.. Male..^?yD 

Mass, ^WO R. Ktt^l ' 

Measure, rnWD 

Meek, "p R. 13D 

Metal, ^DD 

Mete, TTp 

Miser, ^ "TSD R: TlSt 

Mistery, ^^DD 
Mite, tan 

Mosaic, iiott^D^R.nar 

Nitre, ^r)2 

Nod, n^ 
Numb. D13 
Obedient, 1^ 
Obese, D«» 

Occur, rnprr 

Odd, mn " TT Ch. 

Over, nay 

Paradise, DT)B 
Part, "nS) • 0-»B 
Piece,JlB R. /1J13 

Plough, nte 

Pure, nn R, nia 

Rage, on • wn 

Rake, pn 

Raven, Ravenous ^ ]23n 

Riches, nan 

Rush, Wl 

Sack, ptt^ 

Scale, bpV 

Seeth. Sodden, nitR.nW 

Set, DW 

Seven, yaiK^ 

Shield, tsh^ 

Shower, nytC^ 

Shiver, natt^ 

Shriek, Hpntt^ 

Side, nir R. nnx . ; 

Simile, 7DD , . 

Sir, ntt^ 
Six, m; 

Skean, V^^ 
Skill, b^^ 
Smite, nDtt^*/)D>{ 
Sob, Sop, ^l^^ 

Sore, 12 R. nn^ • nyx Ch. 
Sorrow, mstH.nn^t 

Sour, nWltf 
sparrow, niBIit 
Spit, niBlt^ 

Spy, ra^ 

Stem, DJID 
Stream, On? 

Strew, nnt 

Summon, pT 
Sword, Ontt^ 
Symphony, iTilBDID Ch* 

Teat, rr 

Then, p*^ ♦ n» Ch. 
Thou, njl» 
Tier, mO 

Track, 1T7 
Yes. tt^ 

By the same Author, 2 vols. Svc, 205. 

HEBREW and ENGLISH LEXICON, containing all the words 
of the Old Testament, with the Chaldee words in Daniel, Ezta, and 
the Targums, and also the Talmudical and Rahhinical Words derived 
from them.— AN ENGLISH and HEBREW LEXICON ; composed 
after Johnson's Dictionary, containing fifteen thousand English Words 
rendered into Biblical or Rabbinical Hebrew, or into Chaldee. To 
which is annexed, a list of English and Hebrew Words, th« expression 
and meanings of which appear to be the same in both Languages. 

This book, which is most handsomely printed, is safer than Gesenius. 

British Magazine. 

In an age in which happily there is an increasing spirit of devotion 
to the study of biblical literature, it is pleasing to find a corresponding 
degree of readiness to meet the demands of the student by furnishing 
him with those facilities which may render his progress at once agree- 
able and certain. It is within our memory when Buxtorf, Parkhurst, 
and Pike were almost the only Hebrew lexicons in use in this country ; 
with what efifect the state of biblical science during that period 
abundantly testifies. Subsequently Eichhorn's Simonis was known to 
a few ; but it was not till Gesenius was translated into our language on 
the other side of the Atlantic, that it was discovered that a very difife- 
rent method of Hebrew study must be pursued, if any thing like a pro- 
found, satisfactory, and consistent acquaintance vdth the Old Testament 
original was to be acquired. Bating the neological views which too 
frequently disfigure the pages of that author, the perfection which 
characterises them might appear to render any other labor of the kind 
altogether superfluous. Since, however, no two minds contemplate 
the same object in all respects alike, it is interesting and instructive to 
compare with the results which he has brought out, others proceeding 
from a totally dififerent school, such as that from which the works have 
emanated which appear at the head of this article. 

The author is a Jew, who evidently possesses a very deep insight into 
the genius of the language vernacular to his ancestors, and still held in 
veneration among his people, as that in which is written the inspired 
volume of their religious faith. He also appears candidly to have 
availed himself of the light thrown upon words and passages by Chris> 
tian authors who have labored in the same department ; and to have 
executed his task in every point of view in a very creditable manner. 
The principal value, however, of his Hebrew Lexicon, the property 
which distinguishes it from all others, is its exhibition of the words 
found in the Targums, the Talmudical, and Rabbinical writings. If it 
contained nothing more, it would, on this account alone, be worth more 
than double the cost to those who wish to look into such Jewish works 
as have been composed since the completion of the Old Testament canon. 

The English Hebrew Dictionary will be found extremely useful in 
the preparation of Hebrew exercises, especially to any who may be 
desirous of translating any English books, tracts, &c., into Hebrew, 
with a view to efifect Uie conversion of the Jews. — The Eclectic Review, 


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